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in 2011 with funding from 

LYRAS IS Members and Sloan Foundation 

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• MUH 


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,#»£«* * 



Table Of Contents 

Student Life 



*. rr, 1 ~ 




2 Student Life 


Organizations school of Theology 



Student Life 3 




4 Student Life 


Dedication Advertisements 




Student Life 5 

6 Student Life 

Student Life 7 

8 Student Life 

Student Life 9 

10 Student Life 

Student Life 1 1 

12 Student Life 

Student Life 13 

14 Student Life 

Student Life 15 

16 Student Life 

Student Life 17 

18 Student Life 

Student Life 19 







College Orientation Begins 
Welcome Back Dance at Lake Cheston with 
Josh Joplin Band and Carrie Pierce 
Freshman Bonfire with music by John Gorka 
and Peter Lettre at Lake Cheston 





3 Orientation Band: Small Ax Band 

4 SOP Day 

Orientation Band: Gran Torino 

Opening Convocation 

Lecture by Eugene Genovese "The Tradition 

of Chivalry in the Old South" 

KA/Theta Pi Western Party 

Upper Class Shake Day 
10-11 Theatre/Sewanee presents One Act Plays 
16 Theatre/Sewanee presents Circles, Holes, 

and Arches 

24 Pat McGee Band at Cheston 

25 WUTSFest 


1-3 Parents' Weekend 

1 Beatle's Cover Band at FIJI 

2 Jazz Coffee House 
4-8 Greek Week 

6-9 Dionysus presents Coyote Ugly 

7-10 Theatre/Sewanee presents Lily Dale 

8 Phi/KO Retro Party 

8-9 1899 Football Team 100 Year Celebration 

12 Founder's Day Convocation 

1 2 Lecture by Sir Francis Kermode "Ideas of the 

Millinium and the Apocolypse" 
15-19 Fall Break 
23-24 Fall Partv Weekend 
22 KA Lawn Party 

Midnight Madness Basketball 

University Orchestra Concert 

Homecoming Run for Abbos Alley 

Fran McKendree in St. Luke's Chapel 

Temple Yard Reggae Band at Cheston 

Air Force Jazz Band 

Alcohol Awareness Week 

Performing Arts Series: Edi: 


28 Karaoke Night in the Pub 

29 Gino Band at Chi Psi 
20 Student Life 








3 Performing Arts Series: "Deutsche 

4 Lecture by Edith T. Mirante on "Bur: 
Human Rights and Environmental C 

5 Lecture by Professor Kevin Sharp,Un 
sity of Southampton, United Kingd 
Fighting Gravity Band at SAE 

6 Big Sky Band at Sigma Nu 
11-13, Theatre/Sewanee presents The 
18-20 Bacchae by Euripides 
13 Mountain Top Ball 
1 7 How Then Shall We Live? Lecture 1 

Michael Battle 

19 Pan People Steel Band in GuerryAu 

20 ATO Viking Party 

Step Show 


Carrie Newcomer, acoustic perforrr 
Piano Recital by Yevgeny Kasman 
Festival of Lessons and Carols 
Student Kamikaze Art Exhibit 





Memorial Service for Ernie Butner in 

All Saints' Chapel 


Nick Hutchinson Workshop on 

"Acting in Shakespeare's Company" 

Reading by George Garret, Aiken/ 

Taylor Recipient 

Shake Day Swamp Kings 

Shake Day Super T 


Theatre/Sewanee presents Instant 

Performing Arts Series: Eroica Trio 
Kiss Me Kate 
Winter Party Weekend 
Jimmy Church Band at ATO 
Spelman College Jazz Ensemble 
Panel Discussion: "Race Matters?" 
Sigma Nu Rave 
"Raise the Roof" 
Theatre/Sewanee presents The 
Cripple of Inishmaan 
Race for Research 
3 Women's Conference 


Bethune Cookman College Concert 
Chorale at All Saints' Chapel 
Anita Goodstein Lectures presents Dr. 
Alice Kessler-Harris 
Shenandoah Shakespeare Express: 
Much Ado about Nothing 
Shenandoah Shakespeare Express: 
Doctor Faustus 
Spring Break 

1 ACS Leadership Conference 

1 Perpetual Motion 


3 Lecture by Dr. Judith Maltby "Circular as 

Our Way Is" 

Victor Krebs lecture "Philosophy, the Body, 
and the Pygmalionic Impulse" 

Readings by Writers-in-Residence, William 

Gay and Hilary Bell 
5 Pro-Life speaker: Ms. Kama Tate 

6-9 Theatre/Sewanee presents Common 

7 University Choir Spring Concert 

1 1 Poetry reading by Claridel Alegria 

12 A Conversation with Stanley Hauerwas in 
Convocation Hall 

12-14 Dionysus presents The Owl and the Pussy 

13 Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola 
16 Kite Festival for Peace 
16-20 Earth Week 

25-29 Tennessee Williams Festival 
28-29 Spring Party Weekend 

28 Robert Earl Keen 

29 Blue Dogs 

University Orchestra Spring Concert 


3 Last Day of Classes 

10 End of Exams 

13 Baccalaureate 

14 Commencement 

Student Life 21 

22 Sports 


Athletics 23 










Washington & Lee 


24 Sports 

Head Coach: John Windham 

Assistant Coaches: Rick Butler, Tim Camp, 
Tom Flynn, Ken Jones, Mike Summers 

lohn Beasley, Mack Benton, Jevon Bozzi, Wes Bradley, Dusty Bright, Brad Bruce, Morgan Butler, Wes Butler, Justin Chappell, Brent Childers, Antonio 
Crook, Devin DeLaughter, Matthew DeLisle, Nick Dietzen, Jason Downs, Clint Flowers, Graves Fromang, Max Fuller, Justin Gardner, Michael Gill, Jer- 
emy Gorday, Matthew Hadley, Chris Harris, Jay Holcomb, Robert Holley, Kirk Holtgrewe, Ian Huff, Towaski Hunt, Martin Kimbrell, John KJeckner, Billy 
Lewis, Esau McCaulley, Charles McCauley, Tanner Meeks, Abe Mikell, Patrick Moody, Brian Morrison, Chase Neal, Michael Philips, Trumaine Polk, Bart 
Pride, Sean Rivas, Christian Schroeder, Nathan Shack, Neal Smith, Michael Stanley, Jim Tate, Pedy Tehrani, Ben Tuck, Mark Tucker, Brian Tyler, Knox 
Vanderpool, Brian Waite, K.D. Walker, lason Wheat, Micah Whiteside, Richard Whittington, David Witt, Rusty Wood, Eddie Yeh 

Sports 25 

Field Hockey 

Mary Catherine Bain, Elizabeth Barnett, Vickie Cogan, Eliza O 1 
Gonos, Cassie Hubbard, Xan Hunter, Laura Kaneshiro, Kathe; ■, 
Chapman Kern, Assistant Coach: Joe Underwood 

n. Allison Cornwell, Tricia Davis, Dervla Delaney, Christy Frazier, Mokie George, Katie 
Kelly, Megan Kime, Ginna Novak, Lee Sanderlin, Jaclyn Williams, Head Coach: Jane 

26 Sports 

Sports 27 

Men's Soccer 


David Allen, Ryan Channiot, Matt Cole, Andrew Daniele, Ryan Davis, Forest Deleot, Brady Garvich, Sebastian Gourauc 
Harmless, Crews Keen, Andy Leffler, Matt Lozier, Josh Mixon, Andrew North, Scott Polancich, Matt Ribers, Ian Scott, Chris 
-"^V Cnris Wooster, Head Coach: Matt Kern 


28 Sports 

•%W*V-<» -, hM 

A- ,J8^ 



Sports 29 

Women's Soccer 

Sasha Albam, Caroline Barran, Emily Berkshire, Lane Coffey, Summer Covington, Anee Louise CranweU, Callie Gannaway, Sarah Griffin, Cyndi Hal- 
lums, Megan Hintz, Leslie James, Elizabeth Matthews, Leslie Meyers, Linda Millikan, Stephanie Murray. Chrissie Norton, Melanie Rushing, Cathy 
Schmidt, Kathleen Schmidt, Amanda Seifert, Liddell Shannon, Annie Shulman, Jen Simoneau, Stuart Small, Meggie Tuiague, Head Coach: Margot 
Burns, Assistant Coach: Heather Windham B& ' 6 b 

30 Sports 

Sports 31 

Men's Basketball 

Head Coach: Joe Thoni 
Assistant Coach: Joe Underwood 

Tim Truitt, Ian Scott, Hughes Holland, Chet Skinner, Rusty Fordham, Grant Gearhardt, Will Mishler 
Mike Eddy, Pete Greenfield, Kav Milward, Jonathan Jarrett, Jesse Sexton, George Lewallen, Joe Riell 


32 Sports 

Sports 33 

Women's Basketball 

Head Coach: Richard Barron 
Assistant Coach: Linda Holt 
Rock Holt 
Student Assistant: Prince Bell 

Jennifer Bulkeley, Corie Byers, Suzanne Smith, Melinda Jones, Jennifer Dick, 
Goodwin, Michelle Chambers, Tonya Willett, Mindy Bassett, Manny Porter, Chaka 
inson, Racheal Short 

34 Sports 

Sports 35 

Cross Country 

leremy Allen, Mark Asmussen, May Bartletl, Rock) Calandruccio, Thomas Coker, Jason Green, Matt Guinn, Ventanna Harding, Robert Hedgecock, 
Kal hcnnc Koepke, Jed Leonard, Wallace Marsh. Meg Martens, David Mushal, Amy Myers, Ben Myers, Bailey Norman, Jamie Patlovitch, Nancy 
Rydberg, Kelly Short, Anne Hunter Smith, Elizabeth - leather Stone, Adam Thompson, Robert Turnbull, Julie Vibul, Head Coach: Cliff Afton 

36 Sports 

Sports 37 


38 Sports 

Sports 39 


Carrie Barske, Liz Blewett, Kate De 
Kate Elliott, Martha Greene, Marg 
Grimball, Amber Hodges, Alice Ma 
Stephanie Mattes, Kelly McGowan, E 
Mertz, Jamie Sexton, Molly Thorn 

Head Coach: Megan Stubblefield 

Sports 41 

Crew Team 

Sfc- ' 

Meredith Mochel, Haley "rakas, Lindy Berry, Kelly McNamara, Sarah Bryan, Leah Braswell, Katii 
Henson, Emily Houlik, Margaret Cabaniss, Gavin Hover, Carla Bulford, Stacy Gutman, Elizabeth Hoi 
ingsworth, Leah Cobb, Nick I\ ; chols, Neil Veilleux, David Bradbury, Jermy Bryant, Erica Jensen, Vas 
sar Howorth 
Coach: Greg Maynard 

42 Sports 

Sports 43 

Swimming and Diving 

Sara Atchinson, Carmen Blackwell, Stacy Brower, Lexi Caine, Nona Carter, Jane Harrison Chapman, Elizabeth Clarke, Laura Cook, Patricia Crider, Leigh 
Culter, Hadley Dempsey, Lindsay Elliot, Casey George, Amber Gibbs, Katie Gonos, Evelyn Greiner, Melissa Habel, Audrey Hammond, Kim Hitchcock, 
Jennifer Krause, Krystin Krause, Anna Mayheld, Elizabeth Pate, Lindsey Prather, Michal Resha, Rebecca Savitz, Lisa Shaul, Kate Skinner, Christiana St. 
Clair, Abby Stephens, Margaret Shultz, ( arrie Thompson, Sarah Vandergriff, Hester Wagner, Dana Woods 

44 Sports 


> f :1 


.yan Bouldin, Ryan Cosgrove, PJ Deschenes, Jessee Emerson, Brian Fiore, Jason Hardin, Dave Helmick, Tom Jones, Justin Kelly, Mike Maggard, Ryan 
lahoney, Edward Roberts, Keith Salazar, Chuck Seymour, Raymond Swetenburg, Adam Whiteside 

Sports 45 

Track and Field 

46 Sports 

Kris Bush, Betsy Currie, Tory Depew, Melissa Fowler, Candace Ifabiyi, Katherine Koepke, Meg Mar- 
tens, Amy Myers, Jenny Pressly, Anne Hunter Smith, Heather Stone, Jeremy Allen, Mark Asmussen, 
John Beasley, Prince Bell, Wes Bradley, Ja-Rob Coggins, Antonio Crook, Erik Doell, John Edinburg, 
Roshun Eppenger, Paul-Martin Foss, Frank Fratello, John Graves, Robert Hedgecock, Mason Herring, 
Crews Keen, Jed Leonard, Alex Lockhart, David Mushal, Ben Myers, Dermont Padmore, Ian Scott, 
Stephen Taylor, Pedy Tehrani, Adam Thompson, Robert Turnbull 

Sports 47 


Hunter Albany, Matt Bartlett, Erik Entrekin, Kevin Holeman, Kirk Holtgrewe, Joe Kasl, Eli Lightnei 
Nick List, Dan Massey, Charles McCauley, Will McDermott, Clay O'Gwin, Trumaine Polk, Bill Riedei 
Matthew Spivey, Adam Tamburello, Dylan Teague, McShan Walker, Todd Wass, Cullen Watson 
Head Coach: Tom Flynn 

48 Sports 

r j i 

*PW« ,4«im ^^^M^|WIW W ii>». . . 1 i> w i iw 1+ i i^-JSlimnm***.- 

Sports 49 

Men's Tennis 

-#? ■ 

50 Sports 

Jason Abraham, Peter Barr, Travis Baxter, Stuart Brown, Chris Cannon, Ryan 
Charles, Jameel Clark, Ellerbe Dargan, Jacob Gardner, Doug Gregorie, Adam Jack- 
son, Jarrett Michau Coach: John Shackleford 

Sports 51 

Women's Tennis 

n *■- 

Emily Allen, Molly Cannon,. Mary Carson Cox, Katherine Crook, Mary Missbach, Jackie North, Katb 
ryn Pender, Anne Cox Steedman, Natalie Wallace 
Coach: Conchie Shacklek 

52 Sports 

Sports 53 

Corie Byers, Jennifer Donahue, Brooke Getter, Meghan Hetrick, Tina Hill, Cary McStay, Rhonda 
Mims, Rhonda Mims, R etsy Nichols, Ann Ramsey, Dermel Smith, Alecia Sundsmo, Suna Viewber, 
Rissa Weathers 
Head Coach: Heather Windham Assistant Coach: Gary Chain 

54 Sports 

Sports 55 


56 Sports 

Sports 57 


Men's Team: Cliff Athey, Bil Barnes, John Fairey, Charles Habisreutinger, Bardin Hooks, Britt Kelly 
Justin Kelly, Jake Rothwell, Tee Stribling, Andy Sutton, Ken Tonning Coach: Mike Summers 
Women's Team: Lindsay Fields, Lonsdale Green, Sarah Hinkle, Linda Millikan Coach: Nancy Ladd 

58 Sports 


^k # 




Sports 59 

Sewanee Sports 

60 Sports 

Sports 61 

4 h 



62 Sports 

Sports 63 


64 Sports 

Sports 65 


66 Sports 

Sports 67 

h,S ClVL'ks 


Greeks 69 

Katie Nard, pres.; Summer Covington, 1st VP; Vanessa Squires, 2nd VP; Olivia Jones, parliamentarian; Susannah Ray, sec; Laura Martin, treas.; Jenn 
Phillips/Mavora Monk, rush chairs; Wren Garmon, pledge trainer; Margaret Cahaniss, Courtney Cameron, Cole Cottrell, Kate Elliot, Katherine 
Forehand, Keara Frizell, Katie Gonos, Robin Grant, Margaret Grimball, Melissa Hahel, Laura Jones, Barbara King, Dena Kwasek, Haley Malmberg, 
Alice Martin, Amanda McComb, Cary McStay, Joanna Mobley, Cynthia Norris, Ryan Shaw, Sarah Shellman, Hope, Kelly Smith, Margaret Stultz, Molly 
Thorn, Anna Truss, Carrie Walker, Becca Waller, Angela Watkins, Kate Wheeler, Scott Woodyard, Leigh Cutler, Jennifer Dockstader, Taryn Gassner, 
Beth Hackethorn, Claire Templin, Melissa Armstrong, Britton Buckner, Caroline Catts, Katie Daniel, Ashley Gerety, Stacey Gutman, Cindy Hallums, 
Megan Higgens, Garen Hover, Charlotte Hutton, Julie Kaufman, Mary Quin Matteson, Kelly McGowan, Emily Ochsenschlager, Elizabeth Rickman, 
Jessica Saurino, Noni Schneibel, Amanda Seifert, Elizabeth Weinman, Mary Whitmire 

70 Greeks 

Greeks 71 

72 Greek: 

Greeks 73 


74 Greek; 

Hilary Hargrove president/social chair; Carrie Thompson, VP/Rosebud (historian); Shannon Hoff, treas./rush chair; Lexi Caine, sec/pledge trainer; 
Nawal Battel, Nona Carter, Leah Cobb, Sarah Ellery, Amy Goldsmith, Susan Gordy, Heather Harris, Elizabeth Heilig, Susan Heinemann, Jennifer 
Krenson, Kate Mange, Melissa Manwaring, Games Marsh, Carv Moore, Marie Moser, Sarah Raines, Hester Wagner Sandy Wood 

Greeks 75 


Beta Theta Pi 

!», U ,? t rl eV , Ll " 1 ' 1 ' prt ' S ; ,aS ° n Herrin S ton < treas ■• Worth ' on es, rush chairman/ pledge trainer; David Thompson, social chairman; Kai Rodning, Steve Lineberl 
Will Dukes, Day Gates, Jeremy Bryant, Dave Thompson, Nick Nichols, Sewart Chapman, Jonathan Lee, Gary Henry, Don Sayasan, Josh Caldwell, Davl 
bchierfler, Justin Gardner, Todd Wass, Jay Kington 

,'i. Creeks 

Greeks 77 

Ben Bowersox, pres.; Britt Kelly, VP; Mark Tucker, treas.; Ryan Cosgrove, sec; Jeremy Allen, Brandon Ashcraft, Cliff Athey, Bill Barnes, Chris Cannon, 
Ryan Collins, Jonathan Doolan, Ryan Doolan, Scott Garland, Michael Gill, Graham Green, Jon Hillis, Andrew Johnston, Tim Johnston, Justin Kellv, Britt 
Kelly, John Kleckner, Abe Mikell, Brian Morrison, Jeff Perry, Bill Phillips, Britt Pickett, Jerry Splichal, Austin Stevens, Ted Stewart, John Thompson, 
Richard Wilkens, Jamie Willis, Michael Woody, Eddie Yeh, Tom Coker, Graham Hewitt, William Lewis 

78 Greeks 

Greeks 79 


Delta Kappa Epsilon 

* -■ 

— ^_#w- 

S.P. Kalita, pres.; Daniel Shaver, VP; |ohn McCloskey, treas.; Cameron Hartnev, alumni chair; Matt Charles, social chair; [ustin 
Sausville, sec; Bill Ware, Jason Hardin, Mike Elmore, Chris McDermott, Will Hudson, Emmanuel Bessay, Raehav Virmani, Joel 
Griffith, Christian Spainhour 

Mi i Irccks 


I„ 01 

James Andrew Morock Jr., pres.; Laal Shah Zada, VP; Spencer H. Wood/H.C. Bvrd IV, co-treaurers; Thomas Edward Dickinson/Martin McCoy 
Kimbrell, co-secretaries; William Joseph McGaughey, James Speed Rich, George William Brown III, Kip Sikora, Taylor Elliot Hall, Kyle Richard 
Warren, Robert Rex Underwood Payne, Mark Anthony Harmless, Colonel Adam Lathum, Crawford Cleveland III 

82 Greeks 

Greeks 83 


Gamma Sigma Phi 

fj : ~ 

■ ~\:j- ~ - . ■ i' ■ 

Esau McCaulley, pres.; Towaski Hunt, treas.; Trumaine Polk, rush chairman; Michael Stanley, pledge trainer; Brian Tyler, Devin Delaughter, 
Billy Lewis, Prince Bell, Mark Cummings, Mike Stanley, Antonio Crook, LaRuan Cole 

84 Greeks 

Greeks 85 

Whit Mayo, pres.; Austin Hall, treas.; Bennett Barrow, rush chairman; John Merrick, social chairman; Josh Mixon, pledge trainer; Chris Abrunzo, Chart 
Baarcke, Sander Brooks, Clay Capps, Colin Cheek, Lee Corey, John Fairey, Charles Flowers, Rusty Fordham, James Fox, Maxwell Fuller, Doug Getten, Robe: 
Goldstein, Pablo Gonzalez, Pete Greenfield, Doug Gregorie, Charles Habisreutinger, Austin Hall, Charles Harbin, Shep Hickey, Christopher Hodshoi 
Simon Hodshon, Steve Johnson, Drew Jones, Camp Kilcollin, Ed Klinger, Shep Lewis, Brian Lynn, Bill McKnight, Jarrett Michau, Josh Mixon, Joh 
Montgomery, Will Montgomery, Haynes Roberts, Joseph Sclulleci, Charles Seymour, Tom Sherrard, Paul Simons, Matthew Stiegel, Tee Stribling, Raymon 
Swetenburg, Brent Totton, Logan Verner, Douglas Waterman, Martin Wilkinson, Steele Yancey, Nelson Byrd, Price Cameron, Jamison Clower, Paul Den 
Erik Entrekin, Ben Geer, Thomas Hearon, Bardin Hooks, Crawford Jones, Patton Lochridge, Mike Maggard, Webb Milward, Clay O'Gwin, Chris Parki 
Lamar Stanley, Chris Walker, Mikell Whaley, Will Wingfield 

86 Greeks 

Lila McAlpin, pres.; Webber Barton, VP; Laurel LeFlore, treas.; Jessica Osaki, sec; Quinn Welch, Annie Blankenship, Lisa Scanlan, Julie Vibul, Margare 
Daniel, Jennifer Dick, Amber Gibbs, Katie Jones, Carly Morris, Marion Scoggins, Eliot Van Dyke, Sarah Atchison, Stacey Brower, Scotty Deegear, Katherim 
Dohoney, Katie Grogan, Xan Hunter. Laura Kaneshiro, Sytira Kirby, Erin Parsons-Wright, Krista Puente, Leslie Rhodes, Rachel Russell, Laura Stenovec 
Erin Tatum, Tara Tomlin, Molly Trice, Sarah Vandergriff, Maryann Wong, Elizabeth Young 

SS Greeks 


Greeks 89 



Lambda Chi Alpha 

Micah Hargrove, pres.; Hoke Cagle, VP; David Atkinson, social coordinator; Charles Fiore, rush director; Andy Thomas, sec; Paul-Martin Foss, treas.; 
Pat Hayden, brotherhood director; Mason Herring, house manager; Jimmy King, intramurals coordinator; Will Martin, alumni director; Jordan Martins, 
historian; Smith McAuley, risk-management director; Pete Thompson, ritual coordinator; Bobby White, director of academic excellence; Jim Brantley, 
Jason Cook, Mark Elberfeld, Larry Faust, Scott Francis, Andrew Himes, Brent Hubbard, Brian Hunt, John Kizer, Grady Leach, Alex Lockhart, Adam 
Masters, Raymond McAnally, Kyle McKinnon, Ryan Moret, Ben Skeen, Rob Smith, David Spiller, Jon Talbot, Adam Thompson, B.J. Walker, John Wallace, 
Drew Webster, Marc Wilson, Walt Wofford, David Womack 

90 Greeks 

Greeks 91 


Phi Gamma Delta 

Cliff Robb, pres.; Graham Walker, treas.; Dave Reinhart, recording sec; Tom Bradshaw, corresponding sec; Seth Martin, historian; 
Michael Hoffman, Ryker Lowe, Charlie Schneider, Zach Sutton, Forrest Allen, Ransom Bovnton, Josiah Daniel, Zach Goodvear, Scott 
Hall, Wallace Marsh, Jeremy Nivakoff, Will Scheel, Shane Warren, Justin Wear, Will Arnold, Ethan Brinkman-Hanson, Mike Eddy, 
Jesse Emerson, Grant Gearhart, Houston Howell, Chris Ketchy, Steve Lorch, John Middleton, Will Mishler, Sam Parish, Robin Pfeifer- 
Thompson, Elliot Scott, Morgan Vickery, Jason Abraham, Clay Gilkerson, John Graves, Rob Guthrie, Tom Jones, Crews Keen, Neil 
Mock, Joe Reiling, Nels. '■ u . >od, Jared Rodrigues, Clay Shonkwiler, Chet Skinner, Dan Stewart, Nathan Stodgdill, Andy Sutton, 

Chris Turner, Neil Veilli 


'<: ( .reeks 

Greeks 93 

Phi Society of 1883 

Stephen Still, pres.; Cas Sochaki, house manager-spring; Trapper Pendleton, house manager-fall; Brian Boehme, rush chair; Jacob Burgette, warden; 
Rob DeBergh, treas.; Paul Roper, pledge trainer; Peter McGriff, VP; Charlie Dalton, IM director; Braden Goodwyn, sec; Greg Leveridge, Matt Files, 
Horry Parker, Josh Cantwell, Tom Peagler, Burch Tipton, Matt Jeffe, Oliver Drose, Brady Garvich, Andy Leflar, Hunter Albany, Ben Saunders, Chris 
Wooster, Peter Barr, Sam Clawson, Stuart Brown, Henry Oehmig 

94 Greeks 

Greeks 95 

Amy Atcheson, president; Lauren Hash 1st VP; Christy Thoren, 2nd VP; Savannah Carman, sec; Caroline Barran, treas.; Krissv Walker, rush chair; 
Meredith Hitch corresponding sec; Knox van Nagell, pledge trainer; Dixon Stapleton, social chair; Kate Sessions, historian; Leah Moore, spirit girl; Lidell 
Shannon/Kristin Queen, parliamentarian; Emily Smith/Courtney Stiff, ISC reps; Prather Rehm, SSWC; Julia Reynolds, IM chair; Ashley Nielson, 
Christiana St. Clair, Hale Percinel, Hilary Larson, Jen Bulkley, Katherine Doss, Katy Johnson, Kelley Jarrett, Kim Nadell, Krissie Reynolds, Lindsey Holhn, 
Lizzie Ferguson, Martha Lynn Coon, Mary Jacklyn Bailey, Mary Missbach, Mirth Stevenson, Peri Percinel, Rachel Foreman, Amanda Ross, Amelia Taylor, 
Caroline Alcazar, Carrie Hunsicker, Elizabeth Preston, Holly Eberly, Katv Henderson, Kay Tasian, Linda Millikan, Lindsay Fields, Margaret Peel, Megan 
Hintz, Meredith Medley, Suzanne Smith, Ventana Harding, Virginia Talley, Alida Novarese, Amy Johnson, Anjali Patel, Becca Campbell, Beth Girardi, 
Caroline Dix, Catharine Woody, Danm Boaeuf, Elizabeth Watkins, Emily Allen, Emilv Burnett, Emily Mertz, Jen Helms, Jessica Farmer, Julie Anderson, 
Kayla Goodwin, Lily Lowry, Liz Reynolds, Maggie Brown, Melissa Fowler, Noell Rembert, Raegan Ashcraft, Sara Underhill, Sinclair Kelley, Susannah 
Peterson, Ebba Allen, Katie Bauer, Erin Bedard, Emilv Berkshire, Hunter Bethav, Patricia Crider, Rachel Eason, Annie Feltus, Callie Gannaway, Brooke 
Getter, Jamie Greenawalt, Martha Greene, Elizabeth Hatzenbuehler, Sarah Hinkle, Lori Beth Johnson, Sally Marks, Manry Porter, Laura O'Kelley, 
Lindsav Prather, Elizabeth Quinn, Amanda Rieger, Edie Watson, Rissa Weathers, Alexis Wedgeworth, Jeannie Williams, Emily Wright-Timko 

4h i Ireeks 

Greeks 97 


Phi Sigma Theta 

Elisha Hodge, pres.; Melinda Jones, dean of pledges; Devin Miller, sec; Nakia Booker, treas.; Tonya Willett, pledge trainer; Nona Lee, historian; Rhor 
Minis, Tina Hill 

98 Greeks 

Greeks 99 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Hughes Holland, pres.; Jason Clayton, treas.; Gregory Robinson, social chairman; John Alexander, Henry Arrington, Stuart Clason, Michael Cullinan, 
Ryan Epley, Frank Fratello, Justin Gabhard, Jamie Gannaway, Clay Holland, Adam Jackson, Nate Leedy, Ken Leonczyk, Kraemer Lovelace, Bill Nichol, 
Ryan Olson, Tobin Osburn, Jason Payne, Bryce Perry, David Robb, Parker Sanders, Clayton Stanley, Will Tabb, Patrick White, Jack Wishart, Matthew 
Wright, Jeremy Yeagle, McMillan Arrington, Matthew DeLisle, Christian Johnson, George Lewallen, Simon Milazzo, Robert Sanders, Chris Timko 

100 Greeks 

Greeks 101 

Adam Sadlowski pres.; Karl Long, treas.; Anctv Raish, rush chairman; Seth Sabbath, social chairman; Mark Orr, pledge trainer; Eric Allen, Jim Baxter, 
James Beil, Patrick Blankensh.p, David Bradbury, Andy Briggs, Matt Cole, Andrew Daniele, Ryan Davis, Scott Frederick, Mark Gee, Glen Ivey, Aaron 
Lawyer Eli Lightner, J . Lightner, Matt Lozier, Michael McCauley, Ellis McCutcheon, Brandon Meredith, Worth Montjoy, Johnny O Donnell, Owen Reed, 
Eric Reish Josh Richmond, Wilson Rogers, Rob Rust, Moses Sabina, Andrew Smith, Cody Smith, Phillip Stafford, Darius Swoope, Stephen Taylor Robert 

Turnbull, Nick Wallingford, Adam Whiteside, Matthew Jaffe, Trav Baxter, Ryan Chaniott, David Connell, Eric Essary, Dave Leflar, Berchaun Nicholls, 
Paul Roess, Dylan Teague, Tim Waldrop 

102 Greeks 

Greeks 103 

Lizzy Spruill, pres.; Austin Adams/Char Atwood, pledge trainer/ VP; Winsy Dunwoody, rush chairman, Busy Hackett, social chairman, Haley Burton, 
treas.; Natalie Wallace, ISC rep.; Lauren Asher, Carrie Barske, Martha Bomar, Margaret Boone, Emilv Brown, Chervl Burns, Betsv Caldwell, Loren 
Carver, Jane Harrison Chapman, Katherine Crook, Betsy Currie, Mary Cutler, Anne Carter Dice, Christie Dillard, Elizabeth DuPre, Lauren Evans, 
Elizabeth Fishburne, Kate Foster, Sarah Gaines, Harriet Gettys, Leanne Goss, Peyton Grubbs, Mary Frances Hansford, Megan Hart, Leslie Higgins, Jessica 
Hogle, Emily Holmes, Genny Holmes, Jane Izard, Catherine Jackson, Leslie James, Laura Jones, Way Way Kennedy, Katy Kynes, Britten Livaudais, 
Bronwyn Massey, Catherine Maybank, Julia McDaris, Kate McKenna, Katy Mitch, Priscilla Navolio, Alison Novak, Lauren Nowell, Liz Pate, Sangeeta 
Patel, Anne Pearson, Kathryn Pender, Amy Rice, Betsy Robbins, Leigh Ann Robbins, Beth Saer, Ashley Saunders, Blake Shell, Nora Shepard, Newell 
Smith, Harriet Snowden, Jenny Sonfield, Carla Stefanescu, Ros Stone, Belle White, Kathryn Wilkinson, Liz Wilmes, Nancy Wilson, Holly Wylam, Bettie 
Antrim, Mary Catherine Bain, May Bartlett, Molly Bennett, Caroline Bethune, Logan Chalk, Allison Cornwell, Hadley Dempsey, Sarah Griffin, Hayley 
Hardin, Tappan Heinsohn, Charlotte Higgason, Elizabeth Mann, Liz Matthews, Claudia McCall, Charlotte McDowell, Meredith McLain, Leslie Meyers, 
Chrissie Norton, Elizabeth Ogletree, Kate Osborne, Jessie Palmore, Jenny Pressly, Katie Roberts, Melanie Rushing, Stuart Small, Prather Smith, Katie 
Ward, Lydia Wheaton, Margaret Whiteside, Lindsaay Whittle, Kathrvn Williams 

MM ( Ireeks 

Greeks 105 

Dervla Delaney, president; Hayes Woodcock, VP/Social Chair; Virginia Newton, treas.; Ryan Mclnnis/ Laura Landers, sec; Beth Fosgate, rush chair; Erin 
Eggleston/Mequet Smith, ass. rush; Abby Griffis/ Susan Stromberg, pledge trainers; Sephanie Murray, parliamentarian; Elizabeth Barnett/Mary Knox 
Merril, historians; Mary Spotswood Box/Nickie Garsombke, fundraisers; Vickie Cogan/Meggie Tujague, ISC reps; Katherine Kelly, IM Chair; Clarissa 
Rugaber, scholarship chair; Emmy Hartley /Tricia Davis, alumni chairs; Jaclyn Williams, sunshine girl; Lark Coffey, chaplain; Megan Kime/Margaret 
Hardesty, SSWC; Mary Allen, Catherine Avery, Stephanie Bahn, Amy Black, Courtney Christi, Marie Culley, Carrie Cutchins, Betsy Davis, Danielle 
Deslauriers, Jennifer Dickson, Haley Elder, Mokie George, Claire Hardin, Josie Harrison, Darby Hendrix, Louise Irwin, Lindsay Jessee, Eleanor Johnson, 
Lauren Leslie, Meredith Mclnnis, Virginia Newton, Leah Nicholson, Kate O'Mara, Jamie Patlovich, Annie Pritchard, Denning Robinson, Cara Sanders, 
Cathy Schmidt, Sidney Short, Jen Simoneau, Marie Stringer, Anna Thomas, Jenny Trimble, Julia Vanlerbergne, Liz Wasden, Quinn Wilson, Whitney Hart, 
Jenny Wray, Susannah Weathers, Laurie Mackintosh, Beverly Hodgson, Beth Sherrard, Sayle Milne, Catherine Christenberrv, Jessica Hoey, Anna Caruso, 
Sarah Lodge, Sidney Rue, Kat Petracek, Nancy Rydberg, Molly Cannon, Kate Watson, Sasha Albani, Nan Stikeleather, Wesley Crowe, Lauren Rush, Leslie 
Edwards, Claire Compton, Kris Bush, Lindsay Hevron, Annie Shulman, Mary Ashburn Darby, Hadlev Hickman, Liz Stringer, Ashley Tenney, Markey 
Hart, Anne Louise Cranwell, Lee Sanderlin, Jo Jo Allen, Laura Dodd, Alston Reeves, Katie Long, Margaret Cheatham, Laura Hardy, Rebecca Savitz, 
Michela Merchant, Cassie Hubard, Megan Greene, Karoline Newman 

106 Greeks 

Greeks 107 

108 Greeks 


Greeks 109 

110 Organizations 



Organizations 111 

All Saint's Chapel 


The Reverend Thomas R. Ward, Jr. 
The Reverend Annwn H. Myers 
The Reverend Doctor Christoper Bryan 
The Reverend Doctor Charles H. DuBois 

Thomas Rand Morris 
Dr. Robert G. Delcamp 
Steven Woddell 
Laura Hewitt Whipple 
S. Dixon Myers 
Amy Elizabeth Wurtz 
John Day Peake 
Karen S. Keele 

University Chaplain 

Associate University Chaplain 

Priest Associate 

Coordinator of Pastoral 


Lay Chaplain 

University Organist and Choirmaster 

Assistant University Organist 

University Carillonneur 

Coordinator of Outreach Ministries 

Assistant Coordinator of Outreach Ministries 

Office Manager 
Assistant to the Staff 

112 Organizations 

University Choir 

Caroline Brooks 

Keri Reed 

Beth Downey 

Mollie Dyson 

Katherine Forehand 

Kate Graves 

Megan Higgins 

Charlotte Hutton 
Amy Johnson 
Lori Beth Jones 
Katie Jones 
Julie Kaufman 
Wynne Lippincott 
Haley Malmberg 
Cindy Norris 
Allida Novarese 
Elizabeth Rickman 
Hannah Silkman 
Vanessa Squires 
Becca Waller 
Mary Whitmire 

Choir Cabinet: 
Mark Elberfield, 


Olivia Jones, Vice- 

Melissa Fortson, Secre- 

Cindy Norris, Soprano 
Section Leader 
Stephanie Gibson, Alto 
Section Leader 
Cameron Hartney, 
Tenor Section Leader 
Marc Wilson, Bass Sec- 
tion Leader 


Emmanuel Bessay 
Cameron Hartney 
Walt Wofford 
Ryan Bolan 
Mark Elberfield 
Daniel Shaver 
Will Dukes 
Chip Gilliam 

Ian Bratton 
Jonathan Carnett 
Jeff Fiore 
William Fisher 
Trey Garland 
Ed Gerber 
Andrew Himes 
Brian Miller 
Will Scheel 
Gerry Senechal 
Ben Skeen 
BJ Walker 
Drew Webster 
Marc Wilson 

Shannon Beavin 

Britton Buckner 

Emily Burnett 

Caroline Byrd 

Leslie Corwin 

Heather Danson 

Sarah Ellery 

Melissa Fortson 
Hillary Getz 
Stephanie Gibson 
Meghan Hetrick 
Amber Hodges 
Lane Jennings 
Katie Jones 
Olivia Jones 
Dena Kwasek 
Gareth Leonard 
Gaines Marsh 
Summer Martins 
Kelly Reynolds 
Meghan Rogg 
KJ Shafer 
Hope Smith 
Stephanie Walker 


Organizations 113 

Big People 

Little People 

Shannon Hoff 
Katie Roberts 
Kathryn Wilkinson 
Elizabeth Blewett 
Lizzie Ferguson 
Chris Ketchy 
Britton Buckner 
Cristi Cruz 
Melissa Armstron 
Beth Girardi 
Grant Thomas 
Alex Lockhart 
Rob Payne 
Patrick Blankenship 
David Allen 
Alice Martin 
Josh Caldwell 
Seth Martin 
Sarah Shellman 
Brooke Swafford 
Anna Gagliano 
Max Angerholzer 
Rob Rust 

Rocky Calandruccio 
Tina Hill 
Sarah Hegyi 
Audrey Rammond 
Heather Harris 
Courtney Stiff 
Paul Dent 
Naylene Orr 
Laura Dodd 
Amy Myers 
Becky Foust 
Elizabeth Heilig 
Wesley Crowe 
Logan Chalk 
Edie Watson 
Jed Leonard 
Lilly Lowery 
Will Sasser 
Elizabeth Howard 
Nathan Stogdill 
Julie Jenkins 
Wallace Marsh 
Marie Shroder 

Courtney Cameron 
Tanya Smith 
Rivers Powers 
Anne Louise Cranwell 
Huntley Luna 
Stephanie King 
Collins Lehman 
Jason Green 
Sarah Bryan 
Emily Mertz 
Elizabeth Rickman 
Markey Hart 
Rachel Stephens 
Jennifer Schake 
Molly Dyson 
Stephnie Mattes 
Meghan Higgins 
Meredith Mochel 
Maryann Wong 
Laura Steneveoc 
Michela Merchant 
Susan Ore 
Webb Milward 
Stephanie Jowers 
Ravyn Murden 
Lori Beth Johnson 
Chris Wooster 
Mary Missbach 
Hunter Bethay 
Michelle Chambers 
Mary Quin Matteson 
Rachel Eason 
Emmy Hartley 
Carmen Blackwell 
Jennifer Moore 
Cody Smith 
Lindsay Fields 
Prather Smith 
Kate Sessions 
Maggie Brown 
David Witt 
Susannah Peterson 
Ryan Charles 
Ben Bowersox 
Stephen Taylor 
Graham Walker 
Pat Hart 
Emily Stewart 
Kelley McNamara 
Margaret Daniel 
Elizabeth Preston 
Molly Dunn 

• i 


Kendall Lynch 

Amber Hodges 

Sylvester Tan 

Olivia Williford 

Alan Wray 

Kelly Reynolds 

Polly Beckington 

Summer Covington 

Keith Butler — School of Theology 

Dr. Thomas Spaccarelli — Sponsor 

114 Organizations 

Activity Fee 

Amy Atcheson — President 

Max Angerholzer — Senior Member 

Quinn Wilson — Student Assembley 

Tom Sherrard — OG Representative 
Iric Hartman 


Head Start 

Ventana Harding — Chair 

Suzanne Garrett — Co-Chair 

Chelsea Avirett 

Shenika Belcher 

Hunter Bethay 

Colin Cheek 

Vickie Cogan 

Mark Cummings 

Leigh Cutler 

Beth Hackethorn 

Lauren Hash 

Katie Hinson 

Elisha Hodge 

Clay Holland 

Charlotte Jones 

Kristin Koppreud 

Nona Lee 

Britten Livaudais 

Steven Lorch 

Amy Myers 

Susannah Myers 

Ashley Nielsen 

Laura O'Kelley 
Susannah Peterson 
Liz Preston 
Will Sasser 
John Schmick 
Kate Sessions 
Chet Skinner 
Emily Smith 
Ruth Ann Smith 
Virginia Talley 
Anna Thomas 
Alacia Trent 
Claire Walker 
Krissy Walker 
Kyle Warren 
Edie Watson 
Alexis Wedgeworth 
Katherine Wilkinson 
Alan Wray 
Steele Yancey 

Cricket Club 

Chelsea Avirett 
Josie Harding 
SP Kalita 
Raghav Virmani 
Mahvash Nazir 
Paul Martin Foss 
Fahd Arshad 
Cynthia Morta 
Sebasrien Gouraud 
Edward Harding 
Gareth Leonard 
Chrysta Bond 

Organizations 11 



Caroline Barren 
Doriana Basamakov 
Rashmi Becker 
Kate Bishop 
David Bradbury 
Martha Lynn Coon 
Tricia Davis 
Jonathan Doolan 
Katherine Doss 
Winsie Dunwoody 
Kate Foster 
Sebastien Gouraud 
Margaret Hardesty 
Ventana Harding 
Megan Hintz 
Charlotte Jones 
Olivia Jones 
Aaron Lawyer 
Summer Martins 
Ashley Saunders 
Kathleen Schmidt 
Molly Shasteen 
Nora Shepard 
Emily Smith 
Phillip Stafford 
Stephanie Viahakos 
Katherine Avery 
Katy Pittman 
Ryker Lowe 
Bill Mauzy 
Dixon Myers 


William Arnold 
Lindy Berry 
Amy Black 
Marha Bomar 
Leah Braswell 
Loren Carver 
Betsy Currie 
Jaymie Deterding 
Stephen Garrett 
Amber Gibbs 
Cindy Hallums 
Meredith Hitch 
Clay Holland 
Catharine Jackson 
Erica Jensen 
Bill McKnight 
Anjali Patel 
Kristin Queen 
Kristine Reynolds 
Amanda Rieger 
Denning Robinson 
Jennifer Schake 
Ashley Neilsen 
Sara Smetzer 
Laura Somel 
Christiana St. Clair 
Nancy Wilson 
Emily Wright-Timko 
Laal Zada 
Doug Cameron 
Amy Evans 
Michael Hoffman 
Jay McDonald 
Bude Van Dyke 
Amy Wurtz 

New York 

Mary Allen 
Shenika Belcher 
Nakia Booker 
Benjamin Bowersox 
Mark Cummings 
Heather Danson 
Scott Hall 
Elisha Hodge 
Candace Ifabiyi 
Quandria Ori 
Stephanie Walter 
Nona Lee 
Thomas Lewallen 


Melissa Ford 
Chris Ketchy 
Susannah Myers 
Penelope Powell 
Kelly Vlass 
Kathryn Wilkinson 
Dana Woods 
Matt Files 
Paul Jackson 
Anthony Kowbeidu 

116 Organizations 

New Orleans 

Braden Goddwin 
Xan Hunter 
Kazue Kaneko 
Amy Koether 
Steve Lorch 
Liz Preston 
Jared Rodrigues 
Marie Schroder 
Brooke Swafford 
Adam Thompson 
Ben Nelson 
Bailey Norman 
Julie Vibul 


David Thomson, President 

Lisa Shaul, Vice-President 

Huntley Luna 

Kai Rodning 

Jay Kington 

Derek Lemoine 

David Schieffler 

Rocky Calandruccio 

Day Gates 

Gary Henry 

Don Sayason 

Will Lewis 

John Playtis 


SP Katila, President 

Dorianna Basmakova, 


Viara Nedev, Treasurer 

Anjali Patel, Executive Officer 

Mahvash Nazir, Secretary 

Debra Conn, Faculty Advisor 

Fahd Arshad 

Emmanual Bassay 

Roshun Eppengar 

Georgy Georgiev 

Petya Kirilova 

Cynthia Morta 

Andrew Nagu 

Cornel Novacc 

Katherine Probst 

Raghav Virmani 

Stephanie Walters 

Sebastien Gouraud 

Daniel Saez 
Anna Leyberova 
Suna Vieweber 
Keiko Kaneko 
Kazue Kimura 
Josh Caldwell 
Rachel Nance 
Sarah Grams 
Angela Watkins 
Chelsea Avirett 
Josie Harding 
Noni Schneibel 
Lauren Dossey 
LaRuan Cole 
Eugene Donev 
Elena Eneva 
William Duncan 
Michele Hearty 
Melinda Gililand 

Organizations 117 


Roy Shedd, Director 

Robin Grant, Student Director 

Zack Sutton 

Ashley Nielson 

Penham Percinel 

Catharine Jackson 

Micheal Lafargue 

Betsy Currie 

Martha Bomar 

Blakely Schmidt 

Will Arnold 

Crile Crisley 

Doug Cameron 

Christopher Robin 

Kevin Gilliam 

Melissa Gilliam 

Greg Allen 

Sian Baranco 

Willard Bridges 

Max Culpepper 

■ 4 a 

118 Organizations 

Fire Department 

■ -^a 

Ed Klingler, Chief 

Clay Holland, Assistant Chief 

Shep Hickley, Training Officer 

Will Sasser 

Holly Wylam 

Lydell Shannon 

Marten Wilkenson 

Collin Cheek 

John Schmick 

Steele Yancey 

Grant Thomas 

Steven Johnson 

Camp Killollin 

Mathew Stiegel 

Simon Hopshon 

Chris Hopshon 

John Alexander 

Organizations 119 

Sewanee Outing Program 

Ebba Allen 
David Atkinson 
Ashley Bellet 
David Bradbury 
Jim Brantley 
Hoke Cagle 
Betsy Caldwell 
Josh Caldwell 
Bill Campbell 
Matt Charles 
Leah Cobb 
David Connell 
Jason Crook 
Tim Criger 
Betsy Currie 
Carrie Dean 
PJ Deschenes 
Beth Erikson 
Knox Frank 
Wren Garmon 
Stephen Garrett 
Hilary Getz 
Heather Gilliam 
Braden Goodwin 
Douglas Gregorie 
Evelyn Greiner 
Margaret Grimbal 
Suzi Groves 
Audrey Hammond 
Micah Hargrove 
Hilary Hargrove 
Josie Harrison 
Graham Hewitt 
Megan Higgins 

Katie Hinson 
Simon Hodshon 
Tommy Humphries 
Carrie Hunsicker 
Julie Jenkins 
Olivia Jones 
Jessica Jurkovich 
Kathryn Koepke 
Amy Koether 
Jed Leonard 
Melissa Mann 
Meg Martens 
Summer Martins 

Adam Masters 
Raymond McAnally 
Smith McAualy 
Ellis McCutcheon 
Meghan McKinney 
Kyle McKinnon 
Kelley McNamara 
Emily Mertz 
Terry Miller 
Quan Miller 
Kathryn Moore 
Drew Morock 
David Mushal 

120 Organizations 

Ben Myers 
Buddy Myers 
Katie Nard 
Ashley Nielsen 
Emily Ochsenschlager 
Lainie Ori 
Brad Ostrom 
Raegan Payne 
Ben Pearson 
Carolyn Phillips 
Caleb Rafuse 
Susannah Ray 
Noell Rembert 
Josh Richmond 
Freeman Rogers 
Jess Saurino 
Molly Schneider 
Kate Sessions 
Liddell Shannon 

Kelly Short 
Jennifer Sinclair 
Anne Hunter Smith 
Andrew Smith 
David Snow 
Rachel Stephens 
Abby Stephens 
Mirth Stevenson 
Margaret Stultz 
Zach Sutton 
Hester Wagner 
John Wallace 
Mercedes Ward 
Elizabeth Weinman 
Kentucky Whiteside 
Emily Wright-Timko 

Community Service Council 

Dixon Myers 
Amy Wurtz 

Kelley mcNamara 
Wallace Marsh 
entral Night Shelter 
Elizabeth Erickson 
Holly Wylam 
Stephanie Vlahakos 
irl Scouts 
Kelly Reynolds 

Kathleen Schmidt 
Bailey Norman 


Summer Martins 
Senior Citizens 

Ashley Nielsen 

Nancy Tourk 

Ethan Brinkman-Hansen 
Waste Not 

Mirth Stevenson 
Associate Members 

Rocky Calundruccio 

Grant Thomas 

Vicki Cogan 

Savannah Garman 

Katy Coe 

Ventana Harding 

Special Projects Coordinator 

Erin Allen 
School Tutors 

Lauren Hash 

Emily Smith 

Organizations 121 

Sewanee Theater 

122 Organizations 

ommon Sources 

Organizations 123 

Kiss Me Kate 

124 Organizations 

Organizations 125 

Perpetual Motion 



Sewanee Purple 

Tara Thompson, Editor-in-Chief 
Justin Wear, Executive Editor 
Ryan Mahoney, Managing Editor 
Ryan Cosgrove, News Editor 
Jordan Martins, Arts Editor 
Catherine Woody, Sports Co-Editor 
Jevon Bozzi, Sports Co-Editor 
Susannah Ray, Photo Editor 
Crawford Cleveland, Layout Editor 
Ebba Allen, Advertising Manager 
Kirsten Boutte, Copy Editor 
Rebecca Campbell, Copy Editor 
John Reishman, Faculty Advisor 
Thomas Carlson, Faculty Advisor 

Purple Cow 

SP Kalita, Editor-in-Chief 
Stephen Garrett, Managing Editor 
Carl Dull, General Editor 
LaRuan Cole, Business Manager 
Arts Editor, Jonathan Lee 
Ronnie Fulmer, General Editor 
Petia Kirilova, Ads Manager 
Melissa Ford, Cao Tstu Editor 
Angela Scheurele, Alumni Advisor 
Dr. David Haskell, Faculty Advisor 




Jonathan Arnold 
Josh Brickey 
Jonathan Carnett 
Tim Criger 
Molly Dyson 
Jeff Elrod 
Greg Estoll 
Jennifer Estoll 
Gary Finke 
Brian Hunt 
Anna Gagliano 
Suzanne Garrett 
Stephanie Gibson 
Chris Harris 
Meghan Hetrick 
Cameron Houts 
Joy Kerlin 
Meg Martens 
Carmen McCoy 
Amy Myers 
Betsy Nichols 
Holly Norrod 
Stacy Oppenheimer 
Brad Ostrom 
Nickel Rogers 
Randall Taylor 
Gerry Senechal 
Chet Skinner 
Sara Staggs 
Brooke Swafford 
Alacia Trent 
Anna Truss 
Mandy Water 
Lauren Whitlow 



Dionysus & Co. Board 

Charles Fiore, President 

Kate Weller, Vice 


William Fisher, Secretary 

Laura Jo Anderson, 


Lora Napier 

Raymond McAnnally 

Alan Wray 

Matt Charles 

Chip Gilliam 

Dr. Nick Moschovakis, 



Cinema Guild 


Laal Zada 
Mahvash Nazir 
Pedy Tehrani 

Gap & Gown 

Carrie Hunsicker, Co-Editor 

Lisa Scanlan, Co-Editor 

Lynn Hutchinson, Photographer 

Chelsea Avirett 

Beth Jacob 

Melissa Manweaning 

Emily Ochsenschlager 

Edie Watson 

Alexis Wedgeworth 


Residential Life 

Head Proctors 
Jennifer Bulkeley 
Patrick Blankenship, Jr. 

Head Assistant Proctors 
Kimberly Hitchcock 
MaxmilHam Angerholzer, III 

Austin Hall 
Julie Vibul 

Scott Garland 

Elizabeth Pate 
Elisha Hodge 


Brandon Ashcraft 

Savannah Garman 


Thomas Sherrard, IV 

Abe Mikell 

Eve Thoren 


Wallace March 


Jennie Trimble 
Martha Barran 
Vickie Cogan 

Stephen Taylor 
Anne Hunter Smith 

Leah Moore 

Ventana Harding 

Melissa Foster 


Rocco Calandruccio 

Margaret Peel 


Stephanie Vlahakos 

Charlotte Jones 
Parker Sanders 

St. Luke's 
Ted Stewart 

Huntley Luna 
Will Scheel 

Justin Kelly 
SP Kalita 

Wheat House 
Katie Coe 

Holly Wylam 

> lOV^i 


Maxine Chamberlin, Doretha Fowlkes, Janet Gairhan, Mary Hill, Nicole 
Hunt, Pat Jackson, Jean Jevis, Pamela Law, Dayle Pringle, Daniel Richard, 
Ann Smith, Janet Smith, Walli Stevens, Mama Varn 


Student Assembly 

Parker Sanders, Speaker 
Denning Robinson, Secretary 
Troy Elchenberger, Treasurer 

Bardin Hooks 
Sidney Short 
Sidney Rue 
Betsy Davis 

Ronald Allen 
Rob Hedgecock 

Becca Campbell 
Brooke Getter 
Emily Wright-Timko 

Rachel Eason 
Beth Girardi 
Josie Harrison 
Drew Webster 


Marshall Benford 
Neslon Byrd 
Tom Sherrard 


Carrie Hunsicker 

EMT Hall 
Michael Lafargue 


Mark Harmless 
David Leflar 
Cary McStay 

Erin Bedard 


Mary Carson Cox 
Leslie Edwards 

Quan Miller 

Jeny Pressly 
Tara Tomlin 

J. Lightner 
Courtney Stiff 
Stephen Taylor 
Elizabeth Watkins 

ji^F&lt ** M 


Xan Hunter 

Leslie Myers 


Ann Cox Steedman 

_ * 

Edie Watson 

Berchaun Nicholls 

Language Houses 
Sarah Fuson 

Josh Richmond 
Will Scheel 

Meg Martens 

St. Lukes 

Day Gates 
Gary Henry 
Allison Novak 
Hannah Silkman 

Wes Butler 

Dave Allen 
Brian Lynn 
Neil Mock 

Christie Dillard 

Women's Center 
Lauren Hash 

Hunter Bethay 
Lander Dunbar 

Wheat House 
Quinn Wilson 

Gaines Marsh 
Tad Kays 
Norm Pickron 

John Schmick 

Mark Cummings 
Kevin Holman 

Off Campus 
Eleanor Johnson 

Class Representative 
Sasha Albani 

Jacob Gardner 
Berchaun Nicholls 

Jane Izard 

John Fairey 
Doug Waterman 

Courtney Christy 
Margaret Peel 
Laal Shah Zada 


Honor Council 

Brandon Ashcraft 
Will Sasser 
Graham Walker 
Martha Lynn Coon 
William Parker Sanders 
Grant Thomas 
Lindsey Fields 
Amy Johnson 
Ryan Cosgrove 

isciplinary Committee 

Mary Jacklyn Bailey 
Katherine Avery 
Kathryn Pender 
Michael Cullinan 
Margaret Peel 
Josiah Daniel 
Justin Kelly 
Kraemer Lovelace 
Martha Bomar 

Organizations 133 

Order Of Gownsmen 

Abrunzo, Christopher Thomas; Allen, Erin Shea Wright; Allen, Forrest David; Allen, Jeremiah 
Daniel; Ammerman III, Hugh Turner; Anderson, Laura Jo; Angerholzer III, Maxmillian; Antill, 
Jenny Christine; Arnold, Jonathan Wesley; Arshad, Fahd; Ashcraft, Brandon Cole; Askew, Courtney 
India; Asmussen, Mark Nicholas; Atcheson, Amy Elizabeth; Athey, Clifford Marshall; Atwood, 
Charlotte Hampton; Avirett, Chelsea Maude; Babayan, Alena Borisovna; Bailey, Mary Jacklyn; Ban- 
warth, Gregory Brooks; Bartholow, Leigh Anna; Basamakov, Dorina Angelova; Baxter, James Wil- 
liam; Beck, Adrienne Autumn; Becker, Rashmi Latika; Beckington, Patricia Wyatt; Belt, Elizabeth 
Anne; Berry, Lindy Suzanne; Berryman, Natascha Marie; Bessay, Emmanuel Paye; Biel, James Gor- 
don; Binford, Frank Marshall, Bishop, Catherine Helen lone, Biss, Scott Douglas; Blankenship, Ann 
Elizabeth; Blankinship Jr., Joseph Patr; Bomar, Martha Grier; Bond, Chrysta Gwendolynn; Boutte, 
Kirsten Berot; Boynton, Ransom Davis; Braswell, Leah Elizabeth; Brewer, Ashley Scott; Brickey, 
Joshua Aaron; Briggs, Andrew Gentry; Brooks, Caroline Rebecca; Brothers, Sterling August; Brown 
III, George Willcox; Brown, Stuart Laidlaw; Bruner, Kaylene Marie; Bryan, Sarah Huger; Bulkeley, 
Jennifer Caroline; Burnett, Emily Perrault; Burns, Cheryl Amelia; Burton, Lesley Elizabeth; Byrd, 
Caroline Porcher; Cabaniss, Margaret Catherine; Campbell III, Carl Dwight; Cannon, Christopher 
Michael; Capps, Randolph Clayton; Carnett, Jonathan Houston; Carver, Loren Wagoner; Cavender, 
Tiffani Nicole; Charles, Ryan Robert; Cheek, Colin Michael; Christy, Courtney Anne; Clendenin, 
Nathan Charles; Coffey, Lark Lee Arwen; Cole, Matthew Melton; Collins, Ryan James; Conley, 
Shannon Martha; Cook, Laura Kathryn; Coon, Martha Lynn; Copeland, Jessica Lin; Corey, Lee Wil- 
liam; Corwin, Leslie Cleapor; Cosgrove, Ryan Thomas; Covington, Summer Vann; Creed, Keri 
Amanda; Creek, Laurel Elizabeth; Crook, Antonio Markie; Crook, Katherine Ida; Culbertson, Ben- 
jamin Hunter; Cullinan, Michael Sean; Cutler, Leigh Helene; Daniel IV, Josiah Martin; Daniel, Mar- 
garet Shaver; Davis, Tricia Ann; Davis, Walter Ryan; Dejongh, Antony Mikel, Delaney, Dervla 
Aideen; Deschenes, Peter Jon; Deterding, Jaymie Leigh; Dockstader, Jennifer Ellen; Donahue, Jen- 
nifer Marie; Doolan, Jonathan William; Doss, Katherine Conrad; Downey, Elizabeth Anne; Driscoll, 
David Matthew; Dukes, William James; Dull, Carl Joseph; Dunbar, Lander Goodspeed; Duncan, 
William Evans; Dunn, Molly Jo; Dunwoody, Sara Winslow; Dyer, Heather Kay; Earl, John Clayton; 
Eberly, Holly Marissa; Eddy, Michael Barnwell; Elberfeld, Mark Bradford; Elder, Haley Kathleen; 
Elliott, Virginia Katherine; Elmore, Michael Richard; Elrod, Jeffrey Mark; Eneva, Elena Stoyanova; 
Erdman, Nathan Andrew; Erickson, Elizabeth Kirstin; Ferguson, Elizabeth Leigh; Field, Patrick Ca- 
son; Fields, Lindsay Rebecca; Files, Matthew Dalton; Finke, Garry Erskine; Fiore Jr., Lyle Charles; 
Fiore, Brian Matthew; Fiore, Jeffrey Paul; Flowers, David Rayburn; Flynn, Amy Colleen; Foreman, 
Rachel Dianne; Fortson, Melissa Beth; Fosgate, Mary Elizabeth; Foster, Kate Chesnee; Frank, John 
Knox McEwen; Frazier, Christina Wells; Frederick, Scott Steven; Fulmer Jr., Ronnie Harold; Gal- 
lagher, Denise Anne; Gannaway IV, James Joyner; Garman, Savannah Lee; Garmon, Leslie Wren; 
Garrett, Stephen Leigh; Garrett, Suzanne Gail; Gassner, Taryn Elise; George, Casey Elizabeth; 
George, Margaret Cobb; Georgiev, Gregory Stephanov; Gerber, Edwin Paul; Gettys, Harriet How- 
ell; Getz, Hilary Lucia; Gibson, Stephanie; Gilliland, Terry Melinda; Gonzalez, Pablo; Goodwin, 
Kayla Danae; Goss, Leanne Dowd; Grams, Sarah Dorine; Grant, Robin Michelle; Gray, Margaret 
Fraser; Green, Jason Lyle; Green, Lonsdale MacFarland; Greene, Cassandra Meghan; Gregory, 
Mary Leigh Scales; Greiner, Evelyn Ann; Habisreutinger, Charles Blac; Hackethorn, Beth Ann; 
Hackett, Elizabeth Ann; Hall, Rachel Ann; Hardin, Jason Lee; Harding, Josephine Anna; Harding, 
Ventana Therese; Hargrove, Hilary Kate; Hargrove, Micah Andrew; Harkey, William Blake; Hart, 
Pat Wyatt; Hartley, Emily Brock; Hash, Lauren Elizabeth; Helmick, David Robert; Hendrix, Sum- 
mer Darby; Herrington, Jason Eugene; Hicks, Margret Kyndyll; Higgins, Leslie Wells; Hinson, Kate 
Desborough; Hitch, Meredith Cheryl; Hitchcock, Kimberly Anne; Hoey, Jessica Lohring; Hoff, 
Shannon Elizabeth; Hoffman, Michael Patrick; Holland, Clay R.; Holley, Robert Preston; Hollin, 
Lindsey Rachel; Holmes, Emily Trammell; Holyer, John Michael Milford; Houlik, Emily Marie; 
House, Linda Jean; Howell, Houston Watkins; Hubbard, Brenton Whitt; Humphries Jr., Thomas 
Lee; Hunsicker, Carrie Elizabeth; Hunt, Brian Jamie; Ingles, Mercedes Angelica; Irwin, Louise Gray; 
Ito, Yuki; Ivey, Glen Franklin; Jackson, Adam Russell; Jackson, Catharine Dunwody; Jackson, Kim- 
berly Kay; Jarrett, Kelly Elizabeth; Jenkins, Julie Ann; Jensen, Erica Brooke; Johnson, Eleanor Crom- 
well; Johnson, Katherine Jean; Johnson, Tomeka Renese; Johnston, Andrew Shackford; Johnston, 
Timothy Matthew; Jones III, Thomas Worthingto; Jones, Kellaura Beth; Jones, Laura Kay; Jones, 
Lindsay Alison; Jones, Olivia Hays; Jowers, Stephanie Jean; Jurkovich, Jessica Lee; Kalita, Seetang- 
shu Prasad; Karl, Tegan Marie; Kays IV, Marion Reed; Kelly, Justin Howe; Kelly, Russell Britton; 
134 Kennedy, Mary S. Waties 

King, Barbara Eve; Kirkpatrick, Ruth Elizabeth; Koepke, Katherine Ann; Koether, Amy Elizabeth; 
Lacy, Thomas Austin; Lafargue, Michael Patrick; Lange, Joshua Strycker, Larsen, Hilary Anne; Lee, 
Tarashai Monique; LeFlore, Laurel Elissa; Leonczyk jr., Kenneth George; Leslie, Lauren Garrett; 
Lewis Jr., Billy Wayne; Lewis Jr., Shepherd Fitz-Hug; Lightner II, Hansel Eli; Livaudais, Britten 
Leigh; Longinotti, Gina Maria; Lorch, Steven James; Lowe, Ryker, James; Lueck, Krishna Jo; Lump- 
kin, David Thomas; Luna, Robert Huntley; Lynch, Kendall Marie; MacKinlay, Charlotte Campbel; 
Madico, Enrique G. McEvoy; Mann, Melissa Jane; Marks, William Brooks; Marlowe, Steven Witter; 
Martens, Margaret Jean; Martin, Alice Phinizy; Martin, Laura Williamson; Martin, Seth MacLauglin; 
Martins, Summer Louise; Marson, Phebe Callaway; Massey, Bronwyn Elizabeth; Mattes, Stephanie 
Lynn; Mays, Lameticha Devon; McAlpin, Lila Zachry; McAnally, Raymond William; McCaulley, 
Esau Daniel; McCloskey, John Bryg; McComb, Amanda Grace; McDaris, Julia Elizabeth; McDer- 
mott, Christopher James; McEwan, Andrew Clark; McGaughey, William Joseph; Mclnnis, Kathryn 
Ryan; Mclnnis, Meredith Culbreath; McKenna, Kathryn Clark; McKenny, Nicholas Arthur; Mc- 
Namara, Kelley Nicole; McNeese, Bridget Theresa; McStay, Cary Irene; Medley, Meredith Laura; 
Merrick, John Anderson; Michau, Paul Jarrett; Mikell, Stephen Abraham; Miller, Brian Christopher; 
Miller, Shawna Marie; Milne, Frances Sale; Missbach, Mary Blinn; Mochel, Meredith Cameron; 
Monk, Mavora Evie; Moore, Cary Charlton; Moore, Jessica Lynn; Moore, Kathryn Rebecca; Moore, 
Leah Dell; Morock Jr., James Andrew; Morris, Caroline Brooke; Morris, William Mcintosh; Moss, 
Samuel Iredell; Mountjoy, Charles Ellsworth; Murphy, Jennifer Kaye; Myers, Benjamin Lawrence; 
Myers, Burton Terrence; Myers, Maude Amelia; Nadell, Kimberly Anne; Nance, Rachel Leith; 
Napier, Lora Lee; Nard, Mary Katharine; Navolio, L. Priscilla, Karr; Nedeva, Viara Nedkova; Nel- 
son, Jessica Elizabeth; Nemeth, Lucas Christopher; Newton, Virginia Moser; Ngau, Andrew Muia; 
Nichol V, William Lytle; Nielsen, Ashley Cassandra; Nimerala, Natalie Patricia; Nivakoff, Jeremy 
Adam; Norman, Lynn Bailey; Norris, Cynthia Lynn; Norrod, Holly Susan; Novarese, Alida 
Daniella; Oppenheimer, Stacey Renee; Ostrom, Bradford Jerome; Pate, Daniel Marvin; Pate, Eliza- 
beth Leigh; Payne, Jason Adam; Payne, Raegan Leigh; Pearson, Benjamin Neal; Pease, Joshua 
Walker; Pender, Kathryn Ann; Percinel, Hale Zeynep; Percinel, Perihan Ayse; Perry, John Bryce La- 
Bruce; Peterson, Susannah Linnea; Petrochko, Robert Anthony; Philips, Michael Allen; Phillips, Jen- 
nifer Elizabeth; Phillips, William Anthony; Pickron, Norman Adams; Pittman, Katharine Camden; 
Plummer, Patrick Ryan; Preston, Katharine Elizabeth; Probst, Katharine Andrea; Queen, Kristin 
Ashley; Rafuse, Caleb Sloan; Ramsey, Hilary Anne; Ray, Susannah Rainer; Redick, Guinevere Jane; 
Reish, Eric Reynolds; Reynolds, Kelly Elaine; Reynolds, Kristine Anne; Rice, Amy Michelle; Rice, 
Amy Michelle; Rich, James Speed; Riddell, Maris Tobler; Robb, Clifford Armstrong; Robb, David 
Charles; Robbins, Elizabeth Rose; Robbins, Leigh Ann; Roberts Jr., Haynes Reeves; Robinson, Grace 
Denning; Rodning, Kai Johannes; Rose, David Bennett; Rothwell, Jacob Michael; Rowe, Katherine 
Lesemann; Rudolph, John Dickson; Russell, Jennifer Lee; Rust IV, Robert Nelson; Sabina, Moises 
Tannon; Sadlowski, Adam Vincent; Saer, Elizabeth Flower; Salazar, Keith Douglas; Salmon, Ed- 
ward Lloyd; Sanders, Cara Elizabeth; Sanders, William Parker; Sasser III, William Clinton; Saun- 
ders, Ashley Elizabeth; Sausville, Justin Edward; Schilleci, Joseph Elliott; Schneibel, Ilona; Schnei- 
der, Molly Cahterine; Schroder, Marie Diana; Scoggins, Marion Elizabeth; Segrest, Jere Stuart; 
Shannon, Janet Liddell; Shasteen, Mary Virginia; Shaver, Daniel Ethan; Shaw, Susan Michele; 
Shepard, Nora Nicks Bowden; Shepherd, Megan Jessica; Shetters-Gaines, Michelle Va; Sikora, F. Ju- 
rgen; Silkman, Hannah Jennings; Simons Jr., Paul Knapp; Smetzer, Sara Elizabeth; Smith III, Robert 
Cathcart; Smith, Andrew Bryan; Smith, Anne Hunter; Smith, Emily Brooks; Smith, Hope Carolyn; 
Smith, Kelly Margaret; Smith, Ruth Ann; Spear, Elizabeth Ashley; Spiller Jr., John David; Spruill, 
Elizabeth Duvall; Squires, Vanessa Claire; Stanley, John Clayton; Stapleton, Dixon; Starr Jr., Bryan 
Lawrence; Stephens, Abby Christine; Stevens, Danielle Faye; Stevenson, Martha Jane; Stewart, Ed- 
ward Allen; Stewart, Emily Anne; Still Jr., Stephen Wright; Stone, Rosalie Wyman; Stribling V, Wil- 
liam Lawrenc; Stringer, Isabelle Marie; Stromberg, Susan Valerie; Stiomstad, Jay Arthur; Stubbs, 
Eric Johnsen; Sundsmo, Alecia Dawn; Sutton, Zachary Lloyd; Swetenburg III, Raymond Lee; Tack- 
ett, Lewis Carl; Talley, Virginia Burnice; Tan, Sylvester George; Tasian, Kayaneh Marie; Taylor, 
Amelia Rachel; Templin, Claire Frances; Terry, Tracy Jane; Thomas, Andrew Cordner; Thomas, 
Anna Margaret; Thompson, Emily Marie; Thompson, John David; Thompson, Peter James; Thomp- 
son, Tara Marlow; Thoren, Eva Christine; Tonning Jr., Roy Kenneth; Totton, James Brent; Traister, 
Elizabeth Kay; Trent, Jennifer Alacia; Truitt, Timothy Steele; Truss, Anna Delores; Tuck, Victoria 
Michele; Turner, Wayne Paulk; Turrentine, Hillary Justine; Van Nagell, Elizabeth Knox C; Vanler- 
berghe, Julia Suzanne; Vibul, Julie Marguerite; Vige, Carol Elizabeth; Walker, Graham Andrew; 
Walker, Krissy Lashelle; Wallace IV, John Joseph; Wallace, Natalie Bradford; Waller, Rebecca Mar- 
ion; Ware, William Franlin; Warren, Kyle Richard; Warren, Shane Patrick; Warren, William Christo- 
pher; Wasden, Katherine Elizabeth; Waters, Amanda Colleen; Watkins, Angela Susann; Waymouth, 
Virginia Anne; Wear, Justin Damon; Welch, Barrette Quinn; Wheeler, Katherine Marie; Wilkinson, 
Howard Martin; Williams, Jonathan Graham; Wilson, Jason Lee; Wilson, Marcus Emory; Wood- 
cock, Augusta Hayes; Woody Jr., John Michael; Woodyard, Caroline Scott; Wray, Alan Barton; Wy- 
lam, Holly Jean; Yackira, Steven Frank; Yancey, Richard Steele; Yeh, Eddie 135 


Eta Sigma Phi 

Hilary Getz 
Melinda Gilliland 
Drew Morock 
Moses Sabina 
Daniel Shaver 
David Spiller 
Libby Traister 
Tim Truitt 
Charles Binnicker 
William Bonds 
Susan Byerly 
Amy Clark 
Donald Huber 
Susan Ridyard 
J. Douglas Seiters 

Alpha Epsilon 

Emmanuel Bessay 

Leah Braswell 

Garry Finke 

Kelly Godby 

Robin Grant 

Annie Kulungowski 

Meredith Medley 

Peri Percinel 

Eric Reish 

Sara Smetzer 

Ted Stewart 

Anna Thomas 

Libby Traister 

Jon Palisano, Faculty Advisor 

Cercle Francais 

Meghan Barnett 
Polly Beckington 
Shenika Belcher 
Martha Bomar 
Lexi Caine 
Nicole Cottrell 
Laurel Creek 
Caroline Dix 
Katherine Doss 
Katherine Foremand 
Sebastien Gouraud 
Cassie Greene 
Shannon Hoff 
Katie Jones 
Olivia Jones 
Stephanie Jowers 
Britten Livaudais 
Bronwyn Massey 
Carmen McCoy 
Waring McCrady 
Julia McDavis 

Katheryn Mills 
Caroline Myers 
Susannah Myers 
Ivy Nailey 
Natalie Nimerala 
Alida Novarese 
Jason Payne 
George Poe 
Elizabeth Preston 
Laurie Ramsey 
Leigh Robbins 
Donald Rung 
Jacqueline Schaefe 
Ryan Shaw 
Sara Smetzer 
Abby Stephens 
Kay Tasian 
Christy Thoren 
Hillary Turrentine 
Julie Vibul 
Jamie Willis 


Pi Sigma Alpha 

Max Angerholzer, III 
Holly Wylam 
Jennifer Bulkeley 
Erica Jensen 
Anna Krasniewska 
Joshua Lauge 
Haynes Roberts 
Robert Rust, IV 
Elizabeth Spruill 

Brandon Ashcraft 
Denning Robinson 
Andrew Johnston 
Chrysta Bond 
Doviana Basamakova 
Jane Keeler 
Summer Martins 
Caroline Brooks 
Ryan Charles 

Psi Chi 

Jonathan Arnold 
Sarah Bryan 
Caroline Byrd 
Michelle Gaines 
Suzanne Garrett 
Erica Jensen 
Laura Jones 
Austin Lacy 

Lauren Leslie 
Alida Novarese 
Ben Pearson 
Jennifer Russell 
Marie Schroder 
Kate Sessions 
Alecia Sundsmo 
Alacia Trent 

Sigma Pi Sigma 

Edwin Gerber, President 
David Coffey, Vice-President 
David Bradbury, Secretary 
David Rose, Treasurer 

Dr. Eric Ellis, Advisor 
Tracy Terry 
Will Dukes 

Sigma Delta Pi Kappa 

John Alexander 
Erin Allen 
Brandon Ashcraft 
Jeremy Bryant 
Emily Burnett 
Carl Campbell 
Courtney Christy 
Shannon Conley 
Andrew Daniele 
Elizabeth Davis 
Dervla Delaney 
Peter Deschenes 
Jennifer Dockstader 
Heather Dyer 
Holly Eberly 
Lindsay Fields 
Garry Finke 

Grant Gearhart 
Casey George 
Margaret Gray 
Beth Hackethorn 
Josephine Harrison 
Emily Houlik 
Adam Jackson 
Christopher Ketchey 
Anne Kulungowski 
Haley Malmberg 
Shawna Miller 
Cynthia Norris 
Matthew Purcell 
David Reinhart 
William Scheel 
Katherine Sessions 

Lisa Shaul 
Eric Stubbs 
Viriginia Talley 
Claire Templin 
Jonathan Williams 
Fatima Pinto 
Margaret Bonds 
Charles Brockett 
Marilyn Davidheiser 
Karl Fisher 
Robert Gottfried 
Jerry Ingles 
Angela Jordan 
Carmen McEvoy 
Maria Natal 
Eric Naylor 
Stephen Raulston 

Steven Rinck 
Ruth Imizcoz 
Thomas Spaccarelli 
Benito Szapiro 


Pink Ribbon Society 

Student Mem bers 
Martha Austin Adams 
Charlotte Hampton Atwood 
Katherine Martin Avery 
Martha Lynn Coon 
Margaret Elizabeth Currie 
Christine Ruth Dillard 
Lauren Heath Ligon Evans 
Kate Chesney Foster 
Margaret Cobb George 
Harret Howell Gettys 
Elizabeth Ann Hackett 
Margaret McMillan Hardesty 
Louise Gray Irwin 
Mary Sumter Waties Kennedy 
Phebe Callaway Mason 
Mary Katherine Mitch 
Lois Priscill Karr Navolio 
Elizabeth Rose Robbins 
Mary Elizabeth Sherrard 
Elizabeth Duvall Spruill 

Faculty, Staff, and Community 

Anita Anderson 

Dianne Ansley 

Kathy Backlund 

Sandy Baird 

Nicole Barenbaum 

Michelle Benjamin 

Peggy Bonds 

Debbie Bonner 

Nancy Boykin 

Susan Byerly 

Jill Carpenter 

Elizabeth N. Chitty 

Marcia Clarkson 

Marcia Mary Cook 

Henrietta Croom 

Mary Sue Cushman 

Mary Davis 

Jan Drake-Lowther 

Ruth Dubois 

Matilda Dunn 

Doretha Fowlkes 

Sally Franklin 

Janet Gairhan 

Sue Garland 

Monica Gelinas 

Mary Rose Gilchrist 

Janet Graham 

Anne Griffin 

Irene Hamer 

Peggy Hankins 

Cathy Hawkins 

Carolyn Hatchett 

Patricia Heck 

Mary Ann Hill 

* Patricia Jackson, Advisor 

Jane Janeway 

Karen Keele 

Ursula Knoll 

Karen Kuers 

Nancy Ladd 

Pamela L. Law 

Jerrilee Lewallen 

Peggy Lines 

Maria Lytle 

Pamela Malouf 

Carrie Mauzy 
Martha Meeks 
Sarah Moore 
Yasmeen Mohiuddin 
Julie King Murphy 
Regina Obermiller 
Carolyn O'Conner 
Peg Palisano 
Evie Patterson 
Phoebe Pearigen 
June Peters 
Linda Peters 
Peggy Peterson 
Donna L. Pierce 
Cindy Potter 
Barbara Prunty 
Upshur Puckette 
Fairfax B. Ralston 
Jean Raulston 
Robin Reed-Spaulding 
Virginia Beth Royalty 
Leah Rhys 
Rose Marie Scheel 
Ann Seiters 
Ann Sherrill 
Cynthia H. Sherrill 
Anne Smith 
Pat Smith 
Dolores Snowden 
Olwyn Souter 
Walli Stevens 
Libbie Thoni 
Marleen B. Varner 
Peggy Ward 
Ann Watkins 
Melissa Webb 
Temple Weiskopf 
Bonnie Wilkinson 
Joan Williamson 
Jean Yeatman 


/Vhite Ribbon Society 

udent Mem bers 

iartha Caroline Barran 

-icia Ann Davis 

ervla Aideen Delaney 

bigail McKnight Griffis 

?yton Hofler Grubbs 

[aire Louise Hardin 

nily Brock Hartley 

?slie Wells Higgins 

nily Trammell Holmes 

atherine Ann Koepke 

ale Zeynep Percinel 

atherine Camden Pittman 

race Denning Robinson 

shley Saunders 

ora Dicks Bowden Shepard 

nily Smith 

anessa Claire Squires 

Dsalie Wyman Stone 

atherine Elizabeth Wasden 

oily Jean Wylam 

iculty and Community 


le Ann Afton 

'argaret Beaumont 

ath Benson 

Mishoe Brennecke, Advisor 

Jttie Carpenter 

atherine E. Cavagnaro 

2th Carlton 

nne Chenoweth 

ebra Conn 

illy Dodd 

xie Dozier 

?tty Engsberg 

Connie Gibson 

Melissa Campbell Goodson 

Chris Smith Gosling 

Elizabeth Grammer 

Jennifer Greeter 

Lois Greeter 

Jeannette Hamilton 

Lisa Hartman 

Kimberly Heitzenrater 

Phebe Hethcock 

Susan B. Holmes 

Saida Huey 

Diane Jones 

Leslie Doster Jones 

Martha Keeble 

Lisa Keith-Lucas 

Betty Kershner 

Elizabeth Wright King 

Linda Latchford 

Maudi Leonard 

Kittie Lottie 

Pamela Macfie 

Elizabeth Masters 

DeDe Dubose Matlock 

Edith McCrady 

Martha McCrory 

Gayle McKeen 

Sarah Metzgar 

Jennifer Davis Michael 

Deidra O'Connor 

Jenness Ousley 

Margaret Peeples 

Ruth Ramseur 

Dale Richardson 

Susan J. Ridyard 
Rachel Robinson 
Barbara Schlichting 
Beth Shrader 
Janet Smith 
Suzann Stamps 
Bobbie Steffner 
Paige Sullivan 
Karen Tharp 
Michelle Thompson 
Mary Weldon 
Laura Lapins Willis 
Susan Wofford 


Red Ribbon Society 


Christopher Thomas Abrunzo 
Forrest David Allen 
Jonathan William Doolan 
David Rayburn Flowers 
Scott Steven Frederick 
James Joyner Gannaway IV 
Pablo Gonzalez 
Pat Wyatt Hart 
Justin Shephard Hickey 
Clay R. Holland 
Russell Britton Kelly 
Adam Russell Jackson 
Nathaniel Scott Leedy 
Ryker James Lowe 
Samuel Irdell Moss 
John Bryce LaBruce Perry 
William Clinton Sasser 
Joseph Elliott Schilleci 
Thomas Johnson Sherrard 
Paul Knapp Simons, Jr. 
John Clayton Stanley 
Edward Allen Stewart 
Howard Martin Wilkinson 

Allan /Winter Cole 
William Young Fowler IV 
Steward Marshall Huey, Jr. 
John Ray Jacobs 
Mark William McDonald 
David Ross Milam 
Ariel Kenneth Weldon 


Duncan Montgomery Gray, Jr. 

Eric E. Hartman 

Jeffrey Paul Heitzenrater 

John Livingston Janeway IV 

Alston Boyd Johnson 

Jonathan A. Webster 

Charles Bruce Baird 
John Gass Bratton 
Adam William Carlos 
Duvall G. Cravens 
Perry Butler Gooch 
Thomas E. Macfie, Jr. 
Edward McCrady III 
John B( ick Ransom II 
Jeffrey I well Walker 


Donald Smith Armentrout 

Charles O'Connor Baird 

Alfred Scott Bates 

Robert George Benson 

Charles Mathews Binnicker 

William Sadler Bonds 

Christopher N. Bratcher 

Christopher Bryan 

William Tomphson Cocke III 

Frederick Hailey Croom 

James Thomas Cross 

Robert Granville Delcamp 

Charles H. Dubois 

Daniel Ellwood Dunn 

John M. Grammer 

Eric Hartman 

William Hoover Hethcock 

Robert Larry Keele 

David MacRae Landon Thaddeus 

Constantine Lockard 

Guy Fitch Lytle 

Eric Woodfin Naylor 

Robert Wesley Pearigen 

Charles Richard Perry 

Randolph Stuart Peterson 

George Wilkinson Poe 

Raymond Mark Preslar 

William M. Priestley 

Stephen Elliott Puckette 

George Shuford Ramseur 

William Wood Register Jr. 

John Vincent Reishman 

Brinley Rhys 

Dale Edward Richardson 

Arthur McCluny Schaefer 

Gerald LaFayette Smith 

Barclay Ward 

Thomas Reid Ward Jr. 

Herbert Stephenson Wentz 

Samuel Ruthven Williamson 

Harry Clay Yeatman 


Green Ribbon Society 

Hugh Turner Ammerman 
Sander Powell Brooks 
Stuart Laidlaw Brown 

Randolph Clayton Capps 
Lee William Corey 
Forrest Thornton Deleot 
John Clayton Earl 

Charles Black Habisreutinger 
Shepherd Fitz-Hugh Lewis 
William Alexander McKnight 
Paul Jarret Michau 
Walter Joshua Mixon 
William James Montgomery 
Jonathan Trapper Pendleton 
Jacob Michael Rothwell 
John Dickson Rudolph 
Cas William Sochacki 
William Lawrence Stribling, V 
Roy Kenneth Tonning, Jr. 

James Brent Totton 
Wayne Paulk Turner 
Logan Paine Verner 
William Christopher Warren 

Faculty and Staff 

Daniel Steven Backhand 
Richard H. Barron 
Eric Vincent Benjamin 
William Ellis Clarkson 

Christopher H. Conn 
Paul Erwin Engsberg 
Harold Joel Goldberg 
William Thompson Haight 
Charles Brad Harrison 

Donald C. Huber, Jr. 
Larry Hudson Jones 

James R. Joralemon, III 
Matthew Eric Kern 
James A. King 
Edwin Pruit Kirven 
Arthur Joseph Knoll (advisor) 
Martin Albert Knoll 
Drew Michael Lineberger 
David Wayne Lumpkins 

John Palisano 
Marvin E. Pate 
William Brown Patterson 
Donald Charles Rung 
John Douglas Seiters 
Ansel Miree Sharp 
Steven Wyck Shrader 
Peter Thomas Smith 
A. Richard Smith 
Joseph William Thoni 
Joseph Underwood 
Mark Foutch Webb 

John Charles Willis 
John Windham 
Reinhard Konrad Zachau 

Community Members 

Steven Michael Blount 
Douglas Winston Cameron 
Joseph Cushman 
Richard Woodruff Deutsch 

Norman Feaster 
John William Greeter 
Carlyle Knox 
Russell J. Leonard, Jr. 
Larry Majors 

Ellis Mayfield 

Greg Maloof 

Robert Douglass Matlock 

Daniel G. Rather 

Francis Gettys Watkins 

Tyree Edwin Wilkinson 

Richard Clarke Winslow 


Highlander Society 

Hugh Ammerman 
Marshall Benford 
Stuart Brown 
Lee Corey 
Forest Deleot 
Clay Earl 
David Flowers 
Jamie Gannaway 
Pablo Gonzalez 
Charles Habisreutinger 
Pat Hart 

Shep Lewis 
Ryker Lowe 
Bill McKnight 
Jarret Michau 
Will Montgomery 
Bill Nickel 
Trapper Pendleton 
Ryan Plummer 
Jake Rothwell 
John Rudolph 
Moses Sabina 
Joseph Schilleci 

Tom Sherrard 
Paul Simons 
Brian Star 
Stephen Still 
Tee Stribling 
Birch Tipton 
Ken Tonning 
Brent Totton 
Paulk Turner 
Chris Warren 
Clayton Stanley 

Los Peones 

Max Angerholzer 
Britt Pickett 
Worth Jones 
Will Brown 
Jeremy Allen 
Bill Barnes 
Patrick Blankenship 
Ben Bowersox 
David Bradbury 
Andy Briggs 
Scott Garland 
Day Gates 
Andrew Johnston 
Justin Kelly 
Huntley Luna 
Will McGaughey 
Norm Pickron 
Kai Rodning 
Eric Reish 
Rob Rust 
Ted Stewart 
Stephen Taylor 
Nick Wallingford 
Michael Woody 




Spanish House 


Sewanee Organizations 

144 Organizations 

Organizations 145 


M1H [»»'<> 

146 School of Theology 


chool of Theology 

School of Theology 147 


Howard W. Busheyjr. 

Warren Lee Domenick, Jr. 

East Carolina 
John Ray Jacobs 

Central Florida 
K. Andrea Jones 

Anthony Kodjo Kowbeidu 

South Carolina 
Mark William McDonald 

Central Gulf Coast 

Nancy Martin Coffey 

Barbara Jean Peterson 


Chris Elizabeth Schutz 

James August Sorvillo, Sr. 

Central Florida 

Michael R. Sullivan 

Upper S. Carolina 

James Wilson Webb, Jr. 

Not Pictured: 


Alan Hunter Cole 

E. Carolina 
Robert Cooper 

W. Louisiana 

Sherry Lynn Coulter 
W. Tennessee 

Frank Dixon Gough 
Central Florida 

David Hale Peeples 

Patsy Ann Smith 
N. Carolina 

148 School of Theology 


Not Pictured: 

William David Midgett 



Caroline Cox Goodkind 

David Ross Milam 

I W. North Carolina 

W. Louisiana 

Mary Ann Hill 

Zachary Lanier Nash 


Cumberland Presbyterian 

Martha Hutchison Kreamer 

Curtis Kemper Norman 

Central Gulf Coast 


Elizabeth Ann Macke 

Edward Francis O'Connor, Jr. 



The Rev. David L. Bridges 

United Methodist 
Keith Butler 

West Virginia 
Kay Evans 

Mark Frazier 

West Tennessee 
Kevin Greene 

Master of Arts 
Ronald Guv 


Marshall Huev 

South Carolina 
Gene Manning 


David Meginniss 

Ben Nick 


Lance Ouslev 

Judy Parrish 

Southern Virginia 

Lou Parsons 

David Peoples 

Central Florida 
Eugene Reuman 

Central Florida 
Robert Webster 

Master of Arts 
Kathy Young 

Master of Arts 

School of Theology 149 


Margaret Zeller 

Jonathan Wickham 

West Texas 
Hal Weidman 

Northern Califor- 
Ruth Tate 

South Dakota 
Donald Tate 

South Dakota 
Paul Stephens 


Emily Richards 

Kathleen Potts 

Herman Ogca 
Ben Nelson 

West Texas 
Mark McGuire 

West Missouri 
Elizabeth Montes 

Rio Grande 

James Lively 

Central Florida 
Andrew Keyse 

Claire Keene 

East Tennessee 
Jeff Jones 

Denise Hudspeth 

Southeast Florida 
Stephen Hood 


H. Hill 

Central Gulf Coast 
Jean Ricot Gay 

Southeast Florida 
Trey Garland 

Melissa Ford 

Master of Arts 
Terry Forbes 

Kath Doherty Oga 


Scott Brown 
West Texas 

Steve Bates 

150 School of Theology 

Commencement Prizes and Awards in 
j the School of Theology 

American Bible Society Prize in Greek 

Frederick Julian Richardson, Tennessee 

American Bible Society Prize in Hebrew 

Kevin Edward Greene, Sewanee 

American Bible Society: Christian Education Prize 

Warren Lee Domenick, Jr., East Carolina 
Barbara Jean Petersen, Nebraska 

Isaac Marton Dwight Medal 

Patrick Scott Allen, South Carolina 

George Thomas Shettle Prize 

Patsy Ann Smith, North Carolina 

Urban T Holmes III Prize 

Barbara Jean Petersen, Nebraska 

The Lowry Seminary Community Service Award (Internal) 
Anthony Kodjo Kowbeidu, South Carolina 

The Lowry Seminary Community Service Award (External) 
Sherry Lynn Coulter, West Tennessee 
David Hale Peeples, Alabama 

The William A. Griffin Scholarships 

Nancee Martin-Coffey, Colorado 
Anthony Kodjo Kowbeidu, South Carolina 
Barbara Jean Petersen, Nebraska 
James Wilson, Webb, Jr., Mississippi 

School of Theology 151 

152 School Of Theology 

School Of Theology 153 

154 School Of Theology 

School Of Theology 155 

156 School Of Theology 

School Of Theology 157 

158 School Of Theology 

School Of Theology 159 

160 School Of Theology 

School Of Theology 161 


' s tr M^' £r-i^m^^^^^^l 

^T /' y 

yY/'X^~ - 1 

WK Wa 

g|l \ 


Bk 9l 

162 School Of Theology 

School Of Theology 163 

164 School Of Theology 

School Of Theology 165 

166 School of Theology 

School of Theology 167 


rH ifi^>r 


K ' 




k /' 

l-* v 1 

i /* 





• : * 

^ ^v ^ 




168 Faculty 



Faculty 169 

Faculty, Staff and Administration 

The Right Reverend Donald Wimberly 
University Chancellor 

Samuel Ruthven Williamson Reverend Thomas Ward 

B.A.,Tulane University; A.M., Ph.D., Harvard B.A. The University of the South; B.A, 
University Oxford Univeristy; M.Div. Virginia 

Professor of History and Vice-Chancellor Theological Seminary 

University Chaplain 

Thomas A. Kazee Larry Hudson Jones Robert Wesley Pearigen 

B.A., Baldwin-Wallace College; PhD., Ohio B.S.," Wofford College; Ph.D., University of B.A.,TheUniversityoftheSouth;M.A.,I 

State University North Carolina Duke University 

Professor of Political Science and Dean of Professor of Biology and Associate Dean of Assistant Professor of Political Scienc 

the College the College and Director of Foreign Studies Dean of Students 

170 Faculty 

of the College of Arts and Sciences 

: Hartman 

, University of New Mexico M.E., 

iana University 

istant Dean of Students/Director of 

dent Activities 

Michelle Thompson 

B.A., University of the South; M.S., Univer- 
sity of Memphis 

Assistant Dean of Students /Director of 
Residential Life 

Frederick Hailev Croom 

B.S., Ph.D., University of North Carolina 

Professor of Mathematics and Provost 

irence Richards Alvarez Shirley Kathryn Woods 

, The University of the South; M.A., Ph.D., B. A., Swarthmore College; M.A., College 

e University Professor of Mathematics of William and Mary 

1 Associate Provost Associate Registrar 

Tom Watson 

A.B., Oklahoma Baptist University; M.A., 

University of Arkansas; M.L.S, Simmons 


University Librarian 

Faculty 171 


"What can you expect 
(from middle school 
students)? They're 
literally busting out of 
their bodies!" 

-Dr. Wallace 

Richard Allen O'Connor 

B.A., The College of William 
and Mary; M.A., PhD., 
Cornell University 
Professor and Chair of 

(ohn Havward Hamer 

A.B., Penn State University; 
M.A. University of Pittsburgh; 
Ph.D., Northwestern University 
Adjunct Professor of 

Charles Ross McCollough 

B.S., Grove City College; M. A., 
Ph.D., University of Pennsyl- 

Adjunct Professor of 

Rebecca Celeste Rav 

B.A., University of Florida; M.A., 

University of Edinburgh, 

Scotland; Ph.D., University of 

North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

Assistant Professor of 


Art and 
Art History 

"Silence is good. 
Silence is our friend." 
— Dr. Mansfield 

Merle Wallace 

B.A., Temple University; M.A., 
University of Illinois, Springfield ; 
Ph.D., University of Illinois, Ur- 
bana-Champaign Assistant 
Professor of Anthropology and 
Director of Teacher Education 

s \.V\ 

172 Faculty 

Gregory Thomas Clark 
B.A., University of California, 
Los Angeles;MA.,City University 
of New York M.F.A., Ph.D., 
Princeton University 
Associate Prof essor of Fine Arts 


anies Edward Carlos 
B.S., Indiana University of 
Pennsylvania;M.F.A. Catholic 
University of America; Ph.D., 
Ohio University 
Professor of Fine Arts 





■e^v ^B ! 


■ft • A| 

KJMR& v vyH 

^SIItf 1 

^H t^s- ^^^ 

Pradip Malde 

Diploma, Bournemouth College 

of Art; M.A., Glasgow School 

of Art 

Associate Professor of Fine 


Elizabeth Cassie Mansfield 

B.A., University of California, 

Irvine; A.M., Ph.D., Harvard 


Assistant Professor of Fine Arts 

Cheryl L. Pfeiffer 
B.A., University of Califor- 
nia, Santa Cruz; B.F.A., 
University of Washington; 
M.F.A., Parsons School of 
Design Visiting Professor of 
Fine Arts and Director of 
University Gallery 

Nancy Mishoe Brennecke 
B.A., The University of the 
South; M.A., Columbia 
Instructor in Fine Arts 


Henrietta Brown Croom 
A.B., Ph.D., University of 
North Carolina 
Professor of Biology 

Nancy J. Berner 
B. A., M.S., University of Idaho; 
Ph.D., Stanford University 
Assistant Professor and Chair 
of Biology 


Jonathan P. Evans 
B.A., Cornell University; 
Ph.D., Duke University 
Assistant Professor of 

David George Haskell 
B.A., University of Oxford; 
Ph.D., Cornell University 
Assistant Professor of 

Karen Leah McGlothlin 

B.S., M.S., East Tennessee State 


Visiting Instructor in 


Joseph Paul Caruso 
B.S., Southern Methodist Uni- 
versity, M.S., University of 
Wyoming, Ph.D., University of 


Faculty 173 


James Norman Lowe 

B.S., Antioch College; Ph.D. 

Stanford University 

F. B. Williams Professor of 


John Lawson Bordley, Jr. 
B.S., Davidson College; Ph.D., 
The Johns Hopkins University 
Professor of Chemistry 

Edward Preuit Kirven 

B.A., The University of the 

South; Ph.D., University of 


Professor of Chemistry 

Donald Alan Krogstad 
B.S., University of Wisconsin 
Stevens Point; PhD., Univer- 
sity of Minnesota 
Assistant Professor of 

Michael S. Morton 
B. S., Florida Institute of 
Technology; Ph.D., 
University of Kentucky 
Visiting Assistant Professor 
of Chemistry 

John Hisashi Shibata 

B. S„ Ph.D., University of 


Assistant Professor of 



John Douglas Seiters 

B.A., The University of the 

South; M.A., Ph.D., Florida 

State University 

Professor of Classical Languages 

William Sadler Bonds 
B. A., The Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity; M.A., Ph.D., Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania 
Professorof Classical Languages 

Donald Charles Huber, Jr. 
B.A., University of Pittsburgh; 
M.A., Brown University; 
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University 
Visiting Assistant Professor of 

174 Faculty 


Jerry Lee Ingles 

A.B., University of California, 

Berkeley; M. A.', Ph.D., Cornell 


Professor of Economics 

Arthur McClunv Schaefer 
B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University 
of Pennsylvania 
Ralph Owen Distinguished 
Professor of Economics 


Robert Richard Gottfried 
A.B., Davidson College; Ph.D., 
University of North Carolina 
Professor of Economics 

Yasmeen Mohiuddin 
B.A., M.A., Karachi University; 
M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt Uni- 
Professor of Economics 

E. Douglass Williams 

Carl Phillip Heinemann, C.P.A. 

B.A., The University of the B.A., Vanderbilt University 

South, PhD., Northwestern Lecturer in Economics 


Assistant Professor of Econom- 


'Word order is 
pretty important 
in the English 

-Dr. Clarkson 

Henry Frank Arnold, Jr. 
B.A., The University of the 
South; A.M., Ph.D., Harvard 
Professor of English 

John Vincent Reishman 
B.A., University of Notre 
Dame; M.A., Ph.D., University 
of Virginia 

Professor of English and Di- 
rector of Summer School 

Dale Edward Richardson 
A.B., Harvard College; M.A., 
University of Virginia; Ph.D., 
Princeton University 
Nick B. Williams Professor 
of English 

Faculty 175 

Thomas Macnab Carlson 
B.A., The University of the 
South; M.A., Ph.D., University of 
North Carolina 
Professor of English 

Robert George Benson 
B.A., M.A., Vanderbilt University; 
Ph.D., University of North Caro- 
Professor of English 

William Ellis Clarkson 
B.A., Yale College; M. A., 
University of Virginia 
Professor of English 

Eugene Wyatt Prunty 
Ph.D., B. A., The University of theSou 
M.A., The Johns Hopkins Ui 
versify; Ph.D., Louisiana Stc 
Carlton Professor of English a 
Director of the Sewanee Write 

John M. Grammer 

B.A., Vanderbilt University; 

M.A., Ph.D., University of 


Assistant Professor of English 

Jennifer Davis Michael 
B.A., The University of theSouth; 
B.A., University of Oxford; M. A., 
Ph.D., Northwestern University 
Assistant Professor of English 

Pamela Rovston Macfie 
B.A., Goucher College; M.A., 
Ph.D., Duke University 
Associate Professor of English 

Daniel Anderson 

B. A., University of Cincinnat 

M.A., Johns Hopkins Univer 

Visiting Instructor of English 

Tennessee Williams Fellow 

Christopher James Cobb 
B.A., Swarthmore College; 
M.A., Yale University, M. 
Phil., Yale University 
Instructor in English 

Nicholas R. Moschovakis 
B.A., Harvard University 
Instructor in English 

17ti F.icultv 

Josip Novakovich 

B.A., Vassar College, M.Div., Yale 

University, M.A., The University of 

Texas at Austin 

Instructor in English and Tennessee 

William's Fellow in Creative Writing 



nddell, would you 
minate the Ger- 
ms. Das boot!!" 
-Dr. Ken Smith, in 
themidstofa lecture 
peatedly interrupted 
jy the phone ringing 
in the German office 
across the hall. 

Donald Brandreth Potter, Jr. 
B.A., Williams College; M.S., 
Ph.D., University of Mas- 
sachusetts Professor of Geol- 
ogy and Director of the 
Sewanee Summer Seminar 

Karen Kuers 

B.S., Spring Hill College; M.S., 
Texas A&M University; Ph.D., 
University of Georgia 
Assistant Professor of Forestry 

C. Ken Smith 

B.S., Colorado State Univer- 
sity, M.Sc. & PhD., University 
of Florida 

Assistant Professor of Forestry 
and Geology 

Stephen Allen Shaver 
B.S., North Carolina State Uni- 
versity; Ph.D., Stanford Uni- 
Associate Professor of Geology 


"I've been teach- 
ing at Sewanee 
since 1962, ex- 
plaining French 
over and over, and 
they still don't 
understand it!" 
-Dr. Waring 

Martin Knoll 

B. A., The University of the South; 
M.S. Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., 
University of Texas, EI Paso 
Associate Professor of Geology 

James Waring deBernieres 


B.A., The University of the 

South; M.A., Ph.D., University 

of North Carolina 

Professor of French 

[acqueline Thibault Schaefer 
Licence es lettres, Diplome 
d'Etudes Superieures, Univer- 
sity of Caen; Agregation de 
I'Universite, University of 
Paris-Sorbonne Professor of 

George Wilkinson Poe 
A.B., Davidson College; 
M.A., Middlebury College; 
Ph.D., Duke University 
Professor of French 

Kathryn Oliver Mills 
B.A., University of Virginia; 
M.A., St. John's College; 
Ph.D., Yale University 
Assistant Professor of French 

Donald Charles Rung 
A.B., Harvard College; M.A., 
Ph.D., Princeton University 
Assistant Professor of French 

Faculty 177 

Laurie Anne Ramsey 
B.A., The College of William 
and Mary; M.a", Ph.D., 
Indiana University 
Assistant Professor of French 


"The most desirable 

woman commands 

the most cattle." 

-Arthur Knoll, 

while discussing 

Shaka and South 

African Tribal 


Harold Joel Goldberg 
B.A., State University of New 
York at Buffalo; M.A., Ph.D., 
University of Wisconsin 
Professor of History 


James Charles Davidheiser 
B.A., LaSalle College; M.A., 
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh 
Professor of German 

Stefan Neuhaus 
Diploma and D.Phil., Univt 
sity of Bamberg, Germany 
Visiting Assistant Professor 
of German 

Arthur Joseph Knoll 
A.B., Bates College; A.M., 
New York University; Ph.D., 
Yale University 
David E. Underdown Professor 
of European History 

William Brown Patterson 
B A., The University of the Sou tin; 
MA., University of Oxford; 
M.Div., Episcopal DKinitv School; 
AM., Ph.D., Harvard University 
Professor of History 

ohn Francis Flynn 
B.A., Boston College; M.A., 
Ph.D., Columbia Universit) 
Professor of History 

Charles Richard Perry 

A.B., Davidson College; 

A.M., Ph.D., Harvard Uni 


Professor of History 

178 Faculty 

Susan Janet Ridyard 

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of 


Associate Professor of History 

and Director of the Sewanee 

Mediaeval Colloquium 

John Charles Willis 
B.A., Baylor University; M 
Ph.D., University of Virgin 
Assistant Professor of Histi 

armen Elena McEvoy 
A., University of the Sacred 
eart; ML. A., Pontifical 
atholic University of Peru; 
[.A., Ph.D., University of 
alifornia, San Diego 
ssistant Professor of 


Houston B. Roberson 
B.A., Mars Hill College; M.A., 
Wake Forest University; Ph.D., 
University of North Carolina 
Assistant Professor of History 

Leslie Buchman Richardson 
B. A., Southwestern at Memphis; 
M.A., University of Virginia; 
M.A., Middlebury College 
Instructor in Italian 

Julie Kay Berebitsky 
B.A., University of California, 
Davis; M.A., George 
Washington University 
Assistant Professor of History 

John Charles Willis 

B.A., Baylor Unversity; M.A., 

PhD., University of Virginia 

Assistant Professor of 



Kieko Kimura 

B.A., Keio University 

Instructor in Japanese 



ero's not nothing." 
-Laurence Alvarez 

Sherwood Forrest Ebey 

B.A., Wheaton College; M.A, 

Ph.D., Northwestern 


Professor of Mathematics 

Clay Campbell Ross, Jr. William McGowen Priestley 

B.S., University of Kentucky; B.A., The University of the 
M.A., Ph.D., University of North South; M.A., Ph.D., Princeton 
Carolina University 

Professor of Mathematics Professor of Mathematics 

Faculty 179 

Chris Parrish 

B.A., St. Mary's University; 
M.A., Ph.D., University of Cali- 
fornia, San Diego 
Professor of Mathematics and 
Computer Science 

Linda Bright Lankewicz 
B.S., University of Georgia; 
M.Ed., M.S., University of South 
Alabama; M.S., Ph.D., Tulane 
University John D. and 

Catherine T. MacArthur Assitant 
Professor of Mathematics and 
Computer Science 

William Thompson Haight 
B.A., West Virginia University; 
M.S., Georgia Institute of Tech- 
Instructor in Mathematics 

Marcia Shonnard Clarkson 
B.S., William Smith College 
Lecturer in Computer Science 
and Director of Personnel 


"You should be like a 
pack of crazed dogs at 
that point, men." 

-Dr. Delcamp 

180 Faculty 

Steven Wyck Shrader 
B. A., The College of William and 
Mary; M.M., University of Cincin- 
nati College-Conservatory of 
Music; Ph.D., Northwestern Uni- 
Professor of Music 

Robert Granville Delcamp 
B.M., M.M., University of 
Cincinnati College-Conserva- 
tory of Music; D.Mus., North- 
western University Professor 
of Music and University Or- 

Edwin Chapell White 

B.A., Emory University; 

M.F.A., Ph.D., Princeton 


Visiting Professor of Mus 

Catherine A. Pellegrino 
B.Mus., Oberlin College, 
M.Phil., Yale University 
Instructor in Music 

Katherine Lehman Miller 
B.A., University of Kansas; 
M.A., Northwestern University 
Instructor in Music 

Stephen Ray Miller 
B.A., University of Kansas; 
M.A., University of Chicago 
Instructor in Music 

Jeff Davis 
Lecturer of Music 


I'm sorry I don't 
lave your papers 
raded yet; I was 
moking crack this 

-Dr. Garland 

William Jay Garland 
B. A., Emory University; Ph.D., 
The Johns Hopkins University 
Professor of Philosophy 

James Franklin Peterman 

A.B., Kenyon College; M.A., 

Ph.D., University of California, 


Professor of Philosophy 

James Robert Peters 
B.A., Northern Illinois 
University; M.A., Ph.D. 
Northwestern University 
Associate Professor of 

Christopher H. Conn 
B.A., Wheaton College; 
M.A., Northern Illinois 
University; Ph.D., Syracuse 
University Assistant 
Professor of Philosophy 


Eric Hans Ellis 
B.S., Ph.D., Syracuse 
Professor of Physics 

Francis Xavier Hart 
B.S., Manhattan College; M.S., 
Ph.D., Syracuse 
University Tom Costen Pro- 
fessor of Physics 

Faculty 181 

Randolph Stuart Peterson 
B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of 
Professor of Physics 


Benito Theodoro Szapiro 
M.S., Ph.D., University of 
Buenos Aires 
Assistant Professor of Physics 

Michael T. Coffey 
B.A., University of the South, 
D.Phil., University of Oxford 
Brown Foundation Fellow and 
Professor of Physics 

Douglas Tybor Durig 
B.A., Ph.D., University o: 
South Carolina Associate 
Professor of Chemistry anc 
Physics and Director of the Ob 

Daniel Elwood Dunn 
B. A., Cuttington College; M. A., 
Ph.D., The American Univer- 
Professor of Political Science 

Barclay Ward 

A.B., Hamilton College; M.A., 
Johns Hopkins University; 
Ph.D., University of Iowa 
Professor of Political Science 

Gayle Elaine McKeen 

B.A., University of Massachu 

setts; M.A., PhD., Universit 

of Chicago 

Visiting Assistant Professor o 

Political Science 

Chris Bratcher 

B.A., University of the South; 

Ph.D., University of Texas at 


Assistant Professor of 

Political Science 

Joan Ward 

B.A., Duke University; M.A., 
Johns Hopkins University 
Instructor of Political Science 


". . . and we have 
had some unpleas- 
antness in the 
-Dr. Keith Lucas 
on the graduation 
day happenings of 
the past. 

Charles Samuel Peyser, Jr. 
A.B., Hamilton College; M.A 
Ph.D., Southern Illinois 
University at Carbondale 
Professor of Psychology 

182 Faculty 

Timothy Keith-Lucas 
B.A., Swarthmore College; 
M.A., Ph.D., Duke University 
Professor of Psychology 

Nicole Bella Barenbaum 
A.B., Cornell University; MA., 
Ph.D., Boston University 
Associate Professor of Psy- 


Priscilla Kari Coleman 
B.A., Southern Connecticut 
State University; M.A., James 
Madison University; PhD., 
West Virginia University 
Assistant Professor in Psychol- 

Gary A. Phillips 

B. A., Lynchburg College; 

M.Div., Vanderbilt Divinity 

School; Ph.D., Vanderbilt 


Professor of Religion 

Joselyn Dorthea Pope 
B.A., University of Detroit; 
Ph.D., University of Tennes- 
see Assistant Professor of 
Psychology and Assistant Direc- 
tor of 
University Counseling Service 

Karen Pao-Ying Yu 

B.S., Massachusetts Institute of 

Technology; M.A., Ph.D., 

Vanderbilt University 

Assistant Professor of 


Gerald LaFayette Smith 
B.A., University of 
Richmond; B.D., Ph.D., Duke 
University Professor of Reli- 
gion and Marshal of the Uni- 
versity Faculties 

Larry Edward Carden 

B. A., DePauw University; B.D., 

Yale University; Ph.D., 

Vanderbilt University 

Associate Professor of 


Sidney Pamela Brown k 

B.A., Emory University, M. A., 
Florida State University, Ph.D., j£ 
University of Virginia 
Assistant Professor of Religion 

Faculty 183 


"My new thing: 

— Dr. Preslar 


Ruth Sanchez Imizcoz 
B.A., The University of the 
South; M.A., Ph.D.,' 
University of Kentucky 
Assistant Professor of Spanish 

David Wayne Lumpkins 
B.A., University of Tennessee; 
M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt 
Professor of Russian 

Raymond Mark Preslar 
B.A., Arizona State University; 
M. A., University of Arizona; Ph. D v 
University of Wasliington 
Assistant Professor of Russian 

Eric Woodfin Naylor 
B.A., The University of the 
South; M.A., Ph.D.,' Univer- 
sity of Wisconsin 
William R. Kenan, Jr. 
Professor of Spanish 

Thomas Dean Spaccarelli 
Diploma of Hispanic Studies, 
University of Granada; A.B., 
University of Illinois at Chicago 
Circle; M.A., Ph.D., University 
of Wisconsin 
Professor of Spanish 

Margaret ElaineGompper Bone 
B.S., University of Wisconsir 
Milwaukee; M.A., Ph.D 
University of Maryland 
Professor of Spanish 

Raulston, Stephen Bovkin 
B.A., University of the South; 
M.A. & Ph.D., University of 
California, Berkeley 
Assistant Professor of Spanish 

Angela Alvarez Jordan 
B.S., Universidad Autonoma 
del Caribe; M.A., Middle 
Tennessee State University 
Visiting Instructor in Spanish 

184 Faculty 

Karl W. Fisher 
B.A., B.S., Tennessee Techn 
logical University; M.A.T., 
University of North Czarolin 
Instructor in Spanish and Dire 
tor of the Language Laboratoi 

David MacRae Landon 
A.B. Harvard College; Ph.D., 
Vanderbilt University 
Professor of Theatre Arts 

Peter Thomas Smith 

A.B., College of the Hoi v Cross; 

M.A., M.F.A., Ph.D., Case 

Western Reserve 


Professor of Theatre Arts 

Daniel Backlund 

B.S., Bradley University; 

M.F.A., North Carolina School 

of the Arts 

Associate Professor of Theatre 


Garcia Mary Cook 

3. A., University of Iowa; Ed.M., 

Tie Johns Hopkins University; 

vl.F.A., University of Tennes- 

ee, Knoxville 

nstructor of Theatre 

John James Piccard 

B.A., M.F.A., Florida State 


Lecturer of Theatre Arts 

Phoebe Stone Pearigen 
B.A., Birmingham-Southern 
College; M. A., Southern Meth- 
odist University 
Lecturer of Theatre Arts 

acuity Not Pictured 

arolee Berg 

.S., M.S.; University of Bridgeport, PhD., Univer- 

ity of Illinois 

assistant Professor of Anthropology 

ames Gregory Pond 

.A., The University of the South, M.F.A., The 

Jniversity of Georgia 

'isiting Assistant Professor of Art & Art History 

racie L. Williams 

.S., University of Texas at Austin, PhD., Univer- 

ity of Florida 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

flichael S. Morton 

S., Florida Institute of Technology, PhD., Univer- 
ity of Kentucky 
'isiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

imy Clark 

•A., St. John's College; M.A., PhD., University of 

Jorth Carolina 

'isiting Assistant Professor of Classical Languages 

Carl Phillip Heinemann 
B.A., Vanderbilt University 
Lecturer in Economics 

Dehra Anne McGrath 

B.A., University of Wisconsin; M.S., PhD., 

University of Florida 

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Forestry 

Glendon William Smalley 

B.S., M.S., Michigan State University; PhD., 

University of Tennessee 

Lecturer in Forestry 

Kazue Kaneko 
Instructor in Japanese 

Warren D. Hoss Craft 

B.A., PhD., Vanderbilt University 

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Sharon Lippitt Kazee 
Lecturer in Music 

Roger McCoy 

B.S., University of Missouri Columbia, M.S., 

University of Missouri St. Louis 

Lecturer in Physics 

Kristin A. Beise 

B.A., The University of the South, A.M., 
University of Chicago Divinity School 
Visiting Instructor of Religion 


Carl A. Gabrielsen 

B.A., University of Maryland, M.Div., Yale 

University Divinity School, M.A., 

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, 

PhD., Vanderbilt University 

Instructor of Religion 

E. Fatima Alfonso-Pinto 

Licenciatura Universidadde Salamanca, MA. , 
PhD., The University of Texas at Austin 
Assistant Professor of Spanish 

Faculty 185 

Sabbatical Leave 

Patricia Ruth Heck 

Scott Torreano 

B.S., Michigan Technological University; M.S., North Carolina 

State University; PhD., University of Georgia 

Assistant Professor of Forestry 

. , « „. „ „ . Reinhard Konrad Zachau 

B.A., San Jose State University, M.A., PhD., University S taatsexamen, University of Hamburg; PhD., University of Pitts- 

01 California, Santa Barbara burgh 

Associate Professor of Anthropology Profesor of German 

lohn Raymond Palisano Catherine Elizabeth Cavagnaro 

B.S., PhD., The University of Tennessee g.g., Santa Clara University; PhD., University of Illinois at Urbana 

Professor of Biology Champaign 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Charles Donald Brockett 

B.A., Whittier College; PhD., University of N 


Biehl Professor of International Studies 

Maria-Jesus Mayans Natal 
Bachiller, University of Seville; M.A., Uiv 
sity of Texas; PhD., University of Florida 
Associate Professor of Spanish 

David Simpson Robert Headrick 

Vice-President for Business Director of Admissions 
and Community Relations 

Joe Romano Yogi Anderson 

Director of University Rela- Executive Director of Ass 

tions — Communications ated Alumni 

David Gelinas 

Director of Financial Aid 

Cliff Afton 

Instructor in Physical Educa- 
tion and Director of Physical 

Mark Webb 
Director of Athletics 

Bill Barry 

Director of Fowler Centei 

186 Faculty 

Susan McBee 

Director of Academic Com- 

Vicki Sells-Lewallen 
Director of Instructional Tech- 
nology Workshop 

Annwn Myers 

Assistant University Chaplain 

Dixon Myers 
Coordinator of Outreach 


Irbara Banks Ruth Green Deb Conn Eric Benjamin 

ihop's Common Manager Bishop's Common Night Man- Coordinator of International Director of Minority Affairs 

ager Students 

;eph Burckle Ron Daniel 

isistant University Forester Chief of Police 

Hillary Cheston, Postal Carrier; Taco Dudley, Postal Carrier; 
Webster Hamilton, Postal Clerk, Johnny Hughes, Postal Coor- 

ly Tirrell 

Hope Baggenstoss 
University Treasurer 

Marvin Pate Steven Woodell 

Director of Physical Plang Assistant University Organist 

In Memory 

Ernest D. Butner 


188 Faculty 

Faculty 189 

191) Classes 



Classes 191 


Abrunzo, Christopher 



Allen, Jeremiah Daniel 
Political Science 
Ansrerholzer, Maxmillian III 
Political Science 
Antill, Jenny Christine 
American Studies, Pine Arts 

Ashcraft, Brandon Cole 


Atcheson, Amv Elizabeth 


Athey, Clifford Marshall 


Avery, Katherine Martin 


Babayan, Alena Borisovna 
Biology, Russian 
Bartholow, Leigh Anna 
Spanish, Political Science 

Becker, Rashmi Latika 


Beckington, Patricia Wvatt 


Belt, Elizabeth Anne 


Berryman, Natascha Marie 


Bessay, Emmanuel Paye 

Chemistry, Biology 

Bishop, Catherine Helen lone 


192 Classes 

Blankenship, Joseph Patrick 



Braswell, Leah Elizabeth 


Brooks, Sander Powell 

His ton/ 

Brown, Stuart Laidlaw 


Bulkeley, Jennifer Caroline 
Political Science 
Butler, Michael Wesley 

Byrd, Caroline Porcher 


Campbell, Carl Dwight III 


Capps, Randolph Clayton 
Political Science, History 
Carnett, Jonathan Houston 

Carver, Loren Wagoner 
SSFL, Natural Resources 
Cavender, Tiffani Nicole 

Clendenin, Nathan Charles 


Coffey, Lark Lee Arwen 


Conlev, Shannon Martha 


Coon, Martha Lynn 


Classes 193 

Copeland, Jessica Lin 


Corwin, Leslie Cleapor 

Economics, Music 

Covington, Summer Vann 


Crook, Katherine Ida 

Biology, German 

Cullinan, Michael Sean 
Political Science 
Davis, Tricia Ann 
American Studies 
Delaney, Dervla Aideen 
Political Science 
Deleot, Forrest Thornton 

Deschenes, Peter Jon 

Math, Forestry 

Donahue, Jennifer Marie 


Doolan, Jonathan William 


Doss, Katherine Conrad 


Downey, Elizabeth Anne 


Driscoll, David Matthew 


DuPre, Elizabeth Waring 


Dunbar, Lander Goodspee 

Art History 

194 Classes 

Duncan, William Evans 

Dyer, Heather Kay 


Elberfeld, Mark, Bradford 

English, Anthropology 

Elmore, Michael Ryan 


Eneva, Elena Stoyanova 
Computer Science, Economics 
Epley, Michael Ryan 
Ferguson, Elizabeth Leigh 
Psychology, Economics 
Finke, Garry Erskine 

Fiore, Jeffrey Paul 

Political Science, Music 

Fiore, Lyle Charles Jr. 


Flowers, David Rayburn 


Flynn, Amy Colleen 


Foreman, Rachel Dianne 


Fosgate, Mary Elizabeth 


Foster, Kate Chesnee 


Frank, John Knox McEwen 

Natural Resources 

Classes 195 

Frazier, Christina Wells 
Fine Arts, Natural Resource 
Gaines, Sarah Tinsley 
George, Casey Elizabeth 
Spanish, Art History 
George, Margaret Cobb 


1 Jf 


■A ■ v 


Gerber, Edwin Paul 

Math, Chemistry 

Gettys, Harriet Howell 

Fine Arts 

Getz, Hilary Lucia 


Gonzalez, Pablo 


Grams, Sarah Dorine 

Political Science 

Green, Jason Lyle 


Green, Lonsdale MacFarlan 

American Studies 

Gregory, Mary Leigh Scales 


Habisreutinger, Charles 



Hackett, Elizabeth Ann 


Hardesty, Margaret 


Natural Resources 

Hargrove, Hilary Kate 

Natural Resources 

Hart, Pat Wyatt 


Hartley, Emily Brock 

Art History 

Helmick, David Robert 


Higgins, Leslie Wells 


196 Classes 

Hitch, Meredith Cheryl 


Hitchcock, Kimberly Anne 


Hoff, Shannon Elizabeth 

French, Third World Studies 

Hoffman, Michael Patrick 


Holland, Clay R. 


Hollin, Lindsey Rachel 

History, Spanish 

Hunt, Brian Jamie 


Irwin, Louise Gray 


Ivey, Glen Franklin 


Jackson, Kimberly Kay 


Jarrett, Kelly Elizabeth 


Jensen, Erica Brooke 


Johnson, Eleanor Cromwell 


Johnston, Andrew 


Political Science 

Johnston, Timothy Matthew 

History, German 

Jones, Kellaura Beth 

Art History 

Jones, Laura Kay 


Jones, Lindsay Alison 

Natural Resources 

Jones, Olivia Hays 

French, English 

Jones, Thomas Worthington 



Classes 197 

Jurkovich, Jessica Lee 


Karl, Tegan Marie 


Kays, Marion Reed IV 

Kennedy, Mary S. Waties 
Fine Arts 

Kirkpatrick, Ruth Elizabeth 
Natural Resources 
Klinger, James Edward Jr. 
Math, Natural Resources 
Koether, Amy Elizabeth 
Natural Resources 
Larsen, Hilary Anne 

Lee, Tarashai Monique 


Leedy, Nathaniel Scott 


Leonczyk, Kenneth George 



Leslie, Lauren Garrett 


Lewis, Shepherd Fitz-Hugh 



Lightner, Joel Elliott Jr. 


Lowe, Ryker James 


Mann, Melissa Jane 


198 Classes 

Marks, William Brooks 


Martin, Laura Williamson 

German, Natural Resources 

McComb, Amanda Grace 


Mclnnis, Meredith 


American Studies 

McKenna, Kathryn Clark 


McKenny, Nicholas Arthur 

Computer Science 

McNamara, Kelley Nicole 


McStay, Cary Irene 


Medley, Meredith Laura 


Michau, Paul Jarrett 


Miller, Shawna Marie 


Missbach, Mary Blinn 

Mitch, Mary Katherine 


Mochel, Meredith Cameron 


Monk, Mavora Evie 


Montgomery, William 



Moore, Cary Charlton 


Moore, Leah Dell 

Morris, William Mcintosh 


Mountjoy, Charles 



Classes 199 

Murphv, Jennifer Kaye 


Murray, Stephanie Branch 

Natural Resources 

Myers, Benjamin Lawrence 

Natural Resources 

Myers, Matthew Mahon 


Nadell, Kimberly Anne 


Nance, Rachel Leith 

Fine Arts 

Nard, Mary Katharine 

Fine Arts 

Navolio, L. Priscilla Karr 

Art History 

Nemeth, Lucas Christopher 
Natural Resources 
Newton, Virginia Moser 
Art History 

Nielson, Ashley Cassandra 
Psychology, Religion 
Nimerala, Natalie Patricia 

Norris, Cynthia Lynn 


Olah, Catherine Alison 


Ostrom, Bradford Jerome 

Natural Resources 

Payne, Jason Adam 

Pearson, Benjamin Neal 


Pease, Joshua Walker 


Pender, Kathryn Ann 


Percinel, Hale Zeynep 

200 Classes 

Percinel, Perihan Ayse 


Perry, Jeffrey Harrington 

Natural Resources 

Petrochko, Robert Anthony 


Philips, Michael Allen 


Phillips, William Anthony 

Fine Arts 

Pickron, Norman Adams 


Pittman, Katharine Camden 


Plummer, Patrick Ryan 


Probst, Katharina Andrea 

Computer Science 

Queen, Kristin Ashley 


Ramsey, Hilary Anne 


Reish, Eric Reynolds 


Reynolds, Kristine Anne 


Rich, James Speed 


Robb, David Charles 


Robbins, Elizabeth Rose 

Art History 

Robinson, Grace Denning 


Russell, Jennifer Lee 


Rust, Robert Nelson IV 

Political Science 

Sabina, Moises Tannon 

English, Latin 

Classes 201 

Sanders, William Parker 


Sasser, William Clinton III 


Saunders, Ashley Elizabeth 


Schilleci, Joseph Elliott 


Schneider, Charles Etien 

Art History 

Schneider, Molly Catherine 

Natural Resources 

Schroder, Marie Diana 


Seccombe, Alexis Niswongeri 


Segrest, Jere Stuart 


Seymour, Charles Barrett 


Shannon, Janet Liddell 
Natural Resources 
Shasteen, Mary Virginia 

Smetzer, Sara Elizabeth 


Smith, Kelly Margaret 


Smith, Robert Cathcart III 


Spiller, John David Jr. 


Spruill, Elizabeth Duvall 

Political Science 

Squires, Vanessa Claire 


St. Clair, Christiana Joy 


Stapleton, Dixon 

His ton/ 

202 Classes 

Starr, Bryan Lawrence Jr. 


Stevens, Danielle Faye 


Stevenson, Martha Jane 


Stewart, Edward Allen 


Stone, Heather Jo 

Sutton, Zachary Lloyd 


Tan, Sylvester George 


Thompson, Emily Marie 

Thoren, Eva Christine 

French Studies 

Totton, James Brent 


Traister, Elizabeth Kay 


Tuck, Victoria Michelle 

Fine Arts 

Turner, Wayne Paulk 

Wallace, Natalie Bradford 

Waller, Rebecca Marion 

Wasden, Katherine Eliza- 
Political Science 

Welch, Barrette Quinn 


Wheeler, Katherine Marie 

English, Fine Arts 

Wilson, Marcus Emory 


Woodcock, Augusta Hayes 


Classes 203 

Woodrum, Timothy Mark 

Woody, John Michael Jr. 
Biology, Spanish 
Wylam, Holly Jean 
Political Science 
Yakira, Steven Frank 

Yeh, Eddie 


204 Classes 


Allen, Eric Christopher 


Allen, Erin Shea Wright 

Third World Studies, Spanish 

Ammerman, Hugh Turner III 


Askew, Courtney India 

Natural Resources 

Bailey, Mary Jacklyn 


Banwarth, Gregory Brooks 

English, Computer Science 

Baxter, James William 

Natural Resources 

Briggs, Andrew Gentry 


Brothers, Sterling August 

Natural Resources 

Burton, Lesley Elizabeth 


Corey, Lee William 


Creek, Laurel Elizabeth 


Crook, Antonio Markie 


Culbertson, Benjamin Hunter 


Dargan, Ellerbe Godfrey 

Doell, Erik Karl 


Earl, John Clayton 


Erdman, Nathan Andrew 


Field, Patrick Cason 


Fiore, Brian Matthew 

History, Political Science 

Fratello, Frank 

Gaines, Michelle Valentina 

Gannaway, James Joyner IV 

Economics, History 

Gilliland, Terry Melinda 


Grant, Robin Michelle 


Gray, Margaret Fraser 


Green, Graham Curtis 


Hickey, Justin Shepard 


Holley, Robert Preston 

American Studies 

Holmes, Emily Trammel! 

Fine Arts 

Ingles, Mercedes Angelica 


Jansenius, Rebecca Leigh 


Johnson, Katherine Jean 


Kleckner, John Gordon 


Lewis, Billy Wayne Jr. 

Political Science, Economics 

Longinotti, Gina Marie 


MacKinlay, Charlotte Campbell 

Madico, Enrique G. McEvoy 

Fine Arts 

Martins, Summer Louise 

Anthropology, Music 

Mason, Phebe Callaway 


Massey, Daniel Luke 


Mays, Lameticha Devon 


McDermott, Christopher James 

McGaughey, William Joseph 


McNeese, Bridget Theresa 


Pate, Daniel Marvin 

Fine Arts 

Payne, Raegan Leigh 

Theatre, English 

Perry, Jay Arthur 

Perry, John Bryce LaBruce 


Riddell, Maris Tobler 


Roberts, Haynes Reeves Jr. 

Political Science 

Rothwell, Jacob Michael 


Rowe, Katherine Lesemann 


Rudolph, John Dickson 

Political Science 

Salmon, Edward Lloyd III 


Shaver, Christie Suzanne 


Stribling, William Lawrence V 


Talbot, Johnathan Andrew 

History, English 

Terry, Tracy Jane 


Thomas, Anna Margaret 


Thompson, John David 

English, Art History 

Thompson, Peter James 


Tonning, Roy Kenneth Jr. 


Truitt, Timothy Steele 

Mathematics, Latin 

Verner, Logan Paine 

Political Science 

Wallace, John Joseph IV 


Warren, William Christopher 


Weller, Kathryn 

Theatre, English 

Williams, Jonathan Graham 


Classes 205 


Ahlquist, Emily 
Alcazar, Caroline Marie 
Allen, Forrest David 
Anderson, Laura Jo 
Arnold, Jonathan Wesley 
Asmussen, Mark Nicholas 

Barran, Martha Caroline 

Bell, Prince Lavon Jr. 

Biel, James Gordon 

Blankenship, Ann 


Blizzard, Charles Kirk 

Bowersox, Benjamin Ford 

Bradbury, David Pearson 
Brantley, James Gooding 
Brickey, Joshua Aaron 
Brooks, Caroline Rebecca 
Brown, George Willcox IIIj 
Bryan, Sarah Huger 

Burton, Haley Woodward 

Byers, Corie Lynn 

Carlson, Severin Alexis P. 

Cheek, Colin Michael 

Christenberry, Catherine 


Christy, Courtney Anne 

Cogan, Victoria Anne 
Cole, Matthew Melton 
Cook, Laura Kathryn 
Cottrell, Nicole Marie 
Creed, Keri Amanda 

Cutler, Leigh Helene 
Davis, Elizabeth McNeely 
Dean, Carrie Adele 
Dice, Anne Carter 
Dickson, Jennifer Faye 
Dietzen, Walter Nicholas 
Dolan, Thomas Michael Jr ; 

206 Classes 

Dull, Carl Joseph 
Eberly, Holly Marissa 
Eddy, Michael Barnwell 

Elder, Haley Kathleen 
Elrod, Jeffrey Mark 
Evans, Lauren Heath 

Fields, Linsay Rebecca 
Frederick, Scott Steven 

Garland, Edward Scott 
Garman, Savannah Lee 
Garrett, Stephen Leigh 
Garrett, Suzanne Gail 
Gassner, Tarvn Elise 
Gill, Michael Brennan 
Goodyear, Zachary 

Goss, Leanne Dowd 
Greiner, Evelyn Ann 

Griffis, Abigail McKnight 
Hackethorn, Beth Ann 

Classes 207 

Hall, Austin Millar 

Hall, Scott Bartlett 

Hammond, Audrey Marie 

Harder, Elizabeth Cary 

Harding, Edward Henry 


Harding, Ventana Therese 1 

Hargrove, Micah Andre 

Harkey, William Blake 

Hart, Whitney Keras 

Henderson, Kathryn 


Hintz, Megan Catherine 

Hodges, Amber Renee 

Hodgson, Beverly Key 
Holland, James Hughie III 
House, Linda Jean 
Hubbard, Brenton Whitt 
Humphries, Thomas Lee 

Hunsicker, Carrie 

Jackson, Adam Russell 
Jackson, Catherine 
Jenkins, Julie Ann 
Johnson, Tomeka Renese 
Jones, Andrew Luten 
Jones, Charlotte Clare 

Kalita, Seetangshu Prasad 
Kelly, Russell Britton 
Kime, Megan 
Koepke, Katherine Ann 
Krasniewska, Anna Maria 
Kusek, Peter 

Lafargue, Michael Patri 
Lawyer, Aaron David 
Leo, Valerie Karen 
Lightner, Hansel Eh 
Lineberry, Stephen Mar 
Lippencott, Wynne Mai 

208 Classes 

Lueck, Kristina Jo 
Luna, Robert Huntley 
Lynch, Kendall Marie 

Vlahoney, Ryan Matthew 
Mainord, Russell Shane 
Marsh, Charles Wallace 

Mayo, Benjamin 

McAnallv, Raymond 
William ' 
McCloskey, John Bryg 

McCoy, Carmen Rae 

McDaris, Julia Elizabeth 

McGriff, Peter Denson 

Mclnnis, Kathryn Ryan 

McKnight, William 


Merrick, John Anderson 

Mikell, Stephen Abraham 
Miles, Benjamin Taylor 

Millikan, Linda June 
Milne, Frances Sayle 

Classes 209 


Mims, Rhonda Virginia 
Moore, Kathryn Rebecca 
Morock, James Andrew 

Morphis, Andrew Brett 
Myers, Burton Terrence 
Nalley, Ivy Lee 

Nelson, Jessica Elizabeth 

Neumann, (Caroline 


Nivakoff, Jeremy Adam 

Norrod, Holly Susan 

Oppenheimer, Stacey 


Orr, Mark Robert 

Pate, Elizabeth Lee 

Pearson, Anne Lawton 

Peel, Margaret Elizabeth 

Phillips, Jennifer Eliza- 
Pickett, Joseph Britt 

Preston, Katharine 


Raish, Andrew Sampson 

210 Classes 

Ray, Susannah Rainer 
Reine, Troy Jason 
Rice, Amy Michelle 
Robb, Clifford 
Robbins, Leigh Ann 
Robinson, Gregory 

Rogers, Nikell Ayanna 
Ross, Amanda 

Rugaber, Clarissa 

Saer, Elizabeth Flower 
Sanders, Cara Eliza- 
Scanlan, Lisa Carol 

Scheel, William August 

Schmick, John Oliver 

Schmidt, Kathleen 


Sexton, Jamie Lynn 

Shafer, Kelly Jane 

Shaver, Daniel Ethan 

Shaw, Susan Michele 

Sherrard, Thomas 

Johnson IV 

Short, Sidney Fitzhugh 

Smith, Emily Brooks 

Smith, Jacquelin 


Smith, Newell Greer 

Snow, David Maxwell 

Sochacki, Cas William 

Spear, Elizabeth 


Stafford, Phillip John 

Stanley, Michael 

Jerome II 

Steel, Rebecca Faye 

Stiff, Courtney Ross 

Still, Stephen Wright 


Stromberg, Susan 


Swoope, Darius 


Talley, Virginia 


Tasian, Kayaneh Marie 

Classes 211 

Taylor, Amelia Rachel 
Taylor, Stephen 

Thomas, Andrew 

Thomas, Joseph Grant 


Thompson, Carrie 


Thorn, Molly Moon 

Tourk, Nancv Ruth 
Trimble, Jennie McRae 
Tucker, Mark Hearne 

Vanlerberghe, Julia 


van Nagell, Elizabeth 

Knox Caldwell 

Vibul, Julie Marguerite 

Vlahakos, Stephanie 


Walker, Krissy 


Wear, Justin Damon 

Whiteside, Adam 


Wilkinson, Howard 


Williams, Jaclyn 


Wilmes, Elizabeth 


212 Classes 

Wilson, Katherine Quinn 
Woodyard, Caroline Scott 
Wright, Matthew Hudson 
Yancey, Richard Steele 
Zada, Laal Sha 

Not Pictured 

Adams, Martha Austin 
Atwood, Charlotte Hampton 
Bartlett, Matthew Foster 
Basamakov, Doriana Angelova 
Beck, Adrienne Autumn 
Berry, Lindy Suzanne 
Binford, Frank Marshall 
Boehm, David Halligan 
Bond, Chrysta Gwendolvnn 
Boynton, Ransom Davis 
Bruner, Kaylene Marie 
Calandruccio, Rocco West 
Carr, Kathryn Winslett 
Charles, Ryan Robert 
Craig, Patrick Alexander 
Currie, Margaret Elizabeth 
Daniel, Josiah Martin IV 
Dejongh, Antony Mikel 
Deterding, Jamie Leigh 
Dickinson, Thomas Edward 
Dockstader, Jennifer Ellen 
Dorsey, Anne Elizabeth 
Dunwody, Sara Winslow 
Edenfield, Sloan Lorraine 
Elliot, Virginia Katherine 
Erickson, Elizabeth Kirstin 
Flowers, Charles Bays 
Fortson, Melissa Beth 
Fuller, Maxwell Carson 
Gabbard, Justin Elliot 
Gallagher, Denise Anne 
Garmon, Leslie Wren 
Getten, Douglas Vandever 
Gregorie, William Douglas IV 
Groves, Susannah Winn 
Hall, Taylor Elliot 

Hash, Lauren Elizabeth 
Haskell, Matthew Bryant 
Hayden, Patrick Joseph 
Herrington, Jason Eugene 
Hodge, Elisha Diane 
Hoey, Jessica Lohnng 
Holyer, John Michael Milford 
Jones, Melinda Danetra 
Jowers, Stephanie Jean 
Kelly, Justin Howe 
King, Barbara Eve 
Kynes, Katherine Jane 
LeFlore, Laurel Elissa 
Lozier, Matthew Allen 
Mackintosh, Laura Bryan 
Maguire, Remy Wright 
Martin, Romeo Jarrett 
Massey, Bronwyn Elizabeth 
Mayfield, Anna Ruth 
McCauley, John Michael 
Meeks, Lana Gail 
Mixon, Walter Joshua 
Mobley, Joanna Debney 
Morrison, William Brian 
Moss, Samuel Iredell 
Napier, Lora Lee 
Ngau, Andrew Muia 
Nichol, William Lytle V 
Norman, Lynn Bailey 
O'Donnell, John William IV 
Papapietro, Mauricio Silvo 
Polanchich, Robert Scott 
Pynch, Matthew Robert 
Rodning, Kai Johannes 
Rose, David Bennett 
Sabbath, Seth Jason 
Sadlowski, Adam Vincent 
Salazar, Keith Douglass 
Scott, Ian Mitchell 

Shell, Meredith Blake 
Shepard, Nora Dicks Bowden 
Sherrard, Mary Elizabeth 
Simons, Paul Knapp Jr. 
Smith, Andrew Bryan 
Smith, Anne Hunter 
Smith, Ruth Ann 
Smith, Tanya Lynn 
Stanley, John Clayton 
Stephens, Abby Christine 
Stone, Rosalie Wyman 
Tabb, William Granville IV 
Templin, Claire Frances 
Tipton, David Burch Jr. 
Wallingford, William Nicholas 
Ware, William Franklin 
Warren, Shane Patrick 
Weathers, Susannah Bell 
Williford, Frances Olivia 
Wilson, Jason Lee 
Wray, Jennifer Thompson 

Classes 213 



Alexander, John Neil Jr. 
Allen, Emily (Catherine 
Allen, Mary Elizabeth 
Anderson, Julie Erin 
Arnold, William Houston 
Arshad, Fahd 

Ashcraft, Raegan Dineen 
Asher, Lauren Elizabeth 
Atkinson, David John 
Avirett, Chelsea Maude 
Barnett, Elizabeth Ann 
Barnett, Meghan Alice 

Barton, Webber Orr 
Basset, Miranda Lee 
Bay, Allen 

Belief, Ashley Meagan 
Black, Amv Elizabeth 
Blevvett, Elizabeth Greer 

Boaeuf, Danielle Alexis 
Boehm, Brian Michael 
Bomar, Martha Grier 
Box, Mary Spotswood 
Boylan, Ryan Michael 
Bozzi, Jevon Wesley 

Bratton, Ian Daniel 

Brewer, Ashley Scott 

Brinkman-Hansen, Ethan 


Brown, Margaret 


Burnett, Emily Perrault 

Burns, Cheryl Amelia 

Cabaniss, Margaret 


Cagle, Hoke Suttle 

Caine, Murphy Alexis 

Caldwell, Elizabeth 


Cameron, Courtney 


Campbell, Martha 


214 Classes 

Catts, Caroline Amanda 
Chambers, Michelle Lynn 
Chapman, Jane Harrison 
Clark, Jameel Tamir 
Clavton, Jason Brandt 
Cofer, Katy Leigh 

Cole, LaRuan Anthonv 
Cosgrove, Ryan Thomas 
Criger, Timothy Aaron 
Crisler, Stewart Crile Jr. 
Cutchins, Caroline Davidson 
Dalton. Charlie Vance 

Daniel, Margaret Shaver 
Davila, Erik Eugenio 
DeBergh, John Rohbins 
Deslauriers, Danielle Rae 
Deterding, Jaymie Leigh 
}ick, Jennifer Forrest 

Downs, Jason Erik 
Dukes, William James 
Eggleston, Erin Elizabeth 
Eichenberger, Troy Robert 
Elliot, Lindsay Marie 
Emerson, John Jesse 

Farmer, Jessica Kate 
Files, Matthew Dalton 
Fishburne, Elizabeth Allston 
Fletcher, Rebecca Neal 
Forehand, (Catherine Duke 
Foss, Paul-Martin 

Gagliano, Anna Louise 
Garsombke, Nicole Claire 
Gearhart, Grant Allen 
Gee, Franklin Mark 
Gibbs, Christine Amber 
Girardi, Elizabeth Jane 

Classes 215 

Gonos, {Catherine Anne 
Goodwin, Braden 
Goodwin, Kayla Danae 

Greene, Cassandra 


Grimball, Margaret 


Guinn, Matthew 


Habel, Melissa Ann 
Hall, Rachel Ann 
Hardin, Jason Lee 

Harrison, Josephine 


Hart, Megan Miller 

Hedgecock, Robert 


Hendrix, Summer 


Hensel, Keith David 

Houlik, Emily Marie 

Houts, Cameron Leigh 
Hunt, Towaski VansKie 

Izard, Jane Honour 
Jacob, Elizabeth Anna 

216 Classes 

IfJSS ■')'■ 

Jessee, Rebecca Lindsay 
Jones, Edith Elizabeth 
Jones, Katherine Louise 

Kelly, Amanda Sinclair 
Kennedy, Julie Simone 
Kilcollin, Mark Camp Jr. 

King, James William III 
Kizer, John Thomas 
Kwasek, Dena Lynn 

Landers, Laura Christina 
Leach, Grady Washing- 
ton IV 

Lee, Jonathan Reed 
Lee, Nona Renee 
List, Nicholas Paul 
Long, Karl Phillip 

Lorch, Steven James 
Lowery, Lily Elizabeth 

Malmberg, Haley 


Martens, Margaret Jean 

Classes 217 

Martin, Alice Phinizy 
Martin, William Albert 
Martins, Jordan Daniel 

Mattes, Stephanie Lynn 
McAlpin, Lila Zachry 
McAulav, Warthen Smith | 

McCaulley, Esau Daniel 
McCutcheon, Hugh Ellis 
Meredith, Brandon 

Merrill, Mary Knox 

Miller, Melanie Kay 

Milward, John 


Mishler, William Robert 

Moret, Ryan Clarke 

Myers, Maude Amelia 

Neal, Charles Turner 
Nichols, Elizabeth Grace 
North, Andrew Mark 
Novarese, Alida Daniell. 
O'Mara, Kate Cleland 
Olson, Ryan Alexander 

Ori, Elaina Bishop 
Orr, Naylene Nichole 
Osaki, Jessica Chancellor 
Parish, Samuel Kinman 
Patel, Anjali Bipin 
Patlovich, Jaime A. 

218 Classes 

Peterson, Susannah 


Pfeifer-Thompson, Robin 


Playtis, John Anthony 

Polk, Trumaine Domin- 

Powell, Penelope Cowper 
Pride, Joseph Bartley 

Ramsey, Ann Marie 
Reed, Owen Thomas 
Reinhart, David Anthony 

Rembert, Susan Noell 
Reynolds, Elizabeth Lea 
Reynolds, Julia Morris 
Rogg, Meghan Anne 
Roper, Paul Hamilton 
Schake, Jennifer Jane 

Schmidt, Catherine Anne 

Schmidt, Erin Blakely 

Scoggins, Marion 


Senechal, Gerald Paul 

Shack, Nathan Andrew 

Shaul, Lisa Marie 

Shaw, Elizabeth Bowen 

Shaw, Kristen Ryan 

Shellman, Sarah Bennett 

Short, Kelly Suzanne 

Silkman, Hannah 


Simoneau, Jennifer Potts 

Classes 219 

Smith, Hope Carolyn 
Smith, Neal Kirkland 
Stephens, Rachel Eliza- 

Stringer, Isabelle Marie 
Stubbs, Eric Johnsen 
Sundsmo, Alecia Dawn 

Swetenburg, Raymond 

Lee III 

Thompson, Adam Ross 

Thompson, David 


Thompson, Tara Marlow 

Timko, Christopher 


Trent, Jennifer Alacia 

Truss, Anna Delores 
Turnbull, Robert Tucker 
Turrentine, Hillarv 

Vaden, Robert Hill 
Vanderpool, James Knox 
Vickery, Raymond 

Vige, Carol Elizabeth 

Walker, Andrea Claire 

Waters, Amanda Colleen 

Wengrovius, Emily 


White, Martha Belton 

White, Robert Eugene III 

Whitlow, Lauren Michele 
Whittington, Richard 
Barlow IV 

Willett, Tonya Yvette 
Willis, Marcus Meritt 
Wilson, Nancy Sophia 
Wishart, John Yates 

Witt, David Jason 
Womack, David Hartman 
Wood, Spencer Herndon 
Woody, Helen Catherine 

'■ Classes 

Baarcke, Charles Frederick in 

Grant, Megan Vanessa 

Purcell, Matthew Eric 

Bahn, Stephanie Anne 

Greenfield, Peter Roe 

Redick, Guinevere Jane 

Barnes, William Mason Jr. 

Harbin, Charles Pinckney 

Rehm, Prather Claire 

Barrow, Bennett Hilliard 

Harding, Josephine Anna 

Richmond, Joshua Franklin 

Barske, Carolyn May 

Hartney, David Cameron 

Rogers, Wilson William 

Belcher, Shenika Lyvette 

Helms, Jennifer Scott 

Schneibel, Ilona \ 

Biss, Scott Douglas 

Herring, Joseph Mason 

Schwab, Carlton Lewis 

Booker, Nakia Shunta 

Hillis, Jonathon David Wayne 

Sears, John Steven 

Boone, Margaret Anne 

Hinds, Shelley Alain 

Sessions, Katherine Barrett ! 

Bouldin, Ryan Michael 

Hinson, Kate Desborough 

Skinner, Arthur Chester IV 

Bradshaw, Thomas Gardner 

Hobbs, Leah Alexander 

Smith, Gordon Mequet 

Brown, Emily Hudson 

Hodshon, Christopher Alan 

Snowden, Harriet Overton 

Bryant, Jeremy Scott 

Hodshon, Simon Daniel 

Sonfield, Jennifer Thorne 

Burchfield, Jacob Michael 

Hogle, Jessica Charlotte 

Spainhour, John Christian Gi 

Burgette, Jacob Nicholas 

Jaffe, Matthew Brian 

Splichal, Clark Jeremy 

Cantwell, Joshua Paul 

Johnson, Amy 

Stefanescu, Carla Christina 

Chappell, Justin Clyde 

Johnson, Steven Barry 

Stevens, Austin O'Neil 

Charles, Matthew Taylor 

Jones, Laura Elizabeth 

Stiegel, Matthew Alexander 

Clason, Stuart Alexander 

Justin, Laura Burns 

Stultz, Margaret Louisa ; 

Clawson, Samuel Richard Jr. 

Kelly, Katherine Thomas 

Sutherland, John Francis Jr. | 

Culley, Catherine Marie 

Ketchey, Christopher Charles 

Tamburello, Christopher Adam j 

Cutler, Mary Randolph 

Leveridge, Gregory Davis 

Thompson, Tyler Munro 

Daniele, Andrew Jacob 

Livaudais, Britten Leigh 

Tujague, Margaret Anita 

Daniele, Bryan Joseph 

Lovelace, Kraemer Allen 

Underhill, Sara Kathryn 

Davis, Nicole Louise 

Lumpkin, David Thomas 

Vaden, Blake Rogers 

Davis, Walter Ryan 

Lynn, Brian David 

Van Dyke, Eliot Sutton 

DeLaughter, Devin Lamar 

Marlowe, Steven Witter 

Walker, Carrie Jean 

Dix, Caroline Sawyer 

Martin, Seth McLaughlin 

Warren, Kyle Richard 

Doolan, Ryan Matthew 

McEwan, Andrew Clark 

Waterman, John Douglas 

Dossey, Lauren Adair 

Mertz, Emily Parker 

Watkins, Angela Susann 

Elliot, David William 

Middleton, John Williamson 

Watkins, Elizabeth Todd 

Embree, Elizabeth Price 

Miller, Devin Andrea 

Watson, Cullen Paul 

Fairey, John Ormond, Jr. 

Montgomery, John Duer 

Wheat, Jason Brian 

Findley, Aaron Milton 

Montgomery, Kasey Kathleen 

White, Evans Patrick 

Fisher, William Mueller II 

Murphy, Benjamin Noah 

Wilkens, Richard Barlow IV 

Fleming, Eleanor Katherine 

Myers, Marjorie Caroline 

Wilkinson, Kathryn Jean 

Ford, Bethany Allison 

Myers, Martha Susannah 

Willis, Jamie Michael I 

Fordham, Christopher Russell 

Nedeva, Viara Nedkova 

Wray, Alan Barton 

Fowler, Melissa Goodwyn 

North, Jacqueline Kays 

Yeagle, Jeremy Arthur 

Fox, James Perry 

North, Katherine Pauline 

Frizell, Keara Aileen 

Nowell, Lauren Kivett 

Gaffner, Emilie Ellen 

Parker, Elias Horry Jr. 

Gates, William Day III 

Patel, Sangeeta Kirit 

Georgiev, Georgy Stephanov 

Payne, Robert Rex Underwood 

Goldstein, Robert Acheson 

Peagler, Thomas George 

Goodman, Brian Robert 

Prichard, Annalise 

Classes 221 


Albani, Sasha Danielle 

Albany, Christopher 


Allen, Ebba (Catherine 

Arrington, McMillan 


Atchison, Sara Beth 

Bailey, Tamara Gayle 

Bain, Mary Catherine 
Bares, Brett Adam 
Barrett, Jacob Wayne 
Batteh, Nawal Kristine 
Bauer, Katherine Anne 
Beavin, Shannon 

Beckelheimer, Walter 


Bedard, Erin Michelle 

Bennett, Marv Maxwell 

Bethay, Grace Hunter 

Bethune, Caroline 


Bradley, Wesley M. 

Brower, Stacey Erin 
Bush, Mary Kristine 
Butler, Morgan Lane 

Caldwell, Joshua 


Cannon, Molly 


Chalk, Logan Ashley 

Channiot, Ryan Russel 

Cheatham, Margaret 


Cleveland, Crawford 

Haralson 111 

222 Classes 

Cobb, Leah Kathleen 

Coffey, Lane Claire Kathe 

Coker, Thomas Holloway 


Colson, Eliza Lewis 

Compton, Claire Arden 

Connell, David Emerson 

Cook, Jason Thomas 
Cooper, James Matthew 

Cornwell, Allison Brooke 
Cox, Mary Carson 

Crider, Caroline Patricia 

Cross, Katherine Tallev 

Crowe, Wesley Wood 

Cruz, Cristina Lynn 

Cummings, Mark 


Daniel, Sarah Katherine 

Danson, Heather Louise 
Darbv, Marv Ashburn 
Delisle, Matthew Barrett 
Dempsy, Hadley Anne 
Dodd, Laura O'Brien 
Donev, Eugenii Uliev 

Dyson, Mary Douglass 

Eason, Rachel Elizabeth 

Elam, Caitlin Elizabeth 

Ellery, Sarah Katherine 

Eppenger, William 


Faulkner, Jean Harper 

Classes 223 

Faust, David Laurence 
Feltus, Laurie Anne 
Folsom, Eliot Anne 

Foust, Rebecca Elizabeth 

Francis, Scott David 


Francisco, Jennifer Prince 

Gannaway, Callie 
Gardner, Justin Edward 
Gardner, Wayne Jacob Jr. 

Garland, Gregory Fox 
Garvich, Brady Rollins 
Gerety, Ashley Kate 
Getter, Brooke Christian 
Gibson, Lydia Brooke 
Gilkerson, Clay Cochran 

Gillham, Heather Melissa 
Gilliam, Nicholas Barnet 

Goldsmith, Amy Eliza- 
Graves, John Andrew 

224 Classes 

Graves, Kate Lillian 
I Greenawalt, Jamie Lynn 
! Greene, Martha Diane 

Greene, Megan Elizabeth 
Grogan, Kathrvn Eileen 
Gutman, Stacey Lynn 

Hallums, Cynthia Ellen 
Harris, Heather Christine 
Hart, Melinda Markey 

Hatzenhuehler, Elizabeth 


Hearon, Thomas Edward 


Hearty, Michele Therese 

Heinemann, Susan 


Heinsohn, Florence 


Hetrick, Meghan 


Hevron, Linsav Ellis 
Hickman, Hadlev Lanier 

Higgason, Charlotte 

Higgens, Megan 

Classes 225 

Himes, Andrew 
Hinkle, Sarah Nicole 
Holman, Kevin Charles 
Hooks, George Bardin 


Hover, Thressa Garen 

Howard, Elizabeth 


Howorth, Vasser 


Hubbard, Anne 


Hunter, Alexandra 


Hutton, Charlotte 


Jackson, Robert 


Jarrett, Johnathan Egan 

Jennings, Jessica Lane 
Johnson, Lori Beth 
Jones, Mary Katherine 

Jones, Thomas Allen 

Kaneshiro, Laura 


Kasl, Joseph Mark 

Kaufman, Julia Ogden 

Kimbrell, Martin 


Kington, John Michael 


Kirby, Sytira Lea 
Kopperud, Kristin 

Krause, Jennifer Ann 
Krause, Krystin Lee 
Krenson, Jennifer Lynn 
Leffler, Andrew 

22h Classes 

Lehman, May Katharin 

Lemoine, Derek Mark 
Leonard, Gareth Grant 
Leonard, Jed William 
Leopold, Sarah Jane 
Lewallen, George 

Lewis, William Carter 
Lockhart, Alexandre 

Mange, Elizabeth 


Mann, Elizabeth Stilhvell 

Manwaring, Melissa Sue 

Markham, John Walton 

Marks, Sarah Hammond 

Matteson, Marv Quinn 

Matthews, Elizabeth 


McDaniel, Troyce Justin 

McDermott, William 

Dennis IV 

McGowan, Kelly Theresa 

McLain, Meredith Chase 

McSwain, Margaret 


Meyers, Leslie Mcilhenny 

Miller, Marin Hannah 

Mines, Jessica Eras 

Moore, Jenninfer Lynn 

Morta, Cynthia Louisa 

Moser, Marie Gnann 


Mushal, David Cantey 

Nazir, Mahvash 

Classes 227 

Neightbors, Hugh 
Anderson IV 
Nicholls, Berchaun 

Nichols, Nicholas 
Richardson IV 

Novae, Cornel 

O'Kelley, Laura Kathleen 

Ochsenschlager, Emily 


Ogletree, Elizabeth 


Ogletree, Elizabeth 


Ore, Susan Ashley 

Padmore, Dermont Andrei 

Palmore, Josephine 

Parsons-Wright, Erin 

Petia, Kirilova 
Porter, Rita Manry 
Prather, Lindsey Adair 
Pressly, Elizabeth 

Puente, Krista Lee 
Reeves, Alston Stuart 

Reid, Courtney Ellen 
Resha, Gwenn Michal 

.'.> < l.l-s^ 


Rhodes, Leslie Ann 

Rickman, Elizabeth 


Rieder, William Jackson 

Rieger, Amanda Roth 
Rivas, Sean Anthony 
Rivers, Matthew Lewis 

Roberts, Edward 
Roberts, Katharine 
Rockwood, Dwight 
Nelson III 

Rogers, Gary Lynn Jr. 

Rue, Harriet Sidney 

Rushing, Melanie Blevins 

Russell, Rachel 


Saunders, Benjamin 


Saurino, Jessica Lynn 

Sayasan, Donkham 
Schieffler, George David 

Schroeder, Christian 


Siefert, Amanda Leigh 

Classes 224 

Semke, Kristin Michelle 
Shaffer, Zacharv Ira 
Shelly, Sabra Jill 

Sinclair, Jennifer Laurie 

Skeen, Benjamin 


Small, Stuart Walton 

Spivey, Matthew Alan 
Stages, Sara Nicole 
Steedman, Ann Cox 

Stenovec, Laura Elizabeth 
Stewart, Daniel Thomas 
Stogdill, Nathaniel Doyle 
Stringer, Elizabeth Ann 
Sutton, Andrew Garrett 
Swafford, Patricia Brooke 

Tatum, Erin Elizabeth 
Tehrani, Ebrahim 

Tenney, Lauren Ashley 
Tomlin, Tara Patrice 

230 Classes 

Trakas, Hayley Kathleen 

Turner, Christopher 


Vander Horst, Stephen 

Vandergriff, Sarah Elise 
Veilleux, Neil Ross 
Vieweber, Suna 

Wagner, Hester Lynn 
Walker, Barrv Alan Jr. 
Walker, McShan Emil 

Walter, Tobias Michael 
Ward, Mercedes Marie 
Watson, Kathrvn Jane 
Watson, Edith Adair 
Weathers, Clarissa 
| Webster, Andrew 

Wedgeworth, Alexis 
* Weinman, Elizabeth 

Whiteside, Margaret 

Whitmire, Marv Eliza- 

Classes 231 

Williams, Kathryn 


Wofford, Walter 


Wood, Sandy Ashburn 

Woods, Dana Lee 

Wooster, William 


Wright-Timko, Emily 


232 Classes 

Classes 233 

n ~A?* n 

234 Closing 



Closing 235 

236 Closing 

Closing 237 

Commencemen t 

238 Closing 

Closing 239 

240 Closing 

Closing 241 

242 Closing 

Closing 243 

244 Closing 

Closing 245 

246 Closing 

Closing 247 

248 Closing 

Closing 249 

250 Closing 

Closing 251 

Sam &Joan 


At the end of June 2000, Dr. Samuel R. Wil- 
liamson, Sewanee's fourteenth vice chancellor 
will leave the president's office to return to the 
classroom. His tenure, the fourth longest 
among all of Sewanee's vice chancellors, has 
been marked by the steady growth and 
strengthening of the university's position in a 
number of arenas. Since he assumed the duties 
of vice chancellor and president in 1988, enroll- 
ment both in the College of Arts and Sciences 
and at the School of Theology has risen to all 
time highs, the school completed its most suc- 
cessful fundraising campaign ever, the institu- 
tion's endowment has nearly tripled, a vigor- 
ous program of construction and renovation 
was started, and guides like U.S. News, ac- 
knowledging the university's growing 
strength, have placed Sewanee higher in their 
annual rankings. (Joe Romano) Sam and Joan 
Williamson, Sewanee says "Hail and Farewell.' 

252 Dedication 

Dedication 253 

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Advertisements 255 



Always follow 

the force 

Love, Mom, 
Dad, Kelly, 

Odie, Bruno, 
and Katie 



Our love and 
best wishes, 

Dad, Lona, Nick, 
and Luke 



We are so 
proud of you! 

Dad, Mom, and Michelle 


















h- ' • 



Felix qui potuit boni 
fontem visere lucidum, 

felix qui potuit gravis 
terrae solvere vincula. 

Congratulations , 


Love, Mom, Dad, and Amanda 

L' etoile etincelante 

May love shine in your heart always. 

Mom and Dad 


Congratulations . 
There wer e tips and downs .... 

but you were tuff emit ! Love, Mom, Dad, and Brent 

Advertisements 257 

Congratulations Frasier 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Charlotte 



We are very 

proud of you. 

Dad and Bet 

Congratulations, Alena! 

Go for your dreams. Love, Your Family 


Deja vu 

Jeffry P. Fiore 


I am very proud of both of you. Congratulations 

Love, Mom 

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Congratulations Ashley! 

''Live the life you've dreamed." 

Love, Mom, Dad, Ben, and 


"Life has always been a stage for Raegan." 

Our love and best wishes for the future, 
The Pavne Family 

"The Commissioner" 

Advertisements 259 


We Love You. 

Mom, Dad, 
and Phillip 


i \\ \ \ \ i# 

N +$ 

Happy Trails 
Charles ! 

As ever, we are so 
proud of you. 



Dad, Ma, and Car 

2h(J Advertisements 

you made it nappen . 


in so proud or i/ou, 

so p. 

iDooe, jIlg 


Congratulations Sara! 
Love, Mom and Dad 

We're REEL Proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Megan 

fou've come a long way baby! 

May God richly bless you. 
We love you, 

Charles, Mom, and Carrie 

Advertisements 261 

Congratulations Patrick! We are so very proud of 

you and all of your hard work and accomplishments. 

May God be with you as you begin the next phase of 

your life. 

We wish you all the BEST ! 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Heather 

"If a man advances confidently in the direction of 
his dreams and endeavors to live the life that he ha 
imagined, he will meet with a sucess unexpected in 
common hours." . . . Henry David Thoreau 


Congratulations and love from your family. 

An old wise man once said to his best 

friend, "you've ruined itforme." 

The friend replied, "ruined what?" 

"Being alone." 


Congrats El 

We love you. 


2h2 Advertisements 


Love, Mom, Dad, Gray, and Ashby 

Congratulations to our 
little "Emma" ! 

Love, Mother, Daddy, 
and Bryan 

Mary Leigh! 

We are so proud 
or you! 

l.iiuR, find Bubbe 


Leah and Erica -- 
Follow your dreams. 
Listen to your heart. 
Believe in yourself. 
Trust your own best instincts. 
Hold fast to your faith. 
Remember we will always love 

Your Parents 

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mie an 

d midget... 

d^aqgaTrdls touou ootfi\ 

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To my best friend, my 

soulmate and my sister: 

Congratulations 61 

I lore you! 

Advertisements 265 


Our love and 

best wishes for 

continued sucess 

in the future. 

We're so proud of 



Your big sisters 

and Mom and Dad 

Who's the tallest? 
Tilly or Flossy 

We are so proud for you, Kate. 

Congratulations Jeff 

Mom and Kevin and Dad, Calico, Courtney, Kate, Bart and Carrie 

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■ ;: ™ 

We are so proud 
Of you. Cur love 
And support 
follow you always! 

We love you! 
Mom, Andy & Cud 



Trust in the Lord with 
All your heart and 
Lean not on your own 
Understanding; in all 
your ways acknowledge 
riim, and Lie will make 
your paths straight. 
Proverbs J:<5-6 

■' - >., 

■ ' 

• y ■' 2"z^i 

' 7-' V -Itf^S *W' 

Advertisements 267 

Now our little aid is allarown w. 

Civujmtiiktwm Catherine 

Mem ml Dad 

Michael Allen Phillips 

Oh, the places we've been . 
Thanks for the memories. 
Oh, the places you'll go . . . 

We love you, 

Mom, Cathy, Grandma and 

Grandpa Salemme 

KA Seniors 

May your hearts never fill with greed." 

■ t 
Congratulations, Virginia, 

on your graduation from 

Sewanee, the Hurt Locker and 

Phat Shack. The future awaits 

you. . . go get it girl! 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, and Candi 

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1 l^W • > ?s*r 

All our love! 
Dad, Lana 




We are so proud 


your dedication 

and many 


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■ ■:.'■ 



We are proud 

of you. Love, 

Mom, Dad, 

Anthony and 


Congratulations Norm 
Love, Mom and Dad 

From your first 

school picture to 

the last • we're 

proud of you 
May all the rest 

be down hill. 
Love, Dad, Mom 
Keely and Bevin 

"'Jigt attwfio wander are lost 

This you have shown to be true 

Congratulations Katie 
Love, Mama and Papa 

Raritan Valley Montessori School 1981 


The measure of our 
pride is in you and 
the work accom- 
plished at to many 
ieveis. 'We(oveyou. 
'Mom and (Dad 
"Witt and Scot 


What does the Lord require, but to do justly, to love 

mercy and to walk humbly with GOD. Mic. 6:8 

Love, Dad, Came, and Susalee 

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to our 

Sewanee Angel! 

We love you! 

Vlom, Dad, Bonnie, 

Jana and Grandaddy 

pu have beautiful wings! 


and love from 

Dad, Mom, Micah, 

Gabe, Kiel, Leigh, 

Greg, Alex, and 



Watcn o« ! - 
Here sne 


a " ctl 

conflrati" 8 

Your ran" w 


Mary - 

Congratulations to our sunshine 
girl. Always a smile - always a 
helping hand. We are so proud 
of the young woman you are today 

Thank you for your hard work 
and dedication. 
We love you'. 

Mom 8c Dad 


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Congrats, Busy 


You're Cool n' Educated ... A Winning Combination 

We are so proud of you. 

Mom and Dad 
Anna and Will 

KJO U.J I I I i L. 


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The world awaits you - Enjoy it! 
We love you - Mom, Dad, and Robert 


You have turned a "Hard Candy Christmas" into 
a "Cotton Candy Graduation Day." This was a 
direct result of your ability to combine your talents 
intelligence, sense of humor, personal drive, 
winning attitude and people skills - so that you 
have always been a winner. 

This winning approach to life has made us proud 
of you. Now, it will not only continue that, but it wil 
insure that you will be a success in whatever you 
do in the future. 

Qrt /c/( //c// 


Mom, Dad, Jennifer, Kathy, 
Bunker, Mary, Ryan and Patrick 

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Congratulations, Pablo. 

CLASS OF 1970 

Congratulations P.J. 

Your hard work and discipline 
in everything you do will take 
you far. 

We are so proud of you and wish 
you the best. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

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Put on your party hat. 
It's time to celebrate. 

Congratulations, Smokey! 
We're so proud of you! Bandit, Dodo, Pickle and Yard-Ape 

Congratulations, JEN! 
We are proud of you and all of your ac- 
Love, Dad, Mom, and Joseph 

" ! f!BF^K; : ■ - 



you have 

conquered another 

mountain! We are 

all very proud of 

Love, Momma, 

Dad, and 

H~ _ 1 


\JL, a-u dn~> 







J-ov'e "fcvn- F/«.vr SW<> 

;'3 ) j 

■ Dt 

l*(J^t*- y *%^'ff G^*^^ J Hr w C^ ^ 




Great job, Mom and Dad, 

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We are so 
proud of you! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Congratulations , 


We are all so proud of you -- of your accomplishments and of the man you've become. 
You have given us great joy and love. May God bless you and keep you. 

Love and prayers, 

Mom, Dad, Laura, Lisa, Rob, Tyler, Sally and baby. 

mom-mom and dad-dad. 

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Congratulations Edward! 

Froin Animal Lover 

QTo Choir Hi op 

LUc Love you 

/Ho hi, 'foati, 

(I atkciinc , Tsufter, 

Tsalle^, and. (J Lara 

To Party Anfi*a( 

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Congratulations Charlie 

We love you. 

Mom, Ronnie, Daniel, Kristi and Kim 

May you always enjoy life to the fullest 

Love, 'Mom and 'Dad, Mer and'Becca 

Emma. Our dream come true. 

Love. Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Jamie and Mosby! 

Whatever you do, work at it with all your 
heart, as working for the Lord, not for 

Colossians 3:23 
Mom, Dad, Marion, Martin, 
Callie, Evey and Jackson 

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Our love and best 

wishes for continued 


Mom, Dad, Jessica and Chris 

J.J.W., IV 




Your Family 

Keep on Rockin 

We're all proud of you. 

Love, Mom 




"The Fam" 

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Pottying Dancing Drinking! What next?!? New York? 



You were born in '78 
As my big sister 
you're great! 
Graduating in zero- 
zero, Betsy, you're 
my hero. 
Love, John 

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Ryker J . Lowe 

God Bless You, 
Cookie and 34 Fords 






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You bless the world with your brilliance and warmth. 
We love you — 

Mom and Dad, 

Sarah and Jordan 

Congratulations Kathryn! 
We're so proud of you. 

All our love - 
Dad, Mom, and Gibbon 

Congratulations! ! ! 

Charles Black 

Our LOVE, 

Marianna and Roger Habisreutinger 

Paul Habisreutinger 

Anna and Justin Converse 

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Congratulations Katharina! 


Love, Mom, 
Dad, Mali 

and Kate 

Congratulations to our family's first Sewanee grad! 
All the best, Mom, Dad, and Joe 

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We love you and we're 

proud of you. 

Mom and Dad, 

and your family 

Advertisements 285 

and much love 


Wishing you a 

bright and sunny 


Mom, Dad, 

Caldwell, and Cary 

We're so proud of you! 

Love, Mum, Dad, Rory-Owen & Mor-Mor 



J f. 


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Libre enfin! 

We'll miss you Dr. Arnold 

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* A f: 

1 )W" 5*