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Established 1817 Incorporated by Act of Parliament 

CAPITAL paid up - (Authorized. $15.000.000) 

REST - - 



Rt, Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Boyal, G.C.M.Q., G.C.V.O., Honorary President; R. B. 
President ; Sir Edward Clouston, Bart., Vice-Prwidant ; E. B. Greenahields, HOD. Root, llackay, C. B. 
Uosmer, Sir William lUcdocald, Sir Thoe. Sbaughnewy, K.C.V.O., A. Baumptrten, James Row, Bavid 
Mori-ice, H. V. Meredith. 7. \ 

H. V. MS&BDITH, General Manager \ V ; 

A. M-iCSiosR, Chief Inrptetor, and Sup rintciuient of Branchet 

C. SWSKHT, Supt. Briiith Columbia Brunch**. Vf. E. STAVKRT, Supt. MarUi.nt ProvNw and .Y/irf. 
Brancket. A. D. BRAirmrArrJ, Supt. On irio BrancAtt. f. J. COCKBCR*, Sitpt. Qiu. xe Branches. 
E. P. WLSSLOW, North.-We*t Brn--lu*. f. J. HUSTKR, Intptetor Ontario #ran<*A. D. B. 
, Inspector Maritime Prvmi** f -~* -fd Nfld. Branefiet. 


id- A-. New Brunswick 




-\lliston, . 










FeneloE Falls, 

Fart WllUam, 





Hoi stein, 
King aty, 

Mount Forest, 


" Bank St. 
" Hull, P.Q. 

Port Arthur, 
Port Hope, 
Sam la, 

Sault Ste. Marie, 
St. Marys, 


" Bi.orst 3t 

" Catt<onf, St. 

" Ducdaa St. 

" Queen St. 

" Yocge St 


Grand Mere, 


" Papineau 

" Peel St. 

" Point St 

" Seigneurs St 

" Ste. Anne de 

" St Henri, 
1 "West End, 

" Wesunount, 

- St. Roch. 

" Upper Town, 
St Hyaclnthe, 
Three Rivers. 

New Brunswick 


, \ 


Grand Falls, 

Sasfe ;._ 


Oakv ilJajc ^ JSisuu 44 " 


Outlook, Sask. : 


Port-vge la, 


Prairie^ Man. 


Rayisondi Alta. 

St John, 

Regina, Sask, 


Rose of eld, . Man. 

Nova Scotim 


Saskatoon, Sask. 
Spring Coulee, 

Glace Bay, 

Suffleld, Alta, 
WeyburB, Sasfe. 
Winnipeg, Man. 

** 17*rtW "ROitCT** 

" North End, 
Mahone Br.y 
Port Hood, 

t \J I fc- jM Uft"*- . 

Logan Ave. 
British Courohi* 
.A. *"** * "* oior 



Prince Edward isl. 









Altona, Man. 

No j SOB, 

Brandon, Man. 

N vr Denver, 

Calgary. Alta. 

N. Westminster, 

Cardston, Alta. 

N cola, - 

Edmonton, Alta. 

Penticton, ; 

Gretna, Man. 

Port Haney,. 

High River, 

Pri; ce Rupert, 


Roi>-land, ( 

Indian Head, 

Su. :er!anL 


Vf -couver,/ 


v Main St. ; -;T : 


Vernon, :. , fc;c. 

.Jagrath, Alta. 
Medicine Hat, 

W^st Summer- 

Alt - ~\~ 

.: land. . 

KCHY cr Vr 



Jn Newfoundland ST. JOHN S, 

In Great Britain: 

LONDON, 17 rhredDdli Street, E.O F, WauAJCS TATIOE, 

la the United State* : 

YOP.K, W. \. Ik>e, 

J. T. Mouwcs. 




In Mexico MEXICO, D.F. 
Bankers in Great Britain : 

LOXDOX : The Bank of ^England ; The Union of London and Smith s Bank, Ltd.; London County and 
\ Bank Ltd.;- The National Provincial Bank of Eng., Ltd. LIVBRPOOL : The Bank of Liverpool, 
Lul. Sc.rri-.csD . The Britnh Linen Bank, and Branches. 

Bankers in the United States: 

f x* YORK : The Nit onal City Bank ; National Bank of Commerce in New York ; National Park Bank. 
Boaio.x : The MerchanU National Bank. BITPALO : The Marine National Bank. SAX FRANCISCO The i 
First National Bank ; The An^lo and London Paris National Bank. 7* 

Hontrc*!, D*c. 4, 191!. t 


Imperial Bank of Canada 







D. R. WILKIE. President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY. Vice-President. 

Wm Ramsay of Bowland. Elias Rogers. J- K ^ ^ b rne . 

F SffOHoWlMd. Sir Wm. Whyte (Winnipeg). fawthra Mulock - 

Ron Richard Turner. Wm. Hamilton Merritt. M.D., W. J. Gage. 

(Quebec) (St. Catharines) 

D. R. WILKIE. General Manager. E. HAY. Asst. General Manager. 

W. MOFFAT. Chief Inspector. 

Province of Ontario. 

































Province of Quebec. 

Province of Manitoba 

Province of Saskatch 







Province of Alberta. 

Province of British 
















BRITAIN Lloyds Bank Limited. 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited. 
Bank of Ireland. 

U ,ITED STATES New York: Bank of the Manhattan Co. 

Chicago: First National Bank. 
FRANCE Credit Lyonnais. GERMANY Deutsche Bank. 

Savings Department at all Branches. 

Travellers Letters of Credit issued, available in all parts of the world. Drafts, 
cheques, etc., negotiated and general banking business transacted. 

Information regarding Canadian securities and investments may be obtained 
from Messrs. Lloyds Bank Limited, 60 Lombard Street, London, E.G. 



Incorporated by Act of Parliament 1855, 

Head Office, MONTREAL, Canada 




Cam rose 

Diamond City 




Main St. Branch 

Portage Ave. Branch 




James Street 
Market Branch 




Kingsvil e 


Lambton Mills 








Owen Sound 


Port Arthur 



Smith s Falls 

St. Marys 

St. ) homas 
West End 
East End Branch 


Bay Street 
Queen St. W. Bch 




West Toronto 











Lichine Lock* 

St. James St. 
St. Catherine St. 
Market & Harbour 
St. Henry x 

Cote des Neiges 
St. Lawrence Blvd 
Cote St. Paul 




St. Cesaire 

Ste. Flavie Station 

St. Our 

Ste. Therese de 


Fraserville & Riviere Victoriaville 
du Loup Sta. Waterlo 



S. H. EWING. Vice-President 



JAMES ELLIOT, General Manager 

A. D. DURNFORD, Chief Inspector and Supt. of Branches 
W. H. DRAPER, Inspector 
E. W. WAUD, J. H. CAMPBELL and H. A. HARRIES, Asst. Ins. 


LONDON AND LIVERPOOL Parr s Bank, Limited 

IRELAND Munster and Leinster Bank, Limited 

AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND The Union Bank of Australia, Limited 

SOUTH AFRICA The Standard Bank of South Africa, Limited 


FRANCE Societe Generale 

GEKMANY Deutsche Bank 

BELGIUM, ANTWERP La Banque D Anvers 

CHINA AND JAPAN Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation 

CUBA Banco Nacional de Cuba 



Hanover Nail. Bk. 

NEW YORK Mechanics & M-tals Natl. Bk. National City Bk. 

BOSTON State National Bank. Kidder Peabody & Co. 

CHICAGO First National Bank. 

PHILADELPHIA- Fourth St. N. B. Philadelphia Nat. Bk. Corn Ex. National Bank. 

DETROIT Peoples State Bank. 

BUFFALO Third National Bank. 

MINNEAPOLIS First National Bank. 


Collections made in all parts of the Dominion and Returns 
promptly remitted at lowest rates of exchange. 

Commercial Letters of Credit and Travellers Circular Letters issued, 
available in all parts of the world. 

Canada s Grand Trunk Railway 

Finest Roadbed in 
the Dominion 

Great Double Track 

It Costs No More 
to travel Grand 
Trunk, but you See 



The most popular express in Canada is the Inter 
national, Limited, which leaves Montreal daily 
9am. for Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Detroit, 
Chicago, and Western Canada and United States. 

Bestl Route to the Charming Holiday Resorts in the 
Highlands of Ontario. 


One instance A RECORD Dry goods which left 
Liverpool per R.M.S. "Teutonic" at 7p.m. on July 
15th arrived Montreal 5 p.m. July 22nd, went for 
ward per GRAND TRUNK and reached Toront( 
Sunday, 23rd, ready for delivery on Monday, July 


Send your small parcels, valuables, travellers 
samples, etc., by Canadian Express, which is oper 
ated in connection with the GRAND TRUNK. 


Pass. Traff. Manager Asst. Pass. Traff. Mgr. Gen. Pass. Agent 

Montreal Montreal Montreal 




in the quaintest and historically the most interesting city in America. One of the 
finest hotels on the continent. It occupies a commanding position overlooking the 
St. Lawrence, its site being unrivalled. One mile from C.P.B. Station. Ameri 

is a handsome structure immediately opposite the Tiger Square, at Place Viger 
Station, 1J miles from Windsor Street Station, and at a convenient distance from 
Ocean Line docks, most tastefully furnished, the style and elegance characterizing 
the Chateau Frontenac at Quebec, being also found here. American plan. 

THE ALGONQUIN ST. ANDREWS, N.B. (Open from June to September) 
has recently been thoroughly renovated and much enlarged. Best natural golf 
links in Canada. Also The Inn (open from July 1st) at $2.50 per day and up 
ward. American plani. 


is especially convenient for commercial and other travellers, owing to its location 
at the junction with the main line of the Company s branch lines intersecting New 
Brunswick. American plan. 


is situated at the famous Caledonia Springs, about 300 yards from the C.P.R. 
Station. The Springs are now well known all over the American Continent. 
Special rates by the week or month. 


a recently completed 300-room house, situated at the Railway station, furnished 
with every modern convenience. Europan plan. 


The Company has decided to build a Hotel at Calgary, construction to be com 
menced during 1911. The plan and general arrangements of the other Hotels of 
the Company will be followed and every known modern convenience will be in 
stalled. BANFF (SPRINGS HOTEL BANFF, ALTA. (Open May 15th to Oct. 15th) 
in the Canadian National Park, on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains is 
4,500 feet above sea level, at the junction of the Bow and Spray Rivers. A large 
and handsome structure. Distance from C.P.R. Station is about 1J miles, and 
transfer charge is 25 cenis. American plan. 

CHATEAU LAKE LOUISE LAGGAN, ALTA. (Open from June 10th to Sept. 30th) 
is a, quiet resting place in the mountains, situated by Lake Louise, from which 
there is a good carriage drive. A convenient base from which to explore the 
Lakes in the Clouds. The Chateau is situated about 2i miles from Laggan Station, 
and transfer charge is 50 cents. American plan. 


a chalet hotel fifty miles west of Banff, at the base of Mount Stephen, which 
towers 8,000 feet above. This is a favorite place for tourists, mountain climbers 
and artists. The wonderful Yoho Valley is reached by way of Field. American plan. 
EMERALD LAKE CHALET NEAR FIELD, B.C. (Open June 15th to Sept. 30th) 
a most romantically situated Swiss chalet hotel with accommodiation for forty 
guests. The gateway to Yoho Valley. Seven miles from Field Station. Transfer 
charge $1.00. American plan. 

GLACIER HOUSE GLACIER, B.C. (Open May 1st to October 31st) 
in the heart of the Selkirks, within forty-five minutes walk of the Great Glacier, 
which covers an area of about thirty-eight square miles. American plan. 


situated between the Selkirk and Gold Ranges, at the portal of the West Kootenay 
gold fields and the Arrow Lakes. American plan, A. J. MaeDoneli, Lessee. 

A new first-class tourist hotel at Balfour, B.C., American plan. 


built on the sho.res of the Shuswap Lakes, where the Okanagan branch of the 
C.P.R. begins. American plan.. 


the Pacific Coast terminus of the Railway, is a hotel designed to serve the large 
commercial business of the city, as well as the tourists who find it profitable and 
interesting to remain a day or longer. Situated i mile from O.P.R. Station. 
Transfer charge 25 cents. American plan. 


Newly completed; at short distance from boat landing. One of the most beautiiul 
hotels on the American Continent. European plan. 

HAYTER REED, Manager in Chief, Hotel Department, C.P.R., MONTREAL. 

Ashbury College 



Resident and Day School for jBoys 


High Situation. Ten Acres of Playing Fields. Excel 
lent Sanitation. Outside the City limits, but within 30 
minutes of the centre of Ottawa. 

Special preparation for the Royal Military College and 
Universities. In the last two years all candidates sent in 
for the Royal Military College have obtained Cadetships, 
one FIRST Place. 

Junior Department for little Boys. 

For Calendar and full particulars apply 

Rev. Geo. P. Woollcombe, M.A. (Oxon.) 

Head Master 


Royal Military College 

of Canada 

THERE are few national institutions of more value and in 
terest to the country than the Royal Military College of 
Canada. Notwithstanding this, its object and the work 
it is accomplishing are not sufficiently understood by the 
general public. I 

The College is a Government Institution, designed primarily 
for the purpose of giving instruction in all branches of military 
science to cadets and officers of the Canadian Militia. In fact, 
it corresponds to Woolwich and Sandhurst. 

The Commandant and military instructors are all officers on 
the active list of the Imperial Army, lent for the purpose, and 
there is in addition a complete staff of professors for the civil sub 
jects which form such an important part of the College course. 
Medical attendance is also provided. 

Whilst the College is organized on a strictly military basis, 
the cadets receive a practical and scientific training in subjects 
essential to a sound modern education. 

The course includes a thorough grounding in Mathematics, 
Civil Engineering, Surveying, Physics, Chemistry, French and 

The strict discipline maintained at the College is one of the 
most valuable features of the course, and in addition, the constant 
practice of gymnastics, drill and outdoor exercises of all kinds 
secures health and excellent physical condition. 

Commissions in all branches of the Imperial Service and Cana 
dian Permanent Force are offered annually. 

The diploma of graduation is considered by the authorities 
conducting the examination for Dominion Land Surveyor to be 
equivalent to a university degree, and by the regulations of the 
Law Society of Ontario, it obtains the same exemptions as a 
B.A. degree. 

The length of the course is three years, in three terms of 9 
months each. 

The total cost of the course, including board, uniform, instruc 
tional material, and all extras, is about $800. 

The annual competitive examination for admission to the 
College takes place in May of each year, at the headquarters of 
the several military districts. 

For full particulars regarding this examination and for any 
other information, application should be made to the Secretary 
of the Military Council, Ottawa, Ont.; or to the Commandant, 
Royal Military College, Kingston, Ont. ! January. 1912 



The Guarantee Company of 
North America 


BONDS for officers and employes in all positions of trust. 

BONDS required by Inland Revenue Department from Licensed Manu 
facturers and Warehousemen. 

BONDS in lieu of certified cheques to accompany tenders by contractors 
for furnishing supplies. 

BONDS for costs in actions before the Courts. 
BONDS required under Succession Duty Acts. 

Paid-up Capital and Resources over - $2,000,000 

This Company s bonds are accepted by the Dominion andProvinciaUGovern- 
ments, and by the leading Banking, Railway and Commerical Corpor 
ations of Canada and of the United States. 

Over $2,250,000 in claims has been paid to Employers 

for losses sustained through the infidelity of employes. 


JAMES B. FORGAN (Chicago) EON. E. C. SMITH (St. Albans) 


HENRY E. RAWLINGS, Managing Director 
RICHARD B. SCOTT, Secretary-Treasurer 

TORONTOJBRANCH, Mail Building - MEDLAND & SON, Agents 

WINNIPEG BRANCH, UnioniBank Bldg - H. F. GORDON, Agent 
NEW YORK BRANCH. Ill Broadway I D. I. TOMPKINS. Sec ty. 

Branches in the principal cities of the United States. 



This Company is not Allied to any Combination 


Canadian Biographical 

Dictionary from the 

Earliest Times 

Edited by 


Canadian Legislators, 


and Statesmen 

A Biographical Dictionary from 
the Earliest Times 

Edited by 



A Residential 
School for Boys. 

Founded 1829. 

Main School 

Courses for Universities, Eoyal Military College, etc. 
Senior and Preparatory Schools in separate buildings, with every 
modern equipment. 

Fifty acres of ground in healthiest location. 
Gymnasium, Rinks, Swimming Bath, etc. 

H. W. AUDEN, M.A., Principal 

The Associated Board 


Royal Academy of Music 
and Royal College of 
Music, London, England 

For Local Examinations in Music 
in the British Empire 


The Annual Examinations in Prac 
tical Music and Theory will be held 
throughout Canada in May and June, 

An Exhibition, value about $500, is 
offered annually. 

Syllabus, Music for the Examina 
tions, and all particulars may be 
obtained on application to 


87 Shuter Street, Montreal 
(Resident Secretary for Canada.) 

Open to pupils of all Teachers of 

Trinity 1 

Port Hope, Ont. 

School for 


Healthy situation. Fireproof 

Extensive playgrounds, large 
gymnasium, skating rinks, etc. 

Boys prepared for the Univer 
sities, Royal Military College 
and business. Special attention 
given to younger boys. 

For calendar and all informa 
tion apply to the Headmaster, 

Rev. Oswald Rigby, M.A. 
(Cantab.), LL.D. 

Port Hope, Ont. 


RECORD OUTPUT FOR 1910, $26,377,066 


FOR 1908, 1909 AND 1910 















Gold, placer.. 
" lode.... 

Silver . . . 


t * 




2 532 742 



24.^0 9A\ 





A*> 1QX 7QO 

1,321 483 

44,396 346 


31 RnS 71A 




17 OT ftld. 




38 243 934 






1 10.4 1QO 



Tons 2 240 Ibs 

1 ft7T Q^Q 




9 son nifi 



It 44 

9J7 QOQ 




o o non 


Other mater ls 







Copies of the Annual Report of the Minister of Mines for 
1910, containing exhaustive statistics with regard to the Mining 
industry and special reports on the Portland Canal, Lillooet and 
Tatlayoko districts, and on part of Atlin Mining Division, Bella 
Coola and Valdes Island, can be obtained from 


Agent-General for British Columbia 

Salisbury House, Finsbury Circus - LONDON, E.G. 

Quebec Steamship Co. 

Montreal, New York, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence 

New York, Bermuda and West India Lines 

St. Lawrence Line to Maritime Provinces 

The Iron Screw Steamship " CASCAPEDIA," 1,800 tons, having 
the latest modern passenger accommodations, is intended to sail from 
Montreal to Pictou, N.S., calling at Quebec, Gaspe, Malbay, Perce , 
Summerside and Charlottetown, P.E.I., every alternate Thursday, 
at 4 p. m., during the season of navigation, sailing from Quebec the 
following Friday at noon. At Pictou the Intercolonial Railway train 
is taken for Sydney and Halifax, whence connections can be made for 
St. John s, Nfld., St. John, N.B., Portland, Boston and New York. 

Quebec to New York 

The well and favorably known SS. " TRINIDAD," 2,600 tons, is 
intended to sail from Quebec for New York every alternate Friday, 
during July and August, going up the Saguenay River and calling at 
Gaspe, Charlottetown and Halifax. 

New York and Bermuda Royal Mail Steamship Line 

The new and in every way up-to-date Twin-Screw Steamship 
"BERMUDIAN," 5,500 tons, specially built for the route, having 
the newest and best passenger accommodations, sails from the Com 
pany s Pier 47, North River, New York, weekly during the winter 
months, and fortnightly in summer. 

New York and Windward Islands Mail Steamship Line 

St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Kitts, Antigua, Gaudeloupe, Dominica, 
Martinique, St. Lucia, Barbadoes and Demerara: The new SS. 
"GUIANA," 3,700 tons, "PARIMA," 3,000 tons, "KORONA," 
2,900 tons, with excellent passenger accommodations, are scheduled 
to sail from Pier 47, North River, New York, alternately every 

Special cruises to the WEST INDIES during January, Febru 
ary and March. 

Tickets at Principal Ticket Offices 

For all information as to the above routes, apply to 

Thomas Cook & Son, General Ticket Agents, 
245 and 1200 Broadway, New York 

A. E. Outerbridge & Co., Agents, 
29 Broadway, New York 

Or to Quebec Steamship Company, Quebec, Can. 



One of the best equipped Dry Docks in America. Steamships docked and repaired 

at the lowest rates. Well equipped and thoroughly fitted with all modern 

appliances for temporary or permanent repairs. Length of dock, 

640 feet. Depth of water, 27 feet. 

Proprietors and Operators of St. John s Electric Street Railway 

All the electric power supplied in St. John s is generated on this system. City lighting and 

power for factories, etc., supplied at moderate rates. Those requiring electric 

power for any purpose should consult the undersigned. 


Royal Mail Steamers operating on the Bays and the Coas:s of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Lessees and Operators of the Newfoundland Railway, 638 miles. 
FOR SALE 2,500.000 Acres of Mineral, Timber and Farming Lands, prices accord 
ing to location and quantity required. 

The Newfoundland Express Company, carrying on Express business with all Express 
Companies of the world and money orders issued to all parts. 

The railway and steamship systems give the best connection between Newfoundland, 
Canada and the United States, and the best freight line between Canada and Newfoundland. 
Steamship connects at North Sydney with the Intercolonial Railway three times per week, 
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, leaving North Sydney on the arrival of the I. C. R. 
Express Trains on these evenings. 

Newfoundland offers to the tourist, sportsman and health-seeker the grandest scenerv in 
the Western hemisphere. A most beautiful climate in the summer months ; cool, even and 
invigorating. Finest caribou hunting grounds in the world. Best salmon and trout streams 
that have yet been discovered. The railway is equipped with dining and sleeping cars, and 
everything to p ease the taste and add to the comfort of the tourist is provided. 

All information in regard to Newfoundland or Labrador given on application to 


Synopsis of Canadian North-West Land Regulations 

Any person who is the sole head of a family, or any male over 
18 years old, may homestead a quarter-section of available Dominion 
land in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta. The applicant must 
appear in person at the Dominion Lands Agency or Sub-Agency for 
the District. Entry by proxy may be made at any agency, on cer 
tain conditions, by father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister 
of intending homesteader. 

Duties. Six months residence upon and cultivation of the land 
in each of three years. A homesteader may live within nine miles 
of his homestead on a farm of at least 80 acres solely owned and 
occupied by him or by his father, mother, son, daughter, brother 
or sister. 

In certain districts a homesteader in good standing may pre-empt 
a quarter-section alongside his homestead. Price, ?3.00 per acre. 

Duties. Must reside upon the homestead or pre-emption six 
months in each of six years from date of homestead entry (includ 
ing the time required to earn homestead patent) and cultivate fifty 
acres extra. 

A homesteader who has exhausted his homestead right and can 
not obtain a pre-emption may enter for a purchased homestead in 
certain districts. Price, $3.00 per acre. 

Duties. Must reside six months in each of three years, cultivate 
fifty acres and erect a house worth $300.00. 

W. W. Cory, 

Deputy of the Minister of the Interior. 

Ontario Ladies College 


Whitby, Ontario 


A High-class School for Young Ladies. 

Full line of Departments Literary, Classics, 
Arts, Physical Culture, Household Science, 
Music, etc. Model Farm in connection. 
Spacious Campus, Gymnasium, Swimming 
Pool, etc. 

Most healthful surroundings. Delightful 
home life. Write for calender to 

REV. J. J; HARE, Ph.D. 



The Diary of Mrs. John Graves Simcoe 

Wife of the First Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Upper 
Canada, 1792-6. With Notes and a Biography by 

John Ross Robertson. 

Cloth, large 8vo, 440 pages, containing 237 illustrations, including 90 
reproductions of interesting sketches made by Mrs. Simcoe. 
$4.00 net, postage 25c. extra. 

Life of Father Lacombe, the Black Robe Voyageur 

Bj KATHERINE HUGHES, with a preface by William C. Van Home. 

Cloth, illustrated, $2.50 net, postpaid. 
This book is a concise and human picture of the Making of the West. 

Public Men and Public Life in Canada 

Being recollections of Parliament and the Press, and embracing a 
succinct account of the stirring events which led to the Confederation 
of British North America into the Dominion of Canada, and of the 
succeeding Parliaments. 

By HON. JAMES YOUNG. 2 vols., copiously illustrated, cloth. 

The Canadian Men and Women of the Time 

A Handbook of Canadian Biography of Living Characters. 

Edited by JAMES MORGAN, M.A., LL.D.. D.C.L., F.R.S.C. 
Eutirely new edition, cloth, 1,303 pages. $1.09 net, postpaid. 

The Story of Tecumseh 

Sacand voluon intha Canadian Heroes Series, by NORM AN S. GURD. 
Cloth, with many illustrations in colors and in black and white. 
L$1.00 net, postpaid.} 

Sixty Years in Upper Canada 

With Autobiographical Recollections. By CHARLES CLARKE, late 
Clerk of the Legislature of Oatario. Cloth, illustrated, $1.50. 

Where the Buffalo Roamed 

The Romance of Exploration, Discovery and Development of the 

Canadian West. 
Bj E. L. MARSH. Profusely illustrated. Cloth, $1.25, postpaid. 

The Story of Isaac Brock 

First volume in the Canadian Heroas Series. By W ALTE El R. NURS EY 
Cloth, with many illustrations in colors and in black and white. 

85c., postpaid. 

History of the Union Jack and Flags of the Empire 

By BARLOW CUMBERLAND, M.A. Cloth, with a number of full-page 

plates ia colors aid with taaay illustrations in black and white. 

Third edition, $1.50 net, postpaid. 1 

Three Premiers of Nova Scotia : Johnstone, 

Howe, Tupper. 


Cloth, with 7 portraits. $3.50 net, postpaid. 
For sale at all Booksellers or from 


29-37 Richmond Street W. Toronto, Canada. 

Send for our list of Canadian Publications. 

G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., F.R.S., LL.D., D.C.L., P.C., D.L. 

K.C.M.G., LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S.C., C.E., M.I.C.E., F.R.G.S., F.G.S. 



A Sjattft-book of Olawabtatt 



M.A., LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S.C. 






Entered according to Act of the Parliament of Canada, in the year one 

thousand nine hundred and twelve, by ALBERT NORTON PROCTOII 

MORGAN, at the Department of Agriculture. 




G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., F.R.S., LL.D., D.C.L.. D.L., 



K.C.M.G., C.E., LL.D., D.C.L., M.I.C.E., F.G.S., F.R.G.S., 

The impress of whose character, genius and labours is found 

everywhere throughout the great Dominion of which 

they were among the principal founders, 


The result of years of incessant research, 

483 Bank Street, Ottawa, 
February, 1912. 


Dr. Morgan is a native of Canada; was educated at Morrin College, Quebec; entered 
the Canadian public service, 1853; was called to the Bar (Quebec and Ontario), 1873; is 
a corresponding member of the Historical Societies of Quebec, Buffalo, Manitoba and New 
York, of the Society of Historical Studies, Montreal, and of the American Geographical 
Society, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries of Denmark, and an 
Honorary Fellow of the Royal Colonial Institute of England; was granted the ho. degree 
of M.A. by Amherst College, Massachusetts, 1881, the hon. degree of LL.D. by th& 
University of Ottawa (Roman Catholic), 1903, and that of D.C.L. by the University 
of King s Co-liege, Nora Scotia (Church of England), 1905; was elected a Fellow of 
the Royal Society of Canada, 1904, and a member cuf the Authors Club, London, England, 
in 1910. 

1. "Tour of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales through Canada and the 
United States" (Quebec, 1860). 

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3. "Buchanan on the Industrial Politics of America" (Montreal, 1864). 

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10. "Canadian Life in Town and Country" (together with Mr. L. J. 
Burpee, F.R.S.C., London, 1905); besides various brochures and newspaper 
and magazine articles upon a variety of subjects. 

In 1862 Dr. Morgan established " The Canadian Parliamentary Com 
panion," which he edited and published annually up to 1876; and, in 
1S78, " The Dominion Annual Register and Review," which he like 
wise edited and published, annually, up to 1887. 

" More general contributions to history are the works of the Abbe Faillon, of Mr. 
Parkman, of Dr. Scadding, of the Abbe Laverdiere, of Sir J. M. Le Moine, of Judge 
Haliburton, of Mr. Fennings Taylor, of Dr. Miles, of the Abbe Casgrain, of Col. Gray, 
of Mr. Louis Turcotte, of Mr. Charles Lindsey, of Dr. George Stewart, and of Dr. H. J. 
Morgan. We might add very largely to this list, which serves rather to show the variety 
of ways in which historical talent may be advantageously occupied than to sum up what 
has been accomplished. Of all these writers there is none who is more deserving of the 
gratitude of his fellow-citizens than the last-mentioned. Hardly a day passes, indeed, 
in which we, as journalists, do not refer for information to some of Dr. Morgan s various 
stores of information, and rarely do we refer to them in vain." Montreal Gazette, 




" Indispensable." Rev. Dr. Gray. 

Perfection." Toronto News. 

" Most interesting." Rt. Hon. Joseph 

" Interesting and useful." H. R. H. 
Princess Loutxe. 

" An admirable work." Hon. N. C. 
Wallace, M.P. 

" Of constant service." Earl of Car 

" Just what was wanted." Lord Strath- 
cona and Mount Royal. 

" Of daily use to me." Bishop Worrell. 

Useful and vain-able." Late Sir Henry 

" We were very glad to hear of you 
agiadn." Duke of Argyll. 

" A mine of useful information." 
Marquis of Lansdowne. 

" Of much practical value." Earl of 

" Always accurate, fair and just." 
Late Judge Baby. 

" Simply indispensable." Father Drum- 

" Unsurpassed and unexcelled." Judge 

" An altogether admirable and valuable 
work." Chas. G. D. Roberta. 

" An immense help to me." His Excel 
lency the Earl of Minto, late Governor- 
General of India. 

" I gladly add my name to your sub 
scription list." Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid 
Laurier, E.G., M.P. 

" His sketches are highly praiseworthy 
for their compactness and the lack of such 
fulsome eulogies as our own cyclopaedias 
often tolerate." N. T. ffation. 

" While comparing well with its English 
model, it possesses features of its own 
which add to its interest and enhance its 
viahie." Late N. F. Davin, E.G., M.P. 

" Dr. Morgan is entitled to the grati 
tude of those who have long lamented the 
lack of a comprehensive modern work o< 
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" Of great service." Lord Pauncefote. 

"What should we do without it!" 
Lt.-Col. Denison. 

" Excellently done." Sir J. D. Edgar. 

" The most complete work of its kind in 
Canada." Montreal Witness. 

" Nothing 

to surpass it." Benjamin 

" An invaluable standard work." West 

" Important and valuable." Sir Oliver 

"Superior to the English Who s Who! " 
Late Senator Masson. 

" I felt at home when I found a Mor 
gan he re." Rev. Thurlow Fraser (For 

" Independent in tone and executed with 
knowledge and discrimination." Military 

" When abroad I found Morgan every 
where, even in Tokio." Hon. David Glass, 

"A well known and valued wo;rk." Sir 
H. G. Joly de Lotbiniere. 

" No one can over-estimate the value of 
Dr. Morgan s services." Montreal Stand 

" In legal circles we call Dr. Morgan 
the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of 
Canadian Biography." F. E. Moberley. 

" Dr. Morgan has done good work for 
Canada as a literary man, and deserves 
well of his country." The late Right Hon 
orable Sir John A. Macdonald, G.C.B., 
Prime Minister of Canada. 

" No one in Canada has done, or could 
have done, the work you have accomplished, 
and fifty years hence your name will be 
familiar to Canadians when the great mass 
of our now familiar names will have been 
forgottemi." R. G. Haliburton ("Sam Slick 

" Admirable." Beckles Willson. 

" Compiled with much care." Review 
of Reviews. 

" A most able and helpful work." 
Bishop Dunn (Quebec). 

" As nearly perfect as such a work can 
be." W. D. Lighthall, E.G. 

" Thorough, fair and excellent." Rev. 
Dr. Evans. 

"A colossal work, for which Canada owes 
you much,." Hunter Duvar. 

" A difficult task most creditably per 
formed." Montreal Star. 



" Couldn t keep house -without it." 
S. D. Scott, late Editor St. John Sun. 

" The fairest -minded man I have ever 
met " The late Hon. Wm. Macdougall, 

" No one can afford to be left out of 
Morgan. " Charles Hair. 

" The standard authority in Canadian 
biography." Mail and Empire. 

" Like all his previous -works, -well 
worthy of public support." Rt. Hon. Sir 
Charles Tupper, Bart. 

"A most interesting work, and to me 
very useful." Late Marquis of Dufferin 
and Ava. 

" The most complete and the most useful 
work of its kind in- Canada." La Patrie. 

" In illustrations of success achieved 
under circumstances that make it excep 
tionally creditable the book abounds." 
Montreal Gazette. 

"Am never at a loss as regards Cana 
dians with Morgan at hand." Sir 
Cavendish Boyle. 

" Reliable in information, regardless of 
friend o<r foe." Lt.-Col. A. H. I odd. 

" It well sustains Dr. Morgan s reputa 
tion as a writer for accuracy, fairness and 
fullness." La Presse. 

" Always thorough and accurate." Rev. 
Dr. Hugh Johnston. 

" Fair and just to all races, creeds and 
classes." Sir H. E. Taschereau. 

" The monarch of biographers." Judge 

" Particularly well done as regards the 
banking and commercial men of the 
Dominion. No man of any importance has 
been overlooked." Henri J. Barbeau. 

" Well pleased with the fairness with 
which you have described the careers of 
our public men, and particularly with the 
impartiality with which their political 
views have been recorded. Your services 
to Canadian historical literature for the 
past thirty years have been of a most 
valuable character." Sir G. W. Ross. 

" Dr. Morgan is known all over the 
world by the works which he has published 
on Canadian institutions and the makers 
of Canada. He is an ideal editor, and 
approaches his task with a thorough 
knowledge and a parliamentary draughts 
man s habit of minute accuracy. His book 
is a much btter one than the English 
Men of the Time. " The Queen (Lon 
don ) . 

" An able and indispensable produc 
tion." Late Judge Mills. 

" By far the most authentic and valuable 
work of the kind yet produced in Canada." 
Hon. James Young. 

" He shows neither fear, favor nor 
affection ." Ottawa Citizen. 

" The condensed result of years of lit 
erary toil, for which the public should be 
duly grateful." -Sir Sandford Fleming. 

" Prepared with evident pare as well as 
with manifest judgment." Literary World. 

" Could not have been better done." 
E. W. Thomson, F.B.S.O., author of " Old 
Man Savatrinv." 

" Indispensable to libraries, both public 
and private, to professional men and jour 
nalists." Bookseller and Publisher. 

"A hand-boo k which has long been 
wanted. Dr. Morgan was well qualified for 
the task of editorship." London Times. 

" The first book in the country to be 
consulted by a visitor on his arrival in 
Canada." Late T. C. Patteson. 

" Dr. Morgan is more than a mere 
delve*. He is a rare historical scholar 
and a master of literary expression^" 
Saturday Night. 

" I have had occasion to consult your 
work hundreds of times, and if there is 
a man in Canada towards whom I feel a 
pressing sense of gratitude, you are he. 
Prof. Keys. 

"A ma>n of industry and -skill, who has 
placed the hundreds of thousands of Oania- 
dirans on this wide of the boundary line, 
as well 1 as all searoheirs forr information 
as to the oaireers of eminent Canadians, 
under am immense weight of obligation.. 
Self Culture. 

" Mo-re frequently quoted or utilized by 
the Canadian press than any other work. 
E. R. Parlchurtt. 

" No other man living could have so 
well prepared such a volume as the author, 
who has long enjoyed pre-eminence as an 
authority on Canadian affairs. Colonies 
and India. 

" If Dr. Morgan had never discharged 
any other service for his fellow-countrymen 
than the preparation of this great work of 
biography, he would have been entitled i to 
no slight share of their gratitude. 
Toronto Globe. 

"Dr. Morgan is our Vapereau and our 
Sidney Lee. His Men and Women of the 
Time is a work of remarkable labor, 
erudition and research. It is a joy to read 
his pages, so free from the slightest pre 
judice, showing in every line an openness 
of mind, a sincerity and an elevation^ of 
view which put fanaticism to shame. 
La Presse. 

" A serviceable book of reference both 
in England and Canada. The author, Dr. 
H. J. Morgan, has long been known as 
an experienced and capable chronicler of 
lives and events, and probably no man in 
the Dominion has done more than he has 
in the departments of biography and bibli 
ography. His Celebrated Canadians 
appeared more than a quarter of a century 
ago." Literature (London). 

" We all think at is high time that some 
substantial acknowledgment were made to 
Dr. Morgan for the eminent ^ services he is 
rendering to the Domiindora." Col. S. B. 
Steele, C.B., Winnipeg. 

" A veteran w<rite<r whose pen has for 
more than half a century maintained the 
perpetuation and strengthening of Imperial 
ties as the only loyal, wise and sane 
course for all concerned. Dr. John 
Reade, Montreal. 


THE first edition of " Canadian Men and Women of the Time " 
appeared in 1898. It comprised a volume of 1,118 pages, royal 
octavo, and included, approximately, 2,891 sketches of living char 
acters. Of these over 900, or almost 33 per cent., have since died. 

The volume met with a warm reception and was more than ordin 
arily successful. Its circulation was large, and extended to the re 
motest corners of the world. It was and is to be found in all the 
principal public libraries of Europe, Asia and America, as well as in 
a great many private collections. It was largely used by the news 
paper press, mostly, however, without acknowledgment, a species of 
plagiarism into which a portion of the Fourth Estate seems to have 
fallen, in the present day, without any apparent sense of shame. 

Various works, modelled upon the same lines as the present one, 
have since been started in Canada, but none of them have answered 
the public expectation hence a demand has arisen for a second edi 
tion of " Canadian Men and Women of the Time," to meet which the 
present volume has been prepared. Like its predecessor, the Editor 
trusts may be found accurate, trustworthy, and up-to-date. It 
is certainly as complete, as regards the number of characters repre 
sented, as well as the facts and information touching them, as 
circumstances have permitted. If any name of importance has been 
omitted, the fault, upon examination, will be found not to rest with 
the Editor, but with someone more directly concerned. 

The volume now submitted will be found to contain a greater 
number of names than the previous one, some 7,900 sketches being 
included within its folds. Of these some have died while the book 
was being published, but any such occurrences, with other unforeseen 
changes, will be found to be duly recorded in their proper place. 

A second volume, embracing portraits of the persons represented 
herein, will appear just as soon as all the portraits have been collected 
for the purpose. 

The Editor has been indebted to many persons for various cour 
tesies and other assistance received during the preparation of the 
book. A list of these ladies and gentlemen is subjoined, and to one 



and all he tenders his hearty thanks. His acknowledgments are 
especially due to his younger son, Mr. Hamilton Eichards Morgan, 
who, throughout, has been of material assistance in revising the 
proof sheets and otherwise rendering important service. 

The full list of those to whom we have been indebted is as 
follows,, the names being given in alphabetical order : 

Fred Abraham, Montreal; Dr. Silas Alward, K.C.; Lt.-Col. J. 
E. Armstrong, St. John, KB.; Major- General the Et. Hon. Lord 
Aylmer, Queen s Bay, B.C.; Prof. Alfred Baker, M.A., Toronto; the 
late Mile. Eobertine Barry (" Francoise "), Montreal; Dr. Eobert Bell, 
F.E.S., Ottawa; His Honour Judge Benson, Port Hope, Ont. ; Hon. 
A. Bergevin, M.L.C., Montreal; Mrs. Jean Blewett, Toronto; John 
Boyd, Montreal; B, Errol Bouchette, LL.B., Library of Parliament, 
Ottawa; J. P. Bucke, Sarnia, Ont.; Wm. Buckingham, Stratford, 
Ont. ; Lt.-Col. W. S. Buell, Brockville, Ont. ; W. W. Campbell, LL.D., 
Ottawa; E. S. Caswell, Public Library, Toronto; Major E. M. 
Chadwick, K.C., Toronto; Major Chambers, Gentleman Usher of the 
Black Eod, Ottawa; E. T. D. Chambers, Quebec; J. A. Chis- 
holm, K.C., Halifax, KS.; F. Blake Crofton, London, Eng. ; K Omer 
Cote, I.S.O., Ottawa; Capt. Thos. Cote, do.; the late Hon. Mr. Justice 
Curran, LL.D., Montreal; Dr. Willoughby Cummings, Toronto; 
Madame Dandurand, Montreal ; Hon. L. 0. David, Senator, do. ; Hon. 
Mr. Justice Davidson, D.C.L., do.; A. D. de Celles, C.M.G., LL.D., 
General Librarian, Ottawa; Col. G. T. Denison, Police Magistrate, 
Toronto; Miss de Pencier, Spencerville, Ont.; William Dennis, Hali 
fax, N.S.; Theodore Doucet, Montreal; William Drysdale, His 
Majesty s Customs, Montreal; Hon. J. V. Ellis, Senator, St. 
John, KB.; Sir Sandford Fleming, K.C.M.G., LL.D., Ottawa; 
T. B. Flint, D.C.L., Clerk of the House of Commons, Ottawa; 
Edward Foley, Advocate, Quebec; His Honour the late Hon. D. C. 
Fraser, D.C.L., Lieut.-Governor of Nova Scotia; Hector Garneau, 
Advocate, Montreal; Lt.-Col. J. D. Gemmill, Eome, Italy; C. H. 
Gould, Librarian, McGill University, Montreal; Dr. J. M. Harper, 
Quebec; C. A. E. Harriss, Mus. Doc., Ottawa; Prof. E. Carr Harris, 
C.E., Kingston, Ont.; Lt.-Col. Edward Harrison, Ottawa; Mrs. Kate 
Simpson Hayes ("Mary Markwell"), Winnipeg; Lady Hickson, 
Montreal; J. Geo. Hodgins, I.S.O., LL.D., Toronto; Miss Catherine 
Hughes, Provincial Archivist, Edmonton, Alta. ; Col. Hon. Saml. 
Hughes, Minister of Militia and Defence, Ottawa; Lt.-Col. E. E. 
Kent, Kingston, Ont.; The Venerable Archdeacon Ker, D.C.L., Mont- 


real ; the Secretary of the Law Society, Toronto ; Madame Lavergne, 
Montreal; J. B. Learmont, Montreal; John Leslie, Secretary, Dept. 
of Justice, Ottawa, W. D. Lighthall, K.C., P.E.S.C., Montreal; Mrs. 
Isabel Macdonell, Brockville, Ont. ; John A. Macdonell, K.C., 
Alexandria, Ont.; Hon. Wm. McDonald, Senator, Glace Bay, N.S.; 
Hon. P. T. McGrath, St. Johns, Nfld. ; the Venerable Archdeacon Mac- 
Morine, Kingston, Ont.; Dr. Marois, Quebec; Hon. Wm. Miller, K.C., 
P.O., Senator, Arichat, N.S. ; Miss Mary Morgan, London, Eng. ; 
Lt.-Col. E. W. B. Morrison, D.S.O., Editor-in-Chief, Daily Citizen, 
Ottawa; Very Rev. W. J. Murphy, D.D., Rector, University of 
Ottawa; Capt. Newton, formerly A.D.C., Ottawa; Miss Nisbit, Hamil 
ton, Ont.; J. P. Noyes, K.C., Sweetsburg, P. Q. ; Miss A. M. Nutting, 
Baltimore, Md. ; James O Halloran, K.C., Cowansville, P.Q. ; Fred 
erick Paul, Editor-in-Chief, Saturday Night, Toronto; John Reade, 
LL.D., F.R.S.C., Assistant Editor Montreal Gazette, Montreal; J. 
Ross Robertson, Editor-in-Chief, Daily Telegram, Toronto; J. 
Palmerston Robertson, Provincial Librarian, Winnipeg; C. Blacketi 
Robinson, Ottawa; Hon. Sir G. W. Ross, LL.D., F.R.S.C., Toronto; 
S. D. Scott, Vancouver, B.C.; Collingwood Schrieber, C.M.G., C.E., 
Ottawa; Rev. Thomas. Sedgwick, D.D., Tatamagouche, N.S. ; J. H. 
Senkler, K.C., Vancouver, B.C.; Major L. W. Shannon, London, 
Ont.; R. W. Shannon, M.A., barrister, Calgary, Alta. ; Miss Clarice 
Smith, Ottawa; Lt.-Col. H. R, Smith, C.M.G., I.S.O., Sergeant- 
at-Arms, House of Commons, Ottawa; the late Lt.-Col. A. A. Steven 
son, Montreal; H. E. Suckling, Canadian Pacific Railway, Montreal; 
Benjamin Suite, Ottawa; L. P. Sylvain, Library of Parliament, 
Ottawa; the late Col. Hon. David Tisdale, K.C., Simcoe, Ont.; Wil 
liam Wain wright, Vice-President, Grand Trunk Railway, Montreal; 
Horace Wallis, Premier s Department, Toronto; Li-Col. Fred White, 
C.M.G., Comptroller, Royal North- West Mounted Police, Ottawa; 
D. E. Wilkie, President Imperial Bank, Toronto; Lt.-Col. C. F. 
Winter, D.A.A. General, Montreal; Major Henry J. Woodside, Otta 
wa; the Rt. Rev. C. L. Worrell, D.C.L., Bishop of Nova Scotia, Hali 
fax, N.S. ; Hon. James Young, Gait, Ont. 

Communications intended for a new edition of " Canadian Men 
and Women of the Time " should be addressed to the Editor, Box 
371, Post Office, Ottawa. 

OTTAWA, February, 1912. 




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Read, D, B., Q.C., The Lieutenant-Gover 
nors of Upper Canada and Ontario . 

Revue du Monde Oatholique. 

Robertson, John Ross, Landmarks of To 

Robertson, John Ross, History of Free 
masonry in Canada. 

Rordan s Law List. 

Rose, G. M., Cyclopaedia of Canadian Biog 

Roy, P. G., Bulletin des His- 

Roy, P. G., Miscellaneous publications. 

Royal Colonial Institute, Proceedings of 

Royal Colonial Institute, United Empire. 

Royal Navy List. 

Sabine, Lorenzo, American Loyalists. 

Sadlier s Catholic Directory, Almanac and 

Saturday Night. 

Saturday Review. 

Soadding, Rev. DT., Toronto of Old. 

Science and Art of Mining. 

Scottish American. 

Secretary of State, Canada, Reports of. 

Shareholder, The. 

Smith, B. E., A.M., The Century Cyclo 
paedia of Names. 

Speaker, The. 

Starke s Almanac. 

Stewart, Dr. Geo., Canada under the Ad 
ministration of the Earl of Dufferin. 

Strange, Maj.-Genl,, Gunner Jingo * Jubi 

Suite, Benjamin, Miscellaneous publica 

Taohe, J. C., M.D., Canadian Blue-book. 
Tanguay, Mgr., U., Repertoire Generate du 

Olergfi Canadian. 
Taylor, Penning*, Portraits of British 

Teefy, Rev. J. R., LL.D., Jubilee Volume 

of the Archdiocese of Toronto. 
Thomas, C., History of Argenteuil and 


Thorn s Irish Directory. 
Toronto the Prosperous. 
Transactions Royal Colonial Institute. 
Transactions Royal Society of Canada. 
Trois-Rivi&res, Jubile Sacerdotal de Mgr. 


United Service Magazine. 
University Calendars. 

Watford s County Families. 

Washington, Henry G., Men and Women 
of the Time. 

Week, The. 

Westminster, The. 

When Was It! A British Chronology. 

Whitaker s Almanack. 

Whitaker s Naval and Military Directory. 

Whitaker s Peerage, Baronetage, Knight 
age, Companionage. 

Who s Who! 

Who s Who in America. 

Who s Who in New York. 

Withrow, Rev. Dr., History of Canada. 

World Almanac, N. Y. 

Young, Hon. James, Public Men and 

Public Life in Canada. 
Year Book and Clergy List of the Church 
of England in Canada. 


A.A., Amateur Athletic. 

A.A.A.S., American Association for 

the Advancement of Science. 
A.A.G., Assistant- Adjutant-General. 
A.B., Bachelor of Arts. 
Acad., Academy. 
A.D., Anno Domini. 
A.D.C., Aide-de-Camp. 
Ad eun., Ad eundem gradum (admitted 

to the same degree). 
Adjt, Adjutant. 
Admn., Administration. 
Admnr., Administrator. 
Advanc., Advance; Advancement. 
Advis., Advisory. 
A. F. & A. M., Ancient, Free and 

Accepted Mason. 
Agricul., Agriculture; Agricultural; 

Agricult., Agriculturist. 
Agrst., Against. 
Ala., Alabama. 
Aid., Alderman. 
Alta., Alberta. 
Am., America; American. 
A.M., Master of Arts; Associate Mem 
A.M.I.C.E., Associate Member of the 

Institution of Civil Engineers. 
A.M.S., Army Medical Services. 
Anat., Anatomy, Anatomical. 
Ang., Anglican. 

Anthrop., Anthropography; Anthro 
pology; Anthroposophy; Anthropo 

Antiq., Antiquarian. 
A.O.U.W., Ancient Order of United 

Apl., April. 
Appt., Appointment. 
Apptd., Appointed. 
Apts., Apartments. 

A. Q. M. G., Assistant-Quartermaster- 

A.R.A., Associate of the Royal Acad 
A.R.C.A., Associate of the Royal 

Canadian Academy. 
Arch., Architecture; Architect; Archi 
Archseol., Archaeology; Archaeological; 

Archbp., Archbishop. 
Archd., Archdeacon; Archibald. 
A.R.C.O., Associate of the Royal Col 
lege of Organists. 
Ark., Arkansas. 

A.R.S.A., Associate of the Royal Scot 
tish Academy. 
A.R.S.S., Associate of the Royal 

Society of Antiquaries. 
Arty., Artillery. 
A.S.C., Army Service Corps. 
Assd., Associated; Assisted. 
Assn., Association. 
Assoc., Associate. 
Assocd., Associated. 

Asst., Assistant. 

Assur., Assurance. 

Astron., Astronomy; Astronomical; 

Atha., Athabasca. 
Atty., Attorney. 
Aug., August. 
Ave., Avenue. 

B., Born. 

B.A., Bachelor of Arts. 

Bacteriol., Bacteriology; Bacteriologi 
cal; Bacteriologist. 

Bapt, Baptist. 

Bapte., Baptiste. 

Bart., Baronet. 

B.A.Sc., Bachelor of Applied Science. 

Batt, Battalion. 

Batty., Battery. 

B.C., British Columbia. 

B.C.L., Bachelor of Civil (or Com 
mon) Law. 

B.C.S., Bachelor of Commercial Sci 

Bd., Board. 

B.D., Bachelor of Divinity. 

Bdg., Building. 

B.E., Bachelor of Elocution. 

Benev., Benevolent. 

Berks., Berkshire. 

B.H., British Honduras. 

Bib., Biblical; Bibliography. 

Biol., Biology; Biological; Biologist. 

Bk., Book. 

B.L., Bachelor of Letters. 

Bldg., Building. 

B.Litt, Bachelor of Literature. 

B.N.A., British North America. 

Bp., Bishop. 

B.Psed., Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

Brig., Brigade, Brigadier. 

Brit., British, Britain. 

Bro., Brother. 

Bros., Brothers. 

B.S., Bachelor of Surgery; Bachelor 
of Science. 

B.S.A., Bachelor of the Science of 

B.Sc., Bachelor of Science. 

Bt., Brevet. 

B.T., B.Th., Bachelor of Theology. 

Bucks., Buckinghamshire. 

B.W.I., British West Indies. 

C., Child. 

C.A., Canadian Artillery; Chartered 

Gal., California. 
Camb., Cambridge. 
Can., Canada; Canadian. 
C.A.P.C., Qanadian Army Pay Corps. 
Capt., Captain. 
Card., Cardinal. 
C. A. S. C., Canadian Army Service 


Cath., Cathedral; Catholic. 
Cav., Cavalry. 




C.B., Companion of the Bath; Cape 


C.E., Christian Endeavour; Civil En 

Cent., Centenn., Centennial; Centen 

Cert., Certificate. 

Ch., Church. 

Chem., Chemistry; Chemist; Chemi 

Chir., Chirurgical. 

C.I., Imperial Order of the Crown of 

Cie., Compagnie, 

C.J., Chief Justice. 

Clin., Clinical. 

Clk., Clerk. 

C.M., Master in Surgery. 

C. M. B. A., Catholic Mutual Benefit 

C.M.G., Companion of St. Michael and 
St. George. 

C.M.S., Church Missionary Society. 

Co., County; Company; Compagnie. 

C.O.C., Canadian Ordnance Corps. 

C.O.F., Canadian Order of Foresters. 

Col., Colonel. 

Coll., College. 

Collr., Collector. 

Colo., Colorado. 

Comdt., Commandant. 

Commdg., Commanding. 

Commerc., Commercial. 

Commr., Commissioner. 

Commy., Commissary. 

Comn., Commission. 

Comte., Committee. 

Con., Conservative. 

Conf., Conference. 

Cong., Congress; Congregational; 

Conn., Connecticut. 

Conv., Convention. 

Corpn., Corporation. 

Conr., Corresponding; Correspondent. 

Cos., Companies. 

C.P., Canadian Pacific; Clerk of the 
Peace; Common Pleas. 

C.P.A.S.C., Canadian Permanent Army 
Service Corps. 

C.R., Chief Ranger. 

C.S., Civil Service. 

C.S.O., Chief Staff Officer. 

Ct, Court. 

C.V.O., Companion of the Royal Vic 
torian Order. 

Cwt, a hundredweight 

Cyclop., Cyclopaedia. 

D., Daughter; Died. 

D.A.A.G., Deputy-Assistant-Adjutant- 

D.A.G., Deputy-Adjutant-General. 

Dak., Dakota. 

D.A.Q.M.G., Deputy- Assistant-Quar 
ter- Master-General. 

D.C., District of Columbia. 

D.C.L., Doctor of Civil Law. 

D.D., Doctor of Divinity. 

D.D.S., Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

Dec., December. 

Del., Delegate; Delaware. 

Dem., Democrat. 

Demon., Demonstrator. 

Dept., Department. 

Deptl., Departmental. 

Depty., Deputy. 

Dermatol., Dermatology; Dermato- 
logieal; Dermatologist. 

D.E.S., Director of Engineer Services. 

Develop., Development. 

D.G.E.S., Director of General Engin 
eer Services. 

D.G.M.S., Director of General Medical 

D. G. S., Dominion Government 

Dioc., Diocese; Diocesan. 

Dir., Director. 

Dist., District. 

Div., Division. 

D.Litt., Doctor of Literature. 

D.L.S., Dominion Land Surveyor. 

Do., Ditto (the same). 

D.O.C., District Officer Commanding:. 

Dom., Dominion. 

D.Psed., Doctor of Pedagogy. 

D.P.H., Diploma in Public Health. 

Dr., Doctor. 

D.R.A., Dominion Rifle Association. 

D.S.A., District Staff Adjutant. 

D.Sc., Doctor of Science. 

D.*S. O., Companion of the Distin 
guished Service Order. 

D.T., D.Th., Doctor of Theology. 

D.T.S., Dominion Topographical Sur 

D.V.S., Doctor of Veterinary Science. 

E., East; Eldest; Educated. 

B.C., East Central. 

Econ., Economy. 

Ed., Editor, Edited; Edition; Editorial. 

Edin., Edinburgh. 

Educ., Educational; Education. 

Educl., Educational. 

E.E., Electrical Engineer. 

E.F.A., Electoral Franchise Act. 

E.I., East Indies; East India. 

E.I.C.S., East India Company s Ser 

Elec., Elect., Electric; Electrical. 

Encyclop., Encyclopaedia. 

Encyclop. Brit., Encyclopaedia Brit- 

Eng., England; English. 

Engd., Engaged. 

Enging., Engineering. 

Engr., Engineer. 

Engrg., Engineering. 

Entd., Entered. 

Entomol., Entomology; Entomologi 
cal; Entomologist. 

Epis., Episcopal. 

Esq., Esquire. 

Estbd., Established. 

E T., Eastern Townships. 

Etc., And Others; And So Forth. 

Ethnol., Ethnology; Ethnological; 

Evang., Evangel., Evangelist; Evan 

Examg., Examining. 

Examn., Examination. 
Examr., Examiner. 
Exeget., Exegetical. 

Exhn., Exhbn., Exhibition. 

Expdn., Expn., Expedition; Exposi 

Expt, Experiment. 
Exptl., Experimental. 
Extve., Executive. 



F.C.S., Fellow of the Chemical Society. 

Feb., February. 

F.E.I.S., Fellow of the Educational 
Institute of Scotland. 

F.E.S., Fellow of the Entomological 


P.F.A., Fellow of the Faculty of Actu 

F.G.S., Fellow of the Geological 

F.I.A., Fellow of the Institute of 

F.I.C., Fellow of the Institute of 

Fla., Florida. 

F. L. S., Fellow of the Llnnsean 

F.M., Field Marshal. 

For., Foreign. 

F.P.S., Fellow of the Philosophical 

F.R.A.S., Fellow of the Royal Astro 
nomical Society. 

F.R.C.I., Fellow of the Royal Col 
onial Institute. 

F.R.C.O., Fellow of the Royal. Col 
lege of Organists. 

F.R.C.P., Fellow of the Royal College 
of Physicians. 

F.R.C.S., Fellow of the Royal College 
of Surgeons. 

F.R.G.S., Fellow of the Royal Geo 
graphical Society. 

F.R.H.S., Fellow of the Royal His 
torical Society. 

F.R.I.B.A., Fellow of the Royal In 
stitute of British Architects. 

F.R.M.S., Fellow of the Royal Micro 
scopical Society. 

F.R.S.N.A., Fellow of the Royal 
Society of Naval Architects. 

F.R.S., Fellow of the Royal Society. 

F.R.S.C., Fellow of the Royal Society 
of Canada. 

F.R.S.E., Fellow of the Royal Society 
of Edinburgh. 

F.R.S.G.S., Fellow of the Royal Scot 
tish Geographical Society. 

F.R.S.L., Fellow of the Royal Society 
of Literature. 

F.S.A., Fellow of the Society of Actu 

F.S.S., Fellow of the Royal Statisti 
cal Society. 

Ft., Fort; Feet. 

F. Z. S., Fellow of the Zoological 

Ga., Georgia. 

G.A., Garrison Artillery. 

G.A.R., Grand Army of the Republic. 

G.C.B., Knight Grand Cross of the 

G.C.H., Knight Grand Cross of Han 

G.C.I.E., Knight Grand Commander 
of the Indian Empire. 

G.C.M.G., Knight Grand Cross of St. 
Michael and St. George. 

O.C.S.I., Knight Grand Commander 
of the Star of India. 

G.C.V.O., Knight Grand Cross of the 
Royal Victorian Order. 

G.d., Granddaughter. 

Gds., Guards. 

G.E., General Election. 

Genl., General. 

Geo., George. 

Geog-., Geography; Geographical. 

Geol., Geology; Geological; Geologist. 

Geom., Geometry; Geometrical. 

G.G.B.G., Governor-General s Body 

G.G.F.G., Governor-General s Foot 

G.L., Grand Lodge. 

G.O., General Orders. 

Gov., Governor. 

Govt., Government. 

G.P.O., General Post Office. 

Grad., Graduate; Graduated. 

Gram., Grammar. 

Grandd., Granddaughter. 

Grands., Grandson. 

G.s., Grandson. 

Gt, Great. 

G.T., Grand Trunk. 

G.T.P., Grand Trunk Pacific. 

Gynsecol., Gynaecology; Gynaecologi 
cal; Gynaecologist. 

Hants., Hampshire. 

H.B., Hudson Bay 

H.B.M., His (or Her) Britannic Maj 

H.C., House of Commons. 

H.C.R., High Chief Ranger. 

H.E., His (or Her) Excellency; His 

H.E.I.C., Honourable East India Com 

H.E.I.C.S., Honourable East India 
Company s Service. 

H.I., Hawaiian Islands. 

H.I.H., His (or Her) Imperial High 

H.I.M., His (or Her) Imperial Maj 

Hist., History; Historical. 

Histol., Histology; Histological ; His- 

H.M., His (or Her) Majesty. 

H.M.S., His Majesty s Ship. 

Ho., House. 

Homceop., Homoeopathic; Homoeo- 

Hon., Honorary; Honourable. 

Hort, Hortlcul.; Horticulture; Horti 
cultural; Hortioultuiriist. 

Hosp., Hospital. 

H.Q., Headquarters. 

H.R.H., His (or Her) Royal High 

Hy., Henry. 

la., Iowa, 

I.C.S., Indian Civil Service. 
Id., Idaho. 
I.e.. Id eat (that is). 
Til., Illinois. 
Hid., Illustrated. 
Imp., Imperial; Imperialist. 
Inc., Incorporated. 

Ind., Independent; Independence; In 

Indus., Indust., Industry; Industrial. 
Infy., Infantry. 
Inl., Inland. 
Ins., Insurance. 
Inspr., Inspector. 
Inst, Institute; Institution. 
Instr., Instructor; Instruction 
Intercol., Intercolonial. 
Intern., International. 
Invest., Investment. 



I.O.F., Independent Order of Fores 

I. of M., Isle of Man. 

I.O.O.F., Independent Order of Odd 

I.O.G.T., Independent Order of Good 

Irel., Ireland. 

Islds., Islands. 

I.S.O., Imperial Service Order. 

Ital., Italian. 

I.W., Isle of Wight. 

Jan., January. 

Jas., James. 

J.C.P., Judg-e of the Common Pleas. 

JL, Judicial. 

Jno., John. 

Jos., Joseph. 

Journ., Journal. 

J.P., Justice of the Peace. 

Jr., Junior. 

Kans., Kansas. 

K.B., Knight Bachelor. 

K.C., King s Counsel. 

K.C.B., Knight Commander of the 

K.C.M.G., Knight Commander of St. 

Michael and St. George. 
K.C.S.I., Knig-ht Commander of the 

Star of India. 
K.C.V.O., Knight Commander of the 

Royal Victorian Order. 
K.E., Knight of the Eagle (Prussia). 
KG., Knight of the Order of the 

K.G.F., Knight of the Golden Fleece 


K.H., Knight of Hanover. 
K.I.H., Kaiser-i-Hind. 
K.L.H., Knight of the Legion of 


K.M., Knight of Malta. 
K.P., Knight of the Order of St. 

Kt., Knight. 
K.T., Knight Templar; Knight of the 

Order of the Thistle. 
Ky. t Kentucky. 

, Pound (Sterling). 

La., Louisiana. 

Lab., Labour; Laboratory. 

Lang., Languages. 

Laryngol., Laryngology; Laryngolo- 

gis-t; Laryngological. 
Lb., Pound. 
L. C., Lower Canada; Legislative 


L.D.S., Licentiate of Dental Surgery. 
Leg., Legislature, Legislative. 
L.H.D., Doctor of Literature. 
L.I., Long Island. 
Lib., Liberal. 
Lie., Licentiate. 

Lie. Med., Licentiate in Medicine. 
Lic.Th., Licentiate in Theology. 
Lieut., Lieutenant. 
Lit., Literary; Literature. 
Lit. Human., Classics. 
Litt.D., Doctor of Literature. 
L.L.A., Lady Literate in Arts. 
LL.B., Bachelor of Laws. 
LL.D., Doctor of Laws. 
LL.L., Licentiate in Laws. 
LL.M., Master of Laws. 
Lond., London. 

L.P., Letters Patent. 

L.R.C.P., Licentiate of the Royal Col 
lege of Physicians. 

L.R.C.S., Licentiate of the Royal Col 
lege of Surgeons. 

Lt., Lieutenant. 

Lt.-Col., Lieutenant-Colonel. 

Ltd., Limited. 

L.Th., Licentiate in Theology. 

Lt.-Genl., Lieutenant-General. 

M., Married; Monsieur; Member. 

Mad., Madame. 

M.A., Master of Arts. 

Mag., Magazine. 

Magte., Magistrate. 

Maj., Major. 

Man., Manitoba. 

Manfg., Manufacturing. 

Manfr., Manufacturer. 

Mang., Managing. 

Mangr., Manager. 

Mar., Maritime. 

Margt., Margaret. 

M.A.Sc., Master of Applied Science- 
Mass., Massachusetts. 

Math., Mathematics; Mathematical. 

M.B., Bachelor of Medicine. 

M.D., Doctor of Medicine. 

Md., Maryland. 

Me., Maine. 

M.E., Mining Engineer; Master of 

Mech., Mechanics; Mechanical. 

Med., Medical; Medicine; Medal; Med 

Mem., Member. 

Messrs., Messieurs. 

Metall., Metallurgy; Metallurgical; 

Meteorol., Meteorology; Meteorologi 
cal; Meteorologist. 

Meth., Methodist. 

M.F., Master of Forestry. 

Mfg., Manufacturing. 

M.F.H., Master of Foxhounds. 

M.G.O., Master General of the Ord 

Mgr., Manager; Monsignor. 

Mich., Michigan. 

Mil., Military; Militia. 

M.I.M.E., Member of the Institute of 
Mining Engineers. 

M.I.Mech.E., Member of the Institute 
of Mechanical Engineers. 

M.I.M.M., Member of the Institute of 
Mining and Metallurgy. 

Minn., Minnesota; Minneapolis. 

Minr., Minister. 

M.Inst.C.E., Member of the Institu 
tion of Civil Engineers. 

M.Inst.M.E., Member of the Institu 
tion of Mining Engineers. 

Missy., Missionary. 

M.L., Licentiate in Medicine. 

M.L.A., Member of the Legislative- 
Assembly; Mistress of Liberal Arts. 

M.L.C., Member of the Legislative 

Mile., Mademoiselle. 

Mme., Madame. 

Mo., Missouri. 

M.P., Member of Parliament. 

M.P.P., Member of Provincial Parlia 
M.S., Manuscript. 

M.Sc., Master of Science. 
Mt., Mount. 



Mus. Bac., Bachelor of Music. 
Mus. Doc., Doctor of Music. 

N, North. 

N.A., North America. 

Nat. National. 

Nav. Navigation. 

N.B., New Brunswick. 

N.C., North Carolina. 

N.D., North Dakota. 

N.B., North-east: North Eastern. 

Neb., Nebraska. 

Nev., Nevada. 

Nfd., Newfoundland. 

N.H., New Hampshire. 

N.J., New Jersey. 

No., Number. 

Notts., Nottinghamshire. 

Nov., November. 

N.P., Notary Public; National Policy. 

Nr., Near. 

N.S.W., New South Wales. 

N.T., New Testament. 

Numis., Numismatic. 

N.-W., North-West. 

N.-W.M.P., North-West Mounted 


N.W.T., North-West Territories. 
N.Y., New York. 
N.Z., New Zealand. 

O., Ohio.; Only; Ordained. 

Obstet, Obstetrics; Obstetrical. 

O.c., Only child. 

O.C., Officer Commanding. 

Oct., October. 

Offr., Officer. 

O.H.M.S., On His Majesty s Service. 

Okla., Oklahoma. 

O.L.S., Ontario Land Surveyor. 

O.M.I., Oblate of Mary Immaculate. 

Ont, Ontario. 

Ophthal., Ophthalmology; Ophthal 

O.R.A., Ontario Rifle Association. 

Ore., Oregon. 

Ornithol., Ornithology; Ornithologi 
cal; Ornithologist. 

O.S.A., Ontario Society of Artists. 

O.s.c., Only surviving child. 

O.s.d., Only surviving daughter. 

O.s.s., Only surviving son. 

O.T., Old Testament. 

Otol., Otology; Qtological; Otologist. 

Oxon., Of Oxford. 

Oz., Ounces. 

Pa., Pennsylvania. 

Pac., Pacific. 

P.A.M.C., Permanent Army Medical 

P. and S., Physicians and Surgeons. 

Parlt., Parliament. 

Parity., Parliamentary. 

Pass., Passenger. 

Path., Pathology; Pathological; Path 

P.C., Privy Council; Privy Councillor. 

P.D.D.G.M., Past District Deputy 
Grand Master. 

P.E.I., Prince Edward Island. 

Penn., Pennsylvania. 

Penty., Penitentiary. 

Permt., Permanent. 

P.G.M., Past Grand Master. 

P.G.Z., Past Grand Z. 

Pharm., Pharmacy; Pharmaceutical. 

Ph.B., Bachelor of Philosophy. 

Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy. 

Phil., Philosophy^ Philosophical. 

Phila., Philadelphia. 

Philol., Philology; Philological; Phil 

Phys., Physical; Physician. 

Physiol., Physiology; Physiological; 

P.I., Philippine Islands. 

P.L.S., Provincial Land Surveyor. 

P.M.G., Postmaster-General. 

P.M.O., Principal Medical Officer. 

P.O., Post Office. 

Pol., Politics; Political. 

Poly., Polytechnic. 

Pomol., Pomology; Pomological; Pom- 

P.P., Parish Priest. 

P.Q., Province of Quebec. 

Prac., Practitioner. 

Presb., Presbyterian. 

Presby., Presbytery. 

Presdt., President. 

Prin., Principal. 

Proc., Proceedings; Proclamation. 

Prof., Professor; Profession; Profes 

Prop., Propr., Proprietor. 

Prot., Protestant; Protective. 

Provl., Provincial. 

Psych., Psychol.; Psychology; Psy 
chological; Psychologist. 

Pub., Public; Publishing. 

P.W.D., Public Works Department. 

Q.C., Queen s Counsel. 

Q.M., Quartermaster. 

Qr., Quarter. 

Q.v., Quod vide (which see). 

Quarter., Quarterly. 

R.A., Royal Artillery. 

R.C., Roman Catholic; Royal Cana 

R.C.A., Royal Canadian Artillery; 
Royal Canadian Academy. 

R.C.D., Royal Canadian Dragoons. 

R.C.E., Royal Canadian Engineers. 

R.C.F.A., Royal Canadian Field Artil 

R.C.G.A., Royal Canadian Garrison 

R.C.H.A., Royal Canadian Horse 

R.C.N., Royal Canadian Navy. 

R.C.P., Royal College of Physicians. 

R.C.R., Royal Canadian Regiment. 

R.C.R.I., Royal Canadian Regiment 
of Infantry. 

R.C.S., Royal College of Surgeons. 

Rd., Road. 

R.D., Rural Dean. 

R.E., Royal Engineers. 

Reed., Received. 

Recr., Receiver. 

Ref., Reformed. 

Regrd., Registered. 

Regr., Registrar. 

Regt, Regiment. 

Rep., Republican; Representative. 

Rev., Reverend; Revenue; Review; 

R.F.A., Royal Field Artillery. 

Rhinol., Rhinology; Rhinological; 

R.I., Rhode Island. 

R.M., Royal Marines. 

R.M.C., Royal Military College. 



R.M.S., Royal Mail Steamer. 

R.N., Royal Navy. 

R. N.-W. M. P., Royal North-West 

Mounted Police. 
R.O., Reserve of Officers; Revising 


Root., Robert. 
R.R., Railroad. 
R.R.C., Royal Red Cross. 
R.S.A., Royal School of Artillery. 
R.S.C., Royal School of Cavalry. 
R.S.I., Royal School of Infantry. 
Rt, Right 
Ry., Railway. 

S., Son; South. 

S.A., South Africa; South America. 

Saml., Samuel. 

Sask., Saskatchewan. 

S.C., South Carolina; Superior Court. 

Sen., School. 

Schol., Scholar.; Scholar; Scholarship. 

Scient., Scientific. 

Scot., Scotland. 

S.E., South-Bast. 

Sec., Section. 

Secy., Secretary. 

Semy., Seminary. 

Sep., Separate. 

Sept., September. 

Sergrt, Sergeant 

S.J., Society of Jesus (Jesuits). 

Soc., Society; Societfi. 

Social., Sociology; Sociological ; Soci 

Solr., Solicitor. 

S.O.O., Senior Ordnance Officer. 

S.P.C.A., Society for the Prevention 
of Cruelty to Animals. 

S.P.C.K., Society for the Propagation 
of Christian Knowledge. 

S.P.G., Society for the Propagation of 
the Gospel. 

Sq., Square. 

Sr., Senior. 

SS., Steamship. 

S.S., Sunday School. 

St., Street; Saint. 

Stat, Statistical; Statistics. 

S.T.B., Bachelor of Sacred Theology 

S.T.D., Doctor of Sacred Theology. 

Ste., Sainte. 

Stipend., Stipendiary. 

S.T.L., Licentiate of Sacred Theology. 

Sup., Superior; Supreme. 

Supdt, Superintendent. 

Surgr., Surgeon; Surgical; Surgery. 

S.W., South-West 

T.C.D., Trinity College, Dublin. 
Tech., Technical; Technology. 
Tel., Telegraph; Telephone. 
Temp., Temperance. 
Tenn., Tennessee. 
Tercent., Tercentenary. 

Terry., Territory. 

Test, Testament 

Tex., Texas. 

Tiheol., Theology; Theological. 

Therap., Therapeutics; Therapeutic. 

Topog., Topography; Topographical. 

Toxicol., Toxicology; Toxicologist 

Tp., Township. 

Trans., Transactions; Translation. 

Treas., Treasurer. 

T.R.H., Their Royal Highnesses. 

Trig., Trigonom. ; Trigonometry. 

Trin., Trinity. 

U.C., Upper Canada. 

U.E.L., United Empire Loyalist 

U.K., United Kingdom. 

Unit, Unitarian. 

Univ., University; Universal. 

Unm., Unmarried. 

Urol., Urology; Urological; Urologist 

U.S., United States. 

U.S.A., United States of America. 

United States Army. 
U.S.N., United States Navy. 

Va., Virginia. 

V.C., Victoria Cross. 

Ven., Venerable. 

Vet, Veterinary. 

V.G., Vicar General. 

V.I., Vancouver Island. 

V.M., Volunteer Militia. 

Vol., Volunteer; Volume. 

V.-P., Vice-President. 

Vs., Versus. 

V.S., Veterinary Surgeon. 

Vt, Vermont 

W., West 

Wash., Washington. 
W.C., West Centre. 
W.C.T.U., Women s Christian Tem 
perance Union. 
Wesl., Wesleyan. 
W.I., West Indies. 
Wilts., Wiltshire. 
Wis., Wisconsin. 
Wm., William. 
W.T., Washington Territory. 
Wyo., Wyoming. 

Y., Youngest 

Yds., Yards. 

Y.M., Young Men s. 

Y.M.C.A., Young Men s Christian 

Yorks., Yorkshire. 
Yr., Year. 

Y.T., Yukon Territory. 
Y.W., Young Women s. 
Y.W.C.A., Young Women s Christian 


Zo81., Zoology; ZoSlogioal; Zoblogist. 

As regards quotations from newspapers and periodicals, T. preceding the 
name of a newspaper always stands for Toronto; V. always stands for 
Vancouver; M. for Montreal; H. for Halifax; and L. for London; M. and E. 
stands for the Toronto Mail and Empire, and 8. N. for the Toronto Saturday 



Abbott, Albert Holden, educationist 

S. Albert and Elizabeth (Jamieson) 
A. ; Eng. and Scotch descent ; b. Brock- 
ville, Ont., Dec. 7, 1871; e. Brockville 
public and high sens., Univ. Toronto 
(B.A., 1895) and Univ. Wurzburg, Ger 
many (Ph.D., 1904) ; m., Dec., 1904, 
Grace Kearn (B.A., Toronto Univ., 
1895), y. d. late W. T. Dingle, Oshawa, 
Ont. ; devoted himself largely to 
psych, investigation, becoming asst. 
Psych. Labor., Toronto Univ., 1894 ; 
instr. Phil, and asst. Psych. Labor., 
1899; Lecturer do. and >do., 
asst. prof. Phil., 1907 ; also toot. 
Psych. Normal Coll., Hamilton, Ont., 
1906-7 ; author papers on " Sensations 
of Colour," "Theory of Thinking," 
"Psych, and Pedagogy," "Psych, and 
Epistemology of Hobbes"; preparing 
" Colour Saturation in its Quantitative 
Relations," "Briicke s Phenomenon and 
Fechner s Colours," " Psych. ^of ^ Mean 
ing and Interpretation," "Brit. Phil, 
and Psych, from Bacon to the Present 
Day " ; mem. Am. Psych. Assn., 
deutsche Gesellschaft far Experimen 
ted Psychotogie ; a Presb. -}6 How- 
hind Ave., Toronto. 

" A many-sided man and of altogether 
exceptional attainments." T. Globe. 
Abbott, Frederick Albert, dramatic 

reader and impersonator. 
S Hodson Gunning and Elizabeth 
(Bea*tie) A.; b. Ixwidon, On t Apl. 
20, 1865; e. public schs., Coll. Inst, 
London, and Columbia Univ., N.Y. , a 
dramatic reader, impersonator and 
teacher of expression; commenced 
London, 1899, with local reputation; 
later studied with F. Townsend South- 
wick N.Y. ; has appeared in Can. and 
US founder London Sch. of Elocu 
tion and Oratory ; for 3 yrs. Prof, of 
Expression, Northwestern Normal 
Sch., Oklahoma; later, lecturer Bd. of 
Education, N.Y., free lecture course to 
people and Instruct of Expression 
23rd St. branch Y.M.C.A. ; apptd. head 
prof. Dept. of Expression, State Nor 
mal Sch., Warrensburg, Mo., sept., 
1905; made a specialty of interpreta 
tion along the lines of emphasis and 
Inflection, and has done valuable work 
In this way for singers, preachers, 
lawyers, etc. ; has written and pub 
lished verses and songs ; a Metn., t 
always searching for truth, anywhere 
and everywhere ; a Con. ; proud, of 
being a Can., and will never lose his 
love for, nor his faith in, . his beloved 
country ; m. Sept., 1905, Miss Kathleen 
Murphy, Masonville, Ky., an accom 
plished musician Warrensburg, Mo., 
Can. Club., New York. 

"A master in bin profession . - 
matte Nevis, 

Abbott, Harry Bralthwalte, civil 


S. late Rev. Joseph A., 1st incum 
bent St. Andrews, P.Q., and Harriet 
Elizabeth, d. Rev. Richard Bradford, 
1st rector Chatham, P.Q. ; a bro. late 
Hon. Sir J. J. C. Abbott, K.C.M.G., 
Prime Minister of Can. ; b. Abbotsford, 
PQ., June 14, 1829; e. Montreal 
Higth Sc-h. and McOill Univ. ; com 
menced prof, career on engineering 
staff St. Lawrence and Atlantic (now 
G. T. ) Ry., on completion of which 
line was apptd. a resident engr. ; re 
signed 1857, to take a contract with 
late C. Freer on G. T. Ry ; later, hav 
ing leased the RiviSre du Loup sec. of 
that road, they opened and operated it 
for a year, and also operated Carillon 
and Grenville Ry. until its purchase 
by Ottawa River Nav. Co. ; assumed 
control and filled position of chief engr. 
Brockville and Ottawa Ry., 1864, and, 
in 1872 built the Carleton Place and 
Ottawa branch, Can. Central Ry. (now 
a portion of the C.P.R.) ; for some time 
presdt. and mang. ddr. of former, and 
miang. dir. of latter ro&d ; organized 
Eastern Extension Ry. Co., of which 
he was apptd. chief engr. and mangr. 
of eooetruotton, 1876; has connection 
with the C. P. Ry., as now constituted, 
commenced 1882, when he became 
mangr. of construction of Saulit te. 
Marie branch; after its completion, 
was chosen mangr. of ooOBtruotaoo of 
the main line west from Sudbury ; was 
in charge of this division at outbreak 
of Riel rebellion, 1885, and all 
arrangements for the prompt convey 
ance of troops sent from the East for 
suppression of the rebellion were made 
and carried out by (him; afterwards, 
having served as supervising engr. of 
the C P Ry. for some months, was 
aipptd. genii, supt. of C. P. Ry. in B. C., 
1886; retired ifrom this position Men., 
1897, at same time decMning appt. as 
adviser to bd. of management in. Morot- 
real ; admitted mem. Soc. C. E., 1 
and hosibeen a councillor of ttot body _; 
assisted in raising llth Regt V. M 
"Argenteuil Rangers," during Trent 
affair, 1862, in which he served, retir 
ing therefrom with rank of major ; 
unsuccessfully contested Brockville 
(H. C.), Con. interest, g. e. 1872, and 
East Algoma (Local), 1886; an Ang., 
and a del. to the Synod; a dir. Brit. 
Am. Oil Refineries; hon. Life Presdt 
Vancouver Club ; Presdt. Field Trial 
Club and of Vancouver Hunt Club ; m. 
Margt. Amelia (d. Feb. 16, 1903), d 
late Hon. Justice Sicotte and widow c 
r Freer C.E. Vancouver, B.C.; Van 
couver Club, do.; Union Club, Victoria. 


Abbott, Rev. Henry Pryor Almon 

S. late Rev. John A., rector St. Luke s 
Cath., Halifax, N.S., and Bda, d. late 
Hon. M. B. Almon ; b. Halifax, July 
11, 1881 ; e. King s Coll., Windsor, N.S. 
(B.A. 1902), and Christ Ch., Oxford 
(IM.\A., 1905) ; m., July, 1907, Rachel 
Caroline, d. Lt.- Col. Owyn (q.v.), Dun- 
das, Orit. ; o. deacon, 1904 ; priest, 
1905 ; curate St. Luke s Cath., Halifax, 
1904-5 ; do. St. James the Apostle, 
Montreal, 1906 ; rector Christ Ch. 
Cath., Hamilton, 1907 ; canon ; declined 
calls to Trin. Ch., Chicago, and Grace 
Ch., Oak Park, do., respectively, 1910 ; 
an official del. to the Bii-cenfen. Ang. 
Ch. celebration), Halifax, N.S., 1910. 
Hamilton Ont. 

" An earnest and effective preacher, and 
one of the ablest of the younger men of 
the church." M. Witness. 

Abbott, Henry Randolph, dentist. 

Granted D.D.S. (hon.) Trinity Univ., 
Toronto, 1901 ; Presdt. Dom. Dental 
Council, 1906. London, Ont. 

Abbott, John Bethune, artist. 

S. late Hon. Sir J. J. C. A., Prime 

Minr. of iCan., artd Harriet (B rad*- 
ford) A. ; b. Montreal, Dec. 23, 1852 ; 
e. Montreal High Sch., Trin. Univ., To 
ronto, and McGill Univ. (B.C.L., 1874) ; 
advocate, 1874 ; practised his prof, far 
sometime in partnership wfttlh his father, 
but abandoned law some yrs. since ; 
paints in water colours ; is curator and 
secy. Montreal Art Assn. and mem. Ex. 
Comte. Fraser Imst. ; Offr. d Instruction 
Pub. (from French Gc vt), 1909 ; Ang. ; 
unm. Art Gallery, 23 Phillips Square, 
Montreal; 2,99 Pine Ave. W., do.; sum 
mer: " Hillcote," Senneville, P.Q.; 
Montreal Racquet Club; St. George 
Snowshoe Club; University Club, Mont 

Abbott, Miss Maude Elizabeth Sey 
mour, physician. 

B. St. Andrews, P.Q. ; a niece late 
Hon. Sir J. J. C. A., K.C.M.G., Prime 

Minr. of Can. ; e. McGill Univ. (BjA. and 
gold med. for genl. standing, 1890), 
Zurich and Vienna ; had previously 
(1874) obtained degree of M.D. at 
Bishop s Coll., Lennoxville ; M.D.,C.M. 
(hon.), McGill Univ., 1910; elected to 
Extve. Initerm. Assn. Med. Museums, 
Washington, D.C., do. ; L.R.C.P. and 
S. (Edin.), 1897; a fellow in Path., 
McGill Univ. ; has been identified with 
the movement in Montreal for provid 
ing playgrounds for Children. US 
Durocher St., Montreal. 
ab der Halden, Charles Joseph Victor, 

author and educationist. 
Family of Swiss and Alsatian origin, 
a long time settled in France ; b. Rou- 
baix (Nord), France, June 18, 1873; 
e. Univ. of Paris (M.A. in letters and 
in law) ; m., Aug., 1901, Mile. Isabella, 
Paris ; Prof. Literature Normal Sch., 
Lyons ; dir. Bibliotheque Can. and the 
Revue d Europe et d Am6rique; Laur 
eate of the French Acad. ; has pub 
lished " La Veillee des Armes," "Etude 
de Litterature Canadienne-FranQaise" ; 
a Prot. 4 Rue Antoine Dubols, Paris, 

" Under an apparently light vein is pos 

sessed of deep learning." Nouvelle Presse, 

Aberdeen, Her Excellency the Count 
ess of, Ishbel Maria. 
Y. d. 1st Lord Tweedmouth ; b. 
" Guisachan." Inverness-shire, Scot., 
1857; m., 1877, 7th Bart of A. (q.v.) ; 
before coming to Can. displayed great 
activity in philanthropic and other 
good work, more particularly for the 
amelioration of her sex ; was the 
presdt. of several women s assns. in 
Gt. Brit., including the Scottish 
Mothers Union, the Women s Local 
Govt. Soc., and the Women s Lib. Fed 
eration of Eng. and of Scot., positions 
she resigned on coming to Can. ; while 
at Dublin Castle, 1886, organized the 
Irish Industries Assn., to develop home 
industries among the people ; at an 
earlier period founded the Onward and 
Upward Assn. for the promotion of a 
more sisterly interest in one another 
among women in every station of life, 
and especially among mistresses and 
their female servants ; in Can. her 
ladyship founded the National Council 
of Women for the promotion of greater 
unity of thought, sympathy and pur 
pose among the women of Can., of 
which she was the first presdt. ; and, 
in commemoration of Queen Victoria s 
diamond jubilee, the Victorian Order 
of Nurses, in sympathy with the move 
ment in Gt. Brit, establishing Queen s 
Jubilee Nurses under the special pat 
ronage of the Queen, which latter body 
was incorporated by Royal charter ; 
she likewise founded the Aberdeen 
Assn. for sending literature to settlers 
in the isolated diists. of the Dom. who are 
unable to procure reading matter for 
themselves, all 3 bodies being still in 
existence ; has been presented with the 
freedom of the city of Limerick, Irel., 
and received the hon. degree LL.D. 
from Queen s Univ., Kingston, 1897; 
is an, hon. mem. Gen !. Federation of 
Women s Clubs of U. S. ; elected 
Presdt., Intern. Council of Women (an 
office she had previously filled, 1893- 
1899), 1904; author of " Throuerh Can. 
With a Kodak," of a paper on "Women 
in Can.", read before the London Soc. 
of Arts, 1903, of "Ireland s Crusade 
Against Trubercuil.," 3 vols. (1908) ; 
"Our Lady of the Sunshine" (1910) ; 
and of a vol. embracing her recollec 
tions of her bro. (Lord Tweedmouth), 
do ; on leaving Can. June, 1898, was pre 
sented by members of both Houses of 
Parlt. with a handsome historical din 
ner service, the work of the Women s 
Art Assn. of Can., in recognition of 
her signal devotion to the promotion 
of all good works in Can. and her in 
variable kindness to the mems. of the 
Dom. Parlt. ; elected an hon. life mem. 
of the Brit. flVTed. Assn, 1909 ; reed, a 
med. from the French branch, Intern. 
Council of Women, for her services in 
fighting tubercul., 1910. Viceregal 
Lodge, Dublin, Irel.; Haddo House, 
Aberdeenshire, Scot.; 58 Grosvenor St., 
London, W., Eng. 

" One of the greatest women in the 
world to-day." " Kit " (q.v.). 

" A noble-hearted and cultured wornan." 
Sir Sandford Fleming (q.v.). 


" This body desires to record its grate 
ful appreciation of the zeal, the unfailing 
tact, the administrative ability and the 
devotion to the cause of humanity by 
which Her Excellency the Countess of 
Aberdeen has endeared herself to the hearts 
of the women of the Dominion." Resolu 
tion: National Council of Women of Can., 
Toronto, 1895. 

Aberdeen, His Excellency Sir John 
Campbell Hamilton Gordon, 7th 
Earl of, statesman. 
B. Edinburgh, Scot., Aug. 3, 1847; 
e. Cheams Sch., St. Andrew s Univ. 
and Univ. Coll., Oxford (B.A., 1871; 
M.A., 1877) ; succeeded to peerage, 
1870; m. 1877, Hon. Ishbel Maria 
Marjoribanks (q.v.), y. d. 1st Baron 
Tweedmouth ; Lord High Commr. to 
Genl. Assem., Ch. of Scot., 1881-85; 
Lord Lieut, of Irel., Jan. to July, 1886, 
and, again, since Dec., 1905 ; P.O., 
1886; K.T., 1906; Gov.-Genl. of Can., 
1893-98; G.C.M.G., 1893; V.-R, Royal 
Col. Inst, 1891 ; is an LL.D., Univ. of 
Aberdeen, and an hon. D.C.L. (Oxon. ), 
Bishop s Coll. Univ., Lennoxville, and 
Trinity Univ., Toronto, and an hon. 
LL.D., Queen s Univ., Kingston ; McGill 
Univ., Montreal ; Ottawa Unuv., Ottawa ; 
Toronto Univ., Toronto ; Laval Univ., 
Quebec ; Harvard Univ., Cambridge, 
Mass. ; and Princeton Univ., Princeton, 
N.J. ; is Hon. Col., 10th Grenadiers, 
Toronto ; a Brig.-Genl., Royal Co. of 
Archers, and Hon. Col. Aberdeenshire 
Artillery Volunteers ; was ex offlcio 
Hon. Col. Gov.-Genl. s Foot Gds., Can. ; 
is an hon. life Gov., Victorian Order 
Nurses, an hon. mem. Lit. and His. 
Soc., Quebec, and Soc. C. E., Montreal ; 
chairman in London, Bd. of Dirs., West. 
Assur. Co. ; do., Brit. Bd. of Dirs., Can. 
Life Assur. Co., and a mem. Bd. of 
Control Pacific Cable Co. ; favours life 
membership in Ho. of Lords for dis 
tinguished colonial leaders ; on leaving 
Can., June, 1898, was presented with 
a farewell address by both Houses of 
Parlt., expressive of their satisfaction 
and appreciation of his work and ser 
vices in Can. ; carried tJhe .standard of 
the Dom. oif Can. in the procession in 
Westminster i Abbey at Their Majesties 
coronation, June, 1911; an extensive 
landowner in Can. Viceregal Lodge, 
Dublin, Irel.; Haddo House, Aberdeen- 
shire, Scot.; 58 Grosvenor St., London, 
W., Eng,; Brooks s Club; Reform 
Club; Nat. Liberal Club; Bachelors 
Club, London. 

" Did more to popularize the office of 
Governor-General in Canada than any 
other representative that was evr sent to 
Ottawa." T. Telegram (1898). 
Abraham, Frederick, journalist. 

Ancestors, male side from Irel. ; 
female side from Holland and U. E. 
Loyalists; s. late Joseph and Anna> 
Hanner (Miller) A., Belleville, Ont. ; 
b. Bellieville, Nov. 18, 1870; e. Belle 
ville High Sch.; m. May, 1891, Miss 
Maud Elizabeth Charters, saiiie place, 
served in all capacities In a news 
paper office; ait present secy.-treas. 
Montreal Daily Herald and a dir 
of Herald Co. ; a Lib. ; a iMeth. WO 
Western Ave., Westmount, Montreal; 
Canada Club, do. 

Abraham, Rev. Herbert Edison 


O. c. Rev. Dr. A. (q.v.) ; b. Watford, 
Ont, Mch. 3, 1877; e. Whitby Coll. 
Inst. and Toronto Univ. (B.A. with 1st 
class honours in Math, and 2nd class 
in Lit. and His., 1899) ; pursued theol. 
studies, Knox Coll., Toronto (a schol 
arship each year) ; graduated, 1903 ; 
mission work in Muskoka and else 
where while a student ; o. and inducted 
pastor St. Paul s Presb. Ch., Port 
Hope, July, 1903 ; m. Apl., 1906, Geor- 
giana E., d. David Galbraith, Whitby, 
Ont. Port Hope, Ont. 

Abraham, Rev. John (Presb.). 

S. Joseph A., Co. Tyrone, and his wife, 
Craig, Co. Beliast, Irel. ; b. Co. 
Haldimand, Ont, Feb. 21, 1843 ; e. Port 
Dover High Sch., Univ. Toronto and 
Knox Coll., Toronto (D.D., 1904) ; m. 
1875, Miss Edison, Vienna, Ont. ; entd. 
ministry, 1872; first charge, Watford; 
inducted present charge, Whitby, Sept., 
1879 ; Moderator, Synod Toronto and 
Kingston, 1890; author paper: "Some 
Phases of the Educational Question." 
Whitby, Ont 

Abramovitz, Rev. Herman (Jewish). 

B. Russia, Feb. 28, 1880; e. public 
schs. N. Y. City, and Coll. City of N. Y. ; 
post-grad, work phil. dept Columbia 
Univ. (B.A.) ; took Rabbinical degree 
Jewish Theol. Semy. of Am., also de 
gree Doctor Heb. Lit. from same in 
stitution ; unm. ; admitted to ministry, 
1902 ; later apptd. minr. of Eng. and 
Polish Synagogue, Montreal ; author 
" Council of Four Lands," a study, and 
of various contributions to periodical 
lit. ; a life gov. Montreal Grenl. Hosp., 
and an hon. mem. Montefiore Club, 
Montreal. 11 Hutchison St., Montreal; 
Montefiore Club. 

" A scholarly and cultured man." M. 

Acheson, Rev. Edward Campion 


S. Alex, and Mary (Campion) A., 
Montrath, Queen s Co., Irel., and a 
descend. Sir Archibald A., Secy, of 
State for Scot. temp. Jas. I. ; b. Wool 
wich, Eng., Aug., 1860; e. Woolwich, 
Toronto Univ., Wycliffe Coll., and 
Univ. N. Y. (M.A., 1891) ; m. June, 
1892, Eleanor Gertrude, 6th d. Geo. 
Gooderham, Toronto ; o. deacon and 
priest by Bp. Sweatman ; curate All 
Saints, Toronto, 1888-89 ; do. St. 
George s, N. Y., 1889-92 ; rector Holy 
Trinity, Middletown, Conn., since 
1892 ; while a student served in 
Queen s Own Rifles, Toronto (Univ. 
Co.), throughout last Riel rebellion, 
becoming ultimately chaplain to regt. 
(despatches for services at Cut KnL?,? 
Creek; medal). Middletown, Conn.; 
" National Ark, Grainercy Park, New 

Acheson, Lt.-Col. George, physician. 

S. Rev. Robt. A. (Presb.) ; b. Gait, 
Ont, 1859 ; e. Gait Grammar Sch. 
(Duffer in Medal) and Toronto Univ. 
(B.A. and gold medal in Nat. Science. 
18,80; M.A., 1883; M.B., with 1st class 
honours, 1887) ; m., 1890, Louie M., <1. 
Jas. Phymdster, Montreal ; Science 
Maister Toronto Coll. Inst, 1881, and 
was for a time Ho. Surg. Toronto Genl. 


Hasp, and lect. Women s IMed. Coll. ; 
miem. Bd. Extve. Coll. -P. and S., Ont. ; 
joined Queen s Own Rifles (Univ. Oo.), 
1876, serving in ranks; subsequently 
commanded a co., till 1887 ; major 29th 
Begt., 1895; It. -col. com mdg., 1899; 
has commanded 2nd Infty. Brigade 
since May, 1907 ; Colonial Aux. Forces 
decoration, 1908; Prest>. Gait, Ont. 
Aclieson, Bev. Stuart (Presb.). 

Descended ancient Irish family that 
removed from Scot, to Ulster, period 
of plantation ; s. Thos. A. ; b. Mono 
Mills, Ont, Oct. 13, 1847 ; e. Toronto 
Grammar Sen., Toronto Univ. and 
Queen s Univ. (B.A. 1887) ; M.A. from 
Hamilton Coll. and Univ., N. Y. ; gradu 
ated in theol. Knox Coll., Toronto, 
1876; o. 1876; minister Clover Hill, 
Ont, 1876; First Ref. Presb. Ch., To 
ronto, 1889; St. Paul s, Wiarton, 1894; 
Broadview, Sask., 1906 ; V.-P. at large 
Can. Scotch-Irish Congress Am. ; grand 
chaplain I.O.O.F., Ont. ; formerly mem. 
Bd. Mangt. Knox Coll., Toronto and do. 
Genl. Assem. Comte. Aged and Infirm 
Mins. Fund and .Widows and Orphans 
Fund, Presb. Ch. ; was chairman High 
Sch. Bd., Wiarton, and convener Home 
Mission Fund, Owen Sound ; also rep. 
to Genl. Assem. ; author paper on 
" Scotch-Irish In Can." and of several 
pamphlets; m. June, 1877, Frances 
Mary, d. late Lt-Col. T. R. Ferguson, 
M.P. ; holds strongly same political 
opinions as late D Alton McCarthy, 
M.P. ; would welcome religious union 
between Presb. and Meth. Churches. 
Broadview, Sask. 

Acklom, George Morebye, education 

Descended from an ancient Saxon 
family, mentioned in Domesday Book, 
after whom two Yorkshire towns are 
named, Acklam in Holderness and 
Acklam near Middlesborough ; s. Robt. 
A., Indian civil service ; b. Narsinghpur, 
C.I., 1870 ; e. Clifton, Bedford and 
Queen s Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1891; 
M.A., 1894) ; m., 1897, Lillian, y. d. 
John Mann, Redoar, York ; Math. Mas 
ter, St. Mary s Coll., Harlow, 1891; 
2nd Master, Cambridge Ho. Sclh., 
Halifax, 1891-9 3 ; 2nd Master OoH. 
Soh., Windsor, N.S., 1893-95; (Math. 
and Science Master, Bishop s CoH. 
Scto., Lennoxvilile, and iScience lec 
turer Bishop s Col l., 1895-97 (Acad. 
diploma, P. Q., 1896) ; Headmaster, 
Harrow Ho. Sch., Halifax, N.S., 
1897-06; Prof, of Eng., King s Coll., 
Windsor, N.S., 1906-7; author "Mar 
garet, An Idyill " (poems), and was 
ed. of sob. magazine at Bedford ; 
a noted athlete, both in Eng. and 
N. S. ; held coll. rowing record for 
light pairs; V.-P. Oh. of Eng. Inst, 
Halifax, and a del. to Ang. Synod; 
officially connected with Primrose 
League in Eng. Royal N. ,S. Yacht 
Club, Halifax, N.S.; New Oxford and 
Cam. Club, London, Eng. 
Acland, Frederick Albert, Dom. pub 
lic service. 

S. S. and iM ary (Bryant) A. ; to. 
BridgewateT, Brag., Aug. 9, 1861 ; e. 
there ; m., 1888, Elizabeth, d. Jonn 
Adair, Toronto; entd. a printing office 
at 11, commencing regular newspaper 

work a feiw yrs. later ; came to Can., 
1883, joining staff Toronto Globe, later 
spending a couple of yrs. in journal 
ism in Cincinnati, Chicago, New Or 
leans, Atlanta, Ga., and other Am. 
cities; returning to Can., became city 
ed. Toronto Globe, 1887 ; news ed. 
1890; removed to Philadelphia, Pa., 
to assist In establishing Booklover s 
Mag., 1902 ; transfd. to London, Eng., 
as mangr. Eng. branches Booklover s 
Library, 1903; on disposal of these 
branches to W. H. Smith, returned 
to Can., becoming ed. Globe Sat. 
Mag., 1904 ; visited Western Pro 
vinces May, 1906, a trip he had un 
dertaken several times previously, 
and wrote a series of letters for the 
Globe, describing conditions and 
affairs there, " with an authority and 
insight that has never been sur 
passed " (vide T. News), which 
were published in pamphlet form by 
Dom. Govt. ; later, same year, re 
moved to Winnipeg as permanent ed. 
representative of the Globe, a wholly 
new venture in Can. journalism; 
apptd. Secy. Dept. of Labour, Feb., 
1907 ; promoted Depty. iMinr. do., Oct. 
1, 1908; Presdt. iC. S. Assn.. 1907; 
author "Joseph Chamlberlain: The Man 
and the Statesman," and of numerous 
other contributions to mag. literature ; 
Ang. H Somerset St., Ottawa; Rideau 
Club. do. 

" Noted for his sound judgment and 
literary taste." S. N. 

" A journalist of wide experience and 
excellent ability." T. News. 

Acres, Miss Helen Elizabeth, educa 

Apptd. Lady Principal Bishop 
Strachan Sch., Toronto, an institution 
for the higher education of girls, 1898; 
as such received H.R.H. the Princess 
of Wales (the present Queen of Eng.) 
on a visit to the institution, Oct., 1901, 
H.R.H. the Princess Louise, Duchess 
of Argyll, having visited the same sch., 
Sapt. 12, 1879; resigned, 1911; Ang. 
SI College St., Toronto. 
Adam, Bev. Francois Tancrede 

S. late Louis A., N.P., and Rose H. 
(Bourgeois) A. ; b. Coteau-du-Lac, 
P.Q., June 25, 1850; e. Coll. Bourget ; 
o. 1873; prof. Coll. Bourget; after fill 
ing some minor appts. was specially 
selected by Archbp. Fabre to minister 
to French-Canadians at Whitehall, 
N.Y., 1877 ; returned to Montreal, 1883. 
and In 1892 became cure of Ch. of 
Sacred Heart, Montreal ; hon. canon, 
1900 ; mem. Cath. Sch. Bd., 1906. 
835 Ontario St. E., Montreal. 

" A noted authority on historical sub 
jects." M. Herald. 
Adam, Graeme Mercer, author. 

S. late Jas. and Margt. (Wishart) A., 
Lasswade, Midlothian, Scot. ; b. Loan- 
head, Scot, May 25, 1839 ; e. Edin 
burgh ; cradled among books; at 19 
was at the head of the retail .branch 
of one of the oldest Scottish publish 
ing houses; in 1858 came to Can. as 
mangr. of the Can. book-house of Rev. 
Dr. Cunningham Gelkie, and, 2 yrs. 
afterwards, succeeded to the business, 
In partnership with Mr. Rollo, the firm 



afterwards being re-formed and known 
as Adam, Stevenson & Co., booksellers 
and publishers, Toronto, which con 
tinued in existence for many yrs. ; in 
1876, in alliance with late John Lovell, 
Montreal, opened a publishing house 
in N. Y. as an outlet for literature 
manufactured by Mr. L. s sons, at 
Rouse s Point, a venture which, al 
though not barren of results, was not 
immediately successful : it subsequently 
developed into the U. S. Book 
Co. ; returning to Toronto, 1878, entd. 
on an active literary career; his 
firm had previously published the 
Brit. Am. Mag., to which he had con 
tributed reviews of books ; and from 
1869 to 1872 he had written almost the 
whole of each number of the Can. 
Bookseller, an organ of the book and 
publishing interests of Can. ; in 1872, 
in co-operation with Prof. Goldwin 
Smith and others, he founded the 
Can. Monthly, of which he was sole 
ed. from 1879 to its decease, 1883 ; 
in 1879 he also founded the Can. Edu 
cational Monthly, of which he was ed. 
for over 5 yrs. ; was likewise for 
several yrs. office ed. and business 
mangr. of The Bystander, and, in 
connection with this duty, served as 
secy, and literary asst. to Prof. Gold- 
win Smith ; when the Week was started 
he became one of its staff of writers, 
contributing also to the Nation, the 
Globe, the Mail, and other journals 
published then and subsequently at 
Toronto ; he found time, as well, for 
other forms of authorship; in 1883 
he ed. a series of sch. reading books, 
in 5 volumes, known as " The Royal 
Can. Readers " ; subsequently he ed. an 
edition of Macaulay s " Essay on War 
ren Hastings," and published, in asso 
ciation with J. W. Connor, the " Can. 
High Sch. Word Book," and, in asso 
ciation with W. J. Robertson (q.v.), a 
" Sch. History of Eng. and Can." ; in 
1885 he published "The Can. North- 
West ; Its History and Its Troubles," 
and, in 1886, in conjunction with Miss 
Wetherald (q.v. ), an historical 
romance entitled " An Algonquin 
Maiden " ; among other works from 
his pen have been : " An Outline His 
tory of Can. Literature " ; a volume 
summarizing the work in Equatorial 
Africa of Sir H. M. Stanley ; a series 
of books of a topographical and de 
scriptive character on Can. ; " Can. 
from Sea to Sea," a tourist s hand 
book ; " Toronto Old and New " ; a 
revised ed. of Collins " Life of Sir 
John Macdonald " ; a " Hand-book on 
Commercial Union," and, in conjunc 
tion with the late Geo. Dickson, a " His 
tory of Upper Can. College" ; was 
also a contributor to " Picturesque 
Can.," ed. by the late Principal Grant; 
on leaving for the U. S., 1892, was 
presented with an address and purse 
by Can. literary men and publishers, 
in recognition of his important work ; 
becoming a resident of N. Y., he re 
mained there for 4 yrs., being chiefly 
connected with the U. S. Book Co. as 
reader and literary adviser ; otherwise 
he performed a large share of labour, 
not only as a reviewer, memoir writer 
and general contributor in mags, and 
critical journals, but in the way of 

compilations and original authorship ; 
in 1896 he removed to Chicago to be 
come ed. of Self-Culture, a new mag., 
which he subsequently accompanied to 
A-kron, O., on its removal thither ; 
after 6 yrs., having edited 9 vols. of the 
periodical, his connection with it 
ceased on a change of publishers, and 
he again took up his residence in 
N. Y., where he has continued to reside, 
being engaged in editorial and general 
lit. work for the chief Eastern publish 
ing houses ; of separate works he has 
written a life of Genl. R. E. Lee and 
one of Peter the Great, and prepared 
for John Lovell & Sons, Montreal, a 
new ed. of " The Dom. of Can. Gazet 
teer " ; a graduate of the Royal Mil. 
Sch., Toronto, holding a 1st class cert., 
he served for many yrs. in the Queen s 
Own Rifles, Toronto, and commanded 
a co. at Ridgeway during the first 
Fenian raids (med.) ; an Ang. ; m., 1st, 
1863, Jane Beazley (d. 1884), 2nd 
d. late John Gibson, ed. Literary 
Garland, Montreal ; 2ndly, 1891, 
Frances Isabel, 4th d. late Fredk. 
Brown, Rochdale ; politically an Ind. 
and free trader ; in Can. a Nationalist. 
7 W. 106th St., New York. 

" Take away the literary undertakings 
fostered in Canada by Goldwin Smith and 
Mercer Adam and what remains?" The 
Me Nicholas Flood Davin, M.P. 
Adam, Joseph, lawyer. 

S. late Guillaume A. ; b. Marieville, 
P.Q., July 30, 1850; e. Coll Ste. Marie- 
de-Monnoir, and IMcGill Univ. (B. C.L. 
1878); advocate, 1878; K./C., 1903 
successfully practises in Montreal 
atty., city of Ste. Cunegx>nde for 14 
yrs. ; m., iSept, 1883, Corinme (d. July, 
1908), e. d. Hon. Justice Mathieu 
(q.v.) ; a R. iC. and a Con. 83 Cher- 
rier St., Montreal; Club St. Denis, do. 
Adami, John George, educationist. 

S. late John Geo. A., Manchester 
and Ashton-upon-Mersey, Cheshire, 
and Sarah Ann Ellis, d. Thos. Leech, 
Urmston, Lancashire, Eng. ; b. Man 
chester, Jan. 12, 1862; e. Owens Coll., 
Manchester; Christ s Coll., Camb. (sch. 
1881; 1st cl. 1st pt. Nat. Science 
Tripos, 1882 ; do. 2nd pt. do. do., 1884 ; 
bach, travel, sch., 1884 ; Darwin prize 
man for orig. research, 1885 ; M.A., 
1887 ; MJD., 1891), Breslau and Paris; 
m. 1894, Mary Stuart, d. Jas. A. Cant- 
lie, Montreal, and niece Lord Mount- 
Stephen (q.v.) ; John Lucas WaJker 
student path. Univ. Cam., 1890; house 
phys. .Manchester Royal Infirmary and 
Demon. Path., do., 1900 ; fellow Jsus 
Coll., do., 189il ; Prof. Path. MoGill 
Univ., 1892; F.R.S. (Edin.), 1898; 
M.A., M.D. ad eund. (McGill), 1899; 
LL.D. (Univ. N. B.), 1900; F.R.S.C. 
(1902) ; F.R.S. (1905) ; author of num 
erous papers upon path, subjects in vari 
ous med. journals and trans, of med. 
socs., Eng., Am. and French ; also of an 
address on art and literature deliv 
ered before Women s Art Assn., Mont 
real, 1904 ; has been prominently iden 
tified: with local league for prev. of 
tubercul. ; was Presdt. local Medico- 
Chir. Soc., and is now joint Secy. Vic 
torian Order Nurses ; was Presdt. Mont 
real branch Brit. Med. Assn., 1899, and 


Presdt. Path. Sec. same body Toronto 
meeting, 1905 ; declined appt. to chair 
of Path., Cornell Univ., 1898, to same 
Chair, Univ. Camb., 1899, and to other 
professorships elsewhere ; presided at 
Intern. Tubercul. Congress, Washing 
ton, 1908; promoter Royal Edward 
Tubercul. Inst., 1909 ; Royal Commr. re 
Spread of Tubercul., 1909 Presdt City 
Improvement League, do. ; do. Can. 
Assn. for the Prev. of Tubercul., do 
re-elected do., do., 191,1 ; elected 
presdt. Assn. of Am. Physicians, 1911 
do. Can. Mining Inst., 1910; V -P 
Montreal Univ. Club, do. SSI Peel St 
.Montreal; St. James s Club; Univer 
sity Club, Montreal; Saville Club, Lon 
don; Alpha Delta Phi, New York. 

" Endowed with youth, energy and en 
thusiasm, his investigations have been im 
portant and of great benefit to mankind " 
M. Herald. 

Adams, Major Alexander, late H.M. s 
regular mil. forces. 

Y. s. late Capt. Jas. A., architect, 
employed in the construction of the 
Parlt. Bldgs., Ottawa; Irish origin; 
b. Ottawa, May 27, 1867; e. there 
and R. ,M. .Coll., Kingston; gradu 
ated, 1887; gazetted 2nd lieut. R. B., 
1888 ; capt, 1899 ; major, 1907 ; apptd. 
genl. mangr. Nile Delta Light Ry 
1899; having previously served as 
traffic mangr. Burma State Ry. ; m. 
1908, Catherine Mary, y. d. late C. B 
Fox, Master in Equity, Bombay, ana 
Hon. Mrs. C. E. Fox. Cairo, Egypt. 
Adams, Allan Huston, physician 

S. Dr. A., Whitby, Ont. ; b. there ; 
e. Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1901; MD 
with honours, 1904) ; im., Sept., 1909 
Nettie Elizabeth, d. C. C. Norris, To 
ronto ; intern, phys. Muskoka Free 
Hosp. for Consumptives, 1904 Supt 
Toronto Free Hosp. for Consumptive 
Poor, 1905 ; mem. staff Toronto Genl 
Hosp., H905 ; Ang. 3JJ Jarvis St., To 
ronto, Ont. 

Adams, Charles Frederick, lawyer. 

E. s. Capt. J. F. A., H. M/s Cus 
toms, Sarnia, Ont., formerly of Perth 
Onit. ; b. Sarnia, Mch. 13, 1880; e. pub 
lic schs. and Coll. Inst, Sarnia; m. 
Sept., 1909, Miss Amy Allen Johns, 
Exeter, Ont. ; studied law, Osgoode 
Hall, Toronto ; undergrad. in law, 
Man. Univ. ; barrister (Alta. and 
Sask.), 1906; successfully practises 
his prof, at Calgary ; a mem. legal 
firm Muir, Jephson & A., there ; secy.- 
treas. Law Soc. of Alta. since its cre 
ation, 1907 ; first hon. secy. Can. Club, 
Calgary, 1907-8; presdt. Toung Men s 
Club, do., 1906-8; a Meth., and a 
mem. Bd. of Mangt. Central Meth. 
Ch. Calgary, Alta; Canadian Club; 
Young Men s Club, do. 

Adams, Cliauncey Allen, educationist. 
B. Sawyerville, P.Q., Nov. 15, 1879; 
e. Coaticook Acad., Stanstead Wesl. 
Coll. and McGill Univ. (B.A. and 2nd 
class honours in history, 1902) Presdt 
Univ. Grad. Lit. Soc. McGill Univ. and 
Presdt. McGill Hist. Club, 1901 ; spent 
2 yrs. travelling in Gt. Brit, Egypt 
and India; was Genl. Secy. Y.M.C .\ 
McGill Univ., Montreal, 1904-5 ; apptd 
Genl. Secy. Y.M.C.A., Ceylon, by 

Intern. Coimte. of N. Am., June, 1905 
un,m. Y.M.C. A., Colombo, Ceylon. 
Adams, Ezra Herbert, physician. 

S. Dr. J. G. A., Toronto; b. there; 
r? 01 ^ - Grammar Sch. ; graduated 
M.D., C.M., Victoria Univ., Cobourg, 
1890; successfully practices his prof. 
in Toronto ; Presdt. Ros.s Lib. Club, 
Toronto, and prominent in Chat in 
terest; Treas. Can, Public Ownership 
League ; a bro., -Dr. Wm. F. A., Can 
Meth. missy, in China. ! t Bond St 

Adams, Frank Dawson, geologist; 


B. Montreal, Sept. 17, 1859 ; e. Mont 
real High Sch. and McGill Univ., 
graduating at latter with 1st rank 
honours in Nat. -Science, 1878, and 
baking degree IM.A.iSc., 1884 ; sub 
sequently studied Sheffield Sclent. Sch., 
Yale Coll. and at Heidelberg (Ph.D., 
1892) ; at last named institution de 
voted himself specially to petrography 
and physical geol. ; m., 1892, Marie 
Stuart, e. d. late Samh Finley, Mont 
real ; apptd. staff. Geol. Survey, 
1880; lecturer in Geol.,- McGill, 
1889; Logan Prof, of Geol. do., 
1893 ; apptd. Dean of Science, do., 
1908; D.Sc. (McGill), 1902; D.C.L. 
(Lennoxville), 1903; F.G.S.A., 1888; 
F.G.S. (Lond.), 1895; F.R.S.C., 1896; 
LyiajM medaJ list, 1906 ; grant from 
Carnegie Inst. for prosecution special 
researches, 1906; F.R.S., 1907; Presdt. 
Can. Mining Inst. and Councillor Can. 
Sac. P.rev. of Tubercul. ; elected presdt. 
Intern. Congress of Geologists, Toronto, 
1910s has ibeen Presdt. McGilli Gradu 
ates /Sac. and of Montreal Nat. His. 
Soc. ; author numerous papers dealing 
more especially with problem with 
mie tarn O-rphism and the older crystal 
line rocks of earth s crust, which have 
appeared in s-eien. publications in Can., 
Eng. and U. S. ; also researches on ex 
perimental geol. ; an Aug. 2J,S Moun 
tain St., Montreal; summer: " Sagast- 
aweka," Thousand Islands; University 
Club; .St. James s Club; Canadian 
Club; Outremont Golf Club, Montreal. 

" Has done notable geolog. work, and is 
an educationist of repute." T. Globt. 
Adams, Rev. Georgre X. B. (Meth.). 

O. 1881 ; has been entrusted with 
some important charges in the Man. 
and N.-W., Toronto, Hamilton and 
B. C. Confs., including Neepawa, Ger- 
rard St., Toronto ; Gore St., Hamilton ; 
Brant Ave., Brantford, and Metropoli 
tan Ch., Victoria, B.C. ; called to Win 
nipeg pastorate, June, 1908 ; secy, of 
Toronto Conf., 1895 ; popular as a 
lecturer. 2.77 Furby St., Winnipeg. 
Adams, Henry Austin, author (nom- 
de-plume, Vincent Hamer). 

B. in the W. I. ; has lived in Eng., 
Germany, France, Australia, New Zea 
land and the South Sea Islands ; now 
living in B.C. ; long known as a statis 
tical writer for the mags. ; more 
recently, has turned to story writing; 
in addition to many short tales for 
the mags., has published " The Mort 
gage on the Brain," " The Crusts." 
and other novels, which have had a 
large sale and been otherwise well 


reed. "The Shack o Dreams" Vic 
toria, B.C. 
Adams, Stanley, vocalist. 

S. late Capt. W. H. A.., late H.M. s 
23rd R. W. Fusiliers, and mangr. H.B. 
Co. s store, Winnipeg ; b. Eng. ; e. 
Winnipeg ; also studied music there and 
in Germany and Italy ; a choir-boy at 
Winnipeg ; entd. on a professional 
career, as a singer, in Eng. ; accom 
panied Mad. Beatrice Langley on Am. 
concert tour, 1906 ; m. Lillian, o. d. 
late Lt.-Ool. W. N. Kennedy, paymaster 
Can. voyageurs, {Nile expedition, 
1884-5. Care Canadian Office, Lon 
don, Eng. 

" His voice is remarkably full, brilliant 
and flexible." L. Musical Standard. 

Adams, Rev. Walter Robert (Ang.). 

S. late R. T. A., London, Eng. ; b. 
there, Sept. 1, 1877; e. St. John s Sch., 
Hurst, Sussex, and Univ. of Durham 
(B.A., with 1st class honours in Math., 
1900; M.A., 1901); Math. Fellowship, 
1901 ; o. 1901 ; formerly curate Crox- 
dale, Durham, and Lambeth parish ch., 
London, Eng. ; incumbent mission dist., 
Baring, Sask. ; brought with him a 
t of communion vessels, a present 
from his old parish to the Can. Ch. 
Indian Head, Alta. 

Adams, Rev. William Henry (Meth.). 
Mem. of a Staffordshire family whose 
records go back to the Reformation ; 
b. July 3, 1864 ; came from Richmond 
Coll., London, to Nfd., 1886; o. George 
St. Ch., St. John s, where he was asst. 
pastor, 1890; a year later removed to 
Ont. ; m. 1892, Mary Bertha, e. d. Rev. 
Jas. Dove, D.D., St. John s, Nfd. ; for 
some yrs. has been a frequent contri 
butor to periodical literature on both 
sides of the Atlantic, and, under pres 
ent and former eds. of the Christian 
Guardian, has been engaged in ed. 
writing ; author of " The Toronto Civic 
Song" (1905) ; has been financl. secy. 
. and chairman of his ch. dist. 1 ene- 
tanguishene, Ont. 

Adamson, Ag-ar Stewart Allan Mas- 
terson, late Can. Parliamentary 

S. late James A., advocate, elk. asst. 
Senate of Can., and Mary Julia, d. 
Stewart Derbishire, late M.P. and 
Queen s Printer of Can. ; b. Montreal, 
Dec. 25, 1865 ; e. Corpus Christ! Coll., 
Camb. ; m. Nov., 1899, Ann Mabel 
(founder and presdt. Can. Soc. Ap 
plied Art, 1904 ), o. d, late John Cawthra, 
Toronto; entered service Senate of 
Can., Feb., 1890 (now retired) ; for 
merly a capt. G.-G. F. Gds., Ottawa ; 
served in 3rd Special (service regt., 
Halifax, N.iS. ; took a draft .of Lord 
Strathcona s Horse out to reinforce the 
regt. in .S. A., 1900; remained there 
with regt. ; served a second time in the 
S. A. campaign, as a capt. in 6th Can. 
Mounted Rifles, returning to Canada 
at close of war (med. with 3 clasps ; 
menit i onied! in despatches ) ; after leav 
ing- Cambridge, read for Holy Orders, 
but did not enter ministry ; now in 
business in Toronto ; a Freemason. 
21 Elgin Ave., Toronto; Rideau Club, 
Ottawa; Imperial Service Club, Lon 
don, Eng.; Colonial Club, do. 

Adamson, Alan Joseph, legislator. 

S. Rev. John Evans and Harriet A. ; 
b. Clifden, Co. Gal way, Irel., Aug. 1, 
1857; e. High Sch., Dublin; m. Dec., 
1900, Julia, d. Robt. Turiff, Quebec; a 
dir. Northern Bank and of the Sask. 
Valley and Man. Land Co. ; went 
originally to Winnipeg and em 
barked in grain trade, 1883 ; Secy.- 
Treas. Man. Grain Co., 1896; removed 
to Rosthern, 1899 ; largely instrumental 
in attracting Am. capital and settlers 
to that region ; while residing there or 
ganized Can. Territories Corporation, 
of which he remains presdt. and 
mangr. ; this body holds the record for 
the value of its transactions among all 
the corporations existing in the West ; 
sat for Humboldt (H.C.) in Lib. 
interest, g.e. 1904-8 ; an Ang. ; his son, 
C. W. A., was selected as Rhodes 
scholar for Sask., 1907. Winnipeg, 
Man.; Manitoba Club, do. 
Addison, Miss Margaret Eleanor, 

E. d. Rev. Peter A. (Meth.) and 
Mary A. (Campbell) A. ; Eng. and 
Scotch-Irish descent; b. Homing s 
Mills, Ont, Oct. 21, 1868 ; e. High Sens., 
Richmond Hill and Newcastle, Sch. of 
Pedagogy, Victoria Univ., Cobourg 
(B.A. and 1st class honours in Moderns 
and silver med., 1889) ; began teaching, 
Sept., 1889, in Ont. Ladies Coll., 
Whitby, and subsequently taught in 
Stratford and Lindsay Coll. Insts. ; 
since Oct., 1903, has been Dean of 
Annesley Hall, Victoria Univ., Toronto ; 
is also Lecturer in German in Victoria 
Coll., the first and only woman lecturer 
in the Coll. ; mem. Bd. Dom. Y.W.C.A. ; 
dorr. .Sec., Alumnae Assn., Victoria Coll., 
and V.-P., Univ. Women s Club ; be 
lieves strongly in the higher education 
of women, as well as of men, and in 
furthering every opportunity for their 
moral and intellectual improvement and 
development ; a Meth. Annesley Hall, 
Queen s Park, Toronto. 

Addison, William Henry Fitzgerald, 

S. John H. A., barrister, Toronto ; e. 
Toronto Univ. (B.A., with 1st class 
honours in Nat. Science, 1902 ; M.D., 
1905) ; served on med. staff, Toronto 
Genl. Hospital ; apptd. Lecturer on His- 
tol., Univ. of Penn., 1905 ; m. Dec., 
1905, Eleanor Corkhill, 2nd d. Dr. Ed 
ward Adams, Toronto. Logan Hall, 
Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 
Addy, Georg-e A. B., physician. 

iS. Dr. Henry G. and late Cecilia 
(iBessonett) A., St. John, N.B. ; grands. 
Rev. John S. A. (Meth. ) , a native oif 
Sheffield, En.g. ; to. St. John, N.B., Jan. 
2, 18 60 ; e. there ; (M.D.,C,M., McGill 
Univ., 1890; apptd. iSupdt. Genl. Hos 
pital, St. John, 1891 ; formerly Provl. 
Bacteriologist, N.B. ; elected presdt. 
St. Oeorge s iSoc., St. John, 1908; a 
Lib. ; a IMetth. .St. John, N.B. ; Union 
Club; Canadian Club, do. 

Adolph, Henry Lament, lawyer. 

E. s. Fredk. A., lumber manfr., and 
Margt. Reid (Lamont) A., formerly ot 
Chesley, Ont., now of Baynes Lake, 
B.C. ; b. Tp. Brant, Co. Bruce, Ont., 
Feb. 23, 1862 ; e. High and Public sens., 



Chesley and Walkerton, Ont. ; m., Oct., 
1900, Mae Russell, d. late J. H. Elliot, 
banker, Chesley, Ont. ; barrister 
(Man.), 1897; successfully practises 
his prof, at Brandon ; also presdt. 
Adolph Lumber Co., Baynes Lake, 
B.C.; aid., 1906-8; mayor of Brandon, 
1909-11 ; in early life a public sen. 
teacher; principal Souris Sch., 1886- 
90 ; Past. Dist. High Chief Ranger, C. 
O. F., Man. and N. W. T. ; Past D. D. 
G. M., G. L. of Man., A. F. & A. M., 
and a mem. Bd. of Genl. Purposes , 
Lib. ; Presb. 1540 Lome Ave., Brandon, 

Ag-ur, Robert Henry, business man. 
S. Robt. and Margt. A. (Ballard) 
A. ; joint Irish and Eng. descent ; b. 
Co. Oxford, Ont., July 13, 1856 ; e. 
Ingersoll High Sch., U. C. Coll. and 
Toronto Business Coll. ; early experi 
ence in banking and commercial life ; 
removed to Man., 1882 ; In agency and 
comn. business ; a mem. firm Massey 
& Co., agricul. implement manfrs., 
which later was amalgamated with 
Miassey-Harris Co., Ltd., Toronto and 
Brantford ; became asst. to mangr. 
N.-W. branch Massey-Harris Co., Ltd. ; 
mangr. N.-W. dept., covering hundreds 
of agencies in great grain-growing dist, 
from Lake Superior to Rfecky Mts., 
1898; an Ang. ; m., 1882, Harriet S., d. 
D. R. Van Allen, Chatham, Ont. Win 
nipeg ; Manitoba Club, do. 

Abeam, Mrs. Marg-aret Howitt, mar 
ried woman. 

B. Montreal; e. McGill Normal Sch. 
and Bute Ho.; m. 1892, Thos. Ahearn, 
Ottawa (q.v.) ; spent much of her time 
since her marriage in foreign travel, 
and has embodied her impressions in 
various contributions to the press ; 
author also of several papers, contri 
buted to " Trans. Women s Can. Hist. 
Soe.," of which soc. she is presdt. ; also 
Presdt. Alumnae Assn., Ottawa Ladies 
Coll., of Local Council of Women and 
Local Bd. of Mangt., Victorian Order 
of Nurses, and a Dir. Women s Art 
Assn., Ottawa. " Buena Vista," 584 
Laurier Ave. W., Ottawa. 
Ahearn, Thomas, electrical engineer 
and Inventor ; capitalist. 

S. late John and Norah (Power) A., 
natives Waterford, Irel. ; b. Ottawa, 
June 24, 1855; e. Univ. Ottawa; orig 
inally a telegraph operator in Ottawa 
and N.Y. ; became mangr. at Ottawa, 
Bell Telephone Co., 1880; entd. into 
partnership with W. Y. Soper (q.v.), 
under firm name A. & Soper, as elec 
trical engrs. and contractors, 1882 ; as 
such constructed and equipped some of 
the largest electric works in Can., in 
cluding long distance telephone lines 
from Pembroke to Quebec, via Ottawa 
and Montreal, the long distance system 
of land lines of Commercial Cable Co. 
through N.S., and the telegraph lines 
of the C.P. Ry. Co. from ocean to 
ocean ; one of the founders Chaudiere 
Electric Light and Power Co., 1886, 
merged in Ottawa Electric Co., 1895, 
and which has since been absorbed 
with the Ottawa Gas Co., and is presdt. 
of both cos. ; also one of the founders 
and presdt. of Ottawa Electric Ry. Co., 
the pioneer venture of the kind in Can., 

which solved the problem of operating 
in Can. an electric service on wheels 
throughout the winter ; rated as a 
millionaire by S. N., 1910; gives 
generously ; a mem. Am. Inst. 
Electrical Engrs. ; a gov. St. Luke s 
Hospital ; a dir. Can. Westing- 
house Co., Ottawa Invest. Co., Ottawa 
Building Co., Ottawa Land Assn., and 
presdt. Ottawa Car Co. ; a great trav 
eller, having twice or thrice circled the 
globe ; a Lib. ; a R.C. ; m., 1st, Lillias 
M. (d. Aug., 1888), d. late Alex. Fleck, 
Ottawa; 2ndly, 1892, Iher sister, (Margt. 
Howitt Fleck (.q.v.). " Euena Vista," 
5S4 Laurier Ave. W., Ottawa; Rideau 
Club; Ottawa Golf Club; Ottawa Hunt 
Club; Ottawa Country Club; Lauren- 
tian Club, do. 

"Another Edison in a limited degree." 
Lord Aberdeen (q.v.). 

" Has risen by sheer ability from the 
lowest to the topmost rung af the ladder." 
O. Citizen. 

Ahern, Michael Joseph, physician. 

S. Patrick and Catherine (Nunen) 
A., from Co. Cork, Irel. ; b. Quebec 
City ; e. Christian Bros. Sdh., Laval 
Normal Sch., and Laval Univ. (IM.L., 
avec distinction, 1868; M.D., 1880); 
m., 1877, Miss Georgine iMarcotte 
(d. 1896) ; apptd. Med. Faculty Laval 
Univ., 1874; Demon, of Anat., do., 
1881; Prof. Clinical Surg., do., 1885; 
do., Descriptive Anat., do., 1899 ; also 
a mem. of Council, Laval Univ. and 
surg., Hotel Dieu, Quebec ; a mem. 
Royal COMITI. re .Spread of Tuibercul.. 
1909. 24 Garden St., Quebec. 

Ahrens, Carl, landscape painter. 

B. Winfield, Ont., Feb. 15, 1866; a 
Norseman by descent; m., Felb., 1906, 
Miss Madonna Niles ; studied art un 
der Wm. Chase, Edwin Elwell and 
Geo. Inness, of N. Y. ; one of his pic 
tures, " The Day is Done," received 
much favourable notice at an exhn. of 
the Ont. Soc. of Artists, 1890 ; another, 
" The Fisherman s Child," was given 
the place of honour in the Biennial 
Exhn. of the Royal Can. Acad., 1893 ; 
and still another, " Ripe Corn Time," 
was purchased by the Ont. Govt. to 
hang in the Parlt. Buildings, Toronto, 
1896; afterwards attracted the atten 
tion of Elbert Hubbard, who was 
greatly impressed by his originality in 
atmospheric effects, and persuaded him 
to throw in his lot with the Roycroft 
community at East Aurora, N. Y. ; 
separating from them spent 3 yrs. 
painting the ruins of the old Spanish 
missions in Southern Cal. ; returned 
to Can., Sept., 1907 ; among the best 
known of his works, in addition to 
those above mentioned, are " Cradled 
in the Net " ( shown at the Chicago 
World s Fair), "The House In the 
Clearing," " Gleam in the Woodlands," 
" The Woodcutters," " The Glow in the 
Woodland," " Passing Showers," and 
" The Coming Storm " ; is also a writer 
of short stories for the periodical 
press. 175 St. Helen Ave., Toronto. 

" His distinguishing traits are his feel 
ing for colour and his handling of the 
problems of light and air. His composi 
tion is always simple and effective; his 
sense of unity and harmony is never- 



failing; and his values are well under 
stood. Many of his paintings, like Whist 
ler s, are experiments in elusive lights and 
forms and colours, for he is akin in spirit 
to that wizard, who studied the outdoor 
world with unflagging love, and yet felt 
that to take nature as she is, is_ 1 
telling the player to sit on the piano. 
There are suggestions in his earlier work 
of Millet; often he recalls to you the 
solidity of Rousseau, the air-filled skies of 
Constable, the mystery of Coret. There is, 
however, no real resemblance to any other 
than himself; his stylo is an amalgam 
absolutely his own." Brush and Pencil, 
Aikenhead, Rev. James Kobert 


S. late Jas. A., a native Kilkenny, 
Trel Presdt. and founder of the Aiken 
head Hardware Co., Ltd., Toronto, and 
Elizabeth (Higginbotham) A. ; b. To 
ronto, July 30, 1863; e. local schs ; 
pursued theol. studies Wesl. Theol. 
Coll Montreal; m., 1891, Elizabeth H. 
(q v ) d. A. W. Dimsdale, a near rela 
tive of Sir Joseph Dimsdale, late Lord 
Mayor of London; entd. ministry, 
1887- o. 1891; has held pastorates at 
Montreal, Toronto and Gravenhurst; 
aipptdl to Barrfe, 1906. Mimico, Ont. 
Aikenhead, Thomas Edward O., 


Bro. preceding; b. Toronto, Sept. 14, 
1859 ; e. there; m. ; joined his father In 
business, and on his death, 1903 suc 
ceeded him as Presdt. of the Aiken 
head Hardware Co. ; a Meth. l,W 
Mnrkham St., Toronto. 
Aikin, James Alexander, journalist. 

B. Hamilton, Ont., Jan. 9, 1868: e. 
Hamilton public schs, Orangevflle TTisrh 
Sch. and Queen s Univ., Kingston (M.A., 
with 1st class honours In Pol. Sclen. 
and Phil., 1904) ; unm. ; at one time on 
staff Toronto Ctlobe : bought Saskatoon 
Phoenix (weekltv), 1905; esfbd. Daili/ 
Phoenix. Aipl.. 1906: \s Copt., A. -Squad 
ron. 22nd Light Horse; first Presdt. 
T. M. Lib. Club, Saskatoon, and first 
Presdt. Canadian Club. do. ; a mem. 
Ch. of Disciples of Christ ; a Lib. 
Saskatoon, SasTc. 

Aikins, Henry Wilberforce, physician 
S. late Dr. W. T. A., Dean Med. 
Faculty. Toronto Univ. ; b. Toronto ; 
e. U. C. Coll. and Toronto Univ. (B.A., 
1877) ; graduated M.B., Toronto Univ., 
1881; M.D..C.M.. Victoria Univ., 
Cobourg, do.; M.R.C.S. (Eng.). 1884; 
for a time Asft. Prof. Anait., Toronto 
Univ. ; Treas., Ont. Med. Council, 1906 ; 
do. Coll. P. and S., Ont, 1907; a Sena 
tor Victoria Univ. : a dir. Sun and Has 
tings Savings and L. Co.. of Contin 
ental Life Tns. Co.. and Sterling Bank : 
a Coxmcillor Univ. Toronto Alumni 
Assn. : a Meth. : a Lib. ; unm. 26* 
Church St.. Toronto. 
Aikins, Herbert Austin, educationist. 
S. late Dr. W. T. and Louise (Pines) 
A.. Toronto; b. there. Mch. 1, 1867; 
e. U. C. Coll. and Toronto Univ. (B.A., 
1887), ami Tale Univ. (Ph.D... 1891) ; 
instr.. Univ. S. Cal., 1888: do.. History 
of Phit., Tale Univ., 1890-1 : Prof. 
Logic and Phil.. Trinity Coll., N. ,C., 
1891-3; .hon. felilow Clark Univ., 1892- 

3 ; Prof, of Phil., Cold, for Women, 
Western Reserve Univ., since 1893 ; a 
mem. Am. Psychol. Assn., Am. Assn. 
for Advanc. of Science, and Am. Philos. 
Assn. ; ed. " Philosophy of Hume " 
(1893) ; author of "Principles of 
Logic" (1902), and papers on psychol. 
and philos. isulbjects. 2038 Cornell Rd., 
Cleveland, O., U.S. 
Aikins, Hon. Iit.-Col. James Albert 

Manning 1 , lawyer. 

Irish descent ; s. late Hon. J. C. and 
Mary E. J. ((Somerset) A. ; father a 
well known statesman and adminis 
trator of tlhe Confederation period ; ib. 
"Richview," iGo. Peel, Ont., Dec. 10, 
185il ; e. Bramipton Gram. Sch., U. C. 
College and Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1875 ; 
M.A., 1876) : barrister (Ont.), 1878: 
do. (iMan.), 1879; established- himself 
in business in Winnipeg, do. ; K.C. (IM. 
of Lansdowne), 1884; bencher, Law 
Soc., 1886; counsel for C. P. Ry. 
Co. (W. div.) and for Dept. of Jus 
tice ; also solicitor for several banks 
and public cos., 1880; mem. Royal 
Comn. re Admn. of Justice, N.W.T., 
1880, and of do. re Provl. Agrdcul. Coll., 
1901 ; Chairman, Royal Comn., Univ. 
of Man., 1907 ; chief counsel for 
Man. Govt. during Macdonald Admn., 
and drafted Man. Liquor Bill which, on 
appeal, was sustained by P. C. in Eng. ; 
has filled a large number of other posi 
tions and offices ; Presdt. T.M.C.A. ; do. 
Can. Club ; Chair. Wesl. Coll., Man. ; 
Gov. Wesl. Theol. Coll., Montreal ; Bur 
sar, Man. Univ. ; Presdt. Law Soc. ; 
local dir. Imp. Bank ; dir. Gt. West Life 
Assur. Co. ; presented silver cup to 
Man. Mounted Rifles, for general effi 
ciency, 1907 ; aipptd. hon. It. -col. 90bh 
Regt., "Winnipeg Rifles," Dec. 2il. 
1910; a iMefch. ; was a meim. of 
20th Century Thanksgiving Fund and 
of the Meth. Ch. Union Comte. ; in 
1896 carried resolution In Grace Meth. 
Ch., Winnipeg, heartily favouring 
organic union of Presb., Cong, and 
Meth. Chs. of Can. : a mem. Comte. on 
Ch. Union, 1908 ; rated as a millionaire, 
1910; m., 1st, 1884, Mary Bertha 
(whom be divorced, 1892). e. d. late 
Hon. A. W. iMcLelan, P.C., Lt.-Gov. 
of N. S. ; 2mTlly, 1899, (Mary F., d. late 
Hon. C. C. Oofliby, IM.P., P.C. " River 
Bend." Winnipeg, Man.; Manitoba 
Club, do. 

" A prohibitionist and lawyer of high 
standing." Hon. H. J. Macdonald (q.v.). 
Alklns, William Henry B., physician. 
T. s. late Hon. J. C. and Mary E. J. 
(Somerset) A.; b. "Richview." Co. 
Peel, Ont, Aug. 22, 1859 ; e. U. C. Col 
lege ; studied for his prof, at Toronto 
Sch. of Med., Toronto Univ. (M.B., 
1881) and Victoria Univ. (M.D., 1881) ; 
L.R.C.P. (Lond., Eng.), 1881; after 
spending a year in N. T. for post 
graduate work, proceeded to London 
and Edinburgh, and completed his 
med. education at Vienna ; pursued 
further studies at Vienna, 1885, and 
again, more recently ; commenced 
practice, Toronto, 1884; m. Dec., 1887, 
Augusta, d. late Dr. Easton Hawkes- 
worth and g. d. late Amasa Wood. St. 
Thomas. Ont. ; Is phys. Toronto Genl. 
Hosp., Toronto Dispensary, and con- 



/suiting 1 plhys. Hosp. for Incurables, etc. ; 
one of the eds. Can. Practitioner; has 
been Presdt. Toronto Clinical Soc. and 
officially connected with Ont. Med. 
Assn., Brit. Med. Assn., Mississippi 
Valley Med. Assn., and Intern. Med. 
Congress, Lisbon; was for 15 yrs. a 
Senator Toronto Univ., representing 
graduates in med. ; elected V.-P. Can. 
Med. Assoc., 1907 ; present, as secy, for 
Can., at the Intern. Med. Congress, 
Budapest, Hungary, and was presented 
at Austrian Court, 1909 ; author 
" Radium Treatment of Rodlent Ulcer. 
Skin Cancer, Reload, etc." (1910), and 
other papers ; a Freemason. 50 Col 
lege St., Toronto; Toronto Club; York 
Club; Royal Can. Yacht Club, do. 
Ainey, Joseph, labour leader. 

B. Montreal, P.Q., Nov. 24, 1864; e. 
native city and Deschambault, P.Q. ; 
joined K. L.. 1885; became Presdt. 
Fed. T. and L. Coun., Montreal, 
1897, and has filled many other offices 
connected with labour interests in Can. 
and U. S. ; unsuccessfully contested 
Montreal (St. Mary s) as labour can 
didate (H. C.), 1906; his platform on 
that occasion favoured state insurance 
against sickness and old age, suppres 
sion of convict labour in opposition 
to trade, the suppression of private 
banking concerns and the creation of 
state banks, absolute freedom of the 
press in public affairs, eliectiion of 
judges by the people, the creation of 
a Minr. of Labour, the abolition of the 
Senate, the abolition of : tihe Harbour 
Comn. of Montreal, and the fixing of 
the federal elections for a uniform date 
every 4 yrs. ; a mem. Bd. of Concilia 
tion and Inv. on Longshoremen s 
Grievances, 1907 ; elected Senior Con- 
troliler, Montreal, 1910 (vote: 30,942); 
,R. C. X99 Ave. de I Hotel de Ville, 

" The father of organized labour in 
Montreal." M. Herald. 

" Shrewd in judgment and conservative 
in action, he represents the best type of 
trade unionist." M. Herald. 
Aird, John, banking profession. 

S. Wm. and Margt. A. ; b. Longueuil, 
P.Q., Nov. 15, 1855; e. Toronto Model 
Sch. ; m. Miss Eleanor Lawlor John 
ston ; long in the banking profession ; 
apptd. supdt. of central western 
branches, Can. Bank of Commerce, 
1908; promoted asst. genl. mangr., do., 
1911. Toronto; Manitoba Club, Winni 

Altken, Hngfh, journalist. 

Mang. ed. Nanaimo Herald; became 
ed. and prop. Rossland Star (daily), 
retaining connection witih first-named 
paper, .Sept., ,1905 ; a Lib. Rossland, 
Aitken, John E., educationist. 

S. Jas. and Anna McKie (Burns) A., 
both from Kincardine-on-Forth, Scot., 
and pioneers of Co. Norfolk, Ont. ; b. 
Woodhouse, Ont., Sept. 17, 1872 ; e. 
public schs. and Can. Business Coll., 
Hamilton, Ont.; m. Dec., 1898, Abbie 
J., 4th d. Wm. Porritt, Port Dover, 
Ont. ; became teacher commercial sub 
jects Bliss Business Coll., Laconia, 
N.H., Sept., 1898, and later principal 
and genl. mangr. Bliss Business Coll., 

Greenville, Mich. ; is Presdt. Greenville 
Can. Club and ed. Business Coll. Jour.; 
a Cong. Greenville, Mich. 
Aitken, Peter, wood engraver. 

S. Wm. A. A. ; b. Dundas, Ont., June 
16, 1858; m. Sept., 1885, Miss Florence 
H. Corkhill ; removed to U. S., 1879; 
studied engraving N. Y. and Paris 
(medial, World s Columbian Expn., 
1893); exhibited Paris Expn., 1900 ; 
V.-P. and Chair., Extve. Comite. Radri- 
ca.l Democracy ; diel. ait large to City 
Comte. Citizens Union, N.Y. ; mem. 
Extve. iCoimte. Citizens Union, Brook 
lyn ; has been .Presdt. Brooklyn Single 
Tax League ; apptd. Collector of City 
Revenue and iSXipdt. f Markets, N.Y., 
Jaw. 1, 1909. 26a Hart St., Brooklyn 

Aitken, Rahno. (See Walker, Mrs. 

Aitken, Sir William Maxwell, capital 
ist; legislator. 

S. Rev. Wm. ,A. (Presb.), Newcastle, 
N.B. ; b. tohere, May 25, 1879; e. public 
schs. ; m., Jan., 1906, Gladys, d. Brig.- 
.Gjnl X>rury, C.B. (q.v.) ; elected a 
mem. Montreal .Stock Exchange, 1907 ; 
does business in Montreal, Halifax, the 
W. I., and elsewhere ; a dir. Demerara 
.Electric Co., Rabb Enging. Co., Can. 
Car & Foundry Co., Western Can. 
Power Co... iRhodes. Curry Co., Can. 
.Cement Co., Cape Breton Trust Co., 
Trinidad Electric Co., and Calgary 
Power Co. ; V.-P. Montreal Trust & 
Deposit Co. and Camaguey Electric & 
Traction Co. ; presdt. Royal Securities 
Corpn. and Porto Rico Rys. Co. ; rated 
as a millionaire by M. Star, 1911- 
gave $2,000 to Montreal Assn. for the 
Blind, Il9ill ; organized the W. !M. 
.A. Co. to .conduct a private banking 
business, 1911; a Con.; since Dec, 
1910, has sat for A-shton-under-Lyne 
( Brit. H. C.) ; knighted, 1911. Lon 
don, Eng.; 2~9 Drummond St., Mont 
real: St. James s Club; Engineers 
Club ; .Montreal Club; Montreal Jockey 
Club; Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club 
do.; Toronto Club, Toronto; Halifax 
Club. Halifax, N.S. 

" One of the most .remarkable young 
men Canada has ever produced." M. Star. 

" Courageous, confident, insistent and 
yet a man of impulse in the forefront of 
many of the biggest financial and indus 
trial undertakings of this country." 
Busy Man s Mag. 

Albanl, Madame. (See Gye, Madame 

Albertini, Chevalier de Ricardo Diaz-, 

Cuban consular service. 
S. Dr. Geo. Diaz-A. and Dame 
Angela Rodriguez - Gonzalez ; b. 
Havana, Cuba, Nov. 20, 1856; e. St. 
Mary s Coll., Oscott, Eng. ; m. Miss 
May Scovel, Detroit, Mich. ; Secy, of 
Legation to Washington, 1895-8; 
Comnr. from Cuba to Paris Expn., 
1900; Secy. Reception and Entertain 
ment Comte., Louisiana Purchase 
Expn., iSt. Louis, 1904 ; took part in 
Cuban rebellion, 1894-8 ; apptd. Cuban 
consul at Toronto vice Thomipson 
(q.v.), 1911; has reed, the follow 
ing decorations : Legion of Honour and 
Monte Agricote of France, Rising Sun 



of Japan, and Imp. Dragon of China ; 
a Cath. Toronto, Ont. 
Alcock, Nathaniel Henry, education 

S. late D. R. A., M.R.C.S., sometime 
staff surg R. N. ; b. Feb. 12, 1871; e. 
SSbWn Univ. (B.A.; M.D) Marburg 
Univ. and London Univ. (D.Sc.) ; sr. 
moderator and gold med. in na 
science, TX3.D., 1896; m 1905, Nora 
Lilian Lepard, d. late Sir John Scott, 
KC.M.G., formerly judicial adviser to 
the Khedive ; demon, of anat., Victoria 
Univ., Manchester l* 9 ^ n^lMS- 
prof, of Inst. of Med., T.C.D 
1902; demon, of physiol., London 
Univ 1903 ; lect. on physiol., 
Mary s Hosp. Med. Sch., 1904-11 ; vice- 
dean, do., 1906-11 ; since then has been 
prof, of physiol, McGill Univ., Mont 
real ; author (with Dr. Ellison), Text 
book of Experimental Physiology 
(1909), and numerous papers in Proc. 
of Royal Soc., Pfliiger s Archiv, Engel- 
inann s Archiv, etc.MoGill Univer 
sity, Montreal. 
Alcorn, George Oscar, lawyer; Ont. 

public service. 

E s. s. late Thos. Coke A. (M.A. 
Trin. Coll., Dublin; M.D., Edin. and 
Glasgow) and Martha A. (Bartlett) A. ; 
b. Lennoxville, P.Q., May 3, 1850 ; e. 
Toronto Grammar and Model Grammar 
Schs. ; barrister, 1871; K.C. (Earl of 
Derby), 1890; practised at Belleville 
and Picton; for 3 yrs. Presdt. Prince 
Edward Lib.-Con. Assn. ; electe 
Presdt. local branch Dom. Lib.-Con. 
Assn., 1907 ; sat, in that interest, for 
Prince Edward (H. C.), 1900-8; intro 
duced important measure for amend 
ment Dom. Elections Act, 1908 ; an 
Ang. ; m. Aug., 1872, Sara J., d. late 
Ky O. Leavens (U. E. L. descent) ; 
apptd. Master in Ordinary for Ont., 
Feb., 1910. Osgoode Hall, Toronto. 

" Was an earnest, studious and useful 
member." M. & E. 
Aldred, John Edward, capitalist; 

business man. 

B. Lawrence, Mass., 1864; e. there; 
m. Mch., 1908, Janet May, d. John N. 
Rennex, New Bedford, Mass. ; a dir. 
Que bec Bank. Montreal L.. H. & Power 
Co., Shawinigan Falls Real Estate 
Co. ; V.-P. St. Maurice Valley Ry. Co., 
North Shore Power Co., Continental 
Heat & Light Co., Laval Etectric Co., 
and Sorel Electric Co. ; V.-P. and 
mang. dir. Shawinigan Water & Power 
Co., and Presdt. Shawinigan Carbide 
Co. ; a gov. Shawinigan Genl. Hosp. ; 
contributed handsomely to Quebec 
Battlefields Fund, 1908 ; a mem. Prot. 
Ep Ch " The Union," Sherbrooke 
St., Montreal; St. James s Club ; Mont 
real Hunt Club; Royal Montreal Golf 
Club; Canada Club, do. 
Aldridg-e, Walter Hull, minin 


S. Volney and Harriet E. (Hull) A. ; 
b. Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept. 8, 1867 ; e. 
Brooklyn Polytechnic and Columbia 
Univ., N. Y. ; mining and metall. engr. 
in Colo., Mont, and Can. ror past 18 
yrs. ; has been metall. Colo. Smelting 
Co., Pueblo ; mangr. East Helena and 
Great Falls Wqrks, Mont-, and of 


United Smelt, and Refln. Co. (now Am. 
Smelt, and Refln. Co.) ; mang. dir. 
Consol. Min. and Smelt. Co of Can. 
and Chief of Min. and Metall. Dept., 
C. P. Ry. Trail, B.C. 
Aldous, John Edmond Paul, organist 

and musical composer. 
S. Rev. John A., vicar Holy Trin. 
Ch Wicker, Sheffield, Eng. ; b. Shef 
field, Dec. 8, 1853 ; e. Repton, Derby, 
and Trinity Cold., Oamb._ (B. A with 
honours in classical tripos, 
later devoted himself to music ; came 
to Can., 1877 ; m. d. Wm. Allan, Hamii- 
ton Ont. ; organist Central Presb. 
Oh. Hamilton, 1884-1901, since when 
has been organist Ch. of Ascension, 
same city ; is also principal Hamilton 
Music Sch. and examr. practical music. 
Univ. o>f Toronto; (has filled various 
otiher professional positions ; wrote the 
score of several comic operas, includ 
ing "Ptarmigan," "Golden Catch, 
" Nancy," and " Poster Girl ; has 
contributed to Organist s Quart. Jour 
nal, The Violin, and other periodicals ; 
an Amg. 1 /2 S. James St., Hamilton, 

" A cultured gentleman." Week. 

Alexander, Archibald <*., music 


Elected Presdt. Brotherhood or bt. 
Andrew, Canada, 1907-10 ; an Ang. ; 
del. to Pan-Ang. Congress, London, 
Eng., 1908. 182 Wentworth St. S., 
Hamilton, Ont. 

Alexander, Charles (see Smith, Chas. 

Alexander, David Watson. 

Formerly wholesale leather dealer ; 
since 1899 Can. Mangr. London Guar. 
& Acoid. Assur. Co. ; has .been Trea.s. 
Toronto Bd. of Trade ; mem. Extve. 
Comte., Ont. Jockey Club ; m. Apl., 
1903, Flora Jessie, d. late Dr. Alex. 
Rowand, Quebec. " Meadow bank," 67 
Binscarth Road. Toronto. Ont. ; Toronto 
Club; Ontario Jockey Club, do. 
Alexander, Frederick John, architect. 

S. John and Elizabeth (Day) A., 
Pewsey, Wiltshire, Eng. ; b. there, 
Sept. 25, 1849 ; e. St. Saviour s Coll., 
New Shoreham, Sussex, and at private 
grammar sch., Devizes, Wilts, Eng. ; 
m Nov., 1878, Lucretia, e. d. late W. 
A. Austin, C.E., D.L.S., Ottawa; 
studied architecture, London, Eng. ; 
came to Can., 1870, and was in follow 
ing year apptd. asst. to chief architect, 
Dept. Public Works, Ottawa ; pro 
ceeded to S. Africa, 1877, where he 
successfully carried on business prior 
to and during Zulu and Boer wars ; re 
turned to Ottawa, 1886, and was in 
private practice there till 1901, when 
apptd. tech. offr., Dept. Marine and 
5 ns heries ; has since been tranfd. to 
the Dept. of Naval Affairs ; officially 
designed and supervised construction of 
enclosures and gateways to grounds, 
Parlt. Buildings, Ottawa ; of iron top 
finish to tower and library, do., and 
the interior fitting up of alcoves and 
book shelving, library of Parlt. do. ; 
as private practitioner, designed Ottawa 
A. A. Assn. building, Union Bank, 
Orme Hall, Ottawa, and several of city 
fire stations; Councillor Ont. Archt- 


tects Assn. and V.-P. Ottawa chapter, 
do. ; Presdt, 1909 ; a pronounced Imp. 
Federatlonlst and ardent advocate of 
everything making for closer rela 
tions with and consolidation of the 
Brit. Empire ; strong believer in pub 
lic ownership of all public services, 
and govt. by commission (paid) as 
opposed to elected representatives ; an 
Evan. Christian,, and opposed to all 
forms of state church. 77 Lees Ave., 

Alexander, Frederic William, Can. ry 


B. Predericton Junction, N.B., Nov. 
22, 1878 ; e. there ; entd. ry. service, 
Bangor & Aroostook Ry., June, 1897; 
became resident engr., same road, July. 
1902; joined C. P. Ry., May, 1903, and 
became resident engr. on maintenance, 
same road, Calgary, Dec., 1904. Cal 
gary, Alta. 

Alexander,. Rev. James Lambert 

S. Jas. Alex. A., Bowmanville, Ont. ; 
b. there, Aug. 31, 1868; e. Bowman 
ville public and high schs.. Can. Cong. 
Coll., McGill Univ. and Chicago Theol. 
Semy. (B.D., 1903); o. July, 1897; 
pastor Middleville, Ont. ; do. Union Ch.. 
Berlin, Wis., 1903; installed pastor 1st 
Cong. Ch., Granby, P.Q., Feb., 1905 ; 
elected Moderator Cong. Assn., Dan 
ville, 1909. Granby, P.Q. 

" One of the brightest and best men in 
the ministry." Rev. Dr. Warriner (q.v.).. 

Alexander, Miss Jessie (see Roberts. 
Mrs. Jessie). 

Alexander, John Watson, manufac 

Presdt. and Mangr. Dom. Organ and 
Piano Co., positions he has held for 
some yrs. ; visited Eng., 1905, with 
Can. Manfrs. Assn., and with the other 
mems. of the Assn. was presented to 
King Edward at Windsor Castle ; m. 
Jan., 1898, Mary Ellen, o. d. Joseph 
Brittain, " Hughenden," Bowmanville 
Ont. Bowmanville, Ont. 
Alexander, Norman Byron, physician. 

O. s. Thos. A., Coll. Inl. Rev., Lon- 
lon, Ont. ; b. and e. there ; M.D., "West 
ern Univ., 1898 ; m. June, 1905, Maud 
Amelia, e. d. Geo. A. Somerville, Lon 
don, Ont. London, Ont. 

Alexander, Richard H. H., manufac 

E. s. R. H. (q.v.) and Helen (Tam- 
madge) A. ; b. B. C. ; e. U. C. Coll ; m. 
Nov., 1906, Isabel, y. d. Rev. C. E. 
Car tw right ; is Permt. Secy. B. C. 
Lumber and Shingle Mfrs. Assn. ; Ang. 
Vancouver, B.C.; Vancouver Club, 

Alexander, Richard Hancock, manu 

B. and e. Edinburgh, Scot. ; came to 
B. C., 1862 ; m. Miss Helen Tammadge, 
Victoria, B.C. (Hon. Presdt. Vancou 
ver branch Victorian Order of Nurses) ; 
became a miner in Cariboo ; subse 
quently mangr. B. C. .Saw Mills, Tim 
ber & Trading Co., Vancouver ; was 
Presdt. Vancouver Bd. of Trade several 
yrs. ; appttL Consul of Peru, 1895 ; a 
J. P. ; is Lloyd s Agent, Vancouver, and 
Commodore Royal Vancouver Yacht 
Qlujb ; an ardent Imp,, an*cl largely in 

strumental In founding Vancouver 
branch limp. Federation League ; a del. 
to 6th Congress, Imp. Chambers of 
Oomimerce, 1906, and carried a resolu 
tion providing for the appt. of an 
Advisory Imp. Council ; read paper 
before Forestry Convention, 1906, on 
" Lumbering Conditions on Coast ot 
B. C." ; an Ang. ; a Con. Vancouver. 
B.C.; Vancouver Club, do.; Union Club, 
Victoria, B.C. 

Alexander, William Hardy, education 

S. late Hy. A., Privy Council Office, 
Ottawa, and Jean, d. Rev. Dr. Ward- 
rope (q.v.) ; b. Ottawa, June 28, 1878; 
e. Ottawa Coll. Inst, Toronto Univ. 
(B.A., sch. and McCaul gold med. in 
Classics. 1899), and Univ. Cal. (M.A., 
1900; Ph.D., 1906); m. July, 1903, 
Miss Marion Wellington Kirby ; Prof. 
Latin and Comip. PhiloL, Western Univ., 
London, Ont., 1906-8; Prof, of CLas- 
sics, Alberta Univ., since 1908 ; an occa 
sional contributor to Varsity, Toronto, 
and author several classical con 
tributions in Univ. of Cal. phllol. 
series ; protagonist in production of 
" Birds " of Aristophanes at opening 
Hearst Greek Theatre, Berkeley, Cal., 
Oct., 1903 ; an Ang. University of 
Alberta; Strathcona, Alta. 
Alexander, William Henry, physician. 

M.B., Toronto Univ., 1894; M.D..C.M., 
Trinity Univ., Toronto, do. ; m. Oct., 
1902, Edith, o. d. Nelson Laird, Chi 
cago, 111. 258 Carlton St., Toronto. 
Alexander, William John, education 

B. Hamilton, Ont., 1855; e. Coll. 
Inst. there and Toronto Univ., where 
he took a double scholarship ; having 
also gained Gilchrist Scholar., studied 
at London Univ., 1874-77, and gradu 
ated therefrom with 1st class honours 
in Enig. ; m., July, .1887, Laura, 2nd 
d. late Jas. B. Morrow, Halifax, N.S. ; 
returning to Can., was apptd. to 
Prince of Wales Coll., Chiarl attietown, 
but determining to qualify ihimseltf 
thoroughly in* Eng., as we ll as in 
Classics, Modern Languages and Philol., 
entd. Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, 
and took a post-grad, course there 
of 4 yrs. won a fellowship in Greek, 
1881, which he held for 2 yrs., finally 
graduating as Ph.D., 1883 ; a yr. at the 
Univ. of Berlin followed, and in 1884 
was apptd. Prof, of Eng. Lang, and 
Lit. at Dalhousie Coll., Halifax ; his 
wide reputation as a teacher and 
scholar brought him under the notice 
of the Ont. educational authorittes, 
leading to his appt. to the Prof, of 
Eng. in Univ. Coll., Toronto, Feb., 
1889, a position he still fills; now a 
Councillor Univ. of Toronto Alumni 
Assn. ; one of the founders of the Soc. 
of Can. Authors, and is a mem. of 
the Browning Club, Toronto ; has 
been a mem. of the Educ. Coun 
cil for Ont. ; besides various text 
books on Eng. poetical lit. and com 
position, has published " An Introduc 
tion to the Poetry of Robert Brown 
ing" (1888), "Select Poems of Shel 
ley" (1896), and "The University of 
Toronto and Its Colleges, 1827-1906 " 
(1907) ; aPP tcl. as a, mem. wnsutt, 



comte. to prepare new readers for Ont. 
public schs., 1907. 178 High Park Ave., 

" To youth, enthusiasm and culture, 
unites magnificent acquirements and ability 
as a teacher." S. N. 
Alexandra ("The Queen Mother"), 

Her Majesty. 

O. d. H. M. the late King Christian 
IX. of Denmark; b. Dec. 1, 1844; m. 
Mch. 10, 1863, H.R.H. Albert Edward, 
Prince of Wales, afterwards His Most 
Excellent Majesty Edward VII., of the 
United Kingdom of Gt. Brit, and Irel., 
and of the Brit. Dominions beyond the 
Seas, King, and Emperor of India (d. 
May 6, 1910) ; presented h a loyal 
address from 25,000 Canadian women, 
congratulating Her Majesty on her ac 
cession to the Throne, Aug., 1901 ; her 
portrait was executed, together with 
that of the late King, by order of the 
Can. Govt.. for the adornment of the 
Houses of Parlt, Ottawa, 1906 ; in 
1907 H. M. presented to the Royal 1 Vic 
toria Coll., Montreal, a handsome em 
blematic banner, designed and em 
broidered by Mrs. Watts, the widow 
of the famous Brit, painter ; is 
Patroness of the Victorian Order of 
Nurses in Can. >Marlborough House, 
St. James s, London, Eng. 
Alfred, Frank Hooker, engineer and 


B. Logan, O., Dec. 24, 1866; e. Mich. 
Univ. and Ohio State Uiv. ; entd. ry. 
service, Columbus, Lima and Mil 
waukee Ry., 1887 ; after serving as 
engr. on various roads in U. S., became 
chief engr. Pere Marquette Ry., Oct., 
1905 ; apptd. genl. mangr. Can. White 
Co., Sept., 1905. 35 Cote St. Antoine 
Rd., Montreal. 
Alger, John Lincoln, educationist. 

S. Nathan Willis and Mary (Key) 
A. ; b. Eaton, P.Q., Nov. 20, 1864 ; e. 
Brown Univ. (A.B., 1890 ; A.M., 1895) ; 
m., June, 1896, Miss Edith Goodyear, 
North Haven, Conn. ; taught high 
schs., Rutland, Vt, and Providence, 
R.I., 1890-2 ; instr. math., Brown Univ., 
1892-5 ; supdt. sens., Bennington, Vt., 
1895-1900 ; principal, Jackson, Vt., 
State Normal Sch., 1900-4; do. Vt. 
Acad., 1904-8 ; since then has been 
do., State Normal Sah., Providence, 
R.I. ; is a mem. Phi Beta Kappa. 
59 Keene St., Providence, R.I. 
Algle, James, physician; author. 

Of old Covenanter stock ; b. Ayr, 
Ont., 1857 ; e. local schs. and high 
schs., St. Catharines and Dundas ; pur 
sued med. studies Toronto Univ. (M.B., 
1878) ; practised his profession at 
Alton; removed to Toronto, 1908; m. 
1880, Miss Rachel Jago, Rockwood, 
Ont. ; author of the novels, " Houses of 
Glass," " Bergen Worth," and " The 
Sword of Glenvohr " ; writes under the 
nom-de-plume of " Wallace Lloyd " ; a 
Con. ; a Universalist. 75 Dew son St., 

" His productions are bright, piquant 
and interesting. T. Globe. 
Alffie, William, woolen manufacturer. 
Bro. of preceding; b. and e. Ayr, 
Ont. ; long In business ; owner of 
Beaver Woolen Mills; m., June, 189S 

Bertha, e. d. H. Dale, Brampton, Ont. ; 
has been Presdt. Can. Secular Assn. ; 
a contributor to Secular Thought and 
other periodicals ; as a speaker has 
been described by the London News as 
" one of the best word painters the 
world has ever seen." Alton, Ont. 
Alison, Thomas Henry, civil engineer. 
S. Jas. A., Toronto. ; b. and e. there ; 
B.A.Sc. (Toronto Univ.), 1893; C.E., 
1898 ; assoc. mem. Can. Soc. C. E., 
1899 ; mem. do., 1904. U9 Broadway, 
New York. 
Allaire, Rev. Jean Baptlste Arthur 

(R. C.). 

S. J. B. and Adeline (Courtemanche) 
A. ; b. St. iBarnaJbe-tsur-Yanraska, P.Q., 
July 22, 1866; e. Coll. St. Hyacinthe ; 
o. 1890 ; has filled many pastorates ; 
cure St. Thomas d Aquin since 1906 ; 
also an agricul. missy. ; author 
" L Hi Stoire dte la Paroisse de St. 
Denis-sur-Richelieu " (1905), and of 
" Diet. Biographique du C16rge Can. 
Francais" (1908). St. Thomas 
d Aquin, P.Q. 
Allan, Absalom Shade, Ont. public 


S. late Alex. A., advocate, Aberdeen, 
Scot., and Ann, e. d. late Jas. David 
son, sen., Gait, Ont. ; b. Preston, Ont., 
Nov. 26, 1843 ; e. there and Elora 
Grammar Sch.; m. 1871, Kate, 2nd d. 
late Capt. Bolloch Clifford; engaged 
in commercial life, 1868-1901; reeve 
Clifford 9 yrs. ; warden Co. Wellington, 
1884-85 ; represented W. Wellington 
(Local), Lib. interest, 1886-90; apptd. 
sheriff Wellington, Mch., 1901 ; a 
N. P., J. P., Commr., and Presdt. 
Children s Aid and Humane Soc., 
Guelph ; moved address in reply to 
Speech from Throne, 1893 ; author im 
portant legislation. 190 Glasgow St., 
Guelph, Ont.; Priory Club, do. 
Allan, Alexander Archibald, manufac 

Bro. J. D. A. (q.v.) ; b. Orkney 
Isds., iScot. ; caane to Can. with his 
parents in infancy ; e. Niagara ; head 
of firm A. A. A. & Co., wholesale hats, 
caps and furs, Toronto; an extensive 
traveller ; a promoter Genl. Accident 
Assur. Co-., H906 ; a d1r. Anglo-Am. Fire 
Ins. Co., and V.-P. Sovereign Bank ; 
has been a dir. Nat. Club, and presdt. 
Granite Curling Club ; an Ang. and a 
del. to Synod. 496 Sherboume St., To 
ronto; National Club; Ontario Club, 
Allan, Alexander Macdonald, poinolo- 


2nd s. late Rev. Danl. A. (Presb.) ; 
b. " Brier Bank," nr. Stratford, Ont., 
July 11 1844; e. local public sen., 
Stratford High Sch., and by private 
tutor; owing to illness gave up study 
of law and devoted himself to hort 
culture and pomol. ; while travelling in 
U. S. for health gathered a large store 
of knowledge on these subjects, which, 
on his return to Can., he contributed 
to the periodical and newspaper press ; 
about same period became ed. and 
prop. Huron Signal newspaper, in 
which he gave special prominence to 
his favourite studies; for many yrs. a 
dir Ont. Fruit Growers Assn., he was 



elected its presdt., and gradually came 
to be recognized as the leading expert 
in. pomol., judging not only Can. but 
Am. and European fruits ; while 
Commr. on Fruits for Can. at Ind. and 
Col. Exhn., London, Eng., 1886, spent 
some months in world s metropolis, 
conducting the most successful world s 
exhn. ever held there ; also represented 
Can. at exhns. given in Liverpool, 
Glasgow and Edinburgh, and by these 
displays did much to favourably adver 
tise the Dom. throughout Europe ; in ad 
dition to his regular duties he disposed 
of over 100,000 barrels of apples for 
Can. shippers and examined many new 
fruits, from which he made a selection 
for propagation in Can. ; in 1900 apptd. 
Cammr. on Fruits for Can. at Exipn. 
Universelle, Paris, France, and while 
thus occupied was elected to represent 
Gt. Britain and the Colonies on both 
the acting and supreme juries in judg 
ing the fruits of all nations ; also sold, 
through Brit, brokers, the larger por 
tion of the Can. apple crop of that 
season ; in 1902 was apptd. Commr. on 
Fruits at Wolverhampton and Cork 
Exhns., his services being eventually 
confined to the former ; while on this 
duty he induced leading fruit brokers 
of London, Liverpool and Glasgow to 
form a syndicate for purchasing, pack 
ing and handling Can. fruits in Brit, 
markets ; was also instrumental in 
founding London Fruit Co., for hand 
ling Colonial fruit only ; on this occa 
sion was elected a Fellow of the Royal 
Hort. Soc. ; is also a life mem. Am. 
Pomol. Soc. ; while in B. C. founded 
there the Provl. Fruit Growers Assn. ; 
he frequently represents the Dom. 
Govt. at Farmers Inst. meetings, his 
addresses being confined to pomol. sub 
jects ; as a youth obtained a 1st class 
cert, from the Royal Mil. Sch., Toronto, 
under the late Lt.-Genl. R. W. Lowry, 
C.B. ; a Lib., but has never sought 
office; m. Esther (d. July, 1910), y. d. 
late Geo. Leslie, J.P., Toronto. Huron 
and Ont. Railway, Toronto. 

"The fruit King of Canada." Pall Mall 

" No higher authority on fruits and 
fruit culture." M. Gazette. 

Allan, Andrew Alexander, merchant; 


3rd s. late Andrew A., one of the 
founders Montreal Ocean Steamship 
Co.; bro. Hugh A. A. (q.v. ) ; b. Mont 
real, June 16, 1860; e. in Montreal, 
Rugby, Eng., and by private tutor at 
Paris, France; m., June, 1886, Char 
lotte E Mzalbetih ( a mem. Extve. Comte. 
Women s branch, Soc. Prev. Cruelty to 
Animals ; a mem. Genl. Comte. Vic. 
Order Nurses ; and V.-P. Nat. Im 
migration Soc. ; she and her husband 
were presented to the late King Ed 
ward and to Queen Alexandra, June, 
1907), d. Lieut. R. W. Torre, late H.iM. s 
17th Regt. ; specially trained to steam 
ship service under his uncle, the late 
Sir .Hugh A. and his father, who consti 
tuted the firm of H. & A. A. ; ad 
mitted a partner, 1881 ; a dir. of vari 
ous public companies, including the 
Brit. & Col. Press Service, Ltd., and 
the Blaugas Co. ; is presdt. Royal 

Marine Ins. Co., and [Marconi Wireless 
Tel. Co. of Can. ; a steward) Montreal 
Hunt Club ; a life gov. Montreal 
Western Hospital ; has been a Harbour 
Commr., Montreal ; elected presdt. 
Shipping Federation of Can., 1910; do. 
do. Dom. Dry Dock (Co., do. ; a Fresh. ; 
a Lib. 28? Stanley St., Montreal; St. 
James s Club; Mt. Royal Club; Can. 
Auto Club; Montreal Jockey Club; 
Auto and Aero Club; Canada Club; 
Forest and Stream Club; Montreal 
Hunt Club, do.; Rideau Club, Ottawa. 
Allan, Bryce James, merchant; cap 

3rd s. late Sir Hugh A., founder 
Montreal Ocean Steamship Co., and 
Matilda Caroline, 2nd d. John Smith, 
Montreal; b. Montreal, Aug. 20, 1862; 
e. there and abroad; m. June, 1896, 
Anna, d. late Genl. Winthrop Palfrey, 
Boston, Mass. ; became partner in firm 
H. & A. A., steamship owners, with 
one-twentieth share of his late father s 
estate, on attaining his majority, 1883 ; 
is the representative of the firm at 
Boston, Mass. ; elected a dir. Mer 
chants Bank of Can., 1908; a dir. in 
several Can. commercial cos. ; has 
travelled extensively in Europe ; Presb. 
-Boston, Mass.; Somerset Club, do.; 
Union Club; Knickerbocker Club, New 
York; Junior Carlton Club, London, 
Eng.; t. James s Club, Montreal. 

Allan, Iit.-Col. David Martin, Vol. 

mil. service. 

B. Oct. 16, 1857; for a, lengthened 
period connected with militia force ; 
major 30th Regt. (" Wellington 
Rifles"), 1893; It-col, comdg. do., 
Apl., 1905 ; R.O., 1910 ; reed. 1st class 
Sch. Infy. cert, and Col. Aux. Forces 
offrs decoration. Elora, Ont. 

Allan, George William, lawyer. 

E. s. late Hon. G. W. A., D.C.L., 
Senator, and Adelaide Harriet 
(Schreiber) A. ; b. Toronto, Aug. 13, 
1860 ; e. U. C. Coll. and Trin. Univ. 
(B.A., 1880; IM.A., 1896) ; a barrister; 
mem. legal firm Munson, A., Laird & 
Davis, Winnipeg ; a dir. Gt. West Life 
Ins. Co. ; Ang. ; m. July, 1896, Muriel 
Hester, 3rd d. Edmund Wragge, To 
ronto. Winnipeg; Manitoba Club, do. 

Allan, Hugh Andrew, merchant; capi 

E. s. late Andrew A., one of the 
founders Montreal Ocean Steamship 
Co., and Isabella Ann, e. d. John 
Smith, Montreal ; b. Montreal, Sept. 
22, 1857; e. Merchiston Castle Sch., 
Edinburgh, Scot., and Rugby, Eng. ; 
m., 1884, Margt. (a directress Woman s 
Nat. Immigration Soc.), o. c. late Wm. 
Rae, Allans, Rae & Co., Quebec ; entd. 
office H. & A. A. as a junior elk., and 
received Ihis business training under 
the then principals of the firm, the late 
Sir Hugh, and ills bro., Andrew A. ; 
admitted to partnership, 1881 ; in charge 
Boston branch, dlo., 1887-92; now and 
for sarnie yrs. presdt. Allan Steamship 
Go. ; a mem. Can. Lighthouse Bd. ; a 
dir. Merchants Bank of Can., G. T. 
Pacific Ry., Quebec Bridge (Co., Amal 
gamated Asbestos Corporation,, and 
Montreal Jockey iClufb ; a gov. Ho. of 
Refuge and of local branch Navy 



e V.-iP. Can. Paper Co., presdt. 
r Inst., and; Montreal Telegraph 
Co was some time presdt. .Shiipp ng 
* edera)tion of Can. ; resigned do., 1910 ; 
a promoter Stuart Turbine Engine Co. 
and Halifax & East Ry. ; a del. 5th 
Congress Chambers of Commerce of 
Empire, 1903; strongly in favour of 
making (Montreal a free port and of 
faving a 40-ft. channel Cor stopping 
between Queibec and Montreal ; an 
ardent Imperialist andl patriot ; a 
Presb. 289 Stanley St., Montreal; Mt. 
Royal Club; St. James s Club; Canada 
Club; Montreal Hunt Club; Forest and 
Stream Club; Royal Montreal Golt 
Club; Royal St. Lawrence \acht LluO, 
Montreal Racquet Club; Can. Auto 
Club; Auto and Aero Club; Montreal 
Jockey Club, do.; Rideau Club Ot 
tawa; Quebec Garrison Club, Queb 

"A man of great experience and popu 
larity." Canada. 

"Deservedly popular, having alwajs 
maintained the high place for honourable 
dealing tor which the firm has been noted 
since its organization." M. Herald. 
Allan, Hon. Iit.-Col. Sir HugU Mon- 

tag-u, merchant; capitalist. 
Sec. s. late Sir Hugh A., one of the 
founders Montreal Ocean Steamshi 
Co. and Matilda Caroline, 2nd d. late 
John Smith, Montreal; b. Montreal, 
Oct. 13, 1860; e. Bishop s Coll. Sch., 
Lennoxville, and Paris, France; m., 
Oct., 1893, Marguerite Ethel (presented 
to late King Edward, July, 1906 ; 
elected a mem. Central Council, Vic 
toria League, London, Eng., 19UJ , 
hon. presdt. Daughters of the Empire, 
Montreal), d. late Hector Mackenzie, 
Montreal; under the terms of his 
father s will, entd. firm H. & A. -a., 
on his attaining his majority, and 
vice?chairman of the Allan Steamslup 
Co. ; assumed the name of Hugh 
Montagu, instead of Hugh Andrew A., 
by which he was previously known, 
Dec., 1878; for several yrs. was a 
councillor Montreal Bd. of Trade ; 
treas., do., 1891-2; is presdt. Mer 
chants Bank of Can., Acadia Coal Co 
Can. Paper Co., Can. Rubber Co., Carl- 
ton Hotel Co., and Ry. Securities Co ; 
a dir. Montreal Rolling Mills Co 
Montreal St. Ry. .Co., Montreal Light, 
Heat & Power Co., Ogilvie Flour Mills 
Co. Can. Transfer Co., Labrador Co., 
Dom. Iron & Steel Co., Mutual Life 
Ins Co. of Can., Can. White Co., 
Intern. Banking Corpn., Royal Trust 
Co (Montreal Invest. Trust Co., 
Montreal Park & Island Ry., Dom. 
Dry Dock Co., Can. Vickers, Ltd 
Bishop s Coll. Sch. and Montreal 
Hort. & Fruit Growing Assn. ; V.-F. 
Can Car Co., N. Brit. Development 
Co., and St. Andrew s Soc. ; an ex- 
master of the Montreal Hunt ; 
horses have won the Queen s plate, 
Montreal Hunt cup, members plate, 
and hunters handicap steeplechase 
cup; now presdt. of the Montrea 
Jockey Club ; formerly V.-P. Montreal 
Racquet Club J a dir. Sailors Inst., 
Charity Organ. Soc., Montreal Skating 
Assn. and Amateur Skating Assn. of 
Can. ; a mem. mangt. comte. Montreal 
Genl. Hosp. and Soc. Prev. of Cruelty 

to Animals ; rated as a millionaire by 
Montreal Star, 19H1 ; gave $5,000 to tihe 
Chas. Alexander memorial fund ; gave 
the A. cup as a perpetual trophy tc 
competition between amateur hockey 
clubs, 1910; one of the founders of 
the Mt. Royal Club and the Winter 
Club, Montreal ; entertained at 
crag" H.R.H. Prince Arthur of Con- 
naught, 1906, and H.R.H. Prince 
Fushimi of Japan, 1907 ; knighted June 
24, 1904; C.V.O., 1906; Order of the 
Rising Sun, Japan (3rd class), 1907, 
F RiC I 1&97 ; presented to late King 
Edward, Mcfh., 1910; apptd, hon. lt.- 
coli 5tlh Rest. "Royal Highlanders 
1911 a Presb. ; a Lib. " Ravenscrag/ 
505 Pine Ave. W., Montreal; summer: 
" Montrose," Cacouna,P.Q.; St. James 
Club; Mt. Royal CJub; Canada Club; 
Auto d Aero Club; Montreal Hunt 
Club; Montreal Jockey Club; Winter 
Club; Royal Montreal Golf Club; Royal 
St. Lawrence Yacht Club; Canadian 
Club- Forest & Stream Club; Lachine 
Boating & Canoeing Club; Montreal 
Curling Club; Montreal Polo Club; 
Montreal Racquet Club; Montreal 
Thistle Curling Club, Montreal; To 
ronto Club; York Club, Toronto; 
Rideau Club, Ottawa; Manitoba Club, 
Winnipeg; Knickerbocker Club, N.Y.; 
Junior Carlton Club; Canada Club, 
London, Eng. 

"A worthy upholder of the fam of the 
Allan family." Can. Gazette. 

" Deservedly stands in the front r.ank of 
Canada s men of action," M. Herald. 

Allan, Jamea Donald, manufacturer. 

S. late Capt. Alex. A., native Orkney 
Islds. ; b. Port Rowan, Ont., Aug. 31. 
1850; e. there; prepared for Toronto 
Univ but did not matriculate ; estab 
lished house A. A. A. & Co fur 
manfrs., 1876, of which he is V.-P. , 
Presdt. Bd. of Trade, Toronto, 1905-6 ; 
now Presdt. Union Stock Yards, To 
ronto and of Can. Correspondence 
Coll. do. ; formerly a mem. Toronto 
Technical Sc h. Bd. ; apptd. a mem. 
Oommn re Commercial and Technical 
Education in Toronto, 1910; author 
of a pamphlet on technical edu 
cation (1899) ; has lectured on Can. 
Citizenship : Its Opportunities and 
Responsibilities," and other subjects; 
has travelled extensively abroad; a 
del. 6th Cong. Chambers of Commerce 
of the Empire, 1906 ; mem. special 
eommn. from Can. Eds. of Trade to visi t 
West Indies to investigate the pos; 
bilities of extending and furthering 
trade between Can. and those islands, 
1907 apptd. to accompany 
Oommn, on Pelagic Sealing to Wash 
ington, D.C., as representative of Can. 
fur trade, 1911; m., 1st, 1877 Miss 
Minnie OonUn, Toronto (d. 1888) , 
2ndly 1898, Grace Campbell Russel, 
2nd d. :laite Capt. John .McChfery, Glas 
gow Soot.; a Lib., and has been 
pVesdt. Laurier Olub Toronto ; unsuc 
cessfully contested W. Toronto (H.C . , 
same interest, g. e., l 900 -^ _ m ,"- 
cocks St., Toronto; National Club, ao. 
" Primarily a business man and has car 
ried these traits into his public 
T. Globe. 



Allan, John Roberts, capitalist. 

S. Jas. F. and Catherine (Mont 
gomery) A. ; b. Balderson, Ont., Oct. 
23, 1867 ; e. Perth, and Ottawa Coll. 
Inst. ; m. Nov., 1891, Marion, d. J. M. 
Taylor ; graduated Ont. Coll. Phar 
macy, 1890 (gold med. in Mat. Med.) ; 
V.-P. Ottawa Stock Exchange, 1901 ; 
one of the promoters City & Co. Bank, 
1903 ; a trustee Queen s Univ. (in 
which he established chair of Botany), 
and a dir. Ottawa Gas Co. ; champion 
Ottawa <J01f Clulb, 1902-3 ; F.R.C.I., 
1911 ; lhas travelled extensively in 
Europe ; a Con. ; a Presb. 192 Daly 
Ave., Ottawa; Rideau Club; Ottawa 
Golf Club; Ottawa Hunt Club, do. 

Allan, Miss Maud, dancer. 

B. Toronto ; at 4 yrs. of age re 
moved to San Francisco, where her 
father became a naturalized Am. citi 
zen ; took a scholarship at the Cogs 
well Poly. Coll., San Francisco ; com 
menced studying the piano at age of 
5, and made her first appearance as a 
pianist at 12 ; soon afterwards went 
to Europe to continue her studies ; 
spent 5 yrs. at the Berlin Royal Acad. 
High Sch. of Music, and took the high 
est diploma for piano-playing ; later, 
abandoned her intention of becoming 
a professional musician, deciding to 
become a dancer instead, her idea 
being to represent music by dancing ; 
after much fresh study, she made her 
first appearance as a dancer before an 
invited audience at the Conser. of 
Music, Vienna, in 1902 ; she was 
highly complimented by the press ; her 
first public appearance took place at 
the Theatre Moliere, Brussels, and she 
subsequently performed at Berlin, 
Buda Pesth, Hamburg and Paris, at 
all of which places she aroused much 
enthusiasm ; at London, where she 
appeared in " The Vision of Salome," 
early In 1908, she became the rage, 
and had the honour of dancing before 
the la/te King and the present Queen 
Mother (g.v.) ; subsequently she suc 
cessfully appeared in N. Y. ; has writ 
ten and published her life ; " is proud 
to claim Can. as <he,r country." Care 
Canadian Office, London, Eng. 

" As Salome she has brought pose 
dancing to perfection. Her costume gives 
a luxurious impression of Oriental gor- 
geousness. Her figure is as symmetrical 
as Canova s Venus. Above her slender 
waist it seems to be unconcealed except 
for jewelled trappings. Her feet, which 
are not too small but finely modelled, are 
bare and she gets expression even into her 
pink toes. She impresses her spectators 
by the power of her representation and by 
the varied intensities of her facile expres 
sion, and, best of all, she does not appeal 
to the baser passions." N. Y. World. 

Allan, William Anderson, mine owner 
and contractor. 

3rd s. late John and Margt. (Ander 
son) A., Montreal ; b. and e. there ; 
m., Oct., 1874, Alice Maude (d. Aug., 
1902), y. d. late Hon. Henry Sherwood, 
Q. C., M.P., Toronto ; long in business 
life ; at present head of firm A. & 
Fleming, mine owners and contractors, 
Ottawa ; Ang. Victoria Chambers, Ot 

tawa; Rideau Club; Ottawa Golf Club; 
Ottawa Country Club, do. 

Allan, William Bae, merchant. 

Younger s. s. late Andrew A., Mont 
real ; b. and e. Montreal ; m., June, 
1909, Minnie, y. d. late R. A. Whyte, 
Windsor, Ont., andi relict Hon. A. C. 
Killam, Chief Justice of Man. ; long 
in business in Winnipeg; head of firm 
A., Long & Killam, there ; a dir. N.-W. 
Land Co. ; V.-P. Prudential Trust Co. ; 
a promoter Man. Jockey Club ; Presb. 
Winnipeg; Manitoba Club; Man. 
Jockey Club, do.; St. James s Club, 

Allard, Mgr. Joseph Charles (R. C.). 

S. Joseph A. and Marie (L Ecuyer) 
A. ; b. Chateauguay, P.Q., Apl. 27 
1867; e. Semy., Montreal; o. 1891 
subsequently apptd. V.-G. and cure 
of the Cath., Valleyfield, P.Q. ; ele 
vated to the dignity of a Prot. 
Apos., 1906; D.D., Laval Univ., 1902; 
leader of a movement to found a 
purely French-Can, settlement in N.- 
W. T., 1908 ; a del. to the Plenary 
Council, Quebec, 1909, and to the 
Eudharistic Congress, Montreal, 1910. 
The Palace, Valleyfield, P.Q. 
Allard, Joseph Victor, lawyer. 

S. Prosper and Genevieve A. (Laper- 
riere) A., Berthier-en-haut, P.Q. ; b. 
St. Cuthbert, P.Q., Feb. 1, 1860; e. 
Coll. L Assomption and Laval Univ. 
(B.A., 1880) ; advocate, 1884 ; repre 
sented Berthier (Local), 1892-97; an 
unsuccessful candidate, same seat, 
1890, and again subsequently; Mayor 
of Berthierville for some yrs. ; Chief 
Ranger Berthier Court I. O. Fores 
ters; a Con.; a R. C. ; m. Jan., 1885, 
Blanche, d. A. D. Dorval, advocate, 
L Assomption. Berthierville, P.Q. 

Allard, Louis Joseph Alfred, physi 

Prof, de Physiol. gen. et compared, 
de Path. gSn, des maladies des yeux 
et des oreilles, de 1 hist. de la Med. et 
de Deontol. med., Laval Univ. J6 Rue 
St. Louis, Quebec. 

Allard, Hon. Louis Jules, lawyer; 

S. Louis and Marie Anne (Chapde- 
laine) A., St. Francois-du-Lac, P.Q. ; 
b. there, Jan. 21, 1859 ; e. Nicolet 
Coll. ; advocate, 1883 ; K.C., 1902 ; 
regr. Co. Yamaska, 1890-97 ; presdt. 
sch. commrs, 1892-98; Mayor St. 
Francois, 1895-98 ; sat for Yamaska 
(Local), J3ec., 1897, to Mch., 1905, when 
called! to the Leg. Council, and be 
came Govt. leader in that body ; since 
Feb., 1910, has sat for Drummond in 
the Assembly ; apptd. Minr. of Colon 
ization and Public Works in the Gouin 
(Lib.) Cabinet, Mch. 23, 1905; Minr. 
of Public Works and Labour, July 3 
1905 ; Minr. of Agricul., Sept. 1, 1906 
Minr. Lands and Forests, Jan., 1909 , 
dir. Sorel Elec. Co., St. Frangois du 
Lac Aqueduct Co. and Presdt. Aben- 
akis Springs Hotel Co. ; V.-P. Dom. 
Forestry Assn., 1909 ; a mem. Royal 
Conservation Comn,, do. ; a R. C. ; m. 
June, 1885, Mile. C. Berthe Toupin. 
Quebec; St. Francois du Lac, P.Q.; 
Quebec Garrison Club. 

" A good business man, an excellent 



lawyer, a sound administrator." M. Wit- 

Alien, Rev. Alexander Proctor (Ang.j. 
6th s. late Archdeacon T. W. and 
Jessie (McClellan) A., Millbrook, Ont. ; 
b. there ; e. Trin. Coll. Sen., Port Hope, 
and Trin. Univ., Toronto (B.A., 1879 ; 
M.A., 1902) ; o. 1879 ; is now rector St. 
Paul s Ch., Oakland, Cal. ; m. Oct., 
1906, Anna Louise, d. late Archibald 
Wood, banker, Millbrook. Oakland, 
Allen, Benjamin, manufacturers 


B. Armagh, Irel., 1854 ; came to 
Can., 1872, and has been continuously 
engaged in commerce ; elected Grand 
Master Masonic Grand Lodge of Can., 
1904 ; is also a K. T. (M. W. Sover 
eign, 1904), and mem. Scottish Rite; 
has been presented with numerous tes 
timonials from masonic brethren. 
50 Maitland St., Toronto; National 
Club, do. 
Allen, Francis, educationist. 

S. Rev. John S. and Charlotte M. N. 
(Tuttle) A. ; U. E. L. descent on both 
sides; b. Canterbury, N.B., 1874; e. 
public setts, and Univ. N. B. (B.A., 
Alumni Gold Medal and Brydone-Jack 
scholar, 1895; M.A., 1897); Ph.D., 
Cornell Univ., N. Y., 1901 ; was for 3 
yrs. Principal Westmoreland Co. 
Grammar Sch. ; on Faculty of Cornell 
Univ., N. Y., 1901-4 ; since 1904 has 
been Prof, of Physics and Mineral., 
Univ. of Man. ; elected Dean of the 
Faculty, 1910 ; F.R.S.C., 1909 ; a fellow 
Am. Assn. Advanc. of Science ; a mem. 
Am. Physical Soc. and hon. mem. 
Scientific Fraternity Sigma Xi, U. S. ; 
author papers in Physical Rev., show 
ing experimental researches on physiol. 
optics ; an active mem. Mth. Ch. ; m., 
1903, Miss Sarah Estelle Harper, 
Shedlac, N.B. 517 Spence St., Winni 
peg, Man. 
Allen, G-eorg-e H., insurance mangr. 

S. Rev. Hiram J. A. (Meth.) ; b. 
Odessa, Ont., Aug. 20, 1867 ; e. public 
schs., Kingston, Napanee and Belle 
ville, Trenton High Sch. and Albert 
Coll. ; joined Standard Life Assur. Co. 
as special agt., 1884 ; inspr. Midland 
Dist, 1888 ; inspr. Eastern Ont., with 
headquarters at Kingston, 1890 (and 
while there served for 5 yrs. as an 
aid. of that city) ; later became inspr. 
Maritime Provinces and Nfd. ; and 
finally chief inspr. throughout Dom., 
resigning therefrom, 1905 ; became 
provl. mangr. for P. Q. of Mutual Life 
Assur. Co. of Can. ; resigned Feb., 1910, 
to become first genl. mangr. of the 
Travellers Life Assur. Co. of Can. ; 
elected Presdt. Life Underwriters 
Assn. of Can., 1906 ; was elected, same 
year, 3rd V.-P. of the National Assn. 
of Life Underwriters of U. S. ; and 
later, Presdt. Montreal Ins. Inst. ; m., 
Oct., 1889, Miss Helen Knox, Trenton, 
Ont. 102 St. Mark St., Montreal. 

" An energetic, up-to-date business man." 
M. Herald. 

" A man of rare merit, ability and 
energy." If. Star. 

Allen, George lyttleton, merchant. 
S. Alex, and Harriet A., former from 

Sligo, latter from Galway, Irel. ; b. 
Riverstion, Arthur, Co. Wellington, 
Ont., 1858; e. public and high schs. 
and Toronto Normal Sch. (2nd class 
professional cert.) ; taught sen. 4 yrs. ; 
since in mercantile life ; has served on 
Sch. Bd., twice as chairman, and on 
Bd. of Education ; has always taken 
an interest in amateur sports, espe 
cially lacrosse, bowling and curling ; 
presdt. local bowling and curling 
clubs; do. Can. Lacrosse Assn., 1905; 
m., Dec., 1886, Miss Margt J. Wat 
son, Mount Forest, Ont, an accomp 
lished musician ; active in poli 
tics as a Con., though opposed to 
policy of party on Man. sch. question ; 
" loyal to the core to King and coun 
try, as were all his ancestors " ; an 
Ang. and a del. to Synod; also Supdt. 
of Sunday School and Chairman of 
Finance Comte. Mount Forest, Ont. 

Allen, Rev. Herbert Edgar (Bapt). 

Y. s. Rev. S. T. and Mary Palmer 
(Anthony) A., former from Weston- 
super-Mare, latter from Bedford, 
Eng. ; b. Birmingham, Eng., May 26, 
1871 ; e. Kingston sch., Yeovil and 
Hackney Coll., London, Eng. ; o. Port 
Elgin, Ont., 1904 ; pastor Boston, Ont, 
oldest Bapt Ch. in Ont, 1905 ; do. 
Tabernacle Ch., Toronto, Sept., 1906 ; 
now Hamilton, Ont. ; emigrated to Can., 
settling at Winnipeg, May, 1895 ; has 
lectured frequently in interests of pro 
hibition, and was Presdt. N. Bruce 
Prohibition Alliance during Refer 
endum campaign, 1903 ; as a youth 
was an athlete, and held dist cham 
pionship for swimming won at Yeovil, 
1890; m. Nov., 1897, Miss Elizabeth 
Charlotte Bartlett, Yeovil, Eng. 
Hamilton, Ont. 

" One of the best speakers on prohibi 
tion ever heard." Selkirk Journal. 

Allen, Rev. James (Meth.). 

B. Ireland ; accompanied his parents 
to Can. when 3 yrs. old ; e. Central 
Sch. and Coll. Inst, Hamilton, Ont., 
and Victoria Univ. (B.A., 1875 ; M.A., 
1880) ; m. 1877, Emma, d. late Saml. 
Peters, London, Ont. ; entd. ministry, 
1869 ; o. 1873 ; pastor successively at 
Sherbrooke St. Ch., Montreal ; Grace 
Ch., Winnipeg; Centenary Ch., Hamil 
ton ; Metropolitan Ch., and Sherbourne 
St. Ch., Toronto; Secy. Montreal Conf., 
1885 ; Presdt. Toronto Comf., 1902 ; 
Supdt. Missions, New Ont, 1902 ; Secy. 
Home Missions, which he still is, 1906 ; 
del. to Genl. Conf., 1886 and 1902 ; 
elected V.-P. Alumni Assn., Toronto 
Univ., 1904 ; Senator, Toronto Univ., 
1906 ; mem. Bd. Regents Victoria Univ., 
1906 ; mem. Bd. Education, Meth. 
Ch., 1906; has lectured on resources 
New Ont. ; his e. d., Miss Annie W. A., 
is a missy. in Japan ; believes the 
govt. of the Brit Empire will be trans 
ferred from Brit. Isles and will be 
directed from the Dom. of Can. before 
the end of the present century. 51 
Rosedale Rd. t Toronto. 
Allen, Miss Margaret (see Smith, 
Mrs. Margaret). 

Allen, Miss Minnie, actress. 

D. Danl. W. A., Montreal ; b. and e. 
there; made her debut, N. Y., 1900, in 



vaudeville, in a sketch written for her 
by Claxton Wilstach (whom she m., 
1903), called "The Bifurcated Girl," 
and is reputed to have achieved a 
wonderful success as well by her 
youth and beauty as by her histrionic 
ability ; was subsequently a prominent 
mem. of Miss Adelaide Thurston s co. ; 
is now studying for comic opera. 16 
Gramercy Park, New York. 
Allen, Norman, physician. 

Y. s. late Archdeacon T. W. and 
Jessie (McClellan) A., Millbrook, Ont. ; 
b. and e. there; m., 1889, Miss Alice 
Louisa Martin ; M.D.,C.M., Trin. Univ., 
Toronto, 1885 ; fellow Trin. Med. Sch., 
do.; M.R.C.S. (Eng.), 1886; Med. 
Health Offr., Toronto, 1891-93 ; Ang. ; 
Con. 108 Carlton St., Toronto. 
Allen, Iit.-G-enl. Ralph Edward. 

E. s. Major Ralpn Shuttleworth A., 
J.P., D.L., formerly M.P. (Eng.), and 
Annie Elizabeth, 4th d. Sir Saml. 
Cunard, Bart. ; b. Halifax, N.S., Feb. 
23, 1846; e. Eton; joined army, 1865, 
and, after continuous service, retired 
therefrom, as It.-genl., Feb. 23, 1903 ; 
was Maj.-Genl. Infy. Brigade, S. A., 
1900-1 (despatches; C.B. ; medal witJh 
2 clasps). JO Hanover Sq., London, 
W.; Naval and Military Club; St. 
James s Club; Army and Navy Club, 
London, Eng. 

Allen, Samuel James Mclntosh, edu 

S. Capt. J. M. A., Halifax, N.S., and 
Elizabeth, d. W. t>. Lawrence,, ishtp- 
builkler and M.P.P., of iMaitland, 
Hante. ; b. Maitlandi N.S., Nov. 5, 
1877; e. Halifax Co. Academy (med.). 
M CGilil Univ. (B.iSc. and Brit. Assn. 
med., 1900; iM.iSc., 1901), and Johns 
Hopkins Univ. (iPh.D., 1906) ; m., Aug. 
10, 1910, Eva Blanche, . d. (Major ,S. 
J. R. Sirco-m, Halifax, N.S. ; Elect. 
Engr., 1900, Univ. Prof, of Phys., Brit. 
Assn. med. and honours, McG-ill, 1900 ; 
mem. Am. Phys. Soc., and Can. Soe. 
Civil En-g. ; Jnstr. dn Civil Eng., McGill, 
1900-1 ; Instr. in Physics, 1901-3, do. , 
Fellow and Graduate .Student in Phy 
sics, John Hopkins Univ., 1903-6 ; Instr. 
in Physics, Un iv. of Cincinnati, 1906-9 ; 
Asst. Prof., do.,, 1909 ; author of various 
scientific papers ; owns trie cruising 
yacht Menotah, and is Vice-Coim mo- 
dore Chester (NjS.) Yacht Club; Epis. 
U. 18. address: Univ. of Cinc-innati; 
Canadian address: Chester, N.S. 

Allen, Thomas Carleton, Provl. public 


S. late Chief Justice Sir John Camp 
bell and Margt. A. (Drury) A.; b 
Rose Hall, Fredericton, N.B., Nov. 9, 
1852; e. grammar schs. Charlotte and 
Queen s Cos., and Coll. Inst., Frederic- 
ton ; pursued legal studies Law Sch., 
Harvard Univ. ; barrister, 1875 ; K.C 
1889 ; apptd. Clk. of the Crown, Clk. 
of the Pleas, Supreme Ct. N.B., and 
Clk. in Equity, Apl., 1883; elected 
Chancellor Ang. Diocese of Frederic- 
ton, 1900 ; Mayor of Fredericton, 1890- 
92 ; declined nomination for further 
term ; a trustee of Victoria Hospital 
Bd. for 18 yrs. and now V.-P. of Bd. ; 
presdt. Loca l Impnovt. Assn., 1907 ; 
an Ang. and a del. to Synod; m. 1883, 

Louise L., d. Hon. Mr. Justice A. R. 
Wetmore; presented in 1904 by bar 
of N. B. with solid silver service in 
token of their esteem and in com 
memoration of 21st anniversary of his 
marriage; D.C.L. (hon.), King s Coll. 
Univ., Windsor, 1910. Fredericton, 

Allen, Thomas D., banker. 

Formerly of Newcastle, Ont. ; for 10 
yrs. in the service of the National 
Bank of the Republic in Chicago ; 
apptd. Cashier States Loan and Trust 
Co., Quincy, 111., Men., 1905. Quincy, 

Allen, Thomas Grant, physician. 

S. Wm. and Margt. A. ; b. nr. Brock- 
ville, Ont, Oct. 14, 1863 ; e. Brock- 
ville High Sch., Queen s Univ. (B.A., 
and gold med. in Math., Gowian Prize 
Botany, 1888; M.A., M.D., 1889), and 
North-western Univ. (M.D., 1898) ; m., 
July, 1890, Miss Nettie M. Fralick, To 
ronto ; Science Master Seaforth and 
Ingersoll, 1890-3 ; Prof. Chemistry 
Armour Inst. of Tech.. 1894-8; exten. 
Lecturer Chemistry, Food and Die 
tetics, Univ. oif Chicago, 1895-8 ; now 
Prof. Diseases of Children, Post-Grad. 
Med. Sch., Chicago ; also Clinical Prof. 
Pediatrics, Univ. of Illinois Med. Sch., 
Chicago. 5661 Washington Ave., Chi 
cago, III. 

Allen, Miss Viola Emily, actress. 

D. C. Leslie and Sarah (Lyon) A., 
the latter formerly of Toronto ; b. 
Southern States ; e. Bishop Strachan 
Sch., Toronto ; made debut N. Y. as 
Esmeralida when 15, and subsequently 
played leading classical, Shakespearean 
and comedy roles with L. Barrett, 
Tommaso Salvini, Joseph Jefferson and 
W. J. Florence ; now, and for some 
yrs., one of the " queens " of the Am. 
stage; an Ang.; m. Aug., 1905, Peter 
Duryea, Lexington, Ky. Care C. W. 
Allen, 1520 Broadway, New York. 

" Her fame as Glory has awakened the 
interest of two continents." M. and E. 

Allen, Rev. William Cart-wright 


2nd s. late Archdeacon T. W. and 
Jessie (McClellan) A., Millbrook, 
Ont. ; b. there ; e. Trin. Coll. Sch., Port 
Hope, and Trin. Univ., Toronto (B.A., 
with 1st class honours in Classics and 
4th class in Math., 1872 ; M.A., 1877) ; 
o. deacon, 1874 ; priest, 1875 ; succes 
sively curate at Peterboro, Ont., and 
Shanley, Herts, Eng. ; subsequently 
Asst. Master Trin. Coll. Sch., Port 
Hope ; apptd. rector Cavan, Ont., suc 
ceeding his father, Oct., 1905, and 
R. D.., 1907 ; Prebend, of Cavan, 1909 ; 
m., Dec., 1883, Mis>s iMary Linnecar. 
Millbrook, Ont. , 

Allen, William Forsyth, public man. 

S. Wm. H. and Margt. (Fair) A., 
both natives of Irel. ; b. nr. Port Hope, 
Ont, June 27, 1833 ; e. local schs. ; m. 
1862, Lucy, d. Late John Lyall ; has 
served as co. councillor. Mayor of 
Bowmanville and Warden North, and 
Durham ; likewise as a mem. of High 
and Public Sch. Bd., and as a dir., 
Secy, and Presdt. Co. Agricul. Soc. ; 
one of the founders Western and 
Standard Banks, and has been and is 



V.-P. of each institution ; is also V.-P. 
Ont. Loan and Savings Co. ; a Presb. ; 
a Lib. Bowmanville, Ont.; National 
Club, Toronto. 
Allin, Richard Winfred, missionary 


B. Brooklin, Ont. ; e. public and high 
sdtis., Uxbridge High Sell., Whitby 
Model Son., Owen Sound Coll Inst. and 
Toronto Univ. (B.A., with honours in 
Eng. lit., 1896) ; 1st asst. master, 
Rothesay Coll., N.B., 1899-1906; asst. 
secy., Ch. of Bng. Missy. Soc., 1906-9 ; 
secy., Ang. Laymen s Missy. Movement, 
1909-11 ; since then has been asst. genl. 
secy, of the Ch. of Eng. Missy. Soc. ; 
one of the invited speakers at Ang. 
Ch. Congress, Halifax, 1910. 508 
Brunswick Ave., Toronto. 

Allison, David, educationist. 

S. Jas. W. A., formerly M.P.P., and 
Margt. (Elder) A., Irish descent; b. 
Newport, N.S., July 3, 1836 ; e. Halifax 
Acad., Wesl. Acad., SackvilLe, and Wesl. 
Univ., Middletown, Conn. (B.A., 1859; 
M.A., 1862; LL.D., 1903); LL.D. 
(ihon.), Vidt. Univ., 1873; originally 
Classical Instr. Sackv.ill>e Acad. ; took 
same position Mount Allison Coll., 
1862 ; Presdt. do., 1869 ; resigned to 
become Supdt. Educ., N.S., 1877 ; re 
tired from latter office -to accept presi 
dency of Mount Allison Univ., 1891; 
resigned tlherefrom, June, 1910 ; m., 1st, 
June, 1862, Miss Elizabeth Powell, 
Richibuoto, N.B., U. E. L. descent (d. 
Dec., 1898) ; 2nd ly, June, 1902, Miss 
H. E. Cumim ings, iSouris, P.E.I. ; a 
Meth., and active in dh. work ; served 
as a del. to Congress of Methodism, 
London, Eng., 1881, and to the Genl. 
Conf. of Ch. Sackville, N.B. 
Allison, James Walter, manufacturer. 

S. Hy. B. and Sarah (Abrams) A., 
Sackville, N.B. ; b. Newcastle, N.B., 
May 7, 1861 ; e. Mt. Allison Acad. and 
Call., founded by his uncle, the late 
Chas. P. lA. ; enitd. on business career 
in HaJifax, il87 l, and in 1876 became a 
partner and ultimately head of the 
house, John P. Mott & Co., chocolate, 
cocoa, soap and spice manfrs., which 
position he retains ; a dir. Stanfields 
(Truro Knitting Mills), N. S. Steel and 
Coal Co., N. S. Pire Ins. Co., N. 
S. Car Works, Eastern Trust Co., 
ami Bank of N. S., and Presdt. 
N. iS. Savings, .Loan and Building 
Soc. ; also dir. Joint Benevolent Soc,, 
Sch. for the .Blind and 1 a gov. Dal- 
housie Univ.; m. 1876, Mary, d. late 
Chas. T. Pre, Bale Vente, N.B., 
and gt.-granidid. Hon. C. R. Prescoitt, 
founder of the fruit-growing industry 
in N. S. ; gave $5,000 towards the 
Building Fund of St. Luke s Ang. 
Cath., 1909 ; a Con. ; an Ang. " Hasel- 
hurst," Dartmouth, N.S.; Halifax Club, 

Allison, John Wesley, manufacturer. 

S. David and Elizabeth (Young) A., 
Dunbar, Ont. ; b. there, 1862 ; m. ; a 
dir. N. Y. and Ont. Power Co. ; Presdt. 
Can. Tin Plate and Sheet Steel Co. ; 
lived formerly in N. Y. ; manufactured 
first sheet tin plate ever - made in 
Can., 1907 ; elected Presdt. Dundas 
Agricul. Soc., 1908 ; also owns large 

stock farm ; much before the ipulbl ic 
eye, 1911, in connection with the 
scheme for " damming " tihe St. Law 
rence ; Ang. ; politically Ind. Morris- 
burg, Ont. 

Allison, Thomas B., engineer. 

B. Ingersoll, Ont, Oct. 2, 1858; com 
menced training in Northey Engine 
Works, Hamilton ; on completion, de 
signed and built Dom. Pulp Co. s sul 
phite mill, Chatham, N.B. ; since then 
has been Chief Engr. and Mech. Supdt., 
Mar. Sulphite Fibre Cq. s mill, same 
place ; Supdt. Spanish River Pulp Co. s 
mil}, Espantoila, Ont. ; Ohief Engr. St. 
Anthony Lumber Co. s mills, Whitney, 
Ont. ; Supdt. Machinery Montreal Cot 
ton Co. s Mill, Valleyfield, P.Q. 23 
Withrow Ave., Toronto. 
Allison, Rev. William Thomas 
(Presb.), journalist. 

S. Thos. R. A. ; b. Unionville, Ont., 
Dec., 20, 1874 ; e. Victoria Univ. (B.A., 
1899; M.A., 1900); pursued theol. 
studies Yale Univ. (B.D., with honours, 
1901 ; scholar, and Ph.D., 1908) ; o. 
Oct., 1902, and inducted, same year, 
minr., at Stayner ; declined editorship 
Dawson Sun, 1902 ; Lecturer in Eng., 
Toronto Univ., 1905-6 ; pastor Cong. 
Ch., Middlefield, Conn., Nov., 1907 ; 
Prof. Eng., Wesley Coll., Winnipeg, 
since 1910 ; formerly ed. News Mag., 
Toronto, and a writer for other To 
ronto (periodicals and 1 newspapers ; 
author: "The Amber Army" (poems), 
1909.- -Winnipeg. 

" One of the most brilliant of the 
younger Canadian journalists." M. and E. 

Allnatt, Rev. Francis John Beuwell 

(Ang.), educationist. 

S. late Rev. F. J. A., IM.RjC.iS., vicar 
Grinsdale, Carlisle, Eng. ; b. Clapham, 
London, Eng., Jan. 15, 1841 ; e. St. 
Augustine s Coll., Canterbury, and 
Lennoxville Univ. (B.D., 1878; D.D., 
1886); o. deacon 1864, priest 1865; 
for over 20 yrs. in charge Drummond- 
ville Mission, later volunteered for ser 
vice in Labrador, and, in 1885, became 
rector St. Matthews, Quebec; in 1887 
apptd. to chair Pastoral Theology, 
Lennoxville ; became subsequently Har- 
rold IProf. Divinity, Dean of Faculty, 
and Vice-Principal of that institution, 
wlhich positions the retains ; was for 
several yrs. Inspr. of Academies and 
Model Schs., P.Q. ; author, among 
other things, oif a book, " The Witness 
of St. (Matthew " ; a canon, Trin. Cath., 
Quefbec, 1906; a del. to the Synods; 
m., 1874, Jane, d. late Lt.-Col. Robin, 
and the widow of Ignace Gill , IM.P.P. 
" Harrold Lodge," Bishop s Coll. 
Univ., Lennoxville, P.Q. 

Alloway, Clement John, veterinary 


S. late Capt. A. W. A., H. M. s 4th 
(or King s Own Royal) Regt. ; b. 
Queen s Co., Irel., Nov. 19, 1847; e. 
High Sch., Montreal; m. June, 1877, 
Miss Mary Wilson, Montreal (q.v.) , 
practised his profession for 25 yrs., but 
now retired ; is general agent Royal 
Ins. Co., and a councillor Mont. Ins. 
Inst. ; formerly an officer No. 1 troop 
Montreal Cavalry ; a .Prat. 378 Met- 
calfe Ave., Westmount, Montreal; Mill- 



tary Inst.; Canadian Club; Engineers 
Club; Montreal Jockey Club, Montreal. 

Alloway, Mm. Mary Wilson, author. 

Irish parentage ; b. and e. in Mont 
real ; m. June, 1877, Dr. C. J. A. 
(q.v.) ; author of numerous contribu 
tions to literature, the best known of 
which is a volume, " Famous Firesides 
of French Canada" (1899), which has 
received high praise from the press ; 
in addition to her literary talents, has 
displayed skill in ceramic decoration 
and water colour painting ; a Bapt. 
378 Metcalfe Ave., Westmount, Mont 

Allward, Walter Seymour, sculptor. 

S. late John A. and Emma (Peth- 
uran) A., both of St. John s, Nfd. ; b. 
Toronto, Nov. 18, 1875; e. Dufferin 
tech., Toronto ; served 5 yrs in the 
office of an architect, having begun his 
apprenticeship therein when 14 yrs. of 
age; at 19 turned his attention to 
sculpture, in the way of producing 
figure-work for architectural pur 
poses ; this he continued for only a 
few months, and received his first 
commission in a competition for the 
figure of Peace, which crowns the To 
ronto N.-W. Rebellion Monument in 
Queen s Park ; following this, his 
genius now being fully recognized, he 
was apptd. to execute busts of Lord 
Tennyson, Sir Ohas. Tapper (.Q.v.), 
Sir Wilfrid Laurier (q.v.), Hon. Dr! 
Ralph, Sir Oliver MJowat, Hon. A. 
S. Hardy, Sir G. W. Ross (q.v.), 
Sir J. P. Wihiitney (q.v.), Chief 
Justice Sir Geo. Burton, and E. B. 
Osier, K.C., all mostly ^or the art gal 
lery of the Provl. Museum, Toronto ; 
in a keen competition with European 
and U. S. artists, he was awarded the 
execution of a full length heroic statue 
of Genl. Simcoe, first Governor of 
U. C., which now stands in Queen s 
Park, Toronto ; the Nicholas Flood 
Davin Monument, in Ottawa, was also 
designed and executed by him ; his 
next work was an heroic statue of Sir 
Oliver Mowat, which is also placed in 
Queen s Park, Toronto ; the South 
African Monument followed, competi 
tion for which was open to the world ; 
this monument is one of the finest in 
Brit. Am., the main shaft being 70 ft 
in height ; at the base is a group of 
figures, the central one representing 
Can., on each side of which is a figure 
symbolic of active service in the field 
of war, the column being surmounted 
by a winged figure representing Vic 
tory ; an heroic half-length figure 
crowning the monument erected in 
honour of the veterans of 1812, stand 
ing in Portland St. Square, Toronto, is 
also from his chisel; in 1908 he com 
pleted for the Provl. Govt. a life-sized 
monument of Hon. J. Sandfield Mac- 
donald, first Prime Minister of Ont., 
which was erected in the Queen s Park, 
Toronto ; and more recently his design 
for a memorial to Baldwin and Lafon- 
taine, to be erected on Parliament Hill, 
Ottawa, was accepted by the Advisory 
Art Council of Can. ; later, in 1909, his 
model for the Alexander Graham Bell 
Memorial, Brantford, Ont., was also 

accepted. 76 Walker Ave., Toronto; 
Arts and Letters Club, do. 

" The cleverest native sculptor that Can 
ada possesses." T. Globe. 

"A man who, unless I am greatly mis 
taken, will put his name among the forer- 
most sculptors of the age." Sir W. 
Laurier (q.v.). 

Almon, Bev. Poster Hutchinson 


S. late Hon. Wm. A., M.D., M.L.C., 
Halifax, N.S. ; b. there, Aug. 31, 1827; 
e. Halifax Grammar Sch. and King s 
Coll., Windsor (B.A., 1848) ; o. deacon 
1850, priest 1851; actg. garrison chap 
lain, 1850-51 ; curate, Jamaica, W.I., 
1851-60; rector, Santa Cruz, Danish 
W. I., 1860-64 ; subsequently succes 
sively curate St. George s, Halifax ; do. 
St. Paul s, Kensington, London ; rector, 
Trinity Ch., St. Stephen, N.B. ; do. St. 
Luke s, St. John, N.B. ; do. St. Mary s 
Ch., Richibucto, N.B. ; do. Mechanics- 
burg, Penn. ; do. Trinity Ch., Halifax ; 
resigned active clerical work, Dec., 
1902 ; hon. canon St. Luke s Cath., 
1905; m. Apl., 1854, Miss Charlotte 
Mary Whitehorne, Jamaica ; founder 
of Assn. for Improving the Condition 
of the Poor, Halifax. Halifax, N.S. 
(D. Halifax, Feb. 9, 1911.) 

Almon, John Colquhoun Cog-swell, 


S. late Mather Byles and Rebecca 
(Rand) A., Halifax, N.S. ; b. there, 
1868; e. Brussels, Belgium and Hali 
fax ; m. Mliss Ritchie ; long in ser 
vice Bank of Montreal ; prominently 
identified with yachting for many yrs. ; 
has owned many fine yachts ; at 
present is owner of tlhe Geisha; a 
mem. ami has been officially con 
nected with .the Royal N. S. Yacht 
Squadron, the St. Lawrence Yacht 
Club, and the Kingston Yacht Club ; 
Secy.-Treas. St. Lawrence Yacht Club, 
1896-97; Rear Commodore Kingston 
Yacht Club, 1903 ; Vice Commodore, 
1904; iCommodore, 1905. 5S9 Gros- 
venor Ave., Montreal, P.Q. 

Almond, Bev. John Macpherson 


S. Jas. and Mary Ann (Macpherson) 
A., Shigawake, P.Q. ; b. there, July 27, 
1872 ; e. Lennoxville Univ. (B.A., 1894 ; 
M.A., 1901) ; m., Oct., 1901, (Marie 
Estelle, d. H. G. Beemer, Quebec ; o. 
deacon, 1896; priest, 1897; stationed 
first as a missy, in Labrador, be- 
coming afterwards a travelling missy, 
for Quebec Diocese; dn Oct., 1899, 
was commissioned chaplain to tTw 
Royal Can. Regt., and accompanied 
it to S. A. ; while In S. A. was 
chaplain to 19th Brigade, composed 
af the Gordons, iCorniwalls, Sfliroip- 
shires and Canadians ; his conduct dur 
ing the campaign received high praise, 
more particularly in connection with 
his attendance on the enteric fever 
patients at Bloemfontein, and in all 
conditions of danger, both from the 
enemy and from disease and discom 
fort (medal) ; returned to Can., Dec., 
1900 ; asst. curate Holy Trin. Cath., 
Quebec, 1901 ; rector Grand Mere, do. ; 
do. Trinity Ch., Montreal, 1904 ; de- 



livered oration at decoration of sol u 
diers* graves, Montreal, Victoria Day, 
1905 ; elected presdt. S. African 
Veterans Assn., Montreal, 1908 ; do. 
do., Last Post Assn., 1910; apptd. 
chaplain (witih hon. rank oif capt.), 
6th (Duke of Conaugflit s Royal Can. 
Hussars, IM cfh., 1911. Trinity Ch. 
Rectory, 146 Durocher St., Montreal. 

" A splendid preacher." Archdeacon 
Ker (q.v.). 

" A man of zeal, practical piety and un 
selfishness, with a knack for executive 
work." T. Globe. 
Alward, Silas, lawyer; legislator. 

S. John and Mary Ann A. (U. E. L. 
descent) ; b. Brunswick, N.B., Apl. 14, 
1842 ; e. Acadia Coll. (B.A., 1860 ; M.A., 
1863; D.C.L., 1882) and Brown Univ., 
R. I. ((M.A., 1871) ; m., 1st, 1869, 
Hmilie (d. 1879), d. P. Wick-wire, Can 
ning, N.S. ; 2ndly, May, 1888, Sarah 
Ed ith (Presdt. Ladies Golf Club 
and Women s Art Assn., St. John), 
d. W. W. Turnbuill, St. John, N.B. ; 
barrister, 1865; K.C. ( Earl Derby), 
1891 ; successfully practises Ms prof, in 
St. John ; one of tlhe leaders of the bar 
in N. B. ; returned to Legislature, 
Lib. interest, Men., 1887 ; defeated 
g. e. 1899; a gov. Acadia Ool l. ; 
Dean Law Faculty, King s Coll., 
Windsor, N.S. (D.C.L., hon., 1895) ; 
until recently Presdt. St. John Law 
Soc. ; author " The Unity of the Em 
pire," the alumni oration at King s 
College, 1907, "Our Western Heritage: 
its Duties and Responsibilities," " Then 
and Now," and of other brochures ; 
has lectured on John Bright and other 
interesting topics ; an Ang. ; a Con., 
and an ardent Imperialist. " Sunny- 
side," 8 Burpee Ave., St. John, N.B.; 
Canadian Club, do. 

" A man of excellent taste and ability." 
If. Gazette. 

"A cultured and able lawyer who would 
adorn the bench," Late Judge Ritchie. 

" A fluent speaker and a lecturer of 
marked ability." St. John Telegraph. 

Alway, Frederick James, educationist. 
S. Fredk. and Rachel (Mason) A. ; 
b. Rockford, Ont, May 28, 1874 ; e. 
Simcoe High Sch., Toronto Univ. 
(B.A., 1894), and Heidelberg Univ., 
Germany (Ph.D., 1897) ; Prof. Cttem- 
istry, Neb. Wesl. Univ., 1898-06 ; since 
1906, has (been Prof, of Agricul. 
Nebraska Univ. ; author various con 
tributions on organic and agricul. 
dhemistry to Am. and German pub 
lications; Bapt. 517 E. 15th St., Univ- 
sity Place, Lincoln, Neb. 

Amaron, Rev. Calvin Elijah (Presb.). 

S. late Danl. A., first missy, of late 
French Ch. OVDissy. iSoc., and Annette 
(Cruchet) A., both natives of" Canton 
de Vaud, Switz. ; b. de Ramsay, P.Q., 
Sept. 4, 1852 ; e. Berthier Grammar 
Sch., Pointe-aux-Trembles sens., and 
McGill Univ. (B.A., with honours In 
Mental and Moral Phil., 1877 ; M.A., 
1880) ; studied theol. Montreal Presb. 
Coll. (B.D., 1884); o. 1879; pastor 
Three Rivers, P.Q. ; do. French Prot. 
Ch., Lowell, Mass., 1882, becoming 
later Presdt. French Prot. Coll., 
Springfield, Mass. (D.D., 1896), which 

had been founded by him, and whose 
work and influence are described in 
his book, " Tour Heritage, or New 
Eng. Threatened" (1891); resigned 
and visited Europe, 1893; on his re 
turn founded the Dom. Publishing Co., 
of which he became mangr., purchased 
L Aurore newspaper and established it 
as the organ of French Protestantism 
in Am. ; has shown equal activity in 
other press undertakings, having 
founded Le Semeur Franco-Americain 
at Ware, Lowell and Springfield, 
Mass., of which he was Eng. ed. and 
financial mangr. ; at another period 
was mangr. and Eng. ed. of the 
Citoyen Franco-Americain; became 
pastor St. John s French Presb. Ch., 
Montreal, 1896 ; resigned May, 1906, to 
reassume ed. duties on L Aurore; 
pastor Gardenville Ave. Presb. Ch., 
Longueuil, P.Q., 1908-9 ; pastor JoMette, 
P.Q., 1909-11 ; since then has been 
pastor French Prot. Ch., Quebec; Mod 
erator (Montreal and Ottawa Presb.), 
1904 ; has lectured on "The French-Can. 
Problem," " The Huguenots in France 
and Can.," and other topics ; author, 
"The Evangelization of the French- 
Canadians of New England" (1885) ; 
m., 1st, Oct., ,1881, Agnes (d.), e. d. 
Bate Hon. Justice McDougaM, Three 
Rivers, P.Q. ; 2ndly, Nov., 1895, IMiss 
Margt. L. Lynch, Montreal ; " though 
a non-partisan in politics, is In hearty 
sympathy with the principles and 
policy of the Lib. (party; he sees no 
hope for a great united Dom. untt l the 
principles of the Brit. Constitution are 
loyally accepted by French Can., and 
that will be only when the Bible shall 
be in ttie hands of the people " ; a 
prohibitionist, a free-trader, and out 
of sympathy with trusts ; believes also 
in a system of national sc hs. Quebec. 
Ambrose, Paul, musician; composer; 

conductor and instructor. 
S. Robt. S. and Elizabeth A. ; b. 
Hamilton, Ont, Oct. 11, 1868; e. pub 
lic schs. and coll. inst. ; m. 1905, Miss 
Naomi Lambe, Orange, N.J. ; organist 
Madison Ave. M. E. Ch., N. Y., 1886- 
90, and subsequently organist and 
choir master St. James Ch. and Prof. 
Music Westminster Sch., same city ; 
now Dir. Dept of Music N. J. State 
schs. and Lecturer of Music Am. Inst. 
of Applied Music, N. T. ; is Dir. Manu 
script Soc., St. James Choral Club, and 
V.-P. Synthetic Guild, N. T. ; also Dir. 
Monday Musical Club, Trenton, N.J. ; 
has composed and written many well- 
known musical compositions and 
songs, sacred and secular ; Ang. 
Trenton, N.J.; 212 W. 5Mh St., New 
York; National Arts Club; Manu 
script Club, do. 

Ames, Alfred Ernest, banker and 


S. late Rev. Wm. A. (Meth.), Wood 
stock, Ont. ; b. Lambeth, Ont., Sept., 
1866; e. Coll. Inst., Brantford ; m.. 
May, 1889, Mary, d. Hon. G. A. Cox, 
(q.v.), Senator; entd. service (Mer 
chants Bank, Can., Sept., 1881, and 
was subsequently in service of Im 
perial and Ont. Banks ; was succes 
sively mangr. Ont. Bank at Mount 
Forest and Lindsay ; resigned, to open 



banking and brokerage business, To 
ronto, Dec., 1889 ; purchased seat To 
ronto Stock Exchange, 1895 ; organ 
ized Metropolitan Bank, of which he 
became Presdt, Sept., 1902 ; resigned 
June, 1903 ; first Chairman Temiskam- 
Ing and Northern Ont. Ry. Comn. 
(apptd. July, 1902) ; resigned Jan., 
1904 ; unsuccessful candidate for 
reeveship York Tp., Jan., 1902 ; de 
clined candidature Toronto mayoralty, 
Dec., 1902 ; has been Presdt. Toronto 
Stock Exchange, Toronto Bd. of Trade, 
and Can. Lake and Ocean Nav. Co. ; 
also Lay Treas. Meth. Mission Fund, 
Mangr. Provident Invest, and Mortg. 
Guarantee Co., V.-P. and Mangr. To 
ronto Savings and Loan Co., and V.-P. 
Imp. Life Assur. Co. ; V.-P. P. N. 
Burt Co. ; V.-P. Sterling Coal Co. and 
City Dairy Co. ; business incorporated 
as A. E. A., Ltd., Apl., 1904; a dir. 
Working Boys Home, Toronto, Robt. 
Simpson Co., Russell- Motor Car Co., 
Tnitern. iMililinig Co., and of Twin* Oity 
RajpidTransit Co. ; founded Wm. Ames 
Scholarship in Mod. Lang., Vic 
toria Univ., and in 1899 subscribed 
$10,000 towards the endowment fund 
of same institution ; a Meth. and a 
Regent Victoria Univ. ; " favours Can. 
Independence rather than this country 
should continue part of the Brit. Em 
pire and refuse to take its share of the 
burden." " Glen Stewart," 387 Kings 
ton Rd., Toronto; Toronto Club; Yorfc 
Club, do. 

Ames, Herbert Brown, merchant; 


S. late Evan Fisher and Caroline 
Matilda (Brown) A., both natives 
U. S. ; b. Montreal, June 27, 1863 ; e. 
Amherst Coll., Mass. (B.A., 1885) ; 
studied French lang. and literature in 
France; thereafter, up to Dec., 1893, 
was with the wholesale firm of Ames- 
Holden, Ltd., Montreal ; aid. Montreal, 
1898-1906, devoting much of his atten 
tion to the purification of munici 
pal govt. in his native city ; Chair 
man Municipal Bd. of Health, 1900-04 ; 
previously was Secy. Good Govt. Assn. 
and Presdt. Volunteer Elect. League, 
which bodies effected many reforms in 
civic admn. ; also known through his 
lectures on Can. political history and on 
municipal govt. ; contributes frequently 
to press : author, " The Machine in 
Honest Hands" (1894), "The City 
below the Hill, a Sociological Study " 
(1897), "The City Problem; What Is 
T t?" (1901), "The Housing of the 
Working Classes" (1907); apptd. 
mem. Prot. Sec. Council Public Instr., 
P.Q., 1895 ; Presdt. Y.M.C.A., Montreal, 
1896; is a dir. Ames-Holden. Ltd., 
Dom. Guar. Co., Gt. West Life Ins. 
Co., Royal Victoria Life Ins. Co., 
and a number of other commercial 
bodies ; a gov. Montreal Dispensary, 
Soc. for Prot. Women arid Children, 
etc. ; addressed London (Eng. ) Cham 
ber of Commerce on trade interchange, 
1904 ; presented with silver bowl, by 
same body, in ackgt. of his personal 
services in connection with its visit to 
Can., 1904 ; a del. Imp. Commercial 
Congress, Sydney, N.S.W., 1909 ; moved 
In that body for the appt. of an ad 

visory Imp. Council to consider ques 
tions of Imp. interest, especially those 
tending to promote trade between the 
various parts of the Empire ; has sat 
for St. Antoine div. (Montreal) in 
H. C. in Con. interest since g. e. 1904 ; 
succeeded in having a comte. apptd, 
Mch., 1909, for a revision of the assets 
of the Dom. ; an active worker in 
support oif (his party ; apptd. one of the 
representatives of iH. C. at Ring 
George s coronation, London, 1911 ; a 
Fresh. ; in., May, 1900, Louise Marion, 
d. John Kennedy, C.E. (q.v.). 26 On 
tario Ave., Montreal; Club Lafontaine ; 
University Club ; Montreal Club ; Royal 
St. Lawrence Yacht Club; St. James s 
Club, do. 

" A prodigious and rather inhuman 
worker." T. News. 

" Unquestionably a force to be reckoned 
with in the public life of Canada." 2 . 

" Of independent means, of clean in 
stincts, with a taste for public life, and is 
man to be trusted." M. Gazette. 
" Ames SSmire " (see Turenne, Ray 
mond Auzias-). 

Ami, Henry Marc, geologist; Dom. 
public service. 

2nd s. late Rev. Marc A., Geneva, 
Switz., and Anne (Giramaire) A., Glay, 
Montbeliard, Doubs, France ; b. Belle 
Riviere, P.Q., Nov. 23, 1858; e. private 
tutor, Ottawa Coll. Inst, and McGill 
Univ. (B.A., with honours, 1882; M.A., 
1885; D.Sc., 1907); m. ( Oct., 1892, 
Clarissa J., e. d. late G. B. Burland, 
Montreal ; pursued early geol. studies 
under late Sir J. W. Dawson ; apptd. 
staff Can. Geol. Survey, June, 1882 ; 
promoted asst. palasontol., 1891; re 
signed, 1909 ; has carried on ind. scien 
tific research in Eng., France and 
Switz.; D.Sc., hon. (Queen s), 1892; 
apptd. a mem. Royal Tubercul. Commn., 
1909 ; Bigsley Med., Geol. Soc., London, 
1903 ; F.R.S.C. ; also a mem. Geol. 
Socs. London, Switz., and Am. ; author 
of many scientific papers ; Presdt. 
Ottawa Valley Graduates Soc., McGill 
Univ., 1902-3, and has held a commn. in 
the G.-G. Foot Gds. 1,5s Laurier Ave. 
E., Ottawa; Ottawa Golf Club; Ot 
tawa Hunt Club; Royal Societies Club, 
London, Eng. ; Colonial Club, do. 
Amyot, Hon. lit. -Col. Georges Elie, 
merchant and manufacturer. 

Belongs to a branch of the Amyot 
Larpini&re family, traced by Abb6 
Demers to Chartres, France, 1627 ; s. 
Dominique and Louise (Nolin) A., St. 
Augustine, Co. Portneuf, P.Q. ; b. there. 
Jan. 28, 1856; at 14 went to Quebec, 
and in 1886 established there the Dom. 
Corset Factory, with branches at Mont 
real and Toronto; in 1896 established 
a brewery, same city, both of which he 
still carries on, the latter being incor 
porated under the name, " Geo. E. A. 
Brewing Co., Ltd." ; is a dir. Home 
Life Assn., National Breweries, Ltd., 
The Pacific Pass Coal Fields, Ltd., 
Eastern Can. Manfrs. Mutual Fire Ins. 
Co., and local Presdt. Can. Manfrs. 
Assn. ; has been Presdt. Quebec Bd. of 
Trade ; a del. to 5th Congress of Cham 
bers of Commerce of the Empire, 1903 ; 


apptd. hon. Lt.-Col. 61st Regt, 1900 ; 
has laboured strenuously to advance 
the interests of the port of Quebec ; 
politically a Lib. ; unsuccessfully con 
tested Co. Quebec (H. C.) as a Lib., 
Oct., 1906 ; a R. C., and also church 
warden St. John s Ch., Quebec ; m. 
Nov., 1881, Marie Josephine Angele, d. 
Louis and Angele Paquet, Quebec. 
" Villa de Larpiniere," Ste. Foye Road, 
Quebec; Garrison Club, do.; National 
Club, Toronto. 

" A man of honourable business repute." 
M. Gazette. 

" A man of unswerving fidelity to prin 
ciple." Man. Free Press. 
Amyot, John Andrew, physician; edu 

B Mille lies, P.Q. ; e. L Assomption 
Coll., Sandwich, Ont. ; studied med. To 
ronto Univ. (M.B., 1891); mem. ColL 
P and S., Ont., do. ; formerly on staff 
Toronto Genl. Hospital ; apptd. Asst. 
Prof, in Pathol. and Bacteriol., or Prof, 
of Clinical Path., at his option, Univ. 
Toronto, 1900 ; promoted Prof, of Hy 
giene, do., 1910 ; is bacteriologist Provl. 
Bd of Health, Ont. ; elected a mem. 
Extve Comte. Am. Public Health Assn., 
1902: Councillor Acad. of Med.. 1907; 
Presdt. Toronto Pathol. Soc., do. ; has 
lectured on "Nature s Methods of 
Meeting Infection," and other cognate 
subjects ; a R. C. Thornhill, Ont. ; 
Canadian Club, Toronto. 

" A high-minded gentleman, whose scien 
tific experience and eminent standing pro- 
fpssionally count for much." S. N. 
Anderson, Alexander, educationist. 

S. Alex, and Margt. (Imray) A. ; b. 
Aberdeen, Scot., Sept. 30, 1836; e. 
Aberdeen and Edin. Univ. (medals in 
Math., Nat. Phil., and Chemistry) ; 
originally a master in pub. sch, con 
nected with Moray Train. Coll. ; apptd. 
a prof. Prince of Wales Coll., Char- 
lottetown, 1862; Principal, do., 1868; 
Chief Supdt. of Education, P. E. I., 
1901; LL.D. (hon.) (McGill), 1888; do. 
(N. B.), 1900; m. 1862, Catherine 
Stewart, d. late Wm. Robertson, Alloa, 
Scot. ; has delivered ma.ny lectures on 
literary subjects, and is regarded as a 
Shakespearean scholar of standing ; a 
Presb. Education Office, Charlotte- 
toivn, P.E.I. 

" I have never yet met such a great 
teacher as Prof. Anderson." President 
J. 0. Schurman (q.v.). 
Anderson, Arthur Ernest, architect. 
S. late Jas. A., St. John, N.B. ; b. 
there, Dec. 31, 1866 ; studied architec 
ture in native city ; later went to Bos 
ton, Mass., joining Boston Architectural 
Club and studying with Winslow & 
Wetherell ; promoted to City Archi 
tect s office, he reconstructed Faneuil 
Hall, then on the verge of collapse, 
carrying on the work without interfer 
ence to business of market ; became 
Supdt. of Construction, Bureau of 
Architecture, Manila, P.I., 1902 ; while 
there was commissioned to proceed to 
St. Louis, Mo., to superintend construc 
tion of Filipino city and other works 
at World s Fair Grounds, which he 
successfully carried out without the use 

of nails ; unm. 257J Waverly St., Ville 
St. Louis, Montreal. 
Anderson, The Rig- lit Reverend Charles 
Palmer ston (Ang.). 
S. Hy. and Maria Rose (Sexton) A. ; 
b. Oxford Mills, Ont., Sept. 8, 1865; e. 
Trin. Coll. Sch, Port Hope, and Trin. 
Univ., Toronto (D.D., 1900), D.D., 
Western TheoL Semy., Chicago, 1905 ; 
o. deacon, 1887 ; priest, 1888, by late 
Arohhp. Lewis ; m., Sept., 1889, Janet, 
d. Jas. Glass, Belleville ; priest Beach- 
burg, Ont., 1887-91 ; rector Grace Epis. 
Oh., Oak Park, II 1 !., ,1891-1900; conse 
crated Bp.-Coadjutor of Chicago, Feb. 
24, 1900; author, "The Christian 
Ministry" (1902), and of various ad 
dresses. 1612 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 
III.; University Club, do. 

" Has displayed wonderful energy." 
T. Globe. 
Anderson, Edward, lawyer. 

B. Co. Dorchester, P.Q., Sept. 13. 
1867; e. local sch.; m., April, 1901, 
Mary A., d. His Honour Judge Ryan, 
Portage la Prairie (q.v.) ; barrister, 
1889 ; K.C., 1909 ; successfully prac 
tises his prof, in Winnipeg ; sometime 
Crown Prosecutor, P. la Prairie ; Con. ; 
Ang. 1/2 Assiniboine Ave., Winnipeg; 
Manitoba Club, do. 

Anderson, Bev. Edward Albert (Ang.). 
B. Dundalk, Louth, Irel. ; e. Trinity 
Coll., Dublin (B.A. and sen. moderator 
in history and pol. science, 1886), and 
at Trin. Univ. Toronto (B.A., ad eund., 
1895; M.A., 1895) ; mem. staff Smith s 
Falls High Sch. ; studied theol. Trinity 
Univ., Toronto, and o. 1897 ; incumbent 
Mattawa, do. ; curate Smith s Falls, 
1899; incumbent Vankleek Hill and 
R D., 1900 ; agent Augmentation Fund 
(Diocese Ottawa), 1905; since 1909 
rector St. Matthias Ch.. Ottawa; del. 
Pan-Ang. Congress, London, Eng., 1908 ; 
presented to late King and his Royal 
Consort, also to present King and 
Queen, do. ; m., 1890, d. Rev. Canon 
French, Emsdale, Ont. 11 Fairmont 
Ave., Ottawa. 
Anderson, Bev. Frederick John 


S. Joseph A., Point St. Charles, Mont 
real ; b. there; e. Montreal Presb. 
Coll. ; o. 1901 ; served as Supdt. Chinese 
Sunday Sch. ; Presdt. Young People s 
Soc. of Christian Endeavour ; missy, 
to India, 1901. Indore, India. 
Anderson, Bev. Frederick William 

B. near Guelph, Ont., 1871 ; e. there 
and Toronto Univ. (B.A., with honours 
in Oriental Lang., 1899; M.A., 1902) ; 
graduated in Theol., Knox Coll., To 
ronto. 1903 ; o. 1904 ; for 3 yrs. Travel 
ling Secy, for Student Volunteer Move 
ment for Foreign Missions, the Coll. 
Dept. of Y.M.C.A., and the Can. Coll. 
Mission ; pastor Knox Ch., Winnipeg, 
1904 ; do. St. Andrew s, Brantford, Ont.. 
1905; do. St. Andrew s. Sydney, N.S., 
do. ; resigned, 1908 ; since 1909, Genl. 
Secy. Presb. Laymen s Missy. Move 
ment, Toronto ; m., Aug., 1903, Alberta, 
d. late Rev. J. L. Murray, D.D., Kin 
cardine, Ont. 255 Davenport Rd., To 

" Said to bare struck a clear tone of 


patriotism at the great Pittsburgh Conven 
tion." M. and E. 

Anderson, George, merchant. 

Is genl. mangr. Crown Tailoring Co., 
Toronto, and has been Presdt. Com 
mercial Trav. Mutual Benefit Assn. ; 
apptd. Trade Commr. to Japan, 1907 ; 
special trade commr. regarding trade 
conditions in Yukon Territory, 1902 ; a 
Lib., and unsuccessfully contested To 
ronto East (H. C.) in that interest, 
g. e. 1900. SO Roxborough St. W., To 

Anderson, Harry Bertram, physician. 

S. late Duncan A., formerly Crown 
Lands Agent. Co. Peterboro. Ont, and 
Elizabeth (Ritchie) A. ; paternal and 
maternal grandparents from Scot. ; 
maternal gran dm., Margt. Hume, a 
niece of the Earl of Hume ; b. Tp. 
Dummer, Co. Peterboro. Ont., Sept. 20, 
1868; e. Norwood. Collingwood Coll. 
Inst., and Ottawa Normal Sch. ; taught 
sch. for a year; M.D..C.M. (and gold 
medal), Trin. Univ., Toronto, 1892: 
further studies at Univ. Coll., London, 
Eng., Claybury Path. Labor., London 
(with Prof. Mott). Univ. of Munich 
(with Prof, von Mutter), and Johns 
Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore; M.R.C.S.- 
(Eng.) ; L.R.C.P. (Lond.) ; examr. 
In Anat., Coll. P. and S., Ont, 
1898-02; Presdt. Toronto Path. Soc., 
1898-99; Prof. Path., Trin. Univ., 1894, 
until amalgamation of the med. facili 
ties of Toronto and Trin. UTHVS., 1902, 
when apptd. Prof. Clinical Path, (since 
resigned) : elected V.-P. Ont. Med. 
Assn., 1909 ; Presdt. Toronto Clinical 
Soc., 1905-6 ; for some yrs. ed. Canada 
Lancet, resigning 1900 ; is physician St. 
Michael s Hosp. and Hosp. for Sick 
Children, Toronto, and Path. Toronto 
Genl. Hosp., Grace Hosp., and Muskoka 
Cottage Sanitarium ; a Freemason of 
high degree ; a Con. ; a Presb. ; m. 
Aug., 1901, Florence, e. d. John North- 
way, Toronto. 184 Bloor St. E. , Toronto ; 
Toronto Club; Rosedale Golf Club: 
York Club, do. 

Anderson, Miss Helen Violet, painter. 
2nd d. William J. (q.v.) and Emily 
Maria (Boyle) A.; b. Brockville, Ont.; 
e. by private tuition ; studied drawing 
and painting under "Wm. Brymner, 
R.C.A (.q.v.), at the Slade Sch. of 
Drawing, London, Eng., and in studios 
In Ringwood and Paris, France ; has 
given several exhibitions of her paint 
ings in oils and water colours in 
Ottawa and elsewhere ; exhibited at 
Paris iSalon, 1910. Care Art Associa 
tion, Montreal. 

Anderson, The Right Reverend John 

George (Ang.), Bishop. 
S. Wm. A., chief trader H. B. Co., 
and Nancy A. ; b. Stoneywool. Harray, 
Orkney, Scot., Mch. 23, 1866 : e. St. 
Andrew s, Man., and St. John s Coll., 
Winnipeg (B.A., and gold med., 1886; 
B.D., 1888; D.D., hon., 1909); m., 
Nov., 1889, Annie Violetta, d. John 
Kirkland: o. deacon, 1889 ; priest, 1890 ; 
held dharges successively at Long 
Sault, Rainy River, Lac Seul, Ont., and 
St. Peter s Reserve, Man. ; possesses a 
perfect Knowledge of the Jnd. lang., 

cirstoms, and character ; R.D. of Lis- 
erar, 1899-1909; elevated to the See of 
Moosonee, Apl. 15, 1909; a del. to the 
Ang. Ch. Congress, Halifax, 1910. 
Chapleau, Ont. 

"A mian of tiireJess emergy and sound 
judgment." Ont. Churchman. 

Anderson, Hon. John Nelson, lawyer 

and legislator. 

Bro. Rev. P. W. A. (q.v.) ; b. Keene, 
Ont, Sept., 1864; e. Oakwood Public 
and High Sch. and Lindsay Model Sch. ; 
public sch. teacher 4 yrs. ; barrister 
(Ont), 1892 ; m. Elizabeth, d. Jas. Mil 
lar, Thorold, Ont. ; removed to Cal. ; 
elected Senator, 39th Senatorial Dist, 
Orange and Riverside Cos., Cal. ; Rep. , 
Presb. Santa Anna, Cal., U.S. 

Anderson, Miss Margaret Pauline, 


D. Renwick M. and Jane M. A. ; Scot 
tish descent on father s side ; b. St. 
John, N.B., 1870; e. public schs. ; a 
confirmed invalid, confined to her bed 
for 20 yrs. ; author of " Sick Room 
Thoughts and Gleanings" (1892), 
"Leona ; or, Lona Kendall s Repent 
ance," a novel (1907) ; another work 
of fiction is in preipa ration ; a Cong. 
109 Queen St. E., St. John, N.B. 

Anderson. Norman, physician. 

S. late W. N. A., Genl. Mangr. 
Can. Bank of Commerce; b. Toronto; 
M.D..C.M., Trinity Univ.. Toronto, 
1892; Fellow Trin. Med. Coll., 1892; 
M. C. P. and S., Ont, 1893 : is organist 
New St. Andrew s Ch. (Presb.), To 
ronto ; famed for his recitals ; m., 
1896, Berta, d. late John Macdonell 
(Greenfield ), barrister, Cornwall, Ont. 
S3 Bloor St. W., Toronto. 

Anderson, Rev. Peter William 


S. Peter and Catherine (Neilson) A., 
both natives Scot. ; b. Oakwood, Ont.. 
Sept. 15, 1869; e. local schs., Lindsay 
Model Sch. and Toronto Univ. ; for 
some yrs. a public sch. teacher ; studied 
theol. Knox. Coll. ; o. and inducted 
pastor Mt. Pleasant and Burford, Ont., 
1896; pastor Knox Ch., Shelburne, do., 
1899; do. Mackay Ch., Ottawa. Nov.. 
1904 ; elected Moderator (Ottawa 
Fresh y.), 1909; do. presd t. Presb. iMin.- 
isterial Assn., do: m.. June, 1899, 
Clara E., d. B. Rothwell, Listowel, 
Ont. : <an Oddfellow and Freemason. 
?~>1 Mackai/ St., Ottawa; Canadian 
Club, do. 

Anderson, Major William Beaumont. 

E. s. Lt-Col. W. P. A. (q.v.) ; b. 
Ottawa, Sept. 9, 1877: e. there, at R. 
M. Coll., Kingston (graduated 1897), 
and at McGill Univ. (B.Sc., 1898) ; 
cat)t. R. C. En-grs.. Mch., 1905; major, 
1910; Asst Dir. Surveys. Genl. Staff, 
Mil. and Defence, May. 1906 : perform 
ed technical part of map of Can. ; 
issued) by Dept. of Mil., 1907 ; vacated 
appt. in Dept. and reverted to regi 
mental duty, 1908 : present in mil. cap 
acity at funeral of King Edward, Lon 
don, 1910; an Ang.; m., Feb., 1903, 
Lois Wtanlfred, y. d. Mrs. F. S. Taylor, 
Toronto. Care Dept. Militia and Do- 
fence, Ojtawp,, 


Anderson, William Blair, education 

E. s. Wim. B. A., Aberdeen, (Scot., and 
Isabella Irvine (Barr) A. ; b. Aberdeen, 
July 28, 1877 ; e. Gordon s Coll., Aber 
deen, Aberdeen Univ. (M.A., 1898), and 
Trinity Coll., Cambridge (B.A., 1903 ; 
M.A., 1907); unm. ; Asst. Prof. 
Humanities, Aberdeen Univ., 1902-03 ; 
Classical Lecturer Manchester Univ., 
Eng., 1903-6 j Prof. Latin Queen s Univ., 
Kingston, Ont., since 1906 ; author, 
" Roman Place-names of Derbyshire " 
(1906), contributions to Classical Rev., 
Queen s Quarterly, etc. ; a Presb. 
Romllly House, Kingston, Ont. 
Anderson, William Henry Fenny, 

S. late Peter and CM. J. A., Guelph, 
Ont. ; b. there, June 27, 1874 ; e. there ; 
a public accountant ; ran a successful 
professional career in Toronto, and was 
latterly employed by the Eastern Audit 
Co., Boston, Mass. ; admitted a Fellow 
Inst. Chartered Accountants, Ont., 
June, 1900 ; entered Can. militia ser 
vice as lieut. 30th Regt "Wellington 
Rifles," 1896; retired, with rank of 
capt, Apl., 1903 ; left Can. for India to 
take charge of the second in size and 
importance of the asylums of the Mis 
sion to Lepers in that country, intend 
ing to make it his life s work, Sept., 
1905 ; returned on furlough, and lec 
tured on his experiences, May, 1910; 
a Presb., and took an active part 
in the religious life of his ah. in Can, 
Ghana Ruri, Bilashar Dist., C. P., 

" His is the highest ideal of unselfish 
service in the cause of humanity that 
modern hisitory has to offer." London 

Anderson, William Joseph, retired 
bank manager. 

S. late Rev. Canon Wm. A. (Ang. ), 
rector of Sorel, P.Q., and Annie Cham 
pion (Henshaw) A. ; b. Sorel, Jan. 12, 
1843 ; e. Coll. Inst. there ; declined com 
mission in regular army ; entered ser 
vice Bank of Montreal, and after doing 
duty at Kingston, Cornwall, Quebec, 
N. Y., St. John, Montreal and Toronto, 
became mangr., Brockville, 1879, Lon 
don, Ont., 1883 ; do. Ottawa, 1893 ; re 
tired, 1909 ; an Ang. ; m., Feb., 1872, 
Emily Maria (Councillor Aberdeen 
Assn.), e. d. late Rev. Felix Boyle, 
M.A., rector of Frampton, P.Q., and 
niece late W. H. Kerr, K.C., Montreal. 
Care Bank of Montreal, Ottawa; 
Rideau Club; Ottawa Golf Club; Cana 
dian Club, Ottawa. 

Anderson, lit. -Col. William Patrick, 
Dom. public service. 

S. Thos. and Adelaide Alicia 
(Smyth) A.; b. L6vis, P.Q., Sept. 4, 
1851; e. Bishop s Coll., Lennoxville, 
and Manitoba Coll. ; becoming a C. 
E., he was one of the charter mems. 
Can. Soc. C. E. (Presdt., 1904) ; 
entered C. S., Oct., 1874 ; apptd. Chief 
Engr. and Genl. Supdt. of Lighthouses, 
Dept. Marine and Fisheries, July 1, 
1891; is also a mem. Extve. Comte. 
Geographic Bd., Can., and a mem. Can. 
Lighthouse Bd. ; a Councillor Inst. C. 
E., Eng. ; F.R.G.S., 1906 ; long and in 
timately connected with tine v. m. 

force ; served during the Fenian raids 
Omed.) and became It.-col. comdg. 
43rd Regt., Nov., 1888; transfd. from 
retired to active force in recognition of 
services in promoting and encouraging 
rifle shooting, Apl., 1895 ; served on 
successive Bisley rifle teams and com 
manded team, 1904 ; apptd. a mem. 
Small Arms Comte., 1908 ; holds a 
genl. service med. ; also col. offrs. auxil. 
ser. decoration ; founded Can. Militia 
Gazette, 1885, and edited it 2 yrs. ; a 
mem. Ottawa Sch. Bd. for many yrs. ; 
Gnairman of Bd., Jan., 1906; also well 
known as a stamp collector ; an Ang. ; 
m. Oct., 1875, Dorothea S., e. d. H. B. 
Small, Ottawa. 64 Cooper St., Ottawa; 
Rideau Club; Ottawa Golf Club, do. 
Anderson, William Wanless, lawyer. 

S. Saml. Swinton and Elizabeth 
(Wanless) A. ; a nephew Andrew 
Wanless, Scottish poet, Detroit, Mich. ; 
b. Wyoming, Ont., Feb. 26, 1866; 
e. public schs., Washington, D.C., and 
Chicago; lawyer, 1896; m. 1896, Miss 
Lottie Wolcott, Mississippi ; private 
secy. Hon. C. B. Farwell, U. S. Sena 
tor and elk. Comte. U. S. Senate ; a 
constant worker in civic enterprises ; 
author poems ; believes in govt. of the 
people by the people and for the 
people ; a lover of his native land and 
desires cultivation Anglo-Saxon spirit ; 
elected Presdt. Houston Canadian Club, 
1907. Houston, Texas, U.S. 

Andrew, Adam, publicist. 

B. Charlottetown, P.E.I., 1858; re 
moved to Sacramento, Cal., 1876; 
mangr. ^Continental Oil and Tranap. 
Co., 1878; embarked wholesale gro 
cery business, 1881 ; state trustee, 
Preston Sen. of Industry, lone, Cal., 
1890; iPresdt. and Genl. Mangr. Shasta 
Water Co., 1893 (positions he still 
retains) ; mem. lOal. Railroad Comn., 
1902. Son .Francisco, Cal. 

Andrews, Alfred Joseph, lawyer. 

Mayor of Winnipeg, 1897-8; has 
been Presdt. Winnipeg ImJust. Exhn. 
Assn. ; practises his prof, in Winni 
peg ; head of firm A., A., Burbidge & 
Bastedo ; a bencher Law Soc., Man., 
1908; K.C., 1909 ; in Aug., 1901, offered 
a prize of $100, open to the world, to be 
awarded to the person who could give 
a satisfactory explanation of any 
radical difference between the then 
policies of the Oon.-Lib. and the Lib.- 
Con. parties ; Con. " Crescentwood," 
Winnipeg, Man. 

"An energetic Western figure." T. 

Andrews, lit, -Col. Charles Abner, Can. 
militia service. 

B. May 31, 1872; entered militia 
service as lieut. 75th Regt., 1886; pro 
moted major, 1897, and apptd. It.-col. 
comdg. regt., May 2, 1902 ; now R.O. 
Lunenburg, N.8. 

Andrews, Launcelot Winchester, edu 

- S. Alfred Augustus (native Quebec) 
and Maria Louisa (Jones) A. (native 
Richmond, Va. ) ; b. London, Ont., June 
13, 1856; e. Yale Univ. (Ph.B., 1875), 
Gottingen Univ. (A.M., Ph.D., 1882), 
and at Harvard; m. Bonn, 1883, Miss Ritter Lane, Brooklyn, N.Y. ; 


tau<ght Springfield ((Mass.) HDiglh Sdh., 
1876-7; practised as anal, chemist, 
Springfield, 1878-82; Prof. Chemistry, 
Iowa State Oall. of Agricu l., 1884-5 ; 
do. do. Univ. Iowa, 1885-1904 ; research 
and consulting chemist MaMinckroidt 
Chemical Works, iSt. Louis, 1904-10 ; 
sinee then has been presd t. A. Chem 
ical Works, Davenport, Iowa ; presdft. 
St. iLouis sec., Am. Ohem. Soc., 1908- 
10 ; has been presidt. Iowa- Acad. 
Sciences, and a mem. Iowa Geol. Sur 
vey Comn. ; author various contribu 
tions to sci enitiftc ILtera ture ; an ad 
herent Broad >Prot. E-pis. Ch. Daven 
port, la. 

Andrew*, Mrs. Nellie, educationist. 

D. Cyprian L. and Esther (Butter- 
field) Greenwood, both from Me., U.S. ; 
b. Farmington, Me., Apl. 21, 1864; e. 
Bath (Me.) High Sch. and Victoria 
Univ., Cobourg (B.Sc., 1884), being 
first woman to obtain a coll. degree, in 
course, in Ont. ; m. Oct., 1887, Rev. 
W. W. Andrews, LL.D. (q.v.) ; taught 
Coll. Inst, Peterboro, Ont, and Mt. 
Allison Ladies Coll. ; served 2 terms 
Alumnae, representing Bd. of Regents, 
Mt. Allison Univ. ; interested in work 
W.C.T.U. and Woman s Mission. Soc., 
Meth. Ch. ; author short stories and 
sketches published in Can. Mag. and 
different college and local periodicals 
Regina, Sask. 

Andrews, Walter Sherwood, public 


S. Wm. and Letitia Harriet A. ; b. 
Toronto, Ont. ; e. privately ; is a 
F.C.A. ; in service Dom. Bank, 1873-6 
chief accountant, Pellatt & Osier 
Osier & Hammond, North of Scot 
Can. Mortgage Co., 1876-92 ; comptrol 
ler Can. Genl. Elect. Co., 1892-95, 
when he resigned to practise his pro 
fession as a public chartered account 
ant (presented with silver loving cup 
from Co. on leaving) ; actuary to act 
with counsel before Royal Ins. Comn 
Ottawa, 1906 ; acting controller Dom 
Coal Co., Halifax, N.S., 1907; elected 
Presdt. Toronto Club, 1908; author 
of " Tables of Compound Interest," a 
standard work in use in Can. ; an 
ASSJ m> Charlotte Agnes (d. Sept., 
1906), d. Rev. W. T. Smithett, D.D., 
Lindsay, Ont. 4 Beaumont Rd., To 
ronto; Toronto Club; Toronto Hunt 
Club; Mt. Royal Club, Montreal. 

" An expert chartered accountant." T. 

Andrews, Rev. Wilbur William 

(Meth.), educationist. 
S. Rev. Wm. A. (Meth.) and Arma- 
nella (Hoskin) A., the former a native 
of Leeds, and the latter a native of 
Liskeard, Eng. ; b. Canton, Ont., Men., 
1859 ; e. Ottawa Coll. Inst., Victoria 
Univ., Cobourg, Ont. (B.A., 1887) 
and Mt. Allison Univ. (M.A., 1891) 
LL.D. (hon.), N. B. Univ., 1900 
m. Oct., 1887, Nellie, B.Sc. (q.v.). d 
C. L. Greenwood; o. 1887, and held 
charges in Man., Sask., Ont. and 
N B. ; Prof. Chem. and Exp. Physics 
Mt. Alhson Univ., 1890; becoming 
later Dean Faculty App. Science, do. ; 
resigned, Oct., 1910, to become Presdt 
of Sask. Coll., Regina; distinguished 

himself by much chemical research ; 
has elaborated the tablet blow-pipe 
method and made it the basis of all his 
work ; part of his researches are con 
tained in a paper read before the Brit. 
Assn. for Advanc. of Science, which 
body has asked him to write a book on 
the subject, which he is now doing ; has 
been mem. Bd. Trustees United Soc. 
Christian End., and mem. Bd. of Edu 
cation of the Meth. Ch. ; author articles 
and pamphlets and of mag. articles in 
Can. Meth. Mag., Journ. Am. Chem. 
Soc., London Chemical News, etc. ; 
lectured on " The Religion of the 
Future, what it will be at the end of 
one thousand yrs," and other subjects. 
Regina, Sask. 

Anger, Joseph Humphrey, organist. 

S. Eng. country gentleman ; b. 
Berkshire, Eng., June 3, 1862 ; e. Bris 
tol, Eng. ; articled as pupil to C. Buck- 
nail, Mus. Bac. (Oxon.), then organ 
ist All Saints Ch., Bristol, and his 
first appt. was as organist and choir 
master at parish ch. Frenchay, nr. 
Bristol ; while there won gold medal 
offered by Bath. Phil. Soc. for best 
cantata for soli voices, chorus and 
orchestra, the judges being Sir A. 
Sullivan, Sir A. C. Mackenzie and E. 
Faning ; matriculated Oxford, 1884, 
and proceeded to degree of Mus. Bac., 
1889 ; subsequently, successively Asst. 
Master Surrey Co. Sch., Cranleigh, 
organist Ludlow Ch., Shropshire, and 
Prof, of Harmony Toronto Conser. of 
Music ; also an Examr. in Music for 
Trin. Univ., Toronto ; among other 
positions filled by him have been : Con 
ductor Ludlow Choral and Orchestral 
Soc. ; Presdt. Can. Soc. Musicians ; 
Presdt. Clef Club, and Conductor To 
ronto iPlhil harmonic Soc. ; author of 
large number of musical compositions 
and of text-book on " Form in Music," 
which Dr. Vincent, London, has in 
cluded in his series of text-books on 
music ; received degree Mus. Doc. from 
Trin. Univ., Toronto, " in appreciation 
of his great services to the cause of 
musical education and the advanc.. of 
music generally in the Dom. of Can. 
and particularly in City of Toronto," 
1902; m., Aug., 1895, Alexandra 
Bowes, o. d. J. B. Magurn, Toronto. 
!, t Chestnut Park Rd., Toronto; Albany 
Club; Arts and Letters Club, do. 
Angers, Hon. Auguste Heal, lawyer; 

S. late Frangois Real A., K.C., one 
of the leaders of the Quebec bar ; b. 
Quebec, Oct. 4, 1838; e. Nicolet Coll., 
LL.D. (hon.) (Laval Univ.), 1888; m., 
1st, June, 1869, Julie Marguerite (d. 
Jan., 1879), 2nd d. late Hon. E. 
Chinic, Senator; 2ndly, Apl., 1890, 
Mad. Hamels, d. late Alex. 
LeMoine, Quebec ; advocate, 1860 ; 
K.C. (P.Q., with special precedence), 
1874; do. (M. of Lome), 1880; for 
many yrs. one of the leaders of the 
Quebec bar ; practised for a consider 
able period in the city of Quebec ; 
since 1896, in Montreal ; head of law 
firm A., De Lorimier & Godin ; his 
prof, golden wedding celebrated by his 
prof, brethren, June, 1910 ; a Con. ; 
sat in Quebec Assembly, 1874-9 ; while 


there was for 3 yrs. Govt. leader hold 
ing office in the De Boucherville Admn., 
successively, as Solr. and- Atty.-Genl. ; 
sat in the H. C., Feb.-Nov 1880 when 
apptd. ia puisne judge S. C., P.Q. ; i 
signed, Oct., 1887, and was Lt.-Govr. 
of the Province up to Dec. 5, 1 . -, 
when he joined the Thompson Admn. 
(with a seat in the Senate) ; remain 
ed in the Cabinet under iSir M. B-owell 
until his resignation (owing to an 
ferences with his colleagues on the 
Man. sch. question), July 8, 
joined the Tupper Admn., as leader 
from Quebec, May, 1896, and on its 
defeat at the polls, retired into private 
life ; declined appt. to the Supreme < 
Ottawa, Sept., 1395 ; while Lt.-Gov. of 
Quebec, dismissed the Mercier 
from office, for the reason that they 
were not in a position to wisely, dis 
interestedly and faithfully advise the 
Crown " ; as a legislator, placed several 
important measures upon the statute 
book, and was instrumental in secur 
ing the construction of the North 
Shore Ry., between Quebec and Mont 
real ; created a Knight Grand Cross of 
the Order of St. Gregory the Great, 
1890- while Lt.-Govr., had the honour 
of entertaining at a ball Prince George 
of Wales (now King of Eng.) ; a dir. 
Credit Fonder Franco-Can, and or L,a 
Soc. d Admin. Gen.; takes great in 
terest in hist, research, and has 
founded 2 silver and 3 bronze meds. 
in connection therewith ; a keen sports 
man ; delights especially in yachting; 

It. c. 31 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal. 

" A man of unimpeachable personal 
honor." O. Free Press. 

" A man of ability and personal honesty. 
T. Globe. 

" A man enjoying the respect of good 
men of all classes." M. Gazette. 
Angers, Miss Pellcite (" Laure 

Conan "), author. 

D Elie and Marie (Perron) A. ; b. 
Malbaie, P.Q. ; e. Ursuline Convent, 
Quebec ; commenced writing fiction 
when very young, and was, for a short 
time, ed. of a religious mag. published 
at St. Hyacinthe, Le Messager du Pre- 
deux Sang; among her novels, each 
of which have run through several 
editions and are still popular, have 
been "Angeline de Montbrun, 
Canadiens Le voulaient," 1 Oubhee 
\ 1 CEuvre et & lABpreuve," and 
Amour Vraie " ; contributed frequently 
to Le Journal de Frangoise (Montreal) 
during its existence ; was awarded Les 
Palmes Acad. by the French Govt., 
1903. Murray Bay, P.Q. 

" Our best novelist." Mad. Dandurand 

" A devout Catholic and sincerely at 
tached to her country; a vein of religious 
and patriotic thought runs through all her 
writings." Dr. De Celles (q.v.). 
Angler, Mrs. Elizabeth (Mad. 
Celleni), vocalist. 

D. Nelson Forsyth, Fort Erie, Ont, 
and Archange "Warren, St. Thomas, 
Ont. ; grand-d. Wm. Forsyth, pioneer 
citizen Niagara Falls, Ont. ; b. Fort 
Erie, Oct. 17, 1851; e. Acad. Holy 
Angels, Buffalo, N.Y. ; began musical 

work when 17 as soprano soloist, St. 
Paul s Cath., Buffalo; subsequently 
studied at Milan, Italy, for a profes 
sional career under Antonio Tnvulzi, 
graduate Milan Royal Conserv. ; made 
debut in grand opera, Tranti, Italy, 
1875, with distinguished success; sub 
sequently toured Eng. and Wales as 
soloist with John Thomas, harpist to 
Queen Victoria; m. Nov., -876, Lon 
don, Eng., Hugh, 2nd s. Hon. N. L 
Angier, State Treas., Georgia; toured 
with her husband through Australian 
colonies in grand opera ; in 
established a Coll. of Music a 
Atlanta, Ga. ; in 1906 removed to New 
York City, where she is known as a 
distinguished teacher of the voice; 
elecled mem. Bd. of Lady Managers 
and Chairwoman Music 
Woman s Building, Cotton States and 
Intern Exhn., Atlanta, opening 
building with an oratorio song, In con 
nection with Hon. J. T. Graves, the 
orator of the day, 1905 ; an Ang. 
100 W. 88th St., New York. 
Anfflin, Arthur White, lawyer. 

Y s late Hon. Timothy Warren A., 
sometime speaker of Can. H. C., and 
Ellen (McTavish) A. ; b. and e St. 
John, N.B. ; m. July, 1894, Madeline 
St. George, e. d. Chief Just ce Sir W. 
G. Falconbridge ; barrister, 1 1 Jv.c. , 
1908; a mem. firm Blake, Lash & ( 
seta, Toronto; R. C. 70 Grosvenor St. 
Toronto; Toronto Club; York Club, do. 
Anfflin, Miss Eileen, actress. 

A sister of Miss Margt. A. (g-V.) \ 
recently a mem. of the Lancers Theat 
rical Co.; is making steady progress 
in her profession ; m., July, 1910 Lieut. 
Chas. Thos. Hutchins, Jr U. S. _ N. ; 
s. Rear-Admiral C. T. Hutchins, U. 
N (retired) ; presented to the late 
King Edward, Buckingham Palace, 
June, 1909. Care K W. 1,2nd St., New 
Anglin, Hon. Prancis Alexander, 

1 U. (1 T G 

E. s. late Hon. Timothy Warren A., 
some time speaker of the Can. H. C., 
and Ellen (McTavish) A. ; b. St. John, 
N.B., Apl. 2, 1865; e. St. Marys 
(Jesuit) Coll., Montreal, Ottawa Univ. 
(B.A., 1887), and Ont. Law Sch. 
(med.) ; barrister, with honours, 1888; 
Surrogate Clk., Ont., 1896-99 ; K.C., 
1902; sat as Judge Ont. High Ct. (for 
late Judge Ferguson), Gore Bay, 1902 ; 
counsel in Purcell will case; crown 
counsel White murder case, Brantford, 
1901 and in many other important 
criminal and other cases; formerly a 
mem of Sap. :Soh. Bd., /which he repre 
sented on Bd. of Educ^ Toronto; 
apptd. a Judge of Ont. High Ct. of 
Justice (Exch. Div.), Mch. 16, 1904; 
promoted to Supreme Ct. of Can. Feb , 
1909 a Commr. for revision of Ont. 
Statutes, 1906; author of numerous 
articles on legal questions and or a 
Law work, " Limitations of Actions 
against Trustees, and Relief from Lia; 
bility for Technical Breaches of Trust 
(1900); has lectured on "The Rela 
tion of Bench and Bar," and other sub 
jects ; has rendered some famous judg 
ments; a R. C. ; m 1892 Harriet 
Isabella, d. late Archibald Fraser of 


Fraserfield, Ont. -Supreme Court, Ot 
tawa; residence: Ayliner Apts., Ot 
tawa; Toronto Club; Royal Can. Yacht 
Club, do.; Rideau Club, Ottawa. 

" One of the brightest, quickest, and 
most satisfactory members of the Ontario 
bench." T. News. 

"Paitient, courteous and thorough, he 
has won his reputation in the face of 
a natural prejudice against one so young 
in years and experience being vested 
with so great an authority." Can. Courier. 

Anglin, James Vicars, physician. 

S. late Wm. A., a native Cork, Irel., 
some time Bursar iRockiwood 1 Criminal 
Lunatic Asylum ; b. Kingston, Ont., 
1860; e. local schs. and Queen s Univ. 
(B.A.. 1883) ; graduated M.D., same 
institution, 1887, later .following post 
graduate course at Edinburgh ; under 
went special training in mental 
diseases under Drs. Clark and Burgess, 
Can. ; joined staff Verdun Insane Hos 
pital, 1891, becoming asst. med. supdt. 
there ; apptd. Supdt. Provl. Hospital 
for Nervous Diseases, Lancaster, N.B., 
Sept., 1904 ; local V.-P. Maritime Med. 
Assn. ; Provl. Secy. Can. Med. Assn. ; 
has lectured on " The Treatment of the 
Insane, Past and Present " ; apptd. 
surg., 62nd Regt, 1908; capt., 1909; 
a Meth. ; m., Dec., 1891, Clara Ellen, 
o. d. late Dr. E. Ives, Cpaticook, P.Q. 
St. John, N.B.; Canadian Club, do. 

Anglln, Miss Margaret Mary, actress. 
E. d. late Hon. T. W. A., Speaker 
H. C., Can., and his 2nd wife, Ellen 
(McTavish) A. ; b. Parlt. Buildings, 
Ottawa, Aipl. 3, 1876 ; e. Loretto 
Abbey, Toronto, and Convent Sacred 
Heart, Mo-mtreia-l ; m., May, 1911, 
Howard Hull, N. Y. ; graduated from 
Empire Sch. of Drama/tic Acting, N. T., 
1894, and made first appearance, in 
that city, in " Shenandoah " ; an injury 
sustained while riding laid her up for 
some months, but in 1896 she became 
leading lady with Jas. O Neill and 
toured with him in U. S. and Can., 
playing with much success in " The 
Girl I Left Behind Me," "Dr. Jekyll 
and Mr. Hyde," " The Courier of 
Lyons," " Virginius," "Hamlet," and 
" Monte Christo " ; subsequently she 
played with the Sothern Co., and 
scored heavily as Lady Ursula ; but it 
was not till 1898 that as Roxane, with 
the late Richard Mansfield, in " Cyrano 
de Bergerac," she gave evidence of her 
great future as an actress of sterling 
merit ; as leading lady with Chas. 
Frohman, in Cal., 1899, she gathered 
fresh laurels, which were afterwards 
sustained, and added to, in the same 
capacity with the Empire Theatre Co., 
N. Y. ; later she starred with Hy. Mil 
ler all over the Continent, producing 
such plays as " Mrs. Dane s Defence," 
" Macbeth," " The Only Way," " Cyn 
thia," " Camille," " The Eternal Fem 
inine," " The Aftermath," " Zira," 
" Young Fernald," and " The Great 
Divide," the latter causing a veritable 
sensation in the dramatic world and 
having a great run ; she produced a 
new piece, " The Awakening of Helena 
Ritchie," in 1909, and made an Aus 
tralian tour not long before, after 

wards going to Egypt; In 1910 pro 
duced at the Greek Theatre, Berkley, 

Cal., Sophocles ^Antigone " ; she made 
a Can. tour in the comedy : " Gren 
Stockings," 1911 ; she donates a 
gold bracelet annually to the Earl 
Grey Dramatic and Musical Compe 
tition in Can. ; a Boston writer, speak 
ing of her rendition of " Zira," said 
that in a generation there had been 
only Bernhardit s to match it ; a R. C. ; 
is a mem. of the Actors Oh. 
Alliance, N. Y., and an active sympa 
thizer of humane work, especially for 
the prevention of cruelty to animals. 
25 West 42nd St., New York. 

" Possesses indisputable dramatic power." 
N. Y. Post. 

" One of the few dramatic geniuses of 
the day." Mad. Bernhardt. 

" One of the few great actresses the 
American stage possesses." Brooklyn 

Aiiglin, Robert Welply, educationist. 

S. late Aid. Wm. B. A., Kingston, 
Ont; b. Kingston, Ont, Jan. 11, 1874; 
e. Kingston Coll. Inst and Queen s 
Univ. (M.A., 1897) ; m. Apl., 1901, 
Juanita, d. Rev. A. B. Chambers (q.v. ). 
LL.B., now Govr. Toronto Jail ; teacher 
(Specialist in Math.) Dutton High 
Sch., 1898-01; do. do. St. Thomas High 
Sch., 1901-02 ; Principal (and Special 
ist in Math.) Essex High Sch., 1902- 
08 ; apptd. Regr. Dept of Education, 
Ont, 1908 ; a Meth. 91 Riverdale Ave., 

Ang lin, William Gardiner, physician. 
Bro. J. V. A. (q.v.) ; b. Kingston, 
Ont ; e. local schs. ; graduated M.D., 
Queen s Univ., 1883 ; mem. Coll. P. and 
S., Ont, do.; M.R.C.S. (Eng.). 1884; 
also a Fellow Obstet. Soc., London, 
and Prof. Clinical Surg., Queen s 
Univ. ; a Meth. and a Senator Mont 
real Wesl. Theol. Coll. Kingston, 
Ont.; Frontenac Club, do. 

Angstrom, Arendt, naval architect. 

A Swede ; formerly Mangr. Bertram 
Engine Works Co., Toronto ; now and 
for some yrs. Genl. Mangr. Can. Ship 
building Co., same city ; designed 
steamers Montreal, Kingston, Toronto 
and Rapids King for Richelieu and 
Ont. Nav. Co. ; tlhe Cayuga for the 
Niagara Nav. Co., and other first-class 
passenger steamers plying on the rivers 
and lakes of Can. ; a dir. Hamilton 
Steamboat Co., and a mem. Can. Assn. 
Naval Architecture. 410 Dovercourt 
Rd., Toronto; Albany Club, do. 

Angus, Alexander Forrest, bank 


S. late Alex. A., Bathgate, Scot. ; b. 
there, July 18, 1857; e. Bathgate 
Acad. ; m. Mary Louisa, 2nd d. late 
Wm. Gilmour, Brockville, Ont. ; was 
for 2 yrs. in service of Bank of Scot, 
and has been for 30 yrs. in that of the 
Bank of Montreal; at present is Mangr. 
of do. at Regina ; is Presdt Regina 
Golf Club, and of the Regina Phil 
harmonic Soc., Provl. Presdt Sask. 
Musical Assn., and Chairman Bd. of 
Govs., Sask. Univ. Regina, Sask.; 
Assiniboia Club, do. 




An*u0, Donald Forbes, merchant. 

E. s. R. B. A. (qf.v.) ; b. and e. Mont 
real; m. Feb., 1894, Mary Ethel, o. d. 
late F. W. Henshaw; a life mem. Art 
Assn. and a mem. Extve. Oconbe. Fraser 
Inst., Montreal; a dlr. Paton Manfg. 
Co., andi Presdt. Intercolonial Coal Co. ; 
Presb 243 Drummond St., Montreal; 
St. James s Club; Mt. Royal Club, 
Montreal Jockey Club, do. 
Angus, Richard Bladworth, capital 

B. Bathgate, Scot.. May 28, 1831; e. 
there; m., June 13, 1857, Miss Daniels; 
employed for some yrs. by Manchester 
and Liverpool Bank ; joined staff Bank 
of Montreal In Can., 1857; in charge 
Chicago agency, 1861, and was subse 
quently one of the agents of the bank 
at N.T. ; local mangr., Montreal, 1863; 
genl. mangr., succeeding late E. 
King 1869 ; retired from service of the 
bank, 1879 ; afterwards a dlr. do. ; 
elected presdt, do., July, 1910 ; took 
part in the mangt. of the St. Paul, 
Minn. & Man. Ry. with Lord Mounrt- 
Stephen (q.v.). Lord Strathcona (<?.v.), 
and others, 1879 ; entd. syndicate with 
same noblemen for the construction of 
the C P. Ry., which undertaking was 
completed, Nov., 1885; a capitalist. 
and has been rated by the Montreal 
Star as a millionaire ; has made hand 
some contributions of money and of 
paintings to Montreal Art Assn. (of 
which he was formerly presdt.). and 
of money to MoGill Univ., the Alex 
andra Contagious Diseases Hospital 
Montreal (of which he is a gov., 
and was one of tihe founders), to 
tire Royal Victoria Hospital same 
city (of Y.-hich he was pre.gdt.), to 
the Royal Victorian Order of Nurses 
(of which he is V.-P.), to the Charity 
Organization Soc. (of which he is a 
dir.), to the Montreal Genl. Hospital 
(of which he was formerly a gov.), 
and to the St. Andrew s ,Soc., Montreal, 
(of which he has been several times 
presdt.) ; was formerly chairman of 
St. James s Club ; and is now presdt. 
of the Mount Royal Club, of which he 
was a founder; is also a gov., Fraser 
Inst. Free Public Library, and an hon. 
mem. Num. and Antiq. Soc., Montreal ; 
the C. P. Ry. Co., the Laurentide 
Paper Co., thie Dom. Coal Co. , the 
Dom. Steel & Smelting Co., the Dom. 
Bridge Co.. the Royal Trust Co., the 
Grand Falls Power Co., the Pacific 
Coal Co., the Can. Salt Co., the 
N. "W. Land Co., the London & Lane. 
Life Assur. Co. are among other asso 
ciations and companies with whidh he 
"is now, or has been at one time 01 
another, officially connected ; one of 
tflie dhief promoters of the Bd. of Con 
trol, Montreal, 1909; declined knight- 
hooct, 1910 : Presb. 2^0 Drummond St., 
Montreal; St. James s Club; Mt. Royal 
Club; Montreal Jockey Club; Auto 
and Aero Club; Forest and Stream 
dub; Winter Club, do.; Rldeau Club, 
Ottawa; Toronto Club; York Club; 
Toronto; Manitoba Club, Winnipeg. 

"A Canadian financier of renown/" M. 

" No man in, Montreal, and very fe<w 
hi Canada, have had a fuller, riper and\ 

more successful career than the man of 
peace, as he is known in business circles." 
T. Globe. 

" A quiet-looking man, but one who 
thinks a deal." T. World. 

" One of Canada s prominent and most 
highly respected financiers." M. Star. 

" In> every vr<ay a credit to the great in>- 
stitution over which he so worthily pre 
sides." Sir Sandford Fleming (q.v.). 
Angus, Robert William, educationist. 

S. Wm. A., London, Ont. ; b. there ; 
e. there and Toronto Univ. (BjA.Sc., 
1897) ; on teadhing staff Sch. Pract 
Science, Toronto ; now Prof. Mech. 
Eng., Toronto Univ. ; m. & Howland 
Ave., Toronto; Engineers Club, do. 
Ang-us, William Forrest, engineer. 

S R. B. A. (g.v.) ; b. and e. Mont 
real ; B.A.Sc., McGill Univ. (Me., 1895 ; 
Ci., 1896) ; m. Nov., 1904, Grace N., 
-e. d. S. P. Stearns (q.v.), Montreal; 
now V.-fP. and Genl. Mangr. Can. Steel 
Foundries, Ltd. ; Presb. m Peel St., 
Montreal; St. James s Club; Mt. Royal 
Club; Canada Club; Forest and Stream 
Club; Montreal Curlinp Club; Royal 
St. Lawrence Yacht Club; Montreal 
Himt Club; Montreal Racquet Club, do. 
Annable, Qeorg-e Malcolm, rancher. 

S. Geo. and Sarah (Hughes) A. ; 
Irish-Eng. and Loyalist descent ; b. 
Winchester, Ont, May 20, 1858; e. 
there; m. July, 1889, Miss Bertie 
Davidson; went West 1882, settling at 
Moose Jaw, 1888; Presdt. Moose Jaw 
(Sask.) Land Co., and an extensive 
rancher ; Presdt. Moose Jaw Bd. of 
Trade, 1893 ; sat in N.-W. Assem. 
(Con.), Mch., 1901, to Nov., 1904, 
when resigned ; unsuccessfully contest 
ed W. Assiniboia (H. C.), g. e. 1904 ; a 
Con., a Meth., and a Freemason. 
Moose Jaw, Sask. 

Annable, Henry Dexter, Can. ry. ser 

S. late Wm. A. and Ellen Esme 
(MacMillen) A., Ottawa ; b. there, Aug. 
6 1871 ; e. Ottawa Coll. Inst. ; unm. ; 
entered C. P. Ry. service, as junior 
elk., 1888, and advancing through 
various positions, was apptd. Genl. 
Freight Agent, Gt. Brit, and Europe, 
July, 1903 ; since 1910 has been Export 
and Import Freight Agent, do. 1 
Broadway, New York. 

(D. New York City, Jan. 10, 1911.) 
Annand, Rev. Edward Ernest (Presb.). 
S. late Rev. Edward A., Halifax, 
N. S. ; b. N. S. ; e. Dalhousie Univ. (B. A., 
1893) ; pursued theol. studies Prince 
ton Univ., N.J., San Anselmo Semy., 
Cal., and Glasgow Univ. ; o. 1899 ; pas 
tor Chalmers Ch., Halifax, N.S., 1903 ; 
since 1908, pastor Plumas, Man. ; 
m. Nov., 1907, Mina A. (a graduate 
Emmerson Coll. of Oratory, Boston, 
Mass., afterward a teacher of elocu 
tion at Acadia, WoTfville and Provl. 
Normal Sch., Wolfville, and, more re 
cently, Home Secy. Women s Bapt. 
Foreign Missy. Soc., New Eng-). d. 
iCapt. Jas. A. Reade, Hoipewell Cape, 
<N.S. Flumas, Man. 
Annand, Rev. Joseph (Presb.). 

B. Gay s River, N.S. ; e. Dalhousie 
Univ. (B.A., 1869 ; M.A., 1872) ; pur- 



sued theol. studies at Presb. Coll., 
Halifax, graduating 1872, (D.D., 
i!895) ; o. 1872; has since laboured as 
a missy. in the New Hebrides, 
where he became principal of Train- 
Ing Semy. for native teachers at Tan- 
gona, nr. Santo ; elected moderator, 
N. S., 1906; m., 1872, Miss Alice Sa- 
ville, an Eng. lady, who accompanied 
him to the N. H. Santo, New Heb 

"Doing a vast and important work." 
V. World. 

Ansell, David Abraham, consular ser 

S. eminent Jewish scholar ; b. Lon 
don, Eng. ; e. there and at Frankfurt- 
on-the-Main ; came to Can., 1866, and 
became engaged in mercantile business, 
Montreal ; an early promoter of trade 
relations with Mexico ; apptd. Consul 
Genl. for Mexico in Can., 1888 ; has done 
much for the upbuilding of the Jew 
ish race in Can. ; one of the founders 
of Jewish free schs. in Montreal ; was 
first Chairman Jewish Coloniz. Soc. in 
Can., and is Presdt. Baron de Hirsch 
Inst., a position he has held for a con 
siderable period ; unm. ; author of 
"Welding the Links of Union" (in 
which he unfolded a scheme of pref 
erence for the Empire which was in all 
essential details the plan afterwards 
advocated by Mr. Chamberlain), "Re 
trospective and Prospective Conserva 
tism," " Politics as Viewed from the 
Fence " ; a Con. Queen s Hotel, Mont 
real; Mexican Consulate, do. 

"A man of many tastes; has travelled 
much; observed much; written much a 
man with a philanthropic bent, who holds 
strong views, and is not slow in advoca 
ting them." M. Herald. 

Ansoii, Francis H., business man. 

S. Austin M. and Anna (Harris) 
A. ; b. Niles, Mich. ; e. there ; entd. 
business Career in MlnweapoMs ; m. 
Miss McAvoy ; apptd. mangr. foreign 
dept. Ogil vie Flour Mffis Co. ; apptd. 
gen-1. supdt. do., 1904; a dir. Dom. Box 
& Package Oo. ; an advocate of good 
noad S ; an ardent motorist ; elected 
presdt. Automobile Club of Can., 1910 ; 
is also presdt. Auto and Aero Olub. 
27 Rosemount Ave., Westmount, Mont 
real: Canada Club; Royal Montreal 
Golf Club; Roital St. Lawrence Yacht 
Club; Montreal Jockey Club, do. 

Antle, CBev. John C. (Ang.). 

S. Capt. A., a sea capt. ; b. Nfd. ; e. 
there; m. ; o. deacon, 1889; priest, 
1890; became rector Holy Trinity Ch., 
Vancouver, 1899 ; estabd. 1905, Colum 
bia Coast Mission, for the benefit of 
3,000 "loggers" in the lumber camps 
on the islands and mainland of North 
ern B. C., of which mission he is the 
supdt. ; designed the ship Columbia, in 
connection with the work, which he 
command s, anid has bui lt a hosp. ait 
Rock Bay and another hospital else 
where. Rock Bay, B.C. 

" The Grenfell of the Pacific." O. 

" A whole-hearted and unassuming 
worker." Ont. Churchman. 

Antliff, Rev. James Cooper (Meth.). 

E. s. late Rev. Wm. A., D.D. (Prim. 
Meth.), for several yrs. ed. Connexional 
Mag., and, subsequently, Principal 
Theol. Inst., Sunderland, Eng., and 
Barbara (Cooper) A. ; b. Hudders- 
field, Eng., Feb. 1, 1844 ; e. Has- 
lingden Meth. Sch. and Edinburgh 
Univ. (M.A., with honours in Eng. and 
Nat. Phil., 1873; B.D., 1874); for 
some yrs. a pupil teacher ; o. Notting 
ham, 1866; came to Can., 1878, to 
assume charge Carlton St. Ch., To 
ronto, and was later elected Secy. 
Genl. Conf. United Meth. Ch., Can., 
being the first to hold that office under 
the new order of things ; subsequent 
charges were : Brantford, Ont. ; Dom. 
Square Ch., Montreal (where he was 
Presdt. of Conf. and a mem. of Bd. 
of Commrs. of Night Schs.) ; London, 
Ont., Kingston and Acton ; retired, 
1911 ; from 1894 to 1901, when he re 
signed, was Prof. Homiletics and 
Aipo 1 Ogetics, Wesl. Theol. Coll., (Mont 
real (Senator, 1906) ; ed. Christian 
Journal, 1879-83 ; elected del. to Brit. 
Meth. Conf., 1907 ; a mem. Meth. Ot. 
of Apipeal since 1&86 ; a mem. joimt 
comte. on Ch. Union, 1908 ; for several 
yrs. a mem. IBd. of .Regents, Victoria 
Univ. (D.D., .hon., 1887) ; m., 1st, 
Fanny (>d. 11880), d. John Holden, Dal- 
hary Lees, Denby, Eng.; 2ndly, 1882, 
Jane Elizabeth Gooderham, relict Dr. 
Ray, Toronto. !>! Marks St., Montreal. 

Apps, William, car builder. 

B. Owen Sound, Ont. ; was genl. fore 
man, car dept., St. Paul, Minneap. and 
Man. Ry., 1881-87; master car builder. 
Western Ry., Alabama and Atlanta 
and West Point Ry., 1887-91; do., 
Chicago and Eastern 111. Ry., 1891- 
95 ; do., C. P. Ry., 1895-1902 ; do., Al- 
goma Cent, and H. B. Ry., 1902-3; 
while with the C. P. Ry. built the cars 
used by the present King and Queen 
of Eng. during their tour in Can., 1901. 
98 Forest Hill Rd., Toronto. 

Arblaster, Frank, educationist. 

E. Clare Coll., Cambridge, Eng. 
(B.A., 1888) ; for some yrs. engaged in 
private tuition ; subsequently, in ad 
vertising dept. C. P. R. ; apptd. secy. 
McGill Univ. Union, June, 1906. 

" Arbory, John " (see Macfarlane, 

Arbuthnot, John, merchant. 

S. late John and Mary (Connors) 
A., St. Catharines, Ont. ; b. nr. that 
city, Jan. 7, 1861 ; e. local public 
schs. and Col l. Inst. ; went west and 
engaged in ry. construction for C. P. 
and other rys., 1882; removed to Win 
nipeg, 1890, where he embarked In 
the lumber trade, in which he is still 
engaged; an aid., 1896-97; chairman 
of Parks Bd., 1898-99; Mayor, 1901- 
03 ; m. 1886, Agnes, d. Wm. Savage, 
Sherrington, P.Q. (U. E. L. descent) ; 
a Con., Freemason, Odd Fellow, Fores 
ter and U. Workman ; a mem. Union 
Can. Municipalities, and favours muni 
cipal ownership. 41 Central Ave., Arm 
, Point, Winnipeg. 



Archambault, Hon. Adelard, lawyer. 

B. L Assomption, P.Q. ; e. L Assomp- 
tion Coll. ; admitted Massachusetts bar, 
1888 ; to Rhode Island bar, 1891 ; re 
turned for city of Woonsocket to R. I. 
Legislature, 1900-02 ; elected Lt.-Gov. 
R. I., 1903 ; Mayor Woonsocket, 1905, 
and again 1906; unm. Woonsocket, 

Archambault, Francois, vocalist. 

S. Francois and Ogine (Magnan) A. ; 
b. L Assorruption, P.Q., 1879; e. Mount 
St. Louis Coll., Montreal ; when 18 was 
soloist in choir, Notre Dame Ch., in 
that city ; studied under Damrosch, 
N. Y., and Morel, Paris ; has appeared 
frequently at concerts in support of 
Lillian Blauvelt and others ; sung also 
at Covent Garden, London ; now engd. 
in grand opera ; joined Boston Grand 
Opera Co., 1910 ; possesses a bass- 
baritone voice of power and quality, 
which has earned for him the 
name of " The Little Plangon." Care 
Canadian Office, Paris, France. 

" The only successor of the great Pol 
Plancon." M. Herald. 

Archambault, Joseph Louis, lawyer. 

S. late J. N. A. A., N.P., a "pa 
triot " of 37, who became Presdt 
Provl. Bd. of Notaries, P. Q., and 
Aurelie (Mongeau) A., Vercheres ; b. 
Varennes, June 19, 1849 ; e. Coll. St. 
Hyacinthe, P.Q. ; studied law under 
Sir G. E. Cartier, at same time follow 
ing law course McGill Univ. (B.C.L., 
1871); advocate, 1871; practised 
throughout in Montreal, and is now 
one of the leaders of the Provl. bar ; 
K.C. (M. Lansdowne), 1887; do. 
(P.Q.), 1908; for some yrs. a Crown 
prosecutor, Disit. of Montreal ; has 
frequently pleaded before JI. Comte. 
P.C., in Eng., in charge of important 
oases from Can. ; City Atty., Mont 
real, 1898; m., June, 1873, Ernes 
tine, e. d. late Senator Rolland, Mont 
real ; a dir. Rolland Paper Co. ; a fre 
quent contributor to the legal press ; 
author of the following works : "Jacques 
Cartier, an Historical Drama" (1879), 
" Etude Legale sur I Universite Laval 
a Montreal" (1880), "Institutions 
Municipales" (1887), " Le Barreau 
Canadien au Conseil Prive " (1889), 
" Genealogie de la Famille Archam 
bault, 1620-1890" (1891), "La Bour 
geoisie au Canada," 2 Lectures (1894). 
" The Criminal Forum in Canada " 
(1895), "Etude deMoeurs Judiciaires " 
(1897) ; a R.C. ; a Con. m Berri St., 
Montreal; Club Canadien, do. 

" His carper has been marked with con 
tinuous success, and great devotion to the 
interests of the legal profession." M. Star 

Archambeanlt, Hon. Horace, judge. 

Bro. R>t. Rev. Jos. Alfred ; b. 
L Assomiption, P.Q., Men. 6, 1857 ; e, 
L Assomption OoM. and Laval Univ. 
(LL.L., " avec qrande distinction." 
1&78; LL.D.. 1886); advocate, 1878; 
K.C. (E. of Denby), 1889; d o. (P.Q.), 
1899 ; since 1881 has been prof. Com. 
and Maritime Law, Laval Univ. ; 
batonnier-general Quebec bar, 1900; 
dteclined Sup, Ct. judgeship, IMch., 1906 ; 

apptd. Puisne Judigre, Kinig s Bh., Que 
bec, Sept. 15, 1908; a dir. EcoUe Po-ly- 
teoh., Montreal ; a mem. .Council of 
Publlic Inst, P.Q., and formerly V.-P. 
Montreal Bar Assn. ; oalJed to the Leg, 
Council, P. Q., June 5, 1888 ; Atty.- 
Genh and Speaker Leg. Council, under 
Marchand a>nd Parent Admits., May, 
1897, to Mch., 1905, after which he 
ceased to be Atty.-Geml. ; in., Sept., 
1882, Elizabeth, d. Roger Lelievre, 
Quebec ; a R. C. ; when in political 
Life a strict autonomist in Quebec 
affairs. 276 Pine Ave. W., Montreal; 
St. James s Club; Club Canadien; Club 
St. Denis; Forest and Stream Club, 
do.; Quebec Garrison Club. 

" One of our most distinguished jurists." 
M. Herald. 

"An uncommonly able speaker and a 
thoroughly sound a.nd painstaking judge." 
M. Standard. 

Archambeault, The Rig-ht Reverend 

Joseph Alfred, Bishop (R.C.). 
S. late Hon. Louis and Elizabeth 
(Dugal) A. ; father a mem. of first 
Govt. formed in P. Q. after Confedera 
tion ; b. L AsBomiption, P.Q., May 23, 
1859 ; e. local coll. and Laval Univ. 
(D.D., 1892) ; studied theol. Grand 
Semy., (Montreal ; o. 1882 ; after further 
study, took doctor s degree in theol. 
and canonical law at Rome, with gold 
medal, 1887; prof, phil., L Assomption 
Coll., 1888; Vice-Chancellor Arch 
diocese Montreal, 1889 ; accompanied 
Archbp. Fabre to Rome, 1890; Chan 
cellor, 1892 ; Archdeacon, for settlement 
certain parish matters, and Vice- 
Rector Laval Univ., 1899 ; apptd. prot. 
apost. by Pope, 1902 ; special mission to 
Rome in reference to decrees first Provl. 
Council held in Montreal, 1906; first 
Bp. of Joliette, June 27, 1904 ; dedi 
cated new cathedral in diocese, June, 
1907 r attended Plenary Council, Que 
bec., 1909, and Euobanistic Council, 
Montreal, 1910 ; is of opinion that 
" Can. will one day take her place as 
a sovereign nation among other 
nations" (vide address to Laval stu 
dents, Dec., 1904). Bishop s Palace, 
Joliette, P.Q. 

" An ardent educationist, a brilliant 
orator, a devoted priest." M. Witness. 
Archer, Hon. Chas. Hector, judge. 

S. Joseph A., and grands, late Jo 
seph A., Quebec, a native of Brixham, 
S. Devonshire, Eng. ; b. Quebec, Mch. 
30, 1869 ; e. Quebec Semy. and Laval 
Univ. (LL.B., 1891); advocate, 1892; 
K.C., 1903 ; formerly a mem. law 
firm, Prefontaine, A., Perron & Tasch- 
ereau ; was one of the leaders 
Montreal bar ; has argued cases be 
fore Jl. Comte. P. C. in Eng. ; repre 
sented IMaolaren Bros, in Buckingham 
riots case, 1906 ; chief promoter 
Northern Develop. Co., and was atty. 
for Montreal St. Ry., Montreal Heat, 
Light & Power Co., and Richelieu & 
Ont. Nav. Co. ; a life gov. Montreal 
Genl. Hosp. ; succeeded late Judge 
Curran as a puisne judge, S. Ct. P.Q., 
Jan. 11, 1910. 814 Sherbrooke St. W., 
Montreal; Montreal Jockey Club; 
Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club; St. 


James s Club; Outremont Golf Club, 

"A man of legal ability and recognized 
standing at the bar." M. Star. 

" One of his greatest assets is his per 
fect command over both French and Eng 
lish." M. Herald. 

Archer, Robert, capitalist. 

S. late Joseph and Amelia (Robson) 
A., Quebec, the former a native of 
Brixham, S. Devonshire, Eng. ; b. 
Quebec city, Dec., 1837; e. there; en 
gaged in wholesale provision trade, 
Quebec and Montreal, for many yrs. ; 
retired 1886 ; m., 1899, Henriette Glo- 
die (V.-P. City Improvement League), 
d. late Alfred Garneau, chief French 
translator, Senate o<f Can., and grand- 
d. P. X. Garneau, historian ; Presdt. 
Montreal Trust and Deposit Co. ; a 
dir. Bell Telephone Co., Mfrs. Life 
Ins. Co., Montreal Ci ty & Dist. Savings 
Bank, Terminal Ry. Co., and Dom. 
of Can. Guarantee and Accident 
Insurance Co. ; hon. treas. Montreal 
League for the Prev. of Tuber 
culosis, and Presdt. Men s Comte. 
L Inst. des Ecoles Me nageres : was 
successively Treas., V.-P., and Presdt. 
Montreal Bd. of Trade ; took an active 
part in securing amalgamation of Bd. 
of Trade and Corn Exchange, Mont 
real, 1886 ; and, later, did much to 
promote the erection of the new build 
ing of *he Bd. of Trade; in acknt. of 
his services as Presdt. of Building 
Comte., was presented by Bd. of Trade 
with his portrait, painted by Harris 
(q.v.) ; formerly held a commission in 
Queen s Own Can. Hussars, Quebec ; 
R. C. SOG Sherbrooke St. W., Mont 
real ; St. James s Club ; Mt. Royal 
Club; Royal Montreal Golf Club, do. 

" Progressive, successful, enterprising." 
M. Tferald. 

Archibald, Rev. Adoniram Judson 

S. late Rev. E. N. and Annie (Brad- 
sihaw) A., Shelburne, N.S. ; b. there, 
July 10, /1874 : e. .Acadia Coll. (B.A., 
1896; M.A., 1900); studied for minis 
try Rochester Tiheoh Coll. (grad.. 
1900) ; after ordination, was sta 
tioned) at Gflaioe Bay : pastor, Digby, 
N. S., 1902-7; do. 1st tBaipt. Ch., Saska 
toon, Sask., 1907-8; do. Digby, 1908- 
11 ; since then has been pastor Char 
lotte St. Ch., St. John, N.B. ; m., 1899, 
Miss Clara B. Oxner, Chester, N.S. 
St. John, N.B. 

Archibald, Rev. Arthur Crawley 

S. late Rev. E. N. and Annie (Brad- 
shaw) A. ; b. Lydgat e, N.S., Aug. 15, 
1878; e. Acadia Coll. (B.A., 1897; 
M.A., 1904) ; pursued theol. studies 
NeWton Theol. Inst. ; m. Nellie B., d. 
F. "W. Purdy, Bear River. N.S. ; o. 
1903; pastor Hute-hinson, Kansas: do. 
Woonsoeket, R.T., 1904 ; do., Brockton, 
Mass., 1907 ; declined (pastorate, Colum 
bus, O., 1910. Brockton, Mass. 

Archibald, Mrs. Carolyn (Hammond), 


B. and e. Andover, N.S. ; originr 
ally a sen. teacher ; went to India 
as a missy., 1878; m., 1883, Rev. 
I. Chlpman Archibald, M.A., also 

engd. in missy, work ; laboured with 
him during the famine, 1896, and, sub 
sequently, founded with him the Good 
Samaritan Native Hospital, Chicacole, 
India, for which they secured an en 
dowment of $10,000 by voluntary sub 
scription in N. S. Chicacole, India. 

Archibald, Charles, mining- engr. ; 


2nd s. late Hon. D. T. A., Senator ; 
b. N. Sydney, N.S. ; e. by private tutor, 
Mt. Allison Univ., and Inst. Tech., 
Boston, Mass.; m. Edith Jessie (q.v.), 
y. d. late Sir E. M. Archibald, C.B., 
K.C.M.G., for many yrs. H. B. M. Con- 
sul-Genl., N. Y. ; a mining engineer ; 
formerly owner and mangr. of an ex 
tensive colliery in C. B., and partner 
in firm of A. & Co., North Sydney ; is 
V.-P. N. S. Mining Soc. and of Bank 
of N. S. ; also a dir. Camaguey Mec. 
Traction Co., Trinidad Elect. Co., 
Joint Benevol. Co. and Sch. for the 
Blind ; a gov. DalhouSie Univ. and 
V.-P. Halifax Disipensary ; a promoter 
N. S. League for Protection of the 
Feeble-minded 1 ; has donated prizes for 
competition to Halifax Golf Club ; a 
Presb. 26-32 Inglis St., Halifax, N.S.; 
Halifax Club, do.; " Braeside," Why- 
cocomaah, N.S. 

Archibald, Ebenezer Henry, educa 

S. WeMington and Esther (McKeen) 
A. ; b. Brookvale, N.S., 1873 ; e. Dal- 
housie Univ., Halifax, N.S. (B.Sc. and 
1851 Exhn. Sc. Research Schol., 1897 ; 
M.Sc., 1898), and Harvard Univ. (A.M. ; 
Ph.D.) ; was supdt. schs., North Attle- 
boro, Mass. ; has been for some yrs. 
Asst. Prof. Chemistry, Syracuse Univ. ; 
m., -Sept., 1904, Minnie, d. late Edward 
Archibald, Harmony, N.S. Syracuse, 

Archibald, airs. Edith Jessie, society 

T. d. late Sir E. M. Archibald, 
K.C.M.G., C.B., H.B.M. Consul-Genl., 
N. Y., and Catherine (Richardson) A. 
(vide Morgan s "Types of Can. Wo 
men") ; b. St. John s, Nfd., where her 
father was then Atty.-Genil., 1854 ; e. 
London and N. Y. ; m. at age of 16 
Ohas. A. (q.v.), s. late Senator T. D. 
A., 1874 ; has filled numerous offices 
in connection wiith philanthropic, re 
ligious am! patriotic movemente, in 
cluding Dam. and ProVl. W. C. T. 
Union and Nat. Council of Woiiroen ; 
is now presdt. Ladies Musical Club, 
of which she was first presdt., and 
Halifax Local Council of Women, 
and a dir. Victoria Sch. of Art 
and Design ; was prominently identified 
with movement to afford relief to wives 
and families of men in the N. S. con 
tingent serving in S. A. during recent 
war ; with movement for appt. of comn. 
to examine existing conditions of 
feeble-minded and young criminals 
N. S., and for the erection of a chil 
dren s hosp., Halifax ; has contributed 
articles and short stories to newspapers 
and mags. ; a Presb. 32 Inglis St., Hali 
fax, N.S. ; " Braeside," Whycocomagh, 

" A charming writer and a graceful and 



forceful speaker." Mr. Wm. Dennis 

" One woman in ten thousand." " Mary 
Markwell" (q.v.). 

Archibald, Edward William, physician. 
S. Hon. Justice (q.v.) and Ellen 
(Hutchinson) A.; b. Montreal, Aug. 5, 
1872; e. Montreal High Sch. and Mc 
Gill Univ. (B.A. and gold med. in mod. 
lang., 1892) ; pursued med. studies at 
McGill Univ. (M.D., 1896) at Faculty 
of Med., Montpellier, France, and at 
Univ. Freiburg, Germany ; post-gradu 
ate work at "Breslau, Berlin, Gottin- 
gen, and London, Eng. ; house sur 
geon Royal Vic. Hospital, Montreal, 
1896-99 ; demon, din. surg. McGill 
Univ., 1902 ; asst. surg. Royal Vic. 
Hosp., Montreal, 1904 ; asst. surg., 
Children s Hosp., do. ; author of 
various articles in med. journals ; m. 
June, 1904, Agnes Wood Black, d. 
Thos. Barren, Lachute, P.Q. ISO Peel 
St., Montreal; University Club, do. 

Archibald, Ernest Matthew, civil en 

S. late Donald A., sheriff, Halifax, 
N.S., and Grizell (McLachlan) A; b. 
Halifax ; e. there and McGill Univ. 
(B.AjSc., 1899) ; a-piptd. demon, elec. 
eng. dept. McGill Univ., 1899; later 
became elec. eng. Am. Loco. Co., Rich 
mond, Va. ; afterwards connected with 
Crocker-Wheeler Co., Ampere, N.J. ; 
now and for some yrs, elec. engr. 
Dom. Coal Co., N.S. ; m., Apl., 1903, 
Jessie Josephine, d. W. H. Chamber 
lain. Halifax, N.iS. Bedford Chambers, 
Halifax, N.S. 

Archibald, John Gordon, Rhodes 

S. Hon. Justice and Ellen (Hutchin- 
feon) A. (q.v.) ; b. Montreal, Jan. 1, 
1885 ; e. Montreal High Sch., Inst. St. 
Boniface, Brussels, McGill Univ. (B.A. 
and gold med. in classics, 1904) and 
Oxford Univ. (B.A., with 1st rank 
honours in Lit. Hum., 1906; B.C.L., 
1907) ; was the first Rhodes scholar 
from P. Q. ; gained a fellowship, All 
Souls Coll., Oxford, 1908. US Mackay 
St., Montreal. 

Archibald, John S., architect. 

S. late David A., Tobermory, Scot. ; 
b. and e. there; isuocessfully practises 
Ms prof, in Montreal ; a mem. firm 
of Saxe & A. ; elected Presdt. (Archi 
tects Assn., P.Q., 1905 ; at congress 
of architects, July, 1906, moved reso 
lution favouring statutory qualifi 
cations of architects ; a Lib. and a 
councillor, Montreal Reform Club ; 
m., Dec., 1900, Edith (Presdt. Prot. 
Infants Home, Montreal), 3rd d. J. D. 
Thurston, Montreal. 59 Beaver Hall 
Hill, Montreal; Engineers Club, do. 

Archibald, Hon. John Sprott, judge. 

S. Wm. and Nancy A,, Musquodo- 
iboit, N.S. ; b. there, Sept. 8, 1843; e. 
Presb. Semy., Truro, N.S., and McGill 
Univ. (B.A. and Prince of Wales gold 
medal, 1867; M.A., 1877; B.C.L. and 
Eliza Torrance gold medal, 1870; 
D.C.L., in course, 1887) ; advocate, 
1871 ; lecturer criminal law, McGill, 
1871; prof, do., do., 1880; gov. univ. 
{when he resigned professorship), 

1894; K.C. (Marquis of Lome), 1887; 
counsel for Dom. Govt. re Caron 
charges, 1892 ; sat for some yrs. in 
Montreal City Council, and was a R. O. 
under the old E. F. A. ; apptd. judge 
Sup. Ct., P. Q., Nov. 22, 1893 ; gave 
important judgments in F. W. John 
son v. Sparrow, 1899, upholding the 
right of a coloured person to the occu 
pancy of orchestra chairs at a theatre ; 
and in E. Delpit v. Marie B. A. J. 
Cote, upholding the validity of a mar 
riage between two persons alleged to 
belong to the Cath. faith and solem 
nized toy a Prot. minister under license; 
elected Presdt. local branch Dante All- 
ghieri Soc., 1900; a dir. Thistle Curl 
ing Club ; besides other contributions 
to literature, is author of a lecture : 
" The Relations of the Two Races in 
Lower Can." ; a Presb. and an elder ; 
m., 1871, Miss Ellen Hutchinson, Blue- 
vale, Ont. US Mackay St., Montreal; 
University Club, do. 

" A master of the French language; his 
judgments are prepared with great care, 
and are models of lucidity." M. Standard. 

Archibald, Miss Mabel E., missionary. 

iD. late Rev. E. N. ( and Annie 
(Bradshaw), A., Wolfville, N.S. ; b. 
Lodi, 111., Sept. 6, 1871 ; e. Acadia 
Univ. (B.A., 1895) ; went to India as 
a missy, from /Baipt. Ch., 1897. 
Chicacole, India. 

Archibald, Peter Suther, civil engr. 

S. Wm. and Elizabeth (Blair) A. ; b. 
Truro, N.S., Mch. 21, 1848; e. Normal 
and Model Schs., N. S. ; joined Sir S. 
Fleming s Intercol. Ry. survey staff, 
Sept., 1867, and was an asst. and resi 
dent engr. under him while the road 
was under construction ; asst. engr. 
maintenance of way, Intercol. Ry., 
1874; chief engr. do., 1879; resigned 
1898, since, when has practised as a 
consult, engr. ; a mem. Am. Soc. C. E. 
and of Can. Soc. C.E. (Councillor, 1894, 
1895, 1901) ; a mem. Royal Comn. re 
alleged excessive freight rates charged 
by C. P. R. in Man. and N. W. T., 
1894; and Chairman arbitration tri 
bunal re $2,000,000 Reid claim against 
Nfd. Govt., 1902 ; conducted prelimin 
ary survey Strait of Canso Bridge, 
1902 ; expert in matters in dispute be 
tween dengue syndicate and contrac 
tors, 1902 ; mem. Conciliation Bd. re 
Cumberland Ry. and Coal Co., under 
Industrial Disputes Act, 1907; Commr. 
for N. B. Govt. to manage N. B. Cen 
tral Ry., 1908; a Con.; m., Apl., 1874, 
Clara G., d. T. S. Lindsay, Rockland, 
Me. Moncton, N.B. 

" Placed in a trying situation in the 
Reid Arbitration matter, he emerged there 
from in a highly creditable manner." St. 
John s (Nfd.) Herald. 
Archibald, Raymond Clare, education 
ist; musician. 

Descended from John A., who with 
3 brothers moved to Truro, N.S., 1762 ; 
other descendants of family were Hon. 
S. G. W. A. (Master of the Rolls, N.S.) , 
Sir A. G. A. (Lt.-Gov. Man. and N. S.), 
and Sir T. D. A. (Brit. Oonsul-Gerel., 
N. Y.) ; s. late A. N. A. and Mary 
(Melllsh) A., latter many yrs. Lady 



Principal Mt. Allison Ladies Coll. ; b. 
South Branch, Colchester, N.S., Oct. 7, 
1875 ; e. Mt. Allison Acad. and Univ. 
(B.A., with 1st cl. honours in math., 
1894) ; Harvard Coll. (B.A., with 
scholarships in math, and astron., 
1896; M.A., 1897); and at Strasburg 
Univ. (Ph.D., being first Eng.-speak- 
ing student to receive degree at Stras 
burg, 1900) ; also studied math. Berlin 
Univ. ; mem. Am. Assn. Advanc. of 
Science, 1904; fellow do., 1906; mem. 
Am. Math. Soc., 1902; author "Biblio 
graphy, Life, and Work of Simon New- 
comb " and " Carlyle s First Love " 
(1909) ; oomptetad 4 yrs. course at 
Mt. Allison Conser. of Music, in violin 
playing, harmony, and theory of 
music, receiving cert, and teacher s 
diploma, 1894, and artist s diploma, 
1895; first graduate in violin dept, 
Mt. Allison ; kept up study violin play 
ing at Harvard, with C. N. Allen, Bos 
ton ; and at Berlin, violin and har 
mony, under Schwarz and Fuchs; 
teacher math. Mt. Allison Ladles Coll. 
and asst. violin, Conser., 1894-5; dir 
violin and harmony. Conservatory, and 
instr. geometry in Coll.. 1900-07; prof, 
math., Acadia Univ., July, 1907 (re 
signed, 1908) ; since then has been 
asst. prof, of math., Brown Univ. ; has 
spent some yrs. at Paris and In Italy ; 
unm . Providence, R.I. 

" A man of hiprh character and sterling 
worth." Dr. D. Allison (q.v.). 
Archibald, Samuel George Hutchinson, 

S. Hon. Justice (qr.i>.) and Kllen J. 
(Hutchinson) A., Montreal; b. there, 
Dec. 29, 1875; e. High Sch. (Davidson 
gold med. ; Gov.-Genl. s gold med.) and 
McGill Univ., Montreal (B.A. and gold 
med. Eng. lit, 1897 ; B.C.L. and 
Eliza Torrance gold med., 1900) ; 
studied also at Paris and Montpellier ; 
advocate, 1899 ; m., 1900, Anna, e. d. 
Hy. Miles (qr.v.), Montreal; for 2 yrs. 
lect. Eng. lit, McGill ; prof, civil law, 
Khedivial Law Sch., Cairo. Egypt, 

1904 ; Vice-Principal and Acting Prin 
cipal do., 1906; resigned, 1907, to take 
up law business, at Paris, in succession 
to Edmond Kelly. 82 Boulevard Hauss- 
mann, Paris, France. 

" A clever legist." M. Oazftte. 
Archibald, Thomas Dlckson, physi 

E. s. Chas. and Edith Jessie (Archi 
bald) A. (qr.v.) ; b. Sydney, C.B. : e 
there and at Tor. Univ. (B.A., 1898) : 
graduated M.B. do., 1902 ; a mem. 
Coll. P. and S., Ont, 1902 ; m., Oct.. 

1905 Muriel Osborne, y. d. late John 
Hv. Dumble, Cobourg, Ont. ; Presb. 
507 Collefje St., Toronto. 
Archibald, Walter Palmer, Dom. pub 
lic service. 

S. late Wm. Pitt and Phoebe Ann 
(Huest is) A.; b. Truro, N.S., Sept. 21, 
1861 ; e. local schs. ; m., Jan., 1895. 
Miss Jessie Butler, London, Eng. ; for 
several yrs. attached to extve. staff 
Salvation Army, having oversight 
Prison Gate branch of its operations ; 
made close study penological and 
anthropological questions, and has 

written many papers and reports 
thereon ; likewise addressed various 
clubs and societies in .reference thereto ; 
the success attending Ms labours hav 
ing attracted the notice of t<he Can. 
Govt., led to his appt. as Dom. parole 
offr., a. specially created office, May, 
1905 ; in the discharge of his duties has 
visited a large number of the Can. pri 
sons and all the Dom. penitentiaries ; 
was a del. to Am. Prison Congress, 
Neb., Oct., 1905 ; among his printed 
papers are addresses on " Juvenile 
Criminality," "The Uplifting of Men," 
" Modern Treatment of the Criminal," 
" Criminal Anthropology," " The Su 
premacy of Christian Ethics," etc. 
jj>0 McLaren St., Ottawa. 

" Imbued with an ardent love of his 
work and has laboured with success." 
O. Free Press. 

Archibald, Rev. William Laird 


S. late Rev. E. N. A., WolfviMe, N.S., 
and Anmie, d. late JO S. Bradshaw, 
Bedeque, P.E.I. ; Scotch-Eng. descent; 
b. Alexandria, P.E.I., Jan. 26, 1870; e. 
Acadia Univ. (B.A., 1892 ; IM.A., art 
eun., 1895) ; Univ. Chicago (A.M., 
1894) and Rochester Tiheol: Semy. 
OPh.D., 1896) ; m., 1897, Margt, d. late 
J. B. Freeman, Milton, N.S. ; o. 1896 ; 
pastor, Milton, 1896 ; Lawrencetown, 
1900; since 1910 has been principal 
Horton <Co>M. Acad., and a goy. Acadia 
Univ. ; asst. ed. Current Topics, Chic 
ago, 1892-94 ; ed. Standard, Milton, 
1899-00; ed. Young .People s Dept., 
Messenger and Visitor, St. John, N.B., 
1903-7; favours moderate tariff and 
an aggressive policy of internal de 
velopment for Can. as part of the Em 
pire. Wolfville, N.S. 

Archibald, Rev. William Prescott 


S. Alex. A., Musquodoboit, N.S. ; b. 
there; e. Dalhousie Univ. (B.A., 1872; 
M.A., 1878) ; pursued theol. studies 
Presb. Coll., Halifax, N.S. (B.D., 
1887); D.D., 1911; o. 1875; served 
P. E. I. ; pastor Springside, N.S., where 
he still is, 1904 ; m., June, 1878, Miss 
Minnie Ramsay. Springside, N.S. 

Ardag-h, Arthur Gowan, civil engr. 

S. late Judge and Martha L. (Ar- 
dagh) A. ; b. Barrie, Ont., Nov. 18, 
1864; graduated Sch. Practical Science, 
Toronto, 1893 ; entd. service C. P. R., 
1900, and was successively draughts 
man, transitman, and a resident engr. 
do. ; a P. L. S., and practises his prof, 
at Barrie ; a mem. Ch. of God ; m. 
Violet J., d. late Capt. Lewis Ord, 71st 
Highland Light Infy. Barrie, Ont. 

Argue, William Pirritt, educationist. 
E. Man. Univ. (B.A., 1888) ; at one 
time Principal Portage la Prairie Coll. 
Inst. ; subsequently Deputy Minr. Edu 
cation, Man. ; Secy. Western Teachers 
Assn., 1892; apptd. Supt. Vancouver 
city schs., Apl., 1903 ; a mem. and 
Secy. Royal Inst. for the Advanc. of 
Learning, B.C., 1906 ; dir. Dom. Educ. 
Assn.. 1907. Vancouver, B.C. 
Argyll, Duchess of, (See Louise, 



Argyll, His Grace John Doug-las 
Sutherland Campbell, 9th Duke of. 

MarQuis of Lome and Kintyre, Earl 
Campbell and Cowal, Viscount of 
Lochow and Glenisla, Baron Inveraray, 
Mull, Morvern, and Tiry, Baron Camp 
bell, Earl of Argyll, Baron of Lome, 
Baron Kintyre (Scot), Baron Sun- 
dridge, Baron Hamilton, Baron of 
Lochow ; iCeltlc title : Mac Cailean 
Mhor ; chief of Clan Campbell (from 
Sir Colin Campbell, knighted 1286) ; e. 
s. Geo., 8th Duke of A., and Elizabeth, 
e. d. 2nd Duke of Sutherland ; b. Staf 
ford House, London, Eng.. Aug. 6. 
1845 ; e. Edinburgh Acad., Eton Coll., 
St. Andrew s Univ., and Trin. Coll., 
Camb! ; m., 1871, H. R. H. Princess 
Louise Caroline Alberta, 4fch d. of her 
late Majesty. Queen Victoria and his 
late Roya l Highness Albert Prince Con 
sort, (q.v.) ; represented Argyllshire 
(Brit. H. C.), 1868-78, and South Man 
chester, 1895-1900: private secy. Duke 
of Argyll (India Office), 1868-71 : Gov.- 
Genl. Can., 1878-83 ; founded while oc 
cupying that office the Royal Can. 
Acad. of Art (in conjunction with the 
Princess Louise, Q.v. ). and the Royal 
Soc. of Can., for the promotion of 
literature and science witlhin the Dom. ; 
presented a challenge cup to Royal >N. 
S. Yacht Squadron ; has been Gov. and 
Constable Windsor Castle since 1892, 
and Chancellor of the Order of St. 
Michael and St. George since 1905 ; de 
clined Gov.-GenlsMip. of Australia, 
1900 ; author, amonig either works : "The 
U.S. After the War" (1885), "Im- 
.perial Federation" (do.), "(Memories of 
Can. and 1 Soot" (1884), "Can. Pictures" 
(1885), "Our Railway to the Pacific" 
(1886), "Obstacles to Annexation" 
(1889), "Life of Palmerston " 01887), 
" Windsor Castle " (do.), "A Gift Book 
for the Home " (do.), " Life and Times 
of Queen Victoria" (1901), "Some 
Thoughts on Canada" (1895), "Pass 
ages from the Past" (1907), "Intimate 
Social Letters of the 18th Century" 
(1910) ; suggested a Council for Phe 
Empire, 1883, and. later, a special 
order of knighthood for eacfh of the 
ootonia.I kingdoms : is hon. col. 15th 
Regt, Argyll Light Infy., Can., an ho-n. 
mem. of the Lit. and Hist. Soc., 
Quebec, the North British Soc.. Hali 
fax, of the Hist, and Scien. Soc. of 
Man., and other similar associations ; 
a privileged mem. of several Can. 
clubs; an LL.D. (hon.) Queen s Univ.. 
Kingston; a Lit.D. (hon.), Laval 
Univ., and a V.-P. of the Royal 
Ool. Inst. ; in addition, ihis name has 
been given to many towns and settle 
ments in the several provinces of Can. ; 
Presdt. London Comte. for the restora 
tion of the library of Toronto Univ., 
1892, which Comte. sent to the library 
about 30.000 vols. ; hon. Presdt. 
Franco-Brit Expn.. London, 1908 ; one 
of the promoters of the movement for 
making a national birthday present to 
Can. in connection with the Quebec 
Teroentem.. do. Roseneath House. 
Dumbartonshire, Kent. ; Kensington 
Pnlace, London. W.. Eng. 

" Canada never had a truer or more 
constant friend." T. Telegram. 

Arkell, Herbert Samuel, Dom. public 


S. late Hy. and Sarah (Tapscott) 
A., Teeswater, Ont. ; >b. there, Aug., 
1880; e. Woodstock CoW., MoMaster 
Univ. (B.A., 1902; M.A., 1904), To 
ronto Univ. (BJS.A., 1904) and Ont. 
Agricul. Coil. ; linstr. animal husbandry 
Ohio State Univ., 1904-05 ; lecturer do 
Agricul. Coll., Guel ph, .1905-7; apptd. 
prof. do. Macdonald Coll., Ste. Anne de 
Bgllevue, 1907 ; assisted in training 
each of the teams which during 3 suc 
cessive yrs. w.on the bronze trophy 
in students stock judging contest at 
Intern. Expn., Chicago; since 1910 has 
been Depty. Live Stock Commr., under 
Dr. Rutherford (q.v.) ; m., May, 1909, 
Kate, d. Colin R. MacLaurin, Vankleek 
Hill, OM. ; a iBajpt. Dept. of Agricul 
ture, Ottawa. 

Arkell, Thomas Reginald, education 

S. Hy. A., a noted sheep-breeder, 
and exhibitor, and Jessie (Macfar- 
lane) A. ; grands, late Thos. A., 
founder of the town bearing his name ; 
b. Arkell, Ont., 1887; e. Arkell and 
Guelph public schs. and Guelph High 
Sch. ; B.S.A. (Toronto Univ.), 1908; 
assoc. ed. Canadian Farm (Toronto), 
1908-9 ; apptd. prof, animal husband., 
N. H. State CoM., 1909; author: "Peed- 
ing Sheep and Lambs " ; Presto 
Arkell, Ont. 

" One of the best expert sheep judges 
in Canada." O. Citizen. 
Arminarton, Prank Milton, artist 

S. M. J. and Alice Evelyn (Strathy) 
A. ; b. Fordwich, Ont, July 28, 1876 
e. Toronto public schs. and boys pri 
vate sch. ; m., Sept., 1900, Miss Caro 
line Helena Wilkinson (also an 
artist and exhibits frequently) 
Bramspton, Ont. ; studied first under 
J. W. L. Forster (q.v.), Toronto: 
went to Paris, 1899; entd. L Acad. 
Julian, in the class of the late Benj. 
Constant and Jean Paul Laurens ; 
after marriage retd. to Can. and 
opened a studio at Winnipeg ; went 
back to Paris, 1905, again entering 
the Julian Acad., where he remained 
until 1907 ; was under the instruction 
of Laurens and Henri Royer ; has 
exhbd. at the Salon d Automne, tho 
Salon Soc. des Artists Francais, at 
the Carnegie Inst., Pittsburg, and at 
the Expos. Indust. Intern., Toulouse, 
being awarded " honourable mention " 
or a prize in each case ; works con 
sist of paintings, etchings, and oil 
pastels; elected an assoc. mem. Royal 
Soc. of Painter-Etchers and Engravers, 
1910 ; has produced some fine ef 
fects ; a Meth. 8 Rue de la Grande 
Chaumiere, Paris, France. 

"Few etchers, if any, are doing better 
work." S. N. 

Armitag-e, The Venerable William 

James (Ang.). 

Archdeacon of Halifax, N.S. ; Anglo- 
Irish origin ; descendant ancient Nor 
man family that came to Eng. with 
Wm. the Conqueror ; s. late Wm. Bond 
Head and Jane (Adams) A. ; b. 
Bryanston, Ont, Feb. 6, 1860; e. prl- 



vate sch., Lucan Public Sch., and To 
ronto Univ. ; studied divinity Wycliffe 
Coll., Toronto, graduating with honors ; 
M.A. (Dalhousie Univ.), 1901; Ph.D. 
(Univ. N. B.), 1905; o. deacon, 1884; 
priest, 1885 ; curate St. James s Ch., 
Orillia, 1884-5; rector St. Thomas s 
Ch., St. Catharines, Ont.. 1886-97 ; R.D., 
Lincoln and Welland, 1892-95 ; rec 
tor St. Paul s parish, Halifax, N.S. 
(where he remains), 1897 ; R. D., Hali 
fax, 1900-5 ; Archdeacon of Halifax, 
1906 ; Camon AH Sain<ts Oath., do., 
1907 ; in addition to other positions, 
has served as master In divinity Bp. 
Ridley Coll. ; special lecturer, Wycliffe 
Coll. r lecturer pastoral theol., King s 
Univ., Windsor, N.S. ; actg. chaplain 
Queen s Own Rifles, Niagara Camp, on 
several occasions; hon. do., 66th, Prin 
cess Louise Fusiliers, Halifax (pro 
moted major, 1909), 1899; actg. do. 
mem S. Ch. of Eng. in Can,, contingents 
to S. A., while encamped at Halifax ; 
Councillor Wycliffe Ooll. ; mem. Bd. 
Havergal Ladies Oo l. ; Toronto ; mem. 
Provl. Genl. Synod Can. ; Chairman 
Halifax branch Lord s Day Alliance ; do. 
Coil, and Oont. Oh. Soc. ; elected presdt. 
N. S. Hist. !Soe., 191.1 ; was a candidate 
for the vacant Bishopric of Niagara, 
1896, receiving majority of lay votes in 
first 3 ballots; also for vacant Bishop 
ric of ,N. S., 1904, when he received the 
majority of lay votes in 7 ballots ; an 
official del. to El-Cent. Ang. Ch. cele 
bration, Halifax, 1910; author: "The 
Fruit of itfhe Spirit," "The Cities of 
Refuge," " The Church Tear " (copies 
of which were graciously accepted by 
Queen Mary), and "The Soldiers of 
the King" (copy accepted by Emperor 
William of Germany) ; and of numer 
ous contributions to ch. literature ; 
wrote a series of articles advocating a 
broader oh. union for Can., 1906 ; m., 
June, 1886, Elinor Maria (1st V.-P. 
Local Council of Women), e. d. late 
Robt Ramsay, M.D., Orillia, Ont. St. 
Paul s Rectory, Halifax, N.S.; Cana 
dian Club, do. 

" Intensely patriotic." T. News. 

" One whose earnestness, industry and 
ability are known to everyone." Bishop 
Worrell (q.v.). 

Armitag-e, Rev. William Leslie (Ang.). 

S. Jas. and Elizabeth A.. Lucknow, 
Ont. ; b. Kinloss, Co. Bruce. Ont., June 
22, 1870; e. Kincardine High Sch., 
Huron Coll., and Western Univ. ; m., 
July, 1906, Marianne Beatrice, d. Rev. 
Prof. Reynar, LL.D. (.q.v.), Vic 
toria Univ., Toronto; o. 1894; curate 
Memorial Oh., London, Ont, 1894 ; 
apptd. first rector All Saints Oh., 
Peterboro, Ont., 1902 ; now at Picton, 
Ont. Picton, Ont. 
Armour, Donald John, physician. 

Fourth s. late Chief Justice A., of 
the Supreme Ct. Can., and Eliza, d. late 
F. S. Clench, Cobourg, Ont. ; b. Co- 
bourg, June 13, 1869; e. U. C. Coll., 
Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1891), and Univ. 
Coll., London; M.B. (Toronto Univ.). 
1891; M.R.C.P. (Lend.); F.R.C.S. 
(Eng.) ; m., Oct., 1901, Marie Louise, 
d. late Capt. O. M. Mitchell, U.S.A., 
Washington, D.C. ; has held the follow 

ing appts. : House surg. Toronto Genl. 
Hosp. ; lecturer Med. Coll., Chicago ; 
lecturer on anat. Univ. Coll., London ; 
surg. Bellgrade Hosp. for Children. 
London ; lecturer R. C. Surg., do. ; 
surg. West London Hosp., do. ; senior 
asst. surg., National Hosp. for the 
Paralysed, do. ; won Jacks oman prize, 
R. C. S. (Eng.), 1906 ; apptd. Hunter ian 
prof, of surg., do., 1907 ; author numer 
ous contributions to med. literature ; 
an Ang. ; politically, a Unionist and 
tariff reformer. 89 Harley St., London, 
W., Eng.; United Empire Club. 
Armour, Doug-las, lawyer. 

E. s. late Chief Justice Hon. J. D. 
A., Supreme Ct. Can., and . Eliza 
(Clench) A. ; b. Cobourg, Ont, Apl. 27, 
1862 ; e. late Mr. Barren s Sch., Co 
bourg, and Gore s Landing, Ont, U. C. 
Coll., and Toronto Univ. (B.A. and 
silver medal in classics, 1881) ; barris 
ter (Ont.), 1881; do. (P. Q.), 1902; a 
dir. N. Am. Wrecking Co. ; Presdt. Os- 
goode Legal and Lit. Soc., 1889 ; for 
merly a keen sportsman ; one of the 
Argonaut four, and a mem. of the univ. 
football team, Toronto ; a Freemason of 
high degree ; an Ang. ; m., Dec., 1887, 
Agnes Maude, 7th d. late Robt. Spratt, 
grain merchant, Toronto. 220 Peel St., 
Montreal; Royal Montreal Golf Club, 
Armour, Edward Douglas, lawyer. 

E. s. late Robt. A., barrister, a na 
tive Doune, Perths., Scot, Regr. W. 
Durham, Ont., and Marianne, d. Rev. 
E. Burton (Aner. ) ; b. Port Hope. Ont, 
1851 ; e. Trinity Coll. Sch. and Trinity 
Univ., Toronto (D.C.L., 1902) ; barris 
ter, 1876; K.C. (Ont), 1890; m. Alma 
S. W., d. Lt.-Col. A. Ponton, Belleville, 
Ont. ; successfully practises his pro 
fession in Toronto, where he is head 
of firm A. & Mickle, barristers ; has 
been for many yrs. lecturer to Law 
Soc. U. C. in real property, interpreta 
tion of wills, and constitutional law 
(resigned, 1909) ; a mem. governing 
body Trin. Coll. iSdh., Port Hope ; do. 
Toronto Ch. Sch. for Boys ; founded 
and was ed. for 19 yrs. of Can. Law 
Times; author of "A Treatise on In 
vestigation of Titles to Real Estate in 
Ont," "A Treatise on Law of Real 
Property," " Theobald on Wills," and 
"A Treatise on Devolution of Land 
Upon the Personal Representative " ; 
a Con. ; formerly a supporter of late 
D. McCarthy, and a leader of the Equal 
Rights party ; contested Toronto 
(Local) as an Ind. cand., g. e. 1890; 
an Ang., and a del. to the Synod. -103 
Avenue Road, Toronto; Toronto Club; 
Toronto Golf Club; Toronto Hunt 
Club; Rideau Club, Ottawa. 
Armour, Eric Norman, lawyer. 

Y. s. late Chief Justice and Eliza 
(Clench) A.; b. Cobourg, Ont, Feb. 15, 
1877 ; e. public schools, Coll Inst, U. 
C. Coll., Toronto Univ. (B.A., with 
honours, 1899), and Ont. Law Sch. 
(scholar., 1st year); barrister, 1902; 
successfully practitses hii<s prof, in To 
ronto ; mem. law firm Bristol & A., To 
ronto ; unm. ; unsuccessfully contested 
W. Northumberland (H. C.), Con. in 
terest, g- e. 1904; V.-P. Toronto branch 



Univ. Toronto Alumni Assn., 1905 ; 
Senator, Toronto Univ., 1906 ; Presdt. 
Univ. Coll. Lit. and Scien. Soc., do. ; 
served 4 yrs. Cobourg Gar. Arty. ; a 
promoter Toronto, Ottawa & Georgian 
Bay Ry. ; believes the political and 
commercial independence of Can. is 
best suited to the interests of this 
country; Ang. 86 College St., Toronto; 
National Club; Canadian Club, do. 

" A. mighty fine figure of a man." 
T. World. 

" One of the most brilliant young men 
in the Province." M. and E. 
Armstrong*, Bartholomew Mahoii, 
Dom. public service. 

S. late Lt.-Col. Arthur A., H. M. s 
service, who came to Can., 1837, and 
his wife, Ol ivia (Mahon) A. ; t>. Lloyd- 
town. On t., iMch. 31, 1849; e. Grammar 
Sch., Paris, Onit. ; .became a dVk. To 
ronto P.O., Nov., 1867 ; promoted sujpdt., 
1879 ; controller railway mail service 
Can., Jan. 1, 1897 ; as such has intro 
duced and carried out many reforms 
and improvements in connection there 
with ; took 1st class cert, at Toronto 
Royal Mil. Sch., 1865, and later saw 
service with Toronto Field Batty, in 
repellling Fenians (med. and cliasp) ; 
served likewise as lieut. of marines on 
gunboat Prince Arthur, cruising on 
Lake Huron ; retired, with rank of 
capt., 1873 ; an Ang. ; m., 1st, Mch., 
1876, Emily Louise (d. June, 1905), d. 
W. J. Alexander, Toronto ; 2ndly, Sept., 
1908, Dora, d. late Geo. Hill, Ottawa. 
33 Cooper St., Ottawa. 

Armstrong-, Charles Leland, journal 

E. s. C. B. A., London, Ont. ; b. 
there, Dec. 8, 1880 ; e. public and high 
schs. there and Mt. Allison Coll., N.B. ; 
has been 8 yrs. engaged in newspaper 
work in Can. and U. S. ; special writer, 
Boston Herald, N. T. Herald, and 
mem. staffs St. John (N.B.) Telegraph, 
Montreal Gazette, Toronto News, Man. 
Free Press, Winnipeg Telegram, 1907- 
8 ; laJter on ed. staff Boston Herald; 
now ed. Victoria Colonist Sunday Mag.; 
mag. versifier and .stoort story writer ; 
favours most severe immigration re 
strictions in Can. ; a Unit. Victoria, 

" Has won the attention of the reading 
public by his bright verse and entertaining 
style." T. World. 

Armstrong-, Charles Newhouse, rail 
way promoter and contractor. 
S. late Hon. Jas. A., C.M.G., former 
ly Chief Justice St. Lucia, and Marie 
Anne Charlotte A., d. Hercules Olivier ; 
b. the Manor House of De Lanau- 
dier.e, Maskinionge, P.Q., Mch. 19, 1850; 
e. private tutor and Sorel Model Sch. ; 
early training Ohio & Miss. Ry. ; after 
wards in mercantile life, Can. ; organ 
ized Montreal & Sorel Ry., becoming 
mang. dir., 1881, and presdt., 1884; 
has since organized other lines of 
ry. ; is also well known as a ry. con 
tractor ; author " Canada and Her Re 
sources " (1883); F.R.C.I., H898 ; an 
Ang., and a Con.; m., July, 1871, 
Amelia Frances, e. d. Dr. J. E. John- 
stone, Sorel ; three of his sons have 

graduated from ,R. M. Coll., Kingston, 
and hofl d commissions in the King s 
regular forces. 29 Beaver Hall Hill, 
Montreal; Canadian Club, do. 
Armstrong-, G-eorg-e E., physician. 

S. Rev. John A. (Meth.) and Harriet 
M. (Ives) A. ; b. Leeds, P.Q., 1854 ; 
e. local schs. ; M.D.,C.M. (McGill 
Univ.), 1877; LL..D. (hpn.), Queen s 
Univ., 1911 ; has practised through 
out in Montreal ; has been Presdt. 
Montreal Med.-Chir. Soc., and has 
served on staff Montreal Genl. Hos 
pital ; has written on med. subjects, 
and is one of the eds. Montreal Med. 
Journal ; elected Presdt. Can. Med. 
Assn., 1910 ; a Con. and a Meth. ; also a 
Senator Montreal Wesl. Theol. Coll. ; 
volunteered for service in field during 
S. A. war ; apptd. prof. surg. and clin. 
surg., McGill Univ., having previously 
been asso. prof, therein, June, 1907 ; m., 
1878, Miss Mary Hadley (d. June, 
1909). S20 Mountain St., Montreal; St. 
James s Club; Mount Royal Club; Uni 
versity Club, do. 

Armstrong-, George Henry, education 

Irish and Eng. descent, and of U.E.L. 
extraction ; 3rd s. Hy. and Susannah 
A. ; b. Yonge, Co. Leeds, Ont., Jan. 2, 
1858; e. Athens High Sch., Cobourg 
and St. Catharines Coll. Insts., and To 
ronto Univ. (B.A., 1896; B.Psed., 1897; 
M.A., 1898) ; unm. ; entered teaching 
profession at early age, and has been 
for 18 yrs. principal Borden St. Public 
Sch., Toronto ; mem. Educ. Council, 
Ont., 1899-03 ; author of several text 
books for schs., the most notable being 
one on Eng. grammar and composition ; 
Meth. ; believes in principles and poli 
cies rather than blind partyism, the 
good of the people and country being 
first consideration ; thinks Govt. should 
expend more money and energy on 
popular education and less on prisons, 
asylums and industrial institutions ; 
would favour Govt. making monopoly 
of liquor business, selling it by its own 
agents, in packages, in part for med. 
and scientific purposes. 14 Grosvenor 
St., Toronto. 

Armstrong", Harry William Dudley, 

civil engineer. 

E. s. late Judge and Mary Ann 
(Geddes) A., Ottawa; b. Ottawa, Aug. 
1, 1852 ; e. Ottawa Coll. Inst. ; a char 
ter mem. Can. Soc. C. E., 1887 ; m., 
1877, Sophia Amelia, d. late G. B. 
Spencer, Winnipeg ; has had prof, ex 
perience In B. C. during construction 
Crow s Nest (Pass Ry., 1897-98; was 
afterwards chief en gr. Lindsay, Bob- 
oaygeon & Pon typool Ry. ; now in the 
employ of the Can. iNorbhern Ry., 
Winnipeg; an Ang. and a Lib.-Con. 
Winnipeg, Man. 

Armstrong 1 , Henry Pry, educationist. 
S. Adam A. ; b. Sunderland, Eng., 
1868 ; after being duly qualified as a 
cert, art master In the Nat. Art Train 
ing Sch., South Kensington, and had 
considerable professional experience in 
Gt. Brit, and at Paris, was apptd. asst. 
prof, descrip. geom. and freehand 
drawing, McGill Univ., Aug., 1896 ; 
since Sept., 1902, has been asso. prof. 



of drawing at McGill Normal Sch., 
Montreal ; apptd. prof. Applied Science 
McGill Univ., 1910 ; is author of a text 
book on "iSolid Geom. and Orthograph 
ical Projection " ; an Ang-. ; m., 1896, d. 
Jas. Airey, London and Acton West. 
"Drayton House," 58 Westmount 
Avenue, Montreal. 

Armstrong-, Miss Isabel, journalist 

D. late Jas. A., formerly M. P. for 
South Middlesex (H. C.), and Jane 
(Fraser) A. ; Scotch origin ; b. Pond 
Mills, Ont. ; e. Brantford and London ; 
took honours in Eng. literature and 
music ; has devoted herself to journal 
ism ; now and for some yrs. ed The 
Echo. London, Ont. 

Armstrong-, Hon. James Neville, law 
yer; legislator. 

S. Jas. and Catherine (Neville) A 
b. Sydney Mines, N.S., June 28, 1854- 
e. High Sch., North Sydney and Har 
vard Univ.; barrister, 1892; formerly 
principal N. Sydney High Sch. ; has 
served also as Town Clk., Treas., and 
Recorder of N. Sydney; was first 
Presdt. Cape Breton Hist. Soc. ; a Lib., 
and has been Presdt. Cape Breton Lib 
Assn. ; apptd. a M.L.C., N. S., Feb. 20. 
1899 ; moved in that chamber, 1908, 
for the fitting commemoration of the 
150th anniversary of the estabt. of 
Eng. constitutional gov/t. in N. S 
apptd. a mem. Royal Utilities Oomn. , 
; accompanied the Comn. to Eng. 

HI ; a Bapt. ; his toro., Rev. W. F. A 
D.D., has (laboured in Burmah, India 
as a missy, from Am. Bapt. Missionary 
Union, for many yrs.; m., Jan., 1890, 
Jennie E., d. late A. A. Rice. North 
Sydney, N.. 

One of the most \ridely-infoirmed 
public men in Eastern Can," St. John 

Armstrong 1 , John, Ont. (public service. 
Originally a printer, and was a pro 
minent mem. Toronto Typo. Union be 
came Presdt. local Trades and Labour 
Council ; a mem. Royal Labour Comn., 
1886 ; apptd. Secy. Ont. Labour Bureau, 
Oct., 1906 ; unsuccessfully contested E 
Toronto (Local), as an Ind. Labour 
candidate, g. e. 1894. 274 College St 

(D. Toronto, Nov. 22, 1910.) 

Armstrong-, It.-Col. John Russell, 


Third s. late Rev. Wm. A., formerly 
Brit, chaplain at Valparaiso, Chili, and 
subsequently rector St. James s Ch., 
St. John, N.B., and Martha, d. John 
Ludlam, Buenos Ayres ; b. Valparaiso, 
Apl. 30, 1848; e. St. John, N.B., and 
Coll. Sch., Windsor, N.S. ; after attend 
ing Harvard Law Sch., was called to 
the bar, 1870, and has since practised 
his profession in St. John ; apptd. lt.- 
col. comdg. N. B. Brigade, Gar. Arty., 
Nov. 22, 1885; commanded the Can. 
Arty, team at iShoaburyness, 1886 ; now 
on reserve of officers ; created K.C. 
(Earl of Aberdeen), 1894 ; later (1907) 
received same appt. from N.B. Govt. ; 
apptd. judge of Probate, City and Co. 
St. John, Mch. 24, 1908; was hon. 
A.D.C. to Lord Derby when Gov.-Genl., 
and has been also Presdt. Dom. Arty. 

Assn., Presdt. St. George s Soc., St. 
John, and Chairman Lib.-Con. Assn., 
St. John ; now Presdt. N. B. Hist. Soc. 
and Vice-Commodore Royal Kenne- 
becasis Yacht Club ; an Ang. ; a Lib.- 
Con. ; m. Louisa (d. July 12, 1907), d. 
late John M. Robinson, Q.C. 27 Wel 
lington Row, St. John, N.B.; Union 
Club, do. 

"A man of sterling character, an ab .e 
lawyer, and stands high in his profession 
in St. John, and iu the esteem of the bar 
throughout the Province. "- -/St. John Tele- 

Armstrong-, John Simeon, civil engr. 

S. Rev. Geo. M. and Octavia (Bow 
man) A. ; grands. Rev. John A., some 
time of Belize, Honduras, Buenos 
Ayres, and St. John, N.B. ; father for 
34 yrs. rector St. Mark s (Ang.) Ch., 
St. John, N.B. ; b. nr. St. Catharines, 
Ont. ; e. St. John Acad. and King s Coll. 
Univ., Windsor, N.S. (B.A. and Genl. 
Williams prizeman in Eng., 1869) ; m. 
Lydia Jane, M.A., d. John Gregory, 
Flrediericton, N.iB. ; . employed on con- 
atruotbon Imtercol. Ry., 1870-71 ; dto, 
Bale Verte Canal. .survey, 1872-73 ; ass.t. 
engr. D. P. W. harbour survey, St. John, 
N.B., 1873-74; made general survey 
Halifax, N.S., for sewerage; mem. con 
tracting firm, 5 yrs. building Dorches 
ter Pemty., Trinity Oh., City .Hall, St. 
John (after great fire) ; construction 
engr. and mangr. Lincoln Pulp & Paper 
Co. ; principal asst. engr. Chignecto 
Marine Transport Ry., 1888-91; supdt. 
Chambersburg & Gettysburg Ry. and 
Caledonia Mining & Manfg. Co., Penn., 
1891-92; bridge engr. N. S. Midland 
Ry. ; chief engr. Canso & Louisburg 
Ry. ; author numerous papers on pro 
fessional subjects ; an Ang. and a del. 
to the Synod. " Nethenvood," Rothe- 
say, N.B. 

Armstrong-, Joseph E., legislator; 


S. Elijah and Sarah (Brown) A. ; 
Irish and Eng. parentage ; b. Co. York, 
Ont., Nov. 9, 1864; e. local schs., To 
ronto Bus. Coll., and Nat. Sch. Elocu 
tion and Orat, Phil., U.S. ; m., Dec., 
1891, Margt. J., d. Jas. Shelly Phipps, 
West Chester, Pa. ; went to Petrolea, 
becoming an oil producer and manfr., 
1887 ; Town Councillor 3 yrs. ; un 
successfully contested E. Lambtop (H. 
C.), as P. P. A. candidate, g. e. 1896; 
first returned, same constituency, Feb., 
1904 ; re-elected g. e. same year, and 
again 1908; favours Govt. ownership 
and operation telegraphs and tele 
phones, and free rural mail delivery ; 
moved in H. C., favouring last-named 
proposal, 1907 ; a Presb. and a Con. 
Petrolea, Ont. 

Armstrong-, Louis Olivier, Can. ry. 


S. late Hon. Jas. A., C.M.G., for- 
merly Chief Justice St. Lucia, and 

Marie Anne Charlotte, d. Hercule Oli 
vier, Berthier-en-haut, P.Q. ; b. Manor 
Ho. of De Lanaudiere, Maskinonge, 
P.Q. ; e. Huron Coll., London, Ont. ; 
ordained deacon (Ang.), 1874 ; priest, 
1875, and was incumbent of Brompton 
and other parishes, P. Q. ; retired from 



ministry, 1880, and entd. service Man. 
S W. Ry. as land commr. when merged 
with C.P.R. ; was apptd. chief colon 
ization dept. of latter system ; in ad 
dition, was apptd. industrial agent of 
same co., Nov., 1907 ; a successful lec 
turer on Can. resources, and author 
" Hiawatha or Manabozho, an Ojibway 
Indian Play," which was highly com 
mended by the d. of the poet (Long 
fellow, and was originally presented 
by Indians in the U. :S., and more re 
cently at the Desbarats Islands, in 
Can., produced in all more than 1,101 
times ; also author " Some Resources 
and Openings" (190&) ; has done 
much exploration work in Am., by 
canoe and snowsihoe ; elected 1st V.-P. 
Alpine Club, Iftll ; a diir. Quebec Fish 
and Game Assn>. ; an Antg. ; a Con. 
221 Milton St., Montreal; Camp Fire 
Club, N. Y.; Can. Camp Fire Club, do.; 
Can. Alpine Club, Banff. 
Armstrong 1 , Mrs. Mary (Gregory), ed 

M. J. Simeon A., the first teacher 
apptd. under new sen. law N. B. ; for 
many yrs. on staff of Coll. Inst, Fred- 
ericton, under principalship Dr. G. R. 
Parkin (q.v.) ; established "Nether- 
wood," a sch. for girls, Rothesay, N.B., 
of which she was principal, and which 
she successfully conducted for 10 yrs. ; 
retired 1905, on which occasion was 
presented with a handsome testimonial 
by her pupiLs ; M.A., hon. (N. B. 
Univ.), 1905. Rothesay, N.B. 
Armstrong-, Bev. Robert Augustus 

/ AjTfJJ \ 

S. late Robt. and Jemima A., To 
ronto ; b. there, Nov. 25, 1878; e. To 
ronto Univ. (B.A., 1900; M.A... 1905) ; 
pursued theol. studies Wycliffe Coll., 
winding 1st class honours in-aW depts. ; 
o. deacon, 1901 ; priest, 1902 ; vicar Ch. 
Holy Saviour, Waterloo, Ont., 1901-3 ; 
curate St. James s, Orillia, Ont., 
1903-7 ; rector Trinity Ch., St. John, 
N.B., 1907 ; m., 1908, Erie, d. late Rev. 
H. S. Waters New Orleans, La. 
Trinity Ch. Rectory, St. John, N.B. 

" Has splendid ability and is a growing 
man." Archdeacon Cody (<?.). 

" One of the fastest forwards that ever 
plaved on Toronto Univ. rugby football 
team." S. N. 
Armstrong, Bev. Botoert Cornell 


S Robt. E. A., Ottawa ; e. Victoria 
Univ., Toronto (B.A., 1903), and 
Wesl. Theol. Coll., Montreal ; o. 1903 ; 
m., 1904, Kate, d. Rev. Win. Service; 
massy, to Japan, 1903 ; read paper 
on the life and work of Ninomiya 
Goutoku before the Asiatic Soc., Japan, 
1910 Hamamatsu, Enshua, Japan. 
Armstrong, Bobert Edwin, journalist. 
S. Robt. and Margaret A. ; b. St. 
John, N.B., July 26, 1858 ; e. St. John 
Grammar Sch. ; acquired knowledge of 
printing in office St. John Globe, and 
was printer, foreman, reporter, and 
asst. ed. on that paper ; started St. 
Andrews Beacon (weekly), 1889, which 
he still publishes; m., 1882, Miss Margt. 
Pater son, St. John, N.B. ; a del. to Ot 
tawa Lib. Conv., 1893 ; unsuccessfully 
contested Charlotte (H. C.) g. e. 1900; 

mem. Royal Comn. Sardine Fisheries, 
1903; has been trustee Sch. Bd. ; is 
Presdt. Can. Lit. Club, St. Andrews; 
a Presb. ; Clk. of Sessions, Greenock 
Presb. Ch., and Chairman trustees, do. 
St. Andrews, N.B. 
Armstrong, Samuel Allan, Ont. public 


Y. s. Rev. David A., D.D., and Jane 
A., y. d. late Joseph Cary, Depty. Minr. 
of Finance, Can. ; b. Co. Brant, Ont., 
1874 ; e. Trin. Coll. Sch., Port Hope ; 
m., 1905, Margt., 2nd d. late Finlay 
McGibbon, Sarnia, Ont. ; barrister, 
1900; successfully practised his prof, 
at Sarnia for 5 yrs.; apptd. Senior 
Inspr. of Prisons and Public Charities, 
Ont., Sept., 1905 ; do. asst. Provl. Secy, 
for Ont., June, 1909; a Con.; an Ang. 
115 Warren Rd., Toronto. 
Armstrong, Thomas J., public service. 
S. Hon. Win. J. A., formerly Minr. of 
Finance and Agricul., B. C. ; b. and e. 
New Westminster, B.C. ; is Sheriff New 
Westminster ; until recently was Grand 
Master Freemasons, B. C. ; m., Nov., 
1888, Annie, d. D. Kerr, Ingersoll, Ont. 
New Westminster, B.C. 
Armstrong, Bev. William Dunwoodie 


S. late John D. and Jane (Dun 
woodie) A., " Sunnybrae," Millbrook, 
Ont. ; b. there, July 28, 1845 ; e. U. C. 
Coll. ("Dux" and G.-G. s prizeman) 
and Toronto Univ. (B.A., with honours 
in every dept, 1870; M.A., 1871); 
studied theol. Knox Coll., Toronto 
(DD, 1902); LPh.D. (Ihon.), Boston 
Univ 1886 ; o. 1874, becoming pas 
tor St Paul s Ch., Ottawa, where he 
remained till 1909, when he gave up 
pastoral work; previously in charge 
Charles St. Ch., Toronto, and of a en. 
at Point Edward, Ont. ; author 
" The Christian Minister and (Modern 
Thougtht" (1896), and other lectures 
and sermons ; has contributed not 
infrequently to newspapers and 
periodical press ; one of the founders 
and first Secy. Dom. Lord s Day 
Alliance ; did service as agent Bd. 
French Evangelization in Gt. Brit., 
1883 ; for over 30 yrs Corr. Secy. Ot 
tawa Aux. Brit, and For. Bible Soc. ; 
Presdt. do., 1907 ; Presdt. Art Culture 
Club, 1902 ; has been for many yrs. 
Presdt. and a prof, in the Ottawa 
Ladies Coll. ; Moderator Synod, Mont 
real and Ottawa, 1888; do. Genl. 
Assem., by unanimous vote, 
favours union Presb. and Meth. bodies ; 
a mem. of the Comte. on Ch. Union, 
1908; m., Sept., 1886, Jean W., d. 
Hy. J. Johnston, Montreal. Ottawa 
Ladies Coll., Albert St., Ottawa. 

" One of the Capital s most trusted pub 
lic men, who has been active in all move 
ments making for the educational and 
moral betterment of the city." T. Globe. 
Armstrong, William Henry, contrac 

S. late Jas. A. A., who came from 
Eng. to E. Can., 1850; has been en 
gaged in construction of rys. and pub 
lic works in the West since 1877 ; m., 
1887 Miss Ellen Mildred Ward, Vic 
toria, B.C. 1288 Comox St., Vancou 
ver, B.C.; Vancouver Club, do. 



Armstrong, Rev. William Laird 


S. late W. C. A., Fort William, Ont. ; 
b. Owen Sound, Ont., June 5, 1869 ; e. 
Wesley Coll., Man. (B.A., 1894) ; entd. 
ministry 1889 ; has filled pastorates at 
Deloraine, Winnipeg, Selkirk, Portage 
la Prairie, and other places ; called to 
St. Paul s Ch. ( Toronto, 1906 ; m., Sept., 
1894, PYances, d. late J. C. Ferrier, 
Islington, Ont. 51 Bond St., Toronto, 

" A man deeply in earnest and full of 
the devotional spirit." T. Globe. 

Armstrongr-Hopkins, Dr. Salenl, phy 
sician; author; lecturer. 
D. Rev. Wm. L., M.D., and Eliza 
beth (Summers) A.; b. London, Ont., 
Ja,n. 21, 1855 ; e. public schs. Michigan, 
High Sch., Blair, Neb., and Northwest 
ern Univ., Bvanston, 111. ; travelled and 
lectured consecutively 1879-82, and dur 
ing summer va/ca/tkwa^ 1882-86 ; dii-d city 
missionary work in Chicago, while at 
tending sch., 1877-78; also in N. Y. 
City, while a student at Woman s Med. 
Coll., N. Y. Infirmary, 1882-83 ; M.D., 
Woman s Med. Coll. Penn., 1885 ; post 
graduate course in obst. and gynec. 
Philadelphia Lying-in Charity, Mch. 16, 
1885 ; do. Mt. Vernon Inst. of Elocu 
tion and Languages, receiving degree 
Bach, of Elocution, June 19, 1885 ; took 
13 small waifs from Philadelphia and 
Chicago to the West, and established 
them in homes among the farmers of 
Platt Co., Neb., writing out indenture 
papers, getting signatures, affidavits, 
etc., during the spring 1885 ; one of the 
founders of Park Hill Orphan Home, 
which, later, formed the foundation 
upon which now stands the Mother s 
Jewels Home, York, Neb., of the 
Woman s Home IMissy. Soc. iMebh. Epis. 
Ch. ; was interne New Eng. Hospital, 
Boston, Mass., 1885-86; sent ont by 
Bp. William Taylor as a med. mission, 
to India, upon his self-supporting basis, 
Nov., 1886 ; was founder of and physi 
cian in charge to Khetwadi Castle 
Hosp. and Khetwadi Castle Med. IMissy. 
Training Sch. for Nurses, Bombay, In 
dia, 1887-89 ; rescued from death, or 
worse, and adopted 7 East Indian In 
fants, 1887-88; elected by the World s 
W.C.T.U., Bombay, India, national lec 
turer on heredity, 1888; elected hon. 
mem. Manag. Comte. National Assn. 
of Countess of Dufferin s Fund for 
Supplying Female Med. Aid and Inst. 
to Women of India., 1889 ; filled 2 posi 
tions as med. offr. under Eng. Govt. ; 
was, for a brief period, physician-in- 
charge to the Lady Aitchison Hosp., 
Dispensary, and Training Sch. for 
Nurses, Lahore, India, 1889 ; was also 
apptd. by Brit. Govt. to what was then 
supposed to be a permanent position : 
physician-in-charge to Woman s Hosp., 
Dispensary, and Training Sch. for 
Nurses, Hyderabad, Sindlh, India, 1893 ; 
returned to Am. Aug., 1893 ; brought 
from India to Am., at her own expense, 
and helped to educate 6 natives of In 
dia, 2 of whom have already completed 
their education, 1 med. and 1 theol., 
and have now returned to India as 

missionaries to their own people ; resi 
dent physician Armstrong- Hopkins Pri 
vate Hosp. for Women and Children, 
Omaha, Neb., 1893-95 ;<has since prac 
tised med. and surg., lectured and 
preached the Gospel in the States off 
Colo., Del., Va., Dist. Columbia, and N. 
Y. ; author " Motto and Resolutions of 
a Little Girl," " A Divine Call to For 
eign Missionary Service, " Record of 
Daily Work," " Extra-Uterine Foeta- 
tion," "Fruit of Suffering" (poems), 
" Within the Purdah," " Heroes and 
Heroines of Zion," " In the Zenana 
Homes of Indian Princes," " Record of 
Daily Work anl Diary," and " Khet 
wadi Castle " ; a mem. Soc. o Am. 
Authors, N. Y. State Med. Assn., Am. 
Med. Assn., and the Soc. for Encour. 
of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, 
London, Eng. ; m., Apl., 1893, Rev. Geo. 
F. Hopkins, A.M., whose name, with 
that of his wife, was, on their petition, 
changed, by order of the Supreme Ct., 
Dist. of Columbia, Mch., 1905, to the 
hyphenated one of Armstrong-Hopkins. 
657 South Salina St., Syracuse, N.Y. 
" A woman of rare gifts and achieve 
ments." Bull. Soc. Am. Authors. 

Ariiaud, Elias de Barbazau, Dom. 

public service. 

French Huguenot descent (see 
Smiles " History of Huguenots " ) ; e. 
s. late Elias Macaulay A., Controller- 
Genl. H. M. Customs, London, Eng., 
and Anna M. (Norris) A. ; b. 
London, Eng., Oct. 20, 1847 ; e. 
Somersetshire Coll., Eath ; m., Sept., 
1870, Constance Isabel Ann, e. d. late 
Chas. T. Walcot, formerly of H. M. 
Commissariat and latterly of the In 
dian Dept., Ottawa ; served for some 
yrs. in Customs and Genl. P.O., Lon 
don ; joined Bank B.N.A. there ; 
came to Can., 1868 ; remained in bank 
ing business, and was 25 yrs. a mangr. 
in iMar. Provinces ; apptd. Can. com 
mercial agent, Chicago, M., iMch., 
1905 ; transfd., in same capacity, to 
St. John s Nfd., Jan., 1907, and to 
Bristol, Eng., Apl., 1908; an Ang. 
Sun Bldgs., Clare St., Bristol, Eng. 

Arnold, John Jacob, banker. 

B. Co. Perth, Ont., Dec. 29, 1870 ; 
e. there and Central Coll., Stratford, 
Ont; went to Chicago, 1890; entd. 
service 1st Nat. Bank ; promoted asst. 
mangr. foreign dept. do., 1905 ; m., 
June, 1896, Olga, d. Rev. M. Hoehn, 
Oak Park ; a mem. Chicago Chap. Am. 
Inst. of Banking ; dir. Am. Training 
Sch. for Young Women ; Treas. Genl. 
Young People s Alliance Evangel. 
Assn. Oak Park, Chicago, III. 

Arnold, John Forteous, educationist. 

B. Edinburgh, Scot, where he at 
tended Training Coll. and Univ. ; de 
voting himself to teaching, held im 
portant appts. in Scot., and gained 
the fellowship of the Educational Inst. 
of Scot, the highest scholastic de 
gree in that kingdom ; coming to Can., 
1886, was some time Vice-Rector Que 
bec High Sch. and lecturer in Morrin 
Coll. ; later, established and became 
Principal of Roslyn Ladies Coll., Mont- 



real, now In existence at Westmount, 
an institution which includes among 
its patrons the Earl of Derby, Lord 
Strathcona, and the Countesses of 
Aberdeen and Minto ; had for pupils 
in Scot, the sons of Dr. Livingstone, 
the famous African explorer, and, in 
Can., two of the younger sons of the 
Earl of Derby ; has lectured on literary 
and historical subjects, and contributes 
occasionally to newspaper press ; 
founder Roslyn Shakespeare Club, and 
has been Presdt. Bums Club, Montreal, 
and Capt. Westmount Golf Club ; 
elected Presdt. Dickens Fellowship, 
Montreal, 1910 ; m. Mima, e. d. late 
J. Shaw, Dundee, Scat. ; a Presto, and 
a devoted Scotsman, though taking a 
deeip interest in Can. affairs. -}25 
Mount Pleasant Ave., Westmount, 

Arnold!, Frank, lawyer. 

Fourth s. late Dr. F. C. T. and 
Christina M. (Telfer) A. ; b. Montreal, 
Apl. 3, 1848; e. U. C. Coll.; barrister, 
1870; K.C. (Earl of Derby), 1889; 
now one of the leaders of Toronto bar ; 
has acted as Crown prosecutor at vari 
ous assizes, and has pleaded before 
Jl. Comte. P. C., Eng. ; counsel for 
G. R. R. Cockburn (q.v.), Presdt. de 
funct Ont. Bank, 1907; one of the 
founders new Bar Assn., Toronto ; 
Presdt. National Club, Toronto, "1893- 
97, and remains a dir. of same ; apptd. 
a gov. U. C. Coll., 1895 ; is also V.-P. 
Toronto branch Brit. Empire League, 
and V.-P. Can. Inst., Toronto ; author 
" An Epoch in Can. History an Ap 
preciation," published, 1904, in connec 
tion with 75th anniv. U. C. Coll. ; a 
del. 3rd Congress Chambers of Com 
merce of the Empire, London, and 
there supported Toronto Bd. of Trade s 
resolution favouring trade arrangement 
within the Empire of the nature of a 
zollverein ; a Con. ; an Ang., and a 
del. to Synod. ; m. Emily Louisa, 2nd 
d. late JE. A. H. Fauquier, Woodstock, 
Ont. 37 North St., Toronto; National 
Club, do.; Colonial Club, London, Eng. 

Arthur, Mrs. Clara Blanche, philan 

D. Alex. N. and Martha Hanna 
(Lewis) Peters; U. E. L. descent on 
both sides; b. St. John, N.B., Oct. 25, 
1858; e. there; m., Sept., 1882, Jas. 
Arthur, Montreal ; V.-P. for 2 yrs. 
and Presdt. for 2 yrs. Detroit Federa 
tion Women s Clubs ; Presdt. for 6 
yrs. Detroit Woman Suff. Assn. ; V.-P. 
for 4 yrs. Mich. State Woman Suff. 
Assn. ; Chairman and originator Play 
ground Comte. Local Council of 
Women, which established playgrounds 
in Detroit, and induced the Bd. of 
Education to adopt the work into the 
public sch. system, 1901; Chairman 
Public Bath Comte., which succeeded 
in procuring appropriation for first 
public bath in Detroit, 1906 ; a char 
ter mem. 20th Century Club. 96 Bos 
ton Boulevard, Detroit, Mich. 

" One of the women of the century." 
Can. Am. 

Arthur, Miss Julia. (See Cheney, 
Mrs. Julia.) 

Arthy, Edward Westhead, education 

B. in Ewg. ; an undier-gnad. Toronto 
Uniiv., 1873; in. Miss ,Siaina Moirris ; 
Principal! Royal Antihur Sch., (Mont- 
reaJ, Sept., 1875 ; subsequently Head 
master Preparatory High School, do. ; 
Secy.-Supidt, Prat. Bd!. Soh. Commrs., 
P. Q., Sept., 1883 (resigned, 1908) ; 
a mem. ex-officio, do.; author "Condi 
tions of Pnoibestsanit Eclu caifciiom in itihe 
Province of Quebec," and other papers 
on eogmiatie subjeot.s. V,l Stanley St., 

" The better part of his life has been 
devoted to the great work of education, 
overseeing the development of teaching 
work along the most modern lines, and 
the erection in every quarter of the city 
of new and commodious school buildings." 
M. Wit-ness. 

Arup, Paul Seidelia, educationist. 

Danish parentage ; b. Catford, Lon 
don, Eng., Feb. 2, 1884; a chemist; 
demonstrator Goldsmith s Inst., Lon 
don, Oct., 1904 ; chemist Messrs. Win. 
Cooper & Nephews, Berkhampstead, 
Eng., Feb., 1905 : prof, science. King s 
Coll., Windsor, N..S., Oct., 1905 (M.A., 
1906); since resigned; author various 
scientific paipers ; believes in socialism 
where community is sufficiently ad 
vanced; also in municipallzation of In 
dustrial concerns and democratic govt. ; 
a Danish Lutheran.- 108 Regents Park 
Rd., London, Eng. 

Ascher, Isidore Gordon, poet and 

R. late G. I. A., Jewish merchant, 
Montreal; b. Glasgow, Scot, 1835; 
came to Can. with parents 1841 ; e. 
High Sch., Montreal; followed law 
course at McGill Univ. (B.C.L., 1862) ; 
advocate, 1862; contributed poetical 
pieces to local press, and published, 
1863, "Voices from the Hearth, and 
Other Poems," a volume highly re 
garded by Can. and Eng. press ; re 
moved to Eng., 1864, where he has 
become a frequent contributor to the 
London press, his contributions in 
cluding short stories, dialogues, poems, 
editorials, etc. ; ihis sonnets on events 
of the hour in Public Opinion have 
awakened muah interest In literary 
circles, particularly one entitled 
" Canada," which will be preserved in 
the D>om. as a masterpiece ; wrote also 
" Letters to His Son from the (Modern 
Lord Chesterfield " for the same jour 
nal ; has (published, separately, the fol 
lowing novels : "An Old Maid s Confes 
sion," "A Cure for a Title," "An Emi 
grant s Story," " An Odd Man s 
Story," "A Social Upheaval," "The 
Doom of Destiny," " The Devil s 
Doll " ; a comedietta from his pen, 
" Circumstances Alter Cases," was 
produced in London in 1888; m., 1872, 
Lily, e. d. Saml. Newman, London, 
Eng. 7 Bullingham Mansions, Pitt St., 
Kensington W., London. 

" A sweet poet and a skillful writer." 
Late Geo. Murray. 

Ashald, William W., Can. ry. service. 

B. Garrettsville, O., Jan. 15, 1856; 

e. public schs. ; entd. ry. service At- 


lantic & Gt. W. Ry., 1873, since when 
he has filled various responsible posi 
tions on many roads in U. S. ; joined 
G. T. Ry., May, .1899, as train master; 
apptd. isupdt. of telegraph s, do., his 
present position, Mch., 1903. 21G!, 
Mance St., Montreal. 

Ashburnliam, Hon. Thomas. 

Third s. 4th Earl of Ashburnham ; 
b. 1855; e. Trinity Coll., Cambridge; 
formerly Capt. 7th Hussars ; served in 
Egyptian campaign, 1882 (med., with 
clasp, and 5th class Medjidie) ; an 
extra A.D.C. to the Viceroys of Irel. 
(Earls of Carnarvon and Aberdeen) ; 
m., 1903, Maria Elizabeth, d. W. H. 
Anderson, Fredericton, N.B. ; an Ang. 
and a del. to the synod. Fredericton. 
N.B.; Hurlingliam Club, London, Eng. 

Ashcroft, Mrs. Harriet Elizabeth, 


D. late John Barrett McGann, C.E., 
who founded the first institution for 
the deaf and dumb in Ont., and the 
Prot. Sch. for the Deaf in Quebec 
(now the Mackay Inst. for Prot. Deaf 
Mutes and the Blind, Montreal) ; b. 
Co. Dublin, Irel., and accompanied her 
father to Can. ; m., July, 1889. John 
Imrie Ashcroft, Principal Sch. for the 
Deaf, B.C., of which he was the foun 
der (d. 1891) ; has been engaged in 
teaching the deaf from early girlhood ; 
apntd. joint Supdt. of Mackay Inst., 
with Mr. Ashcroft. 1881, and since his 
death has had entire charge of the 
inst. as supdt. and principal ; has suc 
cessfully introduced the teaching of 
articulation by means of Prof. A. Mel 
ville Bell s system of visible speech. 
Mackav Inst. for Prot. Deaf Mutes, 
etc., Notre Dame-de-Grace, Montreal. 

Ash down, Rev. Charles Rowland 


S. "Wm. Chancellor and Mary Ann 
Hannah (Howell) A. ; b. Toronto, 
Ont. ; e. Jarvis St. Coll. Inst., McGill 
Univ. (B.A., 1897), and Cong. Coll., 
Can. (Ph.D.) ; post-graduate work Chi 
cago Theol. Semy. ; apptd. minr. Zion 
Ch., Angus, and Mary Kirk, New 
Lowell, Ont., 1897 ; now at Bynig Inlet; 
has travelled extensively in Europe, 
the Holy Land, and Egypt; present at 
Queen Victoria s Jubilee : a contributor 
to various journals, and has lectured 
on Eng. literature, etc. ; m., Dec., 1897, 
Miss Jean Imglis Dickie, Toronto. 
Byng Inlet, Ont. 

" A forceful, energetic preacher with 
fine imagination." Dom. Presb. 

Aihdown, James Henry, merchant 

and capitalist. 

S. late Wm. and Jane (Watling) 
A. ; b. London, Eng., 1844 ; came to 
Can. with parents, 1853, and, after liv 
ing in Ont., Chicago and Kansas, be 
came a pioneer in Man., 1868; served 
with the loyalists during first Riel re 
bellion, 1869-70, and suffered imprison 
ment in Fort Garry with Schultz, Scott 
and Mair (q.v.) ; one of those chiefly 
instrumental in securing incorporation 
for City of Winnipeg, since when he 
has become a prominent figure in the 
religious, political, educational, com 
mercial and municipal life of the 

western capital ; has been an Aid. of 
Winnipeg, Presdt. Bd. of Trade, mem. 
of Sch. Bd., gov. City Hospital, is a 
dir. Northern Crown Bank, Winnipeg 
Mining & Develop. Co., Presdt. Can. 
Fire Ins. Co., and Presdt. J. H. Ash- 
down Hardware Co. (capital increased 
from one to two million dollars, 1906) ; 
also a councillor Man. Univ., a gov. 
Wesley Coll. (and one of its founders), 
and Presdt. Winnipeg Children s Aid 
Soc. ; lectured on " Our Heritage in the 
West," 1906 ; mem. Royal Transporta 
tion Comn., Jan., 1905 ; elected Mayor 
of Winnipeg, 1906-7; has intro 
duced various important reforms in 
the admn. of civic affairs ; favours the 
establishment of the ports of Victoria, 
Vancouver, St. John, Halifax, Quebec, 
and Montreal as free ports; also the 
extension of the western boundary of 
Man. due north to the 60th parallel ; 
rated as a millionaire ; a Lib. ; a Meth., 
and gave $100,000 to Wesley Coll., 
Winnipeg, 1909; gave $25,000 to Y. iM. 
C. A., Winnipeg, towards a new build 
ing, ,1910; m, 2ndly, 1876, Miss Susan 
Crowson, Winnipeg. Winnipeg. 

" The merchant hardware prince of 
Can." S. N. 

" A business man of wide experience 
and unimpeachable integrity." T. Olobe. 

Ashe, Admiral Edward Percy, R.N. 

E. s. late Commander E. D. A., R.N., 
Supdt. Quebec Observatory, and Mar- 
cella, e. d. Rev. Gilbert Percy, D.D. ; 
b. Quebec ; e. Quebec High Sch. ; en 
tered R. N. as midshipman, June, 
1868; 2nd Lieut., Dec., 1872; Lieut, 
Jan., 1877; Commander, June. 1891; 
Capt., June, 1899 ; Rear Admiral. 1908 ; 
obtained 50 prize. Royal Naval Coll., 
1882; Lieut. H.M.S. Thalia during 
Egyptian War (med. and Khedive s 
bronze star) ; commanded H.M.S. Pearl. 
Cape Station, 1901-04 (South African 
med.); M.V.O., 1905; an Ang.; m., 
1899, Susan, d. late Danl. Gill, Marble- 
head, Mass. Care Admiralty, London, 

" A worthy Canadian." M. Gazette. 

Ashe, Frederick Webber, banking 

Y. s. late Commander A., R..N. ; bro. 
preceding; b. Quebec, Oct. 17, 1864; 
e. High Sch., Quebec, and Trinity Coll. 
Sch., Port Hope, Ont. ; successively 
mangr. Union Bank, Norwood, Hast 
ings, Carleton Place, Smith s Falls, 
and Montreal ; apptd. Supdt. of 
branches and asst. to genl. mangr., 
do., 1907; a dir. Royal Montreal Golf 
Club.; Ang.; m,, 1898, Miss Belle 
Haven Greene, HaverhMil, Mass. SI 
Mt. Carmel St., Quebec; Garrison Club, 
do.; Mount Royal Club; Canada Club, 
Montreal; York Club, Toronto. 
Ashley, Rev. Barnas Freeman (Bapt.). 

S. Rev. Wm. Washington and Han 
nah (Kempton) A. ; b. Liverpool, N.S., 
Nov. 27, 1833 ; e. Barrington Public 
Sch. and under private tutors at Bos 
ton, Mass. ; followed med. course, 
Ohio Med. Coll., Cleveland, O. ; in ac 
tive pastorate 45 yrs., latterly of Re 
formed Dutch Ch., N. Y. ; known as 
a writer of poems, sketches, and short 



stories; more recently as a writer for 
McClure syndicate, and books for 
boys; author "Tan Pile Jim" (1896), 
"Dick and Jacks" (1897); "Adven 
tures on Sable Island" (1896), "Air 
Castle Don" (1907): m., Nov., 1857, 
Miss Caroline L. Goodspeed, Osterville, 
Mass. Ravenna, O. 

Ashmead, Lt.-Col. Alfred Francis, 

late Can. mil. service. 
B. Jan. 9, 1864 ; joined Queen s Own 
Can. Hussars as 2nd lieut, 
capt 1900 ; major, 1905 ; It. -col. 
conrdg., 1907 ; resigned 1909, and now 
on R.O. : hol ds 1st cl. C. S. cert : 
served as 2nd lieut. in 3rd C. iM. 
under Col. Evans, C.B., during i . A. 
War, and was present at operations 
In Transvaal, Orange River Colony, 
and Cape Colony (Queen s med., with 
3 clasps) ; was for some yrs. Secy.- 
Treas. Quebec Turf Club; apptd. Secy. 
(for P.Q.) Can. Nat. Bureau of 
Breeding, 1908; returned to Eng., 1910. 
Care Can. Office, London, Eng. ; Que 
bec Garrison Club. 

Ashplant, Henry Brinsmead, author. 

E s. late Wm. A., Heatzworth House, 
Haverhill, Essex, Eng.; b. Ipswich, 
Eng. Nov. 15, 1863 ; e. there ; m., 
1892 Alice Amelia, d. John Hargreaves, 
London, Ont. ; long engd. in mercantile 
life; now, and since 1905, connected 
with the Geo. White & Sons Co., Ltd., 
engines and threshing machinery, Lon 
don, Ont., and Brandon, Man.; for 
many yrs. actively interested in Indus, 
problems, both in Eng. and Can., and 
has filled many Important positions in 
connection therewith; organized a sec. 
of the Socialist- Labour party at Lon 
don, 1895, and assisted in the forma 
tion of the original Can. Socialist- 
Lafoou r parity <at Montreal Ini t toat year 
was the pioneer candidate of that 
party for London, Ont. (local), g. e. 
1898 but since 1899 has not entd. the 
political field, though active in defence 
of Socialist principles ; besides numer 
ous contributions to the newspaper 
press at home and abroad, has pub 
lished "Paganism in Commerce, 
Influence on the Churches (1 
" Heterodox Economics v. Ortnoc 
Profits" (1897); and " Flim-Flam 
Finance Circulars," issued at various 
times ; a mem. West Ont. Com. Travel. 
Assn., London Chess Qhib, Y M. C. A , 
Will and the Way Juvenile Temple 
I O G T., IRoyaT Arcanum, and 
Foresters ; treas. Mamfrs. Athletic 
\ssn 19ilO-ll ; formerly a Cong., and 
presd t. Y. P. S. C. E., 1st Cong. Ch., 
Londion. Onit. : latterly, asso-ed. with it hie 
Meth. Ch. ; has sometimes acted as a 
local preacher. 766 Dundas St., Lon 
don, Ont.; Baconian Club; Canadian 
Club, do. 

Ashton, Lt.-Col. Ernest Charles, phy 

B. Oct. 28, 1873; M.D.,C.M., Trin. 
Univ., Toronto, 1898; successfully 
practises his prof, at Brantford, Ont. ; 
joined 38th Regt., Dufferin Rifles, as 
Lieut, 1893; Capt, 1896; Major, 1902; 
Lt.-Col. Comdg., 1907 ; holds 1st class 
R. S. I. cent. Brantford, Ont. 

Ashton, Bev. Robert (Ang.) 

B. Feb. 14, 1843; o. deacon, 1885; is 
Principal Mohawk Inst, Brantford; 
formerly agt. S. P. G. in New Eng. ; 
apptd. chaplain 38th Regt, Dufferin 
Rifles, with hon. rank of capt, Dec., 
1896 ; promoted Major, Dec., 19( 
hon. Presdt. Western Ont. Cricket 
League. Brantford, Ont. 
Ask-wlth, Charles Howard English, 


E s. Thos. and Martha (Walters) 
A Eng. (Yorkshire) descent; b. Ot 
tawa, June 11, 1878; e. Ottawa public 
schs. and Coll. Inst., and McGill Univ. ; 
unm. ; a journalist, and has had ex 
perience as such In all the provinces 
save P E. I. ; formerly ed.-in-chief 
Brandon Sun; until lately mang. ed. 
Yukon World; special Comnr. for Can. 
Alaska- Yukon-Pacific Expn., 1909 ; now 
in Ottawa ; a contributor of fiction 
and verse to Can. and Am. periodi 
cals; nom-de-plume, "Saxon North ; 
a Lib. and free trader; stumped Man. 
for Hon. C. Sifton and other Lib. 
leaders; a secularist. 226 O Connor 
St., Ottawa. 
Asselin, Joseph Francois Olivar, 


S late Ricule and Cedulie (Trem- 
blay) A., farmer: b. St. Hilarion, P.Q.. 
Nov. 9 1874 ; e. Rimouski Coll. ; Prin 
cipal Evening Sch., Woonsocket, R.I., 
1897-8.- private secy. Sir Lomer Gouin 
(q.v.), Quebec, 1901-03; began contri 
buting to (press while a resident of U. 
S, an d, on return to Can., was city ed. 
La Presse, (Montreal ; organized Nation 
alist League, 1902, and is Preset (Mont 
real 1 ibrandh ; founded Le Nationaliste 
as tlhe organ of the party, and was its 
ed., 1904; now writes for Le Devoir; 
lately published a series of political 
brochures with the title: " Feuilles de 
Combat " ; is also author, "A Quebec 
View of Can. Nationalism ; an Essay 
by a Dyed-in-the-Wool French-Canad 
ian " (1910) ; served as a private with 
U.S. troops during Cuban War; sum 
med up, his political creed consists of 
anti-imperialism, equality of races and 
creeds, and a sound internal policy ; 
m. 1903, Mile. Alice Le BouthilTier. 
Montreal-; R. C. 85b Drolet ISt., Mont 

" An indefatigable worker." T. News. 
" A brilliant writer, and a French-Cana 
dian, first, last and all the time." T. 

Atherton, Alfred Bennison, physician. 
S. late John A. and Charlotte Perley 
(Bennison) A., both of Puritan stock; 
b. Queensbury, N.B., Jan. 22, 1843 ; e. 
Univ. N. B. (B.A., 1862; hon. LL.D. 
1900) ; M.D., Harvard Univ., 1866 
mem. R. C. P. and S. (Edin.), 1867 
subsequently took further course of 
study in London, Eng., and practised 
successively at Fredericton and To 
ronto, in which latter city he was lec 
turer on principles of surg. in Ont. 
Med. Coll. for Women ; also Presdt. 
Toronto Med. Soc. and Surg. St. John s 
Hospital for Women ; returned to 
Fredericton, 1895, where he has be 
come Chairman of the Sch. Board, 



Presdt. Alumni Assn., Univ. of NB 
and a Senator of that institution ; 
Presdt. Med. Council N.B. ; V.-P Curl 
ing Club, and Presdt Maritime Med. 
Assn. ; has served also as V.-P. Can. 
Med. Assn. ; delivered a notable ad 
dress to Maritime Med. Council on the 
deterioration of the human race, July 
1907; ind. in politics; a Meth. ; m., 
1867, Miss Sarah Wiley, Fredericton. 
Fredericton, N.B. 

Atherton, William Henry, education 


iS. Joseph A., sanitary engr.. lately 
of Gt. Yarmouth, Eng. ; b. Salford. 
Eng., Nov. 15, 1867; e. Stoneyhurst 
Coll.; matriculated, Lond. Univ.. 1886: 
followed 3 yrs. course of scholastic 
phil., later at Stoneyhurst. and 4 yrs. 
course of scholastic divinity at St. 
Bueno s Coll.. St. Asaph, N. Wales; 
Ph.D., Ottawa Univ., 1908 ; prof, 
classics and elocution Stoneyhurst 
and Beaumont Colls., Old Windsor, 
Eng, for 10 yrs. ; prof, lit., St. Albert, 
Alta., Can. ; do. classics, Loyola Coll., 
Montreal ; lit. and phil., Notre Dame 
Coll. Inst, for higher educ. of women, 
in connection "with Laval Univ., 
Montreal ; author " Life of Father 
Damien, the Leper Priest " ; part com 
piler "Hist, of Cath. Church In N. 
Alberta " : contributed to journalism 
fugitive articles and criticisms ; has 
produced for coll. students very many 
important dramas ; also, parts of 
Creek, Latin and French classical 
plays ; V.-P. Dickens Fellowship. 
Montreal : secy. City Improvement 
League, do. ; mang. dir. Cath. Sailors 
Club, do. ; Interested In all social 
questions ; Catholic. Catholic Sailors 
Club, Montreal; Loyola College, 68 
Drummond St., do. 

Atkinson, Christopher J., journalist. 
Father came from Mass, to E. T 
Quebec ; mother, Irish-Can. ; b. South 
Granby, P.Q., Aug. 31, 1859 ; e. pub 
lic schs. and Granby Acad. ; unm. ; 
estbd., published and edited Man 
Liberal (P. la Prairie, Man.), Virden 
Advance (Virden, Man.), and the Re- 
gina Journal, now The Standard (Re- 
gina, Sask.) ; published the first Lib. 
newsipaiper estate, in the N. W. T. ; has 
had a Hfe-long interest in boys; left 
journalism for definite work for boys ; 
estaibd. the Broadview Boys Inst., To 
ronto, 1902; "a unique educational play 
experiment, probably unparalleled in 
America ; the institute is a play place 
rather than a school; it is an original 
adaptation of the process of realizing 
the function of play in relation to edu 
cation " (vide " A Commonwealth of 
Bright Boys," in Globe Mag., Sept. 19, 
1908) ; formerly Chairman Boys 
Dept., T. M. C. A., and Supdt. Boys 
Brigade, Broadview Cong. Ch.. Toron 
to ; a Cong. 875 Broadview Ave., To 

Atkinson, Harvey, lawyer. 

O. c. late Wm. A. ; b. Shediac, N.B., 
Mch. 5, 1853 ; e. Co. Grammar Sch. 
and Mt. Allison Univ. ; barrister, 1 877 ; 
K.C. (N. B.), 1899; Mayor of Monc- 
ton, 1901 ; Law Clk. Transcont. Ry. 

Comn., 1906; holds high rank in 
I. O. Foresters. 59 Rosebery Ave., Ot 
tawa, Ont. 

Atkinson, Joseph E., journalist. 

b. John and -Hannah A. ; ib. New 
castle, Ont., Dec. 23, 1865; e. local 
common and high schs. ; m., Apl., 1892 
Miss Elmina S. Elliott, OakviUe, Ont. 
(a talented lady, known in literary 
and newspaper circles by .her nom- 
de-plume, "Madge Merton"); com 
menced newspaper work on Por! 
Hope Weekly Times, 1884 ; joined To 
ronto Globe, 1889 ; ed. Montreal Daily 
Herald, 1896; ed. and mangr. Toronto 
Daily Star, where he still is, Dec 
1899; is Secy.-Treas. Can. Associated 
Press, and V.-P. Toronto League for 
Prev. of Tubercul. ; a del. Imp. Press 
Conf., London, Eng., 1909. 64 Glen 
Rd., Toronto; National Club; Ontario 
Club, do. 

" Faithful, alert, clear-headed." T 

" Has made the Star one of the best 
evening papers in, the whole of Can, " 
Hon. Wm. Patterson (q.v.). 

Atkinson, It.-Col. Thomas Robert, 

lawyer; legislator. 

S. Thos. and Mary (Ballatine) A. ; 
b. Tp. An caster, Wentworth, Ont., Aug. 
24, 1854; e. local schs; completed 
education at Queen s Univ., Kingston ; 
studied sculpture in early life, and 
established the largest business in that 
line in Western Ont. ; conducted busi 
ness in his own name for 20 yrs., 
when it became a joint stock co., 
known as the Atkinson Marble & 
Granite Co., of which he is Presdt. ; 
when 32 yrs. of age, decided to study 
law, for which he had always an in 
clination; was called to the bar, 1897, 
and has since been in active practice ; 
elected Town Councillor, Sinrooe, 1893 ; 
Mayor, by acclamation, 1895, holding 
the office for 2 yrs ; politically a Lib., 
he unsuccessfully contested South Nor- 
fo-lk in -tha* interest (H. C.), 1900; 
was returned for same constituency 
(Local) at g. e. 1905 (majority 381) ; 
retired, 1908; commissioned an offr. in 
39th Regt.; promoted caipt., 1889, and 
reached the command of the regt., Sept., 
1903 ; at Niagara camp, 1891, lhad the 
best-drilfed co. l n camp; his co., on 
winning the Challenge Cup of the Nor 
folk Rifle A Ssn. (of which he is now 
Presdt.) for target shooting, 3 yrs. in 
succession, presented the trophy to 
him, as a token of their esteem ; R.O., 
1909; a dir. London & Western Trusts 
Co. and of other similar bodies; a past 
D.D.G.IM. in the Masonic order ; a K.T. 
and a Sovereign Prince of the 18th 
degree Scottish Rite ; a Meth. ; m., 
Feb., 1880, Alice, d. H. R. Steele, Slm- 
coe, Ont. Simcoe, Ont. 

" A stranger to failure." T. Globe. 

Atkinson, William Edwin, landscape 


iE. s. W. T., chemist, Manchester, 
Eng., wlho came to Toronto, 1835, and 
Emma A.; b. Toronto, Mch. 22, 1862; 
m., 1899, Miss Laura Davidge, a 
Devonshire lady and artist ; studied 
Toronto Art Sch., Penn. Acad. Pine 



Arts, and Atelier Julien, Paris ; ex 
hibited Paris Salon, 1890-91; painted 
in Holland and Belgium, 1897 ; In Eng. 
1898-01; elected A. R. C. A., 1902 
obtained prize Ont. Soc. Artists, 1903 
became a mem. Can. Art Club, 1907 . 
pictures purchased by Dom. Govt. for 
Ottawa Nat. Gallery, 1910; Can.; Ang. 
S6lf Durie Ave., Toronto. 

" One of our foremost landscape 
painters." T. Globe. 

Atwater, Hon. Albert William, law 
yer; legislator. 

S. hite A. W. and Julia Eliza 
(Brush) A., Montreal; family came 
from Eng. to New Eng., 1650, imme 
diate ancestors having removed to Can. 
subsequent to Am. Revolution ; b. 
Montreal, May 19, 1856 ; e. High Sch. 
and McGill Univ., Montreal (B.A., 
1877 ; B.C.L., with Elizabeth Torrance 
gold medal, 1880) ; unm. ; advocate, 
1881; K.C. (L. Aberdeen), 1896; head 
of firm of A., Duclos, Bond & Meagher ; 
one of the leaders of the Montreal 
bar ; has been engaged in many im 
portant causes, and pleaded before the 
Jl. Comte. P. C. in Eng. ; formerly 
Crown prosecutor, Montreal ; sub 
sequently declined a judgeship ; one 
of the revisers who drafted a new 
charter for Montreal, 1898; a promin 
ent mem. Law and Order League, 
which broke up the Montreal lottery 
scheme, fraught with so much evil to 
the working classes ; ejected to City 
Council, Montreal, 1896; was returned 
by acclamation, same year, to Quebec 
Assembly, where he continued to sit 
till g. e. 1900, when defeated; Provl. 
Treas. in the Flynn Admn., May, 1896, 
to IMay, ;1897 ; later Presdt. St. George s 
Soc., Montreal ; Ang. ; Con. 10S Mac- 
kay St., Montreal; St. James s Club; 
Mt. Royal Club; Canada Club; Club 
Lafontaine ; Montreal Jockey Club, do.; 
Quebec Garrison Club; Rideau Club, 

"A man of marked ability." Late Hon. 
Thos. White. 

Atwater, Almon Byron, Can. ry. ser 

B. Sheffield, Ohio, Nov., 1845 ; en 
tered ry. service, Cleveland & Erie Ry., 
1864 ; since when has been resident 
engr. construction Can. South Ry., 
asst. engr. Port Dover & Lake Huron 
Ry., chief engr. Stratford & Huron Ry., 
supdt. Port Dover & Lake Huron Ry., 
genl. supdt. Georgian Bay & Lake 
Huron div. G. T. R., chief engr. Chi 
cago & G. T. R., supdt. G. T. R. lines 
west Detroit River, asst. genl. supdt. 
Mich. Cent. Ry., and asst. to presdt. 
G.T. lines west Detroit River ; apptd. to 
last named position July, 1902. De 
troit, Mich. 

Auclalr, Rev. Elie Joseph Arthur, 

S. E. J. amdi iManie Caroline (Le- 
clerc) A.; b. Montreal, July 1, 1866; 
e. Montreal Semy., Coll. Ste. Th$rese 
and St. Mary s (Jesuit) Coll., Mont 
real; o., 1891; holds degrees of B.A., 
D.D., and D.C.L., and is Prof. (Agrggg) 
of Philosophy, Laval Univ. ; a talented 
writer, who contributes occasionally to 

La Semaine Religieuse. Archeveche de 

Montreal, P.Q. 

Auden, Henry William, educationist. 

S. Rev. T. A., M.A., F.S.A., Shrews 
bury, Eng. ; b. Wellingborough, Eng., 
1867 ; e. Shrewsbury Sch., Christ s Coll., 
Cambridge (M.A. scholar and prize 
man ; Porteous gold medal for Latin 
prose; Bell Univ. Sch.; 1st class clas 
sical Tripos, part I., 1889 ; 2nd class, 
part II., 1890), and Marburg Univ.; 
became 6th form master and librarian 
Pettes Coll., Edinburgh, 1891 ; and 
principal U. C. Coll., Toronto, 1903 ; 
m., 1896, Constance, d. late Rev. F. W. 
Kittermaster, Meriden, Warwickshire, 
Eng. ; is ed. of various classical edi 
tions for Cambridge Univ. press and 
Macmillans, and general ed. Black- 
wood s classical series; also author 
(in association with A. E. Taylor) of 
"A Minimum of Greek" (1906); 
mem. Classical Soc. of Scot. ; V.-P. 
Old Country Men s Club, Toronto; 
strongly imperialist, and favours the 
introduction of imperial material in 
the Great N.-West of Can. ; in religion 
an Ang., and a del. to Ang. Synod. 
Principal s Residence, U.C. College, To 
ronto; Toronto Club; York Club, do. 

" Has a long record of scholastic tri 
umphs to his name." Canada. 

Audet, Francois Joseph, Dom. public 


S. Frangois and Delphine (Goulet) 
A. ; b. Detroit, Mich., U.S., July 29, 
1867; e. Ottawa and Montreal; m., 
1893, Miss Louise Ellonare Harwood ; 
entered Dom. public service, Archives 
branch, Dept. of State, Feb., 1888, and 
is now one of tlbe assts. to the Dom. Ar 
chivist ; author of various articles on 
hist, subjects in " Bulletin des Re-- 
cherches Historiques," Levis, P.Q., 
and other periodicals, and of the 
following booklets : " Historique des 
Journaux d Ottawa" (1896), " Le 
Clerge Protestant du Bas-Canada de 
1760 a 1800" (Trans. Roy. Soc. Can., 
1901), "La Republique d Indian 
Stream" (do., 1906); "Journalism 
and Journalists of Ottawa" (1907); 
u dir. Inst. Can., Ottawa y R.C. 
SOI Cobourg St., Ottawa. 

Audette, Louis Arthur, Dom. public 


S. Geo. S. and Leocadie Rosalie 
(Marcou) A. ; b. Quebec, Dec. 14, 
1856 ; e. Quebec Semy. and Laval 
Univ. (LL.B, 1880; LL.D., 1909); 
advocate, 1880; K. C., 1908; Deputy 
Frothy., Quebec ; Regr. Exchequer 
Ot., Can., Nov. 8, 1887; Secy. Bd. of 
Arbitration to determine disputed 
matters of account between Provinces 
Ont. and Que., 1893; author "The 
Practice of the Exchequer Court of 
Can." (1895); R. C. ; m., 1888, Mary 
Grace, d. late Chief Justice Sir An 
drew and Elmire C. Aubert (de GaspS) 
Stuart. 161 Daly Ave., Ottawa. 

Audette, Bodolphe, merchant; banker. 
S. late J. A., Clk. P. O. Dept, 
Can., and Flore (Fraser) A.; b. 
Quebec, Aug. 6, 1844; e. there; m,, 
1867, Elise, d. J. Morency; entered em- 



ploy wholesale dry goods house Thibau- 
deau Fr&res & Co., Montreal and Que 
bec, when a young man ; admitted a 
partner therein, on death of Hon. Isi 
dore Thibaudeau, 1893, becoming, ulti 
mately, its controlling spirit ; elected a 
dir. Banque Nationale, 1894, and 
Presdt, 1895; is also a dir. Can. Elec 
tric Light Co., V.-P. Quebec Bridge 
Co., and a steward Quebec Turf Club ; 
one of those instrumental in convert 
ing the Plains of Abraham into a 
national park. 1 Collins St., Quebec; 
Quebec Garrison Club, do. 

Auld, John Allan, legislator and 

S. John and Euiphemia W. (Hay) 
A. ; Scotch descent ; b. Warwick, Co. 
Lambton, Ont., June 22, 1853 ; e. pub. 
sen. and Strathroy Gram. Sen. ; m., 
1877, Anna, y. d. late Jas. Hamilton, 
H. M. Customs, Amherstburg ; is ed. 
and prop. Amherstburg Echo ; mem. 
local sch. bd. ; subsequently, Reeve and 
Warden of Essex ; represented S. Essex 
(Local) in Lib. interest, 1896-1908, 
when defeated ; of late his name is fre 
quently mentioned in connection with 
a senatorship ; favours abolition of co. 
councils. Amherstburg, Ont. 

. " An earnest and forceful speaker." 
T. News. 
Ault, Levi Addison, manufacturer. 

S. Simon Wm. and Caroline 
(Brownell) A.; b. Mille Roches, Ont, 
Nov. 24, 1851 ; e. there and Cornwall 
Grammar Sch.; m., Oct., 1878, Miss 
Ida May Holtzinger, Cincinnati ; a 
manufacturer ; Presdt. Ault & Wiborg 
Co. ; is trustee Cincinnati Law Sch., do. 
Coll. of Music and Art Museum and dir. 
Merchants Nat. Bank ; ex-Presdt. Com 
mercial Club ; Ind. Rep. ; Unitarian. 
Elmhurst East, Walnut Hills, Cin 
cinnati, O.; Queen City Club; Country 

Austin, Bev. Benjamin Fish (Spiri 

S. late B. F. and Mary Ann (Mc- 
Guire) A.; Eng. and Irish descent; b. 
Tp. Brighton, Ont., Sept. 21, 1850; e. 
local grammar sch. and Albert Coll., 
Belleville, Ont., where he also studied 
theol. (B.A., with 1st class honours in 
Oriental lang., 1877; B.D., 1881); 
D.D. (Victoria Univ.), 1896; m., June, 
1881, Miss F. A. Connell, Prescott, 
Ont. ; o. (Meth), 1877, and served on 
various circuits ; Principal Alma Coll., 
St. Thomas, Ont, 1881-97 ; expelled 
from Meth. ministry, principally for 
upholding an alleged fraudulent sys 
tem of Spiritualism, June, 1899 ; 
Presdt. Wm. Smith Coll. for Women, 
Geneva, N.T., 1903 ; since 1906 has 
been pastor Plymouth Spiritual Oh., 
Rochester, N.Y. ; a trustee N. Y. State 
Spiritual Assn. ; is ed. of Reason 
(Rochester, N.Y. ), and lectures fre 
quently on spiritualism ; author or ed. 
" Sermons on Popular Sins," " M. E. 
Pulpit," " Woman : Her Character, Cul 
ture, or Calling," " Rational Memory 
Training," " Glimpses of the Unseen," 
" Gospel to the Poor Versus Pew 
Rents," " Prohibition Leaders of 
America," " What Converted Me to 

Spiritualism," " Conundrums for .tine 
Clergy," "Success and Happiness " ; 
favours strongly public ownership of 
all utilities and of nature s resources. 
10 Arlington St., Rochester, N.Y. 

Austin, E. Benjamin M., banker. 

S. late Dr. A., Inspr.-Genl. Hospi 
tals, Imp. Service ; b. and e. Montreal ; 
for a lengthened period in service E. 
T. Bank ; apptd. mangr., Montreal 
branch, do., 1901 ; Chairman Montreal 
Clearing Ho., 1906. 510 Sherbrooke 
St. W.; St. James s Club; Montreal 
Club, Montreal. 

Avery, Frederick Wells, manufac 

B. N. Y. City, 1852 ; came to Can., 
1878; m., 1st, the d. (d. Jan., 1890) 
Col. Norman Statton, U. S. Army ; 
2ndly, Apl, 1893, Hanna Ottilie, y. d. 
late Jas. Grahame, " Muirdrum," 
Vaughan, Ont. ; a partner in the White- 
Avery, the Read Timber and Lumber, 
the Hull, and the Arundel Lumber 
Cos. ; Presdt. Rideau Club, 1906-7 ; do. 
Perley Home for Incurables, Ottawa ; 
elected V.-P. Can. Lumberman s Assn., 
1909 ; an Ang., and a del. to the Provl. 
Synod. 129 Cooper St., Ottawa; Rideau 
Club; Ottawa Golf Club; Ottawa Hunt 
Club, do. 

Avison, Oliver R., physician. 

S. Simeon and Elizabeth A. ; b. 
Yorkshire, Eng., June 30, 1860 ; e. 
High Sch., Almonte, and Normal Sch., 
Ottawa, Ont.; m., 1885, Margt. J., d. S. 
M. Barnes, Smith s Falls ; grad. from 
Ont. Coll. Pharmacy (gold medal), 
1884 ; studied med. Toronto Med. Sch. 
and Victoria Univ. (M.D.,C.M., 1887) ; 
Prof. Botany Ont Coll. Pharm., 1884 ; 
do. Mat. Med., 1885; Instr. of Micros., 
1886, holding all 3 positions till 1891 ; 
also demon. Mat. Med., Toronto Univ., 
1887-93 ; resigned to go to Korea as a 
med. missy. Am. Foreign Mission Bd. ; 
apptd. charge Royal Korean Hosp., 
Nov., 1893, and became physician, Kor 
ean Royal family, same year ; decor 
ated by Emp. of Kdrea 4th class, order 
Taikeuk, 1907 ; has lectured in Can. on 
Korea and its resources. Seoul, Korea. 

Avonmore, Mabel Sara, The Dowager 

2nd. d. late Rev. Geo. Evans, the 
descendant of a Welsh capt. of horse, 
who served in rrel. in the Rebellion of 
1641, near Kilkenny, of which city he 
was Mayor, 1658-61, and Elizabeth, d. 
of Wm. Murray ; father came to Can., 
1851, and settled near Oakville, Ont., 
where she was b. and e. ; m., Dec., 
1890, Algernon Wm. Yelverton (d 1 . 
Sept., IftlO), 6th Viscount A. "Belle- 
isle," Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, Irel. 

Awde, Robert, public service. 

B. in Eng. ; author " Jubilee, Patri 
otic, and Other Poems" (1887); was 
Supdt. Wesley Meth. S. S., Toronto, 
26 yrs. ; resigned 1901; holds position 
of Food Inspr., Medical Health Dept, 
Toronto. 194 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto. 
Ayer, Albert Azro, merchant. 

S. late G. W. and Mary A., Fre- 
lighsburg, P.Q. ; b. St. Armand East, 
P.Q., Feb. 6, 1845; e. Stanbridge 


Acad. and Fairfax, Vt. ; came to Mont 
real, 1865 ; entd. produce business 
there, 1867 ; now and for many yrs. 
head A. A. Ayer & Co. (Inc. L. P., 
1900) ; believed to be the largest dairy 
produce concern in the world, with re 
presentatives in every important cheese- 
producing centre in Dom., and also in 
every prominent city in Europe ; Coun 
cillor Montreal Bd. of Trade ; a dir. 
Montreal iMining Exchange ; do. Tech. 
Sch. ( Montreal ; has been Presd t. 
Merchants Cotton Co., and of .Butter 
and Cheese Assn. ; elected Presdt. 
Montreal .Produce Merchants Assn., 
1907-8; a Bapt., and formerly Presdt. 
Bapt. Union of Ont. and Que. ; 
for many yrs. Presdt. Grande Ligne 
Mission, and identified with Lord s 
Day Alliance; also Presdt., 1893, 
local comte. organized in connection 
with West Christian Endeavour Con 
vention ; a strong advocate of temp, 
reform; m., 1867, Miss Rebecca Carrie 
Hibbard (now Presdt. Montreal Ladies 
Grande Ligne Assn.) ; their d., Grace, 
was awarded medal, Royial Can. 
Humane Assn., for conspicuous courage 
in saving the life of a boy from drown 
ing, June, 1904. 388 Roslyn Ave., 
Westmount, Montreal; Canada Club, 

" A man of boundless energy." M . 

Aylen, Henry, lawyer. 

S. late Peter A., advocate, and Eliza 
beth CSyni mes) A., Aytaier, P.Q. ; b. 
AyLmer, P.Q., 1858; <e. there, Cornell 
Univ. and Laval Uwiv. (LL.:L., avec 
distinction, 1882); advocate (P. Q.), 
1882; barrister (Ont.), 1902; K.C., 
1899 ; successfully practises his prof, in 
bath provinces ; a Councillor, Hull, 
P.Q., Bar Assn. ; a Presb. ; m., July, 
1893, Desire Elise, o. d. late Sir John 
Bourinot, K.C.M.G. 274 O Connor St., 
Ottawa; Rideau Club, do. 
Ayleswortli, Hon. Sir Allen Bristol, 
lawyer; statesman. 

Belongs to a family (U. E. L. de 
scent) who for several generations 
have been farmers in Co. Addington, 
Ont. ; s. John B. and Catherine (Bris 
tol) A. ; b. Newburgh, Ont, Nov. 27, 
1854 ; e. Newburgh Acad. and Toronto 
Univ. (B. A. and Prince of Wales 
prizeman, 1874; M.A., 1875); barris 
ter, 1878; K.C. (Ont.), 1889; do. 
(Earl of Derby), 1890; bencher Law 
Soc., 1891; re-elected 1906 (vote, 747) ; 
do. ex-offtcio, 1911 ; a Senator Toronto 
Univ. ; was also V.-P. Univ. of Toronto 
Alumni iAssn. ; m., Dec., 1878, Adelaide 
Augusta, d. C. H. Milter, Newburgh ; 
has successfully practised Ms profes 
sion in Toronto, and appeared many 
times before the Jl. Comte. of the P. C., 
Eng. ; represented Provinces before 
that body, July, 1904, re dispute 
touching reduction of rep rose rotation 
in H. C. of old Provinces of Can. 
in consequence of recent census ; a 
mem. Imp. Alaska Boundary Tribunal, 
apptd. Sept., 1903, and, together with 
Sir L. A. Jettfe, the other repre 
sentative of Can. therein, declined to 
sign fihe award, for reasons set 

forth in their minority report ; pre 
sented to King Edward, Oct., 1903 ; a 
mem. Toronto Univ. Comn., 1905 ; 
represented Can. and Gt. Brit, as agent 
before the Hague Tribunal in the Fish 
eries reference, 1910 ; one of the 3 
representatives of Can. at the funeral 
of King Edward, London, May, 1910 ; 
a mem. Interprovl. Conf., Ottawa, do. ; 
deil. with Hon. L. P. Brodeur to Wash 
ington, TJ>.C., with reference to Hague 
Tribunal award, Jan., 1911 ; an unsuc 
cessful candidate in Lib. interest for 
Durham (H. C.), >g. e. 1904 (vote: 
Ward, 3,322; A., 3,173) ; first returned 
to Parlt. for N. York, Nov. 22, 1905 
(vote: A., 2,729; McCallum, 2,235); 
called to P. C. and apptd. Postimaster- 
Oenl., Laurler Cabinet, Oct. 16, 1905 ; 
elected Chairman special comte. H, C., 
Dom. Election .Laws, Men., (1906; has 
been Minr. of Justice since June 4, 
1906 ; announced his retirement ifrom 
politics, Feb., 1911 ; "born a Reformer, 
and has remained one ; a farmer s 
son, and 1 himself worked faithfully on 
a farm till he was 21 ; while a de 
voted Canadian looks forward with hope 
to a closer union with the Motherland, 
making Can. more and more an in 
tegral part .of the Empire ; is opposed 
to the whole pension system to public 
servants and ministers of the Crown ; 
would regard favourably the creation 
of an appellate ct. for the whole Em 
pire, so that Can. would be as much 
of the Empire in this respect as York 
shire or Wales " ; created a K.C.M.G. 
for his services in connection with the 
Hague Tribunal, Jan., 1911; a (Meth. 
and a Freemason ; his s., Alan Feather- 
ston A., B.A., <LL.B., is a mem. of the 
Omt. fear, and; m., Fe)b., 1906, Etbel 
Elizabeth Gladys, grand-d. late Chief 
Justice .Sir G. W. Burton. 192 Daly 
Ave., Ottawa; Rideau Club, do.; To 
ronto Club, Toronto. 

"Ability unquestioned." T. News. 

"A patriot of the right quality." S. 

" An unusually able lawyer and tireless 
worker." M. Star. 

" Possesses a mind marvellously astute." 
Can. Courier. 

Aylesworth, George Ansou, Dom. 

public service. 

Bro. preceding ; b. Newburgh, Ont., 
Jan. 25, 1857 ; e. Newburgh Acad. and 
Toronto Univ., but did not graduate ; 
high sch. teacher, 1883-87; for many 
yrs. Sec.-Treas. Provl. Assn. High 
Sch. Teachers, and, subsequently, a 
mem. Ont. Educ. Assn. ; prominently 
identified with Addington Farmers 
Inst. ; has been Reeve of Newburgh ; 
unsuccessfully contested Co. Addington, 
g. e. (Local), 1902; D.D.G.M. Free 
masons, 1896-7; apptd. Inspr. Employ 
ment Agents, Immigration branch, 
Dept. of Agricul., Ottawa, Jan., 1907 ; 
visited Eng. as one of 30 Can. farmer 
delegates selected by Dom. Govt. in 
the interests of immigration, Apl., 
1907; a Meth.; m., Sept., 1890, Ida 
Louise, e. d. late Robt. Baldwin Hope. 
Newburgh, Ont. 



Aylmer, Hon. Frederick Whitworth, 

civil engineer. 

Third s. 7th Baron A. ; b. Melbourne, 
P.Q., Feb. 4, 1850; e. St. Francis Coll., 
Richmond, P.Q., and Dublin, Irel. ; a 
C. E. ; m., 1899, Emma Meredith, d. R. 
Lang ; a capt. in the militia ; joined 
the second Red River expedition, un 
der Lt.-Col. Osborne Smith, C.M.G. ; 
subsequently took up engineering, and 
had to do, under Rogers, with the dis 
covery of Kicking Horse Pass, B.C. ; 
is also a P. L. S. ; one of the pioneers 
of Kootenay, B.C., where he laid out a 
town site, called Athalmer, at Golden ; 
was Govt. engr. at Golden, and subse 
quently at Winnipeg ; now at Revel- 
stoke, B.C. New Westminster, B.C. 

Aylmer, Hon. Henry, Dom. public ser 

2nd s. 7th Baron A. and Mary A., 
d. Edward Journeaux ; b. Melbourne, 
P.Q., Apl. 25, 1843 ; e. High Sch., 
Mknvbreai, and Royal Naval Coll.. 
Portsmouth, Eng. ; m., Oct., 1871, 
Louisa Blanche Fannie, e. d. late H. A. 
Howe, LL.D., Montreal ; served in Can. 
militia during Fenian Raid (med.) 
lieut. Royal Marine Arty, for 12 yrs. 
advocate, 1882 ; successfully practised 
as such at Melbourne for many yrs. 
joint pro#hy. Dist. of St. Francis, 1898 
sheriff, do., 1900 ; supdt. training camp, 
Petewawa,, where he still is, 1909 ; or 
ganized Richmond Field Batty., 1876, 
and held command of same till Nov., 
1887, when he retired With rank of lt- 
col. ; commanded C an. Wimbledon rifle 
team, 1877 ; reed, long-service decora 
tion, 1902 ; was Presdt. local branch 
Soc. for Prev. C. to A., and a trustee 
Bishop s Coll., Lennoxville, and of 
King s Hall, Compton ; sat for Rich 
mond and Wolfe (H. C.), Lib. interest, 
1874-78; inventor (with Mr. Ewing) of 
a life-preserving automatic belt, 1902 ; 
an Ang., and a del. to Synod. Military 
Camp, Petewawa, Ont.; Melbourne, 

Aylmer, John Athalmer, civil engineer. 
S. late Hon. Hy. A., bro. of the 7th 
Baron A., and his wife, Eliza, d. late 
Jas. Atkins, Cork, Irel. ; b. Aug. 28, 
1847 ; e. St. Francis Coll., Richmond, 

P.Q. ; m., 1883, Mary Christine, d. late 
Judge Pringle, Cornwall, Ont. ; a 
prominent engr. and contractor ; a 
charter mem. Can. Soc. C. E., 1887; 
aided in deepening Lachine Canal, in 
building the Soulanges Canal, and in 
completing Perth Canal ; dir. Dom. 
Eng. & Construction Co. Peterboro, 
Ont.; Albany Club, Toronto. 

Aylmer, Major-General the Rig-lit 
Hon. Sir Matthew A., 8th Baron. 

S. Udolphus (7th Baron) A. and Mary, 
d. Edward Journeaux ; b. Melbourne, 
P.Q., Mch. 28, 1842 ; e. High Sch., 
Montreal, St. Francis Coll., Richmond, 
and Trin. Coll., Dublin; m., Oct., 1875, 
Amy Gertrude, 2nd d. late Hon. John 
Young, Montreal, a distinguished Can. 
public man ; ensign H. M. s 7th Royal 
Fusiliers, 1864 ; lieut., 1868 ; served with 
regt. in Mediterranean, Can. and Eng., 
taking part in defence of Can. fron 
tier during Fenian Raids, 1866-1870 
(mied. with 2 Clasps and genl. service 
med..) ; entering Can. mil. . service, 
was apptd. actg. adjt. 54th Batt., com 
manded by his father, 1870; dist. pay 
master 5th Dist. permt. staff, 1871; 
brig.-maj., 5th Dist., 1874 ; do., 1st 
Dist. (London, Ont), 1881; transfd. 
to headquarters (Ottawa) as asst. 
adjt.-genl., and commdg. 4th Dist, 
1893, on retirement of Col. W. Powell 
(q.v.), with rank of col., Jan., 1896; 
in command of Can. contingent sent 
to Eng., Queen s Diamond Jubilee, 
June, 1897, on which occasion he was 
second in command of all col. forces 
and chief of staff ; Presdt. Medals 
Claim Bd., 1901; elected Presdt City 
of Quebec Assn., Ottawa (organized 
in connection with the Teroent. cele 
bration of Quebec, 1908), 1908; hon. 
col. llth Hussars, Jan., 1903 ; inspr.- 
genl., Nov. 1, 1904 ; maj.-genl., Apl., 
1907; retired, June, 1907; succeeded 
father, as 8th Baron, 1901 ; is Presdt. 
Kootenay Gold Mines, Ltd. ; an Ang. ; 
a Lib. Queens Bay, Kootenay, B.C.; 
St. James s Club, Montreal; United 
Empire Club, London, Eng. 

" A man of unfailing tact." T. Globe. 

" A thorough soldier, who spares no 
effort to promote the efficiency of the 
Canadian militia." T. World. 


"B., T. B." (see Browning, T. B.). 
Babin, Bear Admiral Hosea John, 

U.S. naval service. 
B. Can., Dec. 15, 1842; apptd. acting 
asst. surg., U.S. Navy, 1865 ; asst. 
surg., 1865; surg., 1876; med. inspr., 
1894; med. dir., 1898; retired, 1904; 
in recognition of services rendered dur 
ing Am. Civil War reed, rank of rear- 
admiral ; mem. Bd. of Inspection and 
Survey, 1894 ; presdt. Med. Examg. Bd., 
N.Y., 1897-8; in charge N.Y. Naval 
Hosp., 1900-4. Care C. A. Betts, 126 
Broadway, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Bach, Rudolph, journalist. 

B. Magdeburg, Prussia, Saxony, 
July 20, 1851; e. High Sch. there; 
commenced commercial career, London, 
Eng., remaining there, 1871-75 ; entd. 

journalism, Montreal, 1891, as Can. cor 
respondent leading German papers in 
Germany and U. S., his specialty being 
descriptions of Can. and her varied 
resources ; is thoroughly well ac 
quainted with the country from end 
to enxl, from personal observation ; 
apptd. chief ed. Der Nordwesten (Win 
nipeg), the largest and most exten 
sively circulated German paper exist 
ing in Can., 1905. Winnipeg. 

Bachand, Leonide Charles, physician. 
S. late J. C. B., N.P., Regr. Co. Ba- 
got, P.Q. ; b. St. Pie, P.Q., Oct. 6, 
1854; e. Coll. St. Hyacinthe ; M.D. 
(Victoria Coll., Cobourg), 1869; m.. 
1878, Marie Agnes Georgine, d. late 
H. O. Camirand, Sherbrooke, P.Q. ; 
practised his prof, at Coaticook, where 



he was Mayor, Presdt. Bd. of Trade, 
Chairman Sch. Commrs., etc. ; also ed. 
and co.-prop. L Etoile de I Est; re 
moved to Sherbrooke, 1899 ; elected 
Mayor there, 1908; apptd. Coroner 
Dist. of St. Francis ; formerly a Lib. ; 
a R. C. Sherbrooke, P.Q. 
Backus, Frederick I ., Can. ry. service 
B. June, 1860 ; entd. ry. service a* 
elk. Merchants Despatch Transporta 
tion Co., N. Y., 1874, and, after filling 
many positions on other roads, be 
came Can. agent Blue Line and Can 
Southern Ry., Toronto, 1886; in Dec., 
1897, was apptd. to his present posi 
tion genl. freight and passenger agent 
Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Ry. 
Hamilton, Out. 

Badg-erow, George Washing-ton, physi 

O. s. Abram H. B., Toronto; b. 
there e U. C. Coll. ; matriculated in 
arts Toronto Univ.; M.B. (do.), 1894; 
mem. Coll. P. and S. Ont., 1895; L.R 
CP. (Lond.), 1893; M.R.C.S. (Bng.), 
1903 for some yrs. senior house surg. 
Nose and Throat Hospital, Golden 
Square, London, Bng. ; returned to To 
ronto, 1905 ; re-apptd. to former posi 
tion, 1909 ; Ang. ; m.. Oct., 1907, Maud, 
d. Herbert Oxley, barrister, 3 Hans 
Crescent, Belgravia, London, Eng. 
London, Eng. 

Badgley, Louis Clark, Am. ry. service. 
S. Benj. and Sarah Jane B. ; b. 
Brighton, Ont., July 7, 1832; e. there; 
m. Miss Katherine E. Bunn, Williams- 
burg, Kansas, U.S.; entd. service Chi 
cago, St. Paul, Minn. & Omaha Ry., 
1881, since when he has been in the 
service of the Northern Pacific, the 
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe and the 
Toluca, Marquette & Northern Rys. ; 
apptd Supdt. on last-named road, his 
present position, Mch., 1901. Toluca, 
Badgley, Sidney Rose, architect. 

S. Wm. Edwin B. and his 2nd wife, 
Nancy (Rose) B. ; b. Ernestown, Ont., 
May 28, 1850; e. common schs. and 
old Grantham Acad., St. Catharines, 
Ont. ; studied architecture at Toronto ; 
practised at St. Catharines, 1876-87; 
removed to Cleveland, O., his present 
home, 1887 ; has made a specialty of 
churches and public buildings, and is 
an acknowledged expert in acoustics 
and ventilation ; his buildings are in 
almost every province of Can. and 
nearly every state of the Union, and 
some in foreign lands; in 1896 pub 
lished " An Architectural Souvenir," 
containing illustrations from 20 yrs. 
work, in which his conscientious de 
votion to every problem presented in 
his profession is set forth in the fol 
lowing sentiment : " Not all conditions 
are favourable to best results, but all 
are deserving of best efforts," a 
truism applicable to all walks of life, 
and which leading educationists have 
said would live longer than any build- 
Ing created by its author ; has pub 
lished also a book of modern churches, 
and taken an active part in corre 
spondence and editorial work along 
the line of arch, and moral subjects ; 

an active, working Meth. ; has devoted 
yrs. to work with children, in which 
field his " Chalk Talks with Children " 
are interesting and instructive ; has 
travelled extensively in Europe ; is 
V.-P. Equity Savings & Loan Co, ; m., 
1st, 1872, Alma A. (d. 1874), d. J. M. 
Clark, Odessa, Ont. ; 2>ndly, 1876, Char 
lotte J., d. Jas. GuMeland, St. Cath 
arines, Ont. 6110 Euclid Ave., Cleve 
land, O.; " Springbank," Wickliffe, O. 
"A living exponent of Canadian pluck, 
energy and. genius." Can. Am. 
Badgrley, Col. William Francis, late 

Bengal Staff Corps. 
S. late Hon. Mr. Justice B. and 
Eliza (Taylor) B., Montreal ; b. there, 
Nov. 10, 1837 ; e. there and at Wool 
wich, Eng. ; entd. H. E. I. C. service, 
as ensign, Bengal staff corps, Apl. 4, 
1857, and attained rank of col., Apl., 
1887 ; retired on a pension Apl. 4, 
1889 ; served during Indian Mutiny, 
1857-8; in Oude mil. police, employed 
in patrolling Nepal frontier to inter 
cept Nana Sahib, and in recruiting, 
1858; adjt. 18th Punjab Infy., 1859-63; 
employed on survey of India, 1863-8S; 
went through Lashai campaign, 1870- 
71, and was subsequently on active 
service eastern frontier, India; wound 
ed 4 times (mutiny and frontier 
meds.) ; author of a pamphlet on 
" Dew " ; a felilow Royal Geog. and of 
Royal Meteor. Societies ; Ang. ; m. 
Frances Marion, d. Sir Jas. Mansfield, 
K.C.B. Mansfield, Exmouth, Eng. 
Bagley, Capt. Frederick A., Can. mil. 


Apptd. capt. and adjt. 15th Light 
Horse, Calgary, Aug., 1905 ; previously 
in regular service ; accompanied, as 
conductor, the band of the regt. to the 
United Kingdom, 1905. Calgary, Alta. 
Bailey, Loring- Woart, educationist. 

S. late Jacob W. B., Prof. Mil. Acad., 
West Point, N.Y., and Maria (Slaugh 
ter) B., Ou lpoper, Va. ; b. West Fount, 
Sept. 28, 1839 ; e. St. James s Coll., 
Md , Univ. Grammar Sch., Providence, 
R.I., Brown Univ., Harvard Univ. (B.A., 
1859; M.A., 1861), N. B. Univ. (Ph.D., 
hon 1873), and Dal housie Univ. 
(LL.D., 1896) ; for a short itime tutor 
in dhemis., Harvard ; prof, of chemis. 
and najt s.c ien., Univ. N. B., 1861-1900, 
and prof, biology and geol., 1900-2; 
retired on a ipension from univ. ami 
from Andrew Carnegie trust fund, 
1907 ; a charter fellow Royal Soc. Can., 
1882, and a miem. of many other 
learned bodies in U. iS. and Can. ; 
author of a text-book on nat. hist, and 
of numerous scientific papers ; apptd. 
Presdt. iSummer iScti. of Science for the 
Atlantic Provinces of Can., 1909 ; m., 
Aug., 1863, Lauresitiine [Marie, o. c. 
Joseph Marshal de Brett Marechal, 
Baron d Avray, Chevalier de St. Louis. 
Fredericton, N.B. 

" A c-arefjil and systematic worker and 
ripe scholar." M. Herald. 
Baillie, Frank W., stock broker. 

B. Toronto, Aug., 1875 ; e. Coll. Inst, 
Owen Sound; entd. service, Central 
Can. Loan & Savings Co., Toronto. 
1889, becoming, later, Acct. and Secy. 



and finally Asst. Mangr ; Genl. Mangr. 
Metropolitan Bank, on its organization 
(being the youngest man ever chosen 
as a bank mangr. in Can.), Sept., 
1902 ; resigned, July, 1903 ; mem. To 
ronto Stock Exchange and of firm 
Baillie, Wood & Croft., stocks and 
bonds, July, 1903 ; a dir. Grace Hos 
pital, Wycliffe Coll., and Queen City 
Curling Club ; Ang. ; elected Presdt. 
Can. Steel Co., 1910. 11,6 Crescent Rd., 
Toronto; National Club; Toronto Club, 

" Active, capable, courageous and yet 
conservative." I. World. 

Bain, James, Can. ry. service. 

B. and e. Stellarton, N.S. ; for some 
yrs. in service Interool. Ry. ; later in 
that of Direct Cable Co., Torbay, and 
of Halifax & Cape Breton Ry. ; subse 
quently joined staff Missouri Pacific 
Ry., St. Louis ; returning to Can., was 
Supdt. Quebec & Lake St. John Ry., 
.1887-1907, -when apptd. Supdt. Halifax 
& Southwestern Ry. ; on leaving Que 
bec for Halifax, was presented by the 
employees of the Quebec & Lake St. 
John road with a handsome testimon 
ial. Halifax, N.S. 

" Courteous, thorough and well-in 
formed." H. Herald. 

Bain, John, business man. 

S. Robt. B., formerly of Paisley, 
Scot., latterly of Paris, Ont. ; b. Pais 
ley, June 8, 1869 ; e. there ; m. Maude, 
d. P. Buckley, Paris, Ont. ; became 
asst. cashier Walkinshaw Oil, Coal & 
Mining Co. ; came to Can., with par 
ents, 1888, becoming engd. in law and 
newspaper work ; an expert shorthand 
writer, with N. Y. law cts. ; private 
secy. fMinr. Customs (Mr. Paterson, 
q.v.), 1896; accompanied iMimr. toEng., 
1902, doing most of the secretarial 
work there connected with trade ques 
tions discussed at Col. Conif. ; services 
also utilized in connection with trade 
negotiations with French Govt. ait 
Paris ; Asst. Commr. Customs, Can., 
and Secy. Tariff Comn., July, 1903 ; re 
signed, Feb., 1907 ; apptd. Imp. trade 
correspondent for Ottawa and dist. for 
Brit. Bd. of Trade, 1909 ; since associ 
ated in business enterprises with Hon. 
C. iSiftoni (q.v.), and is also genl. 
mangr. Intern. Marine Signal Co. 
167 James St., Ottawa; Laurentian 
Club, do.; Ontario Club, Toronto. 

" Endowed with a genius for figures 
T. Globe. 

Bain, John Alexander, manufacturer. 
S. John and Isabella (Robb) B., 
both natives of Scot. ; b. Woodstock 
Ont., Sept. 23, 1852 , e. there ; a wagon- 
maker, and V.-P. since 1901 of the 
Bain Wagon Co., an immense concern, 
founded in 1881, and whose wagons 
and ambulances are to be found in all 
parts of the world ; formerly an Aid. ; 
now V.-P. Woodstock Bd. of Trade 
and Chairman Woodstock Water and 
Light Comn. ; a Presb. ; a Lib. ; m., 
1883, Esther, d. Wm. Kale, Rock Is 
land, 111. Woodstock, Ont. 

Bain, Hon. Thomas, public man. 

S. late Walter and Jane (Reid) B., 
who emigrated to Ont. from Denny, 
Stirlingshire, Scot., 1837 ; b. Denny, 
Dec. 14, 1834; e. Can. public sens. ; 
m., June, 1874, Helen, 2nd d. John 
Weir, W. Flamboro , Ont. ; formerly 
engaged in farming ; elected Reeve W. 
Flamboro ; Warden Wentworth, 1870 ; 
sat for N. Wentworth (H. C.), Lib. 
interest, 1872-1900, when he retired 
from public life ; Speaker H. C., suc 
ceeding the late Sir J. D. Edgar in 
that office, 1&99-1900 ; declined appt. 
to Temiskamiinig Ry. Comn., 1902 ; a 
Presto. Dundas, Ont. 

" Independent, able and impartial." 
Rt. Hon. Sir C. Tupper (q.v.). 

Baiubridg-e, Miss Helena, educationist. 
Apptd. Dean of the Sch. of House 
hold Science and Asst. Prof, of House 
hold Science, Macdonald Coll., Ste. 
Anne de Bellevue, P.Q. Macdonald 
College, P.Q. 

Baines, Allan Mackenzie, physician. 

S. late Thos. B., Toronto, a mem. 
old Shropshire family ; b. Toronto, May 
12, 1853; e. Barren s Sch., Cobourg ; 
U. C. Coll., Toronto Univ. (M.B., 
1878; M.D,,C.M. t 1884), amd Trinity 
Uniiv. (do., 1878) ; studied for 4 yrs. 
in Eng., and travelled extensively ; 
L.R.iC.P. (Bnig.) ; returned, to Can. 
1882 ; became physician Infants Home 
and Home for Incurables ; also exanrr. 
in toxicol. and jurisprudence Trin. 
Univ.; an Ang.; m., July, 1890, Ella, 
o. d. late G. Kempenifeldt Troughton, 
Topsham, Devonslhire, Eng. ; a Con. 
228 Bloor St. W., Toronto; Toronto 
Club; York Club, do. 

Baird, Rev. Andrew Browning 1 
(.Presb.), educationist. 

E. s. Chas. and Agnes (Browning) 
B. ; b. Motherwell, Ont, Oct. 6, 1855 ; 
e. U. C. Coll. and Toronto Univ. (B.A., 
1877; (MiA., 1880; post-grad, course 
at Leipzig Univ. ; studied theol. at 
Edinburgh Univ. (Ph.D.) o. 1881 ; pas- 
tior Edmonton, Alita., 1881-87; there 
after lecturer Man. Coll. and first pas 
tor Augustine Ch., Winnipeg, 1887-92; 
prof, logic and pol. econ. and classics, 
as well as prof, apolog., ch. hist, and 
Hebrew lang., Man. Coll., 1892 ; a 
Senator and Treas. Man. Univ., 1908 ; 
elected Presdt. Hist, and Scien. Soc. 
Man., 1893 ; formerly a mem. Bd. of 
Educ. N. W. T. ; has written on the In 
dian question; D.D., hon. (Knox Coll.), 
1903; m., 1887, Miss P. C. Cook, Gait, 
Ont. Winnipeg. 

"A man otf singular straightforwairdness 
of character and of exceptional samity of 
judgment." T. Globe. 

Baird, Rev. Francis (Presb.), littera 

S. Saml. and Elizabeth (Snodgrass) 
B. ; b. Chipman, N.B.. Jan. 8, 1870 ; e. 
Normal Sch., Univ. of N. B. (B.A., 
1895), Dalhousie Univ. (M.A., 1899), 
and New Coll., Edinburgh ; o. 1901, 
minr. at Sussex, N.B., 1901-11 ; since 
then has been pastor at Woodstock, 
N.B. ; specialized in Eng. at Coll. ; 
has contributed stories to Youth s Com- 



vanion, Boston Globe, New Enff. Mag., 
Can Mag., Westminster, and many 
other Am. and Can. publications; has 
written two serials for Bast and 1 7et, 
Toronto, the most ambitious of which. 
"Roger Davis, Loyalist," will appear 
shortly in book form in Edinburgh; 
at present is studying the Loyalist 
movement, for use in fiction, and is 
preparing a more mature story or this 
nature for Can. press; has never 
voted and holds no political record; 
favours the more conservative ad 
vanced sch. of theol.;m., Jan., 1902, 
Sara Hamilton, M.A., 2nd d. S. H. Mc- 
Kee Fraderiaton, N.B. Woodstock, 

" One of the brightest of our younger 
Canadian writers." Westminster. 
Baird, Hon. George Thomas, mer 
chant; legislator. 
Scotch descent; s. Geo. B. ; b. An- 
dover, N.B., Nov. 3, 1847 ; e. Carleton 
Co. Grammar Sch. ; m., Nov., 1879, 
Ida Jane., d. Capt. D. W. Sadler, St. 
John, N.B. ; for some yrs. a sch. teach 
er ; since 1874 in lumber business; 
now mang. dir. George T B. & Co. ; 
formerly Postmaster at Perth, N.B . , 
a Con. ; sat for Victoria (Local), 1884- 
91, when called to the Leg. Council ; 
on the abolition of that body, 1892, 
was again returned to Assembly; 
called to the Senate by Lord Aber 
deen, June 19, 1895; an Orangeman; 
an Ang. Perth Centre, N.B. 
Baird, Hugh Nichol, grain merchant. 
Scottish ancestry ; s. late Chas. J. B., 
Montreal ; b. and e. there ; Presdt., To 
ronto Bd. of Trade, 1892 ; afterwards 
a Councillor do. ; a dir. G- N. W. Tel. 
Co. Western Assur. Co., and Imp. Life 
Bd by Dom>. Govt, 1904 ; m. Amelia 
(d Oct., 1906), d. W. Oapron, Paris, 
Onit. ; Cong. 80 Grosvenor St., To 
ronto; National Club, do. 

(D. Toronto, Nov. 17, 1910.) 
Baird, Hugh Northcote, merchant. 

Family from Argyllshire, Scot. ; s. 
late John B., Montreal; b. there July 
23 1877; e. there; m., Jan., 1904, Lily 
Edith, 2nd d. John Pinder, Montreal; 
for many yrs. engaged in the gram 
exporting business ; removed to Win 
nipeg, 1901, as mangr. for Richardson 
& Co. ; now and for some yrs. mangr. 
the Harris, Scotten Co. ; a Councillor 
Winnipeg Grain Exchange; a Lib. ; a 
Presb. Winnipeg; Manitoba Club, do. 
Baird, John Wallace, educationist. 

Fourth s. Chas. and Agnes (Brown 
ing) B ; b. Motherwell, Co. Perth, Ont. ; 
e. St. Mary s Coll. Inst. ; taught m 
pub. schs. Ont. 3 yrs., then studied 
at the Univs. Toronto (B.A., 
and Leipzig; fellow in phil. Univ. 
Wisconsin ; fellow and subsequently 
asst. in psych. Cornell Univ. (Ph.D., 
1902) ; research-fellow in psych, under 
Carnegie foundation ; instr. in psych. 
Univ. Virginia; instr. in psych. Johns 
Hopkins Univ., 1904-6; prof, psych, 
and dir psych, labor., Univ. Illinois 
(positions he now fills), 1906 ; a fellow 
Amer. Assn. for the Advanc. of 
Science; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma 
Xi mem. Southern Soc. for Phil, and 

Psych. ; mem. Am. Psych. Assn. ; co 
operating ed. Psych. Bulletin; author 
of articles and reviews in various 
psych. and phil. periodicals. 901 
South Busey Ave., Urbana, III; Uni 
versity Club, do. 

Bakeman, Mrs. Caroline, Bapt. mis 

D late J. Hanford Read, Port Elgin, 
NB b. there; e. Wellesley Coll., 
Mass; studied also at Northfield 
Semy.; m., July, 1906, Rev. Perciyal 
R. Bakeman, Chelsea, Mass. ; left for 
China under auspices Bapt. Mission. 
Union. Sept., 1906. Chow Chung, 
Baker, Albert Livingston, Can. ry. 


B. Tillsonburg, Ont., Aug. 6, 1872 
e there; entd. service Mich. Centra; 
Ry , Nov., 1887, and, after filling vari 
ous responsible positions on that road, 
was apptd. genl. freight and pass, 
agent, Tillsonburg, Lake Erie & Pacific 
Ry., 1898. Tillsonburg, Ont. 
Baker, Alfred, educationist. 

Yorkshire parentage ; s. late John 
B b Toronto ; e. Toronto Grammar 
Sch. and Toronto Univ (B/A. and 
gold med. in math., 1869; M.A., 1878) ; 
successively principal Vienna Perth, 
and Oshawa High iSchs., 1869-72 ; math 
master U. C. Coll., 1872; ma*, tutor 
Univ. Coll., Toronto, 1875 ; Regr. do., 
1876; do. Toronto Univ., 1881; 
signed former office, 1884, and 
latter 1887 ; Deian of Residence, Unnv 
Coll 1884-92 ; prof, of math, (wh icr. 
position he still retains), 1887 ; was 
Presdt. Univ. Coll. Lit. and bcien. 
Soc.. 1877-8; gazetted lieut. Queens 
Own Rifles, 1876, becoming capt., 18 <s, 
and retiring with that rank 
elected by graduates a Senator ol 
Toronto Univ., 1887, and has been re- 
elected at each succeeding Senatorial 
election; Presdt. Ont. Educ. Assn.. 
1895-6; apptd. mem. Ont. Educ. Coun 
cil 1896 (still retains) ; elected mem. 
Am. Math. Soc., 1891, and during 
1896-9 was a mem. of the Council or 
that body; elected mem of Soc. Math, 
de France, 1896; elected F R. S. C., 
1899; Presdt. Sec. III., do., 1905; has 
edited works on trigonom., statics, and 
dynamics; published two works on 
eeomet., 1903-4, and has contributed 
papers on quaternions and on geomet 
of position to the Proc. of the Royal 
Soc of Can. ; an ardent advocate of 
Imp unity, and a mem. Extve. Oomrte. 
Brit. Emp. League in Can. ; m., June 
1894, Norah Kathleen, 2nd d John 
McCormack. Wilmette, 111., U.S. - 
Madison Ave., Toronto; summei : 
" Ishkauqua," Lake Rosseau, Ont., 
Canadian Military Institute; 
Club, Toronto. 

" One of the most highlythought-of men 
in Toronto University." M. and &. 

" Unexcelled .as ami after dinner speaker. 
The late Dr. Hannay. 
Baker, Edward Crow, accountant 

Third s. E. W. W. B., Liscard Park, 
Cheshire, Eng., formerly an offr. R. N. . ; 
b., Lambeth, Surrey, Eng., Sept. 16, 


1845 ; e. Royal Hospital Sch., Green 
wich ; entd. R. N., Sept., 1860, and 
was subsequently navlg, lieut., H. M. S. 
Niobe ; retired, 1878; for some yrs. an 
accountant B. C. Treasury ; formerly 
Secy. Bd. Pilot Commrs., Supdt. of 
Pilots, Victoria, and Secy. B. C. Bd. of 
Trade ; Grand Secy. B. C. Freemasons, 
and a dir. Royal Jubilee Hospital ; a 
Con., and sat for Victoria (H. C.), 
1882-89 ; m., 1st, Men., 1869, Frances 
Mary (d.), e. d. Capt. Richard Jones, 
Halifax, N.S. ; 2ndly, June, 1896, 
Marion Henrietta, 3rd d. late J. G. 
Clapham, M.P., Quebec. Victoria, B.C. 

Baker, Bev. Edward Norcliffe 


S. Chas. A. B. ; b. Oakvllle, Ont. ; e. 
Albert Coll., Belleville, and Victoria 
Univ., Toronto (B.A., Prince of Wales 
gold med. and gold med. in phil., 1879 ; 
M.A., 1882) ; studied theol. at last- 
named institution (B.D., 1887; D.D., 
1905); entd. ministry, 1872; has held 
pastorates at Wellington, Napanee, 
Port Hope, Belleville, Chatham, Strat 
ford and Cobourg ; called to Broad 
way Tabernacle, Toronto, 1902; reed 
call to Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Mch... 
1911; a mem. ,Bd. of Regents, Victoria 
Univ.; Secy, of B. Q. Conf., 1892; a 
del. to Genl. Conf., 1894, 1898, 1902; 
politically, Ind. ; m., 1881, Miss (Meek, 
Alton, Ont. (d.) ; 2ndly, Mch., 1904, 
Jennie (late preceptress Alma Coll., St. 
Thomas, Ont.), d. Danl. Axford, Pin- 
gal, Ont. Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 

" Famed as a pulpit orator." T. World 
Baker, Miss Emma Sophia, educa 

D. Chas. A. B., and a sister Rev. Dr. 
B. N. B. (q.v.) ; b. Milton, Ont. ; gradu 
ated Victoria Univ. (B.A., 1899) ; To 
ronto Univ. (Ph.D., 1903, the first 
woman to take that degree at that 
Univ.) ; had previously spent a year 
at the Univ. of Paris, making a spe 
cialty of French ; subsequently spent a 
year at Newnham Coll., Cambridge ; 
was successively preceptress at Alex 
andra Coll., Belleville, Ont., and Dick 
inson Semy., Williamsportj Penn., and 
for 6 yrs. lady principal Presb. Ladies 
Coll., Toronto ; apptd. vice-principal 
Mt. Allison Ladies Coll., Sackville, 
N.B., 1901. Sackville, N.B. 

",A thorough and efficient teachar." 
St. John Telegraph. 
Baker, Pranois Spence, architect. 

S. Francis and Sarah (Spence) B. ; 
Irish descent ; b. Co. Halton, Ont., Aug. 
21, 1867; e. Hamilton Coll. Inst. ; m. 
Florence Mary, d. Geo. Kenrick, Lon 
don, Eng. ; studied for his prof, with 
Kennedy, Gavillar & Holland, Toronto, 
ami was subsequently associated with 
Knox and Elliott, Toronto, J. C. Cody 
& Co., N.Y., and Thos. E. Colcutt, 
P.R.I. B.A., London, Eng. ; elected an 
Asso. Royal Inst. Brit. Arehts., 1892 ; a 
Fellow, do., 1901 ; hon. secy, for Can., 
do., 1906 ; V.-P. Royal Inst. Can. 
Architects, 1908 ; Presdt. do., 1909-10 ; 
a mem. Ont. Assn. Arehts., 1892 ; like 
wise on Advis. Bd., Toronto Guild of 
Civic Art ; began practice in Toronto, 
1892 ; has acted as archt. of many pub 

lic and commercial bdgs., notably the 
North Brit, and Mercantile Ins. Co. 
Bdg., the JarMeson Bdg., the Bradshaw 
Bdg., ithe Jarvis St. Coll. Inst., the 
Manfrs. Bdig. at Toronto Indust. Exhn., 
the Alexandra Aipartmenit Bdg., Toronto 
Elect. Light Co. Bdg., Nordheimer 
Bdg., Huyler s Bdg., the Christie- 
Brown Co. Bdg., the Genl. Hosp. 
Guelph ; the Royal Viet. Hosp., Barrle ; 
the Coll. Inst., Bowmanville ; St. Al- 
ban s Ch., Glenwilliams ; Knox Ch., 
Brantford ; Presb. Chs., Bradford and 
Huntsville, and others ; also the Trad 
ers Bank of Can. Head Office Bdg., 
Toronto s first sky - scraper, and 
branches at Bloor and Tonge Sts. and 
Avenue Rd. ; Winnipeg, Guelph, West 
Selkirk, etc., besides a large number of 
residences ; in a letter to Sir Wilfrid 
Laurier, Apl., 1910, strongly condemned 
the plans for the new Departmental 
Buildings, Major s Hill Park, Ottawa, 
on behalf of his prof, in Can., on the 
ground of their being " a travesty on 
good architecture " ; a Con. ; an Ang. ; 
a Forester and a Freemason. 185 Bal 
moral Ave., Toronto; Rosedale Golf 
Club, do. 

Baker, George William, lawyer; 

Provl. public service. 
S. late Godfrey Phipps B., Postmas 
ter, Ottawa, and his first wife, Eliza 
beth Julia, d. Col. Clements, R. C. 
Rifles; b. Ottawa, Aug. 4, 1854; e. 
Ottawa Classical and Com. Sch., Ont. 
Coll., Picton, and Ottawa Grammar 
Sch.; barrister (Ont.), 1881; do. 
(Man.), 1882; Ajld., Winnipeg, 1888-89 
and 1898; Police iMagte., Winnipeg, 
1901-03 ; author of tlhe introduction at 
the Judicature Act into Man. ; is P. 
Grand Junior Warden of Freemasons. 
Man. ; first Commodore Lake of the 
Woods Yacht Club ; an Ang., an*} a del. 
to the iSynod ; m., 1st, 1884, Jeannie 
H. (d. Apl., 1895), d. E. G. Eastman, 
Hallowell, iMe., U. S. Consul to Cork 
and Glasgow; 2ndly, Sept., 1906, Annie 
(d. July, 1908), d. Wm. Grime, GVen- 
wood, Harrogate, Eng. Winnipeg; 
Manitoba Club; St. Charles Country 
Club, do. 

Baker, Bev. Gordon Harring-ton 

S. Reuben Jacob and Ada (Hubley) 
B. ; b. Tancook Isd., N.S., Mch. 20, 
1878; e. Acadia Univ. (B.A. and gold 
med. in oratory, 1904) ; and Rochester 
Theol. Semy. (B.D., 1907) ; m., Sept., 
1900, Miss Louise Hayden Harlow, 
Sable River, N.S. ; o. 1905; pastor Ga- 
barouse and Forchue, C.B. ; do., Pt. 
St. Charles Bapt. Ch., Montreal, May, 
1907 ; resigned to take up duties in the 
Annex, 1909 ; a mem. Bd. of Mangrs. 
Intern. Bapt. Y. People s Union of 
Am. ; Presdt. Montreal Bapt. Y. Peo 
ple s Union and V.-P. Ont and Quebec 
Bapt. Y. People s Union. 208 Ash Ave., 

Baker, Hug-h Cossart, company offi 

Eng. origin ; o. s. Hugh C. B., F.I.A., 
founder Can. Life Assur. Co., who was 
presdt., mangr. and actuary thereof, 
and held first policy in the Co. ; grands. 



Capt. Geo. W. B., R.A., who settled 
in Ottawa and was first postmaster of 
that city; b. Hamilton, Ont., 1847 ; e. 
private schs. ; m., 1st, Oct., 1869, Marion 
M (d ) y <J- late Edward IMathews, 
London, Ont. ; 2ndly, Feb., 1899, Con 
stance Charlotte Mary, y. d. late C. I 
A Marbgraf, M.A., Montreal ; passed 
Royal Mil. Sch. when 18, and was 
junior en-sign 13th Regt. at Rid geway 
1866 (med.) ; afterwards financed and 
built the first street ry. In Hamil 
ton and in 1878 organized and owned 
the first Telephone Co. in Can. (and 
the second one in the world) art Hamil 
ton sold out to me Bell Telephone 
Co., otf Oan., in 1880, and was inangr. 
for the Onit. Dept. of that Co. 
till his resignation, Dec. 31, 190 
Ang IS Herkimer St., Hamilton, Ont.; 
Hamilton Club; Royal Hamilton 
Yacht Club; Hamilton Jockey Club, 
do.; Toronto Club; Caledon Mountain 
Trorit Club, Toronto. 

" A. ma-Hi eminently just and C0n>- 
si derate." H. Times. 
Baker, Bev. Jacob Johnson (Bapt), 


German descent ; ancestors came 
from Penn. time Am. Revolution; b 
Baker Hill, Whitchurch, York. Ont.. 
Oct 2, 1854 ; e. "Woodstock Coll., To 
ronto Univ. (B.A., 1881 ; M.A., 1882) 
and Toronto Bapt. Coll. : m., Sept.. 
1883 Ida Emma Wolventon, d. Rev. 
Dr H. P. Fitch; o. 1882; held pas 
torates at Belleville, Walteerton, and 
St. John, N.B. ; appd. Presdt. Hard 
ing Hall Girls Sch., London, On*., 
Aug., 190-1 ; favours state and muni 
cipal ownership ; Inclines to true, Chris 
tian socialism. Harding Hall, London, 

Baker, Joseph Allen, legislator; man 

Descended from a Quaker family, 
which first settled in Irel. : s. late Jos 
and Sarah J. B., Maple Ridge Farm, 
Trenton, Ont; b. there, 1852; e. Tren 
ton High Sch.; removed to Eng., 1876. 
in the interests of the firm of Jos. B. & 
Sons. Ltd., engineers. "Willesden, which 
he then entd. and of which he is now 
the head ; elected to London Co. 
Council for E. Finsbury (on resigna 
tion of Lord Rosebery) ; has repre 
sented E. Finsbury in Eng. H. C., In 
Lib. interest, since 1905; well known 
in London for his philanthropic work 
and in connection with the establish 
ment there of the Adult Sch. move 
ment ; was for some yrs. Presdt. Lon 
don Adult Sch. Undon; a mem. extve. 
comte. Universal Races Congress, Lon 
don, 1911 ; has been prominently identi 
fied with tramway extension ; m., 1878. 
Elizabeth Balmer, d. Richard Moscrlp, 
Morabaititle, Roxburghshire, Scot. 
Donnington, Harlesden, London, N.W. 
" A Liberal of the Liberals." T. Olobt, 
Baker, Lt.-Col. Iiouis Raymond. 

S. Geo. Washington B. ; b. N. 
Georgetown, P.Q., Aug. 30, 1842; e. 
there and Huntingdon Acad. ; m., 1868, 
Flavie (d. Meh., 19 03), d. J- B. Bran- 
diaud ; for many yrs. in mercantile life 
at Beauharnols and In Montreal ; 

served 4 yrs. a Councillor and 8 yrs. 
Mayor of Beauharnois ; for yrs. 

Postmaster, do. ; was also Presdt. ! 
W Ry. (now forming a portion of 
N. Y. Central Ry. system) ; began mil. 
career as a private, 64th Regt., and 
passed through every grade therein up 
to It.-col. ; retired, 1895 (Fenian Raid 
med. and long service decoration) ; 
elected Presdt. and Commandant Can. 
Veterans Assn., 1910 ; re-elected do., 
1911; a R. C. S95 Notre Dame St. E., 
Maisonneuve, P.Q. 

Baker, Malcolm Clapp, veterinary sur 

B Dunham, P.Q., 1849; e. Dunham 
Acad.; m. Aug., 1890, Mary, d. late 
John Lovell, publisher. Montreal ; grad 
Montreal Vet. Coll., 1879; after being 
apptd inspr. of live stock. Montreal 
(a position he still retains), was 
for 14 years prof, of anatomy in 
the Ontario Vet. Coll., becoming 
afterwards prof. of comp. med. 
and vet. science, McGill Univ. ; a mom. 
firm McEachren (q.v.), B. & Mc- 
Eachren (q.v.) vet. surgeons; elect* 
Presdt. Montreal Vet. Med. Assn., 1 !87. 
and Presdt. Assn. Vet. Surgeons. 1 
1906. in Milton St., Montreal; Thistle 
Curling Club, do. 
Baker, Manly Benson, educationist. 

S Hy. B.. Stratford. Ont. ; b. there. 
Mch. 29, 1877; e. public schs. and Coll. 
Tnst, Stratford; Queen s Univ., King 
ston (B.A. and med. in geol., 1900), 
and Sch. of Mining, do. (B.Sc., 1902) ; 
awarded a fellow. Columbia Coll., 
N Y., 1903; pursued summer course at 
Heidelberg, Germany, 1907 ; m.. 1905, 
Annie (d. Dec., 1907), e. d. Jas. Frank 
lin, Winnipeg-; tutor in geol. Queen s 
Univ., 1900-03 : lecturer in geol. and 
mineral., do.. 1 904-07: prof, in charge 
geol. dept, 1907-08; mining insnr.. Co 
balt. 190 6 ; apptd. head of Coll. of 
Mining, Kingston, 1909; author report 
of geol. on exploration survey, AbbltiDl 
Dist. (Bureau of Mines, Ont.), 1900; 
" Notes on Occurrence of Corundum in 
Ont." (Can. Min. Inst.). 1904; "Clay 
and the Clay Industries of Ont., 
special report (Bureau of Mines, Ont.), 
1906; M^th. Kingston, Ont.; Front- 
enac Club, do. 
Baker, Bav Falmer. educationist. 

S. Rev. J. J. B., iM.A. (q.v.), and Ida 
Emma Wolverton (FMch) B., ithe latter 
a -writer of occasional verse ; U. E. L 
descent, and one of the oldest Am. 
families ; b. Fonthill. Ont, Sept 
1883; e. Maritime Provinces, London 
Coll. Tnst.. and Western Univ. and 
Coll. (B.A. and general proficiency 
prizeman. ]90fi): during . coll. career 
aided materially in founding the Ar?e- 
onagus, a literary and debuting club 
of marked influence: has since done 
special work in mod. lang. ; a grad. 
sch. in Eng. (Chicago Univ.), 1909 
elected a Senator Western Univ., 1906 
sometime Secy.-Treas. and a dir. Hard 
ing Hall Coll. and Central Conserv. 
anptd. instr. In mod. lang., Highfleld, 
Hamilton, Ont.. 1906; resigned. Dec.. 
1908, to devote himself to literary 
study; published, for private clrcula- 



tion, " Croynan Hall ; The Maid of the 
Mask, and A Tale of Rothenburg," a 
collection of verse written during col 
lege days (1908) ; a Lib. and an Imp. 
as far as Imperialism is compatible 
with the development of Can. nation 
ality. Care " Highfteld," Hamilton, 

" As a poet dignified and beautiful." 
Can. Bookseller. 

Baker, Samuel, Can. civic service. 

S. John B., contractor, Blaenavon, 
Eng. ; b. there, 1860; e. Monmouth and 
Westminster public schs. ; won prizes 
in physiol. and scholar, at Westminster, 
and was first in pol. econ. ; head mas 
ter Element. Sch., Blaenavon, 1880; 
principal S. S. 10, Westminster, 1887; 
do., Belmont Pub. Sch., 1889 ; do. Ches- 
ley Ave. Sch., London, Ont, 1890; do. 
St. George s Schs., do., 1894 ; apptd. 
City Clerk, London, Ont, 1904 ; a 
PreSb. ; m., 1st, Mary (d. ), d. Charles 
Vaughan, Blaenavon ; 2ndly, Lillle, id. 
A. M. Howard, London, Ont. London, 

Baker, Walter Beg-inald, Can. ry. ser 

S. Stephen and Priscilla (Plimsoll) 
B., York, Eng. ; b. York, May 25, 1852 ; 
e. privately; m., 1st, 1875, Jane Helen 
(d. May, 1902), y. d. late R. W. 
Cruice, Ottawa, Ont ; 2ndly, Oct., 1907, 
Belle Drysdale (d. June, 1908), 3rd 
d. late Andrew Paton, "Rockmount," 
Sherbrooke, P.Q. ; 3rdly, Dec., 1909, 
Miss Elsie Dicke, Vienna, Austria ; 
entd. ry- service, 1873, as local freight 
and pass, agent, Can. Centl. Ry., Ot 
tawa ; private secy. Marquis of 
Dufferin and Ava, Gov.-Genl. of 
Can., 1874-78; A.sst. Secy. Treas. Bd., 
Ottawa, 1878-81 ; re-entering ry. ser 
vice, has been successively asst. to 
Genl. Supdt and local Treas. C. P. R. 
(W. D. ) ; purchasing agent, same div., 
1882-83; asst. to Genl. Mangr., same 
road, 1882-83; Genl. Supdt. Man. & 
N. W. R., 1883-92; Genl. Mangr., do., 
1892-1900; executive agent, C. P. R., 
Winnipeg, 1900-01 ; asst. to V.-P., do., 
1901-05; asst. to Presdt, do., 1905-08; 
Secy, of co. and asst. to Presdt. 
Mch. 1, 1908 ; on leaving Winnipeg 
for Montreal, 1901, was presented by 
the business community with a solid 
silver service, " in recognition of the 
integrity, unfailing courtesy and great 
ability displayed by him as an 
official and as a public-spirited citi 
zen " ; had charge of the Royal train 
over the C. P. R. lines during the sev 
eral visits of the Prince and Princess 
of Wales (now King and Queen of 
En>g., q.v.), Prince Arthur of Oon- 
naug*ht, and Prince FusMmii, and was 
presented witih lhandsome testimonials 
from each off these personages, as well 
as from the Tate King Edward VII. (in 
the case of Prince Arthur of Con- 
naughit), in acknowledgment of hi sand 
the co. services and 1 attentions to the 
illustrious visitors ; decorated 1 wtith 3rd 
class of the Order of the Sacred Trea 
sure by the Emperor of Japan, 1906 ; 
appitd. an Esquire of the Order of iSt. 
John of Jerusalem, 1910 ; iheld audience 
with King George and Queen Mary 

(q.v.), (Buckingham (Palace, Atpll, 1911 ; 
Ang. 773 Kherbrooke St. W., Montreal; 
St. James s Club; Mt. Royal Club; 
Royal Montreal Golf Club; Montreal 
Jockey Club, do.; Rideau Club; Coun 
try Club, Ottawa; Manitoba Club, Win 
Baker, William Athenaise, lawyer. 

S. Lt-Col. L. R. B. (q.v.) and Flavie 
(Branchaud) B. ; b. Beauharnois, P.Q., 
June 21, 1905 ; e. Joliette Coll. and St. 
Mary s (Jesuit) Coll., Montreal; gradu 
ated LL.B., Laval Univ., 1895; advo 
cate, do. ; practised in Montreal for 
some yrs. in partnership with F. D. 
Monk, K.C., M.P. (q.v.) ; a former con 
tributor to La Revue Legale ; author of 
a comedy, "Place a H Amour " (1905), 
which has been highly spoken of in 
literary circles, and " Prose et Pen- 
sees " ; a R. C. ; m>. Miss Au ld. 108 St. 
Luke St., Montreal; Ahuntsic, P.Q. 
Baker, William Coombs, educationist. 

Quaker descent ; s. late John F. B., 
Kingston, Ont ; b. there ; e. Queen s 
Univ. (M.A., 1895) ; m., June, 1904, 
Bessie, e. d. late Wm. Workman, Strat 
ford, Ont. ; post-grad, studies at Camb. 
Univ., Eng. ; lecturer in exp. physics, 
on " The Robt. Waddell " foundation, 
Queen s Uniiv., 1902; asst. prof. do. 
since 1906 ; asst. mining tinspr., Cobalt 
Ddsit, 1906 ; elected! mem. Am. Phiy- 
siooil. Soc., 1907 ; author of several 
papers o>n scientific subjects. 91 Clergy 
St. W., Kingston, Ont. 
Baker, William Henry, educationist. 

B. London, Eng., Feb. 22, 1844; e. 
there ; m. in Eng. ; has always been 
engd. in educational work ; was princi 
pal of the Baroness Burdett Coutts 
Sch., London, for 17 yrs., and since 
coming to Can. has been principal of 
the Baron de Hirsch Inst, Montreal, 
since its opening ; was Presdt. of the 
Westminster Teachers Assn., and the 
founder and first Secy, of the Pupil 
Teachers Examn. Bd., afterwards de 
veloped by the London Sch. Bd. into 
the Central System of Instruction of 
Pupil Teachers ; is a Freeman of the 
city of London, and a mem. of the 
Glovers Co. ; aided In the work ini 
tiated by the late Baron de Hirsch ; was 
overseer of Westminster for 4 yrs. and 
Chairman of the Building Comte. of 
the Westminster Town Hall ; is a mem. 
of the Soc. of Arts, London ; masoni- 
cally he stands very high, having been 
the founder of the Abbey Lodge of 
Westminster and its second Master, 
and a mem. and Secy, of the R. A. 
Chap, of the Military Chap, the Wan 
derers, and Past Z. of Robt. Burns 
Chap., one of the oldest chaps, under 
the Eng. constitution ; is also a For 
ester and Odd Fellow ; formerly a staff 
sergt. in the Artists Volunteer Corps, 
he received a commission in the 21st 
Middlesex, 1887; was also one of the 
founders of the Empire Cadet Corps, 
from which he retired as a It. -col. 
Decarie Ave., Mt. Royal Vale, Mont 

Balderson, lit. -Col. James Morris, 

S. late Robt. B., Perth, Ont. ; a 
grands. John B., one of Wellington s 



veterans; b. there, Aug. 5, 1862; e. 
there and at Toronto Univ. (B.A., 
1884); unm. ; barrister, 1887; K.C., 
1908; sucoessfuHy practises in Perth, 
in partnership with Hon. A. J. 
Matheson (q.v.) ; Mayor of Perth, 
1902 ; has served as an offr. in 42nd 
(Lanark and Renfrew) Regt. for many 
yrs succeeded to the command, as 
It. -col., Feb. 1, 1908; Ang.; a Free 
mason. Perth, Out. 
Baldwin, Edmund St. George, physi 

B. s. late Rev. Canon Edmund B. 
and Frances Jemima (Grasett) B. ; b. 
Oct 12, 1851; e. London, Ont, ana 
Toronto Univ.; B.M., C.M. (Edin.), 
1875; L.R.C.S. (Edin.), 1877; resident 
physician Royal Infirmary, Edin., for 
some yrs. ; Ang. ; m., Jan., 1899, Louisa 
Helen, d. late E. Montizambert, Que 
bec. 86 St. George St., Toronto. 
Baldwin, Frederick Walker, scientist. 
S. Robt. B.. Toronto, by his second 
wife, EWzabeth Mary, d. Horatio Nel 
son Walker, formerly of Riversdale, nr. 
Dublin, Irel. ; grands, late Hon. Robt. 
B., C B., one of the Fathers of Respon 
sible Govt. in Can. ; b. Toronto, Jan. 2, 
1882; e. Bp. Ridley Coll., St Cathar 
ines, Ont., and Toronto Univ. ; gradu 
ated Sch. Practical Science, Toronto. 
1906; m., June, 1908, Kathleen, d. 
Chas. L. Parmenter. Gananoque. Ont. ; 
for some yrs. chief asst. to Prof. A. 
Graham Bell (q.v.), in the invention 
of airships, Baddeck, N.S. ; planned 
and supervised the erection of the first 
tower ever constructed of tetrahedral 
cells, Baddeck. 1907 ; has lectured on 
"Airships and Aerial Navigation"; as 
a student, when capt. of the Varsity 
team won the Can. football champion 
ship ; presdt. Toronto Univ. Cricket 
Club 1906-7 ; a mem. Aerial Experi 
ment Assn. (for flights see N. Y. World 
Almanac, 1910, p. 435) ; Ang. Bad- 
deck, N.S. 

" Casey Baldwin,, at one time famous 
on the college football team, is now en 
gaged, in the navigation of the heavens, 
and is one of the foremost Canadians so 
engaged." T. News. 
Baldwin, Rev. Henry Grasett (Ang ) 

Sec. s. late Rev. Canon Edmund 
Toronto, and Frances Jemima (Gra 
sett) B. ; b. Toronto, Mch. 18, 1854; e 
Camb. Univ. (M.A.) ; m., Jan., 1880 
Helena Lee, d. late Hon. J. W. Gwynne 
a judge of the Supreme Ct., Can. ; o 
deacon, 1879 ; priest, 1881 ; sometime 
rector Ch. of the Ascension (Canon I 
Memorial Ch.). Toronto; subsequently 
rector Ang. Ch., Mentone, France: 
chaplain Holy Trin. Ch., Rome, since 
1904. Rome, Italy. 

Baldwin, Rev. John Russell (Rapt.). 
S. Rev. J. A. and Delilah (Thomp 
son) B., Arkona, Ont. : b. Co. Essex. 
Ont.. Dec. 7, 1863; e. Woodstock Coll., 
McMaster Univ. and the Divinity Sch., 
Chicago Univ.; m., Jan., 1893, Miss 
Florence M. Byers, Omemee, Ont. ; o 
1891 ; pastor Elkhorn, Wis. (over 5 
yrs.) ; do. Ithaca, Mich. (7 yrs.) ; do. 
Calumet, do. (5 1-2 yrs.) ; student 
pastor Wallaceburg, Fingal and Bailie- 

boro , Ont., and Pilot Mound, Man. ; 
now (1910) pastor Dufferin St. Bapt. 
Ch., Toronto. 30 Lappin Ave., Toronto. 
Baldwin, Maurice Day, contractor and 


E. s. late Rt. Rev. M. S. B., D.D., 
Bp. of Huron, and Sarah Jessie (Day) 
B. ; b. Montreal, Oct. 22, 1874 ; e. there, 
Toronto Univ., and Trin. Univ., To 
ronto (B.A., 1896; M.A., 1898) ; studied 
theol. at Wycliffe Coll. ; after ordina 
tion was successively asst. at St. 
Stephen s Ch., Westmount, and rector 
Beauharnois, P.Q. ; apptd. rector All 
Saints Ch., Montreal, 1903 ; resigned, 
May, 1907, and now follows a secular 
occupation ; m., Apl., 1905, Mary Alex 
andra Marguerite, o. d 1 . late R. R. 
Stevenson, Montreal. 194 Park Ave., 
Baldwin, Stephen Yarwood, Am. ry. 


Y. s. W. W. and .Susannah M ary 
(Yarwood) B. ; b. Toronto, Dec. 27, 
1870; e. there; m. Emma Mabel, d. 
fluson Murray, K.C. (q.v.), Toronto; 
Preset. Can. DC., (Pitltsburg, 1904-5 ; 
is commercial freight agent, Delaware 
& Hudson Co., .Fit tsburg, Pa. Pitts- 
bura, Pa.; Pittsburg Traffic Club; Can 
adian Club, do. 

Balf our, The Venerable Andrew Jack 
son (Ang.). 

S. late Rev. Andrew and Eliza 
(Cowlthorpe) B. (father s family from 
Scot.; mother s from Eng.) ; b. Water 
loo, P.Q., Dec. 25, 1845; e. Bishop s 
Coll. Sch., Lennoxville (Mountain 
scholar.), and Bishop s Coll. Univ., 
Lennoxville, P.Q. (B.A., 1869; M.A., 
1872; D.O.L., 1907); m., Nov., 1910, 
Edith .Marina, d. late Alex. IMarlimg, 
formerly Depty. IMiinir. otf EJduc., Ont. ; 
o. deacon, 1869; .priest, 1872; succes 
sively incumbent Levis, Hatley, and 
Rjichimiond ; rector St. Peter s, Quebec, 
1888-1906 ; R. D., Quebec, 1900-06 ; 
canon Quebec Oath., 1903-06 ; arch 
deacon of St. Francis. 1906 ; do. Que 
bec, 1909 ; ihas served as GenT. Secy. 
Quebec Oh. Soc., as iSecy.-Treas. Que 
bec s Missiony.organization, Geml. Miis- 
siiony. Agent of the diocese, and as a 
del. Genl. and iProvl. Synods ; a 
del. ParnAng. Congress, London, Emg., 
1908; an official del . Halifax Ang. 
Bi-iOent. ceHebraiticm, 1910; was one 
of t/he movers lin having the Plains 
of Abraham converted into a public 
park, 1901. 43 Ste. Ursule St., Quebec. 
" His sturdy manhood is only equalled by 
his great humility and his amiable and 
retiring disposition." Quebec Chronicle. 
Balfour, George Hopper, banker. 

S. late Rev. Andrew B., a native of 
Irel., who was successively Ang. in 
cumbent of New Carlisle, Waterloo. 
Kingsey, Lachine, etc., and Eliza B. ; b. 
Waterloo, P.Q., Apl. 5, 1848; e. Len- 
noxvi Me ; m., 1st, Alice Charlotte (d. 
Jan., 1907), d. late S. J. Shaw, Quebec ; 
2 radii y, Jan., 1911, Annie Russell, widow 
late Jas. Biddington, Quebec ; joined 
staff Union Bank of Can., 1870 ; 
was subsequently Genl. Inspr. ; for 
5 yrs. Mangr. at Winnipeg and for 


13 yrs. Mangr. at Montreal; apptd. 
Genl. Manigr., do., Jan, 12, 1904; 
served as ca pt. Sfch Royal 1 Rifles, 
and, on one occasion, accompanied 
Oan. team to Wimbledon ; retired 1 as 
paymaster, May, 1885; as a rifle 
shot won Go V.-Gen l. s gold med. and 
the championship of Can. ; an en 
thusiastic golfer, served as capt. Royal 
Montreal Golf Club, and was Presdt. 
Can. Golf Assn., 1901 ; was one of the 
founders Royal Montreal Golf Club ; 
Is a Councillor Can. Bankers Assn. 
and of Bishop s Coll., Lennoxville ; also 
a Gov. Prot. Hosp. for Insane. Mont 
real ; an Ang. 57 Esplanade, Quebec: 
Quebec Garrison Club; St. James s 
Club, Montreal; Manitoba Club, Win 

Half our," "Grant. (See Grant, James 

Balfonr, James, architect. 

E. s. late Peter B., assessmt. commr., 
Hamilton, Ont., a native Fifeshire 
Scot., and (Waugh) B. ; b. Hamil 
ton, 1852; e. Central Sch., there; stud 
ied architecture, Oan. and Edinburgh ; 
bis works include Boys Home and City 
Hiall , Hamilton, Alma. Ladiies Coll.. St. 
Thomas, Ont., and Museum of Art, De 
troit ; a Presb. Hamilton, Ont. 

Ball, Augustus Harry, Provl. Govt. 


S. Ralph B., H. M. s Civil Service, 
Macclesfield, Eng. ; b. London, Eng-., 
1873; e. there and Univ. Man. (B.A., 
18t5; M.iA., 1905: LL.IB., do.; m., 
1899. Emlily M.. 3rd d. Wm. Dixon, 
Peterboro, Ont. ; apptd. Insp. of Schs., 
Sask., 1903; elected a Senator Univ. 
Sask., 1907 ; ailso mem, Extve. Comte. 
Sask. Provl. Educ. Assn.; a Lib. ; a 
Presb. Yorkton, Sask.; Yorkton Club, 

Ball, Francis James, physician. 

S. Jas. and Sara (Edwards * B. ; 
Irish and Eng. descent: b. Rugby, 
Ont., 1865: e. there, Orillia High Sch., 
Ba.rrif Coll. Inst., and Toronto Nor 
mal Sch. : graduated 1 M.B.. Toronto 
Univ., 1893; M.D..C.M., Trin. Univ., 
Tor., do : mem. Coll. P. and S.. Ont. 
1893: M.R.C.S. (Ensr.), 1907: L.R C.P. 
(Lond. ), do. ; practised prof, at Sing- 
hamrotoni, Omt., 1893-1905 ; since tlhen at 
Regina ; was principal Public Sch., 
Marchmont, Ont, 1883-85: do.. ZP- 
phyr, Ont., -1888; iProt. ; Tnd. Cor. S. 
Railway and Scarth Sts., Regina, Sask. 

Ball, Francis Ramsay, lawyer. 

Family came to Am. from the Grand 
Duchy of Baden, Germany. 1647 ; re 
mained In the present U. S. till 
the breaking out of the Am. revo 
lutionary war, when his grandf.. 
Col. Mann Ball, and his gt. -grandf. 
reed!, commissions in Butler s Ran 
gers, served during the war, and ait 
its close settled on lands near Niagara, 
granted them for their mil. services ; 
b. Tp. Niagara, Ont, Nov. 5, 1827: e. 
Niagara Grammar Sch. ; m. 1st Milli- 
cerat C. (d.), d. Andrew Thompson; 
2ndly, Agnes G., d. late Capt. Baxter, 
R. C. Rifles ; barrister, 1850 ; K.C., 
1876; elk. of the peace and Crown 

Atty., Co. Oxford, Ont., 1863-1903 ; un 
successfully contested S. Oxford, Lib. 
interest, 1856, toeing defeated by one 
vote ; a Cong. Woodstock, Ont. 

Ball, George, manufacturer. 

S. late Reuben and Flavie (Fon 
taine) B. ; Scotch descent on father s 
side; b. Champlain, P.Q., Sept. 11, 
1838; e. Nicolet Commercial Sch.; a 
lumber merchant and manfr. ; a dir. 
South Shore Ry. ; m., July, 1864, 
Eliza, d. Lt.-CoI. Jas. Thurber, Ste. 
Croix, P.Q. ; has been Mayor of Nico 
let ; sat for Nicolet (Local). 1897- 
1900, and for same seat (H. C.), 1900- 
04 ; unsuccessful for same seat (H. C.), 
against H on. C. R. Devlin (q.v.), Dec., 
1906; served as Con. whip (H. C.), 
white a mem. of that body ; Com. ; R. C. 
569 St. Catherine St. E., Montreal; 
Club Lafontaine, Montreal. 

Ball, Rev. George Harvey (Bapt). 

S. Jonathan and Marcy (Harvey) 
B. ; b. Sherbrooke, P.Q., Dec. 7, 1819; 
e. Farmington A cad. and Grand River 
Inst., O. : m., Jan., 1848, Miss Maria 
L. Benchley, prin. Geauga Semy., O. ; 
after being pastor of several chs., was 
ed. Baptist Union, N. Y., 1871-77; 
founder (and Presdt. since 1892) 
Keuka Coll. ; author " Guide to the 
Lord s Supper," " Story of Jesus," 
" Christian Baptism," and " Bible Syl 
labus." Keuka Park, N.Y. 

Ballantyne, Charles Colqtihoun, manu 

S. late John B., Montreal, a native 
of the Orkney Islands, and Christina 
M. (Gordon) B.. a native of Edin 
burgh, Scot. ; b. Colquhoun, Ont, Aug. 
9, 1867; e. there and Montreal; com 
menced business career in Montreal 
when a boy, becoming, while still a 
young man, mang. dir. of the Sher 
win-Williams Paint Co., a position he 
still occupies; was one of the pur 
chasers of the entire concern, Junie, 
1911 ; since then has been V.-P. as 
well as genii, manigr. of the Co. ; a 
OouncJ Hor Montreal Bd. of Trade ; 
a dir. Can. Cement Co., Ltd. ; a life 
g>ov. Western Hosp. ; formerly Mayor 
of Westmount ; was iPresdt. local 
branch Can. Manfrs. Assn., 1903, 
and of Can. Manfrs. Assn., 1905-6; 
apptd. a Harbor Commr., Montreal, 
1907; presented to King Edward, 
Windsor Castle, 1905; favours a 
thoroughly Can. tariff; m., 1891, Ethel, 
d. Thos. Trenfaolme, (Montreal West. 
Hillsvieto Ave., Montreal West; Can 
ada Club; St. James s Club, Montreal. 

" A Canadian from heel to crown." 
T Globe. 

" One of the foremost captains of Cana 
dian industries." M. Witness. 

Ballantyne, Rev. James (Presb.), edu 

S. late Hon. Thos. and Mary (Ballan 
tyne) B. ; b. nr. Stratford, Ont, Aug. 
22, 1857 ; e. St. Mary s Coll. Inst. (Dr. 
Tassie s), Toronto Univ. (B.A., with 
1st class honours in mod. lang., Eng., 
and hist, 1880), and Leipzig; studied 
theol. .at Knox Coll., Princeton Theol. 
Semy., and Edinburgh Univ. ; D.D. 



(Man. Univ.), 1906; do. (Queen s 
Univ.), 1907; o. 1885; pastor Knox 
Ch., London, Ont., do. ; do. Knox Ch., 
Ottawa, 1894; prof. ch. hist, and 
apolog., Knox Coll., Toronto, 1896 ; 
do. ch. hist, and ch. govt, do., 190 1 ; de 
clined nomination to principalship of 
Knox Coll., 1907 ; a Senator Toronto 
Univ. ; an ex-Councillor Alumni Assn., 
do. ; a mem. Extve. Coante. Knox Coll. 
Alumni Assn., and V.-P. local branch 
Lord s Day Alliance ; addressed the 
Genl. United Assn. of Scot., Edin 
burgh, on "The Church in Can., 
1906- m., Jan., 1886, Florence, d. late 
Hon. Ohas. Clarke, Elora, Orat. 262 
St. George St., Toronto. 

" Will hold his own and a good leal 
more." Can. Presb. 

"A sound scholar, with practical ability; 
his whole character commands respect and 
confidence." T. Globe. 
Ballantyno, Robert Mitchell, mer 

S. late Hon. Thos. B. and Mary (Bal- 
lantyne) B. ; b. Stratford, Ont., Aug. 
20, 1859; e. there; early associated 
with his father in his extensive dairy 
ing and other interests, becoming 
Presdt. Western Dairymen s Assn. ; 
removed to Montreal, as Can. partner 
in firm of Lovell & Christmas, Ltd., 
London, Eng., one of the largest 
wholesale dealers in dairy products in 
,the world, 1901 ; a dir. Lake of tine 
Woods Milling Co., and of Thetford 
Asbestos Syndicate ; a promoter Mont 
real Packing Co., Anchor Wire Fence 
Co., and Fortier & Monette, Ltd. ; has 
served as Presdt. Produce Merchants 
Assn. and V.-P. Montreal Bd. Trade ; 
a Presb.; m., Aug., 1889, Carlotta L., 
d. late Chas. Scott, barrister, Strat 
ford, Ont. SO Forden Ave., West- 
mount, Montreal; St. James s Club; 
Canada Club; Montreal Curling Club. 

Ballantyne, Rev. William Douglas 


S. Jas. B. ; b. Hawick, Scot., Jan. 
29, 1831; e. Toronto Univ. (B.A., 
1870) ; graduated Knox Coll., Toronto, 
1867 ; o. same year, and has held pas 
torates at Brooklyn, la., Whitby, and 
Pembroke ; has been for 6 yrs. ed. 
Canada Presbyterian, Toronto ; m., 
May, 1874, Miss Joanna E. Shoolbred, 
Dunfermline, Scot. 157 Rose Ave., To 
Ballard, Rev. Georgpe Grey (Ang.). 

S. Rev. Thos. B. and Ann (Woods) 
B. (d. Capt. John Woods, Enniskillen 
Dragoons, niece of Col. Geo. Grey, 
slain in scaling the walls of Badajos, 
1812, and cousin of Sir Geo. Grey, late 
Govr. of Cape Colony and New Zea 
land) ; b. Downpatrick, Irel., July 7, 
1842 ; e. Trin. Coll., Dublin (B.A., 
1877) ; m., 1st, Aug., 1867, Miss Min 
nie Parson (d.) ; 2ndly, Sept., 1879, 
Carolina Mary (d.), d. late Geo. 
Boomer, barrister; o. deacon, 1876; 
priest, 1877 ; Incumbent Araiaighmore, 
Irel., 1876-78; rector Trim. Ch., St. 
Thomas, Ont., 1878-85 ; do., Pro. Oath., 
London, Ont., 1885-86 ; asst. rector and 
rector St. John s Ch., Buffalo, N.Y., 

1886-1906 ; was inBtrum enftal im remov 
ing a debt of $56,000 from Ms ch. ; is 
examg. chaplain to Bp. Of W. New 
York, and prof, in De Lanoey Divinity 
Sen., Diocese of W. New York. Fre- 
donia, N.Y. 
Ballard, Rev. John Maclean (Ang.). 

S. late John B. (U. E. L. descent), 
Burford, Ont., and Prudence, d. Lt.-Col. 
Arch. Maclean, Nashwaak, N.B. ; b. 
Burford, Ont. ; e. Trin. Univ., Toronto 
(B.A., 1865; M.A., 1896); o. deacon, 
1865 ; priest, 1866 ; held charges at 
Brooklin, Ancaster, N. Essa, St. 
Catharines, Cayuga ; for some yrs. rec 
tor St. Anne s, Toronto ; m., 1st, Jean- 
nette Anne (d. 1905), d. late Francis 
Kennedy, Westbourne Grove, London, 
Eng. ; 2ndly, 1906, Mrs. Georgina Eliz 
abeth Wingate (nee Turquand). 671 
Broadview Ave., Toronto. 
Bampton, George Edwin, lawyer. 

S. late Augustus Hamilton B., C.E., 
and Caroline (Symons) B. ; b. Ply 
mouth, Eng. ; e. Christ s Hosp., Lon 
don ; for 5 yrs. an off r. in the R. N. ; 
B C L., with 1st class honours (Mc- 
Gill Undv.), 1879; advocate, do.; K.C. 
(E. of Derby), 1893; was R. O. for 
Argenteuil, under E. F. Act, 1885 ; 
apptd. town atty., Lachute, do ; a Con., 
and was Presdt. Co. Con. Assn. ; an 
Ang., and a del. to Synod; m., 1st, 
Aug., 1884, Anna Louise (d. Nov., 
1891), 3rd d. late Thos. Pollock, Post 
master, Hill Head, P.Q. ; 2ndly, Sept., 
1896, Eva Kate, 3rd d. John Lawson, 
Montreal. Lachute, P.Q. 

Bancroft, Rev. Henry (Ang.). 

Y. s. late Rev. Chas. B., D.D., LL.D., 
canon Christ Ch. Cath., Montreal ; b. 
there ; e. High Sen., Montreal, and 
Corpus Christ! Coll., Cambridge (B.A., 
M.A., 1895) ; ateo at Ridley Ccclli. ; m., 
Sept., 1908, Anniie Armour, o. d. Jas. 
B\ro<wn<, " Auchenden Heights, " and 
Drumimond Sit., (Montreal; o. (Bp. of 
Worcester) deacon, 1897; priest, 1898; 
engd. to -pard Sh work in Rugby and 
Kenilworth ; rector Hudson and Como, 
1902 The Rectory, Hudson Heights, 
Banneld, James Woodruff, banker. 

O. s. late Jas. B., Halifax, N.S., a 
native Walton-on-Tyne, Eng. ; b. and 
e. Halifax; m., Sept., 1906, Elizabeth 
D., d. Rev. H. Gracey, Gananoque, 
Ont. ; is Asst. Mangr. Royal Bank of 
Can., Cuba. Havana, Cuba. 
Bannerman, Mrs. Frances, poet; 


Y. d. late Hon. A. G. Jones, Lt.-Gov. 
of N. S., Halifax, and Margt. Wise 
man (Stairs) J. ; Loyalist family, of 
Welsh and Scotch ancestry ; seventh 
generation of Am. birth ; b. Halifax, 
N.S., Apl. 8, 1855 ; m., Sept., 1886, 
Hamlet Bannerman, Lytham, Lancas 
ter, Eng. ; an artist ; has exhibited at 
the Royal Acad., London, and the 
Salon, Paris ; author numerous poems 
of a high order of merit, and of a 
volume of verse, "Milestones" (1899), 
highly praised by Brit, press; lives in 
Italy. Care Mrs. Milecete, 52 Maddox 
St., London W. t Eng. 



Baptie, G-eorgre, physician; Ont. public 

S. Alex, and Helen (Richardson) B., 
Roxburghshire, Scot. ; b. nr. North 
Church, Cavan, Durham, Ont., Feb. 2, 
1845; e. local schs. and Toronto Univ. 
(B.A., with silver medal in science, 
1870; M.A., 1871); M.B. (Trin. 
Univ., Toronto), 1875 ; early engd. in 
teaching prof. (1st class cert.), subse 
quently prof, chem., Provl. Ag. Coll., 
Guelph, and Victoria Med. Sch., To 
ronto ; Head Master High Sch., Wei- 
land ; Science Master, Ottawa Normal 
Sch. ; Aid. Ottawa, 1889-90 ; Coroner 
do., since 1901 ; has been Presdt. Ot 
tawa Clinical Soc. and Med.-Chir. Soc. ; 
a Presb. ; m. Mrs. Margt. Wallace 
Petrie, o. d. F. A. Anderson, Aberdeen- 
shire, Scot. 165 Gloucester St,, Ottawa. 
Barber, Charles A., journalist. 

B. Chilliwack, B.C., Sept., 1879 ; re 
moved to Wingham, Ont., with par 
ents, 1883; e. Wingham; after serving 
on several newspapers, east and west, 
purchased Pilot Mound Sentinel, 1903, 
of which he is ed. and prop. ; Meth ; 
Presdt. local branch Epworth League. 
Pilot Mound, Man. 

Barber, Frank, civil engineer. 

S. Jas B., Guelph, Ont., Scotch-Eng. 
parentage; b. Milton, Ont, 1875; e. 
Mt. Allison and Toronto Univs. ; m., 
Dec., 1908, Miss Ida Treadgold, To 
ronto ; graduated B.A.Sc., Toronto 
Univ. ; practises his prof, in Toronto ; 
a consulting engr. ; merri. Concrete 
Inst, London, Eng. ; apptd. co. engr. 
York, Out, Nov., 1908. 642 Spadina 
Ave., Toronto; Engineers Club, do. 
Barber, Bev. Prank Louis (Meth.). 

S. late Alonzo Milton and Clarissa 
Marie (Fowler) B. ; b. Waterford, 
Ont, Jan. 26, 1877 ; e. Toronto Univ. 
(B.A., 1903; M.A., 1905; Ph.D., 
1907) ; on., Nov., 190>9, Ethel May, y. 
d. late John (M. Treble, Toronto ; for 
some yrs. a public sen. teacher ; lec 
turer on phil., Toronto Univ., 1902-03 ; 
pursuedl theol. studies Victoria Univ. ; 
o. 1905 ; ^pastor Paisley Memorial Ch., 
Guelph, Ont., 1905; later at Preston; 
has travelled extensively ; reed. Ph.D. 
as thie reward for his research for 3 
yna. in experiment, psych., along the 
line of color aesthetics, together with 
work in ethics and pol. econ. Lis- 
towel, Ont. 

Barber, Major John Roaf, manufac 

S. late Jas. B. (native Antrim, Irel. ) 
and Hannah (Patrick) B. (native 
Berwick-on-Tweed, Eng.) ; b. George 
town, Ont, July 5, 1841 ; e. George 
town Acad. and private sch. ; m., 1st, 
1868, Mary (d. 1899), d. Francis Bar 
clay ; 2ndly, Miss Agnes Alberta Bes- 
sey (d. 1906) ; acquired business train 
ing in office Georgetown Paper Mills, 
owned by Barber Bros., of which firm 
his father was a mem. ; succeeded hi? 
father, as sole propr. of mills, on lat- 
ter s death, 1880; is also Presdt. and 
Mangr. Toronto Paper Manfg. Co., 
Toronto and Cornwall ; and Presdt. 
Barber & Ellis Co., Nepigon Pulp & 
Paper Co., Leadville Mining Co., Lead- 

vine, Col., Can. Brass & Tube Works, 
Toronto, and Floralview Greenhouse 
Co., Georgetown ; likewise a dir. An 
glo-Am. Fire Ins. Co. and Dom. Con 
solidated Mines Co. ; served as an offr. 
20th Rifles (med. for Fenian raids and 
long- service med.) ; retired as hon. 
major, 1905 ; has (been mem. High Sch. 
Bd. and Presdt. CVDech. Inst. ; Reeve 
of Georgetown,, 1865-75; Warden- of 
HaJitan, 1878; represented Haliton 
(Local), in Lib. interest, 1898-1904; 
a Conig. Georgetown, Ont.; National 
Club; Ontario Club, Toronto. 

" A successful, enterprising, capable and 
upright business man." T. Globe. 

Barclay, Major Bev. James (Presb.). 
Third s. late Jas. and Margt Coch- 
rane (Brown) B., Edinburgh, Scot ; b. 
Paisley, Scot, June 19, 1844.; e. 
Grammar Sch. there, Merchiston Cas 
tle Sch., Edinburgh, and Glasgow 
Univ. (D.D., 1892) ; iLL.D. (hon,), Mc- 
GiiH Univ., 1906; m., June, 1873, Misa 
Marian Simpson, Dumfries, Scot (a 
mem. Genl. Comte. Royal Victorian 
Order of Nurses) ; licensed, Paisley, 
1870; o. 1871; having served at Cano- 
pie and Linlithgow, was chosen as 
colleague otf (Rev. Dr. McGregor, ait 
St. Cuthbert s, Edinburgh, Apl., 1878; 
his fame as a preacher having reached 
Montreal, he was, in 1883, unani 
mously called to St. Paul s Ch., in 
that city, of which congreg. he re 
mained pastor up to Oct., .1910) ; pre 
sented with a purse conita inline 
$78,300 (of which $73,300 was con 
tributed by Lord Mountstephen) by 
his cong., Nov., 1908 ; while in Scot, 
was frequently summoned to Bal 
moral to preach before Queen Victoria, 
an honour which was repeated on his 
subsequent occasional visits to his 
native land, during the lifetime of 
that sovereign ; is a gov. s fellow Mc- 
Gill Univ., a life gov. Montreal Genl. 
Hosp., a mem. Advis. Bd. Prot. Indust. 
Rooms, Montreal ; a gov. Verdun 
Hosp. for the Insane ; a trustee 
Queen s Univ. ; a senator Montreal 
Presta. iCoil l. ; apiptd. chairman Bd of 
Prot. iS>ch. Conwnrs., 1911 ; is also 
Preset. Assn. iProt. Teachers, iP. Q., of 
Trafalgar Inst., Montreal, amd! of the 
Laurentdani Soc. for the Treatimenit and 
Control of Tubercul. ; declined prto- 
iciipal shiip Queen s Univ., Kingston, to 
which he had been unanimously elected 
on the death of Rev. Prin. G. M. Grant, 
D.D., C.M.G., 1902 ; presented with his 
portrait in oils by cong. St. Paul s Ch., 
1903 ; as well known in Can. for his 
efforts in the lecture field, and as a 
literary man, as for his talents as a 
preacher ; a lover of out-of-door sports ; 
is equally celebrated for his prow- 
ess in golf, cricket, and curling ; the 
Edinburgh Scotsman once spoke of 
him as " the best all-round cricketer 
in Scot" : is hon. Presdt. Scottish 
Athletic Club ; has been Presdt. This 
tle Curling Club and Metropolitan Golf 
Club, chaplain Can. branch Royal Cale 
donian Curling Club, and capt. and 
chaplain Royal Montreal Golf Olub ; aa 
chaplain, Montreal Gar. Arty., accom- 



panied that regt. to the N. W. at the 
outbreak of the Kiel Rebellion, 1885 
(med., and given hon. rank of major, 
1908) ; received .tine long-service de 
coration, 1907. 398 Dorchester St. W., 
Montreal; St. James s Club; University 
Club, do. 

" A splendid scholar." M. and E. 

"Admired and loved by all." M. Star. 

" A typical, thoroughbred Scotch divine. 
M. Herald. 

Barclay, James, physician. 

S. Rev. Jas. B., D.D. (q.v.), and 
Marian (Simpson) B., Montreal; M.D. 
(McGill Univ.), 1897; served on staff 
Montreal Genl. Hosp. and of Mater 
nity Hosp. ; also as a surgeon on 
Elder-Dempster Steamship Line ; apptd. 
med. inspection offr., U. S. Immigra 
tion Bureau, Montreal, Dec., 1901 ; is 
also demon, in obstet., McGill Univ. ; 
m., Oct., 1904, Olive, d. Victor Beaudry, 
Montreal ; Presto. 27 JSherbrooke St. 
W., Montreal; Thistle Curling Club, do. 

Barclay, William Duncan, Can. ry. 

B. and e. Campbelltown, N.B. ; m., 
Miss Hamilton, sister Rev. W. B. H., 
St. Mary s Cath. (R. C.), Halifax, 
N.S. ; mem. Can. Soc. C. E., 1889; a 
Councillor, do., 1896 ; has had a long 
and varied experience in survey and 
construction work on rys. in N. S., 
P. E. I., and the West ; for 8 yrs. a 
mem. of firm of Foley Bros., Larson 
& Co., St. Paul, Minn., which had 
large contracts on both sides of the 
boundary line ; apptd. Supdt. Inver 
ness Ry. Coal Co., N. S., 1908; was 
also Presdt. Halifax & S. Western Ry. ; 
since Feb., 1909, has been genl. mangr. 
of all Can. Northern Ry. lines east of 
Ottawa and Montreal. Quebec; Que 
bec Garrison Club. 
Barclay, William Jack, journalist. 

B. Beith, Ayrshire, Scot., Nov. 10, 
1870 ; e. Public Acad., do. ; brought 
up on a farm ; at 21 became a printer ; 
shortly afterwards went into partner 
ship with T. Dickie, M.P.P., and 
bought out The Plaindealer, Souris ; 9 
yrs. later acquired sole proprietorship, 
becoming also editor of paper ; per 
sonally a Lib., but his paper is strictly 
Ind. ; a Presb. ; m., 1897, e. d. Wm. 
Saunderson, Souris. Souris, Man. 

Barclay-Allardice, Robert, Mayor of 


E. s. late Saml. Ritchie and his wife. 
Margt. Barclay Allardice, heiress of 
her line, who claimed, as such, the 
earldoms of Strathern, Monteith, and 
Airth before Ho. of Lords, 1870, a 
claim he himself prosecuted, 1906-07 
(see Burke s "Col. Gentry," Vol. II.) ; 
b. Hamilton, Ont., May 19, 1841; as 
sumed, by Royal license, the surname 
and arms of Barclay-Allardice, in lieu 
of his patronymic, July 2, 1883 ; e. 
privately ; unm. ; elected Town Council 
lor, LostwitMe 1 !, 1898-1903; Aid., .1903; 
Mayor, 1899-01 ; again elected to lat 
ter office, 1904-05-06; a F. S. A. 
(Scot.); author "Guide to Lostwith 
iel" (1901); a Con., and Chairman 
Lostwithiel Dist. Con. Comte. ; an 
adherent established Ch. of Scot. 

"Rose Hill," Lostwithiel, Eng.; Prim 
rose Club, London, S.W.; Fowey 
Yacht Club, Fowey, Eng. 
Baril, Mg-r. Marie Sophone Hermyle 
(R. C.). 

S. Jean B. A. and Eulalie (St. Ar- 
nauld) B. ; b. Ste. Genevieve de Batis- 
ca,n, P.Q., Oct. 9, 1847 ; e. Coll. of 
Three Rivers; o. 1871, and, after fill 
ing various charges, was apptd. a 
prof. Semy. of Three Rivers, 1875 ; 
dir., do., 1876; superior, do., 1886; 
and prefect of studies, 1889; visited 
Holy Land and Europe, 1891 ; canon 
Three Rivers Cath., 1894 ; superior 
Semy., do., 1895; V.-G., 1899; chap 
lain Ursulines, 1900; Prot. Apos., 1907; 
attended Plenary Council, Quebec, 
1909 ; do. lEuehanisitic Congress, Mont 
real, 1910. Three Rivers, P.Q. 
Barker, Major Frederic Edward Iiloyd, 
H.M. s regular mil. forces. 

O. s. Chief Justice B. (q.v. ) and 
Mary Ann (Black) B. ; b. St. John, 
N.B., Mch. 7, 1868 ; e. St. John Gram 
mar Sch. and R. M. Coll., Kingston ; 
graduated 1888, and obtained a comn. 
in R. A.; capt, 1898; major, 1904; 
adjt, 17th Brigade Div., R. F. A., Al- 
dershot, 1901 ; served in Egypt, India, 
and Malta (med., with 2 clasps, for 
Tirah campaign, 1897-98) ; unm. ; an 
Ang. Care War Office, London, Eng. 

Barker, Hon. Frederic Eustache, 
Chief Justice. 

S. E. B., Sheffield, N.B. ; b. there, 
Dec. 27, 1838; e. Sunbury Grammar 
Sch. and N. B. Univ (B.A., 1856; 
M.A., 1858; B.C.L., 1861; D.C.L., 
1866); barrister, 1861; Presdt. Bar 
risters Soc., N. B., 1889 ; K.C. (E. of 
Dufferin), 1873 ; Royal com mr. law and 
practice and constitution N. B. cts., 
1873 ; puisne judge, Sup. Ct. N. B., 
Dec. 28, 1893; admr. of Govt. N. B., 
1896; arbitrator re Eastern Extension 
Ry. s claims, 1900 ; Chief Justice N. B., 
1908; is a Senator and an examr. in 
law, N. B. Univ. ; formerly Chairman 
Bd. Sch. Commrs., St. John ; sat for 
St. John (H. C.), Con. interest, 1885- 
87 ; an Ang. ; m. Mary Ann, d. B. E. 
Black, Halifax, N.S." The Cedars," 
St. John, N.B.; Union Club, do. 

"Walked in honor and with distinction., 
not for a little while but throughout a long 
period , marked by exacting duties demand 
ing the exercise of sound judgment allied 
with deep knowledge of the law, of men 
and of our citizenship with all it implies." 
St. John Telegraph. 
Barker, lewellys Franklin, physician. 

S. Jas. F. and Sarah Jane (Taylor) 
B. ; b. Norwich, Ont, Sept. 16, 1867; 
e. public sens., Pickering Coll., Ont., 
and To<nomito Umiv. (M..B., 1890; hon. 
M.D., 1905) ; LL.D. (hon)., Queen s 
Univ., 1908; m., Oct., 1903, Miss 
Lilian H. Halsey, Baltimore, Md. ; 
house offr., Toronto Genl. Hosp., 1890- 
91 ; asst. physician, Johns Hopkins 
Hosp., 1891^92 ; fellow path., do., 
1892-94 ; asso. prof, anatomy, Johns 
Hopkins Univ., 1894-97 ; student 
Leipzig Univ., 1895 ; asst. resident 
path., Johns Hopkins Hosp., 1894-99 ; 
assoc. prof, anatomy, Johns Hopkins 



Univ., 1897-99 ; Johns Hopkins med. 
commr. to Philippines, 1899 ; asso. prof, 
path., Johns Hopkins Univ., 1899-1900 ; 
prof, and head dept. anatomy, Rush 
Med. Coll., Univ. Chicago, 1900-05 ; 
special commr. from U. S. Treas. Dept. 
to study plague situation, San Fran 
cisco, 1901 ; grad. work Univs. Mun 
ich and Berlin, 1904 ; prof, med., 
Johns Hopkins Univ., and chief phys., 
Johns Hopkins Hosp. (succeeding Dr. 
Wm. Osier (q.v.) therein), since 1905; 
is a trustee Memorial Inst. Infectious 
Diseases, Chicago ; a mem. Assn. Am. 
Rhys. (V.-P., 1911), and cither med, 
socs. ; one of the eds. Am. Journ. 
Anatomy; author "The Nervous Sys 
tem and Its Co nstituemt Neurones " 
(1899), "Laboratory Manual) of Human 
Anatomy " (1904), and oif numerous 
paipers and addresses on med. subjects; 
translated Werner SpattebO lz s " Hand 
Atlas of Human Anatomy" 01900). 
1035 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. 

" A very high type of man." S. N . 

" The ablest medical student ever turned 
out by Toronto University, and now the 
leading anatomist on the continent of Am 
erica." T. Globe. 

Barker, Major Ryfoert Kent, lawyer. 

S. late R. W. B., P. O. Inspr., and 
(Simpson) B. : grands. Dr. E. J. B., 
founder and ed. The British Whig, the 
first daily newspaper published in Can. ; 
b. Kingston, Ont., Sept. 21, 1869; e. 
there and Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1892) ; 
m., Dec., 1908, Minnie H., d. late 
Joseph Labron, Carleton Place, Ont. ; 
a barrister ; practised some tiiime at 
Haileybury as a mem. of firm Bick- 
nell, Bain & B. ; has been in mil. ser 
vice since 1885 ; commanded A Co., 
2nd Regt., Queen s Own Rifles ; pro 
moted major, Oct., 1907 ; served dur 
ing S. African War, 1899-1901, in 
cluding operations in Orange Free 
State, with engagement at Paarde- 
berg, actions at Poplar Grove, and 
Driefontein, operations in Transvaal, 
east and west of Pretoria, Orange 
River Colony, and Cape Colony (med., 
with 4 clasps) ; retired, with rank of 
capt., 1910; is Presdt. S. African 
Assn. ; well known in athletics, in con 
nection with the Toronto Univ. foot 
ball teams, the Osgoode Hall football 
and hockey taams, and the Argonaut 
Rowing Club, of which latter he has 
been Secy., Capt. and V.-P., and has 
accompanied it to Henley-on-Thames, 
ats mangr. ; Aug. 5 Rowanwood Ave., 

Barker, Samuel, lawyer; legislator. 

S. Wm. B., formerly Mayor of Lon 
don, Ont, and Anne (McLaughlin) B. ; 
b. Kingston, Ont, May 25, 1839 ; e. 
London Dist. Grammar Sch. ; m. 1st 
Isabella (d.), d. Johni Cruickshank, 
London, Ont. ; 2ndly, her sister, Mass 
Helen Cruickshank, do. ; barrister, 
1863 ; practised his profession for 
some yrs. in London, where he was 
an Aid. and Chairman of Finance 
Comte. in City Council ; was also, 
while there, inspg. dir. Huron & Erie 
Savings & Loan Soc. ; removing to 
Hamilton, was solr. and genl. counsel 

of G. W. Ry. Go. of Can,., 187>2-82, and 
genl. mangr. N. & N. W. Rys., 1883- 
88 ; both roads have since become 
merged with G. T. R. ; Presdt. St. 
Louis, Kansas & S. W. R., 1899; 
Presdt. Hamilton Bd. of Trade, 1898- 
99 ; later, V.-P. Dom. Bd. of Trade ; is 
a dir. John Abell Engine & Machine 
Co., of Union Trust Co., of Landed 
Baniking & Loan 1 Co., Hamfilton, of 
Union Bank, an<d Crown- Life Ins. Co. ; 
Presdt. OVTuskoka & Georgian Bay Nav. 
Co. ; of io*her "bodies is> a dir. Hamilton 
Health Assn. and Hamilton Jockey 
Club, and Presdit. St. George s Soc. ; 
passed Royal Mil. Sen., London, Onit, 
1865 ; was a deK 5th Commercial Con 
gress, [London, Enig., 1903 ; present at 
the coronation oif the late King in 
WtestmtaMSter Abbey, 1902 ; has been 
chairman HaanPton Club, and was 
arbitrator in dispute between! Caty 
of Toronto and Toromto St. Ry., 
1890 ; a Con., and has been Presdt. 
Lib.-Con. Club and of the Con. Dist. 
Assn., Hamilton ; has sat for Hamil 
ton (H. C.) since g. e. 1900; an Ang. 
Hamilton, Ont.; Hamilton Club; 
Hamilton Jockey Club, do.; Toronto 
Club; Albany Club, Toronto; Rideau 
Club, Ottawa. 

" One of the ablest statesmen and poli 
ticians in Can." Can. Century. 

" A hard student and close reasoner, a 
man of experience in business as well as 
in law, who has established his right to 
be regarded as one of the coming men in 
public life." M. Gazette. 

Barlow, Alfred Ernest. 

S. late Robt. B., Can. Geol. Survey ; 
b. Montreal, June 17, 1861; e. (McGHl 
Univ. (B.A., with 1st class honours in 
Nat. Science, 1883 ; M.A., 1889 ; D.Sc., 
1900) entd. service Can. Geol. Survey, 
1883 ; lithogist, do., July, 1891 ; re 
tired from survey, 1907 ; now a leot. 
in gieol 1 ., McG.rU Univ. ; is also one of 
6 dirs. German Mining Co., Can. ; V.-P. 
Can. Mining Inst. ; F.R.S.C. ; author, 
among other papers, of a report on 
nickel; a Presb. ; m., Nov., 1887, 
Frances, d. late Wm. Toms, Ottawa. 
S28 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, Montreal; 
University Club, do. 

Barlow, John Rigrney, civil engineer. 

S. late Robt. B., Can. Geol. Survey ; 
b. Stornoway, Lewis, Scot., July 29, 
1850; came to Can with his father, 
1855 ; employed Can. Geol. Survey, 
1872-75; entd. service Montreal cor 
poration, 1876, and was engd. in the 
construction of water works, town of 
St. Henri ; asst. city engr., Montreal, 
1880; depty. city surveyor, do., 1892; 
city surveyor, do., 1900; elected a 
mem. Can. Soc. C. E., 1887; a Presb. ; 
a Freemason ; m., Mch., 1877, Margt. 
Coutts, d. late Rev. Wm. Darrach. 
52 Park Ave., Montreal; Engineers 
Club, do. 

Barnard, Trank Stillmau, public man. 
E. s. late F. J. B., M.P. ; b. Toronto, 
May 16, 1856; e. Hellmuth Coll., Lon 
don, Ont. ; moved to B. C., with par 
ents, 1860 ; Aid., Victoria, 1886-96 ; 
Mayor, 1895 ; represented Cariboo 



(H. C.), Con. interest, 1886-96; for 
some yrs. mangr. B. C. Express Co. ; 
subsequently Presdt. Victoria and Van 
couver Transfer Cos., a dir. Okanagan 
Land & Develop. Co., B. C. Milling & 
Mining Co., and Selkirk Mining & 
Smelting: Co. ; one of chief promoters 
B. C. Electric Ry. and a dir. of co. ; 
now also Chairman Securities Cor 
poration B. C. ; m., Nov., 1883, Martha 
Amelia, d. Joseph Loewen, Victoria. 
" Duvals," Victoria, B.C.; Union Club, 
do.; Vancouver Club, Vancouver. 

"A man of energy and ability." V. 

Barnard, George Henry, lawyer; 


S. Francis J. and Ellen (Hillman) 
B., latter Irish; father, an enterpris 
ing Can., went to B. C. from Toronto 
at discovery of gold, 1859, established 
stage and express line, Yale to Bar- 
kerville, and represented Yale-Cariboo 
(H.C.), 1878-88; b. Victoria, B.C., Oct. 
9, 1868; e. Trin. Coll. Son., Port 
Hope, Ont. ; m. Ethel Burnham (presdt. 
first Women s Can. Club, Victoria, 
B,O., 1909-10), e. d. Lt.-Co-I. H. C. 
Rogers, Peterboro, Ont. ; barrister, 
1891 ; Successfully practises ihis prof, in 
Victoria; K.iC., 1907; aid., Vicitoria, 
1902-3 ; mayor, do., 1904-5 ; presdt. B. 
C. Con. ASSTI. ; elected for Victoria, 
B. C. (H. C.), Con. interest, g. e. 
1908 (when he defeated the Hon. Wm. 
Templeiman). Victoria, B.C.; Union 
Club, do.; Vancouver Club, Vancouver; 
Rideau Club, Ottawa. 

Barnard, John Alfred, Am. ry. service. 
B. Grenville, P.Q., Aug. 27, 1861 ; e. 
Gait Coll. Inst. ; entd. the service of 
the Kansas lOity, St. Joseph & Coun 
cil 1 Bmffs Ry., 1878; thereafter occu- 
p_ied responsible positions on various 
lines in the U. S., becoming genl. 
mangr. Ohio, Ind. & Western Ry., Oct., 
1889; asst. genl. mangr. Cleveland, 
Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Ry., 
1890; genl. mangr. Peoria & Eastern 
Ry., 1891 ; V.-P. Peoria & Pekin Union 
Ry., 1900, and Presdt. of do., his pres 
ent position, at a later date. Indian 
apolis, Ind. 

Barnard, Robert Christie, Am. ry. 


B. Montreal, Feb. 5, 1869 ; e. Wor 
cester (Mass.) Polytech. Inst; gradu 
ated, 1890 ; entd. service Penn. ry. 
lines w. of Pittsburg, 1890, as asst. 
in the engrg. corps ; became engr. Chi 
cago div. Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chi 
cago & St. Louis Ry. ; engr. mainten 
ance of way, Richmond div., same 
road, 1898; do. do., Cincinnati, do., 
do., 1900; Supt. Marietta div. Penn. 
Ry., 1902 ; do. Cleveland, Akron & 
Columbus Ry., his present position, 
1903. Akron, O. 

Barnes, Benjamin P., U. S. public ser 

S. Benj. H. and Orena (Higgins) B. ; 
b. Yarmouth, N.S., Dec. 3, 1868; e. 
public schs., N. J. ; followed law course, 
Georgetown (D. C.) Univ. (LL.B., 
1895) ; entd. public service, U. S., as 
elk., P. O. Dept, 1887; becoming later 
private secy. 1st Asst. P. M. Genl., do. 

chief P. O. Inspr., and to 4th Asst. 
P. M. Genl. ; stenographer at White 
Ho., Washington, Jan., 1898; executive 
elk., July, 1898; Asst. Secy, to Presdt. 
McKinley, May, 1900 ; do. Presdt. 
Roosevelt, Apl., 1902 ; postmaster, 
Washington, since June, 1906 ; m., Oct., 
1892, Miss Emily Freeh. -}8 R. St. N. 
E., Washington, D.C. 

(D. 1909.) 

Barnes, Howard Turner, educationist. 
S. Rev. W. S. B. (g. v.) and Mary 
Alice (Turner) B. ; b. Woburn, Mass., 
July 21, 1873 ; came to Can., with his 
parents, 1879; e. under Rev. John Wil 
liamson, Montreal, and (MoGiM Univ. ; 
graduated B.A. Sc., 1893 ; M.A.Sc. (do.), 
1896; D.Sc. (do.), 1900; F.R.S.C., 
1902 ; Presdit. Sec. 3, do., 1909-10 ; 
F.R.S., 19)11; m.,, 1901, Miiss 
Annie Kirshaw C-uniLiff 6, Bottom, Lanca 
shire, Bng. (ddr. Montreal Y.M.C.A.) ; 
while doing post-graduate work alter 
nated his studies with work as 
demon, in the physics dept. of the 
univ. ; awarded the Joule student 
ship by Royal Soc., London, 1898, the 
first Can. scientist to receive the 
honour ; after further research work in 
heat, he submitted the results to the 
Royal Soc., London, at a special ses 
sion of that body ; these were made 
the basis of a report to a c onf. of 
physicists at the last Paris Expn. ; 
apptd. lecturer in physics, McGill 
Univ., 1900 ; became asst, prof, of 
physics there, 1902 ; asso. prof., 1906, 
and Macdonald prof, of physics (suc 
ceeding Dr. Rutherford, q.v.), 1908; 
apptd. dir. Macdonald Physics Buildv- 
ing and senior prof, an that deipt., 1909 ; 
has given particular attention to the 
formation of ice in flowing water, and 
particularly the form of ice known as 
" frazil " and anchor ice ; having read 
a paper on the " Ice Problem in Engi 
neering Work in Canada " before the 
Brit. Assn. for the Advanc. of Science, 
1907, he subsequently published a book 
on " Ice Formation and Frazil," which 
is the first authoritative volume which 
has appeared on the subject ; has also 
made .improvements in the construc 
tion of thermometers, and has per 
fected a pyrometer, whieh is coming 
into use in the regulation of furnaces 
and manufactories ; Secy. Theoretical 
Science Sec. Intern. Elect. Congress, St. 
Louis, 1904 ; asked to bring the objects 
and aims of the Brit. Science Guild 
before the public of Can., 1907 ; a 
mem. Can. branch Intern^ Electro-Tech. 
Comn., 1910; Unit. 239 Pine Ave. W., 
Mon treal. 

" One of the most distinguished teachers 
in McGill University." T. Globe. 

Barnes, James, educationist. 

S. Hy. W. and Emma J. (Johnson) 
B., Halifax, N.S. ; Eng. parentage ; b. 
Halifax, N.S., 1878; e. Dalhousie Univ. 
(B.A., with honours in pure and app. 
math., 1899; M.A., 1900), Chicago 
Univ., and Johns Hopkins Univ, 
(Ph.D., 1904); unm. ; 1851 Exhn. 
Science Research Schol., 1900-03 ; fel 
low Johns Hopkins Univ., 1903-04 ; re 
search asst., Carnegie Inst., 1904 ; asst. 


in physics, Johns Hopkins Univ., 1904 ; 
now asso. prof, physics, Bryn Mawr 
Coll., Bryn Mawr, Pa. ; published 
papers in Phil. Mag., Astroph. Jour 
nal, Research Rev., and Trans. Royal 
Soc. of Can. ; Prcsb. Bryn Mawr, Pa. ; 
Johns Hopkins Club, Baltimore, Md. 
Barnes, Rev. William Sullivan 

S. Wm. Ham and Lydia Ann (Tet- 
ton) B. ; b. Boston, Mass., June 16, 
1841; e. there; LL.D. (hon.), MoGill 
Univ., 1909; m., 1864, IMiss Mary 
Alice Turner, Boston; o. 1864; pastor 
successively Melrose and Woburn, 
Mass. ; called) to Ch. of the Messiah, 
Montreal, 1879 ; presented with silver 
service by comg., oni completing 25ith 
year of service, 1904 ; retired, with 
title of Pastor Emeritus, 1909 ; author 
of several works ; a frequent lecturer 
on art before tlhe Art Assn. and the 
Women s Art Assm. and other bodies 
in Montreal ; is V.-iP. Prisoners Aid 
Assn., Montreal. 637 Grosvenor Ave., 

" Talks sweetly and beautifully." M. 

" Regarded as one of the most polished 
pulpit orators in America." M. Star. 
Barnet, Alexander, lumber manufac 

Parents from N. of Irel. ; b. Ren 
frew, Ont., Feb. 25, 1840; e. there; 
has been all his life engaged in lum 
bering ; has operated with success on 
nearly all the waters tributary to the 
Ottawa River above the Federal capi 
tal ; elected a dir. Merchants Bank. 
Can., Oct., 1903 ; later a dir. Bank of 
Ottawa; a Presb. ; m., 1867, Miss Jane 
Greene. Renfrew, Ont.; Rideau Club, 
Barnett, John Davis, civil engineer. 

B. Liverpool, Eng., Dec. 28, 1849 ; 
studied for profession under J. Arm 
strong, at Wolverhampton, London, 
and Swindon ; came to Can., 1866; for 
some time Asst. Mech. Supdt. G. T. Ry., 
and, subsequently, Mech. Supdt., Mid 
land Ry. ; a M. I. M. E. and an A. M. 
I. C. E. ; a charter mem. and a Coun 
cillor Can. Soc. C. E. ; for 2 yrs. Presdt. 
Am. Master Mechs. Inst. : possesss 
one of the largest private libraries in 
Can., a considerable portion of which 
is Shakespeariana ; a del. to the first 
Library Inst., Ont, 1907. Stratford. 
Barnhill, Alexander Ferley, lawyer. 

iSecond s. late Wm. B., t. John-, N.B. ; 
b. there, May 27, 1863; e. Mt. Allison 
Univ. (B.A., 1885) : m., June, 1894, 
Miss Annie S. Metcalf ; barrister, 1889 ; 
K.C., 1905; practises his prof. In St. 
John ; Presdt. St. John Barristers 
Soc., 1908-9 ; dir. in several industrial 
and financial corporations ; a mem. 
Intern. Comm, created 1908. by U. >S. 
and Can. to consider treaty rights and 
joint use of River St. John ; Lib. ; 
Meth. St. John, N.B. ; Union Club, do. 
Barnsley, James M., landscape 

B. Toronto, 1867 ; studied Washing 
ton Univ. (gold med. ) and Sch. of 
Fine Arts, St. Louis, Mo. ; subse 

quently went to Paris, where, at 21, 
he exhibited at the Salon ; spent 5 yrs. 
there, his works attracting much at 
tention and receiving high praise ; re 
turning to Can., exhibited here for 
many yrs. ; one of his principal works, 
" The Entrance to Dieppe Harbour " 
(Paris Salon, 1886), is regarded by 
the critics as a masterpiece. Care Art 
Assn., Phillips Square, Montreal. 

Barnstead, Arthur Stanley, N. S. 

public service. 

B. Halifax, Jan. 10, 1873; e. Hali 
fax Acad. and Dalhousie Univ. (B.A., 
1893, and Munro bursary; LL.B., 
1895); barrister, 1895; formerly asst. 
elk. and elk. Leg. Council. N. S. ; was 
for several yrs., from 1901, chief ed. 
Acadian Recorder, Halifax, N.S. ; 
Chairman Halifax Svh. Bd., 1906 ; 
author paper, " The Municipalities in 
Relation to Some Educational Reforms 
in N. S." ; apptd. Secy, of Industries 
and Immigration, N. S., Oct., 1907, 
and since then has been made Depty. 
Regr. Genl. N. S., in connection with 
the establt. of a vital statistics bu 
reau for the province ; elected archivist 
Cam Oluto, Halifax, 1908 ; do. Presdt. 
Dal housiie Univ. Alumni iSoc., dra. ; a 
Presb. ; m., 1903, Louisa, d. late Alfred 
Putnam, M.iP. Halifax, 2V.S. ; Halifax 
Curling Club, do. 

" A man of intelligence and education 
and eminently qualified for his new posi 
tion." H. Herald. 

Barnwell, Walter Gait, Am. ry. ser 

B. Danville, P.Q., Apl. 13, 1865; e. 
St. Francis Coll., Richmond, P.Q. ; 
entd. service Can. Atlantic Ry., 1881 ; 
joined the Fergus Falls and Brecken- 
ridge divs. of the Gt. Northern Ry., 
1884, and, later, the Southern Cal. 
Ry., and was successively cashier at 
Redlands, Cal., agent at Santa Ana, 
Cal., soliciting and commercial agent, 
and genl. agent freight dept. at Los 
Angeles, on that road ; after serving 
in other capacities, was apptd. to his 
present position, genl. freight agent 
coast lines, Atchison, Topeka & Santa 
Fe Ry., Apl., 1905. Los Angeles, Cal. 
Barr, Rev. Adam Pordyce (Ang.). 

Second s. Chas. D. B., Regr. Co. Vic 
toria, Lindsay, Ont. ; b. Lindsay, Aug. 
14, 1874 ; e. Lindsay Coll. Inst., U. C. 
Coll., and Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1896: 
M.A., 1904) ; held Alex. Mackenzie fel 
lowship, Toronto Univ., 1896-7 ; theol. 
studies at Wycliffe Coll., Toronto ; o 
1901 ; resident master. Ridley Coll., 
1897-99; curate All Saints Ch., To 
ronto, 1901-06; financial agent, Wy 
cliffe Coll., 1906-7; rector All Saints , 
Whitby (his present position), 1907; 
unm. ; a noted athlete, and when a 
student captained both U. C. Coll. and 
Varsity in lacrosse and Rugby foot 
ball ; elected Presdt. Can. Rugby Foot 
ball Union, 1906-07. All Saints Rec 
tory, Whitby, Ont. 
Barr, James, author. 

Seventh c. Robt. and Jane (Watson) 
B., Windsor, Ont. ; b. Wallacetown, 
Ont, 1862 ; e. public schs. ; m. Eliza- 



beth Sabel (d. 1909), d. A. C. Wylde, 
Brook Green, London, Eng. ; afltor 
serving as a public son. teacher, Joined 
staff Detroit Journal, and subsequenitliy 
ed. Windsor Record ; werat to London to 
edit the Eng. edition. of the Detroit 
Free Press; later was special writer ito 
PaH Matt Gazette, and acted as such 
at burial of Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone 
and 1 Queen Victoria ; published " Ward 
.Room Yarns " in tlhis capacity ; com 
piled and edited a vol. of Am. humorous 
verse for Canterbury series of -poets, 
1891, and a vol. for Initern, Humorous 
Series, 1893 ; to latter added finst bio- 
graphicail index oif Am. and Can. 
humorists ever compiled ; among other 
volumes has (published " The Gods Give 
My rDonkey Winigs," " The Gods Gave 
My Donkey Wliinigs," " Under thie Eaves 
of Night," " The Great Frozen North," 
" The Witchery of the Serpent," 
" Laughing Tbrouglh a Wilderness," 
"The Grey Eat." 32 Avenue Gardens, 
Mill Hill Park, London, W., Eng. ; Lon 
don Sketch Cluli. 

" One cannot imagine this writer de 
teriorating, and it is difficult to guess how 
he can improve." Vanity Fair. 
Barr, Xit.-Col. John Graham, Can. mil. 


B. May 16, 1851; reed. 1st class 
cent, R. S. C. ; entd. 6th Prov. 
Regt. of Cav., as lieut., Feb., 1884; 
capt. 6th Duke of Connaught s Royal 
Can. Hussairis, Dec., 1886 ; major, Apl., 
1898; It.-col. commdg. the regt, Feb. 
24, 1904 ; now on R. O. ; has been 
awarded the long-service decoration ; 
m. Florence (May (d. Men., 1906), d. 
Chiurdhi U. St. Johns, P.Q. 

Barr, Miss Mary Elizabeth, nursing 


iB. of Eng ., Ird Sh and iProt. parent- 
age, Charlotte town, P.E.I.; e. there; 
graduated Boston City Hosp., 1894; 
since when has been successively 
Supdt. of the Concord Hosp. Assn., 
now known as the Margt. Pillsbury 
Hosp., the Elliot Hosp., Manchester, 
N.H., and the Lawrence Genl. Hosp., 
Lawrence, Mass. ; estbd. a private 
sanatorium of her own, 1908. Law 
rence, Mass. 

Barr, Robert, author; journalist. 

E. c. Robt. B., bard St. Andrew s 
Soc., Windsor, Ont, and Jane B. ; b. 
Glasgow, Scot, Sept. 16, 1850 ; brought 
to Can. by his parents when 5 yrs. old ; 
settled at Wallacetown, Ont. ; e. local 
sens, and Toronto Normal Sch., tak 
ing first class cert. ; m., 1876, Miss Eva 
Bennett, Raleigh, Co. Kent. Ont. ; 
head master, Central Sch., Windsor, 
1875; a contributor of humorous 
sketches to Detroit Free Press ; a mem. 
of its staff, 1876; removed to Eng., 
where he estiabd. the weekly editiom. of 
the Free Press, writing in it under 
pseudonym " Luke Sharp," 188il ; 
founded, with Jerome K. Jerome, the 
Idler Mag., 1892 ; autlhor of the follow 
ing, among other works oif fiction : 
" Strange Happenings," " In a Steamer 
Chaiir," " From Whose Bourn," " The 
Face and the Mask," " Revenge," " In 

the Midst of Alarm s," "A Woman In 
tervenes, " The Mutable Many," " The 
Countess Tefcla," " One Day s Court 
ship," "The Strong Arm," "The Un 
changing OBast," " The Adventures of 
Jennlie Baxter, Journalist, " The Silent 
Castle, "Over the Border," "The Vic 
tors," " The Speculations of John 
Steele," " The Tempestuous Petticoat," 
"The O Ruddy," "The Triumphs of 
Eugene Val.mont," "A Rock in the 
Baltic," "The (Measure of tlhe Rule, " 
"Younig .Lord, ;< Tekla," 
" Cairdillac," amd "The Sword Maker" ; 
Is an Indian chief of the Troquois tribe. 
Billhead, Woldingham, Surrey, Eng. ; 
Devonshire Club; Savage Club; Cecil 
Club, London; Witenagemote Club. 

" As a writer of short stories has few 
equals." London Magazine. 

" He looks what he is a thoroughly 
practical hard-headed man." Greenock 

Barrett, Alfred T., painter. 

B. Wolfville, N.S. ; now living at Bos 
ton, Mass., where he follows the prac 
tice of his prof. ; among other works 
has executed a full-length portrait of 
Queen Victoria for the Assembly 
Chamber, Halifax ; also full-length 
portraits of the late Archbp. O Brien, 
for the R. C. Bp. of Portland, Me., of 
Dr. Sawyer, for Acadla Univ., and of 
Judge Longley (q.v.), for the Court 
House, Halifax, N.S. 18 Hawthorne 
St., Roxbury, Mass. 

Barrett, John J., journalist. 

S. Edward B. ; b. Gait, Ont., May 
28, 1876; e. Gait Sep. Sch. and Gait 
Coll. Inst. : matriculated into Toronto 
Univ., 1893 ; took course In Gait Nor 
mal Sch. ; m., Feb., 1906, Miss Ethel 
Lois Aitken, Carbondale, Pa.; entd. 
journalism, as correspondent and re 
porter, Buffalo Evening News; asst. 
financial ed., N. Y. Herald, Apl., 1901 ; 
since Sept., 1908, financial ed. do. do. ; 
elected mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange, 
Jan., 1909 ; gives close attention and 
study to world s financial markets ; 
gave first news during financial panic, 
May, 1901, that the Northern Pacific 
Ry., over which rival Wall St. bank 
ers were fighting, had been wrested 
from P. Morgan & Co. s hands, and 
that it had passed to Kuhn, Loeb & 
Co. ; secured confidence of Wall St. 
leaders, and was thereby able to re 
cord financial coups In railroad and 
industrial spheres, especially In the 
era of Industrial development culmin 
ating in 1906, when restricted legisla 
tion was begun by Fed. Govt. at Wash- 
ineton ; while in Can., a Lib. : holds 
practically same views in U. S., but 
could not vote for them on account of 
false leadership : would be a Demo 
crat; regards the high tariff as one 
of the greatest evils now preventing 
the economic development of the U. S., 
and which has created, figuratively 
speaking, a " hothouse " condition in 
country s industrial life ; a R. C. JS27 
Riverside Drive, New York; New York 
Athletic Club; Travers Island Country 
Club, do. 



Barrett, John Kelly, Dora, public ser 

B. s. John and Bridget (Barrett) 
B., Puslinch, Ont. ; b. Hamilton, Ont., 
June 6, 1850; e. local public sch. and 
Holy Cross Coll., Worcester, Mass. 
(LL.D., 1892), Ottawa Umiv. (hon.), 
LL.D., do. ; m., May, 1875, Sarah 
Maria, .e. d. Wm. O Brien, Hamilton, 
Ont. ; principal St. Mary s Model Sclb., 
Hamilton, Ont., 1872 : entering pub 
lic service, 1873, fifl led various posts 
in Int. Rev. Dept., and was apptd. 
(list, inspr. of Iml. Rev. Winnipeg. 
1885, and ins pr. malt hious-es an>d 
breweries for Dom., 1903 ; formerly 
local supdt. and inspr. Sep. Schs., St. 
Catharines ; is mang. dir. and ed. -in- 
chief Northwest Review, the Eng. 
Cat h. organ of the minority In Man. ; 
also a Councillor Man, Univ., a 
trustee Cath. Schs., a Past Chancellor 
and now Grand Depty. for Man., C. M. 
B.A. ; his name became widely known, 
some yrs. ago, in the historic lawsuit 
of Barrett vs. the City of Winnipeg, 
an action taken to test the constitu 
tionality of the Greenway Govt. in 
passing the Sdh. Act of 1890 ; a R. C. 
Winnipeg, Man. 
Barrett, Walter Henry, journalist. 

S. late Michael B., M.A., M.D., for 
merly mem. staff U. C. Coll. ; b. To 
ronto, Oct. 31, 1847 ; e. U. C. Coll. ; 
m. Florence W. (d. iMay, 1906), d. 
late Whn. Spink, (Cam C. S. ; suc 
cessively a reporter Daily Telefjraph, 
Daily Globe, Express, anid Daily 
Mail, Toronto ; published Evening Sun, 
same city, 1874-76, and afterwards 
The National ("Can. First"), and 
The Observer, the two latter weeklies; 
removed to N. T., 1877, and was suc 
cessively connected with The World, 
Tribune, and Times, being financial 
ed. of Times, which position he held 
up to 1896, when he retired from 
active journalism ; has contributed 
various articles on financial and ry. 
questions to leading newspapers and 
periodicals; passed Royal Mil. Sch., 
Toronto, and served as offr. in 10th 
Royals, Toronto, during Fenian raids 
(med.). 54 Broad St., New York. 

Barrett, His Honour William, County 

Court Judge. 

Barrister, 1868; junior judge Co. 
Bruce, Ont., Sept., 1885 ; senior judge, 
Aipl., 1893; m., July, 1902, Anne (d.), 
widow His Honour Judge Wiilkes. 
Walkerton, Ont. 

Harriet, Eli James, physician. 

Descended from Jacob Olt (U. B. 
L.) ; b. Wainfleet, Welland, Ont., Dec. 
28, 1838; e. local schs. and Normal 
Sch., Toronto (cert.) ; a public sch. 
teacher for some yrs. ; M.D. (Victoria 
Univ.), 1866; L.R.C.P. (Lond.) do.; 
M. and L. (Midwif.) R.C.S. (Eng.), 
1867; Lie. anidi Lee. (Midwif.), R.C.P. 
(Eng.), do.; demon, of anat., Rolph 
Sch. Med., Toronto, 1867 ; prof, of 
midwif. and diseases of women and 
child., do., 1868-74 ; subsequently ex 
aminer in midwif. and gynecol., Vic 
toria Univ., and Treas. Ont. Med. 
Assn. ; has taken an active part in the 

movements made for the reform of 
inebriates, and for the prevention of 
consumption ; elected Presdt. of a Sec. 
of Intern. Congress on Tubercul., 1903 ; 
do. do. do., Am. Congress on Tubercul., 
do. ; later was Presdt. of the Anti- 
Coinsumptiion League, Can. ; for many 
yrs. a Councillor, Coll. P. and S., Ont. ; 
a Meth., and a trustee Metropolitan 
Ch., Toronto ; a Lib.-Con. ; m., Apl., 
1870, Kate Head, d. late New- 
combe, Toronto. 60 Bond St., Toronto. 

" As a practical authority on consump 
tion has no superior in America." T. 
Barrie, Howard Green, physician. 

M.D. (Trin. Univ., Toronto), 1899; 
served as college Y. M. C. A. Secy., 
Ont. and P. Q. ; representative Y. M. 
C. A. in S. A. during war (see booklet, 
" With the Can. Contingent in S. A.," 
1901) ; Y. M. C. A. Secy, in China, 
1901; m., Oct., 1901, Winnifred Julia, 
d. late Hon. John Macdpnald, Senator, 
Toronto. Shanghai, China. 
" Barrie, The Canadian J. M." (see 

Knowles, Rev. R. E.). 
Barrison, Miss Mabel, actress. 

D. late E. J. Farrance, Toronto ; 
b. and e. there; m., 1907, Joseph T. 
Howard ; commenced stage experience, 
1902 ; has risen steadily in her profes 
sion, becoming a star, 1905, in a play 
specially written for her by Geo. 
Cohan ; made great hit in " The Blue 
Mouse," 19 08- 9 ; appeared in vaude 
ville, do. ; announced her retirement 
from. 1 the stage, ora account of llllmess, 
1911. Care "Dramatic Mirror," New 
Barron, Mrs. Bessie, vocalist. 

D. Harold Bon sail, Toronto; b. Ot 
tawa ; early studies at Toronto Coll. 
of Music, commencing 1890 (Haslam 
scholar, and St. James s Cath. schol 
ar.) ; apptd. contralto soloist Broad 
way Tabernacle, N. Y. ; retired there 
from, to join concert troupe accom 
panying Ovide Musin, Belgian violin 
ist, with which she remained for 2 
seasons; In 1895 became a pupil of 
Chas. Santley, London, Eng., and. 
later, joined the D Oyley Carte Co. at 
Savoy Theatre, with a view of acquir 
ing a knowledge of stage methods : 
remaining for 2 seasons, she success 
fully took prominent contralto parts 
in the then popular Gilbert and Sulli 
van operas ; afterwards being booked by 
the impressario, Vert, for an extensive 
series of London concerts and draw 
ing-room engagements ; also devoted 
herself to oratorio ; returning to Am., 
was engaged on tour successively with 
Sousa, Dufft, the Redpath Grand Con 
cert Co., and " Banda Rossa ; m., 
1906, Geo. Barron, Toronto. 22 Charles 
St. E., Toronto. 

" There are many fine contralto singers 
in the world, but those having voices like 
Miss Bonsall s can be counted on the 
fingers of one hand." T. Globe. 
Barron, Rev. Frederick Henry 

B. St. Mary s, Ont., 1870 ; e. public 
schs., Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1897), and 



Knox Coll., Toronto (B.D., 1900) ; m., 
1902, Miss Mary Cuthbert Butler, Bal 
timore, Md. ; o. 1900 ; has been Presdt. 
Davis & Elkins Coll., Elkins, W.Va., 
and prof, phil., do. Elkins, W. Va. 
Barren, His Honour John Augustus, 

County Court Judge. 
Y. and only s. late Fredk. Wm. 
Barren, M.A. (Camb. ), formerly prin 
cipal U. C. Coll. (Irish ancestry), and 
Eleanor (Thompson) B. ; b. Toronto, 
July 11, 1850 ; e. Cobourg Grammar 
Sch., Quebec Semy., and U. C. Coll. ; 
m., Aug., 1874, Elizabeth Caroline 
Clarice (d. June, 1910), 4th d. late 
Hartley Dunsford, Regr. Co. Victoria, 
Ont. ; barrister, 1872; K.C., 1890; 
author " Barron on Chattel Mort 
gages," " On Conditional Sales," and 
other legal works ; also of numerous 
papers and addresses favouring the 
formation of a Royal Can. Navy ; a 
mem. High Sch. Bd., Lindsay, for many 
yrs. ; also Reeve of Lindsay ; sat for 
N. Victoria (H. C.), Lib. interest. 
1887-91, when unseated and defeated; 
one of the " Noble 13," who voted for 
the disallowance of Mercier s Jesuits 
Estates Bill, 1889 ; apptd. Co. Ct. 
jud ge for Co. (Perth, Jan., 1897 ; apptd. 
by Ont. G-ovt. a commr. to enquire into 
alleged ballot-stuffing in W. Elgin, Jan., 
1900; has acted as conciliator under 
the Lemieux Act in several labour dis 
putes ; represented Stratford City Coun 
cil at convention of Can. Assn. for 
Prevent, of Consumption, Sept., 1906, 
and reported on subject of tubercu 
losis ; an Ang. and a del. to both 
Synods ; s. John joined Canada as first 
Can. cadet, R. C. N., 1908. Stratford, 
Ont.; Stratford Club, do. 

Barrow, Robert Shepherd, bank mangr. 

S. Edmund Clerk and Martha Susan 
(Ffrench) B. ; b. Quebec, Mch. 12, 
1865; e. High Sch. there; m., Aug., 
1895, Martha Adela, d. late John Well- 
ingtc^ Moles, Co. Leeds, Ont. ; entered 
Union Bank, Can., Sept., 1881; mangr., 
do., Bolssevaln, Man., 1892 ; an Ind. ; 
an Ang. Regina, SasJc,; Assiniboia 
Club, do. 
Barry, David Boolean, lawyer. 

S. late J. E. and Marie Agla (Rou 
leau) B., Escumlnac, P.Q. ; b. there ; 
e. Laval Univ. (LL.B., 1874) ; advo 
cate, 1875 ; successfully practises his 
prof, at B ryson, P.Q. ; b&tonnier, Ot 
tawa Dist. bar, 1907; has acted as 
Crown prosecutor in PoMiac ; was 
delegated by the youth of Quebec, 
1879, to visit the ex-Empress Eugenie, 
at Chiselhurst, for the purpose of 
expressing their sympathy with her 
over the unfortunate death of her son, 
the Prince Imperial, and of placing a 
wreaith upon his tomb, a mission he 
successfully accomplished ; a R. C. 
Bryson, P.Q. 

Barry, Hon. Jeremiah Hayes, judge. 

Irish origin ; s. late Patrick and 
Julia (Hayes) B. ; b. Maugerville, N.B., 
May 21, 1858; e. public schs. ; m., 1891, 
Isabella, d. John Owens, St. John, N.B. ; 
barrister, 1882; practised at Frederic- 
ton, in partnership, latterly, with late 
Hon. A. G. Blair, K.C. ; K. C., 1899; 

V.-P. Barristers Soc. ; acted as Crown 
counsel in many important criminal 
cases ; judge of Probate, Co. York, 
1899 ; a senator N. B. Univ., a mem. 
Provl. Bd. of Health, a councillor Bd. 
of Trade, a trustee Victoria Hosp. ; 
apptd. a puisne judge, Sup. Ct., N. B., 
May 28, 1909 ; a R. C., and a mem. 
C. M. B. A. and A. O. H. Fredericton, 
Barry, Lt.-Col. John Joseph, Montreal 

civic service. 

S. late John Edmund B., lumber 
merchant, Escuminac, P.Q., a native 
of Cork, Irel., and a personal friend 
of Danl. O Connell, and Marie Aglae 
(Rouleau) B. ; b. Esctuminac, 1862; 
e. Semy., Quebec ; after serving as a 
law student, was apptd. Secy. Montreal 
Police Bd. and Police Dept., Dec., 1891, 
a position he still fills ; is also asst. 
to Supdt. of Police ; his mil. career 
dates from 1894, when he was apptd. 
2nd lieut, 85th Regt. (1st class cert, 
St. John s Royal Mil. Sch.), and later 
attained a captaincy therein ; he be 
came major 80th Regt., 1900, and was 
promoted It.-col. commdg. the regt., 
June, 1903 ; now on R. O. ; contributed 
" Mil. Notes " to French newspaper 
press. 558 St. Denis St., Montreal. 
Barry, Miss Lily Emily Frances, 

author and journalist. 
Fourth d. late Jas. B., chief elk. of 
statistics, Customs Dept., Ottawa, and 
Catherine M. (Barry) B. ; b. Montreal; 
e. Convent Notre dame du Sacrfi Coeur, 
Ottawa (M. of Lome s silver med. for 
best Eng. essay and Archbp. Duhamel s 
med. for essay on Christ, doctrine) ; 
studied Ottawa Art Sch. ; matriculated 
in Arts, McGill Univ., 1892; on staff 
Once a Week, N. Y., for some yrs. ; 
joined ed. staff Family Herald and 
Weekly Star, Montreal (where she still 
is), 1896; is ed. Woman s Dept. (npm 
de plume, " Primrose " ) ; in addition 
to many miscellaneous articles, re 
views, music, dramatic, and art criti 
cisms, short stories, verses, transla 
tions, etc., is author of a volume, " In 
Paths of Peace" (1901); another 
volume of essays on the same lines, 
"The Living Present," Is In press; 
represented Montreal Star (special 
staff correspondent) at the Paris 
Expn. ; R. C. 47 Hutchison St., Mont 
real; Women s Can. Club, do. 

" Wields a brilliant pen." Late Geo. 
Barry, Bt. Bev. Thomas Francis, 


Irish parentage ; b. Pokemouche, 
NB., Mch. 3, 1841; D.D. (Laval), 
1899; o. priest, 1866; Bp. Thugga, 
1899; coadjutor late Bp. Rogers, 1900; 
Bp. of Chatham since Aug., 1902; a 
del. to the Plenary Council, Quebec, 
Sept., 1909 ; do. to the Eucharistlc 
Congress, Montreal, Sept., 1910. 
Bishop s Palace, Chatham, N.B. 
Barthe, TJlric, journalist. 

S. late Capt. Hy. B., shipowner and 
navigator ; first Can. ancestor came 
from France to Acadia during French 
Revolution ; nephew late J. G. and 
G. I. B., who sat in Can. Parlt. at 



different periods, the first-named being 
a famous author and journalist ; b. 
St Roch, Quebec, Sept. 13, 1853 ; e. 
Sorel and St. Joseph Coll., Three 
Rivers, P.Q. ; m., 1st, Jan., 1884, Mile. 
"Wilhelmine Boucher, Sorel (d. 1900) ; 
2ndly, her sister, Mile. Azeline 
Boucher ; has been on ed. staff of 
Gazette de Sorel, L Electeur (Quebec), 
and the Semaine Commerciale (do.), 
which Hatter he founded ; laiter was 
connected witfh La Vigie (do.), a free 
lance Lib. paper; published "Wilfrid 
Laurier on the Platform," a collection 
of Sir Wilfrid Laurier s first speeches 
(1890), and "La Prise de Quebec," a 
translation from Parkman ; also trans 
lated Byron Nicholson s (q.v.) "French- 
Canadian " ; apptd. Secy. Quebec 
Bridge Co., 1897 ; elected Presdt. Assoc. 
Press, P.Q., 1909. IBS Rue St. Jean, 

Bartlett, John B., business man. 

S. Richard and Louise (Oaks) B. ; 
b. Predericton, N.B., May 17, 1839 ; e. 
public schs. there and Boston ; m., 
Apl., 1897, Miss Jennie Dickerson, Des 
Molnes, Iowa ; entd. business, Boston, 
1865; removed to N. T., 1873; is 
presdt. Drawbaugh Telephone & Tele 
graph Co. ; purchased, with associates, 
the following cos. for supplying water 
to Northern N. J. cities and towns ; 
Soc. for Establishing Useful Manu 
factures, Passaic Water Co., Acquack- 
anonk Water Co., Montclair Water Co., 
W. Milford Water Storage Co., Ma- 
coupin R. R. Co., E. Jersey Water Co., 
and N. J. Genl. Security Co. ; elected 
presdt. Am. Cotton Oil Co., 1891 ; was 
chairman, Organization Comte., Nicar 
agua Canal, 1894 ; presdt. Bay State 
Gas Co., 1897; elected a dir. Am. 
Pegamoid Co., 1898; purchased 28 
mills and 12 refineries in Gt. Brit., 
manfig. cotton and linseed oils, ana 
amalgamated them into one co., known 
as the Brit. Oil & Cake Mills, Ltd., 
1900 ; is a dir. Pa. Iron Works Co., 
and Siemens & Halske Electric Co., 
Chicago ; a mem. New Eng. Soc., N. Y. 
and Am; Soc., London, Enig. 2 Wall 
St., New York; Union League Club; 
Lotos Club; Lawyers Club; Knicker 
bocker Club; Athletic Club, do. 

Bartlatt, Lt.-Col. Noble Alexander, 


S. Geo. B., merchant, Windsor, Ont., 
and Ermina, d. Wm. Noble, Dearborn, 
Mich., U.S. ; b. Amherstburg, Ont., 
Sept. 9, 1860 ; e. local scha ; barrister, 
1902 ; has practised throughout at 
Windsor, Ont. ; in mil. service obtained 
2nxi class R. S. I. cert., and was for 
many yrs. an offr. in 21st Regt., 
" Essex Fusiliers " ; attained to the 
command of regt., July 18, 1902 ; re 
tired, July, 1908 ; commanded regt. at 
Detroit, Mich., Sept., 1902, when it was 
inspected by Presdt. Roosevelt; a 
Presb. ; a Lib. ; m., 1st, Ada (Mae (d. 
1902), e. d. J. W. Peddie; 2ndly, Men., 
1905, Grace Marion, d. J. H. Kenning, 
Inspr. Inl. Rev. Windsor, Ont. 

Bartlett, Kobert Abram, mariner. 

S. Capt. Wm. B. and grands. Capt. 
Abram B. ; b. Brigus, Conception Bay, 

Nfd., 1875; family originally from 
Devonshire, Eng. ; holds a capt. s cert. 
for foreign voyages ; passed examn., as 
master, Halifax Naut, Acad., 1902 ; has 
commanded steamers Nimrod, Kite, 
Algerine, and Leopard at the seal 
fishery ; father and gnandf . commanded 
sailing vessels going to tihe Arctic yrs. 
ago, and former now commands the 
sealing str. Viking; was first offr. on 
Peary s ship Windward, and has com 
manded the same explorer s ship, the 
Roosevelt, on 2 voyages to the Polar 
regions^ in <searoh of the North Pole ; 
also on Peary s final voyage, when he 
discovered the Pole, 1909, he himself 
reaching the 88th parallel ; became a 
naturalized Am, citizen, A>pl. f 1911. 
St. John s, Nfd. 

Bartley, Rev. Thomas Edwin (Meth.). 

S. Thos. and (Holmes) B., 

Moy, Co. Tyrone, Irel. ; b. Moy, May 
16, 1860; e. public schs. Irel., McGill 
Univ., and Montreal Wesl. Theol. Coll. ; 
m., Nov., 1887, Miss Josephine Mc- 
Brien, Whitby, Ont. ; o. 1887 ; now 
field secy. Toronto Meth. iSocial Union, 
has been Chairman Colllnigwood, 
Barrie, Orangeville, and Toronto Centre 
dists. ; a del. to three last Genl. Cpnfs. ; 
believes that a personal application of 
the Goilden Rule is the only true solu 
tion of the soctia Mstic questions of to 
day. 464 Gladstone Ave., Toronto. 

Barton, Arthur S., journalist. 

B. Bromborough, Cheshire, Eng., 
1857 ; e. there ; came to Can., 1880 ; 
went west, 1881 ; farmed till 1901, 
when he purchased The Recorder, 
Boissevain, which he has since con 
ducted ; a practical architect ; an 
Ang; a Con. Boissevain, Man. 

Barton, George Aaron, educationist. 

S. Danl. and Mary S. (Bull) B. ; b. 
E. Farnham, P.Q., Nov. 12, 1859; e. 
local schs., Oakwood Sem/., Hayer- 
ford Coll. (A.B., 1882; M.A., 1885), 
and Harvard Univ. (A.M., 1890 ; Ph.D., 
1891) m, June, 1884, Mass Caroline 
Brewer DanifoTtJh; an acknowledged 
minr. Soc. of Friends since 1879; 
commenced career as a teacher in Can. 
public schs., Nov., 1876; a teacher 
higher math, and classics, Friends 
Soh., Providence, R.L, 1884-89 ; lec 
turer Bible langs., Haverford Coll., 
1891-95 ; dir. Am. Sen. Oriental Study 
and Research, Palestine, 1902-3 ; .prof. 
Bible literature and .Semitic lang., Bryn 
OMawr Coll., Penn. (with which insti 
tution toe toad been previously con 
nected), since 1891; a contributor at 
various times to the Journ. Am. Orient. 
Soc., Jour. Bib. Liter., Am. Journ. 
Archceol., Am. Journ. Semitic Lang., 
Am. Journ. Theol., and Bib. World; 
also to " Encycl. Biblica and Jewish 
Encyclop." ; author "iSketch Semitic 
Origins, Social and Religious" (1902), 
"The Roots of Christian Teaching as 
Found In the Old Testament" (do.); 
"A Tear s Wandering in Bible Lands 
(1904), "The Haverford Library Col 
lection of Cuneiform Tablets, or Docu 
ments from the Temple Archives of 
Jelloh" (1905), " Ecclesiastes in the 




International Critical "Commien.tary " 
(1908). Bryn Mawr, Pa., U.S. 

" Always inte resiting." London Spec- 

As honest .as he is learned and orig 
inal." Jewish Chronicle. 

" One of the ablest and most active of 
our younger Semitic scholars." N. . In 
Barton, Gerald, organist. 

Belongs to Che Gerald .Bartons, Nor 
folk, Eng. ; b. Fundenhall, Norfolk, 
Eng., June 14, 1861; e. King Edward 
VI. c h., Norwich, and Magdalen Coll., 
Oxford ; m., 1st, Miss Marie Louise 
Stratton, .Riverside, Cal. (d.) ; 2ndly, 
Miss Carolyn Heloise Browne, Santa 

Barbara, Oal. ; mem. musical prof. ; has 
filled many positions, as organist and 
genl. instructor, in various quarters of 
the gloibe ; since 1906 organist St. Paul s 
Ch., Toronto ; composer of many songs, 
part songs, ch. music, etc., a good deal 
of which is published ; pantheistic in 
religion ; has a leaning towards social 
ism, if the Socialists can ever devise a 
practical modus vivendi, 662 Spadina 
Ave., Toronto; University Club, Hono 
lulu, Hawaii. 
Barton, Bev. William (Ang.). 

S. Hy. Musgrave B., Festing Grove, 
Hants, Eng. ; b. London, July 18, 
1868; e. Godolphin Sch., Hammer 
smith, and Lennoxville Univ. (B.A., 
1894 ; !M.A., 1898) ; m., 1st, Nov., 1901, 
Marion Stowell (d. Jan., 1904), d. 
Edwin Pope, Quebec ; 2nidly, July, 
1907, Nellie Campbell, y. d. late Owen 
Jones, C.E., Toronto ; o. deaco.n, 1896 ; 
priest, 1897; served successively at 
Ireland, Sherbrooke, St. Maurice. 
Gaspe Basin, and Quebec, P.Q. ; apptd. 
to Chemalnus, B.C., Sept., 1907; now 
curate Christ Ch., Victoria, B.C. Vic 
toria, B.C. 
Bastedo, David Edgar, Ont. public 


U. E. L. descent; s. Joseph Rogers 
and IMary (Force) B. ; "b. Oo. Oxford, 
Ont., Nov. 28, 1860 ; e. public sch. 
and by private tutor ; m. Miss Annie 
E. Oaten, formerly of Devon-s., Eng. ; 
formerly a journalist, and edited suc 
cessively The Northern Advocate 
(Braeebridge), The Georgetown Herald, 
and The Muskoka Herald, all in Con. 
interest ; as Chairman Bracebridge Son. 
B<3. ; apptd. sheriff of IMuskoka, Apl., 
1906 ; a Presb. Bracebridge, Ont. 
Bastedo, Samuel Tovel, Dom. public 


U. E. L. descent ; s. late David and 
Sarah Elizabeth (Tovel) B. ; b. Hamil 
ton, Omt, Dec. 4, 1855 ; e. Oo. Oxford, 
Ont. ; m. Miss Ida Virginia Straubel ; 
served for 27 yrs. in the Ont. civil ser 
vice, during which time he was suc 
cessively private secy, to Sir O. 
Mowat and Hon. A. S. Hardy, secy, 
and financial offr. of the Fisheries 
Bureau, and Deputy Minr. of Fisheries ; 
removed from last-named offlce, July, 
1906 ; apptd. Ont. mangr. Annuity Co., 
Can., Aug., 1906 ; Brit. Commr. on 
Intern. Fisheries Treaty with U. S., 
1909-10 ; since then has been supdt. 
Can. Govt. Annuities ; formerly a Lib. ; 

a Presb. ; has held high rank in 
Masonic order, Oddfellows, and A. O. 
U. W. 201 O Connor St., Ottawa. 

" A faithful and conscientious member of 
the Provincial service^" O. Free Press. 

Bastien, Francois de Sales Alphonse, 


S. late F. de S. B., N.P., Regr. 
Vaudreuil, and Elmire Melina (Pre- 
vost) B. ; b. Vaudreuil, P.Q., May 9, 
1858; e. Montreal Coll.; followed law 
studies Laval Univ.; m., Jan. 1885, 
Josephine Adele, e. d. J. P. R. Masson, 
Terrebonne, IP.Q. ; advocate, 1880; 
K.C., 1893 ; has practised throughout 
at Montreal bar, where he is now one 
of the leaders; head law firm B., Ber 
geron, Cousineau & Jasmin ; unsuc 
cessfully contested Vaudreuil (H. C.), 
Con. interest, g. e. 1904 ; a R. C. 
SSI Prince Arthur St., Montreal. 
Bate, Sir Henry Newell, merchant. 

B. Truro, Cornwall, Eng, Apl. 9, 
1829; e. there; came early in life to 
Can. ; removed to N. Y. for a few 
yrs. ; finally took up his residence in 
Ottawa, 1853 ; m., Dec., 1852, Cather 
ine (d. Oct., 1906), d. late Allan 
Cameron, Buckingham, P.Q. ; head H. 
N. Bate & Sons, Ltd., wholesale 
grocers, etc. (inc., 1904) ; apptd. 
mem. Ottawa Improvement Comn. 
and Chairman do., Dec., 1899 ; a dir. 
Bank of Ottawa, and of the local 
branch of the Ottawa Genl. Trusts 
Corpn. ; Life dir. Pro*. Home for Aged, 
Ottawa; V.-P. Can. Casualty Co., 
Presdt. Russell Hotel & Theatre Co., 
Metropolitan Loan Co., Beechwood 
Cemetery Co., and Perfect Brick & 
Tile Co.; an Ang., and erected at his 
own expense All Saints Ch., Ottawa; 
rated as a millionaire by S. N., 1910; 
knighted, 1910; a Lib. Trenwick 
House, Chapel St., Ottawa; Rideau 
Club, do. 

"A representative citizen, to be proud of." 
M. Herald. 

Bates, Rev. Cornelius John 


;S. Joseph Lever B., Vankleek Hill, 
Ont. ; b. L Orignal, Ont., May 26, 
1877; e. Vankleek High Soh., McGill 
Univ., and Queens Univ., Kingston 
(3VI.A. and med. in mental and moral 
phil., 1901) ; m., Aug., 1902, Harriet 
Edna, d. Rev. Wm. Philp, B.A., B.D., 
presdt. of (Montreal Conf. ; o. 1901 ; for 
a time in charge Dorchester St. Ch., 
Montreal ; apptd. to missy, work in 
Japan, do. ; lived in Tokyo and 
Kofu, Japan, for 7 yrs. ; returned to 
Can., Aug., 1909 ; while In Japan made 
special study of Japanese history, re 
ligion and phil. ; apptd. prof, of sys 
tematic theol. in Theol. Faculty of the 
Meth. Coll., Kobe, Japan, Dec., 1910. 
Kobe, Japan. 

" A young man of much ability and 
promise." M. Star. 

Bate*, Rev. Frederick Wellington 

(Meth.) ; educationist. 
Irish origin ; s. Peter and Sarah 
Jane (Acton) B. ; b. nr. Easton s 
Corners, Ont, Aug. 7, 1878 ; e. Kempt- 
ville High Sch., Prescott Model Sch., 
McGill Univ. (B.A. with honours in 



Math, and Physics, 1898; M.Sc.), and 
Montreal Wesl. Theol. Coll.; nn., June, 
1910, Miss Ida Nudell, Aultsville, Ont. ; 
reed. cert, as Ont. piiblic sc h. teacher, 
1896 ; o. 1909 ; tutor in Math., Wesl. 
Theol. Coll., 1906-7 ; secy. McGill Univ. 
T. M. C. A., 1907-8; Demon, in Phy 
sics, McGill Univ., 1907-8; since then 
has been asst. in Physics and Math., 
MacJonald Coll. ; author of numerous 
press contributions, and of a paper 
on " The Effect of Sunlight on Sulphur 
Insulation," read before the Brit. 
Assn., Winnipeg, 1909. Macdonald 
College, P.Q. 
Bates, Boy Elliott, educationist. 

S. Rev. W. B. B. (.i>.) ; b. Conn., 
U.S., Jan. 20, 1882 ; e. Halifax Acad. 
and Acadla Univ., Wolfville (B.A., 
1904); Rhodes sch., 1905; M.A. (Ox 
ford), 1908; prof. Eng. Lang, and Lit., 
Acadia Univ., 1908-9 ; has earned dis 
tinction as a painter ; exhibited at the 
Paris Salon, 1909 ; a nat. Brit, subject. 
Mystic, Man. 

"A very talented and brilliant yung 
man." H. Herald. 
Bates, Eev. Stuart Samuel (Bapt.) 

S. Rev. John B., Northampton, Eng., 
who emigrated to the U. S., 1849, 
and in 1863 removed to Can., where 
he became pastor Woodstock (Ont.) 
Bapt. Ch. ; b. Cascade, la., U.S., Mch. 
10, 1851 ; e. Woodstock Coll. and To 
ronto Univ. (B.A., 1878) ; D.D. (hon.), 
Rochester Bapt. Semy. ; m., 1885, 
JoseipMne, 3rd d. late Joseph Jeffrey, 
London, Ont. ; o. 188(1 ; pastor Goble s, 
Ont., 1881; do. College St. Ch., 
Toronto, 1886-1903; Supdt. Sunday 
Schools and Evangelization, In connec 
tion therewith, 1903-06 (presented 
with silver tea service in ackgt. of 
services as such, 1906) ; pastor Queen 
St. Ch., St. Catharines, 1906; since 
1908 Educ. Secy. McMaster Univ. ; a. 
mem. Bd. of Govs. and a Senator Mc- 
Masiter Univ. and Qhairman Bapt. 
Foreign Mission Bd. for many yrs. ; 
Presdt. Baipt. Convention, Ont. and 
Que., 1901; a mean. Comite. on Oh. 
Union, 1906; a dir. Moral a>nd Social 
Reform League, 1908; opposed to 
graveside funeral Services and Sunday 
st. cars. 358 Markham St., Toronto. 

" Recognized as one of the wisest coun- 
sellors and one of the most able pastors 
in Ontario." Rev. Dr. Wallace (q.v.). 

Sates, Rev, Welcome E. (Bapt.) 

S. Welcome and (Grow) B. ; 

Eng. and Am. parentage ; b. Thomp 
son, Conn., U.S., May, 1848; e. there, 
Suffleld (Conn.) Preparatory Sch., and 
Colgate Univ.; o. 1876; pastor suc 
cessively at Concord, N.H., Haverhill, 
Mass., Halifax, N.S., and Amherst, 
N.S. ; m. Sarah Frances, d. Eli Hes 
ter, London, Eng. Mystic, Conn. 
Bates, William Wallace, naval archi 

S. Stephen and Elizabeth (Wallace) 
B. ; b. Shubenacadie, N.S., Feb. 15, 
1827 ; e. Calais, Me. ; mostly self-e. ; 
also self-e. in naval architecture ; m., 
185(5, Miss Marie Cole, Saratoga, 
N.Y. ; began in shipwright trade, 
1839; built The Challenge, the first 
clipper schooner, and The Mary Stock 

ton, the swiftest sailer on the Great 
Lakes; capt. of Volunteers, Union 
Army, 1861-2 : ship-builder and dry- 
dock propr., Chicago, 1865-81 ; mangr. 
Inland Lloyds, Buffalo, 1886-89; U.S. 
Commr. of Navigation, Treas. Dept., 
Washington, 1889-92 ; is mem. Soc. 
Naval Architects and Marine Engrs., 
N. Y., and Presdt. Shipping Soc. of 
Am. ; also a mem. Grand Army of 
Republic ; ed. Nautical Mag. and 
Naval Journal, N. Y., 1854-58; in 
addition to reports on navigation and 
many articles on shipping question, is 
author of works on " The American 
Marine" (1893), and "American 
Navigation" (1902); a Rep. and a 
strong protective tariff advocate ; 
favours also the restoration of the 
merchant marine and the annexation 
of Can. 38 W. 2nd Ave., Denver, Col. 

Bath, Mrs. C. E., nursing profession. 
B. N. S. ; now and for some yrs. 
asst. directress of nurses. St. Luke s 
Hosp. N. Y. St. Luke s Hospital, 
New York. 

Batlig-ate, William, business man. 

S. late Joseph and Grace (Hyslop) 
B., formerly of Edinburgh, Scot. ; b. 
there, 1832 ; came to Am., with par 
ents, 1852, settling in Wis. ; com 
menced business career, Montreal, 
1861, later going into farming. Co. 
Wellington, Ont. ; removed to Winni 
peg, 1878 ; apptd. mang. dir. Man. 
Electric & Gas Light Co., 1878; "a 
ready, clear, and incisive writer on 
trade questions " ; a Freemason ; a 
Con. ; a Presb. ; m., 1871, Margt. Arm 
strong, d. late Jas. Loughrin, Era- 
mosa, Ont. Winnipeg. 

Battisby, Bev. John Bae (Presb.) 

B. Kirkcudbright, Scot., Aug. 21, 
1845; e. Norwood High Sch.; studied 
theol. at Knox Coll., Toronto, for 2 
yrs., and graduated Princeton, N.J. ; 
M.A. and (Ph.D., by examn,. (Bloom- 
ington Univ., 111.), 1887; D.D. hon. 
(Queens Univ.), 1905; in., May, 1898, 
Misis EMza Simpson, Newmarket, Ont. ; 
o. 1877 ; pastor St. Andrew s Ch., Chat 
ham, 1877-1909 ; moderator Synod 
Hamilton and London, 1894-95; chap 
lain Sovereign Gt. Priory, Knights 
Temp, in Cam., 1896; a mem. Joint 
Comte. on Ch. Union, 1908. The 
Manse, Chatham, Ont. 

Battle, James, contractor. 

S. late John and Cecilia B., the 
former a native of Ballymote, Sligo, 
Irel., who came to Can., 1842, where 
he became a prominent leader in com 
mercial life; b. Thorold N Ont, 1865; 
e. there, St. Catharines Coll. Inst., 
and U. C. Coll.; m., Oct., 1893, Mary, 
d. Thos. Conlon, Thorold, Ont. ; in 
partnership with his bro., Joseph B. 
as contractors ; firm constructed in 
1903 the great wing dam at the head 
of the White Horse Rapids for Ont. 
Power Co. ; has served as a mem. 
Public Library Bd. and of Separate 
Sch. Bd. ; Presdt. Thorold Agricul. Soc., 
and Bd. of Trade, mem. Co. Council, 
Dep.-Reeve and Reeve of Thorold; de 
clined nomination for a seat in H. C. ; 
R. C. Thorold, Ont. 



Baumg-arten, Alfred Friedrich Moritz, 


S. Dr. P. B., physician to King 
Frederick August of Saxony ; b. Dres 
den, Germany, Nov. 13, 1842 ; e. Univ. 
Gottingen (Ph.D.) ; m., 1884, Martha 
Christine (Councillor Women s Nat. 
Immiig. .Soc., Presd>t. dio. do. Soc. 
Prev. Cruelty to Animals), d. Jean 
C. Donne r, Hamburg, Germany ; 
founder Laurel .Hill Chemical Works, 
Long Island, N.T. ; do. St. Lawrence 
Sugar Refin. Co., Montreal, of which 
he remains Presdit. ; was inspr. sugar 
refin. in Germany, and subsequently 
mangr. Long Island Sugar Refiny., 
N. Y. ; a councillor arid life mem. 
Mt. Royal Club, and a life gov. 
Montreal Western Hosp. ; gave $10,000 
to Montreal Art Assn., 1910 ; ranked 
by the M. Star as a millionaire, 1911 ; 
elected a dir. Bank of Montreal, do. ; 
is a dir. C. Mere ditto (g.v.) & Co., 
Ltd., (Montreal ; V.-P. Montreal 
Archaeo l. Inet. ; one of the chief pro 
moters of a Bd. of Control there, do. ; 
do. ; formerly master Montreal Hunt 
(presented by its means, wiith a -solid 
silver antique cup, on the occasion of 
his marriage) ; author oif several 
essays on chemistry ; a Lutheran ; a 
Lib. 3J, McTavish St,. Montreal; Mt. 
Royal Club; St. James s Club; Hunt 
Club; Jockey Club; Forest and Stream 
Club; University Club; Laurentian 
Club, Montreal. 

"A man of excellence in every par 
ticular." Late Sir O. E. Drummond. 

Bauset, Rene, Montreal civic service. 

S. Saml. P. and Virginie (Walker) 
B. ; father formerly head of Fisheries 
Bureau, Ottawa; b. Quebec, Jan. 14, 
1865 ; e. Ottawa Univ., Ottawa Coll. 
Inst., and Quebec Semy. ; engd. for 
some yrs. on staff Montreal Star; 
chief elk. City Clerk s office, Montreal, 
and private secy. Mayor of Montreal, 
1887 ; Assit. City Clk., Montreal, since 
1898 ; a del. League of Am. Municipali 
ties, Norfolk, Va., 1907 ; a J. P. ; dir. 
Quebec Fish and Game Assn. ; secy. 
Civic Reception Oomte., Eucharistic 
Congress, Montreal, 1910; a R. C. ; m.. 
Mile. Clementine Remillard. 71 St. 
Luke St., Montreal. 
Bawlf, Nicholas, merchant. 

Irish parentage ; b. nr. Smith s 
Falls, Ont. ; e. there ; learned to be a 
moulder in Cossitt Bros. shops, 
Smith s Falls, and worked at his 
trade there and at Almonte ; went to 
Winnipeg in the early seventies, and 
was one of the pioneer business men 
of the West ; became V.-P. Winnipeg 
Grain Exchange, 1889 ; Presdt., do., 
1890 ; was one of the promoters of the 
Northern Elevator Co., 1903, and of 
Empire Elevator Co., 1904, and is the 
Presdt. of both Cos. ; ds a dir. G. T. 
, Pacific Terminal Elevator Co., of 
Dom. Fire Ins. Co., of Gt. West Permt. 
Loan Co., of Standard Trusts Co., and 
of the Bank of Toronto ; V.-P. (Monarch 
Life Ins. Co., and Can. Nait. Fire Ins. 
Co. ; apptd. Chairman Bd. of Insprs. 
of grain grown west of Port Arthur, 
1892; rated as a millionaire; a R C. ; 
m., in early life, IMiss Kabherine 

Madden, Tp. of Ramsay, Lanark, Ont. 
Winnipeg; Manitoba Club, do. 

" A respected business man." T. News. 
Baxter, Lt.-Col. Edwy Sutherland, 

Ont. public service. 

S. late Hon. Jacob B., surg. It-col., 
M.D., Cayuga, Ont., who sat for 
Haldimand (Local), for 32 yrs., dur 
ing 4 of which he was Speaker, and 
Rose (Griffith) B. ; b. Cayuga, Nov. 
1, 1878; e. public and high schs. 
there; m., June, 1902, Miss Margt 
May Rowe ; is Depty. Regr. Deeds, Co. 
Haldimand, and an aid. town of Cay 
uga ; entd. v. m. force, 1898; attained 
to the command of the 37th Regt., 
Haldimand Rifles, 1909 ; for 3 yrs. W. 
M. St. John s Lodge, No. 35, A. . & 
A. M. ; Ang. ; believes " that life s 
greatest task is the making of man 
hood. Certainly patriotism, 
vice means that ; it means the mak 
ing of men physically, intellectually 
and morally ; it means instilling re 
spect for law and order ; it means 
placing the responsibilities of citi 
zenship where they belong, not on 
the few who are willing to volun 
teer, but on the shoulders of every 
man; one of the objects of patri 
otic service is to safeguard the na 
tion against war, by showing that we 
are prepared for it, and to ensure 
that, should war break out, the whole 
national forces may be brought to 
bear, in order to speedily re-estab 
lish peace." Cayuga, Ont. 
Baxter, Lt.-Col. John Babington 
Macaulay, lawyer. 

Loyalist-Scotch ancestry; b. Carle- 
ton, St. John, N.B., Feb. 16, 1868; e. 
.public schs., and King s Coll., Windsor, 
N.S. (.B.C.L..) 1900; barrister, 1891; 
KG. ; 1909 ; associated as counsel with 
late Dr. -Stockton, K.C., M.P., Govt 
.bridge investigation, Frederioton, and 
.been retained in other important cases ; 
aid. St. John, i!892-96 ; 1900-3; 1905 
to date ; has been Deputy-Mayor St. 
John and Warden Municipal. City and 
Co. iSt. John; lately served as secy. 
Assessment Comn. ; rose from the 
ra.n.ks to the command of 3rd Regt., 
C. A. (promoted It-col ., Sejpt, 1907) 
holds long-service decoration ; V.-P. 
Dom. Arty. Assn., 1908; author "His 
torical Records N. B. Regt. Can. 
Artillery" (1896) ; apptd. lect. domes 
tic relations and partnerslhips and com- 
panies, King s Coll. Law Sph., Wind 
sor, N.iS. ; holds hign rank in Masonic 
and in Orange orders ; a Lib.-Con. ; 
has been Presdt. Junior Lib. -Con. Club, 
is mem. extve. Lib.-Con. Assn. ; unm. ; 
apptd. City Recorder, 9t John, N.B., 
Oct., 1910; a strong believer in the 
.feasibility and wisdom of a maritime 
.union, comprising N. B., N. S. and 
,P. E. I. ; also of closer relations with 
Mother Country ; favours municipal 
ownership of public utilities. 289 Lan 
caster St., St. John (W.), N.B.; Cana 
dian Club, do. 

Bay field, Henry Arthur, consulting 

and mech. engr. 

E. s. Edward B., K.C., Charlotte- 
town, P.E.I. ; grands, late Admiral B. ; 



b. Charlottetown ; e. there and McGill 
Univ. (B.Sc., 1896) ; m., Feb., 1902, 
Mary, d. Robt. Year, Eustis, P.Q. ; a 
mem. firm B. & Archibald, Vancouver; 
as>so. mem. Can. Sex;. C. E., 1901 ; 
Councillor, do., 1909; Ang. Van 
couver, B.C. 

Bayley, Lewis Albert, merchant. 

E. s. P. J. B., J.P., Compton, P.Q. ; 
b. Compton, 1863; e. E. Hatley Acad. 
and Coatlcook ; a dry goods mer 
chant ; a dir. E. T. Agricul. Assn. and 
Sherbrooke Cheese Bd. ; Presdt. Sher- 
brooke Curling Club and Sherbrooke 
Bd. of Trade (elected for 2, terms) ; 
an Ang. ; a Con. 29 Melbourne St., 
Sherbrooke, P.Q.; St. George s Club, 

Baylis, Rev. Charles Thomas (Cong.). 

S. Thos. and Louisa (Dudley) B. ; 
former still living In Toronto ; b. Liv 
erpool, Eng., Apl. 17, 1871 ; e. Belle 
ville ; m., 1899, Miss E. D. Hoovy, 
Mass.; o. Chicago, 1896; D.D. (Tenn. 
Univ.), 1904; formerly the successful 
pastor of a large Cong. ch. in Brook 
lyn ; after 5 yrs. resigned to become 
pastor of an interdenominational and 
Ind. ch., founded by him In the "same 
city, called the Ch. of the Open Door. 
1081 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 

" An evangelist of the constructive type, 
whose wide success stamps him as a man 
with a message for the times." Dom. 

Baylis, Rev. J. Gilbert (Ang.). 

B. London, Eng. ; e. City of London 

Sch. and McGill Univ. ; m., 1st, Miss 
iSarah Woodworth Diimiock (d. Oct., 
1892) ; 2ndly, 1893, Naomi, d. Robt. 
.T. Routh, (Montreal ; oame *o Can,, 
1854; o. deacon, 1871; priest, 1872; 
B.D. (Archibp. Canterbury), 1880 ; D.D. 
(hon,). King s doll., Windsor, N.S., 
1901 ; was successively rector St. 
Jude s, Montreal, incumbent Oh. of the 
.Ascension, Toron to, asst. do. St. 
George s, do., and rector St. Mark s, 
Longueuil, which latter position he re 
signed, 1899, to become Secy. Montreal 
DIoc. Syniod ; canon Christ Ch. Cath., 
Montreal, 1902 ; Clerical Secy. Dioc. of 
Montreal, 1907 : was Secy, and regr. 
Dloc. Coll., 1880-83, and has served 
also as Secy. Col. Ch. and Sch. Soc. ; 
at present, In addition to his other 
duties. Is rector of Malsonneuve Mis 
sion iCh. and a -chaplain to the Bp. ; 
author " Communion Wine," " Mar 
riage Laws in Quebec," etc. 71 Univer 
sity St., Montreal. 
Baylis, Samuel Mathewson, author. 

S. late Jas. and Sarah Jane 
(Mathewson) B., Montreal; Eng. and 
Irish descent ; b. Montreal. Sept. 3. 
1854; e. private scihis. and Montreal 
High Sch. ; m.. 1882, Hilda Emily, d. 
Wm. Adams, Montreal ; for a time in 
commercial life; a mem. Montreal Bd. 
of Trade, St. James Lit. Soc., charter 
miem. M.A.A.A. ; dir. Boys Home and 
Boys Farm and Training Sdh., Shaw- 
bridige, P.Q. ; Councillor Num. and 
Antiq. ,Soc., Secy.-Treas. Kaveron Fish 
and Game Club, and V.-P. Mont 
real Homceop. Hosp. ; author of 
numerous poems and miscellaneous 
contributions to the press, and of 

bhe following volumes : "Athletic 
Leaves" (1888), "Our City and Our 
Sports" (1894), "Camp and Lamp" 
(1897), "At the Sign of the Beaver" 
(1907) ; Ind. in politics; Prot. 26 
University St., Montreal; Canadian 
Club; Outremont Golf Club, do. 

" Possesses a literary style that is 
charmingly natural, easy, and at the same 
time cultured and polished." Late Carroll 

Bayliss, Major William, architect. 

S. John and Llllia (McKenzie) B. ; 
b. Pictou, N.S., Nov. 8, 1848; e. public 
schs. there ; studied architectural 
drawing at night schs. ; m., Dec., 1872, 
Marion Frances, d. Wm. A. Ray, 
Washington, D.C. ; since 1882 has been 
supdt. of hosp. construction, office of 
surg.-genl., U. .S. Army ; Invented a 
combination steam and hot-water heat 
ing system, 1893 ; since 1896 has been 
Sovereign Grand Commander, Sup. 
Council of Sovereign Grand Inspectora- 
Genl., 33rd and last degree, A. A. S. R. 
Freemasonry of U. S. War Dept., 
Washington, D.C. 
Bayly, Benjamin, lawyer. 

S. late Rev. B. B. and Catherine 
Cassandra Henrietta (McCulloch) B. ; 
b. Dublin, Irel., May 25, 1834 ; e. Lon 
don Grammar Sch. and Toronto Univ. 
OB. A., 1854) ; m., June, 1864, Eliza, e. 

d. late Dr. C. G. Moore, .London, Ont. ; 
barrister, 1857; K.C. (M. of Lome), 
1883; bencher Law Soc., 1894; Pre Sdt. 
Law Assn., 1900 ; a mem. oif the Conpn. 
of Trln. Coil., Toronto, and a del. to 
:the Ang. Synods ; for many yrs. a 
mem. of local Bd. of Educ., and for 
one year chairman ; an Anig., and a del. 
Genl. and Provl. Synods ; a Con. Lon 
don, Ont. 

Bayly, Edward J., barrister; Ont. 

public service. 

S. late Wm. B., manufacturer, To 
ronto; b. London, Ont, Oct. 25, 1865; 

e. Trln. Coll. Sch., Port Hope, and To 
ronto Univ. (B.A., 1887) ; m., Oct., 
1909, Florence, d. John Campbell, 
Belleville, Ont ; barrister, 1890 ; K.C., 
1908 ; some time an examr. Law 802., 
U.C. ; apptd. solir., Atty.-Genl. s Dept., 
Toronto, SMay, 1907 ; seoy. to Inter- 
provl. Conf., Toronto, Oct., 1909; has 
served as Presdt. Can. and Ont. Rugby 
Football Unions, and capt. Toronto 
football team; delights in yachting; 
was one of Canada s crew which won 
Canada Cup, Toledo, 1896; elected 
presdit. Ont. Civil Service Assn., June, 
1911. 177 College St., Toronto; Attor- 
ney-Genl. s Dept., Parlt. Bldgs.; Albany 
Club; Royal Can. Yacht Club; Victoria 
Club, do. 

Bayly, Richard Alexander, lawyer. 

S. Richard B., K.C. (<?.v.) ; b. Lon 
don, Ont, Mch. 8, 1865: e. London 
Coll. Inst, and Toronto Univ. (LL.B., 
1888) ; m. Mabel Victoria, d. late M. C. 
Cameron, Lt.-Gov. N. W. T. ; barrister, 
1888; successfully practises in London, 
in partnership with his father ; Chair 
man Bd. of Educ., London, 1900 ; do. 
Bd. Hosp. Trustees, 1903 ; V.-P. Con. 
Club, London ; a contributor to legal 
journals ; author " Succession Duty In 



Can." 01902); Aug.; Con. 57 Ridout 
St., London, Out. 

Bayue, Rev. Georg-e Dunlop (Presb.). 

S. John and Margt. (Dunlop) B., 
both Scotch; b. nr. Ottawa, Ont, Feb. 
25, 1858; e. public schs., McGill Univ. 
(B.A., 1880), and Chicago Univ. 
(Ph.D.) ; pursued theol. studies Mont 
real Presb. Coll. ; o. 1881 ; m., June, 
1S83, Eliza (d. June, 1897), d. Richard 
Loucks, U. B. I/, descent; pastor 
Wakefleld, P.Q., 1881 ; Morrlaburg, 
Ont, 1883 ; Calvin Presb. Ch., Pem 
broke, Ont., Jan., 1888 ; Sudbury, Ont, 
1907 ; declined call to St. John s Ch., 
Hamilton, Ont, 1895; moderator Mont 
real and Ottawa, 1903 ; has declined 
numerous calls to other churches, in 
cluding one to Gt. Brit. ; an effective 
temp, worker ; politically a Reformer 
and has pleaded earnestly and ably 
for honesty, righteousness and truth 
in political life ; author " Political 
Morality" (1894); a Freemason and 
an Oddfellow ; Edith, his only d., 
widely known as an elocutionist, a 
poet, and a writer of storiettes. The 
Manse, Sudbury, Ont. 

" Strong in intellect, buoyant in thought, 
inanly and optimistic in spirit." London 

Bayue, Henry Duckworth, electrical 

S. Christopher and Harriet B. ; b. 
Edinburgh, Scot, Apl. 25, 1867; e. in 
Scot. ; m., Sept., 1908, Floye G., d. E. 
Wilson Redledge, New York ; mangr. 
Can. Westinghouse Co., Ltd., up to 
1909, when he resigned; previously 
sales mangr. elec. dept. U. S. Steel Co. ; 
apptd. special agent for Can. Genl. 
Electric Co. and Can. Foundry Co., 
Montreal, 1911 ; visited St. Petersburg, 
Russia, 1909 ; Prot. 154 Metcalfe St., 
Montreal; St. James s Club ; Engineers 
Club, do.; Garrison Club, Quebec; 
Duguesne Club, Pittsburgh, Pa.; New 
York Athletic Club, N. Y. City; Law 
yers Club, do. 

Baynes, Donald, physician. 

S. late Wm. Craig B., B.A. (Camb.), 
Secy. Royal Inst. for Advanc. of Learn 
ing and Regr. McGill Univ., and Morgi- 
anna Elizabeth Chave (Harvey) B. ; 
grandBOO Major-Genii. B., AdJt.-Genl. 
H. M. s Forces, Can., during "War of 
1812 ; b. Bath, Eng. ; e. High Sch. and 
McGill Univ., Montreal (B.A., 1864 ; 
M.A., 1867; M.D., 1876); L.R.C.P. 
(Edin. ) ; a mem. Brit. Med. Assn ; a 
fellow Brit. Balneol. and Climat. Soc., 
and of Therap. Soc. ; formerly lec 
turer diseases of the throat and electro- 
therap., Bishop s Coll. Univ., Lennox- 
ville ; asst. surg. Gt. West. Ry. works, 
Swindon, and Dist. Med. Offr., Ma 
deira & Mamore Ry., S. A. ; late phys. 
Metrop. Ear and Throat Infirmary, 
London ; is Presdt Brit. Electro- 
Therap. Soc., and Presdt. Can. Soc., 
London, Eng. ; author " Auxil. Meth 
ods of Cure," " Electrol. and Phore- 
sis," " Electrical Treatment of Gout 
and Rheumatism," " Treatment of Con 
stipation by Physical Methods " ; mem. 
Comte. United Empire Club, London ; 
an Imperialist and tariff reformer; 
Prot. 43 Hertford St., Mayfair, Lon 
don, W. ; United Empire Club, do. 

Baynes, Cfeorg-e Aylmer, physician. 

S. late Wm. Craig B., B.A. (Camb.), 
Secy. McGill Univ. ; b. Montreal ; e. 
High Sch., do. ; graduated M.D. (Mc 
Gill Univ.), 1869; practised in Mont 
real and in Eng. ; now at Chicago ; 
formerly ed. Public Health Mag., 
Montreal ; It. -col. Can.- Am. Legion, or 
ganized during Cuban War. 357 W. 
Munroe St., Chicago, Til. 

Baynes-Reed, Bev. William Leonard 


3rd s. Edmund Baynes-Reed, barris 
ter, formerly of London, Ont., but 
now dir. Meteorol. Service, Victoria, 
B.C. ; U. E. Loyalist descent on mater 
nal side ; b. London, Ont., Sept. 4, 1871 ; 
e. public schs. and Trin. Unav., Toronto 
(L.Th., 1895) ; o. deacon, 1895; priest, 
1896; first curacy Holy Trinity, To 
ronto; incumbent Otonabee, 1895-8; 
priest-in-charge Norway and Chester, 
1898, succeeding to the rectorship, 
1900; past master Keene Lodge, 
A. F. & A. M. (374) ; past grand chap. 
Grand Lodge of Can., A. F. & A. M. ; 
1st principal orient, Chap. No. 79, 
G.R.C. ; past presdt. Cambridge Lodge, 
No. 54 S. O. E. B. S., and past grand 
chap, of the same ; m., 1907, V. W. 
Gretchen, o. d. the late H. L. Gilbert, 
M.D., M.R.C.S., Lond., and grandd. 
late Rev. John Ambery, Dean, Trln. 
Coll., Toronto. The Rectory, Norway, 

Bazin, Adolphe, lawyer. 

S. late. J. S. P. B., N.iP., and Azilda 
(Duhamel) B. ; b. St. Ours, P.Q., May 
27, 1869 ; e. Coll. St. Hyacintitoe, P.Q., 
and Laval Univ. (B.A., 1890; LL.B, 
1894) ; m. Mile. Laura Beauchemin; 
advocate, 1894 ; successfully practised 
his prof, in Montreal; K.C., 1906; 
apptd. a Police IMagte., (Montreal, 1908; 
a License Commr., do., 1909 ; R. C. 
IS St. Louis Sq., Montreal; Club Cana- 
dien; Ranelagh Country Club, do. 
Bazin, Alfred Turner, physician. 

Am. parentage ; b. Montreal, Dec. 
31, 1872 ; e. Montreal High Sch. ; stud 
ied med. McGill Univ. (M.D., 1894) ; 
m., 1899, Effte Vermon (mem. Ho. 
Comte., Victorian Order Nurses), 
2nd d. Randolph Kersey, Montreal ; for 
merly surg. out-patient dept, Mont 
real Gen}. Ho Sp. ; is demon, in anat., 
McGill Univ. ; a promoter Milton Her 
sey Co., analytical chemists and as- 
sayers ; mem. Ex. Comte., Montreal 
Citizens League ; has lectured for 
Montreal Nat. His. and Can. Nurses 
Assn. 147 Clandeboye Ave., West- 
mount, Montreal; University Club, do. 
Bazin, Philippe J., merchant. 

B. Quebec, 1855; e. Quebec Semy, ; 
entd. mercantile life, 1870, and has 
been throughout connected with N. 
Turcotte & Co., flour and grain mer 
chants, Quebec; since 1891 has been 
at the head of this business ; a Coun 
cillor Quebec Bd. of Trade, and has 
been Presdt. of that body ; has been 
Mayor of the parish of Notre Dame 
de Quebec ; apptd. a mem. of comn. to 
enquire into Can. Civil Service, Apl., 
1907 (report presented to Parlt, Mch., 
1908) ; a Lib. ; a R. C. 681 8te. Foy 
Rd., Quebec. 


Beacham, Bev. Havelock (Ang.). 

S. David S. and Agnes (Eilbeck) 
B., Whitby, Ont. ; Eng. descent ; b. 
Newcastle, Ont, 1865 ; e. St. John s 
Coll., Winnipeg (B.A., 1895), and 
Wyc liffe Coll., Toronto ; m,, Jan., 1904, 
Annie (M., 4th d. late A. D. MacLean, 
Toronto ; o. deacon, 1896 ; priest, 1897 ; 
stationed successively at Killarney, 
Man., and Granbrook, B.C. ; now 
rector Holy Trin., Vancouver, do. 
Holy Trinity Rectory, Vancouver, B.C. 
Bealby, John Thomas, author. 

B. Wigtoft, nr. Boston, Lincolnshire, 
Bag., 1858; e. Dovington Gram. Sen. 
and Corpus Christi Coll., Camb. ; m. 
Miss Margt. Borthwick ; author of " A 
Daughter of the Fen," and a great 
number of other works ; some time ed. 
Scottish Geograph. Mag., and has con 
tributed to the " Encycl. Brit," 
" Chambers s Encycl.," The Times, Ga 
zette, and other standard authorities. 
Bonington Falls, Nelson, B.C. 
Beall, Arthur Wellesley, educationist. 

B. Columbus, Ont, 1860 ; e. Port 
Perry High Sch., Whitby Coll. Inst, 
and Queen s Univ., Kingston (B.A. and 
silver med. in mod. lang., 1888; M.A., 
1892); a public sch. teacher; missy, 
to Japan, under auspices Y. M. C. A., 
Montreal, 1887 ; prof, of Eng., Imp. 
Univ. and Doshisha Uniy., Japan ; now 
lecturer on personal purity in high and 
public schs. of Ont. Peterboro, Ont. 
Beals, Mrs. Jessie Tarbox, illustra 
tive photographer. 

D. late John N. and Marie Antoin 
ette Tarbox, Hamilton, Ont. ; b. and 
e. there ; m., A. T. Beals, Greenfield, 
Mass. ; an illustrative photographer 
and writer for all the prominent 
mags., including The Century, Every 
body s, Country Life in Am., etc. ; 
awarded a gold med., St. Louis Expn., 
1905, for photographic exploits. 120 
E. 23rd St., New York. 
Beamish, Bev. George Boss (Ang.). 

B. Aug. 31, 1861 ; e. Trin. Univ., 
Toronto (B.A., 1890; M.A., 1891); 
m., 1st, Miss Margt. Robertson, Con- 
secon, Ont. (d. May, 1907) ; 2ndly, 
June, 1909, Mary Jessie, d. Dr. D. H. 
Ackerill, Belleville, Ont. ; formerly 
rector Trin. Ch., Brockville, Ont. ; 
apptd. do. St. Thomas s Ch., Belleville, 
1902; declined rectorship Kemptville, 
Ont, 1908; R.D., 1905; apptd. chap 
lain, with rank of hon. capt, 15th 
Regt, Argyll Light Infy., Feb., 1905 ; 
a del. to Synods ; del. Pan.-Ang. Con-* 
gress, London, Eng., 1908. Belleville, 
Bean, Bev. Wilfrid Hanson (Ep.). 

B. Toronto, Oct. 10, 1865 ; an under- 
grad. Toronto Univ. ; theol. studies 
Genl. Theol. Semy., N.Y. ; formerly 
curate Trin. Ch., Mt. Vernon, and Ch. 
of the Redeemer, Pelham, N.Y. ; now 
rector St. John s Ch. (Wilmot), New 
Rochelle, N. Y. ; also chaplain St. Mar 
tha s Indus. Sch. ; unm. New Ro 
chelle ; Sherwood Park, Yonkers, N.Y. 

Beanlands, Bev. Arthur John (Ang.). 
Of an old yeoman family owning 
land at Morton, Craven, Co. York, 
Eng., since 1530 ; o. s. Arthur B., 
M.A., J.P., of the Palace Green, Dur 

ham, Eng., and Jane, d. and co-heir 
Thos. Jowett, Ashfield Ho., Bingley, 
Yorks; b. 1857; e. Durham Univ. 
(B.A., 1876; M.A., 1891) ; he was also 
med. sch. of the univ., 1877-78; o. dea 
con by Bp. of Durham ; priest, by Bp. 
of Oxford, 1883 ; curate Chevington, 
Chievelly, and Aylesbury, 1883 ; came 
to B. C., 1884, where he became curate 
at the Cath., Victoria, and was apptd. 
canon residentary, 1891, and rector, 
1892 ; resigned, 1909 ; has contributed 
various papers to the Trans, of the 
Nat. Hist. Soc., B. C. (of which he was 
one of the founders) ; has compiled a 
handbook and guide to the province, 
and is the author of several other 
pamphlets ; also author of a highly re 
garded paper : " British Columbia : A 
Problem of Colonial Development," 
read before Royal Col. Inst., 1892 ; was 
hon. chaplain to H. E. the Earl of 
Aberdeen^ 1896; elected a fellow Soc. 
of Antiq. of London, 1911 ; is a V.-P. of 
the -Boys Brigade, and a del. to the 
Ang. Synod ; a strong Imperial federa- 
tkmiist, and an advocate of a universal 
standard of currency and exchange ; 
m., 1st, 1884, Laura Maud (d. June, 
1893), e. d. W. A. HiiMs, M.A., bar 
rister, Rams gate, toy IMary Anne, a 
sister of B>p. Stubbs ; 2nd ly, Oct., 1905, 
Sophia, A.R.A. (q.v.), d. late Judge 
Petnberton. Victoria, B.C. 

Beanlands, Mrs. Sophie Theresa, 


D. late Hon. Joseph Despard Pem- 
berton, C.E., a graduate of Trin. Coll., 
Dublin, who came to B. C. as Sur- 
veyor-Genl., 1851, and took a promin 
ent part in the development of the 
colony ; b. and e. Victoria, B.C. ; 
studied art at South Kensington, where 
she obtained 1st class certs, for draw 
ing from the antique, from life, and 
from still life, 1893, and in the sch. 
of Jean Paul Lau<rens and Benj. Con 
stant, Paris, obtaining the gold med. 
and 1st prize, 1899, for a portrait 
painted from life, and in a competition 
open to .men and women equally ; ex 
hibited first before Art Assn., Mont^ 
real, 1897 ; has since exhibited at the 
Royal Acad., London, 5 times; in 1903, 
one of her works, " Biblia Puree," a 
portrait, was hung on the line, and at 
tracted much attention ; exhibited at 
the Paris Salon. 1899. and subse 
quently ; also at the French Expn., 
1900; the St. Louis Expn., 1904, and 
frequently at Manchester, Birming 
ham, Westham, Brighton, Newcastle- 
on-Tyne, and Oldham ; an Ang. ; m., 
1905, Rev. Canon Beamlands (q.v.). 
Victoria, B.C. 

"An artist of very large calibre, capable 
of great things." Pen and Pencil. 

Beardmore, Frederick Newman, mer 

Y. s. late G. L. B. and Elizabeth 
(Dowker) B. ; b. Toronto ; e. IL C. 
Coll. ; m., Feb., 1902, Helen Louise, e. 
d. C. S. Gzowski (q.v.), Toronto; a 
mem. firm B. & Co., leather merchants, 
Toronto and Montreal ; Ang. 705 Pine 
Ave. W., Montreal; St. James s Club; 
Mt. Royal Club; Montreal Club; Forest 
and Stream Club; Montreal Jockey 



Club; Montreal Hunt Club; Montreal 
Polo Club; Montreal Racquet Club, 
do.; Toronto Club, Toronto. 

Beardmore, George Lissant, vocalist. 

S. Walter D. B. (q.V.), Toronto; b. 
there, July 16, 1877 ; e. Model Sch., 
Toronto, at Dresden, Saxony, under 
Herr Mochmann, and at the Govt. 
Technical Coll., Geneva, Switz. ; m., 
June, 1905, Evelyn Annie, y. d. late 
Hector Mackenzie, Montreal ; in early 
life studied singing, at Paris, for sev 
eral yrs., under Mon. Tequi ; after 
marriage gave up commercial life to 
resume his musical studies, which he 
did under Herr Lautz, of the Toronto 
Conser. of Music ; further studies were 
carried on under Mad. Lilli Lehmann, 
at Berlin ; since then at Berlin again 
and Milan ; became tenor soloist at the 
Oh. of the Redeemer, Toronto, 1906, 
but resigned in the following year 
owing to the many demands upon him 
for concert work ; made his debut as 
a concert singer in his native city, 
and in 1908 made a successful tour of 
Eastern Can. ; made his defbut, with 
great success, in the title role of 
" Tarrnihauser," at Hirschberg, Ger 
many, May 14, 1911 ; Ang. 200 College 
St., Toronto. 

" Has a voice of fine quality, which is, 
moreover, of telling power in moments 
of fervour and intensity." T. Globe. 

Beardmore, George "WaUien, mer 

S. late G. L. B. and Elizabeth, 2nd 
d. late John Dowker, formerly of Ter- 
rington, nr. Castle Howard. Yorkshire, 
Eng. ; b. Hamilton, Ont, June 26, 
1851 ; e. U. C. Coll. and Felstead 
Gram. Sch., Essex, Eng. ; unm. ; mem. 
firm B. & Co., tanners and wholesale 
leather merchants, and Presdt. B. Belt 
ing Co. ; a dir. Nat. Life Assur. Co., 
and one of its originators, 1899 ; also a 
promoter Ottawa & French River Ry., 
1905 ; has been Presdt. St. George s 
Soc., Toronto ; a promoter and dir. 
Can. Jockey Club, and of Toronto 
Hunt ; is master Toronto Hunt ; elect 
ed Presdt. Can. Nat. Horse Show 
Assn., 1907-8 ; Can. representative In 
tern. Horse Show, London, Eng., 1907 : 
presented to their Majesties the late 
King and Queen, do. ; founded several 
prizes for general proficiency in U. C. 
Coll.; Ang. " Chudleigh," Toronto; 
Toronto Club; York Club, do.; Sports 
Club, St. James s Sq., London, Eng. 

Beardmore, Miss Helen Iiissant, ama 
teur poultry farmer. 
D. late G. L. and Elizabeth (Dow 
ker) B. ; b. Toronto; e. Toronto and 
Brighton, Eng. ; later, studying art in 
Julian s studio, Paris; in 1902 studied 
for and obtained the Oxford and Read 
ing joint cert, in aviculture, the work 
for it being done at the Reading Univ. 
Coll., Eng. ; her leisure has been 
chiefly devoted to promoting co-opera 
tive methods amongst women engd. in 
the lighter branches of agricul., in 
which she is assisted by her partner, 
Miss Mary Yates, of the Ont. Govt. 
lecturing staff (Dept. of Agricul.) ; 
her personal work has been with poul 
try, dairying, etc., and in establishing 

a kennel of Welsh terriers, which have 
won many prizes, not only in Can., but 
at the big Westminster show in N. Y., 
at Buffalo, etc. " Terrington," King 
ston Road, Toronto; P. O. Box 191, To 
ronto, Ont. 

Beardmore, Walter Dowker, merchant. 

E. s. late G. L. B. and Elizabeth 

(Dowker) B. ; b. Hamilton, Ont, Oct. 

10, 1849 ; e. U. C. Coll. ; m. , y. d. 

late J. M. Williams, Regr., Hamilton, 
Ont. ; is Presdt. B. & Co., tanners and 
wholesale leather merchants, Toronto ; 
a dir. Mutual Life Assur. Co., Presdt. 
Dom. Lumber Co., Muskoka Leather 
Co. and Acton Tanning Co. ; has 
sprved as chairman Bd. License 
Commrs., Toronto ; an Ang. 200 Col 
lege St., Toronto; Toronto Club; Hunt 
Club; Royal Can. Yacht Club; Ontario 
Club; York Club, do.; Sports Club, 
London, Eng. 

Beardsley, Major John Davis, Am. 

ry. service. 

U. E. L. descent ; great-great-grands. 
Rev. John D. (Epds. ), apptd. chap 
lain Loyal Am. Regt., commanded by 
Col. Beverley Robinson, during Am. 
Revolutionary War, and at the peace 
retired on half-pay, settling in N. B., 
where he d. 1810 ; his s., John D. B., 
settled at Woodstock, N.B., and d. 
there, 1852; b. Woodstock, N.B., Jan. 
1, 1837; lived there until he was 13 
or 14, when his family removed to 
Grand Palls, in that province ; there 
he engd. in mercantile and lumbering 
business ; was likewise a capt. in the 
local militia; an unsuccessful candidate 
for Victoria (N.B. Assembly), 1861, 
and became a Freemason ; at the 
outbreak of the Am. Civil War, 1861, 
was the owner of a large manu 
facturing lumber mill, on the St. John 
River, employing nearly 200 men ; in 
spired by a spirit of adventure, he left 
his business with his partner, and fol 
lowed by 70 of his men, crossed the 
boundary lime and enlisted in the Maine 
(U. S.) Volunteers, being joined after 
doing so by Geo. W. West, of Fort Kent, 
with 30 men ; these men were organized 
at Portland as Co. D. of the Tenth 
Maine Volunteers and mustered into 
the service of the U. S., West being 
apptd. capt. and B. first lieut, thereof ; 
the regt. going south, wa first sta 
tioned at Patterson Park, Baltimore ; 
the headquarters were then moved to 
Fort Dix, on the Baltimore & Ohio Ry., 
and bhe regt. was employed to guard 
the railroad from Baltimore to Har 
per s Ferry ; later the headquarters 
were moved to Harper s Ferry ; June 
23, 1862, the regt. was moved to Win 
chester, Va., and on June 25 it partici 
pated in the Battle of Winchester, in 
which the federal forces under Gen. 
Banks were defeated by the Confeder 
ates, under Gen. " Stonewall " Jack 
son ; the 10th Maine Regt. covered the 
federal retreat, passing through Win 
chester about 10 a.m., and were under 
artillery fire constantly from that time 
until they arrived at Martlnsiburg, a 
distance of 22 miles ; the retreat was 
continued to the Potomac River that 
afternoon, making a march of 42 miles, 


the regt. losing during the day about 
90 men from artillery in killed, 
wounded, and prisoners ; the army re 
turned to Virginia almost immediately, 
and was moved up the Shenandoah 
Valley, and by way of Front Royal 
to Culpepper, Va., where Gen. Banks 
established his headquarters, B. being 
with his regt. throughout ; Aug. 8, 
1862,, Banks moved his centre south 
from Culpepper to Cedar Mountain, the 
10th Maine being in advance ; on the 
following day the regt. participated in 
one of the most desperate and bloody 
battles of the war, the numbers en 
gaged being 1 considered ; during the 
early part of the day it was an artil 
lery fight, with small loss on either 
side ; a bout 4 in the afternoon the 10th 
Maine became engaged with the Con 
federate infantry ; the conflict was 
short, not more than 20 minutes, yet 
in that time Co. D., commanded by 
Capt. B., lost 10 men shot dead and 
22 wounded, out of a total of 45 ; on 
the evening otf Aug. 9, B. was taken 
prisoner, on the picket line, and was 
sent to Richmond, where he was con 
fined a prisoner of war in Libby 
prison ; after 3 months he was ex 
changed and sent to Camp Parole, 
Annapolis, Md. ; he joined his regt. as 
It was crossing the Potomac River, 
near Harper s Ferry ; in the early part 
of 1&63, -Co. D., witbh two other co. s 
of the 10th Maine, having been formed 
into a batt. and attached to the head 
quarters of the 10th Army Corps, 
under Genl. Slocum, B., as senior offr. 
of the batt., commanded it at head 
quarters ; was present with it at Chan- 
cellorsville, May 1, 2, and 3, and at 
the Battle of Gettysburg, July 2, 3, 
and 4, 1863 ; in the fall of that year 
went with ihis corps to Tenn., to rein 
force Rosencranz, who had been de 
feated at Chickamauga and driven into 
Chattanooga by Genl. Bragg; during 
the winter of 1863-4 B. commanded his 
batt. at Shelbyville, Tenn. ; from this 
point his command was transferred to 
the 29th Maine, then serving in the 
19th Corps (Emery s), joining it at 
Morganza, La., Mississippi River ; soon 
afterwards they were moved to New 
Orleans, and were sent by sea, under 
sealed orders, ultimately to Fortress 
Monroe, to reinforce Grant s army of 
the Potomac ; on reaching there, how 
ever, their destination was changed to 
Washington, where they landed, within 
hearing of the Confederate guns under 
Early, on the other side of the city ; 
having marched across the city they 
joined the forces close in under the 
walls ; Early s troops fell hack and 
finally retreated up the Potomac River 
and south through the Shenandoah 
Valley ; B. s corps then passed under 
Genl. Sheridan s command, and took 
part in the Valley campaign under that 
commander, which finally resulted in 
the entire destruction of Early s army ; 
promoted major in the 109th Regt. 
Infantry, U.iS.C. troops, he was mus 
tered into the service of the U. S. as 
such Sept. 23, 1864 ; ordered from its 
location in Ky. to the army of the 

Potomac, it took position on the north 
side of the James River, in front of 
Confederate Fort Harrison, and par 
ticipated in the siege of Richmond ; 
Mch., 1865, B., having conceived the 
idea of raising a regt. of sharpshooters, 
to be armed with Spencer rifles, then 
coming into use, and being strongly 
supported in his application to the War 
Office by Genl. Slocum, then command 
ing the left wing of Howard s army, 
tendered his resignation and was 
hiomourably discharged from. the army, 
in order that he might be free to carry 
out his intention, but before he could 
give effect to it, Grant broke the Con 
federate lines at Petersburg, and the 
collapse of the Confederacy followed ; 
Apl., 1897, was apptd. by Gov. J. R. 
Bodwell of Maine a commr. for pur 
chasing and improving land and erect 
ing monuments thereon, in commemor 
ation of the soldiers from Maine who 
fell at Gettysburg ; after the war B. 
went into business at Richmond, Va., 
where he continued until 1873, remov 
ing thence to Cairo, W. Va., where he 
purchased a large tract of timber land ; 
in 1878 he went to Arkansas, where he 
built a narrow-gauge railroad from 
Hope to Washington, Ark.; in 1882 he 
changed the gauge of this road and 
extended it to Nashville, a distance of 
about 25J miles ; It is known as the 
Arkansas & Louisiana Railroad ; in 
1886 he sold the road to Jay Gould 
and, in 1887, began the construction of 
another railroad from Magnolia, Ark., 
to Natchitoches, La., a distance of 115 
miles ; this road, known as the Louis 
iana and Northwest Railroad, he sold 
to a St. Louis syndicate, in 1905 ; fol 
lowing this, he built an electric system, 
comprising a street railroad of 6J miles, 
a light and power plant, an ice plant, 
and an amusement park, at Mineral 
Wells, Texas, which he still owns ; m. 
Miss Susan C. Poole, Md., U.S. Gibs- 
land, La. 

Beasley, Harry Exeter, Can. ry. ser 

S. late Hy. B., Treas. Co. Went- 
worth, Ont, and Julia A. (Newson) 
B., U. E. L. descent ; grands. Col. 
Richard B., the first white man settled 
at the head of Lake Ont., and a mem. 
U. C. Legislature ; b. Hamilton, Ont, 
Nov. 10, 1862; e. Ont. public schs. ; 
m., 1891, Katherine, d. Rev. David 
Griffith, Brynterion, Bethel, North 
Wales; entd. G. T. R. service, 1883, 
since when he has been continu 
ously in the employment of the follow 
ing roads : Man. & N. W., Northern 
Pacific, and Can. Pacific ; was Supdt. 
Kootenay sec., C. P. R., 1897-1900; 
chief elk. to Presdt., Montreal, do., 
1900-01 ; apptd. Supdt. Dist. 2, do. (his 
present position), 1901. Vancouver, 

Beaton, Alexander H., physician; Ont. 
public service. 

S. Colin B., who emigrated from Is 
land of Mull, Scot, 1832, and Chris 
tiana (McKinnon) B. ; b. Pickering, 
Ont, Apl. 20, 1838; in early life a 
sen. teacher ; studied for profession at 
Rolph Sch., Toronto, and Victoria Coll., 



Cobourg (M.D., 1864) ; m., 1870, Miss 
Margt. A. IMcNiven ; a mem. Coll. P. 
and iS., Ont., 1866 ; a coroner, 1873 ; 
apptd. Med. Supdt., Asylum for Idiots, 
Orillia, Jan., 1877; resigned, 1910; 
has made the care and training of 
idiots his life study; in connection 
with the asylum, has founded a sch. 
for the training of weak-minded chil 
dren, an institution which is now re 
garded as one of the best in the worldj 
a mem. Orillia High Sch. Bd. for 15 
yrs , and for 9 yrs. its Chairman ; a 
Lib. ; favours closer trade relations 
with the U. S. ; is also a firm believer 
in the possibility of an Anglo-Saxon 
confederacy. Orillia, Ont. 

" Possesses exceptional executive ability, 
tact and judgment." T. Globe. 

Seattle, Bev. Andrew (Presb.). 

Scotch parentage ; b. Doon, Ont., 
1858; e. public schs., Toronto Univ. 
(B.A., 1884), and the Univ. of N. Y. 
(A.M., 1899; Ph.D., 1900); studied 
theol. Union Theol. Go H., N. Y. ; m., 
Nov., 1891, d. Rev. J. B. Hartwell, 
D.D., Teng Ohou, China; o. (Am. 
Presb. Oh.), 1888; apptd. missiony. 
to Canton, China, -1889 ; has suc 
cessfully labored there, for the degrad 
ed and afflicted natives, and has been 
instrumental in founding the first home 
ever established in China for untainted 
children of leper parents ; Is a djr. of 
the Canton Christian Coll. ; in 1906, 
when the news of the massacre at 
Lien-Chou reached Canton, was one of 
the 3 missionaries who promptly or 
ganized an expedition to relieve the 
survivors ; on his return from this 
duty his mission was attacked by 
Boxers, who bound him and the other 
occupants, and robbed the mission, 
Canton, China. 

" A wise and careful man, who has 
become one of our most experienced and 
valuable missionaries." Rev. A. J. Brown, 

Seattle, Miss Grace Brow, nursing 

D. Thos. and Margt. (Howitt) B., 
Scotch descent ; b. Summerside, P.E.I. ; 
e. there and by private tutors in Bos 
ton, Mass. ; graduated McLean Hosp. 
Training Sch. for Nurses, Somerville, 
Mass., 1889, and from Training Sch. 
for Nurses, Mass. Genl. Hosp., Boston, 
Mass., 1893 ; Asst. Supdt. City Hosp., 
Quincy, Mass., 1893-95 ; organized 
Hosp. Training Sch., Brockton Hosp., 
and has been its Supdt. since opening 
of same, Mch. 14, 1896; a mem. Ch. 
of Christ (Disciples). Brockton Hos 
pital, Brockton, Mass. 
Seattle, J. H. A., lawyer. 

B. and e. London, Ont; a barrister; 
successfully practises his prof, in 
London; previously in Toronto; for 
6 yrs. an aid., London; elected mayor 
there, 1910 ; re-elected, 1911 ; candi 
date of the Citizens Municipal League ; 
an Ang. ; a Con. ; was some time secy.- 
treas. Ang. Synod of Huron. London, 
Ont.; London Club, do. 
Beattle, Major Thomas, retired mer 
chant; legislator. 

B. Saintfield, Irel., Aug. 12, 1844; 
came to Can., 1846 ; e. Niagara Gram 

mar Sch. ; m., Feb., 1899, Miss Agnes 
Burwell, Fingal, Ont. ; formerly in 
mercantile life ; for 10 yrs. an Aid. of 
London ; a dir. Bennett s Theat. En 
terprise Co., and of the Farmers Bank 
of Can., V.-P. Agricul. Loan & Savings 
Co., and Presdt. London City Gas Co. ; 
served as an offr. in 7th Fusiliers dur 
ing N. W. Rebellion, 1885 (med.) : re 
tired from service, with rank of major, 
Nov., 1897 ; elected V.-P. Can. Club, 
London, 1908 ; a Con. and Presdt. W. 
Con. As sn. ; sat for London (H. C.), 
1896-1900, and has been again the re 
presentative of that city since Oct., 
i907. London, Ont.; London Club, do.; 
Albany Club, Toronto. 
Beattie, Bev. William (Presb.). 

S. Wm. and Georgina B., Palmers- 
ton, Ont. ; to. Fergus, Ont., Apl. 11, 
1873 ; e. Toronto Univ. ; pursued theol. 
studies at Knox Coll., Toronto, and 
United Free Ch. Coll., Glasgow, Scot. ; 
m., June, 1905, Alice Mabel, d. Robt. 
Heath, Biddulph Grange. Congleton, 
Eng., and niece Sir Jas. H., Bart. ; o. 
T900, and has since been pastor at Co 
bourg, Ont.; is cfhapl aini (and hon. 
capt.) 40tlh Regt., Northumberland 
Rifles ; declined a call to the co-pas 
torate of Bethany Oh., Philadelphia, 
1901. "The Manse," Cobourg, Ont. 
Beatty, Arthur, educationist. 

S. Robt. and Susan (Cherry) B.. 
early settlers of Blanshard, Co. Perth, 
Ont; b. Kirkton, Ont., Mch. 6, 1869; 
e. public sch., St. Mary s Coll. Inst, 
Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1893), and Col 
umbia Univ., N. Y. (Ph.D., 1897) ; 
m., July, 1899, Carlotta Jane Kesseck, 
e. d. "Wm. McCutcheon, Thorndale, 
Ont.; grad. work in Cornell Univ., 
1894-95; feltow in Ens., Columbia 
Univ., 1895-96; instr. in Emg., Wiscon 
sin Univ., 1897; later apptd. pro*, of 
Emg., do. ; has .published Browning s 
"Verse Form" (1897), Bruneti&re a 
"Art and Morality" (translation), De 
Quincey s "Confessions of an English 
Opium-Eater," original text, ed., with 
initrod. and notes (1900), Hoccleve s 
"Legend of it he Sleeveless Garment," 
a spurious Canterbury tale, for the 1st 
time ^printed, with an int-rod. (Chaucer 
So>c. .Publications, 2nd series, ,No. 34) 
(1902); " Oompoisiition and Rhetoric" 
(1903); Tennyson s "Idylls of the 
King" (1904), Swinburne s .Selected 
Poems (1906), and Swinburne s Select 
ed Dramas (1909) ; a Cong. S15 Mon 
roe St., Madison, Wis. 

"A man of original thought and great 
ability." T. Globe. 

Beatty, Charles William, lawyer; 


S. W. H. B. (q.v.), barrister. To 
ronto ; b. Toronto ; an undergrad. To 
ronto Univ. ; m., Sept., 1&96, Lillian 
May, d. Geo. Gooderham, Toronto ; a 
barrister ; formerly a mem. of his 
father s firm ; presdt. B., Kerr & Ver- 
ner, wholesale dry goods, Toronto ; an 
Ang. IZi St. George St., Toronto; 
Albany Club; York Club, do. 

Beatty, Henry Albert, physician. 

S. Hy. B., Supdt. steamship service, 
C. P. R., Toronto, and H. M. (Powell) 
B. ; b. Thorold, Ont, Aug. 12, 1874 ; e. 


Jameson Ave. Coll. Inst, Toronto ; 
graduated M.B. (Toronto Univ.), 1897 ; 
further studies at London (Eng.) Hosp. 
and in Edin. and Vienna ; unm. ; L.R. 
C.P. (Lond.), M.R.C.S. (Eng.) ; was 
house surg. Poplar Accident Hosp., 
London ; senior house surg. Westmins 
ter Hosp., London ; declined surg. re- 
gistrarship "Westminster Hosp., 1902 ; 
apptd. chief surg. and med. offr., C. 
P. Ry., 1910; is also surg. Toronto 
West. Hosp. 207 Simcoe St., Toronto; 
Royal Can. Yacht Club; Lambton Golf 
and Country Club; Empire Club; Can. 
Club; York Club, Toronto. 

Beatty, Samuel O., publisher. 

S. late Saml. B., Toronto ; b. and e. 
there ; m. d. late John Eastwood, To 
ronto ; became connected with Can. 
Publishing Co., 1884, and is now and 
has been for some yrs. its Presdt. ; a 
dir. Manifrs. Life Ins. Co., and of the 
Bank of Hamilton. " Oakdene," 168 
Isabella St., Toronto; National Club, 

Beatty, William Henry, lawyer. 

E. s. late Jas. B., Toronto ; b. there, 
Bee. 10, 1835; e. U. C. Coll; m., Apl., 
1865, Charlotte Louisa (dlonated a med. 
to the Sell, of Domestic Science, To 
ronto, to be awarded to tibe pupil 
making the highest number of marks, 
1902), 2nd d. late J. G. Worts, To 
ronto; admitted atty., 1863; declined 
appt. as a K.C. when offered to him 
by Sir John A. Macdonald, and sub 
sequently by Sir Clhas. Tupper (q.v.) ; 
head of extensive law firm B., Black- 
stock (q.v.), Fasken (q.v.) & Chad- 
wick (q.v.), Toronto; a charter dir. 
Gooderham & Worts Co., distillers and 
maltsters, Toronto ; a dir. of various 
other corporations ; V.-P. London & 
On*. Invest. Co., and of the Toronto 
Genl. Trusts Corpn. ; Presdt. Toronto 
Silver Plate Co., -Can, Permt. Mortgage 
Corpn., andi the Confederation Life 
Assn. ; until recently, wihen he resigned, 
was presdt. of the Bank of Toronto ; 
a del. from Toronto Bd. of Trade 
to Congress of Chamibers of Com 
merce of Empire, London, 1896; con- 
Jointly with W. Nesbitt, K.C. (q.v.), 
has published " The Board s of Trade 
Genl. Arbitrations Act" (1894) and 
" Rules of the Toronto Chamber 
of Arbitration, with Notes and Sug 
gestions as to the Conduct of a Refer 
ence " (1894) ; a personal friend of 
the late Sir John A. Macdonald, and 
was Chairman of the Macdonald 
Memorial Comte., Toronto ; an Ang. 
The Oaks," 6 Queen s Park, Toronto; 
Toronto Club; Albany Club, do. 

" Has a great knowledge of commercial 
law." I. Telegram. 

Bean, Henri, historical painter. 

B. Montreal ; studied in Paris under 
G-erome ; m. ; his picture, "Les Nocesde 
Cana," hung in the Paris Salon, 1894; 
created an Offr. d Acad. by Presdt. 
French Republic, 1901 ; executed his 
torical painting representing the arri 
val of Champlain at Quebec for the 
Quebec Govt., which was hung in the 
Chamber of the Leg. Council, Quebec, 
1903 ; and of another national work, 
representing the dispersion of the 

Acadians, which has been presented to 
the univ. at Memramcook, N.B. ; a 
R. C. 2//S4 St. Catherine St., Montreal. 

Eeaubien, Charles Philippe, lawyer. 

B. Montreal, 1870; e. St. Mary 3 
(Jesuit) Coll. ; LL.B., Laval Univ., 
1894; m. Miss Power; advocate, 1894; 
K.C., 1909 ; successfully practises his 
prof, in Montreal ; head of firm B. & 
Lamarche ; a promoter of the Club 
Lafontaine ; a Con. ; a R. C. 436 Cote 
St. Catherine Rd., Outremont, Mont 
real; Club Lafontaine; Montreal Club; 
Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club; Outre 
mont Curling Club, do. 

" A powerful speaker." M. Gazette. 

Beaubien, James de Oaspe, electrical 


T. s. Hon. Louis (q.v.) and Susanna 
Lauretta (Stuart) B. ; b. Outremont, 
Montreal, May 18, 1881; graduated 
B.A.Sc. (El.), McGill Univ., 1906; 
m., Oct., 1910, Gabrielle, o. d. Hon. R., 
Damdurand (q.v.) ; asso. mem. Can. 
Soc. C. E. ; asso. mem. A. I. E. E. ; 
successfully practises, Montreal, as a 
consulting electrical engr. ; R. C. 
1,66 St. Catherine Rd., Outremont, Mont 
real; Engineers Club, do. 

Beaubien, Hon. Louis, ex-legislator; 
stock breeder. 

Descended from Trottier de B., who 
came from St. Martin d Ige, Perche, 
France, 1650 ; s. late Pierre B. (M.D., 
Univ. of Paris), who represented the 
city of Montreal and Co. Chambly in 
the old Can. Assembly, and Marie Jus 
tine (Casgrain) B. ; b. Montreal, July 
27, 1837; e. St. Sulpice Coll. there; 
m., 1864, Susanna Lauretta, d. late 
Chief Justice Sir Andrew Stuart, Que 
bec ; now leads the life of a country 
gentleman ; for many yrs. a mem. 
Provl. Bd. of Agric., and Presdt Hoche- 
laga Agricul. Soc. ; has given 1 a good 
deal of attention to improving the breed 
of cattle and horses in the province ; 
founded the Comp. du Haras-National, 
which imports blood horses from 
France and Eng., 1899 ; one of the 
first to advocate the opening up of 
the country by rys. ; an active pro 
moter of Montreal North. Coloniz. Ry. 
(now a portion of the C. P. R. sys- 
tern), of which he was V.-P.; was 
Presdt. Montreal Park and Island 
(electric) Ry. Co. ; has been also 
Presdt. St. Jean Bapt. Soc., Montreal ; 
now V.-P. Le Journal Co. ; a mem. 
Advis. Comte. Montreal Business Men s 
League, a dir. La Comp. d Imp. Elec- 
trique and of La Banque Provle. ; a 
promoter Yukon Trust Co., 1901 ; is 
prominently identified with Montreal 
League for Prev. of Tubercul. ; a Con., 
and sat for Hochelaga (Local), 1867- 
86, and for Nicolet, 1892-97; was 
Speaker of the Assembly, 1876-78, and 
Commr. of Agric. in the de Boucher- 
ville and Flynn Admns., 1892-97 ; sat 
for Hochelaga (H. C), 1872-74; a 
R. C. 457 St. Catherine Rd., Outre 
mont, Montreal; Club Lafontaine; 
Montreal Club; Montreal Jockey Club, 

" His f arm has more than a local or even 
provincial fame." Dom. Illd. Monthly. 



Beauchamp, Jean Joseph, lawyer. 

S. Joseph and Marcelline (Bayard) 
B. ; b. Montreal, Jan. 18, 1852 ; e. by 
private tuition and St. Mary s (Jesuit) 
Coll.; graduated B.C.L. (McGill Univ.), 
1878; LL.D. (Laval Univ.), 1904; m., 
Feb., 1879, iMlle. Eliza Decary ; advo 
cate, 1879; K..C. (E. of Derby), 1893; 
R. O., Hoohelaga, 1894; has practised 
throughout in Montreal, where, for a 
time, he was acting recorder ; is fre 
quently employed as an expropn. 
commr. ; a frequent contributor to the 
press ; also author " Le Repertoire de 
la Revue Legale," " The Jurisprudence 
of the Privy Council " (highly eulo 
gized by Western Law Times), and 
" Code Civil Annote de la Province de 
Quebec" (Eng. and French); holds 
1st and 2nd class certs, from Royal 
Mil. Sch., and was for some yrs. capt. 
and paymaster 65th Regt., V. M. ; 
elected Presdt. St. Jean Bapte. Soc., 
Montreal, 1909 ; a Con. ; a R. C. 160 
Laval Ave., Montreal; Club Canadien. 

Mr. B. has given us a work on the 
Civil Code which may fairly claim to be 
the most complete, the most useful and 
the most practical yet published." M. 

Beauchesne, Leonidas Emile Arthur, 

S. P. C. B. (.v.) ; b. Carleton, P.Q., 
June 15, 1876 ; e. St. Joseph s Coll., 
Memramcook, N.B. (B.A., 1895) ; 
unm. ; secy. comn.. to report on admn. 
Court Ho. and Jail, Montreal, 1896-97 ; 
private secy. Speaker Le Blanc, Que 
bec, and later to Sir J. A. Chapleau ; as 
a journalist served on staff Montreal 
Minerve, Gazette, Star, and La Presse; 
joined Le Journal (defunct), same city, 
at its inception, Dec., 1899, and became 
its chief ed., June, 1902 ; became ed. 
L Opinion, Montreal, on its inception, 
Oct., 1905 ; has carried on noted con 
troversies through the press on dis 
puted historical points ; believes in a 
broad-minded Can. sentiment, leading 
ultimately to political independence, 
now (1911) a>bout to edit a new journal 
in Montreal, to be started, in opposition 
to Le Devoir. 55 St. Denis St., Mont 
real; Club Canadien, do. 
Beauchesne, Pierre Clovis, notary; 

S. late Pierre B., lumber merchant, 
Becancour, P.Q. ; b. there, June 8, 
1841; e. Nioolet Coll.; m., 1871, Caro 
line Olivia, 2nd d. J. Lef. de Belle- 
feuille, Carle-ton, P.Q. ; N.P., 1865; 
Secy.-Treas., Carleton, P.Q., 1866-93 ; 
fishery overseer, 1870-71 ; Regr. 2nd 
Div. Bonaventure, 1882 ; Collr. Cus 
toms, 1883 ; served also as mem. Bd. 
Notaries and in many other offices ; 
Presdt. St. Jean Bap. Soc., 1871-74: a 
major in mil. ; a promoter and a dir. 
Bale de Chaleurs Ry. ; a Con. ; sat for 
Bonaventure (Local), 1874-76, and for 
same constituency (H. C.), 1879-82; 
introduced and carried an important 
measure with respect to titles to pro 
perty ; was a supporter of Mr. de 
Boucherville and Sir John Macdonald 
respectively ; believes in Brit, connec 
tion and Can. for the Canadians ; R. C. 
Paspebiac, P.Q. 

Beaudin, Simeon, lawyer. 

B. St. Isidore, P.Q., Sept. 12, 1855 ; e. 
Montreal Coll. ; m. Miss Norris ; advo 
cate, 1878; K.C. (E. Derby), 1889; 
do. (P. Q.), 1899; batonnier, Mont 
real bar, 1902 ; batonnier-general, 
do. ; head legal firm B., Loranger, 
Sit. Germain & Gue>rin, and one of 
the Leaders of t<he Can. bar ; argued 
St. Blase parish and other cases 
before Jl. Comte. P. C., Eng. ; elected 
an hon. mem. La Cham, de Commerce, 
Montreal, 1902 ; one of the incorpora- 
tors La Presse Pub. Co., 1904 ; also a 
promoter Lafontaine Club ; a Con. ; 
unsuccessfully contested Laprairie- 
Napieryille (H. C.), g. e. 1908; a R. C. 
44 Bishop St., Montreal; Club La 
fontaine; Club Canadien; Pointe Claire 
Golf Club,, do. 

" An honour to his profession." M. 

" Ranks high in his profession, his 
thorough legal sense, knowledge of the law 
and extensive experience qualifying him 
for early judicial preferment." M. Wit 

Beaudry, Rev. Charles Ag-apit (R. C.). 

S. Jannier and Marie Louise (Chi- 
coyne) B. ; b. St. Marc, P.Q., Oct. 15, 
1855; e. Coll. St. Hyacinthe ; o. 1881; 
vicar parish La Presentation, 1881-88 ; 
took up work of the repatriation of 
French-Can, from the U. S. in con 
nection with the colonization of Man., 
in which he was highly successful, 
1888; cure St. Hyacinthe de la Salle, 
Man., a parish founded by Bp. of St. 
Hyacinthe, 1893 ; canon Cath., St. 
Hyacinthe, do. ; procureur Bp. of St. 
Hyacinthe, 1897; revived Le Colonisa- 
teur Can., 1888, and was its ed. up to 
1893. Bishop s Palace, St. Hyacinthe, 

Beaudry, Joseph Alphonse Ubalde, 

civil engineer. 

E. s. late Hon. Justice B., Sup. Ct., 
P. Q. ; b. St. Hyacinthe, P.Q. ; e. St. 
Mary s (Jesuit) Coll., Montreal ; m. 
Mary Jane, y. d. late Capt. Hy. Ib- 
botson, H. M. s 104th Regt. ; C. E., 
Dam. and iProvl. land surveyor, archi 
tect and patent solicitor ; a charter 
mem. Soc. C. E. ; formerly Asst. City 
Engr., Montreal, and Town Engr.,. 
Hochelaga, Ste. Cunegonde, and St. 
Henri ; consult, engr. Quebec water 
works and city of Sherbrooke ; devised: 
and executed waterworks for Hoche 
laga, Ste. Cunegonde, and St. Henri ; 
built in Ste. Cunegonde the first direct 
pressure waterworks in Can. ; located 
Q. M. N. C. Ry. from Ste. ThgrSse to 
Grenville ; surveyed the Selkirk settle 
ment in Man. at time of the half- 
breeds troubles : a mem. Hygiene 
Comte., Montreal, 1883-84 ; is a mem. 
Art Assn., Microscop. Soc., Nat. Hist. 
Soc., Hist. Soc., a dir. Soc. for Protect. 
Women and Children, hon. librarian 
Num. and Antiq. Soc., and hon. treas. 
Social Econ. Club ; a R. C. 128 Crescent 
St., Montreal; Montreal Hunt Club; 
Club de Chasse a Course Can.; Tandem 
Club, do. 

Beauregrard, Lt.-Col. Henri Albany, 
Quebec public service. 

S. Pierre and Marguerite (Morin) 
B. ; b. St Hyacinthe, P.Q., Nov. 18, 



1864 ; e. St. Hyacinthe .Coll. and Mc- 
Gill Univ. (B.C.L., 1887) ; m. Marie 
Eugenie, d. late Hon. Mr. Justice 
Fontaine; advocate, 1887; practised 
at St. Hyacinthe, in partnership 
with late Judge Desmarais ; apptd. 
prothonty. S. C. and elk. of the Crown 
and Peace, and elk. of the Circuit Ct, 
Dist. St. Hyacinthe, 1889 ; apptd. lt.- 
eol. commanding 84th Regt., Feb., 
1908; formerly ed. La Tribune, a 
weekly paper (St. Hyacinthe), and la 
a well-known correspondent for the 
press; Is Presdt. Ind. Foresters, 
L Unlon St. Pierre, and C. M. B. A. ; 
a R. C. ; no politician. St. Hyacinthe, 

Beausoliel, Joseph. Maxima, physician. 
S. Joseph and Rose (Ducharme) 
B. ; b. St. Felix de Valols, P.Q., Apl. 
6, 1854 ; e. Jollette Coll. ; graduated 
M D., Bcole de Med. et de Chir., Mont 
real, 1880 ; m., 1877, Olive Palmyra 
(d. June, 1908), 4th d. late Lt.-Col. 
A. B. LavaHee ; has practised through 
out in (Montreal ; has done much to 
raise the status of the med. prof. In Ms 
native province ; lecturer on histol., 
Med. Sch., 1884-86 ; prof. mat. med. 
and therap., do., 1890; founded the 
Soc. de Med. Pratique, Montreal, 188! 
gov. Provl. Coll. Phy. and Surg., do. ; 
sent to Paris by city of Montreal to 
study antl-^dip. serum of Prof, Rouse, 
at L Inst. Pasteur, 1895 ; Presdt. Can. 
Med. Assn., 1898; while at Paris, 
1895-6, took special course of study in 
the sens, there, and, at the same time, 
succeeded in obtaining for med. stu 
dents of Quebec the right of admis 
sion to the Paris Sch. of Med. without 
further examn. therefor; also obtained 
for Quebec med. library a gift ol 
many hundred vols. contg. theses read 
before the med. faculty of Paris i; was 
regr. Quebec Med. Bd., 1892-98, 
apptd. offr. d Acad., by French Goyt., 
1898; formerly ed. Le Journ. d Hy 
giene Pop. and of La Gaz. Med., Mont 
real ; is also the author of many 
papers In pamphlet form; is 
author of a plan of interprovl. regis 
tration, based on (1) uniformity of 
preliminary examn.; (2) do. of med. 
curriculum; (3) do. of examn. for the 
admission to med. practice through 
out the Dom. ; Is genl. secy, for Can. 
In Quebec, of comte. of organ, for the 
erection of a monument to Pasteur ; 
Paris; a Lib. ; a R. C.ll St. Lows 
Sq., Montreal; City Club, do. 

" A man of high attainments, and B 
constant worker." M. Herald. 
Beanvais, Elzear Adolphe, merchant. 
B. Lapralrie, P.Q., Men. 29, 1858; 
e. there and Peterboro, Ont. ; m. Miss 
Ernestine E. Bourassa ; a mem. firm 
Brousseau & Co., grain, provisions, 
cotton, and coffee mchts., Chicago; a 
dir. Chicago Bd. of Trade (of which 
he has been a mem. since 1883), 1899- 
1902; now treas. La iSoc. Franc, de 
Blenfaisance de I llllnois ; a mem. Ha. 
Athletic dub. 19W Barry Ave., Chic 
ago, III. 
Beaven, Hon. Robert, statesman. 

S. late Rev. Jas. B., D.D., Toronto; 
b. Leigh, Staffordshire, Eng., Jan. 28, 
1836; e. U. C. Coll.; m., May, 1866, 

Susan, d. Rev. Canon Ritchie, Geor- 
gtina, Ont. ; went to Cal. by way of 
Panama, in the early day ; from Gal. 
went to B. C., and was successfully 
engd. in gold mining there- for some 
yrs. ; returned to Toronto and left 
again for San Francisco via N. Y. 
and Panama ; since removed to Vic 
toria, B.C., and has continued there 
up to the present ; when visiting To 
ronto met the late Hon. George Brown, 
who made many inquiries respecting 
the young Brit, colony in the north 
Pacific, and spoke about the desir 
ability of uniting the Brit, possessions 
in North Am. under one govt. ; he 
identified himself with the agitation 
for confederation with the Dom. ; took 
an active part in the organization of 
the Confederate League and was made 
its 1st secy. ; after the consummation 
of the union, 1871, he stood as a can 
didate for the representation of the 
city of Victoria (Local), and was re 
turned ; remained one of the represent 
atives of the city (Local) up to the g. e. 
1894, when he was defeated ; was sub 
sequently mayor of Victoria, 1892, 1893 
and 1897; entd. the De Cosmos Cabinet 
as Chief Comnr. of Lands and Works, 
Dec. 24, 1872, and held that office for 
several yrs. ; was apptd. Minr. of 
Finance and Agrlcul., 1878; on Feb. 
29, 1883, as Premier, his Govt. was 
defeated and he resigned; while in 
office had largely to do with all the 
great questions of the day, including 
the commencement of the C. P. Ry-i 
tine construotdon of the Esquimailt 
Graving Dock, and the estbt. of a free 
non-sectarian system of educ., which 
engd. the consideration of the local 
executive; of measures owing thel 
origin to his efforts as a private 
mem. are the following: The Law 
Stamp Act; the Act limiting the fees 
payable on the estate of deceased per 
sons; the first general municipal Ac 
of the Province, and the Municipal 
Act, 1889 (part of which is, however, 
consolidated) ; the game protection 
Acts, 1878 and 1880; the Acts extend 
ing the rights of property to married 
wlmen; the Act to secure to iVives 
and Children the Benefit of Assur. on 
the lives of tiheir husbands and 
parents f the amended Ballot Act of 
1877 the Companies Act, 1878 , tne 
Act of 1881, exempting the mems. of 
the volunteer fire dept. from Jury 
duty ; an Ang. Victoria, B.C. 

"As a Parliamentarian, pure and simple, 
he was very able; while as an authority 
on procedure., he may be regarded as _ the 
equal, probably, of any man m Can. - 
R. E. Gosnell (q.v.). 
Bechely, Frank J., Am. ry. service. 

Eng. parentage; b. Thamesville, 
Ont, Dec. 5, 1862 ; e. there and De 
troit, Mich. ; entd. ry. service, G. T. R., 
1880; joined Duluth, South Shore & 
Atlantic Ry., 1883, and the 111. Cen 
tral Ry., 1888, rising to the position 
of supdt on that road, which position 
he still retains. Dubuque, la. 
Beck, Hon. Adam, statesman; manu 

S. late Jacob B., a native of Ger 
many, Iron founder, who came to Can. 



1837, and founded the town of Baden, 
Ont., and Charlotte (Hespeler) B. ; b. 
Baden, June 20, 1857 ; e. Rockwood 
Acad. and Gait Grammar Sch. (Dr. 
Tassle s) ; m., Sept., 1898, Lillian (an 
expert horsewoman and accomplished 
vocalist), o. c. late C. J. Ottaway, bar 
rister of the Inner Temple, London, 
Eng. ; a manfr. of veneering and thin 
lumber and cigar boxes, having prin 
cipal place of business at London, Ont., 
with branches at Toronto, Montreal, and 
Winnipeg; Mayor of London, 1902-04 ; 
has sat for London (Local), in Con. 
Interest, since 1902 ; apptd. to a seat 
In Whitney Cabinet, Ont., without 
portfolio, Feb. 8, 1905 ; was Presdt. 
Union of Municipalities, 1904 ; apptd. 
a commr. to investigate the develop, 
and distribution of power from Ni 
agara Falls, 1903 ; has become closely 
Identified with question of supplying 
cheap electrical power to the people 
of Ont. ; introduced power bill in Ont. 
Assembly, creating a comn. called the 
Hydro-Electric Power Comn., May, 
1906 ; apptd. Chairman of said comn., 
June, 1906 ; holds office in various 
local assns. ; is known, far and wide, 
for his Interest in thoroughbred 
horses ; was a promoter of the Can. 
Jockey Club, and is Master of the 
London Hunt Club ; both he and Mrs. 
B. have won numerous prizes at all 
the great sporting events in Can. ; also 
won prizes at the Olympian Horse 
Show, London, Eng., 1907, where Can. 
was represented by 9 home-bred 
horses, owned by him ; presented at 
Court, with Mrs. B., June, 1909 ; 
elected a dlr. Nat. Horse Show Assn. 
of Am., and apptd. a judge, Intern. 
Horse Show, London, Enig-., 1911 ; an 
Ang. " Headley," London, Ont. ; To 
ronto; London Club, London; Albany 
Club, Toronto; St. James s Club, Mont 

" Energetic and public-spirited, and 
careful in statement and in deduction." 
T. News. 

" Possesses the ability and the deter 
mination to carry through anything he 
undertakes." T. Globe. 

" The man who can ride Niagara Falls 
deserves a tap on the shoulder from the 
King." Can. Collier s. 
Beck, Rev. Charles G-. (Luth.). 

B. Lehigh Co., Penn. U. S., 1878; 
graduated Muhlenberg Coll., Allentown, 
and Luth. Theol. Semy., Philadelphia ; 
has filled several pastorates In the U. 
S. and N. S. ; called to Eng. Luth. Ch. 
of the Redeemer, Montreal, 1908. S65 
Mountain St., Montreal. 
Beck, Edward, journalist. 

Eng. origin; b. Hertford, Eng., 
May 10, 1867; e. Eng. common schs.; 
m., 1891, Annie S., d. late W. G. 
Smyth, Toronto; 13 yrs. on staff 
Detroit News, as reporter, Washing 
ton correspondent, city ed., asst. 
mang. ed., etc.; 3 yrs. mang. ed. 
Montreal Daily Herald; since Oct., 
1910, has been mang. ed. Montreal 
Daily Star; Ang. 487 Grosvenor Ave., 
Westmount, Montreal. 
Beck, Herbert Hentry, insurance 


T. s. late Thos. A. B., Rlngstead, 
Norfolk, Eng. ; from old Norman 

family of Bee ; b. Heaoham, King s 
Lynn, Eng., Apl. 2, 1852 ; e. Heacham 
Grammar Sch. ; m., 1885, Florence, 
2nd d. John Hall, Roundhay Park, 
Leeds, Eng. ; came to Can., 1879 ; for 
12 yrs. with the Trust & Loan Co. ot 
Can. ; organized Man. Assur. Co., 1886, 
and was its mang. dir. 10 yrs. (sold 
to Liverpool & London & Globe, 
1904) ; apptd. genl. mangr. Anglo- Am. 
Fire Ins. Co., his present position, 
1905 ; is also mang. dir. Montreal Can. 
Fire Ins. Co. ; a dir. London Mutual 
Fire Ins. Co. and of Union Trust Co., 
and Presdt. and dir. of several public 
cos. In Winnipeg ; has travelled exten 
sively through Western Can., and 
knows the country thoroughly ; for 
merly a Con. ; now Ind. ; believes In 
closer relationship with Mother Coun 
try ; an Imperialist, of the " what we 
have we ll hold " type ; an Ang. 6 
Clarendon Crescent, Toronto; National 
Club; R. C. Yacht Club; Canadian 
Club, do. 

" A man of ability." Office and Field, 

Beck, Hon. Nicholas Du Bols Dominic, 


S. late Rev. J. W. R. B., Ang. rec 
tor, Peterboro, Ont., and Georglana, 
d. late Hon. G. S. Boulton, M.L.C. ; b. 
Cobourg, Ont., May 4, 1857 ; e. private 
schs., Peterboro Coll. Inet., and Toronto 
Univ. (LL.B., 1881) ; LL.B., ad eund., 
Ottawa Univ., 1893 ; m., 1st, Nov., 
1886, Mary Ethel (d.), e. d. Enlward 
L. Lloydv St. Boniface, Man. ; 2ndly, 
Jan., 1906, Louisa Adelaide, 2nid 
d. M. Teefy, J.P., Richmond Hill, Ont. ; 
barrister (Ont.), 1879; do. (Man.), 
1883; do. (N. W. T.), 1889; K.C. (Lord 
Aberdeen), 1893 ; successfully practised 
his prof, successively at Peterboro, 
Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton ; 
removed to latter city, on his appt. as 
Crown prosecutor for dist., 1891; was 
also City Solr. and Chairman Bd. 
Cath. Sch. Commrs., Presdt. Law Soc., 
public admnr. and official guardian 
there ; for some yrs. ed. Territorial 
Law Reports; an extensive contribu 
tor to the press, chiefly, in early days, 
to the N, W. Cath. Rev.; for many 
yrs. a mem. C. M. B. A. ; apptd. a 
puisne judge Sup. Ct., Alberta, Sept., 
1907; a Senator Alberta Univ., 1908; 
Vice-Chancellor, do. do. ; a gov. Cath. 
Ch. Extension Soc of Can., do. ; chair 
man Royal Comn. re Great Waterways 
Ry., 1910; joined Ch. of Rome, 1883. 
Edmonton, Alta.; Edmonton Club, do. 

Becker, William S., business man. 

Previously chief account. H. B. Co., 
Winnipeg ; apptd. mangr. Royal 
Trust Co. for Man. and N. W. T., 
Jan., 1905. Winnipeg. 

Beckett, Albert Edward, lawyer. 

O. s. s. late Walter Wm. B., hard 
ware merchant, Sherbrooke, P.Q. ; 
family came from Hampshire, Eng., 
1819; b. Sherbrooke, P.Q. ; e. Sher 
brooke Acad., Stanstead Coll. and 
Bishop s Coll. Univ. (LL.B., 1884) ; m. 
Gertrude A., d. W. C. Lyford, N.T. ; 
advocate, 1884 ; since 1891 has been 
solr. G. T. Ry., Montreal ; Ang. isrt 
Durocher St., Montreal; St. George 
Snowshoe Club, do. 



Beckett, Lt.-Col. David Wellington, 

Can. mil. service. 

S. Jas. and Matilda (Robinson) B. ; 
father from Castlebar, Irel. ; b. Beck 
ett s Landing, Ont., Dec. 20, 1859 ; e. 
local schs. ; m. Miss Margt. Kendrick ; 
a farmer: has been 29 yrs. in 56th 
Regt. (Lisgar Rifles) ; attained to the 
command of reigt., Jan*, 1906 ; holds the 
long-service decoration; Ang. Kempt- 
ville, Ont. 
Bedard, Joseph Bdouard, lawyer. 

Of the 7th generation of an old. 
French-Can, family ; s. late Joseph 
and Sophie (Roy) B. ; grands. Joseph 
B., who fought under De Salaberry 
at Chateauguay ; b. Beauport, Aug. 
22, 1845 ; e. Quebec Semy. and Laval 
Univ. (B.A., 1864 ; LL.B., 1867 ; LL.L., 
avec distinction, 1868; LL.D., 1902); 
in., Oct., 1869, Adeline (d. Apl., 1907), 
d. late Thos. Belanger ; advocate, 
1868; K.C. (Earl of Derby), 1893; 
b&tonnier, Quebec ib ar, 1900-01 ; suc 
cessfully practises in Queibec city ; head 
of firm B., Chaloult & Prevost ; pub 
lished " Code Municipal de la Pro 
vince de Quebec " (2nd ed., French and 
Eng., 1905); Mayor Beauport, 1890; 
Warden Co. Quebec, do. ; erected a 
model sch. for young children in his 
native parish, at his own expense, 
called Ecole St. Edouard, 1907 ; a 
R. C. ; a Lib. ; unsuccessfully contest 
ed Quebec Co. (H. C.), g. e. 1882, and 
same co. (Local) as a Nationalist, 
1908 ; created a Chevalier of St. Greg 
ory the Great by the Pope, 1907. 
"Kent House/ S3 Rue St. Louis, Que 
bec; Beauport, P.Q. 
Beddoe, Miss Mabel Beatrice, vocalist. 

D. Thos. D. and Emma C. B. ; 
b. Toronto ; studied for her prof, 
at the Conserv. of Music in that 
city, passing heir examn. for proficiency 
in piano playing -with 1st class honours, 
Jan., 1899 ; later studied in voice cul 
ture with E. W. Schuch (Q.I;.), To 
ronto, Albert -Baker Cheney, Boston, 
Wm. L. Tomlins, Chicago, and Frau 
Auer Herbeck and Prof. Pembauer, 
Dresden, Germany ; possesses a rich 
mezzo-contralto vdice, with a striking 
and attractive stage presence ; has 
sung with great success at concerts, 
oratorios, recitals, churches, clubs, and 
private entertainments in Can. and the 
U. S. ; was for a time contralto soloist, 
First Presto. Ch., Evanston, 111. ; sang 
as soloist with the Orpheus Club, at 
the Royal Victoria Coll., Montreal, 
1911 ; ihas been invited to join the 
Oratorio Soc., N.Y. ; Ang. 11 Edge- 
dale Rd., Toronto. 

" Of much promise." Boston Times. 
Beddoe, William Arthur, Dom. public 

S. John and Charlotte B. ; b. Hill 
Top House, West Bromwich, Stafford 
shire, Eng., Mch. 16, 1859; e. there; 
unm. ; came to Can., 1876; later, went 
to the Yukon ; was ed., successively, 
of the Juneau (Alaska) Miner, Daw- 
son Daily News, Yukon World and 
Yukon Mining Journal; formerly a 
dir. Press Alliance, London, Eng. ; 
F.R.G.S. ; apptd. Can. trade commr., 
Auckland, New Zealand, May, 1910. 
Auckland, N.Z.; Ontario Club, Toronto. 

Bedford, Spencer Argryle, nurseryman. 
S. Jacob B. ; b. Co. Sussex, Eng., 
Feb. 1, 1852; e. Hadlow Acad. and in 
Ont.; m., 1880, Minnie, d. J. F. Bolton, 
Newboro, Ont. ; came to Ont., 1&63 ; re 
moved to (Man., where hie farmed exten 
sively, 1877 ; was, in addition, inspr. 
Scottish Ont., the North Brit. Can. and 
the Can. N.-W. Land Co. s; sat in 
N. W. Council, for Moosomin, 1885-88 ; 
in latter year apptd. supdt. Govt. Ex 
perimental Farm, Brandon ; resigned 
this position, i!906, to become mangr. 
A. E. Mackenzie & Co., seeds and 
nursery stock, Brandon ; a dir. Can. 
Seed Growe<rs Assn. and V.-iP. Am. 
Homolog. Soc. ; described as haying 
rendered great assistance to agricul. 
interests by his addresses before far 
mers tosts. and his contributions to 
the agricul. press ; apptd. prof. Field 
Husbandry, Man. Agricul. Coll., 1908. 
Brandon, Man. 

Beecher, Bobt. Livingstone, journalist. 

S. late C. M. B., V.-P. and asst. 
genl. mangr. B. C. Mills, Timber & 
Trading Co., Vancouver, B.C. ; now 
and for some yrs. on ed. staff N. Y. 
Globe. " Globe " Office, New York. 
Beemer, Nelson Henry, physician; 
Ont. public service. 

B. Waterford, Ont, 1853 ; e. public 
sch. there and Brantford High Sch. ; 
graduated M.B. (Toronto Univ.), 
1874 ; m., 1879, Mary, e. d. Alex. Lainig, 
Wyoming, Ont. ; mem. Coll. P. and S., 
Ont., 1874 ; .practrised at Wyoming, Ont., 
4 yrs. ; 3rd asst. phy<s. Asylum for In 
sane, London, Ont., 1878; med. supdt. 
Insane Asylum, Mimico (where he still 
is), Nov., 1894; apptd. extramural 
prof, mental diseases, Toronto Univ., 
1901 ; has served as V.-P. and presdt. 
Cam and Ont. Cricket Assns. ; Bapt. 
Insane Asylum, Mimico, Ont.; National 
Club, Toronto. 

Beer, The Venerable Archdeacon 

Henry (Ang.). 

S. late Hy. B., R.E., and Mary 
Ann B. ; b. Bermuda, Sept. 2, 1844 ; 
e. there; came to Can., 1862; early 
yra. spent at Gibraltar and in Eng. ; 
m., 1865, Miss Mary Hoa-re ; o. 
deacon, 1881; priest, 1883; some 
time headmaster Model Sch. at Ren 
frew and at Perth, Ont. ; spent 8 yrs. 
on St. Joseph s Island, Algoma, pass 
ing thence to Minn, and Alaska ; has 
been 13 yrs. at Kaslo ; apptd. Arch 
deacon of Kootenay, 1904. Kaslo, 
" Seg, Callum " (see Mack, Major 

J. C. O.). 

Be??, Rev. William Froudfoot 

(Presb.); educationist. 
B. Snape, Lanarkshire, Scot., July 
5, 1843 ; e. country sch. and Glasgow 
Univ., D.D. (hon.), Queen s Univ., 
Kingston, Ont., 1896; m., Oct., 1872, 
Fannie Miles, d. W. O. Smitih, several 
times Mayor of St. John, N.B. ; o. P. 
E. I., 1872; pastorates: Woodstock, 
N.B. ; St. Stephen, N.B. ; Augustine Ch., 
Greenock, Scot. ; Kentville, N.S. ; Mas- 
sena, N.Y., and Parkersburg, la. ; 
was prof. phil. Tabor Coll., Iowa, for 
some yrs. ; well known as a lecturer 
and a contributor to periodical litera- 



ture ; author " The Development of 
Taste" (Glasgow, 1887); this work 
was highly commended by Prof. 
Knight, Hy. Rutgers Marshall, and 
others; in the former s "History of 
Esthetics," in the first vol. of his 
" Philosophy of the Beautiful," he 
says : " There is a great deal of de 
tached and stimulating thinking in 
the sest.hetic studies of Mr. Begg. 
The historical knowledge, both of phil 
osophy and literature, is much greater 
than appears upon <tihe surface." 
Parkersburg, Iowa, U.S. 

Beg-in, Most Rev. Louis Nazaire, 

Archbishop (R. C.). 
S. late Chas. and Luce (Paradis) 
B. ; b. L6vis, P.Q., Jan. 10, 1840; e. 
Levis Model Sch., Coll. St. Michel de 
Bellechasse, Little Semy. of Quebec, 
and Laval Univ. (B.A. and Prince of 
Wales gold med., the first to take this 
prize, 1862) ; followed theo l. course 
at Grand Semy., Quebec, and at the 
Gregorian Univ. of the Roman Coll., 
Rome (D.D., 1865) ; do., Laval Univ., 
ad eun., do.; o. at Rome, 1865; re 
mained at Rome to make a special 
study of eccles. hist, and Oriental 
lang., 1866-7; continued his studies 
at the Cath. Univ., Innsbruck, 1867- 
68 ; prof. dog. theol. and eccles. hist., 
Laval Univ., 1868-84 ; also prefect of 
studies, Little Semy., Quebec ; princi 
pal Laval Normal Sch., Quebec, 1885- 
88; Bp. of Chicoutimi, 1888-91; co 
adjutor to Card. Taschereau, with 
title of Archbp. of Gyrene, 1891-98; 
admnr. of the archdiocese, 1894-98; 
Archbp. of Quebec, Apl. 12, 1898; in 
vested with the pallium, Jan. 22, 1899 ; 
has travelled extensively in Europe 
and the Holy Land; is a Fellow of the 
Royal Soc. Can. ; a mem. of the Acad. 
of the Arcades, Rome, and of the In 
tern. Truth Soc. ; a gov. Cath. Ch. Ex 
tension Soc. in Can. ; elected Presdt., 
Sec. 1, Royal Soc. of Can., 1908; one 
of the principal speakers at the un 
veiling of the Irish Monument, Grosse 
Isle, 1909 ; has frequently been spoken 
of in connection with a seat in the 
Sacred Coll. ; presided over a tri 
bunal constituted to try the case of 
Mgr. de Laval, 1st R. C. Bp. of Quebec, 
for canonization, Oct., 1898; attended 
Plenary Council, Quebec, 1909, and the 
Eucharistic Congress, Montreal, 1910 ; 
author "La Frimaute et 1 Infaillibilite 
des Souverains Pontif es " (1873); 
"La Sainte -Ecriture et la Regie de 
Foi" (1874); " Le Culte Catholique " 
(1875) ; "Aide Metnoire ou Chronologie 
de l- Histoire du Canada" (1886); 
" Catechisme de Controverse " (1902). 
Archbishop s Palace, Quebec. 

"A worthy successor of Plessis Tas- 
ehere-au and other great princes of the 
church." Mgr. Tanguay. 

Behan, John Joseph, late Dom. pub 
lic service. 

S. John B., Mt. Melllck, Queen s 
Co., Irel., and Mary (Furlong) B.. 
Wexford, Irel. ; b. Pembroke, Wales, 
Oct. 12, 1857 ; came to Can., 1859 ; e. 
Christian Bros. Sch., Kingston, Ont. ; 
m., June, 1899, Miss Katherine Ver 
onica Branigan, Kingston (d. July, 
1909) ; long engaged in mercantile life 

n Kingston ; a prominent mem. and 
Sec.-Treas. Sep. Sch. Bd., Kingston, for 
many yrs. ; also an Aid. for a consider 
able period, and was the leader of de 
bate in that body ; has always taken 
a deep interest in educational, fra 
ternal and national society work ; be 
sides being Grand Secy, of the C. M. 
B. A. (to which office he was elected 
Aug., 1903), has held leading posi 
tions in the Ancient Order of Hiber 
nians, the Irish Cath. Ben. Union, St. 
Patrick s Soc., Cath. Lit. Assn., and 
Knights of Columbus ; was inspr. of 
gas and electric light, Kingston, 1897- 
1903, when he resigned; a R. C. ; al 
ways a Lib., and for some yrs. an 
office-bearer in the Reform Executive. 
191 Brock St., Kingston, Ont. 
Behenna, Mrs. Katherine Arthur, 

writer and painter. 
D. Alex. Arthur and Catherine 
(Allan) A., Montreal; b. Helens- 
borough-on-Clyde, Scot. ; e. Montreal, 
Edinburgh, and France; m., 1882, Hy. 
Carstairs Behenna (whom she later 
divorced!), s. Hy. B., R.A. ; began 
her career as a miniature painter, dn- 
temdiimg rbo make it a Stepp ing-stone to 
a wider field ; studied first in Museum 
of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass., and later 
in the Art Students League, N. Y. ; 
later, went to Paris, having for masters 
Jules Lefebvre, Atelier Julian, Jean 
Paul Laurens, and Benj. Constant, 
the latter of whom gave her a firmer 
hold of her work than the others ; sub 
sequently, she studied with Wm. Chase, 
Geo. de Forest, Brush and Barlow ; has 
exhibited in the Salon, Soc. des Artistes 
Frame., Champs Elysees, Paris, Acad. 
of Design, and Soc. of Am. Artists, 
N.Y., Royal Acad., London, and other 
galleries of Europe and Am. ; has 
filled many notable commission s, among 
others, for H.R.H. the Princess Louise 
(q.v.) and H.R.H. the (Princess of 
Wales ; maniy of her miniatures are in 
the collection formed by the tote Peter 
Marie, and donated by him to the N. Y. 
Hist. Soc. ; ihas made some marked suc 
cesses as a writer (under the pen name 
of " John Bremde-rgast " ) , notably "Love 
Victorious," a volume of sonnets 
(1907) ; she now paints, illustrates, and 
exhibits under that name. 56 Rue de 
Montreuil, Etaples, Pas de Calais, 

Seller, Bev. Charles (Presb.); edu 

Of Huguenot descent ; b. and e. 
France ; m. Merle, d. Dr. J. J. Merle 
D Aubigne, the author of the "History 
of the Reformation " ; successively asst. 
dir., Preparatory Sch. for Missionaries, 
Paris, and dir. Galliard Coll. Sch., 
Lausanne, Switzerland ; also lect. in 
patristic theol., Lausanne ; later, was 
for ten yrs. agent-genl. of the S. S. 
Assn., Paris, being at the same time 
ed. of all the publications of the Soc. ; 
since 1908 has been prof, of Semitic 
langs., Presb. Coll., Montreal ; well 
known upon the lecture platform ; 
created an O/fr. d Acad., by the 
French Govt, 1908. Presbyterian Col 
lege, Montreal. 

" Possessed, of a wide and varied range 
of knowledge." M. Herald. 



Beique, Hon. Frederic Ligori, lawyer; 


S. late Louis B., St. Mathlas, P.Q. ; 
to. there, May 20, 1845; e. Coll. de 
Ste. Marie de Monnoir; LL.D. (Laval 
Univ.), 1901; m., 1875, Caroline An 
gelinas (V.-P. Children s Aid Soc. and 
Women s Can. Club, (Montreal, Presdt. 
Les Ecoles Menag. Provle., do., first 
Presdt. Woman s Sec. of the Soc. de 
St. Jean Bap., and Presdt. Nat. Fed 
eration of Women, Montreal), o. c. late 
Hon. L. A. Dessaulles, M.L.C. ; 
advocate, 1868; K.C. (P.Q.), 1885; 
do. (E. Derby), 1889; practises 
his profession in Montreal, where 
he is one of the leaders of the bar; 
has repeatedly pleaded before the Jl. 
Comite. P. C., in Bng. ; b&tonnier 
Montreal bar, 1891 and 1893 ; one of 
the Royal Oomn. in Whelan case, 
1890; counsel for late Hon. H. Mer- 
cier and colleagues, before Royal 
Comn., in Baie des Chaleurs Ry. case, 
1891; counsel for Dom. before Beh- 
ring Sea Claims Comn., 1896 ; has de 
clined a seat on the JL bench ; Mayor 
of Dorion, 1895-96: a dir. Can. Col 
ored Cotton Co., Montreal, London 
Gold & Silver Develop. Co., Quebec 
South. Ry., Monarch Bank, Hochelaga 
Bank, and Mt. Royal Savings Bank ; 
Presdit. Le Canada Printing Co. and 
Montreal Indust. Exhn. lAssn. ; formerly 
Fresdit. St. Jean ,Bap. Soc., Montreal, 
and one of tihe promoters of the Monu 
ment National, erected In connection 
therewith ; rated as a " millionaire " by 
Montreal Star, 1911 ; is a Cafch. Soh. 
Commr., a dir. Parks and Playgrounds 
Assn., V.-P. Charity Organ. Soc., and 
V.-P. League for the Prev. of Tuber- 
cul., Montreal ; formerly a dlr. of the 
Citizens Assn., and was an earnest 
promoter of the creation of a Bd. of 
Control there ; a convert to Earl 
Grey s scheme re public house trust 
movement, and favours the training of 
the working man. In tech. schs. at the 
public expense ; a Lib. always, and 
one of the founders of Le Parti Na- 
tionale, with Jette, Dorion, Holton, 
and Huntingdon ; called to the Senate 
by Lord Minto, Feb. 8, 1902 ; Is chair 
man Railroad Comite. there ; a R. C. 540 
Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal; St. 
James s Club; Montreal Club, do. 

"A. maker of Canadian history." M. 

" As a commercial lawyer has few, if 
any, peers." M. Star. 

Beique, Henri A., lawyer. 

2nd s. Senator B. (q.v.) ; b. and e. 
Montreal; LL.B. (Laval Univ.), 1904; 
m., Jan., 1907, Louise, 2nd d. late L. 
H. Frechette, LL.D., C.M.G. ; advocate, 
1904 ; a mem. legal firm B. & B., Mont 
real ; a Lib. ; a R. C. 279 Ontario St. 
E., Montreal. 

Beique, Louis J., lawyer. 

S, Senator B. (q.v.) ; b. and e. 
Montreal; LL.B. (Laval Univ.), 1900; 
m., Aipl., 1906, Beatrice, d. F. J. Bisail- 
lon, K.C. (.q.v.) ; advocate, 1900; mem. 
legal firm B., Turgeon & B., Montreal ; 
a R. C. 1942 Park Ave., Ville St. Louis, 

Beith, Hon. Robert, stock breeder and 

importer; senator. 
Third s. late Alex. B., a native of 
Campbell town, Scot., who came to 
Can., 1835, and Catherine (McTaggart) 
B. ; b. Fairfield Farm, Darlington, 
Durham, Ont., May 17, 1843; e. 
Bowmanville and Commercial Coll., 
Toronto ; unm. ; in early life a farmer ; 
subsequently and now a stock-breeder 
and importer ; owns the famous 
Waverley Stock Farm, Bowmanville; 
commenced by importing and handling 
thoroughbred Clydesdale horses, sub 
sequently taking in Hackneys ; in ad 
dition to many other prizes, won the 
championship and grand champion 
ship prizes for Hackneys at the St. 
Louis World s Fair, and the Grand 
Challenge Cup, 2 yrs. in succession, 
at the National Horse Show, N. Y. ; 
was commissioned by H. M. s Govt. 
to purchase horses for use in the 
army during the S. African War, 
1902 ; a mem. of the Record Bd. of 
the Nat. Live Stock Records Assn. of 
Can., a dir. Can. Horse Breeders 
Assn., and has served as V.-P. for 
Ont. of the Clydesdale Horse Assn., 
and Presdt. of the Hackney Horse 
Soc. ; a Lib., and represented W. Dur 
ham (H. C.), in that interest, 1891-96 
and 1902 ; called to the Senate, by Earl 
Grey, Jan. 15, 1907 ; a Presb., a Free 
mason, an Odd Fellow, and a Son of 
Scot. "Waverley Farm," Bowman 
ville, Ont. 

"The Hackney King of Canada." T. 

" An enterprising bulwark of Canadian 
agriculture." Can. Gazette. 
Beland, Henri S6v6rin, physician; leg 

S. Henri B. and Sophie (Lesage) 
B. ; b. Loulseville, P.Q., Oct. 11, 1869 ; 
e. Coll., Three Rivers (B.A.) ; gradu 
ated M.D. (Laval Univ.), 1893; m., 
Mile. Flore Gerin Lajoie (d. June, 
1908), New Bedford, Mass.; Mayor 
St. Joseph, 1898; sat for Beauce 
(Local), Lib. interest, 1897-1901, since 
when he has represented same con 
stituency in H. C., having been first 
returned thereto by acclamation : 
favorably known in many parts of 
Quebec by his lectures in the pulpwood 
and dairying interests; formerly 
Presdt. Can. Med. Assn. ; apptd. a 
Commr. to tlhe Washington Conf. to 
consider the conservation of the natural 
resources of the Am. Continent, 1909 ; 
do. a mem. Royal Conservation Commn., 
do. ; favors the creation of a Central 
Federal Bureau of Health ; very 
popular ; frequently spoken of as a 
future Cabinet Minr. ; one of the repre 
sentatives of H. C., King George s coro 
nation, London, 1911; a R. C. St. 
Joseph, Beauce, P.Q. 

" A gifted French-Canadian speaker." 

3f. Star. 

"A man of clean record ana good re 
pute, well educated, mens sana in corpore 
sano." T. Globe. 
Belanger, Ernest, civil engineer. 

S Victor and Julie (Alain) B., Que 
bec ; b. Quebec, Dec. 8, 1863; e. there ; 
graduated C. E. from Montreal Poly- 
tedh. Sch., 1885, and B.A.Sc., Laval 



Univ., 1907 ; m. Mile. Redna Jolivette, 
N. Y. ; U. S. regd. patent atty., 1897 ; 
is senior mem. firm Marlon & 
Marion, patent attys. and consult, 
engrs. and experts, Montreal and 
Washington ; formerly a prof. Mont 
real Polytech. Sen. and lecturer on 
appld. mechs., Monument National ; 
a mem. Can. Soc. C. E., la Soc. 
des Ingen. Civils de France, 1 Assn. 
Francaise des Ingen., Conseils en 
Matiere de Prop. Industrielle, Paris ; 
corpn. P. L. S., and Bd. of Dirs. Mont 
real Polytech. Sen. 112 Crescent St., 
Montreal; Engineers Club; Canadian 
Club; Reform Club, do. 
Belang-er, Rev. Joseph Avila (R. C.). 

S. Louis and Sophie (Lavigne) B. ; 
b. R. des Prairies, P.Q.. .Tune 4. 1856: 
e. Montreal Coll. : o. 1882 : vicar St. 
Cunegonde, P.Q., 1883-85 ; Sacrfi Cceur, 
1885-92 ; returned to St. Cunegonde, 
1892-95 ; St. Jean Baptiste, 1895-97 ; 
cur6 St. Nom de Jesus, 1897-1900 ; St. 
Joseph, 1900-05 ; do. St. Louis de 
France (his present charge), 1905. 270 
Laval Ave., Montreal. 

" A gifted speaker and an energetic 
worker." M. Star. 
Belang-er, Louis Charles, lawyer. 

E. s. Chas. and Angelique (Renault- 
Blanchard) B. ; b. " Rapide-Plat," nr. 
St. Hyacinthe, P.Q., May 19, 1840; e. 
Coll. St. Hyacinthe; m., Oct., 1865, 
Margt. Henrietta Bradshaw (d. Jan., 
1899), d. late Jas. Umsworth ; a prof . 
French Commercial Coll., Sherbrooke, 
1860 ; advocate, 1866 ; for some yrs. a 
law partner of late H. C. Cabana ; now 
and for some yrs. practising alone ; 
Crown prosecutor Dist. St. Francis, 
Mch, 1878 ; with an EJng. colleague until 
Mch., 1887, and afterwards alone until 
1892 ; K.C. (E. of Derby) , 1893 ; pleaded 
before the Jl. Comte. P. C. in Eng., in 
cases of Mathieu and Wentworth, 
arising out of " Dunkin " Act liquor 
by-law ; his name frequently men 
tioned in connection with a seat on 
the jl. bench ; one of the pioneer 
journalists in E. T., having estab 
lished the Pionnier de Sherbrooke, 
1866, and the Progres de I Est, 1882 ; 
founded the P. of Q. Press Assn., 
1876, and was its first Presdt. ; Presdt. 
St. Jean Baptiste Soc. at two important 
junctures ; has sat in Sherbrooke City 
Council, first as an Aid. and after 
wards as Mayor, 1895, and also in 
1900, when he was elected by the 
popular vote, under new charter ; 
served in V. M. as a capt. in 53rd 
Regt., 1882-85; an hon. mem. St. Pat 
rick s Soc. ; a Lib. since the Riel agi 
tation, 1885 ; unsuccessfully contested 
Richmond and Wo,lfe (H. C.), Oct., 
1874, and Sherbrooke, with the late 
Judge Hall, Dom. g. e. 1887 ; and 
same constituency (Local) 1890, and 
again g. e. 1897; has travelled ex 
tensively in Europe ; famed for his 
eloquence and unswerving loyalty to 
the Crown ; on the occasion of the 
death of Queen Victoria paid one of 
the most eloquent and touching tri 
butes to her memory ; speaking on 
behalf of the French-Canadians, he 
said that his race had been so free 
under her rule that they were almost 

tempted to exclaim : " Blessed be the 
day when we were given up by a 
heartless court to a power which was 
to be, later on, turned to our advan 
tage under such a sovereign " ; a 
R. C. SherbrooTce, P.Q. 

" A brilliant speaker, a man of high 
education, a lawyer of established repn- 
tation, and a man of an exquisite polite 
ness." Tribune (St. Hyacinthe). 

Belcher, Lt.-Col. Alexander Emerson, 

Out. public service. 
S. John and Elizabeth (Graf ton) 
B. ; b. nr. Toronto, Jan. 30, 1844 ; e. 
Southampton, Ont., and Rockwood 
Acad. ; m., 1873, Miss Augusta Lu- 
cinda Barnes (d. Oct., 1905), George 
town, Ont., a grand-d. Maj. Barnes, 
who fought with Brock ; long engaged 
in banking and commercial life ; for 
merly closely connected with the Com. 
Travels. Assn., of which he was one 
of the originators ; author " What I 
know of Commercial Travelling " ; for 
a lengthened period was Mayor of 
Southampton ; apptd. to Regr.-Genl. s 
D>ept., Toronto, 1911; presented with 
his portrait in oils, 1908; holds high 
rank in Masonic, Orange, and Odd 
fellows orders ; is Grand Master, Provl. 
Grand Black Ohaip. of Ont. West, Royal 
Black Knights of Irel. ; graduated from 
Royal Mil. Sch., Toronto, and served 
during Fenian raids in vol. mil. force 
(med.) ; retired with rank of It. -col., 
Sept., 1906 ; presdt. Bruce Hist. Soc,, 
do. Veterans Assn., do. N. Bruce Con. 
Assn. ; advocates public ownership of 
public utilities and free rural delivery ; 
a Meth. Southampton, Ont.; Parlt. 
Buildings, Toronto. 

Belcher, Henry Martyn, business 


S. Rev. Canon Samuel and Jane 
(Goldsmith) B. ; b. Calcutta, India, 
Nov. 21, 1856 ; e. Can. ; m. Miss Jessie 
Sloan Notman ; since 1872 has been 
connected with Gault Bros. & Co., 
Montreal ; now mang. dir. Gaults, Ltd., 
Winnipeg; presdt. Winnipeg Bd. of 
Trade, 1908-9 ; a del. Imp. Commercial 
Congress, Sydney, N.S.W., 1909 ; In his 
younger days a well-known football 
player and crack rifle shot ; a mem. 
Can. rifle team, Wimbledon, 1882 ; 
gazetted 2nd lieut., 3rd Regt., "Vic 
toria Rifles," 1881. Winnipeg, Man.; 
Manitoba Club; St. Charles Country 
Club, do. 

Belcher, John Edward, civil engr. 

E. s. Saml. B.. Cork, Irel., and 
Martha (Deanes) B. ; b. and e. Irel. ; 
came to Can., 1869 ; m. Miss Clemen 
tina Boyd ; mem. Can. Soc. "C. E., 
1887. Peterboro J Ont. 

Belcher, Lt.-Col. Robert, Can. mil. ser. 
S. Robt. Tovey and Elizabeth 
(Bounford) B. ; b. Apl. 23, 1849; e. 
Byron Ho., Baling, Eng. ; m., 1880, 
Margt., d. Donald McLeod ; served in 
9th Lancers (Imp.), 1868-73; entd. 
N. W. M. Police, 1873 ; inspr., 1893 ; 
served with body during N. W. Rebel 
lion, 1885 (med.) ; in Yukon, 1897-99, 
and at Queen s Diamond Jubilee, 
1897; volunteered for service in S. 
Africa, 1900, was gazetted major and 
apptd. second in command of Lord 



Strathcona s Horse ; was present at 
operations In Natal, in Transvaal, e. 
of Pretoria (including actions at Bel 
fast and iLydenberg), operations in 
Transvaal, w. of Pretoria (including 
actions at Frederickstadt), operationa 
in Orange River Colony (including 
action (at Cailtedoni River), operations 
in Orange River Colony, between Nov. 
30, 1900, and May 31, 1902 (de 
spatches ; C.OVLG. ; med. with 4 clasps, 
presented to him by King Edward in 
person); retired, 1908; promoted lt.- 
eol. comimid g. 19th Al berta Mounted 
Rifles, Feb., 1908. Edmonton, Alta. 

Belcourt, Hon. Napoleon Antoine, 

lawyer; statesman. 

E. s. late Ferdinand Napoleon and 
Marie Anne (Clair) B. ; to. Toronto 
Sept. 15, 1860 ; e. St. Joseph s iSemy., 
Three Rivers and Laval Univ. (LL.L., 
avec grande distinction, 1882 ; LL.D., 
hon., 1909) ; LL.D. (hon.), Ottawa 
Univ., 1895 ; m., 1st., Jan., 188S, 
Hectorine (d. Jan., 1901), e. d. Hon. 
Joseph Shehyn (q.v.) ; 2ndly, Jan., 
1903, Mary Margt., e. d. R. H. Hay 
cock, Ottawa; advocate (P. Q.), 1882; 
barrister (Out.), 1884; K.C. (P.Q.), 
1898; do. (Ont.), 1899; has success 
fully practised his prof, in Ottawa 
city and diistricit for many yrs. ; one 
of the leaders of the bar ; is principal 
in the firm of B. & Ritchie (q.v.) ; 
has pleaded before the judicial 
comte., P. C., Eng. ; Clk. of the Peace 
and Co. Crown Atty. for Co. Carleton, 
1894-6 ; since 1891 has been examr. 
in law, Ottawa Univ. ; a promoter Ot 
tawa Racing Assn., 1903, and Quebec 
Improvement Co., 1904, and presdt. 
Ottawa Hunt Club ; is a dir. Central 
Can. Exhn. Assn. and of L Alliance 
Franqaise, Ottawa ; was a dir. T. Lind 
say Co. (dry goods), and is still 
officially connected with some large 
commercial concerns ; elected presdt. 
French-Can. Congress, Ottawa, 1910 ; 
a del. 6th Congress, Chambers of Com 
merce of the Empire, 1906 ; a Lib. , 
and a personal friend of Sir Wilfrid 
Laurier (q.v.) ; has been presdt. of the 
Reform Club and the Club National, 
Ottawa ; is hon. presdt. Club Belcourt. 
Ottawa ; a V.-P. Ont. Reform Assn. ; 
unsuccessfully contested Ottawa City 
(H. C.) g. e. 1891 ; sat for same con 
stituency (do.), 1896-1907; Speaker 
(H. C.), 1904; called to the Senate 
by Earl Grey, Nov. 20, 1907 ; P. C., 
1905 ; one of the signers of the address 
from the Lib. party to the Pope, 1896, 
resulting in the appt. of a Papal Able- 
gate to Can. ; moved a resolution, 
unanimously adopted, inviting the late 
King Edward and Queen Alexandra to 
visit Can., 1906 ; a R. C. -489 Wilbrod 
St., Ottawa; Rideau Club; Ottawa 
Hunt Club; Ottawa Country Club, do.; 
Ontario Club, Toronto. 

"An able lawyer, an adroit and tactful 
politician., and, in his general demeanor, 
friendly with all and singularly free from 
religious or national prejudices." T. Globe. 

Balding*, Albert Martin, journalist. 

B. Norton, N.B., May 8, 1859 ; e. 
public sell, and Provl. Normal Sch. 
(med.) ; public sch. teacher for sev 

eral yrs. ; joined staff St. John Sun, 
1886; asst. ed. Dom. Illustrated 
(Montreal), 1891; ed. St. John Star, 
1900-04; do. St. John Times, 1904-08; 
in addition to short stories and poema 
contributed to Chambers s Journal and 
other mags., has written much varied 
matter for the newspaper press, in 
cluding a series of papers entitled 
" Melicite Philosophy," and a series of 
amusing political satires, under the 
heading, " Ancient Order of Offlce- 
Seekers," which attracted much atten 
tion ; author also, in collaboration 
with others, of a volume of sketches, 
stories and poems, and of " The 
Book of St. John," descriptive of the 
city of that name ; one of the foun 
ders and first Presdt. of the Every- 
Day Club (1907), an assn. for mutual 
helpfulness for working men and 
others ; a dir. Can. Club, St. John ; 
a mem. I?4. of Mangt., St. John Assd. 
Charities, and of N. B. Temp. Federa 
tion ; twice m. 270 Germain St., St. 
John, N.B.; Canadian Club, do. 

"lA writer of unusual .ability." St. 
John Telegraph. 

Belford, Rev. James Franklin Beatty 


U. E. L. descent; settled P. E. Co., 
Ont., 1786 ; b. nr. Wooler, Ont., Oct. 
22, 1867 ; e. Campbellford High Sch. 
and Man. Univ. (B.A.) ; m., 1891, 
Miss Mary Eleanor McCracken ; o. 
1898; has acted as Can. Govt. immi 
gration agent in Eng. ; has contributed 
poetry and other pieces to the mags. ; 
a firm believer in Rt. Hon. J. Cham 
berlain s policy. 56 Knollys Rd., 
Streatham, London, Eng. 

Belli Hon. Adam Carr, merchant; leg 

S. Basil H. B., Haddingtonshlre, 
Scot., and Mary, o. d. Adam Carr, 
Albion Mines, N.S. ; b. Pictou, N.S., 
Nov. 11, 1847 ; e. New Glasgow, Sack- 
ville Acad., and Glasgow Univ. ; m., 
Sept., H873, Annie, d. John Henderson, 
Al bion Mines, N.S. ; long in mercantile 
life at New Glasgow ; recently re 
tired ; served as sch. commr., War 
den, and iMayor New Glasgow ; a 
Con., and sat, in that interest, for 
Pictou (Local), 1878-86; was Provl. 
Secy, in Thompson Admn., 1882. and 
local leader of the Opposition, 1882-87 ; 
unsuccessfully contested Pictou (H.C. ), 
g. e. 1891, and same co. (Local), 1904; 
sat for Pictou (H. C.), 1896-1904, 
when defeated ; is an hon. mem. North 
Brit. Soc., Halifax, and presdt. New 
Glasgow Lit. and Hist. Soc. ; author 
" A Speculative View of Can. Free 
Trade," a lecture (1892), and of 
" Canada and the Chamberlain Move 
ment " (1903); favours Imp. Federa 
tion; senator (Duke of Connaught), 
Oct., 1911 ; a Presb. New Glasgow, 

" The physical counterpart of Edward 
Blake, and who also resembles him not 
a little in his mental habits." T. Newt. 

" A man who studies public questions 
as he studies his business problems, and 
who has been steadily coming forward 
into the front rank of parliamentarians. 
M. Gazette. 



Bell, Albert William, physician. 

B. Markham, Ont., Aug. 18, 1862 ; 
e. Jarvis St. Coll. Inst, Toronto, and 
Toronto Univ.; graduated M.D. (Trin. 
Univ., do.) 1891; for some yrs. asst. 
mangr. Toronto Indust. Expn., and 
supdt. live stock, do. ; apptd. genl. 
mangr. Winnipeg Expn., Mch., 
is aVso secy.-treas. .Sheep and Swine 
Breeders Assn., Cattle Breeders Assn., 
Horse Breeders Assn., Man., and the 
Can. Red-Robed Assn. Winnipeg. 

Bell, Alexander Graham, inventor. 

S. late Alex. Melville B.. who long 
enjoyed a reputation in the field of 
philol. and as a linguist, and was, at 
one time, prof, of elocution, Queen a 
Univ., Kingston, Ont.; b. Edinburgh, 
Scot., Mch. 3, 1847: e. Edinburgh 
Univ. and Univ. Coll., London ; m., 
1877. Mabel Gardiner, d. G. G. Hub- 
bard; came to Can., 1870, where, 
later he invented the telephone, the 
first trial of the system taking place 
at Brantford, Ont., 1876; invention 
patented the same year; also iavente 
the photophone, induction balance, 
and telephone probe, and (with C. A. 
Bell) the graphophone ; more recently 
has Invented a flying machine, whose 
successful ascent took place at Bad- 
deck (his summer residence). Dec., 
1907 ; is Presdt. of the Aerial Experi 
ment. Assn., organized in connection 
with his invention ; formerly much 
devoted to- the education of the deaf, 
and was Presdt of the Am. Assn. for 
the diffusion of knowledge to the 
deaf ; also formerly Presdt. National 
Geograph. Soc. ; has been a regent of 
the Smithsonian Inst. since 1898 (and, 
In 1903, conveyed, at his sole expense, 
the remains of Jas. Smithson, the 
founder of the inst., from Genoa to 
Washington) ; awarded the Volta 
Prix, by French Govt, 1881 ; also cre 
ated an offr. of the Legion of Honour, 
France; Prince Albert med. (London 
Soc. Fine Arts), 1902; was the foun 
der of the Volta Bureau ; Ph.D. (hon.). 
Univ. of Wurzburg, 1882; LL.D. (hon.) 
(Univ. of St. Andrew s), 1902; LL.D. 
(do.), Harvard Univ., 1896; D.Sc. 
(do.), Univ. Oxford, 1907 ; LL.D. (do.), 
Queen s Univ., Can., 1909; do. (do.) 
111. Coll., 1896; do. (do.) lAmfoertrt 
Coll., 1901; M.D. (hon.), Heidelberg, 
1886; a feMo>w Am. ,Acad., and a 
mem. of the Am. Philos. Soc. and 
the Am. Nat. Acad. of Science, and has 
reed, similar marks of honour from other 
institutions in Europe and Am. ; pre 
sented with a piece of plate from people 
of Baddeck, Dec., 1907, to mark the 
date when he successfully carried a 
man in the air in a tetrahedral aero 
plane, or flying machine, over Bras 
d Or Lake ; as a memorial to Ms father, 
has presented to the Assn. for the Dif 
fusion of Knowledge to the Deaf, for 
the benefit of the Volta Bureau, the 
sum of $75,000; of his discoveries and 
labours, in connection with his aerial 
experiments, " he believes that an air 
ship will be perfected capable of mak 
ing 150 to 200 miles an hour, his 
opinion being that it will be possible 
to have dinner in Am. and breakfast 
the next morning in Europe " ; author 

many scientific and educl. mono 
graphs, including " Mechanism of 
Speech " and "A Memoir on the For 
mation of a Deaf Variety of the Human 
Race." 1S31 Connecticut Ave., Wash 
ington,, D.C.; summer residence: "Benin 
Breagh," Baddeck, N.S. 

Bell, Andrew James, educationist. 

S. late Geo. and Jessie (Fleming) 
B., Ottawa; b. there, May 12, 1856; 
e. Ottawa Coll. Inst. and Toronto 
Univ. (B.A., 1878) ; took a post 
graduate course at Breslau Univ. 
(Ph.D., 1889); dissertation there, " De 
locativi in prisea Latinitate vi et 
usu," was published the same year ; 
further studies at Leipzig, 1906 ; Mac- 
donald prof. Latin lang. and lit, Vic 
toria Univ., Toronto, 1889, a position 
he still retains ; an active mem. Can. 
Inst., and a contributor to its trans. ; 
founded Bell Scholar, in classics, To 
ronto Univ., and a prize in oratory, 
Victoria Univ. ; a Bapt. ; m., 1st, 1882, 
Miss Martha Whitwam, St. Thomas, 
Ont. (d. Sept, 1900) ; 2ndly, Apl., 
1903, Martha Anne, d. Alfred Sneath, 
Penetanguishene, Ont. 17 Avenue Rd., 

Bell, Andrew Iff., merchant. 

B. and e. Halifax, N.S. ; a mem. 
firm A. M. B. & Co., wholesale and 
retail hardware, Halifax, N.S. ; elected 
presdt Halifax Bd. of Trade, .1906; 
do. Maritime Bd. of Trade, 1907-8 ; 
dto. Lord s Day Alliance, 1908-9; a 
idfel. 6th Ooiugress Chambers of Oom- 
meroe of Empire, London^ Enig., 1906; 
a Meithi. Halifax, N.S. 

" Enthusiastic, energetic and deter 
mined." H. Herald. 
Bell, His Honour Archibald, Co. Ct. 


Third s. late Archd. B., builder and 
contractor, a native of Paisley, Scot., 
who came to Can., 1832, and ultimately 
settled in Lobo, Middlesex, Ont., and 
Agnes (Hood) B. ; b. Toronto, Nov. 16, 
1840 ; e. local schs. and London Gram 
mar Sch. ; m., May, 1874, Elizabeth, 
e. d. (Malcolm Cameron!, Lobo, Ont. ; 
obtd. 1st class cert., 1857, and was 
for some yrs. a public ach. teacher ; 
studied law with late Judge John 
Wilson; barrister, 1866; practised at 
Strathroy and Chatham ; judge Co. Ct., 
Kent, Ont., Oct. 2, 1878; R. O., 1887; 
local master Sup. Ct., 1901 ; a dir. Lon 
don Life Assur. Co., and presdt. Chat 
ham Loan & Savings Co. ; chairman 
Chatham Coll. Inst. Bd., 1886-1900; a 
Royal Commr., with others, to investi 
gate taxation of rys. in U. S., May, 
1904 ; a Presb. Chatham, Ont. 

Bell, Charles J., U. S. civil service. 

B. Toronto ; e. Lambton Mills, Wes- 
ton Grammar Sch. and U. C. Coll. ; 
studied for bar ; entd. service Dun, 
Wiman & Co., and later that of R. G. 
Dun & Co., with whom he went to the 
U. S., 1870 ; remained with them, suc 
cessively, as asst mangr. and solr. at 
St. Louis, Chicago, Memphis, and New 
Orleans ; state mangr. Mutual Life 
Ins. Co., La., 1892-99, when apptd. 
Asst. U. S. Treas., New Orleans ; a 
Rep. New Orleans, La. 



Bell, Charles Napier, publicist. 

S. Jas. B., Regr. S. Lanark, Ont ; b. 

Perth, Orot, 1854 ; e. Perth common 
and grammar sch>s. ; in. AMoe, d. Rev. 
Geo. Bell, LL.D. ; flrst wenit to Man. 
with the Red River Expedy. force, 
under Lord Wolseley, 1870, and has 
continued there ever since : some time 
in public service, and afterwards in 
ry. service ; secy. Winnipeg Bd. of 
Trade and Winnipeg Grain Exchange, 
1887 ; re-elected for 24th year, 19.10 ; 
secy. Royal .Shlpmient and 1 
portaition Comoi., 1900, land! of the 
Royal Comn. on Transportation, 1904 ; 
a dir. Brit and Col. Press Service, 
Ltd., 1910 ; has rendered many varied 
and important services to Man. and the 
N. W. ; author of various pamphlets 
and newspaper articles in reference 
thereto ; a del. to the 6th Congress 
Imp. Chambers of Commerce, London, 
1906 ; in addition to other positions, has 
been presdt. Man. Hist, and Lit. Soc., 
and Grand Master of Freemasons ; is 
a mem. Sup. Council, 33rd Degree, for 
Can.; elected F. R. G. S., 1885, and 
is a corr. mem. Royal Scottish Geo- 
graph. and of other lit. and scien. 
societies ; apptd. consul for Guate 
mala, at Winnipeg, 1896 ; as a mil. man, 
served in the Fenian raids, 1866-1870, 
and again, in 1871, in Man. (meds.) ; a 
Presb. 121 Carleton St. 3 Winnipeg;. 
Manitoba Club, do. 

" His services cannot be overestimated." 
Sir John Schulte. 
Bell, Charles William, barrister. 

S. Wm. B., K.C., and Emily (Rog 
ers) B., Hamilton, Ont. ; b. Hamilton, 
Ont.; e. Trin. Univ., Toronto (B.A., 
1896) ; m., 1904, Beatrice E.. d. F. W. 
Gates, jr.; barrister, 1899; author "A 
Prince of Zanzibar," a farcical 
comedy, produced at the Bijou Thea 
tre, London, Eng., June, 1904 ; Ang. 
T1 Homewood Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 

Bell, Edwin, lawyer. 

S. J. H. B., contractor, late of 
Chatham, Ont. ; b. ithene, Jan. 14, 
1860; e. Chatham High Sch. and 
Toronto Univ. (LL.iB., 1899) ; m., 
1890, Fanny, 3rd d. late John E. 
Brooke, Chatham, Ont. ; barrister, 
1883 ; practised in Chatham till 1903, 
when he moved to Toronto, where he 
was associated in business with J. W. 
S. Oorley, K.C. (q.v.) ; now success 
fully practising on his own account ; 
formerly V.-P. Kent Law Soc. ; author 
following legal publication s: "Law of 
Real Estate Mortgages," "Law of 
Landlord and Tenant," " The Principle 
of Argument," and " Digest Ont. Case 
Law, 1900-05"; served as ca<pt. 34th 
Regt. ; retired with rank, 1903; a Lib., 
and formerly presdt. W. Kent Lib 
Assn. ; Ang. 427 Jarvis St., Toronto; 
Granite Club: Canadian Club, do. 

" Has rendered a signal service to all 
thinking men by his Principles of Argu 
ment. " - M. d E. 

Bell, Francis Hugh, lawyer. 

S. late John A. B., city auditor. 
Halifax. N.S. ; b. there; e. Dalhousle 
Univ. (B.A., with honours in classics 
and Gov.-Genl s. gold med.. 1876) : m., 
Oct., 1894, Miriam, e. d. J. B. Steed, 

Hamilton, Bermuda; barrister, 1878; 
K.C., 1907 ; apptd. recorder of Hali 
fax, 1906; a promoter of the Halifax 
Can. Club. Halifax, N.S.; Canadian 
Club, do. 
Bell, Frederick McKelvey, physician. 

S. Wm. and Christiana (McKelvey) 
B., Kingston, Ont. ; b. there. Apl. 10, 
1878 ; e. public schs., Coll. Inst., and 
Queen s Univ. (M.D., 1903) ; m., Oct., 
1900, Miss Henrietta Casgrain, Corn 
wall, Ont. ; post-grad, course N. T. 
city hosps. ; licent. Univ. State of 
N. T. ; mem. Coll. P. and S., Ont. ; 
attend, phys. Vanderbilt Clinic, N. Y., 
1903 ; resident surg. N. T. City Penty. 
and Workhouse, 1903-04 ; commenced 
practice, Ottawa, 1904 ; assoc. mem, 
med. staff St. Luke s Hosp., Ottawa ; 
gazetted med. offr. (with rank of capt.) 
5th Princess Louise Drag. Gds., June, 
1907 ; edited med, column Queen s Univ, 
Journal, 1902-03 ; has lectured on med. 
subjects ; elected presdt. Ottawa Med. 
Soc., 19111 ; a iPreslb. 400 McLeod St., 
Ottawa, Ont. 
Bell, George, lawyer. 

S. late Rev. George B., LL.D. 
(Presb.), and Ellen (Chadwick) B. ; 
b. Niagara Falls, Ont., Dec. 13, 1857 ; 
e. Queen s Univ., Kingston (B.A., 
1878) ; m., Sept., 188i5, Manibn E., d. 
!<ate Lt-Ool. Alex. Sproat, M.P., Prince 
Albert, N.W.T. ; barrister (with 
honours), 1881; K.C., 1908; has suc 
cessfully practised his prof, through 
out in Toronto ; mem. firm Thomson, 
Henderson & B., 1886-1903 ; since prac 
tises alone ; commodore Muskoka Lakes 
Assn., 1908 ; Con. ; Presb. 106 St. 
George St., Toronto; Albany Club; 
Royal Can. Yacht Club; Toronto Club; 
Victoria Club; York Club, do. 
Bell, George Pearson, physician; Dom. 
public service. 

J3. Eng., Fab. 5, 1848; e. there; 
M.R.C.B., Eng., 1872 ; M.B..C.M., 1876; 
M.D. (Aberdeen Univ.), 1879; came 
to Can., 1886; entd. R. N.-W. M. Police, 
Feb., 1894 ; surgeon, do., July 1, 1905. 
Regina, Sask. 
Bell, George Turnbull, ry. service. 

,S. late Wm. B., G. T. Ry. service; b. 
Montreal, Sept. 7, 1861; e. there; 
entd. service Gt. W. Ry. as a elk., 
Sept., 1878 ; joined G. T. Ry. as a chief 
elk., Nov., 1882, and has remained 
with that line in various positions 
throughout ; became genl. passgr. and 
ticket agent at Montreal, May, 1900, 
and since Aug., 1908, has filled the 
same offices with the G. T. Pacific, com 
bining the supervision of both lines ; 
elected presdt. of the Am. Assn. of 
Genl. Pass, and Ticket Agents, 1908 
(given for the first time to a Canadian) ; 
a dir. Montreal "Business Men s League. 
459 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Westmount, 

" A popular official." Can. Courier. 

" Courteous, conciliatory, shrewd and 
capable." T. Newt. 

Bell, Herbert, educationist. 

E. s. late Wm. and Janet (Macf ad- 
yen) B. ; b. Carleton, lot 27, P. E. I.. 
Feb. 16, 1880 ; e. local common and 
high schs., Prince of Wales Coll., 
Charlottetown (1st class license), Me- 



Gill Univ., and Edinburgh Univ. (M.A., 
with 1st class honours in nat phil. and 
med. in math., 1906 ; B.Sc., do.) ; taught 
sen. for a time ; apptd. asst. prof, of 
math., Heriot Watt Coll., Edinburgh, 
Scot., 1905 ; since then has been asst. 
in nat. phil. an Edinburgh Univ. -to 
Prof. MacGregor, LL.D. 3 Salisbury 
Rd., Edinburgh, Scot. 

Bell, James, physician. 

B. N. Gower, Ont., Oct. 10, 1852 ; e. 
local schs., privately, and 1 MeGill 
Umiv. (M.D..C.M., and Holme gold 
med.), 1877; m., June, 18-89, Edith 
Mary, e. <l. late J. J. Armton, (Mont 
real ; house <surg. Montreal Genl. Hoop., 
1877; med. supdt. do., 1881 ; asst. surg. 
do., 1885 ; full surg. do., 1886 ; surg. 
Koyal Viet. Hosp., Montreal (remain- 
Ing consult, surg. Montreal Genl. 
Hosp ), 1894; asso. prof, clinical surg. 
McGlll Univ., 1888; asst. prof. surg. 
and clin. surg. do., 1890; prof. clin. 
surg. do., 1894 ; prof. surg. and clin. 
surg. do., 1907 ; for some yrs. surg. 6th 
Batt. (Fusiliers), and at outbreak of 
N. W. Rebellion, 1885, accompanied 
Genl. Middleton to scene of operations 
as surg.-genl., in charge of field hosp. 
corps (med. and mentioned In de 
spatches) ; author of " Tubercular 
Family History," and other papers ; 
a mem. Hon. Comte. Montreal Horse 
Show ; con. surg. Childrens Ho sp., do. 
409 Dorchester St. W., Montreal; St. 
James s Club; Montreal Jockey Club; 
Mt. Royal Club; University Club, do. 

" The ablest surgeon in America." The 
late Dr. C. R. Church. 

(D. Montreal, Apl. 11, 1911.) 

Bell, James Abbott Mackintosh, geolo 

S. Andrew B., C.E., and Marian 
(Rosamond) B., Almonte, Ont. ; b. St. 
Andrew s, P.Q., Sept 23, 1877 ; e. 
Almonte High Sen., Queen s Univ., 
Kingston (M.A. and silver med. In 
chemist., 1899), and Harvard Univ. 
(Ph.D.) ; m., Sept., 1909, Vera, d. 
Harold Beauchamp, presdt. Bank of 
New Zealand ; a F.R.G.S., a mem. Am. 
Mining last, and other socs. ; geologist 
Geol. Survey, Can., 1899-1901 (leading 
an expedition to the Mackenzie River 
and Gt. Bear Lake) ; mining expert, 
Lake Superior Power Co., 1901-02 ; asst 
geol. Ont. Bureau of Mines, 1903-04 ; 
teacher Harvard Univ., 1903-04 (win 
ters) ; official geologist, New Zealand 
(succeeding the late Sir Jas. Hector 
therein), since 1904 ; accompanied Capt 
Scott, R.N., on the Antarctic Expn., 
1910 ; author reports on Mackenzie 
River and Gt. Bear Lake, Moose River 
Basin, and on Michlpicoten Dist. ; an 
Ang. Wellington, N.Z. 

Bell, James Munsie, educationist. 

S. late John Charlton and Hannah 
(Munsie) B. ; b. Chealey, Ont., Apl. 
19, 1880 ; e. Jameson Ave. Coll. Inst, 
Toronto, Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1902 ; 
M.A., 1905), and Cornell Univ. (Ph.D., 
1905) ; unm. ; asst. in chemistry (Cor 
nell Univ.), 1902-3; graduate scholar. 
do., do. (do.), 1903-04; Sage fellow 
do., do. (do.), 1904-05; apptd. expert 
Bureau of Soils, U. S. Dept. of Agri- 
cul., May, 1905 ; a mem. Am. Chemi 

cal Soc., Am. Assn. Advanc. of Sci 
ence, and Am. Soc. Agronomy ; author 
numerous scientific papers, mainly In 
Journ. Phy. Chemistry, Journ. Am. 
Chem. Soc., and as bulletins of U. S. 
Dept. Agrlcul. ; Presb. 60t " The On 
tario," Washington, B.C. 

Bell, Mrs. Jane Lambert, physician. 

D. Rev. W. H. Heartz, D.D. 
(Meth.) ; b. N. S. ; graduated M.D. 
(Women s Med. Coll., N. Y.), 1893; 
m., June, 1903, Alfred J. Bell, Hall- 
fax, N.S. Halifax, N.S. 

Bell, John Henry, physician. 

B. Kingston, Ont, 1866 ; e. public 
and high schs. there and Ottawa Nor 
mal Sch. ; M.D..C.M. (Queen s Univ., 
Kingston), 1890; do. (Trin. Univ., To 
ronto), do.; practises In Kingston; 
unm.; Aid., Kingston, 1897-02; Mayor, 
1903 ; for some yrs. a public sch. 
teacher ; elected Grand Councillor Can. 
Order Chosen Friends, 1903-04 ; Su 
preme Med. Offr. Can. Fraternal Assn., 
Apl., 1903 ; .became ipermanent grand 
med. examr. of firstnamed institution, 
1909 ; also holds high rank in Masonic, 
Orange, and Oddfellows orders ; a 
Meth. ; a Con. Kingston, Ont. 

Bell, John Howatt, lawyer; legis 

S. Walter and Elizabeth (Howatt) 
B., Cape Traverse, P.E.I. ; father na 
tive Dumfries, Scot. ; b. Cape Tra 
verse, Dec. 9, 1845 ; e. Prince of 
Wales Coll., Charlottetown, and Albert 
Univ., Belleville (B.A., 1868; M.A., 
1869) ; m., July, 1882, Helen, d. Hon. 
Cornelius Howatt, Summerside, P.E.I. ; 
barrister (Ont), 1874; do. (Man.), 
1882; do. (P. E. I.), 1884; practised 
successively at Ottawa, Emerson, and 
Summerside ; remained at latter place 
since 1884 ; formerly a mem. P. E. I. 
Assembly; sat for E. Prince (H. C.), 
1898-1900; a Lib.; a Presb. Sum 
merside, P.E.I. 

Bell, John Ritchie, philanthropist. 

B. Shawbridge, P.Q., Aug. 20, 1864; 
e. Montreal schs. and Moody Bible 
Inst, Chicago; m., Oct., 1897, Edith 
May, d. Wm. Tees, Montreal ; a local 
preacher and evangelist since 1884 ; 
mangr. Montreal Sailors Inst. since 
1888; has done evangelist work In 
many portions of Can. and the U. S. ; 
was associated with D. L. Moody In 
his last tour through Scot and Irel. ; 
believes In the love of God, which has 
provided a salvation for all men in 
Jesus Christ ; therefore, he labours to 
bring all men to Christ; non-partlzan 
In politics. Sailors Inst., Montreal; 
S67 Elgin Ave., Westmount, do. 

" No man better known or more highly 
respected." Archbishop Bond. 

Bell, John Wainwrlght, scientist. 

B.Sc. (Mt), McGill Univ., 1897; 
M.Sc., do., 1899 ; was successively de 
mons. In mining and lectur. In mining 
at McGill Univ. ; resigned, 1899, to 
accept an appt. In the U. S. ; more re 
cently apptd. prof, of mining enging. 
McGill Univ. 4165 Western Ave., West- 
mount, Montreal. 

" Most promising." M. Gazette. 



Bell, Josiali Jones, journalist. 

S. late Robt. B., M.P. for N. Lan 
ark in Can. Assembly, and Emeline 
(Jones) B. ; grands. Rev. Wm. B., 
Perth, Ont, who came to Can., 1816 ; 
b. Carleton Place, Ont. ; e. Grammar 
Sch. there and Queen s Univ., King 
ston (B.A., 1864; M.A., 1877); m. 
Annie, d. Chas. Mickle, Guelph, Ont., 
and grandd. of the poet Mickle ; a 
journalist; now ed. Can. Engineer; 
a frequent contributor to the mags, 
and scientific journals ; for some yrs. 
a Councillor Queen s Univ. ; served in 
Can. mil. during Fenian Raid, 1866, 
and under Lord Wolseley during Riel 
Rebellion, 1870; retired with rank of 
capt. (genl. service med., with two 
clasps) ; was supply offr. of party 
which ran first line for C. P. R. across 
the continent; a Presb. 29 Prince 
Arthur Ave., Toronto; Engineers Club, 
Bell, Richard Smith, journalist. 

Fourth s. late Prof. Jas. T. B., Al 
bert Coll., Belleville, Ont. ; b. Ber- 
wick-on-Tweed, Eng., Nov. 29. 1845; 
e. private sons. ; m., May, 1870, 
Mary Adelaide (d. Sept., 1901), 2nd d. 
J P Reeves, BeMev.i Me; oame to Can. 
in early life ; joined staff Belleville In 
telligencer, Jan., 1870; asst. ed., Jam, 
1875 ; ed. -in-chief do. ( succeeding Sir 
M. iBowell, q.v.), Oct., 1878; later ed. 
Belleville Sun for 3 yrs., and on staff 
Montreal Witness; now ed. Daily On 
tario; a Con, ; a firm believer in Brit, 
connection and in the foster-ing of our 
home industries. Belleville, Ont. 
Bell, Robert, scientist; late Dom. 

public service. 

S. late Rev. Andrew and Elizabeth 
(Notman) B. ; grands, late Rev. Wm. 
B. ; both father and grandf. were of 
the Presb. ministry; b. Toronto, June 
3 1841; e. Prescott (Co.) Grammar 
Sch., McGill Univ. (B.A.Sc. and Gov.- 
Genl. s med., 1861; D.Sc., 1901; M.D., 
C.M., 1898) ; hon. LL.D., Queen s 
Univ., Kingston, 1883; D.Sc. (Cantab), 
1903, and Edinlburgh Univ.; m., 1873, 
Agnes (presdt. Ottawa Humane Soc., 
record, secy. Victorian Order of 
Nurses), d. Alex. Smith, Westbourne, 
Glasgow and Auchentroig, Stirling 
shire, Scot.; F.C.S., 1865; mem. Am. 
Inst. of Mining Engrs., 1881 ; hon. 
mem. (Mted-Oiir. Soc., Montreal ; fel 
low Am. A.A.Sci. ; one of the founda 
tion fellows of the Royal Soc. of Can. ; 
mem. of Govt. Geographic. Bd. ; joined 
Geological Survey of Can., 1857 ; pro 
moted chief geologist, Mch., 1906 ; re 
tired from the service on a pension, 
1908 ; has made very extensive 
topograplh. and geol. -surveys in 
nearly all parts of the Dam. since 
1857 ; the Bell River or W. branch 
of the Nottaway, which he surveyed 
in 1895, was officially named after 
him ; was medical officer, naturalist, 
and geologist, of Neptune expdm., 
1884, and of Alert expdn., il88<5, to 
Hudson s Strait and Bay; was also 
geologist o the Diana expdn. in 
1897, when he surveyed the south coast 
of Baffinland and penetrated to the 
great lakes of its interior ; among the 
rivers he has surveyed are the Atha 

basca, Slave, Beaver, Churchill, Nel 
son, Hayes and branches, the Winni 
peg, English, Albany, Kenogami, Nipi- 
gon, Moose and its numerous branches, 
the Harricanaw, Broadback, Nottaway 
and its branches, the upper Gatineau 
and most of the rivers of Northern 
Ont. ; he also made the first surveys 
of some of the largest lakes of Can., 
including Great Slave, Nipigon, Seul, 
Osnaburgh, and parts of Athabasca, 
Winnipeg, and Lake of the Woods ; a 
del. from the Dom. Govt. and the Royal 
Soc. of Can. to the Intern. Geol. Con 
gress, Vienna, 1903 ; has been Can. cor. 
of the Royal Scottish Geographical 
Soc. ever since its foundation ; Can. 
cor. of la Soc. de Geograp. ; mem. of 
the Royal Astron. Soc. of Can. ; was 
a Royal Commr. on the Mineral Re 
sources of Ont, 1888-89 ; has published 
over 200 reports and papers, mostly 
on geology, biology, geography, and 
folk-lore ; prof, of chemistry and nat. 
science in Queen s Univ., Kingston, 
1863-67; hon. chief of Algonquin In 
dians of Grand Lake ; presdt. Intern. 
Congress of Americanists, 1906 ; King s 
or patron s gold med. of the Royal Geo^ 
graph. iSoc. of London, 1906 ; Cull-urn 
gold medal of the Am. Geograph. Soc., 
1906: F.R.S., 1897; I.S.O., 1903; (see 
" The Jubilee of a Scientist," by Rev. 
Robt. OamipbeM, D.D., q.v., Can. Mag., 
Jan., 1908). ISGMacLaren St., Ottawa; 
Rideau Club, do. 

" The principal place-name father ot 
Canada." The late Dr. Geo. Johnson. 

"A remarkable man, whom Cam. should 
always hold in grateful remembrance." 
Chas. HallocTc. 

" No other mia-n living or dead has done 
anything approaching the amount of good 
geographical and geological wo-rk which he 
has accomplished in all parts of the Dom. 
east of the Rocky Mountains." T. Globe. 

Bell, lit.-Col. Robert William, physi 

S. late Robt. B., M.P. for. North 
Lanark, Can., 1847-64, and grands. 
Rev. Wm. B., Perth, Ont., one of the 
pioneer Presb. clergymen of Can. ; b. 
Carleton Place, Ont, May 9, 1851 ; e. 
local grammar sch. ; graduated M.D. 
with honours (McGill Univ.), 1873; 
m., 1877, Ellen, d. late John Sum- 
ner; practised Carleton Place and 
Peterboro ; 5 yrs. on staff Provl. 
Bd. of Health, Ont. ; Grand Master I. 
O. Oddfellows, 1889-90; past Presdt. 
St. Andrew s Soc., Peterboro; served 
34 yrs. in vol. mil. force, in all ranks, 
from bugler to It.-ool. ; in command 57 fch 
Regt. (Peterboro Rangs.), 1895-1900; 
served in Fenian raids, 1866 and 1870 
(service med. with 2 bars, and long-ser 
vice decoration); formerly a Lib. and 
presdt W. Peterboro Lib. Assn. ; now 
out of politics ; a Presb. 51 St. Vin 
cent St., Toronto. 
Bell, William, Can. ry. service. 

Irish and Scotch descent ; b. To 
ronto, Sept. 17, 1876 ; e. Royal Arthur 
Sch., Montreal ; entd. ry. service 
C P. R., Montreal, 1889, becoming 
successively inspr. and chief inspr. 
do., 1897-1903 ; went west, 1903 ; pro 
moted supdt. western lines do., 1906. 



Bell, William Edward, business man. 

S. late Wm. B., G. T. Ry., Montreal ; 
b. there, Men. 6, 1856 ; e. Central Sch-, 
London, Ont. ; m., May, 1892, Miss 
Henrietta Pettit, Paris, Ont. ; entd. 
service Montreal Tel. Co., London, 
Ont, Aug., 1870, becoming bookkeeper 
and cashier, do., Mch., 1871 ; there 
after was successively bookkeeper 
Western Union Telegraph Office, Chic 
ago, 1873 ; chief elk. and auditor, 1st 
dist, Central div., do., do., 1881 ; supdt. 
Chicago Telephone Co., 1890 ; genl. 
sales agent Nat. Cash Regr. Co., Chi 
cago, 1893 ; genl. supdt. 111. Dist. Tel. 
Co., do., 1900; secy, and treas. Jack 
son, Corbett & Co., and genl. supdt 
111. Construction Co., do., July, 1901 ; 
dist. supdt Am. Telephone & Tel. Co., 
do., Dec., 1901, and div. supdt. Am. 
Telephone & Tel. Co., do. (his present 
position), Apl., 1908. Rand-McNally 
Bdg., Chicago, III. 

" A man of excellent executive ability 
and untiring business push." Can. Am. 

Bell, Major William Robert, promoter. 
S. late Robt. and (Sherwood) 
B. ; b. and e. Brockville, Ont. ; m. y. d. 
Jas. G. Elwood, do. ; went to Western 
States, but returned to Can. at out 
break of first Fenian trouble, to serve 
in defence of his native country ; re 
tired as major 41st Regt, May, 1875 
(med. for Fenian raids, 1866 and 
1870; genl. service med., with 
clasps) ; served on first Wimbledon 
rifle team ; originated the Qu Appelle 
Valley Farming Co. and other similar 
enterprises, 1882 ; unsuccessfully con 
tested Qu Appelle (N. W. Council), 
1883 ; presdt Bd. of Trade, Indian 
Head, 1893. Winnipeg; Manitoba 
Club, do. 

Belleau, Isidore Noel, lawyer. 

Ancestors from Perigueuse, France ; 
b. Deschambault, P.Q., 1848; e. Quebec 
Semy. and Laval Univ. (LL.B., 1871 ; 
LL.D., 1902) ; m., July, 1875, Ma.rie 
Louise, d. R. Raymond, advocate, 
Lfevis; advocate, 1871; K.C. (M. 
Lansdowne), 1887; successfully prac 
tises at Levis ; a Crown prosecutor 
before Royal Comm. of Enquiry 
re Mercier and Pacaud, 1892 ; ed. and 
propr. for some yrs. of L Echo de. 
Levis, and, subsequently, of Le Pro- 
gres de Levis; Mayor of that city for 
some yrs. up to 1896 ; also presdt. Club 
Con. de Levis and of Assn. de Tir de 
Levis; represented Levis (H. C.), 
1883-85, when unseated; a Con.; a 
R. C. Levis, P.Q. 

Belleau, Neuville, stock broker. 

S. late A. G. B., M.D., Coroner, Que 
bec ; b. there, 1875; e. Quebec Semy. 
and Christian Bros. Commercial Acad. ; 
m. d. Chas. de Montigny, prothy., Terre- 
bornie, P.Q. ; formerly in service Union 
Bank Can. ; then in insurance business ; 
later became a stockbroker ; was head 
of firm N. B. & Co.. stockbrokers, Que 
bec ; elected a mem. Montreal Stock 
Exchange, 1910; opened an office in 
Brussels, Belgium, 1911 ; a dir. Quebec 
Gas Co., Quebec and Saguenay Ry., 
Quebec L. H. & Power Co., Eastern 

Can. Steel & Iron Works, and Mount 
Royal Assur. Co. ; R. C. 64 St. Louis 
St., Quebec; Quebec Garrison Club. 
Belling-ham, Augustus William Henry, 

civil engineer. 

Scottish and Eng. origin; s. Wm. 
and Sarah B. ; b. St John, N.B. ; e. 
Eng. and France ; asso. M. lust. C. E., 
1880; m., do., 1902; asst. ewgr. during 
construction Avonmouth Docks, under 
Brunlees & McKerrow, for 3 yrs. ; went 
to Australia, 1879 ; in S. A. Govt. em 
ploy, 1879-80, making designs and 
specification s of various works con 
nected with Govt rys. ; later asst. 
Govt. Engr. Adelaide Port and North 
lines ; resigned, and returned to Eng., 
1882 ; after being engd. on> Parlia 
mentary work in the north of Eng. 
was employed on Channel Tunnel work 
for Sir John Hawkshaw, Son & Hayter, 
and in preparing drawings and report 
ing on other work on the Tyne and 
Clyde; dist. engr. of the Southern 
Brazilian Rio Grande do Sul Ry. Co., 
1883-5 ; employed on mining survey 
work, south of France, 1886 ; resident 
engr. in constructlo n of China Ry., and 
for a time engr. of the whole works, 
1887-9 ; engr.-in-chief to the Brit. 
Municipality, Tientsin, designing and 
carrying out the drainage system, 
wharves, quays and many public build- 
inigs, 1890, ito date ; during the siiege of 
Tierftsin, 1900, was engd. in assisting 
in erecting protecting work, mounting 
guns, etc., and in the transport of the 
troops, ammunition, etc., to Peking; 
was twice mentioned in despatches, re 
ceiving the special thanks of the Secy. 
of State for India and the Lords 
Commrs. of the Admiralty, also the 
med. with clasp for relief of Peking ; 
Ang. Tientsin, North China; Nat. Lib. 
Club; Grosvenor Club; Thatched House 
Club, London, Eng. 
Bell-Irving , Henry, merchant. 

S. late Hy. B.-L, of Millbank, Dum 
friesshire, Scot ; long settled as a 
shipping agent and wholesale and 
comn. merchant at Vancouver ; has 
been presdt. Vancouver Bd. of Trade ; 
a del. to Congress of Chambers of 
Commerce of the Empire, 1903, at 
which he took a foremost part in the 
debates ; an ardent supporter of Mr. 
Chamberlain, and took part in the fis 
cal campaign in his behalf. Van 
couver, B.C.; Vancouver Club, do. 
Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, painter. 
E. s. late John B.-S., an artist of 
repute, formerly secy.-treas. and trus 
tee Inst. of Fine Arts, London, Eng., 
who came to Can., 1866, where he 
founded and was the first presdt. of 
the Soc. of Can. Artists, Montreal, 
1867, the first soc. composed exclus 
ively of artists ever formed in Can. ; 
b. London, Eng., Sept. 26, 1846 ; e. 
there; m., 1871, Annie Myra, d. S. W. 
Dyde, and a niece of late Col. Dyde, 
C.iM.G., and A.D.C. to the Queen ; 
studied drawing South Kensington ; 
subsequently studied painting, at 
Paris, under Courtois, Blanc, and Du- 
pain ; came to Can., 1867; a charter 
mem. Soc. Can. Artists ; art dir. Alma 
Coll., and teacher of drawing, public 
schs., London, Ont., for 7 yrs. ; re- 



moved to Toronto, 1888, where he con 
fined himself to painting ; has attained 
his greatest success as a portrait and 
figure painter, but is also widely 
known as a painter of landscapes ; is 
considered to have a style particu 
larly his own, in his treatment of the 
cloud-girt and mist-enshrouded peaks 
and glaciers of the Rocky Mts. ; among 
his principal works are : " Lights of a 
City Life," "Queen Victoria s Tribute 
to Canada" (for which Her Majesty 
gave personal sittings), now in Nat. 
Gallery, Ottawa, and " The Landing 
of the Blenheim, with Sir John Thomp 
son s Remains " ; apptd. a mem. of 
the Royal Can. Acad. of Arts, at its 
inception, and elected an acad., 1886 ; 
elected presdt. Ont. Soc. Artists, 1906 ; 
do. presdt. Toronto branch Dickens 
Fellowship, 1910; a mem. Royal Brit. 
Col. Soc. of Artists, 1908 ; won water- 
colour prize Montreal Art Assn., 1909 ; 
tos exhbd. at the Royal Acad., Lon- 
dJon ; served as a miMtia volunteer in 
Can. during Fenian raids (medO ; a 
mem. Appalachian Club ; a iMeth. ; a 
Freemason, a Forester, and a United 
Workman. 336 Jarvis St., Toronto; 
Palette Club; Canadian Club, do. 

"Belmont" (see Hatheway, W. F.). 

Belt, Rev. Alfred James (Aug.). 

E. s. late Rev. Canon Wm. B. and 
Laura Alison (Kerby) B. ; b. Tp. 
Scarboro, Co. York, Ont., June 16, 
1856; e. Trin. Univ., Toronto (B.A., 
1879; M.A., 1884); m., Apl., 1883, 
Mary, e. d. Geo. Devey Farmer, An- 
caster, Ont. ; o. deacon, 1880 ; priest, 
1881 ; has served continuously in Dio 
cese of Niagara; R. D., Co. Welling 
ton, 1888-94 and 1897-1900; now R. D. 
Co. Halton ; is chaplain (with rank 
of hon. major) 20th Regt., Halton 
Rifles ; author " Ecclesiastical History 
Chart," " From Jerusalem to Jerusa 
lem," and " Lectures on the Church." 
Jarvis, Ont. 
Benda, Madame (see Mills, T. W., 

Bender, Albert Joseph Tache, lawyer. 

S. Frangois J. A. B., advocate and 
prothy. Sup. Ct., Montmagny, P.Q., 
and Marie Mathilde, d. Col. Hon. Sir 
E. P. Tache, one of the " Fathers of 
Confederation " ; b. St. Thomas die 
Montmagny, P.Q., Feb. 26, 1851 ; e. 
Quebec Semy. ; graduated LL.B. (Laval 
Univ.), 1874; advocate, do.; K.C. (E. 
of Derby), 1899; has practised 
throughout at Montmagny ; unsuccess 
fully contested Montmagny (H. C.), 
1896; a Protectionist; a Christian. 
Montmagny, P.Q. 

Bender, Louis Prosper, physician; 

S. late L. P. B., advocate, Quebec, 
and Jane (McMillan) B. ; b. Quebec, 
July 30, 1844; e. Quebec Semy.; grad 
uated M.D. (iMcGill Univ.), 1865; m., 
1868, Aurelia E. (d. May, 1873), d. 
late A. S. iSeott, Quebec ; admitted to 
the ColL P. and S., Quebec, 1865, and, 
later, to that of Oat. ; served on 
mied. staff Northern (Army during 
a portion of the Am. Civil War, 
and was brought under personal notice 
of Commander- in-Chdeif Genl. Grant ; 

.removed to Boston from Quebec, 
1884 ; follows homeopathic system ; 
author of numerous contributions 
to the periodical press, including Mag. 
Am. History and N. A. Review; also 
of following volumes : " Literary 
Sheaves" (1881), "Old and New 
Canada, 1753-1844" (1882). Exeter 
Chambers, Boston, Mass.; Press Club, 

Beiigrougli, Elven John, educationist. 
S. Thos. B., official reporter; b. To 
ronto, 1881 ; e. coll. insts. there and 
McMaster Univ. (B.A., 1903) ; m., 
June, 1908, Gertrude Isabel, d. late 
H. H. Reeve, M.D., Toronto; taught 
Woodstock Coll., 1903-4; associated 
with his father in court reporting, 
1905-06; a mem. Chartered Steno 
graphic Reporters Assn., Ont, 1907 ; 
apptd. regr. McMaster Univ., Oct., 
do. 460 Grace St., Toronto. 

Benffougrh, John Wilson, cartoonist; 

lecturer and poet. 

S. late John B., a native of St. An 
drew s, Scot., and Margt. (Wilson) B., 
a native of Ballieboro, Cavan, Irel. ; b. 
Toronto, Apl. 7, 1851 ; e. Whitby Dist. 
and grammar schs. ; m., 1st, June, 1880, 
Helena (d. Sept., 1902), d. late Wm. 
Sidda H; 2ndly, June, 1908, Mrs. Annie 
Robertson Matteson, Chicago, [11. ; 
established Grip, a humorous weekly, 
Toronto, 1873; his cartoons, in this 
paper, which had a long existence, 
excited a wide interest, and were sub 
sequently twice published in book- 
form ; ceased his connection with Grip, 
Sept., 1892, and thereafter prepared 
cartoons at various times for 
Montreal Star, the Toronto Globe, the 
Can. Courier, and other Can. publica 
tions ; also contributed in the same 
way to the London Daily Express, 
Morning Chronicle, and St. James s 
Gazette, during the Chamberlain cam 
paign, 1903 ; began giving lecture en 
tertainments, 1874, and has covered 
a large extent of Can. and Am. terri 
tory, and exerted a healthy political 
and moral influence in that capacit 
apptd. prof, of elocution, Wycliffe 
Coll., Toronto, 1899; elected an Aid. 
of Toronto, 1907; is a mem. Public 
Ownership League, a dir. Toronto 
Exhn. Assn., auditor Can. Peace and 
Arbitration Soc., V.-P. Dickens Fel 
lowship, and presdt. Single Tax Assn., 
and of People s Forum ; toured U. 
Kingdom, 1901-02, lecturing on "Facts 
and Fancies About Can." ; later toured 
Australia and New Zealand; wrote 
dedicatory poem for ceremony at un 
veiling of Robert Burns monument, To 
ronto, 1902, and one read at Intercol. 
Club festival, Boston; 1907 ; apptd. 
by Marquis iof Lornie an assoc. R. C. 
A., on its formation, 1880 ; author 
" Popular Readings, Original and 
Selected" (1882), "Caricature Hist, 
of Can. .Politics" (1886), "Mot 
ley: Verses Grave and Gay" (1895), 
" The Up-to-Date Primer : A First Book 
of Lessons for Little Political Econo 
mists" (1896), "The Gin Mill Primer " 
(1898), "In Many Keys," poems 
(19 "2), and 1 "The Whole Hog Book"; 
a Lib. and an ardent ainigle taxer, pro- 



hibitionist, and free trader what may 
be termed a democratic democrat ; a 
Presb., but feels equally at home with 
all churches. 66 Charles St. E., To 

" The Tenniel of Canada." Can. 

" One of the ablest cartoonists in the 
world." W. T. Stead. 

" A genial companion, a brilliant con 
versationist, a peerless cartoonist, and, as 
an author, his works lie close to the purest 
and simplest passions of the human heart." 
Christian Guardian. 

Bennett, Mrs. Annie, miscellaneous 

D. High Sheriff David Dunlop, Co. 
Victoria, N.S., and Catherine (Mc- 
Grath) D. ; b. Baddeck, N.S., June 12. 
1859 ; e. Baddeck Acad., Convent de 
Notre Dame, Arichat, and River Jails, 
Wis., Normal Sen. ; m., Jan., 1882, 
Thos. J. Bennett, Baldwin, Wis. ; be 
fore marriage principal of a grammar 
sen., Wilson, Wis. ; has written for 
papers and mags, siince <she was 13 ; 
now a contributor to many similar 
periodicals ; writes under the nom-de- 
plume " Gena Macfarlane " ; is his^ 
torian and V.-P. for Man. and Sask. 
Can. Women s Press Club ; instru 
mental in forming Regina Relief 
Society, of which body she was presdt. ; 
ed. a special ed. Regina Leader, which 
netted $1,000 for Victoria ;Ho>sp., 
Regina ; in charge of movement in 
Sask. to secure dower land ; not a 
suffragist ; " convinced that if women 
faithfully fulfil their responsibilities of 
to-day, tihey will find they cannot well 
undertake others " ; R. C. 2108 Albert 
St., Regina, Sask. 

" Gives evidence of a trenchant style, 
with an originality all its own." Regina 

Bennett, Charles William, promoter; 
business man. 

B. Lansing, nr. Dubuque, la., U.S., 
1872; first became identified with 
show business, 1897, and .before godng 
to London, Ont., was connected 
with 3 or 4 houses in the Western 
States; in Oct., 1904, secured a lease 
of the old Mech. Inst, London, and 
Introduced vaudeville therein ; the ven 
ture was at first a losing one, but after 
3 mths. was put on a paying basis ; 
the organization of the B. Theatrical 
Co. was the outcome of this under 
taking ; houses under its management, 
modern in every particular, were in 
successful operation in London, Ot 
tawa, Montreal, Quebec, Hamilton, St. 
Thomas, St. John, N.B., and Halifax ; 
the B. enterprise was in affiliation with 
the Keith United Circuit of Theatres in 
the U. S. ; sold his interests therein and 
retired from the management, July, 
1909; turned his attention to aerial 
matters, 1910; was instrumental in 
providing the great Montreal Aviation 
Meet, in that year. Windsor Hotel. 
Montreal; Aero Club, do. 
Bennett, George J., journalist. 

For 23 yrs. on ed. staff of Toronto 
Telegram; resigned, Oct., 1903, on ac 
count of ill-health, and was presented 

with a handsome testimonial by the 
employees in all branches of the estab 
lishment ; is Past Dist. Depty. llth 
Masonic Dist. of the Grand Lodge of 
Freemasons of Can. and Grand Scribe 
E., of the Grand Chap, of Royal Arch 
Masons of Can. ; represented the 
Grand Lodge of Can. at the installa 
tion of H. R. H. the Duke of Con- 
naught (q.v.) as M. W. Grand Master 
of the United Grand Lodge of Enig., 
London, July, 1901 ; was a mem. of the 
Can. bowliing team that visited Gt. 
Brit., 1904. 36 Melbourne Ave., To 
ronto; Albany Club, do. 

Bennett, Richard Bedford, lawyer; 

E. s. late Hy. J. B. and Henrietta, 

d. late Capt. David White, Hopewell 
Cape, N.B. ; b. Hopewell, July 3, 1870; 

e. there and Dalhousie Univ. (LL.B., 
1893); unm. ; barrister, 1&94 ; prac 
tised for a time in iN. iB., In part 
nership with Hon. L. J. Tweedle 
(q.v.), and, since his removal to Cal 
gary, has been in partnership with 
Senator Lougheed (q.v.) ; K.C., 1907; 
one of the leaders of the Alberta bar; 
a Con., and sat in N. W. T. Assembly, 
1898-1900 and again 1901-05, when de 
feated for Alberta House ; elected g. e. 
1909 ; unsuccessfully contested Alberta 
(H. C.) g. e. 1900; declined Con. 
Leadership in Alita., 1910; a promoter 
Calgary Cattle Co., 1902 ; V.-iP. Young 
Men s Lib.-Con. Assn., N. W. T. ; a 
mem. Western Bds. of Trade ; a dir. 
Brit. Empire Timber Co. ; V.-P. Cal 
gary Power Co. ; a promoter the U. S. 
& B. C. Timber Co. (L.P. 1907), and 
Globe Elevator Co. (L.P., 1909) ; 
favours a mutual preferential tariff 
within the Brit. Empire ; a Meth. 
222 Fourth Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.; 
Ranchman s Club, do. 

" One of our coming statesmen." Late 
Hon. A. G. Blair. 

" One of the ablest young men in the 
Territories." M. and E. 
Bennett, William Humphrey, lawyer; 

S. late Humphrey and Annie 
(Fraser) B., Barrie, Ont. ; Irish and 
Scotch descent ; b. Barrie, Ont., Dec. 
23, 1859 ; e. Barrie High Sch. ; m., 
Jan., 1905, Margaret Annie, e. d. late 
Hy. Cargill, M.P., Cargill, Ont. ; bar 
rister, 1881; K.C., 1908; has served as 
Reeve of Midland ; a mem. Extve. 
Oomite. Lib.-Con. Union, Ont. ; unsuc 
cessfully contested E. Simcoe (H. C.), 
Con. iraterest, g. e. 1891 ; returned for 
same seat, 1892; re-elected, 1896; un^ 
seated, Deo., 1896 ; again reiturnied, Feb., 
1897, andi re-elected 1 g. e. 1900 and g. e. 
1904 ; defeated g. e. 1908 ; since then 
in private life ; moved address in reply 
to Speech from Throne, 1895 ; voted 
against his party on Man. Remedial 
Bill, 1896 ; moved important resolution 
on Transportation, Feb., 1900; took a 
leading and frequent part in the de 
bates in the Commons; a moderate 
Protectionist and favours continuance 
of Brit, connection. Midland, Ont. 

" Sharp as a rapier." M. and E. 

"The wasp of the Oipposition." S. N. 


Benoit, Rev. Henry Edouard (Ang.). 


S. Hy. R- and Amanda (Armstrong) 
B ; mother a niece of late Chief Jus 
tice Armstrong, C.M.G. ; b. St. George- 
de-Windsor, P.Q., July 5, 1862 ; e. 
there; m., June, 1888, Miss Annie 
Rouce (U. E. L. descent) : a Meth. 
min , 1885-95; suudt. schs.. French 
Colony of Gaboon, N. Africa, 1885-87 ; 
principal, Mamba Ind. Sch.. 1887 ; 
served also on staff of Gov. 
Brazza, in Loango Province ; return 
ing to Am., was supdt. French missions 
within bounds N.E. South Conf., Meth. 
Ep. Ch. ; organized ch. at Woonsocket ; 
became ed. and publisher Le Meth. 
Franco-Americain, and besides compil 
ing several French hymnals and a 
French liturgy and hymn book, wrote 
several pamphlets on controversial 
subjects; joined Ch. of Eng., 1895; o. 
1896 ; apptd. agent Col. Ch. and Sch. 
Soc. of Ch. of Eng. in Dom. ; commr. 
to U S. on Intern. French Work, do.: 
visited Eng. in interest of Sabrevois 
Mission, 1898; rector L Eglise du ] 
dempteur, 1900; principal Sabrevois 
Coll.; July, 1905 ; author " Le Ministere 
Apostolique," " L Eglise Anglicane 
avant la Reforme." and History of 
the Sabrevois Mission " ; a Prohibition 
ist believes in state control over all 
great public enterprises. in Chatham 
St., Montreal. 
Benoit, Jean Alphonse, educationist. 

S. Remi B., formerly Inspr. Schs. 
and Collr. Customs ; b. Descouse^ N.S, 
Feb 10, 1875 ; e. Arichat and Halifax 
Acads. and Dalhousie Univ. (B. A. with 
honours in pure and app. math., 1900) 
m., July, 1902, Miss Marie Helene 
Comeau, Saulniersville, N.S. ; taught 
math, and science, -St. Anns Coll, 
Church Point, N.S., 1895-99 ; has been 
since 1900 iwstr. math, and physics, 
Normal Sch., Truro ; acted for 2 yrs. 
as dir. of the Bilingual summer course 
for the Bilingual teachers of N. b. ; 
R. C. Truro. N.S. 
Benoit, Dom Joseph Paul Aug-ustin 

(R. C,). 

S Chas F. E. and Euphrosie 
(Blondet) B. ; b. Nans, Jura, France, 
Jan. 14, 1850; e. petits semys. Nazeroy 
and Vaux, grand , semy. Lcmsle Saulmer, 
Jura, Italy, and French Semy., Rome ; 
o 1875; came to Can., 1891; entd. C. 
R I C 1877 ; first superior Notre 
Dame de Lourdes, Man., 1891 ; author 
"La Cite Anti-Chretienne au XIX. 
siecle" " L HiiStoire de 1 abbaye de 
Claude," "Vie de Mgr. Tache," and 
other works. St. Boniface, Man. 

Bensley, Benjamin Arthur, education 

S. late Robt. D. B., Hamilton, Ont. ; 
b. Barton, Wentworth Co., Ont., Nov. 
5, 1875; e. Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1896) 
and Columbia Univ., N.T. (Ph.D.) ; m., 
1904, Ruth, d. Rev. E. A. Horton, Bos 
ton, Mass. ; has been lecturer in 
Zoology, Toronto Univ. ; promoted 
assoc. prof. Biology, do., 1906; author 
of several publications on animal 
evolution. 516 Brunswick Ave., To 

Benson, Miss Clara Cynthia, educa 

D. His Honour Judge T. M. (q.v.) and 
Laura A. (Fuller) B. ; b. Port Hope, 
Ont. ; e. High Sch., Port Hope, and 
Univ. Coll., Toronto (B.A., with honours 
in phys. and chemist., 1899; Ph.D., 
1902 being one of first .two women on 
whom that degree has been oomf erred 
by this univ.) ; asst. chem. clept, To 
ronto Univ., 1902-3 ; instr. in science, 
Lillian Massey Sch. (controlled by 
Educn. Dept, Ont., and conducted under 
the direction of the Minr. of Educn.), 
to Normal students in household 
science, 1903-05 ; lecturer in physiol. 
-to household science students, Toronto 
Univ., 1905-6; asso. prof, physiol. and 
clhem., faculty household science, do., 
her present position since 1906 ; is also 
secy, of the Household Science Faculty ; 
has contributed sclen. articles to the 
Journ. Physical Chemis.; 
Huron St., Toronto; " Terr alt a," Port 
Hope; Univ. Women s Club, Toronto. 

" A young lady of brilliant attainments." 
T. News. 
Benson, Major-General Sir Frederick 

William, Brit. mil. service. 
Third s. late Hon. J. R. B.. senator, 
and Marianne (Ingersoll) B. ; b. St. 
Catharines, Ont., Aug. 2, 1849 ; e. U. C. 
Coll. and Royal Mil. Coll., Sandhurst 
(where on leaving he received a sword 
of honour from H.R.H. the late Duke 
of Cambridge, Commander-in-Chief, 
and another sword from the gentlemen 
of his co., as a mark of their esteem) ; 
m, Sept., 1881, Caroline, e. d. late Sir 
G E. W. Couper, Bart., K.C.S.I, C.B., 
C I E. ; served as a vol. during Fenian 
raids, Can., 1866 (med.) ; joined 21st 
Hussars, then in India, as cornet, 1869 ; 
exchanged to 12th Royal Lancers, 
1876; passed Staff Coll., 1880; capt. 
5th Dragoon Gds., do. ; exchanged to 
17th Lancers, 1881; A.D.C. to Lt.- 
Govr N.-W. Provinces, India, 1877 , 
brigade-major, Poona, 1882-84 ; gar 
rison instr., Bengal, 1884-9C U com 
manded Egyptian cay., 
DA.A.G. (instr.), Dublin, 1895-98; 
as St. adjt.-genl, chief staff officer, 
S -E. District., Eng., with rank of col., 
1898-1900; special service, S. Africa, 
A A.G. for transport 6th div., S.A. 
field force (under General Kelly- 
Kenny), 1900-01 (mentioned in dis 
patches; ined. with 3 clasps; C.B.) ; 
asst. adjt.-genl, army headq.rtrs, 190*2 ; 
inspr.-genl. of remounts, with rank of 
maj.-gienl., 1903 ; has passed examn. in 
and received rewards for Hindustani, 
Persian and Arabic; col. 21st (Empress 
of India s) Lancers, 1909; K.C.B., 
1910; retired from the army, do.; an 
Ang. ; presented to King George, Lon 
don, Bng, Mch, 1911 ; a life mem. 
Army and Navy Veterans Assn., To 
ronto ; apptd. hon. col. 19th St. Cath 
arines Regt., <Ca>n. Mil., 1905 ; has lec 
tured on "Canadians In the Imp. Mili 
tary Service." Army and Navy Glut), 
Pall Mall, London, S.W.; York Club, 

" A general favourite." Pall Mall Gaz. 
"A brillia,nt soldier, who deserves well 
of his country." Canada. 



Benson, George Frederick, manufac- 

t u. r Q i* 

O. s. late Wm. T. B., M.P., a native 
of Parkside, Westmoreland, Eng., and 
Helen (Wilson) B., of Acton Grange, 
Cheshire, Eng (see Foster s Co. 
Families of En i g.") ; b. and- e. Mont 
real; m., Oct., 1890, Ethred Norton, d. 
late Oeo. tFroithingham ; head of firm 
W. T. B. & Co., importers foreign 
wools etc., Montreal ; presdt. and mang. 
dir. Can. Starch Co., of which he was 
one of founders; presdt. Edwardsburg 
Starch Co., of which Ms father was the 
founder; one of the promoters Pres- 
cott and Lake Superior Nav. Co., 1 
a dir. West Kootenay Power & Light 
Co. ; an Ang. ; a Con. 15 Ontario Ave., 
Montreal; St. James s Club; Mount 
Royal Club; Canada Club; Canadian 
Club; Forest and Stream Club; Mont 
real Hunt Club; Montreal Racquet 
Club; Royal Montreal Golf Club; 
Royal St. .Lawrence Yacht Club; West- 
mount Golf Club, do. 
Benson, B,ev. Manly (Meth.). 

U. E. L. descent; b. Co. Prince Ed 
ward, Ont, Apl. 27, 1842; e. Newburgh 
Acad. ; for some yrs. a public sch. 
teacher ; reed, on probation, Meth. Ch., 
1863; o. 1867, and has filled successive 
ly the following pastorates : Ridge- 
town, Newbury. Cooksville, Hamilton 
(Centenary Ch.), Stratford (Central 
Ch.), St. Thomas (First Ch.), Brant- 
ford (Brant Ave.), Toronto (Central 
Ch.), do. (Berkeley St. Ch.), do. 
(Queen St. Ch.), Ottawa (Dom. Ch.), 
Montreal (Mountain St. Ch.), Ganano- 
que (Grace Ch.), Arnprlor (Grace 
Ch.), Perth (Asbury Ch.), and St. 
Catharines (Welland Ave. Ch.), where 
he now is ; possesses the full confidence 
of the Meth. Ch. and has received a 
large share of its honours; for 16 yrs. 
elected a mem. of the Genl. Conf. ; 
chairman Pembroke dlst, 1901 ; presdt. 
Montreal Conf., 1902 ; and later, chair 
man Perth dist. ; a mem. Genl. Bd. of 
Missions, 1902 ; and a mem. Book and 
Publishing Ho. Comte. for 4 yrs. ; also 
of the Extve Comte. of the Miissiion 
Bd. ; accompanied the late Rev. Dr. 
Pum shon, on his western tour, 1871, 
when they crossed the " Rockies " and 
spent some time in the Yosetmibe Val 
ley, B. C., Salt Lake City, and other 
places of interest ; made the trans 
continental tour of Europe, 1879, bhe 
details of which form the subject of 
several of Ms popular lectures ; was 
sent by Dom. Govt., 1894, on a lecture 
tour of Britain, and addressed large 
. audiences 4n favour of immigration, in 
Glasgow, London, Liverpool, Sunder- 
land, Newcastle, etc. ; was dir. of ser 
vices at Grimsby Park, the largest 
Christian assembly in Can., for 14 yrs., 
and added much to the popularity of 
the park while it was under his 
management ; always an earnest 
worker in the temp, cause ; D.D. (Univ. 
of the Pacific), 1891; transfd. from 
Montreal to Hamilton Coraf. by invita 
tion, 1908; m., July, 1867, Julia, 3rd 
d. late Hon. Walter /McCrea, senator 
and subsequently judge of Algoma. 
78 Welland Ave., St. Catharines, Ont. 
" One of the best known and most suc 

cessful Methodist ministers in Canada." 
Pi. Y. Christian Advocate. 

" An eloquent and practical preacher. - 

Benson, Col. Thomas, Can. regular 
mil. service. 

Y. s. late Hon. Jas. R. B., senator, 
and Mary Ann (Ingersotll) B. ; a bro. of 
Maj.-Genl. Sir F. W. B. (q.v.) ; b. St. 
Catharines, Ont., Apl. 22, 1860; e. St. 
Catharines Grammar Sch., U. C. Coll., 
and Royal Mil. Coll., Kingston ; gradu 
ated 1883 ; m., Apl., 1887, Agnes Pearce, 
d. late Capt. T. Merrett, R. C. Rifles; 
gazetted lieut. R.C.A., Aug., 1883 ; capt., 
1896; major, 1902; It.-col., 1905; col., 
1908; apptd. commandant Royal Sch. 
of Arty., Quebec, and inspr of arty, 
for Can., Apr. 1, 1908; commanding 
Eastern Onit. Div., Apl., 1908-iMay, 
1911 ; since then has ibeen, offr. commdlg. 
3rd Div.; visitor R. M. Coll., 1908-11; 
commanded regt., Quebec Tercent. 
celebration, 1908 ; camp commandant, 
Petawawa, do., and since ; an Ang. 
Kingston, Ont.; Frontenac Club, do.; 
Quebec Garrison Club. 

Benson, His Honour Thomas Moore, 

Co. Ct. Judge. 

Sec. s. late Thos. B., a, native of 
Tyrone, Irel. (killed by the accident 
at the Desjardins Canal. Ont., 1857), 
and Alicia Maria, o. d. Richard Lowe, 
Adolphustown, Ont. ; b. Port Hope, 
Ont., Nov. 25, 1833 ; e. Grammar Sch., 
Niagara, Grammar Sch., Peterboro, 
and Univ. Coll., Toronto, where he 
matriculated 5n 1851, having obtained 
three scholarships in law ; studied law 
with the late Sir Adam Wilson and 
late Mr. Justice Patterson, and was 
called to the bar 1859 ; practised at 
Port Hope; bencher Law Soc. 1871, 
1876, and again 1881 ; K.C. (M. of 
Lome), 1880; deputy judge Co. Ot. N. 
and Durham, Sept. 19, 1882 ; -junior 
judge, do., Nov. 3, 1882; senior judge, 
do., since Nov. 8, 1887 ; R. O., under 
E. Franchise Act, 1885-7 ; a frequent 
contributor, since he was a student, to 
the U. C. Law Journal and other pub 
lications ; obtained 1st class cert. Royal 
Mil. Sch., Toronto, 1865 ; a volunteer 
at the Trent affair, 1861, and active in 
raising and enrolling volunteers at that 
time, and subsequently ; held a comn. 
in a co., then organized, with which 
as capt., >he was on active service dur 
ing Fenian disturbance (Fenian med. ), 
and grant of land from Ont. Govt.) ; 
now on retired list ; an. Ang. ; a trustee 
and councillor Wycliffe Coll., Toronto, 
and a dir. since its foundation of Bp. 
Ridley Coll., St. Catharines ; a del. for 
a lengthened period to the Diocesan 
and Provl. Synods ; elected by 
Diocesan Synod, 1883, a lay mem. of 
the Chapter of St. Alban s Cath.. To 
ronto ; before his elevation to the 
Bench a Lib.-Con., and an ardent 
admirer and supporter of Sir John A. 
Macdonald ; never entd. on a parlia 
mentary career, though repeatedly 
asked to do so ; an uncompromising 
upholder of Brit, connection; m., 1st, 
Apl., 1866, Mary Edith (d. Dec., 1870), 
e. d. late Rev. John McCaul, LL.D., 
presdt. Univ. Coll., Toronto ; 2ndly, 



June, 1874, Laura A., 2nd d. late Rt. 
Rev. Thos. Brock Fuller, D.D., D C.L., 
first Ang. Bp. of Niagara. " Ter- 
ralta," Port Hope, Ont. 

"A man of ability, culture and polish." 
Late Christopher Robinson, E.G. 

"A. gentleman, in the truest sense of the 
term." The late D Alton McCarthy, Q.O., 
Bentley, David, printer. 

B. Wortley, nr. Leeds, Eng., Feb. 12, 
1834 ; accompanied parents to Can., 
1847 ; head of firm D. B. & Co., com 
mercial printers, Montreal ; m., Aug., 
1859, Miss Sarah Ann Cummings ; one 
of the most prominent Baptists in 
Can. ; joined that denomination, 1851 ; 
has served as treas. and presdt, 
Eastern Convention, Baot. Ch., before 
Union, and again presdt. since the 
Union ; has been on Bd. of Dirs. Y. M. 
C. A. for nearly half a century, and 
wias presdt. of that body, 1865-6 ; a 
teacher and supdt. of Sunday school for 
over 50 years; a mem. Montreal Bd. 
of Trade ; a mem. Genl. Comte. Quebec 
S. S. Union, and supdt. Mission Sunday 
Sch. 910 St. Catherine St. W., Mont 
Benyon, Captain Joseph Andrew, Can. 

mil. service. 

O. c. Capt. W. H. Benyon (late 
23rd R. W. Fusiliers), J.P., city of 
Ripon, Yorkshire, F.R.G.S., Gladfoow 
Hall, Yorkshire, and 1 Bessie Rae B., 
e. d. late Andrew Allan, Montreal ; b. 
Montreal, Mch. 1, 1869; e. Oheam Sch. 
and Harrow; m., Nov., 1893, Marie 
Blanche, o. d. late Urbain Thibaudeau. 
Quebec ; gazetted lieut. 3rd Batt. York 
shire Regt., Dec., 1886 ; resigned to join 
Montreal Field Batty., and in 1893 was 
apptd. to the Royal Can. Arty., of 
which he was gunnery instr. for a con 
siderable period ; passed Royal Arty. 
"long course," with honours, 1900; 
served with Lord Strathcona s Horse 
during S.A. war, and was present at the 
operations in Natal, June, 1900, opera 
tions in Transvaal, west of Pretoria, 
July-No v., 1900, and operations, same 
year, in Orange River Colony (dis 
patches, Lond. Gazette, Feb. 8, 1901 ; 
med. with 3 clasps) ; was adjt. coro 
nation oonitineent of Can., 1902 ; apptd. 
depty. asst. adjt.-genl., Maritime Pro 
vinces, Apl. 1, 1908; resigned, 1909; 
apptd asst. commr. to London, tor 
Province of Quebec, 19H: Axi S- 
Quebec Offlce, London, Eng.; 79 
Esplanade, Quebec; Quebec Garrison 
Club do.; Wellington Club, London, 
Eng.; St. James s Club, Montreal. 
"Ben Zeene." (See Davidson, Rev. 

H. S.) 
Bergeron, Hon. Joseph Gide on Horace, 

lawyer; legislator. 
S. late T. R. B., N.P., Rigaud, P.Q., 
and Lecadiie Caroline Delphine B., d. 
Gid8on Coursol, N.P., St. Andrew s, 
P.Q. ; b. Rigaud, Oct. 13, 1854; e. St. 
TimothSe Grammar Sch. and St. Mary a 
(Jesuit) Coll., Montreal; graduated 
B C.L., McGill Univ., 1877 ; m., July, 
1890, Ada Josephine, d. late Capt. 
Robt. Wall, Montreal (a lady highly 
accomplished as a singer and 

pianist, and -who has been instrumental 
in accomplishing much praiseworthy 
philanthropic work) ; advocate, 1877 ; 
successfully practises his profession in 
Montreal ; a mem. firm Bastien, B., 
Cousdneau & Jasmin ; a Con., and repre 
sented Beauharnois (H. C.) in that in 
terest, 1879-11900, when 1 defeated; con 
tested Montreal (St. James div.) un-suc- 
cesisfully, ibye-e lections, 1901 and 1902, 
and Beaoi harn ois, bye-election, 1902 ; 
again returned for latter seat, g. e. 
1904; defeated g. e. 1908; moved 
address in reply to Speech from the 
Throne, 1882 ; supported late Mr. 
Davin, in his motion for the extension 
of the Dom. Franchise to Women, 
1895 ; has lectured on Canada and the 
Empire on many occasions, and has 
expressed the opinion (1899) that: 
" When the Mother Country is engaged 
in a fight, it is the duty of every son 
of the Empire, if he has any heart in 
him, to support the Mother Country 
with all his power, whether her cause 
be right or wrong" ; was chairman 
Comte. on Standing: Orders (H. C. ), 
1888-90; depty. speaker (H. C.), 7th 
Parlt, 1891-96 ; an hon. mem. National 
Club, Toronto ; declined a judgeship 
and a senatorship, the latter on two 
occasions ; accompanied Mr. Borden on 
his political tour of the West, 1908, 
and, in recognition of his services in 
that capacity, was, on his return, en 
tertained at dinner by mems. of the 
Lafontaine Club, an organization of 
which he was one of the promoters ; a 
R.C. ; graduated from Royal Mil. Sch., 
Montreal, in early life, and served in 
the v. m. " La Chaumiere," Beau 
harnois, P.Q.; 76 St. James St., Mont 
real; St. James s Club; Canadian 
Club; Club Lafontalne; Canada Club, 

" Popular with all sides." T. Globe. 
" Possesses a genius for the platform." 
T. News. 

" A true man, a loyal Britisher, an able 
parliamentarian." M. and E. 
Berffevin, Hon. Achille, investment 

broker; ex-legislator. 
S. Gilbert and Anne (Daoust) B. ; 
b. Valleyfield, P.Q., Mch. 3, 1870 ; e. 
Model Sch. and Eng. Acad. there ; m., 
Sept., 1895, Mile. Flora Faucher, 
Montreal ; an investment broker ; pre 
viously a journalist ; a Lib. and secy. 
Montreal Reform Club; elected V.-P. 
Quebec Assn. for the Protection of 
Fish and Game, 1907 ; do. presdt. do., 
1908; sat for Beauharnois (Local), 
1900-08; M.L.C. (Repentigny divj. 
1911 ; R. C. 847 Dorchester St. W., 
Montreal; summer: Beauharnois, P.Q. ; 
Club St. Denis; Club Canadien; Mont 
real Jockey Club; Montreal Thistle 
Curling Club; St. George Snowshoe 
Club, Montreal. 
Berminffham, Cornelius, manufac- 

S. iate jas. B., Ottawa; b. and e. 
there; m. Corehie. d. Wm. R. Wi lis. 
formerly of N. Y. ; a councillor 
Kingston Bd. of Trade ; long mang. dir. 
Kingston Locomotive Works Co. ; (re 
1911) ; elected V.-P. Kingston 
/ Olub, 1910; a del. to Cong. 



Chambers of Conn, of Empire, London, 
Eng. ; gave $5,000 to Queen s Univ. 
Endowment Fund, 19.10 ; a R. C. 
Kingston, Ont.; Frontenac Club, do. 

Bernard, The Big-ht Reverend Alexis 

Xiste Tlieodule (R. C.), Bishop. 
S. Theodule and Heloise (Prefon- 
taine) B. ; b. St. Mathieu de Beloeil, 
P.Q., Dec. 29, 1847 ; e. Montreal Coll., 
Grand Semy., Montreal, and the Coll. 
of Sorel; o. 1871; after serving as 
vlcalre at St. Denis (Richelieu), was 
superior of the coll., Sorel, 1872-76 ; 
asst. secy, to Bp. Decelles, 1876-77 ; 
canon and archdeacon, 1877 ; secy, to 
diocese, 1886-92; later chancellor; 
V.-G., 1893 ; Protih. Apos., 1901 ; apptd. 
6th Bp. of St. Hyacinthe, Dec., 1905 ; 
consecrated, Feb. 15, 1906; author 
" Clerical Conferences " and other 
works ; edited " IMandement Lettres 
Pastorales, etc., des Eveques de St. 
Hyacinthe" (9 voLs., 1888-1899); at 
tended Plenary Council, Quebec, 1909 ; 
and the Eucharist! c Congress, Mont 
real, 1910. Bishop s Palace, St. 
Hyacinthe, P.Q. 

Bernard, Amedee Anaclet, physician. 
7th s. Theodule and Heloise (Prefon- 
taine) B. ; b. St. Mathieu de Belceil, 
P.Q. ; e. Montreal Coll. ; M.D. (Laval 
Univ.), 1886; practised at St. Ours for 
some yrs. ; now at St. Henri ; Is presdt 
Can. Navigation Co. ; and of St. Henri 
Bd. of Health ; has served as an aid. 
in (Montreal, and while such was 
presdt. of Health Comte. ; unsuccess 
fully contested Hochelaga (H. C.), in 
Con. interest, 1904 ; a Protectionist and 
a strong advocate of " Canada for 
Canadians " ; a R. C. 184S Notre Dame 
St. W., Montreal; Beloeil, P.Q.; Club 
Lafontaine, Montreal. 

" A forceful speaker in both languages." 
M. Gazette. 

Bernard, Mathieu A., lawyer 

Advocate, 1882; author "Manuel de 
droit commercial theorique et pratique 
de la Province de Quebec" (1900); 
Manuel de droit international public 
et pnve" (1901); and "Manuel de 
oroit constitutionel et administrate " 
( do. ) Montreal. 

Beraasconi, Gustavns A., civil engr. 

S. late Col. Constantin B., for over 

yrs. Mayor of his native town, Chi- 

asso Switz., and for 38 yrs. a mem. of 

the Swiss National Council; b. Chi- 

asso, 1846; e. there and Polytech. Sen 

. 5 Mlss Annle J - & 
N : B - ; a mem - Can - Soc. 
., r .?. sst engr - Public works, 
., in Maritime Provinces, 1872-88- 
resident engr. do., St. John, N.B., for 
public works and surveys in P B I 
and Central N. S., 1888-91; resigned 
latter position to proceed to Switz.. 

of harbours, n. 

ment of harbours and rivers, in the 
preparation of plans and specifications 
for such improvements and the super 
intendence of works under construc 
tion ; an Ang. " Ingleside," Antigon- 
ish, N.8. 

Bernier, Joseph, lawyer; legislator. 

S. late Hon. T. A. B., Senator, St. 
Boniface, Man. ; b. St. Jean d Iberville, 
P.Q., Aug. 16, 1874; e. St. Boniface 
Coll., Man. (B.A. with silver med., 
1893) ; m., Ajpl., 1910, R. M., d. 
J. Bernier, L Islet, P.Q. (presented 
with a service of plate by Ms con 
stituents) ; barrister; successfully 
practises his prof, in Winnipeg; past 
presdt., St. Jean Bapte. Soc., Man. ; 
a councillor, Man. Univ., representing 
St. Boniface Coll.; V.-P. Univ. Life 
Ins. Co., Winnipeg; formerly ed. Le 
Manitoba newspaper ; author " L Hote 
de la Foret," a drama success 
fully produced at St. Boniface ; a Con. ; 
has represented St. Boniface (local), 
almost uninterruptedly since 1901 ; one 
of the leading speakers in that assem 
bly; strongly in favour of the rights 
of Man. on school question according 
to the judgment of the Imp. P. C. ; was 
in favour of a direct contribution of 
money, or a Dreadnought, on naval 
question ; also, of the control of ry. 
rates in Man. ; believes in unity of 
action, and " wishes to see the Union 
Jack float over every sch. house in Can. 
so that the children may learn from 
their earliest years that the Brit, flag 
is the emblem of liberty, justice and 
fair-play." St. Boniface, Man.; Com 
mercial Club; Adanac Club, Winnipeg. 

Bernier, Joseph Elzear, navigator 
and explorer; Dom. public service. 

S. Late Capt. Thos. and Celina 
(Paradis) B. ; b. L Islet, P.Q., Jan. 1, 
1852; e. there and Quebec; m., Nov., 
1870, Mile. Rose Caron, L Islet; went 
to sea when 12 yrs. of age, and was 
made master of a brigantine at 17 ; has 
commanded 48 different vessels, besides 
being pilot on 12 sea-going Am. 
yachts ; dock master, Levis, P.Q., 1887 ; 
gov. Quebec jail, 1893-7 ; after that 
took up the subject of Arctic explora 
tion and delivered many lectures upon 
the subject in Eng., France, Norway, 
Belgium, the U.S. and Can. ; planned 
an independent Can, expdn. to the North 
Pole and) " by a persistence that knew 
neither defeat nor discouragment " 
(vide T. Globe), "succeeded in awak 
ening a wide measure of public inter 
est in his scheme " ; the alleged dis 
covery of the Pole by Admiral Peary, 
of the Am. service, put an end, for the 
time being, to that portion of his 
undertaking, but he was taken into the 
TIan. public service by being placed in 
ommand of a vessel for the purpose 
of patrolling Hudson Straits and the 
northern waters in the public interest ; 
las made two voyages there, has taken 
possession of certain islands and lands, 
and " asserted the rightful authority of 
our Govt. to the whole region" ; at pre 
sent (1911) it is understood he is under 
orders to essay the North-West Pas 
sage ; is a V.-P. of the Arctic Club, 
M.T., and an hon. mem. of the Arctic 



Soc. of iCan. ; R. C. Levis, P.Q.; Cana 
dian Club, Quebec. 

"A modest, daring, enduring navigator." 
T. Telegram. 

"A man who would naturally mspii 
confidence in anything he might under 
take." M. Star. 

"An experienced, hardy manner, accus 
tomed to battling with the ice, and a man 
of indomitable pluck." M. & E. 

" Possesses a wide nautical experience 
and has unfolded a plan of Polar explora 
tion which has in it something ^ of the 
breadth and simplicity of genius. - 
Life & Resources. 
Bernier, Iiouis Alphonse Joseph, law- 

B. Levis, P.Q. ; e. Quebec Semy and 
Laval Univ. (B.A 1880; LL L 1883; 
LL.D., 1887 ; advocate, 1883 suc 
cessfully practises his prof, at Levis; 
is prof, commercial and maritime law, 
Laval Univ. ; a R. C. ; a Con. ; unsuc 
cessfully contested Montmagny (a.. 
C.), g. e. 1900. Levis, P.Q. 
Bernier, Hon. Michel Esdras, notary 

public; Dom. public service. 
S. late Etienne and Julie (Lussier) 
B., St. Hyacinthe, P.Q. ; b. there, Sept. 
28, 1841 ; e. St. Hyacinthe Coll. ; LL.D. 
(hon.), Laval Uraiv., 1902; m, Nov., 
1865, Alida, d. laibe S. MJarchesseault, 
a "patriot" of 1837, who was exiled 
to Bermuda; N.P., 1867 ; presdt. Provl. 
Bd. of Notaries, 1882-85 ; official 
assignee, 1874-80; formerly a dir. 
Banque de St. Hyacinthe and of 
various other institutions and enter 
prises, and presdt. of the local agricul. 
soc. ; a Lib. ; sat In that interest for 
St. Hyacinthe (H. C.), 1882-1904; sat 
in Laurier Admn., as Minr. of Inland 
Revenue, June, 1900- Jan., 1904 ; apptd. 
a mem. and depty. chief commr. Bd. of 
Ry. Commrs. of Can., Jan. 18, 1904 ; 
one of the signers of the address from 
the Lib. party to the Pope, 1896, re 
sulting in the appt. of a papal able- 
gate to Can. ; a R. C. 403 MacLaren 
St., Ottawa; St. Hyacinthe, P.Q.; Que 
bec Garrison Club. 

Berrie, Bev. John Charlton (Meth.). 

2nd s. Chas. J. and Sarah Russell 
(Howitt) B., Long Eaton, Derbyshire, 
Eng. ; descendants de Berri family, 
France ; b. Tamworth, Warwickshire, 
Eng., Dec. 25, 1840; e. Tamworth 
Grammar Sch. and Horlock s Acad., 
Reading; m., May, 1876, Hannah S. 
L., d. Rev. A, Macintyre, M.A. ; for 
s>ome yrs. in mercantile life ; studied 
theol. under Rev. T. M. Albrighton, 
London, Eng. ; became a local 
preacher there; o. 1871; on coming 
to Can., filled charges in P. E. I., 
and subsequently in N. B.. where he 
has remained; has filled many offices 
in ch., including that of presdt of 
conf. in N. B. and P. E. I. ; is a free 
man of the Goldsmiths Co., of the 
City of London, Eng. ; belongs to the 
Odd Fellows, Foresters, Sons of Temp., 
and Good Templars, and is grand chap 
lain of latter; ind. on all moral ana 
religious questions. Marysmlle, N.B. 

"A man of much force and power." 
Late Bev. Dr. Cochrane. 

Berry, Bev. John (Ang.). 

S Yen. Edward F. B., Archdeacon 
of Meath, Irel. ; b. Tullamore, Irel., 
Apl. 16, 1856; e. Chard Sch., Eng. and 
Trin Coll., Dublin (B.A., 1877 ;M. A., 
1880; B.D., 1888), m., Ina, d. Dr. 
Hornby, L.R.C.S. (Eng.), York, Eng ; 
o 1879 successively principal &t. 
Faughnan s Oolik, Cork Grammar 
Sch.: and Fermoy Coll.; retiring 
from educational .work, was apptd. 
curate St. Maurice s **$*,.,$*& 
1892, and senior curate All Saints, 
Holloway, London, 1893 ..came to Can., 
on being apptd. asst. mmr. St. Paul s 
Cath., London, Ont. ,1894, and has 
since been rector of ^ e vrg. 
ParkhlM and Seaforth. The Ret 
Seaforth, Ont. 

Berry, The Biffht Bev. Joseph Flint- 
oft (Meth. 

LJo. W i. v*i^^ J . 

bure Ont ; entd. M. E. mimistry, 1874 , 
asBoV ed. Michigan Christian Advocate, 
1S&4-1890; ed. Epworth Bff*b*VS~ 
1904 ; elected a bishop of M. E. Oft., 
US., May 18, 1904. 455 Franklin St., 
Buffalo, N.Y. 

"A platform speaker of great magnet 
ism." T. Telegram. 

"Famous both as a writer and a 
preacher." Can. Am. 
Berthiaume, Arthur J., journalist 

S Hon. T. B. (q.v.) ; b. and e. 
Montreal ; a mem. ed. staff La Presse, 
Montreal, and secy, of the Co., m., 
Sept 1902, Blanche, d. late Nazaire 
fourgoin, depty. recorder Montreal ; 
a j^ c 342 Sherbrooke fet. &., MOi 
real; summer: Strathmore P.Q. ; Auto 
and Aero Club; Club St. Dems, Mont 
Berthiaume, Hon. Treffle, journalist; 


S late Gedeon and Eleonore (Nor- 
mandin) B. ; b. St. Hugues P.Q, Aug. 
4, 1848; e. ^ere aad at theoolL.St. 
Hyacinthe; m., Aug., J <i, JMiie. r 
mina Gadbois ; a practical printer; 
founded the Gebhardit- Berthiaume Lttto. 
& Printing Co., Montreal ; was likewise 
assocd. with Mr. Sabourin in PU blica- 
tta? of Le Monde Illustre; at a later 
period became prop, of La 
(Montreal), a French daily newspaper, 
which, in his hands, has attained the 
largest circulation of aavy newspaper, 
French or Eng., published _in Can ; dis 
posed of La Presse -toa Of nt stock co 
Oat 1904 ; repurchased it, Nov., laub, 
and has since published it " entirely 
independent of all political parties, of 
] T factions or of any individual group 
of interests " ; called to the Leg. Coun 
cil PQ by Mr. Flynn (q.v.), Nov., 
1896 -a dir Quebec Land Co., Dom. 
Deforest Wireless Co., Monarch Life 
ASSUT. Co., and Montreal Southern 
Ind. Con. ; a K. i 
St., Montreal; Club 



Canadien; Club Lafontaine; Club St. 
Denis, do. 

" His success in life is altogether the 
result of his ability and energy." Newt- 
paper Ref. Book. 
Berthon, Miss Claire, painter. 

D. late Geo. T. B. S. and Claire (de 
la Haye) B., many of whose portraits 
of the judges of Ont. were painted for 
the Law Soc. of U. C., and may be seen 
at Osgoode Hall, Toronto, and grand-d. 
of Rene T. B., also a painter, a pupil of 
David and court painter to Napoleon 
the Great ; b. Toronto, and was a pupil 
In art of her father ; has herself 
executed several portraits of merit. 
96 Charles St. E., Toronto. 

Bertram, Col. Alexander, manufac 

2nd s. late John B., presdt Can. 
Tool Works, Dundas, Ont, and Eliza 
beth (Bennett) B., both natives of 
Scot. ; b. Dundas, Ont, Feb. 18, 1853 ; 
e. Dundas High Sch. ; m., 1869, d. Hugh 
T. Smith, formerly of Toronto ; joined 
his father in business, and was ad 
mitted a partner therein, 1886 ; for 
merly in command 77th Wentworth 
Begt ; transferred to R. O., Jan., 1905 ; 
apptd. to command 3rd Infy. Brigade, 
West Ont. command, Dec., 1905 ; col., 
1910; commanded Blsley team, 1909, 
has reed. Col. Aux. Forces offrs. 
decoration ; V.-P. Can. Mil. In-st. ; a 
Presto. Dundas, Ont.; Can. Mil. Inst., 

"Acquitted himself at BLsley with marked 
distinction." Lord Strathcona (q.v.). 

Bertram, Henry, manufacturer. 

E. s. late John B., presdt. Can. Tool 
Works, Dundas, Ont, and Elizabeth 
(Bennett) B., both natives of Scot. ; 
b. and e. Dundas ; m. d. late Andrew 
Graham, Dundas ; entd. his father s 
business, and was made a partner 
therein, 1886 ; became presdt. of the 
co., on his father s death, 1906 ; a 
Presb. Dundas, Ont. 

Bertram, John H., Dom. public ser 

S. late Geo. Hope B., a native of 
Fenton Barns, Haddingtonshire, Scot., 
and presdt. Bertram Engine Work s 
Co., Toronto, who represented C. To 
ronto (H. C.), 8th Parlt. ; b. Apl. 10, 
1872 ; e. Lindsay and Toronto ; m. d, 
late Nicholas Killer, Berlin, Omt. ; early 
associated with his father in business ; 
entd. customs service, as hardware 
appraiser, June, 1901 ; surveyor of cus 
toms, Toronto, Feb., 1905; collr. do., 
Feb. 19, 1909. 59 Chestnut Park Rd., 

"A mam of dhairaioter, ability and know 
ledge of the serrice." I. News. 

Best, Thomas Henry, publisher. 

S. late John and Elonor (Corry) 
B., Co. Armagh, Irel. ; b. Port Hope, 

Omt., Apl. 17, 1850; e. there; m., Aug., 
1876, Clara M., d. late John Wig 
gins, Colllngwood, Ont. ; formerly a 
mem. Collingwood Town Council and 
Sch. Bd. ; supdt. Public Library ; is 
mang. dir. Ont. Publish. Co. and The 
Can. Magazine; noted chiefly as the 
promoter and founder of the latter, 

with which publication he has been 
actively identified since its inception, 
many yrs. ago ; in this work he has 
greatly encouraged and -facilitated: the 
growth of a Can. literature ; for many 
yrs. secy. Collingwood Reform Assn. ; 
has travelled extensively at home and 
abroad ; a Presb. ; a Lib. 456 Markham 
St., Toronto; National Club, do. 

" The guiding and controlling spirit of 
The Can. Magazine. " Profitable Adver 
tising (Boston). 

Bethune, Alexander, merchant. 

S. Wm. B.. and Catherine (Ding- 
wall) B., both of Dingwall. Ross- 
shire, Scot. ; b. Peterboro, Ont, 1852 ; 
e. at Stayner, Ont. ; led an active busi 
ness career for 20 yrs., residing for a 
portion of the time in iMan. ; now re 
tired ; Aid. in Vancouver 8 yrs. ; elected 
Mayor, 1907 ; re-elected by acclama 
tion, 1908 ; a dir. Masonic Temple Co. ; 
one of the founders of the Canadian 
Club, Vancouver ; Presb. ; Con. Van 
couver, B.C. 

Bethune, Rev. Charles James Stewart 

(Ang.), educationist. 
Third s. late Rt. Rev. A. N. B., 2nd 
Ang. Bp. of Toronto, and Jane Eliza 
(Crooks) B. ; b. West Flamboro, Ont, 
Aug. 11, 1838; e. private sens., U. C. 
Coll. ("head boy," 1856), and Trln. 
Univ. (B.A., with 1st class honours In 
classics, hon. 4th in math., jubilee 
scholar, and Wellington scholar., 1859 ; 
M.A., 1861; D.C.L., 1883) ;. o. deacon, 
1861; priest, 1862; successively curate 
St. Peter s Ch., Cobourg, Ont, and of 
Carlton, Selby, Yorkshire ; incumbent 
Credit Mission, 1866-70; headmaster 
Trin. Coll. Sch., Port Hope. 1870-99 
(on leaving presented with silver bowl 
and purse, as a mark of affection and 
regard from the scholars, old and 
new) ; prof, of entomol. and zoology, 
Ont Agricul. Coll., Guelph, 1906- 
10 ; well known as a writer on 
scientific and economic subjects ; one 
of the founders of the Entomol. Soc., 
Ont., and the first ed of The Can. 
Entomologist, a monthly mag. of high 
repute ; later ed. for a considerable 
period the entomol. dept. of The Can 
Farmer and Weekly Globe (Toronto), 
In addition to which he has ed. a series 
of annual reports on entomol. printed 
by the Ont. Legislature ; resumed the 
ed. of The Can. Entomologist, 1886, 
which he still occupies ; published a 
bulletin on fruit-tree insects. 1907 : 
F. R. S. C., 1892 ; is also a fellow* of 
the Am. Assn. for the Ad vane, of 
Science and the Entomol. Soc. of Am., 
and a corr. mem. of scientific socs. In 
Eng., Ottawa, Halifax, N. Y., Brook 
lyn, Washington, Boston, Buffalo, etc. ; 
for 5 yrs. was presdt. Can. Entomol. 
Soc. ; formerly V.-P. London Civic Im 
provement Soc. and London Horticul. 
Soc. ; a del. for many yrs. to the dio 
cesan and provl. synods of his cli., and 
since 1902 hon. clerical secy, of the 
Genl. Synod of the Ch. of Eng. In 
Can.; m., Apl., 1863, Alice (d.), 2nd d. 
late Lt-Col. Forlong, K.H., H. M. s 
43rd Light Infy. 110 Glasgow St., 
Guelph, Ont. 



Bethune, Henry James, banker. 

S. late Robt. H. B., Toronto ; b. and 
e. there ; m. Laura May, 2nd d. late 
Chief Justice Thos. Moss. Toronto ; 
apptd. supdt. of branches, Dom. Bank, 
1907 ; Ang. 9 Clarendon Crescent, To 
ronto; Toronto Club; York Club, do. 
Bethune, Lt.-Col. John Lemuel, physi 
cian; legislator. 

E. s. Roderick and Mary B., natives 
Highlands of Scot. ; b. Loch Lomond, 
N.S., Mch. 9, 1850; e. Normal Sch., 
Truro, N.S. : graduated M.D. (Dal- 
housie Coll.), 1875 ; m., 1885, Mary C., 
d. late Robt A. Jones, regr. Co. Vic 
toria ; sat in the Co. Council as Coun 
cillor and Warden ; represented Vic 
toria, N.S. (Local), Con. interest, 
1886-96 ; and in H. C.. 1896-1900 ; un 
successfully contested seat (Local), 
1906 ; gazetted capt. and paymaster 
94th Victoria Regt. (Argyll Highland 
ers), 1881; promoted lt.-col. commdg. 
do., 1893; now retired; has reed, the 
Col. Aux. Forces offrs. decoration ; a 
Freemason, a Son of Temp., and a 
Presb. Baddeck, N.S. 
Bethune, Robert Cecil, business man. 

S. late Lt.-Col. A. R. B.. Victoria 
Rifles, Montreal, and Mary, d. Wm. 
Rogers, H.M. s Commissariat ; b. Mont 
real, May 10, 1872; e. High Schs., St. 
John s and Montreal, and Ottawa Coll. 
Inst. ; m., 1896. Jean. d. late A. G. 
Peden, Ottawa: long engd. in mercan 
tile life ; now in ins. business ; apptd. 
secy. Ottawa Bd. of Trade, 1899 ; do. 
secy.-treas.. Ottawa Coll. Inst. Bd., 
1902, wMch positions he retains; do. 
a J. P., 1905; a prominent baritone 
soloist ; is secy.-treas. Algonquin Fish 
ing Club, and prominently identified 
with many athletic assns. ; an Arag. ; a 
Con. ; a Freemason, Scottish Rite, A. O. 
U. W., a Forester. 145 Cartier St., Ot 
tawa; Canadian Club, do. 
Beullac, Pierre, lawyer. 

S. late Raymond B., a native of 
France, who settled in Montreal, 1874, 
where he attained distinction as a 
church decorator ; b. Montp elder, 
France, July 5, 1874 ; e. Notre Dame 
Coll., C6tie des Neiges, St. Mary s CoM., 
and Laval Univ. (LLjB., 1895) ; 
m., Sept., 1907, T hSrese, e. d. Hon. 
J. A. Ouimet (q.v.), late a judge 
of the King s Eh., P.Q. ; advocate, 
1895 ; praotisos ini Montreal, where 
he is one of the leader of the 
Junior bar : one of the founders of the 
Junior Bar Assn., Montreal, and its 
first presdt. ; has been presdt, also, of 
bhe v Canadian Club, of L Union Nat 
Francaise, and of the Volunteer Elect. 
League, Montreal ; created 1 an ofBr. 
d Acad. by the French. Govt, 1907 ; 
author of several noteworthy articles 
in the legal reviews ; not in politics ; 
a R. C. : believes in providing for the 
education of the masses: in opening 
technical sens., public libraries, art 
museums, and in encouraging arts in 
every shap-e and form. Salaberry 
Apts., Sherbrooke St., Montreal; Cana 
dian Club, do. 

Bickerdike, Bobert, merchant; legis 

S. late Thos. B., a native of York 
shire, Eng., and Agnes Forater 

(Cowan) B. ; b. Kingston, Ont, Aug. 

17, 1843 ; removing with his parents 
to St. Louis de Gonzague, P.Q., was e. 
there; m., Dec., 1866, Helen Thomson 
(d. Oct., 1907), e. d. late Jas. Reid, 
H. M. s Commissiariat ; early yrs. spent 
on his father s farm ; removed to Mont 
real, 1860, where, later, he embarked 
in the live stock export trade, in which 
he has been eminently successful ; he 
organized and became maner. dir. of 
the Dom. Abattoirs & Union Stock 
Yards Co., and was the principal mover 
in the formation of the Live Stock 
Assn. ; likewise founded the Live Stock 
Ins. Co. and the Standard Light & 
Power Co., of both of which he is 
presdt. ; in addition to his other busi 
ness, is branch mangr. of the Western 
Assur. Co. and of the Union Marine 
Co., the whole being managed under 
the name of Robert B. Co., Ltd., live 
stock, shipping and ins. agents ; has 
served as a harbour commr, and as 
presdt. Montreal Bd. of Trade; was 
the founder and became Mayor of the 
town of Summerlea ; a Lib. ; sat for 
Montreal ( St. Antoine div. ) in the Que 
bec Assem., 1897-1900, and has sat for 
Montreal (St. Lawrence div.) (H. C.) 
since the latter date ; was entertained 
at a public banquet by the mems. of the 
Montreal Bd. of Trade, in recognition 
of his services at Quebec in connec 
tion with the Montreal city bill, Apl., 
1899; carried a resolution (H. C.), 
Apl., 1903, prohibiting the importation, 
manufacture, and sale of cigarettes ; 
is a dir. Montreal-London Gold & Silver 
Develop. Co., Brit. Am. Bank Note Co., 
Western Assur. Co., Can. Life Assur. 
Co., Smith Marble & Const. Co., Brlt.- 
Am. Assur. Co,, Marconi Wireless Co., 
Imp. Guarantee & Accid. Co., La Com. 
de Pub. du Canada, Montreal & Gt. 
Lakes Steamship Co. (presdt. 1909), 
Can. Transit Co., Can. Lloyds, and 
other commercial organizations ; V.-iP. 
Marine Underwriters Assn., Montreal 
Indue. Exbn. Assn. and Intern. Bank 
of Can. ; presdt. Park Realty Go. ; 
has been prominently identified with 
the Anti-Aleofooilic League, the Busi 
ness Men s League, the Numis. and 
Antiq. Soc., the Royal Vic. Hosp., 
the Montreal Genl. Hosp., and the 
Montreal Western Hosp., of which 
latter he is the V.-P. ; was formerly 
for many yrs. up to 1911 V.-P. La 
Banque d -Hochelaga ; was one of 
the main instruments in having a 
public monument erected bo the late 
Hon. John Young, and was presdt. 
of the comte. apptd. to carry it 
to comrpletion. ; invited to lecture in 
Gt Brit, on the subject of the Brit. 
embargo on Can. cattle, Dec., 1905 ; 
while firm in his attachment to the 
Mother Country, is at the same time 
ardently devoted to Can. interests; has 
sometimes been mentioned for Cabinet 
preferment ; favours the construction 
of a floating dock at Montreal, and 
of the annexation of Nfd., St. Pierre 
and Miquelon to Can. " Elmer oft," 
Summerlea, P.Q.; Canada Club; La- 
chine Boating and Canoe Club; Mont 
real Club; Royal St. Lawrence Yacht 
Club; Reform Club; St. George Snow- 



shoe Club; St. Maurice Fish and Game 
Club, Montreal; Rideau Club, Ottawa. 

" Universally acclaimed one of the pillars 
of the Lib. party." 0. Citizen. 

" A man of exceptional intelligence and 
of considerable practical education." M. 

A man of few words, but known as 
a good counsellor and a solid business 
man." Can. Courier. 

" A strenuous and unremitting foe from 
the beginning of the Brit, embargo on 
Canadian cattle." I. Globe. 

" Took his political life in his hands 
when he introduced into the House of 
Commons the bill to put a stop to the 
sale, manufacture and importation of 
cigarettes into Canada." Mrs. Rutherford 

Bickford, Major Harold Child, H.M. s 
regular mil. forces. 

S. late Edward O. B.. contractor, 
Gore Vale, Toronto, and Emily A. 
(Hastings) B. ; b. Toronto, Oct. 11, 
1877 ; e. in Can. and Eng. ; m., June, 
1904, Mary Dunlop, e. d. late Lt.-Col. 
J. I. Davidson, Toronto ; entd. army as 
2nd lieuit, 6th Dragoon Gds. (Cara- 
bdniers), Feb., 1897; lieut, Jan., 1899; 
eapt., May, 1901; served with his regt. 
to S. A. War, 1899-1900, and was 
present in. the engagements at Baarde- 
berg, Poplar Grove, and Dreifontein, 
the occupation of Bloemifontein, the 
battle of Diamond Hill, and action at 
Riet Vlei, the engagements around 
Belfast and Machadodorf, and the ad 
vance to Barbertow (Queen s med., 
with 5 clasps, and King s med., witih 
2 clasps) ; was awarded the bronz* 
med. of the Royal Humane Soc. for 
an act of conspicuous gallantry in S. 
A., Feb., 1901 ; passed staff coll., Cam- 
beriley, 1908; Ang. Care War Office, 
London, Eng.; Toronto Club, Toronto. 
Bicknell, James, lawyer. 

S. Jas. and Anne B., Hamilton, Ont, 
formerly of Bognor, Sussex, Eng. ; b. 
Battersea Park, .London; Bn-g., Apl. 26, 
1862 ; e. Hamilton Coll. Inst. ; m., 1st 
Apl., 1886, Clara (d. May, 1905), 3rd 
d. Rev. Stephen Kappele; 2ndly, Apl., 
1906, Minnie, y. d. late Rev. Stephen 
Kappele ; called to Ont. bar (with hon 
ours and gold med.), 1884 ; K.C., 1902 ; 
Bencher Daw Soc., 1906 ; re-elected, 
do., 1911 ; practised in Hamilton till 
1894; since then in Toronto; one 
of the leaders of the bar ; solr. 
Imp. Bank and Toronto Ry. Co. ; 
joint author Bicknell and Seager*s 
" Division Courts Act " (2nd ed., 1900), 
and Bicknell and Kappele s " Practical 
Statutes" (1903) ; has never engaged 
in politics ; a Freemason ; Ang. $7 
Cluny Ave., Toronto; Albany Club; 
Granite Club, R. C. Y. Club; Yorfc 
Club, do.; Hamilton Club, Hamilton. 
Bidwell, Very Rev. Edward John 
(Ang.), educationist. 

Fourth s. late Rev. G. S. B.. rector, 
Sympson, Bucks, Eng. ; grands. Rev. G. 
B., rector Stanton, Suffolk, Eng., fellow 
and tutor Clare Coll., Camb. ; b. Stan- 
ton, Nov. 26, 1866; e. Bradfleld Coll., 
Berks (foundation sch., senior prefect, 
and winner Stevens scholarship) and 
Wadham Coll., Oxford (B.A., with 

honours, 1889 ; M.A., 1893) ; open class, 
sch. Wadham Coll., Oxford ; honours in 
Classical moderations and litterse hu- 
maniores, Oxford; D.C.L. (hon.), Len- 
noxville. 1907 ; do., Trin. Univ., To 
ronto, 1909 ; m., 1894, Frances Mary, 
e. d. J. Morris, Leamington, Eng. ; o. 
deacon, 1891 ; priest, 1892 ; asst. master 
and chaplain Leamington Coll., 1890- 
94 ; headmaster prep. dept. and classi 
cal master 6th form upper sch., do., 
1894-97; headmaster iPeterboro Cath. 
Grammar Sch., 1897-03 ; headmaster 
Bishop s Coll. Sch., Lennoxville, 1903- 
09 ; since then has been rector St. 
George s Cath., Kingston, Ont., and 
Dean of Ont. ; declined benefice of 
LiminigitoTi, Emg., 1911 ; author "Manual 
of Private Prayers for Boys" (1907), 
" Pulpit and Platform Notes on Public 
Speaking and Reading" (do.); "The 
Christian Doctrine of Immortality" 
(1910) ; a del. Genl. Synod, Quebec, 
and an official del. to the Bi-Cent. Ang. 
Ch. celebration, Halifax, N.S., 1910. 
St. George s Rectory, Kingston^ Ont. 

" A good preacher and a sound, mod 
erate churchman." M. Gazette. 
Bieber, Bev. Milton James (Luth.). 

B. Kutztown, Pa., Dec. 13, 1862 ; e. 
Kutztown Normal Sch. (valedictorian 
and M.E., 1888) and Muhlenberg Coll., 
Allentown, Pa. (M.A., with 1st class 
honours, 1904) ; m., Sept., 1898, Miss 
Bertha Leeds Manning; graduated 
Luth. Theol. Semy., 1894; o. 1904; 
pastor Mt. Joy, Pa., 3 yrs. ; do. Bing- 
hampton, N.Y., 7 yrs. ; since 1894 Eng. 
Eastern field missy., Genl. Council 
Luth. Ch. North Am. ; territory em 
braces N. S., New Eng., N. T. State, 
N. J., and Central Can. ; has organized 
churches in New Eng. and Can., and 
developed churches at many points ; 
called convention, Gait, Ont., Apl., 1908, 
which organized the " Can. Lutheran 
League " ; also the convention, Guelph, 
Ont, Oct., 1908, which organized the 
" Evangel. Lutheran Synod of Central 
Can.," of which he was made Presdt 
Mount Joy, Pa. 
Bienvenu, Tancrede, banker. 

S. A, J. and Octavie (Larose) B. ; 
b. Varennes, P.Q., Apl. 26, 1864; e. 
Varennes Business Coll. ; m. Miss Clara 
Martin ; for some yrs. in commercial 
life, commencing in Montreal: entd. 
service La Banque Jacques Cartier, re 
maining with it until the foundation of 
La Banque Provinciale, 1900, wheij he 
was apptd. a dir. and genl. mangr. of 
the new institution, a position he re 
tains ; prominently Identified with the 
Anti-Alcoholic League ; a dlr. Travel- 
er s Life Assur. Co. and Crown Trust 
Co. ; a promoter Yukon Trust Co. and 
later of tihe Murray Bay Lumber & 
Pulp Co. ; apptd. Liquidator Banque de 
St. Jean, 1908 ; joint hon. treas. King 
Edward VII. Memorial Fund, ;Mon-t- 
real, 1911; a R. C. 32 Sherbrooke St. 
W., Montreal; Club Lafontaine; Mont 
real Club, do. 
Big-elow, Frederick Egbert, physician. 

B. Lindsay, Ont, 1870 ; e. Coll. Inst. 
there, and Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1864) ; 
M.D. (Rush Med. Coll, Chicago), 1897 ; 
m. d. Geo. M. Bagwell, Hamilton, Ont. ; 



has successfully practised in Chicago 
throughout ; a mem. Sons St. George, 
an Oddfellow and a Forester. 4259 
Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago, III. 

ae *- To- 

ronto: b. and e. there; m., 1903, Cecil 
Olive M., y. d. R- S. Bradley, Toronto ; 
a lawyer, practising at the Chicago 
bar ; Anig. Chicago, III. 

Globe, To- 
j. wi imsi *j ***.j * x-- -- i Q ft j. ft ^ * 

SSS STaB/i ^sL^S? 

ss-NSP^ast. a > - 

Beverley St., Toronto. 

Big-ear, Hamilton risk, physician. 

S late Rev. Hamilton B. (Meth ) and 
Eliza Philps (Racey) ., Brantford, 
Ont. ; b. Oakville, Ont, Mch. 15, 183 I , 
e. Brantford^ Grammar Sch and Vic- 

U 186 8 7 9 m., P 1870, Sue Miles 

rt W B Brooks, Columbus, O. ; . has 
oractised his profession throughout 
fn Cleveland; called to chair of 
amt aSolin . surg to Uomeop. Hosp. 
rn.ll Cleveland, 1867 ; was suobt 
auently for a lengthened 


Sop 6 ScThon V.- P P. BrlL Borneo,. 

So* ClS ^id Chg; CZe 
Athletic Club; Church Club, do. 

Titcft/leW St., Condon, Eng.; 15 Rue de 

Beaujolais, Paris, France. 

Bifrffar, I.t.-Col. James tyons, Can. 

S r jfS!" m and S I^belia (Hodgins) 
B.t b Carrying Place, Ont., July 16, 

1856 ; e. Trenton Grammar Sch. and 
U. C. Call. ; m. Mary Scott, e. d. late 
R W. Eliliott, Toronto; erutd. mil. ser 
vice, as lleut, 15th Regt, Feb., 1881 ; 
attained rank of It-col., 1901; served 
during S. A. War, 1899-1900, on supply 
column and as special staff offr., under 
Genl. Sir F. Forestier Walker, on lines 
of communication and chief base 
(Queen s med., with , clasps) ; was 
staff offr., under Genl. T. A. Cooke, for 
King s coronation ; represented head 
quarters staff during tour in Can. of 
Prince and Princess of Wales, now 
King and Queen of Eng. (having charge 
of S. A. meds.) ; D. A. A. G. for A. S. C. 
Hdqrs., July, 1901; D. Q. M. G., Dec., 
1901 ; dlr. Transport and Supplies, 
Dec., 1904 ; was Aiss-t Q. M.-Genl., 
Quebec Te>rcent. celebration, 1908; 
granted a distinguished cert. In A. S 
C. and transport duties from Sch. of 
Instruction, Aldershot, Eng., 1905; 
holds also the Colonial Aux. Forces 
offrs. decoration ; a mem. Grand Priory 
Knights of the Order of St John or 
Jerusalem ; presented to King Edward, 
St James s Palace, London, May, 
1902 ; lectured on Can. in S. A., under 
auspices Loyal Women s Guild; apptd. 
a mem. of Earl Grey Musical and 
Dramatic Assn., 1908; author Can. 
Army Service Corps Manual" (1! 
elected presdt. Can. Army Service 
Corps Assn., 1911; a Presb. 525 King 
Edward Ave., Ottawa; Rideau Club; 
Country Club, do. 
Big-g-ar, Sanford Dennis, lawyer. 

U E. L. descent : b. Saltfleet, Co. 
Weritworth, Ont, Nov. 5, 1861: e. 
there; removed to Hamilton, Ont, 
1880; barrister, 1885; K.C., 1908; Aid., 
1901-04 ; Mayor, 1905-06 ; instrumental 
in founding a tuberculosis sanatorium, 
1905 ; a dlr. Hamilton Health Assn. , 
won high praise for his coolness an 
forbearance during the Hamilton 
" strike," 1906 ; Con. Hamilton; Ham 
ilton Club, do. 

" Patient, forbearing, merciful." T. 
Big-gar, William Hodgins, lawyer. 

S late Jas. Lyons and Isabella 
(Hodgins) B. ; b. Carrying Place, 
Ont, Sept. 9, 1852; e. Trenton Gram 
mar Sch and U. C. Coll. ("head boy," 
1872) m., June, 1893, Marie Louise, 
d. Jas. Ballon, Colorado Spgs., U.S. ; 
for 3 yrs. in mercantile house, Belle 
ville, Ont. ; later studied law ; bar 
rister, 1880 ; K.C., 1899; Poised 
at Belleville, in partnership with late 

presdt. Belleville Curling Club. Ont. 
Curling Assn., Bowling Assn., Ont, 
Commodore Bay of Quinte Yacht Club, 
and presdt Lake Yacht Rac ng Assn. , 
sat for W. Hastings ( Local^ , Lib. in- 
tere=t 1890-98: a mem. Ont. Game 
Commission, 1901; removed to Mont 
real on appt. as asst. genl. coui lei, 
OT Ry. 1903 ; apptd. genl. counsel, 
on retirement of Mr. Bell, Dec., 1904 ; 
Tdlr Can. Atlantic Ry.,G. T. Pacific 
Terminal Elevator Co., U. ! rd,cniw 

Ster^G. ^/^mc^ownTie^lop: 



Co.; F.R.C.I., 1907; Aung. 726 Pine 
Ave. W., Montreal; summer: "Cote 
Carrier," Cap-a-l Aigle, P.Q.; Canada 
Club; Mt. Royal Club; Royal Montreal 
Golf Club; Royal St. Lawrence Yacht 
Club; Beaconsfield Golf Club, Mont 
real; Rideau Club; Laurentian Club, 

Hon. Samuel Clarke, lawyer. 
S. late Richard and Eleanor (Wood) 
B., An caster, Ont., latter a sister ot 
late Chief Justice Wood, Man. ; U. E. L. 
descent; b. Ancaster, Oct. 8, 1851; e. 
Victoria Coll., Cobourg, and Toronto 
Univ. (B.A., with silver med. in nat. 
scien., 1872) ; m., July, 1875, Emily 
Orythia, d. Rev, Thos. Atkinson ; bar 
rister, 1875; K.C. (M. of Lansdowne), 
1884; do. (Ont.), 1899; bencher Law 
Soc., Man., for many yrs. ; a mem. 
Man. Legislature, 1878-79 ; Minr. Public 
Works, Man., 1879; subsequently prac 
tised his profession in St. Paul., Minn. ; 
now and for some yrs. practising in 
Toronto ; established Winnipeg Sun, 
1878 ; a mem. Ex. Comte. Ont. branch 
Dom Alliance, and treas. Ont. Soc. for 
Reform, of Inebriates ; a Lib. and free 
trader ; favours public ownership of 
public utilities ; an Ang. 55 St. George 
St., Toronto; Ontario Club, do. 

Bigiiey, Hon. Col. Sidney Osborne, 


S. Jas. and Sarah Jane (Black) B. ; 
b. Wentworth, N.S., Nov. 4, 1854; on 
paternal side is of old (historic) 
French ancestry, being a lineal de 
scendant of Hy. Merle d Aubigne ; on 
maternal side is of Scotch descent, and 
a lineal descendant of Adam and Chas. 
Black, Edinburgh ; e. native town ; m., 
June, 1876, Henrietta, adopted d. Benj. 
Stevens, Wentworth ; as a young man 
of 20, his stock and trade was worth 
$150 ; to-day he is the sole owner of 
S. O. B. & Co., whose jewelry factory 
is one of the largest In the U. S. : is 
also presdt. Attleboro Co-operative 
Bank, the Odd Fellows Building Assn.. 
the Bristol Manfg. Co. ; elected for 2 
yrs. to serve on the Rep. State Central 
Comte., Mass., and was subsequently 
elected a mem. of the Governor s Coun 
cil ; a Freemason ; was presented by the 
Halifax brethren with a silver salver. 
in ackgt. of courtesies reed., Oct., 1903. 
Attleboro, Mass. 

Bilkey, Paul E., journalist. 

S. Rev. R. L. B. (Ang.) ; brought 
to Can. when an infant and e. there ; 
m. Miss Sarah Dalton, Ottawa. ; engd. 
in newspaper work since 1896 ; also 
contributes to the mags. ; parly, corre 
spondent at Ottawa for Toronto Tele 
gram since 1896 ; presdt. of Ottawa 
Press Gallery, 1909-10; Ang. Kennis- 
ton Apartments, Elgin St., Ottawa. 

Bill, Caleb Sand, Dom. public service. 
S. late Wm. C. B., M.P., and grands. 
Hon. Caleb R. B., Senator (apptd. by 
Royal proclamation at Confederation) ; 
b. Billtown, N.S., July 31, 1852; e. 
Acadia Univ., Wolfville ; m. Marert., d. 
late Jeremiah Bligh ; for many yrs. an 
extensive importer of standard-bred 
trotting horses and a breeder of same ; 
apptd. collr. customs, Wolfville, N.S., 
Feb., 1896 ; a capt. in militia, reserved 

list ; a Con., and unsuccessfully con 
tested King s (H. C.) g. e. 1890 and 
again 1891 : believes in a protective 
tariff as high as that of the U. S., and 
in the iChamberlaiin policy for Greater 
Brit. ; a Bapt. Wolfville, N.8. 

Bill, Earl Gordon, educationist. 

S. Caleb R. (q.v.) and Margt. A. B. ; 
b. Billtown. N.S., June 23, 1884 ; e. 
Billtown Sch., Wolfville High Sch. 
Horton Acad., Acadia Univ. (B.A.. 
1902), and Yale Univ. (B.A.. 1906; 
M.A., do. ; Ph.D., 1908, with honours in 
math., and a prize of $400 in same 
subject) ; m. Lou E., 2nd d. John Van 
Wart, St. John, N.B. ; instr. in math., 
Yale Univ., 1908 ; do., Sheffield Scien 
tific Sch., do., further studies at 
Gottingen and Univ. of Padua ; Bapt. ; 
Con. Wolfville, N.S.. 

"Bill, Yukon" (see Hayes, Mrs. K. 

Billing-s, John Gordon, manufacturer. 

S. late John B., barrister, Port Perry, 
Ont.; b. there, July 28, 1877; is genl. 
mangr. Yale Columbia Lumber Co., 
Nelson, B.C. ; a Con. ; an Ang. ; m., 
1904, Miss Florence Macdonald. Lind 
say, On t. Nelson, B.C.; Nelson Club, 
Billing s, Thomas Henry, educationist. 

S. Bruce and Mary Catherine (Mac- 
Cready) B. ; Scotch and U. E. L. de 
scent ; descended from Roger B., who. 
came from Eng., 1635 ; related to late 
Elkanah B., the geologist ; b. nr. 
Brockville, Ont., Mch. 22, 1881 : e. 
Howard public sch., Brockville Coll. 
Inst., and Queen s Univ., Kingston 
(Chancellor s sch. in math; Gov.-Genl. s 
sch. in classics ; prizeman in Greek 
prose; M.A., 1902); probationer for 
Meth. ministry, 1903, and studied at 
Wesl. Theol. Coll., Montreal ; tutor 
Queen s Uniiv., 1901-3 ; do., Wesl. TheoJ. 
OoiHL, Montreal, 1903-5 ; lecturer, Mo- 
Gill Univ., 1905-7 ; seey. student dept., 
Intern. Comte., Y. M. C. A., with super 
vision of work in Can. colleges, 1907 ; 
del. representing Can. students at 
World s -Student Obriottaa Fed era.tion 
Conf., Tokyo, Japan-, Apl., 1907; Meth. 
Lyn, Ont. 

Bingay, George, lawyer. 

S. Thos. Van Buskirk B.. barrister, 
and his 2nd wife, Margt. Jane (Moody) 
B. ; grands. Lt.-Col. Abraham Van 
Buskirk, 4th Batt, N. J. Volrs., and of 
Lt.-Col. Jas. Moody (see Sabine s 
"Am. Loyalists"); U. E. L. on both 
sides; b. Yarmouth, N.S., 1850; e. at 
home and abroad; m., 1875, Susan Cor 
nelia, o. d. Rev. J. Pierson Stryker, 
N.Y., and sister Rev. M. W. Stryker, 
D.D., presdt. Stamford Coll., Clinton, 
N.Y. ; barrister, 1874 ; K.C. (E. Derby), 
1890 ; counsel for Lloyds Agency, Dom. 
Atlantic Ry., and steamship lines, Yar 
mouth Amalgamated Tel. Co., Cosmos 
Cotton Co., Dom. Permt. Loan Co., 
and other corporations ; successively 
mang. dir. and treas. Yarmouth Water 
Co. ; a capt. in reserve militia ; for 
merly secy. Lib.-Con. Assn., Yarmouth; 
now prepared to support any party that 
is loyal to Brit, connection and Im 
perialism; e. s., L. Woolsey B. ; served 



in the ranks in S. Africa, and fought 
at Paardeberg, Dreifontein, etc. ; Aug. 
Yarmouth, N.8. 

Bing-ham, George Arthur, physician. 
S. late William and Elizabeth (Mills; 
B. ; father from Armagh, Irel. ; b. Co. 
Durham, Ont., Aug. 8, 1860; e. Bow- 
manville High Sch. ; M.D..C.M. (Trin. 
Univ.), 1884; mem. C. P. and S., Ont., 
do ; asst. anat. demon. Trin. Med. 
Coll., 1884-89 ; prof, practical anat. do., 
1889 ; a Senator Toronto Univ., 1904 ; 
presdt. Ont. Med. Assn., 1905-06 ; coun 
cillor Toronto Univ. Alumni Assn. ; 
head of surg. service, Toronto Genl. 
Hosp., 1907 ; is on consult, staff Hosp. 
for Sick Children ; for some yrs. a pub 
lic sch. teacher; a Freemason and an 
Odd Fellow ; a Presb. 68 Isabella St., 
Toronto; Toronto Club, do. 

Bingham, Rev. Herbert Henry (Bap 

Eng. origin ; s. Rev. Thos. B., a na 
tive of Eng., now residing in Colo. (4 
sons in ministry) ; b. Coventry, Eng., 
Men. 26, 1878; e. Aurora High Sch., 
Woodstock Coll., and McMaster Univ. 
(B.A., 1904) ; m., May, 1906, Isabelle 
Louise, 2nd d. Rev. J. S. Williamson, 
D.D., Hamilton, Ont. ; preached first 
,when 17 ; o. 1905 ; travelled in evan 
gelistic work with his 3 bros. through 
Kansas and Colo., 1905-6 ; returned to 
Can., 1906, since when has been set- 
tled consecutively with Paris and Tal- 
bot St., London, Ont., Bapt. Chs. ; 
elected cor. secy. Bapt. Young People s 
Union, Ont. and Que., 1908; presdt., 
1909; presdit. Paris branch Lord s Day 
Alliance, do. ; declined calls to St. 
Thomas, Ont., and Moose Jaw, Sask., 
1909. London, Ont. 

Bing-liam, Rev. William John (Bap 
tist), physician. 

A bro. Rev. H. H. B. (q.v.) ; b. Cov 
entry, Eng., 1873 ; e. there, Aurora 
High Sch., Ont, and Ottawa Univ., 
Kansas; m., 1906, Miss Fannie Rice, 
Trenton, Mo. ; followed theol. course 
Louisville Theol. Semy. and Moody s 
Bible Inst., Chicago ; o. Can. ; med- 
course, Colo. Univ., with honours; 
M.D. ; first pastorate in Can. ; toured 
Colo, and Kansas, with his bros., in 
evang. work ; .subsequently went to 
Central Am., engaged in med. mis 
sionary work ; now in Bolivia, since 
1909. Bolivia, S. Am. 

Binmore, Miss Elizabeth, education 

D. late Thos. B., a native of London, 
Eng., who served as an offr. in the 
Can. militia during the Fenian raids, 
and Mary C. (Morton) B. ; b. Mont 
real ; e. McGill Normal Sch. (elemen 
tary, model, and acad. diplomas), Pa. 
Normal Sch. (teaching cert.), McGill 
Univ. (B.A., 1890; M.A., 1894), and 
Harvard Summer Sch. ; first woman 
grad. of McGill to obtain degree of 
M.A. ; in teaching prof, since 1878; 
taught at Bradford, Pa., Clarenceville, 
Longueuil, and Montreal ; introduced 
manual training into P. Q., 1885 ; has 
held a variety of offices, including 
presdt. and treas . McGill Alumnae, and 
was the first woman presdt. Teachers 

Assn. in connection with McGill Npr- 
mal Sch. ; has lectured on manual 
training and other subjects ; has tra 
velled extensively in Europe ; at the 
head of the movement for erecting a 
public memorial to Miss Sarah Max 
well, the heroine of Hochelaga, 1907 ; 
a Con. ; an Ang. 311 Elm Ave., Mont 

Binney, Bev. J. E. H. (Ang.). 

S. late Dr. B., Bp. of N. S. ; b. Hali 
fax, N.S. ; e. Windsor Acad. and Ox 
ford Univ. (M.A.) ; o. 1888; apptd. 
vicar Holy Trin. Ch., Ilkeston, Notts, 
do. ; m., 1888, Beatrice Elizabeth Llch- 
enstein, y. d. late Senator Almon, Hall- 
fax. The Vicarage, Ilkeston, Notts, 

Binney, Bev. William Hibbert (Ang.). 
S. of late Rt. Rev. Hibbert B., D.D., 
Lord Bp. of N. S. ; b. Halifax, N.S., 
1857 ; e. Windsor Acad., N. S.. and 
Winchester Coll., Oxford (B.A., 1879; 
M.A., 1882) ; D.D. (hon.), Univ. King s 
Ool l 1 ., N. S., 1905 ; unm. ; o. 1881 ; some 
tame curate Tanporley, Cheshire ; aipptd. 
vicar Nort hwieh or Wilton, Cheshire, 
1886; R. D., 1888; also chaplain 3rd 
Batt, Cheshire Regt. ; was commissary 
to late Bp. of N. S. ; elected (by accla 
mation Bp. of New Westminster, but 
declined, 1894; an unsuccessful candi 
date tor bishopric of N. S., 1904. The 
Vicarage, Northwich, Eng. 

Binning 1 , John Russell, business man. 

B. Hamilton, Soot., 1866; e. there; 
m., 1891, Miss Margt. Caird, Montrose, 
Scot.; came to Can., 1881; entd. ser 
vice C. P. Ry. ; became connected with 
Furness, Withy & Co., Ltd., steamship 
agents, Montreal, 1898; since 1903 has 
been genl. mangr., do. ; elected V.-P. 
Northern Nav. Co., 1911 ; is treas. 
Montreal Bd. of Trade & Shipping 
Federation of Can., and a dir. Richelieu 
and Ont. Nav. Co. ; a Freemason. 
" Braidlea." Cote des Neiges, Montreal; 
Canada Club; Outremont Curling Club, 

Birch, John Edgrar, organist and com 

S. W. H. B., S.C.F. ; b. Reading, 
Eng., Aug. 25, 1854; originally a 
chorister in Chapel Royal, Windsor, 
Eng., under Sir Geo. Elvey ; further 
study in London, under Dr. C. W. 
Pearce, and his bro., E. H. Birch, Mus. 
Bac. ; successively asst. organist Well 
ington Coll., organist Hereford Coll., 
and organist and choirmaster St. John s 
Ch., Notting Hill, London ; coming to 
Can., became organist and music mas 
ter Trin. Coll. Sch., Port Hope, Ont, 
and afterwards organist Christ Ch. 
Cath., Montreal ; was apptd. principal 
Can Coll. of Music, Ottawa, 1895; 
founded the Ottawa Choral Soc., 1897, 
which he has since successfully con 
ducted ; is also organist and choirmas 
ter of All Saints Ch., Ottawa. St 
Sweetland Ave., Ottawa. 

Birchard, Isaac James, educationist. 

S. Saml. and Ruth B. : b. Uxbrldge, 
Ont, Oct. 11, 1850; e. Uxbridge Gram 
mar Sch., Toronto Normal Sch. (proyl. 
gold med.), and Toronto Univ. (B.A., 
1880; M.A., 1883); Ph.D. (Syracuse 



Univ.), 1884; m., Dec., 1870, Miss 
Bertha Chapman, Kingston, Onit. ; 
obtained 1st class teachers cert., at 
15 ; principal Toronto public sob., 
1874-80 ; do. Perth Coll. Inst., 1881 ; 
math, master Bra>nitfo>rd Coll. In/st., 
1882-93, since which time has held 
math, mastership in Jameson Ave. 
Coll. Inst., Toronto ; foest known as 
tihe author of " (Plane Trigonome 
try," a text-book for sens, and colls., 
and as joint author of a " High Sen. 
Algebra," in 2 vols. ; these works have 
been commended by the teaching pro 
fession, and are extensively used 
throughout Can. ; the 2nd vol. of the 
Algebra was favourably reviewed by 
Die Zellsschrift fur Mathematik, of 
Heidelberg, an honour never before be 
stowed, we believe, upon a Can. text 
book ; while in Brantford was a pro 
minent official in the Wellington St. 
Meth. Ch., and occupied various other 
local positions in keeping with his 
character and tastes, such as presdt. 
of the city S. S. Assn., presdt. of the 
Brantford branch of the Brit, and For. 
Bible Soc. ; has also done considerable 
work in teachers assns.. and was 
chairman of the Coll. and High Sch. 
Dept. of the Provl. Assn., 1874 ; a Lib. ; 
124 Jameson Ave., Toronto. 

" A teacher of exceptional merit." 
Sir 0. Mowat. 

Bird, James Godfrey, banking pro 

B. Essex, Bng. ; e. itihiene ; m. Miss 
Hood ; came to Can. in early life ; "has 
been for many yrs. in service Bank 
of Toronto ; manigr. successively of 
Podnt St. Charles; Bd. of Trade and 
G. T. Ry. branches, Montreal, of that 
institution ; one of the founders of the 
Canada Club, Montreal ; treajs. of the 
Ranelagh Country Club, do. ; apptd. 
genl. mangr. Banque Internationale du 
Can., Aug., 1911. 6 Weredale Park, 
Westmount, Montreal; St. James s 
Club ; Canada Club; Ranelagh. Country 
Club; Forest and Stream Club; West- 
mount Golf Club; Mount Royal Lawn 
Tennis Club; Montreal A. A. Assn., 
do.; Chateau Beauclaire Club, St. 
Lambert, P.Q. 

"A careful banker." S. N. 

Bird, Mrs. Maria B., journalist. 

B. Gloucestershire, Eng., 1843 ; came 
to Can. 1883; husband died 1890; ar 
rived in N.W.T. in the early days ; has 
done a variety of journalistic and lit 
erary work ; Lib. ; Bvang. Broad 
view, Sask. 

Birgfe, Cyrus Albert, manufacturer. 

S. Herman P. and Helen M. (Ains- 
lie) B. ; father, a mem. old Conn, fam 
ily, came to Can. about 1840 ; mother. 
a Can. ; b. nr. Oakville, Ont., Nov. 7, 
1847 ; e. Oakville Grammar Sch. ; m., 
1st, 1870, Miss Rebecca J. Coote, Oak 
ville (d. 1898) ; 2ndly, 1902, Miss 
Margt. Vanstone, Wingham, Ont., (d. 
1904) ; 3rdly, 1908, Miss Mabel L. 
iSturt, Brooklyn, N.Y. (dir. Y. W. C. A., 
Hamilton) ; early engaged in mer 
cantile life ; accountant engr. s office, 
Gt. Western Ry., 1872-82 ; mangr. Can. 
Screw Co.. 1882-83; V.-P. and mang. 

dir., do., 1883-98 ; presdt. do. (his 
present position), 1898; has been 
presdt. Hamilton Bd. of Trade and Can. 
Manfrs." Assn. ; while at head of latter 
body mangd. to bring uniy. curriculum 
more in touch with the industrial re 
quirements of the country ; was pre 
sented with testimonial by mems. on 
relinquishing office ; is a dir. Sovereign 
Fire Assur. Co and Hamilton Bank, 
and V.P. Turbine Steamship Co. ; 
elected V.-P. Steel Co. of Can., 1910; 
promoter .Mercantile Trust Co. ; a del. 
5th Congress Chambers of Commerce 
of Emp., London, 1903 ; made donation 
of $50,000 to Victoria Univ., which 
enabled that institution to claim An 
drew Carnegie s grant of a similar sum, 
as an endowment for a library, 1907 ; 
a Meth., and has served as a del. to 
Genl. Conf. for many yrs ; is also a 
mem. Ch. Union Comte. ; formerly 
supdt. S. S., Wesley Ch., Hamilton. 
681 Main St. E., Hamilton, Ont. ; Hamil 
ton Club, do.; National Club, Toronto. 

" A man of progressive ideas and wide 
acquaintance with commercial problems." 
New. Ref. Book. 

Birkett, Lt.-Col. Herbert Stanley, 


S. late Wm. B., merchant, Hamilton, 
Ont., and Caroline Amelia B., d. late 
Jacob Ball, Grantham, Ont. (U. E. L. 
descent) ; b. Hamilton, July 17, 1864 ; 
e. Forest Ho. Sch., Chester, En<g., and 
McGHl Umiv. (M.D. witih Holmes gold 
med., 18&6) ; m., July, 1899, Margt., 
d. John MaaNaugh ton>, Martintown, 
Glengarry, Ont. ; senior house surg., 
Montreal Genl. Hlosp., 1886-87 ; 
asst. phy., Montreal Disp., 1887-89; 
laryngol. to do., 1889-91; do. Montreal 
Genl. Hosp., 1891-99 ; junior demon, 
anat. McGill Univ., 1889-90; demon, 
do., 1890-96; prof, laryngol. and otol., 
McGill do., 1895 ; laryngol. and otol, 
Royal Vic. Hosp., Montreal, 1898; for 
some yrs. genl. secy. I>om. Med. Assn. 
and Montreal Med.-Chir. Soc., V.-P. 
Am. Laryngol. Assn., 1898; do. Mont 
real Med.-Chir. Soc., 1902 ; secy, of 
Laryngol., Brit. Med. Assn., 1897 ; 
mem. Am. Assn. Anat, 1890-96; gov. 
Montreal Genl. Hosp. ; Presdt. Mont 
real Mad.-Omr. Soc. ; V.-P. Sec. of 
Laryngol. and Otol., iBrit. Med. Assn., 
1906 ; presdt. Am. Laryngol. Assn., 
1907-8 ; mem. Otol. Soc. United King 
dom ; was connected with the vol. 
militia force for many yrs., and or 
ganized a very efficient bearer co. in 
Montreal ; was attached to the army 
med. staff, Aldershot, 1893, and took 
a 1st class cert, at the training sch. 
there; promoted It.-col. Mch., 1904, and 
apptd. P. M. O.. M. D., No. 5, Nov., 
1906; retired, retaining rank, Sept., 
1910 ; elected presdt. Assn. of Med. 
Offrs. of Can. Militia, 1909 ; author of 
numerous contributions to the med. 
press ; an Ang. 252 Mountain St. 
Montreal; St. James s Club; Mount 
Royal Club; Montreal Hunt Club; 
Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club; 
Outremont Golf Club; Fish and Game 
Club; University Club, Montreal. 

" Unexcelled in his own departments." 
Sir James Orant (g.t>.). 



Birkett, Thomas, merchant. 

Seventh s. late Miles and Elizabeth 
(Wren) B. ( who came to Ottawa from 
Cockermouth, Eng., 1838; b. Bytown 
(now Ottawa), Feb. 1, 1844; e. public 
and grammar sens. ; m. ( 1st, 1871, Me 
lissa Mary (d. Men., 1902), d. late Thos. 
Gallagher; 2ndly, Aug., 1904, Hen 
rietta, a sister of his first wife ; presdt. 
Thos. B. & Son Co.. Ltd.. wholesale 
hardware merchts. ; hon. dir. Central 
Can. Expn. Assn. ; a dir. Can. Ry. 
Accident Ins. Co.. and of the Dom. 
Build. & Loan Assn. ; a life dir. Carle- 
ton Prot. Hosp. ; do. Prot. Hosp. for the 
Aged, and a gov. St. Luke s Hosp. ; 
was largely instrumental in the erec 
tion of the Lady Stanley Inst. for 
Trained Nurses ; a public sch. trustee, 
1869-73; Aid., Ottawa, 1873-78 ; Mayor, 
do., 1891-92; one of the pillars of the 
Con. party ; declined nomination for 
Ottawa (H. C.), 1893, but was re 
turned g. e. 1900, and sat till the end 
of the Parlt., when he was defeated ; 
unsuccessfully contested same seat g. 
e. 1908 ; a Freemason of high degree ; 
a Meth. 306 Metcalfe St., Ottawa; 
Ottawa Hunt Club, do. 

"A man of sterling integrity." Sir 
John A. Macdonald. 
Birks, C. Frederick, manufacturer. 

S. John B., Montreal ; b. and e. 
there ; commenced business career with 
Belding, Paul & Co., silk manufrs., 
1876, of which firm he later became a 
partner ; presdt. Dom. C. T. Assn., 
1888-89, and has also been presdt. of 
the Mutual Benefit Soc. connected there 
with ; presented to H. M. King Ed 
ward, Windsor Castle, June, 1905 ; a 
Bapt. Hampton Ct. Apts., 355 Moun 
tain St., Montreal. 
Birks, Henry, manufacturer. 

Sec. s. John B., Barnsley, Yorkshire, 
Eng.; b. Montreal, Nov. 30, 1840; e. 
Montreal High <Scih. ; m., Jan., 1868, 
Miss Harriet Phillips Walker, Brant- 
ford, On t. ; entd. house (Savage, Lyman 
& Co., Montreal (founded 1819), 1857; 
be cam a partner therein, 1868; 
founded the firm of Hy. B. & Co., 
same city, now the largest jewellery 
estabt on the Am. continent, 1879, hav 
ing branches of the business in Ottawa, 
Winnipeg, Toronto, and Vancouver 
(inc. by L. P., Dec., 1905) ; is a dir. 
Montreal Horticul. and Fruit Growing 
Assn., life gov. Western 1 Hosp., a 
gov. Alexandra Hosp. for Contagious 
Diseases, a gov. Verdun Hosp. for the 
Insane, and presdt. T. M. C. A., Mont 
real ; rated by the Montreal Star as 
a millionaire, 1911 ; gave $25,000 to 
T. M. C. A., 1909 ; one of the chief 
promoters of a Bd. of Control, Mont 
real, do. 731 SherbrooJce St. W., Mont 

Birmingham, Arthur Hillyard, politi 
cal organizer. 

S. Robt. B. (q.v.) : b. and e. Toron 
to ; apptd. Con. organizer for city of 
Toronto. Feb.. 1907. 5 Harbord St., 

Birmingham, Robert, political agent 
and organizer. 

B. Armagh, Irel., July 26, 1852 ; e. 
there ; after coming to Can., embarked 

in wholesale dry goods business ; took 
a leading and active part in forming 
the Lib.-Con. Assn., Toronto, of which 
he was secy.. 1872 : on the formation 
of the Lib.-Con. Union of Ont, under 
the late D Alton McCarthy, K.C., M.P., 
1884, was apptd. genl. secy, to the 
party in Ont. ; in 1896 was elected 
secy. <yt the extve. combe, of the Lib.- 
Con. Union of Ont., under Sir Chas. 
Tupper; resigned, 1900; has also held 
high office in the Orange order; an 
Ang. ; m., 1876, Mary, d. late Capt. A. 
Fleming, Toronto. 5 Harbord St., To 

Birnie, John, lawyer. 

S. late John and Caroline (Bell) B. ; 
Scotch and Eng. parentage ; b. Colling- 
wood, Ont, Nov. 22, 1862 ; e. High 
Sch. there, Trin. Univ., Toronto (B.C.L., 
with silver med., 1885), and Toronto 
Univ. (LL.B., 1888) ; m., 1884, Annie 
L., y. d. Rev. Edwin Clement, Toronto ; 
barrister, 1882; K.C., 1899; has 
practised throughout in Colllngwood, 
where he is city solr. and a specialist 
in maritime and municipal law; one of 
the leaders of the bar ; is engaged In 
preparing for publication a work on 
maritime law, with special reference to 
Inland navigation ; author " Last Stand 
of the Hurons" (1906): a mem. of 
several Royal comns. of enquiry ; Is 
presdt. the Collingwood Young Men s 
Lib. Assn. (which he organized), and 
of the Reform Assn.. same city ; also 
of W. Simcoe Lib. Assn. : unsuccess 
fully contested W. Simcoe (Local), 
Lib. interest, g. e. 1905 ; an enthusias 
tic yachtsman, and was first presdt. 
Georgian Bay Yacht Club ; took a 
course at Royal Mil. Sch., Kingston, 
and held a comn. in Collingwood Arty. : 
believes in municipal ownership of all 
local franchises, govt. ownership of all 
(public franchises, moderate protection, 
and moderate prohibition. Colling 
wood, Ont.; Royal Can. Yacht Club; 
Ontario Club, Toronto. 
Birt, Mrs. Louisa, philanthropist. 

D. Jas. Macpherson, a Scotch educa 
tionist, who became, under Lady Byron, 
supdt. Indust. Sch.. Ocklam. Surrey, 
Eng., and Helen (Edwards) M., sister 
Rev. J. Edwards, D.D., Glasgow, Scot. ; 
young, sister of the late (Miss Annie 
Macpherson, oif Belleville, Ont. ; b. 
Campsie, Stirlingshire, Scot., 1841 ; m., 
1858, Hy. C. fBirt ; ds supdt. and secy, of 
Sheltering Homes for Orphan and De 
stitute Children, at Myrtle St., Liver 
pool, Eng., and of the Can. Distribut 
ing Home, Knowlton, P.Q., both estab 
lished bv her; has been the means of 
over 5,000 children being trained for 
settlement in Can. ; a Presb. 1 Sugnall 
St., Liverpool, Eng.; Knowlton, P.Q. 
Bisaillon, Francois Joseph, lawyer. 

S. late Hypolite and Marie Josephte 
(Hubert) B. ; b. Laprairie, P.Q., Mch. 
12, 1851 ; e. Montreal Coll, and McGill 
Univ. (B.C.L., 1877) ; m., 1877, Marie 
Suzanne (a councillor Children s Aid 
Soc.), o. d. late Hon. P. Fortin, (M.D., 
Senator; advocate, 1877; K.C. (M. 
Lansdowne), 1887; do. (P. Q.), 1899; 
for many yrs. a law partner of 
Sir A. Lacoste (q.v.) ; now head of 



firm B. & Brossard, Montreal ; has 
pleaded before Jl. Comte. P. C.. Eng., 
and is one of the leaders Montreal 
bar ; elected batonnier ( Montreal ) , 
1910 ; a dir. Montreal & Southern 
Counties Ry., secy.-treas. 1 Inst. des 
Ecoles Men. ; formerly presdt. Cartler 
Club, Montreal ; now presdt. Lafontaine 
Club, do. ; represented [Montreal bar 
at cent en. of re-establishment of the 
bar to France, (Paris, 1910; a Con., 
and as such unsuccessfully contested 
Veroheres, Apl., 1895, and Laval, g. e. 
1896 (H. C.) ; a R. (C. W SherbrooTce 
St. E., Montreal; Lafontaine Club, do. 
Biscoe, Col. Vincent Robert, late H. 
M. s regular mil. forces. 

S. late Major V. J. B. R.B., and 
Margt. (Van Baerle) B. ; b. Gosport, 
Eng., Apl., 1845 ; e. U. C. Coll. ; m., 
Nov., -1877, Margt. A., d. Dr. iM. Blood; 
entd. army as ensign, H. M. s 47th 
Regt., Hamilton, Ont., 1864; became 
lt.-ool., ,1890; was placed on half-pay, 
with rank of col., Sept., 1894 ; was asst. 
adjt.-genl. and chief staff offr. H. M. s 
forces Can., 1897, and commanded the 
Imp. troops in the Dom. of Can., 1900- 
02; Ang. Paignton, -Eng.; Paignton 
Bishop, Bev. George John (Meth.). 

S. Edward Turner and Mary Ann 
(Hartnell) B. ; b. Barnstable, Eng., 
1849 ; came to Can. with parents, 1855 ; 
family settled at Barrie, Ont. ; follow 
ed mercantile pursuits at Cookstown, 
Ont., for some little time : entd. min 
istry, 1871 ; o. 1875 ; has filled various 
pastorates, Including Toronto (several 
times), Brampton, London, Lindsay, 
and Belleville ; presdt. Toronto Conf., 
1892; a del. to Genl. Conf., 1886, 1894, 
and 1898; D.D. (Victoria Univ.), 1905; 
is V.-tP. Western Ont. Bible Soc. and 
of U. C. Tract Soc. Bridge St., Belle 
ville, Ont. 
Bisset, Ernest Henry, insurance mngr. 

B. July 24, 1867 ; for a lengthened 
period in the service of the Can. Life 
Assur. Co. ; apptd. mangr. at Detroit, 
where he stiJl is, Oct., 1907 ; presdt. Life 
Underwriters Assn., Toronto, 1906-07 ; 
well known as an amateur vocalist ; 
hon. capt. and quartermaster 41st 
Regt., 1898-1904. Detroit Mich.; Na 
tional Club, Toronto; R. C. Y. Club, do. 

Blachford, Henry, lawyer and insur 
ance expert. 

Scotch, Eng., and Irish-Can, parent 
age ; b. Huntingdon, P.Q., Men. 11. 
1870; e. Huntingdon Acad., McGill 
Univ. (B.A.. 1892), and Mich. Univ. 
(LL.B.) ; m., 1892, Miss Agnes Louise 
Williams, Arnprior, Ont. ; counsellor- 
at-law (Mich.), 1895 ; asst. private secy. 
Hon. John Mclntosh, World s Fair, Chi 
cago, 1893 ; at present and for some 
yrs. representative London Mutual 
Fire Ins. Co. of Can. and the Anglo- 
Am. Fire Ins. Co. in P. Q. ; a Lib., and 
a Meth. 2147 Mance St., Town of 8t. 
Louis, Montreal. 

Black, Mrs. Ague* Xnox-, elocution 

D. late Andrew W. Knox, St. Mary s, 
Ont. ; b. there ; e. there and Normal 
Sch., Toronto ; later, studied for her pro 
fession at Philadelphia Sch. of Oratory 

(B.E., 1885), and London, Eng.; 
m., July, 1893, E. Qharlton Black, 
LL.D., prof. Enig. literature, Boston 
Univ. ; apptd 1 . to chair of elocution^ Ont. 
Normal Sch., 1&91, and was, later, 
apptd. to faculty of Boston Uniiv. ; 
apptd. Snow prof, of elocution and 
oratory there, the first endowed chair 
of public speaking and vocal physiol. 
in the U. S., 1910 ; visited Europe, 1892, 
and while there gave dramatic recitals 
before the Edinburgh Phil. Soc. 50 
Kirkland St., Cambridge, Mass. 

" A highly accomplished and gifted ro- 
citer." Scottman. 

Black, Miss Edith Ferguson, author 
ess ; inventor. 

D. late Rufus H. B., M.D., F.R.C.S., 
(Edin.), a prominent phys. for nearly 
50 yrs. to Halifax, N.S., surg. -genii, to 
N. S. mil. and presdt. Halifax Med. 
Coll., and Mary Theresa, d. John Fer 
guson, ed. and pub. The Christian Mes 
senger, Halifax, N.S. ; grandd. Martin 
Gay B., presdt. Halifax Banking Co., 
and gt.-grandd. Rev. Wm. B., the 
Apostle of Methodism in- Mar. Pro 
vinces; b. Halifax, 1857; e. there ; has 
become widely known through her au 
tomatic writer, a device of the simplest 
mechanism, whereby sightless persons 
can write; is also favourably known 
by her poems, short stories, and works 
of fiction, the majority of which were 
first published in the periodical press 
in Ene. and the U. S. ; of her poems, 
her " Soldier s Hymn " and the " Mari 
ner s Hymn" are probably the best 
known ; her works in book-form consist 
of "We, Von Arldens" (1881). "A 
Princess in Calico" (1904), "A Beau 
tiful Possibility" (do.), and "Alan 
Ruthvan, Knight" (1908); she some 
times writes under the nom de plume 
of " Edith Douglas" ; a Presb. ; believes 
that "a sauare deal" should be the 
basis of commerce, and the Golden 
Rule the basis of life. 1515 Shatto St., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

" The blind call her blessed." H. 
Black, George H., educationist. 

S. Geo. W. B.. Georgetown, Ont. ; 
grands. Hugh B., P.L.S., a native of 
Kilmarnock, Scot. ; b. Georgetown, June 
6, 1873 ; e. Georgetown High Sch., Mil 
ton Model Sch., Toronto Univ. (B.A., 
1898), and Chicago Univ.; m., June, 
1899, Elizabeth, d. Dr. J. B. Stewart, 
Clarksburg, Mo. ; teacher Clarksburg 
Coll., 1898-1900 ; head dept. of science, 
State Normal Sch., Cheney, Wash., 
1900-03 ; presdt. Lewlston State Nor 
mal Sch., Idaho, since 1903 ; a mem. 
Idaho State Text-Book Comn. : State 
Bd. of Commrs. on Summer Normal 
Sdhs. ; State Educ. Council ; presdt. 
Idaho State Teachers Assn., 1905 ; be 
lieves in the principles of the Rep. 
party in U. S. ; Presb. Lewiston, Ida 
Black, Harry St. Francis, builder. 

S. late Malor Thos. B.. H. M. s 66th 
Regt, and Elizabeth (Wickens) B. : 
Irish and Eng. descent ; b. Cobourg, 
Ont., Aug. 25, 1863 ; e. there; m. Allon 
Mae, d. Geo. A. Fuller, N. T. ; removed 



to U. S., where he entd. banking busi 
ness, in Wash., and later was a mer 
chant at Menomlnee, Mich., and Tekoa, 
Wash. ; joined Geo. A. Fuller Co., New 
York, building contractors, 1896, be 
coming V.-P., and, on its consolida 
tion with U. S. Realty & Construction 
Co. (capital $66,000,000), ipresdt ; a 
ddr. Geo. A. Fuller Co. of 111., Toledo, 
St. ;Louis & Western Ry., Alliance 
Realty Co., Pilaza Operating Co., Cen 
tury Realty Co., Land Associates, 
Mines Co. and Col. Trust & .Savings 
Co. ; treas. Dolores (Mines Co. ; V.-P. 
Broad Exchange Co., Cedar Sit. Co., 
and Island Realty Co. ; a Freemason 
and a Dem. 667 Madison Ave., New 
York; Metropolitan : Manhattan, Demo 
cratic, Lawyers, City, Mid-day, N. Y. 
Athletic, Larchmont Yacht, Coney Is 
land Jockey, Turf and Field, Railroad 
Clubs, N.Y.; Country Club, West- 
chester Co.; Duquesne Club, Pittsburg, 
Pa.; Chicago Club, Chicago. 

"An energetic, active business man; a 
master hand in organizing big concerns." 
T. Globe. 
Black, John David, civil engineer. 

S. late Roger B., solicitor, Kirkcaldy, 
Scot. ; b. and e. Scot. ; m., Ad.. 1906, 
Mildred Mary Carter, d. J. W. Waln- 
wright, Silver Heights, St. Andrews, 
P.Q. ; admitted an asso. Can. Soc. C. E., 
1898; Is engr. In charge of construc 
tion of the Atlantic, Quebec and West 
ern Ry. Paspebiac, P.Q. 
Black, John Ferguson, physician. 

S. late Dr. Rufus H. and (Fergu 
son) B. ; b. Halifax, N.S., Jan. 21, 
1849; M.D. (Coll. P. and S., N. Y.), 
1868; practises In his native city; 
formerly surg. 1st Halifax Brig. Gar. 
Arty. 91 Hollis St., Halifax; Halifax 
Club, do. 
Black, John Homer, Can. ry. service. 

B. nr. Smith s Falls, Ont, July 8, 
1874; e. Coll. Instt. there ; m., June, 
1896, Miss E. Morrow; entd. C. P. Ry. 
service, 1895, and remained with that 
co. till 1904, when apptd. genl. freight 
and pass. agent Temiskaming & 
Northern Ont. Ry. ; promoted supdt. 
do., 1907 ; Ang. North Bay, Ont. 
Black, Judson Burpee, physician; 

S. Thos. Hy. B., Armagh, Irel., and 
Mary (Fownes) B. ; b. St. Martin s, 
N.B., Aug. 15, 1842; e. there, St. John, 
N.B., and Univ. Mt, Allison: M.D. 
(Dartmouth Coll., N. H.), 1890; m., 
May, 1864. Bessie, d. late Senator 
Churchill, Windsor, N.S. ; began prac 
tice, 1864; V.-P. Can. Med. Assn.. 
1904-5 ; presdt. N. S. Med. Soc.. 1906- 
07 ; chairman exitve. Hants Co. Med. 
Soc., 1905-6 ; a Meth. ; a Lib. ; has 
sat for Hants (H. C.) since Nov.. 
19 04 ; moved for the estatoit of a federal 
bd. of health, 1908. Windsor, N.S. 

" Displays a thorough mastery of the 
art of oratory." Scottish Am. 
Black, William Allan, manufacturer. 

S. Chas. R. and Elizabeth (Hall) B., 
Montreal ; Eng. and Scotch descent ; 
b. Montreal, Nov. 17, 1862; e. there; 
m., 1888, Mary Campbell, d. Alex. Mc- 
Ewan, Edinburgh, Scot. ; for some yrs. 
in service G. T. and Can. Pac Rys. ; 

went to Man., 1882 ; entd. service 
Ogilvie Milling Co., 1883; apptd. genii, 
mangr. western diiv. do., 1902 ; elected 
a dir. of the co., 1910 ; a mem. Winni 
peg Bd. of Trade, a councillor Winni 
peg Grain and Produce Exchange, and 
a mem. Grain Survey and Grain 
Standard Bdis. ; also a dir. Home Sav 
ings & Invest. Co., Western Coal Min 
ing Co., and Western Plate Glass Ins. 
Co., mang. dir. Kaministiquia Power 
Co., and presdt. IMan. Cold Storage Co. 
Winnipeg; Manitoba Club, do. 

Black, William Anderson, merchant. 

S. late Saml. Gay and Sophia 
(Wrigftt) B. ; grand s. Hon. W. A 
B. ; b. and e. Halifax, N.S. ; a mem. 
firm Pickford & B., who own the 
Pickford & B. steamship lines (inc. 
by Li. P., 1900), running steamers 
from Halifax to W. I., the Eastern 
shore, and P. E. I., and to Cape 
Breton and Nifd. ; a mem. of comite. 
aipptd. ira connection with the cele 
bration of the 150th anniversary of 
the estabt. of responsible govt. in N. S., 
1908. Halifax, N.S.; Halifax Club, 

Black, William John, educationist. 

B. Co. Dufferin, Ont. ; e. there, Col- 
lingwood Colil. In<st. and Toronto Univ. 
(B.S.A., 1902) ; m,, Dec., 1904, Ida 
M., d. Jas 1 . Day, Creemore, Omt. ; 
Depty. Minr. Agricul., Man., Jan., 
1905 ; first principal Man. Agricul. 
Coll., Apl., 1905 ; a writer on agricul. 
subjects, and has been on ed. staff 
Man. and N.-W. Farmers Advocate 
and Home Mag.; a Royal Commr. re 
Man. Tech. Sch. system, 1910. Winni 

Blackadar, Alexander Doug-all, physi 

E. s. Francis F. B., Stirling, Scot, 
for many yrs. an offr. in Bank of 
Montreal; b. Montreal, 1847; e. Mc- 
Gill Univ. (B.A., with 1st rank honours 
In nat. science, 1870 ; M.D..C.M., 
1871) ; m. Kate E., d. J. W. Skelton, 
Montreal ; after graduation acted as 
surg. on board Allan steamers and on 
Royal mail steamers to Brazil and 
River Plate, and to Chinese ports ; 
studied a year at St. Thomas s Hosp., 
London; a M.R.C.S. (Eng.), 1875; 
afterwards held consecutively, the 
position of resident phys. to Royal Pim- 
lico Disp., to the Brompton Consump 
tion Hosp., and to the Gt. Ormond St 
Hosp. for Sick Children ; returned to 
Can., 1877, and has since successfully 
practised in Montreal; apptcL lect. 
diseases of child., McGiill Univ., 1881, 
and, in addition thereto, was made 
prof, of pharmacol. and therap., same 
umiv., 1891 ; a mem. Am. Olimat. Soc., 
of Am. Assn^ of Physic, and of Brit. 
Med. Assn. ; has been V.-P. and 
hon. secy, of Pediatrics of Pan^Am. 
Med. Congress, and presdt. of Montreal 
Med.-<Chir. Soc. and of Am. Pediatric 
Soc. ; now presdt. Montreal Pure 
Milk League and senior phys., Chil- 
dren S Hosp., Montreal ; has contri 
buted article to the " Ref. Hand 
book of the Med. iSciences" (N.Y.), 
to Keating s " Encyolop. of the 
Diseases of Child. (Phil.), and to 



Hare s "System of Therap." (do.) ; is 
assoc. ed. of Sajou s " Cyclop, of Prac 
tical Med." ; one of the eds. Montreal 
Med. Journ. and a contributor to 
numerous other med. publications ; for 
merly a contributor to Progressive 
Medicine ; an Ang. 236 Mountain St., 
Montreal; St. James s Club; University 
Club; Royal Montreal Golf Club; 
Outremont Golf Club, do. 

Blackadar, Alfred Ximball, Dona. 

public service. 

B. Hebron, N.S., Oct. 24, 1852; e. 
Yarmouth Semy. and Toronto Univ. 
(B.A., 1876; M.A., 1883); m., 1878, 
Mart ha, d. John Sanderson, Peter- 
bo ro, Ont. ; entd. public service, Mch., 
1877 ; chief elk., ins. branch, Dept. of 
Finance, July, 1893 ; a mem. Actuarial 
Soc. of Am., of the Intern. Congress of 
Actuaries, and a fellow of Inst. of 
Actuaries, Gt. Brit. ; is superv. in Ot 
tawa of Examns. of Inst. of Actuaries, 
and has been an examr. in math., 
Univ. Toronto ; is also an examr. and 
a Senator of McMaster Univ. ; author 
of several papers on actuarial science 
and of many actuarial tables ; a Bapt. 
Alexandra Hotel, Bank St., Ottawa; 
Canadian Club; Toronto University 
Club, do. 

Blackadar, Charles C., publisher. 

S. late H. W. B., propr. Acadian 
Recorder, Halifax, N.S., and Sophia 
(Coleman) B. ; bro. H. W. B. (q.v.) ; 
b. Halifax, N.S. ; e. Free Oh. Acad. ; 
head of firm of B. Bros., publishers of 
the Acadian Recorder; a dsir. Halifax 
Electric Tramway Co. and; Uniion Bank 
of Halifax, and presdt. Halifax Acad. 
of Music and Acedia Fire Ins. Co. ; 
was on comte. apptd. to erect a pub 
lic monument to Hon. Joseph Howe, 
and is a V.-P. United Emrire Club ; 
among positions of a religious or 
benevolent character held by him are 
treas. St. Paul s Alms-house of Indus 
try, presdt. Halifax Assn. for improv 
ing the condition of the poor, and of 
the Home for Aged Men, Halifax (of 
which latter institution he was one of 
the founders) ; Mrs. B. is presdt. of 
the T.W.C.A., Halifax, and presdt. 
Ladies Comite., Home for the Aged ; 
a del. Imp. Press Conf., London, 1908 ; 
declined a senatorship ; a Lib. ; an 
Ang., and a del to the Synod. 227 
Pleasant St., Halifax, N.S.; Halifax 
Club, do. 

" One of Nova Scotia s brainy, progres 
sive and highly esteemed citizens." S. N. 

Blackadar, Hug-fa William, Dom. pub 
lic service. 

A bro. C. C. B. (q.v.) ; b. Halifax, 
Mch. 4, 1843 ; e. Free Ch. Acad., Hali 
fax ; m., May, 1866, Miss Rachel Sax- 
ton, Halifax, N.S. ; associated with his 
father in the conduct of Acadian Re 
corder, and, on latter s death, June, 
1863, assumed the mangt. of that 
paper, which, in his hands, was en 
larged from a weekly to a tri-weekly, 
and subsequently to a daily ; an Aid. 
and chairman Sch. Commrs. for 6 yrs. ; 
a del. to Portland railroad convention, 
1868 ; a sen. commr. for 5 yrs. ; Queen s 
Printer, N. S., 1869-75; postmaster, 

Halifax since Nov., 1874; a Bapt.; a 
Lib. 7 Inglis St., Halifax, N.S.; Hali 
fax Club; Halifax Curling Club, do. 

"A good official, and a kindly, genial 
man." H. Herald. 
Blackburn, Howard, navigator. 

B. Port Medway, N.S. ; in 1899, In 
spite of the loss of both hands and a 
portion of his feet, successfully navi 
gated a small craft, The Great West 
ern, from Gloucester, Mass., to Glou 
cester, Bng. Gloucester, Mass. 
Blackburn, Miss Kathleen, author. 

In addition to being the author of 
several mag. tales, has written a novel, 
" The Dagmar who Loved (New 
York), 1905. Glencoe, Ont. 

" Gives evidence of marked ability. 
T. News. 
Blackstock, George Tate, lawyer. 

S. late Rev. W. S. B., D.D. (Meth.), 
and (Gibbs) B. ; b. Newcastle, Ont., 
1857; e. U.C. Coll.; barrister, 1879; a 
mem. legal firm Beatty, B., Fasken, 
Cowan & Chad wick; K.C. (E. of Der 
by), 1889; defended Reginald Birchall 
for murder, Woodstock Assizes, 1890; 
frequently employed 1 as Crown prose 
cutor ; Crown prosecutor in the Kinrade 
case, Hamilton, 1909 ; a dir. Toronto 
Conserv. of Music ; a mem. Finance 
Oomte. Lib. -Con. Union, Ont. ; has writ 
ten on Venezuelan question, and ad 
dressed Can. Crab, Toronto, 1907, on 
" Some Political Tendencies " (des 
cribed by S.N. as "the wittiest and 
most entertaining lecture of the year, 
and the most direct in its appeal, which 
was for high ideals of citizenship 
and statesmanship"); believes "that 
politically Can. is on the greased skid 
of destruction," and he advocates a 
union of the Eng.-speaking races; is 
presdt. Can. sec. Imp. Mission ; a Con., 
and as such unsuccessfully contested 
Lennox (Local), Aug., 1884; West 
Durham (H.C.), 1887, and same con 
stituency (H.C.), 1891; spoke in Eng. 
for Unionist cause, g.e. 1910; m., 1880, 
Dmedine Moulton (wno divorced him, 
Oct., 1896), d. late Jas. Fraser, Inver 
ness, Scotland. King Edward Hotel, 
Toronto; Toronto Club; Albany Club; 
York Club, do. 

"A man of amazing personality and 
magnetism." " Kit." 

" A man of independence of character 
and inte.lle.ctua! virility." T. News. 

Blackwell, Kennet William, civil 


English parentage ; s. of late T. E. 
B., vice-president and general mana 
ger G. T. Ry. of Canada, 1857-63 ; 
b. Devizes, Wiltshire, Eng., July 16, 
1850; e. Bishop s Coll. Sch., Lennox- 
ville ; m., Oct., 1877, Fanny Coates, 3rd 
d. late Dr. R. T. Godfrey, Montreal ; a 
charter mem. Can. Soc. C. E.. 1887: 
obtained first position of responsibility 
in G. T. Ry. service, 1870; has been 
apprentice, draughtsman, foreman, asst. 
supdt., supdt., and is now presdt. Mont 
real Steel Works, Ltd. ; elected presdt. 
Can. Soc. C. E., 1903, and is now an 
hon. councillor of that body ; a dlr. 
Locomotive & Machine Co., Montreal, 
Intercolonial Coal Mining Co., Mer- 



chants Bank and Am. Locomotive & 
Machine Co. ; V.-P. Suburban Tram 
way & Power Oo., N. S. Steel Co., Can. 
Steel Foundries, Montreal Park & 
Island Ry., and Montreal Street Ry. ; 
and presdt. Invest. Trust Co., Ltd. ; an 
Aug. 836 Sherbrooke St. W., Mont 
real; St. James s Club; Mt. Royal 
Club; Montreal Jockey Club; Engin 
eers Club; Forest and Stream Club, 

" The first man to make steel in 
Cam. ; .and there are few better informed 
men on the iron 1 and steel trade and few 
whose opinion is more highly vialued." 
S. N. 

Blackwood, Alexander Leslie, physi 

S. John and Ann (Steele) B. : b. 
Franklin Centre, P.Q., July 28, 1862 ; 
e. in Ont., Huntingdon Acad., McOiill 
Univ. and Hahnemann Med. -Coll., 
Chicago (M.D., 1888) ; post-graduate 
work in Post-Graduate Sch., N. T., and 
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore ; 
m., Aug., 1891, Mis Helen A, Wins- 
tow, Hammond, Ind. (d. Feb., 1903) ; 
9 yrs prof, anat., Hahnemann Med. 
Coll., Chicago; since 1899 has been 
prof. mat. med. and din. med., do. ; 
V.-tP. Bd. of Educat., Chicago ; author 
of four folltowing works : Diseases of 
the Heart" (1901), "Diseases of the 
Lungs" (1902), " Mater ia Med 1 . and 
Therapeutic " (1906), and "Diseases 
of the Liver" (1907). 9128 Erie Ave., 
Chicago, III; Press Club, do. 

Blackwood, Lord Frederick Temple 


Fourth s. 1st Marquis Dufferin and 
Ava; b. Ottawa, Ont., Feb. 26, 1876; 
entd. army, 1897 ; served S. A. during 
war (despatches twice; D. S. O.), 1899- 
1901 ; m., 19o8, Brenda, e.d. Robt. W. 
Woodhouse, Oxford Bouse, Bishops 
Storeford ; Ang. Notts . Yeomanry, 
Park Row, Nottingham, Eng. 

Blag-rave, Rev. Robert Charles 


B. Rawdon, P.Q., Aug. 11, 1879 ; Irish 
descent : e. Rawdon Model Sch., McGill 
Univ. (B.A., 1902), and Montreal Dioc. 
Theol. Coll. (B.D., 1907) ; o. deacon, 
1903 ; priest, 1904, taking 1st place In 
both ordinations and being gospeller; 
miss., Coe Hill, 1903 ; incumbent, 
Rawdon, Ont., 1904 ; rector Christ Ch., 
Belleville, since 1905 ; was strongly op 
posed to the autonomy bill passed by 
Parlt. ; is convinced of the need of 
some religious training in public schs. 
The Rectory, Christ Ch., Belleville, 

Blaikle, Oeorgre William, stock broker. 
2nd s. John L. (q.v.) and Annie 
(Todd) B. ; b. Toronto ; e. Jarvis St. 
Coll. Inst., Toronto, and Lincoln Coll., 
Sorel, P.Q. ; m. e. d. John Coates, C.E., 
Ottawa ; elected a mem. Toronto Stock 
Exchange, 1907 ; a promoter of the 
Penny Bank. 123 Glen Rd., Toronto. 

Blaikle, John Lang", capitalist. 

B. Roxburgshire, Scot, May 9, 1823 ; 
e. OVTelrose and: Edinburgh, Soot. ; m., 
Feb., 1861, Miss Annie Todd, St. 
Andrews, Scot.; came to Can., 1858, 

taking up his residence in Toronto ; 
for many yrs. in partnership there 
with Wm. Alexander, as brokers and 
estate agents; a dir. of the Northern 
Ry. and of the old Consolidated Bank, 
he, in 1871, became presdt. Can. 
Landed & National Invest. Co., 
an office he still fills (in 1902 was 
presented by its shareholders and 
dirs. with his portrait in oils) ; is also 
a dir. Toronto Genl. Trusts Corpora 
tion, presdt. Boiler Inspection & Ina. 
Co., of the North Am. Assur. Co., and 
of the Consumers Gas Co., Toronto ; 
resigned as chairman Bd. of Trustees 
Toronto Genl. Hosp., 1904; a great 
fisherman ; a Lib., but opposed to Taf t- 
Fieldiing Reciprocity Agreement, 1911 ; 
a Presb. and an elder in the Oh. 127 
Bloor St. W., Toronto, Ont.; Toronto 
Club, do. 

" One of Torotato s most respected 
financiers." T. Globe. 

Blaiklock, Morris Stansfeld, Can. ry. 


S. late Fredk. W., P.L.S. and head 

Oadastra l Bureau, Montreal, and Eliza 
beth (Whittaker) B., Montreal ; grands. 
Capt. B., R.E., and bro. late Major 
W. F. B., Royal Scots; Eng. origin; 
b. 1859 ; e. private schs. ; entd. G.T. Ry. 
service, 1880, and remained with It 
throughout ; has been consecutively 
asst. engr. do. ; do. St. Clalr Tunnel ; in 
spector, resident engr., genl. supdt. 
(Eastern div.), and engr., maintenance 
of way, Montreal ; m., Nov. 12, 1889, 
o. d. dote G. C. Tuns tall, Ste. Anne de 
BeLIevue, P.Q. 65 Mackay St., Mont 

Blain, Hugh, merchant. 

Descended from Blains of Blainfleld, 
Scot. ; s. late John B., J.P., Stratford, 
Ont., and Elizabeth (McCutcheon) B. ; 
b. Co. York, Ont, June 23, 1844 ; e. 
local schs. and Ont. Normal Sch. ; In 
tended for teaching prof., but aban 
doned it for mercantile life ; for some 
yrs. a mem. of firm Nerlich & Co., To 
ronto ; founded extensive wholesale 
grocery firm Eby, Blain & Co., Toronto, 
with John F. Eby, 1880 ; business still 
in prosperous existence ; has been 
presdt Comml. Travel. Assn., National 
Club, and Toronto Bd. of Trade ; is a 
dir. Toronto Electric Light Co., of the 
Can. Corresp. Sch., and of the Globe 
Printing Co., a V.-P. Empire Club, 
and presdt. Ont. Sugar Co., Berlin, 
Ont. ; elected presdt. Dom. Wholesale 
Grocers Guild, 1910 ; has lectured 
on beet sugar ; formerly served as 
a capt. in the Queen s Own Regt. ; 
is a Freemason ; formerly a " Canada 
First " man ; Is now a Lib. and 
a free trader, and a mem. Genl. 
Comte. Lib. Assn., Ont. ; unsuccess 
fully contested N. Toronto (Local), 
Lib. interest, g. e. 1905 ; opposed to 
Toft-Fielding Reciprocity Agreement, 
1911; a Presb.; m., 1st, June, 1887, 
Miss Huldah Lee Jones, (Maryland, 
U.S. (d. 1892) ; 2ndly, Dec., 1906, Olive 
Stanley Miller, widow W. H. McClure, 
Hamilton, Ont., on latter occasion pre 
sented with cabinet of silverware by 
his friends. " Blandyr," 42 Clarendon 



Are., Toronto; National Club; Ontario 
Club, do. 

"A man of sterling character and 
ability." T. Globe. 

" An enterprising citizen, of fine char 
acter and first-rate business ability." 
T. News. 

Blain, Richard, merchant; legislator. 
S. Capt. Isaac B., formerly of Cum 
berland, Eng., and Mary (Broderick) 
B. ; b. Vienna, Ont, Dec. 8, 1857: e. 
public schs. ; m., Nov., 1884, Miss Hat- 
tie James ; a hardware merchant ; for 
a lengthened period mem. Brampton 
Town Council, and has held office aa 
Deputy Reeve and Reeve, Brampton, 
and Warden of Peel ; has represented 
Peel (H. C.), Con. interest, since g. e. 
1900; apptd. whip Con. party (H.C.), 
June, 1907 ; moved a resolution, Mch., 
1900, for the enactment of a law pro 
hibiting the importation, manufacture 
and sate of cigarette s ; a V.-P. Ont. Lib.- 
Con. Assn. ; a prominent mem. Sons of 
Scot. ; also an Orangeman ; voted 
against pensions to ex-ministers and an 
increased indemnity to mems. of Parlt., 
May, 1906. Brampton, Ont. 

" A fine platform speaker, a sound par 
liamentarian and a power in the House." 
M. and E. 

Blair, Andrew Qeorgre, lawyer; Dom. 

public service. 

E. s. late Hon. A. G. B., K.C., M.P., 
a leading Can. statesman, and Annie E. 
(Thompson) B. ; b. Frederlcton, N.B., 
Nov. 29, 1870 ; e. Coll. Inst., Frederic- 
ton, Univ. of New Brunswick and Univ. 
of Va. (LL.B., 1893) ; m., Jan. 17, 
1900, Marjorie L., d. laite Dr. Chas. 
Holden, St. John, N.;B. ; atty., 1893 ; 
barrister, 1894 ; successfully practised 
his prof, dn St. John in partnersMp 
with his father ; law oik., Bd. of Ry. 
Commrs. for Can., since July, 1904 ; 
formerly a lieut. 71st regt. ; retired 
with rank of capt. ; Aug. SSI Cooper 
St., Ottawa; Rideau Club; Laurentian 
Club; Ottawa Golf Club; Ottawa 
Athletic Assn., do.; Union Club, St. 
John, N.B. 

Blair, Joseph Cnllen, educationist 

S. Col. Wm. M. and Harriet (Blair) 
B. ; b. Truro, N.S., Apl. 26, 1871 ; e. 
N. S. Agricul. Coll., Truro (graduated, 
1892), and Cornell Univ.; M.S. A. 
(hon.), Iowa Agiricul. Coll., 1906; m., 
June, 1898, Miss Sada Van Home, 
Freeport, 111. ; Jnstr. in ohem., agricul. 
and botany, N. S. Agricul. Coll., 1890- 
1 ; instr. in hort. and horticul., Agricul. 
Experiment Station, 1896-1901; since 
then has been prof, pomology and chief 
in hort., Coll. of Agricul. and Experi 
ment Station, 111. Univ. ; is mangr. 
Blair Orchards (600 acres), S. 111.; is 
presdt. 111. Farmers Club ; a mem. 111. 
State Hort. Soc., Am. Pomol. Soc., Am. 
Assn. for Advanc. of Science, Am. 
Breeders Assn., Sigma Xi and Alpha 
Zeta ; author of many monograms and 
bulletins on orchard culture and 
management ; Rep. ; a Meth. Urbana, 

Blair, William. Saxby, educationist. 

S. Lt-Col. Wm. M. B., Truro, N.S. 
(q.v.) ; b. Onslow, N.S., 1873; e. Truro 

and Wolfville, N.S., and Sackville, 
N.B. ; m., 1898, Miss Lena Z. Baird, 
Co. Cumberland, N.S. ; horticulturist, 
Maritime Exp. Farm, Nappan, N.S., 
1896-1905; asst. prof, horticul., Mac- 
donald Coll., P.Q., 1905; advanced to 
prof., do., do. do., 1909 ; Presb. 
Macdonald College, P.Q. 

Blais, The Bt. Rev. Andre Albert 

(R. C.), Bishop. 

S. Hubert and Marguerite (Roy) B. ; 
b. St. Vallier, P.Q., Aug. 26, 1842; e. 
Ste. Anne de la Pocatiere, P.Q., Que 
bec Semy. and at Levis Coll.; o. 1868; 
vicaire Sillery, 1868 ; prof. Coll. de 
Levis, 1868-9; prof, of Eng. Quebec 
Semy., and asst dir. of the Pensionnat, 
1869-73; dir. Pemsionmat, 1873-74; 
student at Rome, 1874-77 ; D.C.L. 
(Lycee Pont, de 1 Apollinaire), 1877; 
prof, canonical law Quebec Semy., 
1877-81 ; chaplain Bon Pasteur, Que 
bec, 1882-89 ; bp. of Germanicopolis 
and coadjutor to late Mgr. Langevin, 
Rimouski, 1889-91 ; Bp. Rimouski since 
F.eb. 6, 1891 ; attended Plenary Council, 
Quebec, 1909, and Euchariistlc Con 
gress, Montreal, 1910. Bishop s Pal 
ace, Rimouski, P.Q. 

Blake, Hon. Edward, lawyer; states 

E. s. late Hon. William Hume B., 
Chancellor of U.C., now Ont, and 
Catherine Hume B., grandd. Wm. 
Hume of Humewood, M.P. for Wick- 
low in the Brit. House of Commons, 
and grands. Rev. Domlnlck Edward B, 
(of the family of B. of Castlegrove, Gal- 
way), in his lifetime rector of Kiltegan 
and of Lough Briekland, and R. D. ; b. 
present village of Cairngorm, Ont, Oct. 
13, 1833 ; e. U. C. Coll. (Gov.-Genl. s 
prizeman), and Univ. of Toronto (B.A., 
and silver med. in classics, 1854 ; M.A., 
1858 ; LL.D., 1889 ; barrister, 1856 ; suc 
cessfully practised in Toronto, princi 
pally in partnership with his >bro., Hon. 
S. H, B. (q.v.), being head of his firm 
and long one of the leaders of the Can. 
bar; retired from the firm, 1901; K.C. 
(Viscount MJonck), 1864 ; a bencher of 
the Law :Soc., U.C., 1871 ; treas. of do., 
1879; was for a time one of the ex 
aminers in, and a lecturer on, equity 
law for the Law Soc. ; apptd. an hon. 
mem. of the law faculty, Toronto 
Univ., 1888; declined appt. as chan 
cellor of U.C., under the govt. of Sir 
John Macdonald, 1869 ; as chief justice 
of Can., under the govt. of Mr. Mac 
kenzie, 1875 ; and as chief justice of 
Ont., under that of Sir W. Laurler, 
1897 ; appeared frequently before the 
Jl. Comite. of the P.O. In Eng., his ser 
vices being retained in many cases 
taken there from the Dom. ; was chief 
counsel for the appellants in the Man. 
Sch. case before that tribunal, 1895; 
was chief counsel for the Dom. In the 
dispute between the Provinces and the 
Dom. over the reduction In the repre 
sentation of the old Provinces, except 
Quebec, after the previous census, 
1904 : was also the chief counsel In the 
Alaska Boundary case, but had to 
throw up his brief on account of sud 
den Illness ; his political career began 
in 1867, the epoch of Confederation ; 
early espoused the Lib. cause, and was 



often Importuned to enter Parlt. ; in 
the year mentioned was elected both 
to the Ho. of Commons and the Legis 
lature ; was immediately offered the 
leadership of his party in the latter 
body, but it was not till 1869 that he 
consented to accept that position ; on 
the defeat of the Sandfleld Macdonald 
govt., Dec., 1871 (an event largely due 
to his efforts), was called upon to form 
a new Admn., and succeeded in the 
task; he himself took the office of 
Presdt. of the Council without salary ; 
on the abolishment of dual representa 
tion, some time later, resigned the 
Premiership with the view of devoting 
the whole of his attention to Federal 
politics; in the H.C. he was urged to 
accept the leadership, but declined the 
honour ; was, nevertheless, one of the 
greatest champions in the well-remem 
bered contest over the Pacific Scandal, 
which resulted in the downfall of Sir 
John A. Macdonald ; when Mr. Mac 
kenzie became Prime Minister of Can., 
accepted a position in his cabinet, with 
out office ; was sworn of the Privy 
Council, Nov. 7, 1873 ; in Feb., 1874, re 
signed owing to Ill-health ; In May, 1875, 
accepted office as Minr. of Justice, 
and while such undertook an official 
mission to Eng., touching amendments 
to the law of extradition, etc. ; was 
mainly instrumental In perfecting the 
constitution of the Supreme Ct. of Can. 
at Its establishment, and personally 
selected the judges first apptd. thereto ; 
after the defeat of the Mackenzie Govt. 
at the polls, 1878, was chosen leader 
of the Lib. party in the H.C., In place 
of the ex-Premier, whose health had 
become impaired by his arduous official 
labours ; remained in that position until 
after the g.e. of 1887, when he retired 
and was succeeded by Mr. (now Sir 
W. ) Laurier ; subsequent to that event 
took no prominent part either in the 
debates in the House, or in the general 
work of his party; at the g.e., 1890, 
declined renominatlon, and sent to his 
constituents in West Durham a letter 
expressing his views of the condition 
and prospects of the country ; this 
letter was believed to be of the greatest 
Importance, but it was not published 
until after the elections ; when the 
letter was made public It created a 
genuine sensation, for it not only an 
nounced the great leader s retirement 
from political life, but expressed the 
gravest forebodings concerning the 
future of Can. ; " The splendid oratory 
and brilliant genius of Mr. B.," says 
Mr. Adams (q.v.), from whose work of 
biography we have taken some of the 
facts herein, " were keenly missed in 
Parlt., and many were the hopes ex 
pressed that he would reconsider his 
determination, and return to his right 
ful place as leader of his party " ; in 
June, 1892, these hopes were dispelled 
by his acceptance of an invitation ex 
tended to him by the leaders of the 
Irish parliamentary party to accept a 
seat In the Brit. H.C. ; he landed In 
Irel. a few weeks previous to the 
election of 1892, and was received with 
great cordiality ; he stood for the con 
stituency of South Longford and was 
returned by a very large majority ; 
his advent into Imp. politics was made 

under the most auspicious circum 
stances, and fully justified the fondest 
hopes of his friends ; he continued to 
sit for South Longford while he re 
mained a mem. of the Brit. Parlt., and 
did much to popularize the Irish cause 
throughout the Empire ; was presented 
to Queen Victoria, Buckingham Palace, 
July, 1882, and again, subsequently; 
in 1894 he was elected a mem. of the 
Extve. Comte. of the Irish Parliament 
ary party ; in the same year he was in 
cluded In the Royal Comn, apptd. to 
enquire into the financial relations 
between Gt. Brit, and Irel. ; this Comte. 
reported that Irel. was bearing an un 
fair share of taxation, and in 1897 he 
was selected to move an amendment to 
the address in reply to the Queen s 
speech on the subject ; later, he moved 
a substantive resolution thereon ; In 
1895 he went to New Zealand, to serve 
as arbitrator between the New Zealand 
Govt. and the New Zealand Midland 
Ry. Co., and made his award in Dec., 
wholly in favour of the Govt. ; In 1896 
he was one of the comte. of 15 of the 
H.C. appointed to Investigate South 
African affairs and the causes of the 
Transvaal raid ; his cross-examination 
of Cecil Rhodes has been spoken of as 
"a masterly piece of work " ; he was 
very successful in obtaining funds for 
carrying on the work of the Irish 
Parliamentary party, and contributed 
himself largely thereto ; to the election 
fund of the McCarthyite wing of the 
Nationalist party. 1895, his subscrip 
tion was 1,000 ; was arbitrator for 
Nfd. in the Reid-Nfd. Govt. case, 1904- 
5 ; in the same year was elected chair 
man of Comtes. (H.C.) ; was the first 
(and for 14 yrs. continuously) presdt. 
of the Toronto Genl. Trusts Co. ; on his 
resignation of the offloe, 1896, the 
other directors of the Co. presented 
the Ont. Legislature with his portrait 
in oils, " to mark their esteem for him 
and their appreciation of his services 
in some lasting way " ; throughout his 
career, his Interest in education and 
especially higher education has been 
most marked ; he was elected Chan 
cellor of the Univ. of Toronto, 1873 ; 
in 1888 he gave ?2,500 to found 
scholarships In political science in that 
institution, and in 1891 he agreed to 
give $20,000 as a fund towards en 
dowing junior matriculation scholar 
ships therein ; after the destruction of 
tiie buildings of the Univ. by fire, 1890, 
he gave largely to the rebuilding fund, 
and did much otherwise to assist In 
the work of restoration ; he declined 
a K. C. M. G., for his public services, 
1876 ; was a del. to the 3rd Com 
mercial Congress, London, 1893, at 
a dinner given in Ms honour In 
Toronto, Feb., 1894, he called him 
self an " Irishman, and an Imperialist, 
not in a jingo sense, but an Imperialist 
in the fullest sense of the word, and 
with the belief that the destiny of the 
Brit. Empire is to occupy the foremost 
position as a civilizer and Christian- 
izer throughout the whole world " ; con 
tinuing, lie said, " he looked forward 
to the granting of Home Rule to Irel. 
in the near future, and thereafter to 
seeing systems of local govt. estab 
lished in all the great historical and 



natural divisions of Gt. Brit, with one 
Federal Parlt. in control " ; his por 
trait, painted by Grier (q.v.), was ex 
hibited at the Royal Acad., London, 
1895 ; an Ang. of evangel, leanings ; 
owing to continued ill-health he retired 
from the Imp. Parlt. and from all par 
ticipation in political affairs, 1907. 
" Home wo od," Toronto; " Mais on 
Rouge," Murray Bay, P.Q.; National 
Liberal Club, London, Eng. 

"A scholar, lawyer and statesman of re 
pute." Saturday Review. 

"A man of moderation and sound judg 
ment." Westminster Gazette. 

" A man of power, fairness, eloquence 
and ability.." Lord Alverstone. 

"A great lawyer with his soul free from 
greed from unjust gain." T. Telegram. 

" The most brilliant orator, and one of 
the most capable statesmen of Can." Lord 

" The most powerful Canadian speaker 
whose voice has been heard by this genera 
tion." T. Globe. 

"A public man with the fruits of 
statesmanlike instinct, wide culture and 
a long experience im public life." London 

"As a political leader his word was 
authoritative, his counsel wise, his heart 
generous, his name synonymous of honoT." 
S. N. 

" I have known all the public men of 
Can. intimately for 28 yrs. past, and I 
believe Edward Blake to be the ablest of 
them all." The late Hon. George Brown. 

" Many Canadians have differed from 
him in matters of local politics, but there 
are none who do not respect him for his 
high talents and for his exalted character." 
M. & E. 

Blake, Edward William Hume, lawyer. 

E. s. Hon. Edward (q.v.) and Margt. 
(Cronyn) B. ; b. Toronto, June 28, 
1860 ; e. under late Dr. Tassie. Gait, 
Ont., U. C. Coll. and Toronto Univ. 
(B.A., 1882) ; m., Jan., 1890, Georgie, 
d. late Alex. Manning, formerly Mayor 
of Toronto; barrister, 1888; not now 
in practice ; a diir. Nat. Horse Show 
Assn. ; V.-iP. Omt Brewers and 
Maltsters Assn., 1904 ; a Lib., and has 
declined nomination to Parlt. ; Ang. 
94 St. George St., Toronto ; Toronto 
Club; Hunt Club; York Club, do. 
Blake, Hon. Samuel Hume, lawyer; 
retired judge. 

Bro. Hon. Edward B. (q.v.) ; 2nd 
s. late Hon. Chancellor B. ; b. Toronto, 
Aug. 31, 1835 ; e. U.C. Coll. and To 
ronto Univ. (B.A., 1858) ; m., 1st, Feb., 
1859, Rebecca (d., London, Eng., May, 
1901), 3rd d. late Rt. Rev. B. Cronyn, 
Lord Bp. of Huron; 2ndly, Oct., 1909, 
Miss Baird; barrister, 1860; K.C. 
(Ont.), 1872; do. (M. of Lansdowne), 
1885; vice chancellor of Ont., Dec. 2, 
1872 ; resigned, do., May 15, 1881 ; 
resumed practice as a mem. of his for 
mer firm, do. ; long one of the leaders 
of the Provl. bar ; some time a mem. 
of the law faculty, Toronto Univ. ; 
apptd. a gov., Toronto Univ., 1906 ; 
resigned, do., 1909 ; was also a trustee 
Toronto Univ. Residence Fund ; a 
Bencher (ex-offlcio) of the Law Soc. ; 
also, a mem. of comte. on Legal Educ. ; 
outside of his iprof. (has always given 
much attention to religious and phil 

anthropic work ; has been one of the 
leaders of the Evangel. Sch. of Church 
men, and all his life a Sunday sch. 
teacher ; has given largely for ch. and 
benevolent purposes ; among other 
positions filled by him have been the 
presidency of the Intern. Convention 
of Sunday Schs. and the presidency 
of the local Y.M.C.A., of the Prisoners 
Aid Assn., and of the local branch of 
the Evang. Alliance ; was elected chair 
man, Layman s Missy. Movement, 
1907 ; elected hon. presdt. Murray Bay 
Convalescent Home, P-Q-, 1911 ; has 
written much on religious topics ; 
an Ang. and one of the founders of 
Hayergal Ladies Coll., 1894 ; Ms JWDT- 
trait has been executed by Grier (q.v.) 
for Wydliffe Coll., Toronto ; formerly 
a Lib., tout more recently a follower of 
Sir J. P. Whitney (q.v.) ; favoured the 
Taft-Fieldirug Reciprocity .pact, 1911. 
1,6 Maple Ave., Toronto. 

"A man who has brains and couTa>ge." 
T. Telegram. 

"A man of deep conviction and a brave 
heart." T. World. 

"A man of integrity so strict as to be 
proverbial. M. d E. 

"A man of brilliant attainments, sturdy 
a.nd forcible character and strong public 
spirit." T. Star. 

" One of the greatest of the nation- 
builders, whose work in moulding the policy 
of the Church of Eng. in Canada, during 
half a century, many are grateful for." 
Yen. Archdeacon Cody (q.v,). 

Blake, Samuel Verschoyle, barrister. 

Y. s. Hon. E. (q.v.), K.C., and Margt. 
(Cronyn) B. ; b. Toronto, Mch., 1868 ; e. 
privately, at Jarvis St., Coll. Inst., and 
Toronto Univ. ; m., Johannesburg, S.A., 
July, 1902, Florence (a Royal Can. 
Nursing Sister), e. d. late John 
Cameron, London, Ont. ; barrister, 
1893 ; head of firm B. & Redden, prac 
tising in London, Eng., in connection 
with the Jl. Comte, P. C., Eng. ; Ang. 
17 Victoria St., London, Eng. 

Blake, "William Hume, lawyer. 

S. Hon. S. H. (q.v.) and Rebecca 
(Cronyn) B. ; b. Toronto; e. Toronto 
Univ. (B.A., 1882) ; m., July, 1889, 
Alice Jean, 2nd d. David Law, Mont 
real ; barrister, 1885; K.C., 1902 ; prac 
tises in Toronto as a mem. of firm 
B., Lash & Cassels ; Ang. SO Dale 
Avenue, Toronto; Toronto Club, do. 
Blakemore, William, mining engineer; 

S. Wm. B., presdt. S. Staffordshire 
Inst. of Mining Engrs., and Susan, d. 
Saml. and Elizabeth Cotterill, B. ; b. 
Wolverhampton, Eng., Mch. 28, 1854; 
e. Wiolverhampton Gramimar Sch. ; m., 
1st, 1874, Agnes (d.), d. Joseph Jenks, 
Wolverhamipton ; 2ndly, Jan., 1910, 
Miarian Bizzeitte, d. late J. B. Smith ; 
practised as a mining and civil engr. in 
Eng., 1874-93, and in Can., 1893 to 
date ; consulting civil engr. Ratepayers 
Assn., Birmingham, In connection with 
city water scheme ; first presdt. Nat. 
Assn. Colliery Mangrs., Eng., 1890 ; 
mining engr. Dom. Coal Co., Cape Bre 
ton, 1894 ; miming engr. Crow s Nest 
Pass Coal Co., B.C., 1897 ; consult, 
mining engr. C. P. Ry., 1900 ; is a 
mem. N. of Eng. Inst. Mining 



Engrs., of Can. Inst. Mining Engrs. ; 
prizeman N. of Eng. Inst. Min 
ing Engrs., and Greenwell gold meet, 
do. ; took to journalism without relin 
quishing mining consultations, becom 
ing ed. Nelson Tribune, 1905, and has 
since been ed. and prop of The Week 
(Victoria and Vancouver), and ed. of 
Westward Hoi published monthly at 
same places ; has likewise, for many 
yrs. contributed largely to the mining 
press of Eng. and Can. Victoria, B.C.; 
Victoria Tennis Club, do. 

Blanchard, Clarence John, U.S. public 


S. John and Lucy (Young) B. ; b. 
Norham, Ont., Dec. 4, 1863 ; e. Iowa 
Agrieul. Call. ; m., June, 1895, Miss 
Fannie Genevieve Alexander, Minne 
apolis ; was depty. state oil inspr., Iowa, 
1886-91 ; special press correspondent, 
Central Am., 1892-3 and 1898 ; do., 
Hawaiian Islands, 1899 ; chief of irri 
gation sec., 12th Census, U. S., 1900; 
was in charge special investigation of 
irrigation, 1902-3; since 1904 has been 
statistician, U. S. Reclamation Ser 
vice ; apptd. a mem. Depart. Statis. 
Comn., 1907 ; is also a mem. Nat. Con 
servation Assn., Nat. Drainage Assn. 
and Nat. Geograph. Soc. ; is the author 
of many bulletins and monographs on 
Irrigation, etc. ; has contributed articles 
to Pacific Monthly, Rev. of Revs., and 
Nat. Geograph, Mag. ; a Rep. ; a Meth. 
"The Earlington," Washington, B.C.; 
Nat. Press Club; Cosmos Club, do. 

Blanchard, His Hon. Stanislaus, Co. 

Ct. judge. 

Apptd. judge of the Co. Court, Kings, 
P.E.I., Dec. 23, 1904 ; R. C. Charlotte- 
town, P.E.I. 

Blanche. The Bight Bererend Qua- 
tave (R. C.). 

S. L. and Marie (Hayard) iB. ; b. 
Josiselin, Diocese de Vamnes, France, 
Apl. 30, 1849; e. France; called to the 
bar tihere ; a volunteer in the Franco- 
Prussian Wiar, 1870; joined Eudist 
order, 1873 ; o priest, Mch., 1878 ; dlr. 
1 Bcole St. Jean, Versailles, 1878-90 and 
1899-1903 ; diir. Coll., Church Point, N.S., 
1890-99; elected Provl. Eudist Father 
In Am., 1903 ; elected bishop titulaire 
de Sicoa and. vieare apostolique Gulif 
of St. Lawrence, Sept. 12, 1905 ; conse 
crated Oct. 28, 1905 ; attended Plenary 
Council, Quebec, 1909, and Eucharistic 
Congress, Montreal, 1910. Seven 
Islands, Saguenay, P.Q. 

Bland, Bttv. Charles Edward (Meth.), 


S. late Rev. Hy. F. B. (Meth.), a 
native Addingham, Yorkshire, Eng., 
and Emma (Levell) B. ; b. Montreal ; 
e. high schs. Que. and Montreal, and 
McGill Univ. (B.A. and gold med. in 
classics, 1883) : theol. studies at Wesl. 
Theol. Coll., Montreal (B.D., 1891) ; 
m., 1892, Emily Palmer, d. late Wm. 
Sherwood, barrister, Brockvllle, On-t. ; 
o. 1886; has had following: charges: 
Dorchester St. and St. Henri Cha, 
Montreal ; Waterloo, P.Q. ; Westmount ; 
Sherbrooke St., Montreal ; apptd. prof, 
phll. and ethics, Wesl. Theol. Coll., 
Montreal, Apl,, 1906, resigned to accept 

chair of systematic and historical 
theol., Alberta Math. ColL, 1911 ; has 
been presdt. Montreal Minis. Assn. ; 
well known as a public lecturer. Ed 
monton, Alta. 

" Combines broad culture with deep and 
fervent piety." M. Witnett. 
Bland, Rev. Edward Michael (Ang.). 

S. Francis L. B. ; b. Snaresbrook, 
Essex, Eng. ; e. Haileybury, and was 
an underg. Corpus Chrlsti Coll., Camb. ; 
m. Miss Marie A. Brbs (d. Apl. 1908), 
Gailt, Onit. ; came to Can., 1872 ; o. dea 
con, 1875; priest, 1876; (was .suc 
cessively missy. Dungaraion, Bernie, 
and parts adjacent ; incumbent Inger- 
solil ; rector St. George s, St. Catharines ; 
do. Christ Oh. Oath., Hamilton ; re 
signed latter appt., Dec., 1899 ; author 
" Memoirs Very Rev. Dean Geddes " ; 
a del. to Genl. Synod 1 ; was 1st presdt. 
Muskoka Lakes Assn. Hamilton, Ber 

Bland, Bev. Salem G-oldworth (Meth.), 

Third a. late Rev. Hy. F. B. (Meth.) 
and Emma, d. late Rev. Wm. Levell 
(Meth.) ; b. Lachute, P.Q., Aug. 26, 
1859 ; e. high schs. Dundas, Kingston, 
Belleville, at Morrln Coll., and MoGill 
Univ. (B.A., 1897) ; D.D., hon. 
(Queen s Univ.), 1903; entd. ministry, 
1880; o. 1884; since stationed at 
Kingston, Perth, Quebec. Cornwall, 
Smith s Falls, Ottawa, and Winnipeg ; 
secy. Montreal Conf., 1898; apptd. prof. 
New Test, exegesis and ch. history, 
Wesl. Coll., Winnipeg, 1903 ; has writ 
ten and lectured much, " The Develop 
ment of the Can. Type of Character," 
" Civic and Social Problems " and 
" The Building of a Nation " being 
among the most popular of his lec 
tures ; not Identified with either politi 
cal party, but has laboured strenu 
ously for temp., social and moral 
reform ; a Meth., but still more a cath. 
Christian, desiring and working for a 
federation of Christian churches and 
the Christianlzatlon of the miscalled 
secular activities of the world ; one who 
believes ttiat the most spiritual ch. is 
the broadest ; an ardent Imperialist, 
who believes Can. should share in the 
cost, as well as the protection, of the 
Empire ; a free trader ; a" believer In 
the single tax on land values ; an ear 
nest advocate of the largest measure of 
public ownership that can safely be 
managed ; a prohibitionist, but willing, 
where prohibition is not Immediately 
feasible to seek the adoption of any 
scheme of govt. control that has been 
found to lessen the evil of the traffic ; 
one who believes in and exercises the 
right of the pulpit to speak clearly 
and strongly on all the great public 
issues ; favours the erection of a Can. 
" Hall of fame." Wesley College, Win 

" A man of wide theol. culture and 
spirit." T. Olobe. 

" One of the ablest and most thought 
ful of the younger Meth. ministers in Can. 
to-day." Presb. Rev. 

" A broad-minded Meth. ; a man who is 
regarded both educationally and spiritually 
ai a great force in Can. life." Kingston 



Blaylock, Slwyu QwUlym, metallur 

S. Rev. Thos. B., M.A. (Ang.) ; b. 
Paspebiac, P.Q., Feb. 18, 1879; e 
Bishop s Coll. Sch., Lennoxville, and 
McGlll Univ. (B.Sc., 1899) ; m., 1904, 
Ruperta Margt., d. late Jas. Riddle 
Danville, P.Q., formerly chief chemist 
Can. Smelting Works, Trail, B.C. ; now 
metallt. Consolid. Ming. & Smelt. Co. 
Trail, B.C. 
Blewett, Francis Bichard, lawyer. 

S. John and Eliza (Getty) B. ; b. 
Napanee, Ont., May 11, 1869; e. pub 
lic and high school, Napanee, and On 
tario Law School ; unim. ; barristen-, 
1891; K.C., 1908; head legal firm B. & 
Bray Llstowel ; ipresdt. Listowel Lawn 
Tennis and Bowling Club, 1903; do. 
Listowal -Club, 1904; Grand Master 
I.O.O.F., Ont, 1905-06; grand repre 
sentative of Ont. to Sovereign Grand 
Lodge, I.O.O.F., Ont., 1907-08; holds 
Mgh rank in Masonic orde r ; .Presdt. 
Young Con. Assn., Listowel, 1899-00: 
V-P Listowel Lib.-Con. lAssn,, 1904- 
08; Ang. Listowel, Ont.; Listowel 
Club, do. 
Blewett, Bev. George John (Meth.), 


S. Wm. and Mary (Baker) B., Corn 
wall, Bng. ; b. Yarmouth, nr. St 
Thomas. Ont., Dec. 9, 1873 ; e. Toronto 
Univ. (B.A., and Gov.-Genl. s med., 
1897) ; Ph.D. (Harvard), 1900; Rogers 
memorial fellow (do.), 1900-01, and 
Bowdoin prizeman, 1901; studied also 
at Wtirzburg, Berlin, and Oxford ; o. 
1898 ; laboured Man. and N. W. Conf. ; 
lecturer in phil. Wesley Coll., Winni 
peg, 1901-06; called to Ryerson chair 
of moral phil., Victoria Coll., Toronto, 
1906; Taylor lect., Yaile Univ., 1910; 
published a volume Off studies in 
idealism and mysticism, under the title, 
" The Study of Nature and the Vision 
of God" (1907) ; m., July, 1906, Clara 
Marcia (B.A., Victoria Coll., 1901), 
2nd d. Rev. R. W. Woods-worth. 
110 Farnham Ave., Toronto. 

" Possesses a mind of many parts, har 
moniously proportioned and excellently 
balanced." The late Geo. Murray. 

Blewett, Mr*. Jean, poet and littera 

D. John and Janet McKishnie, na 
tives of Argyllshire, Scot. ; b. Scotia, 
Lake Brie, Ont., Nov. 4, 1862; e. St. 
Thomas Coll. Inst. ; m. Basset Blewett, 
Cornwall, Bng. ; early in her career 
wrote " Cabinet Articles," a series of 
pen pictures, quaint and grave and 
gay, which appeared in various mags, 
and newspapers ; since then has pub 
lished " Out of the Depths," a novel 
(1885); "Heart Songs," a book of 
verse (1897), and "The Corn Flower 
and Other Poems" (1906) ; one of her 
poems, " Spring," took the prize of 
$600 offered by the Chicago Times- 
Herald for the best poem on the sub 
ject ; for some yrs. has been on the 
permanent staff of the Toronto Daily 
Globe; elected V.-P. Dickens Fellow 
ship, Toronto, 1908; re-elected do., 
1911. 492 Markham St., Toronto. 

" All her -work is distinguished with a 

touch of simplicity and sympathy" 
T. News. 

" Sweet and pure-eyed, clear-voiced, 
holding the God-given dower, a poet s 
soul." Late Eugene Field. 
Bliffh, Harris Harding 1 , Dom. public 


S. late Jas. and Sarah B. B., Lake- 
ville, N.S. ; b. Cornwallis, N.S., Apl. 
14, 1842; e. Acadia Coll. (B.A., 1864; 
M.A., 1867; D.C.L., 1897); m., Nov., 
1872, Alice T., d. late Blowers Smith, 
Halifax, N.S. ; barrister, 1868; 
successfully practised at Halifax, 
N.S., in partnership successively with 
Hon. Jas. (afterwards Chief Justice) 
Macdonald, the late W. A. Johnstone, 
Q.C., and the present Judge Longley ; 
official assignee, Co. Halifax, 1879 ; K.C. 
(M. Lansdowne), 1884; R.O., under B. 
F. Act., Co. Antigonish, 1885 ; librarian 
Supreme Ct. of Can., which office he 
still fills, July, 1892 ; published "Index 
to the Revisied Statutes -of Can." (1884) ; 
ed " Consolidated Orders-in-Council of 
Cam." (1889), and "Statutory Annota 
tions to the Revised Statutes of Can., 
1906, and Other Canadian Statutes" 
(1910); one of the compilers "Dom. 
Law Index" (1890 and 1898), and of 
the "Ont. Law Index" (1895 and 1900), 
and of the " Quebec Law Index 
(1898) ; has been presdt. Ottawa Lit. 
and Scientific Soc. ; a Bapt. ; was for 
merly a Senator Acadia Univ., and is 
now a Senator McMaster Univ. (iM.A., 
ad eund., 1894). 427 Gilmour St., Otta 
Blight, Arthur Howard, vocalist. 

S. Mrs. H. M. B., Toronto ; b. there ; 
studied for his prof, in Toronto, N. Y.. 
and in London, Eng., at the last-named 
city under Wm. Shakespeare ; a well- 
known concert baritone ; has been solo 
ist Old St. Andrew s Ch., Metropolitan 
Methodist Ch., and now at Bloor St 
Presb. Ch., Toronto ; is also principal 
Toronto Junction Coll. of Music. 527 
Palmerston Ave., Toronto. 
Blight, Mr*,, organist, pianist and 

choir leader. 

B. St. Catharines, Ont. ; widow late 
Hy. M. B., Toronto ; as a child was 
organist St. George s Ch., St. Cathar 
ines, Ont. ; was subsequently organist 
and choir leader successively at St. 
Peter s Ch., Elm St. Meth. Ch., and 
Bloor St. Presb. Ch., Toronto, holding 
the latter position for 12 yrs. ; resigned, 
1907 ; best known as an accomplished 
accompanist. Toronto. 

"An artist of rare and exceptional 
ability." T. World. 
Bliss, Bev. Charlei Vaughan Porater 


E. s. late Rev. Chas. P.. formerly 
rector Sussex, N.B., and Dorothy Anne 
(Forster) B. ; U.B.L. stock; b. Har 
vey, N.B., May 12, 1853 ; e. King s Coll. 
Grammar Sch., N.B.. and Ottawa; 
joined C. S., Ottawa, 1872, and was 
successively private secy. Sir Leonard 
Tilley and Hon. Isaac Burpee, when in 
office there; o. deacon, 1881; priest, 
1883 ; did arduous mission work, Nipis- 
sing and Parry Sound, for 13 yrs., dur 
ing which time he organized 12 congs. 
in a dist. comprising 13 townships, and 



built 9 churches and 2 parsonages; 
also established "associate mission 
plan"; R. D. Renfrew, T889; rector 
Eganville, do. ; chairman R. D. s, ( 
tawa Diocese, 1896; rector Pakenharn, 
1889 ; do. Almonte, 1903 ; Smith s Falls, 
since 1909; established " Clerical Guide 
and Churchman s Directory" (1876; 
2nd ed., 1879) ; has written much 
for religious press; a del. to Ang. 
Synod; m., 1873, Mary Letitia, 2nd 
d late Lt.-Col. G. H. Perry. C.E., 
Ottawa. The Rectory, Smith s Falls, 

"A thoughtful and earnest minister." 
The Archbp. Lewis. 

Bliss, Lt.-Col. Lawrence Donald 
Cameron Porster, late Can. 
militia staff. 

Bro. of preceding; y. s. late Rev. 
C P. B.. Ottawa; b. Springfield, N.B.. 
Oct. 27, 1861; e. private schs. and 
Univ. Ottawa; m., May, 1886, Bertha 
Frances, y. d. Hon. John Costigan, 
P.C., Senator ; served C. S. Can., 1882- 
96 ; commanded 2nd Field Batty., C. A., 
1904-06 ; deputy asst. adjt.-genl. head 
quarters, Apl., 1906 ; presdt. S. A. 
Medal Assn., 1908; served Yukon 
Field Force, 1898-99 ; S. A. War, 1900- 
02, until end of hostilities; 
col. Ordnance Stores Corps, on its for 
mation, July 1, 1903. and posted to 
charge, headquarters depot ; transfd. t< 
Winnipeg, 1905 ; retired retaining rank, 
1909 ; elected presdt. Western Can. 
S. A. Assn., 1908; war services 
cover N. W. Rebellion, Can., 1885, in 
cluding operations against Ohieif Big 
Bear s band (med.), and S. A. War, 
1900-02, including operations in Orange 
Free State, with actions at Vet River, 
Zand River, operations in the Trans 
vaal, with actions near Johannesburg, 
Pretoria, Diamond Hill, operations in 
Transvaal east of Pretoria, with actions 
at Reit Vlei ; also operations in the 
Transvaal, Feb. aTvd May, 1902 ( horse 
shot in action, Komati River; war 
med., 5 clasps; mentioned in de 
spatches, LOnd. Gaz., July 29, 1902 
med, for distinguished conduct in < the 
field) ; a R. C. Ottawa; Manitoba 
Club, Winnipeg. 

"Regarded as one of the best autho 
ities on military law in Can." O. Citizen. 
Blomfleld, Charles James, retired 

business man. 

Y. s. Rt. Hon. and Rt. Rev. C. J. B-, 
DD, late Lord Bishop of London ; b. 
FulWam Palace, London, Eng., May 31, 
1831- e. private sch. and Rugby; m-, 
June 1865, Jane, d. Saml. Strickland, 
Lakefleld, Ont. ; for 25 yrs. in the ser 
vice of Can. Land & Emigration Co., 
as accountant, secy.-treas. to local bd., 

much for CaTVress ; has- published 
translations of odes of Horace and 
short poems in German, etc. ; Ang.. ana 
a del. to Synod. Kelowna, B.C. 
Blue, Archibald, Dom. public service. 
S. late John B., a native of Lochgll- 
head, Argyllshire, Soot., and Mary 
(MacTavdsh) B. ; b. Orford, Co. Kent, 
Ont, Feb. 3, 1840; e. there; LL/D.. 
hon. (McMaster Univ.), 1908; origin- 

ally a public sen. teacher, later 
gave up this occupation for journal 
ism ; served on staff St. Thomas Jour 
nal, 1867-79, when he became night ed. 
and ed. writer on Toronto Globe, pass 
ing thence, in 1880, to the Toronto 
World; organized Ont. Bureau of In 
dustries, becoming secy, thereof, 1 
Deputy Minr. of Agriculture, same pro 
vince, 1884 ; a mem. and secy, of the 
Royal comn. to enquire into the min 
eral resources of Ont. ; organized its 
Bureau of Mines, and was placed at 
its head, where he remained for 9 yra ; 
called to Ottawa, as chief census 
commr. for the Dom., July, 190 
moted chief offr. census and statis 
for Can., Oct. 1. 1905 ; Can. del Intern. 
Agrioul. Congress, Rome, Italy, Jan., 
1910 an hon. mem. Can. 
Assn. ; a del. to the Deep Water 
ways Convention, 1894; author of 
"Resources and Progress of pot 
(1888) "The Growth of Canada i 
the 20th Century" (1907), "Union and 
Disunion in the Christian Church 
(1908), and other brochures; prepared 
the bulletins and annual reports of 
Bureaus of Industries and Mines, issued 
during his connection with those bodies, 
and the volumes of the Dom. Census 
and the Can. Year Book issued by the 
Govt. at Ottawa since his appt. there , 
a Bapt., and before his appt. to the 
public .service a Lib. ; m ..1st, Feb., 
1869, Mary (d.), d. of John Black, 
Tp. Yarmouth; and 2ndly, June, IS, 
Amelia, d. of Ledley Brabant, Toronto. 
S15B Kenniston Apartments, Elgin St., 

"A man of national and eminently 
valuable service." Westminster. 

"Possessed of great executive ability 
and just revels in figures." O. Free Press. 
"A man of ability, the accuracy and 
fairness of whose work has been observed 
and commended by the public." London 
Blyth. Bev. Bobert Bayne (Cong.). 

S. Robt. Y. and Margt. (Bayne) B. ; 
U E L. descent; b. Belwood, Ont., 
Mch. l, 1872; e. High Sch., Fergus, 
Ont., Toronto Univ. (where he was 
presdt. of his class) and McGill Univ. 
(B A., 1898) ; studied theol. Cong. Coll., 
Montreal, graduating 1900; o. 1901; 
home mission pastor, Victoria, B.C. 
(where he built a ch.), 1901; Pastor, 
Burlington, Wis., 1903 ; gold med. B A. 
Business Coll., Toronto, when 
served as a corpora)! "E" Batty., 
R.C.F.A., in S. Africa during Boer 
War presented a bouquet of flowers to 
Queen Victoria on the occasion of her 
leaving Osborne Ho., I. W., for her last 
visit to Balmoral, on behalf of soldiers 
in Convalescent Home Cowes wheri 
he then was regaining his health, after 
an attack of enteric fever, with which 
he was taken in S. Africa; m.. July, 
1902, Miss Jane Broadfoot Burling 
ton, Wis. 
Boardman, Frederick B., Dom. public 


S Thos. B., Owen Sound, Ont. ; b. 
there, 1862 ; e. there ; acquired a know 
ledge of printing there ; worked at his 
trade in Toronto up to 1902, when he 



was apptd. mangr., printing dept., 
Montreal . Herald; apptd. supdt. of 
printing, Dept. of Public Printing and 
Stationery, Ottawa, Nov., 1910 ; a del. 
Printers Congress, St. Louis, Mo., 
1910. 1U James St., Ottawa. 
Bodwell, Ernest Vining 1 , lawyer. 

S. late Ebenezer B., formerly M. P. 
(H. C.), and subsequently supdt. Wel- 
land Canal, and Esther D. (Crandon) 
B. ; :b. Mt. Elgin, Ont. ; e. there ; m., 
1904, Mrs. Maynard Cowan, Victoria, 
B.C.; went to B. C., 1884; barrister, 
1885 ; K.C., 1900 ; bencher Law Soc., 
B.C., 1905 ; one of the leaders of the 
B. C. bar ; assoc. counsel for Dom. 
Govt., Bahring Sea case, 1896; an un 
successful candidate for Victoria City 
(Local), Lib. interest, Mdh., 1902 
(vote: Prior, 1,539; B., 1,484). Vic 
toria, B.C.; Union Club, do.; Van 
couver Club, Vancouver, B.C. 

" Logical and persistent as a counsel." 
V. World. 

Body, Bev. Charles William Edward 

S. Rev. E. E. B. ; b. Clapham, Eng., 
Oct. 4, 1851 ; e. St. John s Coll., Camb. 
(B.A., 1875 ; M.A., 1878) ; Tyrwhitt 
Heb. sch oL (Univ. Cam b.), 1878; fel 
low St. John s Coll., Camb., 1877-81 ; 
D.C.L. (hon.), Trin. Univ., 1883; 
S.T.D., Hobart Coll., 1887 ; D.C.L. 
(hon.), LeninoxvilLe, 1892; o. deacon, 
1876 ; priest, 1877 ; m., 1881, Miss 
Frances Mary Perry, Chesterton, 
Camb., Eng.; curate, Chesterton, 1876- 
81 ; vice-chancellor Trim Univ., To 
ronto, 1881-94; prof. Old Test. lit. and 
interpretation, Genii. Theol. Semy., 
N. T., since Oct., 1894; author "The 
Permanent Value of Genesis" (Pad 
dock lectures, 1894) ; mem. Am. Theol., 
Philos. and Oriental Soes. 4 Chelsea 
Sq., New York. 

Bog", William Alexander, banking pro 

S. Lt.-Col. Thos. and Adelaide 
(Hubbs) B. ; b. Picton, Ont, July 20, 
1863 ; e. High Sen., Picton ; entd. ser 
vice Bank of Montreal. 1882 ; apptd. 
2nd agent do., N. T., Dec., 1906. 
31 Pine St., New York; Willard s Hotel, 
do.; St. James s Club, Montreal. 
Bogert, Clarence Atkinson, banking 

E. s. Ven. Archdeacon and Elizabeth 
Grant (Atkinson) B. ; b. Napanee, Ont, 
July 7, 1864 ; e. Trin. Coll. Sch., Port 
Hope ; unm. ; entd, service Dom. Bank, 
1881 ; asst. inspr., 1891 ; asst. mangr., 
Toronto branch, 1895 ; mangr. Mont 
real brancfh, 1898 ; gen.}, mangr. since 
May, 1906 ; councillor (Montreal Bd. of 
Trade, 1906; do. Can. Bankers Assn. 
1906 ; a mem. Toronto Bd. of Trade 
2nd V.-P. Royal Can. Golf Assn., 1909 , 
a mem. Eart Grey s iMusicail and Dram 
atic Competition, 1910 ; one of the pro 
moters Toronto Hunt, 1907; an en 
thusiastic golfer and yachtsman. 
King Edward Hotel, Toronto; Toronto 
Hunt Club; York Club; Toronto Club, 
do.; St. James s Club; Mt. Royal Club ; 
Canada Club; Royal Montreal Golf 
Club, Montreal. 

" A man of high standing, socially and 
otherwise." Can. Gazette (Land.) 

Bogrert, The Venerable James John 


S. John and Mary (Radcliffe) B. ; 
b. BrockviMe, Ont, Aug. 2, 1835; e. 
there and at Trin. Univ., Toronto 
(B.A., 1855; M.A., 1858; D.C.L., 
1902); o. deacon, 1858; priest, 1859; 
successively curate Brampton and 
Prescott ; rector Napanee ; do. St. Al- 
ban s, Ottawa, June, 1881, where he 
still is; R. D. Lennox, 1879 ; do. Carle- 
ton, 1881 ; archdeacon Ottawa, 1897 ; 
presdt. Ch. Choir Union. 1901 ; V.-P. 
Ang. Sun. Sch. Assn., 1905 ; an official 
del. Bi-Cent. Ang. Ch. Celebration, 
Halifax, 1910 ; author several published 
sermons; m., May, 1860, Elizabeth 
Grant, d. late Rev. A. P. Atkinson, 
D.C.L., rector, St. Catharines, Ont 
St. Alban s Rectory, 169 Stewart St., 

" A strong pillar of the Ang. Ch. in 
Ottawa and its dist." O. Citizen. 

, Theodore Harding , education 

E. s. Rev. Dr. W. B. B. (q.v.) ; b. 
Ramapatam, Nellore Dist., India, Jan. 
26, 1882 ; e. Wolfville High Sch., Hor- 
ton Coll. Acad., Acadia Coll., Wolfville, 
(B.A., 1902; M.A., 1904); and Tale 
Univ. (B.A., 1905; M.A., 1906; Ph.D., 
1908) ; Instr. High Sch., Stockbridge, 
Mass., 1902-3 ; do., Horton Coll. Acad., 
1903-4; do., Tale Univ., dept. of 
anthrop. (his present position), 1907; 
has in preparation a work on " The 
Influence of the Loyalists on the 
Political Life of Nova Scotia " ; m., 
June, 1907, Muriel, d. R. G. Haley, St 
John, N.B. Box 1093, Yale Station, 
New Haven, Conn. 

Bog-g-s, Bev. William Bambrlck 

Descended from U. E. Loyalists from 
New Brunswick, N.J. ; s. Wm. Fraser 
and Jessie W. (Clow) B. ; b. Hants, 
N.S., May 8, 1842 ; e. Acadia Coll., 
Wolfville, N.S. (B.A., 1865 ; M.A., 
1874; D.D., 1895); D.D. (Wm. Jewell 
Coll., Mo.), 1889; m., 1st, 18 66, Miss 
Mary Bishop, Wolfville, N.S. (d. 1870) ; 
2ndly, 1875, Miss Mora J. Baton, Corn- 
wallis, N. S., late N. S. Bapt. Mission, 
Bangkok, Siam ; o. 1865; pastor Syd 
ney, C.B., 1865-68; do. St John, N.B., 
1874 ; entd. for mission service, and 
sailed for East, Aug., 1874 ; tempor 
arily located in Siam, but transfd. to 
India, 1875; since 1878 has been con 
nected with the Am. Bapt. Mission. 
Union ; returned to Can. for good, on 
account of Ill-health, 1907 ; dean Gor 
don Mission Sch. in connection with 
Newton Theol. Semy., 1908-10 ; while 
in India his work was both evangel 
istic and educational ; was connected 
for many yrs. with the Telugu Theol. 
Semy. at Ramapatam as principal ; 
literary work also engaged his atten 
tion, both In the production of 
vernacular text-books for use in 
semy. and In editing periodicals, 
both in Eng. and Telugu ; author of 
"The Christian Ministry" (Telugu 
lang., 1888), "The Baptists: Who Are 
They and What Do They Believe?" 
(2nd ed., 1892), "Outlines of Church 
History" (in Telugu, 1896), "A Com- 



mentary on the Gospel of Luke" (do., 
1903). Wolfville, N.S. 

Bogrgrs, William Edward, Bapt. mis 

S. Rev. W. B. B. (g.v.) ; b. Sydney, 
C.B., July 24, 1867 ; e. Acadia Coll., 
Wolfville, N.S. (B.A., 1887) ; followed 
theol. course McMaster Univ. (B.Th., 
1890) ; m., Oot, 1890, Maud E., d. W. 
C. Moir, Halifax, N.S. ; served as an 
evangelistic missy, in India, where he 
went in 1890 ; returned to Can., 1906. 
Wolfville, N.S. 

Bogle, David Blyth, journalist. 

S. late Rev. Andrew B., CaLlander, 
Perthshire, Soot. ; b. there, 1868 ; e. 
Edinburgh Royal High Sch. and Edin 
burgh Univ. (M.A.) ; came to B. C., 
1891 ; founded Rossland Miner, 1895 ; 
in partnership with John Houston, 
M.L.A., in mining business, 1896-99 ; 
owner and d. Nelson Miner, 1902 ; ed. 
Victoria Colonist, 1902 ; a Lib. -Con. ; 
has always taken a deep interest in 
polities and in the development of 
B. C. ; a keen- student of sociology and 
political economy ; possesses a repu 
tation as a platform speaker. 48 Cad- 
boro Bay Rd., Victoria, B.C. 

Bogue, Richard, merchant. 

Y. a. late John B., Westminster, 
Ont. ; b. there, Sept. 15, 1845; e. 
there, and Brockville, Ont. ; m., 1st, 
1875, Miss Eliza Galbraith, Bowman- 
ville, Ont. (d.) ; 2ndly, Miss C. E. 
Harrison, Milton, Ont. ; a mem. of 
firm B. & Smart, hardware merchants, 
Brockville, 1876-82; went West, to 
Winnipeg and Brandon, 1882 ; since 
1883 has been In hardware business 
at Moose Jaw, of which city he has 
since been one of the moving spirits; 
one of the first sch. trustees; mayor, 
6 yrs., ending 1908; presdt Municipal 
League, 1908 ; presdt. Union of Sask. 
Municipalities, 1908-9 ; formerly presdt. 
Hudson Bay Ins. Co. ; Lib. ; Bapt. 
Moose Jaw, Sask. 

" One of the great West s most enter 
prising business men." M. Gazette. 
"Bonn, Eric" (see Brown, John 

Bohrer, Alfred Edward Maximilian, 


S. late Wm. B., teacher of singing 
and pianoforte, Montreal, a native of 
Stuttgart, Germany ; b. Montreal, Feb. 
25, 1860 ; e. St. Mary s (Jesuit) Coll., 
there ; m. Miss Bond ; pursued musical 
studies under his father and in Europe ; 
himself a successful teaching pianist; 
apptd. an examr. to select a pupil to 
hold Montreal musical! scholarship In 
Royal CoOIK Music, London; a coun^ 
cillor and bursar Dcwn\. Coll. of Music 
and V.-P. German Soc., /Montreal. 620 
Dorchester 8t. W., Montreal. 

Boileau, Philip, artist. 

S. late Baron Gaul dree B., formerly 
consul-genl. for France, Quebec, and 
Susan Taylor (Benton) B. ; b. Quebec, 
June, 1863 ; e. Eng. ; studied art in 
Italy; commenced painting, 1900; ex 
cels in " Am. girl " portraits. 305 5th 
Ave., New York. 

Bolduc, Hon. Joseph, notary public; 


Descended from Louis B.. who came 
to Can., 1668, as procureur-du : Roi ; 
s. Capt. Augustin B., St. Francois de la 
Beauce, P.Q. ; b. there, June 22, 1847; 
e. Ste. Marie Coll. and Laval Univ. ; 
m., Oct., 1873, M. G. A., d. Jean 
Mathieu; N.P. (P. Q.), 1872; a lum 
ber merchant ; has been Mayor of his 
parish and Warden of Beauce ; also 
presdt. Bd. of Sch. Trustees ; a dir. of 
Beauce Agricul. Soc. and of Levis & 
Kennebec Ry. ; successfully promoted 
Tring & Megantic Ry. ; passed Royal 
Mil. Sch., Quebec (2nd class). 1865: a 
Con., and sat, in that interest, for 
Beauce (H. C.), 1876-1884, when called 
to the Senate by Lord Lansdowne ; a 
R.C. St. Victor de Tring, P.Q.; 401 
Albert St., Ottawa; Quebec Garrison 

Bolduc, Monsigrnor Majorique (R.C.). 
S. Remi B., J.P., and Sophie (Pepin) 
B. ; b. St. Victor de Tring, P.Q., Nov. 
20, 1842; e. Coll. de Ste. Anne; o. 
1871; missy, on Interc. Ry. while 
under construction, 1872, and cure suc 
cessively at Gaspe Basin, Douglas- 
town, Father Point, and Cacouna ; still 
at latter place ; apptd. by Pope Leo 
XIII. mission, apostol., 1881 ; hon. 
canon, 1888 ; prelate domestlque, by 
Pope Pius X., 1903 ; retired, 1907 ; has 
on two occasions paid extended visits 
to Europe and the Holy Land ; at 
tended Pfenary Council 1 , Quebec, 1909, 
and Eucharis tic Congress, Montreal, 
1910. Rimouski, P.Q. 

Bole, David Wesley, merchant; legis 

S. James and Ann (Murdock) B.. 
Irish parentage, from Mayo ; b. War 
wick, Lambton, Ont., Feb. 15, 1856 ; e. 
public sch. and Woodstock Coil. ; m., 
1880, Isabella, d. late Thos. Lennox, 
Tihedford, Ont.; ed. Watford (la.) 
newspaper 2 yrs. ; graduated OoM. 
Pharmacy, Toronto, 1880; com 
menced business, Brighton, Ont. ; 
went west, 1882, settling at Regina, 
where he was presdt. Bd. Trade, 1886- 
87 ; removed to Winnipeg, 1889 ; a 
wholesale druggist ; has served at 
Winnipeg as Aid., a mem. and chair 
man Sch. Bd. and presdt. Bd. Trade, 
and Western Canada Immigration 
Assoc. ; also presdt. Lib. Association ; 
unsuccessfully contested mayoralty, 
1896; sat for Winnipeg (H.C.), Lib. 
interest, 1904-08 ; promoter Dom. Pro 
duce Co., and Nat. Drug & Chemical 
Co., 1905, of both of which he is 
presdt. ; a Presb. Care 32 St. Gabriel 
St., Montreal; St. James s Club; Mont 
real Club, do. 

Bole, His Honour William Norman, 
Co. Ct. judge. 

Descended paternally from John B., 
who settled in Surrey, 1066 ; mater 
nally, from the Campbells, a branch of 
which settled in N. Irel., under James 
I. ; e. s. late John B., Lakefield. Mayo, 
and Elizabeth Jane (Campbell) B. ; b. 
Castlebar, Irel., Dec. 6, 1846; e". pri 
vate tutor and Santry Pub. Sch. ; m., 
Feb., 1881, Florence Blanchard, o. d. 
late Major J. H. Coulthard, J.P., New 



Westminster; went to B. C.. 1877; 
barrister, 1878; K.C. (M. of Lans- 
downe), 1887; previously depty. elk. 
Crown, Mayo; bencher Law Soc. 
R O. ; sat for New Westminster 
(Local), Con. interest, 1886-89; apptd. 
judge Co. Ct., Sept. 19, 1889 ; local 
Judge Sup. Ct., 1891 ; special powers, 
Dec., 1892, and Oct. 1, 1902 ; served as 
stip. magte. B. C., police mgte., etc. ; 
presdt. Royal Columbia Hosp., N. W. 
Rifle Assn., N. W. Gun Club, and N. 
W. Bd. Trade; capt. No. 1 Batt., B.C. 
Brig. Arty., 1884-87 ; a Freemason ; an 
Ang. and a del to provl. and genl. 
synods. " Altamont Villa," New West 
minster, B.C.; Terminal City Club, 
Royal Vancouver Club, Vancouver, B.C. 

Bollert, Miss Minnie Louise, educa 

B.A. (Toronto Univ.), 1900; M.A., 
1902; M.A. (Princeton Univ.. N. J.), 
1906 ; sometime lady principal Alma 
Coll., St. Thomas, Ont Guelph, Ont. 
Bolton, Richard, business man. 

B. Bambury, Bng. ; graduated as a 
pharmaceutical chemist; came to Can. 
when young, settling in Montreal, 
where for many yrs. he was a mem. of 
the firm of Devins & B., wholesale and 
retail druggists ; retired therefrom, 
some 30 yrs. ago, and has since de 
voted himself to his private interests ; 
a dir. Montreal City & Dist. Savings 
Bank ; has been also, for a consider 
able period, presdt. of the Montreal 
Loan & Mort. Co., Montreal! Trust & 
Loan Co., and the Edward sburg Starch 
Co. ; is a life gov. Montreal Genl. 
Hosp. ; a Con., but does mot take an 
active part in politics, or in municipal 
matters ; m., 1872, Mass Elizabeth 
Minchin (d.). 435 Mackay St., Mont 

Bolton, Rev. William Washing-ton 


S. Jas. B., Bolton Priory, Pelham, 
N.Y., and Louisa (Pym) B., Willian, 
Herts, Eng. ; b. London, Eng., July 3, 
1858 ; e. Wimbledon, Surrey, Eng., and 
Caius Coll., Camb. (B.A., 1880; M.A., 
1883) ; m., Feb., 1889, Miss A. J. Bush- 
by, grandd. late Sir James Douglas, 
first Gov. of B.C.; o. 1881; curate Rt. 
Rev. Sir Lovelace Stainer, Bart, (now 
Bp. of Salisbury) , Stoke-ora-Trenit ; 
missy, to Assiniboia, N.W.T. ; rector 
Esquimau, B.C. ; do. St. Mary s, San 
Francisco, Cal. ; warden Univ. Sch., 
Victoria, B.C. (his present position), 
1887 ; an allround athlete, and was the 
half-mile champion of Eng., 1879 ; 
presdt. Camb. Univ. Athletic Club, do. ; 
has held presidencies of athletic, foot 
ball, lacrosse, and boxing clubs ever 
since ; holds the record of being the 
only man, white or native, who has 
ever traversed Vancouver Island from 
north to south ; this he accomplished 
In 1894 ; distance as the crow flies, 270 
miles ; actual distance, owing to natural 
impediments, 650 miles; time occupied, 
103 days ; was chaplain 5th B. C. 
Regt. Arty., 1906-07. Victoria, B.C. 

Bonar, James, Dom. public service. 

S. Rev. Dr. A. A. and Isabella (Dick- 
son) B. ; b. Collace, Perthshire, Scot., 
Sept. 27, 1852 ; e. Glasgow Acad. and 

Univ. (M.A.), Leipzig and Tubingen 

and Bal liol OoW., Oxford (M.A.) ; m., 
1883, Miss Mary Newburne (d. Aug., 
1908) ; Lecturer, East London, 1877-80 ; 
junior examr., H.M.C.S. Comn., 1881 ; 
senior examr. do., 1895 ; deputy master 
Can. branch Royal Mint since June, 
1907; was presdt. Sec. F., Brit. Assn., 
1898; besides being a conitribuitor to 
Craik s Prose Authors, Palgrave S Die. 
of Pol. Econ., Conrad s Hanidw6rter- 
buch der Staatswissenschaften, and 
Encycl. Brit., has translated Beck s 
" Biblical Psych." (1877), and Is the 
author of the following works ; " Par 
son Malthus" (1881), " Ma lthus and 
his Work" (1885), " Ricardo -s Letters 
to Trower" (1889), and a " PoUit icaJ 
Economy" (1903). 259 Daly Ave., 
Ottawa; Saville Club, London, Eng.; 
Rideau Club, Ottawa; Alpine Club of 
Can., Banff. 

" A philosophical and economic author 
of great distinction." T. News. 

Bond, Charles Herbert Acton, archi 

S. Acton B., London, Eng. ; b. Chel 
sea, London, Eng., 1869; e. In Eng.; 
m. Miss Mary Newton (d.) ; came to 
Can., 1886 ; commenced practice as an 
architect, 1897; mem. Bd. Ont. Sch. 
of Art and: Design ; secy. Public Sch. 
Art Leagues Advisory Bd. ; presdt. To 
ronto Soc. of Architects, 1909-11 ; Ang. 
112 Charles St. W., Toronto. 

Bond, Lt.-Col. Prank, financial agent. 
E. s. late Archbp. B., Primate of all 
Can., and Eliza (Longley) B. ; b. 
Montreal, Oct. 26. 1846 : e. Montreal 
High Sch. ; m., Oct., 1868, Mary Stew 
art, d. late H. S. Scott, Quebec ; re 
ceived business training Bank of 
Montreal ; for some yrs. secy. Montreal 
Stock Exchange ; now financial agent 
and stock broker ; for many yrs. an 
off r. in volunteer militia force ; saw 
service on Western frontier, 1864, and 
again during Fenian raids (med.) ; 
commanded Prince of Wales Fusiliers 
at labour riots, Quebec, 1878 ; pre 
sented with sword by regt., in recogni 
tion of his services during Fenian Raid, 
1871; commanded Wimbledon rifle 
team, 1888 (on which occasion was 
presented to the late King and Queen 
and lunched with their Majesties) ; re 
tired, retaining rank, Mch., 1889 ; 
presdt. Can. Veterans Assn., 1896-97; 
volunteered for active service in S. A. 
War ; formerly presdt. Montreal foot 
ball team, and an all-round athlete ; 
considered one of the finest amateur 
swimmers in Can., and reputed to be 
the first white man to " shoot " the 
Lachme Rapids in a canoe ; holds long- 
service decoration ; Ang. 247 Bishop 
St., Montreal; St. James s Club, do. 

Bond, Rev. George John (Meth.). 

S. late John B.. merchant. St. 
John s, Nfd. ; a bro. Rt. Hon. Sir Robt. 
B. (q.v.) ; b. St. John s, July 1, 
1850 ; e. Genl. Prot. Acad., St. John s, 
and Univ. Mt Allison, Sackvllle, N.B. 
(B.A., 1874) ; m., July, 1881, Miss 
Amelia Macpherson (d. July, 1903) ; 
entd. ministry, 1871 ; held 1 pastorates 
in Nfd. and N. S. ; secy. Nfd. Conf., 



1883-4; presdt. do., 1885; del. Genii. 
Gonf., 1890, 1898, and 1902; ed. 
Wesleyan, Halifax, N.S., 1895-1902; 
acting ed. Christian Guardian, Toronto, 
1900; ed. do., 1902-06; originated idea 
20th Cent. Thanksgiving Fund in Can., 
and is a mem. comte. for carrying it 
into effect ; went to China and Japan, 
1908 ; while there wrote a series of 
letters on the social, political and re 
ligious outlook of those countries ; 
pastor Graifiton St. Meth. Oh., Halifax, 
N.iS., 1910-11; now at River John, 
N.S. River John, N.S. 

"An eloquent and forceful speaker." 
T. Globe. 
Bond, John Martin, merchant. 

E. s. Geo. and Eliza (Martin) B., 
both of Irel. ; b. Spring Hill, Queen s 
Co., Irel., May 12, 1837 ; e. Provl. 
Model Sch., Toronto; m., 1st, May, 
1870, Miss Harriet Ann Deane Parker, 
Guelph, Ont. (d. Sept., 1882) ; 2ndly, 
June, 1885, Miss Florence Rose Green- 
side, do. ; a hardware merchant ; a 
mem. Dom. Bd. of Trade Council ; a 
dlr. Guelph Junction Ry. Co., Guelph 
& Ont. Invest. & Savings Soc., Guelph 
Home for the Friendless, and Guelph 
Genl. Hosp. ; a del. 3rd Com. Congress 
of Empire, London, Eng., 1896 ; Con. ; 
Ang. ; del. to Provl. Synod, and mem. 
Council Trin. Univ. " Gore Lawn," 
Guelph, Ont. ; Priory Club, do. ; Toronto 
Club, Toronto. 
Bond, Rt. Hon. Sir Robert, statesman. 

Descended from an old Devonshire 
family ; s. late John B., a native of 
Torquay, for a lengthened period a 
merchant at St. John s, Nfd. ; b. St. 
John s, Feb. 25, 1857; e. Queen s Coll., 
Taunton, Eng., and Intended for the 
bar, but preferred a purely political 
career ; unm. ; entd. Nfd. Legislature, 
1882; elected Speaker Leg. Assem., 
1884 ; Col. Secy., with a seat in the 
Cabinet, 1889 ; subsequently unseated 
and disqualified, with his leader, the 
late Sir Wm. Whiteway ; del. to the 
Imp. Govt. on the French treaties 
question, 1890 ; authorized by Imp. 
Govt. to assist Lord Pauncefote, H. 
M. s Ambassador at Washington, in 
negotiating a reciprocity treaty with 
U. S., and was instrumental in carry- 
Ing through the Bond-Blaine treaty, 
do. ; a del. to Can. on N. Am. fishery 
question, 1892 ; in the great financial 
crisis which overtook Nfd. in 1894 his 
strong action and able championship of 
the cause of the colony in financial 
circles In London preserved the au 
tonomy of the colony, and established 
a claim on Newfoundlanders of per 
sonal loyalty towards him which 
steadily increased ; apptd. by Queen 
Victoria to Leg. Council, 1895 ; chair 
man of Govt. deputation to Ottawa 
Conf., 1895 ; Premier and Col. Secy., 
1900-09 ,- special del. to conf. on 
French treaties, London, 1901 ; Imp. 
Privy Councillor, 1902 ; K.C.M.G., 
do. ; reed, freedom city of Edinburgh, 
do. ; authorized to reopen negotiations 
with U. S. for reciprocal trade, and 
succeeded in concluding a treaty with 
that country, known as the Hay-Bond 
treaty, do. ; assisted in drafting regu 

lations for carrying out the Anglo- 
French convention, 1904; reed, freedom 
city of London, 1907 ; an hon. LL.D. 
(Edinburgh Univ.) ; a dir. Sch. for the 
Blind and hon. V.-P. Royal Soc. of St. 
George ; has urged the importance of 
direct transatlantic travel from Irel. to 
Nfd., by which plan he claims the 
ocean may be crossed in 44 hours, and 
N. T. reached from London in 10Q 
hours ; secured passage of resolution in 
favour of old age pensions, 1906 ; with 
regard to union with Can., has de 
clared the policy of his Govt. to be: 
" That there is no desire on the part 
of the islanders to be included as a 
constituent part of the Dom. of Can., 
but, on the contrary, that the colony 
should retain its autonomy, and con 
tinue to maintain an honourable and 
independent position as part of the Brit. 
Empire" ; a Meth. "Cochrane House," 
St. John s; "The Grange." Whit- 
bourne, Nfd. 

" A man tenacious of purpose and with 
great charm of manner." Canada. 
Bond, William Long-ley, lawyer. 

iS. Lt.-Coi. Frank B. (q.v. ) and Mary 
( Scott) B. ; grtanids. late Airch bp. B., 
PrimiaJbe of alii Can. ; to. Montreal, Jan. 
20>, Ii873 ; e. High .Sch., Monitireail, and 
McGill Univ. (B.A., 1894 ; B.C.L., 
1897); advocate, 1898; a mem. legal 
firm Atwater, Duclos, B. & Meagher, 
Montreal ; argued celebrated Cantin 
case before Jl. Comte. P.C.. Eng. : for 
many yrs. capt. and adjt. P. of Watles 
Fusiliers ; also secy. Quebec Rifle 
Assn. ; an Ang. ; elected lay secy. 
Montreal Synod, 1907; do. oh. advo 
cate, do. ; a gov. Montreal! Dioc. Tbeol. 
Coll., 1910 ; unm. 2-}T Bishop St., 
Montreal; St. James s Club, do.; 
Royal Montreal Golf Club; Montreal 
Mil. Inst. ; Reform Club ; Montreal 
Curling Club; University Club, do. 

Bone, John Kainsford, journalist. 

S. John and Mary (Oak) B. ; father 
Scotch and one of the pioneers Co. 
Huron, Ont. ; mother Irish ; b. E. Wa- 
wanosh, Co. Huron. Feb. 25, 1877 ; e. 
public sch., Coll. Inst., Clinton, Coll. 
Inst, London (gold med. in math.), 
and Toronto Univ. (B.A., with 1st class 
honours in math., 1899) ; took several 
scholarships; m., Jan., 1899, Edith, d. 
H. W. Evans, Toronto ; secy. Can. Press 
Assn., 1905-7 ; elected 1st V.-P. do., 
1911; do. V.-P. Toronto Univ. Alumni 
As Sn., do. ; joined staff Toronto Daily 
Star, Feb., 1900 ; filled in order cycLe 
of assignments, including press gal 
lery and important travelling com 
missions ; asst. mang. ed., 1906 ; mang. 
ed. since 1907; has seen Star grow in 
circulation from 6,000 In 1900 to 65,- 
000 at beginning of 1909, with pro 
portionate growth In other respects ; 
acted as press correspondent in Lon 
don for a syndicate of Can. news 
papers during the Eng. general elec 
tion, Dec., 1910 ; is secy.-treas. Can. 
Press Assn. ; believes that th% era of 
the newspaper is only dawning as 
yet ; a Lib. ; an advocate of further de 
centralization of govt., of decided ex 
tension of govt. ownership, and of 
such other changes In laws and ind. 



conditions as will give the workers a 
larger return ; Presb. W Brunswick 
Ave., Toronto; University Club, do. 

Bong-ard, Robert Boas, stock broker. 

S. late A. and (Ross) B.. Co. 
Prince Edward. Ont. ; U. B. L. de 
scent; b. Prince Albert. Ont.. June 15, 
1868; e. there: m. Elsie, d. W. R. 
Johnston, Toronto; previously mangr. 
Can. dept. R. G. Dun & Co. ; since 1903 
Can. mangr. Chas. Head & Co., mems. 
N. Y. and Boston Stock Exchanges, 
with offices in Montreal and Toronto ; 
Aug. 59 Admiral R&. f Toronto; To 
ronto Club; National Club; Hunt Club; 
Lambton Club; Royal Canadian Yacht 
Club, do. 

Benin, Joseph Alexandra, lawyer. 
S. late J. B. B., L Antray, Lanoraie, 

P.Q. ; b. there ; e. Montreal CoM. ; m. 
the d. late J. L. Leprohon, iM.D., vice- 
consul far Spain, Montreal ; advocate, 
1874; K.C. (E. of Derby), 1893; suc 
cessfully practises his prof. In Mont 
real, where he is a mem. of the firm 
of TaiMon, B. & Morin ; a Con. ; a 
R. C. 758 Sherbrooke St. W., Mont 
real; Beaconsfteld Golf Club, do. 

Bonnell, Saul, physician. 

M.D. (McGill Univ.), 1896; elected 
Mayor of Fernie. B.C.. 1907. Fernie, 

Bonnelli, Mrs. Rose, actress. 

D. Col. Ernest C. Stahl, a journalist ; 
b. Montreal, Oct. 29, 1875 ; e. Congre- 
gatiionHdie-Noitre-Dame, Montreal, and 
Trenton, N.J. ; made her first appear 
ance on the stage at the Girard Ave. 
Theatre, Philadelphia, In a stock co. ; 
later toured with late Daniel Band- 
mann in " Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde " ; 
made her first appearance in her cele 
brated rOle of Patricia O iBrien at Proc 
tor s /Music HaJlfl, N.Y., in a sketch then 
entitled "The Chorus Girl," June 13, 
1904 ; also played at the Palace 
Theatre, London, in the same part ; 
on her return to Am. the piece was 
extended to a 4-act play, entitled " The 
Chorus Lady," and produced at the 
Savoy Theatre, N.Y., Sept. 1, 1906; 
has sin-ce starred in " Maggie .Pepper 
and other characters. Care "Dra 
matic Mirror," New York. 

Bonner, Robert Johnson, educationist. 

S. John and Nancy B. ; Scotch 
origin ; b. Tp. B-landford, Co. Oxford, 
Ont., 1868; e. Toronto Univ. (B.A., 
with 1st class honfours in classics, 
1890) ; m., Dec., 1894, Annie (B.A., 
Toronto Univ., 1890), d. D. G. WiLlson ; 
barrister (Ont.), 1893; practised for 
a short period at Woodstock, Ont. ; 
classical master Oolllngwood Coll. 
Inst., 1894-99 ; later, connected with 
Stetson Univ., De Land, Florida; fel 
lowship in Greek, Chicago Univ. 
(Ph.D., 1904), 1899; associate in 
Greek, do., 1908; now asst. prof, do., 
do. ; author of what is generally ac 
knowledged to be the best Greek text 
book in Am. ; V.-P. British Club, Chi 
cago Univ.. 1907.- 56341 Jackson Ave., 
Chicago, III. 

Bengali, Miss Bessie (see Barron, 
Mrs. Bessie). 

Boone, Capt. Charles Armel, late H. 

M. s regular mil. forces. 
O. s. Chas. S. and Ella Belle B.. To 
ronto ; b. Toronto, Feb. 7. 1879 ; e. 
U. C. Coll. and Toronto Univ. : m., 
June, 1907, Dorothy Lynn, o. d. late 
Arthur G. Mallock, H. M. s Indian 
Marine, Baidar House. Guernsey ; 
gazetted 2nd lieut. Marfchester Regt, 
Apl., 1900 ; 1st lieut.. Nov., do. ; capt., 
Apl., 1907 ; placed on half-pay, at his 
own request, Oct., do. ; served with his 
regt. in S.A. War, 1900-02, and took 
part in the operations resulting in the 
surrender of the Boer forces in the 
Caledon Valley, Aug., 1900 (mentioned 
in Lord Kitchener s special despatch: 
" Continually noticed for coolness and 
gafent leading under fire " ; Queen s 
med. with 3 clasps ; King s med. with 2 
clasps). no Crescent Rd., Toronto; 
Sports Club. London, Eng.; Toronto 
Hunt Club; Toronto Club, Toronto. 

Booth, Charles Jackson, manufac 

S. John R. B. (g.u.) and the late 
Rosalinda (Cook) B. : b. and e. in 
Ottawa ; m., Sept., 1907, Jessie Louise, 

d. late W. Kerr Gibson, Petrolea, 
Ont. ; is genl. supdt John R. Booth, 
lumber and pulp and paper manfr., 
Ottawa ; V.-P. Timber Limit Owners 
Assn. ; a dir. Ottawa Fire Ins. Co. and 
Dom. Forestry Assn. ; a prominent 
mem. O. A. A. C. ; vice-chairman Ot 
tawa St. John Ambulance Assn. ; 
elected presdt. St. Hubert Gun Club, 
1911 ; formerly presdt. Parry Sound 
and Can, Atlantic Rys. ; a Presto. 
252 Metcalfe St., Ottawa; RideauClub; 
Ottawa Hunt Club; St. Hubert Gun 
Club, do. 

Booth, John Rudolphus, lumber 

manufacturer; capitalist. 
S. late John R. and Helen (Rowley) 
B. ; b. Co. Shefford, P.Q., Apl. 5, 1826 ; 

e. Waterloo, P.Q. ; m. /Miss Rosalinda 
Cook (d. May 26, 1886) ; moved to 
Ottawa, 1857 ; built a small siiingle 
mill on the site of what was after 
wards Booth s mammoth lumber mill ; 
in time became one of the largest limit 
owners in Can., as well as one of th 
most extensive manfrs. of lumber ; is 
also a pulp and paper manfr. ; has de 
voted much time to ry. construction 
and development ; built a short line 
into the Temiskaming region and was 
a promoter Temiskaming Steamboat 
Co., 1881; built the Can. Atlantic Ry. 
and the Ottawa, Arnprior & Parry 
Sound Ry., consisting of over 500 mileg 
of road ; these rys. came under the 
control of the Grand Trunk Ry., Jan. 
1, 1905 ; a promoter, Federal Coloniza 
tion & Land Reclaiming Co., 1906; is 
a dir. Grand Trunk Pacific Ry. and 
Can. Cement Co. ; also a dir. Dom. 
Forestry Assn. ; a millionaire ; gave 
$5,000 to the Endowment Fund, 
Queen s Univ., 1905 ; do., $10,000 to St. 
Luke s Hosp., Ottawa, 1903 ; is a life 
gov., latter institution ; a Presb. and 
formerly a trustee Ottawa Ladies 
Coll. ; his portrait, in oils, was added 
to the Rideau Hall collection by H. E. 
Earl Grey, 1908 ; opposed to the Taft- 
Fielding reciprocity agreement, 1911, 



and took a prominent pant In the cam 
paign against it, g. e. 1911. 252 Met- 
calfe St., Ottawa; Rideau Club; Ot 
tawa Hunt Club, do. 

"A plain, unassuming, practical man." 
O. Citizen. 

" His name is a household word wherever 
energy and industry are spoken of." H. 
E. the Earl of Aberdeen. 

" His success has been due to personal 

industry, personal integrity and personal 

keeping in faith with his fellow men." 
O. Free Press. 

Booth, Rev. William B. (Meth.). 

Formerly a minr. of the Prim. Meth. 
Ch. in Can. ; since 1884 a minr. Can. 
Meth. Ch. ; late pastor Bellefair Ch., 
Toronto; since 1910 pastor at Barrie; 
Ph.D. (Wesl. Univ., Bloomington, 111.), 
1905. Barrie, Ont. 

Borden, Rev. Arthur Gumming* 

(Meth.), missionary. 
S.Lemuel Perry and Margery (Cum- 
mings) B. ; b. Avonport, N.S., May 9, 
1858; e. Mt. Allison Univ. (B.A., 
1885; M.A., 1895; B.D., 1891; D.D., 
1909) ; m., July, 1890, Annie Burn- 
ham, d. late Rev. Wm. Alcorn, Ber 
wick, N.S. ; o. 1870; served in various 
parts of N. S., including Charles St. 
Ch., Halifax; missy, to Japan, 1896; 
prof. Anglo- Japanese Coll., connected 
with Can. CMeth. Mission for some yrs. ; 
chairman Kofu dist., 1904; supdt. and 
treas. Can. Methodist Missions, Japan, 
1905-07 ; representative Bd. of Mis 
sions, 1907-08; rtd. to Can., 1908. 
Horton, N.S. 

Borden, Rev. Byron Crane (Meth.), 

S. Geo. N. and Miriam (Crane) B., 
the latter d. Col. Jos. Crane, Horton, 
N.S. ; grands. Perry B., who settled 
in Cornwallis, N.S., 1759, on lands 
formerly occupied by the expelled Aca- 
dians; b. Avonport, N.S., Nov. 27, 
1850 ; e. Acacia Villa, Horton, and Mt. 
Allison Univ. (B.A., 1878; M.A., 1886 ; 
D.D., 1893) ; m., June, 1880, Alice S., 
d. Wm. Black, Hamilton, Bermuda; a 
public sch. teacher, N. S., 4 yrs.j o. 
1878; laboured in Bermuda Isls., 1878- 
80, and at Arcadia, N.S., 1880-83 ; 
pastor Brunswick St Ch.. Halifax, 
N.S., 1883 ; principal. Mt. Allison 
Ladies Coll., N.B., 1885-1911; since 
then has been presdt. Mt. Allison 
Univ. ; prof. Eng. lang. and Mt., Mt. 
Allison Univ., 1886-88; do. political 
econ. in the .same univ., 1888; lost 
position he stLM retains ; during hiis ln>- 
cumbenicy of the pnineipalship of the 
Ladies Coll., the Conservatory of (Music 
was erected, the Owens Art Gallery, 
consisting of 400 works of ant, was 
acquired, the Owens Ant Building 
erected, -and ittoe attendance at the 
coll. doubled ; both Dr. and Mrs. B. 
are senators of -the Univ. Sackville, 

" A thoroughly practical man, vitally 
interested in the truths of his subjects. 
Well versed in the national questions of 
the day, his classes present to every stu 
dent most excellent advantages." Dr. 
Alliton (q.v.). 

Borden, Ron. Sir Frederick William, 

physi*ian; statesman. 

S. late Dr. Jonathan B. ; b. Corn 
wallis, N.S., May 14, 1847; e. King s 
Coll. Univ., Windsor, N.S. (B.A., 1866), 
and Harvard Med. Sch., Boston (M.D., 
1868) ; LL.D. (hon.), Univ. of N. B., 
1900 ; m., 1st, Oct., 1873, Julia M. (d. 
1880), d. J. H. Clark, Canning, N.S. ; 
2ndly, June, 1884, Miss Bessie B. Clark, 
do. (a dir. T. W. G. A., Ottawa ; V.-P. 
Victorian Order of Nurses, do. ; (do., 
Women s Morning Music Club, do. ; 
present, with her husband, in West 
minster Abbey, at the coronation of 
King Edward and Queen Alexandra, 
1902 ; present, by invitation, with her 
husband, at coronation of King George 
and Queen Mary, Westminster Abbey, 
June, 1911 ; admitted, with her husband, 
to a special audience with His Holiness 
the Pope, Jan., 1909) ; successfully 
practised his prof, at Oanninig, where 
he was also agent for itihe Halifax 
Banking Co. ; has been a tontg time con- 
neoted with the v. m. ; served during 
the ilost Fenian Raid (med.) ; apptd. 
asst. surg. 68th Regt., 1869 ; promoted 
surg. It.-col., Oct., 1893 ; apptd. toon. o61. 
Army Med. Corps., Aug. 1, 1901 ; do. 
hon. surg.-geml. (Emg.), 1911; do. a 
mem. Provl. Bd. of Health, N.S., 1893 ; 
a mem. Coll, P. and iS. (Ont.), 1903; 
an hon. corr. mem. Assn. of Mil. Surg. 
of U.S., 1900 ; elected hon. presdt. 
Dom. Rifle Assn., 1908; is a dir. 
Mutual Life Assur. Co. ; a dir. Avon 
Valley Develop. Co. and St. John 
Ambulance Assn., and presdt. N.S. Elec 
tric Co., King s Park Realty Co., 
Ltd., andl chairman) Butte Central 
Copper Co. ; sat for King s, N.S., Lib. 
Interest, 1874-82, when defeated, and 
again, since g. e. 1896; was .the Mlnr. 
of Militia and Defence, in the Laurier 
Admn., since its formation, July 13, 
1896, unitlil its defeat at g. e. 1911; 
created a K.C.M.G. by late King 
Edward, at His (Majesty s coronation, 
1902, and a Knight of Grace of the 
Order of St. John of Jerusalem the 
same year ; attended the Imp. Col. 
Oomf., London, Emg., 1907, the Imp. 
Defence Conf., 1909, and the Imp. Ool. 
Cornf., do., 1911 ; is a mem. of 
the Imp. Council of Defence, and 
presdt., ex-ofllcio, of the Militia Council 
of Can. ; holds the long service decora 
tion ; has been presented to King 
Edward and Queen Alexandra and 
to the present King and Queen ; dined 
with King Edward and the Col. 
Premiers, Buckingham Palace, May, 
1907; presented to the Dom. Rifle 
Assn. a challenge cup and medal 
lion, valued at $500, as a memorial 
of his son, Lieut. Harold Lothrop 
B., who was killed In action, in 
S. A., 1900 ; a Freemason ; a Meth. ; 
an hon. mem. Quebec Garrison Club 
and Canadian Club, Boston, Mass. 
" Stadacona Hall," Laurier Ave. E., 
Ottawa; Rideau Club; Laurentian 
Club; Ottawa Hunt Club, do.; Halifax 
Club, Halifax, N.S.; Quebec Garrison 
Club, Quebec. 

" Industrious and efficient." Canada. 

" The best Minister of Militia Canada haa 
ever had; to him mainly is due the credit 
for the splendid part Canada took in sup- 



port of the Imperial cause in South Africa. 
St. John Telegraph. 

" Has organised the Canadian army as 
it never was organized before." Can. Cen 

"A man who has fearlessly and vigour- 
ously carried out what he believed to be 
right." T. Globe. 

" No Minister of Militia has ever done 
eo much towards making the Canadian 
forces so thoroughly efficient and ready for 
the field as he." Broad Arrow. 
Borden, John William, Dom. public 


2nd s Andirew and Eunice Jane 
(Laird) B., Grand Pre, N.S. ; b. there, 
Oct. 10, 1856; e. Acacia Villa Acad,; 
m.. Jan., 1891, Annie Frances, d, late 
Fredk. Brown, Wolfville, N.S. ; origin 
ally mangr. Union Bank, Kentville, 
N 18. ; enttd. public service as account 
ant, Dept. Mil. and Def., Sept., 1897 ; 
apptd. paymaster-genii, and finance 
mem. of (the Miildtia Council, Can., 
July, 1905; an Ang. 17 Blackburn 
Ave., Ottawa. 
Borden, Hon. Robert laird, lawyer; 


Descended from Saml. B., surveyor, 
who came to Falmouth, N.S., from the 
Am. Colonies, 1760, before the Loyal 
ists; s. late Andrew and Eunice 
(Laird) B. ; b. Grand Pre, N.S., June 
26, 1854 ; e. Acacia Villa Acad., Hor- 
ton ; LL.D. (hon.), Queen s Univ., 1903 ; 
do. (hon.), St. Francis Xavier Univ., 
Antigonish, 1905 ; m., Sept., 1889, 
Laura (formerly a leading mem. of 
the Orpheus Musical Society, Halifax, 
presdt. of the Aberdeen Soc. and of 
the Local Council of Women, and 
V.P. Woman s Work Exchange, Hali 
fax ; gave a med. to be competed for 
at the Halifax Indus. Sch. ; was on the 
Reception Comte. on the return of the 
Can. troops from S.A., 1900 ; now, a 
Councillor Victorian Order of Nurses 
and V.-P. Nat. Council of Women ; 
elected presdt. Ladies Golf Club, Ot 
tawa, 1910 ; Regent Laurentian 
Chapter, Daughters of the Empire, Ot 
tawa, 1911 ; accompanied her husband 
on his tour of Ont., 1901, on his trip 
through B.C., the N.W.T. and Man., 
1902, and subsequent official journeys), 
d T. H. Bond, Halifax, N.S. ; prof. 
Glenwood Inst., N.J., 1872; return 
ing to N. S. studied law with the 
present Sir R. L. Weatherbe (q.v.) 
and the present Mr. Justice Graham 
(g.v.),and was oaMed to the bar, 1878 
successfully practised his prof, first at 
Kentville, N.S., in partnership with 
the present Judge J. P. Ohipman (q.v.), 
and subsequently at Halifax, where he 
succeeded the late Sir J. S. D. Thomp 
son In the firm of Thompson, Graham 
& Tupper (q.v.) ; became one of the 
leaders of the bar ; was counsel for the 
Dom. Govt. in the case of the Queen 
vs. " David J. Adams," a case in the 
Vice-Admiralty Court arising out of 
the enforcement of the Treaty of 1818 ; 
he also pleaded before the Jl. Comte. of 
the P.C. in the case of the Municipality 
of Pictou vs. Geldert and other Im 
portant causes ; was successively V.P. 
and presdt., N.S. Barristers Soc., 
occupying the last named office for an 
extended term; K.C. (Earl of Derby) 

1890; do. (Ont.), 1908; sat for Hali 
fax (H.C.), 1896-1904, when defeated, 
and for Carleton (H.C.), 1905-8; re 
turned for both Carleton and Halifax, 
g. e, 1908 ; elected to sit for latter seat ; 
has been leader of tihe Con. Opposition 
(H.C.) since Feb. 6, 1901; since July, 
1905, has been In the receipt from 
Parlt. of an additional indemnity of 
$7,000 as the recognized leader of the 
Opposition; a dir. of the Bank of N.S., 
Keewatin Flour Mills Co., N.S. Tele 
phone Co., Eastern Trust Co., Can. 
Forestry Assn., etc. ; a life dir. of the 
Carleton Co. Hosp. and V.P. Lord s 
Day Alliance; has made several ex 
tended tours throughout Can. ; made 
another Western tour, 1911 ; toured 
the United Kingdom and a portion of 
the European Continent, 1909 ; pre 
sented with a silver loving cup by the 
Junior Lib.-Con. Assn. of the Co. Hali 
fax, June, 1904, and with a picture, by 
Homer Watson (q.v.), by the mems. 
of his party, May, 1909 ; has lectured 
on " Canadian Problems " and other 
subjects; issued a manifesto to the 
people of Can., indicating the issues 
coming before them during the g. e. 
of 1911 ; was chiefly opposed, to ,the 
Taf t-FieMinig reciprocity compact ; on 
the defeat at the polls of the Laurier 
Admn., g. e. 1911, was called upon to 
form a new Admn. ; was <sworrn of the 
P. C., Oct. 10, 1911, amd took office 
as presdt. of the King s Privy Council 
of Can. in the new Cabinet ; Ang. 
SOI Wurtemburg St., Ottawa; Rideau 
Club, do.: Albany Club, Toronto; 
Halifax Club, Halifax. 

"A clean, honest, earnest statesman." 
Can. Collier s. 

" Has won his position by force of 
merit." Can. Courier. 

"A gentleman of culture and refined 
tastes and one of the most successful mem 
bers of the Canadian bar." 11. Witness. _ 

" Personally a honorable man, with 
pro<per ideals of the proprieties of public 
life; commands the respect of Liberals and 
Conservatives alike." T. Globe. 

"An absolutely honorable man, who is 
well posted on public affairs and is en 
tirely without prejudice of race or reli 
gion." The late Hon. J. I. Tarte. 

" The ablest pairliameutarian in Cana 
dian public life and his whole attitude in 
the past stands for everything that is best 
ini the public life of the Dominion. Sir 
0. H. Tupper (q.v.). 

"A wide and accurate knowledge of the 
law, fertility of resource and firmness of 
purpose, united to a dignified and cour 
teous manner which has won for him the 
friendship as well as the confidence of his 
clientele, are some of his leading char 
acteristics." Can. Law Journ. 

" Of Mr. Borden the people of Canada 
have good reason to be proud; a sturdy 
Canadian, a man of honor, a master of the 
political situation, a fine speaker, and a 
great Parliamentary tactician, he possesses 
the qualities which will make him one of 
the ablest of OUT Premiers when called, 
as he soon must be, to the highest office in 
the gift of his fellow-citizens.- M. & E. 
Borthwlck, Rev, John DonfflAB (Ang.). 


B. Glencorse, nr. Edinburgh, Scot, 
June 7, 1832 ; e. Cauvin s Sch., Edin- 



burgh, and Univ. Edinburgh, being the 
successful cand. for 2 bursaries, open 
to all Scot. ; left at the end of the 
first session, to become asst. teacher 
in Bast Aoad., Glasgow; LL.D. (toon, ), 
Chicago Coll. of Science, 1888; after 
teadhdng in various pants of Scot, came 
to Cam, 1850 ; taught for some yrs. at 
Mount Pleasant Acad., Brantlord, and 
elsewhere in Ont., and was subse 
quently a master for 5 yrs. in High 
Sch., Montreal, and successively prin 
cipal Huntingdon Acad. and head mas 
ter West End Acad., Montreal ; o. 
deacon, 1864; priest, 1866; served as 
city missy., Montreal ; asst., Trin. 
Ch., do. ; locum tenens, St. Luke s, do. ; 
incumbent (for 23 yrs.), St. Mary s, 
Hochelaga ; was also chaplain H. M. s 
forces, retaining the appt. until the 
withdrawal of the troops from Mont 
real in early seventies ; has been chap 
lain to Montreal Gaol for over 40 yrs. ; 
besides many brochures and random 
contributions to press, is author of the 
following works : " Examples of Hist, 
and Geograph. Autonomasias " (1858), 
" Cyclop, of History and Geography " 
(1859), "Brit. Am. Reader" (1860), 
"Harp of Canaan" (1866), "Battles 
of the World" (do.), "Every Man s 
Mine of Useful Knowledge" (1869), 
"Dom. Geography" (1871), "History 
of Scottish Song" (1874), "History 
of Montreal, with Biographical 
Sketches" (1875), " Borthwick Castle ; 
or, Scenes from Scottish History " 
(1880), " Commercial Gazetteer of 
Montreal" (1885); "History of the 
Montreal Prison, from 1784 to 1886 " 
(1886), "Gazetteer of Montreal" 
(1893), " Streets of Montreal " (1897), 
"Jubilee de Dimant," "Rebellion de 
37- 38" (1898) (in French), "An 
thology," " Poems and Songs of the S. 
African War" (1902) ; "Authentic His 
tory of the Eight Prisons, Civil and 
Military, Montreal" (1907), "History 
of the Diocese of Montreal, 1850 to 
1910" (1911); during the latter part 
of Its existence was ed. and propr. 
The Ch. of Old Eng. Mag.; m., in early 
life, Miss Charlotte Helena Timpson, 
Portsmouth, Emg. (d. 1892) ; 2ndily, 
1894, Emma L. Nicolson, widow Rev. 
Jos. Riehey, Seafort h, Ont. 803 Huntly 
St., Montreal. 
Borup, Kristen, lay missionary. 

B. Denmark ; came to Can. in early 
life; lived for 10 or 12 yrs. In Mont 
real ; was connected with the Y. M. 
C. A., and taught in St. Jude s Ch. : 
prepared himself for the mission field 
by 2 yrs. study at the Dioces. Theol. 
Coll., Montreal ; was accepted by the 
C. M. S., and was sent to Uganda, E. 
Africa, under the auspices of St. 
Matthias Ch., Montreal, which pro 
vides for his maintenance ; he erected 
the first brick house in Uganda, and 
taught the natives how to make 
bricks, as well as to lay them ; more 
recently he has erected a cath. there, 
large enough to accommodate 4,OC 
worshippers ; has been twice m. ; 
2ndly, July. 1907, to Anna Maud. e. o. 
J. F. Whiteaves, LL.D., late Can. 
Geol. Survey. Mengo, Uganda, Brit. 
B. Africa. 

Bostock, Hon. Hewitt, Senator. 

E. s. Saml. B., "The Hermitage," 
Walton Heath, Surrey, Eng., and Mar 
ian (Iliff) B. ; b. "The Hermitage," 
May 31, 1864 ; e. by tutor, at Button, 
Brighton, and Guildford, and Trin. 
Coll., Camb., where he took his degree 
in math, tripos, 3rd class, 1885 ; called 
to the bar, Lincoln s Inn, 1888 ; came to 
B.C., 1893 ; a rancher and fruit-grower; 
has done much to aid in the honest de 
velopment of B. C. ; sat for Yale and 
Cariboo (H. C.), Lib. interest, 1896- 
1904, when called to the Senate ; was 
one of the Lib. " whips," H.C. ; intro 
duced bill, H.C., 1899, to oblige ry. GO S. 
to issue passes to members of Parlt. ; 
mem. Ex. Comte. Brit. Empire League 
Can., and V.-P. Can. Forestry Assn. ; 
an Ang. ; formerly propr. of The Pro 
vince newspaper; m., June, 1891, Liz 
zie Jean, 3rd d. Hugh Cowie, K.C., 
Thandale, Wimbledon, Eng. Monte 
Creek Ranche, Ducks, B.C.; Alpine 
Club, Banff. 

" The dominant keynote of his character 
is his sincerity." Province. 

"Is in pofliiitdcs for what he may do 
for the State, not for what the State may 
do for him." M. Herald. 
Boswell, Arthur Radcliffe, lawyer; 
Ont. ipublic service. 

S. late Judge Geo. M. J. B. and 
Susan (Radcliffe) B., Cobourg, Ont. ; 
b. Cobourg, Ont., Jan. 3, 1838; e. 
Brockville and U. C. Cod L ; barrister, 
1865 ; K.C. (E. of Derby), 1889 ; prac 
tised throughout in Toronto ; apptd, 
inspr. of In, and >regr. of Friendly 
Socs. and Loam Cos., June, 1911; Aid. 
there, and Mayor, do., 1883 ; filled 
various other public positions, includ 
ing that of trustee Toronto Genl. Hos 
pital and chairman Toronto Public 
Library ; a dir. Crown Life Ins. Co., 
and office-bearer Ont. Fish and Game 
Prot. Assn. ; a veteran sportsman ; 
was presdt. regatta held Toronto Bay 
during visit of Prince of Wales (King 
Edward), 1860; was commodore R. C. 
Y. C. for 14 yrs., and presdt. Can. 
Assn. Amat. Oarsmen for 9 yrs. ; 
elected hon. life mem. R. C. Y. C., 
1907; passed Royal Mil. Sch., Toronto, 
1864; a Freemason; an Ang., and a 
del. to Synod; m. Ella, d. late M. D. 
Cruso, Cobourg, Ont. 194 Bloor 8t. W., 
Toronto; Toronto Club; Albany Club; 
York Club, do. 

Boswell, James St. George, civil en 

S. late Wm. B., M.D., and Harriet 
Charlotte (Kmox) B., Quebec; b. 
there, Dec. 19, 1853; e. there; m., Oct. 
1, 1881, Ju Ma Josepha (presdit. Cathe 
dral Guildi, Quebec), d. late Hon. Sir 
H. G. Joly de Lotbiniere, K.C.M.G. ; 
graduated B.A.iSc. (McGilM Univ.), 
1874; M.I.C.E., 1879; .P.L.S. ; a mem. 
Soc. C. E., 1887; epptd>. dM&t engr. 
Quebec harbour works, Oct., 1890 ; an 
Ang. ; a del. to the Synod, and ch. 
warden, Quebec Cath. 2j Ste. Anne 
St., Quebec. 
Boswell, Vesey, manufacturer. 

S. late J. K. B., a native Dublin, 
IreL, and Mary J. (Paterson) /B. ; b. 
Quebec (city), Apl. 5, 1856; e. there; 



m., Oct., 1897, Florence Isabel, d 
Alfred E. Brown, Port Marion, C.B. ; 
prop, and operator firm Boswell & 
Bro., brewers and maltsters (estab 
lished by bis father, 1844, since 1893) 
is V.-P. Quebec Rifle Assn., and of the 
Nat. Breweries, Ltd. ; a steward) Quebec 
Turf Club ; for many yrs. a dir. Que 
bec Bank; since 1908 V.-P. of that In 
stitution ; one of the originators Que 
bec Bridge Co. and of Quebec & 
James Bay Ry. Co. ; an Ang. 46 Des 
Carrieres St., Quebec; Quebec Garri 
son Club. 

Bosworth, George Morris, Can. ry. 


S. Wm. C. and EMzabeth (Linton) 
B. ; b. Ogdensburg, N.Y., Jan. 27, 1858 ; 
e. there ; entd. ry. service Ogdensburg 
& Lake Champlain Ry., May, 1875, 
becoming genii, freight agent do., Feb., 
1881 r subsequently was travelling 
freight agent Nat. Despatch Line, Chi 
cago ; joined C.P.R., May, 1882, as 
asst. genl. freight agent Ont. and Que 
bec lines ; has since remained with 
that co., being in succession genl. 
freight agent, same lines ; asst. freight 
traffic mangr. lines east of Fort Wm., 
freight traffic mangr. entire system, 
and in Dec.. 1901. 4th V.-P. in charge 
of traffic; since 1910 has been V.-P. 
of the co. ; is V.-P. Canada Club, Mont 
real, and a dir. La Banque Provinciale, 
Dom. Dry Dock Co. and Crown Trust 
Co. ; a del. to Intern. Ry. Congress, 
1903 ; an Ang. and ch. warden St. 
Stephen s Ch., tMorutreal ; m., 1st, 1887, 
Lucy Ross (d. June, 1902), .d. late L. 
O. Medbury, Detroit, Mich. ; 2ndly, 
Sept., 1905, Al Leyne, d. W. D. Bircha-M, 
Montreal! . 731 Sherbrooke St. W., 
Montreal; St. James s Club; Canada 
Club; Montreal Hunt Club; Montreal 
Jockey Club; Royal St. Lawrence 
Yacht Club; Lachine Boating Club, do. ; 
Canadian Camp Club, N.Y.; Century 
Club, Offdensburg, N.Y. 

" A smart, up-to-date railroad man/ 
M. Herald. 

" One of the brainy younger men of the 
C.P.R." M. Standard. 

Botsford, William Murray, banking 

S. Blair and Sarah (Cogswell) B. ; 
b. Dorchester, N.B., Aug. 16, 1864; e. 
private tutor; m., June, 1890, Miss 
Lena Evangeline Chipman, Kentville. 
N.S. ; has been mangr. Royal Bank of 
Can. at Vancouver, B.C.. and Halifax, 
N.S. ; apptd. do. head office, Montreal, 
June, 1906 ; do. do. London, Eng., 
office, 1911 ; a councillor MiOnttrea 1 ! Bd. 
of Trade ; chairman Bankers Comte., 
do., 1910; an Ang. London, Eng.; 
St. James s Club; Mt. Royal Club; 
University Club; Engineers Club, 
Montreal; Halifax Club, Halifax, N.S. 

" Possesses a splendid record as a suc 
cessful banker." M. Herald. 

Botterill, Major Samuel H. t mil. ser 

B. June 17, 1871 ; formerly 58th 
Regt. ; retired with rank of major, 
May, 1900 ; an Ang. ; m., Apl., 1901, 
Susan Weldon, 2nd d. Chas. Weldon 
Adams, " The Waldrons," Croydon, 
Eng. Cookshire, F.Q. 

Bottomley, Mrs. Kate Madeline, 

Third d. late Jas. Barry, chief elk. of 
statistics, Dept. of Customs, Ottawa, 
and Catherine M. (Barry) B. ; b. Mont 
real ; e. Convent Sacred Heart, Otta 
wa ; m., Oct., 1897, Harry (d. June, 
1906), s. Jaite Wm, B. Bottomley, J.P., 
Belfast, Irel., and nephew of late Lord 
Kelvin ; author " Honor Edge worth, or 
Ottawa s Present Tense," a novel ; 
" The Doctor s Daughter," a novel, and 
" The Life of Catherine McAuley," the 
foundress of an order of mercy in the 
R. C. Ch. ; since then has done hei 
best work as a literary woman, con 
sisting of many miscellaneous stories, 
articles and reviews, which have at 
tracted much attention on account of 
tiheir many merits ; R. C. " The Poin- 
ciana," Sherbrooke St., Montreal. 
Boucher de Boucherville, Charles 
Felix Joseph, lawyer. 

S. Hon. C. B. de B. (q.v.) and Ce 
leste (Lussier) de B. ; b. Boucherville. 
P.Q., Jan. 4, 1871 ; e. St. Mary s 
(Jesuit Coll.), Laval Univ. (B.A., 
1889; LL.L., 1893), and Royal Mil. 
Coll., Kingston ; graduated at latter 
ait the head of his class, 1893 ; m. the 
d. P. P. Martin, Montreal ; declined a 
comn, in R. E. ; gazetted lieut. Can. 
mil., 1893 ; advocate, 1893 ; successfully 
practises his prof, in Montreal, as a 
mem. of firm de B. & de Lorimier ; a 
R. C. 1042 Dorchester St. W., Mont 
real; Boucherville, P.Q. 

Boucher de la Bruere, Hon. Pierre, 

Quebec public service. 

S. late Pierre Boucher de la Bruere, 
M.D., and (Boucher de la Bro- 
querie) B. ; descended from Lt.-Genl. 
Pierre B. de B., Governor of Three 
Rivers, P.Q. ; b. St. Hyacinthe, P.Q., 
July 5, 1837; e. there; studied law at 
Laval Univ. : finished his course under 
Sir G. E. Cartiier; m., Jan., 1861, /Marie 
Vict orine Alice, d. P. E. Leolerc, N.P., 
St. Hyacinthe, P.Q. ; advocate, 1860 ; 
subsequently prothy. S. Ct. ; resigned, 
1875; ed. Le Courrier de St. Hya 
cinthe; Legislative Councillor, P. Q., 
1877-95 ; Speaker of that body, with a 
seat in the Cabinet, 1882-89, and again 
1892-95; apptd. to his present office, 
Supdt. of Education P. Q., Apl. 5, 1895 ; 
D.C.L. (Lennoxville), 1895; councillor 
Con. des Americanistes, 1906-07 ; au 
thor of various reports and pamphlets, 
including " Le Canada sous la Do- 
mi nation Angladse Amallyise Hlstorique" 
(1863) ; one of the chief promoters of 
the Provl. Dairymen s Assn., and its 
presdt, 1882-90; an earnest promoter 
also of beet-root sugar factories in 
P. Q. ; possesses 2 flags given to the 
regt. of his grandfather, Rene B. de 
la B., during the War of 1812, by the 
Princess Charlotte of Wales, later 
Queen of the Belgians, and of the med. 
for Chateauguay, given to his grand- 
sire by Queen Victoria, 1847 ; a R. C. 
110 St. Eustache St., Quebec. 
Bouchette, Robert Errol, Dom. Parli- 
anvemtairy service ; litterateur. 

S. late R. S. M. B.. Commr. Cus 
toms., Can., and Clara (Lindsay) B. ; 
grands. Col. Jos. B., Canada s most 
noted geographer ; b. Quebec, June 2, 



1863 ; e. Quebec Semy. and Laval 
Univ. (LL.B., 1885) ; m., 1891, AJice, 
y. d. late Hon. B. L. Pacaud, K.C., 
M.L.C. ; advocate, 1885 ; successfully 
practised his prof, in Quebec and 
subsequently in Montreal ; private 
secy. Sir H. Joly de Lobbiniere, Minr. 
InJ. Rev., Ottawa, 1898-1900, when 
app*d. to Ms present position as 
chief oik. of the staff of the library 
of Parlt, Ottawa ; for many yrs. 
actively connected with the news 
paper press, as editor and correspond 
ent ; editor L Electeur, Quebec ; has 
contributed to numerous mags, and 
reviews ; is ailso favourably known as a 
public lecturer; author of his father s 
memoirs ; of " Robert Loze," an econ 
omic novel, and of the following 
works on economics : " Emparons- 
nous de 1 Industrie," " L Evolution 
Economique," "Etudes Sociales et 
Economiques sur 3e Canada," " L Ind- 
pendance Economiique du Canada Fran- 
caise"; F. R. S. C.. 1905; a mem Le 
Dix Club, Ottawa; councillor Can. 
Landmarks Assni., 1907. S5S Wilbrod 
St., Ottawa. 

"A young gentleman of marked ability, 
who has already done much patriotic work 
for his Province, and will do _more, if 
given due encouragement." Sir E. G. 
Joly de Lotbiniere. 
Boudreau, ! JSf. H. Bodolphe, Can. 

public service. 

S late Dr. J. B. B., Doucet s Land 
ing P.Q., and Sarah (Fortier) B. ; b. 
St Gregoire, P.Q., Sept. 19, 1865; e. 
N ieoilet Coll. and LavaJl Univ. ; m., 
1893, Annie, d. Thos. Wensley, Ottawa; 
private secy. Sir W. Laurier, _1890- 
1907; accompanied Sir W. Laurrer to 
Washington and to London, on official 
missions; entd. C. S., July, 1896; asst. 
elk., P. C., July, 1900 ; oik., P. C., May 
6 ; 1907. 198 Stewart St., Ottawa. 
Boudreau, Rev. Moses Prank (Presb.). 
S. J. B., Ste. Anne, 111.; b. there, 
1853 ; e. Washington and Jefferson 
Coll., Penn. ; joining Presb. Ch., with 
his parents, studied theol. Presb. Coll., 
Montreal; m., 1st, 1878, Anniie (d.), d. 
late Rev. E. A. Ward, Point St. 
Charles, Montreal; 2ndily, June, - 36, 
Miss Mary E. Robinson, Shawbmdge, 
PQ o 1877; has been successively 
pastor at Danville, New Glasgow St. 
Hyacinthe, Farnham, P.Q.., and Que 
bec ; now at Merrickville, Ont. ; moder 
ator Montreal Presby., 1894 ; declined 
cald to Green Bay, Wls., 1906. Mer- 
riclcville, Ont. 
Boudreau, Bev. Placide (Presb.). 

B French-Can, parentage, L Acadle, 
P.Q., Sept. 29, 1842 ; e. Hanover Coll., 
Ind., and Toronto Univ. ; studied theol. 
Knox Coll., Toronto, and McCormick 
Theol. Semy., Chicago, 111.; 0. 1870; 
pastor Ste. Anne Presb. Ch.. 1870-M; 
do. French Presb. Ch., Quebec, 1899- 
1906- since 1906 has been French 
master Boys High eh., Quebec; a 
dlst. grand chap-lain Grand Lodge of 
Freemason, P. Q. 185 St. John St., 
Bouillon, Bev. Georgfe (R. C.). 

S. late Geo. and Desauges (de La- 
vole) B. ; b. Rimouski, P.Q., Feb. 10, 

1841; e. Christian Brothers Sch. and 
Ottawa Univ.; o. 1874; hon. canon, 
1889 ; was attached to Ottawa Basilica 
for many yrs. ; retired from active 
duties of priesthood, 1904 ; travelled 
Extensively in Europe, Asia, and Afri 
ca, 1885 and 1891; has won distinc 
tion as a ch. architect ; designed a new 
cath. for N. Y., called Nova Sancta 
Sophia, 1902. 178 Rideau Terrace, Ot 
Bonlanger, Lt.-Col. Theodore lefebre 

dit, Can. mil. service. 
S. Majoric dit B. and Luce (Beau- 
doin) B., St. Isidore, P.Q. : b. there, 
May 11, 1855 ; e. Coll. Ste. Marie, 
Beauce, P.Q. ; m., May, 1883, Miss 
Jennie Rosemondie Lemelin (d. Jan., 
1908) ; organized Quebec Gar. Arty., 
MJoh., 1881 ; bt.-major do.,. Mch., 
1891; maj. do., Dec., 1893; It.-col. 
1st Field Batty. Can. Arty., Mch., 
1902 ; do. Field Arty., May, 1902 ; 
do., O. S. C., July, 1903 ; O. S. C., Oct., 
1907 ; C. O. C., Dec., do. ; served in S. 
African War, 1900, including opera 
tions in Orange Free State, operations 
in Transvaal, May and June and June- 
Sept, (med., with 3 clasps) ; also in 
Intern. War against China, 1900-0 
(med.) ; reed, also the military Order 
of the Dragon, from China, and the 
long-service decoration from Eng. ; 
presented with testimonial from people 
of Quebec, Aug., 1901 ; a R. C. Cal 
gary, Alta. 
Bonltbee, It.-CoI. Prank Washington, 

civil service. 

S. Washington B., Boxtelly Hall, 
Warwickshire, Eng., and Eliza S. B., d. 
Wm. Bourne, Kent, Eng. ; b. Ancaster, 
Ont., May 23, 1862; e. Hamilton, Ont.; 
unm. ; secy. Vancouver W. Works 
since 1892 ; served in Winnipeg Field 
Batty, during N. W. Rebellion, 1885 
(med. with clasp), including actions 
at Fish Creek and Batoche ; major 6th 
Duke of Conniaught s Own Rifles, 1901 ; 
It.-col. commdg. do., Oct., 1907 ; Ang. 
Vancouver, B.C.; Vancouver Club, do. 

Boulton, Alexander Claude Porster, 

lawyer; legislator. 
O. s. late Jas. Forster B., barrister, 
Ottawa, and Jane, d. Col. Graham, 
late H. M. s 76th Regt. ; grands. Jas. 
B., barrister, Toronto; gt. -grands. Hon. 
D Arcy B., sometime a judge of the 
King s Bench, U. C. ; b. Port Hope, 
Ont, 1862 ; e. Trin. Coll. Sch., Port 
Hope, and Trin. Univ., Toronto ; m., 
1891, Florence Marian (d. June, 1903), 
o. c. late Hy. Harms, Horsham, Sus 
sex; barrister (Ont), 1888; do. 
(Inner Temple), 1896; has been en 
gaged in numerous criminal cases at 
Old Bailey ; apptd. counsel to Genl. 
P. O., at Central Criminal Ct, June, 
1906 ; besides numerous contributions 
to mag. literature, is author of " The 
Law and Practice of a Case Stated, 
and of various Can. editions of Eng. 
legal text-books ; an advanced Lib. and 
a free trader, and elected in that in 
terest for Ramsay div., Hants (Eng. 
H. C.), g. e. 1906, the only Lib. ever 
elected in that constituency ; defeated, 
1910 ; spoke in H. C. on colonial sub 
jects ; F.R.GjS. ; J.P. ; Joint founder 
with Sir Walter Besant of the 



Atlantic Union, and its first secy. ; 
as a young man passed examn. at 
Royal Sen. Infy., Toronto, and held 
a lieutenancy In Royal Grenadiers 
there ; has travelled extensively 
through U. S. f Can., and Europe ; was 
a mem. C. P. R. land explorers, sent 
out to select the land to be taken upon 
the land grant ; spent 7 mths. on prair 
ies and foothills of Rocky Mts. ; an 
Ang. ; believes in the alliance of the 
Anglo-Saxon nations, and has faith in 
the Brit. Empire. 5 Kings Bench 
Walk, Temple, London, E.C.; Reform, 
National Liberal, and Eighty Clubs, do. 

Bourassa, Henri, legislator; jour 

S. Napoleon (q.v.) and Azelie 
(Papineau) B. ; b. Montreal, Sept. 1, 
1868; e. by private tuition; m., Sept., 
1905, Josephine, d. Godefrol Papineau, 
Montebello, P.Q. ; removed to Monte- 
bello, 1886; mayor of Montebello, 1890- 
4 ; do. do. Papineauville, 1897 ; since 
then removed to Montreal ; formerly 
an Ind. Lab. ; now and for some yrs. a 
Nationalist ; known as " the leader -of 
the Nationalists " ; one of the signers 
of the address from the Lib. party of 
Can. to the Pope, 1896, resulting in the 
appt. of a Papal ablegate to Can. ; sat 
for Labelle (H.C.), 1896-1907; since 
the g.e., 1908, has held a seat in the 
Local Assembly, P.Q. ; on latter 
occasion was returned for 2 seats : 
Montreal No. 2 and St. Hyacinthe; 
elected to sit for St. Hyacinthe ; re 
signed from H.C., Oct., 1899, " in order 
to vindicate his position on the consti 
tutional aspect of the participation of 
Can. in the S.A. War, contending that 
/such participation, as contemplated ana 
organized by the Brit. Govt. and its 
representative in Can., meant a deep 
change in our relations with Gt. 
Brit., upon which the people of Can. 
should be thoroughly enlightened and 
directly consulted " ; on this occasion 
was re-elected, by acclamation, Jan., 
1900 ; unsuccessfully contested Belle- 
chasse (Local), Nov. 4, 1907; on this 
latter occasion was challenged by Hon. 
A. Turgeon (qr.v.), the sitting mem., to 
bring forward, in his constituency, 
specific charges against his admn. of 
the Crown Lands Dept, Quebec ; for 
merly secy., Sauvegarde Life Ins. Co. ; 
resigned, 1908 ; called to the bar (P.Q.) 
by Act of Parlt., 1899 ; a journalist 
for many yrs. ; formerly ed. and prop, 
of L Interprete (Montebello) ; later, a 
leading contributor to Le Nationaliste 
(Montreal) ; now one of the props, of 
and editor-in-chief of Le Devoir (do.) ; 
contributed to the Monthly Rev. 
(1902) a series of articles on "The 
French-Canadian In the British Em 
pire" (republlshed in pamphlet form), 
and Is the author of the following 
other pamphlets : " Grande Bretagne et 
Canada Questions Actuelles " (1892) ; 
" Le Patrlotisme Canadien-Frangais " 
(1902) ; and "The Reciprocity Agree 
ment and its Consequences as viewed 
from a Nationalist standpoint " 
(1911); has lectured on "The Race 
Problem in Canada," "The Catholic 
Social Movement," " The Political and 
Social Position of Women," "The 
formation of public opinion at the 

World s Universities," and other sub 
jects ; paid a lengthy visit to Europe, 
1910 ; took a prominent part in the 
g. e. of 1911, in opposition to the 
Laurier Admn., chiefly on the Can. 
navy question ; R. C. tla St. James 
St., Montreal. 

"A man of ability, honesty and courage," 
Can. Courier. 

"His eloquence is great; his earnestness 
immense; his honor stainless." Can. 
Collier s. 

" No mo re brilliant man in Parliament, 
and he typifies the genius, the ardor, the 
convictions and the prejudices of Quebec." 
T. News. 

" One of the most brilliant members of 
the House of Commons, and, at the same 
time, one of the most interesting figures 
on the Canadian political stage." T. Globe 

"An honorable and courageous man, on 
who dares stand up alone for what he 
deems right; is a good speaker, and with 
his hearty following can hardly fail to 
make his way." The late Dr. Goldwin 

" Possesses to a remarkable degree the 
qualities of leadership. While he has mani 
fest courage, there is transparent frankness 
in his utterances, and an apparent dis 
regard for the effect of his words upon 
his own career; we look upon him as the 
most dangerous critic the government has 
to contend with." Can. Churchman. 

Bonrassa, Napoleon, author; archi 
tect ; painter. 

S. late Frangolse B., Montebello, P.Q. ; 
b. L Acadie, P.Q., Oct. 21, 1827; e. 
Petit Semy. die St. Sulpioe, Montreal ; 
m., 1857, Marie JuMe AzeHie (d. 1869), 
y. d. late Hon. L. J. Papineau, the 
famous Can. statesman ; for a short 
time a student-at-law ; studied art 
under late Theophile Hamel at Que 
bec and Toronto, and was, later, for 
3 yrs. at Florence and Rome ; had no 
special sen., but was much with Over- 
beck, the German religious painter, 
and followed his methods closely ; his 
intimacy with O. Is noticeable in the 
frescoes he executed In the chapel 
of the Nazareth Asylum, Montreal, 
the first decorative work he under 
took after his return to Can. ; the 
Ch. of Notre Dame de Lourdes, Mont 
real is an example of his powers as 
architect, painter and decorator ; In re 
cent yrs. has confined himself almost 
solely to architecture, and has designed 
several fine chs. in Can. and U. S. : a 
mem. Bd. Arts and Manuf., P. Q., 1880 ; 
chosen, same yr., by M. of Lorne (now 
Duke of Argyll) as a mem. of the 
newly established Royal Acad. of Arts ; 
V.-P. do., 1880-85 ; now retired from 
acad. ; presdt. St. Jean Bap. Soc., Mont 
real, 1882 ; one of the founders of LaRev. 
Canad., 1864, and for some yrs. a dir. 
thereof ; a frequent contributor thereto 
of reminiscences of travel and other 
papers ; among separate works has 
published " Jacques et Marie," an his 
torical romance, relating to the disper 
sion of the Acadians, 1755; " Nos 
Grand* Meres," a descriptive sketch of 
the women of old French Can., and 
several vols. of lectures. St. Hya 
cinthe, P.Q. 



Bourbonnais, August, physician; 


S. late Michel B. ; family came from 
France with La Salle, 1644 ; b. St. Clet, 
P.Q., Mch. 19, 1850; e. Ste. Therese 
Coll. and Laval Univ. (B.A., 1872; 
M.B., 1874 ; Lic.Med., avec distinction, 
1876) ; practised at first at Syracuse, 
N.Y. ; afterwards and now at Oo>teau 
Landing- ; a Lib., and represented Sou l- 
aniges (H. O.), 1896-1908. Coteau 
Landing, P.Q. 

Bourgeois, Georges, physician. 

S. late Dr. G. A. B., P. O. inspr., 
Three Rivers, P.Q., chevalier com- 
mandeur de L Ordre du Sepulchre et 
chevalier Sauveteur des Alpes Mari- 
times; b. Three Rivers, Dec. 3, 1872; 
e. Three Rivers Semy. and Laval Univ. 
(M.D., avec distinction, 1896) ; m., 
June, 1901, Mabel, o. d. R. Kiernan, 
reg.r. ; studied at Paris, France, 1896- 
9 8 ; for some time a pupil at the 
Pasteur Inst. there ; apptd. offr. 
d acad., France, Oct., 1906 ; mem, Provl. 
Bd. of Health, 1907 ; author "Alcool- 
isme," a revised version of a report 
presented by him to t>he 3rd Congress 
of the Medt Assn. of N. Am., which 
met at Three Rivers, June, 1906 
(1907); R. C. ; Lib. ft Laviolette 
Ave., Three Rivers, P.Q. 

" Clever and progressive." M. Witness. 

Bourgeois, Bev. Pliileas Frederic 

(R. C.). 

S. Frederic S. and! Osdthe (Bourgeois) 
B., both French Acadiens ; b. Mem- 
ramcook, N.B., Nov. 17, 1855; e. St. 
Joseph s Coll. there ; joined Order of 
St. Croix, 1873 ; o. 1879 ; was a coll. 
prof, for 28 y>rs. and a parish priest 
(in Antigonish, N. S.) for 6 yrs.; 
author of " Panegyrique de 1 Abbe Si- 
gogne " (1892), " L Ecole aux Appari 
tions Mysterieuses " (1896"), " L His- 
toire du Canada en . 200 Legons " 
(1903) ; "Deuxieme Livre de Lecture, 1 
" Troisieme Livre de Lecture" (sgrie 
publiee par T. Nelson & Fils, Edin- 
bourg, 1907); "Henry Wadsworth 
Longfellow Sa vie, ses CEuvres Lit- 
teraires, son Poeme Evangeline 
(Conf.) (1907). Univ. St. Joseph s 
Coll., St. Joseph, N.B. 

Bourne, Bev. Nicholas A. Pitzroy 


S. Nicholas B., Barbadoes, W.I. ; b. 
there; e. McGill Univ. (B.A., 1887); 
graduated Montreal TheoJ. Coll., 1887 ; 
m., 1st, MiLle. Isabella Williamson (d. 
Oct., 1903) ; 2ndly, Apl., 1905, Florence 
May, d. Rev. R. M. Horsey, Kingston, 
Ont. ; a deacon, 1886; priest, 1887; 
laboured successively in Bristol and 
Thorne arad Leslie ; was then rec 
tor St. Andrews, and afterwards of 
Dunham and Longueuil, P.Q. ; assisted 
in reorganizing Dunham Ladies Coll., 
1S94, and was its principal for 3 yrs. ; 
was afterwards a tutor in preparatory 
dept. Montreal Dioc. Coll. ; apptd. 
rector Christ Ch., Listowel, Ont., Oct., 
1906; incumbent Scarboro, Ont., 1909- 
11 ; since then has been rector, All 
Saints Ch., Penetanguishene, Ont. ; 
well known as a cricketer ; a del. to 
Synods. The Rectory, Penetanguish 
ene, Ont. 

Bovey, Henry Taylor, educationist. 

B. Devonshire, Erag., May 7, 1852 ; e. 
private sch. and Camb. Univ., where 
he competed for and obtained an open 
scholar. ; on graduation, took high 
place in the math, tripos, and was 
shortly afterwards made a fellow of 
Queen s Coll. ; ad9pting the profession 
of civil engr., toe joined the staff of the 
Mersey Docks and Harbour Works, and 
was in a short time apptd. an asst. 
engr. on this work, in which capacity 
he had charge of some of the most 
important structures then in progress ; 
came to Can., on his appt. as prof, of 
civil eng. and app. mech., McGill Univ., 
1887 ; at that time the eng. courses in 
the univ. were managed as a branch of 
the faculty of Arts, and were without 
buildings or equipment ; the following 
year, however, a dept. of app. science 
was constituted, with Prof. B. as dean, 
and to his management and advice the 
science dept. owes its development ; 
resigned, on his appt. as rector of the 
Imp. Coll. of Science and Tech., Lon 
don, Eng, 1908, an office from which 
he retired, owing to ill-health, 1909 ; 
presented with various testimonials on 
leaving McGill ; one of the founders of 
the Can. Soc. C. E. and held the offices 
of hon. secy., treas., and mem. of coun 
cil for many yrs. ; became V. P., 1896- 
97, and presdt., 1900 ; awarded! Gzow- 
ski med. by soc. for paper on " The 
Strength of Can. Douglas Fir, Red 
Pine, White Pine, and Spruce," 1895 ; 
is a M. I. C. E. (Eng.) and of the Liver 
pool Soc. C. E. (of which soc. he was 
one of the founders) ; an hon. mem. 
Nat. Elec. Light Assn. of U. S. ; a 
F. R. S. C. (in which soc. he was 
presdt. of Sec. III., 1896) ; V. -P. Mech. 
Sec. Brit. Assn., 1897 ; D. C. L. (Len- 
noxville), 1892 ; LL.D. (Queen s), 1893 ; 
do. (McGill), 1893; F. R. S., 1902; 
hon. fellow Queens Coll., Camb., 1906 ; 
is author of " Applied Mechanics " 
(1882), "Theory of Structures and 
Strength of Materials," (1893) (6th 
ed., 1905); "Hydraulics" (1895) (6th 
ed., 1904), and a number of papers 
for various scien. bodies ; when in 
Montreal was a dir. Parks and Play 
grounds Assn. and Charity Organ. Soc., 
and a councillor and secy. Victorian 
Order Nurses ; presented to the King 
and Queen, 1909 ; a Presb. and an elder 
in his ch. ; m., May, 1880, Emily Jane 
Bonar (prominently identified with 
Victorian Order Nurses and presdt. 
Local Council Women), y. d. late John 
Redpath, Montreal. 16 Hans Rd., Lon 
don, S.W., Eng.; Montreal; University 
Club, do. 

" Has done -work of national import 
ance." Syren and Shipping. 

" The pioneer in Can. of Univ. engineer 
ing." Prof. Dupui*. 

Boville, Bev. Robert George (Bapt.). 
S. Wm. and Mary (O Neill) B., 
Ottawa ; b. " The Grange," Co. Antrim, 
Irel., 1854 ; e. Belfast public schs. and 1 
Aberdeen Univ. (M.A., with honours in 
mental phil., 1881) ; studied theol. Mc- 
Master Univ. (B.D., 1885) ; later studied 
for 2 yrs. Berlin, Leipsic, Geneva, and 
Sorbonme, Paris; m., Apl., 1901, Miss 



Amy Hope, N. Y. ; o. 1883, and. was, up 
to 1894, and again, subsequently, pas 
tor James St. Ch., Hamilton, Ont ; 
travelled extensively, and became well 
known as a lecturer and writer ; un 
successfully contested Hamilton (H. 
C.), Con. interest, g. e. 1896 (defeated 
by 23 votes) ; delivered course of Sun 
day afternoon lectures, Montreal, 1900 : 
more recently removed to N. Y. 163 
Second Ave., New York. 

Boville, Thomas Cooper, Dom. public 

S. Wim. and Mary (O Neill) B., 
Ottawa ; Irish extraction ; b. " The 
Grange," Co. Antrim, Irel., Mch. 14, 
1860; e. Model Sen., Belfast, Irel., 
Ottawa Coll. Inst. and Toronto 
Univ. (B.A., 1884) ; m, Sept., 1905, 
Margt. Caroline Tapling, e. d. W. N. 
Silver, Halifax, JST.S. ; entd. public ser 
vice, Jan., 1883 ; chief elk., 1902 r secy. 
Dept. Finance, 1905 ; Depty. Minr. 
Finance and Secy.-Treasury Bd., Nov., 
1906 ; accompanied Mr. Fielding to 
London, Eng., as private secy., King s 
coronation, and London conf., 1902, and 
to London and Paris (French Treaty), 
1907 ; elected presdt. local branch, To 
ronto Univ. Alumni Assn., 1910; as 
a volunteer, served in Queen s Own, 
Toronto, and was subsequently capt. 
and: adjt. 43rd Regt. ; a mem. Bis- 
ley rifle team, 1893 and 1895 (Queen s 
badge for marksmanship) ; a Bapt. 
Aylmer Apartments, Slater St., Ot 
tawa; Rideau Club, do. 

"An excellent man for the post." T. 
Bowan, Frederick B., physician. 

Comes from Dundas, Ont. ; gradu 
ated Toronto Sch. Med., 1906; post 
grad, course Johns Hopkins Univ., 
Baltimore, Md. ; apptd. asst clin. 
pathologist in U. S. Govt. laboratories, 
Manilla, P.I., 1908. Manilla, P.I. 
Bowden, Miss Helen E. 8., organist. 

D. John B., formerly of Montreal ; 
studied for her profession at Dom. 
Coll. Music, Montreal (cert., 1895) ; 
later apptd. organist Ch. of the Re 
deemer, Jersey City, N.J. Jersey City, 

Bowden, Win. Arthur, civil engineer; 
Dom. public service. 

B. E. Townships, P.Q., July, 1872; 
e. there and McGlll Univ. (B.A.Sc., 
1893) ; a P.L.S. ; an assoc. mem. Can. 
Soc. C. E., 1899 ; .sometime with the 
Am. Bridge Co., Pittstmrg, Pa., and 
with the Locomotive & Machine Co., 
Montireal ; entd. Can. public service as 
designing engr., Dept. of Rys. and 
Canals, Sept., 1908 ; promoted chief, do., Apl., 1910. 115 Second Aw., 

" A very capable designer of steel work 
and buildings." M. Herald. 

Bowell, Hon. Sir Mackenzie, states 

S. late John B., carpenter and bldr. ; 
b. Rickinghall, Suffolk, Eng., Dec. 27, 
1823 ; coming to Can. with his parents, 
1833, became a printer s apprentice, in 
office of the Belleville Intelligencer, of 
which newspaper he became, in after 
yrs. ed. and propr. ; effected chairman 

of Bd. of Sch. Trustees and of the 
Grammar Sch. Bd., BeMeville ; be 
came identified with the Orange order, 
and was successively G. M., Orange 
Grand Lodge Ont. East, G. M. Grand 
Lodge of Brit. Am., and presdt. Tri 
ennial Council of Orangeism; joined 
vol. force, 1857 (having in that year 
assisted in raising a rifle co.) ; gazetted 
ensign, June, 1865 ; served on the fron 
tier during the Am. War, 1864-65, and 
during Fenian troubles. 1866 : was 
capt. No. 1 co., 15th Argyll Light Infy., 
and subsequently major 49th Rifles; 
retired with rank of It.-col.. Mch., 
1874; hon. It.-col. 49th Regt., 1903; 
promoted col., 1907 (Fenian med. and 
long-service decoration) ; unsuccess 
fully contested. N. Hastings, Con. 
interest (Leg. Assem., Can.), 1863; 
sat for N. Hastings (H. C.) 1867-92; 
called to Senate, Dec. 5, 1892 ; was a 
mem. of the Macdonald, Abbott, and 
Thompson Admns., 1878-94, holding 
successively the offices of Minr. of Cus 
toms, Minr. of Militia, and Minr. of 
Trade and Commerce (which latter 
dept. he organized) therein ; Prime 
Minr. (with the office of Presdt. P. C.), 
Dec., 1894-ApL, 1896 ; resigned office, 
Apl. 27, 1896 ; Govt. leader in the Sen 
ate, 1893-96; leader of the Opposition 
in same cha-mT^r, 1896-1906, when he 
resigned, and was presented with a tes 
timonial of their esteem by the mems. 
o>f tine Oon, party an the Senate ; K.C. 
M.G., 1895 ; resumed ooonectkm witih 
newspaper press, as ed. an,d propr. 
Belleville Intelligencer, Sept., 1896 ; 
was a del. to Australia, wiitih Sir S. 
Flltemiinig (q.v.), to sutpporrt of <tlhie Pa 
cific caib le and for trade purposes, 18.93 ; 
and, later, to Eng. wiitih respect to tihe 
same cable ; assisted in organizing 
Colonial Conf., Ottawa, of which he 
was chairman, June, 1894; attended 
3rd Com. Congress, London, as a pri 
vate mem. (H. C.) ; served on select 
comte. apptd. to enquire into causes of 
N.-.W. troubles, 1869-70, and subse 
quently moved for the expulsion of 
Louis Riel from Parlt. ; reed, testt- 
mon-lail from Orange body for his 
action in this matter ; as Prime 
Minr. his main policy was the en- 
forcemeat of remedial legislation in 
the matter of the (Man. soh. question, 
on which policy he was prepared to 
stand or fall ; he failed in his negotia 
tions for the entrance of Nfd. into the 
Dom., and Is credited with having 
done more to break up the Con. party 
than any other cause or agency ; apptd. 
a gov. Toronto Univ., 1906 ; is V.-P. 
Brit. League in Can.; a dir. Sun & 
Hastings Savings & Loan Co., presdt. 
Le Credit Can., Belitevilte Hardiware 
Mfg. Co., Bellevilte Packing Go., 
Northumberland - Durham Power Co., 
amd Imp. Life Assur. Co. ; apptd. one 
of the representatives of Senate at 
Kinig George s coronation, London, 
1911 ; believes that the general desire 
of our people is for a closer union with 
the Mother Country, nationally and 
corn merciaUy ; a Meth. ; m., Dec., 1847, 
Harriet Louisa (d. Apl., 1884), d. late 
Jacob G. Moore, Belleville. Belleville, 
Ont.; Rideau Club, Ottawa; Albany 
Club, Toronto. 



Bowen, Norman Levi, geologist. 

B. Kingston, Ont., June 21, 1887 ; 
e. Queen s Univ., Kingston (M.A., 
1907; Univ. med., in chemistry; Alex 
ander gold med. in Prel. H. Germ. ; 
B.Sc., 1909 ; awarded an Bxhn. of 
1851 science research scholar., 1909) ; 
spent 3 yrs. in geol. work, Bureau of 
Mines, Toronto ; Ang. 14% Brock St., 
Kingston, Ont, 

Bowes, Robert Heber, lawyer. 

S. late John Geo. B., at one time 
Mayor, and subsequently M. P. for 
Toronto in Can. Parlt., and Anne 
(Hall) B. ; b. Toronto, Aug. 29, 1851 ; 
e. U. C. Coll. and Toronto U-ndv. ; m., 
1885, Florence, d. late Capt Geale, R. 
C. Rifles; barrister, 1873; K.C., 1908; 
practises in Toronto ; a capt. Queens 
Own Rifles (retired list) ; V.P. Lind 
say, Bobcaygeon & Fontypool Ry. ; 
formerly presdt. Irish Prat. Ben. Soc., 
Toronto ; an Ang. 112 Bedford Rd., 
Toronto; Toronto Club; National Club, 
Bowie, Duncan Ewen, lawyer. 

S. late Dr. Jas. B. and Harriet (Mc- 
Gillis) B., Seaforth, Ont. ; father one 
of the Bowies, of Bowie Hall, Denny, 
Stirlingshire, Scot. ; b. St. Eustache, 
P.Q., Sept. 26, 1852 ; e. Ont. Grammar 
sch<s., Montreal Coll. (St. Sul pice), and 
McGill Univ. (B.C.L., 1873) ; m. 
Georgina Alice, o. d. late Wm. B. Phil 
lips, " Beltevue Hall," and " Rock- 
moumt," Montreail ; advocate, 1874 ; 
practised profession in Montreal ; a 
R. c. 859 Tupper St., Montreal. 
Bowie, Henry William, Can. public 

E. a. late Capt Alex. B., Ottawa 
River Nav. Co., Ottawa, and (Shep- 
pard) B. ; b. Ottawa, Nov. 10, 1862 ; 
e. Ottawa Coll. Inst. ; m., Jan., 1892, 
Helena Louise, o. d. J. A. Gouin (q.v.), 
Ottawa ; granted cert of competency as 
a shipmaster, 1884; private secy. Hon. 
P. White, Speaker H. C., Can., 1891-93 ; 
Depty. Sergt.-at-Arms, H. C. (a posi 
tion he still fills), July, 1903 ; formerly 
a capt. G. G. F. Gds. ; is presdt. Union 
Rescue Mission for Men, Ottawa ; an 
Ang. 8 Cliff St., Ottawa. 
Bowlby, John Wedgrwood, lawyer. 

U. E. L. descent ; s. late Adam and 
Elizabeth (Sovereign) B., Townshend, 
Norfolk, Ont. ; b. there ; e. local schs. 
and Toronto Univ. (LL.B., 1860) ; m. 
Christina (d. May, 1911), d. Joseph 
Rogers, Toronto; barrister, 1860; K.C., 
1890; Mayor of Branitford, 1907-08. 
Brantford, Ont. 
Bowles, Bev. Newton Ernest (Meth.) 

S. Geo. and Elizabeth (Pinch) B. ; 
b. Co. Peel, Ont., Sept. 19, 1878; e. 
Brampton High Sch. and Victoria 
Univ., Cobourg (B.A., 1903); o. 1906; 
proceeded, same year, as a missionary 
to W. China. Ren Shou, Se-Chuan, 
West China. 

Bowles, Bev. Richard Finch (Meth.) 

S. Geo. and Elizabeth (Pinch) B., 
paternally family originally Palatinate 
Germans ; b. Mono Road, nr. Bramp 
ton, Ont., 1864 ; e. Brampton High 
Sch. and Victoria Univ., Cobourg 
(B.A., with honours, 1885 ; M.A., 1888 ; 

B.D., do.) ; m. Miss Annie V. Devitt, 
Cartwright, Ont.; o. 1888; after ful 
filling several minor charges, became 
pastor Sherbourne St. Ch., Toronto, 
1896, passing thence to the Metropoli 
tan Ch., same city, to Grace Ch., Win 
nipeg; and back to Sherbourne St. Ch., 
Toronto, 1905 ; apptd. prof, homiletics, 
Victoria Univ., 1905, which position,he 
still fills ; an ex-councillor Univ. To 
ronto Alumni Assn. 589 Huron St., 

" A fascinating preacher." Meth. Way. 

" His addresses have exerted unusual 
influence." S. N. 

" One of the cleverest and most capable 
of students." M. Star. 

Bowles, William Campbell, Can. ry. 


S. late Hy. B., Montreal ; b. and e. 
Montreal ; m., June, 1903, Margt, 2nd 
d. David Shedden, Woodstock, Ont. ; 
in service C. P. Ry. for many yrs. ; 
was successively chief elk., Winnipeg ; 
genl. freight agent Calgary dist., do., 
do. Kootenay dist. ; apptd. do. Winni 
peg, Mch., 1908; now, do., Pacific div. 
Vancouver, B.C. 

Bowman, Charles Martin, manufac 
turer; legislator. 

E. s. late J. E. B., M.P. and Lydia 
(Erb) B. ; b. St. Jacob s, Ont, May 7, 
1863; e. there and Berlin High Sch.; 
m., 1886, Miss Lulu Hesser, Howell, 
Mich. ; a manufacturer (tanner and 
lumberer) ; has been reeve and presdt. 
Bd. of Trade, Southampton, Ont. ; a Lib., 
and has represented N. Bruce (Local) 
since 1898; latterly chief Lib. whip; 
mem. Ex. Comte. Genl. Reform Assn., 
Ont. ; spoken of in connection with 
senatorship. Southampton, Ont. ; On 
tario Club, Toronto. 

Bowman, Frederick Behimer, physi 

B. Dundas, Ont, Nov. 7, 1883 ; e. 
Dundas High Sch. ; graduated M.B. 
(Univ. Toronto), 1906; post-graduate 
Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, 1907 ; 
asst. biol. laboratory, Bureau of 
Science, Manilla ; asst. in trop. med., 
Philippine Med. Sch. ; resident physi 
cian, St Paul s Hosp., Manilla ; chemi 
cal path., Civil Hosp., do. ; bact. with 
Philippine Bureau of Health in work 
of segregating the lepers of the Is 
lands ; also assisted in Cholera Hosp., 
Manilla ; has a record of cures never 
excelled ; contributed to Journal of 
Science, Manilla, paper on trop. infan 
tile dysentery, with description of a 
new organism. St. Paul s Hasp., Ma 
nilla; University Club; Athletic Club, 

Bowrin?, Sir William Benjamin, Bart., 

S. late C. T. B., and grands. Benj. 
B., both prominently associated with 
commerce and politics at Liverpool, 
Eng. ; b. St. John s, Nfd., 1837 ; e. 
Liverpool and Birmingham ; m., 1863, 
Miss Isobel Maclean Jarvis (U, E. L. 
descent) , a native of St. John, N.B., 
who has done much to prove her prac 
tical sympathy with the suffering poor 
and weedy of Liverpool (see Morgan s 
" Types of Canadian Women," Toromto, 



1903) ; commenced business in Nfd>. ; 
later established branch of father s 
business in N. Y., returniimg to 
Liverpool- afiber 7 yns., where he 
became senior partner of Bowring 
shipping and oiM firm, having branches 
in London, Cardiff, St. John s, N. Y., 
and San Francisco, as well as busi 
ness ramificationis ex tending over 
North Am., Russia, and -other por 
tions of Europe ; sat in Liverpool 
City Council ; was elected an Aid., 1892, 
and was chairman Finance and Estate 
Comte., as such rendering important 
services to city; mem. Dock Bd., 1884- 
93 ; Lord Mayor of Liverpool, 1893-94. 
and received Prince and Princess of 
Wales (later King and Queen) on 
state visit to Liverpool ; presented 
Roby Hall estate to the city, in com 
memoration of fact that his father and 
he had been mems. of Liverpool City 
Council for nearly half a century. 
1907; created a bart, 1907; a dir. 
London city and Midland Bank, and 
presdt. Exchange Lib. Assn. ; author 
" Home Rule in Newfoundland " 
(1890) ; a Lib., and chairman Reform 
Club. " Beechwood," Aigburth, Liver 
pool, Eng. 

Bowser, Edward Albert, educationist. 

B. Sackville, N.B., June 18. 1845 ; e. 

Rutgers OoM,, N.J. (B.Sc., 1868) ; 
LL.D., Lafayette Coll., 1881 ; apptd. 
prof, math., Rutgers Colil., 1870 ; apptd. 
in charge U. S. geodetic survey, N. J., 
1875 ; author "Academic Algebra," 
" College Algebra," " Plane and Solid 
Geometry," " Elements of Plane and 
Spherical Trigonometry," " Treatise on 
do., do.," "Analytic Geometry," " Dif 
ferential and Integral Calculus," 
"Analytic Mechanics," " Hydro-me 
chanics," "Logarithmic Tables," "Roofs 
and Bridges, etc. New Brunswick. 

Bowser, Hon. William John, states 

S. Wm. B., merchant and shipowner, 
and Margt. (Gordon) B. ; Eng. and 
Scotch descent ; b. Rexton, N.B., Dec. 
3, 1867 ; e. Mt. Allison Acad., Sack 
ville, N.B. ; followed law course Dal- 
housie Univ., Halifax (LL.B., 1890) ; 
m., Sept., 1896, Lorinda D. (dir. Chil 
dren s Aid Soc., Vancouver), d. late 
R. N. Doherty, Rexton, N.B. ; bar 
rister (-N. B.), 1890; do. (B. C.), 
1891 ; K.C., 1900 ; practises in Van 
couver, where he is head of the law 
firm of B., Reid & Wallbrldge; Crown 
Prosecutor for 2 yrs. ; engaged in many 
important civil and criminal cases ; 
apptd. Atty.-Genl. B. C., July, 1907 ; 
Acting Minr. of Finance, 1909-10; has 
sat for Vancouver (Local), Con. in 
terest, since Oct., 1903 ; previously an 
unsuccessful candidate for both Com 
mons and Assembly ; presented to King 
and Queen, 1909 ; elected G. M. Free 
masons B. C., 1904 ; a Fresh. 1225 
Harwood St., Vancouver, B.C.; Van 
couver Club, do.; Union Club, Victoria, 
B .C. 

"A whirlwind on the stump." T. 

" In debate unexcelled." T. Globe. 

Bowyer, Philip Henry, journalist; 

B. Toronto, Feb. 1, 1860; e. there; 
m., Sept., 1882, Miss Agnes Yocom ; 
ed. and prop. Ridgetown Standard, 
1880-93 ; ed. Ridgetown Dominion, 
since 1895 ; is V.-P. West. Ont. Llb.- 
Con. Assn. ; though a supporter of the 
Lib.-Con. party, holds radical or ad 
vanced views on many questions ; Is 
known as " the radical mem. of the 
Tory party " ; has sat for E. Kent 
(Local) since g. e. 1905. Ridgetown, 

" An out-and-out anti-spoilsman." I. 

Boyce, Arthur Cyril, lawyer; legisla 

S. laibe Rev. J. C. B., M.A. (Ox 
ford), late rector CornwaM, Oxford 
shire, Eng., and Mary R. B. ; b. 
Wakefleld, Eng., Sept. 12, 1869; e. 
Wakefleld, York, and Carlisle ; m., Oct., 
1891, Victoria M. L., d. Rev. C. J. 
Machin, Mus. Bac., rector Graven- 
hurst, Ont. ; barrister (with honours 
and bronze med.), 1890; K.C., 1908; 
practised successively at Port Arthur, 
Rat Portage, and S. Ste. Marie ; now 
head firm B. & McPhail, S. Ste. Marie; 
has been retained in many important 
civil and criminal cases ; unsuccess 
fully contested Algoma (H. C.), Con. 
interest, twice in 1900 ; first returned, 
same seat, g. e. 1904 ; an Ang. ; elected 
Chancellor of the Diocese, 1910. Sault 
Ste. Marie, Ont.; Algoma Club, do.; 
Albany Club, Toronto. 

" A man of fine mental endowment." 
M. and E. 

Boyd, Rev. Francis Leitli (Ang.). 

S. late Geo. John B., Toronto, and 
Mary, d. late J. W. Gamble, Wood- 
bridge, Ont. ; b. Toronto, 1855 ; e. Hell- 
muth Coll., London, Ont., Toronto 
Univ. (B.A., 1875), and Caius Coll., 
Camb., where he won the Gonville 
scholar., and proceeded to M.A., 1879; 
m., Jan., 1905, Elizabeth Archdate, 
only c. T. Hastings Harris ; o. 
deacon, 1879; priest, 1880; for a 
time was curate of St. Peter s, Eaton 
Sq., London ; was vicar Teddington, 
Eng., where through his exertions was 
built the Ch. of St. Alban the Martyr, 
1884-08; apptd. vicar Ch. of the An 
nunciation, St. Marylebone (formerly 
known as the Quebec Chapel), Jan., 
1908. 18 Bryanston St., Portman Sq., 
London, W., Eng; Oxford and Cam 
bridge Club, Pall Mall, London. 

" An admirable preacher." Canada. 

" Is carrying on a remarkable work, 
which has attracted much attention, and 
gives him a commanding influence 
throughout the Upper Thames valley." 
Can. Churchman. 

Boyd, Rev. George Kynaston (Aug.). 
S. late Geo. John B. and Mary 
(Gamble) B., Toronto; b. Toronto, 
June 15, 1858; e. privately and Gon 
ville and Caius Coll., Camb. (B.A., 
1885; M.A., 1888); o. deacon, 1885; 
priest, 1886 ; unm. ; for a time curate 
St. Augustine s, Kilburn, the largest 
and most important ch. in London, 
Eng. ; subsequently, for 14 yrs., rector 
of Nuthurst, Sussex; since Dec., 1905, 



has been vicar of St. Andrew s, Worth 
ing, same co. ; for some yrs. has been 
the special Lent preacher at the cath. 
of his diocese, OhAcbester. The Vicar 
age, Worthing, Eng. 

Boyd, James Craigle, Dom. public ser 

S. John and Mary Frances (Tisdale) 
B. ; b. Simcoe, Ont., Mch. 21, 1858; e. 
Simcoe Union Sen. ; m., Mch., 1884, 
Miss Grace J. Hall ; formerly secy.- 
treas. Grand Trunk, Georgian Bay & 
Lake Erie Ry. Co., and of Ont. "Trot 
ting and Pacing Horse Breeders Assn. ; 
was supdt. S. Ste. Marie Ship Canal, 
1896-1907 ; since then has been over 
seer Williamsburg canals ; a Con. ; a 
Fresh. ; a Freemason. Morrisburg, 

Boyd, John, poet and journalist. 

S. John B., a leading merchant of 
Montreal; b. Montreal, May 2, 1864; e. 
Brit. Can, and Montreal High Sens. ; 
passed with hiigih honours, winning 
several meds. and scholarships ; emtd. 
McGiU Univ., under a, scholar, re-cd. 
from the Hale Principal Sir Won. Daw- 
son, but relinquished a univ. career 
before graduation, to order to take up 
newspaper work, in which he has at 
tained a leading position, being now 
one of the eds. of the Montreal Gazette, 
and representing in Montreal the To 
ronto Mail and Empire and other lead 
ing Can. and U. S. newspapers ; has 
devoted much of hlis Leisure to poetical 
composition ; on the occasion of the 
Quebec tercentenary celebration, 1908, 
published " The Quebec Battlefields " 
and "The Fight of the Atalante," both 
of which were published extensively 
and highly praised by the press ; is a 
frequent contributor to the Can. Mag. 
and other Mterary publications ; among 
his other works are a series of sonnets 
which have received high praise from 
the critics, one of t he most striking 
being his sonnet on " Milton," which 
was written for the tercentenary of 
the birth of the great English poet ; 
other notable contributions were writ 
ten for the Lincoln, Fitzgerald and 
Poe centenaries, the Univ. of Virginia 
doing the Can. poet the high honor of 
giving his tribute a place in the pro 
gramme of the great Poe centennial 
celebration held under its auspices ; 
poems on the centenary of Tennyson s 
birth, on the death of Swinburne and 
to William Watson have attracted 
attention ; another notable work under 
taken by him has been translation of 
French-Can, poems, with the object of 
making the work of French-Can, 
authors better known to other Cans. ; 
for this work he has been called the 
" unifier of the races," and in recog 
nition of his services the St. Jean 
Bapte. Assn., at the great celebration 
held in commemoration of its 75th 
anniversary gave a prominent place to 
the Eng.-Can. poet, who contributed a 
poem specially written for the cele 
bration and also read a poem at the 
unvei 1 inig o<f the monument to La- 
fontaine, the French-Can, statesman ; 
at the great celebration which was 
held on the Place d Armes, Montreal, 
on May 29, 1910, to commemorate the 

250th anniversary of the death at the 
Long Sault, in 1650, of Dollard and his 
16 companions, by whose heroic deed 
Montreal was saved from destruction 
by ttoe Iroquois, he was chosen to read 
the Eng. poem, and wrote for the oc 
casion this Comimemoraitive poem " The 
Death of Dollard," which he presented 
to a gathering of over 10,000 people 
assembled to do homour to the memory 
of the heroes ; his poem , "At Rest," 
written on the death of King Edward 
VII., has also been highly commended 
and admired 682 Ave. de I Hotel de 
Ville, Montreal. 

"Among the best of Canada s 
poets." O. Citizen. 

"A year ago Mr. Boyd s name was 
known only to the elect ; now he is called 
the unifier of the races. " Can. Mag, 

Boyd, Hon. Sir John Alexander, judge 
S. late John B., principal Bay St 
Acad., Toronto, and Margt. (McCal- 
lum) B. ; b. Toronto, Apl. 23, 1837 ; e 
U. C. Coll. and Toronto Univ. (B.A. 
and gold med. in mod. lang. ; also a 
scholar., 1860; M.A., 1861; LL D 
1889) ; hon. D.C.L., Trin. Univ.. 1902; 
m., 1863, Elizabeth, d. late David 
Buchan, Bursar Toronto Univ. ; bar 
rister, 1863; K.C. (M. of Lome), 
1880; for many yrs. associated in law 
business with Messrs. E. & S. H. Blake 
(q.v.), and was regarded as one of the 
ablest equity pleaders at the Can. bar ; 
apptd. chancellor of Ont, May 3, 1881 
and presdt. High Ct. of Justice for 
Ont, 1887; arbitrator for Dom. Govt. 
with respect to certain claims made 
by C. P. R. in connection with the 
road in B. C., 1888; do. for Ont. re 
adjustment of accounts between Dom. 
and provinces consequent on Confed 
eration, 1893 ; chairman Royal Comn. 
re mode of remunerating and apptg. 
provl." and co. officials, 1894 ; mem. 
Royal Comn. to delimit the boundaries 
of constituencies in Ont, 1899 ; do. re 
certain alleged election frauds, 1900 ; 
arbitrator between C. P. R. and its 
trackmen, 1902 ; Royal Commr. re 
Gamey charges, 1903 ; has also served 
as a Royal commr., on several occa 
sions, for the revision of the statutes; 
knighted, 1899 ; declined chancellorship 
Toronto Univ., 1900; K.C.M.G., 1901; 
retired from all business directorships, 
1906; formerly presdt. People s Tav 
erns ; is a dir. Working Boys Home 
and Home for Incurables, a gov. Mc- 
Master Univ., and presdt. Toronto 
Conserv. of Music. ; a Bapt, and for 
merly supdt. of a Sunday sch. ; held 
the appt. of Master in Chancery, To 
ronto, for a short period ; author of 
"A Summary of Can. History." 236 
Avenue Rd., Toronto. 

" If titles were always used as badges 
of royal favour to crown careers like that 
of Sir John Boyd, there would be fewer 
objections to the so-called ennobling of 
Canadians." T. Telegram. 

Boyd, Rev. John D. (Presb.). 

B. Alexandria, Ont. ; e. Queen s 
Univ., Kingston (B.A.. 1889) ; m., 1894, 
Belle, d. Alex. Macdonald, Kingston, 
Ont. ; o. 1892 ; devotes his life to city 
missy, work, in which he has been 



very successful ; has been for many 
yrs. secy.-treas. Alumni, Queen s Univ. ; 
served also as moderator, treas.. and 
convener. Kingston, Out. 
Boyd, Hon. John Gilmore, lawyer; 


S. Alex, and Elizabeth (Gilmore) 
B. ; b. Irel., 1840 ; came to Can. when 
a child ; e. Huntingdon Acad. and Mc- 
Gill Univ. (B.A., 1861; M.A., 1864); 
B. C.L. (do.) ; m., 1869, Miss Caroline 
E. Southwick, N. Y. ; advocate, 1864 ; 
was previously principal Sherbrooke 
Acad. ; success Cully practised his prof, 
at Huntingdon, 1864-68; also ed. and 
propr. Huntingdon /owraaZ (Dib.-Oon.) ; 
irnsuQeesS fuM y contested Huntingdon 
(Local), g. e. 1867; removed to N. Y., 
where he has since resided, and prac 
tised! his prof, as an atty. and counsel- 
lor-at-law, 1868 ; graduated M.D. 
(Univ. N. Y.), 1874 ; a life mem. N. Y. 
Bar Assn. ; a Dem. in politics (though 
since voting for Presdt. Roosevelt and 
approving of his policy) ; was chair 
man Tammany Hall Genl. Comte., and 
elected Senator 5th Senat. Dist, N. Y., 
1881; one of the organizers of the 
original Anti-monopoly League, and in 
Senate was recognized as the leader 
in/ all a niti- monopoly tegUtaftftoni ; was 
presdt. Nat. Citizens Alliance, a lib. 
and ind, political body, and was favour 
ably regarded as a logical candidate 
for Govr. on a joint Dem. and People s 
Party ticket, 1896 ; has always been 
an energetic advocate of reciprocity 
in trade between Can. and the U. S. ; 
was a puibMc sch. trustee in city of N. 
Y. ; a life mem. of Am. Soc. for Prev. 
of Cruelty to Animals, a life mem. Am. 
Bible Soc., and a Royal Arch Mason ; 
in religion was in sympathy with " all 
W ho love our Lord Jesus Christ. i\l 
Park Row, New York. 

(D. New York, July Zk, 1908.) 

Boyd, Rev. John Richard Shields 


Fourth s. late Judge John B.. To 
ronto ; b. iMarfcham, Onit., Dec. 1, 1866 ; 
e. U. C. Coll., Wyoliffe Coll., and To 
ronto Univ. (B.A., 1888; M.A., 1904); 
m., June, 1893, Catherine /Maria, 2nd 

d. late Robt. Baldwin and grand-d. 
Hon. Robt. B., C.iB. ; o. deacon, 1890; 
priest, 1891; for a time asst. m>inr, 
AW Saints Cih,., Toronto ; C. iM. S. 
missy, to China, 1895; elected presdt. 
Wyoliffe Oo>l.L, Alumni Assn., 1909. 
Ku-Chen, Fuh Kien, China. 

Boyd, Leslie Hale, lawyer. 

S. Andrew and Georgina L. (Hale) 
B., Montreal; b. there, July 31, 1873; 

e. Montreal High Sch. and McGill 
Univ. (B.A., 1894; B.C.L., 1897); m., 
1898, Emma Constance (d. Aug., 1909), 
d. late Wm. Farrell, Montreal ; 
advocate, 1898; K.C., 1908; success 
fully practises his prof, in Montreal as 
a mem. of the firm of Oilman & B.; a 
gov. Montreal Homeop. Hosp. ; a mem. 
Prot. Bd. of Sch. Commrs., St. Henri, 
P.Q. ; a large property owner ; promin 
ently connected with many athletic and 
other similar organizations ; has been a 
mem. Can. Olympic Comte., London, 
Eng., 1908, a V.-P. Amateur Athletic 
Federation of Can., 1908, and presdt. 
Montreal Amateur Athletic Assn., 

1907-8 ; a Con. and an active mem. of 
the party; elected aid. St. George s 
Ward, Montreal, as a reform candi 
date, 1910; a Presb. 1036 Dorchester 
St. W., Montreal; Canada Club; Mont 
real A. A. Assn., do. 

Boyd, Nathaniel K., rancher; ex- 

S. late Hugh B., contractor, Ottawa, 
a native of Sligo, Irel. and Maria (Kil- 
foyle) B. ; b. Lachute, P.Q., July 9, 
1853; e. Ottawa Grammar Sch.; m., 
June, 1878, Eliza Jane (d. 1886), d. 
late Francis Abbott, Ottawa ; for some 
time a railroad 1 coiittra-ctor, with hia 
father; then a miller; since 1886 a 
rancher ; now presdt. and mang. dir. 
of the Boyd Ranching Co., Carberry, 
Man. ; went to Man. in early days ; 
chief promoter Man. Ranching & Grain 
Growing Co., 1903 ; sat for Macdonald 
(H. C.), Con. interest, 1892-96, and 
again 1900-04 ; moved resolution, 1903, 
for the calling of Parlt., for despatch 
of business not later than Nov., each 
year ; an Anig. Carberry, Man. ; 
Albany Club, Toronto. 

" A man with a keen intellect and 
dogged determination." T. Newt. 

Boyd, Robert Morley, Am. ry. service. 

B. Brockville, Ont, 1868; Irish and 
Can. parentage ; e. High Sch., Brock 
ville ; unm. ; entd. service C. P. R., 
1884, becoming connected subsequently 
with the N. Y., Susquehanna & West 
ern, the Northern Pacific, the Union 
Pacific, and the Chicago, Milwaukee & 
St. Paul lines; since 1899 has been 
commercial agent at Seattle for last- 
named ry. Seattle, Wash, U.S. 
Boyd, Rev. Thomas Hunter (Presb.). 

E. s. Saml. and Mary (Boyd) H., 
London, Eng. ; b. Ashford, Kent, Eng., 
Feb. 28, 1862 ; e. there and Man. Coll., 
Winnipeg; graduated in Theol., 1896; 
took post-grad, work, Chicago Univ., 
and Yale Theol. dept. ; close student 
of sociolog. movements ; m., Sept., 1900, 
E. L., d. Jas. Woods, Chatham, Eng. ; 
o. 1896 ; formerly at Oarssdale, Assa., 
and Waweig, N.B. ; accepted call to 
Glasgow, Scot, 1910 ; corr. secy, for 
Charities and Corrections, N.B. ; do. do. 
Anti-Tu bercul. Assn., do. ; secy. St. 
Andrews and St. Croix Farmers Inst., 
in close touch with agricul. depts. of 
Federal and Provl. Govts., but not 
identified with political parties ; official 
assoc. del. for Dom. Govt. to Intern. 
Congress on Tubercul., Washington, 
Oct., 1908 ; Can. del. to U. S. Conf. on 
Charities and Corrections, Portland, 
Me. ; to World s Congress on Alcohol, 
and World s Animal Congress ; elected 
mem. Japan Soc., London, 1892; author 
" Recollections of Prof. Hy. Drum- 
mond " ; " History of Waweig, N.B." 
and of articles on temp, and agricul. 
educ. ; a firm advocate of a Nat. Bureau 
of Health, of Public Abattoirs, of 
Agricul. Economics and Rural Socio 
logy, and a Nat. Sch. of Preventive 
Med. ; thinks that Imp. aid can be best 
secured by the highest efficiency of all 
citizens ; his motto : " Commercial 
supremacy depends upon Indus, superi 
ority " and " The reduction of Tuber 
cul. is a duty we owe to the Empire." 
Glasgow, Scot. 



Boyd, William Thornton Gust. 

S. late Mossom and Letitia Magee 
(Gust) B., Bobcaygeon, Ont. ; b. there, 
July 8, 1859; m., July, 1889, MissMeta 
Annie Bridgman ; elected presdt. Lind 
say, Bobcaygeon & Pontypool Ry., 1903. 
Bobcaygeon, Ont. 

Boyer, Hon. Arthur, capitalist; 


Y. a. late Louis and Amelie (Mig- 
nault) B., Montreal ; b. there, Feb. 9, 
1851 ; e. Montreal Coll. and London, 
Bng. ; m., 1875, Ernestine (V.-P. 
Women s Can. Club, Montreal, 1910), 

d. P. M. Galarneau, Montreal ; sat for 
Jacques Cartier (Local), in Lib. in 
terest, 1884-92, when defeated; a mem. 
Mercier Cabinet, without portfolio, 
1890-91; Can. Commr. Glasgow Exhn., 
1901 ; mangr. estate Louis Boyer, 
Montreal ; a mem. Adv. Council Royal 
Acad. Art, 1907 ; a representative of 
Can. Intern. Inst. of Agriculture, 
Naples, 1909 ; a councillor Children s 
Aid Soc., 1908; a dir. Montreal Citi 
zens Assn. ; presdt. Le Canada Co., 
1907 ; called to the Senate by Earl 
Grey, June, 1909 ; name has been men 
tioned in connection with the Lt.- 
Governorship of Quebec ; a R. C. 
210 Drummond St., Montreal; St. 
James s Club, do.; Rideau Club, Ot 

"Able and forceful." M. Gazette. 
Boyer, Aurelian, civil engineer. 
S. L. A. B., M.P., Montreal; b. and 

e. there; C.E., avec grande distinction 
(Laval Univ.), 1896; asso. mem. Can. 
Soc. C. E., 1899; m., June, 1903, Mad. 
Elmira Corinne Dufresne, widow J. I. 
Pellerin, Three Rivers, P.Q. ; was supdt. 
of construction Yukon tel. line, and 
previously supdt. of Govt. telegraphs 
and cables, Quebec and Mar. Pro 
vinces, 58 Drummond St., Montreal; 
Engineers Club, do. 

Boyer, Major Benjamin Qustave, 

legislator; journalist. 
S. Benj. and Angelique (Latour) B., 
St. Laurent, P.Q. ; b. there, Nov. 29, 
1871 ; e. St. Laurent Coll. and Laval 
Univ. ; m., Apl., 1907, Mile. Pamela 
Rheaume, Montreal ; a Journalist ; for 
merly on staff La Patrie and Le Can 
ada, Montreal ; founded L Echo de 
Vaudreuil, 1907, which he has since 
conducted ; for 4 yrs. lecturer on agri 
culture for Quebec Govt. ; has served 
as Mayor of Rigaud ; geml. secy. Veter. 
Surgeons, P. Q. ; major 2nd Squad. 
17th Duke of York s Royal Can. Hus 
sars; a Lib., and mem. for Vaudreuil 
(H. C.) since g. e. 1904; a R. C. 
Rigaud, P.Q. 

Boyer, Louis Alphonse, retired mer 

E. s. late Louis and Amelie (Mig- 
nault) B. ; b. Montreal, May 31. 1839 ; 
e. Chambly and St. Mary s (Jesuit) 
Coll. ; followed mercantile career for 
some yrs., and was a dir. of the 
Royal Can. Ins. Co., La Banque Ville 
Marie, and other institutions ; served as 
Mayor of St. Lambert, a Councillor of 
Lachine, and afterwards conducted a 
model farm at St. Lambert ; for 10 
yrs., from 1878, was flour inspr., Mont 
real ; sat for Masklnonge (H. C.), Lib. 
interest, 1872-78; unsuccessfully con 

tested Jacques Cartier (H. C.) g. e. 
1904 ; a R. C. ; m., 1865, Alphonsine, 
d. late Dr. J. B. Meilleur, Supdt. of 
Education, L. C. 58 Drummond St., 
Montreal; Club Canadien-de-Montreal ; 
Club St. Denis, do. 

Boyle, Arthur Edward, journalist. 

E. Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1897): for 
merly on Globe staff, Toronto, and sub 
sequently commercial ed. News, same 
city ; was Secy. Bd. of Trade and 
Publicity Commr., Regina, 1906-7 ; 
apptd. Western ed. representative To 
ronto Globe, Men., 1907. Winnipeg. 

" A newspaper man of high repute." 
"Kit" (q.v.). 

Boyle, David, ethnologist; Ont. public 


Mem. old Ayrshire family, on 
father s side, and from Highland 
forbears, on mother s side ; b. 
Greenock, Scot., May 1, 1842 ; e. 
Mason s Hall Sch., there, and St. 
Andrew s Sch., Birkenhead, Eng. ; 
m., 1867, Miss Martha S. Frankland, 
Bimgley, Yorkshire, Eng. ; came to 
Can. with parents, 1856 ; became a 
sch. teacher; for 10 yirs. principal 
Etora Public Sch. ; while an this 
position his growing interest in scien 
tific subjects caused him to form, in 
connection with the sch.. a museum, 
which still remains the most important 
of its kind in Ont. : he also devoted 
himself to practical geol. " work, and 
made discovery of several important 
fossils, the " Murchisonia Boylei," 
among others, being named after him 
by the late Prof. Nicholson, who, in 
his work on palaeont., thanks Mr. B. 
for his indefatigable and zealous ef 
forts in geol. science ; has also taken 
an active interest in the archaeol. of 
Ont., and is regarded as one of Its 
chief authorities ; presented to the 
Can. Inst., Toronto, an extensive col 
lection of Indian relics, which has 
formed the nucleus of its Archaeol. Mu 
seum, perhaps in several of its fea 
tures the finest collection on the Am. 
Continent ; was curator of this museum 
for over 25 yrs., and his annual report 
aroused much public interest in it ; had 
charge of the Ont. mineral exhibit at 
the Cincinnati Centl. Expn., 1888, at 
the Imp. Inst., London, 1892, at ttoe 
Columbian Expn., 1893, and, later, at 
the World s Fair ; one of the founders 
of the Elora Mech. Inst. Library ; for 
some yrs. secy. Ont. Hist. Soc., and has 
been presdit. Co. Teachers Assn., and 
chairman public sch. sec. Provl. Assn. 
Teachers ; promoted supdt. Educ. Dept. 
Museum, 1901; a corr. mem. Anthro- 
pol. Soc. Gt. Brit. ; an hon. mem. Soc. 
of Anthropol. and Ethnol., Italy ; V.-P. 
Ont. Hist. Soc. and V.-P. Intern. Con 
gress of Americanists ; in addition to 
his annual report, his literary work 
includes a series of sch. readers, 
" Notes on the Life of Dr. Joseph 
Workman" (1894), "Notes on Primi 
tive Man in Omt." (1895), "The 
History of Scarboro, 1796-1896" 
(1896), and "Uncle Jim s Can. Nur 
sery Rhymes" (1908) ; also contri 
buted to the Scot. Am. Journ. the let 
ters in the Scottish dialect, signed 
"Andrew McSparkle " ; reed. Corn- 



planter medal from Cayuga Co. Hist. 
Soc., in recognition of his work in 
Iroquois Ind. research, 1908; LL.D. 
(hon.), Toronto Univ., 1909; a pro 
nounced Radical, favouring univ. (in 
cluding women s) suffrage; a Presb. 
78 Walker Ave., Toronto. 

(D. Toronto, Feb. Ik, 1911.) 

" One of the leading archaeological au 
thorities of the world." V. World. 

" Has displayed rare energy and patience 
in his researches, which have resulted in 
valuable service to the Province and 
country." I. News 

Boyle, Rev. Horatio Temple Stannag-e 
(Ang.), educationist. 

S. Horatio B. ; b. St. Catharines, 
Ont., 1875 ; e. Trinity Univ., Toronto 
(B.A. and classical prizeman, 1898; 
M.A., 1901), Montreal Dioc. Thieod. 
OoM. (Bancroft prizeman and gold 
med., 1902 ; D.D., 1910) ; B.D. (Provl. 
Synod, Toronto), 1904; m., 1903, 
Floremoe S., d. late Sdtm Brown, 
" Stone Leigh," Quebec; o. 1900; asst. 
Shawville, P.Q., 1900; do. Christ Ch. 
Cath., Montreal, 1901 ; rector Wing- 
ham, Ont., 1905 ; do. Chatham, Ont.. 
1908; since 1910 has been prof, of ch. 
history and liturgies, Trin. Univ., To 
ronto ; apptd. chaplain (with hon. rank 
of cap*.), 24th Regt., Nov., 1908. 
Trinity University, Toronto. 

" Preaches extemporaneously with grace, 
force and eloquence." M. Star. 

Boyle, John Robert, lawyer; legisla 

S. Wm. and Annie (McLean) B. ; 
Scotch and Irish, respectively ; b. Tp. 
Moore, Lambton, Ont., Feb. 3, 1870; e. 
Sarnia High Sch. ; m., July, 1902, Dora 
C., d. Jno. Shaw, High River, Alta. : 
barrister, 1899 ; Aid. of Edmonton. 
1904 ; secy. Royal Grain Comn., 1906 ; 
a Lib., and returned in that interest 
to Alta. Legislature, for Sturgeon, 1905 ; 
Is Depty. Speaker of the Chamber ; a 
Presb. ; was the leader of the " Insur 
gents " during the political crisis in 
A.lta, 1910. 376 Ninth St., Edmonton, 

Boyle, Rev. William Hugh Wray 

B. Toronto, 1860; e. Toronto Unlv 
and Queen s Univ., Kingston (B.A., 
1884) ; o. and was for some yrs. minr. 
at St. Thomas, Ont. ; later accepted 
call to Colorado Springs, Col. ; after 10 
y<rs. went to St. Paul, Minn., where, 
ats paistor of tibe Ho. of Hope Ch., be 
was very successful, both as a preacher 
.and organizer ; apptd. pastor at Lake 
Forest, 111., 1906 ; declined a call to 
the Ch. of the Redeemer, Paterson, 
N.J., 1908 ; has lectured on "A Supreme 
Need of (Modern Am. Life." Lake 
Forest, III. 

"An eloquent preacher." Can. Am. 

Boys, William Alves, lawyer. 

S. Judge B. (q.v.) and Mary Frances 
(Morgan) B. ; b. Barrie, Ont., July 9, 
1868; e. Barrie Public Sch. and Coll. 

Inst. ; m,, Apl., 1895, Sophie, d. Rev. 
Canon Reiner and. niece late Arohb p. 
Sweatman ; barrister, 1893 ; K.C., 1910 ; 
mem. legal firm McCarthy, B. & Mur- 
chison, Barrie; mayor, Barrie, 1902-04 ; 

presdt. Ont. Municipal Assn., 1904 ; 
secy. Centre Simcoe Con. Assn. ; past 
presdt. Ont. Tenwis Assn. (captured 
the Victoria Cup trophy, emblematic of 
the championship of Ont., by holding 
It for 3 yrs. in succession against all 
comers, and was also the holder of the 
Quebec championship) ; also distin 
guished in hockey, skating, curling, 
and (golf competitions ; a mem. I. O. F., 
Sons of Eng., and Woodmen of t he 
World ; an Ang. " Caernavaer," Bar 
rie, Ont. 

Boys, His Honour William Fuller 
Alves, Co. Ct. Judge. 

T. s. late Dr. Hy. B., F.L.S., bursar 
King s Coll., Toronto, and Maria da 
Purifecacao, d. Don Manuel Alves, Lis 
bon, Portugal; b. N. Y., Mch. 12, 1833 
(while his parents were on the way 
from Eng. to Can.) ; e. U. C. Coll. and 
Toronto Univ. (LL.B., 1861) ; m., July, 
1883, Mary Frances, d. late Rev. Canon 
Morgan, Barrie; barrister, 1861; sat 
in Town Council, Barrie ; Mayor of 
Barrie for 3 terms ; also chairman 
Public Sch. Bd. and High Sch. Bd., 
Barrie ; authoir, " Boys on Coroners " 
(4-t h ed., 1905) ; apptd. junior co. ct. 
judge, Co. Simcoe, Ont., Sept. 27, 1883 ; 
recently retired on a pension ; a total 
abstainer, and favours totail prohibi 
tion ; an Ang. Barrie, Ont. 
Brabazon, Gerald Hugh, ex-legislator. 

S. late S. Levinge and Margt. 
(Clarke) B., both natives of Irel. ; b. 
Montreal, Dec. 7, 1854; e. there; m., 
1879, Miss Nellie Murphy, P. du Fort; 
a P. L. S. and C. E. ; for a lengthened 
period Mayor P. du Fort and Warden 
Pontiac ; was lieut. Dennis s Scouts, 
N. W. campaign, 1885 (med.) ; sat 
for Pontiac (H. C.), Lib.-Con. interest. 
1904-08 ; an unsuccessful candidate for 
same seat g. e. 1900 and g. e. 1908 ; 
promoter Prairie Home Land Co., 1906 ; 
an Ang. Portage du Fort, P.Q. 

" A man of business / ability and of 
sterling character." O. Citizen. 

Brace, Rev. Allan Howe (Bapt.). 

S. John and Eldya B. ; b. Monmouth, 
Wales, 1845; e. there; m. Charlotte 
Jane, d. P. D. Devonald, Bristol, Eng. ; 
o. 1895 ; for some yrs. principal and 
supdt. Fegan Boys Home, Toronto (an 
institution endowed by late Wm. Good- 
erham) ; has held pastorates at Can- 
nington, Dunnville, Peterboro and 
Cobourg ; called to Almonte, his 
present charge, 1910. Almonte, Ont. 

" A man of zeal and devotion." T. 

Bradburn, Thomas Evans, legislator. 

S. late Thos. and Jane (Morrow) B., 
Peterboro, Ont. ; b. there, May 19, 
] 853 ; e. Grammar Sch. and) Coll. Inst., 
Peterboro ; m., Feb., 1874, Miss Cath 
erine J. Ormond ; ilon-g engaged in com 
mercial fldfe ; sometime mem. Sch. Bd. ; 
later sat in Town Council ; reeve N. 
Moniagtoan ; mayor of Feiterboro ; 
presdt. Peterboro iSugar Co. ; do. Elec 
tric Light & Power Co. ; has sat for 
W. Peterboro (Local), Con. interest, 
since g. e. 1905 ; a Freemason; a Metih. 
" Moira Hall, Peterboro, Ont.; 
Albany Club, Toronto. 



Bradford, Henry Martin, educationist. 

S. John B., Bromley, Kent, Eng., and 
gt.-grands. Rev. Jos. B., one of the 
founders of Methodism ; b. London, 
Eng., 1865 ; e. city of London Sch v and 
St. John s Coll., Camb. (M.A., founda 
tion sch. and 21st wrangler, 1886) ; m. 
Florence, d. Colin. >C. Locke, J.iP., Locke- 
port, N.S. : for 5 yrs. headmaster Coll. 
Sch., Windsor, N.S. ; in 1896 founded 
St. Andrew s Sch. for Boys, Annapolis 
Royal, N.S., as male and select private 
sch., with a staff of Eng. univ. gradu 
ates ; a governor of King s Coll., Wind 
sor, N.S., and presdt. Royal Golf Club, 
Annapolis Royal ; successfully ed. an 
illustrated weekly, called Our Society 
(Halifax, N.S. ). and has ed. more 
than one sch. mag. ; author " Notes on 
Eng. Grammar" (1899); at one time 
examr. in physics, King s Coll. ; an 
Ang., and a del. to Synod and B. H. M. 
St. Andrew s School, Annapolis Royal. 
N.S.; New Oxford and Cambridge 
Club. Pall Mall. London S.W.. Eng. 
Bradley, Arthur G-ranville, author. 

S. late Dean of Westminster and 
Marion, d. late Archdeacon Philpot : b. 
Rugby, Eng., Nov. 11, 1850; e. Marl- 
borough Coll. and Trin. Coll., Camb. ; 
m., 1874, Florence, d. late Dr. W. A. 
Rackham ; author " History Marlbor- 
ough College" (jointly) (1893), "Life 
of Wolfe " (1895), " Sketches from Old 
Virginia" (1897), "Highways and By 
ways of N. Wales" (1898): "The 
Fight with France for North America " 
(1900) ; "H. and B. of the Eng. Lake 
District" (1901), "Life of Owen Glen- 
dower " (do.). "H. and B. of S. 
Wales" (1903), "Canada in the 20th 
Century" (1903), "Life of Capt. John 
Smith" (1905), "The March and Bor 
derland of Wales" (do.). "Round 
About Wiltshire" (do.), "Life of Guy 
Oarleton, Lord Dorchester" (Makers 
of Canada series, 1907) "The Making 
of Canada" (1909), " Worcestershire" 
(1909), "Rivers of England " (1909), 
"Wiltshire and Herefordshire " (1909), 
"The Wye" (1910), "Shakespeare s 
Avon" (1910), and "The English 
Lakes" (1910) ; writes sporting papers 
in the Field, under the nom-de-plume 
of " Rmgwood " ; an hon mem. Lit. 
and Hist. Soc., Quebec. Red Cottage, 
Rye, Sussex, Eng. 

"Possesses the historical tempera 
ment." T. Globe. 

Bradley, William Harrison, U. S. Con 
sular service. 

B. Illinois, U.S.; e. Yale Univ. (B.A., 
1872) ; m. ; entd. consular service, July, 
1889, remaining in it till Dec., 1893, 
having declined appt. to Copenhagen, 
Aug., 1892 ; since then has been : con 
sul, Tunstall, Eng., 1897-1903; do., 
Manchester, Eng., 1903-07 ; promoted 
consul-genl., 1905 ; consul-genl, Mowt- 
real, Aug. 15, 1907 ; an hon. mem. Mt. 
Royal Club. SI Linton Apts., Mont- 
treal; Mt. Royal Club; University 
Club; Forest and Stream Club; Cana 
da Club; Montreal Jockey Club; Royal 
8t. Lawrence Yacht Club, do. 
Bradsliaw, John Ernest, financial 
agent; legislator. 

Scotch and Eng. origin ; s. Robt. and 
Margt B. ; b. Newport, I.W., Dec. 13, 

1866; e. there; m., May, 1894, Agnes, 

d. G. R. Thompson, Prince Albert, 
Sask. ; a financial and insurance agent ; 
elected Mayor, Prince Albert, 1906 ; 
presdt. Bd. of Trade, 1907-08 ; unsuc 
cessfully contested Prince Albert 
(Local) as Provl. Rights candidate, 
bye-election, Oct, 1907 ; elected g. e. 
1908; presdt. St. George s Soc.; a 
Presb. ; a Freemason ; an Odd Fellow, 
a United Workman, and a Knight of 
Pythias. Prince Albert, Sask. 

Bradsliaw, Thomas, stock broker. 

S. A. B., merchant, Toronto ; b. Man 
chester, Eng., Apl. 22, 1868; e. Man 
chester Grammar Sch. ; m., June, 1897, 
Catherine, 2nd d. late John Bertram, 
M.P. ; one of 3 Canadians who have 
been admitted to the fellowshio of the 
Inst. Actuaries of Gt. Brit. ; elected 
mem. Actuarial Soc. Am., 1895; for 
merly asst. actuary North Am. Life 
Ass. Co. ; actuary Imp. Life Assur. Co., 
Can., 1898; V.-P. and actuary, do., 
1901 ; mang. dir. d o., 1907 ; retired 
from ins. business to become a partner 
firm A. E. Ames (q.v.) an>d Co., stock 
brokers, Toronto, 1911 ; -dir. Bert 
ram Engine & Shipbuilding Co. and of 
the Metropolitan Bank (of which he was 
one of the founders) ; secy.-treas. Can. 
Life Ins. Offrs. Assn. ; supervisor ex- 
amnis. In Toronto of Inst. Actuaries Gt. 
Brit. ; presdt. Ins. Inst., Toronto, 1902- 
03 ; author " Essential Features of Life 
Assurance Organization" (1902), " Ac- 
tuarl. Tables" (in collaboration with 
Frank Sanderson (q.v.), (1905). and 
" Investments of Can. Life Offices " 
(1906) ; a Presb. S Spadina Road, To 
ronto; Toronto Club; National Club, 

" One of the soundest and most trust 
worthy actuaries in Canada." T. Newt. 

Brady, Franklin Pierce, Can. ry. ser 

S. Patrick and Hannah (O Connor) 
B. ; b. HaverhiM, N.H., June 22, 1853 ; 

e. common scWs. and Semy., Newbury, 
Vt. ; m. Miss Harriet V. Cavanagh, 
Concord, N.-H. ; entd. ry. service, Pas- 
sumipsic Ry., as baggage master, 1869 ; 
later joined the C.P. Ry., and was 
successively asst. supt., Smith s FaMs, 
Ont. ; do., Fort Wil Mam, Onit. ; asst. 
genl!. supdt., Central <div., Wirandpeg; 
and genl. supdt. Lake Superior div. ; 
resigned, 1908; now, and since 1909, 
a mem. Can. Govt. Rys. Managing Bd., 
and genl. supdt. of Intercol. Ry. 
Monet on, N.B. 

"An exceptionally able official." M. 

Brady, Bev. Philip J. (R. C.). 

S. -late Philip and Mary (Murphy) ; 
B., St. Jean Chrysostome, P.Q., but 
formerly from Co. Cavan, Irel. ; b. St. 
Jean Chrysostome, Jan. 29, 1850 ; e. 
Montreal Coll.; o. Aug., 1875; has 
served successively at Mile End, 
Montreal, Coteau du Lac, St. Jean 
d Iberville, St. Cunegonde, Laprairie, 
Hartwell, Vankleek Hill, and other 
places ; at present rector N.D. du Bon 
Conseil, Montreal. 68 Panet St., Mont 



Brag 1 ?, Harry, journalist. 

S. John, native of (Manchester, Eng., 
and Anne (Wisely) B., native Hunitly, 
Aberdeenshire, Scot. ; b. Blackburn, 
Eng., Aug. 27, 1855; e. Lower Bank 
Acad. and by private tutor ; m. Irene 
T., d. late John Thompson, Montreal ; 
came to Can., 1884, settling in Mont 
real ; formerly financial and commer 
cial ed. Star, Montreal ; now mang. 
ed. Can. Municipal Journal; a public 
lecturer ; hon. life mem. Blackburn, 
(Eng.) Lit. Soc. and of the Horticul 
tural Soc. ; auditor and assessor, St. 
Lambert ; first secy. Industrial League 
(now Can. Mfrs. Assn.) ; recording 
secy. Nat. Hist. Soc., (Montreal ; presdt. 
St. Lambert Lit. Soc. ; P. G. M. W., 
A. O. U. W. ; an Ang. ; an Imperialist 
and a Can. " Sunny Bank," St. Lam 
bert, P.Q. 

Brag-g-, Thomas Qeorgfe, educationist. 

Parents from Devonshire, Eng., set 
tled In Co. Durham. Ont., 1843 : b. Tp. 
Darlington, Ont., Aug. 4, 1874 ; e. Bow- 
manville High Sch. and Toronto Univ. 
(B.A., Gov.-Genl s. med for genl. pro 
ficiency ; highest average in 2 honour 
depts. olasstas and mod. lang. ; Geo. 
Brown scholar, in moderns; 1st class 
in classics, 1896) ; grad. Ont. Normal 
Coll., 1897 ; classical master, Bowman- 
viil te High Sch., 1897-1903 ; principal 
Dawson City High and Pub. Sch., 1903- 
06 ; Supdt. Education, Yukon Tery., 
his present position, Apl., 1906 ; a Free 
mason ; one of the principal organizers 
Univ. Toronto Chapter Delta Upsilon 
and of Dawson Can. Club ; m., Aug., 
1902, May Violet (d. same year), d. 
W. R. Clemens, Bowmanville. Daw- 
son, Y.T.; Canadian Club, do. 

" A man of all-round scholarship, solid 
character, and approved ability as a 
teacher." M. and E. 

Braithwaite, Arthur Doug-las, bank 


Fourth s. late Rev. Wm. B., vicar 
Alne, Yorkshire, Eng.; b. there, 1856; 
e. Reading, Eng. ; m., Apl., 1888, Mar 
jory Walker, 2nd d. late Wm. Hendrie, 
" Holmstead," Hamilton, Ont. ; has 
been since 1873 in the service otf the 
Bank of Montreal ; mangr. or actg. 
mangr. successively at Regina, Cal 
gary, Hamilton (presented with testi 
monial by citizens on leaving there), 
N. Y. (agent), and Toronto (apptd., 
1906) ; apptd. genl. mangr. Ont. Bank, 
on its liquidation, same year; ,is chair 
man Toronto Oliearinig House ; treas. S. 
African Patriotic Fund, 1899; first 
presdt. Elgar choir, Hamilton, Ont., 
1904 ; Ang. and a ch. warden St. 
James Cath., Toronto. 160 St. George 
St., Toronto; Toronto Club; York 
Club, do.; Hamilton Club, Hamilton. 

Braithwaite, Edward Ainslie, physi 

Bro. oif prsioedinig ; b. Yorkshire, 
Eng., Feb. 16, 1862 ; e. King s Sch., 
Bruton, Devon, and Victoria Coll., Jer 
sey ; m., Nov., 1892, d. T. A. Ander 
son ; studied for his prof, ait King s 
Coll. Hosp., London, Eng. ; admitted in 
Man. ; served in Royal N. W. M. Police 
for some yrs. ; has practised through 
out in Edmonton, where he is health 

offr. ; elected a mem. Med. Council, 
A lita., 1906; an Ang. Edmonton, Alta. 

Braithwaite, Rev. Edward Ernest 


S. iMark (MDell and Elizabeth (Eck- 
ardt) B. ; h. Unionvilile, Ont., Men. 14, 
1865 ; e. Markham public and high 
sch S., Toronto Univ., iMcOiM Univ. 
(B.A., with 1st class honours in men 
tal and moral >pMl., 1886), Can. Cong. 
Coll., Oberlin Univ., O. (B.D., 1890), 
and Harvard Univ. (M.A., 1901 ; Ph.D., 
1904) ; m., Nov., 1892, Miss Ida Min 
nie Van Camp, Cleveland, O. ; o. 1890 ; 
pastor Yarmouth, N.S., 1897-1900 ; act 
ing prof. Old Teat, lanig. and lit., Ober- 
iliin Coll. and Theol. Semy., 1901-2 ; 
pastor Day St. Oh., West Somerville, 
Mass., 1903-9; since then has been 
pastor Northern Cong. Ch., Toronto ; 
formerly presdt. Cong. Union of N.S. 
and N.B. ; elected presdt. Toronto Dist. 
Comg. Union, 1909 ; has contributed 
numerous articles to the secular and 
religious press, including theoi. mags. 
99 Charles St. E., Toronto. 

" Energetic .and aggressive." T. Tele 
Brandeis, Charles, consulting engr. 

B. London, Eng., where he gradu 
ated as an electrical engr. ; has ac 
quired a large prof, experience in Eng. 
Germany, Austria, and the U.S. ; m., 
Sept., 1908, Agnes M. Ha ugh, d. late 
Geo. Shepherd, Leeds?, Eng. ; an Amg. ; 
is an asso. M. Am. Trust. E. E., and 1 a 
m>em. of tibe Am. Electro-Chemical Sloe. ; 
admitted an assoc. mem. Can. Soc. 
C. E., Oct., 1903 ; acts now (largely in a 
consuiltive quality ; is chief engr., the 
St. Cfesaire Power Co. and the Sara- 
guay Etectiri O Light & Power Go. ; apptd. 
by Quebec Govt. to report on best sys 
tem of electric lighting for prisons, 
1907 ; consulting engr., Colonial Coal 
Co., iN. Sydney, N.S.. 1910. " Villa 
Ebor," 530 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal; 
Engineers Club, do. 

Brandt, Rev. Edmond Hermann 

(Presb. ), educationist. 
Grands. Capt. Guental, &t the army 
of Napoleon Bonaparte, who was 
decorated with the Cross of the 
Legion of Honour after Wagraim and 
reed, a pension for his services ; b. 
Montechero ux, France, Aug. 1, 1870 ; e. 
primary locall schs., Prot. Normal Sch., 
GUay BalfoTt Acad., France ( diploma), 
Montreal Presto. Coll. (grad.,, 1896), 
and McGil l Univ. ; m., May, 1896, Alice 
Eva (d. (May, 1911), d. late Rev. 
Principal Bourgoin, ; icame to Can., ,1889, 
to join teaching staff, Pointe Aux 
Trembles Presb. iSchs. ; o. 1897 ; apptdw 
principal Pointe Aux Trembles Mission 
Schs., Oct., 1900 ; do. do. Pointe Aux 
Trembles Presto. Coll., 1900 ; recom 
mended by Ottawa Prestoy. for appt. 
to staff of (Montreal Presb. Coll., 1909 ; 
apptd. an Offr. d Acad. by French 
Govt., 1909 ; a strong believer in pro 
hibition and iin the necessity of ele 
vating P. Q. to the position of the 
other provinces by Protestantism. 
Pointe Aux Trembles (Laval), P.Q. 

"A ma/n <yf experience and 
tivie amd teaching ability." M. Witness. 



Branscombe, Miss Gena (see Tenny, 
Mrs. Gena). 

Brant-Sero, John Ojijatekha, a Cana 
dian Mohawk Indian. 

Mem. old Caniengehaga (Mohawk) 
family ; U. E. L. ; mother a descen 
dant of Isaac Brant, Joseph Brant s 
first s. ; father a Bay of Quinte Mo 
hawk, named Sero ; b. Six Nation Re 
serve, Co. Brant, Ont, June 11, 1867 ; 
self-taught; m., 1896, Mrs. Kirby, an 
Eng. lady ; a judicial Interpreter ; 
elected hereditary Hiawatha, 1903, and 
to Six Nation Council (declined for 
personal reasons) ; a poet and drama 
tist; translated "God Save the King" 
into the Mohawk ; author " The 
Beaver and the Fox," In verse ; read 
a paper, " Dekanawldeh, the Law- 
Giver of the Caniengahagas," before 
Brit. Assn., 1901 ; volunteered for ser 
vice In S. A. during Boer War ; won 
3rd prize big male beauty show, Folk- 
stone, Eng., 1908 ; Con. ; Ang. Win- 
tonville, Bridlington, Eng.; Sociologi 
cal Soc. 

Brault, Henri Alexandra Abdon, 

S. Alexis B., merchant, and Christine 
(de Cousse-de-Ribaudln), Montreal; 
Acadian family ; b. Montreal, Aug., 
1847; e. Coll. de Montreal; admitted 
N.P., 1869; has since successfully prac 
tised his prof, in Montreal, having had 
among his clients the Govts. of the 
Dom. and Quebec ; presdt. La Chambre 
de Commerce, Montreal, 1906-7 ; a del. 
to the Com. Congress of the Empire, 
1903 ; delivered a notable speech there 
in defence of the Empire; apptd. a 
Harbor Commr., Montreal, 1905, and 
did much during his term of office to 
wards effecting improvements, looking 
to the creation of Montreal as a nat. 
port ; is In favor of giving Can. the 
right to negotiate her own treaties and 
of naming her own consular agents ; 
Is thoroughly loyal and faithful to the 
Brit, flag ; a Lib. ; a R.C. 16 St. Louis 
Square, Montreal; summer residence: 
Vaudreuil, P.Q. 

"A sincere patriot." Hon. J. I. Tarte. 
Bray, Bev. Horace Edgar (Ang.). 

4th s. late Wm. B., J.P., R.N., 
and Eliza (Lang) B., of Adelaide 
and Petrolea, Ont. ; b. Adelaide. 
Ont. ; e. Petrolea public sen., New 
market high sen., Huron Coll., Western 
Univ. and Chicago Univ. ; M.A. ; m., 
1890, Alice Maud (d. 1899), y. d. T. 
F. Kingsmill, "Belleview," London, Ont. ; 
o. deacon, 1889; priest, 1890; incum 
bent Christ Ch., Markdale, Ont, 1890 ; 
rector Trivett Memorial Ch., Exeter, 
Ont., 1896; do. St. James s Ch., Han 
over, Ont., 1899; since 1908 has been 
rector St. John s Ch., Port Rowan ; Is 
chaplain (with hon. rank of capt.), 
39th Regt. ; a mem. of Religious Educ. 
Assn. ; sits on Sch. Bd. and is secy. 
R. D. Chapter of Norfolk ; presdt. of 
the lawn tennis and bowling clubs. 
St. John s Rectory, Port Rowan, Ont. 
Bray, John Lang 1 , physician. 

S. late Wm. B., R.N., and Eliza, d. 
late John Lang, Plymouth, Eng. ; b. 
Kingston, Ont, 1841; e. London Dist 
Grammar Sch. and Queen s Univ. 

(M.D., 1863; LL.D., hon., 1905); m., 
June, 1867, Madeline Isabel Vavasour, 

d. late J. V. Noel, Kingston, Ont. ; has 
filled many Important positions in his 
profession, including V.-P. Ont. Med. 
Council, 1881-82 ; presdt. do., 1882-83, 
and presdt. Can. Med. Assn., 1891-92 ; 
is also a mem. Am. Med. Assn. ; elect 
ed regr. Ont. Med. Council, 1907 ; an 
Ang. ; a Con. ; a strong believer in 
Can., and an upholder of the Brit. Em 
pire ; m., June, 1867, Madeline Isabel 
Vavasour, d. late J. V. Noel, Kingston, 
pLre. SCO Avenue Rd., Toronto. 

Bray, Samuel, Dom. public service. 

Eng. origin ; s. Richard B., Devon 
shire, Eng., a well-known mining engr., 
at one time mangr. Bank of Elgin, St 
Thomas, Ont., and Catherine (Wil 
liams) B. ; b. Quebec, Nov. 5, 1846 ; 

e. Trevarth Sch., Cornwall, Eng., and 
St. Thomas Grammar Sch. ; m.. Feb., 
1878, Elizabeth, d. late Judge Lount ; 
C.E. ; O.L.S. ; D,L.,S. ; successively div. 
engr. Can. Southern. Hamilton & 
N. W., Credit Valley, Detroit, Mar- 
quette & Mackinaw, and Ont. & Que. 
Rys. ; entd. public service, June, 1884 ; 
apptd. chief surveyor and engr. Dept. 
Indian Affairs, July, 1905 ; passed 8 
yrs. in Mexico during Maximilian re 
gime ; (practically a master of the 
Spanish language ; Ind. Con. ; favours 
tariff sufficiently high to encourage 
home industries, death and bequest 
taxes, old age pensions, graduated in 
come tax, and any measure which will 
encourage the acquisition of wealth, 
but discourage as much as possible 
bhe acquisition of great wealth ; Ang. 
Argyle Ave., Ottawa. 

Bray, William Crowell, educationist. 

S. W. T. and S. J. (Willson) B.; 
mother a d. late Crowell Willson, 
M.P. (H. C.) ; b. Wingham, Ont, Sept 
2, 1879 ; e. London High Sch., Toronto 
Univ. (B.A., 1902), and Leipzig Univ. 
(Ph. D., 1905); unm. ; a research 
chemist ; has been research associate 
in Research Labory. of Phys. Chemis 
try, Mass. Inst. Tech., Boston, Mass., 
since 1905: is asst ed. Chemical Ab 
stracts (Am. Chem. Soc.). having 
charge of dlv. of genl. and phys. 
chemistry ; has published a number of 
papers in field of phys. and in organic 
chemistry, in scien. journals ; awarded 
the "Exhn. of 1851" travell. scholars., 
Toronto Univ, 1902 ; Ang. Mass. In 
stitute of Technology, Boston, Mass.; 
Technology Club, do. 

Breakey, John, lumber manufacturer. 
S. late H. D. B., Chaudiere River, 
P.Q. ; b. there. Apl. 9, 1846; e. Rev. 
D. Anderson s private grammar sch., 
Levis, P.Q. ; m., Nov., 1867, Helen, d. 
late John Anderson, Ord Mild, Mony- 
musk, Aberdeenshire, Scot. ; underwent 
apprenticeship in father s business as 
lumber manfr., and, on his death, be 
came prop, saw and lumber milils, 
Etchemin, formerly controlled by him; 
a dir. of Quebec Bank for many yrs. ; 
was presdt. do., 1897-1908; also presdt. 
Can. Electric Light Co. ; previously a 
dir. Union Bank of Can. ; late a gov. 
Morrin Coll., Quebec; a Presb. 
Etchemin, P.Q.; Quebec Garrison Club. 



Brebuer, James, educationist. 

S. late Jas. B., Inspr. Schs., Co. 
Lambton, Ont, and Margt. (Elhot) 
B. ; b. London, Ont., Sept. 22, 1859 ; e. 
Sarnia High Sch., Brantford Coll. Inst, 
and Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1891) ; m. 
Miss Frances E. Bartlet, Windsor, 
Ont. ; some yrs. a public and high sch. 
teacher ; has been for some time regr. 
Toronto Univ., a position he etiffl fills ; 
declined bursarship lMcGil 1 Univ., 1902 ; 
a contributor to Westminster. 57 
Rowland Ave., Toronto. 
Bredin, William Fletcher, merchant; 

B. G-tengarry, Ont. ; e. there ; m., 
Sept., 1907, Anna Brown, 5th d. late 
W. J. iMarsh, " Grape Grange," Clarks 
burg, Ont. ; went west, 1870 ; a partner 
of J. K. Cornwall ; extensive mer 
chants and traders ; weM known as an 
explorer ; possesses an intimate knowl 
edge of the resources of the whole 
North- West ; has sat for At habaska 
(Local), Lib. interest, since g. e. 1905 ; 
Ang. Lesser Slave Lake, Alta. 
Brehaut, Ernest, educationist. 

B. s. Geo. H. and Margt. (Mac- 
kinnon) B., Guernsey, P.E.I. ; paternal 
ancestors came from Guernsey, Chan 
nel Isds., to Guernsey, P.E.I., 1806 ; 
b. Guernsey, P.E.I., 1874; e. Prince of 
Wales Coll., Dalhousie Univ. (B.A., 
with honours in classics and Univ. 
med., 1894), and Harvard Univ. 
(B.A., 1896; M.A., 1897); m., 1907, 
Miss Marguerite Upton, Colorado 
Springs ; prof, of classics Colorado Coll., 
1898-1908; since then prof, of history, 
do. Colorado College, Colorado 
Springs, U.S. 
Brehaut, Louis, educationist. 

Bro. of preceding; b. Guernsey, 
PEI 1882; e. Dist. Sch., Prince of 
Wales Coll., Charlottetown (Anderson 
gold med. for highest standing) and 
Dalhousie Univ. (B.A., with high hon 
ours and gold med. in Greek and Eng., 
also N. B. bursary, 1904) ; prof. Eng. 
and Eng. liter., P. of Wales Coll., 
1904-05 ; chosen Rhodes schol. at Ox 
ford, 1905 (B.C.L., 1907). Oxford, 

Breithanpt, liouis Jacob, manufac 

S. late Louis and Catherine (Hailes) 
B. ; b. Buffalo, N.Y., Mch. 3, 1855 ; e. 
Berlin and Toronto; m., 1881, Emma 
Alvareme, 2nd d. Benj. Devitt, Water 
loo ; joined his father in business, and, 
on his death, became a mem. and act 
ing mangr. of firm, which, in 1890, was 
incorporated as the Breithaupt Leather 
Co., Ltd., faming extensive tanneries 
at Berlin, Penetanguishene, and Lis- 
towel ; is presdt. of co. ; also presdt. 
Ont. Bark Co., and a dir. Ont. Sugar 
Co. ; has been a mem. of Park Bd.. a 
trustee Berlin-Waterloo Hospital, chair 
man Berlin Sch. Bd., presdt. Y. M. 
C. A. and of Bd of Trade, Mayor of 
Berlin and Warden of Waterloo : re 
presented N. Waterloo (Local), in 
Lib. interest, 1900-02, when unseated ; 
mem. Evang. Assn. Berlin, Ont. 

Breithanpt, William Henry, civil engr. 

Bro. preceding ; b. Buffalo, N.Y., Jan. 

25, 1857 ; accompanied parents to Ber 

lin, 1861; e. Berlin, Northwest Coll., 
Napiervill e, 111., and Rensselaer Poly. 
Inst., N. Y. ; C. E., 1881 ; m., Feb., 
1898, Martha Cunningham, d. John 
Murphy, Montreal ; served on construc 
tion West Shore Ry., 1881; on Pgh., 
Ft. W. & C. Ry., 1882; asst. engr., 
under C. Spohn Smith, St. Louis, on 
C. P. R. and other bridges, 1883-85 ; 
removed to Kansas City, Mo., 1886 ; 
bridge engr. Chicago, Sante Fe & Cal. 
Ry., do. ; removed to N.Y., 1895 ; went 
into genl. practice there as bridge and 
structural engr. ; mem. Am. Soc. C. E., 
1887 ; do., Can. Soc. C.E., 1903 (coun 
cillor, 1907) ; at present residing in 
Berlin, where he is presdt. Berlin Gas 
Co., of Berlin & Waterloo St. Ry. Co., 
and of Berlin & Bridgeport El. St. Ry. 
Co. ; author of various scientific papers ; 
Presb. ; Lib. (in Can.) ; an Am. citizen. 
3 Potsdam Place, Berlin, Ont.; Engi 
neers Club, N.Y.; Engineers Club, To 

Bremner, Lt.-Col. James John, Can. 
public service. 

B. May 23, 1828; formerly in com 
mand 66th Regt. (Princess of Wales 
Fusiliers) ; saw service during Fenian 
raids and N. W. campaign, 1885 (genl. 
service med., with 1 clasp ; N. W. Re 
bellion med. ; Col. Aux. Forces offrs. 
decoration) ; entd. customs service, 
1886 ; apptd. inspr. of customs, Hali 
fax, N.S., Dec., 1888. Halifax, N.S. 
Breunan, Miss Millicent, vocalist. 

D. H. H. Brennan, merchant, Otta 
wa ; b. and e. Ottawa ; studied for her 
prof, at Paris, France ; made her de 
but, 1903, in the cycle of musical fes 
tivals in Can., conducted under the 
leadership of Sir Alex. Mackenzie and 
Dr. C. A. E. Harriss (q.v.), taking 
difficult solo parts with great success ; 
subsequently studied in Holland, 
Germany, Eng., and the U. S. ; in 1905 
appeared in Eng. grand opera, un 
der Col. Savage, and has also ap 
peared in oratorio. Columbus, O., 
U.S.; m Somerset St., Ottawa. 

" Possesses a soprano voice of splendid 
quality and large compass." Musical 

Brennan, Thomas I., physician; Am. 
ry. service. 

B. Montreal, Nov. 1, 1853 ; e. St. 
Lawrence Sch., do. ; studied for prof., 
Univ. of N. Y., and graduated M. D. ; 
m., June, 1881, Miss Harriet C. Gough, 
Montreal ; gave up practice of med. 
owing to ill-health; devoted some yrs. 
to journalistic and business life : ed. 
Home Advocate, Camden, N.J., 1877; 
do. Sunday Leader, Phil., do. ; travell. 
corr. Cincinnati Enquirer, 1878-81 ; a 
contributor of verse and short stories 
to various mags., 1881-85 ; private secy., 
Secy. U. S. Treas., 1885-87 ; asst. 
cashier West. Nat. Bank of N. Y., 
1887-94 ; dir. and asst. secy. Metropol. 
St. Ry., N. Y., 1896-97 ; since then 
has been secy. Chihuahua & Pacific 
Ry. ; a Dem. ; tariff reformer ; sound 
money advocate ; favours freer trade, 
reciprocity with Can., consti tuitions:! 
govt., etc. ; a R.C. Murray Hill, Flush 
ing, N.Y.; (summer residence) " Cow- 
anhurst," Lake Pocotopang, East 
Hampton, Conn. 



Brent, The Rig-lit Reverend Charlei 
Henry, Bishop (Prot. Ep.). 

S. late Rev. Canon Henry B. and 
Sophia Frances, 2nd d. late James 
Gumming, M.P.P. ; b. Newcastle, Ont, 
Apl. 9, 1862 ; e. Trin. Coll. Sch.. Port 
Hope, and Trin. Univ., Toronto (B.A., 
with honours In classics, 1884 ; M.A. 
1889; D.D., hon., 1901) D.D. (hon.), 
King s Coll. Univ., N.S., 1910 ; unm. ; 
o. deacon, 1886 ; priest, 1887 ; a mem. 
of staff Trin. Coll. Sch., Port Hope, 
Ont., 1886 ; asst. minr. St. Paul s Cath., 
Buffalo, 1887 ; do. St. John the Evan 
gelist, Boston, 1888-91; assoc. rector 
St. Stephens, Boston, 1891-1901 ; elected 
first Bp. Philippine Islands at genl. 
convention Ep. Ch. U. S., San Fran 
cisco, Oct. 1901 ; consecrated Boston, 
Mass., Dec., 1902 ; elected Bp. of 
Washington, D.C., at annual conven 
tion Ep. Ch. U. S., Washington, May, 
1908, andi again subsequently ; declined 
various other positions in the U.S., in 
cluding deanery iSt. Paul s Cath., Cin 
cinnati, rectory St. Luke s, :San Fran 
cisco, and deanery Ohrist Ch. Cath., 
Ottawa, 1901 ; om ed. staff N. Y. 
Churchman, N.Y., 1897-1900; oommrr. 
on Philippine opium traffic, 1904 ; 
elected chairman Intern. Opium Comn., 
Shanghai, 1909; author "With God in 
the World" (1899), "The Consolations 
of the Cross" (1902), "The Splendor 
of the Human Body" (1904), "Adven 
ture for God" (do.), "Liberty and 
Other Sermons" (1906), "With God 
in Prayer" (1907), "The Mind of 
Christ Grows" (1908), "Leadership" 
(1908), etc.; reed, a gift of $100,000 
from Mrs. E. D. Brandegel, Utida, 
N Y., to assist htai to build a oath. ; 
Wm. Belden Noble lect., Harvard 
Undv., 1907 ; a del. Ang. Oh. Bi-Cent. 
celebration, Halifax, N.S., 1910; "an 
Am , citizen, but none the less loyal to 
the country and to the people of m 
birth." 253 Calle Nozaleda, Manila, 

" A. splendid specimen of muscular 
Christianity." M. and E. 

" Possesses great powers of organization 
and ability to handle church work." 
Can. Churchman. 

Brent, Miss Louise C., nursing pro 

D. late Jas. M. and Mary (Holland) 
B., former from Eng. ; latter from 
Wales ; b. Toronto ; e. by governess 
and at private sch. ; trained for pro 
fession at Brooklyn City Hospital, 
graduating 1890; supdt. Grace Hospi 
tal 6 yrs. ; apptd. supdt. Hospital for 
Sick Children, Toronto (her present 
position), Jan., 1897; elected first 
presdt. Can. Hospital Assn., 1907 ; and 
presdt. The Lady Supdts. of Hosps. 
Assn., 1909 ; now trees., do. ; is also 
1st V.-P. Can. Nat. Assn. of Trained 
Nurses and a dir. Ont. Graduate 
Nurses Assn. 221 Elisabeth St., To 

Brett, Richard Ruddy, journalist. 

S. John and Ann (Elliott) B., both 
from Irel. ; b. Amherstburg, Ont., Apl. 
17, 1869; e. there; m., June, 1893, Miss 
Frances L. Roberts, Charlotte, Mich. ; 
a public sch. teacher, 1888-90; since 

then in journalism ; for 7 yrs. connect 
ed with Amherstburg Echo; later 
one of the publishers and props. Essex 
Free Press; elected grand master I. O. 
O. F., Ont., 1907-08 ; a Lib. ; an Ang. 
Essex, Ont. 

Brett, Hon. Robert George, physician. 
S. Jas. and Catherine (Mallon) B., 
both natives of Irel., who settled in 
London, Ont., 1846 ; b. Strathroy, Ont., 
Nov. 16, 1851 ; e. Strathroy Grammar 
Sch. and Toronto Univ. ; M.D. (Vic 
toria Univ.), 1874; post-grad, course 
N. Y. hospitals, 1876 ; further course 
in surg. and gynecol., Vienna, Austria, 
1894; m., 1878. Miss Louise T Hunger- 
ford, Watford , Ont. ; formerly prac 
tised Co. Lam>bton, Ont., where he 
was reeve of lArkona ; movimg to 
Man., was one of the founders of 
Mam. Med. Colil., in which he held 
chair of mat. med. and therap. ; 
now emer. prof, gynecol. and obst. 
therein ; for several yrs. a councillor 
and mem. Bd. of Studies, Man. Univ. ; 
also asst. surg. 90th Regt. ; established 
Banff Sanitarium, 1886, of which he 
is med. dir. ; presdt. Coll. P. and S. 
N. W. T., some yrs. ; now mem. Med. 
Council, Alta. ; surgeon C. P. R. and 
to collieries of Anthracite and Can- 
more ; sat in Advis. Council N. W. T., 
1889-92, and in N. W. T. Assembly, 
later, up to 1900; for 2 yrs. was 
presdit. Extve. Gounicdl, and later ileader 
of the Opposition in the chamber; 
senator Univ. Alberta, 1908 ; a Con. ; 
an Ang. ; eilected presdt. Alta. Con. 
Assn-., 1909. Banff, Alta. 

Brewster, Willouffhby Staples, law 
yer; legislator. 

Ifish and Eng. origin ; s. John and 
Elizabeth (Staples) B. ; b. Tp. Haldl- 
mand, Northumberland, Ont., July 9, 
1860; e. Coll. Inst., Cobourg and Vic 
toria Univ., do. (B.A., 1882) ; m., 1st 
Aug., 1887, Mary L. (d.), e. d. Jas. 
Horning, Brantford, Ont ; 2ndly, June, 
1898, Miss .Belie Roberts; barrister, 
1885 ; successfully practises ihis prof. 
at Brantford ; K.C., 1899; elected 
V.-P. Ont. Bar Assn., 1908 ; served 4 
yrs. to Branitford Council ; is chair 
man Pu bMc Sh. Bd. ; Con. can. for N. 
Brant (Local), g. e. 1904; elected for 
S. Brant, g. e. 1908; a Meth. Brant- 
ford, Ont. 

Breynat, The Rt. Rev. Gabriel Joseph 

Elie (R.C.), Bishop. 
B. St. Vallier, Diocese of Valence, 
France, Oct. 5, 1867 ; e. there ; joined 
the Oblat Order, and was o. 1891 ; came 
to Can., 1888 ; apptd. bp. titular 
d Adramyte and vicar apost., Mac 
kenzie River, 1901 ; consecrated, Apl., 
1902 ; attended the Plenary Council, 
Quebec, 1909 ; and the Eucharistic 
Congress, Montreal, 1910. Fort Reso 
lution, via Edmonton, Alta. 

"A fine specimen of thoe who have 
spent their lives in behalf of the Indiana 
of the North." The West. 

Brice, Alfred James, merchant. 

B. Chapel Allerton, Somersetshire, 
Eng. ; e. Bath ; came to Can., 1870 ; 
m. Miss Mary Woodcock, Toronto ; an 
extensive butter and cheese exporter ; 



an unsuccessful candidate for presi 
dency Bd. of Trade, Montreal, 1900 : 
Aug. 265 Peel St.. Montreal; St. 
James s Club; St. George s Snowshoe 
Club; Montreal Amateur Athletic 
Assn.; Montreal Club, do. 

Bridge, Colonel Charles Henry, H.M. s 

regular mil. forces. 
Fourth s. late Archdeacon B.. St 
John s, Nfd. ; b. there, June 16, 1852 
e. Canterbury and Jesus Coll., Camb. 
m., 1885, Elizabeth Dorcas, d. Sir Ed 
ward Morris, K.C.B. ; joined Eng. Con 
trol Dept., 1872; It.-col., 1889; col., 
1898; Egyptian campaign, 1882 (med. 
and star) ; D. A. Q. M. G., Headquar 
ters, War Office, 1886-91; commanded 
A. S. C., Aldershot, 1891-96; campaign 
in Rhodesia, 1896. on staff of Sir 
Fredk. Carrington (thanks of Char 
tered Company, med., and C.B. ) ; dir. 
of transports, S. Africa Field Force. 
1899-1900; A. A. G., Aldershot. 1900- 
02 (med., 3 clasps, despatches, C.M.G.) ; 
director of transport, 1903 ; in>spr. 
Remount Dept., 1906. Reading, Eng.; 
Junior United Service Club, London. 

Bridge, Admiral Sir Cyprian Arthur 

S. late Archdeacon B.. St.. John s, 
Nfd. ; b. there, Mch. 15, 1839 ; m. 
1877, Eleanor, d. G. Thornhill, C.S.I, 
entd. R. N., 1853 ; rear-admiral, 1892 
vice-do., 1898; admiral, 1903; served 
White Sea, 1854 ; Bay of Bengal, dur 
ing Indian Mutiny ; with Naval Bri 
gade in Burma ; mem. Comte. on 
Heavy Guns. 1878; of War Office 
Comte. on Explosives ; also on Armour 
Plates and Projectiles, 1879 ; of Ord 
nance Comte., 1881 ; dir. Naval Intelli 
gence, 1889-94 ; commander-in-chief 
Australian station, 1895-98; K.C.B., 
1899 ; commander-in-chief, China sta 
tion, 1901-04 ; G.C.B., 1903 ; retired, 
1904; V.-P. Brit. Science Guild; 
author "The Art of Naval Warfare," 
and " Sea Power and Other Studies." 
1 Eaton Terrace, London^ S.W.; 
United Service Club; Wellington Club, 

Bridge, Maj.-Oen. Thomas Field 
Dunscomb, H.M. s regular mil. 

S. late Archdeacon B. and Sarah 
Christiana (Dunscomb) B. ; b. St. 
John s, Nfd., June 11, 1847 ; e. Eng. 
and France ; m, Harriet, d. J. H. Ler- 
mitte, Knighton, Middlesex, Eng. ; 2nd 
lieut. R. M. L. Infy., Jan., 1866 ; capt., 
1881; It. -col., 1894; col., 1899; maj.- 
genl., 1906; served Soudan, 1884-85 
(med., with 2 clasps; Khedive s star) ; 
captured standard at Battle of Tofrek 
(bt. of major) ; was A. D. C. to late 
Queen Victoria ; and later A. D. C. to 
King Edward ; Ang. 8 Chester Place, 
Hyde Park Sg., London, W., Eng.; 
United Service Club, do. 

Bridges, Eedley Vicars Burpee, edu 

S. Hy. Putnam and Eliza Ann (Bur 
pee) B. ; both parents descended from 
Puritan settlers, who came from Ips 
wich and Rowley, Mass., to N. B., 
1763; b. Sheffield, N.B., Oct.. 1862; e. 

N. B. Univ. (B.A., 1881; M.A., 1883; 
LL.D., hon., 1910) ; m., Aug., 1896, 
Mabel, e. d. late Hon. Mr. Justice 
Gregory ; math, master, Coll. Inst., 
Fredricton, some yrs. ; inspr. schs. 
N. B., 1889-1906; principal Normal 
Sch., FrederictO ns July, 1906 ; elected 
a senator N. B. Univ., 1905 ; a dir. 
Dom. Educl. Assn., 1907 ; presd>t. 
Fred<ericton Curling Club, 1906. 
Fredericton, N.B. 

Bridges, Henry Seabury, educationist. 
S. late Hy. Putnam and Eliza Ann 
(Burpee) B. ; Puritan ancestors; b. 
Sheffield, N.B., Nov. 23, 1850; e. Shef 
field Grammar Sch. and Univ. of N. B. 
(B.A. and gold med. for best Latin 
essay, 1869; M.A., 1871; Ph.D., 1888) 
subsequently studied at Oxford, Eng. 
m., Oct., 1880, Alice iMiddliemore, d 
late S. R. Foster, :St. John, N.B. 
entd. teaching profession, and was suc 
cessively asst. master Sunbury Gram 
mar Sch. ; 2nd master. Coll. Inst.. 
Fredericton ; principal High Sch. and 
supdt. other schs., St. Stephen ; 2nd 
master, St. John Grammar Sch. ; prin 
cipal do. ; prof, classics, Univ. N. B., 
1881, and, again, principal St. John 
Grammar Sch. (retired, 1906) ; since 
1897 has been supdt. city schs.. St. 
John ; is a senator and presdt. Alumni 
Soc., N. B. Univ.; V.-P. Soc. Prev. of 
Cruelty to Animals and a dir. Can. 
Club, St. John, and of local Moral and 
Social Reform Council ; elected depty. 
G. master Freemasons of N. B., 1907. 
and R.W.G,M., 1909 ; opposed to Lord 
Strafcheona s (q.v.) plan for elementary 
military training in Can. public schs. 
St. John, N.B.; Canadian Club, do. 

Bridgman, George B., painter. 

S. J. W. B., formerly of Toronto: 
studied at Paris under Gerome ; after 
a 5 yrs. course at the Ecole des Beaux 
Arts, Paris, was given, in 1888, the 
highest honour that can be awarded, 
viz., the gold med. and first prize, Na 
tional and Special of France, over all 
competitors, both native and foreign, 
for painting the full length figure from 
life. Care Canadian Office, Paris, 

Bridgman, Bev. George Henry (Meth.) 


S. late John P. and Marcia ( Wil 
son ) B., Smithvilile, Ont. ; b. there, 2, 1841 ; e. Victoria Univ., Oo- 
bourg (B.A., 1864; M.A., 1867); hon. 
degree D.D., Syracuse Univ., 1879 ; 
LL.D., do., 1900; m., June, 1873, Mary 
B., d. late John Elliot, Brentford, 
Ont.; entd. ministry, 1864; o. 1868; 
held ^pastorates at Paris, Dundas, To 
ronto, Hamilton, St. Catharines, and 
Brantford ; withdrew from Can. Meth. 
Ch. anid joined iMeth. Ep. Ch., U. S., 
1873 ; presdt. Genesee Wesl. Semy., 
Lima, N.Y., 1873-83 ; elected presdt. 
Hamline Univ., St. Paul, Minm. (his 
present position), 1883 ; has been 5 
times a mem. Gen.1. Conf. Met>h. Ep. 
Oh., as a del. from Minn. Conf. ; a del. 
Federal Council of Chs. of Christ In 
Am., N. Y., 1905 ; a mem. 1st Charter 
Comn., St. Paul ; Freemason. / 
Hewitt Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 



Brlerley, James Samuel, journalist. 

S. late Jas. Bell B., London, Ont. ; b. 
there. Mch. 4, 1858; e. there; m., Aipl., 
1898, Alice Bosworth, 3rd d. late Lt.- 
Ool. B. W. Gossage, C.B. ; acquired 
practical knowledge of printing busi 
ness in office London Free Press, later 
becoming supdt. Hamilton Spectator job 
office ; started in business for himself, 
London, 1879 ; acquired Home Journal, 
St. Thomas, Ont., of which he became 
subsequently sole prop, and ed.. 1881 ; 
purchased Chatham Banner, 1894, con 
tinuing- its publication till Oct., 1896 ; 
became mans. dir. and ed. Montreal 
Daily Herald about same time ; remov 
ing to Montreal, disposed of his interest 
in the Banner, but retained proprietor 
ship of Home Journal ; since Dec., 1909, 
has been presdt. of the Herald Publish 
ing Oo. ; elected presdt. Can. Press 
Assn., 1896, and -of Can, Associated 
Press, 1904 ; presdt. Can. Club, Mont 
real, 1910; also presdt. Montreal Club; 
was a del. to the Imp. Press 
Conf., London, Eng., 1909 ; elected 
chairman of Can. delegates to do. do. ; 
on this occasion was presented to the 
then King and Queen of Eng. ; elected 
Eastern V.-P. The Can. Press, Ltd., 
1910 ; was brought to the bar of 
Quebec Assem., Mch., 1902, and re 
quested to divulge the name of the 
writer of a certain article that had 
appeared in the Herald, for which he 
assumed the full responsibility, having 
published the same in good faith, and, 
on his refusing a second time to give 
the desired Information, was dis 
charged from custody, the House being 
satisfied with his explanation ; a Lib. ; 
an An<g. ; a Freemason. 147 C6te St. 
Antoine Rd., Montreal; Canadian Club ; 
Montreal Club, do. 

" One of the very cleverest of Can. 
j ournalists. T. Globe. 

"A man of push and energy who has 
aocounplished wondera in Montreal." 
Thos. Cote (q.v.). 

Brlg-g-s, Alfred William, lawyer. 

S. Rev. Wm. B., D.D. (.q.v.), and 
Rosalie Marian (Clarke) B. ; b. Lon 
don, Ont., June 24, 1871 ; e. Toronto 
Coll. Inst, and Toronto Univ. (B.A., 
1891; LL.B., 1892; M.A., 1893; m., 
1900, Demeredy F., 2nd d. John J. 
Wright (q.v.), consulting engr. To- 
ronito Electric Light Oo. ; barrister, 
1894; K.C., 1910; successfully prac 
tises in Toronto ; Iron. secy. Orthop. 
Hosp. ; do. do. Can. Copyright Assn. ; 
Can. sec. Star Life Assur. Sac. of Lon 
don, Eng. ; a councillor Irish Prot. 
Ben. Soc. Port Credit; office, Toronto 
(Briggs & Frost). 

" A man of broad views and deep in 
terest in educational matters and of first- 
class administrative ability." T. Globe. 

Brig-g-s, Eon. Daniel Luther, mer 
chant; legislator. 

S. Edward and Elizabeth B., Sack- 
ville, N.B. ; b. and e. there ; m. ; leav 
ing Sackville, Feb., 1869 ; lived at 
Cromwell for 12 yrs., but finally took 
up his residence at MMrlletown, Conn., 
Where he hag estatod. the firm of D. L. 
B. & Co., wholesale beef and provi 
sions ; is also presdt. B. & Co., manfrs. 

of hardware specialties ; a J. P. ; Aid., 
1886-88; Mayor, 1890-94; chairman 
Town Comte., 1887-95; presdt. Rep. 
State League 2 yrs. ; a del. to several 
conventions of Rep. party ; representa 
tive from Middletown, 1897-98; state 
senator, 1906-07 ; has also been a dir. 
Bd. of Trade, trustee and dir. of sav 
ings banks ; was chairman Senate 
Comte. on Fisheries and Game. Mid- 
dleton, Conn. 

" A man of widespread popularity." 
Af. Tribune. 

Brig-g-s, Frederick Adams, banker. 

B. Cowansville, P.Q. ; graduated Cor 
nell Univ., Ithaca, N.Y., 1898; was 
stroke of Cornell crew, carrying his 
crew to victories over Yale, Harvard, 
Pennsylvania, and Columbia, in 96, 97, 
and 98 ; m., 1901, Miss Annie Vallette 
Haight, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. ; at pres 
ent mangr. Wellington St. branch 
Eastern Tps. Bank, Sherbrooke, P.Q. 
Sherbrooke, P.Q. 

Brig-g-s, D. B." "Jlmuel (see Thomp 
son, Phillips). 

Brig-g-s, Bev. William (Meth.), pub 

S. late Thos., Ban-bridge, Co. Down, 
Irel. ; Irish and Scotch descent ; b. Ban- 
bridge, Sept. 9, 1836; e. Mt. Street 
Sch. and Coll. Inst., Liverpool, Eng. ; 
acquired a com. training In the 
same city ; while sitill a young maai, 
cainre to Can., and was received 
on trial, at Durham, Prov. Quebec, 
1859 ; o. 1863 ; was stationed, subse 
quently, as pastor, at Toronto, Hamil 
ton, Montreal, London, Cobourg, Belle 
ville, and again at Toronto (Metro 
politan Ch.) ; was financial secy., 1874; 
chairman dist., 1876; secy, to conf., 
1876-77; presdt. conf., 1885; has been 
a del. to all the genl. confs. of his ch., 
as well as to the Genl. Conf. of the 
Meth. Epis. Ch. of the South, 1882, and 
to the Ecumen. Conf., Washington, 
D.C., 1891, and also at London. 
1901 ; first elected book .steward of 
the Methodist Book and Publishing 
House, becoming head of the pioneer 
book publishing house in Toronto, and 
the largest publishing house in the 
Dom., 1879 ; D.D., <hon. (Victoria Univ.), 
1886; a mem. Comte. 20th Century 
Thanksgiving Fund, 1898; a mem. 
Comte. of Conf. on Ch. Union. 1906, 
and a mem. Bd. Regents. Victoria 
Univ., 1906-07 ; a mem. Joint Comte. 
re Japanese Meth. Ch., 1906 ; vice- 
chair. Local Executive Comte., Fourth 
Ecumenical Methodist Conference, 
1911 ; also served as presdt. Meth. 
Social Union and of Master Printers 
and Bookbinders Assn. ; m., 1865, Miss 
Rosalie Marian Clark, Melbourne, Aus 
tralia. 21 Grenville St., Toronto, Ont. 

" A wise administrator." T. Globe. 

" One of the most successful pastors of 
his time." M. and E. 

"A good preacher, excellent man of 
business and wibty platform speaker." 
Rev. Dr. Smith. 

" One of those most thoroughly versed 
in the British classics among the educated 
men of the country." Busy Man * Mag. 



Brig-lit, Rev. Alfred (Presb.). 

S. Hy. and Elizabeth (Bright) B.. 
Montreal; b. there, Sept. 21, 1878; e. 
Montreal High Soh., AJbkngpdon Sch., 
Montreal, and Queen s Univ., Kingston 
(B.A., 1905) ; pursued theol. studies at 
Yale Univ. and Presb. Coll^ Montreal ; 
o. 1907 ; asst. pastor St. Paul s and 
Knox Chs., Peterboro, Ont, 1906 ; pas 
tor St. Paul s Ch.. Ingersoll, 1907. 
Ingersoll. Ont. 
Brig-nail, James, Can. ry. service. 

Formerly genl. mangr. N. S. Central 
Ry. ; a.p>ptd. auditor latter ry., Nov., 
1905 ; m. Charlotte Emily (d. Apl., 
1903), d. late Jas. Spike, Halifax, 
N.S. Bridgewater, N.S. 
Brill, Hon. Hascal Rnssel, judge. 

S. Thos. R. and Sarah (Sager) B. ; 
b. PhiHpsburg, P.Q., Aug. 10, 1846 ; e. 
pub. sens., Can. and Minn., Hamline 
Univ. (LL.D., 1890), and Mich. Univ.; 
barrister, 1870; m., 1873, Miss Cora A. 
Gray ; judge Probate Ct., Ramsay Co., 
Minn., 1873-74 ; do. Common Pleas, do., 
1875-76 ; do. Dist. Ct., 2nd Jud. Dist., 
Minn., since 1876; Rep. kit Laurel 
Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Brimson, Miss Florence Anne. (See 

Graff, Mrs. Florence Anne.) 
Brine, Rev. Charles L. (Epis.). 

S. late Wm. E. B., Provl. Cashier, 
Halifax, N.S., who came to N. S. from 
Jersey, C.I. ; b. St. Margaret s Bay, 
N.S. ; e. King s Coll., Windsor, N.S. 
(B.A., 1887) ; o. deacon (Bp. Freder- 
icton, N.B.), 1887; priest (Bp. To 
ronto), 1888; served in N. S., Toronto, 
and Hamilton ; in latter city was rector 
St. John Evangelist Ch. ; since 1896 has 
been rector Christ Church, Portsmouth, 
N.H. Portsmouth, N.H. 
BriBson, Thomas Augruste, physician; 

Quebec public service. 
S. late Dr. B., St. Lin, P.Q. ; b. there, 
Oct. 12, 1852 ; e. L Assomption and 
Montreal Colls, and Victoria Univ., 
Gobourg, Ont. (M.D., 1871) ; m., 
Oct., 1881, Marie Louise (d. Dec., 
1897), d. Dr. P. C. Dufresne (later a 
priest and canon R. C. Ch.) ; practised 
his profession at Laprairie for some 
yrs. ; Mayor Laprairie and Prefect of 
Co., 1885-92 ; organized 85th Regt., 
C. M., 1880, from which he retired as 
surg.-lt.-col. (long service med.) ; a 
del. Paris Expn., 1900 ; unsuccessfully 
contested Laprairie (Local). Con. in 
terest, 1887; one of the founders of 
the Montreal Coloniz. Soc., of which, 
as well as of the Genl. Coloniz. and 
Repatriation Soc., P. Q., he is the 
mang. dir. ; a R. C. 58 Notre Dame 
St., Montreal. 

" One of the most devoted and zealous 
of public servants." O. Free Prets. 
Bristol, Edmund James, lawyer; legis 

2nd s. late A. S. B., M.D., and E. M. 
(Everitt) B., Napanee, Ont. ; U. E. L. 
descent; b. Napanee, Sept. 4, 1861; e. 
Napanee High Sch., U. C. Coll., and 
Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1883) ; m., Sept., 
1889, Mary Dorothy (presdt. Ladies 
Golf sec., Toronto Hunt Club), d. late 
Hon. Chief Justice Armour ; barrister, 
1886 ; K.C., 1908 ; successfully practises 

his prof, in Toronto ; a dir. Inverness 
Ry. & Coal Co., Northern Nav. Co., 
New Eng. & Clifton Copper Co., and 
Intern. Ry. & Contract Corpn. ; presdt. 
Univ. Coll. Lit. an>di Scien, Soc., To 
ronto, 1895 ; one of the founders of the 
Toronto Country and Hunt Club and 
of the Can. Horse Show ; an enthusias 
tic yachtsman, winning, with Commo 
dore Boswell (q.v.), in 1895, the Prince 
of Wales Cup for the championship of 
the Can. lakes ; a Con. ; has been V.-P. 
Con. Assn. of Ont., and presdt. Toronto 
Con. Assn. ; has represented Toronto 
Centre (H. C.) since Apl., 1905, suc 
ceeding the late E. F. CLarke as such ; 
an Ang. 179 Beverley St., Toronto; 
Toronto Club; Albany Club; Country 
and Hunt Club; R. C. Yacht Club, do. 

"A strong party man, but never unfair 
or discourteous." M. and E. 

" Rides straight in the hunting field, ag 
he rides straight for what he wants in 
ordinary life." T. News. 

Bristol, Georg-e Everett, merchant. 
S. late Dr. A. S. B., Napanee, Ont. ; 

b. BeiltevtMe, Ont., Nov. 23, 1855 ; e. 
Napanee Grammar Sch. ; m., Nov., 
1855, Margt., d. late Thomas White 
Hamilton ; a mem. firm Lucas, Steele 
& B., wholesale grocers, Hamilton, 
Ont., -having business connections 
from Toronto west to the Pacific 
Ocean ; presdt. Hamilton Bd. of 
Trade, 1897 ; was, during its existence, 
presdt. Can. Grocers, Ltd. ; is presdt. 
Ont. Wholesale Grocers Guild and of 
the Imp. Vinegar & Pickling Co., 
Hamilton ; also presdit. Hamilton 
Cricket Club ; elected V.-P. for Ont., 
Doxn. Wholesale Grocers Guild, 1910 ; 
politically, Ind. ; has voted for both 
parties ; an Ang., and a del. to the 
Synods an official del. to <Che Bi-Oent 
Ang. Oh. celebration, Halifax, 1910. 
" Elmsley," 266 Bay St. South, Hamil 
ton, Ont.; Hamilton Club, do.; Toronto 
Club, Toronto. 

" Possesses great business capacity." 
Late Senator Wood. 

Brittain, Horace L., educationist. 

S. Prof. J. B., D.Sc., Macdonald Coll., 
P.Q. (q.v.) ; b. Kings Co., N.B., 1874; 
e. Univ. N. B. (B.A., with honours in 
nat science and chem., and Douglas 
gold med. for best Eng. essay, 1895 ; 
M.A., 1898) ; taught Moncton High 
Sch., last year actg. asst. principal, 
1895-99 ; principal Horton Acad., Wolf- 
viLle, N.S., 1899-1904; post-grad, course 
Clark Univ., 1904-07 (sohol. and fel 
low; Ph.D., 1907); supdt. of schs., 
Hyde Park, (Mass, (his present .posi 
tion), 1907 ; author of articles on "Tihe 
Teaching of History" and "The De 
velop, of Imagination of Children," the 
latter his thesis for his doctorate. 
Hyde Park, Mass. 

Brittain, John, educationist. 

E. s. Thos. B. and Elizabeth (Car 
son) B. ; b. nr. Sussex, N.B.. Nov. 22, 
1849 ; early education privately con 
ducted ; subsequently attended Provl. 
Normal Sch., and took short courses 
at Cornell, Chicago, and Columbia 
Univs. ; D.Sc. (N. B. Univ.), 1905; 
m., 1871, Miss Charlotte T. Bonney ; 



for 10 yns. principal Superior Son., 
Peitiiitcod iac, N.B. ; for 14 yrs. instr. 
nat. science, Provl. Normal Sell., 
Fredericton ; prof. chem. Univ. of 
N. (B., 1906-08 ; aipptd. prof, nature 
study, Macdonal d COIL, 1908 ; retired 
on a pension from the Carnegie Funtd, 
do. ; author " Manual of Nature Lies- 
sons " and " Outlines of Nature Les 
sons." Care Macdonald College, P.Q. 

" His contribution toward the elevation 
of the educational standard of New Bruns 
wick bas been vexy great." N. B. Univ. 
Brittain, John Hills, Am. ry. service. 

S. Jas. B. B. and Margt. B. ; b. St. 
John, N.B., Men. 14, 1862; e. there; 
m., July, 1885, Miss Mae G. Orcutt; 
has been travel, pass, agent and New 
Eng. pass, agent, Chicago & N. W. Ry., 
and presdt. Ry. and Steamboat Assn., 
Boston, Mass. ; now genl. freight and 
pass, agent former, Boston^ Mass. ; 
mem. City Rep. Comte., Mel rose, Mass. ; 
chairman 7th Rep. Congress Comte., 
Mass. ; a Prot. 77 Circuit St., Melrose, 
Mass; Melrose Club, do.; Middlesex 
Club, Boston. 
Britton, Hon. Byron Moffatt, judge. 

S. late Danl. Freeman B., Post 
master, Gananoque, Ont. ; b. there, 
Sept 3, 1833 ; e. Gananoque and Vic 
toria Univ., Cobourg (B.A., 1856 ; M.A., 
1868) ; m., Dec., 1863, Mary Eliza (d. 
1905), e. d. late Hon. L. H. Hoi ton, 
M.P. ; barrister, 1859; K.C. (Ont.) 
1876; do. (Marquis of Lome), 1881; 
a Bencher of the Law Soc., 1886 ; was 
one of titoe leaders of the bar in the 
Midland Dist. ; Co. Crown Atty. and 
Clk. of the Peace, Co. Frontenac, 
1882-91 ; official referee, under Ont. 
Drainage Act, 1891; resigned, 1896; a 
Royal Commr. re Toronto Univ., 1895 ; 
do. do. for the Revision of the Statutes 
of Ont, 1896 ; do. do. to investigate 
the Treadgold Concession, and the 
Hydraulic Concession in the Yukon 
generally, 1903 ; formerly a <lect. on 
Criminal Law, Queen s Univ. ; Mayor 
of Kingston, 1876-7 ; also, Chairman of 
the Sen. Bd. and a mem. Bd. of 
Regents, Victoria Univ. ; in his day, a 
stalwart Lib. ; one of the leaders of his 
party in Central Can. ; unsuccessfully 
contested Cataraqui div., Leg. Council, 
1864, and Frontenac (Local), 1868; sat 
for Kingston (H. C.). 1896-1901 ; since 
Sept. 24, 1901, has been a judge of the 
King s bench div. of the High Ct. of 
Justice for Ont. ; a dir. Nat. Trust Co. ; 
a Meth. 496 Huron St., Toronto; Fron 
tenac Club, Kingston. 

" A man with a fine judicial mind." 
M. Standard. 
Britton, Byron O., journalist. 

S. Freeman B.. Gananoque ; b. and 
e. there ; succeeded his father as ed. 
Gananoque Reporter, 1905. Ganan 
oque, Ont. 
Britton, Charles E., manufacturer. 

Third s. Danl. Freeman Britton. a 
native of New Hampshire, who was 
formerly postmaster, Gananoque, P.Q., 
and Nancy M. B. ; b. Gananoque, Ont., 
June 5, 1842 ; e. local sens., Fairfleld 
Acad., and Victoria Univ.; m., 1872, 
Marian, 2nd d. late G. B. Holland, To 

ronto ; in partnership with O. D. and 

D. C. OO Wan, estbd. (the Gananoque 
Nail & Hinge Works, at Gananoque, 
which they still carry on ; Mayor Gan 
anoque, 1897 ; commodore Am. Canoe 
Assn., 1901 ; gave the estate of " Belle- 
vue " to the town of Gananoque for 
public purposes, 1909 ; a Lib., and un 
successfully contested S. Leeds (H. C.) 
in that interest, 1882 and 1887 ; an 
Ang. Gananoque, Ont. 

Britton, Rev. Maurice W. (Epis.). 

S. Maurice B., now of Mitchell, Ont. ; 
b. Liverpool, Eng. ; accompanied his 
parents to Can. ; e. in Eng. and Can. ; 
o. (Ang. Ch., Can.) 1888; pastor suc 
cessively Lake Shore and St. Cathar 
ines, Ont. ; now and for some yrs. pas 
tor Ch. of the Holy Cross, N. Y. 300 

E. Fourth St., New York. 
Broad, Wallace, mining engineer. 

B. St. John, N.B. ; e. Univ. N.B. 
(B.A., 1877) ; took eng. course McGill 
Univ. : served field staff Can. Geol. 
Survey ; subsequently went to Rhodesia 
and to S. Africa, where he was a con 
sulting engr. and mining geol. ; apptd. 
European adviser, Minr. of Mines, 
China, 1902. Dept. of Mines, Pekin, 
Broadfoot, Rev. Thomas A. (Presb.). 

E. Man. Coll. (B.A., 1902; B.D., 
1906) ; formerly a public sch. teacher 
In Man., and among Galician settlers 
in tine West ; served also as a missy. 
in Man., Sask., Alta., and B. C. ; m.. 
Aug., 1907, Alberta (a trained nurse 
of advanced standing), d. W. A. Play- 
fair, Kingston, Ont. ; apptd. missy, to 
Macao, 1907. Kongmun, via Hong 
Kong, China. 

Broadus, Edmund Kemper, education 

S Th os. A. B., Va., U.S., and nephew 
of Dr. John A. B.. late oresdt. South 
Bapt. Theol. Semy., Louisville, Ky. : b. 
Alexandria, Va.. Aug. 27. 1876 ; e. Col 
umbian (now Geo. Washington) Univ.. 
Washington, D.C. (A.B., 1897), Chi 
cago Univ. (A.M., 1900), and Harvard 
Univ. (Ph.D., 1908); m., 1900, Miss 
Eleanor Hamimondi; prof. Emg. lit., 
John B. Stetson Univ., DeLand, Flori 
da, 1900-02 : do. do. Univ. S. Dak.. 
1902-06 ; instr. Harvard Univ., 1 
prof. En.g. literature, Alberta Unliv. since 
1908 ; presdt Harvard Graduate Club, 
1907-08; a contributor to various per 
iodicals, including The Atlantic Month 
ly The Dial, The Critic, Education and 
Mod. Lang. Notes; ed. editions of Ste 
venson s " Treasure Island " and Dick 
ens " Short Stories," for high sch. 
use ; ed. critical essays of Joseph Addi- 
son for Belles Lettres series (D. C. 
Heath & Co.) ; a Bapt. Strathcona, 

Brochu, Michel Delphis, physician; 

B. St. Lazare, P.Q. ; e. Quebec 
Semy. and Laval Univ. (B.A., 1873 ; 
MD, 18.76); m., 1st, 1880, Eugenie 
(id. 1881), d. late Louis Marods, Que 
bec; 2rud ly, 1894, MMe. Fortin ; prac 
tises profession in city of Quebec, 
where, since Feb., 1903, he has been 
med. supdt. Beauport Lunatic Asylum ; 
is V.-P. Provl. iBd. of Med. ; V.-P. Coll. 



P. and S., P. Q. ; V.-P. Quebec Anti- 
Alooiholic League ; prof, internal path.., 
nervous and mental diseases Laval 
Undv., and presdt. L Assn. des 
Langue Franc., P.Q. (the first to hold 
the office) ; hon. presdt. Can. Comte. 
Paris Med. Congress, 1909 ; elected a 
mem. Soc. de Therap. de Paris, and of 
the Soc Intern, de Med- Physique ; was 
later apptd. an offr. d Acad. by the 
French Govt. ; a R. C. 63 St. John 
St., Quebec. 

Brock, Rev. George E. (Bapt.). 

Graduated in theol., McMaster 
Univ., Toronto, 1890 ; later, was sent 
to India, as a missy, by the Am. 
Bapt. Missy. Union, remaining in that 
country for nine yrs. ; came to Can. 
on furlough, 1900, and later, returned 
to India ; was in India during the 
great famine, amd assisted in allevia 
ting the sufferings of many natives. 
Kaniffiri, Madras, India. 

Brock, Major Henry, lawyer. 

E. s. W. R. B. (q.v.) ; b. Oakville, 
Ont., May 14, 1859 ; e. U. C. Coll., To 
ronto Univ., and Trin. Univ. (B.C.L., 
1899; D.C.L., 1905); m., June, 1891, 
Annie Maude, e, d. Hy. Cawthra, 
Yeadion Hall, Toronto ; barrister, 1855, 
and practised his prof, in Toronto ; 
retired from practice, 1906 ; a dir. 
W. R. B. Co., Ltd., the Stanstead 
Granite Quarries Co., Ltd., and of 
the Dom. Fire Ins. Co., V.-P. Toronto 
Bd. of Trade, 1908; re-elected, do., 
1911; a del. to Brit. Imp, Council of 
Commerce, 1911 ; present, by invita 
tion, at un-veiliimg of Queen Victoria 
Memorial, London., Erug., 1911 ; has 
been in v. m. force since 1877 ; now 
senior major 10th Royal Grenadiers ; 
served during N.-W. Rebellion, 1885 
(med. and clasp ; mentioned in de 
spatches) ; also holds long-service 
decoration ; a life mem. Argonaut Row 
ing Club and of Can. Mil. Inst. ; a/t one 
time capt. Toronto Univ. Cricket Club 
and capt univ. rifle oo. ; has travelled 
extensively ; a Strong upholder of Brit, 
pref. and the Chamberlain policy ; a 
Con. and a follower of Mr. Borden ; an 
Ang. 216 Beverley St., Toronto; To 
ronto Club; Toronto Racquet Club; 
Can. Military Institute. 

Brock, Jeffrey Hale, ins. manager. 

S. late Thos. R. and Eleanor 
(Thompson) B., Guelph, Ont.; b. 
Guelph, Ont., Jan. 6, 1850; e. Gram 
mar Sen., Guelph, and High School, 
Montreal; m., Sept., 1876, Louisa 
Adelaide Clara, e. d. late Rev. John 
Gillespie, Toronto ; in partnership with 
his bro., W. R. B., in establishing dry 
goods firm W. R. B. & Bro, Toronto, 
now The W. R. B. Co. Ltd., 1876; 
disposed of his interests therein and 
went to Winnipeg, 1879 ; entd. ins. busi 
ness, and founded Gt. West Life As sur. 
Co., of which he became mang. dir., 
1892 (the first life ins. oo. estbd. in 
the West) ; this position he retains ; one 
of the liquidators Man. Commercial 
Bank, 1893 ; apptd. a mem. Provl. Bd. 
Health, do. ; a dir. Northern Trusts 
Co. ; a promoter Winnipeg Mining & 
Develop. Co. ; an Ang. and del. to 

Synod ; ch. warden Holy Trinity Ch., 

Winnipeg. Winnipeg; Manitoba Club, 


Brock, Llewellyn, physician. 

E. s. late Thos. Rees B., Guelph, Ont. ; 
b. tihere ; e. Rookwood! Acad., Guelph 
Grammar Son., and Victoria Univ. 
(iM.I>.,C.M., 1862) ; m., 1st, 1895, 
Jessie T., B.A. (d.), o. d. P. A. Scott, 
Toronto ; 2ndly, Miss Hannah Carthew, 
Guelph ; mem. Med. Council, Coll. P. 
and S., Ont., 1894-98, 1902-6; presdt. 
Mled. Council, Ont., 1901-2 ; founder 
Can. Lancet and ed. and prop, of it in 
its early yrs. ; presdt. Anti-Consump 
tion Soc. ; has also been presdt. of 
Humane and Children s Aid iSoc., and 
of the Evamigel. Alliance ; now the 
oldest med. practitioner In Guelph ; an 
Ang. Guelph, Ont. 

Brock, Lt.-Col. Reginald Arthur, mer 

S. W. R. B. (q.v.) ; b. Montreal, 
May 14, 1869; e. U. C. Coll., Toronto; 
and Royal Mil. Coll., Kingston, Ont ; 
m., July, 1902, Dorothy, d. Lt.-Ool. H. 
F. Dent, Menethorpe Hall, Yorkshire, 
Eng. ; is mang. dir. W. R. Brock Ob., 
Montreal ; V.-iP. Dry Goods Sec. (Mont 
real Bd. of Trade; do., Lilley & 
Cameron Cartage Co., Montreal; a 
councillor Montreal Bd . of Trade, 
1910; do. do.. 1911; elected presdt. 
Wholesale Dry Goods Assn., Mont 
real, 1907 ; for some yrs. an offr. 
17th Duke of York s Can. Hussars ; 
apptd. It.-col. commdg. regt., Apl., 
1907 ; retired to R. O., Apl., 1910 ; 
elected presdt. Montreal Mil. Inst., 
1910; an Ang. 316 Pine Ave. W., 
Montreal; St. James s Club; Montreal 
Club; Montreal Hunt Club; Mil. Inst.; 
Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club, do. 

Brock, Reginald Walter, Dom. public 


S. late Rev. Thos. B. (Meth.) and 
Marian (Jenkins) B., a grandd. John 
Counter, Kingston, Ont. ; b. Perth, 
Ont., Jan. 10, 1874 ; e. Ottawa Coll. 
Inst., High Sen., Mount Forest, To 
ronto Univ., Queen s Univ. (M.A. and 
med. in mineral., 1895), and Heidel 
berg Univ. ; m., 1900, Mildred G., y. d. 
Hon. Mr. Justice Britton (q.v.) ; took 
science course, Sch. of Mining, King 
ston, becoming afterwards demon, of 
ehem. and prof, of mining therein ; 
apptd. to the staff of the Geol. Survey, 
Can. (having previously served as an 
asst. in exploratory work in the field), 
July, 1891 ; conducted many important 
explorations and " is regarded as the 
best authority upon the geol. forma 
tion of the great mineral belt in 
Southern B.C." (S. N.) ; has served as 
arbitrator, and was a Royal commr. 
to investigate the Frank landslide, 
1903; promoted a geologist, 1906; 
dir. Geol. Survey, Nov. 28, 1907 ; 
formerly a lieut. 14th Regt. ; at col 
lege was celebrated as an athlete in 
hockey and football, and was presdt. 
Queen s Hockey Club, 1902-3 ; author 
of numerous reports and papers on 
scient. subjects ; a councillor Can. 
Mining Inst. ; do. Queen s Univ. ; a 
mem. Am. Mining Inst. ; a life fellow 
Geol. Soc., Am. ; a fellow Am. Assn. 



Adv. of So. and 1 a mem. Nat. Geograph. 
Soc. ; F.R.S.C., 1911 ; with F. I. Oong- 
don (q.v.) prepared new mining law 
applicable *o all Can., 1911 ; a Meth. 
S15 Stewart St., Ottawa; Rideau Club, 
do.; Frontenac Club, Kingston. 

" One of the foremost of Can. geolo 
gists." London Times. 

" One of the most capable and efficient 
officers of the Civil Service." 2 . News. 

"Probably the best-travelled man in 
Can. and one who knows the Dom. most 
intimately." Can. Century. 

Brock, William Bees, merchant; ex- 

E. s. late Thos. Rees B., who came 
to Can. from Jamaica. W.I.. 1832. and 
Eleanor (Thompson) B., d. Thos. 
Thompson, Rusheen Castle, Queen s 
Co., Irel. ; father was regr. Surrogate 
Ct. ; b. Eramosa, Co. Wellington, Ont, 
Feb. 14, 1836 ; e. Guelph Grammar 
Sch. ; m., 1857, Margt. A. (senior 
directress Boys Home and hem. 
presdt. T.W.C.A., Toronto), d. late 
Capt. John Segur Diamond, " Red- 
castle," Queen s Co., Irel. ; studied law 
in office of late Hon. A. J. Fergusson- 
Blair, presdt. Can. Queen s Privy 
Council, but owing to early death of 
his father entd. commercial life, and 
after a varied experience in the grain 
and lumber business, joined the firm of 
Ogilvy & Co., Montreal ; removed to To- 
ronito, 1871, where he went into busi 
ness for himself; now head of the W. 
R. B. Co., one of the largest wholesale 
dry goods houses in Can. ; in addition, 
Is a dir. Dom. Lands Coloniz. Co., B. 
C. Loan & Invest. Co., Toronto Electric 
Light Co., Electrical Develop. Co., Ont. 
Accident Ins. Co., Toronto Genl. Trusts 
Corpn. and Dom. Bank ; a councillor 
Can. Mining Ins>t, V.-P. Brit. Am. and 
Western Assur. Cos., and presdt. 
Stanstead Granite Quarries Co., Lon 
don Electric Co., and Can. Genl. Elec 
tric Co., of Peterboro and Toronto 
(portrait by Grier (q.v.) executed for 
this last-named co., 1901, as a mark of 
esteem and regard) ; rated as a mil 
lionaire ; was one of the founders of 
Toronto Humane Soc., and is now hon. 
presdt. of that body ; is a dir. St. John 
Ambulance Assn. ; has been V.-P. Am. 
Humane Soc. ; is a life mem. Coun 
cil Trin. Univ., and subscribed $25,000 
in behalf of that Institution, 1904 ; 
also a life mem. Council, U. C. Coll. 
as weM as a mem. Supreme Council, 
Imp. Fed. League ; one of founders 
of the Toronto Empire newspaper, 
and was the presdt. and chair 
man of Bd. of Dirs. from 1887 until 
its amalgamation with the Mail and 
Empire, 1895 ; is hon. presdt. Con. 
Assn., Toronto, and a dir. of the Albany 
Con. Club ; sat for Centre Toronto 
(H. C.), Con. interest, 1900-04; his 
name frequently mentioned in connec 
tion with a seat In the Senate of Can. ; 
when in Parlt. refused to travel on 
a ry. pass ; a strong advocate of the 
N. P. and of Canada ifor the Cana 
dians ; an Ang., and for yrs. a church 
warden St. James Cat h.. Toronto. SI 
Queen s Park, Toronto; Toronto Club; 
Toronto Hunt Club; Albany Club; 

York Club, do.; St. James s Club, 
Montreal; Rideau Club, Ottawa. 

" Thoroughly courageous, sincere and 
high-principled." T. News. 

Brockwell, Rev. Charles Alexander 
Brodie (Ang.), educationist. 

Grands. John Walter Brodie. one of 
the first mems. Ho. Representatives, 
New Zealand ; gt.-grands. Rev. Dr. 
Alex. Brodie, vicar Eastbourne, Eng., 
and chaplain to King Geo. IV., who m. 
the sister of the first famous John 
Walter, Times newspaper ; b. Owston, 
Yorkshire, Eng., Feb. 23, 1875; e. 
Pocklington Sch., Yorks, Wadham 
Coll., Oxford (B.A., 1908), and at 
Univ. Strassburg, Germany; M.A., ad 
eun., King s Coll., N.S., 1906 ; m., 1901, 
Miss Irene Des Gouttes Bpwn Bown, 
whose mother was a gt.-niece of Sir 
Hy. Smart, Mus. Doc. ; ordained 
deacon, 1902; priest, 1903; curate, 
Cheshunt, Herts. ; sometime lecturer 
Cuddesden Coll., Oxford ; senior classi 
cal master, Blosham Sch., Oxford ; 
2nd master St. Albans Sch., Herts. ; 
lecturer London Diocesan Oh. Read 
ing Union; Alexandra Prof. Divinity, 
King s Coll., Windsor, N.S., 1905-7; 
apptd. prof. Hebrew, McGill Univ., 
Apl., 1907 ; was founder and presdt. 
Windsor Lit. Soc. ; author poem " Em 
pire Science Faith" (1907), and 
of numerous contributions, on subjects 
of criticism, to London newspaper 
press and to Rev. Theol. and Phil.; a 
Christian Socialist. 476 Victoria Ave., 
Westmount, Montreal. 
Brocler, Andre-w, merchant; legislator. 

Seventh s. late Wm. B., formerly of 
Kilfree, Sligo, and Mary (McKee) B., 
formerly of Belfast, Irel. ; family came 
to Can., 1813 ; b. Franklin, P.Q., Apl. 
16, 1845 ; e. Huntingdon Acad. and 
Malone Acad., N. Y. ; m., Mch., 1884, 
Miss Carrie Summers, Winchester, 
Ont. ; removed to Co. Dundas, Ont, 
1866, and has been long engd. there 
in mercantile life ; was collr. customs, 
Morrisburgh, Ont, 1892-96; sat for 
Dundas (Local), 1875-86. and has re 
presented same co. in H. C. since g. e. 
1896 ; represented Ont. at the Good 
Roads Convention, Seattle, 1909 ; an 
Orangeman ; a Con., and one of the 
" whips " of his party ; known among 
politicians as "The Canadian Lincoln" ; 
accompanied Mr. Borden (.q.v.) on ihis 
Western tour, 1911. Morrisburg, Ont. 

" The wit of the House." M. and E. 

"A thoughtful and instructive speaker." 
O. Citizen. 

" Commands both respect and attention. 
M. Gazette. 

Broder, Mrs. Annie, musician; musi 
cal critic and author. 

D. late Rev. Wm. Glen, Oriental 
s cho l., Govt. of India, and grandd. Rev. 
Wm. Glen, D.D., who translated the 
Bible into Persian ; b. Agra, India ; e. 
in Eng. ; won 200 musical scholar., 
donated by Mercers Co. ; pupil Sir Ar 
thur Sullivan and Sir John Stainer; 
assisted as student at preliminary 
work, Royal Coll. Music ; wrote " How 
to Accompany" (2nd ed., 1902), which 
was highly commended by the Eng. and 



Can. press ; acted as h>on. examr. in 
artistic accompaniment at Royal 
Acad. Music ; gave recitals of song 
form and accompaniment under aus 
pices Prof. Prout, to Dublin, Lord Arm 
strong, in Newcastle, and Sir John 
Stalner, at Oxford; m., 1890, Richard 
Broder, a pioneer of the Can. N. W., 
and came with him to Regina, where 
she became organist St. Paul s Ch. ; 
contributed verse and musical articles 
to various Can. papers ; attended cor 
onation ceremonies in Bng., as special 
representative of Man. Free Press, 
1902 ; after ceremony in Abbey was 
entertained by Press Gallery Comte. 
Ho. Commons, and was " the first lady 
for whom the sergt.-at-arms had ever 
signed a permit to use the press gal 
lery " (Pall Mall Gazette) ; on return 
ing to Can. started several choral un 
dertakings in N. W. ; became organist 
Pro. Cath., Calgary, and lecturer on 
science of music at Western Can. Coll., 
for which she wrote " Luceat Lumen," 
its motto song ; author also of words 
and music of song, " The Ride of the 
R. N. W. M. P." ; by special command 
attended King George s coronation, 
Westminster Abbey, 1911. Calgary, 

" A woman of exceptional gifts." Late 
Sir Arthur Sullivan. 

Broderick, John Sidney, lawyer; Que 
bec public service. 

S. Danl. and Eliza Cecilia (Mc- 
Brien) B. ; b. Co. Drummond, P.Q., 
Nov. 12, 1855 ; e. St. Hyacinthe Coll. ; 
unm. ; advocate, 1878; Crown prose 
cutor, 1897; K.C., 1898; practised Ms 
prof, at Sherbrooke, where he ran a 
successful career at *he bar ; success 
fully defended, with others, Mrs. Ward, 
Mark Sherburn, Beaulieu and Jose 
phine Begin, all capital cases ; apptd. 
Frothy., District of St. Francis, his 
present position, Feb., 1908 ; has been 
presd t. St. Patrick s Soc. ; formerly an 
ardent Lib. ; unsuccessfully contested 
Sherbrooke, in that interest, g. e. 1892 ; 
a R. C.. and a trustee of St. Patrick s 
Oh., Sherbrooke. 27 Strathcona Sq., 
Sherbrooke, P.Q. 

Brodeur, Hormisdas J., physician. 

S. Honore and Octavie (Mongeau) 
B. ; b. Varennes, P.Q., Feb. 18, 1861 ; 
e. there and Montreal Semy. ; M.D., 
Victoria Med. Coll., Montreal, 1885 ; 
subsequently studied in France, Ger 
many and Eng. ; gave special atten 
tion to skin diseases and genito 
urinary diseases, under Fournier, Bes- 
nder and 1 G-uyon, Paris ; m. Mile. 
Breton ; mem. Intern. iMed. Congress, 
Paris, 1889; do. do., Berlin, 1890; has 
practised his prof, for many yrs. in 
Montreal ; a R. C. 52 Durocher St., 

Brodeur, Hon. Louis Philippe, law 
yer; statesman. 

S. late Toussaint B., a " patriot " 
of 37, and Justine (.Lambert) B., 
whose father was killed at the battle 
of St. Charles, same period ; b. 
Belceil, P.Q., Aug. 21, 1862; e. St. 
Hyaoimtihe Coll. and Laval Univ. 
(LL.B., 1884; LL.D., 1904) ; m., June, 
1887, Emma (who has accompanied 

him on his official missions), d. J. R. 
Brillon, N.P., Belceil, P.Q. ; advocate, 
1884; K.C. (P. Q.), 1899; success 
fully practises his prof, in Mont 
real, where he was formerly a partner 
of E. Lareau, and a mem. of the firm 
of Dandurand, B., & Boyer ; has 
written largely for titoe press ; ed. Le 
Soir, a Lib. organ (Montreal), 1896; 
has sat for Rouville (H. C.), in Lib. 
interest, since 1891 ; one of the signers 
of the address from the Lib. party 
to the Pope, 1896, resulting in the 
appt. of a Papal ablegate to Can. ; 
was deputy speaker and chairman of 
comtes. (H. <C.), 1896-1901, when he 
was unanimously elected speaker; 
joined Laurier Cabinet as Minr. Inl. 
Revenue, Jan., 1904 ; retained this office 
till apptd. to his present one, Minr. 
Marine and Fisheries, Feb. 5, 
1906 ; introduced important legislation 
against tobacco trust, 1904 ; a mem. 
Ry. Comte., P.C., 1904; a mem Tariff 
Comn., 1905; a del. to Colonial Conf., 
London-, Eng., 1907; do Imp Oonf 
do., 1911 ; apptd. by the King, together 
with Hon. W. S. Fielding (q.v.), a 
plenipotentiary to make and conclude 
with the French Govt. a treaty for 
trade purposes between France and 
Canada, Aug., 1907; a del., wth i Sir 
A. B. Aylesworth (q.v.), to Washing 
ton, D.C., with reference to Hague 
Tribunal award, 1911; presented 
King Edward, 1907; again presented 
fco the King, and had! the honour of 
lunching with Their Majesties the 
King and Queen, at Buckingham 
Palace, Aug., 1909; presented to , King 
George (when Duke of Cornwall and 
York 1901) ; had private audience 
with the Pope, June, .1907 ; announced 
naval poldcy of Laurier Admn., June, 
1909; apptd. first Minr. of Nava 
Affairs June 1910; welcomed first 
sMp of Royal Cam Navy, Halifax, 
NS Oct 1910; declined knighthood, 
do. ; apptd. .an offr. of the Legion of 
HonouFof France, do. ; lectured before 
Empire Club, Toronto on "French- 
Can: Loyalty to Great Brit., M; 
strongly advocates a .policy which 
would tend to harmonize and unite an 
branches of the Can nationality ; a 
Tt c Roxborough Apartments Ot 
tawa; St. Hilaire, P.Q.; Rideau Club; 
Ottawa Hunt Club, Ottawa ; Club St. 
Denis; Reform Club; Club Canadien, 

"A keenly intellectual and perceptive 
man." S. N. 

" A pleasant personality in politics. - 
M. and E. 

" The personification of loyalty and sin 
cerity." Hon. R. Lemieux (q.v.). 

" Has shewn both strength and tact, as 
well as ability and dignity." M. Gazette. 

" Has always displayed in the _ public 
service K culture and spirit of fair play 
which have redounded much to his credit." 
O. Citizen. 

Brodle, Allan Douglas (see Chesnut, 
T. Hubert). 

Brodle, Charles Ernest, lawyer. 

B. Quebec, Apl. 17, 1871 ; e. Quebec 
High Sch, Morrin lOoll., Quebec (B.A., 
1890), and Laval Univ. (LL.B., 1893) ; 



m., Sept., 1902, Sarah I., d. late Cap*. 
W. T. Davie, Levis, P.Q. ; advocate, 
1896 ; successfully practises in, Quebec 
(city) as mem. of firm of .Fentland, 
Stuart & B. ; formerly a capt. 8th 
Royal Rifles; retired, with, rank, 1901 ; 
elected Grand Master Grand Lodge of 
Quebec, I.O.O.F., 1903 ; a Presb. 45 
St George St., Levis, P.Q. 
Brodie, Harry Cnnningrham, mer 
chant; legislator. 

S. late John Hy. B., a partner in 
tibe firm of Findilay, Duirtem & B., of 
Victoria, B.C., andi Oanmon St. House, 
London, E.G., and 1 Filicwence Ediitlh, d. 
Roibt. EMiot Ou runii Mglham, of Paradise, 
Kelso, N.B., and Champion Hill, Lon 
don, S.E. ; b. Ross Bay, Victoria, B.C., 
Jan. 18, 1875; e. Winchester Coll., 
Bng. ; m., 1909, Mabel MUburne, d. 
Sir Robt Hart, .Bart. ; a partner m 
firm Fifndtoy, Durham & B., colonial 
merchants; is a major Middlesex Imp. 
Yeomanry; a mem. of Eighty Club 
and feMow Soc. of Arts; a Lib., and 
was returned in that interest to Imp. 
H. C. for Reigate Div. of Surrey, g. e. 
1906. 7 Ovington Gardens, London, 
S W.; Shrubhunt, Oxted; Lome House, 
Redhill; Union. National Liberal, Cav 
alry, Eighty, City of London and Har- 
lingham Clubs. 
Brodie, Harry Walter, Can. ry. ser- 


Y. s. late Wm. B. G. B., iSt. John, 
N.B., a native of Forres, Scot. ; Scotch 
descent; b. Fredericton, N.B., June 8, 
1874; e. St. Joton; m. Frances Shanly, 
d late W. G. JJenison, Winnipeg ; 
entd. ry. service, Jan., 1895 ; asst. 
gent, -pass, agent, W. & Central 
diva, C. P. R., 1903-10 ; apptd. genl 
pass, agent, Pacific Coast, do., 19. 
Presb. Vancouver, B.C.; Manitoba 
Club, Winnipeg. 
Brodie, James, Dom. public service. 

S. Robt. B., merchant, Quebec, 
and Jane (Blaiir) B,, parenlts both 
Sootoh ; b. Quebec ; e. Quebec Higth 
San. ; mi. Lilian , cL John Simony mier- 
cthanit, Qoi.e bec; for many yrs. In busi 
ness in fhiis niaibive city ; was employed 
by Can. Govit in conimeation witfti ttoeir 
exMbi ts ait several of the exlhms. held 
from 1891 to 1897, most notably at 
those held at Glasgow, Cork, Wolver- 
hampton, The Royal Exchange (Lon 
don, Eng.), St. Louis, Liege (created 
Chevalier of the Order of Leopold), 
Milton (apptd. Offr. of <tlhe Grown of 
Italy), and Dublin, 1907 (presented 
to and Lunidhied Wiitih Their Majesties 
King Edward and Queen Alexandra). 

Brodie, John I*., Provl. public service. 
E. s. .late iRobt. B., Montreal! ; bi 
Upper Laohime Road, Montreal ; e. Sit. 
Henri Acad. and Turner s private sen. ; 
served as arbitrator in many private 
and public matters ; sat in Notre 
Dame de Grace Council for many yrs. ; 
elected Mayor do., 1905 ; apptd. Provl. 
Arbitrator, P.Q., 1898; mem. Quebec 
Colonization Comn., 1903. Notre Dame 
de Grace, P.Q. 

Brodlique, Miss Eve H. (see Sum 
mers, Mrs. Eve H.). 

Bronson, Mrs. Ella Hobday, married 


Wife of Hon. E. H. B. (q.v.), to 
whom she was m., 1874; d. late Prof. 
N. B. Webster, a leading educationist 
of the Southern U. S.. and a cousin 
of the distinguished Am. statesman, 
Danl. Webster; b. in Va., U.S. ; e. by 
her father ; came to Ottawa, with her 
father s family, 1863; of Eng. descent; 
a mem. through her paternal grand 
mother of the Burnham family, whose 
records have been carefully preserved 
through several centuries ; has been, 
since its first organization, V.-P. 
Local Council of Women, and presdt. 
Prot. Maternity Hosp., Ottawa; has 
also served as a mem. Ex. Comte. Can. 
Conf. Charities and Corrections, and 
as presdt. Prot. Orphans Home, Ot 
tawa ; acted as tneas. of fund raised 
to provide comforts for the Ottawa 
mems. of the first S. African contingent 
during Boer War ; author of a paper 
on Associated Charities, 1894 (See 
Morgan s " Types of Can. Women, To 
ronto, 1903). 75 Bronson Ave., Ot 

Bronson, Hon. Erskine Henry, manu 
facturer; ex-legislator. 
E s. late H. F. and Editha (Pierce) 
B the former from Warren Co.. 
N.Y., who in 1853 came to Ottawa, 
where he was the pioneer of the sawn 
lumber trade with the Am. market; 
b. Bolton, Warren Co., N.Y., Sept. 12, 
1844; e. Ottawa Grammar Sch. and 
Sandy Hill, N.Y. ; m., 1874, Ella H. 
(q.v.), o. d. late Prof. N. B. Webster ; 
joining, when a youth, the B and 
Weston Lumber Co., succeeded his 
father, as presdt. thereof, at his 
death, 1889; served on the Ottawa 
Sch. Bd., and as a mem. of ity 
Council, being chairman of Finance 
Comte. in latter body, for some yrs ; 
represented Ottawa (Local) m Lib. 
interest, 1886-98, and was i a Mmr 
(without portfolio) in both the Mowat 
and Hardy Admns. ; unsuccessfully 
contested Carleton (H. C.), g. e., 
1882 a Presb.. and formerly a trustee 
Queen s Univ.; is a dir. Keewatm 
Flour Mills Co., and of Central Can. 
Exhn. Assn. ; presdt Ottawa Power 
Co , Ottawa Carbide Co., and of Genl. 
Illuminating Co.; gave a considerable 
sum in 1902, to cover expense for 
carrying on researches looking to the 
cure of tubercul., and is a dir. of the 
Nat Sanitarium Assn. of Can., an 
frets, of the Ottawa Anti-Tubercul. 
Assn.; belongs to many aocal-philan- 
thropic bodies, and is V.-P. Ont. 
Lord s Day Alliance; has name has 
been sometimes mentioned in ooooec 
Son with a senatorship. 75 Bronson 
Ave., Ottawa. 

" He stands for all that is desirable and 
attractive in the public man. - 

Bronson, Prank Pierce, manufacturer. 
Second s. late H. F. and Editha A. 
(Pierce) B., Ottawa; b. and e. Ot 
tawa; m. Mary, d. late Lt.-Col.. Geo 
Hay presdt. Bank of Ottawa; joined 
his father in lumber business, and 
on latter s death, 1889, continued in 



it, in partnership with his bras. 
(gr.v.) ; is now V.-P. the Bronson 
Co., lumber mianfrs., Ottawa ; was 
a promoter of the Ottawa Car 
bide Co. and the Genl. Illuminating 
Co., and is officially connected with 
both ; is a dir. Timber Limit Owners 
Assn. and of the Ottawa Assn. for 
the Prev. of Tuberculosis ; V.-P. of the 
Ottawa Electric and Consol. Light. 
Heat and Power Co., and presdt. of 
the People s Gas Supply Co. ; sub 
scribed liberally to the Leper Mission, 
India, 1902; a Presb. 72 Bronson 
Ave.. Ottawa. 

Brooke, Charles James, lawyer. 

S. late Wm. B., advocate, Sarawak 
Cottage, Richmond, P.Q., and Sarah 
Jamie (Weston) B. ; father a nephew 
Sir Jas B., first Rajah of Sarawak ; 
b. Richmond, P.Q., Oct. 5, 1857 ; e.. 
there and McGdll Undv. (B.C.L., 1878) ; 
m., 1891, Mary Rose, d. late Alex. 
Cameron, M.D., iM.P.P., Huntingdon, 
P.Q. ; advocate, 1879 ; K.C,, 1903 ; 
bdtonnier (Ottawa),, 1910; re-elected 
do. (do.), 1911; began practice in 
Montreal ; (removed! to Hull, 18-89 ; .head 
legal firm B., Ohaiuvin & Devlin; re 
presented tote Mrs. Bessey, botbh in 
Can,. Courts and before Jil. Oomte., 
P. C., in Enig., to tine Mitigation wiitJh 
her fattier, tote E. B. Eddy, in all of 
wlhidh she <succieedied ; apptd. Grown 
Prosecutor, 190<6 ; prosecuted for tihe 
Grown in tfliaflis of BuotoiwgihiaTn 
strikers, 19*7 ; dfa 1 . Pertey Home for 
Incurables, Ottawa ; a mem. extye. 
comta, Ottawa Canadian Club ; Lib., 
in politics and in religious views. 
Hull, P.Q. ; 218 MacLaren St., Ottawa. 

Brooke, Hon. Flavins Lionel, judge. 

S-. John and Sarah (Mann) B. ; b. 
Simcoe, Ont., Oct. 7, 1858; e. Albert 
Oolil., Bel leviMe, Ont., andi Osgoode Hall, 
Toronto ; m., Nov., 1884, (Miss B. Reidy, 
Simcoe, Ont.; barrister (Ont.), 1884; 
moved to Detroit, 1885 ; successfully 
practised his prof, there as a mem. of 
firm Atkinson, Carpenter & B., and 
later as head of firm B. & Spalding; 
was supervisor of census, 1st dist., 
Mich., 1900 ; judge, Circuit Ct, Mich., 
1900-8 ; since then has been judge, 
Supreme Ct. of Mich. ; a Rep. Detroit, 
Mich.; Lansing, do. 

Brooke, Rev. Henry Arthur (Ang.). 

:S. Rev. A. G. B., Brooke Ho,, Hor- 
irager, (Suffolk, En(g., and Emrti]y 
(Fenm) B. ; b. Ruyibora, ShropsiMi v, 
Eng., Mch. 2, 1868 ; came to Can., 1884 ; 
e. in Eng. and Lennoxvllle Univ. 
(B.A., 1890; M.A., 1894); m. Dec., 
1894, Miss Greta Isabel Terrill, Stan- 
stead, P.Q. ; o. I<&9i2 ; was smccess iveiLy 
stationed at GaspS Peninsula, Scots- 
town, anld Stansit<ead> ; later, was curate 
Ch. St. Jamos the Apostle, Montreal ; 
apptd. rector Pro. Cath., S. Ste. 
Marie, Ont., 1906. \SauIt ste. Marie, 

Brookfield, Samuel M., contractor and 


S. late John B., C. E. and contrac 
tor, Halifax, N.S. ; b. Eng., Nov. 29, 
1847 ; e. Eng. and Can. ; m. Annie (d. 
Feb., 1909), d. Geo. Waites, Manches 

ter, Eng. ; is presdt. S. M. B., Ltd., con 
tractors and builders, and as such has 
successfully carried out important con 
tracts in N. B., Nfd., and N. S. ; built 
the Halifax graving dock, completed in 
1889, for a co. of which he is the mang. 
diir. ; salvaged tine steamer Ulunda, 
IM 1-890, and the steamship Mount 
Temple, in 1908 ; a dir. N. S. Cotton 
Co., Black Lake Consolidated Asbestos 
Co., Halifax Acad. of iMusic, N. S. Oar 
Works, Ltd., (Mexican Northern Power 
Co., and the Empire Trust Co., and 
presdt. Eastern Can. Savings & Loan 
Co. ; chief promoter Halifax, Liverpool 
and London Steamship Co., 1892 ; 
awarded contract for erection of Flem 
ing Memorial Tower, Halifax, 1910 ; 
a Meth., and a senator and mem. Bd. 
of Regents, Mt. Allison Univ. ; founder 
of the S. M. B. prizes in enging. in 
Chat institution ; also a diir. Brit. & 
Am, Book and Tract Soc., of Seaman s 
Friend. Soc., and a dir. and trustee 
Y M. C. A., Halifax ; a Con. Halifax, 
tf.iS.; Halifax Club, do. 

"A man of faith, energy and persever 
ance." H. Herald. 

Brooks, Miss Harriet, educationist. 

B. Exeter, Ont. ; e. McGill Univ. 
(B.A. and gold med. in math, and 
physics, 1898; M.A., 1901); tutor in 
math., Royal Victoria Coll., Montreal, 
1900-2 ; studied physics Bryn Mawr 
Coll., Pa., 1902, and won science schol. 
to Camb. Univ. ; lately teaching in 
U. S. 167 Hutchison St., Montreal. 

Brooks, Noel Edg-ell, Can. ry. service. 
S. late Hon. E. T. B., judge of the 
Sup. Ct. P. Q., and Sarah Louise 
(Clark) B. ; b. Sherbrooke, P.Q., Dec. 
25, 1865 ; e. Lennoxville Univ. ; unm. ; 
entd. service C. P. R., 1887 ; after 
filling various positions on that road, 
was apptd. to his present one, div. 
engr., West, div., Calgary, Nov., 1903. 
Calgary, Alta.; Ranchman s Club, 

Broome, Edward, organist. 

B. Manchester, Eng., 1869; passed 
senior examn. Royal Acad. of Music, 
London, 1884; m., 1902, Bessie C., d. 
John M. Gill, presdt. James Smart 
Manf. Co,, Brockville, Ont. ; succes 
sively asst. organist Bangor Cathedral, 
Wales, and organist St. Mary s Church, 
do. ; fellow Guild of Organists, Lon 
don, 1889 ; took first prizes in com 
position, 4 times in succession, 
National Eisteddoods, Wales ; came to 
Am., 1893, to conduct North Wales 
male choir of 60 voices, at World s 
Fair competition, Chicago ; organist 
Presb. Ch, Brockville, Ont., Dec., 
1893 ; declined appt. as organist Ch. 
of St. James the Apostle, Montreal, 
1894 ; organist Douglas Meth. Ch., 
Montreal, 1895 ; do. Am. Presb. Ch., 
do., 1898 ; do. Jarvis St. Bapt. Ch., To 
ronto, succeeding Dr. A. S. Vogt ( q.v. ) , 
his present position, 1906 ; conducted 
male chorus before King and Queen of 
Eng., 1894 ; has composed over 100 
copyrights, principally songs and ch. 
anthems, for one of which he reed, 
the gold med. of the National Soc., Lon 
don ; composed cantata, " A Hymn of 



Trust" (1910) equally prominent as a 
concert organist and as a judge of 
choral singing; Mus. Bac. (Toronto 
Univ.), 1901; Mus. Doc. (do.), 1908; 
elected presdt. Toronto CLef Club 
1910; Ang. ; devoted to golf, billiards, 
and motoring. 39 Prince Arthur Ave., 

" Does exceptionally effective work." 
Dr. A.. S. Vogt (q.v.). 

" One devoted to his art, always aiming 
at the best results possible." M. Standard. 

Broome, Isaac, sculptor; author; in 

S. Isaac and Annie B. ; b. Val- 
cartier, P.Q., May 16, 1835; e. Phila 
delphia ; studied art at Penn. Acad. 
Fine Arts, Philadelphia, and private 
tutors ; m., Feb., 1856, Miss Victoria 
Myers, Washington, B.C. ; worked on 
Crawford statues for pediment of 
U. S. Capitol, 1855-6 ; executed statue 
for W. W. Corcoran s mausoleum, 
Georgetown;, D.C., 1857 ; estbd. studio 
at Rome, Italy, 1858 ; executed many 
works to sculpture ; mfd. art titles ex 
tensively ; devoted to ideal sculpture ; 
elected mem. Penn. Acad. Fine Arts, 
1860 ; dir. life and antique, 
do., 1860-3 ; medails for Ceramic Arts 
Centennial Expn., 1876, and Paris 
Expn., 1878; .special comimr. on 
ceramics, do., 1878, by U. S. Govt. and 
State N. J. ; dir. many schs. for teach 
ing fine and industrial arts and the 
sciences ; active in educatl., politiea l 
and industrial reforms ; lectured exten 
sively on these subjects ; was mem. 
Ruskin Industrial Co-oper. Assn. ; 
Chautauqua lecturer on ceramic arts, 
etc. ; invented the Perfected Rotary 
Press, 1906-7, and a safety auto wheel, 
1909 ; an extensive contributor to 
newspapers and mags. ; author " The 
Brother" (1890), "Last Days of the 
Ruskin Co-operative Assn." (1902). 
3^5 S. Olden Ave., Trenton, N.J. 
Brophy, George Patrick, Dom. public 


Second s. late John B., staff R. E., 
and Jane (Byrne) B. ; former from 
Clare, latter from Queen s Co., Irel. ; 
b. Carillon, P.Q., Feb. 24, 1848 ; e. 
Ottawa sctis. ; m., Oct., 1870, Eliza 
beth M., d. M. Clarke, Quebec ; has 
been superintdg. engr. Ottawa River 
Works for many yrs. ; a J.P. ; com 
modore Ottawa Canoe Club ; one of 
the first promoters in Can. of the em 
ployment of electricity for purposes of 
light, heat and power ; became asso 
ciated with Thomas Ahearn (q.v. ) 
and others in founding Ottawa Elec 
tric Street Ry. and Chaudiere Electric 
Light and Power Co., and remains a 
dir. of same ; also assisted in form 
ing Ont. Graphite Co., Dom. Carbide 
Co., Ahearn Electric Heating and 
Manfg. Co., Locomotive and Machine 
Co. of Montreal, the Thousand Islands 
Land Co., the Ont. Smelting, Milling 
and Refining Co., and other similar 
organizations ; a dir. Ottawa Gas Co. ; 
V.-P. Ottawa Trust and Deposit Co. ; 
R. C. 320 Chapel St., Ottawa; Rideau 
Club; Ottawa Hunt Club, do. 

"Aible, efficient and trustworthy." Late 
Smith, C.E. 

Brophy, Henry, business man. 

Elected presdt. and genl. mangr. 
Toronto News Co. and the Montreal 
News Co., June, 1904 ; was successively 
presdt. Montreal Amateur Athletic 
Union and Can. Amateur Athletic 
Union ; has been D.D.G.M. (Free 
masons), Montreal, and has held high 
I rank as a Royal Arch Mason and of 
the A. & A. S. Rite. 3, 21 Sussex Ave., 
Toronto; National Club; Albany Club, 

" The best and most successful lacrosse 
referee ever known." M. Star. 
Brophy, John Byrne, civil engineer. 

Irish origin ; e. s. late John B., Royal 
engr. staff., and Jane (Byrne) B. ; a 
bro. G. P. B. (q.v.) ; b. Carillon, P.Q., 
1844 ; e. Thornburn s Acad. and Ot 
tawa Univ. ; m., 1891, Miss Eleanor E. 
Hearn, Sydney, C.B. ; In charge div. 
Interc. Ry., 1872; do. do., N. Shore 
Ry., 1874; Ottawa River Works, 
1874-9 ; div. and dist. engr. Govt. sec. 
C. P. R., Port Moody to Hope, B. C., 
and inspg. emgr. Esquimalt and 
Nanaimo Ry., 1880-86; resident engr. 
Cape Breton Ry., 1886-91 ; dist. engr. 
Crow s Nest Pass Ry., 1896-7; do. do., 
Trent Canal, 1900-1 ; in charge of 
various surveys and works, Ottawa 
River, 1902-6; div. engr. Ont. Rice 
Lake div., Trent Canal, his present 
position, 1907 ; an old cricketer ; a R. 
C. 344 Gilmour St., Ottawa; Trenton, 

Brossard, Edmond, lawyer. 

S. late Telesphore B., Dom. ap 
praiser, H.M. s Customs, Montreal, 
and Evelina (Turgeon) B. ; ancestor 
came to Can. with Maisonneuve, 1642 ; 
b. Montreal, Dec. 19, 1873 ; e. St. 
Marys (Jesuit) OoTl. and Laval Univ. 
(B.A. with Gov.-Genl. s med., 1894; 
LL.L., with 1st rank honours, 1897) ; 
m., Oct., 1900, MMe. Alice de Lorimer ; 
advocate, 1898; successfully practises 
in (Montreal, in partnership with Hon. 
P. E. Le Blanc, K.C. ; secy. Montreal 
bar, 1900; a councillor, do., and a 
mem. of the Genl. Council ; elected 1 
presdt. Junior Bar Assn., 1908; is a 
councillor Can. Club ; a man of liter 
ary attainments ; an occasional contri 
butor to the press and law reviews. 
35 St. James St.. Montreal; Club La- 
fontaine; Club St. Denis; Canadian 
Club, do. 

Brosseau, Toussaiiit Theophile, law 

S. late Louis B., Laprairie, P.Q. ; 
b. Chambly, P.Q., Sept. 24, 1857 ; e. 
St. Mary s (Jesuit) Coll., Montreal, and 
Laval Univ. (L.L.B., 1881) ; m. (Mile. 
Brais; advocate, 1881; K.C., 1899; 
head legal firm B., B. & Tansey ; one 
of the leaders of the Montreal bar ; 
has pleaded frequently before Ji. 
Oomte. P. C. in Eng. ; one of the pro 
moters of the Club Lafontaine, .Mont 
real, 1903 ; a R. C. ; a Con. 46T Mac- 
kay St., Montreal; St. James s Club; 
Montreal Hunt Club; Club Lafontaine; 
Canada Club; Mont. Jockey Club, do. 
Brossoit, His Honour Numa Eclouard. 
Quebec public service. 

S. late Thos. B., K.C., and Rose 
Anne B., d. late Dr. Moise Sabourln, 



Beauharnois, P.Q. ; b. Melocheville, 
P.Q., Aug. 23, 1875 ; e. Semy. de St. 
Hyacinthe and MoGill Univ. (B.C.L., 
1897) ; m., Sept., 1899, Hectorine, d. 
late Ovide Mailloux, architect, Mont- 
rea l ; advocate, 1897 ; practised his prof, 
up to 1905 with Ms father ; since then, 
alone, at Valleyfield; Crown Atty., 
Beauharnois, 1907 ; one of the eds. 
Le Progres de Valley field; apptd. 
Recorder, City of Valleyfield, June 
19, 1909 ; mem. Cath. O. F. ; councillor 
Knights of Columbus, etc. ; a Lib. ; a 
R. C. Valleyfield, P.Q. 

Broug-h, Thomas Allardyoe, educa 

E. s. s. James and Mary Young 
(Allardyce) B., Waterloo, Ont. (for 
merly of Glasgow, Soot.) ; b. Tp. Blen 
heim, Oo. Oxford, Ont., Sept. 10, 1863 ; 
e. Bridgeport, Blair and Elora public 
schs., Elora Higih Sch., Mt. Forest 
Model Sch., Ottawa Normal Sch., 
Queen s Univ. (B.A., 1893) and Har 
vard Univ. ; m., 1889, Madeline, y. d. 
Hy. Jelley, Mt. Forest, Ont. ; entered 
teaching prof., 1881; Eng. master, 
Kingston CoM. Inst., 1889-93 ; do. 
Owen Sound, do., 1893-1908; since then 
has been principal E. End High Sch., 
Vancouver, B.C. ; formerly an examnr. 
Educl. Depts., Ont. and B.C. ; dir. Mod. 
Lang. Soc., Ont. ; presd t. N. Grey 
Teachers Assn. ; V.-iP. Higher Educ. 
Dept., Dom. Educl. Assn. ; dir. Dom. 
Educl. Assn. ; mem. Bd. of Mangrs. 
and Senate, Westrnfinster HaLl, Van 
couver, B.C. ; contributor ito the press 
on educ. and other subjects ; an Ind. 
Con. ; earnest advocate of Anglo-Saxon 
unity and brotherhood, as the readiest 
means to the unity and brotherhood of 
t he race ; firm believer in the dem. 
principle ; the highest educational! op 
portunity should be placed within the 
reach of the children of the poorest ; 
expenditure on education Is the 
State s best investment ; the State 
should make university education 
free, and all unworthy persons, rich 
and poor, should be excluded from 
coll. halls ; judicious educ., decen 
tralization, and the distribution of the 
higher seats of learning, are most 
beneficial to the State ; a Presb., and 
an elder in the ch. ; specially Inter 
ested In Bible study and teaching. 
1351 Broadway W., Vancouver, B.C. 

" Possibly the most painstaking teacher 
I have seen." Fredk. Hamilton (q.v.). 

" A man of wide general infoTmation, 
with a full measure of common-sense 
an enthusiast in everything he under 
takes." The late Dr. David Boyle. 

" A. thorough success as a teacher and 
universally respected as a man." Late 
Very Rev Principal Grant, O.M.&. 

Broug-hall, Rev. Abraham Joseph 


S. Lewis and Margt. B. ; b. Cobourg, 
Ont., May 2, 1832; e. Victoria Univ., 
Cobourg, and Trln. Univ., Toronto 
(B.A., with 1st class honours in clas 
sics and honours in math., 1855 ; 
M.A., 1858; D.D., hon., 1904); m., 
1861, Georgina Harriet [originator of 
movement for establishing self-sup 

porting residence for ibusiness women 
in Toronto], d. late Major Hurd, To- 
romto ; ordained deacon, 1857 ; priest, 
1858; lecturer in classics, Trin. Univ., 
1855-69; and again, subsequently; 
curate, St. John s, Toronto, 1857; rec 
tor, St. Stephen s, do., 1861 ; some time 
domestic chaplain, and subsequently, 
examig. chapJaiin to Bp. Toronto ; 
later, hon. clerical secy, to the Dioc. 
j Synod ; hon. canon, St. Alban s Cath., 
Toronto, 1907 ; is vice-chairman Ho. 
of Industry, Toronto ; author of an 
elementary churoh catechism. IS Bor- 
den St., Toronto. 

Broug-hall, Frederick William, bank 
ing profession. 

Third s. Rev. Canon A. J. B. (q.v.) 
and Georglna Harriet (Hurd) B. ; b. 
Toronto, Aug. 12, 1867 ; e. Trln. Coll. 
Sch., Port Hope; m., Oct., 1894, Lilian 
Mabel, d. late Dr. P. N. Strathy, To 
ronto ; served for many yrs. In various 
capacities, in Dom. Bank Can., includ 
ing that of ; apptd. gen l. 
mangr. the Sterling Bank of Can., Apl., 
1906 ; presented with a handsome testi 
monial by mangrs. of local branches 
Dom. Bank, on his leaving that insti 
tution ; Ang. 1 Elmsley Place, To 
ronto; Toronto Club Toronto Golf 
Club; National Club; Albany Club; 
York Club, do. 

Broug-hall, Rev. George Herbert 


E. s. Rev. Canon A. J. B. (q.v.) ; 
b. Toronto, Apl. 21, 1862 ; e. Trinity 
Coll. Sch., Port Hope, and Trln. Coll., 
Toronto (B.A., 1883; M.A., do.); o. 
deacon, 1886; priest, 1887; formerly 
incumbent, Tullamore, and headmaster 
Toronto Ch. Sch. for Boys; later 
master Trin. Coll Sch., Port Hope; 
apptd. rector St. Michael s and AM 
Angels, Winnipeg, 1907 ; a Freemason. 

Broug-hall, Rev. James Samuel (Ang.). 

Second s. Rev. Canon A. J. B. 
(q.v.) ; b. Toronto, 1866 ; e. Trin. Coll. 
Sch., Port Hope, Trln. Univ., Toronto, 
(B.A., 1887; M.A., 1889); and Johns 
Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Md. ; m., 
Jan., 1895, Helen, 3rd d. late Rich. 
Fuller, Hamilton, Ont. ; o. priest, 1891 ; 
asst. St. George s Ch,, Toronto, 1893 ; 
incumbent All Saints Ch., Whitby, 
1895 ; acting rector St. Stephen s, To 
ronto, 1901 ; formerly a fellow in 
classics, Trin. Coll., Toronto ; fellow 
by courtesy, Johns Hopkins Univ., 
1889 ; apptd. chaplain Gov.-Genl. s 
Body Guard (with hon. rank of capt.), 
Mch., 1910 ; a del. Pan- Ang. Congress, 
London, 1908. 99 Bellevue Ave., To 

Brougfhall, Rev. Lewis Wilmot Bovell 

Fifth s. Rev. Canon A. J. B. (q.v.) ; 
b. Toronto, Mch. 27, 1876 ; e. Trln. 
Coll. Sch., Port Hope, and Trin. Univ., 
Toronto (B.A., with honours in clas 
sics and arts, 1897; M.A., 1898); m., 
Jan., 1908, Sophia Miargt., 2nd d. J. H. 
G. Hagarty, Toronto; o. deacon, 1899; 
priest, 1900 ; successively asst. missy., 
Min den, Ont. ; incumbent, Hagersville, 
curate, Wimbledon, and do., St. Jamea 



Gaith., Toronto ; apptd. rector, St. 
Jude s, OakviMe, Ont., July, 1907. 
The Rectory, Oakville, Ont. 
Broug-hton, Charles, artist. 

B. Co. Peel, Ont, about 1861; while 
In Toronto was employed in the pre 
paration of the illustrations for Dent s 
" Can. Portrait Gallery " and other 
works ; at same time displayed great 
promise as a water-colour artist ; re 
moved to N. Y., 1880, where he has 
distinguished himself as an illustrator 
for Harper s Young People, Scribner s 
Mag., Frank Leslie s Weekly, and 
other periodicals. 32 Bench St., 
Stapleton, L.I., N.Y. 

B rouse, Mrs. Amelia M. (Allan), 


B. Hamilton, Ont. ; e. Gait Coll. 
Inst. ; m. CDr. Jacob Edwin Brouse, 
Brockville, Ont. (d. Apl., 1888), a bro. 
late Senator B. ; before marriage 
served as a public sen. teacher Brock 
ville High Sch. ; more recently was 
principal Ladies Coll., Compton, P.Q. ; 
now, and for many yrs., one of the 
principals, " Kingsthorpe," Hamilton, 
Ont., a residential and day sch. for 
girls. Hamilton, Ont. 
Brouse, William Henry, broker. 

B. s. late Hon. W. H. B., M.D., 
senator, and Frances A., e. d. Alpheus 
Jones, Prescott, Ont. ; b. there, May 
26, 1859 ; e. Prescott Higto Sch. ; m.. 
Jan. 26, 1887, Florence Josephine, d. 
late Geo. Gooderham, Toronto ; barris 
ter, 1882; successfully practised his 
profession tiil l 1897 as a mem. firm 
Beaitty, Blackstoek & Co., Toronto ; 
el-ec-ted- mem. Toronto Stock Exchange, 
1898; treas., do., 1906; V.-P., do., 
1908-9; presdt, 1910; head of firm B., 
Mitchell & Co., stock, bond, and in 
vestment brokers, Toronto ; a count- 
cillor Can. Inst. ; a dir. Can. Niagara 
Power Co. ; presdt. Clifton Hotel Co. ; 
an Ang. 63 St. George St., Toronto; 
Toronto Club; York Club, do. 

Brousseau, Jean Baptiste, lawyer; 

journalist ; ex-legislator. 

E. s. J. B. B., M.D., and Marie 
Charlotte (Hertel-de-Rouville) B., 
Beloeil, P.Q. ; b. there, Jan. 1, 1841 ; 
e. St. Hyacinthe Coll. ; m., May, 1864, 
Mile. Marie Eulalie Malot, Be-loail ; 
advocate, 1863; K.C., 1899; Crown 
prosecutor and senior mem. bar, Dist. 
Richelieu ; editor Le Messager de 
Borel, 1870-75, and of La Gazette de 
Sorel (with late J. G. Barthe, M.P.), 
1875-77; sat for Vercheres (Local), 
Lib. interest, 1878-81 ; a R. C. Sorel, 

Brousseau, lit. -Col. Joseph Dottle, 
Can. regular mil. service. 

S. J. D. B., formerly M.P. for Port- 
neuf, and Mayor of Quebec, and Mary 
Martha (Downs) B. ; b. Quebec, Dec. 
23, 1868; e. Quebec Semy. and Laval 
Umiv. (iM.B., 1891; M.D., 1893); m., 
June, 1894, Marie Lucette, d. latie G. 
H. Dufresne, M.D., Regr. Co. Cham- 
plain ; a licent. Coll. (P. and S., P. Q., 
1894; has undergone .instruction and 
examn. before the infy. Sch. Corps, 
St. Johns, P.Q., 1889-90, the Cav. 
Sch. Corps, Quebec, 1891, the Royal 

Anmy Med. Corps, Aldershot, Eng., 
1899, and at the Royal Victoria 
Hosp., Netley, Eng., 1899; apptd. 
surg.-maj. 1st F.B., Quebec, Mch., 1898 ; 
major, A.S.C., Mch., 1900; It. -col. do., 
Mch., 1904 ; do. P.A.M.C., Mch, 1905 ; 
PJM.O., M..D., No. 7, Mch., 1907 ; a R. C. 
59 St. Louis St., Quebec; Quebec 
Garrison Club, do. 

Brousseau, Zenophile Pierre, mer 
B. Laprairie, P.Q., 1840 ; mem. old 

lAjoadlian flamMy ; acquired touisiimess 
traita/ing at, Mlatanie, N. Y., when onily 
15 yrs. of age; went to CIMcaigOv 1860, 
where he has attained a distinguished 
position in the mercantile community ; 
is head firm B. & Co., wheat merchants ; 
elected! mem. Bd>. of Trade* !186il, and 
became presdt. of that body; mem. 
Free Public Library Bd., 1893 ; elected 
presdt. do., 1905 ; has served also on 
Sch. Comn. and filled presidency St. 
Jean Bapt. Soc. ; besides being a mem. 
Victoria Diamond Jubilee As sn.,, was 
a mem. of the Alliance Franchise and 
V.-P. World s Columbian Expn. ; 
apptd. an offr. dAcad. by Presdt. 
of the French Republic, 1899. Chic 
ago, III. 

" A. man of good judgment and moral 
courage." Can. American. 

Brown, Miss A. Maud, physician. 

D. Jos. B., gen*l. mamgr. Belli Piano 
& Organ Co., Guelph, Ont. ; b. and e. 
Guelph; M.D., with honours (London, 
Eng., Univ.), 1904. Guelph, Ont. 

Brown, Adam, Can. public service; 


S. late Wm. B., Milntown, Lang- 
holm, Dumfriesshire, and Elizabeth 
(Johnston) B., Berwickshire, Scot. ; b. 
Edinburgh, Scot., Apl. 3, 1826; e. there 
and Montreal; m., 1st, 1852, Maria 
(d.), d. Itatte Capt. Eviatt; 2<nd ly, 1862, 
Mary (d. 1896), d. Thos. H. Rough, 
Shrewsbury, Eng. ; came to Can., with 
parents, 1833 ; entd. mercantile life, 
at Montreal, when 14 ; removed to 
Hamilton, where he became a partner 
in wholesale grocery house of W. P. 
McLaren, 1850; subsequently princi 
pal B., Gillespie & Co., and B., Balfour 
& Co., wholesale grocers; a moving 
spirit in Can. trade and commerce, be 
coming successively secy, and presdt. 
Hamilton Bd. of Trade and presdt. 
Dom. Bd. of Trade ; del. Detroit Trade 
Convention, 1864, and otherwise 
earnest in endeavouring to secure a 
renewal of the Reciprocity Treaty 
with IT. S. ; one of the " fathers " of 
the " N. P." and also of ry. develop 
ment in Ont. ; was first presdt. Wel 
lington, Grey & Bruce Ry. and of 
Northern Pac. Junction Ry., two lines 
whose existence is largely due to his 
efforts ; later, a commr. to superintend 
the construction of the Hamilton 
Waterworks; an hon. commr. for Can. 
to Jamaica Expn., 1891; is a dir. Can. 
Life Assur. Co., and V.-P. Gt. N.-W. 
Tel. Co. ; was a charter mem. Hamil 
ton Club, and chairman of that body ; 
among other offices held by him were 
and are : Gov. Art and Tech. Sch. ; Dir. 
Hamilton Art Sch., V.-P. local branch 



Can. Bible Soc., and presdt. Children s 
Aid Soc., of the Soc. for the Prev. of 
Cruelty to Animals, and of the Royal 
Can. Humane Soc. ; was presdt. Chari 
ties and Corrections Convention, To 
ronto, 1901 ; a Con. and sat for 
Hamilton (H.C.), 1887-91, in that 
interest ; apptd. postmaster of Hamil 
ton, July 1, 1891 ; noted as a public 
speaker and lecturer ; presented to 
King Edward (when Prince of Wales), 
1860 ; formerly a Presto. ; now an Aug. 
" Bowbrook," Hamilton, Ont. 

" The soul of honour." The late Sir 
John A. Macdonald. 

" In his prime was one of the ablest 
platform speakers in Canada. "Can. 

Brown, Albert Joseph, lawyer. 

:S. late Shepherd Joseph and Jennet 
(Shanks) B. ; father of Am. ancestry, 
from Plymouth, N.H. ; mother of 
Scotch ancestry ; b. Windsor Mills, 
P.Q., July 8, 1861 ; e. St. Francis 
Coll., Richmond, P.Q., Morrin Coll., 
Quebec, and McGlll Univ. (B.A., 
1883; B.C.L. and med., 1886); m., 
Dec., 1888, Miss Josephine Home, 
Quebec; advocate, 1886; K.C., 1899; 
successfully practises his prof, in 
Montreal ; head of legal firm B., Sharp 
& McMichael ; one of tihe leaders of the 
Montreal! bar ; elected batonnier 
(Montreail), 1911; a councillor (Mont 
real Bar Assn. ; a dir. Montreal Trust 
Co. ; a Presb. 123 Crescent St., Mont 
real; St. James s Club; Mt. Royal 
Club; Montreal Club; Forest and. 
Stream Club; Royal Montreal Golf 
Club; Thistle Curling Club; M.A.A.A.; 
Montreal Jockey Club; Manitou Club, 

Brown, Rev. Alfred (An?.). 

S. Wm. Marsters and Mary B. B. ; 
U. E. L. descent on both sides ; b. 
Halifax, N.S, May 25, 1842; e. Hall- 
fax Grammar Sch. (Dr. Gilpin, prin 
cipal) and King s Coll., Windsor, N.S. 
(B.A., 1865) ; m. Miss Sarah White, 
Anable, N.Y. ; o. deacon, 1865 ; priest, 
1866; missy. S. P. G., Glace Bay, 
C.B., 1865-68; asst. minr. St. John s 
Ch., Clifton, S.I., 1868-69 ; rector St. 
Paul s Ch., Aurora, and Grace Ch., 
Union Spgs., N.Y., 1869-72; Incumbent 
St. Mark s Ch., Halifax, secy, of 
Synod and chaplain to Bp. BInney of 
N. S., 1872-78; asst. minr. St. Paul s 
Cath., London, Ont., 1878-84; Incum 
bent Wiarton, Ont., 1884-86; rector St. 
James Ch., Paris (his present 
charge), 1886; canon, St. Paul s Cath., 
London, Ont., 189>7 ; is a mem. Extve. 
Oomte. Diocese of Huron, and a del. to 
Provl. and Genl. Synods ; founded Ang. 
Young People s Assn., which aims " at 
the promotion of the religious, social, 
and intellectual welfare of the young 
of both sexes," many branches of 
which assn. have been organized in all 
portions of the Dom. ; has been chair 
man Bd. of Educ. and of Public Li 
brary Bd., Paris ; also a mem. of the 
Inter-diocesan Comte. on Increased 
Religious Instruction in Public Schs. ; 
author of " Impressions of England " 
and other pamphlets, as well as of 

numerous contributions to home and 
foreign journals on social, religious, 
and political subjects ; an ardent friend 
of Brit, connection and all that tends 
to promote Imp. unity ; a del. Pan- 
Amg. Congress, London, Eng., 1908. 
Paris, Ont. 
Brown, Arthur William, artist. 

S. Wm. Evatt B., Toronto; b. Hamil 
ton, Ont, Jan. 26, 1881 ; e. public 
sch. ; art education at Art Students 
League, N.Y. ; m., Oct., 1908, Miss 
Grace Kneeland Green, N.Y. ; a suc 
cessful illustrator of books and mags. ; 
Ang. 119 E. 2Srd St., New York. 

Brown, B. Hal, business man. 

Scotch and German extraction ; s. 
Sherman B., Whitby, Ont. ; b. there, 
Dec. 4, 1854; e. Whitby High Sch. and 
Brantford Coll. Inert., further studies 
ait Provl. NormaJ Schs., Toronto and 
Ottawa ; m. Miss iMacdonald ; for some 
yrs. a public sch. teacher ; made a 
study of fire and life ins. (business ; 
in spr. in West. Ont., London and Dan- 
cash. Fire Assur. Co., 1883, becoming, 
subsequently, imspr. for the whole of 
Ont., and again, later, supdlt. of 
agencies for Can. ; apptd. mamgr. for 
Can., same co., 1889 ; resigned, to 
become genl. mangr., Prudential Trust 
Co., Sept., 1910 ; elected V.-P. Mont 
real Ins. Inst, 1900 ; presdt., do., 1902 ; 
do. Can. Life Offrs. Assn., 1902 ; a 
FeLlow of the Statistical Soc., London, 
Eng. ; a Presb. 8SO Dorchester St. W., 
Montreal; summer: " Inverlochin," St. 
Bruno, P.Q.; St. James s Club; Mt. 
Royal Club; Canada Club; Canadian 
Club; M.A.A.A.; Montreal Hunt Club; 
St. George Snowshoe Club, do.; St. 
George s Club, Sherbrooke, P.Q.; To 
ronto Club; York Club, Toronto. 

A debater of great skill, power and 
eloquence."- Can. Century. 

"An underwriter of acknowledged 
ability and reputation." T. Globe. 

Brown, Charles A. B. 

S. late Thos. and Hannah (Humph 
rey) B. ; b. Toronto; e. Toronto Gram 
mar Sch. ; solr. Bradstreet Co. ; 
has been a mem. Toronto Sch. Bd. 
since 1882, and was presdt., 1905-6; a 
dlr. Toronto Indust. Exhn. Assn. ; a 
mem. Ex. Comte. Royal Can. Yacht 
Club, and has been presdt. Ont 
Hockey Assn. ; elected presdt., Toronto 
Playgrounds Assn., 1909-10 ; a Con. ; an 
Ang. 47 Wellesley St., Toronto; Al 
bany Club; Royal Can. Yacht Club, do. 

" No man in the city has done more 
for education." T. Telegram. 

Brown, Bev. Charles W. (Meth.). 

S. late Rev. Geo. B., London, Ont. ; 
b. Aurora, Ont. ; e. Victoria Univ., To 
ronto (B.A., gold med,, and Prince of 

Wales gold med., 1887; B.D., 1891); 
m Miss Ida R. E. Brown, Brownsvilie, 
Ont. ; entd. ministry, 1887, and has 
he"ld ^pastorates at Westminister, 
Brownswlle, Toronto, W. Lome, Glen- 
coe, Amiherstburg, Exe-ber, MiitcheM, 
Stratford\ Regina ; tranefd. to New 
Westminster, 1909 ; was dist. chair 
man and a del , to Gen l. Conf. at 
Regina. New Westminster, B.C. 



Brown, Chrystal, vocalist. 

B. Toronto ; studied for his prof. In 
that city, and estbd. a high reputation 
as a vocal soloist and conductor ; re 
moved to Erie, Pa., and Is a conductor 
In that city of one of its largest 
choirs. 1006 State St., Erie, Pa. 
Brown, David, Am. ry. service. 

B. Can., May 17, 1838; entd. service 
of Monmouthshire Ry. & Canal Co., 
Bng., 1851, since which time has 
filled many important and responsible 
positions; in 1870, became machin 
ist on the Delaware, Lackawanna & 
Western Ry. at Scran ton, Pa., and 
has remained with that co. ever since, 
holding since Apl., 1900, the position 
of asst. supdt. of motive power. 
Scranton, Pa. 

Brown, David E., commission mer 

S. late Geo. B., postmaster, Owen 
Sound, Ont. ; b. there, Mch. 20, 1855 ; 
e. Grammar Schs., Owen Sound and 
Fergus, Ont. ; unm. ; entd. service Gt. 
Western Ry., May, 1875, and was sub 
sequently relieving agent, travelling 
auditor and cashier, and special travl. 
agent on the Northern & N.-W. Rys., 
Can.; freight agent, Winnipeg, C. P. 
R., May, 1883 ; dist. freight and pass. 
agent, Pacific div., do., Sept., 1886; 
asst genl. pass, and freight agent, 
Western and Pacific dlvs., do., May, 
1889 ; genl. agent for China, Japan 
and India, residing at Hong Kong, do.. 
Jan., 1893 ; genl. supdt. trans-Pacific 
steamship service, do., Dec., 1906 ; rt 
tired 1907, and is now head of firm 
D B. B. & Co., genl. ry. and steam 
ship ticket agency, ship and genl. 
brokers, etc., Vancouver .B.C. Van 
couver B.C.; Vancouver Club, do., St. 
James s Club, Montreal; Hong Kong 
Club, Hong Kong. 
Brown, David Robertson, architect. 

S. Jas. and Elizabeth (Robertson) 
B. ; b. Montreal, 1869 ; e. Montreal High 
Sch; studied for his prof, there and 
in Boston, Mass. ; m., Mch., 1900, 
Harriet F., 2nd d. Wm. Robib (q.v.), 
city trees., Montreal ; has designed 
many Important edifices in Montreal, 
including the Bd. of Trade Bldg., ttoe 
M.A.A.A. Big., Masonic Temple, Olivet 
Bapt. Ch., Taylor Presb. Ch., West- 
mount Presb. Oh., Southam Big., Med. 
Big., McGtill Univ., Children s Memorial 
Hosp., Sask. Univ., Saskatoon, etc. 
720 Pine Ave. W., Montreal; Canada 
Club; Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club; 
Beaconsfleld Golf Club; Montreal Curl 
ing Club; St. James s Club, do. 

Brown, Miss Edith, art teacher; illus 
D. John Lothrop and Elizabeth 

(WMdden) B. ; b. Wolfviille, N.S., 1874 ; 
e. Aoadia Semy. ; grad. Boston Museum 
Fine Arts Sch., 1895 ; teacher of olay 
modeling and drawing in Miss Pierce s 
private son., Brookline, Mass., Mrs. 
Von Mack s and Mrs. Stannard s pri 
vate sens, and N. Bennet St. Industrial 
Sch., Boston, Mass.; since 1908 has 
been dir. and designer S. E. G. Bowl 
Shops, Boston ; first illustrating 
done for Churchman, 1899 ; since then 

has illustrated Miss Wiltse s "Folk- 
Lore Stories and Proverbs," Miss 
Guerrier s " Wonderfolk In Wonder 
land," "The Cheerful Cricket," and 
other works ; a Christian Scientist. 
18 Hull St., Boston, Mass.; Copley 
Society, do. 
Brown, Edward, merchant. 

S. late Edward Jas. B., Reeve of 
Bruce, Ont. ; Scotch descent ; b. Gres- 
ham, Bruce, Ont., May 23, 1865 ; e. 
there and St. Catharines Grammar 
Sch. ; m., Jan., 1893, Miss Essie 
HustOTiv Portage la Prairie, Man. ; en 
gaged, since early manhood, in mer 
cantile life; removed to Man., 1888; 
founded at Portage la Prainie, with his 
bro., the business known as Brown s, 
Ltd., a real estate and agric. business, 
now one of the foremost institutions in 
Man., of which he is presdt. ; in addi 
tion, they have a large departmental 
store under the name of J. & E. B. ; 
has been mayor of Portage la Prairie 
for some yrs,, and was previously aid. 
and chairman Waterworks Comte. ; 
V.-P. Union of Can, (Municipalities, 
1905-6 ; is a dir. Union Bank of Can., 
and presdt. Dom. Land Co. and Lost 
Mountain Valley Land Co. ; also a 
trustee Man. Coll., and V.-P. Man. Sun 
day Scto, Assn. ; rated as a millionaire ; 
removed *o Winnipeg, 1909 ; a Lib., 
and was elected chairman Lib. Extve. 
for Man,, Dec., 1904; Header of the 
Lib. party in Man. (in succession to 
Senator Greenway), Mch., 1906; twice 
unsuccessfully contested Portage la 
Prairie for Legislature ; a Presb., and 
a mem. Nat. Comte. Presb. Layman s 
Missiony. Movement, 1909. Winnipeg, 
Man.; Manitoba Club, do. 

"A keen and finished debater." O. 
Free Press. 

"An excellent and. fearless platform 
speaker." T. Globe. 

" A sensitive and delicately refined man, 
who is a pledged foe of political corrup 
tion." Prof. Osborne (q.v.). 

Brown, Edward Betley, lawyer. 

S. late John Gordon B., formerly ed. 
Toronto Daily Globe; b. Toronto, July 
16, 1856 ; e. U. C. Coll. and Toronto 
Univ. (B.A., with gold med. in mod. 
lang., 1877) ; m., Sept., 1881, Char 
lotte, e. d. late Danl. Morrison, an 
eminent journalist; barrister, 1880; 
K.C., 1898; examr. in Eng. and hist, 
Toronto Univ., 1880-84 ; apptd. a re 
porter to Law Soc. U. C., 1888 (a 
position he still retains) ; ed. Can. 
Law Times, 1900 ; resigned, 1907 ; later 
ed Ont. Weekly Reporter and Western 
Law Reporter; apptd. by Ont. Law 
Soc., ed. Ont. Law Monthly Reports 
and Weekly Notes, June, 1909 ; Ang., 
and a ch. warden. 113 St. Clair Ave., 

Brown, Miss Emily Halson, nursing 

D. John Halson and Margt Hamil 
ton (Honeyman) B. ; b. Woodstock, 
Ont ; e. Wykeham Hall, and Mrs. 
Neville s sch., Toronto ; took course 
of nursing at Chicago Hosp., Chicago ; 
became supdt. and genl. mangr., Drexel 
Sanitarium, Chicago, 1907 ; has writ- 



ten poetry and sketches for Can. and 
Am. mags.; Ang. (Business) The 
Drexel Sanitarium, klSO Drexel Boule 
vard, Chicago, III; (Home) 5490 E. 
End Ave., do., do. 

Brown, Ernest, educationist. 

A graduate from Univ. Coll., Liver 
pool, Eng., in the science dept. of 
Victoria Univ., with 1st class honours 
in enging. ; is also Ma. E. Uniiv. 
Liverpool ; was asst. lect. In enging., 
Liverpool, 1900 ; lecturer in app. 
mech., Liverpool Univ., 1903 ; apptd. 
asst. prof. app. mech., McGill Univ., 
1905 ; promo-ted prof, of app. mech. 
and hydraulics, do., 1911 ; held an 
1851 exhiL research scholar. ; asso. 
mem. Can. Soc. C. E., 1906. 125 St. 
Famille St., Montreal. 
Brown, Miss Eva A. (see Burdette, 

Miss Madeline). 
Brown, Mrs. Faith Fenton, a former 


D. of one of the Fentons, of Col 
chester, who separated from his fam 
ily in early youth, came to Can., and 
has since lived there under the name 
of Freeman, by Mary (Lilley) F., a 
soldier s d. ; b. and e. Toronto ; in 
early yrs. a sch. teacher ; afterwards 
became connected with the press as a 
miscellaneous writer ; wrote descrip 
tive sketches of public men and run 
ning comments on public events for 
the Toronto Empire; likewise contri 
buted to N. T. Sun; was ed. -in-chief of 
Can. Home Journal, established 1895; 
went out to Yukon as correspondent 
of Toronto Globe, and there married 
Dr. J. N. E. Brown (q.v.) ; sent first 
press despatch from Dawson on estab 
lishment of telegraph line, Sept., 1901 ; 
in her day was regarded as being at 
the head of the lady journalists in To 
ronto. Wellesley Private Hosp., To 

" Not only a brilliant writer, but a kind 
and courteous gentlewoman." V. World. 
Brown, Fayette, Insurance manager. 

An Am. citizen; e. Tale Univ. 
(B.A., 1904); m. ; represents Mutual 
Life Ims. Co., N.Y., in Montreal ; for 
merly presdt. Metropolitan Golf Club, 
Montreal ; oapt., Royal Montreal Golf 
dub, 1902 ; a councillor Univ. Club. 
7 Ontario Ave., Montreal; St. James s 
Club; Mt. Royal Club; University 
Club; Royal Montreal Golf Club; 
Montreal Joclcey Club; Thistle Curling 
Club, do. 

Brown, Frank Ericnsen, lawyer; jour 

Y. s. Dr. J. P. B., Toronto (q.v.) ; 
b. Toronto; e. Toronto Univ. (B.A., 
1900) ; m., Oct., 1904, Isabel Russell, 
e. d. Prof. J. F. McCurdy (q.v.), 
Univ. Coll., Toronto; barrister, 1903; 
successfully practises his prof. In To 
ronto ; purchased. Gait Reformer, 1905. 
100 Pricefield Rd., Toronto. 
Brown, Frederick Clement, ins. mangr. 

S. S. K. and Eliza J. (White) B., 
mother of U. E. L. stock and a direct 
descendant of Peregrin White, the first 
White b. in Am., whose parents came 
over In the Mayflower; b. Township 
Pickering, Co. Ont., Ont., 1869 ; e. 

public schs., Pickering Coll. and To 
ronto Univ. (B.A., 1892 ; M.A., 1894) ; 
m., 1898, Georglna, grandd. late Dr. 
Evans, Picton, Ont. ; for some yrs. 
engaged in journalism, first In To 
ronto, then at Streator, 111. (where he 
ed. The Popular Educator), later at 
Chicago, and finally, again, at To 
ronto, where, for 3 yrs., he was asst. 
ed. of The Christian Guardian ; was 
also a contributor to The Arena, The 
Can. Mag., and other periodicals ; 
entd. on a business career, 1898, as 
mangr. Berlin Mutual Fire Ins. Co., 
at Berlin, Ont. ; under his manage 
ment the co. increased and extended 
Its business, and removed its head 
office to Toronto; the name of the co., 
of which he is now mang. dir., has 
recently been changed to that of The 
Metropolitan Fire Ins. Co. ; a mem. 
Soc. of Friends. 36 Benlamond Ave., 

" A most careful, persevering, discrim 
inating and successful business man." 
0. Guardian. 
Brown, George Alexander, physician. 

B. Oharlottetown, P.E.I., 1866; e. 
St. Peter s Boys Sch., Charlotte town, 
King s Coill. Univ., Windsor, N. S., and 
McGill Univ. (M.D.,C.iM., 1889) ; m. 
Miss Mary Elizabeth Conroy; some 
time resident physician Montreal Genl. 
Hosp. ; now and for some yrs. in suc 
cessful practice In Montreal ; physician 
to the Montreal Dispensary ; in Feb., 
1906, submitted to the Montreal Med.- 
jOh ir. -Soc. a new cure for consumption, 
which he has put intto practice with 
great success, consisting of the injec 
tion Into the human system of a solu 
tion composed principally of iodine ; 
Unit. 718 Dorchester St. W., Mont 
real; University Club, do. 
Brown, George Harold, musician. 

S. Chas. E. and Amelia B. ; b. 
Sussex, N.B., 1880; family all musi 
cians ; reed, musical education from 
Eng. tutors ; m. Isabel Robertson, d. 
J. R. Dick, Montreal ; a conductor, 
organist and pianist ; has been suc 
cessively organist to Meth. Ch,. Sussex, 
N.B., St. David s Presb. Ch., t. John, 
N.B., St. John s Presb. Ch., Moncton, 
N.B., St. Andrew s Ch. of Scot., Mont 
real, Sherbrooke St. Meth. Ch., do., 
and St. Andrew s Presb. Ch., West- 
mount, do. ; apptd. official organist and 
musical dir., Macdonald Coll., Ste. 
Anne de Bellevue, P.Q., Aug., 1907 ; a 
Prot. Macdonald College, Ste. Anne 
de Bellevue, P.Q. 
Brown, Georg-e Mackenzie, publisher. 

O. s. late Hon. Geo. B., at one time 
leader of the Reform party In U. C., 
and one of the " Fathers of Confedera 
tion," and Annie, e. d. late Thomas 
Nelson, Abden Ho., Edinburgh, Scot. ; 
b. Toronto, 1869 ; e. U. C. Coll., 
Toronto Univ., Merchlston Castle Sch., 
Edinburgh, and King s Coll., Camb. ; 
m., 1901, Mary Elinor, y. d. late Thos. 
Nelson, St. Leonard s, Edinburgh, 
Scot. ; is mang. trustee Thos. Nelson 
& Sons, publishers, Edinburgh and 
N. Y. ; a Lib., and represented Central 
Edinburgh (Brit. H. C.), defeating Sir 



Conan Doyle by 569 votes, 1900-06; 
one of the sees. Toronto Lib.-Con- 
vention, 1883 ; a Presb. SO Moray 
Place, Edinburgh, Scot.; Royal 
Societies Club, London; University 
Club, Edinburgh. 

" A brilliant young Canadian." M. 
Brown, Rev. George Martin (Meth.). 

A bro. of Richard B., Toronto 
(q.v. ) ; b. Newcastle-on-Tyne, Eng., 
1839 ; accompanied his parents to Can. ; 
entd. ministry, 1862; o. 1866; has 
filled many important pastorates ; was 
financial secy., 1874-77 ; a del. to 
Genl. Conf., 1894, 1902; presdt. of 
Tor. Conf., 1904. m, Beech Ave., To 

Brown, George Martin Lowe, Jour 

S. Rev. Geo. M. B. (Meth.) and 
Mary (Lowes) B. ; b. nr. Barrie, Ont., 
Sept. 29, 1874; e. Brampton High 
Sen. and Albert Coll., Belleville; also 
studied at Trln. Med. Sch., Toronto ; 
founded and ed., with his bro., The 
Northern Enterprise, Campbellton, 
N.B., 1893, and 6 yrs. later re-estab 
lished that journal, under the name 
of Events; connected with the Monte 
video Eng. High Sch. and the Buenos 
Ayres Eng. High Sch. for several yrs. ; 
also taught sch. in Paraguay ; lias 
contributed to the leading periodicals 
of Can. and U. S., including the 
Can. Magazine, Outlook, North Am. 
Rev., World s Work, Rev. of Reviews, 
Scientific American, N. Y. Herald, N. 
Y. Sun, N. Y. Tribune, N. Y. Times, 
etc. ; founded Spanish- Am. Book Co., 
now incorporated in the Tropical-Am. 
Pub. Co., of which he is presdt., 1906 ; 
founded the mag. Tropical America, 
of which he is mang. ed., Jan., 1908; 
has also written a great deal of juvenile 
work for such mags, as the Youth s 
Companion, St. Nicholas, and Cassell s 
Little Folks, in London ; has made a 
special study of the sea, and has 
taken several deep sea voyages In 
strange craft to study the life of 
sailors and general conditions ; made 
special trip to Venezuela, 1904, dur 
ing the crisis between the United 
States and that country, and con 
tributed to the Am., Eng., and Can. 
press in Caracas ; crossed the country 
in disguise to the Orinoco and left by 
way of that river ; spent 9 mths. in 
the Island of Trinidad, preparing 
various material upon Latin Am. ariu 
the W. I. ; was, for a short tune, 
mangr. of the Wilshire Book Co., 
N. Y., which publishes Socialist books 
and periodicals, and has long been in 
terested in Socialist movement ; is a 
mem. of several literary and art socs. 
In the U. S. 22 E. 22nd St., New York. 
Brown, George McLaren, Can. ry. ser 

S. Adam (g.v.), and Mary (Kough) 
B. ; b. Hamilton, Ont., Jan. 29, 1865 ; 
e. Shrewsbury, Eng., Hamilton Gram 
mar Sch., and U. C. Coll. ; m., 1890, 
Eleanor Graham, d. John Crerar, K.C., 
Hamilton, Ont. ; in service N. & N.-W. 
Ry., Hamilton, 1881-83 ; do., do., G. T. 

R., do., 1883-87; agent C. P. R., 
Vancouver, 1887-92; asst. genl. pass, 
agent, do., western dlv., 1892-97; 
executive agent, western lines, do., 
1897-1902; supdt. hotels, diniing and 
sleeping cars, C. P. R., 1902-5 ; genl. 
pass, agent, Atlantic steamship lines, 
do., 1905-8; genii. European traffic 
agent, do., 1908-10; igenl. European 
mangr., do., since 1910; a Presb. 62 
Charing Cross, London, 8.W., Eng.; 
Vancouver Club, Vancouver. 

"A man of executive skill and of per 
sonal magnetism." M. Herald. 

"A man who sees everyone who wants 
to see him, however busy he may be." 
London Daily Mail. 

Brown, His Honour George William, 
lawyer; statesman. 

S. Thos. and Hannah (Acheson) B., 
Co. Fermanagh, Irel. ; b. Holstein, 
Ont., May 30, 1860; e. public schs., Mt. 
Forest High Sch., Brantford Coll. Inst. 
and Toronto Univ. ; m., Oct., 1895, 
Anna Gardner, y. d. late Jas. Barr, 
Norwich, Ont. ; went West, 1882 ; 
barrister (N.W.T.), 1892; successfully 
practised his prof, at Regina ; was also 
engd. in nancthimg in .the Qu Appelle 
Valley, where he is an extensive land 
owner ; was Pres. of Assin. Agricul. 
Assn., and represented N.W.T. at the 
Farmers Nat. Congress, Chicago, 1887 ; 
for 12 years had a seat at the local 
Bd. of Educ. ; sat for Regina (Local), 
1894-1906; apptdi. Lt.-Oov. of Sask., 
Oat. 5, 1910; presdit. Bd. of Governors, 
Meth. Coll., Regina, 1910; also a dir. 
Prudential Trust Co. ; presented to His 
Majesty King George, St. James s 
Palace, June, 1911; a Meth. Govern 
ment House, Regina, Sask. 
Brown, Gerald Horace, Dom. public 

S Horace T. B. and Minnie (Mac- 
Lardy) B. ; b. Ottawa, July 30, 1875 ; 
e. Ottawa Coll. Inst. ; m., Sept., 1900, 
Eva Isabella, d. John Sharpe ; on ed. 
staff Ottawa Free Press, 1893-1904; 
chief Can. correspondent Tribune, 
London, Eng., 1906-8; Ottawa, do.; 
Montreal Witness, 1898-1909; in 
addition was Ottawa correspondent 
Canada, and Daily News, London, 
Eng., Toronto Star, and Vancouver 
Province; also attached to Ottawa 
Evening Journal ; was successively 
secy., V.-P., and presdt., Ottawa 
Parity. Press Gallery ; literary corre 
spondent Can. Club, Ottawa, 1904-5 ; 
hon. secy, do., 1906-8; V.-P., do., 1909; 
presdit., do., 1910-11; edMed "The Prin 
cipal Addresses delivered before the 
Ottawa Can. Club" (1910) ; since 1910 
has been Asst. Depty. Minr. of Labor ; 
formerly a Lib. ; Presto. 6 McLeod 
St., Ottawa; Canadian Club; Ottawa 
Golf Club, do. 

"A thoroughly capable and well in 
formed young man." M. and E. 
Brown, Harry Whidden, Dom. public 

S. late John L. B., Wolfville, N.S. ; 
U. E. L. descent; b. Wolfville, Jan 1, 
1868; e. Acadia Univ. (B.A., 1890), 
and Dalhousie Univ. (LL.B., 1893) ; 
m., June, 1909, Florence Gertrude, d. 
late Thos. Waddell, Ottawa ; barrister, 



1893; practised his prof, in Halifax; 
apptd. private secy. iMinr. Mil. and 
Def., 1896 ; chief elk. and dir. of Con 
tracts, Dept. Mil. and Defence, July 
1 > 1904. 185 Somerset St., Ottawa. 

Brown, Harry William, educationist. 

S. late Hy. and Isabella (Cole) B., 
Niagara Falls S., Ont. ; b. there, June 
2, 1868; e. Stamford High Sen., Wood 
stock Coll., St. Catharines Coll. Inst. 
and Toronto Univ. (B.A., 1894) ; m., 
June, 1895, Helen, d. W. D. Edy, Lon 
don, Ont. ; asst. teacher, High Sen., 
1890 ; specialist moderns and hist., 
1896; principal, 1898; taught Water- 
ford High Sen., 1892; Petrolea do., 
1894 ; Seaforth Coll., 1901 ; teacher- 
train, secy. Ont. Sunday Sch. Assn., 
Sept., 1906; asso. ed. Varsity, 1890- 
92; a contributor to Can. Mag.; Bapt. 
59 Hewitt Ave., Toronto. 
Brown, James Pollock, merchant; leg 

S. David and Jean (Pollock) B., 
Renfrewshire, Scot. ; b. Beau River, 
P.Q., Apl. 4, 1841 ; e. there and New 
Haven, Conn. ; m., Feb., 1869, Margt, 
e. d. late Robt. Stewart; a Lib., and 
has sat for Chateauguay (H. C.) In 
that interest since 1891 ; a Presb. St. 
Chrysostome, P.Q. 

Brown, James Stevenson, financial 

Scottish origin ; o. s. late Jas. and 
Jean (Stevenson) B., Montreal; b. and 
e. there ; head firm J. S. B. & Co., real 
estate and financial agents ; for many 
yrs. secy.-treas. Mattawin Fishing 
Club; elected presdt. do., 1906; a coun 
cillor and former treas. Can. Mining 
Inst. ; a Presb. IS Bishop St., Mont 
real; Montreal Club; St. George Snow- 
shoe Club, do. 
Brown, Hon. James Thomas, judge. 

Irish and Scottish descent ; s. Saml. 
and Margt. B., Huntingdon, P.Q. ; b. 
there Oct. 22, 1871 ; e. Huntingdon 
Acad. and McGill Univ. (B.A., with 
1st honours in mental and moral 
phi!., 1893) ; m., Aug., 1902, Alice M., 
2nd d. Jas. M. Lewis, Rutherglen, 
Man. ; barrister (Man. and N. W. T. ) , 
1896 ; K.C., 1907 ; Crown Prosecutor, 
E. Assin iboia, 1904 ; was one of the 
leaders of the Western bar ; sat for 
Souris (Local), Con. interest, 1905-8; 
unsuccessfully contested Qu Appelie 
(H. C.), Lib. interest, g. e. 1908; since 
Apl., 1910. has been a puisne judge, 
Supreme Ot., Sask. ; a Meth. Mooso- 
min, Sask. 

"An able lawyer and excellent citizen ." 
The West. 

" A man of sterling character and great 
ability." M. Herald. 

Brown, Hon. John Cunningham, Dom. 
public service. 

B. Fermoy, Irel., Feb. 13, 1844; e. 
Royal Acad. and Queen s Col l., Bel 
fast; came to B. C., 1862; m., 1877, 
Kate, 4th d. Wm. Clarkson ; a jour 
nalist ; formerly ed. New Westminster 
Herald and Daily News; has been 
mayor and postmaster, New West 
minster ; apptd. warden, B. C. Peni 
tentiary, Nov. 26, 1907 ; sat in Local 
Assem., for New Westminster City, 

i 1890-94, and Later; was Provl. Secy, 
and Minr. of Educ. in Mr. Martin s 
Cabinet, for a short period, 1900, when 
defeated ; Presto. New Westminster. 

Brown, Rev. John Gilbert (Bapt.). 

S. late Dougald and Mary (McCal- 
lum) B. ; Highland Scotch descent; b. 
on his father s farm, nr. Belmont, 
Ont., Aug. 7, 1865; e. Coll. Inst., St. 
Thomas, Ont., Toronto Univ. (B.A., 
1889), and McMaster Univ. (B.Th., 
1899; B.D., 1903; D.D., 1907); m., 
Aug., 1889, Mary (d. Men., 1910), d. 
Carl Milkey, Blanche, P.Q. ; o. 1899 ; 
missy, to Telugus, India, 1889 ; opened 
the Vuyuru station there, and re 
turned to Can., owing to wife s ill- 
health, 1897 ; pastor Bapb. Ch., Orange- 
vine, 1898; foreign mission secy. Bapt. 
Oonv., Ont. and Que. (his present posi 
tion), 1899; author of an historical 
sketch of the Foreign Mission Bd., 
1873-1900, and of a booklet, "Nine 
Beacon Lights." 177 Albany Ave., To 

Brown, John Henry, poet; Dom. pub. 


B. Ottawa, Apl. 29, 1859; Irish 
parentage; m., June, 1886, Martha 
Isabel (d. Sept., 1910), d. A. Yeomans, 
M.D., Winnipeg ; eratd. C. S., May 1, 
1882 ; promoted 1st class elk. P. O. 
dept., July, 1905; author "Poems, 
Lyrical and Dramatic " (Ottawa, 
1892) ; a contributor to The Week, 
Mind, the Conservator, etc. 9 Fourth 
Ave., Ottawa.. 

Brown, John Kelson Elliott, physi 

S. John and Isabel (Wilson) B., 
Nissouri, Co. Oxford, Ont. ; grands. 
Rev. T. B. B., a pioneer Meth. preacher 
in Ont. ; U. E. L. descent ; b. Nissouri, 
1864; e. St. Mary s High Sch. and To 
ronto Univ. (M.B., with silver med., 
1892) ; house surg. Toronto Genl. 
Hosp., 1892 ; post-grad, work a/t Johns 
Hopkins Univ. ; chief obstetrician, St. 
Michael s Hosp., Toronto ; Terr. secy. 
Yukon (acting also as elk. Yukon 
Council and medical health offr.), 
1898-1905; supd.t. Toronto Geni. Hosp., 
1905-11 ; since then has been in charge 
of the Welles ley Private Hosp., To 
ronto ; mem. comte. apptd. by trustees 
to visit U. S. institutions bo glean 
ideas in connection with new Genl. 
Hosp., Toronto, 1907 ; do. do., to visit 
G-t. Brit., 1908; secy. Can. Hosp. 
Assn. since 1907 ; V.-P. Am. Hosp. 
Assn., 1909 ; m., Jan., 1900, Miss Alice 
Freeman (q.v.). Toronto. 

"A very zealous and valuable officer." 
/. W. Flavelle (q.v.). 

Brown, John Price, physician; author. 
S. late Joshua B., Cranbrook, Ont., 
formerly chief of police, Stockport, 
En.g., and Sarah (Price) B. ; b. Man 
chester, Eng., 1844 ; e. Toronto Univ. 
(M.B., 1868; M.D., 1869); m., 1st, 
1871, Agnes Cranston (d. 1881), d. 
Wm. Graham, Gait, Ont. ; 2ndly, 1886, 
Florence Ellen, d. Col. G. S. Jennings, 
U.S.A.; first practised his prof, in Gait, 
Ont., where he was coroner ; removed 
to Toronto, 1889 ; a specialist in laryn- 
gol. and rhinol. ; mem. Coll. P. and S. 



Ont., 1869; L.R.C.P. (Bdin.), 1883; is 
a fellow Am. Laryngol. Assn., and of 
Am. Laryocpofc (Rhino 1. and Otolog. 
Soc. ; apptd. laryngcxl. West. 
Hosp. ; is also a gov. of that institu 
tion ; is Can. collaborateur for the 
Journ. of Laryngology, London, Eng., 
and in addition to a text-book on 
" Diseases of Nose and Throat," is 
the author of numerous sclent, articles 
contributed to the various med. 
journals; in addition has published 
several novels, dealing with early Can. 
history, some of them under the nom- 
de-plume of " Eric Bohn," which have 
given him an assured place as a 
litterateur of acknowledged ability ; 
among these Wave been " How Hart- 
man Won " ; " Hickory, a Tale of the 
Lakes"; "The Builders," "In the 
Van", and "The Macs of 37"; a 
Presb. ; politically Ind. 37 Carlton 
St., Toronto; Empire Club; Canadian 
Club, do. 

"A faithful student of the early history 
of Canada." M. and E. 
Brown, His Honour John Robert, Co. 

Ct. Judge. 

S. Thos. W. and Mary B. (Mc 
Gregor) B. ; Irish and Scotch descent ; 
b Tp. Sarnia, Lambton, Ont., Feb. 19, 
1864; e. Sarnia High Sch.; m., Nov., 
1904, Florence May, d. Jas. Whit- 
marsh, .Sarnia, Omt. ; barrister (Omt.), 
1897; do. (B. C.), 1899; sat for 
Greenwood, B.C. (Local), in Lib. in 
terest, 1903-7 ; ajpptd. do. Ct. judge, 
B. C., Jan., 1907 ; a iMeth. Grand 
Forks, B.C. 
Brown, Joseph Hercule, mining engr. 

and mineralogist. 

V.-P. and genl. mangr. of the Mont 
real Reduction & Smelting Co., Trout 
Mills, On t., 1906 ; a graduate of the 
Umiv. of Cal. ; was for 6 yrs. 
and chief engr., under the late Rt. 
Hon. Cecil Rhodes, of the Transvaal Co., and has hod other 
mining and smelting experience in 
Australia, Corea, New Zealand, U. S. 
and South Am. ; now at Sydney, N. S. 
Sydney, N.S. 
Brown, Bev. Llewellyn (Bapt.). 

S. late Dougald and Mary (McCal- 
lum) B. ; Highland Scotch parentage ; 
b. Belmont, Ont., Apl. 15, 1874; e. 
Woodstock Coll. and McMaster Univ. 
(B.A., 1896; M.A., 1898; B.Th., 1898) ; 
m, Sept., 1898, Miss Hattie Jean 
McLay, Woodstock, Ont.; o. 1898; 
pastor In succession at Grfmsby, Petro- 
lea, Omt., and Trin. Ch., Cleveland, O. ; 
apptd. pastor 1st Bapt. Ch., Brantford, 
Sept, 1910. Brantford, Ont. 
Brown, Mr*. Margaret Adeline, 


D. Richard and Margt. (McKee) 
Porter ; parents people (Carter and 
Conyngham) came originally from 
Scot, to the N. of Irel., and thence to 
Can. ; have been iln Western Ont. for 
5 generations ; b. Co. Huron, Dec., 
1867 ; e. Godierieh High Soh. and To 
ronto Normal Sch. (honour graduate) ; 
m., 1904, John Y. Brown, Brantford, 
Ont. ; in addition to magazine and 
newspaper sketches has written a 

vol. : " My Lady of the Snows " 
(1908), a novel, which has met with 
a warm reception ; other works are 
in preparation; now studying with 
the view of creating an ideal common- 
wealtTi to be placed under Sir 
W. Laurier s regime, but based upon 
aristocratic principles, leaning to Im 
perialism ; a wood carver ; a decorator 
of china ; a painter in oils, etc. ; a 
Univ. in 1 reMgtau Brantford, Ont. 

"A cultured CaiTnadiaai lady." Late Geo. 
Brown, Mrs. May, comedienne. 

B. Hamilton, Ont., Nov. 1, 1868; 
e. there; m., 1st, 1894, Stuart Robson 
(d. Apl. 29, 1903); 2ndly, Augustus 
Brown; moved with her parents to 
Chicago, where she joined the choir 
of St. Paul s Ch.; made her first ap 
pearance on the stage with a " Pina 
fore " Co.; later joined Augustus 
Daly s N. T. Co.; appeared with Rob- 
son and Crane in " The Comedy of 
Errors," 1886; in the following 
season played with the same gentle 
men in " The Henrietta," and became 
their leading lady; has since played 
many leading r61es in different 
comedies; appeared in the farce, 
" Billy," 1909. Highlands, N.J. 
Brown, Richard, manufacturer. 

S. late Thos. B., formerly of New- 
castle-on-Tyne and latterly of To 
ronto; one of 7 sons; b. Newcastle-on- 
Tyne, May 13, 1834 ; e. Royal Gram 
mar .Sch. there; m., iMch., 1861, Eliza 
beth, d. late Dr. Slade Robinson; ac 
companied his parents to Toronto, 
1846; served his apprenticeship, as 
a printer and binder, with Thos. 
Maclear, publisher, Toronto ; joined 
2 of his bros. in business, 1856, 
founding the house of B. Bros., now 
and for many yrs. the largest 
stationery, account book manu 
facturing, and book binding firm in 
the Dom. of Can. ; the firm has been 
Inc. as a Joint stock co., of which he 
is presdt., as well as the sole surviv 
ing mem. of it ; a Meth. and a mem. of 
the Comte. on Ch. Union; a Lib. W 
Jarvis St., Toronto. 

" No one more widely known or more 
generally respected." T. Globe. 

Brown, Lt.-Col. Robert, Can. mil ser 

S. late John and Eliza (Walsh) B. ; 
b. Quebec, June 16, 1854 ; removed to 
Ottawa, 1861; e. there; m. Miss 
Mather; entd. 5th (The Princess 
Louise) Dragoon Gds. as a trooper, 
on its organization, 1878; Meut., 
1887 (1st class cert. Sch. of Oaval.) ; 
capt., 1896; major, 1898; Jt-co-l. 
commdg., 1903 ; apptd. It. -col. commdg. 
2nd Cav. Brig., Eastern Omt. com 
mand, Feb. 28, 1910; served In 
command of a troop at Queen Vic 
toria s Jubilee, London, Eng., 1897 
(med.) ; elected a V.^P. Can. Mil. Inst., 
Toronto, 1909 ; is inspr. of Contracts, 
Dept. Mil. and Defence, Ottawa ; a 
Meth. 328 Chapel St., Ottawa. 
Brown, ganger Monroe, physician. 

S. Stewart and Catherine (Comer) 
B. ; b. Bloomfield, Ont., Feb. 16, 1852; 



e. public schs. and Albert Coll., Belle 
ville, Ont. ; M.D. (Bellevue Hosp. Med. 
Coll., N. Y.), 1880; m., July, 1885, 
Miss Bella Christy, Chicago ; asst. 
phys. Hosp. for Insane, Ward s Island, 
N.Y., 1880-81; do. State Hosp. for In 
sane, Danvers, Mass., 1881 ; do. Bloom- 
ingdale Asylum, N. Y., 1882-85 ; act- 
Ing med. supdt. do., 1886 ; prof, neu- 
rol., Post-grad. Med. Sen., Chicago, 
since 1890; prof. med. jurisp. and hy 
giene, Bush Med. Coll., 1892-97; assoc. 
prof, of med. and din. med., do., 1901- 
6; since 1901 has been assoc. prof, 
mied. and clan, med., Coll. P. and S., 
Chicago ; is attending phys. to St. 
Luke s, St. Elizabeth s and Co. Cook 
Hosps. ; 1st lieuit, Med. Reserve Corps, 
U.S.A., since 1908; conducted (with 
Prof. E. A. Schafer) series of vivisec. 
experiments on monkeys at Univ. Coll., 
London, 1886-87, which afforded first 
conclusive proof that in these animals 
the centre of vision is in the occipital 
lobe (results published In " Philos. 
Trans. Royal Soc., Lend.," 1888); 
author of various scien. papers. Ken- 
ilworth, III.; 100 State St., Chicago, III. 
Brown, Stanley McKeown, journalist. 
S. I. T. H. B., artist, and Elizabeth 
Matilda, d. Robt. McKeown, J.P., 
Orangeville, Ont ; b. Toronto, Apl. 4, 
1877 ; e. Orangeville High Sch. and 
Toronto Univ. ; formerly sporting 
writer Toronto Mail and Empire; 
served as war correspondent, same 
journal, during S. African War, 1899- 
1900 (shot through the right thigh at 
Zand River, May 10, 1900; med.) ; in 
charge commercial dept. Toronto News, 
and has been connected in an ed. ca 
pacity with N. Y. Music and Dramatic 
Mirror, Can. Sportsman, and The 
Daily Mirror and Evening News, Lon 
don, Eng. ; now resides in Eng. ; 
author " With the Royal Canadians " 
(1900); accompanied "Queen s Own," 
Toronto, to Eng., 1910; unm. 22 
Tyrrel Rd., Dulwich, Eng.; Press Club, 
London, do. 

Brown, Rev. Thomas B. (Bapt.). 

B. Liverpool, Eng., 1848; e. Liver 
pool, Reading, and Heidelberg; came 
to Can., 1880; for many yrs. engd. in 
mercantile business, as mem. firm 
Kingman, B. & Co., Montreal ; dis 
solved partnership, 1897 ; was long in 
terested in missions, both in his native 
country and Can. ; o. 1902, becoming 
pastor Sherbrooke Bapt. Ch. ; resigned, 
owing to ill- health, and removed to Ed 
monton, 1906. Edmonton, Alta. 

Brown, Rev, Thomas Crawford 


S. Thos. and Sarah (Crawford) B. ; 
b. Richmond, Ont., Jan 18, 1874; e. 
there, at Almonte High Sch. and 
Queen s Univ., Kingston (B.A., gold 
med. in pol. economy and double gold 
med. in mental and moral phil., 1903 ; 
M.A., 1904) ; post-grad, work, Edin 
burgh Univ. ; m., June, 1909, Eallien 
Nieora, o. d. Hon. L. M. Jones (q.v.), 
Toronto ; o. 1905 ; for some mths. 
asst. to Rev. Sir J. Cameron Lees, St. 
Giles Cath., Edinburgh ; declined call 
to Winnipeg, 1905 ; since then has been 

pastor New St. Andrew s Ch., Toronto, 
do. ; apptd. chaplain (with hic-n. rank 
of cajpt.), 48th Regt., 1907. The 
Manse, St. Andrew s Ch., 1\5 8t. 
George St., Toronto. 

"A tireless worker." S. N. 
Brown, Thomas Elmer, banker. 

S. Abram and Elizabeth (Adams) 
B. ; b. Port Rowan, Ont., Nov. 29, 
1865 ; e. Ont. public schs. ; m. Miss 
Cora Hemans Browder, California, 
Mo. ; entd. service Williamsville, 
Greenville & St. Louis Ry., Aug., 1901 ; 
was supdt. same road, 1903, and, sub 
sequently, genl. freight and pass, 
agt. De Queen & East. Ry ; apptd. 
secy.-treas. and mgr. Farmers & Mer 
chants Bank & Trust Co., De Queen, 
Apl., 1908. De Queen, Ark. 

Brown, Thomas J., contractor. 

B. Port Lewis, P.Q. ; e. there ; m. 
Miss (Margt. Chalmers, Montreal ; 
supdt. of const ruction of sees. 1 to 4, 
Soulanges Canal ; later genii, supdt. of 
construction for contractors, Battery 
Subway, N.Y., which was completed 
1905, when he irecd. a handsome testi 
monial from those employed under 
Mm. 87 Hamilton Place, New York. 

Brown, Vere Cecil, banking profes 

S. late John J. B., barrister, and 
Clara, d. Thos. S. Smyth, London, Ont. ; 
b. London, Onit. ; e. High Sch. there ; 
m., 1891, Caroline Amy, d. late Chief 
Justice Hon. Thos. Moss ; for some 
yrs. in service Huron & Erie Loan 
& Savings Co. ; entd. service Can. Bank 
of Commerce, 1889 ; apptd. asst. inspr., 
1899; inspr., 1903; chief inspr., 1907; 
since 1911 has been supat. of western 
branches of the bank ; won amateur 
golf champiomship of Can., 1899 ; an 
An-g. 36 Forest Hill Rd., Toronto; To 
ronto Club; Toronto Golf Club; York 
Club, do. 

Brown, Major Walter James, jour 
nalist; agriculturist and econo 

Can. parentage ; belongs to two old 
Ont. families: Brown (Elgin and Ox 
ford Counties), Williams (Oxford 
County) ; b. Dunboyne, Ont., 1873 ; e. 
Aylmer, Ont., Coll. Inst. and Toronto 
Univ. (B.S.A., 1894) ; m., 1898, Miss 
Nellie Dorthea Deike, Guelph, Ont. ; 
studied Chicago Law Sch., and fol 
lowed special courses in economics, ed. 
and Bib. lit. at other institutions ; in- 
tercoll. Y.M.C.A. secy, for Chic., 1896- 
97 ; assoc. educat. dir. Chic. Y.M.C.A., 
1897-98; educat. dir. St. Louis, Mo., 
Y.M.C.A., 1898-99 ; genl. secy. Natl. 
Sanitarium Assn., Toronto, 1900-02; 
founded and was principal Can. Cor 
respondence Coll., Toronto, 1902-05 ; 
has been ed. Weekly Globe and Canada 
Farmer since 1905 ; special contributor 
and regular correspondent for scien 
tific, agricult., literary, and military 
mags, and other publications in Can., 
U.S., and Eng., since 1894; made a 
sociological study of Chicago in 1897; 
was mem. of " Committee of Fifty " 
to investigate drink problem, St. Louis, 
Mo., 1898-99 ; prepared scheme for 
travelling library system, adopted by 



Ont. Legislature ; became an off r. 9th 
Batty., Can. Field Arty., Toronto, 
1900; promoted to the command with 
rank of major, Feb., 1909; was adjt. 
2nd Brig,, C. F. A., 1905 ; elected secy. 
Onit. Arty. Assn., 1911 ; a Lib. ; a 
Meth. 5 Victor Ave., Toronto; Can. 
Military Inst., do. 
Brown, William A., Can. ry. service. 

B. St. John, N.B. ; e. there ; acquired 
early training on C. P. R. ; joined Can. 
Northern Ry. service, becoming ulti 
mately genl. supdt. of that line ; re 
signed, 1907 ; presented with a silver 
service by his men, Port Arthur, Feb., 
1906. Edmonton, Alta. 
Brown, William Greenwood, insurance 


S. Stephen K. and Eliza J. (White) 
B. ; father s parents from Vt. and 
N.Y., U.S. ; mother s <pairewts of U.E, 
L. descent ; original ancestors came to 
Am. in Mayflower, 1620 ; b. Tp. Pick 
ering, Co. Ont., Ont, Aug. 31, 1856 ; 
e. Normal Sen., Toronto, Hamilton 
Coll. Inst, Toronto Univ., and Queen s 
Univ. (B.A., 1881) ; m., 1889, Margt., d. 
late Rev. R. D. Mackay, Toronto ; a pub 
lic sch . teacher 3 yrs. ; science master, 
Gait Coll. Inst, 1881-83 ; inspr. Glas 
gow & Lond. Fire Ins. Co., 1886-90 ; 
do Phoenix of Hartford, 1890-97; or 
ganized the Equity Fire Ins. Co. and 
the Berlin Mutual (now the Metro 
politan Fire Ins. Co.); was secy., 
genl. mangr., and a dir. of the Equity 
Fire Ins. Co. ; a dir. of the Metro 
politan and the Independent Fire Ins. 
Cos. up to Oct., 1909, when these cos. 
were amalgamated and placed under 
his managt. ; treas. Peace and Arbitra 
tion Soc. and presdt. Friends Assn., 
Toronto ; estbd. Young Friends Re 
view; politically ind., with Lib. lean 
ings; favours large measure of public 
ownership and the cultivation of high 
Ideals in Can. citizenship v a mem. Soc. 
Friends. Cor. Birch Ave. and Queen 
St. E., Toronto. 

Brown, William Middlemass, journal 
ist and litterateur. 
S. Adam and Margt. (Scott) B. ; 
b Galashields, Scot. ; e. Andersonian 
Univ., and Sch. of Art, Glasgow, Scot. ; 
m. Catherine S., d. Thos. J. Binnie ; a 
tech. journalist and litterateur; author 
" Aspects of Life " ; " The Vale of 
Life and Pilgrim Songs," Langside 
Lyrics," and several songs ; Presb. 
" Ingleside," Nottawa, Ont. 
Brown, Rev. William Thomas G. 


S. Jas. B., a native of Co. Down, 
Irel., and Harriet (Gallagher) B., a 
Can., of Irish parentage ; b. Tp. Bath- 
urst, Lanark, Ont.; e. Fallbrook Pub 
lic Sch., Carleton Place High Sch., and 
Queen s Univ., Kingston (B.A., 1901) ; 
graduated B.D., Victoria Univ., To 
ronto; m., June, 1906, Mary Lock, d. 
Mrs. A. Dunlop, Pembroke. Ont ; 
entd. ministry, 1895; o. 1902; has 
held pastorates at many places, in 
cluding Kingston, Toronto Ottawa, 
Montreal and Sherbrooke. kher- 
brooke, P.Q. 

" Eloquent and promising." 0. Citizen. 

Brown, Lt.-Col. William Walton, Can. 

mil. service. 

B. Co. Northumberland, Ont., Apl. 
24, 1864; e. local schs. ; m., Dec., 1886. 
Ida, d. John L. Gerow ; for some yrs. 
engd. in export fruit trade ; regr., E. 
Northumberland, 1905-6 ; since then 
Dom. fruit inspr. ; commenced mil. 
service by enlisting in 40th Regt., 
1878; in 1884 exchanged into 3rd 
Prince of Wales Can. Dragoonis, and 
has since filled every grade of rank in 
it from lihat of private to It. -col. 
commdg., with the exception of that 
of lieuit. ; attained command Jan. 19, 
1904; R. O., 1909; apptd. brig, major. 
2nd Cav. Brig., Eastern Ont. command, 
Nov. 24, 1909 ; served as a private in 
the 2nd C.M.R. during war in S. A., 
attaining rank of sergt before the close 
of operations ; never missed a duty 
throughout his service ; was present 
at operations in Transvaal, operations 
in Orange River Colony, and opera 
tions in Cape Colony (Queen s med. 
with 3 clasips) ; also possesses liong- 
service decoration ; has obtd. a 1st 
class Grade " B " and a 1st class 
Grade "A" ce>rt from Royal Sch. of 
Oaval., Quebec. Colborne, Ont. 
Browne, Fitzjames E., real estate 

expert and architect. 
S. John Jas. B. and Agnes Dunlop 
(Hay) B. ; Irish and Scotch descent; 
b. Montreal, Sept. 22, 1871; e. there; 
m., Aug., 1896, Miss L. G- T. S. B. 
Nagle ; presdt house of Browne, Ltd., 
real estate experts and architects ; no 
special church ; a Lib. -J297 Western 
Ave., Montreal. 
Browne, George, architect. 

Y. s. late Geo. B., architect, Mont 
real, and Anna Maria (Jameson) B. ; 
Eng. and Irish descent ; b. Montreal, 
May 3, 1852; e. Montreal High Sch.; 
studied with his father and with Rus 
sell Sturgis, N. Y. ; studied also in 
Europe (where he spent 3 and a half 
yrs.) ; special course at South Ken 
sington Sch. of Art (special prizes at 
Intern, competition in class of de 
sign) ; went to Man., 1879, where for 
some yrs. he farmed, finally resuming 
practice of profession in Winnipeg ; 
designed many public and private 
buildings there ; retired from prof, and 
removed to N. Y., 1907; m., 1883, 
Louisa Anna, d. late Capt. F. L. 
Nicholls, H. M. s 56th Regt. Browne- 
leiah -on- the - Hudson, South Nyack f 
N.Y.; Manitoba Club, Winnipeg. 

" A man of unquestioned ability." Rev. 
Dr. Bryce (q-v.). 

Browne, Rev. John Davidson Haw 
thorne (Ang.). 

Third s. Hy. and Margt. (Kuhn) 
B. ; father an Englishman, for many 
yrs. headmaster Dartmouth Acad., 
N S. ; b. Dartmouth, N.S., Mch. 15, 
1844- e. Dartmouth Parish Sch., Dal- 
housie Coll., Halifax, and privately 
under Prof. M. MacCulloch ; studied 
med. for a time; graduated in theol. 
Bp. Green Training Sch., Miss., and 
King s Coll., N.S., 1871 ; m., 1875, Try- 
phena M. M., y. d. Rev. W. T. Bellew 
Archer, vicar Churchill, Somerset, 



Eng., the author of a number of weU - 
kruown works; o. deacon, 1873 ; priest, 
1874 ; curate Christ Ch., Amiherst, 
N.iS., 1873-4; rector Pugwash, N.S., 
1874-5; do. Dorchester, N.B., 1875-8; 
since 1900 do. Oh. St. Augustine- 
by-the-Sea, Santa Monica, Oal. ; was 
clerical secy. N. S., 1879 (resigned 
from ill -health, 1884) ; estbd., in con 
junction with Archd. Pentreath (.q.v.), 
Church Work, a monthly paper, still 
in existence, 1876 ; estbd. The Church 
Guardian, a weekly paper, of which 
he was ed. (now published in Mont 
real), 1878; was a del. to the Provl. 
Synod of Can., 1880 and 1883 (and 
selected by that body to edit a church 
year book for the Dom.) ; is now a 
mem. of the Standing Comte. of the 
Diocese of Los Angeles, and has repre 
sented his diocese in the Genl. Con 
vention, U. S., 1901-04 ; has been also 
ed. of the diocese paper since 1896; 
was for some time archdeacon of 
San Bernardino. Santa Monica. Cal., 
Browne, Very Rev. Joseph (R. C.). 

S. late Jas. B., merchant, Kingston, 
Ont., a native of Tullow, Carlow, Irel. ; 
b. Kingston* ; e. Regiopolis Coll., do. ; 
o. 1863 ; is V.-G. of Peterboro. Peter- 
boro, Ont. 

Browne, Joseph Archibald, artist. 

Scotch pa renitaigie ; b. Liverpool, Entg., 
Feb. 28, I&62 ; e. and reared 1 in .Scot. ; 
m., Sept., 188<2, Miiss EdMsh EJgten, 
Birkenhead, Eng. ; a painter of land 
scapes ; frequently exhibits ; elected an 
A. R. C. A., 1896, and a mem. Ont. 
Soc. of Artists, 1907 ; resigned from 
last-named body, the same year, to 
Join the new Can. Art Club, in the or 
ganization of which he was actively 
engaged. 750 Broadview Ave., To 

" His poetic, dreamy, and yet vigorous 
compositions are a revelation." T. World. 
Browne, William Graham, stock 

E. s. Dr. Jolhn< Price B. (q.v.) and 
his first wife, Agnes Cranston (Gra 
ham) B. ; b. Gait, Ont., May 28, 1872; 
e. Gait Coll. Inst, Jarvis St. (Toronto) 
Coll. Inst, and Toronto Univ. (B.A., 
with 1st class honours in pol. science, 
1898) ; m., 1901, Edna BeuLah, e. d. 
late Dr. Jas. Qarlyle, some time prin 
cipal Toronto Normal Sch., and 
nephew of the famous Thos. Carlyle ; 
before entering coll. adopted in ihis 
name the " e " of his ancestors, which 
had been dropped by 2 genera 
tions of Ihis branch otf the family, wfho 
originaiMhy weire BtlTOnnxfttbB and bank- 
era, in Nioirwtah, Emgr. ; joined staff 
Can. Bank of Commerce, Gait, Ont., 
188i8, and ipeimalned! with ,that institu 
tion till 1893, when he decided to re 
sume his studies , but without severing 
Ms connection with the bank, return 
ing to his duties, Jan., 1899 ; was 
transfd. to the N. Y. agency, where, 
in 1901, he was chief elk. ; on the or 
ganization of the Sovereign Bank of 
Can., May, 1902, was apptd. mangr. 
Montreal branch, in which position 
he remained till his resignation, July, 

19 ! 0i7 ; is nioiw a Stock broker; was a 
chanter mem. of the Toronto chapter 
O"f the Delita, Upsiton 1 Fraternity, and 
one of the founders, and is now pre Sdt. 
of Che Toronto U>ndv. Club, Montreal ; 
also secy. Univ. Club, Montreal ; has 
contributed articles to the banking 
and sicien. mags, in Can. and U. S. ; in 
politics Ind. ; a Presb. Place Viger 
Hotel, Montreal; St. James s Club; 
Canada Club ; Montreal Hunt Club : 
University Club; Royal Montreal Golf 
Club; Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club; 
Manitou Club, do.; Toronto Club; Na 
tional Club; D. U. Fraternity, To 
ronto; Garrison Club, Quebec. 

Browne, William lyon, civil engineer. 
Sec. s. late W. L. B., Shrewsbury 
and Church Stretton, Shropshire, 
Eng.; b. Shrewsbury, 1876; e. Shrews 
bury Sch. ; studied in Belgium and at 
Central Coll., City and Guilds of Lon 
don Inst. ; m., 1903, Miss Ellen Wini 
fred Neatos, Severn Square, London ; 
during 10 yrs. variously practised his 
prof. : with G. N. Ry., Eng. ; in part 
nership with G. G. Eady, M.I.C.E., 
Westminister, and under Sir Douglas 
Fox and partners, and W. R. Gal- 
braith, as resident engr., N. section 
Charing Cross, Eastar and Hampstead 
Tube Ry. ; came to Can., 1905, as 
representative of Sir Douglas Fox and 
partners in building of the Atlantic, 
Quebec & Western Ry. ; since 1907 
has been chief engr. of that road ; Anig. 
New Carlisle, P.Q. 

Brownell, Feleff Franklin, artist 

>S. Leander and Annice Willard 
(Snow) B. ; to. New Bedford, Mass., 
July 27, 1856; e. there; m., 1889, 
Louise, d. John W. Nickerson, New 
Bedford ; studied art ait Sen. Bos 
ton Museum of Art and 1 at Paris, 
with Bougereau & Fleury ; present 
work pirimoiipalily portraits, oomibtoed 
with some genre and landscape paint 
ing ; headmaster Ottawa Art Assn., 
1885-98 ; exhbd. Paris Salon and N Y., 
Philadelphia, Boston, Toronto, and 
Montreal Espns. ; awarded med. 
(bronze) Pairis Expn., 1900 ; R. C. A., 
1898; councillor, do., 1906; diploma 
picture, " The Photographer, placed 
in National Gallery, Ottawa ; one of 
the founders Can. Art Club, 1907; 
Prot. m Wellington St., Ottawa. 

" None of his work is common or 
mediocre." Dr. W. W. Campbell (q.v.). 

Browning 1 , Arthur George, lawyer. 

S. Rev. A ntlhiu r (Mieth.) and Many 
A. (B., natives of OoimiwaM , Eng. ; b. 
Fort Hope, B.C.. Nov., 1861; e. OrilMa 
High Soli, amdi Victoria Univ., Toronto 
(B.A. and silver med. in metap., 1886) ; 
rn. Miss Jessfie MeiliviMe, Oolltogiwood, 
Ont.; barrister, 1889; K.C., 1908; 
apptd. Crown Atty.. Dist. Nipissingi 
Feb., 1895; is presdt. Bd. of Tradf. 
North Bay, and 1 of Silver Leaf Miming 
Co. ; a mem. High Sch. Bd. ; a pro 
moter New Ont. Brewing Co., 1909 ; 
a Lib. ; favours Laurier s naval policy ; 
a Meth. North Bay, Ont.; Ontario 
Club, Toronto. 



Browning 1 , Donald M., lawyer. 

S. late Gilbert and Elizabeth (Blair) 
B. ; Scotch descent ; b. St John s, Nfd., 
June 24, 1860; e. there, U. C. Coll. 
and Glasgow Univ. (M.A.) ; solr., 1887 ; 
barrister, 1888 ; bencher Law Soc., 
1893; K.C., 1899; solr. Nfd. Assembly, 
1894-97 ; sat for Twillingate, Nfd. As 
sembly, Lib. interest, 1897-99 ; regr. 
Sup. Ct. and regr. deeds, Nfd., 1899 ; 
Ang. ; unm. St. John s, Nfd. ; City 
Club, do. 

Browning 1 , Thomas Blair, lawyer; 

Third s. Gilbert B., formerly of New 
Milns, Ayrshire, Scot., and Elizabeth 
Stewart B., 2nd d. Thos. Blair, 
Greenock, Scot. ; b. St. John s, Nfd., 
Nov. 8, 1848 ; e. St. Andrew s Sch. and 
Genl. Prot. Acad. there ; matriculated 
Glasgow Univ., 1865 (M.A., 1870) ; ad 
eun., Toronto Univ., 1871 ; m., 1890, 
Agnes, e. d. Robt. Burley.Kenring Park, 
Glasgow; barrister (Ont.), 1874; prac 
tised his prof, in Toronto till 1892, 
when he moved to London, Eng., 
where he continues to act as Can. 
counsel ; a mem. Atlantic Union, Lon 
don ; a life mem. and formerly V.-P. 
Can. Inst., Toronto ; took an active 
part in the sociol. work of the inst. 
for several yrs. ; a lieut. Gov.-Genl. s 
Body Guard, Toronto, and accompan 
ied his regt. In the N. W. expedn., 
1885 (med.) ; writings include articles 
on "Communism" (Can. Month.) ; on 
" The Behring Sea Question " and 
" The Franco-Newfoundland Contro 
versy " (Law Quart. Rev.) ; on "New 
foundland" and "Inter-British Trade 
and Its Development," In the Brit. 
Emp. Series; on "Imperial Purposes 
and Their Cost," in Macmillan s Mag., 
and 16 biograph. sketches of promin 
ent Canadians, signed T. B. B., con 
tributed to the "Die. of National Bio 
graphy"; lectured on Socialism, 1910; 
Ch. of Scot. ; Con. 19 Aldermary Rd., 
Bromley, Kent, Eng. 
Brownlee, Archibalt Graham, min 
ing engineer. 

Can. and Scotch-Irish origin ; s. Thos. 
and Ellen (Graham) B. ; b. Richmond, 
Ont, July 18, 1857; e. N.Y. City; m. 
Miss Alice Houghton ; elected a mem. 
Am. Inst. of Mining Emgrs., 1892 ; 
presdt. Colo. Scien. Soc., Denver, Colo., 
1905-6 ; presdt. The Stanley Mines Co. ; 
do. The Western Metals Co. ; distin 
guished as a practical mine operator; 
Ang Residence : Idaho Springs, Colo. ; 
Business address: tttf Welton St., 
Denver, Colo.; Denver Athletic Cluo. 
Brownlee, James, Can. ry. service. 

B. Hamilton, Ont., Feb. 2, 1859; e. 
there ; m. Miss Margt. Rutherford, 
Belleville, On.t. ; was for 8 yrs. em 
ployed in the meoh. dept. of the 
G.T.R. ; then tntd. tibe service of the 
C.P.R. as an engr., and was suc 
cessively road foreman of Locomotives, 
roundhouse foreman, train master, and 
supdit. ; has held last- named -position 
for 6 yrs. ; a Presb. Cranbrook, B.C. 

" A man who, as the reward of his 
integrity and sincerity, has risen from the 
engineer s cab to one of the highest posi 
tions in the service." West. 

Brownlee, Walter George, Can. ry. 


B. Lawrenceville, 111., Sept. 9, 1858; 
e. McKendree Coll., Lebanon, 111. ; 
m. Miss Adele Cunningham ; entd. 
ry service, O. & Miss. Ry., 1877 ; 
apptd. div. supdt. Miss. Pacific Ry., 


asst. supdit. East. Div., G.T.R., 
asst. supdt. do., Island Pond, Vt., 
supdt. East. Div. do., 1901 ; do. 

West. Div. do., 1902 ; do. Middle Div. 
do., Toronto, Jan., 1905 ; genl. trans 
portation mangr. do., May, 1907; since 
1908 has been genl. transportation 
mangr., G. T. Ry. system ; a dir. G. T. 
Western Ry., St. Clair Tunnel Co., and 
Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee 
Ry., 1907. k!9 Lansdowne Ave., West- 
mount, Montreal; Canada Club, do. 

" One of the ablest railway men in Can 
ada." T. Globe. 

"Nothing rattles him; whether it is 
a conductor or the highest official of the 
road he is addressing, he is Brownlee all 
the time." T. Star. 
Brownlow, Walter, vocalist. 

B. nr. Woodstock, Ont. ; studied for 
his profession in Toronto, and subse 
quently in London, Paris, and Flor 
ence ; acquired a high reputation as a 
baritone singer in Australia; later 
joined the Mme. Schumann-Heink Co. 
in that capacity, and added to his re 
putation as such. Care Steinway Hall, 
New York. 
Bruce, Alexander, lawyer. 

S. Wm. and Isabella B. ; b. Long- 
side, Aberdeenshire, Scot., Nov. 23, 
1836 ; e. Longside Parish Sch., 
Grammar Sch., and Marischal Coll., 
Aberdeen (OVI.A.) ; m., 1863, Agnes, d. 
late Rev. Ralph Robb ; barrister, 1861 ; 
K.C. (M. of Lansdowne), 1885; a 
bencher Law Soc. U. C. since 1886; 
one of the leaders of the bar in Ont. ; 
head legal firm B., B. & Counsell, 
Hamilton ; was a student, and after 
wards, for some yrs., a partner of 
late Chief Justice Sir G. W. Burton; 
removed to Toronto, 1908; a mem. 
Comte. Law Soc. on Legal Educa 
tion and a councillor Trin. Univ. ; a 
dir. Can. Life Assur. Co. and of Hamil 
ton Steamboat Co., and V.-P. Na 
tional Trust Co. ; a charter mem. 
Hamilton Club ; a Lib. ; an Ang. and 
a del. to Provl. and Genl. Synods. 
91 Bedford Rd., Toronto; Toronto Club; 
Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto; 
Hamilton Club, Hamilton, Ont. 
Bruce, Francis Carmlchael, merchant; 

B. Peebleshire, Scot, Dec. 29, 1837; 
e. there; m., Oct., 1868, Miss Elizabeth 
Mitchell; came to Can., 1858; mem. 
firm John A. B. & Co., seed mer 
chants; has sat in City Council, 
Hamilton, and been V.-P. Central 
Fair Co., and presdt. Hamilton Bd. of 
Trade ; now V.-P. Mutual Life Assur. 
Co. and of Hamilton Jockey Club ; a 
Con., and sat in that interest (H. C.), 
1900-04, when defeated; an Ang. 
Hamilton, Ont.; Hamilton Club; Ham 
ilton Yacht Club; Hamilton Jockey 
Club, do.; Albany Club, Toronto; Rid- 
eau Club, Ottawa; Caledon Mt. Fishing 



Bruce, Bev. George (Presb.). 

S. late John B. ; b. New Pitsligo, 
Aberdeenshire, Scot., Sept. 6, 1837; e. 
first, by his father, at Normal Sch., 
Toronto (teacher s cent.), W hltby 
Grammar Sch., and Toronto Univ. 
(B.A., 18o8) ; theol. studies at Knox 
Coll., Toronto (D.D., 1894) ; m., 1884, 
Catherine Emily, y. d. late John R. 
Dickson, M.D., presdt. Royal Coll. 
P. and S., Kingston, Ont. ; o., 1875 ; 4 
yrs. in volunteer mission work ; pastor 
1st Presb. Ch., St. Catharines, Ont, 
1879-82 ; do., St. David s Ch., St. 
John, N.B., 1883-99; declined prln- 
cipalship, Regina Indus. Sch. for In 
dians, 1830 ; organized and was first 
principal St. Andrew s Coll. for Boys, 
Toronto, 1899 ; resigned, owing to ill- 
health, 1900 ; is a mem. Advis. Council, 
Toronto Presb. Ladli-as Coll, %kl St. 
Clair Ave. ~W., Toronto. 

" An original and trained thinker, and 
a well grounded student, abounding in 
enthusiasm and tireless energy, and with 
conspicuous gifts as an orator." Hist. St. 
John St. Andrew s Soc. 

Bruce, Lt. -Col. George William, law 

S. John and Jane (McGuinness) 
B., Prospect Hill Farm, Essa, Simcoe, 
Ont. ; b. there, Jan. 10, 1862 ; e. Coll. 
Inst.. Collingwood and Victoria Univ., 
Toronto (B.A., 1885) ; m., Sept. 1901, 
Margt. Eleanor, d. Wm. McClelland, 
Bramptori, Ont. ; barrister, 1889 ; 
K.C., 1908 ; head law firm B. & Fair, 
Collingwood; sat Co. Council, 1899- 
19t)4, when elected) warden ; first p>resdt. 
Huron Inst. (to whose trans., as well 
as to those of the Ont. His. Soc., he has 
contributed some valuable papers) ; 
apptd. It.-col. comdg. 35th Regt. 
("Simcoe Foresters"), 1907; secy., 
since 1895, North Simcoe Lib. -Con. 
Assn. ; of high rank in Masonic and 
Orange Orders ; an Imperialist. 
" Ennismore," Collingwood, Ont.; Col 
lingwood Club, do.; Can. Mil. Inst., 

Bruce, Henry Aldington Bayley, 

journalist and litterateur. 
S. Col. John (q.v.) and Mary 
(Bayley) B. ; b. Toronto, June 27, 
1874; e. U. C. Coll., Toronto Univ., 
Trin. Univ. (B.A., 1895; M.A., 1896), 
and Harvard Univ.; m., Nov., 1897, 
Miss Lauretta Augusta Bowes, Boston, 
Mass. ; after graduation, removed from 
Toronto to N. Y., to engage in journ 
alism and lit. ; ed. N. T. Tribune 
Rev., 1903-4 ; since then a staff con 
tributor of the Outlook; also a fre 
quent contributor to other leading Am. 
mags. and revs., specializing on 
psych., biograph. and hist, subjects; 
translated Pierre Leroy-Beaulieu s 
"The United States in the 20th Cen 
tury" (1906), and is the author of 
several books, including: "The Rid 
dle of Personality" (1908), "Historic 
Ghosts and Ghost Hunters" (1908), 
and " The Romance of American Ex 
pansion " (1909). 2 Riedesel Ave., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

" Possesses a singularly well balanced 
judgment." Outlook. 


Bruce, Herbert Alexander, physician. 

S. Stewart and Isabella B., Port 
Perry, Out. ; b. nr. Port Perry, Sept. 
28, 1868; e. Port Perry public and 

high sclis. and Toronto Univ. CM.B., 
gold med. and Starr med., 1892) ; 
unm. ; L.R.C.P. (Don.), 1896; F.R.C.S. 
(Eng. ), do.; assoc. prof. clin. surg., 
med, faculty, Toronto Univ., 1897 ; 
councillor Acad. of Med., Toronto, 
do. ; head of service in surg., Toronto 
Genl. Hospital, do. ; formerly house 
surg. do., and was surg. steamship 
Empress of India, 1893-4 ; followed 
post-graduate study, London, Eng., 
1894-97; devotes himself entirely to 
practice of surgy. ; has lectured on 
" Med. Ethics " and other professional 
subjects : has also contributed to 
med. journals ; present at Intern. Med. 
Congress, Budapest, Hungary, 1909 ; 
on that occasion presented at Austrian 
Court ; elected presdt. Ont. Med. Assn., 
1911; Ang. 64 Bloor St. E., Toronto; 
Toronto Club; Toronto Hunt Club; 
Royal Can. Yacht Club; York Club, do. 
Bruce, lit.- Col. John, lawyer. 

S. John B., a Highland Scotsman ; 
one of the first settlers in Co. On 
tario, Ont. ; mother also Highland 
Scotch ; b. Beaverton, Ont., May 13, 
1851; e. local sch.. Lindsay Grammar 
Sch. and U. C. Coll ("Head Boy," 
1870) : matriculated with scholarships 
and honours, Toronto Univ., 1870, but 
after 1 yr. s arts course abandoned 
it for .law; m., July, 1889, Helen 
Rowsell, d. late Dr. W. T. O Reilly, 
inspr. prisons and asylums, Onit. ; 
barrister, 1875 ; apptd. spe cial examr. 
High Gt. and re@r. Admiralty Ot., 
Ont., 1878 ; joined volunteer mil., 1870 ; 
gazetted Meut. 10th Royal Grenadiers, 
1881 ; by promotion from (time rto time 
became lit. -col. comclig. the regt., Jan., 
1899 : retired therefrom and tra.nsfd. 
to R.O., June, 1902 ; during Ms mil. 
career took active interest in rifle 
shooting, and has been for many yrs. 
on -the council and ex. of the Provl. 
and Dom. Rifle Aissns. ; was adjt. Els- 
ley team, 1896, that being one of the 
yrs. when the Kolapore Cup was won 
by Can. ; has reed, the long service 
decoration; an Ang. 37 Bleecker St., 
Toronto; Toronto Club, do. 
Bruce, Joseph, banker. 

S. J. R. B., Intercol. Ry., Moncton, 
N.B. ; apptd, mangr. Royal Bank 
Can. at San Juan, Porto Rico., Apl., 
1907. San Juan de Porto Rico. 

Bruce, Mrs. Katherlne (maiden name 

Bradshaw ) , physician. 
M.B., Toronto Univ., 1897; M.D., 
C.M., Trinity Univ., Toronto, 1900; on 
staff Philadelphia Hosp. for Women, 
1897; m., Alex. Bruce, Montreal. 
18 Aberdeen Ave., Westmount, Mont 

Bruchesl, Charles, lawyer. 

S. late Paul Dominique and Marie 
Caroline (Aubry) B. ; father, a mer 
chant, of Ital. extraction ; a bro. 
Archb. B. (q.v.) ; b. Montreal, Oct. 11, 
1860; e. Christian Bros. Sch. and 
Montreal Semy. ; m., Oct., 1887, Elmire, 
e. d. late Judge Desnoyers, Montreal ; 



advocate, 1