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Full text of "Cambyses, king of Persia, c. 1584"

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Under the Supervision and Editorship of 

ing of 


[c. 1584] 

Issued for Subscribers by the Editor of 





tXubor facsimile 

ot ftersia 


Entered on Stationers' Register 1569-70 

Date of earliest known edition c. 1570 

[B.M., C. 34, d. 56] 

Date of this edition c. 1584 

[B.M., C. 34, d. 57] 

Reproduced in Facsimile .1910 

Gambles IRtno of Persia 

[c. 1584] 

This play was licensed to John A llde (the father of the printer of this 
edition) between July, 1569, and July, 1570, and Sir J. A. H. Murray, 
in the " Oxford English Dictionary,' 1 assigns the date of writing to 
"c. 1560." 

The first edition probably appeared in 1570, shortly after its entry on 
the books of the Stationers' Register. As far as at present known, this 
impression cannot be dated earlier than 1584, when Edward A llde succeeded 
his father in business. 

For what little is known of Preston consult " The Dictionary of 
National Biography . ' ' 

Mr. J. A. Herbert (of the Manuscript Department of the British 
Museum], after comparing this facsimile with the original, says that it 
is " very excellently reproduced, hardly the minutest fault to be found." 


A lamentable Tragedie.,mixed full of 
plefant mirth Containing the life ofCam^ 

bifesking of Percia/rom the beginning of his king- 
dome, vino his dcath^his one good deedc of execu- 

tion, offer that many Wicked deedes and tyrannous mftr- 
dcrs.comraittcd by and through him,and laft >^ 

ofall,hisodious death by Gods lufticc 
ft- appointcd.Donc in fuch order 

as folio we th. 

By Thomas PrtftoH. 
The diuifion of the parts. 


" lurder. 

'he third Lord. 







the i. Lord 

ornmons cry. 

onions complaint 
rd Smirdis, 




Small hability 




Second Lord. 

Forwc man. 

For one man. 





On an. 

^ one wan. 


The Prologuecntrcth. 

A Gathon be tobofe cotmfail toife to p;mce* toealr erf enDeb , 
/v ffip gob abuict bnto a p;in f e 3 . tbing0 be ba t b commence t: 
$Firftt0 tbat be fcatb gouerrment anb rolctb ouer mem 
&KonDl?,to rule toi tb latocs, eke Juftice (fattb be) ttjcn. 
Cbtroir,tbat be muff tockoncc tue^c map not altoaiesrafenc; 
Lo^tjuB tlje rule bnto a p^nce, Agathon fqaarcD platne. 
Tull ie tbe toife toUofe fapience, in Dolmngg great Dotb tell: 
^23 bo in totfeoome,in t bat time bib man? men (reel. 
P;tnce (faitb bO is of btmCf Ife a platne ano fpeabing ilato^ 
Ebe Uto a tecbtnlm ; ifter Dcuine ,tbw bp his rale 1 D?a\D. 
E: be fage anb toittte Seneca btfi too;p0 1 b ere to tto frame: 
Ebeboneft ecercifg of^tng8,menU)iltnruetbe fame. 
iBat contrariU)ife if tbat a ISing abnff bis bmglp feat: 
^is tgnomie anb bitter fljame in fine Cbalbem o je great 
3n percta tbere raigab a king, tobo Cirus i)igb t b^ name: 
CKHlbo bib beferoe as 3 DO reab, t b c lading blaft of fame . 
S3at be,lben Qfters tb;ee baD to;ougbt. to Qjere bi0 bital t b;B, 
00 be ire cue to tafcetbe crounic, Cambifes otb p^ocab. 
i^ein bis poatb toa0 traineb tip, bp trace of bertae0 f oje: 
I'et (being iiing) DID cleane fo^grt Ute perfect race before 
Cben cleaning mo^e bnto t i0 tyti facb bice btb immitate: 
30 one of Icarus bis hinb,fo?eU)arningtben bib bate* 
Cfcinhing tfjat none conic btm mftna?, nc none tyz fact cculb fe? 
|3et at tbe laft a fall be toofee,!ifec Icarus tote* 
Cls as tbe 80) tobb oft ban tabe tbe pie a fa nt bate from b tube : 
n fafc bib fp;ing i pearce tbe ff reams toben SO? er fair bib lobe 
SEo boid bp from tbe toatrp toaoe0 bnto tbe b;ieb lanb 
&ben fliapte at laft bp futtte bait come to tbe fi(ber0 banb. 
6aen fo tbtB king Cambifes ba r e.toben be bao tu;ongbt bi toil 


Eafeins belf gf>t tl> c Innocent ,&ifi guilt le fr blob f o fptL 
Etjcn migbtp toue uumto not permit, to pjocecutc offerer, 
33at totut mcftiret&c bingDio meat, fame aio loucecmmenet 
Co b v ang to enfc toitfc bi rate,*. rearc* fa tin^ot raigo 
I)t0 cruelt? toe Vutl Delate sno make the matter plain c- 
Craumg tljat t IJIG ma^ fuffice notu,rour patience to tern: 
3 tale mp lua^bctjolDi 3 fee t'jc p'ar eic g in. 

Firft cater Cambifcsthc King Knight and Councellor. 


\ rM p Connfaile craoci fapicnt toittj Ho:li of tegalif ra<re , 
1V1 a ttcnttti c ears totoarae me bcRQ f nitr h tu t)ar Q^albe fain 
pou lihclrifc mrtjuliant bright U'boft innnlra<t Ctt)flte, 
iS^ute of fame t&at founoing ti omp ootD verce tbe a^or (U? 

]B bp one in' ertf ante poOclTe tbat p:mf civ croUme, 
Kulmg bpitDc;D ofmigbtv fo:cc in place cf $reatrenoliw. 
^ou bnolce anD often hauc t c:. r tj tell mt fattwrj too;t ^ fatff f 
d manlp Mar fis geart ^e bace appearing bp 9*0 aftf . 
0iio loljat^aU 3 to ground let fall mi? fat per* gotoen paifcf 
^o,no, | meane fo; to attempt ,tfei fame moze large to raile* 
Bin tfcat t ijat 3 bis fonne faccaD tif bkigl p feat a0 Due, 
<rtenti ponr coanrel! tnto me in tbat 3 aiw of 500. 

ffit^c H^-ptians again5 1>0 rcpugne,a5 tiarletf flane ant) t fte. 
JEberfo;e H mean iDitfe Marts tart , totfft toam tfeem to fr t quct 
fCbcm to fubDtie ae eapt m es mine f Iji s is m^ hearts intent. 
f^o (ball 3 torn &ono;s beHgbt,ano p;atfe of me Qjall go, 
S&V Conntellfpake,anB Lo;Ding0 cke.UB it not bed oo fof 


>& put rant htng , ^oa r-bl if f u I Uro; o beferuets at u ntj ant p; atfo, 
Sbat poa in tbts Do go a bont,poar fatticrc fame to raife. 
4D'u bliffol Da^ tbat btng fo j?amg,fuct) profit QjoalO conceme, 
!^ifi fathers p;aife anD tH* to U)tn,from t (jofc tbat luolo cece we . 
1 $nremg true ant) foneraigne btng,5 falltefoje ton p:efr, 
^Intlme tf si w a0 Co tie mine, in tt^at soar grace r e qcU. 

of KingCambifo. 
Jf ffcaf pour beart atttfeft bc,tbe Egyptians f oc omiface, 

^ballpearfe tbefliirjs fcntcdje tteane of tfce fapcrnalfeat, 
3nD oicnte tbere a toft rctoarfcof Jupiter tie great. 
5i5ut t&c n ponr grace muff not fame bache, from ttu0 pjetenc eft 
5?o? to p;octt& in bertuous (ife,f mpto? inbcuour tttl. IciU, 
CrttngutQ Uice.anb infljatcup toD;mhc taocnotl(gtf, 
Co martiall ft at 5 and lung!? fpojt, 6f all pcur to^ole oeUjifjf. 


^01? coancelgraae a ffconfano tt)snlj0,tc i flj barf 31 laotou renter 
SLbat r cu mp cafe fo p^rpcrcu0,mttrel? Do f rnucr 
91 toil not f ireruc fro ttofc pour ftep0 fcbcrto r ru toolo me tram 
13ut noiu nr? Ho:D ano bahan t bntglrt un tl; U;D; cs gtacanftoer 
j3re con content teif b me to so t(>e Marfis gauif* to trt^ (ipUln 

?^i parelcffe prince to aio ^on r grate, my fe^e toUUac and Ui 


0nu 3 fo; mg &abilitp,fo; feare lut!! not tome tjfce, 
Saitt as t^e Qt'p agawa tte roch0, futtaiiu an& biOtttif tojat he 


^tri:; top poar t>?ums toitti co;agc great, IDC toil mar tcb fco^d 

Counccl. (eBenwoto 

pfrttittCflDWng) fefotoo;u0fo&r,mrtufrfcrartf noU0e, 

S&erfoje giae leaoc toaoncf I ttme,t>iininl> fo^ 


Wen tort 31 fpcahet>neo toar graces* Utit ctict| me bino, 
Four gracetot& meane fo; to attempt of tear tfee manlp art, 
i^oor grace tbereta map bap reccrae foftb otber0 fo; tmir part, 
Ibe Df nt of ficatb tn tbofe aflfaire0,a!l pcrfon0 areatifcc, 
Ebe bearf <onragiou0offen timcj,bi0 Detriment Dptb fecfee* 
3f bett tberefo;e fo; to permit,* roler of pour lano, 
SCo at anoiatge Iwitb f qoit?,toben f Wng0f rig&tarefltana. 


v grace pots t^lD to ttf* gour taihc, fo be f |m*noto It ftaB, 

: "" T~ 


fl9p ftnigbt tberefo;c p;epare poor felfe fe((amnc0 fo; to call. 
a BluDge be is of p;ulent (Btl,earn be da! beare tbe ftoap, 
In absence mine,tt>ben from tbe lanD Jj Do Depart nip toap. 


Poor kmgbt btfo;c pour grace euen b r,bimfelf ba tb reDp p;eB 
oaub U)U Ii ng beart fo; to fulfill as soar grace maoe reqaett. 

Councel. Exit. 

pleafef b poor grace ItoDge of bim to be a man rigbt fit* 
5ro; be is learnco in tbe La to bauing tbe gift of tint. 
3n poor graces p;ecind 3 DO not tneto fo; it a meter man* 
!$t0 learning is of go>D effect, b;ing p;fe tbereof Bean. 
31 Do not knoto tobat is bis lift, bis confcience bib from ma, 
3 boat not bat tbe feare of COD bcf o;t bis etes to be . 


Kepojt Declares be is j man tbat to bimfelfe is me* 
)ne tbat fauouretb mucb tbe too;lo an o (cts to mucb tbereb|: 
15ut tbis 3 Tap of cert a in tp if bee pour grace fuccecD, 
Jnponr abfence but to; a toljilc be toil be irarno InDsD: 
jpo iniuUice fo; to frequent, no partiall JuDgeto p:ouf , 
J3ut role all tbings UHtb equitte,to U)in pcur graces loae. 


Qf tbat be (ball a teaming baue,mp beaff fo; to obap, 
Creat pant *ment fo; bi0 offence againQ bim totll 3 lap . 

jBebolo 31 (a bim noto agrefft anD enter into place. 


u)b pontant prince f migbtp hing, tbe <0oDs p;creroe pour grace 
pour graces meffage came to me, poor toil purposing fo;tb, 
C23itb grateful minD 3 it rrceiu'D,acco;Otng to mine oatb- 
erecting tben mp felfe toitb fperD,bcfo;e ?our graces eies. 
SLbe teno; nf pour pjtncel? tnl, from pou fo; to agnife. 


Si fam n es,tbis tbe tobolc cffc ct tbe tobicb fo; pon 1 fent* 
2)nr mine it is to elenatepou to great preferment 
spp grace anD gracious cooncelebebatbebofe poo fo; tbiscaafe 
3n inugcment poo Do office beaie,U>bfcb baue tbe fbil in latoes* 
mt t binbe tbat pou acco;binglr>b? iuO ue rale toil Deale* 


of KmgCambifes. 

&at fo; offence nonetyal fcaue caufe of to;ons poo to appeal*. 


banbant tfcanHcs fcnto pour grace fo; ttjts benignity 
SEo pott tJifi Coancelm hbc cafe,tott&Lc;D6of cUmcrcr, 
tftibat fo pour grace to me permit0,tf B therein cfftnD: 
feuc& crccurion tt)en commence, an D tofe it to ttifs enO 
irtjat art otter (In? tbat nip DaD) erample fo map tabe: 
Co aDmomflj t&ein to flat tfee famc,bf fcare it map tfccm make. 


fiDden acco;Dtn0 to pear tDo;bs ,if poa therein offenD: 
3 affure poo eoen from mp b;ctt,co;redion Qall t rtc ntJ, 
5f rom Pertia 31 meane to go into tbe Egypt lanb: 
Lt>em to conoince bp fo;ceof armc,anD irtn the tapper tanO, 
eat>ile ] tberefo;e abfent fljall be, 3 Doe pon fall permit: 
20 gonernoarin tfetsmp rig^t Jn tUat ctta te to at. 
0; to beted anD the co;retf, tbofe tbat abafe mp grace: 
a ttf U rfte totaU of mp toi l,gtue an lircre in t ijtfl cafs. 


dntDo^tir mncb f^> p;ince) am 3,ant> fo; f l)f gift tnfit, 
25at atb tbat it batb pUafo poor grace.tbat 3 in it muO fit, 
31 no auoncb tonto mp Oeatb* acco;uing to mp (ail: 
Qttb eqnitp f o; to obfente pour graces mind a no toil. 
3nD noogbt from it to (toaroe inoat, bat Oncercl? to ftar > 
!B let me taft t|)e penaltp a B bere;e DID fap. 

mwt&cn of tbi* atbo;ttie,B gioe ton fol poffeffion. 

2nD 3| tot U it fulfil alfo,w 3 bane mabe p; ofefflon. 


^? Cooncel tben let t Depart, a 0naU (rap to make, 
UCoEgypt lanD note fojtb imt& fpD,mp topage 3 totll take, 
Strike Dp pour Drums te to reiopce, to bear ttje toarlibe fount)> 
fr tap pou bare Si&mnes 3joDge,ano lohe tocl to poor boono. 

Exeunt Kmg,Lor d and Councell. 


03otn note t^e ftirig (atb me ertoMnD fet me top aloft, 

A Comedic. 

o& ma? 3 pnrcfrafe bonfe ano lano, anfefcanr all af m? to ii, 
Polo ma? 31 bmlo a p;incel? place>mp mmD fo; to fulfil, 
jotD ma? 3 abrogate tbe la tu,a s 31 Oja H tfcinbe it goo, 
3f an? one me note offcuo, 3 ma? DcmaonD tns bloo. 
flcco;ofng to t he p*ouerbc ol&rn? tnoutb 1 toil Dp make, 
/5 o to it Dot l) lie all in m? ban o, to leaut o : cf0 to tahe. 
Cc oeale \uittj tu lice to me benno,ano fo to line in Dope, 
15 ut oftentimes tde biros be gone, tofyle one f o; nen Dotti grope. 
Dm tucll o; U, 3 oare anou eb Come coil on me toil fpcaUe, 
^o trul? tt 31 oonot mcdoe,tljebingflp;cpttob;eake. 
do place meanefo;torttarne m? Dot? to fulfil, Exit. 
Enter the Vice wichan old Capcafe on his hcad>anoldepailea- 
bouc his hips for harness icummer and a potlid by his fide and 
a rake on his flioulder. Ambidexter. 

fe tano aU) a? ttano atoa? fo; the pafficn of oo, 
^arncffe D | am pjeparc o to t be flelo: 
9 tooalo ban c bene content at twme t o bane boo, 
15ut ) Am tent fo:t tj tottb m? (pf are ano Qjicio. A 

31 am appoint eo to fisbt aga ta a fenaiU, 
f no CQilfein ca;en tbe ancient fljal beaie- 
36 ooot not bat againft bim to p; c uailf , 
SCo be a man m? o JDS Ojail Declare. 

3f J oner come t)im,tben a hotter flit tab** V* porf 
^igtoeaponmnftbc abletofptckcD^en 
53at ?oa C^all (a me oner fyiote trim tottt a fart. 
&o tottbont r onqnett be Ojal 0o borne again*. 

3f 3 onercome l)im,3 mott flgbt untb a fiir, 
0n^ a blache puobing tbe diet toeapon mntt bet 
at tbe firCt bloto on tbe gr otsno be frail lie* 
31 toil be tare to t b;nft bim t b; o n gb tbe mo u tb to tpf bn er, 

^a,ba,ba,no'oj ?e tnilmahc me to fmtte. 

,m? name,m? name tooult) ?oo fo faint RtiflttK 

3 baae fo;got it tberefbje 3 cannot Ojc\n, 

of King Cambifes. 

Arabidcxter,3 ftgntfie or.C, 
SCljat toitbbotb &anD0 finely can plar 
$oU)lmtt)mgCambires,nnt> bs anD bp gone, 
fi;t)U0Bo> irantbt0 ano tbat toap* 

fo; turtle 3! mcane toitba SouWe rtote, 
t)en gtuc 31 a teape to Sifamnes tbc guDge : 
3 Dare auoucb too ^all bis Dcd t urtion f et , 
Soall Mntjc of eGatf J mean* fo; to traDge* 

ME bidcxrcr ,nap feef a fc llolu tf pe bncU) all: 
C e af e fo; a lu'at l c , t> ccrcaf t cr Ucar e mo;e se Qjall. 

Enter three Ruffins,Huf,Ruf,and Snuf,finging. 


<Do30 fictb ar.D fcis Icounns tbefe toarit0 rcio^cc mp Jjarf , 
15 V bta tooonDs 3 Ijop e to Do toell fo; mp part* 
13t? 8* tart t tie tDo;lD fljall goe tjar D if j Do> not Qtft, 
at f ome oltxe Carles buDget Bl meane fo; to lift , 


31 U)ill\3enter iJotDof alUorea- 
|ft[)att)eU}oulob;ingi)i0 purpofc about* 

feare tbat fearo litt,' t (ball not be 3f , 
IBp (2?ops toountJB ) toill m:l;e foine necite Hand ato;j. 
3If 31 lojfe m^ 0)ar e,31 f vuear c Up Cogs bar 1 1 
Eben let anotbcr tahebp mp u 4t te. 


?et 31 bopc to come fye rtcbed ^oulbur atoar t 

3f a man aCke DC, ft map b^ to (a{ nap 


iLr t all men get U)bat t fc can ,nc t to lafc I Ijopc : 
^'(berefoeuei 3 goe,in t tbe tc;ncr 3 twll grope. 

mt^co;n$r offome p;ittic maioe^ 

A Comedie 


Co gr ope t be r c gooa f clloiu 3 nil! not be afi a to. 


Cogs ID o u n DS teb a t are tfcoa tbat toit b t) bo g ff mefc 
Cbou fecmeft to be a feoulDtcr t*je f ru ttj to tel. 
: bo temeft to be barm ffe o, ? cannot tel boto : 
31 tbinhe be came U t e! v from riotng feme Com. 
feud) a Dcfc;meDflauEDiD J netierfa: 
Rufoofttbon bnoto bimf J pjap tbatelme. 
Rue; j^o bp me tr otb felloio Huf 5 neuer fa bim befoje. 


20 fo; me Bl rare not if 3 ncacr fa Itm mo;e, 
Come let bs ran 10 arfe againft tbe pott e: 


PC flane0,1 Mil be tmtb vou at Ottc. heere let him 

Si pe bnaucs , J U 1 1 tract) pc bo tu pe (^al me OertOe: Twinge the 
)ut of mg figbt J can ?e not abide. about. 

# DID gooman pontcbmoutb, ? am a Dane toitlj ^otL 
#o to bane at pe a frety agatne euen notn 
Q^tnc arfe a gam ft tbe potte poa lot II rim: 
S5at 3 toil maUepoa from that facing to tarn, 

3 bctecfj f e Cartels to be content 


31 tnfurc pon bp mine boncflv no burt toe mcnt. 
i5cQdc tbat agatne toe DO not ftnoto toba t ve arc: 
pt knoto tbat fe oolDt c rs tfccir ffontnee toill Declare. 
SCberefo;e tf toe baue anp t bing offcn&eD, 
paroon oar ruDcncs ano tt fljalbe amcntetj. 


l^cacDoos pitttc.begtn ^e to tntreat mc^ 
^aneat re once agatne be tbemaOe j toiil beat ?*. 

Huf. fj 

Cog0 bart let to kill fetm,fu(ftr no longer 

Snuf* draw their fwords 

of King Carnbi/es. 


$fribt of bif fteabat one bloto : 
JEfcat Ujebe 0eulDur0 Oogg bartlef ftmhnoto . 


) tbcpaffionof OD, J baucDoonby mincljoncflte- 
1 toill tafee pour part fcarafter bmli?. 



, 3 Omfee &anD0 tuttfj t &. 
e arc fall of carteOc ttiat IB ttie btft : 
8nD $00 take great pam*,?e are a mannertr gueff. 
caft mattttrf bo ?oa not tmote mc^t^e trutb to me tel: 


$0 f raff tf ,not ber-t toll. 

tZdln? 3 am Ambidexter tobo m<mj (oirioierf Do loop* 


Cogs t art to fcaue tbp comparif nD0 toe mod p;o ne. 
C3c matt pU? toitlj bott) tuuiu toitb oar &offe* ano tjott : 
pla? tDttb bott) tJanDs ano fco;e on tbe pofle, 
^oto anb tgcn tott tj oar Captain to; manp a Delar' 
Cde foil not (Hebe U3ttt> bott) fyrnM to pla;. 

E be fconcfter man ?t ma^ me (raff. 

Enter Mcrctrb: wi ilia ftafFc on her fiioulckr. 


tabatf 10 tbere no laft* bare t {jat t)attj a luff : 
Lo tmoe a pafflng Eral to be Ip at tfccir naDf 


Cogs t)art fl&e i0 come inoaD. 
C&bat mittrc0 Mcretrix br t)ifi toounbs toelcome to met 


QQ^at toil ?e gme me i pjap f ou let me f^cf 
Ruf t X5BtJ<J5bart(r;cla)hegfo;gtft0branDb^ 

15 2 Meretrk, 



Efce iatt time J tuag U)it|j sou 3 got a broken bate 
nO lap tu t&e ftreet all nisUt fc; toant of a bcq. 


Cogs tooanfca hide me rap trait fo tofrte : 
3?n tljec J rioeare is . !! \\\% icligijt, 
3f tljcu nioulol! tjaoc t)AC a b;oltmbea& fb;mt fake, 
3 luoulD fyaue mauc his tieaoto abe 


plates M srctrix-, 3 Jftongbt not to Ci^ voo ti^re noto , 
rtmcog at mating 3 muft tjaue ahiflg .- 

Mcrctrix. . 

f | tutl not dicke f o j t t>at b p giffe. kide. 


& 3 n oU) gramercp,3 p;ap t ^ ee be gone, 


ap foft oip fr ant) I nieatie to t)aue one 
a? foft I fU)eare>and if v e tuerc mf b;ot|cr, 

Cogg ^rt ttK tobo;e toonli>no? bttTeoie ^et : 

3f 31 be a tobo;e, t&ou art a knatte 1 1 e n it is quit. 


31&n t bcartt t&on Mcret rix^intb tobo tt)t nigtrt U)tU t boa Iff 


tOttb W tbat {rfoetb t^e mod nume* 

Cocjs tarf ; ? taaeno mone^ in pur(e ne ret in clout : 

Cljcn get tbt c Uencc ano packe Ww a loot 

Huf. . 





2 matct) ?e $^ mato ftraigfct teitfc me : 

3 toil BIUC t&aaFpenceta^e ait nf gfrt tutt* tfcfc. 


Gogs t)art aaue oott ttjinfee 9 am s drpew 3S : 
^o mis EC Jfacft | tcD&e a tittle mo;* Cmaii, 

31 Uull giue tjer rtoiil pencr to ferd J mt firff : 


> -o. . 

25s dDosti t>art Qe loere better betangcfc ,( o fojfalu me I tube 

" SmiE 
fi^ere pje Cof tffct OjaHtw f . 

Ruf- , , 

!5f> <25ogtf bart ms U>a83er info bcr 1 UriH tfooff. 



peace mg maiffcra pc Q)aU notfifgbt, 
^ettjatojaujesflrft 31 toilUim finite* 

<og0 toounos q^aiQer ^nuf are ?e fo laffr ^ 

CoaeCtscsipat^crHufare ?efo croft?? 

?oo map happen to fee: 

S> tDbat tt)oo oareft (ft me, Hccr draw 

Hccrc Hie muft lay on andcoyle diem both,the Vice 
taauft run his way for fcare,Snuf fling down his 
fword and buckler & run his way. 

3i5 3 Mcrctrix. 

A Comedie 


<3oga floe Imaues, fixing to ff gbf re be fo rongfr, 
B)efetio pour ft lu es fo; J toill gtoc re bo tb mow gb . 

|*ea tbou Qaue fe. . uf,no mo;e blotoes toilt tbou bi&cf 
SCo take t bp bales a time baa tbou (pted/ 
ELboa t)illaine feeing &nuf ts 
fl little batter B mcanc tba to pa^. 

He fallcth downc,fhcillcth vpon him an d b eats him, 
and akcthaway his weapons. 

Silts go>0 mtdres qperctr jf no mo;e : 

Cbon a feonloier anb toft tin? toeapon 
Coe beme Qr bo)?,(ac a toom anfcatb tfeee beaten* 


<5ooD mtdres i^ercf rtr m? toeapon let me bane 
JCahe ptttte on me mine tjonefltcto fane. 
3f it be knoujne tgtB rcpulfe 1 fattaine : 


y tftoa toilt be m^ man ano toaite tpon me : 
SDbi* ^too;D anD S3acUIer 1 toil sine t bee, 

3 to til Dm all at poor commatmoemcnt: 
80 fcroant to ?oo 3 toilbe obr DicrU 


C ben let me te bo to before me ?ctK an got, 
HJbcn ) Cpeabe to poo ton (bad ftoo fo. 
Of toitb roar cap at place anD at boo;o 
$ ojfootfc miff res f^ere trtr at euerv too jti. 
s: at , t ut , in t be Campe focb feooloters tbere be : 
One go oo Uioman tooolo beat atoap ttoo o; tb;f e 
tad 31 am fare Cirfomers tarn at borne: 

of KingCambifcs. 
anb let b0 be gone. Exeunt. 

Enter Ambidexter. 

> tbepaulon of $o,be tber beer ff ill e; no* 
31 borft not abtoe to fee be r beat t bem fo. 
3 mar far to rou 3 toifi in fncb a fltgbt : 
SBoogof me 3 fertbebeareof mrbeabffanbtp;fgbt. 
tfflben 3 fato ber fo barb tipon t&em lar on, 
D tbepauHon of ob tbougbt 3,u>e toil be tuft!) me anon 
31 mabe no ma;e aboo bnt aaoibeb tbe tb;att : 
fln&to mr legs began fo; to trad. 
&nb fell a langbing to mr felfe to ben 3 to as once gone : 
3t is totfoomeCqaotb 3)br tbe maffc to faae one- 
bcninto tbi0 place 3 intenoeb to trobge : 
SDbinhing to mate tfamne0 tbe tabge. 
i6et)oloe totjere be commetb 3 toil! bim meet: 
flnb libe a gentleman 3 meane tjtin to greet* 

Enter Si&mnes, 

fince tbat tbe Rings graces maieftte in office bib me fef 
tobat abnnbance of toealtb to me migbt 3 get. (take . 

^oto anb tbe fome Vantage 3 atcbioe, moib moje ret mar 3* 
2&nt tbat 3 fear tmto H KUng,tbat fome complaint toill make* 


3efn maiOer &ifamne0 r ou are tjntoifc. 


* 3 P*ar tbee let me agntfe- 
Mbat matter ambtberter i0 it r on; 
/^oto toelcome to me 3 make (Cob a tjoto* 


Sefo Sniffer &ifamnc0 toitb me poa arc toel acquainted 
SB? me ralcrs mar be t rimlp pain t CD. 
^e are tintoife if re take not time tobtlef e mar 
if re toil not noto tofcn re tooalb re (ball baue nar 
^y 1 10 be tbat of roa bare make ere tarnation : 
>f rocr jgjong beating to make crpltcat ioit^ 
Can roa wt piag toitb botb banb0 < torn toitb tbe tomac* 




13dnc n'f tour toc:o0 DZSVD ocr pc in mp ir.inte. 
3n collour fcnfe tonto tijis aa? to b;ibt 1 baue imliuet) : 
fipoje the fame to* to frequent of trutt) J am no to minocd, 
iDeboI DC cuen note Unto me fu tc re Do p;ocee& 

Small habilitie. (tenO?r 

3 bcfeect) ?ou br gcol) mauler tuDgc a poj? mans caufe to 
Conoemnc me not in tyongfall tuife t ^at ncuer teas officer . 
&QU ln oUi ng|)t U>ei mp right it IB, } tiauc not fo; to giue: 
you take atua^ from me me Oue,tbat Qjoulo m j co;p0 relane. 
1C be Commons of pou OOD complatne, from tbr f oo oeuocatc: 
teit |j anguid) great i greuo s U)o;Ds tfjctr bar 1 do pemtrate. 
Ebc rigbt r ou ftll bnto tbe \u;ong,t?cur p^toate gain to turn 
|'ou Violate tbefimp!cman,anUcounlitfo;noQnne. 


1olD t b2 tang tboa polling bnaue, ant) giuc to me retraro : 
Cls in tbis luifc tell t^ee t rutb t^ tale lull not be bearo. 
Ambidexter, let t) goe benr e> ano let tbe hnaue alone. 


jf arteell femall babilitie fo; belpe no U get 5 on none. 
25;il>e batbco;rupt bim gooo latoef to point c : Exeunt 

Small liabihtie. 

a naugbtB man tbat irtU not oba? tt)e hinga conttitof c. 
toitbbcugbart J toil returntilCoo reD^Oemjpain. Exit. 


Enter Shame with a crump bla^kc. 


from among grifl? abo^0 3 toma,from ttrants tcHf train: 
tlnfeeme^ Shame offotb I am p;ocnrebto mahe platne. 
Sbeodionf fajt^f ftameledu0 ^Cainbiics aing ootb bfc: 
ail pic tie ano tertuou* lift ,.be aotb i t cUane rsfufe. 
L ccljerr anu b;unfeinnea b Dot b it mocb fuqaeut. 


S5at oa?I? ff il recc MICI tbe D^nb^of oamneD tjif e* cup. 


3ln Uw&ing of mfqmtte,foj to frequent foi0 tyfgfct. 
0* jrame ootb Conno $ r oral trump of tec;tb? men | trim : 
(o flieBotb bloto trainee Waft tramp of fyame en bim. 


Enter the King,Lord,Praxarpcs,and Sifamnes. 


$$V luoge Cnce mr tjcpartore bencc,baac ton bfetJiatsgcmct 
3lffaitbfulftetoar03!^finDe,tbefame3 Veil requite, (rialjt? 

.." Sifamncs. 

&Q oo obt tour gr a flja I n o t once fcar,^ 3 bane Done a miff, 

3 mucb rcto^ to bearc,fo gcoD netc0 a0 tH0 

Enter commonscry running in,fpcakc tliis vcrfc, 
and goe out againe haftily. 


aia,ala8,botoaretbe Commons opp^rre6> . . 
35? that tile JoDftc feifamnca b^ name/ 
5 bonot fenate botoit Ojonlobe retj^cffeo* 

me are tinomnc ano tb;oton out of toje, 
1^10 tamnable cealing DtDtb D0 To to;mcnt : 
0t bts bane IDC can finot no r elecfc no; f ucconr, 
^oo graant ftiw gracefo; to repent Run away crying. 


Intelligence if ^ ou can giue,t3nt o pour laing Declare. 
?Tomeitfec>netbmi?Commou0al,tbcr oo lament ant erf : 
^)utof Sifamncs inoacmolicbaff tuennoto flanotng D0 bg. 


Coen fo((3D hmgjit feemb to me a0 ton rcbcarfall mate: 
iDottbt tbe Bjooge culpable be,in f ome refpcct oj trace. 
e ;> Silamncs. 

KcDoutcu king bane no mittrua,notDbit^ourminoet3irmaB 
SCbcre 10 not one ttjat can me cbarge o; oogbt Sjjaintt me lay. 

C Enter 

A Cotnedic 

Enter Commons complainr.with Proofc,and Trial!. 
Commons complaint. 

Commons complaint 3 rcpjcfent,\w:b tfjjMll of oolrallilafee 
339fc;gent caufe crc(tet)fj);ti;,ni? grafc fo: to Dilate, 
tUnto t te Utng 31 toil p;r pare , m? mifer ic to t c I! . 
ZDo batte retafe of t tji m p gr nefc,anD fettcreo fat fo fc I . 
KefconbteD $;ince anD migljt j? huig,mp (elf) p:o&rat b*rn 
aoacbfafeuDbing)lwtbme to beare,foj tfei* tbat 31 appc re. 
CSlttO bumble fore 3 paroon craut, of ?our mott ro^ali grace: 
So giuc me leaus mf muite lo b^a!?,bcfo;e ?on int&u place. 


Commons coplaint Sap notbtngbacb, fear not f bp talc to tel 
tuba t ere be be loitbtn tbifi lano,t bat baf b not tfeo t ba U>cl. 
2s p;ince0 moatb Q^al fentence giue, be fljal rccetue tbe tune-- 
SUifoloe tlje fecreto of ebv b;eft,fo; 3C ertmgniQ) blame. 

Commons complaint. 

CaD p;eferne poor ropa II grace, and fcnt> ? ou blitfall Da(e0 : 
(bat all t?our o aetJB migbt ff U aceo;D,to 0tue ti?c C?oD p;atfe. 
^p complaint tfi(Omigbtp btH8)again(l tbat Jnogc poo fc^: 
tobofc carttes oeeD0,gatnto rcceme,batb waoe $ r5mon0 crv 
Ij? 2,by} taStng bribes anD gift,tbe pn;e be t of b opp^fle : 
SL ahuig rcleefe from Jjnfants pcng,vcioo\r a ano fatter leg. 

King. (complaint, 

fflntrafffall trait o; anb cojrupt SUDS*, &oto liheft tbon t bia 
If ojetuarning 3 to tba oit) gtae,of this to mafeerettraint. 
Slnu b att ti)oti Den tbis otueKCb Ddeo mine (re fo; to augment? 
3 fcntence giue tbon Jnoaa iut)ge,t!)ca Ujalt t^ oaD repent. 

O pufant $;f nee tt i not fo , b<0 complaint 31 tent- 

Commons complaint. 

3f it be not foCmoft migbtv h(ng) inplare tueu let meDte* 
SScftolD tbat B bans bjongbt ^ me ,bot b Proof i Tnall true, 
Co UanD enen Dare anD fentcnce giue*U>bat b? t)ini DID in(ae. 

3( Proof DO tint in t b 10 appeal $c Dft t[jc commone t;ong: 


totf feart ou> couet to to get,be caret not tobicb tea v 
ibe 00} Ott> lofe tljcir Cue i rigbt,becanfe t feer U>ant to pa?, 
ran to tym fo j b;ibe0 inbee&,tbt0 teas feu foonr et> tfe : 
ftpfeerafcotir grace gBblatoef DID mabc,t)e DID fame abufe. 


31 Triall feeer to fcerifie,tofeat Proof Do>tfe notD tmfolue: 
SCo ttano againtt ttm in 6 is lp)ong,a noto 3 care be bo toe. 

teoto libcfl ttym tt^>tfeon catttut ttlc,canQ ttou f fame ocn? 

^Dnobte hing fo;gtae me fact,3 ^cclb to tdc merc^. 


CoropUf nt ano I3;mf ,reo;cffe totll i, all t&te ^oar mtferr-- 
K>part toit tilpo from iubence con came, 
$no ffraigfct commaunD bp me. 
SEbe pecottonman to comc,befo;e m? grace toitb Ijafle : 

o* iofolfiU ttifi tear reqaeffno tune toe meant fo loaQe* 

King. Exeunt the)' three. 

f^f lo^, before mr grace goe call,Otian tfef* BioDges fonnc- 
3ne be (bal beare ano alfofee,Ui^at b father batb Don 
Kbe fatber bt flial (offer oeatbitbe fonne bte rame fuccad : 
0no if ttjat fee no better p;oae,fo Iibctoife fbaU fee fpieo, 


0f ^onr grace featfe comaunoment gtoenj mean fo; f o fulfil- 

King. ftepafideandfetchhim. 
flccHrttfc Bnbgeconlbtt tfeon confent to Do tbts cur feu (iu 
j3cco;Ding tonta tin? oemaunb 9 tfeou Gja! t fo; tbi tfe^ giit : 
Xemne tfeg beatfe befo;e mine c^cs, t fep bloo it (featbe (pilf . 


ebrtie(fl)fttng)SiQmncsfeonnc befo;e^oubotfe appere* 
King. Oriantbtaig mp mtnDe,tfe$rfo;eto mecomenecre* 
SCbi fatfeer bar fo^iodgmit to^ong p;ocnreb featfe fei0 oeatfe: 
&nb tbon b fon C)alt bim furceeo, totjc fee batfe loft fete b;etfe 
fluis it'tbat tfeou Dott oce cffenD,a0 tfeoc fait tfes ffttfeer feattc: 

C i 3n 

A Comcdic 

3n Iteefoife t&oa tyalt fuffcr tcatb,no mere? 0>al t&ee fane. 


> migtJti? Khjg.toucbfofeEour grace,mp fatbcr to remit . 
Jfojgiue big fault , bis par Don ? Do a(fce or'pou ae pet- 
iajj alt oougb m n fattier ftat & pmr 10; inceip Ija r t cffcnCe D : 
tf meno* fo j mtfle be U*l noto mahr , anD fan! 1 8 Oj Ibe amr DC 
3n aeao offta reqa eftcD Ufe ,pleaf e tb ?our grace take mine : 
t)C0 offer i as tenter ctul&e, fo Dtttp do t b me binue. 


Dm not fntreat m? grace no mo;e,fo; be Qal t)?e ttic tcatb-- 
catiere IB tIjeCicecuttDn man,t)iHi to btrcare of b;catlj. 

Execution. Enter execution. 

8tfcant> ant if it lihe poor graces Dut to oifpatcf) : 
3nt)ope tljat 3 UJljcnDaoets co3ne,ago)DrcU)aro lljall catcti. 


Difpaf cl) teitb f IDO;D tty* BluDge0 life, crttngoiQj fear f rare*: 
& a &am,D;ato t^o u Ijtg cnrfeD ft in, Dr ait ouer bo tt) tie cares. 
31 toil fee ttje office &one,and tljat befo^ mine e?e0. 

% Execution. 
SCO Do t&t5 t&tng me bing commaunDs 51 giue ttje entcrp;<ff. 


Otian mg fonne tbefaing (o tcatlj bp lato batb me coDemneO 
anu 700 in rcome anD office mine bie graces toil &atfc placeD : 
die 3atf tee tt/crefo;e in tljis cafc,ano talc bnto no tu;ong: 


> fatbcr Dar,tljcfe IDO;D to bear , ttiat poa matt Dre bp f o;cc 
SSctielDB mp c5c eUfl ID QAlrt teare^, fttng ftatb no remo;ce. 
E (jc gr ceu ous gr eefcs anO ffraineD Ogijes, 
fl^ p Ijart Dot|) bjeake in ttoaine : 
ilntj 1 Deplo;e mott tuoful cljilDe, tfct 9 fljc nlo fa pon Da inc. 
D falfe ano ficWe froUinuig came.tbat turne t tj ad the Urintx? 
3 t|)i0 1 j>e io? infatber* agc.tbon me afflgneft to finDe< 
JaD Doleful! Dap,tnt)appr bonrt,t&at loning cljtlDe n/oalDfa 
l^tfl jfatfjer Deer befo;c bis face tfeas put to tteatt) fljouio bs 
P^t fat&er gioe me blctTtng tijtne,ano let me once imb;ace: 

&fo comely co;p0 w foulo?D arms, ana kifle t^ ancient face* 



Sifa tunes. 

> c^iltic tfjon makes mp crcs to ran 80 riaerfitxn ty? ffreame? 
gpB leaue 31 take of tpoe mp fonne.beluare of f tie mpbcame. 


JDtfpat c& euen n oto t&on man of oca t & no longer f am to flar- 

Come $$. Sifamnesjtomeon jour toa,mp office 3 muff pay. 


3 DO fojgiuett f^ee mp frant) oifpatcb tlierfo;e loitt fp&& 
Smite him in the neck with a (word to fignifie his death. 

X&cl)o!0e (D btng l;o to tie timtb b te eD,beii^ of life bereft ; 


3fn ttjt0 toife U u)all not *et be Uf t. 
pall bteffefo oner Wfi etw to mafee IHe t af & mo;e tile 
a to;etcj) tje UjaB,a ccoell t&ecfe m^ common* to beguile. 
Flea him with afalfeskin. 

Otian. , 

vSSttfjat tlnloe i0 be of natures moulo,coaln btoe tfte Tame to fa 
I^i0 jf at&er fleaeo in tt)i0 toirefflDb ftato it srecuttb me. 

King. : 

Otian,f|jon feeff tfnj fattier oeab, anO ttiou art in bfc rpme: 
3f ttjoubceftp^ouo aj^ebati) beeneenen thereto ftait tbou 

Otian. (come. 

33D bing,to me tijui i aglCTe,toitl) greefe in it 3 Uieto 
<;ample<t|)at Unto tour gVace 1 Qq> not p;ooc ton t rue. 
> Praxafpes. 

Otian^onoas rear father bence,to tomb to&ere lie u)all Ire: 

. Otian. 

3n& tf it pleafe sour HojoOnpJt Ojall be oone bt? ano b$ . 
<SDa^ execution man fo; neeD,fcelpe me iottb &im a&a? : 


. 31 toil fulfill as too to me DID far. They take him a way. 

King. ^ 

^ & notot(?afmv grace &atljren,tl?at emetic ^0 

; , C 3 . 

' ' / . 
- ' . . 

A Comedie 

Go quefiion mine giue tentfoe care, 

flnb anCtoere make bit & f p&o. 

@aae not | Don a gratiou* ticcD,f o retojefle mt comon* tooee 


fPea trnel? if it pleafc pour grace,?e bane mo&D Dam fo. 
5Sa t nolD(> hing)m frecnDlp Uiife,? couucel con in tftte . 

Certain t)tce0 fo; to Icauc-t^at mpou places is. 

C23it t) ot^er great abufe0,tpt)ict 3 UM(^ ^oa to Detect. 


$eac* mf Ho;D,tPbaf neebett) t&te " of r bis 31 icill not tjcarc : 
SEo pallace noli) J Usill retnrne.anD thereto make gmo ctjcere- 
COD i3acco5 tie bcflotcB bis gift0,tue tjauc groo Co;c of brine 
^nualfo tljattbc Laoicg be,bot^paffinsb;aac annfinc. 
I5ut ftat>,3 fee a Ho;D noto come,ano ehc a Valiant hnigtjt: 
catjat nctoB mt Ho;Df to Cce ^ou t>cer,nir Dart it ootjj oeligfit 

Enter Lord,and Knight tomtfct the Ring. 

$0 neto*(> king but of DO t? comc,to tcait tpon r our grace 


3 t[j2nh^oampll I loumglinigbt 3lp;ar?outuitbmetrace. 
^ p Ho;t0 ana &nt&t)t l p;ap pe tcl, ) luil not be offenfteD 
j3m i too;tt)T! of an? crime once to be rep;efeenDeD.' 

Praxafpcs. (comment): 

2Tbe Per(ians macti OQJ pjaifc ^oar grace,tut one tbmg Dif^ 
Bn tbat to toine faucet ^ou be,U)bertn 700 Doo offrno* 
i^ttlj t^at mtgbt of roineB effect, Dotb oft fublrae roar b;ain: 
^pcounfcl is to pleafc thcir^nrt,fromit^oaiuoulD retrain 


$o,no,m? lo;b,tt to not f o ,fo: tbis of prince f S>cp tel : 
jF o; tertnon0 p;oofe ano p; mcc lp facts ,Cirus ()c tj o tb ertel- 
S5p p bi grace bp conqaett great,tljc Egiptians DID conoincc: 
dDf t)t rcpo;t ab;oaO cctb pa(Te,to be a tocojt^ p;tnce. 

Knight. (compare, 

3n pcrfon ofCrcfas | anfwcr m afce,U)e mas not few grace 


of King Cambifcs. 

$t tofjolc refpedfo > to betike,Gnis tbe bhigs father . (btoot . 
n fo mucb 7 oor grace batb pet no djiloe, as Cir us left be* 
Caen pou 3 meane,Cambifes bing,tn tobcm 3 fauoar fintic, 


Crefus faio tor II in faping fo,bot Praxafpcs tt\ me tob# 
JCbat to nip moutb in fucb a fojt tboo Qoaio auoacb a Ipe. 
Df o;nnftene0 me ttjus to cbarge,bnt tbou toitb (pa&ftalt Ar 
W&etber tbat 3 a fober &tng,c;el0 a D;nnliarD be. 
3 bnoto t|jou baft abliffoll babe, totjer in tbon t oott fceltgbf : 
$pe to reuenge of t&efe tbp to^D j toil go to;ehe tbifi fptayc 
Qfflben 31 tbe moft bane tafrct) totne>mp boto it Qjalbc bent : 
#t bare of btm eaen tbcn to $(Dte,f notu mp iotole intent. 

gf tart of bf 8 J ooo not UtUj pcelo to tbcc in tbi. 
SEfjcrfo;e Praxafpcsfcfcb to me . tb\> ronged fon tottb fpec5: 
ffberetf notoapltelttbee piatne,bot iunitco tljiBUcco* 

KcDcnbfeb ^ince fpare mp fteeetcbiloe,be ie mine otitpfop: 

3 tn'^our grace to infants ijart, no fucbtijtng U)iU tmplop. 
3f tbat t)ts motber bear of tis fge IB fo ntgb ber fitafet: 
inclapbCf co;p3U-ilCooi:ebea3jmt3r,to paffe frotpo;!o0 be* 

King. (Ugbf. 

1^8 mo2c ooccj go fetcf) me f);m,it fljalbe 80 31 fap : 
JSno if f&at 3iao> fpcab tbe teo;o,boto Dare peoncefapnapf 


3 toil go fetcli trim to poor grace,bnt fo 3 truli it Qall not be* 

r King* 

5Fo? feare of mp bifpleafare great, goe fetcf) btm t)nto me. 

fPu llc;r> tberfo;e fill me form tPtnc,3 ^artelppon p?ap. 
5f o? 1 mud b jtnke to mafte mp b;ame fcmeirtjat tntorieafc: 
Hi ben tbat t^e totne is in mp ij t ao , ob trimlp 3 can p;ate 


$e*rei* tjje cap tottl) SUeb tome.t&erecf to tabe rcpaa .- 



A Comedic 

&nce agafne tolarge t&is cup,fo: 31 matt faff it ff il Dri nk 
15v t&e Cotjs 3 t&inl, of plcfant Wine,) cannot take me fill. 
$oto D;mK is in giue me m p boU^anD arrotos fro fir Bmg&t : 
il: ijnrt of clnlDc j; nieane to $st,boping to cieue it ngOt. 

H5d;olD(iD htng) tctjcre Ije Dot |j comc,tji0 infant song in JjanD: 


C migjjtp tting ^our grace belied tuitb fo;roto 31 bane ftano* 
lino b;ougt)t m^ cbiloe fro motbf rs hna,b fo;e poa to appar 
^no (be tbereof no totjit botb fenoto tbat be tn place is beer. 


&ct tjim\jp m^ marUe to be. 35 toill Qat at fcifi bart : 


3Lbe(eecb ?onr grace not fo to Da let t tji s pretence a part. 
jraretDclmp Leer a no loaingbabe,cotneHtffetb? fatberDein 
il greeuoas light to me it is, to fee tbee Oaine enen beere. 
3JB t tjis tbe game no tu from tbe buig,fo; giuing counc ell gob: 
3i5cfd;e m? face toitb fucb bcfpigbt,to fpil mg fens bart bloix 
D fceang oat to me tb t0,anD motber to Ube cab. 


D JFatber^atber,tDipe ^our face, 
3 (ee tbe teares ran from ?onr cpc : 
($? motber is at borne foiutng o f a bano, 
itiass oecrc fatbcr,Ujto um^oocr^ 

King. (intone to fulfill: 


01 a,a!afi,^attjcr toil you me bilk (of aU: 

COJD ma tt cr feing uoj not Ojajt at me,m? mot |jer Ioue me beff 


3(4mae bupatcbet) brni,botun b ootb fall Shoot 

20 rigijt as a line bit bart j ba ue bit : 
iaartboutbaltfeePraxafpcs, Granger netoCBttt 

02 tinigbt toitbfpeeo bi0 bart cot ootanoBiue U Mo mf : 



of King Cambifcs. 

Lord. (toalfefng: 

gpf Lo:t) Praxafpes.tbia &at> not bet n,bnf toor f nng mod be 
So tbe King of co;rectton poo matt neca* be talking. 

l&ocoirertionimj Ho;o,bnt councelfo? tfce betf: 

$ftre ift&e bart,acco;Ding to soar graces bc&eff , 


JBebolDe Praxafpes tbt feonnt* otone tart, 
)t> boto icell ttie fame toas btt 
after tb tDine to Dm tbts oaD,3 tboogtlt it tetr fit. 
Cftewn tboa maitt rtgt)t irell tberbp,no D;unfearu 10 fctng: 
Ebat in t^e mtDtt of all Jjtfl cups,coulD Do tbw baliant t^ing* 
^^ LOJO and ftnf gftt on me atteno,to pallace toe totll goe: 
anD leaoc btm br to tatte t)te fon, tujjen tee are gone turn fro. 

* All. 

czaitb al oar tmrt0 ivegioe confent,to toatt fcpon rour grace: 


toofaU man ) lo;D am J, to fee bim in t&ts cafe, 
flp^ oate0 1 o*m De0re0 tbetr cno, tbrs oaD toil belp me bf ce 
o baoe tbc bloObmj of m^ feelD,Deft ro^eo br Violence. 
Enter Mother. 

<aias-a!as,3! bo bcare tel!,tbefting batbfeUb mp ^onnc^ 
3f ft be fo ,too too;tb tbe DeeD,tbat eaer it inae Done- 
31t w eaen fo,m? Ho;D 31 fee,botD op dim be^ootb tocrpc : 
can bat ment B ttja t from banD0 of bmi,tbt0 cbtloe Jj DiD not 
aia buf bano an o Hojo.tobat Dio ron meane, (keeper 
Co fctcb t[)t0 ctjiltcatoapf 


> Hat)? toif c 3 little tbong&t fo; to bane fetne tins oa?. 


0bltffulbabe ^io? of toomb,barf0 comfort ano bdig{)t: 
jro; conned giucntnto the I^ng,istt)t0tbp^a requite; 
> Jicap Hat ana oolcJtiii lintc,tbefe moaming tuncp to mabe: 
Wfybiub;eo ties into mine armesfro eartb 31 Uriltba tabe* 
0no U);ap tbee in mine ap;on tebite,bnt ofc mr Cleans S?ar t: 

AComcdie 1 

Gb* fpif cful pangs p it fuaairts,iucto mahe if in tteof opart 
Ctje fceatb of this tnp feorme to fee, > bcup motfcer ncU 
ETbatfromtbi? text i fogreo top, tofo;rotofo fljoulDft loto. 
C23bat grtef in iDombcio 3retam,befo3e 3 oto tlja fee* (me. 
^et at tbc Utt to&cnfmart toag gone, &bat tot tcert tbou to 
l^otu tenner iratfi of tfc^ foD^foz to pjcfcrue tor Oate^ 
l^olo ttillco ]| tf)p tender tiart,at times ca rip ano latef 
Mittj bciuct pn?0 3 gauc ttja fucfe,tuitl) iOae from mg b;ett : 
3nD Dauceft t tja tjpon my hncc,to b;ing 1 1 ee bn to red. 
30 tins tljc top cf thee 3B reap(^D^tn0)ofttger0 b;oDf 
j)b t zgerfl tohclp bauft ebon p fee tfcte cbtlo^ bartbloD. 
Mature tnfo;(e tb me ala0,tn tbts totfc to Deplo;e; 
to U);ing mp tjancg toelatoaiMkat 1 0)oulD fee tbt'0 fcoure. 
SDtll? motber ?ct toil biffe tbp Upi ,61U (oft anopUafant tobtte: 
CGitb Ringing banos, lamcnttn g fb; to fee tba in tl>tB pltgtjt 
f^ p Lo;oing Dar let to goe borne oar m ourntiftj to augment* 


^p Hat)? Deer toitb beaup bar t, t o it 3 000 content. 
53ct tocen to bot b cbiloc to bcrc bn t o oar lo; Wg place.Exeue 

Enter Ambidexter. 

3nBAt) as K fap,? bane been abCenta long fpace- 
5Sat is not mp CoCn catparfe, tottb pou in tbe tneanc timt* 
SCo i t ,t o it $o&n,ano Dm f oar office fine. 
)oto like pou s ifamncs fo; tOng ofmef 

Etje !&ing rjimfclfe toas goDlp Dp trained: 
fy* pjofcCTcD bertuc,but i tbinh it teas faineft. 
l^e plates toitb botb &am>u,ga>b cceco ano til : 
Xfat it toas no goutftD Paonfpcs (onne fo; to bill. 
$5 tjc fo; tt)e go)bDeeD,on tbelaDge b)ascommeaDct)> 
3f o; all bis O^DS els be is rep^cbent eD. 
illje moffeuiU Difpofcopcrfontrjat cut rtoas, 
Stll tbe date of bis life be VuonlD no t letpaffe. 
^ome goofc Deeos be lutll Das t ijougb tpe? be bat teUK 
SLbelike tbings tbis ttrant Cambiies tjotb Qtte* 

of King Gmibifes. 

gartmc $ from yim, to n oncja cr fcibi f ec : 
ffiat ftill malediction ab;oao ts diffrtbntcD* 
nl> get ge $all fa in tye rctt of tits race .- 
O&yat f nfam E ye mill too^j againft bis o tone gra ce. 
,no mo;e too jd*,yre coin ca tye lunge b;oty e r. 

Enter Lord Smirdis, with A ttcn<Uncc& Diligence. 

SCyc Utngn b;otOcr IB birty am BfjtfTact) from Cirus (otnc0 . 
3 greefe to me it 10 tobeare,of tyis tye bmg0 re ptnrs. 
3 Ubenot tocll of tyofe yttffceedtf, tyat ye Doty Qtll frequent: 
3 tmfy to 0oo t y at oty cr toaica ,y w mtnoe yc couio content* 
ong 31 am ant) ttert to yfm,no moc of t0 tycrc be : 
31 too nl a be glau a quiet Htcalme t n t yt* y i* reign to fee. 

3$v H o JD \?o ur gooD a toilling yart, tye Cots toil recompenca 
3n tyat tonr minoe fo pcnaae<a,fo; tyofe y 10 great offence. 
$92 iio;&,y w grace Qjall y a u c a time, to pa ire ano to amend 
^app? ts ye tyat can e(cape,ano not yis grace often*, 

Diligence. (^^j 

3lf tbat toicUettbfceyecoolDrcfrawc, fromteaftng toinc fo;- 
fl moderate lite ye toonlo freqnent,amcrU)ing tyis |)id fquarc. 


^^ 5Lo;o ,anu if ?oor lono; it Qjall pleafe - 
31 can info;me ton lubat is bctt fo; pcur cafe. 
Het yim alone, of yi Deeos coo not taltte : 
Eyenbp yia aoe,i?e ma? quietly toalbe. 
after y t s oeaty pou Ojalbc aing, 
HCyen ma? ?on refo;me ecye lunfce of tying. 
3 n tye meane time line qnietl?,ooo not toity yim Oj ale: 
^ o ^ all it r eboont) mncb to pour tocale. 


&yoafaift trat'mc feeend.tyatt0 tye beft - 
3 fenoto not toyetyer ye loae me,o; too me deteff* 


leant from y is company all tyat con mas : 

SO a 


31 faitbfall attendance toil ^oor bono; obag. 
3f agafntt pour bono; be tafce an? ire: 
Ii0 grace id a* libe to h tnDle bis fire* 
Co jour bono;s Detraction as otbertuife : 


Cberfoje m? Lo JD take get) atimfc. 
0nb ] {Diligence pour cafe toil (o tenser : 
ffbat to bw jjrace ro ur f^ono; ftalbe none offer.Der 

3 tfcanb coa bo t b in tire freenos ,tmtb mp bono; a il rt maine 


13ebolDe tobere t be hing uotb come u? i t b bis train. 
Enter King and a Lord. 

flD Homing Deer anu b;otber mine, 31 top poor Gate f o fee. 
>[irmi&ns mncb tobat 10 tbe cauft.rou ablent tbu0 from me. 


picafeth tour grace ,no abfence B8, bat reo^ to falfill : 
flt all aCTate0 m? p;tnce ano Ut ng ,m tbat ^our grace me toil 
t^bat 3 can Do in true Defenc e,to pou m^ p;mcc angb t: 
Jn rtaoines 3 alU>aie0 am, to offer fo;tb m? m tgbt 


3nO H tbe lifte to ?ou againe Do beer auomb tbe Cam e 

All. (name. 

j?3i tbi^ soar god agreement been notop;aifeDbe CODS 


Batbearete noble Pifnce,barbc in vcnr earc 
3 1 10 beQ to Do a 3 DID Declare. 


$? Hc;D ant) b;otbcr Smirdis noto, tbis IB mp minDe 
Ebat ^oa to Court of mine rcturne ; an& tbcre to tarr ff ill 
S ill me retarne uritbin ft o 2 1 fpace,coar bono; fo; to greet: 


at ?cur bcbeff fo toil 31 Doo,till time agafoe toe meet. 
tyy Uaue 31 take from ton 2) aing,euen note 3 Do Departs. 


of King Cambifes, 


jFarfoelEo;banbb;otbcr mine,fartoel toitball m$ bart. 
$? Ho;b,m? b;otbf r &merot0t*,of ?oatb anb manlp migbt: 
$no in bifi (tocet anb pleafant face m? bart botb take oeligbt . 


ca noble p;tnre,if tbat roar grace befo;e bi0 bono; btc: 

^e toil fitctf ebe a tiertnoa0 fc ing, anb rule tmtb cqnttic. 


90 ton bane fatb mp fco;b,be 10 cbeefe beire ncrt m^ grace 
anb if 3 DSS to mo;roiB nert,be foall fuccceD mg place- 


0nb if it pteafe pour grace > l&ing,) bcarb bim fa? 
jf o; cour beatb tmto tbe ^ob,ba? anb nigbt be btbpja?. 
%etoonlD liae fo bertaoDO;,anbgptbimfucba p;aife: 
E: bat jf ame b^ tramp b(0 bae be(ert0 in bono; tyoulb fcpraife 
^t faib toargrace Dcferuebbab>tbe corOng of all men: 
tbat ^e (bonlb neuer after bint get an? p;a tfc againe- 


2Dib befpeabe tbu0 of mp grace,in facb befptgbtful tntfc ? 
iO; el0 boon tboa p;e fame to fid mg p;incel? cares tmtb Ires? 


1 cannot tbinb it in mt bar t,tbat be Uwulb rcpo; t f 0, 

l&oto faia tbou. j fpeab tbe tratb,toa0 it fo o; no; 

3 tbinhe fo if it pleafe pour grace, but 31 cannot tell: 


STboa plaiff tm'tlj botb banb0,noU) 3 perccttte tuail: 
SBot fo; to put al boubt0 afibe^nb to mabe turn Iccfe bis bope 
l^e Q)allb^e by bint of feto(D;b,o; els bp c&o-ung l\ope- 
, febail be fuccab toben 31 am gone, to b ane mo;e p;aife tfcn 3;* 
ssaerc be jfatbrr as b;otber mine, J (lucre tbat be foal a ?c. 
Eo pallaice mine 3! tuiU t her c f o;c,fti0 bearb fo; to purfnr. 

( Ambidexter. Exit 

;f ftraigbt h>a? 3! tolll follclv pea. 


$oU? UUe re note m? maificrs^bojtb not ti;(0 gmccdttcn; 


SCftc p jobcrbe o!nc is tcr ifictj,foonc ripe ant) foonc ro t Ten. 
l)c In! not be qnict ttl b^ b;ctber be hilD 
V)is ocliot, t 13 lineup to !;aur !;ts blot) fpilo. 
Q9nrpGrj5 toloe him a notable Ipe, 
3f it lucre to D<D j^uuc, ? our2 boo it H. 
i^ar^ totjcn 3 l;at- oor.,to it 9 onrft not ffanD : 

3it)fe toplaptuittjfcljcbano. 

; bis banD t0 groping eutn note. 
CoQn tahe bco,if poo DOO ff cretl? grope 
3f ?c be taben CoOn^e mnC loohe tb;ongb a rope- Exit* 

Enter Lord Smirdis alone. 
31 am toanp;tng alone beer c anfc tfjere to foalftg. 
Sbc Court is fo tt: quiet , in it 31 take no top 
feoli t arr to mr fclfe noto 3 ma^ talae, 
3f B coulo rule 3 toift UJbat to fof. 

Enter Cruelty and Murder with bloody hands, 

S$E coeqnall partner Murdcriomt atoa^. 
jf rom melons tbon maid not ftaj . 


Jfcfi from tbcc 3 ma* ffa? ,bnt not tbon from me : 
SC(erfo;e j fcaue a p;t rogatioe aboue t & c e . 


5Bnt in f bifi cafe toemoR togitber abiDe : 
Comcjcomf ,Lo;D Smirdis 3 bauefptoe. 
Has banos onbim UntbaUredtnation: 
tbat on bint toe mac toe;fc cor inoignation. 



Uins Cambifcs jyatb tent 1)0 Onto t bee . 
Commannting ts araigbtlti^it^oot merer ojfattcor: 


of King Cambifes. 

Smirdis. 5trikehimin 

?et parDon me 3 Cartel? r ou pja? : dmers places 

Confer f fce &f ng t0 a tf rant tiranmon* . 
2nt) all fcte Doings be Damnable anfc parnif ton*. 
jf aaonrme tberfo;e,3l eft bim netter offitno s 

Cruelty. A little bladder of 

$ o fauour at a,^o ur life is at an enD. Vineger prick t. 
Caen no to 3 (Tribe |)Ui bob? to tooanft: 
55cl?olDe nolD bi5 blooo (p;ing0 oat on tbe grottno* 


oto (0 ifl oea0,tc t to p;efent bim to tbe bmg: 

Has (o oor ftano atoa^ bnti to b^fng. Exeunt. 

Enter Ambidexter* 

jJD tbe paffionof&oo.gonoerifabcng Court: 
S>ome fcwepei,fomeU)aiUi ,ant Come make great fpo;t . 
3LO)Q S mirdisb^ Cruelty anDfi^nrDer is Oainc. 
JBnt ]efo0 fo; tuant of bim boto Come DOO complain*. 
3f 3 tbonlb bane bao a tbonfanDpouno, 31 conlo not fbjbeare 
^otu jcfu0 bane bts bleat* fonle in beeping. (toeeptng: 
$b>8o to^),to trjinb on bim,botD it tootb me greenc : 
3 cannot fojbcarefoeepfa8,$e mas mjbtkene. Weep 
iS) mr bart,b9t mp poKesbaibeate* 
HZ^itb fo;roto full lamentations | am in fncb a beate. 
J3b me bar t boU) ft; bim it ootti fo;rou> : 
fiW 3 bane Done in faitb noto ano 0ot> gt uc t e 000 mo;rofn 
l^a, ba,toetp,na^ lattgb^toftb bntb banoa to plap : 
Cbe king tb;ougb b<0 cracltt batbmaoe bim atcar. 
25ut batb not be tt>;oosbt a nio3 toicbcfc tceo : 
5l5ccaufe fitng after bim be ujoola not p;oceeo. 
ipifl oione naturalIb;otber,anbbautnQ no mo;e : 
Do p;ocare tits oeatb b^ tiolence fo,jc 
3n fpigbt becaufe bi0 bjotber Qionlo nener be Sing : 
It* bart being tcttbeo,confenteDto tbi0 tbing. 
^otu be batb no moje 13;otber0 no^UmreD aline: 
3(f tije Uing tee tt)i0 geer* cui ; ^e cannot long t fcfoe. 


A Comedic 

Enter Hob and Lob. 

<oo0bat neffibboor come atoac,itf time (o market to goe, 


Co&s Matt #.i rbo; j as ?e f Of 
Ebe C loch batbffruhcn tine tcb tljtnh fcp lafccn 
15um tjai? to jom (U cp c^ am not bcr ? toe 1 1 toaken. 
iont na gbo; lob,nar bo; ^ob,tobt bane Be to jel; 


15am trotb na vbo : Lob to pea 31 cbtl ttl. . 

Cb aue ttoo CoOtngs . ano a Cbtne of pojbt: 
tbere 10 no natter bettoeen tbif ano ?o;tje- 
Cbaae a pot of &tratt>beru0 ant) a Calaef bcao 
a ^nnt0bt$ince to mo;rouj tt batb ban oeao. 


Cbaac ft fcojc of Cgge,ano of Cotter a pounD 
|?e(lf roar a nefl of gool? ?ong Uabtti ) touno. 
Cfcane tojtp tbingamo of moae anD ofUffe : 
$V b.:ain IB not Ucn? goo tbem to c pp;cire. 

j^o not toel /^a?bo;,tDbat0 tba t . P 


25am to? ^apbo;,maider tting 10 a ;b;ooe lab* 
2o Coo help me ant) bottom,? tbinb tbe tool be mau . 
zome ja^ be oeale cm c l!p tit* ^Siotber be tto bill : 
ktno alfo a gool^ sung !aD0 bart blcoo be oio fpiil. 


Oeooman I^ob anD gooman ilob,<DoD be roar fpeeo. 
^,s pou ttoo totparo0 market omtoalhe : 
Jf ti?c Utngacrucltp bibbeare^oo talhc. 

ois DcDtng0 anD life are ODIOUS and t tacu*. 

J.ob. 3t toerc a 300 oeeD jome boos luoalDb;eab fci0 bf J* 


of King Qmti/es. 

>o tooulo 3? JLob ano fcob toitb all mp bart : 


Igob anD Hob out bpon r cm flaucs 

' Lob. 

janotboucaiatnebnaue tbou artanotbcr: 
^Bnamew itob,ano lobmp nert^apbo;, 


l^ob ano Hob,a pe Contrppatf bw: 
2 pe foolf B pe baue maDe to;ong matcbej. 
^ebaue fpottcn treafon agamft tbcfiwngB cracc 
Jfojtt 31 totllaccofe pebefoje bte face 
SLben foj tbe fame pe (balbe martereo, 


tbtnfeno bart b P m v 23atber route Jjtoearc. 

Cbaae jmcb to0l all mp lire time mp napboig amon. 


2fon!ero(lont|)8^oI) ) toiiflWbtliao it treaf 
fflo; it bja. tftoo tbat era bio ftim name . 



ttw tt Mile* 


A Comedie 

|3ea Hob tfcou faifl true ,all came tfoougb bim. 


55am tws tbou ^od,a little tDonlD mabe me ft trim. 
Ctuc t&ee a ftoap on t^nofe till tb? brt afte 


3f t bou oareff DO it els man en? crehc. 
31 trull before tbcu fcurt me : 
K3i t U MB ftaffe c^tl mabe a H ob of t^ce. 

Hcer let them fi^ht with their ffoucs,not come neer an other 

by three or foure yvdes,thc Viccfct them on as hard 

as he can.onc of their wiues come out and all 

to bet the Vice,he run a\vay. 

Enter Marian may be good.Hobs wife runningin witli 


ID tfce boo? of me bafbano l)ob,luba t meane ^e to flg^jt J . 
$o; t|je paCTion of (Tou,no moje blotocf (mite. 
^eigbboar ant) f reenOs fo long>anb notu to fall oat : 
cabat: in ponr age to (eeme fo ffottt; 
3f 31 bat) not pa r t eo re,one bao Kilo aootbcr 

3 bao not car eo 3 ftoere bf CodJ motbnv 


febahe bant afaineat Ibi reqoeft of m: 

2a ^e bane been freeno^, fo fr centos UiU be. 

53um troth cbam conteuf , ano jatfi tM^bncidbboor H ob - 


Mwtin. ' laugh hirttly one 

,Gttpou to marker, no longer flat. ataoother. 

flno U)i ttj conoer Unaue let me make a fraj?. 

Hob. \ 



JB5ot bnffe mt tclj pjas tbee at going atoag* Excut Hob Lob; 
Marian, (figbt* 

Ebon tobo;fon fcnaue ant) pjtcfcearfc bot?>tD^ atoft $let ttjem 
Bf one tad Mo another b*r,coulDtt tbou tbei r ticatfe requite 
3t beares a figne by tfcte tbt? oeeo.a cotoarols bnaoe tbou art: 
CI0 luoaloa tijou 0;aU) ^ toeapon tt)tne,Ufee a hnaw t^cm to 
Ambidexter. (parte 

CZHtiat Parian mac (^ gMre r on come p^atlingf 
^e ma^ bap get a b or- on tbe tare farit b roar talking, 
3Sf f be? bao btio one anotber, 3J bao not carcD a pcafc. 
Hecrlct herfwingchim in her brom^flie gets him down 
and he her down,thus oneon the top of another 
make paUime. 

1 tHllain,m? felfe on tbce 35 mutt eafc. 
CZHae me a bop on t be eare* tbat toili 3 trp: 
Ifftbo tbalbe ^attter tboa (bait foe b? ano bt 


8> no mo;e, no mo;e 3 befeccb vou bartilr : Run his way 
Caen note 3 palMno giae ton tbe maiftr 5. out while 

Marian. fhcisdowru 

tboa fcnaae,Da>ff tboa tb;otp me Doton anb run tbe tua^ 
3f be tocre beere agatne,ob boto HI froulo bun par. 
3 ferill after bim,anD if a can bimm^t: 
tidttb tbefemp nailes tys face HI toil greet. 
Enter Venus leading out her fonneCupid blinde, he miifl: 
haue a bow and two fhafts, one headed with 
goldeand th'other with lead. 

Come fobbing (onne tmto mg toojb* attf (iuctarr fl rcffgne : 
C5abatjf patent) fec^ofreqcnt,tofo;cetbii game of mine. 
&b* tting a KinfUioman j)*tb.abD;nD toitb beauts (f o;e : 
flnoj toiil) tbat 2)ianaf gtftfl.tbep t twain 0)al 'op no mo;e- 
2 t bfe tup Sluer fagrea game,rbtif iopca fo? to augment: 
feH&en i bo r peah to iwounD bt0 ^art.Cupid m^ feon confct. 
Out (btr-t at iim tbe fyaf t cfiont,tbat beare0 1 t)eaO of golce. 

A Comedic 

Co toouno b ia hart in loners to i re .bis gretfe f o; to tn foltc. 
& boogb km (be be Unto bit grace ,ttjat nature me erpell : 
flgamtt tbc conrfe tberect be map,tn mp game pleafeme toe!, 
id &c rfo; e nip fonne DO not fo; get , to; rbfoi t tj pur f ue t fcc D ao: 


f o tb er 3 meane f o j to obap,a* ?on bane tot) olc Decrees. 
H3ut von ma ft ftlmcmotbf rocrrc.tDbcn 3 Qjal arroto D;ato: 
CIs roar requed to be attaint) U)tlnotbetoo;tl)a(traU). 
31 -m bhnoe ano cannot Cer,but fl tl boo Q)o)t bp geOe : 
0e poets tof (in places tto;e,of mj migbt Do erp;c(Te 


C upit) me (on tobtn time Qjal feroe,^ tbon Ojalt to tbi0 Dab 

Cte toa rning 3 to tbct toil gioe,bat fa tboa Q)ot \rnty fpao/ 

tntcr a Lord,a lady , and a waiting maid. 


HOD? Dar to Ring a kin ,fo;tb\i)i tb let b* p:oca o : 
Co trace abjoabtfce beaut? rdlD,a0 crtt u>c bao DccraD. 
STbeblotomgbuDs U)boCe (anerrfentf cor ftncc iDilmucljDc* 
tbe Oua t fmel of mafb \obtte rofe,to pleafe appetite, (tigbt 
Ebc cbtrptj btrD lo|pfe plefat tonc0 1 berin u;al bear rt co;o 
Cbat our great to? toe tljaliitflnce, inteloto tualfe ab;oao. 
k^n Unte ano Cittern tbcre to plap a beansnl? barmon^ : 
)nr earcs Ojall bear ebart to content, our fpo;ts to beautify 


Clnta roar teo;D0 mod comely Ho;D, mp f elfe fabmit to 3 : 
SCo trace toity sou in feeio fo green, 3 meane not to Den?. 

hccrc trace vp and downc playing. 


2nt 1 vour toaitmg mat o at bano ,toit b Diligence toill be: 
f o; to fulfil t6bart ano banD^tofeenpoa 0>al commaont mt. 
Entcr,Km?,Lordand knight. 


Come on mr t ojD t knigbt ab;oab,our mtrtb let ttf imploi? 
&tnce be is neaD tbiu bar"t of mme.iii co;p0 3 fal (t ie?.Ct 
febouiob^ot^cr mine traue raigneb bing, tobeti 3 t>aT) v 

jBot ob,beboloe tobcre I Do fee, a Lojoan* HBC fafat 

Venus. (bart: 

fc&oo t fb;tb mp^onnofotB tbe t ime $ tbon matt toounfc bi* 

Content too Bother BE totll Dam? partc. 

Shootc thcre,and goc out Venus and Cupid* 

Can none repose tofcat Dame tye ii .ano to m? grace it telU 


Kefcentcft ^incepleafttlj^onr grace ,fo^ow fteis a fcfa: 
0611 3 a ruiin ns gtj of birtb,bp mothers ODe come in- 


j3nD tbat bcr toatftng matucn 10 attentmg ber tpon : 
^c 10 a Lo;D of ^;tnce0 Court ana toil be tfcere anon* 
E, tjep fpojt tljcmfeluEB in plcafant falD,to fo;mer DftDbfe: 

v King 

S^^ Ho;* f fenigbt of trutb 31 fpeats, m^ bart it cannot c&u fe, 
15at tcitb mp Hat^ 3 mnft fpeabe anti (o erp;e CTe mp m uite : 
g^p jto^ti anD Hab?r0 toalUing thereof ?ou toil faaoor finDe. 
p^efent ?onr feloe0 fento mp grace,ano bt m^ flue come fiaDt 

tSie toil fulfil mod migbtc bing, as ^our grace Dotfe :5maant> 


i^abp beere, intelligence nip grace bat!) got n a f C . 
?oa tCTueD ontof motbers floche,anb htnbnto mpltate. 
2kco;Dmg to role of birtb poo are,Cofin iarmin mine - 
9*t DO 3 toilb tbat farther of, t bis BinreD 31 co ult finDe* 
$0} (Tupio be tbat epleffe bop,mt bart ba tb (o enflameD: 
Wtfi beautp ? ou me to contenMbe like cannot be nameD. 
jf 02 Qnc e 3 entreD in ttjts place,anD on t ou firt mine e?cs: 
fipoft burning fits about mp bart,in ample Uufe DiD rife. 
&be beat oftbefncl fo^ceDotb pftiDmpco2ptbepfco;cbaU0 
3n& barns tbe fame tpitb toaOing beat,a0 Titan Dcit) p gra0 
dnDCtb tbi5 beat iibinDleufo, anD frefl? iubart of me: 

3 ECfccre 

A Comcdie 

Ebert is no tea? bat of tbe fame ,t &c quencbcr ?oa muff be. 
fl&B meaning i0 g beaut? r ours m? bar t Untb loue totb toout 
to giue me loue,mtnoe to con t ft, mi' bart batb?on out fount. 
WHD ?on are fye ma(t be mv toife,eI0 (ball | ent m? taief , 
Confent to tbi* I be m? ^oan,to feeare v croton toitb p;atfe 

Blfit pleafe^oargrace(Dmtgbtr hing)?ou (ball not 
3 1 10 a tbtng tbat natures courfe,0otb tjtterlp tjetett. 
flnD bigb it tooalt) tb< Coooifpleafe.of all tbat t* tbe tDo;d: 
Co graunt four grace to mar rp Co,it 15 not 3 tbat oortt 
^c t bumble tbanks 31 renter no VD tnto 700 migbtt &ing : 
Sbat vou tioacbfafe to great ettate,foglat>lr Uioulo me b;tng 
'Caere it not it toere offence,! tooalD it not Den?.- 
S5ut facb great bono; to atcbtoeitn^ bart 31 tooalO applp. 
b e rf o;c ^D titng U)itb bamble b arc, in tbtff 31 paroon crauc : 
$$ine anduens in tbiB rcqti gtt, tour mince ce mag not bane. 


3a? 3 notf nap tbcn 31 toiU b^ all tbe Coos 31 tofo, 
2inD 31 totll raarr tljee a0 Urife,t b w is mine anf lucre noto 
caabooare fap nap \ubat 3f p;etee,tobo tare tbe fame \6'Jano. ? 
$^bal lofe bi* beat i Ijaac repo;te,a0 f rait o; tb;ougb m? laO* 
Cbere ifi no nag 31 votl rou bane,ant pon m? aauetne u)albe: 

Lady. (me. 

SEbe mfgbt^ feing 3f crane t oar grace to beare f be toojts of 
?our councel take of o;&tnc0 U)it,t ^ Iatoe0 arigbt perufc- 
3f 31 loitb fafe ma? graunt ttjis Dceo, 3 Unll it not refufe. 


j^o ,no,U)bat 31 bane faiD to ?ou,1 meane to baue it fo: 
jroj coancel tbeir0 3 mean not %,\n tbw reflect togoe- 
23ut to m? pallaice let tg goe,tbe martage to prepare 
jr oj to auoio rag toil in this, 3 n it not tobeare* 


Q (Sot fojgtae me if 31 DO amuTe : 


viuuo tbe (DoM fo; rourettatc^luai not ceafe to p;r 



SEfcat goo mac be a bapp? Uic en ano fee snoff iotfull oac 


Come on mj&o^toitbglaofome barf*, m 
fcet fcareioEcetmtb glee: 
fPourqpuack fyeto to toe tl)i o*Mt t&e requeff of mt . 

$0} to obec tour graces foo;D0 our fymo;0 Da agree. Exeut, 

Enter Ambidexter. 

tbe paffion of m e ,marp as re fap,t onber 10 a r oral Court ' 
ts triumphing ano fpo;te tpon Tpo;te. 

frequenting (acb paftime a0 tt)ep can Deoife- 
Knnning at tilt,3!uatng,tott^ running at tbe ring : 
^aCMng ant) mumming toittj ecfce binoe of t ting. 
l^uct) &annang,foc& 0nging,titb m aQcali b ar monp: 
JBeUeueme Jtoalotb to abfenttbeir company (martebf 
25ut toil pott belttucf gjefa U)bat bad tbec maoe till tbe? tocre 
not fo; a tuition of poubfl one Dap logertlje^UJoulDtjane tareD 
tiDb tbere Ioa0 a banquet ro^all ano Coperercellent : 
SCbonfanD0,and tboofandi at t&at banoact toas fpent 
3 maCe of nothing bat tjoto tfte^ can be marieo Co Cone : 
31 care not if] be marieo before to mo;r oto at nome> 
3f manage be a ttrfngtfcat Comas be bao: 

^oto fac con maiw to marr? me toilce be glao- 
>nt of Doubt 3 beletuc it IB Come erccllcnt treafure 
lfi to tbe fame belongs abtmfcant pleafure- 
^et ioitbmine eares 3 bane beart) feme fat = 
SItjat euer 31 UNUI marie D, note carfeo betbe.bac- 
SIbofe be tbec tmtbcurft iriucs be matcfceft : 
SCbat bo f banti f 02 baaKe* me at,of tbem is top fnatc&efc, 
l^eao b;obe toitb abeoaafffe,face all to be fcratcfceo. 
iinaue,aaue,anD tritlain^acofloecote noto ant) (tan : 
8SE (jen t|je toife batb giucn tt,(be toil fac alas got) man* 
&ucb toerebctterfcnmarmo mpmaittcrs 3 trolc: 
Ebea all tbeir life after to be matc^eD tottij a $;oft* 


A Comcdie 

Enter Preparation. 

CTtfc fpectj J am Tent all tbtnga to p;cpare 
fl& p mi ffage to Doe a* tt)c femg DID Declare, 
i^ia grace Dot li me anc a banquet to make : 
leaning in tbis place rcpatt fo; to terse. 
Ukl ttJcdot&UjdlbcUtoanDallttiings inreDine* 
Co Court to return toben Dooms m^ buGnca. 

3 p;oper man anD a Ifo fit 
5?o; t Ot ftings ettat e to prepare a banquet. 


OZtyat Ambidexter? t^oaart not tnknotocrr 
mtfcbafe on all goo farce, fo tbat 3 carte not mine ofcmr 
^ ouj in t be bnaues name Qjahe bands Uritb me, 


CSlel fatD gmoman po utljmoa t b r oar reaerence I fee, 
9 totll teact) re, if pour manners no better be. 
3 ?e flaoMbe Hing ootb me a gentleman alloto : 
&er f o; e 3 Imhe ttiat to me ^t flj oulb boto. Fighr. 


(Sort) maiQ er Ambidexter paroon mp bcbaaioar : 
j: o; tbw coar eeDB,poa are a hnaae fo; pour Uboor* 

CQ t)g te Cale connteri? tjillatn no tbing bat Bnaue. fight. 

3 am f02r?onrraattterO)ip flffenocD 3 bane. 
ft>bafec banDs tbat bettoeene t)0 agreement mag be 
9 teas ooertyot iwt b m^ felfe, 3 to fa. 
Uet me bane ?oar belpe tbis farnttare to piouior 
Ebi iiing from tbis place toil not long abioe. 
Set the fruit on the boor d. 

Confent^t wtbe tbfngtbat JUJoalD iDi(5 

3 m^ felfe toil goe fetcb one oift. 

Let the Vice fetcha difh of Nats, and let them, fall 

in the bringing of them in. 


ot King 

lp maiffer Ambidextcr,fo; faire on etc grotmb tfcf | l^t 

31 full baue tljem bp agatae bp anb bp. 


ECofAallinrcDincaltoiUputtootnfroffr y 

Lbcre 10 no nap to tbe Court neebs J molt. Exu Preparation. 


|ane pc no Doubt but all fyalbetoeh 
jparp ftr ao pou fa?,tbi0 gar Do>tb ercell 
011 tbing0i0inareaoine0 u ben tbep come bttber 
tbe ^ tngs grace ant) tbc ilnane botb togitber. 
31 betec& pe mp matfl c rs tell me 10 it not bett : 
t bat 31 be fo bolDe as to btD a guctt f 
\$e 10 s0 boned a man a0 euer fpuro Coto : 
fl^p Cofin cutpurffe 31 meant, ) brfffcb pe iubgc pon : 
^eleene me Cofin if to be tbe lungs gueQ pe coulo be tattem 
31 trott tbat offer totllnener be fo;faken. 
35ut Co^in becaufe to tbat office pe are not like to come - 
frequent pour rrct ciff s, a bo;ne on pour tbnm. 
3 quick cpe,a Ojarpe knife,at banD a rrcemer ! 
15u t tben take lieeo Cofin pc be a tlcnlp conuapour. 
Content pour fel^e Cofln,fo; ttits banquet pou are tjnfit r 
d&benfuct) a0 31 at tbe fame am tintoo;tbp to Ot, 
Enter King,Quccne,and his traine. 


90p ana n anb Ho;b0 to tafae re paft ,lct b0 attempt tbe fame: 
l^anattje place be lap no time tint to our purpofe frame- 

^3itb imlling fcar f pour tobole tc belt, toe minbe fo; f o obav : 

3nb Uic tbe red of $;ince f r ainc,U)ill 00 a0 pon Do fa p. 

^ n g fitatthcbanqnet. 

S^c tbinh m(ne^eare0 Dotb totOj tbe fonnb of me ftcfc s barn, on? : 
9r fo; to p' ap befo;e mp grace rn place 31 tooula t bcm fpp 

Play at the banquet. 
if Ambidexter 



&** &t at fcanb Qr toft ij a icfec anb fiufcte, 
()c]? can plap a ncto baucce calico be? Dibble fctoble. 


9? &unepci pcnb lufjat 5 pjonomue 3 toill not Vi 
15at one tfcing \Ltjtrb me bart makes glaD, jmincc to c rplirft. 
ftoa iweU) in Court tip trainee i*,a Leon bere pong : 
j>f one litter tu?o toljclps befioc,as pet not bcrp Crong. 
3 DID rcqucC one toftelpe t o fa ,ant) tbit tone; n^on figtt 
i6u t H:on Dio t J?c u^clpe conu ince , be tt rtn t U of fo jcr f ntfgjit 
i^;5 b;ot^r tobtlpe pcrccioing ttjat tt>c Lion \ua0 to gmo: 
flno be be fo;ce Uras like to fe,tbe otter tudclp t)t0 bloob 
3tttb fo;ce to ll^on be Dib ron>bifl b;otber fo; to Wpe : 
& toonber great it to as to fa ttatrrarnbftip in a u>Dclpe. 
&o ttyn tfce tobelpfi btttoan t|tem botb .tfce Leon biacomtintt 
totjicb tying to (a befcje mine ere^bi^ alab tie bait of lattice . 
At this tale toldc let die Queene weep. 

Qucenc. (q?ef^ 

flCbefe luo;w to bear e make* (tilling f care*, iCtae from cfciaaU 


tab a t ooff tbou meane me fp o u f c to top, f o; loft c f an? p;ife. 
. Queene, 

/5o, no,2> Bmg,bot as ron (, freenbfttp in b:ottrr tsbelp 
IRKben one toafi liUe to baoe rcpolfc, t be otbcr r ibco belr e, 
anb tuaa tfjiB fauoor Oj\bin bogs,t3 (^ameof rotall l&tng 
aiae k 31 toiQ) tbe^e eares of mtne,bab not once bcarb tbia tWng, 
<^ten fo 0) ool D goa(> mtgbte Umg) to b^otber bane a (tar* 
3nfc not toitbout offence to eoa,in fucb toift bim to flap* 
3n ail affaicc it teas roar part,b<0 caufe to baue bcfcntcb: 
0nb tefcofo cuer bab bwi mtfofeb,to bane tbcm rtp;ebenbeD. 
95at fditljfuU lou: tuas mo:c in Dog,tt)en it toas in poor grace 

fi) cnrfebcaititte ttcious anbtiile,H bate tba in tbi0 place. 
Sbw oanqaet 10 at an enfi,take all tbe(e ebings atoap - 
JBefoie me face tbou ftalt repent, tbe too;ba tbat tbooboO sf 

Q to; t tcb woft t)Uc,Dioa g t be canfe of b;o t br mine to tcnoei 


Cfee loffeoftta! C&oulo greetiette trM# being none offender* 
at Dio me ga>o bis aeatb to bane,fo toil! it to fjaue ttyne :. 
^fcatfrffnoajipfceftaoatmeNnaM? fame cum? 0?sie ftnoe. 
31 gine content and make a tw\D,f bat tfoou Ojatt Dye t&c fceattj: 
IBS <roelf Ctoa>;o ano S^urDer f d,cucn t&oo tyatt lore t&v twtfc 
Ambidexter fee tuit^IpffU,to Cruelty ^e got : 


3 re&r am f o; to f alftlt,if ttjat it be ?omr graces toilU 

JC^en noogljt obUgftt m? meffage giuen, abftnt tfis felfe atoat ! 


Cbentn tNgplacc,! tnU no longer to* 
Jf U>at 3 aurff ,3 luottlo moorne ?oar cafe t 
15nt ala0 , ioare not fo; feari offt* grace. 

King. Exit Ambidcx, 

SCbtt wrfrt Jill bp all tbe (DoH, 3 taHe an olbe nb ftoeare : 

tljat fleQj cf ttitnc tbcfcljanDB of mine inpacea fmaMconlD tere. 

f^baU fiade remote at p;mcea bano, t o faue tbe life of tbee, 


j)b mtsbtp ftfoff I bofbano mtne.toucbfafe to (rare me fpeab : 
flno licence gtue to fponfe 0tttrtne,ber patient minDe to b;eate 
foi tenoer lone tint o roor grace,m^ teo;0 3 oio fo frame ; 
jF o; pore loue ootfc bart of tittngnte biolat e ant) blame. : 
anti f o four grace te tbi otfencMbat 3 $OD!D parcbafe tea^k 
Eticncurfeu time tbat 3 Urns Xtume,to (^o;ten tbt0 mp b;ett) 
pour grace botb knotu b s mart a ge trne,3 am t? onr toife f fpoufe 
anD one to fatte anotberi beltb at trotbpligbt maoe our tjotoe0. 
Lf?erfojeaDfemg!etlouingduan,att^banD finDe remote.- 
let pittebe a meane to qaenb,t|wt oruell raging fo^ce. 
anoparOonpUgljtfrompjincs0mootb?^eetu grace bnto jour 
tbat amirt ti f aitbtall ?cal, map eucr be ft* be r to Am 

^ caittaebile to pitie tb* 5 mt bart it fe not bent : 

* a' 



or migtjf p ]3;ince ti bumble fute off oar grace rfcis 3f crane. 
SLljat tbi* rcque tT it map take place>pour fauoar fo; to baoc- 
Het mercy get abonn&antlp,tbe life of &aan p;cfcruc : 
& 1 1 & 0)e in mod obeoient lotfe, r o ur graces u ill to t b fr roe. 
#0 ret roar grace bat tobile toit b bn- ba t b bad cobabitu t ion: 
BUD Cure tDis IB noocfcrt ibty to palo ber moisnatton. 
H^rfo;e O Dm j;t)tt life prolong to top tjcr Ddie0 in bltfle: 

Second Lord. 

|?onr grace tljal bin tmnio;tatl fanu ,in graonttng tnf o tf- if , 
&t)t is a ^Huane lu'^ofc woftt? ^uc creel! ce ttjc rcpall ttcfc ; 
^ro; beauty b;igt)t tiamc nature He, a lat ge gift DID ttifpore. 
j? o: comelinc0 totp mag compare :o f all Ujc bccref tbe bell : 
ttjis t^oiilo giue caafe to moae poor grace to loue ber be rr tail 
i^cr flluer b:eO tn tbofe voar armes , t o Qng tbe fangs of (oue: 
3Fme qualities moQercd!ent,to be in ber pou p:oue 
j3p;ectou8 pcarle of p;tCe to p:mce,a jetoell pairing all: 
Cbcrfo :e i) tttng to beg remo;ceon botb m v ttnoef 3 fall 
Co gratmt tier grace to jjaue ber lrfe,U)tti) bart j DCD DeQrc t 
v -k' n S 

pou billains tti) atn , lottb raging fo :e c re fet m^ mp ^ a r t on fire. 
3f J consent tbat lli e (ball D?e, boU) Dare vc craae ber lita 
VoutiDOtoaflicttjisat m^tinD,t3Ttbmucb inlargc uvpffnfe. 
lucre it not foj (Ijame sou ttoo Qjoulo ope,tbat fo) ber life do (w: 
iSutfauour mine from pouiagonc,mp li o;Da ) tell ^ou true, 
3 fent fo; Cr ucltp of I ate , if l;e InoulD come attiap : 
3 tuoulD commit ber to b<0 bAnDc,bt0 cruell part to play. 
Caen nott j to U>berebe Daitbcome it oatbm^ ijai t oe'^^t : 
ntcr Cruelty and Murder. 


Conic n&uroer come, let te goe re; t b loitb migb t. 
)ncc agatnrtbe Umg0 comtnaunoement U)e mu:t fulfill* 


3 amcontenDct) to DJD it toitb a gcoo Ml 


Barter anbCrneitu, Co;botftflf joa 1 fcnt 


of fangCarnUfes. 

'b all ftftwation Fr offittt tt (tape nt. 

Ear tjol-^c on tbe &uerne take bcr to ?otir poUtf?.* 
3no mate ber aU>a? uutotn tbtf bonrc- 
&pare foj no ft arc J o* poo (bit permit : 
&o 5 from t&to place, tomeane fo; to flit* 


fiCticn come on m? LO;DS let \)0 Departs atoay. 

Bo^- f he Lords. 
fZStt^tuv bartf toe vuillDo all four grate fcatb fa?. 


Come lao? and >Dn ane no in are 700 in our banding : 
in fattb toi t b cou UK toill tjfc no Danbltng. 

t^itb allerpetrtton,) Barber U}U( tahc place : 
Cboogb tbon be a &n*ene te be tonoer an? grate- 

Queen e. 

tCWt b patience 3 toill ^ou botb atuar : 


PC mo;e U)o;bf bat goe lotto to oba?. 

pet b*fo;e 3 bpc fome pfalme to ecu let me fing : 

cae be content to perm it poa t bat tying. 


5?arluell ?ou t aDies of tbe C onrt, toitb all tour mafbtng bite - 
3 Do fozfake thc(e biobcre b parDra, anb all tbe faO)ionf nclo, 
SCbe Coart anD alt tbe court lp train u-benn ) baD bcltgbt: 
3 bani OieD am from bappp fpo;te anb ill b\? fpttefull fpitc- 
l^ct loitb a torfuM hart to Cob a pfatme 3 meant to fine : 
5Fo;s i u mg all anb tbe lung, of b htnoe of t btng. fing & exeunt 

Enter Ambidexter weeping. 
, a ,a .a,l cannot cbafe bat toecpe fo: tbe iuane 

mourning noto at tbe Court tbere IB fane* 
ms bare, mi? dar t,ob m? bum totll b;eaH : 

flSer? graft fo tojtmntf ttu ttytt (circe 9 can (peafcf, 

0300 coulD but top fo,.tj)f loflfe ot fotfc i,a3B> 

SLbat c.i nnot j DJD, J f ftcarety mine feontate . 

J5ut HO;D (o t|)e li aDit3 ttioimt crying glacb : 

^oCf}inQiaVuo;nenotbutoiM^tlacft. (feruc: 

3 beUcue alt clott) in Oatling art,to malic gofena tooula not 

Bf ! malie a J^e tte BDt aiU let p* Scute. 

311 itaopetf moarne bot b pong anD olDe : 

SDDcrc i* net one ttjat tocaretb a points tos>;tt; of C?oloc. 

after e if a (o;tc f o; feare fo; t^e Uit$ Do p;ap 

SCbat u^oalDtjaue tim Dcaobp tfteroaffe B t)a fa^. 

CiB^at a ia<ng toaaije tbat l)att)bfD focb ttrar.n^f 

ipe la0 abw to H5iO)op I3onncr,| tlinh twrttf . 

jr o; botl) tbeir Delif$tJ luas to Qjet btooD 

Bat titat r tntenteo to Do an^ goD. 

Ctmbifes pot a Boftge to neatii.ttatUMf a gU Dce^; 

J3nt to btli tt)e ?cng Ctjilue tiiaf too;(e to p;oeD. 

JComuruer bt0l3;otber,fmDtbenbte otonetoife: 

ft a 6e!p me on anD jjoltDom , it it pit ic oftU lift 

l^rare ?& ] Vuilt lap tuw nt? tftonf ariD ponnD : 

SC&at tljt Hing liimfelfe loot^ Wbf fome t0ounH. 

Enter the King wiiKouta towne,afwo 
vp into IM fiac bleeding 


- --^yr~ JLMC. < i ' ' - - 

marcels trance tmf0;f mtaft ,f|at in t&te foife ffculfc be. 
31 feelemt fctfe a WB noto,of life bereft am J : 
#nD aeatb batb cauafct we toftb bis Dart ,foj toant of blofc I fpt* 
SCbu* gafping beer on grouna 3 fefo; notbing J bo? care.- 
ft tuftretoaro foj mg mtfoeeD,m^ Deatfe fiotft pJatnc tcclarc. 
Hccrclec him quake and ftir. 


f o\p noto noble &ing plucbbp vonr ^art : 
Cffifcat iu tU sou ore ano from be Depart? 
$p*abe ro me anD re be altuef 
e cannot ( fceijolDc tjo to tuify &tat (j te Oatt urtae- 
3la0 goo laing , alas be is gone: 
&be BDeutll tabe me,tf fo; trim 3! make ant mom v 
3 DID pjognoftcate of b enfcbg tje ^affe : 
Like as 3 DID fa?>fo ts ttcometopaffe. 
31 toil be gonc,if | C&culo be fcnno becre: 
tbat 9 tyouio hill tjim it iuoalo appeer. 
Jfo;feare toitb bisDeatbtbe^Doomec^arge> 
JartocUmr tnaitters 3B Unllgoc tabe barge. 
3 meane to be pachfog noto is tfy ttoe 
JfartoiU ms maittcrs 3 toil! no longer abtot. 

Exit Ambidexter. 

Enter three Lords. 

S$t^!Hmr Ho;b it it eiten fo,a2 be to ti bib teflt 

^w g wee is oeaD bpon tbe grounb,bp Dint of (uwb moff feL 

Second Lord. 

3f liefeifaMletooulobBnclfpt.bisftoojDfrcm (^eatb biDgoe: 
Cfljatg bim bp into tbe 0be,l)is life lone cnceo fq. 

Third Lord 

$i* blo)d fa fad bioiffue out, that nongfit conlb otm p^ofotig: 
^ct befbjc be ^eelDct Dp tbe gboft jbi* bart tpas tjt rp iirong 


0iad retoarb fo? '910 mifccstjc, t^c d?oD abonc batb to^ongtt : 
jfoa it rtainls ^ Ufs ft? teo teas to be cQanteo nought. 


Second Lord. 

a pifncelp buriallbefljaUtjanejaccortingfo tys cffafe: 
Uno mo;c of iimi becre at tgie time toe fcauc not to Dilate- 

Third Lord. 

$p p Ho;uJct t) : take dim up and carrp feim a leap. 

Content toe are teitfc one acco;D,to DO as ton DC fag. 

Exeunt all. 


13 3gl)t gentle 3uoience,beere bauc pou pernfco, 
L V i)e tragicall tntto;p of ttjis toickcD hing. 
3cco;omg to our Dot? toe baac not refufcD, 
3ut to oar bed intent crp;ett cuerp t bmg 
Me trad none is offcndcofo; tgia oar Daring. 
jiDar antqo; craue0 likelmfeif be bauefquareo 
i5p gentle aDmonitton to luioto totcretae fau It is. 

fyis gob totll ^all not be negletfeo to amend tqe fame, 
Piping alt to bcare tgercfo;c ir it g tbi0 QmpU bao. 
GnUll t be time ferae a bitter be map frame, 
Eljus paloiug pou tbanba to eno toe Decreeb* 
SIpat pou fo gentl? buuc luffcrco ts to p;ocftO, 
3 n fucb patient toifea0 to qeareinD fa: 

a s ou tp bintjes bs foi oar noble illqttne let b0 p;av, 
0nO fo ; ber pono;ab(e C ounce! tfce trntb tbat t bc^ ma; fcfe - 
Co p :aatfe Juftice anD ocfenD ber graco ec be oat* 
SEo maintain C?ocs ti)a>;o t bcp map not refufe* 
to correct all tgofetbat \JDOO ID be r grace arace0 la toes abaft, 
X3efffcping COD outr tie Coc map rat\ie long : 
Amen quod Thomas Prcftoo. 

Jnt print e4ttt London by Edward AIM c. 


PR Preston, Thomas 

2739 Cambyses, king of PersisflS 

P7A6 ,v^ V