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Full text of "Caribbeana : being miscellaneous papers relating to the history, genealogy, topography, and antiquities of the British West Indies"

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in 2012 

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For Arms. Barry wavy of eight Azure and Argent, six 
r>. mtcheons tv/o in chief, two in f>sse conjoined and two in 
base each charged w;th a coloured representation of one of die 
re r^p active Devices used m. the Public Seals of the Presidencies 
of The Leeward Islands Vic' -in 3hief Antigua and Dominica. 
in fesse S* Christopher, and Nevis, and in base Kont.serrit and 
Virgin Islands - ar i for the Crest Issuant from a. Coronet Or a 
Pine Apple proper. 


Granted- hy licyal 1\'arr<mt . tinted /0 ,n April , 7&03 

, '■ 

'l. M ii ii.« i it- . • 

*e'!er 4 Graham. L ; - '-itlia LorOC 



/~\N the completion of this First Volume of " Caribbeana/' some few 
explanatory words may be appropriately set down here. For some 
twenty-five years past I have been collecting information about the 
families who resided in the British West Indies ; my attention having 
been first directed to the Leeward Islands, and more especially Antigua, 
of which a genealogical collection was published in 1891 — 1899. 

Since then I have continued amassing notes of families settled in the 
other Islands, and having now so large an accumulation, and in view of 
the increased study devoted to the subject, both here and in the U.S.A., 
it appeared to me the time had arrived for the West Indies to have their 
own genealogical magazine ; hence this present venture. It seems 
difficult to realize that it is now close on 300 years since the Leeward 
Islands and Barbados were settled. The history of all the Caribbean 
group is so replete with romantic episodes, and with such momentous 
military and naval actions, that no apology is necessary for an endeavour 
to record, and rescue from oblivion, anything of interest about them. 
It is, however, one must confess, rather uphill work trying to awaken 
mterest in colonies which no longer appeal to so many as they formerly 
did, and I must point out that 200 subscribers are necessary to pay the 
cost of printing this Magazine, the present number of -50 being quite 
inadequate for the pm-pose. 

I take this opportunity of thanking my friends for so ably seconding 

my efforts, more especially Mr. F. Cundaxl and Mr. N. Livingston of 
Jamaica; Rev. Canon Shepherd and Rev. Dr. L. Thomas of Nevis; the 
Hou. A. SrooxER of Antigua; Mr. E. G. Sinckler of Barbados; 
Mr. N. Darnell Davis ; and several others. 


( vii ■) 


Athill, Chas. II., York Herald, Royal College of Arras, Queen Victoria Street. 
m Barbados, The Bishop of, Bishop's Court, Barbados. 
Baun, William W. van, M.D., 144)4 Spruce Street, Philadelphia. 
Bosanquet, N. E. T., Cowley, Uxbridge, Middlesex. 
Bowen and Sons, 20 Broad Street, Bridgetown, Barbados. 
Calder, J. V., Worthy Bark, Ewarton, Jamaica. 
Carolina, South, Historical Societv, Charleston, South Carolina. 
Chadwick, Mrs. C. M., Fiudhorn House, Forres, N.B. 
Chambers, Capt. Bertram. R.N., H.M.S. " Talbot." 
Cuiidall, Frank, F.S.A., Kingston, Jamaica. 

Davis, N\ Darnell, Royal Colonial Institute, Northumberland Avenue. 
Davis, R., 41 Union Square, New York. 
Douglas, R. Langton. 110 Piccadilly. 
Dyott, R. II. Kortright, Registrar, St. John's, Antigua. 

Flood, E. H. S., Canadian Trade Commission Service, Bridgetown, Barbados. 
Fry, George S., The Grove, Nether Street, Finchley. 

G-atty, Sir Alfred Scott-, Garter, Royal College of Arms, Queen Victoria Street. 
Grant, Duncan, 5 Third Aveuue, Brighton. 
Grant, Capt. E. F., R.N., H.M.S. " Arrogant." 
Haynes, A. Percy, Bissex Hill, Barbados. 
Hillman, Edw. Haviland, Campo S. Samuele N. 3227, Venice. 

[Institute, Royal Colonial, Northumberland Avenue. 
Jamaica, Institute of, Kingston, Jamaica. 
Judah, G. Fortunatus. St. Jago de la Vega, Jamaica. 
Keuneway, Mrs., Garboldisham Rectory, Thetford, Norfolk. 
Livingston, Noel B., GS Harhour Street, Kingston, Jamaica. 
Lucas, Percival, 13 Warrington Crescent, London, W. 
Lyons, W. D. W., SO St. George's Road, London. 
Markoe, Fra. H, M.D., 15 East 49th Street, New York. 
Mills, Dudley A., Broadlands, Grouville, Jersey. 

Murray, Keith W, 37 Cheuiston Gardens, London, W. ; Editor of "Genealogist.' 
New England Historic Genealogical Society, IS Somerset Street, Boston. 
New York Historical Society, 170 Central Park West, New York. 
Oliver, Tho. L., Oakhill, Bursledon, Hants. 
Pedder, ..... Heywoods, St. Peter's, Barbados. 
Pemberton, Major-General R. C. B., 13 Cresswell Gardens, London, S.W. 


Phipps, Capt. H. R., R.F.A., R.A. Mess, Kildare, Ireland. 

Pook, Lieut.-Col. H. W., 121 Hither Green. Lane, Lewisbam. 

Racker, E., Mer Vue, Hastings, Barbados. 

Scripps, Messrs., 13 South Molton Street, Bond Street, London. 

Sinckler, E. Q-., Gibbes House, St. Peter's, Barbados. 

Spooner, Hon. Archibald, Bendal's, Antigua. 

Thomas, Rev. L. B., D.D., St. George's Rectory, Nevis. 

Udal, J. S., Chief Justice, St. John's, Antigua. 

Warner, Robert R. Aueher, K.C., Solicitor-General, Trinidad. 

West, Erskine E., 32 Crosthwaite Park E., Kingstown, co. Dublin. 

Withington, Lothrop, 30 Little Russell Street, London, W.C. 

Tearwood, Mrs., Eriendly Hall, St. Michael's, Barbados. 

( ix ) 









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12, 59, 







List of Subscribers --------- 

List of Contents 

List of Illustrations --------- 

Additions and Corrections ------- 

Bookplate of Charles Spooner ------- 

Pedigree of Spooner of St. Christopher 

Pedigree of Brozet of St. Christopher - 

Pedigree of Pogson of St. Christopher 

List of Marriages on record in Jamaica previous to 16S0 

Bev. Tho. Norris's Begister ------- 

Deeds relating to the "West Indies ------ 

Monumental Inscriptions in England relating to "West Indians 

24, 76, 123, 17S, 225, 260, 31S, 370 

Marriages at the Cathedral, Bridgetown, Barbados 33 

Pedigree of Browne of Nevis --------- 35 

Transcripts of Parish Eegisters in the Public Becord Office 

37, 86, 138, 158, 233, 255, 299, 355 
Monumental Inscriptions at St. John's, Fig Tree, Nevis 45 

^ Notes and Queries 46, 93, 143, 1S4, 238, 285, 333, 3S1 

Note on Morris Family, with Bookplate ------- 50 

Blake Letters and Notes, with Pedigree ------- 51 

Morne Bruce, Dominica ----------57 

Pedigree of Barton of Barbadoes ........ - 65 

Pedigree of Phipps of St. Kitts --------- 67 

A West-Indiaman -'- - - -.- - - - -83 

Warrant appointing Thomas Turner, Esq., to be a Member of Legislative 

Council, St. Christopher --------- 84 

Abstract of Patent for Land in St. Vincent ------ 84 

Subscribers to J. Peterkin's Treatise on Planting, 1790 . ... 85 

Bookplate of Edward AVilliams, Esq. 97 

Pedigreo of Brodie of Antigua ---------98 

Pedigree of Cunyngham of St. Kitts - - 100 

Names of Persons whose Wills arc registered in Jamaica previous to 1700 - 103 
Daly of Montserrat and Demerara, a Memoir with Pedigree ... 115 

Matson Letters relating to Dominica. 1800 — 1S05, with Pedigree 

129, 172, 220, 273, 3 L3, 364 



Almanac of St. Kitts for 1825 - - - -• 133 

Kecords of Jamaica - 135 

Lyons of Antigua -- -- 137 

Parish Eegister of St. John's, Fig Tree, Nevis - - - 145, 231, 324, 37G 

Pedigree of Smith of Grenada 150, 191 

Sir Thomas Warner Memorial, St. Kitts ------- 1G1 

A List of "West India Deeds on the Close Kolls from 1661 to 1S00, Indenture 

Side 165, 207, 219, 295, 350 

The Obelisk of St. Vincent - 193 

Annotations to Lawrence-Archer's " Monumental Inscriptions of the British 

West Indies" 213,278 

Review 240 

Pedigree of Manning of St. Kitts 241, 2S9, 315 

Pedigree of Pemberton 266, 305, 337 

Thomas Goodall, Admiral of Hayti -------- 304 

Births, Deaths, and Marriages from the "Barbados Mercury" and "Bridge- 
town Gazette," 1805 to 1818 328, 379 

Sir William Young, Bart., F.E.S., M.P. 354 

Bookplate of Daniel Mathesv 369 

Eichard Tyrrell, Capt. E.N. 379 

Index -.---.------- 3S5 


( *i ) 



Arms of the Leeward Islands ------- frontispiece 

Bookplate of Charles Spooner, Esq. ---.-..- 1 

Bookplate of Valentine Morris, Esq. 49 

Sandy Point, St. Kitts .--.-.-.. facing 73 

A West-Indiaman „ 83 

A View of the Town of St. George and Richmond Heights in the Island of 

Granada ----------- facing 97 

Bookplate of Edward Williams, Esq. 97 

Bookplate of Eobert Cuuyngham, Esq. ------- 101 

His Excellency Lieut.-Genl. Sir George Beckwith, K.B. - - facing 128 

Views of St. John's Church, Fig Tree, Nevis - „ 145 

Portrait of Eichard Oliver, Esq., M.P. ,,152 

Tomb of Sir Thomas Warner at St. Kitts ----- „ 164 

The Obelisk at St. Vincent - ,,193 

The Cathedral, Spanish Town, Jamaica „ 213 

Portrait of Win. Manning, Esq., M.P. ,,241 

Arms of Pemberton - 242 

Fort George, Tobago -------- facing 255 

Bookplate of R. C. B. Pemberton ,,272 

Portrait of Thomas Goodall, Esq., Admiral of Hayti - - - „ 304 

Negroes Sunday- Market at Antigua ------ „ 313. 

Portrait of Sir William Toung, Bart., F.R.S., M.P. - - - „ 354 

Bookplate of Daniel Mathew, Esq. - - 3G9 

Portrait of Capt. Richard Tyrrell, R.N. facing 379 

( xii ) 


Page 1. 

For •' Caribeana" in Part I. read " Carihbeana." 

The crosses in the Burt coat are of course fitchee. The same coat is on the 
stoue in the Dutch Church, Austin Fryars. to the wife of Charles Pyin Burt 
of St. Kitts. (The Registers and M.I. by Moens, 1»5.) 

Page 2. 

In Hungerford Church, co. Berks, is a monument to John Hungerford, Esq., 
lord of the manor of Hungerford Ingleford, descended from the Hungerfords of 
the Lea and Downamny, co. Wilts, who died S June 1729, aged 71. Also to 
Mary Spooner his wife, " Descended from the ancient family of the Spooners in 
the County of Warwick," who died 2 February 1739, aged 08. (Berks' " Notes 
and Queries," i., 26. ) 

A pedigree of Spooner of lien wood Hall was entered in the Visitation of 
Warwickshire of 10S3. Thomas Spooner, who heads this, had a confirmation of 
arms and grant of crest in 15S9, and his descendant Samuel was aged 2t3 in 1683. 
The boar's head is in pale couped gufctee de sang, aud the crest is a boar's head 
couped Or, transfixed by a spear Argent. ("Misc. Gen. et Her.," New Series, 
i., 300.) 

John Hungerford of Lincoln's Inn, Esq. Will dated 2-1 May 1729. Wife 
Mary. "To my godson Hungerford Spooner, son of my brother-in-law John 
Spooner, Esq., £600." To my said brother-iu-law and his clau. Sophia £100 each. 
(Several legacies to testator's own family.) Proved 13 June 1729 bv Mary the 
relict (167, Abbott). 

Mary Hungerford of St. Clement Danes, widow. Will dated '29 June 1737. 
To my brother John Spooner the large silver-gilt bowl given me by my grand- 
mother White and certain jewels, then to my nephew John Spooner as 
heirlooms. Nephew Hungerford Spooner. My sister Spooner jewels, then for 
my nephew Charles Spooner. My nieces Susanna, Eliz., and Mary Spooner. Mv 
goddau. Eliz. Bourryau, my niece Bourryau's third dau. My nephew Zachariah 
Bourrvau, etc. Proved 7 Feb. 1739 by John Spooner the brother (40, Browne). 

See p. lot later for the deed to which J. Spooner and his wife were parties. 

Susanna Young ^^ the parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, names in her will, 
proved 1797, " Hungerford Spooner of Arehbold's in the parish of s l Elizabeth 
Esq." (537, Exeter), lie was dead intestate in 1.802, letters of administration 
being granted on April '•»• 

1833, Oct. 21. Lincoln. At Brigg, aged 77, Harriet, widow of Hunu'erford 
Spooner, esq. and sister of late Peter John Luanl, esq. of Blyborough-ball. 
("GhM.," 554.) 

For a pedigree of Lillingston and Spooner see Crisp's " Visitation of England," 
Notes, vol. viii., 140, and vol. \\., 33, and of this family is thu Hon. Archibald 
Spooner of Bengal's, Antigua. There appears to have been another family 
settled in Barbados, of whom 1 give a few notes. 


Sarah, dau. of Jclm Spooncr of Barbados, married 1787 Edward Polhill of 
York Place, who died lb37. Edward Hooper Senhouse, Commander B.N., 
married 1S15 Eliz. Bishop, dau. of Join Spooncr of Barbados, and died 23 May 
1863. (Burke's "Landed Gentry.") 

1819, Ap. G. In Upper Gowcr-street, John Spooner, esq. jun. late of 
Barbadoes. (" G.M.," 3S1.) 

1S3G, Nov. 27. In Upper Gower-st. aged G2, Anno Maria, relict of J. Spooner, 
esq. of Barbadoes. (Ibid., 1837, p. 107.) 

Page 6. 

1798, Jan. 21. At her house in Austin-friers, in her 81st year, Mrs. Guinard. 

Page 9. 

Capt. Charles Burnley was later a General. Jnne Pogson was his first wife, 
and their only child Jane married Hugh Montgcmerie of the Madras Civil Service, 
nephew of Hugh, 12th Earl of Eglinton. (Letter from Erskine E. AVest.) 

1819, Aug. IS. Sir John Miles "Wilmington, to Henrietta-Antonia, dau. of the 
late Bedingfield Pogson, etq. and great niece of the present Earl of Gleneairne. 

At Eton in 1779-S0 Pogson ma. & mi. were in the 3 d form. {Ibid, 1832, 
p. 25.) 

1811, Jan. Lately. Mrs. PogsoD, relict of John P. esq. late of Bougham- 
place, Suffolk-. (Hid., 91.) 

Bougham was at one time (about 1750 — 60) the residence of "William AYoodlev 
of St. Kitts. 

Page 18. 

1816, Oct. 6. At his apartments near Chelsea Hospital, Bev. T. Norris, late 
Chaplain to the Eorces in the Leeward Islands. (" G.M.," 4GG.) 

Page 19. 

No. 5 is now in the Editor's possession. 

Page 25. 

1776, Oct. 22. Edward "Ward, Esq. By Esq. Sowbridge's stone, north aisle. 
(Burial Begister.) Note the year on the stone is 1777. 

Page 28. 

1772, Jan. 2. John Lamb, Esq; of Jamaica, of the gout, at Bath. ("Town 
and Country Mag.," 55.) 

Page 31. 

The M.I. to Lady Madan is in the " G.M." for 1805, p. 995. 

Page 35. 

Will of Colonel John Netheway, Governor of Nevis, dated 1691. My godson 
Simon Browne, son of Simon Browne, deceased, 3000 lbs. (171, Fane). Simon 
Browne was a Member of Assembly 1GS2 and 1084. 

1827, May. Ireland. Lately. At Langharne, aged 61, Jane only dau. of 
the 1. Hon. John Browne, many years President of the I. of Nevis and sister to 
Col. J. F. B. (" G.M.," 477.) See later, p. 2G9. 


Page 47. 

1822, Au?. 8. On his passage from the W.I. on board the Princess Elizabeth 
packet, Mr. W. Symons, jim. Merchant of Bristol. ( u Gr.M.," 6-19.) 

Edward Stapletou died in 1S17, and in his ■will dated in 1S09 says : "My wife 
Eliz., whose maiden name was Leah, who was since the widow of John Doyle of 
Strawberry, Queen's Co., Ireland, whom I married in the I. of Martinique." 

Page 66. 

Johannes Kirton, Americanus ex Insula Barbados, 9 Aug. 1720. (Peacock's 
" Leyden Graduates.") 

From a stone at Christ Church it appears that John Kirton, M.D., died 
15 July 173S (Archer, p. 3S0), so the probate of the will 172S-9 may be an error 
for 173S-9. 

Mr. B. P. Scattergood of 7 and 9 Cookridge Street, Leeds, has acquired some 
forty volumes of the late Mrs. Vernona Smith's MSS., which relate mostly to 
families in the "W.I. They are unfortunately badly arranged, and without any 
index. Her last letter to the Editor was dated" 25 October 1S99 from 125 White 
Hart Lane, Barnes. 

Page 67. 

Capt. H. Pi. Phipps, R.A., has recently obtained a large quantity of wills, etc., 
from St. Kitts, which will be printed later. 

Page 76. 

1818, March 13. At Bath, Elizabeth, widow of the late Matt. Munro, esq. of 
the island of Grenada. (" G.M.," 569.) 

Page 81. 

Anne Eliza, dau. of Eichard Gamon and widow of Roger Hope Elletson, 
married 21 June 1777 James Brydges, 3rd Duke of Chandos. (Burke's "Extinct 

Page 83. 

The Nisbet tablet was erected by six surviving children. The arms are in 
a lozenge. Caroline Nisbet died ao;ed 79, not 77. 

1819, Dec. 9. On the 2d inst. died in this city, Mrs. Xesbit, relict of 
W. Nisbit, esq ; of the Island of Nevis. (" Bath Chronicle.") 

Page 97. 

The arms of Edward "Williams of Antigua are those of a Shropshire family, 
and are recorded' in the Heralds' College (G. 3, 144) as follows: Quarterly, 
1, Or, a gryffon segreant Gales ; 2, Gules, a man's head Or; 3, Azure, a teolf 
rampant An/ent ; 4, Azure, a lion rampant Or. Unfortunately no pedigree is 
entered. (Letter from E. Williams, of 7 Hampstead Lane, Highgate.) 

Page 115. 

At Sunbury was a stone to John Daly, Esq., late of Demerary, died 1790. 
(Lysons, " Environs of Middlesex," 2S0). Bees Daly went out to Montserrat 
18 December 1735 (Fothergill) . See the baptisms of his two children on pp. 362 
and 363 ante, also that of John EitzDenis. 

Page 127. 

1832, Dec. 18. At Bath, aged 83, Eliza, widow of Constantino Phipps, esq. 
("G.M.," 656.) 


Page 12S. 

There ie a tablet to Sir G. Bcckwith in Marylebone Old Church on the east 
wall, near the pulpit. 

Page 135. 

James Daniell as Secretary of Jamaica signed deeds in January 171S sent to 
South Carolina. (Letter from Miss M. L. "Webber, Secretary to the South 
Carolina Historical Society.) 

Page 144. 

To the will of Robert Dale, John Foster was ex'or and Geo. Marvilier 
a witness. (Letter from Mr. G. P. Judah, who made the abstract.) 

Page 149. 

For " Oct. 20, 1737," read " Oct. 29," and for " Sept. 20, 1743," read "Sept. 30." 

Page 178. 

1828, Dec. 5. At Bath, aged 70, Edmund Broderip, esq. of Wells. (" G.M.," 
•573.) He died in Pulteney Street, and was buried with bis wife in Wells 
Cathedral. (See Jewers' "Wells Cathedral," 1GS, for his M.l. and extracts from 
the Registers.) 

Page 179. 

1823, June 27. In Charlotte-st. Pitzroy-sq. Philip Anglin Scarlett, esq. 
("G.M.," 92.) See "G.M." for 1S32, p. 178, for a long notice of Sir William 
Anglin Scarlett, younger brother of Sir James Scarlett, late Attorney-General of 

1832, Oct. 22. At Worthing, aged 22, Robert William Scarlett, esq. eldest 
son of the late Sir Wm. Anglin Scarlett, Chief Justice of Jamaica and nephew to 
Sir James Scarlett. {Ibid., 1833, 93.) 

Page 182. 

The M.I. to Mrs. Bridget Woodley has not been copied in full. There is 
a better copy in Wright's " Essex," ii., 304, where the arms are given as : Sable, 
a chevron between three owls Argent ; impaling, Argent, a bend between three 
wolves heads couped Sable, langued Gules. These coats are evidently Woodley 
and Wall. There is a floor-stone to William Woodley of St. Kitts in Ivor 
Church, co. Bucks, with his arms thereon. The A'icar of Roughain has just 
written to say that he knows nothing about the Woodleys, so they were probably 
tenants for only a few years. 

Page 184. 

"S. Martin. An Essay upon Plantcrship. 5 th Edition 1773." (Quaritch.) 
St. Eustatius is of course Dutch, not Danish. 

Page 185. 

George Leonard Blijdcn, Tortola-Americanus, 29 Jun. 1778. (Peacock's 
" Loyden Graduates.") 

Page 188. 

Fourteenth line from the bottom. For " appointed " rend " appeared." 


Page 189. 

Tho. Nicholls was Dep. Sec. in 1G98, followed by Allan Brodriek. ("Colonial 
Calendar," 105.) 

Page 231. 

For " Mar. 1, 1744," read " War. 12," and p. 232, for "Not. 2, 1746," read 
" Nov. 21." 

Page 243. 

In your Manning of St. Kitts you sire " Martha "Weathered Manning as 
marrying Col. Laurens, President of the -American Congress." !She married 
about 1775 John Laurens, afterwards Colonel in the American Army, a son of 
Henry Laurens, President of the American Congress. John Laurens and 
" Patty " Manning had one daughter Fanny (S. C. H. and G. Mag., ii., 2GH— 271), 
who married .... Henderson. They had one son Francis Henderson, Jun., who 
died s.p. (Letter from Miss Mabel L. "Webber, Editor of the South Carolina 
Historical Society.) 

Page 261. 

The will of Florentius Yassall was dated 20 September 1777, not 177G, and 
I have a copy of the probate. 

Page 318. 

1826, July 3. At Jamaica, aged 23, Mary-Anne, eldest dau. of late T. Prince, 
esq. of that island, and of "Widcomb-crescent, Bath. (" G.M.," 191.) 





dWsVw ■ '*•■• V> 





Arms. — Azure, a boar's head erased Or, from the neck three drops of blood 
proper [SpooifER, but this coat is not given in " Papworth," 909], impaling:— 

Argent, on a chevron Gules between three bugle-horns Sable, stringed, as many 
crosses crosslet Or. [Bukt. See lv Papworth," 527, where the crosses are given 
as of the first.] 

VOL. I. 


ftpaoner, of |3>t, CI)ristopIjn\ 

John Spooner of St. Mary Cayon, St. Christopher, Esq.,=rHannal 
in 1722; later of Bloomsbury ; died 175S ; owned also 
a plantation in Jamaica. Will [23, Hutton]. 

Mary Forteseue, only- 
dau. and heir of Eight 
Hon. William Fortes- 
cue, Blaster of the Bolls. 
of Buckland Filleigh, 
co. Devon; bom 1710. 

=1. John Spooner of=pJanc 
St. Christopher and Isa- 
of St. George's, Han- bella, 
over Square. Esq.; died living 
17S6. Will dated 17S2 1797. 
[US, Duearel]. 

2. Hungerford 1 

Spooner, bap- 
tized at St. 
Marv Cayon 

11) April' 1720; 
dead 1782. 

or Jane 

Mary Isabella Hannah Spooner, married 

Spooner, at St. George's Hanover Square, 

only child, 10 September 1797, Thomas Shiffner, 

diedyoung. Esq., of Grosvenor Place in 1798. 

I I 

1. Hungerford* 2. John 
Spooner, nephew Spooner. 
and heir of his 
uncle Charles. 

1722. John Spooner of St. Christopher, Esq., was an Ex'or in the will of 
Walter Hamilton, Esq. 

174-0. He was witness to a close roll of Robert Pearne's. 

1752. He was named in the will of his son-in-law Zachariah Bourryeau (who 
had married before 1733 Sophia Spooner). In his own will, proved in 175s 
[P.C.C., 23, Hutton], he names his sons John, Hungerford, and Charles, and his 
daus. Mary, Susanna, and Elizabeth. He owned a plantation in Jamaica as well 
as St. Christopher. 

1753. In Baker's map of St. Christopher John Spooner, Esq., is entered as 
owning one plantation in Christ Church, Nicliola Town, two in St. Mary Cayon, 
and one in St. George's, Basseterre. 

1757. Robert Pearne of Isleworth, Esq., by his will demised to Charles 
Spooner, Esq., youngest son of John Spooner of Bloomsbury, a moiety of his 
plantation of 1200 acres called Blubber Valley in Antigua. 

1705. Charles Spooner of St. Christopher, Esq., one of the Ex'ors in the will 
of John Vernon of Antigua, Esq. 

1700. John Bourryeau, Esq., names in his will his uncle Charles Spooner. 

1775. Amelia Bourryeau of Clifton, by her will proved P.C.C., gave £3000 
to Margaret, dan. of her uncle Peter Shaw. 

1782, July 24. Will of John Spooner of St. George's, Hanover Square. Esq. 
My estate at Buckland Filleigl), co. Devon, which was my Father-in-law's, the 
late \V m Forteseue, Esq., .Master of the Rolls. My first wife Mary his dau.t 
My nephew Hungerford Spooner, eldest son of my late brother Hungerford 
Spooner. My late aunt M H Marv Hungerford. My nephew John Spooner, 
younger sou of my said brother Hungerford Spooner. My wife Jane Isabella 
Spooner. My dau. Isabella Hannah Spooner £10,000. My sist-r-in-law Hannah 
Spooner, widow of my said brother Hungerford Spooner. My brother Chas. 
Spooner, Esq. Proved 1 February 17^0 by Charles Spooner, Esq., and Jane 
Isabella Spooner, the widow [P.C.C., 1L8, Duearel]. (This is a very short 

* 1791, Dec. 10. Hungerford Spooner, esq., of Jamaica, to Miss Harriet Luard,of Westbrook- 
huy. ("6.M.," 1158.) See Luard iu Burke's " Landed Gentry." 

t Mary Forteseue Has a great heiress, See pediyrce in Burke's " Lauded Gentry." 


17S5. AVill of Charles Spoon er of Harley Street, Esq. Before my marriage 
with in v present wife Mary Spooner (then Mary Burt) J charged a certain 
plantation at S' Chr. with £300 a year. Jane* Spooner. widow of my late brother 
Hungerford Spooner. My real estate in Antigua and Tortola to my nephew 

. . . .=p3. Charles Spooner=pMary Burt, 
1st of Harlev Street, dau.ofWil- 
wife. died 1790. Will liam M. 

[352, Bishop]. Es- j Burt, Chief 

tatesin St.Christo- Justice of 

pher, Antigua, and : St. Christo- 

Tortola. pher. 2nd 




Mary Sophia Spooner, mar. Zachariah 

Spooner. Bourryeau of Southampton 
Row and formerly of St. Chris- 
Eliza- topher, merchant. lie died 
beth March 1752 [59, Bettes- 
Spooner. worth]. 

Susannah Spooner, baptized at 
St. Mary Cavon 9 November 

Hungerford Spooner. My brother John Spooner. I own a moiety of the Blubber 
Valley estate in Antigua, and the reversion to the other moietv. AV"' Manning, 
Seu r and Jun 1 , Ex'ors. Proved 1790 [P.C.C., 352, Bishop].' (This is a very 
Bhort abstract.) 

John Spooner of co. Middlesex, in his will proved 1793 [620, Dodwell], names 
my late nephew J. S. Padmore of Jamaica. 

According to a Close Poll made 30 September and 1 October 1823 Peter 
Theodore Shaw of Brimpton, co. Berks, arid Peter Spooner Shaw of the same 
place, his son and heir, mortgaged to Messrs. Manning and Anderdon, the well- 
known W. I. merchants, the two plantations heretofore of Charles Spooner, 
deceased, in S* Mary Cavon and Christ Church, Jsichola Town, S l Christopher, 
called The Level or Prospect, with 2S7 slaves of various a^es, which by the will 
of Charles Spooner, dated 14 June 17S5, are intailed on them. P. S. Shaw being 
21 he and his father re-settle the estate and break the intail. (See a full abstract 
of these deeds in my "History of Antigua," ii., 234.) I think one of Charles 
Spooner's sisters married a Peter Shaw. 

ST. MART CAYON, ST. CHRISTOPHER. [B. T. Leeward Islands, vol. xxi.] 


1722 Susannah D. of John and Hannah Spooner 9ber 15 th . 
172G Hungerford S. of John and Hannah Spooner April 10' 1 '. 


1797 Sep. 10 Thomas Shiffner, Esq 1 ', of S' .lames, Westminster, B.. and Isabella 
Hannah Spooner, of this parish, Sp r , by Lie. Jane Isabella 
Spooner a witness. 

In a Close Roll of G March 179S Tho. Shiffner and his wife are described as of 
Grosvenor Place. 

* His brother John in his will culled her LLinnub. I do not know which is right. 

» 2 



35ro>ct, of gst. CImstopIjcr. 

Peter Brozet of Guadaloupe,=pMrs. Anne de Clainenbrong, died 
Esq. Will dated 7 July L700, I 8 March 1729. at. 73; buried and 

then of St. Giles m the t M.I. at St. Mary's, Paddington. 
Fields; proved 26 July 1701 ! She removed from Guadaloupe to 
[91, Dyer]. England with six children. 

1. Mary=f Col. Peter Soulegre 
Brozet, of St. Christopher, 
married from Languedoc, 
before died 12 March 17G0, 
1700. a-t. 91, Will dated 
1G December 175S, 
then of Soho ; proved 
j 28 March 1760 [124, 

2. Paulina Bro- 
zet, married be- 
fore 1700 ; died 
7 and buried 10 
January 1730-1, 
set. 50, and M.I. 
at St. Mary's, 

=Daniel Papon 
of Montauban 
in South 
France, gent., 
died 28 and 
buried HI Octo- 
ber 1742, and 
M.I. at St. 
Mary's, Pad- 

3. Capt. Peter 
Brozet, served 
in Queen 
Anne's Wars ; 
died xt. 73. 
M.l. at 


Capt. Stephen Papon of 22nd 
Regiment, died 24 and buried 
28 July 1703. set. 57, and M.I. 
at St. Mary's, Paddington. 
Will dated July and proved 
13 August 1703" [398, Ctesar]. 

Peter Papon of St. Chris- 
topher 1758, merchant. 
Will dated 25 February 
17S1, then of St. Paul's, 
Covent Garden, Esq. ; 
proved 17 June 1783 
[315, Cornwallis]. 

Louisa Papon, married 
Peter Guinard of Lon- 
don, merchant. His 
will proved 17SO T51S. 
Collins]. She died 21 
January 1798; buried 
at St. Peter-le-Poor. 

John Brozet of St. Christopher 1790, cousin of J. Willett. 

1700, July 7. Will of Peter Brozett* of S* Giles in the Fields, who was 
marr* 1 with Mrs. Anne de Clainenbrong, and issue was Mary, Paulina, Peter. Cath.. 
John, Jas., and Mary Brozett. Wife to be heiress, then children. Daniel Papon 
and Peter Soulegre, her sons-in-law, to be overseers. Proved 20 July 1701 
[P.C.C., 91, Dyer]. Translated out of French. 

Col. John Davis, President of the Council of St. Christopher, died 13 and was 
buried 10 December 1725 in Westminster Abbey. Will dated 4 December 1725. 
My wife's grave. M ,s Bridget Davis and her son my nephew Joseph Davis. Mv 
dau.-in-l. Anne wife of Joseph Estridge, Esq., and Henry Sharp her sun by her 
former husband, Lieut. W ni Sharp. My niece Mary Sherman, dan. of my niece 
Cornelia Brozett, deceased. Proved 17 December 1725, P.C.C. 

Edward Crisp of Gray's Inn, Esq. Will dated 1738. My cousin Mary 
Brozett, dau. of James Brozett. Mv cousins Tho. and Nich. Crisp, sons of mv 
uncle Tho. Crisp. Proved 1739, P.C.C. 

Peter Soule<jre of Dean Street, Soho, Esq. Will dated 1G December L758 ; 
£200 and £100 a year to my late wife's niece Mrs. Cath. Durban. £31 10s. 
a year to my brother-in-law John Brozet of Southampton during the joint lives 

* Tbjs has been printed in " Antigua," iii. 7. 


of him and hi? wife. £25 a year to my nephew Sir. Peter Papon for managing 
inv plantation. £100 to Mrs. Louisa Papon. £-30 to Mr. Lewis Brozet. £5U 
each to the three sons of the late Mr. James Brozet, now of St. Chr. £50 to 
Lieut. Stephen Papon, now in foreign parts. Proved 2 s * March 17(>o l'.C.C, 
124, Lynch]. (The will is a long one, and a full abstract has been printed in 

Antigua, in. 


4. Cath.Bro-=fCapt. J. 
zet, died 28 Durban 
February, of Mon- 
buried 6 tauban, 

Mar. 1748-9, near 
set. 62, and Tou- 
M.I. at St. | louse. 

5. John Bro- 
zet of South- 
ampton, died 
2S February 
1779. Will 
dated 6 Jan. 
1777 ; proved 
20 April 1780 
[174, Collins]. 


Cornelia Sher-=0. Majors-Anne, 
man, dan. of James 2nd 

Samuel Slier- Brozet of i wife. 
man of St. St. Chris- 

Christopher, topher, 
and niece of dead 
Colonel John 1758 ; 
Davis ; dead left three 
1725. sons. 


Catherine Dur- 

Peter Bro- 

Lewis=p James Bro- 

ban, onlv dau. 

zet, cousin 


zet, bap- 

Will dated 29 

1763 of 


tized at St. 

Aug. 17S6, then 


1763 of 


of Twicken- 

Papon and 


Cayon, St. 

ham ; proved 

1781 of 



2 June 1792 


pher, 16 

[325, Foun- 





Mary Brozet, named 
173S in will of Ed. 

Elizabeth Brozet, Christ Church, 
Nichola Town, St. 
Christopher, 1-1 May 

A dau., living 1779. 

Capt. Stephen Papon* of II. M. 22nd Reg. of Foot. Will dated at Bristol 
July 1763. A bond for £100 due since 1753 to Mr. Bailv of Dublin. I give £50 
to my sister Lucy Gruinard. £30 each to my cousins Peter Brozet and his brother 
Lewis. I owe £11 to M r Nightiugall and £10 to my uncle John Brozet at South- 
ampton. All sums due in the agent M" Calcraft's hands to my dear brother 
M r Peter Papon of Leicester Fields, he to be sole Ex'or. The sums owing me 
by the heirs of Archibald Cathcart to be cancelled if they pay M r Cottingham, 
mercer, £U and £10 to a taylor M* Hamilton knows. Ou 10 August L703 
John Palairet of St. James, Westminster, and Eleanor Carpenter of Bristol, spr.. 
swore they knew testator. Proved 13 August 1763 by Peter Papon, Hsu,., the 
brother [P.C.C., 39S, Ciesar]. 

John Brozct. f Will dated at Southampton 6 January 1777. All my estate to 
M r Peter Papon, M' Peter Guiuard, and M r > Cath. Durban, they to be Ex'ora. 
Witnessed by Tho. Scott, Tho. Waight, Jas. Gerard. 

Thi-s has been printed in " Antigua," iii. - J60. 

t Ibid., 7. 


1st Codicil. 20 December 177S. M™ Paine of S' Chrs. dying without a will 
I have administered as heir, and I divide the neat produce of her estate into 
15 shares. To Miss Brozet that lived with her 4 parts, and to M r Brozet her 
brother 2 parts. To M r John Brozet of S 1 Kitta 2 parts. To the late M rs Perci- 
val's (for 1 * Mary Brozet. spr.) ch n at S l Kitts 2 parrs. M r Peter Brozet of Chelsea, 
Miss Cath. Durban, M ra Guinard, John Smith Budgen, Esq., and M r Papon, my 
Ex'or, each I pt. Witnessed by Jas. Gerard, Jos. Norris, Tho. Scott. 

2nd Codicil. Is June 1771). Whereas Mary Pasquereau Payne, i. of S* Chris., 
wid., d, intent., and all her real est. descended to me as heir-at-law, and I took out 
letters of ad. in P.C.C., and have already received £1590. 1 give all to be div. 
into 15 shares. Witnessed by Tho. Andrews, W m Andrews, Tho. Aduey Payne. 
A letter annexed, dated 25 January 1771). refers to a dau. of Lewis Brozet. 
Translated from the French 10 April 17S0. 

Proved 20 April 17S0 bv Peter Guinard and Cath. Durban, spr. [P.C.C., 174, 

1778. Mary Payne, late of S l Christopher, widow. Adm'on July 13 to John 
Brozet, Esq., cousin german once removed and next of kin ; further adm'on 
21 April 17S0 of goods left unad. by John Brozet, Esq., deceased, now gr. to 
Peter Guinard and Cath. Durban his Ex'ors. 

Peter Guinard, Mt. My wife Louisa, b. Papon, etc. Will proved 17S0 
[P.C.C., 518, Collins]. 

Peter Papon of St. Paul, Covent Garden, Esq. "Will dated 2o February 17S1. 
To be bur. in the same grave with my d r brother Capt. Stephen Papon in the 
Middle Isle of Paddiugtou Church n r pulpit under a black marble stone. My 
cousin Cath. Durban £50 as my Ex'trix, also £400. Mv sister Sus a Guinard 
£400. Cousin M r Peter Brozet £90, and to his wife M" B. £30. Cousin M r Isaac 
fferriers of Islington £20. Fr u M 1 ' 3 Magdalena Bouse 10 guineas for a ring. 
M r David Palairet 10 guineas and 5 guineas to his sister Sukey, and to his sister 
Eliz. Burges and M r3 P. Grene 10 guineas, and to her niece M™ C. Grene 
6 guiueas. To M r3 Jenny Casby 5 guineas, etc. Burn, to a servant. To my dear 
uncle my heir M r Jo n Brozet of Panton all pictures, plate, jewelry ; if he die 
before me all residue to my sister Soinans Guinard, she paving to my Cousin 
M" Cath. Durban £200. N.B.— My uncle M r John Brozet died in Feb. 28, 177'.'. 
and in case of my sister's death before me 1 leave all res. to Cath. Durban. 
Pictures of my F. and M. and Grd. M. by me made are not to be sold. At 
Bedford Sir., Covent Garden, 25 Eeb. 178L. 

Codicil. A bond and judgment against John Smith Budgen, Esq., for £1200 
lent him 1 leave- to Cath. Durban £200 of it. and 20 guineas fur a ring, and to 
Peter Mathew Mills. Esq., £100 and 20 guineas fur a ring, and his lady 20 guineas 
for a ring, and 20 guineas to Miss Cornelius Mills and M f3 Henrietta Moore 
20 guineas for a ring. Messrs. Herman and Dan 1 Zunurst a ring ea. My cousin 
Peter Bro/.et £100. Same date. Sworn L3 June 17sM, by .1. S. Budgen of 
Dorking and Mary Cath. Mills of Twickenham, spr. ; proved 17th by Cath. 
Durban, spr. [P.C.C., 315, Cornwallis]. 

Sarah Brozet of St. Luke, Chelsea. Will dated 14 April 17S0. All to my 
friend K' 1 Thomas. Proved 15 May 17S4 [P.C.C., 247, Rockingham]. 

Cath. Durban of Twickenham. Will dated 29 August 17*0. M" Lucretia 
Budgen £300. M r Tho. Budgen her son 6200. Peter Mathew Mills. Esq., 
£300, and his 3 BOUa Geo. Mills, Peter Mathew Mills, and Charles Mills £100 ca. 


M" Louisa Guinard £100. Miss Henrietta Moore, dim. of Col. Lorenzo Moore 
of Dublin, the £o00 which Geo. Oslo, Es<|., of Dublin, owes me. Miss Georgiaua 
Moore her sister £-300, and to her brother Lorenzo Moore £100. I cancel 
Col. and M rs Moores 2 bonds. Miss Mary Cath. Mills £300 she owes me, all 
furn., plate, etc. All residue to M" Henrietta Moore, wife of Col. Lorenzo 
Moore, and Miss Mary Cath. Mills of Twickenham. 

1702, April 13. I'o AViiliamza Caroline Mary Moore, dim. of Col. Lorenzo 
Moore, £100. 

On 20 May 1702 was sworn John Smith Budgen of Twickenham, Esq.; proved 
2 June 1702 by Henrietta Moore and Mary Cath. Mills, spr. [P.O.C., 325, 

1700. John Willet. My couzin John Brozet of St. Christopher [12S, New- 








[Lawrence Archer's " M.I. in the "West Indies," 420.] 

1729 May 14 Elizabeth D. of James & Ann Brozet. bur. 

[B. T. Leeward Islands, vol. xxi.] 

1728-9 March 10 James S. of James & Ann Brozet, bap. 


On a large white marble ledger covering a vault, which the gardener told mc 
was formerly inside the old Church, pulled down about the end of the ISth century. 
This is confirmed by the will of Peter Papon, who stated in 17bl that the vault 
was in the middle aisle, near pulpit. The inscription copied by me in 1908 is 
much worn and dillicult to read : — 

1. Near this Place lyeth the Body of ANN E BROZET Widow of 
PETER BROZET Esq. of the Island of GUADALOITE who removed 
with Six Children into England on ground ol being persecuted 

for the Protestant Religion. She died on the s"' March 1720 Aged 7:<. 

2. A Jib the Body of MARY and JAM-: SOULEGRE grand Daughters 
of the above iaid ami Daughters oi Colonel PETER SOULEGRE and 
MARY his Wife of the It land of ST cHRISTOrilEll aged 13 ami LI 
Buried 30 June 1.729. BKOZET 

3. Alio the Body of PAULINA PAPON Daughter of PETES & ANNE 
married to DANIEL PAPON Cent, of MOSTACBAX in France. She left 
three Children and died January 7, 1731 aged. .* lamented by all 

her Relations A Friends on account of her Piety <fc humane Disposition. 

* The age i? either 30 or 50, and as she \\n- m:irricd in or before 1700 it uiyst be 00. 


4. Alio the Body of DANIEL PAPON Gent. Hufband of the above Lady • 
Whose Character & natural Disposition for doing good must render 

his memory ever dear to his family it friends. He dved the 28 
October 1742 Aged 76. 

5. Alio the Body of CATTT. DURBAN Daughter of PETER <fc ANNE 
BROZET and Widow of Captain J. DURBAN of MOSTAEBAX* in Erance. 
She left only one Daughter and dyed Eeb. 2S"' 17o0 in the 03 rJ year of her 
Age beloved by her Relations & friends. She was .... pious & 

virtuous without ostentation. 

6 th . Alio the Body of Captain P. BROZET Son of PETER BROZET 
He served in QUEEN ANNES wars was deemed a Gallant & brave 
Officer and a good Alan Aged 73. 

7 th . Alio in this Vault Iveth the Body of Captaiu STEPHEN PAPON of 

the 22-' Regiment of foot Son of DANIEL & PAULINE PA PON. He was 
employed in quelling the Rebellion in Scotland in 174-3 and during 
the late "War served as Captain & Adjutant in the following Expedition 
He dyed in the oS lh Year of his Age on the 24 U| July 1763, with distinguished 
honour and Character much lamented by his Family and all his 

Below is a small shield bearing these arms : . ... on a fess three birds 
(/ martlets). 


Buried Ann Brozet from Saint Ann's, Westminster 

,, Mary Soulegre from ,, „ 

,, Jane ,, ,, ,, „ 

„ Paulin Papon from Saint Giles in the ffields 

,, Daniel Papon from Saint Mary Le Bone 

,, Catharine Durbeu from Saint Ann's, AVest minster 

,, Cap 1 Stephen Papon from S' Ann's, Westminster 


March the 21 
June the 30 


January the 10 
October the 31 
March the 6 
July 28 


"Mrs Louisa Guinard d. Jan. 21. 1798." Coffin identified on its removal 
from the vaults to lll'ord Cemetery [" Misc. Gen. et Her.," 4th Series, iii., 186]. 

Ikigsan, of ^t. Cljristopljcr, 


[Copied by Mr. N. Darnell Davis in 1S79.] 

Here lies interred ye Body of Captain John Pogsou of Horncastle in the 
County of Lincoln in the Kingdom of England who departed this life ye 29th day 
of May, 1686. 

Also Hester his wife, 9 th Oct. 1696, and two grandsons, Freeman Pogson 
24 th July 1701, and John Pogson, June 20"' 1720. 

• Montauban in the south of Franco, on a branch of the river Garonne, a few miles north 
of Toulouse, was a llujjueuot centre 


John Pogsoa of Horncastle, co. Lincoln, settled at=f=Hester, died 
St. Christopher temp. Charles II. ; was granted 9 October 
200 acres in 1677, then styled " late Lieut, in Sir 1696. M.I. 
Tobias Bridge's reg' " ; died 29 May 16S6. M.I. 
in Middle Island Church, St. Christopher. 

Capt. John Pogson=p 
of St. Christopher 
in 1706. 

Mary Pogson, born 15 September 1675 ; married 
13 November 1709 Rev. Robert Robertson (born 
at Edinburgh IS March 16S1-2 ; Rector of St, 
Paul's, Nevis, 1707) ; died 6 April 1739. M.I. 

Freeman Pogson, grandson of John ; 
buried 21 July 1701. M.I. 

John Pogson, grandson of John 
buried 20 June 1720. M.I. 

Elizabeth Marv Mil-^pJohn Pogson of "' Pogsons" in St. Chris--r-Jane Wood, liv- 

ward, married at St. 
George's, Hanover 
Square, IS May 1751. 

topher, later of co. Essex, Esq., buried at ing 17b5, then 
St. James's, Bath, 7 August 1783. Will plaintiff; dead, 
dated 9 November 1771 ; Codicils 20 intestate, 1799. 
March. 1776 and 31 July 17S3 ; proved 
1784 [565, Rockm.]. 


John Pog- 


son, 1st 



son and 

Seer., a de- 


heir, ? mar- 

fendant in 


ried 3 Julv 

1799; of 


17S3 Har- 


riott Man- 

in 1S01 ; 


later of Sut- 
ton, co. Sur- 

Elizabeth Pogson, 
married Robert 
Roe of Hemertou, 
co. Gloucester ; 
both plaintiffs in 

Thomas Pogson. 

Milward Pogson. 

Edward Pogson. 

George Pogson, died 
intestate 22 August 

Jane Isabella Pogson, 
married Charles Rum- 
ley, Capt. E.I.C.S. 
She was dead 1799, 


Sarah Pog- 


Charles Pog- 


Daniel Cuningham Col. Wmlenhall Robert 

Pogson, born 1785 ; Pogson, 4th son, bom 

Midshipman R.N. ; 17S0 ; of the 47th Bengal 

died at Jamaica Infantry; died at Benares 

1801, set. 16. 6 August 1S43, a-t. 57. 

Henrietta Antonia Pog- 

I I I 
Anthony Pogsou. 

Caroline Pogson. 

Mary Pogson. 

born later than 
27 November 17SS. 

In "Gent. Mag." for 1S16, pt. i., p. 15, is a letter from a reader at Nevis with 
the following M.l. : — 

"Inscription on a Tombstone in the Churchyard of St. Paul's, Charles Town, 

[Above the Inscription is a representation of a Tree, with an Axe laid to the 

" Near this stone lies what was mortal of Mary, eldest daughter of Robert 
and Mary Robertson, born October 24, 1711; married to Richard Merriweather 


July 2, 17:id; delivered of licr daughter Man- Robertson [sic] the 4th of Sep- 
tember, 1731 : died in child-bed the 18th of the same mouth. 

'• Elizabeth, their second daughter, born the 29th of Oct. 1713, married to 
Thomas Washington Sept. 1!). 17:5-5 ; delivered of her son Thomas, June 20, 1730 ; 
died in child-bed the 27th of the same mouth. 

"Mary, wife of Robert Robertsou. and daughter of John Poison, Capt. of the 
Independent Company in St. Christopher's in the reigns of Charles and James II., 
boru Sept. 15, 1675, married Nov. 13, 1709, died April 0, 1739. 

"And what was mortal of Robert Robertson, minister of the parish of St. Paul's, 
Nevis, from Dec. 1707, born at Edinburgh the ISth of March 16S1-2, made some 
remarks which were published in London in the years 1730, 1730, &c. on the 
Slaves and their Owners in the Su^ar Islands of England, and died " [sic]. 

The Rev. Mr. Clarkson, rector, died about 17S2, and his heirs withheld the 
parish register ; the Rev. Mr. Green succeeded him. Mr. Robertson was succeeded 
by a Mr. Davis. 

1GG8. Mr. John Parry and Mrs. Anue Washington. 325 acres. Antigua 
land patents ["Antigua," iii. 301]. 

1069. AVin. Byam in his will names "My nephew John Parry and my niece 
Mary his wife and my uiece "Washington 500 lbs. each." 

1677, Aii£. 20. Captain John Pogson. 200 acres. Late Lieut, of a Foot 
Company in Sir Tobias Bridge's Regiment. Granted bv Sir W. Stapleton ["An- 
tigua," iii. 302]. 

1706. Long account of the killing of Col. John Johnson by Capt. John 
Pogson, with depositions. The former was unarmed and was shot. The jury 
however brought in a verdict of Not Guilty. [B. T. Leew. I., ix.] 

1708. Present State of Nevis. Signed by Tho. Washington & Tho. Amory, 
merch' 9 [B. T. Leew. I., x.]. 

Tho. Washington of Nevis, Merch'. My brother Simon of co. AVestmoreland. 
"Will proved 1719 [174, Browning]. 

John Pogson of co. Essex. 1 st s. John; y sl s. Bedingheld P.; testator d. at 
Bath. "Will proved 1781 [565, Rockingham]. 

1753. John Pogson, esq. 1 plant" in S' John's Cappesterre. 1 in S l Mary 
Cayon [Baker's Map of St. Chr.]. 

1700. John Pogson, esq., of S' Chr., a subscriber to J. Peterkin's book on 

1801. Lately, at Jamaica, of the yellow fever, aged 16, Mr. Daniel Cun- 
ningham Pogson, midshipman of the Topa/.e frigate, son of Bedingheld I'., 
esq., of Lavcnham [" G.M.," 12121. 

1821. Chas. Pogson thcu a J.P. [St. Chr. Almanac]. 

1813, Aug. 6. At Benares, aged 57, Col. Wrcdeuhall Robert Pogson, com- 
manding 47th regt. of Bengal Inf., fourth son of the late Bedingheld Pogson. 
esq., of Sutton, Surrey, and grandson of John Pogson, esq., late of Deep Bay 
Estate, St. Kitt's, and of Downsal hall, Essex ["G.M.," <iii:» , 

181S, May 23. In Porteua-terr. Maida-hill. West, Sophia, widow of Robert 
Williams Pickwoad, esq., for many years Chief Justice of the Island ot St. Chris- 
topher, and dau. of the late John Pogson, esq., of Rougham Place, Suffolk 
[Ibid., 103]. 

ST. JAMES'S, BATH. [" Genealogist," ix., 110.] 
1783 Aug. 7 John Pogson, Esq., bur. 



17o4 May 18 John Pogson, Esq r , and Elizabeth Mary Mihvard. Special 

17S3 July 3 John Pogson and Harriott Manners. Licence. 

ST. PAUL'S, COVENT GARDEN. [Harl. Soc. Pub., p. 245.] 

1769 April !) Thomas Preston of this Parish, Widower, and Elizabeth Pogson 
of this Parish, spinster ; by Banns. Witnesses: John Pogson, 
Jane Goring;. 


Your orator and oratrix Rob' Roc of Uemerton, co. Glouc, Esq-, and Eliz. his 
wife (late Eliz. Pogson, spr.), one of the children of John Pogson, Esq., dec' 1 , by 
Jane Wood, spr., dec 1 ', and your orators Tho. Pogson, Mihvard Pogson, and Ed\v a 
Pogson, 3 other ch" of s d J. P., complain that in 1785 Jane Wood and your 
orators and oratrixes Tho. P., Mihvard P., Edw d P., and Eliz. Roe, then Eliz. P., 
with Geo. P., since dec d , and Jane Isabella P., who aft. mari J with Cha. Rumley 
of Cuddalore, E.*L, Capt. in the Co.'s S., and is dec d , 2 other of the ch n of s d 
John P. by s d J. Wood (all then infants), exliib. their bill ag l W m Walwin, now 
residing at S l Chr., Sam. Crooke, Tho. Preston, D.D., and Eliz. his wife, John 
Pogson, John Young, W" 1 Beach, Johu Beach, Bedingtield Pogson the Elder, 
Eliz. Lucas* (now wife of John Julius Angerstein, Esq.), Joseph Paice, Beding- 
tield Pogson the Y r , Milward Crooke (now resid. at S' Chr.), Sarah Pogson, 
Harry Freeman Young Pogson, Maria P., Hester P., and Frances P., and s d bill 
was amended by 2 orders dat. 28 Nov. 17S(> and 27 Nov. 17SS. and John W m 
Preston and Eliz. Jane Rebecca Scot Preston (now wife of Geo. AY" Mawbey), 
Mary Brougham, Eliz. Philadelphia, wife of Bedingtield Pogson the Elder, l'diz. 
Phil a Sarah P., Chas. P., Dan 1 P., Rob ( Wredeuhall P., and Hen 11 Antonia P. were 
added Defdts., and yo r orat. stated the Will of s d J. P. was dat. 9 Nov. 1771, with 
2 cod. of 20 Mch. 1776 and 31 July 17S3, and prayed that £6000 might be raised 
out of Pogson's Plantations for them and accounts produced. And it was so 
ordered bv this Court, and Jane Wood died Intestate, so vo r orat", etc., with 
Geo. P. and J. Isab a Rumley, dec d , on 3 June 1793 exhib. their bill, and Rob. Roe 
was adm'or of J. W., and s d Geo. P. died 22 Aug. 1791 Intestate and Tho. P. is 
his adm'or, and J. I. Rumley d. Intest. and Tho. P. att- v of her husb d Chas. R. is 
her adm'or, and W u Beach is dead, a Trustee of J. P., and John Beach the ad. 
of J. P. with will annexed is dead and his will has been proved, and John l"oung 
the surv. T. of J. P. is dead and his will proved, and since the hill was so last 
amended there has been born to s' 1 defdt. Bedingfield P. the Elder and Phil his 

wife Anthony P., Caroline P., and Mary P pray for suit to be revised. 

[46 fos. of MS. iu my possession. — Y. L. O.] 

• She, dau. of Rev. Joseph Payne of Buokland Newton, married first Tho. Lucas of St. Chris- 
topher and of Lee, eo. Kent, who died iu 17b 1. Will [550, Rockiu.]. She died 8 March 1800, 
nt. 61. 


iList of jHarriajjes on retort fn Jamaica 
previous to 1680. 

[Add. MS. 21,931, British Museum.] 


16GS-9 Matrimony solemnized and confirmed between 

Jan. 25 John Cookow and Mary Ellier 

Feb. 21 Lucas Martin and Susanne Allen 

21 John Downer and Rebecca Smart 

28 William Rignall and Priscilla Bryan 

28 Peter and Esperance, Spanish negroes 

Mar. 2 Edward Lenton and Anne Taylour 

4 George Hammond and Rachel Tenner 

15 William Oakes and Elizabeth Tyler 

17 Peter Delaclee and Charity Howard 
28 John Davis and Margaret Luun 


April 8 "William Wright and Dorothy Allen (at Guanaboa) 

13 Henry Small and Elizabeth Crampton 

18 Tobias Foot and Elizabeth Jones 

25 "William Warren and Mary Maine (of Liganea) 

May 16 Henry Rosewoune and Mary Garner 

17 John Phillips and Jane Clackson 

18 Farmer Crosse and Mary Long 

21 Robert Slicer and Deborah Letherland 

23 John Cavey and Abigail Hamilton 
31 Henry Page and Martha Boune 

June 1 David Martin and Mary Waite 

7 Robert White and Eleanor Clarke 

20 Thomas Robert and Elizabeth Gregory 

20 Richard Jeoffrey and Elizabeth May " 

24 William Hinckstone and Elizabeth Stanley 
29 John Thomas and Jane Rowland 

July 3 John Mitchell and Ann Westwood 

17 Francis Palmer and Mary Williams 

18 Stephen Young and Elizabeth Evered 

22 Thomas Brown and Elizabeth Fair 

25 Nicholas Stevens and Joan Marks 
Aug. 8 John Parsons and Alice Fairfield 

8 Roger Cotton and Ann Coveny 

10 Teague Traity and Annekin Badsou 

12 William Galloway and Judith Wallisaon 

19 John Fisher And Dorothy Clarke 
29 James Hunt and Let the Wilas 

Sept. 5 James Parsons an 1 Margaret Butter* 

7 Gilford Pennantf and Elizabeth Allwinkell 

8 Michael Wicket and Barbara Call 
29 John Smyth and Catherine Pillin 

Oct. 1 John Davis and Mary Neale 

4 James Elliott and Anne Fielding 

• Or Butler. t See " Life of Thomm Pennant," 270. 













































. 19 



























. 14 

Walter Lane and Margaret Duncoine 
Edmund Crosse and Elizabeth Boulton 
John Brooks and Frances Fuller 
Philipp Gill and .Mary Grindall 
Joseph Taylour and Margery Freeman 
Robert Franklin and Alice Lloyd 
Thomas Griffin and Elizabeth Proctour 
Richard Guy and Frances Bcdle 
John Steel and Elizabeth" Johns 

"William Harker and Mary Davis 
Etienne Marchand and Deborah Bragsie 
William Walton and Elizabeth Taylor 
Robert Edey and Sarah Brooks 
Lawrence Aylward and Margaret Kennedy 
John Batton and Mary Bounce 
John Shoven and Margery Gobwine 

Peter and Elizabeth, free negroes 

Edward Sawyer and Elizabeth Wolline 

Stephen Penniston and Dorothy Wright (at Guanaboa) 

William Read and Hannah Tyrrell 

Joachim Dane and Angelina Fant 

Isaak Mills and Jane Cooper 

Thomas Punchin and Dorothy Aldridge 

George Pattison and Elizabeth Carter 

Edward Hunt and Joan Claskey 

Gregory Watkins and Dorothy Richardson 

Joseph Morgatride and Rachel Smyth 

Richard Dunklin and Christian Barnes 

Joshua Paske (a Mulatto) and Mary Mania, a Negune* 

Isaac Aderley and Thornasin Jalloppe 

William Butler and Susanne Barker 

Mark Gourd and Mary Willcox 

John Matthews and Ame Hughes 

James Charter and Hannah Taylor 

Richard Taylor and Mary .Solomon 

William May and Margaret Rose 

Richard Evans and Elizabeth Cotton 

Henry Willis and Anne Whitten 

Gervase Skorah and Anne Jackson 

Emanuel Attias and Mary Willis 

Bartholomew Row and Katherine Avis 

John Twinerf and Mary Whiting 

Thomas Massey and Margaret Hawkins 

Edward Blackmail and Margaret Guillingham 

Abel Furkin and Anne Newman 

Thomas Massey and Anne Pool 
Joseph Benton and Margaret Kennedy 
Austin May and Honour Collins 
Richard Theobalds and Mary Coltea 
Thomas Courtis and Mary Vines 
Joshua Vaughan and Sarah Bourden 

• What is this word ? f Perhaps Turner. 



April 2 Emanuel Angola and Malaia Angola 

24 Anthony Grant and Helene Hill 
May 6 John Jones and Faith Harrington 

11 Hersey Barrett Senr. and Eleanor Miten 

12 Thomas Delander and Elizabeth Fitzjarrett 
June 1 Humphrey Baskerville and Elizabeth Webb 

9 Eobert Morgan and Mary Talbot 

20 John Berry and Anne Walker 

25 William Bonnet and Jane Jones 

30 Richard Morris and Hannah Bowles 

July 8 Mathew Clarke and Eleanor Davison 

18 "William Frost and Emet Veale 

Aug. 11 Henry Hodges and Elizabeth Goodyard 

12 John Jackson and Priscilla Rignall 
29 Howell Evans and Anne Swithin 

Sept. 10 William Wilson and Margaret Lloyd 

24 John Mosely and Anne Kneller 

28 John Hewes and Anne Thomas 
Oct. 6 Edward Smyth and Mary Pargott 

13 Cary Helyer and Priscilla Houghton 

17 George Shellard and Susanne Waston 

18 Edward Coffin and Hesther Bird 

29 George Baily and Anne Hubbard 

30 John Sparkes and Katherine Yesey 

31 George Jackson and Grace Jackson 
Nov. 1 Nicholah Newell and Hannah Jesepp 

2 Williain Sansbtiry and Judith Galloway 
6 William Capell and Margaret Beckford 

30 Henry Archbold and Joanna Morgan 

Dec. 3 Thomas Bowland and Mary Hayes 

3 Thomas Cooper and Elizabeth Eoot 


Jan. 1 Clement Orum and Elizabeth Wells 

9 George Dunkin and Anne Farewell 

9 Christopher Bullmer and Joan Thomas 

12 Ralph Butterfeild and Alice Jones 

22 Charles Burtt and Anne Gunne 

24 John Brown and Anne Aslnnould 

24 Thomas Cole and Mary Presser 

Feb. 17 Thomas Lyon and Eleanor Keyton 

18 John Betton and Mary Stubbs" 

27 William Cannon and Prances Ashton 


Mar. 27 Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth Baily 

April 1 William Frogge and Mary Garrett 

8 Hersey Barrett Junr. and Mary Sleigh 

9 James Teller and Anne Struys (at Ligany) 
14 Owen Carty and Dorothy Kenniday 

16 Thomas Boutwell and Christian Rimes 

May 2 John Adams and Mary Martin 

5 John Liney and Anne Harlow 

6 John Gates and Alice Thomas 

7 Gregory Watkins and Elizabeth Collenridge 
12 Henry Williams and Christian Lewis 


May 13 George Edge and Elizabeth Styles 

21 Humphrey Freeman and Mary Nov 
John Morris and Rachel Webb 
Ralph "Walker and Mary Valentine 
Benjamin .Smith and Dorcas Gatford 
William Floward and Priscilla Eobson 
Sylvanus Hether and Sarah Turner 
Robert Rawlinson and Anne Gott'e 
Robert Meacham and Hannah Jeseppe 
Samuel Lane and Sarah Ford 
George North and Anne Courtentree 
John Bryan and Jane Lambard 
George Fletcher and Millesent Dorker 
Gabriel Martyu and Katherine Gallemnre 
John Pope and Elizabeth Jarrier 
John Moore and Elizabeth Porch 
Thomas Philipps and Anne Cadwal 
Charles Ford and Anne Markham 
Joseph Smallwood and Mary Pitts 
Thomas Taylor and Jane Hanbury 
Richard Patringall and Anne Eaton 
Nicholas Knight and Elizabeth Watkins 
Stephen Horsely and Mary Lee 

John Holmes and Margarett Miller 
Thomas Clarke and Priscilla Jackson 
Bartholomew Whitehorn and Elizabeth Shelson 
Edward Boys and Elizabeth Watkins 
James Bensey and Anne Henne 


April 23 John Frigge and Mary Taylor 

30 George Winter and Mary Cock 

May 20 John' Wood and Mary Kilby 

22 Thomas Andrews and Mary Favell 

18 (sic) Richard Smith and Allice Russell 

29 Richard Sandland and Margaret Pickering 
June 3 Robert Green and Jane Short 

5 Coll. Thomas Freeman and Anna Ballthrop (at Port Royall) 

25 Edward Green and Martha Joy 

Jul}' 3 Nathaniel Hilton and Anne Turner 

18 William Frith and Alice Walker 

24 John Hunt and Alice Basset 

24 Jonathan Cock and Mary Nedham 

Sept. 2S Edward Shammon and Elizabeth Popebam 

28 Edward Hitchcock and Elizabeth 1'ingall 

Oct. 1 Richard Green and Elizabeth Hare 

2 Ralph Rippon and Anne Ramme 

8 John Jeoffriea and Anne Evans 

13 Jasper Hill and Margaret Benton 

Nov. G Henry Flemming and Sarah Wilson 

8 Anthony Fish and Sarah Archer 

20 Richard Cannon and Rebecca Preece 

30 JeofTrev Abb worth and Sarah Harvey 
Dec. 6 John Collett and Frances Wooley 

20 Ludowiek Harrison and Elizabeth Olive 

25 Henry Smith and Mary Long 



June G 






July 1 


Aug. 8 



Sept. 10 


Oct. 8 



Nov. 28 

Dec. 8 



Jan. 7 

Feb. 13 


Mar. 2 




Jan. 6 Richard Hail and Mary Smart 

13 John Pain and Katherine Pain 

19 Richard Brown and Deborah Wilson 

20 Edward Caverlcy and Mary Going 
Feb. 4 Edward .Say and Katherine Hunderton 

10 William Eaton and Elizabeth Bromely 

10 George Smith and Elizabeth Oflield 

10 Robert Salmon and Mary Fisher 

12 Capt: Richard Guy and Mary Davenport 

2G Francis Alexander and Mary Wicksted 

Mar. 17 John Gore and Mary Wallington 

24 Samuel Lewis and Mary Bannister 


Mar. 25 John Moore and Mary Fairfield 

30 John Skelling and Sarah Bowett 

April 13 William Mawle and Margaret Pritchard 

14 George Osborne and Mary Xoy 

20 William Taylor and Jane Wells 

23 Francis White and Elizabeth Hunter 

23 Christopher Cleator and Anne Chapman 
May 11 Miles Smith and Anne Hargus 

11 Richard Youlden and Margaret Deliney 

12 William Gibbon and Rachael Keisar 
17 John Stevens and Margery Hill 

21 Abel Meacham and Grace Downing 
June 2 William Fancourt and Anne Walker 

2 Simon Hewes and Martha Mattocks 

2 Thomas Smyth and Margery Gore 

4 John Clarke and Editha Downing 

4 John Benskin and Mary Martingall 

9 Edward Reeve and Elizabeth Furlow 

24 Robert Weasly and Joan Peckstone 
24 Richard Pierce and Elizabeth Cradle 
29 William Flood and Mabel Bishop 

July 9 Richard Frothcringham and Mary Coussona 

17 Thomas Pollard and Ann Starkey 

20 John Evans and Eleanor Went 

27 Richard Johnson and Dorothy Brown 
Aug. 1 Jacob Thoroughgood and Joyce Garret 
Sept. 4 Evan Williams and Mary Parsons 

7 George Meakins and Anne Neale 

17 Sylvamis lfethcr and Jane Mills 

24 Robert Langford and Mabel Ilarbert 

28 AVill" 1 Glover ami Catherine Philippson 
Oct. 8 John Channon and Sarah Willgrasse 

10 Richard Salter and Elizabeth Travis 

17 Thomas lladley and Dorothy Archer 

25 Matthew Pitts'and Alice Parsons 
Nov. 8 John Souter and Prances Pell 

15 Gritlith Williams and Elizabeth Baker 

18 John Lee and Anne Boures 
2(5 .John Mohun and Emiit Pro>t 

27 Edward Tattersell ami Grace Street 

Dec. 8 Kobert Newman and Joan Wallington 


Dec. 11 James Lcmoque ami Mary Jcaron (of Port Roy all) 

11 William Clifton ami Margaret Grindall (of Port Royall) 


Jan. 1 Thomas Nesfield and Anne Dawkin 

7 "William Frisell and Mary Gardiner 

15 Edward Ridgeway and Mabel Flood 
Feb. 7 Dennis M c Swainey and Elizabeth Moore 

13 Thomas Read and Joan- Roberts 

22 James Mills and Katherine Paine 

27 George Badworth and Elizabeth Pickett 


Mar. 29 Abel Meacham and Elizabeth Goffe 

April 4 Lawrence Oliver and Mary Frasier 

6 Thomas Cornwell and Jane Hether 

7 William Bennett and Alice AVhite 

20 John Mundy and Anne Carre 
May 3 Thomas Read and Anne Cox 

4 William Dawkins and Sarah Milliner 
10 Edward Stanton and Priscilla Helyar 

23 Richard E^mear and Mary Portrea 

25 Thomas Hillyard and Naomi Russell (at Port Royall) 
June 2 AVilliam Newman and Elizabeth Horselett (at Morant) 

2 Edward Cook and Anne Palmer (at Morant) 

2 Richard Pye and Katherine Hales (at Morant) 

2 Thomas Evans and Elizabeth Tew (at Morant) 

3 Richard Bleve and Joan Cradle (at Yallah) 

14 John Lloyd and Mary Swaine 
17 Hugh Gilbert and Alice Smith 

July 13 William Sears and Elizabeth Hoggins 

21 AVilliam Wilkinson and Faith Jones 

26 Arthur Roome and Mary Porter 
Aug. 1 Hu"h Joe and Anne Lambert 

22 John Basse and Grace Hewes 

Sept. 9 Simon Ferdinando and Eleanor Ames 

16 John Lemming and Elizabeth Broomhall (at Guanaboa) 

22 John Jelly and Martha Jenkins 

23 Coll. John Cope and Hester Ballthrop (at Porte Royall) 

28 Griffin Jones and Mary Cox 

Oct. 3 John Plisson and Margaret Rothau 

5 Peter Chamblct and Anne Butler 

5 Benjamin Newson and Elizabeth Williams 

10 John Clarke and Elizabeth Hodges 

11 George Bishop and Elizabeth Cousett 

12 Edward Coffin and Sybilla Hall 
Dec. 2 Henry Yezey and Mary Harker 

14 William Forward and Mary Courtis 


Jan. 20 George Risbrook and Christian Williams 

24 Coll: Thomas Ballard and Anne Washington 
31 Luke Risdall and Joan Knight 

Feb. 3 Tho 3 Fairfield and .Martha Vincent 

Mar. 9 Thomas Daw and Mary Vincent 

9 Francis Hopkins and Eleanor Boyce 

(To be continued.) 

TOL. I. C 


i\eb, <EIjo. fiaxxUi'x Agister, 

The following entries have been copied from the private Register kept by the 
Rev. Thomas Norris, Chaplain to H.M. Purees, 1S13-10, and Protestant Colonial 
Chaplain for the Island of Guadaloupe and its Dependencies, 1813. Printed in 
the " Genealogist," vol. i., p. 171, the original being in the custody of the 
Registrar-General : — 


Guadaloupe, 29 May 1816. James Paxton, Serjeant in the 25th Regt; of Foot, 
Bachelor, [and] Mary Vanderpool of St. Martin's, Spinster 


Fort Royal,* 1 June 181t!. Richard Bennett, infant son of Simon Henry David, 

Esquire, of Fort Royal, and Marie Elizabeth Antoinette his wife (Born 

4 Dec. 1815) 
Fort Royal, 1 June 1810. Caroline Anne, infant daughter of John William 

Spellen, Esquire, Captain in the Eoj'al Artillery, and Carolina his wife 

(Born 7 April 1816) 
Trinidad, 28 July 1S16. Jane Sarah Aston, infant daughter of Henry St. Hill, 

Esquire, and Mary his wife (Born July 21, 1S1G) 

Baptisms at the Island of Guadaloupe. 

1813 Feb. 2G William Annesley, Son of Captain Bailie of the 25th Regiment, 

born December 16, 1812 
June 29 William Hinton, son of Capt. John Campbell. Brigade Major, 

and Ann his wife 
July 4 Alexander, Son of Lieut. Alexander Knowles, Gth AVest India 

Regt., and Mary his wife 
Sept. 21 John Rye, private Gth W. India Be^t. 
Nov. 1 Arabella Levenia, daughter of the late Francis Forbes, Esquire, 

and Luce Antionetta his wife, Point a Pitre, born Feb. lsth, 

Dec. 13 Mary Ann, daughter of the late Lieut. Jno. Parkinson, 1st West 

India Ee<jt., and Mary his wife 

1814 Jan. 30 John Walsh, Son of Capt. Walsh of the Sixth West Tndia Regt. 
Mar. 4 William John, Son of Alexander Coutts and Magdalene Christine 

his wife, Born February 2 a , 1814, Basse Terre 


1813 May 25 George Robt. McGee, Lieut. 1 West India Regt. and Frances 

Dolphin, Spinster 
June 29 Edward Ellis Isles, Captain in the 1 W. India Regt., and 

Christiana Hart, Spinster, by Governor's Licence 
Sept. 15 Jno. Milne, Gent. Searcher in H.M. Customs at Basse Terre, 

Bachelor, and Emma Barnes, Spinster, daughter of the 

Rev. Joseph Barnes of St. Kitts, by Governor's Licence 
Nov. 4 John McPhcrson, Esquire, Naval Oillcer of Guadaloupe, and 

Mary Magdalen Lucille Biquerisse, Spinster, with Governor's 


• Martinique. 



1813 May 2G Ensign G. Cowling, of the 6th West India Eegt. 

July 20 Lieut. Wm. Hearle, „ 1st „ „ 

Sept. 24 Ensign Henry Purdon, ,, 1st ,, ,, 

11 Assistant-Surgeon Noble ,, 1st ,, „ 

17 Capt. G. M. Luder, „ (Jth 

Oct. 18 Lieut. B. Clarke, „ 6th 

Nov. 12 Capt. Charles Eobertson, of the Eoyal Engineers in Eort Matilda 

The above Funerals took place in the Garrisou of Guadaloupe. 

Scctis rriathtcj to tljc S23tst Jirttcs. 

These Notes of Deeds itaye beex mostly takex from the Catalogues 
of the late Mb. James Colemax of Tottenham. 


1. Deed between Phillipp Edmonds of Yere parish in the said Island, planter, 
and Katherine his wife, and William Coward of Port Boyall in the said Island, 
Merchant, recites an Original Grant of Land by King Charles the Second in 
Veere parish ; nicely written on paper, with signatures and seals of Phillip and 
Katherine Edmonds, dated 1679. 

2. Deed between Edward Wynter of St. Thomas in the Vale in the Isle of 
Jamaica, Esq., son and heir-at-law of Sir Edward AVynter, Knight, who was son 
of William Wynter, formerly of Portsmouth, gent., and John Suffield of 
Portsmouth, co. Southampton, gent, relates to land, etc., in Lombard Street, 
Portsmouth ; with signature and seal of Edward Wynter, dated 1694. 

3. Deed between Grace Barry of Isleworth in the co. of Middlesex, spinster, 
daughter and heiress of Samuel Barry, Esq., and Elizabeth his wife, late of the 
Island of Jamaica, and Nicholas Lawes, in the said Island of Jamaica in the 
parish of St. Andrew. This is in ejood state, with signature and seal of Grace 
Barry, and seal of the Island, dated 1709. 

4. A very fine Deed between George Lawrence of Montague Place in the 
co. of Middlesex, Esq., and Sarah his wife, and George Read of Mincing Lane, 
London, Esq., relates to lands, etc., 1,350 acres called Belvedere in the Island of 
Jamaica; two large skins, with signature and seal of George aud Sarah Lawrance, 
dated 1716. 

5. The Copy of the Original Will of Thomas Kose, late of St. Catherine in the 
Island of Jamaica, a very curious and important will. He was very kind to the 
Prices and Beckfords, and left three sugar plantations in Jamaica ; seven pages, 
folio, dated 1724. 

6. Two pai^es, folio, 1736, regarding the value of the cargo of the "Three 
Brothers," sailing from Boston to Jamaica, sworn to by Henry Pigeon and George 
Gibbs before "llabijah" Savage, Justice of the Peace, and with the Notary's 
(Jos. Marion) Attest covering the second page, with line seal aud signed by all 
of the above; an excessively rare and interesting early Boston document. 

7. Deed between Dame Philadelphia Cotton, otherwise called Dame Phila- 
delphia Kin^, of Eusthide in the County of Bedford, widow, and Joshua Crosby 
of the Parish of St. Andrew in the Island of Jamaica. Planter, and Anthony 
Lan<;ley Swyinmer of St. Peter's College in Cambridge, Esq., relates to land, etc., 
in tlie Parish of Yere in the Island of Jamaica, 817 acres; two large skins, with 
a map of same, with signature and seal of Lady Cotton, 1744. 




8. Deed between John Serocold and John Jackson of London, Merchants, 
John Moore and Thomas Smith of London, Merchants and Partners, and John 
Jackson and William Stevenson of Jamaica, relates to a large estate in St. James, 
943 acres, next the Friendship Estate, belonging to the heirs of William Reid, 

Esq. ; one large skin, with signature and seals of John Serocoldand John Jackson, 
dated 1777. 

9. Deed between Serocold Jackson, John Jackson, and others, relates to land, 
etc., in St. James in Jamaica, called Pleasant Penu ; with signatures and seals of 
John Serocold and John Jackson, dated 1777. 

10. A large Deed between William Stevenson and his wife and Joseph Royal 
of the parish of Trelauny in the co. of Cornwall in the Island of Jamaica, Esq., 
and Mary his wife, and other persons in London. The whole of this is written 
as a book, and every word of truth. Contains 20 pages, folio, perfect, dated 
April 7, 178(3. 

11. A large Deed, consisting of nine sheets of stout paper, 18 inches by 
29 inches, relating to very large estates in St. Thomas in the East and St. Andrew, 
being sugar plantations, then in the possession of William James* and Selina his 
wife, and signed by them, by Sir William Chambers, and Hinton East, dated 17bS. 

12. Large Deed between John Vanheelen of the Parish of St. Elizabeth in 
Jamaica, Joseph Royal of London, Esqs., Edmund Green of London, William 
Mitchell of Jamaica, Esq., Robert Moose of London, James Thomas of London ; 
five large skins, and a map of the land and works. 467 acres, with seven signatures 
and seals, the whole in fine clean state, dated 1790. 

13. Deed between John Vanheelen of the Parish of St. Elizabeth in the 
Island of Jamaica (but then of London) and Elizabeth his wife, and James 
Thomas of the city of London, Gentleman, relates to an estate in the Parish of 
St. Elizabeth, of 407 acres, with large Works established there ; with signatures of 
John and Elizabeth Vanheelen, one skin, dated 1790. 

14. Cause between Christiana Susanna Brecon, spinster, and John Wolfrys, 
Esq.; 8 pages, folio, dated 1791. 

15. Large Deed between II. X. Jarre tt of London, and of Trelawney in 
Jamaica, Esq., Charles Berners, Maria Berners, William Rhodes James of Tre- 
lawney, Thomas Gowland of London, relates to large estates in Jamaica; five 
large skins, with several Indorsements, and many signatures and seals, also the 
signatures H. N. Jarrett, Charles Berners, Maria Berners, and Thos. Gowland, 
dated 1793. 

16. Deed between John Price of Penzance in the county of Cornwall, Esq., 
and Sir John St. Aubyn of Clowance in same county. This recites a deed of 17!>2 
in relation to an estate iti the Parish of St. John in the county of Middlesex in 
the Island of Jamaica, between Rose Price and the said John Price. A list of 
Slaves Male and Female is given on the back; with signatures and seals of John 
Price and Sir John St. Aubyn, Baronet, dated 1793. 

17. Deed between Win. Cardale of London, gentleman, and John Price of 
Penzance in the county of Cornwall, Esq., and Thomas Smith of Cray's Inn, 
London. This relates to a Sugar Plantation called Worthy Parle or Lunulas 
Plantation, situate in the parish of St. John in the Island of Jamaica ; one very- 
large skin of parchment, with a sworn attidt. before the Lord .Mayor of London, 
in May 1794, and one before l he Mayor of Penzance, in April 1704, signed by 
AVm. Cordale and John Price. The whole Deed is in line state and dated the 
sixth day of March 17i)4. 

18. Deed between Robert Ingrain of Loudon, merchant, and John Ingram of 
Brighton, co. Sussex, Esq. This relates to land and plantation sugar works in the 
parish of Trelawney in the county of Cornwall and Island of Jamaica, and 
called Harmony Hall, containing about 800 acres, also 450 acres, and called 
James's Valley ; this is in tine state, with signature and seal of Robert Ingram, 
dated 179S. 

• ? James. 


19. A larc;e Deed of five large skins between Charles Bohlero, Stephen Thurston 
Adey, .Sir Steplieu Lushington, Edward Gale Boldero, of the city of London, 
merchants, Henry Jackson of the city of London, merchant, James Inglish 
Keighly of the city of London, merchant, and Kobcrt Si.awe of New Bridge 
Street, in the city of London, and others, relates to very large estates, 3700 acres, 
in tlie division of Westmoreland ; this is in tine state, with seven signatures and 
seals, dated 1799. 

20. A large Deed between John Willis of the city of London, merchant, Sir 
Francis Baring, Baronet, Thomas Baring, and Charles Wall, of the same city, 
merchants and co-partners of the second part, and John Tunno and Andrew 
Loughnan, also of the same city, merchants and co-partners. This tine Deed 
states and explains beauties and qualities of this fine plantation in the parish of 
St. George, in the county of Surrey, containing 638 acres ; on four large skins of 
parchment, with three signatures and seals, dated 1804. 

21. Deed between Thomas W. Plummer and John Plummer, both of the city 
of Londou, and Lewis Mathias of Langarrin in the county of Pembroke, Esq., 
Elizabeth Smalling and William Smalling, formerly of the Island of Jamaica, 
relates to estates iu the parish of St. Elizabeth, consisting of two several planta- 
tions in Jamaica; nicely written on three large skins, with signatures of Thomas 
Wm. Plummer, John Plummer, L. Y. Mathias, and Thomas Plummer, the whole 
quite clean, dated 1811. 

22. A large Deed of three skins, between Leonard Parkinson, formerly of 
St. James's in Island of Jamaica (but then of Kinnersley Castle in the co. of 
Hereford, Esq.), and George Keid the younger, and Koger Kynaston of London, 
merchants. This relates to land in the division of Hanover, consisting of 134-3 
acres, and other land in Cornwall, in the same island ; this is in good state, with 
the signature and seal of Leonard Parkinson, dated May 5, 1816. 

23. Deed between Peter Martineau of London, merchant, and John Morse, 
late of London, relates to a large Plantation and Sugar Works, called the 
Y. S. Ipswich Unity, St. Elizabeth's Parish in the Island of Jamaica; two large 
skins, with the signatures of P. Martineau and G. Green, dated 1817. 

24. A very fine Deed of four large skins, between Thomas Finlason of 
London, gentleman, and Mary Anne Finlason of London, and John Plummer, 
also of London, Esq. This relates to a large Mountain, Plantation, of 92-1 acres, 
in the parish of St. Elizabeth, in the county of Cornwall, signed and sealed by 
Thomas and Mary Anne Finlason, dated 1818. Another of one skin betweeu the 
same parties and same estate, dated 1819. 

25. Deed of two skins betweeu Barrage Davenport of the city of London, 
merchant, and Margaret Still Mavor of Brighton, co. Sussex. This relates to land, 
etc., in the town of Morant in the parish of St. Thomas. This Deed is in tine 
condition, with signature and seal of Burrage Davenport, dated 1S29. 


26. Deed between George Adney of Much Wenlock in co. Salop, gent., and 
Obadiah Adney of Much Wenlock, Lieut, and Benjamin Adney of Dodmore in 
the parish of Staunton Lacy iu the same county, and John Thomas of the Isle of 
Antigua — this Obadiah was then going to marry Martha, eldest daughter of Paul 
Lee, one of the Judges in the Isle, of Antigua ; with signatures, 10"^. 

27. Deed betweeu Samuel Proctor of Lincoln's lnu in the co. of Middlesex, 
gent., nephew and next heir-at-law of Samuel Proctor, heretofore of Finchly in 
the co. of Middlesex, and afterwards of the Island of Antigua in America, 
merchant, deceased, of the one part, aud Richard Barnwell of the city of 
London; with signature of Kichard Barnwell and seal, dated 1727. 

28. Deed between Saral. Hurman of the Island of Antigua, in parts beyond 
the seas, planter, sou aud heir of William Hurman, late of Brueton iu tbo county 



of Somerset, and Charles Gapper of Wincanton in eo. Somerset, relates to land, 
etc., in Wincanton ; with signature and seal of Samuel Hurman, dated 1727. 

29. Deed between Thomas Clarke of the city of London, merchant, Samuel 
Proctor of London, crent.. nephew and next heir-at-law of Samuel Proctor, 
merchant, deceased, and likewise administrator of Thomas Bassett, heretofore 
citizen and merchant taylor of London, afterwards of the Island of Antigua in 
America, merchant, deceased ; two large skins, with signatures and seals of Thomas 
Clarke and Samuel Proctor, dated 1727. 

30. Probate of the Will of Richard Staple of London, but then of Antigua ; 
he died there in 172S. A curious important will. 

31. Deed between Christopher Wass of Chick Lane, London, and Elizabeth 
his wife, and Richard Sherwood (late of the island of Antigua in the West 
Indies, merchant, only son and heir of Francis Sherwood, late citizen and joiner 
of London), relates to land, etc., in Great Burstead in co. Essex ; with signatures 
and seals, dated 1735. 

32. Mathews Family, and their Estates, in the county of Essex, in the 
parishes of Kelvedon, Coggeshali, Witham. Boxted, and places adjoining, sold by 
the Court of Chancery in. January 1785, gives the names of the tenants and 
farms, the rentals and terms and quantities, acres, etc., the estates of the 
late Daniel Mathew, Esq. ; this is in <;ood state, 1G pages, folio; the trial took 
place in 1781 and the sale in I7b5. Maybe there is a good balance waiting in the 
Court for some fortunate family of Mathew yet. 

33. A very large Deed relating to tine Estates in the Island of Antigua, 
between John Joseph James Vernon of Whitehall in the county of York, Esq., 
and Justinian Casamajor of Potterells in the parish of North Mimms in the 
county of Hertford, and of St. Mary Axe in the city of London, merchant. This 
recites a former Deed and relates to large sugar plantation, etc., and many 
slaves, male and female (242) in the parish of St. Peter and division of New 
North Sound in the Island of Antigua ; nicely written on ten large skins, with 
signatures and seals of John Joseph James Vernon and of Justinian Casamajor, 
dated 1798. 

34. Deed of two large skins of parchment between Norbourne Thompson, a 
Captain in the Navy, and Henry Shepherd Pearson of Liminrrton, co. South- 
ampton, Esq., and Robert Cutis Barton, a Captain in the Royal Navy, relates to a 
large plantation in the Island of Antigua, late the property of .John Lyons ; with 
signatures and seals of H. S. Pearson, Robert Barton, and Norborne Thompson, 
dated 1820. 


35. Deed between Dame Anne Stapleton of Richmond in co. Surrey, widow 
and executor of Sir William Stapleton, late of Nevis in the West Indies. 
Baronet, and the Governors and Company for making Hollow Sword Blades in 
England, and Sir John Mears of St. Giles's, Knight, and Thomas Lake, Francis 
Edwards, and others ; with line seal pendant of the Hollow Sword Blade Makers. 
with signatures of Sir John .Mens. Ann Stapleton, Thos. Lake, and Francis 
Edwards, etc., the whole in good state, dated 1705. 

36. Deed relating to the families of Mary Cawthorne, widow, Margaret 
Saunders, wife of Samuel Saunders. D.D., sisters, next-of-kin of William 
Wharton, late of Nevis in America, who was the son of Posthumua Wharton. 
This is written on parchment and bears the signatures of Charles Lambert and 
three others, dated 1738. 

37. Deed between the Right Hon. Frances Herbert, Dowager Viscountess 
Nelson, widow and relict of the Right lion. Horatio, late Viscount Nelson. 
deceased, and sole administratrix of the goods, chattels, rights and credits of her 
first husband Josiah N'isbet, formerly of the Island Nevis in the West Indus, 
and afterwards of Sarum in the co. of Wilts, (the Viscountess outlived the whole 


of her first husband's kin, and this is her receipt for 1000 pound.", and her general 
acquittance to all persons whatsoever); she signs this in full, Frances Herbert 
Nelson and Bronte, dated 22 July ISIS. 


38. Deed between Elizabeth Stapleton of Harrow-on-the-Hill in the county of 
Middlesex and Martin Madan of • London, Esq. This relates to a plantation of 
about two hundred and forty acres ; with signature and seal, dated 17-50. 

39. Deed between the Right Hon. James, Lord Cranstoun of Edinburgh, and 

Sophia his wife, and the Hon. William Cranstoun, their eldest son, John Bannister, 
and William Manning and others, relates to a large plantation, negroes and other 
slaves, mills, stills, coppers, mules, horses, cattle, etc., in the Island of St. Chris- 
topher in America ; two large skins, with signatures and seals of the Lord 
Cranstoun, Lady Cranstoun, and William Cranstoun, dated 1770. 


40. Deed between Charles Payne Sharpe of the Island of St. Vincent, Esq., 
and Nathaniel Smith of Bloomsbury Square, London, relates to very lar^e estates 
in St. Vincent; five stout sheets of paper, with signature and seal of C. Sharpe, 
dated 1777. 

41. The Exemplification of the Probate of the Will of Richard Ottley, Esq., 
died 1791, recorded in the Registers of St. Vincent the 9th of December 1791 ; 
two very large skins, and in good clean state. 

42. A large Deed between Aretas Akers of the city of London, Merchant, 
and the Hon. Andrew Ross, late of the Island of St. Vincent in the West Indies, 
Esq., and William Manning, John Proctor Auderdon, and Charles Bosanquet, all 
of the city of London, Merchants. This relates to very large sugar plantation and 
land in Charlotte Parish in the Island of St. Vincent; two large skins, with 
signature and seal of Aretas Akers, in fine state, dated 1S01. 

[I think most of the deeds from 2(3 to 42 are in my possession. — V. L. O.] 


43. The Original Grant of Lands by the Governor and Company of London 
for the Plantation of the Somer Islands of certain lands in Pembroke Tribe to 
Henry Danvers and his heirs; nicely written in English, endorsed 14 March 1G-30, 
Gov. and Company of .London for Planting of Lands, to Henry Danvers, grant of 
lands, 1G50. 

44. Deed between George Argent of Bermudas, in parts beyond the Seas, but 
then in London, Gent., son of George Argent, late of Hoxton in the parish of 
Shoreditch, gent., and Henry Potter, Citizen and apothecary of London, relates 
to land and a very large house in Hoxton called the White Hart; witli signature 
of George Argent, dated 1G5G. 


45. Private Act (passed in England) for vesting the Bath Estate, situated in 
the Island of Barbadoes, and late the estate of Edward Day, Esq., deceased; the 
whole of the land, slaves, cattle, etc., by the laws and customs of the Island are 
deemed aud taken to be real estate ; 10 pages, folio, privately printed in Euglaud 



46. Deed between Geor»e Worrall, late of London, but then of Clifton in the 
eo. of Gloster, Esq., and John Lewis, of the same family as Lewis, the author of 
Shorthand-writing, late of the colony of Demerara in the West Indies, but then 
of Ebley in the co. of Gloucester, Esq., relates to very large estates in Demerara, 
called Foulis, Hope, and Paradise, estates of immense value, with signatures 
and seals of John Lewis and George Worrall ; two large skins, dated 1813. 


47. Deed between the Eisrht Hon. George Greville, Earl Brooke of Warwick 
Castle and Earl of Warwick, administrator, with the will annexed of his late 
father, Earl of Warwick, and Charles Belliard of Pall Mall, London, and others, 
relates to a Plantation, lot .33, negroes and other slaves, men and women and 
children, in the Island of Tobago, 300 acres of land ; two large skins, with signatures 
and seals of the Earl of Warwick and Charles Belliard, dated 1775. 

jHomuncntal ftnsmpttmts in #njjlani 
relating to 2.Hcst 3-ntuans* 

Bath and Bristol having been very favourite residential places for West 
Indians, no doubt on account of the hot springs and climate, as well as their 
gaiety and fashion, many memorial tablets are to be found in their churches. In 
Bath Abbey I have copied forty-sis, and there are probably some more hidden 
away under the pews. Owing to the great number of tablets the authorities 
have restricted their size, and in consequence there are but few heraldic shields. 
They are mostly very tastefully designed and are invariably of white marble. 

The Burial Register of Bath Abbey down to 1S00 has been printed by the 
Harleian Society. 

" G.M." refers to the " Gentleman's Magazine." 

" B.C." „ " Bath Chronicle." 

" Antigua" „ Editor's " History of Antigua," in 3 vols. 

Nave, in central passage of middle aisle, on a white marble floor-stone : — 

Here lies the Body 




The Ii'laiid of Barbadoes 

Efq r : 
who died Nov r : 21 : 17G3 

Aged 5S Years 


of Morpeth in the County 

of Northumberland 

died the lS lh Day of October 177*. 

Aged 07 Years. 

17G3, Nov. 2,3, William Maynard, b"sq. [Abbey burial]. 
His will was proved in 1701 [P.C.C., 31)7, Simpson]. 

• The last numeral i. ohipped. 


North aisle, north wall, opposite the fourth hay ■. — 

MOB P£ Til 


Obit Oct r . 22 a 


JEt. 67. 

Mr. Ward's name does not appear in the Burial Register. 

North aisle, north wall, close to north-west corner, under the stone bench, on 
a small oval tablet : — 

To the Memory of 


who died Jan r > 29th 1793, 

Aged 54 Years. 

In the south aisle, opposite the third bay, is a floor-stone with exactly the 
same inscription. 

1795, Feb. 5, John Horsf'ord, Esq. [Abbey burial]. 

He was a Member of the Council of Antigua, and his pedigree has been 
printed in " Antigua," vol. ii., p. S6. There is a vault in Bathwick Churchyard 
to others of his family. 

North aisle, north wall, under the stone bench, opposite the first bay of nave, 
from the west : — 






JANUAUV, 17: 1S38 



1838, Jan. 25. Jan. 17, at his lodgings in the Grove, aged 61, Henry 
Haynes, esq ; a Post Captain in her Majesty's Navy. (" B.C.") 

His wife Harriet Watkins, elder daughter of Thomas Oliver, formerly Lieut. - 
Governor of Massachusetts, and granddaughter and heiress of the Hon. Byam 
Freemau of Antigua, died 8 December lS2(j. and was buried in her father's vault 
at St. Paul's, Bristol. Capt. Henry Haynes was third son of Richard Haynes of 
Barbados, whose pedigree is in Burke's "Landed Gentry." His marriage with 
Miss Oliver took place on 3 January 1815 at St. Augustine's, Bristol. 

North aisle, north wall, opposite the first bay : — 
Sacred to the Memory of 


who departed this Life 

the 30"' of July 1S01 Aged 20 

on Board the York Packet 

of a Fever after an abode of 

four Months only in the 

Il'laud of Jamaica. 

(Seven lines follow. His mother survived him.) 


North aisle, north wall, opposite the second bay : — 

Near this place lie the remains 

of Mi/s ELIZABETH SKEETE, Daughter of 


of the If land of Barbado [sic] 

Died May 10 th 1793 [sic] 

Aged 34. 

1792, May 17, Miss Eliz" 1 Skeete [Abbey burial]. 

17S8, Men. 5. In Cbarter-house-square, aged G3, Tho. Skeete, esq. ; late of 
Barbadoes. (" G.M.," 275.) 

North aisle, north wall, tablet surmounted by an urn between two females, 
opposite second bay : — 

In Memory of ALEXANDER HALL Esq': 

late of the Island of Barbados. 

who was born at Tully in the County of Donegall 

in that part of the (now) Vnited Kiu^doni 

called Ireland, on the 28 th : of February 1751. 

died in this City on the 27 t1 ': of March, 

and was interred near this Spot 

on the 2 nd : of April 1802; 

This Stone is erected bv 


as a small tribute 

of grateful affection 

to the best of Brothers. 

North aisle, opposite the second bay, on a large floor-stone : — 

In Memory of 


wife of JOHN HOTHERSALL E/q r : 

of the ll'land of Barbados, 

who died the 2S' h . Day of Mar 

1785 in the Gl Year of her Age 


her Daughter ELIZA MARIA 

who died the 1 Day of Jan. 1771 

in the Sixth Year of her Age. 

1785, April 5, M™ Amy Hothcrshall [Abbey burial]. 

See the will of her father, Geo. North, proved 17G3 [P.C.C., 115, Caesar]. 

Large tablet, surrounded by a wreath of leaves, boldly carved, opposite the 
third bay : — 










(Two lines follow.) 

• Four baa bceu cut ov«r s«von. 


" 1778, Sep. 12. Roger Gee, Esq. Under "William Mackinin'e stone, middle 

(See pedigree of Mackinen in " Antigua," ii. 221.) 

In the ijrant of administration, dated 29 January 1770, annexed to the will of 
William Mackinen of Antigua. Esq., it is recorded that testator died at Bath. 

1707, Oct. 15, Bath. Last week died here, William M c Kenning, Esq; of 
Antigua, aged seventy. (' 4 B.C.") 

I have a note that he died S and was huried 11 October 17G7, aged 70, and 
that his M.I. was in the Abbey, and I think 1 saw it man} - years ago on the floor 
of the middle aisle. This would be the grandfather, William 1. William 2 was 
buried in 1809 at Binfield, co. Berks ; William 3 died at sea on his passage home 
from the West Indies, 17 June 1794. 

The Head Verier writes me, 15 December 19US : " There is a floor-stone in 
the middle aisle to William Mackinnon," and encloses this inscription : — 

To the Memory 


(Son of DAM EL 

who was the second son 


Cheif of MAC KINNON.) 

who died October the 8 tU 1769 

Aged 70 Years. 

PS. — The date of year is no doubt a mistake in. copying. Above is cut 
a shield of arms. 

[This M.I. has been copied by the Verger from the list made in 1872. — Editor.] 

1767, Oct. 11, William M c Kenen Esq was buried in y e Church. Burial. 

A Bath genealogist, the Rev. C. W. Shickle, writes me, 23 December 1908 : 
" The stone is under the pews, only the arms being visible, and they are quite 

North aisle, north wall, opposite the third bay : — 

Near this Place 

lies interred the Bodv of, 


Liev'. Col 1 , of his MAJESTY'S 

Own Regiment of Hori'c, 

during the late Wars in Flanders 

And Groom of the Bed Chamber 



He Married JUDITH 

Only Daughter of the 


Late one of the Jut'ticcs of 

the Court of Common Pleas, 

And Chief Jul'tice of CHESTER 

by whom he had 

7 Sous & 2 Daughters 

Died March 4 tU . 

1756 Aged 55 


1756, March 12, Coll 1 Madan [Abbey burial]. 

The Madans were of Nevis, and their pedigree has been printed in " Antigua,' 
. 60. Colonel Madan was -V1.P. for Wootou Bassett, 1747-54. 


North aisle, north wall, opposite the fourth bay : — 

Sacred to the MEMORY 

of JO RN LAMB of JAMAICA Efq'., 

who departed this Life 

on the 2 nd day of January 1772, 

Aged 47 Tears. 
Greatly lamented by his Family. 

He was a loving Hulband 
And a true and Sincere Friend. 
1772, Jan. 5, John Lambe, Esq. [Abbey burial]. 

North aisle, north wall, opposite fifth bay : — 








North aisle, north wall, opposite the fifth bay : — 


in memory of JAMES DOTTIN MAYCOCK, esq 8 : m.d: f : l:s 


(eight lines here) 


(Eight lines follow. He left a widow and children.) 

North transept, west wall : — 









(Twelve Hues follow.) 

He was second son of Bryan Blake of Antigua, by Lydia Brodie his wife 5 
was baptized at St. John's in that island, having been born 1 January 1700. He 
matriculated from Trinity College, Oxford, 12 March IS17, aged IS. After his 
father's death in 1801, he inherited .Mount William Estate in St. Vincent, which. 
after some litigation in 1S1C in Lublin, was continued to him, subject to certain 
mortgages, by the House of Lords in 1S2G. See " Antigua," i. ">(>. I have also 
copies of several interesting seventeenth-century letters from Blakes of Mont- 
serrat and Barbados, and various deeds, communicated to me in L895 by 
Mr. Martin J. Blake of Old Square, Lincoln's Inn. 

North transept, on a small white marble slab inserted in a large floor-stone :- 
ELIZABETH, the Wife of 

of the Island of Barbados. 

died at Bath 

in the 37 th vear of her age 



North transept, ou a large dark floor-stone : — 


of the If land of Barbadoes 

died Oct' 3 rd 17S7 

Aged 47 Tears 


[Daughter] of the above 

Died Sep. 6, 1793 Aged 22. 

The portions within brackets have been supplied from the List of 1872. See 
a tablet to her in the south-west porch of nave. 

17S7, Oct. 3. At Bath, Mr. Jas. Willinms, of Barbadoes. (" G.M.," 030.) 
1787, Thursday, Oct. 11. AVednesday, died at his lodgings in this city, much 
regretted, Mr. James Williams, of the Island of Barbadoes. ("B.C.") 

There is no record of his burial in the Abbey Register. 

In Bristol Cathedral is a M.I. to Tho. "Williams, Esq., of Barbados, who died 
13 November 1773, aged 35. 

North transept, north wall, under the window : — 







ON THE 2 nd OF JVLY 1812 

AGED 51. 

(Four lines. Erected by his widow and children.) 

A member of a well-known family. See the " Barouetage." 

North transept, east wall : — 

In Memory of 


of Bed Castle Gal Iowa i/. 

late of St. Thomas in the 

East Jamaica : 

Ob'. January the 28 th : 1811, 

Aged 62 

Also in Memory of 

His amiable widow U n LAWRIE 

who died the 5 th of December 1814. 

Above is a shield with : — 

Arms. — Quarterly: 1 and 4, Berfess Gules and Arrjent, over all a cup with 
two wreaths of foliage issuant. between two crosses paiee in base [Law hi k, not 
in Papworth, G7(5] ; 2 and 3, Argent, on a chevron Gules between three crosses 
crosslet fitchee. a pineapple enclosed by two plates [PKennkdy. See Papworth, 
509.] Ckksts. — The one to the left has disappeared. To the right is a dolphin. 
Motto. — industkia atqle fortuna. 

There is near the above a Moor-stone, with the name and date only. 

1811, Thursday, Feb. 7. Monday, died in this city, Wm, Kennedy Laurie, 
esq ; of Red-castle, Gallowav, forraerlv of Woodhall Estates, St. Thomas. Enat 
Jamaica. (" B.C.") 


Close to the preceding : — 










(One line follows.) 

North choir aisle, north wall 

Sacred to the Memory 


many Years Governor 

of his Majefty's 

Leeward Charribbee Tflands. 

A General in the Army 

and Colonel 

of the 93 rd Regiment of Foot. 

He deparled this life 

the 18 ,h day of February 1800 

Aged 74. 

Below on a shield : — 

Arms. — Paly of Argent and Azure, a canton Ermine and the badge of Ulster. 
Crest. — A man couped at the shoulders. Motto. — pro rege et republica. 

1800, Thursday, Eeb. 27. Friday, died at his lodgings on the South-parade, 
aged 72, without any previous indisposition, Sir T. Shirley, bart., of Oat-Hail, 
Sussex ; many years commander in chief of the islands of Antigua, St. Christopher, 
etc. (" B.C.'"') 

1800, Feb. 26, Gen 1 Sir Thomas Shirley [Abbey burial]. 

Col. Thomas Shirley was appointed Lieut. -Governor of Dominica 5 February 
1774, which island he yielded to the French in September 1 778. On 4 April 
1781 he became Governor of the Leeward Islands, and his resignation was 
accepted on 18 May 1701, after receiving a baronetcy 27 June 1780. (See more 
about him in "Antigua," iii. 87.) 

North choir aisle, north wall close to the north-east corner: — 







1821, Thursday, March 15. In Daniel Street, aged 61, J. Dunsier, Esq., late 
naval store-keeper at Bermuda. (" B.C.") 


South aisle, close to west wall, near entrance porch : — 

In Memory 

of the Right Honourable Lady CI1AKLOTTE MADAN, 


and Sifter of the Pre lent MARQUIS. 

Her Lady I" hip was married in 17-5G to the 

Rev 1 '. SPENCER MADAN D-.D-. 

now Bifhop of Peterborough, by whom She had 

Two Sons and One Daughter. 

died 12 th . March 1794 Aged 68. 

(Three lines follow.) 

1794, Thursday, March 13. Yesterday died in this city, the Eight Honourable 
Lady Charlotte Madan, wife of the Lord Bishop of Peterborough, and sister of 
the Marquis Cornwallis. She was a rare example of female excellence in all the 
duties of the human character — most perfect in the most important. (" B.C.") 

1794, March 15, Lady Charlotte Madden [Abbey burial]. 

South aisle, close to west wall and near entrance porch : — 

Sacred to the Memory 



Obiit Sepf 6, 1793 

Aged 22 Years. 

(Twenty lines. Erected by her husband.) 

See the tablet to her father James Williams of Barbados ante, p. 29. 

1793, Sept. 13, M" Eliz" 1 Ann Trotmau [Abbey burial]. 

1793, Thursday, Sept. 19. Tuesday, the remains of Mrs. Trotman (aged 23) 
wife of John Trotman, esq; late from Barbadoe?, were interred at the Abbey 
Church, in the same grave with her late father James "Williams, esq. ("B.C.") 

South aisle, under the first bay, on a floor-stone : — 

[Undernealth this Stone 

[lie the] Remains of 


[fift]h Son of [JOHN] 


[die]d 8 th December 1810 

Aged 8 Years 

and 5 Months. 

The stone has been much worn ; the portions within brackets have been 
supplied from the list, made by a former verger in 1S72. His father John Earle 
Pitcher of St. Christopher, born 1772, married there 9 April 1790 Mrs. Elizabeth 
Herbert, widow, and died at Cheltenham in 1S13. 

South aisle, opposite the third bay, on a dark floor-stone :- 

Sacred to the Memory 


WifeofCHA 3 WILLIAMS Efq r . 

and Daughter of the late 


who departed this life 

May l 81 1S02 

Aged 48 Years 



Relict of 


and Mother to the above 



died May 14 lL 1S07 

Aged 80 Tears. 

1802, Thursday May 6 lh . Saturday died, in Camden-plaee, Mrs. Williams, 
wife of Chas. "Williams, esq; and daughter of the late Sir John Gibbons, bart. 
deeply regretted by her family and friends. (" B.C.") 

1807, May 29. At her house in Belmont, Bath, at the advanced age of SO, 
the Dowager Lady Gibbons. ("Dorchester and Sherborne Journal.") 

1760, April 18. At Barbadoes, Sir Wm. Gibbons Bt. speaker of the assembly, 
master-gen. of the ordnance, and lieutenant general of the island. (" G.M.," 297.) 

Will of Sir John Gibbons of Stanwell, co. Middlesex, Bart., dated 2 November 
1772. My plantation called "Mullins" in Barbadoes. My father Sir W R ' G. 
by his will in that island of IS July 1759 gave my 3 daus. £3000 each, which 
I increase to £.5000 each. My two plantations called Morgan Lewis and Coopers 
Hill to my 2 d son John, etc. Proved 22 February 1777 [0G, Collier]. 

South aisle (commencing from the west end), south wall, opposite the third 
bay. Tablet surmounted by an urn : — 









(Six lines follow.) 

South aisle, on an oblong white marble tablet : — 

Beneath this Pavement 

are depofitcd the Remains of 


(Eleven lines follow, but there are no dates.) 

This relates^ I think, to the Jamaican family. 

1805, Nov. 25. Henry Archbould esq. died at Bath. (" G.M.," 1175.) 

A notice of his wife's death is in the " Jamaica Magazine " for 1812. 

South aisle, south wall, opposite the third bay, below the stone bench : — 


widow or 









South aisle, south wall, opposite fourth bay, below the stoue bench : — 





OX TUE 7 th NOV 1S57, AGED 33 YEARS. 



(Two lines follow.) 

(To be continued.) 

iterates at tljc Catijrtiral, Brtogrtoton, 


The following appeared in the " Barbados Diocesan Magazine and West 
Indian Guardian " for January 1907, anil was forwarded me by the Rev. Dr. Tho- 
mas, Rector of St. George, Nevis. It is probable that Barbados lias the earliest 
Parish Registers of any Island, and a list of them, with dates of commencement, 
will be very acceptable. 


Jan. 3 






Feb. 17 


Jan. 24 

Feb. 4 




Mar. 6 



Mar. 2G 






April 14 



William Richardson and Elizabeth Dodson 

Robert Web and Mary Lewis 

Robert Smith etc. 

John Read and Elizabeth Anderson 

Thomas Web and Elizabeth Barker 

Arthur Laurence and Elizabeth Thomas 

The 15 February 

John Champion and Frances Nuns 
Robert and Jone 
Robert Collison and Ann Railton 
Richard Masters to Joan George 
Lawrence to Elizabeth Thomas 
John Champis to fErances Munnes 
Robert ffletcher to Joan Torcome 
Coman Pike to Ann Morgan 
John Joanes to Elizabeth Warren 
Johu Vahun to Dorothy Palmer 

Thomas Pattison to Mary Edwards 
Walter Tibbs to Dorothy Poseote 
John Goodwing to Elizabeth Bragg 
George Bentley to Mer Bryor 
Richard Durham to Judith Atthais 
James Adams to Mary Robinson 
Thomas Edges to Mary Wilson 
Thomas Watson to Joan Elizabeth 


John Abram to Elizabeth Elfard 

James Grimes to Edith Powell 

Nico. Ellis to Elizabeth Oldfield 

Jolm When to Elizabeth Sutton 

John Harris to Ecbecca Tillison 

Daniel Home to Margaret Porunger 

"\V m Bushay to Mary Courle 

Richard Nichols to Ann Hodgkinson 

Herman Fredericks married 

Christopher Harris to Mary Barrett 

Nath: Thome to Christian Barrett 

William Kips to Jane Spencer 

John L'dner and Joan A'andeure 

Capt. Gray to ... . 

Richard Evans to Jane Browne 

Peter Dines to Jane Brown 

Thorloe Cunningham to Elizabeth Roberts 

Thomas Flueling to Anne Elueling 

"William Porter to Jane Porter 

John Chamberlane to Suan Chamberlane 

John Stevens to Elizabeth Stevens 

William Snakell to Elizabeth .... 

John Eosco to Susanna .... 

Edward Davis to Hester .... 

John Lurston to Mary .... 

John Biuin to Anne .... 

Daniel Knight and Sisley Decks 
John Willbe and Thomassin .... 

29 Thomas Poots and Jane .... 

Gloundcr Bitter and Judith .... 

29 Henry Port and Anne .... 

29 Roger Franklin and Ann Duel 
Edward Edwins and Sisley Leets 
Walte Adams and Mary White 
John Kelleth and Mary Carter 
Sept. 7 John Wiseman and Blanch Robinson 
Nov. 3 John Cole and Anne .... 

3 Thomas Bowe and Anne .... 
AV nl Hnncaker and Susanne .... 
George Sevenson and Mary Corbin 
AVilliam Smith and Mary Corbin 
Roj?er Eavell and Ellenor Gillcrist 

M r AVilliam Packering and M™ Mary Boote 
M r John Eldrige and M" Elizabeth Eeler 
M r John Roger and M" Mary Pickerell 
M r Richard Bay ley and M" Margarett Smith 
John Davis and Elizabeth Proper 
James French and Bridgett Thompson 
M r James Linley and M"> Cordellia Martin 























































. 11 




. 1G 







35rotont, of Jittofe, 

James Browne of Nevis, Gent., 1701-5. 

Browne of 
.Nevis, Esq., 
1726; de- 

in St. 
Parish, to his 
son James. 

James Browne: 
of Nevis, Esq., 
born 1710; of 
Trinity Col- 
lege, Oxford; 
matric. 15 
August 1726, 
aet. 16; of 
Inner Temple 
1726 ; devised 
" Brownes"' to 
his son James, 
M. of CI, 1743. 


John Browne^p. 
of Nevis, 
named 1754 
as then dead 
in will of his 
brother Jere- 

I I 
named in 
will of his 



named in 

will of her 




Jeremiah Browne of St. Chris- : 
topher and of Apps Court in 
Moulsey, co. Surrey, Esq.; born 
16S6-7 ; of Pembroke College, 
Oxford ; matric. 7 March 1704-5, 
set. 18 ; in deposition of 170S, 
aet. 22; Chief Justice of St. 
Christopher 1729. Will dated 
19 July 1754; proved 18 Novem- 
ber 1755 [277, Paul]. 

Browne, beth 
only son .... 
and heir 

Sophia Browne, married 
James, 6th Lord Cranstoun, 
who died 13 July 1773 ; re- 
mar. Michael Lade, and died 
26 October 1779. See note 
of her portrait in the Mark- 
hoe and Hartman Pedigree. 

Elizabeth Browne, married 
Anthony Hodges of Mont- 
serrat and of Bolney Court, 
co. Oxon, Esq. ; marriage 
settlement dated 17 January 
1728. His will dated 18 
February and proved 8 Sep- 
tember 1757 [274, Herring]. 
She inherited Apps Court 
from her father. 


•=j=James Browne of Nevis, Esq.; by Close Roll of 1774 dis-npAnne, widow 

entailed " Brownes." Will dated 20 April 1777, then of 
Town Acton, co. Middlesex ; proved 1 April 1779 [139, 




i M .1 

James Browne John Brown. Elizabeth 

of Weymouth — Brown. 

1777. AVilliam Brown. 

I . I 

Jeremiah Innes 

Nisbet James 

Brown. Brown. 

1719. James Lytton, late of Nevis, now of Camerwell, co. Surrey. My niece 
Sarah Browne [51, Browning]. 

1721. Sam. Browne of Nevis. My wife Penelope [2, Buckingham]. 

P 2 


Jeremiah Browne, late of Apps Court, CO. Surrey, now of St. Christophers, 
Esq., 1.0 July 1754. To Henry Sharpe, Sen r , of S' Christophers, Esq., and 
Geo. Maxwell of Mincing Lane, London, merchant, all my plantations, negros, 
cattle, etc., to pay the rents to my sou Jackson Browne for life and his heirs 
in tail male, then to his dans., then "to Lord Cranstoun, then for my dau. Sophia 
his wife, then to their son the Hon. W m Cranstoun, the Hon. Browne Cranstoun 
their 2 d son, etc., then to my dau. Eliz. Hodges. Eliz. wife of my said son 
Jackson B. To Geo. Maxwell and Henry Lascelles of London, merchants, my 
manor of Apps Court in Trust for my dau. Eliz. Hodgee, and at her death 
for her son Jeremiah Hodges, then to Anthony Hodges, then to their dau-.. 
then to Sophia Lady Cranstoun. To my granddau. Prances Payne South Sea 
stock and sums due from John Herbert of Nevis and .... lluddlestone of 
London, gent., and £500 at 21. To my grandson Browne Cranstoun all sums 
due from "Walter Pringle of S 1 Christophers, merchant. To my niece Sarah 
Browne of Nevis, spr., dau. of my brother John Browne, deceased, £300 c, 
and release her brother James Browne of all sums borrowed. All residue to my 
son Jackson Browne. My Trustees to be Ex'ors and £100 each. Witnessed 
by W m Davis, Joseph Hayton, Edward Hibblethwaite, Jr. On IS November 1755 
administration granted to J. B. the son, the Ex'ors refusing to act [277, Paul]. 

James Brown the Elder, late of Nevis, now of Town Acton, co. Middlesex, 
Esq. 20 April 1777. My wife Anne furn., plate, chariot! , and horse. My 
eon James Brown, now of Weymouth, furn. My son John my plant" in S' Jas. 
which I purchased for £1000 c", and that of L> r "W m Mills and 20 slaves. My son 
Jeremiah Nisbet Brown I have lately cut off the entail of my paternal estate 
called " Brownes." My son W™ Brown one guinea for his misbehaviour. 
My dau. Eliz. Brown £1000 c. My wife Anne £300 a year. My sons Jeremiah 
Nisbet Brown and Innes James Brown by my s'' now wife £1000 each. Mary 
Ann Nisbet Johnson, dau. of my wife bv her former husb' 1 , £000. Proved 1 April 
1779 [139, Warburton]. [" Antigua," 'iii. 414.] 

1704-5. Jeremias Browne, son of James Browne of the I. of Nevis, gent., 
Pembroke College, matriculated 7 March 1704-5, aged IS. [Poster.] 

1707-8. Census of Nevis. Jeremiah Browne, 5 white males, 2 white females. 
16 negros. 

1708. Deposition of Jeremiah Browne, aged 22. [B. T. Leeward Islands, xi.] 

1710. Sam. Brown, esq., Speaker of Nevis. [Oldmixon. ii. 2-30.] 

1726. James Browne, son of James Browne of Isle of Nevis, W. L, arm., 
Trinity College, matriculated 15 August 1726, aged 16, of the Inner Temple 
1726. [Poster.] 

1729, March 2, Jeremiah Browne, then Chief Justice of S* Chr. [Am ca and 
W. I., Hii.] 

1743, Nov. 8, James Brown, Esq., then Member of Council of Nevis. 

1803, April 6, Capt. Brown, President of Nevis, his Wife and Daughter were 
then at Dominica, on their way from S l Viucent to Nevis. [Matson Letters, No. 82.] 

Close Poll, 14 Geo. III., pt. xxiv., No. 13, 12. 

This Indenture made 2 May 1771 between Jas. Browne, now of Fill ham but 
late of Nevis, Esq., and Anne his wife of the 1 part, and Jas. Dobie of the Inner 
Temple, gent., of the other, wituesseth that Jas. B. and Anne have sold to J. D. 
all those plantations in the p'sh of S' James c d Brownes est., of 200 a., heretofore 
in the possession of Jas. B., grandfather of s d J. B., and devised by him to Jas. 
B. his son, father of s d J. B. [" Antigua," i. 75. J 


in. 1741 Aug. 30 Joseph Herbert and Sarah Browne. Licence. 


bur. 1741-2 Jan. 3 John Brown. 

bap. 1741 — Edward Brown s. or' Benj" Brown. 

bap. 1744 March 10 Eliz. Browne d. of Benj" Browne. 


bap. 1731 Oct' Jeremiah, the S. of Ann and Henry Brown, X d the 27 th , ag d 
9 weeks. 

Cranscvipts ol parisl) Hccjtstcv 


At the Public Record Office in Fetter Lane, among the old Board of Trade 
papers relating to the Leeward Islands (vol. xxi.), are transcripts for a few years 
of certain parish registers. The Colonial authorities, wishing to know the state 
of increase or decrease of the population, the various incumbents were requested 
to send to the Governor the numbers of baptisms, marriages, and burials in their 
respective parishes. Some rectors forwarded exact transcripts of their registers, 
others unfortunately only supplied the bare figures. As these transcripts were 
signed by the rectors they stand as legal records. A search at the Record Office 
among the papers relating to Jamaica and Barbados will probably shew that 
transcripts for those colonies also exist. Some early ones relating to the latter 
island have already been printed by Van Hotten in his Lists of Emigrants, etc. 

William Mathew, Esq., Lieut. -General of the Leeward Islands, writes from 
St. Christopher's, 2S May 1730 :— 

" My Lords, — The Lists of Births & Burials I find Impracticable to get as 
Compleat as Required. Several Parishes have from time to time been without an 
Incumbent. The Church Wardens have been very Negligent in those Intervals 
in due Register, and where a Foreign Clergyman iias been call'd upon in the 
vacant Parish to Burv or Christ'n, he has omitted making the Entrys in that 
Parish Register." 


The Baptisms, Births, and Burials in the Parish of Christ Church, Nicola Town 
in St. Christopher, from the year 1721 to this Instant Year 1730. 

[I have used the contractions of S. for Son, D. for Daughter, 1>. tor Born, 
and the word " Baptized," between the .surname and month, I have omitted, to 
save space, but inserted a comma. — V.L.O.] 

1721 John S. of Sam" & Mary Crooke, July 7 th 
James S. of W 10 & Dorothy Stephens, Dber 30"' 
John S. of John & Mary Billingsly, xber 25"' 

1722 Ann D. of Aretas & Rebecca Seaton, March D l 1721-2 
Eliz: D. of Henry & Eliz Rawlings, Aug" 4"' 
Joseph S. of Joseph & Philippia Daniel, Aug' 1 5"' 
James S. of James & Anu Stephens. 8ber 3' 

Michael S. of \V M &. Dorothy Stephens, Jan'.* 31 th 1722-3 




1723 Clement S. of Richard & Jane Gbaloner, June 20 th 
Eliz: D. of John it Eliz Floud, Au"" 2U' 1 ' 

Hays S. of Valentine & Eliz: Porcival, 7ber 30"' 

W m S. of John and Ann Kid, xber 10 th 

Mary D. of Aretas & Rebecca Seaton, xber 31 8t 

1724 \V m S. of John & Mary Billingsly, March 29 ,b 
Christopher S. of John & Dorothy Bryan, July 10 lh 
John S. of Joseph & Mary Gerrald, Au« rSt lO'"" 
Henry S. of Henry & Ann Rawlings, 8ber 17 th 
James S. of James & Ann Stephens, bber 22 d 
Ann D. of AV m & Dorothy Stephens, July 20"' 
Mary D. of Joseph & Phiiippia Daniel, Aug* 1 10 th 
Steadman S. of Henry & Ann Rawlings, xber 21 st 
Eliz: D. of John & Dorothy Bryan, Jan r > l sl 1725-6 

1726 Penelope D. of John & Eliz: Floud, March 10"' 1725-6 
\V m S. of John &. Eliz: Vanderpool, March 25 th 1726 
Thomas S. of James & Ann Stephens, March 27 th 
W m M c Dowel S. of John & Eliz: Sherriff, 9ber 2 d 
Mary D. of Sam 11 & Mary Crooke, xber 31 sl 

1727 James S. of Joseph & Mary Gerrald, April 23 d 
Richard S. of Richard & Jane Chaloner, May 2S th 
Robert S. of Thomas & Sarah Hackett, June 4 th 
Joseph S. of Henry & Ann Rawlings, June 30 tb 
Sarah D. of George & Sarah Eynch, July 20 th 
John S. of James & Ann Stephens, Aug" 25 tu 
W m S. of VV m & Margret Mathews, bber 7 th 
Eliz: D. of Abraham & Elinor Simmons, bber 30' h 
Christian D. of George & Eliz: Lillington, 9ber 15 th 

1727-8 Henry S. of John & Mary Billingsly, Jan 1 * :-;« 1727-8 
Jane D. of George & Mary Marshal, Eeb. 4 th 1727-S 
Henry S. of Peter & Mary Cannings, Eeb. 21 st 1727-S 
Robert S. of John & Eliz: Garroad, March the 3 d 1727-S 

1728 Rebecca D. of John & Eliz: Vanderpool, April 3 d 
Mary D. of Joseph & Phiiippia Daniel, July IP 1 ' 
Stephens S. of John & Eliz: Pioud, 7ber 1 I th 
Mary D. of James & Mary Rid, Sber i>' h 

Sarah D. of James & Pranses Bennit, Jan 1 ? 26 th 172S-9 
Mary D. of Joseph & Mary Gerrald, March 8 th 172S-9 
\V m S. of W m & Ann Beaton,* Jan r - V 28 tL 1728-9 

1729 Benjamin S. of Sam" & Mary Crooke, April 20"' 
Charles S. of Henry & Ann Paw lings, April 26"' 
Alexander S. of John & Eliz: Sberruf, May 3 d 
Margret D. of \V"' & Margret Mathews, May 11"' 
Cicilia D. of Benjamin & -Margret Percival, May the 30 ,h 
Ann D. of George & Sarah Eynch, JuDe 10"' 
Catherine D. of James & Mary Kid, June 22 a 

John S. of John & Mary Kid, xber 14 lh 

George S. of George & Mary Kid, xber 27"' 

Mary D. of Abraham & Elinor Simmons, January 4 th 1729-30 

Margret D. of John & Mary Billingsly, B. April" the 2 a 17.'J0 


[I omit the word " Buried" before each entry. — V.L.O.] 

1722 Eliz: AV T ife of Henry Eawlings, 9 btr 7"' 

Eliz: D. of Henry Rawlings, March 10"' 1722-3 

* Possibly "Seatou." 


1722 James S. of James & Anne Stephens, Jan r ? 19 th 1723-1 
1725 Stephen Deport, Julv 25 th 

Samuel Tindal, March 27 th 1726 
1720 Eliz: D. of Valentine & Eliz: Percival, July 14"' 

Eebeeca Wife of John Acres, Aug 5 ' 20"' 

Doctor Simon Allin, Aug st 24 th 

Henry Trayne, 7ber 14"' 

Ambrose Axworthy, March 10 : '' 1726-7 

1727 Penelope Stevens, Widow, April ll lh 

Martha D. of Anthony & Eliz: Harvey, June 15"' 

William Random, 7ber 9 th 

Jonas Acres, Sber 31 st 

Franses D. of Aretas & Rebecca Seaton, 9ber 19 th 

Mary 1). of Joseph & Philippia Dauiel, xber 29 th 

Mary D. of John & Eliz: Grange, xber 31 st 

1728 Eliz: D. of John & Eliz: Grange, April 22 J 
W m S. of W"> & Margret Mathews, July 22 d 
Ann Wife of John Kid, 7ber 10 th 

Richard S. of Charles Laval & Margret Molinaux, Sber 21 sl 
Joseph Dauiel, Jan r >' 25"' 1728-9 

1729 James S. of Joseph & Mary Gerrald, April 19"' 
Eliz: D. of James & Ann Brozet, May 14 th 
John Young, May the 17 th 

Joseph S. of Henry & Ann Rawliugs, Aug st 25"' 

John Kid, Sber 17 th 

John Grange, Feb. 20 th 1729-30 

(Signed) Archibald Cockburn. 

Trinity, Palmeto Point.*— Births from May 16, 1721, to March 25, 1729-30 

= 140. 
Burials from ditto = 117. 
St. George's, Basseterre.*— Births from May 16, 1721, to March 10, 172S 

= 402. 
St. Tuos., Middle Island.*— Baptisms from A p. 4, 1722, to March 25, 1730 

= 202. 
Burials = 190. 

" Hon d S r , 

In obedience to your Honour's Command I have sent the Numbers of 
the Christenings and Burials that have happened since the 9"' of April 1722 to 
y e 25 of March 1730. The Book goes no farther back. I am with all Possible 
Respects Your Honours | Most obedient | and Most obliged Humble Servant | 
Joun Mehac. S« Thomas, Middle Island. Mar. 28"' 1730." 


The Baptisms and Burials in the Parish of S' John, Cabesaterre, from the Year 
1721 to this Instant Tear 1730. 


1721 Nicholas S. of Nicholas Crooke, 7ber lS th 

1725 Sam 11 S. of Nicholas & Frauses Crooke. 9ber 13 th 

1726 W ra S. of W m &, Mary Simpson, May 22 J 

• The Rectors of these parishes did not supply any entries. 

40 Caribbeana. 

1727 Franses D. of Nicholas & Frauses Crooke, Aug st 15 th 

1728 David e. of David and Ann Brown, March 29 th 
Franses D. of Nicholas & Franses Crooke, 9bcr 29 th 

1729 Phillip S. of John & Winfred Chambers, June 29 ,h 
Penelope D. of Phillip & Sarah Gready, Aug 5 ' 15"' 
W m S. of Kane & Mary Conely, 7bcr 17 th 

Mary D. of Manasseh & Mary Williams, xber 1 st 


1726 Sam' 1 S. of Nicholas & Franses Crooke, July 15 th 

1727 Franses D. of Nicholas it Franses Crooke, Aug 91 19 th 
1729 Franses D. of Nicholas & Franses Crooke, Aug 51 1 st 

Elinor Crooke, Widow, 9ber 10"' 


The Baptisms & Burials in the Parish of S l Mary Cayan from the Year 1721 to 

this Instant Year 1730. 


1721 Mary D. of Richard & Eliz. Wilson, June 12 th 
W" S. of John & Eliz. Clifton, July 20»' 
Jane D. of George & Jane Davidson, 7ber 112 th 

1721-2 W m S. of James"& Sarah Davis, March 7 (1 ' 

Richard S. of John & Franses Great head, March 10"' 

1722 Joseph S. of Thomas & Ann Davis, Mav 10"' 
James S. of Bastian & Ann Dixon, July 12 th 

Ann Judith D. of Isaac & Mary Roberdraw, July 13 th 
Simon S. of W m & Eliz. Watkins, July IP 1 ' 
Eliz. D. of Richard & Eliz. Wilson, Aug st 27"' 
Daniel S. of W m & Eliz. Smith, Aug st 2.S' 1 ' 
Eliz: D. of Thomas & Eliz. Wade, Aug st 29"' 
Dowson S. of Clement & Eliz: Crooke, 7ber 2(>"' 
Mary D. of Daniel & Sarah Martin, Sber lo"' 
Susannah D. of John & Hanna Spooner, 9ber l.j ,h 
1722-3 Richard s. of John & Franses Greathead, Feb. -1"' 
W m S. of George & Mary Hamilton, Feb. 6 th 

1723 George S. of Thomas & Eliz. Wade, May 2 d 
Sarah D. of George & Mary Hamiltou, May 7"' 
Penelope D. of Nathanael A: Ann Gate ward, 7ber 17"' 
Jonas S. of Richard & Sarah Davis, Sber 11"' 

Robina Mary D. of Isaac it Mary Roberdraw, Sber 15 th 
Franses D. of Richard it Eliz. AVilson, Sber 22 d 
Sarah D. of John & Sarah .Morris, 9ber 20 tb 
Daniel S. of Sam 11 & Susanah M c Renin. 9ber 27"' 
1723-4 Richard S. of John & Franses Greathead. March is" 1 

1724 Jeremiah S. of John & Eliz: Clifton, June 15 th 
George S. of James & Surah Davis, July II th 
W" S. of W" & Eliz: Watkins. Aug" 24"' 
Franses Ann D. of Thomas & Ann Davis, 7ber 20"' 
Mary D. of George Hamilton it Mary His wife, 9ber G th 
Lyddia D. of Thomas & Ann Davis, xber 3 d 

Abedncgo S. of The Hon 1 '"' W'" >t Ann Mathew, xber 17 th 
Robert S. of Sam" & Susana M Kenin. xber 23 d 
Thomas S. of Thomas <& Eliz: Bisse, 2P h [sic] 


1724-5 \V m Madox S. of Patrick & Ann Dyal, January 15 ,u 

1725 Richard S. of Richard & Eliz Wilson, .March 27'" 
Franses D. of Richard & Sarah Davis, April 11 th 
Mary D. of John & Sarah Morris, June 15"' 

Thoinas S. of Nathanael Gateward &, Ann His Wife, Aug" 25 th 
Sarah D. of W m & Eliz Watkins, 7ber 16 th 
Cuuingham 1>. of Isaac & Mary Roberdraw, Sber 15"' 
Eliz D. of George & Jane Davidson, 9ber 19"' 

1726 Hungerford S. of John & Hannah Spooner, April lU th 
Renolt S. of Richard & Eliz Wilson, May 6"' 

Mary D. of Codrington & Mary Burt, May 20 th 
John S. of Bastian & Ann Dixon, Aug st 30"' 
James S. of Thoinas &, Eliz Bisse, 7ber 6 th 
Elizabeth D. of Ann Rice, 7ber 21 st 
W m S. of John & Mary Webber, 9ber 23 u 
Benjamin S. of Richard & Sarah Davis, xber 0"' 
Richard S. of George A Marv Hamilton, xber 20 th 

1727 Robert S. of John & Sarah Morris, March 27"' 
Eliz: D. of John & Eliz Clifton, April L5 lb 
Margret D. of Xathanael <fc Ann (rate ward. April 24 ,h 
Affleck S. of Thomas & Eliz A\ r ade, July 20 lh 
Judith Eliz: D. of Sam 11 & Sirsaua M c Kenin, July 25 th 
Daniel S. of Isaac & Mary Roberdraw, xber 5"' 

Ann D. of James & Sarah Davis, xber 24"' 

1728 Mary D. of Thomas & Susannah Belman, March 25 th 
Spooner S. of Richard & Eliz Wilson, April 20 th 
Ann D. of Codrington & Mary Burt, May 11"' 

W m S. of W m & Ann Woodlv, June 27 th 
Eliz D. of W" & Eliz Watkins, July 1 st 
Eliz D. of Bastian & Ann Dixon, 7ber 29 th 
George S. of George & Jane Davidson, Sber 25"' 
Michael S. of Richard & Sarah Davis, Sber 30"' 
Benjamin S. of Thomas & Eliz Bisse, xber 15"' 
Charles S. of Charles &, Franses Kanes, xber 20 th 
1728-9 James S. of James & Ann Brozet, March 16 th 
Mary D. of Man- Beuetield, March 23 d 

1729 Charles S. of Thomas & Ann Davis, April 12"' 
Charles S. of Ann Lynch, July 20 th 

Eliz D. of James & Sarah Davis, 7ber 10"' 
Honour D. of Thomas & Eliz AVade, 9ber 7' 1 ' 
Joan D. of John & Eliz Clifton, 9ber 15"' 
\V m S. of Joseph & Eliz: Bowry, 9ber 30"' 
Mary D. of Michael & Ann Whalaud, xber 0"' 
George S. of George & Mary Hamilton, xber 25"' 
Ann D. of John & Ann Green, xber 29"' 
1729-30 Eliz: D. of Thomas & Eliz Belman, Feb. 17"' 
Susannah D. of W m &, Eliz Watkins, Feb. 28 th 


1723 Thomas S. of Thomas & Eliz: Bisse, June 4 th 
Simon S. of W m & Eliz Watkins, 9ber 23 d 

1724 Daniel S. of Sam" & Susanah M c Kening, May 25 th 

1725 Thomas S. of Nathanael & Ann Gateward, Aug"' 25 th 
Franses Ann D. of Thomas & Ann Davis, 9ber 7 th 
Thomas S. of Thomas & Eliz Bisse, 9ber 10 ,h 

1720 Cuningham D. of Isaac & Marv Roberdraw, xber 15 th 
1727 W" Benuit, July 18"' 


1727 Henry Lytton, 7bcr 10"> 

1727-8 Benjamin S. of Thomas & Ann Davis, Jau r * 24 th 

1728 Jane Wife of George Davidson, 9ber 3"' 
George 8. of George Davidson, D° G Ul 

Judith Eliz D. of 8atn u & Susanah M c Kenin, 9ber 17 th 
Benjamin 8. of Thomas & Eliz Bisse, xber 15 ,h 

1729 Benjamin 8. of Ann Lynch, 7ber 13 th 
Margret D. of Jobn & Ann Hazel, 7bcr 14 th 
Probat 8. of John & 8arah Morris, 7ber 27 lh 
Elizabeth Wife of John Parke, Sber 17 th 
Charles Stuart Sber 20 tlj 

Mary D. of Michael & Ann AVhaland, xber 7 th 
1729-30 Ann D. of The Hon blc William & Ann Mathew, February the 4"' 

1730 Nicholas Bland, March 2G lh 

(Signed) Archibald Cockuukx. 


Births & Burials 1724 till 1730, 7 years. Births, 10G; buried, 62. 

(Signed) D\: Betuum, S ta! Anns Kector. 


A List of those that have been baptized since the fifth day of March 1722 to the 
12"' of November 1729 within the Parish of S' Anthony in Mountserrat, 
extracted from the Eegester Book of s d Parish. 

Baptized James the 8. of John Wholey & Eleanor his wife 

Elizabeth D. of W' n Finch & Elizabeth his wife 

William the S. of John M' Kenin & Eleanor his wife 

Thomas the S. of John Warren & Joau his wife 

Johu the 8. of Andrew Pethford cV, Mary his wife 

Thomas the 8. of James Thompson & Mary his wife 

Richard the 8. of Thomas Long & Margaret his wife 

Thomas the 8. of James Lee & Mary his wife 

Mary the D. of John Navlor & Surah his wife 

Anne D. of M r Nath" Webb & Bethia his wife 

James 8. of William Morton & Anne his wife 

John 8. of Samuel Lawrence & Grace his wife 

Johu the S. of Nicholas liirvau A; Honora his wife 

Mary the D. of Edw d Beuuet & Jane his wife 

George the S. of William Mead & Mary his wife 

Susanna D. of W"' Cooper & Elizabeth his wife 

Elizabeth D. of M' Thomas [lea & Anne his wife 

Mary D. of W" 1 Loriner & Mary his wife 

John the 8. of Daniel Blackley ^ Mary his wife 

Rachel D. of Chriatiern Lubery vV Judith his wife 

Cathariue D. of Garret Barry ..v. Mary his wife 

William 8. of Johu March & Agnes his wife 

"William 8. of Johu Kigdeu & Sarah his wife 

James & Mary 8. and L). of Sarah Slave of Capt. Fryo 

Ruth D. of Edw d Cooper & Martha his wife 

James S. of Daniel Suilevauo ..V .Mary his wife 

• The Rector did uot forward any •ntrios. 

22 Mar. 

5 th 

17 th 


23 Apri 



8 ti. 





11 th 



23 d 

29 th 


7 th 




12 th 

23 d 




2G' h 



2-1 Apri 


17 th 





y tii 

22 J 

caribbeana. 43 

1724 June 22 d Elizabeth 1). of Maj r Johu Eoynon & Anne his wife 
July 2 d William S. of William Broome & Mary his wife 

Ditto Mathew S. of Capt Dyer i Margaret Lis wife 

5 th Anue D. of Nicholas Potter & Sarah his wife 

Sept. 20 th Kuth D. of M' N&tW Webb & Bethia his wife 

27 th Amy D. ut' M r James Thompson & Mary his wife 

29 th Sarah D. of Charles D'wolf & Marg u his wife 

Ditto Thomas S. of M r Peter Lee & Henrietta his wife 

30 th Nicholas S. of John Welch & Anne his wife 

Oct. 4"' Jane D. of M r Thomas Lee & Eliz. his wife 

14 th Anthony S. of James Nay lor & Sarah his wife 

Jan. 10' 1 ' Elizabeth D. of James Lee Si Mary his wife 

1725 24 th Mary D. of George Moody A Jane his wife 
July b ,h Mary D. of Thomas Nogle & [blank] his wife 
Aug. II 1 ' 1 Anne D. of Nicholas Dougan Si Eose his wife 

13' 11 Thomas S. of Anth Alausel & Eliz: his wife 

Ditto John bastard S. of John Cooper by Catharine Bi<" r s 

[blank] Hannah D. of John Southwick Si Eliz: his wife 

Oct. 31 tL Parker S. of M r Edw d Bennet & Jane his wife 

Dec. 8 th Anne U. of W" 1 Broome & Mary his wife 

12 th Mary D. of Daniel, Morice Si Mary his wife 

27 th Edward S. of William Cooper & Julian his wife 

July 14 th Eleanor D. of Eichard Dyet Si Sarah his wife 

Aug. lS th Mary D. of Maj 1 ' Kovnon & Anne his wife 

21 th Nathanael S. of M r Nath 11 Webb & Bethia his wife 

Oct. 20' 11 Peter S. of M r Peter Lee & Henrietta his wife 

30 th Anne D. of John Welsh & Anne his wife 

[blank] James a bastard S. of Eleanor Ealsvay 

Dec. 16 th Thomas S. of James Hodge Si [blank] his wife 

25 th Thomas S. of John March Si Agnes his wife 

28 Thomas S. of the Kev d Thomas Allen & Eliz: his wife 

Jan. 5 th Michael S. of Cap 1 John Dyer & Margaret his wife 

8 th Thomas S. of M' James Thompson Si Mary his wife 

19 th Margaret D. of Patrick M c guire &, Mary his wife 

[blank} Mary D. of Eobert Drumond Si Eliz: his wife 

22 d John S. of John Eielder A Susanna his wife 

Feb. 5 th Mary D. of Daniel Blackley <t Mary his wife 

Ditto Elizabeth D. of M r Edw d Bennet & Jane his wife 

Mar. 19 th A'aleutine, a Slave of John Legayes 

1726 April, 4 th Mary D. of Nicholas Danniel & Eliz. his wife 

10 th William S. of John Harper Si Jane his wife 

Ditto William S. of James Lee & Mary his wife 

30 lb Edward, a Slave of George Underwood 

May IS" 1 Mary D. of Nicholas Kirvau & Honora his wife 

Ditto Mary D. of Nicholas Potter & Sarah his wife 

. 28 th Eichard S. of W"' Broom & Mary his wife 
Ditto William S. of W'" Morton A: Anne his wife 

June ll Ul Roger S. of M' W" Earl Si Trances his wife 

24"' Dennis S. of Dennis Mahouy & [blank] his wife 

26 th James, a bastard S. of Alice Sweeney & Coll" John Moliueux 

July 21"' Nathanael S. of Cap 1 lies & .Anne his wife 

[blank] Daniel S. of Daniel Sullivane A; Eliz. his wife 
Aug. 15 George S. of George Moody & Jane his wife 
Sept. 8 th William S. of John Slatery Si Trances Ins wife 
Oct. l at David S. of John lloleron it Mary his wife 

15 th James S. of Johu Bowkcr & Eleanor his wife 
22 d Sarah D. of M' John Blake Si Mary his wife 





[bin tiki] 
Dec. 26 tb 

30 th 


2 d 


7 th 

11 th 



Feb. 17 

Mar. 30 


27 lh 


1726 Oct. 31 th Simon S. of Simon Chilcot & Eleanor his wife 
Margaret D. of John Kerl of Antigua 

Richard i William, two Slaves belonging to M rs Grace Parson 
Thomas Drinskill B. of Geo. Underwood & Frances his wife 
Jane, a Slave of M rs Mary Frye 
"William S. of W m Connel & Sarah his wife 
Robert S. of Robert Drumond & Eliz. his wife 
Anne D. of W m Mead & Mary his wife 

William S. of M r Michael White & Mary his wife. [Michael 
White married Mary Tomliuson 26 February 1726 at 
St. John's, Antigua. — V.L.O.] 
John S. of John March & Agnes his wife 
John, a Negro belonging to Mary Haughton 
George S. of Daniel Sullivane i Eliz. his wife 
1727* [blank] Sarah, a Slave belonging to Thomasin Blakely 

Heather & Mary, Slaves belonging to Peter Terry 
Lucea, a Slave belonging to M r Bedingtield Bramlev 
Rich d S. of Rich a Dyet & Sarah his wife 
July 21 th Then baptized Nine Negroes belonging to Capt. Dyer 
Oct. 2 d John, a bastard of Coil Rich d Cooke by Katharine [surname 
Eleanor, a bastard of Timothy Sheas 
ll ,h Mary D. of James Gibbons & Rebecca his wife 
24 th John S. of Mathew Thornton & Eleanor his wife 
25 th John & Mary S. & D. of M r Nath: Webb & Bethia his 
Nov. 22 d David S. of W ra Morton & Anne his wife 

Emanuel & Mary, two Slaves belouging to Coll" Liildell 
Eight negroes belonging to John Popplewell 
Dec. 11 th Mary D. of John Slatery & Frances his wife 
Jan. 2 d George S. of George Mortimer & Eliz: his wife 

11 Mary, a Bastard of Richard Finch & Kleanor Gilbert his wife 
21 Jane D. of John Fielder & Susanna his wife 
Feb. 16 Susanua D. of John Southwick & Mary his wife 
[blank]. Catharine D. of Jeffrey Con & Bliz: his wife 
[blank] Bethia D. of M r James Thompson & Mary his wife 
Mar. 2 d Henry, a Slave belonging to M r Nath 11 Webb 
[blank] Elizabeth D. of W ni Cooper & Julian his wife 
[blank] Elizabeth 1). of M r Nicholas Daniel & EHz. his wife 
1728 19 th John S. of W U1 Broom & -Mary his wife 

April 10 lh Mary D. of M r James Lee & Mary his wife 

20 Joseph S. of Maj r Dyer & Margaret his wife 
May 4 th William S. of Cap' Tho. lies & Anne his wife 

10 th James & Jane S. & d. of John Brady & Kath. his wife 
ditto William S. of Henry Banks & Elizabeth his wife 

June 29 Jane D. of W'" Council & Sarah his wife 
July 8"' Edward S. of Edward Cooper & Martha his wife 

27 th Elizabeth D. of M r Earl <t Frances his wife 
Aug. 7 th Anne d. of John Farrel & Eleanor his wife 

24 Three Negroes belonging to M" Crace Parson 

(To b« continued.) 

• 1727 was first written, tho 7 wa« then altered into 8. 


^t. holm's, dftfl Crct, JJriife. 

The following list of Monumental Inscriptions from the pen of the Rector, 
the Rev. L. Thomas. D.D., appeared in the "Antigua Churchman " for November 
]907. It is hoped that verbatim transcripts, with description of the shields of 
arms, may be made and signed by the Rector, as recommended by the Congress 
of Archaeological Societies on 3 July 1907. The Editor will welcome any such 
lists from other clergy. 

Dr. Thomas kindly sends us the following list of Tombstone Inscriptions, in 
S. John's, Fig Tree, Nevis, w hich is of great interest : — 

Henry Williams Baker, Esq., formerly of co. Suffolk, d. 17 Dec. 1S23, aged 29. 

Edward and "William Brazier (date gone). 

Hon. Joseph Brazier, son of the late Edward Brazier, d. July 24th, 1834, 
aged 42. 

Husband, wife, and child, i.e., Edward Brazier, d. Sept. 20th, 1S19, aged S3. 
Mrs. Anne Brazier, aged 47, Sth Dec. 1797 ; and 
William Brazier, aged 12, Oct. 10th, 1794. 

Frances, wife to Col. Richard Brodbelt, d. 27th Aug. 1723, aged 37, also her 
children, Joseph Hill and Frances Hill Brodbelt. 

Captain John Eddy, d. 2nd April 16S2. 

Andrew Hamilton, Esq., d. 3rd April 1808. 

*Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of the Hon. John Richardson Herbert, President of this 
Island, d. Sept. 29th, 1709, in the 30th year of her age and 17th of her marriage. 

Sarah Herbert, daughter of Thomas and Frances Herbert, and sister of 
John R. Herbert, the President, d. Sept. 5th, 1785, aged 53. 

John Richardson Herbert, President twenty-five years, has a tablet without 
date erected by his daughter Martha Williams Hamilton. 

*Philip Lee of the family in the Isle of Wight, d. in 16S8. 

Fanny Henrietta Parris, wife of Richard Neave Parris, Esq., d. March 19th, 
1817, aged 32. 

*John, son and heir of Azariah Pinney, born May 3rd, 1G8G ; married in 170S 
Maria, daughter and heir of William Helme, and d. 11th Dec. 1720. 

Henrietta, wife of John Sanders, d. 29th Dec. 1746. 

Mrs. Mary Williams Smith of Charlestown, Parish of S. Paul's, d. 21st Sept. 
1829, aged 63. 

Harriet Hopkins, wife of William Slater and daughter of Edward Brazier, 
d. 11th July 1821, and Harriet her daughter, d. 19th Dec. 1824. 

*Edmund Stapleton, Arm., brother of Sir William Stapleton, Bart., of York- 
shire, d. 15th Kal. of Sep. (i.e., Aug. ISth) 1GS0. 

"William "Woolward, Esq., who married Mary, daughter of Thomas Herbert, 
Esq., and d. ISth Feb. 1779. Tablet erected by their daughter Frances Herbert, 
who was first married to Josiah Nisbet, M D., ami since to Rear-Admiral Nelson, 
who for his very distinguished services has been successively created a Knight of 
the Bath and a Beer of Great Britain by the title of Baron .Nelson of the .Nile. 

• All those have armorial bearings on the stone. 


jgotcs antJ ©times* 


Burke's "Commoners" and "Landed Gentry" state that Captain William 
Ricards or Ricketts of Bluefields Fort, Jamaica, married about 1G72 Mary, daughter 
of [Robert?] Goodwin, a younger son of Sir Francis Goodwiu of Winehendon, 
Bucks, by bis -wife the Lady Elizabeth Grey, only dau. of Arthur, 14th Lord 
Grey de Wilton, by his Lordship's first wife Dorothy Zouche. 

Burke further states that Mary Ricketts nie Goodwiu died 175S, letat. 9G, 
which would make her only 10 years of age at the alleged date of her marriage in 
1G72 ! I have so far failed to trace any record of this [? Kobert] Goodwin. His 
name does not appear on any of the pedigrees of " Goodwin of Winchendon." 
1 wish to find out his parentage and also the name of his wife, and shall be glad 
of any clue thereto. 


Eachel Ricketts, dau. of Captain William Ricketts, married, according to 
Burke and the Lawrence Archer's MSS. in British Museum, Lieut. Thomas 
Johnson, R.N., and had issue. 

Is anything known of the -ancestry of this Lieut. Thomas Johnson ? 


I shall be glad of any information relating to this family, principally resident 
in the Parishes of Hanover and Westmoreland, and intermarried with the Tharp, 
Laurence, Scarlett, Johnson, Haughtou, and Spence families. I have got together 
a " tentative" sketch pedigree of the Brissetts and their descendants. 

32 Crosthwaite Park, E., Erskixe E. West. 

Kingstown, co. Dublin. 


On a marble tablet : — 

Sacred to the Memory of 

The Hon'ble Richard Symons 

A native of the City of Bristol 

Of an ancient and respectable family 

Senior Member of His Majesty's Counsel 

And Collector of the Customs for this Island. 

Who resigued a well spent life 

In the active discharge of his duties 

On the 31 st day of December lb20 

Aged SI years. 

By his death Society was deprived of 

a valuable member 

The Island of a zealous promoter of its interest 

And the poor of a ready and liberal Benefactor 

Asa tribute of respect to his private worth , 

This Monument is erected by an affectionate 

And only surviving Sister.* 

Below on a shield are the arms : Per fess argent and sable, a pole counter- 
changed, and three trefoils slipped of the second [Stmons] (Symonda of Lyme- 
Regis and Taunton bore: Per fess sable and argent, etc. [Papworth, lOlOj) ; 
impaling .... [coat obliterated]. 

• Supposed to have been Mrs. Adams of Bristol 


This Richard Symons had a brother-in-law. an Admiral Gcoclall, who 1 ad : — 

1. Richard Symons Goodall. born in co. Gloucester or Somerset ; emigrated 
to the "West Indies about 1S0O; married and left one son Samuel Butler 
Goodall, and one dau. Mrs. Dyett, now living in Antigua. 

2. Charles Hammond Goodall. 

3. Thomas Goodall. 

4. William Goodall. 

5. Elizabeth Goodall, married Samuel Bird. 

6. Charlotte Goodall. 

It is desired to identify this ''Admiral Goodall." A certain Samuel Cranston 
Goodall, Admiral of the White, who fought in Lord Rodnev's action off Dominica 
in 1782, died 21 April 1801 at Teignmouth, co. Devon ("G.M.," 3sl). and his 
brother William Granstone died 4 August 1S0G in Pownall Terrace, Lambeth 
(Ibid., 7S1). 

R. H. Koetrioht Dyett (Registrar). 
St. John's, Antigua. 


Edward Stapleton, an Ensign of the 11th West Indian Regiment, retired in 
1S03, when it was disbanded, and -embarking in trade in Martinique is said to 
have amassed a fortune of £30,000. He died while on business in Antigua, and 
was buried at St. John's 19 January 1S1G. His stepson Thomas Doyle realized 
the estate in the various islands on behalf of his Mother, but is understood to 
have never returned to render any account. Are there any monumental inscrip- 
tions to either of the above, or any other information ? 


I have during recent years made a list of all these between the years 1GG0 
and 1797, and find that S00 wills relate to Jamaica, 450 to Barbados. 14.j to 
St. Christopher, 110 to Nevis, and with the other Islands (excluding Antigua) 
there is a total of about 1G70. There are not many wills between say 1G25 and 
16G0, and allowing for those between 1797 — 1S0S, beyond which date we are not 
allowed to work, there may be some 2000 wills in all. 

Genealogists will no doubt agree that abstracts of these wills should be printed, 
but quite apart from the cost of printing there will be the time, labour, and cost of 
making the abstracts. The wills of Jamaica should form a separate volume, also 
those of Barbados, and the other Islands might be grouped together. 

If a sufficient number of subscribers can be obtained a start mi<_rht be made, 
and if any voluntary workers will undertake to share the task of making abstracts 
say for any one particular island, the wills of such island would be first printed. 

Until Reports are received from each Island it is useless to offer auv remarks. 
Have the Legislatures issued any such official Reports on their local records: 

In the W. I. Committee Circular for November 21, 1908, it will lie noted with 
satisfaction that on the representations of the W. 1. Committee the Earl of Crewe 
has drawn the attention of the various Governors to the question of the preserva- 
tion of ancient buildings and monuments of historic or public interest. Tins 
official reminder is useful, but public opinion must also be enlisted, and local 
authorities induced to preserve such mementos of a glorious past for the benefit 

of the Empire. 




Captain Roger Earle of the Assembly of Nevis in 1672. Parentage or place 
of origin and descendants. 

Parentage and descendants of Colonel Edward Earle of the Council of Nevis, 
who commanded a Nevis Regiment at the re-capture of St. Kitts in 1090; of 
Samuel Earle of Nevis, proprietor of a plantation in St. Mary Cayon, St. Kitts, 
who suffered loss by the French invasion in 170,3, and was living in 1710 ; and of 
Thomas Earle, living in Nevis in 1707. 

Parentage and descendants of George Earle of the Division of Basseterre, 
St. Kitts, living 1711, buried 4 October 1747 ; of Thomas Earle, whose daughter 
Catherine was baptized at St. George's, Basseterre, St. Kitts, 4 November 1733 ; 
of George Earle, buried 5 May 1709, aged 55, whose daughter Sarah was baptized 
at St. George's, Basseterre, 1 January 1743-4, and buried six days later ; of John 
Earle, baptized at St. Mary Cayon, St. Kitts, 14 May 1722, where he married 
Elizabeth Burt 20 December 174-5, and where he was buried 10 November 1771 ; 
of Thomas Earle, who married Grace Williams at St. Kitts 1 January 1730. 

Parentage of Anne Earle, who died " of the late sickness, a low fever, at 
St. Kitts," and was buried 3 October 1759 ; of Mary Earle of St. Kitts, who 
married Henrv Berkeley, born 1734; of Anne Earle, buried at St. Kitts 5 July 
1779, aged 52." 


Colonel William Burt I., Deputy Governor of Nevis, died 10SG. Parentage 
or place of origin, wife and children. 

Name of the first wife of Colonel William Burt II., of Nevis, whose second 
wife was Jane Pym. 

Codrington Burt, son of William Burt III. of Nevis, had two daughters, 
baptized at St. Mary Cayon, St. Kitts, in 1720 and 1728. Surname of his wife 
"Mary," and did he have a daughter Elizabeth (? born in Nevis before he settled 
in St. Kitts), who married John Earle at St. Mary Cayon in 1745 ? 


William Julius of St. Kitts, born about 1095, had three sons, Caesar, William 
John, and John, President of St. Kitts, baptized at Christ Church, Nichola Town, 
18 April 1733-4, and two daughters, Fanny aud Catherine. Surname of his wife 
"Ann Mary," and names of other children. 


Roger Sherry signed a petition at St. Kitts 11 December 1724. Parentage or 
place of origin, wife and descendants. 

Roger Sherry had a sou Thomas Sharry, baptized at St. George's, Basseterre, 
St. Kitts, 18 November 1733, and buried five days later. Parentage, wife 
"Margaret's" surname, and descendants. 

William Sharry had a son Roger Sharry, baptized at St. George's, BasM'terrc, 
4 November 17-14. Name of wife (? Julius) or wives, and other children. 

Elizabeth Sharry married first about 1780 Mr. Herbert of St. Kitts, a store- 
keeper, by whom she had a daughter Eliza Ann, the wife of Archibald Paul), aud 
secondly John Earle Pitcher at St. George'B, Basseterre, 9 April 1790. Her 
parentage, and the Christian name of her first husband. 

The Christian name of Mr. Burt, of the firm of Pitcher, Paul], aud Burt of 
St. Kitts, circa 1S00. 

Henbt W. Pook (Lieut. -Colonel). 
121 Hither Green Lane, 




Crest. — A demi-lion'coupcd rampant Or. 

Abiis.— Sable, a lion rampant between three scaling -ladder S, two in chief and 
one in base, Or (Moitltis), impaling: — 

Or, on a chevron Sable three horseshoes of the first, a chief Gules charged with 
three fleurs-de-lis of the second. [If the chevron were Gules this would be the 
oat of Watkina of Silkstone in Yorkshire. See " Papworth," 182 and 493.] 

This may not have been, correctly speaking, a bookplate. It is lithographic. 

VOL. I. 



Valentino Morris, Lieut. -Colonel in Dalzell's Regiment, and owner of extensive 
plantations in Antigua, purchased the estate of Piercefield of 350 acres, in 
St. Aryan's, co. Monmouth, in 1710, for £8250. He made additions to the old 
house, increased the extent of the estate to 935 acres by subsequent purchases, 
and died there about 1743, leaving an only son and heir Valentine, a minor, whom 
he directed by his will should be educated at Leyden University, or one of the 
Inns of Court. 

Valentine, born 27 October 1727, probably at Antigua, inherited at his father's 
death 113G acres in that island, let on lease at £2600 a year. He married at 
Somerset House Chapel in December 174-8, Mary, eldest dan. and coheir of the 
Hon. and Rev. George Mordaunt. He expended large sums in beautifying his 
estate of Piercefield, where he indulged in lavish hospitality. A contested election 
for Monmouthshire is said to have cost him £0000. Becoming involved in debt 
his estates were mortgaged or sold, and his friends obtained for him in 1772 the 
post of Lieut. -Governor of St. Vincent. The writer of a letter from Antigua, 
published in the " Bath Chronicle" for 9 September 1773, alluding to St. Vincent, 
says : "I understand Mr. Morris, late of Piercefield in Monmouthshire, is the 
Lieutenant-Governor of that island ; for his sake, for the sake of that island, and 
indeed for the sake of many lives in this, I could wish to see a man of his known 
abilities in a station to command, not to be commanded, in that part of the 
world, and for no other reason but because I am sure he would render important 
services to his country." He did become Governor in 177G, but after the capture 
of the island by the French in 1779, returned to England, as appears by the 
following announcement : — 

1779. St. Kitts. June 14. The Hon. Governor Morris and Lady are goirii; 
home to England in the Snake sloop of war. (" Bath Chronicle.") 

After unsuccessfully prosecuting various claims against the Government (the 
Treasury paid his heirs £5000 on 28 June 179-4 for part of the balance due), he 
spent six or seven years in the King's Bench Prison, during which period his 
wife became insane. His friends obtained his liberty three years before his 
death on 2G August 17S9, at the house of his brother-in-law Henry "YVilmot, in 
Bloomsbury Square. His daughter, who was painted in 176S by Sir Joshua 
Reynolds as " Hope nursing Love," died in 17G9. There were three other 
children whose names are not known to me. 

One, a son, probably the owner of the bookplate, may have been identical 
with the following : — 

1823, July 23. In Sloane-street, the wife of Valentine Morris, esq., a dan. 
("G.M.," 17G.) 

1S24. Valentine Morris, AVine and Brandy Mercht., 9 St. Marv-at-hill. 
("London Directory. ") 

184-2, Nov. 15. At Eling, Hants, Richard William Morris, esq., second son 
of Valentine Morris, esq., of Battersea, to Caroline-Stratton, youngest dan. of the 
late John Saunders, esq., of Downs House. (" G.M." for L843, 86.) 

ISIS, Nov. G. At the Betroat. Battersea, aged 7S, Valentine Morris, esq., 
formerly a very successful wine merchant. (Ibid., (308.) 

For further details see " Antigua," ii., 272, but as the Governor's *\ill was not 
therein printed it is now given: — 

Valentine Morris, formerly of Piercefield. co. Monmouth, late Governor-Hi- 
Chief of the I. of S' Vincent, now of the 1. of Jersey, but at present in London, 
Esq. Will dated 22 December 17SS. My nge was Gl the 27 Oct. Inst. To be 
buried at Famborough if 1 die near there. Legacies to poor of cos. Monmouth and 
Gloucester. My dear wife deranged will have £100 a year by her mar. sett., if 


she recover I give her £200 a year more. Her nieces the Miss Milners.* My 
dear sisters Sarah 'Wilmot & Caroline Morris £100 each, which my late mother 
intended to bequeath them. My embarassetl estate and claims against the (iovcrn- 
ment. My brother Henry Wilmot, Esq., £l(J0. My aunt Allot of Yorkshire. 
Nieces Maria Milner, Eliz. Shipley, and Eliz. Seton'£50 each. Neph. Henry 
Wilmot, Esq., 10 guineas. To Janetta Johnson, dau. to M ra Morrisette, wife to 
M r M., jeweller in Denmark Str., Soho, £1000. Tyrrell Herbert of Antigua, 
Esq., who manages my affairs there, Ex'or and £100. To Nath 1 Humphrys, 
formerly of A., now lately gone to settle at Martinique or Guadaloupc, £1U0. 
Nephew Sir W m Milner certain family pictures. My late wife. My real estate 
to any son, failing to my said two sisters. Test 1 was late of S 1 Geo., Bloomsbury. 
Proved 15 January 1791 (P.C.C., 31, Bevor). (A long will, and this a very short 

The Vicar of St. Aryan's writes me that there is no Morris tablet in his Church. 


The following letters and notes with pedigree were sent me in 1S95 bv 
Mr. Martin J. Blake of 9 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn. The footnotes are his. 
He was also author of : — 

Blake Family Becords, 1300 — 1700, a Chronological Catalogue, with Copious 
Notes and Genealogies of many branches of the Blake Family, by Martin J. 
Blake, illustrated with facsimiles, plates of seals, portrait, etc. Two volumes Svo, 
parchment. 1902—190-3. 

Montserat, 22° Jully 1G73. 

Worthey Brotherf 

Your letters of the 2 nd of ffebruary & 2G" 1 of March last I have received 
& will doe what I can for my Coossin John Blake£ as you have recommended 
to me. You writ consearniug your brother Patricke Blake. § I am very ready to 
pay him here at all demaunds with all my creditors and am sorry not to have 
provision to pay them all there but lett them be sure I will never venter anything 
for their paym la as long as I live here least it should be lost. I stand to my first 
principle, ffraunces trench & some others of my creditors, threatens to come 
hither & discredit me in that particular I doe not care for them, for I thanke 
God, I carryed meselfe soe honest & civil theise yeares I live here that they nor 
100 more of them can doe me any hurte; I tould long since to the General! & 
best of these partes, that my liveing here was to recruite my greate losses whereby 
I should be enabled to pay my debts at hoame, which I am ready to doe accord- 
ing to the .statutes & eustomes of this countrey, which is noc disereditt in theise 
ptes of the world, as long as a man complyelh honestly in his dealings here. As 
for my present condicon I refer you unto my brother Nicholas. If I can con- 
venientlv order it 1 doe intend to bring all my children together to live with some 
English Mistress for such of them as do live in the countrey will want schooleing. 
My brother John is well in Barbadoes. 1 would wish he were eleere ot the 
dutch men to which purpose I writ to him to give them an ace' deliver up theirc 

• Sir William Milner married 1717 Elizabeth, youngest dau. and coheir of lion, and Rev. 
George Mordaunt. the sister to Mary, wife of Valentine Morris. 

t Thomas Make fitz John of Mull.i^hmorc, co. Galway. 

I Probably the writer's first cousin John Blake, son of the writer's uucle Martin Blake lilz 
Nicholas, then deceased. 

§ Fitz Nicholas titz Anthony of Kiltulla, co. Galway, whose sister Mary was married in 1(338 
to Thomas Blake of Mullaghmore, co. Galway, eldest brother of the writer, und the person to 
whom this letter was written. 

E 2 


effects & receive his Generall acquittance. I hope he will doe well without it, 
for he hath very greatc creditt for his honesty. I am sorrv vou have very hard 
times, there is nothing sweeter than a good plentifull liveing, which, I thanke God, 
is not wanting unto 

Your very loveing Brother 

H. Blake. 

I beseech you present my humble respects to my father* to whom I would 
write but that T have resolved not to trouble him before I pay all my debts and 
then congratulate the same with what more 1 shall then have cause. I send 
orders with my brother Nicholas to receive of you soe much of mv effects as was 
received by your order from M r Patrieke Creagh and now in your hands as mv 
Brother tells me, which I intend to be employed by him as I direct in hopes that 
by its profitt it may amounte to soe much as to pay the debt mv Brother Nicholas 
contracted a bond for my ace' for which it was designed first and which is the 
ouldest & as just a debt & as greate a burthen on mv conscience as any other 
debt. My Eespects to your bedfellowf & to your father & mother in law. 

Endorsed : To my loveing Brother, M r Thomas Blake at (railway. 

Montserat, IS*' 1 December 1(573 for 

£51 : 00 : 03d. 

At five dayes sight after the arrival] of the ketch Edmond of Montserat in the 
roade of Gallway or porte of disehardge of this my first bill of ex c pay unto the 
order of M r Thomas Blake fit/. John the sum of fifty one pounds three pence stirl. 
vallue received of M r Henry Blake, make good paym 4 & place it to the ace' of 

Your loveing friende 

To M r Garrett Keone, merchant. Ric. Darcy. 

Accepted by me the 22 nd of January lG7v. Garrett Keon. 

Montserat, IS Jully 1C74. 
Deer Brother, 

I understand by my Brother Nicholas l'tre by the way of Barbadoes 
that the bills of ex 11 1 sent you were not paid which is a create disapoiutin 1 of my 
expectac'ons to pay my creditors; my Coossen Richard DArcy assured me, that 
his nephew Mathew will pay the bill of £50 odd moneys ; he parted hence in the 
Phoenix of Boston in May last; as for the bill of t'G or thereabouts I pray force 
paym 1 by law from Garrett Keone it being his owne proper debt ; for the paym' 
of the bill of £50 odd moneys, I have security here, and for the £(! I have none. 
This is all, referring you to the rest of my I'trea with my love to your bedfellow 
& children, I Remaiue 

Your very loveing Brother 

H. Bt.AKF.: 

If you receive the contents of the Bills dispose of it as by former orders. 

I understand my father writ unto me p. Andrew oge Blake's ketch .v. should In- 
very glad to have received it being (as 1 understand) in the behalf e of Patr' 
Lynch ; whatever he would have me doe in that or in any other business by his 
owne handwriting I would A. will doe it, if within my power. 1 pray present my 
humble Respects to him and my worthy mother. 

Endorsed ; To my worthy Brother M r Thomas Blake At Gallway. 

* Fitz Nicholas. 

f His brother Thomas's wife, dau. of Nicholas Blake fitz Anthony of Kiltull i, co. Galway. 

X Henry Blake fitz John. 



Nicholas Blake (fit/. John) of Gulway, merchant, died=p.Jitlianc, dau. 
intestate 28 February 1621. Adm'on granted to hi3 , of Valentine 
eldest son John Blake by Archbishop of Tuaui on .3 Novem- Ffreneh of 
her 1G21 (original in possession of Martin J. Blake of Galway. 
Lincoln's Inn). 

1. John Blake (fitz= 
Nicholas) ; in 1610 
presented a Petition 
to the Commissioners 
forthe " Plantation " 
of Galway, claiming 
certain lands in co. 
Galway inherited 
from his aucestors, 
and setting out his 
pedigree;* Mayor of 
Galway in 1616 ; 
transplanted to Mul- 
laghmore, co. Gal- 
way, by the Common- 
wealth Government 
in 1655 : died 16S0. 





2. Martin- 
Blake (tit/. 
died be- 
fore 1052. 

1. Francis Blake (fitz 

2. John Blake (fit/, Mar- 
tin), seems to have gone 
out to join his cousin 
Henry Blake (fitz 
John) at Montserrat. 

3. Mary Blake, married 
John Lynch fitz Tho- 

3. James =f z . . . . 

1. Nicholas 




Blake (fitz 



Sheriff of 


Town of 


Galway in 







Patrick Blake 

(fitz James). 

1. Thomas: 
Blake (fitz 
John), a 
of Galway 
Town, anil 
of Mul- 
laghmore ; 
died 16S9. 

dau. of 
(fit/, An- 
thony) of 
co. Gal- 
way ; 

2. Henry Blake (fitz 
John), emigrated to 
Montserrat (circa) 
1670 ; sold his planta- 
tion there to his bro- 
ther John Blake of 
Barbadocs in Septem- 
ber 1676. and returned 
to Ireland; purchased 
the estate of Lehinch, 
co. Mayo, ami Renv\ le, 
co. Galway, in 1077-S; 
married before he went 
to Montserrat, and 
seems to have left his 
wife in Ireland; died 
at Lehinch 4 March 
1701. Will dated 26 
January 1702. 

3. John Blake (fitz 
John), was settled 
at Barbadocs in 
1673 ; had a share 
with his brother 
Henry Blake in a 
plantation in Mont- 
serrat; in 1(576 pur- 
chased his brother 
Henry's share and 
went to reside in 
Montserrat, where 
he settled perman- 
ently ; was married 
before he went 
abroad, and brought 
out his wife first 
to Barbadocs and 
afterwards to Mont- 
serrat. =F 

4. Nicholas 
Blake (fitz 
seems to 
have also 
gone out to 
but re- 
turned to 
Ireland be- 
fore his 
Henry, and 
resided in 

John Blake. 

• For particulars concerning tlie petition and pedigree (l(H0) of John Blake (fit* Nicholas) 
see Roderic Flaherty's " History ot Jar (West) Counaught," written in 1684, and published 
(with Notes l>v James liuruiiuuu) at Dublin in L846 by tlie Iruh Archaeological Society, pp. 




John Blake of=f=Eveline 
Mullaghmore, ; Lynch, 
andof Windfield, i married 
co. Galway, died 1695. 
(circa) 172-L 


1. Thomas=pAnn, dau. 

Blake of 
more and 
died 17152. 

of John 
Bodkin of 
co. Gal- 
way, mar- 
ried 1719. 

John Blake=Mary, 

of Mullagh- dau. of 

more and 


died s.p. 

1786 ; left 

his estates 

to his cousin 

John Blake. 

Pat Kir- 
wan of 
co. Gal- 

1. Patrick 
died v.p. 


2. John Katharine Blake, His de- 
Blake, married Sir Bo- seendants 
bert Lynch of settled at 
Castle Carra, co. Montser- 
Mayo, 4th Bart. rat. 

2. Mark, 
chant, of 

=Joan, dau. of 
Ffrench of 
co. Galway ; 
married 1731. 

Henry=pCharity, widow 
Blake of j of Francis Pal- 
Lehinch mer, and dau. of 
and Ken- Maurice Antics- 
vyle, died ley ; married 
(circa) 1722. 


1. Ignatius Blake, emigrated to Lima 

in Peru. 

2. Valentine Blake, succeeded to the 
estates of Kenvyle and Lehinch in 1773 
on death of his kinsman Henry Blake of 
Lehinch ; ancestor of Blake of Kenvyle. 

3. John Blake, succeeded to Mullagh- 
more and Windfield, co. Galway, under 
will (17S6) of his cousin John Blake. 

Henry Blake 
of Lehinch 
and Kenvyle, 
died s.p. in 
1773; left 
his estates to 
Blake (fitz 

Son Henry* 

By the tiranicall usadge and uncharitable proceedings of my cussin 
Martinf Blake I was necessitated to sell my fewe cowes — to fewe — to make him 

Eayment, and my poore tenants (excepting foure) all destroyed and broken by 
is meaues these two yeares past. And the two qrters of Cornikealla^h and 
Carrownifagh are wast without yealding any rent. And in my greatest need aud 
want you have suplied me God be thanked, that he hath enabled you to relieve 
me as aforesaid : And seuthence your departing heere bench you have my blessing 
running with you in all places wherein you goe, and so shall have a continuance 
to my lives end. I am most desirous to have a visible sight of you before niy 
parting this transitory life. As oftin as my son Nicholas takes this towne in bis 
wayes to the faires 1 doe press him to pay your creditors, wherebe you should be 
disingaged and come to your native countrie with creditt, and to me great comfort 
and joye ; notwithstanding that Nicholas takes care and paines in observing orders 
and in complying with my desires it fears me, he shall not be able to discharge 
my desires and request, for tubacco is verry plentifull now in this countrie, and 
in noe request. 1 conclude with my blessing and love to yourseife, to my son 
John, J my sons Kobertt French, Audrewe Browne and Patricke Browne. 

Mullaghmore the S"' of January 1675. 

Your father 

John Blake. § 

• Second son, of MotnNerrat. 
I Then at Barbados. 

t Fitz Andrew of Cuiuuicr. 

§ Fitz Nicholas, had beou iu 104(3 Mayor of Galway. 

CA.1UB13EA.NA. 55 

Montserat, 20 May 1G7-5. 
Deere Brother 

I have yours of the 25 th of 10 ,,r last & of the 13"' Aprill last, whereby 
I understand you owe me by the Ballanee of your ace 1 sex pounds ten shills sterl. 
I di«l order my Brother John Lynch and Patr. Brown all the Indigo into your 
hands to be kept nevertheless if my creditors would take the one halfe in Indigo 
& the other halt'e in money as in my Brother Nicholas letter I desire you to doe 
it. I have nothing nevre particularly to write you referring you to my Brother 
Nicholas letters and addvisses. 1 neede not desire you to be very carefull of all 
my conscarnes & to cleere me from my debts. I was sure of it already and my 
Brother confirmed me of your more than fraternall care of me ; with my love to 
your wife & ehildreu & Coossen James Blake, I remaine 

your very loveing Brother 

H. Blake.* 

I pray remember my love to father Daniell.t 

Brother I am very much troubled for that whore (as I am credibly informed) 
come out along with my Brother John's* wife. I am afraide she may be the 
occasion of his confusion by her seducem'. I pray God preserve him. Boh' «fc 
Nicholas advised him to put her out of the Company of his wife by telling her 
quality <fc he would not ; a strange alteration in one that hated the name of a 
whore as much as any in the world. By the first I will advise him to throw her 
away, which I prav God he may doe for his owne future content. 

H. B. 

Endorsed : To my Loveing Brother M r Thomas Blake fitz John in Gallway, per 
the Iudeavour of Corke. 

Bridge in Barbados, l' 1 Nob r 1G75. 
Deare Brother§ 

Tours of the 26 Ul of Aug st last I have on the 28 th ultimo rec J . I am 
glad you rec' 1 the moneys mentioned in your s d letter ; Seeing that yourselfe and 
nearest relations are against the sending hither of my sonnc I doe willingly 
submitt to your better judgements wherefore let him remaine there of whom 
I most earnestly intreat you to be most carefull and to see him decently provided 
with all necessaries for which purpose I will not from time to time faile to rcmitt 
you moneys by the way of London. M r Nicho. Lynod the schoole master at Mace 
hath written me that he would be very kind to him for which cause if you & my 
father in law will thinke it convenient let him remaine under his tuition ; for 
whom is one of the incloseds to whom pay plentiefully what you will thinke fit, 
that he may be the more encouraged to take paines about the childe : the inclosed 
for my s d Father in law peruse and resealc I pray you, and deliver it if you can 
with your owne hands.' I am very glad of my brother Nicho. and nephew Martin's 
safe arrival: To my Father ami mother I pray you remember me and my wife, 
whose blessings I most humbly crave ; as likewise 1 pray you remember my kind 
love to Lather Daniell. The wench come over along with my wife; I am most 
sensible what my brother Henry bath written me heretofore of her as likewise 
what you intimated p. your s' 1 letter, to which I say that though 1 find her as yet 
most vitious lesse here perhaps deterred through the most severe correction 
I keepe her under yet because of s' 1 had reports 1 would not at all abide her under 
my roofe but I thereunto am as yet inevitably compelled by reason my wife being 
as I find her of a very weake constitution cannot discharge all herselfe; tor 
washing starching making of drinke and keeping the house in good order is no 

* Henry Blake. t A Roman Catholic Triest at Gal way. 

t John Blake litz John, then of Barbados. 

§ Thomas illake l\lt John of Galway, merchant. 


small taske to undergoe here ; if I would dismisse her another I must have which 
may prove tenne times worse than her ; for untill a neger wench I have be brought 
to knowledge 1 cannot considering my present charge be without a white maid. 
I hope all will doe well for I have as much peace and tranquilitie in mv house as 
any one in the world can desire for which the Lord of heaven be for ever praised. 
Trading groweth dayly here worse and worse, onely that provitions now and then. 
as now it is, very scarce and deare ; viz' beefe sold at 'So 3 p. barr ; and some new 
beefe lately come in at 40 s p. barr: which prices I am sure will long continue 
because provitions due now beginne to come in from New England and some few 
from Bermudos. If you could at any time send hither 10 or 20 barr; or more of 
good beefe and finding freight at a moderate rate you may expect thereby 
reasonable profit. The hist Hurricane we had here which was on the last day of 
August last hath at least by a third part made this Island worse than it was, God 
Allmightie grant us patience. My wife remembered herselfe very kindly to you 
and to my sister your wife, and so doth, being all at present 

Your most faithfull brother and serv 1 

John Blake.* 

I am exceeding glad to heare of my daughter's improvement which I hope 
through the innocencie of her mother God Allmightie will dayly increase, to which 
purpose her father's dayly prayers will not be wanting. I pray y r ou remember my 
most humble service to your worthy brother M v James Blake to whom I am most 
thankfull for his kind letters to myselfe and wife : his nephew Thomas the Lord 
be praised doth enjoy very well his health whereof I was most fearcfull because of 
the thinnesse of his complectiou but he doth well as afores d and doe not doubte 
under God but he will prove in time a sufficient man. I pray you likewise 
acquaint our cousin Francis Blake fitz Martin that I will send his letter to me to 
my brother Henry who I am sure will not willingly wrong him or anybody else, 
for his honest dealings are, the Lord be praised, well known to the world. 

Montserat, 11 th May 1G7G. 
Deere Brothcrf 

Your letters of the G" 1 10 Ul and 24 th ultimoe I have received and this day 
delivered possession unto my coosen Edward Bodkine of the plantation with 
appurtenances and negers for your acco' who confessed Judgement in your 
name for 10GSS9 lb sug r to be paid unto me by the first of May next which is due 
after clearing and ballancing all acco ts . I pray God send you much joy of it. 
If I have occasion to draw on you for 20000"' sugar advise me thereof by the 
first; 1 intend it towards the eonsignm 1 from thence, if I can receive any of their 
effects here. For a further acco 1 of all my proceedings with my r coosen Edward 
Bodkine I refer to his letter who, I believe will send you a coppie of all ; and so 
desiring to my sister and assureiug my endeavours shall not be wanting to 
forward your interest here. 1 remaine 

Your very loveing Brother 

H. B. 

23 May 1G7G. 
I am come to this day and have nothing to add but that I am bound without 
doubt for Gallway in a pinke from hence bound thither where 1 tooke my passage 
and agreed for some fraight, aud so doe rest 


H. B. 

A true copy of my brother Henry Blakes letters to me, John Blake. 

• Third son of John Blake tilE Nicholas, Mayor of Gal way in 1646. 
f John Make titz John, at Barbadoes. 


Bridge in Barbados, 2S July 1G7G. 
Deare Brother 

My last unto you was on the 14"' of x l)r last by the way of London since 
which I did till now forbeare to trouble you with any unuecessarie lines ; yours 
of the 17 lh oi; Feb. last with its inclosed ace 1 1 have rec' 1 . For your great care 
and paiues taken about my children I am to you infinitely beholden for which 
I render you all possible thankes : I hope God Allmightie will reward your great 
charitic extended towards me and mine the continuance whereof I most earnestly 
begge. I have p. tins convenience ordered my correspondent at London by name 
Nathaniel! Bridges to remitt you £25 slerl. towards the reliefe of my children 
which is little enough ; but this our present croppe proving so extreame bad as it 
doth and my purchasing of my brother Henrys share of the plantation that was 
in halves betweene us at Montserrat, hindered me from sending a larger reliefe 
according to my ardent desire, for which I am exceedingly grieved ; however by 
sending any more than the said surnme I cannot otherwise helpe myselfe at present. 
I hope God Allmightie will for the future enable me to provide more plentifully 
for them, which to bringe to passe, my utmost industrie will never be wanting : 
here inclosed is a couple of lines from M r Carpenter according your desire; to 
my honoured Father and mother I pray you present my most humble dutie whose 
blessings I most humbly crave whom be pleased to acquaint that my wife and 
myselfe doe injoy very well our healths, for which the Lord of Heaven be ever 
praised. To my Father I would have written but that I am loathe to trouble him 
with the perusall of frivolous lines, whose sight 1 most vehemently long for, which 
if I had competent meanes to remove from hence I would quickly attempt to 
injoy ; in the meantime 1 must have patience : the inclosed for my sister Mary 
1 pray you cause to be delivered and the inclosed for my brother Henry who is 
homeward bound I leave open that you may understand of part of my grievances. 
If further imploym 1 will not come upon me more than now I have, 1 am 
resolved as soon as I can discharge* myself from hence, to remove for Montscrrat 
aud there to settle myselfe for some yeares to y e end I may in time gaine 
something for to bring me at last home. My wife remembered herself most kindly 
to you &■ to your wife my sister, to whom & to her Beverend Parents and her 
brothers James aud Patricke I pray you present my most faithfull love & 
service: your nephew Thomas is well in health, who I hope will doe well in 
time, being all at present from 

Your most faithfull Brother & humble serv' 

Joitxf Blakk. 
Endorsed : For M 1 ' Thomas Blake, merchant at Gallway in Ireland, p. M r 
Will 1 " Waite q. 1). G. 

iWornc ISntcc, Qonumca* 

The W. I. Committee, having on 2b' October last approached the Colonial 
Office on the subject of the preservation of historic sites and antiquities in the 
W. I., on 7 November the Administrator of Dominica, Mr. Douglas SToung, was 
called upon to report on the condition of the old military burial-ground at Morne 
Bruce, Dominica. This Report has now been recently received, and by the 
courtesy of the Earl of Crewe transmitted to the W. I. Committee, aud from it 
I have made the following notes : — 

On the withdrawal of the troops the Ordnance property was by Act of ISoi 
transferred to H. M. for public uses. 

* lf>78, Feb. 18. John Blake in the sloop Resolution for Montseratt, John Ingleby Com'; 
timeout. Ticket from Barbados. (Hotteu's " Lists of Emigrauts," p. 349.) f tiuuk this relates 
to the writer.— L V. L. 0.] 

t Fitz JoUu. 

58 CaribbeanA. 

In 1857 certain of the buildings were occupied as an Alms House, and tlic 
burial-ground a few hundred yards off, of i- acre and walled in, was used for the 
burial of the dead from the Institution up to lb97, when the Alms House was 

In ISO!) the old Military buildings and -10 acres (including the burial-ground) 
were occupied by an Agricultural .School, from 1903 the burial-ground lias been 
properly attended To. Copies of the inscriptions on the seven* displaced head- 
stones and the Trotter railed-in tomb with four photographs were enclosed. 

Copies of inscriptions on existing grave-stones in chronological order as far as 
it is known : — 

Erected by Qu r : Matter 

James Nashf in Memory 

of His Sou Robert ; who 

Departed this Life the 

31 3t : of July 1S01 Aged S Y": 

(? Here lies) 

The Body of Elenor Bartlet 

Daughter of George G ... en 

Bartlet who died on 24 Feb. 

1805 aged 3 Years. 


Here rest 

The Mortal Remains 

of the late 

Sergeant Benjamin Jones 

54th Regiment who died 

September 19th 1848 

Aged 27 years. (Eight lines follow.) 

Sacred to 

The memory of 

Captain Henry Brown 

Late of the 54th Regiment 

Who departed this 

Life on the 19th September 

1819 Aged 4 L years. 

Sacred to the Memory 


Alexander Trotter 


Tiddenham Chase 


Assistant Commissary General 

Who died 

26th January 1S52 

Aged GO years. 

• There are only five head-stones shewn in the photograph, hut six inscriptions given. 

t There is a photograph of this stone. Above the inscription appears G. ft. in an oval 

surrounded by a wreath on which is : . ." d uattalion .... hegimbnt, surmounted by a crown 
and ftauked by military trophies. 


Head-stone from which the square metal name-plate has disappeared. (A photo- 
graph of this is given.) On either side is incised a cup and cover in the Chippen- 
dale style. The one on the left has I think emblems of freemasonry, the one ou 
the right : — 

Crest : An arm in armour couped. Arms : .... a chevron between 3 towers .... 
These may have been presentation cups. There is a similar example on the 
tablet of H. H alley of St. Vincent in Bathampton Church. Below is this 
inscription : — 

"Long Long this Stone and pointed Clay ; 
Shall melt the musing Britons Eyes. 
Oh ! vales : and wild woods, shall they say, 
In yonder Graves some Masons lies. 
May each Freemason Good and true, 

In Britaius Isles be found ; 
And in Remotest Regions too, 

May love and Harmony abound, 
And all confess true Wisdoms Power, 
Till Time and Masons are no more." 

On fragment of stone : — 

Aged 10 mouths. 

iLtst of iHarrtagcs on raortr in Jamaica 
prcbtous to 1680.* 

[Add. MS. 21,931, British Museum.] 


1676 Matrimony solemnized and confirmed between 

April 10 Nicholas Lyssons Jun r and Susanna Goffe 

15 Lazarus Ashley and Elizabeth Licorish 

16 Anthony Sledge and Catherine Smyth 
May 15 James Whitsey and Elizabeth Jones 

23 Robert Newberry and Katherine Patison 

June G James Tudor and Ruth Covill 

7 Thomas Barnett and Elizabeth Wiggins 

8 William Wortin and Margaret Hill 

8 George Maskall and Susanna Campion 

15 Coll. Theodore Cary and Dorothy Wale 

29 William Gravestock and .Mary Benskin 

29 Henry Marshall and Mary Smyth 

July 17 Henry Ward and Anne Barret (at Porte Roy all) 

20 Stephen AyliiT and Margaret Denby 

Aug. 15 Lewis Lewis and Susanue Tapin 

• Continued from p. 17. 

60 CAribbeana. 

Sept. 5 William Eaton and Jane Doughty 

14 John Collet and Susanne Finch 

17 William Rudroff and Mary Walker 

25 John Allen and Elizabeth Pamell 

Oct. 15 Cornelius Wyatt and Margery Smyth 

19 John Shaw and Alice Gale 

23 Henry Heck and Phillis Wotton 

Nov. 30 Jeremiah Walters and Rebecca Mollins 

Dec. 14 Thomas Burnell and Christian Goodyear 

24 Edward Bradley and Elizabeth Collins 

25 L l Coll. Samuel Barrey and Elizabeth Modyford 


Jan. 15 Michael Bullock and Margaret Seollthrop 

Mar. 12 Humphrey Boskervaile and Mary Hull 

William Dainty and Maiy Coulter 

William Barline and Anne Hoskins 

Andrew Angola and Anna Maria 

William Wright and Susanne Wheterall 

John Mason and Alary Cope 

Thomas Goffidge and Elizabeth Samson 

Joseph Peters and Alary Walrond 

John Elsely and Joanna Bivile 

James Lespines and Margaret Ncdham 

Balthasor Delorier and Maria Cheoueite (a Alulatto man and Negro 

Robert James and Alary Rawlingson 
Robert Chapman and Mary Weston 
John O'Neal and Elizabeth Lee 

Francisco Alaneses and Alaria Candclaria (free negroes) 
Richard Brown and Margaret Pierce 
John Lombard and .Mary Moore 
John Eager and Thomasin Saul 
Alichael Lalleure and Katherine Russell 
Henry Read and Elizabeth Roan 
William Bish and Joan Hart 
Lewis Anderson and Anne Robinson 
Thomas Gibbon and Anne Macquecn 
Robert Hart and Anne Wildrish 
Abraham Loadman and Anne Powell 
Thomas Cammock and Elizabeth Pickering 
Peter Moore aud Black Betty (tree negroes) 
Robert Cave and Susanne Alartyn 
Thomas Ferryman and Elizabeth Francis 
John Bandwell and Elizabeth Alarlow 
John Yates and Aune Hunsdone 
David True and Elizabeth South 

James Forster and Rebecca Peterson 
John Spencer and Phillis Barrett 
Henley Cuillt'ord and Mabel Langford 
Timothy Scott and Joanna Scott 
Thomas) Wallis and Catherine Wood 
Francis Richardson aud Sarah Grimstoue 


















































. 10 









































Edward Hunt and Ursula Blake 

John Howell and Rachel Jordan 

Thomas Screetch and Mary Burroughs 

Richard Pay ton and Judith Gibbons 

Edward Hornsby and Sarah Lane 

John Auger and Margai'ett Cowdell 

George Lewis and Rebecca Marshall 

Richard Friend and Anne Munfield 

John Leake and Hannah Taylor 

Richard Taylor and Rebecca Horner 

Edward Worrell and Anne Wheatly 

Fulke Rose and Elizabeth Langley (at Porte Royall) 

Thomas Earbeck and Mary Xeale 

Peter Haddard and Sarah Bowen 

Thomas Best and Susanne Crane 

Mingo Delacruee and Alice Collins 

John Wethersby and Margaret Yates 

Garret Murnley and Elizabeth Mackaw 

Thomas Churches and Elizabeth Goodall 

Robert Edwards and Jane Haynes 

Edward Harding and Mary Hourden 

Tobias Root and Elizabeth Williams 

Joseph Pochin and Catherine Warren 

Thomas Ketten and Elizabeth Low 

John Legatt and Anne Morgan 

Sir Francis Watson and Elizabeth Collier 

Thomas Barlow and Anne Bousey 


Jan. G George Williams and Mary Collenridge 

16 Dennis Maeswaine and Frances Deane 

Feb. IS Nicholas Elston and Anne Nesfield 

22 John Jones and Jane Grymes 

23 John Dennis and Anne Prosser 

25 William Moore and Rebecca Lightfoot 

Mar. 4 John Cavey and Elizabeth Barker 

4 George Ashby and Eleanor Scarlett 

12 John Baily and Mary Mighty 

1G Thomas South and Deborah Watson 


27 Thomas Elvard and Penelope Cary 
30 Edward Usedone and Anne Piper 
30 Richard Guy and Alice Groves 

April 3 Jacob Howard and Katherine Wells 

21 George Sheller and M arth a Sawyer 

23 Edward Price and Isabel le Burges 

May 13 Abraham AVebb and Isabelle Miller 

25 John Lambe and L T rsula Probey 

June 20 Richard Davis and Isabelle Hollifield 

July 19 Isaak Allen and Mary Walker 

28 Edward Turner and Sarah Fitzwilliams 

29 George Richardson and Jane Goodson 
Aug. 5 Edward Drake and Grace Modvford 


Aug. 9 Adam Atkins and Helene Ferdinando 

21 William Coward and Mary llymes (in Clarendon) 

27 Edward Godward and Elizabeth Plumley 

Sept. 1 Abraham Harris and Anne Harris 

4 William Fleetwood and Elizabeth Ewer 

17 John Jones and .Martha Stnbbs 

30 Abraham Mills and Elizabeth Harrison 

Oct. 2 John Wake and Jean Matterson 
Andrew Read and Susanne Green 

20 William Gibson and Mary Powell 

27 George Crosse and Sarah Stone 
Nov. 1 Thomas Bishop and Joan Binham 

•i John Sanders and Elizabeth Peace 

2S John Heath and Elizabeth Edwards 

Dec. 11 Thomas Ball and Mary Horner 

28 Joseph Tyner and Elizabeth Greenwood 
28 John Frank and Joanne Craddock 

Marriages Anno 1GGG. 

June 7 John Willson and Ann Zeale 

10 Edward Woodin and Grace Tumbler 

July 5 Richard Spicer and Anne Hopkins 

8 Thomas Jones and Elizabeth Hall 

Aug. 5 Richard Flenrick and A'ce Claydon 

Sept. 13 James Thomson and Mary Zeale 

Oct. i Silas Crouch and Joan Jesse 

Nov. 30 Richard Fielder and Eleanore Shullevant 

Dec. 17 William Parker and Jane Biarom 

Mar. 21 Thomas Joyce and Elizabeth Parrum 

Anno 1GG7. 

May 20 Thomas Edmunds and Sarah Holder 
Thomas Poel and Mary Moody 
John Standly and Alee Turner 
Francis Standly and Sarah Ellis 
Robert German and Elizabeth Sharrom 
John Francum and Elizabeth Boin 
John Pitts and Christian Thomas 
George Whottle and Mary Maekarta 
Ansell Coaly and Margery Barnes 
Richard Guest and Mary Onion 
Joseph Castell and Elizabeth Boam 
Peter Turpin and Elizabeth Lather 
William Tanton ami Hester Smith 
Thomas Tod and Anne Johnson 

(To'J/e continued.) 

























Indorsed: The Rev d Joseph Grant to M w Murray. Conveyance of a Planta- 
tion and Negroes in Antigua, Dated ;)()"' Sept' 1790. [Four skins.] 

This Indenture made the 20' 1 ' Sept. 170(3 Between The Rev. Joseph Grant 
now residing in the City of London Clerk eldest son of James Grant late of 
Carron in the parish of Abelour iti Banfshire, Scotland, of the one part, & Eliza- 
beth Murray wife of James Thomson Murray of Cookstone, co. Tyrone, Ireland, 
Physician & late the widow of the said James Grant deceased & Mother of the 
said Joseph Grant on the other part WITNESSETH that for 5s. to him Joseph. 
Grant paid by Eliz. Murray he hath sold to her all that Plantation heretofore the 
property of Patrick Grant late of the said James Grant deceased situate in the 
division of Belfast it parish of S l Philip in the Island of Antigua of 75 acres 
bounded to the E. with lands heretofore of Tho. Spencer & now in the possession 
of Tho. Edwards X' lauds of John .Mayer ; \Y. with lands late of Joseph Wickham 
& now of Joseph AViekham Mayer; N. with the Sea; S. with the lands late of 
Robert Jeaffreson & now of John Taylor also dwelling house sugar works 
coppers &c. also all that other piece of land heretofore of the said Patrick Grant 
& late of Jas. Grant in the division <t parish aforesaid containing 21 acres 
bounded to the E. it W. with lands of Chr. Bethell ; N. with lands of Chr. 
Bethell & the Kings Highway; S. with lands of Sir Geo. Thomas; also all that 
other piece of land heretofore of the said Pat. Grant & late of Jas. Grant in the 
division it j>arish aforesaid of 21 acres bounded to the E. with lands heretofore 
of Nich. Collins & late of John Lediatt deceased; W. with lands of John Mayer; 
N. with lands of Joseph AViekham Mayer; S. with the Sea also the dwelling 
house sugar works with oxen «& 1 mule 4l male slaves & 42 female slaves (all 
named) it the reversions rents to have & to hold the said Plantations <&e. for one 
year paying one pepper corn that by the Statute for transferring uses into 
possession she may be enabled to take a grant & release of the reversion to her .& 
her heirs & assigns for ever. 

Signed by " Joseph Grant." Seal. Cbest : A lion rampant. Motto : 

.... MAJESTA. 

This Indenture made the 30 th Sept. 179G between Rev. Joseph Grant & 
Jas. Thomson Murray & Eli/,, his wife Wiieheas a ranking of trie Creditors 
& sale of the estates of Jas. Grant was commenced in the Court of .Session in 
Scotland in which action Jos. Grant was called as a party & Eli/.. Murray then 
Eliz. Grant being preferably secured the Creditors entered into a contract with 
her & the Court by their decreet of 2(J Feb. 17SS found that she was bound to 
discharge her life rent right upon the estate of Carron under Iter contract of 
marriage & in consideration the Creditors were to make over to her all claims 
to the estate of the deceased Patrick Grant of Antigua Surgeon &, empowered 
Lachlan Duff writer to the signet as Trustee for them to execute deeds & all 
matters in dispute between Jas. T. Murray & his wife Eli/.. & Rev. J. G. were 
settled by >l r James Wolfe Murray advocate it M r Archibald Milne writer who 
found that she had an undoubted right to the said estate of P. G. & that it 
should be conveyed to her, the decreet arbitral being dated 22 it 21 Ap. 1791 it 
registered in the Books of Council A Session now this Ind. AVitxessktii that 
for £700 to J. G. paid he conveys to Eliz. Murray in her possession by virtue of 
an Ind. dated the day before this for the term of a year all that plantation of 
Pat. Grant of 75 a. 21 a. it 21 a. it negro slaves <t rents due under a Lease made 
to John Lediatt late of Antigua Esq. deceased it J. G. appoints Charles Grant of 

• These deeds have beeu ju>t sent to me from the collectiou of the lute James tolemau, the 
dealer, of Tottenham. 



the Island of S' Vincent Esq., John Burke & Walter Colquhoun late of the I. of 
Antigua Esquires his Attornies to appear before the Register of Deeds for A. 
so that this deed may be recorded in tiie Register's Office. 

Affidavit appended dated 17 Aug. 179S signed by the Lord Mayor. 


Indorsed. Dated 1S1G. William Maxwell Esq. and others to Mel's" Ellice & 
Holden Assignees of Mefs™ Henderson & Neilson. Bargain & Sale. [One skin.] 

This Indenture made the 26 th Aug. 1S1G Between- W m Maxwell late of 
Carriden in the shire of Linlithgow, Scotland, but now of Abercromby Place in 
Edinburgh Esq. <fc Mary Charlotte his wife, the Hon. Hastings Elwin late of the 
I. of Antigua but now of Bath Esq. & Sum. Athill of A. Esq. of the one part; & 
Edw. Ellice of Mark Lane Merchant & W m Holden of the City Chambers Esq. of 
the other Witxessetii that for 5s. W" 1 Maxwell &c. sells all that plantation 
called Richmond of 175 acres in the parish of S l Paul bounded on the S. with 
Chapmans & Howards plantations belonging to W" Maxwell ; E. with lands now 
or late of Benedict Willis Esq. ; N. with lands of the Hon. JRich d Tyrell Esq. & 
part of the Folly plantation ; W. with the Folly plantation & also all that other 
Chapmans & Howards plantation in the said parish & all messuages sugar works 
& all pastures & the stores in the town of Falmouth all negro slaves live stock 
to Edw' 1 Ellice & W m Holden for one year that they may be in actual possession 
according to the statute for transferring uses into possession the Ind. of release 
to be signed the day after this to be made between W 1 " Maxwell & Mary Charlotte 
his wife of the 1 st part; Hastings Elwin & Sam. Athill of the 2 d ; Edw d Bouverie 
the y r of Delapre Abbey co. Northampton Esq. & Patrick Maxwell Esq. of H.M. 
7 th regt. of dragoon guards of the 3 rd Edw d Ellice & W" 1 Holden of the 4"' & 
Archibald Neilson of Upper Charlotte Str. Fitzroy Sq. Merch' of the 5" 1 part. 

Signed by Will. Maxwell. A bird with wings addorsed on the seal. 
M. C. Maxwell. " Mary " on the seal. 
Hastings Elwin. ? Part of antler on the seal. 

On a shin of parchment : 

To the Honorable the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 
Ireland in Parliament Assembled. 

The Humble Petition of William Maxwell of the Island of Antigua in the 
West Indies and of Edinburgh Esquire. Sheweth 

That Tour Petitioner is the Proprietor of an Estate called Richmond 
Plantation and Chapmans and Howards Plantation in the Parish of Saint Paul in 
the said Island: That the said Plantations from length of cultivation have become 
wholly unproductive of any profit. 

That on such Plantations there were according to the latest accounts received 
in this Country 322 Negroe Slaves.— That the produce of the said Plantations is 
not suflicient to maintain such Negroe .Slaves and to pay the other expences of 
cultivation. — That the said Negroe slaves are all Creoles and with one or two 
exceptions were born on the said Plantations. 

That Your Petitioner is unwilling to sell and disperse them. — That Lands 
sufficient for the profitable and healthy employment of so large a gang can only 
be obtained in the Colony of Demerary but that the removal of Negroe Slaves to 
the said Colony is at present prohibited by Law. 

Your Petitioner therefore Most Humbly prays that Your Honorable House 
will be pleased to allow him to present a Bill to Your Honorable House to l»o 
palsed into a Law to enable him tu remove the said Negroe Slaves to the said 
Colony of Demerary. 



At the Court at Windsor, 27 February 1828. Report of the Committee for 
hearing Appeals from the Plantations. 

Tour Majesty having on 20 Ap. 1825 referred the Appeal of Clement Kirwan 
& Matthew Kirwan against Nich. Nugent setting forth that on 17 Ap. 1823 the 
Appellants filed their Bill of Review in the Court of Chancery in the I. of Antigua 
against the said Respondent & Rich 11 Jos. Gilbert Munro, Alex. Williams, Luke 
Foreman, Nich. Tuite Selby, Mary Ann Kirwan, Ph. Lyne, John Blackburn, 
Nich. Kirwan, \V m Musgrave & Tho. Sanderson reciting a Bill filed by J. G. Munro, 
A. Williams, & Nich. Nugent against Tho. Kirwan (since deceased) & the 
Appellants & also against Patrick Kirwan (since deceased) & the said L. Foreman 
& N. T. Selby & divers decrees made before Appellants had put in any answer & 
setting forth the death of Tho. Kirwan who had by will appointed M. A. Kirwan, 
P. Kirwan, P. Lyne & J. Blackburn his Ex'ors & Patrick Kirwan by will appointed 
J. Blackburn <fe the Appellant C. Kirwan & Tho. Norbury Kerby, W m Musgrave, 
& Tho. Sanderson Ex'ors & the Defendants were not represented in the Island, 
pray that the orders & decrees of 15 March, 3 Mav, & 14 June 1S10, 13 Feb. 
1812, 6 Nov. 1812, 20 Feb. 1813, &c, might be reviewed or reversed & that the 
Receiver should deliver up possession of the Plantation to the Complainants & 
accounts passed & costs settled & Appellants to furnish account of the adminis- 
tration of the trust estate of the late Stephen Lynch. The Lords of the Committee 
having heard Counsel on both sides report that the Order of 17 July 1S21 should 
be reversed, the Appellants shall give security for costs of this suit & His Majesty 
with the advice of his Privy Council approved thereof. Signed C. C. Greville. 
(Ten pages fo. in the Editor's possession.) 

Hilton of 35arimtios. 

Wm. Kirton of the parish of Christ Church, Barbados, Esq., 11 November 
1GG9. To be buried in the parish church. To my wife Margaret £120U sterling 
due from Mr. Tho. Applewhaite of St. Tho. parish, and make Richd. Buckworth, 
Esq., Mr. Nich. Prideaux, and Mr. Richd. Seawell Esors. as to that sum. I give 
her also the use of half my house and sheep, poultry, etc., and one third of all my 
goods and household stuff, 2 negro men and women, a parcell of linen to come 
from Holland by Capt. Edwd. Kirton, 3 horses and my coach, and 20,000 lbs. of 
muscovado sugar yearly. Digorie my eldest son by my first wife 12,00(J lbs. yearly, 
having paid many unnecessary sums for him, and £400 sterling after -3 years. 
My son Francis G000 lbs. yearly to be apprenticed, then 3-3,000 lbs. yearly, and 
Mr. Tho. Cheavely of L., merchant, to receive for him 50,000 lbs. at 20 and 
50,000 lbs. at 21. My daughter Dorothy Kirton S000 lbs. yearly and 50,000 lbs. 
at 16 or marriage, and 50,000 lbs. the following year. All my Brookhaven 
plantation to my son John Kirton, which I had in marriage with his Mother my 
late dear wife Eliz., and confirmed to me by the late Wm. Lord Willoughby, then 
to Philip my second son, then to Francis my thin' 
G0O0 lbs. yearly till 10. To my eldest 



Dr. John Kirton of St. Michael's^Anne, sister of "Walter Caddie; 
parish, Barbados. Will dated 30 born 1700 ; died 7 August 17G3, 
May 172S ; proved at Barbados 22 a>t. 03. "Will dated 28 May, 
February 172S-9. proved at Barbados 15 Oct. 17G5. 

Dr. Alexander 
Kirton of St. 
Michael's, Sur- 
geon, 17G5. 

^Barbara, 1st dau. of Michael An- 
derson of Tushielaw by Janet, 4th 
dau. of Sir James Jvaesmyth of 
Posse, Bart. ; remarried William 
Carter, and in 17SG succeeded her 
uncle in Tushielaw ; died 1790. 

Mary=p Philip Sim-=pKebecca 



mons of 
dead 17G5. 


John Kirton- Anderson of=pAngel, dau. of 
Barbados and Tushielaw i . . . .Price, and 
and of Albion Place, co. | relict of ... . 
Surrey, born 1758; died ; Maloney ; 
18LG. Will dated 27 Dec. | Ex'trix *to her 
1815; proved 20 February j husband. 
181G. -s.p. 

Anne Kirton, married=pHenrv 

1772 : married 2ndly, in Peter Sim- 

1785, John Allen Olton mons of 

of Barbados, and had a Barbados, 

dan. Rebecca Olton who died 1771). 
married, 1S10, Sir P. 
A. Alleyne, Bart. 

Philip Simmons, born: 
1774 ; died 1S00. 

A'ernonaEstwiek, dau. of . . . . 
Rowan; married 179G; died 

Henry Peter 8immons 
died a bachelor 1845. 

Benjamin Thomas Gaskin, lst=pAnneVernona Sim- 

son of Colonel Gaskin of Bar- 
bados ; married 1818 ; died 
ISIS. 1st husband. 

mons of Tushielaw, 
born 1 707 ; died 

Tlev. Thomas Gordon Torrv, 
youngest son of Bishop of 
St. Andrews; married 1S29 ; 
died 185G. 2nd husband. 

Benjamin Tho-=pEmily Claxton 
mas Gaskin- Callender, his 
Anderson, born cousin, of Bar- 
March 1819 bados, married 





Vemona Thomas- 

pRudiard Sid 


Christian Torrv,* 

nev Smith, 


married ls">2 



W. I. Genealo- 

R.N., died 




Benjamin Thomas Gaskin-Anderson, born=pAmelia Passmore, 1st dau. of Major 
1842, Colouel of Scottish Borderers. | William Eous Newlvn, married LSG5. 

son Francis, and my son John. To Eli/.. Phillipps the youngest now livincr with 
me 3000 lbs. at 14. Dr. John AVharton £20. To the" parish of Christ Church 
£20 for plate. Jewels to inv wife. To mv said three T. the £1G00 due from 
Mr. Tho. Applcwhaite. £100 to said Dr. J. Wharton. £300 to my daughter 

• Mrs. Vernona Smith was :i very enthusiastic collector of W. I. i>eJigrees, and seul me these 
Kirton notes some years a^o. Her Jamaican pedigrees were, I believe, acquired by the British 
Museum, Others are in private hands. Will any reader supply tlie date of her death ? 


Dorothy, and the rest to pay the debt to Mr. Edwd. Boddy and Mr. Natl). 
Kingsland. Said three T. to be overseers. To each Exor. £10 and appoint my 
sou Phillip one. r' 

"Witnesses: Eliz. Bainham, Doctor "Wm. Dunne, Capt. Win. Eyton. 

Proved 23 November 1C69 ; sworn before Clir. Codrington, President. 

Entered at Barbados 27 November 1GG9. 

John Kirton of St. Michael's parish, Barbados, practitioner in physick and 
chyrur^ery, 30 May 172S. To my wife Anne all my estate, and Ex'trix. 
Witnesses: M. Duncan, Wm. Murray, John Eichards. 
Proved 22 February 173S in the presence of Ja. Dottin, President. 
Barbados, entered 22 February 1733. 

Ann Kirton of Christ Church, Barbados, widow, 28 May 17G5. All my 
99 acres and house in Christ Church, 12 negro men, 8 women, 8 boys, 11 girls to 
Jas. Simmons, Benj. Nicolls, "Walter Caddie, Junior, and Henry Peter Simmons 
on T. To Mrs. Susannah Frettor £10 c. a year. My son Alexr. of the parish of 
St. Michael, surgeon, the use of my plantation for life and subject to the 
education and care of my granddaughter Ann Kirton and my grandson John 
Kirton, his children, after their Father's death, to his said two children, viz.. two 
thirds to John at 22 and one third to Ann. If my said grandson John die then 
two thirds to Ann and one third to my daughter Mary Simmons, widow. If Ann 
die first then all to John ; if both die then all to my daughter Mary .Simmons ; if all 
three die then the plantation to be sold and then £200 to my sister Eliz. Purchase 
or her son Alex. Purchase, £200 to Mrs. Cath. Miller of Christ Church or her 
daughter Ann Miller, £100 to each of the children of my brother Walter Caddie, 
Esq., and £.50 to my nephew Anderson Stanton. £50 to my niece Anne Bend 
his sister, and £50 to each T., and all the l'est to the said Wr. Caddie, Junior, and 
Hen. Peter Simmons. Henry Beckles, Esq., Tho. Woolford, and Bichd. Wiltshire, 
Esq., Exors. 

Proved 15 October 17G5 before Chas. Pinfold, President. 

Barbados, entered 15 October 17G5. 

Rich d Kirton of New AVindsor, 19 October 1748. My wife Keturah. My 
daughter Keturah Kirton. My sister Susannah Hathaway. 
Proved 17 November 174S. 


s of st. lUtts. 

Francis Phippes, Senior, of Beading, co. Berks, sjent. "Will dated 28 January 
1GG7. My daus. Mary and Anna £500 each. My s. Francis £20 a year till they 
are paid. My s. George £500. My s. Tho. land adjoining the Bear Inn. My 
two youngest sons James and Constantino £500 each. Proved 1 May 1GGS 
(P.C.C., 09, Hene). 

Thos. Phipps of Staple Inn, gent. "Will dated . My late father Francis 
Phipps of Reading. Mv s. Tho., a minor, my part of the Beare Inn at Beading. 
Proved 1G71 (P.C.C., vol. ii., Duke). 

F 2 



. . . .=pFrancis Phipps, Senior, of Bead- = Sarah, widow of Colonel 
1st ing, co. Berks, gent. Will dated John Jeaffreson of St. 
wife. 28 January 16G7 ; proved 1 May Kitts, who died 16130. 
1668 (69, Hene). ' 2nd wife. 

Francis Phipps, named in his 
father's will and in 1G82 in the 
Jeaffreeon Papers.* 

George Phipps, named in his 
father's will. 

Thomas Phipps of Staple Inn,=j=Eliza- Man- 
gent., named in his father's beth Phipps. 

will. Will proved 1G71 (vol — 

ii., Duke). Left a son Tlio- Ann 

mas, a minor. Phipps. 

Colonel Francis Phipps of St. Thomas, Middle^=[? Mary, dau. of Major Joseph 
Island, St. Kitts, set. 24 in 1707; Member of Crisp of St. Kitts; named in 
Council 1708; resigns 1729. His heirs owned , his will of 1708.] 
Normans Island in 1750. 

Joseph Phipps of St. Kitts, Member of^= 
Council 1729 ; died 1745 ; named in 
the will, 1708, of his grandfather Major 
Joseph Crisp. 


Mary Susanna 

Phipps. Phipps. 

All three under 1G in 1708 in the 
will of their grandfather Crisp. 

Constantine Phipps of St. Kitts, Member of=f Mary 
Council 1747. Will dated 1 July 1769, then .... 
of London ; proved 17G9 (31S, Bogg). Had j 
plantations at Christ Church. NicholaTown, j 
and St. Thomas, Middle Island. 

(?) Eobert Phipps, Esq., 
Member of Assembly 1750; 
attorney 1753 to John St. 
Leger Douglas ; dead 1753. 

James Farril Phipps of St. Kitts, matric.= 
from St. Mary Hall, Oxford, 16 February 
1761, set. 16; created M.A. 26 June 1764; 
M.P. Peterborough 1780—86; died at 
Bath G March 1786. Will dated 3 June 
1785; proved 1786 (4S7, Norfolk). 

Constantine Phipps of=pElizabcth 
Watton Court, Devon ; . . . ., died 
inherited the planta- set. 83. 
tion in St. Thomas, M.I. in 
Middle Island; living Bath wick 
1785. j Church- 

j yard. 

Maria Charlotte, only dau. and heir, 
married, 12 August 1789, Sir Patrick 
Blake, 2nd Bart., of St. Kitts. and 
Langham, co. Suffolk ; died at Bury 
St. Edmunds 5 February 1823. 

Lieut.-Col.=Sophia Matilda, only dau. 
Pownoll of General Benedict Arnold 

Phipps, of Connecticut; died l^L'S. 

E.I.C.S., ("Burke's "Landed Gen- 
lst son. try," i. 4t.) 

• The Into John Conlv Jtvi'lYeson, barrister-at-law, of Mania Yali\ London, the well-known 
writer, had in his possession :i larjre number ot \V. I. letters relating to hi.* ancestors at St. Kitts, 
some of which he j>nntcd. See his jieJijjree io " Jintigua" ij. 



Captain James Phipps of St. Thomas, Middle^fSusanna, only dau. 
Island, St. Christopher, Member of Council of Captain Eobert 
16S3; thirty letters to him in the Jeaffreson Clarke of St. Chris- 
Papers 1682—86; went to England and re- toplier ; died 17 Oe- 
turned in 1685; killed in 1689 at the French tober 16S6, ajt. 30. 
attack; Christopher Jeaffreson and Colonel j M.I. at St. Thomas, 
Pym his ex'ors. I Middle Island. 


Sir Constan- 
tine Phipps, 
Knt., 5th 
son. (See 
next page.) 

Anne Phipps, 1st dau., at school in (?) A dau., married Colonel Thomas Pvm of 
the care of her uncle Sir Constan- Nevis, who was stvled " nephew " of Sir 
tine in 1696. Constantino Phipps" 1696-7. 

Francis Phipps, late of St. Christopher, =Elizabeth, 
now of London, Esq., 1750 ; had a plan- living 
tation of 101 acres at St. Paul's, Cabbes- 1750. 
terre in 17.33. 

Frances Phipps, named as 
goddau. in will dated 172.3 
of Christopher Jeaffresou, 
Esq., of St. Kitts. 

(?) Edward Phipps, Esq., Member 
of Assembly 1750; had a planta- 
tion at St. Anne, Sandy Point, in 

(?) William Phipps, 
Esq., Member of 
Assembly 1750. 

James Phipps. Esq., 
had plantation in St. 
Thomas, Middle 
Island, in 1753. 

Lucv Phipps of Frances Phipps, married, 1 Novem- 
St. Michael's, berl773, Rev. Arthur Onslow,*D.D., 
Winchester. Canon of Christ Church, Oxford, 
Will dated 1 Dean of Worcester, Archdeacon of 
August 1771 ; Berks, Chaplain to House of Corn- 
proved 1777 mons; born 17 Aujjust 1746; died 
(522, Collier). at his Vicarage of Lindridge 15 
October 1817. 

Mary Phipps, married at 
St. Marylebone, before 
1769, John Trent of Bar- 
bados and Clargea Street, 
St. George's, Hanover 
Square, Esq. His will 
dated 17s t ; proved 2 May 
1786 (310, Norfolk). 

James Phipps of Bristol, gunsmith, is 
stated to have been brother of Francis 
Phipps of Reading; emigrated to the 
Kennebeck Riverin Maine, New Kngland. 

=...., living 1(»!)7; had twenty 
sons and five daus. ; remarried 
John White. (" Clone. Notes 
and Queries," iii. 324.) 

* See "Notes and Queries," 9th Series, x. 325, and "Misc. Gen. et Her.," 2nd Series, 
i. 292. 




Phipps. i 
He had I 
a son 

Sir William Phipps, Knt., younger son,= 
born on liis father's plantation 2 Feb- 
ruary 1650 ; baptized at North Boston 
23 March L690, set. 40; inventor of the 
diving bell ; Prov. Mar. General of 
New England 3 Jac. II. ; knighted 2S 
June 1GS7 ; Governor of Mass. 3 Wil- 
liam and Mary ; died 18 and buried 21 
February 1001-5 in St. Mary Wool- 
noth, London. M.I. Will dated IS 
December 1093 ; proved 29 January 
169G (15, Pyne). 

=Mary, dau. 
of Captaiu 
and widow 
of John 
Hull of 

1G93 in 
the will 
of his 




Spencer Phipps alias Bennett, adopted son of Sir=pElizabcth died 

William, and a minor 1693 ; Lieut. -Governor of 
Mass. May 1732 ; died June 1757. 


(" London 

David Phipps, 
B.A. Harvard 
17-11 ; a loyal- 
ist; banished in 
1778 and his 
property con- 
fiscated ; died 
in England 
July 1811, at. 

Thomas=f=. . . ., Elizabeth Phipps, 

Phipps, dau. of married at Boston, 

Director .... Mass., 10 October 

East Peck- 173-1, Col. John 

India ham of Vassallof Jamaica. 

Com- co.Sus- born 1713 ; died 

pany. sex; 1717. She died 22 

mar- and was buried 25 

ried September 1739, 

April set. 23, at Cam- 

1742. bridge, Mass. 


Eliakim, died 3 Decem- 
ber 1714, set. 2 months. 
M.I. at Cambridge. 

Mary, died S June 1716, 
set. 5 years 10 months. 
M.I. at Cambridge. 

David, died 21 September 
1722, a?t. 1 month. M.I 
at Cambridge. 

Sir Constantine Phipps, Knt., 5th son of Fran- 
cis Phipps"; born at Heading, co. Berks, 1655; 
entered Gray's Inn 1 1 February 1677 ; of the 
Middle Temple in 1GS4, Bencher 1706 ; Agent 
for St. Kitts 1700; Lord Chancellor for Ireland 
1710—11; Knighted 12 December 1710; cre- 
ated D.C.L. Oxon. 20 October 1711; died 9 
October 1723, aged GS, in the Middle Temple ; 
buried and M.I. at White Waltham, co. Berks. 
Will dated 9 July 1720; codicil 4 October 
1723; proved 2l" October 1723 (215, Rich- 

^Catherine, 1st dau. of 
George Sawyer of Bul- 
lingham, co. Hereford, 
who died 1665, 1st BOn 
of Sir Edmund Sawyer, 
Knt., of lleywood in 
White, Waltham. CO. 
Berks ; mar. licence 
10 October 1684, then 
aged 17 ; died 30 Oct. 
1728, aged 68. M.I. 
Will proved P.C.C. 
(361, Brook). 

William Phipps, only son=p Lady Catherine Annesley, only dau. and heir of Jame: 

and heir, died 1 I'ebruarv 
1729, aged 31. 

Earl of Anglesea; married 1718; remarried John 8hel 
don of Croydon ; died IS January 1736. 

Constantine Phipps, Mary 
Lord Mulgrave. Phipps. 

FJi/abeth Phipps, married. 
1733, John Estridge of 
St. Kitts. 

. . . ., youngest dau., 
married, May 1732, 
Rev Webb. 

Caribbeana. 71 

Sir "William Pbipps, Kt., of Boston, co. Suffolk, in Massachusetts Bay, Ts'ew 
England. Will dated IS December 1003. To my brother James Phipps or his 
heirs 5/- he being heretofore by my means sufficiently provided for. To my wife 
Mary all my estate, and if she dnnt dispose of it by her will it shall descend after 
her death to my adopted son Spencer Phipps aVs Bennett, remainder V to my 
sisters Mary, Marg' and the heirs of my sister Anne Phipps, dec' 1 , and 3 to the 
heirs of my wife. £Lo0 to be paid to John Phipps s. of my bro. John Phipps, 
dec d . If my wife die before Spencer Phipps is of age I appoint Cap 1 .)n° Foster, 
Esq., and Cap 1 Andrew Belchar of Boston, Merchant, to be Trustees and 
Guardians. My wife Mary sole Ex'trix. Wit. by .In Phillips, Jn" AYhite, Jn° 
Hiskett, Josiah Stone, J11 Greeuough. Before the Hon. W'" Stoughton, Esq., 
E' Gov r of Mass.. appeared Dame Mar\ r Phipps, 10 September 16t)6. Proved 
20 January 1696 (P.C.C., 15, Pyne). 

Major Joseph Crisp of St. Christopher. Will dated 10 May 1708. My dau. 
Mary Phipps £500 c* My grandson Joseph Phipps and granddaus. Eliz. Phipps, 
Mary Phipps and Susanna Phipps 20,000 lbs. of sugar each at the age of 16, and 
the like to the child my said dau. now goes with. Proved 21 October 1712 
(P.C.C., 184 Barnes). 

Sir Constantine Phipps, Kt. Will dated July 1720. To be bur. in the 
chancel of White Walthain parish church, co. Berks. To my wife my house in 
Onnond Street, also the one in Bedford Bow and my seats in S l George's Chapel. 
My son W"' has a cause iu Chancery to recover his Lady Catherine's portion. To 
my wife £-300, also the great bible 1 had as Ex'or to my aunt Farrington and the 
following pictures : myself, done by the late Bishop of Klphin, hers and mine by 
M r Richardson, my son and dau. Ingoldsby, ihe Earl and Countess of Pembroke, 
Sir Rob 1 Sawyer, Sir Edmund Sawyer, iny aunt Earrington, my loving brother 
Geo. Sawyer and D r Sachevercl. After her death they shall go to my s. A\" m . 
My 2 dans. Mary and Frances £2500 each. To my son and dau. Ingoldsby £20, 
and to their children Kath. and Frances Ingoldsby £20. My neph. Major Geo. 
Sawyer £20. All residue to my son \V m , he to be Ex'or [Schedule of furni- 
ture, etc.], the great silver tankard given me by my Lady Phipps, AVid. of Sir W m 
Phipps. To my wife the lease of my house at Old Windsor. My 2 daus. and s. 
W m . 4 October 1723. Proved 21 Oct. 1723 (P.C.C., 215, Richmond). 

1756. Ann Gunthorp the Younger of Antigua, widow of John Gunthorp, 
Esq., in her will gives £100 to Mathew Phipps dau. [sic] of Susannah Phipps, 
deceased. Testatrix was a Burt of St. Kitts. ("Antigua," ii. 3S.) 

1759. D re wry Ottley of St. Kitts and London iu his will names: My dau. 
Christina wife of W m Phipps. My niece Mary wife of Edward Phipps. 

Constantine Phipps, late of St. Christopher, now of London, Esq. Will dated 
1 July 1769. To my wife Mary £300, the use of my house in Queen Anne 
Street and £100 a year. My plantation in Christ Church, S 1 Nicholas Town, to 
Daniel Mathew of Felix Hall, co. Essex, Esq., and l) r Macnamara of Liucolns 
Inn, Esq., on Trust to pay my two daus. Lucy and Frances £2000 each at 21, 
then for my eldest s. James Fan-ill Phipps and to bear two thirds of the legacies. 
My plantation at S l Tho. Middle Island on Trust to pay to m\ said two daus. 
£1000 each, then for my s. Constnntine Phipps. To my dau. Mary. \\ ife of John 
Trent, Esq., £10 a year. All residue to my eldest s. (Lord Mulgrave and 
several others ex'ors.) Proved 1 September 1769 by J. F. P., the sou (P.C.C., 
319, Bogg). 

• c. is au abbreviation for " currency," which was very much less than sterling. 


1774. Win. Ottley of Hcngrave, co. Suffolk, and of St. Kitts, in his will 
names : My sister Christian Phipps. (" Antigua,' 1 ii. 371.) 

Edward Phipps of St. James, co. Middlesex, Esq. Will dated . My 

brother Tho. Phipps. Esq., and his daus. Sarah, Marv, Harriott, Hannah his 
eldest dau. Proved 1777 (P.C.C., 396, Collier). 

Lucy Phipps of St. Michael, "Winchester, spinster. Will dated 1 August 1771. 
My nephew John Trent £100. My brother Constantine Phipps, his wife Eliza- 
beth, and to my sister Marv Trent £10 apiece. My sister Frances Phipps £20(X). 
My brother James Phipps." Proved 1777 (P.C.C., 522, Collier). 

James Phipps of Peterborough. Will dated 3 June 1785. My brother 
Constantine Phipps, my brothers in law Arthur Onslow and John Trent, Esq., 
Lucy Fergus, Spinster, Sam. Span, Esq., of Bristol, merchant. JRogers Parker, Esq., 
of Peterborough, Bev. Edward Beadon of North Stoneham, co. Southants, and 
Sam. Phipps, Esq., of Lincolns Inn. Ex'ors. All my estate to my dau. Mary 
Charlotte Phipps. Debts on my estates. Proved 15 September 1786 (P.C.C., 
487, Norfolk). , 

John Trent of Charges Street, St. George's, Hanover Square, Esq. Will dated 
1784. My 5 relatives James Phipps of Peterborough, etc. All my estate for 
my s. John Trent. Proved 2 May 17SG (P.C.C., 310,' Norfolk). 

Sam. Phipps of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., names Lord Mulgrave, etc. Proved 1791 
(P.C.C., 246, Bevor). 

1682, September. Chr. Jeaffreson conveys letters from Captain James Phipps 
of St. Kitts to his brother Constantine Phipps. (Jeaffreson MSS. i. 132.) 

16S3-4. James Phipps, a Member of the Council. 

1689. Captain James Phipps was killed at the capture of the island by the 
French. (Governor Hill's letter of August 20.) 

1696-7, January 9. Extract from a letter to Colonel Pym : " Your deceased 
friend Cap. Phipps whose eldest daughter Mrs. Anne Phipps was left at school 
.... her uncle Counsellor Phipps." The writer and Colonel Pym are joint 
ex'ors of Captain Phipps, Captain Phipps' brother Constantine Phipps, Esq., 
Colonel Pym's uncle Constantine Phipps. (Jeaffreson MS.) 

1701-2. Letter written to Mr. Phipps, son to Captain Phipps. 

1707. Census. Francis Phipps, Est]., a^ed 24, has 4 men, 1 woman, 1 boy, 

1 girl and 67 negroes, viz., 22 men, 30 women, •"> boys and 10 girls. 

170S. Governor Parke appoints Francis Phipps, Esq., to be of the Council 
vice Colonel Crisp, deceased. 

1709. Constantino Phipps was then agent for the island in London. 

1710-11. Francis Phipps, Esq., a Member of the Council. (Oldinixon, 
ii. 294.) 

1711. Census, St. Thomas, Middle Island. L' Col. Francis Phipps, 7 men, 

2 women, 2 boys, 4 girls, and 107 negroes. 

The address which the New England people sent to Queen Anne was presented 
by William Vaughan, Esq., and Constantine Phipps, Esq. The latter, one would 
think, was employed by them purely because he was Sir William Phipps, their 
late Governor's namesake. (Oldmixon's "British Empire in America," i. L68.) 

1723, October 9. Dy'd in the GSth STear of Ins Age, sir Constantine Phipps, 
of tho Middle Temple. Knt., Lord Chancellor of Ireland in the Reign of Queen 
Anne. (Historical Register, viii. 42.) 











1723, Wednesdy, Octob r 2 d , dyed S r Constantine Phipps, Knt., late Lord Chan- 
cellor of Ireland in the Reign of Queen Anne, in the OSth year of his age, and 
interr'd at "White Waltham, near Maidenhead. (Mawson's Obits., "Genealogist," 
New S., vi. 21.) 

1725. Chr. Jeaffreson of Dullingham, co. Cam., and St. Kitta, in his will 
bequeathed to Mrs. Frances Phipps, his goddau., a necklace of ei<^ht pearls. 

1729, March 2. Colonel Francis Phipps, over twenty years of the Council, 
had a dispute as to seniority with Joseph Estridge, Esq., which having been now 
settled in the latter's favour, he writes to the Governor and resigns. Joseph 
Phipps is appointed in his place. 

1730, February. Dy'd "William Phipps, Esq., only Son of Sir Constantine 
Phipps, Knt., formerly Lord Chancellor of Ireland. He marry 'd the Lady 
Catharine, only Daughter of James Annesley, Earl of Anglesea, by the Lady 
Catharine Darnley, Natural Daughter of King James II., and by her left issue 
two Sons and one Daughter. (Historical Register, xv. 14.) 

1732, May. The Rev. Mr. Webb of Dorsetshire to Mrs. Phipps, youngest 
daughter of the late Sir Constantine Phipps. (" London Mag.," p. 95.) 

1732, May. Colonel Phipps, a native of New England, appointed Lieut. - 
Governor of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, in the room of AVrn. Tailer, 
Esq., deceased. 

1733. Act of St. Chr. The plantation of Fra. Phipps is in Christ Church, 
Nichola Town Parish. He also had an estate in St. Thomas, Middle Island. 

173G, Jan. The Lady Catharine Sheldon, wife of John Sheldon of Croydon, 
Esq., relict of William Phipps, Esq. (son of Sir Constantine Phipps), and daughter 
of her Grace the Dutchess of Buckingham by her first husband the Earl of 
Anglesea. (Historical Register, p. 13.) 

1742, April. Tho. Phipps, Esq., a director of the E. India Coinp. and son to 
Governor Phipps, to Miss Peckham of Sussex. (" London Mag.," p. 205.) 

1745, May 28. Joseph Phipps, Member of the Council, is dead. (B. T. 
Leeward Islands, 2U9.) 

1747, November 20. Constantine Phipps, sworn of the Council, writes home. 
1750, July. It is stated that his three brothers are all Members of the 
Assembly. (B. T. Leeward Islands, xxix.) 

1750. Norman's Island near Tortola which belongs to the heirs of Col. 
Phipps. (Extract from Ralph Payne's letter.) 

1753. John St. Leger Douglas, Esq., of St. Chr., appoints Robert Phipps, 
Esq., as one of his attornies. 

1753. Survey of St. Chr. by Sam. Baker: — 

Christ Church, Nichola Town. 3 large plantations. Hon. Constan- 
tine Phipps. 
S l Tho., Middle Island. James Phipps, Esq. 

„ „ Heirs of Bob 1 Phipps, Esq. 

„ • „ Edward Phipps, Esq. 

„ ,, Will. Phipps, Esq. 

S l Ann, Sandy Point. Edw. Phipps, Esq. 

S l Pauls, Cappesterre. Francis Phipps, Esq. 

1758. Tho. Hutchinson appointed Lieut. -Governer of Mass. vice Spencer 
Phipps, deceased. 

1786, March 0. At Bath, after a long and severe illness, Jas. Phipps, esq., 
M.P. for Peterborough. (" G.M.," 181, 263.) 

1807. Leeward Islands Almanac: — 

Thos. Phipps, M. of House of Assembly for Christ Ch., Nichola Town. 
Edward Phipps's 9 miles on the Western Koad from Basseterre 

Phipps's Lower Work 7 miles on the Eastern Road. 
Custom House, Sandy Point. Clerk, Joseph E. Phipps. 

74 cartbbeana. 

1823. Suffolk. Feb. 5. At Bury St. Edmund's, Dame Maria Charlotte, 
relict of Sir Patrick Blake, of Langham. second bart. She was the onlv daughter 
of James Phipps, Esq c , of the island of St. Christopher, M.P. for Peterborough, 
and an immediate descendant from a brother of Sir Constantino Phipps, Lord 
Chancellor of Ireland, and ancestor of the present Lord Mulgrave. She was 
married to the late Sir P. Blake, Aug. 12, 17S9, but had no issue. (" G.M., 

In the " Gent. Mac;." for 1S51, pt. 1, is a letter about Sir W. and Sir C. 
Phipps, from which it appears that Sir Constantine was born at Beading in 1655, 
according to Coates's '"History of Beading," and resided many rears at Hevwood 
House in White Waltham. "He entered Gray's Inn (Harl." MSS., No/ 1912, 
fo. 133), "1281. Phipps, Constantine, Beading, Berks, 11 February 1G77." 
Heywood was the Sawyers' place, and he had it through his wife Cath. Sawyer. 
Sir C. Phipps died October 1723, aged b"S, and there is a long M.I. to his 
memory on the south wall of the chancel of White Waltham Church. 

The above appeared in reply to a query in November 1853, the writer of which 
stated that the first peer of the family obtained a grant of arms in 1707. 

Close Boll, 24 Geo. II., 1750, pt. xii., No. 12. 

This Indenture made 14; Nov., 21 Geo. II., 1750, between Francis Phipps, 
late of S l Chr. now of London, Esq., & Elizabeth his wife of the one part, & 
Drewry Ottley of Great James Street, S' Andrew, Holborn, Esq., of the other. 
Whereas the said Francis Phipps is seized of a plantation in the French Quarter 
in the parish of S 1 Paul Capisterre of 94 acres & 10 acres mountain called the 
Camp bounded E. with lands of Dominiek Tranf. Esq., N. with Benj. Markham, 
Esq., S. & W. with Geo. Leigh, Esq., with good stock & 120 slaves subject only 
to a charge of £35S0 owing to Augustus & John Boyd of London merchants A: 
F. P. wants to borrow £1919 of D. O. so grants him the estate. Eliz. Phipps 
signed with her mark. 


(Harl. Soc. Pub., p. 94.) 

1666 Oct. 22 James Phipps,* of Swallowfield, CO. Wilts, Esq., Widower, & 
Dorothy Hawkins of Lockiugs, co. Berks, Sp r , 30, her parents 
dead; at Lockings, Amcton, or Beading, co. Berks. 


(Harl. Soc. Pub., p. 179.) 

16S4 Oct. 10 Constantine Phipps,f Esq., of the Midd. Temple, Bach r , ah' 20. 
& M rs Catharine Sawyer of S' Catherine Creechurch. Lund., 
Sp r , ab l 17, with conseut of guardians, bcr parent** dead; at 
S l Catherine afs d . 

• He is stated in " G.M.," 1854, pt. i., p. IS to have married the first daughter of Sir Giles 
Brydges, first Hurt., of Wilton Castle, co. Hereford. 

f In the " G.M." for 1813, pt. ii., p. (US, is an iuquirv as to his and her family. 




[Copied by Mr. N. Darnell Davis of Georgetown, Demerara, in 1S79, and sent 
to me in 1891.] 

Here lies interred the body of Mrs. Susanna the wife of Captn. James Phippa, 
of y e island of S l Christopher, and onely daughter of Captn. Robert Clarke late 
of y c said island deceased, who departed this life y c 17' 1 ' clay of October in y c year 
of our Lord 16SG, being y e one and thirtieth year of her age. 


Near this Place is interred the Bodv of 


Who, in the Tear 16S7, by his great Industry, 

Diicovered among the Hocks, near the Banks of Bahama, 

On the North Side of Hifpaniola, 

A Spanifh Plate Ship ; 

Which had been under AVater forty-four Years. 

Ovt of which he took, in Gold and Silver, to the Value 

Of Three Hundred Thouliind Pounds Sterling! 

And with a Fidelity, equal to his Conduct, 

Brought it all to London ; 

Where it was divided 

Between himlelf and the reft of the Adventurers. 

For which great Service he was Knighted 

By his then Majel'ty King JAMES the Second; 

And, at the Requelt of the principal Inhabitants of 

JViejy England, 

He accepted the Government of the Maffachuj ets ; 

In which he continued to the Time of his Death : 

And dileharged his Truft 

With that Zeal for the Intereft of his Country, 

And with lb little Regard to his own private Advantage, 

That he jultly gained the good Elteem and Affections 

Of "the greatelt and belt Part 

Of the Inhabitants of that Colonv. 

He died the 18th of Feb. 1694,' 

And his Lady, to perpetuate his Memory, 

Hath cauled this Monument to be erected. 

(Toldervy's " Epitaphs," ii. 10.) 

Pahisii Registee. 

1601 Feb. 18 Dyed, Sir William Phipps, and was interred in the vault under 
the organ gallery, Feb. 21. 
[For an account of the Treasure adventure see Oldmixon's " British Empire in 
America," i. 129.] 

WHITE WALTHAM, Co. BERKS. (" Genealogist," vi. 31— 56.) 

16S8 Oct. 31 Francis the sounc of Constantiuc Phlipps [sic] Esq. Si Catherine 
his wife. 

76 CAitlBBEANA. 


16S8 Nov. 2 Francis the wife of Constantino Phipps Esq. was Bur. 

1690 June IS Thomas, son of Constantine Phipps of the Parish of St. Andrews 

Holborne, London, Esq r , in the County of Middlesex was 

Buryed here. 
1G91 Nov. 26 Constantine the son of Constantine Phipps of the Parish of 

St. Andrews Holborne, London Esq r in the County of 

Middlesex was Buryed. 
1701 Sept. 7 Anne the daughter of Constantine Phipps of S l Andrew's 

Holborn London Esq. was bur. 
1713 May 1 M rs Jane Phipps who died in the Parish of S l Andrews Holborn 

London was Buried here. 

[There are many entries of the Sawyer family.] 

BATH ABBEY. (Harl. Soc. Pub.) 
1786 Mar. 9 M r Phipps ; was carried away (burial). 

SPETTISBURY, Co. DORSET. (Hutchins, iii. 528.) 

1795 Aug. 16 James Phipps, s. of Constantine Phipps, esq. and .... his wife 

jWonumcntal inscriptions in #iujIanS 
relating to 823cst Knt*tan&* 


South aisle, south wall, opposite the fourth bay : — 


to the Memory of 


of the lfland of Grenada : 

whole Remains are here deposited 

(four lines here) 

He defcended to an untimely grave 

February 1 st 1797 Aged 36 Years 

(Six lines follow.) 

1797, Feb. 7, Capt. Matthew Munro. Buried. 

His will was proved in 1797 (P.C.C., 102, Exeter). 

1796, Nov. 2. At Clifton, John Span, esq., merchant, of Bristol, to Miss 
Dorothea Munro, only daughter and heiress of Hugh Muuro, esq., of Carriacou, 
in the government of Grenada. (" G.M.," 965.) 

• Continued from p. 33. 



South aisle, south wall, opposite the fourth hay : — 

Near tin's Place lie the Remains c£ 

JAMES PEDDER, of the If land of Jamaica, El"q r : 

who departed this Life, Nov r : 2L sl 177-3, 

Aged 64 Years. 

(Four lines follow. He was a husband & father.) 

Near the transept corner is a white marble insertion in a floor-stone with his 
name, date, and age cut on it. 

1775, Nov. 20, James Pedder, Esq. By D r Butt's stone, south aisle. Buried. 

1775, Thursday, Nov. 30. Sunday the remains of John [sic] Pedder, Esq., a 
Jamaica planter, were interred in the Abbey Church. (" B.C.") 

His will was proved in 1776 (P.C.C., 327, Bellas). 

South aisle, south wall, opposite the fourth bay: — 




WHO DIED IN THIS CITY MAY 17 th . 1823. 


1823, Thursdav, May 22. In Daniel-street, Henry Lynch, M.D., of the island 
of Barbadoes. (- : B.C.") 

South aisle, south wall, opposite the fourth bay, in a circle on a square 
tablet : — 

In Memorv of 


of the Island of S' Croix 

Weft Indies. 

Obiit Jan>\ 30 th . 1807. 

Aged 53. 

Above, on a shield, the paint being partly worn off, are : — 

Arms. — Argent, three boars' heads couped, in base a musket. Crest. — None. 
Motto. — vel pax vel stellum. 

1807, Feb. 5, John Gordon, M.D. Buried. 

South aisle, south wall, opposite the fifth bay : — 

Here lies 

The Body of M rs HANNAH ALLEYNE, 


of the If land of BARBADOES. 

(nine lines here.) 

February the 10 th : 1702 

Aged 35 Years. 

Above on a shield are : — 

Arms. — [Per chevron Gules and Ermine] in chief two lions' heads erased Or, 
impaling: Three wavv lines paly only visible, the paint having worn off. 
1702, Feb. 13, M" Hannah Alleyne. Huried. 
1775. Thomas Alleyne, Esq ; of Barbadoes. ("G.M.," 255.) 


South aisle, south wall, opposite the fifth hay: — 


who died at simon's town, cafe of good hope, 

august 8 th . 18(30, aged 41 years. 

from the effects of exposure during the indian mutiny 

of 1857, while serving on the staff of silt henry hayelock. 

(One line here.) 


FRANCIS "WILLIAM MELLOWES, who died at kurrachee, scinde, 

FEB Y 19 th . 1S49, AGED 1 YEAR. 

MABEL ROSS, who died at sea, may 17 th . 1SG0, aged 15 months. 
MAUD MARY, who died at sea, 


MABEL MAUD, who died at merther, Cornwall, 

NOVEMBER 30 th . 1800, AGED 4 MONTHS. 

(Two lines here.) 


South aisle, south wall, opposite the fifth bay : — 

Sacred to the Memory of WILLIAM WHARTON FJ quire, 
of the If land of faint Chriffopher, who departed this Life, 
universally regreted, on the IS 11 ': Day of September 1784. 

Aged 50 Years. 

This Mouument is erected by his grateful and Affectionate 


Arms. — Sable, a mauncli Argent within a bordure .... [Wharton, not given in 
Papworth, p. 97S], impaling: Sable, a lion passant Argent. [The paint is much 
worn away.] Crest. — None. 

1784, Sept. 24, William Wharton, Esq. Own Stone. Buried. 

17S4, Thursday, Sept. 23. Saturday, died at his lodgings in this city, aged 50, 
William Wharton, esq ; of the Island of St. Christopher. (" B.C." See also 
" G.M." for 17S8, p. Is9, and " Town and Country Mag." for 1784, p. 5G0.) 

John Julius, President of St. Christopher, born 21 January 1733-4, died 
18 November 1S15, married at St. Georges, Basseterre, in 1759, Mary Wharton. 

Anthony Wharton, Esq., of St. Christopher, was named in 1755 as an Ex'orin 
the will of Richd. Wilson, but was dead in July 1759. 

1825, July 13. Anthony Wharton, Esq., aged 47. (St. Christopher Almanac.) 

South aisle, on a floor-stone under the fifth bay: — 

In Memorv of 


who died September 4 U \ 1805 

Aged 29 Years. 

And also 

of his Mother BARBARA NIBBS 

who died Augvst 22 nd , 1813 * 

A-^ed 73. 
BARBARA NIBBS, Daughter of the above 
died Sept r S"\ 1834, Aged 73 Years. 

See Pedigree of Nibbs in " Antigua," ii. 292. 

There is a large tablet in Washfield Church, Devon, to James LaiiL r ft>rd 
Nibbs, who died 1795, husband of the above Barbara the Elder, and to many of 
his children, duplicating also the above inscription iu the Abbey. 


South transept, west wall : — 

To the Memory of JANE, 

The Wife of JOHX ROBERTS, 

Of the City of Loudon, Merchant, 

A Director of the Eaft India Company. 

Ob: 30" 1 January 1S06 

Mt. Go. ' 

The only Child 


Of the Il'land of S' Eitts, 

By his Wife JANE, 

The Daughter of 


of London, Merchant. 

Below on a .shield : — 

Arms. — Quarterly : 1 and i, Gules, three chevrons Argent ; 2, Gules, a chevron 
between three spear points Argent; 3, Azure, a chevron between three crescents 

On an inescutcheon. — Argent, a cross between four Jlcurs-de-Us Sable [Fenton 
of Kent, see Papworth, 640]. 

William Fenton, late of St. Christopher, now of Northaw, eo. Herts, Esq. 
Will dated L July 1753. All est. to my dan. Jane & in default to Joseph Herbert, 
Esi]., Judge of Nevis ; Ids son Horatio Herbert. Mv wife Jane. Proved 10 May 
1751 (P.C.C., 131, Pinfold). 

17">3, W" Fenton, esq., 1 plant" in S' Paul Cappesterre. 

1759. Stapleton Dunbar of Nevis, in his will names Rev. Butler Fenton and 
his wife. 

1731 July 7 M" Caroline wife to M r William Fenton. 

1731 Oct. — Nicholas Taylor and Elizabeth Fenton, m d y c 22 In S' Peter's p sU ; 

1734 Apr. 25 Cap 10 Tho 3 Fenton. Bur. 

South transept, on two small white marble floor-stones inserted in a large dark- 
slab : — 

To the Memory 



Died 2 nd Jan IS 13 


3 Years & 9 Months. 

To the Memory 



Died l(i June 1813, 

Aged 17 Years. 


1813, Thursday, 24 Juno. Mifs Louisa Hill, fourth daughter of Mrs. Hill, of 
Henrietta-street. " (" B.C.") 

1S13, Jan. 0. Hester Ann Wyke, Stanhope S ,r , Walcot, 3 y rs & 8 m' 1 ". Buried. 

Hester Ann Wyke was dau. of William JJyam Wyke, R.N.. of Antigua, and 
Member of Council of Montserrat, by Sophia Hill his wife. His sister Anne 
Byam Wyke married, 1780, Daniel Hill, Jim., of Antigua, and they were the 
parents of the above Louisa Hill. (See " Antigua," ii. 72, aud iii. 265.) 

South transept, west wall : — 

Sacred to the Memory of 

Relict of 


whose Remains are interred 

near this Spot ; 

died August 8 lh . 1S27 

Aged 72. 

On a similar tablet, immediately below : — 

Sacred to the Memorv 

of JOHN HENRY Es'u/: 

Secretary of S r : Kitts, 

and Register of Nevis, 

who departed this Life 

January 31 st : 1S0G 

Aged 5G Years. 

180G, Thursday, Feb. G. Friday, died at his house in Sidney-place, after a few 
days illness, John Henry, esq; aged 5G. ("B.C.") 

South transept, south wall : — 

Sacred to the Memorv of 


(daughter of BENJAMIN 



late of the Island 

of Saint Christopher) 

who departed this Life 

8 ,h June 1S17 

in the 11 th year of her age. 

Also the above named 


who departed this Life 

the 20 ,fl January 1819 

Aged 51 Years. 

1819, Jan. 2G, Benjamin Amory, Esq r , Aged 51. Buried. 

1817, June 12. Aged 10 years, Ann Sherry, second daughter of Benjamin 
Amorv, esq ; of the island of St. Christopher. 

1819, Jan. 28. At his house in Edgar-buildings, Benj. Amory, esq ; late of 
the island of St. Christopher. (" B.C.") 

1825, Ap. 22. .Mrs. Sarah Amory, Relict of the late Jos. Amory, Esq; 
aged 85. (St. Christopher Almanac.) 


1803, Oct. 29. By Indenture of G parts Jeremiah Hodges sells to Benj. 
Amory the Y r of St. Chr. (uow residing in Tavistock Str.) his plantation of 
13G acres for £14,000. ("Antigua," ii. 81.) 

18(J9, December. President Julius appointed Benj. Amory to the Council of 
St. Christopher. 

Mrs. Mary Earle Amory had a sister Barbara Earle, who married Joseph 
Amory, by whom she had a daughter Sarah, wife of Mr. Norford. 

Benj. Amory, senior, of St. Christopher, born 13 April 1739 ; died 21 September 
1800; married .Mary, daughter of Anthony Somersall, born 22 November 1744; 
died 12 August 1808, and had issue: 1. Benj. Amory, who died at Bath as above 
in 1S19; 2. Isabella Amory, born 4 September 1704, who married, 9 March 17S5, 
Jacob Hardtinan, who was born 5 October 1700 ; died 13 December 1834. 

South transept, east wall : — 

Near this Place lies the Body 


late Liev'\ gotekxoii of his ALajefty's 

If land of JAMAICA: 

(Five lines here.) .... at this Place 

on Nov r : the 28 th : 1775: Aged 48. 

1775, Dee. 7, Roger Hope Elletson, Esq., Governor of Jamaica. Chancel. 

1775, Thursday, Nov. 30. Yesterday morning, died at his house in Bennet- 
street, Roger Hope Elletson, Esq ; late Lieut.-Governor of the Island of 
Jamaica. (" B.C.") 

17G7, Jan. 9. Lady of Roger Hope Elleton, gov. of Jamaica. (" G.M.," 4S.) 

1770, Ap. 17, Roger Hope Ellerson, Esq ; Lieut. -Gov. of Jamaica, to Miss 
Gamon, of Grosvenor-square. (" G.M.," 190.) 

His will was proved in 1775 (P.C.C., 400, Alexander). 

South transept, east wall, on an oval tablet : — 


died Dec r . 12th 1794, 

Aged 61 


1794, Thursday, Dec. 18. Friday, died, truly lamented, in an apoplectic fit, 
at his house on St. James's-parade, John Tobin, esq; formerly a West-India 
captain, and merchant. (" B.C.") 

1795, Jan. 8, John Tobin, Esq. Buried. 

He was not apparently related to the Tobias of Nevis. 

John Tobin, late of Hamble, co. Southampton, now of Bath, co. Somerset. 
Will dated 11 December 1790, proved 4 March 1795 (P.C.C., 215, Newcastle). 

My wife Mary £100 a year. To he buried in the North Aisle of the Abbey 
where Roman Catholics are buried. Codicil, 13 Dec. 1790, My late father TV™ 
Tobin of Paradise Street, Kothcrhithe, was indebted subsequent to Jan. 170:? A: 
his creditors are to be paid as also the debts of my late brother Michael Tobin 
who left Cowes on his last voyage to Grenada about Ap. 1772. I am a Member 
of the Society of Masters of Ships. Second Codicil, 27 Nov. 1794, The children 
of my aunt Rossiter of Eniscorty, Ireland. 

VOL. I. 


1803, Oct. 29. By rndenture of G parts Jeremiah Hodges sells to Benj. 
Amory tlie Y r of St. Chr. (uow rcsidiug in Tavistock Str.) his plantation of 
136 acres for £11,000. ("Antigua," ii. 81.) 

1SU9, December. President Julius appointed Benj. Amory to the Council of 
St. Christopher. 

Mrs. Mary Earle Amory had a sister Barbara Earle, who married Joseph 
Amory, by whom she had a daughter Sarah, wife of Mr. Norford. 

Benj. Amory, senior, of St. Christopher, horn 13 April 1739 ; died 21 September 
1S0G ; married Alary, daughter of Anthony Somersall, born 22 November 174-1; 
died 12 August 1S08, and had issue: 1. Benj. Amory, who died at Bath as above 
in 1819; 2. Isabella Amory, born -1 September 1704, who married, 9 March 17s"», 
Jacob Hardtman, who was born 5 October 17G0 ; died 13 December 1831. 

South transept, east wall : — 

Near this Place lies the Body 


late Liev': covehxok of his Majefiys 

If land of JAMAICA: 

(Five lines here.) .... at this Place 

on Nov r : the 28 th : 1775: Aged -IS. 

1775, Dec. 7, Roger Hope Elletson, Esq., Governor of Jamaica. Chancel. 

177"), Thursday, Nov. '■]{). Yesterday morning, died at his house in Bennet- 
strect, Koger Hope Elletson, Esq ; late Lieut. -Governor of the Island of 
Jamaica. (" B.C.") 

17G7, Jan. 9, Lady of Roger Hope Elleton, gov. of Jamaica. (" G.M.," 48.) 

1770, Ap. 17, Roger Hope Ellerson, Esq ; Lieut. -Gov. of Jamaica, to Miss 
Gamon, of Grosvenor-square. ("G.M.," 190.) 

His will was proved in 1775 (P.C.C., 4GG, Alexander). 

South transept, east wall, on an oval tablet : — 


died Dec r . 12th 1791, 

Aged 61 


1794, Thursday, Dec. 18. Friday, died, truly lamented, in ait apoplectic fit, 
at his house on St. James's-parade, John Tobin, esq; formerly a West-India 
captain, anil merchant. (" B.C.") 

1795, Jan. S, John Tobin, Esq. Buried. 

He was not apparently related to the Tobias of Nevis. 

John Tobin, late of Ifamble, co. Southampton, now of Bath, co. Somerset. 
Will dated 11 December 1790, proved 4 March 1795 (P.C.C., 215, Newcastle). 

My wife Mary £100 a year. To be buried in the North Aisle of the Abbey 
where Roman Catholics arc buried. Codicil, 13 Dec. 1790, My late father W" 1 
Tobin of Paradise Street. Bothorhithc, was indebted subsequent to Jan. \~W.\ & 
his creditors are to be paid as also the debts of my late brother Michael Tobin 
who left Cowes on his last voyage to Grenada about Ap. 1772. I am a Member 
of the Society of Masters of Ships. Second Codicil, 27 Nov. 1791, The children 
of my aunt Rossiter of Eniscorty, Ireland. 

VOL. I. 


South choir aisle, south wall, large square tablet: — 

Sacred to the Memory of 


Daughter of JOHN COBHAM Efif. and wife of RESIiT CBICHLOW LJf. 

of the Island of Barbados, i 
Who died in this citv the 7 th . and was buried in this church the 1-4" 1 of January 

1801, | 
(Twenty-nine lines follow) .... upwards of 2G years living 
in the conjugal state .... (erected by her husband H. C). 

1801, Thursday, Jan. 15. Wednesday, died, after a long illness, the lady of 
Henry Cricklow, esq ; of Barbadoes. (" B.C.," also " G.M.," p. 91.) 

South choir aisle : — 




DEC 8 11™ 1S02, AGED 74. 




Above on a shield : — 

Arms. — Argent, a chevron Gules between three cods. Crest. — Missing, onlv 
the wreath remaining. Motto. — semper yioilans. 

On the north side of the choir is a white niarble floor-stone, partly worn away, 
with his name and date on it. 

1802, Thursday, Dec. 1G. Saturday, died, at his lodgings on the South-parade, 
Benj. Alleyne Cox, esq ; of the island of Barbadoes. (" B.C.") 

1S02, Dec. 15, Benjamin Alleyne Cox, Esq'. Buried. 

South-west porch of nave, large white marble tablet surmounted by an urn, 
and below that in a pediment the figure of a kneeling woman. 

Near this Place 

are depofited the Remains of 


AVife of JOSEPH LOAVE Etq r : of the Island of Barbadoes: 

(Four lines here.) 

She died October 20"': 1818, Aged 49 Years. 

In the same Grave 

reft alio the Remains of JOSEPH. 

only Son of the above JOSEPH and ELIZABETH LOWE. 

(Two lines) .... fell a victim 

alas ! to the small pox, on the 19 th : day of November 18 1G, 

at the premature age of 

15 Years 

(Nine lines follow. Erected by the husband.) 

1818, Thursday, Oct. 29. Wednesday in Laura-place, Elizabeth, wife of Jos. 
Lowe, esq ; Barbadoes. (" B.C.") 

F*?* 5 - 

JH.. im. ■ MWjem I . — JUO".J W l !» 






: ;; 


! - 1 

: - 

I •• 

; -v 

: ->fl 


o r 

j • 

• ; 

I V 

. - — _j^ > ■ , . - ., 





On the west wall of the nave, under the gallery : — 

Sacred to the Memory of 

of the Island of Nevis, E6q r , 

and Daughter of ROBERT PAERY 

of Llanrhaiadr 

County of Denbigh, N.W. Esq r . 

She died December 2 l,a 1819 

Aged 07 Tears. 

Above on a shield are : — 

Arms. — . . . . within a bordure Gules three hoars' heads erased . ... in chief 
a label of three points ; impaling, Gules, on a bend .... a lion rampant .... 

A later inscription records that her eldest daughter, Caroline Nisbett, died 
30 March 1S07, aged 77, and that Clara Amelia Nisbett was wife of Robert 
Parry Nisbett of Southbroom House, co. AVilts, where there is a tablet to her 

(See " Antigua," ii. 80S, and iii. 443.) 

1817, Nov. 17, Eobert Parry Nisbet, esq., of the Bengal civil service, to Clara 
Amelia, onlv daughter of the late Major Thomas Harriott of West Hall, co. 
Surrey. ("G.M.," 5.54.) 

Mrs. Eliz. Hulbcrd, late of Nevis, now of Bath, widow. Will dated 23 Novem- 
ber 1709. To Marv Amelia Nisbet, daughter of Walter Nisbet of Nevis, Esq., 
a mulatto girl. Proved 19 April 1770 (P.C.C., 117, .lenner). 

AValter Nisbet erected a chapel on his plantation in Nevis in 1793, but I do not 
know when he died. 

(To be continued.) 

8 g8Hcst^ntitamaiL 

This is an excellent illustration of a type of vessel formerly much used 
a century ago. It is a reproduction of an oil painting, which I saw in a shop 
window near Leicester Square last vear, ami recognizing the name Delaford as 
the family estate of a former West Indian Governor, Sir William Young, 1st 
Bart., I became the purchaser. The picture is on canvas, 4 feet by 2 feet 5 inches, 
and the salesman informed mo that it was by Huegins, marine painter to 
William IV., but it is signed " R. Dodd 1787," an artist who also excelled in the 
same style as the former. 

It will be noticed that this vessel carries a broadside of eleven i^uns, ami is 
apparently to all intents a fast sailing, lightly armed. 22-gun frigate. The question 
arises, for what purpose were these vessels built ? They were no doubt owned 
privately, intended chiefly for passenger traffic, and bein<j; strong enough to beat 
off most privateers, sailed independently, whereas the ordinary heavy, Blow-sailing, 
sugar-laden West-Indiamen were always collected in a large tlcet, and convoyed 
by several men-of-war. 

On referring to the will of Sir W. Young, 1st Bart., third Codicil, dated 
April 1 7S8 at St. Vincent (" Antigua," iii. 280), it will be seen that he gave to 
'• Capt. Ccorge Young of the ship Delaford now in S 1 Vincent £50. " (This, of 
course, relates to our ship.) The lion. George Young, Member of Council of 
St. Vincent, signed an affidavit as to the will, on 11 April L 788, before Governor 
James Seton. He may have been related to testator, ami the Captain waH probably 
a Scotch cousin. There was, however, another William Young, Governor of 
Tobago 1771, also of Grenada 177o, who died s.p. about 177G or 1777. 

O 2 


Warrant appointing Cfiomas Curntr, (Esq., 
to lit a jttcmlm* of iLegtslatibe Council, 
J?aint Cijnstopljcr* 

Victoria, Beg.* Trusty and Well beloved "We Greet you Well. We being Well 
satisfied of the Loyalty, Integrity, and Ability of Our Trusty and Well beloved 
Thomas Turner, Esquire, have thought tit hereby to signify Our AV ill and Pleasure 
that, forthwith, upon the receipt of these Presents, you do swear and admit him the 
said Thomas Turner to be a Member of Our Legislative Council of Our Island uf 
Saint Christopher. And for so doin£ this shall be your Warrant. Given at Our 
Court at Osborne House, Isle of Wight, this Seventeenth day of February 1SGG, 
in the Twenty Jsinth Year of Our Keign. 

By Her Majesty's Command. 

Edwakd Cardwell. 

Endorsed. To Our Trusty and Well beloved Stephen John Hill, Esquire. 
Colonel in Our Army, Companion of Our Most Honorable Order of the Bath, 
Our Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over Our Island of Saint Christo- 
pher, or, in his absence, to Our Lieutenant Governor or the Officer Administering 
the Government of Our said Island. 

[In the Editor's possession.] 

Abstract of patent for iLani in &t. Vincent. 

St. Vincent. 17 Geo. HI., 1777. The lords commissioners of the treasury, 
in answer to a memorial, have agreed to sell the fee simple to leaseholders on the 
following terms : — 

Term of lease in years. Price per acre. Quit-rent per acre. Total. 

14 absolute ... £4 17 G £1 2 G £G 

14 renewable for 40 2 17 G 12 6 4 

40 absolute ... 1 17 G 1 2 G 3 

99 1 2 G 

Whereas, by a demise dated 1 July 17G7, the commissioners for the disposal 
of lands in the Islands of Grenada, the Grenadines, St. Vincent, Tobago, and 
Dominica leased to Michael Moquet then of S' Vincent planter that piece of land 
in S l David's parish formerly called Chateau Belair, containing 38 acres of cleared 
land bounded to the N. by public land next the sea bein^ :} chains in breadth 
from high water mark, N.E. by a small river, S.E. by land then possessed by 
Francois Moquet, S.W. by land belonging to Abel Blyden for a term of 14 years 
with power of renewal, at a quit rent of Is. (id. per acre & Michael Moquet dying 
in 1708 ad in 'on was granted to Francois Moquet his L s ' son who by deed of 1 June 
1770 with the consent of the Governor A: of the lords of trade & plantations 
assigned his lease to Charles Payne Sharpe of S' Vincent, Esq. 

Whereas, by a demise; dated 1 June 17b'U, the said commissioners leased to 
Francois Godin of S' Vincent, planter. 1"> acres pail oi Chateau Belair bounded 
N., N.E. >t S.E. by land unsurveyed, *., S.W. & N.W. by S' David's river, lor 1 1 
years <$c he petitioned in I7ti ( .) for leave to assign it to W" Walker A' Jonathan 
Atkinson of S l Vincent Esq rei but it was afterwards agreed between them to 
assign it to Charles Payne Sharpe by deed dated 20 Aug. 1771. And whereas 
there is due to the Receiver General from him for the said .">;{ acres £248 . 1^ . i» 

• Signed by Her Majesty. 

Caribbean a. 85 

& he hath paid £06.10.0 & executed a bond of 15 May of £30 i . 15 . con- 
ditioned for the payment of £70 .3.9 within 12 months & £76 .3.0 on 15 May 
1770 making a total of £152 .7.6 for the fee simple it reversion. We do now 
grant him these letters patent for the said 53 acres, bounded, as to the 38 acres, 
X. with the public land next the sea being 3 chains in breadth above high water 
mark but since granted to C. P. Sharpe, S.W. by land formerly in the posseesi n 
of Abel Bladen [sic] now of Jacob Bladen, Esq., as to the 15 acres bounded X. 
& X.E. by lands now in the possession of Charles Doile. Esq., S. E. by Charles 
Payne Sharpe, S., S.W. & N.W. by St. David's river, mines of gold & silver 
excepted, at a quit rent of 6' 1 per acre. Our great seal affixed 15 May 1777. 
Signed by Valentine Morris, Governor, etc., W. Taylor, Clerk of Patents. Settled 
& approved bv C. P. Sharpe, Attorney General. .Recorded in the Secretary's 
Office, Lib. P., fo. 127, & examined 'this 21 May 1777, W. Taylor, D> Sec. 
Entered in the Patent Office 24 May 1777. 
[In the Editor's possession.] 

J^utacribcrs to 3). $eterhin*£ Creatine on 
Panting, 1790.* 


Ahmau, Hon. Aaron, Esq., Capt. of the Dutch Quarter. 
Arrendell, Isaac, jun., Esq. 
Ashburner, Thomas, Esq. 
Bayley, Dr. Richard. 
Bryson, John, Esq. 
Chippendale, John, Esq. 
Conniegieter, Hon. Abraham, Esq. 
Davies, Lucas, sen., Esq. 

Durat, His Excellency the Chevalier de, Governor of the French Quarter. 
Fogarty, John, Esq. 
Gibbs, Hon. Johannes Solomon, Esq. 
Godet, Hon. Henry, Esq. 
Gums, Thomas, Esq. 
„ William, Esq. 
Halman, William, Esq. 

Harrison, Captain Thomas, of the Ship Edwards. 
Hazell, John, jun., Esq. 
Heyliger, Jacobus, Esq. 

„ Lucas, Esq. 

Howell, Jacob, Esq. 

„ „ jun., Esq. 

,, Jeremiah, Esq. 
James, En gel, Esq. 
Maillard, Samuel, Esq. 
Mardeuborough, Giles, Esq. 
,, John, Esq. 

Mildrim, James, Esq. 
Nowel, Richard, Esq. 
Xudd, Mr. Edward. 
Richardson, John, Esq. 
,, Thomas, Esq. 

• A Treatise on Planting, by Joshua Peterkin, Planter, second edition, with List of 
Subscribers in various [slauds, pp. iv. and 104. S l Christopher's: Printed l>v Edward Luth K. 
Low, Cayon Street, Basseterre, 171X). H", 



Rink, His Excellency the Hou. William Hendrick, Esq., Governor over the Dutch 

Romney, Solomon, jun., Esq. 
Rouvellet, Jean, Esq. 
Smyth, Stafford, Esq. 
Stackpoole, George, Esq. 
Vanhyuigen, Abraham, Esq. 
"Warner, John C, Esq. 
Webster, Peter, Esq. 
Whetiker, W., Esq. 
Wilson, James, Esq. 

„ Patrick, jun., Esq. 

„ „ sen., Esq. 

Conway, Michael, Esq. 
O'Daly, James, Esq. 

Lynott, Edmund, Esq. 



De Graaf, Hon. Johannes, Esq. 
Hanson, A. F., Esq. 
Hassel, Mr. Richard. 
Moore, William, Esq. 
Sugnin, Frederick, Esq. 


Cranscripts of ^artsij licijistcrs,* 



Sept. 23 Anthony the S. of Anth Hodges Esq r and Eliz: his wife 
[blank] f S. of John Blake and Elizabeth his wife 

Oct. 5 Simon S. of Nicholas Potter and Sarah his wife 
Four Negroes belonging to M™ Sarah Jordan 
26 Jane, a Xc^ro belon^iiiLj to Coll" Liddell 
Nov. 23 Elizabeth D. of M r Michael White and Mary his Wife 


A List of those that have been buried in the Parish of S l Anthony from March .'2 ' 
1722 to the 12 th of November 172S), Extracted out of the" Register book of 
said Parish. 

Martha the wife of Richard Russel 
1723 April 12 Hugh Gilbert a Sailor 
Edw 1 ' Malcomb 
Adam Smith 

John the S. of Andrew I'ettiford and Mary his wife 
Angela wife of Timothy Popplewell 
Charles Oil ks Esq r Lieu': Governour 
William S. of Timothv Popplcwell 
30 Samuel Arnold a Soldier 














• Continued from p. 44-. 

f Sec duplicate entry in St. Peter's Parish on 5 October 1720. 


1723 Aug. 2 Anne Essex, widdow 

Francis M c Knamee 

Jonathan S. of Francos Warner widdow 

William Chandler Master of a Ship 

Nicholas Poyen a French man 

Elizabeth D. of Sigismond Cooper and Anne his wife 

M r Sigismond Cooper 
1721 April 12 .Archibald, a Servant of Maj r Roynons 

M r William Pvke of Antigua 

A U. of James Nay lor & Sarah his wife 

31" Mary White widdow 

Joseph Lorimer 
172o Mar. 28 Andrew Pethford a Soldier 

Coll" John Cochran 

Anne d. of Nich: Dougan & Rose his wife 

D. of A nth Lynch 

Anthony Larrimore 

Thomas S. of M r James Thompson & Mary his wife 

Anne d. of Geo: Staples, deceased 

Daniel Allers 

Anth Mansel 
172G Hamond Henry 

Dorothy wife of John Farrell 

Martha" wife of Coll" Wyke 

Edw d Parrot a Soldier 
1727 June 8 Anne d. of \V™ Drinskell 

Nathanael s. of Thomas lies 

William s. of John Slatery 

Thomas March 

William Saul a Soldier 

David Sandelands a Soldier 
Jan. 13 Anne Cooper "Widdow 

John S. of John March & Agnes his wife 

Thomas Nichols a Sailor 

James Smith a Sailor 

William Walton 

M* Thomas Thompson 

Abra D'arlow 

Capt: Thomas Lee 
27 John Mayem a Soldier 

Thomas S. of Thomas Allen <fc Elizabeth his wife 

Dominick Connor, a Soldier 

Mary d. of Cap' Nich: Daniel & Eli/.: his wife 

Anne Holmby of Antigua 

Robert Baker a Soldier 

Henry Robiss blacksmith 

Patr: Neeff ditto 

Timothv Popplewell 

Retina wife of Nalh" Webb Esc] r 

John S. of Mai hew Thornton & Eleanor his wife 

Roger M c danicl 

Harrv Cochran a Soldier 

Thomas Brewer, Master of a Sloop 
12 Agnes wife of [blank] ward of Antigua 

Anne wife of Cssar Baker 

Jane d. of John Fielder <i Susanna his wife 

Geonro S. of George Mortimer & Eliz : his wife 





Dec. 9 










































































88 Caribbeana. 

1728 Mar. 


1729 May 
















John S. of W m Broom & Mary his wife 

Selvin S. of President Fry 

A Sailor belonging to Cap 1 Long 

Mathew S. of John Carrick & Jane his wife 

Hannah d. of John Southwick & Eliz: his wife 

M r John Dinely Sen r 

William S. of George Cooper & Mary his wife 

M 1 Patrick Goold 

Mary D. of Nath 11 Webb Esq r 

Susanna d. of W ,n Lardner & [blank'] his wife 

Edward Ilogben 

John S. of W m Gerrish Esq r & Mary his wife 

Edward S. of Governour Hodges 


A List of children baptized in the Parish of S* George in the Island of Mountserat 
from May 11 th , 1721, to the 12 lh of November 1729 from the Register. 

1721 May 11 M r Nathanael Harris had a child baptized Frances 
Elizabeth d. of W'" Chilcot & Eleanor his wife 
Mary d. of W m How & Mary his wife 
Prudence d. of Charles D'wolf it Man:: his wife 
Jane d. of John Dowdy & Mary his wife 
John S. of John Daly Fitzdening & his wife Jane 
Alice d. of Kobert West & Mary his wife 
Mary d. of John Joyce & Auue his wife 

18 John S. of James Farrell & Mary his wife 
Jan. 9 Elizabeth D. of Michael Carryl & Eliz: his wife 
Jane d. of \V T " Haynes & Elizabeth his wife 
Katherine d. of W m Kelly & Mary his wife 

1722 28 William S. of W" Brafner & [blank] his wife 
Alexander S. of John Ramsey & Anne his wife 
Sarah d. of Samuel Potter & Mary his wife 
Mehitabel, bastard d. of John Daly Fitz John & Grace Bass 
Joshua S. of Cap': Sayer & Joan his wife 
James S. of Daniel Donovane <t Eliz: his wife 
Matthew S. of Isaac Dee it Katharine his wife 
Luke S. of John Welch & Anne his wife 
Sarah d. of John Carcw & Mary his wife 
Charles S. of John Beach & Sussannah his wife 
Jeremiah S. of James Cooper & Anne his wife 
Patrick S. of Mathew Bowler it Elizabeth his wife 

1723 May 12 Henrietta d. of John Daly Fitzdennis it Judith his wife 
Mary d. of M r Ja* Farrell it Mary his wife 
William S. of W'" Richardson & Eliz: his wife 
Jane D. of Fatrick M'lvculey & Mary his wife 
Katherine D. of W" 1 Locker it Catharine his wife 
Beatrix d. of M r Nath 1 ' Harris & Alice his wife 
Mary D. of Ed\v d Bennet it Jane his wife 
George S. of W™ Mead it Mary his wife 
Sussanna d. of W'" Cooper & Julian his wife 

Nov. 12 James S. of W" 1 How it Marv his wife 

24 Charles S. of M r W" Hains it Elizabeth his wife 
Dec. 8 John S. of Alexander Sweenev & Bridget his wife 




















April 15 
May 13 
June 24 































CARlBBEAtfA. 89 

1723 Feb. 5 Philip S. of Join Dracket &, Eliz. his wife 

18 Sarah D. of W m Irish, Esq r & Sarah his wife 

Mar. 15 Thomas S. of Thomas Chaplin & Deborah his wife 

1721 29 Catharine d. of Robert West & Mary his wife 

April 12 Sarah d. of W m Kelly & Mary his w'ife 

26 Thomas S. of W m How & Mary liis wife 
June 7 James S. of W m Westopher & Eliz : his wife 
July 19 Anne D. of Miehael Carryl & Elizabeth his wife 
Sept. 30 Mary d. of Terence Hart & Eleanor his wife 
Jan. 3 Elizabeth d. of John Hogan & Sussanna his wife 

17 John S. of John Carew & Mary his wife 

31 Abraham S. of Isaac Dee & Katharine his wife 

Mar. 14 Cornelius S. oi"W m Brammer & [blank] his wife 

[blank] Margaret d. of John Beach & Sussanna his wife 

1725 April 18 Mary d. of Daniel Donovan & Eleanor his wife 

17 John S. of \V m Mead & Mary his wife 
June 2 John S. of W m Morton & Anne his wife 

6 George Bastard S. of Coll" Rich' 1 Cooke & Kath: Shoghro 

29 William Bastard S. of W m Frye Jun r Esq r & Fran: Warner 

Aug. 22 Michael S. of John Morphey & Mary his wife 

Oct. 10 WilliamS. of W ra Irish Esq r & Sarah his wife 

[blank] Mary d. of Patr: Mckenly & Mary his wife 

Nov. 2G Martini d. of M r John Daly Fitzdenning & Judith his wife 

Dee. 5 Michael S. of Simon Chilcot & Honora his wife 

Jan. 3 Sarah d. of Cap 1 : Joseph Sayer & Joan his wife 

10 Thomas S. of W m How & Mary his wife 

Feb. 13 Joseph a Bastard S. of \Y"' Connel by Sarah Keye 

10 Bridget d. of Terence Hart <fc Eleanor his wife 

27 Matthew S. of John Carrick & Jane his wife 
ditto Sarah d. of John Dracket Jun r & Eleanor his wife 

1720 April 10 Mary D. of John Carew & Mary his wife 

May 29 Anne d. of W™ Kelly & Mary his wife 

July 3 Margaret d. of Thomas Kock & Eleanor his wife 

S Mary d. of Tho" Nogle & [blank] his wife 

31 Natnanael S. of Robert West & Mary his wife 

[blank] Patience a bastard d. of Arthur Poison & Anne Fell 

Nov. 20 Anne D. of M r Ja a Farrill & Mary his wife 

Jan. 15 Thomas S. of John Jeffers & Sarah his wife 

[blank] John S. of W 1 " Westopher & Eliz: his wife 

18 Richard S. of John Chilcot & Katharine his wife 
Feb. 21 Elizabeth a bastard d. of Eliz: Westopher 

11 Bridget d. of John Potter & Bridget his wife 

1727 July 30 William S. of John Hogan & Sussanna his wife 
[blank] Lowisa bastard 1). of Charles Daly & Grace Bass 
Nov. 19 Mary d. of Isaac Dee it Katharine his wife 

20 Eleanor d. of John Carew it Mary his wife 

Dec. 17 Richard S. of W 1 " How and Mary his wife 

Jan. 11 Eleanor bastard d. of John Hart & Mary Jeffers 

Feb. 11 Jane D. of Patrick Duell & Anne his wife 

[blank] Bridget d. of Cap 1 Sayer & Joan his wife 

Feb. 21 Mary & Bridget d's of Ja" 1 Goold & Mary his wife 

Mar. 12 Eleanor D. of Arthur Polso cfc Anne his wife 

1728 May 15 Edward S. of Patrick M'Kenlcy & Mary his wife 
June 2 Bridget d. of Daniel Carry & Mary his wife 
Aug. 25 Mary d. of Charles Daly <& Mary his wife 

Oct. 22 Elizabeth 1). of John Dracket Jun r <!t Eleanor his wife 

[blank] Mary d. of John Chilcot & Katharine his wife 



1728 [blank] Mary d. of Teigue itfahony & [blank] his wife 
Jan. 14 Nicholas S. of John Potter & Bridget his wife 

1729 Mar. 30 Eliz. d. of John Cavew & Mary his wife 
May 2L Robert S. of Joseph Butler & Mary hid wife 

25 Eleanor d. of John Jeff era & Sarah his wife 

June 22 William Bastard IS. of Elizabeth Westopher 

Dec. 1-4 Mary d. of John Hogan & Susanna his wife 


1721 Jan. 8 John Westopher 

1722 May 10 Jane wife of John Daly Fitzdennis 
Jan. 18 Cap 1 Richard Maulove 

1728 Sept. 2 William Bryan 

21 Jonathan S. of Jonathan Warner deceased 

Nov. 12 Jemima wife of Nath" Bass 

Mar. 21 Coll John Daly 

1724 Mar. 10 Arthur Poison Seu r 

172-3 Dec. 1 W» Irish Esq/ 

1726 April 4 Nath 11 Ba'ss 

Mar. Judith Mead Widdow 

1727 July 3 Jane Westopher 
Sept. 24 W m Maddox Sen r 

1728 July 20 Capt: Joseph Saver 
Sept 29 Patrick M c Kenley 

Oct. 28 Mary Levingston widdow 

31 William Kelly 

Jan. 23 Solomon Becket Scn r 


1721 Feb. 18 Henry S. of Henry Underwood &, Anne his wife 
Jane d. of M r AV ni Haiti s & Elizabeth his wife 
Margaret D. of Edw' 1 Dubery A Mary his wife 
Patrick S. of Edw' 1 Johnson & Jane his wife 
William S. of M r Robert Piper & Jane his wife 
Anne d. of George Underwood & Frances his wife 
David S. of W'" Greenwav <fc Agnes his wife 
William S. of Thomas Flagher & Eliz: his wife 
William 8. of Ed\v u Cooper & [blank] his wife 
John S. of W m Chilcot & Eleanor his wife 
Mary D. of Joseph Butler & Mary his wife 
Sarah d. of Ro' Butler & Eliz: his wife 
John S. of John Drum'ond it Alice his wife 
John, a bastard S. of Nath 11 Harris Juil* & Eliz: Wethcred 
Owen S. of Daniel Sweeney <i Margaret his wife 
William a bastard S. of Anne Daly A W m Anderson 
William S. of Rich' 1 lies ft Anne his wife 
Susanna d. of Hugh Allen & Mary his wife 
William S. of George Cooper & Mary his wife 
Elizabeth d. of John Fielder 
William S. of Coll" Bramley ft Anne his wife 
Aunc D. of John Dyet & Anne his wife 

• Montsermt. 


Feb. 18 

Mar. 17 


Aug. 2G 

Sept. 19 

Nov. IS 


May 19 

June 2 

July 28 
Aug. 7 


Dec. 1 



May ~3 

Nov. o 

Jan. 10 

Jan. 24 


Feb. 7 

CAlttBBEANA. 91 

1725 April 21 Mary D. of Thomas Jones & Anne his wife 
George S. of George Underwood & Frances his wife 
William Mead had a S. baptized called John 
Robert S. of Rich 1 ' Bunting & Sarah his wife 
William S. of Richard Russell & Elizabeth his wife 
Thomas S. of John Flaugher it [blank] his wife 
Richard S. of Ro l Burtiug & Bridget his wife 
Mary i). of Edw' 1 Dubery & [blank] his wife 
James S. of Thomas flaugher & Eliz: his wife 
Sarah d. of Isaac How & Mary his wife 
Sarah d. of Benjamin Armstrong & Thoinasin Ins wife 
Thomas a bastard S. of Nath 11 Risden & Mary "Wilson 

1726 May 9 John S. of Cap 1 Charles Daly & Mary his wife 
Thomas S. of Jeffrey Can & Elizabeth his wife 
William S. of David Greenway & Katharine his wife 
Nathanael S. of Coll Bramley & Anne his wife 
John S. of M r Robert Piper <£ Jane his wife 
Robert S. of John Dyet & Anne his wife 
Margaret d. of James 2sixon & Eliz: his wife 

1727 June 18 Jane d. of Daniel Sweene}" & Marg: his wife 
Thomas S. of Richard lies & Anne his wife 
Sarah, a Xe£*ro belonging to John Russell 
Peter S. of Richard Armstrong it [blank] his wife 
Anne d. of John Blake & Elizabeth his wife 
Kennedy S. of Sarah Ryley & Coll Molineux, reputed father 
John S. of Tho 3 Jones & Elizabeth his wife 
Jane d. of M r Robert Piper & Jane his wife 
Joseph S. of Ed\v J Whiting & Marjory his wife 
[blank] S. of Robert Bunting it Bridget his wife 
[blank] S. of Thomas Armstrong & Sarah his wife 
Elizabeth d. of John Dyet & Anne his wife 
Richard S. of Jos: Butler & Mary his wife 
Elizabeth d. of Edw a Blake & Eliz : his wife 

1728 May 19 John S. of William Greenway it A^nes his wife 
Elizabeth d. of Rich' 1 Bunting & [blank] his wife 
Sarah d. of Ro l Bunting & Bridget his wife 
Nicholas S. of David Greenway & Katharine his wife 
Jane d. of M r Ro" Piper & Jane his wife 
Rachel d. of Mathew Teige it Mary his wife 
Mary d. of Ben: Armstrong it Thoinasin his wile 
Eleanor d. of Daniel Donovane A: Mary his wife 
M r AV'"' lies had four negroes baptized 

1729 April 13 Mary d. of Rich' 1 Russell & KHz : his wife 
[blank] of Joseph Butler and Mary his wife 
A negro belonging to Bridget Bunting widdow 
.loliii S. of George (sic), Jun r , & Margaret his wife 
Eliz: Wyke had a Negro baptized 
Thomasin D. of Rich 1 Armstrong & Eliz: his wife 
[blank] of John Blake and Eliz: his wife 
Sarah d. of iio { Piper it Jane his wife 





























































June 16 






































The Reverend Richard Molineux was buried 
John S. of W™ Chileot & Eleanor his wife 
Richard Buuting Seu r 

• Moutscrrat. 


1724 Aug. 20 Mary wife of Coll Molineux 
Feb. 11 Thomnsiu wife of John Dvet 

172G Jan. 1L Mary D. of Eliz: Dyet widdow 

Feb. 10 John Talbot 

1727 Jan. 22 Richard S. of Jos: Butler & Mary his wife 

1725 Dec. 12 Agnes Butler wife of [blank] Hurd of Antigua 
Jan. 29 Jaue D. of M r Ro' Piper & Eliss his wife 


Frances D. of M r \V m Moir & Mary his wife 

1728 Mar. 18 Oliver Bennet S. of W m Moir & Mary his wife 

1729 Sept. 27 Judith 1). of Thomas Orson it Eleanor his wife 

1727 Feb. 


1728 Mar. 


1729 Sept. 


1728 [blank] William Risden 

[On the next page is a list of- Weddings, probably also of St. Patrick's Parish.] 
1721 May 5 George Moody & Jane Evans were by Banns married 

9 James Cooper & Anne Fin by B. 

2-5 Daniel Blackley & Mary Hodgen by B. 

Aug. 27 Edward Bennet & Jane White by L. 

1723 Aug. 2-3 William Broom & Mary Cave by L. 

Sept. •! Nicholas Potter & Sarah Drinskal by L. 

















Hugh Ryley & Jane Kelly by L. 
Robert West & Katharine Griilin. B. 
John Cahoon it Eleanor Mulrayne by L. 
Arnold Bodinier & Katharine Dexter by B. 
Daniel Bradley & Eleanor Morphey By B. 
W ni Morphey & Mary Conogan by B. 


From April 13"' 1723 to November 12"' 1729. 

Thomas Xogle & Margaret Mulrayne 
Andrew Biggs & Christian Goold by B. 
Daniel Shea & Ruth Shea by B. 
Andrew Pettiford & Mary March by B. 
Garret Barrv & Mary Southwick 
Hugh Ryley & Jane "Kelly by L. 
Mat hew Pond it Hannah Clark 
John Miles & Anne Gill by L. 
Richard Dyet it Sarah Underwood by L. 
Gregory Skuret it Elen Blake by L. 
W m Hamilton & Mary Staples by B. 
John Slatcry it Frances Cooper by L. 

* Montserrat. 


April 13 
May 5 


June 15 

Dec. 17 


Dee. 17 


June 7 

Sept. 2S 
Oct. 8 


May 15 

June 1 


1720 June 12 William Haycock & Eleanor Adams by B. 
Dennis Mahony & Eli/.: Mortou by B. 
John Holeron <fc Elizabeth Green by B. 
William Liddell Ks([ r <& Jane Cochrane by L. 
Martin Ryan & Joan Semper by L. 
W lu Connol & Mary Keyes by B. 
Nicholas Kirvan & Honora Welsh by B. 
Philip Connor & Ursula Farrell by 1>. 
John Blake & Elizabeth Uuberv by B. 
M r John Blake & Mary Goold by L. 
John Mulkair A Mary Henley by L. 
Thilon Skerret & Mary Turt by L. 
Patrick M c <:uire it Mary March by L. 

{To be continued.) 






• >•) 















The Editor has much pleasure in recommending the following notice to the 
readers of this Magazine : — 

68 Harbour Street, 

Kingston, Jamaica. 

15 November 190S. 

Having been requested, by parties interested in Jamaica History, to publish 
a collection of sketch pedigrees of the early Colonists, compiled from the records 
of the Court of Chancery, as being of great value to students of genealogy and 
others interested in Jamaica, 1 have decided to do so. 

I would point out that this is entirely a new held of research in Jamaica, ami 
should prove of great help in proving various births, marriages, and deaths before 
the regular system of registration was introduced into the Island. 

Yours faithfully, 

Noel B. Livixoston. 


The families llasscll and Solomons were at the end of the 17th century at 
St. Eustatius (Dutch West Indies). I should like to know who was the first <>t 
this family who went to the West Indies. Full particulars of the named families, 
aa their coat of anus, their ancestors, etc., are verv interesting to me. 


I should also like to know the coat of arms and particulars about the families : 
Gumb(r)s, Dnlri/iuplf, Smothergill, Devers, Japp (British Consul, who perished 
at Martinique), and Millard, who are all English families settled at St. Thomas 
and neighbouring islands. 

Pit. F. W. va>" Komondt (Lieutenant). 
The Hague. 



The following appeared last year in " Notes and Queries," 10 S., x., 320, 39G : 
The Eighth Report of the Historical Manuscripts Commission, p. 372, states 
that the Chester Sheriffs}' books give the name of ever)' ship entering names of all 
passengers, etc. Such lists would be of the greatest importance to all Americans 
searching for the connecting link with England. 

I have made an exhaustive search in the records now at the Town Hall, 
Chester, between the years 15S0 and 1700, and can rind no trace of these lists; 
so that if they exist it must he for some other period. The classes of records 
searched were Sheriffs' Books, Depositions and Examinations, Mayor's Court 
files, Passage Court Rolls, Portmote Rolls, Mayor's Year-books, Records of 
Mayor's and Sheriffs' Courts, Sheriffs' Court files, Custom Entry Books, Merchant 
Adventurers, Sessions files, and Mayor's Memo. Books. 

Gerald Fothergill. 
11 Brussels Road, 

New Waudsworth, S.W. 

It is worth recording that there are lists of nearly 1,500 emigrants sailing from 
Liverpool for trans- Atlantic colonies for the years 1(597 to 1707. These lists are 
in certain volumes of the Corporation records, and an account of them by John 
Elton is given in vol. xvii. (N.S.) of the " Transactions " of the Historical Society 
of Lancashire and Cheshire. 

R. S. B. 


The Rev. F. J. Gibbings, M.A., Vicar of Snettisham, King's Lynu, Norfolk, 
wrote me March 15, 1909: — 

There is a marble slab in the North Transept "Wall of this Church. The 
Inscription runs : " To the beloved and ever respected Memory of Thomas Daniel, 
Esq. Attorney General of the Island of Dominica, who died at Snettisham, the 
17 th day of March, ISOG, aged 53, and is interred near this place." 

ISOG, March 24. Thomas Daniel Esq™ aged 73 [sic'] died March 17. (Burial 




Indenture of Release made 12 Feb. 1738. Mary Cawthorne, widow, and 
Margaret Saunders wife of Samuel Saunders, Doctor in Divinity, sisters bv the 
father and next of kin of William Wharton* late of the Island of Nevis, clerk, 
deceased, intestate, who was son of Posthumus Wharton formerly of Sedbergh, 
Yorkshire, clerk, Whereas the said Posthumus Wharton and Margaret his wife by 
Indenture dated 9 Nov. LOOS made between Posthumus Wharton and his wife of 
the one part and Joseph Simson of Kirkby Kendall, co. Westmoreland, mercer, 
and Marmaduke Lambert of Watchtield in said co., gent., of the other covenanted 
to levy a fine of her lands in Se Ibergli for them for life with remainder to the 
heirs of her body with remainder to the heirs of Alan Chambre, Esq., with power 
to charge estate with payment of £1000 and a tine was levied 1(J W'" 1 1 1, and 
Posthumus Wharton died years after without leaving issue by his said second 
wife and she survived him 20 years and by her Will dated :i Dec. 1717 gave the 
said William Wharton £30U and made Alan Chambre sole Ex'or ami testatrix 

• The above-named William Wharton Mgncd the transcripts of the parish register as Rector 
of St. Thomas, Nevis, in 1733. 


d. 22 March 173G mid W m "Wharton d. Inst Feb. intestate and letters of adminis- 
tration have been granted to Mary Cawthorne and Margaret Saunders who are 
so entitled to the said £300 and Alan Chambre bath paid it. A\"e now release ail 
claim against him or Walter Chambre his son. 


(Signed bv) Mart Cawthokxe. On a broken seal : . . . . a cross e 
between jour birds . . . . a chief . . . . charged with a . . 
Mako t Sauxdeks. Seal : a cock holding in its claw .... 
Sam l Sauxdehs.. Ditto. 

[This deed, on one skin, in tbe Editor's possession has been previously noted 
on p. 22.] 


When was tbe name St. Kitts first used in any document? It no doubt 
came into popular use long before it was recognized officially. 


The " D.N.B." gives tbe following'notiee of him : — 

" Beckfoiid, "Wim.iam (d. 1790), historian, passed a great part of his life in 
Jamaica, where be made observations on the country and particularly on the 
condition of the negroes. On returning to England he settled at Somerley Hall 
in Suffolk, and died in London on o Feb. 179!). His works are : — 

1. Remarks on the Situation of the Negroes in Jamaica, impartially made 

from a local experience of nearly thirteen years in that island, 17SS. 

2. A Descriptive Account of the Island of Jamaica, with Remarks upon the 

Cultivation of tbe Sugar Cane throughout the different Seasons of the 
Year, and chiefly considered in a picturesque point of view, 1790.* 

3. History of France from the most early records to the death of Louis XVI., 

1794. The early part is by Heckford, and tbe more modern by an 
anonymous Englishman who had been sometime resident in Paris." 

In " Bibliographia Jatnaicensis," by Frank Cundall, F.S.A., Xo. 1 of the above 
works is noted as being by W. Beckford, junior, formerly of Somerly and late of 
Hertford in Jamaica, and from this he appears to have gone from Soincrly to 
Jamaica and then returned to England, which does not agree with the above 
statement in the " D.X.B." Mr. Cundall also notices: — 

" Yucs Pittoresques de la Jamaique, avec une Description detaillee de scs 
productions, surtout ties cannes a sucrc, des traveaux, du traitement et des moeurs 
des Xegres, etc. Traduit de 1' Anglais de M. W. Beckfort par J. S. P. nouvelle 
edition 2 vols. Lausanne ct Paris 1793." 

1 have a cutting from a bookseller's catalogue as follows : — 

" Set of six copper-plate Views in Jamaica, drawn on the spot by Geo. 
Robertson, and engraved in line by Daniel Lerpiniere. Oblong imperial folio, 
21 in. by lo\ in., Boydell 177S. These views are each dedicated to William 
Beckford, Esq., of Somerley in Suffolk, from w ho.-e estate (Roaring River near 
Spanish Town) they were taken." 

The question arises, who was this William Beckford, junior, who settled in 
Jamaica about 177") r Lord .Mayor William Beckford died in 1770, aged 00, 
leaving an only son and heir William, the well-known author of Vathek, and 
eccentric owner of Foothill (born 1759, died 1844). 

• T»o vols. 8vo. I have a cutting from a bookseller's catalogue which states that the book 
is " uot by William Beckford of Fontliill, but by William Beckford of the Fleet Prison " ! 


The Lord Mayor had, however, many brothers, one of whom, Richard, matricu- 
lated from Balliol College, Oxford, 15 January 1727-S, aped 15, B.A. Uuiversitv 
College 17-'U, later became an Alderman of London, and died at Lyons, a bachelor, 
in 17-3b\ In his will, dated 22 December 17-j.j in France, he writes: My friend 
Eliz. Hay esteemed as my wife £41)0 & all my household linen & £-500 a year. 
All my e.-tate in Hanover, Jamaica, according to agreement 1 devise to my brother 
Julines Beckford he to convey Roaring River plantation to Trustees my brother 
W m B. [the future Lord Mayor] etc. for the use of my reputed son Wiil. 
Beckford [a minor] born of the said Eliz. Hay & all residue. I have purchased of 
my brother Julines the Hertford plantation etc. Proved 4 31 arch 17oG [P.C.C., 
59, Glasierj. 

This "William, having inherited his father's great wealth, matriculated from 
Balliol College, Oxford, 17 March 1702, aged 17; created M.A. G April 17u3. 
There can be no doubt, I think, of his identity with the "William Beckford of 
Somerley, as the hitter's Hertford and Roaring River plantations were those 
named in Richard's will. Perhaps some Jamaican reader will be able to confirm 
this by reference to records. 


The following appeared in the " G.M." for 1792, p. 884:— 

Mr. Urban. Montserrat, July 26, 1792. As I have been long an admirer of 
your useful and learned Miscellanys I take the liberty of transmitting to you 
a very singular, and I believe, the oldest inscription upon a tombstone in the 
"West Indies; by inserting which, you will oblige, Wm. M c Kenly. 

Sub hoc tumulo jacet 


vir iutegritate, industria, et benevolentia suis 

quam alienis charissimus. 

Patria? pro viribus minister, 

nam in hie insula Monserat pro mnltis annis 

non tantum civilia scd etiam militaria 

qucedam erant illi officia: 

prasertim fait justiciarius pacis, 

qui post longuin dolorem corporis tandem 

quiete et libentur mortem obiit, 

mense Septembris anno renovati hominis H5SG. 

Ita se totum nude exiit, retribuit, 

et vol iu morte docuit, 

auum cuique reddere. (Eight lines in English follow.) 






















. r 

















>> .,- 

y - 


Jz .■ 



>; -■ 


— J; 


M ^_ 


*— U 


"? - 


-* L. 


cj ^ 

-5 "S 


•a 5 


«*3 E 


— " c 


c U 






































&//7i;ardjls6LUamj &t/ 


Arms. — Quarterly. 1, Or, a winged griffin segreant Gules [Williams] ; 
2, Gules, a man s head proper, bearded affront ee ; 3, Argent, two wives counter 
courant Gules ; 1, Argent, a lion rampant Sable, langued Gules. 

Crest. — A winged griffin scgrcant. 

Edward Williams of the Island of Antigua, Esq., died on the Gth, and was 
buried on the 15th April 178-1, aged 71, at Thames Ditton, co. Surrey. His 
grandfather, Col. Rowland AVilliams, is stated to have been the first male white 
child born in the Colony. 

An identification of the ancient quarterings, as given above, may lead to the 
discovery of the supposed Welsh origin of the family. It is believed that there is 
no male descendant now living. (For other details see "Antigua," iii. 231.) 

VOL. I. 




atSrotJtt, of Antigua. 

Joseph Brodie of Milntown, 2s. B., sold; 
his estates in 1730 to Lord Braco. 
(See his pedigree in Burke's "Landed 

=Margaret Dunbar, dau. 
of Thomas Dunbar of 
Grange ; married 1693. 

George Brodie, 1st son and 
heir, Captain in the Army, 
born 1G94; died at Breda, 
bachelor. "Will dated 1748 
(1GG, Busby). 

Alexander Brodie of AYindy-=pAnne Dawson, dau. 

hills, X.B., 2nd son, born 
1701 ; served h. 1749 to his 
brother George ; died 17S1. 

of William Dawson, 

Provost of Forres ; 
heiress of lleui- 

William Brodie, 1st son 
and heir, of "Windy- 
hills, succeeded his 
father 1781. 


Alexander Brodie, born 1738 ;=p Ann Kidder, born 1730; 

settled in Antigua 17G0 as a 
merchant; of Windyhill estate 
in St. Mary's parish ; died at 
Antigua 1S00. 

married 17GG ; died at 
Antigua 1S01 ; niece of 
Thomas Bedhead. 

Rev. Alexander Brodie, D.D., only son=pAnn "Walter, 
and heir, born in Antigua 1773 ; matricu- dan. of John 
lated from Trinity College, Oxford, 10 Walter of 
Februarv 1794, aged 20; B.A. 1797; Teddington, 
M.A. 1801; B. and D.D. 1811; Chap- co.Middlesex; 
lain to George Prince of Wales ; A'icar born 1779 ; 
of Eastbourne, co. Sussex, 1S09 till his married 31 
death there 1S2S. | May 1802. 

Mary Brodie, married 
at St. John's, 2 Nov. 
179G, Robert M c Nish, 
jun., of Antigua ; he 
died 5 Februarv 1S2S, 
aged 73 : she died 31 
August 1S19, a^ed 4s. 
M.l. at St. John's. 

George Brodie, Esq. Will dated 1748. My sisters Katli., Jean, and Barbara 
Eliz. My brother Alex. Brodie my lands of Windechells and Muirhead. Testator 
died at Breda, a Captain in the Army. Will proved 1751 (1GG, Busby). 

John Conyers of Antigua, Esq. 
Antigua, merchant, a Trustee. 

Will dated 1 March 17G0. Tho. Kidder of 

Tho. Bedhead of Enfield, CO. Middlesex, gent. Will dated 1 September 1772. 
£1000 in trust for M rs Mary .Martin, widow of Jas. Martin, late of Bell Yard. 
Gracechmvh Str., baker, and after her death to my niece Ann Brodie. Tho. 
Redhead Allen, a minor, s. of W n ' Allen and Alary his wife my niece. All residue 
to my nephew Tho. Kidder. Codicil 30 November 1773. Proved 4 ATay 1775 by 
Tho. Kidder the nephew (L'.C.C, 201, Alexander) 

Sarali Gorman of Antigua. Will dated 1 January 17s0. Alexander Brodie a 

Tho. Bedhead Allen of Antigua, Esq. Will dated 22 October 1792. To Ann. 
wife of Alex' Brodie, £500. To Alex. Brodie, Jun., Mary, Kliz., and Lydia Brodie 
their children, £'500 each. Sworn 20 October 1792, and recorded at St. John's. 



Richard Kidder, S.T.P.,=p. . . . She and her husband were both killed 

in their bed in the Palace at Wells by the 
fall of a chimney in the great storm of 20 
November 1703. 

Bishop of Bath and 
Wells, buried 14 Dec. 
1703. (See "D.N. B.") 


Thomas Bedhead of Antigua, mer- 
chant 17G0, later of Enfield, co. 
Middlesex. Will dated 1 Septem- 
ber 1772; proved 4 May 177.3 
(201, Alexander.) 

Thomas Kidder of Antigua, merchant, later of 
En field, co. Middlesex, born 1721; died o May 
1793, aged 09; buried at Enfield. Will dated 
is April 1703, and recorded at Antigua; nephew 
and heir of Thomas Bedhead. 

Williain=pMary, niece 
Allen. of Thomas 



Elizabeth Lydia Brodic, 5th dan., born 1775; married lstly at Thomas Red- 

IJrodie. St. John's, 1 February 1791, Bryan Blake of Antigua, head Allen of 

merchant; he died 28 August 1801, and was buried Antigua, 

at St. John's (will dated 4 June 1S00) ; married Esq., a minor 

2ndly, in 1S03, Malachy O'Connor of Dublin, mer- 1772. Will 

chant, and Mount William, St. Vincent; he died dated 22 Oct. 

at Bath 1S21 ; she was Jiving 1S3S. 1792. 

Tho. Kidder of Enfield, co. Middlesex, Esq. Will dated 18 April 1793. To 
be interred with my uncle M r Bedhead in the vault in Enfield Church. All est. 
here in Trust for my nephew Alex. Brodic and my nieces Mary, Eliz., and Lydia 
Brodie, s. and daus. of my sister Ann, wife of Alex. Brodie of Antigua, Mereh'. 
£100 a year to my said sister. Copv from P.C.C. received at Antigua 19 August 

A correspondent writes : — 

Alexander Brodie displeased his father because he would not enter the Army, 
and left Elgin for the Island of Antigua about 1760, where during 40 years 
residence he bought an estate and called it Windyhills. 

17G7, March 24. By Close Roll, Michael Lambert Weatherill appoints Tho. 
Kidder of Antigua, Esq., an attorney. 

17SS. In the map appears : Windy Hill. S l Mary's Parish, Alex r Brodie. 

1793, May 5. At Enfield, aged 09,' Tho. Kidder, esq., a West India merchant 
and agent for the islands of Saint Christopher and Nevis. (" G.M.," 4S2.) 

1797, Dec. 23. By Close Roll, John Long appoints Alex. Brodie of Antigua 
a trustee. 

1798, Oct. G. By Close Roll, Tho. Alexander appoints Alex. Brodie of 
Antigua, planter, a trustee. 

H 2 


1S02, May 31. Rev. A. Brodie, M.A., to Miss "Walter, daugh. of John Waller 
esq., of Teddington. (" G.M.," 583.) 


1791 Feb. 1 Bryan Blake (Merch 4 ) to Lydia Brodie, Spr. L. 
179G Nov. 2 Robert M c Nish, Planter, to Mary Brodie, Spr. L. 

Cunjnjgfjam of ©t, Stftte* 

Elizabeth de Salenave, formerly of St. Kitts. By act of 13 April 171"; I have 
given to my niece Judith Elizabeth Bonnefant, wife of M r Robert Cuningham, my 
lands in S 1 Christopher. My goddau. Eliz. Cuningham all residue. Rich d Cuning- 
haui, her brother, son of the said Rob 1 Cuningham. Codicil dated at London 
15 December 171-3. Translated from the French. (P.C.C., 5S, Fox.) A short 

Anthony Lynch of S' Christopher and Hampton, co. Middlesex, Esq. \\ ill 
dated 1719. My niece Miss Eli/.. Phanodelphia [sic] Cuningham, dan. of Daniel 
Cun'ngham of S l Christopher, Esq. 

Robert Cunyngham of Stone House, co. Salop, Esq. AVill dated 10 March 
1701. I bequeath the equity of redemption of all those plantations in Cayon and 
Basseterre S' Christopher's and the negros alter the decease of my father and the 
payment of debts to D 1 ' Irwin of ^ l C. and John Woodhouse of Bridewell 
Hospital, London, gent., in Trust for my brother Anthony Cunyngham in tail 
male, then to his daus. with power to charge Jl'-JOO a year joynture and .L'">i»<"> lor 
younger children, remainder to my si-ter Eliz. Philadelphia, wife of M. r Charles 
Pearce of London, merchant, she then paying to my other sister Henrietta 
£10,000. To my said two sisters £2000 apiece as soon as the debts are reduced 
to £2000. To my dear mother £300 a year a.-- soon as my Father's and my d< 1' 
are paid. Trustees to be Ex'ors. Wit. by Rich Woodhouse, Math* Hale.] I 
Rogers. Proved May 1700 hv John Woodhouse, power reserved to the others 
(P.C.G, 173, Tyndall). 

Mary Cunyngham of S' George's, Hanover Square, relict of Robert Cuiiim;- 
ham, late of S' Christopher's, Esq. Will dated 1! January 175S. My dans. 
Susannah Cunyngham, Mary Dalrymplc, Jane Dalrymplc, and Ilellcn Nccdh 
wife of W'" Needham. To be buried in the Gnu fi'ryars church yard. Edinluug 
where the said Kob 1 Cuningham and Eliz. Da.nuule my dau. were buried, il 
I die in Scotland, but if 1 die in England to be buried In S' MargarcCs church 
yard, Westminster, where Calhcart Dalrvmple my son was buried. Will pro\ol 
17oS (P.C.C., 1U.3, Hutton). 



ARMS. — Quarterly: 1 and 4, Argent, a shake 
tntl 3, Or, a Jess cheeky Argent and Azure, within a 
CfiEST. — An unicorn's head couped. 
SuPPOKTEDS. — Two unicorns couchant. 
Motto. — Yiutute et Laboee. 

-fork Sable (Cu>"I2IGHam) ; 
bordure engrailed Gules. 


'/r .' | bos; &<***■$ 

/C ' Pert l ~iiru/nj/ijfh ■ 
\cfiJ e CArir top/it rj 'l 

Richard Cuning-=j= 
ham of Glengar- 
nock, N.B., who ! 
served Kings 
Charlesl.and II 

Jordain de; 
.Salenave of 
St. Kitts, 
1688, a 



dated in 


1715 (58, 


Robert Cuniughain of St.- 
Kitts, Esq., Lieutenant 
in Holt's Regiment 
1092— 9; living 1727. 

Judith Elizabeth Bonnefant, 
niece and heir of Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Salenave. She and her 
11 children were living in 

Richard Daniel Cuninghanr 
Cuning- ofCayoninSt.Kitts, 

hain, liv- Esq., Member of 
big 1715. Council 14 January 
1740-11 ; died in 
Elizabeth Curzou Street, 
Cuiiing- Mayfair, 20 Feb. 
ham, liv- 1770. Will dated 
iug 1715. 15 September 1770, 
then of Ludlow ; 
proved 15 Novem- 
ber 1777 (455, 


Robert Cuuing-=f=Mary 
ham of St. Kitts, Will 
Esq., buried in 
the Crrey Friars 

14 January 
175S,theu of 
St. George, 
widow ; 
proved 1758 
(105, Hut- 



Susannah Cuningham. 

Robert Cuningham 
ofSt, Kitts, Esq., 1st 
son andhcir, died v.p. 
amis. p. Will dated 
10 March 1701, then 
of Stone House, co. 
Salop ; proved 
Mav 1700 (173, 

ham. heir 
to his 



named 17 H) 
in will of her 
uncle An- 
thony Lynch; 
mar. Charles 
Pearce of 
London, mer- 

ry m pie, 

bur. in 
yard of 
St. Mar- 

I I I I 
Mary Dalryuople. 

Jane Dalrymple. 

Elizabeth Dalrymple, 
buried in the Grey 
Friars Churchyard, 

Hellen Dalrymple, 

married William 

Daniel Cuningham, late of Cayon in St. Christopher's, now of Ludlow, co. 
Salop, Esq. Will dated 15 September 1770. To my wife Eliz., my friend the 
Hon. Michael White, Dep. Gov. of Mouserrat, Edw d Knight, Jun r , of Wolverley, 

• From Scnex'd Atlas of 1721. 

102 caribbeaxa. 

co. Wore, Esq., my son in law John Knight of Cookeley, co. "Wore, Esq., all im- 
plantation in the parish of S' Mary Cayon, called the Spring estate, v : 
I purchased from Clement Crooke, Doctor of Physic, and all negros on Trust to 
pay my wife £300 a year, and to Tho. Cooke my servant, who lived with mv late 
son Robert Cuningham, Esq., dec' 1 , £20 a year. The said £300 a year to my wife 
is over and above the annuities of £800 and C3n0 payable to her from my other 
estates, called the Cayen estate, by deed of 24 June L759 and the will of mv dear 
son Robert Cuningham, Esq., dated 16 March 1761. A mortgage of £5000 In- 
deed of 12 April 1766 for the benefit of my son and dau. Pearce and their children. 
All residue of profits for my wife, also plate, carriages, horses, and personal estate 
iu England, and sole Ex'trix. Witnessed by W m Chines, W"' Jones, Jun., Tho. 

Codicil 17 December 1772. I revoke the £20 a year to Tho. Cook. 

Adm'on 15 November 1777 to Anthony Cuningham, Esq., the son, Elizabeth 
Cuningham, the relict, first renouncing (P.C.C., 455, Collier). 

1695. Robert Cuningham, then an Ensign in Colonel Henry Holt's Regiment. 

1712. Robert Cunningham, now a prisoner at St. Christopher's, writes in 
May complaining about Governor Douglas. He has a wife and eleven children, 
and is a son of Richard Cunningham of Glengarnock, who served Kings Charles 
I. and II. He has been imprisoned because he refused to vote a present of 
100,000 lbs. to the Governor. (B. T. Leeward Islands, vol. xii.) 

1714. Lieut. Robert Cunningham married the niece of Madam Eliz. Salenave, 
widow of Jordain Salenave, who had~an estate at St. Christopher's before LOSS of 
3 or 400 acres. She prays to have her e.-tate restored to her. Later this was 
done by the King's orders. Other Huguenots had their estates in the French 
quarter restored to them. (/6 /</.,, vol. xiii.) 

1717. Petition of Robert Cunningham of St. Christopher's, Esq., who served 
with the Regiment from 1692 to 16Q3-9, when Colonel Holt's was incorporated 
with Colonel Collingwood's. In the last war he went as a volunteer to Guadaloup. 
and at that time had six children. He now lias eleven, and applies for a grant of 
lands. (Ibid., vol. xv.) 

Circa 1727. Robert Cunyngham petitions for land in St. Christopher's 
formerly belonging to Mrs. Elizabeth Salenave, his wife's aunt. (State Papers, 
Domestic, George II., vol. clix., fo. 3.*) 

17-10-41, January 14. Daniel Cunningham is appointed to the Council of 
St. Christopher vice Charles Pym, Esq. (13. T. Leeward Islands, vol. lv.) 

1753. Daniel Cuningham, esq., one plantation in S ( John's Cappcstorrc and 
one in S l Mary Cayon. (Baker's .Map of St. Christopher.) 

1761, December. Rob. Cunyngham, Esq ; at S c Kitts. (" G.M.," 1762, p. 45.) 

1776, February 20. Daniel Cunyngham. Esq; in Curzon street, May Fair. 
(Ibid., 95.) 

1776, February 29. Daniel Cunnyngham, Esq; late of Ludlow, an eminent 
planter at St. Christopher and Monserrat, in the West Indies. (Town and Country 
Mag., 167.) 

Sir David Cuningham of Robertland had charter of Glengarnock 161 1. and had 
five sons, 1, David, 1st Bart.; 2, Alexander, 2nd Hart.; 3. John; t, Sir James, 
gentleman of the bedchamber to Charles I. ; 5, William; but there is no mention 
of a Richard. (See Burke's " Baronetage.") 

* This reference was sent tue by Mr. G. T. Sherwood. 



j2amcs of persons iuljosc Skills arc I'tgistmU 
in Jamaica previous to 1700. 

[Add. MS. 21,931, British Museum.] 

Thomas Arwinklc 

Southwell Aclkins 
}•' ranees Allen 
Cliarles Atkinson 
Richard Abbott 
John Berry 
Bernard Baker 
Edward Barnard 
Joseph Barnes 
John Barker 
Richard Backhouse 
John Bagnall 
.lames Blatt 
Catherine Bradley 
John Badger 
Joseph Bradley 
William Banfield 
Henry Bennett 
John Belfield 
Richard Brewer 
Mary Briscoe 
Henry Bowen 
Thomas Brown 
Humphrey Boucher 
William Buckley 
Peter Burteen 
Thomas Burden 
George Blundell 
Richard Barber 
Patrick Burne 
William Buckley 
John Bounce 
James Braithwaite 
Titus Berman 
William Brooks 
Robert Brid^ewood 
Nicholas Butler 
Nathaniel Bodman 
Henry Clare 
Robert Chirk e 
William Clarkson 
Thomas Carter 
Ambrose Clarke 
Ralph Chase 
William dee 
Peter Che vers 

Libeii 1 (commencing 1GG3). 

Robert Corker 
Joan Cooper 
Richard Curtis 
George Cunney 
Samuel Clarke 
John Cape 
Lawrence Charnock 
John Chelton 
Anthony Dalrum 
Elizabeth Hawkins 
John Denham 
Henry Duiiicum 
Joseph Deakins 
Robert Hclamer 
Rebecca Ditchfield 
Robert Howner 
John Duce 
Mary Dayton 
James Duglas 
George Davis 
Edward Dempster 
Alexander Dunbar 
John Davis 
Mathew Eaton 
George Eijleston 
John Ellott 
Anne Evans 
Peter Ebden 
Walter Ensum 
Robert Eastmond 
John Facie 
John Franckling 
Thomas Fairfield 
John Francis 
Richard Fox 
William Ford 
Roger Fucus 
William Frost 
Thomas Fant 
William Freeman 
Thomas Fitzwilliam 
Ralph Fisher 
Walker Gollofer 
John Garnet t 
John Gaywood 
Henry Gardiner 

Persival Green 
William Green 
William Greeawav 
Henry Gleade 
William Godfrey 
Humphry Groves 
John Goodhall 
David Gomes 
Nathaniel Guy, Senr. 
Margaret Gunbury 
Edward Guteh 
John Grandual 
James Griffin 
Samuel Gerrod 
Stephen Gomcr 
Edward Harris 
Thomas Hall 
Mathew Hardy 
Richard Hartley 
Christian Heudrickson 
John Hyde 
James Hill 
Thomas Hickman 
Roger Hill 
George Holland 
George Hovedan 
Anthony Hoppott 
Richard Hope 
Henry Hopkins 
Humphrey Holecraft 
Charles Huddleston . 
Robert Hueston 
John Harper 
Richard Hill 
Edmund Ilinchman 
John Hoyett 
Thomas Hicks 
John Hunt 
Robert Harris 
George Hollyfield 
Clot'as Hawkins 
John Harding 
John Houldsworth 
Abbacock Hitchcock 
John Jones 
Howell Jones 



Cornelius Johnson 
John Jenkins 
George Jackson 
Thomas Johnson 
Henry Johnson 
John Jenkins 
George Johns 
William Jacks 
Thomas James 
Richard Jeffries 
John Johnson 
James Jenner 
Daniel Kelly 
"William Kelly 
John King 
Nicholas Kcan 
Humphrey Langhorne 
William Lambe 
John Lecornee 
Phillip Lee 
Thomas Lavis 
Charles Leach 
John Lillnells 
Richard Loyde 
John Lock 
George Lucas 
Henry Lupton 
William Long 
Darby Lessell 
Elizabeth Lambard 
Thomas Langdon 
Nicholas Lane 
John Man 
Edward Morgan 
Francis Morloi't 
John Macteage 
William Moore 
William Mason 
John Maine 
John .Moore 
Mungo Mackrath 
David Morgan 
John Moore 
Ann Maliiore 
Peter Mills 
Thomas Maynard 
John Mallatt 
John Maxwell 
Joane Millncr 
Jacob Mainet 
Gerrard Mashart 
James Mufl'ett 
William Mayo 
Maccam Maccloude 
Thomas Morris 
Teague Marrough 
— Marshall ah. Heath 

Laucclott Morse 
William Martin 
John Newman 
Edward Nicholls 
John Nelson 
William Nickson 
Thomas Orchard 
Owen Oneland 
Thomas Pyatt 
Joseph Parker 
John Parker 
George Pep well 
John Perrott 
James Pennerelick 
Edward Pinhorne 
Richard Pincent 
John Phillips 
Richard Pepys 
Hugh Powell 
William Pond 
Pierse Poor 
'Joane Potter 
Thomas Pollholl 
Thomas Pollhall 
John Pullen 
John Purdue 
Robert Pmiehard 
Godfrey Piatt 
Paul Peach 
Peter Pugh 
Michael Price 
John Pearce 
Robert Paupa 
William Paviour 
Samuel Phillips 
John Palmer 
Joseph Pope 
James Parkinson 
Jasper Pickering 
Henry Read 
Edward Read 
Richard Richardson 
John Riga rd 
Abraham Richardson 
John Rogers 
John Rugg 
Nathaniel Ridley 
Charles Ricant 
Edward Robinson 
Thomas Rose 
Robert Paw linson 
Thomas I J list 
Nathaniel Smith 
Samuel Sutton 
John Sanders 
Edward Seaman 
Ralph Statam 

James Stephenson 
Thomas Salter 
Samuel Stretton 
Bennett Sharpe 
Samuel Stole 
Walter Stephenson 
Thomas Seers 
William Sparkes 
Nicholas Sinnatt 
Robert Skutt 
Richard Smithers 
Nehemiah Stoakewell 
Robert Stone 
Edmond Stephenson 
John Swinton 
Robert Smith 
William Shute 
Francis Strandwidge 
William Smith 
Richard Smith 
Jaue S pence 
David Spence 
Lydia Stephenson 
Robert Taylor 
Chamberlin Thomson 
Gregory Tom 
John Todd 
David Thomas 
Thomas Tomlins 
Ann Thornc 
Mary Turner 
Richard Thorne 
Thomas Trebrey 
Robert Tretton 
Bowden Tarling 
Richard Thompson 
Edward Tonsstall 
Stephen Valley 
John Vine 
Martin Vanolphiu 
George Vertc 
Nathaniel Yezen 
Henry Watson 
William Williams 
Henry A\ r ritte 
John Wise 
Michael Welch 
Richard Writ! 
William Weight 
Isaac Windslow 
Thomas White 
Francis Watson 
William Wheat ley 
Thomas Wilkinson 
James Watson 
William White 
Robert Weeks 



Thomas Waters 
Felix Wickesell 
Thomas Wakefield 

George Woodyer 
"William Woblins? 

John Williams 
Francis Yates 

Thomas Amor 
John Abbard 
Alice Alexander 
Nicholas Alexander 
Hanse Anderson 
John Brooks 
John Berry 
Francis Bowles 
John Brower 
Thomas Burgen 
Diana Bauchs 
John Borefield 
James Bannister 
Hhena Bayley 
Thomas Brewing 
Thomas Barrett 
Thomas Bellamy 
Alice Bassett 
William Bowyer 
Richard Boyce 
William Bent 
Andrew Burnside 
Johu Burton 
Jasper Blanch 
Thomas Browne 
James Blair 
Richard Bridges 
Thomas Butler 
Thomas Beaman 
George Bennett 
George Booth, Scnr. 
Francis Booth 
John Ball 
Thomas Bend 
Bryan Cheseman 
John Craven 
Jonathan Cock 
Joel Clement 
Mathew Cotton 
Richard Cox 
Thomas Cooper 
Robert Charwell 
Cornelius Cole 
Samuel Conyers 
John Cant re 11 
Anthony Collier 
Richard Clarke 
James Casement 
Johu Crumpton 
Bryan Casidy 
Thomas Cary 

Libeii 2 (commencing 1(572). 

Anne Cox ah. Read 
Emanuel Douant 
( )liver Bust 
James Downes 
John Doughtcn 
Michael Dunn 
John Daniel 
Evan Davis 
William Dawer 
Stephen Evans 
Charles Ellis 
Elizabeth Edgley 
Thomas Edmonds 
James Fell 
William Frost 
William Fludd 
Richard Fielder 
William Fox 
Richard Fotherington 
William Frissell 
George Fry 
Henry Flemming 
Thomas Fitzwilliam 
Mary Freeman 
John Fisher 
Rice Garvice 
John Garrett 
Andrew Gregory 
John Gunbar 
Richard Guy 
William Gunter 
Hugh Goffe 
Richard Green 
Samuel Gardiner 
Thomas Griffith 
Margaret Griffith 
Thomas Guess 
William Guilchrist 
William Gibbons 
Henry Milliard 
Cary J I illy or 
Anthony Harvey 
Nicholas Hancock 
Thomas Harry 
Sampson Heelis 
John llanlw ick 
John Hughes 
Henry Hodges 
William Hewitt 
Thomas Howard 
Jasper Hill 

John Hemmingc 
Jocob Hane 
Richard Harris 
Christopher Horner 
Gregory Hubbard 
Richard Hillman 
Nicholas Hicks 
Samuel Hancockc 
William Hadder 
John Hobby 
Sampson Hill 
•lames Herricke 
Jones Jones 
Francis Inians 
Edward Jackson 
Judith Jordan 
Jones James 
William James 
Thomas Keysor 
Thomas King 
Daniel Kermey 
Francis Knoliis 
Roger Kelly 
William Knollv s 
Francis Lister 
John Lee 
Arthur Loyd 
Giles Lister 
Thomas I.ockyer 
William Lamas 
Nicholass Lissons 
William Litchfield 
John Lewis 
Valentine Mumbec 
Blcdry Morgan 
Henry Meredith 
•John Morgan 
Edward Morgan 
William Mosely 
Thomas .Mat thews 
Ann Martin 
Thomas Morgan 
Thomas Manning 
Francis Man 
Thomas Mathew 
Richard Morgan 
Robert Mcllish 
Richard Mug» 
Simon Mason 
Augustine May 
Simon Mason 



Joseph Matkins 
John Mayes 
Dennis Maeragh 
Sir Thomas Modyi'ord 
William Mastevton 
John Medley 
Thomas Nitt 
Arthur Nora's 
Mathew Oliver 
Simon Orton 
Philipe Osbourne 
James Ohogan 
William Peale 
John Parsons 
Alexander Pitts 
Ralph Palmer 
John Payne 
William Parker 
Richard Peirce 
Stephen Parker 
Gifford Pennant 
Rice Prosser 
Christopher Piudcr 
George Paul 
Thomas Piper 
William Parker 
John Parris 
Nathaniel Pratt 
John Paris 
Moses Race 
George Robinson 
Vincent Rossell 

Evan Rice 
William Reid 
Christopher Render 
Francis llycroft 
William Ryves 
Arthur Stratford 
Samuel Sawyer 
John Slikcr 
Richard Seward 
John Stephens 
Robert Smith 
Alexander Simmes 
Nathaniel Sparkes 
Philip Shahan 
John Smith 
William Sheklricke 
Elias Sedgwicke 
Jacob Stoakes 
William Salisbury 
John Stephens 
Richard Spicer 
'Cornelius Stray s 
Thomas Swain e 
William Seabrooke 
Edward Saulles 
Jane Seers 
John Smith 
Francis Sand ford 
William Smith 
Thomas Totle 
James Thompson 

John Terry 
William Thomson 
Richard Tilnev 
Georse Tito a!$. Titus 
Nicholas Trussell 
William Valett 
AVilliani A'aughan 
Philip A'icary 
AVilliam A 7 incent 
John Wooley 
AVilliam Warrington 
Udall Walker- 
Robert Willis 
Anthony AVitehurch 
John AV alter 
John AVelstead 
Samuel AVasling 
John Wall 
John AValler 
Thomas A\ r hitroe 
George AV r orlev 
AVilliam AVhal'ey 
Samuel Whiteway 
AVilliam Wilson 
Saul Warner 
Samuel Warren 
James Warner 
AVilliam AVhitcing 
Joell White 
John Yealcs 
Edward Yates 

Samuel Alexander 
Thomas Allen 
John Burke 
John Bandies 

Richard Hots Ford 
Robert Bridgwood 
Edward Brome 
Edward Byndloss 
Catherine Boomc 
James Bonyer 
Ann Barrett 
James Barry 
Anthony Buchicr 
Israel Belchamber 
Peter Browne 
William Boltrighl 
Samuel Broadstreet 
Henry Banfield 
Edward Blackmail 
Edmund Blood 
Roger Cotton 
Edward Cook 

Liber 3 (commencing 1GS2). 

Josiah Court 
Christopher Cleaves 
John Cook 
William Crandell 
Thomas Cornwell 
AVilliam Cave 
Anthony Dale 
John Davis 
Edward Drake 
Bryan Dunn 
Mary Dobson 
William Dobson 
William Evan 
John Edwards 
John Eubank 
Nathaniel Eslaugh 
Elizabeth Edwards 
John Francis 
Montague Fairer 
Jeremiah Fowler 
George fawcett 
Gilbert Gravett 

Arthur Gaily 
Richard Gwynell 
Clement Gutch 
Richard Guy 
John Gauden 
Josias Gabell 
Nathaniel Guv 
Thomas Gibbons 
George Hunt 
Thomas Milliard 
Thomas Hill 
Thomas Heard 
Mary Hodges 
Thomas Hobby 
George Hunt 
George Hanbury 

Thomas Hell. mil 
Richard I [erne 
Stephen Hubbard 
Theophilua 11)11 
Robert Hammon 
George Howlsworth 



Pierse Jones 
Mathew Juniper 
Edward Isles 
Andrew Jewell 
William Jessett 
Charles Johnson 
Elizabeth luglett 
Richard Ley ton 
John Long 
John Litcnell 
Peter Lasue Lamott 
Samuel Loekley 
Samuel Loug 
John Munday 
Matiicw Mackwood 
John Monmouth 
John Maverly 
John Mathews 
Brian Maekmalronafine 
Thomas Macy 

Jonathan Ashurt 
John Allridge 
Samuel Allam 
John Adam 
Edward Barnard 
Kichard Bolton 
John Bcale 
George Bedward 
John Beasant 
Ezra Baldwin 
Henry Brayne 
William Bennett 
Thomas Brispam 
John Bury 
Thomas Buckler 
Ann Barnes etls. Maine 
Henry Bignall 
John Browne 
Samuel Bradway 
John Butneline 
Thomas Brooks, Scnr. 
Benjamin Booth 
Humphrey Baskerville 
John Bansfield 
Richard Braine 
John Carthwright 
William Coxen 
William Crooker 
John Colbeck 
Philip Criseell 
James Collemb 
Joseph Casteele 
Richard Collins 
William Coxhead 

Richard Newman 
Andrew Or^ill 
Thomas Ogden 
Samuel Proby 
Lawrence Prince 
Thomas Paggett 
Roger Pemberton 
Henry Pullen 
A'incent Phillips 
John Pugh 
John Parkinson 
Peter Quodman 
Thomas Rose 
John Rochester 
John Reynolds 
Elijah Rowlett 
Thomas Rock 
John Richardson 
Edward Rawlingson 
Mathew Stephenson 

Liber 4 (commencing 16S3). 

John Swinton 
William Sams 
Nicholas Stephens 
John Spy re 
John Smart 
Barbara Snatchell 
Edward Sinchue 
Rowley Titchborne 
Thomas Wind 
Anne Wakefield 
John Warned 1 
Michael Wickett 
Hierome Westhorpe 
Rowland Williams 
John Williams 
Robert Walker 
Charles Whitfield 
Christopher Williams 
James Wall is 
John Ward 

Francis Chusman 
George Collingham 
Mary Cumberlidgc 
Edward Cooper 
Ambrose Clarke 
Thomas Cooper 
Robert Calderwood 
William Capoone 
John Cundley 
John Childermass 
Joseph Cubett 
Edward Duck 
Jane Dobbins 
Hector Duncan 
Thomas Driver 
John Delapier 
Dorcas Daw ley 
Henry Davis 
Henry Duenall 
William Davison 
James East 
Augustine Evans 
Thomas Elbridge 
Methusaleh Eden 
John Edmunds 
John Ellis 
Thomas Edwards 
Elias Ely 
Edwards Elliott 
Solomon Kales 
John Eloger 
John Fisher 
John Fleming 
Henry Fenwick 

John Forrest 
Martha Floyd 
William Folways 
Samuel Fretchwell 
Joseph Goodwin 
William Griffin 
Samuel Gray 
William Gent 
Thomas Gay 
George Gourdon 
John Gannett 
Francis George 
Abraham Gill 
Augustine Gavcll 
William Gibson 
Jane Gemont 
Kichard Grace 
Hugh Ginge 
William Goodman 
William Harris 
John llotkins 
Henrv Houscr 
Mathew Hide 
Nicholas Holmes 

Thomas il ickman 
William Harvey 
Michael Hunt 
William llolman 
John Hunt 
Edward Horsey 
Robert Hatton, Junr. 
John Hill 
Francis Hopkins 
Edward Hunt 



Henry Harlowe 
William Heath 
Ann Hughs 
Oiivcr Hampsou 
George Holitield 
George Holiday 
John James 
Robert Johnson 
Charles Jessop 
John Jennings 
Thomas Jones 
Richard Jimlen 
Robert Jennan 
Andrew Knight 
Anthony KinsmeU 
Daniel Keen 
Hugh Kenn 
George Langfield 
John Loyee 
Edward Lay tun 
John Lewis 
Richard Mathews 
Garrett Murrey 
William Morricc 
Thomas Martyn 
John Mason 
Elizabeth Marfin 
Jeremiah Medlicotfc 
John Meredith 
William Morgan 
Richard Mably 
John Morant . 
Augustine May 
William Mills 
Jacob Nichols 
George North 
John Newsom 
Edward Nieholls 
Jacques Narvais 
Abraham ( >orshcotfc 
Hugh Owen 
Thomas Pore 
Robert Philips 

David Purvis 
Joanc Prichett 
John Pope 
Patrick Pusser 
Thomas Patterson 
William Parker 
William Pusey 
William Petty 
John Penistone 
Thomas Paine 
Andrew Patton 
George Pye 
James Percifull 
John Pettit 
George Pattinsou 
Samuel Paddy 
John Plummer 
Anthony Pink 
William Pully 
Alexander Parkes 
Richard Parchment 
James Rudyear 
Thomas Raby 
Jeoffry Reeves 
Mary Reeves 
James Eisbee 
Richard Ryton 
Nicholas Reynolds 
Thomas Rouse 
John Richardson 
Dermont Regaine 
Margaret Roe 
James Shakeford 
Robert Sables 
George Street 
Joshua Smith 
Ralph Shillv 
William Sears 
John Salisbury 
Henry Slanter 
Thomas Scott 
William Sheruier 
Eleanor Sinkius 

Sykis Shrimpton 
Morris Shehaune 
Morgan Smith 
John Swadling 
Robert Scott 
Peter Strung 
Thomas Stile 
James Seggick 
Richard Snagg 
John Stonehewer 
Thomas Straton. 
Richard Sharpe 
Joseph Stonier 
Lancelott Tucker 
Henry Tennant 
Thomas Vaughan 
Nicholas Verbanaeh 
Francis Vincent 
John Vincent 
John Wilson 
John Wall 
Robert Woodward 
Walter White 
John Warring 
William Wingar 
Henry Wink us 
Robert Wheeler 
Thomas Watts 
Thomas Wildish 
John Wells 
Mathew Willshire 
James White 
William Wise 
Stephen White 
Robert Warner 
Roger Ware 
Thomas Wallia 
Roger Waite 
Hugh Wentworth 
John Williams 
Edward Waters 
Lawrence Yates 
Henry Young 

Liber 5 (missing) (commencing 1GS7). 

Bernard Baker 
Stephen Bouham 
Simon Benning 
Robert Byndlos s 
James Baiichs 
Paul Bonce 
John Bruuning 
Charles Boney 
Edward Collier 
Constance Collins 
Charles Cresse 

Bcnway Charles 
John Clay don 
Edward Cheston 
James Davies 
John Dibble 
Richard Dunn 
Henry Eglcton 
George El kin 
Judith Freeman 
Peter Fountain 
Thomas Foster 

Roger Flower 
Elizabeth George 
Eleanor Gridiua 
Robert Haw kins 
George Hani: 
Edward Happa 
Richard Hicks 
Daniel II irks 
Sir Philip Howard 
John Jennings 
Benjamin Ives 



Robert James 
William Joancs 
Mary Johnsou 
John Kent 
John Lagoe 
George Marshall 
Jonas Morris 
Thomas Macy 
Thomas Martin 
Peter Monieatt 
Teire Macnamara 

Griffith Perry 
John Palmer 
Abraham Pi/.in^ 
Dorothy Richardson 
Henry Rede 
Jacob Eoloss 
John Smith 
James Shawes 
Benjamin Smith 
William Shelly 

John Stanley 
Edward Sealv 
Samuel Sleigh 
George Threaves 
Thomas T\ lling 
Samuel Thare 
John Wildbore 
William Wyatt 
Josiah Warnc 
Robert Walker 

Thomas Alder 
John Archer 
John Adams 
William Astrope 
Samuel Austecn 
llrrman Atkins 
Kichnrd Andrews 
Bennett Anguin 
T1io!d:ih Ahviuklc 
J, hn Biggs 
Kichnrd Browne 
C'li irles Barre 
Anthony Bunas 
Klenor Browne 
John Bowden 
George Buttler 
Joshua Bright 
Christopher Buttler 
John Breeding 
Joseph Bedou 
Richard Baker 
William Brock 
Edward Barry 
Edward Baugh 
Samuel Barry 
Peter Bennett 
John Burrow 
Robert Bryan 
Francis Burton 
Thomas Brailsford 
Stephen Brooks 
John Cope 
Adam Cooper 
Thomas Chandler 
Sir Francis Chapline 
Isaac Cole 
Oliver Crainsbrough 
Elizabeth Crooker 
Ilumphrv Crump 
Walter Cooke 
Bernard Capin 
Thomas Clarke 
Martha Conner 

Liber 6 (commencing 1GSS). 

Anthony Carthwright 
Roger Cox 
John China 
Richard Carter 
John Chambers 
David Cowley 
Ebenezar; Cooper 
John Clyneh 
Richard Clarke 
John Cottrall 
Peter Clark 
Charles Ducket 
Richard Davis 
Francis Dykes 
William Drew 
John Durrant 
Rebecca Uaynes 
George Dig^ins 
Treque D una van 
John Delatary 
William Dougharty 
William Elder 
Joshua Easton ir 
Edward Earwin 
Magdalen Fawcett 
Thomas Fulker 
Edward Vox 
Joseph Fairfield 
Robert Ford 
Tliomas Fuller 
Richard Frier 
Mathew Frith 
William Foyle 
Lawerence Garrett 
John Guepin 
John Groddard 
Thomas Greaves 
Thomas Green 
Richard Greenfield 
William Gravestock 
Maurice Giuuego 
I lenrv Gibbons 
John Gale 

William Gadfield 
Elizabeth Goodale 
Philip Gardner 
Mary Hust 
Edward Milliard 
Joseph Hewes 
Thomas Heard 
Robert Howard 
Edward 11 ay man 
Thomas Harper 
John Hobby 
William Hayes 
Joseph Hinches 
James Harding 
Thotnas Hogg 
Juliues Herring 
Benjamin Holinan 
Edmond Plowman House 
Oliver Hawkins 
Faith Herbert 
John Harris 
William Hobleton 
Thomas Hill 
Edward Inion 
Peter Jacobs 
William Ivey 
John Ireland 
Thomas Johnson 
George Johncock 
Samuel Kathro 
Henry Lupton 
Michael LaFoure 
James Lynch 
Samuel Lambourne 
Thomas Lander 
John Lcmiug 
Janes Littleton 
Christopher L\ nc 
Sir Henry Mi rgan 
Gabriel Martvn 
Jeft'ry Mosely 
Anne Molyne 
Mary Marty n 



Man- Maimds 
Thomas Moone 
Brian Maconolronofin 
Hugh Mightin 
Hender Molseworth 
Jolni Mack far] an e 
John Maverley 
Sir John Modyford 
Charles Newell 
Job Newberry 
William Neale 
Eobert Newell 
George Nedham 
Abraham Old 
William Oldys 
Joseph Phipps 
Francis Price 
Samuel Poole 
Thomas Pocock 
William Peny 
Eobert Popleton 
Thomas Phipps 
Eichard Philip 
George Parsons 
Eichard Paulk 
Thomas Perry 
Charles Penhallow 
Cap Primo 
William Perkins 
John Partridge 

Jacob Quodman 
Nicholas Earner 
Eichard Roberta 
John Eead 
Clement Robinson 
William Bobinson 
Thomas Roden 
Morgan Eead 
Michael Sanders 
Edmond Sykes 
Thomas South 
John Styles 
Anthony Swymmer 
Peter Samyne 
Thomas Stichbury 
Francis Scarlett 
Thomas Selsby 
Mary Selby 
Elizabeth Styles 
Edward Sell way 
.Trwhn Saunders 
Jarvis Shaw- 
George Seaward 
Thomas Spencer 
John Salmon 
Eobert Smith 
John Smith 
Eichard Semour 
Eobert Shuttleworth 
Mathew Swetnam 

Thomas Turner 
Christopher Thomas 
Stephen Thorston 
Arthur Turner 
Joseph Taylor 
Lucea Tepton 
John Thompson 
Thomas Turpin 
Thomas Talby 
William Tweadle 
John Vassal 1 
George Wattle 
Thomas Willing 
Thomas Waite 
Cornelius Wilkin 
Thomas Wimpew 
Adam Woosnam aJs. 

Thomas Ward 
Thomas Wiubourne 
Sylvanus Wesson 
Eichard Willis 
John Willnall 
William Warrin 
Thomas Warren 
John Welson 
Henry Whitfield 
George Woodyer 
Eobert Weston 

John Ashley 
David Austine 
Thomas Ames 
Edward Ay liner 
David Alvares 
William Alcock 
William Boston 
Eichard Bath 
William Bingham 
Thomas Ballard 
Alexander Buckler 
Francis Bowman 
John Bucher 
Eichard Bird 
Eobert Baxter 
Elenor Bradway 
William Boone 
Edward Bolt 
Edmund Bailes 
John Bell 
John Browne 
John Barrs 
Thomas Buckley 
Thomas Berinan 

Liber 7 (commencing 1(391). 

Nicholas Baker 
John Barrow 
Thomas Ballard 
Lawrence Blooine 
George Bernard 
Nathaniel Browne 
Thomas Boutwell 
Margaret Bel! son 
George Bennett 
Peter Clark 
John Crop 
Eobert Crompire 
William Cussans 
Hester Cope 
Penelope Coxon 
John Collett 
Lydia Collier 
John Cropp 
John Campbell 
William Coke 
Richard Croswell 
William Clarke 
Eobert Clift 
William Carrington 

Duncan Campbell 
Henry Coulson 
Daniel Cadroy 
Thomas Carter 
Hu^h Cole 
Edward Clarke 
Benjamin Chilton 
James Duany 
Eoger Dawson 
Timothy Dodd 
John Dickes 
John Dunston 
William Digging 
George Damsel! 
John Drury 
Thomeur Durport 
Daniel De la ( lhamber 
Noah Daw Bon 
John Downes 
John Davis 
William Drew 
Thomas Evans 
Bo^'cr Elleston 
John Emens 



Thomas Evans 
Thomas Everard 
Thomas Eleyard 
Elizabeth Fleetwood 
Christopher Fairless 
Alexander Felton 
Thomas Finn 
1 1 u mphrey Freeman 
Kichard Fielder 
Morris Flynn 
Henry Fee 
Kobert Gilbert 
James Goddard 
Kichard Gray 
Alexander Goodwin 
Arthur Goodin 
Robert Hepburne 
Tliomas llavles 
Richard Ilarblett 
Liwrence Harding 
Kichard Harris 
Ann Harding 
A mlrew llolloway 
Francis Hanson 
Francis Hickman 
l'licbe Harvey 
William Holder 
John Hyllier 
Solomon Hill 
Charles Hunt 
John Harding 
Robert Hubbart 
Kobert Hooke 
William Hubbard 
Lawrence Halsted 
Kichard Hemming 
John Hart 
Kichard Hayles 
Henry Henderson 
Thomas Hall 
James Huggins 
William Johnson 
Thomas James 
Oche Jan sou 
Earle Inscquin 
John Innis 
William Johnson 
Anne Jewell 
Charles John 

Anne Isles 
Fhillip Jennings 
Susannah Jancock 
Jonathan Jerom 
Ralph Knight 
Morris Kingsland 
Phillip Knight 
Ann Knowles 
Thomas Knight 
John Lawrence 
Jacob Loader 
Nicholas Lynch 
"William Ludlow 
Kobert Legg 
Henry Long 
John Lanhather 
Kobert Lam pert 
Edward Moulder 
Thomas Mew 
Adam Moore 
John More » 
Simon Musgrave 
Kichard Morse 
Philip Masters 
Lewis Murray 
Dorothy Mathews 
John Mandray 
Andrew McCohen 
Thomas McCaftery 
William Murray 
Peter Myatt 
John Murfin 
William Oakes 
Andrew Orgill 
Mathew Pigeon 
Daniel Perry 
John Pitcbell 
Jane Pintard 
Elizabeth Paulk 
John Poyntou 
Elizabeth Price 
William Peete 
Anthony Paine 
Thomas Pypcr 
Jane Plantheld 
William Kutt 
Ha mm on Pule 
Kobert Kobert son 

Sarah Rizio 
John Kutherford 
Isaac Rodrigues 
William Rose 
Edmund Robinson 
Edward R idge way 
Edward Smyth 
John Stichbury 
William Suuierton 
John Staucliff 
William Shettlewood 
Arthur Swaine 
Andrew Skeane 
Peter Seymour 
Thomas Snell 

George Simpson 
John Trathon 
Albert Theberger 

Peter Turpin 

John Towers 

George Tucker 

John Vulger 

Robert Varney 

Joshua Yaughan 

Thomas Watson 

Bridgett AVest field 

Eleazar Wignall 

George White 

Thomas Whitehorne 

Sir Francis Watson 

John Wellen 

Batholomew Whitehorne 

John Waight 

John Whitson 

Timothy Waymouth 

William Whitney 

John Wilmott 

John Woollev 

Thomas Webb 

Alexander Woodward 

Nicholas Wilks 

Jonathan Woods 

James Willmott 

James Wale 

William Whalley 

John Willson 

Ann Woolley 

George Younir 

John Archer 
Joseph Archer 
Ann Archer 
Sarah Austin 
John Ashley 

Liber 8 (commencing 1G94-). 

Alexander Arthur 
John Ashley, Senr. 
Robert Alleby 
Mary Barton 
Ncntura Brancpra 

Elenor Burroughs 
Richard Bak< r 

Warcop Buliner 

Mat bias Barry 
Samuel Bernard 



Elizabeth Bowman 
George Booth 
Joshua Bucno Henriques 
Samuel Bridge 
Laurence Brown 
Jasper Boucher 
Joshua Barry 
Isaac Browne 
John Bassctt 
Robert Boston 
Robert Barriffs 
Nicholas Bcvin 
John Bow ley 
John Bennett 
William Buttler 
William Browne 
William Ball 
John Bourdon 
Francis Blackmore 
Thomas Byiulloss 
Samuel Bryan 
John Campion 
Thomas Caswell 
Casar Carter 
Enoch Crosby 
George Callcuder 
William Carroll 
Stephen Casket t 
John Cremore 
Mary Clay don 
John Costley 

Richard Cripps 

George Churchey 

Humphrey Cunningsby 

John Coates 

John Child 

Enoch Crosby 

William Capoun 

Honor Calahaune 

Jolm Chapman 

Joseph Curtis 

Jane Corn well 

James Cooper 

James Cripps 

Wharrick Collin 

Philip Crooker 

Christopher Cooper 

Mary Crosby 

William Correy 

William Dogington 

Philip Dehany 

Edward Davis 

Edward Darling 

Anthony Dansie 

William Dunn 

Clause Jansey Derre 

Solomon Delecou 

John Dobbins 
John Dalby 
William Dawkins 
Elizabeth Dalby 
William Edmans 
Peter Edwards 
Richard Everston 
Philip Edmonds 
Thomas Edmonds 
John Everrett 
Leonard Eaton 
Adam Eves 
Cornelius Essex 
Philip Edmonds 
Greorge Fletcher 
Thomas Fargar 
William Fox 
Henry Fuller 
I homas Farewell 
Henry Forreso 
•Richard Goodall 
William Grace 
Mary Guv 
Henry Gale 
Boliert Green way 
Robeit Heardson 
Mary Hughes 
Richard Haughton 
Thomas Hacknell 
Hannah Hill. 
Thomas Hollingshead 
Edward Harding 
John Hunt 
Edward Harrison 
Jacob Hellart 
Richard Hyatt 
James Higgins 
William Howard 
Henrv Hcllier 
Prisci'lla Helliar 

William Ileaton 

Anne Harris 

William Hansill 

Francis Hall 

Lawrence Halsted, Junr. 

Edward Harding, Seur. 

Ephraiui Higgins 

William Hunt 

John Ham 

Thomas Hodgart 

John Hardy 

Peter Jennings 

Joseph Jennings 

Elias Johnson 

Stephen Jackson 

John Johnson 

Auuo Inge 

Smith Kelly 
John Kindar 
Laughlan Kelly 
William Knewstubb 
Thomas Kerway 
Thomas Keeble 
Thomas Lewin 
Jacob Hat man Low 
James Lobley 
Samuel Lindsey 
George Lenham 
John Lumbord 
Francis Languier 
William Lissons 
AVilliatn Lord 
Thomas Looker 
Nicholas Lambert 
John Lownd 
William Luft'o 
Mary Lcadoo 
Theodore Lovering 
John Lee 
Samuel Lewis 
Edward Luttman 
Thomas Lane 
Timothy Mackleam 
William Molyne 
Thomas More 
William Mathews 
Thomas Munday 
Priscilla Michael 
James Marshall 
Charles Mitchell 
James Muffett 
Thomas Mitcham 
Teague Macmara 

Thomas Monson 

Alexander M'Charncy 

John Mohun 

Daniel Myatl 

John More 

Henry Martin 

Gabriel Milicent 

William Munroc 

Francis Noble 

George Ne* ell 

William Ncale 

Peter Norman 

George Osbourne 

Law rence Oliver 

William Only 

John Owen 

Richard Pierce 

Charles Prince 

John Paterson 

John Price 

Thomas Pa^c 



Thomas Posley 
Henry Pilgrim 
John Peeke 
"William Pri gg 
Robert Palmer 
Mathew Pitts 
Nicholas Powell 
Mary Powell 
Philip Pendry 
James Pingart 
Francis Price 
Fulke Bose 
Thomas Richardson 
John Robson 
John Rogers 
William Ross 
Gundry Roode 
Joseph Read 
Antliony Robinson 
Philip Roberts 
William Peeves 
Thomas Rowland 
Emanuel Rogers 
Richard Risby 
Michael Rivers 
John Rainger 
Thomas Rivers 
William Raby 
George Southeme 
George Somerville 
Francis Spirry 

George Arbuckle 
Sarah Austin 
Samuel Allen 
Edward Avenelle 
John Archer 
William Bragg 
James Barclay 
Robert Bowman 
Thomas Brooks 
Henry Battson 
Richard Barron 
Richard Bagnall 
Catherine Boulton 
Edward Barnett 
John Broden 
Christopher Buttler 
Walter Buchanan 
Joseph Brockett 
Richard Bennett 
Robert Cooke 
John Clarke 
Alexander Crowse 
John Crawford 

VOL. I. 

Manasses Snell 
Robert Smart 
Adam Swaine 
Elizabeth Smith 
Thomas Scott 
William Slaughter 
Humphrey Seaward 
Samuel Saxter 
Richard Smith 
Joseph Smalwood 
Edward Story 
Robert Stone 
Samuel Sleigh 
Ralph Shelley 
John Style 
Adam Stewart 
Mercy Surrett 
James Sharrock 
George Shillard 
Charles Stanton 
John Spiers 
Richard Smith 
Honora Soinner 
Richard Smith 
Samuel Trusler 
John Terry 
Nathaniel Terrv 
John Todd 
John Taylor, Junr. 

Edward Townsend 
James Tuthare 
Richard Turner 
Rebecca Terry 
John Vickry 
Benjamin Yaughan 
Alexander Woods 
John Wilcocks 
George Ward 
John Wallap 
Michael Wheeler 
Caleb Westbrookc 
Elizabeth Wornell 
Thomas Wilkes 
Philip Williams 
Richard Wcstcouih 
Mathew Want 
Margarett Wright 
Elizabeth Worley 
William Worley 
Thomas White' 
Meredith Walters 
Robert Wright 
William Warren 
William Watts 
Charles Whittle 
Robert Wardlow 
Abigail Westhorpe 
James Watkins 
Edward Yeomans 

Libeb 9 (commencing 1G97). 

John Chester 
Henry Cressett 
John Crawford 
Emanuel Cullen 
Sarah Caswell 
Peter Collins 
Thomas Cox, Senr. 
Mark Collett 
Walter Carey 
John Childermas 
Charles Delacree 
Thomas Dyer 
William Darby 
Francis Dobbins 
John Durrant 
John Dodd 
Nicholas Edwards 
John Forsavth 
Henry Faren 
James Fortescue 
Samuel Foxley 
Thomas Freeman 
Modyford Freeman 

John Grant 
Thomas Gagg 
Caleb Goo, 1 all 
Thomas Goodwin 
Philip Goodall 
Thomas Groves 
Christopher Hoggard 
Angelina Hane 
Robert liaise 
Thomas Hudson 
Thomas Harris 
John Hatton 
John Hewitf 
Edward Hanson 
William Hall 
Joseph Harrison 
George Heathcote 
James Hamilton 
Thomas Jones 
Joseph James 
Susanna Johnson 
William Jeffers 
Cornelias Jacobsori 



Lawrence John sou 
George Lewis 
John Leister 
Charles Listum 
John Miten 
Gabriel Moreno 
John Newman 
Arthur Xowland 
Henry Oldfield 
Henry Prince 
Robert Partridge 
Hugh Perrott 
John Palmer 
David Pacheco 
Edward Pusev 
Hugh Persivall 
Henry Pasinere 
John Robinson 

Patrick Rattray 
John Reid 
Richard Swarton 
Samuel Stanes 
Philip Story 
Henry Smith 
Edward Stoakes 
Dudley Scott 
Moses Silvera 
Joseph Scott 
Thomas Sparkes 
Richard Shelton 
John Stout 
Dorcas Struys 
Walter Slow- 
John Stretch 
Joseph Sedgwick 
George Sims 

John Taylor, Senr. 
George Trenby 
John Thomas 
Elizabeth Turpin 
Hendrick Van Robanston 
Philip Vickry 
John Veale 
Anthony Wood 
George White 
Elizabeth Watson 
Lewis White 
William Winston 
Charles Weston 
Leonard Welbanks 
Raines Waite 
Samuel Wall 
George Willoughbv 
Robert Windall 

33aly, of JHontsmat airt Qtuurara. 


"The Subject of this Memoir is the only Son and Heir of Richard Pals Daly, 
a Gentleman descended from an Ancient Irish family in the County of Gal way. 
but whose immediate progenitors appear to have been settled in the British 
Colony of Montserrat. M 1 ' Daly some time after his Marriage removed with, his 
Wife to the Island of Barbadoes where he possessed some property, and in that 
Colony his Son was bora on the 13"' of October 1701. 

" Being of an enterprizing and speculative turn of mind M r Daly had applied 
to the Dutch Government for a Giant of Land in their then infant Colony of 
Demerara which he speedily obtained, and this induced him soon after the birth 
of his Son to remove thither with his family for the purpose of settling, and 
attending to the cultivation of his newly acquired Estate. 

"He, however, did not live long to enjoy the fruits of bis industry; the 
year [blank] was the last of his life, and he left to survive him a Widow and two 
infant children ; the Sou before mentioned who was named after his father, and 
a Daughter who shortly after died." 

Mrs. Daly then married Mynheer Van der Veer, a man advanced in years, 
who soon after 'died, as she did, in the Colony in 17G- [blank]. 

The son R. B. Daly, who had been sent to Holland for his education, at the 
age of IS entered as a Midshipman in the Dutch Navy, joining a 64-gun ship in 
the Mediterranean, and on his return to Holland in L7b5 was promoted to the 
rank of Lieutenant. Commanding a gunboat in 1793, he was taken prisoner by 
the French, but obtaining his release returned to Holland the latter end of 17'. 1 -". 
and was offered the command of a Gi-gun .-hip, with the rank of Post-Captain, 
under the Batavian Republic. Disliking the French he quitted active service, 
and accepted the civil appointment of Deputy Comptroller in the Doekvai 
Amsterdam. In 170!) he married .Maria, the youngest dan of Joseph ISounhi, 
a wealthy planter of Demerara, then lately deceased, lie was then promoted t'" 
the rank of First Comptroller in the Dockyards of Zealand, but at the Peace o: 
Amiens in IS02 sent in his final resignation. 

* This MS. of K2 folios was sold to mo this your by a bookseller, and I have made tbis abort 

abstract of its contains. [Editor.] 


Richard Bass Daly of Mont-^Margaret, rcmar- Joseph Bourda of Demerara, =p 

serrat, from co. Galway; ried Mr. Van der planter; owned NiewAanley 

removed to Barbados, and Veer at Dome- and Vlissingen plantations ; 

later had a grant of 500 acres rara, who pre- left -A children to share 

on the Demerarv Biver in deceased her. equally; Mr. Insinger of 

1759, which he called "Irish She died 17U-. Amsterdam was his ex'or. 
Hope," and died there. 

I.I I. J M 

Christian Richard Bass Daly, born=pMaria, 3rd Elizabeth, 2nd Cath., 1st dau. 

Cripps in Barbados 13 October dau. and dau. and co- and coheir, mar- 
Daly, and baptized 10 Decern- coheir, heir, married ried Edward 
twin with ber 1764 at St. Michael's; married in J oh an Lode- GustaafBoode, 
Richard; entered the Dutch Navy Holland wyk Ernst who was living 
died at age of IS, Lieutenant 1799; she Ruysch about lsls. 
young. 17S5, Captain 1795, then and her 7 179S-9 ; both 

employed in the Dock- children in London in John Charles 

yards till 1S02 ; resided wereliving 1815andplain- Bourda, only 

"in Demerara 1804— 10 ; in ISIS. tiffs v. R. B. son, died 

imprisoned in Holland m Daly in Chan- young. 

1S11 — 15; diedinlsling- eery Suit, 
ton 1 and was buried 7 

February 1818. | 

Richard Daly. 1st son, aged Bass Four George Bourda Daly, baptized 

about 14 in 1S15 ; buried Daly, other at Islington 20 February ISIS; 

in Kensal Greeu Cemetery 2nd children. aged 14 days at his father's 

2 May 1854, aged 54. son. death. 

Mr. Bourda, Mrs. Daly's father, owned two estates in Demerara, called Niew 
Aanley and Vlissingen or Flushing, which by his will he left equally to Ins four 
children, viz. : \ to his dau. Catherine, now wife of Edward Gustaaf Boode ; \ to 
Eliz., now wife of Johan Lodewyk Ernst Ruysch; \ to Maria. Mrs. Daly; and 
\ to his son John Charles Bourda, a minor. The last named died younij, and his 
share went to his three sisters. Mr. Daly purchased of Mr. Boode his wife's 
share for 100,100 guilders, payable one year after definite Peace should be signed, 
so that his interest now was -,V Mr. Insinger, a merchant of Amsterdam and 
Mr. Bourda's ex'or, having died, the produce of the estates was now consigned to 
an unscrupulous merchant, a Mr. Berkhoff. Mr. Daly then borrowed money 
from him, and purchased a vessel and cargo, intending to transport his family to 
Demerara, but an Embargo was laid in 1S03, on war again breaking out, and he 
suffered great loss. lie left Holland, however, in a fishing boat in October IS03, 
leaving his wife and two infant children at Breda, arrived in London, and sailed 
thence to Demerary in January lM)t. He found the estates in a neglected slate, 
and valued at 421,572 guilders, but by six years' careful management, on his 
leaving the Colony in lslO they were valued at 819,149 guilders, or £73,000 st. 
A small estate, " Mou Desir," Mr. Daly also purchased for 17.0(H) guilders. His 
Dutch relatives preventing his wife and children from repairing to Demerara 
Mr. Daly left for England, where he arrived in September 1810. Being a British 
subject and formerly at open hostility with the French police he requested his 
wife to come to England, but being assured of safety bv Berkhoft and others 
through an " Acte de Surete," left Gravesend in a fishing boat, but was captured, 
and lost all his valuables and 7O0O guilders in gold, lie eventuallv reached 
Rotterdam on S June 1811, when he was arrested next day through Berkhoff, who 

i 2 


claimed payment of his fraudulent account. He was cruelly treated, his papers 
and securities taken from him, and he was thrown into prison and reduced to 
great want. On 11 April 1812, with his two young sons, attempting to escape 
from Amsterdam in a hoat, he was captured by Douaniers and incarcerated in the 
Mad House at Rotterdam, and thence transferred to solitary confinement at 

Anions his papers seized were bonds amounting to 90,000 guilders, while 
Berkhoff's claim did not exceed 49,000 guilders. 

Mr. Daly, before he left Demerara, was informed by an aged negress who had 
been his parents' slave, that his father had owned an estate there called " Irish 
Hope," and at Barbados his friend Mr. Albertus Bakkcr, then returning to 
Demerara from Holland, told him that his father's estate, to which he was heir, 
had been re-baptized Ylissingen, the identical one bequeathed by his father-in-law- 
Mr. Bourda. Counsel in Holland also stated a case and pave a favourable opinion. 
BerkhofY, Ruysch, and Boode, having his papers, thus learnt of this claim,- and 
kept him in prison until possession of the estate for a third of a century would 
by the Dutch law give them a title. On 23 June 1S12 he was cited to appear 
before the Chamber of Commerce, but was purposely kept locked up, no counsel 
allowed him, and was condemned for contumacy. Ruysch then went to London. 
and through the Lord Mayor's Court attached his money with John Hall and Co. 
Mr. Daly had arranged with'his agents there, Prinsep Saunders and Co., that they 
should hold £1 0,000 st. to pay r Mr. Boode for his share within six months after 
peace, but their failure prevented him from fulfilling his agreement. The treaty, 
however, gave him live years to pay. He was now removed to the Debtors' Prison, 
where he suffered worse hardships. Having been 23 years in the service or' 
the Dutch Government he appealed for justice to several high officials, but to no 
purpose. In March 1814. he was visited by his friend Mr. John Hall of London, 
who was unsuccessful in effecting his release. His sons Richard and Bass were 
at this time taken charge of by the Rev. Mr. Hall of Rotterdam, but his wife and 
three children resided elsewhere. Cornelius Vander Onder Meulen owed him 
61,100 guilders from 14 October 1S09, with interest at six per cent., and the heirs 
of Stephen L'Espinasse 28,900 guilders, and the French police had the bonds. 
Mr. Daly then agreed to let Berkhoff receive these, and out of the proceeds the 
latter was to pay himself 50,250 guilders, hut his discharge was still withheld. 
He at length obtained his liberty, on his adversary's terms, after an unjust 
imprisonment of upwards of four years. He now repaired to the House of the 
Dutch West India Company at Middleburg, where he found in their Records the 
registration of Irish Hope plantation, ami the original graut of it to his father "ti 
1 April 1759, by which he had 500 acres allotted him on the River Demerary 
between the Brandwacht Port and the hinds of Johannes Heyliger higher up the 
river, but there not being quite 500 acres on 30 September J759 he had 
a supplemental grant below the Port next to .1. Salignac. and in a list of proprietors 
of 1703 occurred "Richard Bass Daly of Irish Hope."' The town of Staabrock 
has since been built on the site of the said Fort. The land obtained by the first 
grant Mr. Daly's father disposed of, but there was no record t^ any transfer of 
the second lot. Mr. Joseph Bourda most likely purchased the estate without 
a title. Having obtained these proofs Mr. Daly embarked with his family at 
Rotterdam 10 August L815, and settled in London, being followed later b\ 
Mr. and Mrs. Ruysch. Richard, Mr. Daly's eldest son. had been lift with them 
at the age of two, now twelve years ago. They had been married sixteen or 
seventeen years and had no children. 

He now took a house in Halton Street, Islington, for si\ months from 
1 December 1813. Ilis brother-in-law Ruysch now brought a suit in Chancery 
against liitn to keep him away from Demerara, and he was arrested, and not being 
able to give security tor £3000 assigned his interest in his W. 1. estate and tin- 
bond on L'Espinasse for UVJOO guilders to Trustees. Mr. Boode also obtained 
a judgment in Holland for 10,000 guilders (£900 St.), which he pretended was 


forfeited by Mr. Daly not purchasing his share of the estate. The £3,900 having 
been realized, the Vice-Chancellor in January ISIS granted a Release. IF' 1 was 
then about to proceed to Demerara, when he was suddenly taken ill on 1 February 
1818 at three o'clock, and died at half past live at his house on the Terrace, Upper 
Street, Islington, leaving a widow and seven children, the youngest not more than 
fourteen days old. The writer of this was employed to draw up this Memoir, as 
Mr. Daly wished to print it for his friends. 

The above extraordinary narrative bears the stamp of truth about it, although 
it must be remembered that it was drawn up by one side only. There were no 
doubt trust accounts in dispute among the different members of Mr. Bourda's 
family, but there was no excuse for the four years' rigorous imprisonment suffered 
by Mr. Daly. [Editoe.] 

The following certificates were lying loose in the book : — ■ 



176-4 Dec r 16 th : Rich' 1 : Bafs Daly & Christian Cripps, Son & Daur of Richard 
Bass Daly & Mars': his Wife, born 13"': Oct r . last. 

The above is a true extract from the Register of the above parish. Given 
under my hand this 23 rd day of June 1S10. 

N. Gaknett, Rector. 
To all whom it may concern. 



1818 Feb? 7 Richard Bafs Daly. Choir Vault. Of Upper Terrace. Age 58. 


1818 Feb^ 20 George Bourda Son of Richard Bafs and Maria Daly of Upper 
Terrace. Gentleman. 



185-4 May 2 Richard Joseph John Edmund Daly of -4 Arthur Street, Gray's 
Inn Road, S" Paucras. Age 54. 

See ante, pp. S8 — 91, for several eutries in parish registers relatiug to the 

Tho nas and Richard Oliver were seized as tenants in common before 1770 of 
Bugby Hole plantation in St. George's Parish, Moil tser rat, which included John 
Daly Fit/. Denny's plantation ot LOO acres. ("Antigua," ii. 328.) 

Rees Daly, son of John, of, arm., Exeter Coll., Oxf., matric. 
13 July 1731," aged IS. (Foster.) 


2*ist of iflarriagts on rtcorti m Jamaica 
protons to 1680.* 

[Add. MS. 21,931, British Museum.] 



1668 Matrimony solemnized and confirmed between 

April 3 Stephen Massey and Allagon Tarragon 

• 12 Thomas Tichbury and Isabell Bacchus 

30 Henry Fenwick and Ann Huddlestou 
May 7 Robert Bullin and Catharine Green 

19 Hugh Weeks and Anne Lemon 

21 William Mathews and Eebeckah Nicholson 

31 Thomas Crosshall and Mary Mackween 
July 12 Nicholas Deport and Mary Webster 

14 Coll Henry Archbould and Amy Tom 

Aug. 19 Nichola Deroche and Elizabeth Woodin 

Sept. 17 John Eakins and Grace Collins 

Dec. 22 Ralph Jackson and Edith Squire 

31 Charles Hudson and Margaret Wood 

Jan. 10 William Terrell and Mary Turin 

19 Gregory Hubbert and Catharine Bullen 

29 Robert Partridge and Martha Penlerick 
Feb. 14 Edward Parker and Elizabeth Eaines 

21 Laughland Smith and Abigael Denne 

Mar. 3 Morrice Shehan and Catharine Alboth 

14 John Throwles and Elizabeth Green 

Anno 1669. 

May 7 Drew Blunt and Elizabeth Condy 

16 John Damerv and Elizabeth Garnet 

23 Edward Got! and Elizabeth Freeman 

27 Thomas Tod and Magdalene Boone 

27 William Tanton and Marv Thomas 

27 Sampson II ales and Alice Boone 

30 Thurlo Oft'enolo and Catharine North 
July S Robert Sables and Mary Bcarce 

14 Kichard Teague and Klizabcth Boach 

Aug. 8 Dearman Oduly and Dorcas Guv 
William Morrel and Joane Dean 

Sept. 23 John Williams and Catharine Aldworth 

2S Philip Buttcrcl and Marv Glover 

Oct. 2 William Nellsoii and Elizabeth Dalbooth 

2 Philip Thomas and Rebeckah Francum 

21 George Davley and Ann Long 

Nov. 8 Peter Jordan and Mary Paul 

18 Henry Hitching and Marv Fit/garret 

18 William Jeffs aud Catharine Shepherd 

• Continued from p. 62. 



Dec. 16 William Sparkes and Mary Foxwell 

20 William Silver ami Mary Bliss 
-Mar. 13 John I'ricst aud Deborah Andrews _ 

















Anno 1G70. 

Lancelot Mathews and Margaret Eldridgc 
Bryan Mullins and Catharine Cahan 
Richard Husband and Elizabeth Grimes 
Robert Smith and Susannah Amp 
Nicholas Maverley and Su/.anah Ull'e 
John Hedges and Anne Watts 
John Claydon and Mary Sparks 
John Morry and Mary Rundall 
John Calvin and Joaue Goddin 
Henry Davis and Hester White 









































Anno 1671. 

Major Samuel Barrey and Anne Collisson 
AValter Miller and Mary Joanes 
John Miles aud Elizabeth Patten 
John Hays and Mary Newby 
Anthony Woodas and Margaret Nevel 
Robert Norris and Sarah Stephens 
Alexander Shavan and Elizabeth Jordaiu 
John George and Elizabeth Daniery 
David Crossby and Suzanah Thomas 
Christopher Castle and Prances Hamat 
John Cape and Elizabeth Nooman 
John Archer ami Anne Hillgrove 
Richard Harris and Jane Sawyer 
Godfrey Hartley and Mary Nasher 
Robert Moody and Margaret Sharp 

Anno 1672. 

James Zcller (Rector) and Anne Struys 
Jolin Martin and Mary Robinson 
Robert Williams and Mary Domlel 
Andrew Johnson and Grace Bridging 
John Barnaby and Anne Hope 
John Edwards and Anne Barra 
Johu Eakins and Elizabeth Alexander 
Charles Delacree and Eebcckah Thome 
David Tonghey and Margaret Patterson 
Thomas Edmonds and .Mary Joanes 
William Bower aud Mary Tanton 





Anno 1673. 

Thomas Thornwell aud Elizabeth Haw 
Edward Robinson and Mary Alldworth 
Francis Garland and Margaret Bentley 
Henry Slaughter and Eleonore Clarke 
Robert Amp and Tomison Middleton 
John Massonet aud Elizabeth Hope 
John Pips and Eleouorc Padery 
Oswell Saw and Mary Joanes 


Andrew Brand and Affliction Joanes 

Nathaniel Guy and Dorothy Wood 

Edward Barra and Grace la \ lor 

Thomas Vaughan and Elizabeth Bow less 

John Grant and .Martha Winter 

John Jarret and Margaret Bird 

Robert Groves and Elizabeth Smith 

John Hanger and Elizabeth Stewtly 

Capt" Lawrence Prince and Suzanah llcrmonson 

Thomas Murfy and Mary Morgan 

James Sill and Grace King 

Richard Fit/.charrel and Mary CofFm 

Giles Nelms and Anne Withers 

William Smith and Precilla Barker 

John Boughey and Elizabeth Birt Senior 

William Cane and Mary Hopkins 

Andrew Stephens and Mary Allen 

James Hooker and Mary Mays 

Gilbert Gravet and Jane Parker 

Henry Dakins and Elizabeth Mackrachum 

Ax>-o 1674. 

Robert Morris aud Eleouore Carter 
William Barker aud Anne Bowles 
Ralph Emerson aud Margaret Weston 
Philip Grilllth and Catharine Carter 
William Carvis and Mary Fisher 
Mathew Savory aud Sivill Hunt 
Thomas Hunt and Anne Allen 
Lewis Fernee aud Elizabeth Davis 
William Glasbowl and Elizabeth Edwards 
Michael Devinall and Mary Lovell 
William Green and Francis Flood 
John Batteram and Jane Thomas 
Henry Goare and Elizabeth Grecnoway 
William Gray and Suzanah Tavler 
Henry Williams and Elizabeth Green 
John Waters and Ann Beecroft 
Henry Howard and Elizabeth Cockcry 
Tobias Norman and Margaret Wellmau 
Robert Lee and Susannah Race 
SamueL Guess and Jane Main 
George Saxon and Joaue Bullcn 
John Brown and Catharine Bishop 
Alexander Keith and Jane Race 
Josias Jones and Margaret Williams 

Axxo 1G75. 

William Carel and Suzanah Bullen 

Thomas Jones and Anne Ross 

Capt" Edmund Delacree and Elizabeth Warrington 

Walter Beeves and Elizabeth Declosel 

John rlane and Sarah Cott.ui 

Owen Connoway and Eleonore Fielder 

John Lago* and Dorothy Hunter 

Benoist Charles and Uanah (au Indian Woman) 

• ? Jago. 



























































April 4 


2- 1 







June 27 





Mar. 12 





Edward Slaughter and Anne Bacchus 
Edward Lamb and Elizabeth Cook 
Robert Jackson and Rebeckah Willson 
Richard Walton and Elizabeth Knight 
John Hadoian and Anne Jackson 
David Gormand and Margaret S pence 
Timothy Dowley and Bridget Eaton 
Ralph King ami Mary Koape 
Joseph Haltou and Martha Bold 
Alphonse Mario and Joane Thorne 
Isaac Newton and Anne Waller 
Barnhard Ililliard and Elizabeth Pope 
George Nichols and Jeane Mansfield 
Thomas Davis and Mary Porter 
Richard Sims and Elizabeth "Walker 
James Lobely and Mary Wheatly 
John Baxter and Anne Depree 
Robert Minson and Suzannah Holdup 
Andrew Stephens and Elizabeth Robinson 
John Potter and Elizabeth Coale 
Henry Harris and Margaret Joanes 
Timothy Hunter and Anne Boncey 
Daniel Onion and Tomison Squier 
Robert Bull and Rosemond Clark 
George Rickets and Jane Steward 
James Boyd and Ann Rixam 
George Pyke and Elizabeth Williams 



























Anno 1676. 

Samuel Kemer and Margaret Burroughs 
William "Wyatt and Abigail Brierby 
John Willson and Alice Burk 
Thomas Allkorne and Jane Boncey 
John Lobb and Elizabeth Man 
Noah Tanner and Deborah Tayler 
John Driver and Elizabeth Fibo 
Richard Savage and Mary Thurstone 
John Gosney and Eleonore Lyon 
Aaron Race and Catharine Boone 
Mathew Hackweight and Mary Sims 
Thomas Ztalc and Anne Carter 
Jacob Hardin and Anne Heath 
John Throgmorton and Elizabeth Smith 
Ralph Lavender and Prudence Clarke 
William Tomkins and Mary Joanes 
Thomas Fulker and Mary Edmons 
John East and Martha Uoughev 
Edward Lusper and Elizabeth Jennings 
Francis Bouey and Elizabeth March 

Anno 1677. 

April 11 Thomas Joanes and Elizabeth Qrudgeworthy 

11 Thomas Penlerick and Margaret Jarret 

24 Mackum Macklouts and Joane Newjan 

May 1 Philip Gillhamton and Elizabeth Hamilton 

22 Thomas Earle and Mary Cooper 





























Robert Joanes and Mary Flinn 
Joseph Fuller and Mary Rogers 
James Biggins and Anne Portingall 
Joseph Fips and Aunc Rider 
Edward Lepper and Mary Titchfield 
William Truxton and Temperance Reeves 
Robert Faithful] and Eleonore Morgan 
Henry Hitchen and Mary Thorne 
John Smith and Winnifred Murrow 
Alexander Parke and Magdalene Devivere 
Peter Robinson and Mary 1'ates 
Paul Oxden and Ann Hudson 
John Stanly and Hester Thomson 
John Daniel and Bridget Gibson 
Thomas Tipton and Lucea Clarke 
Robert Lacie and Catharine Price 
Edward Moare and Catharine Leech 

Axzro 1G78. 

Michael Devinall and Margaret Burditt 
Thomas Hamly and Frances Eldridge 
Marke Cook and Elizabeth Goswell 
William Blanchard and Mary Winikly 
John Starr and Frances Coates 
Robeits Gomersall and Suzanah Williams 
William Thorne and Alice- Taylor 
William Wh.iiey and Charity Smith 
John AVinterllood and Margaret Alorgan 
William Elder and Mary Simpson 
William Mathews and Rebeekah Thomas 
William Roche and Joice Brothers 
Richard Grace and Mary Smith 
James Galloway and Alary Joanes 
Mark Price and Sarah ilazelwood 
Teague Sullevant and Elizabeth Tutterel 
John Price and Isnbell Mills 
AVilliam Altkinson and Joane Taxell 
Thomas Clarke and Hannah Davis 
AVilliam Axtcll and Sarah Pyott 
John Biggs and Sarah Deano 
Henry Ealy and Joane Sexton 
John Throgmorton and Demeris Burkly 
Henry Bohun and Grace Butterfield 
John Kettle and Sarah Johnson 

Anno 1G79. 

April 3 John Headman and Elizabeth Gritlith 

24 John Cassel and Bellinda Collins 

28 Mackum Macklouts and Anne Beateford 

29 Edward Bray and Hannah Bowden 
29 David Powel and Anne Rose 

29 John Hoe and Mary Robinson 

May 4 Leonard Fuzer and Elizabeth Nutt 

11 Dennis Field and Elizabeth Collin 

13 Thomas AVigwall and Mary Hillgrove 

June 10 Edward Cotton and Elizabeth White 



































June 2G 



























CARIBBEAN'.*.. 123 

Edward Hudson and Elizabeth Cape 
Mathew Powcl and Elizabeth Hansley 
Henry Newton and Mary Tavler 
Roger Grizel and Joane Daw- 
David Mohoane and Honor Cartec 
"William Drew and Elizabeth Roe 
Robert Faithful and Agnes Caughaun 
John Sims and Isabella Knights 
John Axwell and .loiee Tayler 
Charles Trenchant and Anne Kellv 
John Kindall and Anne Pattison 
Thomas Joanes and Mary Hayes 
John Gorlo and Mary Hodges 
Edward Evens and Elizabeth Steward 
Thomas Gay and Christian Usher 
Daniel Smith and Elizabeth Flinn 
Richard Brayne and Mary Bush 
William Slaughter and Elizabeth Ailer 
Timothy Kelly and Mary Morgan 
John Parsons and Alice Dicks 
Richard Phelps and Elizabeth Rose 
Robert Trelayne and Mary Stephenson 

jWomtmcntal ^ascriptions fit (Snglaiffl 
relating to SUcst Entuansu* 

In the vestry on the east wall : — 














(Seven lines follow.) 
Above are : — 

Crest. — A lion rampant in a shield within a konlure surmounted by a helmet. 

ARMS. — Quarterly : 1 and 4, Or, three crescent)! within a double tresxure counter- 

flory Gules [SeTOn] ; 2 and 3, Argent, three escutcheons Gules. SUPPORTERS. — 

Two greyhounds. 

• Continuofl from p. 83. 


Hugh Scton of Touch had an only son, 1. Archibald, who went out in 17S0 to 
Bengal, was a .Member of Council, succeeded to Touch, and died at sea 30 March 
1818, aged G(» (" Gr.M." for ISIS, pt. ii.. L84, for long obituary notice) ; 2. Bar- 
bara, whose death is recorded on the above tablet; 3. Lillias, who married Sir 
Henry Stewart, Bart, and had a daughter, Eli/.. Margt., born 1790. who succeeded 
to Touch, and took the name of Scton in 1835 on the death of her aunt Barbara. 

Lewis Brotherson was second son and sole heir of Lewis Brotherson of 
St. Kitts, Esq., and was living in Great Britain in 17S2. He succeeded to all his 
father's plantations, his elder brother Benj. Markham Brotherson being dis- 
inherited for marrying Anne Verchild against testator's uish. 

South wall of nave, on an oval tablet : — 


The Vault beneath 
are depofited the remains of 

JOHN GRAY Efq r . 

late of the Jfland of Jamaica 

and for fouie Years ret'ident in this Citu 

where he died Aug. 23 d . 17S0. Aged 45 Years. 

A lib of 


who died April 1 st . 1S00. Aged 5G Years. 

Alio of their Son in Law 


who died Sept 1 '. 10"' 1707 Aged -15 Years. 

Above is a shield with some traces of red paint, but the arms have worn off. 

South gallery, south wall : — 




in the WEST INDIES. 







afflicted widow THOMASIN FINDER. 
Above are the marks where a shield has been fixed, but it is missing. 

1821 Thursday, March 15. Sunday, died .1. W. Pender [sic], esq; of Barbadocs, 
a gentleman highly beloved for his moral and social virtues : he visited this city 
for the benefit of his health, and whilst attending divine service at All Saints' 
Chapel he dropped his head upon his wife's shoulder and expired without a groan. 

Thomasiu Binder was dan. >>f Robert Hayuesof St. John's, Barbadocs, Speaker 
for several years, who died I s ; April 1851. she remarried Lieut. -Col. Bred. 
Christian Lardy. (See Uaynes in Burke's " Landed Gentry.") 

1803, JuneS. Rev. Win. Bake Binder of Barbadocs m. Harriet youngest dau. 
of the late Rev. Dr. Cha. Wilson. (See " CM." 557.) 


South gallon - , west wnll, near the door. On the top of the tablet is an urn. 






(Three lines. Erected by her children.) 


ON THE 1() TH : OF MARCH 1822 AGED 45. 






DIED MAY 7 Tn : 1 S25 AGED 71. 

There !b a monument to the family of Redwar in Box Church, eo. Wilts, a few 
mdes from Bath. 

North gallery, north wall: — 

To the Memorv of 


late of River Street, 

and Widow of the Hon bk ': EDWARD CHAMBERS, 

late of the Island of Jamaica. 

This Tablet is erected 

by Iter five surviving affectionate Daughters. 

Her remains are deposited 

in a Vault beneath. 

In the burial-ground, on a handsome monument. On the east side of it : — 

Here lieth the Body of John Lyons T-fq. 

who departed out of this Life 

on the 31 day of January 1775 

in the 43 d Year of his 

(Five linos omitted.) 
JANE LYONS his Relict 

died in the Faith 
Feb? 17 th 1702, Aged 59. 

Arms. — . . . . a chevron between three lions sejant-ijitardunt (Lyons) ; impaling : 
Azure, a checron between six rams accosted counter tripping, two. tiro, and two 
(Harman). Crest. — On a con of maintenance a lion's head erased. 

On the north side : — ■ 

Here lieth alio the Body 
oi Henrietta Lyons : i'oungeft Daughter 

of the laid JOHN LYONS Efq 1 

and Jane his Wife who departed this Life 

on the 17"' day of July 1775, 

in the 3 d Year of her A<ie. 


Chapel Register. 

In the vault under tlie monument. X.B. — A stone is placed on the opening 
of the Vault : — 

John Lyons Esq r Aged Forty three years, of the Parish of Saint Michael, in 
the City of Math, was buried the .V' 1 day of February 177-3 by Rev d M r Shepherd. 

Iu the vault belonging to the family : — 

Harriot Lyons Aged Two years & One Month Daughter of John & Jane 
Lyons, of the Parish of S l Michael, in the City of Bath, was Buried the 19 ;h day 
of July 177-5 by Rev d Edward Shepperd. 

1773, April 2S. Bath. Arrived .Mr. and Mrs. Lyons. (" B.C.") 
1775. Bath. Wednesday, Feb. S. Yesterday Se'nnight died, John Lyons, 
Esq ; in Paragon buildings, and Sunday bis body was removed to Lady Hunting- 
don's chapel, where his funeral sermon was preached to a very numerous and 
deeply affected congregation bv the Hon. and Rev. Mr. Shirley, previous to its 
interment in her Ladyship's burying ground behind the Crescent. (Ibid.) 

177S, Bath. March 11. Yesterday was married by the Rev. Mr. Haweis, at 
St. Michael's church, Bea/.ley Enraght, Esq ; of Axford's Buildings, to Miss Lyons, 
of Paragon-Buildings. (Ibid.) 

[For the pedigree of Lyorrs see " Antigua," ii. 213.] 


On a marble monument on the ^outh wall of the tower: — 




wno died 16 T " july 17G7 

AGED 64. 







Above on a shield : JCrmine, on a chit f Sable three lions rampant Argent. 

Parish Reoister. 

1767 duly 21 Rowland Oliver, Esq' was buried in y e Church 
17S3 Dee. 27 Mrs. Ann Watkins was Buried in y* Vault 

Vestry Book. 

1767, Julv -JO"'. Rowland Oliver Esq r : Buried in the Church and Wall Grave 
£3.0. 10. 

176S. Uncollected of the Seats in the Church. 

To M' Olliver \ a vear U . 10 . 0. 
176S. Julv 11. To a . . . . Moniicmcnt for M r Oliver £1.11. 6. 
17S3, Dec. 1'7. M" Wntkina Vault £l . 12 . 0. 

Ann Watkiii8 of Batii, widow. Will dated 6 February 177". My servant 
Rachel Rose £100, apparel, i late, furniture, and read} money. All residue of 
my estate to my nephew \V m Smith, Esq., and Ex'or. Witnessed bv Rowland 
Blackmail, W'" Galloway. 

Codicil 10 August 17n3. My nephew Richard Otler Bayer, Esq., and his 
sister M" Mary Otter Bayer £2l> each lor mourning. All residue to my nephews 


W m Smith and Richard Oliver, Esq r ", equally and joint Ex'ors. Witnessed by 
Chas. Gunning, attorney, of Bath, Xirh 5 Dowling of Rath. Proved 29 October 
1781 by \V ra Smith, Esq., the surviving Ex'or (P.C.C., 5S2, Rockingham). 

Rowland Blackmail, a witness in the above will, was of the Middle Temple, 

and had a house in the Circus at Bath, where he died 22 December 17S0. 

The Otto-Baijers, from Antigua, had a country house at Farleigh, Hungerford, 
a few miles from Bath. Of Mrs. Watkins' two nephews, Hichard Oliver was M.l\ 
for and Alderman of London, and William Smith was an owner of estates at 
Grenada and elsewhere. [See more about these families in " Antigua."] 


In the Church, north aisle, north wall, opposite the first hay : — 


of L T . THOMAS JOKES HAWKER of the 7u t » regiment 


and ANNA MARIA uis wife, who died of the feteb 

whilst with his regiment at fort charlotte 

in the island of s t vincent in the west indies 

august tue 11 th 1839, in the 21 st year of his age. 

(Eight lines. Erected by his surviving parent.) 

In the north portion of the old churchyard, on a granite tomb : — 






On the other side : — 



wife of the REY D ALEXANDER SCOTT, MA. of rarbados 



the REV D ALEXANDER SCOTT, M.A. of the island of Barbados 


In the north portion of the old churchyard. On the south pide of a stone 
sarcophagus : — 

Sacred to the memory of 


relict of coxstantine i'llmts esq. 

of the Island of S t . Kitts, and of 

Watton Court Devon. 

This Tomb is erected vs \ tribute of regard by her eldest son 

L T . Col. I'ownoi.l Piiipps. 

See pedigree of Phipps ante, p. 0'8, 


In the north portion of the old churchyard, on a that stone over a vault 




AGED G'3. 





WHO DIED DEC". 10 th . 1S72 


In the churchyard around the old church. At the east end of a tomb : — 


to tdie memort of 


•widow of HUGH 


of Mount Hall Barbados. 

Died Dec 31 st . 1S5(J in the 

91". Year of her age. 

(To be continued.) 


Was son of Major-General John Beckwith, who saw much fighting during the 
Seven Years' War. He entered the Army in 1771, became Lieutenant 177.5, 
Captain 1777, Major 17S1. Emm 177G to 1782 he fought through the American 
War, became Lieut. -Colonel 171)0, Colonel 17!'."), Major-General 1798, and 
Lieut. -General ISO"). In April 1795 he was appointed Governor of Bermuda. 
October lbO-1 of St. Vincent, and S October 1808 of Barbadoes, with military com- 
mand of all the forces. In 1809. in conjunction with ^ir George Prevost, he 
captured Martinique, receiving the thanks of Parliament and a knighthood. On 
5 February 1810 he captured Giiadaloupe. He left Barbadoes in 1814 and was 
promoted General. £2500 was voted by the Legislature for a service of plate to 
him, which bore this inscription: "This service of plate was presented to General 
Sir George Beckwith, K.B., late Governor of Barbadoes. by the legislature of the 
island, as a sincere mark of the high regard and esteem in which lie has been and 
will alwavs continue to he held by every inhabitant of Barbadoes, \.i>. 1814. 
From 181(J — 20 he commanded the forces in Ireland, and died in Half Moon 
Street, London, 'JO March 1 S "J3, aged 69. [This notice is abridged from a fuller 
one in the " D.N.]}."] 

The engraving is a mezzotint '_'('> J by 17 inches. 


- _ 

I. Eckstein Pinx t . S. W. Reynolds ScrLP*. 

Gov', of Burba does, Cotinnander of If is JIajettt/'s Forces in the West Indies. 


jMatson S-tttrr^ relating to Bomtnica, 


This correspondence, consisting of some 190 letters, was formerly in tin- 
possession of John Matson, Sen., Chief Justice and Judge of the Vice-Adiniraltv 
Court and President of Dominica in 179G. He retired to England in 1m»0 on 
account of ill-health, and died in London 22 January ISOj, aged oS. The letters, 
besides many of a private nature, give much naval, military, and local social news. 
The Chief Justice had three sons, also in the "West Indies, viz., Richard, then 
a Post-Captain R.N., Henry, a Commander R.N., both busy capturing prizes, and 
John, his father's favourite son and correspondent, who held the office of Waiter 
and Searcher of the Customs and was Private Secretary to Governor Prevost at 
Dominica. The son's handwriting was bad, and some of the names are difficult lo 
identify. His appointment as Searcher, on parchment, is as follows: — 

(To all people to luhom these presents shall eome CCle the (Tom^ 

UUQStOlteVS for Managing and causing to be Levied and Collected ills Majesty's 
Customs, Subsidies and other Duties in that part of Great Britain called Kngland 
send Greeting; IvllOuJ i?e that We the said Commifsioners by Virtue of an Act 
of Parliament made in the Twentylifth Year of the Reign of King Charles tin' 
Second, Iutitledan Act for the Encouragement of the East Land and Green Land 
Trades, and for better Securing the Plantation Trade £Do hereby Constitute and 
Appoint John Matson Junior to be Waiter and Searcher for the security of all 
the Kates and Duties and Impositions arising and growing due to His Majesty at 
the Island of Dominica in America 2L5Ltheret)P he hath power to enter into any 
Ship, Bottom, Boat, or other Vessel ; As also into any Shop. House. Warehouse, 
Hostery or other Place whatsoever to make Diligent Search into any Trunk, < hest, 
Pack, Case, Truss or any other Parcel or Package, whatsoever for any Goods, 
Wares or Merchandize Prohibited to be Imported, or Exported, or whereof the 
Customs or other Duties have not been duly Paid ; And the same to Seize to 
His Majesty's Use, And also to Put in Execution all other the Lawful Powers 
and Authorities for the better managing or Collecting the said Duties. In all tilings 
Proceeding as the Law Directs, |I)evelM> Praying and requiring all and every 
His Majesty's Officers -and Ministers, and all others whom it may Concern, to be 
Aiding and Afsisting to Him in all things as becometh. 

(fitUCIt under our Hands and Seal at the Custom House. London, the Ninth 
day of August in the Thirty seventh Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord 
King George the Third, And in the Year of our Lord Oue Thousand Seven 
Hundred and Ninety seven. 

J. Buller. R. Frewix. 

J. Bates. A. Muxno. 

Security is given by two Sureties in the sum of Five Hundred rounds. 

G. Delavaid. 


1. H. M. to his father J. M. 

Fort Royal,* July 15 lh 1S00. 
Dear Sir 

Lord Hugh Seymour has just inform' d me of his having recievd a letter 
from Gov r Johnstone, informing him of Your intention of going to Europe, and 
wishing to procure a paisage in a Man of War, the Lapwing will have charge of 

• Martinique. 
TOL. I. K 



Charles Matson of Wingham,=pJudith Nelson, elder dau. and coheir of 

co. Kent, yeoman ; died 1750. 

John Nelson, jurat, of Sandwich; died 

"Will dated 7 April 17-17; 

at Wingham G December 17s>">, aged 09. 

proved 15 May 1750 (165, 

Will dated 19 February 1783 ; proved 


1G December 1785 (010, Ducarel). 

John Matson, sen., born at Wingham 21 December=T=Mary Roberta Harvey, dau. 

174G ; educated at the King's School, Canterbury ; 
attorney-at-la\v under bis uncle; Chief Justice of 
the Bahamas L783 and of Dominica 1789; President 
of Council 17!)G; died in Great Quebec Street 22 
January, buried 2S January I,s05 at Richmond, co. 
Surrey, aged 58. 

of Richard Harvey of Bar- 
fristoii ; died at Sandwich 
7 October IS 12, aged G2 ; 
had 11 children, of whom (J 
survived in 1S10. 

. . . ..^Charles Matson, Purser=p. . . ., 
dead R.N. 179:}; living 181G livim 




at Godalmin; 
list 1842. 






Admiral Richard Matson, Post-Cap-— 
tain 22 March 1799; Rear-Admiral 
27 May ls25; Vice-Admiral 10 Janu- 
ary 1837 ; Admiral of the Blue ; died 
at' St. John's Wood 19 March 181s. 
aged 77. 

Melville Matson, aged 14 on 13 March 1819. 

the Convoy with the Zephyr, but T am sorry to acquaint you that Capt. Harvey 
of the Unitie & myself, are not sufficiently acquainted with Capt. Rotlierham to 
request a pafsage, and we are certain that he would not like to have any more 
patsengers with him, having at present on board Capt. Oommanney late of the 
Busy, & expects some other, who will take up the whole of the Cabin, neither do 
we think You would be comfortable in the Lapwing. Capt. Thomas has reciev'd 
two letters from You. both of which he will immediatly answer. You must excuse 
this short letter, as His Lordship has orderd me to get ready for Sea. to see the 
Ships safe into Antigua & S 1 Kitts. and I believe to return to Martinique or 
Dominica, for the Convoy, it' 1 can call at Roseau. I shall be cxtreemly happy 
which will be T hope before this can reach You, give my love to John & believe 
me You affec te Son 

ID Matson. 

• 2. Draft letter from D. July 31. John M.-J r to his father J. M. S r . 

The Gov r returned to Town from the Fondsthe Morning after your Departure 
.... M r Gordon's Brother is arrived from 8' Vincents no doubt on ace 1 of the 
ill State of his Brother & to endeavour to settle something towards the Sale ot 
the Ponds to the Gov' . . . . & request you to procure for me a neat watch from 
20 to 50 G', seal at .thus A chain, 2 penknives, 2 Umbrellas X- span 1 silk, 2 riding 
Whips, 1 p r Candlesticks snuffers & stand, G p r strong Wash leather gloves, 
a Ream fools Cap Paper&a Ream of writing Papers — The foil- Bool: — Sheridans 
Diet-', Elegant Extracts in Prose & Verse, Gutli . . 's. Grammar, Smith's Wealth 
of Nations, Hume's ID of Eng. cont d by Sinollet, also 1 II lid oats, 2 Casks Porter, 
Mustard Ac. 



Henry Matson, Mayor; 
of Sandwich 1779,1781, 
17S7; died July 1S15, 
asred 07. 


Charles Matson of "Wing- Mary, married Admiral 

ham, a farmer 1S13. Robert Keeler. 

Judith, married Eev. Rd. Ann, married Benja- 

Harvey. min Sayer. 

Captain Henry=. . . ., died John Matson, \Yaiter and 

Matson, R.N., IS March Searcher of the Customs 

Commander of lS15,aged of Dominica 1797 ; Secre- 

H.M.S. Bleu- 21, at tary to Governor Prevost. 
heim IS03. "Walmer. 


Edward Mat- 
son, died ill 
India in 1S16, 
a bachelor. 

Sir .In * Laforey takes the P l under Convoy to Antigua, he tells me Rieh d is 
ordered by A. Duekwonhf to remain at the Saintes .... The Hydra being ready 
for the P' no delay will take place .... hoping you may obtain yr wishes never 
to return to this Country & live to enjoy yr latter Years with Comfort and less 
Trouble & Care than you have hitherlo done is the sincere and earnest Wish of 

Tr ever fond & dutiful Son J. M. 

Endorsed : pr Auckland, Packet this Day. 

3. Dominica. Sept. G. John M. J r to J. M. S r . 

.... Richard I had the pleasure of seeing here the 1 st instant who was on his 
way to the Saintes with the Garland Sloop his Tender which the Admiral has put 
under his Charge entirely. M r M c Kav his I 31 Lieut 1 goes in her with about 50 
Seamen the Admiral has put on board her -1 brass 3G p". An attempt has lately 
been made to set fire to the Town, which was discov d about 3 o'clock in the 
Morning. The Doors of Bowen's House on the Bay were about half burnt .... 
M r Metcalfe is returned Member in the room of M r Gordon* crone to S< Vincent 
& M r Johnson II. in the room of M r Housman. M r Saltonhas said he shall resign 
the Office of Reg r . M r Noyce has obtained his . . . .§ and has entered upon the 
Duties of his Office, we understand that Salton is to be "W. & S.|| in Noyces 

• John must be an error for Francis. Admiral Sir John Laforey, Bart., died in 1790. By 
bis marriage with the heiress of the Farley family of Antigua he became owner of several 
plantations there. II is only son .Sir Frauds, 2nd Bart., like his father also became Commander- 
in-Chief at the Leeward Islands, and died an Admiral iu 1835. [See. " D.N.B." and " Antigua," 
ii. 130.] 

t Admiral Sir John Tho. Duckworth, Hart., in June 1800 became Commander-in-Ch efal 
the Leeward Islands, and in 1803 at Jamaica. See a long notice of this distinguished officer in 
the" D.N. B." 

J Name doubtful. § Contracted word illegible. 

II Waiter and Searcher. 

* 2 



Eoom .... The two B J 

fruit* at "Wallhouse are alive .... I 

Incloses public 

accounts : — 

Old Warrants . 

. 11,500 

Slaves 20,78G @ 25/- 

. 25.9S2 

i Colonial Corps 


Incomes . 


M r M. . 




M r Knox . 


Tipling H. 


Vote ag' Kunaways . 


Manum" 3 . 


Unclaimed Moneys . 





....t • 

.-,i ii ) 





Coffee t . 


Clerk Ass. & C. 




M r Blair supposed . 









"VV. Annuitants 
0. D° 



C' House . 


Att>- Gen 1 : 


Marshal . 


Eeg r 


Coroner . 



5. Liverpool, Sept. 25. John M. S r to John M.+ of Sandwich. 

I left my 3 Sons & 2 Nephews in good Health & had the pleasure of meeting 
them all in the moment of my Departure from W. Indies. Son R. & Capt. T. 11. 
[Tho. Harvey] protected us to fe 1 Kit ts & at Tortola joined by C. <& S. Son II. 
convoyed Packet to L'2 & Nephew T. H. accompanied us to 32. Lapwing & 
Zephyr convoyed the Licet to Europe. 

6. Dominica Oct. 7. Vfallhouse.§ J. M. J r to J. M. S r . 

M r Fraser and a M r Lockhart lately arrived from Montscrrat in the room of 
Brad. || lately with his Family sailed for America, accompanied me to (i": Bay .... 
we dined the two first Days at Mitcham the next at Gat ton with Douglas who is 
a jolly hearty Soul and the nest at Bcrricona with M'-l'her.-on .... We met 
M r Pagisseys Family viz : his Wife, 3 well behaved daughters. M 1 M c Ginnis «£ 
his 2 Nieces were prevented from the Indisp" from being ot our Party, v e 
however with a fiddle & Tambarine passed a very pleasant time till near Midnight. 
F. Douglas & myself rode to Neilsons best in the MS [? Mountains] descended 
from them to the Eiver and fished down to Mitcham. Brunea has planted Coffee 
in the Garden .... Richard Tudor retook a tew Days since and sent to Antigua 
the English si ip Diana loaded with X. S. [r Naval Stores], bound to Cape (lied Hope- 
s' 1 to be worth £30,000 sterling. Endorsed p r Charlotte P 1 this Day — arrived Bale. 

• Bread fruit trees. t Contracted word illegible. 

J This person was only a friend, though probably a distant cousin. 

§ Wallhouse plantation was .John Gillon's. lie was an intimate friend of the Matsons 
"Wallhouse was the name of his [scotch estate in co. Linlithgow. See his sketchy pedigree 111 
Burke's " Landed Gentry,'' where only his marriage is noted ami Dominica not mentioned. 

|| Doubtful. 

( To be continued.) 










Almanac of &t. ttftts for 1825. 

"Births Marriages & Deaths from 1 st Dec. l^l to 1 st Dec. 1823 from the 
S* Chr. Gazette." 


1824 Sept. 23 At Government House, the Lady of His Excellency the Captain- 

General of a Son. 


1825 Feb. 8 At Sandy Point, Francis Phipps Henville, Esq., to Mary Michael, 

only daughter of R. Spence, Esq. 
„ 16 At Nevis, Lockhart Gordon, jun. Esq., to Ann, daughter of the 

Hon. Samuel Lawrence, Esq. 
,, 17 John E. Tudor, Esq., to Margaret Davis, daughter of David 
Evans, Esq. 
June 2 At Killarney, Ireland, Richard Meredith, Esq., of Dick's Grove, 
Tralee, to Louisa Ann, fourth daughter of Major Juxou, 
Veteran Battalion. 
July 6 At Tortola, Richard King, jun. Esq., Colonial Secretary, to 
Martha, daughter of the late Thomas Woodcock, Esq., of this 
Mr. Joseph R. Carney, to Miss Eliza Woodward. 
Mr. Wm. Woodward, to Miss Mary Thomas. 
Mr. George Perry, to Mrs. Rachael Rogers. 

At St. Swithin's Church, Winchester, the Right Rev. William 
Hart Coleridge, Lord Bishop of Barbados, and the Leeward 
Islands, to Miss Sarah Elizabeth Rennell, eldest daughter of 
the Very Rev. Thomas Rennell, Dean of Winchester. 
Nov. 10 Joseph Rawlins Thomas, Esq., Lieut. R.N. to Mary Burke, 
eldest daughter of William Thomson, Esq. 


At Nevis, John Huggins, Esq. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Neale, aged 86. 

At Demerara, aged SO, Mr. Saml. A. Mathews, a native of this 
Feb. 2 Mrs. Catherine White, Relict of the late Jas. White, Esq. ; 
aged 47. 
„ 3 Alice, infant daughter of Mr. Thomas "Wilson. 
„ 4 Joseph Adlam, Esq. aged 63. 
„ 9 Mrs. Martha Sliarry, aged 45, Relict of tlie late John .lames 

Sharry, Esq. 
„ 18 At Nevis, Caroline Swanstou, a daughter of the Rev. William 

Gilgrass, Wesleyan Missionary. 
„ 20 At Philips' Estate, Mr. Albme Cook. 
Mar. 9 At Tortola, Mr. .John Daly, a native of this Island. 
„ 26 At the Rectory, St. Peter's, aged 7:5, Rev. Joseph Barnes, for 
a series of years Incumbent of the Parishes of St. Mary Cayon, 
and Nichola-Towu ; the latter lie had recently exchanged for 
St. Peter's. 
April 21 Mr. Thomas A. Chambers. 

,, 22 Mrs. Sarah Amory. Relict of the late Jos. Amory, Esq; aged 83. 
May 7 Miss Susannah Berkeley, aged 52. 
„ 20 At Garthorpe, Leicestershire, Robert Machcn, Esq., formerly of 
this Island. 


Dec. 6 


Jan. 12 

,, 15 



1825 .Tunc 17 Mrs. E. M. Hogan, aged 23, wife of Mr. Edmund Hogan. 

,, — Eliza Egan, infant daughter of the Rev. William Grilgrass, 

Wesleyan Missionary. 
„ 21 Mrs. Elizabeth Westeott, Spinster, aged 68. 
„ 22 At Nevis, Mr. John Bligh. 
„ 25 Mrs. Ann Hatch, aged 89. 
July 5 Mr. Judali Jacobs, aged 46. 
„ 8 Mr. Wm. H. Mardenbro', aged 31. 
„ 11 Mr. Abel Dinzey. 

„ — At Nevis, Captain Halley, of the Ship John, of London. 
,, 13 Anthony Wharton, Esq., a^ed -47. 
,, 22 The Eev. William Fred Sautter, senior Missionary of the United 

Brethren, in this Island; aged 50. 
„ 24 Mrs. Penelope Seaton, aged 70. 

„ 27 At sea, on her passage hence to Bristol, on board the Ship Severn, 
Miss Rebecca M c Mahou. 
Aug. 2 Mrs. Harriote Caines Mai Hard, aged 30; Lady of William 
Anthony Maillard, Esq. 
„ 4 At Porto-Rico, Mrs. Sarah Archbald (late of this Island), wife 

of mr. Robert M Archbald. 
„ 5 John Wickenden, Esq. Merchant, aged 2S. 
„ 12 Mrs. Sarah M c Tair, aged 03 ; relict of the late Wm. M c Tair, jr. 

„ 21 Miss Ann Dickson, aged 68. 
Sept. 14 The Hon'ble John William Delap Wilson, Esq ; President of 
H.M. Council of this Island, aged 49. 
„ 16 Mrs. Sarah Woodropc Caines, aged 00; relict of the late Thomas 
Caines, Esq. 
Mrs. Harriet Cook, aged 38 ; wife of Mr. John Cook. 
Johu Milward Crooke, Esq. 
At St. Eustatius, the Rev. John Audaiu. 
Mrs. Christiana Tatem. 
At Mathews' Estate, Cayon, Geo. Winchester, Esq., one of the 

Justices of the Peace of this Island. 
William, an infant son of Mr. George Watson. 
Mr. John Dobson, aged 7:i. 
Mr. Robert T. Watson, aged 32. 


















This contains no Births, Deaths, or Marriages. 

Twenty-eight pages, not counting the interleaves in calendar portion, which 
were inserted for the purpose of making notes ; three pages at the end have been 
cut ouL 


Eighteen pages, probably imperfect. No Hirt lis. Deaths, or Marriages. 

When were these Almanacs first printed, and is a complete set in existence? 

These two copies were shewn mo by Mr*. Arthur Shtud of Nevis. 



Jvccortis of SJ^inntca. 

It will, I think, te easier in dealing with the above to divide this short articlo 
into four sections, the first dealing with the Records of Deeds and Patents, the 
second with the Records nf the Court of Ordinary, the third with Baptisms, 
Heaths, and Marriages, and the last with the Court .Records (Chancery, Common 
Law, and Admiralty). 

Section I. — Records of Deeds and Patents. 

The Statute, 33 Charles II., Chapter 12, inter alia provided that all Deeds 
should he recorded in the Ollice of Enrolments, the Chief Ollicer of which was the 
Island Secretary, within three months, and Patents within six mouths of their 
execution. This law also provided that the office should be situate in the town of 
St. Jago de la Vega, now known as Spanish Town. In the year 1712 the Legis- 
lature of the Island, finding that the Public Records had received great damage 
by length of time, frequent searches, and "the late violent hurricane," passed 
a law providing for the books to be re-bound and re-transcribed where necessary, 
and for a proper index to be kept. In less, however, than thirty years the 
Legislature had to again come to the assistance of the Records, as in the year 
173S I find another Act was passed which, after reciting that many of the Public 
Records were damaged by the " late violent hurricaue and the length of time." 
were very much decayed, by which the inhabitants of the Island were endangered 
of their properties, provided that an inventory of the Public Record Rooks should 
be made and kept, and handed over by each retiring Secretary to his successor. 

In 1879 the ollice of Island Secretary was abolished, and a new office established 
called '• The Island Record Office," the Cnief Justice of the Island being by virtue 
of his office "' The Keeper of the Records," under him being a deputy and capable 
staff. Here are all the records of Conveyances, Mortgages, Rills of Sales, Powers 
of Attorney, and Patents, all of which are in good condition, have full indices, 
and are carefully kept in the office in Spanish Town in a large tire-proof room. 

The following, so far as I know, were the Island Secretaries of Jamaica : — 

George Atkinson . . . 1794 

Matthew Atkinson . . 1799 

Hugh Cathcart . . . 1806 

AVilliam Cathcart . . . 1S07 

Robert Robertson . . 1S08 

Edward II. Adams . . IS 13 

George Clayton . . . 1816 

William Bullock . . . 1818 

Walter George Stewart . 1832 

Edward Jordou . . . 1863 

William Thomas March . 1S69 

Charles Hamilton Jackson . \^7'2 

The Governor of the Island, until the passing of the Judicature Raw in 1^79, 
was the person to whom application was made for the probate of wills or a grant 
of administration. In that year also the Records of this Court, which commence 
shortly after the occupation of the Island by the Euglish, and are in good order, 
were transferred to and are kept in the Island Record Office. The Invent >ries 
of the Estate of the persons on which Probate or Administration were granted 
are also preserved. 

Since 1879, when the Court of Ordinary was abolished and the Supreme Court 
of the Colony given tiie jurisdiction and powers winch belonged to the former 
Court, the records of probates and administrations (since 1S79) are kopt in the 
ollice of the Registrar of the Supreme Court. 

Richard Povey 


Thomas Freeman . 


Lieut. -Colonel Robert Freeman 


Rowland Powell . 


Joseph Maxwell . 


John Anthony Balaguiere 


John Archer . ■ . 


Richard Lowing . 


John Prichard 


Thomas Mure 


William Dunlop . 


James Jones 


Section 11.- 




Section III. — Births, Baptisms, Maebiages, axd Deaths. 

The following t;ible shews the dates when the records of the above first 
commence. 1 to be kept by the Rectors of the various Parishes. These recor a 
were in 1890 removed from the various churches where they had been previously 
kept and placed under the custody of the Registrar-General, who was appointed 
in 1877^ on the passing of a law for the proper registration of births and deaths. 
This oilicer is also the Deputy-Keeper of the records already referred to, and his 
office and the records under his care are kept in the same building in Spanish 
Town used as the Island Record Office. Under this registration law provision 
is made for the proper registration by various district registrars of all births and 
deaths; there is also a similar enactment providing for the proper registration of 


Year when Bap- Tear when Mar- Year when Burials 

Parish. tisms commenced, riages commenced. commenced. 

Kingston 1722 ... 1721 ... 1722 

Port Royal 172S ... 1727 1725 

St. Andrew 1G64- ... 166S ... 1666 

St. Thomas ye East... 1709 ... 1721 ... 1708 

St. David 1791 ... 1794 1794 

Portland ... ,.. 1804 ... 1S04 ... 1S08 

St. George 1S06 ... 1S07 1S11 

St. Mary 17.32 ... 17-55 ... 17G7 

Clarendon 1690 ... 1695 ... 1769 

St. Ann 1768 ... 1768 ... 1768 

Manchester 1S16 1827 1817 

St. Catherine ... 166s ... 1668 ... 1671 

St. John 1751 ... 1751 ... 1751 

St. Dorothy ... 1693 ... 1725 ... 1706 

St. Thomas" ye Vale... 1816 ... 1816 ... 1836 

Metcalfe 1813 1813 ... 1843 

Westmoreland ... 1710 ... 1740 ... 1741 

St. Elizabeth ... 1708 ... 1719 ... 1729 

St. James 1770 ... 1772 1774 

Vere 1696 ... 1743 ... 1733 

Hanover 1725 1754 ... 1727 

Section IV. — The Court Records. 

Unfortunately I cannot say that the same care which has been taken of our 
other records has been extended to these. Up to the time of the disastrous 
earthquake of the 11th of January 1907 they were kept in the office of the 
Supreme Court in Kingston, on shelves provided for that purpose, and in the vault 
of the Post Office, a neighbouring building. After the destruction of the Court 
House by the earthquake the records there were removed without any special care 
to the temporary Court House, and deposited in huge stacks upon a brick-floor 

! building, without any regard to the divisions of the Court to which they belonged ; 

thus they remained in chaos for about two years, the dust that had collected OQ 
them in that length of time in no way improving their condition, most of the 
volumes being without covers, lacks, or indices, many pages missing, other- so 
moth-eaten or covered with damp and mildew thai it is impossible CO decipher 
them. Of these records the most important are those of the Court of Chancery, 
as much valuable genealogical information is obtainable from them. 1 have done 
some little work in this connection, but unfortunately 1 lost a great many of my 
notes iu the fire which helped to destroy Kingston after the earthquake. Auio 
my late searches there 1 found au old register containing instructions to some "i 
the old Governors, a survey of the Island with a list of the inhabitants in 1G7U, 


the register of the Captains of the Train Bands, Reports of the Governors, a list 
of some of the ships arriving at Port Royal Harbour, and other interesting matter, 
all dealing with years prior to 1092, a few of which articles I carefully copied out 
and put the volume aside for future work in my spare time, but unfortunately at 
this juncture the Government had provided a series of shelves for the records, and 
employed ordinary day labourers for the task of placing the volumes thereon, with 
the result that this particular volume has been stacked away somewhere amongst 
the other volumes, and I have not yet been able to find it. The records in the 
vault of the post oftice are still there, but 1 am unable to say anything with regard 
to them, as they are so far an unexplored region save only to the spiders, scorpions, 
and other vermin which must have made their home amongst them. 

Kingston, Jamaica. 

Noel B. Livingston: 

%L})om, of SlnttgiUL* 

Power of Attorney from : — 

Norborue Thompson Captain R.N., Henry Shepherd Pearson of Lymington 
co. Southampton Esq & Robert Cutis- Barton, Captain R.N. 

Whereas John Lyons late of S l Austens in the parish of Boldre in the said 
Co. Esq. deceased by his will dated 5 Oct. 1804 gave to Joseph Lyons AValrond 
Esq. now deceased & Elizabeth Lyons testator's wife now also deceased all his 
plantations in the Island of Antigua or elsewhere upon certain trusts & all his 
leasehold & personal estate on trust & appointed them Executors to manage the 
same & his said Will with four Codicils was proved in the P.C.C. & Whereas by 
an Indenture dated 11 April 1S16 between the said Elizabeth Lyons of the 1 st 
part ; John Lyons eldest s. & h. of the said Johu Lyons the testator of the 2 d part ; 
Ann Lyons & Catherine Lyons spinsters two of the younger children of the said 
testator & who had then attained the age of 21 of the 3 rd part ; the Hon. Samuel 
Athill Member of Council for Antigua now residing in England of the 4 th part; 
it was agreed that the said Elizabeth Lyons should stand possessed of the said 
estate & all residuary personal estate on Trust to pay the portions & to carry on 
the plantation with power to appoint additional Trustees & Whkkeas by an 
Indenture of Lease & release dated 23 &, 21- April L81G of 4 parts between the 
said Elizabeth Lyons of the l at part ; John Lyons of the 2'" 1 part ; John Robbins 
of South Audley Street Esq. & me Norborue Thompson of the 3 rd part ; A George 
Richard Marriott Esq. of the 4 1 ' 1 part ; John Robbins <fc Norborue i'homp>on were 
appointed to act with her as Trustees & they assigned to George Richard Marriott 
the said plantation it residuary personal estate on Trust to convey to the said 
Elizabeth Lyons, John Robbins a- Norborue Thompson & Whereas by an 
Indenture of lease dated [blank] lSlG between George Richard Marriott of the 
1 st part ; the said John Lyons of the *J a part; & Elizabeth Lyons John Robbins 
& Norborue Thompson of the 3 d part they assigned to the last three & Whereas 
by an Indenture of 20 A; 21 Sept. now last past of 5 parts between Elizabeth 
Lyons of the 1 st part; Johu Lyons of the 2 nd part; John Robbins & Xorborne 
Thompson of the 3 rd part ; us the said Henry shepherd Pearsou & Robert Cutts 
Barton of the d th part ; & John Summers gent, of the 5 th part after reciting that 
Elizabeth Lyons & John Robbins were desirous of resigning the Trust A by a deed 
poll dated 17 Dec. 1819 under the hand of John Lyons & the said Elizabeth Lyons 
was desirous of appointing Henry Shepherd Pearson & Robert Cutts Barton to 
act with Norborue Thompson as Trustees they did assign to John Summers on 
Trust to transfer to Norborue Thompson, Henry Shepherd Pearson A Robert 
Cutts Barton on Trust & Whereas by an Indenture of lease & release dated 22 
& 23 Sept. last past between the said John Summers of the 1 pari & us Norborue 
* The original parchment deeds are in the Editor's possession. 


Thompson, Henry Shepherd Pearson & Robert Cutts Barton of the other he 
released to us the said plantation A: we Norborne Thompson, Henry Shepherd 
Pearson & Robert Cutts Barton now appoint Samuel Athill, the Hon. James 
Athill now residing in England Nicholas Nugent, Speaker of the House of 
Assembly & William Harman of Antigua Esq. as our attornies to manage the said 
plantation. Dated this 2o Nov. 1820. Signed by N'orborne Thompson, H. S. Pear- 
son, Rot: C: Barton. 

Endorsed : Release of £2000 being the portion of M r George Rose Lvons 
charged on the estate of his late father John Lyons Esq. of Antigua to Samuel 
Athill Esq. dated 31 May 182 L recorded in the Register's Office vol. xviii. fo. 3-3. 

This Indenture made between George Rose Lyons a Lieutenant in the Hon. 
E. 1. C. battalion of Artillery on the Bombay Establishment of the 1 st part; 
Samuel Athill of Antigua but at present residing in England Esq. the adminis- 
trator' de bonis non of John Lyons of S l Austens in the parish of Boldre CO. 
Southampton Esq. (father of the said George Rose Lyons) of the 2 nd part; & 
Xorborne Thompson Captain R.N. Henry Shepherd Pearson of Lymington co. 
Southampton Esq. & Robert Cutts Barton, Captain R.N. of the 3 rd part; 
Whereas the said John Lyons by his will dated -5 October 1804 gave to Joseph 
Lyons Walrond Esq. & Elizabeth Lyons testator's wife (both since deceased) all 
his real <.v. personal estate on Trust to sell & to pay £20,000 to his younger 
children & by a Codicil dated 23 Nov. 1810 gave £500 to each of his said younger 
children in addition & the said testator died 28 Feb. 1S1G leaving the said Elizabeth 
Lyons his widow & 10 sons & 4 daughters surviving & Joseph Lyons "Walrond 
died in the lifetime of Elizabeth Lyons it she died IS Oct. 1820 intestate & ou 

28 Feb. now past administration de bonis non to the estate of John Lyons was 
granted to Samuel Athill & Norborne Thompson, Henry Shepherd Pearson & 
Robert Cutts Barton are the present Trustees of the estate of John Lyons 
& George Rose Lyons is the -± lh son & attained the age of 21 on 28 May 1817 £ on 

29 May ISIS appointed his brother Capt. Edmund Lyons R.N. his attorney & the 
Trustees by their attorney Capt. John Lyons R.N. have paid to Capt. Edmund 
Lyons the £2000 & George Pose Lyons doth now appoint the Hon. Nicholas 
Nugent, Speaker of the House of Assembly & William Harman Esq. to record 
this at Antigua. Endorsed by Thos. Scotland, Register, S Nov. 1821. 

Cranscnpts of -pans}) Ivccjtstcrs.* 


1727 May 4 Caesar Baker & Allen [sic] by L. 

Edmond Shea & Marian Welsh by L. 
Florence Driskal & Katharine Mahonv bv B. 
John Brady & Katharine Bi'_iL:< by B. 
Robert Dyet & Anne Dunbar by B. 
Mathew Teigue & Man Wilson by B. 
Joseph Lynch & Anne Joyce by L. 
James Gibbons >v Rebecca Talbot by L. 

Timothy Sheen & Catharine Morris by L. 
Mathew Thornton .V Eleanor Adams bv L. 
Hugh Kelly .^ Rose Saukey by L. 
172S July Is Maj r John btoyuon & Mary Dufussay by L. 
Henry Banks & Elizabeth Mahony by L. 

• Continued from p. 93. 











• ) 











.CARIBBEAN.*.. 139 

172S Sept. 25 Henry Robiss & Winifred Cook by B. 
Richard Finch & Frances Darlow bv L. 
John Farrell & Eleanor Falway by L. 
Richard Mullins & Eli/.: Dorneen by B. 

Valentine Brown & Christian Semper by L. 
1729 Aug. 12 Henry Coventry & .Margaret Kobe by L. 
Ca?sar Baker & Mary Henlev bv B. 














1721 Aug. 1 John Carew & Mary Johnson by L. 
Jan. 1 James Carryl & Honora Collins by B. 

14 John Koch & Margaret Scurlage bv B. 

1722 April 15 Mathew Bowler & Eliz: Chilcot by L. 

May L3 Terence Dertnot & Elizabeth Douovane by B. 

Nov. 27 Hugh Kelly & .Mary Killan by B. 

Dec. 2-3 Thomas Chaplin ..t Joan Willis bv B. 

Jau. 3 John Daly Fitzdenuis & Judith Hart by L. 

Mar. 7 W'" Irish Esq 1 ' & Sarah VVyke by L. 

1723 June 3 Johu Fielder & Smssanna Potter bv L. 
Nov. 24 Michael Cashane £ Eliz: Poison by B. 

Ditto Terence Hart &, Eleanor Mead by L. 

Feb. IS John Ilogau & Sussanna Malcom bv B. 

1724 June 23 Thomas Mead & .Mary Hussy by L. 
Oct. 11 Simon Chilcot & Honora Tracey 

Nov. 10 M r Patrick Koch & Bridget Hussy by L. 

Feb. 4 M r John Carrick <fc Jane Daly by L. 

1725 May 2 John Ramsey & Anne Daly by B. 
June John Dracket £ Eleanor Pulson by B. 
Aug. 25 John Potter it Bridget [verge by L. 
Jan. 15 John Chilcot & Katharine Kami by L. 

1726 April 24 Teigue Collins & Eleanor Maley bv B. 
July 31 John Jefters & Sarah Bryan by B. 
Sept. 25 Arthur Poison & Anne Fell bv L. 
Oct. 6 Philip Connor & Ursula Farril bv L. 

1727 July 6 William Beach & Hesther Madd'ox by B. 
Oct. 21 George Mortimer & Eliz: Carryl bv L. 
Mar. 12 Daniel Cartv & Mary Beach by B. 

1728 May 15 W ni Hodgin & Margaret Kelly by L. 
Oct. 1 Redmond Thoige it Elizabeth "Mend bv L. 

22 Rich d Jeffera & Julian Mansfield bv B. 

Dec. 31 Richard White & Mary Kelly by B. 

Jau. 8 Benjamin Pintord & Anne Br inn by L. 

1729 May 25 James Collins it Eleanor Killan by B. 

















\V m Grecnway A: Agnes Butler by L. 
Daniel Sweeney & Marg: Pendergrass by B. 
Edward Whiting «S Margory ["orpa by B. 
David Greenway & Katharine Dee 
Thomas Jones & Anne Bunting by B. 
Rich' 1 Russel <t Elizabeth Bunting by B. 

* MonUerrat. 


Robert Bunting & Bridget Daly by B. 
M r Charles Daly A: Mary Molineux by L. 

Thomas Carter & Eliz: Wilson by 13. 
James Nixon & Elizabeth Wykes by B. 
John Dvet & Anne Butler by B. 
Jeffrey ton & Eliz: Ottely by B. 
Thomas Armstrong & Sarah Pond bv L. 
Edward Blake & Elizabeth Butler by B. 
Nathanael Harris & Katharine ffleming by L. 
Samuel Brown & Elizabeth Pinch by L. 
Peter Manning & Mary Shean by B. 
Michael Bourke & Eliz: How by B. 
James Minor & Aliee Scurloge by L. 
Josephus Dubery & Mary Terrey by B. 


Dec. 13 



Sept. 7 

Nov. 29 

Jan. 27 

Feb. 22 


Oct. 9 


May 21 

Dec. 31 


Mav -1 

June 16 


April 13 

June IS 

Oct. 8 


"A True Copy of the Register of the Parish of S l Paul Antigua as it relates to 
Baptisms and Burials from the 1 st of November 1733 to the 31 of October 
1734, Inclusive." 


Feb. 17 Barbara D. of William Parry and Grace his wife 

1734 Mar. 31 Anne D. of Joseph Mae-swincy and Elizabeth his wife 

April 27 Elizabeth D. of Robert Jacobs & Sarah his wife 

July 7 Joseph s. of Joseph Carpenter and Anne his wife 

Aue;. 20 Hamlin s. of John Brenan and Marirarett his wife 

Oct. 6 Rebecca D. of John Farley and Rebecca his wife 

Oct. 31 Marv wife of Bernard Orr 


Elizabeth Anderton 
Thomas Davis 
John Clifton 
Thomas Grigg 
Dennis Mac-swincy 
Elizabeth Horton 
1734 April 2 John Thompson 
Thomas Francis 
Mary Anne Hughes 
Mary Horsford 
Robert Freeman 
Theobald Bourke 
Elizabeth Cheltou 
Rachel Page 
Hamlin Brenan 
Catharine Con ally 
Marv Edgcumbe 
Samuel Barton 
Thomas Fori 
Rebecca Farlej 
Timothy Obrieu 
Thomas Darracott 
Anne Carpenter 





























1 I 




1734 Oct. 21 Barbara Parry 

30 Catharine Barton 
30 John Maccarel 

The above Copy was taken out of the afores d Register on the 12 of March 
1734 by me 

Tho 3 : "Wilson'. 


A List of all Persons Christened and Buried in S' Mary's Parish Antigua from 
the 1 st of November 1733 to the 31 st of October 1734. 

1733 Nov. 26 James Bromley buried at the Road 

27 Richard S. of Thomas Hazlewood Christen'd 
Mar. 9 Sarah D. of Martin Albut Christen'd 

IS Col Thomas Williams buried at the Road 

1734 April Rebecca "Wife of Tho s Rowland buried at the Road 

23 S. of Martin Albut buryed at the Valley 
June 5 M rs Jane Fisher buried at the Road 
July Thomas Rowland buried at the Road 

20 Mary D. of M r James Ailhaud Christned 
29 M r "William Grear buried at the Valley 
29 Margaret 1). of D° Grear deced Christened 
Aug. Rowland Yeamans S. of M r John Franklyn Christned 

William Lynch buried at the Valley 
M r Ferris Buryed at the Valley 
Lydia D. of M r George Leonard Christned 
Sept. 2G Honour' ,le John Morris Esq' Buried at the Valley 
Oct. 9 Samuel S. of Sam 1 Martin Christned 
22 M M Berkley buried at the Road 

28 William S. of M r William Codrincton Christened 


Burials in the Parish of Christ's Church Nichola Town commencing November 4, 
1733 : And ending Aug. 17, 1734. 

Nov. 4 Bury'd William Jordan a Child 

15 Mary Adams 

IS Thomas Dobins 

22 M r John Dixon 

1734 May 24 Jonah s. to Michael and Mary Webber 

Aug. 17 William s. to M r William and M rs Margaret Mathews 

Births and Christ'nings commencing Nov: 25, 1733. 

Nov. 25 Christen'd Man 1). to M r John and M" Elizabeth Esteridge 

b. Nov: 20 of the Fame month 
Dec. 2S Elizabeth D. to Obadiah and Prances Frayne, b. May 15 preceding 
1733-4 Jan. 1 Marv D. to M r Zachariah and M" Sophia Bourryeau b. Nov. 7, 

1734 April IS John S. to M r William and M IS Ann Mary Julius b. Jau r > 21 
D° 27 Thomas Wilson s. to M r Benjamin and M r9 Margaret Percival 
b. Dec br G, 1733 
May 5 Jonah s. to Michael and Marv Webber b. Feb 1 "? 2 preceding 

* As tho old parish register docs not, oiist these entries are invaluable. 


1734 Aug. 18 George s. to M r John and M rt Elizabeth Tanderpool b. the 2 of 

the same month 

Sept. 15 Ann 1). to Christopher and Jane Lucas, b. 19 of June preceding 

Oct. 13 Herriot D. to M r Clement and M rs Herriot Crooke, b. the l sl of 

the same month 

D° Arctas s. to M r Edmund and 51" Sarah Akers b. the 15 of the 

sauie month 
S' Christophers April 2. 1735. Archibald Cockbubx. 


Burials in the Parish of S l Mary Cavon Commencing Oct the 4 th 1733 and ending 

Oct ' the 24"' 1734. 

[I omit " Buried."] 

Oct. 4 Buried Elizabeth "Wife to Wilson Harvey 

Dec. 4 M r John Lytton 

Eeb. 11 Robert S. to Robert and Mary "Wheeler 

1734 April 27 M" Cressey (from Nevis) Widow 

May 3 M'" 3 Anne wife to M r Billingsly Smith 

July 3 Wilson Harvey 

7 M rs Caroline wife to M r William Fenton 

Sept. 15 Mary wife to Thomas Merritt 

21 M r Billingsly Smith 

Oct. 24 Robert Stephenson Soldier 

Births and Chris'nings Commencing June the 30"' 1734. 

June 30 Christ'ned Nathaniel Park S. to Thomas and Ann Davis b. 
Dec r 10 1 733 
D° Catharine 1). to John and Sarah Davis b. Jan* 10 preceding 

D° Sarah D. to Stanley and Elizabeth Bowry b. the 5"' of the same 

S' Christophers April 2: 1735. 

A True Copy. John Prince. Archibald Cockburx. 


S' George Basseterre S' Christophers. Christenings Nov. v c 3 J 1733 to Nov. 

y e 3 d 1 73 I. 

Catherine the D. of Thomas & Maryarel Earle X' 1 O 1 '^ y c 4"' ag' 1 G weeks 

Mary the d. of Joseph and Mary ilill X 1 ' 7"' aged 2 months 

Ann the I), of Bates and Mary Westbury X d II" 1 aged one month 

John the S. of Henry Smith and Man his wife X' 1 1(J"' at; a 15 months 

Pawlet the S. of John and Joanna Long A' 1 y* 17"' a^' 1 10 weeks 

John the S. of John Johnston X' 1 12"' ag d one dav 

Thomas the S. of Roger and Margaret S . . . y* X' 1 y c lS lh ag J 7 weeks 

John the S. of John and Mary Ramsey X u y e 26 lh 


Ruth the 1). of John & Ann Crew X J \ c l" 1 aged 5 months 

( To be continued.) 

• This surname hai been jiroved to be "Shcrr) " or "Sbarry." 


J?otcs anli tfhtmr** 

Information is wanted concerning two Scottish writers on Jamaica — diaries 
Leslie and J. Stewart. 


Of the author, Charles Leslie, who flourished about 1740. and whose name 
appears only at the end of the dedication to the Earl of Eglington of "A New 
and Exact Account of Jamaica," published at Edinburgh in 1739, nothing is 
known. Allibone merely mentions him as the author of this work, and gives no 
particulars of his life. From the preface, as well as from the work itself, it is 
evident that he visited the Island. A third edition, of precisely the fame format 
as the first and printed from the same type, with the same misprints, was published 
by the same publisher, R. Fleming, in Edinburgh in 1740. It: has "an appendix, 
containing an account of Admiral Vernon's success at Povto Bello and Chagre." 

In a "New History of Jamaica" — the same work published under a different 
title in London in 1740 — the dedication is omitted and the preface rewritten, and 
two maps are included, one of the -West Indies, the other of Jamaica. The latter 
shews the sugar estates, indigo works, cotton and provision plantations, cacao 
walks (as they were called), and crawles for hogs, and pens for cattle. A second 
edition appeared in the same year in London, which is -just like the first. In 1741 
an edition of the "New History " was published in Dublin. It contains no maps. 
In 1751 a French translation in two volumes of the London edition, under the 
title " Histoire de la Jamaique," was published in London. Some natural history 
plates are included. The translator, Mr. Kaulin, suppressed both his own name 
and that of Leslie, but he was probably not acquainted with the latter, as it 
nowhere appears in the London editions of 1740. Indeed Bridges, the author of 
" Annals of Jamaica," considers it as a piracy, and it is not mentioned by either 
Lowndes or Allibone. If it is a piracy it is a most impudent one. The alterations 
from the Edinburgh edition are very slight; in the "New History" a new 
Letter X is inserted, which is a copy of the appendix of the third Edinburgh 
edition, and the old Letter X becomes XI, and so on till the end, and the size of 
the book is larger. 

It would seem that the first London edition of 1740 was published after the 
third Edinburgh edition of that year. Like the London editions the Dublin 
edition does not give Leslie's name. 

It has been suggested that the author is to be identified with the Charles 
Leslie, M.A., blaster Mason, who published in 1741 in Edinburgh "A Vindication 
of Masonry ami its excellency demonstrated in a Discourse at the Consecration 
of the Lodge Vernon Kilwinning, May 15, 1711. By Chas. Leslie, M.A., Master 
Mason, and Member of the said Lodge. Edinburgh. Drummond and Co., 1741." 
Small lto. 


In 1S0S was published anonymously in London a work entitled " An Account 
of Jamaica and its Inhabitants, by a Gentleman long resident in the West Indies." 
and in I'S'l'-l it was republished in Edinburgh with a new preface and partly re- 
written, and with the author's name, .1. Stewart, but under a different title 
"A View of the past and present state of the [aland of Jamaica." He was, lie 
tells us, resident for twenty-one years in Jamaica, from 1800-21, but nothing can 
be traced of him in the Colony. 

Frank Cinkai.l. 

Kingston, Jamaica. 



The Rev. T. C. Dale of 115 London Eoad, Croydon, writeB that a certain 
"William Dale went out to the "West Indies in 1805 or 1SUG to carry on a weekly 
newspaper. His second wife is supposed to have accompanied him, and he i> 
thought to have died soon after his arrival. Further information about him is 
desired. Mr. Dale enclosed the two wills of Adam and Bobert Dale of Jamaica, 
of which the Editor has made abstracts. 

Adam Dale of the parish of Trelawnv, co. Cornwall, I. of Jamaica, land 
surveyor. "Will dated 30 September 1700. All real and personal estate in trust 
to my friends James Symes of S 1 Ami, Rob. Stoney and Rich' 1 Evans of Trelawnv 
for IG years for my reputed dau. Eliz. Dale, now an infant under one year, and 
if she die to Aim Morrison. Trustees to be Ex'ors. "Witnessed by Kob. Hall, 
"W ni Brown, Johu Barnbv. Proved 23 December 1799. Recorded in Lib. o'li. 
fo. 147. 

Robert Dale of the parish of Hanover. "Will dated 10 May 1804. My 
reputed dau. Mary M c Callum Dale and reputed son Philip W m Dale £100 each. 
Nurse Sarah Hall £100 and. furniture. My nephew John Dale, my heir-at-law, 
£140 if possible, and recommend him to my respected friend and employer Geo. 
Brissett, Esq. The latter and John J . . . . to be Ex'ors. AVitnessed by Ao;nes 
Robertson, Adam Gray, Geo. M . . . . Proved 21 June 1804. Recorded in 
Lib. 73, fo. 23. 

[N.B. — The official at Jamaica who sent the above wills had such an extra- 
ordinary handwriting that the Editor has been unable to decipher all the names.] 

To the Editor, " Caribbeana." 

(I. 13.) Kingston, Jamaica. 

With reference to a footnote, " What is this word ?" appended to " Negune," 
which appears in the Marriage Record in Jamaica of August 21st, 1670, between 
Joshua Paske and Mary Mama, I write to point out that it is obviously a copyist's 
mistake for Negrine, an obsolete form of Negress, used (as Murray's Dictionary 
points out) as late as 1703 by Dampier, who speaks of >l Negrines and other .-1k- 

Frank Cundall. 
The Institute of Jamaica, for the Encouragement 
of Literature, Science, and Art. 

• T 

1 ' ' 

'. • 



B r " 



| • 




a JZ1 i U Jr- J 

i ; & — i ' rV» i il 

If II , * L 

I: S i| 

rl , -' ' . ' : 

; . _■ 









f ' 


St. John's Church, Fiu Trek, Nevis. 

Photographed hy the Rec. Dr. Thome 


-r- r-v * 










„ ■ . ■ - 

. -i ++*• 


EXTEUIOR Uk' - s l. John's CUUHCII. 


Paris!) l\cjjiatcr of §t. palm's, jftcr, (Tree, 



The Rev. Dr. L. B. Thomas, Rector of St. George's and St. John's, Nevis-, 
has kindly forwarded an accurate transcript of the Parish Register of St. John in 
that island. He writes: "I have given details this time that you mayhavcall the 
facts before you. It may be of interest to print them as a fair illustration of the 
condition of our Registers .... I think my notes will be plain, I use the square 
brackets for all my additions and comments .... I feel as a parson here and 
a genealogist that I am bound to do my share in preserving and publishing the 
registers of my own parishes at any rate." — Editoe. 

The Register is bound in parchment, 10 inches by G inches in size, and is 
headed : — 

A Register of Births, BABTISMS | Marriages & Buryialls for St. John's | Pari,!.. 
Commencing from May 12th 1729 | The Reverend Mr. William Wharton 

Births and Baptisms Page 1. 

Marriages ... 3. 

Deaths & Burials . 5 — 15. 

The beginning of the Register kept by J. Mackay is at page 17 [written 
opposite the front leaf]. 

1729 June 22d Frances dau. of Bartholomew Stone & Mary his wife Born 

July 27th 172S and Baptiz'd this day 
Anne Dau. of Mr. Nicholas Hendrickson & Mary his wife Born Augt. 4 in the 
above year (Ye said Mr. Hendrickson then living in St. Geonrc's Parish 
where at that time they had no Minister) and a few weeks after her Birth 
[illegible] (ye day forgot) their said daughter Anne was Baptized by me 

"War. Wiiartox, Rector 
of St. John's Parish. 

[Next page.] Births & Baptisms. 

1729 May 30 William ye son of William Edgcrby [or Edgerley] <fc Anne his 

wife Born May 23d £ Baptis'd this day 
Aug. 31 Amelia dau. of Joseph Herbert, Esq. <fc Elizabeth his wife Born 
ve 25th ins. & Baptized this day 

1730 Apl. 29 Mary dau. of Francis Roper & Mary his wife Born July 1(5. 

172s, .and Francis their son born Dec. 22d last past, both 

Baptized this day 
Sept. Gth Mary dau. of Du Bart Phillips [rest wanting] Born Dec. 10 last 

Oct. 25th Sarah dau. of [wanting] & Sarah his wife, Born Sept. 30th last 

past and Baptized this day 
Dec. 23d Blanche dau. of Henry Sanders & Susannah his wife. Horn 

Aug. 8th last past an 1 l'..i; tized this day 
Feb. 15th Elizabeth dau. of .Mr. Merle Beauchamp & Mary his wife Born 

Nov. 30th last past and Baptized this day 
28th Richard son of Richard Lawrence A; Anne his wife Horn [a blank] 

last past and Baptized this day 

1731 April2G Edward son of Joseph Herbert, Esq. & Elizabeth his wife Bora 

ye 13 instant A. Baptized this day 
May 1G John Slough sun of Christopher Wilkinson & Sarah his wife 
Born Dec. 13 last past and Baptized this day 
TOL. I. L 



[Keverse of page.] 

1732 May 7 Mary d. of Mr. Meete Beauchamp & Marj his wife b. Apl. 2 1 

last past and Baptized this day 
Jan. 17 Richard-Roach s. of Mr. John Broadbelt & Mary his wife B. 

July 2G James s. of Charles-Pym Burt & Rebekah his wife (omitted in 

its place) b. ye 17 July last past and Baptized this day 
Aug. \i Anue-Springet d. of Ricbard Coker & Mary Springet b. Dec. 1, 

1720 last past and Baptized this day 
Nov. 29 William Springet s. of Kiehard Coker & Mary Springet b. ye 22 

ins. last past and Baptized this day 
Jan. 8 Jane d. of David Blair & Sarah his wife b. April 2-3 last past and 

Baptized this day 
Feb. S Anne d. of Mr. William Child & Mary his wife b. ye 1 ins & b. 
[One entry gone.] 
March 7 Anne d. of Mr. George Broadbelt & Elizabeth his wife b. Apl. 

20 last past and Baptized this day 
11 Frances Marthen d. of John Brown & Anne his wife b. Jan'y 13 

last past and Baptized this day 

1733 Ap. 1 Margarett d. of William Sutton & Mary his wife b. Feb. 13 last 

past and Baptized this day 
2 Tyrrell s. of Joseph Herbert Esq. & Elizabeth his wife b. Mar. -4 

last past and Baptized this day 
9 Samuel s. of Samuel Seranton & Anne Ellit als Elliot b. Nov. 30 
last past and Baptized this day 
June 10 Sarah d. of Mr. Simon Browne & Sarah his wife b. May 20 last 
past and Baptized this day 
26 Elizabeth d. of "William Roper & Elizabeth his wife b. Mar. 12 
last past and Baptized this day 
July 29 [Missiug, and nine* other entries.] 
One of ... . Coker & Eliza .... 
Another of . . ym Burt & Rebekah 
of .... & Henrietta his .... 

[Next page.] 


1729 Nov. 20 Joseph Neale and Mary Keep married 

1730 Mar. 2-3 Richard Smith of St. Thomas Parish Esq. and Mrs. Anne Birkitt 

of this Parish married 
Aug. 13 Mr. George Broadbelt and Mrs. Elizabeth Beauchamp in. 
Dec. 22 George Frost and .Mary Israel m. 

29 Henrv Williams and Frances Frewen in. 

* Sonic of these missing entries can bo supplied from the Transcripts: sent in 1731 to the 
Colonial Olficc, and now appearing in this Magazine. 

1733 Dec. 2f> John S. of Joseph Nealo & Mary his "Wife. Bora Not' 11 lost past. Baptized 

this day 
Jan. 20 Elizabeth 1). of John Thurl.uid & Mary his "Wife. Born about 6 years & a half 

agoc was Baptized thi* d ij 
Feb. 7 Elizabeth 1). of .In • Warrell & Mary his Wife. Iloru Sep. 20 last past 

Baptized this d iy 
Eeb. 17 Jn" S. of Jn Frost juu' & Sarah his Wife. Bom Oct. 8 last past. Baptized 

this day 
1731 April23 John S. of W" Carter & Mary his "Wife. Born y* 21 inst. Baptized this daj 
Aug. 2'J James I'.evon S. ol M' Jn" Sunders & Henrietta" his Wife. Born July 21 last 

past. Baptized this day 
Sep. 28 Frances D. of Itielr 1 Cukur A Klizabeth his Wife. Born about two years agoe. 

Baptized this day 
Oct. 30 Elizabeth 1). of Charles l'ym Burt. Born y* 2t in>t. Baptised this day 


17:;i» Jan. 20 Richard Spencer and Mary Donnevan in. (Mr. President 

Richardson present) 
1731 June 17 Mr. Simon Browne of this Parish & Mrs. Sarah Browne of 

St. James' Parish m. 

Aug. 1 Mr. Henry Richards of St. John's Parish in Antigua and 
Mrs. Sarah Smith of this Parish m. 
19 Mr. John Broadbelt and Mrs. Mary Barker (both of this Parish) 
Oct. 12 Mr. John-Duer Duneomb* (of Parham in Antigua) and Mrs. Anne 
Bernhoof (of this Parish) m. 
17^2 May 29 John Browne and Anne Jones (both of this Parish) were m. 

Feb. 11 Mr. "William Blizardf and Mrs. Sophia Bernhoof m. 
173:5 Oct. 7 John Frost of this P'ish and Sarah Ashby of ye Island of 
St. Christopher m. 

Jan. 24 Mr d Gardiner and Mrs. Anne d. of Roger [rest wanting] 

Feb. — [One missing] 

1731 [One gone] 

173."> April 7 [Gone] 

Dec. 2-3 [Gone] 

173G Nov. — [Gone] 

Dec. 4 [Gone] 

9 Mr. Samuel Clarke [jun. ?] 

.... Tobin were married .... present 
1737 Oct. 13 Lawrence Ely and Elizabeth Alford were m. 

[Reverse of leaf blank.] 

[Next page.] 

Nov. 17 Anne d d. ye 15 inst. 

28 Mr. John T. ? . . . . was buried 
Dec. 2 Mr. William P. [rest wanting] 
16 Mrs. Mary [rest wanting] 
nney Rig . . late [?] 
d. ye 15 inst. 

1730 April 9 Andrew Murph . . [rest wanting] 
Nov. 4 John Chipers [rest wanting] 

12 Margery Pe [rest wantiog] 
Dec. 31 Mary wife of [rest wanting] 

.... ye 30 inst. and was buried this day 
Mar. 9 Col. John Richardson President of this Island d. and was buried 
tli is day 

1731 April 4 John s. of John Money and Anne his wife d. ye 2 inst. and 

was b. 
7 Abedncgo Guernsey serv* to Mr. James Emra was buried 
9 Rachel d. of John Clan' and Anne his wife was buried 
Sept. 11 Elizabeth d. of Mr. "William Huggins and Anne his wife d. ye 13 
Oct. 3 Anne-Richard .... liter of 

Mr. William Huggins [rest wanting] 
wife died ye 
Feb. 1 James 

Jan. 31 [rest wanting] 
21 Rachel 

Anne his wife [rest wanting] 
28 [All wanting] 

* See his will and pedigree in "Antigua," i. 227. 

t See " Antigua," i. 58, for pedigree of Bliznrd. The Parish Keiristcr of St. John, Antigua, 
gives the burial, " 1771 April 14 Sophia lilizard,'' which probably relates to theabovo. 

i, 2 



1732 .Time — [Rest wanting] 

July 5 Anne wife of [wanting] 

yesterday and was buried 

Nov. 2G John Neale d. [rest wanting] 
this day 

[Sept. 29, Jan. 4 and 21st, and possibly two more gone.] 

[Reverse of page.] 

Eenton of St. Christophers 
buried this day 
John Tush d. yesterday [rest wanting] 
of Mr. Henry Richards [?] [rest wanting] 
died this day 
[An entry gone.] 

died yesterday and was [rest wanting] 
died yesterday and was „ ,, 

died yesterday and was ,, ,, 

[Rest of this page missing.] 

30 Mr. Wm. Sla.dc d. yesterday and was buried this day 

Feb. 25 Mr. John McShean 

26 Dr. Maricc Berkeley 

27 Lewis Ingleton „ 
Mar. 3 Mr. John Sladc 

12 Mr. Bartholomew Springet „ 

17 E Thurland 

of John Ed verier „ 

of John Broad belt d. 
of ... . min "Whitehead 
of Rich d Broadbelt 

was buried 
[An entry gone.] 

of Richard Colter d. yesterday 

(should have preceded the 
of John Edgerley d. 

rd Broadbelt 
yesterday and 

[At least one other gone entirely.] 


The following six entries from the P.R.O. help to fill some of the gaps on this 
page :— 


Nov. 11 James-Be von Sanders was buried 


Mar. 30 Edward-Smith Broadbelt was buried 

April 23 Cap'" Tho' Fenton was buried 

June 6 Mary Tush was buried 

20 Frances Howard was buried 

Au<?, 19 John Smith Richards was buried 


'Two blank leaves.] 

D . . ths & Buri . . . 

1737 June 24 George Flamsted s. of George Litman was buried tbis day 

Oct. 20 John Frost Seil r d. yesterday & was buried tbis day 

Nov. 11 Frances d. of James Stoddard dee' 1 died yesterday & was buried 

this day 

Dee. 27 John Browne died yesterday and was buried tbis day 

1710 2s'ov. 10 George Litman buried 

Dec. 2G -Mary Brodbelt buried, Wife of Job a Brodbelt 

[Kest of page and reverse of leaf blank.] 

Register for the year 1712 kept by J. Mackay. 

1712 Mar. 2S Buried George s. of Sam 1 Clarke, Seu r 
April 17 Buried Sarah Tobiu widow 

June 20 Baptized Charles Smith Clarke, s. of Saml. Clarke, Jun. & 
Henrietta born the 13th of Jan. last 

20 Buried Philip de Witt, Esq. 

3 Married Abr m Brooks <t Eli/,. Ramsey 

July 4 Buried Martha Xe-ale. widdou* 

Aug. 5 Baptized John s. of John & Elizabeth Kicbardson born ye 4th 

29 Baptized Robert s. of W ra & Frances Vaughan 

Sept. 21 Buried Joseph Browne 

21 married W" Edgerly it Ann Merriwother 
21 Married John Crib & Sarah Edgerly 

23 Baptized Richard s. of Mich' & Aim Stanley born June G last 

Nov. 12 buried Peter Wheeler 

Jau. 1 buried Charles Smith Clarke an in'ant 

23 Baptized Purlettah He luchamp d. of Janes & Purlettah M. p dhecr 

Feb. IS Baptized Will 1 " s. of Rich' 1 Liusley and June 

26 buried John Edgerly 

Mar. 6 Baptized Thorn 3 s. of -la 5 & Eliz 11 ' Parris, born Sept. 29 

— Baptized Eliz' 1 d. of George & Mary Frost 

1713 April 1 Baptized Sarah Sampson d. Moses & Ann Jones, born Mar. 3 

May 8 Baptized Elizabeth d. of Joseph it Mary Xeale born March 1 last 

n.b.— The last Bills of mortality* sent to the Lords of Trade & Plant" began here. 

July 24 Baptized Thomas s. of William Roper & Eliz"' bis wife 
Sept. 11 Married Thomas Baker ^V Sarah Williams 

20 Baptized Mary & Frances twin d. of Christopher Wilkinson ct 
Sarah his wife 
Oct. 5 buried Mary one of the above tains 

6 buried Frances the other of the above twins 

Jou.v Mackav, Rector. 

(To be continued.) 

• Tlicse are tho transcripts fro:u tlio Rj;orJ Ike which aro mw appetrin; in tlii- 
Magaziuo. — Editor. 



>mttlj, of dirinatoa.* 


:"William Smith of Antigua, Esq..= 
a minor 171:?; Clerk to the Assem- 
bly 1731: .1.1'. 1709;- buried at 
Marylebone 11 March 1772, bul 
no vault has been found. Will 
dated 12 November 1767, then of 
Twyford, co. Southampton. 2nd 
Codicil, 17 February 1770, then 
of Bulstrode Street, Marvlcbone ; 
proved 23 March 1772 (110, 
Taverner). Owned plantation in 
New Division, which he entailed 
in 1732 on the issue of his 2nd 
wife Mary. 

=Mary Oliver, 
baptized 11 
July 1711 and 
married 17 
August 1727 
at St. John's; 
party to the 
settlement of 
20 May 1732. 
2nd wife. 

Anne Oliver, baptized 
at St. John's 11 July 
1711 ; married, 30 
January 1711, John 
WatkhiB of Antigua, 
who died 1702. Site 
was buried in St. 
Michael's. Bath, 27 
December 1783, and by 
her will left her estate 
to her two nephews, 
Richard Oliver and 
William Smith. 

William Smith of Grenada,=pElizabcth Sarah Smith, 
clerk 1739 ; coheir to his . . . ., of named in deed 
uncle Waved Smith in 1755, 15 Bul- of 1732; co- 
then Deputy-Secretary at strode heir to her 
St. Kitts ; in the W.I. Street uncle Waved 
1770; of Manchester Square 1793. Smith in 1755; 
1779 ; heir to his aunt Mrs. purchased a 
AnnWatkinsof Bath 17S3; house in Bul- 
heir to his cousin Richard strode Street 
Oliver in 17S4; of Bulstrode before 1770; 
Street 17SG; died at Grenada inherited the 
16 July 1793. Will dated New Division 
15 July 1793 ; proved S estate in 1S0G 
November 179-1 (5S0, llol- from her sister 
man). < Mary. 
J s.p. 

Mary Smith, named in 
the will of her aunt 
Mrs. Eliz. Haddon 
175G; only surviving 
child of William and 
Mary in 1707 ; con- 
veyed "Smiths " of 
122 acres in St. Mary's 
parish and New Divi- 
sion to Richard Oliver 
in 1772 ; of 3 Bul- 
strode Street, St. Mary- 
lebone, in 1789. Will 
dated 15 May 1S04; 
proved 14 February 

Richard Oliver Smith, natural son by Sarah Dean, = Mary, dau. of Edmund Bro- 
inhcrited Revolution Hall, Grenada, from his father; deripof Wells (see "D.N.B."); 
aged 5 years 2 months on 15 July 179:! ; in a deed died in Pulteney Street 23 
of 1820 he bad dropped lite name of Smith; (?) of February 1829, aged 39. M.I. 
Baring Place, lleavitree, Devon, in ls29. in Bathwick Churchyard. 

William Smith, formerly of the I. of Antigua but now of Twyford, co. South- 
ampton, Esq. Will dated 12 November 1767. Funeral not to exceed £20. 
Whereas an Indenture was made in A. dated 20 May 1732 between me ami Mary 
my late wife, deceased, of the one part, and Tho. Cerby, then of A.. Esq., and 
John Burke, then also of A., Esq. (both since deceased), of the other, and 
recorded in the Register's Office, by which a certain plantation and slaves were 
limited to me for my life, with remainder to Trustees for our sons in tail male, 
and charged with £101)1) e. each to be paid to Will" 1 Smith and Sarah Smith, then 
and now my children living by mv then former wife then deceased, and I have 
improved the said plantation by C1500 c. laid out in buildings and £350 c. in 
cattle, and 1 have put thereon 5 J slaves worth £1890, amounting in all to £5740 C, 

• Communicated by the Editor. 



Sarah . . 
2nd wife. 

;Ri chard Oliver of Antigua, Speaker 1704 ;=i=Margaret 
Member of Council 1708; buried at St. I ... . 1st 
John's 29 May 1716. wife. 

Rowland Oliver of Antigua, born 1703 ;=pSarah buried at 

of Olivers Old Plantation of 2<J0 acres; St. John's 9 Novem- 
owned estate in Nevis ; went to England ber 17-3S ; ? dau. of 
in 1765; died 1G and buried 21 July .... Williams of 
1707, aged 61. M.I. in St. Michael's, Bath. Nevis or Antigua. 




Richard Oliver, baptized at St.== Alary Oliver, mar- 
John's 7 January 1734-5 ; Al- ried at Lev ton 2 
derinan and M.P. for London 
1770 — sO; owned one-third of 
Diamond estate at Grenada; 
died at sea 1G April 17si. 


February L75S ; 
buried at Green- 
wich 10 November 

Thomas Oliver of 20= 
Mark Lane, W.I. mer- 
chant ; baptized at St. 
John's 12 March 1740-1; 
died at Leytou 29 Janu- 
ary 1S03, aged G2. 

Richard Oliver, 1st son and heir, owned the Diamond 
estate, which after his death in 1621 his widow sold. 

which said plantation will belong to my dau. Mary, being the only child I have 
now living by my said wife Mary, and 1 give her my s' 1 dau. Man all the said 
improvements on my said plantation lying in New Division, and if she die without 
heirs I give it to my son Will™ S., and in default of his heirs to my dau. Sarah S. 
on condition that the £1000 c. each be made up to £1200 st. each. All residue to 
my said s. Will m S. and my dau. Sarah S. 1 appoint Stephen Bliznrd of A., Esq., 
Richard Oliver of London, merchant, and my said s. W" 1 S. and my dau. Sarah S. 
Ex'ors. Witnessed by Carew Mildmay, .lane Mildmay, Sarah Corps. 

1st Codicil. 13 November 17G7. If tin* plantation should descend to my s. 
W m I charge it with £1200 St. for my dau. Sarah S. 

2nd Codicil. 17 February 1770. Whereas my dau. Sarah S. bought her 
dwelling house in Bulstrode Street, S' Marvleboue, which I rent of her for £75 
a year and £50 is a fair rent, which she hath refused to take; if she demand 
more 1 give £500 of her legacy to my s. W 1 ", now in the West Indies. At 
Bulstrode Street. 

Proved at London 23 March 1772 by Rich' 1 Oliver, Esq., Alderman of London, 
W m S. the son, and Sarah S., spinster, the dau. (P.C.C., 110, Taverner.) 

James Taylor, late of Grenada, planter, now of the I. of Thanet. Will dated 
17S5. Mv friend W m Smith of G., Esq., my silver handled sword. (P.C.C, 
4S3, Ducarel.) 

1777, Jan. 9. Another capital West-India House stopt payment last week, 
which makes the fourth, and 'tis imagined that others must follow. All this 
is the natural consequence of the American captures: upwards o\ 130 ships 
from the West-India islands have been taken by their privateers in the course of 
the last year. 


Lomlon, Feb. 2s. We have the pleasure to inform our readers, that tlic great 
West-India house in Fenchurch-street, reported to have stopt payment about ten 
days ago, goes on. (•• Bath Chronicle.") 

The last-mentioned paragraph must refer to Alderman Richard Oliver, 31. P., 
whose counting-house was in Fenchurch Street. On G September 177 s . in reply 
to a request from his fellow citizens that he should be proposed as Lord Mayor 
for the ensuing year, he declined to be nominated. 

On 24 November 177S, owing to the precarious state of his property in the 
"West Indies, he resigned his gown as Alderman, but retained his seat in Parlia- 
ment until the Dissolution in 17S0, refusing to even accept a nominal place under 
the Ministry. 

On 23 September 1779 it was announced in a newspaper : "Mr. Oliver, late 
an Alderman of the City of London, was on the island of Grenada when taken by 
the French. He has large possessions there, and went over on suspicion of what 
would happen. All sugars were sent to France and confiscated." ("Bath 

In December he was residing at Antigua, where he owned plantations, as well 
as at Nevis, Montserrat, and St. Vincent. He died a few years later, his death 
being announced as follows: "1784, April 10. On board the Sandwich packet, 
in his passage from Nevis, Richard Oliver, esq; formerly an Alderman and 
Representative in Parliament for London." (•' G.M.," 395, and see "D.N.B.") 
"He was returning to England for the recovery of his health. He married his 
cousin, by whom he had no issue, an 1 his property in Antigua would consequently 
have descended to his nephew Richard Oliver, Esq., the son of his brother* 
Thomas; but having formed a solemn engagement with a Mr. Smith that the 
longest liver should have all the other died possessed of, he bequeathed to him 
the whole of his property." (" Memoir of Brass Crosby, Lord Mayor." p. 33.) 

By his will, dated April 177!), lie left all his property to his friend (and cousin 
by marriage) William Smith of Antigua, then of Manchester Square. 

All his papers having passed to the Smith family, but little was known about 
his estates until last year, when a lady, seeing my name in the " International 
Genealogical Directory," forwarded to me a large parcel of deeds and papers 
relating to the Alderman, derived from her great-grandfather George Griffin 
(a connection of the Smiths) of Newton Court, Monmouth, also of Lincoln's Inn 
and a barrister, who carried out much le:j;al work for Thomas Oliver of Mark 
Lane, a W.I. merchant with a very large business, and cousin and brother-in-law 
of the Aldermau. 

Ou succeeding to these plantations William Smith set to work to relieve them 
of their most pressing liabilities. We have first of all a proper valuation of them 
all and then an account of Income and Charges (from the Griffin Papers). [See 
pp. 151-155.] 

17S6, April 5. William Smith of Pulstrode Street. St. Marvlebone, Esq., and 
Tho. Oliver of the City ^\ London, Esq., became hound to ('has. Woodcock of 
Brentford, co. Middlesex, Esq., iu &S00O. Whereas W ,M Smith A Rich u Oliver, 
Esq. & Alderman, dec 1 , by their Bond dated 25 Dec 1771 became bound to 
Benj. Home of Ealing, co. Middx., Cent., deceased, iu 6S000 to pay eiOOOon 
2-3 Dec. 1779 a Interest, & Benj, Home is dead a Chas. Woodcock is his 
Ex'or, now it is agreed thai th \ £1000 shall be repaid by 1 annual sums o\ L'10" 11 
on 21 June 17s7, S, 9, 90, together with Interest at 1 per cent. [This is a draft, 
and there arc no signatures.] 

This sliouM lie brother-in-law an 1 cou-in. 


-cm,,.;] ^ * 

: - . .. ?Hf-w-& 7 
ills fe'i\ / v '/ . 



The next deed, ;i very long one, gives the history of ilie Diamond Estate in 
Grenada. Endorsed: "30"' -May 17stj. W" 1 Tooke, E.M| r , by the direction of 
W" 1 Smith, Esquire, to Thomas Oliver. Esquire. Copy Release by way of Mort- 
gage and Indemnity of two undivided third parts of a plantation in the Island of 
Granada." 21 fc'os. 

This Indenture tripartite made the 30 May 20 Geo. III., 17SG, between 
William Tooke of Serjeants Inn Fleet Street City of London Esq. of the 1st part 
William Smith late of Soho Square now of Bulstrode Street co. Middlesex Esq. 
of the 2nd part and Thomas Oliver of the City of London Esq. of the 3rd part 
Whereas by Indent art' of lease and release dated 1!) and 20 May 1772 between 
the Hon. John Grant Esq. one of the Barons of II. M. Court of Exchequer in 
Scotland of the I part and .John Dorrien, John Anthony Rucker, -John Peter 
Rucker and Alex. Carleton all of London Esquires Bankers and Partners of 
the other part, the said John Grant sold and confirmed to the said 4 bankers all 
that plantation, houses, slaves, cattle to them as a security for certain sums and 
Whereas by Indenture of lease and release dated 3 and 4 August 1772 the ' 
release being quadrupartite and made between the said 4 bankers of the 1st part, 
John Grant and Margaret his wife of the 2nd part and said William Tooke, 
.Richard Oliver Esq. then one of the Aldermen of the City of London since 
deceased and William Smith of the 3rd part reciting that Wilham Tooke, Richard 
Oliver and William Smith had agreed to purchase said plantation and slaves etc. 
for £29,000 sterling and that all sums due by the Indenture of 10 and 20 .May had 
been paid by John Grant to the 4 bankers and William Tooke paid £9,(300 13s. Id. 
aud .Richard Oliver the like and William Smith paid £4,60(3 13s. 4d. and William 
Tooke lent £5,000 at o per cent. Interest to William Smith to help pay the balance 
of his share and Richard Oliver's third part and William Smith's third were 
conveyed to William Tooke as security the plantation was sold and confirmed to 
said William Tooke aud Whereas by deed poll of Richard Oliver and William 
Smith dated 9 September 1772 it was agreed that William Tooke should advance 
to Richard Oliver and William Smith the further sum of £3000 charged on their 
two-thirds shares and Richard Oliver died 10 April 17S1 and made his will 
6 April 1770 and gave all his estate to said William Smith so that he became 
entitled to the said two-thirds and Wiikkkas William Smith hath since the death 
of Richard Oliver paid off the last mentioned £30o0 and all interest and William 
Tooke hath applied for repayment and Thomas < (liver ha.- been asked to join with 
William Smith in securing payment William Smith and Thomas Oliver have given 
bond for £10,000 to William Tooke the said recited security is fiow assigned to 
Thomas Oliver aud Wukke.vs William Smith is indebted to Thomas Oliver in 
£4000 exclusive of the debts due to Thomas Oliver from the estate oi' the late 
Richard Oliver and whereas Thomas Oliver hath made another bond 5 April last 
whereby Thomas Oliver and William Smith are bound to Charles Woodcock of 
Brentford co. Middlesex Esq. in £b000 for £4000 at 4 per cent, to Charles 
Woodcock and William Smith cannot pay the £1000 so hath agreed the two- 
thirds of said plantation should be conveyed to Thomas Oliver as security for the 
£•3000 and £4000 and William Smith hath made a bond for 620,000 to be void if 
William Smith repay Thomas Oliver the £4000 and all sums he shall advance. 

Xo\V THIS 1.V1) E.N TIKE WITNESSETH that 111 C( iol I id' £5000 secured lO 

William Tooke by Thomas Oliver and for the debt of William Smith and for LOs. 
William Tooke by request of William Smith hath conveyed and William Smith 
hath confirmed to Thomas Oliver those two-third parts ol thai plantation in the 
lslaud of Grenada in a district called the Grand l'.tuv re and in a late made parish 
called St. Mark consisting of a dwelling house and other buildings called St. Rose 
and a tract of laud bounded on the S. W. side by a River called the Croat Rncr 
on the N. by lands occupied by Le Seiur Viet re, Le Seiur Broussi, Le Seiur 
Danverque and Le Seiur Lahcille on the -V by the Little River and on the N.W. 
part by the Town of Grand Pauvro and the other part by the sea containing 
513 acres or from 100 squares of 100 paces which were late the estate of the 


Rev. Dominican Fathers of the Mission of Preaching Brethren by a grant from 
M. de Tracy Governor-General dated 25 November 17 . . [blank] width S00 paces 
and going up 2000 pace- included in a former grant of 21 June 1G57 and con- 
firmed 15 September 1722 all which were purchased by Roger Smith late of 
Grenada late of London Merchant of the said Fathers 1 July 17(13 and after by 
lease and release of 30 and 31 August 17(15 were conveyed to John Fisher nnd 
Thomas Dawes (as Trustee to John Fisher) and all negros cattle crops as they 
were heretofore purchased by John Grant and were by lease and release of 15 and 
1G May 1772 the release tripartite between Beeston Long and George Drake of 
London Merchants of 1st part, Edward Payne of London Esq. John Spooner* of 
Chesterfield Street Esq. and .lane Isabella his wife late widow of John Fisher late 
of London Merchant late of Greenwich Esq, Thomas Farrof Bristol Esq., Charles 
Birch of Lime Street Esq. and John Fisher Weare of Bristol Esq. they with 
Beeston Lon£ were the Trustees in will of John Fisher and James 1'ishcr of 


Mortgage to Tho s Oliver on the Nevis Estate . 770 1 3 11 

Bond to Tho s Oliver . . . . 4000 

Bond to W m Tooke ..'.... 5000 

Bond to Benj. Home Dece'd .... 4000 

to Sarah Smith . . . . . 4000 

Bond to Tho s Dawsons Trustees . . . 2000 

Bond to Charles Pavne 1000 

to D r Athill (say) 4000 

to M r3 Patterson £2070 Curr>' @ GO pc. 

Exch e 1GGS 15. ^Y. S's half is . . 834 7 6 

to B. W m Peterson £1000 Curr> @ G5 pc. 
Exch. £2121 4 10 Ster*. W. S.'s 

half is 1212 2 5 

to Geo. Stephen ..... 570 O 

Bond to D r Makittrick Adair .... 500 

Debts @ G pc £31,SS0 13 10 2092 16 10 

M" Mary Oliver's Annuity secured upon 

y e Old Plantation . " . . . 200 

M rs Mary Oliver's Annuity secured upon 

y e late R. O.'s Bond . " . . . 50 250 

M rs Grace Patterson 1 Years Ann? left 

byR. O 100 

M" Smith's Allowance and other Con- 
tingencies 1000 

3442 1G 10 
Annual Surplus .... 20G4 3 2 


Corpus Christi College Oxford Esq. eldest son and heir of said John Fisher ol 
the 2nd part ; and John Graul of the 3rd part were granted to John Grant and 
all deeds to the said Thomas Oliver provided that if William Smith pay E400U on 
30 May 17!)3 and G per cent. Interest and all fut ure advances ami paj William 
Tooke £5000 and to Charles Woodcock £1000. Thomas Oliver will reconvey 

• See ante, r>. 2, for his pedigree. [continued ou i>. 15C. 



"Annual Income & Annual Expenditure of "William Smith as within 

Supposed Value of the different Concerns within mentioned, viz. ster z 

M l Hope Est. S l Vincent 1,500 

Diamond— Grenada 36,000 

Revolution Hall D° 20,000 

Nevis Plantation 12,000 

Falmouth Plant" in Antigua "W. S's half 4,000 

Stock Plant" called Old Plant" at Antigua with Negroes & Cattle 5,320 

Deduct for ^' l of the Diamond belong 5 to 3I r Tooke 



Annual Income. 

Mount Hope Estate in S l Vincent (say) . 
Diamond Estate Estimated at 250 hhds. Sugar 

. @ £13 p. hhd. . . 

Deduct for Stores from Europe 





Revolution Hall Estate estimated at 150 hhds. 
Sugar @ £15 p. hhd. .... 
Deduct for Stores from Europe 

Nevis Plantation estimated at SO hhds. Sugar 

@ £14 p. hhd 

Deduct for Stores from Europe 

Falmouth Plantation W. S.' a half (say) . 
Old Plantation estimated at 
Nicholas Ray's Annuity for his life 









Mem"' : It is necessary to observe as the above Expenditure will be a certain 
Annual chan/e, till such time as a reduction bakes place of the debt of 34.8S0 L3 10 
Ster° or the Annuities cease, the grand object to l>c attended to, in order to 
establish the above Annual surplus, is, to keep the several Estates in such 
condition, that their produce may prove equal to the above calculation ; otherwise 
the Surplus will be found fallacious. 

• The date is before 29 May 1780. 



said two-thirds and William Tooke and William Smith appoint Aehton Warner- 
Byam of Grenada Esq. and Xiuian Home of Grenada Esq. their Attorney. 

Schedule of Slaves all named .37 -Men, 00 Women, 10 Children, 17 Mules, 28 bulls 
and oxen, 12 cows and heifers, 7 calves. 

On 8 June 17SG Mrs. Mary Oliver, widow of the Alderman, released to 
William Smith her rent charge of £200, which by her marriage settlement of 
29 June 17-37 had been charged on his plantation in Antigua by Rowland Oliver 
Esq., father of Richard Oliver, and in lieu thereof William Smith secures to her 
£2,30 a year charged on his plantation in Nevis called Lings Road and Black Hock 
of ISO acres and 114 slaves, cattle, etc., and enters into a bond of £3000. (See 
the Close Roll in Antigua, ii. 327.) The original, together with the bond and 
plan, are in the Griffin Tapers. 

The Alderman's Montserrat plantations being heavily mortgaged to Thomas 
Oliver his (Richard Oliver's; brother-in-law, William Smith by Indenture of 
and 10 June 17SG got rid of them. It is therein declared that Richard Oliver 
and Thomas Oliver were seized as tenants in common < f the following estates, and 
the former owing large sums to the latter now in part payment of the balance for 
£17-30 William Smith conveys to Thomas Oliver all that moiety of Richard Oliver 
in Parsons and Daniels plantation of 200 acres and John Daly FitzDennys of 
100 acres and Chilcotts Land, all one plantation called Bugby Hole in St. George's 
Parish and his moiety of 114- slaves, and for £4-300 all that moiety of Needsmust 
late Roberts's and 120 negros, 40 cattle, 11 mules, etc., and for £1-347, 44 negros, 
being Richard Oliver's moiety of those slaves removed by Richard Oliver and 
Thomas Oliver from St. Vincent and now in Antigua. 

On S June 17SG, "intending shortly to proceed to the West Indies," he also 
signed a power of attorney to Sarah Smith of Bulstrode Street, Spinster, Thomas 
Oliver of London, Esq., and George Griffin of Lincoln's Inn, Gent., to manage 
his affairs in Great Britain during his absence. 

Draft of Will of William Smith of the Island of Grenada, now residing in 
Bulstrode Street, St. Marylebone, co. Middlesex, Esq., Hi June 17SG. 

All goods, furniture, plate, £200, and £700 a year in lieu of dower to my 
wife. My grandmother's diamond ring to my sister Sarah Smith and tint) a year. 
My sister Mary Smith £-30 a year, but if she survive Sarah S. £100 a year more. 
£'2000 each to Eli/.. Smith (dau. of Eliz. Jones) now in England under the care 
of Capt. Samuel Oliver, Sarah Smith, Mary Smith, and Jeauuette Smith (daus. of 
Sarah Dean, who is no.v living with me m Grenada), the said legacies to bear 
interest at 3 per cent, and after the death of my wile -3 per cent. To Capt. Sain. 
Oliver £L00 a year for life. To Sarah Dean my small house in Charlotte Town, 
Grenada, and £100 c. and £s0 st. a year. My sisters Sarah S. and Mary S. £10\J 
each for mourning. My friend Laugford Lovell of Antigua. Km]., L'lOO. All 
my estate real and personal and all residue to I'ho. Oliver of Loudon, Bat] , and 
[George Grilliu* o( Lincoln's Inn, Gent.] as tenants in common and the sunt I'ho. 
O. and [G. G.*J to act as Guardians and trustees. My friend Home, Esq., 
to manage my plantation for the time being and 30 guineas for a ring. 

Tlio writing within braokats is iu psuoil, Tue will ma probably never executed. 


Some fifty-two letters relating to "West Indian matters and this family have 
been preserved. They cover the years 17K3 to 179">, and the folk wine have been 
selected for publication, the others omitted relating more to private affairs. 

Grenada, 19 Sept. 17SG. 

My dear friend, 

On or about the 29th A net. Inst I scribbled a few Lines to you in 
a hurry p r Brig: Jenny (A'ia Liverpool) and then enclosed you (inlet's first Bill 
for 1333 G 11 stg. the 2nd of which is now enclosed. Gerbet wishes this Business 
to he finished as soon as possible, and I make no doubt you will dispatch it as 
much as lays in your Power. 

I had a pleasant Passage and arrived here the 18th -Augt. Since which 
the Islands of Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Vincent hare suffered by a Gale of 
"Wind which happened between 2nd and 3rd of this Month, but this Island hasn't 
been hurt And at present there is a pleasing prospect for next vears Crop, My 
Health is much mended but am still lame in my Ancle and Knee yet able with 
the assistance of a Cane and Crutch to walk about the House and 1 can take 
a ride on Horseback of two or three Miles without much pain. 

I am sincerely 

Tour Affecte 

W M Smitii. 
Endorsed : — 

George Griffin Esq. N° 22 Old Buildings 
Lincolns Inn London. 
p r The Minerva 
Cap' Bett. 

[Heraldic seal of Smith, but only the Crest distinct.] 

Exchange for £1333 6 11 sterg. Grenada, Augt. 24th 17SG. 

At Ninety days sight of this my second of Exchange first and third of same 
tenor and date unpaid please to pay the sum of Thirteen hundred Thirty Three 
Pounds Six shillings and Eleven pence Sterling unto George Grittin Esq re on his 
order value received which place to acct with interest agreeable to your letter to 
me of Gth of January last in which you'll oblige 


Tour Most Obed. Hble. Servt. 

Geudkt Damokt. 

To Thomas Oliver Esq., 

Mercht., London. 
[This was enclosed in the first letter.] 

Grenada, 15 Deer. 17SG. 
Dear Sir, 

Tour Favor acknowledging the receipt \A' my Letter 21- Augt. enclosing 
Gerbet's Draft is before me and which 1 have communicated to Gerbel ; he grows 
old and wishes much to have his .Matters clear beyond dispute at his Heath. Eou 
will therefore please to forward the Deed to this Island as goon 08 you can. I am 
just now confined with Goul and a Sore ancle, as soon as 1 get well shall go to 
Antigua in expectn of arranging .Matters with the Athills bo as t . . he able to pay 
them 3 the Debt due them from K. O. Estate and if 1 am able to dispose of the old 



Plantn & I may and from the assistance of money offered me by Doctr Adair pav 
off Mr. T. O.'s Mortgage on tlie Nevis Plantn, in tins case I must be troublesome 
to you, but say nothing of it uutill I find 1 can accomplish it. 

I am sincerely & affect ly yours 

AV M Smith. 
Endorsed : — 

George Griffin Esq. X° 22 Old Buildings 
Lincoln's' Inn London. 
p r Packet. 

[Seal of Crest, Arms, and Motto as before] 

(To be continued.) 

transcripts of igartsl) Registers.* 


"William the S. of John and Mary Popleton X J y c 2 a aged 3 mouths 

Mary the 13. of Timothy and Mary Long X" the 2 d aged 2 months 

Elizabeth the d. of William and Elizabeth Caraau X d the 7 l1 ' ag d 2 months 

Mary the D. of James and Ilonora Whiteiog X 1 - 1 12 G weeks 

Ann the d. of Peter and Ann Peterson X d 1G' 1 ' acred 10 days 

Sarah the d. of John Thompson by Elizabeth Williams X J 'lG' 1 ' ag J 10 weeks 

Catherine a Free negroe woman living w"' Col Thomas Christ' 1 y c 23 d 

Lucretia a Mulatto of M r Shipton's X d y c 23 d ag d 3 y" 

John & Christopher, Twins, S's of John & Frances Monck X d 27 th ag d 10 days 

January 1731. 

Sarah the D. of "William & Henrietta Gibbon X. d y c 6 th ag d 5 weeks 

Rebecca the d. of Hester and William Barnes X'' y 1L 1 " ;i^ 2 months 

Martha the d. of John and Isabella Conn X' 1 y c 2G th aged J) weeks 

Henrietta y c d. of Samuel Littlchorn by Elizabeth Croutch X d y c 30"' ag d o days 


Frances the U. of William & Elizabeth Finch X d 2l' h ag d weeks 
Mary Leech a woman grown X d 17 lh 


James the S. of Rob 1 and Margaret Worthington X d the 13"' ag d 12 days S 1 Peters 

Jane Smith y e d. of Catherine & Robert Edwards X d 17 th ag d G weeks 


Mary the d. of John and Mary Lowdy X a y 3 d ag d 50 'lays 

Margaret the d. of Margaret and Edward Whiteing X d y° I th ag d I days 

Thomas James South X' 1 the IP" ag d "j months 

• Coutiuued from p. 112. 


Elizabeth the d. of Tho* & Frances Titrington X' 1 y e 15 th ag° ab' 10 weeks 
Elizabeth the.d. of William and .Mary Huggins X" y° 27"' ag d 3 days 
W" Charles y S. of W" & Marg 1 .Stephens X d 27 th ag d 1G months' 
"William the 8. of William and Margaret Weeks Christen' d y e 27"' ag' 1 11 days 
Mary the d. of Richard Rowland X' 1 y e 28 th ag 1 ' G weeks 


Mary y e d. of Valentine & Mary French X d y e -A' 1 ' ag d 2 months 
Mary the d. of John and Ann William.- X° y e 21"' ag' 1 10 days 
Mary the d. of Catherine and Rob' West X'" 1 y e 2-1"' ag d 3 months 


Mary Ann y c d. of William & Mary Mahaau Christend the 1G" 1 ag d S days 
Catherine Ann the d. of James & Mary Barry X d y e 1G ag d 3 months 
William the S. of Thomas and Mary Garland X d v c 25 th a<» d 3 months 


a ir ' 

Mary y e d. of Sam 1 anil Mary Harris X d y e 25 th ag d 3 mouths 

August none Baptized. 


Nicholas the S. of Nicholas and Mary Lauder X d y e 12 th ag d 2 days 
Margaret the d. of Susannah and John Douglas Esq/ X d 14 th 2 days old 
Charles the S. of Charles and Ann Elicott X d 30 th 

Octob 1 '. 

Margaret the d. of Margaret and Drewry Ottley X d 15"' ag d 3 months 
Mary the D. of Thomas and Mary Merit X d the 20"' ag d 3:> days 
Ann the d. of Sarah and Thomas Jacombe X d the 27 th ag d 3 weeks 
Jeremiah the S. of Ann and Henry Brown X d the 27 th ag d 9 weeks 

Marriages from 9 bcr 3 : 1733 to Nov r y e 3 d 173-1. 

Nov r . 

John Thompson and Susannah Peartree n» d y e 5 th 
John Johnson and Mary Carty m' 1 y e 12° 


Lewis Graueiee (?) and Frances Young m d 17° 
John Williams and Ann White married \ L W 1 
William Summerlield and Mary Cameron m d 23° 
James Forrest and Elizabeth King in' 1 y c 23° 

January 1731. 

The Rev d M r Jo" Anderson and Ann Nash m (l 1*' 
Thomas Ward & Elizabeth Make-Peace m' 1 y 1 ' 2S" 

John Duff and Jemima Murffey in' 1 23° 


John Purcivall and Hester I'erkinson m d y c 11° 

Samuel Trigg aud .Mary Barker m 1 y 21° 




Archibald Ham and Elizabeth Bowry m d 1" In S l Peters 

June none. 



Henry Slingsby and Mary Ann Smith m' 1 25° 
Charles Elieott and Ann Denoe in' 1 y' 30 l1 ' 


Langley Cooper and Sarah Smircjcn m d y e IS 1 ' 1 
Joseph King and Elizabeth Carty in 1 ' 25° 

John Young & Ann' Peterson married 7 th 


Thomas Murffey and Mary Davies m d y e 15° 

Nicholas Taylor and Elizabeth Fenton m a y e 22° In S l Peters p sh 

Nov r . 
Thomas Merit and Penelope Ashby m d y c 2° 

Burials from Nov r y e 3 d 1733 to Nov 1 " y e 3 d 1734. 

Edward Hall Buried the 5 1 ' 1 
Pawlet Long b' 1 the 19 th 
Jane Durvy b d the 20 th 
John Langley b d the 22 d 
Thomas Sharry b d the 23° 
Jane Ramsey b d the 2G lh 
John Johnson b d the 2G' h 
James Henley b d the 30"' 
Elizabeth Ramsey b d the 30 th 

John Moor, Doct r b' 1 the first 
Elinor Colly b d the 5 th 
John Boarn b d v c G' 1 ' 
John Hart b' 1 the 14"' 
Abraham Thomas b d 21° 
Mary Whiteing b d 23° 
Mary Boarn alias Qoii b d 23° 
John Town b d the 2G" 1 

Thaddeus Thomas buried 2 d 
Charles Beeves b d the S"' 
John Campbell b d the S" 1 
Peter Hartman b d the 12° 
Jacob Martin b' 1 the 12" 
Margaret Chaffinch b d the 17 tb 


January 17^i I. 



Thomas Bartlet b d the Hth 
Cload Noree b a the 10 th 
Thomns Stephens b' 1 v c 12' 1 ' 
.Tolm Mead b d the 12 ,h 
Thomas Johnson b d the 20 th 
Sarah Thomas B d y e 27 Ul 

Ann Williams b l1 the first 
John Miller b' 1 the 4 th 
John Bennet b' 1 the 27 11 ' 
Gregory Conrlin b (1 the 29 th 
Lovee till b d the 30 th 

James Warren b (1 the 8 th 
James Graham b a the 11 th 

Peter Peterson B d the 28 th 

David Hopkins B J the 10 th 
Susannah Feuilliteau B' 1 17° 
Bich d Young B d the 28° 

Hugh Wynn B d the 3° 
John Smith B l1 the 4 th 
Margaret Buchanan B d v e 5° 
David Griffith B' 1 the 5 ,f > 
Mary Wingston b' 1 the 12° 
Thomas Smith B d 17 th 
Peter Peterson B d v e 17 th 
Capt. John Moulton b d the 19 th 
Theophilus Simmons B d the 23° 
Daniel Polehill B' 1 the 24° 
Bob 1 Dixon B d the 2-1° 
Joseph Manchester B' 1 the 27 th 
Catherine Owen B d the 27 Ul 
George "Whitehead B' 1 y e 2S° 
John Suite B d the 28 th " 

Peter Mitchell B' 1 the 6° 
Daniel Sermon B d y e G° 
Henry Pagan B' 1 ye 10 th 
Peter Thomas B d V 11"' 
John Strahaan B d V 12° 
John Lyons B 1 ' y c 11° 
Mary Walker B' 1 v 1 - - 17° 
Thomas Brown B d y e IS 
Sarah Summerfield B u v c 2G"' 

Patrick Ilenesay B d y e 2° 
Elizabeth Thomas B lf y e 5 ( 
VOL. I. 











Isaac Thomas B d y e 9 th 
Marinas Morgan 13 d v c 9 th 
Joseph Church b d v e 16 th 
James Bight B (1 y e "20' h 
John Brinn y e 22° 
James Ecredon b' 1 y e 22° 
Rob' Donaldson B d y c 25° 
Elizabeth Filrington B d y e 30 th 

Charles Elicott B' the 2 d 
Margaret Woodnorth b (1 the 2 l 
John Peters b d the b' ,h 
James Teet b d the 8 th 
Daniel Dally b d y 9 th 
Ann GallweV B (1 the 12" 
Lewis Henry b d the 21 th 
Rebecca Johnston b d the 25 th 
John Burk b' 1 the 27 th 

Alexander "Walker B d the 2 d 




Marriages in S l Peters from 9 ber 1733 to 9 ,,cr 1734 Inclusive. 

William Summerfield and Mary Cammeron m' 1 y e 23" of December 1733 
Archibald Hani and Elizabeth Howry married May the 10 1 ' 1 17:'. 1 
Nicholas Taylor and Elizabeth Fenton married the 22 d of October 1731 


An Abstract of all y e births. Baptisms & Burials w ch have happened in the Parish 
of S* Ann Sandy Feint in v e Island of S 1 Christopher from November 1', 
1733 to October 3 F< 1731." 


1733 Nov. 


Stephen Granger bap. 



Jane Bonnamieur hap. 


Benj : Bloayden hern 


The aforesaid ha]). 

1733-4 Jan. 


Catherine Hattchet bap. 


John Bunting born 


The aforesaid bap. 


John Bradley bap. 


Mary Thomas Bern 


1 1 

Mary Thomas bap. 



Stafford Somersal hap. 


Luciana Warner hern 


2 s 

Luciana Warner bap. 



Elizabeth Pedrick born 





Sarah "Willeox born 




1 7*1 1 June 20 Mary Steel born & bap. 

30 Sarah Fahiee bap. 

July 12 Thomaa Dunbavin born 

21 bap. 

12 Ann Burt Markham born 
21 bap. 

16 Edward Thomas born & bap. 

17 Philip Milliard born & bap. 
28 Ann Bess bap. 

30 Sarah & James Willsbe bap. 

Aug. 4 George Castor M c Henley born 

10 bap. 

13 Ephraim Warner bom 
17 bap. 

17 William .Sharp born 

18 bap. 

17 Jane Willson born 

18 bap. 

Sep. 5 Ann Manchester bap. born y e preceeding June 27" 1 

12 Edward Warner bo/n 
17 bap. 

Oct. 8 Samuel Castle born & 

11 bap. 

8 Samuel Thompson bap. & preceeding Sept, 23 rd born 

13 William Lefune bap. proceeding Aug. 10 Ul born 

14 Mary Sharp bap. preceeding Sept. 24 Ul born 

14 Thomas Westcott bap. preceeding Sept. 21 st born 

27 Thomas Clark born 


1733 Nov. 


George Thompson In 



Skelton Clark 


William Xortli 



John Helmsley 


Joseph Cook 



John Bunting 

1733-4 Jan. 


Peter Gignilliat 



Dennis Lawlor 



Mary Delaney 

. . 

1734 Ap. 


Thomas Graceson 




David Scott 

. . 



Henry Angel 



Thomas Porter 



Christopher Arundel 



Edward Thomas 



John Warner 


Thomas Gardiner 



John Ilatton 



Daniel Ryan 



Joseph Baker 



Thomas Chick 



James Pinkerson 



Peter Fahiee 




Samuel Cows 



William Green 



John Barry 



1734 Aug. 7 John Ross Tntcrr'd 

7 James Robins Interr'd 

7 Lawrence Sherlock Interr'd 

8 Francis Escue ,, 
8 John Hales 

8 John Henry 

11 George Castor M c IIenley 

14 Eliz : Dufoussay 

18 Ephraim Warner 

Sept. 3 Sanmell Philips 

4. James M c Murray 

Oct. 11 Elizabeth Foy 

N.B. "Where I have mentioned y e day of y e Baptizm only, y e Jay of the birth 
was in the preceed^ year, & where I have mention 11 only the day of the birth v c 
child is not yet baptized. 


The numbers are given, but no names. 

( To be continued.) 

"i^tr Cljomas Plainer ^Memorial, |?t. I\itts. 

"This memorial has been recently restored by Messrs. Daymond and Son of 
Edward Street, S.W., for the Crown Agents for the Colonics. It was received bv 
thein in broken pieces, and cleverly put together, made good whore neeessarv, 
and the whole cramped on to a thick slab of marble. The inscription was not cut 
or altered in any way— simply cleaned. .No trace of the completion is to be found 
either in this country or the Colonics. The weight is one ton. Sir Aston \\ • I b 
and E. Ingress Bell and Co. were the architectural advisers." ('"The Stone Trades 
Journal " for May 1908, p. 333.) 1 am indebted to the Editor of the above for 
permission to reproduce the plate from their block. 

In reply to a query which appeared in " \otes and Queries " ( 10 S., viii. - _ >ss . 
377; ix. 2!)(j ; x. 392), asking for a complete inscription, Mr. J. S. Cilal, llic 
Chief Justice of Antigua, who saw the slab at Old Road, St. Kitts, shortly after 
its return from England, made a careful copy of the inscription, which 1 here 
give, because the impression from the block is rather indistinct : — 

Ax Epitaph vpon tii 

•oble & mvcii Lam sted Gent 1 Sir 

Tuo AVarxeh K 1 Ln:\ i i:\an r 

Gk.VEK.YII. of v" Cauibee 

Ieland & Govt D OF V K 

Iel.VM) or S 1 ClKiM" 

who depab in) i ins 


Mabcu IG48 


- 'V • 



TO.MH of >n: Tlio. uai:m;i;, a i >r. kitts. 


First Read then weepe when thou art hereby taught, 
.That Warner Ives interr'd here one that bought 
With losse of Noble bloud, the .Illustrious iN'ame 
Of A Comander G-reate in Acts of Fame, 
Trayn'd from his youth in Amies, his Courage bold 
Attempted braue Exploitcs, and Vncontrold 
By fortunes tierccst t'rowncs, hee still gaue forth 
Large Narratiues of "Military worth, 
. ritten with his swords poynt but what is man 
. . . the midst of his glory and who cau 

re this life A moment siuce that hee 

by Sea and Land so loug kept free 

t mortal stroakes at length did yeeld 

ace) to Conqueringe Death the fieid. 

fine Coronat 

As to the missing portions, there is a copy of a complete inscription in 
the Davy MS. in the British Museum, made in l7bo, which was printed in 
" Antigua," iii. 201 ; but, on comparing this with the photograph, both 
Mr. Udal and myself are of the opinion that it was uot taken from the original. 
Davy or one of the Warner family "clumsily rilled up the gaps in or before L785, 
so the stone may have been broken long before then. Unless an ancient copy is 
discovered, the inscription will remain incomplete. 

The sharp edges and smooth surface of the right hand top corner (where the 
letter "S," which probably followed the " M," is also, of course, missing) and the 
right and left hand bottom corners prove these portions to be new insertions. It 
is hoped that the slab may be now replaced in its original position in the church- 
yard, or else fixed on the floor inside the church on a raised brick foundation, to 
prevent its surface being worn away by people's feet. This latter method, which 
I have seen in churches in England, is strongly recommended, as it will preserve 
this very interesting stone from the weather. Sir Thomas, as the first colonizer 
of the Leeward Islands and Governor of St. Kitts, deserves to be remembered by 
the present inhabitants of those colonies. 


3 3Ust of idlest Xntrian DccTjs on tlje Close 
l\olls from 1661 to 1800, Kntomturt <i>ttic. 

The followiug List of West Indian Deeds recorded in the Close Rolls al the 
Public Record Office has been carefully male out by Mr. Gerald Fothergill. i'>y 
the Island laws all deeds relating to bargains in land had to be recorded in the 
local Registry, but English owners for their own safeguard also recorded their 
dealings in London. Where the local records have been destroyed these ' 
Rolls are unique. Mr. Fothergill writes that the grantor index only starts 
shewing places in 1GGI. and the grantees L William and .Mary, so that before LGG1 
the actual rolls will have to be searched. 

Katharine Auderton, & Ferdnaudo Gorges. 
Edward Bradburne, & Martin Noell. 

11 »i i» 

Jac Bicks, & William Huntley. 
Philip Lea, & John Jenkins. 
Edward Cranfeild, .v Paul Painter. 
Lord Willoughby, Jc John Dawes. 









■ > 




Bermoo las 











Lord Willoughby, & John Jeffresou. 
John Besouth, & Thomas Clarke. 
Edward Dyke, & Richard Pocock. 
William Tucker, & Walter Tucker. 
William Astley, & Thomas Crooke. 
John Frere, A .Sir Paul Painter. 
AVilliam Sweeting, & John Ridley. 
Thomas Watson, A: Richard Hartley. 
George Watts, & Thomas Pennell. 
Alexander Akehurst, ct Thomas Clutterbuck. 
Lord Berkley, & William Sandford. 

>> >i >) 

Sir George Carteret, knt., A- William Samford, 

Lord Berkley. 
Richard Iliggins, & Thomas Clutterbuck. 
William P-inney, & William Porter. 
George Willoughby, & Lord AVilloughby. 

h n i) 

John Bonner, & Rainsford Waterhowe. 
Martin & Thomas Xoell, & George Blake. 
Joseph Bigg, & Roland Williams. 
Robert Bate, & Francis Hanson alias Harrinsou. 
Henry Sandys. & Thomas Smith. 
Abraham Landlord. & Anthony Swymmer 
William Sweeting, X' Thomas Sweeting. 
John Earl of Bath, A Lady Ann Willoughby. 
John Carey, & Clement Tudway. 
William & Elizabeth Goldcr, & John Bridger. 
William Hickman, & Sir John Harpur, knt. 
Lord Willoughby, & Lady Ann AVilloughby. 
Lord & Lady AVilloughby, & Clement Tudway. 
John Clarke, & Bastiaen Bayor. 
Thomas Plott, & Sir Thomas Dereham. 
Millicent Jennings widdow, & AVilliam Goodhall. 

Jasper Robyns, & AVilliam Bomnell. 
John Sweeting, & Samuel Swi 
Thomas Yates, & John Bawdon. 
Mounteny Boncle. & Alexander Pollingtou. 
Peter Fountain, & John fountain. 
William Hembrickes, & Vrthur Jones. 
Edward Pollingtou, & Alexander Pollington. 
Thomas Plott, .V William Baxter. 
Thomas Bitton, it Cockraine Archibald." 
John Rous, & John Heller. 
Major Gen. Christopher Codriugton, it Daniel 

Bromfield Corbitt, & Thomas Seth. 
Martin Pent ley. & Benjamin Scott. 
Mary Bach, & William Coward. 
Nathaniel Haggatt, & John Cary. 

Martin Noell, & Nathaniel Noell. 
Francis Austin, & Mary R iberts. 
Thomas Hillyard, & John Bellcrd. 

• The surname should be 



































• i 





























1 1 




AV. Indies 

J | 







• ) 



• > 





















• > 




































• ) 







Cock ran. 



Willoughby Chamberlaine, & Robert Chaplin. 
Tobias Frere, & Thomas Houghtou, D.D. 

Richard Bate, & Isaac Hawkins. 
Daniel Browning, & Christopher Codrington. 
Thomas Gunning, & Arthur Middleton. 
Richard Guv, & William Wheeler. 
Sir Thomas Lear, Bart., A John Hill. 
Lawrence Carter, & Joseph Shaw. 
John Oneby, A Joseph Shore. 
Thomas Wright, & Joseph Shaw. 
William Bulkeley, & llcury Bedell. 
Thomas Minshall, A Phillip Herbert. 
Thomas Wareing, & Phillip Herbert. 
Roger Ellettson, A John Battcheller. 
Nathaniel Denham, A William Read. 
James Duke of Chandos, A Joseph Micklewaite. 
Charles Pye, & Johu Anstis. 
Catherine Hawkins, Benjamin Hawkins, A 
Thomas Lear. 

William Ayscough, A John Cooke LLoyd. 
Guy LLoyd, A John Cooke. 
Thomas Traxtou, A Nathaniel Barnardiston. 
Sir John Eyles, Bart., A Robert Chester. 
Tho. Lintott, A Samuel Poster. 
Lewis John Collins, & Mary Poster. 
„ A Isaac Silvera. 

Isaac Loundes, A Robert Thorpe. 
William Penu, & Thomas Penn. 
Frederick Yoguell & Wife, A Richard Oliver. 

„ A Authouy Purstenah 

" " 

Thomas Winder, clerk, A James Emra. 

!> 11 

Daniel Betts & wife, A Daniel Gohard. 
Rachel Tuclway, widdow, Clement Tudway, & 

James Douglas. 
Francis Waterman, & Blandy Lee Waterman. 
Arthur Arscott, Edward Predeux, & Sir John 

Molesworth, Bart. 
Prudence A Mary Brown, & Jeremiah Brown. 
Richard Shelton, & Samuel Wragg. 
William Coleman, & John Tittle. 
John Murray, & Thomas Coninghain. 
Randall Atkins A wife, Susan Hortou, widdow, & 

Walter Sydeserfe. 
Patrick Darcy, A Thomas Wall. 
Gilbert Fleming & wife, Susanna Mathew & 

Charles Pym. S. 

>i »i 

•Francis Oxnard, widow, Diana Oxnard, & 

William Coleman. 
Thomas Pembroke v.v wife, & Oeorge Webb. 

n r i) 

Daniel Smith, & Thomas Walker. 

* This ouc has no place shewD in the In.lonture «ide 



















W. ludia 


















3 b 



2 b 















4 b 



4 b 






y 1 22 



v2 11 



B 5 6 



B5 7 



B3 4 


} J 

B 5 9 



v 3 

t. i. 


y 3 19 



y 3 20 



y 1 12 



yi 13 



y o 



B5 19-20 



B 3 10 



B 2 21 



B 3 



y 8 13 



B 3 2.3-2G 



B 1 17 



B 2 23 





B 1 13 



B 1 14 



B 1 22 

St. Nevis 


B3 17 




St. Nevis 


B 4 lb- 19 



Thomas Stevenson <Sc wife, William Steele & wife 

& Thomas Shephard. 
Thomas Walker, & Daniel Smith. 
Mary Crooke, widdow, & Thomas Elmes, Jun. 

Francis Bcekford, & Duke of Ancaster. 


Nathaniel „ „ 

John Duport, & Zachariah Bourryau. 

II )! 

Eohert Pearns, & William Johnson. 
Anthony Hodgea & wife, & James South. 
A Parry, & Henrv Lyous. 
John Butler, & William Clark. 
James ,, ,, 

Duke „ „ 


James ,, ,, 

Duke „ 

Benjamin Cook, & Patrick Wilson. 
Thomas, Lord Gage, & Nicholas Tuite. 
Eobert Romncy, & Sir Daeth Narborough, 

11 11 i, 

Robert, Lord Romncy, & Sir D. Narborough. 
Priscilla, Lady Romney ,, 

George Barker, & George Moncrieff. 
William & Alexander Hamilton, & George 

Sir Gillies Payne, Bart., & Thomas Trumau. S. 

ii >) 

Rev. Thomas Shellard & wife, & George Dewar. 
Augustus George Gale, & James Gordon. 

Sophia Gale, „ 

William Hollycr & wife, & James Gordon. 

John & SCathew Mills, & Drury'ottlcy. 

Richard Olirer, & Michael Lovell. 

Thomas Pyin, & Thomas Butler. 

n n 

Benjamin Andrew Atkinson, & John Otto Bayer. 
John Butler, & John Hooke. 
Thomas Butler & wife, & John Butler. 
Jane Reynolds, & Elizabeth Johnson. 
John Boyd. & Sir Francis Stiles. S. 

James Langford, i Jonas Langford. 

George Dunbar, & Charles Lewis Montolieu. 

R. Ferguson, 
Anthony Freeman, 



v 1 3 


B 1 10-17 



B 1 



B 1 









B 4 

S. Kitts 







, , 


















































































1 1 










B l 



B 1 


17 is 






T 1 






B 5 



B 1 





















James Langford, & Stephen Blizard 
Walter Lawrence, & James Hussey 

11 11 

Sir Thomas Staplcton, & Drewry Ottley. 

*J 11 

Benedict Willis, & Edward Bryan. 

>! 11 

Dwarris, & Atkinse Herman. 

>> >) 

Thomas Lee, & Peter Hussey. 

» ji 

John Murry, & Drewry Ottly. 

John Watkins, & Walter Tuddideeph. 
John Gray, & Ralph Payne. 
John Gray, & Alexander Grant. 

Elizabeth Forrest, & Andrew Armojir. 

Neil McMeil, & John Baker. 

John St. Leger Douglas, & William Dawson. 

Richard Freelove, & Peter Leheup. 

Martha Mary Gambe, widdow, & Daniel Lase; 
George D. Huddleston, & Daniel Lascelles 

W. Hamilton, & John Ryan. 
Thomas Meade, & Peter Leheup. 

Grauado Chester, & Richard Tyrrell. 
Robert Chester, „ 

Thomas Carbcry, ,, 

Ann Chester, „ 

Peter Forbes, 

James Niccoll, & Robert Coulhoun. 
Ralph Thackery, & Zachary Bayley. 
Elizabeth Beudyson, & John Gray. 
W. Berners, ,. 

Stephen Lavington, & James Gordon. 
,, & James Brebner. 

Robert Pearne, & Robert Christian. 

n n 

Gilbert Fleming, & Cruster Greathead. 
Daniel Maihew, & John Lyons. 
Samuel Gerrard, A William Wells, 
•lames Jackson, & Nathaniel Marchant. 
Robert Cunyngham, & Elizabeth Farlie. 
Daniel " „ 

Bridgett Hussey, & James Davenport. 
Mary King, & Hugh ILunersley. 

Edward Parson, it John Cooper. 
Sir Gillies Paine, & John Booth. 









B l 
























































15 1 








>i • 



1 1 









lies. ,, 
















15 t 


















B 1 





















1" 2 






n i 





175 s ! 








H 1 
B 1 




B 1 



Sir Gillies Paine, & John Rooth. 
Daniel Cunyngham, & Hugh Hamersley. 
Robert .. „ 

William Coleman, „ 

"William Gordon, A: John Kennion. 
Benjamin Ball, A James Tobin. 

Thomas Crisp, Nicholas Crisp, & George 

>> ii 

Thomas Davison, & Lewis Davis. 
Ebednegoe Mathew, & Edward Jessup. 
Samuel Nibbs & wife, & Richard Oliver. 
John Walker, &. Thomas Walker. 

W. Woodley, & Ralph Payne. 

William Mathew Burt,' & Richard Maitland. 

Isaac Mathew, & Bezeliel Hodge. 
William Mathew, 

Abednego Mathew, & Richard Maitland. 
John Spooner, & Joseph Rawlins. 

SI 15 

Rowland Otto Bayer, & John Otto Bayer. 
Mary Darby, & Hugh Hamerslcy. 

William French, & Thomas Kearnon. 
Thomas Martin, & John Tomliuson. 
Augustin Boyd, & Martha Seojjer als. Cully. 
Robert Christian, Sc Douglas. 

Thomas Dickins, & Richard Wilson. 

Ann Evanson, & Thomas Warner. 
Gerrard, & Thomas Dicken. 
Patrick Grant, '& Douglas. 

ii |i 

Mary Charity Knight, & Warner. 

Ralph Payne, & Henry Wilmot. 

Richard Elleston, Sc Anna Palronella Elletson. 
Roland Frye, it Samuel Redhead. 

Thomas, Lord Montt'ord, & Thomas Ryder. 

William Newton, & Francis Delap. 
Jolin Nelson, it Barlow Trecotchick. 

,, <t Christopher Devonshire. 

John Snowdon, & William Jackson. 
Peter Beck ford, & Thomas Collett. 

M ii 

John Spencer Colepepper, & Robert Webb. 

)> ii 

George Hatsell, it Samuel Spencer. 

S. Christophers 











B 1 






S. Christophers 








r i 

S. Christophers 


B 1 







1 , 



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Caribbean .v. 


Richard Smith, Sc Joseph Pickering. 

ThornhTll Mary Charlotte Banks, & Francis B 
"William Haggatt, & Joseph Pickering. 
Amey Thomson, & Daniel Earle. 
Henritta Thomson, & Daniel Earle. 
John Williams, A: Jolm Williams, junr. 

Caroline Douglas. & Ralph Willet. 
Campbell Dalrymple, & Kalph Willet. 
Sarah Johnson, & Grodsehall Johnson. 

,, & Thomas Eyre. 

William Lake, & Richard Wells. 
Valentine Morris, & James Gordon. 

Richard Oliver, & Ralph Willett. 
Thomas Oliver, ., 

Richard Tyson, & Nathaniel Wells* 
John Tyson, ,, 

•>> 11 

Edward Warner, & John Johnson. 
Armand Beneville, & John Burke. 
James Barrett, & Elias Ferris. 
George Crump, & Nathaniel Crump. 
William Julius, & Henry Wilmot. 

11 11 

Domenick Trant, & Nathaniel Templeman. 
Nathaniel Templeman. & Domenick Trant. 
Richard Maitland, & James Vei'child. 
Johu Mills, Peter Mathew, & John Williams. 

John Mills, John Mathew, & John Williams. 
John Mills, Peter Metthew, & Francis Banks. 
Peter Metthew, & Francis Banks. 
John Nelson, & Barlow Trecothoch. 
William Williams, & Peter Clark. 
John Williams, & Jolm Mills. 

John Williams, junr., & John Mills. 
Francis Williams, „ 

Sarah Williams, „ 

Samuel Bryan, & William Gunthorpe. 

11 11 

James, Lord Craustoun, & John Banister. 
William Cranstouu ,, 

George Crump, & Jolm Burke. 





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(To be continued.) 


jHatsou iltttrrs relating to Dominica, 




10. Bath, 12 Bond Street, Feb. 17. Capt. Maine Walrond to J. M. S r . 

Can I beg o£ you to give any Information respecting iny little Property in 
Dominica .... My House id not sold .... a Wooden House is always wanting 
some Repair I know not how Constable has acted respecting the Furniture. 
I am ignorant whether Harriott is still a Dependent on me or if she has found 

a Protector. 

Dear Sir, 

11. B. Lucas to J. M. 

Antigua, 27 lh Feb* 1S01. 

1 left Dominica this Day Week in the Packet, on Busincfs chiefly relating 
to Wilbrahain's Estate. The Governor embarked at the same time in the Gaieto, 
which was appointed to convoy us; but the following Day the Gaiete chased two 
Yefsels to leeward, & has not since been seen, w ch I am afraid will detain me here 
longer than I intended, as 1 depended on returning with the Governor (whose 
stay was only to be -i or 4 Days) in the Domini en Governm* Brig, now here waiting 
for him. Yesterday Lord Lavington met the other two Branches of the 
Legislature for the first time since his Arrival, when ho made them a most flowery 
Speech. He keeps up a good deal of State, & seems to be very much beloved & 
respected by the People. 1 was pleased to observe the Order & Decorum with 
which the public Busmefs is transacted here, so different from what is practised 
in other Colonies. No interruption, loud private speaking, or any other 
irregularity is suffered in either House, & the most respectful Attention is paid to 
the Speaker by every individual. They pafsed a Bill Yesterday, giving the Gov', 
besides the usual thousand pounds a year, an additional £700 a year during his 
residence, it also £'-l0o a year to pay House Rent; the two latter Sums to be 
enjoyed by the President, whenever the Gov' is absent. President Byam has 
already £600 a year settled on him for Life. I have just been riding over part 
of M r Dauieli's Estate, A: 1 am happy to find it is likely to have a pretty good 
Crop — 10 Hhds. of very good Sugar arc already in y c Curing House, & 100 more 
are expected — but the young Plants tor next year's Crop begin to cry out for 
Kain. 1 don't know that you are acquainted here, & therefore shall take my leave 
of this Island. 

I am sorry to tell you that M r M. Lachlan's ill State of Health obliges him to 
go to Europe in the first Convoy. There were some Doubts, from the Governor a 
Declarations, whether he wo' 1 be able to obtain Leave. vV whether he wo J n<>i be 
obliged to resign his Appomtm' of treasurer. However we urged him to make his 
Application at once, in order, that if it was refused, there might be time to take 
the Matter up in the Council & ATsembly. He did so, A; to our surprize Leave 
was immediately granted to go either to Europe or America, exprelscd in the mo.^t 
friendly Terms. We apprehend, notwithstanding, that there will be some 
Difficulty when his Depute is to be sworn in. M c M. L. has appointed M r Noyce, 
& he will be presented as soon as the Gov' returns to Dominica. 

M r Pagan & M r Eraser arrived from Martinique in \' Packet in winch I came 
hither; they both look well. The Nysus with her valuable far-.', arrived - 
Days before, all well. One of her fair Palaeugers, Mil's Morsou, I expect will 

* Coutinuod from p. 13J. 


shortly take the Xante of Xoyce, every thing I believe being settled except the 
Day. It gives me great Pleasure to hear, as well by our Friends lately arrived, 
as from M ri Lucas's Letters, thai you are in good Health A Spirits. 1 shall be 
happy when 1 can make it convenient to .-hake yon by the Hand in London, but 
when that may be I can't yel determine. i am in great Hopes our Priend 
M r Gillon will get me speedily relieved from my attendance on Custom House 
Duty; as M r Laing tills me he left the Business of transferrin!,' my Place to my 
Nephew in such a situation as to require only my Fanction to it. which J have sent 
by the Packet to M r Gillon in the shape of a designation. I afsure you I am 
heartily tired of the Office. I beg you will remember me to all our Dominica 
Friends, as well as to M r Hardy (to whose Care I must addrefs this, not having 
an opportunity of enquiring where you are) it his Family, & the Wadesons. 

I remain, with great regard, 

Dear Sir, 

very sincerely yours, 

John Matson Esq. B. Lucas. 

His Lordship makes this place very gay just now. The Council & Afsemblv 
gave him a handsome Dinner yesterday at w ch I was present, & this Evening t lies- 
give him a very grand Ball at the Court House, to which I am also going. 

12. 24 Artillery Place (Einsbtiry). 4 March. Tho. Pagan, Esq., to J. M. S r , 
89 Newman Street, asking for information from D. respecting the quantity of 
sugar that may be expected from the Colebrook Bay Estates. 

13. Dominica. 20 April. Simon Eraser to J. M. 

.... poor M c Lachlan's death. Severall were talked of to fill the Offices of 
Treasurer and J. of the Adm'>' .... and none more confidently than Salton .... 
His Ex? making offer of it to me .... I was induced to accept of it ... . Metcalfe 
has since been appointed Treasurer. Pagan is still here plagued about his 
accounts. His predecessors GugOU, Smith, &C. [The dispute between him and 
the House of Assembly was as to whether the Sales books in the Marshal's Office 
were of a public nature — Editoh.] M r 13. Lucas goes home in this Packet. 
M rs Lucas's indisposition. 

15. Simon Eraser to J. M. 

Dear Sir 

I had the pleasure of writing you on the 20 TJlt since which, or prior 
since my leaving England 1 have not been favoured with any <d' yours. The 6rs1 
Convoy sailed a lew davs after the date of my last by the Packet and I am told 
they were both at S l Kitts at the same time, but notwithstanding the calls at our 
New Conquests by the Packet, she will I am perswaded get home Long before 
the Convoy. 

Capt" Harvey called in here for the Trade of tins Port and your son Capt" 
Richard took down thai from the Leeward Islands. Mr. John Matson went with 
Capt" Harvey to s l Kitts with the intention of taking a trip to the Xorthward, 
from whence he is not as yet returned, but hourly expected. His presence may 
be wanted in the Custom House or for (ii lions Concerns, km in the Admiralty he 
has lost nothing, for in fact nothing has been done in his absence, or appears i ■ 
me likely to come forward. I lie Ships of War since our late Conquests are 
chiefly to Leeward and e\en our Government Brig has carried her late prizes to 
that quarter. Our Governor also has a hankering that way. lie has not long 
ago been at Montserrat and Antigua and is now just returned from a ten days 
excursion to the Saints. Ail no doubt for the good of the sen ice. 


M r Pagans businefs is I trust at length drawing near a close. He presented a 
second Memorial to the Council stating their extrajudicial conduct in alsumij ; I 
themselves the functions of a Court of Justice and requesting that they would 
addrefs the Governor to direct the Law Officer of the Crown to proceed against 
him if in fault, and, on their not meeting tor some day.- thereafter, He Petitioned 
the Governor praying for relief generally and annexed to his Petition Copies of 
all former proceedings. The mode the Governor chose to adopt without any 
communication with the Legislature was by directing the Sol. Gen. to bring an 
action for the recovery of the Sales Book. And on the Council meeting a few 
days thereafter I founded a motion for the paym' on the Boards having taken 
the Memorial into consideration. The information given to the Board I". I e 
Solicitor General of his being order" to enter an action and on an offer made by 
M r Pagan to lodge the .Sales Book in the Registers otlice to be copied at the 
Public expense, such Copy to be delivered to M r Pagan if required by him, and 
the original to remain in the otlice untill the question of right was legally decided. 
which was adopted, and a met'sage sent to the H. of Als>' informing them of our 
readinels to join them in addressing the Governor to ilsue his warrants for the 
payment of M r Pagans two accounts. Both Parties seem perfectly satisfied with 
this arrangement. The Council conceive M r Pagans lodging the Book to be a 
virtual compliance with their wishes And he by the Publics paying for the Copy 
and the Originals remaining with the Register untill the question of right is 
legally determined considers them to have abandoned their original Claim to 
decide on that right. And now as the Copy must answer all M' Pagans purpose, 
tho' he as well as they still persist in saying that they must have the question of 
right to the Original Book determined. 1 am in hopes they will all cool enough to 
see that it can answer no usefull purpose and that we shall soou hear no more on 
the Subject. 

Mils Molly and her Child live in my close neighbourhood (Molurs) and are 
both perfectly well. She has this instant called and desired me to say so, and also 
that she intends to visit an Aunt she has at S l Lucia where she means to pals a 
few months if you do not return sooner which 1 told her would probably be the 
case. 1 have not seen Reed or any body who has heard from you by the Packet — 
Gillons Manager has been exceedingly ill for some time past and obliged to 
remove to father Marbonys. The Crop however I am told is far advanced and 
likely to be taken oft' in time, but God knows what we are to do for Shipping — 
By the Loudon Convoy now arrived at Martinique we are said to have only one 
Ship, nor have we heard what is become of the other two that were expected. 

We have nothing new of consequence. Two Frigates from France have trot 
in to Guadaloupc within these few days, but we now have two blocking them up. 
All our fears are that they are but the fore runners of a larger Squadron and our 
Naval force in these Seas is at present not very formidable — We trust however 
that peace will soon put an end to all our fears. 

Poor Joseph Grant of Collehose was about 10 days ago murdered by some of 
his Negroes. Three are taken up and one of them confefsea having shot him 
thro' the head when asleep ill his hammock on Sunday was eight days when his 
family were in Church — they afterwards put a Coffee Puller or some other heavy 
piece of wood along side of him which they pretended had fallen upon him from 
some of the beams above, and under this idea he was hurried, but on discovering. 
a few days thereafter, a Slug in one of the Posts of the Boucang in which he was. 
they were induced to take up the bodv and found no lei's than two or three Sluijs 
or Balls lodged in his head— 1 am this instant informed that M r and M Peed 
are in great distreis from some accounts they have received of their daughter — 
I should be sorry any thing ailed her for she is a line child. 1 beg my best 
compliments to her Guardian -M' Gillon and always am 

Dear Sir 

Tours Sincerely 

Pomiuica, 1 June 1801, Simon Phaser. 


17. Sandwich. June 30. John M. to John M. at 9 Grafton Street. 

Captains Tho* Harvey, AV 1 " Harvey & Jn° Bovs are hourly expected to arrive 
from the "West Indies I believe all in Capt" Harvey's ship. 

19. London. July 18. From the same to the same. 

The Morning Paper of this Day announces the Departure of the Townsend 
Packet from Falmouth on the 11 th instant with the first Mail .... I have had 
several Letters from Capt" Richard since his Arrival .... the Daphne and Unite* 
are both to be paid off at Sheerness where they now are .... A few Days a^n 
1 met Captains Boys and Harvey who were Passengers in the Daphne. Sir 1'. 
Stephens now promises that he will seriously attend to me .... Yesterday I dined 
with Governor Bruce who is in town with his Lady. Gillon, J. Lucas. Edwards, 
Dufrayer, And™ Smith I dined with two Days ago. B. Lucas & .1. Robinson are 
in Town and wishing me lo go with them to Cheltenham .... Pray let me know 
what Molly says to my letter and if all her Difficulties are removed, and whether 
she expresses [a wish] to come to me here if 1 remain in England. 

The next letter I give in full, as it describes SO minutely a set of chambers, 
such as would be often used by law students, of whom so many were \\ e>t 

20. London. July L't. John l'enketh Bin'o to J. M. 

Gray's Inn, Friday Morning. 

As you appeared the other day, when you did me the honor to call, to 
have some idea of taking Chambers, I have the pleasure to inform you thai the 
Set at the Bottom of tins Stair Case, which 1 mentioned to you, are new vacant. 

• In a letter of Aug. 7 the late Bustle baa kept both Daphne and Unite" in Commission. 

IS. London. July 1. John M. S r to his son John at Dominica. 

The Packet in which our Friend M r Lucas came to Europe arrived the End of 
May .... his Arrival at Okingham in Berkshire, where his Family reside. Our 
Friend M r Hardy, after a Confinement of a few Days died on the \'.)' h of last 
Month; poor M' 5 Hardy and four Daughters are left to lament his Loss, and 1 
very much fear they will have a scanty Maintenance: his expensive mode of 
Living, it is imagined, has prevented his making an ample Provision for his 
Family .... Gillon has been your very good Friend, as far as he could, in holding 
fast all that was remitted, on the joint Account of Hardy and Gillon .... 1 
understand that you have £13,000 -i p r Cent consols standing in their names .... 
M r Hardy's Executrix. I am told, is his Widow, and to whom he has left his 
whole property .... The Balance due from Hardy to me does not exceed £200 
.... Fortunately he transferred on my arrival at Liverpool £2000 3 p r Cent 
consols into my own Xante. 

It was unkind in Governor Johnstone not to make a Provision for me in 
appointing M r Fraser to the Admiralty, but my Appointment sent in March last 
will do away the Governor's, and if necessary, you may produce my Commission 
(which is also recorded) to shew my Authority to appoint a Surrogate or Deputy. 
My Friend Ecid the Solicitor General .... Tell him I beg to be remembered 
kindly to him and M IS Reid and that his little Girl is well, and spending her 
Vacation with M rs Berkley at Clapham. 

Sat. July 1. I have been very uneasy about the Leeward Island Fleet .... 
The Convoy is arrived with the Loss it is said of Seven Ships which were separated 
and captured by a French Privateer .... the Daphne took Charge of the Ships 
bound for S l George's Channel. 


Two Gentlemen are to have the Refusal of them, but I believe as there is son v 
probability that neither will take I hem, I thought it my duty to give you tin- 
earliest Information about them. 

They consist of a sitting Room, Bed Room, & a small Closet to put Boxes 
in, or any thing that you may not immediately want. But the great thing yon 
seemed to wish was a Kitchen, & 1 am happy to say there is one belonging to this 
Set, which is very conveniently situated; in it there is a Pump (the Watei 
which I am informed is very good) £ a small Boiler: there is also a Back Kitchen 
& a good Coal Cellar which will hold two Chaldron & a half of I i 

They may need beautifying in a .-mall degree, the Bent is Thirty Guineas p r 
Annum, exclusive of Taxes. As several persons are wanting them, 1 sh d conceive, 
if you are not otherwise engaged, a visit to them tomorrow w' 1 be adviseable, & 1 
will take care that my Laundrel's shall be in the "Way to shew them to you. 

I remain 


Tour very humble Scrv' 

Jon>" Pe:n"keti[ Buhe. 

Cheltenham was a favourite place of resort for people from the Tropics, and 
the next letter describes the mode of life there. 

21. B. Lucas to J. M. 

Cheltenham, 31 st July 1S01. 
My dear Sir, 

M r J. Lucas & myself drove to the George Inn in this place, on 
Wednesday last, where we still remain, & as we have very indifferent reports of 
the boarding Houses. A; Lodgings are very difficult to be got, & not always very 
convenient or agreable. 1 believe we shall not remove our Quarters, while we stay 
at Cheltenham ; which we think of making about a Fortnight. May we look for 
you to join us? If yon come down, lei it be soon, & you may meet with some 
you know. Cap' Walrond,* M" Athillf & her Daughror & Mil's M c Donough, 
M" Powell & her Family, \v th M" Maisey <fc Mils M c Ginnis, & the two Mils 
Ochterlonys ; & also W 1 " Webb;}; with his Curricle & pair. & outrider! We have 
drank water two mornings, & it agrees very well with us. We have engaged 
Horses at 25/- per week each, & mean to ramble about the Country. I am told 
every thing here is very reasonable, but as we have eaten onlj one Dinner in 
Cheltenham, & that not at our own Expense, 1 can't tell you what our meals will 
cost us. The Subscriptions are, a Guinea to the Master of Ceremonies, :! (i for 
the Boom by the Pump, 10/G for the Water when you depart & 5 - to the 
pumper: tins is all that I am yet acquainted with. 1 have not yel seen 
M r Miller. Do you intend to come together? M* Edwards & M r Conway leave 
us next Wednesday. They & a M' M c Burnie from M'que, have Lodgings about 
a Quarter of a Mile out of Town, & provide for their Table, with the assistance of 
a woman in the House, who is their rook A; purveyor. That mode of living wou'd 
not do for us, not having either of us a Servant, & they have two amongst thein. 
tho' one wou'd be sufficient. 

I suppose you have heard from Dominica by the Packet: Wc have no News 
in our Letters; except that our Friend M M Noyce was thrown from her II 
by a pig running between its Legs A: bringing it upon its knees; she had her 
Collar bone broken & was otherwise much bruised, but was entirely recovered. 

• Capt. Slain Swete Walrond, see 1m> pedigree in " Antigua," iii, 
t M" AtUill, see " Ann ;ua," vol. i. IS She Jiv.l nexl year at Hath. 

} W" Webb, P of a Muntserrat Family, see " Antigua/' vol. hi. In a later letter be ii stated 
to have stood for Taunton, but lo<t tho election, 


I hope you had good Account.- from your Son. If you think of coming hither, 
let me know when you leave London, & I'll procure you Some Bort of accommoda- 
tion — such as you may choose, if it is to be had & you will let me know 
what sort. In the mean time I remain, 

Dear Sir, 

Yours very sincerely, 

John Matson Esq. B. Lucas. 

22. London. Aug. 7. John M. S r to his son, J. M. J r , at Dominica. 

Gov r Bruce & his young wife are here. & intend to <_'ct a House in the 
Neighbourhood; it is Time he was settled although he enjoys strong Health at 
the Age of 70. .1. Robinson is repairing A. beautifying his House at Epsoin & 1 
conclude will end his Days there. Daniell* is a Farmer in the Neighbourly i of 
Lynn in Norfolk & I suppose will not return to the West Indies. IS. Lucas 
talks of continuing in England & speaks of occasionally visiting Dominica at a 
distant Day : He & M r J. Lucas are at Cheltenham .... J. Lucas ought to 
remain in Europe until next Year, but I doubt if he will have Resolution to leave 
his Matters abroad for such Length of time .... I expect in a Day or two to 
receive the Kings Leave under His, Sign Manual to remain in England. . . . 
M r Buee's son lately from Cambridge has called upon me. Tell his Father that 
he is well, and is a promising young .Man. 

On the back of this letter J. M. J r has written in pencil a column of names 
with various small amounts against them, possibly gains or losses at cards: 
J. Eraser, J 3 Lockhart, J. Lockhart, Kelshall, Postlethwaite. Potter. R. Reid, 
.1. Gordon, J. Glanviile, W" 1 Bremner, Tho 8 Collins, J" Laing, \V. A. Buee, 
W m Henderson. S. Eraser, C. "Winston. S. Beech, G. Novce, .I s Dodd. J 8 Jordan, 
G. Metcalfe, R. Metcalfe, J. Corlet, J" Clark, J' Laing", M c Ginnis, R. Browne, 
Saiton, J. Wardrobe, Lieut. Wight, Lieut. Roe. (They were mostly residents 
at Roseau.) 

23. London. Sept. 3. J. M. S r to J. M. J' at Dominica. 

Two Days since M r Cumming saw Gillon and communicated your Arrival at 
Martinico .... Yesterday your Friend M r Hooton informed me that you left 
Martinico in his Schooner on the 17 l!l June. M r Hooton purposes to drink the 
waters at Cheltenham for a fortnight, and to spend the winter in London .... 
I last week paid a visit to M r B. Lucas at Okingbam in Berkshire and staid 
several Davs with him M ra Lucas A Ins four Daughters, who are eager t" 
a good House with Land in this Country and seem not to have any Intentions of 
returning to Dominica. 

24. Tunbridgc Wells. Sept. 23. Gov r James Bruce to J. M. S r ., 7 Buckingham 

Street. Strand. 

I mean to go to Bath for the winter .... By the mccrc-t Accident I met with 
your friend D r Symmonds & son whoes health I have often drank at your table 
as well as my own in Dominica. 

(To be ron/uiued.) 

• Thos. Daniell had boon Attorney General of Dominica, anil died of cancer 17 March 1806 
at Snettishaiu, near Lynn. (See mile, p. 94.) Several of this name were settled in the Leeward 
Islands, (Sue " Antigua," i. Ism ) Another family from Barbados retired to Bristol. 
vol. I. > 


iHomtmcntal KnstrtptfoiHi in (Dntjlairtj 
relating to 2.23 est Kirttans/ 


On the south side of the sloping top : — 

In Memory of 




Died Maech 3 bd . 1SS5 Aged 81. 
(One line.) 

On the nortli side of ditto : — 

In Memory of 


of Llandeowinio Cahxahvonshiiie a Magisteate 

and Deputy Lieutenant for that county 

and Lincolnshire 

He died the 9 t " June 1863 Aged SO 

(One line.) 

At the other end is carved a shield. 

Arms. — Argent, a stag tripping; on an Tnescutcheon Quarterly 1 and 4, 
Argent, a chevron Gules between three, cinquefotls ; 2 and 3, Bendy Argent and 

In the churchyard around the old church, close to the east gate, on a large 
flat stone over vault. This and the Savage tomh are enclosed hy iron railings: — 


are deposited the Remains of 

MARY, the much lamented Wife of 


and daughter of 


she departed this Life Feb> 23 IS29 

in the lo 1 ' 1 year of her Asje. 


the Infant daughter of 


who died Sepf. 28 th 1825. 

1SO0, Oct. 3. Tuesday, was married al Stoneaston, by the Rev. Mr. Kingsmill, 

Edmund Broderip. jun. esi|. of Wells, to Miss Grace Greeu hill, youngest daughter 
of Benj. Greenhill, esq. of stoneaston. 

1807, Feb. 27. Wednesday, died in London. Mr. F. Broderip, brother of 

Dr. Broderip, of Bath, and of E. Broderip, esq. Wells. (" Dorchester and Sher- 
borne Journal.") 

* Continued from p. 128. 


1S29. Thursday, March 5. In Pulteney-street, Mary, wife of Richard 0. 
Smith, esq; of Baring place, Heavitree, Devon, and daughter of the late E. Bro- 

derip, esq ; of Wells. 

R. O. Smith was a natural son of William Smith of Antigua and Grenada by 
a certain Sarah Dean. His father, in his will dated 15 July 179:], proved 
S November 1791 (P.C.C., 5S0, Hoi man), stated that lie was then aged 5 years 
ami 2 months, and he bequeathed him his Revolution Hall estate in St John's 
Parish, Grenada. (See ante, p. 150.) 

On a flat stone over vault adjoining the preceding one : — 

To the Mcmorv of 

GRACE AXGLIX, the beloved Wife of 

ROBERT SAVAGE Esq 1 ': of this Parish, 

and daughter of 


of the Island of Jamaica 

who departed this life 

on the 30 th day of July 1821, 

in the 2G"': year of her Age. 

1821, Thursday, Aug. 2. Monday, died, to the inexpressible grief of her 
afflicted husband and family, the amiable and beloved wife of Robert Savage, esq ; 
of Sydney-place. (" B.C.") 

P. A. Scarlett was eldest brother of the first Lord Abinger. Tn Broadwater 
Church, co. Sussex, there is a tablet in the Chancel to Sir William Anglin Scarlett, 
Knight, Chief Justice of Jamaica, who died there 9 October 1831, and was buried 
at Mandeville. His widow Mary died at Worthing 11 October 1S32. Their 
eldest son Robert William died at Worthing 22 October 1S32, aged 22, and the 
monument was erected by the hitter's brother. 

Close to the east gate : — 

.... ANA LOUISA H. . . FOBD 

Daughter of 


Attorney General 

of the If land of Antiqua, 

And AMELIA his Wife 

Died 30: May L820 

Aged 23 Years. 

In the same Vault arc depofited 

the Remains of 

CLAEEXCE Ross llnllsFOBD, 

who died Sep r . 20 th 1836, 

Aged two Months. 



who died Jau>\ 17"' is is. 

Aged Pour Years and Xinc Months 

The two Sons of Sir i ." imnsFO/iD, 

(Chief Justice of the Island of 

Antigua and Alontserrnt 

and elizsbetu his Wife. 

zr 2 


1S20, June 8. On 30th ult. died in Pultency-st. of a rapid decline, Christiana 
Louisa, youngesl daughter oi' the Hon. Paul Horsford, his Majesty's Attorney - 
General for the Leeward Islands. 

1830, March 2"i. March 20, was married at Walcot church, R. M. Horsford, 
esq ; his Majesty's Solicitor-General for the island of Antigua, to Elizabeth Maria, 
eldest daughter of .John Maddison. cmj ; of Alvingham, Lincolnshire, and of 
Green-Park buildings, Bath. (" B.C.") 

184S, Jan. 17. In Upper Seymour-st. in his 5th year, Henry-Maddison- 
Combe, the only child of Sir Bobert Horsford, Attorney-general of Antigua. 
(" G.M.," 324.) 

For pedigree see i: Antigua," ii. SG. 

On a flat stone over vault south of the church :— 

In Memory of the 


who died March 21 st . 1S2G 

Aged -41 Years. 

He was born 10 January 17S5 at Antigua, where his family had been settled 
since 1G78. From 170.") — 1S03 he was at Winchester School, and then went to 
St. John's College, Oxford, but took no degree. He married (licence dated 
28 January 1807) Alicia, dan. of Josiah Jackson of Southampton. She was born 
13 July 178S and died 2s February 1843 in London. Their children were : — 

1. John Hamilton Gunthorpe, horn 31 October 1S07 ; died 5 October 1S38 ; 

married Margaret Yates, and had a dau., mother of Byam Shaw. 

2. William M. Gunthorpe, born 5 January 1811; died 1S57 : married 

a Miss Boss, and had issue Henry, Sidney, Arthur, Edward John, and 
a dau. 

3. James Atliill Gunthorpe, born 14 November 1SI2: died 1S.1S. Married 

14 June 1S44, at Brighton, Julia Charlotte Nuthall (second dau. of 
Col. John Nuthall of the Bengal Cavalry), born 4 July 1S2"> ; died 
June 1803, having had issue: — 

Myra Rosa, born is August IS47; died 1872. Married 24 December 

18GG Thomas Harry Cruitwell at Queen Square (born LS \.ugus< 

184S), and their son Harry Athill Cruttwell. M.D., is now of 

Bagshot, Surrey. 

Helen Alicia, born 'JO January L851 ; married her cousin Sidney 

Gunthorpe. who dud 1884. she died 3 December 1899. 
Charles, born 29 October 1833 ; died 4 September IS57 at Masuli- 

4. Alicia Gunthorpe, born 11 April lSl.j; married L >v > October 1834 Sir 

Brodrick Hartwell, 2nd Hart. She died 21 April 1859 ; he was bom 
17 July L813 and died 11 December ISSS. 

5. Letitia Cusack Gunthorpe, born 7 July LS19 ; married, August lvJ7 

at Antigua, rlenrj E> ans. 
G. Jeannetta Maria Gunthorpe, born 31 October 1821; married, 20 June 
1843 at Marylebono, Fred Warner of Trinidad. 

For further details see " Antigua," ii. 38, but several of the above notes are 
additional, having been supplied me by Dr. Harry Athill Cruttwell of Bagshot, 
Surrey, who has several miniatures and portraits of the Gunthorpes. 


WESTON, two miles from Hath. (" The ( 'lunch Rambler," i. 3-10.) 

In the churchyard : — 












In 1S01 one of this name of Vere parish, and owner of " Woods," was then 
Speaker. (Lady Xugent's Journal.) 

There was a Kean Osborne of Antigua, who died 1705-6; a second who died 
December 17S1, and whose son, an, died 27 September 1S52, aged S:}. The 
curious Christian name would point to some relationship between the Osbornes 
of Jamaica and Antigua. (See " Antigua," ii. 368.) 

Mrs. Jane Webb, bite of Montserrat, now of St. George's, Hanover Square, 
widow. Will dated 23 October 1761. £L00 in trust for Sarah Hamer. dau. of 
Will. White, planter, of Montserrat. My nieces Frances Osborne and .Martha 
White, two other of his dans., t'loO each. £1000 on trust until .Master Keene 
Osborne, son of my s' 1 niece Trances Osborne, be 21. Proved 19 October 17(Js 
(P.C.C., 399, Seeker.) 

In the churchyard on the north side, on a large monument inside iron 
railings. On the west side : — 






BORN NOV: 25, L810, DIKl) MARCH 11, 183-1. 

(Thirteen lines follow.) 

On the south side : — 









OCT 21, 1840 



On the east side : — 











AUGUST 30, 1840: 

AGED 72. 

See "Antigua," iii. 136, for pedigree of these Tohins of Nevis. 


On a mural tablet in the Church : — 

In the Family Vault of her Son-in-law Edward Parsons Esquire are deposited 
the remains of M" Bridget Woodley widow of William Woodley, Esquire, of the 
Island of S l Christopher where he is interred. She departed this Life the 13"' 
Day of Feb'- V 1750 aged 74 years (etc.). 

Erected by her son John Woodley in 17u'<'>. 

In the churchyard : — 

Here lyeth the body of 31" Ann Newth who departed this life the 12 ,h (?) day 
of August 17-18 (?) aged 58 years. 

Also the body of Lucretia wife of William Woodley, Esq., of the Island of 

Nevis in America, who died in Childbed at liougham Place near Uury in Suffolk 
IP 1 ' Day of May 17oU aged 2^> years. 

Here lieth the Body of Hester Woodley who died the 13 tu of May 1767 
aged 62. 

This Stone was erected by John Woodley, Esq., of Cork Street. London 

"As a grateful Remembrance of her Faithfully discharging her Duly with the 
utmost Attention and Integrity in the Service of his late Mother M rb Bridget 
Woodley to whom she belonged during her Life, And after her Death to her 
Daughter M" Mary Parsons by virtue of a reciprocal Agreement made between 
the said M" Bridget Woodley and her son John Woodley whose Property she 
would otherwise have been at her Decease. 

These are Facts." 

(Taken in 1898.) Keith W. Mlhhat. 

William Woodley of St. Ivitts, husband of Bridget, died between 1733 and 
1713. She was a dan. of ... . Wall of Nevis. Mrs. Anne Newth being her 
youngest sister. Her will was dated '.) February 1756 and proved 1 April L7GU 
(P.C.C., 1'1'j, Glazier) by her two sons William and John. She mentions her 
kinsman William Woodley of Roughain, co. Suffolk, but hi- exact relationship 
has not been ascertained. In 17G7 there was also liviugat Ecclca Hall in NorJ 
a William Woodley, who was named as a Trustee iu 17sl and 17D2, so that there 
is some confusion m the pedigree. 

Hester Woodley was a slave as well as a devoted personal attendant. Here 
is the will of her grauddau. ; - 

Hester Woodley of Snalewell, co. Cambridge. Wdl dated 1 May L7S7. 
Mistress Mary Parsons. My two aunts Cadee and Susannah Woodley <'t 
S' Chr. M r Parson's estate there. My halt' brother Tlio. Woodley at S 1 Chr. 
Nath. Webbc at Nctteswell, co. Essex. To be buried m the family vault at 


Parndon or in the vault with my late grandmother Hester Woodley. Proved 
1 February 17SS (P.C.C., 106, Calvert). 

John Woodley of Cork Street, in his will dated in 1767, desired to be buried 
"anywhere but in the vault belonging to Edw d Parson, Esq., in the parish church 
of Little Parndon, co. Essex." 

For pedigrees of Woodley, Parson. Wall, and Mills, see "Antigua," iii. 230, 
but much additional information has been since obtaiued. 


On a floor-stone in the nave, south-west corner: — 

Here lyes bvried the dodt of Captain- 
Simon Gordax of Bornhill ix Harford 


Sarah Hoste IS tears 3 qartkrs [sic'] by 


Of honest birth of marchant trade, 

A man of worthy fame. 

A captaiue of Saint Christophers 

Simon gordan by name. 

from burning Sone, to frosen Sone 

his youthfull years lie spent 

the wouders of the lord he saw 

to his soules greate content 

religious was his life to god, 

to men his dealing just 

the poorc and strangers they can tell, 

that wealth was not his trust. 

his Soul to god he did coin mend 

his body to the dust 

wheare he Sings continuall prais 

In glory with the just. 

On an adjoining floor-stone : — 

MARTHA one of the Daughters 

of SIMON (JORDAN Late of 

this parish Gent : hath here Deposited 

her well Beloved Husband 

EDWARD SHIPPER!* Late Citizen 

and Apothecary of i. on don 

obit Mart: 3 l"721 .l.iat 50 

Here is Alio Deposited the above named 


Obit November y c 30. 1736 -Etat SL 

Gordon Milbourne Gcni : 

of Watford Hart Died Decern'. 

the 6. 1756 Aged 7k 


of the abovctnention'd 

Gordon Milbourne Gent 

Jan L790 Aged ^<>. 

(To be continued.) 

• Copi.'il 11 S.'ptomhcr 1:h)S by tli<- lvlilor. 

t The Burials tor 1UI7 — 7'.» arc missing [roiu Ok I'.ir.-U Register. 


i?otcs ant) Outrun 


Can any of the readers of " Caribbeana" refer me to a Scottish or Barbadian 
newspaper of 1777 to 17^0, containing the announcement of the birth of a son to 
the wife of Henry Peter Simmons of Harrow Plantation, Barbados ? 

Hastings, Barbados. 

H. P. C. Simmons. 


In "The Sugar-Cane a Poean," by James Grainecr, 31. D., published in 1766, 
he states on page vii. : " An Essay by Colonel Martyn of Antigua, is the only piece 
on plautership 1 have seen deserving a perusal. That gentleman's pamphlet is, 
indeed, an excellent performance, and to it I own myself indebted." 

Is anything known of Colonel Martin's Essay? 

John Watts, in a letter to the Hon. General Monckton, from New York, 
23 January 1768, says: " ; Old Col 1 Martin is here, the Speaker I mean of Antigo, 
a clever veteran as can be." (Mass. Hist. Soc. Pub., 4 S., vol. x., (iOl.) 

The Colonel was residing at Ashsted in Surrey in 1773, but he was back in his 
native island in 177-3, and m a codicil to his will, made in 1777. describes himself 
as " Sam 1 Martin the Elder of Green Castle in New Division in the Island oi 
Antigua being now iu my >>2' 1 year." In a pedigree he is stated to have died in 
November 1770, aged S3, but there is some discrepancy here. 

He was a representative of one of the oldest families, lived a patriarchal life on 
his plantation, and was a noted breeder of stock. 



My grandfather was born at the Island of Tortola about 1775, and came to 
Philadelphia in 17o.3. His father, William (Thomas ?) Van Baun, married 
Catharine Blydou at the Danish Island of St. Eustatius about 1771. 

This is all 1 know about the Van Baun family. Baun is probably not Dutch. 
He may have been of the "de le Baunes" of France, or of the Bawns oi 
Antigua. I am trying to trace his family. 

William (Thomas r) Van Baun and his wife Catharine Blydcn died of yellow 
fever in 17n3. They had two daughters who were sent to London. E., in L7S5, 
and one son, William Douaidson Van Baun, sent to Philadelphia in L784. 

Catharine Blyden was the daughter of Peter Zeagera Blyden and his wife 
Elizabeth Warner. They had twelve or fourteen children. They were married 
at St. Ann's Parish, Sandy Point, St. Kitts, 11 duly 17 18, and lived at St. 
Eustatius from about 17-30. 

Peter Zeagera Blyden, baptized 17 July 1720, was the bod of John Blyden 
and his wife Marv ("/capers ': ) of Sands I'oiut, St. Kitts. The records of St. 
Ann's Parish, Sandy Point, St. Christopher, shew baptisms and burials oi their 


children, and burial of the wife Mary (Zeagers ?). The wife's name is not known 
positively. They named their eldest sou " Peter Zeagers Blyden," and the Civil 
Hocords at Basseterre. St. Kitts, shew that John Blyden was the Executor of 
IV-ter Zeagers iu 173s. The Civil Records also < n r ive the transfer of a slave, 
11 .May 175$, and "'Peter Zeagers Blyden" is described as "formerly of St. Kitts, 
now living at St. Eustatius." 

Further information is desired about these families of Van Baun, Blyden, 
"Warner, and Zeagers. 

The research made for me at St. Kitts was not thorough, and I have not been 
able to get iu toueh with anyone at St. Eustatius. 

Wm. W. Van Baun, 3VI.D. 
1404 Spruce Street, 




Certified 5th March, 190S, by the Rev. Hubert M. Pigott, Rector. 


1725 Nov. 1 Mary daughter of John Bliden by his wife Mary 

1729 July L7 Peter son of John Bliden by his wife Mary 

1731 Julv 21 Abraham (born Julv 19, L731) son of John and Mary Bloavden 

[fo. 14] 
1733 (month and day Benjamin (born December IS, 1733) son of John and 

missing. — H.M. P.) Mary Bloayden 

173G Jan. 11 Anne (born January 8 ,u , 1730) daughter of John and Mary 

Bloavden [fo. 29] 
1748 April 30 John Simonds Blvden (born March 28"', 174S) son of Abel and 

Martha. June 19, 47 [fo. 57] 
1750 April 13 Peter (born April 5 th , 1750) sou of Peter and Elizabeth Blvden 

[fo. 61] 

[The word Baptized I have omitted in each entry. — Editoh.] 

1748 July 11 Married Peter Blyden and Elizabeth Warner [fo. 57] 


1747 Juue 19 Buried Mary, widow of John Blyden [fo. 53] 

See ante, p. 81, for deed relating to land in Si. Vincent bounded in 17(!7 by 
land of Abel Blvden, and iu 1777 by laud formerly of Abel Blyden now of Jacob 
Bladen [tic]. 



The Editor, " Caeibbeana." 

Institute of Jamaica, 

Kingston, Jamaica, 

5th May, 1909. 


Dear Sir, 

In connection with your note on William Beckford of Somerly, a member 
of a family well known in the history of Jamaica, I would point out that there is 
no doubt that he was the natural son of Richard Beckford, brother of the Lord 
Mayor, and Elizabeth Hay, and consequently the first-cousin of his more celebrated 
namesake, the author of " Vathek." He impaled the arms of Hay with those of 
Beckford, placing the fimbria around the shield. 

Iu the "Journal of the Institute of Jamaica," vol. i., Xo. 8, published in 
December 1S93, I gave all the information which 1 had then learnt about William 
Beckford. I have recently acquired for the Library of the Institute of Jamaica 
a copy of the "Monthly Mirror" for May 1799, which contains a biographical 
sketch of him, and a portrait, being a reproduction "from a Shade by Miers." 

William Beckford was born in Jamaica on the 13th September (o.s.) 1711. 
At the age of five years he went to England, and was educated at Westminster 
School, at Oxford, and under the private tuition of the Rev. Dr. Wilson of 
Bungay. On the death of his father in 17-30 he became heir to his valuable pro- 
perties, his father trusting to the justice of his brother Juliues (who was then in 
possession of thein) to place them under trustees in trust for him. These estates 
were burthened by legacies to three brothers, and a nephew of his father, of five 
thousand pounds each, besides other bequests, swelling the debts to a sum beyond 
one hundred thousand pounds; yet such were the resources that, after a minority 
of only nine years, these debts were reduced to seven thousand. 

Soou after he came of acre Beckford started on his travels, and made a some- 
what extensive tour in company with William Fullerton (well known as the 
persecutor of Picton), (J lover and Drydone; and, later, Brydone addressed his 
work on Sicily anil Malta in a series of letters to William Beckford, Esq., of 
Somerly iu Suffolk. On his return from his travels Beckford took a long lease 
of Somerly Hall in Suffolk, which stood where Somerleyton now is. Of the house 
little remains but two rooms, and there is no record to shew when or why the 
name was changed to Somerleyton. Old Thomas Fuller, in his " History of the 
Worthies of England," said he thought it ought to be called Sumincrley, as it was 
so "summerly" there. 

On the 13th April he married his first-cousin, Miss Hay, daughter of Thomas 
Hay, formerly Secretary for Jamaica, but then deceased. About this time the 
electors of Yarmouth offered to elect him to Parliament free of expense, but this 
he declined. 

In 1771, accompanied bv his wife, he came to Jamaica, when- he stayed until 
1788. That his life here" was very unlike that of the average West Indian 
planter mav be gat In-red from ,- A Short Journey in the West Indie-," published 
auonymously in 1790: — 

" I am now at Hertford Pcnn," says the author. "It is the residence of a 
West Indian, a man of t;i te and learning; and a description would but picture 
the elegance of European manners, turning all that the climate offers to the bc9t 
advantage. A classical education and a course of well-directed travelling, con- 
spired to accomplish the mind of Benevolus, and while that was liberally stored 


with the beauties of science and art, and with every delicate refinement, nature 

pressed upon his heart the noble feelings of philanthropy. A princely fortune 
enabled him to indulge his taste in the patronage of merit, and to enjoy the luxury 
of doing good. In the bosom of his family he enjoys true and domestic happiness. 
As a man of the world, he is accomplished, mild and pleasing; as a friend, sincere; 
as a husband, delicate and affectionate; as a brother, warmly attached; as a 
master, tender and humane; as a man of business, alas! misled by the goodness 
of his own heart and the villainy of others. 

" The situation of Hertford is one of the pleasantest in the country. It is on a 
very gently rising ground, nearly equally removed from the sea and lofty 
mountains covered with wood, and at a short distance from a tine river. Some of 
the most romantic scenes in this island are upon the estates of Bcncvolus, and 1 
hope one day (for he is fond of writing, and writes charmingly) to see an account, 
not only of these scenes that belong to himself, but of the whole island. 

"I have spent no days in this country with more pleasure than the short time 
I have passed at Hertford." 

Beckford's other properties in Westmoreland were: Fort William. Roaring 
River, A\ r illiamsfield, The Crawl, Hatfield Pen, and Smithfield Wharf, some of 
which are still in the possession of the Hay family. He is mentioned as a 
Magistrate for Westmoreland in the Jamaica Almanacs, from 17S2 to 178b, after 
which date his name disappears. 

When he came to Jamaica Beckford brought with him George Robertson, an 
artist. He intended to illustrate his work descriptive of Jamaica with views by 
Robertson, but pecuniary reasons obliged him to desist. Six engravings, from 
paintings by Robertson (by Vivares, Mason, and Lerpiniere), were published by 
Boydell in 1778, as follows: "'Tort William Estate, with part of Roaring River," 
'"Roaring River Estate, " " Bridge crossing Cabarita River," " The Spring Head of 
Roaring River," "'The Bridge crossing Rio (Jobre near Spanish Town," and " Bart 
of the Rio Cobre near Spanish Town." Copies of these arc in the Institute of 
Jamaica. Two of the original paintings by Robertson are in the possession of 
Mrs. C. E. de Mercado of Jamaica. They go far to justify the high praise which 
Beckford bestowed on a now little-known artist. 

Beckford also employed in Jamaica the talents of Philip Wiekstead. a portrait 
painter, a pupd of Zoffany, who practised his art for .some considerable period in 
the island. Unfortunately, many of Wickstead's portraits perished in the 
hurricane of 17i5l), which destroyed Savauna-la-Mar, and which Beckford describes 
vividly in his work. 

On his return to England to meet his creditors, as his affairs were becoming 
involved, Beckford was shamefully betrayed by a man who owed hi.- rise in life to 
him, and was lodged in the Fleet Prison, in which he wrote his " Descriptive 
Account of the Island of Jamaica," dating the preface, " Fleet, February, L7U0." 
(This wdl explain the cutting from the bookseller's catalogue to which you refer. ) 
That he was not unsupported by friends in his affliction is evident. Dr. Burney, 
writing from Chelsea College on the bth of October, L7'Jl, to .Miss Burney, 
says : — 

"I have idly got into miscellaneous reading — the Correspondence of \ oltaire, 
Soame Jenyns's works, Aitkin's Poems, Mr. Beckford's ' Jamaica,' two volumes. 
How I want Mr. Lock to read them, and how lie wants him to see the draw 
lie had made there— in Spain, Italy, &c. — that lie has preserved from the wreck 
of his all during the hurricane at Jamaica. But," Bays lie. "Mr. L. will never 
think of coming to such a place as this " (the Fleet Prison). 

" I intend to try to get Sir Joshua and Sir Joseph Banks, his old acquaintances, 
to visit him there with me. I was with the dear worthy and charming man two 
hours on Wednesdav. and love him and honour him more than ever. What a 
place —surrounded with fresh horrors — for the habitation of such a man ! My 
most worthy and good nephew Charles, <>t Titchlic d Street, goes to him generally 



once a week, and dines and plays to him on a miserable pianoforte for five or>ix 
hours at a time." 

And in February of the following year (1792), Miss Burncy enters in her 
diary : — 

" I had the satisfaction some days after to see airain the irood and much-miured 
and most unfortunate Mr. Beckford. He is at length released from unjust con- 
finement, but he has an air of dejection — a loolc, a voice, a manner, that all sneak 
the term of his sufferings to have been too longfor his spirit to recruit. How hard 
a case! I wish to read his account of Jamaica, lie is now writing a History of 
France. 1 understand both to have been compiled in his prison. How praise- 
worthy to have made such an exertion of his abilities, which sorrow and resentment 
must else have soured and corroded for life." 

As soon as his affairs were arranged and he was able to leave the Fleet Prison, 
he continued to devote himself to literature, and published a part of the " History 
of France." 

He died suddenly on the 5th of February, 17D9, while on a visit to his cousin 
Richard, fourth and last Earl of Effingham, in Wimpole Street. His aunt, Eliza- 
beth Beckford, married Thomas, second Earl of Etfingham, whose son, the third 
Earl, was Governor of Jamaica in 1790. 

His character is summed up in the biographical sketch in the "Monthly 
Mirror" above referred to : — 

"There was no subject, be it ever so abstruse, that did not in an instant strike 
upon his understanding with its full elucidation. As a botanist lie was complete 
without having ever appeared to study a single plant. His eye in painting was 
correct in the most minute degree, as was his ear in music, and his taste in archi- 
tecture ; and all without any obvious cultivation ; for every useful and ornamental 
acquisition appeared in him tu spring solely from intuition; while he was univer- 
sally allowed to rank among the best classical scholars of the age." 

Frank Cokdali.. 

William Beckford, late of Hertford in the p'sh of "Westmoreland, I. of 
Jamaica, but now of the p'sh of S 1 Martin in the Fields, Westminster. Esq. Tho. 
Baker of Parliament Str., Esq., £-3000. All estates to wife Charlotte and sole 
Ex'trix, 29 Oct. 17S7. Will date 1 S -Inly 1790, of Hand Str.. X° 15 Sloane str., 
Chelsea. All estates to wife Charlotte, and appoint Rt. Hon. Rich. Steward, 
Earl of Effingham, John Ellis, Esq., of Portland Place, Sir Win. Parsons, Knight, 
of Somerset Str., Portinan Square, and John Baker Hay, Lieut. 11. M.S. 
Q. Charlotte, Ex'ors. On 15 Feb. 179!) appointed Jas. W. Hay, Esq., of the 
Secretary of State's Office, and John Baker Hay. Esq., of Upper Belgrave Place, 
and swore to writing. Proved 22 Feb. 1799 by C. B., widow. (96, Howe.) 

I recently found the vault with inscription to his wife and her sisters in the 
churchyard of Batheaston, co. Soin. This will appear later. 



In his article on the records of Jamaica, Mr. Livingston writes: " 1 lie 
following, so far as I know, were the Island Secretaries of Jamaica." and lie gives 
a list which is similar to that given in Mr. \\*. A. Feurtado's "Official and other 
Personages of Jamaica, from 1655 to L790." 

In addition to the names therein mentioned, 1 h.uc come across from tuue^to 
time references to the following Island Secretaries: Peter Beckford, 1075, 
George Harris, IG7'>, Dr. Samuel Page, 1710, Thomas Hay (Deputy of John 

Authony Balaguiere), 1763. 

r . Ci 


()n looking into this list of Secretaries, 1 find that Mr. Livingston has mixed 
up the Patentees and Deputies, and I am not surprised, for it is very difficult to 
draw up a correct and complete list of Colonial Officials. The patentee* of a 

lucrative office would often sublet it, for an annual or capital sum. to a deputy, 
who would reside in the island, this custom leading to much confusion. The office 
was sometimes even sold for three lives, by the needy minister controlling the 
patronage, for a large sum of ready cosh. The following notes from the Colonial 
Calendars are reliable: — 

1661, Jan. Grant to Richard Povey of the office of Secretary of " the islands 
of Jamaica,'' &c. (America and W.I. for 1675-6, p. 518.) 

1674, Jan. 13. Mem. of grant to Thomas Martyn during life of the offices of 
Secretary of Jamaica, &e. (Ibid, for 1660-74, p. 550.) 

Petition of Will. Blathwayt to the King. The office of Secretarv of Jamaica, 
by the late death of petitioner's uncle Richard Povey, the first secretary, has 
passed to Tiros. Martyn. 

Peter Beckford was See. in Dec. 1674 and 1675 either in his own right or as 
deputy to Tho. Martyn, and some of his letters are preserved. 

1675, Nov. 2u. Warrant to the Attorney-General. To prepare a bill for the 
King's signature to pass the Great Seal, containing a grant to George Harris of the 
office of Secretary of Jamaica . . . during life, with all fees and perquisites enjoyed 
by Richard Povey, or any other who held the same. {Ibid, for 1675-6, p. :;"_' 

167S, July 20. Rowland Powell producing his deputation from Mr. Harris 
took the oath of Secretary, &c. {Ibid, for 1677-SO, p. 273.) 

1683, Sept. J 2. The Governor reported the death of the Secretary, Rowland 
Powell, and proposed that Francis Hickman execute the oflice in town, ami 
Reginald Wilson at Port Royal, till the lawful deputies of the patentees should 
arrive. {Ibid, for 1681-5, p. 489. - 

John Babcr was appointed Sec. by patent of 17 July 9 Will. 111. (Hottena 
Lists). He was residing in England in May 1699 contrary to IJ.M. order in 

A lengthy search through the Colonial Calendars and Lists of Patents would he 
necessary to complete the list. 

It looks as though it should be as follows: — 

Patentee. Deputy. 

Rich rt Povey, 1GG1, till his death 1673. Tho. Freeman. 1664. 

Tho. Martyn, 1674. Lt.-Col. Rob. Freeman, 1671. 

Peter Beckford (or ? deputy), IG74-1675. 

George Harris, 1675. Rowl J Powell, 167^:!. 

John Baber, 1699. 



By Close Roll, 40 Geo. 111.. Part 3. No. 5 (given in " Antigua," iii. 88), made 
16 Nov. 1799, John Dah "I' Cobbins, co. Essex, Esq., for £1317 st. sold to Walter 
Frye Skerret of Whitehall, co. Midd., Esq. land of Montserrat), a coffee planta- 
tion of 97 acres called Coucessie on the VV. side of the river Deinerara adjoiuing 
Belle Vue, abutted N. by canal No. 2, S. h\ the Good lnteiitie, valued at 100 
florins per acre, with 11.21!) coffee trees at \\\ stivers per tree, and at the 
exchange of 12 florins to i'l -t. .io>e;m llamee, Hen. Ryan, Fra. Martin and 
David Lynch, all of Deinerara, are appointed Attorneys. 


See Long's "Jamaica," i. 82, for a chapter on the duttOJ ami salaries of the Secrel irr. 



To the Editor, '' Cakiebkan.v." 

It may interest you to know that the Tombstone in S. Paul's Churchyard, 
Nevis, alluded to on p. 9 of " Caribbeana," is still in a perfect Mate of pn serra- 
tion, although it is nearly 100 years ago that it was mentioned, as you say, in the 
" Gent's Mag." 

I am enclosing you copies of two other Tombstones in S. Thomas' Church 
Aisle, winch were rescued some sixty odd years ago from an old Quaker Burial 
Ground* near by, by the Hon. P. T. IIug<_:iiis. who.-c aged daughter has given mo 
tins information. They were placed in their present position for better preserva- 
tion, as the Burial Ground 1 have mentioned is used as a Canefiehl; but tliev arc 
now in danger of being obliterated from the constant treading of feet 

(Canon) C. A. Shepherd. 

Eector of SS. Paul and Thomas, Nevis. 

Here lyes the Mirrour of each Martiall Mind 
Religion who confirmed and retind 
In all his actions who was fortunate 
An Atlas to support the weight of State 
This Hands safegard and her foes decrease 
The Flower of Amies and the Tower of Peace 
Now Nevis mourne reading this Epitaph 
Here Jacob resteth and here lyes your staffe. 

Here lyeth the Body of Captaine Jacob 
Lake, Esquier late Governour of 
this Hand Nevis who departed 
this Life in October 1619. 

"After Sir Thomas Warner's death, we find mention made of one Mr. Lake. 
who was Governor of this Island, and is remembered as a Man of great Piety and 
Prudence; insomuch that Nevis was said to be the besl governed of any of the 
Charibbee-Tsiands. All manner of Profaneness, [mpiety, and Debauchery were 
severely punished. There were even then three Churches in the Island ; nol 
fine indeed, hut convenient and decenl for performing DiviDC Service." ("The 
British Empire in America." by John Oldmixon, vol. ii. 23G, Svo, 17 11, 2nd edition.) 

In 1628 Mr. Tho. Littleton, Merchant of London, fitted out a ship under ( 'apt. 
Anthony Hilton to settle Nevis where the party landed on L"J July. John Hilton 
in describing the firsi settlement says. •■There was a gentl' y'caine over w" 1 us ntt 
y e first settling named Jacob Lake, who had a brother a minist' who came pass< 
in y l shipp." (See " Antigua," i. xiv.) 



To my objection that (Junkers were not in Nevis so early as lfi»9, and were not allowed tn 
use epitaphs the Rector suggests tliat Ihi I burial ground may have been then common 

property and used only subsequently for Quakers, and he writes that: "There are mill several 
headstones in this Ground, and at feast one large slab, but they are so weather worn as to be 



Here Ives y" Body of Mrs: Elizabeth Lake 

Daughter to Jacob Lake Esq: late 

Governour of this Hand of Mevis who 

departed this life y 8 18"': day of this 

present June 1GG1 being aged 

fourteen years and months nine 

A pious, vertuous, blamelesse, spottlesse Maid 

By cruell death was suddenly betraid 

Of sweetest life (Alas ! a Barbarous crime 

To cropp a flower) so sweet so near y E prime 

Let Zoilus Carpe! I may not pretermit 

Her admirable worth her pregnant Witt 

Modest she was chaste dutifull and Btaide 

]S"ot proud not scornefull (yet) a perfect Maid 

Her parents onely joy, this Hand's grace 

In heaven sure shall be her resting place 

Cease Brinish teares : forbeare your greivous moane 

A happy change tis a Coelestiall throne 

Prepared is, what comfort doth this give 

To pay a debt, to dy, and yet to live. 

AMOEY OE ST. KITTS [pp. 80-1]. 

In the " Bath Chronicle." Ann Stephens Amory is called Ann Sherry, probably 
by mistake. Col. Henry W. Pook writes that " Benjamin Amory appears to have 
been married twice, viz.: First, to Mary Sharry by Licence at St. George's 
Basseterre, 1G Eeb. 1794. and secondly to Mary Earle. On pa tie SL reference is 
made to the marriage of Barbara Earle and Joseph Amory. In a letter M rs 
Bromley says: 'I suppose you have the date of John Amory's marriage to 
Barbara Earle, 4 th April 1709, at the age of IS.' I had the name as Joseph until 
then. Benjamin Amory above had a son Joseph, who married at S' Peter's 
Basseterre in 1S30 auothcr Barbara Earle. I believe Capt. Berkeley, M rs 
Bromley's brother, has the Amory bible.'* 


Bryan Edwards, in his "History of the West Indies," the 5th Svo edition, 
vol. iii., p. 213, gives extracts from Sir W. Voting's journal, describing his tour 
through the Islands. He writes: "On Sunday. October 30,1791, Sir William 
Young embarked in the ship Delaford at Spithead, which sailed the same eveninc;, 
and after a pleasant voyage of thirty-eight days, came in sight of the island of 
Barbadoes." On S May 1792. " Embarked on board the Delaford, and at ."> p.m. 
sailed for England." 



In "Miscellanea Genealogien et He'raldica," 1th S., vol. iii.. p. 242, is a very 
complete pedigree of his family, derived from " Le Sieur Thomas tie Marriat " 
early in the seventeenth century. There are also illustrations of four armorial 
bookplates, and of a tablet erected in St. George's Church, Grenada, by the 
Legislature in 182 1, in recognition, of his services. See also an article on him in 
the "D.X.B." 




The following extract of a letter to the Editor from the Hon. A. Spooner of 
Benclals in Antigua, written on July 8 of this year, is worth recording. "1 live 
ahout Is miles to the West of 'Olivers,' and took a ride over the place a week 
or so ago. . . . There are no tombs as far as T can find out. to members of your 
family on Olivers Estate; there are plenty of small negro head-stones of the old 
slave times (and what negro now ever thinks of honouring the memory of his 
departed relatives by erecting such). There are the remains of the walls of the 
old 'great house,' and behind it to the South, about 200 yards or so, the remains 
of old walls which the negros tell me are the old works. . . . There is no sign of a 
windmill* tower there to-day. The estate is to-day unoccupied. ... I was told that 
there was a tomb en the next estate that had belonged to the same owner as 
'Olivers,' so T went to see that. The old works of this estate called 'Williams' 
would he perhaps j ; of a mile from ' Olivers ' old works. 

"'Williams' has a flint stone windmill tower with a tablet over the door 
marked l W W 1S42.' I should say the tower must have been rebuilt after the 
earthquake of IS 11 , and the estate must have been abandoned very soon after. 
About 200 yards West of the old null tower is a fine white marble slab (which must 
have cost a good deal more than the value of Williams' estate to-day), on which 
is cut: — 

'"Sacred to the memory of JOSEPH WILLIAMSf Esq. who departed this lift- 
on the IS"' October in the year of our Lord 1S14 in the fifty fourth year of 
his age.' " 

The history of the above plantations is as follows: — 

Olivers estate of 500 acres in St. John's Parish and Body Division was patented 
by my ancestor, the Hon. Col. Richard Oliver, in 1 7 L . and at his death in 1716 it 
passed to his two sons, the Hon. Major Richard Oliver, and the Hon. Col. 
Rowland Oliver, who in 172-3 divided the estate, then of 520 acres. I have no 
definite history of the descent of Richard's moiety, except that about 1787 his 
son Tho. Oliver, the lessee of Bendals, probably used it as a cattle-run. Col. 
Rowland Oliver, who inherited the other moiety, died 17o7, leaving an only son 
and heir, Alderman Richard Oliver, M.P., who died s.p. 1784, and bequeathed his 
moietv to his cousin. Win. Smith of Grenada (see nnfn, p. 155), who sold it for 
£8432 c. m 171)1, to his cousins, the Langford-Brookes of .Mere Hall, Cheshire, 
who finally parted with their estates about twenty years ago. In the deed of 17!M. 
the estate was bounded X. and W. by Tho. Oliver. 

As to the Williams estate: — 

Col. Tho. Williams, by his will of l7'.Y-i bequeathed his Body plantation with 
others to his first son and heir Edward, who by his will of 1782 devised it on tru.-t 
for his younger son Samuel, a barrister then at Antigua. In Luffnian's Survey 
of 17S7, ''Sam. Williams Esq." is marked as the owner. He was Ex'or 1707 to 
his mother, and is stated to have died in 1825 at Lvndhurst. The Joseph Williams 
who died lSl 1- may have been a sun of Samuel, but no male descendants of the 
family can be now traced, and I think the family must be extinct. 


• In Luffmaii's Survov of 17*7 there was no windmill. hut two cattle mills. 

t Twenty yours ugo when I corned the Ml. in Antigua I did not know about this stone. 


CIjc <Bbt\\*>\\ at ftt. ©intent. 












Her' 1 il' Guilding, Inr' et Del' — Improved by 3d' Stothard. Engraved l-y E. Alien.* 

There was apparently a date, but it lias been rubbed i>(T in my copy. 


CJjt ©Wish at J?t Utnccnt 

As the photographic reproduction given is not so clear as the original engraving, 
tlic following names appearing on the obelisk are here given : — 

"Greig Howard Clapham Gr. Taylor 

"Weir Grrcme Lawson Littledale 

Grey Grant Preston M c Querter 

Nagle Gordon M c Kay Kobertson 

Allan Gibson "Whitelaw Eobinson 

Payne Hodgson Hepburn Wiseman 

Oliver Gillies Seymour Dickenson 

Keane Taylor 

Fell in Battle 1795 



t Suis Posuit 

Colouia Victrix 


■p. •■, OB. Abercrombie 
Dueibus < t» Tj 

( P. Hunter 

Stat sua cuique Dies | breve et irreparabile tempus | Omnibus est Yitae, sed 

Famam exstend | -ere factis Hoc Virtutia opus. Virgil." 

On the rock, in the left-hand bottom corner of the engraving, are a few 
indistinct names, which appear to be twelve or thirteen in number, of which can 
be read: Forbes, Steel, Brown, Kyan, Popplewell, M c Broom, Marshall, Grant, 

and Smith. 

The following notes have been taken from Charles Shephard's " History of 
St. Vincent," which relates more especially to the Carib rising in 1795-6: — 

In March 179-3 an insurrection of the Caribs and French inhabitants broke 
out. On the 9th the English militia and volunteers were defeated, losing 31 men, 
" the greatest part of them the most promising young men in the Colony " (p. o'.j). 

Many of the colonists were subsequently murdered and plantations destroyed. 
On the 14th the Caribs massacred "three respectable white young men, Duncan 
Cruikshank, Alex. Grant, and Peter Cruikshauk " (6S). 

April 10, "of the Volunteer Militia Messrs. Tho. B. Taylor, Philip 

Hepburn, & John McBroom were killed" (S3). 

April. Robert Oliver was enrolled an l'.n>iu r n in Colonel Seton's Panders (>>.">), 
and in August Dr. Oliver, an Ensign of the Manners, died of his wounds i 1 10). 

Mav S. Messrs. Seymour, Weir, Howard, and Gillies of the Militia were 
killed (93). 

June 12. Tho. Clapham and Joseph Preston of the Militia were killed (101). 

July 8. Mr. William Greig and Tho. Grant, both Volunteers, killed (108) 

Aug. 5. Mr. William Grey, a Volunteer, killed (117). 

Oct. 30. Adjutant Brown 'of the Bangers killed (130). 

179G, Jan. S. Volunteers Simmons ami Ashburner were killed (142). 

June 10. Volunteer Gordon killed | 1"..")). 

In 1797 it was also resolved to ereel a monument to the memory of such 
inhabitants as had fallen in del', nee "f the Island, at the public expence, which 
unfortunately has never been carried into effect (173). 

The Council and Assemblv stated their expenses and losses exceeded i.'900.(»Mi» 
st. (174). 

From the above note it would seem thai the design of this obelisk was made, 
and an engraving of it issued, bul thai the work was not executed. Perhaps 
some resident of St. Vincent will say if this is the ease. 


VOL. I, O 


J^mttl), of (Dmtatia.* 

Grenada, 4 Sept. 17S7. 
My dear Sir, 

A long and severe Attack of ttie Gout was the Cause I have nol wrote 
you for sonic time past And I have been unwell also with a Fever and Ague. 
Gerbet received his Deed winch I placed in the Register's Ollice, the Duplicate 
is not yet conic to hand. Whatever Ballancc may be due Gerbet, He desires me 
to say, you will please to place it in the hands of M r Oliver of Mark Lane with 
whom he has an Account, You promised me my dear friend to let me know what 
I was indebted to you for the Business you did for me just before 1 left England 
And I desired 3\I r Oliver to pay your Account, but as he hasn't mentioned it to 
me I fear you have neglected it I therefore hope you will upon receipt In r< 
render M r Oliver your Ace' which he will accordingly pay. Deluges of Rain have 
done me great Damage, I have lived almost under Water for Six Months past. 
A pleasant Country where I am obliged to linger out the remainder of my Life, 
but which is not of much value to myself or anybody else except a few little Folks. 

I am my cleat Sir, Tour much obliged faithful! humble Servt 

W u Smith. 
[Endorsed as in preceding one.] 

Extract from Capt. Oliver's Letter, dated 22 Mile End Green, 23 Jan. 17SS. 
To AV"m. Smith at Grenada. 

Dear Sir, 

I wrote you by Blackburn .... I shall sail with our old friend Nibbs 
and Family the 1 March so that 1 hope to be in Antigua in May. We have losl 
our last Boy about t; Mo s old. I am dear Sir, Yours most obedly 

Saul. Oi.iveti. 
p r Capt, Liddell. 

[Alderman Richard Oliver. M.P., in his will of 1779 bequeaths: " My 3 share 
of the Ship Blue and Orange to Cap 1 Sam 1 Oliver her commander, son of my uncle 
Sam 1 O. deceased also £100." lie was a Master Mariner, and commanded 
Brooke, of 305 tons, and cleared from Antigua for London 11 July L7SG, was at 
Antigua in 1790 and 1793, and commanded The Cera in 179s, after which date 
I know nothing more of him.] 

Your Favour my dear Mary of the Sth April is before me. and 1 am very 
thankfull to you, our Sister, and our worthy friend. Mr. riff en, for the Trouble 
you have had' in getting Miss Johnson a proper Place fm- her Residence and for 
the Yisit you made her, pray in your next Letter, say from the little knowledge 
you have of her, what you think of her. 

My acquaintance Cap 1 Isaac Blackburn of the ship Rebecca intending to buy 
himself a New Ship & to give the ship Rebecca to his Nephew Thomas Blackburn, 
whose Father is a Wolleil Draper in the Borough, proposed lately after he 
embarked on board his ship to sail for London, by Letter he sen! tne, a Marriage 
between his Nephew and Miss Johnson .... I have only seen once I h 
Blackburn, who is a niear Tar. but will after a little w Idle being .1 ( 'aptam "\ a Ship 
be soon polished. His Uncle givea him a good Character and he is an active indus- 

• Communicated bv the Editor — continued from p. 15S 



trious hardworking Man and I make no doubt he will make Money in the line of 
Life lie will be placed as C'apt. of the Eebeeca, which Ship i fancy will be 
constantly employed by myself and others in bringing us Coals from ^Newcastle, 
etc. Isaac B. knows Miss Johnson, has often seen her at Sam. Oliver's and was 
much hurt at M™ 0. Behaviour to Miss Johnson .... 

Thomas Blackburn left this Island last Sunday & sailed for London in the 
Ship Jane commanded by his Uncle Stephen Blackburn & will before this reaches 
you be in London. I will therefore just now only repeat my hearty thanks for 
your kindness to Miss J. And to say that 1 believe Capt. Stephen Blackburn took 
from on board a Ship from Madeira two small Boxes of Citron which he wiil 
deliver to you it M 5 S. and which were sent me from Madeira. Adieu my dear 
Mary. May Health and happiness attend you and our dear Sister & that you will 
believe me at all times 

Your affecte Bro. 

Wm. Smith. 

P.S. — My affeet c Complim' 9 to M r G. Griffen. I am again confined with 
Gout in my Peet. 

Grenada IS May 17sP. 
[Endorsed] : — 

Mils Mary Smith, 

N° 3 Bulstrode Street, 

Cavendish Square, London. 
[Circular seal : a wild boar.] 

Grenada, 11 A pi. 1790. 
My dear Sir, 

.... If I can possibly get to Nevis and Antigua shortly, it is likely I mav 
once more in my Life see you in England for a short time, for though my hue 
attacks of Gout have not been severe yet 1 feel myself very infirm ami Weal; and 
a A'oyage from hence in May next year to England to return in October following 
bv the Packet I think will be useful] to me in my Health, besides which if 1 .-el! 
my Antigua Property My Intention is to buy M r Tookc's third '' ' !l 
provided he will take the sum offered him And having much al lie; lim.d 

and Welfare of my Girls at Blackheath my Intention is to bring here oil my 
return, Sarah, who will be then upwards of 17 yrs old. I am now without the use 
of mv Peet. My Horse in coming from Revu. Hall to the Diamond fell with me 
which has brought on an attack of the Gout and which coniines mc al the 
Diamond and as the Road from thence to li. Hall will not admit id' a Carriage 
passing I must rest contented until] 1 can again mount my Horse. If at Men mouth, 
or in your Travels, you can meet with a strong, quiet, active Gallaway thai dent 
start or stumble and with as few other Faults as possible, buy Iiiin for me. and 
M r Oliver will repay you and send him to me by the Bellisarius, Isaac Blackburn 
Master. I am much in want of a quiet, safe llmve. 1 am heavy, our Roads ill 
some places bad & my present Horse an American grown old. 

I am with sincere affection 

Your much obliged hble Servant, 

"Wsi. Smi r ii. 

[Endorsed as before.] 

p r Ship Bellisarius 

Isaac Blackburn, Master. 

[By Indenture of 21 March 17!>1 William Smith of Grenada, Esq., but at 
present of Antigua, and Eli/, his wife sell to Tho. Oliver and others, being the 

o 2 


Langford-Brooke trustees, for £S432 e. Oliver's Old Plantation of 2G0 aero, 
heretofore of Rowland Oliver & late of Richard Oliver, deceased, in the parish of 
St. John and Body Division, Antigua, bounded N. and \V. with Thomas Oliver, 
etc., and 62 slaves." 90 cattle. (See Close Roll in " Antigua," ii. 329.) 

This plantation was a moiety of Colonel Richard Oliver's plantation of over 
500 acres, for which he had a patent in 1710. and which bv his will of 171 1 ho 
divided equally between his two elder sons Richard and Rowland. It remained 
in possession of our cousins the Langford-Brookes until about twenty years ago, 
when they sold all their plantations, including those settled in 1660 by my 
ancestor Jonas Langford the Quaker.] 

Bulstrode Street, '27 Oct. 1792. 
My dear Friend, 

The Ship being loaded and on her way to Gravesend I expect to be 
obliged to go for Portsmouth early next Month, saj about 1th Nov. and as I know 
your punctuality, shall expect the pleasure of taking you by the hand before im 
Departure and having a little Conversation with von about my affairs. As vol 
nothing is done in the purchase of .Madam Bertrand'a Land for 1 have no! 1 
from her in answer to the last Letter, however .M r Lushington on the pari oi 
M r Ashwell acceded to all she demanded except in some trifling Matters and 

Bulstrode Street, 

25 Sept. 1792. 

My dear Sir, 

I have been waiting in expectation of acquainting you that I had bought 
the ^ of the Diamond from M 1 ' Tooke. I cou'd not get a direct Answer untill 
yesterday when I found he had raised the value of it from 13,000 to L5.000, the 
first sum, I directed M r Dawson to tell him I wou'd give him, and which was what 
he asked for it about two yenrs ago, I shall therefore not think of this Purchase 
at present, but suppose, if there shou'd be a great fall in the price of Sugar «£ 
M r Tooke shou'd find a favourable opportunity of investing his Money in the 
Funds or Lands in the Country he will be then i^lad to take my Offer. 

The Gout has tormented me since I left Hadnock and 1 have determined to 
leave this Country early in Nov. in the Ship Rebecca, Capt. Isaac Blackburn. 

My little friend Richard goes on Monday next to the Revd. Peter Thos. 
Burford's Academy at the Grove, Stratford in Essex and the Parson's Wife has 
been so obliging to say she wou'd take hiui uuder her Care for a year or two .v. he- 
is to Dine at her Table and lod<*e in the Chamber with the Parson & his Wife. 
The Boy as well as Myself havn't forgot the Civilities <& Kindness we received a1 
Hachiock and often makes Enquiries after you and he joins me in every good wish 
& Compts to the Doctor & M r; Griffin. 1 wish much to see you before 1 leave 
England and hope you will be in Loudon on or before the 1st Nov. as I expect 
the Rebecca will be at Portsmouth very early in that Month from whence I shall 
embark. M rs Smith & Sisters send their Compliments & good Wishes to their 
friends at Hadnock. 

Tour much obliged faithfull and affecte 

Wm. Smith. 

P.S. — Your friends at No. are much obliged for the Partridges. How are 
Mr. & Mrs. Gabb ? 

[Endorsed] : — 

George Griffin Esq. 

Hadnock near Monmouth. 


1 expected she wou'd have sent me her Power of Attorney before uow. I therefore 
•■ear this Business must remain to be finished & forwarded to nie to Grenada. 
We are very thankfull for the Game and My sisters & M rs .Smith join me in 
every good "Wish to you the Doctor & M" Griffin. And I am my dear Sir, 

Tour faithfull aud affecte. hble. Servt. 

W M Smith. 
George Griffin Esq. 

No: 2-1 Lincolns Inn, London. 

[Seal : Crest, Arms, and Motto. Single coat of Smith.] 

Grenada, 9 Apl. 1793. 
My dear friend, 

.... We are again involved in a disagreeable "War, which will distress us 
greatly from the dearness and scarcity of Provisions and other Articles, 1 however 
think we have not much to fear unless the dirty french Privateers commit 
Depredations in our out Bays, for we have not seen an English Cruiser since the 
Declaration of War. AVe are as much upon our guard as possible and keep a nightly 
Watch at these Bays and our Garrison is in i^ood order <fc the Soldiers in high 
spirits. Rerar. me affcctly to the Doctor &, M r> Griffin <fc believe me at all times 
your faithfull and affecte 

Wu. Smith. 
George Griffen Esq. 
N° 22 Old Buildings 

Lincolns Inn, London. 
p r Packet. 

Thomas Oliver Esq. 


It is a most painful task which of necessity falls to our province to give 
you the Melancholy account of the Death of our much respected friend William 
Smith Esq r of [Revolution Hall. He departed this Life yesterday Morning 
about the Hour of One o'Clock ; He was Sensible and composed to the last 
moment of his Existence and met his fate with that resignation that evinced 
a Happy life. He was attacked about a fortnight a<xo with a number of small 
Biles upon his Hips which prevented him from taking his usual exercise on 
Horseback and reduced him to the necessity of keeping his Bed : a few days after 
he was seized with a most violent Diarrhoea and hiccough, everything that could 
Possibly he devised was administered, hut the Violence of the disorder battled all 
Medical assistance to remove. 

The Packet sailiug for England to-day presses us much for time to write you 
more fully upon this melancholy Event and to send to M' s Smith and M r Griffin 
Copies of M r Smith's last Will, which we shall do by the Convoy that sails on the 
21st Instant, but have in the meantime referred thetn to you for a perusal of the 
one we now inclose, which we hope will soon come to your Hands. We have the 
Honor to be with great respect and esteem, 


Your most obedient 

H'ble Servants. 

Grenada, July 17th L793. 

Thomas Oliver Esq r . 

AVe addressed You the 17th In-tant on the mournful] Bubjeci of the 
Death of our trulv amiable friend William Smith Esq of Revolution Hali of which 
the preceding is "Copy and inclosed you his last Will We request you will see 



M r Griffin of Lincolns Inn and concur with him on the subject of the Provision 
M r Smith has made for Ins Wife, which perhaps might appear to her from 'the 
present Value of West Eudi.-i Property not equal to what she could claim from liis 
actual possessions, yet when the uncertainty of things on this side the water is 
considered, and the peculiar danger to which West India Estates are exposed to, 
We shall hope M" Smith will be of opinion with us that it would be better for 
her to consent to receive her annuity than involve herself in Perplexity ami 
trouble by claiming her Dower, particularly as she is now far advanced in years. 
We take the liberty to request [torn] will with M r Griffin meet M s Smith "when 
her feelings on [torn] ancholy Event is reposed, and endeavour to prevail on her 
to do [torn] which will appear to you to be proper on this occasion, and we will 
thank you to inform us of the result of your meeting. 

M r George Walker who is appointed by .U r Smith's will to transact the 
Business of the Estates will Correspond with You on the Subject of the present 
Shipments by the Convoy. 

We are, Sir 

Your most obedient H'ble Servants 

Grenada, July 20th 1793. 

[Endorsed] : — 

Thomas Oliver Esq 1 London 

Eec. 3 Oct. 1793. 

By the Townsend Cap 1 Blackburn. 

(s l1 ) Bex Webster. 
(s d ) A. Erase u. 
(s d ) G. A\ r . Walked. 

William Smith of Involution Hall in the parish of S l John. I. of Grenada. 
Will dated 15 July 1793. To my wife Eliz. all the furniture, plate, etc., about 
the house in England where she shall happen to reside (except the diamond ring 
which was my grandmother's), £150, and £700 a year in lieu and bar of dower out 
of my real estate. To my sister Sarah Smith the said diamond ring and £300 
a year. To my sister Miry Smith £50 a year and to each of them £50 for 
mourning. My good friend Capt. Samuel Oliver £100 a year. To Sarah Dean, 
no-w living with me, my small house in Charlotte Town and £100 e. and £150 st. 
a year, she to reside with her children in my house at Revolution Hall. To the 
children known as Mary Smith, now in England, and Grace Smith, now here, both 
daus. of the said Sarah Dean, 62000 each at 21. To my friends A!e\ r l'ra/.er and 
Ben. Webster of this I., Esq"-' 3 , £2000 on T. for the children of my reputed dau. 
Sarah M c Donald, wife of John M. of this I., planter. To Mary Smith Gabb, 
infant dau. of Baker (i. by Eli/,, his wife, £50. To each of mv godsons W 1 " Smith 
Glenn, s. of D r O. of S 1 Vincent, W" Ale\' Fraser, a. of Alex' E. of S' George 
Town, mereh 1 , and Rich Webster, s. of Ben. W. of S : Marks parish, planter, 6100. 
The legacies to be charged as to \ on Revolution Hall and j on m\ share in the 
Diamond estate. To Rich d Oliver Smith, infant s. of the s' 1 Sarah Dean, now in 
England, aged 5 years and 2 months, my Revolution Hall plantation and the land 
I bought of Miss lierbert and the coffee estate and the lot in Charlotte Town, 
lately bought of Mai. Bertrand, and all slaves, cattle, etc., if he die under 21 then 
to Thos. Oliver of London, Esq., and Geo. Griffin of Lincolns Inn. gent., as 
tenants in common. As to m\ share in the Diamond plantation 1 give it to Thos. 
O. and Geo. G. as tenants iu common. All residue to the said R. (). Smith. 
1 appoint the said Tho. Oliver, Geo. Griffin, Hen. Webster, and Ales. Eraser 
Guardians. M 1 Geo. Walker who keeps the accounts to be paid 6330 c. a year. 
1 appoint Geo. Griffin, lien. Webster, Alex. Eraser, and Geo. Walker, Ex'ors. 


T<> Ben. Webster and Alex r Frascr £100 each for a ring. Witnessed bv John 
I lay, J 8 Philip, I'ra. Douglas Caruthers. Proved 8 Nov. 1701 by George Griffin, 
Esq.; proved 30 April lsu:] by Alex. Eraser, Esq., the surviving Ex'or. (P.C.C, 

5>>0, lIohiKin.) 

The Diamond Estate, Negroes ttc. valued the 12th Sept. 1793 at £49, IS I : 2 : 3 

M r Smiths debts at his death. To D' Adair £-3000 

Sarah Smith 4000 

Thos. Dawson 2000 

M r Gabb 1500 

In Grenada £8225 Curr>' 4700 

Legacies . . . £S50 . 

M rs M c Donald's Children 2000 
Mary Smith . . . 2000 
Grace Smith . . . 2000 


Annuities £1300 p. aim' taken at 10 yrs 

purchase 13,000 


1,000 the supposed value of 

— '- M rs Patterson ann> of 

£18,200 £100 p. aim: @ 10 
yrs purchase. 

£38,050 \ is £12,6S3 Stg. 

£ of the value of the Diamond is £10,491 curr> is £9425 Stg. 
M r Smith's personal propertv at his Death — 

In M r Olivers hands' .... £10,135 : 19 : 1 stg. 

2378 : 18 : 2 Curr> due him in Grenada . 1,471 : : stg. 

£11,606 : 19 : 1 

On the 25th June 1795 I estimate the accounts will be in debt to M r Oliver 
as follows : — 

Executors of William Smith . . . . £600 

Guardians, of Richard Oliver Smith . . 2700 
Messrs. Oliver & Griffin .... 1300 
Messrs. Tooke Oliver & Griffin ... 400 

This may be more but cannot be less £5000 

Besides which there is due to D r Adair for 

M r Smith's Bond 1st April . . . £5300 

Among sundry accounts paid in September 1793 by George Griffin as an 
Ex'or of William Smith, deceased, 01) behalf of .Mrs. Smith, the widow, are: 
£38 tO.v. for 1 mouths hire of a pair of horses ; CH) for a half year's rent due 
Mich 3 1793 for a house in Bulstrode Streel lei to her; £6 for window and house 
taxes and LO percent, duties on 15 Bulstrode Street; Mourning for the coachman 
and footman; Rubbing out the arms and cyphers and paiuting a lozenge and the 
arms and cyphers on the doors and end panuels of the coach. 



Mr. James Weston of Fenchurch Street, the family solicitor, writes 5 December 
1793 to Mr. George Griffin: "'Your opinion is therefore desired whether as 
M r Smith had in his lifetime paid off all the debts to M r Oliver as well as those 
for which he was security altho' no conveyance was made by M r Oliver to 
M r Smith his Widow is now dowabje of his two thirds in the Diamond Estate." 

George Griffin Esq r Grenada, 18th April 1794. 

Lincoln's Inn. 


Tour letter addressed to the Executors of M 1 ' Smith was received by 
them so long ago as the 23 d November last, and we delayed answering it in the 
hope of being able to furnish you with a particular state of the Accounts of our 
lafe friend at the time of his death, but as it has not been in my power to get 
a meeting with the other Executors to look into the Accounts, and M' Walker 
who was the Clerk & Bookkeeper of M r Smith informs me that he cannot eompleat 
the state until he receives from M' Oliver Account sales of some Coffee shipped 
by M r Smith on account of Madam Bertrand I cannot longer delay giving you an 
Answer to your Letter as far as 1 am enabled to do it singly. 

The Will has been regularly proved before the Ordinary of this Island, the 
Executors Resident here have qualified themselves, and an inventory has been 
taken, but M r Walker who made up the Inventory has blended the Heal with the 
Personal Estate, so that it becomes necessary to make up a fresh Inventory and 
to seperate the Personal Estate from the Real, this I shall take care to have 
properly done under my own Inspection and as it is my intention to leave this 
Island for England by the Convoy in June next. I shall take with me the Inventory 
and the Original Will, that you may, if you find it necessary prove it in London. 
I should have sent you an authenticated Copy long since had 1 not expected to 
have sailed for London by the Present Convoy but as a Copy will be atteuded 
with expence, and as by the Local Laws of this Island, a Copy from our Registry 
is equivalent to the Original I conceive it more advisable to take the Original W ill 
with me to England; the necessary Inventory of such part of the effects as 
M" Dean has the temporary use of has been taken. 

I have looked into the Titles of M r Smith to the Revolution Hall Estate, 
Miss Herberts and Madam Bertrand' s Lands and the Diamond Estate. M" Smith 
has clearly a Claim of Dower upon the Revolution Hall Estate and upon M r Smiths 
two thirds of and in One hundred and sixty five slaves belonging to the Diamond 
Estate and placed thereon since the Original purchase in 1772. the Land purchased 
from Miss Herbert and .Madam Bertrand is conveyed to Trustees for the Use of 
M r Smith and therefore M" Smith can have no right nf Dower upon those lands; 
by a Local Law of tins Island slaves are made Real Estate and Widows are 
Dowable thereof consequently M ra Smith will have a right to claim Dower in the 
slaves purchased for the Diamond ["state since the year 1772 as the Real Estate 
in those Negroes was vested in Oliver. Tooke & Smith as Tenants in Common and 
no precautions were taken at the respective times of purchasing to guard against 
M" Smiths Dower, the Title to the Diamond Lands and the remaining 106 slaves 
is exactly as you describe it, and M Smith having ourj an equitable title to two 
thirds, M rs Smith cannot claim Dower therein but from the peculiar situation ol 
West India Estates 1 submit to you, whether it uiaj not be for the interest of all 
parties concerned, to come to an amicable arrangement with M" Smith who 
1 understand has made her option not to abide by the provision made for her 

under the Will bill to have recourse to her claim of Dower, the uecessit} ol 
keeping exact accounts of the annual value of the Labor of the One hundred and 
sixtv five slaves belonging to the Diamond will naturally occur to you. and the 
Infiuity of trouble in ascertaining the value of the Labour oi the Negroes & Stock 
of the Revolution Hall Estate employed in the cultivation of Miss Herberts and 


Madam Bertrand's Lauds and a Compensation tor the use of the Revolution Hall 
"Works in manufactoring the Produce will be very injurious to the property by 
putting it out of the power of Richards Guardians resident in this Island to push 
the Cultivation of the lately acquired Lands with that Advantage which they 
might otherwise do; I find from Conversations I have had with our Lieu 1 
Governour & M r Alexander Campbell who Interest themselves for M" Smith 
that she will agree to take £1200 sterling p r annum in lieu of Dower which is 
much less than she would be lntitled to, were she to insist upon Dower, and 
I confess to you that all things considered it is not an unreasonable demand, 
M" Smiths situation ought to be made as comfortable as possible for the feu- 
remaining years she has to live, and had the situation of our late Friend's Health 
permitted it, I should certainly have urged such reasons for increasing the 
provision made for her as would have induced him to make it something more, 
tho' perhaps not equal to M rs Smith's expectations; if there be no impropriety in 
my doing it, I will now take the liberty of recommending to you and M r Oliver 
to close with M r3 Smith at £1200 sterling p annum. This sum should be paid in 
proportion to her Claims upon each Estate, that is you and M r Oliver should agree 
to allow her £300 sterling p annum from the Diamond and the Guardians of 
M r Smith's Infant son should agree to allow her the remaining £700 sterling 
p annum from the Revolution Hall Estate, this mode of arrangement will simplify 
our Accounts, and enable us to cultivate the Herbert & Bertrand Land to greater 
advantage, permit me to request your attention to this proposal and if you think 
with me that it will be of advantage to the parties interested you and M r Oliver 
as Proprietors of M r Smith's share of the Diamond and as two of Guardians of 
Richard can close the bargain without loss of time, no difficulty will occur on the 
part of M r Fraser and myself as the other Guardians of Richard, we have 
frequently Conversed upon the subject and M r Eraser has always expressed his 
acquiescence in my Opinion, he is not at present on the Island or I should have 
prevailed upon him to give you his Sentiments but he will return shortly and 
I will procure his consent and deliver it to you or M r Oliver on my arrival in 

I am 

Your most Obedient 

and vcr\ r H'Ble Servant 

Bex. Webster. 

[On cover] : — 

George Griflin Esqr. 
Lmcolns Inn. 

[Stamped] : " deal 

ship EKE." 

(Copy.) Greuada, Gth July L795. 

Thos. Oliver, Esq. 

I have received vour favor of the Oth May by the Packet, another 
Mail was brought lure vesterday but no Letter Erom you, from which circumstance. 
you cou'd not have rec d my Letters written since the commencement oi our 
present melancholy situation. 1 wrote you on the 29th March a. 23th Vpril b) 
the Packet, both which oughi to have been received previous lo the departure 
of the last Mad. 1 also wrote you on the 10th May. Our situation has rather 
mended since rav la>t, and we have lately heard of the arrival at Martinico of the 
long expected reinforcement. We momently look for part of it with the greatest 
anxiety, for should the execrable Brigands opposed to U8, receive a previous 
reinforcement, the sovereignty of this once valuable Colony is lost to Great 



Britain. In fact the sovereignty is almost all we have for some time possessed, 
for, alas ! the Country is a mere desert. The Diamond. & R" Hall Estates are in 

a similar situation with the other Plantations — abandoned for the moment. 
The greatest part of the Negroes are with me in Town, the .Men are employed in 
my department (the Quarter Mast 1 ' Gen'*) on account of the Public, & 1 trust 
some hire will be allowed by the Colony for their services. The Women and 
Children are daily fed in my Yard from the Stores belongiug to both Estates. 
Some of the Negroes are iu the Village of Gonyave, where we have a Military 
Post, and where they assist as Night guards. The Regulars and Militia have 
suffered dreadfully from the Bulam fever — not a day passes but two or more 
burials are seen of the latter & of the former sometimes a dozen. My health is so 
much impaired that I must change the Climate or remain here for ever. This sad 
convulsion has so damaged my Funds that I cannot go to England in the way 
I wish. I have therefore determined on going to America for a few months. 
I propose availing myself of the first conveyance for New York, from whence 
I trust 1 shall be able to return by Xmas or early iu Jan'ry next. I meant to 
have inclosed you a state of my Acco' with the Diamond & 11" Hall Estates by 
this opp>" but I am so hurried, that L must defer it until the departure of the 
Convoy which I suppose will be on the 1m of next month from St: Christopher. 
I shall then be under the necessity of valuing on you for the amount of the former, 
amounting to, £568 : 3 : 9 Curr- V and for part of the latter, amounting to the sum 
of £1503 : 15 : 5 Curr>\ 

I trust you will have no hesitation in paying due honor to my Bills, for in this 
moment of distress we merch 13 have no other resourse than such moneys as may 
be due by proprietors & others concerned in England, as here no Party has 
Sixpence to Pay. I shall again write you by the Convoy previous to my departure, 
<fc 1 shall be happy to hear from you in answer to this, addressed to the care of 
Messrs W m & James Constable. Merch ts in New York. M r Webster writes you 
fully by this conveyance & to him 1 beg leave to refer you. The Sugars saved 
from the Diamond he will inform you, are on board his ship the Duke of York 
that sails with the first Convoy. You may always rely on my attention to your 
concerns here, and 1 hope in God on my return here to have it in my power to 
give you more pleasing intelligence than can be done at this moment. In much 
haste 1 remain respectfully 


Y r most Obed' Ser vt 

(sigti'd) A. Phaser. 

(Copy.) Greuada, 7th July 1795. 

Tho» Oliver, Esij r . 


I have been hitherto prevented by my absence from Town attending 
public duty from writing you an account of our situation, and as you must long 
ere this Letter reaches you have received particular accounts of our distresses 
I shall not take up your time iu detailing the horrid Cruelties tint have been com- 
mitted by a set of Banditti in this Countn ; suffice it to say, i hat our situation is by 
no means improved since the last accounts left us, for added to the Ravages ol the 
Insurgents a fever of a most malignant nature has swept off a number of our 
old Inhabitants, and the Island is now almost depopulated, the few oi us (hat 
remain are worn out with incessant Fatigue & nightly watchiugs, as the protection 
of the Town is left entirely to the Inhabitants, not a Soldier being allowed to do 
Duty without the Walls of the Fori ions, and in short upon all hazardous 
enterprises we are pushed forward & the Soldiery remain behind their Attillery. 
Notwithstanding these hardships we perform our Duty with chearfulllCSS and 
alacrity, and whenever the Enemy venture out of their Fastnesses, parties oi 
Militia immediately rush forward and drive tliem in, but it will be impossible For 


11-1 to undergo such Fatigue much longer, and unless some of the Troops that we 
arc told are arrived at Martinico, come to our assistance, or if the Enemy receive 
reinforcements from Guardeloupe before our relief arrives, tiie consequences will 
be fatal. 

The moment it was permitted for the Inhabitants to remove their produce, 
I proceeded to the Diamond Estate, as being most exposed to the ravages of the 
Enemy, and secured all the produce that remained amounting to 17 out of 22 hhds. 
of Sugar that had been made upon the Estate prior to the breaking out of the 
Insurrection, some Cattle & a few Mules remained upon the Estate, which I had 
intended to drive to a place of safety, but the last hhd. of Sugar had scarcelv been 
carried down to the Bay when a party of Armed Banditti to the number of about 
120 rushed upon us, fired several volleys of musquetry at us and set fire to the 
Buildings; I had but S white men with me, and as it would have been rashness to 
attack so large a party of the Enemy, we retreated to the Seaside, where we 
remained until the Sugar was shiped and then retired on board Ship, having the 
mortification to see all the Buildings of the Diamond & my Boccage Estate burnt 
to the ground; unfortunately for me, whilst I was engaged in securing the 
produce at Grand Pauvre, the English Troops evacuated the Post they had taken 
upon my Plaisance Estate above K n Hall, by which means I lost almost the whole 
Crop of that Estate amounting to 40,000 lbs. of coffee and 10 hhds. Sugar, which 
were headed up at li. Hall ready for ..Carting, also fell into the hands of the Enemy 
and the Works of the latter Estate have been since burnt with all the other 
Buildings ; my works A Buildings upon Plaisance have hitherto escaped destruction, 
as they are in the neighbourhood of the Enemy's Camp, and serve to shelter them 
from the inclemency of the liainy Season, but as it is a Post we must possess 
before we can take any effectual measures against the Insurgents, there is every 
reason to fear the Buildings will be destroyed the moment our Troops make 
a movement, it is however some consolation that the negroes of the Diamond 
ll n Hall, & Boccage, have in general remained faithful, but your loss as well as 
mine and that of R n Hall in Negroes is considerable, as the Insurgents have 
butchered them most inhumanely wherever they have met them; such as remain 
are now placed in safety in the neighborhood of the Town of St. George, but the 
feeding them will be attended with a heavy expence. If we succeed in geting 
the better of the Insurgents I shall be at a loss how to act with the Diamond 
Estate, and have therefore to request your early instructions, whether 1 am to 
re-establish the Sugar Works, or in what manner the Estate is to be cultivated, 
the situation of the Land unfits it for any other culture than that oi' Canes, and 
the Expence of rebuilding the Works and puting on the necessary quantity oi 
Stock will be considerable, an additional Strength in Slaves will also he necessary, 
and how they are to be procured, and if to be Purchased, whether it will Im- 
prudent to invest anv considerable sum in the settlement of the Estate until the 
minds of the generality of the Negroes are brought back to a proper sense of 
Duty are prudential considerations, which you & the other proprietors must 
determine, but it wid be necessary to give me as early advice as possible of what 
you propose to be done. 1 shall only add that you may assure yourself of my 
best exertions for your Interest. 

I have the Honor to be with great respect, Sir, 

Your most Obed 1 and Most Hble 

(signed) Bk>*. W KMsi i:k. 

The 17 hhds. Sugar are shiped on board the Duke of Fork, Capr. Al.-xr. Sinullic, 
warr J to sail with Convoy on or before the 1st of Aug. You wnl therefore make 
the necessary Insurance. 


(Copy.) Grenada, 23rd July 1705. 

Tho' Oliver, Esq r . 


Annexed you have a Copy of my last, and I am since favored with your 
Letter of the 22 wl May. I fear my Letter of the 29"' March has miscarried, as 
many of my friends here have answers to their Letters of that date. I embark 
to-day iti the Rebecca, C l Blackburn for S 1 Kitts, from whence 1 shall proceed in 
an American Vessel to New York. Besides the recovery of my health, I have 
in view the laying out what little funds 1 have the command of. in the purchase 
of Provisions for the use of the Colony, and will endeavour soon after my arrival 
in America, to send a small Vessel here with an assorted Cargo of Fish, Ship Stuff 
Si other coarse provisions. Inclosed you have a state of my acco' ag' the Diamond 
and P. Hall Estates. For the Balance of the former £5GS : 3 : 9 Curr> 
M r Webster and myself have of this date valued on you at 90 d' S c payable to 
myself in the sum of £3:21 : 13 : 7 st- which at the curr* Ex. of 175 p c' ia eq tal 
to the said Bal C1 '. '1'his Bill you have now enclosed and at maturity you'll please 
place its amount to my Credit in a c with you. I trust you'll also have no 
objection to credit me with at least one half the balance against R. Hall, calculated 
at the same rate of Ex. The other moiety may remain outstanding until wo see 
how matters are likely to terminate, altho' 1 assure you, I can very ill afford, in 
such a moment of general distress, to want so considerable a sum of money. 
Perhaps therefore M' Griffin A yourself may determine on directing the whole 
Balance to be placed to my Credit in account with you. 

In consequence of my wish to send a Cargo of Provisions from America for 
the supply of this Colony, I shall probably be under the necessity of drawing on 
you for the amount of the Bill now enclosed £324 : 13 : 7 st" as well as for 
whatever Bal cc you may besides have of mine in your hands. ] will however only 
do this under the resolution of soon replacing ir, 1 hope to an encreased amount. 
1 cannot (a stranger as 1 am) ask you to come under any advance for me. 

We have been most cruelly disappointed in our expectation of a reinforcement 
from Martinico, the whole Armament having gone down to St. Domingo. There 
they can he of no service, as from late accounts the recovery of that Colony is next 
to impossible, whereas here they might in the course of a few days have restored 
Peaee and tranquility, the same might also have been done in a few Weeks at 
St. Vincent. Such is the conduct of our Chiefs in tins Country, for we understand 
they had discretionary orders from the Minister, they pursue a .Shadow while they 
abandon the substance. It is said we are to have two Reg 1 ' expected from 
Gibraltar, but we have lost all confidence iu promises. J am much hurried >\ 
must haste to conclude. I cannot however do so without earnestly requesting 
that you & M 1 Griffin would seriously consider what measures are proper to adopt 
respecting the future cultivation and improvement of the Diamond & Kev n Hall 
Estates, in the event of a fortunate termination of our present troubles. The 
cxpencc unavoidably to be incurred will be great, For there must be almost 
a renovation of everything except the Negroes, and of them many are even now 
wanting, some having been killed, & others carried to the Camp of the execrable 

M r Webster will by this opp> write you more at large of this Sc other 
subjects. I will expect the pleasure of hearing from you at New lork, l>\ the 
Packet, or other earh conveyance — 1 shall again address you from thence, □ 
after my arrival, and in the meanwhile, 

1 remain respectfully, Sir 

Yr. M. 0. S< 

(sign'd) Al.E\» Flli.81 B. 


No date. 


I inclose you duplicate bill of loading for the seventeen Hli' 1 ' of the 
Diamond Sugar shipped by the Duke of York Capt. Smallie, some expence 
attended the savins; of this sugar which I shall debit the Estate with. 

I am sorry to inform you that the loss of most of the Book.- and papers of 
that Estate & Revolution Hall, added to the unfortunate circumstance of the 
murder of M r "Walker and JM r Johnson will embarrass me a good deal in the 
settlement of the Accounts of the two Estates; but as I fortunately brought with 
me from England copies of the Books to the loth of June 1791, a continuation of 
y r accounts with these copies, will assist me greatly. 1 have therefore to request 
that you will direct to be forwarded to me as early as possible yoiiT subsequent 
account — after having withstood repealed applications from M 1 Eraser to join hi in 
in a bill on you for the balance of his account against the Diamond, I was at length 
on the 22nd Ultimo induced to put my name to one at ninety days sighl for 
£324 : 13 : 7 sterh? wh ch he alledges is the sum due to him from the Diamond. 
I am a stranger to the accounts from the loss of the Books had no opportunity 
of examining it, and was therefore obliged to take M r Erasers word for the correct- 
ness of the accounts which I the more readily did, not only from 3D Fraser being 
one of y r Attornies ; but from my knowledge of the usual fairness and correctness 
of his accounts. He has quitted 'the Island and thereby y r power of Attorney 
respecting the Diamond has become useless ; for the Authorities thereby given, 
are to the three Attornies therein named, or any two of them and as M r Erasers 
return is very uncertain, and from the coufusiou we are likely to continue in for 
a long time, difficulties may arise in recovering the Mules, absent Negroes or 
other property. 

I submit to you whether it may not be proper to forward fresh authorities ns 
speedily as possible to enable to act with effect for the interest of the proprietors 
of that Estate and at the same time full instructions how I am to act with respect 
to the reestablishment of the cultivation. 

I am sorry to inform you that the infectious fever w dl has raged here for some 
time past has carried off a number of old Inhabitants many others who tho' charged 
with the care of the affairs of their friends in England yet not having auy large 
stake in the Country have quitted the Island, &, reduced our numbers so much, 
that we have been obliged to adopt a measure which at any other time or upon 
any other occasion would be thought impolitic & dangerous, that is the arming 
about seven hundred of the most faithful of our Slaves to assist in the reduction 
of the Insurgents, But we had no alternative. I hope however the proprietors iu 
England interested in this Island will in future take care not to countenance or 
employ any man who has thus shamefully abandoned his post & left the labouring 
care [or "oar"] upon a few in hopes of remaining in safety during the Contest 
and when tranquility is restored returning to reap the fruits of our Tod and 
dangers, some indeed have been obliged to quit the Island on account of ill-health, 
and are therefore excusable but I am afraid many have made it only a pretext to 
escape the Fatigues we are obliged to undergo. 

1 beg vou and the other proprietors of the Diamond to be persuaded that altho 
I have now no legal authority 1 shall still continue my exertions for their interest. 
I have the honor to be with respect Sir, 

Y r most obedient & most hue. Servt. 

Ben. Webster. 

Dear Sir, 

I send inclosed copies of two L" received yesterday from M< bs" Webstef 
<S: Frasier bv which I am glad to learn that there has uol beeu so great a loss oi 
Negroes as was expected, ci uditional instructions should be given to W Webster 
concerning the Diamond plantation that no time may be lost relative to its resettle- 



ment (if that is to take place) when it can be gone into with propriety, 
period I think rather at a distance as the troops that have left this Countn 
some months past were ordered to Jamaica A St. Domingo. Von will observe 
that M r "Webster says nothing respecting the resettlement of Revolution Hall. 
from this circumstance I suppose he thinks M r Frasier and himself authorised by 
the Will of M r Smith to act with that estate as they think proper, you will notice 
the Bills M r Frasier intends drawing upon me on account of the Diamond 
Revolution Hall concerns, on the former £508:3:0 Curr v on the 
£1503 : 15 : 5 like money. These hills may be expected in the course of a fort- 
night or three weeks. I have desired M r Tookes advice respecting the first and 
I now request yours as to the latter 1 know not what can be done with it but 
refusing it, for circumstanced as the Boys property is, and my present lar<;e 
advance for these concerns, prudence forbids my meddling with it. there will 1 p 
seventeen Hh d3 of sugar from the Diamond by the Fleet which are insured by the 
policy formerly opened. I hope you enjoy your health and friends & with much 
regard remain 

D. Sir 

Yr. sincere he. Scr. 

Tuos Oliver. 
London, 28 th Aug 1 1795.- 

[Seal : large single coat ; no crest.] 

[Endorsed] : — 

George Griffin Esq rt: 

[Mr. "William Tooke, who also held one-third of this estate, died 25 October 
1802, aged S2. In Stephens's " Life of John Home Tooke " (ii. 2G5) it is stated 
Mr. "William Tooke "made a joint purchase, in conjunction with M r Alderman 
Oliver, of a plantation in the West Indies, on which there were a great number 
of negroes." His share must have been sold to the Olivers. 

In Mary Smith's will of 1S04, she states thai her brother William bequeathed 
one-third of the Diamond Estate to George Griffin, but that it was indebted to 
Thomas Oliver for sums advanced in its re-settlement. 

Among the Griffin papers is an Indenture (which I have not seen), made 
27 May 1S20, by which .Miss Elizabeth -Ann Gritfin and others convey and assign 
to Richard Oliver, Esq., the moiety of two undivided third parts of the l> 
plantation and slaves. lie in his Codicil, dated :{0 May LS20, savs: "Since 
making my will of G March 1^17 I have purchased one third of the Diamond 
Estate in Grenada, and am now entitled to the entirety." His -widow 
Maria sold the estate in 1S25, for £10,300, to William Stuart of Inverugie, X.l>. 
As it cost originally in 1772 £29,000, and was valued in 17m> at 630,000 st . an i 
in 1792 at over I'll). 00. >, when L'l:>.o:>0 was refused for one-third, the greal 
depreciation which had taken place in W. I. property can be realized, though there 
may have been a reduction in the number of slaves to partly account for the 

19 April 1909. 

Canon Charles Arthur of St. John's Rectory, Grenada, writes: "There is no 
memorial tablet to William Smith of Rev ilution Hail in S. John's Parish, no vault 
in Churchyard, and the Registers date from 1S0D." 


9 iUst of Cilcst SiiHtan tDcctis on tljt Close 
ftolls from 1GG1 to 1800, ftrtenturt ^itic. 

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& Peter Alsop. „ „ B 2 

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• Continued from p. 171. t Dujmy. J Livingston, 

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Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton. Bart . & Catharine 

James Coulthard. & Daniel Bryan* Mathew. 
Michael M c Namara. 
Daniel Bryan Mathew, & James Coulthard. 8' CI 

James Simms, & Lacblin Grant. 

James Trecothick. & Thomas Fisher. 

Harry Webb & Nathaniel Webb, & John llalliday. 

>t •' " 

Mary Willis, Joshua Webb, & Thomas Brograve. 

• Error for Iivaiu. 

11 It 

tl » 

B 5 


B 1 

stophera , 

, B 3 



B 7 

Jamaica , 

B 1 


B 3 

ii t 

B 8 

tt » 

, BG 



John Armond, & Wastcll Brisco. 
John Browncll, & William Crosbie. 
John Brisco, & John Annond. 

& Waste'll Bisco. 

John Poppleton Griffin, & Kupert Clark. 
James Clegg, & Benjamin Arthur Heywood 
John Elderton, & Daniel Giles. 
William Gunthorpe, & Godschall Johnson. 

S' Christophers 

S' Christophers 


S l Vincent 




Jonas Langford Brooke, & Henry Hoyle Oddie. Jamaica 

" )! >» 

John Otto Bayer, & Thomas Oliver. Antigua 

John Walker, & Thomas Campbell. Grenada 

"William Appletree, & Daniel Wali'ord. Barbadoes 

11 ii » 

Nathaniel Bogle French, & Robert Smith. Antigua 

11 11 !» 

Patriot Boche Farrill, & John Powell. Monserrat 

Stephen Payne Golway,* & William Trddie. S' Kitts 
Sarah Hicks, Richard Lytcot, & John Brownrigge 

Leake. Nevis 

Ashton Warner, & Jos Pickering. Barbadoes 

William Macdowall Colhoun, & Aretas Alters. S l Kitts 

ii ii ii 

James Butler Harriss, & George Phillips. Barbadoes 

Elizabeth Banister, & William M. Colhoun. S 1 Kitts 

Mary Darby, & Henry Benskin Lighttbot. Antigua 

Joshua Pattison, & Granado Chester. ,, 
Mary Seager, „ 
JefEery Merriwether Shaw, & Jonathan Price. 
John Beach, & Charles Mayo. 

Ann Doig, & James Gordon. 
Valentine Morris, & James Glascow. 
Charles Mayo, & John Pogson. 
John Pogson, & Charles Mayo. 

S l Christophers 


S l Vincent 

S' Christophers 




James Blanchard, & Michael White. 

,. & Samuel Greathead 

VOL. I. 



Should be Galway and Priddie. 




Thomas Plumar, ,, „ „ 
Thomas Butler, Mary, James, William. John, Mary, 

& Francis Butler, & Thomas Coxhead. Nevis 1785 

Robert Froome, clerk, & Thomas Coxhead. ,, ,, 

,, 11 !» » 

Samuel Greathead, & Jonathan Price. Dominica ,, 

>! 11 » . '1 

George Ewes Hawker, & Thomas Coxhead. Nevis „ 
James Healey, Thomas Hooke, John Hook. & 

Thomas Coxhead. ,, » 

Godschall Johnson, & Sir Charles Middleton. Antigua 

Braithwaite Ashley, & John Brathwaite. Barbadoes 17^", 

Walter Blunt, & John Goldstrap. S l Kitts 

15 -i 

B 2 

B i 

B -1 

B 1 

B 2 

B G 

B 1 

B 1 

B I 

B 1 

B 2 

B 6 

B G 

B 1 

B 1 

B 2 

B 7 

B 1 

B 2 

B :i 

B 3 

B 3 

B 3 

B 5 

B 1 

B 1 

B I 

B .3 

B 5 

B 3 

B 3 

B 5 

B 5 

B 3 

B 7 

B 7 

15 7 

B 7 

r, 7 
B 3 


B 1 

B 7 

B 1 

B 1 

B 2 

B 2 



John Blagrave, & Abraham Winterbottom. Nevis 

Philip Nathaniel Devisme, & John Kirwan. Antigua 

William Daling, .\. Edwin Lascells. BarbadoeB 

Alexander Douglas, & William Maedowall Colhoun. S 1 Kitta 
Sir James Douglas, knt., & Alexander Winterbottom. 
Joshua Hawkins. & John Lon^. 
John Lynch, & John Kirwan. 

Sir Nicholas Tyrell Lerou.x Nugent, & John Kirwan. 
Oliver Nugent, & John Kirwan. 
George Ottley, & Henry Wilmott. 
Isaac Pitcher. A: Joshua A inorv. 
Sir Ralph Payne, & Henry Wiluiot. 



S l Kitts 

Joseph Pickering, & William Fauquier. „ 

John Reeder, An invention. Jamaica 

James Sparrow, & Abraham Winterbottom. Nevis 

William Smith, & Mary Oliver. „ 

,, & Thomas Oliver. Montserrat 

,, & Mary Oliver. ,, 

Henry Swinburne, & The King. S l Vincent 

Elizabeth Thornton, & Joshua Pickering. Antigua 

Nathaniel Webb. & John Kirwan. „ 

John Henry Warre, & John Braithwaite. Barbadoes 

Joshua* Warner, & Joshua Pickering. Antigua 

Mary Ashley, & Robert Braithwaite, clerk. Barbadoes 
Duke of Beaufort, & The King. Bahama Island 

Gore Browne, & John Yates. Antigua 

William Bumpsted, & John Vaugban. Jamaica 

Amand Benneville, & Alexander Willock. Antigua 

Elizabeth Bannister. & James Nibbs. „ 
George, Earl of Coventry. Lord Carteret, & 

the King. Bahama 

Samuel Crooke, & Charles Thompson. S' Kitts 

Alexander Douglas, Sir Douglas, & Thomas Neave. ,, 

i> n >i i> 

Thomas Haweis, clerk, & Thomas Wills, clerk. „ 

Richard Jackson, & Elizabeth Rautbmell. Jamaica 

John Margram, & Thomas Norburv Kerby. Antigua 

James Nibbs, & Sarah Willet Ottley. „ 

Jennett Pavne Orton, & Thomas Wills, clerk. S l Kitts 

Thomas Oliver, & William Lyon. Antigua 

Johu Osborn, Si James Nibbes. „ 

Dominick Trant, & Richard Neave. 

Ashton Warner, A: Justinian Casauiajor. 

S« Kitts 

Antigua & Barbadoes 
S' Kitts 

Abraham Winterbottom, & Thomas Neave. 

Mary Willis, & William Lyon v. Oliver. Antigua 

William Maedowall, .t Abraham Winterbottom. Nevis 

Robert Comyn, & Robert Rollestoil. Essex & Jamaica 

• Error for Joseph. 



B G 
B ti 
B G 
B 9 
B i; 
B 2 
B 5 
B G 

i; s 

B 4 
B S 
B 8 
B 2 
B 7 
B 9 
B 10 

B G 
B G 
1 ! :. 
B 10 
B 10 
B 7 
B 8 
B lo 
B 10 

i; i 

B 2 

B G 

B 6 

i; 9 

B 3 

!•; N 5 



David Dewar, & John Kinderley. 

Mary Dawson & Joshua Eyre. 

Borland Duct, it Thomas Dunford, clerk. 

Alexander & Robert Harvey. & John Aberdier.* 
Peter M. Mills, & Abraham Winterbottom. 
Nathaniel Newberry, & John Henderson. 
James Langt'ord Nibbs, & Thomas Oliver. 

11 1! 

„ & Langt'ord Lovell. 

11 n 

George Redhead, & James Trecothick. 
Charles Spooner, & Thomas Wildman. 
John Young, & Edward Byam. 

John Brome, & John Randal Phillips. 
William Snell Channeey, & William Pearce. 
David Dewar, & John Kinderley. 
William Gunthorpe, & James Gordon.' 

Henry Hobhouse, Jeremiah Hill, & William Miles. 
William Prujean, & Henry Errington. 
William Pearce, & C. S. Chauncey. 
„ & Nathaniel Snell. 

John Randal Phillips, & John Brome 
James Akers, junior, & James Akers, sen. 
Peter Dupy, ,, 

Martin Byam, & James Kerkpatrick. 

John Otto Bayer, & Alexander Willcck. 

>i ii 

James Cary, & Stephen Thurston Adey. 
Thomas Drinkwater, & Thomas Simpson. 

ii ii 

Anthony Hodges, & Thomas Sermon. 
Jeremiah Hodges, „ 

Thomas Norbury Kerby, & John Sowerby. 

" " 

n & Alexander Willock. 

James Lucas, & Charles Snell Chauncy. 

ii i' 

Martin Madan, & Thomas Sibthorpe. 

ii " 

Thomas Rodie, & John Bolt. 
William Smith, & Charles Payne. 
Joshua* Warner, & John Sowerby. 
James Akers, & Henry Holt. 
Alexander Borrowes Irwin, &, John \\ nrren. 

n &, Thomas Boddington 

John Kendall, & Stephen Adey. 
Drewy Ottley, & John Warren. 

„ & Thomas Boddington. 

William Smith, John Southey, & Elizabeth Brook. 
Charles Nalson Cole. & Michael Peter Touray. 

• Probably Abordeio. 

t ? Sotner I. or Bermuda 

S' Kitts 









B 7 



B 7 








B 1 



B 10 



B 10 



B 10 



B 10 



B 8 

S l Kitts 


B 2 



B 2 


B 2 



B G 



B 2 

S' Kitts 









S' Omerf 

B 2 










S' Kitts 


B 2 







B 5 

1 i 








B G 

S l Kitts 


B 3 






B S 







1 1 

B 2 
B 2 



B 2 




B 7 
B 7 



B 7 


1 1 

B 5 






15 I 



B 7 


B 2 

S« Kitts 


B 3 

S l Vincents 


B 7 


i * 

B 7 



B i 

S l Vincent 


B 7 
B 7 


15 B 

S l Kitts 


B 2 


J Error for J 

p 2 



David Crombie, & Michael Peter Touray. S l Kitts 1792 

Francis Clifton, clerk, & Isaac Moody Bingham. „ ,, 

Charles Leigh, Anna Maria Leigh, Charles Leigh, & 

Henry Holt. „ , 

William Mackinnon, & Callaghan M'Carthy. Antigua 

Thomas Meade. & William U'elby. Montserrat 

Francis Williams Sanders, & Thomas Sanders. Nevis 

,, & John Richardson Herbert. „ 

Michael White, & George Aug. Mathias Vincent. S l Vincent 
John Bowles, & William Curtis. Nevis 17 

William Curtis, & James Weston. ,, 
Elizabeth Mary & Sarah Carbory, & Eobert Smith. Antigua 

)) J! '1 1) 

Duncan Campbell, & Thomas Boddington. S l Vincent 

John Lynch French, & Townley Ward. S l Kilts 

Richard Gildart, & William Lyon. „ 
William Walker Linder, & Robert Nugent Pohill.* 
James Burrough, James Blackstone, David Boyn, 

& John Knowles. . Jamaica 

Martin Byam, & William Manning. Antigua 
Ann Jones Clarke, John Jones Gascoigne Clarke, 

& Charles Whishaw. Barbadoes 

Ann Jones Clarke, & William Edmeston. ,, 

„ & William Barton. ,, 

John Pogson, & Milward Crooke. S l Kitts 

" ,, & Joshua Rawlins. „ 

Henry Russell, & John Knowly3. Jamaica 
James Tait, & Richard Mil man French Chiswell. 

Bahama Island 

James Trant, & John Hearne. Montserrat 

Charles Whishaw. & William Edmeston. Barbadoes 

Zaehary Bayly Edwards, & James Donovan. Antigua 

Mary Ellis, William Ellis, clerk, & Mary Hurst. ,, 

Rowland Frye. & Samuel Weston. ,, 
Jannctt Mathews, Abednego Mathew, & George 

Griffin. S« Kitts 

John Pinney, John Fred. Pinney, & James Tobin. Nevis 

Samuel & George Redhead. <t Anthony Munton. Antigua 

Francis Williams Sanders, & John Finney. Nevis 

John Mathew Williams, & John Lee. „ 

Bertie Greatheed, & Henry Rawlins. S l Kitts 

Harry Paxton, clerk, <v. Edward Byam Wyke. Montserrat 

Abraham Redwood, <& Francis Thwaites. Antigua 
John Roberts, a deed poll. 
James & Richard Donovan. .V Elizabeth Caroline 

Yates. „ 

John Horsford, & Thomas Sermon. „ 

Henry Hall, <& George Wood. W. Indies 

John Long, & Alexander Brodie. Antigua 
Samuel Martin, L v: Anthony Brown. 

John Pinney, John Fred. Pinney, & James Tobin. Nevis 

George Redhead, & Francis Thwaites. Antigua 

Lewis Brotherson \ r erchild, & Thomas Maitland. S' Kitts 

• PPolhill. 






B 2 

B 1 

B 1 

B 6 

B 7 

B 7 

B (i 

B 1 

B 2 

B I 

B 1 

B 1 

I'. 2" 

B 2 

B 2 

B 1 

B 2 

B G 

B 6 

B 8 

B 4 

B 1 

B G 

B s 

B G 

B 1 

B S 

B 5 

B 5 

B 5 

B 8 

B 2 

B 2 

B (i 

B L 

B 1 

B 7 

B 1 

B ii 

B 7 

B 2 

B 2 

B 5 

B G 



■ ' • •£ 
















— - 



Thomas Alexander, & Alexander Brodie. 
Rowland Otto Baijer, & Thomas Rogers. 

,, &. James Donovan. 

William Bray, & John Phillips. 
James Brady, it Mary Hartcourt Cross. 

John George Gold trap, & .John Taylor. 
Charles Grant, & John Taylor. 
William Wickham Harinan. & James Donovan. 
William Manning, Jaue Maitlaud, & Edward 

James Thomson Murray, M.D., & John Taylor. 
Thomas Oliver, & Henry Dyott. 
John Henry Pakenham, & Kobert Pitches. 
Thomas Shiffner, Sc Edward Mathew. 

»: >t 

William Abdy, & Thomas Dunn. 
Thomas Bradshaw, & William Moulton. 
James Gordon, senior, & Thomas Dunn. 
Thomas Jameson. & David Elliot. 
George Gahvay Mills, & John Pinniger. 
George Wood, & David Elliot. 



B I 


I ' 

B 1 



B 2 



B 2 



B :l 

S< Kitts 









S l Kitts 


B 2 



B b" 



B 4 




8' Kitts 


B 2 



B 2 




S» Croix 


B I 




West Indies 

B 1 

S« Kitts 



W. Indies 


B 1 

annotations to iLabuence^rdjer's "iHomis 
mental Knsuiptions of tl)t ionttslj 223c5t 


As the march of time, or in some places neglect, or in others restoration, has 
left its mark on many of the monuments in the British West Indies, since 
Lawrence- Archer published his account of them in LS75 ; and as, owing apparently 
to lack of care in the correction of proofs, some of his information is incorrect, 
and many monuments have been erected since his time, it is thought thai nomo 
annotations to his book may prove of service to those interested in the monu- 
mental inscriptions of the West Indies. 

A commencement is here made with — 

The notes were made in August 1909. The numbers used are those given by 
Lawrence-Archer. In some eases tombstones which were covered by pcw« m ins 
time are now exposed, whilst others which were then exposed are now covered by 

» This is the old parish church of St, Catharine in tho parish of St. Catharine, co Mi I lle<e*. 
It was sometimes culled the" Bed Church," whether from occupying the site ol the Spanish 
Church of the Red Cross, or in allusion to its colour, \ cannot say. 

Its M.I. were first copied by John Itobv iu 1824, and printed in 8vo in 1331. Lawrence- 
Archer then brought out his well-known book in 187.'. I have checked Archer will 
find that the former included all the hitler's Inscriptions, nnd ol course addi 1 mam « 
appeared in the intervenim: fifty vears, Archer, however, used Human capitals iliroiu ■• 

Several names ir.' also missing from Hi'" 

lelli »d, 

ipeareu m the intervening 
although Robv copied the lettering as he saw it. 

Index. In spite of these little drawbacks it is n >verthele*s a very vain iblo r >rl 

It is a matter for n rrel thai Messrs Cundall nud Liviiusti .11 adhered to Arclinr: 
and sent me the M.I. in Riman capitals, and without distinguishing the lines. Hi rim 
however, are of such interest that this omission musl be overlooked. I hive used Roman 
capitals for names only, and added the footnotes.— Editor. 



In the Tower. 

After " John Lunan, Francis Smith. Churchwardens," add " Another tablet 
records that ' This Cathedra! was restored during the year l'.tnl iu commemoral >n 
of tlie Glorious Reigti of Her Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria 1837 — 19U1.' 

The '"tablet" (a painted board) said to be on the east wall of the tower is 
on the east wall of the north transept. On it, for " Benefactors to the Poor " 
read "Benefactor to the Poor." 

In titk Church. 

1. For " Archdeckne " read " Areedeekne." In the arms the chevronels are 
"or," not " gules." 

2. The slab to John Atkinson is not now to be seen. The brass is now in 
the tower. It is inscribed " .John Atkinson obiit ye 10th of November in ye 2Sth 
year of his age, Ano do. 'S3 " [1083]. 

The slab to Ithamar, wife of Eose Fuller and the Hon'ble Richard Mil), is 
unconnected with Atkinson's monument. 
3b. For " Broadbelt " read " Brodbelt." 

6. The monument by Bacon to Richard Batty has been destroyed. The 
figure (" a female figure leaning over an altar tomb ") placed on the wall in the 
tower evidently formed part of it. 

7. Now in churchyard. 

8. Now in churchyard. For " Lyeth " read "lyes." After "Lover of 
Justice" add " true to his trust and word." After " August" add " Anno." 

11. Add "As also the body of Mary her daughter." 

13. The inscription to Nideme, wife of John Blair, and to .lames Kay arc 
not on the monument to James Blair as stated. 

18. For "Athenry" read '' Athunry."' In the arms, for "Tout au RicL " 
read "Tout ou Rien." 

19. For "Broadbelt" read "Brodbelt." Crest. The eagle is "or," not 
" sable." 

22. The arms arc now missintr. 

24. For " Mr." read " Christ 1 '." [Editor's corrected copy of Roby.] 

25. The inscription is now nearly obliterated. 

27. For "Sarrenhaim" read " Sarrenham," i.e., Surinam. Arms. Insert 
" ermine " after " impaling." 

30. To the beloved and revered memory of ALEXANDER Batley, Esq. proprietor 
of AVoodhall. St. Dorothy's, this tablet is erected as a simple mark oi affection 
from those to whom by his love, his daily and unvarying kindness he was most 

i'ustly endeared. Having endeavoured to live as a Christian he was enabled at the 
lour of death to resign Ins soul unto God with the humble but firm hope oi 
rising for Christ's sake to life eternal, lie died 14th July l s >3'_ , 1 in the Hi'th year 
of his age. 

Arms. — Argent, Billet ee sable, a snltirc engrailed sable. Crest. — A demi-lion 
holding a billet in his ja tubes. 

[An abstract only of this is given in Lawrence-Archer.] 

3.3. Now in churchyard. Tor " L780" read " 17S9." For " Provost Marshal " 
read " Provost Martial." 

3G. For " Registrar in Chancery " read " Register iu Chancery." For 
"Deportment" read " Department." For "secured" read "secure." The arms 
are now missing. 

39. In the arms, for " chev." read " bend." The crest is not visible. 

40. The crest is qoI risible. 

42. Verse, line 1. For 'whom" read "who;" line S, for "a" read 'the;" 
line 10, for " Haines " read " names.' 

43. Now in churchyard. 

45. The monument to the Countess of Elgin is marked on the back of 


I edestal " J. Steell, Sculpt. IS 12." Sir John Stccll is best known for his statue.- in 
Edinburgh of Sir Walter Scott and the Prince Consort. The House of Assembly 
voted 300 guineas for this monument. For " relations " read " relativi s. 

19. Anns. The chev. is argent, and the unicorns' heads are sable, not gules. 

51. On floor of north transept : — 

Here lyethye body of Bartholomew Fa>"TT* aged 35 years and departed this 
life the 21th November Anno 1703. 

■ r >2. Ann*. The fleurs-de-lys are rising out of the fess. 

53. For " Matthew " read " Mathew." 

51. The monument is marked "J. AVilton, ivt. et sculpt. 17SS." Anns. The 
bars are argent, the Crest is gone. 

02. The monuments to Hanson and Crassewell are separate. 

06. Brodbclt is misspelt Broadbclt on the monument as given in Lawrence- 

73. The monument is marked " I. Wilton ft." Motto. For " Candore decus" 
read "Ex candore decus." 

75. Ar?ns. The spur on the canton is reversed. Dr. Samuel Knight was not 
Member for Kingston in 1(501, but in 1000 and 1701. 

76. For "Pietatis" read "Pietate." For "Eecto" read " Victo." For 
" Clarissimum " rend •• Christianum." The inscription, which was half concealed 
in Lawrence- Archer's time, is now exposed, hut is in great measure worn out. 

81. At end add "On the Sth Aug. 1^2s was committed to lus tomb by his 
second wife with her fullest testimony to his virtues and affection the above 
named James Seton Lane in his sixtieth year." 

88. For " Natural " read " Rational." In the arms the garbs are " or." 

90. Now in churchyard. 

95. In the tower: — 

Here lyes the body of Mr. WlLLM. Merrick who dved the 9th of January 

1714, aged 19. 


Also his 3 sons<( William & 

Henry d 4 i r 

. By Ann his wife. 

His 3 daughters^ Elizth & 
[ Elizth 
and one grand daughter Elizabeth daughter of John and Mary Merrick. She 
dyed the 20th of May 172^ aged 2 years and ti months. t 

96. On the west wall of the south transept : — 

Near this place lies interred the body of Mis. Ann March, wife of Fosteb 
Maucu, Esq., who departed tin's life the Oth day of February L739, aged 17 years. 

Near this place also lies interred the body of Mrs. Sarah Sl'ENCER, wife ol 
Mr. John Srencer and daughter of the aforesaid Ann March and Fosti u M men, 
Est]., who departed this life the 26th day of Octbr. 1716 aged 20 years and 
6 months. 

Likewise near this place lies en (erred the body of Miss A s \ S fencer, daughter 
of the above John and Sarah Stencer, who departed this life ye 23rd day of 
August 1717 aged 10 Months. f 

In the arms the mullet is misplaced. It is in the dexter corner. 

9S. For " Also " read " Allsoe." 

99. Now in churchyard. For " Barrouett " read " Baronett." The latter 
halve-i of the two lines of poetry are now illegible The arms are incorrectly 
blazoned in Lawrence-Archer. They arc: Ermine, on a bend a mullet bt 
two garbs, on a canton a Baronet's badge; impaling a chevron between three 
palmers' scrips. 

• An abstract only of this i$ given in Lawrence-Archer, and the name is spelt I'.mtt. 
t An abstract only of this is ^iven in Luwrence-Arober. 


105. This is now in the tower. For "Animus" read " Animi." K..r 
" Benevolus " read " Benevolens." For " Memoriam " read " Memona." The 
arms arc now missing. 

109. The arms are now nearly illegible. 

113. Pestell should be separate from Pitcairn. 

119. Now in churchyard. Ob. 16 Oct. 

120. This is now on the floor of the tower. For " Henrv Rennalls" read 
" Henry Richard Rennalls." Add after "Joseph Rennalls" " William Rennalls." 
The inscription to Amelia Vesey Rennalls is now missing. 

122. Now in churchyard. For " Age 19 years " read " Age 49 years." For 
" Honble '' read " Hon." For " Interred" read " Interr'd." 

127. For "JIatson" read " Mattson." The statement that the Earl of 
Peterborough administered the government of Jamaica is incorrect. He was 
appointed, but never took up otfice. 

131. Here lyeth the body of Hexder Toldekby, sonne of Johx ToLDERBY, 
Esq., by Hannah his second wife, who died ye first day of Feby. Anno Domini 
1682 & in ye fifteenth month of his age.* 

The above was doubtless godson of Sir Hender Molcsworth. 

13-1. Anns. The three trefoils are in chief. At end, for " Bacon sculpt." 
read " Jno. Bacon, fecit." 

141. For " Elyes " read J' Ely" throughout. In line 4 read " Gerthom" for 
" Gershoin." 

Iq addition to the monuments given in Lawrence-Archerf the following have 
to be recorded :— 

146. Mary Rennalls.* 

147. On the south wall of the nave : — 

Sacred to the memory of the Honble Jotrx Luxax who departed this life on 
the 23 December 1S39 in the 69th year of his age. He was for 44 years a resident 
of the parish of St. Catherine and at different periods filled the situations of 
Member of Assembly, Custos Rotulorum, and Assistant Judge of the Grand 
Court. Few men lived more honoured, respected, and beloved, not only for 
his superior talents also for amiable and charitable disposition. His remain- 
were interred in the New Burial Ground of the town by the side of his beloved 
wife Elizabeth Lu>"a.>" who died on the 8th of January 1^37 aged 59. This 
tablet is erected as a tribute of gratitude and affection by his daughters Eliza 
Wilkie and Maria Barry. 

On the floor of the nave : — 

148. Sacred to the memory of Charles Packer who departed this life 
October 24th 1S23 aged 44 Fears. 

149. Here lieth the body of Elizabeth Bbaybobx .... (rest covered). 

150. Will. C. Bhooks "died Feb. 14, 1820, aged 29 Years and 4 inths. 

On the south wall of the chancel : — 

151. Sacred to the memory of Jane BnOADLEY Sri \v who died and was 
buried at sea on her voyage from Turks Island to Jamaica on the LO" 1 of December 
1863 in the 2Gth year of her age .... This tablet is erected by her sorrowing 

152. In loving memory of EDWARD BANCROFT Lynch, of Spanish Town. 
Solicitor, Churchwarden of this Cathedral, and Treasurer to the Dean and Chapter. 

* An abstract only of tin- \< given in Lawrence-Archer. Roby de>cribed it as a black llab, 
in the church, but it is now in tli" church j > r I 

f Archer's total i- 1 15, though owing i i duplic itious and error* l * s «v iuI 1 be ai ire u »rrect 
For convenience of r-i-v^ ■ :. illui>ml Ml. now supplied uftVd bjea numbered from li> 
onwards, aud u tow uotices frouj the "Oeul Slag." added as fo >tuotes. 

X 1813, 8ei>. 12. At Clapton, Dr. J. 1'. Beuaalls, lute of Spiniah Town, J. ("G.M." -W2.) 


Born 2 nd October 1^27 Died 24" 1 February L9 '7. Also of Mary Umssard W'il- 

HELMINA his wife Born 25"' February 1841 Died S ,h April 190G. 

On the east wall of the chancel : — 

153. In loving memory of Lionel Philip Payne G.vllwey M.I.C.E. 3rd 
son of Sir William Patne G-allwey, Hart., M.P. of Thirkleby Park, Yorkshire, 
England, who fell asleep in Jesus 25th January 1891, at British Guiana, aged 
39 years and G months. 

1G0. The Legislature of Jamaica admiring the official life and lamenting the 
death of the Honble Charles Naclarty Morales, Speaker of the House of 
Assembly, erected this monument to his memory. Presiding for sixteen years 
over the Council of their Representatives he gained by his urbanity the esteem, 
and by his impartiality the confidence, of all classes of the people, lie died 
honoured by his country on the 12th of December 1SG5 in the 54tl> year of his 

Below : Speaker's mace and a sword in saltire, surmounted by his hat, all 
resting on a cushion. 

154 (On a brass). Sacred to the memory of Sir Joshua Rowe, C.B. Chief 
Justice of Jamaica from 1S32 to 1S5G, who died at his resilience. Queen Ann St., 
London, 30th Octbr. 1S74 aged 77. Eldest son of the late Joshua and Hannah 
Rowe of Tor Point, Cornwall, England. 

This tablet is erected by his widow Fuvnces Ann in affectionate remembrance 
of the fifty happy years they passed together. 

Arms. As on window, but reversed dexter and sinister. Motto. "Sub cruce 

On the north wall of the chancel : — 

155. Sacred to the memory of Catherine Ann Winship who was born in 

this Parish and was for many years Organist of this Church. She died the l'.Hh 
day of July ad. 1900. Aged S3 years and G months. 

15G. Sacred to the memory of the Honorable ALEXANDER McInnes Custos 
Kotulorum of the Parish of St. Thomas-in-the-Vale and a Major General of 
Militia. He died on the 9th day of September lb3G in the Goth year of his age, 
44 of which he has resided in this island and was much respected by all who knew 

157. John Gale Viual, Clerk of the Honorable House of Assembly of this 
Island, died at St. Jago Park Pen on the Sth of November 1850 atjed ">s years. 
As a tribute of respect to the memory of one who for twenty-nine years served 
them with zeal and fidelity, the Assembly with the concurrence of the other 
branches of the Legislature alike observant of his worth have cau.-cd this tablet 
to be erected. 

Above : a mace. 

15S. On the west wall of the south transept : — 

Sacred to the memory of James Laing,* Esqre., of the Parish of St. Ann's 
who departed this life on the 15th day of December ls27 aged G2 years. 

159. On the south wall of the south transept: — 

Sacred to the Memory of Cuarlotte Elizabetii the wife of Matthew 
S. FARQUHARSON Fs([re who departed this life the xxii day of l'ebruan MIX i I I 
in the xxiii year of her age. 

This monument was erected by her affectionate husband. 

• 1800, Sep. 21. In Weymouth-Str. Portland pi a <■<•. Daviil Lain*, es.j. lit* of J. ("G M " 


1817, Feb. 9 At her house in Piccadilly, the wife of James Lain.', esq. of J [l ■ 188.) 
1821, April 11. The Rev. David Laiug, ol St. Peter*! College, Cambridge, you ol tl 

D. Lain'', estj. of J. to Mary- Elizabeth, dau. ol John Weat, «q. ol the -one I. (//>/./., 808 ) 


160. Ou the east wall of the south transept : — 

Sacred to the memory of John Gardner Millward* K->[ r who died after 
a ltri<;criiiLC illness which he bore with resignation and fortitude, on the 2-lth 
December 1S22 in the 02 year of his age. 

Also sacred to the memory of Thomas .1 wiks Bro\tn+ E-T| r who died on the 
20th of April ls2'i in the 33rd year of his age on his passage to England where 
he was going for the recovery of his health. 

This monument is erected by their affectionate widows 
Anna Maria Millward, & 
Ann Gardner Brown. (1S23.) 

Also to the memory of Mart Kerr, Mart Anna, and Titos. .Tames, children 
of Tuos. Jas. Brown and Ann Gardner his wife, and grand children of the above 
J. G. Millward. They died in their infancy. 

Arms. — Sable, a bend fimbriated, charged with three lions rampant. Motto.— 
Suivez raison. 

Also (MlllwaRD) : Ermine, on a /esse gules three bezants. [See Millward 
arms, p. -10, of Lawrence-Archer.] 

161. On the east wall of the north transept : — 

Sacred to the memory of Sasanna wife of Robert Allwood Es<j r of this 
Island who departed this life January 24th 183G aged 02 years. 

This tablet was erected bv her husband and children to mark their respect and 
affection for the memory of one in whom was centred all the virtues which adorn 
the character of a wife and a mother. 

162. On the north wall of the north transept : — 

.... To the Memory of Elizabeth wife of the Revd. \V. G. Burton who 
died suddenly 22nd May 1823. 

Sculptured by Richard Westmacott. Recumbent figure with angel coming to 
fetch her away. 

163. On a brass on the west wall of the north transept : — 

-In loving memory of Charles Hamilton Jackson, Speaker of the House of 
Assembly, Administrator General of the Island of Jamaica. Custos Rotulorum of 
the Parish of St. Catherine, where he died on the 14th April 1878, aged 60 years. 
Also to his children Elizabeth Alice, Lilian Charlotte, Herbert 
Everard, and Had ley. Charles, who died in Uganda on the Loth February U'OU, 
aged 28 years. 

161. East window : — 

The -window was the gift of the Honourable Sir Joshua R.iwe, C.W., Chief 
Justice of Jamaica, A.D. LS48.J It bears the arms of the See, the arms of Jamaica, 
and the arms of Sir Joshua Kowc. 

Arms. — Gules, three pascal Jambs Or; impaling Sable, a fess between three 
dexter hands appaumee bendwise, couped at the wrist Or. Crest. — A pascal lamb 
above a baronet's helmet. Motto.— sub CRUCE vincam. 

* 179.*), Oct. 20. Thomas Millward, esq. of Spanish-towo, J ,to .Miss Barnard, etc. ("G.M " 

1815. March 18. F. 15 Millward, esq fellow commoner of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 
youngest son of J. G. Millward, esq of J (Ibid., 37-*.) 

1810, Au,'. t. At Kingston, .1 , aged 30, Tl as Nixon Millward. esq I Ibid . *77 ) 

182i'. Doe. 24. in Spanish Town, .1 .aged Gl,Johu Garduer Millward, esq. Lieut General 
of Militia in that I. (Ibid ,1823, 382 i 

t 1823, Ap. 2o. On his passage to England, aged SI, T. James Brown, e-q- Member of the 
House of Assembly, in J. (IbiH., 478. 

% The uhanccl was greatly extended in that year. 


165. Font: — 

In memory of the wife and children of C. II. S. Hamilton Jackson, C.W. 

Alice Coakley Jackson, b. I Sept. IS44, d. 8 Feb. 185-4. 

Elizabeth Eleanor Jacksox, b. 10 Oct. 1st!), d. 5 Ike. 1S54. 

Martha Clement Jackson, b. 25 July ls47, d. 8 Aug. 1S54. 

1G6. Reading desk of white marble : — 

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Glstav Adolf Boettcher, 
entered into rest May 26, a.d. 1901. 

In the Cherciitard.* 

167. Beneath this .-tone are interred the bodies of Elizabeth younu'e^t 
daughter of John James Yidalt and Elizabeth Wade his wife, born 16th June 
1803 and departed this life 17tb July 1813. 

Also Teresa daughter of Koisert Vidal and Henrietta Charlotte his wife, 
born 4th June 1840, and departed this life 3rd March 1841. 

168. Sacred to the memorv of Georgina A ijchbovld wife of John Gale 
Vidal, Esq. born 22nd August 1795, died loth May 1832. 

169. Sacred to the memory of Susanna, wife of Kobert Ali.wood E-<q. of 
this Island, who departed this life January 24th 1836 aged 62 years. 

Sacred also to the memory of their daughter Mary Charlotte the wife of 
the Hon. AY'illiam Stevenson, who departed this life 16th December 1850, aged 
36 years. 

170. Here lies interr'd Andrew Speight, died 22nd June 1770, aged 7 months 
10 days: A\'illtam Speight died 17th July 1776, aged 10 years (5 months 23 ds. 
children of Thomas <t Elizabeth Speight. 

171. Sacred to the memory of Edward Trveman Gey, Esq born 26th 
August 1793 died 22nd July 1854 aged 60 years 10 months and 21 days. 

172. Beneath are deposited the remains of Archer Wright, formerly of 
Aspley in the County of Bedford, England, and resident at the period of his 
decease on his brother's estate of Aylmera in the parish of St. John. Jamaica. 
In life he was truly endeared to his relatives by the amiable mildness of his 
character and his humane, generous, and affectionate disposition. His death 
inflicted a deep and lasting wound in the hearts of his absent and deploring 
mother, brothers, and sifter. After a hapless residence of only a few months in 
this Island, and an illness of onlv a lew days continuance, he fell a victim t<> tie' 
scourge of the climate in the year of our Lord LS23 and in the 26th year of his age. 

173. In memorv of Margaret Mason who departed this life on the I lth 
December 1813 aged 90 years. 

174. In memory of Samuel Malcolm Facet who departed this life on the 
16th November 1842 aged 32 years. 

175. Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Eleanor Munro wife of George Munro 
who departed this life on the 25th July Anno Domini ls2S aa;ed 52 years. 

176. Sacred to the memory of Marie Theodora Margaret Austin wife of 
Huou \V. Austin who died on the 1st July 1863 aged 30. 

177. Sacred to the memorv of Susan Stewart, the wife of the Honble. 
AYalteb Geo. Stewart. She died 25th January 1856 aged 40 years. 

( To he continued.) 

• Lawrence-Archer recorded very few of 'lie inscription! iu the churchyard. Nos 60, 57. 
67, 71, 72, 78, and 133 were marked by him " C Y." 

t 1823, Oct 22. At his house on l.'e bnioud Terrace, Clifton, to the inexpressible grief of 

his widow,' his family, and friends, John James Vidnl, esq Until Hie !•■« last years this 

geutleman resided in the I. of J. and was formerly Representative in the Honourable Hou f 

Assembly for the parish of St. Thomas in the "Valo, and a Judge of the Supreme Court of 
Judicature in that I. (" G. M." 672.) 



jtlatson ilcttcns relating to Bomtmca, 

25. London. Oct. 7. J. M. S r to J. M. .T r at Dominica. 

The Description you gave (on the o lh of August) of the Mortality among the 

Troops and Inhabitants of 1). has very seriously alarmed me \lderman 

Curtis, who was most intimate with Hardy when alive, and often joined him at 
expensive Feasts, has proposed a Subscription, and already a Fund has been raised 
to purchase fifty Pounds p r annum .... Gillon subscribed £.}».> which is a large 
Sum for a poor Man. M" Hardy will be infilled also to £'200 p r Annum from 
the partnership with Wadeson & Barlow, which is to continue for 13 Years .... 
Peace which was published here only a few Days since .... France gets bark every 
thing she has lost by the War .... I conclude that the Introduction of Inhabitants 
to D. will be great, and that Houses will increase in Value. The W. I. may be in 
a State of Scarcity for some time, but 1 do not feel a Wish to become a Proprietor 
of an extensive Plantation there . , . . J. Lucas has a fourth Part of a Vessel 
commanded by Mitchell this he did perhaps without considering the Approach of 
Peace, and I believe that about £.300 must be added by way of Outfit to the 
£2000 he gave for his Property in the Ship. Endorsed: Beceived '22 Not. 

27. Dominica. Oct. 13. Simon Fraser to J. M. S r at John Gillon, Esq", Adelphi 

[but re-addressed to Bath]. 

The Governor without the smallest hesitation has admitted your authority to 
appoint to the Court of Admiralty .... a vessel seizx'd belonging to Goldsmith 
son in law to Bell of Prince Ruperts .... Winstonf was pressed to accept of the 
Att>" Generalship & a seat in the Council both of which he declined. Wise and 
another Lawyer from Tobago came here by the Packet and they say mean to 

29. London. Oct. 21. J. M. S' to his sou J. M. J r at D. 

M r Gillon concludes to send out Miss Heid in the Mars, ('apt" Mitchell, with 
M rs Chollet. Miss Corlet, 1 am told, is to go with M" Urquhart, the wife of the 
Captain, who has chartered a vessel. 

31. London. Nov. 1. Ditto. 

M r John Lucas and M r Dufrayer purpose to leave Town at an early Hour 
tomorrow morning, and to see Hath in their Route to Falmouth For Dominica .... 
J. Lucas-is desirous of purchasing for himself D r .Johnson's House & Grounds 

formerly belonging to our Friend M r Daniell. 

35. Dominica. Dec. 15. J. M. .l r to his father J. M. S r . 

Henry arrived off here on the morniug of the 21 ulto. His ship the Cyane. 
He lias lest 3 Lieu 1 * I killed. 1 died & the other bro' to a C Martial & Dismissed 
the Service. 

• Continued from p. 177 

t Charles Winstone entered Gray's [nn l:i August 1763; became s..l i<-itor General of 
Antigua in 1780 ; was a Member of Council 1781 ; removed to Dominica in 1783, where he waa 
residing in 1794 He married Rachel, dau. of John Ireland of Anti/ua, c<-nt. 


3G. Bath. Dee. 17. J. M. S r to his son J. M. J r at Dominica. 

Send me as much of the History of Dominica as you can; writedown any 
thing as it occurs without attention to form. The Daphne is r-till in Commission 
and will I suppose remain so until the Definitive Treaty is signed. The French 
will be obliged to send a large Force to -S 1 Domingo and we must of course emploj 
a strong naval Command in the West Indies. 

I am obliged to you for your Information respecting Molly's* Connexion and 
Increase of Family .... her Delivery of the two Children .... I had been 
accustomed to entertain very strong and favourable Opinions of the Sincerity of 
her Attachment to me, and was disposed to attend to her future Wants. Although 
I hold it to be unwise and improper to introduce into this Country an\ Persona 
of Colour, I had almost satisfied myself that she was an Exception to this general 
Principle. Be assured that the Education, Habits and other Causes, render 
Persons of this Disposition convenient only in the warm Climate of their Birth ; 
it becomes a Misfortune to themselves to be removed to any other Country and 
they are very rarely and perhaps never comfortable and happy when taken from 
their Homes to mix with Persons of a different Description and Habits. These 
have always been my real Sentiments and I here mention them for your own 
Consideration and Guidance as far as they may accord with your own. 

Let this be a Lesson to you, if the coloured woman prevails on you to believe 
that she is chaste to you, as strongly as suits your owu Inclination and no further 
.... Gillon had the Gout when I left Town. Governor & M rs Bruce are here 
and most civil to me. 


37. Mitcham. Dominica. Jan. 5. Simon Fraser to J. M. S r at Johu Gillon, Esq., 

Adelphi, London. 

The Governor has got into what I think a serious scrape by disbanding and 
disarming the S' George's Regiment of Militia without consulting any person or 
having a reason to assign for it, but what every person here is satisfied to be 
unfounded .... The House of Assembles Report has been made condemning the 
measure as both illegal and impolitic. Lacross's conduct [apparently the 
expelled French Governor of Guadaloupe]. 

38. London. Jan. 7. J. M. S r to J. M. J r at Dominica. 

I know of no Situation preferable to the Neighbourhood of Bath or Bristol, 
if I continue in England. Provisions of all kinds are most excellent and in 
Abundance; and good Fuel is so cheap as to be within the Reach of every ones 
Pocket: Luxuries also are to bo commanded there by those, who have Money and 

39. London. Jan. 22. Ditto. 

The Penelope sailed with the first Mail on the 11"' . . . . M r Gillon waited on 
S r Philip Stephens with me to press his Attention and Influence at the present 

• The Jud'/e was separated from his wife owing (as lie wrote) to her culpable oonduct, and 
she resided at Sandwich with her relatives, lie, living in Dominica, formed a connection with 
this coloured woman, alluded to frequently in the letters an Molly, by whom he apparently had 
a natural child. In considering and judgin _ tins social evil, which I believe was not very much 
more prevalent m the West Indies than in England, where the tone o( public morality was low, 
allowance must be made for the climate, mr the comparative small numb, r ol n bite women, and 

for the frequent isolation of the o\.t r> and others imon rsl ''I " k girls. The mestees especially 

were often very attractive and beautiful. The parish re sters ol later date give tin ba| tisnis i 
many natural coloured children, and u reference to the wills also proves the prevnh nc< o 
clandestine unions, in prosperous times the leading planters were frequently resident in 


Moment .... he promises to see Lord Hobart .... M r King is to go again to 
M r Sullivan the Under Secretary of Mate who will I conclude govern his Brother 
in Law Lord Hobart. The great Savings I have made to Government while 
I commanded, and the Credit I obtained in the Discharge of my official Duties .... 
If I must return .... I may probably reside principally at W'allhouse. 

41. London. Feb. 4. Ditto. 

I doubt if the Princess Elizabeth Packet has yet left Falmouth.. Doctor 
Clarke's House is very indifferent. There are but few good Situations and 
scarcely any good Buildings in D. 

44. Dominica. March 27. Simon Fraser to J. M. at John Gillon, Esq., 

Welbeck Street. 

My last was from Grand Bay .... The Governor's Speculations in Lands you 
have heard of at least in part, and I believe we know them but partially. Hi- 
other speculations if any must be in the neighbouring Islands for he has lately 
been at the Saints and Marygallante and is now at .Martinique, God knows 
what doing .... Plans for erecting Barracks at Stowe for 2-30 men &c a were the 
other week published .... Corlet and Ryrie offered separately ami at about 
£30,000 .... the tiling is now absolutely dropped "for the present .... Pagan 
and \Vinston will certainly go home early in .May and D r Clark and Laing. leaving 
M J,n behind, both talk of going. If possible the Country becomes more insuffer- 
able daily. Robert returned here about a fortnight ago and appears to me to be 
the only man satisfied with it. He says he remains two years. Eeid does not go 
home this year. 

45. London. April 8 J. M. S* to J. M. J r at Dominica. 

I am willing to believe that you are preparing for a visit to England. [The 
son was at Boseau on May 27. J 

50. Artillery Place. Aug. and 17. "William Pagan to J. M. S r at South 
Parade, Queens Elm, Chelsea. The writer had just arrived from Dominica, where 
he was Deputy Provost .Marshall anil enclosed for the Judge's opinion a letter he 
was sending to Beuj. Lucas, E q., :it Messrs. Sydenham's, 126 New Hond Street, an 
to the old dispute whether or not the Sales books of his office were public books. 

52. Sandwich. J. M. of S. to J. M. at 13 South Parade, Cheleea. 

My Nephew poor Charles Covell is provided for by Death he died at Demiram 
some time since. Sir Philip Stephens informed mo he had procured twelve in"' 
leave of absence for you .... Adm 1 Keeler informed my .-istcr Harvey on fridav 
last that Sir PhP Stephens is to be called to the hou.-e of Peers if so of cour-e we 
shall have a fresh Election .... Your sincere A: affectionate Friend .1. M. 

54. By a letter of Sept. 12 it appears that John M. J r hnd arrived recently 
from Dominica, and was in London. 


61. Roseau. Oct. 16. Rev. John Audain to J. M. 

John Matson Esq c . Roseau Domi 


Esteemed Sir ! 

Octb r 16"' lbU2. 

Although I have not the Pleasure of your Acquaintance, vet, I hope yon 
will have the Goodnels to excuse my troubling you with these ft ■« Lines to inform 
you, that, our mutual Friend Simon Eraser, previous to his Departure from hence 

did me the Honor of appointing me to the Place, which lie held under you of 
Judge Surrogate in Admiralty, with a Stipulation, to pay vou a certain Moieh 
out of the Fees. 

I am sorry, Sir! for both our Sakes little is be expected in times of Peace 
from that Court; but still, that Utile may be acceptable, 1 shall therefore In- 
obliged to you to give ine your Instructions respecting the disposal of what is now 
due to you, and may become due. 

I can remit it by the first Packet after hearing from you by a Bill at Sight on 
my own Correspondents in London if it should be more agreable to you than 
paying it to your Attornies here. Be pleased therefore to favor me with your 
Orders, and thev shall be punctually obeyed. 

I trust, Sir! we shall have the Satisfaction of seeing you here in your Capacity 
of Chief Justice by .March next. 

We want vou, I do alsure you, as Assistant Justices (and myself, at present, 
at their Head) are not so well versed in the Law, as the Situation requires. 

If, however, any Circumstance should detain you in that delightful Country 
you are in at present, 1 cau only say, (should 1 continue Senior Alsistant, as I am 
just now) I shall be very happy to allow you a proper Moiety of those Fees in the 
Common Pleas, the whole of which (if on the Spot) you are justly entitled to. 

Our present Governor's Administration is mark'd with such singular Events, 
that, it may be difficult for the best of us, to value ourselves tor the shortest time 
on holding any Situation under him ; but. from the general Tenor of his Conduct 
to me since I have been here, I have no Reason to think he may be inimical ; yet, 
still, he is not to be depended upon. 

My Nephew (John Corlet, who is now with me), requests me to make accept- 
able to you his best "Wishes for your Health, and believe me, with all due Respect 


Y r most Obed' Sen' 

Jonjr Audain. 

I am Rector of the Parishes of Roseau & S' Georges, of course you know 
mv direction. I reside in town. I will thank you to make my best respects to 
your Son. 

63. 22 Argyle Street, London. Nov. 26. J. M. S' to his son J M .I r at New 
Hotel, Falmouth, to be forwarded to Dominica it* the Packet has sailed. 

M r John Lain;,' in a short Letter to you mentions that the Boi with Papers is 
forwarded by the Thetis, Capt" Chamley .... The Remainder of my Books may 
be sent bv the Mars to John Gillon, N° 60 Welbeck street. Some Letters from 
Dominica" mention the Absence oi Governor Johnstone on the 1(1"' ot Oct', that 
he had expressed an Intention on his Departure to go to Bnrbadoea to Bupport 
a Complaint against an Officer of his late Regiment ; that M r Metcalfe was then 
in the Government .... I expect M r Metcalfe will be in Command when 
Governor Prevost arrives, and it all 1 hoar be true, respecting the Seizure of the 
late Dominica Government Vessel in America, ot protested Hills sent to Dominica 


from this Country ami America, in Addition to the late Governors Difficulties, 
I would not be subject to M r Johnstone's Uneasiness of Mind to become the 
sole Proprietor of his Fortune .... I was a Passenger with Capt" Bull in the 
Grantham Packet in 1789. Good luck to M r .J. Robinson. [Governor Provost 

and party were also on board the Duke of Marlborough Packet, which sailed on 
November 2G.] 

65. London. Dec. 7. J. M. S' to Rev. J. Audain at 1 > 

My Friend Governor Prevost will have arrived long before this reaches vou. 
Most sincerely do 1 congratulate you, and the Inhabitants of your Island on that 
Gentleman's Appointment, and judging from his very respectable Character, and 
the Language oi those who have long been in the Habits of Intimacy with him 
I confidently trust, that his Government will be honorable to himself, and advan- 
tageous and agreeable to the Colonv. 

69. Dominica. Jan. 25. Tho. Turner Wise to J. M. at John Gillon, Esq., 

Welbeck Street. 

Dominica, Tuesday, 25th of January, 1S03. 

J. M.'s reply. March 28. 

It gave me much Pleasure to learn that your Son had reached the West Indies, 
& had happily joined vou at D. On the Subject of the Proposal you have been 
pleased to make to me I must necessarily reply that 1 really have not Intcn-t to 
effect such an Arrangement. 

70. 22 Argyle Street, London. Jan. 18. J. M. S r to William Pagan, Esq., 


In the Expectation that the will of our late much esteemed Friend M r Fraser 
has been proved and the particulars transmitted from D. 1 take the Litem oi 

Dear Sir, 

It gave me the most sensible Pleasure, to hear from my Son, that he had 
had the Happineis of being introduced to you, and the Honor of dining with wiu 
one Day, when our Solicitor General, and Mr. Lucas, did. I feel duly grateful 
for your kind Attention to my Boy, and am proud to think he had so much Honor 
done him by you. I trust he will always make it his Study to merit your 
Countenance of him at the Bar, when you return to Dominica, as I hope you will, 
and in a short Time; for a Professional Man is exceedingly wanted in nil the 
Courts, Chancery and Admiralty, as well a.s Common Pleas. [ am afraid, Sir. you 
either did not enjoy your Health here, or do not like the Westindies. Should 
that be the case, and you have a Wish to remain in England, \ou can have your 
English Salary, and may also have one Third of the Fees of the Court of Common 
Pleas, and Admiralty too, if you will get me appointed Judge of each of those 
Courts. 1 know your Interest to be good, ami humbly conceive it would be 
a very eligible Arrangement both for you and for me. I hope you will not take 
any offence at my making the offer, or Proposal. Whether you do, or do not 
choose, to close with it, 1 pray to be favor'd with an Answer at your earliest 
Convenience; and am very respectfully. 

Dear Sir, 

Tour most obedient, 

Humble Servant, 

Thomas Tihnlr Wise. 


writing to you, persuaded that you will readily promote the Bettlcuierit of mv 
Demand upon his estate .... Admiralty Account of £100 Bt s , _M : Fra>ir «m 
very ill & much reduced before his Departure .... My Son John and mv Nop ,, a 
Capt" Harvey accompanied Governor Prevost on the Voyage, the former tu .. 
as the Gov" Secretary A; the iatter as .Brigade Major .... Mv best l\e"ards lo 
M rs & Miss Pagan. 

York Place, Edinburgh. Jan. 25. Y\~illiam Pagan's reply to the above. 

I took an early opp> to mention to M r James Fraser (the Brother of our poor 
friend) its contents. 

22 Argyle Street. March 3. J. M. S r to William Pagan, Esq. 

Tour "Brother in Artillery Place .... I happened to be at my Friend GilloiiH 
when Capt" Cochrane called for Information relative to Gov r Johnstone, from 
whom he observed that neither Lord Hopeton or any of the Gov" Relations had 
received a Letter for the last six Months .... Poor Daniell has very lutelv 
submitted to a most painful Operation in Order to extricate a Cancer in his Face. 
S r James Earle & two other medical Gent" were called in. 

(To be continued.) 

jWomtmcntal ftnsmptums in i&ncjlanti 
relating to 2Bcst fcttians,* 


On a hatchment in the Church : — 

Crest.— A buck's head cubossed Gules, pierced through the head with an arrow 
Or, feathered Argent. 

Aeus. — Azure, a chevron engrailed Ermine, on a chief Argent two bucks 
heads cabossed Gules (Nibbs, granted 1759), impaling :— 

Gules, a shoveler close Argent (La^'GFOUU). 

Motto. — ego suegam. 

On a large white and black marble tablet surmounted by an urn :— 

In a Vault beneath are deposited the remains of James Longford 

Nibbs Esq re , late of Beauchamp Hall, in this Parish, and his live 

children— Marv Nibbs, died April 0"' 1701) aged 7 months. 

Jane Nibbs, died June 4"' 1709 Aged 1 year and 10 months 

Samuel Nibbs, died July -1"' 1771 Aged •'» years and \i months. 

Thomas Nibbs, died November 19'" 17-9 aged ID years. 

John Nibbs, died January 27 ; " 17!) I aged l> years. 

J. L. Nibbs Esq re died Decemb« r 17"' L795 in his 5V 1 ' year. 

Be it remembered that the Relics of Barbara Nibbs who died Aug" --" 

1813 Aged 73 and her son Samuel Nibbs Esq." who died September l 

1805, aged 29 years are interred in the Abbey Church of Bath. 

• Continued from ,.. 183. t Copied December 1904 by Tao. L. Olivei 

"VOL. I, * 


James Langford Nibbs of Beauchamp, co. Devon, Esq. "Will dated 13 November 
1792. AVhercas my eldest son James Langford Nibbs is intitled to £150 n year 
charged on my plantation called Huddons or Weeka in the Island of Antigua \>\ 
deed lately executed by me and him, I do confirm the same. "Whereas by settle- 
ment previous to my marriage with my pre^enl wife Barbara pertain provision ba- 
rnacle after our deaths for our eldest son and his i-.-ne male, but my eldest sen 
the said Jas. Langford Nibbs having reduced himself by imprudence to iiival 
streights and debts hath latelj conveyed to Thomas Oliver the Elder of Mail; 
Lane, London, Esq , all such interest, I ^i\eall my plantations called Popeshead 
and also Haddons with the slaves, horses, cattle, etc., subject t<> mortgage, to the 
use of my wife Barbara, my 2' 1 son Geo. Nibbs, the said Tho. Oliver and Richard 
Oliver his eldest son, Langford Lovell and Bayer Otto Baijer both of Antigua. 
Esq re3 , and D 1 Jonas Langford Blizard of Antigua, in Trust for mj sons .la.-. 
Langford Nibbs, (Ten. Nibbs, Kieh d Nibbs, and Sam. Nibbs and my dau. Barbara 
Nibbs for their lives in equal shares and the heirs of my said sons Geo., Kich J , 
Sam., and dau. Barbara Nibbs. I give Beauchamp House to my son Geo. Nibbs, 
Tho. Oliver, and Rich' 1 Oliver for all my term on Trust for my wife, and after her 
death to sell. All my plate, furniture, horses, and all residue to my Trustees for 
all my children. To he buried in my vault in Washfield Church. My said 
Trustees to be Ex'ors and my Wife and son Geo. Nibbs Guardians. Witnessed 
by Jane Collins, Bich cl Abraham, das. Sedgwick. Proved 1 June 179(3 by Barbara 
Nibbs, widow, the relict, power reserved to the other Ex'ors (P.C.C., 821, Harris). 

Testator was nominated in 1772. as one of three proper persons to serve the 
office of Sheriff of Devonshire, but was not pricked. (" B.C.") 

See his pedigree in "Antigua," ii. 292. The Nibbs family is probably extinct 
in the male line. The last descendant, a great-granddaughter of testator. Emily 
Mary Nibbs, married 13 April 1864 Captain C. E. Ayseough Everecl. " Haddons" 
plantation passed to the Olivers, and my great-great-uncle, the above Richard 
Oliver, sold it in 1S07 for £10,000 sterling to Langford Lovell Hedge. [Editok. ] 

On a stone in the pavement : — 

Here lyeth interred 
Daughter of M* MELATIA HOLDER 
and IOANNA his wife late of Barbadoes 
Now of London .Merchant Shi- 
Departed this life y e 2^ : ' Hi\ of 
May 1701 in y e 23"' year of 
her Age 
And Allso [sir] Here Lyeth interr'd v Bodj 
of M« PETER EVANS of the island of 
Barbadoes who De] arted this life y' 7"' 
of October 17m; 
Alfo Here Lyeth InterrM the Body 
of M" S MAKY" KOKRTON late Wife of 
Coll. CHARLES EGERTON+ of Barbadoes 
who departed this life y' 27' 1 ' of May 1725 

• "Transcripts of the .M.I. in tho late Church of ^^ <■<■ r_-e mid Botolph, Botolph Lnne," 
by Percy C. Kushen. 4to. Debcn Pre--, Dehen Hon-,-, Feotiman ttoad, 8.W. L90-1 Fifty 
copies privately printed. 

See " Archer," 395. 17oi; U7. Eedes Melatia H. of B., nephew Col. John II. 
1707 87, Poley Ann II ol Ii. .V London, spinster 

t 1723, Oct. 19. Colonel Eirerton ..t Barbadoes, died <t the Small I'ox mi the House of 
George Newport K-</ in Crouched Knars. (Mairmn's ( bilunries in "Genealogist," vi . - 
His will nas proved iu 172 J (228, Roinuey), L Eoirou.J 


Alfo Here lveth Interr'd the bodv of 
Coll. CHARLES EGERTON late of 
Barbadoes Hufband to the laid MARY 

who departed this life y L ' 10"' of October 1725 

And ull I o Here lveth Interr'd the 

body of M BS C 1 1 R EST 1 A \ AN X A E V A N S 

of the Ifland of Barbadoes bitter to 

the laid PETER and MARY who departed 

this life the 10"' of Aprill 17u7 

All Five died of the Small Pox. 

Mem. — Mr. Holder referred to above was first present at St. Botolph Vestry 
in 1690. 


Ou a head-stone in the churchyard : — 

To the memory of 


of the Island of MONTSERAI 

who departed this life 

31 8t October 1S0S aged u 5 

Alio of 


of the Island of DOMINICA 

"Who died September 15 th 1809 

aged 30 Years 

A lib of 


died November 5 th 1845 Aged 6 Months 


late of the Island of ANTIGUA 

died March 3 |J 1848 Aged 57 Years. 

1S07, June 19. At Montserrat .... the wife of the Hon. James Potter 
Lockhart of Dominica. (" CM." SS8. I 

1811, Nov. 15. At S l Andrew's Holborn, James Potter Lockhart, esq. member 
of his majesty's council in the island of Dominica to .lane, eldest daughter of 
Thomas Windle, esq. John-street. Bedford-row. {Ibid.) 

William Mus^rave was a Master in Chancery, Member of Council 17S4, and 
Assistant Judge of the Common Pleas of Montserrat; died single, and his will, 
was dated 10 June 18QS and recorded 1809 at Montserrat. See pedigree of his 
family in " Antigua," ii. ~1>~j. 



180G Feb. 24 Andrew Wright, Esq., nged 54 years, late of the Parish oi 
St. Elizabeth and Mitcham Penn in the Island of Jamaica. 

He has a high stone tomb, formerly enclosed with iron rails, to the east of the 
church, and ou the top there is this inscription : — 

"Here lies Interred the bod 1 ! of Andrew Wright, Esq', Formerly of this Place, 
and late of the Parish of S'». il>, and of Mitcham- Penn, in the Island of 

• Communicated !>y R. Garnuray Nice, F.S.A. 



Jamaica, who departed this Life mi the Is" 1 day of February lSUO, Aged ."I Years. 
From his Great partiality to this Place {Mitcham, Surrey), He named hit* Pcnn 
in Jamaica Mitcham." 

The iron railings were removed from his tomb in 1S83 by order of the Miteliam 
Burial Board. His baptism i* not recorded in the register. In his will, dated 
21 January 1800, proved in P.C.C. 5 March in the same year (265, Pitt), he is 
described as : Andrew Wright of St. Elizabeth, eo. Cornwall, Jamaica, Esq., ami 
of Great Tower Street, London. He mentions: To my son in law John Pnsev 
Wint of St. Elizabeths ; to my Relation and Godson Andrew Wright Booth of 
the parish of Verc, Esq., at 21 years ; to my wife Elizabeth Mary Wright ; to m\ 
reputed daughters Ann Wright aid Elizabeth Wright, born of the body of Ruth 
Sinclair, at their ages of 21 years; my Trustees John Chambers of St. Elizabeth 
aforesaid, Jeremiah Snow of Broad Street, Ratcliffe highway, co. Middx., Hatter, 
said John Pusey Wint, and James Cross of Southwark, Gent., my Pen and 
Plantation at St. Elizabeths called .Mitcham. He directs that if the said Ann and 
Elizabeth Wright i, r o to Jamaica unmarried that they should forfeit all benefit 
under his will. The will is a large one, and fills thirteen pages of ihe register. 



In the church, on north wall of north gallery, on a sculptured white marble 
tablet; above is a broken pediment, with a kneeling figure, angel's head, and 
child below : — 









(Fifteen lines follow.) 



Crest. — An eagle a haul erase,/. 

Arms. — Argent, an eagle displayed between three trefoil*, impaling Quarterly 
1 and 4, Argent, a lion rampant; 2 and 3, Argent, in chief three leave*, in base 
a bugle-horn. 

Motto. — ne tentes aut perfice. 

Her husband Abraham Parry Cumberbatch was of Barhadnes. later of Tubney 
Lodge, co. Berks, then of The Broad, Hellingly, co. Sussex, and died at Tunbridge 
Wells October 1*40, aged ."it;. She was his first wife. They had issue an only 
surviving son, Abraham Carlton Cumberbatch, Consul at Constantinople, and 
a dan. Eliza. 

The arms should be : Gules, an eaqle displayed between three trefoils Or. See 
G. W. Marshall's '•Collections for Genealogical Account of the Family of 
Comberbach," p. 3S. 

A pedigree of Jones of Barbadoea is in Burke's " Landed Gentry." 

Copied 19 August 1008 by the Editor. 


BATHAMPTOX, CO. SOMERSET, about two miles from Bath. 
South aisle, south wall. On a shield-shape 1 tablet : — 

In a Vault 

on the Southeaft fide of this Church 

lieth the Body of 


who departed this life on the 2" J of Augut't 1792, 

aged 73 years 

(Four lines.) 

This marble was erected by 

Her affectiouate Xepliew, George Poyntz Eicketts : 

(Six lines follow.) 

1792, Thursday Aug. 9. Thursday died at her lodgings in Queen-square, aged ' 
74, Mrs. Mary Poyntz, cousin to the Dowager Countess Spencer, and niece to tin- 
late Eight Hon. Stephen Povntz, -who was Governor to the late Duke of Cumber- 
land. (" B.C.") 

Joseph Poyntz, a merchant of Jamaica, died 24 September 17"_N, . lL _',> 1 :;7, 
leaving: 1, Mary, whose death is recorded above ; 2, Hannah, coheiress, married. 
1718, Jacob Eicketts of Midgham/Jamaica (see Burke's " Landed Gcutrv ";. and 
had with other issue the above George P. Eicketts (born 1750; Governor of Bar 
bados 1791), who (lied at Liverpool S April 1800. (See "Antigua," iii. 'AT.) 

Ealph Allen of Bath, in a codicil to his will dated 2b June 1703, gave 
Mrs. Mary Poyntz £100. 

On the south wall of the tower, on a lozeuge-shaped tablet : — 


To the Memorv of 

formerly of the Inland of Jamaica, 

and late of the Citij of Bath. 

He departed this life 

on the 13 th day of Jauuary LS25 Aged 81 Years 

(Five lines.) 

His deeply afflicted AYidow and Daughter have erected this Tablet. 

(Three lines.) 

Also his Widow 


died March 22 nd 1S30 

Aged 75. 

1830. March 22, died in Bennett-street, aged 75, Elizabeth, widow of the late 
J. McGlashan, esq ; of the island of Jamaica, and Kensington place, iu this city. 
("B.C.") The vol. for 1825 is not in the Library. 

1807. Eri. Jan. 23. Tuesday was married at Bath, Capt. Ehvin, of the lltli 
reg. to Miss M'Clashan, only daughter of John M'Glashan, esq. late of the island 
of Jamaica. (" Dorchester ami Sherborne Journal.") 

On the north wall of north aisle : — 


HENRY II A I1K V. esqilbe; 









THE | 

OF | 





also or MARY HAFFEY relict of the above 


Above is a large two-handled cup standing on a pedestal. On the latter is a 
shield and on either side are Hags and canon. 

Arms. — Argent, a lion rampant, on n chief Azure two crosses patee. Crest. — 
A demi-lion rampant couped, holding in its dexter paw a X-like cross. Motto. — 


1836, March 19, at his house, 10 < lid Sydney place, in his 85th year, Henry 
Haffev, esq; native of Armagh, Ireland. Eoruierly of the Island of St. Vincent, in 
the West Indies, and for many years a resident in this city ; where from his kind- 
heartedness and on all occasions, ready assistance to the poor, his Dame will he 
highly respected and gratefully cherished in the memory of those who enjoyed his 
friendship and experienced his benevolence. (" B.C.") 

1839, March 5, at her house, 10 Old Sydney place, aged 78, Mary, relict of 
H. Hafl'cv, esq ; late of the Island of St. Vincent {Ibid.) 

Peter Haffev of St. Vincent, Esq. Will dated 10 January 1797. All estates 
to John Cropper, Merchant, on Trust to sell. My brother John 11. of the India 
House. My brother Henry II. of S' Vincent. My nephews Pobert Peter Scott 
and Peter Scott, suns of Uohert Scott, late of Liverpool, and my sister Mary Scott 
1 shilling each. Live (?) IlauVv and Edw' 1 Haffev and my 3 nieces Eli/., Henrietta, 
and Harriet H., all children of my .said brother John * of the rr>iduary estate. 
Gill Slater of Liverpool, Merchant, ■§, and to my said Trustee -J, and if he die 
Geo. Hartlev, merchant, to act. Sworn 123 March 1799. Proved 7 September 
1799. (P.C.C., G59, Howe.) 

In 1787 Peter Haffey was Lieut. -Colonel of the Northern Regiment. (Shep- 
herd's " St. Vincent," xliv.) 

In July 1790 Lieut. -Colonel Haffey took a prominent part in the subjugation 
of the Caribs of St. Vincent (Southey, iii. L 16), and organized and commanded 
a body of local militia called "Haffey'a Rangers." (Shepherd's " St. Vincent.") 

In 1799 and 1806 Henry HalYes was Colonel of the Southern Regiment, and 
was surviving in 1S31. (Shepherd's "St. Vincent,'' 1. and li.) 

Mount Alexander Plantation, S 1 Vincent. Owner, Henry Eaffey. 

negros. acres. lili'N pun. rum. 

1801 ... l"i") ... 300 ... 92 ... 41 

1S05 ... 175 350 ... 169 ... 82 

1814 ... 121 ... 300 ... 83 ... 63 

[MS. return of crops in St. Vincent, 1S01— 11, in the Editor's possession.] 

Henry Haft'ey lost C1100 by the Volcanic Eruption, and by 5:1 George III. 
received £1GG out of the grant of £25,000. (Shepherd's " St. Vincent." xliv.) 


In Kingston Churchyard, Jamaica, is a stone to : — 

Lieut. -Colonel Haft'ey, late of the IS" 1 regiment of foot, nephew to Major- 
Gen 1 Stevenson of the E.I. OS., & to Henry Haffey, of the city of Bath Esq r ob 
July 6, 1814, a?t. 41 years. (Archer, 149.) 

1814, Nov. At Jamaica, Lieut.-col. Haffev, ISth or Royal Irish foot. 
(" G-.ftL," 509.) 

(To be continued.) 

Parts!) Hecjisttr of f?t. Sfojm's, Jfifi Crcc, 

[Middle of the reverse of the preceding leaf.] 

Memorandum July 14, 1745. 

Buried Aun wife of the Hon bIe Michael Smith, Esq. 

July 22, 1745 

Buried the Hon Wc Michael Smith, Esq. 

Presid' of this Island 

N. B. — The above Persons were interred in St. Thomas, Church Yard, but 
there being no Register to be fouud in that Parish I thought proper to make the 
Entry in this Book. 

Jno. Mackay, Reef. 
[Next leaf.] 

Register for the year 1743 continued. 

Oct. 31 buried Elizabeth Frost an infant 

Nov. 5 buried Mary Evans Spinster 

16 Baptized William Turpin, s. of Moses Jones 

20 Baptized Mary son [sic] of John & Sarah Keep 

27 Buried John Browne. Doct r 
Dec. 30 Buried Richard Constable 

Jan. 1 Baptized Eliz. d. of Tho 1 it Eli/.. Keep 

7 Baptized Eli/."' d. Elw 1 & Frances Prentis. born Aug. 7 

11 Baptized Joseph s. of Sam"! it Henrietta Clarke, b. Oct. 27 

15 Buried Eliz. Gruff 

23 Buried Eliz. Evans 

24 Baptized Richard a. of John & Ann Tush 
29 Baptized 1 hos. s. of John A; Mary Crces 

Mar. 12 Baptized Sarah d. of Tobias <& Eliz" 1 Clear 

1744 29 Baptized Henry b. of Henry it Sar 1 ' Richards 
31 Buried Sarah Richards 

May 4 Buried Ann Browne 

June 22 Buried Simon Browue an infant 

Aug. 12 Baptized Roger s. of James & Eliz. Parris, bo. Feb. 11 

19 Baptized Henrietta d. of Johu & Eliz. Richardson 

28 Buried He-irv Richards 

Dec. 5 Buried Aun Browne an infant 
Mar. 1 Baptized Ann da r of John Frosl .v. Sarah his wife- 
Baptized Aun tla r of Hm Lies & Sarah Frost B.B. 

1745 April 3 Buried Jane Raves, Widow 

• Continued from p. 149. 



1715 April 7 Married Kob ,c Pemberton & Aim Herbert 

9 Buried William Woollward 

14 Married Tbos. Worrall & Margery Sanders 

24 Buried Thomas Sanders 

July 4 Buried Eliz. Stephens 

12 Buried Ann Sprinc:ett 

18 Buried Catherine McLake, a free negroe 

23 Buried Mary Dewit 

Aug. 8 Buried Eliz. M r Lake a tree Negroe 

18 Married Nath 1 Curtys & Bridgett Springett 

19 Married John Weeks & Martha Oesterrnan 
Oct. 17 Buried Eliz. Frost 

20 Baptized Thus. Sanders s. of Thos. & Margery Worral 
Nov. 29 Baptized Joseph s. of Mich 1 & Ann Stanley 
Dec. 5 Buried Joseph Stanley the above infant 

29 Baptized John s. of George <t Mary Frost 

Jan. 4 Buried John Browne 

Jno. Mackay, Eect r . 

[Reverse of leaf blank.] 

Registpr for ye year 1745 cont d . 

Buried Ann Payne 
Buried Samuel Clarke jun r 

Baptized Sarah Edgerly, d. of Tobias Clear & Ann bis wife 
Baptized Ann d. of Joseph & Mary Nale 
Buried the above Ann 
Buried John Browne, tlig tree 
Baptized James s. of Isaac & Ann Davis 
Baptized Henrietta d. of John & Sarah Keep 
Baptized John Henry 3. of Sam 1 Clarke jun r & Henrietta his wife 
Baptized Eliz th Browne, a Mulatto freed by Capt. John Browne 
Baptized John, a Negro s. of Eich d Lindsey 
Buried Frances Frost 
Buried Sarah Richards 
Married Mich 1 Williams & Eliz. Kitt 
Married Thos. Wilkinson & Ann Bennett 
Baptized Mary Coker d. of Geo. <t Sar h Keep 
Baptized Mary d. of John & Eliz. Brodbelt 
Baptized Sarah d. of Thos. it Ann Wilkinson 
Buried Henrietta Sanders wife of Jo 1 ' Sauders 
Buried William Evans 
Mar. 2 Married Rich/ 1 Godson & Fran" Evans 
Buried Mary Keeffe 
Buried John Austin 

Baptized Sarah d. of John & Prudence Vaughan 
Buried Mary Springett 
Buried Sarah Wilkinson 
Married Nath 1 Ilulburd & Eliz. Herbert 
Buried Mary Sargent 

Baptized Ann d. of Rob. & Ann Pemberton 
Baptized Thomas Maynard s. of John it Eliz" 1 Richardson 
Buried .... Frasier 
Buried Thomas Hardy 
Baptized John s of Moses & Sarah Jones 

Jno. Mackay, Reef. 


Feb. 2 

Mar. 11 


April 2 





May 7 


June 16 


July 2 


Oct. 23 

Nov. 2 

Dec. 13* 


Feb. 16 

Mar. 2 



April 5 


May 7 

July 14 


Aug. 14 

Sept. 20 

Oct. 1 


Jau. 29 

Feb. 21 

• Fourth leaf commences here. 

CARIBBEAN.*.. 233 

(Transcripts of ^artslj Ixcjjistcrs.* 


Extract from y e Kegistcrs of S l Johns & S l Thomas's parishes in the said Island 

of Nevis. 

Births, Baptisms <fc Burials in y c said parishes from Nov' 1, 1733, to Oct. 31, 1734. 

S T John's parish, Nevis. 
Births & Baptisms. 

1733 Dec. 26 John S. of Joseph Neale & Mary his Wife. Born Nov 1 " 11 last 

past. Baptized this day 
Jan. 20 Elizabeth D. of John Thurlaiid & Mary his Wife. Born about 

6 years and a half agoe was Bap. this day 
Feb. 7 Elizabeth 1). of Jn° Warrell & -Mary his Wife. Born Sep. 29 

last past. Bap. this day 
17 Jn° S. of Jn° Frost jun r & Sarah his Wife. Born Oct. 8 last 

past. B.ip. this day 

1734 Ap. 25 John S. of W ni Carter & Mary his Wife. Born y e 21 inst. 

Bap. this day 
Aug. 29 James Bevon S. of M r Jn° Sanders & Henrietta his Wife. Born 

July 21 last past. Bap. this day 
Sep. 28 Prances D. of Kich d Coker & Elizabeth his Wife. Born about 

two years agoe. Bap. this dav 
Oct. 30 Elizabeth D. of Charles Pym Burt. Born y c 24 inst. Bap. 

this day 


1733 Nov. 11 James Bevon Sanders was buried 

1734 Mch. 30 Edward Smith Broadbelt was buried 
Ap. 25 Capt" Tho s Fenton „ „ 
June Mary Tush was buried 

26 Frances Howard was buried 
Aug. 19 John Smith Richards was buried 

S T Thomas's parish, Nevis. 
Births & Baptisms. 

1733 Jan. 6 John $. of George Frost & Mary his Wife. Born yesterday. 

Baptized this day 
Feb. 21 John S. of Tho a Wallwiu Esq/ A Penelope his Wife. Born & 

Bap. this day 
Mch. 21 Edward S. of Mr. Kdw' 1 Barns «!t Elizabeth his Wife. Born 

Jan' 19 last past. Bap. this day 

1734 Ap. 30 Charles Bartlett S. of Charles Bridgewater Esq' & Eliz: his 

Wife. Bern A. Bap. this day- 
May 2 William S. of y' Hon 1 *' Michael Smith Esq' £ Anne his Wife. 

Born Feb'* 7 last past. Bap. this day 
13 James S. of Anne Clarke by Alex 1 M' Kay. Born Ap 1 11 last 

past. Bap. this day 
Oct. 13 Frances D. of W" 1 Huggius & Anne his Wife. Born Aug' 10 

last past. Bap. this day . 

• Continued from p. 164. 



1733 Nov. 9 Penelope I), of M r W™ Peterson buried 

13 M r ' Rolt was buried 

23 Elizabeth D. of Col Rich d Abbott was buried 

25 John S. of Col" Charles Bridge-water ,, „ 

26 Margarett D. of D r Le Toisonnier ., „ 
28 John Evans was buried 

Jan. 27 Sarah D. of M r Edw d Parris was buried 

1734 Ap. 30 A\'idow Simonda was buried 
May 18 M r W m Butler „ 

Ap 1 10, 1735. W. AVhartO-V. 

An Abstract from the Register of the Parish of S T George in the Island of 
Nevis from November 1 st 1733 to October 31, 1734. 

1733 Dec. Frances D. of John Kitt & Frances his Wife was Buried 

11 John the S. of James Parris & Elizabeth his Wife was Baptized. 

27 Margaret D. of Edward Evans & Margaret his Wife was Bap. 

Jan. 2 Ann D. of John Fifield & Elizabeth his "Wife was Bap. 

14 William 8. of "Thomas Oesterman & Elizabeth Harris was Bur. 

27 Amelia D. of Thomas lies & Ann his Wife was Bur. 

Feb. 10 Darby S. of Thomas Morris & Margaret his Wife was Bur. 

1734 Ap. 6 John Oesterman S. of Francis Watley & Martha his Wife was Bur. 

28 Charles S. of Thomas Neale & Ann his AVife was Bap. 

30 Frances D. of Edwyn Neale & Elizabeth his Wife was Bur. 
May 1 Charles S. of Thomas Neale it Ann his Wife was Bur. 
2 Joseph S. of [blank] Frances Kitt was Bap. 
4 Joseph S. of ,, „ ,, Bur. 

Judith "J 
June 4 Bridget >D's of Francis Stoddard & Parnel his Wife were Bap. 
Hester J 
13 Edward Woodward was Bur. 
July 23 Thomas 8. of Thomas Herbert Jun r & Frances his Wife was 

Aug. 2S y,- . i ( i ij [ °f John Dixon & Elizabeth his AVife were Bap. 

Sep. 13 Richard S. of Richard Lawrence <fc Ann his AVife was Bur. 
18 Ann D. 
30 Charles S. of [blank] Mary Syinonds was Bur. 

March y c 25"' 1735. Return'd by John Newbebt Register. 

S T Paul's, Nevis. 
1734 to 1745. Only numbers, no names. 

Burials IS the Parish of S T James, Nevis. 

1740 Mch. 11 Tho' Hawks s. of AV 1 ": Hawks 

23 Bob 1 Stevens s. of Dan': Stevens 

19 Jack Butler Free Negroe 

June 30 Charles Williams 

July 23 Eliz: Evanl 

29 Dan 1 : Martin 

Nov. 14 Mary Mace 

























CARIBBEAN.*.. 235 

John Brown 

Kemp Burt s. of \Y m : Burt Dec d 

W m : Palmer 

Dan 1 : Stevens 

Peter Jefferya s. of Sam 1 : Jetlerys 

Lineeston Jefferya s. of „ ,, 

Paull Scarborough 

Tho 5 Andcrton 

Carey Broadbelt 

Tho': Thraske 

Eliz": Herbert daug r : of Jos: Herbert 

Chbistenings in the Pahish of S t James, Nevis. 

1739-40 Mch. 11 Tho 9 : Hawks s. of W m : Hawks 
14 Eliz: Evant daug r : of Jn" Evant 
19 Kob': Stevens 8. of Dan 1 : Stevens 

1740 Ap. 10 W" m : Hauley a. of W m : ffanley Bat' 1 

22 Mary and Eliz: Chapman daug": of Ju°: Chapman 

29 Eliz: Griffin daug r :/>f Thomas Griffin 

May 11 Francis Powell s. of Tho s : Powell 

25 Cath": Barnaby daug 1 : of .In" Barnaby 

June 13 Joshua Palmer a. of VV ,n : Palmer 

22 Sarah Dunaviu d. of Jn : Dunavin 

July 19 Dan ; Martin s. of Jn" Martin 

Sep. 7 Brid 1 : Bridgwater d. of Thad"': Bridgwater 

Dec. lb' Frances Cliftou d. of Benj": Clifton dec d Quak ag 1 10 >'" 

1741 Mch. 3 Partial Barnaby d. of Tho- Barnaby 
May 24 Frances Coram d. of Jn" Coram 
June 14 Joseph Powell s. of Tho 5 Powell 
July 31 John Thraske s. of Tho''; Thraske 

Edward Brown 3. of Benj" Brown 

1742 Feb. 25 Jn" Jones Free Negroe 

28 Anne Barnaby d. of Jn": Barnaby 
Eliz. Burt d. of Eliu r : Burt Bast u ' 
John Latoyconere s. of Sam 1 : Jefferya 

1743 Mch. 3 Sam 1 Gardner e. of James Gardner 
Jos 1 ': Powell s. of Tho': Powell 
.Mary Cliftou d. of Benj": Clifton de cd : Quak a^ 1 17 J"» 

1744 Feb. 19 Barbery Jefferya d. of Sam 1 : Jefferya 
Rich d : Lytcut a. of Kich d : Lylcul Bast* 1 
Eliz: Browned, of Benj": Browne 
Frances Powell d. of Tho*: Powell 

Henerit: Clifton il. of Benj: Clifton dec' 1 Quak ag d 10 •"' 
Mary Lytcut d. of ltich d Lytcut Baat d 
John Griffin a. of Kemp Griffin 
Charles Bridgwater s. of": Bridgwater 
Roger Gardner b. of Rich d : Gardner 
James Clifton s. of B.nj" Cliftou dec 1 : Quak r : a- d 20 • t " 

1745 An. 2S Walter Nisbet s. of Walter Niabet 

























S 1 George's, Netis. 
1742 to 1745. No names. 









[Vol. 28, B. T., Leeward Islands.] 

Saint Joh>* Parish ix Antiotta. 

To y e 28 tb Sept. 1745. 


— Robert Cullen and Jane Hendrie 

6 Giles Buckley and Mary Welch 

9 Edward Stanton and Joannah Neal 

23 Robert Mears and Elizabeth Lynch 

29 Joseph Lee and Elizabeth Halloran 

30 James Cokeley and Margaret Antonison 
1 Francis Delap Esq r and Dorothy Thibou 
1 Jonathan Nun and Susannah Right 

12 Phillip Moro ats Merouxe and Mary Hill 

10 Simeon Warlock and Frances Liot 

1 John Edwards and Agnis Nichols 

2 George Hunt and Ann Knap 

5 Cornelius Bowen and .lane Marshall 

5 James Wilson and Sarah Welch 

14 George Stacpool and llestor Moore 

26 William Moore and Mary Bickford 

28 William Bowers Jun r & Mary Garrat 

Persons Interr'd. 

Ap. 15 Elizabeth West a Child 

24 Laurence Scannell 

28 Joseph Melton 

May 4 Michael Wince aChild 

4 Michael Brown 

6 John Conger 

21 Constant Church 

24 William Morgan 

27 John Thomas Booth 

a Child 

27 Robert Gardner 

29 James Parrinton 

30 Magdalane Dooly 
June 1 Andrew Swainson 

3 John Traine 

3 Frederick Henderson 

6 Ervin Russel 

7 Cap': William Allin 

8 Susannah Ruaael 

8 Nathaniel Newman 

U Edward Twin 

H Robert Ordley 

15 Charles Butler 

17 William Baker 

17 John His 

17 Jacob Gonts 

18 Abraham King 

19 John Weatherill 


June 19 

Mary Scannell a Child 


John Williams a Child 


John Davis 


John Smith 


Ann Morgan a Child 


James Vance 


Henry Jones 

July 2 

Alexander 1 '■ k 


Susannah Floyd 


Henry Stackpoll 


Sarah Wilson a Child 


Caj)t. Moses Prince 


Abner Young 


Henry ( )swell 


Edward or Edmund 



John Hornsby 


James Coots 


Margaret Voung 


Sarah Jacobsou 


John Preston 


John lnsher a ( h . 1 


Catherine CoulsOU 


Thomas Arpin 


Catherine tisher 


Thomas Green 


Ephraim rleldridge 

William M V'ey 



1715 Aug. 4 James Nichols 1745 Aug. 21 John Rogers 

5 John Elliot 22 Lindsey Shipton 
9 Josiah Arthurs a Child 

12 Eobert Denning 26 Ann Nichols 

a Child 26 William Knapp 

14 Mary Watkins a Child 27 Amos Woed 
14 Rachel Manwarring Sep. 1 Thomas Perkins 

a Child a Child 

14 Mary Ann Harney 6 Mary Bowen 

a Child 13 Christopher Nichols 

14 Thomas Copeland 24 John Morgan 

16 Catherine Boyle 26 "William llalford 

a Child 30 Joseph Be/one a Child 
18 Cap 1 Henry Dixon 
18 "William Frazier -d • , f Males 61 ) 

a Child \ Females 16 ) 

— William Thomas 

The above is a true Copy y e Register of all Burials in y c Parish of S' John in 
y e Island of Antigua from y e 12' 1 ' day of April 1715 to y c 3U 11 ' day of 
September 1745. 

by me Thomas Wiutfoed 

Minister of y e said Parish. 
[There are no Baptisms. — Editor.] 

S T Mary's Parish. 

1 Oct. 1735 to 1 Oct. 1745. 

Males christened 3S. buried 68. 
Females „ 48. ,, 37. 

S T Peters Parish. 

1 July 1731 to 24 -Sep. 1745 pr. ('has. Rose, Hector. 

Christened 89. buried 229 

S T PlIILIl'S Farish. 
31 Oct. 1739 to 3 Oct. 1715. pr. John Bernonville, Minister. 

Males bap. 52. bur. 61. 

Females ,, 65. ,, 4S. 

(To be continued.) 



i?otcs anti ducncs. 


John Roby brought out in 1831 "Monuments of the Cathedral Church and 
Parish of St. Catharine: being Part I. of Church Notes ami Monumental 

Inscriptions of Jamaica in t lie year 1524." Svo, pp. Si. with Dedication ii., 
Preface iii., and Index viii. pages, in a blue paper cover. Of this I have a copy. 

He then brought out Part II., a similar account of the Parish of St. James, 
which I have not seen. "Were any other Parts published ? 

Ou p. 3 of Part I. he wrote : " In the summer of 1S24 1 visited everv church 
in this island, took notes of its structure and extent, and copied every inscription 
therein . . . . T also transcribed from the churchyards and other cemeteries mam- 
epitaphs that I thought worthy of preservation; hut as most estates of any 
magnitude have their own burial-grounds, theie must be very many monumental 
memorials that I have not seen." 

Are Roby's MSS. still in existence? 



"Wanted information concerning; any Maltbvs in the "West Indies. Partieularlv 
concerning William and John Maltby, " Gentlemen." William Maltby, according 
to his tombstone, was born in 1044-.5. His brother John was probably older. 
"William married 1st ....?; married 2nd Hannah Hosmer, widow Willard, after 
1674; married 3rd Abigail, dau. of Deputy-Governor James Bishop of New 
Haven, Conn. John Maltby married about 1071 Mary Bryan of Milford, Conn., 
dau. of Richard Bryan, and granddaughter of Hon. Alexander Bryan of Ashton 
Clinton, Bucks, England. The above John and William Maltby had a near relative 
named Robert Maltbye, supposed to have been a younger brother. The Maltbvs 
are supposed to have hail a West India shipping trade. 

A letter from William Leite to John Winthrop, jun., dated " New Haven, 
Apr. 13, 1G7J," contains this clause: "Here is no news with us, but of 
Mr. Malbye's arrival safe at Nevis; that ship he went in being there cast away 
by hurrecane after the goodes were landed, and he since gone for England." 
(The index refers to Mr. John Maltby.) 

William Maltby died in 1710, aged (!•"> years, and his son William, horn in 
New Haven in L673, died in L701. The inventory of the estate of William 
Maltby jun., contains this item: "Dehis duo ve estate in Barhadoes — Sundrv 
Items £3o 13 s 7V 1 . The Estate Dr. t.» Mr. John Morris, for Freight 17' 3 d ." 
(Mr. John Morris was his father-in-law we presume, as Iiia wife was " Elizabeth, 
dau. of John Morris.") Inventory taken April 20th. 170 1. 

It is probahle that John Maltby was married prior to his marriage with Mary 

William Maltby had, besides other children, John and Jane, hut it is not 
known where they were horn, whether in England or tin- Wot Indies. John (2*. 
son of William (lj, married Hannah Lord of Saybrook, Conn. Jane (2), dau. of 
William (1), married David L'urkrr of Saybrook, Conn. Nothing further is 
known of this lino. Parker and Bryan Beeni :•> he names of Wesl Indian families. 
John Maltby, the emigrant, was supposed to have been "losl at sea" in 1077. 

Mrs. Ci.ahlnce Verrill. 
Sherman House, Boise, Idaho, U.S.A. 



Information is desired about a Mr. William Grant (especially with regard to 
the date of his arrival in the Colony), who owned an estate called " Castle Grant " 
in the parish of S l Joseph, Barbados, in UN), and died there in LGS7. 

He had a sister at the time of his death named Anne, who was married lo 
a Mr. Gates in England. 

16 York Street, Portman Square, 

London, W, 

E. F. Guam. 

PHIPPS OF ST. KITTS (ante, p. 67). 

Capt. H. R. Phipps is anxious to correspond with anyone interested in. or 
able to give information about the family of Phipps of St. Kitts, 1077 to at least 
1797; also the allied families of Clarke, Crisp, and Parrel of the same Island. 
The marriage and will of Joseph Phipps, about 1700 to 17 -1.3, and of Francis 
Phipps, about 17O0 to after 17o0, are especially required. 

He is also interested in the families of Ramsay and Akers of St. Kitts. and 
hopes to bring out an amended and fuller Phipps pedigree. 

R.A. Mess, North Camp, H. R. Phipps, Capt. R.F.A. 


J. STEWART (143). 

I find he was the Honourable James Stewart of the parish of Trelawny. He 
had the prefix of "Honourable" on account of his being Custos Rotulorum of his 
parish. I traced him as having been in Jamaica from 1707 until 1S21, when he 
left the Island. From about 1S0O until some years after he traded with James 
Galloway as a firm of merchants in Trelawny. lie subsequently retired from that 
firm and traded on his own account for a short time as a Merchant, and then 
afterwards retired from business. He was the owner of "Shaw Castle" in 
Trelawny and of several other properties. He was a member of Assembly from 
179S-9, and was made Custos of Trelawny between the latter date and the year 
1805. He held those positions up to the time of and a year alter his departure 
from the Island. 


I cannot, from the records in the Island Record Office, identify this name in 
connection with Jamaica before the year 17.">i;. There are Bereral patents of land 
in the name of *' Leslie" before and after this period, searching from the tune of 
the settlement of the Island under the Englisn Hag dowu to iSl5. Hut there is 
none to Charles Leslie. Amongst the records of wills the tirst entry iu the name 
of Leslie occurs in the year L755, when the will oi David Leslie of Kingston, 
peruke maker, appears. This will is dated 17 February 17""). and was proved 
'22 May 17o5. Then follow the wills of Trevylyaii Leslie, L760; John Leslie, 
1703; William Gaply, dated 2i> August 1762, proved .3 June 17(17: Patrick 
Leslie of St. Ann, Esq., will dated l^ July L766, proved 30 November 17t'>:». 
This testator devised all his estate to his brother Charles of St. Ann. carpenter. 
Searching from the vear 1 70S down in the records of deeds to Charles Leslie, 
first deed is dated 20 May 1 7 -3 < > . Then follow deeds dated respectively 170:*, 
1701, 170.3 1707, 170S, 1709. In all these deeds he is described as of St. Ann, 


carpenter. In 17".". in a deed of conveyance of a slave, lie is described n- . f 
Kingston, Gentleman. In 17S0, in a deed r>f conveyance of a slave from Thomas 

Leslie of St. Andrew, planter, he is described as Charles Leslie of the parish of 
Kingston, Gentleman. In 17 s .]. in a deed of Mortgage of a plantation, pen, ami 

Pimants Walk fr Vvwv Davidson of St. .Mary, Esquire, lie is described a* 

Charles Leslie of the parish of Sr. Ami. Esquire. The amount of consideration 
money mentioned in this deed is t'LN'ii. This is the last deed of record in his 
name. 1 may mention that the consideration money in the preceding deeds was 
from smaller sums, the largest after being £2000 and" £3000. The deed in which 
the sum tif £2000 is mentioned is a deed from Patrick Leslie of St. Ann, Esquire, 
to Charles Leslie of the same parish. Carpenter. 

The only will of " Charles Leslie " of record is dated 7 November 1781 ; 
proved 15 May 17S2. In it he describes himself as Charles Leslie of Kingston, 
Esquire. He mentions his sister Margaret Robertson, wife of Alexander Robertson 
of Whiteside in the parish of Rattram in the County of Aberdeen; his niece 
Margaret Leslie, wife of W ni Leslie of Bridgeland, of Coburtv, near Frasersbur", 
Co. of Aberdeen ; his grand-nephew Charles Leslie, son of \\""' ami Margaret 
Leslie; Joan Leslie, reputed daughter of his brother Patrick Leslie, dec d ; his 
friend Thomas Leslie of S' Andrew, Planter; Robert Leslie of Kingston, 
Gentleman ; James Gordon of S 1 .Mary, Planter ; Alexander Leslie of Portland ; 
Alexander Milne of Aberdeen, and his eldest son Peter. 

It is evident that by the death of his brother Patrick, Charles Leslie was 
enabled to give up his trade of a carpenter and became of Kingston. Gentleman, 
and afterwards Esquire. 

N.B. — In the deeds in which both the names of Patrick Leslie and Charles 
Leslie occur, the former is described as Esquire and the latter Carpenter. 


St. Jago de la Vega. (Record and Genealogical Searcher.) 

Sketch Pedigrees of some of the Early Settlers in Jamaica. Compiled from the 
Records of the Court of Chancery, etc. By NOEL B. Livi.vustox. (Jamaica : 
The Educational Supply Company, l(i King Street, Kingston. 5s. 19U9.) 

The chief portion of this little book consists of shorl tabular pedigrees, mostlv 
of two or three generations, based on the local Chancery Suits, documents ven 
inaccessible and rapidly decaying; and being of legal origin the information 
derived from them must he accurate. Ml poisons interested m We-t Indian 
Genealogy owe -Mr. Livingston a debt of gratitude for the great trouble he has 
taken in sorting and making abstracts from these records. The printing and 
paper are likewise excellent. Here and there one notices faulty arrangement of 
the tables, such as on p. 29, where the pedigree is of the muddling description 
mentioned by Mr. Phillimore* as the one to be avoided. The latter portion 
of the book includes Governor .Mods ford's lasts of .Militia and a complete Survey 
for the year L(i70, which, however, were printed some years ago in the "Colonial 
Calendar for America and the \\ e-t I ndies," p !» s . and from it can be supplied the 
missing surnames on p. 111." Thomas ( ; roves." and on p. 1 14, " Thomas S« aine. 
On p. 131 the portion from "Commodities" to the end was signed by I 
Tothill, but not the Survey itself, though Modyford said it was "brought to 
perfection " by the Receiver General. 


• Supplement to " Hon to Write the Ili-tory of a Family," p. 20C. 


i , 





»"J/ MAyyiSQ ESQ/l, M.l\ 
Oorernor of the fiti'ik of England. 

Crkst. — An eagles head Sable between tiro ostrich's feathers An/rut, all issuing 
out of a Jural coronet Or. 

Arsis. — Quarterly, 1 and I. Azure and Gales, a cross flory between 
trefoils . . . .>>; ; 'J, Quits, a chevron between three horses' heads erased 
.... [ ; 3, Argent, six leans .... Kvw ; impaling, 1 and t, Or, a lion 
rampant between eight crosses patee fitchie .... [Huxteb ; 2 and 8, Argent, 
a bear rampant .... [Baknako OF DowysiDE, CO. SOMEBSJ ij. 

Tainted by I. Lonsdale. EngiarM ly C. Turin r. 

London rub 1 '. Sep'. IS, 1S13/oj- the Proprietor, Ay C. Turner, Warren Street }'A: ■ * x • 



iWanntng of &t. lAttts/ 

John Manning of Palmetto Point, died=f=Joanah . . . ., died 10 May 
1G March 172-3, ased 51. M.I. 1722, aged 3S. M.I. 

Thomas Mannings 
of St. Ann, Sandy 
Point, planter. 
Will dated S April 
1739; proved 9 
January 1739-40 
at St. Kitts. Was 
of small estate. 

=Ann William Manning. 

Samuel Manning, 
gave three slaves in 
1740 to his sister 

Christian Manning. 

Ann Manning. 

I I I 
Mary Anne Man- 

Rebecca Manning. 

Grace Manning, 
party to deed of 
1750 with Eliza- 
beth, widow of Ed- 
mond Manning. 

John Man- 
ning. On 7 
April 1740 
Grace and 
were his ad- 

John Man-=pRachel 

ning of St. j ... . 
Will dated 
1 Septem- 
ber and 
proved 29 
Nov. 1753 
at St. Kitts. 

Thomas John Ed- 
mund Manning. 
baptized 13 Sep- 
tember 1747 at St. 
Kitts ; ? party to 
deed of 10 May 

Stapleton Davis 
Manning, baptized 
30 July 1750 at 
St. Kitts. 

Ann Manning, 
? party to deed 
of 1770 about a 
house at Sandy 
Point. PWill 
dated 22 Feb. 
and proved 1 
March 17S3. 

Jane Boyd 
Manning, bap- 
tized 1 Octo- 
ber 1752 a i St. 

Rachel Man- 
ning, r M rs. 
Rachel Soinar- 
sall L783. 

Edmund Manning,; 
witness to deed of 
10 November 173 1 ; 
? married lstly l\e- 
becca . . . ., and had 
3 sons, Thomas, Ed- 
mund, and Thomas 
Edmund. Dead 


to deed 
of 1750 

Lucy Anna 
Will dated 
24 March 
and proved 
2 August 
17GG at St. 

Arthur John Tho-=F 
in. is Manning of 
St. Ann, Sandy 
Point, merchant. 
Will dated 8 Jauu- 
arv and proved 3< ' 
December 17S4 at 
St. Kitts, all his 
children then 

Anne, dau. of 
Howard, mar- 
ried at St. ( r. 
B. 6 Oct 
L764 ; bui ied 

there 30 Nov. 
1S02. WiU 

and proved 1 1 





Edmund Manning. 

John Pelham Man- 

William Manning. 

Elizabeth Manning, 
married Maurice 
later of Martinique, 

1802; he died L7 
February 1*04. 

married . 

. . Gray. 

( < race Manning, 
spinster L802. 

Mary Manning, 
married James 
Patterson, mer- 

• Contributed bv the Editor. Tlio abstract! of deeds and wills at St Kitts were mad< in 
1900 by Mr. George Bromley during a visit to thai island. Tlio letter "c" stand- for "current 

money " or " currency." . • • 

Yor.. I. B 



life : 


Samuel Manning of Palmetto Point, planter in 1707; died before— 
11 June 1729, intestate. Adm'on to John Manning, (?) his son. 

Perhaps brother of the John Manning who died 172o, aged ol. 

John Manning of Basseterre, born 26 July=pSarah (only dan of Cant. William 
1?03 mS 1728; owned 45 acres at Coventry, merchant, who died 16 
PalmetS Point; administrator of estate of August 1734, aged f intesta te •; M.L 
Samuel £ - (presumably his father) at St. Thomas, Middle Island born 
boSber^S °Will dated 15 May 1738; 25 March 1711 -married ar Lhiste- 
proved 20 February 1738-9 at St. riitts. hurst, co. Kent, 1- Dec 

William Coventry Mannmg, horn 8 February T Elizabelh, only child L and hei 
i"oo. nf St Kitts merchant, 1749 ; of St. G. John Hyan of bt. Ivitts ana 
Bfl758 remold to London before 1 709, Croix by Mary his wite; baptized 
Jhen of WlUt"r S,,,:,-,: died at his residence at St. G. B* 6 > 

tWi nf Bil Iter Square ; ilica at ms residence m ■ ■<. - 

dated 9 June 1791 ; proved 16 January L793 
(P.C.C., 38, Dqdwell). 

shaft, London. 

Elizabeth dan of=pWil Ham Manning of Billiter Square, Mar,, da of Henry 

tin-ham. banker M.I', for Evesham and Lymington 17 J4 

and M P and of —1830; Governor of Bank oi bnglanu 

Voodhalh co. lsi2; reW » baronetcy ; tc*i ded at 

Herts, sister of Copped Hall m ot er.dge 1/92- LSlo, 

lord (■••miii-toii ; ■ then at Combe Bank in bundnuge, co. 

Kent; bankrupt 5 September LS31; buried and MJ. al 
, 1; ,,i i„ Gower Street 17 April LS3o, Suudridge. -nd 

Beech'llill, Heading, 
co. Berks ; born t 

Jnlv 1771 ; married 

L792 . • • ' I 

ton 13 May LS47 ; 

married 17S6 ; 
died 29 -March 

17S!». 1st wife. 

M.I. at Sundridge. 

aged 71. 

TX, see p. 244. 

• Bt.G. B. U for St. George's Bas eterre. 

13, sco pp. 2 IK 245. 




1. Richard. Earle of Bellomont, Captain Genera] and Governor in chief of 
the Provinces of New STork, Massathusetts Bay and New Hampshire and of all 
the Territorys and Tracts of Land depending on them in America; and Vice- 
Admiral of the same : Captain General and Commander-in-Chief of the Millitia 
and of all the ftbrces by Sea and Land within the Collonys of Long Island and 
Connecticut^ the Provinces of East & Wesl New Jersey and of all the fforts and 
places of strength within the same. 

To all to whom these presents shall come or may come, Greeting. Whereas 
■John Manning, Master of the Briggandin Lorall Bui-den Thirty Tunns navigat< d 
with eight men, no ?uns, Plantacion built and hound to Saint Christopl 
hath entered & cleared in his Majesties Port of New York according to Law. 

These are to require all of this Province and D r Sir, all others whom it may 
concern, To permit and suffer the said Briggandin to proceed on her intended 
voyage without let or hindrance. 

Given under my hand & seal at 
New York the j day of June Ano Domini 1G98. 

Entered in the Secretarvs Office. ( 8(rd ) Bellomont. 

David Jameson, D. Secy. 

Recorded at St. Kitts 1:3 Julv 1G9S. 

Battery Cath. Lucy 
Man- Manning, 
ning. deed of gift of 
slaves 1776. 


Sarah Manuing, 
married .... 
Grev of Bostou, 

Rebecca Manning, gives a ncujro 
to her niece Sarah Grey in 1772. 
Will dated 23 February L780 ; 
buried 2 Sept. 1760, aged 59. 

Rehecca Sarah Manning, born John Battery Manning, 

15 February 17:11: married died 27 September 1734, 

John Hatnm of St. Kitts, mer- aged 1 ; buried in the 

chant. He was insolvent in vault of his grandfather 

17(35. (?) wife of John Savage William Coventry. 

John Brooks Manning, 

born 21 Febri'.arv 17::':; 
of St. G. B. 1758. Will 
dated 25 August L7G2 ; 

proved at St. Kitts 2 
September 17G2. 

I I 
Mary Manning, 


October 1752, baptized 
31 Julv 1751, ami burie 1 
13 April 1757 at St. G. B. 

Sarah Manning, born '29 
April and baptized 31 
July 1754 at St. G. B. ; 
married, 30 June 1781, 
Benjamin Vaughau* of 

Elizabeth Manning, 
born .'SO January 
and baptized 1 I Feb. 
175b' at St. (i. B. ; 
married, 8 April 
177v Henry Mat- 
thius Bird of St. 
Mary A se and Bar- 
ton House, co. War- 
wick. II. • 'lad in 
Jermvn Strut 21 
October ISIS, aged 

Martha Weathered Manning, bi >rn 

S January and baptized 1757 
at St. G. B. ; married ( 'i 
I, aureus. President of American 
I ,- rests. 

John Ryan Manning, bom 21 
February and baptized 2 1 March 
L 760 at St. G. B. ; died at Madran, 
bachelor, between 30 June and 
80 ( fctober 1781. 

• Sec Pedigree ol Vaugbau in Howard's " Misc. Gen. ct Ilcr." 

K 2 


(See fl, p. 242.) (See 13, p. 212.) 
I I 

Elizabeth Anne Man- William Henry Frederick Man-— Elizabeth Rdm mi- 
ning, died 31 March Manning, born ning, partner da, 1st dau. of 
1795, aged 6. M.I. July 1793 in with his father; Edmund '! 
Bristol Cathedral. Billiter Square; died 15 January M.P.. of 

died 13 July 1SS1, aged 83"; UochfordParkaud 

Mary Manning, married 1S12, aged 19. buried at Tach- Panton House, co. 

1814, as 2nd wife. Major- M.I. at Tot- brook, near Lincoln; marrii i 

Gen. Thomas Carey, and teridge. Leamington. 13 January ISH>; 

died 12 May W>;i, aged ; buried at Tac-h- 

66. M.I. at Wat tun, | brook, 

co. Herts. zfs 

2. Particulars of cargo per Briggandin Lorall. 

102 half barrells Slower, nineteen barrells Syder, three barrells Broad, Two 
ditto Pease, Two ditto Bacon, a Parcell of Lumber. 

Kecorded 13 Julv 16<K 

3. Indenture between Lewis Halleran and Margaret his wife of St. Kitt^. 
daughter of Henry Scupholm and Elizabeth Scupholm Dec d — surviving Heir and 
Johu Manning of the same island. Jn consideration of one hundred and five pounds 
current and Lawful money of the said [sland They sell to John Manning a house 
and pareelof Land in the Parish of St. Ann, Sandy Point — 1 acre more or less. 

"Witnesses Geo. Thompson. Sg d Lewis Hali.erak. 

Tho' Pelham Phillips. „ Maeq t Halleran. 

Abraham Warner. 

Kecorded 26 Feb. 172^ 9. 

4. Lease by Joseph Estridge and Christina Panton, Attorneys \'<>r Barnadiston 
Soley, spinster of Barbados, to John Manning Merchant Basseterre of all that 
parcel of Land of Her the -aid Barnadiston Soley situate lying & being in the 
Parish of St. Thomas Middle [s ld containing by estimation " Fourty three acres 
be it more or less" hounded on the X.E. with land late of Samuel Manning !>■ 

on the S.W. with land formerly in the possession of John Panton Esq: die". John 
Hutchinson & John Stroud— N.W. lands also in possession. Lease for I'enn ol 
15 years at sixty pounds four shillings c. p. annum. Kecorded 11 June 17'->'.' 

5. Transfer of foregoing lease in consideration of Five shillings the receipt of 
which is hereby acknowledged bv John Manning Merchant t" John Kerie. 

Recorded :< July 172S 9. 

6. Sale of land by Sarah Luillion A Mary Luillion to John Manning. 

Recorded 26 June 1 7-;l 

7. John Manning, as adm'or of the Estate of the late Samuel Manning 
to James Gregory, Deputy Provost Mar-hall. C2SS, hi ing the amount due under 
a Judgment to the Executors of Timothy Hare, Merchant, deceased. 

Kecorded 26 Oct L732. 

8. John Ilainm .... sells to John Manning a parcel of Land in the Parish 
of St. George's, Basseterre, for £S0 c. Kecorded 7 Jan. 17-.I 

9. Indenture. Abraham Warner of St. Kitl <;••.: . For ■".,-. paid to him by 
Thomas Manning. Planter, disposes of " all that Tract or Lott oi Land BJtuatc in 
the Parish of St. Ann Sand) Point," of " two acres he the same mere or 
bounded E. and \V. by lauds of Edward Warner. R< corded 4 Jan. 1731. 



Cath. Sophia,- 
dau. of Lieut. - 
Gen. Sir Rich- 
ard Downes 
Jack sou, 
K.C.B., Com- 
Chief and 
Governor of 
Canada ; bap- 
tized at Wal- 
cot, Bath ; 
married at St. 
Square ; died 
30 November 
1859. Had 
three children. 

=Charles John— 
Manning of 
Peudle Court, 
15 Prince's 
Gardens, later 
of Littlehamp- 
ton Manor, co. | 
Sussex; born 
179S; died 2s 
18S0, aged 81. 
Was Page of 
Honour to 
George IV. 

dau. of 
Rev. Sir 
August us 
Part., of 
Hall, co. 
Essex ; 
•2^ April 
1862; died 

His Eminence 
Henry Edward 
Manning, Car- 
dinal, horn 25 
July 1S07; 
died 1 1 Jan. 
1892. (See 

Caroline Cath. 
Manning, born 
January LS01 ; 
married, 1S26, 
Col. Thomas 
Austin of Kip- 
pington Park, 
M.P. for Kent. 
She died Jan. 

Anna Maria Man- 
ning, married, 1 
March LS16, John 
Lavicount Ander- 
don of Chislehurst, 
a partner, 1S23, of 
Mannings, lie was 
born 1701' and died 

Harriet Eleanor 
Manning, bom Jan. 
LS06; died 29 Jan. 
1826, aged 20 ; 
buriedat Sandridge. 

Martha Manning, 
died young. 

Mary, mar. 
Rev. Joseph 
She died 

Charles Downes Manning, Cap- 
tain 1st R. Dragoons; baptized at 
Marylebone; died bachelor 1S9] ; 
buried at Lyme Regis, co. Dorset. 

Four daughters, all single except 
the youngest, Mary Augusta, 
who married iu 1S90 Sir \V. F. 
Miller, oth Baronet, of Gleiilee. 

10. Indenture. Abraham Warner to Thomas Manning, in consideration of 
£140 c, all that tract, etc., in the Parish of St. Ann's, of two acres, adjacent to 
foregoing. Recorded 15 Jan. 1734. 

11. Barnadiston Soley of Barbados, having died intestate, her property, 
" now or lately in the possession or tenure of John Manning" (bounded at the 
head with lands belonging to the two daughters and co-heirs of William .Manning, 
deceased), is presented by the Crown to Wm. Pym Burt. 

Recorded lb Feb. 1731. 

12. Edmund Manning witnesses a deed. 

10 Nov. 1734. 

18. Maurice Berkeley sells to John Manning for i"-'() a small lot of Land in 
Basseterre, which he bought from Dan 1 Perrain, gent. Recorded 1 Aug. 1 7:;">. 

14. John Johnson, jun., sells a negroe to John Manning. 16 Dec. 1.736. 

15. Power of Attorney by John Manning of St. Christopher, Merchant, to 
Ralph Payne and Edward Bourryau, Esquires, and William Coventry, Merchant, 

all of the "said Island. To be Lawful Attoruies jointly and severally. 

Witne.-s, Sam 1 Draston. Signed by Jons Ma>>ixq, L2 May ir:>s 

Proved on 19 May 17:is by oath before James Gordon. 
Ent d in Reg rs Office, Thursday, 3 J day of Augt. 1788. 

Craistcr Greathead, Pep' Reg T . 

16. The Attorneys of John Manning buy certain negroes from Charles Pym 
and Laneton Ward Eor £207 and £100. 4 Aug. 1735.' 


17. Will of John Manning, 15 May L738. Probate 20 Feb. 1 \ 

IS. Will of Thomas Manning, 8 April 17:3!). Probate 9 Jan. 1740. 

19. Indenture. Sarah Manning, "Widow, \V m Coventry, Merchant, and 1; 
Payne, Ex'ors of John Manning, in consideration of the sum of £900, c< nvev to 
Walter O'Neale aud Sarah his wife a parcel of Land at Palmetto Point of i 

45 acres. 25 July 173'J. 

20. Grace Manning and Edmund Manning, Administrators of John 
Manning, deceased, sell a slave for £38. 7 April 1740. 

21. Indenture. Edward Bourryau and W r " Coventry of Basseterre, Ex'ors of 
John Manning, late oi Basseterre aforesaid, Merchant, deceased, in considerai 
of £70 c. paid by W" 1 Hart, Planter, convey to him one negroe woman en 
Phibba at the price of Ten pounds, and one negroe woman called Phyllis, with her 
daughter Myrtilla, at Sixty pounds: they being lately the property i>i John 
Manning, dec' 1 . 8 June 1741. 

22. Edward Bourryau and W Q1 Coventry. Exors of John Manning, in con- 
sideration of £9(3 c. paid by David Algeo, convey to him three slaves : 1 negroe 
woman called Juna aud 2 negroe girls called Arnoti and Mannott : lately I e 
property of John Manning, Dee a . 5 May 1741. 

23. Deed of Gift. Samuel Manning, Gent: of St. Kitts, to his sister Grace 
Manning, in consideration of natural love and affection — Negroes Scipio, Gingo 
and Phillis. 

Witnesses : Tho 3 Pelham Phillips, Abraham Warner, W m Armatrading. 

Recorded 10 Aug. 1710. 

24. \V m Coventry, Merchant of St. Kitts (Adm5r of W in Coventry, sen: dee 1 , 
Merchant, unadministered by John Manning, Dec' 1 , his late Adm or ), in considera- 
tion of £98 c. paid by \V" Hart of the said Island, Planter, conveys two negroe 
slaves, Liviaj a Carpenter, and Cambridge, a sailor, lately the property of 
"W m Coventry; senior. Recorded 8 June 1711. 

25. John Manning of the Parish of St Paul. Capesterre, Planter, in 
consideration of £28 c. paid by Charles Laval Moliueux of the said LI 1 . Est]:, 
conveys one negroe boy slave named Bartholin -v. Recorded 30 April 17 13. 

2G. John Manning of S" Kitts, geut., for £sl c. paid by Abraham Mussaphia 
of the said I., Merchant, conveys one negroe woman slave named Sindah and her 
three children, Ruth, Muclat, and Maryan. Recorded 3 Dec. 17l">. 

27. Francis Phipps Broadl It, sen r , for £112 c. conveys to W m Manning 
and Leonard llainin of St. Christopher, Merchants, the negroes Coffee, Peter, 
and Clorinda. Recorded 10 July 1749. 

2S. Deed of (lift. Pv (J race Manning and Elizabeth Manning, in considera- 
tion of natural love and affection and 6 IU0 c, convey to Kb/. 1 Miriam Manning 
and Arthur John Thomas Manning, two uegroe Blaves, Mutnbo and Nod, to 
Eliz"' M. Manuing, and two negroe s aves, John and Scipio, n> \. J. T. Manning. 
(Eliz. M. was widow of Edmund Manning, they being parents of E. M. M. and 
A. J. T. M.) Recorded 3 Oct 17.".". 

29. Indenture. William Manning of the Is 1,1 of St. Christopher, Merchant, 
John Hamtn of the Is 1 ' 1 , Mcrch 1 , and Sarah hi* wife. James Losack of the 
Is 1J , Guardian of the Body and E tab ol John Manuing, an infant under the age 
of 21 yertrs, *>"( tho I" part, Patrick Dextor and George Wattley, both of tin 
Island, Masons, of the 2' part. 


In consideration of the sum of £G00 c. paid by Dextor and Wattley, "all 
that piece or parcel of land with Messuage or Tenement erected thereon, .-.ituate 
and lying in the Parish uf St. George Basseterre, bounded on the X. I>v Cavon Si 
79} feet, E. by Pasture Market 57 ft., S. by lands belonging to hi \V ' 

Connor, deceased, Sl-J ft.. W. by lands of the ".-aid William Manning, • uly 

called the Bake House, -37 ft., measuring in ad L0.5S8} sq: ft,, with ali ways, 
water ami water courses, Rights, Members, Hereditaments and Appurtenances 
whatsoever thereunto belonging, also all estate Right, Title. Interest, Pr 
claim or demand which they the said \V" Manning, John fclainm .^ Sarah his wife 
and James Losack now have or may have in said piece or parceil oi' land £ 
Premises with the appurtenances of, in or to any part or parceil thereof." 

Conveyed to Patrick Dextor and Geo. Wattley. 

Witnesses: Willett Payne, Joseph King. 

Signed W* Mannixc, James Losace, 
Jony Haiim, Sabah Hasim. 
Eecorded 10 Aug. 17.31. 

30. Indenture. "W m Manning and Elizabeth his wife, John Hamm and Sarah 
his wife, and James Losack, Guardian of John Manning, infant, convey t2"s7 sq. ft. 
of land with Tenement in Basseterre to Isaac Nett, Merchant. £550 c. 

Eecorded 20 May L752. 

31. Indenture. The same as foregoing. To Richard Emra, 7-11-3 sq. ft. land 
in Basseterre. £s0 c. Recorded 18 April L752. 

32. Indenture. John Maiming of the Parish of St. Ann, Sandy Point, 
St. Christopher, Gentleman, conveys to Abraham Audain, Merchant, a negroc 
man called Joseph. £5S lOi. 

Witnesses: Johnson Warner and W" 1 Rogers. Eecorded 10 July 1753. 

33. Will of John Manning of St. C, Planter, dated 1 Sept. 175-'i. 

Probate 29 Nov. 17-33. 

3-1. Indenture. William Manning, Merchant, for £131 pd. by Hon: Edward 
Jesup, President of the Council of St. lv., conveys a negroe woman. Phelah, and 
her two sons, Scipio and Abraham. Eecorded 10 Jan. 1731. 

35. Power of Attorney. John Hamm of St. C, Gent., to William Manning, 
Merchant. Recorded JO May 17.31. 

36. William Maiming, Deputy Provost Marshall for some years. 

Period 175S up to 1703. 

37. Will of John Manning of St. C, Gent., 25 Aug. 17G2. 

Probate 2 Sept. L762. 

33. Indenture. W 1 " Manning and Elizabeth his wife to John Wharton of 

St. Tho\ Middle Is 1 ' 1 . £so c, laud m Old Road. Recorded is Ma) l7(j-'{. 

39. indenture. Arthur John Thomas Manning and Abraham Audain, both 
of the Parish of St. Ann, Sandy Point, of the one part, and Stafford] of 
the other. £500 c, Land in Parish of St. Ann. Recorded 26 Feb. L7GA. 

■10. William Manning becomes security for his brother in Law, Johu Hamm, 
to Ids Creditors tor L'272 1 I I .-. I0d., also for paym 1 of 6150 yearh to his Wife, 
Sarah Hamm, who is going to reside in Eugland. Takes mortgage on property 

in College St., Basseterre. Recorded 31 May L7G3 

■11 W m Manning pays £500 for slaves to John Hamm. 

Eecorded 8 March 1705. 


42. Property of Jolm Hamm sold by Provost Marshall. Bought in bv the 
Mortgagee, W m Manning, for £150. No other bidders. 

Recorded 1 May 17G5. 

43. Indenture. W n Bowles to W m Manning and Tho 3 Cottle. 

Recorded 13 May 17G5. 
Several others, W ni M., about same time. 

44. Will of Lucyana Manning, 24 March 17GG. Probate 2 Aug. 17GG. 

45. Manumission granted by John Manning and Abraham Audain to Phillia. 

Recorded LU May 17G1. 

4G. Deed of Gift. John Hamm, St. C, Gent., consideration natural love and 
affection for Mary Manning, dau. of \Y" Manning, same Isl d , Merch 1 , Negroe girl 
Kitty. Recorded 29 Jan. 1755. 

47. W D1 Manning, Merch 1 of Basseterre, St. C, acting as agent for 
M r Edmund Tannett of Georgia, America, sells 5 negroes to Edward Gillard, 
Planter, for £257 c. Recorded 10 March 1755. 

48. Indenture between W m Manning of the Parish of St. Geo:, St. C., 
Elizabeth his wife, and John Mannjug of same Parish and Is 1 ' 1 , Gent., which said 
"W m M. and John M. are two of the children and Residuary Legatees of John M., 
late of the same Parish and Is 1 ' 1 , Merch'. dee d , of the 1 st part, and John Hamm of 
the same Par 151 ' and ls Ui , merch 1 , of the 2 1 part. The said John .Manning in his 
Will bearing date on or ab l 15 th May 173b, did (amongst other bequests) leave 
the residue to \V m M. and John M: by the names of \\' m Coventry Manning and 
John Brookes Manning and to his dau. .Sarah, now the wife of s' 1 John Hamm by 
the name of Rebecca .Sarah Manning, and to their Heirs, when the sons attained 
age of 21 and daus. 21 or marriage. Will duly proved. John Hamm being 
entitled by right of his wife Sarah tit one undivided { a of certain Messuages or 
Tenements and parcels of land in Basseterre is desirous of purchasing the other 
i dd from W m M. and John M., which he does for £GU0 c. 

Recorded 19 .May 175S. 

49. Deed of Gift. W m Manning to his dau. Sarah, nat. love and affect", 
negroe Kitty, " which' I became possessed of & entitled to by the death of my 
dau. Mary Manning, to whom the s d negroe Kitty was given by John Hamm bv 
deed of gift dated 2'J^ Jauy. 1755. 

"Also in cons' 1 " of natural love ^v. affect" for my dau. Elizabeth as well as from 
motives of common justice & in lieu of a negroe woman Julliet given to said da. 
Eliz th M. by M" Eliz"' Brouucker, L st wife of Henry Brouucker, lis,)., wh. >'• girl I 
was induced from her many bad qualities to dispose of, & in consd" of money rec' 1 
for s' 1 negroe girl I do give to my da: KHz"' a negroe girl called Charlotte, & to 
her Heirs for ever." Recorded 23 Nov. L75S. 

50. John Manning sells a piece of land in Basseterre to W'" Smith for C200. 

Recorded 3 Jan. 175!). 

51. \Y m M. of S l Geo., B'terre, Esq., John Hamm, Merch', ami John 
Manning of same Parish, Gent., of the 1"' pt., and Isaac Netto, merch", of the 
2 J pt. M s or Tcn ts and parcel of laud on S° side of Cay on St., B'terre. C 5 -. 

Recorded 20 April 17.">v 

52. The same. "W" 1 M. and Elizabeth his wife, John Hamm and Sarah his 
wife, and John M., 1 st p l . Isaac Xetto, 2' 1 p'. The interests of Sarah II. having 
been created by the will of her father, Jolm Manning. Laud conveyed for £300. 

Recorded 21 April 175b. 
(To be continued.) 



3 2Ust of ablest Kitiuan Qcrts on rlje 
Close ftolte-* 

Thomas Harford, by Nathaniel Wall. 

Nathaniel Noell, by Martin .\<>eli. 

Mary Roberts, widow, by Francis Austin. 

Isaac Eichier, by Anamaram Dormer. 

Cutlibert Sharpies, by Henry .Smith. 

Richard Banner, by Lady Ann Boughton ah. Bayly 

Robert Chaplin, William Thornburgh, Thomas 

Fooleston, William Rawlins, by Willoughby 

Christopher Codrington, by Daniel Browning. 
Thomas Houghton, D.D., & Robert Camell, by 

Tobias F'rere 
Richard Bate, John Exton, John Whalley, 

Isaac Hawkins, Thomas Burrows, & 

Christopher Pressecke. 
John Hill, Thomas Hill, by Thomas Lear. 
Arthur Middleton, by Thomas Gonning. 

Bermuda 1 "William it Mary, 1-7 

Barbadoes 3 William & Mary, S-23 

-1 William & Mary, 1-7 

Bermuda 4 William & Mary, -3-13 

Barbadoes G William & -Mary, t-3G 

Bermuda 11 A\'iliiam, G-35 

Barbadoes 7 William III., ."-1 
11 William ill, 3-7 

Barbadoes 8 William, 6-7 

Nicholas Trott, by tiie Earl of Manchester. 

Edward Willy, by Elizabeth Porter. 

William AVheeler, by Richard Grey. 

William Bulkeley. Henry Bedell, John Wheatley. 

George Carleton, Francis Gage. 

Nathaniel Rous, Herbert Springett, James 

The King, & John Anderson, clerk. 
Arthur Arscott, by Francis Thornhill. 
John Burke, by James Duncane. 
John Burke, by Ann Osborne. 
John Burke, by George French. 
Robert Chester, by Sir John Eyles. 
James Douglas, by Rachael Tudwey. 
.lames Emra, by Thomas Winder, clerk. 
Mary Foster, by Lewis John Collins. 
Anthony Furstenau, by Fred Voguell. 
Roland JFrye, by Archibald Cochran. 
Devereux Gage, William Goosetree, Janus 

Daniel Goliard, by Daniel Betts. 
John Davis .Molineaux, by Staple ton Davis. 
John Duer, Slingsby Bethell, Henry Marshall. 
Richard Oliver, by Fred Voguell. 
Lewis John Collins, Isaac Silvera, Mary Foster, 

Edward Watkinson. 
Isaac Loundes, Thomas hounds, Robert, Thorpe 
Blandy Lee Waterman, by Francis Waterinau. 
William Coleman, & John Tittle, clerk. 

Barbadoes 10 William III, 2-21 

13 William III., 6-3 

12 William III, 2-12 


Bermuda 7 William III., 7-23 

Barbadoes 10 William III., S-18 

13 William 111.. 4-23-24 

Barbadoes 3 Anne. 4.-1(1 

Mountseiat 1 Anne, 2-1 

Barbadoes 1 Anne. 11-14 

S' Christophers 3 George II., 7-2-3 I 

Jamaica .3 George 1 1 ., ti-l<> 

Antigua 1 George 11, S-lo-lli 

3 George II., 20-19 

„ 3 George, 20-20 

Barbadoes 3 George II.. 12-1 

Antigua ti George 11.. 5-1-2 

Nevis 4 George II. , U-lS-19 

Jamaica 1 ( reorge I I.. 5-1 B 

Antigua 5 George 1 1 , 1 1-1 -J 

„ 6 George 1 1, 6-10 

Montserrat 1 George 1 L, 9-24-25 

Antigua i> ( reorge 11.. 16- 16 

Montserrat 3 George II., pt. 20-2 

Antigua 5 George 1 1 . L»-2 

„ .3 George II.. 7-21-22 

Jamaica 4 George II . 3-17 
America 5 ( reorge II, 3-16 

Jamaica (> ( reorge II. 3-3 

America LO George II , 20-2 

• This second Index appears to inc u lo - iui I mines which are aot to bo found in the List of 
Indentures already printed, so ilr. Gerald FotQergill aud myself cousider tliat bolb li^ls should 
be consulted. — Einiou. 



Jeremiah Brown, by Prudence & Mary Brown. 
Thomas Butler, by Thomas Pytn. 

America 7 George II., G-7 
America 12 George II., s-1 [ 

Jamaica 9 ( ieorge II.. 3-17 
Antigua 9 George II., 17"-*; 


Samuel Collet, by Edward Green. 
Thomas Coningharu, by John Murray. 
William Coleman, by Society for propagating 

the Guspell. 
William Coleman, by Thomas Ogilivie. 
Thomas Coleman, Thomas Truman, Thomas, 

Pembrooke, & William Coleman. 
John Duport 

William Teuton, by Thomas Butler. 
James Farrill, by Thomas Darnell. 
"William Pcnton, by Sir "William Stapleton. 
Alexander Forbes. 
John Hamilton, by James "Watts, William 

Alexander Forbes, William Penn, & Thomas 

John Page. 
John Lewis. 
Sir John Molcsworth, Bart., by Arthur 

Arscott, & Edmund Prideaux. 

Jamaica 7 George II., 23, and 8 George II., 10-1G 
Charles Pym. bv Gilbert Fleming. America 12 George II., 1S-15 

Walter Sidsei-fe, bv Randal Atkins. Antigua 11 George II., 19-7 

10 George II., 20-1-2 

11 George IT, 2-7 

12 George II.. 20-1 
10 George II., 1-1-2 

10 George IT, 9-27 
11 George IT, 3-3 

11 George IT. .1- ti- 
ll George IT, 13-3-3 

Jamaica 12 George IT, 10-12-13 

America 1 1 George IT, 13-35 

Jamaica 8 George II., 1-5 

„ 9 George IT, 3-17 

Robert Thorpe, by Thomas Lounds. 

Thomas Truman. 

Samuel AVrags, by Richard Sheton. 

John Welles, by John Duport. 

Tobas Wall, by Patrick Darcy & Catherine his wife 

George Webb, by Thomas Pembroke. 

Thomas AY'alker, by Daniel Smith. 

Francis Beckford & Lady Albinia Bertie & 

Peregine Duke of Ancaster, Francis 

Lord North, William Beckford. 
Benjamin Andrews Atkinson, Gratia his 

wife v. Mount. 
Zaehariah Bourryau by John Duport Esq. it w 
Philip Bennett, James Travcrs by Dcvercux 

Zaehariah Bourryau by John Duport Susaunal 

his wife. 
Edward Buncomb by Samuel House 
John Duport, Susannah his wife & Edward 

Einmett & Zaehariah Bourryau. 
Francis Beck lord, William Beckford, Lady 

Albinia Bertie v. Ancaster. 
Augustus Boyd by Peter Soulegre. 
Mary Burkett widdow v. Mount. 
Benjamin Cooke, Elizabeth his wife v. Dod. 
Elizabeth Carlisle widdow v. Willett. 
William Dunbar, Charles Dunbar v. Warner. 
William Dunbar by Royal African. 

Samuel Dod by Benjamin Cooke, Elizabeth his wife. 
John Duport, Susannah hi.- wife v. Eiomott. 

America S George IT, 5-7 

„ 12 George IT. 20-1 

„ 8 George IT. 23-5 

„ 10 George IT, 2-1-2 

„ 11 George II.. 16-13 

„ 12 George IT, 20-11 

„ 12 George II., 21-S-9 

Jamaica 1743, 21-1 


ife. America 







S' Christophers 



17-27 & 
7-7 it S 

S. Kitts 1713, 20-7 & S 




S' Kitts 

171 1, 




7 - 2 • > 





13. i< & 10 



21-9 £ 10 


21-20 & 21 


17 13, 


S l Kitts 





London it Antigua 1743, 9-G 

Thomas Elmes by Thomas Martin, Elizabeth 

his wife, Mary Crooke, John Martin, 

Ashton Warner. Antigua 

Edward Emtnett by John Duport, Susannah his wife. S' KLitts 
John Green by Mary Litcot widdow. America 

Richard Harrison by John Wrightinan. ,, 

William Johnson by Robert Pearne. Antigua 

Henry Lyons by Amyc Parry spinster. ,, 

Benjamin Andrews Atkinson, Gratia his 

wife & Archibald ftlaclane, George 

Major & Rebecca Selforth widdow, 

James Miller. 
Archibald Machine & Benjamin Andrews 

Atkinson, Gratia his wife, William 

Mount & Mary Burkitt. ,, 

Francis Lord North v. Ancaster. Jamaica 

Robert Perne & William Otley, William 

Coleman & Drury Otley. America 

Thomas Pen by Richard Pen. „ 

Thomas Jackson & John Penn, Thomas Penn & 

Richard Penn. - „ 

Amye Parry v. Lyons. Antigua 

Thomas Shephard by Thomas Stevenson Negr x 
Daniel Smith by Thomas Walker. America 

Joshua Symonds by John Stone. „ 

Jeremiah Brown, Elizabeth his wife & Daniel 

Smith & Thomas Walker. Nevis 

James Smith by Anthony Hodges, Elizabeth his wife. „ 

Richard Turner, Abraham Edlin by Robert 

Thomas Baldwick. America 

Edward Warner by Anthony Hodges, Elizabeth 

his wife. S 1 Christophers 

William Dunbar A Charles Dunbar A Ashton 

Warner. America 

Thomas Walker v. Smith. Nevis 

Patrick Wilson by Benjamin Cooke. Antigua 

Ralph Willett A an'r by Elizabeth Carlile, widdow. ,, 

Edward Andrews by Thomas Stringer. Somers (?) 

John Butler v. Clarke. Nevis. 

Brice Fisher & William Baker A Nicholas Linwood. 
Thomas Butler by Thomas Pym. ,, 

Charles Pym Burt by Michael Lambert Weathcrill. Antigua 
John Butler v. Hooke Halford. Nevis 

John Frances Duke v. Hooke. ,, 

John Otto Bayer by Benjamin Andrews Atkinson. Antigua 
John Butler bv Thomas Butler, Judith his wife. Nevis 

John Baker by John Woodley. America 

Charles Pym v. Holmes. Antigua 

John Boyd A Augustus v. Stiles. ^ l Kitts 

Stephen Blizard by John Duer, Frances his wife. Antigua 

Benedict Willis, Mary his wife A lidward Byaui, 

Edward Williams A Joseph Willis, Louis 

Russell. „ 

Edward Byam, Edward Williams by Benedict Willis. „ 
Stephen Blizard by .lame- Langford. ,, 

To William Clarke bv John Butler. Nevis 

Robert Colhoun by David Gregory. S l Kitts 

1741, <;-i & ■', 

171:], G-1G \ 17 
L739, 13-1(5 A 17 
1710, 7-25 

1743, 12-21 A 22 

1744, 7-12 

1744, 7-25 

1743, 21-1 

1740, 9-4 A 5 
„ 15-1S 

1741, 7-31 

1744, 7-11 [sic] 
1739. 10-13" 

1739, 1S-20 
1741, 7-19 

1743, 5-8 
1741, 7-22 

1740, S-2 

1730, 17-", 
1713, 5-S 
1741, 8-34 

.. 13-9 A; 10 
1717. 8-2J 
1745, 10-4 & 5 
1747, G-13 A 15 

„ 9-G 

„ 15-3 

„ 15-20 
17 Is. 2-1 

„ 5-2 

„ 9-8 

., L8-23 

.. L9-10 A 11 

L749, 5-3 

1750, B-] 

„ 16-2 
„ 1G-3 

„ 17-s A 9 

1715, lo- 1 & r, 

1716, 17-7 






David Gregory, Mary his wife, Elizabeth Grey 

widdow & Robert Colhoun. 
Eobert Colhoun by David Gregory D.D. Mary 

his wife. 
Patrick Cusack & Lettice his wife v. Warner. 
Daniel Cunningham v. Hamersley. 
Sir Samuel Pennant kut., Henry Pennant & 

John Pennant & James Cuningham. 
Sir Narborough Daen or Daetli, Bart, by 

Robert Lord Rotnney, Lady Priscilla. 

George Dewar by Thomas Shcllard. elk. 

David Dehany by Howies Scudamore. 

George Dunbar v. Moutolieu. 

Briee Fisher by John Gascoyne. 

"William Garvey by George Dewar & Christina 

his wife. 
Ann Roberts &. George Anson & Peter 

Godfrey, Thomas Gardner, Brice 

Fisher & John Gascoyne. 
James Gordon by Sophia Gale. 
James Gordon by William Hollyer, Esther his wife. 
James Gordon by George Augustus Gale. 
Isaac Gale v. Dehany. 
John Howell by Walter Hughes. 
Michael Lambert Weatherill & Richard Holmes, 

.George Weatherill. 
Anthony Hodges by Anthony Fox. 
Ann Saunders, spr. & John Butler, John Hooke 

& William Halford. 
John Butler, Frances his wife & John Hooke, 

Duke Butler & William Halford. 
Hugh Hamersley by Daniel Cuningham. 
Michael Lambert Weatherill & Richard Holmes, 

George Weatherill. Charles Pym Burt. 
William Harborne by Charles Pym Burt. 
James Hussey by Walter Lawrence. 
"William Johnson by Robert Pearne. 
Nicholas Linwood v. Baker. 

Brice Fisher, Nicholas Linwood, William Baker. 
Richard Oliver, Mary his wife A; Michael Lovell, 

Margaret Weatherill, widdow. 
Benedicta Maria Teresa Viscountess Gage, 

George Henry Earl of Litchfield, Wil- 
liam Murray & .lames Rooke. Mountserrat 
John Dodd, Catherine his wife & Edward 

Simpson, Henry Lascells & Dominick Lynch. Barbadoes 
Jonas Langford by James Langford. Antigua 

Peter Leheup by Gilbert Fleming, Ann his 

wife. S l Christophers 

Thomas Mead v. Tuite. Montserrat 

Richard Rigby, George Barker, Dorothy his 

wife, George Moucrief. Antigua 

John Cleland & William Hamilton & George 

MoucrietV. ,, 

Sir William Milner, Bart, by Valentine Morris, 

Marv his wife. ,, 

S c Kitts 








19-S & 9 




S l Kitts 


4-5 & G 

And part 

10, 17, 


S l Kitts 












S' Kitts 1746, 1S-2 & 3 

1747, 6-14 

„ 7-27 

„ 7-2S-29 

„ 7-30-31 

174S, 1S-9 

1747, 19-3 

174G, 9-5 
„ 10-11 

Nevis 1747, 15-20 






174S, 2-4 
„ 19-S-9 

„ 19-10-11 
1750, 8-2-3 
1750. 18-3-3 
1745, 10-3-1 
1747, 6-13 

Antigua „ 9-13-14 


„ 13-6 

„ 13-15 

1749, L-10-11 

1750, 9- It) 
1715, 10-1G 

„ 18-20 

174G, 1-25 
1749, 15-16 



John Mills by Crisp Molyneaux. 

George Dunbar, Elizabeth Dunbar, Widdow 
George Thomas, Walter Sydserfe, Tho- 
mas Godfrey, Joseph Godfrey & Roberi 
Ferguson & Arthur Freeman & Lewis 
Charles Montolicu & Henry Douglass <V 
Doctor Patrick Grant & Robert Chris- 
tian, Michael Lovell. 

Lewis C. Montolicu by George Dunbar, Elizabeth 
Dundar, widdow, George Thomas. Walter 
Sydserfe, Thomas Godfrey, Joseph Godfrey 
& Bobert Ferguson & Arthur Freeman. 

George North by John Duer. 

Richard Oliver by Michael Wcatherhill. 

William Ottley by Thomas Shellard, clerk, Mary 
his wife. 

Drewry Ottley by Francis Phipps, Elizabeth 
his wife. 

Drewry Otley by Sir Thomas Stanleton, Bart 

Robert Pearne \>y William Johnson. 

Roger Powell by Stephen Hughes. 

Sir Gillies Payne v. Trucuuin 

James Phipps by George Dewar. 

Nicholas Power v. Warner. 

Robert Lord Romnev & l.adv Prisci 

S ( Christophers 

1750, 10-1-2 
„ 10-3-1 



„ 19-15 

174G, 9-21-22 
„ 15-1G 

S' Kitts 1747, 1-3-19 

S' Christophers 




S l Kitts 

ia v 



S l Kitts 
And ] 


S' Kitts 

Thomas Shellard, clerk, Mary his wife v 
Ann Sanders spinster v. Yaughan. 

,, Hooke ITalford. 

John Boyd & Augustus Bovd & Sir Francis 

Haskins Eylcs Stiles Bart. 
Thomas Viscount Gage & Thomas Meade <$ 

Nicholas Tuite. 
Thomas Trucman by Sir Gilles Payne. Bart. 
Samuel Travcrs by Thomas Shellard. 

William Vaughan by Ann Sanders, spinster Nevis 

Thomas Vernon & Elizabeth v. Warner. Antigua 

Patrick Wilson by Benjamin Cooke, Elizabeth 

his wife. » 

Michael Lambert Weatherill & George* v. Holmes 
Margaret Weatherill, widdow v. Lovell. „ 

John Wise by Paul de la Doijespe, clerk, Mary- 
Margaret his wife. 
John Woodley v. Baker. America 

Thomas Vernon, Elizabeth his wife & Patrick 

Cusack, Lettice his wife, Nicholas Power 

& Ashton Warner. Antigua 

Michael Lambert Weatherill & George v. Holmes. ., 

William Hollicr, Esther his wife, John Gale & 

James Gordon & Henry Wilniot. „ 

Benedict Willis v. Byain. .» 

Andrew Armour by Elizabeth Forrest, widdow. 

S l Christophers 

John Baker by Niel M c Niel. 

George Barclay by John Gray, Elizabeth his wife. Antigua 

• Blank'. " 

1750. 12-12 
„ 21-14-15 

1745, 1(3-1-2-3-4 
„ 16-11 

1746, 2-2G-27 
„ 10-1-2 

174S, 19-2 

1745, 1-5-6 

it. 10-11, is, L9, 20 

1746, 15-13 
., 18-23 

1747, 15-20 

S' Kitts 1749,5-10 

1715, 10- li; 

174(5, 2-20-27 
„ 15-13 
„ 1S-23 

17 is, 19-2 

1715, 2-0 

1746, 9-5 

1747. 9-13-1 1 

174S, 11-22 
„ 18-23 

„ 19-2 

„ 19-10 & 11 

1750, 3- 15- It; 
„ 16-2 

1752, 1-8 
„ 5-10 
., 19-G-7 


Zachary Bayly by Ralph Thackeray the elder. Jamaica 1754, 1-4 

John Byam by Edward Byam. Antigua ,, 1-15-10 

Edward Otto'Bayer v. Redhead. ., „ 11-22 
Stephen Lavington, Jane his wit'e & James 

Brebner, Ann his wife, James Gordon, 

Nathaniel Gilbert & Patrick Grant. „ 1755, 11-3 
Robert Colhoun bv .lame-; Xuccoll, Jean his 

wit'e Elizabeth Porterfield. S' Christophers 1754,3-9 

Robert Christian by Robert Pearne. Antigua 1755, 2-1-2 
"William Coleman by Timothy Earle, Dorothy 

his wife. Nevis ,, 3-4-5 

Herman Atkins Dv. arris v. "Wei by. Jamaica 1751, 2-15-10 
George Dewar by Rev. Thomas Shellard, 

clerk, Mary his wife. S l Christophers ,, 5-19 

James Davenport by Peter Hussey. Monserrat „ 7-17-18 
"William Dawson by John S' Leger 

Douglas. S' Christophers & Antigua 1753, 1-1-2-3-4 
Francis Phipps & John Dolmau 

& Robert Want. S' Christophers. Middlesex ,, 13-11 

Jonathan Ewer by Fortunatus Dwarris. Jamaica 1751, 0-24-20 

John Estridge by Thomas Truman'. S l Kitts 1755, 10-3-4 

John Forster v. Warner. Antigua 1751, 5-6 
Anthony Furstenau, George Edward Pakenham 

by Ricliard Cleeve, Elizabeth his wife. ,, 1755, 14-4-5 
John Prynn Skelton, Jane bis wife & Mary Prichard, 

spinster, & Edward Gamble. „ 1751, 1S-9 

Alexander Graut by Jehu Gray, Elizabeth his wife. „ 1752, 9-5-0-7-S 

Nicholas Gibbons by William Coleman. S l Christophers 1753,12-18 
John Gray by William Berners, Mary his wife, 

Elizabeth Bendysh. Jamaica 1755, 3-13 

James Gordon v. Brebner. Antigua ,, 11-3-4 

Peter Hussey by Thomas Lee. Montserrat 1751, 13-5-G 

Hugh Hamersley bv William Matthew. Antigua 1754, 10-10 

S l Christophers ., 10-11-12-13 

Thomas Jarvis bv George Blount, Hester his wife. Antigua 1755, 13-10 
Daniel Lascelles, George Maxwell by George 

Dereham Huddlestoue. S' Christophers 1753, 1-17 
John Mills, Betty his wife <v. John "Woodley, 

Richard Freelove, Peter Leheup. „ ,, 2-18-19 
Peter Leheup the elder by Thomas Meade, 

Mary his wife. Montserrat ., 3-15-10 

Stephen Lavington v. Brebner. Antigua 1755, 11-3 
Isaac Levy by Thomas Bosomworth, clerk, Sc 

Mary his wife. America „ 12-9 

John Mills v. Leheup. S' Christophers 1753, 2-18 
Michael Macnamara M.D.. by John Hill, Matilda 
Hill widdow, Charles Hill. Ann Hill spinster 

& Israel Woolston Sarah his wife. Barbadues ,, 10-10-17 

Thomas Mcadc by William Fenton & Juliana. Monserrat ,. 14-20-21 

Drewrv Ottloy by John Murray, Frances his wife. Antigua 1751, 3-21-22 
William Ottley by Rev. Thomas Shellard, 

clerk, Mary his wife. 8 l Christophers ,, 5-20 

"William Ottley by Thomas Pilkington. ,, n 8-3 

( To be continued.) 

, i. 

-•? X 




;■ » 

.-■ • 




1 ■ 

• ■ 







v •• 3 






i . 

>. • • 






_= - 


L ^ 

"* "£ 

V *- 

i: 5 

C; v 

i ;- 

8 £, 

p a 


^ £ 

"5i £■ 


Q C 


C' "~ 


-c ?■ 


t- > - 




c ■*- 

~x 5 


c £ 

•a - 


*■< L 


^ — 


^5 " 



'*" ■— < 

c '•' 




'X " 

f- — 

T '- 

C -c; 

^ *■ 



* v 

'- -c 

fc * . 

*."» s 

b 5 t 

>5 . 

t S ^ 

c -c ^ 

X. 5 

£ .2 2 


-• £ -s 

JO "~"-- : 

K^ ^ 

i ~3 


•< c 



transcripts of parisii Registers- 1 


[Vol. 28, B. T„ Leeward Islands.] 

S T Geobge's Parish. 

Burials of the Parish of'S* George 173S to 2G Sept. 1745. 

173S March 10 

Thomas Nibba 

1741 Jan. 24 


John Nibbs 

Mch. 16 

1739 Ap. 18 

Catharine Nibbs 

1742 Sep. 16 

May 1 

Richard Knight 



Frances Nibba 


June 11 

Richard Neveel 

Oct. 31 

July 11 

George Blizard infant 

Nov. 24 

Sep. 21 

Arthur Williams 


Martha Nibbs infant 


Oct. 13 

William Den bow- 

Dec. 10 


1743 Mch. 29 

Nov. 28 

Grace Hodge 

June 19 

Feb. 8 

Margaret Hill 

Aug. 22 

1740 May 15 

Sarah Dclap a Serv' 

Sep. 10 

Aug. 21 

Samuel Ellyatt 

Oct. 8 

Sep. 17 

Benjamin Nibbs 



Joseph Gravenour 

Nov. 17 

Oct. 30 

Nov. 11 
Dec. 22 

Mary Foster infant 


Margaret Tape 


William Thaxter 



John Blizard infant 



Garrett Wilkison 

Dec. 14 

Feb. 25 

a serv 1 

Jan. 4 

Joseph Nibbs 


Mch. 1 

The Hon b,c Col 1 John 

1744 July 7 


Aug. 2 


Joseph Thaxter 

Oct. 12 

1741 Ap. 7 

Henry Ellyatt 

Jan. 7 

May 3 

William C ravenour 

Mch. 18 

Thomas „ 


June 3 

Henry Nibbs 



Rachel Hughes 

1745 Mch. 29 


John Thomas 

Ap. 5 

July 15 

Ann Weir 


Aug. 5 

Nicholas Nibbs 

May 30 

Dec. 1 

Susannah .Saw 

June 6 


Grace Foster 

July 13 


The Hon ble Governour 

Aug. 2 

Edward Byam 



James Nibbs 

Sep. 23 

Jan? 22 

Elizabeth Greeuway 


Johu Hinkeman 
Elizabeth Scott 
Henry Ueseolt a Serv 1 
John Smith a Serv 1 
William Ellyatt 
Elizabeth Lynns 
William Rushworth 

a Serv' 
Rowland Oliver 
Susannah Griggs 
Pi chard Hacker 
Jane Jarvis 
Samuel Cater 
Oliver Bassett 
Frances Hill 
Sarah Thaxtt r 
John Williams 

,. Taylor 
Matthew Crawford 
David Patrick 
George Stukely 
J (dm Leech 
Elizabeth Ellyatt 
Mary Richardson 
Peter Purchase 
Daniel Hill 
Margaret EJlvatt 

Elizabeth Williams 
Martha Nibbs 

„ Williams 

Abraham Nibbs 
Edward Byam 
JaUG Hacker 
Elizabeth G il 
Daniel Hamilton 
Mary Ellvatt 
John Bird 

Baptisms of the Parish of S l George to y r 2t' h of Aug. 1745. 

173S Feb. 12 Margaret the 1). of Arthur Williams 
1739 Ap. 16 George s. of Stephen Blizard 
18 Martha D. of Abraham Nibbs 

• Continued from p. 237. 



1739 July 27 Margaret 1). of Samuel Lyons 
Robert s. of Robert Bannister 
Jeremiah s. of Tho s Bucker 
Margaret L). of Daniel Hill 
Elizabeth 1). of Arthur Williams 
Richard S. of Rowland Ash 
740 May John s. f John Blizard Jun' 

John s. of John Leacock 
Ebenezcr Hughs s. of John Ellyatt 
Frances D. of Joseph Gillvatt 
Mary I), of John Foster 
Nicholas S. of Henry Nibbs 
Abraham s. of Abraham Nibbs 
Elizabeth 1). of [blank] Cherry 

1741 A p. 7 Samuel s. of Tho 9 Gravenour 
Samuel Thomas s. of Tho s Burton 
Margaret D. of Earrv Nibbs 
Susannah D. of Will™ Littlewood 

1742 June 22 Joseph S. of Abraham Nibbs 
-Mary 1). of John Ellyatt 
Robert S. of Tho 8 Powell 
William Gunthorpe S. of Ro\vl J Ash 
James S. of Tho 9 Gravenour 
Elizabeth Lyons Bastard 
Mary Charity D. of Christopher Knight 
Catharine J), of Robert Elsinuor 
Frances D. of Daniel Hill 

1743 Ap. 15 Mary D. of Drewrv Ottley 
Elizabeth D. of Henry Ellyatt 
John S. of John Hurst 
John S. of Arthur Williams 
Rebecca D. of Absalom Zeagers 
Christopher S. of Christopher Blizard 
Sarah Dunuen Bastard 
Frances D. of Tho s Burton 
Mary Ann D. of Will 1 " Nibbs 

174: A p. S Frances D. of Charles Manning 
George Cosby S. of Tho 9 Pigotl 
John S. of Abraham Nibbs 
Harry Knight S. of Henry Hodge Jun 1 
Margaret I), of Christopher Knight 
Matthew William- S. of John Greenway 
John S. of Arthur Williams 
lleiieritta 1). of Rowland Ash 
Robert S. of Robert Elsinoor 
Dorothy rlalsel D. of John Richardson 
Thomas S. of Ihvwry Ottley 
Joseph s. of .John Coleman 
Margaret I'. of Christopher Blizard 

1745 Ap. 7 Elizabeth D. of John Ellyatl 
Mary I), of Henry Blizard 
Jonah S. of James N ibba 
Stephen Weathcrill S. of John Blizard Jun r 
Samuel S. of Absalom Zeagerfl 


























A p. 












2 1 


1 1 



1 1 











1 1 




A p. 















2i ; 











2 1 



























Parish of S t Paul's, Falmouth. 

An Extract of the Christenings & Burialls in the Parish of S' Pauls, Falmouth 
[Antigua], from the L st August, 1742. 

1742 Oct. 10 John Mortimore S. of Nathan' Marchant & Sarah his wife 
Thomas S. of Anthony Fletcher & Elizabeth 
William a Mulatto belonging to Thomas Nanton 
"William & John Twins >'s of .lames Barter & Anne his wife 

Who were borne y r 10" 1 October last viz. 1712. 
Mary D. of Andrew Bodkin & Barbara his wife 
Margaret D. of Hob' Christian & Marv his wife was borne the 

14' h Nov r - 
Samuel S. of John Chaloner & Elizabeth his wife 
Elizabeth D. of .fames Watson & ,, „ „ 
John George S. of John M c Clashin & Catherine his wife 

1743 Ap. 5 Frances & Joanna D's of Sarah a free negro & grandchildren of 
Jane Frances a free negroe 

William S. of William & Elizabeth Jones 
Edward S. of .fame's Gaule £ Rachel his wife 
John Husband S. of Lieut 1 John & Jane Osborne his wife 
Isaac Lucas S. of George Horsford & Henrietta ,, ,, 
2S Rowland John S. of Henery Biizard & Eliza" 1 

The same day were Baptized Dennis a Mulatto Child S. of 
Dennis Kerrell : and Henrietta Page two negroe women of 
Coll. John Dasent 
John S. of John Taylor & Elizabeth his wife 
George King S. of Robert Bryant & Elizabeth his wife 
Mary D. of John & Jane Martin his_wife 

Sarah D. of Richard & Margaret Etty who belong to his Majes- 
ties ship Ludlow Castle 
William S. of John & Eleanor Dalby 

1744 May 27 Samuel Man S. of. James Hughues & Antonetta his wife 
Martha D. of John Ince Marchant & Mary ,, ,, 
William- Georg-Lucas s. of Henery Parr A; .Emelia his wife 
Sarah D. of George 1 .laden & Mary his wife 
Mary D. of Hamlin Martin Jun r & Eliz"' his wife 
Elizabeth D. of Sarah Ward now at his Majesties Hospital 
Anne D. of Joseph A. Sarah Green 
Anne D. of John & Elizabeth James 
Mary Carter, 1). of Anne Howe! now Anne Carter 
Joseph, S. of Andrew Bodkin A; Barbara his wife 
Mary a negro of Coll. John Dasenl 
Sarah-Anne D. of John Bike & Sarah his wife 
Ambrose S. of Xath: & Sarah Marchant his wife 
the same day Baptized Sarah Abigail Frances a free negro 

John S. of William & Elizabeth Jones 
Anne Frances, a free £rown Mulatto 
Jane, D. of Robert & Marv Braxton 
Mary 1). of Catherine Richi 
Benjamin S. of James Ayres A; Abigail his wife 

1745 Mch. 2"S Mary 1). of Joseph Carpenter & Anne „ ,, 
Marv D. of James Gaul & Karhel ,, „ 
John. S. of Robert Christian & Mary ,, „ He was borne 

June 27"' last 
Mary D. of Eleanor Harrison 










1 May 
























i Mch. 







YOL. I. 


An Extract of the Burialls in the Parish of S* Paul, Falmouth, from the 

l sl August 1742. 

17-42 Aug. 10 John Burds Master of a Sloop 

28 M" Martha Nanton Belict of the Deeesd John Nanton 

Sep. 6 James Kickman Purser of his Majesties Ship PortW 

14 Patrick Kelly a Stranger 

Oct. 5 Andrew Kirwan Kinsman of Rich 1 Kirwan Esq r 

27 Daniel M c Donald a Serv 1 to Coll. Douglass 

31 John Platers. Lieut. of his Majesties Ship Pembroke's prize 

Nov. 11 Peter Campbell Servant to Coll. Douglass 

Dec. 5 Boyer Williams a Soldier in the Hon l,lc Lieut. General Dalzel's 

6 Samuel Morrell, a Soldier in Capt. Widdrington's Company 

21 Thomas Harwood An Overseer 

31 Andrew Harrington a Stranger 

Jan. 7 George S. of Joseph Carpenter & Anne his wife 

8 [blank] a Soldier in Capt. [Hunk] Company 

16 Anne, "Wife of Samuel Redhead Buried in S l Johns 
Feb. 6 Edward Marjoram, Blacksmith 

1743 Ap. 7 Patrick Morphy* a Matross on Monks Hill ^ 

11 William Sutherland a Smith „ 

30 Nathaniel William S. of John Ince Marchaut £ Mary his wife 
May 8 Elizabeth D. of George Bladen & Mary his wife 
June 10 John Fitz-Gerard, a Sailor on board his Majesties Ship Suilolk 
14 Kichard Pratten a Midshipman „ ,, <> » » 

21 Mary Bacon a widow 
July 1 Andrew Hume a Surgeon . 

Frances Wallace Serv 1 to the Hon ble Coll. Lucas buried the 
same dav 
30 John S. of Joseph Hail & Elizabeth his wife 
Aug. 1 John Gage Capt. of his Majesties ship Lively the same day was 
buried William Harrisson 

10 James Ralph Midshipman of his Majesties Ship Lynn 
21 John S. of James Barter & Aim his wife 

Sep. 3 William Fisher J 

17 William Heavisides a Matross on Monks 1 1 1 1 1 
20 Thomas W'vnn Servant to Coll: Douglas 

25 George Balderston Midshipman onboard hisMajesties Ship Severn 

Oct. 10 Benjamin Bawn 

Nov. 23 Henerv Gordon Surgeon 

29 Elizabeth Brenan D. of John & Margaret Brenan 
Dec. o William Monteith Surgeon on board his Majesties Ship Lynn 

11 John Thurnum Carpenter ,. ., „ » ^ tne » 

19 Tobia, a Servant to James Doig 

20 Timothy Savage a Cooper on board Ins Ship Ludlow 

the same dav was Buried William Smith 

30 Thomas Rogers a Surgeon on board one of his Majesties Store 

Jan 1 John M c Closlun (?) a Matross on Monks-hill 

20 Penelope Daur of John & Elizabeth Oysterman _ 

the same dav was buried James Dickenson Gunner ol his 
Majesties Ship the Greenwi :b 
25 William Newton Capt's Clerk on board bis Majesties Sbip 
Ludlow Castle .. . 

Feb. 13 Samuel S. of Frances Delap & Elizabeth Ins wife at S« John, 
was buried 



. 24 





] 1 





Robert Thomas 
M rs Sarah Nanton Widow 
Josepli Buckshorne Sen* 
Jun r 
Abigail Symmonds a free Mulatto 
Sarah D. of Mr. Geo: Bladen & Mary' [sic] Wife 
Nicholas S. of the said .M r Bladen 
July Sarah D. of Kichard & .Margaret Etty who belong to his Majes- 
ties Hulk Ludlow Castle 
8 William Eight 

George Hammond Midshipman on board his Majesties Ship 

Benjamin Bosworth Ship Carpenter in his Majesties Yard at 

English Harbour 
John Grahame Carpenter at said yard 
John Mortimore S. of Nath: Marchant & Sarah his wife 
Elizabeth Wife of Francis Delap Esq 1 Buried at Willougliby 

bay Church 
Edward Evans Carpenter at the Kings yard at English Harbour 
George Humphrys * ,, ,, said Yard 

John Devan Carpenter at D° 
Francis Large Clerk to Capt. Summers 
23 Abraham Head. Clerk to the Kings Hospital 
Sarah Wife of Francis Pye 
Elizabeth Wife of Edwd. Scipio Carpenter 
Thomas Bright, Smith in the Yard at English Harbour 
William Holm a free Christian Negroe a Sailor on board his 
Majesties Ship the Superb 
Mch. 9 Mary D. of Francis & Sarah Pye 

10 Joseph Every a Cooper on board his Majesties Ship Wolwitch 
19 William Holden on board his Majesties Ship the Heal Castle 
1745 May 29 Mary D. of James & Rachel Gaul 

Nicholas Lyne (?) Son of Sarah Pye by a former Husband 

William Bauford Gunner of the lioyall Train of Artillery 

John Blany 

Thomas S. of Anthony Fletcher & Elizabeth his wife 

Edward Willoughby Midshipman on board his Majesties Ship 

the Superb 
Elizabeth Barton Widow 
16 Thomas Bell Surgeon's Mate on board his Majesties Ship the 
Archibald Johnstone Carpenter at the lard at English Hnrbour 
James Dcmpsey Soldier in General] Dalzells own Company. 

A true Copy. Robert Davidson Min r . 























June 1G 












S T CnBisTOP". 

Marriages, Christnings & Buryings in the Parish of Saint Mary Cayon nince the 
year 173S when 1 was presented to the .-aid Parish. 

Of Marriages. 

173S Oct. 22 John Morris Jun r and Eleanor Daile 
1739 May 20 William Smith a free Ne<;ro a Mar.- Leader free D° 
June 21 John Baptis Dufilaws & Mary Martin 

s 2 



1730 July 15 James M e Cartj & Ann Rice 

1739-40 Jan. 27 Thorn' Liddle & Ann Rogers 

1740 Ap. G Edw 1 ' Cozier & Mary Jackson 

Aug. 7 James M c Coy & Eliza: Emery 

1742 Ap. IS Eodrick M c Kensey & Barbery Biggs 
May John Martin & Mary Cozier 

July 5 Morrinas Morgan i .Sarah Bridges 

1743 May 13 Michael How and Cathriue Flawer 
1743-4Jan. 22 William Lyel & Henrietta Jowarde 
1745 May 31 James Dixon and Penelope Gatewood 

(To be continued.) 

iSIomtmrntal ftnscriptums in Onglanti 
relating to WLtst Sntuan*** 

BATHAMPTOX, CO. SOMERSET, about two miles from Bath. 
On a tablet on the north wall of the chancel of the church : — 








In the churchyard. On a white marble slab on the south fare of a large oval 
tomb, with columns at the corners, and enclosed by iron railings : — 






\ OF 










• Contiuuod from j>. 231. 



On the north face :- 











WHO DIED JULY 1 st 1S55 



1791. Lately, in Spanish-town, Jamaica, in his 55th year, the Hon. Rose 
Herring May, one of the members of his Majesty's Council. (" G.M.," 971, 
and " B.C." for 13 October 1791.) Sec ante, p. 13, for the marriage at St. Cathe- 
rine's, 4 October 1G70, of "William May and Margaret Rose, possibly of this 

1800, March 21. Miss Mary Trelawny May. [Abbey burial.] 

" Bath Chronicle." 

18 11, Thursday Dec. 12. At his house in Oxford-row, on Friday. Win. Vassal! 
May, esq; of Jamaica, after a few days illness. 

1829, Eeb. 12. Feb. 9 died at her house in Oxford-row. after u short illness, 
Mils May, eldest surviving daughter of the late lion. Rose Herring May, of the 
island of J. 

1S29, Feb. 19. Feb. 13 died at her house in Oxford-row, after an illness of 
three days, in consequence of bursting a blood-vessel, from the severe affliction 
she felt at the death of a beloved sister who died on the 9th instant. Catharine 
Douce May, third daughter of the Hon. Rose Herring May, one of his Majesty's 
Council of the Island of J. 

1829, Feb. 2(3. Died on the 20th instant. Anna Maria May. sixth dan. of the 
Hon. Rose Herring May. The heart-rending sorrow of her relatives can be more 
easily conceived than expressed, having thus been bereaved of three beloved sisters 
within a fortnight, whose combined virtues and affection rendered them most dear 
to all who knew them. 

Richard Mill of Jamaica, Esq., in his will, dated L73S, names his daughter-in- 
law Bat hshua May, wife of William May, clerk. (264, Henchman, i 

Florentius Vassall (born 1709, died 177s). in his will, dated L77(i (379, Hay), 
in default of issue intailed certain lands on his nephew Rose Herring May. 

John Vassall, the first settler in Jamaica, by Anna Lewis his wife had a fourth 
son Florentius of St. Eli/.abeth, who married Ann, sister of Peter Ueekford (she 
remarried the Hon. Richard Mill), and had issue one sod Florentius (born 1709 
in Jamaica, died 177(J in Marylcbone), who married, lt'» September L729, Mary, 
dan. of Colonel John Foster; and one nan. Bathshua, who married (as his second 
wife) the Rev. William May. Rector of Kingston. 

William May, Rector of Kingston in the Island of Jamaica. Will dal d 
22 September 1752. Now in my 5.V 1 ' year and in tolerable health. Co be buried 
in the Church of Kingston between the tombstone of mj 1 ; wife and the Church 
wall. My Ex'ors 610 apiece. To each of the children of my late brother Gteo. 
May, deceased, £20, vi/... my nephew John May and my nieces Eli/.., Mary, and 
Mercy May, who are all now living iu the Isle of Thauet. To my nephew John 



May and my niece Sarah May, child iv n of my late brother Rich' 1 May, deceased, 
now of Ash. d>. Kenr. 830 apiece. My cousin Kli/.. Pennington of Kingston, 
wid., £20. £J0 to poor widows. Rev. Geo. Eccles, Rector ot S ! Andrew's, my 
gowns it' I have no curate. Books to the poor. My gold watch, my wife's picture, 
and my brother Vassalls to my son Rose Herring May, now or late at Eatou 
School. My negroa .lames and Eliz. their freedom and t"> a year. All residue to 
my brother in law Florentius Vassall, Esq., late of the parish of Westmoreland, 
Jamaica, and the Rev. Geo. Eccles and M r W™ Stevenson, late of Kingston, 
Jamaica, Merchant, now of S l James, planter, in Trust for my said son, and in 
default of issue to ail the children of my said two brothers equally but in that 
case £50 to the Bursar of S'- John's Coll., Cam., for a piece of plate and € LOO to 
the Free school at Sandwich in Kent. My negros houses in Kingston and penn. 
Florentius Vassall to be sole Guardian. Trustees to be Exors. Witnessed by 
Ja 3 Anderson, Jn° Dickons. Alex. Sutherland. Proved !> October 1751 by 
Florentius Vassall, Esq., power reserved to the others. (P.C.C., 27S, Pinfold.) 

In the Cathedral are inscriptions to him and his wives (Archer, 102, 103). 
The following letter from the Rev. R. F. Scott. Master of -St. John's College, 
Cambridge, gives additional information about him : — 

" William May. born rt Ash, Kent, son of George May. deceased ; educated at 
Sandwich under Mr. Smith; was admitted Pensioner of St. John's 12 February 
1713-14, tutor Mr. Anstey. lie took the decree of B.A. 1717 (i.e., 1717-lS) and 
M.A. 1735. I find that: he replaced his name on the Hoards I L February 1734-5, 
doubtless for the purpose of taking the M.A. degree. I find from my notes 
(which I have been collecting for many years) that he was ordaine 1 by the Bishop 
of London Deac <n 21 May 1710, Priest 20 September 1719. It looks as if he 
went out to Jamaica at once after his ordination." 

Fothergill's "List of Emigrant Ministers to America" has: " William May, 
clerk, Jamaica, Oct. 22, 1710." 

In the churchyard. On the west face of a square tomb : — 

Sacred to the Memorv of 


of the 20"' Regiment of Foot, 

who died of the Yellow Fever 

at Port Royal Jamaica, 

aud is there interred 

Also to the Memorv of 


whose remains are here deposited, 

the beloved and only Child of 


who died at Bath on 

the 1 st of June 1813. 

On the east face : — 

Alfo the Remains of \N\ GODWIN 

the Beloved and Affectionate \ unl 


She died at Wt /mouth in the County 

of DORSET { 

the 14"' of Apr.i L83S. 

Alfo the Remains of ELIZABETH ST . . 

Mother of the laid I'll V.NCES, 

who died at /' i .' aforesaid 

theG Ul Oct T 1839 

are here deposited. 



1794, March 20. In Jamaica, Capt. Storey, of the 20th reg. ("B.C.," and 
"G.M.," 2S1.) 

1S13, Juno 10. Tn Great Stanhope-street, in the bloom of youth, .Mis- V ranees 
Story, only child of Mrs. Story. (Ibid.) 

1839, Oct. 6. At Weymouth, Elizabeth, relict of Capt. Thomas Story, 20th 
Foot. (" G.M.," 547.) 

Adjoining the Story tomb, on a flat stone over a vault : — 

In Memory 


Daughter of 


of the Island of Barbadoes 

who died Jan>. 29 th . 1813 

Aged 50 Years. 

On a flat stone over a vault, north-west of the church : — 

Sacred to the Memorv 

of CHARLOTTE relict of 


late of the Island of S l Domingo 

who died at BATH Oct. 26 ,1 \ Lsl7 

Aged 57 

(six lines follow.) 

Ante, p. 25. Mr. Ward's name is in the Burial Register of Bath Abbey, but 
one year earlier than the year cut on the tablet: " 1770, Oct. 22. Edward ward, 
Esq. By Esq. Sowbridge's stone, north aisle." 

In the " Gent. Mag." for 1805, part ii. 995, are a few M.I. from Bath Abbey, 
and among them the following : — 

At the foot of the stairs to the gallery and organ-loft, on a square tablet of 
white marble (lxxiv. p. 001) : — 

" Douglal's, the beloved wife of John Sherwen, M.D. of Enfield, Mel. 
died June 17, 180-4. An amiable woman, \vh >, with a most excellent understan 
had a mild, gentle, and benevolent heart." 

In the middle, on a bonier of a yellow tablet, in gold letters :— 

"She was the posthumous and last surviving daughter of that worthy, honest 
and humane man, Dugald* Campbell, esq. of Salt Spring, Jamaica." 

1804, June 10. At Bath, whither she had gone for the beuefil of her health, 
Mrs. Douglass Sherwen, wife of John Sherwen, M.D. of Enfield, Middlesex; .u-. 
as above. (" GEM.," 601.) 


Canon Mayo sent me some notices of W. lulians, from the " Salisbury and 

Winchester Journal," among- 1 which occurs: — 

"1805, Dec. 2. On Monday at Bath, Henry Vrehh mid. Esq., late ot' Ja naica, 
where he had large possessions; he was the Last male desoeudunl of Col, Vroh 

bould, who distinguished himself in the conquest of that [aland." 

• Ono of this 11:11110 was half-brother, 179G, of Dunoua Cunpbell of St. Vincent. See tablet 
to tbo latter hi Bristol Cathedral. 


See ante, p. 11, for the marriage, -M November L671, of Henry Archbould ami 
Joanna Morgan, and p. 1 Is, I ! July LGOS, for that of Colonel Henry Archbould 
and Amy Tom. He was an officer in the army of occupation in 1G56, and 
his name " Archbold." Very little seems to be known about tins family. Can 
a reader supply a pedigree r 


Iu floor of eentral passage of nave, nearly opposite the fourth bay, and on an 
oblong piece of white marble, now much worn : — 


MART T: 'WORKMAN, widow of the late 
ROBERT T: WORKMAN, of barbadoes esq be : 

WIIO DIED 2 . JULY 1788. 

also of MART T: WORKMAN, daughter of 

THE ABOVE, WHO DIED 19 th : JULY 1818. 


WHO DIED 30 IK OCT": 1843. 

The above was copied IS May 1909 on a sunny day, otherwise it would not 
have been seen. There arc no doubt very many inscriptions hidden away under 
the flooring of the pews, portions of which are visible in places. The Abbey 
memorials have suffered much mutilation and destruction in the past at the hands 
of the clergy. The font has been fixed on at least two early eighteenth-century 
armorial ledgers. Another slab in the floor of the south-west porch has had 
a large portion through the shield o\' arms chiselled out to make space for a door 
mat. Others have been ruthlessly chopped up to fit certain places in the floor. 

Previous to the year lSli there had been 3879 burials in the Abbey ; there 
were none after 1845. 

North aisle, north wall, opposite the second bay : — 




SUE DIED 20 tH .!AN V : L825, 



ANN" EI.IZ VliETll B0US1 . 



SHE DIED 22 XB JAN Y : 1825, 



In All Saints' Church, Southampton, there is a tablet to Joshua Etouse, on 
which he is described as late of Jamaica. 

1S2-3. Jan. '20. At Hath, Mary, youngest dau. in her 9th year; and on the 
22d, aged it, Ann Elizabeth, wife of Joshua Rouse, esq. ot Blenhoim-house, 
Southampton. (•' CM.," 2S5.) 


WALCOT BURIAL GROUND, near the river (now closed). 

On a slab over vault within iron railing* : — 

Sacred to the Memory 


Widow of the late 


of the Island of Grenada 

who departed this Life 

Jan*. 9 tb . 1815. 

Aged G7 Years 



Daughter of the above 

who died 

April 28"' 1833 

Aged 6L 

1815, Jan. 10. In her 6Sth year, Mrs. Jane Carew, of the Island of Grenada. 

A Rev. Walter Carew went out to Jamaica 19 October 17S0, and he was 
probably the above. (Eothergill's " Emigrant Miuisters," 19.) 

On a flat stone close to the west boundary wall : — 

Sacred to the Memory of 
M™ MARY YONGE Relict of the late 
HENRY rONGE Esq r of the Bahamas 

who died in this City 
on the 17 th . July L839. 

East of the chapel, on a large slab within iron railings : — 

Sacred to the Memory of 

GEORGE Ki:vuro\ Esq'. 

of the Island of S l . Vincent 

born Anno Domini July 28"'. 177") 

and Departed this life 

i Jany. 22'"'. ls^7 

(Three lines follow.) 

1827, Feb. Lately. In Stanhope-st. (J. Kearton, csip of Kcarton Hall, Island 
of St. Vincent. (" G.M.," 187.) 

(To be continued.) 




Roger Pemberton (T.) of Sr. Albans, bom about L.j.jG ^Elizabeth, dan. of Ralph 
mar. lie. G May 1.579; High Sheriff Herts 1618; died 13 Moore of St. Albans, 
November, buried at St. Peter's, St Albans, 20 Novem- gent.; baptized al the 
ber 1G27. Will dated 13 November 1624; proved Abbey lb March 1564-5; 

5 December 1627 (P.C.C., 1L7, Skinner). Founder of buried at St. Peter's, St. 
St. Albau's Almshouses, still existing. Albans, 15 July 1645. 

Catherine, dau. of William—John Pemberton, son and heir,=Elizabcth, widow 

Angell of St. Thomas the 
Apostle, London, Esq. ; 
St. Thomas 21 Jan. 1609-10 ; 
buried at St. Peter's, St. Al- 
bans, 2 Dec. 1630. 1st wife. 

born about 1583 ; bapti/.ed at 
St. Alban's Abbey 15 December 
1583 ; died 1 February and 
buried at St. Peter's, St. Albans, 
7 February 1644-5. 

Bedfordshire branch, lately died out. 

of William Aud- 

ley of St. Mar- 
garet Moses, Lon- 
don ; married 
there 12 February 
1G32-3. 2nd wife. 

. I 
Elizabeth Pember- 
ton, baptized at St. 
Mary le Bow, Lon- 
don, 12 October 
1617; living 25 
May 1G28 ; named 
163G in the will of 
her uncle Roger 
Glover ; died s.p. 

Roger Pemberton (II.), son and heir, of 
Brill, co. Bucks, baptized at St. Marvle Bow 
S March 1618-19; admitted Lincoln's Inn 
30 December 16 1 1 ; called to Bar 23 June 
1G52 ; left England about 1G">!) ; was "be- 
yond the seas " in LG76, see Chanc. Proc. 
Collins, Bdle. 218; supposed to be the 
one of this name at Nevia 1677-S; died s.p. 

Rebecca, dau. of 
John Pym of 
Brill, co. Bucks, 
and widow of 
Robert Pleydell ; 
buried at Brill 
2!><Mrd,er IGGs. 


Margaret Haw-- 
kins, widow, mar- 
ried at Peter- 
borough Cathe- 
dral 20 Dec. 
16S1; buried 
there 28 January 
1GS4-5. 1st wife. 

Roger Pemberton (.HI.) of= 
Peterborough, born about 
1653 ; succeeded his father as 
Steward 21 June 1696; buried 
at Peterborough Cathedral 9 
December 1709. Will dated 
19 January 1707-8; proved 
17 April 1710 (P.C.C.. 95, 
Smith). Buried " in y c Library 
behind y e Altar." 

Roger Pember-= 
ton (IV.), Cor- 
net in Ireland 
1707 ; baptized 
at St. John the 
Baptist, Peter- 
borough, 2 Feb. 

:? Mary 
. . . ., 
at Peter- 
dral 25 

Robert Pember- 
ton (IV.), bap- 
tized at st. John 
the Bapti>t. 
Peterborough, 2t> 
January L6S 1-5 ; 
buried there 27 
October L685. 

-Rebecca, dau. of Robert and 
.Mary Holmes: born about 
1658 ; died Is December 1712, 
aged 54; buried a1 Pes rborough 
Cathedral 21 December 1712, 
'• behind Altar." Will dated 
i) May 1712; proved 1713 
(P.C.C., SS, Leeds). M.I. on 
floor of north choir aisle. 2nd 

Robert Pemberton (V.),=Sarah 
Captain of Marines; died .... 
December L745. Will 
dated 27 February 1 73!); 
proved I February 
17I.-.-G (P.C.C, 59, Ed- 

Coiuuiunicitcd by Major-Genoral It. C. U. Pombertou, lato lt.E. 



ARMS. — Quarterly : I and t, Argent, a chevron between three buckets Sable, 
hoops and handles Or ,- 2 and 3, Argent, three boars' heads erect, couped, langued 
Gules. Crest. — A boar's head couped Sable, langued (Jules. 

Robert Pemberton (I.). 2nd son, : 
Citizen and Haberdasher of 
London, baptized at St. Peter's, 
St. Albans, 23 December 1586, 
and there buried 2!) May L628. 
Will dated 25 May, proved 3 
July 1028 (P.C.C., 09, Bar- 

=Susan, dau. 
of Roger 
Glover of 
co. Berks, 
Esq. ; died 
about 1630. 


Roger Glover 
of London and 
Nevis, mer- 
chant. Will 
dated 11 Nov. 
1030 ; proved 
5 September 
10.37 (120, 


Pember- Kempe. 

Present family at 
Trumpington, near 

Robert Pemberton (II.) of Peterborough, baptized at=pCecilia, dau. of Hugh Tre- 

St. Mary le Bow 13 April 1021 ; admitted Lincoln's velyan of Yarnscombe, co. 

Inn 2 August 1012; called to Bar 20 June 1050; 

appointed by Dean and Chapter of Peterborough to 

Stewardship of Courts and Manors 27 September 

1677; died 7 November 1005; buried in Cathedral. 

M.I. on wall of south choir aisle. (Will not traced.) 

Devon; buried at Peter- 
borough 1 ai hedral 27 Feb. 
1712-13. '-in y e South Cross- 
Isle." Willdated 11 April 
1710; proved 9 May 1713 
(P.C.C., 111, Leeds). 

Robert Pember-=p. . . . Cecilia 
ton (III), (sup- Pern- 
posed to have berton, 
emigrated to Nc- born 
vis), aged 22 in about 
1081, Visitation 1000. 
of Northants. 

Elizabeth Pemberton. bap- 
tized at St. Paul's. Covent 
Garden, 27 May 1005. 

Francis Pemberton, born 
about 1007; buried at Peter- 
borough Cathedral, " in y e 
South Cross Aisle," 2 Nov. 

I I 
Adriana Pember- 
ton. born about 
1072 : mentioned 
in her mother's 

Christobella Pern- 
bi rton, born about 

Gilbert Pemberton of the' 
City of Peterborough, born 
about 1007 ; baptized al St. 
John the Baptist, Peter- 
borough, 1 September L608 ; 
died March 175 1, aged 
50; buried at Peterborough 
Cathedral. Adm'ou 1 April 
1754 (P.C.C.). M.I. on 
floor of aisle behind Orgau. 


: Kachaol, da. of 
William Miller 
Lincoln ; mar- 
riage settle- 
ment dated 1 
August, mar. 
31 Aug. 1721 
at Spalding ; 
died before her 

Two daughters, 

both inarned, 
one of them 
twice, 1st in 
Cathedral, 2nd 
in Si. Johu the 
Baptist, Peter- 

Roger Pemberton (VI.), only child, baptized at 
Peterborough Cathedral 26 September 1722. 

Roger Pember- 
ton (V.), (also 
believed to have 
gone to Nevis, 
and to be the 
Roger who for 
many years was 
Speakor of the 

Assembly, and 
died there in 
1753), named in 
the will of his 
uncle Roger 




Names of Parishes Abbreviated as Below. 


St. John's, Fierce. .... J.N. 

St. George's, Gingerland . . . G.N. 

St. Paul's, Charlestown . . . P.N. 

St. Thomas, Lowland .... T.N. 

St. Kitts. 
St. George's, Basseterre 
St. Peter's, „ 

St. Thomas, Middle Island 


Roger Pemberton of Nevis 1G77-S. One of this name was Captain 
of Fort James in Jamaica in 1G74. ? uncle of Robert. 

Robert Pemberton of Nevis (believed to be 2nd son of Robert Pemberton. = 
Steward of Dean and Chapter of Peterborough Cathedral, who died in 
1695 and has a monument there). Member of Assembly 1688, and of 
Nevis, gent., 1705; ? buried G.N. 13 January 1743. 


.^pFrances Butler, mar-=pRoger Pemberton, =Mary, relict 

of John 
Smith and 
dau. of John 
Brown; mar- 
ried before 
Is June 
1744; living 
1750. :3 rd 

ried 21 May 1717; 
buried at G.N. 28 
October 1732. ? sis- 
ter of Mary Butler,* 
who married at G.N., 
10 July 1718, Hon. 
James Symouds. 2nd 

■St. John's College, 
Oxon, matricu- 
lated 29 March 
170-3. aged IS ; 
Speaker of Assem- 
bly, Nevis. 1752 
and 1753 and pre- 
viousyears ; buried 
at G.N. 9 May 

Robert Pem- 
berton, party 
to deed of 
1713 ; Blgns 
bond with 
Kogcr in 

173S; r luiriod 
at G.N. 13 

January 1745. 

Ann Pember- 


Both living 1 
October 1717, 

Roger Pember- 
ton, baptize.! ;M 
G.N. 10 July 
1718 and buried 
there 25 March 

Robert Pember- 
ton, trustee in 
will of .lames 
Symouds, Presi- 
dent of Nevis, 
1758; died be- 
fore IS March 

al J.N. 7 

John Butler Pem- 
berton, baptized 
at G.N. 21 Jan. 
1719-20; Clerk of 
Assembly, Nevis, 
L739— 44; buried 
at G.N. IS Dec. 

Rev. Robert Pemberton, Queen's College, Oxon. 
matriculated 16 December 1707, aged IS; of 
North Wales Estate, Nevis; ordained between 
20 August 1784 and 23 February L7S7; Hector 
of St. James 1787—95; Rector of St. George, 
Basseterre, St. Kitts, L793 till deatli in L812; 
buried at G.K. 3 September lb 12, aged 03. 

3, see p. 270. 

• In St. George's, Nevis, is :i MI. to Sirs. Miry Symouds, wife of Junes Symonds, Bi | 
died 10 Sep. 1751, aged O'J. tier brother Johu Butler, K- 1 . died -) May 1717 (Boot ir's note). 

=Elizabeth, dau. of 
Hon. John Wil- 
liams of Nevis by 
Sarah bin u ife , 
died 7 September 
L799. aged It. 

Ann Pem- 
at J.N. 20 




i I 



Nevis. Common Recokds, 1707— 172S, pp. 7 and 8. 

On 30 March 1713, one Robert Pemberton, together with Mr. Samuel Gardner, 
Mr. James Emra, and Mr. Evan Davis, appraised four uegroea laken in execution 
of a decree against Eachael Symonds, widow. 

[A similar entry dated 29 June 171:3 appears on p. 13 of same volume.] 

Feom Same, p. 342. 

Eoger Pemberton of the island of Nevis, in consideration of love, etc., of his 
two daughters, Ann and Bridget Pemberton, gives to them, or the survivor of 
them, five negroes at the day of his death, or that of their respective marriages, 
whichever may first happen. 

Also to daughter Ann one negro girl from date of these presents, and a similar 
gift to daughter Bridgett. Recorded 1 October 1717. 

Nevis. Common Records, 172S — 1741, p. 314. 
Bond dated 4 April 173S. 

John Clarke of Nevis, Surgeon, -William Clarke, Roger Pemberton. and Robert 
Pemberton of the said island. Esquires, are bound to John Hughes of the said 
island, Surgeon, to pay to him the sum of £2000. 

The condition of this obligation is that if the said John Clarke. William Clarke, 
Roger Pemberton, and Robert Pemb< rton do pay to the said John Hughes during 
his natural life the sum of £100 annually, in four quarterly payments ; and after 
the decease of the said John Hughes a similar annuity to his wife, Alice Hughes, 
during her life, should she survive her husband ; then the Bond to be void, and 
otherwise to remain in full force. 

Nevis. Common* Recokds, 1757 — 17G2 [? 1711 — 1750], pp. 107 and los. 

Indenture dated 18 June 1744. 

John Brown, in consideration of his love, etc., for his daughter, Mary Pemberton, 
and of £500 paid to him by her, transfers to her, her heirs. Executors, etc., all his 
right, title, and interest in all houses, plantations, etc., he may have in the island 

I I 

William Pemberton, baptized^Margaret Samuel Clarke Pem-""=IiUcretia 

at G.N. 18 Mav 1721; sun buried at G.N. 2G berton, married at Herbert. 

and heir on 19 September February 1789. J.N. 5 January 

1750; buried at G.N. 13 Will dated 1!) 1701); hurled al 

[blank] 1784. Will dated 25 February L789; G.N. 30 November 

March 17 S3 ; proved at Nevis proved at Nevis 17(11. 

20 September 1784. 3 March 1789. ^ 

z\s. See post. 

See post. 

of Nevis or elsewhere and their appurtenances (except 7 negroes given to his 
granddaughter Sarah Brown, and two negroes who are given their freedom), free 
of all mortgages and encumbrances, with the condition 

That she make such provision for Ins granddaughter Sarah Brown, daughter of 
his son Simon Brown, dec d , Joseph Brown, John Brown, Ann and Mary Brown, 
sons and daughters of his son John Brown, dee 1 , John Springett, William and 
James Springett, John Brown Hobson, Jonah and Thomas Hobson, Ann and 
Sarah Hobson, the sons and daughters of his daughter Ann Hobson, dcc a , as the 
said Mary Pemberton shall see tit and by her Will shall oblige her Executors 
to make. 



See 3, p. 2G8. 

Rev. John Butler Pemberton, baptized=rHarriet, relict of Rich- Sholto Arch- 

atJ.N. 30 December 1774, aged 6 weeks; ard Price of London; bald Pember- 

Barrister-at-Law ; ordained Priest, Ful- married at St. Martin- ton, born 

ham Palace, 2G September 1R19 ; Rector in-the-Fields, London, 1785; died un- 

of Trinity, Palmetto Point. St. Kitts ; 24 September 1797; died married 1802, 

died at St. Kitts 29 September 1834; at Brixton S November a-_'cd 17 ; 

buried at T.K. 1854, aged 83 ; buried at buried al G.K. 

St. Mark's, Kennington. 1G Nov. LS02. 

I I I I I 

Bobert Boileau Pemberton. Capt.==IIenrietta Peach, dau. of Colonel Three sons. 
41th Bengal N.I., born 21 .Time (afterwards General) Duncan 

179S ; Govern or- General's Agent McLeod, Bengal Engineers; born One dau., 

with the Nawab Nazim of Bengal ; 21 September 1811; married at died un- 

died at Moorshedabad 2t> June I Calcutta 7 April 1832; died in married 

1840; buried at Berhampur. M.I. -Loudon 10 July 1854 ; buried at July 1849. 
there. Kensal Green. 

Alice Louisa,=j=Bobert Charles Boileau Pem-=pMarguerite 

eldest dau. of berton, Major-Gen. late B.E., Ellen. dau. of 

born at Calcutta 15 November the late Col. 

1S3-1 ; 1st Commission, 11 E. F. Bre- 

'.lune 1853, in Bengal Engi- nan; died at 

neers ; served in Indian Simla 7 Nov. 

C.B. 1907; C.S.I. 1877. 2nd 

1894. wife. 

L. Barrow, 
C.B. ; died 24 
March 1SG8. 
1st wife. 

Eev. Bobert— Ethel Fran- 
cis, dau. of 
A. II. Ar- 
solicitor ; 
married 4 

born 12 Jan. 
1868; TTniver- 
sitv College, 
Oxon, M.A. 
1893 ; Yiear 
of St. James, 
Hill Parish, 
field, 190G. 

Alice Evelyn McLeod 
Pemberton (Evie). 

Catharine Pemberton. 

Annie Gertrude Pem- 

All living 1909. 

Ethel Vera Pemberton, 
living 1909. 

Catherine Frances Pem- 
berton, living 1909, 

John McLeod Pem- 
berton, born 8 Nov. 
1 S>35 ; Indian Mi di- 
cal Service. M.l). ; 
died at Hyderabad, 
Deccan, unmarried, 
30 June 18G7. 

I'd ward =pYolande 

born 2s 

( )etobor 

Exeter Col- 
lege. ().\<ui, 

( lonstance, 
dau. of ( !. 
D. Dietz, 
Esq. ; mar- 
ried 27 
( let ber 

John Boileau Pemberton, 
born •-'•"> August 1903. 



Eliza=Edward Davis, son 


ton, mar- 
ried at 
G.K. 12 


died a. p. 

of Rev. William 
Davis of St. Kitts, 
and brother of 
Daniel Gntewavd 
Davis, afterwards 
Bishop of Antigua. 

Ann Jones Pember- 
ton, born October 
1770, baptized at 
J.N. 30 December; 
buried at G.K. 21 
April I802,aged25£ 
years ; died unmar- 

Robert Hughes . JaneFal- 

Pemberton, liot, dau. 

born -~> Decern- of Dr. 

ber 17^2 ; bap- Bates- 

tized at J.N. 29 Williams 

July L7S3; mar- Peter- 

ried at (r.K. 20 son ; died 

February 180b. 1851. 

Rev. Sholto Fi'icll = Ann, dau. of Sholto Tliomas Pem-=pAnna, 
Pemberton, born 
1799; Sidney Col- 
lege, Cambridge, 
B.A. 1834, M.A. 
lS:i7 ; Chaplain 
H.E.I.C.S., Bom- 
bay ; died at sea 


One son. 

Tim. Cassin 

berton, born 

of Sted- 

died B.p. 

of Bristol ; 

1811; married at 

man A kers 


married at 

J.N. IS December 



All Saints, 

] 855 ; Chief Justice 

and Eliza- 



, of Dominica lSGl ; 

beth (nt'e 

died un- 

ton, 5 Nov. 

died at Nevis 18S9 ; 




buried at T.N. 30 
June 1889. 


Catherine 1 
3 July 
died 3 
1873. 1st 

Duncan Scott= 
Colonel R.A., 
born 25 Feb. 
1S37 ; served 
in Indian 
Mutiny ; died 
at Kashmir 
23 August 


dau. of 
tlie late 
No sur- 

Sholto Edmon-= 
stone Pember- 
ton. Lieut.-Col. 
R.A., born 17 
April Is |(); 
married G Nov. 
1877 ; died of 
choleraat Mian 
Mir 25 Septem- 
ber 1SS9. 


Henrietta Peach 


Pemberton, onlv 

dau. of 

dau., married, 23 


December LSG2, 


Sir* reorge Yule, 

c. s. 

K.C.S.I., who 


died 13 January 

! C.B.; 

Ism;, aged 7:} ; 


relict living 


1909; 1 son. and 
2 unmarried 
daus. living 1909. 


Charles McLeod=f=Margaret Emily, 
Eraser Pember- dau.- of the late 

I I 

ton, born 15 
March 1873 ; a 
tea planter in 


Fo u r 


John McAinlrew. 
Deputy Inspec- 
tor-General of 
Police, Punjab; died 
married L Nov. young 

Henrietta Cathe- 
rine Pemberton. 
married, 22 dug. 
1 ^s;. Sir A udrcw 
Wingate, Bombay 
C.S., K.C.l.i: I la's 
one son and three 
daus. living 1909. 

Sholto Penv- 
berton, born 
13 Novem- 
ber lss:{ ; 
Lieut. K K. 
1st Commis- 
sion 31 .1 111 V 


Ian Charles McAndrew Pemberton, born 
at Dullabcherra, Sylhet, Assam. 2 I- August 
1900; baptized in bungalow there 21 
October 1900. 

Duncan Robert McLeod Pemberton, 
born at Dullabcherra 8 December 
l'.io7; bapti/ed there 19 January 



Nevis. Common Records, 1741 — 1750, p. 323. 
Indenture dated 11 May 1750. 

Between Roger Pemberton, Esq., and Mary his wife, and John Brown Smith, 
Gent., all of Nevis, of the one part, and Christopher Wilkinson of Nevis, Planter, 
of the other parr. 

In consideration of the sum of 5 - paid to them by the said Christopher 
"Wilkinson, the said parties of the first part sell to him 50 acres of land in 
S l John's parish [boundaries described] to have and to hold to the said Christopher, 
his heirs, Executors, etc., for one year at a rent of one peppercorn. 

From Nevis Records, 1750—1752, p. 1S2. 

Indenture dated 19 Sep. 1750, between Roger Pemberton of Nevis, Esq., and 
William Pemberton. bis " son and heir." 

In consideration of the sum of 5 - paid by the said "William Pemberton, the 
said Roger Pemberton conveys to him, his heirs and assigns for ever, a messuage 
in Charlestown in the island of Nevis, commonly known as Roger Pcmberton's 
store or tenement, and all buildings thereto appertaining. 

Witnesses : Michael Butler, Samuel Clarke Pemberton. 

Sholto=pMaria Anne Pem- 
died s.p. 

Mary Ade- 
laide Pem- 
berton, liv- 
ing unmar- 
ried. 190!). 






died 27 






Eva Pember- 
ton, married, 
10 November 
190G, Lieut. 
L. A. Fan- 
shawe, R.A. 

Sholto Rawlins Pem- 
berton, born 2 Feb., 
baptized at J.N. 15 
July 1S58 ; Downing 
College, Cambridge, 
B.A. 1SS3 ; Barrister- 
at-Law, Inner Tem- 
ple ; Assistant Attor- 
ney-General in Do- 
minica 1909, unmar- 

Two sons, died s.p. 

Jane Elizabeth Pember- 
ton, living at Dominica 

Grace Tan court Pember- 
ton, married, lu April 
1901, J. F. Johnson of 
Dominica, planter. 

Anna Maynard Pember- 
ton, married, 6 .1 illy L899, 
William Forrest i i An- 
tigua, merchant. 

Marion Ethel Pember- 
ton, married at St. 
Mary's, Poona, I Nov. 
I'M)'.). Captain Charles 
Reed, R.A. 

Violet Pemberton, mar- 
ried, 30 January li)0S, 
Lieut. H. T. 'Mosse, 

Sholto Freill Pem- 
berton, born 2U 
September 1S7G. 

Robert Boileau 
Pemberton, born 
2G An mist 1SS0. 

Florence Adelaide 
Pemberton, living 

Mary Elizabeth 
Pemberton, living 

(To be continued.) 






'// . 

Tliis bookplate was used bv the late Cupt. H. B. Peinberton. 
who died in LS40. The same coat was also used bv bis couhid, 
tbe late Sholto Pembcrtou oi Dominica. 


jfclatson iLcttcrs relating to ©mmnica, 


. 1S03. 
72. Dominica. Feb. 13. J. M. J r to J. M. S r . 
p r Ship Ceres, Capt: Joynson. Dominica 13 th February 1S03. 

My Dear Sir, 

As T have written you so long a Letter p r the Brig Eliza which sailed 
from hence on the th instant for Liverpool, I have scarcely any thing to add in 
addition thereto, but this being so desirable an opportunity, the Ship Ceres which 
sails to Day at Noun. 1 must not omit writing you a line. Had I foreseen her 
sailing thus early I should have deterred sending my former Letter by her. 

On Tuesday or Wednesday next the Governor intends sending a Mefsage to 
the House relative to Lord Hobarts Letter concerning your Office of Chief 
Justice. On this Head I wrote you* last all I could learn thereon, and >! r Reid 
has written you also he informs mc by the same opp>" the abovementioned Brig. 
M r Reid said he should write you fully on this Subject which I suppose he has 
done, and he thought it needlels for me to say much least J might mislead you. 

The Governor held some Conversation with him yesterday, and Reid asked him 
if the House would be allowed to recommend a Person to the office, which the 
Goveruor told him he thought not. M r Keid said he could wish to recommend 
M r Robert, when almost imm- v : after he added that M r R. would probably retire 
shortly to America. So I understood this from the Governor. 1 have often 
thought that either M r Robert or M 1 Keid would have no objection to the 
Situation, especially if the House vote a Salary in addition to the Home Salary. 
Probably M r Robert would, in case he has any Intentions, offer you a certain Sum 
to resign, but on this head AH Reid has written you no doubt fully. He dues not 
enter into Conversation with me ou this in r . M r Robert did first mention l(>00 
Sterling to the Governor as an augmentation to be paid him. which would have 
been £1050 C- v at the rate of 17") 1' C : exchange. I apprehend £700 Currency is 
the utmost they will vote, which at the same exchange is £400 51 1 have 
already sent you Copy of Lord Hobarts Letter of IS"' Nov 1- : which the Govi 
rec d at Falmouth, and mentioned likewise in my last Letter that the late Gov' 
had some time back rec'a Letter from the Duke of Portland dated 21 st Oct": LSOO, 
in which he recommended the Legislature to annex a suitable Salary — for which 
the allowance at present granted by Parliament here, is, as it is expressed to be in 
the Estimate only temporary, and until Provision is made by the Island of 
Dominica. As Lord Uobart has in his Letter stated that whatever Salary they 
the House may deem neceisary to vote, is to be an augmentation to the Home 
Salary. That what the Duke of Portland has written on this head cannot now 
have any reference to Lord Hobarts—] should suppose. Of this however you are 
fully acquainted— I merely mention it. By the next oppJ I shall be able I 
to write VOU that such Steps have been taken as will enable you to d. in- 
to a certainty upon your Determination of remaining altogether at Home or 


The Governor and Harvey have been again to Prince Ruperts- M r Metcalfe 
accompanied them. 1 cannot learn if ,M r Robinson is likely shortly lo succeed in 
his Businels. From his ordering several repairs to Ins Elouse, to bo thai of his 
Residence, opposite M r M'Ginniss, 1 am inclined to think bis stay here will be 
proloii"ed to next year. M r M. lives in a small House adjoining to the one he 

• Continued from p, 225, 
VOL. I. 



resided in when you was here — he has lately run it up, facing the late 
M r M c Lachkns & adjoining to the House & Stores. Neither Mel's ' Reid, 
Metcalfe Lucas &c. have yet invited the (iov r . M r ,J. Lucas intends to do in a 
few Days, unlets M™ M c Clellan who died yes- v sliould prevent him for the 

Capt: Brycn of the Emerald Frigate dined with us the other Day. He told 
me that Henry was well, and would in all probability retain his Situation in the 
Blenheim, instead of taking the Command of a Frigate. The Commodore will 
offer the Blenheim, 1 believe, to the different Post Captains, hut they will prefer, 
if not much in want of Money, remaining in the command of their respective 
Frigates. Lord Seaforth of Barbados endeavoured, Cap* O Bryen tells me, to 
secure the vacancy for Capt: M c Kenzie of the Gauchupin, but that the Commodore 
thought Henry having been long iu the Country & the oldest Master & Coinm' 
was entitled to it. So it does not appear that Sir H. Harvey or any one el- 
procured the Post app 1 for Henry, merely his own good Fortune. The Alien Bill 
& Town Warden Bill were signed by the Gov r yes>. M rs Prevost is a little 
unwell, she is seven Months gone with Child. T forgot to mention to you that 
the Governor rec d an handsome addrefs from the Grand Jury — M r Rainy foreman. 
Excuse this very hasty Scrawl for want of Time & wishing you every Happinefs 
believe me 

My Dear Sir 

Tour very aff te & dutiful Son 

Jy. Matsok Jun. 

Do not forget me to M r Gillon with my kind Respects. M r Kemp is at 
"VVallhouse and they are now making very good Sugar. Marianne came in to see 
me yesJ for the first Time — she having been unwell. 

73. Dominica. Feb. 28. J. M. J r to J. M. S r . 

The seeond January Packet, Prince Ernest, arrived here yesterday .... the 
first Packet had 12 days passage, the second 27 only .... .1. Lucas the Speaker 
.... "We dined yes> with M r and M rs Gordon. Com?: Gordon lives at Newtown. 
Encloses: — Lord Hobart'a letter about the local salary to be voted the Chief 
Justice as an augmentation of the Kings salary; the Governor's message; and 
the non-commital reply of the House of Assembly. 

74. Dominica. March 11. J. M. .T r to J. M. S r . 

On Wednesday next the 1G' 1 ' inst. a large party, for the firsl time, is invited 
to dine at Gov' House. As you will like to know the present Members of tin- 
Council it Ass^: I here give you a list and who are of course- invited. 

The Honorables .1. Robinson, Geo: Metcalfe. .1. Corlei. B. Lucas, J" Laing, 
R l Reid, .P: Dodds. Alex': Horn. A: Will: Smith. .1. C. Constable Clerk. 

The Honble. .1. Lucas Sp r : Mess": .1. Gay, R d Hoot,,;,. A. I!. Richai 
R': Metcalfe, J 8 : Jordan, Jn n : Henderson, Tho*: Beech, .!. Luudin, W. W. Glanville, 
J. Glanville, .1. Trotter, Th: Henderson, J. Lowndes. Alex: Henderson, R 1 I '-row ue, 
Th: Warner, Ch" : Bertrand .v Ch r : Robert, E. H. Beech Clerk, also invited viz: 
Jn: Gordon, R l Hyndmau, P. Jolly aid de Camps L* Col: Doukin of the ll' 1 Res' 
Mess: J. Audain, Jn. Laing, Tho* Collins & .1. Wardrobe making together o s 
besides ourseLes. M' s Prevost will dine al M ' Laings .... Sis Gcnth m< n dine 
daily with M r and M r " Audain, who are to pa\ E300 pr. annum Cur° for their 
Dinner & Breakfast wine included. 

The estimate made out by Uyin for building &c. of the new Church is £6,500. 
£531 has been voted A, paid by the for a public Dinner to the Governor. 


Henry writes from Barbadoes that the Coinfnf in Chief would proceed to Trinidad 
that the Commodore, Hood,* would on his arrival there shift his pendant to the 
Ulysses 41 Guns, when the Blenheim liis Ship, would become a private ship. The 
Conunr in Chief of the Forces. Grinfield, would make his tour thro' the Islands in 
the Centaur 71 (inns . . . . M r Gloseester writes that 15 to 30 Joes p 1 mouth are 
given at Trinidad for very indiff 1 Houses — mere bare Walls. 

M r Attdain applied last Week to the Gov- for permission to go to Martinique 
to join in the holy state of Matrimony, the Honfcle A. C. Johnstonef Son of the 
deceased Thomas Lord Cochrane Karl of Dundonald and Sen in Law of .lames 
Hope Johnstone Lord Hope Earl of Hopetoun with Amelia Constance Eriennette 
Gertrude de Clugny Widow of the late Raimond Desiree Godet of the T 1 of 
Guadeloupe. Altho' M r Audain expected to be called for every hour he is still 
here, and Letters from Martinique say that Jerome Buonaparte Brother to the 
Chief Consul who commands a Brig on this Station, has advised that the Marriage 
should not take place least by becoming possessed of so much landed Property in 
that Island he may as an off r in our Service have the Command of Troops to 
attack the Island in case of War .... M' Gay is now living with M r Robinson 
M r & M rs Beech having taken his House, that is D r Clarke's .... Harvey is 
taking part of my House. 

77. Dominica. March 2G. J. M. J r to J. M. S\ 

M r Knox the Agent for the House of Assembly only .... Mv Predecessor 
was married at Martinique last Tuesday to the Veuve Gaudet. The Ceremony 
was performed by an English and a Trench Priest according to the Rites of both 
Churches .... They have lately voted the Gov 1 " £10U0 C- v . . . . M r Lines the late 
Searcher & Waiter arrived, drowned himself yesterday .... Cap': M c Kenzie of 
the Gauchupin is gone to Antigua .... He is married to a Miss i)J [toni] & 
brings her to this Isl a with him in a few Hays. 

78. Dominica. March 2G. Robert Reid to J. M. S r . 

.... Knox whose friends in the Assembly have been most completely beaten 
by M r Robert's steady it successful opposition to this Colonv's being saddled 
with a Salary for this Gentleman, whose Services, if any. have been of no manner 
of use to it. The Bill to appoint him the general Agenl of the Colony failed in 
the Assembly .... M™ Reid & Rosette beg to be remembered to vou. 

79. Edinburgh. March 26. James Fraser to J. M. at 22 Argyle Street. 

The only Letter I have hitherto received from Dominica on the Subject of mv 
Brother's Affairs since his death is from D r YV 1 " Fa I.- id e enclosing an Kv of mv 
Brother's Will .... My Wish is to sell, if I can obtain any adequate pri< e I am 
told a Mess r< Main Lucas & Ueid lately purchased Erom a M'' Mair an Estate of 
inferior value at a price of near £30,000. § Perhaps this may be the same M \l> id 

• Sir Samuel Hood was sent October 180- as a commissioner for Trini lad. By 'In- death <>f 
Rcar-Adminil Totty ho became Commander-in-Chief of the I .»-> • v\ .i r<J Islands Station, hoisting 
his pennant on tin- ''Centaur." See the I) N 1$. 

t Andrew James Coclimne-Jolinstonc, born 1767; married l-t In 17'.' I un, daughter 

of James, Earl of Uopctoim, when he assumed the additional surname of Johnstoue. S 
in 17'J7. lie married 2mlly, as above, Mme. Godi t, n lio ivas oulj child and heir ■>! the Baron de 
Clugny, Governor of Guadeloupe. 

Z St John's, Antigua, 1803, Feb. 21, Kenneth Mackenzie to l:- l> ■■. S r 

(" Antigua," i.. L'lt; i 

§ Dominica.— The Original Grant by Kii G< r the Third of certain lands in the 
Island of Dominica, to James Laiuir, lloberl livid, and John Lucas, about one hundred and 
ninety-six aen-s in the parish ol Saint Joseph, in the >aid bland, printed on paper, live ] 
foho tilled in, no seal, dated 1804. 

i 2 


who is one of my Brother's Executors & was lately in London; There peems 
none other on the' Island of those named except D r Falside & John Frasrr, wlm 
went to America for his health & had not returned by the last Aeco 1 1 heard 

from M r Pagan .... 

Draft reply of J. M. Dated March 30. 

M r Mair's Estate was sold to Mess" Laing, Reid & J. Lucas for £24,000 

.... the Estate is situate to the leeward of the Island, and managed at less 
Expence and Risque than a windward Plantation . . . . I am convinced however 
that your Brother's Plantation is in Want of additional Strength of Negroes and 
Cattle. Some uncleared Land of your Brother's contiguous to the Plantal n 
might be converted into a productive Coffee Estate, but this will necessarily be a 
work of Time and considerable Expense. 

80. Dominica. Maich 20. J. M. J r to his father J. M. S r at Cheltenham. 

p r Ship Adelphi, Capt. TJrquhart. 

My letter of the 2G (h inst. I sent by the Chesterfield Packet .... The Horse 
sent out to the Major [Harvey] by his 'Father is much too large for this Country. 
M r Metcalfe has asked for Leave of Absence to return to Europe. It is said he is 
to take his passage in the Granges. M r Jordan will leave this in the same Ship. 
I know not if M^Metealfe's Brother will be app d the Deputy Treasurer. He is a 
strange Cur, as is also the Brother. & tin- Colonel is universally disliked. . . . 
M r J? Robinson's nephews. The Person appointed in the Room of Noyce 
[deceased] is I understand the Comptroller of Tobago. The Adelphi is to sail 

81 Mrs Rrowne's " Roseau Gazette and Dominica Chronicle," vol. xii., 
No. GIL Thursday, May 12, LS03. 

A single sheet. 17;? inches by lOf, but there was probably another. It 
contains the following official notices of sales of property by James Laing, Provost 
Marshal : — 

Sale of a parcel of land of John Charrurier, Esq., planter, in Roseau, 
bounded N. on the Quav, E. on a street leading from the Market to New-Town, 
S on Griffin Curtis, Esq., N. on the estate of Michael Chalmers, dec d ; also his 
Title to the Resource Estate of coffee and sugar, 108 a. in St. Paul's parish and 
147 slaves, cattle, etc. . 

Sale at Kind's Tavern the title of James Monboueher. planter, to a plantation 
in St. Paul's pansh of 48 acres, bounded X. by the river Masacre, S. unsurveyed, 
E and W by land leased to Madam des G-oramiers. 

Sale of all the estate of .lean Bte. le Cointrc, late ol D., planter, to 90 a. and 
10 a' in St' John's parish, part of Ross Castle Estate, bounded N. on the river 
Picard S on Mount Pleasant Estate, \V. and E. on Ross Castle Estate. 

Sale of the right of Arthur Myler, planter, dec", to :;'•> a. m St. Lukes pan-!, 

Sale^of the Title of John Arthur, planter, dec d , to 240 a. bounded E. and X. 
on the river Maconcherie, also st) a. 

The Governor prorogues the Assembly until .Nov. 1. John Mat-on. Secretary, 
John Robinson, President, John Lucas, Speaker. ........ ., . ,, ... 

John Laing petitioned lor adm on of estate oi William Eyre, dee, left 
unadministercd by his ex'ors. 


82. Dominica. April 6. J. M. J' to his Father J. M. S r . 

p r Ship Fanny, Capt. Mathews. 

Yesterday Morning I went off to a Seh r to see Capt. Brown, the President of 
Nevis his Wife & Daughter they were on their wav from S l Vincents to Nevis. 
Next month they sail for England. It was with them I spent a very pleasant 
time in June 1S01 at Nevis . . . . M r J. Laing & his uncle. 

84. London. April 7. J. M. S r to J. M. .T r at 1). 
A few Days since I received two full Years Salary as Chief Justice which 
I have invested in 3 p r Cent. Consols at 03, adding thereby to mv little Capital 
£1000 Stock. 

92. Dominica. May 15. J. M. J r to his Father J. M. S r . 

M 13 Prevost appeared at Table yesterday for the first time since her confine- 
ment from lying in .... I will give you a catalogue of our Engagements during 
M rs P. confinement. On the lirst of the Month we dined at Massacre. 1 went 
out the Evening before and did uot return till Wednesday M K following, rinding 
it so much cooler than the Town, {he Major did the needful for me. 

We had a few Days previous to this Dinner dined with the Reids in Town for 
the first time. On the 2 d of May at M r Laings in Town. 3 d at M r J. Robinsons. 
4 th Morne Bruce with Col. Donkin. I joined this Day. u lh M r Hooton's. 
M r Smith his partner at M' lllc for a short time. th M r Audain's 7"' & 8 ,u at 
Home 9" 1 at Pierre Jollys, 10 th M r Conway. The Governor was very intimate 
with this Gentleman at 8' Lucia — he was an acts Commissary — lives with a g 
looking Woman whose Husband is living. She sat at the head of the Table but 
she does not of course make her appearance at Gov' House. 11"' with the 
Glanvilles who live with their Mother at Newtown, House formerly Reids. 12"' 
Mess" Gay & Co. at the House of M 1 ' Boland. M 1 ' 13. was unwell <& did not 
appear— this Invitation Gay gave to introduce his Partners M r B. and a M r Hard] . 
13"' M r J. Lucas for the lirst time 11"' & to Day at Home. To Morrow for the 
first time M' B. Lucas .... The Reids have no objection of doing what they can 
to diminish the Pride of the Laings. They the Laings are not liked by M™ P. 
nor the Gov 1 . He thinks Laing about as good as Metcalfe. On riiursuav next 
we are engaged to And" .lolly. Thus you see we have been liviug like Princes. 
Dinners have been given also by M 1 ' Gordon the Com) X' M r Hyudman who are 
both aid do Camps. Neither M r Dodds nor Metcalfe have yel invited tin I 
M r llvndmaii is ju>t lit lor his app 1 and DOf much else. He is a Merch 1 in 
partnership with .las: Corlet (lately clerk to J. Eraser) but they do very little. 
Hvndman supplies the Troops with fresh Beef sent Lira by C . . den the ( lontractor 
& he is to have the baking Business, lie ha- taken M" 1 Orde's House for 6 1'ears 
at 3 Joes p r Month & to keep it m good repair. Since taking it ho has put up 
a new fence all around, much higher than before with expensive Gates, new 
shingled &e. & is now paiuting it. He is tilling the House with pictures &c. so 
you may form an opinion of him. He has lured a white Man S ai £30 p r annum 
for Wages only who accompanies him always on horseback, lie is always with 
us at the Gov' House in the Evenings A often dines with us. The Gov r has 
purchased a Billiard Table which he has put up in the Octagon — fond of playing 
at Chess or Kagammon in the Ev-'. Cards Ac. The little Girl born i- much like 
the Gov r . .Miss Prevost keeps in good Health has a Horse which she rides 
often .... Henry is at Antigua getting on with the Blenheim refil i 

Harbour after having run aground at Barbados . J. Robinson leaves this the 
latter end of the mouth with Gay, J. Eraser a Jordan in the Ganges. 

(To be continued.) 


Annotations to ilatorcncc^rdjcr's "iflomt= 

mental friscnpttons of tljt ISnttslj driest 



178. This stone is placed as sacred to the memory of the Honorable Walter 
Geokge Stewart who died on the 1st day of June 18(54, aetat Go. For 33 years 
he filled thro eventful changes which came over this Island in its social and 
political affairs the otlice of Island Secretary and was during the whole of thai 
period the Clerk of the Council in its legislative capacity, the duties of which he 
honorably and zealously performed, lu private life he was a warm hearted 
friend, liberal and never backward in his donations to the poor, in public life 
strenuous and forward to support all the best interests of Jamaica, his adopted 
country. He was also at the time of his death a member of the Privy Council of 
this Island. Requieseat. 

179. Sacred to the memory of the Reverend George Crawfoco Ricketts 
Fearox, who departed this life "on the 22nd October 1840 aged -1!) years. He was 
Rector of Clarendon his native parish for a period of 20 years. He was unosten- 
tatiously good, without guile, true of speech and pure in heart. 

.ISO. Rebecca Mart Bernard, born 23rd April 1828, died 4th February 1S34 
aged 5 years 9 months and 12 days. 

Jaxe Elizabmu Bernard, born 19 April ls:32, died Gth February 1834 
aged 1 year 9 months and 17 day.-. 

Dru^hters of Thomas James Bernard ain't Theodora Foulxes his wife. 

181.° Here lies intered the body of John Jeffeuy Ke.vle who departed this 
life 9th April 1SF3 aged 38 years. (Loose slab.) 

182. Sacred to the memory of Jam; Kimi, eldest daughter of the late 
J. \V. Kinu of St. Dorothy, Esqre., died the 2nd Augusl 1MI aged 2L years. 
This tomb is erected by one who knowing her virtues when living now mourns his 
loss in her death. 

183. Here lies the bodv of Lr.vrM.v. Gamble, the infant daughter of Fu i>'< :i a 
Hexdersox who departed this life the lit h day of Maj L 803, aged 2 years and 

11 months. 

1S4. Sacred to the memory of SOPHIA wife of WlLLM. Di'tton 1 miner. 
M.D. She died on the llth day of March L834in the twenty -filth year of her age. 

Also of Frvncis Robertso> Lynch, son-in-law of the above, born at Bromp- 
ton, April 1st, 1824. Died Deer. 9th L874. R.I.P. 

185. A tomb with YVS.T. M.M.T. 

1SG. In memory of Eliza wife of Francis Robertson Lynch. Born 
August 9th 1828. Died October 13th 1878. R.I.P. 

1S7. Beneath this stone resl the remains of the Honorable Francis Smith, 
for many years Custos Rotuloruin of the Precinct ^<\ St. Catherine. He died the 
7th Novr. 1S31 a^cd (39 years. He was a truly good man. distinguished through- 
out life for his piety and his numerous charities. This stone is placed here by 
Thomas Land Esquire, who owes his advancement in life to the friendship ol the 

deceased. , _ . 

188. Sacred to the memory of John Jabheti Schaw, Esquire, who departed 

this life at Port Henderson in' the Parish of Saint Catherine on the 17th day of 
October 1SH aged oii years. 


Continued from p. 2VJ. 


ISO. Sacred to the memory of Ciiahles Wil. Dcn>", Esquire, .-on of Andw. 
& Elizth. Dunn who died in Spanish Town 3rd July Kl~> aged 3 yrs. month.-. 

190. Here lies the bod) of William Wvdkants ii>»|r. Captain in His 
Majesty's 62nd Uegt. of Foot who departed this life on the 8th da) of Xoveuiber 
1793 in the 36 year of his aire, as also the body of his daughter Alice Eliza. 

191. Sacred to the memory of Miss Ann Babtlett A Iacllan who departed 
this life on the 16th day of March, Anno Domini 1S45 aged 20 years. 

192. .Miss Ann BabtLETT, died 17th June 1819. 

193. Sacred to the memory of Thomas Ui;ow>- Esqr. who departed this life 
on the 3rd Aug. Is22 at the advanced age of 75 rears. 

194. A tomh with initials D.M. 

195. To the memory of Huuo* son of Hugo and Amelia James, Spanish 
Town, Jamaica, died 20th Deer. Is22 aged 3 years. 

196. In memory of John Abmstead Esq., & Constant his wife she died 
August 8th 1793, aged 5S years. Also three of their children who died in their 
infancy. Likewise the bodv of Eliztii., wife of Capt. Ja.v.vs, 18th Roy 1 Irish 
Kegt. who died 22nd May 1S10. 

197. Mrs. Louisa Devente. 

19S. Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Jane Eeid, who departed this life 
on the 17th day of January 1831 aged 21 years. 

199. Millecent, wife of Francis Smith, died June 1S27. 

200. Underneath are deposited the remains of Mrs. Elizabeth wife of 
KoBEitT Huggins of this Parish, who departed this life the 1st September L802 
aged 36 years. Also her son John Elliss Huguins, aged 2 years and 4 months. 
What kiud of persons they were the day of judgment will show. 

201. Eleonoha widow of Dr. Andrew Dawson of the Army Medical Staff, 
died in Spanish Town 15th March Is is aged SI (?) yei 

202. Here lies ye body of Anthony. GrUBB who died the 3rd of Novr. A no. 
Dom. 169S, aged 63 years. And also the body of Anthony, grandson of .\\- 
thonet and son of Pijancis and Edith GrUBB, who died Oetbr. ye 15th Alio. 
Dom. 1695 aged 7 monthes. 

203. Sacred to the memory of Mi-s Ann Feench, late of the Parish of Man- 
chester, who departed this life on the 2Sth day of October L835, aged Is years. 

204. Here lies the bodv of Mrs. Elizabeth Russell who departed this life 
the 3 1st January 1S24 aged -39 years and 5 months. 

205. Robert Russell, Barrister at Law. died 20th June L8S6, aged 77 years. 

206. Here lieth the body of Eumund Kusskll, who departed this life 27th 
Nover. IS 16, aged 40 years & 3 months. 

207. Sacred to the memory of William Townshend, who departed this 
life on the 21st September 1S40. aged 67 \cars. 

208. In memory of Samuel P. Mussoy, D.D., for 13 years Rector of this 
Parish. Born Scptr. 7th, LS12. Died Jauy. 8tli 1837. 

209. Here lies the body of Peteb Watsox, Merchant, a most respectable 
character, deeply regretted by his family and friends. lie departed this life the 
19th day of August 1st) I aged 45 years. 

210. rluou Morrison Myers, dud in Spanish Town February 20th L854, 
3rd son of William Robertson Mters a Ellen Sjpaldino his wife. 

211. The remains of the late Double JaMES GrATLEARD who departed this 
life on the 5th day of June 1853, aged 7"> wars. The deceased was a Master <>( 
the Court of Chancery of. this Island, ami for seventeen years Prcsideut of the 
Council. The following resolution moved by the Honorable Sir Josuua Rows, 
Knight, C.B., unanimously agreed t > by that Honorable Hoard will couvey to the 
reader the very high estimation in which lie was held. 

Resolved: "The Legislative Council, having since the last Session lost the 
services of their late President, the late Honorable Jauks GaTLEARD, who For 

• 1817, Julv l. Bug o James, esq. of Spanish Town, J., to Emily dau. of S. .) i k> id, esq. of 
Catheriue-hall, Montego Bay. (" G.M." 274.) 



seventeen years presided over their deliberations, wish, whilst they humblcy Bub- 
mit to God's dispensation, to record their deep regret at Ins death, and to Leave an 
enduring memorial in their minutes of their highest estimation in whieh l • 
him for his independence and liberality of sentiments. His unliinching advocacy 
and steady maintenance of all their rights and privileges, and his lirm yet cour- 
teous and conciliatory conduct in the Chair by which the Council were greatly 
assisted in all their difficulties and embarrassments which have unfortunately 
often beset the course of Legislation during the long period he held the high and 
responsible office of their President. 19th October, LS.35." 

Arms. — Party per pale Azure, a bend Argent between three roses leafed, two ami 

one, impaling Argent, two bars Sable, charged with three leopards' heads, two and 
one. Chest. — An arm dexter holding a rote leafed . Motto. — viriitk et l . . . . E. 

Friend of my bosom thy pure spirit has fled to meet a just reward in happier 
regions. Beloved brother, thy virtues thy fair fame which one little spot ne'er 
darkened will long be remembered and revered. 

212. Here lie the earthly remains of Hugh William Barnett, Esquire, son 
of Hugh Barnett, late of "Sportsman's Hall, in the Parish of LYelawny in this 
Island, Esquire, who departed this Life the 11th day of October lSlU in the 25th 
year of bis age. (Eulogistic lines follow.) 

213. S. M. of Eliza the beloved wife and of Eliza Julia the beloved 
daughter of Joseph Gegg, clerk. They sleep in Jesus. December. 1844. 

214. Sacred to the memory of Margaret (wife of Alexander) McEwan who 
died at King's House on the 12th of June 1844, aged 33 years. Erected by her 
bereaved husband. 

215. Sacred to the memory of the following sons & grandsons of .Mrs. Jam: 
Brown. John Francis Matthews, her youngest son, departed this life llth 
July 1820, aged 32 years. U'm. Bii;isy Broadbelt, her eldest son, departed this 
life 29th January 1822, aged '■)! years. John C. Matthew, and Er.vncts Bibby 
Matthew, sons of J. F. Matthew, the first ;\ged 2 years 6 months, the second 
1 year 2 months. This monument is erected by their disconsolate mother as a 
feeble tribute of affection who by the will of divine providence is left alone to 
lament her irreparable loss. 4 

216. Sacred to the memory of Hannah, wife of Sergt. James Gordon, 64th 
Begt. who departed this life on the 20th Novber. 1837. This tomb is erected as a 
last testimony of respect by her affectionate husband. 

217. Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Ann Wilkins, who departed this 
life on the 4th day of -May 1837, aged 1" years & 1 months. 

218. Beneath arc the remains of At uusta Geokqiana Milne, only daughter 
of the late William Muni, Esquire, and Sophia, his wife, ol lv ro 
River, St. Ann. Born 17th July LS06, died 31st October LM'J. > i '.,•■_■ t 
lines. )f 

To her endeared memory this marble was dedicated by her affectionate brother.' 

219. Sacred to the 1 memory of ANNE Mitchell, wife of John Mm hell, 
who departed this life the 2nd of June a. d. L815 aged twenty four years seven 
months and two da\ s. 

220. Here lies the body of Barbara Campbell, the wife of Alexandeb 
Campbell, who died the 22nd day of February LS03 aged 18 years 3 mouths 
& 24 days. 

221." Sacred to the memory of Etienne Yiw, Esquire, native of Marseilles, 
who died in this town, Saturday the 28tll Feb. LS35 aged 53 years, respected by 

• 1810 Jan. 15. In Si Lucia, Caj>t. E. K. Matthews, 6th West [ndia n * eldest son of the 
late Etherington Taos. M. esq. of St. Catherine's, J. ("G.M." in ) 

1811, Doc w. At Monmouth, Smart Aldrcd, oi .1 , lo Miss Matthews, dau. of the late Dr. M. 
of the same island. {" Hath Chronic ") 

t 180-1, Jan. ti "ii his i iss lye to J., An. in n Milne, esq. merchant. (" (i M, ' lsj ) 

1822, Sep. 17. At Paris, Mrs. So|)hia Milne, of 1'cdro liiver, .J. ("G.M." <">19.) 


all who had the pleasure of knowing him. This marble is placed over his remains 
by his disconsolate widow and children. (Translation in French follow - I 

i'22. Erected to the memory of Captain Edmund Wright, G4th Regiment, 
by his brother officers by whom he was much beloved and is deeply lamented. He 
died 21st October LS37, aged 31 years. 

223. John Rose departed this life Oct. 30th LS07 aged 50 years. 

224. In affectionate memory of Eliza Gayleabd who died January 20th 1^71 
aged GO years. 

22-3. Sacred to the memory of COLIN MACKENZIE, Esquire, of Mount Gerald, 
Boss Shire, North Britain, and of Spanish Town in this Island, who departed this 
life on the 1st December Ls:i7 aged 3-5 years. The honourable conduct the kind 
disposition and the amiable manners which distinguished this gentleman through 
life endeared him to many friends in this Island who have erected this monument 
to his memory as a testimony of their regard and esteem. 

22G. Sacred to the memory of Mr. Horatio Steetens who arrived in this 
Island September 1839 and departed this life August 27th IS 10 aired 3o years. 
Also to the memory of Miss Sarah Steevens sister to the above who arrived here 
April 1S40 and departed this life September Gth in the same year, aged 23 year-. 

227. Sacred to the memory of Jacques Sicahd, Esq., late proprietor of 1'ork 
Castle Plantation in the Parish of St. Anns, who departed this life (in this town) 
on the 22nd of January 1821 aged (52 years. 

228. Elizabeth St. "William Deans, daughter of Alexander and Rachel 
Susanna., died 26th August 1S21 aged 7 months. 

220. Here lietli the body of Alexander Si.ateord Willocks who died 19th 
Sept. 18T5 aged 52 years 9 months & 11 days. 

230. Caroline Penistone McK i.i.i.v, born August 10th lsls 


231. Capt. D. Campbell of His Majesty's XCI or Argyllshire Regiment. 
Died the 29th Novr. 1824, aged 42 years. (Loose slab.) 

232. Sacred to the memory of Robert Joceltn Shaton who departed this 
life on the 19th Oct. L852 in the L9th year of his age. (Loose slab.) 

233. Sacred to the memory of Alexander Sinclair who departed this life 
on 31st December 1S54 aged 52 years. < Loose slab.) 

234. (Masonic Emblem.) Credo. Henry Callanan, Lieut. 1st W.l.R. 
Oct. 2ith 1856. A.S. ct E.M.S. Erexit. ( Loose slab.) 

23-3. To the memory of John R. M. Murchison third son of Kenneth 
MURCHISON of Inverness, Capt. in H.M. 3rd Regt. of Foot. Died Gth day of 
Jany 18-30. Erected by his beloved wife. 

23b". To the memory of Sarah Eliza Murchison, widow of the late John 
R. M. Murchison, and sister of the late Robert Russell, LL.D. Died 9th 
February 1883. 

237. Here lies the body of Soi'HI \ W'um aki:h. relict of the late Benj LMIJi 
Whittaker, Es(|t-., of Port Royal, who d< parted this life on the isth June LS35 
in the 58th year of her age. Also the bod} of her son Edmi m> Charles W'nn- 
taker, who died on the L9th November LS30 in the 36th year of Ins a 

238. Thomas I. Ncm - died in Kingston 25th April 1S50. 

239. Sacred to the memory of James Higginson, Esqr.,of Spring Mount in 
the county of Antrim, Ireland, who departed this life on the 26th of .May 1^10 
aged 26. 

240. Sacred to the memory of II U.F0RD WOTTON, a native of Englaild, who 
died August the 2Gth 181)3 in the 22nd year of his age. This tomb was erected 
by his brother Francis Wotton. ( Eulogistic lines.) 

241. Iumemoryof &eorge Washington Ki:ki>.* Master Commandant in the 
Navy of the United States. Born at Philadelphia May 26th L7S0, captured in 
the U.S. brig of war Vixen under his command, by ll.ti.M. frigate Southampton, 

• 1813, .March. At J., Capt. Washington Ucid, lato commander of the Uuited Stale* britf 
Vixen. ("G.M."660.) 



He died a prisoner of war at this place January ith 1M3. Unwilling to forsake 
his companions in captivity he declined a proffered parole and sunk under a 
tropical fever. This stone is inscribed b\ the hand of affection as a memorial of 
his virtues, and records the gratitude of his friends for the kind offices which in 
the season of sickness and in the hour of death he received at the hands of a 
generous foe. 

212. Sacred to the memory of Frederick Thomas Bolton who departed 
this life November 13th 1839 aged 2s years A- 4 months. 

243. Here lies the body of Catharine Brown who departd. this life the 26th 
day of May ISO"; aged 17 years. 

24-4. Under this stone are deposited the mortal remains of Elizabeth* wife 
of Captn. Holman CT'stance of the 50th Regiment of Foot, and daughter of 
James White, Esquire, and Rose, his wife, of Paul's Grove, Hampshire, who 
died deeply regretted by all who knew her, on the 23rd day of May ls22 in 
the 2Gth year of her age. 

24:5. Sacred to the memory of Ann Elizabeth Lynch who departed this life 
the 10th day of December 1^20 aged 1-3 months and 2S days. And of Lvrcuin 
Lynch who departed this life the 17th day of January 1821, aged 2 years 11 
months and 3 days. Both of them are here interred in one grave. (Eulogistic 

246. Sacred to the memory of Sarah, the beloved wife of James P. Clarke, 
died lGtli July lsitj aged 30 years.' 

2-47. Sacred to the memory of Bt. -Major J. FlTZGEEAXD of the Sth or the 
King's Kegiment. Died the 5th July 1835 aged 5G years. 

24S. To the memory of STEPHENS Wood. Esquire, Deputy Mars 1 all for the 
Precinct of Kingston, Port Royal and St. Andrews, in the Island of Jamaica, who 
died on the 20th day of January lbl!> in the fortieth year of his age. In the 
trying, arduous and important situation of Deputy Marshall he executed the 
duties of the office with that zeal and attention that firmness and humanity which 
will cause his remembrance to be acknowledged and respected by an extensive 
community and sincerely regretted by those to whom these virtues had endeared 
him as a friend. 

24-9. To the memory of Margaret the affectionate daughter of Mary Sin- 
clair who died in the year Is 1 ."> aged thirty. 

250. To the memory of Locisa the beloved daughter of Alexander aud 
Louisa his wife, who died Gtli Oct. 1853 aged 7 years 

251. In memory of Kobert Caldecott Morris, Lieutenant in Her Majesty's 
2nd AVest India Regiment, who died at Spanish Town on the 7th of .March L840 
of decline in the 23rd year of his age. 

252. Sacred to the memory of Ens". Ansiis J. Bewes of the sth or the 
King's Kegiment. Died the 30th June 1835 aged 2L years. 

253. Sacred to the memory of Henri Robert Bbedin, Lieut. :i7th Keg. who 
died at Spanish Town of yellow fever on the Sth July ls3b in the 2 1st year of his 
age. Erected by his brother officers. 

254. Sacred to the memory of Mrs Hokoria Gartey Clarke only daughter 
of Nicholas Garvey and consort of William Gartey Clarke, Esqra., who 
departed this life at her residence, Woodfield, St. Anns, on the 25th of June 
Anno Domini 1So7 in the 33rd year of her age. ( Eulogistic lines I 

255. Entombed within this monumeni he the remaina of Nicholas Garvet, 
Esq re., proprietor of Woodfield, St. Anus, son of UliRlSTOPUEB Garvi \. Esq re., of 
Murrisk Abbey, Mayo, [relaud, who departed this life on the Ith <>t March 
A.D. 1S17 a< r ed 05 years. As a mark of respect his BOil-in-law, William Iiai.v ia 
Clarke, Esq., elected this tablet to his memory. 

25G. Here lies interred the holy of Mrs. JoUAJfJU BARTHOLOMEW who 
departed this life Dec. 2Lst 1808, aged 81 years. (Loose slab.) 

* 1822 May 28. At Spanish Town, J., 23, Bliz. wife of Cupt. Custinco, of 50th foot, add 
dau. of J. White, esq. of L'aulsgrove, Hauls C'U.ll ' .lsj. ) 


257. To the memory of Eliztii. Lynch .... Jany. 1m)6. (Broken and loose 

25S. W. Campbell died 27th February 1856 aged 90 wars. 

2-39. Beneath are deposited the earthly remains of William Adam Hill. 
He died 23rd Sept. 1n22 in the 2Sth year of Ins age. (Loose slab.) 

2G0. Bonella Williams, born the 13th November. 1^27, died the 23rd 
June 182S. (Loose slab.) 

261. Joseph Williams, born the .... died the 7th November 1833. Chil- 
dren of Eola.vd Williams and Elizabeth Juli ota his wife. (Broken slab.) 

262. Thomas Wi>"DE, died June 24th InIs aged 44 years. 

263. In the memory of Mrs. Sarah Cox also departed this life Dec. 2 1 th 1 v 2^ 
aged 84 years. (Loose slab.) 

264. Sacred to the memory of John Parker who died June 17 1^12 aged 
70 years. (Loose slab.) 

265. Here lies interred the remains of Thomas Townshend who departed 
this .... the 21st January .... 2s years. (Loose and broken slab.) 

266. Here lieth the body of Rosannah Thomas who departed this life on the 
3rd Nov. 1S46 aged 73 years. (Loose slab.) 

267. Wm. Stewart .... His Majesty's XCI or Argyllshire Regiment, died 
the 1st January 1825 aged 40 years. (Loose and broken slab.) 

26S. Sacred to the memory of Edward Swobd, who departed this life on the 
23rd day of Augt. 1817 aged 30 years. (Loose slab.) 

269. Sacred to the memory of Eliza wife of James Derbyshire Esq. who 
departed this life June 2nd 1827 aged 28 years. 

270. Here lieth the body of Edward Williams who died Oct. 14th 184S 
aged 44 years & 2 weeks. (Loose slab.) 

271. Sacred to the memory of Miss Sarah Wilson' who departed this life 
Septr. 13th LS27 aged 8 yrs 7 mths 10 days. (Eulogistic lines.) (Loose slab.) 

272. Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Priscilla Taylor Saa wife of Mr. 
Daniel Saa of Spanish Town who departed this life Novr. 15th LS05 aged 
39 years. 

Also Mr. Daniel Saa above meutioned who departed this lite April 27th 1810 

aged 64 years. • . 

273. Sacred to the memory of Catherine Lvanson who departed this lite 
on the 19th day of April 1848 aged 85 years. (Loose and broken slab.) 

274. Here lieth the body of Janet died 10th Mar. In to' aged 
85 years. (Loose slab.) 

275. Here lies the bodv of Charles Smith who departed tins lite Loth 
January 180S aged 51 years. (Loose slab.) 

276. Sacred to the memory of Ann Lee who departed this lite the 4th 'lay .it 
July 1814 aged .... years. (Loose slab.) 

277. To the memory of the Honorable Daviu I-ixlatso who was bom on 
the 8th of Januarv L770, elected a Member of the House o( Assembly for the 
Parish of Westmoreland in L797 and chosen Speaker in LS21. The infirmities of 
a^e obliged him to resign the office of Speaker in 1^50 and his seat lor \\ estmore- 
laud in the following year, lie departed this life on the 7th oi March L831 

aged 61 years. 

'>78 Sacred to the memory of JoiIS BagNALD Saa, son oi D.VMEL S>AA, Esq. 
Bom 20th March 1334, died 16th .May 1M1. aged 7 years A 2 months. 

•^7<) Sacred to the memory of Daniel Saa, bsq., who departed tins life at 
Port Henderson on the 19.1, May 1842 in the 59th year of his Mr. Saa »;, 

hisrhlv respected for his strict integritj and honourable prmciplod, and held the 
appointments of Churchwarden and LVcasurer for the Parish ol St. Catherine t r 
many years (Eulogistic lines.) 

•i$0 HereliesSvR . . . . lakkson ob . . . . vrs I month. (Loose and broken.) 

281.' Alfred A. Hen .... died 21st Sept. 18 aged 21 years 10 mouths 

and 10 days. (Loose and broken.) 



282. Sacred to the memories of William Demarest <S Catherine his wife 
who died the 14th of November 1772 aged 5G years, she died the 15th of April 
17G0 aged 38 years. To their much loved memory thin stone is placed by their 
afflicted and only surviving daughter I'm. Vi:mi.\ ' AJso to the memory of Ass 
Demarest tli-ir daughter who died the 10th of August 1780 aged 34 years 
Likewise a son & daughter who died in their infancy and lies [sic"] buried here 
Anthony Sleates died LGth August 1M1 aged 7:1 years. 

283. Here licth Ann wife of William Uodon Esqr. and their sons George 
and John* she died November 1816 aged 35 years and their children some years 
previous Also Mary mother of William Rodon Esqr. died 1S24 aged 68 years.* 

284. Eugenie daughterof William Thomas March and Malik Genevieve 
his wife died 22nd November 1836 aged 5 years and 8 months. Adkiana 
Rebecca infant daughter of Cheney Hamilton and Cecilia his wife 
died 28th July 1836 aged 7 months. 

285. Sacred to the memory of Kainsford the wife of Samuel Ken- 
nalls of this Town who died on the 12th January 1836 aged twenty five wars. 

286. Beneath this stone are interred the remains of Mis-: Elizaeetu Eoi.yne 
Craskell youngest daughter of the late Thomas Craskell Esquire Engine* r of 
this Island she departed this life on the 29th May 1798 aged 21 years. (Text 

287. (Loose and broken.) . . . . Flemmings who .... aged 60 years . . . . 
Lewis her daughter who .... April 1819 aged 12 years. 

288. Sacred to the memory of Sarah Taylor Thompson who departed this 
life the 19th day of September l^'-Vl aged 35 years. 

289. (Loose.) Sacred to the memory of J no. Edw. Clarke who departed 
this life on the lsth of July 1850 aged 9 years 8 months. 

290. Here lieth the body of Anthony Matthews Lieutenant 20th Lt 
Dragoons aged 22 years and his infant daughter Maria Matthews aged 17 

291. Sacred to the memory of Dr. William March late of this Parish who 
departed this life July 10th IS 16 sincerely regretted. 

incites an) ©times, 


Lewis David married a Miss Anne (Gourbillon?), probably in the Wes1 Indies. 
She died at Hampton Court Palace. They had an only son. also culled Lewis, 
born November 1793, and baptized July 1794 in London; and an mil} daughter, 
Gabriel, who married a Mr. Weston (Western), and secured the David property 
about 1809. 

Lewis David sailed on board Lord Gambier's flagship in 1S09. In 1822 he 
went out to the West Indies to see aboui 3ome property, and until L833 received 
remittances from a Mr. Mathews, his guardian, also probably a West Indian, 
having business transactions more especially with Antigua. St. Kitts, and 
St. Lucia. 

Lewis David, only son of the first-named, "as a major in the Royal Marines. 
whose earl v death abroad, the loss of papers, and the non-existence of collateral 
descendants, are the reason why nothing definite is now known about the origiu 
of the family or the name of the Island in which they resided. 

I shall be grateful for any information about the above-mentioned families. 

St. John's Vicarage. J. P. Davio (Vicar) 

Sevenoaks, Kent. 

• 180S, Jan. 21. John ttodou, esq. of J. &c. (" G.M." 91 ) 





Thomas Pepper Thompson of Liverpool and of Yale Royal Estate, Jamaica, 
died in 1S20. His wife was Amelia. His son, James Thompson of Maria Beuno 
Estate, predeceased him, leaving by Mary Edwards, afterwards of Rio Beuno in 
Trelawney parish, a supposed kinswoman of Sir Bryan Edwards (if so. what?), 
three children. Any amplification of the above details is wanted, and any 
information ns to the family prior to the first-mentioned date. 

13 Warrington Crescent, Perceval Lucas. 

London, \\ r . 



Mrs. Mclior Dracks, £700 ... 
Sibilla Baker... 
Sarah Hayden 
Gone to Barbadoes <( .Tno. Harbert .. 
James Wooddard 
Edmund Seate and Wife 
I Gabriel Towne 
Tho. "Wilkinson 
Mary Gooch ... 
Sara Dixon ... 
Elizabeth Cummin ... 

.. £', 


















Gerald Fotuekgill. 


169G. Wm. Brodrick aud Hannah his wife v. Thomas Ballard. St. Catherine's, 

Jamaica. Personal estate of Thos. Ballard. [Before 1711. Bridges, 

Edw. Witheridge v. Marv Evans. St. Philip in Barbadoes. | Before 171 t. 

Bridges, L96 21 
1702. Geo. Turnev. Sanca bis wife v. Tims, Saunders. Antigua. Personal estate 

of Geo. Turn ey. [Before L714. Bridges, 273-37.] 
1701. Edward, Earl of Orford v. Tims. Morley. Office of Secretary and I 

the Courts of Barbadoes. Before 171 1. Bridges, 259-"] 1 
1GS9. Richard Knights v. Jno. llallett and others. Barbadoes. Personal estate 

of Benjamin Knights. [Before 1711. Bridges, N7-W!.] 

11 Brussels Road, New Wandsworth, 

Gerald Fotueroill. 


30th April LG72. Orator and Oratrix, Thomas Maddison, Esq., heretofore 
called Thomas Sturmy, and Bli/.abeth his wife, one of the daughters of Edward 
Maddison of Grimblethorpc, co. Lincoln, dec d . 

Edward Maddison was seized of the VI anon of Grimblethorpc, Calstropp, 
Barduev, South Summercotcs, Nettlet and lleln (':), co. Lincoln. Edward 

• ? 1G-10. Petition of Wm. Maddison, merchant, to the Privy Council, thai in lC3fi I . • 
Wm. Hawley seized the estate in Burhndnei, to the value of £400, ol petitioner 1 ! brothers 
Timothy and Goo. .M., deceased. ("Colouial Culeudar," p. 313.)— EDITOR 



Maddison made his will 2" March last, and mentioned his Lady, daughter 
Elizabeth shall lake his name and see the estate to be settled or to go to Ralph 
Maddison, my brother Humphrey Maddison's eldest son; daughter Frances £5U 

yearly for life, and then to go \>> Peter Hancock, mv daughter ['ranees' son, mv 
daughter Frances Lomax 6200 yearly, and if she die before her husband, Arthur 
Lomax, he is to have £100 yearly and her children £100 yearly. 

Edward Maddison died, leaving four daughters— ElizabethMaddison, spii 
aged -5 -j ; Frances, second daughter, married 29 years ago to Mr. Peter Hancoi 
who about 23 years ago departed out of England into Borne of II. M. [stands or 
Dominions of America ealled the "West Indies, leaving the said Frances his wife 
behind him, who is at this time and hath continued ever since here in Englaud ; 
Frances, his third daughter, married Arthur Lomax, Cittizen and Mercer of 
London, and your Oratrix, Elizabeth, his youngest daughter, about nine months 
since married to your ( >rator. 

Elizabeth, the relief, Elizabeth Maddison, spinster, Peter and Frances Hancock, 
Arthur and Frances Lomax, hath combined to defraud your Orators of the real 
estate bequeathed to them and have concealed the will, so a writ is prayed against 
them. [Chancery Proceedings before 1714. C. 200.] 

Gekald Fotuergill. 


It was formerly customary for all persons of the better class to be married by 
licence. Records of such licences at Antigua fat all events) appear to have been 
lost or destroyed. I do not know if that be the case at other islands, and 
information on the subject is desired. Sir Wm. Stapleton, Governor of the 
Leeward Islands, wrote in 107(5 from Antigua : "No Registers of births, deaths. 
& marriages are kept, there being no Ministers & no Churches. The Dep. Gov' 
doe always sign Marriage Licenei 3." This proves that marriage licences were 
issued many years before parish registers were kept. 

By an Act of Nevis, dated 10th February 1071 and confirmed Sth February 
1681, each parish was to pay 16,000 lbs. of sugar yearly as a stipend for the 
Minister, also 2000 lbs. to each Clerk, "' who is to keep a Register of all Chr sluing 
and Burials in each Parish." Marriages, it will be noticed, are not alluded to. 
The following form of licence has been taken from the Rev. Wm. Smith's 
" Natural History of Nevis," p. 215: — 

"Nevis. By the Honourable Daniel Smith, Lieut. Governour, and Ordinary of 
this Ifland. 

Licence is hereby granted to any Orthodox Minifter to join together in the 
holy Eftate of Matrimony, John /><</ti,t;i. of this Ii'land and Parifh of St. rh<t,a<ix. 
Butcher, and tlannnh Griffith of the P.irii h aforefaid, Widow, oecording t" the 
Canons ami Conltitutions of the Church of England, and the Form pr< [bribed in 
the Book of Common Prayer, you knowing no Caule or Impediment to the 

Ordinary s Office. Security taken Given under my Hand 

by Jofiah Webb, Clerk of the Ordinary. October the 22', 1716. 

Daniel Smith." 

Fin n>i: 


These very interesting articles by T. II. Bindley, D.D., a former Principal, arc 
now appearing in the West India Committee Circular. Unfortunately, the writer 

gives an anec.-trv to the first settler which the College lias never 
accepted, and his estimate of the character- of the two Codringtoilti (father and 


son) is quite at variance with that one derives from a close study of the State 
Papers at the Eecord Office. Very few of these curly governors died poor: they 
invariably abused their power, to amass wealth, and, according to the aide 
sumining-up of the Hon. J. W. Fortescue in the preface to the Colonial Calendar 
of State Papers for the years 1G97-S, p. \x.\.. Chr. Codriugton, senr., was no 
exception. The son's foundation of the College in Barba los and bequest of 
library to All Souls', however, claim our admiration ; and, whatever his faults may 
have been, it is by this well-placed and large-ht arted munificence that he is 
remembered by posterity. 



In the West India Committee Circular is also appearing an interesting series 
of articles by Mr. Frank Cundall on the above subject. This will be a very 
welcome addition to oar local literature, recalling the fateful actions and exploits 
of those who made history in these colonies. 

The same able writer has also drawn up a complete list of all such sites, etc., 
in Jamaica, which has been printed as a Supplement to the '" Jamaica Gazette" 
for 23 December L909, and in the AVest India Committee Circular for 
1 February 1910, and it is to be hoped that similar lists may be issued in all the 
other islands. I hear from Barbados that a strong Committee is now engaged 
collecting data for this purpose. 



DATED 4 JULY 174G.* 

Jamaica S. S. 

GEORGE the second by the Grace of God of Great Brittain France and 
Ireland Kins; and of Jamaica Lord Defender of the Faith Ac T< > \ I.I. to whom 
these presents shall come GREETING KNOW V E that we for and in 
consideration that Lieut. John Burnett hath transported himself with his servants 
and slaves into our said Island in pursuance of a Proclamation made in the reign 
of His late Majesty King Charles the Second of Blessed .Memory and for his 
better encouragement to become one of our planters there and for divers other 
good causes and considerations us thereunto especially moving of our special 
grace certain knowledge and meer motion Have giveu and granted and by these 
presents for us our Heirs and Successors Do Give and Grant unto the said 
Lieut. John Barnett his heirs and assigns a certain parcel! of laud in the Parish 
of St. George containing three hundred acres Bounding Southerly on land 
surveyed at the same time for the .-aid Lieut. John Barnett and Samuel Adam 
and on all other sides on Kings land (as by the plat t hereunto annexed appears) 
Together with all edifices trees woods underwoods water- watercourses rents 
profit ts commodities emoluments advantages easements and Hereditaments 
whatsoever ore-wins or being in or upon the premises or any part thereof together 
with all Mines and Minerail- whatsoever being upon the preu r any part of 

them Mines of gold and Silver only excepted I'o lla\e and l'o Hold tin 
parcell of land Meadow pasture or Woodland and all ami singular other the 
premises hereby granted and their and Every of their appurtenances unto the 
said Lieut. John Barnett his Heirs and Assigns for ever to the oi»h proper use 
and behoof of hiiu the said Lieut. J. dm Barnett his heira and assigns for evermore 

• Mr N. B. Livingston copied this Patent from the local records and lias not teeu any 


Rendering therefor yearly and every vear unto us our Heirs and Successors the 

yearly rent or sunie ot Twelve shillings and sixpence current mone\ of 

Island on the feast day of Saint Michael the Archangell and the Annunciation of 

the Blessed Virgin Mary by even and equal portions and also rendering yearly 

and every year unto us our Heirs and Successors a twentieth pari of the" clear 

yearly Profitts of all Base .Mines hereby granted (on the said Eeasl day of Sainl 

Michael the Archangell) which shall happen to be found in or upon the premises 

or any part of them AM) MOREOVER wee will and grant for us our )!• 

and Successors unto the said Lieut. John Barnett his heirs and assigns that the 

enrollment of these our Letters Patient in our Chief Court of Administration oE 

Justice or Secretarys Office of Our said rsland shall he as good firm valid and 

effectual in the Law for the Transferring the premises according to the true 

intent and meaning of these presents as if the same premises had "been granted 

aliened or transferred or these presents executed by us after any other mam er or 

way whatsoever so always as these our Letters Pattent he iiirolled within the 

space of six months and not otherwise any Law Custom or Usage to the contrary 

notwithstanding Nevertheless our further Will and Pleasure is that the said 

Lieut. John Barnett his heirs or Assigns do and shall upon any insurrection Mutinv 

Rebellion or Invasion which may happen in our said Island during his or their 

residence on the same be ready to serve and shall actually serve us our Heir.- and 

Successors in arms upon the command of Our Governour or Commander in Chief *. 

for the time being Provided the said Lieut. John Barnett do begin a settlement 

upon said land within six months and open ten acres every year for four years 

and keep four i\o<j;rocs for every hundred acres upon said land for live years from 

the time he shall begin the said Settlement but should he not comply "with th< e 

conditions then the said Pattent is to he deemed as cancelled and void and the 

Land from that time revested in us to be regranted to any other person and shall 

keep a sufficient number of white men (if to be procured) Proportionable to the 

number of slaves thereon employed according to the true intent and meaning of 

an Act of the Governour Councill and Assembly of Our said Island intitled An 

Act for regulating Servants Provided the said Lieut. John Barnett his hen-.- or 

Assigns do and shall keep and maintain three white men on the said land 

Pursuant to Our Instructions of the 1st July L735. 

AVITXESS His Excellency Edward Trelawney Esqre. Captain General 
Governour and Commander in Chief in and over this our .-aid Island of .Jamaica 
and the Territories thereon depending in America Chancellor and Vice Admiral of 
the same at St. Jago de la Vega the Fourth day of Jul) in the twentieth vear of 
our reign anno Domini 17 10. 

George Duckett. Is. Edw. Tkki.vw nkv. 

Clerk Patt. 

Mr. G. Fothergill sends the following relating to the Barnetts :— 

Appointment of Guardian. — In Samuel Whitehorn Barnett, only child of 
Jonathan Barnett, late of St. Ann's in Jamaica, by Mary Palmer, his late wife, 
also deceased. Order made 1G November 1769. Wm. Harnett the younger, late 
of Jamaica but of Lisworney in Glamorgan, who is the infant's second cousin and 
nearest relation now in England, is a lit and proper person to lie appointed 
guardian of Samuel Whitehorn Harnett. Jonathan, the father, died in L7oG. 
George Frisby Harnett, the elder brother, died at .lama'.,. 17'iv [Chanci'ry 
Master's Reports, Mil. 1770.] 


iflanmncj of m. iutts.* 

53. Rub 1 Colhoun sells property in Ha^oterre, 6510 Sep ft. to John Manning 
for £025. Recorded 8 April 17(31. 

54. Will of John Ryan of the Parish of St. Geo., Basseterre, St. C, 9 Dee. 1701. 

Probate 29 Dee. 1701. 

55. Power of Attorney by "William Manning of London. Merchant, the 
surviving Executor named in the last Will of John Manning, dec d , to Hon: Rich d 
Hawkshaw Losack, Esq., Lt: Gen: of H.M. Carribbee Isl a -\ and W" 1 Newton, Esq., 
both of the Isl' 1 of St. Christopher. Signed in London 7 July 17(S!>. 

Sworn in St. C, 21 Oct. 17G9, before Craister Greatheed. 

56. Ann Manning, spinster, and W m Mathew Bush. Decd in connection 
with a Ten 1 at S' Ann, Sandy Point. 17 Feb. 1770. 

57. Mortgage for £1071 by William Johnson of the Parish of Roxton. county 
Bedford, late of the Parish of St. John, Capesterre, St. C, in favour of William 
Manning, St. Mary Axe, in the City of London, Merchant. Land in S* John, 
Capesterre, heretofore in the occupation of W" Lee, Esq., and now or lately in 
possession of Charles Caines the Elder — 119 acres exclusive of mountain land. 

Recorded 11 May 1772. 

58. Rebecca Manning, spinster, of the Parish St. George, Basseterre, in 
consideration of natural love and affection for her Niece Sarah Gray, spinster, 
conveys a negroe girl called Sukey. Recorded 22 Jan. 1772. 

59. Deed of Gift. Rebecca Manning to James Fraysse, Gent:, negroe boy 

called James — cons d " nat. love and affection. Recorded 30 Sept. 1775. 

00. Will of Rebecca Manning. Spinster. 23 Feb. 1780. 

01. Will of Ann Manning. 22 Feb. 17S3. 

G2. W m Manning the elder and W m Manning the younger, Merchants of 
S l Mary Axe, City of London. 1788. 

63. Arthur John Thomas Manning of St. C, merch', and Anne his wife, and 

James Baker, coppersmith — sell to him a piece of land in Dee]) Hay for 633 c. 

Recorded 5 July 1775. 

04. Decd of Gift. Lucy Manning, Spinster, to John Erarn the younger and 
Lucy Emra, infants, son and dan. of Nephew and Niece, John Emra the elder 
and Lucy his wife — negroe Flora and her three children, Charlotte, Clorinda, and 
Hannah, with her future issue. Recorded 2!> l-Yh. 1770. 

65. Bill of Sale by Henry Berkeley, Deputy Provost Marshall to Arthur 
John Thomas .Manning. House and land in lVrp Hay, parish of St. John, 
Capisterre. Recorded 21 May 1770. 

06. Edward Gillard of St. George, Bsisseterre, to William Manning of the 
City of Lend. m, Merchant, mortgages a Plantation called Monies where E. •: 
now resides, formerly the property of Thomas Pilkington Vander Pool, Esq., and 
lands of Sir Patrick Blake, Hart, lately purchased by the said Edward Gillard, 
situate in the Parish of St. George, Basseterre. Estimation 240 acr< - 

Recorded 5 duly 1 770. 

67. Will of Arthur John Thomas Manning. 5 January 1784. 

• Continued from p. 248. 

TOL. I. U 



68. Indenture between John Tyson and William Manning, John Proctor 
Anderdon, and Charles Bosanquel of Bi liter Square, City of London, Merchants 
and partners, referring to land belonging to Bertie Greathead in the Parish of 
St. Peter, Basseterre. Recorded 27 April L795, 

69. Will of William Manning. 30 June 1791. 


John Manning, Merchant, of St. Kitts. Will dated 15 May 173s. To wife 
Sarah the choice of two negroes, a Tea tabic and silver Teapot, all t lie silver tea 
spoons, and all china now in house. Her choice also of One Standing Bed and 
furniture belonging to it, one of my riding horses, all for her life, afterwards to 
be equally divided between my Heirs. To wife liberty of the house 1 am now 
dwelling in and the furniture thereof during her Widowhood and no longer. 
Unto my brother Battery Manning 50 Pistoles of the value of £70 e. within two 
years, also "all my wearing apparell and Linnen, my silver watch, a case of Brass 
barrell Pistols and my silver-hilted sword and belt." To my sister Catherine 
Lucy Manning one negroe woman called Rachel and her daughter Hannah, both 
now in her possession, with their increase. To si>ter Mary Manning one negress 
Phillis with her increase and 10 pistoles, equal to £1 1 e. To sister Sarah, now 
the wife of ... . Grey in Boston, one negress Pauline with her increase and 15 
pistoles, equal to £21 c. These to be remitted to Boston. To my sister Rebecca 
Manning one negroe boy named Senei ca and 20 pistoles=£2y c. 

The foregoing bequests are in full satisfaction "of what came into my hands 
from my deceased Father after hi.- death, his Estate having been more than fully 
administered by me.'' In case of litigation by any of the foregoing legatees they 
to forfeit bequests, latter to go to liens hereafter named. To son John Brookes 
Manning, in consideration that he is not entitled to any of William Coventry, bis 
deceased Grandfather's Estate, all that parcel of Land known as Desehamps or 
Duplessis' Land in the Town of Basseterre running from fort St. to Churc 
together with all the houses and buildings erected thereon. Should he die without 
issue or before full age this property to surviving children and then- Heirs forever. 
share and share alike. The rents of said lands and buildings to accrue and be 
invested by Trustees in best securities obtainable and to be paid to John Br 
Manning on his attaining the age of 21. To wife Sarah one fourth i^' remaining 
real and personal Estate for her lite, afterwards to surviving children. Should 
she survive all children or they die without issue or before -1 then one half to 
wife and the other halt' to my brother Battery Manuing and sisters Catherine 
Lucy, Mary, Rebecca, and Sarah equally. All rest and residue equally to sons 
AVilliam Coventry Manning and .John Brookes Manning and daughter Rebecca 
Sarah Manning at lit or marriage. My wife Sarah Mauning, Ralph Payne, and 
Edward Bourrvau, Esquires, ami \V'" Coventry, Merchant, to be Ex'ora and 

Probate 2u February 1738-9 at St. Kitts. Edward Bourryau declined to act. 


Thomas Manning of the Parish of St. Ann. Sandy Point. Will dated 8 April 
1715'.). Being very sick and weake of body. To my wife Ann Manning all my 
Lands and Ten'- situate in 'he said Parish, and also the use <<i those negi 
named George, Mingo, and Cloc during her VViddowhood, and after hor decease 
unto my four children named John, Ann, Edmund, and Luc;. -Ana Manning. 
To my son John Manning one negroe man named Bill} ami one negroe boy named 
Bartholomow, with a hot-' e, and furnituie, and silver mounted sword and 

Carbine gun. To my boh Edmund Manning a negroe man called Minna and also 
a negroe boy named Mac ca. with a Buckaneer gun and Hanger and also fl t c. to 
buy him a Negroe boy. To my daughter Ann Manning a negroe male named 


Castoon and a negroe boy named Coroo, ami also a feather Bed, furniture and 
Common Prayer Hook. To my daughter Lucyana Manning one negroc woman 

named Noll, who is sick, hut in case slie dies another negroc named Scipio, also 
a negroe boy named Gingo and twelve pistoles lo buy her a bed and turn 
with my Scritore. And it is my desire that a Cow which I now enjoy shall be 
always for the use of my family, and likewise a horse to he sold to defray my 
Funerall Charges. All residue "for the Benefitt of all my family. I appoint W m 
Pym Burt, Esq., M M Thomas Pelham Phillips, and Edward French ex rs and 

Witnessed by Abraham Warner, Nehemiah Roberts, John Manning, ]un r . 

Sworn by A. Warner 9 January 1739-JO at St. Kitts. 

Jos. Estridge, Prcs at of Council. 

John Manning of St. Ann's, Sandy Point, St. Christopher, Planter. Will 
dated 1 September 1753. Being sick and weak. To my wife Raehael Manning 
and my four children Thomas John Edmund Manning, Jane Boyd Manning, 
Stapleton Dayis Manning, and Raehael Manning all my personal Estate equally. 
I also give unto my sons Tho 3 John Edmund and Stapleton Davis all my real 
estate here or elsewhere. I appoint my friends Abraham Warner and W"' 
Armatrading Executors. 

Witnesses: Sam 1 Manchester, Tho' Jackson. Jno. Gould. 

Probate 29 November 17.33 at St. Kitts. 

John Ryan of St. George's, Basseterre, St. Christopher. Will dated 9 December 
1761. All my plantations, lands, houses, negros, stock, securities, and all estate 
real and personal to my dau. Eli/. , wife of M' Will. Manning, for her life, then 
to her children equally. Failing issue then to him for life (and after his death to 
various Eyans). My brother Henry Ryan and Francis Guichard Ex'ors. 

Probate 29 December 1761 at St. Kitts. 

John Manning of the Island of St. Christopher, Gentleman. Will dated 
25 August 1762. I desire that my funeral be conducted with great privacy and 
the utmost economy. To my aunt Lucy Manning £300 payable within G months 
of my decease. To my aunt Rebecca Manning a negroe boy slave, Mossop, for 
her own use. To my aunt Sarah Grey £50 st. within 6 months. To Harriet 
Ilauim, dau. of Leonard and Mary H., a negroe girl slave, Henrietta, for her 
own use. To Tho 3 Cottle, Esq., a mourning ring. To friend Geo. Lewis of 
St. C, Gent., " my sword and pistolls." To Sarah M., Elizabeth M , Martha M., 
and John Ryan Manning, the dans, and son of my brother William M. of s d U ', 
Gent., to each £100 c. at 21 or marriage, "the reason of my not leaving a larger 
legacy to each of them is that their Grandfather has already provided for them, 
and their father is in a fair way of being able to leave to each of them a competent 
fortune. I give to my sister Sarah llamm, the wife of .John Hamra of the v 1 
isl d , merchant, the yearly sum of £50 c, to be paid to her for her life," but 
in case of her death the capital sum to sink into Residue of Estate. Remainder 
of Personal Estate to my nephew John Francis Hamin at 21 and his Heirs for 
ever. Rest and Residue to John Francis llamm. son of John llamm and my 
sister Sarah Hamm. In case of his death before 21 then to her. 

Ex'ors: W m Manning. Tho" Cottle, and Aunt Lucy Manning. 

Probate 2 September 17G2. 

Lucvana Manning. Will dated 2-1 March 17G6. To my sister Ann Manning 
3 negroes and all share and title to the land I am now living on in the Parish of 
St. Ann, Sandy Point, to her and her heirs, but Tailing issue then to Thomas 
Manning, "sou of my brother Edmund Manning, dec 1 ," also to my sister Ann 

Manning all household goo. Is and rest and residue of Estate. 
Ex'or: W"' Armatrading, sen r . 
Probate 2 August 1766 at St. Kitts. 

U 2 


Rebecca Manning of St. Chri3topher, spinster. Will dated '23 February 1780. 
To Nephew William Manniug ol th< C h of London, merch 1 , 15 g' For mourning 
ring, same to beloved Niece Sarah Savage. Nephew Ed"" 1 Manning Gray ol 
St. Christopher, merch 1 , £100 c. To Lucy Emra, daughter of John Enira and my 
niece Lucy Emra his wife, negroe wench Bell with her progeny and 15 g s for 
mourning'ring. To niece Sarah Fraysse, widow, 6200 c. and 25 g s and wearing 
apparel, also negress Tenny and her children Sally and Franchon with their 
issue. Manumit Mulatto girl Peggy, dau. of said Jenny, and request Sarah _, 

Fraysse to permit said Jenny to nurse Peggy until Peggy's father shall Bend for 
her. To John Emra, sou of above, negro slave William, son of negress Stella. 
Manumit Stella and child she now goes with and all her future issue. To niece 
S. F. silver table spoons and household furniture except bed and bedstead. To 
M rs Frances Neale, wife of W™ Neale of St. Vincent, Planter, as testimony of 
regard for her and the civilities shewn me, 25 g s . Rest ana Residue to Niece 
Harriet Collins, wife of John Collins ol' St. Vincent. Esq. 

Ex'ors: W m Neale, Ed. Manning Gray, and Nicholas Richards, Esquires, 
St. Christopher. 

Probate 23 October 17S0 at St. Kitts. 

Ann Manning of St. Christopher. Will dated 22 February 17S3. Money 
due from M r Michael Maillard should he sufficient for funeral expenses. Any 
remainder to friends and relatives. M" Rachel Somarsull and her son Stafford »•• 

equally. If not sufficient for funeral Bed and Plate to be appraised and sold. 
Manumission to Negroc woman Nell, man Peter, and hoy Jack. M r Maillard 
and M r Tho s Chandler to be Ex'ors. 

Probate 1 March 17S3 at St. Kitts. 

•Arthur John Thomas Manning, Merchant, of St. Christopher. Will dated 
8 January 1784. To dear wife Ann Manning £500 c. and all plate, furniture. 
etc. To my daughter Elizabeth Manning a mulatto girl Betsy Tittle and negroe 
girl Charlotte. To my son Edmund a negroe woman Penny and her son Poll, lore. 
To my dau. Susannah* Manning negroes Jenny and Nellie and girl Harriett, fo 
my son William mulatto Kitt. To my dau. Grace a negroe woman called Grace 
Somarsall and girl Little Grace. To my son John Pelham Manning a mulatto 
Harriet and negroe Lucy. My wife to have the use of all till children reach 21. 
Ex'crs to dispose of other slaves called Nick and Scipio. To my dau. Mary 
Patterson, Nancv and Nannv. All monies to be called in. House to be rented 
and education provided for'childreo Eliz. Manning, Edmund Manning, Susannah 
Manning Grace Manning, and John Pelham Manning. Son William Mann: 
to be provided for while he is in Europe. All residue between Eliz. Manning, 
Ed' 1 Manning, Marv Patterson, Susannah Manning, \\'"' Manning. Grace Manning, 
and J P. Manning Shares of any dying to po to wife. Benj. Clifton now in 
G. B.,' Hon. John T)son, Tim 5 Douga'u, jun., Merch 1 , and my son-in-law James 
Patterson, merch'. all of St. Christopher, to be Ex'ors. 
Probate 30 December 17SJ ai St. Kitts. 

Francis De<*en of Hammersmith in the parish of Fulham, co. Middlesex, 
Merchant. Will dated I'.i March 17S3. My friend M W 1 " Manning, Sen r , 
Merchant in S' Mary Axe. a Trustee. To my esteemed friend M r \\ "' Manning, 
Jun r his second sou', mv large house in s< Mary. Lower Mall, Hammersmith, with 
the gardens eoaeh-housf, stabling, furniture, and £8000 a I the age ol 21. M) 
friend Mrs. Hartman, dau. to M' Joseph Kawiins ol St. Kitts £500. Several 
legacies Ml residue real and personal in England and elsewhere to the saul 
M* W 1 "' Manniii", Jun r . Sworn 8 October 1783. Testator died 30 September 
last. Proved 10 October 1788 by \V" Manning, Sen., Esq. (P.C.C., 507, Corn- 

1783, Sept. 30. At Hammersmith, Fra. Degan, esq. (" G M ," 894 I 

[This and the next two wills were abstracted by the Editor.] 



William Manning of London, Merchant. Will dated 9 June 1791. My 
funeral not to exceed 650. Whereas by the dcatli of John Ryan, Esq., the 
father of my late wife, 1 became entitled jointly with her to two plantations ealled 
Negro Bay' in the Danish Island of Santa Cruz, and in 17(i:j we by a joint will 
made there according to the law directed our estate should after our deaths be 
divided amongst all our children, 2 shares i>> a son and 1 share to a dau., and the 
said estate after payment of the said shares to our sou John Ryan Manning, and 
whereas on the 30 Oct. L7S1 my said wife, my said son John Ryan Manning, and 
my dau. Martha Wetherill Laurens being then dead, 1 by a Codicil confirmed my 
said will and n.»w give 2 shares to my son W ! . 1 share to France s Eleanor Laurens, 
only dau. of my said dau.. and whereas on the marriage of my dau. Sarah with 
Benj. Vaughan, Esq.. the said John Ryau Manning being then living, she conveyed 
her said one-seventh share to sell to mv son William .Manning for G part 

of her marriage portion of £10,000. but my said son now bavin- one-tifth 1 g re 
her £5000 more, making her portion £15,000. By the marriage sel 
mv dau. Elizabeth with Henrv Merttins Bird, Esq., I agreed to pay £7000, etc., 
her fortune is to be made up to £15,000. Her godmother Eliz. Brouncker, wife 
of the late Henrv Brouncker, Esq., Collector of II. M. Customs at Basseterre. 
My house at Toiteridge. £o0oo for Mary and Eliz. Manning, dau-. of my sou 
W m . All real and personal estate at S' Croix to my son William. My 3 estates 
at Montserrat called Symes's, Lees; and Paradise to be sold. My sister Sarah 
Savage, bro.-in-law John Savage, and their son Benj. Savage. My nephew John 
Fra. Hamm My son \V M and John Collins Ex'ors. Codicil dated 1(3 November 
1791. Proved 16 January 179:5 (P.C.C., 3S, Dodwell). (The will is a very long 
one.) Recorded also at St. Kitts and noted by Mr. Bromley as being dated 
30 June. 

Augustus Manning, late of Bristol, now residing in the I. of St. Kitts. 
Merchant. Will dated 27 March 1797. My farm in Wc,t Burhunt,* CO. Hants, 
my houses in Basseterre, mv moiety of a cotton plantation and negroes in Bahamas 
and ships to my friend W'" Manning, Esq., of Billiter Square and my brother 
Thos Manning, Merchant, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on lru.-t. My 
5 children Eliz" Phebe, John. Agues, and Mary. My native place m Portsmouth, 
N. II. My wife Eliz. £S0O. Mv old friend M ri Ann Manning of S kn;- " 
guineas, whose husband was my first friend. Testator died at S< kitts. Will 
sworn and proved 21 June 179S, power reserved to Will. Manning and Iho. Man- 
ning, Esq res , the brothers (sic) (P.C.C.. -121. Walpole). 

inn Manniim. widow, of St. Christopher I Look Q, iii.. page 11). Will dated 
23 iugust 1S02. To mv dau. Grace Manning as long as she is umnarru 
use of°mv bouse and land 1 am now occupying, when married the s' lands to my 
3 daus Grace Manning. Susannah Gray, an. I Elizabeth Berkeley equally, lo my. 
granddau. Jennet I'aterson mj negroe girl Fanny. To my dau. Grace Manning my 
negroes Baptiste, Castalion, Lucy, L'rances, and Rest and [Residue ol all properly 
whatsoever. Ex'ors: Maurice Berkeley, late of St. Christopher, uov, ol the 
Island of Martinique, and Join, Earle, senior, of St. Christopher. 

Probate 11 December IS02 at St. Kitts. 

Charles John Manning of 109 Leadeuhall Street. E.C. Will dated 11 
1879 Mv marriage settlement dated 23 October IS2S dcall with the hou>e at 
15 Prince's Gardens and mv Insurance Policy For £300U in the London Lite 
Office. To mv son Charles - Downes Manning W2»l Consols. >lv dau Ma 
Harriet wife of Joseph Gasquet, and my dau. Charlotte Altec, wife c,1 Charles 

Shiell Bethell. 631 each under the terms of their; grandfathers will, hx or. 

and Trustees Eric Carrington Smith of Lombard St., E.C, and bdyv.n bwhlield 
of 5 Bank Buildings. To each 6100 Wife Louisa Augusta to be guardian of 

• lj miles from Fareham, near Southampton. 


infant child, after her death Miss Emily Frances Bowden of Cromwell House, 
S. Kensington, and Miss Caroline ITanmer of Mill Hill. Midds To 

my present wife £5000, jewels, furniture, etc., and leasehold manor hou 
Littlehampton, Sussex, also the military orders of my late Father-in-Lau . I ■■ 
Sir Kich d Downes Jackson, K.C.B., his swords, and the sword of the Duke ol iork, 
the candelebrum presented to me by the London Dock Co., and Tureen pre- i t< 
to my late father William Maiming, Esq., dec 1 , and enamel picture and bust ol 
my late father. All residue and goodwill of business iu trust for all my children 

Probate 15 August 1SS1 at St. Kitts. 

177S, April S. Henry Merttius Bird, Esq; of St. Mary Axe, to Miss Eliza- 
beth Manning, daughter of William Manning, Esq ; of the same place. (" lown 
and Country Mag.," 223.) . 

1781, Juue 30. Benj. Vaughan, esq ; of Jamaica, to Miss Sarah .Manning, 
daughter of Wm. Manning, esq ; of S« Mary Axe. (" G.M.," 342.) 

1783, May 29. At Madras, J. H. Manning, esq;* sou of AN llliam Manning, 
esq. : of St. Mary Axe. (" Bath Chronicle.") . 

1786, Oct. William Manning, jun. esq.; of St. Mary Axe, to miss Smith 
daughter of Abel Smith, esq. member of parliament tor St. Germams. in Cornwall. 
("Town and Country Mag.," G 14.) 

1789 March 20. " Mrs. Mauuiug, lady of Wm. M. juii. esq. of Billiter-square, 
and daughter of the late Abel Smith, esq. of Nottingham. (Ibid., 374, and " bath 

Chronicle.") „ . . , -.,' 

1791 Nov. 23. At his hou*e at Totteridge, Herts, of a paralytic stroke, \\ m. 
Manning, esq. a West India merchant, and one of the directors of the Koyal 
Exchange Assurauce office. (•■ G.M.," 1070.) 

1792 July 12 William Manning, esq; of Totteridge, Herts, to aiisa ftiarj 
Hunter" dau'diter of the late H. Huuter,t esq. ; of Beach-Hill, Berks. (Ib'd) 

18 P' July 24 Wed 20, Mr. Wm. Heiirv Manning, eldest son ot Win. 
Manning, esq. M.P. governor of the bank. (" Dorchester and Sherborne 

'"ISIS Oct 2k In Jermvn-street, aged 63, Hen. M. Bird, esq. of Barton 
House, c'o. Warwick, in the commission of the Peace for the counties of \N arwick 
and Gloucester. ( il G.M.," 571.) 

1819 Jan 13 Frederick Manning, i sq. eldest son of W. Manning, esq. .ML . 
of Combe Bank, Kent, to Elizabeth Edmunda, eldest dau. of E. 1'unier, esq. ot 
Stoke Kochford, co. Lincoln. (Ibid., 177.) 

1835, Ap. 17. In Upper Gower-street, aged 71, William Manning, esq. 

(Ibid., 667.) ,. ,. _..,,. ,, • it i) . 

1817, May 12. At Brighton, Mary, relict of \N illiam Manning, esq. Ml . ol 

Totteridge, Herts, and Combe-bank, Sundridge, Kent. (Ibid., 109.) 

(To he continued.) 

• This must l.< John Byin Umniu,', the eldest -"• «'" died biiween 80 Juno u4 
30 October 1731, though the ami mnceiueiit is ra „ 

f See pedigree of Uuntor a U Li Hill m " Baronetage and "LanleiGontry. 



a 3Ust of IWLmt Xutrian Qcctis on tljc 
Clooc ftolls-* 

Jolm Gray, Elizabeth his wife & Ralph Payne. 
John Ryan by William Hamilton, Elizabeth 

his wife, Mary Kirwan. 
Thomas Redhead by Edward Otto Bayer. 
John Prym v. Gamble. 
James Smith by James Hammond, Eranees 

his wife. 
Walter Tuddidelpb.t Charles Alexander by John 

John Tomlinson, Stephen Blizard, Roland Ohver 

by John Otto Bayer. 
Richard Tyrrell by Grauado Chester. 
John WatKins & Charles Alexander & Walter 

Tuddidelnh.t Christopher Baldwin. 
Walter Tullidelph,t Christopher Baldwyn by 

John Watkins. 
Thomas Truman by Jehu Estridge. 
William Welby by Herman Atkins Dwarris. 
Thomas Warner by John Foster. 
William Woodley by Edward Jessup, Eleanor 

his wife. 
John Watkins v. Tuddidelph.f 
Harry Alexander by Charles Alexander, Bissc 

his wife 
Abraham Audaiu by Lewis Brotherson, Frances 

Hill his wife. 
Edward Bvam & wife v. Evanson. 
Edward Briee. David Barclay junior by John 

Mason, Ralph No. leu. 
Jolm Booth by Sir Gilles Payne, Bart. 
John Bourryau by William Colman seumr. 
Samuel Byaui by De la Court Walsh. Mary his wile 
Oliver Baron by Sir Gilles Payne. 
John Cooper by Edward Parson, Mary his wife. 
Daniel Cunningham v. Hamersley. 
William Coleman senior v. Hamersley. 
Samuel Crooke, William Coleman senior by Join. 

Bourryau, Sophia Bourryau. 
Francis Phipps, Elizabeth his wife, Robert Want 

& James George Douglas. 
James GuyJ Douglas by Francis Phippa. 
John S l Leger Douglas v. llolmi • 
William Dawson by James Douglas. 
James Davenport b) Bridget llussey. 
George Dunbar by Stapleton Dunbar 

Butler Dunbar his wife. 
Lewis Davis by L'houuu Davison. 
Edward Byam, Lydia, John Byaui, Edwan 
Elizabeth Fahio by Daniel Cunniughain, Elizabeth 
his wife, Robert Cunningham. 

Antigua 1752, 5-1 

S l Christophers 

S' Christophers 


S l Kitts 


S 1 Kitts 


S' Kitts 


S' Kitts 



X e v i a 



1753, 3-11 
17.31. 11-22 
1751, 18-9 

1753, 22-14 

1751, -1-7 

1753, 12-25 

1751, 4-7 

1755, 13-2 

„ 13-3 

1751, 2-J.5-1G 
„ 5-6 

1752, 10-9-10 
1755, 13-2 

1759, U-20 

1700. 17-3 
1750, 3-12 

1757, 2-21 

1758, 1-10-17 
1750, 12-12 
1700, 10-10 

., 13-11-12 
175S, 1-22 
175!), 1-9 

„ 4-10 

„ 12-12 

1750, 10-18 
„ 10-19 

1757, L1-2U 

1758, '-'-I 

L759 2-21-21-22-23 
L7UO, 5-20 
L75U, 3-12-13 

Continued from i>. -•"> I. 

t Should bo Tullideph. 

S' Kitts 1758, 3-G 

J ? orror for Godfb'o, 



Frauds Phipps, Elizabeth his wife, Sir Grilles 

Payne, Bart. £ George Fahie. S' Kitts 175S, 11-18-19 

Craister Greathead by Gilbert b'leruiug. ,, 175G, 5-1U 

Samuel Gerard & .Mary Henrietta his wife. ,, 1757, 1-^ 

William Guidon v. Kennion. Jamaica 175'.», 5-2s 

Robert Gray by Charles Alexander A Bisse his wife. Antigua ., Ll-21-22 
George Gostlin v. Tobin. 2\'evis 17UO, 1-2 

Johu S* Leger Douglas Mary Holmes widdow, 

George Weatherhall, Walter Molcsworth. S l Kitts 1757, 11-20 

Hugh Hamersley by .Mary King. 175S, 1-1-2 

Hugh Hamersley by John Walter & Newton 

"Waller his wife. Barbadoes „ 12-11-15 

Daniel Cunyingham, Elizabeth & Robert Cunying- 

ham, William Colman senior & Thomas Lucas, 

John Mills, Hugh Hamersley, Andrew- Thom- 
son & Edward Parson. S l Kitts 1751), 4-9-10 
John Harvey by Shute Shrimpton Yeamuns, 

Matilda his wife. Antigua ,, 11-22 

Abednego Mathew, Jannett & Edward Jessup & 

Eichard Maitland, Hugh Hamersley. S l Kitts 1760, 1-20 

George Irvin by Thomas Crisp, Mary his Wife, 

Nicholas Crisp, Mary his wife. .. 4-5-6 

William Gordon & John Reunion & Samuel Touchet. Jamaica 1750, 5-28 
Daniel Mathew, Mary his wife, John Lyons & 

Robert Christian. Antigua 175G, 2-1G 

Daniel Mathew v. Lyons. „ ,, 2-16 

Nathaniel Marehant by James Jackson, Henrietta 

his wife. ,, 1757, 3-S 

Abednego Mathew, Janett his wife & Daniel 

Mathew, William Mathew Burt & Richard 

Maitland, Hugh Hamersley. S" Kitts „ 10-6-7 

Abednego Mathew & wife v. Jessup. ,, 1760, 1-2-21 

Ralph Noden a Bankrupt v. Briue. Bermuda 1757,2-21 

John Nolan by Peter Cauvane M.D., Mary his wife. S« Kitts 1759, 14-18-19 
Richard Oliver senior, Richard Oliver junior, by 

Robert Patterson, Grace his wife. Antigua. Nevis 175S, 13-15 

Richard Oliver by Samuel Nibbs, Elizabeth his 

wife. Antigua 17G0, 2-2 

WilliamThomas, Margaret his wife, Richard Oliver 

junior & Patrick Grant M.D. „ „ 11-10 

Richard Oliver junior by William Thomas. ,, 11-11 

Francis Phipps, Elizabeth his wife v. Douglas. S l Kitts 1750, 10-ls 

Robert Plumsted by Thomas Clarke, Estate of 

Thomas Parsons a bankrupt. Bermuda 1757, 10-15 

Ralph Payne by William Woodley junior, Frances 

his wife. S l Kitts 1700, 2-22-23 

Edward Paris by Rowland Oliver it Richard 

Oliver junior. Nevis „ 12-7-S 

William Southouse by George Colebrooke, Mary 

his wife. Antigua ,, 1 1-12 

George Goatling, Thomas Wall & Benjamin Ball, 

Richard Maitland A. Thompson Hicks, Sarah 

his wife & James Tobin the elder. Nevis ,, I -2 

William Thomas. Margaret his wife v. Oliver. Antigua ., 11 LO 

Martin Knvck Van Mierop 1". William Smith. Nevis 1757, 12-7-8 

Henry Wilmot by John Woodloy. S l Kitts 1750, 11-19-20 

Henry Wilmot by James Russell Madan. Nevis „ 10-2-3 



S' Kitts 
S l KittB 



Samuel Gerard, Mary Henrietta his wife & Richard 
Neave junior, James PenvoldA William Wells 
& Thomas Truman, .lames Neave, Redman 
Burk, William Dawson i James George 
Douglas, John Smallman Gardiner. S l Kitts 

Thomas Walker by John Walker, New ton his wife. Barbadoes 
William Wells & Mary Henrietta Gerrard & 

Richard Wilson. 
John Apthorpe, Thomas Martin by John Tliomlinson 
John Audain by William Woodley, 1'ram-es his wife. 
Harry Alexander, William Colcrot't by Charles 

Alexander, Margaret his wife. 
John Otto Baijer by Rowland Otto Baijer. 
Francis Buxton by Sir William Codrington & 

William Codrington. Berbude. 

Archibald Buchanan v. Fothergill. 
Mary Banks Brown, Mary Charlotte Thornhill 
More & John Williams senior, Sarah his 
wife, John Williams junior & Francis Bancks 
Giles Earle. S' Kitts 

Thomas Brograve by ."Sir Hanson Beruey, Bart. Barbadoes 

Thomas Collet by Peter Beckford. Jamaica 

Francis Banks Giles Farle, by John Williamson, 

Sarah his wife. S l Kitts 

Earle Daniel by Amy Thomson, spinster. Montserrat 

Thomas Dieken by Samuel Gerrard, Mary Henri- 
etta his wife. S l Kitts 
Andrew Lcssly & Michel M c Nemara M.D., Man- 
bis wife & Admiral Sir James Douglas <fc 
John Newton, Hugh Hamersley. 
Admiral Sir James Douglas by Michael M c Ncuiara 

M.D., Mary his wife. „ 

Admiral Sir James Douglas by Andrew Lessly. „ 

Francis Delap by William Newton, Elizabeth his 

wife & Elizabeth Fry, widdow. „ 

Christopher Devonsheir, William Reeve by John 

Nelson. Grenada 

James Do ran by James Hussey. Montserrat 

Earle Daniel by Amy Thomson, Henrietta Thomp- 
son spinster, Charles Vaughan, Ann his wife. ,, 
Archibald Buchanan, Jane Buchanan widdow, 
James Cave, Mary his wife, Archibald Napier 
& William Strahau & John b'othergill, M.U. Nevis 
Tobias Frere by Joseph Pickering, Barbadoes 
James Grant by John Scare, Estate of Granado 

Chester, London. Antigua 

Isaac Mathew & William Mathcw & Be/.eliel Hodge. Tortola 
George Hayle by William Haylc. Jamaica 

Hugh Hamersley by Mary Darby spinster. Antigua 

Edward Home, Jeremiah Biizard by George 

Cornelius Swan, Ann hi- wife. „ 

Edward Horn, Jeremiah Biizard, John Gilbert, 

by George Cornelius Swan A Ann his wife. ,, 

William Wiubolt, Amy bis wife, John Snowdon, 

William Jacks, mi. Jamaica 

George Johnston, John Rae by William Macintosh, 

Ann his wife. Grenada 

17-37, 1 8 
L7GU, 1- is- 1!) 

,. 10-27 
1702, l-:< 
„ 20-10-17 

17(53, 12-11-12 
1702, 3-0 

1763, 13-17-1 s 
1701, 10-20 

1700, 9-2 

„ 13-2-3-20 
170.3, 3-F3-10 

1700. 9-3 
1703, 2-12-13 

„ 2-20 

Antigua „ 3-8 

„ 3-9 
„ 3-10 

1701, 3-13 

„ -3-lS 
., 23-3-4 

1700, 3-4 

1701, 10-2-3 


1701, 1-19 
., 1-22 
„ 11-1 

1702, l-lii-17 

„ 12-1.3 

1703, 12- 1(1 
L764, 1-1.3 

„ 11-12-13 



Antigua L7G2, 3-24 


Barbaducs ,, 13-16 

Antigua .. 14-18-19 

America 1 7*J i, 2-20 


S< Kitts 


8' Kitts 


1761, 1-3 
„ L-22 
1761, 2-20 

1765, 17-17 

.. 2-16-17 

Thomas Kearnon by William French, Mary 

Arabella his wife. 
Edward Home by George Cornelius Swan, Ann 

his Wife. 
George Law v. Shepherd. 
William Livingston by Andrew Lessly, Sarah his 

John Lidderdale v. Mauduit. 
Sir Robert Ladbroke knt. by Patrick Blake. 

S' Kitts & .Montserrat 
Abednego Mathew, Jennett his wife, Daniel 
Mathew, William Mathew Hurt & Richard 
Maitlaud, Hugh llamersley, Edward Jessup, 
Balph Payne. 
Isaac Mathew v. Hodge. 
Israel Mauduit by Francis Filraer. 
Richard Maitlaud by Mary Bearcroft, Spinster, 

& Susannah Culpepcr, widdow. 
Joseph Pickering by Kichard Smith clerk, Eliza- 
beth Mary his wife. 
John Spooncr, Margaret his wife it Joseph Eawlins 

& Henry Wilmot. 
Joseph Eawlins by John Spooner. 
Samuel Bedhead by Rowland Frye. 
Thomas Ryder by Thomas Lord. 
Stedman Eawlins by Constantino Phipps, Mary 

his wife. 
John Spooner v. Eawlins. 
Martha Scoper als. Cully by Augustus Boyd, 

Lucy his wife. 
William Shepherd by Robert Moss, Estate of 

George Law a bankrupt. 
Samuel Spencer, John Cope, William Deering by 

George Hat sell. 
John Tomlinsou by Johu Apthorpe, C. Thomas 

Charles Tudway, Hannah his wife, Clement 

Tudway v. Wilmot. 
Barlow Trecothick by John Nelson. Grenada 1761, 1-1L-12, p 1 5-19 

John Thomlinson senior by Johu Thoinlinson 

Francis Phipps Woodroop & Kichard Maitlaud A' 

Henry Wilmot. 
Heury Wilmot by Francis P. Woodroop. 
Charles Tudway, Hannah his wife, Cleuienl Tud- 
way, Henry Wilmot & Samuel Wildman. 
Henry Wilmot by Charles Tudway & Clement 

Henry Wilmot by Ralph Payne. 
Kichard Wilson by Samuel (ierrard. Mary Hen- 
rietta his wife, Thomas Dickcn. 
Thomas Warner by Ann l£vauson& Mary Charity 
Knight spinster. 

S l Kitts 1761, 5-1 
„ 5-2 
Antigua 1761, 2 S-9 
Montfort ,, 5-7-8 

S l Kitts „ 18-10-11 
1761, 5-1 

1763, 4-11 

Barbadoes „ 13-16 

Nevis 1765, S-l-2 

Antigua 1762, 1-2 

.. 1 2-2 1 

Grenada 1765, L(>-'i 

S l Kitts 1762, IL-23 
., 11-24 


S 1 Kitts 

„ 12-21 

„ 12-22 
L763, 2-4-5 

„ 2 21-2 


r -I 

( To be continued.) 


{transcript* of |}ari*f) Registers.* 

[Vol. 28, B. T., Leeward Islands.] 

S r Mauy C\.yo>*, S 1 CuaisruniEUs. 

Of Christnings. 

1738 Jan. — A Child of John Braggers named William 
July 10 ,, John Davis Seu r : „ John 
Sep. 24 „ Rich" Davis „ AVilliam 

1738-9 Jan. 1-1 „ W ra : Smittons „ Elizabeth 

21 „ 2 Mulattoes for John White Kitty & Fanny 

1739 Jan. 28 „ Sam: M c terre named William 
July 13 ,, Nath: Gateward „ Elizabeth 
Oct. 2L „ Alex: Toward „ Barbery 

1710 Ap. 20 „ John Webber ,. John 

May 25 „ John Bapt st Dufalana named Mary 

D° „ of William Bridges named William 

June 1 ,, of Sarah Bowreys a free Xegro ,, Ann 

25 ,, of John Braygers „ John 

Aug. 17 „ of W m Smittons „ Anne 

Sep. 7 „ of Edw d Coziera ., Alexander 

8 ,, of Francis Blackinores Esi| r ., Uichard 

17-40-1 Feb. 15 A Negro Child belong: to Dan 1 : Mathew Esq r .. Lucey 

1741 July 1!) A Negro Woman belong: to W m Leader „ Cathrin 
Aug. 1 A Child of Stcpl) : Parsons ., Stephen 

23 ,, of Pediman ,, John Smith 

25 ,, of Xath: Gateward ,, Daniel Mathew Smith 

Nov. 22 „ of John Davis Scn r ,, James 

D° ,, of Henrietta Toward .. Ann 

1741-2 Mch. 7 „ of John Braygers ., Daniel 

D° A Negro Child of Mil's Whites ,, Barbery 

„ 14 A Child of Martin Risdons ., Margrel 

1742 May 10 A Mulatto Child of John Whites „ Sally 

23 A Mulatto Child of John Whites „ Thomas 

July IS A Grand-Child of Eli/.: Rice a free Xeg: ,, Thomas 

25 A Negro Child belong : to William Leader ,. Abraham 

Sep. A Child of John Webbers ,, Mary 

1742-3 Jan. 2 „ . of Joseph Barrys .. Joseph 

D° „ of W"' Smittons ., Elizabeth 
,, of John Martin ., Marv 

„ 23 A. Child of Thomas Liddle „ George 

Mar. 8 „ of Francis Blackmores Esq. ., Sarah 

1743 Ap. 10 „ of Morina Morgan ., Clement 
Oct. 10 „ of Nicholas Crooke ,, Fanny 

1743-4 Feb. 20 ,, of John Davy Sen: ,, Thomas 

D° „ of James M'Carty „ Ann 

1744 May „ of W" 1 Morgans ,, Johanna 
July 22 ,, of John Martins ,, Thomas 

12 [sic] „ of Ann Whelande ,. Michael 

19 „ of William Lyal ,, Eleanor 

Nov. 11 A Child of Margrct Hra^gersf .. l'cnclope 

• Coutinued from p. 20o. t ? liruyKer* or Braggen. 



1743 A p. 



1 t 




1737-SJau. L5 
Mar. 2 

1738 Apr. 2 
M;iy 3 

June IS 

Sep. G 


Oct. 17 


Nov. 2 












Dec. 1 



2 s 
1738-9 Jan. 13 

A Clulil of Nath 1 : Gatewooda ,. Margret 
„ of Joseph Barry ,, Elizabeth 
,, of Morulas Morgan ,. Morinas 
,, of John Davis ,, Richard 
of Michael How .. Man 
Two Child; of Rieh J Liswell ., Elizabeth & Aim 
And a Child of John Whites by M rs Thomas Jblank~\ 


William May 

A Child of William 

Ann Fulton 
A Child of Thomas 

John Nicholson 
A Child of James 

A Child of Thomas 

A Child of Ann Rice 
A Child of Thomas 

EJ\v d Billingsly Jim. 
A Child of John Green 
A Child of James 

John Prigy 
Ann Williams 
Rich d Barry 
A Child of John Web- 
A Child of Rich d Davis 
A Child of John 

A Child of John Green 
Susannah Scol I 
Andrew \ cwell 
A Child of John Green 
John Cooper 
John Morgan 
A Child of James 

W'" Jernison 

Hob 1 \\ oodburn 
William Lycl Si-fi : 
Elizabeth Barry 
Clement Morgan 
A Child of Richard 

John How py 

Eleanor Morris 
Thorn* Rom 
Elizabeth Crooke 

Geo: Hamilton 

l73S-9Jan. 2-3 








A p. 



















1739-40 Ja 

. 12 




1710 A p. 20 

May 1 

Oct. 14 

Nov. 5 

Dec. 1 




1740-41 Jan. :i 


A Child of Martin 

Sam 1 : M'Kenning 

A Child of Bastian 

Joseph Bragger 

Jane Deale 

Ed\v u Green 

Sam: M c terre 

A Child of WiUiam 

A Child of Rich" Davis 

Patrick Daile 

A Child of June Bel- 

Henry Howe 

A Child of Sam' Crooke 


A Child of Rich" Lis- 

A Child of James Per- 

A. Child of John Web- 

W m Daile 

Sarah Davis 

Jonas Davis 

Miles Daile 

Xewlick Burk 

A I hild i EJohn Web- 

John Rice* a free 

Kieh' 1 Colletl 

Hugh Cunyngham 

Mark Roach 

Eliz: Bennett 

Mary Martin 

Thorn* Da\ is Jun 

A Child of Rich' 1 Davis 

Eliz: Davis 

George Rogers J un 

\ ( luld ol John ( ■ reen 

Sarah Bo&tick 

Paul Martin 

William Bridges 

* The letter* " ce " of Hico were tcratched out. 


Cathrin Barry 1713 Oct. 9 John Steward 

Liu" Cozier 

Francis I5nrwi.ll 

Alex : Toward 

John Griffiths 

A Cbilil of Stephen 

James Davis Sen 
Ed\\ d Liswel] 
Mary Billingsly 
Sarah Madriu 
Elizabeth Williams 
A Child of .Martin 

John Ennis 
Thomas Attwell 
Darby Sillivan 
Mary Burton 

Saint Christop", No?: 23 d 171"). J>°: Little. 

1740-41 Mar. 5 

















1 1 








17 13-4 Jan. 


Thomas Lytton 



Mary ( rardner 


Michael Wheland 


Eliza: M c Cov 



A Child of Mich 1 How 


Rich" Liswell 



John Bragger 

A p. 


A Child or Margret 


Ann Herbert 



Clem': Crooke 



Eliza: Wells 



A Daughter of W m 
Smith — A free 

1744-5 Jan. 


AChiidof W" 1 Morgan 

1743 Aug. 


William Leader 

S T George's Parish* [S t Christopher's]. 
Account of Persons Buried since Jan> 1 st 1743. 

3 Jonathan Quinlee 

5 Joseph Elworthy 

6 Bartholomew Jackson 
d° James Battery 

9 James Wrigton 

11 John Westbery Son of John Westberry 

d° Will" 1 Langford 

13 Groadees Comford 

21 Jacob Vandurzen 

24 Cap': Charles Crowley' man John Smith 

Feb. G Sarah Browne 

d° John Hughes's wife Catherine 

9 James MacConielly 

10 Stephen Windor 

Mar. 10 Isaac Finch's a soldier his Daughter 

IS William Fooesing 1 man Will"' Parrise 

19 Lienor Hewton wife of Alex r : Hew ton 

20 Sarah Robertson her Son 
1713 2s Patrick Young 

Ap. 4 Cap': Snellings man Drowned 
John Briston 

17 .lane Harrison 

May 1 George Kippiiigs his Son fior^r 

9 Elizabeth Marott 

d° A Aron J or J an 

23 Riorl Pallet! a Frenchman by M r Forrest 

June 11 William Joy 

* These burial entries cover eleven page* Tin- Rector "f St. Georgo'i uppean to bave run 
his pea through redundant words in certain entries. Where such words are -ill i legible 1 have 

replaced iLoiu iu italic. 



1743 June 13 Charles Bowrey's Daughter Mary 

d° Doctor Hamilton's Man ; Edward Harrow 

18 Cap': George Taylor' a man John "Webster 

19 James Miller 

21 Richard King a Child 

25 Elizabeth* at Palmeto point Church 

July 5 Dorothy Littlefield 

d° Archibald Ilamm his Daughter bv M": Wvatt. named Elizabeth ^ 

G Will™ Robertson 

1G Richard Draper by Cap': Main & White 

d° John Cox by John Ron. an 

18 Benjamin Steward at Rattery's 

19 Ailing Fleming by John Dixson 

22 William Do . . . .'ell by Rob 1 : Colhoun Esq' 
2G Cap 1 : John Bovell by Uich d : Rowland Esq' 

Aug. 1 John DulTe 

7 Thomas Roades 

13 John Moles m 

14 John Jewell, S l Peter's 
1G Ann Storey 
22 John Rinch 

27 Francis Phillip's his Son Charles 

29 George Roborson by Rob': Cammell Taylor 

29 Doef: Will" 1 : Gibons bis Son Charles James at the point Church 

Sep. 2 James Richardson by M rs : Cook 

G Madam Sarah Theroulde at the point Church 

8 Richard Beare 1 , ■■>• , ,. -»- . 

-iiru- > b\- Rich' 1 -Sott 

8 William J J 

d° George Wright at the point Church 

10 Cap': James Payne his man John Walker 

17 Elizabeth Simmons, from the Point 

21 Anthony Hazell his Son John 

22 Joney Carroll by James Forrest 

23 Richard Rowland Esq 1 ": bis Son in the Church 
21 Sarah Jones her Daughter Ann 

27 John Benell a Child 

28 Charles Ellicott a hoi; in S' Peters Parish 
Oct. 1 Edward Magrath 

2 Ann Farrell in the Church at S 1 Peters 
d° Richard Williams his Son Richard 

3 Patrick Bodkin by Edw d : Murphy 
5 Mary Willford 
G Aghis Farrill in the Church at S' Peters 

8 John Thompson by Hob 1 Cammell Taylor 

9 Daniel Davison by Judge Milk killed by Philpott 

10 Robert Cammell Taylor 

11 Hugh (Ha>'.;ow /,,/ Cup' Tho' Young 

11 Selvcuter Woodward bis Wife Elizabeth 

13 Arabella Kill 

11 John Closs bis Daughter Elizabeth Pitts 

17 Ann Browne her Daughter Sarah a Dastard 

18 Mary Welch 

19 Abraham Rowland, by (Michael) Williams 
d° James Buttcrwell by EJur 1 Murphey E / 
d° John Strowhcn a privateer by [blank] lieezely 

• Thcro i-» no surname to this entry. 


1743 Oct. 20 David Young hy Ditto 

d° Grace her Daughter Mary at Lady Stapletons 

21 Sarah Doogwod 

22 James Kirkwood by Cap 1 : Thomas Eoung 

30 Thomas Norman 

31 Kobert Wetherdon 
Nov. 1 Peter Inglish 

d° Benjamin White at John Chapman Brown 

2 John Wilson a boy by . . . * 

4 Ann Degusott (?) 

G John Johnson 7m Son Thomas 

d° Ann French by John French her Brother 

d° .Samuel Halinans, at Mai-tin Ulick Brown 

10 John lies, and Frances lies at S' Peters parish 

12 Ann Warsters hy .... Burk 
d° William Browne by Benjamin .... 

13 Parnell Stoddard 
d" James Col ford by John Chapman 
15 Ann Keatura Shipton 
1G Samuel Young 

17 Nathaniel Hazell 

18 Charles Bowrey 

19 John Temple 
d° Joseph Jackson 
d° Mary Griffin 

21 Thomas Williams 

22 William Connor his Wife Sarah 

24 Robert Tinker hy John Chapman 

25 Elizabeth Stadams her son William a Bastard by Thomas 


27 Elizabeth Barker by James Smith Waiter 

28 Mary Bartou, Old John Cartys Daughter 
Dec. 1 Arnold Wilson 

1 Cap': Rich : Tillidge, hy ]{ich': Rowland 'Esq' 

d° Charles Bowrey his Son Charles 

d° Nicholas Lawrence his Daughter Mary 

7 Dennis M c Conliff at Ed\v d : Magrath .... 

9 Margarett Martinbrought 

10 Roger Johues at ... . 

10 Michael Sutton at Johu Dixous 

11 James Nazerine 

12 Elizabeth Gallang 

12 Christopher Martinbrought hit Son John 

14 Mary Bibby 

1G Sarah Mills 

19 William Taylor by Cap': John Bouse 

23 Charles Willis, hy John llazeJl in the Irish Towne 

25 John Parker by John Chapman 

2S John Deuiini by John ('rushy 

30 Mary Bibby her Daughter Mary 

31 Edey Ottley ... 
31 Ann'; Roundtree hit Daughter Ann 
d° Bridgwater bis Negrnc frank 

1743- I.Ian. 1 Edward Smith 

• The dotted lines ropn - nt i rased words whirh nrc illegible. 
t Tin- family later wrote their naiuo " Manlenbrough." 

| '* Aun " written over " George." 



1743-4 Jan. 7 Sarah* Earle his Daughter Sarah 

8 Isaac Wilson 

8 John Brand 

15 Benjamin Elvin 

16 Frances? Ilendrie his Daughter France* hy Dorothy Millrom 
23 James Carrey 

2") Henry Skerrett 

26 Jacob JMulzac 

Feb. 7 James Joy 

William Wur 

Id Jane* Buckley Esq": Xeyroe Woman 

{To be continued.) 

Eljomas <Pocrt>alI, Sttuniral of P)aptt. 

Thomas Goodall, Admiral of Hayti, was born at Bristol in 17G7. and at tlie 
age of thirteen ran away from school and shipped on a privateer, which was 
wrecked at St. Kitts in October 17S0. He then visited an uncle in Montserrat, 
and later entered II. M.S. Triton as midshipman, and was present at the action off 
Dominica on 12 April 17S2. He soon after changed into the merchant service, 
and went on a voyage to China. In 17S7 he married Miss Charlotte Stanton, the 
actress, who was acting in Hath in her married name on 6 October. In 1790 lie 
was master's mate in the Xemesis ; later commanded a merchant ship bound to 
the West Indies, and then a privateer, which he placed at the disposal of 
Christophe, President of Hayti. lie returned to England in JS10 and 1812, and 
is said to have remitted £120,000 to his agent, one William Fletcher, who robbed 
him of his fortune and his wife. 

He brought an action against Fletcher in 1S13. and was awarded £5,000 
damages. Nothing further is known of Goodall, but he is said to have died in 
1832. Mrs. Goodall (born ? 17<>t!) died at Somers Town, London, in July 1S30. 
She had eight children, of whom si\ were surviving in L813. t - s < <■ ace. nuts of 
both the Goodalls in the D.N.B. 

It is quite evident that the Admiral Goodall inquired after ante, p. 17. is 
identical with the above, and not with Samuel Cranston Goodall. The connection 
of Thomas Goodall with Bristol and Mont*errat, and the number of hi> children 
(six), are sufficient proofs. 


• " Sarah " written over "George." 
t " Frances " written over " \\ illiam." 

X Between Jam' ami Jim-kK-y " Will"" was written mid ernwd. 


A (J * 

1 ttrt?feaw^^t^zm&? 










Jhin&tt lyDrunrrznJ 

\ j 

C^ 7 

7ZJ;j*Jl f J'4j l -u~u*ia,£.li,C,.~« l f-Jh*-'~ CbmiUlJJmmA -' 


From Nevis Recobds, 17o0— \7~>2, p. 183. 

Indenture dated 20 Sept. 1750, between "William Pemberton of Nevis, Esq., and 
Margaret his wife of the one part, and Stapleton Dunbar, Esq., of the same 
island, of the other part. 

The said William and Margaret, in consideration of £50, convey to the said 
Stapleton Dunbar the messuage and tenement known as Roger Pemberton's store. 
which formed the subject of another Died on the same day, under which tin's 
tenement was transferred to Roger's son William. 

Witnesses: Michael Butler, Samuel Clarke Pemberton. 

From Same, p. 108. 
Bond dated 27 Sept. 1751. 

"I Joseph Herbert jun r " of the island of Nevis am held bound in the sum of 
£2000 to be paid to Roger Pemberton of Nevis, Esq. 

Whereas several suits are pending in the Courts of King's Bench and Common 
Pleas of this island between the said Joseph Herbert as Administrator of the 
goods of Simon Brown, Esq., late of Nevis, and the said Roger Pemberton, 
"either by virtue of his intermarriage with Mary Smith, widow, or as guardian to 
Sarah Brown, an infant under the age of 21 years," if the said Joseph Hi rberl 
abides by arbitration in all matters in dispute of the Arbitrators. Samuel Clarke, 
Edward Bridgwater, Stapleton Dunbar, and .lames Dasent, all of Nevis, then the 
Bond to be void. 

From Same, p. 41 S. 

I, James Symonds, Esq., of Nevis, President. Stapleton Dunbar of Nevis. Esq . 
and Judith Butler Dunbar,! wife of the said Stapleton Dunbar, and Heir at law 
to Mary Symonds, late of the said island, dec' 1 , at the request of the said Mary 
Symonds and in consideration of 5 - paid to each of them by Judith Pemberton, 
Sarah Pemberton, and Elizabeth Pemberton, jun r , of the said island, Spinsters, 
and daughters of Robert and Elizabeth Pemberton of the said island, do grant 
and sell to the said Judith, Sarah, and Elizabeth Pemberton (jun r ) : > negro girls. 

(Signed) James Simoxds. 

Stavleton Dr.vmi;. 
Judith Butler Pemberton". 

[Note. — The last signature gives surname as Pcnihrrton and not Dunbar, 

which must be a clerical error in copying.] 

Sworn before Roger Pemberton, one of the Judges of the Court of King's 
Bench and Common Picas, October 1751. 

From Same, p. 410. 

Award of Samuel Clarke and others in the matter of Joseph Herbert's Bond to 
Roger Pemberton, dated 23 October 1751. 

From this award it appears that Joseph Herbert was at the time Administrator 
of the Island, that his wife's name was Sarah, and the daughters of Simon Brown 
are referred to as Mary, Elizabeth, and Prances Brown, all dee 1 . 

* Continued from p. 272. 

t She was daughter of lion. James Symonds, President of Nevis. Sec Oliver's " History <>f 
Antigua," vol. i ., p. 223, and ante, p. i:6S, lor the death of bcr mother on 10 September 17 l. 

aged 5'J.' 

VOL. I. X 




Roger Peinberton. See p. 2GS.=j=Frauees Butler. 

2nd wife. 

William Pemberton,=i=Margarei . . . ., 

baptized at G.N. Is married ; 

Mav 1721 ; buried buried at G.N. 

there 13 * 2G February 

1784. Will dated 25 1789. Will 

March 17s3 ; proved dated 19 Feb., 

at Nevis 20 Septem- proved at Nevis 

berl7S4. Seep.311. 3 March 1789; 



Samuel Clarke= 

pLucretia Her- 



bert. da. of the 


buried at (J.N. 

Hon. Job. Her- 


30 November 

bert : married 



at J.N. 5 Jan. 

See pp. 





Roger Pern-; 
berton, bap- 
tized at J.N. 
10 March 
1747-8 ; liv- 
ing 18 May 

^Elizabeth, da. of 
| Francis Sanders. 
| under 21 in 17G0, 

(see will of Tho. 

"Williams. Esq.) ; 

married at J.N. 

1 Jan. 17G7-S ; 

buried there 5 

January 17S3. 

Francis Robert Pemberton. 

Pern- baptized at J.N. 

berton, 1 January 1752 ; 

living of Middle Temple 

i'.l Feb. anil Nevis; buried 

17^9; at G.N. 15 August 

? bur. 1780. Adm'on 

at ( i.N. granted in Nevis to 

24-Mar. his brother Roger. 

Sarah Pemberton, 
baptized at J.N. 
17 March 1 7 ."> 7 ; 
buried a! G.N. 20 

aged 9. 

" Sally " in 



Martha Pemberton, bap- 
tized at J.N. * 17G5 ; 
died unmarried; buried at 
G.K. 29 Jan. lsOG. Will 
dated 18 May 1803; proved 
at St. Kitts"5 Nov. lsuG. 

Margaret (Peggy) Pem- 
berton, born 17U9 ; 
baptized at J.N. 1 Jan. 
1771 ; married at (i.N., 1 
February 179G, George 
llobson ; living In Mav 

Elizabeth Pem- 
berton. baptized 
at J.N. 20 Sep- 
tember 1772. 

Frances (Fan- 
ny) Pemberton, 
baptized at .I.N. 

20 September 
1772; living un- 
married is May 

1803 ; ? buried 
at J.N. 24 Aug. 

Mary (Polly) Pem- 
berton. baptized at 
J.N. 3 December 
1775 ; living unmar- 
ried IS May 1803. 

Anne (Nancy) Pem- 
berton, baptized at 
J.N. 3 December 

William San- 
ders Pember- 
ton, baptized 
at .I.N. * 

17S0. then 20 
months and 5 
days old. 

Pu^er Pem- 
berton, bap- 
tized at J.N. 

From Volume ok Nkvis Wills, etc., 17G1 — 17s7, p. 17G. 

Order passed by Hon. Joseph Herbert, Esq., President and Ordinary of Nevis, 

dated 23 August 17(17. 

Whereas Joseph Herbert Pemberton, an infant under 11, hath petitioned bj 
Lucretia his mother and \\'"' Pemberton his Uucle thai the guardianship i I 
(petitioner'.-) body was granted in the year 17152 to Horatio Herbert in conjunction 
with the said Lucretia Pemberton, and that the .-aid Horatio Herbert now residii g 
beyond sea. ami being thereby incapable of acting a- guardian, ami prayed for the 
guardianship u> be granted to Walter Ni-bett ami Edward Herbert. Esq*, instead 
of the said lloratiu Herbert, and together with the said Lucretia 1'embcrton and 
William Pemberton, the guardianship was bo granted till the said Joseph Her! ert 
Pemberton should attaiu the age of 21 years. 

• Month illegible in Roister. 



Fbom Same, p. 502. 

Will of Sarah Pemberton, spinster, of parish of S. George, Nevis, dated 

4 September 1773. 

"Whereas my mother Elizabeth Pemberton. widow and relict of Robert 
Pemberton, senior. late of the parish aforesaid in the Island aforesaid, did by her 
last Will and Testament give ami bequeath unto me the sum of £G00 current 
money of the Island aforesaid to be paid in the space of 4 years after her death, 
[? as] reference to the said Will of my said mother Elizabeth Pemberton beinc: 
had will more fully and at large appear, I do hereby give the said legacy of t' 1 ' 
.... and all interest now due or which may hereafter be due thereupon, unto my 

Samuel Pember- Edward Peui-=f<Elizabeth, Frances Pember-- 
ton, baptized at berton of St. da. of ton, baptized at 

J.N. 13 Decem- 
ber 1701 ; died 
unmarried 23 
February 1S10. 
aged 75. M.I. 
in St. Mark's 
Chapel, Nevis. 

Nevis. 17s, 2 . 
living 19 Feb. 


Rev. John 

Clcrkson ; 
living 25 

J.N. 7 June 17 oo; 
married there 17 
December 1772 ; 
living in 1S01 ; 
died in Nevis. 



Walter Maynard 
of St. George, 
Nevis. Will 
dated in England 
2n February, 
proved lb' July 
ls04 (P.C.C.). 

^Elizabeth, da. of Wal- Elizabeth Frances Pem-=pJames Maynard (Iter 

terand Frances May- berton, baptized at J.N. first-cousin); baptized 

nard (his first-cousin); 7 December 1791 ; mar- 7 February 1794. 

married at P.K. S ried there 27 March 

July 1S02. 1817. 


Eliza=Dr. Josiah Wehbe Daniell, 

Pern- as his 2nd wife. 1st wife 

berton. Frances buried at G.N. on 

28JunelS21. He married 

3rdly at P.N., February 

ls."7, Eliza Catherine 


Sally Daniell Pember- Ann Mills Pember- 
ton, baptized at J.N. ton, baptized at 

20 December Is Is. 

Frances Herbert Pem- 
berton, buried at G.N. 
3 March 1821. 

J.\ 24Marchl821 

Cecilia Butler Pem- 
berton, died unmar- 

loving niece Bridget Pemberton," dau. of my brother Robert Pemberton and 
Bridget Pemberton his wife (formerly Bridget Bridgwater). 

Mentions also sister Elizabeth Pemberton. 

Executors to send to England for a mourniug ring for Mr John Bridgwater 
of Ne\ is. 

Executors appointed: William Pemberton and Robert Pemberton, junior, of 
Nevis, Esq™. 

Witnesses: Frances Cole. William Taylor, Ann Cole. 
Proved before Hon. John Richardson Herbert, Q March L780. 


From Volume of Common Records, Nevis, 1777 — 1770. p. 4GS. 

Indenture dated is March 177S, between Robert Pemberton the younger of the 
parish of St. John, Nevis, Esq., and Elizabeth his wife of one part, and .lames 
Smith of the parish of .St. Thomas, Nevis, Esq., of the other part. 
In consideration of the sum of 5/- paid by the said James Smith, the said 

Eobert and Elizabeth sell to the said .lames Smith a pan-el of land lying in the 
parish of S l James (about 50 acres) formerly in possession of Robert Pemberton 

of the said Island, deceased, and father of the said Hubert Pemberton, party to 
these presents. 

[Boundaries are described, and in the description reference is made to t he- 
lands of Roger Pemberton, dec 11 .] 

(Signed) Roukrt Pembertox, Jun r . 
Elizabeth I'i.mueuton. 

William Butler=^Christian, da. of Robert and Elizabeth Pemberton. bap- John 

Pemberton, bap- Bridget Pemberton: bap- ti zed at J.N. 2 November But- 

tized at J.N. 10 tized at G.N. 25 June 1767; L758; married at G.N. is ler.t 

September 170 1 ; married there - * October 1787. Will dated 

livin" 19 Feb. 1780. Will dated 14 Dec. 27 December 1S0I ; proved 

1780° died before 1S02 ; proved at Nevis 23 at Nevis 24 April L802. 

his wife. ; November 1803. 8 P- 

Kitty Pemberton, baptized at G.N. 20 February 

178S; buried there 23 .May 1705. 

Joseph Herbert Pember- William Webbe Janus ParrwPein- Fanny 1 ember- 
ton born "5 December Pemberton, born berton, born 11 ton, baptized at 
1818: baptized at J. X. 11 August 1820; August 1820; bap- -1.V 19 ; July 

13 January 1819 ; buried baptized at J.N. tized at J.N. 23 1834 ; died un- 
there 9 November IS 19. 23 July 1822. July 1822. married. 

Samuel Clarke Pember- Joseph Pember- A son. born circa .John Pembi r 

ton born 2.'. December ton, buned at A prd 1822; buried ton baptized at 

1818- baptized at J.N. J.N. 4 October atG.K.2SOctober J X 27 January 

14 January 1819; boned L823. 1822. L830. 
there 23 December L819. 

From Volume of Nr.vts Wills, 1764—1787, p. 545. 
Will of Elizabeth Pemberton, senior, dated 2t June L78L 
Leveies to '-my nephew Oobcrl Pemberton," "my niece Elizabeth Pemberton." 
"Whereas my mother Elizabeth Pembertou did leave and bequeath to mo 

; ^^tZ^XS^n Nevi,, 1-1 1 a ,..l wa, buried 8 Jul, 1800, , ed 52, 

ami ILL at Okeford Pitipaine, Dorset. 



from her estate the sum of €000 current money to be pail in 3 years after her' 
death, & which happened some time in the year 1730, which sum of £000 has 
never been paid but still remains due from the said Estate," I desire that the 
said sum may he divided between the sons ami daughters of my " brotlx r Robert 
Pembcrton. senior, Es<p," viz., Bridget Pembcrton, junr., Elizabeth Pemberton, 
Christian Pembcrton, Robert Pemberton junr, Roger Bridgwater Fcmberton, 
William Henry Pembcrton, Mary Butler Pemberton, and Louisa Pemberton, and 
should any die before 21 their proportion to be divided amongst the survivors. 

Executors: "my cousin Robert Pemberton, junior, Esq.," ami Edward Parris. 

Witnesses : Grace Dasent, Edward Pemberton, 1. Pemberton. 

Proved before Hon. John Richardson Herbert, President of Nevis, by Edward 
Pembcrton, Esq. 

Sarah Pemberton, bap- 
tized at J.N. 9 Decem- 
ber 170S. Will dated 
29 September LS29 ; 
proved at .St. Kitts 22 
August 1S3S. 

=. . . . Hobson Margaret Pemberton, =p.Joseph Herbert 
of St. Kitts, baptized at J.N. S Pemberton. bap- 
died before March 1707 ; buried tized 1 October 
29 September there 10 July ISJs, 170 L and buried 
is:!!). aged S2 years and 7 14 October 17ss 

mouths. at J.N. 

Sarah - 
2!) Sep. 

Rev. Joseph Herbert Pem- 
berton, bom in September, 
baptized at J.N. S Decem- 
ber I7s7 ; St. John's ( 'al- 
lege, Cambridge, B. A. 1811; 
married at (1. Iv. 11. Nov. 
1817; Rector J.N. and 
G.N. lsls -70; died 1'.) 
September 1S70. M.I. at 

Roger Pem- 

Samuel Pem- 
berton, horn 
29 Ma) 17m; , 
baptized 1 I 
Aug., buried 
10 Oct. L7SG 
at J.N. 

Walter May- 
nard Pember- 
ton of Spring 
Hill. Nevis, 
livin- 1!) Feb 
1 7S9 I'irowned 
in wreck ol 
" Clarendon " 
off Isle of 
Wight 11 Oct. 

Ann Prcn- 

tis, da. of 



Esq., son. ; 
married at 
G N sMav 

Rev. Walter., Mary 
Pemberton, Pem- 
baptized at berton, 

J.N. 5 Nov. 

LS27; diedai 
Rectory, co. 
Essex, 2 
March 1901. 

I I 
\\ alter Pemberton, born 2» 

February, bapl ized at J.N. 2!) 

March L820; died 12 February 

1849, aged 2'.). M.I. in -St. 

Mark's Chapel, Nevis. 

Edward Pemberton. Ml)., 
born 12 November, baptized 
at O.N. 26 December LS21 ; 
died 12 August Is 10. aged 2.".. 
M.I. in St. Mark's Chapel. 

Joseph Pemberton, bap- 
tized a: J.N. •"> Novem er 
ls-_»7; died 13 Apr.; LSo3, 
aged 20. Ml. in St. 
Mark's Chapel, Nevis. 

Ann Pemberton, baptized 
ai T.N. 2j February 
ls2"> ; drow ned with her 
father 1 1 October L83G. 


James Ernest Pemberton,= Anne, da. of Henry Swanston 
living at Nevis L902 and Maynard and Louisa [nee 

probably in 1909. Thurston) his wife. 

Fern- ' 





Robert Pemberton, probably 2nd sou of Robert=pElizabcth died 

Pembcrton, and brother of Roger Pemberton ; 17-jO. Mentioned in will of 
? buried at G.N. S April \7~>'2. aged 03, and not her dau. Sarah as having sur- 
on 13 January 171"), as on p. 2GS ante. rived her husband. 

Elizabeth Pember- 
ton, baptized at 
G.N. 28 November 
1717 ; died unmar- 
ried * 1781. 
Will dated 24 June, 
proved at Nevis 17 
November 17s 1. 
Sec p. 30S ante. 

Sarah Peinber- 
tou, died un- 
married * 
1771). Will 
dated 4 Sep- 
tember 1773; 
proved at Nevis 
March I 7 mi. 
Sec p. 307 ante. 

Robert lVmbcr-= 
ton, baptized at 
< i.N. 13 Septem- 
ber 1720. Will 
dated 21 June 
1 7s2 ; proved at 

Nevis 2S 
ber 1784. 




1 1 
Mary Pember- 


ton, baptized at 


G.N. 8 Mav 

1 722 ; buried 

there 10 May 


Judith Pember- 


.1 I 

Elizabeth Pemberton, 
baptized at G.N. 27 
January 1703. 

Robert Pemberton, bap- 
tized at G.N. Novem- 
ber 170o ; buried there 
22 January 17G7. 

Bridget Pem- 
berton,' bap- 
tized at G.N. 

* 1700; 

married there 
23 January 

= Andrew 



Christian Pem-="\ViHiam But- 

berton, bap- 
tized at G.N. 
25 June 1707 ; 
married there 
17S0. Will 
dated 14 Dee. 
1802 ; proved 
at Nevis 23 No- 
vember 1803. 

ler Pember- 
ton. ^ou of 
William and 
See |>. 30S, 

Fkom Volume or Nkvis Wills, 1 7 1> l — 1787, p. 611. 

Will of Robert Pemberton, Benr., of parish of St. George, Nevis, Esq., dated 

21 June 1782. 

Desires to be buried at the Parish Church of St. George, at discretion of 

All estate, real and personal, not otherwise devised, is left to his dear wife 
Bridget Pemberton, her heirs and snigns, on trust, after payment of debts and 
funeral expenses, etc., to pay to each of his children, except his eldest son Robert, 
£50U, viz. .— 

To daughter Bridget, one year after his decease. 
„ ,, Elizabeth, two years ,, „ 

„ „ Christian ") 

„ son Roger Bridgewatcr j At respective ages of 21 years 
„ ,, William Henry y or day of marriage, whichever 
,, daughter .Mary Butler shall first happen. 

it .» Louisa 
Also various negroes to each of the above children. 

To wife Bridget Pemberton the use ><( dwelling-house, out-offices, furniture. 
and plate for life, as well as annual interest of legacies to children till they 
respectively fall due. 

To son Robert L'lOn per amux* -for maintenance and education during his 
minority. Said Robert made Residuarv Legatee. 
Wife Bridget appointed sole Esecoitris 

(Signed) Robert Pbiibebtov, Sen'. 

• Month Illegible in Register. 


Witnesses : Robert Pemberton, junior, Robert Pemberton, Roger Pcmberton. 

Proved by Robert I'embertou before Hon. John Richardson Herbert, President 
and Ordinary of the island of Nevis, 2S October 1784 

From Nevis Records, 1783—1785, p. 1 L 7. 

Dated 2o June 1782. 

John Clerkson of parish of St. Paul, Nevis, Clerk, for divers reasons unci in 
consideration of bis love, etc., for his grandson William Pemberton, nui of his 
(the donor's) daughter Elizabeth, wife of Edward Pemberton of the parish of 
St. George, Nevis, gives the said William Pemberton one slave. 


Robert Pemberton, born Roger Bridgewater Mary Butler Pern- Augustus 

20 December 176S : bap- Pembetton, baptized berton, baptized at Tnomas 

tized at G.N. 1L March at G.N. '1 January G.N. 19 November Molan 

1709. Will dated 1772. " 1775. Pemberlou, 

March, proved at Nevis — — baptized at 

4 September 1802. William Pemberton, Louisa Pemberton, G.N. 3 Feb. 

baptized at G.N. L9 baptized at G.N. 1780 

November 177o. 1779. 

Feom Volume of Nevis Wills, 17(31 — 17b7, p. Gt)5. 
Will of William Pemberton of the Island of Nevis, dated 2o .March 17b3. 

Gives to his three sons — 

Edward I'embertou ") , ., ,. ., 

„ , i, . I ami the survivor or them, 

Robert 1 VmVrtou 

i their heirs an 1 assijnis, 
William Butler Pemberton J ° 

all his estates, plantations, negroes, etc. (except as otherwise specified), upon 

trust that they shah permit his dear wife Margaret Pemberton for her natural 

life to occupy his house at Terrace Gut, whciv he then lived, with olfices, etc. 

After payment of debts the trustees are to raise and pay 

To son Francis and daughters Elizabeth, Margaret, and Sarah Pemberton, 
£oi»0 apiece as soon as possible, with interest at S per cent, till paid. 

To dear wife Margaret, rix negroes and all household and kitchen furniture, 
etc., as well as the sole use of a good and safe riding horso, 

To son Roger, tlOU ■current money only, because 1 have in my lifetime paid 
a great deal of money for him ami am still to pay more." 

To '• daughter Frances Maynard, wife of Walter Maynard, Esq.," CJ">. to be 
paid twelve months after Lest itor's decease, "as 1 male provision for her >^\\ her 

Estates to be kept in good repair by Trustees, and his son Edward to be 
Manager on a reasonable salary during continuance of trusts. 

To son Edward, his heirs and assigns for ever, the plantation lately purchased 
of Mr. Dunbar, on which the said Edward now resides, " together with a part of 
the land that 1 purchase 1 from my nephew ttobert I'embertou and Miss I ranees 
Williams," now Frances Juucs, and wife of the Itev. William Jones, which said 
part of laud, as well as one other pari hereinafter devia d to my son liobcrt, wi 

* Bubort Pemberton, afterwards Itectorol St. George's, l)a«3otcrro, married Elizabeth, isit - 
of tin* l''i Hi' is Wiih on-, wiin married ilie lc-\. IViu. Junes at 6l. JuUu'a, Xevu, ou LttJuly 177i>. 



the land of "William Kit, A lato of Michael Williams, dec' 1 (thai is to say) from 
the path leading up to the mountain to the Line of George Webbc, Esq." 

To son Robert, his heirs and assigns fur ever, the estate, etc.. called Ten-arc 
Gut, together with the oilier parts of the land mentioned purchased from 
Testators nephew Robert Pemberton and .Mrs. Frances Jones "(that is to -.r. i 
from the path leading to Morgan's to the path leading up to the Mountain." 

To son William Butler Peinberton, bis heirs and assigns for ever, all that 
piece of land late belonging to Richard Beach, together with the land called 
Springet's land, and another piece of land called the Training ground. 

To sons Robert and William Butler, land formerly of Stapleton Dunbar, Esq., 
and late of Mrs. Judith Butler Dunbar, in the parish of St. George, near \< 
Castle in the lower grounds, as tenants in common and not as joint tenants. 

To three sons. Edward. Robert, and William Butler, their heirs and assigns, 
all negroes, mulattos, horses, mules, cattle, plantation utensils, and all real and 
personal estate, goods, chattels, etc., not hereinbefore given, and the reversions, 
remainders, etc., of all estates, to be equally divided between them. The said 
three sons appointed Executors. 

(Signed) War. Pemberto>-. 

"Witnesses : D d Henry. Joseph W. Stanley, Ah"' Alvarez. 

Proved by Joseph Webbe Stanley before John Richardson Herbert, President 
of Nevis, 20 September 17SE 

From Nevis Records, 17S3 — 17S5, p. L14. 
Release of a Jjegacy, dated 30 May 17S3. 

Roger Peinberton. greeting. Whereas Jacob Williams Sanders, late of 
S' Thomas, by his Will dated 22 Sep. L753 did bequeath £1UU0 to his niece 
Elizabeth Sanders, late wife of the aforesaid Roger Pemberton, bv the name..!' 
"Elizabeth Sanders, daughter of my brother Francis Sanders, dec' 1 ," the . sum of 
£1000, to be paid on her attaining the age of 17 years or marriage, and whereas 
the said Elizabeth Sanders did on or ab >ut 1 January L757* intermarry with the 
said Roger Pemberton. whereby the said legacy became due. 

And whereas John William Sanders, residuary legatee of the said Jacob 
"Williams Sanders and brother to Elizabeth Sanders, did in L770 pay to the said 
Roger Pemberton the said legacy, with interest I £1280 in all), he the said lioger 
releases the said Jacob Williams Sanders from further liability. 

From Common Recodds, Nevis, 17s5 — 17S7, pp. 28—30. 
Deeds of gift, dated 2G August 17M. 

The Hon l,lc Robert Pemberton of North Wales in the parish of St. John grants 
a negro man slave to his daughter Ann Jones Pcmbertou. Sworn to 5 duly 17v">. 

A sun ilar deed in ta\ our of his son John Puller Pemberton, " now of Greenw ieh." 

A sun ilar deed in favour of his daughter Eliza Willi mis Pemberton. 

[This is important as shewing that ou the date named Robert Pemberton had 
not taken Holy Orders, and that he was then a member of the Council ami entitled 
to the style of " Honourable." 

Sarah Williams, wife of John Williams of Nevis and mother-in da w of the 
above-named Robert Pemberton. was buried at Greenwich in 1771 (sec " Lysou's 
"Environs of London," vol. iv., p, 171,), shewing thai the family had some 
connection with that place. The churchyard has latel) been converted into 
a recreation ground, and it is dillicult to identify Borne "I the tombstones within 
iron railings. J 

(To bf contiaui d ) 

Date of marriage vna 1 Jaouarj 1 7t>7 Soo St. John'.- IteRUter. 

— -> 



v <. y j 

, N * 1 

' £' ' 






* »- i 

• - 

• I 



; • - 




< ">■ 


in?; •■*- 





, I 






', , 






*h ^ 

V S 

ft* . 










jttatson ^letters relating to IDominica, 




94. Robert Reid to J. M. 

Dominica. 2i May 1S03. 

My dear Sir 

I embrace the earliest opportunity that has occurred to acknowlege your 
kind favor of the [blank] of last Month, lot any delay on my part might be 
prejudicial to your Interest respecting your Otfice by inducing you to wait long 
for an Answer from me. When i wrote to you and M r Gillou relative to your 
Office, and to request your and his friendly assistance, it was under a presumption 
that you were likely to be provided for by a pension from Government, and that 
whoever was to be appointed your Succefsor would receive all the Emoluments ; 
and as I had become tired of the laborious part of my profession. I resolved, if I 
could be appointed to succeed you, to sacrifice the difference between my practice 
at the Bar and the revenue of the office to my personal Ease in this relaxing 
climate, which in my opinion would have been sacrificing a thousand pounds 
currency a year at least : but I am sure you will agree with me that to give up a 
lucrative practice of upwards of 63000 a year for an Office which on the Terms 
proposed would not brim: me above seven hundred pounds would be purchasing a 
little personal Ease at by tar too great a price. As for any Expectation that the 
Alsembly would nfsist it must be out of the question ; I know their Sentiments, 
and am persuaded that had not the Governor, by communicating Lord Hobarts 
Letter, convinced them tint tin' person to be appointed 0. Justice would receive 
the Sterling Salary, they would not have sent him the ftlefsage you are in 
pofselsion of. 

I must therefore, my dear Sir, decline your offer and lie contented to make 
the most of my present Situation a tag on for a few years longer — however 1 
ai'sure you I shall be happy to hear of your having made such arrangements as 
will preclude the necelsity of your again coming out to reside in this Country, to 
whicn you have so great an aversion. 

I am my dear Sir 

Yours most faithfully 

Ron 1 Kki i). 

05. J. M. .)' to .!. M. S'. 

Roseau, Dominica, 25"' May L803. 

p r Brig Laurel, via Bristol. 

.... What they would vote it is impotsible to say. .Much mu-t d< peud on 
their Whims and future Timos. At prcseui I am inclined to think thej would to 
you as well to a Person of their own uoinin ition * otc from £300 to Cf>:>i> ( Jurrcncj , 
As the Gov' is on very good L'enns with tiie.n, which you would with him also be, 
I think they would be inclined to do i > you tint which they would to one of their 
own nomination, but to a Person that did not please them, I apprehend they 
would vote him nothing, therefore 1 Eoar in case you shall remain dctcrin 
to remain in Euglaud, any Terms you can euter upon with a p irso i to co ne <>ut 
in y f Room, the uncertainty of this Vote will be a jjreat Impediment to your 

• Continued from p. 217. 



desired Succefs that is in securing a Certainty of an Annual Sum. Whatever 
you may determine upon herein Secrecy 1 believe is absolutely necelsary that the 
House here may have no Reason to suppose that you nap any Salary or fees of 
the Office. M r J. Robinson is always very civil and he tells me that if he don't 
find you in Argyle Street, that he will somewhere else. From him I think you 
may gather much, so as to be enabled to judge the better what will be the most 
advisable herein, lie has always been next to the Governor in giving advise, 
therefore you must make allowance for his leaning too much towards favoring the — , 

wishes of the Governor, which' will be I think to prevail upon vou to return. 
You will ham from Kobinson that Laiug is no Favorite, Madame Laing is not 
either with M f3 Prevost. The Governor, Harvey, Gordon, Hyndman, .v (apt. 
Brough set oft' early this morning to visit P. Ruperts and rlampstead. They arc- 
to return by Sunday next 29 . I have taken this leisure time to commence my 
Letter altho' I do not think the Ganges will sail before the 2 d of June. Mela" 
Kobinson, (Jay, J. Fraser A: .Ionian are Pafseugers by her also M" \V. Henderson 
& her two Children. Metcalfe talks of leaving this in July next. He invited us 
yesterday to dine at P' .Michel — Groves Estate — his first Invitation since our 
Arr 1 . Kobinson. two Lucas's, Smith A Ilooton, Hyndman, Reid & Rob 1 Metcalfe 
formed the Party. 1 suspect M 1 ' Robinson has sacrificed a great deal in coming 
to an Arrangement with Metcalfe, a Bill in Ch? was ready to have been filed on 
the day they agreed. 

You will see the Gov' is very fond of visiting. We have dined lately at both 
the Jollys, once the Gov r breakfasted at the Abbe's Estate. He is very much 
fallen oft, & 1 am surprised he has not benefited of joining M r K. in the Ganges. 
1 shall refer you to .). Robinson for most matters relating to the People here. 
Jn: Corlet very soon retires to Mahan. Land uncleared lie has purchased. He 
invited us not main' Days ago to dine at Boery, but his little Girl being taken ill, 
we were prevented & have nol since been a^ain invited. Last Sunday M rs B. 
Lucas & Daughters, M rs Reid <$ R sette, aud M r * Chollet dined at Gov" House. 
A few davs before M Goi Ion & M" Chollet dined with us. The Ladies are 
much divided. The two last mentioned don't speak to each other, nor does the 
former of the two visit M" Reid. M Hyndman has affronted M r5 Chollet, so 
that the last mentioned Dinner Day at which Hyndman dined also, we were not 
all very sociable. 

I am sorry to have to write the Major that his Horse has died since be left 
Town. This however he might have expected. Cordon the Com' was to have 
taken him, Eor a carl Horse, and to have given him 30 -Joes had he re • ov . I am 
surprized his Father sh d have purchased such a Monster. The Major ehri.-t' 1 him 

2 7"' May. 

The Major writes me a few lines from P. Ruperts to say that M' I'r 
& Capt. Younghusband of the Osprej Sloop of War dine with them to Day, that 
is the 26"'. The next Day they are to dine with I'rottor ami on Saturday Ms-' to 
breakfast with Doctor Roque on their way to Town. The Major writes if I am 
asked to give any advice about his Horse Sampson, to recommend decisive 
Measures, kill or cure. I 'nave omitted to tell you that M r Trotter was married 
last Week to Mil's .lane Henderson. This has been a match made. I suppose, 
by Madame Laing. It is said l' rotter rec J L0U0 G* from Laing. Harvej wr 

me that the Blenheim is now fully manned having rec J LOO Men from the ( 

de Ruyter. Capt: Younghusb' 1 when at Roseau a few d.n- ago told me that she 
WOUld bo ready to leave En-J : ' Harbour in about, 10 D»>», I'M! I is draught of 
Seamen will enable Henry, 1 think, to get out Sooner. The whole of the Blame 
in gettin« the Ship on shore, is universally given out as atl etii 

Master, i heard from lleurv soon afl rrival al English Harbour, but mt 

since, lie did not acknowledge the ol Richard's Letter, 1 forwarded to him. 

Commodore Hood has boon cruizing Eor jome time to wind 1 and in sight ol 


Martinique, it appears that there has been a sort of altercation (by Letter) 
between M r Villant £ the Commodore about examining the Merchantmen to 
W a of Martinique. The Cyane Capt: Maxwell, and the Osprey are now pals 
from P. Ruperts to join the Squadron. 

Gen 1 Ernouf now commands at (Juad 1 "'. be arr' 1 not long ago in the Surveillante 
Frigate & bro 1 with him about 2oO Troops. Gen 1 La Crolse return- to France. 
Gen 1 Menard who commanded the Troops and Claire Fontaine Com* (of M 
were apprehended by La Crolse & Lcscallier the Prefet of Gp c on suspicion of 
impe . . . . the levy of some Taxes imposed on the Planters. The former was 
sent to France and the latter was suffi red to go to M' |uc he Btaid some Days on 
his way, and was pretty much at the Gov' House. The Gov r is partial to Back- 
gammon & Piquet, the latter Clairfontaine & he often reBorted to. On the 
arrival of Ernouf, La Croix second in Command of the Troops at G 1 * with al 
18 others were arrested, shipped on board a Corvette for France and sailed num. 
In case a War takes place very soon. I suspect, the immediate object on our side 
will be I conjecture to attack Guadaloupe, and our Governor with 400 Men will 
go from this, he will be second in Command. This between ourselves. However 
my opinion is that War will be avoided this year. 

28"' May. 

I dined yesterday with M r Robinson. He will not leave us before the 'J' 1 of 
next Month. Whether he will sit as Sen' Ala' Justice at the Courts on the W' 
inst' I know not. 1 told him at my disapp' in not rec-' your Letter by the Mail. 
He seems to think from Lord Hobarts Letter of Nov' last that a Person is to be 
appointed in y r Room, and that a Pension will be provided for you. but >our 
Letter to Reid, I fear, does away your Expectations of any such thing taking 
Place. Robinson is so intimate with the Gov 1 that he learns no doubt, every I 
from him. The Gov is so angry with Tel'sier that he intends, Harvey tells me, 
to take out of his hands his private Concerns, in which case, [ suspi I Robinson 
& Blackburn will become his Attorneys. From the Gov r putting some Q 
to me, some time ago, with respect to my Friend M r Giilon, he had [utcntions 
very probably of resorting to him, but his Intimacy with M r Robinson will claim 
his first attention. 

I have just now finished writing Invitations for the 4"' of June, and shall 
as I am tired, conclude this and write vou again by M' Robinson. Dim I shall 
forward to Morrow bv the Laurel Brig for Bristol. M r Reid you and 

M' Giilon by this opp*. How unfortunate is M r Giilon at Wallhouse 
the Manager died last night, but he is no lois. M Lam- has sen! M 1L 
(Mana^er° at Macbuchrie) for the present to Wall , yet so many cl eatc 

confusion £ drawbacks to the Estate. M' Wardrobe is here - Barth" 

whom 1 asked the other Day, whether there was any prospect ol obtaim 
good Manager from leeward, lie hopes to succeed at .V Knts. Between ourselves 
I suspect M r Lain" has kept Kemp on ace 1 of owing him a Debt, \ a Person 
Ireco.n' 1 not Ion- ago he .lid not approve. He was better than Kemp at any 
Rate tho' a very drunken Fellow too. Wishing you n II ^^ rem' to 

M r Giilon believe me always, My dear Sir, your atl" A dutiful Son 

J>° Matson. 

9G. Dominica. June 1. J. M. J« to his Father J. M. S r . 

p r Ship Ganges, Capt. Carr. 

I have juBl now been packing up the several Act* rear which 

APJol.n Robinson (the Presidenl ol the Council) is to take charge ol tor the 
Secretary of State's Office. We dined last Monday at D' Joliusi . . • 

llyndma'n appear, to have rec ' a good Edu ation. He n casl a-ale bj M • I liolle 
for havinu written some lines on her P. Jolly uaun I M liubuwou that 


en given agamst him . M< Robinson's Nephew who acted for me in the 
Customs will look alter Ins Uncles affairs. 

97. Dominica. June 4. Ditto. 

p r Packet P» s Amelia. 
The Got' has written a Letter to Adam Gordon Esq. Downing Street 
informing him that Laing has recovered the amount of Quit Kent Money £10 000 
st- by action brought against the late Gov- Johnstone & that he thinks Lam- 
should be made to account for this money. ° 

9S. Cheltenham. June 15. J. M. S r to his son J. M. J r . at D. 

7th T f e 4 3S1e T S PapC r S tdl US ' t,,at M ' S Prevost waa delivered oi a Daughter on the 

/ or April ... 1 am not sorry to learn that vou leave the managem' of Wall- 
nouse to jl r Lams. 

100. J. M. Jun r to J. M. Sen r . 

Ar !, „. Dominica, 10"' July 1S03. 

My Dear Sir, J 

, I ,, am J u , st aov i re turned from the Post Office having delivered the 
Governors Dispatches. I therefore avail myself of the leisure moment to write 
you a few lines whilst the Captain of the Packet is getting on board Erom the 
iurt here, a small supply of gunpowder &c, there being a small Privateer to lee- 
ward. M" & Mils Daniel of Xevis are on their way to that L, they dined at G« 
House yes>. M' Marty,, formerly Storekeeper at .M><= takes his pafsase m the 
if 1 tor England, and M r Hyudmau as far as S' lvitts. 

I must now tell you of the Changes that have happened in this part of the 
World since the late change of affairs. On the 10'" of fas1 month the Governor 
& Harvey embarked in the Osprey Sloop of War for Barbados, but falling iu with 
a french ordnance Ship, they pul in to S' Vincents with her. Harvey was disp 11 
to Barbados in a Seh: & the Gov r returned here in the Osprey on the LS' The 
next Day he again sailed to meet the Expedition (he knew to be about to sail 
from LMos) „!! s« Lucia. On the 21" the landing took place ri the foils 
morning early .Morne Fortune was carried by Storm. Nothing can equal the 
Courage & Bravery displayed by Gov 1 Prevost. To his Council & advice the 
Corn' m Chief. Gnnfield attributes the Glory of the Day. Part of the Expedition 
with the Com' in Chiefs Gov 1 Prevost &c. after this sailed ag 1 L'oba^o wind, fell 
im- v . The Governor rcturn'd to this Island on the 5 ,h inst 1 . 

All this has occasioned -real Changes & none do I feel more bo than thai of 
the lots, from the Governors Family, of my Friend Major Harvey, lie is app d 
to act as Dep> Adj 1 General at Barbados in the room of Col Morderi - and 

dangerously wounded at S' Lucia,. A' is to be recommeud( I Vacancy in 

case of the death or resignation of the Colonel. He the .Major has Bcut to" mo 
for his diff 1 articles left at Boseau. 

This change lias had such an effect on mo that 1 Law already come to a 
determination in relinquishing my present Situation of Secretary t i tlie Governor. 
Immediately on recs Harvey* Letter anuouncing tome his fortunate succcl I 
wrote to him to say that such would now be the difference to me in the Goverui 


CA.RIBBEA>\\. 317 

Family (partly from his absence) that I found my Situation such as to come at 
once to tin's determination. I wrote him that I Bhould wait to hear from him 
before 1 spoke to the Governor on the Subject, but the arrival of the Packet and 
M r Hyndman's Intention of leaving the island tor S' Kitts obliged me not to 
defer 'it. 1 conceived that the Gov' might approve of M r Hvndman (whom I i 
very partial to) which induced mo to speak thus early, but the Gov r told me that 
altho' he liked M r 11. in some things, he would not answer him in the cap-* of 
his Sec>. 

The foil- are the Reasons I stated to the Gov'. 

That 1 found my Constitution would not bear the confinement of a sedentary 
Life. That Businei's which required attention at all times frequently had such 
an effect on my heaving that the deafnefs rather increases from that ace' and 
relaxed state from confinement. That the Hurricane Months were now app 8 & 
that as I had had all the favorable part of the year to better my Constitution ami 
hearing, I could not expect at the approaching Months in any way to g;et forward, 
but by" recreation occasionally in the Country and a perfect command of my own 
time. That unlets I was capable of doing the Duty, as it required to be done, I 
would not attempt to carry it on in a negligent and unattentive way. 

The Governor behaved" very handsome, told me he was sorry on this ace' as lie 
scarcely knew whom to look to, but that as he knew more of M Constable than 
any other Person, he requested me to speak to him concerning his taking the 
Duty of the olliee, which J have & he will accept it. The Gov" asked me if tl 
wa3 any other app' he had in his Gift that would better suit me. but there is not 
at present. I should have asked for the app' of Treasurer in the room of M' -Met- 
calfe who goes with Convoy 2U inst' but he will succeed in deputing his Brothi r 

I made up my mind to leave Eng d very much because Harvey & 1 should be 
so much together, and his presence at the Gov' Table at all times much al's - ■ I 
me in the unp 1 situation 1 frequently found myself owing to the i We 

were always in the Office together, slept in the same House, heard always from 
Harvey the Gov" wishes, talked of what pai'sed in the Family <tc. that we made 
out very well together. 1 am now like a fish out of Water and 1 will not run 
the risk of weakening my Cons" any longer. 

I know and am aware of my throwing up a good app 1 , but it it is to be held at 
such a risk what can 1 do better, than endeavour to preserve what 1 have and take 
my Chance of something turning out that may answer my Const". 1 am going to 
lodcre with M r Hooton for some time and do the best 1 can. I shall now be able 
to attend to my l' M M r Gillons al'f ». 1 cannot write him for want of lime by this 
opp> but will by the next, should the l u of Man" 1 be attacked alter the hurri- 
cane Months, I hope vou will do anything iu \" Power tow da seeurin« the offer of 
some app' at that l.-'i 1 . Henry is to take charge of the Convoy iu the \ enus F" 
to sail from S< Lucia on the 20"'. Capt. Graves is to take the Blenheim, l'his .1 
have only lately been informed of. Henry will not like ibis. Wishii g VOU every 
Happinels and that 1 may soon hear of y' fixed Residence that is y long wished 
for Wishes and believe me always, 

My Dear Sir 

Yr. very aff"' £ dot 1 Son 

.1 V M ATSOV. 

( To be continued.) 



jBtamtmrntal Knscrtpttons in £>ncj;Ianti 
relating to CcLlcst Sntrians/ 


On a head-stone : — 

To the Memory of 

Catiluuxk Robeetsox, 

Relict of An \\.\deu Robebtso>" Esq r . 

formerly Naval Officer at Jamaica 

last surviving lister of the late 

Cap tn . PATH 1 C K S I NCLAIR, 

of the Royal Navy, 

who died in tliia City March 20 ll, t 1S22, 

Aped C>^ Years. 

1S22, Marcli 28. At Bath, Catherine, relict of A. Robertson, esq. formerly 
a naval officer at Jamaica, and last surviving dau. [sic] of the laic Capt. Patrick 
Sinclair, R.N. (" G.M.," 3S2.) 

On a flat stone fixed to the boundary wall at the north-east corner of the 
ground : — 

Sacred to the Memory of 


late of the Island of Jamaica, 

departed this Life June 19 ,h . IS1G 

\ ged 71 . 


Infant Sou of 


departed this Lite Dec r . Ll ,h . ISOG. 

Also to the Mcniorv of 

M KS . SARAH Dl ME 1.1, A 

who departed this life 

on the L8 ,h . Day of Dec r . L833, 

Aged 72 l'ears. 

And to the Memorv of 


Relict of the above 


She departed this life 

on the 20 tb Day of March 1847, 

Aged 7:< Tears. 

See untr, p. 120. for the marriage, 2-1 November LU73, of Captain Lawrence 

Prince and Su/.anah Hermonson. 

Will of John Prince of Jamaica, planter, proved 17^1 (223, Rockingham.) 
ISO'3, Dec. :il. Tho. Prince, j tin., esq. oi Jamaica, to M iss Moriai ue Sanderson, 

&c. ("G.M.,"1254.) 

• Continued from i. 265 

f It is ditlicult nihil the stone i« worn to distinguish bitucen (.) and 8, and the date II 
probably 28, as given in the "Gent. Mag." 

CARIBBEAN.*.. 319 

1S07, Nov. 1. In Portland, Jamaica, of the yellow fever. Mrs. M. Prince, wife 
of Thomas P. jun. esq. of that island, and grand-daughter of the late sir Christo- 
pher Hales, bart. (" G.M." for LSOS, S6.) 

1S1G, Thursday June 20. resterday died, at his house in Widcouib-Crescent, 
Thomas Prince, esq. (" B.C.") 

Sir Chr. Hales, 4th Bart., married, September 17o<>. a dau. of Ed. Harrison 
of Morely, co. Antrim, and died L7 May 1777, and had one son Sir John and 
a dau. Elizabeth. (Betham.) 

On a flat stone : — 

Sacred to the Memorv of 


of this City and formerly of 

the Island of Jamaica 

" . Died Sep r 24 th 1S2G Aged S3. 

17GG, Feb. 7. Ja. Campbell, Esq ; of J., at Rotherhithe. (" G.M.," 103.) 
1774, March 10. John Campbell, Esq: of J., to Miss Storer, daughter of 
Thomas Storer, Esq ; of Golden square. (Ibid., 141.) 

1790. Latelv. In J., Mr. James Campbell. (Ibid., 859.) 

1791. Latelv. In J., Capt. Dougal Campbell. {Ibid., L8G.) 

1791. Lately. In J., M r Duncan Campbell, of St. Ann's. (Ibid., 1065.) 
1795, Sept. Duncan Campbell, esq. {Ibid., 1057.) 

179S, July 8. At Minard, in J., Archibald Campbell, esq. of Knockbury. 
(Ibid., 811.) 

On a large tomb within iron railings : — 

Sacred to the Memorv of 

Major GEORGE GORDON, of the 

2 nd : "West India Regiment : 

who died at S': Vincent, in the Weft Indies 

Sept r : 179G, Aged 45. 


of the 8 th Weft India Regiment 

Son of the above : 

died at Antigua, in the West Indies 

Oct r . 2S lb : 1809, Aged 22. 
All'o ANNE, Widow of the above 

who died Nov: 30 th : 1823, Aged G2. 
Sister of the late 
L l . General II. M. G. 
who died Dec r . 21" IS31 Aged 75. 
1809, Oct. 28. At Antigua, after a few days illness, and in his 23d year, 
Major George Gordon, of the sth West India Kegiinent, nephew rd Col. <• 
and military sccretarv to the Earl or Harrington. His i-areer was *hort but 
brilliant. He served in the Expedition to Zealand; was aide-de-camp to Gen. 
instruther in the memorable battle of Vimieru ; and commanded with greal 
credit to himself, the Gtli Uegiment during the eumpaign in Spam, which c< 
was the last of the Biitia-li Armv thai embarked at Coruuna. An bigher eulogium 
cannot be pronounced on Major" Gordon than to nu thai he was patronized by 
those "Teat and nood men, the late Sir John Moore and Gen. Aiistruthcr, who 
honoured him with thou- friendship. He has left a disconsolate mother and slut 
to deplore his loss. (" G.M.," L236.) 



On a white marble column: — 

htjgh monk lam in: F.SQ BK . 




[There are memorials to others of the family, but they were not West Indian.] 

This cemetery was consecrated in 1S5G. Near the chapel : — 







AGED 74. 

High up the hill, above the chapel. A white marble twisted column i 
with Italian mosaic : — 







DIED SEl'T". L0 IU . 18S8. 



In the churchyard, east of the chancel. Ou a flat stoue over a vault, enclosed 

by iron railings : — 

late of the Island of Jamaica 
died April 8 lU . IS03 
Aged 55. 

1805, Thursday, April 11. Monday died at, Wm. Hall, esq. 

(" Bath Chronicle.") ... ,, , c \\r u n it , 

^ In St. Catharine's Cathedral is an inscription to Mary dau o \\ m Ha Em], 
in Westmoreland, died 1735, aged 12. Ho was Member for thai parish 1,20 30. 

CK °l b 765 3 Ap 7) Capt. John Hall, al Kingston. Jamaica. (" G M.," 2990 

Will'ofTho.HallofJn d I i ho. Esq., proved 17,2 (400, 1 aver nor.) 

17S7 Kov Lately. Al Ludlow. 1!-. Hall, esq; ... Jamaica to M' 

Humfrek of Ludlow: ("G.M.," L 123, and ' I'own and Country Mag. oto) 
1795 Aug. 25. At his pen al Mount Prospect, Liguanea, near Kingston, .1 , 

the Hon'. Charles Hall, esq. (Ibid., 'JO- .) 


179G, Nov. 24. At his estate in J., Jasper Hall, esq. (Ibid, for 1707 252 ) 

,rM 97 '? l ? y 30, John Brid g™an, esq. to Miss Hall, both late of Kingston! J. 
{Ibid., o'lo.) 

1799. Lately. At J. Mr. John Hall, jun. of Hull. (Hid., S19.) 

1800, Dec. At Dawlish, Devon, James Hall, esq. of J. to the Hon. Elizabeth 
Lysaght, dau. of the late Lord Lisle. (Ibid., 1284.) 

In the churchyard. On a flat stone over vault : — 









1780, Feb. 1. Dan. Morse, esq ; West India merchant. (" G.M.," 102.) 
Will of John Morse of Jamaica, esq., now of London. My sister Catli Koyall 

.... Proved 17s 1. (204, Webster.) 

1794. At J. Edward Morse, esq. formerly chief jud<je of the province of 

Senegambia, on the coast of Africa. (" G.M.," 768.) 

On a flat stone over a vault near the entrance gates to the churchyard 


to the Memory of 


Relict of the late 


of Hope Eftate 

in the Island of Jamaica 

who departed this life on the 

12'" of Avevft 1821. 

In the churchyard. On an oblong raised Blab near the road : — 



of the Is i imi OF Jamaica. 

AGED .">7. 

DIED APRIL 1 T " 1901), aged si. 

1789. Latelv. At Browne's Hall, in Jamaica, Win. Patrick Browne, esq 
member of the privy council Ac. (" G.M.," :<72.) 

1790, May. Lately. At Jamaica, Henry Brown, esq. an eminonl barrister. 
(Ibid., 47G.) " 

YOL. I. J 


1790. Lately in J. Mr. Henry Brown, pen. The ancestors of the Inst 
mentioned gentleman went to J. in tlie army under Penn and Venables, and 
his maternal grandmother was th( econd English subject born there alter its 
conquest. (Ibid., 7*10.) 

1790, Aug. 19. Ill Jamaica. M r Henry lirmvii, sen. ("B.C.") 

1793, Thursday, July 11. Friday last died in the Abbey-Green, Dr. .Tames 
Browne, late of the island of Jamaica. (Ibid.) 

1793, July 9. D r James Brown. (Abbey burial.) Will. (582, Dodwell.) 

18*23, A p. 20 On In's passage to England, aged 31, T. James Brown, esq 
Member of the House of Assembly, in J. (" G.M.," 47S.) 

J.S24, Aug. 19. At Cambridge-terrace, Mrs. Brown, formerly of Jamaica. 

A mon £ the subscribers' names in the "Civil and Natural History of Jamaica." 
by Patrick Browne, MD., published in 1780, recurs : ""William Patrick Pro- 

The following seven wills relate to Jamaica : — 

1704. William Browne, mariner. (4, Ash.) 

170G. Capt. Nathl. Browne, gent. (230, Gee.) 

1770. Ed. Brown, late of Jamaica, gent. (1, Jenner.) 

17S9. Stanhope Browne, esq. (239, Macham.) 

1791. Benjamin Browne, esq. (555, Bcvor.) 
1793. John Brown, merchant. (188, Dodwell.) 
1793. James Brown of Path. (5S2, Dodwell.) 


In the churchyard, up the hill to the west, on a headstone 

Sacred to the Memory 

of BRODUP.I/r M'ACKKNZlE Son of 


and JANE GARDNER his wife 

of Jamaica who died March 30"' 1 — ■ 1 1 

Aged 10 Years and Sis Months 

Alio to the Memory of 
GEORGE FRANCIS their eldesl - 

who died March 1 st LS07 
Afjed Seven Years and Nine Months. 

In the churchyard. On a flat stone over vault, enclosed l>v iron railings 

Beneath this S • 

Rom the Body of 


the belored and eldefl Child of 

the Rev 1 SPENCEK M \l» \\ 

vicar of tllif I'uri I It 

and Lor ls.\ ELIZ I BETH hit' wife 

who departed thil'life Juue 3 ri 1829 

Aged one ^ ear and ei jhl months. 

See previous notes of this family, ante, pp. 27 and 31. 



In the churchyard. On a flat Btone over an altar-tomb, enclosed by iron 
railiDgs. The lettering is very large and deeply cut : — 


DIED NOV. 30. 1^23 

AGED 57. 






DIED MAT 24 Tn . 1S33 




AGED 7(3. 

1833, May 24. At Bath, Charlotte, widow of the late W. Beckford, esq. of 
Hertford. (" G.M.," 573.) 

See previous notes of this family, ante, pp. 95 and 1SG. 

The above were evidently three sisters. 

In St. Catharine's Cathedral is a slab with the following: "Here lies the body 
of James Hay Esq. one of the Judges of the Grand Court Aged 39 years who 
departed this life the 7 th day of October 1735." He was .Member of Assembly 
for St. Thomas in the Yale in 1731. (lioby, 34.) And on another is: "Hi re 
lyes interr'd ye body of William hay of the Parish of "Westmoreland in Jamaica 
who departed this life the 1G" 1 day of April a.d. 1717 aged thirty six years.'' 
(Archer, 91.) There was also a stone to Michael Hay esq. {Ibid., 95.) 

17G9, Jan. 28. Thomas Hay, Esq; secretary of the island of Jamaica. 
("G.M.," 110.) 

1805, Aug. 14. At Aberdeen, Charles Hav, esq. of Clifton pen, Jamaica. 
{Ibid., 882.) 

A set of the six Jamaican views on the Beckford Estates, alluded to ante, 
p. 95, has recently passed into my possession. On a shield are William 
Beck ford's 

Cbest. — A heron's head erased, holding a fish in its leak. 

Asms. — Per pale Gules and Azure, on a chevron Argent an eagle displayed 
between three martlets ; impaling, Argent, three shields Gules [? Hay]. 

In the churchyard. On a square pedestal surmounted by an urn, close to the 
Beckford tomb. On the south face : — 

Sacred to the Memory 

of SMART A.LDRED El'q r , 

of the Island of Jamaica 

who died in t his Parish 

on the 8"' of JanJ L813 

Aged 18 rears 

This Monument was lire, led 

by hia Widow ANN ALDRED 

' 1813. 

T 2 



On the north face : — 

Alio in Memorv of 

the said ANN A LURED 

late A NX LEE, 

who died May 17"' 1843 

Aged 72 Years. 

1813, Jan. At Bath Eastern villa, aged -IS, Smart Aldrid, esq. late of 
Jamaica. (" G.M.," 89.) 

In St. Catharine's Cathedral is a monument to Anna Maria Aldrcd, dau. of 
Daniel Broadbelt, Esq., by Anna Maria his wife, and wife of Mr. Edward Aldred, 
surgeon. She died 21 Dec. 1761, aged 19. (Eoby, 32.) 

(To be continued.) 

ftaroi) Ixccjistcf of |3>t Safin's, ffi$ Crtc, 

Register for 1717 continued. 

Baptized Ro^cr s. of William & Mary Peraberton 
Married John Henry Clarke & Sarah Tobin Birkett 
Baptized Mary d. of Richard & Frances Godson 
Buried Do. Man- 
Baptized Frances Browne, a free Negro 
Baptized Hannah, Peter and Leah, negro 

Buried Frances Parkinson an Infant 
Buried Tho a Maynard Richardson an Infant 
Baptized William Lyburd, a Mulatto slave- 
Baptized John s. of Thorn 8 & Ann Wilkinson 

Buried Beech (?) 

Married Rev. Edwin Thomas <fc Eliz. Bridgcwater 

Buried J aims Cruft 

Baptized Elizabeth Styles a free Mulatto child 

Sarah Styles 
Baptized Haddock s. of Edw d & Frances l'rentis 
Baptized Joseph s. of George & Mary Frosl 


Mar. 10 


April 2 
June 22 


July 1 


Aug. G 




Sept. 2 
Oct. 20 



children of Peter 




Taken from the Papers of the Rev. Mr. John Mackay after his Death by Edwin 

Thomas, A.M. 



Jau r 7 19 
March 2t3 
April 9 
May 4 
June 7 

any date. 

. . . . Bartlet .... buried 

Peter Merchant & Anne Choppiu married 

John Tush buried 

John s. of Tobias A: . . . . Clair baptized 

. . . . Price buried 

Joanna Herbert buried 

John Wyat buried 

John Peterson & Anne K it t married 

George Frosl 'a child buried 

Cristopher Wilkinson's child buried 
• Continued from p. 23L'. 



1750 April 4 William Kitt buried 

29 Gershon Braduick A; .Mary Edgerly married 
Mary d. of William & Anne Edgerly baptized 
Joseph De Vrede, a negroe man baptized 
July 4 The Widow Hardy's daughter buried 

John Litman buried 
Without f Sarah, Mori-ice & Edward, children of Moses Jones baptized 
date. | Roger s. of Edward & Elizabeth Huggina baptized 

Register continued by Edwin Thomas from the year 1750. 

1750 Oct. 2 Sarah wife of John Cribb buried 

6 Purletta d. of William & Elizabeth Weeks baptized 

7 John Frederick s. of John & Sarah Clarke baptized 
Not. 11 James Bumthornc & Elizabeth Huggiua married 

25 Elizabeth Kitt buried 
29 John Henry Clarke buried 
Dec r 18 William s. of Cristopher & Sarah Wilkinson buried 
Baptized 2, buried 4, married 1. 

Edyvtx Thomas, Clk f . 

1751 Jan? 13 John base s. of John White & Anna Brown baptized 

28 Richard Godson buried 
31 Robert s. of James A: Elizabeth Paris, 7 yrs., buried 

Feb. 1 Joseph Neale buried 

20 William Meuden a. of Peter & Sarah Kent baptized 

April 14 Anne base d. of John Saunders baptized 

Piero Williams a Negro property of Tho' Williams baptized 

May 12 William Emra base a. of \V"' Gurley baptized 

Aug. 27 Abigail Evans, -it, buried 

29 Edwin s. of Edwin & Elizabeth Thomas baptized 
Oct. 3 Anne Tush. 51, buried 

9 Mary wife of Gersham Bradneck buried 

Nov. 10 Elizabeth d. of Michael A Elizabeth Williams baptized 

Dec. 17 John s. of Moses & Anne Jones, 3, buried 

27 Frances d. of Michael & Elizabeth Williams, .">, buried 
29 William & Mary Mulattoe children of William Herbert baptized 

Baptized S, buried 8. 

Edwct Thom is, Clk e . 

1752 Jan. 1 Robert a. of William & Margaret Pemberton baptized 

7 Judith d. of Michael & Elizabeth Williams buried 

10 Prances Sanders, 25, bui i 

IS Frances Williams, -It, buried 

20 Elizabeth d. of George & Mary Frosl baptized 

March 21 Man a Mulatto d. ot George Ashby baptized 

April 11 Anne a free Negroe d. of Richard Lindley, '_"_'. buried 

12 .lames Beach a Mulatto b, of Richard Beach baptized 

28 Anne Stanley wife of .Michael Stanley buried 

June 7 John bases, of William Gurlej a Mary Roper baptized 

John Cristopher s. of Samuel A Elizabeth Percival baptized 
Nov. 5 Samuel Styles a free Mulatto A Man. FroBt married 

19 Daniel Brown Smith ba <■ b. • •!' John ISr^vn Smith baptized 
2S Richard s. of Abbol A Jane Brodbelt buried 
Dec. 14 Moses Jones buried 

Baptized 7, buried 7, married 1. 

Edwin Thomas, Clk*. 


































1753 Jan? 27 James Paris buried 
Samuel s. of Samuel A: Mary Stylos baptized 
Frances d. ot' Michael & Elizabeth Williams baptized 
Sarah d. of John A: Sarah Frost buried 
Elizabeth wife of Michael Williams buried 
Fraucis s. of William & Margaret Pemberton baptized 
Anne Smith d. of John Henry A Sarah Clarke baptized 

& Joseph Charlotte base children sic] of Henry Herbert baptized _ 

Elizabeth d. of John A Mary Vauderpool buried 

Baptized 5, buried 4. 

Edwix Thomas, Clk c . 

1754 Feb. 7 Anne d. of Samuel & Elizabeth Percival baptized 
Nicholas Poss A Mary Williams married 
Benjamin Bartlet s. of George A Mary Frost baptized 
Jacob Alvarez & Henrietta Brown married 
Carola wife of William Clarke, 36, buried 
Henry Sanders & Anne Tush married 
William Herbert Jun r . 37. buried 
John Brown Smith, 3G, buried 

Nathaniel s. of Patrick A Elizabeth Davit baptized 
Anne d. of Thomas A Frances Cole baptized 
Joseph Webbe s. of Michael & Elizabeth Stanley baptized 
Benjamiu Bartlet buried 

Sarah d. of Thomas £ Anne Wilkinson, S, buried 
John Mahany & Frances Godson married 

Baptized 5, buried 5, married 4. 

Edwin Thomas, Clk r . 

1755 *Jan r >' 19 John s. of Samuel A Mary Styles baptized 

Feb? 1G William Cooke & Elizabeth Roper married 

June 7 Frances '1. of William & Margaret Pemberton baptized 

July 27 Edward s. of George Spurling buried 

Aug 5t 24 Sarah Berkley, 53, buried 

2S William Edgerly, 33, buried 

Sep ,1,r 7 George Spurling buried 

Nov ,,r ll John Paris, 21, buried 

Dec br 30 Elizabeth Jones d. of John A. Elizabeth Brodbelt buried 

Baptized 2, buried G, married 1. 

Edwin Thomas, Clke. 

175G Jan r > 1 James Brodbell & Emilia Herbert married 
G Jacob William Sanders, 27, buried 
11 William Wilkinson & Amelia Stalker married 
31 Christopher Wilkinson, 51, buried 
Feb 1 ? 4 Brigadier Richard Brodbelt, G8, buried 

G Anne Brodbelt wife of the above. 7-1, buried 
May 30 Anne d. of Samuel A Mary Styles baptized 
June 10 William Herbert, 65, buried 

William Peterson b. of Michael a Eleanor Stanly buried 
27 Frances Smith A Elizabeth Bridgewater Mulattos of Mrs. Mary 
Pemberton baptized 

* The peculiar abbreviation of the name* of the months is copied exactly from the Register, 
also " Stanly " is always spelt without tlio " e," and "Sua" aa<l "Daughter" capitalised, also 
" and" always "&."— L. B.T. 


1756 William s. of William & Emilia Wilkinson baptized 
July 15 Clement Challenger & Anne Wilkinson married 

Joseph a .Mulatto son of John Paris baptized 
William a Mulatto base son of Benjamin Bartlet baptized 
17 John Kent & Anne Pemberton married 
Aug" 3 .... Cainpfield, a Montross buried 
0c tbr 2-1 Thomas Wenliam & Martha Sanders married 

2.3 John son of Abraham & Sarah Brooks, 1 1. buried 
Nov br 2l John & Joseph Beach Mulatto sons of Richard Beach baptized 

28 Elizabeth base daughter of Henry Herbert baptized 
Dec br 5 William Peterson son of Michael & Eleanor Stanly, G, buried 

Baptized 7, buried 9, married 5. 

Edwin Thomas, Clke. 

1757 Jan 1 * 20 John & Elizabeth children of John & Mary Vanderpool baptized 

Feb r * 13 Sarah daughter of George & Mary Ero^t baptized 

[Reverse of leaf blank.] 

1757 March 5 Henry Sanders buried 

Margaret daughter of Abraham & Sarah Brooks. C>. buried 
13 Richard ^on of .James & Emilia Brodbclt baptized 

Violetta a Mulattoe : property of Anne Herbert baptized 
17 Sarah daughter of William & Margaret Pemberton baptized 
William Buillie a Mulatto of Messrs. Pembertous baptized 
Sophia a Mulatto woman of the same baptized 
April 15 Thomas Reading buried 
May 22 Sarah Wilkinson, 51, buried 
June 8 James M c Sheen, 36, buried 

12 Nathaniel son of Nathaniel & -Elizabeth Kitt baptized 
Thomas Floyd & Sarah lidgerly married 

John Tush i Anne Lewis married 
19 Clement son of Clement & Anne Challenger baptized 
Oc tbr 19 John Tobin. 61, buried 
Nov 1 " i Blanch Brown a free Mulatto, 12, buried 

13 Joseph Bartlet son of William & Emilia Wilkinson baptized 
17 John Poppceu & Frauci Herbert married 

27 William Brown base son ol Joseph Brown Hei iptized 

Dec'" LI Deborah Stanly, 21, burii d 

Baptized 11, buried s , married : < 

Edwin Tuoma.3, Clke. 

1758 Jau r - V 8 Benjamin Colliaou, -IS, buried 
William Kelly, 56, buried 
William Carter buried 
Anne wife of Samuel Clarke, 75, buried 
John Brown base sou nf John Frost baptized 
Elizabeth daughter of James & Amelia Brodbcll baptized 
Anne wife oE John Peterson, ">2, buried 
Charles Peterson & Ulizn Stanl) married 

.... of John & Elizabeth Seoles baptized 
John Poppeen burii d 

Elizabeth daughter of John & Mary Vanderpool, 3, b 
Henry Sandei j, W, buried 

Johu sou of Thomas & Margaret Brightman, ('■ days, buried 
Sarah wife of lie 'mas Floy. I. 21. burn- i 
.... daughter of John & . . . . Keep, 18, buried 

Jan rv 


Eeb r > 










2 7 




1 10 

Sep 11 ' 

' 3 



Oc ,br 


328 CARIBBEAN.*.. 

1758 Nov br 2 Elizabeth daughter of William & Elizabeth Margaret Pemberton 

Frances a Mulatto property of Messrs. Pemberton baptized 
Jolm a Mulatto property of Miss Huggins baptized 
6 Sarah a free adult Mulatto baptized 
21 Charles son of Michael oc Eleanor Stanly baptized 

[Eeverse of leaf blank.] 

175S Nov br 2-i Hetty a Mulatto property of Frances Brodbelt baptized 
Dec ,,r 2d Emilia base daughter of Joseph Brown Herbert baptized 
William Chapman & Sarah Jones married 

Baptized 10, buried 11, married 2. 

Edwin Thomas, Clkc. 

(To be continued.) 


J5utI)S, Bcatljs, anti jHarriarrcs from tlje 
" 35arbaSos jHcrcurp " airt " BriUgctaton 

©ajtttc," 1805 to 1018, 

Br EDWARD GOTJLBUKX SINOKLER, Police Magistrate, Barbados. 

The "Mercury" Newspaper was started in 1733 by George Esmond and Co. 
It was published on Saturdays, firstly in long primer type, on a crown sheet Folio, 
price one pistole per annum. The memorable Stamp Act (Schomburgk states, 
p. 121) took effect in this Island in 1 7«J-3 and the " Mercury " was thru printed 
on stamped paper. In 1771 the firm was Esmond and Walker: George Esmond 
died in November of that year, and William Walker died in February 1773. 

At the time Schomburgk wrote (November 1S47) it would appear to have 
been in existence 11 1 years. 

The files in the Public Library are only from 1805 to 1S1^, from which 1 made 
my extracts. 

Schomburgk states nothing as regards the other newspaper from which 1 made 


Jan. 8 (Deaths) Mr. George Welch, St. Michael's; Mrs. Mary Nile*, aged 00, 

St. George's. 
Jan. 15 (Birth) The Lady of the Rev. Henry Caddell, Rector of St. Peter's. 

of a daughter. (Marriage) Mr. John Richard McNeil to Miss Margaret 

Jane Austin. St. Michael's. 
Jan. 1!) (Deaths) George Thomas, Esq., A. gent tor Ids Majesty's Hospitals, and 

his infant daughter Ann, Mr. Win. Austin, Mrs. Ann Dowdell, aged 72, 

Mr. Daniel Parsons, St. Michael's; Mrs. Patience Kellman, Mr. Francis 

Mahon, St. Peter's. 
Jan. 22 (Death) Mrs. Ann Dash, aged 62, St. Michael's. 
Jan. 26 (Marriage I Lieut. Johnstone of 3rd West India Regiment to Miss 

Sarah Woodrouffe, Mr. William Jacobs to Miss Ann Wiles, St. Michael's. 
Jan. 29 (Death) Mr. John Griffith, St. Michael's. 
Feb. 2 (Marriages) Mr. J. B. Chaderton to Miss Sarah M. Boach, Mr. Ben- 


jamiu Storey to Miss Anna 31. Orderson, Mr. Peter Nihell to Miss Jane 
Sanders Nibblett, St. Michael's; Mr. Win. Thus. Hutsou I Rock, 

St. Lucy's. (Deaths) Mr. John Hiorne, aged 87 years, St. Michael's ; Sarah 
R. Challenor, an infant, St. Peter's. In the present week four uegros have 
died in this town of the small-pox. 

Feb. 5 (Marriage) Mr. John Mills to Miss Charity Ann Delavan. 

Feb. 9 (Marriage) At > . George's Church. Hanover Square, on the 22nd 
December, Capt. \\ ■ ' Lide- De-Camp to General the Earl of Harrington, 

to Miss Shipley, eldest daughter of Lieut. -Col. Shipley, Commanding Offieer 
of Engineers on this Station; Mr. John Boyle to Miss Mary C. Harris, 
St. Peter's. (Deaths) Lately at Grenada, Captain Paulf of His Majesty's 
sloop-ot'-war Pheasant, Mrs. Margaret Denney, Miss Mana 1. Blackburn 
(of the small-pox), St. Michael's; Mr. William Searle, St. Joseph. 

Feb. 12 (Marriage) Mr. Philip I. Ivirton to .Miss Elizabeth Ann Price, Christ 
Church. (Deaths) Mr. John Hoskins, Mrs. Ann Edwards, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Ihll, St. Michael'.-; Mr. George Long, Christ Church. 

Feb. 16 (Death) Miss Elizabeth Watts, St. George's. 

Feb. 19 (Deaths) Miss Ann Frances Bullin, Mrs. Mary (Fortier) Forstcr [?], 
Mr. John Jronob, St. Michael's. 

Feb. 23 (Death) Mrs. Thurbane, St. Michael's. 

Feb. 26 (Marriage) Mr. Nathan Lucas Eversk-y to Miss Mary Ann Mayers. 
Christ Church. (Deaths) Philip Hendy, L.-q., Mr. Abraham W. Harris, 
Mrs. Frances Gregory, St. Michael's. 

Mar. 5 (Marriage) Mr. James Payne to Miss Sarah Lewis, St. Michael's. 
(Deaths) Mr. Walter C. Harris, Mr. Samuel C. C. Adams. St. Michael's; 
Mr. Joseph Dowding, Matthew Gilkes (an infant), Mrs. Susanna Agard, 
aged 95, St. Peter's. 

Mar. 12 (Births) The Lady of Brigadier- General Maitland of a daughter, and 
the Lady of William Draper Lloyd, Esq., also of a daughter. 

Mar. 126 (Death) Mrs. Ann Bell Thomas, St. Michael's. 

April 16 (Deaths) Mr. John Savery, Sen., Mrs. Sarah SandiforJ, St. Michael's ; 
Mrs. Kebecca Tapers, Christ Church. 

April 20 (Death) Suddenly, after a few hours illness, Gera Olton, Esq., 
St. Michael's. 

April 2-1 (Death) Arthur Goddard, Esq., St. George's. 

April -7 (Marriages) Mr. Stephen (.'base Kmcb to Miss Thomasin M. Matthews, 
Mr. George Gale to Miss Sarah Goding, St. Michael's; Mr. James W. Cos to 
Miss Margaret M. Legall, Christ Church, i 1 J.-a t ii> i Mrs. Elizabeth thomasin 
Nurse, Miss Mars Br tock, Mr. J. dm Loss (Mariner), Christ Church. 

April 3D (Marriage) John Alleyne Holder, Esq., to Miss Mary Merc) Bell, 
daughter of John Lyte Bell, Esq., St. John's. (Death.-; The infant son of 
the Hon. Robert Hay nes, William Sealy, Esq., St. John's. 

June 1 (Marriages; John Humpleby, Esq., to Mrs. Sarah Ann Hani.-, widow, 
Mr. William Cragg to Mi^s Elizabeth Jane Murrell, on Thursday last ; 
lately John Dummett, M.D., to Miss Rebecca McGrath, St. Michaels; 
lately, in the parish of St. George, Sam. Clarke, Esq., to Mr.-. Mary Mahou, 
widow; in Christ Church parish, Mr. John Myer to Mrs. Elizabeth Mar) 
Lewis. (Deaths) Mr. Win. Graham, St. Peter's; Miss Rebecca Pile, Christ 
Church; this morning, Major General Cricblow of the Life Guards. 

* Edward Waruer, second ton of Willi on Warner of Dominica, was later Colonel of thc20lli 
Foot, purchased estates in Trinidad, and died 23 Auirusl 184U, i ed 74. Calk. Jane Mat ben m- 
wife was eldest dau. aud coheir "t Major-Gcneral Sir Charles Shipley, K n . UK. who died 
Governor of Grenada, 30 N retnberl815, I 58, and of whom there is a noli ein the" D.N.B." 
Their onl\ son was the late Charles VVilliara VVarner, t'.u., Attorney-General "i Trinidad. 
(See pedigree in "Antigua," hi., 18(1 i -EotTOB. 

■f Commander Uobert Paul, UN . died in January while oruhung otT Trio lad md wai 
buried at Grenada, aged 26. M Lin NVoodohester Church. (" Gloucester Notes tad Queries," 
iv., 353.)— Editor. 


June 11 (Marriages) William Bovell, Esq., to Miss Anna Elizabeth Whittaker; 

Mr. Robert Thomas Gittens to .Miss Sarah Boyce Olton. 
June IS (Marriage) Mr. Thomas Carter Cox to Miss Johannes Olton, 

St. Michael's. (Deaths) Mrs. Sarah White, widow, Mr. Edward Butler, both 

of St. Michael's. 
July 2 (Marriage) Mr. Thomas Reason Gilkes to Miss Catherine Francis, 

St. Michael's. (Deaths) Mrs. Elizabeth Clarke, Mr. Henry Thompson, 

Mariner (late master or! the brig Mary Ann), .Mrs. Isabella Hite, Mr. Hugh •* 

Williams, suddenly, without any previous indisposition, Or. Charles Delph, 

St. Michael's; in St. John, Miss Haynes, daughter of Lieut.-General Haynes 

of the Militia. 
July U (Marriage) Lieut. -Col. Harvey of the British Army to Miss Pinder, 

daughter of William Pinder, Esq., St. John's. (Deaths) Mrs. Hannah Sober, 

St. Michael's ; in St. John's, Miss Frances Haynes, second daughter of 

Major-General Haynes of the Militia. 
July 9 (Marriage) Mr. Thomas M. Lovell to Miss Acourt Chaplain, St. Michael's 

(lately in St. Lucy's, liev. Mr. Dottin). 
July 13 (Marriage) Arthur Oughterson, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Green, St. 

Michael's. (Death) Yesterday, Mrs. Willoughby. wife of C. Willoughby, 

Esq., St. Michael's. 
July 16 (Marriage) Mr. John Richard Farrell to Miss Mary Elvira Yard. Chrisl • « 

Church. (Death) Cholmely Willoughby, Esq., Postmaster, St. Michael's. 
July 20 (Marriage) Mr. Win. Edwards to .Mrs. Sarah Ashurst, widow, St. 

Michael's. (Death) Mrs. Ann Mather, wife of J. Mather, Esq., St. Michael's. 
July 27 (Marriages) Mr. James Beresford to Mrs. Eliza Keturah Bruce, 

St. Michael's; Joshua Bushel 1 Nurse, Esq., to Miss Katharine Bushell, 
' St. Johu's. (Deaths) Elizabeth Thomas Tynes (an infant), Mr. Win. \V T ilsou, 

Mrs. Mary Adamson, St. Michael's. 
July :50 '" With much concern we state the death of Lieut. General Sir William ^ 

Myers Bart. Commander of the Forces in the Windward and Leeward Islands, 

etc. He expired between 4 & 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon." (Marriage) 

Mr. William Dowrich, Jr., to Miss Mary Ana Blackett, St. I'cter's. 

(Deaths) Mrs. Walton, wife of John Walton. Esq., Deputy Provosl Marshal, 

Miss Mary Barrow, St. Michael's; Mr. Thomas F. Stoute, St. Peter's. 
Aug. 3 (Marriage) Edward lfenn Moore, Esq., to Miss Dorothy Krere 

Willoughby, St. Michael'-. (Deaths) .Mrs. Damans Goodriilge, wife of 

Jacob Goodridge, Esq., Christ Church. On the 27th ult. off the coasl of 

Surinamc, on board His Majesty's ship " King Fisher," Capt. Cribb, and Ins 

body was landed here on Thursday last from the Bhip, which arrived the 

preceding day. and interred at St. Michael's Church. 
Au"-. G (Deaths) .Mr. Alexander Morris, Mrs. Rachael Eagle, St. Michael's. 
Aug. 10 (Deaths) Lieut. -Col. Briuley, Quarter and Barrack Master General ; 

Mr. Win. Ross, Jeweller, and Mr. John Xattali (or Nattall), lately from 

Aug. L3 (Deaths) Mr. William Willoughby, St. Michael's; within a few hours 

of each other Rebecca Catharine and Margarel W 1, the infant daughters 

of Mr. Richard Wood of Mount Wilton Plantation; Mr. James GrilQth, 

Mr. James Clarke. St. Peter's. 
Au". 17 (Deaths) Major Wishart, Captain (Libert, and Lieut Saiithwicko of 

the 15th Regiment ; Ensign Capadoce, tth "W. I. Regiment ; John H 

Secretarv to Rear- Vdnnral Cochrane; Mr. George Ross, St. Michael's. 
Aug. 2 J- (Marriage) Edward B. Walcott, Esq., to Miss Mary Daxon, Si 

"Michael's. (Death) Mr. Joseph 1 till, aged 75, St. Peter's. 
Aug. 27 (Death) Mr-. M< rey ScotJ;, aged 80, St. Michael's. 
Au<r 31 (Deaths) Mrs. Elizabeth Dear, aged 77. Mr Robert Stephens, 

Mrs. Mary Cook, St. Michael's; in St. Peter's, Henrietta Christian Taylor 

(an infant), Mr. Francis Drake, Mrs. Mary Shuffler, Mrs. Beard, aged 85. 

■ i 


CA&IBBfcANA. 331 

Sep. 7 (Marriages) James Morris Collier, Esq.. to Miss Aim Lyne Fin-brace, 
Mr. Luke Winter to Miss -Ian.' Waite, -St. Michael's. (Deaths) Mr. James 
"Wilson, St. Michael's ; Mrs. Moore, St. George. 

Sep. 14 (Marriage) Mr. James Payne to Miss Mary Braithwaite Howell, 
St. Michael's. (Deaths) Mr. Philip Schroeder, Mr. William Fitzgerald, 
St. Michael's. 

Sep. 17 (Marriage) Mr. Janes Thomas Moore to Mrs. Mary Mullinix (widow), 
St. Michael's. (Deaths) Mr. Alex. Cameron, St. Michael's. 

Sep. 21 (Deaths) Miss Mary Ramsey, Mrs. Mary Mursey, St. Michael's ; 
Mr. Charles Henry Watts, St. George's. 

Oct. 1 (Deaths) Mrs. Pilgrim, mother of Rev. J. F. Pilgrim, Miss Margaret 
McPherson, St. Michael's. 

Oct. 5 (Marriage) Mr. Thomas Elam to Miss Sarah Legall Burke. Christ 
Church. (Deaths) Miss Margaret Rang, St. Michael's; Mr. Henry Chase, 
aged 6(3, collector of the Parish Tax of Christ Church tor more than twenty 
years, Mr. John Higinbotham, Christ Church ; in St. George's, Miss Sarah 
Lucy Collvmore. 

Oct. 8 (Death) Mr. Gidney Thornhill, Christ Church. 

Oct. 12 (Deaths) The 12 uit.. on his passage to England, Thomas Shepherd 
Waith, Esq., of the " Pine " Plantation ; Mrs. Elizabeth Minvielle. Mr. James 
Hartley, a^ed 10, St. Michael's; William S. Mings, Esq., St. John's; George 
Odearne, Esq., Mrs. Sarah Goodridge, St. Peter's. 

Oct. 15 (Marriages) William Southwell, Esq., to Miss Alice Xeblett, Mr. Rich- 
ard "Wood to Mrs. Margaret Susanna Thomas, widow, St. Michael's. ( Deaths) 
Mr. Henry L. Dickenson, aged 22, of the House of Messrs. Hooston and Co., 
Merchants of this town, ami only one month arrived here from Liverpool; 
"William Waters, Esq., St. Michael's. 

Oct. 19 (Marriages) Mr. Frederick Cruyler to Miss Lucy Fitzgerald. St. 
Michael's; John Simmons, Esq., to Miss Mehitabel Ann Edey, Christ Church. 
(Death) Mrs. Sarah B. "Webb, widow, daughter of Scale Y'earwood, Esq., 
St. George's. 

Oct. 29 (Birth) On Sunday, at Adam's Castle, the Lady of the Hon. John 
Bedford, of a son. (Marriages) Mr. Kellman 1'earwood to Miss (\ rina ( I reen, 
St. Michael's [Xotk. — He advertised her in the paper afterwards] ; Mr. John 
"Wilson to Mi<s Val. Ann Clarke, Christ Church. (Death) Mr. Samuel 
"Waith, St. John's. 

Nov. 2 (Deaths) At Gallop's Plantation in St. Philip's parish, the Hon Cheese- 
man Moe, Esq., aged 71, ami upwards of thirty years one of the Jud I 

the Courts of Common Pleas; suddenly, Henry Criehlow, Esq., eldest son of 
the late General Criehlow; Miss Mary Hordle, infant daughter of Thomas 
Hordle, Esq.; Miss Ann Sparrock, St. Michael's ; Mr. Richard Brigstorch, 
Christ Church. 

Nov. 5 (Death) On Sunday night, the infant son of Judge Bedford. 

Nov. 12 (Marriage) Mr. William Osley to Miss Elizabeth Odell Spellos, 
St. Michael's. (Deaths) Miss Mary [sraol, St. Michael's; Mr. George 
Holmes, Christ Church ; in Si. Lucy's. Mrs. Mary Cadagon, aged 74. 

Nov. 10 (Marriage) Mr. John Power to Miss Elizabeth Ann Nu-um.St. Michael's. 
(Deaths) Mr. Thomas Inst Clarke, Mrs. Ann Perkins, St. Michael's; in 
St. Philip's, Mrs. Eliza Brathwaite, wife of John Brathwaite, Esq., and niece 
of the Hon. Joshua Gittens. 

Nov. 2:{ (Marriage) In St. Joseph's, Mr Robert J. Walcotl to Miss Mary 
Elizabeth Culpepper, second daughter of W. \ Culpeper, Esq., one of the 
representatives of that parish. (Deaths) Mrs. Damaris Marshall, aged OS, 
Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, St. Michael's. 

Nov. 'Jt! (Deaths) Mrs. Rebecca Blunt, aged 77, Mr. Charles Kingston Pierre- 
pout, brother of Thomas Pienvponl, Esq., Misa Frances Farley, John F. 
Oatley, an infant, St. Michael's. 



Dec. 3 (Deaths) Mr. John S. Grenion, Mrs. Lucomb, wife of John Lucomb, 
Esq., St. Michael's. 

Dec. 10 (Dcatlis) Mrs. Mary Spencer, sister of the Rev. Henry Quintyne, Mi — 
Elizabeth Pmphrey, St. Michael's ; Mrs. Lowe, wife of Mr. William Lowe of 
Mount Alleyne Plantation, St. Andrew's; in St. George's, Mrs. Wood. 

Dec. 24 (Marriages) Mr. Henry T. Ward to Miss Juliana Cummins, Mr. Aaron 
Sober to Miss Sarah Elizabeth Wilkie, St. Michael's. 

Dec. 28 Died on Wednesday last, in the oOth year of his age, John Glasfurd, •»« 

Esq., Commissary General of the British Army in the West Indies, lie had 
arrived that morning from Demerara in an extreme debilitated state, and died 
just after lie bad entered the boat which conveyed him to the shore. On the 
following day his remains were interred in the South Aisle of St. Michael's 


Jan. 4 (Birth) On the 2nd instant, at St. George's Parsonage, the Lady of 
the Rev. Mr. Thomas, of a daughter. (Deaths) Mrs. Thorn, wife of John U. 
Thorn, Esq., St. Michael's ; Thomas Brewster, an infant, Christ Church. 

Jan. IS Died on Tuesday last, at his late residence (Margate), Nathaniel Cabot 
Lee, A.M., of Boston, New England, in the S tth year of his age. He had 
been about two months here on account of feeble health. His funeral was m ^ 

attended to St. Michael's Church on Wednesday evening by a respectable 
number of the inhabitants and American gentlemen on tins Island. 

Feb. 1 (Marriage) John Walton, Esq., Deputy Provost Marshal of this island, 
to Mrs. Ann Elcock Wood, relick of the late Sampson Wood, Esq., 
St. Michael's. (Deaths,) In St. Michael's, Miss Judith Gall. Mrs. Sarah 
Duplessy, Miss Deborah Taite; in Christ Church, Miss Susanna Roach. 

Feb. 8 (Deaths) Mr. James Fraser, one of the Cotton Inspectors for Bridge- 
town, Mrs. Sarah Burrowes, St. Michael's. 

Feb. 18 Died, Lieut. Hendy, K.X., Commander of His Majesty's Schooner 

Mar. 15 (Deaths) The Lady of Hew Dalrymple, Esq., Collector of His .Majesty's 
Customs at this port, whose remains were interred in St. Thomas's Church ou 
Thursday last; in St. Michael'-. Miss Elizabeth Fire brace, Mrs. Wnliams, 
wife of Mr. Francis Williams, Mrs. Cummins, wife of Mr. Richard Cummins. 

Mar. 18 (Death) Lately, at Demerary, Jacob Lewis. Esq., of this Island. 

Mar. 22 (Marriage) John Sarjeant, Esq., to Mrs. Kirton, widow of the late 
Dr. Kirton, St. Philip's. 

Mar. 29 (Deaths) Mrs. Sarah Pile, St. Michael's; in St. John'.-, Mrs King, 
wife of Mr. Alexander King. 

April 1 (Married) in Christ Church, Mr. Ambrose Atwell to Miss Margaret K. 
Outram ; the Rev. J. I". Pilgrim, Rector of St. James's parish, to Miss Ann 
Ellcock, daughter of Dr. Ellcock. (Deaths) Mrs. Thomasin Koberts, aged 
82 \ears, .Mrs. Margaret Bartlett, aged ^3, Mrs. Sarah Cunningham, aged 90, 
Christ Church. 

April 5 (Deaths; Mr. Win. Over, St. Michael's; in St. Thomas's, Mr. R. E. 

April S (Death) Mrs. Alice Chase, St. Michael's. 

April 12 (Marriages) In St. John's, Capt. K S. Tidy of the 1st Royals, Aide-de- 
camp to His Excellency Lieut. -General Beckwith, Governor of St, Vincent, 
to Miss Binder, daughter of William Binder. Esq., of this Island; in 
St. Michael's, Mr. John Crichlow to Miss Lucretia Leach. 

(To be continued.) 


i?otcs anto ©utiles. 


Information and parentage are wanted of Miles Haviland, who is described as 

receiving a ticket to co from Barbadoes to Rhcdc Island in lt>7'.». There was 
a "William Haviland living in America at tbe time, and until a few years previously 
at Newport, Rhode Island, after which he removed to Flushing, Long J 
This "William was the founder of the Haviland family in America, and believed 
to have been the son "William (baptized 7 September 1G06 at St. Thomas's Church 
in Salisbury, Wilts) of James Haviland, Mayor of Salisbury 1G02-3. It is possible 
that, knowing his kinsman William was living in .America, Miles may have gone 
to visit him. If so. what was the relationship, and what became of Miles? 

In 16S0 there was a Captain Mathew Haviland who owned servants in Bar- 
badoes. This Captain Mathew was undoubtedly the son of Mathew Haviland of 
Payton and Wellisford Manors, co. Somerset, and Elizabeth Payne his wife, who 
was married to Elizabeth Webber; for John Haviland. son of last-named .Mathew. 
in a letter to John de Haviland of Guernsey dated 3] March 1709, mentions a 
"brother call'd Mathew who dy'd in ye East Indies [West Indies — Barladoes ?] 
about 20 years since" [16S9]. Miles could not have been his son, for Captain 
Mathew Haviland, as also his onlv and twin brother John, was born '.i June L661, 
and could not have had a son born even at that date. jSor is there a Miles in any 
anterior generation to Mathew, his father. 


"Wanted, ancestrv of Charles Lowndes, who emigrated in the ISth century to 
St. Kitts, and married there buth Rawlins, dau. of Henry Rawlins. Her mother 
is supposed to have been Ruth Garner, a " widow of St. Kitts." Also information 
about Eawlins and Garner family. 

c/o Anglo-South American Bank, Ltd., 
Old Broad Street, London, E.G. 

Eduardo Haviland Hii.i.max. 


BY VIRTUE of the Authority to me by the King's most excellent Majesty 

in this Behalf given upon the good Testimony and Assurance which I have 

received of your Loyalty, Integrity and Ability 1 do hereby nominate constitute 
and appoint you the said Edward Shannon to be Surgeou to the Ordnance at 
Tobago in the room o\' Soinerville Wilson deceased and to continue in the said 
Office 60 Ion g as I or the Master General For the time being shall think proper. 
You are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge the Duty of Surgeon by 
doing and performing all manner of Things thereunto belonging, likewise to 
observe and follow such Order.- and Directions as you shall From time to time 
receive from me or the Master General >•( the Ordnance For the time being, the 
Lieutenant General and Principal Officers of the ~.uiie or an\ oiiier your Superior 
Officer in pursuance of the Trust hereby reposed in you, AND For your care and 
Diligence to be taken herein you arc to have and receive the allowance oi One 

• Communicated by Mr. Noel B. Livingston of Jamaica. 


hundred and nine Pounds ten shillings per Ann. to be paid you quarterly out of 
the Treasury of this Office the paid allowance to commence on the Bfteenth day of 
January 17'.'5 and to be received by you so long as vou Bhall continue to hold and 
execute the said Office. GIVEN at the Oi i Ordnance under my Hand and 
Seal this Eighteenth day of April 1795 in the Thirty-Fifth year of His Majesty's 

By command of Marquis Cornwallis the 

Master General ot the Ordnance. Entered in the Office of 

(Signed) A. APSLEY. Ordnance 1 May L795. 

Ent. fo. 205. (Signed) II. L. A. Clerk of the Ordnance. 

1814, July. At Carmarthen, Edw. Shannon, esq. formerly a surgeon on the 
staff of the British army in America, and afterwards in the West Indies. 


The following brief notes have been sent for publication. The French descent 
offers an interesting genealogical puzzle: — 

Henry Murray. Member of Council, Brigadier-General, and Inspector of 
Forces in Trinidad, was father of Edward Murray, Register of Slaves, Secretary 
and Registrar of the Island of Trinidad, Major in the Colonial Forces there, of 
Harley Street, and Woodbrook, Trinidad. His second son, Captain Edward 
Murray, jun., of the 3rd Middh 3ex Regiment of Militia, married, 5 March 1S4G, 
Grace, only child of Sir Thomas E. Croft, 7th Bart., of Croft Castle, co. Hereford. 
She died ISfH). 

The last-named Captain E. Murray on his mother's side was grand-nephew of 
Lieut.-Gencral Baron Roget de Belloquet, one of Napoleon's distinguished 
Generals. On his paternal grandmother's side he was nearly allied to the families 
of the Marquis de Moligny, the Marquis de Giac, and the Buron de Treville, 
Pair de France, who married his cousin. He was also counected with the Imperial 
family of France, his great-grandmother being cousin to Mademoiselle dc la 
Pagerie of Martinique, afterwards the celebrated Josephine, Empress of France, 


One of the above made drawiugs, from which the following coloured engravings 
were published, viz.: — 

1. Sandy Point, s- Kitts, by Lieut. Caddy, R. Art>, 1337 (of which a repro- 
duction appeared in Part 1. of this Magazine). 

2. A pair of aquatints "i Government House and fort George, Belize, I'.ritish 
Honduras. " Drawn by Cap' Caddy." Engraved by Chas. Hunt. No date. 

.'{. Scenery of the Windward and Leeward Islands (chiefly in St. Vincent), 
a series of 1*2 coloured plates, oblong fol. By Lieut. J. II. Caddy. Ackerman, 

A Captain Alured Caddy married Harriet Gordon Furlong of Antigua, and 
their dan Mary Hannah Caddy married i hr. Musgrave (horn 1830). 

Information is desired relative to the above, as there is confusion in the 
identity of the artists. 




Poems. Very neatly written MS. of 243 pages, cctavo, contemporary half 
calf, circa 1S30. " 

Most of these poems relate to current topics in ihe Island of Tobogo. The 
titles of a few are : ; " Ti bago Lyrics; " "West Indian Nabobs, a Song;" "A Hint 
to the Members of the Assembly, Tobago, or the Bill for ' a Tax on Crops ' " ; 
" Ode to the Inquisitional Areo] au r i. Tobago " ; "The Fudge, Macfun, and Hurly- 
Burleiaa Controversy, or a Taper Mar in Tobago," etc , etc. 


In your issue of January you ask for information about Boby and his Church 
Notes of Jamaica. 

The following arc, so far as I know, the only works which Boby published. 
Copies of them all are in the Library of the Institute of Jamaica. 

I. "Monuments of the Cathedral Church and Barisli of St. Catherine," of 
which you have given particulars. 

II. "Members of the Assembly of Jamaica, from the Institution of that 
Branch of the Legislature to the present time ; arranged in Parochial Lists. 
By John Boby. Jamaica: Published by Alex. Holmes, Montego Hay. 1S31." 
8vo Pages, 102 + Errata, 1; Title. 1; Dedication, 2 ; Preface,-; Introduction, 3. 
These lists were originally inserted in lour numbers of the " Boyal Gazette of 
Jamaica," published in Kingston in January 1831. 

III. "Biographical Notices of the Members of the Assembly of Jamaica for 
the Parish of St. James." IS37.] tto: Pages, 152. There is a prefatory letter, 
dated Montego Bay, 10 January 1837, but no title-page. The copy in the Institute 
Library contains a MS. in the Author's handwriting, in which he gives the reason 
for his discontinuance of the series, in the form of an autograph copy of a letter 
which he addressed to the Editor of the " Jamaica Standard." 

He says: "I sincerely lament that I feel myself compelled to terminate 
abruptly my publication in the 'Standard' of 'Members of Assembly for the 
Parish of St. James;' but the leading article in your paper of this day appears to 
me to be, both in matter and Btyle, so improper — recommending resistance to our 
beloved mother country, after the factious model of ' the glorious Papincan and 
his noble band of patriots' — that it would be inconsistent in me, as a loyal sul 
and an Officer of the Crown, to continue any literary contribution to a paper 
advocating such opinions. 

" The ' Standard ' used to inculcate subordination and obedience to the powers 
that be, and supporting (although I think at times rather intern porately) the I'on 
Sections of •Church ami King 1 I felt pleasure in inserting in its columns my 
humble Notes on Jamaica history, genealogy and statistics. The labour was 
indeed a pleasure to ine, hut its continuance will be incompatible with my duty. 
However, as the copies you have transferred into an Bvo form will probably bo 
rendered unsaleable from the work being incomplete, I will cheerfully take them 
from you at a reasonable price. 

(Signed) John Body." 

• Communicated by Mig^ Dro-i , of the sjtrund. 


IV. "The History of the Parish of St. James, in Jamaica, to the year 1740 ; 
with Notes on the General Hi.->rory, Genealogy, and Monumental Inscriptioi - 
of the Island, by John Koby. Kingston, Jamaica: Printed by K.J. Dedn [ova, 
(30 West Harbour Streel : L849." 8vo ; Pages, 165; Title-page, 1 ; "Advertise- 
ment," 1. This book unfortunately has no iudez. Its " advertisement " gives 
the reason why the work was nol continued. It runs as follows: — 

"AVhen the Author commenced the publication of his ' History of the Parish 
of St. James.' he had no expectation, or even desire, of profit; but, as he had 
a large family, he determined jmt to incur serious loss. » 

•• He was aware that the time of its appearance was exceedingly unpropitious — 
that in the present state of the Island, its almost universal and unparalleled 
distress, many who might desire to purchase books were hardly able to procure 
their daily bread — and he was also aware that the subject-matter would be con- 
sidered dry and distasteful by most Jamaica readers, and the book Lave a very 
limited circulation, even in prosperous times. Hut as an useful repertory of 
historical, biographical and genealogical facts connected with Jamaica (including 
most of the monumental inscriptions of persons of distinction throughout the 
island), he thought it possible that there might have been a sufficient number of 
purchasers to have paid the expences. 

"This has not been the case — the book lias been praised, but very few copies 
have been sold, ' laudatur et alget ;' and the \uthor, having given his experiment 
a fair trial, cannot afford to proceed; although his publisher lias acted liberally, 
and the work could not have been so well and cheaply printed at any other press 
in this Island. 

"The Author owns that he is disappointed, and is sorry to discontinue his 
History; for whilst he hoped to contribute some information to a community in 
which he has for man} years received much courtesy and kindness, this occupation 
of his leisure hours was pleasurable to bimself. It was bis hobby-horse; and he 
would not willingly have dismounted 80 soon. He cannot however take leave of 
his few Readers without acknowledging the kind and valuable assistance be has 
received from Richard Hill. Stipendiary Magistrate; Robert Russell, Registrar in 
Chancery; and Thomas Storer Hill, of II. M. Customs." 

The Richard Hill referred to is best known as the collaborator with Philip 
Henry Gosse in his " Birds of Jamaica." 

These four volumes are, as far as I know, the only works published by Roby. 

The last three are very rarely met with. The copy of the " History of the 
Parish of St. James " was acquired for the Institute by the Author's daughter from 
an Institution in India, to which another daughter had presented :t some years 

There is an account of Roby, by his daughter Mary Roby, in the " Journal of 
the Institute <>f Jamaica," vol. ii., p. 91 ; and a portrait of him is in the Jamaica 
Portrait Gallery in the Institute of Jamaica. 

1 do not think hi* MSS, are in existence. If they are, his daughter, who was 
familiar with his work, was not aware of it. 

Feask Cl.Ml.U I.. 




From Volume of Netis Wilis, 17C1 — 17S7, p. G35. 

Indenture dated 1 April 1785, between Bobert Pemberton of the Island of 
Nevis, Esq., of the one part, and Thomas Erskine of the said island, gent., John 
Gillon of the Island of Dominica, Esq., and Robert Paul of the [eland of 

St. Vincent, Esq., of the other part. 

The said Robert Peml rton renounces the executorship of the will of Daniel 
Ross, late of the Island of Nevis, Merchant, dated '29 July 1784, testator having 
died on 1 Dec. 178 1. 

From Common Records, Netis, Vol. I., 17So — 1737, p. 12. 

Indenture dated 3 June 17S5. 

Between Robert Pemberton and Elizabeth his wife, " (heretofore Elizabeth 
"Williams) " 

[This is noted as direct evidence of Robert Pemberton's wife's maiden name.] 

From Volume of Nevis "Wills, 1701 — 17S7, p. 705. 

Nevis, in the Court of Ordinary. By the II 01 John Richardson Herbert, Esq . 
President of the Council and Dep- T -Ordinary of the s d island. 

Whereas Ro^er Pemberton of the said Island, Esq., hath by his petition to me 
directed set forth that Robert Pemberton, late of the said Island, Esq., the 
petitioner's brother, departed this life on the l-l"' day of this instant August, 
intestate, and possessed of some personal estate in this island, that the petitioner 
hath been advised that he is intitled as brother and Heir-at-law of the .-aid M eri 
Pemberton to letters of Administration of the goods, etc., which were of the said 
Robert at the time of his decease, the Petitioner therefore humbly prayed me 
to grant him Administration .... 

Administration consequently granted on 29 August 1786. 

From Common Records, Nevis, 17S7— 17S9, pp. 190 — 199. 

Indenture dated 7 August 17^7. between Roger Pemberton of Nevis, Esq., brother 
and heir-at-law of Roberl Pemberton, late of Nevis, dec* asei of the on* part. 

and Judith and Mary Butler of Greenwich in the CO. of Kent, of the other 

Recites that certain Indenture-- of lease and relei '■ 12 and 13 M 

S17S."), made between the latter, described as "Judith Butler and Mar)' Buth r of 
Greenwich in the CO. of Kent, Bpinsters," of the one part . ami Robert Pcml ■ 

of the Middle Temple, hut then of t he Island of Nevis, of I lie el her part . did pront 

to the .-aid Roberl Pemberton certain lands [boundarii - desi rihed in the parish 
of St, George's, Nevis, and I negroes, on condition of an annuity ef £21U being 
paid by the said Roberl Pemberton t<> the said Judith, and Man But er during 

their natural lives in half-yearly pavmei I 

And whereas the Baid Robert Pemberton •' on or about in August 

17m;, + and Ins elder brother ami heir-at-law Roger Pemberton entered on the 

And whereas no part of the said Annuity was ever paid by the -aid 1.' 
Pemberton during his life, or by Roger Pemberton since hi- bi 
and on 12 June 17^7 there was due to the said Judith and Mary, on account of 

• Continued from p. .112 

t 14 August i< date riven in the preceding administration order, and the I - i 
of St George's Parish gives 15 August as date of burial, 

vol. i. z 


the said Annuity, £120, And whereas the said Judith and Mary did on 3 March 
1787 institute an action of ejectment of the said Roger Femberton in the Court 
of King's Bench of this Island, .And whereas the said Roger Pemberton has 
agreed to transfer the said land to the said Judith and Mary Butler and their 
heirs for ever. 

This Indenture witnesseth that in consideration of 5/- the said Roger Pember- 
ton confirms the said Judith and Mary in possession for one whole year. 

From Same, Book T, p. 531. 

Indenture dated 12 February 1789, between Roger Pemberton of the one part, 
and Walter Maynard and John Ward, Esquires, all of the Island of Nevis, 
of the other part. 

In consideration of the love and affection which the said Roger Pemberton 
hath for his daughters Martha, Peggy, Elizabeth, Frances, Polly, and Nancy 
Pemberton, and also for his sons William Sanders and Ro^er Pemberton, he 
assigns to the said Walter Maynard and John "Ward, their Heirs, Executors, etc., 
2G slaves and various articles of furniture and plate [which are detailed] for the 
use of the said Roger Pemberton [party to the Indenture] during his natural life, 
and after his decease to be divided in manner detailed between his children 
and their heirs for ever. 

Before the Hon ,,le George Forbes, one of the Justices of the Court of King's 
Bench and Common Pleas, personally appeared William Burke, who witnessed 
the signatures. 21 Feb. 17S9. 

Fhom Nevis Wills, 1787— 1S05, p. 53. 

Will of Margaret Pemberton of Nevis, widow of William Pemberton, dated 

19 February 1789. 

After payment of debts and funeral expenses, which are to be paid from 
moneys she may die possessed of or may be entitled to receive from heirs, etc., of 
her late husband William Pemberton on account of Annuity of £250, she gives 
legacies to sons Edward, Francis, William, and Samuel, and to daughters Sarah 
Pemberton, Frances Maynard, Elizabeth Butler, and Margaret Pemberton. 
To grandsons Walter Maynard and Walter Pemberton and granddaughters 
Frances Maynard and Ann Femberton [?dau. of her son Roger]. Her son Roger 
Pemberton appointed residuary legatee and Executor. 

Witnesses: Patty Pemberton and Robert Robinson, jun. [or ? Jones]. Proved 
at Nevis by Patty Pemberton 3 March 1789. 

From Common- Eecords, Nevis, Book D., 1797—1799, pp. 239—242. 

Indenture dated S September 1798, between Rev. Robert Pemberton, late of 
Nevis, but now Rector of parish of St. George's, Basseterre, St. Ivitts, v( the 
one part, and John Butler and Thomas John Cottle of the said Island of 
Nevis, Esq., of the other part. 

The said Robert Pemberton grants and sells to the said John Butler and 
Thomas John Cottle all thai parcel of land of him the said Robert in the parish of 
St. John, Nevis — about 10 acres — bounded to north by Math stream running into 
World's End pond, to south by breastwork of Fort Charles, with all buildings 
erected thereon, books, furniture, plate, pictures, etc., etc., and all horses and 
chaises "and all other personal estate of what nature or kind .soever of him the 
said Robert Pemberton, and all the estate right title interest use trust propcrt) 
claim and demand whatsoever of him the said Robert Pemberton of in and to the 
said hereby or intended to be hereby assigned Premises . . . ." 

To have and to hold in trust that the said John Butler and Thomas John 
Cottle, the survivor of them, their Executors, etc., shall permit the said Robert 


Petnberton and his assigns during his natural life to have the u.^e, occupation and 
possession, etc., and to enjoy the rents for his own use and benefit, and after his 
decease upon further trust that they shall permit and suffer Elizabeth, wife of 
the said Robert Pemberton, in case she should survive him, to have the use 
[etc., as above]. And immediately after the decease of both, in further trust to 
dispose of the whole to all and every the children of the said Robert Pemberton 
and Elizabeth his wife as shall be living at the decease of both, share and share 
alike, and to their respective Executors, Administrators, and Assigns for ever. 

Sworn before Hon ,,Ie George Green, one of the Ass u Justices of H.M.'s Court 
of King's Bench and Common Pleas, by Thomas Peterson of Nevis, who was 
witness of signature and scaling, 11 September 179S. 

Fbom Nevis Wills, 1787—1805, p. 39G. 
"Will of Elizabeth Butler of Nevis, widow, dated 27 December 1S01. 

Gives use of four slaves to her sister Frances Maynard until her [Prances'] 
son John Maynard shall arrive at the age of 21, and then to him, his 
Executors, etc. 

Services of three slaves to her brother Samuel Pemberton during the nonage 
of the said John Maynard, then to him as above. 

To four nieces, Prances, Elizabeth, Ann, and Sally Maynard, a legacy of 
£100 each. 

To nephew "Walter Maynard Pemberton, a cow and calf. 

To brother Samuel Pemberton, all household furniture. 

To sister " Fanny " Maynard, clothes, table-linen, etc. 

Also to said sister "Frances" Maynard, some unopened baskets. 

If the said John Maynard die before he attains the age of 21 years, all slaves 
to go to the said sister Frances. 

The said Samuel Pemberton appointed Executor. 

Codicil of same date makes the said John Maynard, Residuary Legatee. 

Proved at Nevis, 24 April 1802. 

From Same, p. 405. 
Will of Robert Pemberton of St. George's Parish, Nevis, dated 9 March 1S02. 

Desires to be buried in St. George's, at discretion of Executors. 

To nephew John Pemberton Ross, all property not otherwise bequeathed. 
Legacies — 

To sister " Kitty " [? Christian], two negroes for her natural life, and after 
her decease the same to go to the said John Pemberton Ross and his heirs forever. 

To brother Roger Bridgwater Pemberton, £200 per annum for life. 

To nieces Bridget Ross, junior, and Ann Ross, some negroes. 

To friends Samuel Pemberton, William Pemberton, and Basil Spence, Esq., 
£100 each. 

To Mary Ann Chapman, £100. 

The said Samuel Pemberton, William Pemberton, and Basil Spence, Esq., 
appointed Executors. 

Proved before his Honor John Browne, President of the Council of Nevis, 
•4 September 1S02. 

From Same, p. 127. 

Will of Christian Pemberton of Nevis, widow, dated 14 December 1S02. 

Being bound on a voyage to St. Vincent. 

To Samuel Pemberton, £150, to be paid out of the legacy she was entitled to 
from her aunt Elizabeth, dec' 1 . [See ante, p. 309. J 

z 2 


All the rest and residue to friend Mary Ann Chapman of said Island, spinster, 
her Executors, etc. 

Proved at Nevis, 23 November 1S03. 

From Netis Wills, 1S05— 1819. 

Will of Walter Maynard of parish of S* George's, Southward, Nevis (but now in 
England), dated 28 February lbOl. 

To his three sons, Walter, William, and James Maynard (the former in Nevis 
and the two latter with Testator in England), all his estate in Nevis called 
" Gingerland," with negroes, cattle, etc., to have and to hold to themselves, their 
heirs, Executors, Administrators, and Assigns for ever, subject to payment of 
£250 yearly to wife Frances and her assigns during her natural life, and also 
£500 apiece to daughters Frances Prescott Maynard, Elizabelh, wife of William 
Pemberton, Esq., Ann Maynard, Sally Maynard. 

Provided that as he has expended large sums on New Eiver Estate, now 
belonging to the Assignees of the estate of Messrs. Pane, Son, & Fraser, under a 

ft r*» o ' " 

promise from the said Assignees that he should become the purchaser, and as the 
said Assignees have contracted, or are ahout to contract, with said son Walter 
Maynard for sale of such estate, he directs that should the sale be completed on 
terms in contemplation, son Walter shall have no share in the Gingerland Estate, 
which in that case would go to the two other sons aforesaid. 

All household goods, linen, etc., in Gingerland to wife Frances for her use, 
and also occupation of dwelling house, riding horses, etc., for her natural life, and 
the use of negroes till youngest son reaches age of 21, and then the said negroes 
to be divided equally between all sons and daughters. 

And whereas Elizabeth Butler of Nevis, widow of John Butler, Esq., did leave 
£1500 to Testator's son John Butler Maynard, now dec d , and, after his death 
under 21, then to Testator's wife Frances, and whereas such sum has not been 
paid and is due with interest to his said wife, he recommends her to leave the 
whole to his said four daughters, to be equally divided, Residue to said three 
sons, their heirs, etc. 

He directs that when he is buried his infant children William and James do 
file a bill in Chancery against their elder brother and his Executors for their 
better protection. 

Executors in England, Henry Gill and James Akers ; and in the West 
Indies, Dr. Sholto Archbald, Samuel Pemberton, and Walter Maynard (the son), 
all these being guardians of his children. 

Proved P.C.C., 1G July 1S01, on oath of James Lowe of Southampton. 

Entered in Secretary's Office, Nevis, 30 September 1S09. 

From Common Records, Nevis, Lirer T., 1838—1813, fo. 4S0. 
Letter of Attorney, dated 21 November 1842. 

I, Adriana Pemberton, of the Island of Nevis, but now of Coleshill Street, in 
co. Middlesex, widow, and next of kin to Thomas Pemberton, late of the said 
Island, to all whom it may concern, greeting. 

Whereas the said Thomas Pemberton was at the time of his death possessed of 
a certain plantation called "Morning Star" in Nevis, with cattle, etc., thereon, 
and whereas the said Thomas Pemberton died intestate on or about 9"' .May l5l'_\ 
leaving the said Adriana, widow and next of kin. surviving. 

And whereas the said Adriana, being resident in this country [England!, 
desires to appoint an Administrator of the effects of her deceased husband, and 
generally to act for her. 


She appoints John Huggins, Planter, her Attorney, to ask for Letters of. 
Administration, and upon receiving them to administer the estate, receive 
rents, etc. 

Signed, sealed, and delivered by the said Adriana Pemberton in presence of 
Arthur Davoren. 

Sworn before Laurence Nicholson, Esq., one of H.M.'a Justices Assistant of 
H.M.'s Court of Queen's Bench and Common Pleas of the said Island of Nevis, 
by Aston [sic] Davoren of the said Island, Barrister-at-law, 1 February 1813. 


St. Kitts Records, 14,332, Book M., No. 3, fo. 40. 

Indenture dated 8 May 1802. 

Between Robert Pemberton, Rector of the parish of St. George, Basseterre, 
St. Kitts, of the one part, and Webbe Hobson, the elder, and Clermont Challenger, 
both of tlie same Island, Esquires, of the other part. 

Ann Jones Pemberton, daughter of the said R )bert Pemberton, "having 
lately departed this life " possessed in her own right of certain slaves, and she not 
having made any disposition of them, they became vested in the said Robert 
Pemberton, who makes them over in Trust to the aforesaid Webbe Hobson and 
Clermont Challenger for the benefit of his daughter Eliza Williams Pemberton 
for life, without being subject to the control, debts, or engagements of any 
husband or husbands, and after her decease to hold the same in Trust for such 
persons aud for such uses as the said Eliza Williams Pembertou shall by her 
Will, etc., appoint, aud in default thereof for her next of kin. 

Witness : James Evenden. 

Sworn before the Hon. William Payne Georges, Esq., Chief Justice of the 
Court of King's Bench and Common Pleas, on 9 August 1802. 

St. Kitts Records, 11,714, Book N, No. 3, fo. 204. 
Bill of Sale dated 4 August 1807. 

St. Vincent. Know all men by these presents that I, Policy I sic] Pemberton 
of the said Island, for and in consideration of the sum of £16-3 paid by Thomas 
Hazell of the said island, Manner, have granted to him, his heirs, etc., a certain 
Negro Woman slave named Betsey, together with her mulatto son Thomas and 
all future issue, of said Betsey, " and further I the saiil Polly [tie] Pemberton 
doth hereby nominate, constitute, ami appoint my father Roger Pemberton my 
lawful Attorney." 

Sworn at St. Vincent 10 August 1797. Registered St. Kitts 2 February 1805. 

St. Kitts Records, 14,S3S, Book O, No. 3, fo. 10S. 

Deed of Gift of Martha Pemberton, Spinster, of St. Christopher, dated 28 January 


Gives to Elizabeth Margaret Hobson and Mary Ann Hobson, children of her 
sister Margaret by her husband George Hobson, planter, ot St. Kitts, two female 
slaves each. 

Sworn before Hon. William Woodloy, Chief Justice, 22 February L806. 


St. Kitts Records, 14,9 45, Book O, No. 3, fo. 257. 

Will of Martha Pembertoa, late of St. Vincent, but now of St. Kitts, spinster, 

dated 18 May 1803. 

To father Roger Pemberton for life an annuity of £100 to be paid from the 
hire of slaves mentioned in detail, and should this not suffice then the Annuity 
to be charged on the resi of the property. 

A Lot of land in St. Vincent with dwelling house, to sisters Frances and Mary ,, 

Pemberton whilst unmarried, and in the event of the death or marriage of one, 
then to the other alone whilst unmarried, and in the event of the marriage or 
death of both then to her nephew Webbe Hobson (" son of my sister Margaret 
Hobson "), his heirs and assigns for ever. 

To sister Mary Pemberton a negro for her life, and on her death to nephew 
Charles Hobson and assigns for ever. To sister Frances Pemberton a necro on 
similar terms. To nephews George Hobson, Webbe Hobson, and William Henry 
Hobson and their assigns for ever, 1, 5, and 3 slaves respectively. To brother-in- 
law George Hobson a gold watch and chain. To cousin William Pemberton of 
Nevis a ring. To sisters Margaret Hobson, Prances and Mary Pemberton, 
wearing apparel, jewels, plate, household furniture, table and bed linen in equal 
shares. Residue to nephew Webbe Hobson, his heirs, executors and adminis- 
trators, etc. Brother-in-law George Hobson and cousin William Pemberton 
appointed Executors. * 

Witnesses : Thomas Peterson, Samuel Pemberton, and Edward Pemberton. 

Sworn before William Woodley, President of Council, '3 November 1S0G. 

St. Kitts Records, 15,158, Book P, No. 3, p. 27G ff. 
Indenture dated 2G June 1809. 

"Between John Butler Pemberton, of the Island of..S' Christopher, Esq., 
Barrister-at-Law, and Harriet his wife, formerly Harriet Boileau, Spinster, after- 
wards the wife, and siuce the widow, of Richard Price, late of Northumberland 
Street in the Strand in the co. of Middlesex, gentleman, deceased, of the first part, 
and John Peter Boilcau of Mortlake in the co. of Surrey, Esq., the Rev. Robert 
Pemberton of the Island of S l Christopher. Clerk, William Swanstuii of the said 
Island, Esq., Doctor and practitioner in physic, and the Honourable John Woodley 
of the said Island, Esq., Ring's Counsel, of the other part." 

Refers to a mortgage of a house owned by the said John Butler Pemberton 
and his wife in College Street to secure payment of a sum of £GG0, and to 
an Indenture made on "21 August 1794 between the said Richard Price, deceased, 
of the first part, and the said Harriet Pemberton, by her then name and description 
of "Harriet Boilcau of Oxford Street in the co. of Middx., Spinster," of the 
second part, and John Peter Boileau and James Parker of the parish of Lambeth 
in the co. of Surrey, since deceased, of the third part, being settlement made on 
the marriage of the said Harriot Boileau with the said Richard Price. 

It was recited in the last-named deed that the said Richard Price had insured 
£1000 in the Equitable Insurance Otficc, to be paid on his death, ami it was 
witnessed that in consideration of the" "said marriage, and for making a provisiou 
for the said Harriet Boileau and the isstffnot the said marriage, and for the 
children of the said Richard Price by a former wife, and for other considerations, 
the said Richard Price did transfer to the said John Peter Boileau and James 
Parker, their heirs, etc , the said Policy in Trust tor the benefit, on the decease of 
the said Richard Price, of the said Harriet Boileau and her children, and also 
of the two children of the said Richard Price by his former wife, who should 
respectively attain the age^r "21 years or marry. " And whereas the said Richard 
Price some time since departed this ,life," and the said Sinn. of £1000 was paid to 
tho Trustees and invested .by them iu £175-3 Bauk 3 per ceut. Consolidated 


Annuities. " And whereas the said Richard Price died without having had any 
issue hy the said Harriet," and as, of the other two children, Henrietta Price 
lived to the age of 21, but had since died, and Nehemiah Southwell Price had 
taken out Letters of Administration, and is entitled to the whole sum of 
£1785 lis. subject to the life estate of the said Harriet Pemberton, and whereas 
the said Nehemiah and the said Harriet have agreed to divide the said sum 
equally. It was agreed that the Trustees named should pay the moiety to the 
said John Butler Pemberton on condition that the latter should mortgage 
the house in Upper College Street to the Trustees, who should hold the premiss 
for the benelit of the said John Butler Pemberton for life, aud after his decease 
for the benefit of the said Harriet Pemberton and their heirs. 

St. Kitts Eecoeds, 16,017, Book V, No. 3, fo. 73. 
Deed dated 21 September 1816. 

John Butler Pemberton, in consideration of £50 paid by John Peter Boileau 
of Mortlake, Trustee of the sum of £35U, the property of the said John Butler 
Pemberton's wife Harriet Pemberton, sells to the Hon. John Woodley and 
William Swanston a mulatto girl called Maria, in Trust for the benelit of his 
infant daughter Harriet Peach Pemberton, her Executors, Administrators, and 
Assigns for ever. 

Sworn 23 February 1816 at St. Kitts. 

St. Kitts Ordinary Records, Book B, p. 495. 

Letters of Administration to the estate of John Butler Pemberton, late of the 
said Island, Clerk in Holy Orders. 

Petition of Harriate Pemberton of the Island of St. Christopher, widow. 
After reciting that her late husband died on or about 28 September 1834 intestate 
and possessed of some personal estate in the Island, she petitions for the grant of 
Letters of Administration for all the goods, etc., of the said John Butler 
Pemberton at the time of his death, she giving the usual security. 

St. Kitts, 6 October 1834. Petition granted unless a Caveat be eutered in 
Secretary's office within 14 days. Security fixed at £400. 

Administration granted by His Excellency John Lyons Nixon, Esq., Lieut.- 
Governor in said Island, etc., 27 October 1834, subject to submission of lnventory 
withiu 20 days, and lodging the required security. 

Daniel Sharry Sanderson, Henry Hart Wilson, and William Adamson appointed 

Inventory of goods (chiefly books) appended, amounting to £207. 

Sworn to 6 November 1834. 

• St. Kitts Ordinary Records, Book B. 

Will of Sarah Hobson, at present in the Island of St. Vincent, widow. 
Dated 20 September 1820. 

Gives entire freedom to a female slave. 

"Whereas I have already paid and expended considerable sums of money in 
the education of my son Pemberton Hobson, to a greater amount I ban my 
daughters will receive from my remaining estate, I consider them entitled to any 
further property I may possess." 

She confirms grant of certain slaves to daughter Frances Hobson, her heirs 
and assigns for ever, made in two Deeds-poll, dated 10 August 1827 aud 
28 January IS2S respectively, and bequeaths to the same all her furniture, plate, 
wearing apparel, ornament and linen. 

To her granddaughter Sarah Brisbane O'Dell and her heirs and a~>i<.:ns a male 
slave. To Joseph Herbert Pemberton and James Maynard of Nevis, Esq., aud 
the survivor of them, aud the heirs and assigns of such survivor, all her freehold 


Lot, with buildings thereon, in Basseterre, St. Kitts, In Trust to sell the same 
by public or private contract, and till the sale take place to receive rents, etc., 
"and to divide the said rents and purchase-money equally between my said 
daughter Frances Hobson, my daughter Sarah Ann, the wife of the said Joseph 
Herbert Pemberton, for her sole and separate use, free from the controul of the 
said husband, and said grandaughter Sarah Brisbane O'Dell, share and share 
alike." In case her said granddaughter should die unmarried under the age of 21 
then her share to be divided equally between her said two daughters. 

Host and residue of estate to the same Trustees on the like Trusts and with 
the same proviso. Trustees above named appointed Executors, aud the said 
Frances Hobson Executrix. 

Petition of Kev. Joseph Herbert Pemberton, Clerk in Holy Orders, and James 
Maynard, Esq., both of the Island of Nevis, for Probate was submitted on 
18 July 1833, and granted subject to security for £500. 

Probate grauted 22 August 1838. 

The following information is derived from a letter written by the late Hon. 
Sholto Thomas Pemberton, at one time Chief Justice of Dominica, to Major 
R. C. B. Pemberton, R.E. (now Major-General) : — 

Dominica, 10th August 1S7G. 

My grandmother in the maternal line was a Miss Dasent. Her grandfather 
was a John Symmonds, who was forced to assume the name of Dasent aud leave 
England in order to escape the consequeuces of having challenged his superior 
officer. This Johu Symmonds alias Dasent settled at Nevis ; many years 
after sent for a nephew, who divulged the secret, but they never resumed the 
name of Symmonds. The name of John Daseut's wife not known. His first son, 
also named John Dasent, married Henrietta Parsons of S c Christopher, and had 
two daughters, Grace and Ann, co-heir asses. He died v. p. Grace married 1st, 
.... Abbott, Esq., a likeness of whom 1 have (he must have been a very handsome 
man), and 2nd, J. Patterson of Ireland, s.p. Ann married Dr. Bates "Williams 
Peterson (my maternal grandfather), and had several children, amongst them my 
Mother Jane. She was the last child, and died L851. She married Robert 
Hughes Pemberton, brother of your grandfather, J. Butler Pemberton. Issue : 
two sons and two daughters, of whom I am the only survivor. 

Parsons. — The last of the name at S l Kitts was George Webbc Parsons, who 
died about twenty years ago. Clever, well educated, but very eccentric. Most of 
these details are from a letter of August 1831, from my aunt, Grace Peterson, to 
her brother, John Peterson, late Chief Justice oi S' Vincent. She wrote: 
" Lucrctia, the last of our uncle Parsons' children, died 27 July, very aged." 
Grace Peterson died aud was buried at Southampton. John Peterson died at 
S' Vincent, 1S1G. 

In 1833 I wrote to my uncle Peterson for information, and he replied he 
would see old M r James Huggins at Golden Vale. " I remember when at school 
your grandfather PemluTtou in 17S5 coming to England for ordination. John 
Butler Pemberton, his son. was younger than myself, and at school at Williams' 
Academy, I think, at Blackheatb. His [your grandfather's] first living was that 
of Windward in Nevis, collated bv the Elder Woodlcy, transferred about 17!)5 
by John Stanley, Commander-in-Chief, to Basseterre, S l Kitts, and succeeded at 
Nevis by Harman. He married Williams of Nevis, firat-cousin to your grandfather 
Peterson. The Register of Windward before 183G had been destroyed."* Your 
great-grandmother Pemberton had a sister, Miss Williams, who married Jones." 

(7b be continued.) 

* Dr. Thomas writes tint the Register of 8t. James, Windward, commences in 17S7, and that 
there arc a few earlier fragments. — Eijitob. 

caribbeana. 345 

iHanniiuj of ftt* 3Attts.* 

From an Old Notebook ix the Possession of the Family. 

"John Manning, born July 2G lh , 170.3 
married at Chiselhurst Deo. 17 th , 1720 
Sarah Coventry, lion -J.~, .March 1711 
son AVilliam Manning, born Feb. 8"', 1729, married at Speen near Reading, 

Elizabeth Ryan. 
William Manning had a sister Rebecca Sarah and a brother John Brooks 


Sarah Coventry is stated to have been dau. of Thomas Coventry of North 
Cray Place, co. Kent, whose arms were the same as Lord Coventry's. 

John Manning is supposed to have gone to the West Indies from Foot's Cray 
in Kent. 

The following names and dates were printed on a sheet of paper bearing the 
water-mark of 1S74 by some member of the family : — 

John Manning, Born 26 th July 1703. 

Sarah Coventry his wife, Born 2.5 th March L7L1. Married 17 th Pec. 1720. 

William Coventry Manning, B. 8 th Feb- V 1729. f 

Rebecca Sarah Manning, B. 15"' Feb>' 1734. f 

John Brooks Manning, B. 21 bt Feb> 173G. 

Mary daughter of William & Elizabeth Manning, Born 5 th Oct r 1752. 

Sarah Manning, B. 20 th ^ April 17-54. 

Elizabeth Manning, B. 30 th Jan? 1750. 

Martha§ Manning, 13. 8 th Jan? 1757. 

John Ryan Maiming, B. 21 st Feb>' 1700. 

William Manning, B. 1 st Dec r 1703. 

Jan. 6, 190S. St. George's Rectory, 

Basseterre, St. Kitts. 
Dear Sir, 

In reply to your letter of Nov. 15, '07, 1 send yon all the records 1 can 
find of the Ryan and Manning families. The Records under my care go back 
only as far as 1717. I have been through them us carefully as L can (they are 
very old and in some places torn and distigured) and now send you the result of 
my search .... 

(Rev.) Alfreu W. AVatt. 

S T George's, Basseterre, S T Kitts. 


[1743|| Nov. 2 Edmund Manning & Rebecka his wife* Son Thomas] 
[1745JJ May 5 Edmund Manning his son Edmund] 

* Contiuued from p. 294. 

t Between these two was another child: ,1 >hti Uittry .Minnin,', bur. 28 Sep. 1734 in his 
2nd year, at St. Kitts. 

J This dtto should be 29. § Her second Christian mine wis VVeatheril. 

|| These two additional entries are from tli^ Transcripts at the l'.lt O .un I tlieyare evidently 
no longer in the parish resistor, or the ltictor would have sont them. — Kditoii. 


1747 Feb. 14°' Thomas Edmund Posthumous Son of Edmund Manning and 

Rebecca his wife. 
1754 July 31 s1 Mary & Sarah Daughters of William & Elizabeth Manning. 

Mary, born 5'" Oct. 17.32, Sarah horn 29 U| April 1754. 

1756 Feby 14"' Elizabeth, Daughter of William & Elizabeth Manning: born 

30"' Jan: 1750. 
1757, [* ] Martha "Weatheril, Daughter of William & Elizabeth Manning, 

born 8 th instant. 
1760 March 24 th John Evan, Son of William & Elizabeth Manning, boru 

21 st Feb. "17G0. 
1775 April 3 rd Edward Manning, Son of Edward Manning & Elizabeth Gray, 

born3 rU Nov: 1774. 


1751 June 21 st John Thomas, marry'd to f. . becca Manning by Licence. 
1764 Oct. 6 th John Manning to Ann Howard]: by Lye'. 


1747 Oct. 13 th § Catherine Evan. 

1752 March 10"' Mary Ryan. 

1757 April 13 th Mary Manning, an infant. 

1760 Sep. 7 th Thomas Manning. 

1761 Oct. 26 th Samuel, Son of ||. . yan. 

1761 Dec. 25 th John Ryan. 

1762 Aug. 26 th John Manning. 

1778 Feb. 18 th Patrick Ryan, 23 years. 

1780 Sep. 2 ml Rebecca Manning, 59 years. 

1784 Nov. 10"' John Manning,^. . 4 years. 

1796 Oct. 29 th John Ryan, Sailor from hospital, aged 26. 

1802 May 31 5t John Ryan, Sailor II. M.S. Leviathan. 

1802 Nov. 30 Ul Ann Manning, Widow. 

1802 Dec. 23"' Benjamin Manning, Gentleman. 

St. Thomas, Middle Island, St. Kitts.** 

In the Churchyard. 

Arms. — . . . . 

Here lies in certain hope of a blessed resurrection, William Coventry, late of 
the parish of S* Thomas, .Middle Island, Merchant, who departed tins life August 
the 16"' 1731, Aged 53 years. He was a tender and indulgent parent, an upright and 
a good Christian. His life was regularly sober ami truly pious, and God Almighty, 
who visibly blessed his honest industry upon earth gave him here but .... To 

* Month torn away here— Uixtok. t P.. rt of the name torn away. — Rector. 

t Elizabeth Surah Manning dau. of John Arthur Clement Manning, by Ann Howard, dau. 

of Robert Howard by Miss I'elham. nnrried Maurice Berkeley of Si. Kitts, who d. 17 F b L804. 
(Mrs. Shand's papers.) The father'* nunc elsewbi re is Arthur John Thomas. — Kditor. 

§ The word " Buried" I have omitted from each entry. -Kditor. 

II Here the llegister is continued by another person, writing more indistinctly, the Christian 
name is omitted, and the capital of surname looks like " R." The a^es were inserted in and 
after 17C.3.— Rkctor. 

■j" A hole is in the paper at what one imagines i< a " 6, ' making the a_'e t;t. — Rectos 

*• Copied in IST'.t by Mr. X. Darnell Davis, who wrote ine last year that he made no record 
of the arms. — Editor. 


his memory therefore John Manning, Merchant, who married his only daughter, 
dutifully subscribes this monument. 

In this tomb also is deposited the body of his grandson John Battry Manning 
who departed this life, September the 27 u ' 173-4, aged one year, seven months, 
and ten days. 

TitiNiTY,- Palmetto Point.* 
In the Churchyard. 

Here lyeth the body of John Manning, late of this island, who departed this 
life, March 10"' 1725, in the 52" d year of his age. 

Also Joanah Manning his wife, died May 19 th 1722, in the 39 th year of her 
age, and G of their children, viz : — William, Christian, Ann, Mary Ann, Samuel 
and Eebecca Manning. 

Jan. 15, 190S. St. Thomas' Rectory, 

Middle Island, St. Kitts. 
Dear Sir, 

In answer to yours of the loth November, I beg to state that I cannot 
find any tombs in the churchyard with the names you mention, nor are there any 
mural tablets in the church to such. 

I find in our register the following : — 

August 10 th 1734 Buried, Captain William Coventry. 

September 2S ,h 173-1 Buried, John Battry sou of John Manning & Sarah 
his Wife. 

December 6 th 1731 Buried, Peter Manning Senior. 

Married September 29 th 1712 Benja" Galley & Kebecca Manning Spinster. 

(Rev.) Ned. Caknt. 

Abstract of the Amount of Losses sustained by the Proprietors and Inhabitants 
and others trading to the Island of St. Christopher's in America, when the French 
invaded said Island and the Island of Nevis in the months of February and March 

Names of Persons Sums as at first Abatements made by Nett sums 

Sustaining Loss. given. the Commissioners. remaining. 

M r Sam" Manning . 2L6 19 6 24 12 192 7 6 

Sworn as to losses on 8 January 1707, and is described as of the Parish of 
Palmeto Point, planter. Signs himself " Sam" Maning." 

[America and W.I., vol. 610. Sent me 21 August 1907 by Lieut. -Col. II. W. 
Pook of Lewisham.] 

A fine group by Hoppner of Mrs. W. Manning (mother of Cardinal Manning) 
and her daughter, afterwards .Mrs. Austen, of Ivippington Park, Sussex, exhibited 
at the Royal Academy in IS05 (canvas 50 in. by to in.) realised 1000 guineas. 
This exceedingly important picture shews Mrs. Manning (who dud in May 1847) 

in black dress with red riband round her waist, seated, looking at her young child, 

* Copied iu 1S79 by Mr. N. Darnell Davis. On inquiring about the above stones they 
appear to have been destroyod since 1879. Tbo Hector's letter is appended. 


who, dressed in white frock and red shoes, stands on the seat by her side ; the 
background is formed of a landscape and red curtain. The child lived until 
January 1st, 1891, or eighty nine years after the picture was painted. The work 
remained in the family uutil the day of the sale. (" Connoisseur," xix., 58, 5 July 

Parish of Speen in the County of Berks. 

" 1751. Mr. "William Manning and Miss Elizabeth Ryan of the Parish of 
St. Giles, Heading were married the 1 st day of October 1751 by Tho: Shephard, 

N.B. — Mr. Manning afterwards lived in S l Mary Axe, London & was a "West 
Indian Merchant." 

The above is a true copy of the Marriage Register of the Parish aforesaid, 
extracted this eleventh day of March in the Year of Our Lord One thousand nine 
hundred and nine. By me 

R. Betjce Dickson, Yicar of Speen. 

"I have found the Entry as indicated, but it is prefaced in the Register by 
the remark that it was omitted from its proper place. As the list of Marriages 
in that book begins with 1752 this entry had to be put on a separate and 
apparently loose sheet facing the others. It is, however, clearly in the writing of 
the Vicar." 

R. B. D. 

St. Martin in the Fields. 

1809 May 25 Henry Edward Manning, son of William Manning, Esq., and 
Mary his wife, born 15 th July. 

St. Andrew Undershaft, St. Marx Axe, London.* 

On a small plain white marble tablet in the nave, on the north wall of the 
tower : — 


wife of WILLIAM MANNING Esq". 






• Copied 10 August 1909 by the Elitor. In I'ureoll's " Life of Cardinal Manning " this 
inscription is j^iven as being in a Church in the City of London. 


The following is from Pureell's " Life of Cardinal Manning" : — 

Sundridge, co. Kent. 

In a vault are deposited the Remains of 


Formerly of Combe Bank, in this Parish, 

Born December 1st, 1703, 

Departed this life on Good Friday, April 17th 1S35. 

(Nine lines omitted.) 



Beloved Wife of William Manning, Esq., 

Born July 4, 1771 , 

Died May 13, 1847. 

(One line omitted ) 

Totteridge, co. Herts. (Cussans, ii., 301.) 

On the south side of a large altar-tomb of white marble, inclosed by an iron 
railing :■ — 

Near this place, lie the Remains of 


who departed this Life on the 24th of November 1791, in 

the Sixty Second Tear of his Age. 

(Two lines follow.) 

At the west end of the tomb are these arms : Quarterly (Azure and Gttles), 
a cross pafonce let ween four trefoils slipped (Or) for MANNING.* 

On an ineseutcheoi) : Quarterly of four, 1 and 4, a chevron between three horses' 1 
heads erased ;t 2 and 3, six leaves erect, three and three. 

Another tomb adjoining, to the grandson of the foregoing : — 





DIED THE 13 T " OF JULY, 1S12 



The present representatives of this family are the children of Lady Miller 
(daughter of the late Charles John Manning of Prince's Gardens and Louisa 
Augusta, daughter of the Rev. Sir Augusta Henniker, Hart.), who married, 1890, 
Sir°W. F. Miller, 5th Hart., of Glenlee. 

* Of Norfolk (sec Papworth, CA'l). There were Mannings settled at Diss in that county. 

t Burke's "Armory" jrives James Ryan, Sheriff of Dublin, as bearing: Quits, on a Lend 
Anient six hot!// leaves vert, two, /«•</, and two. Quartering: Azure, a rheeron between three 
griffin i* heads erased Artie nt ? lilaney]. Motto: " Malo mori quain foedari." The same arms 
were allowed by "Uls'er" to Tho. Pat. Ryan, grandson of Darby Ryan of Silrergrove and of 
Cadiz in Spain, in 17*- These arms ore very similar to tho above quartered by the Maanin [s, 
and the Ryans of Dublin used tlie same motto. 


3 iltst of £Ucst Sntiian Beetis on tljc 
Close Rolls/ 

William Wimbolt, Amy his wife v. Jackson. Jamaica 1764, 4-15 

William Whitaker by Sir William Codrington, 

Bart. & William Codrington. Barbuda, Antigua ,, 17-11-12 

William Wells, Stedmnn Rawlins, by Constantine 

Phipps, Mary his Wife. S l Kitts „ 1S-10 

Robert Webb, Nathaniel Webb by David Stone, 

Mary his wife, Henrietta Douglas widdow, 

Andrew Devisme, Ann his wife, John Spencer 

Colepeper junior, John Webb, Amey Thom- 
son spinster, Henrietta Thomson & Ann 

Thomson spinsters. 
Thomas Earl of Westmorland by Charles Blair. 
John Williams senior, Sarah his wife, John 

Williams junior v. Banks. 
John Williams junior by John Williams senior, 

Sarah his wife. 
Ralph Payne & David Lord Viscount Stormont, 

Henry Wilmot & Valentine Ilenrv Allott. 
Valentino Ii. Allott by Ralph Payne. " 
Peter Alsop by Stephen Shepherd. 
Peter Alsop by John Burke. Frances his wife. 
Stephen Blizard, William Warner by Michael 

Lambert Weatherill. 
John Burke by Amand Beneville. Charity his wife. 
John Mills & Peter Mathew Mills, Catherine his 

wife & John Williams senior, John Williams 

junior, Mary Charlotte Thornhill his wife & 

Francis Banks & Giles Earle. Nevis 

Francis Banks, Giles Earle by John Mills & Peter 

Mathew Mills. „ 

John Banister by James Lord Cranstoun & Sophia 

Lady Cranstoun his wife. S' Kitts 

Hubert "Guichard Mercer & Thomas Lane, John 

Lane & Thomas Eraser >v. Benjamin Booth. ,, 

Benjamin Booth by Hubert Guichard Mercer. ,, 

John Burke, James Athill by George Crump & 

Russell his wife. Antigua „ 4-9 

Lewis Brotherson by William Payne Georges, 

Ann his wife. S« Kitts „ 14-19 

AValter Burke by John Burke. Frances his wife. Antigua 1771, 8-1!) 

James Balmer by Nathaniel Crump. ,, 14-13 

John Banister v. Reeve. S' Kitts 1772.1-19-120 

Richard Bosanquet v. Calley. S l Vincent ,. 2-10 

George Crump by John Burke. Antigua 1707, 1(1-1 1 

Nathaniel Crump by George Crump. „ 1708, L-9 

Samuel Cox by Charles How Irs & Oldfielcl Bowles 

his son. Jamaica ., 15-5-6 

John Carrnthers by William Peckham. Antigua 1771, 9-2 

Richard Bosanquet, John David Patio & Richard 

Ottley & Oliver Calley. S l Vincent 1772,2-10 

* Continued from j>. 298, 







S l Kitts 







































Isaac Dupuy by Charles Spooner. S' Christophers 

Jobn Halliday & John Dclap Ilalli lay, Lady Jane