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Full text of "Captured and branded by the Camanche Indians in the year 1860 : a true narrative"

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University of California Berkeley 

Hollinger Corp. 

Captured and Branded -t j the Caianche Indians 

J N THE YE A It i860. 

Mr. Eastman in Costume. 


A T B E N A B, B A T 1 V E. 

I if the year 1860 1 was captured by the Co- [ 
Blanche Indians while journeying with my 
family to California. My parents and an j 
only brother were murdered before my eyes, i 
while my young wife was saved to meet a 
fate worse than death. 

They intended to toiture me before the 
yes of my wife, before putting me to an 
and, but circumstances occurred whereby 
they found I could be made useful to them, 
and after much wrangling they concluded 
to spare my life also. They branded each of 
m upon the chin with the brand of a cap- 
tive, which mark can never be effaced while 
time with us lasts. My wife was soon soJd 
to a neighboring tribe, for a few trinkets, , 
while I was put to hard labor of all descrip- I 
tions. After seven years of hardship, fcoilj 
and privation, and suffering indignities al- \ 
most too degrading to mention, I at last suc- 
ceeded in making my escape. 

I traveled by night and rested in hiding I 
places by day, until at length I fell in with 
ajjparty of friendly Indians, who were guid- 
ing some miners to a desired route of travel. 
I joined their parly, and together we jour- 
neyed to the mines of San Ifdefonso. In the 
wrarse of a few months I learned from these 
same friendly Indians that a white female, 
branded as a captive,'had been seen among 
the Apaches. This I believed to be my wife; 
and after months of almost discouraging ef- 
forts, I succeeded in 'effecting her rescue, 
risking my life and her own in the effort. 
t I have lately published the sad history of 
myself and wife and entitled it "Seven and 
Nine Years among the Comanches and 

The object of THIS little pamphlet is to I 


give the public the benefit of valuable in- 
formation which I obtained while 

a captive 

ig the Indians, and which knowledge I 
d of great value vrhile among the min- 

i'S;ui 5 Mo:!'"- is .. 

Wakoinetkla was the Medicine Man of the 
tribe with whom I was a captive. He com- 
pelled me to gather the gums, barks, herbs 
and roots necessary in the treatment of the 
diseases to which the tribe were subject. 
He taught me to prepare these remedies in- 
to a bitter compound which he gave to the 
people of the tribe when sick. I gathered 
these medicines at odd times for six years; 
and, although I THEN never expected to 
have the opportunity of making them useful 
to civilized people, still I felt .a deep interest 
in watching their effect upon his patientvS, 
and often wondered how this wiidman of 
the plains could have possessed himself of 
such wonderful knowledge in the cure of 
various diseases. 

While working in the mines, I frequently 
had occasion to make use of the Indian 
Medicine. We were exposed to sudden 
changes, and in the rainy season, those of us 
who were as yet unaccustomed to the humid 
atmosphere often falling sick, I found it 
useful to myself, and I did not hesitate to 
urge upon others the necessity of using it. 
Its beneficial effects soon made an agreeable 
change in the health of our party, nndin a 
short time we became the most rugged par- 
ty of miners who had ever worked in that 
field. They soon styled me Doctor, but it 
gave me no displeasure, for although I took 
no credit to myself for the success of Wako- 
metkla's compound, still I felt I was the 
means of its introduction among these sons 
of toil, and I felt a wholesome satisfaction 
in witnessing its beneficial influence. 

After rescuing my wife, we soon returned 
to the east, and although I have been en- 
gaged in other pursuits, still I never fully 
relinquished my interest in the remedies 
which 1 was taught to REVEKKSOK while 
among the Indians. I have been too poor to 
introduce the compound, and I did notwiflb 
to ask help from others. 

In the fall of 3871 1 Coll iu with ; mold itfl i conii>odkiim; it can be weed by the most 

friend and room-mate, who was a medical 
student in the city <>f New Haven, while I 
was engaged in that oily in another capao- 
ity; when "informed that he was practicing 
medicine, 1 told him of 
the cures I had seen made 
among the Indians and 
the miners with Wako- 
metkla's medicine; and 
expressed a wish that it 
could be made universal- 
ly known. He at once 
proposed to assist me in 
introducing it, as he was 
satisfied that no better 
remedy could be made 
than that formed from 
the roots, trunis, herbs 
and barks which entered 
io to its composition. 

My friend has furnished 
the necessary funds for 
the introduction of the 
medicine, and as he is an 
educated, able, physician, 
I feel confident its intro- 
duction will be doubly 
successful, aided by his 

As the far west is not 
aa dangerous a locality as 
it was some -twelve years 
since, and as it will be 
necessary that 1 visit my 
old haunts once or twice each year, 1 have 
thought it proper to leave the entire man- 
agement of the business with him. 

The publication of the book above referred 
to, also occupies much of my leisure time, 
therefore I feel confident greater success 
will attend our efforts, if left to his manage- 
ment and care. I, of course, shall devote 
the bulk of my time in obtaining the ma- 
terials necessary in the composition of the 
remedy, and in assisting in its manufacture. 

The medicine is the same now as when 
Wakoinetkla taught and compelled me to 

Wakometkla, the Medicine Mail, 

delicate babe, or the most infirm, aged or 
feeble; care only is required in giving at- 
tention to the directions. 
This Syrup possesses varied properties. 

It acts upon the Liver. 

It acts upon tfce Sid- 

It regulates the Bow- 

It purifies the Blood. 

It quiets the Nervous 

It promotes Digestion* 

It Nourishes, Strength- 
ens and Invigorates. 

It carries off the old 
blood, and makes New. 

It opens the pores of 
the skin, and induces 
healthy perspiration. 

The Indian Syrup does 
all this; for ALL diseases 
arise from a bad state of 
r he blood. This virus or 
impurity in the blood, is 
effe c t u a 1 ly neu tralized 
and destroyed by the use 
of the Syrup. If the 
Liver, Stomach, Kidneys, 
Bowels, Nerves, Muscles 
Brain are kept in motion and fed by 
bad blood they must soon wear out. 

The Syrup makes good blood which 
will nourish and preserve every organ and 
part of the body, and keep it in repair un- 
til a ripe old age. 

Have You Liver Disease t 

If the skin be sallow and muddy, if there 
be ringing in the ears, constipation of the 
bowels, dull pains iu the side, sick head- 
ache, sick stomach, hot and dry skin, spots 
before the eyes, bad taste in the mouth, 
cold feet and hands ; sleepiness, giddiness. 

make it; nothing is added, and nothing is {loss of appetite, bad circulation of the blood, 
taken away. It is without doubt the best ; swelled limbs, &e., &c?, then you may con- 
purifier of the blood and renewer of the sys- j elude your liver is out of order and that you 
tern which has been known for many years, i need something to start it into action. The 
I say what I KNOW to be true; for I have i liver is more liable to get out of order than 
seen hundreds of sick Indians, miners, and i any other organ of the body. Its duty is to 
others among my acquaintances, many of < filter the impurities from the blood, and 
whom were given up by their physicians to when it becomes weak, obstructed and dis- 
die, entirely restored to health and strength ' 

by the use of this remedy. Newspaper men, 
calomel doctors, and others wedded to their 
family physicians, will denounce the medi- 
cine and call it and me a humbug. To these 
and all others, I would say, use the medicine 
yourself, and on your sick friends, and if 
upon trial, you are not satisfied that it pos- 
sesses KKAL virtue, then call upon my agent, 
and -he or she will refund the money. 

Leaving the business management of fee 
introduction of this truly remarkable Reme- 
dy to the superior intelligence of my friend, 
Dr. CLARK JOHNSON, and leaving the public 
to judge for themselves of the merits of this 
srift of nature, I am, truly yours, 


We have thought 

eased, and fails to do its duty properly, then 
the whole body suiters in consequence. 

Nothing will more speedily and effectually 
remove billiousness and inactivity of the 
liver, than the INDIAN BLOOD SYKUP. It 
soon brings the rose to the cheek and the 
lily to the confplexion, elasticity to the step, 
and brilliancy to the eye; and the patient 
feels like a newly made being. 

Have You Dyspepsia ? 
Does your food lie like a dead weight in 
your stomach, after eating 1 Does your food 
sonr on your stomach ? Do your sides trem- 
ble, and does your liQart palpitate after eat- 
ing? Is there difficulty in breathing? 
fleadache, dizziness, nervousness, bad 
breath, irritable temper, loes oi strength. If 

We have thought proper to name this any or all of those svmpto; 
healing compound INDIAN B L O C) D i conclude your stomach has !< ..-.; i 
BTKUr. There are no spirits employed in : carry the food out of the system. 

The gastric juice of tbe etomacb, which is 
n!6ced there to dissolve tbe food, has be- 
eome too Mjeak to doits work, consequently, 
the food lies in the stomach and ferments, 
giving rise to all the distressing symptoms 
above named. To cure dyspepsia in its 
many varied forms, we must first make the 
gastric juice_teufficiently strong to take hold 
on the food and dissolve it, as soon as it 
reaches the stomach. Phe SYRUP does this, 
and in ALL cases of dyspepsia, the SYRUP 
should he taken INSTANTLY AFTER eat- 
ing, before fermentation of tbe food has al- 
ready set in. The SYRUP taken at this time, 
BO increases the strength of the gastric juice, 
that no difficulty is experienced in dissolv- 
ing the food,and it SOON digests and passes 
out of the stomach. 

To every miserable dyspeptic I would say: 
buy a bottle of the SYRUP, and if you do not 
feel you have been benefited, then call upon 
the agent, and request him or her to refund 
it; {our agents are requested to do this in all 
caes where the parties claim they have not 
Den benefited.) 

Remember, dvspeptice should take the 
fermentation of the food has already set in, 
for it is EASIER TO PREVENT fermentation 
than to arrest it, after having begun. Put 
the SYRUP on the table, and as soon as you 
have finished your meals, take half a tea- 
spoonf al diluted in water; (do not take the 
SYRFP clear.) 

Blood Disease. 

No part or organ of our bodies can thrive 
on bad blood. \Ve take food in our bodies 
to neurish them, and after the nutritious 
parts of the food have served their purpose, 
ro making fat, muscle and blood, the refuse 
or unautritious part should be carried ofi 
through the bowels and through the kid- 
neys, and through the sweat of the skin. 
Sow, if tbe bowels are choked up, so that 
there be not an evacuation at least once 
each day, and, if the skin is not in a condi- 
tion to sweat, and the kidneys are not pass- 
ing off the watery parts of what has been 
eaten, then, indeed, is the person in a criti- 
cal condition; for, although the system may 
hold out for a while- under such disastrous 
circumstances, still it cannot endure in 
health, any considerable time, for every 
day that the waste part of the food is pent 
up in the system, the blood is becoming 
more and more poisoned. This poisoniner 
will soon show itself in pimples, swelling*, 
bloatings, rough skin, purple spots, blotches 
in the hair, moth patenes, and$4n any and 
every difficulty of the organs of the body, 
which are fed on this impure blood. 

If the heart be fed on this inrpure blood, 
it cannot thrive. If the lungs receive im- 
pure blood into them, they cannot thrive. 
If the liver be compelled to filter, month af- 
ter month, and year after year, poisonous 
substances, it will soon give ou1 ; and so we 
might say of each and every drgan of the 

Keep the fountain of blood pure, and 
there will be no difficulty with any organ or 
part of the body. (In eruptions, boils, sores, 
4&e., the SYRTJP used externally a* well as 
to tern ally will be very useful.) 

Nervous Debility, Heart Disease, Scro- 
fula, Kidney Disease, 

and every other variety of disease, cannoi 
exist on pure blood. Bad blood makes tbese 
diseases; cleanse the blood and tbe disease 
will disappear. 


arises from acid in the blood. The SYRUF 
will sweeten the blood and cleanse it, and 
thus carry off the disease. 


are caused by slime in the bowels; cleanse 
out tbe slime witfo the SYRUP, and tbe 
worms having lost their resting place, will 
soon follow; for they cannot thrive except 
among the slimy accumulations in the bow- 

Diseases of Females. 

The SYRUP regulates the female system in 
the most satisfactory manner. All the dis- 
eases to which females are subject, are 
speedily benefite by th use of the SYRUP. 
Sunken eyes, pale faces, hollow cheeks, dark 
circles under the eyes, are soon removed bj 
the use of the SYRUP. 

Ladies try one bottle; it will cost yoc 
nothing if not benefited. In cases of uloera- 
tion of the womb, and inflammation, an in- 
jection of the SYRUP somewhat diluted with 
water, will be found useful. It should, irt 
such cases be used with a female syringe, 
and its use continued internally as well a* 

Fever and Ague. 

When the blood has become poisoned with 
the impure atmosphere of malarious districts 
nothing will more speedily purify it and sef 
it right than tbe INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP. 
Give it a trial and satisfy yourself of its effi- 
cacy in such difficulties. 

Kidney Diseases, Dropsy, &c., 

and many other difficulties are cured by tbe 
use of the SYRUP. If the wa,tery portions of 
our food are not passed off, they muwt, wheu 
retained in the system, produce serious dif- 
ficulties. Language fails when attempting 
to describe the sufferings of persons whose 
kidneys are out of order; gravel, back ache, 
inflammation :the bladder, and of the 
delicate membranes of the urinary organs 
are the result, if the water is not regularly 
and properly carried off through the kid- 
neys. The TRUP is effectual in promoting 
the secretion of the watery and unnutritioue 
portions of the food, and in carrying it off 
by its proper outlets. 

'Whatever portion of our food is unservice- 
able should be passed off in the water, io 
the sweat, and from the bowels. It these 
useless matters are retained, disease is sure 
to follow, for then the blood becomes pois- 
oned with the imparities which should pas* 
off in their proper channels. 

The SYRUP is a powerful cleanser of the 
blood; it starts tho liver and kidneys into ac- 
tive operation, and acts on all the secretions 
of the body. It carries off old and foul ail- 
ments in the blood, which are slow audsnre 

death if permitted to remain in the system, j derful accounts and t^timoiiiais of what the 

- " % ' medicines advertised have done for A. B. or 
C, '1 do not propose to till up my pamphlet, 
with any such certificates, but rather prefer 
to urge every one to make a trial of ONE bot- 
tle when, if they feel that they have derived no ben- 
efit from its use the agent will refund the money 
and charge the loss to me. 

The amouiit of refunded money which I 
am called upon fro make good; is but a trine, 
for the medicine universally satisfies all who 
take it, and in nearly all cases, a person who 
has tried one bottle, instead of calling upon 
the agent for the money, are so well pleased 
with its effect, that they continue its use a 
lou gas necessary and recommend it to all 
their ailing friends. 

Any person who knows anything about BUS- 
INESS, must) see from this extraordinary 
manner of introducing the remedy, that our 
confidence in its bjealing virtues are un- 
bounded, and that our business could not 
long survive on this plan unless it was uni- 
versally successful. 

We are willing to take the risk for we 
know what the INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP has 

It will cost you nothing to try a bottle, if you 
are NOT benefited, for tbe agent is authoriz- 
ed to refund the price of the bottle if you are 
not sufficiently satisfied with its use to go on, 
or do not feel that you have received any 

My Manner of Introducing the Indian 
Blood Syrup 

may seem strange to many persons, and it 
may not be out >f place to give my reasons 
for introducing it through other means than 
the ordinary channels of trade. 

Druggists, as a general thing, have their 
shelves filled with remedies of various kinds. 
They have no particular interest in any sin- 
gle one, but will recommend and sell which- 
ever article they can make the most profit 

The pamphlets, which have cost money, 
they permit to get scattered about in their 
stores and thrown about in waste places, 
where they are not seen by the people who 
are afflicted. By this means the medicines 

sent to them fail to reach the public, and the 
introduction of the remedv is frustrated by I continue to do. 
the carelessness or indifference of the clerks 
of druggists. We do not object to supply 
druggists with the medicines, if they will 
be conscientious in the distribution of the 
pamphlets, and take an interest in the sale 
of the medicine; but we are sorry to say this 
case rarely occurs among druggists who 
have numberless articles for sale, in no sin- 
gle one of which they take any especial in- 

By introducing the remedies through par- 
ties who are out of business and who need 
employment, we serve both the individual 
and the public. The agent sees that the 
pamphlets are not thrown about and de- 
stroyed, for he takes an interest in letting 
the people know what he is about, and also 
endeavors to make it profitable to himself 
by getting up a demand for the medicines 
among those who need it. In all cases where 

have an agent in a place, we desire the people 
to buy the medicine from them, and thus save the 
risk of sending money to us by mail. 

Special Notices. 

My letters are being constantly stolen. 


done ; what it is now doing, and what it will 

Price of He Man Blood Syrup. 

Per full size Bottle, - $1.00 
Per half " " - - - 50 ots. 

The SYRUP can in NO CASE be sent by mail 
and it will be useless to request us to do so, a 
the Post Office Department will not accept 
glass packages containing fluids. 


We want one reliable agent in every place 
in the United States, to sell the INDIAN 

We only require payment for the 'medicine as 

they are sold. 

Persons who live in places WHERE WK 
HAVE NO AGENT, and who can send us a rec- 
ommendation from their postmaster, justice 
of the peace, or prominent merchants in 
their place concerning their respectability 
and honesty, can obtain an agency. Persona 
, who live in places where the agent fails to 
keep the people supplied with tLe medicine. 

me no money unless you send it in a registered will be doing us a favor to infonn us of 
2 .. - f t j 77 r ^ y-> >. ** t.hnf WA rnflv Tla^. JinnthM* ttflrm 

fetfr, or, t/ preferred, a check or Post Ojfrce 

money order ; or, money can be safely sent by ex- 

After this caution, I will not be respoii- 
for losses by mail; and shall not make 

fact, that we may place another 
their stead. Many of our agents are stran- 
gers to us and we cannot tell until we have 
tested them, whether or not they will prove 
i All we request in an agent is honorable 

good any losses, unless you send your money dealing, which is, to pay for tfte Medicine as 

securely by either of the methods above i w// mv/Vr 

I sold, order more, and keep the people supplied : 
seated. When you write to me, see that you - 

write plainly and staii;p vour letter before 
ui ailing it. 

Direct all communications to 


Jersey City, K. J, 

It ha* beconi* customary in these times to 
send out medical pumphlotsrfilled with won- 

and when an agent does not do this wo 
would be glad to be informed of it. 

Our object in appointing agents is^o place 
the medicines at convenient points where 
the people can obtain them when needed. 
For further particulars, address 


Jersey City. tf.J. 

devient faible, embarrass^ et nuihi<Je. et ne 
I pent plus remplir ses fonctions, alors tout le 
i corps entier en sou fire. II n'y a pas de- 
! remede pour chasser la bile et rend re I e Foie 
I a son activite ^ordinaire plus rapide en son 
j effet et plus efficace que 1'Indian Blood Syrup. 

II ramene bien vite les couleurs pet'dues, il 
j vous rend une mine de rose, vous read souple, 
I vos yeux regagnent tout leur briliant, et 

vous vous sen tez comrne renaitre denouvcau. 

Avez voiis la Dyspepsie? 

Nous avons cru devoir appeler cette mede- 
ine salutaire "INDIAN BLOOD SYRUI*.'; 
Aucun alcohol n'est employe dans sa fabri- 
cation ; I'entant le plus delicat peuUe pren- 
dre, comme aussi les personnes agees ct 
infirines et les plus faibles. 

Ce sirop possede des gqa'tit$8 toutes parti- 
culieres : 

// agit sur le Foie. 

M atjit sur les Vise/res. 

II rend FEstomac rcguJier. 

II purifie le Sang. 

11 apaisc le Syslt'me N&rvcux. 

11 fadlite la Digestion. 

11 nourrit ) fortifie ct donnc de la viyucur. 

It chasse le mauvais Sany it rn fait du 

11 ouvrc les ports dc /a peau ft (tnvncune 
transpiration salutaire 

Le Sirop Indien fait tout ceci, car Toutes 
les maladies proviennent d'un sang mauvais. 
Ce virus,, ou cette impurete du sang esteoin- 
pletemerit neutralise par 1'usage du Sirop car 
il le detruit. Si le Fcie, 1'Estomac, la Rate, 
les Entiailles, les Nerfs, les Muscles, et le 
Cerveau, sont aiimenti's par un sang mauvais, 
ils ne pourront durer longtemps. 

Le Sirop forme un sang pur qua alimentera 
et conservera les organ es et toutes les parties 
du corps jusqu' a une bonne vieillesse. 

Avez- vous la Maladie de Foie? 

Si la peau est livide, si les orcilles vous 
^intent, si vous etes constipe, si vous resen- 
tez des douleurs de reins, si vous avez la 
migraine ou des niaux d'Estouiac, si votre 
peau devient brulante et seche, si votre yue 
se trouble, si vous avez la bouche mauvaise, 
froid aux pieds et aux mains, des insomnies, 
des vertiges, si vous n'avez pas d'appetit, si 
votre sang ne circule pas bien et que vos 
membres soient etc., etc., alors vous 
pouvez etre assure que votre Foie est atteint 
et il vous iaudra quelque remode pour le 
faire fonctionner. 

L'organe le plus sujet a un deregleinent est 
ie Foie. Ses fonctions consistent a filtrer 
toutes le,s impuj-etes du sang, et quand il 

avoir mange, votre nourriture vous 
reste-t-elle comme un poids lourd sur 1'E.sto- 
1 mac ? Apres avoir mange , resseu tez- vous de? 
faiblesses de reins, des palpitations au cceur? 
La respiration est-elle difficile? Voussen- 
tez-vous des maux-de-tete, des vertiges, des 
faiblesses, devenez-voux nerveux et emporte, 
avez vous Thaleine forte? Si vous souffrez 
d'un ou de plusieurs de ces symptomes, vous 
pouvez alors en conclure que votre estomac 
est impuiflsant a eifectuer le passage de votre 
nourriture dans le systeme du corps. 

Le jus gastrique qui est place dans 1'esto- 

inac pour dissoudre la nourriture est deveim 

i trop faible pour bien travailler, il en requite 

| que la nourriture reste sur 1'estomac et y 

fermente ce qui cause tous les symptomes 

que nous venons de nommer. Pour arriver 

a, gu<5rir de la Dyspepsie dans ses formes .si 

variees, il faut d'abord fortifier le jus gas- ( 

| trique powr qu'il puisse pperer sur la nour- 

| riture des qu'elle arrive a 1'estomac etla dis- 

| soudre. T^e Sirop fait cela, et pour Tousles 

' cas de Dyspepsie, on doit prendre le Sirop 

immvdiateme.nt aprts avoir mange, et avant 

q.ue la nourriture ait pu commencer a fer- 

menter. I^e Sirop pris a ce moment, fortitie 

tellement le jus galstrique, que la nourriture 

peut se dissoudre sans aucune difficulte, et 

bien tot digeree,elle passe hors deTestomac. 

A toute personne qui souffre de cette maladie, 

Ijedis: Achetez une bouteille de ce Strop, 

et si vous n'en ressentez aucun bien-etre, 

demandez a 1 'agent de vous en reiubourser 

leprix (nosagentssontautorisesa rembourser 

le cout, alors que les acheteurs peuvent 

declarer qu'ils n'ont eu aucun bon resultat 

de cette niedecine. 

Kappelez-vous, vous qui souffrez de la 
Dyspepsie, de prendre le Sirop immediate, 
mcjit apres avoir mange, avant que la nour- 
riture ait pu commencer a leruienter, car it 
est plus facile d'empecher la fermentation- 
que de 1'arreter, une fois qifelle est com- 
mencee. Mettez le Sirop sur la table, el 
desque vous avez tini votre repas., prenez-en 
une ciiilieree a the dans de IVau; (ne prenei 
l>as le.-yrup pur). 

Maladies du Sang. 

Aucune partie du corps ni aucune organe 
ue peut se trouver en bon etat, si le sang est 
mauvais. Nous prenons ^c la nourriture 
pourles alimenter, et quaud les Arties n?>- 

tritives de ce que nous maugeons out fait leur 
oft'et, en formant la graissc, les muscles et le 
sang, le rebut et tout ce qui ne nourrit pas 
doi t passer par les entrailles et les visceres ou 
par la transpiration d-la peau. Or, si les 
eotrailles sont embarrassees, de ipaniere a ce 
qu'il n'yait pas une evacuation au inoins 
une fois par/jour, si la peau n'estpas en etat 
de permettre la transpiration, et si les 
Tisceres ne passent pas les parties aqueuses, 
c. a. d, les parties liquides, de ce que nous 
mangeons, alors vraiment notre corps se 
trouve dans un etat alarmant ; cai>quoique 
notre .systeme pourrait endurer cet e'tat p"en- 
' dant quelquetemps, il ne pourrait certaine- 
ment pas 1 'endurer longtemps, par la raison 
que chaque jour pendant leqiiel le rebut de 
notre nourriture se trouve ai.nsi renferrne' dans 
notre systeme ajoute au sang deja empoison- 
ne des forces nouvelles. Le poison se fait 
bientot voir sous la forme de boutons, en- 
flures, gonflements, taches rouges, pustules 
dans les cheveux, la teigne. et par une peau 

un sang impur. Si le C03iir s'alimente 
sang impur, il ne peut etre en bon e'tat. 

Si les poumons resolvent du sang man- 
vais, ils ne peuvent etre sains. 

Si le foie est oblige, pendant des inois, des 
anne'es de filtrer des substances einpoison- 

dies auxquelles ies famines sont si sujettea. 
sont bientot coupees par 1' usage du Sirop. 
Des yeux cerne's, des figures pales, des joues 
creuses et das cercles noirs autour des yeux 
disparaissent bientot par 1' usage du Strop. 

Mesdaines, essay ez une bouteille, elle ne 
vous coutera rien si vous n'eii retirez aucuu 
a vantage. S'il y a des ulcv rations de matrice % 
ou des inflammations, une injection de ce 
Strop tftendu d'un peu d'eau iera beaucoup 
de bien. II faut s'en servir avec une serin- 
gue pour femine., et en meine temps il faut 
le prendre interieureinent 

Fievres et Frissons. 

Quand le sang est devenu enipoisoune par 
une atmosphere impure eoinine il arrive 
dans des endroits malsains, il n'y a tel que 
Tlndian Blo<3d Syrup pour le purifier. Essay- 
ez le une fois et assurez-vous par vousr- 
memes de ses qualitt's efficaces. 

ae Visceres, et FHydropi- 
sie, etc.. 

i et bien d'autres de ce genre peuvent s 
guerir par 1'usage de ce Sirop. 

Si les parties liquides de notre nourriture 
ne trouvent pas d'e'coulement, retenues dans 

iiees, il ne peut durer longtemps, et nous 
pouvons en dire autant de chaque organe de 

notre corps. ; q uen 'pour faire la description des souffran- 

un etat [,*_ J e * K , _!_._._. _*. i. 

tre ^ m ' e elles doivent pr bdaire des em- 
b gerieux. Les expressions nous man- 

Gonservez la source du sang dans un eiat ^ de ^ ux . n , oiit : leg visc ^ res et la 

pur, et alors vous n eprouverez a'ucune ait- p_ f _ ori y, ,->* ti 1'^nn * '*wnlp ns 
*\ i * \ j.viiL0 cn o*jii *'ttit * >i i Cciii lit? s t couivj fjn^ 

nculte" avec toutes les parties et les organes 

du corps. (Pour les eruptions, boutons, 
plaies et clous, on trouvera tres utilede faire 
tin usage externe du sirop tout en le prenant 

Faiblesse Nerveuse. Maladie de coeur. 

regulierement en passant par les Visceres, il 
en result : ia pierre, des douleurs dans le 
dos. ' mflammfttions de la vessie et des 
m L aues si delicates des organes urinaires.' 
Lti tdrop a pour efiet de produire la se'cretion 
ou la filtration des parties liquides et 

i nutritives de ce que nous mangeons, tout e. 
Les Scrofules, Maladies des Visceres j les faisant tcouler par les issues voulues, 

De tous nos aliments, la partie qui ne sei-t 

avec tant d autres maladies ne pourraient j & QOUS nourr i r do i t ^ tre re j e tee, soit par 
exister si le sang est pur. Ces maladies I j><: cou } eineu t de 1'eau, soit par la transpire 
sont engendrtes par un sang uiauvais; pun- 1 tion soit pa . r les entrailles. Si cette partie 
fiez le sang et elles disparai trout. ; eat retenue dans i e sys teme, il en arrive des 

Les Ehumatismes 

provienneni d'acides qui se trouvent dans le 
sang. Le Sirop calmera le sang et le purifiera, 
ct la maladie s'en ira. 

Les Vers 

mafedies, car le sang devient empoisonne 
par ces choses impures qui auraient dii etre 
rejete'es par les voies de notre systeme 

'Le Strop est un puissant purificateur du 
sang, il met le Foie et les Visceres en e'tat 
uctif d'operer et agit sur les filtration.*, ou 
secretions du corps. 11 eniporte ce qu'il y a 
sont formes par ia glaire et deshurneursduii- de nuisible et impur dalns le sang, et tout ct 
les entrailles; chassez ces humours par le | qui en restant dans notre systeme doit in- 
Stirop, et les versquinesauront ousemettre. evita-blenient amener lamort. Cela ne vou?. 
s'en iront bientot, car ils ne peuvent vivre coutera rien d'essayer une bouteille si von.s 
<iae dans les accumulations de ces humeurs ! n'eu retirez pas un a vantage, car notre agent 
dans ies entrailles. est autorise <\ en rembourser le prixauxper- 

MaJa/l^p^ Ae* FemmPi ' HOnnes ( l ui ne seront pas assez satwiaites de 

la nic'decine pour eit cuntinuer i' usage, ou 

Le Strop rrgulai'ise d'unernanierepariaiu \ qui qu'eii-> i:'*-i; -nt recu aiicui' 
le syst< nie d? ia fenime, et unites les m;:!;v bien-etre 

Ma maniere d'introdnire llndian Blood 

pent paraltre curieuse a beaucoup de person- 
nes, et ici il n'est pas deplace' de dormer les 
raisons qui m'ont pouase a 1'introduire par 
d'autres voies que celles usitees dans IP com- 

Les pharmaciens en g^ndral ont leurs 
etageres remplies de remedes de plusieurs 
sortes. Us n'ont d'inte'ret particulier dans 
aucim, ma is recommanderont toujours et 
vendront celui qui leur rapportera le plus de 

Les pamphlets, (|ui ont coute de 1 'argent 
il les laissent eparpillt's dans leurs stores, ou 
les jettent dans des endroits a 1'ecart ou ils 
ae sont pas a la porte'e, sous la main, des 
personnes qui souffrent. C'est ainsi que les 
me'decines qu'on leur envoie n'arrivent pa's 
jusqu'au public, et ^'introduction de ces 
remedes est baffoue'e par la negligence ou 
I' indifference des comniis-pharmaciens. 
Nous ne demandons pas inieux que de four- 
nir nos me'decines aux pharmaciens, s'iL; 
wulent etre conscientieux et distribuer les 
pamphlets, et s'int^resser a la rente de la 
me'decine; mais nous regrettons de devoir le 
dire, la chose est rare parmi eux, ils ont 
toujours un grand nombred'articles a vendre 
et ils ne prennent pas d'interet special dans 

En faisant 1'introduction de ce remede 
au moyen de personnes qui ne sont pas dans 
le commerce et qui ont besoin de travailler, 
npus rendons service tant a ces personnes 
iju'au public. L' agent a soiu de voir que ces 
pamphlets ne sont pas jetes ou de"truits, car 
il est interest a ce que le public sache ce 
dont il s'occupe, et ii cherche aussi a faire 
son benefice en creeant une deinande pour 
ties mdecines parmi les personnes qui en 
ont besoin. Partout ou nous avons un agent , 
nous prions les acheteurs de se procurer notre 
remede chez lui. , ainsi on tvitera les risques 
d'un envoi d'aryent par la poste. 


On. me vole continuellement mes * lettrcs. 
Ne m'envoyez pas (faryent a moins que cela ne 
xoit par-lettre chargte. ou si vous le prifirez 
par un cheque ou un Bon de la Poste; ou cn- 
vore vouspouvez I'envoyer par "express.'' 

Get avis donne, je ne puis etre responsable 
ilos pertes par la joste; et je nerembourserai 
pus ces pertes, si vous n'envoyez pas votre 
urgent d'une maniere sure, soit par Tun des 
iuuyens ci-dessus indiques. En ni'tcrivant, 
^ae votre ccrituro soit bien lisible, et affran- 
vosletcres, arant de les mettre a la 

toutes comiuuincations a 

Jeiwy C'ity, N. J. 

De nos jours c'est deveau uua habitude Je 
repandre des brochures in&licales qai con- 
tiennent des rapports merveilleux et den 
certificats te'moignant ce qu'ont fait les 
rne"decines pour A* B. ou C. Je ne me pro.-, 
pose pas de remplir ce pamphletde certificats' 
semblables niais je prefere presser, solliciter 
tout le rnonde aessayerunebouteille, ctsi, f(m 
pense n'en avoir re<;u aucun avantaye, T orient 
en remboursera le cott, a mes f rats. 

La soinme que je suis appel^ a rembour^r 
est uue^nisere, car toujours les personnes 
(jui achetent ma me'decine en ont ^t^ satis - 
faites, et la plupart du temps, celles qui en 
ont pris une bouteille u titre d'essai, au lieu 
d'i r^clamer le remboursement, en sont 
tellement enchante'es, qu'elles en continuent 
1' usage et le recommandent meme a leurs 
amis souffrante. 

Tous cenx qui sont au courant des affaires 
doivent s'apercevoir d'une chose, c'est qu'en 
choisissant ce moyen extraordinaire d'intro- 
duire ce remede, nous avons une confiaiace 
illimite'e en ses qualitt r s salutaires^ car no- 
affaires ne pourraient continuer longtemps 
sur ce systeine, si nous n'y trouvions pas un 
immense succes. Nous prenons sur nous-ves 
risques bien volon tiers, car nous savons ce 
que I'lndian Blood Syrup a fait; ce qu ? H 
tait actuelleaient et cequ'ilestappeleafaire. 

. Prix tie IWiaii fflooi Syrnp, 

line grande bouteille, - - $1.00 
Une demi, 50 cts. 

Dans aucun cas ou ne pent expt^dier ie 
Strop par la poste, il serai t inutile d'en faire 
la dernande, ear la Direction des Postes 
n'acceptepas de colis contenant des 

On demande des Agents. 

Ii nous faut dans chaque localito des Etots 
Unis uu bon agent pour la rente de PIndi*m 
Blood Syrup. 

Nous ne ckjniandons le paiement de la 
medecine qu'au fur et a mesure de la venk*. 
Les personnes demeurant dans des endroits 
on nous n'avons pas d'agent, et qui peuvent 
nous envoy er une recoinrnandation oil Chef 
de la Poste, du juge de paix ou de quelque 
negociant notable de 1'endroit, eonstatant 
leur respectability et leur honnctete, peuvent 
obtenir une agence. Les personnes demeur- 
ant dans des endroits on 1' agent nianquerait 
de fournir. au public la medecine, nous red* 
dront un service signale, si elles veulent 
bieu nous en informer, atin que nous puici- 
siuns le chuiiijer. Bcuucoup d 'en tre nos agents 
nous sont cjmpletement ctrangers, et ce 
n'est que qtiand nulls les avons essay t's que 
nous pouvous recoriDaitre s'ils sont ix>ns 

Tout ce que nou.s demaudrons a un agerjt 
c'est d'agir lyyalcmentj payer its m'.decine* 
qui sont ccndwt, < a ciamond'.r J' mitres^ ajin 
ic jskmvofr tovjimrs <n t\mrntr fit public; ?t 

cmand un agent manque a son devoir nous ! 
desirous en etre imtormes. Notre but en j 
nommant des agents est de inettre nos mede- | 
cines 1& ou le public pent se les procurer en 
eas de besoin. 

Pour de plurf amples details , s'addrasser ii 


Jeisey City, N. J, 

que les medecins sont 

Ceu& qui depuis longtemps sont affliges d 

puissants a guerir devraient faire usage de . 

Sirop fait fonctionner U foie et les visceres ; circuler le sang qu en meme temp il 
purifie, digerer U nourriture; il apaise les Nerfs et communique une nou.velie vw & 
vnt bonne sante aux personnes faibles, infirmes et incapable*. 

Les pieces suirantes prises au hazard parmi un grand nombre de communi 
cations semblables parlent d'elles-m^mes. 


GRKENSBERG, LA., Oct. 19, 1876. 

CHER MONSIEUR. J'ai achet^ deux bouteil- 
les d'un dollar de votre agent H. S. Glass- 
cock, quand je souflrais d'Indigestions et de 
Rhumatismes et cela pendant deux ans, 
Je suis completement re'tabli. 

Je suis &c. , BEN J. F. GLASSCOCK 


TODDVILLE, LINN Co., IOWA, 7 Mars, 1876. 

Depuis Page de quinze ans j'ai dt sujet a 
des atfces et e'vanouissements, presque deux 
fois par semaine, votre agent, Oth o Deal, 
in'engagea a essayer une bouteille de votre 
sirop. J'en fa is usage depuis quelque 
temps et depuis neuf mois je n'ai souf- 
fcrt qu'nne seule fois et encore legerement. 


NEW ANNAN, NOVA SCOTIA, 20 Aout, 1876. 

. CHER MONSIEUR. Ma fille e'tait tellement 
.souflfrante qu'elle ne pouvait meme pas se 
lever pendant le temps ne'cessaire pour lui 
faire son lit. Mais depuis qu'elle fait usage 
de votre me'decine, elle peut marcher deux 

Je suls &c. , GEORGES LANGEL. 


SEBERVAJNG, MICH., 15 Aout, 1876. 

Je certifie, ayant aehete' une bouteille de 
4 'Indian Blood Syrup" de votre agent, A. J. 
Urunchfield, que c'est le seul remede qui 
m'ait fait du bien. Depuis 4 ans je soutfre 
tie laDysp<5psie, mais enfin je suis soulage. 


CLAYTON, GENESEE, MICH., 4 Avril, 1876. 

MONSIEUR. Je soufi're de palpitations au 
o<eur, et je dois;constater que j'ai trouve 
plus de souiagement en faisant usage de 
votre sirop que de tout autre medicament. 
Je puis douc le recommander ft tous ceux 

SIDNKV <.'!IIU>8. 


TIMMONSVILLE, S. C., H? Avril, 1876, 
CHER MONSIEUR. Les res ul tats extraordi- 
naires qui ja-i obtenus pour ma sant en 
faisant usage de votre sirop, me poussent a 
vous tfcrire cette lettre. Apres m'en etre 
servi suivant vos renseignements ' je com- 
men^aidesuite a m'entrouvermieux,etj'y ai 
tellemfnt gagne physiquement que mes amiw 
en sont surpris. Je ne puis en dire trop de 
bien, et j'espere que cette declaration donnde 
franchement amenera d'autres personnes a 
en faire 1'essai sans aucun prejuge. 

Je suis &c. , ELT M. HEWITT, 

HOLLANDSVILLE, N. Y., 23, Oct., IB76, 
Dr. Clark Johnson: 

CHER MONSIEUR. J'ai rec,u atijourd'hui 
la douzaine de bouteilles de sirop , j 'en avais 
promises 4je les ai donni'es. Si quelqu 'un 
de'sire une recommendation pour cette me'de- 
cine, pou.r la Dispepsie, pour 1'amour de 
1' humanite,envoyez le moi. J'ose le dire, 
la quantite de medicines Patentees que j'ai 
avalt'e suffirait a mettre a flot un de ees 
bateaux de canal; j'en etais 4 arriv^ a deses- 
perer, etje croyais la Dispepsie une mala- 
die incurable. Je n^ai encore pris qu' une 
bouteille de A'otre "Indian Blood Syrup ' 
mais je suis vraiment otonne du bien-etre 
que j'en eprouve. J'ai regague' dix li?re 
en 3 semuines et cela augmente touB ien 
les jours. 

Jesuis&c., B.H.RYAN, 
Coaducteur L. Y. R. R. 
Division cle TSuffalo. 


ABERDEEN. Miss.. 15 Fev , 187G. 

C'est aveo plaisir que je puis dire que 
e'est la meilteare medecine dont j'aitait 
usage pour las Rbumatismes, la Migraine, 
le Fer-Chaud. et en somme pour toutes les 
maladies auxquelles nou sommes si sujets. 


MARION, ME. , 29 Juillet 1876. 

MDNSILIJR. Madame M. C. Reynolds a 
souflert pendant deux an;s de 1'bydropisie 
et de la Dyspepsie, maisl'' 4 Indian Blood 
Svrup" 1'a compietement retablie. 



STAYNER, ONTARIO, 21 Fev., 1876, 

Je certifie que j'ai fait usage de 1"' In- 
dian Blood Syrup" du Doct. Clark Johnson, 
et c esi ia meilleure medecinedont on puisse 
se servir pour les Maladies de f'oie et les 
Indigestions; je recommande a tout le monde 
de 1'esaayer. 


ALTON, PEXOBSCOT, ME., 16 JU;L. 1876. 

Ceci a Peffer, do certifiev que j'avais une 
mauvaise toux et que je crachais tc sang; les 
uicdecins disaient que j'e'tais poitrinaire. 
Je ne pouvais pas travailler. Je me suis 
procuree une bouteille de votre sirop, de 50 
cents, et cela m'a si bien reuii-e quo je pass 
main tenant travailler, efc je crois que vutre 
mcdecine effectuera ma gaei-isou complete. 


Blood Syrup contre -- La Meilleure 
Assistance Medicale. 
TODDVILLE, IOWA, Sept. 11, 1876. 

CHER MONSIEUR. C'est avec plaisir que 
je vous transinets ce certificat cuustatanc la 
merveilleuse puissance de votio .''Indian 
Blood* Syrup.' Ma petite fille etait nee 
avec cette terrible maladie "Les Scroi'ules" 
et en souffritju^qu' a I'iigs de3 a.!H, et peu j- 
ant tout ce temps je lui prpcurai les meii- 
leurs soins nn'dicaux qu'il otaife possible 
d'obtenir. Son tbie ne fonctiunnait phis 
ce qui lui causait des paroxismes, des fris- 
sons et la lievre. L'ordonnance du me'de*. ' 

de la famille ne lui Taisait aucun bien; c'est 
aiorsque Mr. .Diehl, votre agent me con- 
jseilla 1'euiploi 'i'une } bouteille de votre 
' ' 



^ r *> -\r to- i sirop si renumme; j en ns usage, etleffeteu 

WILTON P^NTATION, LA., 3, Mai., 18/6. j ^ ^ efveiileux . eu detix joul ^ lw frissons 

Clark Johnson, M. D.. \ dipariirent, et son appotic reyint. Je m'en 

Je certifie que j'ai ete gueri de ma mala- | Pi'ocurai alors une grande b^uteille la guc-r- 
q 5 etdela tievro que j'avais ison hit complete et mamtenant a 1'age de 
is par une seuie bouteiile de emq aus, cilejouit d uue sante robuste. 

die de Frissons et de 
depuis huit mois par 
"Indian Blood Syrup" de ciuquante cents. 
Jesuis&c., GEO. B. PALMER. 


19, feepi. 1870. 

L u *lndian Blood Syrup est la meiileure 
medecine pour ia Dyspepsie que j'ai jamais 
prise, et c'est avec laisir ue e rends 

Je suis 

J. W. McLEOD. 

cest avec paisir que e 

de son grand merite. 


STOCKHOLM, PEPIN Co., Wis., ihJ Sepr,., "74. 
!>/. Clark Johnson: 

CUEK MONSIEUR. J'ai le plaisir de vous 
tnnoncer que de toutes les bouteilles que 
j'ui venduesen deux aus, aucuue ii'a man 
quo de produire son effai. 11 .serait bou 
]K>ur 1'humanite qu'on lie cessat jamais de 
iajre cette m< :decine, etl'on devrait en conn- 
aitrc ];j valeur djtns le moude eniier. 


I A L'age de 87 axis. Les Vieux devien- 
nent jeimes. 

Je soutfrais de douleurs dans tous mes 
meuibres, tellement que la nuit, je ne trou- 
vais aucun repos, je souffrais aussi d'une 

j constipation et j'avais perdu nion appetit. 

i Je pris riudian Bloovl Syrup de Dr. Ulai-i 
Jotinsui), que son agent P. Repple me four- 
nit et j'en ressentis un soulagementdesdoui- 
eurs des os. Je ne pouvais quelquesfois 
pendant huit ou dix jours aller a laselle, et 
ce n'est qu ? en prenant le sirop que j'y suis 
parvenu. Je suis maintenant rc'gulier et 
inou appetit m'est reveuu ; jo me sens plus 
fort et touL-a-iaitmieuxCeiam'a fait plus de 
bieu en peu de temps que toutesles medecines 
rouuies que j'a.i prices. Je recommande ce 
sirop aux pcrsonnes sou, c'est un rem- 
edequiacertaiutjoicnt tine grande vaieur;etje 
crois eu toutc sinc : rite que c'est la meilleure 
uu'decineque i'on air jamais offer teau aafflic. 
Je sab &-., JOHN WHITMORJu. 

Better than any other Medicine. 

SALEM, ]S\ C., August, UTiG. 
I have used a great deal of medicine and 
find the Indian Blood Syrup does me more 
good than any I have ever used before. 


A c Cripple Restored. 
VKRA CRUZ, Mo., Feb. 11, 1870. 
This is to certify that I, Jane WiLson, was 
not abie to walk 30 steps from the house, 
with livei complaint. After the use of one 
50 cent bottle I was able to card and spin, 
and do house work. 

The Best Medicine for Eheumatism. 
ABERDEEN, Miss., Feb. 15, 1876. 

1 take pleasure in being able to say that 
it is the best medicine I have ever used for 
Rheumatism, Heart Burn, Sick Heartache, 
in fact tor all the ills tha human flesh is 
heir to. E. E. DONALDSON. 

Scrofula and Sick Headache Cured. 

HAVRE Di: GRACE, Mix, Feb. 36. 1876. 
I have beeu suifering with Scrofula and 
sick headache since childhood. Unable to 
leave my bed halt the time. Could find 
nothing to relieve me until 1 commenced 
the use of your medicine, which has entirely 
cured me, as I have not been troubled for 
over a year. MRS. M. E. McFADDEN. 

Cured after 8 years Trial of Doctors and 
Otner Medicines. 

CAMDEN, N. Y., Sept. 7. 1875. 
1 have used three bottles of the Indian 
Blood Syrup for Dyspepsia and Kidney dis- 
ease and feel like a new person, having 
gained sevena! pounds, and am fat and 
hearty. This after trying all kinds of medi- 
cine and doctors for the last eight years. 

Chills and Fever. 

Clark Johnson, M. D.: 

This is to certify that one fifty cent bottle 
of Indian Blood Syrup has cnred me of 
Chills and Fever of eight months' standing. 

Yours truly, GEO. B. PALMER. 

Saved His Life. 
IBERIA. M.. March 5, 1876. 

SIR : 1 have been a sufferer from stricture 
of the urine, which the doctors called the 
GravcL The doctor did me no good, and 
hearing of your Blood Syrup, I sont and got j 
it, fifty cent bottle, arid took it according to 
directions. In three days time I could sleep 
comfortably, and am now well. 1 have 
never hd an attack since. I consider that 
the one bottle was worth all I possessed, f or 
I believe i t saved my life. 

K -pectf ally yours, JOHN B. STONE. 

Cured by a few Doses. 

WORCESTER, MASS,, July 8, 1816. 

This Ls to certify that I have beeu trou- 
bled with Dyspepsia for some time, 1 bought 
a bottle of your agent at Jamesville, a<3 
only took a few doses and was cured. 

Yours Respectfully, F. A. CANN. 

Dropsy Cured. 

MARION, ME., July 29, 1876. 
SIR : Mrs. M. C. Reynolds has been trou- 
bled with Dropsy and Dyspepsia for the last 
two years, and the Indian Blood Syrup has 
made a complete cure in her case. 


Liver Complaint and Indigestion. 

STAYNER, ONTARIO, Feb. 21. 1876. 
This is to certify that I have used Dr. 
Clark Johnson'* Indian Blood Syrap, and it 
is the best I ever used for the Liver Com- 
plain t and Indigestion; and would recom- 
mend to all to give it a trial. 


Nothing Equal to It. 
MT. WASHINGTON, PA., July 21, 1876. 
DEAR SIR: I have been using your Indian' 
Blood Syrup for many months, and can 
truthfully say I have never found any medi- 
cine equal to it. I can confidently recom- 
mend it as a safe and highly valuable medi- 

Very respectfully, 


Cures Where Doctors are Baffled. 

Feb. 30, 1876. 

1 was ailing for over two years. The doc- 
tors told* me it was Liver Complaint, but 
were unable to relieve me. I bought a bot- 
tle of the Syrup of your ageut, S. Wofen. 
and am happy to say that I have seemingly 
anew framu to live in, ana am enjoying the 
best 01 health. ANDREW SHAFER. 

Disease of Stomach and Liver. 
JONESBORO, GRANT, Co., L\D., Aug. 15, 1876. 

DEAR SIR : This is to certify that I have 
used one bottle of the Blood Syrup for dis- 
ease of stomach and liver, and have been 
much benefited thereby I can recommend 
it to all similarly afflicted. 

Yours truly, CHAS. CLANCY. 

A Speechless Cripple Cured. 

PLEASANT GROVE, ALA., March 31, 1870. 

DEAR SIR: I have been troubled with 
Disease of Lungs and Throat for ten years. 
I have tried all the remedies I could hear of v 
bufc none did me good but your Blood Syrup. 
1 was past walking, and could not speak so 
as to be understood five months ago; now I 
am able to talk, walk, and do anything I 
please. Receive my humble thanks for 
makipy so valuable a medicines. 



One Agent's Experience. 

WINTKRPOOK, VA., Aug. 8, 1876. 

Mr. Porter, the head man of the Co. store j 
in this place, has had the Dyspepsia for 
several years. He had a one doFar bottle, 
and he said he believed it would make a 
tinalcure of him. 

Mrs. Russell has Dyspepsia, and she thinks 
it does her more good than anything she 
ever tneL 

Mrs. Kelly has a son who has fits; she has 
tried every kind of medicine, but yours does 
him the most good. 

Fa>ge Cashion has had a backache, from a 
fall, for eight years; has tried everything, 
but nothing did him good until he used 
your medicine. 

Louisa Harris has been sick several years 
with Weakness of the Breast, Fainting 
Spells, &c.; she says she will throw all the 
oalomeiaway, as your medicine alone does 
hex good It has also cured me of Dyspepsia; 
and I, and all that have used it, say ' r Gk>d 
bless the man that made it." 


A Physician's Testimony. 

CATARACT, Wis., July 30, 1876. 
This is to certify that I have used Dr. 
CSark Johnson's Indian Blood Syrup in my 
practice, and do unhesitatingly say that I 
consider it one of the best Blood Purifiers in 
existence. JAMES WOOD, M. D. 

Kidney Complaint. 
GREIGSVILLE, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1876. 
Dr. Clark Johnson: 

Allow me to offer my unsolicited testi- 
mony in favor of your Indian Blood Syrup. 

For a number of years I have been afflict- 
ed with the kidney complaint. For over 
two years I can say I had not one hour free 
of pain. I purchased a fifty cent bottle of 
your Indian Blood Syrup of William Lewis, 
your agent for Greigsville, N. Y., some time 
ago. Since I have taken that small amount 
1 am in perfect ease, and have no pain in the 
region of the kidneys. I am so confident of 
its virtue, that 1 feel justified in recom- 
mending it to all that may be afflicted with 
the same complaint. Yours truly, 


Dropsy Cured. 

NEW CASTLE, N. C., Oct. 1, 1876, 
My little son had dropsy. I heard of the 
Indian Blood Syrup and applied to your 
agent. Bought a small bottle and used it on 
him. A cure has been effected. I believe it 
to be one of the best medicines discovered ! 
for most any disease. 
Yours truly, T. M1LLBOURN. 

The Best Medicine He Ever Took. 


Sept. 19, 1876. 

The Indian Blood Syrup is the bwst medi- 
cine for the Dyspepsia I ever took. 1 take 
ijreat pleasure in giving my testimony to ii,-< 
/re at valtw. Y oms, 

ZKBll '.,O-\ TNG KJ&i \ U 

Inflammatory Rheumatism. 


DEAR SIR: I was afflicted with Inflam- 
matory Rheumatism. I got a bottle of yonr 
Blood Syrup from your agent, too Mt, and 
was entirely relieved of the swellAjg and 
pains. My health has been proud ever since. 

Respectfully, LUC1NDA Me DANIEL. 

A Few Words From An Agent. 

Dr. Clark Johnson : 

DEAR SIR: With the full permission of 
the parents, I give you three remarkable 
cures that were effected by your medicine, 
the Indian Blood Syrup, under my own ob- 
servation; and being your agent, I was au- 
thorized to give your medicine a warrant. 

Mr. Roberts, of Adam's Mills, Ohio, had 
three children that we re scrofulous from their 
birth, and were then from four to ten years 
old. He had spent a great deal of money, 
but to no effect; the eldest was very full of 
large sores. He used the blood Syrup as di- 
rected, and they, all three, were entirely 
smooth and well in three monthb. Th 
above are facts. W. C. R. WOODRUFF. 

DRESDEN, OHIO Sept. 19, 1876. 

A Reliable Family Medicine. 


Sept. 24, 1876. 
Dr. Clark Johnson: 

This is to certify that the Indian Blood 
Syrup is the best medicine ever used in my 
family. I have been using it for four years, 
and it has done more for my wife than any- 
thing she has ever used. Hoping the public 
will be benetitted by this great medicine, I 
state these facts. 


Found the Right Medicine at Last. 

ZION, YADKIN Co.. N. C., Sept 8, 1876. 
1 have fouiid the right medicine at last 
after along time trying and paying doctors- 
bills, My wife had been on the decline for 
a long time with a diseased Liver and other 
female complaints 1 had about given it up 
when I met W. Messick, Jr., one of your 
agents, and he told me if 1 would try the 
Syrup i t would cu re my wif e . I took him at 
his word, and bought a small bottle. I have 
never seen such alteration in my life from 
the one bottle. 1 will say this much about 
the Syrup; I think it is the best medicine 
ever introduced into this country, without 
any exception. R.. W. CRATOR. 

All That It is Recommended to Be. 

Dr. Clark Johnson : 

DEAR SIR: I nave been u-siug your Blood 
t Syrup, and I am satisfied that it is a good 
| medicine when properly used, lhave tned 
j it for Ague and Heart Disease, and have 
j found it to be as it is recommended. I 
1 would encourage ail to use %. 

Y.'inrs resp< cfxnQy, . A! ARIA J. FOX. 

A Remarkable Cure. 

VIVIAN, MINN., Oct. 20, 187D. 
SIR : I huV6 been sick all summer with 
female complaints and Liver Disease. I 
fcbok one fifty cent bottle of your Indian 
Blood Syrup, and am now almost entirely 
well. When 1 first commenced using it 1 
was only able to work one day out of six; 
some days I could kardly walk across the 
room. 1 could not sleep at nights, and some- 
limes, when 1 went to bed, did not think I 
would live till morning. I am now doing 
ray housework and washing. 


Scrofula White Swelling. 

SIR : 1 have had the white swelling and 
scrofula for about 48 years, and have spent | 
hundreds of dollars with doctors, but all to I 
no purpose. I tried your Indian Blood Syrup, j 
one full and one half-sized bottle, and am i 
now about well. Believing that your medi- ' 
cine is the best stomach cleanser, bowel , 
regulatot and blood purifier that was ever 
introduced, I would not be without it. 

Great Western, Ohio. 

Neuralgia Instant Belief. 
BICKINSON CENTRE, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1876. 
Dr. C lark Johnson : 

SIR : I was sorely afflicted with the Neu- 
ralgia for a long tame, and could find no re- 
lief until I procurea a bottl-; ol youi Indian 
Blood Syrup, which gave me INSTANT RE- 
LJEP. I have used it in my family for the 
lat two years, and can safely recommend it 
to every family that is afflicted. 
Yours in sincerity, 

Would Not be Without It, 

HIGHLAND, MICH., Oct 17, 1876. 
DEAR SIR : I wish to say to you and the 
public that your Indian Blood Syrup has 
done effective work in my case. 1 was so 
afflicted with Liver and Spleen, and a com- 
bination of diseases, that I could not even 
sweep the floor. I am now so much better 
that J am able to do my own bou*e ,vork 
for my family, and would not be without 
4he medicine in the house. I would there- 
fere recommend it to all who may be like 
attic ted. Yours, 


Kenewed Vigor, 
>r. Clark Johnson : 

DEAR SIR: I take this opportunity to let 
you know what your Indian Blood Syrup 
nae done for me. I was afflicted with a 
Bteznaeh disease, BO that I was hardly able 
to get around. I was induced b> my son to 
try your Blood 83- nip: took one half-s'ze 
battle, and am now able to walk three 
naflvs to your agentfs to get a full-sized bot- 
tle. Respectfully yours, 


Breeding Piles. 

BAJKEN, Mo., Oct. 23,1876. 
DKAR BIB: I was suffering with hemorr* 
hoids or Piles for some time, and since I 
have nsed two fultaized bottles of your 
Indian Blood Syrup, t?he Piles are disappear- 
ing, and I feel as new-born again. 


A Walking Skeleton. 


Oct. 12, 1876. 

This is to certif y that I had the Dyspepsia 
ol about'four years standing, and had tried 
all remedies I could hear of without finding 
relief. I threw up my victuals and began 
to look like a walking skeleton. I happened 
to meet a friend who advised me to try youi 
medicine. I took a fifty cent bottle, and 
found it relieved me before I had taken hall 
the bottle, more than all the rest of tht 
medicine I had taken in three years. 1 con- 
tiiiuedite use, and have had no symptoms oi 
Dyspepsia since. I never expect to be with- 
out the Syrup in my family as long as I can 
raise 50 cents. Yours. 



EUBRIDOE, N. Y., Sept 20, 1876. 
Having been afflicted a ggod deal with 
Rheumatism for the la,st three or four years, 
I was induced to try the Indian Blood eyrup, 
and l.y taking one bottle I was entirely free 
from the pain in ba<$k and hips, that was 
sure to attack me at every cool change in 
the weather. I am feeline free from rheu- 
matic pains, and shall continue to take the 
Syrup. Yours truly, 


Not a Single Bottle Failed. 

STOCKHOLM, PEPIN Co., Wis., Sep. 32, T4. 
Dr. C lark Johnson : 

DEAR SIR : I have pleasure in reporting 
that every bottle of your Indian Blood 
Syrup that I have sold in about two years, 
not one has failed to heal. It would be well 
for humanity if the manufacture of that 
kind of medicine should never cease. The 
validity of such medicine should be known 
throughout the world. 


Severe Case of Asthma Cured. 

Sept. 10. 1876, 

DEAR 8m: I have been afflicted over 
twenty -five years with Asthma every sum- 
mer, without intermission, until the sum- 
mer just passed. One year ago last July I 
was sick with my old complaint, and roy 
food distressed me greatly: my wife, who 
br.d taken your Indian Blood Syrup, gave 
me one large-sized bottle. It is now little 
over a year since 1 took , it, and, to my joy 
and satisfaction, 1 Have not been afflicted 
with my disease for the past summer, and 
my appetite for lood is cood. 

Yours with respect, 



Oert-i Cioatc* From 

\Vlio IJUI 
!>*>! la-re* Wortli. 


WASHINGTON, IX C., Jul.vtfT, J874. 

SIR: Whilst I shrink from publicity, as 
would every noble-born woman, reared in 
"the Old School'' of good old Virginia, yet I 
feel it to be a Christian duty to let others 
Have the benefit of my experience; there- 
fore, (as your Agent,) I give you my certifi- 

In October, 1871, 1 was stricken down with 
a sudden and serious illness, which shut me 
in my room for a fortnight. By GOD'S dispen- 
sation, my circumstances were very much 
reduced, 90 that I used only such simple 
remedies as were within my means. In a 
-suffering condition, I resumed my duties, 
not, as usual, regulary, nor with punctual- 
ity; for I lost a good deal of time. Six 
months afterwards,, (March,) I became aware 
oi the fact, that if I ate, beef, potatoes, but- 
ter, or baker's bread, I would fall upon my 
lounge in a stiff spasm, and rema n insensi- 
ble for two or three hours together. Upon 
returning to consciousness,'! was so entirely 
prostrated that at least a half hour would 
elapse before I could stir even a finger to- 
wards rising. Soon after this, dumb chills 
set in. I almost perished for want of water; 
I didn't dare to take more than a taste or 
two, in t lie course of the day, and even this 
small quantity, would often cause such in- 
tense illness for the space of ten or fifteen 
minnteStthat persons present were "alarmed 
at my appearance." I grew worse daily, 
yet my untiring energy (the gift of God) 
kept me up. In May 1873, 1 discovered that 
my feet swelled so that my shoes were often 
too painful to bear. My sufferings were 
very great. My diet was reduced almost en^ 
tirely to good strong coffee, buttermilk aud 
fruit You will remember, Dr. Johnson, 
that in July, 1873, my cousiu, Miss B., 
{GPtown) wrote you, without my knowl- 
edge, to send some of your "Indian Blood 
Syrup," instead of which you sent the pa- 
pers, requesting ner "to find a good agent." 
She handed them to me. After great hesita- 
iioti, (for I felt too ill to attend to any extra 
duty.) I tool; 5- hem, wrote to you the next 

day, and received the box on Thursday 
31th. Being able to go about, I was afraid 
to try it, lest it might render me helpless 
and useless. However, on Sunday, 27th, 
1873, 1 resolved, with many fear, to begin 
with it. Small doses broke the chills,wuich 
left me in a fortnight. By the end of Au- 
gust, my health and strength were entirely 
re-established. To my astonishment, my 
sight very much improved, for I've been 
threatened with blindness at different peri- 
ods of my life. In October, having no fire, 
a severe attack of catarih seized me, causing 
my head, nose, and throat to be seriously 
sore. A fifty-cent bottle relieved all this. 

In November the cough returned. When, 
in December, I found myself dangerously 
ill with pi euro pneumoiua(which proved fa- 
tal to so many) I began upon a dollar bottle. 
During this fortnight I had no nourishment, 
save coffee and apples. Before I quite fin- 
ished the bottle, (I took large doses,) friends 
found me so ill, and insisted upon my .going 
to Providence Hospital to be taken care of. 
At the hospital I was the recipient of the 
greatest kindness; and the chief surgeou, 
Dr. K., a most .skillful, kind, and honest 
physician, pronounced my "whole system to 
be in a healthy condition, no medical treat- 
ment was deemed necessary ordered beef- 
tea, and handed me over to the cook." I 
recovered entirely from this. 

In the Spring the Roseola appeared in the 
city to great extent. I was afflicted with it 
for three weeks. Only two days I was quit*' 
sick. Except four doses of nitre. I again de- 
pended upon the blood Syrup, taking it and 
rubbing with it. My friends call me "The 
walking Advertiser of the Remedy." 

A number of persons in Washington, who 
have used the Blood Syrup properly and 
faithfully, have been entirely restored to 
health, and are delighted with it, saying. 
"The Blood Syrup is wonderful; 1 never 
knew anything to. compare with i i." 


MissLUClU.A 8. MASON.,. 
.SUK A &*. 


Remarkable Cure. 

Qrjorcr, ILL., Oei. :.:;. 
/>-. (7tor& Johnson : 

DEAR SIR : Your Indian Blood Syrup has 
cured me ot a Scrofulous Cough that I had 
been troubled with for years; so 1 recom- 
mend to those suffering as I did with sleep- 
less nights. I took two small bottles. 


Scrofula A Safe, Reliable Medicine. 
Aug. 81, 1970. 
Mr. George W. Cole, 
Agent for Clark Johnson's Indian Blood 

Syrup : 

I have used the three bottles of medicine 
procured from you with treat good effect 
upon myself and wife. Myself with Gener- 
al Derangement of the System, and my wife 
with Scrofula, 1 boldly assert that it has 
done us more good than anything we have 
ever tried. I recommend it as a safe and 
reliable medicine. Yours, &c., 



ALTON PJENOBSCOT, ME., June 16, 1870. 
This in to certify that I had a bad Cough 
and Spitting of Blood, and the doctora said 
; had consumption. I was not able to do 
any work. 1 got one of your h'frv cent bot- 
tles, and it did me so much good that I am 
able to do my work, and believe the medi- 
cine will entirely cure me. 


Heart and Lung Disease Instant Relief. 

CIRCLE VJLLE, OHIO, Nov. S3, 1876. 
SJK: Your Indian Blood Syrup has relieved ; 
me more than any other medicine 1 have 
ever taken. 1 have been afflicted for seven I 
years with Heart Disease, and also my lungs 
were badly affected. I had tried all kinds 
oi medicine without any effect, until I tried 
your valuable Syrup, , iiich gave me almost 
instant relief, and 1 am , arly well. 1 owe 
my life to your valuable medicine. 


"Warning- to 

Beware of all unstamped medicines Un- 
principled persons are flooding the country 
with spurious medicines that are not pro- 
perly stamped a required by law. Some of 
these medicines are not stamped at all, 
others are stamped with a smaller descrip- 
tion of stamp than required. Agents should 
see that a four cent stamp be upon all medi- 
cines thai sell for ne dollar, and that a two 
cent stamp be upon all medicines that sell 
for fifty cents. 

Ail agents who sell or offer for sale any 
medicines not fully stamped, do so in VIOLA- 
TION OF LAW, and are liable to a heavy tine 
or imprisonment. 

These parties who s windle the government, 
attempt to excuse their evasion of the law 
by stating that their medicines are not 
"proprietary articles." All such excuses are 
merely attempts to cheat the government 
and to lead their agent to believe that there 
is no danger in offering such medicines for 

It is the duty of all Jaw-abiding citizens 
to see that medicines which are being of- 
fered for sale be properly stamped; and, if 
found unstamped or insufficiently stamped, 
the fact should be at once reported to the 
Assessor of the district, who will deal with 
the guilty parties according to law. If the 
Assessor neglects to perform his duty in the 
matter, it should then be reported to the 
Commissioner of Internal Kevenue, Wash- 
ington, D. C., who will at once take steps to 
compel the district Assessor to do his duty. 




Half-Dollar Bottles Better 

$50 Worth of Medicine. 
MILLWOOD, Kxox Co., O., Jan. 2, 1870. 
This is to certify that I have used Dr. 
Clark Johnson's Indian Blood Syrup for 
Kidney Affection and Liver Complaint, I 
tiad been afflicted for six years, and tw<> 
half-dollar bottles did more for me than 
fifty dollars' worth of doctoring. 


Nothing can be really good unless it be- 
comes speedily counterfeited. There are 
rea diamonds and imitation diamonds, real 
laces and counterfeit laces, pure gold and 
imitation gold, and we could go on enumer- 
ating various articles for which the public 
seek, but which require great care on the 
part of the buyer to ascertain whether or 
not they are buying the real or the imita- 

We have already heard of various persons 

who are seeking to pass off worthless stuff 

upon the people by calling it Indian Blood 

Syrup. All persons are cautioned against 

purchasing any Indian Blood Sjnrup except 

i that manufactured by Dr. CLARK JOHNSON, 

i of Jersey City, N. J. All others are worth- 

1 less and spurious, and do not deserve the 

confidence of the public. 

O.A.TJTXO3N 5 Some unprincipled persons, knowing the suc- 
cess of the INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP, are sending out over the 
country spurious and worthless articles. Beware of all Blood Syrups 
or Indian Blood Syrups, except that called Dr. CLABK JOHNSON'S IN- 
DIAN BLOOD SYRUP, secured by Copyright, and the Trade-mark, as 
here represented 1 : 

Any and all Indian Blood Syrups, upon the label of which thu 
Trade-mark, and tbo name of DR. CLAKK JOHNSON, dots not appear, 
are spurious, and should be avoided. The pamphlet is also copy- 
righted and any person copying any portion of it will be prosectib, 
t-<i loth-; .n't! patent of the 'law. 


above is the title of a thrilling book for which we are now prepared to receive or- 

It is a neat volume of over three hundred pages, and graphically narrates all the impor- 
tant and horrible incidents associated with the capture and massacre of a helpless and 
unprotected family; and the captivity, tortures, and final escape of its two surviving 

We claim for the book no particular lite/ary excellence; it is a simple statement of facts 
aa they actually existed, and reste i ts merits solely upon the pathetically interesting na- 
ture of the occurrences presented therein. 

Of all the records of Indian captivities, we feel assured that none have been more in- 
teresting than these will prove to be, and its unprecedented sale warrants our assertion. 

CLARK JOHNSON, Jersey City, N. J. 

Price of the Narrative of Mr. and Mrs. Eastman, $1.00 per copy. 

Our Agent for the sale of INDIAN BLOOI> SYRTJP, and for the 

from whom they can be obtained on the same terms as from us. 


Hollinger Corp. 


Hollinger Corp.