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Full text of "The Cantrell family : a biographical album and history of the descendants of Zebulon Cantrell ... covering the period from 1700 to 1898"

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If IHK sKVKyXH <;knkratii 

si>rin<;kikli). ii.i.. 



Kntered actoiiling to Act of ConKvess, in the year l)-98.:jiy Carmi G. Caim-ell. in 
the (Office of the Librarian of CoDfiress at Washins-'ton. D. ('. 

AstOT, Lenox and Tilden 
Fourdations, // 



'•Hf only deservt'S to be retrn'mbi-ri'd by pustfiily 

Who treasures up and iireser\<'> lie- liisiory of his aiicestors. " 

— Edviuud liuikc. 

Fifteen months ;i<i(» \ (MinuiKMiccd t() <iMtlnM- nuitt'iial tor 
Fjimily Record. int»Mi(lin<^ to make a small j»ain|»lil('t, <;iviii^- 
I he Itirllis, dcatiis. man iaiies. (4c.. of our family. Tlic |ii<iiirp 
idea was sii<i<i«*sT(*<l li\ my lirotlicr. Dr. ('antrcil. and I am. in- 
deed, j^i-atefnl to till' many who hasc furnished tl\e jtictiires 
of themselv(^s and their friends for this work'. The preitara- 
tion <tf tliis work lias imh*ed been a patience cultivator and 
at The same time there has heen much pleasure connected 
with it. \ confess 1 have a certain degree of i)ri(U'. as I \\ lite 
these closinji' words, in view of the fact that this is the first 
record of any size that has ever l)een ma(h* of our family. 

-My father said many times li' was ^oin^ to take his 
}.!,"i-audfather"s recorck wliich xon will hiid in this book-, and 
luinf*' it on down, but he died wiih(>ut carrying it out. Many 
others talked of this, but faile<l in doin^ it. Mr. T'ower says 
in liis "Early Settlers of Sangamon ("tsunty:" "It is surprising 
that there are not more families who wiite u|) their own his- 
tori(^s. Family pride is commendable and viewed ]»roi)erIy 
should be a |iow(M-ful stimulus to riuht li\ iui:. Imt il can have 
no i-ejiable foundation without wiiitcii history." 

1 caught the inspiration f<ir this work largely fiMtm his 
book and acknowledge consideral)]!- Iielji from it; still 1 have 
verified every fact from other sources. I can not account for 
the different spelling of I he uaiiie. I am sure wr are all one 
faniilv. r have s])elle<l the name in each case as directed. 
Although this work is not compjeic. and no ilonbi there are 
many mistakes in it. still it is the best 1 could do umler the 
circumstances. Tf the members of tiie family will furnish 
me the material I will jiroiiiise lo add lo iliis lecord ai some 
tntnre date. 

( '.VltMl < 1. < ".VN'riM.I.I.. 
J i;\ IN(.lnN. InI).. Siplcnihcr. Is'.is. 


On ]>;i<^(^ '1 of llic Kcfdi-d xoii will find ;i idjiv of a Record 
iiiadp li.v /ebuloii O. C;iiitr<'ll. He \v;is tin- oldest of nine 
Kons. five of whonj. Zebulon, .I(»slni;i. ^\'illi;nii G., Levi and 
Wyatl i-aised families. The fii-st two of These men never 
had a jticlnic Taken. The Album bejiins with the larj^e cuts 
of tin- iliiiM- yoiiii<i<'r bi(dhcrs. f(dh;W(Ml by the families in their 

Ill llic Kcinrd ihc iiamos of iIm- lii-;ids (d' llii^st' families 
are in iaii:c black letters, theii- < hilthcn in (•a])itals and th<*ir 
j;randrhildi-eii in small cajiitals. /idndon (r.'s family is the 
first in the Record: Joshna's bcjzins on jiaj:(- 2.'). William G.'s 
<i7i ]»;i<io ."I."!. bi'X i"s on piiuc 44 and \\'yatt"s on ]>a^e 62. 

Fiom pa^c (i7 to I ho (lose yon will lind partial records 
of Thomjis ("aiitiiirs. Aaron Cantndls ;ind Thomas CantrelTs 
Family. ivonicnibcrinj,^ the book is Thus di\ idi'd into families 
von will i;isil\ find ;ni\ name. 

iiOGR/iPH.icAL Album 


Cantrcll Family 


I,l.\ I lAN'TKAI.I. 


John McCollam Cantrell. Joanna M. Cantrell. 

John M. Cantrell was boin FtnniarY 22, 1808. in Ken- 
tucky. His j)arents inoved to Ohio. There he learned the 
blacksmith trade. November 18, 18;>0, he married Joanna M. 
Jones. She was born September 11, 1812. They moved to 
Sangamon county, Illinois, in 1831. In 1834 they moved to 
Waynesville, DeWitt county, Illinois. In the spring of 1839 
moved to the farm which his father gave him, two and one- 
fourth miles northeast of Waynesville, 111. He managed the 
farm and ran a blacksmith shop. His home w^as the stopping 
place for the weary traveler. Although they had a large 
family there was always room for the stranger. He and his 
wife were zealous members of M. E. Church, and he was 
class leader for many years. In the spring of 18o7 he moved 
back to Waynesville, where he worked at his trade until near 
his death. He died January 27, 1862. His widow and daugh 
ters, Alma and Eva, lived in Waynesville until she died Sep 
tember 28. 1870. They had tw-elve children: William J. 
Zebulon (!.. Pllizabeth, Ira J., Mary, Miles Tioiici. Alma. 
Alma J.. .loliii K., Albert, Evaline, Marcus. 


William J. Cantrall. 

W. -I. CaiiliMlL son of Jolm M., son of Zebnloii. avsis 
boiii ill Sangamon conntA'. Illinois, September 24, 18:51. He 
was married to Lora A. Iliokox, at Waynesville, III., Feb- 
ruary 14, 1856. She was born May 24. 1837. He enlisted 
in Company C, 14th IJegimcnt Missouri sharpshooters, and 
serAod credilably until liis health failed. In 1807 he moved 
with his family to Junporia. Kan. Here in 1871 his family 
was broken by the death of his wife, February 14, and he be- 
came a wanderer in search of health. In 187!J he went to 
North Dakota. In 1884, INIarch 20, he was married to Mary 
E. Gilbert, of Chicago. His wife died April 12, 1885. April 
15, 1886, he was married to Mrs. Emma E. T'lark, of Chicago. 
She was sister to his second wife. In ^larch, 1805, he moved 
to Detroit. :Minn. There he died April 17, 180(). Mr. Cantrall 
was the father of three diildren, all V>y his first wife. P^rcd- 
erick A., born Fcbruaiy !>. 1S57; Xellie V.. born in ISti."); diid 
in infancv; Frances A., boin Mav 26, 1861. 


Frederick Augustus Cantrall. 

I.iry E. Cantral 

F. .\. ("iiiitiall. only son of W'illiaiu J., uas born ;ii 
Wayuesvillo. 111., February 9, 1857. \Vlieu lie was 10 years old 
his parents luoved to Kinpoi'ia, Kan. There liis mother died 
in 1871. He went with his fatluM- lo Denver. (\Ao.. wher*- 
he entered the ofTice ol' 1 he Denver Times, and learni*d Ihe 
trade of a printer. He worked in Denver unlil 188:?. when 
he went east, hein<j;- in connei-tion with ihe Chieajio Inter 
Ocean for seven y/ais. \Vas with the iJutte iMoni.i Miner 
two years, and then returned to Denvei-. ('olo.. and is now 
connected wdth the Denver Evening Post. .lannary 1!). is7s. 
he was married to ^Nfary F. T* ctei-. of Washiujiton. Iowa. Sin- 
was born ilaieli I'l. IS.IS. Their (hildrcn are: liora F., boiii 
May 20. 187!t; David T<'ei(M-. Isoni .lamniry 10, ISSl; died Se]*- 
tendici- 1(1. issi; F\;i N'jsia. born October 7. issi': I''i-rdoii<-k 
Ojinsbv. boiii .liih' 7. b'^s7. 

Zebulon Daniel Cantrell. 

Z. J>. Lauliell, sou of .John M., son of Zebulon G., was 
Itoiii August 28, 1833, two and one-half miles west of Can- 
Trail. Sangamon county, Illinois. In 1834 his parents moved 
to Wajnesville, 111. When six years old his parents moved 
to the farm near Waynesville, where he grew to manhood. 
When he was 21 years old he and his father traveled across 
The country from Waynesville, to Clinton, 111., looking for a 
farm. They could have purchased the best land for $1.25 
per acre. They decided that the prairies could never be cul- 
tivated and that only a small strip along the timber would 
ever be fit for habitation. December 13, 1855, he married 
Susan Foreman, and in 1858, moved on a farm near Elm 
Grove, four and one-half miles southeast of Waynesville, 111., 
where he improved one of the best farms in the State. Mr. 
Cantrell was Justice of the Peace for 25 years, and held many 
oTher ]M>siTious of trust. In the fall of ISMO. his son. Elmer, 
moved on (he farm aud he moved to Clinton. III. Here he 
lived until his death. May 1(3, 1897. Their children are: 
t'arnii (5.. Joaiiua J.. Klm.r E.. Thomas I)., M. Angi»'. 

Susan Cantrt-ll, Joanna J. Lanterman. 

Susan Foiciiian, wife (it /. 1 ►. ("anticll was born March 
21, 1885, near Pharisbnrji, Oliio. Her jiarents were Thomas 
and Mississippi Fort^man. IIcm- mother was born in what 
was known as the French setthMncnit in Illinois, September 
3, 1803. She was married to Z. I), ('antrell December 13, 
1855. In 1858 Mr. and Mrs. Cantrell moved on a farm they 
bought of the Illinois Ontral Eailroad Company, six miles 
west of Wapella. 111. Tlicir friends re])eatedl.v said they 
would starve livini;- so far from the timber. It would be im 
possible to describe their eaily cxpcriciiccs on ilic wild 
praiiie. There was always room in their home for the trav- 
ler, and there seemed to be no limit when it came to enter 
taininji; friends. She and her uraiiddaniililcr. Nina Laiitcr 
man, live in Clinton, 111. 

Joanna J. Cantrell, daughter of Z. D., was born June i;'., 
1859. She got her education in the public schools at Kim 
Grove, III., and in college at Lincoln, 111. June 12, 1878, she 
w\as married to 1). W. Jvantermaii. March 31. 18S(l, their only 
child. Nina Wenona, was boin. Mrs. Cantrell died February 
27, 1882. She is esi»ecially rcmoiiibcred foi- hci- cl^icicmy in 
]>laying the organ and Icacling chnrch music. 


Carmi G. Cantrell. 

C. (i. ("iiiiti'cll. chlcsr son of Z. 1). Cantrell, was born in 
W'aynesA'illo Townslii}). l)o^\'itt connty, Illinois, April il», 
1857. In ISoS, [lis fathoi- moved on a faiin in IJainett Town- 
sliip, DeWilt connty, Avhcre ho grew to manliood. His parents 
were faithfnl in bavinj; liini attend the public school every 
winter until the fall of 1S7;>, when he entered Illinois W'es- 
leyan College, at Blooniington, 111. He remained there two 
years. Then he returned to the farm. January 1, 1879, he 
was married to Mary O. Bell, of Kichwood. Ohio. They 
moved on a farm in Barnett Townsliij*. I)e^Vitt connty, Illi- 
nois, where th^^y lived until the fall of 1889, when they moved 
i(» Knreka, 111., where Mr. Cantrell <Mitered cullcgc again, ])re- 
jtaraloi-y to enteiing the Chiistian ministiv. which he did 
while yet in school. He just closed a three and one-half 
years' pastorate at \\'illiamsvill('. 111., and has moved to Trving- 
ton, Ind. Mr. Cantrell is a mcmlK r <if the .Masons. I. O. (). F. 
and K. of P.; also of the .M. W. of .\. 

Mary Oriine Canlrpl 


.M;u-.\ < ). I'.cil. (l;iiiiilil<'r of Imios A. ;iii(l N'.inini I'.cll. \\;is 
Imiiii iH'jir rii;irisl.nrt;h, (Miio. Jiiih' 4. 1S(>(). .laiiiiaiy 1. \S~\i, 
she was maii-icd to ( '. (}. ('aiiti'<'ll, of \\'ayiics\ illc. III. r.olli 
having' been laiscd on a farm, they caiiic to Illinois and lived 
on a farm in hcWiii county nnlil Scotcinbri-. ISS'.I, when tiu-y 
ino\cd lo i;ui<'ka. ill., wlicri' Mr. raiUi-cll entered college. 
Afirr li\inu ilinc i w o years they nuivcd to Table (irovc. 111. 
Aiijinsl. IS'.is. iiic\ nio\t'd to Irxiriiilon, hid. Tlifii- rliildn-n 
aic: Ooia Inio. boin I )('c('nd>('r I'.t. ISSU; Anna .^[ay. born 

S(']»lcnibci- L'T. iSSi»; (HIV I,fslic. boni Octobci- IS. b^S.") ; .\da 

landla. boi ii XoNcndici- Ki. ]S'.\\: dii d May I's. is'.i:', ; ("arnii 
^lilcs. born .\o\ cndtcr 1. iS!l4. 


Elmer E. Cantrell. 

Jennie E, Cantrell. 

E. E. Cantrell was born on the farm in DeWitt count v. 
Illinois. August 21, 1861, where he grew to manhood. Farm- 
ing during the summer, attended school in the winter. De- 
cember 24, 1884, he married Jennie E. Britten. She was born 
April 27, 18()1. Her parents died when she was young. She 
was making her home with her Uncle John Britten, when she 
was married. Mr. Cantrell chose for his lifework that of 
farming, and is one of the best farmers in that part of the 
country. In the fall of 1890 he moved on the old home place; 
his father moved to Clinton, 111. Since his father's death 
he has owned the home farm, w^hich is one of the best farms 
in that part of the country. They have five children: Raper 
Z., born November 14, 1885; Floyd S., born November 
26, 1887; Alma F., born June 23, 1890; Mary Abbie, born 
February 24, 1892; Jennie Lelah. born April 12, 1896. Mr. 
Cantrell belongs to the Modern Woodmen of America, and is 
an enthusiastic member of the Masonic Order. 

Thomas D. Cantrell, M. D. 
1)1'. 'riioiiuis I). CniiliM'll. Noiuiiicsl s(iii <if Z. 1>. t "mil icl!. 

was boiii (111 I lie \': 
Illinois. I-'clnnaiv 
iiiu' (liii-iiiu 1 he smi! 

hinii. ill naiiicii 'I'nw iisliip. hcWili coiiniv, 
•"!. 1S(i4. where lie ^-ew to iiiaiiliood. b^inii 
inner and al teiidiiii;' school eacli wilder nnl'l 
llie fall o!' 1SS4. he eiilered the W'eslcvan rniversity at rdoitni- 
in^lon. Illinois, alleiidinj^- one year. In ISSI he Ihen entered 
Hnsli .Medical Collenc. al riiica^o, taking .'i full three veais" 
(•(Miise. uradiia! inji with lionoi-s Febrraiy L'l. ISSS. .\iimisl 
ol, ISST, iie was inairied to .Miss .Mariella .\riiell. (d' .M(d>eaii 
comity. Illinois. s|!eiidiii<i theii- lirst winter in <'liica,ut>. .\ftei- 
jnai licin.u loi- three xcais in .McLean and l''ord comities, tliey 
nio\-ed to ("linloii. Illinois, where he still jiractices his chosen 
|ir(d'ession. Tlieii- children are: Leta I'eni. hmn l•^dll•na^_\ 
21. 1SS!I; Leoiiji Fay, horn Xovcillher •;. l^'.lll; d'ed 1 )('C(Mnl>ei- 
4. 1S!)(I. 


James P. Licht^nberafpr. 

.Tallies I'. I.lililinibt^i-o-fi' was lidni iicai- Decatur. Til.. Jnue 
10. J8T0. His hoylioofl was s]>ent ou the t'ann. At tlie age 
<»t 17 lie eiiK red Kiiielva Collejie, gradiiating Avilh tlu' class 
of '!»3. While a senior in college he was married to ^I. An 
geline CiuitrfMI. Aftei- leaving college he entered the niinis- 
Tiy of the Christian Churcli. and has held pastorates at 
tTreenTi(n\. Faxton and Canton. Their present home is at 
Canton, whei-e Mr. Liehtenheiger is pastor of one of the lead- 
ing chnrches of the State. He has also Avon a repntation 
as an evaniidist. 


M. Angeline Lichtenberger. 

.M. Aiit;("liii(' CaiilrclK vouiigest child ol' /. D. Cnittrcll, 
\\;is lidiii Mil il'.c old lutnic f;inii in DrW'itI <-nii!ii\, llHiinis, 
• Iniiiuny 1(1, 1ST"J. She is a uiadiialc of ('linhni lli^li Sdiodl. 
Siic N|i('iil •mi' yrai- in li'acliin;^ and one ycai- in I'lnrt'ka <'(d 
Ic^t', wlicic sill' nicl and <in -Innc LlH. IS!):!, niarrird -1. 1'. Licli 
tcnhci-iit-r (d' I lie class (d' "!>:'.. On Maitli L'ii. uinlc li\ ini; in 
Kur(d<a. a lilllc dan.iililcr. .Mnricl. \\as Imhii. She is mtw a 
la-iiiliT lilllc maid (d' lixc summcis, ami in ("anion, on March 
1!). Ilicir s( rond da nj.;hl cr. ^'ldandc. was horn. .Mrs. Liidilcn- 
hcr^ci- is a iilcnnh-anda imiIccI s|M'rim-.'n of I Iio ( "ani red! l.Npc. 


Ira J. Cantrall. 

I. -I. raiilrcll \v:is 1m)!1i .\|iiil L'."!. ls:;7. in \\';i yiicsvillc, 
III. Cii-cw ii]» on Ills f;iTli('i"s fai-ni. A\ \\\v a^c of IS went 
t(^ lUodiiiinuldii and Icaiiied the blacksniilli trade, ^^'pnt tii 
Ivansas Tciiitorv in tlic s]»riii.<i- of IS.IS. and onji,a<;(Ml in hcl]) 
iii^ (itT llic army to ilio I'lali war. Went to Tike's Peak in 
\S~,U. icliiiiifd to Illinois Tliai fall and was mai-ried to .Miss 
.Maitlia \\'ool(in I >ecenil)ei- 1."). IS.")!), who died Se]»tend)ei- 2:5 
lS(i(). .March. 1S<I.">. eniij.;iated to ( 'alifoiiiia. Ia\-e(l in Stock 
ton one year, went from there to the Idaho ^old fields. lie 
niained thei-e oin' and one-half years and from there retnrned 
to the land of his Itiith. Illinois, and en,i;at;ed in niannfactnr 
inji cariiajii'S and \\aii(ins in Lincidn. III., nntil ISSO. Ih^ cele- 
lnatiMl his second maiiiauc to .Miss Sarah -I. Mcl>an<ihlin. 
-Xni^iist L*;t, ^s^^A\. neai- Lincoln. 111. She was horn Ajtril 14. 
ls:'.S. I'^rtnn this union six children were hoiii. In ISSI) hi 
nnncd \\itli his family to P^'i-edonia. Kan., ami fioni tlieii- 1(; 
Kansas <Mty. Mo., in ISSS. Theii- childn-n arc: (iilhcrt 11., 
.M\ra 'SI.. Ira .1.. ("xriis |>.. l.uclla and Kstdla. 




Gilbert Harwood Cantrell. 

Ira J. Cantrell, Jr. Cyrus Duncan Cantrell. 

<;. II. <';iiilrcll was lioni Ajtiil ll', ISC.'.l. i.ivcd willi liis 
jiaiciiis until IS years (if nix*'. Kuv^iiixa] in tlic iu«'i-taiitile 
Itiisiiicss in Kansas Cily. Mo., and lias chosen liiat tor his 
litewdik. lie has been a iravcliiiti' salesman fei- 
\('ai-s in llie packing house ihimIiki s. is now with ihe Dohl 
I'ackin.n ('(».. (;f Kansas < "ily. .Mo. W'.as inanied lo .Miss Klhel 
Xichol. ("ily. .Mo.. Sepienihei- :;(l. iS'.ir,. She was horn 
X<i\enilH 1- 1. ls7."i. 

Ira .1.. -Ir.. and ('yiiis iMiiiean ("anliell dwiiisi. horn in 
Lineidii. Hi.. .\n^nsl Is. IST.".. .Vlli-nded l he imhlie sehools 
iinril they uiaduated in ISSS. ha .1. rhose the iprolession 
of hookkeejter ;ind has been will: I he Kansas A: Texas ("oal 
('oinpany for sexcial years, and is now cashier ai .Mc.\ lesier. 
Indian 'I'erril ory. ( "yrus is eiiuaLicd in workinu his way up 
lo an .M. h. The only M;eii I wins excr heard of in the < aii- 
irell Irihe. hale ami liearlx. sloiil Nouim men. 

Elizabeth Shirley ' Mary Harper. 

Klizabeth ("jimitll. (hniiililcr of John ^I.. sou of Zebiilou 
G.. Avas horn ^Jay U, ls:jo, near N\'aynesville, 111. Septcmbci- 
21. IX"), she was married to Koltert King. They lived on a 
faiiii near Waynesx ilh-. III., until ^fr. King's death. July !», 
]S;"),'<, when she moved to W'aynesville with her children. Alice 
M.. Charlie. Ilattie !>.. wheic they lived eight j'ears. March 
!•'>. 1S()6. she married WiJIiaiii T. Shirley. They moved to a 
farm near J.eroy. 111. They had two children, Xellie and 
Grace. Mr. Shirley died September 10, 1883. Mrs. Shirley 
niOA'ed to Leroy. J II.. where she now lives. 

Mary Cantrell. daughter of John M., was boi-ii iiejii- 
AVaynesville. 111.. July 1:!. 1S4(I. Dec. IT. 18(;:i, she was mar- 
ried Id Milam Ilaiper. at A\'aynesville, III. They moved to 
Kansas, where she died Ociohei- .30. 1875. Their children are: 
Edwin and Nettie are dead. Harriet and Joanna (twins), 
hoi n November 18, 1869, are married and have families. Har- 
liett manied Arthur L. Tucker. They live near Har])er. Kan. 
Joanna mairied Martin !>. Gates. They live near Anthony, 

Miles Trotter Cantrell. 
M. T. (■jmiicll was hoiii XoNcml'cr ! 1, 1S4:5. on a faiiii 
Ileal- W'avuL^sville, 111. He i-ccfived a comiiion school t'dnca 
lion and began teaching in ISOl. and taught 11 voais. Ih 
was a soldier in Company E, (istji Illinois X'olnntoci- Infant r_\ 
seivi)ig most of the time in the anny of the Potomac. Dc 
cember 24. J SO:;, he manied Isabcllc .\chei-s ^Martin, in At 
lanta. 111. 'riicii- children are: <"oi\\in (\, Ingham. Ann 
-Maria. John X., Samnel T.. X'ida !>.. Harry (>., James T. .Mr. 
<"antrell nioviMl to Kansas in ISTl'. faiined for eiglit years. 
I lien was a]»i»ointed Deputy I'ostnnister at l-'reddiiia, Kan. 
lie had entire «harge over the otlice for tiv(» Ncars when li<- 
was ap]»ointed Postmaster, and served until change of ad 
ministration. For eight years was engaged in the haidware 
implement business. Then for some years engaged in tin- 
• reamery and millinj^ business. Tie now has charge of ihc 
postottice at Fredonia. Kan., as dej)uty, with a four-y<'ar con 
tract. Ml-. Cantrell is a member of the I'resbyterian Churcb 
and is an active worker. Four of their children died young. 
Corwin < ". is married and lives at l-'ie(hniia. Kan. Samuel 
T. is in tlie l-^isco (leneral Fieiulii (Hhce at W'ii-hita. Kan. 


Alma J. Gring. L valine Harrold. 

Alina J. Cantiell was Die <l;m<iliT(M- (if John M., sou of 
Z(4)uloii G.; was born Noveiulu'i' ."), 1847. After lier father's 
death she lived with her mother in ^A'avuesville. 111., and 
ranyht school. After hei- nintluM-'s death she made her home 
Willi her sister, Elizabeth. SIh^ Taught school altojivther for 
tiflccn years, and November I'.S, 1880, married John W. Uring. 
'i'hcy have two children, Hair.v (\. born July 3, 188ii; Estella. 
Iioni Sc])tember 12. 1887. 

Kvalihe ('antr(Ml was boin November 1(5. 185:]. near 
AVaynesville, 111. W'luni she was nine years old her father died 
and she and her sister. Alma, lived with their mother. When 
she was 17 years old her mother died, after which she at- 
tended school ill Lincoln, III., living with her Itrother. Ira. 
Then she Wenl lo her sister. .Mary, in Kansas; there slie 
taught school for a time, then returned to Illinois, making her 
liome with her brother. Zelmlon, teaching school. October lit. 
187(i. she was married to \V. S. Harrold. June ll!, 1885, she 
<lied, leaving four childi-en. _ Roy M., born April 11, 1878; 
Berzie A., born Novend)er 27, 1870; John I., born Februaiv 
17, 1881; died September (i. 1882; Laura R., born June 2('>. 
1.^82. Mv. Harrold is married again and lives on a faiiu. 
iwo and one half miles west of A\'ai)ella. 111. 


John Edward Cantrell Fred Ball. 

.1. E. (■;iii1r('ll. son nf .ivilm M.. ^oii of /chiildii <!.. was 
IxH'ii (HI a laiiii N(i\ ciiilici- !l. IS ID. W'Iimi !ir was HI years 
of a,u(' he wciil lu l.incdlii. HI., ami learned liie w a.LKiiiiiiaker's 
trade. Fidin lliere he weiii lo ( 'liaiiipai^ii I'lii \ eisii \ . w liei-e 
lie hecailie die id' t lie leading liii'clia liiis. i'^lniii ever Wdlk 
and e\|i()si!i-e lie look sick and was cuiniielled to ^lisi- i\\i Ids 
school work, went to his Inolher Zeluiloirs, and \'yr.]\\ ihere 
to his l)i-oliier Ira's, in Lincoln. III., where, afler feiir iiionihs 
of sickness. Ik- died .May L'. iSTl'. 

l-'ied Hall was liorn in Louan ((iiinlN. Illinois. Noxciidier 
17. iStiL', w iiere lie lix'ed iiiilil I SS.~>. when he w^'iil !<• Iowa, 
and dmini: that xcar came to heW'ill cennly. hxaliim al 
Waynesx ille. In-liiiie. iSlfJ, he yradiia I ed liom llm \Vesle\aii 
Law School. (>(|()lier !•. lS!i:',. he was married le hanilla 
Diinham. uf \\ayiies\ille. 111. She is daii^hler eC W. W. wiiose moilier was i']li/.a <'anlr(dl. wife of .leremiah 
r. Dnnliam. daiiiihter (d' Zelmloii (I. ('anliell. Tlmx lia\e 
one (diild. Frederick, hniii .Mar( h "_':'.. is'.l.". .Mi-. I'.all is one 
■of the leading alloriievs of heWill cnniiM. 111. 

§. jfSm 



James Madison Cantrel 

Eliza Cantrell. 

-laiiics M. ('aniicll. son of Zcbuloii G., was boiii April 10, 
18J0, in Kentucky. \Mien he was a small child his parents 
moved to Clark county. Ohio. Grew to manhood there, and 
w;\s raarried to Eliza ^fcLaughlin August 9, 1832. That fall 
rhey moved to Illinois, settling on a farm near Waynesville. 
l>nring the rejiiaining yeais of his life, he remained very near 
ihe place Avhere he first s<Mi !:'(]. lie died April 27. 186(i. His 
wife was born in (Miio, .M.iicli 22. ISll, and died -Tune 14, 1881. 
To them were born tIucc daughters: Sarah J.. l»orn July 1^. 
^'^X^-, died -fanuai-^ 21. 1>.~T; Elmira A., born -lannaiy 11, 
is.lT: F.liza •). \A'.. b(Mii Au-nst 30. 1S4T. 

Zebulon Pike Cantrell. Sarah A. Funk, 

Z. P. Cantrell, son of Zchiihiii (!.. was Itoin .lanuaiv 17. 
181-4. in Bpi'inglield, Ohio. In lSo;i moved to Illinois, with 
his ;tai('nts. He was a shoeniakei- by trade and was also 
a idasicrcr. He iiiaiiicd Klizabcili I'aulk October KJ. is:is. 
8h.e was born danuaiy 11. ISI.S. Th(\\ liad six childron: 
Anio A.. William L.. .Martha .1.. Sarah A.. Mary K.. Kli/.a 1>. 
His wife died .hint' ll*. 1S.')L*. and In- mariicd Kathcl 
Doyl" XoAcmbcr Hi, isrrj. Thoy had two children. William 
Do^lo and lldiia! L. His scrond wit'(^ died in the fall of isr,."".. 
and he maiii<(l Mis. .Mary ll;ii]i. wi'.osc inaidou iiann- \\a^ 
Kverly. ?»l;i'.li U. IsTi'. lie di.d .Xpril 1*4. ISTC noar ("hcsi 
nut. 111. His widow li\((l wiili Ix-r brother-in-law, William !.. 
Cantrell ni lil her death, .lanuary ."). IS!!."). 

Sarah .\. (";;ntrell. diiiiiliier t\\' Zebnloii Pike, was bor-i 
Deeembci lTi. Is44. Her niolln'i- died when she was eiulit 
Aeais nld. ."birch 23. 1871. she was married to Theodore .\ . 
Funk. ( Mie child was born in them, and he died in infamv. 
Mrs. F^lI|]^ died .\|iiil :;ii. 1s7l!. near ("erro (i<ii<le. ill. .Mi. 

l-'nilk li\ es ill I »er;il iir. 111. 


Amos A. Cantrell. 

A. A. Caiitrcll. son of Zcbiiloii V.. son of Zcbnlon (r.. was 
\\;ts lioin y\i\y 11. 1S4(). near \\'ayn('svi!l(\ TU.. and lived on 
the fai-iii 'intil lii^ cnlislcd Scplcnilici- lid. lS(il. in ('oni]ianv 
L. Foiiith Illinois Cavaliy. and was lionoiablv dis<liaiji(Ml 
from 't'onijianv T. ll'tli Illinois <'avali-,v. -Inno IS. lS(i(;. Dnr- 
inii the s( ivice he was nnuli in battle — F(»it Heniy. Fort 
Donelson ami at F.attle of ( "otteeville. Miss. He was lionie 
after the J'attle of I'ort Donelson for sixty days. exce]>t that, 
he was ne\er off du!y and was never wonnded. Mr. ( "antrell 
belonjis to tin (1. A It. Harvey H. Mi^rrinum was his ('aj)taiu. 
Mr. <'anti-eil was Corporal and re-enlisted Febrnary L'S. lS(i4. 
as Aeteran Aolnnteer; was ser2:eant of Plan's ("ompany T. iL'th 
]\<-<iinient Illinois Cavalry. He is a mend)er of the (J. A. K.. 
of Areli Lodge. I. O. (>. F.. No. 5!»I>. Cisco. 111.. Fraternal Kn- 
campment 145. Mouticello, TU.. Kethel Rcbekah J)(^<iree Lodge 
Xo. '2',:*. ^fonticello. HI. ISIr. Cantrell was m-xcr mairird. and 
foi- the past thirty years has lived at Cisco. 111. 


Samuel G. Mott. 

Martha Jane Mott. 

H. (i. .Molt \\;is itoni in Oliio JniR' liS, 1S:{1'. fii the spiin^ 
<»1 1S<»'J lie iii(i\('(l to Illiiinis. winTc lie lijis since HvimI. .Innr 
]!». 1>(»L\ In- ni;iiii<Ml .Mnilli.i .!. ("jinti-cll, (hin.iililcr of Zchnlon 
rii^c. s(i' of /('hulon (!.. ;il Xcwburjili, 111. Slic was huiii 
()(1< Im'i- ;!. |S42, iicar W'a \ ncs\ illc. Til. Tier nntllicr died w lirn 
sh'* was l;ni 1(1 years of ajic Vt)i a lime she made lici- liitnn' 
wif'i licv Vnclc .loiin .M. ("aMlrcll. at'tei\\ar<l kcjit Ikuisc lOi- 
lu'i- i'all'ci-. Since In-r nianiati'' lln'V lia\c lived on a larni. 
Tiici • cliildicn arc: (ic«ir<:(' A., lioin .Maicli 11. isii:',; Satali 
!•].. iioin No\cnil>ci' S. lS(i4; Lewis .V., liorn I'^'ianary 4. ISilT; 
lames A., horn -laiinary 11. lS(i!l; ("larissa K.. itoin l-'elirnarx 
I'l. IsTl': Joseiili .\.. born S<-|i|cndiei- 10. isT.".; lallie i:.. hoiii 
Deccnilier -■'.. isT."); Alon/.o A., lioiii -lannarv .".. isTT; Theodora 
A.. !;Mi-n .Mai(4i 1' i . IssO; (laiMMM-e. born Anuusl Id. 1SS4. 
I'heii' lioiHi- liow is i'oni- niih-s sonllieasl ol' IJIne Monnd. 111. 


Edmund C. Hunsley. Mary E. Hunsley. 

K. C. Hmisley wjis Itorn in Imi^'IjukI. Soptember 12, 1841. 
He Avji.^ a school teacher by jnofessioii. Came to America, 
ami .lannarv 12. 1S71. married ^lary K. Caiitrell. danjiiiter of 
Z<'!)nl()ii I'ike. s(m of Zcimloii (1. Slie was liorii in l.oj;au 
coniitv. III.. .Jan. S. 1S4S. \\'lien 1:5 years ohl lirr mother died 
and she ke]it lionse for her fatli-i-. Her linsband enlisted Aup,-. 
l~i. iNC.i'. in ("oiiijiany <1. KMli Kc^^inicni Illinois <"a\alry. His 
• •ajtiain \v;is Win. T. W'ooten. He was honorably discharged 
Jnni' ."). iSCt.-). After the war he ke])t a book stoie foi- two years 
in ]>euu^iit, 111., then moved to a farm near Cisco. III., where 
ihcy lived until a short time ago. Avheii th<M' moved to Cisco. 
111., where they now live. ^Irs. Hunsley is an enthusiastic 
^\'. C. T. C woiker. Their children are: Laura Agnes, born 
Xnvember 1. ISTl ; Inis Arabella. Itorn December 27, 1872; died 
S(']>i( mber 2G. 1873; John Irving, born June 30, 1871; George 
Howard, bom Ax^ril 1. 1870; Mahlon .Vrtliur. born May 22. 
1S78; Charles Pike, born October 2(1. 1880; 3Iary Emily. 'born 
Jr^ej'tember 6. 1882: Frank, born .March 14. 188."5; died Xovem- 
b^-r r>, }'^}iCr^ Marcellas Ednmnd. b(nn July 11. 1801. 


Jeremiah Perry Dunham. 

Eliz;i < ';!iil ! ;iil. (Inii.ulit'i' <'t' Z'.'lnil<ni (!.. was Ixnn -Tulv 
4. 1810, in (Miio. (aiiic to llliiKiis with her ]t;iiriiis in is:;i 
<)ctober ."j. ISIU. slic manicd .!. l\ I )iiiiliaiii. at Williams 
ville. He "^as Ixini in rrovidcncc. K. 1.. .Mai< h :;, 1S14 
I'icd Jaiinavy !). 1S!)7. \\1i(Mi lie Avas about one yeiir old lli^ 
]iaj-ents moved to (Miio. Tli-'v came to Illinois in tlie s]»iin;. 
of 1S31. J'x'j^an his matiicM] life Ihrcc miles west of Waynes 
ville. wlui-e he farmed in the siunnier an<l lan<ihl school ii 
the winter. Tie served as -Instice of the Peace for 13 years 
and was I';!)l!a1<' -liid^c of Louan coniily for three years. I. 
lS,""il moved to W'aynesville. where he heceme a merchant 
^\'as very snccessfnl in that hnsin^'ss and emit iinii-d until hi- 
death. 'Phey h;;d scncii childicii: .Mary Laiin-ssa. lii-lcti \. 
Amy I.etitia. William W., Kehecca Snow. l-]li/.a. .leretniah 1' 
J. P. Dunham, -h.. is the only (Uie that I have learned of thai 
died with cholera. 


Rachel Graves. 

iijnlii'l ( "jiiiti-ell, <l;iu.<ilit('i- of Zebuldii (1.. was Itoni A])iil 
!'.■). is]s. She w;is iiiaiTicd to <"liarlcs (!i-a\'('S ()<-l()h(M- S, 1S4(>, 
a( A\'a\iH'svi;ic. Til. lie was Ihhh in N'criiioni. April :'.(!. 1S17. 
Fi\(' cliildicii Wi-re horn to ilioiii. tlncc of wiioiii dii-il in iii- 
faiicy til.- oilier two. Fannie S.. Ixnii Septeiiiliei- 11. lS4i; 
•lobn W'.. '(orn -hil\ T.i. Is.lO. .Mi-. Ciaxcs iiioNcd from place 
To place niitil linallv in A]iiil. IS.")!), lie left liis faniilv in Illi 
nois and stalled for California, and neV(M- has been heard 
I'loii!. Ii is si'jipdsed that he died in crossinjz the plains. 
-Mrs. (Jravos raised her children, and after they were niari'ied 
iiiade her home with them, stayinji' most of the time with her 
dan.-ihter. She died at her son's, in Decatnr. 111.. March iTi, 
isni'. ;ind was linried hi^side her twin sister. Ketr-cca Sampson, 
at Wa.MH'Sville. Til. Uei- sister died March L'l. 1S4!I. 


John William Graves. 

•loliu W . (Iraves. son di' Kadu'l. (laiiiiliici- (if /flmlmi (;.. 
ranti-elK was born July 10. IS.jU, on a laiiii mar Waynes 
villc. 111. Fcliiuary Hi', lS(i5, he enlisted when only 14 years 
old in Wisconsin, in Company K, 46th Wisconsin Volunteer 
Infantry, and served until the close of the war. He then re- 
turned to Wisconsin and lived on a farm for nine years, then 
went to \\'inona, ^\'isconsin, and became a tireman on the Chi- 
cago and Northwestern Kailioad. afterwards moving to Cen- 
iralia. III., and worked f<ir Illinois Central Kailioad for four 
years. .March S. 1S77. he married Mai-tlia -lane Kdds. She 
was born June L'!». IMS. He has sinee HmmI in Decalni-. 111. 
Mr. Graves is a member of .Macon Lodge Xo. S, A. F. ano 
A. M., the first Lodge chartered by the (Jrand Lodge of I Hi 
nois. It was chartered Octobc-r ">, 1841. He is also a mem 
ber of Macon Chapter No. ill. organized Se])teniber '_'!>, is,")4. 
Bean Manoir No. !), K. T. He is also a member of (Joodman 
Hand, one of the best in the State; also belongs t(> C. .\. It. 
He is a cai penter and woiks in the Cnion Iron woi'ks, Decainr. 
111. Their children, Kdna <\. born February S. 1S7S; \'ella 
A., born Sc]>tember 5, ISSO; died September L'T, ISS'J; Mattie 
A., born Januajv !), 1SS:1; Walter A., boiii .\ngusf 10. ISS."), 
Nina Ha/.el. born Januarv 20, 1888. 


William L. Cantrell. 

^^'illi<ull L. *'aiiti'ell. .von]if»(^st son of Zebulon (}. Caiitr(>ll. 
Mas born May 15, 1823. in Ohio. When he was 10 years old 
his fathiT moved to Sangamon connt.v. Illinois. In 1834 tliey 
iiKixed lo DeWitt eounty. Illinois. Mr. Cantrell was raised 
(.n a I'arni. October 26, 1843. he married Melinda Stout, at 
Clinton, 111. At one time he owned and run the Tunbridge 
-All II. Most of his life was spent farminji' in Loj^an and De- 
\\ ill counties. A few years before his death he lived in Ken 
ney. 111. He was an enthusiastic member of the M. E. Church 
and was an earnest Sunday ►Sr-hool worker, and for many years 
he was. a class leader. He died June 28, 1S{)5. They had 
eight children. Ann, born September 19, 1845; Emeline, born 
October 14, 1848; Jolm K., born May 25, 1851; Lydia A., born 
October 14, 1853; died in infancy; Jessie, born June 2, 1856; 
'\Villiam, born September 12, 1858; Sarah E. (Doi-a). born July 
IC. 1S(;1; died Julv 1. 1864. 


William Cantrell. 

Effie Cantrell. 

\\'illi;iiii <";nili('IK snii of \\'illi;iiii L.. son of /'lniloii 
G., was born Septenilx'i- 12, IS.IS, near Kciiiicy, HI. \\\ 
rept nine months that they lived in ivansas, William has 
lived near liis t)ii'thjdace. -Inne 1-, ISTt). he was married 
to Effie Kii-b.v. She was born October '2'2, 1S(»(I. il-r ^rand 
parents were among tlie earliest settlers of that pari of I he 
eonntry. Her father is one of liie leading farmers in that sec 
tion. Mr. Cant r* 11 is a faiiner and slock i-aiser. and lives 
now one and one-half niih^s north of Keiiney, III. They have 
three childi'en: Wade Elniec, born .laiuiary 10, ISSI; ()liv(^ 
(Terhiide. born .lnn«' 21, 1*^S:*>; Harry K., boin April H".. ISS'.t. 


Irvin Johnson Danels. Sarah Danels. 

I. -J. Danels. husband of Sarali CaiiTicll. danjilitei' of 
•Joslnia. son of Z(^])ulon (}.. Avas born Anj^ust 11. lS2o. in 
Ohio. His fatlu'T died when lie was three years old. He 
came to Illinois April G, 1845. to his Uncle Elijah Hull, one 
mile south of Waynesville. In 1840 he commenced to learn 
the wa<ionmaker's trade with Junius Sampson, in Waynes- 
\ ille. In 1847 he went to Pekin, 111., and finished learning 
his trade. He came back to Waynesville, where he married 
Sarah Cantrell. Fel)ruary 17, 1848. She was born in Middle- 
town, Ohio, and came to Sangamon county, Illinois. October 
-o, 1883. and in 18:>4. to Waynesville, Illinois. They lived in 
Wayn<'sville 18 years, then moved to a farm six and one-fourth 
miles southeast of Waynesville. in 1807. TluM-e ]Mr. Danels 
died May 10. 1898. Their children are: NN'illiam. John. Ed- 
ward, Anna, Jane P., Eliza A.. Ida, Lida Ann. ^I. Cara. Ida 
and her mother live at the home place. Joshua Cantr<'ll died 
October 27. 18(i(». His widow live.s with her son. John S.. in 
Derby. Kan. She is in hei- !t4ih yeai'. the oldest one of the 

John Humphrey. 

Thirza Humphrey. 

Tliii/.a (";inU''il, (lau.ulilcr of .Josliua. \v;is bui-!i 1)('l-(.'1!1- 
bcr 25, 1802. Maiiied John Iluin|tlii-ey January ^, 1824. Ilo 
^^■as boi-n June 15, 1797. They canir to Illinois in an caily 
(lay and improved a faiau near where llallsvilU' )io\v is. By 
hard work and careful nianaj^enient they j>ather':d al)out 
them cnnr-iderable property. They were the ]iarenl.s of nirie 
children. ^\illiam F., born XoA'endx'r 15, 1824; Josln.a C, 
born Xovcmbei 26, 1826; Thomas C, born November 22. 1828; 
Zebnloji K., born Aufiust 24, ]821»; Milton, born NoncihIxm- S, 
1832; J\laiy J., born November 17, 1831; Levi A., hoi n .Inly 
IS, 1837; riizabeth E., born May U, 1840; liarli'l Aimi.'. born 
Jannaiy 10, 1844. Most of thcii- childicn married and rais d 
families, but they lived to see Ihrm all buried exc(^()i Zcbulon 
K. He died January 16, 1895. John Hum])hrey dicfl Xovcm 
l<er 17, 1882, and his wife died December 27. 18St;. 

Zebulon Cantrall. 

Mary (Polly) Cantrall. 

Zebulou Cantial!. sou of .Tdsliiia, was born August 24, 
1805, in Kentuck}'. In isil, moved with his parents, to Clark 
county, Ohio. Married Mary McLain, March 27, 1828. She 
was born February ID. 1809. Died near Waynes ville, Feb- 
ruary 22, 1882. Moved near Waynesville, 111., in 18o4, where 
iie lived until his death. S('|)teniber 3, 1861. He and his wife 
were charter members of the I'resbyterian Church at Waj'nes- 
Aille, which was organized June 20, 1836. He was elected 
older at the organization, which position he held until his 
death. He was a tanner bj^ trade; also followed farming. 
For many years was Associate Judge of Logan county-. 
Their children were: James McLain, boi-n ^larch 14, 1830; 
died November 28, 1868; Eachel McCollam, born August- 8, 
1834; died August 10, 1860. Robert Andrew, born October 23, 
1836; died Sei)tember 13, 1845. Smith Minturn, born August 
28, 1839. Thomas Dunham, born March 27, 1841. Mary 
Elizabeth, born June 30, 1845; died March 1, 1848. Charles 
Rogers, born June !», 1853. 

Thomas Dunham Cantrall. 

H. Alma Cantrall. 

Thomas D. Cam rail, son (if Zcbulon. son of Josliua, was 
born Marcli 27, 1841, near ^\ ayiiesvillo. 111. Septeinbei' 22. 
1863, married 11. Alma Fox. of .Madison county, Ohio. They 
lived on their farm adjoininji,' the old homestead near Wayues- 
ville, 111., until 187t;, when I hey moved to Fredonia, Kansas, 
where they engaged in farming. Mr. Cantrall united with 
th- Presbyterian Church at AN'aynesville, 111., when about l"* 
years of age. At the organization of the First Presbyterian 
<.'liurch, of Fredonia, Kansas, he was elected deacon. Tln-ir 
children are: Frank Koss, born November 30, ISlJo; Charles 
McKee, born August 4, 1860; Eobert Fox, born January 28. 
1874; Jessie McLain, born September 23, 1877. Their son. 
Charles McKee, is a minister in the Prrsltytciian Clnirtii. 
Their home now is near Fredonia, Kan. 


Charles McKee Cantrall. 

Anna Hawiey Cantrall. 

(\ ]M. (\iii1iall. soil of Tijomas I)., son of Zebulon. sou of 
•loslina, was boiii An<insl 4. 18G0. lu^ai- Wayuesville, 111. Mar- 
ried Anna Hawlcy \\'()od. at Fredouia, Kan., June 28, 1893. She 
was born in Marvsville, Ohio, October 25, 1870, united with the 
I'lesbyterian Church, of P^redonia, Kan., in 1889. Daughter 
of Harvey S. ^Vood. First Lieutenant Company F, lOtli Ohio 
Volunteers, and Sarah IMiiliiis. of liichmond, Ohio. Mr. Can- 
trail graduated from Fredouia High School in May, 1891. 
Attended college at p]mpoiia, Kansas, and Center College. 
Danville, Kentucky. Graduated from the Presbyterian Theo- 
logical Seminary at Danville. Kentucky, May 5, 1898. Served 
as missionary of ]*resbyterian Board of Publication and Sun- 
(hiy School Work. Synod of Nebraska, from October 1, 1892, 
to November 1, 1894. Stated supply of Presbyterian 
fhurehes of Weir City. Cherokee, Kansas, from November 1(1, 
1894, until September 10. 1895, when he entered the Sem- 
inary and served the church of Moran, Kan., as stated sup- 
]tly with view to pastorate. Licensed by Neosha Presbyter- 
ian Synod in Kansas. April 5, 1898. Their children are: 
Thomas Harvey, born August 20, 1894; died September 13. 
1894. Archibald Martin, born August 30, 189(5, in Danville. 


Sherman Grant Hull, 
S. (}. llulU son of Joshua, son of Mahala, da ny liter of 
Joshua Cantiali, was born March 6, 18G7, on a farm three 
miles west of W'apella, 111. In 1889 entered the Xortliwest- 
ein School of IMiarmacy. In 1893 completed the course of 
pharmacy in Chicago. In that year enoaoed in the drug 
business in Clinton, 111. Marcli S. 1894, nmrried Leoua May 
Harrison, in Clinton, 111. They have one child. Cecil V>., born 
February 28, 1895. Mr. Hull is a member of the Modern 
>\'()odmen of America; also a member of the TMantangenet 
No. 25, K. r.; also of the Uniform Rank, K. V. He is a 
member of Olive Lodge No. 98, I. O. O. F., Clinton, 111. Mr. 
Hull's store is on the west side of the square, Clinton, 111. 
His father enlisted in Captain Kvans Richards' Company K, 
(,f the 20th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, serving un- 
til September 1, 18()2, when he was severely wounded through 
the right lung and right forearm and was discharged Novem- 
ber 16, 1802. 

4 -J 

William Cantrall. 

Nancy Cantrall. 

W. Cantrall was born April 1, 1812, in Ohio. Grew to 
manhood on the farm. November 27, 1834, married Nancv 
MoClure. i^he was born July 27, 1810. In 1844 they moved 
to Waynesville, 111. He run the old mill for a time. Settled 
n\) {he business for Ormsby and Scherr, one of the largest 
firms in that day. He and his brother-in-law, William Jones, 
run the first brick yard in that country. He and his wife 
were members of the Presbyterian Church. Their children, 
Henry ^I., Rachel P., Margaret and William H. Henry and 
]Margari't died in Infancy. Eachel P. was born December 5, 
1888. Married William Metzger, and lives in Clinton, 111. 
William 11. was born December 27, 1843. Married Deborah 
Earsom and lives on a faiin one mile south of Waynesville, 
111. William (\intrall died December 15, 1880. His wife 
died September 13, 1874. 


Levi Cantrall, 

Elizabeth G. Cantral 

Levi Cantrall, son of Joshua, was boi-n May G, 1814, in 
Ohio. In his seventeenth yeai- he united with the Presby- 
terian Church. In the fall of 1835 the family moved to a 
farm near AN'aynesville, 111. October 17, 1831), he married 
Elizabeth G. Robb. She was born December 11, 1815. Their 
children are: L. Jennie, born October 27, 1840; died April 
15, 189G. John K., born January 21, 1842. Nancy A., boin 
April 20, 1844; died March 15, 1875. December 4, 1841, Mi-. 
Cantrall was chosen as elder in the room of his father, wlm 
died August 11, 1840. He has been a member of the Pres- 
byterian Church for more than (!7 years. An active ruling 
elder for nearly 57 years, during which time he has not been 
absent from any communion servici', nor from more than 
one stated meeting of the session. Mr. Cantrall's record in 
church work is ju-obably the best of any man in thf I'lnlcd 


John R. Cantrall. Alva L. Cantrall. 

-I. K. Cantrall, only -<i!! (if Levi, son of Joshua, was boru 
•huuiai'v 21, 18-i2. He .-rew to nninliood on his father's 
farm at Wayuesville. He enlisted in Conipanv D, 107th Illi- 
nois A'ohmteers, August 0. 18G2, and served three years and 
was mustered out at close of the war with regiment and re- 
turned home and took a course in commercial school in Chi- 
cago, 1865-G6. He married Jennie Love October 6, 1870, at 
Waynesville, 111. They moved to a farm near Hammond,'lll. 
In 1873 moved to Bloomington, 111., where he engaged in the 
real estate business. In 1876 returned to the farm where 
they lived until 1880. They then moved to Tuscola, 111., 
where he and his son are engaged in real estate, loan and 
insurance business. Their children are: Alva L., born Au- 
gust 2, 1871; Edna PL, born March 11, 1873; Mertie M., bora 
December 12, 1879; died November 8, 1897. 

A. L. Cantrall, son of John K., was boru August 2, 1871. 
Graduated from High SeitO(^l in Tuscola in 1892. In 1897 
went in to partnership with his father in the real estate, 
loan and insurance business. His sister, Mertie ]Maud, died 
^yhen 18 years old. His sister, Edna E., graduated from' High 
School in 1893. then took a course in training school for 
nurses in St. Louis. Mo., graduating in 1896. Since then has 
tieen private nurse in St. Louis, Mo. 


Nancy Robb. Joshua C. Robb. 

X. Cantiall, daiightei- of Josliua. was born Juiic i;>. LSIG. 
iu Ohio. Moved to Illinois. .Married James K. Kobb Marcli 
20, 1840. He was born Jnly 2(), 1814. They lived on a farm 
two miles east of AVa.vnesville. 111., where her hnsband died 
November K), 1847, leavin*;- three children, Joshna C, born 
March 21, 1841; Francis Marion, born November 19, 1842: 
llno-h, born Se]>tember H, 1840. After her husband's death. 
Mrs. Robb moved to the home of her brother, Joshna Can- 
trail, where they lived four years, then moved to Waynesville, 
where they lived with her brother, Eli Cantrall, for tlir(M' 
years, then moved back to the farm in the sprinjj^ of 1855. She 
and her boys manajied the farm. The two older boys en 
listed in the army. -loshua di(Ml one year after he enlistt^d. 
Marion returned to the farm after the war. She and her son. 
Huj?h, moved to Heyworth, 111., in 1871, where she died De 
cember 15, 1894. 

J. C. Robb, son of Nancy, daujj^hter of Joshua Cantrall. 
was born ^larch 21, 1841, on a farm two miles east of Waynes 
ville. 111. Ai>ril 22, 1801, he enlisted in Company E, 20th 
Illineis Infantry, for three months, then re-enlisted, but his 
health failed and he return<'(l lioiiic and died A])iil 2S. 1802. 
after six weeks of sickness. 


Francis Marion Robb, Hugh Robb. 

F. M. liobb, 8011 of Xaiicy. (Iniijihtc'r of Joshua Cantrall, 
was boiii Xovcuihci- l!l, 1842, on the farm two miles east of 
NVavnesville, III. lie enlisted July, 18()2, for three years in 
< 'ompany D, 107th JUinois Infantry. lie was in convales- 
cent camp at Knoxville, Tenn.. for about six months, was in 
the siej^e of Vicksburo. After the war he moved to Ilills- 
boro. 111., where he farmed and run his saw mill. He died 
there March 9, 1886. Married Alvira Bridges, September 27, 
186(>. She was born Augusl 20, 1818. They had one daugh- 
ter, ]Maud A., born July 12. 1n<.7. She mairicd E. H. McFar- 
land. September 7. 18!)2. 

H. Robb, son of Nancy, daughtei' of Joshua r'antrall, was 
born September :>, isic. (ui a farm two miles east Waynes- 
ville, 111., where he lived most of the time until 1871, when 
he moved to Heyworth, III., where he worked in a grocery 
store for a time, then in a drug store, where he now is. For 
a number of years has ow ned and managed a drug store. Feb- 
luary 2(5, 1880, he mai-ried Josie S. Scroggy. She was born 
at Thorntown. Indiana. November 20. 18.""):). :Mi-. Robb has 
been a member of the Presbyterian Church for mare tliau 
-■'0 years, and is now one of tlie trustees. Me is also a mem- 
ber of Heyworth Lodge Xo. 483, T. (). (). F.. and Aetna Lodge 
No. 442. K. P. 


|Ar § 

^ '^^i 





Joshua C Cantrall 

•T. C. Caiitraii, sou of •Joshua, was horn in ("hirlc counfy. 
Ohio, September 20, 1818. ^Vlleu IT years old he came with 
his parents 1o \\'aynesville, DeWitt county, III. Tie lived on the 
farm soutli of town, ^Yhere the family first setth-d, where his 
father and mother lived and died, till the year ISTo, when he 
jr:oved to ^Vaynesvilh*, where he lived until his death, March 
31, 1S9T. He united with the Presbyterian Church in 1840; 
was an active member, serving nmny years as one of the 
elders. He was superintendent of the Sunday School for -".5 
years, 27 years without intermission. A])ril 20, 1841, he mar- 
ried Mary Jane Kobb. She was born May ;>0. 1823. Their 
childicn are: Nancy Jane, Martha Ann, and a sou, these 
died in infancy. The living children are: James, born June 
19, 184;"), and lives south of Waynesville on the home farm. 
Kachel, bcu-n December 13, ISoO. Married Alva T. In^^ham. 
Lives n(ar ^^'arrensburg, ^lacon count\-. 111. 


Jcimes Cantrdll. 

-Jjiiiic^ '"autiall, son <»f -Joshua (". ('ai)iiall. son of Josliua, born June 11), 1S15. ncai- \\'a vnesvillf. III., on tin' farm 
wiioic ]iis ;:ian(lfatber settled in 1835. There he *:;re\v to 
iiianhoocl. .\i,\< nihei- 24. isTO. lie was nninied to Mary J. Lan- 
hani. She was hoiii •Jannaiy 10, 184o. Th.v moved from 
\A'a_vnes\ ille. 111.. To ]>e(:iiiir. where they livi'd for a time, 
then returned to Waynesville, to the old honu' farm. Their 
rhildren are: Faii-el. l»oi]i January ]<!. isTi'; died Octoh<M' 7. 
1872. Kaiiiest, born Jul.x !<;. 3874; died S<'])ti']iiber 28. 1S74. 
Xellje .M.. born Auf^fust 8. 1875. Mab(d C, born March 12. 
]s7f). .Mrs. Cantrall, died March 30, 188l>. and Mr. Cantrall 
married Mrs. Christina H. Stewart, whose maiden name was 
IlueUlebeiiy. Xovemlier 28. 1881>. They moved to Indian.i, 
where tlie\ lived for a tiiue. and now live on the old farm 
again neai- \Vay1CSvill<^ III., this being theii- home since the 
(b^ath of Mr. CantralTs father. March :',!. 1S!)7. Mr. Can- 
trail is a earpenter and has built him a comfortable house on 
(he old farm. Tie is a n)ember of the M. E. Church, and is an 
active worker in the same. 


Polly Jones- 

Polly -Jones, dau3j;li1er ui Joishuu Cauirall, was born Frb 
ruary 8, 1810, in Kentnclvv. Moved to Ohio, then to Illinois. 
May 21, 1839, she was married to ^yilliam H. Jones. This 
was the first wedding in the county, in DeWitt county, after 
it was organized. He was born January IS, 1812, in Ken 
lucky. Mr. Jones was a Itiick mason and also a carpenter. 
]Ie made the brick and buili a number of brick houses in the 
vicinity of Waynesville, 111. lie improved a farm one mile 
east of where Hallsville, 111., now is. and lived there until his 
death, February 3, 1872. His wife died May 10, 1872. TIkm 
had seven children, Hester Ann, born September 10, 1S40; 
Lucinda ^Moore, born January 15, 1812; James T., born Octo- 
ber 28, 1813; Rachel E., born September 20, 1845; Nancy -1.. 
born December 20, ISIO; William H., bo:n May 21, !S4S; M ■ y 
E., born Julv 21. IS.-3. 

William Graham Cantrall. 
W. (}. Caiitmll, the sixth son of Joshua, was born Sep- 
HMiiber <;, 1784, in Virginia. His parents moved to Kentucky 
in 1789. There he married Deborah Mitts. She was born in 
Mrginia, November 16, 1785. Soon after marriage they 
moved to Ohio, then moved to Sangamon County, where they 
lived until the deatli of Mrs. Cantrall, March 15, 1856. He 
then made his home with his son. Joshua M., until he died, 
March 6, 1867. He was a faithful member of the Christian 
Church, and for many years one of the deacons. He was 
Justice of the Peace for over twenty years, being elected in 
1821 for the first time. He was the father of twelve chil- 
dren. Dorothy, Ann, Eliabeth, Joshua M., Thirza, Adam M., 
Deborah, Maliala, Susannah, \\'illlam ^1.. Miranda and .\n- 
*lrew Jacksctii. 

Andrew •). died when 13 years old. The rest all lived 
i() raise families except Mahalah, who was married three 
Times, but raised no children, ^liiauda is the only one living. 
She Tit^M-ried Samuel Mellingci-. 


■ ,■ * 




V ^qv!h>o<!i »«BI^Mm 


^^'^S fiSi BoilKBallBB^ 


^ J 

Joshua Mitts Cantrall. 

Sarah v,antrall. 

•I. M. Cautrall, sou of NNilliaiii (i.. was l»nrii \)l'C. 17. 
1810, in Ohio. His entire life was sj»cnl <»n tlie farm. In 
1824 he came witli his parents to Illinois. They settled iwo 
miles south of Cantrall, 111., where he and his ]»areuts lived 
and died. January 14, 18:U. he married Sarah Cantrdl. 
daughter of Zebulon G. She was born ^Marcli 14, 1812. lie 
and his wife became members of the riiristian Church at the 
same time. He was an active member of the Cantrall Cliuich 
for more than 50 years, serving as one of its elders most 
of that time. There were ten children in llieir family. Zebu 
Ion G., William G., Matilda, Isaac, Jacob M., Jdsluia (J., Ma- 
hala E., Sarah, John A., and George A. Four of their chil- 
dren lived to raise families. His wife died Xnvciubcr 28, 
1887. He made his home with his son. \\'illi;nii C. iinlil his 
death Januarv 18, 1881. 

Zebulon Graham Cantrall. Elizabeth Jane Cantrall. 

Z. G. Cantrall, sou of Josliiia M.. sou of William G., was 
boiu May 7, 18:>5, iu Sangamon County, Illinois, where he 
grew to manhood. November G. 1864. lie married Elizabeth 
J. Lilly. She w^as born November 19, 1838. near Stanton. 
Virginia. She, with her parents, moved to Illinois, in 1855. 
Mr. Cantrall lived on a farm fourteen years after marriage, 
near Cantrall, 111. He was a cari)eul('r by trade as well as 
a farmer. He was elected Assessor of Fancy Creek Town- 
ship for seven years and was Collector for three years. They 
moved to Springfield, 111., in 1880, where they lived two years, 
then moved back to the farm and stayed two years, when 
they returned 1o Springfield, Avhere he lived until his death. 
May :}, 1890. Their children: Mary A., Melissa K., Celia J.. 
Noah, Arminda L., Amelia F., twins, Alfred E., Zebulon C. 
Mary, Noah. Armind.a and Amelia are dead. Malissa mar 
ried ^^'illiam Womack and lives iu Springfield. 111. Celia .1. 
married Frank A. Gillman, and lives in Indianapolis. Ind. 
Alfred and Z( biilou live with their mother in Spiingfii'ld. Til. 

William Graham Cantrall. 

Mary Jane Cantrall 

\\ . (!. ('antiall, son of Josliua M., son of William (1., 
was born F. biiiaiy l!(). 1887. nf^nr Tantiall, 111. J;inuary 5, 
1862, lie inaiTicd .Mary Jane liaiidall, at r.liio Mound, Hi. 
She was Ixirii .January 20, 18oJJ. She was danj^iiier of Mai 
shall S. Randall, who married Deltoiaii ('anlrall. Mr. (a\i\- 
trall is a farnici- and resides two an<l eiu'-half miles soulli of 
Cntrail. 111., near where his j^randfalher settled. They liad 
nine children. Maicus Newton. Saiah Matilda. Miwy Lanrissa. 
Louisa ^fahala. Deborah Anna. licbi'cca I'rances. .lolin Will 
uiui, Ida Xarcissus, Wilbur Franklin. Four of their chil- 
dren died younfi. Four of them mariied and have families. 
<)n<\ A\'ilbur Franklin, is al Ikiuic. 


Jacob M. Cantrall, 

Marion J. Cantrall. 

•J. M. Caiitiall, son of Joshua, son of William G.. was born 
Dec. 20. 1841, Two miles south of Cantrall, 111., on a farm. 
There he grew to manhood. Dec. 22, 1869, he married Marion 
J. Tufts. She was born May 11, 1848, near Rochester, N. Y. 
He' pa]"ents came to Sangamon county in 1850. January 9, 
1871, Sarah and Leucretia (twins) were born. They died in 
infancy. Addle E., born February 7, 1873. Married Edward 
J\[(/rgr('t. They live on a farm near Stonington, 111. Cora M., 
born October 12. 1878. ^larried James M., Alexander and 
lives with her father. Mrs. Cantrall died March 20, 1871), 
and Mr. Cantrall married Martha Brown, January ll, 188l». 
Shi- n;;s born August 28, 1861. To them two sons were born, 
Jacob Earnest, born July 15, 18s:',; Ula Joshua, born June ^ 
1886. Mr. Cantrall is a farmer and lives on the farm where 
he ^^^!^■ born. He joined the Christian Churcli on the First 
Lord's <lay. August, 1862, and has been an active mi'inber ever 
since. His wife was a member of the church for many years 
before lier death. He is a member of tlie Home Forum at 
Cantiail. Til. His second wife <lied Januarv 10. 1808. 

Martha Cantrall. 

Lucy E. Mellineer. 

Martha JJiowu was burn Au-;usi US, l.^til. Was married 
to Jacob M. Cantrall January 15. 18S0. Her pfirents, Peter 
A. and Mary Brown, were anion o the early settlers of Menard 
county. Moved to Sangamon county in 1871. Her father 
died February 3, 1891. Her mother lives with her daughter, 
Sarah Campbell. Martha Cantrall was the mother of two 
boys, Jacob Earnest and Ula Joshua. Their mother died 
January 16, 1898. The boys are at home with their father on 
the farm. She was a faitliful member of the Christian 
('hurch. at Cantrall, 111.; also a charter member of the Home 
Forum Benefit Order, at Cantrall, 111. 

Lucy E. Mellinsrer. dau.afhter of Samuel and Miranda Mel- 
linger, was b(jrn November 14, ISWi. Her mother is the t)nly 
child of William G. Cantrall. She lives witli her parents on 
the farm tlircc miles south of Cantrall. 111. 


Marshall S. Randall. 

Deborah Randall. 

Doborali Cantrall. ('aujihtcr of W'illiaiii (j., was born 
Febniai.v 1(1. 1F17. ^lanicd Marshall t^. Eandall January 5. 
18H7. lit' was b«tni Jaiiuarv 2(i. 1S1;>, iu Kentucky, lie came 
with liis parents to Illinois in 1S2T. They were married in 
Sang.'imon county. INIoved to a farm in Chiistian county, 
aboi.t 185^: moved near Blue Mound, where he and his wife 
died. ]iis son, Isaac, lives <m the old home place. They had 
twelve children. John W'.. Mary Jane, William H., Garrett 
1)., Elizabeth. Louisa. IJa.chel. Nancy, Louis T., Deborah, Wal- 
ter 8., Isaar Xewton. The children all married and raised 
families. (Jarrett T. is dead. Most of the others live near 
]{hie Mound, 111. Mr. Randall died September 15, 1883, and 
his widow June 10. 1891. 

Samuel Mellinger, 

Miranda Mellinger, 

Miranda Cantnill, daufihtcr of \Villi:Jiii (J., wns born 
May 12, 1826, in Hansjanion connty, Illinois. She was 
niari'ied to Vvilliam C. Snelson. July 17, 1852. Thoy livid one 
child, Charles IL, born Ai»ril IT, lS,o:'». Mr. Suelsou died 
March 9, 185o, and his widow married Saninel Mellinj^er, 
March 4, 1858. He was born January 27, ]S:>2, in Pennsyl- 
\'ania. Left there when 21 years old. In 1851 started v, est, 
stayed one .^ear in Ohio, then came to Levi Cantrall's, near 
Tantrall, 111. Except three years that he was in the array, 
he has lived in San<iamon county, never ehangin^j; his vofing 
place. Mr. Mellinger enlisted August 18, 1862, in Company 
C, 114th Illinois Infantry, serving three years, and was hon- 
orably discharged August 3, 1865. During the war he w^as 
in the battle of Jackson, Miss., at the siege and capture of 
Vicksburg, r-nd the battle of Guntown. They have liv(>d on 
the farm pivcn his wife by her father, for the past forty years, 
which is tiire<' miles south of Cantrall, 111. 


Levi Cantrall. Ann Cantrall, 

Levi Cantrall, son of Joshua Cantrall. was born October 
1, 1787, in Viri«;inia. His parens moved to Kentucky in 17159. 
He married Fannie F:noland November 30, 1809. She was 
born October 2, 1792. He is company with his father-in-law, 
Stephen England, came to Illinois in 1819, and camped where 
Springfield now stands December 4. He was left an orphan 
w^hen 12 years old and was bound to a man who Avas a tanner. 
He whipped him so severely that he carried the scars, show- 
ing them even in his old age to his friends. At the age of 
14 he ran away from his master and made his own living. 
He was the father of eighteen children. He taught 
his children to show kindness to the poor and needy 
by relating to them his own hardships when vouug. 
His first wife died September 10, 1835, and he' mar- 
ried Mrs. Ann Barnett, whose maiden name wts Patt^'T-- 
sun, .^iay 27, 183(1. She was the mother of Fannie L. and 
Joseph S. Levi Cantrall died February 22, 1869, and his 
widow lived with her son, Joseph, until her death. The town 
of Cantrall. 111., was laid out on land he entered soon after 
coming to the county and wii.s nnmed in hnno]- of his meuiorv. 

mK^^^^ t: 

mT ' 


^^^H ^^^ I 


^r^^ i 

Thomas Cantrall. Thomas E. Cantrall. 

Thomas Caiitiall, son of J^evi, was boni October 11, 181U. 
He married Priscilla D. McLemore Octobei- :}, 1831. She 
>* as born September 14, 1814, in Tennessee. Tliey liad nine 
children: Clarissa, Turner H., Young M., Levi, Nancy A., 
i nomas J., Fannie P., Mary E., James 1). His wife died, and 
he married Elizabeth Estiel June 12, 1848. She was born 
January 28 ,1820. They had four children, Martlia E., Robert 
II., ^\'iiliam Mack and Charles IT. June 22, 1850, while work- 
ing at a saw mill his team became frightened at tlie blowing 
of the Avhistle, ran away dragging a sawlog over him, whicli 
caused his death. 

T. E. Cantrall, onlA^ son of Young M. Cantrall, son of 
Thomas, son of Levi, was born near Fancy Prairie, Illinois. 
March 12, 1862. His father was born April 30, 1836. Feb 
ruary 14, 1861, he married Mary E. Graham, of Athens, 111. 
They lived on a farm until 1862. He enlisted in Company C, 
114th Illinois Infantiy, and died at Vicksburg, July 1, 1863. 
Thomas E. Cantrall married Crace May AVhituiM- :May 8, 1883. 
Their (Tiildren are: Estella May, Young Albert, Clie Joseph, 
Allen AVhitney aud Paul Gral-am. Mr. Cantrall has taught 
school foT' a uumber of vears. His mother lives at .\thens. Til. 


Charlfs S. Cantrall. Harriet A. Cantrall. 

Charles S. Oantrall, son of J^evi. was boiii January 6, 
1S2G, near Cantrall, 111. He grew to manhood on his father's 
farm. When he was five years old he fell from a rail fence 
and hurt his left leg wiiich caused a white swelling. After 
vears of sufi'eriug, his leg w^as amputated. Mr. Cantrall was 
married three times. First to Emily M. Vandergrift. Two 
children were born to them, and she di -d. and he married 
Lucy A. Swearengen. One child was born, and she died. 
April L'(), J.S.35, Mr. Cantrall married Harriet A. (Jiaham. 
She was born February 17. 1820. in .\,!i ns. Illinois, 
lier uuner, leter (iraham. came to lilinois. in 1829. 
He was boin in New York City. When 28 years 
old went to North Carolina, then to New Orleans, where he 
lived three years. Lived in Athens. HI.. 62 years, dying in 
his illst year. To them were born ten children. The father 
died December 18, 1885. Charles Cantiall was radical on the 
temjierance (luestion. He was a member of the Christian 
Church more than 40 years. He was a Mason, being a mem- 
ber cf the Masonic Ordei- for more than :!() years before h'" 

Stephen Oscar Price. 

Mary Ellen Price. 

Mary E. rjintiall. (lau<ilii('i- of Charles t^., sou of l^evi, 
was born January 13, 1848. in Sangamon county, Illinois. 
January 2."). ISCIJ. sbe mariied to Stephen O. Price. He 
was Lorn January 24, 1847, in Athens. His parents came from 
Baltimore, Maryland, in 1838. When lie was about 10 years 
of ajre his ])ai('nts moved to a farm one and one-half miles 
uorthiast of Athens, 111., where he grew to manhood. 
After he was married he moved to a farm east of Athens. 
and from there to a farm he owns four miles east of Lin- 
coln, 111., in 18<;7, where they now live. Their children are: 
Emily Ellen and William Oscar. W. O. Price was born May 
:.'!>. 1870. Emily E. married A. F. Keed March 14, 1880, and 
lives at llement. 111. William O. Price nmrried Lyda Section 
November 24. l.^!)2. 


McUonaia ^.antrail. Henry Augustus Cantrall 

McDonald Cantrall. f<on of ( "liarles S., son of T^vi, was 
born August 20, 1851. near Cantrall, Til. His mother died 
when he was three months old. His father moved to a farm 
near Hliojxilis, 111., in 1866. August 4, 1870, he married .Mar- 
garet M. IVdeu, of Illiopolis. She was Ixu-n January ±^, 
1854. They livj^l on a farm near there until May, 1897. when 
they moved to Ii!i(.|.(!lis. Mr. Cantrall still manages the farm 
and also is jHtstmaster at Illiopolis. Their children are: M.iud 
A., Henry A., Bruce T., Josiah I*., Beatrix IM., iracey r.. .uauu 
mairifcd \i. M. Mathews January 21, 18f)4. They live in Illi- 
oj)olis. Tracey was killtd September 7, 1895, by a wagon run- 
ning over her. 

H. A. ("antrall. son of McDonald, was born Februarv 9, 
1>(4. Mr. Cantrall was born and raised on a farm. In the 
s])ring of 1898 he and a friend started west, got as far as 
Foit Crook, Xeb.. where troops were being enlisted for the 
Sjianish war-. They both enlisted in Company A, 22d Ne- 
braska Infantiy. They went to Cuba, and he was in the 
liiickest of the battle at Santiago, returning home Septem- 
Im'i- 1, 1898. Ho savs that although the shot was as thick as 
hail ;iliout him for Ikuits, he came out without a scratch. 


Charles Henry Cantrall. 

Viola Cantrall. 

Charles H. Cantrall, sou of Charles, sou of Levi, was Itoru 
March 12, 1856. He was raised on a farm two miles south 
of Cantrall, 111. When he was 12 years old his father moved 
to a farm two miles w'est of lUiopolis, 111., w^here he grew to 
manhood. In 1884 he went to Kansas, where he engaged iu 
business. In 1894 he returned to St. Louis, Mo., where he 
lived one year, then moved to Athens, 111. April 28, 1898, he 
was married to Viola Rattertou, of Athens, III. Her father, 
Elijah Battertou, is an old settler, living near Salisbury, 111. 
Mr. Cantrall, with his brother, Thomas D., is engaged in the 
grocery business iu Athens, 111. He is a member of the In- 
dependent Order of Odd Fellows. 



^ i 


,- ,r^' 

John W. Cantrall 


Ailie Cantrall, 

J)i-. .1. W. Cantrall. son of diaries S.. son of Levi, was 
born April 8, 18(i8, neai- Cantrall, 111. He grew to manhood 
on his father's farm. When a boy he attended District School 
and in 1891 he entered the College of I'hysicians and Suroeons 
in St. Lonis. ^lo. He commenced the ])ractice of medicine in 
Mt. Auburn, 111., and in 18*J(> he moved to Buffalo, HI. There 
he mairied Alma V. Prophater April ill), 18 (I In the spring 
of 1898 he moved to Rochester. 111. 

Allie Cantrall. daughter of Charles S. CanTiall. son of 
Levi, was born January II, 18G1, near Cantrall. 111. When 
she was eight years old her parents moved to a farm two miles 
north of Illioj)nlis. III. Since her father's death she and her 
brother. Ira, has lived with their mother on the old home 
place. She is a uk uiber of the Christian Church at Illiopo- 
lis. 111. 

Joshua L. Cantrall. 

Keoecca Cantrall. 

J. I>. ( ";iiili;ill, sun of I^cvi. \v;is lioin -July 28, 1828, iir 
Sarij^amon count v, Illinois. JIc ^rew to manhood on a farm. 
October KJ, 1847, was niairicd to licbccca Hcdiick. She was 
born October 8, 1828, in Kentucky, llei- parents were among 
the early settlers in Sangamon county. Josliua moved to 
Sigourney, Iowa, in 18()4, but returned to Illinois in ]8(JI), and 
bought a farm one iind one-half miles west of lUiopolis, where 
he died ]\rarch IT, 1S82. lie was a charter member of Illio 
polis Lodge, A. F. »!<: A. .M., No. 521. He was an elder in the 
Christian Church for fifteen years. Was a member more than 
*iO years, lie and his wife were great woikei'S in the church. 
He was ;i radical temjierance woiker. There were thirteen 
children. liis widow has lived in l!lio}>olis for the^ p;ist five 


LaFayette Cantrall. 

Gussie Cantrall. 

J.aFaveilc Caiitiall, sou of Joshua L., son of Levi, was 
1)orn January 16, 1849, in Sangamon county. When 15 years 
<^ld his parents moved to Iowa, but returned in 1866. July 
'23, 1874, was married to Gussie Chambers. She was born 
April 11, 1856, near Augusta, Ala. Her father, Thomas 
Chambers, was a noted physician; he also was Captain in the 
Southern army. Her mother's maiden name was Charlotte 
Norman of a noted family in the south. In 1878 LaFayette 
went to Kansas and stayed one year, returned to farm three 
and one-half miles west of Illiopolis. where he has a comfort- 
able home. 


.-^ f^- 

Barton R. Cantrall. William H. Cantrall. 

I>. Iv. Cantrall, son of .Joshua L., son of Levi, was boni 
April li(), 1856, in Sangamon county, Illinois, on a farm. in 
1S7S he went to Kansas, stayino- about one year, ('nine back 
to Illinois, and in 1884 w^ent to Colorado. l<'rom llicrc to Old 
Mexico, then to St. Louis, where he lived si.\ yeais. Held a 
responsible position in the penitentiary at Juliet in 18S1-. 
was there when (Jarlield died. Attended school at \'al- 
paraiso, Ind., in 1882. Since then has lived Illiopolis, 111.. 
and engajied in farming. Mr. Cantrall is a member of the 
^lasonic Order. Ts single and makes his home with his 

W. H. Cantrall, son of Charles, sou of Levi, was l)orn 
November 28, 1867, near Illiopolis on a farm, where he grew 
to manhood. March 1, 1895, married Nannie Muir, at Illio- 
polis. 111. They moved to Brunswick, Mo., where they lived 
on a farm. At this writing^ he is preparing to move in De- 
i-ember, 1898, to his brother Thomas' farm, just north of 
Illioj)olis, his brother moving to Athens and engaging in 
the grocery business there with his brother, Charles 11. Mr. 
Cantrall is a member of the Knights of Pvthias Lodii-e. 


James Hardy Council. 

Julia Ann Council, 

•Julia .Vim Cautiali. da"jght(M- ut Joshua !>.. son of Levi, 
Avas Itxini A])iil 11. IStiO. near Canrrall. 111. Her parents 
moved to a faiin near lllio])olis. 111. There she was married 
to James H. Council December .l. 1883. He was born Jan- 
uary 4. IS.")*), on llie farm, where his father, John Council, still 
lives and has livc^d since 1851, tlir(H^ miles northwest of Sher- 
man, 111. His father is now 7(5 \eais old and lives within 
one-half mile of where he was born. In the spring of 1882 
J. H. Council moved io tlu^ farm his father gave him, one mile 
west of Elkhart, 111., where he has since lived. They have 
four children: John Russell, born April 2, 1885; Hardy 
Edna, boin May 4. ISJM); LaFayette McDonald, born July 27. 
1892; Clara Florence, born December 15, 1893. Mr. Council 
and wife are among the earnest workers of Ihc Christian 
rinirch at Elkhait. 


McDonald Cantrall. 

Clara P. Campbell. 

McDonald Cantrall, son of Joshua L., son of Levi, was 
boiu Januaiy 1, 1SG2. He lived with his mothei- in lUiopolis, 
111., and was a farmer. April 20, 18!)8, he enlisted in the 5th 
J 11. Cavalry, Troop D, and went with the company to Chicka- 
mauga, but they were never permitted to go to the field of 
battle and since the close of the war have been mustered out 
and sent home. Thus, at least two of the name Cantrall, 
McDonald and his cousin, Henry Augustus, enlisted in the 
late war. Others wiio are connected with the family, as you 
will see, went also. The picture above was taken at Chick- 
amauga. His company was brought to Fort Sheridan about 
August IMI. and he arrived at S])ringtield September (>. 

Clara P. Cantrall, daughter of Joshua, son of Levi, was 
born September 8, ISGO. Married Charles J. Campbell, De- 
cember 5, 1888. He was born March 29, 1851). Their chil- 
dren: Owen Henry, born Sej)teniber 12, 1889; Helen, born 
September IG, 1895. They live on a farm near liliopolis. 111. 

Jesse Cantrall. 

Jesse Cantrall, son of Levi, was V)orn April 7, 1880. Mar- 
ried Eliza J. Humes. Enlisted August, 1862, for three years 
in Company C, 114th Illinois Infantry. He was commissioned 
Second Lieutenant at the organization, was promoted to Cap- 
tain and served as such until the end of the Kebellion, and 
was honorably discharged. He was slightly wounded during 
the war and has been a cripple for many years from the effect 
of a gun wound in one arm, since the war. He moved to 
Kansas in 1868, camped where the Stock Yards now are in 
Kansas City, and was offered 160 acres of land there for |6 
per acre. He lives now 25 miles southwest from Kansas 
City, Mo., at Olathe, Kan. Their children are: Martha 
Rachel, Jefferson, Ann. Fannie E., Mary Jane, Johnnie, Ella, 
Jesse, Cora, Ida, Joshua. 

McDonald Cantrall. 

Narcissus Canlrall. 

McDonald Caul rail, sou of Levi Cantrall, was born 
April 5, 1833, in San«;anion county, JUinois. He mar- 
ried Narcissus Iledrick, March 2!), 1S54. She was born 
May 15, 1864, near Buffalo Hart, 111. Her parents were Jon- 
j'.than and Julia Hcdrick. wiio moved to Buffalo Hart Grove, 
HI., in the fall of 1830. McDonald Cantrall moved on a farm 
one mile south of Cantrall, 111. From there he moved to a 
farm four and one-half miles northeast of Cantrall, 111., where 
he died September 10, 1872. Their only child, Charles, was 
born February 14, 1855. Mr. Cantrall was an enthusiastic 
farmei- and lived on one of the best farms in the county. His 
widow and son have liv(Ml thei-e since his d(>a1h. 

Charles Cantrall. 

Florence Cantrall. 

Charles Cjiutrall, sdii of McDouald. sun of Levi, was born 
February 14, 1855, ou the farm one mile south of Cantrall, 
111. Soon after his birth his parents moved to a farm four 
and one-half miles northeast of Cantrall. His father died 
when he was 17 years old. He was the only child and with 
his mother managed the farm which his father left them. 
May 16, 1888, he married Florence Council. She was born 
June 4, 18G7. She was the daughter of John H. and Edna 
Council. They have two children, John Harvey, born May 
4, 1889, and McDonald, born February 2, 1897. Mr. Cantrall 
is a member of V^an Meter Lodge 762, A. F. and A. M., and of 
Floral Lodge No. 647. I. O. O. F., at Athens, 111. 


Ht^nrv C. Graharr. 

Fannie L. Graham. 

Faiiiii<' L. Cantiiill, (bui^htci- of l.cvi, was hnvu OcJoIkt 
!), 18:W, near raiitrall. 111. ^rallied Henry (\ (lialiain. .laii- 
uary (5, 1857. He was born :May 8, 1833, at Athens. 111. His 
father, l»eter (iraham, came from New York (Miy lo Illinois 
in 182!). He lived in Athens. 111., <i2 years, dyinji' in his tllst 
year. The year Mr. Graham was married they moved to a 
farm five miles east of Athens, 111., where they still live. Their 
children arc: Mary A., William IL, Arminta, Joseph S. and 
Carrie. Their children are all married and live near them. 
Mr. Can I rail and his wife are members of the M. E. Church at 
Athens. III. Mr. (Jrahani is a car]>enter by trad«^ but has 
tnrned his ."ticntion to farming foi- many years^. 

ff tv 


Joseph S. Cantrall. 
Joseph tS. Cantrall, son of Levi, was boin October 16. 
1841. Married Margaret A. Canterbury, daughter of J. T. 
Canterbury, January 14, 18G9. He became a cattle merchant 
when 19 years old. Was successful until the w^ar times when 
he and a partner bought 1,000 head of cattle, which they 
shipped at a heavy loss, caused by closing of the civil war. 
He was in New York City in February, 1865, and saw cattle 
sell for 28 cents per pound net. The highest price at which 
cattle Avere ever sold. He remained in the cattle business until 
1872. In 1874 he built a grain elevator at Cantrall, which 
lie operated for 16 years. He was nominated in 1886 by the 
Eei)ubli(an party of Sangamon county for office of Sheriff. 
He ran 1.000 votes ahead of his ticket, but it is believed that 
the returns were changed, counting him out by only 60 votes. 
He Avas remonimated for the same office in 1800. Ran 1,350 
votes ahead of the ticket, the county going Democratic by 
1,700 votes. The next year he went to Sebraska as agent for 
a grain firm. Returned to Springfield in 1894. He is now 
General Special Agent for the Xorthwestern Mutual Life In- 
surance Company, and doing a growing business. 

Wyatt Cantrall. William M. Cantrall. 

Wj^att Cantrall. .son of Joshua Cantrall, was born De- 
cember 20, 17D0, iu Kentueky. There he was married to 
Sally England, and moved to Clark count}', Ohio. In com- 
pany with Mrs. CantralTs father, Stephen England, they 
moved to St. Clair county, 111., in the fall of 1818. In the 
S}>ring of 181!) they moved to Sangamon county. His wife 
was born December 20, 1794. Wyatt and Levi married sis- 
ters. His brother, Levi, came in the fall of 1810. These 
brothers lived on adjoining farms just north of where the town 
of Cantrall is, for 20 years. Then Wyatt moved to Sterling, 
111., where his wife died August 4, 1840. He married Mrs. 
Polly Kingsbury, whose maiden name was Foster. They had 
one son, Joshua P. ^Irs. Cantrall died about 1859, and Wyatt 
moved to Kansas, and died October 25, 1877. 

AV. M. Cantrall, son of William G., was born December 
28, 1822, in Ohio. Came to Illinois with his parents in 1824. 
Tliey lived on a farm two miles south of Cantridl, 111., April 
3. 1845 He married Adaline Clavwell. He enlisted August 
12, 18(52, for three years in Co. C, "lUth 111. Inf. Disease "was 
brought on by over-exertion at the Battle of Guntown, Mis- 
sissippi. June 10, 1864. He died in the hospital at Memphis, 
Tenn,, July 9, 1804. He was a member of the Christian 
Church. His widow lives near Lvons, Rice countv. Kansas. 

Samuel Denny Cantrall. 

Sarah S. Cantrall. 

S. 1). (Jaiitinil, oldest son of Wyalt. was boiii born Feb- 
ruary 9, 1816, in Ohio. Came to Illinois with his parents, 
and March 0, 1837, married Sarah S. Alexander. She was 
born November 7, 1820, in Kentnckv. John Alexander, her 
father, came from Kentucky to Illinois, in 1826. Samuel I), 
moved to Rock River and Vvved eight years; then to a farm 
two miles east of Athens, 111., where he died May 1, 1884. 
Since which time his widow has made her home with her son, 
Henry. They were merab(irs of the Christian Church. Their 
children are: Albert A., Wyatt E., Mmy TI.. John S.. Lucinda 
S.. T[enry, Eliza, Margaret A. 


Albert A. Cantrall. 

Wiott E. Cantrail. 

Albert A. Cantrall, s^on cf Samuol D., son of Wiott, was 
born November 15, 1S89. :Married Martha Hurt March ik 
18(>2. There were no children, and his widow lives in 
Athens, 111. He enlisted August 12, 1862, in Company C, 114th 
Illinois Infantry for three yeais. and was appointed Sergeant. 
He was captured at the battle of Grautown, Miss., in Jane. 
].S()4, and was placed in Anderson ville prison, where he re 
mained about five months, and after that was taken from 
one prison to another to prevent being released by the Union 
force. Was paroled March 1, 186.5, and died of starvation and 
exposure March 2, 18G5, at ^Mlmington, N. C. 

Wiott E. Cantrall. sc.n of Samuel !>., son of Wyatt, was 
born November 5, 1841, in Whiteside county. 111. Moved to 
Menard county when quite young. Grew to manhood on a 
fann. November 17, 18G0, married (Irizilla Holland. She was 
born in Kentucky. April 9, 1848. Th(\v lived on a farm near 
Athens, III., for 20 years, during which time three children 
were born to them. Aniiii' F>ell, Ina ^fay, Hattie Slone. In 
1889 they moved to Caiilrall. living there one year. Then 
moved to Springfield. 111., where Mr. Cantrall died March :>1. 
1898. His widow lives in Sjningfield, 111. 

David P. Cantrali. Henry Cantrall. 

D. P. Cantrall, sou of W'vatt, was l»orn INIay 7, 1818, in 
Ohio. That year his parents moved to Sanj;amon count^^ 
Illinois. March 13, 1841, he married P^h^anor MeLemore. She 
was born March 20, 1820. Their children are: Young M., 
Sarah E., Erastus D., Catherine E. Y. M. Cantrall lives at 
^[illedgeville. 111. Mrs. Catherine Kiddle lives near Kushvills, 
Neb. The other two died young. ^Irs. Cantrall died Janu- 
ary 15, 1864, and David P. married for his second wife Ursula 
Bull January 15, 18G1. Their childreu are: Eddie C, Wyatt 
B. and Nettie C. Mrs. Eddie (\ Kirkpatrick lives near Lis- 
bon, Iowa. ^Vyatt B. lives near Stanborn, Iowa. Mrs. Net- 
tie C. AVhiteman near Lis])on, Iowa. David P. Cantrall died 
January 21, 1802, and his widow died August 25, 1894. 

Henry Cantrall, son of Samuel D., son of Wyatt, was 
born February 28, 1840, on the farm where he now lives, two 
miles east of Athens, 111. January 1, 1873, he married Emma 
E. Graham. She was born September t>, 1853, in Athens, 111. 
Their children are: Alvin "SV., Arthur AV., Verna E., Samuel 
I). Alvin married Allie Langford and lives in Sj)ringfield, 
111. Henry Cantrall and his wife are members of the Chris- 
tian Church at Athens, 111. He is a member of Floral Lodge 
<>47, I. O. O. F., at Athens, 111. Also a member of the Home 
Forum and Court of Honor Life Insurance Ordeis. 



William Cantrill. 

A\'. ('aiilrill, son «»f Ttiomas (/aiiti-ill, was boin in (Jiuh'h 
roiintj, Ki'ntucky, January IT, 1800. Moved to Springfield, 
111., Mai'cli, 1S25. February 14, 1828, he married Elizabeth 
Hall. She was born in Kentucky December 18, 1809. They 
moved to Decatur, 111., in 183:^. He brought the first stock 
of merchandise to Decatur and opened the first store in that 
place. Ex-Governor Richard J. Oglesby was his first clerk. 
He was the first postmaster in Decatur; was a member of the 
]>egislature 1854-55, and served three terms as founty Treas- 
urer; was always a staunch Democrat and for many years was 
a leader of the party in that section. He died November 26, 
1881, in Decatur. His children are: Thonnis Hall, Jane 
Ellen, Mary Elizabeth, Susan Lavinia. Thonnis H. married 
and weni west and was accidentally drowned. Jane E. nnir 
ried Dr. A. L. Keller. She died in October. 1892. Mary E. 
married ^^■illiam Dillon. She died October 20, ISSo. Susan 
L. married Harland 1*. Christie. She is the only child living 
and her home is 2;il Madison stifM't, P>rooklyn P.oroniih. New 
^'ork Oitv. 


Joel Cantrill. 

Zerilda Cantrill, 

Joel Cauiiill, son of Thomas, was born January 8, 1811, 
in Kentucky. Came to Illinois with liis jmrents in 1828. 
They settled four and one-half miles east of where Springfield 
now is. May IG, 1830. married Zeiilda E. liranch. She was 
born November 19, 1831. Her parents came to Illinois from 
Kentucky in 1880, and settled seven miles east of Spring- 
field, where they lived and died. Their children are: Louis 
M., EdAvard T., William D., James N., Laura Jane, Henrietta, 
Henry A. (twins), Emily li., Charles, Benjamin H. Joel Can- 
trill enlisted in the Mexican war, but was never chilled into 
service. He died Septemlier 4. 1806. His Avidow lives with 
lier children. 



As \\v appeared 18iJ0. Said to bo tlie most correct likeness 
of the martyred president. 


Corner Eighth and Jackson Streets. 






"-. f 

r. ■ t-i 


s -ji- ■ U f. 




The Cantiell tainilv is of Weleli, Scotch, and Irish de- 
scent. Zebulon Cantiell came from Wales to America 
about the year 1700. i^ome say that two brothers came with 
him, but of this I find no record. You will find several fam- 
ilies at the close of this record, whose ancestors I cannot trace. 
It is claimed that Zebulon Cantrvll built the first brick house 
in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. 

He had a son Joseph, and Joseph had a son Joshua. 
Joshua's grandson, John S., of Derby, Kansas, has the 
original evidence that he took out naturalizati(^n papers. 

Pittsylvania County. I do hereby certify that Joshua 
Cantril. oath taken and subscribed the oath or 
affirmation of allegiance and fidelity, as directed 
by an act of General Assembly, entitled. An act 
to oblige the free male inhabitants of this state 
[Seal.] above a certain age to give assurance of allegiance 
to the same, and for other purposes. Witness mj' 
hand and seal this 0th day of September, 1777. 

J. L. Morton. 

Joshua Cantkkll was a soldier in the war for American 
Independence. He was born in Pennsylvania, but moved to 
Virginia, then to Kentucy in 1789. He was the father of nine 
sons, but no daughter. Four of his sons died without families^ 
the other five married in Kentucky and moved to Ohio, then to 
Illinois. There were born to them 04 children. :« sons and M 

The copy of the record given below is not complete, but 
is just as my great grandfather made it. 



To the present time. 1S29, including: a period of eighty-one 

Joshua Cantrell. l»(»ni August .'<, 1748 — Died S(^i)tf^mber 9, 

Ann Graham, alias Cantrell. his wife, born May 3. 1751 — 
Died February 19. 1819. 

From whom descended: 

1st. Zebulon G. Cantrell. born June 29, 1773— Died. 

^Yhose wife was Sarah McCollam. born February 8, 1779. 
From w'hom descended: 

Ann Cantrell. born August 31, 1798— Died May 10. 1822. 

Polly Cantrell. born July 29, 1800. 

Joshua Cantrell, born April 3, 1802. 

Chris])an Cantrell. born February 29, 1804. 

Agnes Minerva Cantrell. born September 12, 1806. 

John :McCollam Cantrell. born February 22, 1808. 

James Madison ("nntrell. born April 10, 1810. 

Sarah Cantrell. l.oin March 14. 1812. 

Zebulon Pike Cantrell, born January 17. 1S14. 

Eliza Cantrell. born July 4. 1816. 

Rebecca and Rachel Cantrell. bom July 25, 1818. 

^Yyatt Cantrell. born May 11. 1821. 

William Levi Cantrell, born May 15. 1823. 

2d. James Cantrell, born August 24, 1775 — Died August 
24. 1778. 

3d. Christopher Cantrell. born May 16. 1778. 

4th. Joshua Cantrell. born April 3, 1779. 

Whose wife was Rachel McCollam. born April 2. 1781. 
From whom descended: 

Elizabeth Cantrell. born February 27, 1800. 

Jane Cantrell, born August 4. 1801. 

Thirza Cantrell. born Dec. 25. 1802. 

Zebulon Cantrell. born August 24. 1805. 

Mahala Cantrell. born July 1. 1807. 

Pollv Cantrell. born February 8. 1810. 

William CantrelK Ixun Apiil 1, 1S12. 
Levi Cantrell, boin May 0, 1S14. 
Nancy Cantrell, born June 13, 1816. 
Joshua Chrisstoplier Cantrell, born September 20, 1818. 
Seth Cantrell, born August 25, 1821. 
Eli Cantrell, born February 6, 1824. 
Rachel Cantrell, born April 23. 1826. 

5th. Thomas Carsey Cantrell, born October 11, 1782. — 
Died ^Jeptember 30, 1797. 

6th. William G. Cantrell, born September 6, 1784. 
Whose wife was Deborah Metz, born November 16. 1785. 

From whom descended: 
Dorothy Cantrell, born March 15. 1805. 
Ann Cantrell, b(vrn Aujjjust 1. 18U6. 
Elizabeth Cantn-ll. b(un August 29, 1808. 
Joshua M. Cantrell. born December 17, 1810. 
Thirza Cantrell. born November 8, 1812. 
Adam M. Cantrell, born February 27, 1815. 
Deborah Cantrell, born February 16, 1817. 
Mahala Cantrell, born December 4, 1818. 
Susannah Cantrell. born November 23, 1820. 
William M. Cantrell. born December 28, 1822. 
Maranda Cantrell, born May 12, 1826. 
Andrew Jackson Cantrell, born January 4, 1829. 
7th. Levi Cantrell, boin October 1, 1787. 
Whose wife was Fanny England, born October 2. 1792. 

From whom descended: 
Thomas Cantrell. born October 11, 1810. 
Ann Cantrell, born July 17, 1812. 
Nancy Cantrell, born November 13. 1813. 
Stephen L. Cantrell, born Apiil 4. 1815. 
Celindra Cantrell, born November 14, ISKJ. 
Eleanor Cantrell, born October 17, 1818. 
Elizabeth E. Cantrell. l)oin May 2«>. 1820. 
Levi L. Cantrell. born March 17, 1822. 
Rachel Cantrell, born February 8, 1824. 
Charles S. Cantrell. born January 6, 1826. 
Joshua L. Cantrell, born July 28, 1828. 

8th. Wyatt CaDtrell, born December 20, 1790. 

Whose wife was Sally Eugland, born November 2, 1794. 
From whom descended : 

Eliza. Cantrell. born September 8, 1813. 

Samuel Denny Cantrell. born February 9. 1816. 

David r. Cann-ell. born May 7. 1818. 

Zebulon E. Cantrell. born Auf,nist 11, 1823. 

Wyatt E. Cantrell. born March 22, 1835. 

Stephen England Cantrell, born April 20. 1827. 

9th. Samuel Cantrell, born February 3, 1793.— Died July 
24, 1795. 
When this you see rememher me. — ZEBULON G. CANTKELL. 

DeWitt County, 111., May 14. 1841. 
My Dear Children: 

Before you see this I shall have gone the way of all the 
living to that world from whose bourne no traveler returns. 
This therefore as my last legasee, though not least. I have 
thought proper to leave to you all in common and it is my 
last and solemn request that you may bear it in mind and act 

In the first }»lace I will say. remember your Creator in 
the days of your youth, the evil days come not when you 
shall or may say I have no pleasure in them, by so doing you 
will be enabled in the next place, to live honestly, righteous- 
ly and soberly in this present world and sure of a blessed re- 
ward in that which is to come. 

It is my hope and request that you lead honest and 
peaceable lives, avoiding as much as possible all broils of 
every sort, but on the other hand cultivate honorable friend- 
ship, don't let little things interrupt your good feeling toward 
your neighbors, but more especially amongst youi'selves. 

I have seen broils among brothers and sisters and oh! 
how hateful. I do sincerely hoj>e this may not be the case 
with you. We are all fallible and are liable to do wrong, 
though as we need forgiveness, it is our duty to forgive. 

I want you as a band of brothers to be friendly and work 
to each others hand and if one should be more prosperous 
than another do not envy him. nor let him that is prosperous 
look down on his poor brother. Let not, as is sometimes the 

case, any little frivolous difference about the little property 
I may leave mar your good feeling- toward each other. 

I have done as near equally by you all as I could. If I 
have failed in judgment, it has not been because I preferred 
one before another of you. 

The foregoing I wrote in much pain as you will see and 
remember by the date, and although it is very short I could 
not have given utterance to this much had you have been all 
present. My feelings in such a case would have failed me. 
Therefore I have left this little thing as a memorial of my 
tender regard and parental feelings for those I have been the 
means of bringing into the world, and for whom I now pray 
may be preserved and inclined and enabled to fulfill this, 
my requirements, with every other duty that may be incum- 
bent upon them. 

And now, my children, I bid yon farewell and may the 
God of peace have you in his holy keeping and may you set 
the determination to say and do as Joshua of old — let others 
do as they please; as for me and my honse we will serve the 
Lord. Zebulon Gr. Cantreli.. 

Alike to all my children, both natural and adopted. 

June 25, 1843, DeWitt County, Illinois. 
When I am pained and sore distressed, 
And I call to mind I once was blessed. 
With one soft hand to hold my head. 
But now that hand lies cold and dead. 
Within that lonely sacred spot. 
By all but me perhaps forgot. 
Entombed here lies beneath this willow. 
The hand that often smoothed my pillow 
When racked with pain an<l sore distressed, 
Of earthly friends she was the best. 

Zebulon G. Cantrell. 

Toast for July 4th, 1S45: 

In friendship we're met, in friendship let's part. 
Let nothing but friendship have place in our heart; 
And in duty and friendship let each of us vie 
Till we meet here again on the Fourth of July. 

Zebulon G. Cantrell. 


The oldest son of Joshna, was born June 20. 1773. Mar- 
ried Sarah McCollam August 31. 1797. She was born Feb- 
ruary 8. 1779. They moved to Ohio in 1811, and in 1833 
moved to Sangamon county. 111. In 1834 moved to DeWitt 
county, Illinois. They had 14 children: Ann. Polly. Joshua, 
Chrispan. Agnes Minerva, John McCollam. James Madison, 
Sarah, Zebulon Pike, Eliza, Rebecca and Rachel; twins, 
Wyatt, William Levi. 

Their mother died May 20. 1843. and their father Septem- 
ber 11, 1845, both near Waynesville, 111. 


Was born August 31, 1798; died May IH. 1822. 
Married John Branson September 12, 1817. Mr. Bran- 
son was a teamster during the war of 1812. and had his 
hand crippled while on duty. They had one child, Zebulox, 
who was born June 20, 1818. Married Rachel Brancher Au- 
gust 6, 1840. She was born March 10, 1821. They had 11 
children. 6 of whom died when young; the other 5 are: Emily, 
Caroline, Isaac R., Charles Marion, Zebulon Seigle. 

Emily Branson was born October 29, 1843, Married 
Dilworth B. Carter October 29, 1861. They had 5 children: 
Harry Dilworth, Stella E., Irving Bobbins, and two died 
young. Mr. Carter lives at Omaha, Neb. 

Caroline Branson was born May 26. 1848. Married 
James C. Brown. They have one child, Blanche lola, and 
live at Atlantic, Iowa. 

Isaac R. Branson was born January 28, 1851. Married 
Mida A. Bishop. They have no children, and live at Aurora, 

Charles M. Branson was born July 19, 1853. Married 
Ida D. Currier August 22, 1877. They have 4 children: Lois, 

Stewart, boi-n May 23, 1878; Berniee Marie, born Deccuibpr 
31, 1S82; Charles Blaine, born January 28, 1884; Joe Branch- 
er, born June 1, 1886. Mr. lirauson is a farmer and stock 
raiser at Lincoln, Neb. 

Zebllon S. Branson, born March 25, 1862. Married 
Anna B. Vaughn in 1885. They have 1 children: Charles, 
Milton, Leo Burnell, Zebulon Dorr, John ]McKinley. Mr. 
Branson is a farmer and stock raiser and live stock auctioneer 
at Waverly, Xeb. 

Zebulon Branson enlisted in 1862, in the 108d Illinois 
Infantry for three years. He was First Lieutenant, and was 
killed June 27, 1864, while leading his company in a charge 
Gu the rebel fortifications at Kenesaw ^Mountain. 


Was born July 20, 18()(), and died while young. 


Was bciiii A].iil :;. 1MI2. Died Octi^bt-r 27, ISC.U. Mairied 
Eliza Scott July 81, 1828. She was born October IS, 1S(M. 
They had two children : Sarah and John S. 

Sarah Cantrell was born May 81, 1820. Marreid hviu 
Danels February 17, 1848. He was born August 11, 1S25. 
Died May 10, 1808. They had children: William, John, 
Edward, Hannah, Jeremiah Perry, Eliza. Ida. Lydia, Mary 
A., Cara. 

William Danels was born May 15, 1840. ^Married Mary 
Eliza Mills August 10, 1S(;0. She was born November 22, 
1850. Their children are: Omer, born Se])tember 25, 1871; 
Charles AV. was born December (J, 1872. Married Lubi Mc- 
Kinney June 2(1, 1807. They live at Delta, Iowa. Frank born 
September 30, 1874; Irvin, Jr., born December 2S. 1885; Juan- 
ita was born August 81, 1887. Artemas S. was born Novem- 
ber 11, 18<I2. Died December 8. 1802. 

Mr. Danels is a farmer and lives at Batavia, Iowa. 

John Danels, born June 24, 1851. Died September 17, 

Edward Dancls was liorn July 8, lSo:>,. Married Sophnj- 
.nia E. Jenkins March 28. 1878. She w^as horn Anj>nst 2, 1858. 
Their children are: Claude H.. born January 20, 1879; Jesse 
L.. boi-n March 28. 1882. Married Nason Kellogg March 28, 
1898. Mr. i:)anels is a farmer and lives near Clinton, Illinois. 

Hannah Danels was born April 7. ]8."')(). Married S. M. 
Swartz July 22. 1885. He was born April 27. 1859. Their 
children are: Fanny Fay. born May 9. 1880; Mamie J., born 
September 7. 1887; Ben Harrison, born November 19, 1888; 
Eeuben DeWitt. boin December 20. 1890. They live at Par- 
nell. Illinois. 

J. P. Danels was born August 8, 1858. Married Addle 
]\I. Robertson March 15, 1885. She was born March 9, 1868. 
Died July 1. 1886. October 20, 1892. Mr. Danels married 
Fanny C. Lewis. She was born August 29. 1857. Mr. Danels 
runs a dray line in Clinton. Illinois. 

Eliza A. Danels was boin December 8. 1861. Died March 
15. 1862. 

Ida Danels was born September 9. 186:5. and lives with her 
mother on the home place. 6 miles southeast of Waynesville, 

Lyda Ann was born January 31. 1867. Died March 3, 

M. Cara Danels was born December 8. 1868. Married 
^A'illiam McCrary February 26. 1890. He was born Novem- 
ber 28. 1860. Their children are: D. Russel. born July 5, 
1891; infant daughter born November 18. 1894; Nilla B., born 
August 22. 1896. Mr. McCrary is a carpenter and lives at 
Waynesville. 111. 

John- S. Caxtrell was born November 10, 1832. Married 
Lucy S. Martin May 3, 1859. She was born October 6. 1840. 
Their children are: Anna E., born October 3, 1860. Married 
F. L. Moon October 16, 1878. They have three children: 
Charlie Claude, born December 8, 1879; Lillian Lucretia, born 
June 16, 1881; Love N. Tangle, born September 26, 1883; died 
June 14, 1885. Mr. Moon died and his widow married G. E. 

Atchison July 2, ISOO. They have one chihl, Pauline Ester, 
born July 20, 1894. They live in Wichita, Kan. 

Joshua Boyd was born June 24. 1805. Married Ella (1. 
Rpf^der September 27, 1887. Their children are: Victor L., 
Paul K., Ernest G. Mr. Cantrell is a farmer and lives at 
Current View, Mo. Mary B., born February 8, 1807. Died 
November 25, 1869. Samuel H., born March 26, 1871. Died 
3Iarch 16, 1874. 

Florence H., born April 10, 1877. Died March 1, 1879. 
John S. Cantrell was a soldier in the late war, as shown by 
the following certificate of gallant and meritorious conduct: 

This is to certify that John S. Cantril has served in Com- 
pany F, 38th Regiment Illinois Infantry Volunteers, exchang- 
ing the comforts and endearments of home for the hardships 
and perils of a soldier's life. He was mustered in the ser- 
vice of the United States to serve in the war against the 
great Rebellion, on the 15th day of August, 1861, and by his 
soldierly bearing and gallant conduct has won the respect 
of his officers and is entitled to the gratitude of his country. 

Lemuel K. Westcott, 
1st Lieut, and Adjt. 38th Reg. 111. Infantry Volunteers, 
Bridgeport, Alabama. Jan. 22. 1804. 

Discharged Sei)teniber 15, 1864, at Chattanooga, Tenn., 
l)y expiration of term of service. 

Mr. Cantrell now lives on a farm near Derby, Kansas, 
and is a carpenter by trade. 


Was born February 29. 1S(I4. and dird while young. 


Was born September 12, 1806. Married John Mclutyre. 
I have been unable to get the history of this family. I am 
told that all the children died before their mother, and that 
there are some grandchildren living near Fort Dodge, Kan- 
sas. Mrs. Mclntyre died at her brother William's home in 
Kenney, Illinois. 



Wats born Febniarv '22, ISO.s. Died luniiary 27, 1S(;2. 
Married Joanna M. Jones November 18, ls;{(l. She was born 
September 11, 1812. Died September 28, 1870. They moved 
from Ohio to Sangamon county, Illinois, in 1831, and in 18.34 
to Waynesville. DeWitt county. Illinois. They had 12 chil- 
dren: William J.. Zebulon D., Elizabeth, Ira J.. Mary, Miles. 
Trotter, Alma, Alma J.. John E., Albert, Evaline, Marcus. 

William J. Caxtrall was born September 24, 1831. Died 
April 17, ISOO. Married Lora Amelia Hickox February 14, 
1850. She was born May 24, 1837. Died February 14. 1871. 
They had three children: Frederick Aup:ustns. Nellie Viola, 
Francis Amelia. 

Frederi<k A. Cantrall was born February 9. 1857. Mar- 
ried Mary E. Teeter January 19, 1878. She was born March 
21. 1858. Their children are: Lora E., born May 20, 1879; 
David Teeter, born January 10. 1881, died September 10, 1881; 
Eva Vista, born OcttJier 7. 1882; Frederick Ormsby, born July 
7, 1887. Mr. ('antral is a printer and lives in Denver, Col. 

Nellie V. Cantrall was born in 1865, and died in infancy. 

Frances A. Cantrall was born May 20. 1801. in Waynes- 
ville. Illinois. She received her earlier education chiefly in the- 
public schools of Emporia, Kansas, and Lincoln, Illinois. 
She went to Chicago in 1885 and took the course in the 
Illinois Training School for Nurses. Graduated from that in- 
stitution in 1887. In 1889 she entered the Northwestern Uni- 
versity. Woman's Medical School, and took her degree of Doc- 
tor of Medicine in 1893. At the close of that same year she 
located at Evansville. Indiana, where she has since engaged 
in the practice of medicine. 

AMI Ham J. Cantrall married for his second wife Miss 
Mary E. Gilbert, March 20, 1884, at Lincoln. Illinois. They 
moved to Dakota, where she died April 12. 1885. He married 
for his third wife the widowed sister of his second wife, Mrs. 
Emma Clark. April 15, 1880, in Chicago. Illinois. His widow 
lives in Detroit, Minnesota. 


Zebulon Daniel Cantkell was born Aujjust -S, 18:J3. 
Died May 16, 1897. Married Snsan Foreman December 13, 
1855. They had five children: ("armi CI., Joanna J.. Elmer 
E., Thomas D., and Martha A. Mrs. Cantrall was born March 
21, 1835, and lives in Clinton, Illinois. 

C. G. Cantrell was born Ajtril 1!), 1857. Married Mary O. 
Bell January 1. 1879. She was born June 4. 1860. They had 
five children: Dora Imo. born December 19, 1880; Anna May, 
born September 27, 1882; (luy Leslie, born October 18, 1885; 
Ada Luella, born November 16, 1891, died May 28, 1893; 
Carmi Miles, born November 1, 1894. Mr. Cantrell is a min- 
ister in the Christian church and lives at Irvino-ton. Indiana. 

Joanna J. Cantrell was born June 13. 18.59. Died Feb- 
ruary 27. 1882. Married D. W. Lanterman June 12, 1878. 
They had one child, Nina Wenona. born March 31, 1880. She 
was raised by her mother's parents and still lives with her 
Grandmother Cantrell. Mr. Lanterman mari-ied Cora Wal- 
lace and lives at Broken Bow, Neb. 

E. E. Cantrell was born August 21, 1861. Married Jen- 
nie E. Britten December 24, 1884. She was born April 27, 
1861. They have five children : Kaper Z., born November 14, 
1885; Floyd S., born November 26, 1887; Alma F., born June 
23, 1890; ^Liry Abbie, born February 24, 1892; Jennie Lelah, 
born April 12, 1896. Mr. Cantrell is a farmer and lives on 
the old home ]>lace. four and onc-lialt' miles southeast of 
Waynesville, Illinois. 

T. D. Cantrell was born Febi uar\ :*>, 18(;4. Mariied Mar- 
ietta Arnett Aufiust 31, 1887. She was born March 2(;, 18(;6. 
Their children are: Leta Fern, born February 21, 1889; Le- 
ona Fay, born November 6, 1890; died December 4, 1890. Mr. 
Cantrell is a physician and lives at Clinton, 111. 

Martha A. Cantrell was born January 10, 1872. ^larried 
J. P. Lichtenberger June 29, 1892. They have two children: 
Muriel, born March 26. 1S93. and Yolande, boin :March 1!), 1898, 
Mr. Lichtenberger is a minister in the Christian church. 

Elizabeth Cantrell was born .May !». 1S3.'). .Married 
Robert King September 21, 1855. They had tlire*' children: 
Alice M.. Charlie and Hattie B. 


Alice M. King was born July 21, 1856. Married W. S. 
Harrold December 30. 1880. at Leroy, 111. Their children are: 
Helen L.. born August 24, 1888. and Welby K., born June 5, 
1891. Mr. Harrold is a farmer and lives near Wapella, 111. 

Charlie King, born August 20, 1857. Married Clara B. 
Hummel March 4, 1881. Their children are: L. Mae, born 
May 5, 1882; Pearl E.. born November 24. 1885; Queenie, born 
October 23. 1887; R(>bert H.. born September 15, 1890; Flor- 
ence E.. bf)rn December 23, 1896, and Charles W., born March 
20, 1898. Mr. King is a bookkeeper, and lives in St. Louis, 

Hattie B. King was born November 7. 1858. Married 
Abram Fry November 26, 1878. They live at Iroquois, S. D., 
and have two children: Robert K.. born September 12, 1879, 
and Earle A., born July 21. 1889. Mr. Fry is a farmer. 

Robert King died July 9, 1858, and his widow married 
William P. Shirley March 13, 1866. They had two children: 
Nellie and Grace. 

Nellie Shirley, born May 6, 1868. Married James H. 
Long March 2. 1887. They live on a farm near Holdredge, 
Keb., and have one child. Ethel Gladys, born July 4, 1890. 

Grace Shirley, born August 30. 1870. Married Hiram H. 
Crumbaugh December 23. 1891. They live on a farm near 
Leroy. 111., and have one child. Clifford L., born July 31, 1894. 
Mr. Shirley died September 10, 1883. His widow lives in Le- 
roy. 111. 

Ira J. Cantrell was born April 23. 1837. Married Mar- 
tha E. Wooton December 15. 1859. She died September 23, 
1860, and he married Sarah J. McLaughlin August 23, 1866. 
She was born April 14. 1838. Their children are: Gilbert 
H.. Myra M.. Ira J. and Cyrus D.. twins. Luella and Estella, 
twins. There are a number of families in this record that 
have twins, but this is the only one that has them twice. 

Gilbert H.. born April 12, 1869. Married Ethol Nicholl 
September 30. 1896. She was born November 1, 1875. Mr. 
Cantrell is a traveling salesman and lives in Kansas City, 


Myra M., born July 18, 1871. 

Tra J., Jr., and Cyrus Duncan, twins, born Aug. 18, 1873. 

Luella and Estella, twins, born September 28, 1875. Es- 
tella died October 3, 1875. 

Mauy Cantrell was born July 13, 1840. Died October 
30, 1875. Married Milan Harper December 17, 18(53. They 
had four children: Edwin, born December — , 18G5, died 
February — , 1867; Nettie G.. born June — . 1867, died August 
— , 1868; Harriet and Joanna, twins, born November 18, 1869. 
Mr. Harper moved from Illinois to Fredonia, Kan., where 
Mrs. Harper died. He is married again and lives at Harper, 

Harriet ^'. Harper married Arthur L. Tucker January 27, 
1889. They have six children, and live on a farm near Harjjer, 

Anna B. Harper married Martin L. Gates January 15, 
1891. They live on a farm near Anthony, Kan., and have two 
children: Bertie V., and Jessie J. M. 

Miles Tkotter Cantrell was born November 11, 1843. 
Married Isabelle Akers Martin December 24, 1863. They had 
eight children: Corwin C, Ingham, Ann ^laria, John M., 
Samuel T., Yida L., Harry G. and James T. Mr. r^autrell is 
deputy postmaster in Fredonia, Kan. 

Corw in C. Cantrell was born January 25, 1866. Married 
Ella H. Cowgill April 11. 1888. They have two children: 
Fay Isabelle, born February 13. 1889, and Lida Cowgill. born 
January 17. 1891. Mr. Cantrell lives in FnMlonia. Kan., and 
is a dealer in grain and coal. 

Ingham Cantrell was born July 28, 1868. Died March 15, 

Ann M. Cantrell was born May 28, 1871. Died Septem- 
ber 2. 1881 . 

John M. Cantrell was born December 26, 1873. Died 
March 8, 1875. 

Samuel T. Cantrell was born January 12. 1876. He is in 
the 'Frisco general freight office at Wichita. Kan. 


\'ida I.. Cautrell was born Ma.v 4. 1ST!>. Died April 8, 

Hany (1. <antrell was boin September 14, 1881. 

James T. Canircll was liorii August 13, 1884. 

Alma ( "antkkli,. Imimi May 28. 1846. Died December 30, 
1847. J. Caxtrell was born November 5, 1847. Married 
Joliii ^^'. (Jiing- Xovember 23, 1880. They have two chiklren: 
Hariv ( '.. born July 3. 1882. and Estella, born September 12, 
1887. Mr. Gring is a farmer and lives near Weedman. 111. 

John- E. Cantrell, born Xovember 0, 1849. Died Mav 2 

Albert Cantrell, born March <;. ls.'")2. Died December 
14. 18.52. 

EvALiXK Caxtrell was born Xovember 16, 18.j3. Died 
June 12, 1885. Married W. S. Harrold October 19, 1876. They 
had four children: Roy M., born April 11, 1878; Berzie A., 
born Xovember 27, 1879; John I., born February 17, 1881, died 
September 6, 1882; and Laura B.. born June 26, 1882. Mr. 
Harrold married Alice M. King. See her name. 

Marcus B. Cantrell. born Jnlv 21. 18.57. Died August 
25. 1858. 


Was born April 10. 1810. Died April 27. 1866. Married 
Eliza McLaughlin August 9, 1832. She was born March 22, 
1811. Died June 14, 1881. Their children are: Sarah J., 
born July 13, 1833, died January 24, 1857; Elmira A., born 
January 11, 1837; Eliza J. W., born August 30, 1847. 

Sarah J. Cantrall married James F. Duff September 14, 
1852. He was born Xovember 27, 1823. Died April 6, 1854. 
Their cliildren are: Sarah Eliza, born October 2, 1853. and 
Elmira Jane, born September 22, 1854, died in infancy; Myra 
Ann and Mary Jemima, twins, born September 21, 1856. 


Myra Duff iiuuried Joseph Black July L'tl. isTd. He died 
Pebruai-y IS, issl. One child, Robert Lucia ii. hoi-u March 
1879. -Mr. Duff's widow married A. Carta Tiatt in lss.~. They 
have one child. Dale, born April 1. 181):>. 

Er.MiRA A. (VvxTUELL married Geor<ie W. Kowell October 
3, 18.j4. Their children are: Jemima Jane, born September 
22, 18.-JS. Married Archibald S. McKee February 14, 1878. 
Their children are: Jennie Lutes, born December 11, 1878; 
Lillian, born :May 10, 1884; Mary, born June 9, 1887. Mr. 
McKee is a dentist and lives at Vincennes, Ind. 

Mrs. Rowell married Abner J. Lutes April 10, 1861. He 
was born May 2:5, 1822; died December 29. 1881. Their chil- 
dren are: Lillian, l)orn Au^i. 12. 1802; one son. born ^larch 
8, 18()(), died in infancy. 

Abner James, bcun April 27. 1S72. He is with the V. S. 
Express Co. at Springfield. 111. 

Lillian married Thomas C. Harry May 14, 1884. He 
was born January 11, ls,~)7. They have one child, Helene El- 
mira, born May 8, 1885. Mr. Harry is a lumber dealer in At- 
lanta, 111. 

Eliza J. V\'. Caxtrell married Samuel H. IMatt June, 
1869. Their child, Nita, born December 16, 1874, died Decem- 
ber 27, 1874, and Jay Cantrell, born November 8, 1870. and 
Ethel, born August 3, 1884. They live in Clarron, Iowa. 


^^'as born March 14, 1812. Died November 28, 1887. Mar- 
ried Joshua M. Cantrell. See his name. 


Was born January 17, 1S14. Died Ajtrii 24, 1870. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth Panlk Octobtn- 10, 1838. She was born January 
11,1818. Died June 12, 1852. Their children are: Amos A., 
William L.. Martha Jane, Sarah A.. Mary E. and Eliza D. 

Amos A. Cantuki.l was born May IL 1S4(I. Enlisted 
September 20, 1S(;1. in Co. L, Fourth Illinois Cavalry, and was 
honoiablv discharged June 18, ISOi*. He lives at Cisco, 111. 


William Levi Cantkell. born September 13. 1841. Died 
September 12. 1843. 

Martha Jane Cantkell. born October 3. 1842. Married 
Samuel G. Mott June 19, 1862. He was born June 28, 1832. 
Their children are: George A., bora March 14, 1803; Sarah 
E., born November 8, 1864; Louis A., born February 4, 1867; 
James A., born January 11, 1869, died November 6, 1875; Clar- 
rissa E.. born February 24. 1871; Joseph A., born .September 
10, 1873; Lillie E.. born December 3, 1875, died January 24, 
1876; Alonzo A., born January 3, 1877; Theodore A., born 
March 21, 1880. and Clarence A., born August 10, 1884. 

George A. Mott married Maggie Lewis September 25, 
1888. They had two children. Jessie and Waldo Emerson;, 
both died in infancy. Mr. Mott lives at Blue Mound, 111. 

Sarah E. Mott married Marion Clark February 26, 1896. 
They have one child. Murvil Elmer, born November 24, 1896. 
They live at Oconee. 111. 

Louis A. Mott married Mary Barger January 25, 1893. 
She was born June 5, 1870. Died March 21. 1898. Their 
children are: Ina A., born March 24. 1894; Chester E., born 
June 10. 1895; Ethel Frances, born May 3. 1897, died January 
]4. 1897. Mr. Mott lives at Blue Mound. 111. 

Clarrissa E. Mo^t married Marcus N. Cantrall. See his 

Joseph A. Mott liA'es at Owaneco. 111. 

Alonzo A. Mott lives at Oconee. 111. 

Theodore A. and Clarence A. Mott live with their parents 
near Blue Mound. 111. 

Sarah A. Cantrell. born December 25. 1844. Died April 
30. 1872. Married Theodore A. Funk March 23. 1871. He 
was born December 9. 1847. They had one son; died in in- 
fancy. Mrs. Funk died, and Mr. Funk lives in Decatur. 111. 

Mary E. Cantrell, born January 8, 1848. Married Ed- 
mund C. Hunsley January 12, 1871, He was born September 
12, 1841. Their children are: Laura Agnes, born November 
1, 1871; Inis Arabelle, born December 27, 1872, died Septem- 


ber 20, IST^*; John Iiviiifi-, born June :^0, 1874; George How- 
ard, born April 1, 1876; Mahlon Artliur, born May 22, 1878;; 
Charles Pike, bora October 20, 1880; Mary Emily, born Sep- 
tember 0. 1882; Frank, born March 14, 1885, died November 
5, 1880; :\rarcelhis Edmund, born July 11, 1891. 

Laura A. Hunsley married Rev. R. M. Hathaway Septem- 
ber 12, 1803. Their children are: Kenneth Adiel, born Feb- 
ruary 18, 1805, and Inez Evangeline, born July 29, 1897, died 
July 20, 1807. Rev. Hathaway lives near Cisco, 111. The 
other children live with their parents in Cisco, 111. 

Eliza Dunham Cantrell, born December 10, 1850. Died 
April 0, 1851. Their mother died, and Mr. Cantn^ll married for 
a second wife Rachel Doyle November 10, 1852. Their chil- 
dren are: William Doyle, born October 17, 1853, died October 
35, 1855; and Edgar L., born May 8, 1805. He died in infancy, 
and their mother died in the fall of 1805. March 14, 1872, 
Mr. Cantrell married Mrs. Mary Harp, whose maiden name 
was Everly. He died April 24, 1870, and she died January 5, 
1895. Both died near Chesnut, 111. 


Was born July 4, 1810. Died January 20, 1855. ilarried 
Jeremiah P. Dunham October 5, 1834. He was born March 
3, 1814. Died January 0, 1807. They had seven children: 
Mary Lauressa, born May 20, 1837; never married, and lives 
at the old home place in Waynesville, 111.; Helen A., born 
June 22. 1840; Amy Letilia, born August 23, 1842; William 
W., born November 21, 1844; Rebecca Snow, born January 8, 
1848; Eliza, born January 24, 1851; ncvci- married, and lives 
with her sister, Mary L. ; and Jermuah P., born ()(t(d)cr 27, 
1854, died August 12, 1855, with the cholera. 

Helen A. Dt^nham nuirried George H. Whiteman Febru- 
ary 5, 1803. Their children are: Luella, born November 25, 
1865; Lena Letitia, born April 15, 1808; George .>relville. born 
April 13, 1800; Helen Adella, born January 24, 1873. 

Luella Whiteman married .J<)se])li W'hisler February 28, 
1886. Their children are: Helena Pearl, born Januarv 27, 


1887; Milton J., born April G, issU; Delia Viola, horn May 
-27, 185).j. ^Ir. ^^'llisler is a barber, and lives in Tremont, 111. 

Lena L. Whiteman married George N. Bradley May 12, 
1892. Their cliildren are: J. J., born December 20, 1894, died 
November 18, 1896; and George I^ester, born May 24, 1897. 
Mr. Bradley is a school teacher and lives in Minier, 111. 

George M. Whiteman married Minnie Decker December 28, 
1892. Their children are: Claire Homer, born May 4, 1893, 
and Marguerite, born August 11, 1894. Mrs. Whitman died 
December 20, 1890, and Mr. Whitman lives in Minier, 111. 

Helen A. ^Miiteman married Robert C. Crihfleld October 
5, 1893. They have one child, Helen, bora July 0, 1894. Mr. 
Crihfleld is editor of the Minier News and lives in Minier, III. 

Mrs. George Whiteman married Israel Frank April 19, 
1883. He was born April 21, 183G. They have one child. 
Mignonette, born November 9, 1884. Mr. Frank is a brick- 
mason and lives in Minier, 111. 

Amy L. Dunham married Samuel B. Twadell October 17, 
1865. He was born November 3, 1835. Died January 1, 1867. 
His widow married Thomas H. Ernest February 1, 1882. Their 
children are: Perciville Raymond, born January 21, 1883, 
and Mary Esther, born September 5, 1885. They live at 322 
S. Douglas avenue, Springfield, 111. 

W. W. Di'XHAM married Roxanna C. Cusliman March 7, 
1867. She was born March 27. 1848. Died September 23, 
1875. Their children are: Ivan Ilia, born June 13, 1869, and 
lola X., born January 3, 1873. 

Ivan Ilia Dunham married Fred Ball October 9. 1893. 
They have one child, Frederick Dunham, born March 23, 1895. 
Mr. Ball is attorney at law and lives in Clinton, 111. 

Mr. W. W. Dunham married for his second wife Mary J. 
Piercy June 13, 1878. Mr. Dunham is one of the leading mer- 
chants in Waynesville, 111. 

Rebecca S. Dunham married William M. Sampson July 
4, 1867. He was boni November 3, 1844. Their children are: 
Cora May, born May 5, 1869, died August 19, 1873; Leon St. 
Clair, born Februmy 13. 1871. died May 9, 1871; Carrie Etna, 


born May 10, 1872: Mabrlle, boru April IT). 1875. died April 
29, 1875; William Dnnhani. born April 28. 1876; Jennie, born 
January 12, 1879; Gertrude, born December 19, 1883; Lillie 
Maude, born July 20, 1886; Glenn Rogers, born May 6, 1889. 
Mr. Sampson is a merchant in Waynesville. 111. 

Carrie E. Bampson married Tlmrman P. Dye September 
2, 1891. Their children are: Helen Fay, born March 13, 1892; 
infant son born February 14, 1895, died March 2, 1895; Kin- 
neth Ross, boru January 20, 1897. Mr. Dye lives at McLean, 

Jennie Sampson married J. Earl Buck March 17. 1897. 
They have one child, Etna Fay, born February 28, 1898. Mr. 
Buck lives at Waynesville. Illinois. 

(Twin to Rachel). 

Were born July 25, 1818. Rebecca died March 25, 1849. 
Rachel died March 25, 1892. 

Rebecca Cantrell married Jacob F. Sampson June — , 
1836. Their children are: Carrie L., born April 4, 1842. 
Died August 20, 1865. She was a school teacher. Susan N.. 
born May 6, 1844; Virginia E., born :\Iay 17, 1846; Sarah M.. 
born March. 1848. died in infancy. ^Fis. Sam]>son died March 
24, 1849. 

Susan X. Sampsox married M. V. Burns October 31. 1866. 
Their children are: Jennie B., Xette, Frank, Fred. Caleb, 
Mattie G. Mr. Burns lives at Osawatomie. Kan. 

Virginia E. Sampson lives in Kansas City, Mo. 

(Twin to Rebecca). 

Was born April 25, 1818. Married Charles Graves 
October 8, 1840. He was born April 30, 1817. Left 
home to go to California April. 1850. and has never been 
heard from. They had five children; three died young; the 
other two are: Fannv S. and John William. 


Fanny 8. Graves was born Sei»tember 11. 1841. Married 
Edward Storer November 2, 1858, at Wapella. 111. They live 
at Burns, Kan., and have eight children: AA alter N., born 
January 3. 1860, died August 3. 1860; Laveria. born May 9, 
1861, died October 11, 1890; Lucretia E.. born March 15. 1863; 
Joseph, born October 13, 1865, died January 21, 1881; Web- 
ster, born July 6, 1868; Howard Cantrell. born January 5, 
1872; Mary Alice, born April 3, 1871, and Hattie, born Sep- 
tember 1. 1879. 

Laveria Storer married I>. R. Stewart October 16. 1879. 
Their children are: Fannie Eliza, born August 11, 1880; Ed- 
gar, born March 16, 1883; Ethel May. l)orn May 2, 1885. and 
Bessie, born June 15, 1888. 

Leucretia E. Storer married D. B. Hole May 12, 1887. 
They have no children. 

Mary A. Storer married Walter A. Mcintosh February 15, 
1894. They have one child, Hazlet Howard, born March 1, 

Howard C. Storer married Sophia Bradley October 13, 

Hattie Storer married Chester Austin December 29, 1897. 

Mrs. Storer's children all live near her except Webster, 
who is a lawyer in Fort Worth. Tex. 

John William Graves was born July 19, 1850. Married 
Martha Jane Edds March 8, 1877. She was born June 29, 
1848. Their children are: Edna C, born February 8, 1878 
Vella A., born September 5. 1880, died September 27, 1882 
Mattie A., born January 9, 1883; Walter A., born August 10 
1885; Nina Hazel, born January 26, 1888. 


Was born May 11. 1821. Died January 7. 1875. Married 
Louisa Stephens. Died when her children were small. Their 
children are: Arabelle died when a young woman, and 
William H., born 1847. 



Was boin May lo. 1823. Died June 28, 1805. Married 
Malinda Stout October 26, 1843. Tlieir children are: Ann, 
Emeline. John K.. Lydia. A., Jesse. William. Sarah E. and 
Addie B. 

Ann Caxtuell, born vSeptember 11), Islr.j. Married Joab 
Coppenbarger May 8, 1864. Their children are: William xA.n- 
drew. born August 10. lsr»."5: Laura May. born August 12, 
1867; John T., born September 13, 1870, and Moses E., born 
September 25, 1872. 

Laura M., Coppenbarger married George Whitehead Sep- 
tember 4, 1890. He was born September 0. 1868. Their chil- 
dren are: Xettie M., born July 0. 1891; Roy C, born May 27, 
1893; Christena, born November 8, 1897. 

Moses E. Coppenbarger married Lena R. Luttrell Febru- 
ary 15, 1893. She was born August 12, 1876. They have one 
child, Merna Opal, born September 7, 1894. They live at Ma- 
con City. Mo. 

Emelixe Caxtrell. born October 14, 1848. Married Wil- 
liam T. Watson September 8, 1865. Their children are: 
James Albert, born September 10, 1807; Nora May, born Aug. 
28, 1870; William Levi, born July 26, 1872. 

James A. Watson married Lina J. Ayres February 20, 
1896. She was born October 12, 1871. They had one child, 
died in infancy, born February 12, 1897. 

Xora M. Watson married Frank E. Kirby December 24, 
1891. He was born I)eceml>er 21, ls(i,~). They had one child, 
Marie, born November 5, 1892. 

^^'il]iam L. Watson married Sylvia Johnson January 22, 
1896. She was born January \'.'>. 1S76. They have one child, 
Clifford .].. b(irii September 2(i. 1S!I7. \\lien these children 
were small the motlier lost her mind and was taken to the 
asylum, and they lived with their Grandfather Cantrell. 

Joiix K. Caxtrell was Imhii May 25, 1851. Married Mat- 
tie Burton Ai)ril 2, 1876. She died, and he married Mattie 
Elliott, whose maiden name was Kirby, December 24, 1885. 


They have one child, Elmer Llovd. born April 12, 1890, and 
live at Kennej, 111. 

Lydia a. Caxteell, born October 14, 1853. Died October 
27, 1853. 

Jesse Caxtrell. born June 2, 185C. Married Adella M. 
Gaddis March 10, 1878. Their children are: Lulu B., born 
March 15. 1879. Married James A. Marlow March 3, 1898. 
Fred, born February 21. 1881; Louis R.. born October 4. 1885; 
Edith M.. born October 24. 1887; infant son. born April 17, 
1891; died April 19, 1891; Jessie A., born April 17. 1892; Levi 
D., born Feb. 15. 1894. and Fern, born Nov. 14, 1897. Mr. 
Cantrell is a farmer and lives at Aurora, Xeb. 

William Cantrell. born September 12, 1858. Married 
Effa Kirby January 12, 1879. She was born October 22. 1860. 
Their children are: Wade Elmer, born January 10, 1881; Olive 
Gertrude, born June 21. 1883; Harry K., born April 16, 1889. 
Mr. Cantrell is a farmer and lives near Kenney. 111. 

Sarah E. (Dora) Cantrell. born July 16, 1861. Died July 
1, 1864. 

Addie B. Caxtrell. born September 17. 1863. Married 
Edward E. Beam September 3. 1882. Their children are: 
Charlie William, born July 13. 1883; Eflfie Mae, born Novem- 
ber 30. 1884; Eunice Melvina. born October 11, 1886; Earl A., 
born October 28, 1888; Horace Xoble and Forest Levi, twins, 
born September 10. 1890; Earnest Cantrell, born November 
14. 1892; Lula Viola, born April 2, 1895; Edna Addie. born 
September 8, 1897. Wm. Cantrell married for his second wife 
Christina Everlv. After his death she married again. 


Second son of Joshua, was born August 24. 1775. Died 
August 24, 1778. 



Third son of Joshua, was born May 10. 1778. Died with- 
out anv family. 


Fourth son of Joshua, was born April 3, 1779. Died Aug- 
ust 11. 1810. Married Rachel McCollam April 11, 1799. She 
was born April 2, 1781. Died January 1, 1849. They were 
married in Virginia; moved to Kentucky and remained there 
until the uprising of the Cherokee Indians, leaving just one 
week before the massacre of the settlers took place. He had 
a flint-lock gun with which he killed over 1,000 deer. Thomas 
D. Cantrall, now in Fredonia, Kansas, has the gun. From 
Kentucky they moved to Ohio, where he engaged in fai'ming 
and running a tannery. Moved to where Waynesville, Illinois, 
now is in 1835. His will was the first one probated in DeWitt 
county. His daughter. Polly, was the first to get married in 
DeWitt county after its organization. 

They had thirteen children: Elizabeth, Jane. Thirza. Ze- 
bulon, Mahala. Polly. ^\■iIlialll. Levi. Nancy, Joshua C, Seth, 
Eli, Rachel. 


Was born February 27, 1800. Died August 15, 1801. 


Was born August 4, 1801. Died in 1800. :\rarried 
Joseph W. Center November 27, 1817. Their children 
are: Joshua. Thirza, Elizabeth, James, Levi, Rachel, Robert, 
Almeda, Martha Washington. 

Thirza Center married Mr. Argo. Elizabeth Center 
married Mr. Bumgarner. James Center married Miss Bur- 


gago. Rachel died single. Rop.krt Centkr married Martha 
Hartwell. Almeda C'enter married George Sumpter. Mar- 
tha W. Center manied A lcx;ni(lii;i Rnssel. The above is all 

the i<M(M(l T cdiild gt't iif ilic <_'euTer family, 


Was born December 25. 1802. Died December 27, 1886. 
^Married John Humphrey January 8, 1824. He was born June 
15, 1707. Died November 17, 1882. Their children are: Wil- 
liam F.. Joshua (\. Thomas C, Zebulon R.. Milton M.. Mary J., 
Levi A.. Elizabeth E., and Rachel Annie. 

William F. Humphrey, born November 15, 1821. Died 
December 7. 1882. Married Klizabi^h E. Wolf December 11, 
1851. She was born January 4. is:^,(i. Their children are: 
Samantha Jane, born September 12. 1852. died August 4, 1856; 
John William, born July 4, 1854, died January 6, 1868; Eliza- 
beth Ellen, born October 13. 1856; Laura Ann. born February 
27, 1850; Rebecca Emma, born Febiuary 23. 1862. died August 
21, 1863; and Thirza Juletta. born February 25. 1864. 

Elizabeth E. Humphrey married Theodore G. Edminston 
June 27, 1877. Their children are: William Curtis, born 
January 5, 1880. Lives with his Grandmother Humphrey in 
Clinton. Illinois. Mr. Edminston died January. 1883, and his 
wi(l(»\\ died January 22, 1892. 

Laura A. Humphrey mairied Samuel G. Creviston October 
3, 1882. He was born December 22, 1856. Their children are: 
William, born March 16, 1884; Kate, born May 27. 1886, died 
November 20, isOO: Ella, born October 11, 1888; Louise, born 
March 30, 1891 ; Grace, born July 6. 1896. Mr. Creviston is a 
printer and works on the Lincoln Times. Lincoln. Illinois. 

Thirza J. Humphrey married Harvey L. Merriman. They 
live in Clinton, Illinois. 

Joshua C. Humphrey, born November 26, 1826. Died 
August 6, 1877. Married Sarah McClimans January 6, 1855. 
Their children are: Robert H., died in infancy, and Andrew 
J., born October 10. 1856; David. Charles. Nora and Rachel J. 

Andrew B. Humphrey uiairied Catherine Estel Hunter 
February 18, 1875. She was born February 18, 1857. Their 
<hihlren are: Josliua ^^'illianl, lK>rn May 2. 1875; Melissa La- 
^'erne, born October 17, 1878. Married I'hilip M. Marvel De- 
cember 29, 1897. He was born February 11, 1872. They live 
in Hallsville. Illinois. Mr. Humjjhrey's wife died ^?epteniber 
10. ISSI, and he married Sarah Jenetta Gai-rett July 20, 1885. 
She was born June 30, 1805. Their children are: Andrew- 
Garrett, born September 5, 1888; Lewis Andrew, born Decem- 
ber 18. 1892; Wilhemina. born October 4, 1890. Mr. Hum]»h- 
rey lives in Chicajio. Illinois. 

Charles Humjdirey. He lives in Colorado Springs. 

Nora Humphrey married Charles A. Downs. They live in 
Colorado Springs, Col. 

Thomas C. Humphuev. born February 22, 1828. Died 
September 28, 1855. Married Margaret McClimans October 
22. 1851. His widow married Robert Black. They live near 
Midland City. Illinois. 

Zebulox R. Humphrey, born August 21. 1829. Died Jan- 
uary 16, 1895. Married Margaret R. Wolf September 16, 1852. 
She was born May 13, 1835. Their children are: Joseph R., 
born August 3, 1853, died September 3, 1809; Thomas C. born 
April 3, 1856, died March 29, 1857; William F., born January 
17, 1858, died February 19, 1873; Clara, born June 30. 18«)(). 
Married Robert M. Wildman October 26. 1880. Mr. Wildmau 
is a railrcKid man and lives in Lincoln, Illinois. Tlieir children 
are: Ethel, born December 23, 1881, died in infancy; llertie 
L.. b(»ru March 6. 1883; Margaret Ruby, born September 20, 
1887: John Franklin, boin December 2, 1865. Married His- 
tery \'i<»]a T'ruitt November 1, 1888. She was born March 25, 
ls7(>. Their children are: Helen Rosebrook, born December 
12, 1889; Frances Lucille, born February 4, 1893. Mr. Hum 
phrey is a minister in the M. E. church. 

MiLTox M. HuMPHUEY, bom November 8, 1832. Never 
married, and died July 4, 1878. 

ilAUY J. HiMPHUEY. boru November 17, 1834. Died No- 
vember 19, 1882. Married William Litsinberger Mav 20, 1856. 


Their children are: Wilihiin married Miss Smalley. She 
died, and he married a^rain. Lives at Centralia. James Al- 
bert, born August 19, 1857, died May 1, 1877. Mr. Litsinberger 
lives at Trinidad, Colorado. 

Levi A. Humphrey, born July 18. 1837. Died December 
23. 1874. Married ^'annie Elliolt January 1. 1872. They had 
one child. It died when about 3 years old. His widow mar- 
ried again and lives in Colorado Springs, Col. 

Elizabeh E. Humphrey, born May 14. 1810. Died March 
22, 1877. :\Larried David :\rcC]imans March 1.5. 1860. He was 
born August 20, 1811. Their children are: Annabelle. born 
May 7. 1861. Married Charles D. Bowels August 22. 1881. He 
was born April 30, 1858. Their children are: William David, 
born September 5, 1882; Myra Frances, born September 2, 
1884; Ella May. born October 15. 1886; Olla Bell, born March 
10. 1888; Elvy Lue. born June 15, 1863, died in infancy; Laura 
Emma, born June 5. 1864. Married Spencer A. Samuel Sep- 
tember 14. 1884. He was born January 7. 1860, died May 11, 
1886. They had one child, Maude, born August 12, 1885. Mrs. 
Samuels married Arthur C. Bell December 5. 1897. He was 
born August 25. 1853. Mr. Bell is a carpenter and lives at 
Hallsville. Illinois. 

Eva Jane, born May 28, 1869. Married John H. McKin- 
ney May 9. 1897. They have-one child. John Carrol, born June 
14. 1898. Mr. McKinny has a store in Hallsville. Illinois. 

John Luther, born July 16. 1871. Lives at Monte Yista, 

William Fletcher, born February 13. 1873. Is in the 
grocery business in Midland City. Illinois. 

Rachel Axxie Humphrey, born January 19. 1844. Died 
August 26. 1872. Married Thomas R. Irwin November 9. 1865. 
They had one child. Ora Etta, born October 1, 1866. Married 
Charles M. Watson October 16. 1887. Their children are: 
Helen, born November 18. 1888; Louise, born July 15, 1891; 
Harry Irwin, born Ajuil 24. 1895. Mrs. ^Vatson lives in Mid- 
land Citv, Illinois. 


Was born August 24, 1805. Died September 3, 18G1. Mar- 
ried Mary (Polly) McLain March 27, 1828. She was bom Feb- 
ruary 10. 1809. Died February 22, 1882. Their children are: 
James McLain, Rachel McCollam, Robert Andrew, Smith Min- 
turn, Thomas Dunham. Mary Elizabeth, Charles Roger. 

James M. Cantrell was born March 14, 1830. Died No- 
vember 28, 1868. Married Amanda M. Lanterman September 
15, 1855. She was born September 9, 1834. Their children 
are: Mary Elizabeth, Smith, Larue, Franklin. Mrs. Cantrall 
married Robert Cantrall February 9, 1875. They live at Nor- 
wood, Illinois. 

Mary E. Cantrall married W. Graham. They had eleven 
children. Five died in infancy. The other six are: Grace, 
Stella, AMnnie, Roy Larue, Jessie L., Gertrude. They live at 
Cresson, Texas. Smith L. Cantrell died April 9, 1894. His 
widow and three children live at Frazier, Oklahoma Territory. 

Franklin Cantrall was born September 12, 1864. Died 
November 15. 1864. 

Rachel M. Cantrell was born August 8, 1834. Died Au- 
gust 10, 1860. Married Henry C. Haughey October 7, 1856. 
Their children are: Mary, died; R. Minnie, born July 20, 1860, 
died September 20, 1863. 

Robert A. Cantrall was boin October 23, 1836. Died 
September 13. 1845. 

Smith M. Cantrall was ]unn August 28, 1839. Married 
Hannah O. AA'illiams August 6, 1863. They have several chil- 
dren and live in Waconda, South Dakota. 

Thomas D. Cantrall was born March 27, 1841. Married 
H. Alma Fox September 22, 1863. Their children are: Frank 
Ross, Charles McKee, Robert Fox, Jessie McLain. 

Frank R. Cantrall was born November 30, 1865. Married 
Mary D. G. Lansdon December 24. 1891. 

Charles M. Cantrell, born August 4, 1869. Married Anna 
Hawley Wood June 28, 1893. She was born October 25, 1870. 
Their r-hildren are: Thomas Harvev, born August 20, 1894, 


died in infant y; Archibald Mai-tin. born Auj'iist 30, 1896. Mr. 
Cantrall i;^ a minister in the Presbyterian rliiireh. 

Robert F. ('antral!, born Jannary 28. 1874. Married M. 
Etta Stroud Xovenil>er lM;. is'.Hi. They have one child, Thomas 
E., born August 17. 1S!)7. 

Jessie M. Cantrall. Ix.rn September 23, 1877. Married 
Oliver C. Wilson December 18, 1895. They have one child, 
Horace \\'ilson, born September 15, 1897. Mr. Cantrall lives 
on a farm near Fredonia, Kansas. 

Mary E. Cantrall was born June 30. 1815. Died March 
1, 1818. 

Charles R. Caxtrall was born June 9. 1853. Married 
Alice McCrary December 17. 1873. Their children are: Car- 
rie Fern, born August 25. 1875; Frank D., born July 14, 1880; 
Walter C. born January 22. 1883; Nettie Fay, born April 8, 
1889. Mr. Cantrall is in the real estate and insurance business 
m Fredonia. Kansas. 


Was born July 1. 1807. Died September 17. 1857. Mar- 
ried Elijali Hull March 12, 1835. He was born April 13, 1812. 
Died April 25, 1881. Their children are: Levi C. Joshua C, 
Sarah Ann. Martha Emeline, Thomas W., Josiah Porter. 

Levi C. Hull, born June 24, 1836. Married Maggie Ad- 
ams in 1858. Their children are: Xellie. Robert, Xewel, 
John, Kate. Mr. Hull lives at Stark, Fla. 

Joshua C. Hull, born X'ovember 3, 1838. Married Ade- 
line Harrold February 5. 1863. She was born June 23, 1844. 
Their children are: Minnie A., Sherman G.. Edna V., Anna 
J., Emmett K. 

Minnie A. Hull, born August 5, iSlio. Married C. W. Sam- 
uel December 25, 1884. He was born August 27, 1861. Their 
children are: Harry Earl, born December 4. 1886. died Janu- 
ary 22. 1887: X'ellie Blanche, born May 26. 1888. They live on 
a farm one mile west of Wapella, Illinois. 

Sherman G. Hull, born March 6, 1867. Married I^eona 
May Harrison March 8, 1894. They have one child, Cecil B., 


born Febniaiy 28, 1895. Mr. Hull is a druggist iu Clinton, 

Edna V. Hull, born October 3, 1809. Married Charles C. 
Duzan December 30, 1S9(). Tliey live with her father. 

Anna J. Hull, horn August 1, 1876. Married Luther M. 
Argo February 3, 1897. They live near Wapella, Illinois. 

Emmett K. Hull, born March 28, 1887. Herbert Hughes 
Hull, son of Josiah P. Hull, has lived at Joshua C.'s since a 
small child. Mr. Hull, since the war, has lived on his farm, 
three miles west of Wapella, Illinois. 

Sarah Axx Hull, born December 14, 1841. Died Janu- 
ary 22, 1892. Married James Longbrake January 23, 1806. 
He was born January 21, 1843. Their children are: Emma 
Nettie, Claude Franz, Mahala (May) E., and Lemoine, Harrold, 
Percy, AYillard Dean. Elijah Hull and Jennie Esther. 

Emma N. Longbrake, born October 26, 1866. Married 
Albert T. McKee February 20, 1889. He was born June 6, 
1864. Their children are: Grace Elma, born March 9, 1890; 
Alta Verneal, born June 28, 1893. Mr. McKee works at the 
Illinois Central machine shops, Clinton, Illinois. 

Claude F. Longbrake, born September 10, 1868. Married 
Delia Swisher October 18, 1893. She was born September 2, 
1868. Mr. Longbrake is a painter at I. C. shops, Clinton. Illi- 

Mahala E. Longbrake, born F(4)ruary 23. 1871. ^Married 
Clayton Letchner May 24, 1892. Their children are: Paul, 
born May 26, 1893, died September 1."). 1894; Claude Myron, 
born February 13, 1895, and ^Mahlon, born October 23, 1896. 
They live on a farm near Wai»ella, 111. 

Lemoine H. Longbrake, born May 21. 1872. Lives at 
Wapella, Illinois. 

Percy Longbrake. born April 9, 1874. died in infancy. 

Willard D. Ix>ngbrake, born July 18, 1875. Lives with his 
father near DeWitt, Illinois. 

Elijah H. Longbrake. born March 22. 1878. He is a school 
teacher at Parnell, Illinois. 


Jennie E. Longbrake, born December 19, 1883. Is at home 
with her father near DeWitt. Illinois. 

Martha Emeline Hull, born January 13, 1813. Married 
J. L. Longbrake February 19, 1863. Their children ai-e: Jessie 
L., born February 9. 186.5, died February 17, 1886; Marquis N., 
born June 17, 1867; Lloyd, born November 29, 1869; Guy A. 
born March 28, 1872; Meta, born March 17, 1874, died March 

18, 1874; George R., born May 9, 1875; Delbert L.. born Sep- 
tember 2. 1878. died Sept. 13, 1879; Bertha E., born November 

19, 1880. died November 9, 1892. Their home is at Gales- 
burg, Illinois. 

Guy A. Longbrake is a practicing physician at Galesburg, 

Thomas W. Hull, born January 1. 1846. Married Maggie 
.4. Adams February 6. 1872. They had one son, Elijah A., 
born December 2, 1872. Mrs. Hull died and he married Alice 
Jones and lives at Stockville. Neb. 

JosL\n P. Hull married Sadie Argo Hughes. They had 
one child, Herbert H., born July 5, 1877, and lives with his 
uncle. Joshua Hull. Mrs. Hull died July 7. 1877, and Mr. 
Hull married Sophia Welsh. They have three children: Fay, 
Jennie and Opal. Their home is at Phillips, Neb. 


Was born February 8, 1810. Died May 10, 1872. Mar- 
ried William H. Jones May 21, 1839. He was born January 
18, 1812, died February 3, 1872. Their children are: Hester 
Ann, Lucinda Moore, James T.. Rachel E.. Nancv J.. William 
H., Mary Ellen. 

Hester A. Joxes. born September 16. 1840. Married 
James A. Ball December 4, 1860. Their child. Olive, married 
John M. Jackson October 5, 1882. One daughter. :Minnie Olive. 
was born to them, and Mrs. Jackson died AynW 21. 1886. 
Marion died in infancy. Walter I. is married and lives in 
Wyoming. Robert A. is married and is a minister in the M. 
E. church in Nebra.ska. Taliday R. is married: lives in Texas; 
is a railroad agent and has lost one of his arms. Dessie Polly 


is married, has two children, and lives in Emporia, Kansas. 
Hester E. is married and lives in Xebraska. Charles E. is mar- 
ried, and is a school teacher in Xebraska. Perrv J., James 
Garfield and Lucy are at home at Hamingford, Xeb. 

LuciNDA M. Jones, born January 1.5. 1842. Married W, F. 
Herman July 4. 1871. They live on a farm. Three miles west 
of Wapella. Illinois. 

James T. Joxes, born October 28, 1843. Married Mary 
Harrold. Their children are: Lillie, Clarence, Edith. They 
live at Burlington, Col. 

Rachel E. Joxes, born September 29, 1845. Married John 
A. Smith December 13. 186G. He was born April G. 1843. 
Their children are: Welbey Euphena, bom October 4, 1867, 
died in infancy; Edgar, born May 4, 1860, is at home; Maurice 
Ozro, born April 2, 1871; Claude, born February 2.5, 1873; Es- 
tella, born July 6, 1876; Elsie Maude, born June 5, 1879, is 
at home; Ina May, born May 27, 1886, died September 1, 1887. 

Maurice O. Smith married Lettie DeVault June 22, 1892. 
Their child, Francis Maurice, born March 27, 1894. They live 
in Springfield, Illinois. 

Claude Smith married Lulu Johnson March 31, 1896. They 
live in Springfield, Illinois. 

Estella Smith married Xorman Fortune May 25, 1898. Mr. 
Smith served four years on the war and lives in Springfield, 

Xancy J. Joxes, born December 20, 1846. Died October 
23, 1847. 

William H. Joxes, born May 24, 1848. Xever married. 
Is a blacksmith at Midland City, Illinois. 

Mary E, Joxes, born July 21, 1853. Died December 16. 



Was born April 1, 1812. Died December 15, 1886. Mar- 
ried Xancy McClure Xovember 27, 1834. Slu^ was born July 
27, 1810. Died September 13, 1874. Their children are: Henry 
M., Rachel P., :Margaret, William IL 


Henry ]\J. (\\xti!ai,i. died in infancy. 

Ka(Hi:l p. Cantrall, boiu December o, 1838. Married 
AYililani Metzger November 13. 18,5,5. He was born February 
9. 182G. Tbeir children are: Miiiiii<- 11. . boiii October 24, 1858, 
died January 8. 1867; Harry M.. born May 11, 18f)8. Married 
Katie Beanmont October 28. 1805. They live in Grand Rajiids, 
Mich. ^N'illiaiii Metzger lives in Clinton. Illinois. 

Margaret Cantrall died in infancy. 

^^'ILLL\M H. Cantrall was born December 27. 1843. Mar- 
ried Deborah Earsom March 8, 18G4. She was born December 
9, 1841. Their children are: Johnny, born January 3, 1865, 
died February 17. 1865; George M.. born July 20, 1866. Mar- 
ried Lizzie Klaas January 28, 1806. They have one child, Law- 
rence William Henry, born January 13, 1897. Their home is 
Galesburg. Illinois; and Harry, born August 20, 1871, married 
Mrs. Frances Luella 8inow, whose maiden name was Lawrence, 
January 27, 1898. They live with his parents, whose home is 
one mile south of Waynesville. Illinois. 


Was born May 6. 1S14. Married Elizabeth G. Robb Oc- 
tober 17, 1839. She was born December 14. 1815. Their chil- 
dren are: Louisa Jane, born October 27, 1840, died Aju-il 15, 
1896. She never married and lived with her parents; John R. 
Cantrall was born January 21. 1842. Married Jennie Love 
October 6,1870. She was born July 4, 1845. Their children 
are: Alva L.. born August 2, 1871. lives with his parents and 
is in the real estate and loan business with his father at Tus- 
cola. Illinois; Edna E.. born March 11, 1873, graduated in a 
training school for nurses in St. Louis. Mo., in 1896. and, since 
then has practiced in St. Louis. She is the second trained 
nurse that I have learned of in the tribe; Myrta Maud, born 
December 12, 1879, died November 8, 1807. The last child of 
Levi was Nancy Ann, born April 29. 1844. died March 15, 1875. 
She lived at home, never married and was an invalid most of 
her life. I 



AVas hoiii June 13, 1810. Died Decembei- 15, 1894. Mar- 
ried James E. Eobb March 20, 184(1. He was born July 26, 
1814. Died Xovember 16, 1847. Their children are: Joshua 
C, Francis Marion, Hugh. 

Joshua C. Robb was born March 21. 1841. Took sick in 
the army, came home and died April 28, 1862. 

Francis Marion Robb, born Nov. 19, 1842. Died March 
1886. Married Elyira Bridges September 18, 1866. They 
have one daughter, Maude A., born July 18, 1867. Married E. 
H. McFaiiand. They have one child, James, born October, 
1897. They live in Chicago. Mrs. Robb lives with her daugh- 

Hugh Robb, born September 3, 1846. Married Josie S. 
Scroggy February 26, 1880. She was born November 29, 1853. 
Their children are: H. Earl, born December 5, 1881, di<^d No- 
vember 25, 1887; James Humphrey Lenierb, born January 30, 
1886. Mr. Robb is a druggist in Hey worth, 111. 


Was born September 20, 1818. Died March 31, 1897. :Mar- 
ried Mary Jane Robb April 29, 1841. She was born May 30, 
1823. Died September 20, 1855. Their children are: Nancy 
Jane, James, Alartha Ann, Rachel, and a son born September 
18, 1855, died in infancy. 

Nancy Jane Cantrall was born April 17. 1842. Died 
September 12, 1844. 

James Cantrall was born June 19, 1845. Married Mary J. 
Lanham November 24, 1870. She was born January 10, 1843, 
Died March 30. 1889. Their childr.^ii are: Farrel. born Jan- 
uary 16, 1872, died October 7, 1872; Earnest, born July 16, 1874, 
died September 28, 1874; Nellie M.. b(»ru August 8, 1875; Ma- 
bel C, born March 12, 1879. Mr. Cantrall married Mrs. Chris- 
tianna H. Stewart, whose maiden name was Huckleberry, No- 
vember 28, 1889. She was born February 24, 1846. They 
live at Wavnesville, HI. 


MAiriHA Ann Cantrall was born April 11, 1S47. Died 
July 19, 1849. 

Rachel Caxtuall was born December 13, 1850. Married 
Alva C. Ingham March 21, 1872. Thev live on a farm near 
M'arrensbnrji. 111., and have three children: Creorge I'aul, 
born March 10, 1875; Mabel Claire, born May 19, 1877, and 
Anna Mary, born June 3. 1881. 

Joshua C. Cantrall married Margaret M. Leeper March 
4. 1856. She was born :\Iay 28, 1822. Died October 1. 1893. 

Was born August 25, 1821. Died August 7, 1824. 


Was born February 6, 1824. Died June 17, 1876. Mar- 
ried Zurilda Robb, Avhose maiden name was Lanterman, De- 
cember 5, 1854. Died December 11, 1874. They had two 
children: Annie Laurie and Sophia. 

AxxiE L. Cantrall married William Tracy. They have 
several children. Mr. Tracy is a blacksmith. 

Soi'HL\ Cantrall married Cornelius Cunningham. Mr. 
Cunningham is a barber. 


Was born April 23. 1826. Died July 24, 1829. 


Fifth son of Joshua, was born October 11, 1782. Died 
September 30, 1797. 



The sixth son of Joshua, was Ixirn September G, 1784. 
Died March 0, 1807. Married Deborah Mitts in 1804. She 
was born Xoveniber 10. 1785. Died March 15, 1856. They 
had twelve children: Dorothy, Ann, Elizabeth, Joshua M., 
Thirza, Adam M., Deborah, Mahala, Susannah, >\'illiam M., 
Maranda and Andrew Jackson. 


^yas born March 15, 1805. Died August 11, 1855. 
Married Charles Snelson. They moved to Iowa and raised a 
large family, where they died, but I have been unable to get 
the:r record. 


^^'as born August 1, 1800. Died December 25, 
1855. Married John \V. Snelson. They moved to 
Iowa, raised a large family, and died there, but I have failed 
in getting a record of the family. 


Was born August 21), 18(>8. Died July 15, 1878. 
Married Joseph D. Langston July 2:>. 1820. He was 
born December 25, 1805. Their children are: Wil- 
liam C, born April 25, 1830; Emily, born in 1832, died May 
8, 1872; Theresa and John, twins, born May 11, 1834. She 
died June 22, 1850, and he was killed in the army December 
15, 1864, (see below^; and James B., born November 29, 1836. 

William C. Langston married Elizabeth J. Fagaii Octo- 
ber 28, 1851. She died December 20, 1853, and he married 
Eliza J. King June 17, 1855. There were no children. 

Emily Lancjston married Asaph Bates. She died May 
8, 1872. Their children are: Theresa E., John T., Elizabeth 
A., Emily S. and Joseph W. Live in Kansas. 


John Langston married Martha Price April 11, 1862. 
They liad one child. Eva Jane. Mr. Langston enlisted in 
August, 1862. in Co. C, 114tli Illinois Infantry, and was 
killed at the battle of Xashville. Tenn., December 15, 1864. 

James B. LAXCiSTOx married Eliza Taylor. Their chil- 
dren are: Sarah A.. Mary A.. John O., Ida L. and Beulah. 


Was born December 17, 1810. Died January 18, 
1881. Married Sarah Cantrell January 14, 1834. She 
was born March 14, 1812. Died November 28, 1887. 
Their children are: Zebulon G., William G., Matilda, Isaac, 
Jacob ^r., Joshua G.. Mahala E., Sarah, John A. and 
George A. 

Zebulon G. Caxtrall was born May 7. 1835. Died May 
3, 1896. Married Elizabeth J. Lilly November 6, 1864. She 
was born November 19, 1838. Their children are: Mary A.. 
born March 1, 1806, died September 11, 1889; Melissa E., born 
October 31, 1867. Married William S. Womack October 15, 
1890. He was born October 14, 1870. They have no children 
and live in Springfield, 111. Celia J., born December 18, 1889. 
Married Frank A. (jillman October 18, 1887. He was born 
November 13, 1869. They have three children : Harry Alvin, 
born January 18, 1888; Mabel Lilly, born April 25, 1890; 
Blanche Celia, born July 2, 1892. Mr. Gillman is an artist. 
Lives in Indianapolis, Ind. 

Noah M., born September 4, 1871. Died November 9, 
1893; Arminta L. and Amelia F., twins, w'ere born August 
23, 1873; Arminta died October 20, 1891. and Amelia died No- 
vember 24. 1879; Alfred E.. born December 17, 1875, and Ze- 
bulon G., born July 8, 1878. Alfred and Zebulon live with 
their mother in Springfield, 111. 

William G. Caxtrall was born February 20. 1837. Mar- 
ried Mary Jane Randall January 5. 1862. She was born Jan- 
uary 26. 1839. Their children are: Marcus Newton, born 
November 10, 1862; Sarah Matilda, born February 9. 1863; 
Mary Laurissa, born September 11, 1865; Louisa Mahala, 
born June 19, 1867; Deborah Anna, born December 1, 1868, 

died March 8. 1801); Rebecca Frances, boru January G, 1870; 
John William, born June 12, 1871; Ida Narcissus, born Au- 
gust 2!», 1874, died September 11, 1871; Wilbur Franklin, born 
NoA'ember 20, 1875. 

Marcus N. married Sarah J. Saunders February 10, 1889. 
She died September 20, 1894. and Mr. Cantrall married Effie 
C. Mott November 7, 1895. They have one child, Maud Jane, 
born November 4, 1897, Their home is at Blue Mound, 111. 

Sarah M. Cantrall married Henry B. Mallory May 27, 
1890. They have one child, John W., born July 30, 1897. 
Their home is at Pilot, 111. 

Mary L. Cantrall married Herman Miller October 24, 
1S94. They have one child. They live near Cantrall, 111. 

Louisa M. Cantrall married John E. Strode December 24, 
1890. Their children are: Jacob E., born March 4, 1892; 
Everett E., born September, 1893, died September 27, 1894; 
Harry J., born January 4, 1895; Mary J., born December 2, 
1890. They live near Cantrall, 111. 

Matilda Cantrall was born September 15, 1838. Died 
August 31, 1839. 

Isaac Cantrall was born February 7, 1840. Died Sep- 
tember 4, 1844. 

Jacob M. Cantrall was born December 20, 1841. Mar- 
ried Marion J. Tufts December 22. 1809. She was born :May 
14, 1848. Died March 20, 1879. Their children are: Lucre- 
tia and Sarah, twins, died in infancy; Addie E. and Cora M. 

Addie E. Cantrall was born February 7, 1873. Married 
Edward Morgret March 25, 1890. Their children are: Roy 
Ray and Floy May, twins, born May 17, 1898. They live on a 
faim near Stonington, 111. 

Cora M. Cantrall, born October 12, 1878. Married James 
M. Alexander February 9. 1898. He was born March 1, 1875. 
They live with her father. January 15, 1880, Mr. Cantrall 
married Martha Brown. She was born August 28, 1802. Died 
Januarv 10, 1898. Their children are: Earnest Jacob, born 


July 15, 18S3. and Ula Joshua, boiu June 4, 1880. Tliey live 
near Cantiall, 111. 

Joshua G. Caxtrall, boiii May 28, 1843. Died December 
12, 1847. 

Mahala E. Caxtrall, born October 4, 1845. Died March 
10, 1887. Married George W. Bailey October 9, 1873, being 
his second wife. He was born March 12, 1825. Mr. Bailey 
was a soldier in the Mexican war and for one year was Cap- 
tain of Co. H, 114th Illinois Infantry. They had one child, 
Sarah E, born August 12, 1875. Married Earl Green. They 
had one child, Roy, and she married Dave f^herman. They 
live in Athens, 111. 

Sarah Caxtrall, born February 20, 1848. Died Novem- 
ber 13, 1849. 

JoHX A. Caxtrall, born June 10, 1850. Died October 5, 

George A. Caxtrall. born October 5, 1852. Died Sep- 
tember 23, 1857. 

Thirza Caxtrall, born November 8, 1812. She died Oc- 
tober 7, 1851, three months after marriage. Married Edward 

Adam ^L Caxtrall, born February 27, 1815. Died Jan- 
uary 15, 1882. Married Deliah Smith. She was born July 
0, 1820. Their children are; Harriet, Jane, Hiram P., John 
D., Jeremiah S.. Elizabeth, Martha, Eli, Charles. 

Harriet Caxtrall married William Brisentine and 
moved to Texas. They had one child. ^Villiam Lewis, born 
Oct. 17. is.'n. His mother died, and he came to Illinois when 5 
years old. Grew to manhood in the home of Joshua M. Can- 
trail. Married Mary Catherine Yocum April 21, 1880. She 
was born June 30, 1862. Their children are: Maggie Har- 
riet, born March 12, 1881; Anna May, born February 11. 188:5; 
Mamie, born October 1, 1880. Their home is in Springfield, 

J AXE Caxtrall, born November 28. 1840. Manned The- 
opholis Rubly Se])tember 17, IsOO. He died February 25, 

1870. Their children are: Mary J., boru Mareli 1:5, 18(51: 
Charles, born July lo, 18()7. died in infancy; Robert F., born 
May 22, 1870; Leslie J., born Sei)tember 17, 1875. Married 
Polly Wilkinson December 20, 1S!)7. She was born Novem- 
ber 10. 1S77. They live at Ixiverton, 111. 

Kobert Kubly married Eva (Jaddis. and lives in Riverton, 

Mrs. Jane Rubly married John Hisler January 18, 1881, 
and lives in Riverton. 

Hiram P. Caxtrall, born November 1, 1842. .Married 
Elizabeth Eunice. Their children are: John B., Maggie, 
Lottie, Nora, Lulu. ]\Ir. Cantrall is a farmer near Paris, 111. 

John D. Caxtrall was born January 6, 1814. Died 
September 7, 1863. 

Jere^hah S. Caxtrall was born November 12, 1848. 
Married Etta Drone. Their children are: Albert D., Annie, 
Willie and Wilbur, twins, died in infancy; Fanny, Oscar, 
Harry, Nettie. Tliey live in Peoria, 111. 

Elizap.lth Caxtrall was boru September 6, 1851. Mar- 
ried Joseph H. Llendriclvs January 7, 18G9. He was boi-n 
October 14, 1840. Their childr(Mi are: Irene, born Novem- 
ber 2. 1870; Leonard, born January 2, 1873; Parley, born 
September 7, 1870; Zella May. born September 17, 1880; 
Charles Francis, born July 0, iss;!; Earl ('hosier, born Oc- 
tober 20, 1885. The last four all died in infancy; Leslie, boru 
December 80. 1887; Lillian, born July 4, 1805. ^Mr. Hen- 
diicks ]i\('s in Riverton, 111. 

Martha (Caxtrall, born January 0, 1857. Married Rich- 
ard Plunkett January 1, 1880. Their children are: Louella, 
born October 20, 1875. ^Married Fiank ("lum; John Frank- 
lin, born November 2, 1880, and one died in infancy. They 
live in I]lio])olis, 111. 

Eli Caxtrall, born ^March 25, 1850. Married Laura E. 
Karnes January 27, 1881. She was born January 13, 180:'>. 
Their children are: George H., born November 11, 1882; Min- 
nie, born December 5, 1884; Mary Elizabeth, born Jaimary 
17, 1888; John I)., boru April 4, 1800; Maud N., born Sei)tein- 
ber 4, 1802, and Verny Eli, born August 10, 1804. Mr. Can- 


trail is a iiiachinisl and lives at Kiverton. 111. Has iiin a ma- 
chine in j)a})ei- mill lor more than 25 rears. 

Charles Caxtkai.i.. born March 7, 1861. Married Ettie 
Freeman. Mr. Cantrall is a railroad and bridge carpenter. 


Was born February 16, 1S17. Died June 10, 1891. Mar- 
ried Marshall S. Randall January 5, 1837. He was born Jan- 
uary 26, 1831. Died September 15, 1883. Their children are: 
John W., Mary Jane, William H., Garrett D., Elizabeth, 
Louisa, Rachel, Xancy, Louis T., Deborah, Walter S., and 
Isaac Xewlon. 

John W. Randall was born Xoyember 28, 1837. Mar- 
ried Emily Campbell. They had one child, died in infancy. 
Mr. Randall is a farmer and liyes at luka. 111. 

Mary J. Randall, born January 26, 1839. Married V\'i\- 
liam G. Cantrall. See his name. 

William H. Randall, born October 31, 1840. Married 
Amanda McDaniel April 26, 1862. Their children are: Lulu, 
Dubley. Mr. Randall is an insurance agent and liyes at St. 
Louis, Mo. His wife died and he married Annie Skyler. 

Garrett D. Randall, born February 25, 1842. Married 
Rachel Campbell. Both are dead. Their children are: Mar- 
shall S., John. Liyes with his uncle, John Randall, and one 
died in infancy. 

Elizabeth Randall, born August 12, 1843. Married 
Abraham Morgrett. Their children are: Alice Bell, Ed- 
ward, Clarissa, Mary, lyy, Leota and Birdy. They liye at 
Stoningtou, 111. 

Louisa Randall, born September 16, 1845. Married 
German A. Ball December 16, 1869. They had one child, 
Silas. He is married and liyes in Centralia, 111, Mr. Ran- 
dall liyes in Centralia, 111. 

Rachel Randall, born July 26, 1848. Married ^'arnum 
Aylesworth X'oyember 23, 1873. Their children are: Frank, 
Jolin, Sarah. Mr. Aylesworth died and his widow liyes at 
Red Willow county, Danburry, Xeb. 

Naxcy Kaxi»all, boiii November 1(>, IS.")!). Married Lewis 
l'l>t<)n January 1, 1S76. They had one child, Arley, and Mr. 
Upton died. His widow lives at Danburry, Neb. 

Louis T. Randall, born March 14, 18.52. Married Mary 
Brewer June 25, 187G. She was born February 1, 1854. 
Their children are: William G., born April 16, 1877; >^ilas 
W., born February 3, 1880, died November 21, 1894, and An- 
nie Pearl, born October 11, 1878, died May 1, 1879. Mr. Ran- 
dall lives in Blue Mound, 111. 

Deborah Randall, born April 3, 1854. Married Aaron 
Brewer. They have one child, Limon, and Mr. Randall is a 
farmer and lives near Blue Mound, 111. 

Waltku S. Randall, born March 20. 1857. Married 
Mary A'andarian. Their children are: Rufus, Cloyd and 
Merble. Mr. Randall lives on a farm near Blue Mound, 111. 

Isaac Newton Randall, born March 16, 1859. Married 
Lina Winters. Their children are: Mabel, Bertha, Earle, 
and Marvin. Mr. Randall lives on a farm near Blue Mound, 


Was born December 4. 1818. ^Married Newton Street. 
He was her fourth husband, and she died, leaving no children. 


^^'as born November 23, 1820. Died May 12, 1863. Mar- 
ried Leonard Mitts. Their children are: Harrison, Jessie, 
Jacob, Mahala, ^Martha. Mr. ^litts lives near Cora Station, 
Sangamon county. 111. 


Was born December 28, 1822. Married Adaline ('lay- 
well April 3, 1845. Their children are: Andrew J.. -lulia 
A., Miranda, James M., Pency, AN'iliiam J.. Deborah J.. Lewis 
E. and Sarah E. 

Andrew J. Cantrall, born February 12, 1846. Died 
September 28, 1849. 


JiLiA A. Caxtrall, born Xorember 28, 1817. Married 
Leander L. Jones September 5, 18G8. Their children are: 
Enoch E.. born Anjiust 17, 1809, died February 1, 1880; Ada 
A., born December 4. 1871. Married Fred W. Lewis July 1, 
1891. Their children are: T^ee C, born April 1, 1892, and 
Ray F., born A]ni] 1. 1S97. Live at Jetmore, Kan. Perry 
A., born January 2:5, 1873. Married to Mary L. Dorey July 
1, 1807. Florence E.. born March 21, 1875, died July 22, 187G; 
Grace J., born February 11, 1882; Virgie A., born November 
16, 1883; Ross N.. born July 24, 1887; Tna H.. born February 
27, 1889. They live at Cleveland, O. T. 

Miranda Taxtrall, born December 12. 1849. Died No- 
vember 25, L881. Married Roland V. Mallory 8ieptember 10, 
1871. Their children are: William, born June 14, 1872. 
Married Ida Hill January 9, 1897. They live at Decatur, 111. 
Lula X.. born September 20, 1874. Married FrankWhitmer 
March 9. 1890. They live at Decatur, 111. Mrs. Mallory died 
and Ml". Mallory married again and lives at Decatur, 111. 

James M. Caxtrall, born September 24, 1851. Married 
Catherine Long August 31, 1882. Their children are: Wil- 
liam Arthur, born June 13, 1883; James Edward, born Octo- 
ber 18, 1884; Johnnie Albert, born January 7, 1880; Anna 
May, born February 17, 1889; Ina Bell, born January 28. 1890. 
They live in Athens, 111. 

Pency Caxtrall, born October 20. 1853. Married Rich- 
mond E. Whaley August 23. 1877. Their children are: Nel- 
lie F., born July 3, 1878, died in infancy; Hattie E., born 
January 27, 1880; William E., born April 15, 1881; Lottie F., 
born December 0. 1882. died February 20. 1887. Live at 
Noble, Kan. 

William J. Caxtrall. born September 9, 1855. Died 
March 20, 1862. 

Deborah J. Cantrall, born August 24, 1857. Married 
John M. Long August 18, 1880. Their children are: Wil- 
liam E.. born June 18, 1881; Milton H., born January 4, 1883; 
Stella G.. born January 6. 1880; Sarah A., born November 30, 
1888, died in infancy; Urania, born September 27, 1890; An- 


cil R., buMi May o, 1S!»2; Alviu N., born September lo. 1M)7. 
Live at Xoble. Kan. 

Lewis E. Caxtrall, born July 18, 1859. Married Anna 
Black August 26, 1882. Tbeir children are: Nellie E., born 
August l:^, 1883; Lucy X., born Marcb 17, 1885. They moved 
from Illinois to Missouri, where Mr. Cantrall died August 1. 
1885. His widow returned to Illinois and married William 
Mellinger. See his name. 

Sarah E. Caxtrall, born November 8, 1862. She is ;i 
deaf mute and was educated at Jacksonville, 111. Married 
AYilliam Trotter November 8, 1882. He is also a deaf man. 
Their children are: Lillie G., born December 3, 1883; Frank 
W., born October I, 1885, and Jeff, born January 2:5, 1S!)4. Live 
in Indian Territory. 

William M. Cantrall enlisted in Co. C, llltli Illinois In- 
fantry, served three 3'ears and re-enlisted and died in the hos- 
pital at Mvmiphis, Tenn., July 8, 1864. 


Was born May 12, 1826. Married William (\ Snelson 
July 17, ls.-)2. He was born July 13, 1830. Died March !), 
1853. They had one child, Charles H., born Ai>ril 17, 1853. 

Charles H. Sxelsox married Julia E. Saunders March 
5. 1870. She was born June 6, 1857. Their children are: 
John W., born Decembei' 10, 1871); Addie I., born February 
17, 1881; George \\'.. born :May 11, 1883; and Eliza P.. born 
April 17, 1885. 

Julia Snelson died October 7, 1885, and ^fr. Snelson mar- 
ried Mount E. Jones November 17, 185)1. SIk^ was boi-n Jan- 
uary 18, 1860. Their children are: Chester H., born Febru- 
ary 11, 1802; Clara E.. born August tl, 18!)4; Adoljih C., 
born December 1!). 181)6. They live near Cantrall, 111. 

William Snelson diid March 1), 185:>, and his widow mar- 
ried Samuel Mellinger March 4, 1S58. He was born January 
27, 1832. There children are: William C, Mahala A.. De- 
borah A., and Lucy E. 


WiLiJAM r. Mkllixoer was born December S, 1858. Mar- 
ried Sarah .1. ^^"iJJ:<iillis April 15. 1880. She was born Novem- 
ber 13, 1861. Their children are: Idella, born October 5, 
1880; Clarence, born January 17, 1883; Anna, born August 
29, 1885, and Florence, born August 21, 1887. Mrs. Mellinger 
died August 25. 1888, and Mr. Mellinger married Anna L. Can- 
trail February 19. 1890. Her maiden name was Black. They 
had one child, Sherman, born December 14, 1890. They li^e 
near Cantrall. 111. 

Mahal A A. Mellinger was born November 20, 1860. 
Married Adolph Nelson February 25, 1885. He was born 
March 11, 1857. Their children are: Charles O., born March 
10. 1886. died August 19, 1886; Clara E., born May 28, 1887; 
Stella M., born November 15, 1888; Hattie A., born September 
16, 1890; Mary E., born November 29, 1891; Miranda, born 
August 11, 1893, died October 26, 1893; John W., born Jan- 
uary 19, 1896. Live near Riverton. 111. 

Deborah A. Mellinger was born November 12, 1862. 
Married James Jennings August 29, 1895. He was born De- 
cember 28, 1866. Lives north of Fancy Prairie, 111. 

Lucy E. Mellinger, born November 14, 1866, and lives 
with her parents. 

Samuel Mellinger enlisted August 12, 1862 in Co. C, 114th 
Illinois Infantry for three years, served the full time and was 
honorably discharged August 3, 1865. He lives near Can- 
trall, 111. 

Was born Januarv 4, 1829. Died :March 15, 1842. 


The seventh son of Joshua, was born October 1, 1787, in 
Virginia. His parents moved to Kentucky in 1789. He was 
there married to Fanny England November 30, 1809. Slie 


was born October 2, 1792. They moved to Ohio, then to Illi- 
nois, reaching the place where Springfield now stands De- 
cember 4, 1819. They journeyed north to a place near where 
the town of Cantrall now is, and there improved a farm where 
Mr. Cantrall lived until his death. The following notes are 
taken from writing left by him: 

Events that happened since December, 1819: 
December 4 T camped where Springfield now is a city. 
December 5 came across the Sangamon river and on the 7th 
looked for the location T now live on. December 8 set to 
build a cabin and got one raised and chinked and chimney 
up to the mantle, and the weather set in so hard that mortar 
could not be used. December 24 the snow" began to fall, one 
snow after another, until it was two feet on a level and be- 
came extremely cold until the 11th of February. On the 
night of the 11th it moderated and rained until 12 o'clock. 
At this date there was Wyatt Cantrall. Matthew^ Holland, 
Alexander Crawford, Henry Crawford, Kellogg, John Dixon 
and myself, on the way to the American bottom for provisions. 
In the evening changed severely cold. Camped at Hickory 
Point. Met William Proctor with a lot of stock hogs, and 
12th camped together. December 13th camped at Dory Fork. 
By this time our company numbered 10 men and seven teams. 
December 14 camped at Padics on Kohoky Creek. December 
15 to the American bottom to the six mile prairie, then loaded 
up with meal and flour. On the 18th started home with 14 
head of hogs, and the weather was thawing in the day and 
freezing at night and the waters began to rise and got so we 
had to head some streams. Some days we had to break the 
ice so as to let the hogs get through the sloughs. At night 
was cold. We come to old Father Bans, who was stuck in 
a snow drift for three days with a load of corn. He was 
badly frost bitten. We helped him out and kept him in 
company with us till we got to Brush Creek. There we cut 
him a good supply of wood for fire. The water was so high 
that he was to stay until the water fell, but after we left, the 
old man ventured in and lost a part of his corn. He was a 
cripple with the freezing of his feet all summer. 


The next day we got seven miles to i^ugar Creek. There 
v>e had to cut timber and build a bridge on the ice and drove 
our hogs on the ice and swim out on the land. We got over 
and camped. Traveled one mile that day. Next day got 
to where the steam distillery stands, (where the C. & A. now' 
crosses Sangamon, north of Springfield), and camped. By this 
time the river got over the banks and no ferry boat or canoe 
we got a grubbing hoe and our ax and made a trough, and 
Bro. Wyatt came across to get tools to l»uild a canoe, but 
did not return for days. 

Fourth day while I was in camp Stephen England come 
with a family to the camj). and we sent a boy to Mr. Kelly's, 
where the city of Springfield now is, for a set of tools and 
made a canoe and commenced swimming and ferrying with 
the canoe, and on the twenty-first day from the start we and 
party arrived in good health and spirits. 

The snow yet remained in drifts until the 10th of March. 
The spring was fine and we began to improve. On the 2oth 
day of April there was a heavy rain and that w^as the last 
till the 10th of July. The drought set in and the late planted 
corn never came up until the July rain, and in May, the 20th, 
there was a frost that cut the corn to the ground. 

The season was so bad that we thought about moving 
back to the settlement, but in August went down to the 
American bottom and got a load of corn, and Bro. Wyatt and 
as far as where Selly mill stands, and my team stuck fast in 
the mud. There I had to unload the corn and reload one of the 
hottest days in August. All the drink was out of a horse 
track wiiile I was doing this. Bro. Wyatt was gone across 
to Spring Creek to Elias mill to get grinding. In a few days 
I went down to the Ridge Prairie and bought a set of mill 
stones and built what we then called a band mill, constructed 
by a large wheel 40 feet over and a rawhide or a tug around 
a wheel, and ground the first grain ever on the north side of 
the Sangamon river in the fall of 1S20. Then the ])eople 
came to my mill for thirty miles and in 1S22. in tlip spring. 
I built a water mill. That was the only chance for the north 
for fifty miles for a while. 


In the fall of 1830 I built a saw mill. The season was 
very dry. so that I could not grind none and had mv hands 
to dig the foundation deep in the bed of the creek and in the 
month of November there came one shower and I caught 
enough of water to saw eighty feet of lumber and then it be- 
gan to snow and snowed one snow after another, till it was 
four feet on a level and drifted till it covered the stake and 
ridered fences and in many places was seven or eight feet 
deep. On my farm, too. it took two good yoke of oxen to 
haul one shock of fodder and continued so till in February. 

Before his death, Mr. Cantrall gathered some material 
for a family history, and I am told that he requested the book 
to be published after his death. I have been unable to find 
any of these papers. 

Levi Cantrall was married twice. There were thirteen 
children in the first family and two in the last: Thomas, 
Ann. Xancy. Steven L., Celindra. Eleanor, Elizabeth, Levi L., 
Rachel, Charles S.. Joshua L.. Jessie, McDonald, Fannie L., 
Joseph S. 


\yas born October 11, 1810. Died June 22, 1850. Mar- 
ried Priscilla D. McLemore October 3, 1831. She was born 
vSeptember 14, 1814. They had nine children: Clarissa, Tur- 
ner H., Young ]\r., Levi, Nancy A., Thomas J., Fannie P., Mary 
E., James D. 

Clauissa Cantrall was born January 20, 1833. Never 
married and makes her hoiiic at Athens, 111. 

TurtNKR H. Cantrall was born May 0, 1834. Never mar- 
ried and died November 30, 1804, at his sister Nancy's, in 
Grecnsburg. Mo. 

YoiNt; M. Cantrall was born Ajtiil 30. ls:)(i. Died July 
1, 1803. Married Ellen Graham February 14, ls(il. She was 
born September 6, 1838. Mr. Cantrall enlisted in 1862 in Co. 
(\ 114th Illinois Infantry. Died in the ai'uiy. Their only 
child. Thomas E., was born March 12, 1802. Married (li'ace 


M. Wliitney May 8, 1883. Their cbildien are: Estella May, 
boi-u February 11, 1885; Young A., born September 18, 1889; 
TJla J., born September 21. 1803, died November 2, 1893; Al- 
len W., born October 7, 1804. :\Ii-. Cantrall is a seliool 

Levi Caxtkall A\as born July 10. 1838. Died March 21, 
1861. He was a cripi>le and died at his brother Turner's at 
Elkhart 111. 

Xax'Cy a. Cantrall was born March 25, 1840. Married Eg- 
bert Mallory August, 1858. Their children are: Thomas, 
Egbert. Ormand, Minnie K., Angle, Benjamin F. Thomas 
Mallory died when about 28 years old. Egbert O., married 
Minnie Frogg. Minnie K. married Albert Petit. They had 
one daughter. Angle married Mr. Frogg. All live near 
Greensburg, Mo. 

Thomas J. Cantrall was born December 21, 1842. He 
served three years in the 10th Illinois Cayalry, re-enlisted 
and served one year and four months more, w^as honorably 
discharged. Married Bell Dye. They have three children 
and live in Oklahoma. 

Faxxie r. Cantrall was born March 2, 1844. ..Died May 
6. 1888. Married James D. Mallory April 25, 1861. Their 
children are: Henry E., and Edwin Archer. Henry E. Mal- 
lory is married, has two children and lives at Jerseyville, 111. 
Mr. ^Mallory is a railroad mail agent. 

Edwin A. Mallory is in the government employ in Chi- 
cago. 111. 

Mary E. Caxtrall was born December 8, 1844. For 25 
years she taught school in Sangamon and Menard counties. 
Never married and lives in Jacksonville, 111. 

James D. Cantrall was born January 11, 1847. Died 
in infancy. 

Mrs. Priscilla Cantrall died and Thomas married Eliza- 
beth Estiel June 12, 1848. She was born January 28, 1820. 
They had four children: Martha E., Robert H., William 
Mack, Charles. 


Martha E. Caxtrall was born June 12. 1849. Mairi.^d 
David Van Deventer October 1, 18G9. Thev had one child, 
Emma, born October 21, 1871. Her mother died when she was 
6 months old and she was raised b}- her Oi-andniother Can- 

Robert H. Caxtrall was born July 10, 18."jl. Married 
Louisa A. Goflf August 14, 1873. She was born July 11, 1853. 
They have eight children: Eflfie Bell, born February 27, 1874; 
Thomas Arthur Avas born July 3, 1875. Married Sylvia Pot- 
ter September 23, 1896. They had one child, Roy Trvin, born 
August 1, 1897. Lilly Jane, born February 17, 1877. Mar- 
ried Frank Brown August 5, 1896. Minnie Etta was born 
December 15. 1878; Robert Earnest was born July 19, 1880^ 
died April 15, 1881. Stella May was born January 18, 1882; 
Luther Franklin was born December 23, 1883; Goff Estiel, 
born November 15, 1894. Mr. Cantrall lives on a farm just 
outside of the eastern limits of Athens. 111. 

William M. Caxtrall was born Ajiril 16, 1853. Married 
Mary Letitia McLelland March 22. 1882. She was born Oc- 
tober 22, 1864. Their children are: Bessie Helen, born 
March 4, 1883; Earl Esta, born May 21. 1885; Raymond Les- 
lie, Ijorn January 16, 1887; Rena :May, born April 12, 1888. 
Died September 1, 1892. Archie Lee, boin May 1, 1890. 
Percy Wilson was born April 18, 1S92. Ruth Hester was born 
December 3, 1893. Fred McDonald was born August 21, 
1895. Air. Cantiall is a farmer and dairyman and lives just 
outside the southern limils of Springfield, 111. 

Charles H. Caxtrall was born December 29, 1855. He 
with his mother and niece, Emma ^'an Deventer, live on a 
farm near Fancy Prairie, 111. 

Thomas Cantrall lost his life by a runaway team dragging 
a saw-log over him. 


Was born July 27, 1812. Married Edward Ridgway. 
They had three children, Nancy, Eliza, and a son died in in- 
fancy. Nancv Ridgwav married James Milan. Thev live- 


near Elkhart, Illinois, ^[r. Ridgway died and his widow mar- 
ried Ferdinand Meeker. They had one daughter, Duleina. 
She married H. Jeremiah Lashbaugh. 


Was born September 111 1813. Died November 27, 1850. 

.Married Turner HoHaud, February, 1832. He was born Julj 

IT. 1806. Died. :\[arch 6, 1866. Their children, Amanda, 

'Thomas, Fannie, Milam, Marian, William H., Benjamin F., 

Xucinda, Priscilla, Levi. 

Amanda Holland was born May 30, 1833. Married Ellas 
B. Feneh. Her only child died in infancy, and she died April 
3, 1854. 

Thomas Holland died in infancy. 

Fanny Holland was born December 5, 1835. Married 
Thomas R. Clay pool. October 8, 1854. He was born February 
19, 1826. Their children, Ida M., Clara B., Charles H., Levi 
B., Chloe L., Fredie D. 

Ida M. Claypool was born April 2, 1857. Married C. C. 
Van Meter. October 13, 1874. They have two children, Hattie 
Bell, born .June 14. 1876; Abram D.. born :May 7, 1879. Mr. 
VanMeter lives on a farm 4 miles east of Cantrall, 111. 

Clara B. Claypool was born ]May 14. 1859. Married John 
Dolvin December 25. 1888. They have one child, Joy V.. born 
May 17. 1894. 

Charles H. Claypool was born June 18, 1863. Died Jan- 
uary 28, 1864. Levi B. Claypool was born June 9, 1865. Mar- 
ried Lena P^ngland September 8, 1887. Their children, Harry 
E. was born January 29, 1889. Died, December 8, 1891. 
Joseph F. was born June. 1891. Robert, born July, 1892. 
Ellis was born February 7, 1894, Luvena born December 7, 

Chloe L. Claypool was born July 14. 1867, and Fredie D. 
Claypool was born December 21, 1871. Live with their pa 
rents. Their home is adjoining Cantrall on the north very 
near where Levi Cantrall settled. 

Milam Holland was born July 19, 1837. Married Mary 
A. England, and died about one month after marriage. His 
widow married Wellington Mott. 

Fraxois Marl\x Holland born March 2, 1839. Died 
when 18 years old. 

\ViLLLVM H. Holland was born October 28, 1840. Mar- 
ried Ruth A. Canterberry, February 12, 1867. They had sev- 
eral children, but all died in infancy, except Albert and Char- 
ley. Charley was killed by a horse wiien about ten years old. 
Albert Holland is married and lives in the mountains of 
>Vestern ^^'yoming. The parents live at Buffalo, Wyoming. 

Benjamin F. Holland was born July 8, 1842. Married 
Maggie R. Hunt December 28, 18G5. She was born Septem- 
ber 3U, 1843. Their children are: Thomas C, born Decem- 
ber 29, 1869. Married Clara Ishmael October 21, 1893. Mr. 
Holland is a telegraph operator and lives at Wichita, Kan- 
sas. Eddie G., born October 1.5, 1873, is ticket agent at Oak- 
ford, 111. Thomas Holland was born July 19, 1877. Lives 
with his parents at Cantrall, 111. 

Lucinda Holland was born February 17, 1844. Married 
James I. Woods, March 1, 1866. They had one child, James 
I., Jr. Mv. Woods died July 2, 1870. His widow married 
Charles Calhoon. They have one child, Agnes, and live at 
Sheridan, Wyo. 

Priscilla Hollaxd was born ^farch 17, 1846. Married 
William S. Hurt, February 1, 1866. He was born January 
4, 1846. Their children are: Harry T., born July 28, 1867. 
He is married and has one child and lives in Genevia, Tnd. 
James F., born Se])temb('r, 1869, is a railroad man. Fred 
Grant was born May, 1872, ;nid lives at Fort Worth, Texas. 
Is a railroad man at Anbiuii Tai-k, ^'hicago. Mr. Hurt lives 
at Kinglisher, Oklahoma Territory. 

Levi Hollaxd was born May, 1848. Died when about 2 
3^ears old. 


Was born April 4, 1815. Died July, 1875. Married :Mary 
Ridgway, 1833. Their children are: Fannie, Almira, Jane, 
George W. 

Fannie Cantkall was boru January 2(i. 1835. Married 
George R. Provin December 13, 1850. Their children are- 
Sarah M., Laura A., Joel Wesley, ^'ieIla Ellen, George W., 
Stephen Clark. Ulysses Grant, Savilla Prose, John R. 

Sarah M, Provin was born October 16, 1851. Married 
John P. North December 30, 1865. Their children are: Jes- 
sie G., born October 4, 1867; William E., born July 15, 1870; 
Fannie J., born April 6, 1873; Yiqla E., born December 27, 
1878; Harry S., born October 29, 1882; Bertie C, born June 
11, 1888. Mr. North lives at Lane Station, 111. 

Laura A. I*rovin was born November 26, 1853. Married 
Watson Newberry September 8. 1874. Their children are: 
L. A., born January 4. 1876: Minnie J., born December 17, 
1878; Lulu A., born January 26, 1880. Mr. Newberry died 
December 13. 1894, and his widow lives at Clinton, 111. 

Joel W. Provin, born June 12, 1866. Married Jane S. 
Webb March 24. 1878. Their children are: Perry, born 
1878; Laura, born 1881; Ira. born 1889; Homer, born 1894. 
Mr. Provin lives near Clinton, 111. 

A'. Ellen I*rovin. born March 7, 1859. Married Daniel 
Lukenbill November, 1881. Their children are: Ora F., born 
August 30. 1876; Liddie. born October 8. 1883; Sydney, born 
February 7, 1886; Rosa Nell, born January 16, 1889; Pearl, 
born September 13, 1894; Ruby, born November 25, 1896. 
They live at Weldon, 111. 

George W. Provin was born February 3. 1862. Married 
Katie E. Smith February 17, 1897. They have one child. 
Smith Sydney, born December 31, 1897. They live at Mal- 
com, la. 

Stephen C. Provin, born March 3, 1866. Married Jacob- 
ina N. Knutson August 17. 1895. They have one child, Syble 
May. Their home is at Howe, la. 

Ulysses G. Provin was born September 29, 1868. Mar- 
ried Emma West February 28, 1894. Their children are: 
Clarence R., Clyde E.. Roy O. Live at Malcom, la. 

Savilla P. Provin was born June 13. 1872. Died Febrn- 
arv 29, 1888. 


John R. Piovin. born January 20. 1878. Died in infancy. 

Almira J. Caxtrall was born February 22. 1837. Died 
1857. Married Samuel Mellinger. They had one child, Sam- 
uel I., born January :>0, 18."ir). He married Mary J. Dorshman 
March 1. 1877. She was born November 9, 18(>0. Their chil- 
dren are: Samuel L., born July 19, 1878; Minerva A., l)orn 
March 9, 1880: Mahala D.. born November 5. 1882. Mrs. Mell- 
inger died July 12. 1880. Mr. Mellinger married Margaret 
Miller. Five children were born to them: Floyd, Willie, 
Oliver. Lucy. Rose. Mr. Mellinger died September 28, 1895. 
His widow lives near DeWitt. 111. 

vSamuel Mellinger married ^Nlaranda Snelson. w^hose 
maiden name was Cantrall. See her name. 

George W. Cantrall was born September 9, 1839. Died 
June 29, 1803. He enlisted in 1802 in Co. I, 114th Illinois 
Infantry, and died at 13 A. C. hospital, at Chickasaw Bluffs, 


Was born November 14, 1810. Died young. 


^^'as^ l)orn October 17, 1818. Married John Jor- 
dan. She died in Kansas in 1893 and he died about 
six months after. Couhl not loain any more. 


Was born May 20, IslM). Married James Driskell. 
He was born January 20, 1814. Their children are: 
Abram V., Levi C. David S., Sarah C, Harriet 
Jane, Elizabeth. Mr. Driskell died November 10, 1802. His 
wife died May 25, 1850. 

Abram V. Driskell married Maggie Williams. They 
had one son, George W.. l>orn March, 1877. His home was 
Los Angeles, Cal. He left for Klondyke February. 1898. 

Levi C. Driskell was born July 30, 1841. Never mar- 
ried and lives with his sister, Harriet Fulkersou. 


David S. Driskell was born in 1843. He enlisted in 
1862, came home and died, from diseases contracted in the 
army, at the home of McDonald Cantrall. 

Sarah C. Driskell was born January 17, ISIG. Married 
Harrison Hurt. Their children are: Eleanor P., born Octo- 
ber 14, 1865; Hattie died in infancy; Annie, born July 7, 

Eleanor P. Hurt married Thomas Hiues. They haye four 
children: Harry, Oscar, Helen, Thurman. They live at Da- 
vid City, Xeb. 

Anna Hurt married George Hutchison. They have one 
child, David Glenn, and live at Wymore, Neb. 

Harrison Hurt died August 16, 1868. His widow mar- 
ried John Kennedy. Their children are: Laura Bell is mar- 
ried and lives at Payson, 111.; David is single and is a book- 
keeper at Freeport, 111; Homer is in the army; Frank, Grace. 
Ealph, lies, Thomas, Flavia Scott. Their home is at Payson, 

Harriet Jaxe Driskell, born Xovember 3, 1848. Mar- 
ried Abram Fulkinson August 7, 1867. He was born August 
27, 1839. His father lives in Williamsville, 111., and will be 
99 years old September 12, 1898. Their children are: Clara 
Frances was born July 22, 1868. Married Charles D. Beeker 
May 22, 1892. They have two children: Abram E., born 
June 28, 1893; Helen L.. born February 28, 1895. 

James William was born October 27, 1871. Married An- 
geline Constant February 16, 1897. They have one child, 
born July 5, 1898. 

Sarah E., born October 7, 1873. Died in infanc}'. Frank 
D., born September 7, 1876. Died March 5, 1879. 

Elizabeth Driskell was born April 17, 1859. Married 
John W. Graham Xovember 1, 1866. He was born February 
22, 1845. Their children are: Albert Y., born October 29, 
1867. Lives in Jacksonville, 111. Mary E., born X^ovember 
27, 1869. Lives in Williamsville, 111. Hattie Agnes, born 
June 24, 1871. Married Clayton R. Hartley March 31, 1896. 


He was born April 7, I8O0. Tliey have one child, John Alex- 
ander, born January 18, 1897. Mr. Hartley is in the livery 
business in Williamsville, 111. 

Mrs. f^lizabeth (Iraham married John :McClelland Septem- 
ber 1, 1879. He was born December 1, 1825. Their children 
are: Charles Benjamin, born February 27, 1881; Daisy Bell, 
born October 14, 1882, died while young. 


Was born March 17. 1822. Died March 15, 1863. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth C. King. She was born July 11, 1828. Died 
May 7, 1896. Their children are: Jasper H., William M., 
John T., Mary E., Alfred Neiotovi 

Jasper H. Cantrall, born March 23, 1847. Married 
Sarah E. Waggoner July 2, 1868. She was born December 
25, 1849. Their children are: William H., Bertram F., Jo- 
seph W., Alfred L., Ethel B. 

William H. Cantrall was born August 24. 1869. ^Married 
Adaline Cate 1890. Their children are: Lulu Fay, born 
January 25, 1893. Louis, born January 11, 1895. They live 
in Trenion, Mo. 

Bertam F. Cantrall was born November 7, 1872. Married 
Addie Herrin March 16, 1892. Their children are: Frank, 
born January 28, 1893; Lucile, born July 25, 1896. They live 
in Athens, 111. 

Josejdi W. Cantrall, born December 31, 1874. Lives in 
Meadowville, ^font. 

J II ■»^> I'll' >!' 'I 

A]t\>t^d >. Cantrall, born September 14. 1S77; Ethel B. 
Cantrall, born September 27, 1881. Live wiili ilieir parents 
in Athens, 111. 

AViLLiAM ]\L Cantrall was born March 1. 1849. Died 
January 17. 1895. Married Minnie Wells. She died July 6, 
1889. Their children are: Alvin N., Yirgie, Pearl, Lillie, 
Grace, (}ro\( r, Leona. George, and one died in infancy. There 
homes is near Otterbein, Ind. 


•John T. ('A.xTRAi.r. was borii Febiuuiy 2U, 1831. Died 
May 27, 1852. 

Mary E. Caxtrall was born February 16, 1863. Mar 
ried Benjamin F. Warren. September 2, ISTi. Their cliil- 
dren are: Harry X.. Fanny. Cora, Jessie, Benjamin, Everest, 
Eosa. Clarence, Verna. They live at Illiopolis, 111. 

Alfred X. Caxtrall was born March 18, 1855. Maijied 
Alice Mathews February 24, 1881. She was born December 
26, 1859. Their children are: Lloyd L.. born December IG, 
1881. :^raro■ie May. born September 12, 1884. Weller j!, 
boin Auousl :iO, ls8(i. Ross B.. born June 20, 1888. Jennxe/uil'l 
born Aug^ust 5, 1891. Thomas Lee, born December 27, 1893. 
:Myron Mnthew. born 11, 1898. They live in Athens. 111. 


\Va8 born February 8, 1824. Married John Overstreet, 
May 11, 1839. They have four living children: Louisa J., 
James W., Elizabeth A., John T. 

Louisa J. Overstreet was born May 11, 1841. Married 
Henry F. Shepherd. Both died leaving one child, Louisa. She 
married Jeff Bennett and died leaving one daughter. 

James W. Overstreet was born February 5, 1844. Mar- 
ried Mrs. Martha E. Dunlap. Their children are: Jennie, 
]\Iary. Xellie. 

Elizabeth A, Overstreet was born June 13, 1848. Mar- 
ried by Sebastian E. Shepherd. December 5, 1866. Their 
children, Louisa S., Emma L.. Lavina G. Mr. Shepherd en- 
listed in 1862 in Co. K. 115th Illinois Infantry. Served three 
full years and was honorably discharged. Lives at Athens, 

JoHx T. Overstreet was born Xovember 15, 1851. Mar- 
ried Maggie Brenan December 24, 1872. Both are dead and 
their two daughters are living at Lincoln. 111. 

TN'as born January 0. 1826. Died December 18, 1875. 
Married Emily M. Vandegrift, January 7. 1845. They had 
two children, Mary E., McDonald. 


^laiy E. Gantrall was born June 13, 1848. Married 
Stephen O. Price January 25, 1806. He was born January 24, 
1847. They have two children, Emily, Ellen, William, Oscar. 
Mr. Price lives on a farm four miles east of Lincoln, 111. 

Emily E. Price married A. F. Keed, March 14. 1889. Their 
children, Roy ^A'illiam. born March 7, 1890; Raymond Price, 
Ralph, Mabel. Their home is at Bement, 111. 

William O. Price was born May 29, 1870. Married Lida 
Section November 24, 1892. She was born June 30, 1871, 
They have one child. May Irene. Born February 2, 1895. Mr. 
Price is in the livery business at Lincoln, 111. 

McDonald (/antrall was born August 20, 1851. Married 
Margaret M. Peden. August 4, 1870. She was born January 
14, 1854. Their children are: Maude A., born September 
10, 1871. .Alarried G. M. Mathews, January 21, 1894. Henry 
A., born February 9. 1874, He is in the army. Bruce T., 
born May 9. 1878. Josiah P., born April 5, 1881, Betrix N., 
born August 10, 1883. Tracy E., born August 1, 1885. She 
w^as killed by a wagon running over her September 7, 1895. 
Mr. Cantrall is postmaster at Illiopolis, 111. 

Mrs. Emily M. Cantrall died January 29, 1852, and Charles 
S. married for his secon<I wife Lucy A. Swearengen June 29, 
1852. They had one child, Minerva A., born March 25, 1853, 
Died August 20, 1853. Her mother died April 14, 1853. 

Charles S. Cantrall married for his third wife Harriet A. 
Graham April 26, 1855. She was born February 17, 1836. 
Their children are: Charles H., Thomas D., Allie, John W., 
Levi G., William H., Fannie A., Homer E., Ida May, Ira. 

Charles H. Cantrall, born Mareh 12, 1856. Married Viola 
Batterton April 28, 1898. She was born November 30, 1871. 
Mr. Cantrall is in the grocery business in Athens, 111. 

Thomas D. Cantrall, born December 15, 1858. Married 
Mary F. Enlow January 30, 1884. She was born November 

I, 1863. Their children are: Thomas Leroy, born April 5, 
1885; Charles Raymond, born August 13, 1887. died October 

II, 1887; Anna Lynn, born October 2, 1890. Mr. Cantrall is 
partner with his brotlu-r in the grocery business at Athens, 


Allie Canrrall. born Jannarr 14. 1861. Lives with her 

John W. Cantrall. Ixtin A])ril 8. 1863. Married Alraa V^. 
Prophater April 29. 1806. Mr. Cantrall is a physician at Illi- 
opolis. 111. 

Levi G. Cantrall, burn September 8, 1865. Married Ella 
Xorred March 6, 1888. Their children are: Guy. born De- 
cember 19, 1889; Wilbnr. born April 15. 1801; Mira, born 
August 10. 1804. Their home is in Illiopolis, 111. 

AVilliam H. Cantrall. born November 28, 1867. Married 
Nannie Mnir ]March 1, 1805. They live on a farm near Illi- 
opolis. 111. 

Fannie A. Cantrall. born February 3. 1870. Married 
William J. Tackett March 24. 1802. Their children are: 
Charles Leland. born December 13. 1802; Tracey James, born 
December 18. 1894. Their home is near Willeys Station. 

Homer E. Cantrall. born July 6. 1872. Married Bernice 
Johnson April 26. 1897. They have one child. Horace. Their 
home is at Taylorville. 111. 

Ida M. Cantrall. born 29. 1874. Died November 
25, 1875. 

Ira Cantrall. born July 1. 1877. Lives on the farm with 
his mother and sister Allie. 


Was born July 28, 1828. Died March 17, 1882. Married 
Rebecca Hedrick October 16, 1847. She was born October 8, 
1828. Their children are: Lafayette. Fannie C, Carlyle, 
Charles, Barton R., Parthena. Julia, McDonald C, Laura E., 
Clara P.. Levi, Benjamin F., Jennie. 

Lafayette Cantrall. born January 16, 1849. Married 
Gussie Chambers .July 23. 1874. She was born Ajtril 11. 1856. 
They live near Illiojiolis. 111. 

Fannie (\ Cantkall. born September 0. 1850. Married 
Benjamin F. ('apjjs August 12. 1860. October 8, 1860 she was 
killed bv a horse. While talking with friends the horse be- 


came frightened and the loop of the halter strap was tightly 
drawn around her wrist and she was dragged until dead. 

Carlyle Cantrall, born May 26, 1852. Married Alice 
Ina King October 12. 1870. She was born December 3, 1853. 
They have one child. Ruth Macie, born October 12, 1877. In 
1896, she graduated from the college of music, Jacksonville, 

Charles Cantrall, born December 23, 1853. Died in 

Barton R. Cantrall. born April 20, 1856; is single and 
makes his home with his mother. 

Parthena Cantrall. born May 30, 1858; died in in- 

JuLL\ Cantrall. born A]>ril 11. isOtl; was married to 
Hardy Council, December 5, l^i83. Their children are: J. 
Russel, born April 2, 1885: Hardy E., born May 4, 1890; La- 
Fayette M.. born July 27. 1892; Clara Florence, born Decem- 
ber J 5, 1893. 

McDonald C. Cantrall, born January 1, 1802; is single 
and lives with his mother. 

Laura E. Cantrall, born June 3, 1801. Married Josiah 
Todd, March 22, 1883. They have one child, Fred, born May 
24, 1884. Mr. Todd died March 10, 1884, and she married 
Archie Dickerson, January 2, 1880. Tlu^y have one child, 
Erastus, born, January 20, 1898. 

Clara P. Cantrall, born September 8. 1800. Married 
Charles J. Campbell December 5, 1888. Their children are: 
Owen Henry, born September 12. 1889. Helen, born Septem- 
ber 10, 1895. Mr. Campbell was born March 29, 1859. 

Levi Cantrall, born April 20, 1808. Marriinl Eva Col- 
vin, July 20. 1892. She was born March 20. 1872. Their 
child, Lelah, was born July 10, 1893. Died July 25, 1894. 

Benjamin F. Cantrall, born August 25, 1870. Married 
Fanny Burch Adams, January 8, 1895. She was born Janu- 
ary 27, 1873. They have one child, Grace, born April 2, 1897. 

Jennie Cantrall, born June 13, 1872; died in infancy. 


Joshua's widow lives in Illiopolis. 111., and all her children 
live near her except Julia, who lives near Elkhart, 111. 

Was born April 7, 1830. Married Eliza J. Humes. Their 
children, Martha, Rachel, Jefferson, Ann, Fannie E., Mary 
Jane, Johnnie, Jessie, Ella, Ida, Joshua, Cora. 

Martha Caxtrall, married Oraer Tibbets. She died, 
leavinji two children. Alb<>ri jiiid Nettie. They live at Ochle- 
tree, Kan. 

Rachel Caxtrall married William Tibbets. They have 
three children: Jessie May, Adolph, Charlie. Their home 
is Ocliletree, Kan. 

Jefferson Caxtrall married Julia Mead. Their chil- 
dren, William. Walter, Jessie, Elmer. They live at Ochle- 
tree, Kan. 

Axx Caxtrall mai ried Wallace Wilson. Their children, 
Wilmot. Cora. 

Faxxie E. T'axtrall married John Caswell. Their chil- 
dren, Charlie, Harry, Lee. 

Mary Jaxe Caxtrall married William Burgess. They 
have four children and live in Olathe, Kan. 

JcHxxiE Caxtrall died when 22 years old. 

Ella Caxtrall married George Green. They have two 
children and live at Monroe City, Mo. 

Jessie Caxtrall married Laura Studerville. They live 
in Oklahoma. 

Ida Caxtrall mai-ried Jasper Burgess. They have two 
children and live in Olathe. Kan. 

Joshua and Cora Caxtrall are at home at Black Bob, 

McDonald cantrall 

Was born Ai>iil o, 1833. Died September 15, 1872. Mar- 
ried Narcissa Hedrick March 29, 1854. They had one child, 
Charles, born February 14, 1855. Married Florence Council 
May IG, 1888. She was born June 4, 1807. Their children are: 
John Harry, boin May 4. 1889, and McDonald, born February 


2, 1897. Mr. Cantrall lives on a farm four and one-half miles 
northeast of Cantrall. 111. 

Mrs. Fannie Cantrall died ^^eptember 10, 1835. and Levi 
Cantrall married Mrs. Ann Barnett, whose maiden name was 
I'atterson, May 27, 1880. >>he was born September 20, 1803. 
Their children are: Fannie L., and Joseph ^i. 


Was born October 9, 1838. Married Henry C. Graham 
January G, 1857. He was born May 6, 1833. Their children 
are: Mary A., William H., Araminta, Joseph S. and Carrie. 

Mary A. Graham, born June 23, 1858. Married William 
E. Johnson September 11, 1882. Their children are: Mil- 
dred, born August 10, 1883; Addie, born June 7, 1885; Minnie, 
born August 26, 1887. Mr. Johnson lives on a farm near 
Athens, 111. 

William H. Graham, born August 11, 18G2. Married 
Anna L. Clark January 10, 1884, Their children are: Edith 
L., born November 2, 1881; Owen C, born June 12, 1888. 
Mrs. Anna E. Graham died January 14, 1889, and Mr. Graham 
married Phoebe Hardman May 9, 1895. Their children are: 
W. Harrold, born May 23, 1896, and Paul H., born May 9. 1898. 
Mr. Graham is a farmer and stock raiser and lives near 
Athens, 111. 

Araminta Graham, born October 13. 1868. Married 
Harry Fulton May 3. 1893. He was born December 2, 1867. 
They have one child. Fannie L., born August 13, 1895. Mr. 
Fulton is a farmer and lives near Athens, 111, 

JosKPH S. Graham, born March 26, 1871. Married Lil- 
lian N. Prinn January 16. L*^95. They hii\e one child. Henry 
P.. born November 25, 1895. Mr. (iraham is a farmer and 
lives near Athens, 111. 

Carrie Graham, born August 5, 1878. Married Webster 
H. YanMeter, July 13. 1898. Mr. Henry Graham lives five 
miles northeast of Athens, 111. 

Joseph S. Cantrall. born October 16, 1841. Married 
Margaret A. Canterberry, January 14, 1869. She was born 


January 10, 1840. Their children, Daisy L., Dora, Hattie May, 
Evans Eaii. 

Daisy L. iDora) Cantrall, born February 15, 1870. Is a 
teacher of music. 

Hattie May Cantrall, born March 5, 1875. Is super- 
visor of art instruction in the Springfleld public schools, 
Bpringfield. 111. 

Evaxs E. Cantrall, born November 15, 1884. Joseph S. 
Cantrall lives at 520 South Walnut street, Springfield, Til. 

Levi Cantrall, died February 22, 18G0, on the farm where 
he settled in 1819. The town of Cantrall, 111., was laid out on 
the land he entered soon after he came, and was named in 
honor of his memory. His widow made her home with her 
son, Joseph, for 22 years. And died there, September 26, 


The eighth son of Joshua Cantrall, was born December 20, 
1790. Died October 25, 1877. Married Sally England. She 
was born December 20, 1794, died August 4, 1840. Their chil- 
dren are: Eliza, Samuel Denny, David P., Zebulon E., Wyatt 
E., Stephen England, William F., Polly Ann, John H. 


Was born September 8. 1813. Married John McElmore. 
He died in 1871. His widow and two children live at Ster- 
ling, 111. The children are: Clarence and Lucinda. 

Lucinda McElmore married Almanza Merrill. They live 
in Reno. Marshall county, Xev. 


Was born February 9, 1816. Died May 1, 1884. Mar- 
ried Sarah S. Alexander March 6, 1837. She was born 


November 7, 182U. Their cbildieu are: Albert A., Wiott E., 
Mary H., John S., Lucinda S., Henry, Eliza, Margaret A., and 
a daughter died in infancy. 

Albert A. Cantrall, born November 15, 18o!). Served 
three years and died on the way home. Was in Anderson- 
ville prison. Died March 5, 1865. Married Martha Hurt 
March 0, 1802. There were no children and his a\ idow lives 
in Athens, 111. 

Wiott E. Caxtrall, born November 5, 1811. Died 
March 31, 1898. Married Grizilla Holland November 17. 1869. 
She was born April 9, 1818. Their children are: Anna Bell, 
born September 3U, 1870; Ina May, born April 11, 1871; Hat- 
tie S.. born November 26, 1883. 

Annie B. Cantrall married Edgar McClelland January 24, 
1889. He was born March 9, 1867. She died December 28, 
1889, and he married her sister, Ina M., March 1. 1890. Their 
children are: Gracie Ma3', born December 28, 1890; Hazel 
Marie, born June 22, 1891; Harry E., born :\rai(li 19, 1897. 
Mr. McClelland lives with his wife's mother in Springlield. 111. 

Mary H. Caxtrall, born August 5, 1813. Died April 11, 

Joiix S. Caxtrall. bein February 1. 1815. Died October 
L 1815. 

LrcixDA S. Caxtrall, born May 11, 1817. Married 
Frank Horn December 21, 1868. Their children are: Ira, 
Ida, Edward. Sarah, Alice, Ernest. They live at Hastings, 

Hexry Caxtrall. lioru February 28, 1819. Married 
Emma E. Graham Jauuaiy 1, 1873. She >\as born September 
6, 1853. Their children are: Alvin W., born December 1, 
1873; Arthur W., born November 23, 1876; ^'erna E., born 
June 5, 1879; Samuel D., born January 1, 1882. ^Iv. ("ant rail 
lives two miles east of Athens, 111. 

Alvin W. Cantrall maiTied Allie Langford November 24, 
1893. They have one child. Fay, and live in Springfield, 111. 


Eliza Cantrall, born April 18, 1852. Married Henry 
Lake July 7, 1874. Their children are: Maggie May, borji 
May 27, 1875; HarA^ey H., born May 19, 1881, died January 1, 
1892, and Elmer B., born December 8, 1882. Mr. Lake lives 
in Cantrall, 111. His daughter. Maggie M., married James 
Vasconcelles March 15, 1898.- They live seven miles north- 
east of Lincoln. 111. 

MARciARET A. Cantrall. born August 18. 1855. Married 
Isaac Bates December 10. 1873. Their children. Phronia, 
Ethel. Olive, ^^'alter, and one died in infancy. Their home 
is ]S'ortonvil]e. Kan. 

Was born May 7, 1818. Died January 21. 1892. He 
was married twice. His first wife was Eleanor A. McLemore, 
Married March 13. 1841. 8he was born March 20, 1820; died 
January 15, 1861. Their children. Young M., Sarah E., Eras- 
tus D., Catherine. 

Youx(t M. ('axtrall was born June 30. 1842. Married 
Emiline Buswel, February 5, 1865. She was born August 
12. 1843. Died September 1, 1875. They had one child, 
Ceorge. born July 18. 1875. Mr. Cantrall married for his 
second wife I^mma Hubbard. ^larch 6. 1877. She was born 
May 6, 1856. Their children, Frank, born February 14, 1880; 
died October 22, 1887, and Gertrude, born July 26, 1891. 
Young M. Cantrall lives in Milledgeville, 111. 

Sarah E. Cantrall, died August 20, 1845, while young. 

Era.-tus D. Cantrall died June 22, 1867, when 19 vears 

Catherine E. Cantrall was born March 28, 1853. Mar- 
ried (1 H. Riddle March 18, 1874. They have no children, 
and live near Rushville. Nfb. 

David P. Cantrall married for his second wife, L'rsula 
Bull, June 5, 1861. She died August 25, 1894. Their chil- 
dren Eddie C, Wiott B., and Nettie C. 

Eddie C. Caivtrall was born February 16, 1863. Mar- 
ried Alexander C. Kirkpatrick February 9, 1887. A child 


was born Mar 24. 1897, aiul died in infancy. They live four 
miles ^(uitliwest of Lisbon, Iowa. 

WioTT B. Cantrall was born June 18, 1804. ^laiiied 
Maggie C. Snyder February 4, 1880. They liad one son, Ar- 
thur Fay, born November 0, 18!)(); died November 20, 1890. 
They live on a farm near Sanborn, Iowa. 

Nettie C. Caxtrall was born November 12, 1805. Mar- 
ried Irvin 11. Whitman, November 28, 1889. Their children, 
Clara F>ell, born November 24, 1890; Frank, born December 
3, 1892; Laura Eddie, born October 16, 1894, and Lue, born 
June 8, 18f)(). They live on a farm two miles south of Lisbon, 


Was born August 11, 1823; died April, 1841. 

Was born March 22, 182.-); died August 1, 1840. 


Was born April 20, 1827. Married Caroline Blue. Their 

children ^V'IOTT, Robert, John, Scott, Martha, Lily. 

Stephen is dead. His widow lives in Hastings, Neb. Most 
of the children live near there. 


Was born July 28, 1829. Married Lucy Kingsberry. She 
died, and he nuirried Calista Neil. They live in Iowa. 


^^'as born September 17, 1832. Married Devin Grimes. 
Their cliildren are: Lilliax and Charles. Her husband 
was wounded by the Indians and died soon after. Mrs. 
Grimes mariied Thomas Heathcoat. They have one son. 
"WiLLiA?', ;nid live at .'^'t?:l:ng. 111. 



\A'as boin October 1. 1834. Could uot get fuiiliei' record. 

Mrs. Sally Cantrall died August 1, 1840. and Wvatt mar- 
ried Mrs. Polly Kingsberry. They had one child, Joshua P. 
He married Grace Winters. They had one child. This is 
all the record I could find. 

Samuel Cantrall, the ninth and youngest son of Joshua 
Cantrall, was born April 20, 1793. Died July 24, 1795. 

The following families, of which I only have very brief 
records. I have reasons to believe are related to the foregoing 
families, but of this I have no direct proof. It is said that 
Levi Cautrell and \Villiam Centrill visited each other and 
were satisfied they were cousins, but I can not tell how. 
Pinkney Cautrell, in his letter, says he is sure that we are re- 
lated, but are unable to say just how. I trust any one who can 
give my any record or information concerning these families 
will please write me at Irvington, lud., all they know, or can 
find out about the tribe, as it is my purpose to make a more 
complete record. I met T. E. Cautrell and family, of San 
Francisco. California, but could trace no relationship, I 
have heard that there are many Cantralls in Kentucky, but I 
liave not come in touch with them. By your help, T may be 
able, at no distant day, to make a more perfect record of so 
large a family. 



^V'as born April J. iTT". Married Elizabeth Murray. She 
was born September 19, 1774, Died October 1, 1836. He 
died October 3, 1836. They moved from Kentucky in 1838 
to Sangamon county. 111., four and one-half miles east of 
Sprinjifield. Their children: Mary, William, Zebulon, 
Susan, .Vnn, Joel. 

Mary Caxtrall was born December 23, 1797. She died 
February 7, 1874. IMarried Thomas Perry. He died Febru- 
ary 11, 1869, in his 79th year. They married in Kentucky 
and came to Illinois before her parents. Their children, 
Rachel Terry, died December 28, 1868, in her 50th year; 
nearer married. 

Mary J. Perry manied James Crowley. She was born 
May 26, 1838. Died January 13, 1872. 

Louisa Perry, liorn Feburay 5, 1828. Died September 
14, 1836. 

John H. Perry, born .June 1, 1831. Died October 14, 

L. Ann Perry, married Andrew Barnhill. Died, March 
27, 1862, in her 39th year. They had one child, Mary J., born 
September 25, 1845; died May 20, 1871. 


P»orn January 17, 1800, in (Jreen county, Kentucky. Died 
November 26, 1881. Moved to Springfield, 111., in March, 
1825. Married Elizabeth Hall. February 14, 1828. She was 
born December 18, 1809; died August 4, 18()8. Moved to De- 
catur, 111., in 1833. Their children. Thoiiias Hall. Jane Ellen, 
Mary Elizabeth, Susan, Laviuia, Anna. 

Thomas H. Caxtrill, born November 1, 1829, in San- 
gamon County. Was raised in Decatur; attended the Illi- 
nois College at Jacksonville, 111., and went to California in 
1852. Married in Walla Walla, Washington, was accident- 


ally (liowncd in tlie Cohinibia river, P.ritish Columbia, 1864. 
His wife died about the same time. The}- left three children. 
All married and have families, and live somewhere in the 
noit Invest. 

Jam: E. Caxtuill. born October 27, 1832. Married Dr. 
A. L Keller. Ai-ril 14, 1852. She died October, 1892, in Sul- 
livan, Til. They had eight children, three of whom died in 
infancy. A.ddie, the oldest daughter, married Dr. J. M. Good- 
win, moved to Palmona, Cal., where she died in 1894. Charles 
H., the oldest son, is a painter by trade, and lives in Sullivan, 
ill. Kdgar Harland Keller, born June 18, 1863. Married 
Lida Stewart, April 14, 1866. Their children, Stewart, born 
in 1889; Mary Jane, born in 1892; Xaraoah, born in 1896. Mr. 
Keller i.s a minister of the Gospel, and lives at Waxahachie, 

Elizabeth ^l. Keller married a ^Ir. Thompson and lives 
in California. 

Xotie Pearl Keller, born July 14, 1875. Married R. C. 
Flemming April 14, 1896. He was born October 18, 1872. 
Mr. Fleming is assistant ticket agent at Springfield, 111., for 
the AVabash Railroad. 

Mary E. Caxtrii.l, born September 27, 1835. Died Octo- 
ber 26, 1883. Married William Dillon. He died in June, 
1889, at C]nincy, Til. They were married April 14, 18.54. 
Their children, William Thomas, Louis Edward, Fannie, 
Frank, Ella May, George Jeffreys, Mary E., Robert Lee, Anna 
S., Parthenia Jane, Grace. 

W. T. Dillon, born January 9, 18.J.5. Married Jennie Gil- 
lespie, January 9. ls77. Their children, Don C, Nellie May, 
Earnest. 3lr. Dillon lives at Chicago, Til. 

Louis E. Dillon, born Octolier o, 1857. Married Hen- 
rietta Edmonds. Their children, Roy, who lives at Quincy, 
Til., and is deputy sheriff of Adams county. George died 
in infancy. 

I'anrie T^illon. who died in infancv. 


Fi:tnk Dillon, born Octol>er 11, ISHO. Lives in Chicago, 

Ella ,M. Dillon died in infaney. 

George J. Dillon, born -Inly !'(;. 1SG3. Married Marion 
Trvin^ton. Tliey had one cliild. Duncan William. ITe lives 
at Cook, Xeb. 

Mary E. Dillon, born November :iO, ISO". Married 
George M. Keed. April li, 1887. Their children, Kenneth 
t^amuel and Miriam. Their home is 1111 South od Ave., 
Omaha, Neb. 

Robert L. Dillon, born November 14, 1870. Is unmarried 
and li^e.< at ^-an Francisco, Cal. 

Anna t^. Dillon, born November 14, 1871. Married 
Charles C. Williams August 20, 1891. They have one child, 
Leland Thomas. Their home is Hoopston, 111. 

Tarthenia J. Dillon, born March 14, 1873. Died July 16, 

Grace C. Dillon, born May 10, 1876. Lives at Hoopeston, 

Susan L. Cantuill, l)oru July 3, 1844. ^Married Har- 
land P. Christie, at Decatur, 111. Their children: Louie 
Canlrill and Harland William. Their home is l.'31 Madison 
street, Brooklyn Borough, New York City. 


Married Robert Bird. They had two children and the 
parents died. 


Married William Black. Their children, William C, born 
February 29, 1845. Died August 30, 1845. The other chil- 
dren are: Joel, Palace, Sarah. 


Born April 8, 1807. Married Elizabeth Enyart. Thej 
had four children. He died Januarv 8, 1840. 



Was born January 8, 1811. Died September 4, 1866. 
Married Zerelda E. Branch, May 10, ISoO. She was bom 
November 19, 1831. Their children: Lewis M.. Edward T., 
William D., James X., Laura Jane, Henrietta and Henry A.,, 
twins, Emily B, Charles, Benjamin H. 

Lewis M. Canirill, born April 9, 1840. ^larried Almira 
Lee. They have no children and live at North Tiangor, N. Y. 

Edward T. Caxtrill, born December 20, 1812. En- 
listed in the army, took sick at Vicksburg, and died a few 
days after the surrender. Died July 11, 1863. 

William D. Cantrill. born Xovember 22, 1845. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth S. Derry October 7, 1875. She was born De- 
cember 9, 1852. They had one child, born May 29, 1887. 
Died in infancy. Their home is four and one-half miles east 
of Springfield, 111. 

James X. Cantrill. born March 17. 1848. Married Anna 
S. Waters, March 19, 1874. She was born December 19, 1850. 
Their children, Charles Edward, born December 4, 1874, Nel- 
lie Ulelah, born February 23, 1877, Louemma, born February 
20, 1879; Frank S., born March 22. 1882, died in infancy. 
Lizzie Maud, born Xovember 15, 1888. 

Charles E. Cantrill is cashier of the Citizens' State Bank, 
Edinburg, 111. 

X'ellie U. Cantrill is teacher in the public schools in Edin- 
burg, 111. The family lives at Edinburg, 111. 

Lal'RA Jane Caxtrill died when 15 years old. 

Henrietta Cantrill, born January 9, 1853. Married W. 
H. Colby October 7, 1874. He was born September 14, 1879. 
Their children: Charles Percy, born Xovember 5, 1875; Hon- 
oretta Bertha, born March 19, 1878; Laura Mabel, born Sep- 
tember 6, 1884; George Bergen, born September 17, 1882; 
Catherine Uella, born October 17, 1888. 

Charles P. Colby was a soldier in the late war with Spain. 
W. H. Colby is an attorney in Springfield. III. 

Henry A. Cantrill, boru Jauuaiy 0, lSo:>. Manied Eva 
AHola Harris, August 22, 1883, born October 21, 1857. Their 
children: Edward Thomas, born September 1, 1884; Parke- 
son Harris, born May 28, 1868; Allen Bradford, born Septem- 
ber 30, 1888. Mr. Cantrill is a farmer and lives on the farm 
improved by his father, four .and one-half miles southeast of 
Springfield, 111. 

Emily B. Cantrill, born September 7, 1855. Married 
Thomas Benton Hart, September 6, 1882. He was born April 
17, 1858. They have no children. Mr. Hart is a fine stock 
raiser and lives at Edinburg, 111. 

Charles Cantrill, born October 31, 1857; died October 
31, 1858. 

Benjamin H. Cantrill, born September 24, 1859; died 
August 30, 1860. 

The following is a record furnished me of a Cantivll 
family by Pinkney Cantrell, of Billings, Mo. His grand- 
father was Aaron Cantrell. He was a North Carolinian. 
Aaron had one brother, Sampson, and a sister, Katie. 

Aaron Cantrell had five boys, William, John, Ephram, 
Moses, Smith. 

Katie Cantrell married John Martin, long since died. 
Have no record of Sampson. 

Ephram, father of Pinkney, had eight sons, Hiram, 
Lavin, Pinkney, Parris, Talma, Milton, LaFayette, Howard 
Gerome, Elmore, Fulton. 

Pinkney was born October 26. 1824. Has four sons, Gans- 
wite, Thomas Pinkney, Benjamin Franklin, Edward Alphonso. 

Alphonso Cantrell is a Christian preacher, and is located 
now at Vacaville, Cal. He was born May 30, 1872. 

Pinkney Cantrell writes also that Tilnian Cantrell was a 
Christian preacher, when he was but a boy, and that he was 

a distant if-lative of his father. He had two sons, William 
and David, both doctors. 

^^'ould be glad to receive any further record of this fam- 
ily that any one can furnish me. 

A letter addressed to G. W. and John Cantrell broujjht 
the following: John Cantrell'^ father's name was Thomas. 
He had a brother George, but they are both dead. There 
were others also, but he did not mention their names. The 
following record was furnished by G. W. Cantrell, son of 
John, son of Thomas. Thomas CantrelTs children are: 
Thomas and Eobert, of Monticello, X. Y.; John and \Yilliam, 
of Monticello, X. Y.; Ann mow Brannon), of Warren, Pa.; 
P^liza (now Randel), of Monticello, X. Y.; Susie (now Bowers), 
of Toledo, Ohio. 

John CantrelTs children are: George, William, Julia 
May, David ^^'. 

George W. Cantrell, born September 4, 1866. Married 
Clarissa E. Yoakam, February 8, 1891. Their children: Ada 
Bell, born January 2:^>. 1892; Ruth May. born October 13, 1897, 
Their home is Brooklyn. Ohio. Mr. (\intrell is a civil en- 

Julia May Cantrell. now Julia Porter, has one son, Wal- 
ter; lives at Greenfield, Pa. 

David W. Cantrell lives at Columbus Grove, Ohio. 


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