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at the Cape Cod Melody Tent 
West Main Street - Hyannis, Massachusetts 




0201 0099885 3 

44th Commencement 


Cape Cod 

Community College 

May 25, 2006 

Commencement Marshals 

Grand Marshal Professor Patricia Allen 
Platform Marshal Professor Patrick Tatano 
Faculty Marshal Professor George Bent 
Student Marshals Ms. Dorothy Alice Bassett 
Mr. Brad David Lombardi 

Class of 2006 Officers 

Vice President 
Public Relations 

Mr. Joshua Coffey 
Ms. Tiffany Robinson 
Ms. Yasmin James-Frias 
Ms. Keli Gates 

Student TrusteeMv. Jarred Kalweit 
Parliamentarian Mr. Jeff Dolfuss 

Commencement 2006 Program 

President's Reception - Prior To The Ceremony 

Patio Areas - Cape Cod Melody Tent 


The Highland Light Scottish Pipe Band 

Presentation of the Colors 

All-Service Honor Guard 

The National Anthem 

John P. Jenkins, Soloist 
Retired Chief, West Barnstable Fire Department 

Greetings from the President 

Dr. Kathleen Schatzberg 

Greetings from the Board of Trustees 

Mr. George Zografos, Chairperson 

Greetings to the Graduates 

Mr. Jarred Kalweit, Student Trustee 

Senior Class Speaker 

Ms. Kim A. Orlando 

~ ~ ~ Presentation of Awards — 

Excellence in Teaching 

Presented by Dr. Robert G. Ross 
Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs 

Alumni of the Year 

Presented by 

Ms. Wendy Northcross, Appointed Alumna Trustee 

Ms. Diane J. Kovanda 

Recognition of Emeriti 

George Kahler, Professor Emeritus 
Luise Speakman, Professor Emerita 

Honorary Degree 
Presented by 

President Kathleen Schatzberg and 

Chairperson George Zografos 


Ms. Carol Chichetto 

Introduction of The Commencement Speaker 

President Kathleen Schatzberg 

Commencement Address 

President Jackie Jenkins-Scott 
Wheelock College 

Ms. Jenkins-Scott became the thirteenth President of Wheelock College in 
2004. As community leader, public health advocate and innovative admin- 
istrator, she has been a nationally known figure for over two decades. Prior 
to accepting the top leadership role at Wheelock, she spent 21 years as Presi- 
dent and Chief Executive Officer of the Dimock Community Health Cen- 
ter (DCHC) in Roxbury, Massachusetts, where she built a vibrant commu- 
nity resource with goals not unlike those of community colleges. She has 
received numerous awards and citations including the 2004 Pinnacle Life- 
time Achievement Award from the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce 
and the 2004 Alumni Award from Boston University. 

Awarding of Degrees ~ ~ ~ 

Presentation of the Class of 2006 

Vice President Robert G. Ross 

Awarding of Diplomas and Certificates 

Chairperson George Zografos 
President Kathleen Schatzberg 

A Sending: Light, Liberty and Learning 

President Kathleen Schatzberg 


The Highland Light Scottish Pipe Band 

Excellence in Teaching Awards 

1988 Brenda J. Boleyn 

1989 Robert L. Young 

1990 Donald S. Heines 

1991 George A. Hoar 

1992 Daniel J. McCullough, Jr. 

1993 George A. Kahler 

1994 Gary A. Getchell 

1995 Phyllis A. Lee 

1996 Eben L. Johnson 

1997 William B. Peirce 

1998 James E. Downey 

1999 Roger ECole 

2000 Camile A. Beale 

2001 Marcy J. T. Smith 

2002 Helen Goolishian 

2003 Suzanne Box 

2004 Sarah E. Polito 

2005 Lore Loftfield DeBower 

Professor of Biological Sciences 
Professor of Mathematics 
Professor of English 
Professor of History and Philosophy 
Professor of Philosophy and Religion 
Professor of Biological Sciences 
Professor of Mathematics 
Professor of English and 
Oral Communication 
Professor of Biological Sciences 
Professor of Mathematics 
Professor of Biological Sciences 
Professor of Accounting 
Professor of Information Technology 
Professor of Nursing 
Professor of Psychology 
Professor of Dental Hygiene 
Professor of Language & Literature 
Professor of Language & Literature 

The Class of 2006 


Presented by 
Juanita Sweet, Coordinator 

Associate in Science Degree 


Stephen J. Amara HH 

Sophia V Edmonds 

Catherine M. Faucher HH 

John F. Franzago 

Abigail W. Lynch 

Rooumiana S. Popjeleva H 

Lori M. Tosi HH 


Joseph K. Bolton 

Julie E. Garvey 

Dylan Hawes 

Danielle Lavoie 

Silvana Rangelova 

Adrienne J. Ryan 

Jason John Stupakevich 

Mary Kate Tripp 

Hotel/Restaurant Management 

Jason Davis 

Nicholas Littlefield 

Kimberly Paquette H 

Culinary Arts Certificate I 

Denneen N. Dalton HH 

Heather A. McNulty 

Tiffany L. Provencher 

Hotel Front Office Certificate 

Christina Marie Churchill H 

Construction Technology 

Paul J. Murphy 


Presented by 
Nancy Dempsey, Coordinator 

Associate in Science Degree 

Vicki Antonovitch 

Ryan Anthony Baldinelli 

Kimberly Alicia Cenzalli 

Kevin Thomas Chuda 

Michael Cunningham 

John F. DeLellis 
Jennifer M. Dougenik 

Shannen L. Fisher 

Angela Mary Fruzzetti 

Adam J. Giangregorio 

Katrina Lynn Guidetti H 

Joshua S. Hingston 

Holly Joanne James 

Ariane Diane Kelley 

Cynthia Klimm 

Kirk Maclntyre 

Douglas W MacQueen H 

Cory M. Melo H 

Ashley Melville 

Rachael Ann Michael 

Michael Kenneth Pacheco HH 

Natasha M.P Pike 

Micki Quinn 

Michael C. Rogers HH 

Matthew Rossi 

Alexandra N. Sarkisian 

Tina N. Schaar HH 

Jennifer M. Sheridan 

Thomas Thorpe 

Jacqueline Tremblay H 

Jamie Whalen 

Una B. Williams 

"There are three important qualities of a good family. These are love, cooperation, 
and positive expectations. So it should be in a good school.." 

William Cooper Smith 

The Class of 2006 


Presented by 
Elaine Madden, Coordinator 

Associte in Science Degree 

Sharon Baxter P H 

Amy L. Breton 

Sabrina Del Carmen 

Tiffany Louise DAngeli P H 

Theresa M. Estes 

Shannon Marie Flynn-James 

Victoria Leigh Jones P H 

Dawn Marie Lombard 

Melissa Jane Lorusso P H 

Mary B. Murphy P H 

Luciana Oliveira 

April Lynn Paradis P HH 

Bridget Ann Perrotta HH 

Laurie Anne Petrino H 

Janet M. Poschmann 

Katherine Ann Procaccini 

Rosa Silva Raposo 

Jillian J. ReposaPHET- 

Christina Riley P HH 

Angela White P HH 


Presesnted by 

Debra Murphy, Coordinator 

Associate in Science Degree 

Terry L. Colon 

Dina Marie Enser 

Robin Elizabeth Greene 

Courtney Lynne Healy H 

Andrea Marie Lammers 

Nicole Marceline 

Jennifer Proc P HH 

Racquel R. Shand 
Danielle Lea Stowe H 

Early Childhood Infant and 
Toddler Certificate 

Amy Lynn Dinger 

Preschool Certificate 

Linda Brigandi HH 

Sally J. Hall HH 

Courtney Healy H 

Kyra Knox 

♦ Shannon Marie Frances Mullin 

Melissa Ann Nye 


Presented by 
Mary Jane Curran, Coordinator 

Associate in Science Degree 

Trevor Coble 

Geoffrey John Cokinos 

Elissa Cygan P H 

Barbara J. Greene 

Paul Henriksen 

Alice L. Warmouth P 

Coastal Zone Management 

Jeffrey Dollfuss 

Julie Henderson 

Sarah L. Raposa HH 

Geographical Information 
Systems Certificate 

Patrick M. Farah P HH 
Matthew C. Greenberg HH 

The Class of 2006 

Horticulture Certificate 

Presented by 
William Clark, Coordinator 

Paul Brzykcy 

Landscape Construction 

Michael Murzyn 

Landscape Maintenance 

Michael Murzyn 


Presented by 
Robert Tucker, Coordinator 

David Farren H 

Christopher Flavell HH 

Bernice Fortier HH 

Peter Halliday 

Jon Healy 

Joshua Mazon H 

Debra Meyers H 

Edward Monaghan 

Daniel Murphy HH 

Michael Pieretti H 

Jason Rowland H 

Ralph Silvester HH 

Kimberly Smith 

Terri Therrien 

Rachel Topal Mcenaney HH 

Ryan Van Buskirk 

Rachael Willis 

Associate in Science Degree 

Edwin Grant Brundage III 
Robert R. Marseglia H 
Michael J. Mason HH 

Emergency Medical Services 

Lee Burrill H 

Shawn Clark P H 

Anthony J. Dalmau 

Kellen Daly 

Joseph Mullen 

Barry R. Shea 

Fire Officer Development 

Jon Charles Coster, Jr. 

Paramedic Certificate 

Presented by 
Glen Coffin, Coordinator 

John Branch HH 
Kirk Bronstein P H 
Chester Burge 
Edward Clough 
Ryan Clough H 


Presented by 
Gail Guarino, Coordinator 

Associate in Science Degree 

Jody Cross 
Samuel Kager 

Administrative Assistant 

Stacey Anne Driscoll 

Donna M. Garcia P 

Caroline M. Landers H 

Carol Wiles 

Application Specialist 

Matthew Pennino 

Legal Assistant 

Kathleen Marie Lee P 

Medical Assistant 

Katherine Brennan 

Tanya Yvonne Hudson P 

Kerry Ann Leblanc 

Leah Lunetta 

The Class of 2006 

Database Develpment and 

Catherine Ann Marques HH 

Web Site Design & Development 

Patrick Wayne Court 

Ryan Handren 

Tammy Lee Palavanchi 

Medical Office Administration 

Keith W Bull 

Jaclyn Christine Crockett 

Tricia Nicholson H 

Lesllie A. Reynolds 

General Office Administration 

Dale E. Hickey HH 

Kimberly Ann McCullough 

Cheryl A. Taravella H 

Legal Office Assistant Certificate 

Jeannie Zysek 

Medical Assisting Certificate 

Presented by 
Barbara Colocino, Faculty 

Monica Lee Callahan 

Jensine Cormier P H 

Nancy Crowley Dale P H 

Maria Ferreira 

Laura Grose 

Christine A. Katusich 

Barbara Ryder McGory HH 

Rachel L. O'Connor 

Rejane C. Oliveira H 

Crystal Dawn Petell HH 

Christina Rando 

Diane Marie Reed 

Rebecca Savage 

Susanna Suggs 

Jana K. Turner 
Mia J. Weichel HH 
Christie Velardo P H 

Paralegal Certificate 

Presented by 
Zara Kilmurray, Faculty 

Erika Boardman 
Gwendolyn Brown 

Hannah Camp 

Leslie Maria Chavez 

Elia Rivera DeMateo 

Timothy A. Grover 

Dianne F. Jackson H 

Caitlin Mark 

Erica Matthew Neilsen HH 

Rosemary Marcondes Oliveira 

Caitlin Anne Palermo 

Caitlyn Sweeney 
Madeleine F. Tanguay 

PC Service Technician 

Christopher Andrew Baldwin 

Dana Elizabeth Herbert P H 

Vickie M. Wakanabo 


Presented by 
Luise Speakman, Coordinator 

Associate in Science Degree 

Bethany A. Barnaby 

Alison Baroni H 

I Wendy Marie Barrera HH 

Sherrie Bassignani 

Cynthia M. Downing 

Carol Lynn Berens 

Monique Christine Bernard 

Crystal Ann Bernhardt H 

Megan Boyd 

Peter Brito 

Lesa A. Brochu 

Lisa L. Burke P H 

Myette M. Carreiro 

The Class of 2006 

Krishana M. Collins P H 
Heather M. Corbett 
Mary Lisa Crocker P 

Christina Curhan 

Kristin G. Currey P 

Amanda Danziger 

• Rebecca Lynn Dolan 

Danielle Moreira do Nascimento 

Frank E. Downey 

Cynthia J. Duguay 

Patricia Duxbury P 

Katie Elizabeth Edson 

Maura Fallon 

Susan M. Foster P 

Lynne A. Gerenia 

Jaime Lynn Gessner 

• Christina Gonsalves P 

Donna J. Grosso 

» Amber A. Hand 

Julie A. Hathaway 

Stephanie A. Hickey 

Jason E. James 

Alison Cogliani Jessup 

Lisa A. Johnson 

Shanette L. Jones 

Jennifer Kogut 

Laura M. Krikorian 

Shelley M. Leandre 

Kelly Maguire 

• Jennifer Beth Mahannah 

Jeanne L. Maloney P H 

Catherine Elizabeth Marnik 

Mandy L. Martin 

Elizabeth Merritt P H 

Robert F. Miselis 

Elaine Moran HH 

Sarah E. Morin 

Dana Morrison 

Suzanne E. Norman H 

Kathleen Q. Nuss P HH 

Jolene Jill O'Connell 

Paulne M. Ogden 

Kelly J. O'Loughlin 

Kim A. Orlando 

Wayne R. Paini 

Samantha Parsons P 

Ann Marie Piwarunas 

Kerry Preytis 

Alissa A. Ramirez 

Patricia A. Reid P 

DaTanya C. Rezendes 

Dena R. Richerson 

Sherri A. Scarpellini 

Jennifer A. Schmitz 

Shannon Lee Selby-Lopes 

Robin A. Sheaffer 

Ana Poucochinho Shuman P 

Hannah Stone 

Dennis G. Swift P 

Rachelle Lianne Tucholke H 

Robyn Arlene Tiernan 

Colleen M. Vahey 

Kristin Valiga P 

Colleen Vincent HH 

Maria E. Vitagliano 

Carrie Warren 

Lelia Welsh 

Kellie A. Youngman 

• Kathryn L. Ziemba P 

Diagnostic Technician 

Presented by 
Rosemary Dillon, Director 

Shanna Leah Cipro HH 
Janet L. Hixon HH 
Christina LeBlanc 
Stephanie N. Reihl 

The Class of 2006 

Massage Therapy Certificate 

Presented by 
Virginia Riordan, Coordinator 

Keely M. Ashe 

Patricia Barrett 

Sarah E. Bird H 

Kirsten B. Cahoon 

Edward J. Carrington 

Alicia D. Cummings 

Katherine J. Everett HH 

Monika M. Gomes HH 

Melinda L. Grace 

Lucia A. Grinsell P HH 

E. Terry Grue 

Roseanna Hatch 

Celine H. Hawksley 

Elizabeth Keating Hill H 

Joanna E. Hobbs P H 

Kathleen Pillsbury HH 

Beverly M. Rideaux 

Kelly Washburn H 


Presented by Professors: 

Claitdine Barnes, 

Frances Dee Burlin, 

Michael Olendzenski, Rolfe Scofield 

and Nancy Willets 

Associate in Arts Degree 

Leslie C Anton P 

Deborah Atwood 

Marisa A. Auclair P HH 

Elizabeth A. Bao P H 

Dorothy Alice Bassett 

Kimmery J. Beels P 

Caitlin Baker 

Erin Baxter 

Amanda Bennett 

Maxine P. Beynor 

Jamison Bryant Billiter 

Katie Bither P 

Annie Blackman 

Timothy Nichols Bohanon H 

Steven Branson Bohmfalk 

James Boyle 

John D. Bresnan 

Carrie Breivogel P HH 

Helen Buckley HH 

Allison F. Bulla 

Patrick Michael Burns 

Shawnna Burt P HH 

Keri Butler 

Jennifer M. Butterfield 

Yuri Button HH 

Kelly Buttrick, H 

Bridget Mary Cabral PHH 

Chelsea Cabral 

Matthew L. Campione 

Danubia Campos P 
, Joseph Cardone, Jr. 

Miguel Carr 

Katelyn Marie Casey H 

Beth A. Chester 

Jeffrey Cheung 

Brittany Lee Christophers HH 

Josiah Coffey P 

Corey Colella 

Susan M. Connors 

Joseph Conti 

Andrew Costa 

Stephen J. Crowley 

Christopher Cruise 

Matthew Dalessandro 

Kellie Ann D'Amour 

John Dalomba 

Kristin Dash 

Viviane A. DaSilva 

Penelope Deardorff 

Laura M. DeFazio 

Sean Patrick DeLoid 

Britnie DeMello 

* Christina DeSalvo 

Amy Elizabeth Desmond 

Nancy L. DiGesu P HH 

Jessica V DiNenna 

Brent Dolan 

Tatsiana V Dolbik H 

Marguerite A. Donley P HH 

Sarah Dowcett H 

Danielle Drew 


The Class of 2006 

Clifford R.Dunn 

Rebecca Dunn 

Andrew Dunne IV 

Danielle R. Durkee P 

Blake Edwards HH 

Gail Elizabeth Eldredge P H 

Virginia Jean Meigs Eldredge 

Michael D. Eldridge 

Richard H. Elliott III 

Eva Ellis 

Elizabeth Ann Estlick 

Eric J. Fallon 

Cecelia K. Faucher P HH 

Aimee Fernandes 

Daniel Peter Fernandez P HH 

Kristin B. Fisher H 

Michael John Flick 

Jed Foley 

Meridith Adams Fowle 

Kimberly Fox 

Courtney A. Francis P H 

Anthony Franza HH 

Shyla Frazier H 
Meridith J. Fredericks 
Kristine Anne Frieses 

Bradley Gallagher 

Christina B. Gimenez 

Adrienne Glenn 

Darren Gomez-Sanford 

Leamarie T. Gordon P H 

Katherine Goulart 

Melinda Grace 

Jessica Gray H 

Dennis Greeley HH 

Jamie B. Gronski P H 

Molly Hagopian 

Elizabeth Hallissey 

Jessica Ann Halunen HH 

Tiffany Rachel Hampton 

Marissa L. Hartley-Torres P 

Jennifer Hatchard 

Sarah Jeanne Harrington 

Kristen Elizabeth Hastings P HH 

Jennifer Held 

Molly Henriksen 

Patricia Hillman 

Curtis Holland 

Amanda Jepsen 

Joricia Annelise Kethora Jeffers 

Christopher Johnson 

Jason S. Johnson 

Alena S. Kadolka H 

Jarred D. Kalweit H 

Anastasiya Kelly H 

Kelly Kenna 

Kristin Ashley Kelley 

Sean Kerrigan 

Tyler Keyes 

Tatsiana Khmialiova H 

John David Kmetz, Jr. H 

Magdalena P. Kotas 

Tracy Marie Lawrence 

Emily Kathryn Lazott 

Amanda Liimatainen 

* Jaclyn A. Lindberg 

Brad David Lombardi 

Lauren Kendall Lovett P HH 

Carmen Lugo De Raleau P HH 

Pablo Madera P HH 

Mary R. MacVarish 

Doreen L. Marinelli P H 

Jennifer Elizabeth Martin 

Chanda M. Marvel DiSanti P H 

Brent A. McAnney 

Clyde G. McArdle P HH 


Christine M. McGarry 

Alyssa Holly McGonagle 

Phillip D. McStowe 

Matthew Green Merrick H 

Bradley S. Miller 

Sharon Minehart 

Eric W. Moberg 

Yanislava Moneva P 

Daniel Moniz 

Catherine Moore 

Mellissa Morris P 

Leslie Moore H 

Steven Morse 

Christen L. Moynihan 

Leslie Myrbeck-Duda 

William C. Nangle 


The Class of 2006 

Elissa Ashton Nealley H 
Andrew M. Nickerson 

Heather O'Connor 
Colby Dawn Ouellette 

* Nicole Papa 

Catarina M. Parache 

Nathan Patten P 

Mesissa Anne Pecoraro 

Seth Pellegren 

Gregory J. Pena 

Amanda Anne Penuel 

Kelly A. Perry 

t Tiffany Pessotti 

Joann Pina 

Charles Piona 

Alexis Pope, H 

Kyle Rasmussen 

Melissa M. Ravalese 

4 James P. Reilly 

Amy Renna 
Jennifer Rezendes 

Christina Rice 

Elisabeth Richards 

Nanci J. Rindfuss P H 

Rebecca Elizabeth Robbins 

Elysia Robinson 

Matthew Rogers 

Ashley Rae Ruest 

Will Rutty 

Diane Marie Salvador P 

Luiz Antonio Santos P HH 

Walmya Annaise Gomes Dos 


Christopher A.E. Schaar 

John Andrew Schmitz 

Douglas T. Schumann 

Golrokh Seyhandar 

Peter S. Sherman 

Lindsay Simmons 

> Neucimari Batista Smedley 

Alexandra Victoria Smith 

• Nichole R.Smith 

Stephen L. Smith P H 

Patricia Anne Snell 

Emily St. Pierre 
Melissa Sroczenski 
Ekaterina C. Stoycheva P 
Aletheia C. Stratos 
• Danielle M. Strojny 
Jane Marie Svoboda 
Ryan Taber 
Dawn Taunton 
» Dianna Taunton 
Aran C. Taylor 
♦ Raymond Thacher III 

Eric Thomas 

Matthew Linley Thompson 

Christopher Tonello 

Mark T Towle H 

Yancey Tovar H 

Eric Tremblay 

Alison E. Tripp 

Hatfield Turner 

Melissa Anne Ulmer 

Kellie Marie Vaillencourt 

Leslie Claire Velcheva HH 

Elizabeth Vickers 

Christina Julia Vigneau HH 

. Stephanie Vreeland 

Hannah Vyse 

Jonathan Walker 

Meghan Karyl Walsh HH 

Stephen Thomas Walsh H 

Caleb Welch 

Taylor White 

Wayne Brandon Zervis 

Penka Zheleva H 

, Frank Anthony Zibutis 

Joseph Ziemba 


A Sending: Light, Liberty and Learning 

Written by Professors: 
Lore DeBower, James Kershner, and Nancy Willets 

This evening we have celebrated the community 

of Cape Cod Community College. 

We have honored many members of this community: 

faculty, staff and students. But most of all we have honored 

those of you in the graduating class of 2006. 

Now it is time for this celebration to draw to a close, 

and for you to move on. 

We send you forth with wishes that reflect the college motto of "light, 

liberty and learning." 

Go forth with light. 

Let your knowledge be a light that continues to shine. 

Remember that light can be a beacon to those in peril. 

Go forth with liberty. 

Celebrate and cherish the liberty we hold so dear. 

Remember it is your knowledge that protects that liberty. 

Go forth with learning. 

Pursue learning for your own sake. 

Remember that learning continues beyond these halls. 

Wherever your life's journey leads from here, go in peace. 
Keep us in your hearts as we will keep you in ours. 
Go forth with light, with liberty and with learning. 


Alumni of the Year 


Daniel A. Martinage 
Class of 1973 


Pamela E. Terry 
Class of 1977 


Stephen C. Grew 

Patricia McCorry Kudrick 

Class of 1974 

Class of 1979 


Mabry O'Neal Layton 

Dana A. Mohler-Faria 

Class of 1981 

Class of 1972 


Robert J. Borders 

Dorothy G. Hemmings 

Class of 1975 

Class of 1982 


Betty J. Lynch 
Class of 1980 


Helen Goolishian 

Karen M. Holmes Pistorino 

Class of 1969 

Class of 1976 


Robert V Matthews 

Michael A. Platnick 

Class of 1979 

Class of 1978 


Dorothy E. Burrill 

Donald R. Monteiro 

Class of 1979 

Class of 1974 


James M. McEvoy 

Charles N. Robinson 

Class of 1980 

Class of 1969 


Nancy Keefe Dempsey 

Eric G. Strauss 

Class of 1972 

Class of 1980 


Charles P. Andrade, Jr. 

Marcy J. T. Smith 

Class of 1971 

Class of 1966 


Wendy K. Northcross 

F. Lawrence Putnam III 

Class of 1974 

Class of 1970 


Michael G. Curtis 
Class of 1984 


Roberta F. Kelly 
Class of 1984 


Florence E. Choate Barry 


Class of 1980 

Class of 1973 


Cynthia L. Solarz 

Douglas C. Verissimo 

Class of 1980 

Class of 1987 


Marilyn Lima DeShields 
Class of 1968 


Glenn James Olson Jeannette M. Smith 

Class of 1996 

Class of 1994 


Patricia F. Allen 

Cynthia M. Green 

Class of 1993 

Class of 1982 


Edwin D. McGuire 

Robert A. Peterson 

Class of 1973 

Class of 1982 


Carol Burgess Howes 
Class of 1978 


Peter J. Zanello 

James W.H. "Colorado" T. Sky 

Class of 1982 

Class of 1997 


Cape Cod Community College 

Commencement Awards and Scholarships 

Bob Burns Memorial Scholarship 

Presented by the Cape Cod Antique Dealers Association 
Molly A. Henriksen 

Bridgewater State College Transfer Scholarship 
Kimberly Paquette, Amanda A. Penuel, Stephen T. Walsh 

Cape Cod Community College Educational 
Foundation Scholarship 

Presented by the Educational Foundation 
Stephen L. Smith, Yancey Tovar 

Cape Cod Community College Nursing Club Scholarship 

Presented by the Cape Cod Community College Nursing Club 
Mary L. Crocker 

Cape Cod Community College Student Senate Scholarship 

Presented by the Student Senate of Cape Cod Community College 
Jarred D. Kalweit 

Cape Cod Council of the International Reading Association Scholarship 

Presented by the Cape Cod Council of the International Reading Association 
Amanda A. Penuel 

Caritas Caritas Scholarship 

Presented by Colleagues, Family and Friends in honor of all the CCCC Retirees 
Joricia Jeffers 

Charles and Elsa Powers UMass, Amherst Cape Cod Alumni Scholarship 

Presented by members of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Cape Cod Alumni 

Matthew L.Thompson 

College Clubs of Cape Cod Scholarship 

Presented by College Clubs of Cape Cod 
Virginia J.M. Eldredge 

Dr. David G. Scanlon Memorial Scholarship for International Understanding 

Presented by Family and Friends of Dr. David G. Scanlon 
Anastasiya K. Kelly 

Foster Furcolo Community College Scholarship 

Presented by University of Massachusetts, Boston 
Josiah R. Coffey 

Glass Town Gala Scholarship 

Presented by the Glass Town Board of Directors 
Doreen L. Marinelli 


Hyannis Rotary Club - Jim Peace Scholarship 

Presented by the Rotary Club of Hyannis Goodworks Fund 
Leamarie T. Gordon 

Hyannis Rotary Club Scholarships 

Presented by the Rotary Club of Hyannis Goodworks Fund 

Lesley C. Anton, Courtney A. Francis, Jessica S. Gray, 

Tiffany R. Hampton Jarred D. Kalweit, Brad D. Lombardi, 

Mellissa J. Morris, Alison E. Tripp 

James F. Hall Scholarship 

Presented by the Cape Cod Community College Educational Foundation 
, Joseph D. Ziemba 

Kelly-Shea Scholarship 

Presented by Massachusetts Retired Teachers Association, Cape & Islands Chapter 

in Memory of Margaret M, Kelly & Mary Shea 

Catherine A. Marques 

Laurel and Jordan Bloom Scholar Award 

Presented by Laurel L. Bloom Bennett 
Leslie Anton 

Marion Jordan Scholarship 

Presented by an anonymous donor 
Clyde "Buzz" McArdle 

Mid-Century Fund Scholarship 

Presented by the Members of the Boston Foundation's Mid-Century Fund 
Kristin B. Fisher 

Nicholas St. John Memorial Scholarship 

Presented by Family, Friends, and Colleagues of Nicholas St. John 
Stephen T Walsh 

Peter F Birkel, Jr. Adult Learner Awards 

Presented by Cape Cod Community College 
Mary L. Crocker, Carrie Warren 

Richard A. Kraus Scholarship 

Presented by the Cape Cod Community College Educational Foundation 
Kimmery J. Beels 

Service Learning Scholarship 

Presented by the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Cape Cod Community College Chapter 
Courtney A. Francis 

TD Banknorth Scholarships 

Presented by the TD Banknorth Charitable Foundation 
Elizabeth Bao, Christine J. Vigneau 

University Scholars Program for Community College Students 

Presented by the University of Massachusetts 


Carrie Breivogel, Jason Davis 
University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth Community College Transfer Merit 


Presented by the University of Massachusetts 
Leslie Anton, Daniel Fernandez, Leamarie T. Gordon 

Endowed Scholarships 

Aletta S. Root Scholarship 

Presented by the Citizens For Global Solutions, Cape Cod & Islands Chapter 
Leamarie T. Gordon 

Dr. Delmadean Wills Memorial Scholarship 

Presented by Family, Friends, and Colleagues of Dr. Delamadean Wills 
Cecelia Faucher 

E. Carleton Nickerson Science Scholarship 

Presented by Wendy Nickerson Edmonds and the Edmonds Foundation 
Bridget M. Cabral 

E. Carleton Nickerson 4.0 Scholar Awards 

Presented by Friends and Colleagues of E. Carleton Nickerson, President Emeritus 
Kimmery Beels, April Paradis 

Ernest LeBlanc Memorial Scholarship 

Presented by Barnstable County Education Association 
Kathleen M. Lee 

George T. Curley, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 

Presented by Friends & Family of George T. Curley, Jr. 
Bridget M. Cabral 

Margaret L. Cotter Memorial Scholarship 

Presented by Friends and Family of Margaret L. Cottier 
Krishana M. Collins 

Light, Liberty and Learning Scholarship 

Presented by an anonymous donor 
Chanda Marvel DiSanti 

Paula Hibbett Memorial Scholarship 

Presented by Family & Friends of Paula Hibbett, R.N. 
Shelley M. Leandre 

Richard "Twig" Souther Progress Award 

Presented by Family & Friends of Richard "Twig" Souther 
Meghan K. Walsh 

Thomas H. and Barbara Lee Scholarship 

Presented by the Lee Endowment within the Educational Foundation 
Danubia M. Campos 

William S. and Elizabeth G. Beinecke Scholarship 

Presented by Mr. & Mrs. William S. Beinecke and the Educational Foundation Endow- 
Marguerite A. Donley 


The Massachusetts Board of Higher Education 

Stephen P. Tocco, Chairman 

Aaron D. Spencer, Vice Chairman 

Judith I. Gill, Chancellor 

G. L. Peter Alcock, Jr. Kathleen A. Kelley 

Jeanne-Marie Boylan Amanda Lacouture, Student Member 
John C. Brockelman Ann Reale 

David P. Driscoll, Ex Officio Richard Taylor 

Karl E. White 

Cape Cod Community College 
Board of Trustees 

George D. Zografos, Chairperson 

East Sandwich 

Robert Mills, Vice Chair 

Allen R. Larson 
Yarmouth Port 

Elliott G. Carr 

Glenn R Kelly, Secretary 
Woods Hole 

Jeffrey R Luce 

Wendy Northcross 
West Barnstable 

Christopher Oddleifson 

Angela M. Angellini 
West Yarmouth 

Cynthia L. Solarz 

Jarred Kalweit, (Student Trustee) 
West Barnstable 


Cape Cod Community College 
Academic Divisions 

Division of Arts and Sciences 

Earl Bloor, Associate Dean 

Department of Arts and Communication 
Nancy Willets, Chairperson 

Department of Language and Literature 
Lore DeBower, Chairperson 

Department of Mathematics 
Mary Moynihan, Chairperson 

Department of Natural Sciences and Life Fitness 
Rolfe Scofield, Chairperson 

Division of Business, Health Sciences, 
and Social Sciences and Human Services 

Susan Miller, Associate Dean 

Department of Business 
Gail Knell, Chairperson 

Department of Health Sciences 
Luise Speakman, Chairperson 

Department of Social Sciences and Human Services 
Frances Dee Burlin, Chairperson 


The Academic Procession and Regalia 

Traditional commencement academic procession and regalia date 
back to the Middle Ages. Voluminous gowns were worn to ward off 
the damp and cold of medieval buildings; mortarboards were used as 
hats. When laymen, clergy and scholars continued to wear the robes, 
with variations in style and color identifying different monastic orders, 
abandoned those styles. The bachelor, master, and doctor gowns differ 
stylistically in cut and decorative motif. 

Today the hood is especially important in identifying the academic 
achievements of its wearer. Originally, the hoods were worn over the 
head. A long tassel is attached to the middle point of the top of the cap 
to drape over the edge of the mortarboard. Tassels may be black, gold, 
or a color appropriate to the academic field of the wearer. The colors 
of the hood lining indicate the institution granting the degree. The 
width of the velvet trim indicates the highest degree held; the color of 
the trim indicates the field of study. 

An intercollegiate code representing different departments of 
learning has set the standards for academic dress in the United States. 
The colors are assigned as follows: 





Arts, Letters, Humanities 




Business Administration 






Oratory (Speech) 

Silver Gray 




Olive Green 


Light Blue 


Dark Blue 



Physical Education 

Sage Green 

Fine Arts 


Public Administration 

Peacock Blue 



Public Health 

Salmon Pink 

Home Economics 






Social Science 




Theology or Divinity 


Library Science 


Veterinary Science 


The office of mace bearer is purely ceremonial. It derives from 
medieval times in England when an official was taking office or open- 
ing his court and needed a bodyguard. Then the mace, a formidable 
weapon, was held ready to protect the person of the dignity. 

From the 16th century in England and since colonial days in 
America, it has become a symbol of office only, and is carried by a dis- 
tinguished member of the faculty. The mace bearer, who immediately 
precedes the president both entering and leaving the ceremony, while 
often not included in today's exercises, remains popular on the older 
campuses in the East. 

At Cape Cod Community College, the academic regalia of the 
Board of Trustees correspond to doctoral caps and gowns with gold 
tassels; the colorful hoods lined with red display the College colors of 
silver and blue. Faculty robes signify the wearer's respective university 
and discipline. The mace, a gift of the Class of 1984, is borne by the 
Grand Marshal who leads the academic procession. 


The community is our campus... 
the citizenry is our student body 

Cape Cod Community College has been delivering educational 
programs and services to meet the diverse needs of the residents of 
Cape Cod, the Islands, and adjacent areas of Southeastern Massachu- 
setts for over forty years. As the sole comprehensive college on Cape 
Cod, it provides the only access to higher education for many resi- 

The College is a student-centered learning community that prepares 
students for a rapidly changing and socially diverse global economy. 
To this end, it provides degrees in the liberal arts and sciences; career 
and technical degrees and certificates; and workforce development. 

A strong liberal arts focus contributes (l) a foundation for transfer to 
baccalaureate programs; (2) general education that supports technical 
and career programs with communication and analytical competen- 
cies as well as broadly based liberal education; and (3) cultural 
opportunities for the region. 

Its career and technical programs support unique workforce and 
economic needs in such fields as the hospitality and tourism industry, 
healthcare, environmental technology, and business with particular 
emphasis on small business and information technology These 
programs provide opportunities for immediate employment and for 
transfer to professional baccalaureate programs. In addition, the 
College provides both credit courses and non-credit customized 
training to meet continuing education needs of employees and 

The success of the College can be found in its 45-year tradition of 
excellence. The College truly belongs to the people it serves and 
takes pride in responding to individual and community needs. For 
over four decades, the College has served as the foundation of post- 
secondary educational opportunity career development, and cultural 
activity for the area and its residents. Well over 250,000 area 
residents have earned a degree, learned or updated job skills, or 
enriched their lives with the College's cultural offerings. In 1961, 
166 students enrolled at the College. Today, over. 4,000 students per 
semester are enrolled in credit courses. Over 6,000 individual stu- 
dents are served every year, with well over 10,000 individuals coming 
to campus each year to take both credit and non-credit courses. 


A special "thank you" to the following: 

- 2006 Commencement Committee - 

Kathy Andrews 

Lori Crawley 

Kathy Doucette 

Michael Gross 

Linda Houle, Chair 

John Lebica 

Pat McCulley 

Caren Pray 

- Sign Language Interpreters - 

Ms. Gina Hotton 
Ms. Anna Purcell 

- Our Honor Guard Members - 

United States Army United States Marine Corps 

SSgt Jason Fellows SSgt. Matt Zeiszler 

Sgt. Casey Wade SSgt. Trey Coon 

Sgt. Joshua Ledger Sgt. Justin Wells 

Sgt Robert Hill Sgt. Joshua Ackles 

Sgt. Danny Soto Cpl. Mark Blais 


to Tony Raine, Vince Long, 

and the entire production team 

at the Cape Cod Melody Tent 

for making all of us feel so welcome, 

and for handling every detail 

so completely and professionally, 

and always with a smile ! 

Sea Gull Photo - "A Sending..." 
Ms. Christine Bowker bandcbowker(a)mn. 







H — 














Light ^> 

Liberty O 

and lT 

- Learning • 

* 1961 - 


professional development, and lifelong learning 

for Cape Cod., The Islands, 

and Southeastern Massachusetts since 1961