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Full text of "Caribbeana : being miscellaneous papers relating to the history, genealogy, topography, and antiquities of the British West Indies"

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3 1833 01 

072 5130 



iilis'ffnaufoiis yapcrj) 


?i^i5toii>, 6fUfnlogL), Copogvnpljy, antj Antiquities' 







1912. . •• . 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2012 


T^HE completion of this Second Volume affords me the opportunity of 

.' aofain thankinor contributors for their continued interest in the Work. 

r I wish especially to acknowledge my indebtedness to the Eev. Dr. Thomas 

for his transcription of the Parish Register of St. John's, Nevis ; to 

Mr. r. CuNDALL, Mrs. Leopold Scarlett, aiid Miss M. Nembhard for 

their articles on Jamaica; to Major Phipps and Lieut.-Colonel Poor for 

papers relating to St. Kitts ; to Mr. N. Dakxell Davis and Mr. E. G. 

SixcKLEE for papers relating to Barbados ; and to Mr. A. Aspinall for 

(. . notes about the West Indies in general. The publication of lists of 

i testators and of early settlers in this present Volume will, I hope, 

encourage and facilitate personal research. 

For the next Volatile I have prepared a descriptive list of West Indian 
': . book-plates, which will appear as a Supplement. 


' 1 Mr. H. Fakkham Bukke, Norroy King of Arms, has kindly offered to 

liave abstracts made of the wills in the P. CO. relating to St. Vincent and 
Dominica, and Mr. REGi]srALD Glencross is already engaged on those 
of Nevis. 

Mr. LoTHROP WiTHiNGTox is endeavouring to obtain from the Colonial 
Office a Report on all the Local Records. 

A complete list of wills on record in Barbados has been i)romised by 
the Registrar. I Avish also to point out to subscribers tliat the West 
i India Committee is collecting togtitlier whit will some day be a fine 

Library of books, MSS., and engravings relating to the West Indies. 



( V ) 


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( vii ) 


Preface - - - - . iii 

List of Subscribers ...--.-----v 

List of Contents vii 

List of Illustrations ----------- ix 

Additions and Corrections -..._.---x 

Bookplate of Haughton James, Esq., of Jamaica ----- 1 

The Settlement of Nevis - 2 

Eev. Jobn Featley of St. Kitts -- - -7 

Pedigree of Herring of Jamaica -.-.----11 

Pjm Letters --14 

Monumental Inscriptions in England relating to West Indians 

15, 78, 137, 182, 228, 272, 304, 371 

Stoney Hill Estate, Kevis 22 

A List of West Indian Deeds on the Close EoUs - - - - -' 25 

Pemberton Family of Nevis -33 

Births, Deaths, and Marriages from the " Barbados Mercury " and 

" Bridgetown Gazette," 1805 to 1818 - 41, 86, 132, 152, 215, 279, 298 

Notes and Queries 45, 91, 142, 190, 235, 285, 332, 382 

Pedigree of Brooks of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica 49 

List of AYiJls relating to Jamaica, proved in the P.C.C. from 1G55 to 1810 

53, 174 

Pedigree of Butler of Nevis -59 

Inhabitants of St. Kitts in 1678 - - 68 

Payne of St. Kitts- -' ^ 97 

Pedigree of Sir Thomas Lynch, Governor of Jamaica - - - - 99, 145 

Eemonstrance of Antiguans - 108 

List of all Testators whose Wills are on record in the Office of the Island 

Secretary, Jamaica, from 1731 to 1750 (inclusive) - - - 114, 157 

Blackman of Antigua and Barbados - 123 

Gymballs and Cherry Garden Estates in the Parish of St. Dorothy, Jamaica, 

1788 - - - - - - - - ' 126 

Parish Register of St. John's, Pig Tree, Nevis - - - - - 165, 323 

Monumental Inscriptions at St. Paul's, Nevis 168 

Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, from the " St Christopher 

Gazette and Caribbean Courier " and the " St. Christopher Advertiser 

and Weekly Intelligencer," Basseterre 178 

Pedigree o£ Bertrand of Dominica 193 



List of "Wills relating to Barhadoes, proved P.C.C. ^ . . - - 19G 

The Washingtons of Barbados • - 201 

Monumental Inscriptions at St. Thomas, Middle Island, St. fvitts - •> 204 
A Particular List of Persons paid their first month's p;i\ for their respective 

qualities under the Command of General Yerables in the West Indies, 

December, 1G51 208, 251 

Accounts relating to Aliens' property in the Leeward Islands, Confiscattd 

in 1051—1654 221, 257 

Hampden of Barbados ---..--..- 233 

Bookplate of Charles Pinfold, Esq. 241 

Pedigree of A dye of St. Kitts 242 

Admiral Sir Peter Parker, Bart. 257 

The Earliest Will of St. Kitts 2G5 

Parish, Eegister of St. George, K"evis -.- 2CG 

Bookplate of John Otto Baijer, Esq. 289 

Pedigree of Yrillett of St. Kitts 290 

Extracts from the "Barbados Chronicle" and " Caiibbean Courier" - - 300 

List of Wills relating to Nevis and St. Kitts, proved P.C.C. - - - 310 

Monumental Inscriptions at St. George's, Xcvis ..... 314 
Mounscrratt 1G77-S : A List of all the Men, Womcr. and Children, v.dutos 

and blacks, which are couteyned in the st^veraii Divisions - - 316, 342 

Admiral Phillips Cosby - 321 

Letters from D. AYals'li to J. Scott 321 

Deeds relating to the West Indies ----... 326, 348 

Sir George Thomas, Bart., Governor of the Leeward Islands - - - 337 

Archbould of Jamaica ...-....-. 333 

List of Wills proved P.C.C. relating to the British West Indies - - - 351 

Monunienial Inscriptions at St. Thomas Lovlaud, Xcms .... 355 

Pedigree of Phipps of St. Kitts - 358 

Indentures, etc., relating to Estates in Jamaica 3G4 

Eectors of St. John's, Eigtree, Nevis 369 

( ix ) 



Sir George Thomas, Bart. .-- frontispiece 

Bookplate of Haugliton James, Esq., of Jamaica ..... 1 
Ville de Charles Towu et ses Environs de I'lsle de Nieves ... - 6 
Carte dc I'Jsle de jS^ieves -.--..... facing 6 
Arms of Brooks of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica ....-- ,,49 

Carte de I'lslc de Sainct Christophle ,,68 

Bookplate of Kalph Payne, E.-^q., of St. Kitts 07 

Monument to Lady Lynch in Esher Church, Surrey - - - fencing 103 

Arms of New - - . .- - - - -- - - 171 

Anns of Dowse -....-..-.. 172 

Arms of Woodley 173 

Arms of Thompson 174 

Arms of Boddie ........... 174 

Harbour of Falmouth in the Parish of Trelawney, Jamaica - facing ISO 

Arms of Bertrand ......----- 19o 

Church of St. Thomas, Middle Island, St. Kitts .... facing 204 

Bookplate of Charles Pinfold, Esq. 241 

Sir Peter Parker, Bart. .-..-... facing 257 

Monument in St. James's Church, Bristol, to Sir James IJusseil, Kut., 

of Nevis ....-.-... facing 272 

Bookplate of John Otto Baijer, Esq. 289 

Arms of John Willett .291 

Monument to Thomas Oliver, Esq., iu St. Paul's, Bristol - - facing 305 

Admiral Phillips Cosby -....--- „ 321 

Government House and part of Belize from Port George - - „ 353 

Fort George and part of Belize ..--.-. „ 353 

( X ) 


Page 5. 

Capt. Anthony Hilton signed pr.pcrs on 5 Sq)t. and S Not. 1G2S as " President 
of Mevis." Jenkin Lloyde signed the Treaty of 5 July 1G:J7 as " Secret Geu'." 

Page 6. 

Eleventh line. 0«uY.- ." which is now reproduced as a plate." 

Page 7. 

/ In the Library of the S.P.G. is a sermon by Featley, prcaclied at St. Eotolph's, 

Aldersgate, on G Dec. 1629 to " the notably deserving gentleman Sir Thomas 
"Warner and the rest of his companie bound for the "West Indies for their 
Fare-well." (Aspinall's " West Indies," 27S.) 

1G30, INlay 3. Capt. Tho. Powell and John Peatlye, Minister of the Council 
of St. Chriiitopher. (" AV.I. Cal.," llo.) Jolm Poatlye was a subscribing witness 
to the will of Eob. Earwicke, made 23 Sept. .IG2S, on board the l^loucjh of 
London, on her voyage from St. Christopher to England. 

Page 12. 

"Will, dated 7 Oct. 1G24, of John ITcrringe of the city of Coventry, aldei'man 
and mercer. To be buried in Holy Trinity Church near the font where mv E. 
lies. Joane my wife 100^ and a messuage. Son Julian H. of Shrewsbury 
a messuage, his 2 daus. My daus. Eliz. H., Joane Cranwell, Ann Eerren, and 
EUine H. My sister Coxe. " Bro.-iu-law M'' John Piplce. Proved 12 May 1G25 
(55, Clarke) . . 

1854, Nov. 5. At Southampton, aged SO, Oliver Herring, of Heybridge Hall, 
Essex, and Paul Island Estate, Jamaica, barrister-at-huv. (" G.M.,"'G-1G.) 

Juliues H. of Jesus Coll., Cam. (B.A. ITIG, M.A. 172u), incorporated 2 Nov. 
1731. (Foster.) 

Joane Herring, widow of John H. of Coventry, made her will 13 March 1G2G, 
and named her eldest son Julines and his son Nathaniel, Pichard her second son, 
and her 3 daus. Joan, Ann, and Eliz. Proved 21 Nov. 1G2S (97, Barringtou.) 

Capt. Julines Herring mar., 4 Oct. IGSI, Anne Harris. 

Mrs. Anne Eitz-James, Avidow, a dau. of .... Herring, remar. Edmund 
Percival, and left her lease of Heybridge to her nephew the Hev. Julius H. of 
Clatford, near Marlborough. (Wright's "Essex," ii., G9S.) 

Page 51. 

Chr. Brooks and Deb. Hay had a dau. Marianne, who mar. 1777, at Elira, 
Jolm Foster, and had issue 2 sons. 

Eliz. Paby Brooks niu away after a ball at Cheltenham, and mar. at 
Gretna Green. 

Page 57. .,■ ■ 

Add: Jam.cs GoddarVlfsG.Trenlcy), .ind p. 5i). Tho. Fuller (SS, Bogg). 


Page 61. 

:eor " Eowland " read " Eowland." 

Page 68. 

A correspondent has pointed out that Cromwell deported large niun'bers of 
Irish to tlie W.I. 

Page 93. 

Mrs. Leopold Scarlett, quoting from " Jamaican Tracts," writes that tlie 
Blessing, Jas. Gilbert master, also conveyed settlers from Barbados to Jamaica. 
Stokes was Commander of the MarviaduJce. The Griffin was sent to Barbados 
July 27 to fetch Lady Modyford and the General's family, and the Jl'esf err/ate 
and Swallow ketch left Jamaica for England. The Swallow returned after tive 
months hardship to Port Hoyal ; the others were never heard of afterwards. 
Capt. Munroe, who had a commission from Jamaica, turned pirate, and took 
merchant ships bound thither. Capt. Ensom iu the Swallow ketch was sent out 
to take him, who heat him, and Capt. Munroe was killed iu the fight, his men 
brought in and hanged. 

Page 100. 

From St. Andrew's Parish Eegister. Bur., 1G73, April 17, Thomas Totthill. 

Abstract of Title of Dame Philadelphia Cotton's 817 acres: 30 Aug. IGSl, 
Sir Tho. Lyuch's will recited. 9 April 1717, Tho. King and Dame Philadelphia 
Cotton his wife convey to Joseph Banks and Henry CHffe on Trust hinds in J. 
for their lives, then to any children. Her late husband Sir Tho. Cotton, Bart. 
10 July 1720, Deed poll revoking the above. 20 July 1721, Eesettlement to her 
husband after her death. 11 Aug. 1733, Will of Tho. King bequeathing all his 
plantations to her, she to care for his son Cotton King. 

1754, jS'ov. 29. Dame Philadelphia Cotton of Finchley, widow, dan. and sole 
h. of Sir Tho. Lynch of J., K', in consideration of 4G4' sells to Wm. Bcckford of 
L., alderman, her \ of lands in S' Catherine's of 2G00 acres, which \ was in 1G72 
conveyed by Anthony Collier and others to Sir T. L. 

I Page 140. 

I Wdl of Joseph Lee of Cambridge, Mass., Esq., dated 19 Dec. 1800. My 

I brother-in-law Eich'^ Lechmere, now residing in England, £200. Mary Eussell, 

I wife of James E. of Bristol, and dau. of mv said brother-in-law Eich<^ aiid Mary 

|i Lechmere, £300. Proved IG April 1803 (34G, Marriott). 

Page 142. 

Will of Lewis Cuthbert of Castlehill, eo. Inverness. My son Geo. C. of J., 
barr.-at-law. I am Provost Marshal of J. Proved 1803 (611, Marriott). 

i Page 177. 

I Add: Tho. Dennie. (178, Howe.) (" Notes and Queries," 11 S., iv., 529.) 

i Page 185. 

Will of Mrs. Eliz. Hannay of Christ Church, Barbados, widow, dated 12 Nov. 
I 1755. My granddaus. Judith Alleyne and Eliza, wife of John Newton, Esq. 

I Proved 28 Sept. 175G (247, Glazier). 

Page 197. 
, Add: 1G80. Wm. Carpenter of B. and Montserrat. (IGl, Bath.) 



Page 213. 

Mr. F. Ciuidall points out that rortcscue was not strictly speaking Goveruor. 

Page 2i2. 

"VVill of Ealph Adve of St. Cliristoplier, dated 17 JS'ov. 1502. My house and 
land at Sandy Point, purchased by M'' INJichael Maillaid at the Marshal's sale in 
May 1797, to my wife Eliz. EastAvay A. for life, then at her death to my dau. Eliz. 
Ann AVillett A. All residue to lliim. jNIy A\ife to he ex'tiix with "Wm. C'has. 
Pahie, Pich'i Losack Esdaile, Esquires. E.x'ors. !My hrotlier John 'Willett "U'illett, 
Esq., is residins; in Enj^land. lie and my wife CJ. AVit. hy Con.'^tanline Calet, 
.Alich'- O'Loiighlin, John Meyers. Proved LSU-l hy AV. C. Faliie (520, Ilescltine). 

Page 289. 

I have seen the plate in the Franks Collection. ]\Ir. Baillie is correct in his 

Page 339. 

Will of Henry Archbould of Isavy Eow in the h.amlet of Stoke, co. Devon. 
AH to wife Sarah Eoscwell A. 22 July 1S04. Proved ISOG (41-i, Pitt). 

Page 421. 

Kevis, James, Earl of, GO, should read Earl, James, GO. 



Arms. — Quarterly. 1 and 4:, Azure, on a chevron bettueen three lions passant- 
guardant Or, as many mullets of six points Sable [James] ; 2, Sable, a man 
Argent holding in the dexter hand a club [ ] ; 3, Argent, three bars Sable 

[Hattohxon]. . 

Ceest. — A stag statant. (Burke's " Armory " gives : A demi-lion rainpant, etc.) 

" Papwortli," p. 498, gives: "Azure, on a chevron between three lions passant- 
guardant Ermine, as many escallops Gules [James, Haughton Hall, Hanover, 
Jamaica] ; quartering Haughtox, Halton, Fisher, Fowler, Dratner, and 
Parson." These quarterings are all on the tomb at E. Barnet, co. Herts, of 
Sir Simon Haughton Clarke, Bart. (Cussans' " Herts," iii., 68.) 

The will of Haughton James, Esq., of Jamaica was proved in 1744 (21(5, 
Anstis). He had been ]\r. of A. for Hanover I72G — 3G, and is stated to have 
died in 1740 (Feurtado). Haughton James, son of Haughton James of Jamaica, 
Esq., matriculated from St. Mary Hall 9 May 1755, aged 17 (Foster). LS13, 
Oct. 23. In Piccadilly, Houghton James, esq. (" G.M.," 508). As the bookplate 
is in the Chippendale style it probably belonged to the last-named. Some twenty 
years ago I met a Mr. Haughton James in the B.M.S. "Moselle" going to 
Jamaica, so I hope the family may still be nourishing in its native island. [Editor.] 
VOL. n. B 



CI)t ^tttlnncnt of iJtbts/ 

The two following Chancery Suits from the P.R.O. (the references to which 
were sent me on 25 October lSi)0 by the late Mrs. Y. T. C. Smith) g^ive very 
valuable authentic information about the earlv planters of this island. There is 
no other such early list in existence. The skins are in good order, and the names, 
with two or three exceptions, quite legible : — 



12 Nov. 1629. Humblie complaining your orator Thomas Litleton of Loudon 
merchant that whereas about Sept. 1&27 he and one Roger Glover citizen and 
vintner of London agreed to send into Turkej' an adventure of goods costing 
1600' your orator having one third and Glover two thirds and later it was agreed 
that Glover was to bear the whole adventure and pay your orator 8 per cent, on all 
sums advanced and Glover now owes 900' and 310' for tobacco and about the 
month of January 1627 your orator did fit forth a ship called the Jfaitfi to take 
her voyage to the Island of S' Christofersf and thence to Newfoundland and the 
Straights of which Glover was to have a quarter share but by reason of tempesttuius 
and contrarie winds and a great niortalitic amongst the men of the ship wherein 
the cheife comauders ^\ere lost and all the victualls spent the voyage to New- 
foundlandj and the Straights was lost to the damage of your orator in 600' and 
upwards. Glover refuses to pay his share of the charges contrary to his promise 
and about May 1628 your orator set forth three sayle of shipps and consigned 
them upon an adventure to "one of the Caribee Islands" and Glover desired to 
have a share but having no ready money signed a bill for 250' and they were 
bound to several persons for the freight and Glover and Francis Goare for their 
friends desired your orator to acknowledge a recogni.-'.ance in the high court of 
chancery of 1500' unto Glover which vour orator did on the 6 May last and 
Glover has paid 1000' in pait payment and the adventure to Turkey is not paid 
and Glover hath pnisecuted your orator in tlie Pettybag Office intending to lay 
the whole penalty of the recognizance on your orator contrary to equity your 
orator desires to be relieved of all engagements with Glover and pra\s for a 
subpena for Glover to appear in this court and answer this bill and put in all 
accounts and stay proceedings in the office of Petty bagg. [One skin.] 

The AifswEii of Defe>'I)a>"t. 

It was agreed that complainant was to become free of the Turkey Company 
before the goods arrived at Lcaghorne. Defendant shipped for Aleppo goods of 
1700' value mostly bought at his own credit and Complainant refused to take up 
his freedom thinking to lay the loss of the adventure on this defendant if the 
same had miscarried — denies claims and contests the figures. It is true that in 
January 1627 plaintif set out the ship the Fai/h for S' Christophers and then to 
Newfoundland and the Straights and agreed for a quarter share but the ship 
spent so much time in England before she departed for S' Christophers and staid 
so long at S' Christojdiers to discharge her lading that she lost her voyage for 
Newfoundland and could not arrive there time enough to lade with fish but 
returned to England and the agreement was given up by the complainant to this 
defendant to be cancelled. It is true that in May 161S [sic] three ships were, 
consigned to one of the Caribbee Islands and defendant adventured 250' and they 

* Communicated by the Editor. 

t St. Christophers had boeii settled on 28 Jaiuiarv 1G23-4 by Captain Thomas AVaruer, the 
ship havin;,' been fitted out bv Kilph Merifuld of Loudon, merchant. 

X Ne^louiidlaud, tlie oldest Britisli colony. The salted fish trade was mostly controlled by 
Pool, "Weymouth, and the AVcstern forts, and the fish was taken to Spain and Portugal for 
consumption by the Roman Catholics. 


were both bound for goods to several persons [all named] to the amount of S65' 
■ also bonds to Hemy Gardner and Gcorj^e GrifBth for 3000', to the mariners of 

( the JTo if h lUOU' for wages, to the Guyana Company SOU', to the owners of the 

j ship called ihe J/" lifh SOU', to the o\vners of the Londoti J/e;r//««/ lOUO', to the 

owners of the Jlopewell 600'. Prays action may be dismissed and asks for hia 
I costs. [One skin. J 


LiTLETOif V. Bullock. Bill of Complaint. 

XXIX April 1G31. Tour orator Thomas Litleton of London merchant for him- 
self and company complaineth that in 102S he did furnish three ships with meal 
bread victualls municon apparrell and other necessarie furniture to the value of 
5000' bearing the sole charge and cost and did consign them for Nevis sis 
Dulcina in the West Indies whither they saiVly arrived and appointed John 
Procter his agent and factor in Nevis to sell the goods and at the request of Caj)- 
taine Anthonie Hilton then governor of the s^aid Isle under the Et. Hon. James 
Earl of Carlile after agreed prices sold him certain victualls wine arms and other 
goods fit for the use of the planters there to the amount of 10G7' and sold to 
these planters following goods for these sums M"" Gilbert Cole 313',* M'' Edward 
Thompson 31S', M'' Ealph Knarsbrough 2G5', M"" Juhu Jennings G3', M'' George 
Upcott 215', M"' John Goulding 190', MMVilliam AVinn 9G', Nathaniel! Litleton 
1-14', Kaph Glover SG', John Ketleby 291', M'' Eowland Bulloeke IG', John Burd 
5', John Turner 24', Thomas Newman 57', Gilbert Plumligh 75', Captaine Thomas 
Dowse 3S', Thomas llewett 31', John Eigbie 14', Thomas Eigbie 15', Tsaake 
Euetli 10', William Gayney 24', Captaine Daniell Powell 17', Edwaid Snowdon 33', 
John Carter 2S', Thomas Standish 57^, Luke Stokes 10', "William Farrar 33% John 
CoAvley 12', William Callawaie 11', Tobie Eand 5', Thomas Staneley 13', James 
Eitssell 13', John Hilton and George Feetham 45% Eoger Puleston 9', Captaine 
George Ireland 5', Eobcrt 3Ieritowne 51% Captaine Edward Warner " governor 
of 8"=' xpofers" G', Eobert Paine 4', William Masters 45% Edward IVJason 10', 
Captaine John Jefferson of S"^' xpofers 15', John Pritchnrd 21^^, Thomas Skott 2S^, 
Hannce Vanderhowsam 34% Henrj' Mann 37^, William Wise 12', John Martin 44% 
Edward Pigott 5', John Eorcith '3G% John Lobley 4', Thomas AUsopp and Wil- 
liam AUsopp 6', Samuell Eobinson 22% Heury Staple 3', Eaph Hampton 48% 
[blank] Feme 4', Mathew Gotten 9', Jenkin Loyd 25', William Blackstone 51% 
I Thomas Punt G', Thomasf Spillman and Phillip Bourman 3', Abell Thomas and 

i his brother 12', [hJcnik] Hou'ding 9'. Luke Atkins 2G% Christopher Sugar+ 40% 

i Francis Eoiston 15% Thomas AVise 23% James Wilson 13% Thomas Wade 1S% 

l Captaine William Hull 1G% tlenry Copsell and his com])anie 3', Humphrey Ket- 

L lebie 12', Eichard Lane 10% [blank] Hickson 12% AVilliam Morris 19%"" John 

I' Heyward 30% all which sums your orator hath demanded of Captaine Anthony 

; Hilton and the other persons who refuse to pay and intend to defratid your 

[ orator who hath made so great an adventure for the setlemeut of a plantacon in 

I the said Island and the planters had not been able to sustain themselves if yotir 

I orator had not victualled them and the goods cost 5000' and witnesses being in 

I remote parts beyond the seas and it being difficult to prove the delivery of the 

! goods liopeth that all the above persons will upon their oaths answer this bill. 

[One skin.] 

AkSWEE of DEFEXr>A2s'T. 

Sworn 3 j\Iay 1G31. The Answer of Eovi'laml Bullock, one of the Defendants. 

■ It is true he bought goods for IG' and is willing to pay. [One skin.] 

■ • To save space I have omitted the sliillirsL's and pence from the Sums. 

■ t At the hitter part of the suit he is called Kobert. 
i Sie, but it might be meant for Singar or Seagar. 

B 3 


Including tlie Governor there are eighty names of planters in the atove suit, 
and as probably every man in the island got something out of the ships the number 
of settlers did not much exceed eitrhty. The ship Hopeirdl is probably the same 
vessel which -was fitted out by Ealph Ivlcrifield of London, merchant, commanded 
by Captain John Jeaffreson, and arrived on 18 iMarch IG'24 at hit. Christophers. 
Captain Tho. "Warner returned in her to England, and obtained on 13 September 
1G25 a royal commission reciting his discovery of St. Christophers, Mevis, etc., 
and appcinting him Governor. On 3 May 1()'20 Enlph Mcrritield petitioned the 
Privy Council that he had set forth two ships ('not named) under Captain "Warner 
and Captain Smith to the "new plantation in the Caribbee Islands." On 2 July 
1G27 James ]*]ai'l of Carlisle obtained a crant of all the Caribbees. On 20 October 
1G27 the Hopewell, under Captain "W'illiam Smith, with stores from the Earl of 
Carlile, arrived at St. Christophers. Captain John Smith,* writing in 1G29, said: 
" In this little He of Mevis, more than twenty yearcs agoe, I have remained a good 
time together, to wod, and water and refresh, my men." This jjroves that the 
island was used by navigators before 1G09, though no permanent settlement was 
effected. He then says: "The last yeare, lG2s, Master Littleton, with some 
others got a Pattent of the Earle of Carlile, to plant the He called the Barbados, 
thirty leagues Northward of Saint Christophers; which .... they called Dulcina, 
but when they came there, they found it such a barren rocke, they left it ... . 
At last .... they came to jMevis, a little He by Saint Christophers : where they 
seated themselves, well furnished with all necessaries, being about the number of 
an hundred, and since increased to an hundred and fifty persons whereof many 
were old planters of Saiut Christophers, especially Master Anthony Hinton \_sic], 
and Master P]dward Thompson." 

Cant. Smith's narrative is probably accurate. The island Barbados is an error 
for Bavbudos or Barbuda, an uncultivated island north of Antigua. Mevis or 
Nevis is styled Dulcina in certain wills, but I never heard of the name being 
applied to Btirbuda. If Littleton's three ships sailed for Nevis in iVEay 1G2S, and 
on arrival found Governor Hilton and over SO planters there, how did the latter 
go out ? 

In the British Museum [Egerton jMS. 2395] is preserved the narrative of 
John Hilton in 1675, storekeeper and chief gunner of Nevis. He stated that his 
brother Anthony Hilton, born in the Bishojirick of Durham, being sent by the 
merchants of Barnstaple to Virginia, touched at St. Christophers, and waited on 
Capt. Tho. "Warner the Governor. On returning from Virginia he landed ni 
Ireland, where he met Capt. Vallett and other gentlemen who provided him with 
a ship and men, intending to grow tobacco at St. Christophers, as being a better 
place than Virginia. These men were the first that settled on the "Windward side 
of St. Christopher, but being attacked by the Indians, removed to the Leeward 
side. [Hilton's name appears as a witness to the Treaty between the English and 
French, dated 13 May 1627.] Having raised a crop he returned with several 
planters to London, and having sold their tobacco for 20'' per Ib.f they were sent 
by M'' Littleton merchant, who had a commission from the Earl of Carlile, to 
settle Barbados (Barbuda), but not likino; it, nor Antegoa nor ]\Iountserrat, came 
down to Nevis y^ 22 of July 162Si, where they settled. 

John Hilton said that Jacob Lake "came over with us at y*^ first settling." 
This date of 22 July 162S would be about the time of arrival of the three ships 
Littleton despatched according to the Chancery Suit in the previous .^Lay ; but 
the two accounts do not agree, and further evidence is desired. On 8 Nov. 162S 
Hilton was one of those who signed another Erench Treaty. On 7 Sept. 1G29 
both St. Christopher and Nevis were plundered by the Spaniards, who took away 
as hostages for Xevis, Capt. John Coolie of London, Capt. John Hus'oands, a 
Yorkshircman, Kobert Merreton of London, and John Hilton, brother of Capt. 
Anthony Hilton and author of the narrative. 

* "The Travels of Captain .Tolin Sniitli," vol. ii. 

t Capt. John Smith stated that the frci^'lit was 3d. and the cu.«toms 9d. 


Capt. Anthony Hiltou, who had left foi" England in Aug. 1G29, returned with 

I more men and resettled the island. During his absence the people had elected 

I Mr. James Russell as their temporary governor. Mr. Tho. Littleton then went 

[ over with the object o£ recovering debts, to whom Hilton then resigned the 

( government and removed to "Tartodus," where he shortly after died. John 

> Hilton, after 5 years imprisonment in Spain, returned in a Dutch ship to Nevis, 

r where he met Governor Tho. Littleton, Mr. Procter the factor, Mr. Luke Stoakes, 

; and Capt. Sparrowe. Governor L. afterwards followed John Hilton to Tartodus 

j and died on the voyage. The list of Governors as given by John Hilton is as 

i follows, and to this I have added notes : — 

1. Capt. Anthony Hilton, who arrived 22 July 1628. Governor again after 
Russell, and until 1635. 

2. Capt. Wm. Vallett, his Deputy during Hilton's absence in England. He 
fled in Sept. 1629. 

3. James Russell, chosen by the people ^;-o tern. 

4. Thos. Litleton, the Founder of the colony. Succeeded Hilton about 1635, 
d. 1636. 

5. Luke Stoakes, his Deputy. 

6. Capt. Tho. Sparrow, put in by Sir Tho. "Warner about 1636. 

7. Major Henry Hunckes 163S-9. Governor of Barbados 1640. 

„■ T I '• r 1 °i I These three not named in the Colonial Calendar, so 

9. Jenkin Lloyde > ,, , ,, • j. j i n 

10. Parson John Meakem J ^^'^ ^^'"^ probably appointed locally. 

I 11. Capt. John Ivettleby, put in by Sir Tho. Warner about 16-12. 

I 12. Capt. Jacob Lake. In 1639 fought the Spaniards [d. Oct. 1619. See 

|.: ante, I., 190.J 

■• 18. Luke Stoakes 1619 [? same as No. 5]; removed to Jamaica in 1656 with 

1200 persons. 

■ 11-. Col. James Russell 1659-1671 [same as No. 3] ; d. 15 Not. 1674 at Bristol. 

15. Col. Haudall Russell 1671-167b, brother of James; d. before 29 June 1678. 

Thos. Littleton's pedigree was recorded in the Visitation of Surrey of 1662-8. 

I He was the son of Sir Edward Littleton of Henley, co. Salop, Kt., by Mary, dau. 

■■ of Sir Edward Lloyd, and is entered as "Thomas Littleton of ye Citty of London, 

Governo'' of Mevis, Ar.," and by his wife Eliz., dau. of John Abeels of London, 

I merchant, left an only son and heir, James. 

; Petition of Capt. "Wm. Digby I July 1652, reciting that ten years since Sir 

i; Tho. Warner assigned to him a plantation in Nevis formerly confirmed to Warner 

I by "Capt. Kettleby then Governor of Nevis," . . . the present Governor, Capt. 

Luke Stoakes, has taken away about 280 acres. The patent, dated 11 Dec. 1048, 
was from the- Earl of Carlisle for "240 geometrical paces* of land." (Colonial 
Cal., p. 385.) 

Certificate dated 10 Feb. (?) 1659 of Capt. Edward Blagge, that he has traded 
for more than 20 years with Nevis, " especially in the time of Capt. Jacob Lake's 
government, and knows him to have been a person of integrity and very prudent 
and laborious in the discharge of his trust.. Col. Luke Stokes, who succeeded 
him, behaved faithfully and was attached to tlie Commonwealth ; and Major 
Russell, present Governor, is very fit for his present employment and beloved 
amongst his neiglibours.'" His brother Mr. Lake, a minister, arrived in the 
Carltie on 7 Sept. 1629 at the s une time as the Spanish Fleet, but that vessel 
escaped by cutting her cables. (Colonial Cal., p. 474.) Capt. Lake commanded 
a company at that time, but his men ran away. A Capt. William Vallett was 
in 1661 a Member of the Council of Jamaica. 

In. conclusion, it appears probable that settlers from St. Christopher passed 


* Ayardland in England varied in difteront counties frora 15 t,o 40 iicro-;. Iq a patent at 
Aatigua of lfi38, laud 'Oti paoes wide aod li luilej loug measured 400 acres {sic). 



over the straits called The Narrows, only two miles wide, to Ne\"is, or else that 
the Earl of Carlile sent them over from London in one of his !<hips, and that 
Capt. Anthony Hilton was appointed their first (Tovernor by liim or Thomas 
AV^arner. At tliat time men were poiirin'jj into St. Christopher, and the surplns 
popuhition would naturally overflow to the neighbouring: islands. C;ipt. John Smith 
said that in 1G2S there had been 30 sail of English, French, and Dutch ships at 
St. Christophers. Littleton's adventure was a purely commercial undertaking;. 

There is a good map of Nevis in l^cliin's "Description geographique des Isles 
Antilles," p. 117, pub. in 17oS. A small one inset in the map of St. Kitts 
appeared in Edwards' ^^'.I. of ISIS. A small one included in the map of St. Kitts 
Avas published by Norie in 1819, which is now reproduced as a plate. 

"ViUe de CJiarlcs Tovini ct ses Environs dc I'Jiie de aYieves 


The following will is the earliest known one relating to Nevis. The pedigree 
of the Bournes of Bobbingworth and Grcensted was entered in the 1612 Visita- 
tion of Essex, though the testator's name only appears as " John 3 sonne." Wm. 
was his half brother. 

[50, St. John.] IS March 1629. T, John Bourne of Daggenham, co. Essex, 
gent., " shortly intended a voyage to certayne Islands in the West Indies within 
the parts beyond the Seas," and not having assets sutficient to pay my debts and 
being seized of the 3Ianor of (irrinsted Hall in the said co. authorise ]\largaret mv 
wife, Wm. Streaehey gent, my bro-in-1., Anthony Luther Esq. & Gerrard Gore 
gent, to sell my lands there of 100 acres (boundaries given — Wm. Bourne gent. 
& S'' Jas. Pointz &c.) to pay my debts. To my wife all my lands for life, she to 
maintain & educate our son Kich. B. & pay him 20' a year at 21 & to him all my 
lands at her death & in default to my sister An Streachy wife of the said AY'" S., 
then to my cosen Bich. B. 2"^ s. of my brother Wm. Bourne. To any future child 
200'. All residue to mv wife & sole Ex'trix. Wm. Streachy, Anthony Luther & 
Gilbert Garrard to be overseers. In the presence of John Meade, John JNIilles, 
Kath. Young, Peter Neusam, scr. 

Codicil iO Sep. 1630. Late of Greenstead ats Grynstead, co. Essex, geiit., 
•'now of Uulcina ats Neves in the province of Carliola in the AYest Indies," Sick. 
As for the estate I have adventured as servants, provisions, arms, tools &c. 1 leave 
them to the di-ipo-^al of my friend John Young of the said I-^land planter & late 
of Misdeu co. Hertford gout. Confirm the will I made in England. My debts 

Carte de l Isle deNie\^es 




to be sati.sfiod out of my adventures here & the 100 acres to be uusoM. My s. 

Kich"'. My brother W'" Strachey of Camberwell oo. Surrey gent. " To M-" Toby 

Rand Minister Jesus parish upon the said Island" 100 Ibd. waight of tobacco. 

John Young to be my E>c'or& uiy friends Capt. Jolui lluddlestoue, 'J'ho. ^s'cwiaau 
i & Jenlcyu Loyd ot" the said inland nlanlei's to be my overseers. (No witnesses.) 

i Proved 12 May 1031 by Margaret Bourne the relict, power reserved to John 

I Touug. 

1 This next will rebates to the defendant in the preceding chancery suit. It is 

j the second will on record relating to Nevis : — 

j [126, Goare.] Roger Glover of L., Marchant nov.- at the I. of Meavis, 1-1 Nov. 
1630, 12 Chas. AV'"" Hawkins cittizen & wax chaundler of L. to be my overseer 

1 & to dispose of all my goods passengers implements ic. in the ship Increase of L. 

I iot the benefit of Itichard Kowe ct L. merch', my brother Eichard Glover of L. 

I march' & my sisters Eliz. & tSara G. whom I appoint Ex'ors. My intended 

' voyage-debts due m the Indyes & W.l. My servant Eoger the Indian £10. My 

1 neece Eliz. G. dau. of my brother Joss: G-. £50. Will'" E. sou of Eicii'' I'owe 

I £30. My neece Eliz. Femmertou £40. John Worcester £10. My frend 

j Capten Thos. Sparrowe G-ov'" of Meavis 2000 waight of tobacco. M'' Geo. Upcote 

I of Meavis 500 waight & to Nicholas Godsalve SecJ' 300 lbs. of tobacco. To W™ 

I Hawkins my overseer 25'. If I recover debts due froui Tho. Littleton late Gov"" 

I of the said 1. then I give to James Littleton s. of the said Tho. Ii. £100 st. Wit. 

i by Tho. Sparrow, John AV^urcester, Tho. Hinde, Nich' Godsalve Seer. Proved 

I 5 Sep. 1637 by Ricli^ Eowe, power reserved to the others. 

The following genealogy has been copied from a small book 4yg- by 2 ^^ inches, 
containing 796 closely written pages, mostly on devotional subjects, but of which 
the genealogy or " Vita Auctoris " occupies pp. 159 to 17i. The whole Book of 
Psalms, pp. 101, printed in 1651, is also bound in between pp. 76i and 765. 

In the " D.N.B." are a long notice of Dr. Daniel Featley and a short one of 
John his nephew. The former was bora at Charlton-upon-Otmoor, Oxfordshire, 
on 15 March 1582, the second son of John Fairclough (cook to Lawrence Hum- 
phrey, president of Magdalen College, Oxford) by his v/ife Marian Thrift, and 
after taking his degrees at Oxford became successively Eector of Lambeth, 
1618-19, and Acton, 1626-7. He was a noted controversialist, preacher, and 
voluminous writer, aud died at Chelsea College 17 April 1645. 

John, his nephew, was son of John Fairclough, the eider brother of Daniel. 
His early life to 1656 is described in his MS. book. After the Eestoratiou he 
was appointed, 29 June 16(>0, Chaplain Extraordinary to the King, and on 
13 August to the l^recentorship of Lincoln. In 1661 he was again Eector of 
Langar, and later A'icar of Edwinstowe, co. Notts; created, 7 June, D.D. Oxon. ; 
died at Lincoln in 1666, and was buried in tlie Cathedral. He published a 
Sermon to the AVest India Company, 4to, London, 1629, also various sermons 
aud devotional manuals, besides the Life of his uncle in 1660. 


John Faircclough (vulgo Featlev) was y^ second sonne of John Faireclough 
(vulgo Featley) of Oxford, gent: (iiis Coate of armes being a Lyon rampant 
sable, languid and unguid gules, betweone three Flowe de luces azure, m a lield 
Or: ami y'^ Crest, a demy-Lyon sable, languid and uaguid gules w"' a Flower-de 

* Coinmuincated bv the Editor. 


luce betn-eene y'^ pawes Proper i.e Or) And Elizabeth the Kclict of [hlnfiJc'] 
Stevenson: Daughter of EJwavd lieii^'uoLls of Charletcn, in the parish of New- 
botlc, iu the County of Xorthauiptoa ; and Allice his wife. 

The said John Featley the elder imd by his said wife Elizabeth no daughter but 
4 sonnes : viz : 

1. Daniel : M"" of Art^', and Minister of the Gospel. 

2. JoLu : whose life is here v»ritten. 

3. Heury : 31inister of the Gospel, and Rectour of Thorpe juxta iScw- 

arke in y^ County of Nott'". 

4. Timothy: A souldier, and Lieutenant: who dyed in y'= West ludiaes. 

This John Faireclough (vulgo Peatley) the younger, was 1. Borne at Charleton 
abovesaid, on May-day, being tuesday, betweene y'= houres of 3 and 4 in y? after- 
no one : Anno Domini 1G05. 

2. Educated a long time in y'= University of Oxford : first in Magdalen-Hall, 
for about y^' space of onv yeare : afterward in AU-souies College for many yeares ; 
whei'e hee was tirst Chorister, and then Clerke. 

3. Chosen Master of ihe King's free-schoole in Chippiug-Xorton, in y'^ County 
of Oxford, at Michaelmasse : 1624, where hee continued for one yeare. 

4. Ordained Deacon bv Theophilus Eield, Bishop of LaudaiTe, iu S. ilargaret's 
Church iu West Minster :"May : 12. 162,3. 

5. Ordained Minister by the same Bishop, and in y<= same Church, Mar: 9. 

6. Preferred to goe w''' Captaine Thomas Warner (since Knighted) to be y^ 
first Preacher* iu the new-settled Colonic of English iu S': Christophers (one of 
the Carebe Islands) in the West Indiaes : In w'^" voyage hee proceeded in the 
end of the yeare lG2o. 

7. Married in y^ same S. Christophers Island, in S': Thomas parish (whereof 
hee was then Hcctour) in his second voyage to that Island, by M"" Tlioma.^ Lakcf 
(then Minister of Palmeioe-point parish in y"^ 'same ls;aiid) Unto Anna Powell, 
the onely daughter of Captaine Thomas Powell, then -lusticc of tiic peace and 
Quorusn ; and Captaine of Palmetoe-point division. iSiuce 1. Lieutenant Colonell 
in y* King of Swedena narres in Germanie, Uutu Coiuiiel \'/ili"'' Vavasour (since 
Knighted) 2 Quarter- Master Geuorall to Sir Will"' Waller, Lleuten': Generail 
in y^ Parliaments impioyinent, in y'' unhappy civiil warres iu England : Auuo Dni 
1G44. Martha his wife, the llelict of ihlank] Webbe, Daughter of [llr.nkj 
Ketlewood, Cittizen and Drugster of London. The said Cap': Tho : Powell, and 
Martha his wife, had issue onely L Anna; aftervvard married to John Eeatley 
2 Humphrey Powell. Anna Eeatley (formerly Povrell) was borne in the parish 
of S. i3ridg'jt; alias Brides, at Fleece-bridg, London: ou tho [blank] of 
November: IG [blank]. The said John E'oatley and Anna Powell were married 
ou Monday: Dec: 27. 1630, in 6' Christophers, as aforesaid. 

8. Impioyed in y'= King of Sweilens warres in Germanic, as Chaplaine to a 
Eegiment of English, commanded by Colonel Arthur Aston (siiice Knighted) 
la w"^'' expedition hee shipped himselfe and his wife for Hamburgh, neer Michael- 
masse. 1632. 

9. Preferred to be Lecturer at Lambeth in Surrey (over against Westminster) 
where iiis Uncle y'^ faraoui Djcuor Daniel Eeatley was then iieetour. Here hee 
Ijreached his first sermon, as Lecturer, on Feb : 8. 1634. 

* Oil 8 ilay 1027 NVaruer made a trsaty \vi:h the French of St. Kitts, ;ind ataoncf the wit- 
ue^ies is '"' il' Citdly .Miuister of Gods word for tl;o Corap.ny of suid .\r Wiirnor." In I'lie 
rreiv.'li cjpy lie is oiliod " F.'-a-<sy,' but liiere is i-a; doubt Fo'itley is tho intondfjd naaio. Jolni 
AVj.rner olSn". Chrisiopber, in hi3 will ditod :2() J;innary IGiiJ [7J, ■'^(.■roa(,ej siyi: ''To Mr. 
UjUoii luiiiistsr & i)rt;:icher tli.^ £•> lio oivjtli lue >.t to .M' .Joan Fealely, lutu'ster, 30 lb>. of 
tobaoco." TUe list-iiaiued was a wituesi to the will, but it does uot appear if Bol'.ou wa.> in the 
Islaui or EiiLjlaud 

+ Tills urn b-1 tho .Minister, brother of Governor Jacob Lake of Nevis, who landed thero iu 
IV.k. tSoo Vol. L, p. I'JO.) 


J' 10. Inducted into the Eectourie of Langar, in y* Vale of Bel- Voire, in y« 

> Couutj of Nottingham; by y^ guift of King Charles: in whose donation it then 

was ratione minoris setatis Ambrosii Pudsey : w<='^ M"" Pudsey was then a Ward to 
y* King. The said John Featley was inducted into his said Eectorie of Langar, 
on Decemb. 22. 1638. 

11. Commanded to attend as Chaplaine on y^ Life-guard of Eang Charles, 
under y^ command of Philip Earle of Pembroke and Mountgomery, and Lord 
Chamberlaiue of his Majesties household; iu the Kings first expedition against 
Scotland In w='' iinployment hee set forward in y'= weeke before Easter, 
April : 8. 1639. 

12. Sworne Chaplaine e.\traordinary to King Charles, iu y^ Campe royall in 
Hurtley field, neere y"^ river of Tweede; by James Ciegorne: June: 20. 1639. 

13. Preferred to be Lecturer at Acton in y'= County of Midlesexe sixe miles 
from London (whereof his Uncle D' Daniel Featley was then also Kectour) in y^ 
yeere 1639. Where hee continued Lecturer untill y* yeere 1643. 

14. Moved by y^ civil! warres in England to make a third voyage to S. Chris- 
tophers, w"' his wife, and all his children then living except his young daughter 
Anna: 3 mayd-servants, and 2 men-servants. In tliis voyage they proceeded, 
imbarking at Tilbury-Hope on Jun : 24. 1643. w"' leave both f ro ii y'' King under 
y« broad seale and the Parliament under y'' hand of Will"' Lenthall Speaker. 

1.5. Necessitated through sicknesse, to depart from S. Christophers Island in 
y* mouth of June: 1645 w*^'' his wife, and family; and retourne into Kurope. In 
his retourne iu a Dutch ship, hee touched at Havre-de-grace in France; where 
hee stayed not a full weeke. From thence hee sailed to Flushing in Zealand: 
where (after hee had sojourned a while) hee kept house for ab*'ut three quarters 
of a yeare, untill newes came of hopes that y<= warres in England would cease. 
W^hen V warres were neere composed hee returned into England ; and landed at 
Bostone May: 3. 1646. the King delivering liimselfe into y^ hands of y^ Scots 
before Newarke on y'= o"': of y^ said May. 

16. Setled at Langar, w"' his family, in y*^ moneth of May. 1646. 

17. Enforced through y*^ wicked practises and mallice of Jo : Bainbrig Steward 
to y^ Countesse of Sunderland for quietnesse sake to let a lease of his Living of 
Langar to y^ Countesse, resserring to himselfe an hundred pounds p"" annum. So 
hee removed w''' his family to Newarke, in the moneth of June 1650. 

18. Intreated by the parishioners of Southwell in the County of Nott : to be 
their Preacher: whither hee removed w"' his fainily. When hee had preached at 
Southwell eight moueths gratis ; hee was then setled the first Preacher at South- 
well by authority of Parliament by y'^ Committee of Plundered Ministers, the 
Coii)"^*^ for reforjialion of the Universities, and y^ Trustees for mainteuuice of 
Ministers: and an hundred pounds p'' annum setled upon him, by way of Aug- 
mentation : in .y"^ moneths of March and April: 1651 and 1652. 

19. Enforced to leave Southwell, because hee was Kectour of Langar : and 
none being permitted to hold two Livings, So hee, and his family, reme)ved from 
Southwell to Langar againe (the Cuuutesse of Sunderland being dead) about 
Michaelmasse : Anno Dni 1655. 

The above named John Faireclough (vulgo Featley) and Anna his wife, had 
issue as folio wet h : viz : 

1. John Featley : who was begotten in y" West-Indiaes : travelled in his 
mothers belly into Ireland : and was borne in y"^ Savoy i)arish, London, 
at nine of y'= clock at night on Wednesday : Nov: 9. 1631. 

2. Mary Featley: Who was begotten at London; and borne at Hamburgh 
in Germanie in y*= Boone-Strote, y'' next doore to y"^ Shippers (Tcrelz- 
skip, on Thursday night at eleven of y*^ clock Nov: 29. 1632. Shee 
dyed at sea iu a voyage toward S. Christophers not farr from y"^ 
Barbadoes, betweene y^ height of 14 and 15 degrees of North Lati- 
tude : and waa heaved over board y'^ next day, beiug Aug : 23. 1643. 


1 3. Joyce Featley : who was begotten in Gcrmanie, and borne in S': Stevens 

j Alley in AVestminster, at eight of \^ dock on Saturday morning 

! July : 5. 1034. Shoe dyed at Lambeth, and lieth there interred in y^ 

j midle Isle of y*^ Church, between y'" croi^s3-[sle and y*^ Chancell. 

4. Daniel Eeatley y^ elder : who was borne at Lambeth betweene twelve 
I . and one of y^ clock on IMonday morniiiL'. being Bartholomew day : 

' Aug: 24. 1635. Hce dyed at Lambeth, and lieth interred in Lambeth 

I Church under his sister Joyce, before whom he dyed. 

I 5. Cecilia Featley : who was borne at Lambeth in y'' moneth of : 1636. 

Shee died at Sea, w'''in lesse then a quarter of an houre after her 
sister Mary, of a spotted feaver (as her sister Mary) and was heaved 
over board in y^ same shrowde w"' her. 

6. Sarah Featley : who was borne at Lambeth on Tuesday, a moneth before 

Michaelmasse Anno Dni 1G37. 

7. Dorothie Featley: who was borne at Lambeth on Mondav Nov: 19. 


8. Daniel Featley y^ younger: who was borne at Lambeth on good Friday 

at 7 of the clock in y*^ morning: April: 3. 1639. 

9. Conyngesby Featley : who was borne at Acton, on Tuesday in y^^ after- 

noone : Mar: 20. 1640. Hee died at Nurse at Lambeth, when heo 
was but a raoneth old ; and lieth interred in Lambeth Church, in y'= 
same grave w"' Joyce, and Daniel. 
10. Anna Featley: who was born at Acton, on Thursday night, about 11 or 

i 12 of y'= clock a moneth before Michaelmasse. 1G42. 

I II. Pierce Featley : who was begotten at Acton, and borne in Palmeto- 

point parish in S. Christophers Island (his father being liectour both 
of that parish and of S. Thomas parish in y" said Island) on AVednes- 
day morning about 3 or 4 of the clock : Decern : 6. 1643. 

12. Powell Featley : who was borne iu Pahnetoe-point parish in S. Christo- 
1 _ phers Island about y= tenth or twelfth day of March : 1644. Hee 
. ■ dyed in S. Christopiiers being about y'' age of one yeare and an halfc: 

and lieth interred in the parish Church of Koyoona (vulgo Chyon) in 
y* same Island. 

13. Elizabeth Featley : who was borne at Laugar, about one of y^ clock on 

Thursday morning: Jan : 1646. 

14. Henry Featley : who was borne at Laugar on Fi-iday, Feb : 12 about 3 

of y^ clock in y^ morning : 1647. 

15. Hobert Featley : who was borne at Laugar on Friday, a litle before 

halfe an houre past seaven of y'' clock in y^ morning: Mar: 9. 1648. 

16. Thomas Featley: who was borne at Langar on 8atturday morning neer 

halfe a quarter of an houre past one of the clock May: 11. 1650. 

17. Martha Featley: who was borne at Xewarke upon Trent in y^ County 

of Nottingham, on Wednesday in y^ aftcr-nooue about a quarter of an 
hour past one of y'^ clock : April : 23. 1651 . 

18. "William Featley: who was borne at Southv.ell in y* County of Nott : 

on Wednesday night at halfe an houre past nine of y^ clock : June 2. 
1652. Hee dyed at Langar cf the small Poxe, on Sunday night 
betweene 8 and 9 of the clock; Oclob : 21. 1655. and lieth interred in 
Langar Chauceil, at y<= East ei'.d, joyning to y^ North and East wall, 
close to y^ walls. 

19. An abortive young child, not disecniabio of sexo : whereof v* 

mother miss-carried on Monday morning; Nov: 22. 1652 at South- 

20. Ivatharine Featley: who was borne at SoutitM-eli on Thursday night, 

presently after halfe an houre past eleven of y<= clock :Ft'b: 23. 1653. 

21. Edward Fe;itley : who was borne at Southwell on S;ituiday, at halfe an 

houre past 3 of y'= clock in y^ after-noone : May. 5. 1G55. 


All tte voyages w"^*" to this ycare 1656 liave been made by John Fairelouyh 
(vulgo Featley) His voyages are as followeth : viz : Thrice to y'' Wcst-Iucliaes : 
in w'^'' hee Landed at The Barbadoes thrice, Saucta Lucia once, ^Martinioa once, 
Dominica once, Cruardahipa once, Mevi's severall times, Statia once. Saint Martins 
once, Saint Vincents once. .Sayled by The Canaries thrice. The ]\Lideraes once. 
Twice into Irehind. Twice into Gernianie. Twice into y'^ Lowe-Countreys sc : 
Holland, Zealand, Freeze-land, Gronning-iand. Once into Flanders, to Hulstoc : (?) 
Once into France. Once into Scotland. 

Anna Featley, y^ wife or' John Featley, are as followeth: viz: Twice into y* 
West-Indiaes. Once into Ireland. Ouce into G-ermanie. Once into Zealand. 
Once into France. 

ffetrring of Uamaica/ 

The following letter is from Sir Isaac Heard, Garter, to a solicitor who was 
acting for William Beckford and Captain Julines Herring in obtaining con- 
firmation of their arms. In the same parcel as this letter were the two Memorials, 
together with a copv of the Beckford pedigree, " Extracted from the Heralds' 
Office 19"> Oct. 1802."" 

College of Arms 5 Dec'' 1791. 

Dear Sir 

Agreeably to what was settled at our last convention I inclose several 
Mem* for enquiries to be made in Jamaica. Your brother will be able to point 
out a proper person for the collections, viz. one that is active intelligent & 
industrious, that "no stone may be left unturned " that may afford us an inscrip- 
tion or any part of the information we nre in pursuit of. Certainly there must be 
in Jamaicaf who can give an Account of the connections, either from memory or 
tradition, of most of the families of Bank in Jamaica, & those of a Lieut' 
Governort most assuredly Avill not remain a blank in such chronological memories. 

If you had obtained anything relative to the Will of the Lieut' Governor you 
w** have communicated the same to 

Dear Sir, Tours faithfully devoted 

I. Heard G. 

P.S. — I am still pursuing the fishery for Herrings§ — to tell the truth I have 
been hitherto very unlucky. 

Thomas Wildman, Esq. 


The Memorial of Thomas "Wildman of Lincoln's Inn in the County of 
Middlesex Enquire in behalf of Julines Hering of Heybridge in the County of 
Essex and of Pauls Island in the Parish of Westmorland Jamaica Esquire late 
a Captain in the Army 


That the Arms long used by the Family of Hering, antiently established in 
the Couutiei of Warwick and Salop as appears by ancient Funeral Atchievements 
&c. are Vert on a Bend a cinquefoil between i\vo Lions passant guardant ; but 
thi same not having bicn duly registered in the College of Arms, your 
Memorialist requests the favor of your Grace's Warrant to the Ivings of Ai-ms 

• Contributed by the Editor. f The writer has omittel a word or two here. 

J This must refer to Peter Beckford. § Note the puQ here. 



John Herring, Mayor of Coventry 1612. =p 

Nathaniel Herring of^Elizabeth, dau. of Caleb Cockcroft 

London, died 1878 

of London, Esq. 

.1 . 

Colonel Juliues Herring of Jamaica, Meniber=j=Annc . . . ., remarried • A son.=p 

of Assembly for St. Eliz. 16S6 ; died 16b9-90. Richard Scott. 

Will recorded in Jamaica. 

Nathaniel Herring, Esq., Mem- 
ber of Assembly for Westmore- 
land 1711; died 1716, £et. 31. 
M.I. in Canterbury Cathedral. 

Bathshua IIerring,=f=?efcer Beckford, Esq., 
heiress to herbrother Speaker of Jamaica, 
and coheir of her baptized 5 April 1673; 
father ; died 1750. j died 23 Sep. 1735. 
Will (36, Busby). I Will (101, Derby). 

Colonel Dnniel Herring of Bath, 
buried at Newton St. Loe 27 
November 1777. Will proved 
1777 (511, Collier). 

Rev. Juliiies Herring. Will 
proved 1775 (377, Alexan- 
der), of CO. Essex; names 
his brother Daniel. 


Captain Julines Herring of Jamaica, nephew of Daniel and Julines ; applied=p 
for confirmation of arms in 1791, then of Heybridge, co. Essex, and of 
Paul's Island in the parish of Westmoreland, late a Captain in the Army ; 
great-grandson of Nathaniel Herring, Esq. 

Catherine Herring, 1st dau., married, 1787, John 
Gordon of Bristol, Collector of the Customs; 
Sheriff: 1789. He died 20 Dee. 1839, a-t. 81 ; M.L 
in St. Philip and Jacob, Bristol. Arms: Azure, 
three boars' heads coupcd, impaling Ilerriu " ^''~ 
died 26 December 1810, £et. 77. 


Eleanor Herring, youngest 
dau., married, 1 September 
1790, at Bath, Sir John P. 
Milbauke, 7th Bart. She 
died 30 July 1819. 

concerned for their e.'cemplifying and oonhrmiiig tlie same, to be borne by the 
said Julines [leriug and his Descendants and by those of liis Great Grandfather 
Nathaniel Hcring Esq'' Grandson oF John Hering E:^q'' Mayor of Coventry in 
1612 where his Ancestors had been chief (JUicers of the City in their Course 
almost for the Space of 200 Years, according to the Laws of Arms. 
And your Grace's Memorialist shall ^tc. 

Endorsed : Memorial of Thomas Wildman Esq"' in behalf of Julines Heriug, 

Thomas Wildman was a well-known solicitor and M.P. There is a tablet to 
him in Twickenluuu Church. He died 21 December 1795, aged 55. 



The Memorial of Tho' "Wildman oi' Lincolns Inn Co. INJiddlesex Esq'' Ageut 
on behalf of W" Beckford of Fonthill Giffard Co: Wilts Esq. 


That Peter Beckford Esq'' Speaker of the Afseuibly in the Island of Jamaica, 
father of the late R' H'ble W' Beckford Lord Mayor of the City of Loudon, 
married Bathsliua one of the Daughters & at length Coheirs of Julincs Hcring 
of the faid Island of Jamaica Esq", sometime a Colonel in the Army that the 
Arms born by her Family were Yert, on a Bend Argent a Cinquefoile between 
two Lions palsant Guardant Gules. That the same having been omitted to be 
inserted in the Patent of Augmentation to the Armorial Ensigns of AV"- Beckford 
Esq'' Grandson of the said Bathshna, in August 1701, your Memorialist Requests 
the favor of your Grace's AVarrant to the Kings of Arms concerned for their 
exemplifying the said Arms of Heriiig with such distinction as may be necefsary 
with those of Beckford Quarterly at the Foot or on the Back of the said Patent. 

And your Memorialist shall &e. 

Endorsed : Memorial of Tho' "Wildmaa Esq. for Arms of Hering. 

1775. (377, Alexander.) Rev. Julines Herring of co. Essex. Nephew Capt. 
Julines Herring at Jamaica. My bro. Col. Daniel Herring. 

1777. (511, Collier.) Daniel Herring of Bath, Esq. Nephew Julines 
Herring of Jamaica. 

1777 Nov. 27. Col"' Herring ; was carried away to Newton S. Loe. 

(" Memorial Inscriptions in Canterbury Cathedral," by J. M. Cowper, G5.) 

Pavement of south-west transept : — • 

Sub hoc Marmore jacet 


lamaicse Natus 

Patria) Decor, 

Omnibusque Delicium 

An": ^tatis Sua) Ob': 31 


Ahms. — . . . ., on a hend . . . ., « cinqitefoil between tivo lions passant, a crescent 
for difference. Chest. — On a helmet a dexter arm emhowed, holding in the hand 
a tword. 

Nathaniel Hering of London, Esq., died 1G78, and by his wife Elizabeth, dau. 
of Caleb Cockcroft of London, Esq. (through whom a descent is derived from 
Edward III.), had a son Julines Ilerijig of Jamaica, a Colonel in the Army, who 
died 1GS9-90, and by Aune his wife (who remarried Rd. Scott) had a son, the 
above Nathaniel Hering, who died 171G, and an only dau. Bathshua, died 175U 
(heiress to her brother), who married Peter Beckford, Esq., Speaker, etc., wiio 
died 1735. (See tabular pedigree in Kutter's " Fynthill.") 

On p. xsi Rutter gives the arms of ikring, as quartered by Beckford, Vert, 
on a lend Ardent a cinque/oil between two lions passant guardant Gules. 

1799, Sep. 29. At Bath, Capt. Milbanke, to Miss Herring, of J. (" G.M.," 


^3j>m iletters; 

The following West Indian letters were among the papers formerly belonging 
to John Pyni, M.P.. at the seat of his descendant, Philip Plej-dell !Boiiverie at 
Bryniore, co. Somerset. Thev were extracted by H. C. Maxwell Lyte, and. 
printed in the 10th Report, Part \l., of the Historical MSS. Commission. 

1633, October 28. Island of Providence. "William Eudyerd, "NYiUiam Eons 
(sic), Eoger Fioyde and John Brigham, to [John Pym ?]. 

We do not find here the largeness that was reported. At the arrival of the 
Seaflower, the country was furnished with an overplus of provisions for the 
number of persons here. In October following, the new-comers had a crop of 
corn. In that month eighty more came from Bermuda, who had been dissuaded 
by' the seamen from bringing provisions. Although they had felled a great 
quantity of ground by the end of November, and planted it with corn, the dry 
season came on so fast that little of it came to good. 

These Bermudans ( Baremoodiaiis) had little help of the provision of store 
which was spent in the fruitless work of Warwick Port. Thus many have 
endured great hardness. The island is full of hills and not so fertile as was 
reported. At Xew Westminster, and where Captn. Axe lives, the ground has thi.s 
year twice failed in corn. Tliis allotment of two acres a head will no more than 
find food. 

Even if tobacco were as vendible as ever, the quantities from here would never 
cloy the market. 

The tobacco that can be made between January and August may be as good as 
that of any country out of the Indies, if we observe the Spaniard's course of 
keeping it a year before sending it home. The woruis eat our rafters, and the 
dust falling on our tobacco hinders the burning, and makes the taste bitter. 
Most men will have plantains and papawes in their season. Pines, orange trees, 
and lime trees grow, but do not bear. Potatoes are the most thriving and certain 
food we have. Fortification goes on slowly, and we are environed with enemies. 
From Fort Henry on the South West to Fort Warwick on the North East, a 
distance of seven miles, the land is inhabited. The 29 pieces of ordnance here, if 
fitly placed, would free the West side. The North side is not inhabited, and it is 
partly defended by breakers. Twenty pieces of ordnance are requisite for its 
defence. In the harbour there is good riding for twenty ships. Whatever 
others may relate, this is the truth, [p. 85.] 

16-46, May 9. [Somers Island, Bermuda.] William Sener to Alexander Pym 
at Derby House in Westminster. Concerning his estates in Padgett Tribe and 
Pembroke Tribe, and the estates of Lord Say and Sir Benjamin Eudyerd. 

The Government is changed. Within twenty days after his arrival, the 
Governor called an assembly, pretending thereby to reform certain things amiss. 
All the ministers in the island, Mr. White, Mr. Goldinge, and Mr. Co])eland, 
were Independents, and they had set up a Congregational Church, of which most 
gentlemen of Council were members or favourers. The burgesses of this assembly 
were picked out of those who were known to be enemies to that way, and they 
did not suffer a Roundhead (as they term them) to be chosen. Particulars of 
tobacco send to England in chests of cedar, [p. 95.] 

1662, August 15. Surinam. John Treffry to Charles Pym. 

We have been long in expectation of my Lord (Willou;rhby) who by his last 
told me that he would soon be ready to sail, having fully agreed with his Majesty 
concerning Barbados and this place. I hope that we shall see tliis colony wonder- 
fully prosper by reason of the decline of Barbados, wheuce we daily expect sixty 
passengers and planters by the Guiann. 

* Communicated by the Editor, 


( All things are excessively dear, and the sugar so bad that it will liardly be 

!' received. Money is as fluent there as in England, and taverns take nothing else 

I — no goods, which must occasion a decay of their old trade. The Spaniards we 

I understand have bought 500 negroes frum the island t'oi* ready money at high 

; rates. Our colony is daily improving. Seven ships have already gone lience 

j laden with sugar, specklewood, and other commodities. 

! Major IS'oel has a windmill up, and ours will be the next to be made. Every 

! one is striving for the good of the public. Our sugar is far better, and of greater 

i price than that of Barbados. Our noble Governor may justly bear the honour, 

I having won every one not only to himself but also to industry. Some debauched 

i persons have lately tried to make the world believe that he intended to poison 

I Lieut.-Col. [Eobert] Sanford. It was a plot of Sanford's. Particulars given. 

I [p. 90.J 

I 1667, December 15. Barbados. Ldrd Willougliby to Sir Charles Pym. 

! "I am going to Leeward to settle things there, and I may chance try mv skill 

j in Indian-hunting. Their late barbarities liave been such. that they deserve no 

I laAv." Heraldic seal. 

i 1668, November 8. Antigua. William Byani to Sir Charles Pym at Ilatton 

[ House, Loudon. 

i I have deserted our unfortunate colony of Surinam, war and pestilence having 

(almost consumed it. As it is to revert to the Dutch, I have with great loss 
removed to Antigua, where 1 am hewing a new fortune out of the ^\ild woods. 
t Eesettling is hard, the island being ruined by the French and the Indians. Tiie 

[titles of our lands are established to the satisfaction of all, and the inhabitants are 
more now than ever before. Heraldic seal. [p. 96.] 

The writer was a prominent Eoyalist refugee officer at Barbados in 1050, but 
removed to Surinam after Sir G. Aj-scue's reduction of the island to the Common- 
wealth. He published " An Exact Eolation of the most execrable attemi)ts of 
John Allen, committed on the person of His Excellency Francis, Lord "Willoughby 
of Parham, Captain General of the Continent of Guiana and of all the Caribby 
Islands, and our Lord Proprietor." Sm. 4to. London, 1005. 

jlflonumcntnl Jnscripttons in (^nglanli 
relating to SSHest 3:nliian$,* 

• BOX, CO. WILTS (six miles from Bath). 
South aisle, south wall, on a white marble tablet surmounted by an urn:- 

To the Memory 


He resided u|)\vards of 

thirty Tears 

in the Ifland of JAMAICA, 

and returned to his native Country 

for the benefit of his Health, 

but too late 

He died February 2'"' IS 10, 

in the 45''' year of his age. 

In him were united 

the dutiful and affectionate Son 

the loving Brother 

and truly sinceie Friend. 

• Continued from Vol. I., p. 375, 


1816, Tliursday Feb. 8. Friday .died, at his lodgings in this city, Michael 
Collman, esq ; aged 49 ; he resided 30 years at Jamaica and returned to this city 
for his health. (" Bath Chronicle.") 

On the north Avail of the nave, between the second and third bays, on a white 
marble scroll-shaped tablet surmounted by a dove: — 

To the memory of 

only sons (and Tenants in Common) 

of the late IlE^'KT EEDWAPv Elq;, 

of Spanish Tov.n in the Island of Jamaica, 

who were in the enjoyment of perfect health 

only ten daj^s before they were called to 

surrender their Spirits to HIM who gave them. 


at their Estate Dumbarton S' Anns 

in the above Island, 

November S"' 1S07, in his 24"' year. 

HENKT died 

at Middlehill, in this Parish, 

■ December 27'^ 1S07, in his 19"' year, 

[Four lines follow.] 

1807, Nov. 8. Wm. Eedwar esq. of Jamaica. (" G.M." for 180S, p. 87.) 
1807, Thursday Dec. 31. Sunday died at Middlehill, in his 19th year, after a 

few days severe illness, Henry Kedwar, esq ; youngest son of the late Henry 

Kedwar, e.sq ; of Spanish-ToAvn, Jamaica, &c. (" B.C.") 

In the churchyard, on the south side, on a flat stone over a stone vault : — 

Under this stone 

lie the Eemains 


daughter of ALEXANDEE 



of Jamaica 

born 13"' June 1804 

and died 3'''^ of January 



Son of the late 


of Spanish Town 
in the Island of Jamaica, 
died December 27"' 1807, 

in his 19"' Year 


died December 20'''' 1820 
Aged 56 Years. 

1839, Feb. 14. At Bath, in her 30th vear, Frances Louisa second dau. of the 
L Ale.x. Bayley of J. (" G-.M.," 444.) 

1845, Aug. 21. At Stapicton. Glouc, Cha. Lyall, of Barbadoes. youngest s. 
of John L. of Brighton, to Cliarlotte Augusta, dau. ct the 1; Ale.x. Hayicy, of 
Wood IIull J., & sister to the Eev. Kicketts B., Incumbent of Stapleton. {Ibid., 




On a large stone altar-tomb.* There is nothing on the top slab. On the east 
side : — 



Daughter and Sole Heirels of JAMES CUNNINGHAM 

Efquire of the Island of Jamaica by SARAH PRATT 

his AVife. She died the . . rh Day of Augul't 1804 

Aged . . 

On the west side : — 

Beneath this Tomb lie the remains of J AMIES KIRKBT 

late of Kirkby lioule in the Conn .... but formerly 

of this Parifh Elquire. He was second Son of WILLIAM 

KIRKBY of Kirkby and Ai'hlack in the County Palatine 

of Lancaster, Elquire by ALICE his 2'' AVife eldest Daughter 

of THOMAS COMBER D.D. Denn of Durham 

He died the Fifth Day of September 1792 

Aged 72. 

At the north end :- 

lie the rem.ains .... 

Widow of JAMES 


of the Island of Jamaica. I 

She departed this Life 

.... Day of March 


Aged G3. 

At the south end is a shield with these arms : Argent, two bars Gples, a canton 
of the last charged ivilli a cross ■Jiioline. A crescent for clijlerence for l^UiKiiY. 
On an escutcheon of pretence the arms of Cu>'>'ij«'GUAm .... a shakefork .... 

[This is cut as a cross pall in error.] 

1761, June 30 Wm. Cunningham, Esq ; of Jamaica. (" G.M.," 334.) 
180i, Aug. 6 Mrs. Sarah Kirkby, relict of Mr. James K. of Kirkby-house, 
near Hungerford, Berks, and formerly a chemist in Eartlet's-buildings. She was 
daughter and sole heir of James Cunningham, of London, and also heir to her 
uncle Cunningham, who had been a consul. {Ibid., 791.) 

Col. Koger Kirkby, living iu 1719, alienated his manor of Kirkby Ireleth, 
which had been in the family from as early as 1200. The Chapel contains marble 
monuments recording the deaths of William Kirkby of Kirkby 22 February 1730 
and AViliiam Kirkby of Ashslack 2S December 1747. Kirkby Old Hall was the 
home of the family for at least ten generations. [See Croston's Edition of Baiues's 
" History of Lancashire," toI. v., p. 615.] 

• If the luird crust of dirt were scraped off this stone the lettering would, I ihiuk, be quite 
legible ; at pre.sent it is not in places. 

TOL. II. « 


Parish of St. James, Moxtego Bat, Jamaica. 

" The Hon. John Cunningham, Esq., Member of Assembly, | Bom at 
Kirknewton, Scotland in 173S. | He married Elizabeth, relict of Robert 
Westland, I and died in 1S12. | Erected by his sons James, Samuel, and 

He acquired Maxfield Estate, of which he had been the attorney for the 
Hodges family. 

" John, eldest son of John and Elizabeth Cunningham, | ob..l80-i." 
" Mrs. Elizabeth Cunningham, | ob. 1S06." (Archer, 318, 319.) 

1812, Sept. 27. At Montego Bay, Jamaicn, after a residence of more than 
50 years in the Island, in his 71th year, the 1:1 on. Jolm Cunningham, a major- 
general, and colonel of the St. James's regiment of foot militia, and custos for the 
same parish. (" G.M.," 670.) 


On a plain white marble tablet on the east wall of the south aisle (copied 
11 August 1909) :— 

Near thib place Lies Interr'd 

the Body of M" ELIZABETH 

WOOD who Departed tliis 

Life Auguft the 19"' 1730 

Aged 42 Years. 

She was wife to Basil Son 

of Basil Aroon Esq", in the 

County of Salop who 

Departed this Life in the 

Island of lamaica the 14"' 

of Augul't 1734. 

This was given in Manning and Bray's " Surrey," i. 208. 

There is a pedigree of Wood of Sliinewood in the "YisitatioTi of Shropshire, 
1G23," of whom Basil Wood, Fell, of All Souls, B.C.L. 1608, Chancellor of 
Rochester 1618. was buried in St. Michael's, O.xford, 30 November 1644, and was 
father of Br.sill, a Eoyalist Captain (born 10 Eebruary 1619-20. died 30 i\pril 
1684, buried in St. IMichaers aforesaid), who was father of Basill, a surgeon, 
aged 31 in 1G81 ; licenced 9 May 1673 to marry Jane, dau. of Henry Hedges of 
Wanborough, Wilts, gent. [See inore in Poster's " Alumni Oxouieuses."] 

There is no entry in Archer or Eoby. 


Here lie the Eemains of 


..... Esher in the Parish of Hanover 

.... Island of Jamaica 

.... Day of August .... 


In this Vault beneath 

Lies the Body 

of the Eight Hon. Sir Alexandee Thomsoit 

Lord Clieif Baron 

of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer 

one of His Majesty's .... Privy Council 

who died at Bath 18"' of xipril 1817 

Aged 74. 

.... this Vault 
are deposited the Eemains of 
M» MAET THOMSON a native of 
. . this Place. 

.... Many years Eesident at 

.... in Lancashire 

. . . . Lord Cheif Baron .... Thomsoii 

.... this life 

31=' Jan. Aged 77. 


The above three M.I. are all on one tomb, and were copied and sent me by 
the verger 13 October 1909. According to Lysons the date on Dr. D. Thomson's 

. tomb was 1785. 

j 1785, July 29. In Southampton-row, David Thompson. M.D. of Jamaica. 

(" G.M.," 748.) 

David Thomson, M.D. of Camberwell, and a doctor of medicine of Aberdeen 
of 1739, was admitted an Extra-Licentiate of the College of Physicians 22nd Sep- 
tember 1748. (" Munk's Eoll") 

': 1817, April 15. At Bath, in his 73d year, Et. Hon. Sir A. Thomson, Lord 

Chief Justice of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer. He was in point of years the 
Father of the Bench, having sat as one of the Judges many years longer than 
any of its present occupants. His reputation as a Judge was of the highest 

» order, in point of legal knowledge, of perspicuity, and strict integrity of 

* decision &c. ('^G.M.," 382.) 

t- The Judge was knighted on 7 Feb. 1787. (Townsend's " Calendar of 

) Knights," 57.) 


On a white marble tomb enclosed by iron raib'ngs on the north side of the 
churchyard : — 


DIED SEPTEMBER 4^^. 1815, 

(North side.) also ELIZABETH his wife, 

(Five lines.) 

SHE DIED MAT 31, 1832. 









Eoger Palmer of Palmei-stoAvn, co. Mayo, and !Rusli House, co. Dublin, died 
in Paris October ISll, alter ten years detention by tbe French, and dying unmar- 
ried (" G.M.," 403, 4SG) his estates passed to his sister Elizabeth, who married 
Capt. Joseph Eudworth, who took the name of Palmer, and died at Eastbourne 
4 September 1S15, and was buried on the 14th in the churchyard of "West 
Moulsey {Hid., 390). Elizabeth his widow died at Ham Common, aged 7G, when 
her estate of £30,000 a year devolved on Sir "W. H. Palmer, Bart., of co. Mayo 
(Jbiil., 2L'S). Their only dau., who died aged 43, married 3 August 1S12 William 
Alexander Mackiuuon of Antigua aud M.P. for Lymington. (See Vol. I., p. 27.) 


On a stone slab over a brick tomb in the south portion of the churchyard 
(copied 30 August 1909) :— 

To the Memory of 


Relict of M ARM A DUKE DAYRELL, Ellf. 

Of Camp . . Camhridge-fliirc, 
who died Dec^- 29'^. 1794 Aged -1 Tears. 

She was dau. of Warner Tempest of Antigua and of Molesey by Mary, dau. 
of Col. William Byam, was ba])tized 13 August 1747 at St. John's, Antigua, and 
married 8 November 17GG at St. George's, Hanover Square. Her husband died 
15 April 1790, aged G7. (See "Antigua," iii. 122, and Burke's "Landed 


On the south wall of the nave, luw down. Above the tablet is an urn, on 
which is a shield of Arj[S. — Or, three stags' heads, two and one erased Sable, 
impaling the same. Crkst. — A stag's head as in the arms. (Copied 9 August 










ON THE 27^=. JUNE 1813, AGED 79 TEARS. 




This inscription, in an abbreviated form, is in Dr. Drake's " Hundred of 
Blackheath," 101. 

1815, May 17. At Greenwich, in his 33d (sic) year, John Reid, esq. 
(" G.M.," 569.) 


On the east wall of the Church above the south gallery : — 









ON THE 26^"^ DAT OF JULY, 1830, 





ON THE 26^° DAY OF MAY, 1831, 


1831, May . . At Bermuda, Lieut.-Col. Win. Lloyd, R.A. He was appointed 
Pirst Lieut. 1795, Captain 1807, brevet Major 1814, and Lieut.-Col. 1826. 
(" G.M.," 286.) 


" Sarali daughter of Thomas Williams, Esq. of Nevis, wife of John Williams 
son of Colonel Williams of S' Kitts, 1774." (Lysons' "Environs of London," iv., 
471.) On searching the churchyard on 9 August 1909 this stone was not found. 
There are, however, several altar-tombs covered up by creepers, and many of the 
inscriptions have worn away or become filled up by dirt. This churchyard is now 
used as a public garden. 

1785, May. Aged 80, John Williams, esq. of Nevis, son of Col. W. of 
S' Kitts. He was the oldest planter in the old sugar islands, and had been senior 
member of the council above 40 years. (" G-.M.," 4S9.) 

1735, Nov. 20 John Williams, Senior, to be of the Council of S' Christopher. 

1743. Johu Williams then a M. of the Council of Nevis. 

I do not kuow if these entries relate to the same individual. 

i By Indenture of 10 December 1755 John Williams, late of Nevis, then of 

i Great Windsor, co. Berks (and Sarah his wife), for his daughters Prances Williams 

I and Sarah Williams, conveyed to Henry Herbert and Tho. Mills all his plantations 

i iu St. Christopher and Nevis on trust. John Williams, jun., was of Wimpole 


In another deed of 1760 are mentioned John Williams, sen., of Lower Brook 

Street, and Sai-ah his wife of the one part, and John Williams, jun., of Wilton, 

CO. Middlesex. 

[Extract from a letter dated 1870 by the late Sholto Pemberton, Chief Justice 

of Dominica.] 

This family of Williams had branches settled from very early times iu Antigua, 
St. Kitts, and Nevis. Their pedigree is rather complicated and confusing, and 
any information about them is desired. 



On a tablet on the west wall of the north transept (copied 14 June 1910) : — 

Near this Place 

Are deposited 

the Eemains of 



of the iriand of Barbados 


She died 

the 25**^ of January 


Aged 64 Tears. 

Above is a shield with arms : Argent, a crescent Gules, on a chief indented Or 
three mullets Vert; impaling: Sable, three pickaxes Or (PPigott). 

1787, Aug. 2. At St. Mary-le-Bon Church, Wm. Cleland Moore, esq; of 
Barbadoes, to Miss Staarf, of Castle-str. Cavendish sq. sister to Sir Robert S. bart. 
("G.M.," 739, and "T. and C. Mag.," 383.) 

1822, Dec. 21. In Gower-st. aged 70, the relict of 1. W. M. f. Attorney -gen. 
ofB. ("G.M.," 1823, 92.) 

{To be continued.) 





5 A Plan of the Estate formerly of Fra^ Sanders Esq. 

J 17"' June 1739. A Copy of the AYill of Fraacis Siuuders Planter. 

> ■ 2^^ April 1712. A Copy of the Will and Codicil of Fra^ Sanders Esq. 

f 29"* Jau>' 174G. Articles of Agreeiueat made between John Butler of the 

I 1'' part Frances Saulers Sp' of the 2'' pirc and Ann Sanders Sp"' & John Hooke 

Greut. of tlie 3'' part Being Articles made prcjvious to tlie Marriage of the said 
John Butler with Frances Sanders. 

28"' Dec' 1748. Copy of an Ind're made between Walter Rolsington Gent, 
aud Ann his Wife of the one part & Edw' Paris Esq. of the other part Being 
a Conveyaace frjm said Walter kol'sington aud lii.s Wife of a Moiety of several 
Plautacious aud all other their Lands in Nevis or elsewhere to said Edw'' Parris 
in ffeo. 

29"' Dec' 1748. Copy oE an Inienture mada between Elw** Parri.s Esq. of 
the one part atid Walter R)lsiiigtori Gr'ut. of the other part Being a Conveyance 
of the aam; Promises f ro n s'* El.vavd Parris to sail Walter Rolsington in tfee. 

iW" & 31" Jau'ry 1748. Inl'res of L3ase anl Release tlie Release nvidi 
betwoea .roliu Butler Moroh' and ffrauces his Wife late ifrauc^s Sanders Spinster 
of the first \rxvt John Hooke Goatlemui and Duke Butler (rent, of the 2^ part 
Aud W"^ Halford Clerk aud W'° Vaughau Clerk of the 3-* part Being tlio 

• The portioas in italic have had a pea drawu through thein. 


Settlement made on the Marriage of the said John Butler with the said Frances 
Saunders in pursuance of the before mentioned Articles of Agreement of the 
29"' June 1746. 

31" Jan'ry 1748. Bargain & Sale Acknowledged before a Judge in the 
Common Pleas & inrolled in Chancery made between the same parties & for the 
same purpose as the last mentioned Indenture. 

14"^ xVpril 1749. Bond from said AV^alter Hofsiugton to said John Butler and 
ffrances his Wife in £oL)00 Conditioned to abide by the Award Appraizement 
and division of Sam' Clarke John Richardson and James Dascent Esq" of All the 
Lands Buildings Negroes &c. which were the Eeal and p'sonal Estate of said 
Erancis Sanders deceased. 

25'i' May 1749. The Award of the said Sam^ Clarke John Eichardson & 
James Dasent. 

9"^ June 1749. lud're made between John Butler Merch' and Frances his 
Wife of the one part and Walter Roisington Grent. of the other part being the 
Deed of Partition made in pursuance of the said Avrard. 

Same date. Bond from said Walter Rofsington to said John Butler & Fra' 
his Wife in £5000 Conditioned for Performance of the Covenants in the last Deed. 

A Copy of the s*^ several Bonds Award and Deed of Partition. 

27''' & 28"' May 17-31. Indentures of Lease & Release The Release being 
made between John Butler Merch' and ffrances his Wife of the fii'st part Duke 
Butler Master of Arts of the 2'^ part And W"' Rulsell Gent, of the S*" part being 
an Appointment of Butler Fenton Clerk to be a Trustee in the said Marriage 
Settlement in the Room of said John Hook then deceased And also a Conveyance 
fron said Duke Butler the surviving Trustee of all the Prem'es to the said W'" 
Rufsell To the several uses mentioned in the said Settlement. 

29"* & 30"' May 1751. lud'res of Lease and Release The Rel' being made 
between the said John Butler and Frances his Wife of the first part the said W'" 
Rufsell of the 2*^ part And the said Duke Butler &, Butler ffenton of the 3'' part 
being a Conveyance from the said William Rufsell of the Prem'es mentioned in 
the last Deeds to said Duke Butler & Butler ffenton upon the Trusts of the said 

26"' Dec"" 1772. Bargain & Sale of 5 parts Acknowledged before a Judge of the 
Common Pleas and Inrolled in Chancery made between the ReV Duke Butler of 
Okeford Fitzpain in the County of Dorset Master of Arts the survivor of the 
Trustees named in the Settlement executed subsequent to & in consideration of 
the Marriage had between John Butler deceased and ffrances his Wife of the first 
part the said Frances Butler (then ffrances Butler the Elder the AVidow and 
Relict of the said John Butler) of the second part John Butler of Greenwich Esq. 
Mary Butler of Greenwich Spinster and Frances Butler the Younger of Green- 
wich Spinster v/hich said John Butler (party thereto) Mary Butler and' ffrances 
Butler the Younger were all the Children of the said John Butler dec'ed by the 
said ffrances Butler the Elder of the 3*" part George Webbe the Y'ounger of the 
said Island of Nevis Esq. of the fourth part And Thomas Bennett of Lombard 
Street Gent, a Trustee named by and on the part and behalf of the said George 
Webbe the Y"ounger of the 5"' part Being a Conveyance from the said Duke 
Butler ffrauces Butler the Mother John Butler Mary Butler and Frances Butler 
the Daughter to the said George Webbe the Y'ounger and Thomas Bennett of the 
several Plantations which were allotted to the said John Butler and Frances 
Butler by the said Deed of Partition. 

13"' & 14"' Jan'ry 1773. lud'res of Lease & Release the Release being made 
between the said George Webbe the Younger of the first part the said Thomas 
Bennett of the 2 part and Andrew Rofs Esq. of the third part Biing a Convey- 
ance from the said George Webbe the Younger and Tho* Beunett to the said 
Andrew Rofs of the same prem'es by way of Mortgage for securing the paym' of 
£5200 and Interest. 

Same date. Duplicates of the same Indentures. 


Same date. Ind'res of Lease & RgV made between the said Greorp;e Webbe 
the Younger and Mary his Wife of the one part and the said Andrew Rofs of the 
other part Being a Conveyance from the said George "Webbe the Vounger and 
Mary his "W^ife to the said Andrew Hols of a Plantat" in Nevis called Crabb Hole 
and other Hereditaments bv wav of Mortgage for securing the payment of the 
said £5200 & luterest. 

Same date. Duplicates of the last Ind'res of Lease and Eelease. 

30*^ & 3P' Dec'' 17S.J. Ind'res of Lease & Eelease made between the said 
George AVebbe the Younger & Mary his Wife of the one part and the said I 

Andrew Eols of the other ])art being a further Mortgage of the said several j 

Plantations Mortg'ed before (Except a piece of Laud in Batchelors Hall) for 
securing the further sum of £1300 and also a Convej'ance from the said George i 

"Webbe the Younger and Mary his Wife to the said Andrew Eofs of two other ' 

parcels of Land in Nevis for securing as well the Kepayment of the said £5200 as 
of the said £1300 making together £6o00 And also purporting to be a Eelease of 
the said piece of Land in Batchelors Hall from the payment of the principal and 
Interest due & to become due on the Mortgage. 

3V Dec 1785. Bond from the said George Webbe the Younger to the said 
Andrew Jtofs for payment of the Mort'ge Money and performance of Covenant s. 

21'^ Janry 176S. Bond from Georqe Webbe the Younr/er Esq. to 3Iary Webbe 
Widow, The ReV' 7F« Trant Clerk Sf Gilbert Rofs Alerch' in £2000 Conditioned 
for payment of £1000 on the 2V' July then next with Interest at 5 P. C. 

23'^ March 1786. A Gen'' Power of Att'J from the said George Webbe to the 
said Andrew Eofs. 

P' and 2^ July 1773. George "W^'ebb Esq. to Eceve & Hill Mortgage. 

2G Dec^ 1785. Geo. Webb Esq. to Miles Harford & Co. Bond. 

Same date. Mikv-; Harford & Co. to Geo. AVebbe Esq. Deed of Covenant. 

31 Dec"' 1785. Geo. A\'ebb Esq. to ^lefsrs. Lane & Eraser Eelease. 

19 Feby 17S9. The Comm'^ under Eeeve & Hill's Bankruptcy to the Assignees 
Att'' Copy Bargain & ISale. 

23 &, 24. June 1789. The Assignees of Eeeves Son & Hill to M"- Hill Att^ 
copy Conveyance and Assignment. 

8 Dec'' 1791. Mel'srs. Lane & Eraser to Mefsrs. Kirkpatrick Bond. 

13 it 14 Aug' 1798. Mel'srs. Kirkpatrick and others to Eobert Pulsford Esq. 
Transfer and Assi' of Mortgages and a copy of d°. 

21^' June 1805. Eobert Bulsford Esq. to the heirs of Geo. Webbe Esq. dece'd 
Eelease of Mortgages. 

31^' Jany 1825. M''^ Ross and others to M'' Pulsford In trust for M" Eoss & 
Metsrs. Mitchell Ass' of Term of 500 y'rs. 

A parcel of old Letters & Mem'da relating to s"^ Estate. 

2G"' June 1802. Ind're between George AVebb & Mary his Wife of the one 
part and Henry Eawlius & Wdliam AYorthiugtou AV^ilkes Esq. of the other part. 

Eeceived 12"' November 1830 of Metsrs. Lowndes & Gatty the Deeds & 
Papers above mentioned. 

For Clayton Scott & Clayton, 

AY" Hughes. 
Endorsed: M''^ Eoss. Schedule of Deeds. 
[Three large sheets of paper in the possession of the Editor.] 

Caribbea^ta. 25 

3 iLiijt of Mlt^t Sntiian Bcttis on tlje 
Close i\olls.* 

Thomas Case, vide Heywood. S' Vincent 1778, 2-9 

AVilliam Crosbie junior, by Jolin Browiicll, Chris- 

toplier WiUicrhcrd a bankrupt. Dominica, Tortola ,, 2-21 

Lewis Chauvet, vide Giles. Dominica „ 6-9 

Bupert Clarke by John Popploton Griffin. Jamaica „ 7-5-6 

Granado Chester by ]Mary Seager, spinster. Antigua 1783, 13-23 

Granado Chester bv Joshua Pattison & Ann his 

wife. " „ „ 13-22 

Browulow Lord Bishop of Winchester <.t Eliza- 
beth Banister, widow, & AVilliam Macdowall 

Colhoun. S' Kitts „ 15-5 

William Macdowall Colhoun by Brownlow Lord 

Bishop of Winchester. „ „ 15-6 

Mary Butler i Thomas Butler & John Sherwood 

& James Healy & Thomas Coxhead & Wil- 
liam jNlanning & John Butler & Thomas 

Hook, John Hook. Nevis 1785, 16-9 

Thomas Coxhead by Tliomas Butler. America ,, 16-10 

Daniel Giles by Thomas Hotehkin, Estates of 

Lewis Chauvet tt Peter Turquard. 

Dominica, S' Vincent, Grenada, Tobago 1778, 6-9 
Stephen Payne, vide Priddie. S' Kitts 1781, 10-18 

James Gordon & Thomas Boddington by Ann 

Doig. Antigua 1784, 3-4-5 

Henry Wiluiot, Sar.ih his wife, A''aleutinc Henry 

Wilmot their only son & Valentine Morris 

& James Glasgow. S* Vincent „ 9-20 

James Glasgow by H. Wilmot, Sarah his wife, 

Valentine H. Wilmot. „ „ 3-21 

Benjamin Arthur Heywood by Kobert Townsend, 

Estate of Thomas Case. „ 1778, 2-9 

Henry Harford by Benjamin Blayney, B.D. America 1779, 2-8-9 

Sarah liicks x Bichard l^yteot Ilicks, vide Leake. Nevis 1781, 1-11 

Godschall John'sjn by William Gunthorpe junior, 

Margaret his wife. Antigua 1779. 1-7-8 

Godfrey Kettle by William Tyssen. „ 1778, 8-3 

Sarah Hicks widdow, Richard Lj'tcot Hicks & 

Ann Earn Stubbiu & John Brownrigg Leake, 

Thomas Wall. Nevis 1781, 1-11 

Charles Medows, vide Akers. S' Christophers 1782, 21-13 

Peter Mathew Mills, vide Akers. „ „ 21-14 

John Pogson & John Beach, Thomas Plummer & 

Charles Mayo. „ 1784, 5-9 

Charles Mayo by John Pogson. „ „ 5-10-16-17 

Sir Charles Middleton by Godschall Johnson, 

Elizabeth his wife. Antigua 1785, 10-5 

Henry Hoyle Oddie by James Laugford Brooke. „ 1780, 1-15-16 

• Continued from Vol. I., p. 354. 



Joha Otto Bayer, Sarah his wife & Thomas 

Oliver & the said Thomas Oliver, Michael 

Lovell of the 3"' part. Antigua 

Watkia Williams, Elizaheth his wife & Catherine 

Stapleton & Phil. Puleston, clerk. S' Kitts, Xevis 

Philp Puleston by Watkin "Williams. ,, ,, 

John Powell by Patrick Roche Farrill. Montserrat 

Joseph Pickering by Ashton Warner, Rachael 

his mfe. Barbadoes 

George Phillips by James Butler Harris. „ 

Stephen Payne Galwcy, Phila. his v.-ife & Lucretia 

Payne widow & William Priddie & Sir Kalph 

Payne, K.B. S' Kitts 

William Priddie by Stephen Payne Galwey. „ 

George Phillips by James Butler Harriss. Barbadoes 

Jonathan Price by Jeffery Me rri weather Shaw. Ne^ns 

John Pogson, vide Mayo. S* Christophers 

John Pogson by Charles Mayo. „ 

Michael White, Samuel Greathead & Keiider 

Mason & William Manning & Jonathan 

Jonathan Price by Samuel Greathead, Michael 

Robert Smith by Nathaniel Bogle French. 
Peter Turquard, vide Giles. 
Watkin Williams, vide Puleston. 
Winchester, Brownlow Lord Bishop of, 


1784, 4-4 

1778, 3-12 
„ 3-13 
1781, 2-8-9 

„ 2-12-13 
„ 6-3-4 

„ 10-19 

„ 10-19 


1783, lG-18-19 

1784, 5-9-10 
„ 5-14-15 

Dominica 1785, 16-7 

S' Kitts & Nevis 

St Kitts 

Henry Wilmot, Sarah his wife, vide Glasgow. S' Vincent 

Michael White, vide Price. Dominica 

Joseph Amory by Isaac Pitcher, Elizabeth his 

wife. S' Christophers 

Braithwaite Ashley, v. Braithwaite. Barbadoes 

Alexander Harvey & Robert Harvey & John 

Aberdein. Antigua 

John Aberdein by Alexander Harvey. „ 

James Akers senior by James Akers junior, Ann 

his wife. S' Christophers 

Stephen Thurston Adey by James Carey. Jauiaica 

James Alccr.s senior by Mathew Abbott. Nevis 

James Akers, vide Holt. S' Christophers 

Stephen Thurston Adey by John Kendall. Jamaica 

Walter Blunt, vide Goldfrap, S' Christopliers 

John Blagrave, vide AVinterbottom. iVeyis 

James Blaucard, vide Greathead. Dominica 

James Blaucard, vide White. „ 

Braithwaite Ashley & John Henry Warre & 

John Braithwaite. 
Eobert Braithwaite clerk, John Henry Barron by 

Mary Ashley spinster. 
Duke of Beaufort, vide the King. 
John Barker by Willinm Diston Barker. 
Edward Byam by John Young, Jane his wife. 
John ]5rome by John Randal! Pliillips. 
John Bott by Thomas Rodie, Elizabeth his wife. 
Martin Byam, vide Kirkpartrick. 
John Otto Bayer, vide Willock. 



„ 16-8 
1781, 1-3-4 
1778, 6-9 

„ 1-12 

1783, 15-5-6 

1784, 3-20-21 

1785, 16-7 

1786, 19-9-10 
„ 12-5 

1788, 5-10 
„ 5-11 

1790, 2-1 

„ 6-12 
„ 8-14 

1791, 3-15 
„ 4-1 

17S6, 14-4-5 
„ 15-10-11 
„ 15-12-13 
„ 15-14 

„ 20-5 

1787, 2-10 
„ 4-4 
„ 18-6 

17SS, 2-4-5 

1789, G-17 

1790, 4-4 
„ 5-2 
,, 6-9 

cariBbeana. 27 

Elizabeth Brook by "William Smith. Antigua 1791, 6-6 
William Phipps, Auu his wife & Alexander Bor- 

rowes & Thomas BodJington & John Warren. S' Vincent „ 7-4 
Isaac Moody Bingham clerk by Francis Clifton 

clerk, Kebecca Catherine his wife. S' Christophers 1792, 4-3 

Thomas Boddington by Hugh Forbes. S' Vincent 1798, 2-1G-17 

David Boyn, vide Knollys. Jamaica 1794, 1-3 

Major Blundell by Charles JShort. N. America „ 7-2 
Ann Jones Clark & John Jones Gascoigne Clarke 

& William Barton & Thomas Barton. Barbadoes „ 7-4< 

William Barton by Ann Jones Clarke. „ „ 7-5 
William Mcdowal Colhoun by Alexander Douglas. 

[ S' Christophers 1786, 19-6 
[ Ashton Warner M.D. & Thomas Dunn & Jus- 

■ tinian Casamajor. Antigua 1789, 2-13 

William Suell Chauncey by William Pearce. G-renada „ 3-23-24 
James Lucas, Mary his wife & Charles Snell 

Chauncy & Xathaniel Snell. „ 1790, 7-9 
Charles Snell Chauncy by James Lucas, Mary 

his wife. „ 7-11 
James Lucas, Mary & Charles Snell Chauncy & 

Nathaniel Snell. „ 7-12-13 

Mary Carbery, vide Smith. Antigua 1793, 1-2 
Milward Crooke by John Pogsou, Harriot his 

v.iie. S' Christophers 1794, 4-9-10 
James Tait, Elizabeth his wife & Richard Muil- 

man French Chiswell & William Moss. W. Indies „ 6-5 
Richard Muilman French Chiswell by James Tait, 

Elizabeth his wife. „ „ 6-6 

Ann Jones Clarke, vide Whishaw. Barbadoes „ 6-14 

Ann Jones Clarke, vide Barton. „ 7-4 

Sir James Douglas, vide Xeave. S' Christophers 1787, 6-7 

Mary Dawson by Joseph Eyre. Antigua 1788, 3-6 
Rowland Duer clerk & Rowland Duer & Thomas 

Dunfori. „ „ 7-5 

Thomas Durnford clerk by Rowland Duer clerk. „ „ 7-6 

Thomas Driukwater, vide Simpson. S' Christophers 1790, 3-13 

Joseph Evce by Mary Dawson. Antigua 1788, 3-7 
Charles Whishaw & Ann Jones Clarke & John 

Jones Gascoigne, William Edmeston & AVil- 

liam Ribsoan. 1794,6-11 

AVdliam Edmeston by Charles Whishaw. Barbadoes „ 6- 12- 13 

Robert Ellis, vide Blundell. N. America „ 7-2 

Thomas Eraser by Francis William Sanders. Nevis 1792, 7-2 
Townley Ward & John Lynch French & John 

Frend. S' Christophers 1793, 4-U 

Joh I Lynch French, vide Ward. „ „ 4-12 
Walter Blunt & Joseph King, Mary his wife, 

Peter Robert Lu.ird & William Manning & 

John George Goldfrap & Richard N'eave „ 1786, 14-4 

John George Goldfrap by Walter Blunt. „ „ 14-4 
Jamej Blancard, Fraucise Soullicr his wife & 

Michael White & Samuel Groathead. Domiuica ,, 15-12-13 

James Gordon by William Gunthorpe. Antigua 1789, 4-1-.5 

Richard Gtldart, vide Lyon. S' Christophers 1793, 2-3 
John Henderson by Xathaniel Newberry, Rachael 

bis wife. Grenada 17SS, 1-3 


Alexander Harvey, vide Aberdein. Antigua 1788, 5-10 

Jeremiah Hill, vide Miles. Nevis 1789, 3-7 

Henry Houghton by Johu Lancaster, Estate of 

James Willis Southtou. Jamaica „ 19-11 

Anthony Hodges, Jeremiah Hodges v. Sermon. W. Indies 1790, 8-5 
James Akers, Ann his wife & Henry Holt & 

Nicholas Richards. . S' Christophers 1791,3-15 

Cliarles Loigh & George Leigii & Henry Holt „ 1792, 1-8 

Prancis Williams Sanders & James Tobiu, John 
Eichardson, Herbert John Lane & Thomas 

Fraser.* „ 7-1 

John Hearn by James Trant. Montserrat 1794, 7-8-9 

To our Lord the King by Henry Swinburne, 

Martha his wife. S' Vincent 1786, 19-16 

The King & Josepb Smith & Henry Somerset 

Dulce of Beaufort & William Lord Craven & 

: Sir John Wodehouse, Bart., Dame Sophia 

I & Mary Tyrell, Elizabeth Tyrell spinsters & 

j G-eorge William Earl of Coventry & Louisa 

1 Carolina Colleton spinster. Bahama Island 1787, 4-4 

[ Hon. Thomas Norbury Kerby by John Margram, 

? j\rary his wife. Antigua ,, 5-9-10 

I John Kinderley by David Dewar. S' Christophers 1788, 3-12 

I • „ „ . 1789, 5-9 

I Thomas Norbury Kerby, vide Sowerby. Antigua 1790, 2-9 

I Martin Byam, Elizabeth his wife, Alexander Wil- 

1 lock, James Kirkpatrick. „ „ 5-2 

[ James Kirkpatrick by Martin Byam. „ „ 5-3 i 

I Henry Russell & David Boyn & John Kuowlys, 

• Estate of David Boyn. Jamaica 1794, 1-3 

i Edwin Lascelles by William Darling. 

\ Barbadoes, Grenada, Tobago 17S6, 18-6 

i John Long by Joseph Hawkins, Elizabeth his wife. Antigua ,, 21-13-14 

1 Thomas Oliver & Mary Willis & William Lyon. „ 1787, 8-11 

' James Langft-ird Nibbs & James Laugford Xibbs 

junior it Ebeuezer Lovell & Laugford Lovell. „ 1788, 10-4 

Langford Lovell by James Laugford Nibbs senior. „ „ 10-5 

I James Lucas, Mary his wife, vide Chauncy. Grenada 1790, 7-9 

, „ .,, „ Tobago „ 7-12-1 

i Charles Leigh, vide Holt. S' Christophers 1792, 1-S 

i AVilliam Walker Linder, vide rolhill. „ 1793, 2-1 

j Richard Gildai'l & RicJiard Gildart junior & Wil- 

I Ham Lyon. „ ,, 2-3 

Mathew Lodge, vide Blundell. N.America 1794,7-2 

Peter Mathew Mills, Catherine his wife, vide 

Winterbottom. Nevis 1788, 3-9 

Eowles Scudamore & Andrews Reeve & AV'illiam • • ^ ■ 

Miles, Estates of William Reeve, Andrew 

Reeve &: Jeremiah Hill. „ 1789, 3-7 

Callaghan M'^Carihv bv William Mackinnen, 

Louisa. ' ' Antigua 1792, 1-5 

George Augustus Vincent Mathias by Michael 

Esq., Mary his wife. S' Vincent 1792, 6-18 

William Manaiug by Martin Byam, Elizabeth his 

wife. Antigua 1794, 3-6 

' • Nevis names. — Ed. 



Eicliard Xeave by Doininick Henry Trant. S' Christophers 
Thomas Neave by Abraham AViiiterbotto'ii. „ 

Sir James Douglas kilt. & Dame Elizabeth Dougbas 
& Eichard Neave & Tliumas Xeave & James 
Houson. » 

Thomas Neave by Eichard Neave. „ 

John Osborn, Elizabeth Bannister & James 

Nibbs. Antigua 

James Langford Nibbs, vide Lovell. „ 

"William Smith, Elizabeth his wife, Mary Oliver 

& Eandle Ford. Nevis 

Thomas Oliver by William Smith. Montserrat 

Jeunett Payne Orton spinster, vide Wills. S' Christophers 
Thomas Oliver, vide Lyon. Antigua 

Sarah Willett Ottley spinster by James Nibbs, 

Sarah his wife. „ 

John Osborn, vide Xibbs. . ' „ 

Thomas Oliver by James Langford Nibbs. 
Joseph Pickering senior, vide Warner. Dominica 

Sir Ealph Payne knt., vide Wilmot. Antigua 

Joseph Warner senior, Elizabeth his wife & Wil- 
liam AVarner, Joseph AVarner junior & Eliza- 
beth Thorntou & Joseph Pickering senior & 
William Fauquier & Edward David Batsou 
& Eichard Jones. 
Joseph Pickering senior by Josejih Warner. 
William Pearce by Nathaniel b^nell. Grenada 

William Pearce by Charles Suell Chauncy, Amelia 

his wife. „ 

"William Pearce by William Snell Chauncy, Sarah 

his wife. „ 

John Eandall Phillips by John Brome. Barbadoes 

William Smith, Elizabeth his wife, Charles Payne 

& Edward Parris. Nevis 

William Phipps, vide Boddington. S' Vincent 

William Walker Linder, JMarv his wife & Nugent 

Eobert Polhill & Eichard" Basdeu. S' Christophers 

Nugent Eobert Polhill by AVilliam Walker Linder, 

Mary his wife. „ 

George Pickersgill, vide Bluudell. N. America 

Elizabeth Eanthmell widdow by Eichard Jackson 

Sarah Eeed his wife (sic). Jamaica 

Eobert EoUeston by Michael Dobson. Estate of 

James Margetson Essex. „ 

William Neeve, Andrew Neeve, vide i\Iiles. Nevis 

Joseph Eawlins by John Pogson, Harriot. S* Christophers 
William Smith, vide Oliver. Nevis 

Nathaniel Snell by William Pearce. Grenada 

Thomas Norbury Kerby. Jane his wife & Joseph 
Warner, Alexander Willock & Eichard Scott 
Byam & John Sowcrby. Antigua 

Thomas Drinkwater, Mcliscent his wife & Mary 

Talbott &. Thomas Simpson. S' Christopliers 

Thomas Simpson by Thomas Drinkwater, Melis- 

cent his wife. „ 
Thomas Sibthorpc by I\Lartin Madan. Nevis 
William Smith, vide Payne. ,, . 

1787, 1.17 
„ 6-5-6 

„ 6-7 

» 6-8 

„ 10-4-5 
1788, 10-4 

1786, 18-13 

„ 18-14-15 

1787, 7-10 
„ 8-11 

„ 10-2-3 
„ 10-4-5 

1788, 10-6-7 
1786, 8-1 

- „ 19-7 

„ 21-4 
„ 21-5 

1789, 2-6 

„ 2-7 

„ 2-8 
„ 6-18 

1790, 7-1 

1791, 7-4 

1793, 2-1 

„ 2-2 

1794, 7-2 

1787, 5-3 

1788, 21-13 

1789, 3-7 
1794. 4-7-8 
1786, 18-13 
1789, 3-22 

1790, 2-9 

„ 3-13 

„ 3-14 
» 7-6-7 
,, 7-1 


Anthony Hodges & Jercmiali Hodc;es, Jeremiah 
Hodges junior & Godscliill Johnson A Tho- 
mas Sermon & Thomas Mills. 

S' Christophers, Mountserrat 1790, 8-5 

Thomas Sermon by Anthony Hodges. 

S' Christophers & Mountserrat ,, 8-6 

Francis "Williams Sanders. 1792, 1-1 

Eobert Smith by Elizabeth Carbery. Antigua 1793, 1-1 

Elizabeth Carbery & Mary Carbery & Eobert 

Smith. ' „ „ 1-2 

Charles Thompson by Samuel Crooke, Mary his 

wife. S' Christophers 1787, 5-1 

James Trecothick by George Bedhead, Margaret 

, his wife. Antigua 17SS, 8-lG 

Lucius Tucker by William Jenkyns. Jamaica 1789, 3-21 

James Tait, vide Chiswell. W. Indies 179-1, 6-5 

Joseph Pickering senior & Joseph Warner senior, 
Elizabeth his wife, William Warner & Joseph 
Warner & Elizabeth Thornton, William 
Fauquier & Edward David Batson & Eichard 
Jones. Dominica 1786, 8-1 

John Blagrave, Frances his wife & James Sparrow, 
Eichard Lytcott Hicks, Sarah his wife & 
Abraham Winterbottom. Nevis „ 15-10 

Abraham Winterbottom by Jolrn Blagi-ave, Fran- 
ces his wife. „ ,, 15-11 

Michael White by James Blancard. Dominica „ 15-14 

Sir Ealph Payne, K.B., & George Ottley & Ealph 

Willett & Henry Wilmot. Antigua „ 19-7 

Henry Wilmot by Sir Ealph Payne, K.B. „ „ 19-8 

Abraham Winterbottom by Sir James Douglas, 

knt. S' Christophers „ 20-16 

Joseph Warner senior, vide Pickering. Antigua „ 21-4 

Ashton Warner, M.D., vide Casaraajor. „ 1787, 2-13 

Jennett Payne Orton spinster Sc Tliomas Haweis 

clerk & Thomas Wills clerk. S' Christophers „ 7-10 

Alexander Willock by Amand Benneville, Charity 

his wife. Antigua „ 9-1 

Thomas AVildman by Charles Spooner. S* Christophers 1788, 2-15 

Mathew Mills, Catherine his wife & William 
Macdowall Colhoun & Abraham Winter- 
bottom. Nevis „ 3-9 

Abraham Winterbottom by Peter Mathew Mills, 

Catherine his wife. „ „ 3-10 

Alexander Willock by Thomas Norbury Kerby. Antigua 1790, 2-8 

John Otto Bayer & John Otto Bayer & Alex- 
ander Willock. „ „ 6-9 

Alexander Willock by John Otto Bayer. „ 1796, 6-10 

John Warren by William Phipps. S' Vincent 1791, 7-5 

William AVelbv by Thomas Meade. Montserrat 1792,6-17 

Townley Ward", vide French. S' Christophers 1793, 4-11 

John Lynch French & Townley Ward & John 

French. „ „ 4-12 

Charles AVhishaw, vide Edmeston. Barbadoes 1794, 6-11 

Ann Jones Clarke & John Jones Gascoigne Clarke 

& Charles Whishaw. „ „ 6-14 

Charles Whibhaw by Ann Jones Clarke, „ i, 6-15 


John Tates by Gore Browne, Jenetta his wife. Anh'gua 1787, 7-13 

Thomas Alexander, vide Brodie. „ 1798, 10-4 

John Frj-e M.D. & Samuel Turner, Ann his wife 

& Hon. Samuel Athill. „ 1800, 3-1 

William Baynes by John Eoberts, Jane his wife. 

S' Christophers 1796, 1-7 
Anthony Brown by Samuel jNfartin. Antigua 1797, 4-11 

Alexander Brodie by John Long, Lidia his wife. „ „ 10-11 

Eowland Otto Baijer, vide Eogers. „ 1798, 1-18 

William Bray by John Phillips. Nevis „ 2-14 

Thomas Alexander & Joseph Hawkins & Alex- 
ander Brodie. Antigua „ 10-4 
William Barton, vide Edmeston. Barbadoes ISOO, 2-8-9 
Bayer Otto Bayer by Render Mason, Elizabeth 

his wife. Antigua „ 4-7 

Butler Claxton by Thomas Maltbv, Henrietta his 

wife. ■ ■ Nevis 1800, 7-13-14-15-10 

James Donovan by Zachary Bayly Edwards, 

Katherine his wife. Antigua 1795, 1-13 

James Donovan, vide Yate. 1797, 10-9 

William Wickham Harman & Eowland Otto 

Bayer & James Donovan. [Antigua.— Ed.] 1798, 2-12 

Henry Dyett by Thomas Oliver, Isabella his 

■wife. Monserrat ,, 10-15 

James Gordon senior & William Abdy & Thomas 

Dunn. Antigua, S' Christophers 1799, 5-5 

Charles Dunn by James Gordon senior. 

Antigua & S' Christophers „ 5-6 
David Elliot, vide Wood. W. Indies 1797, 6-4 

David Elliot by George Wood. Demaray 1799, 1-15 

William Barton & William Ewart, Ann Jones 
Clarke, John Jones Gascoigne Clarke & 

William Edmeston. Barbadoes 1800, 2-8 

William Edmeston bv William Barton. „ „ 2-9 

David Elliot, vide Tu'lloh. Demarary „ 2-11 

Mary Ellis, vide Mills. Nevis „ 8-2-3 

Eichard AValter Eorbes by John William Delap 
1 Wilson. S' Christophers 1798, 3-12-13 

I John Erye M.D. , vide Athill. Antigua 1800,3-1 

I George Gritiln by Jannett Mathew. S' Christophers 1795, 5-2-3 

I James Thomson Murray M.D., Elizabeth bis wife 

& Charles Grant & Walter Colquhoun. Antigua 1798, 6-16 

Charles Grant by James Thomson Murray, Eliza- 
beth Grant (sic) his wife. „ „ 6-17 
Charles Grant, vide Taylor. „ „ 6-18 
James Gordon, vide Dunn. „ 1799, 5-5 
Mary Hurst by Mary Ellis. „ 1795, 3-15 
William AVickham Harman, vide Donovan. „ 1798, 2-12 
Thomas Latham senior & junior bv George Forbes, 

Mary his wife. "' Nevis 1800, 4-11 

Samuel Eedhcad, George Eedhcad, Anthony 

Munton & Francis Thwaites. Antigua 1795, 5-7 

Thomas Maitland by Lewis Brotherson Yerchild. 

S» Christophers 1797, 6-2-3 
Thomas Sliiffner, Isabella Hannah his wife & 
William Manning, Jane Maitland & General 
■ Edward Mathew, „ 1798, 2.1G 






Geueral Edward ^Tatliew by Thomas Shiffiier, 

Isabella Hannah his wife. S' Christophers 1798, 2-17 

George Galway Mills, vide PiTini2;er. ,, 1799, 3-9 
William jMauning by Thomas Warner, Dorothy 

his wife. ' Antigua ISOO, 7-9-10 
Mary Ellis & Charles Andrew Mills & Andrew 

Hamilton & Martha Williams his wife. Nevis „ 8-2 
Charles Andrew Mills, by 3Iary Ellis. „ 8-3 
Alexander Tulloh & Thomas Pinkertou & Camp- 
bell Oliphant. Demarary „ 2-10 
John Pinney by Francis Williams Sanders, Ann 

his wife. Nevis 1795, 3-lS 

John Pinnev, vide Tobin. „ „ 5-() 

Eobert Pitches by John Henry Pakenham. 1798, 3-lo ' 
George Galway 31 ills. Amelia his wife & John 

Pinniges & William Julius. S* Christophers 1799, 3-9 

Samuel & George Eedliead, vide ^Munton. Antigua 1795, 5-7 
Henry Rawlings by Bertie Greathead, Aun his 

; wife. 1796, 2-18 
I Eowland Otto Bayer & Sarah Otto Bayer & 

\ Thomas Rogers. „ 1798, 1-18 

I Thomas Scrman by John Horsford. „ 1797, 9-10 

j Thomas Shiffner, vide Mathew. 1798, 2-lG 

j AV alter Frye Skerrott by John Daly. Demarara ISOO, 3-5 

! Robert Smith by James Delap. " Jamaica 1800, 7-10-11 
.1 John Pinney & John Fredrick Pinney & Jane 

I Pinney & James Tobin. Nevis 1795, 5-5 

I James Tobin by John Pinnoy. „ „ 5-G 
Francis Thwaites by Abraham Redwood. [Antigua. — Ed.] 179G, 1-11 
John Pinney & John Fredrick Pinney & James 

Tobin. „ 1797, 4-3 

James Tobin by John Pinney. „ 4-4 

Francis Thwaites by George Redhead. Antigua „ 5-2-11 
Charles Grant & James Thomson Murray, M.l)., 
& Elizabeth Grant & John Taylor & Walter 

Colquhoun. 1798, 6-18 

John Taylor by Charles Grant. Antigua „ 6-19 
John Taylor by John George Goldfrap, Sarah 

his wife. S' Christophers „ 10-17-18 

Alexander- Tulloh, vide Oliphant. Demarary 1800, 2-10 

David Elliot, Alexander Tulloh & Robert Jollie. „ „ 2-11 
Edward Byam Wyke by Harry Paxton clerk, 

Sarah his wife. Montserrat 1796, 6-9-10 
James Donovan & Richard Donovan, Caroline 

Elizabeth Tate & Thomas Drake, D.D. Antigua 1797, 10-9 




Pemlerfon. — John Butler Peniberton (the first) was Clerk of Assembly in 1730. 

WiUioms.—}iy a deed of 10th December 1755, John Williams, late of Nevis, 
then of Great "Windsor, Berks, for his daugliters Frances and Sarah Williams 
conveyed to Henry Herbert and Thomas ^lills all his plantations in S' Kitts aud 
Nevis on trust. John Williams' wife NTas Sarah .... A John Williams, jiinr., 
was of Wimpole Street. In 17G0 was a deed between John Williams, seur., of 
Lower Brook Street and Sarah his wife of 1st pait, and John Williams, junr., of 
Wilton, CO. Middlesex. 

Butler. — In Nevis, 1718, Duke Butler was described as of Swindeu, co. Wilts, 
and as one of three sons of Thomas Butler, late of Nevis. 

Peterson. — In a deed of 15th July 1754, John Peterson and Bates Williams 
Peterson are described as two of the sons of William Peterson, and Elizabeth 
Peterson is his widow. This AVilliam Peterson and a brother John were sons of 
Anthony (Book of Eecords, 1737, fo. 39S). Joim was Deputy Provost Marshal. 
William Peterson had three other sons, James, Charles, and Pobert, and three 
daughters, Elizabeth, Ann, and Eleanor. He owned the "Spring" plantation 
in Nevis. 

Isabella Garnett, coloured, aged 78, daiighter of Fanny Browne, both belonging 
to Parson liobert Pemberton, stated (in a personal interview with me), that Parson 
Robert Pemberton gave up North Wales estate at Nevis, and went to live at 
S' Kitts. His wife's sister was wife of Mr. Jones. The two sisters owned an 
estate called " Williams," adjoining Cane Garden. They had three sons, John 
Butler, Pobert Hughes, and tSholto, and two daughters, Eliza and Nancy. Eliza 
married Ed. Davis, brother of D. Gateward Davis, late Bishop of Antigua. They 
separated : she went to her father's house and died there. Sholto died at his 
father's house, as also his sister Nancy. Mrs. Pemberton died before her husband 
and children. John Butler married an English lady from Tortola and had five 


. Baptisms. 

Ann dau. of Robert and Ann P. 

Roger s. of William & Margaret P. 

Robert s. of William & Margaret P. 

Francis s. of AV^illiam & Margaret P. 

Frances d. of William & Margaret P. 

Sarah d. of William it Margaret P. 

Elizabeth d. of William & Margaret P. 

William Butler s. of William & iMargaret P. 

Joseph Herbert s. of Samuel Clarke & Lucretia P. 

Margaret d. of William & Margaret P.f 

.... Roger & Elizabeth P., aged . . monthsf 

Sarah d. of William and ^Largaret P.,t aged 7 weeks 

IMargarct d. of l^iger &. Elizabeth P..t aged 14^ mos. 

Elizabeth d. of Roger Sc Elizabeth P.,t aged 

Frances d. of Roger & Elizabeth P.,t aged 

John Butler s. of Robert & Elizabeth P. (aged 6 weeks) 

* Continued from Vol. I., p. 3-44. 
Note.—" P." stands for " IVmlierton." 

t In all tliese cases tlic records .-ire so imperfect that it is imj ossiblr 1o fay certainly whether 
thesu are burials or baptisms, but for various reasons I think they arc baptisms. 



Sep. 20 

1747-8 Mar. 10 


Jan. 1 


Sep. 13 
June 7 

1 1757 

Mar. 17 

f 1758 

Nov. 2 



Sep. 10 
Oct. I 

Mar. 8 

Dec. 9 


Jan. 1 



1 1774 

Sep. 20 
Sep. 20 
Dec. 30 


Anne cl. of Eogor P. h\ his wife . . . .* 

Polly d. of L'ogcr c<c Elisalioth P. 

Anne Jones cl. of Eobert & Elizabeth P.* 

"William Sanders s. of Eogcr & Elizabeth P.,* aged 20 mos. and 

5 days 
Poger s. of Roger & Elizabeth P.,* aged . . mos. . . days 
Pobert Hugluvs s. of Pobert & Elizabeth P., bor-. 25 IJec. 17S2 
Samuel s. of Joseph Herhert ct Margaret P. 
Joseph Herbert s. of Joseph Herbert & Margaret P. 
AValtcr ^ravnard s. of Joseph Herbert &, Margaret P., born 

11 Nov. 178S 
Elizabeth Prances d. of Edward & Elizabetli P. 
Anna Posa d. of William P.. Esq. 
Sally Daniell d. of William & Elizabeth P. 
Joseph Herbert s. of Joseph Herbert & Sarah Ann P., born 

25 Dec. ISIS 
Samuel Clarke s. of Joseph Herbert & Sarali Anne P., born 

25 Dec. ISIS 
AYalter s. of Walter Mavnard & Ann Prentis P., born 25 Peb. 

Ann :\rills d. of William & Elizabeth P.* 

_, _ - AVilliam AVebbe "1 Sons of Pev. Joseph Herbert & Sarah Ann P., 

[ 1S22 -July 23 James Harris / born 11 Aug. 1820 

I 1827 Nov. 25 Walter s. of Joseph Herbert & Sarah Ann P. 

Joseph s. of AValter Mayiiard & Ann Prentis P. 
John s. of Joseph Herhert &. Sarah Ann P. 
Frances d. of Joseph Herbert & Sarah Ann P. 
William s. of Thomas & Christiana P. 
Sholto Kawlius s. of Sholto & Anna P. 
18G0 Oct. 10 Jane Elizabeth d. of Sholto & Anna P. 


Pob« P. & Ann Herbert . • 

John Kent & Anne P. 

Samuel Clarke P. & Lucretia Herbert 

Poger P. & Elizabeth Sande . . . ., Spinster 

A^altcr May Hard to Frances P., Spinster 

Andrew Ross, Esq., to Bridget 1'., Spinster 

James Maynard, Es(]., to Elizabeth Frances, Spinster, dau. of 

Edward ■& Elizabetli P. 
1^23 Oct. 2 Josiah Webbe Daniell, M.D., to Eliza, eld. dau. of William 

& Elizabeth P. 
Sholto Tliomas P. & Anna Rawlins 

Thomas Marriner of S' Geo. parish, widower, and Elizabeth P. 
f of S' John's parish 

I l^^'l J^'ii. 10 John Joseph Theobalds of S' Geo. parisli, Baoh^ & Adriana P. 

of this parish, Sjiinster. (Licence.) 
Edward Allen of S' Paul's parish, Charlestown, & Grace IMaria P. 

of this parish. (Licence.) 


1750 July 17 -<Liry P., aged G6 

1777 Scj). 10 The body of Anne P., a child, aged 22 months 

1783? Jan. 5 The body of Eliz. P., wife of Roger P. 

• III .il! flir>c c:i.-if< the record.s are so imperfect that it is impossible to say certainly whether 
these are bursals or b:iptisiiis, but for various reasons I think they are baptisms. 









































































A pril 


1 75G 



















Dec. 18 


June 29 


Jan. IG 


April 10 


TIio body of Samupl P., son of Joseph Herbert & Margaret P. 

The body of Joseph Herhert P. 

Joseph Herbert s. of Joseph Herbei-t P. & Sarah Ann P. 

The body of Samuel Clarke, infant son of Joseph Herbert P. 
& Sarah Ann P. 

The body of Joseph s. of Eev. J. H. P. & Sarah Ann hia wife 

Elizabeth P. (Hermitage), 76 

Frances P. (Charlestown), 03 

Thomas P. (Jerusalem), 2 

Budgin P. (Morning Star), 20 

Charlotte P. (Hermkage), 75 - ^^ Mr>r^^ 

Mary P. (Zetland), 15 1 l' 04661 

Moses P. (Dunbar), 20 

Edward P. (Morning Star), 26 

Jane P. (Dunbar), 65 
f 1846 Se"p. 5 Thomas P. (Happy Hill), 48 

Mary P. (Charlestown), 60 

Xanny P. (Brown's Pasture), 70 

Susan Ann P. (Brown's Pasture), 20 

Margaret P. (Hermitage), 82 years & 7 mos. 

Samuel Henry P. (Flappv Hill), 1^ 

Mary P. (North Wales),' 80 

John P. (Dunbar), 30 

Mary P. (Clark's), 42 

Sarah P. (Brown's Pasture), 12 
I ■ 1870 July 22 Edward John P. (Brown Hill), 21. (Layman.) 

Joseph Herbert P. (Hermitage), 83 






























































{ Bapttsmb.* 

[ 1763 Jan. 27 Elizabeth d. of Eobert & Bridget P. 

J 1765 Nov. 6 Eobert s. of Eobert P., Esq., & ]M'» Bridget Bridgwater his 

i wife, born 15 July 1765 

i 1766? (?) Bridget d. of Eobert & Bridget P. 

I 1707 June 25 Christian d. of Eobert & Bridget P. 

1769 INIar. 11 Eobert s. of Eobert & Bridget P., born 26 Dec. 1768 

1772 Jan. 2 Eoger Bridgwater s. of Eobert & Bridget P. 

i, 1774 Mar. 13 William s. of Eobert & Bridget P. 

1775 Nov. 19 Mary Butler d. of Eobert P., sen., & Bridget his wife 

1779 (?) Louisa d. of Eobert & Bridget P. 

1780 Feb. 3 Augustus Thomas Molan s. of Eobert & Bridget P. 
1788 Feb. 29 Kitty d. of AY™ P., Esq., & Christian his wife 
1792 Jan. 2 AVilliara Eoss s. of William & Catherine P. 
1821 Dec. 26 Edward s. of Walter Maynard & Ann Prentis P., born 12 Nov. 



1786 Jan. or Feb. William Butler P., Esq., & Christian P^ 

1787 Oct. IS John Butler, Esq., & Elizabeth P., Sp^ (J^icence.) 
1790 Feb. 4 George Hobson & Margaret P., Sp'. (Licence.) 
1818 May 8 Walter Maynard P. & Ann Prentis, d. of Edw^. Huggins, Esq., 


• All entries for the years 1801—1811 are missing. 

D 2 



1829 Aug. IS Jolin Lawrerce, ?Pll^ & rannv P.. bolli iliis rarisL. (BarniP.") 
1837 Juiue 20 ^'"' I?o?s P. of S' Jnmcs', Bnch., Sc EJi/a Frances Majnard, Sl)^ 
.- of S'' George's parish. (Licence.) 


1732 Oct. 28 Frances wife of Eoger P. 

1738 Mar. 25 Eoger P.. s. of Rogep P. & Frances his -wife 

17-14 ■ Dec. 18 Joliu Butler P. 

1744-5 Jan. 13 Eobert P. 

1752 April 8 Kol^ert P., a^t. 63 

1753 j\Jay 9 Eoger P. 

1756 Aug. 17 Elizahcth P., jet. 68 

1761? Nov. 30 Samuel Clark P. ._ 

1765 Sep. 20 i\Ii^s Sally P., d. of AV" P. of Figtrec parish, of an inflanimatory 

sore throat, a;t. 9 

1767 Jan. 22 Eobert s. of Eobert P. 

1779 (?) Sarah P., Sp' 

1781 July 2 Elizabeth P., Sp"" 

1783 Oct. 5 Miss Pollv P. 

1784 (?) 13 William P., Esq. (sen') 
1786 (?Aug.) 15 Eobert P., Esq. 

1789 (? Feb.) 26 M'^ P., uido\v of late William P., Esq. 

1792 Mar. 24 Francis P. 

1795 April 20 AVilliam P. 

1795 May 23 Kittv P. 

1795 iVIay 28 AViHinm P. 

1814 June 6 ]\!iss E. E. P. 

1821 Mar. 3 Frances Herbert d. of AVjUiam & Elizabetli P. 

1830 Aug. 15 William P., Dunbar, ret. 54 

1834 Feb. 20 Elizabeth P., Svmmond's Estate. »t. 35 

1835 July 26 Mary P., Dunbar, a>t. 3 

1835 Sep. 23 Elizabetb P., Dunbar, ict. 52 

1836 May 8 Delhah P., Dunbar, jct. 21 



1812 Aug. 28 Anne IMartha infant of Eobert P. and In's wife 

1817 Aug. 25 Henrietta Grace infant d. of Eobert Hughes P. & Jane his wife 


1814 April 29 Edward P. of Figtree parish 

1827 Dee. 29 Elizabeth P., White, Figtree parish, 74 years 

1834 Sep. 14 Fanny P., Charlestown, 50 years 


1825 Feb. 25 Anne d. of Walter Maynard P., Esq.; Sc hi.s wife Anne Prentiss 


1889 June 30 Sholto P., a;t. 78. (W. Cowley, Off. Eector.) • 
• AU entries for the years 1801 — 1«1 J. are missing'. 





^1833 May 2 Thomas Seaton Pembcrtou, Esq., of this parish, Bachelor, & 
Adriana Daniell, also of the Parish, Spinster, eldest daughter 
of His Honor James Daniell, Esq.. President of the Council 
of this Island, were married in this Church by licence on 
Thursday the second day of May, in the year of our Lord 
one thousand eiglit hundred and thirty three, by me 

JoHif H. Duke, 

Officiating Minister. 
This marriage was solemnised between us — 

(Signed) T. Pembertox. 

Adeiana Daniell. 
lu the presence of us — 

(Signed) James Daniell. 
Joseph Stanley. 
J. W. Mayuard. 



Thomas Seaton s. of Thomas P., Esq., & wife 

Frances Maria d. of Thomas P., Esq., & wife 

Michael Kitt Herbert s. oi: John B. P. & Harriet his wife 

John Butler Williams s. of J. B. P. & wife Harriet (born . . . .) 

WiUiaLU Aui^ustus Sadler s. of Tho^ P. & wife Frances 

Philip Daniel s. J. B. P. & wife Harriet (bjru . . Nov. 1S04) 

Charlotte Ilardtman d. Thomas P. & wife Frances 

Busict Richards (privately) s. T. P. & wife 

(Privately) Julia d. Tho^ P. & wife Frances Ashington, G days 

Harriet Peach d. of J. B. P. & wife Harriet 
(Privately) Henry Seaton s. Thomas P. & wife 
Harriet Amelia Mary (bor.i April 12, ISLG) d. of Thomas P. & 

his wife Frances Ashington 


Robert Hughes P. & Jane Falliott Peterson ; by Licence 
Edward Davis & Eliza Williams P.; by Licence 
Rev. Joseph Herbert P., Bach'', & Sarah Ann Hobson, Sp'. 
^1824 April 28 William Hanley, Bach., & Frances Maria P. ; by Licence 


April 21 Ann Jones P., Spinster, set. 2oh years 

Nov. IG Sholto Archbakl P., ast. 17 years 

Jan. 29 Martha P., Spinster 

Aug. 22 Julia d. of Thus. P., Esq , & wife, aged G days 

Sep. 3 Robert P., aged G:3 years, late Rector of the Parish 

April 2 John Butler W. P., aged IG years & 9 mos. 

Oct. 27 Harriet Amelia P., aged 2 years & G mos. 

uiJ uext pa:.,'e beloii;,' to Jcsoeii'luits of Thomas P. of Goul,'U HoU!*0, 
t St'c, iu ori:,'iual, but should be " liusick." 

















































* All so marked on this 


*1818 Oct. 29 Henry Seatou P., a-,'ed 7 years & 6 moa. 
1820 Oct. 8 "Buried by the Kev. Johu Julius Kerie, uiy dear son Philip 
Dauiel P., apjed 15 years & 11 mos." (iS'') John Butler 
Pemberton, Curate 
1822 Oct. 28 Buried, aged 6 months, a son of the Kev. J. H. P. of the island 
of Nevis 
*1828 Aug. 18 Thomas P. (Lime-kiln in this Parish), 57 years 


*1812 Oct. 11 Edward s. of Thomas P., Esq., & his wife, fully baptized by the 
Kev. D. G. Davis at S^ Peter's Parsonage; b. June 6, 1812 

*1815 June 29 Charles Davis s. of Thomas & Prances Ashington P., born 
29 September 1814 

1802 July 8 William Pemberton & Elizabeth Maynard of Nevis; by Licence 


*1793 Sep. 7 Busick P., 22t 
1799 Oct. 6 Elizabeth P., d. at M' Roger Gardners, aged 37 



*1798 July 12 Thomas P. of Parish of Christ Church, Nichola Town, & Frances 
Ashington Seaton, Spinster, of the Parish of S' John's, Capis- 
terre, were married by Samuel Oakes Taylor, Curate 



1834 Sep. 29 John Butler P. of Trinity, Palmetto Point, 60; by J.Perry, 
Rector of S' Ann's 



1796 Sep. 14 Hobson, Webbe. & Miss P. 

1797 Oct. 19 Pemberton, Butler John, & M" Price 

1798 July 12 Pemberton, Thomas, & Miss Seatou 

t The brother of Tho. P., s. of Tlio. P. of Goiu^'h 1Iou»e, Chelsea. He was baptized at 
St. Luke's, Chelsea, ou 3U -March 177:i as " Joha Busic Manning P." 


Deaths ob Burials. 

1793 Sep. — Pemberton, M'', died, fever 

1794 Nov. 27 Pemberton, M", died 

1799 Sep. 7 Pemberton, M" (the Parson's wife), died, aged 4i, decline & 

1799 Oct. 6 Pemberton, INliss (of Nevis), died at Gardner's 
1802 April 21 Pemberton, Ann, Miss, died 
1802 Nov. 16 Pemberton, Sholto, died, 17"' year 


The five following inscriptions are on small stones in the floor of this very 
diminutive chapel : — 

1. Sam^ Pemberton | Esquire | Aged 75 years | Died 23"' February | 1840. 

2. Frances Pemberton | Aged LI years | Died 5"' January | lSi2. 

3. Edward Pemberton M.D. | Died August 12"' a.d. 1846 | Aged 25 years. 

4. Waiter Pemberton | Died February 12"' a.u. 1S49 | Aged 29 years. 

5. Joseph Pemberton | Died April 13"' a.d. 1853 | Aged 26 years. 

There are also three tablets to : — 

6. Thomas John Cottle, President for many years 1 Died 1'' February 1828, 

aged 67. 

7. -M--^ Frances Huggins | Aged 80 years | Died 11"^ December | 1837. 

8. In I Memory of | Anne Sanders | Born April 9"' 1818 | Died August 26 | 



On a tablet in the church : — 

Sacred | to the memory of | The Rev'' Joseph Herbert Pemberton | who was 
born 1 on the 10"' of September, 1787 | and died | on the 19"' of September, 1870 | 
having been Rector of tliis Parish | nearly 60 years. | This tablet | was erected 
by his affectionate parishioners. 

* Copied on the spot diiriuy a visit to Xevis in 1902. 

Note. — Of the above, No. 1 was the son of Wiu. and Maru'aret P. [see Vol. I., p. 307]. In the 
Ahuanac of Nevis for 1S2G iiis name is entered as a barrister. No. 2 has not been idontiiied, 
but she may be tlie " ranuy." dauL;hter of the llev. Joseph Herbert P., who was baptized in 
183i and died sin-lc [see \'ol. I., p. 30S]. Nos. 3, i. and 5 were sons of Walter Maynard P. of 
Spring Hill, Nevis, wlio was drowned at the wreck of the Clarendon otf th-,^ I>le ol Wiu'ht on 
11 October 183t). No. has i!ie f.ulowini,' obituary in the " G..M.," p. 382 : " 1S2S Pcb. 1. 
At Kouud Hill, Nevis, W.I. in his C7th year, Thos. John Cottle, esq. This j,'entleuian was for 
upwards of 30 years a member of his Majesty's council; and for the greater part of that lonij 
period President of this Island." No. 7, -Miss Julia lluggins was rcsidinjj on her estate 
" Mountravers " iu April of last jrear. 



During a portion of the period durin<^ which the families whose pedigrees 
are givea in some detail above were settled in Xevis and St. Christopher, there 
were also members of another family of the name in the hist-meutioned island. 
These were descended from Thomas Pembertou of Goiigh House, Chelsea, who 
■was employed in the Transfer Departmeut of the India Office for some years 
before his death in ISOl (" G.M.," 11-53). Xo eonneetioii has as yet been traced 
between tiiis family ami the other Pembertons in the AVest Indies, but the 
publication of what is known may, it is hoped, lead to further light being thrown 
on the subject. 

The first of them to emigrate appears to have been Thomas, eldest son of the 
above-mentioned Thomas of Gough House by his wife Maria, daughter of 
John Henry 8igerist, and went there as a planter. He was born on 9 iSovcmber 
1770 and baptized at S. Mary Abbott's, Kensington, on 10 Dece nber following. 
The date of his emigration has not been ascertained, but on 12 July 179S he 
married at St. John's, Capisterre, St. Kitts, Frances Ashington Seatou, daughter 
of Captain AVilliam Seaton of tliat island. 

A younger brother of tliis Thomas, John Busick Manning Pemberton, died at 
St. Kitts at the age of 22, and all others of the family tliere were direct 
descendants of this second Thomas. 

He had a family of ten children, the baptisms of all of whom and also some 
of their marriages and burials will be found in the extracts frmn St. Christopher 
registers immediately preceding this note. Their n.ames, in order of senioi'ity, 
were Tiiomas Seaton, Frances Maria, W^illiam Augustus Sadler, Charlotte 
Hardtmau, JJusick ilichards, Julia, Henry Seaton, Edward. Charles Davis, and 
Harriet Amelia Mary. 

Thomas Seaton married in 1S33, at St. James', Xevis, Adriana, daughter of 
Colonel James Daniell, President of that island, and he appears to have left 
St. Kitts soon after that, as his children were alt born in London. His eldest 
son Mordaunt belonged to the Xevis bar in ISGi and became a Q.C. in 1879. 
He died unmarried in England in 18^)7. 

iSo other member of the ne.vt generation appears to have settled in the AVest 
Indies — the only one of the si.\: brothers wiiu lial a family being the youngest, 
Charles Davis, and he left St. Kitts at a comparatively early age, having been 
married at Broadstairs in ISlG ("G.M.," l8lj, p. 420), and all his large 
family were born in England. He practised as a solicitor in London from 
the year ISiG to the year 1858, being senior partner in the well-known tirm of 
Lee & Pemberton's of H Lincoln's Inn Fields. 

His three eldest sons, Cnarles Seaton, Busick Edmonds, and Cyril Warner 
Lee became solicitors, autl the second of the three is now senior partner of the 
same Urm of Lee & Pemberton's. Tlie fourth son, Seymour Blanshard, was in a 
AVest India Regiment and died at Barbados in ISSl. One son, Ernest St. Clair, 
served in the Royal Eni,'iniers, and retired as a Colonel in 1908. Two sons, 
Seatou Blanshard and Willougliby Arthur (the youngest), are on the London 
Stock E.xchange ; and another, Horace Claude, has settled in the Argentine 
Republic. Three married daughters are also living. 

Charles Davis Pembjrlon. the f.ither of all t les?, who was born at St. Kitts a 
fow months before the Battle of Waterloo, died at Brighton on G September 1899. 


f ■ ■ 

' Biitl)^, BcatljSt null iWarmgc^; from tijc 
** Barbatios iHeitiir{>*' aui ** Britiflctoluii 
(§ajcttt/^ 1805 to 1818.* 

Br EDWAllD GOULBURN SINCKLER, Police Magistuate, Barbados. 


June 27 (Deaths) On Thursday in this Town, after a short residence of tliree 
months, Thomas Chiredge, Esq., of the Kingdom of Great Britain, and 
holding an appoint neiit in the Custom House of the Island of .St. Lucia. 
June 27 (Deaths) Lately in St. Peter's, Jacob Skinner, Esq., of that parish. 
Also on this date are some verses published to the Memory of tlie Kcv. Henry 
S. Thorp (late of this Island), who died in London on the 2oth April, just as 
he had obtained Deacon's Orders. 
July 7 (Married) On the 1st inst., at Eeid's Bay Plantation, John Gay Alleyne, 
Esq., son of the Hon. J. P. Alleyne, to Miss Johanna Bishop, daugiiter-iu-law 
of Brig.-Genei-;)! ]\Jacloan, on the Staff of His Majesty's .Army in this Island. 
July 25 (Deaths) On Wednesday last, Mr. William P. Evelyn, after a short 
illness. The same day Mr. .lohn Poyer, late of Spcightstown, and Author of 
a History of Barbados. 
July 28 (Died) On Sunday morning last after a slun-t illness, Daniel Tidball, 

Esq., Storekeeper of the Xaval Yard at St. Ann's. 
Aug. 1 (Deaths) Christ Church, Mrs. Thomasin Guddard ; St. Michael's, 
Mrs. Amelia P. Harte ; at St. Ann's, Assistant Surgeon John Bourke, 2nd 
Battalion GOth llegiment. 
Aug. 4 (Died) On Thursday last, in the parish of St. Lucy, Mr. Jolin Hall 
Jones, and in the evening of the nest day his remains were interred in 
St. Lucy's Church^-ard. (Deaths) St. Michael, on Sunday, Mr. .John Ewing, 
Mrs. Thomasin Marshall, a^'ed G7 ; yesterday, Mrs. Elizabeth Olton, relict of 
the late Dr. Gera Olton, Mrs. Mary Chaderton, aged 03. 
Aug. 8 By the JSlcKoy Mail Boat from Antigua we learn the lamented death 
of His Excellency Lord Lavington, Iv.B., Governor of that Island and its 
Dependencies. His Lordship was taken ill of fever on the L'8ih ult., and died 
on 1st inst. (Deaths) Mrs. Ann Greaves of St. Lury's, aged 91,' whose 
I mother was' yet more remarkable for her longevity, having died at the extra- 

I ordinary age of 101. In this town Mrs. Sarah West, aged GO. 

I Aug. 29 (Deaths) iNIrs. Eebecca Mcintosh, aged 87, Miss Mary Purcell, ngcd 71. 

I Sep. 12 (Married) On Thursday last, at Christ Church Parsonage. Joseph D. 

I Husbands, Esq., Deputy Secretary of this Island, to Miss Miller of that 

I parish. 

i Sep. 15 (Married) On Saturday evening, at Jackson's, the Estate of Grant 

r Elcock, Esq.,- the Rev. Mark Nicholson, President of Codrington College, to 

\ Mrs. Wilson, relict of the late George Wilson, Esq. (Died) On Sunday 

ni'^^ht, at his seat called Gibbs, Samuel Hinds, Esq., in an advanced age. 
Si-p. 22 (Death) On Sunday morning last, at his seat near St. Ann's, of a rapid 
fever, after a few days illness, aged 38 years, the Hon. John Bedford, Judge 
of the Court of Vice-Admiralty, aud yesterday his remains were interred at 
St. Michael's Church. (Note. — The Hou. John Alleyne Beckles succeeded 
him iu office.) 

* Cuuliuued iroiu V'ul. I., p. 3Ui. 


Sep. 26 (Death) Died yesterday at the Xaval Convalescent Pavilion above 
St. Aun's, tlie Hon. (?apt. King of His Majesty's ship "Alexandria," and tliis 
morninu; his remains were interred in St. Michael's Churcli. 

Nov. 21 Ship " Borton " of and from Liverpool in SI davs arrived this morning. 
By this vessel we learn the death of John Higginson, Sen., Esq., father of 
Mr. Higginson, Merchant, of this town. 

Dec. 15 (Deaths) On Friday last, after a few days contineuient from a fracture 
of his leg, Mr. Richard Cock, Junr., and on Saturday 3Ir. John Hunte of 
a rapid fever. 

Dec. 19 (Died) On AYeduesday last, after an illness of only i days and a short 
residence in this Island (to which he had been lately appointed Solicitor- 
General), John F. Xicholls, Esq., who has ieft a young widow far distant 
from her native home to lament her lo.'^s. 

Dec. 26 (Married) On AVcdnesday last, Conrade A. Howell, Esq., Treasurer and 
Storekeeper of this Island, to Mrs. Elizabeth Hinds, relict of the late Abel 
Hinds, Esq. (Died) At sea on his passage from hence to Liverpool, Richard 
Hooton, Esq., Merchant, of this Town. 


Jan. 12 (Died) On Friday last, of a gradual decline, Jarratt Hamden, Esq., 
a man of science and erudition, of strong genius and self-cultivation. And 
on the following evening suddenly, after having attended the funeral obsequies 
of Mr. Hamden, to whom he was bi'other-in-law, Thomas Hordle, Esq., 
formerly a respectable merchant of this Town, but lately retired from business, 
whither, as in his more active commercial life, the public esteem justly 
followed him. 

Jan. 23 (Married) On AYeduesday last, .lames Clinckett, Esq., to Miss Lewds, 
by the Eev. Mr. Thomas of St. George's. (Deaths) On Monday last, 
Mrs. Frances Collier, John Cave, Esq., and Mr. AVilliam Roberts, Merchant 
of this Town. 

Jan. 26 (Died) At Tobago on Saturday, Jan. 9th, the Rev. Mi\ Terrill, a fond 
and loving husband and father, an affectionate brother, a steady friend, etc. 

Jan. 30 (Married) On Thursday last, Benjamin Walrond, Jun., Esq., of the 
Custom House of this Port, to Miss Dorothy Skinner of St. Peter's. 

Feb. 20 A most wanton and shocking murder was committed a few nights ago 
on one John Hagaman, a Dane, by two men named Mapp and Bell at a grog- 
shop in " Tlie Bay." (Note. — Mapp's name was Abel Steady Mapp. He 
was hanged.) 

Mar. 1 (Married) On AVednesday last, Capt. J. Anton of the 70th Regiment 
and Assistant Adjutant General, to Miss Lake Wildy of this Town. 

Mar. 12 (Deaths) On Wednesday, Francis S. Bayley, Esq., a respectable and 
opulent Planter of St. John's parish. On Tuesday, Mr. Theodore Forster of 
this Town. 

Mar. 8 (Died) Yesterday, to the regret of the whole Garrison, Lieut.-Col. 
Boggis of the R. AV. I. Rangers, and his remains were interred the same 
evening with military honours at St. Michael's Church. 

April 2 (Died) At Demerary on the 24tii March, Alexander Eraser, Esq., 
formerly of tlie Island of St. Kilts. 

April 5 (Died) On Friday last, in the 19th year of his age, Mr. Isaac Alcock, 
lately from Liverpool. 

April 9 (Died) On Wednesday last, Joseph Freeman, Esq., Merchant, of this 

April 16 On Thursday last, John S. Thomas, a free coloured man of this Town, 
whose death claims our notice from the uniform iiiKiasaiiiing tenor of liis life, 
which afforded an example of humilittj and iriffi/xfiy to that class of society 
in which he was plac(,'d, as they would do well to fuUow and imitate. 


CA.RIBfiEAiJA. 43 

April 16 In consequence of the death of Captain Ayscough (who a few days 
ago in an unfortunate moment of mental derangement put a period to his 
existence) the " Hawk " Brig has been given to Captain Patterson by Admiral 
Sir Alexander Cochrane. 

April 30 (Died) In consequence of a fall from his horse, which be survived by 
a few hours, Mr. Francis Gibson, nephew of D. Thoruhill, Esq., of Hole 

May 14 (Married) Mr. AVilliam Jackson* to Miss "Walrond, daughter of Ben- 
jamin Walrond, Esq. (Deaths) ]Mr. AVilliam Malouey Price, Christ Churcli ; 
Mrs. Elizabeth Chase, ^Irs. bJarali Eeed, and Mr. John "Wilson, St. Michael's. 

May 17 (Deaths) j\Ir. John Price, Christ Church ; Miss Sarah Blunt, St. 
George's ; ]\Ir. Thomas Scott, St. Michael's. 

May 21 (Married) Lately, at Antigua, Capt. Collier, H.N., to Miss Osborn of 
that Island, and sister to Mrs. Tracey, the Admiral's Secretary's Lady. 
(Died) On the 21st March, at her son's house in Portman Square, where she 
bad recently arrived, the Right Hon. Jane, Dowager Countess of Dundonald, 
mother to the Hon. Sir Alexander Cochrane (the Commanding Admiral on 
this Station). 

May 2-1 (Deaths) Mr. William Legall, Christ Church ; Mr. William Delph, 
St. Michael's. 

May 28 (Died) Suddenly, in a few hours after landing yesterday morning from 
His Majesty's Brig " L'Eclair," in which he came passenger from Maric- 
galante, Robert Dalrymple, Esq., of the Customs House of this Town. 
(Note. — Lieut. Evelyn commanded H.M. Brig "L'Eclair.") 

June 28 (Deaths) On Friday night, after a few days illness, Lieut. -Colonel 
William Bowyer, Deputy Adjutant-General, and nephew to General Henry 
Bowyer, late Commander of the Forces, and on Saturday morning his 
remains were interred in St. Michael's Church, whither they were attended 
by Brig.-Geueral Sir Charles Shipley and Brig.-General Steheliu as chief 
Mourners and most of the other principal officers of the Garrison. And the 
same afternoon the remains of Major Macdonald of the Koyals, who died 
that morning, were likewise interred at St. Michael's Church. 

July 9 (Died) On Tuesday last, after a few weeks lingering illness. Hew 
Dalrymple, Esq., Collector of His Majesty's Customs of the Port of Bridge- 
town, and his remains were on the following day conveyed from his seat 
called " Springfield " to St. Thomas' Church and deposited in the family 
vault. (Note. — The Hon. John Spoouer, Jnr., succeeded him.) 

July 16 His Honour the President has been pleased to appoint Gabriel Keeves, 
Esq., Collector of His Majesty's Customs at the port of Hole Town vice 
T. H. P. Alleyne, Esq., deceased. 
Aug. 20 An inquest has been held within the last day or two by James Grasett, 
Esq., Coroner of this parish, on a young woman named Mary Koach, alleged 
to have been poisoned by one Samuel Walcott. 
Oct. 1 At St. Croix we lament to hear by letters from thence of the 19th Sep- 
tember a most alarming mortality prevails. The Garrison has particularly 
suffered, and among those who have fallen by the raging fever are Lieut. - 
Colonel Leathers, Capt. Pholmar, and Lieuts. Urquhart, Traverner, Grant, 
and Adam son. 
Oct. 4 AVe learn with regret the death on the 2ud ult. of Nathaniel Walrond, 
Esq., of this Island, passenger, v/hose body was interred at Madeira on the 
8th. The " Sprightly " Mail Boat from Surinam brings the regretted intelli- 
gence of the death of Brigadier-General Hughes in that Colony on the 
27th ult. 

• See his death hi 1811. He was father, I think, of AVilliaiu 'Walrond Jackson, born 9 January 
1811 ill llarbado?, was educated at Codrington College, became Priest 1835, served in several 
parishes, and was Bishop of Antij^ua 18G0 — 70, when lie retired, and died 25 November 1805 at 
Ealing. [Ed.] 


Oct. 18 The death of that respected OfScer, General Bowyer, late Commander 
of the Forces iu this country, aud of Lord Ducle, Provost-Marshal-General 
of this Island, are stated in the Loudon papers. 

Oct. 22 The late Captain Youngliusbands. This very meritorious Officer, to 
whom the Insurance offices of this Town some time ago voted 200 guineas 
for the purchase of a Piece of Plate, having died before the application of 
the money, his mother has appropriated that sum to a purpose which at once 
honours her own maternal sensibility, and the Manes of her gallant son. 
"A very elegant rural marble monument," say some of the London prints, 
" has been erected in the parish Church of Berwick in memory of the late , 

George Youngliusbands, Esq., a native of that Town, late Captain in the ; 

Eoyal Navy, at the expense of the Insurance Companies and Mercliauts of [ 

Barbados, as a tribute to his memory for the eminent services rendered by i 

him in protecting the trade of the Windward Islands." ' 

Nov. 8 (Married) On the 27th ult., at St. Vincent, G. E. Baillie, Esq.,* I 

Garrison Surgeon, to Miss Jane AYarner of that Island. 

Nov. 15 (Died) On the 2ud inst., Thomas Barker, Esq., at the Plantation "Two 
Brothers " in Demerary. 

Nov. 19 (Died) On the 4th inst., at the Island of St. Thomas, after four days 
illness, Capt. George Ravenshaw of His Majesty's Ship " Cherub." 

Nov. 26 (Married) On Thursday last, Mr. George' Cole to Miss Elizabeth Ann 
Drady, both of this Town. (Died) This morning, George W. Shepherd, 
Esq., M.D. 

Dec. 13 (Died) On Sunday last, the Rev. Mr. I. AUineou of Codrington 

Dec. 17 (Married) This morning, at St. Michael's Church, Lieut. Anthonie 
D'Olivier of the York Light infantry Volunteers, to Mrs. Elizabeth Child, 
widow of the late Quarter- Master Child, 3rd 13att. 60tii Rcgt. 

Dec. 2i (Deaths) In St. Lucy's, Hilhiry Howe, Esq. ; in Oistins, Mr. John 
Melvin; in St. Michael's, \V. B. AViuter, Mr. Edward J. Lewis, Mr. Henry 
Blanks, and Mrs. Joannah Snow. 


Jan. 10 (Deaths) John Mather, Esq., of the Island of St. Lucia; Mr. Samuel 

Moore of Tobago; in St. Michael's, Mr. James Pemberton ; in St. Peter's, 

John Bovell, Esq. ; in St. George's, Mrs. Selman. 
Jan. 24 Extraordinary longevity. Died last night at the Parochial Almshouse 

in this town, Precilla Simpson, an old maid, aged 113 years. 
Jan. 17 His Majesty's Brig " Morne Fortuuee " was unfortunately upset off 

Martinique. Eighteen or nineteen of the crew were saved. " Lieut. Brown 

is among the unfortunate sufferers " (drowned ?). 
Jan. 10 Letters from St. Thomas confirm the death of General Ferrand at 

St. Domingo, who, it is stated, being drawn into an ambush, in a lit of 

chagrin blew his own brains out. 
Jan. 31 (Deaths) Mrs. Elizabeth Goddard, aged 75 years. Miss Elizabeth 

Morris, St. Michael's; Lieut. John S. Miller, 3rd W. 1. Regimcut. 

(To be continued.) 

» D' GooTi^e llobertsoii Uaillie, b. 17(58, studied medicine ui Lliiibur-li, s.-ryoJ for iinny 
ycus in the \\M., was oii retiriii- iu 1S25 I.ispcctor-aoa' of Anuv Hospitals; <1. iii 61oaae b>i. 
lu LS:^S. His wife, .lain; .Vmi, wis cid'j4 i:\n. <>t (;iurlcs .loli.i Wanior. a ).l uiljr uf Boauia, by 
Dobara .Mirg' Ueb.-rca Hodge, dau. of the Gov' of Au-uilli. [Ed.] 


iSotes anil ©ucrtc^* 

AGENT IN 1782. 

Mr. Noel B. Livingston of Kingston, Jamaica, copied the following original 
unrecorded Power of Attorney from the Records of the old Court of Yice- 
Admiralty. It was torn in three or four places: — 

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that I wlio have hereunto 
set my hand and seal beinc; the Admiral and Commander in Chief of His Majestys 
Ships and Yessels in tlie West Indies &c. &c. &c. have constituted and ap[)ointed 
and do hereby constitute and Appoint ^Ir. Thomas Weir of the I.^iland of Jarii.-iica 
to be my true and lawful Attorney and Agent for me in my name and to my use 
to solicit transact and tai\e care of all my concerns and interest in any Prize 
or Prizes Seizures or Re-captures that have been or shall be taken seised retaken 
or destroyed by any of His Majostys Ships or A^essels under my command or to 
which I am or shall be entitled by any means whatsoever and in all Head-money 
or other money arising from such capture and interest Giving and Hereby 
Granting to my said Attorney and Agent my full power and autliority in the 
premises for Inventorying apprai.^^ing condemning and selling the said Prize or 
Prizes Seizures and recaptures tlieir Cargoes tackle guns apparel and Furniture 
and for the receiving the money arising; therefrom And also the said Head Money 
by Bill made out by the Honourable Commissioners of His Majestys navy and 
my respective share of the whole and for recovering obtaining compounding and 
discharging the same and generally to do and act forme and for my use and safety 
as fully and cffectxially to all intents and purposes as 1 myself might or could do 
being personally present Acquittances and Releases and Other Discharges to 
make and grant Ratifying and confirming all and whatsoever my said Attorney 
and Agent or his substitute shall lawfully do or cause to be done in the premises 
by virtue of these presents and in case of the decease or absence of my said 
Attorney Mr. Thomas AV^eir I do hereby constitute and appoint to act in his stead 
as my lawful Agent and Attorney IN WITNESS WHEREOE I have hereunto 
set my hand and seal the first day of May in the year of Our Lord 1782 and in 
the twenty second year of the reign of Our Sovereigu Lord King George the 
Third by the Grace of God over Great Britain &c. 

G. B. RODXET [1. 8.] . 

Sealed and delivered in the presence of 
A. N. Yates. 


• A considerable number of the early settlers in Jamaica did not emi<j;rate there 

direct from Great Britain, but were drawn from the older colonies. Tliis point is 

[ of much interest, and should be taken into consideration by readers when 

E inquiring into the origin of the first inhabitants. 

[ Capt. Gregory Butler, who was recruiting for the Expedition, in his letter to 

I the Protector in IGoo [Thurloe's State Papers, iii., 574], wrote that Antegoe was 

i molested by Indians and. had but 1200 meii, so lie would not enlist any. At 

I Montserrat he raised SO, at Nevis 300, and at St. Kitts 800 or 900, in spite of 

! the Frencli owning one half the colony. "This island is almost worne out by 

I reason of the multitude that live upon "it. . . .The fleet appearing we shi])ped our 

I men to the number of twelve hundred and dejjarted." Penn and Venablcs 

I anchored olf St. Kitts on April IGoo, and including the above 1200, thoy had on 

I bo>U'd oOOO West Indian settlers, besides women and children, the majority from 


Barbados. The survivors took possession of Jamaica next month. Yice-Admiral 
Wm. Goodson wrote on 24 June IG.'G: "Upon notice given from Governor 
Stokes of liiiiiself and the people of Nevis tlieir intention to transplant tliemselves 
hither, dispatched three ships for their transport, and 4"'' Jnne a vessel arrived 
from the Governor Avith three gentlemen to treat ■with ns concerning shipping 
and to view the country. Afterwards fitted out a small vessel to carry back our 
resolutions of sending shi])s for about 1000 jieople besides women, children and 
servants" ("America and AV.l. Calendar for lC75-(), Addenda 1574-1G74, p. 110]. 
Ca])t. Godfrey writes on 30 June 1G5G : "Is going with some ships to. Nevis and 
S' Christopher's to fetch the Governor, his lady, and such planters as will come 
to Jamaica." [IhiJ., p. 112.] 

Yice-Admiral Goodson writes again in Oct. IGoG: "that tliey arrived at 
Nevis road on 0"' Oct. and have been embarking about 1400 men, women 
and children, with their coods and servants and intend sailing 2f inst." 
[JizW., p. 114.] 

Cornelius Burough writes on 28 Nov. 1G5S: "In Gen. Brayne's time about 
1,000/. in provisions was lent to Nevis planters settled on Port Morant, they 
being in great want." \_lhid., p. 125.] 

The reason of this emigration was also, I believe, because Nevis, like St. Kitts, 
was over populated. It was a very small island of some 50 square miles, with a 
great central mountain, and not much available land for new comers. 

After the capture of St. Kitts by the French in IGGG, Du Tertre says some of 
the English inhabitants were sent to Jamaica, etc. 

In 1G70 the Somer Islands were so crowded that many of its peojde removed 
to Jamaica. In 1G75 most of the English with their slaves also went there from 
Surinam — total in three ships, 1231. Their names are given. [America and 
W.I., 286.] 



Bishop's Court, 


11 October 1910. 

The Registration of Baptisms, Marriages, etc., is very incomplete, owing to 
the destruction of nearly all the Registers in the year 1831,* but in some 
parishes, entries have been made of Baptisms, etc., in the Parish Yestry Books. 
There is, however, no complete list. 

Below is a list of the Parishes in my Diocese : — 

S. Micliael. S. Philip. S. James. S. Lucy. 

Christ Church. S. John. S. Peter. S. Andrew. 

S. George. S. Thomas. S. Joseph. 

W. P. Bahbados. ' 


Allusion was made in Yol. I., p. 2S7, to the list of such sites printed on 
23 December 1909 in the " Jamaica Gazette." The Committee for Barbados has 
now completed its task, and ou 17 June 1910 sent in its Report, of which 

• Ou the 10-11 Au!,'. of that year a most destructive hurriciuio occurreil. Owinc to the 
liability of the "West Indies to earthquakes, hurncanes, and fires, it seems dcsiniblo thai an Act 
should he pas-ed, providitii: for ihe transcription of the parish rcu'isters, and for the deposit with 
the r.islio]' caidi year of certififd copies ol all entries. Such an Act was at oue time in force evea 
iu England, and in these islands it is still more necessary. [Ed.] 


a printed copy has been forwarded to me by !Mr. E. G. Sinclder, the Hon. 
Secretary. Tliiy list coinprises all the old forts mid batteries ; tombs on plantations ; 
and ancient " Great liouses," of which Fontabelle, Diax Hall, and iSicholas Abbey 
were apj)arently all erected in the Cromwellian period. The M.I. noted relate 
more especially to the following families, viz.: — 

Ayshford, Collins, Cul])fper, Forte, Greaves, Holder, Holloway, Hooke, Lear, 
Lillington, Morris, l\ie-e, Ivider, liouse, Scott, Simmons, Skeete, Thori)e, Tyler, 
Walton, AVilkinson, AVilliams, and Worrell. As tlie vaults on the plantations 
are more liable to destruction than tliose in the cliurchyards, it is hoped that the 
Inscriptions at all these outlying places may be copied verbatim and the coats of 
arms noted and forwarded to me for publication. 

The late ]Major Herbert Thome of Barbados copied all tlie M.l. of St. ^lichael's, 
and perhaps of other parishes, and his collection should certainly be printed. 

Major Lawrence Archer's well-known work relates <.-hietly to Jamaica, and he 
stated that his stay at Barbados was so short that he only noted Inscriptions 
down to 1700. 



In the AVest India Committee Circular for 6 December 1910, tinder "Historic 
Sites and Monuments," appeared JMr. F. Cundall's article on "Constant Spring," 
from which I quote as follows : — 

" When the lands on the plain of Liguanea were divided amongst themselves 
by Cromwell's army of occupation, that part on which the Constant Spring estate 
stands fell to the lot of Lieut. -Colonel Henry Archbould,* a member of the first 
Council nominated in 16G1. He married in 1C6S (he was her third husband and 
she was his second wife) the mother of Sir Nicholas Lawes (afterwards Governor 
of the Colony), but died in the following year, she surviving him twenty years. 
His son Colonel Henry Archbould, who had sat for St. George from 1G80 to 1688, 
was elected Member of the Assembly for St. Andrew in 1701-2. 

" His wife Joanna AVilhelmina was sister to the wife and cousin of Sir Henry 
Morgan (buccaneer and Governor of Jamaica), and sister to the wife of Colonel 
Robert Byndlos, Chief Justice. She obtained a patent of naturalisation in 
August 1685. The second Colonel Archbould died in 1700, and was buried in 
Halfway-Tree Church. The first Colonel Archbould's second son, ^lajor AVilliam 
Archbould, was' member for St. Andrew in 1688. James Archbould, the son of 
his second wife, was member for St. Andrew in 1702-4, but sat for St. David in 

"In 1759 a private Act was passed (we read in Mr. Feurtado's ' Oilicial and 
other Personages of Jamaica,' 1S96) for the sale of certain lands in Liguanea 
belonging to Henry Archbould, late of the said ])arish, deceased, for payment of 
£8000 with interest, devised by the will of the said Henry Archbould to his 
daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Archbould, and for other purposes. 

"In 1765 Constant Sjjring estate, with some mountain land adjoining, called 
Snow Hill, was (the writer is informed by Mr. G. E. Judah) sold by Henry 
Archbould to Daniel Moore, etc." 


* lie c;inio over «ith CJenonl Venables in ]65'1, bein'„' then a C:i|/lnin, and lienunie later Lieut. - 
Qoloiiel of Carter's Rejjimeut. (" Narrative pf Ueueral Venables' E.vjieiJitioii," by Firth, p. 117.) 



Colonel Ec1\\artl ]\J organ went out as Lieut. -Governor in 1CG4, and dird in 
St. Eustatius July 16G5 during the attack of that I.^Iand. By his wife, a dau. of 
Baron I'ollnitz, he had: — 

I. Anne Petronella, married Colonel Eobert Byndlos. He died IG June 1GS7, 

aged 49. "Will I'eeorded. Slab at St. Catherine's with his arms, impaling 
, . . . a cJievro7i leiiccen three bucks' heads cahossed for Morgan (/\rcher, 
34). They had issue :— 

1. Cliarles, heir 1G88 to his uncle by marriage. Sir Plenry Morgan, 

Avhose surname he was to take. A Tho. Byndlos of Jamaica 
graduated at Loyden 23 August 1742. 

2. A dau., married Tho. B., grandson of Colonel Peter Beckford. 

lie matriculated from Merton College, Oxford, 10 JN'ovembor 
1699, aged 17. 

II. Mary Elizabeth, second dau. and fourth child, married soon alter 1GG5 

her first-cousin, Sir Henry Morgan (eldest son of Robert 51 organ of 
Llanrhymny, G-lamorgani^hire. bi-other of the above Colonel Edward 
Morgan). He was born about lG3o. Lieut. -Governor of Jamaica 
1674. Buried at St. Cath. 26 August IGSS. Will dated 17 June 
and sworn 14 September IGSS. She was buried at the same place 
3 iSJarch 1G9G, s.p. Archer gives no M.I. See article on Sir Henry 
Morgan in the " D.N.B." 
IIL Joanna AVilhelmina, married at St. Catherine 30 November 1671 (I., 14), 
Colonel Henry Archbould. 



"About the year IGGG, the Bridge-Town was burnt; and all the chief Records 
lost by a Hurricane, which happen'd the same year." (" Memoirs of the Eirst 
Settlement of Barbados," Appendix I.) 

In 1GG7 a commission collected all the Acts, "the Original Rolls being lost 
either in the Hurricane or Eire." The earliest of these Acts was dated 1648. 
By No. 5 Act, dated 13 March 1648, styled "An Act for the Transcription and 
safe keeping of the Records," it was enacted that the Secretary .•^hould draw a list 
of the books of records, and send them to some able person or Chief Oiiicer, who 
was to cause them to be transcribed. (-'Tlie Laws of Barbados," printed by 
John Baskett, fo. p. 5.) This officer was, I think, subsequently styled the Register 
or Registrar. By Act No. 41, passed in IGGl, the Pees of the Secretary's Office 
were settled, and the following papers are mentioned, viz. : Heed, bill of sale, 
bond, ticket, de])osition, liceiice for marriage, will, administration, inventory, etc. 
{IbiiL, p. 40.) Of the subsequent history of the Record Office I know little. 
Will some local authority give our readers an account of the present contents, 
with dates ? 




4 ^'1^"^\ 




-*^-L4.* ^>.-*'v 





■K/^^s J. 


From an old paiiitint;; on pareliniont. Akms. — Or, a croxs engrailed j)er pale 
Oiihs and Snhle. Ckkst. — A brock or badger proper. 


Broohs of Bt €lmhttl)y Jamaica/ 

The earlier portion of the pccliG;ree has been taken by Miss Nembhard from 
one drawn up by lawyers about 1807, endors^ed " Sketch of Descent of F. G. Smyth 
Es-^ from Geo."lJrooks sen. Geo. Brooks, Will Enf" 2P' Nov' 1750. Lib. 28, 
folio 19. Papers relative to Mrs. Witter. Xot e.xamined." George Brooks. s:reat- 
grandaon of testator, was Claimant under the will as Right Heir of Mrs. Witter, 
the surviving Uau. of the three. P. G. Smyth of Goshen was Claimant as sur- 
viving Heir of one of the Daus., being son of Era. Geo. Smyth, deceased, and 
grandson of Cath. Brooks and E. Smyth. The latter portion has been taken from 
the pedigree drawn up by her father, the late Major-Geneial jS'embhard (1S"_*7 — 
1905), founded on facts partly derived from his mother (ISOb — 187-1). The 

j pedigree requires proof from wills, deeds, and parish registers, but it is probably 

i fairly accurate. 

} A bookplate of John Brooks has been preserved ; it is in the Chippendale style, 

I with the Brooks arms so incorrectly engraved as to be useless for illustration. 

< It however shews on an escutcheon of pretence ; Gules, 07i a chevron Or three 

I pellets, a coat of some heiress which has not been identified. [Editor.] 



I This estate is iu the parish of St. Elizabeth, some tw'o miles from the village 

J of Santa Cruz. About a mile from the residence known as "Pear Tree Valley" 

i are the ruins of an old house with its large overgrown flower garden still traceable. 

I To the east, on a slight eminence four or Hvc chnins off, is the old family burial- 

I place, about 20 feet square, enclosed by a low stone wall. Within this is a stone 

^ tomb, surmounted by a massive black marble slab, with the following arms and 

j inscription : — 

' AuMS. — . . . . A cross enqrailed per pale .... (no tinctures). Ceest. — A ladder 

passant above an esquire's helmet. 

" Here lies the body of George Brooks, Esq"" the Elder, who departed this 
life May y*^ 0"', 1750, aged 62 years, who was an indulgent father, a loving 
husband, and a good friend." 

In his will (entered in the Record Office in Libro 28, fo. IS), dated 3 March 
1748 and proved 21 November 1750, he names his wife Eliz., six sons, Samuel, 

I John, George, Christopher, Thomas, and Francis, also four daus., Anna, Elizabeth, 

Bonella, and Catherine. 

I AVithout the enclosure, on the north, south, and east sides, are three more 

! tombs, of which the north side one has no inscription. The tomb on the south 

\ side has the following inscription on a limestone slab : — 

j " Here lieth the body of M" Elizabeth Chambers, who departed this life on 

I the 16 day of IMarch, 1772, aged 52^ years 3 months and eleven days. She was 

an indulgent parent and a good woman." 

The tomb to the east is inscribed as follows, also on a limestone slab : — 

" Here lieth the body of Boxella Cha.mbers who departed this life on Sunday 
the 6"' September 1772 aged 31 years and four mouths. She was a fond 
affectionate wife, a dutiful child, and a benevolent woman." 

\ The whole of the above information lias been derived from an article iu 

'i "The Gleaner" of Jamaica, 1S9S, by Leslie Alexander, a clerk in the Record 

I OfEce of Kingston. 

I * Contributed by Miss Mabel Nembhard of 27 Gilbert Street, W. 

J. t Formerlv known as " Burnt Ground." 

[ X J. think "this 52 must be an error for 32, as she would hardly be 21 year.i older than her 

! .sister Bonella. 

\ VOL. II. B 




Arms on tomb of George Brooks, IGSS — 1750. — A cross engrailed per pale 
(no tinctures). Crest. — Above an esquire's helmet a brock or badger passant. 

. . . ., mar-=pChi'i.'>tophor Ernoks of Godalming, oo. Surrey, ^Ann Shak-=j=Judith 
ried in j England, M.D. ; bur. there 8 December 171S. ; spear, mar- .... 
England. • AV'ill dated 1.3 October 1718; proved o Feb. ried in J. 3rd 
1st wife. 1718-19 (22, Browning). j 2nd Avife. wife. 

Brooks, by 
1st wife, in 

George Brooks of Bnrntground, St. Elizabeth's, in J. ;= 
died n May 1750, a-t. G2. M.I. on his estate. Will dated 
3 March 1718; proved 21 November 1750 at J. 


Brooks, in 
175-i owned 
G015 acres 
in St. Eliza- 
beth's ; d. 




p. . . . Thomas 




d. s.p. 

alive in 

alive in 






d. s.p. 

Christoplier=I)eborah ITay;born 
Brooks, who 1 1733; mar. G Sep. 
or 3; d 

settled the 
estate, St. 

1752 or 3; d. G 
JunelS23. Tablet 
in Black Biver 
Church " erected 
by her grandson." 


J 1 
Richard Brooks, 

1 1 
Son, name 

John Brooks.=; 

=Ann.sisterof James 

" Brooks," 

living 1792; d. 


J.P. and of St. 

Virgo Dunn ; d. in 


s.p. ; ? Post-mas- 

d. s.p. 

Elizabetii's in 

Upper Berkeley 

son, living 

ter, Spa Town, 


1782; d. be- 

St., London, about 




fore 1817, pro- 

1839 ; buried in a 



bably before 

vault in one of the 

Joseph Brooks, 

living after 


Marylebone burial 

living 1792 ; d. 

1792 ;d. s.p. 

grounds. • 

• s.p.;?Lieut.-Col. 

and A.D.C. 1784. 

George Brooks of Burntground, born 22 May= 
1783 ; he settled the Blenheim estate with 
money inherited from his great-aunt Eliza- 
beth ; Ensign St. Elizabeth IMilitia in 1805, 
Lieutenant 180G, Captain 1811; in an old 
plan of ]31cnheim lie is described as " Col." ; 
d. 27 June 1832; bur. in the churchyard at 
Snowdon, J. 

^Sarah Tharp Petgrave, 
dau. of William Burt 
Wright of Enfield. J., 
and his wife Frances ; 
born 1781-5 ; mar. 13 
April 1807; died 13 
June 1855-7 (?) ; bur. 
at Snowdon, .T. 

Ann, mar. 
Had issue. 

See % p. 52. 



The above burial-ground was not noted by Archer. On p. 327 he gives a M.I. 
from Falmouth Church in the parish of Trclawnev to : " John Tharp Chambers, 
son of Edward Chambers Esq. d. 1795." 

There is a suiall paper plan, drawn up in 1792 by Eras. Eobcrtson, Survr., 
giving the boundaries between Longwood and Burnt Ground plantations in 
St. Elizabeth's parish. " Burntground House " is marked, and '" Land laid out 
for George Brooks," bounded at the north-west corner by iSamuel Kushton and 
Heury Fleeming, then north and cast by " Land belonging to the proprietors of 
Longwood Pen," and at the south-east corner by " ]S'ow Emaus Pen Patented by 
"William Eussell." Then follows a clause that ""W'e Eichard Joseph Edward and 

Brooks, of 
J. in 171S. 

John Brooks. John Brooks. Erancis Brooks. 

Probably d. young. 

Erancis Brooks, 
by 3rd wife, in 

I I. 
Francis Brooks, 

alive in March 

1748 ; d. s.p. 

Anna, mar. Lewis 
Williams ; alive 
in March 1748. 

Catherine, mar. 
Erancis Smyth, 
who was bur. at 
Haughton, La- 
covia. She d. 
before 1772, and 
had issue. 

Elizabeth, mar. 1st 
.... Witter ; 2ndly 
.... Chambers ; d. 
16 March 1772 (at. 
32 ?) ; bur. at iHunt 
Ground. Had 

Bonelhi, mar. Thomas 
Chambers, Member of 
Assembl v for St. El i/a- 
beth 1782. She d. G 
September 1772, mt. 
31 ; bur. at Burnt 



Said to have d. before 
they were 21, unmar- 

A dau., 

M I . . 

mar Ann, born 3 August 176/ ; mar. m 

Had J., 29 March 1787, Ballard Beckford 

Nembhard, to whom she brought a 

— share of the Hounslow estate. He 

d. 11 June 1821, a^t. 59; bur. in 
the crypt of All Saints' Church, South- 
ampton. She d. in London 2 August 
1818; bur. in churchyard of Old 
Marylebone Church. They left issue. 

A d 


mar. 1st 
.... Van Hie- 
land ; 2ndly .... 

Elizabeth Eaby, born in J. about 
1796 ; mar. George Wilson Bridges, 
M.A., Eector of St. Ann's, J., and 
later Incumbent at Beachley, co. 
Gloucester, author of " Annals of 
Jamaica." He d. September 1863, 
aet. 76, and was bur. at Beachley.* 
She d. at Ealing 14 February 1?>62 ; 
bur. at Beachley. Four of their six 
daus. were drowned through a boat- 
ing accident. 

* An pn;^raviii.£r ot tlio curious rofk \y]< 
was {lUblislicd in " OiUliiies aud Notes " in 

Frances, born 1797 ; mar. 1st in AVest- 
moreland, J., 11 March 1817, William Burt 
Wright of Kingston (brother of Sarah). 
He d. 20 February 1S21, a>t. 30; bur. in 
Kingston Parish Clnurhyard. M.I. (Arciier 
150)! lie was Ensign St. Elizabeth Militia 
ISOO, and ^Merchant of Kingston. Left 
issue. She mar. 2ndly Charles James. 
She d. in England April 182S. 

icli KCi-ves as a monument to the whole Bridges family 

f: 2 





Elizabeth Frances, born in J. 1.5 July 180S ; 
mar. at Blenheim, 1 February 1827, ^Vil]ialn 
Ncinbliard of Kensington and Hounslow 
estates. He was born 22 DcL-ember 1796, 
and d. in London 9 October 1^33; bur. in 
the Marylebone Burial-ground, Paddington 
Street. She d. in Germany 25 June 1871 ; 
bur. at Canstatt, Wurtemberg. Had issue. 

See p. 50. 

George Brooks, = 
M.D., of Burnt- 
Is0i);d. at Span- 
ish Town 2sMav 
1854, of cholera. 

^Clarissa Burt, 
born in Edin- 
burgh (?) 1S09; 
mar. at Ch.irlton, 
Kent. England. 4 
Oct. 1831; d. 30 
Oct. 1SS7; bur. 
at Kensal Green. 

Caroline Broughton= 
Burt, mar. in Edin- 
burgh (?) 15 April 
1857; d. of yellow 
fever in J. 14 Dec. 
1857, jet. 23 ; bur. at 
St. Andrew's Church, 
Half Way Tree. 
(Archer.) 1st wife. 


:George Bygrave Brooks, = 
M.A., born at Blenheim 
8 July 1832; ordained 
priest in J. 1S57 ; Cliap- 
iain to the Bishop of 
Kingston 18G1— 79; Act- 
ing Chaplain to the 
Forces 1S65— 84; Arch- 
deacon of Surrey, J.,1S79 
—84; Yicar of Edles- 
borough, Bucks, 1SS4 — 
1910, -when he resigned ; 
living in Loudon January 
1911 ; s.p. 

: Laura, dau. of= 
Samuel Bel- 
cher Chapman 
of Ipswich ; 
mar. 7 Feb. 
ISGl ; d. 10 
October 1904. 
a't. 70 ; bur. at 
Kensal Green. 
2nd wife. 

:L^abella Lydia, 
dau. of the late 
George Stewart 
(see Galloway 
in Debrctt) and 
Mary his wife, 
dau. of Tliomas 
Carrie of New- 
ton Airds, Dum- 
fries ; mar. 15 
January 190S ; 
alive in January 
1911. 3rd wife. 

John Brooks of the one part, and John Brooks of the other part do hereby agree 
that the lines .... in the above diagram .... shall be ... . the dividing lines 
between our properties . . . ." Not signed nor sealed. 

The second John is thought to have been a natural son of George Brooks, Esq., 
because in 17(39 and 1775 privnte acts were passed to authorize tiie latter to 
dispose of his estate, without regard to the Law- of Disabilities, and to intitle his 
reputed children bv i\[arr Powell to the same rights as English ^jubjects (Feurtado). 

Dr. George Brooks inherited a moiety of the Chester estate Trehiwney and 
Mr. Kenyon the other from the widow of James Virgo Dunn, his great-uncle, 
but sold'this to Mr. Kenyon in 1844. He also sold outlying portions of Burnt 
Ground, and uegros were allowed to squat on the remainder. 

His son, the Kev. George Bygrave Brooks, sold 300 acres of the Blenheiui 
estate, which had formerly brought in £10,00U a year, to a Kev. Mr. Hildebrand, 
Eector of Snowdon, both estate and house then being in a ruinous condition, fur 

Christopher Brooks of Farncomb in the parish of Godalming, co. Surrey, 
doctor in ])hysick. Will dated 13 October 5 Geo., 1718. Ti) my sons Samuel^ and 
George Brooks, now in Jamaica, the mortgage for £300 made unto me by Tho. 
Downer of tlie parish of A'eere in the said J. To my son Fra. Brooks, now an 
infant, my messuages in Godalming at 23, my wife to receive tlie rents till then 
for his bringing up, and if he die to my daus. .Mary and Ann i?rooks, and 1 further 
give my daus. £100 apiece at 21. My wife Judith Ex'tri.v and all residue. iMv 
friends" AVm. Osborne, citizen and liabc'rdasher of London, and Jas. Figg. jun., of 



Charlotte Augusta, born 14 
December 1817 ; mar. at 
Blenheim, 27 July 183G, 
Lieut. John Gurley, E.N., 
Governoi' of Carriacou, 
"VVindwardlsles, born 1796. 
He bur. in Old St. Marv's 
Cemetery, Cheltenham, De- 
cember 1851. She bur. 17 
April 1867 near him ; s.p. 

Roberta Wilmena, born 25 
December 1821 ; mar. at 
St. David's Church, Man- 
chester, J., 1 November 
1S37, Charles Jacques 
Philippe Douet,* Eector of 
Metcalfe, J. He d. in J. 
16 March 1862. She d. 
11 November ISSl' ; bur. 
at Teddington, Surrey, 
England. Had issue. 

Henrietta IMorgan, born 
28 March 1821 ; mar. at 
St. Mary Abbott's, Ken- 
sington, April 1869, 
Henry J. AV'hitling. He 
d. 28 May 1886; bur. 
at St. Peter's, Croydon, 
Surrey. She d. s.p. 5 
ApririS90; bur. at Ted- 

Ella, born 4 
1834 ; d. of 
measles 8 
Mar. 1840, 
set. 5. 

Edward Nembhard Brooks, born 20 Eliza, born 22 December 1810 ; 
March 1837; d. of measles 8 March d. in Dublin of measles 28 ^fay 

1840, a;t. 3. 

Clara, born 10 November 1838 ; d. 
of measles 17 March 1840, a-t. 16 

1856 ; bur. at Harold's Cross. 

Henrietta Louisa, born 29 Dec. 
1841 ; d. in Dublin of measles 
5 June 1856 ; bur. at Harold's 

These three were buried on the same 
day at Kensal Green. 

Chichester, co. Sussex, chirurgeon, overseers in trust, to whom 1 give a guinea 
each for a ring. 

Witnesses : AVm. Ayling, Rich. Norris, Wm. Godfrey. 

Proved o February 1718 (22, Browning). 

"Col. Brooks" was named in the list of his officers drawn up by YenablcH. 
See Bridges' " Annals of Jamaica," 1827, i., p. 19S. Bridges has added a note 
that he settled in the parish of St. Eliz. 


P.C.C. FROM 1655 TO 1810. 

The following list of testators has been gradually made during a search, 
extending over many years, through the volumes of wills at Somerset House. 
1 do not think uuuiy names have been omitted, though some refereuces are sure lo 
have been overlooked. 

In 1656 a list was drawn up of officers au.l soldiers engaged in the Amencau 
EKpcdition who applied for arrears of pav, or on whose account chtims were made hy 
their widows, etc. (185 names, •' Colonial Cal."). On 18 April 1656 Sn.<ann;i. rohci; 
of Edward AVinslowe, Esq., and Josiah, bis son and cx'or. rL'])resented ttiat her 
husband was appointed on 12 Uecember 1651 one of the commissioners in the 
Expedition to the W.I., with a salarv of .CLOOO per annum, but died on the 
voyage 8 May 1655 {Ibid., p. 439). Capt. George Butler, and Mary, widow of 

♦ Their first sou Wiis Clns. Fred. (1810— I'JOo), A>sistant Bishop of J. 1SS3-1904, con- 
secrated ill Wustuiiiisler Abbey 30 Noveiubor 188S. 


Major-General Eichard Fortescue, are also among those named. See also her 
Petition of August LG61 (Ibid., p. o2). Considering that the death roll, at the 
abortive attack at Hispaniola alone, amounted to 1700, there are surprisingly few 
wills on record — less than 2 per cent. During the tirst six or seven years these 
relate mostly to soldiers and sailors, are very short, and of little interest, except 
when the ship is named, so I have not given a complete list of them. Instead of 
the familiar " H.M.S." the letters '' S.S." for " States Ship " were used during the 
Cromwellian usurpation. 

1655 Atlett. 

Edw. Winslowe, Esq. bound in a viage to sea. Col. Venables overseer. 377. 

Hercules Mills, Corporal of the ship Sorrington in the W.I. 381. 

Tho. Newman of the ship Matliias bound from the "W.I. 3Sl. 

The. Lawes of New Sarum, m'chant, on the Swiftsure off S' Domingo. This 

Expedition to America. 3S1. 
Edw. Edger, minister of the JIarsfon Moore. 381. 

Capt. Geo. Butler, bound in the Expedition under Gen' Venables. 382. 
Jas. Henker on a voyage to the W.I. under Gen' Penn, n. at Gosport. 451. 
Geo. Brookes at the Barbadoes 2 March 1G54. We goe for Hispaniola aboard 

the Matthias. 466. 

1656 Bebklet. 
Wm. Webb a souldier at Jamaica, Dec. 1654. 427. 

1657 EUTHEK. 

John Bexwick, a soldier at J. Dec. 1654. 104. 

Geo. Cop armorer of the WeJcomhe at J. 5 March 1655. 104. 

David Jones commander of the Huntter bregenteen in the port of J. My sugar 

and tobacco. No date. 104. 
Andrew Smith, cook of the ship Welcome in the States Service u. at J. 1 Aj). 

1656. 110. 
Chr. Carter, apothecary to the English Army in J. 13 Dec. 1656. Friends 

Col. John Ilumfrey and Capt. Rob. Hannah. 110. 
Wm. Hood n. of Barking " lately from Jameco," carpenter. 121. 
Col. Eich. Fortescue. 276. 
John Barrel!, bound to J. Dec. 1654. 498. 
Gilbert Bury, 1. soldier in Capt. Sedgwick's Cu. in Col. Humphries Eeg. of Foot 

at J. n. in L. 28 Sep. 1657. 519. 

1658 WooiTOx. 

Fra. Fairfax Esq. 1. a Capt. at J. but in L. dec'' 15 Feb. 1657. 114. 

Tho. Downing 1. Lieut, to Capt. Barnard Evanes foot Co. in Col. Fra. Barrington's 

Eeg. in the I. of Jammeca 22 May 1658. 484. 
Rich. Collins 1. armorer in the S.S. Indian at Jemaca dec'' 7 June 1657. 484. 

[I found no further wills until 1662, when those of the planters, merchants, 
etc., commence. — En.] 

1662 Chr. Tiller 56 Laud. \ 1676 Fra. Man 32 Bcncc. 

1665 Wm. Martin 31 Hvde. 

1C67 Tho. Kendall 23 Carr. 

1669 Eoger Gumby 43 Coke. 

1670 Jas. ^Lin, S' 39 Duke. 
1672 Tho. Love 62 Eure. 

Ja3. Blatt, Jf 89 „ 



110 ., 




92 Hale 



. Hiflvos 

76 Eeevc 



144 ,, 




36 King 



. Bcckford 

156 „ 


Eob. Bridgwood 

74 Bath. 


Anne Inge 

11 Pyne 


Anth. Boutchcr 

91 Cottle. 


John Swiaton 

103 „ 


Geo. Coale 

2 Drax. 


Wm. Auger 

178 „ 


Hen. Kymes 

87 „ 


Cha. Whittell 

(?) 203 „ 


Cha. Johnson 

141 „ 


Rich. North 

293 „ 


Midi. Hunt 

75 Hare. 


Sam. Lewis 

78 Lort. 


Tho. Pearson 

117 „ 


Wm. Corey 

97 „ 


John Wells 

132 „ 


Sam. Foxley 

213 „ 


Geo. Fawcett 

19 Cann. 


Jos. James 

134 Pett. 


John Onions 

123 „ 


Edw. Stoakes. 

196 „ 


Hen. Coward 

15 Lloyd. 


Geo. Symes 

185 Noel. 


John Says 

14 Foot. 


Wm. Matthews 

25 Dyer. 


Eob. Haton 

151 „ 


Elinor Brad way 

60 „ 


Sam. Bache 

164 „ 


Mich. Whittell 

120 „ 


Dan. Hicks 

94 Exton. 


Rich. Bagnall 

163 „ 


John Plummer 

99 „ 


Rice James 

03 Heme. 


John Cope 

132 „ 


Sir Wm. Beeston 

172 „ 


Aath. Swymmer 

141 „ 


Tho. Hals 

69 Degg. 


Tho. Hawkins 

150 „ 


Jas. Banister 

106 „ 



Edw. Sealy 

87 Ent. 


Sir Wm. Hayman 

111 „ 

1 ■ 


Roger Flower 

110 „ 


Edw. Hall 

143 „ 



Sir Cha. Modyford 

ISO „ 


Rich. Sergeant 

158 „ 



Tho. AYilles 

82 Dyke. 


Peter Peterson 

173 „ 



Sir Tho. Lynch 

39 Yere. 


John Browne 

179 „ 



Cap. Fra. JJykes 

51 „ 


John Cossley 

184 „ 



Esther Cope 

25 Fane.. 


Jas. Gray 

187 „ 


John Fleming 

27 „ 


Val. Weaver 

217 „ 



\Vm. Nichold 

43 „ 


Sir Tho. Modyford 

22S „ 



Sir Fra. Watsou 

59 „ 


Wm. Browne 

4 Ash. 



Fra. Hanson 

88 „ 


David Masters 

90 „ 



Gab. Pitt 

91 „ 


Eman. Morton 

(?)94 5, 



Wm. Harvy 

153 „ 


John Sutton 

loo „ 



Jacob Loader 

187 „ 


Edw. Benson 

193 ., 



Mathew Pigeon 

209 „ 


Edw. Adye 

247 „ 



Geo. Sare 

230 „ 


Fra. Rogers 

15 Gee. 



Caleb Wcstbrooke 

199 Coker. 


Owen Evans 

26 „ 


Col. John O'Bryan 

61 Box. 


John Moses 

56 „ 



Fulke Rose 

97 „ 


Fra. Shipley 

77 „ 


Mary Hughes 

147 „ 


Rich. Dolling 

87 „ 


Tho. Tastar 

205 „ 


Cha. Hutchinson 

174 „ 


Jas. Teagi 

238 „ 


Lewis Sweeting 

209 „ 


Jas. Dixvis 

246 „ 


John Swan 

98 Eedes. 


Hen. Fenwick 

72 Irby. 


Wm. Cooke 

143 „ 



Dan. Gosling 

72 „ 


Sara Drury 

144 „ 


Deborah Tilly 

107 „ ■ 


Wm. Alsop 

iss „ 



Mathew Matson 

134 „ 


Cap. Nath. Browne 

, 230 „ 



Nath. Terry 

162 „ 


Tho. Hudson 

235 „ 


John Murray 

36 Bond. 


Sarah Coles 

252 „ 


Rich. Wescoiube 

42 „ 


Tho. Whitsoa 

49 Foley. 


Tho. Scoakes 

102 „ 


Wm. Bowyer 

99 „ 


Martiu Whatsou 

104 „ 


Henry Barnes 

99 „ 


Tho. Spand forth 

127 „ 


Cba. Kui<?;ht 

113 „ 



Jonas N'elson 

162 „ 


Walter Phillip 

116 „ 


Jas. Comiugs 

181 „ 


Isaiah Tranter 

126 „ 


Hen. Hunt 

206 „ 


Henry Y'oung 

128 „ 


Sara. Bernard 

218 „ 


Ralph Potton 

149 „ 


Chr. Cooper 

1 Pyue. 1 


Tho. Nuttall 

234 „ 











Tho. Shelswell 

211 Foley, i 


"Wm. Bonner 

234 Aston. 

John Slatt 


)) i 


Rich. Grant 

241 „ 

Alex. Taylor 


)) 1 


Henry Lowe 

52 Fagg. 

Archar Martin 

IG Barrett. '. 


John Bourdon 

42 Fox. 

Jas. Wilson 


J) ! 


Tim. Babington 

44 „ 

Tho. Neale 




Laur. Galdy 

49 „ 

Ted. Hosewell 



Anth. Major 

102 „ 

Mathew Gosse 



Ph. Lynch 

37 Whitfield. 

Smith Kelley 



Wm. Styles 


Henry Peill 



Tho. Freeman 


Cha. Penhallow 



Edw. Cooke 


Frances Beckford 



Jas. Woodhouse 


Benj. Uogett 




]Matliew Gregory 

11 Tenison. 

Elias Isezereau 




Sam. Lloyd 


Tho. Grav 


• 1 

Rob. Holridge 

177 „ J 

Rich. Wellen 




Geo. French 

238 „ ^ 

Capt. Ste. Hutchiu 

s 2SS 



Chr. Brooke 

22 Browning. 

John Ellis 

64 Smith. 


Jos. Hodges 


Abr. "Wilson 




Cha. Dove 


Jas. Allen 




Alex. Hall 


Mathew Crew 

3 Y 



Jas. Skinner 


— J- ,, 

Tho. Sutton 




Win. Ashburxi 


Sam. Barnes 




Dudley Scott 

92 Shaller. 

John Taylor 




Henry „ 

92 „ 

Roger EUeston 




Jas. Haslewood 

156 „ 

Jas. Donaldson 




Joshua Bowes 

209 „ 

Jas. Saunders 




John Skipp 

241 „ 

John Clarke 




Tho. Yaughan 

264 „ 

Cha. Fletcher 




Sam. Hunt 

rO Buckingham. 

Lewis Florison 




Edw. James 148 „ 

Wm. Wade 


Rich. Collett 159 

Eliz. Polkinhorue 

175 B 



Ph. Ford 

6 Marlbro'. 

Neh. Male 




John 3Iarshall 


John Rosewell 



Anth. Bigg 


Geo. Osborne 




Cha. Long 

103 Richmond. i 

Sam. Tudman 

71 Leeds. 


Jas. Fisher 


John Destapleton 




Jas. Correa 

78 Bolton. 

Wm. Farke 




Sam. Homing 

85 „ • 

John Cooke 




Sir Nich. Lawes 

86 „ 

Jos. Carteret 




Dame Jane Moddiford 

Henry Ilarwood 



ats Long 

173 „ 

Doro. „ 




Geo. Skinner 

198 „ 

Jas. Elder 




Tho. Rose 

253 „ 

Geo. Osborne 

Joan Eusome 

267 „ 

191 and 248 



AVm. Axtell 

205 Romnev. 

John Patten 




Rob. Poole 

266 Plymouth. 

Edw. Boyle 




Kich. Chitty 

131 Far rant. 

John Hays 




A\'"in. Norris 


Geo. Dawson 






Fra. Johnson 




Edm. Kelly 

117 Brook. 

"Wm. Lane 




Brace Mills 

119 ., 

Rich. Lloyd 

55 . 



Abr. Martins 

188 ., 

D;U!. Plowman 



1 J 

John Blair 

283 „ 

Sarah Chorley 




Tho. Bernard 


.-IT- ,, 

Peter Slaughter 




Harry Gearing 

11 Abbott. 

"\Vm. Whitehorne 




Pancef(n-t Mil'lcb 

'50 „ 

Isaac Elton 




Geo. Dawes 

5 Aubcr. 
















John Bennett 

5S Auber. | 

John Fielding 


) J 

Dom. Corn_vn 



Anth. Swyinmer 



Eob. Fletcher 

6 Isham. | 

Jas. Eall 


Tho. Osborne 


Wm. Beckford 


Jas. Patterson 


David Piteairn 


Clia. Hogg 

71 Bedford. | 

Tho. Liell 



Eich. Asheton 



Wm. Parke 



Arthur Slingsby 



Wm. Herbert 

13 Price. | 

Favell Peek 



John Serle 



Jacob Lamb 

201 Ockham. | 

Wm. Cockburn 



Eob. Jackson 



John Curry 

166 Ducie. 1 

Capt. Edw. Bennct 200 


Col. John Cavalier 202 


Eachel Gomes Gutieres 



Jas. Marshall 

13 Derby. ! 

Peter Beckford 



Edw. Prater 



Tho. Hill 



Fra. Cavally 



John Martin 



John Eose 



Edm. Fitzpatrick 



Edw. Pennant 



A\^m. Miles 



Nath. Beckford 



Pat. Trehee 



Jer. Whitehouse 



Peter Beckford 



Hillary .Wild 

105 Bro 


John Batcheler 



Tim. Bridge 



Judith B. Alvaret 

5 192 


Wm. Harris 

82 Heuchmau. 

Wm. Hinde 



Ben. Hughes 



John Merrick 



Tho. Simson 

53 Browne. 

Wm. Crosse 



Eob. Shordiche 



Jacob Fonscca 



AVm. Gord(ui 



AVm. Hudleston 

38 Spurway. 

Lt. Ales. Cunniii 



Edw. Frauuces 





John Duckinficld 225 Spurwav. 
Marg' Greenaway 228 








Jos. ^lihvard 


John Carrie 

113 Trenlev. 

Tho. Wilson 



Tho, Froeman 



John Foster 



Geo. Garrioch 



Alex. Eeid 



Geo. Sendell 



Tho. G oldie 



Arthur Martin 


• 1 

Ben. Lee 



Woodyeare Toun 

g 28 Boycott. 

Wm. Cowley 


Eich. Basnett 


Tho. Foster 


Jas. Dunbar 


Ezekiel Gomershall 359 

Peter AYoodhouse 


John Etough 

35 Anslis. 

Tho. Speed 



Tho. Eich. Hals 



Jas. Trehee 



Eob. Barry 



Haughton James 



Ben. Bravo 



Henry Dawkins 



Edw. AVilcox 

68 Seymer 

John Harries 



Wm. Crombie 



John Fuller 



Tho. AValsh 



John Drinkwater 



Wm. Chisholm 

8 Edi 


Edw. Cl)arlton 



Love Jones 



AVm. Watson 



Ann Ellis 



Henry Barliam 

253 • 


Tho. Pitts 

19 Potter 

David Simpson 


John Hamilton 


Jas. Knight 


Aaron Lamego 


Sam. Goodson 


Eich. xArcher 


Tho. Chaplin 

7 Strahan 

Sophia ]Mooi*c 



Wm. Grove 



Hugh Brodic 



Alex. M^ntosh 



Isaac Pereira Brandon 84 Lisle. 
Tho. Taylor 91 „ 

Tho. Crosse 102 „ 

Sam. Price 118 „ 

Eich. Saunders 232 „ 









Moses Mackartey 

258 Lisle. 


Mary Castell 

4 Paul. 

John Lowry 




John Fuller 



Neill McNeill 




Dan. Mendes da C 

osta 109 


Jas. Godclnrd 




Sus» Warner 


John Needy 




Eich. Henniug 



Tho. Price 

22 Greenly. 


Eob. Turner 

54 Glazier. 

Wm. Alcock 




Eich. Beekford 


Deane Poyntz 




Eob. AV^hatley 


Ann Modyford 




John Bradshaw 


David Barclay 




Gibson Dalzell 


Joshua Peatt 


Arch. Bontein 


184 and 335 



Jacob liicketts 


Alex. Campbell 




Dan. Peyton 

62 Herring. 

Dorothy Gale 




Tho. Beekford 


J J 

Isaac „ 




Wm. Foster 


Lucock Griffin 




Jas. Dawkins 

9 Hutton. 

Kob. M-^Culloch 




John Spooner 


Conyers Dobby 




Edw. Manning 


Anna Hassall 




Duncan M'^Corquc 


Jas. Tyler 




Abr. drpen 




Jobn Gale 


Sir Chaloner Ogle 




Jas. Concauen 


John Sutton 

25 Bt 



Jacob AUin 


Bathsiia Beekford 




Wm. Hicks 


Mark Workman 




John Kose 


Sam. Williams 



Jobn Jones 


Tbo. Burnett 




Dame Phil" Cotton 49 Arran. 

Wm. Williams 


) J 


Wm. Perrin 



Tho. Spong 50 Bettesw 



Geo. Gordon 



John Armstrong 82 



Siis" Crop 



Colin Campbell 88 



Kob. Wilson 


Fra. ^larcli 99 



Tho. Price 

32 Lynch. 

Cha. Lloyd 131 



Geo. Fullerton 


Jacob Baruh Lousi 



Martha Hunt 





Geo. Pannau 


Jacob Mendes Gutterez 


Sidney Marriott 





Lt. John King 


Tho. Gordon 

79 Sc 



Rob. Skeen 


Wm. Milsou 




Abr. Gonsales 


Abr. HoUister 




Fra. Birbeck 

84 Cheslyn. 

Wm. Swerts 




Wm. Jamison 



Enoch Stephenson 




Whitgift Aylmer 



John Knight 

47 Pin 



Ann Bridge 

368 St. 


Jas. Egan 




John Johns 



Jeffery French 




Sam. Barnett 

47 Ca;sar. 

Jas. Woodcock 




Rich. Haughton 


Wm. Mead 




Jas. Robertson 


Sam. Spencer 




Jane Campbell 


Jolni Towgood 




AVm. Gordon 


John Aldridge 



Jas. Millar 


Isaac Gale 


J ; 


Johii Crow 


Colin M^Laohlan 




Rich. Maitland 


David Dfhanv 


» i 


John Blair 


Wm. May 




Jas. Watson 


Dom. Molloy 




Sam. Goldson 


Kich. Tilbe 




John Gregory 

92 Sim 


Fra. Bright 

318 , 



Tho. Lamson 











Hugh Malcolm 147 Simpson. 
Isaac Gousales 350 „ 
Alex. Robertson -til „ 
JohQ Wade 12G Kushworth. 

Jas. Barclay 130 
Juliues Beckford 

Sarah Silvera 196 „ 

Tho. Poster 413 
Henry Hamling 416 „ 

Sam. Jolm.ston 20 Tyndall. 




Js^ath. Phillips 
Jas. Campbell 
John Blagrove 
Nath. Butler 
Sus'* Elletaou 
Isaac Mcndes Da Costa 
Lachlan Shaw 
Sabine Turner 
AYm. Powell 
Isaac Lam ego 
Ester „ 

John Viscount JNIayo 20 
Cha. Bathurst 
John Eicketts 
Ph. Haugliton 
Kath. Turner 
John Walter 
AVm. Morris 
Jas. Bean 
Tho. Jaffray 
Cha. Hicrn 
Geo. Dehany 
"Wm. Jackson 
John Ayscough 
Jos. Da Silva 276 

Gilbert Ford 278 

Rob. Gordon 278 

Arou Louzada 321 


355 „ 
434 „ 
461 „ 

18 Legard. 

18 „ 

38 „ 

70 „ 

98 „ 
244 „ 
248 „ 
274 „ 
298 „ 
378 „ 
415 „ 

443 ^ „ 

22 Seeker. 
41 „ 




Eliz. Marriott 
Tho. Peters 
L' Col. Geo. Scott 
Wm. AVilliams 
Tho. Foster 
Era. Beckford 
Hans Musgrave 
Jas. Atkins Scliaw 
Isaac Younger 
Rich. Bellamy 
John Gray 
Geo. Booth 
Dan. Baruh Loiisada 
Tho. Cockburn 
Rob. Dallas 
Edw. Brown 
Sam. Foster 
Geo. Paplay 
Cha. Shrimpton 
Eliz. Veuu 


323 Seeker. 

326 „ 

394 „ 

399 „ 

409 „ 

^40 „ 
20 Bogg. 

105 ,. 

270 „ 

273 „ 

280 „ 

303 „ 

345 „ 

369 „ 

411 „ 
1 Jenner. 

52 „ 

114 „ 

121 „ 

213 „ 

Sir Henry Moore, B' 

Wm. Beckford 
Ann Morley 
Alex. Gilchrist 
AVm. Milne 
John Lewis 
Cheney Hamilton 
Zachary Bayley 
John Mulholland 
David Rieusset 
Sarah Stanton 
Alex. Forbes 
Hannah Poyntz 
Rob. Long 
John Wefler 
Tho. Hall 
Rich. Call 
Henry Strudwick 455 

237 „ 

256 „ 

305 „ 

361 „ 

23 Trevor. 

209 „ 

241 „ 

419 „ 

457 „ 

480 „ 

490 „ 

264 Taveruer. 




(To be continued.) 

33utlcv oi 0thi^. 

Capt. Tliomas Butler of this Island, Nevis, planter. Will dated 2 December 
1687. Mv daus. Sarah Rowland, Anno Oysteruiaii, and ^Mai-y Sinitli £5 each. 
My two daus. Carolina and Frances Bufler 60,000 lbs. eadi at 21 or day of 
marriage. Mv four sons Will, Duke, Tho., and James Butler all residue and 
Ex'ors." Capt". Philip Lee, Lieut. Henry Litton,* M'' Tlio. lovey, Jun., and 
Ebenezcr Kvrtlaud to be overseers and guardians of my two youngest sons Thus, 
and James." AVitncsscd bv Ph. Lee, Hen. Litton, Mich. Wi-bber, Ph. Payne, 
Eben. Kvrtland. On 17 October 16bS commission to Joseph IMariin, the attorney 
of the fo"ur sons of testator, who was late of Nevis. (P.C.C., 134, Ent.) 

* Jiimrs Lylton, his .'^on, retired :ilso to Camberwoll, whence he aud liis wife were both 
carried away to be buried elsewhere iu 1718. 



Anjis. — Or. ona chief indented Azure three covered cups of the first. 
Crest. — Out of a ducal coronet an eagle rising from plumed feathers. 

Capt. Thomas Butler of Nevis in 1G78. Will dated 2 December^ 
1G87 ; proved 17 October 1688 (13-i, Ent). 

William Butler, 
a minor 1(J87 ; 
living 1703 (?) ; 
bur. at St. Tlio. 
18 May 1734. 

Duke Butler, Colonel Thomas Butler, of Xevis=p^rary Hooke, 
aniinorlGS7; 1707, merchant, A<;cnt, of Cam- named in the 
?d. young be- berwell, co. Surrey, 1718, and will of her 
fore 1703. there buried 29 Mav 1744. Will , son James in 

dated 27 July 1739; proved 4 ; 1770. 

June 1744 (138, Anstis). 

Butler of 
chant, 1st 
son 1739. 

John Butler of=f 
Nevis and of Lon- ; 
don, Merchant, j 
1745 ; bapt. at j 
CamberAvell 22 
March 1718-19 ; , 
coheir 1770 to his ' 
brother James ; d. 
in or before 3 July 

Trances, dau. and 
coheir of Fra. 
Saunders,* plan- 
ter, of Nevis ; set- 
tlement dated 29 
Jan. 174G; had 
half of her father's 
estate 1749; liv- 
ing 1772. 

James Butler of: 
at Okeford Fitz- 
paine 7 February 
1770, ffit. 48. 
Will dated 24 
December 1770; 
proved 3 July 
1771 (284, Tre- 

t 1 1 

Susan Butler, under 17 


J ohn But-" 

in 1739. 

Butler of 

ler of Ne- 



vis, d. 1 

Mary Butler, d. 5 Oct. 


and bur. 8 

1794, a?t. 65, and Judith 



Butler, d. 14 February 


a?t. 52. 

1797, £et. 68. These 


M.I. at 

two named 1787 as of 



Greenwich, spinsters. 



in Pemberton deed. 


^Elizabeth, dau. of 
William Pember- 
ton by Margaret ; 
mar. at St. Geo., 
Nevis, 18 Oct. 
1787. Will dated 
27 Dec. 1801 ; 
proved at Nevis 
24 April 1802. 


I I 
1st sou. 


Jones ; 
d. set. 

Thomas Butler of Camberwell, co. Surrey, Gent. Will dated 27 July 1739. 
To my wife Mary, over and above the £20 a year I settled on her at our marriage, 
£40 a year charged on my estate at Nevis, furniture, and pictures. ^ W"' Fcnton, 
S"', & James Svmonds, Esq"S now in the AVest Indies, and James Earl of Nevis, 
Esq., Tho. Hooke and John llooke, my brothers-in-law, of Camberwell, Gentle- 
men, as manv thousand pounds as I shall have daus. living and unmarried in 
Trust. Mv brothers-in-law Tho. and John Hooke £50 each. To the charity 
school liere £20. To my trustees guinea rings. My I*' son Thos. Butler £50 
a year and no more as he is a partner with me and has received his portio!i. 3Iy 
granddau. Sukcv Butlor his dau. £100 at 17. All my plantations and slaves to 
mv 3 sons .lohn; James, and Duke Butler. To my wife £40 a year more if Nevis 
be" not plundered. £500 to the children of my dau. Saraii. wife of the HcV' AV'" 
H.olford, clerk, at 17. £o\)0 to the chiKlren of my dau. Bcthia, wife of the^Kev. 
W" Vaughan, clerk, at 17. All residue to my said 3 sons. Trustees to be Ex'ors 
iu trust and Giuirdians. £10 apiece to my "son-in-law Tho. Pym and my dau. 

* See ante, p. 22. 



James Butler, living 170:^,- 
(?) of Camberwell. 

r r 

Mary But- Carolina But- 
ler, bapt. 1 ler, bapt. 15 
June 1718. July 1719. 

Sarali liutler, 

Marv Butler, mar. 



.... Sniitli. 






Carolina Butler, 

and a 

Anne Butler, 

spinster 1GS7 and 



a minor. 



Rev. Duke^ 
Butler. B. A. 
Ox on., of 
CO. Wilts, 
1748 ; Rec- 
tor of Oke- I 
ford ritz,- 1 
paine 17-50 
till his death 
11 Novem- 
ber 1779, 
ajt. 50 ; co- 
heir 1770 to I 
bis brother 

Olary Freke, Sarah But- Elizabeth Butler, mar. 1st Henrietta 

2nd dau. of ler, mar. Thomas Pvm of .Vcvis. His Butler, 

Raufe Freke Rev. Wil- will dated IG Dee. 1788; mar. Hon. 

of llanning- liain Hal- proved 21 Feb. 1743 (51, William 

ton. CO. Wilts; ford. Anstis). He d. 23 Nov. Clark of 

d. 22 Nov. — 1743. She mar. 2ndly John Nevis, 

17SG, ret. G6; Bethia Dasent of Nevis, who d. both liv- 

bur. andM.I. Butler, 1754. Her will dated 9 ing 1739. 

at Okcford mar. Kcv. Feb. 177G; proved 4 Sep. His will 

Fitzpaine, William 1778 (353, Hay) ; s.p. ; to proved 

CO. Dorset. Yaughan ; be bur. in Butler vault at 1746 

he living Camberwell. Her arms on (80, Ed- 

1748. the Pym stone in St. Tho- muuds). 
mas, Nevis. 

Rev. Thomas Butler, 
LL.B. Oxou., Rector 
of Okeford. Fitzpaine 
32 years ; d. 1 and 
bur. 5 April 1811, set. 
Gl. M.I. there. 

Duke Butler, bur. 12 
December 1752. 

James Butler, bapt. at Mary 

Okefoi-d Fitzpaine 21 Butler, 

October 175G. bapt. at 

— Okeford 

Rev. William Butler, Fitz- 

B.C.L. Oxon., Yicar of paine 29 

Frampton, CO. Dorset ; June 

bapt. 29 Sept. 17G2 ; d. 1752. 
13 Aug. 1843, a't. 81. 

Jane Butler, bapt. at 
Okeford Fitzpaine 25 
April 1754; mar. there, 
8 June 1778, Rev. 
Robert Frome, Yicar 
of Folke, CO. Dorset. 
He d. 9 April 1833, a>t. 
88. She d. 3 April 
1830, wt. 70. M.I. 

Elizabeth his wife. £10 ai)iece to my son-in-law AY"' Clark and my <lau. Henrietta 
his wife. All plate to my wife. Witnessed by John Sharpe. Hu<:h llamersley, 
Thomas AYavne.-*, clerks to M"" Sharpe. Proved 4 June 1741 by John Butler and 
James Butler; power reserved to Duke Butler the son (P.C.C, 138, Anstis). 

James Butler of Camberwell, co. Surrey, gent. AVill dated 24 December 1770. 
To my brothers John Butler and Duke Butler all my real estate in Trust for my 
Mother .Mary Butler for her life, then at her death half to my brother John 
Butler and half to mv brottier Duke Butler. All my personal estate to my said 
two brothers. Proved 3 July 1771 by Rev. Duke jjutler, clerk, the surviving 
Ex'or (P.C.C, 284, Trevor). 



Colonel William Butler, Speaker of Xevis 1G97 ; entcred=f=[]Nrrs. Sarah Butler 

ill tLe Census of 1707-^ ; probably a brother of Capt. 
Tho. Butler of Nevis of IGSS, but no proof. 

deposes 2i Decem- 
ber 1G9S.] 

John Butler of Xevis, Es(]., 
of Magdalen Collci2;e, Oxford, 
matriculated 13 JMav 1700. 
set. 15; d. 20 Maf 1717. 
M.I. at St. George's. 

[Mrs. Judith Butler, widow, 
sister to Mrs. Mary Syinonds, 
and in England 175S.] 

Marv Butler.= 
born 1G92 ; 
mar. at St. 
George's 10 
July 1718; 
she inherited 
the Mountain 
Plantation; d. 
10 Sep. 1751, 
aet. 59. M.I. 
in St. George's. 

:Hon. James Sy- 
monds, Presi- 
dent of Xevis ; 
d. in Margaret 
Street, Caven- 
dish Square, 19 
Nov. 17G1. Will 
dated 21 July 
175S ; proved 7 
September 17G2 
(398, St. Eloy). 

Frances Butler, 
mar. 21 May 
1717 Roger Pein- 
berton. Speaker 
of Nevis 1752; 
bur. 9 May 1753 
at St. George's. 
She bur. at St. 
George's 2S Oct. 

Walter William Symouds, Esq., ma- 
triculated from University College, 
Oxford, IG Sept. 173S, Si± IS ; d. 10 
June 1743, a?t. 23 ; bur. iu Cambcrwell 

John Butler Symonds, Esq., matricu- 
lated from Queen's College, Oxford, 
IG September 1738, set. IG ; d. July 
1743, £ct. 21 ; bur. in Camberwell 
Churchy ard.f 

Judith Butler Sy-- 
monds, onl}' dau. 
and heiress ; in- 
herited the Moun- 
tain Plantntion 
from her mother ; 
a wealthy heiress ; 
of Bishopshnl, co. 
Som., 1774 ; living 
a widow 1792. 

^Stapleton Dunbar* of 
Nevis, bapt. at St. 
John's, Antigua, 9 
August 1719; of Gray's 
Inn IS October 1738. 
Will dated G April 
1759 : ])roved 21 Mar. 
17G0 (97, Lynch). 

Elizabeth Butler of Nevis, widow. Will dated 27 December 1801. The use 
of 4 slaves to mv sister Frances Maynard for my said sister's son John Maynard 
at 21. Also 3 slaves to my brother Sam. Pemberton, then to Johu :Maynard at 
21. To my four nieces Francos, Eliz., Ann, and Sally Maynard £100 each. My 
nephew Walter ^Maynard Pemberton a cow and calf. To my brother Sam. 
Pemberton furniture. My sister Frances Maynard clothes, linen, etc., and all 
slaves if her son John iMaynard dies under 21. Sam. Pemberton to be Ex'or.^ 

Codicil of same date. ' John Maynard residuary legatee. Proved at Nevis 
24 April 1802. 

Testatrix was dau. of William and Margaret Pemberton and widow of John 
Butler, Esq. John Butler Maynard was dead, a minor, at the date of the will, 
28 February 1804, of his father Walter Maynard, Esq. (General Pemberton'a 
Papers) . 

Close Roll 19 Geo. II., 1745, Part 10, ]Sos. 4 and 5. 
Butler and others and Clarke. 

This Indenture made the 7 Nov. 19 Goo. II., 1715, Betweex John Butler of 
London, Merchant, James Butler of Cambcrwell, co. Surrey, Gent., and Duke 
Butler also of Camberwell, Gent., and brothers and all three Sons of Thomas 

* I have a letter of his c]:itod 2G Jan. 1757. , r -i- r 

t He and his brother were buried in the vault of Col, Tho. 13uUer, so tho two families of 
Butler wore doubtless nearly related. 


Butler, late of Camberwell, Gent., deceased, of the one part, and "Wm. Clarke of 
Camberwell, Esq., and John Hooke of Port.'^nioutli, co. Hain])sliiro, Ei-q., of tlie 
other, WixNESSETii that John Butler, James Butler, and Duke Butler for docking 
all estates tail and for 5s. sell to Wm. Clarke and John Hookc for one rear their 
plantation and slaves in the parish of St. James in the Island of ?s'cvis, con- 
taining 500 acres, late the estate of Tho. Butler, deceased, given by his Will dated 
27 Jul)- 1739 on Trust as to one third for each of them the said John, James, and 
Duke Butler his sons. 

Close Eoll 21 Geo. II., 17-17, relates to a bond from Tho. Pym to Tho. Butler 
of Camberwell, Esq., of £7,330 st. dated 14 Dec. 173S to secure a sum of £3,GG5 
advanced by way of mortgage of Pym's plantations. 

Close Eoll 22 Geo. II., Part 2, No. 4. 

This Indenture Tripartite made the 31 January 22 Geo. II., 1748, Betweex 
John Butler of London, ^Icrch', and Frances his wife (late Era. Sanders, spinster, 
one of the daus. of Francis Sanders, late of the I. of Nevis, Esq., deceased) of the 
1st part; John Hooke of Mansell Street, Goodmans Fields, co. Middlesex, gent., 
and Duke Butler of Swindon, co. AVilts, gent., of the 2nd part; and William 
llalford of Camberwell, co. Surry, clerke, and W^illiam Vaughau of Fritwell, co. 
Oxford, clerk, of the 3rd part, AVitxessetif that in consideration of a marriage 
heretofore had between Johu Butler and Era. his wife and for the performance 
of certain articles of agreement before marriage dated 21) Jan. 1741) between said 
John Butler of 1st part. Era. Butler, then Fra. Sanders, of the 2nd part, and 
Anne Sanders of Camberwell, spinster, and John Plooke uf the 3rd part, to the 
intent that half of certain lands may be settled on Trusts and for 10s., and by 
Act of 21 June 4 Anne, 1705, passed at Nevis for supplying the want of fines and 
recoverys, John Butler and Erauces Butler his wife convey to John Hooke and 
Duke Butler that moiety of land in the parish of St. Thomas, Nevis, containing 
200 acres called Lawford Coles,* late the estate of said Frances Sanders, deceased, 
and a moiety of land in St. George, containing 50 acres, and moiety of the Lower 
Ground near Eound Hill in St. George otherwise Gingerland, containing 100 
acres, or any other lands by his last will, with all negroes, mills, houses, for John 
i Butler for his life, for Frances Butler for her life, and to their children equally as 

I tenants in common and not as joint tenants. Sealed in the presence of William 

I Eusscll, Eobert Champante. lurolled 9 Feb. 

i ■ 

y By a deed dated 7 August 1787 recorded at Nevis it appears that by an 

I Indenture of 12 and 13 March 1785 Judith Butler and Mary Butler of Green- 

I wich, CO. Kent, spinsters, granted to Eobert Pemberton of the Middle Temple, 

« but then of Nevis, certain lands in the of St. George, Nevis, and four 

r negroes in return for an annuity of £210. Eobert Pemberton died intestate 

I 14 August 17SC, and his elder brother and heir-at-law, Eoger Pemberton, has 

|.. agreed to transfer the land to them, the annuity not having been paid. (General 

' Pembertou's Papers.) 

1678. Nevis. Captain Thomas Butler had 1 white man, 1 white woman, and 
3 white children ; 8 negro men, 9 negro women, and 14 negro children. 

• See the will of Tho. Cole of Bristol, Esq., dated IG July 1711 (184, Younj,'), bequeathing 
to Lis sou Lawford Cole his plaatatipn iu ISevis, 


1697, Feb. 4. Major Wm. Butler was elected Speaker. (Colonial Cal., 
p. 349.) 

1G97. AVni. Butler, Speaker of Nevis, seals liis letter with a seal bearing: 
Crest. — A stag's head couped transfixed hij an cirroiu. Arms.* — A bar .... between 
three dexter hands couped. (B. T. Leeward I., vol. v.) 

169S, Dec. 24. Deposition of Major Wui. Butler and Mrs. Sarah Butler and 
Mr. Tho. Butler at Major ]5utlcr's house in Nevis. (Ibid., vol. vi.) 

1G99, June 21. ^lajor A\'ni. Butler was sworn a Member of Council. (Colon. 
Cal., p. 292.) 

1700. John Ikitler, son of "W'ui. Butler of Nevis, Gent., niatrioulated from 
Magdalen College, Oxford, l.S May, aged l.j. (Foster.) 

1703. An act to settle the estaio of Capt. Tho. Buttler. deceased, on his three 
sons, William, Thomas, and Jas. Butler and their heirs. (Laws of Nevis). 

1707-8. Census of Nevis : — 

\\. man. 

Col. Tho. Butler . — 

James Butler . — 

John Butler . — 

Col. Wm. Butler . 1 

1720. Tho. Butler then Lt-Col. of the Troop of Horse. 

1740, July 2.5. • Eich. Cox appointed to the Council vice the Hon. Tho. Butler 
in England. 

1744, IMay. Thomas Butler, Esq; a "West-India Merchant, and Agent for 
the Island of Nevis. (" London Mai:.," 258.) 

1765, Oct. 8. Capt. M. Butler, lately arrived from the "West Indies. 
("G.M.," 491.) 

Sarah, dau. of Sir Cna. Payne, 1st Bart., of St. Xitts, married 1st Tho. Butler, 
Sen., Esq., of that Island, by whom she had a son Tho. Butler, both dead 
apparently before 1737, and 2ndly "Wm. Buckley, barri.-ster-at-law, also of that 

w. ^^omau. 

















1734 May 18 M'' "W™ Butler was buried. 


1717t May 21 jNTr. Roger Pcmberton and Mrs. Frances Butler. 

1718t Julv 10 Mr. James Symonds and .Mrs. Mary Butler. 

1787 J Oct. lb John Butler Esq. & Elizabeth Pemberton, sp"-. L. 

On the floor of the transept aisle : — 

Mrs. Mart Symonds wife of Jamks Stmoxds Esq. died 10th Sept. 1751 
aged 59. 

Her brother Joiix Butleu Esq. died 20th May 1717. 

* III " AntiKun," I., 93. I g.ive this coat as belonj,'iiiL; to liiui, but it was proliably not his 
own. In rapworih, j). 759, Talbot, Bates, and others have the coat of a fess between three 
dextor hands. 

t Fulhani Palace tnins<'ripts. 

j This entry was extracted by Major-Gencral H. C. B. Pcmberton, R.E., when visiting 
Nevis in ll)0;j. 



On a large stone slab over a low vault lying in the churchyard to the south of 
the churcli, and close to the path near the porch. Tlie Inscription is now very 
indistinct, and the stone has been cracked lengthwise down the centre : — 

In a Vault underneath this Stone lie the Eemains of 

MR lA.MES liUTLEll Merch . . . late of this Town 

"Who died the . . of Feb: 17 . in the .... year of his Age 

And of his Eldelt Daughter Mks IUDITH IO^'ES 

"Who departed this Life the . . of luly .... in the 

29"* year of her A ge. 

Alfo of his EldeftSon M^ THOMAS BUTLEK 

"Who died y<= . ."' of Au . . . . 17 . . in y^ . . year of his Age. 

Likewife are here .... the two Soxs of the 

Hon: I AMES STMONDS of Nevis 

died lune the .... the . . year of his Age 
And 10 HN BUTLER STMONDS Elq. who 
departed this Life .... year of his Age 

alio the Body of M Relict 

of the above M who departed 

this life the . . D . . . mber .... 1791 

Tear of Age 

Here of M^ 

(Four illegible lines here.) 
Likewise the Body .... 

above MR lAMES B 

(One illegible line here.) 

Alfo the Body of M B 

above M^ lAMES BUTLER who departed this life 

the 10 day of Oct ... . 177 . Aged 6-5 Years 

Alio the two Daughters of M" THOMAS BUTLER 

M . . MARY BUTLER died Oct. S^'' 1794 Aged Go Years 

MRS JUDITH BUTLER died Feb-^y 1-i"^ 1797 Aged 6S Years. 

No stone can be found of any earlier date. There may have been one in the 
church to Colonel Tho. Butler of ITU, but the building was completely destroyed 
by fire some sixty years ago. 

The first-named ^Ir. James Butler may have been the brother of Colonel Thos. 
Butler, but if he was the son he was buried 7 February 1770, aged 4S, at Okeford 
Fitzpaine, Dorset. I could not find any burial of that date in the parish register 
of Camberwell. 

The Hon. James Symonds, President of Nevis, by his will, dated 21 July 1758, 
wrote, " I forgive M'' Judith Butler, widow, now in England (sister to my late 
wife), all sums owino;," and settled all his estates on his only surviving child 
Judith, wife of Stapleton Dunbar of Nevis. Proved 7 September 176'J (P.C.C, 
398, St. Eloy). I cannot identify this Judith Butler, widow. Testator had 
married, 10 July 1718, at St. George, Nevis, Mary Butler, who owned the Moun- 
tain plantation in her own right. 

The following were extracted by me on 10 August 1909, btit a complete 
search was not made owing to the fees. A search from 1700 — ISOO would have 
cost 50s. 

171(3-17 Mar. 8 ffr.ances dau. of W Tho. Bullcr. buryed. 
1718 June 1 Mary daughter of M"" James Buttler. bapt. 

VOL. II. ' f 


1718-19 Mar. 22 John Son of Coll: Thomas Butler, bapt. 

1719 April 1 Hannah Butler, burvcd. 

1719 July 15 Carolina Dau. of M'' James Butler, bapt. 

1744 May 29 Col': Thomas Butler. Bur''. 

1794 Oct. 11 INIarv Butler, for':* (In her Family Vault). Bur^. 

1797 Feb. 21 Judith Butler for'': In her Family' Vault. Bur'J. 


Hutchins (iv., 332) wrote: " S. wall of Church. The following was also 
formerly there, but is now gone : — 

Sacred to the memory of THOMAS BrTLER. L.L.B. 32 years 

liector of this parish. He died April 1, ISll, aged 02. 

His talents made him recommended to the great, 

And his charity endeared him to the poor. 

On the floor on a flat stone : — 

Beneath are the remains of JO. BUTLER, esa. 

He died July 1, 1800, aged 52 rears. 

J. B. 1770. D. B. 1779. M. B." 178G." 

On my visit to the church on 28 April 1909 this floor-stone could not be 
found, and as the chancel has been paved with modern tiles, it was probably 
destroyed during the so-called restoration of the church, or covered over by the 

South aisle, on a handsome marble tablet, which according to Hutchins was 
in bis time on the north wall, but it is now on the south wall : — 

Here rest the Remains of 

the Rev'i DUKE BUTLER (Son of 

THOS BUTLER Eiq^ of the li'land of Nevis. 

who was upwai'ds of 29 Years Rectur of this Parish. 

He died iS'ov^ jj'^. An. Dom. 1779 -Etatis 50. 

(Twelve lines here.) 

He married IMARY Second Daughter of 

EAUFE FEEKE E^q^ of Hanningtonin the County 

of AVilts, who has caused this Monument to be erected, 

as a memorial of Her Affection. 

In the same Vault are interr'd the Remains of 

JAMES BUTLFvR. Eu\\ Brother to the 

Rev". DUKE BUTLER, who departed this Life 

A.D. 1770 J-:t. 48. 

Alio the Remains of DUKE, the infant Son of the 

Kev-J DUKE BUTLER, who died A.D. 1752. 


Relict of the ReV^. DUKE BUTLER, 

died Nov^ 22>'. 17SG, aged GO 

and lies interr'd in this Vault. 

♦ Tlje parish clerk could give no explanation of this word. 


Below is a painted shield with : Crest. — An eagle, rising from plumed feathers 
in a ducal coronet, ^ums.— O;-, on a chief indented Azure* three covered cups of 
the first (Butler), impaling, Suhle, two bars, on a chief three mullets Or (FitKK£). 


1752 Mary, Daughter of Duke & Marv Butler. June 29. 

1754 Jane, Daughter of Duke & Mary Butler. April 25. 

1756 James, Son of Duke & Mary Butler. Oof 21''. 

1762 ■AViiliam, Sou of Duke & Mary Butler. Sep^ 29'\ 

1816 May 15 John son of James and Susanna Butler, Wockingham, Berks. 


1752 Duke, Sou of Duke & Mary Butler. Dec"- 12"'. ' 

1770 James Butler (Brother to D : Butler). ffeb'T 7"'. 

1779 The EeV^ Duke Butler (Eector of this Parish). Nov'' 16"'. 

1786 Mary Butler (Kelict of the late Eector). NoV 25"'. 

1800 John Butler, Esq'' (Nephew to the late Eectoi). July 8"'. 
1801. Anne Butler. Jan^ 21='. 

1801 Elizabeth Butler. Ap' 9"'. 
1809 Jane Butler. Aug' 20"'. 
1811 Eev'' Thomas Butler Aged 62. April 5"'. 


Eev*^ Eobert Frome, Eector of the Parish of Folke and Jane Butler of this Parish 
&c. by Lie. 8 June 1778. 

Eev. Duke Butler, B.A., of Queen's College, Oxford, was instituted as Eector 
30 July 1750. lie commenced a new Eegister book in 1750, when the signature 
"D : Butler Eecf" first appears, and for the last time in 1778. 

Eev. Thomas Butler, his son, LL.B., of Queeii's College, Oxford, was instituted 
11 February 1780 ; first signs in 1779, and last in 1809. 

Eev. AVilliam Butler, brother of Thomas, as curate performed marriages on 
j 17 October 17S5, 28 December 17SS, and 8 December 1793, and baptisins on 

I' ■ -3 September 1815 and 1 April and 15 May 1816. 

181], Thursday, April 19. On Monday the 1st instant died, at Okeford Fitz- 

paine, in this county, in the 62d year of his age, the Eev. Thomas Butler, L.L.H. 

upwards of 30 years rector of that parish, and of ITannington, in the county of 

Wilts, and also of North Barrow, in Somersetshire. 

His life was devoted to the practice of virtue, and the duties of his holy callinix, 

yet his active mind found leisure for the pursuits of science and the useful 

mechanical arts. 
i He was afilicted with a dropsy combined with a liver complaint, the progress 

of which pointed out the approach of death, which he viewed undismayed, nnd 
h- being passionately fond of music, he took a solemn farewell of his organ a few 

!' days before his dissolution. 

His known skill in mechanics occasioned professional artists of eminence, 

especially opticians, to consult him, to whom he fully communicated many 
\ inventions of great value. AVith these talents and aci|uirements, he was uii- 

■ assuming among his friends, and affectionate to his jjarishioncrs and dependants: 

he was therefore respected and beloved by rich and poor, and long will his loss be 

regretted, and his memory revered. ("Dorchester and Sherborne Journal.") 

* This colour is now black from dirt and age. 

F 2 




PRAMPTON, CO. DOESET. ("Notes and Queries," 10 S, xi., 15.) 

There is a small mural tablet on the south wall of the church, bearintr the 
following inscription : — " 

In memory 

th§ EeV William Sutler, L.L.B. 

Vicar of Framptoii, 

who departed thi:^ life 

August 13, 1S13, 

aged SI. 

Hutchius (iv., 344) states that he was instituted Yicar of Sturminster Newton 
21 November 1791, but resigned in ISOO, and (ii., 302) that he was of Wadhara 
College, Oxford, B.C.L., and was instituted Eector of Frampton 1 February ISOO. 
A notice follows about his foxhunting taste. 

For a further account of '• Billy Butler the Hunting Parson " see " Notes and 
Queries,^" 10 S., x., 310, 395, 453, and xi., 15; also "Som. and Dorset Notes and 
Queues," xi., 1, which has a photogi'aph of his marble bust. 

FOLKE, CO. DOESET. (Hutchins, iv., 182—185.) 
In the chancel : — 

Sacred to the memc-y of the Eev. EOBEET FEOME, «ho died the 9th of 
April, 1S33, aged 88 years; and of JANE, his wife, who died the 3rd of April, 
1830, aged 7G years, &c. 

Anus.— Qiiarterli/ : 1 and 4, Fkome ; 2 and 3, Clvtteeeuck .... The 
whole impaling Or, on a chief indented Azure three covered cups of the first 

In the Frome pedigree {Ihid., 184) she is entered as dau. of the Eev. Duke 
Butler, Eector of Okeford Fitzpaine. 

Her husband was LL.B. of Vadham College, instituted Eector 9 June 1777, 
and was also Eector of Minterue Magna and of Goathill, Somerset. 

)InljaI)itant$ of ^t I\itts in 1678. 

Sir "William Stapleton, that most energetic Governor of the Leeward Islands, 
sent home in 1G78 complete lists of the inhnbitants of Antigua, St. Kitts, Nevis, 
and Montserrat, but only the totals for the Virgin Islands. These are the earliest 
known and of great interest. Those of Antigua having been already printed in 
my "History" of that Colony, I now give tlie list for St. Kitts, which 1 have 
copied exactly, only substituting S for the long "1"" and F for " ff ," as being 
more convenient to the reader. Some of the luimes arc difficult to decipher, the 
Irish ones being worse (to me, at aiiy rate) than the French. In the same 
volume ore lists of tiic .Members of the Council and Assembly, but these may be 
seen in the official Colonial Calendar. 

I cannot account for the large inimber of Irish in this Island, unless they 
were imported to work on the estates. Later, during the war with the French, 
they sided with their country's enemies. I^aws against Papists were then 
enforced, and 1 believe most of them were removed or went to Montserrat, which 
was almost wholU populated by Irish. 



Many of the French, when persecuted by tlieir own countrymenj who owned 
the two ends of tlie Island, fled across the borders to the English quarter. Tlie 
Huguenots were especially welcome, aud intermarried with some of the best 
families. In the earlier period the Dutcli had all the plantation business and 
carrying trade. Only one Scotchman and one Welshman appear in the list ! 


[fo. 191.] S^ Christophers Island. S'^ John Capistar p'ish. 

A List of all able men bearing Armes, Together with the nomber of the 
Woemen & Children, as well Whites as blacks, English, Irish & ffreuch in the 
■ parish of S'. John, Capistar, taken the 28"'. day of Jan: 167|. 


L' John Crook 


Thomas Docoson Jun"" 


M'. George Persivall 


Nicholas Daines 


Ens°. Samuell Crook 


Michaell Authouey 


Sergant Dan : Shanahane 


John Harigan 


Sergant Thomas Daines* 


John Crooket 


John Estridge 


Jonathan Cook 


Henry Crook 


Eichard Lambert 


Benjamin Crook 


Christopher Nickolls 


John Seamers 


Nicholas Taylor 


George Hope 


Henry Seaton 


John Thomas 


Anthony Chan . ej 


William Thomas 


Zachary Darvill 


John Docosou 


William Bragg 


Edward Jones 


Thomas Hopkins 


John Johnson 


William Martyn 


John Chattam 


William Philpes 


Eichard Mitchell 


Thomas Cushen 


Abraham Edmonds 


Patrick Murphy 


James Eobinson 


W" Connery 


Samuell Eeynolds 


Marynus Marqum 


Eichard Bromfell 


Peter Andrewes 

David Gibbous 


Lawrence Laroach 

Henry Brattley 


S" Jonnes 

Tymothy Carty 


Gilbert Deloree 

Eichard Tobey 


Gilbert Lafountaine 

Curnelius Murphey 


James Lafountaine 

Eichard Donn 


John Dansare 

William Eoach 


John Tobecytt 


Samuell Martyn 


Peter Bisbook 


W" Figsworth 


Kennett Frankway 


Thomas Docoson 

E. Woemen - - 33 

E. men - - - 40 

E. Children - - 51 

I. men - - - 10 

F. Woemen 


F. men - . - 11 

F. Children - - 14 

able - - - 61 


Negroes, great and smale 


• Or " Davies." 

t The " r " is blotted or erased, so the name may be Cooke. 
X Tills name illegible. 



w. men - - - 61 

w. worn: & Child: - 102 
negroes - - - 237 

400 p'sons 
E: is English, I: is Irish, F: is French, W: is Welch, D: is Dutch. 

I [On the hack o£ fo. 191.] S^ Cuihstophees Island, Sandt point. 

A List of all the able men, Tojjether with the Nomber of the Woemeu & 
Children, both English & French & the Nomberof all Nef;;roes both !ireat& sniale 
in the parish of S' Sandy point. Taken this 7^'' day of February 167|^. 

E Major Eoger Ellrington 

E L' Charles Everard 

E Ens. Henry Borriff 

E Sergant Richard Cornn 

E Sergant Dennis Collins 

E John Ellis 

E Bartholomew Baptist 

E David Harly 

E John Steele 

E Benjamin Vynor 

E Thomas Meace 

E tTohn George 

E John Scampin 

E Kobert Dunkley 

B John Dunkley 

E John Boreman 

E AVilliam Wetherett 

E George Huddy 

E John Longmade 

E John Seuden 

E John M^ Arthur 

E Edward Gorden 

E W" Gettings 

E Walter Branch 

E Edward Bowen 

E W» Welch 

E James Barry 

E John Hancock 

E John Hill 

E Richard Crook 

E Thomas AVestcote 

E Sanlillo Haynes 

E James Glasse 

E Richard Turner 

E Thomas Ellis 

E John Harris 

E Henry Boulton 

E W"» Boulton 

E John Winsperry 

E John Johnson 

E Henry Boultou 

E Simon Mathers 

E John Bayly 

E Richard Tea 

E John Seareb 

E William Truey 

E William Webb 

E Joseph More 

E Francis Branch 

E John Branch 

E John Marah 

E John Atkins 

E Walter Bloyce 

E Andrew Diyaine 

E Samuell AVarkman 

E Nicholas Eyaus 

E John Hollyday 

E John Burke 

E John Stephens 

E John Johnson, Cooper 

E Isack Hayn 

E Leonard j^oltou 

E William Farryn 

E Richard Sauguiu 

E Christopher Blaydeu 

E John Thomas 

E Robert Cox 

E Thcnuis AVarner 

E Ephraim AVarncr 

E Edward AVarner 

E Richard Burdick 

E Thomas AVettwigg 

E John Alurphv 

E John Tynnell 

E Phillip Pcntygrasse 

E Richard Hayes 

E Thomas Paynter 

E Henry Hudson 

E Thomas Hill 

[Continued on fo. 192.] 

E Richard Cox « 

E Francis Branch 



E Charles Tuck 

E Eichard Langford 

E Edward Warner 

E W" Jenkins 

I James Dingle 

I W"" Murphy 

I Garratt Barry 

I James Cossly 

I Thomas Bodkin 

I Lawrence White 

I Patrick iMartyn 

I Eohert Fleminge 

I John Stephenson 

I Daniel Fogerton 

I James Narrett 

I Teige Coneade 

I Teige Murphy 

I Dermond Murphy 

I Dermond Considen 

I John Considen 

I Edmond Barry 

I Daniell M'^naniaroe 

1 Dermond Coughlau 

I Hugh Yerdeu 

I Edmond Garrald 

I James Cossly 

I Dermond Murphy 

I Charles Denniu 

I Maurice Eitz Garrald 

I John Coram 

I John Daniell 

1 Thurlogh Bryan 

I Dermond Considen 

I John Viuack 

I Dennis Kelly 

I James Grady 

I Robert Symouds 

I Arthur Conner 

Negros, great & smale, 181 

E Waemen - - 98 
E Children - - 182 
F Woe men - - 14 
F Children - - 19 

W-" State 

Thomas Coghall 

Dennis Theghane 

Patrick Green 

Garratt Darcy 

John Cogau 

Daniell Theghane 

Tobias Butler 

Dermond Vaughane 

Daniell Kelly 

Mathew Hogan 

David Canavane 

John Cnaavane (sic) 

Daniell Haragin 

Loghlane Vaughaa 

Darby Hennis 
F Peter Voocoore 
F Francis Tebow 
F Julyan Deblanshett 
F Stephen Billvare 
F Martyn Sopine 
F James Laouent 
F Bonaventure Danctouille 
F Anthony Jolly 
F Anthony Backoon 
F W-" Backoon 
F Samuell Pon . ce (blot) 
F John Koye 
F Lewis Delatorelle 
F John jSTarzelle 
F James Laquiut 
F Brittoone 
F John Dorphin 
F Peter Dai-go 
I Teage Theghau 
I Curnelius SuUavane 
I William Leaha 
I Teige Canarau 

White men able, 158 



[On the back of fo. 192.] S^ Cheistopiiers Island. Kayon Divisiox. 

A List of all the able men bearing xVrmes in the Division of Kayonn under 
the Command of Cap" Joseph Crispe, Together with tlie Nomber of the Woemcn 
& Children, as well Whites as blacks, English, Irish & French, Taken the [/jlank] 
January 167 J. 

E Cap" Joseph Crispe 
F L« John Chaffort 
• Ensine (blaiik) 




Sergaut Eandoll Kearly 
Sergant Laurence Miagh 
Thomas Pycroft 

* "I ' has beea first eatered and then erased. 



E John Attu-ell 

E Francis Kerne Juu'' 

F Bcrtrand John (sic) 

F John Gcrbane 

F John Eoycr 

F Kinney Madiien 

F Reuiiy Pompayna 

F Bernard Mer.ager 

F Eobert Triblader 

F Nicholas Hense 

E John Garnett 

E John David 

E John Tregarton 

E W"' Grosier 

E Leonard Pealy 

I Teige Conner 

I Morgan Kayly 

I Dennond Donavane 

I Teige Connell 

I AV"" Keene sen"^ 

I Curnelius Ladd Sen'' 

I Curnelius Ladd Jun' 

E Andrew Hanley 

I W" Keene Jun"" 

F Anthony Carra 

F John Nault 

F William Brigald 

F AUein Burrell 

F John Louglois 

F Daniell Tenure 

F Oliver Hense 

F William ^lorson 

F Giles Morsou 

F Francis Hillary 

F Francis Masse 

[fo. 193.] 

F John Bowbell 

F Phillbertt Delaunay 

F Harvy Carott 

F Thomas Bowbell 

F Joseph ^Vlillsan 

F James [blk.] his Servant 

F Francis Diiras 

F Francis Martins 

F Lewis Lanberville 

F Nicholas Savalle Sen'' 

F Nicholas 8avalle •luii'' 

F Charles Nepncn 

F Francis Joseph 

F John Perqrinalant 

F Lewis Le Clerk 

F John Reynolds al's La Rose 

F William Largolt 

F Gabriell Cordier 

F Francis Menard 

F John Hense 

F John Kasse 

F Lewis Rasse 

F John [blk.] his Servant 

F Peter Ducrande 

F Bertrand Bricliett 

F Curnelius Rose 

F James Roland 

In Nomber 47 

F Lewis Nepnen 

F John Malquiu 

F Nowell Raise 

F James Roger 

F John Roussell 

F Francis De Cluniu 

F Peter Bennett 

E Account of English Irish & Welch amo' to 
F Ditto of French 

Ditto of English AVoemcn & Children - 

Ditto of Negros, belonging to the English 
F Ditto of French Woemen & Children - 

Ditto of Negros belonging to the French 
More by Omission viz' 
F The Father Hermitts White men - 

his Negros, great & smale .... 

[Remainder of fo. 193 is blank.] 




[On the back of fo. 193.] S^ Christophers IsLiXo. 
A List of halfe AVay Tree Division Men bearing arraes. 

E Cap° L* James Phipps 

E Ens" William Richards 

E William AV^oodropp 

E Abraham Payne 

E Thomas Jollopp 

E Jehu Herbert 

E Henry Herbert 

E Joseph Herbert 

E Jolin Lane 

E Jolin Gunn 

E Humphry Cobb 

B Roger Mairo 

E Daniell Gaven 

E John Macteage 

E Owen Deheage 

E Thomas AVhalane 

E John Callahane 

E Teige Neale 

E \V™ Bryant 

E James Buttler 

E Roger Green 

E Phillip Barrv 

E John Bird 

E William Richards 

E David Richards 

E Stephen Payne 

E Charles Hoblyn 

E John Bill 

E Thomas Mathews 

E Robert Seymore 

E William Hough 

E Thomas Curtis 

E William Davies* 

E Ambrose Adams 

E Robert Ball 

E Christopher Hobbs 

E William Giles 

E Thomas Giles 

E Thomas Cocker 

E John Hodgmau 

E. men - 
Eng : women 
French Women 






John Williams 


John Welch 


Cap" Rob. Nesmith 


Alexander Walson 


W" Corbett 
James Symbred 
W™ AVynderton 
Dermond Crowley 
Francis Clerk free negro 

Auncient men not able to bcare armes 

Robert Cane 

Dennis Standall 

James Kent 


John Bynns 

Morgan Swyny ^ 

John Papyn 

Anthony Maurof 

[blk.] Moloue 

John Veduo 

Charles Ran sang 


Sergant Dennis Matala 


Sergant Teage Snllavane 


Curnelius Johnson 


John Croneen 


Morris Conden 


Thurlogli Bryant 


Dennis Callahane 


Dermond Calahane 


John Casey 


Simon Casey 


Thurlogh Rayley 


Eng: Children - - 52 


French Children - - 12 


Negros young & old - 138 

[End of fo. 193.] 

[fo. 194.] S^ CiniisTOPiiEEs Islaxd. 

A List of all those that bcare Armes in the Divisions of S' Thomas, Midle 


Cap" Christopher Jefferson 


Simon Whitehead 


L' Robert Mayor 


Henry Martin 


Eusine John Muuday 


Richard Adams 


Sergant Edward Steele 


Vere Atkins 


Sergant Ileury Herbert 


John Ellis 


Sergant Jolm Waters 


Paull Cannon 


Thomas Dulvey 


William Dupe 


John [Nlotharch 


John Smith 


George Verchilde 


William Face 


George Lav/der 


Zacharias Face 


Tobias Lambe 


John Harris 

• Or " Dailies." t Or " Monro." 

J Many of tlio above uaines are luarked " E," but they uro of course Irish. 



E Bartholomew Bever 

E Nehemiah >Stcrne 

E John Bynna 

E Gallis Gilldercatt 

S William Steele 

W Cap" Michaell Fremoote 

D John Monke 

D Peter Battdrick 

I Sergant William Maw 

I John Healy 

I Maurice Pelawne 

I Dennis Party* 

E William Hoskius 

E Henry Jones 

E William Suell 

■E Peter Kelly 

E John Watkins 

E Nicholas Steele 

E Eobert Wynter 

E William Adams 

E Richard Brabstone 

E William Stephens 

E John Cannibec 

E Joseph Demure 

E Edward Demuroise 

E Sampson KaudoU 

E William Abbott 

E John Abbott 

E Anthony Choles 

E Eichard Lambert 

E Michaell Lambert 
E Barnaby Jeft'eries 

Thomas Betts 

John Kelly 

Michaell Swiney 

Timothy Thogau 

Daniell Carty 

John Ro<i;ers 

Dennis Dunavaue 

John Murfey 

William Long 

Ralph Thomson 

Elisha Ward 

Curnelius Grey 

Murtow Hupham 

Murtow Sullavan 

William Horane Sen' 

William Horan Juu"" 

Dennis Carty 

David Murphy 

Daniell SuUevane 

Dermond Shaw 
E Thomas Pelham 
E Thomas Puce Juu' 
E Humphry Edwards 
E Richard Elline 
E Thomas I'arr 
I Thomas White 
I Patrick Conner 

[End of front of fo. 194.] 

[Continued on the back of fo. 194.] 

I Nicholas Holmes 

I Dennis Regan 

I John Bunnell 

I Daniell M^Daniell 

I Dermond Murphy 

I James Davies 

I Daniell Dunavane 

I John Crank 

E John Nowell 

I John Santhers 

I Robert Honnev 

I Thomas Phillips 

I Thomas Carrill 

I James Butler Sen'' 

I James Butler Jun"" 

I Teage Lordan 

I Daniell Carlce 

I Thomas Hollahane 

I Dennis Murphy 

I Patrick Carley 

I Teage Cane 

I James Coiemau 

I Daniell Sullavane 

I David Mohir 

I Patrick Borin 

I James Barry 

I Florence Carty 

I Richard Fannyn 

I John Liuch 

I Thomas Tomack 

I Henry Carcoif 

I William Mathews 

F Peter Hamley 

F John Tiffernee 

F Gidson Lamiable 

F John Musinore 

P Gidson Lamiable Jun'^ 

F John Lacroy 

D Adrian van llemskirk 

D Lacinete 

E John Jones 

E Sampson Randoll Jun' 

I Dennis Brallahaue 

• Probably " Carty." 



English "Woemen - - 106 

English Children - - 160 

French & Dutch Women 15 

Children ... 20 

Negros, greate & smale - 158 



1: men 




D. men 


W. - 




121 men able 

[fo. 195.] S^ Cheistophers Island. 

A List of all the able men, Together with the nomber of the Woemen & 
Children, English, French & Dutch, & the nomber of tiie Negros, botli great & 
smale in the parish of Trinity Palmeto poynt, Taken this 28'^'^ January 1G7|. 

E Cap" William Willctt 

E L' Zachary Rice 

E Eus" John Almac trading 

I Sergant John Kelly 

E Henry Haley 

E John Pickering* 

E W"' Dcrge 

E Henry Greorge 

I Sergant John Pumard 

Et Sergant Thomas Kelly 

E Sergant John King 

Henry Willett 

Edward iF.ore 

Henry King 

John Kell}' 

Thomas Sawyer 

Edward Fanner 

W' Stephens 

Raph Whitehead Senf 


Ralph AV^hitehcad Juu"^ 
Paull Axworthy 
John Lex 
Andrew Murson 
Abraham Dulers (?) 
W"' Demayne 
Daniell Whitehead 
Richard Jackson 
Henry Haynes 
Henry Horeing 
Edward Herring 
Samuell Tremaine 
John Trcm;une 
Thomas Tremaine 
Ciiarlcs Lawr-.^nce 
Thomas Powell 
William Powell 
Charles Powell 
David Collins 

E William Robson 

E John Ailing sen'' 

E John Ailing Juu'' 

E Edward Browne 

E Richard Turnor 

E Samuell Turnor 

E John Corvell 

E Alexander Ovory 

E W"' Snellgrove 

E David Grmin 

E Joseph Gubbins 

E Nathan Capon J 

E Christopher Richards 

E Zachary Cole 

E Mickaell Baker 

E Joseph Cole 

E Hugh Thomas 

E William Thomas 

E Jenkin Thomas 

E John Thomas 

E Thomas Thomas 

E Sylvester Sampson 

E Thomas Scott 

E W" Ball 

E AV"' Ryce 

E John Quyntt 

E Edw. Batterv 

E W"' Battery" 

E Richard AVi.-^ington 

E Morgan Williams 

E Richard Smith 

E George Andrews 

E Mathew Littleford 

E James Blackmau 

E Peregrine Bayly 

I Teige Congell 

I Teige Liuge 

Or " rukerii)'; 

t Sic*'E." 

J Blot oa Capou between the " p " aud " o." 



Owen Alauraiie* 
W™ Murphew 
Roger Bennett 
David Mackyu 
David Tonger 
Dennis Marine 
William Kirke 
W"" Grocer 
Mathew Conner 
Gilbert Butler 
John ffitz Gerald 
James Bearnes 
Dermond King 
Daniel! Cassane 
Timothy Moraine 
Michaell Cantwell 
John Ilartego 
John Puusell 
"W"" Carry 
James Garrett 
Dennis Aboing 

E. Woemen - 

E. Children - 
P. Women - 

F. Children - 
D. Women - 
D. Children . 

[Continued ou the back of fo. 195.] 






[End of fo. 195.] 

I Eiisha Bryan 

I Dermond O Bryan 

I Thomas Macking 

I Teige Donougoh 

I W" Woollahane 

I Curnelius Bryan 

I John Welch 

I John Butler 

I John Roach 

I Edw. Dedy 

F Barnard Thybert 

F James Have (?) 

F James Deperie 

F Giles Bellick 

F Isack Deruck 

F Charles Genell 

F Lewis Duboise 

D Jacob Trumpe 

D Gerratt Dowe 

D John Tarridge 

D Hans Timberman 

Negros, young & old 

E. men - 
I. - - - 

F. ... 
D. - . . 




[fo. 196.] S^ Cheistopheks Island. 

A List Taken of the Inhabitants old 
parish of Christs Church, Nicola Town, 

E L* Richard Cooke 

E Ensine George Persmall 

E Sergant AV'" Kingdome 

E Sergant Eicliard Goodwin 

E Charles Morris 

E Sarauell Oakes 

E John Browii 

E W-" Evans 

E John Evans 

E John Wilson 

E James Ridd 

E Thomas Evans 

E Richard Cardeline 

E Stephen Dont 

E John Burton 

I John Lewis 

I Dennis Shackeron 

I Curnelius Driscoll 

I Bryan M^^Swyny 

& young as well Whites as blacks iu the 
the 27"^ January 167-^ 

I Dennis Tweechy 

I John Mellaine 

I Daniell Skenayle 

E John Smith 

E John Obryn 

E Thomas Robinson 

E John Sadler 

E Phillip AVatkins 

■ E AV"' Howard 

E Thomas Howard 

E Geo: Howard 

E Peter Sadler 

E John AVilkinson 

E John W^an-en 

E Joseph Passlett 

E Edward Sloman 

E Robert James 

E John James 

E John Dyer 

• Probably " Halloran." 



Jolin "Williams 




Alexander Willis 


Peter Barry 


Stephen Dupe 




Joliu Slanning 



John Kerwing 


L' Wilson 

Phillip Gorman 


"Valentine Persivall 

Garratt Barry 


John Persivall 

Daniell Shewelton 


John Russell 

John Bawnd 


John Standbanke 

"William Eearden 


Nicholas Leach 

John Lennish 


John Peters 

"William Lennish 


John Ward 

AVilliam White 


M' Lafferdure 

Pearce Bawnd 


Adrian Goose 

Teige SuUavauo 


Andrew Partizoon 

Teige Carty 


Nicholas Ponnett 


Peter Pardy 




Lewis Le mater* 




John La John 


Nicholas Canen 


M' Helock 


John Peteete 


F John Pattree 

F Lasonne Cuddence 

F Edward J\Laryner 

F Isack Tulnie 

F Peter Kayne 

E: Women - 
E: Children - 
F: Women - 
F: Children -. 
Negro men & Women 
Negro Children 

[End of fo. 196.] 

[On back of fo. 196.] 

F Charles Deloney 
F James De Loney 
F Francis Connett 
F his son in Law 
Jacob Martyn 

30 E. - . 
30 L- - - 
8 F. - - 



The severall p'ishes or Divisions in this Island viz* 

S' Johns Capester 
Sandy Poynt - 
Kayon - 
Halfe Way Tree 
S' Thomas p'ish 
Palmeto Poynt 
Nichola Town 

Irish - 
Dutch - 





great & 















w: & ch. 

























Negros viz 




men 550 




wom. 500 




ch. 386 

[End of fo. 196.] 


* Lemaistre, 

f Surnames only entered. 



iHomimtntal Jn^^crtptions in Cnglanti 
relating to iMt^t Jlniians/ 


" F.B.J." stands for " Farley's Bristol Journal." 

North transept, on a small square of white marble in the floor': — 

In Memory of 


of Barbadoes, 

who died 5 Sep'^ 1782 

Aged 50 Years. 

Her will as of Bristol, Spinster, was proved in 1782 (555, Gostling). 
1782, Sepf: 9. Catherine Osborne was buried by the Precentor. (Cathedral 

1782, Sat. Sep. 14. Thursday se'nr'ght died in Queen-Square, Miss Catherine 
Osborne, of the island of Barbadoes. (^ " F.B.J.'") 

Samuel Osborne, Esq., of Barbados, from being an overseer became one of the 
largest landowners, and died 19 Marcli 173G, aged G2, and was buried next day in 
St. Thomas's Church. There is a long obituary notice of him in the original 
" Caribbeana," ii., 141, published that year. 

Samuel Osborne of St. Michael's^ Barbados, Esq. AYill dated 11 October 
175G. All estate to my wife Eliz. Adm'on 7 September 1773 to Frances, 
Martha, Anne, and Eliz. Ford, minors, the children of Eliz. Ford, late Osborne, 
deceased, wife of Francis Ford, deceased. Philip Gibbes, Esq., receiving the 
grant for them. Proved 1778 (8GS, Stevens). 

The will of Francis Ford of Barbados, Esq., was also proved in 1773 (357, 
; Stevens). 

; Agnes, dan. and heir of Samuel Osborne, Esq., married, 1 February 1753, 

I Sir Philip Gibbes, Bart., and her arms were: Quarferli/, Azure and Erminois, 

\ a cross Argent. (Betham's " Baronetage," iii., 448.) 

i ' 1741, Sept. 18. Robert Osborne, Esq; of H. to Miss Sally Hopkins, eldest 

i Dan. of John H. of Ingatestoue-Hall, Essex, Esq; Heir of the rich Hopkins; 

' a Fortune of 10,000 I. and the Heirs of her Body to inherit that great Estate. 

(" G.M.," 500.) 

17G7, Aug. 2. Sam. Osborne, Esq ; of B. {Ibid., 430.) 
. A vault of the Osbornes of Springhead (but no tablet) was in St. Thomas's 

i Parish, Barbados. (L. Archer, 375.) 

I Dr. Robert Lovell of Barbados, M.D., who died 1823, st. G9, and was buried 

! in Bristol Cathedral, married Eliz. Osborne of Barbados, dau. and iieir of Samuel 

' Osborne. She died 12 May 1830, s.p. (" Som. and Dorset Notes and Queries," 

X., 248.) 

1823, Ap. 11. At Begbrooke, near Frenchay, after a lingering illness, 
Dr. Robert Lovell, formerly an eminent physician in Bristol. (" G.M.," 47G.) 

QuEEx's College, Oxfoiid, MATiticuLATioys. (Foster.) 

Robert Osborne, son of Sam. of B., arm., 13 July 173G, a. 17. 
James O., son of Sam. of B., arm., 15 Jnlv 173S, a. 17. 
Rob. O., son of Robt. Jonathan O. of B., arm., 31 Oct. 1745, a. 18. 
Jas. O., son of Robt. Jonathan O. of B., arm., 31 Oct. 1745, a. IG. . 

• (Joatinucd from p. 22. 


North transept, on a white marble square in the floor : — 


Efq^ Ob. 3 Feb. 1780 

M. 75. 

1780, Feb. 8. Henry Qruger esq"' was buried by M"" Haynes M.C. (Cathedral 

1780, Sat. Feb. 12. Saturday morning died in St. James's-square, in the 76th 
year of his age, Henry Cruger, Esq ; (father of Henry Cruger, Esq ; one of our 
Kepresentatives in Parliament), Having been some years in a rerj' ill state 
of health, he left New-York, the place of his nativity and residence, where he 
had sustained a most respectable private character, and filled the various offices 
of Member of the Assembly, Member of the Council, and Chief jNIagistrate, with 
the highest reputatiou. The cheerfulness of his disposition, and the nft'ability of 
his manners, had endeared him to all those who had the pleasure of his acquaint- 
ance in this country. His remains were interred on Tues-iay morning in the 
Cathedral of this cily. {'' F.B.J.") 

He had large interests in the AYest Indies, as appears by his will, wherein he 
describes himself as Henry Cruger, Sen'', late of New York, now at Bristol. 
Estates in Jamaica and St. Croix ; proved 1780 (125, Collins). 

In St. James's Chapel, llampstead Poad, is a tablet to Lieut. -Col. John 
Harris Cruger, late of Eussell Place, Fitzroy Square, who died 3 June 1807, aged 
69. He formerly resided in New York, and greatly distinguished himself as 
a Loyalist officer, etc. (Cansick's "Epitaphs," i., 225.) 

The following is from Sabine's " American Loyalists," 234 : — 

" Cruger, John. Of New York. In 1775 he was Speaker of the House of 
Assembly, and during the recess that year, with thirteen other members of the 
ministeiial party, addressed a letter to General Gage on the alarming state of 
public affairs. This communication is dated JNIay 5th, on which dny two niembers 
of the Council of New York sailed for England. AVheii, in 17G9, he was elected 
to the assembly, the success of his party was deemed a victory of the Episcopalians 
over the Presbyterians." 

1822, May 16. At Chelsea, 78, Anne, relict of Col. Cruger, and dau. of late 
Brig.-gen. De Lnncey. (" G.M.," 572.) 

1827, April 24. At New York, aged 88, Henry Cruger, esq. formerly of 
Bristol, and its representative in Parliament, Anth Mr. Burke, from 1774 to 1780. 
In 1784 Mr. Cruger was again returned to the House of Commons, and on that 
occasion was represented on the hustings by his brother. Col. Cruger, being 
himself absent in America. lie finally left this country for the United States 
in 1789, where he has since constantly resided ; and it may be gratifying to his 
old friends (if aiiy survive) to know, that no man ever lived more highly respected, 
or died more sincerely lamented. {Ibid., 94.) 

Cloisters, north wall. A large marble monument* with a cherub above, 
resting its right arm on a headstone. To the right is an urn with shield bearing: — 

Cr°est.— ^ dexter arm erect, couped, holding .... [broke7i], a coronet encircling 
the forearm. Anas.— Gules, a lion rampant Or. 

* When the Rev. John Woodward wrote in 1867 this monument \va.<; on the west wul! of tlie 
transept, and the arms «ere : Paly of xix Salle and Ermine, a lion ram/,ri>if Arr/eut. 

In vol. iv. of "The Herald ;i'iid (ienpuloL,'ist," imblislicd in l.Mi7, iliere l.^ a valuable article 
by him on the Heraldry of Bristol Cathedral. During the restoration, when he wrote, much 
destruction of ancient monuments was takini,' place, and several M.I. and heraldry which ho 
recorded are uow (1909) no longer in existence. 


On the small headstone is the following: — 


to the Memory of 


a refpectable ILercliant 

of this City 

who was born in Barhados 

on the 14:"' March 1730 

and departed this life 

on the 23"' Feb'y. 1802. 

On the large central space below the above : — 

Sacred to the Memory 


who was born 



November 22"'' 1737 

a- 1 

Died at BRISTOL 

the IS''^ of June 1774 

(Eight lines follow.) 

1774, Sat. June 18. On "W^ednesday died at her House in Orchard-street, 
Mrs. Daniel, "Wife of Thomas Draiicl, Esq ; late of the Island of Barbadoes .... 
Her remains will be interred this ^loriiing in the Cathedral. ("E.B.J.") 

1802, Sat. Feb. 27. On Tuesday last died, at his house on the Lawn, South- 
Lambeth, in the 72d year of his age, Thomas Daniel, Esq. late of tliis city, 
a merchant of the highest honor and respectability, and father of Thos. Daniel, 
Esq., an Alderman of our Corporation. (Ibid.) 

North transept, floor marble over vault : — 


of Barbados 

died 23^'!. Eeb'-^ 1802 

Aged 72. 

1802, March 4. Tho^ Daniel Esq". (Burial Eegister.) 

1802, Feb. 23. In South Lambeth, in his 72d vear, Thomas Daniel, esq. 
(" G.M.," 278.) 

Floor marble over vault : — 


1774, June 18. Eleanor the "Wife of Thomas Daniel esq' was buried by 
M' Newnam M. Canon. (Burial Register.) 

See pedigree in Burke's "Lauded Gentry," and Cave's "History of Banking 
in Bristol," p. 228. Thomas Daniel is stated to have left Barbados for Eiighmd 
in 17G4. Tho. Daniel, Sen., of Bristol, Merchant, in his will of 17G1, names his 
eon Tho. Daniel, probablv identical with the above (387, Cheslyn). 


Floor marble : — 

The TIkv^ IsENiEra Moe, 

OB^. 11'^^. OCTOEEE 1813, 
M'^. 31 TEARS. 

1813, Oct. 16. Eev-i Irena'us Moe, Park Street 31 years. (Cathedral 
Burial Register.) 

A Mr. Moe was curate of St. .Marv, Redcliffe, some fifty or sixtv years ago. 
1813, Feb. -i. At Weston, by the Eev. T. Wilkiny, the Rev. Irena-us Moe, 
I ■ to Miss Charlotte Mapp. both of the island of Barbadoes. (*' B.C.") 

) Irena?us Moe, son of Cheesuian Moe, of the Isle of [Barbados, W'.I., arm., 

I Queen's Coll., Oxford, matriculated 10 Nov. 1SU2, aged 22; B.A. 18()7. See 

Robinson, 98 (Foster). He went to Barbados 9 IMay 1808 (FothergilTs 
" Emigrant Ministers "). 
1 In the north ai.«le of Exeter Cathedral I noted some twenty-five years ago an 

inscription to Margaret, wife of Irenjeiis Moe of Barbadoes, Esq., died 2-3 October 
1770, aged 28. In All Saints, EdmontoJi, there is one to the Rev. Samuel Rous 

In St. Philip's, Barbados, is a partly effaced inscription to La;titia Moe .... 
ob. 1735 .... James Moe .... Samuel Moe .... Christian Moe .... (Archer, 

See an article in the original " Caribbeana," vol. ii., p. 242, on the improve- 
ments made in the distillation of rum, by Mr. Moe of Barbados, about 1737. 
Tliere are many entries of Moe in the " Barbados Mercury." 

North transept, floor marble : — 

fourth Daughter of 


of Jamaica 

who departed this Life 

the 21 June ISll 

Aged 12 Years. 

1811, June 29. Louisa Gordon. (Cathedral Burial Register.) 

I could find no other stone belonging to this. 

Charles Gordon, s. of Charles G. of I. of J., esq., Christ Ch., matrlc. 21 Oct. 
1802, aged IS (Foster). There were several different families of Gordon in 
Jamaica. There is a tablet in Great Berkhamstead Church to a Chas. Gordon of 
Braco in that Island (jirobably identical with the above), who died 25 June 1829, 
aged 82 ; Mary his wife, died 18 January 1839, aged 75 ; and Eliza Anne Gordon, 
third daughter, died 10 April 1820, aged 25 (Cussans' "Herts," iii., GO). 

North transept, floor marble : — 


the IMemory of 


of Barhudoes 

died 2G'" Nov^: 1773 

Aged 22 T^^ 

1773, Nov. 29. Jonathan Worrell was buried by the Precentor. (Cathedral 
Burial Register.) 

The name elsewhere is spelt WorraU, 

VOL. II. •* 


Ill the "Eeport on Historic Site?," jii&^t piihliplird, nppears tho follouinp: — 
"St. Tlioums's Paris]). Stiiiges PJniitation. In cpen land near AVeleliuian 
Rail Gully. Tomb with inscription ihcrcon, in memory of Doctor Jonathan 
"Worrell, who died 21st September 1755. Deposited by his only son." 

North transept, floor marble : — 


the Memory of 


of Barhailoes 

died 13"' NoV: 1773 

Aged 35 Y". 

1773, Nov. 17. Tho' Williams e sq-- was buried by M"- Eobins, iM.C. (Cathe- 
dral Burial Eej^ister.) 

1773, Sat. ^'ov. 20. Saturday died in the College-green, Tho. "Williams, Esq; 
ofBarbadoes. (-'F.B.J.") 

See oite, I., 29, for tablet in Bath Abbey to James "Williams, Esq., of Barbados. 

ISll, Nov. 23. Lately at Si. Thomas, Thomas Williams, Esq., a native of 
this Island. (" Barbados Mercury.") 

North transept, floor marbles : — 




BDEX 19^''. JUXE, 1799. 

DIED 4^". JUXE, 1853. 

THE IIOX^'''' 





1800, Nov. 14. Timothy Calleudcr. (Cathedral Burial Kegister.) 
1803, Nov. 9. Alice Callender. {Ihid.) 


BORX JUXE 24^». 1830. 

DIED OCTOBER 20^^ 1879. 




BORX MAY 28^". 1834. 

DIED JUXE 5^". 1881. 

ISSl, June 10. Bichard Clement Callender. Clifton. 47 >". (Cathedral 
Burial Begister.) 

Nicholas Bice Callender, son of Timothv Callender tf Barbados, arm., 
matriculated from Oriel College, Oxford, 23 June 1798, aged 17 ; B.A. 1802. 


Nicholas 3?icc CalleDcler, 3rd son of Nicholas Rice Callender of Earbados, 
gent , niatricuhited from Queen's College, Oxford, 4 Nov. 1S28, aged 19 ; B.A. 1882. 

Timothy Callendt r, 1st son of Niclinlas Callender of Bristol, gent., matriculated 
from Queen's College, Oxfcrd. -i JMarch 1827, aged 22. 

1811, Ap. 20. Alice Kice Callender. Ch. y''. (Cathedral Burial Eegister.) 

1811, Sept. 17. At the Hotwells, Alice Eice, only dau. of the late Clement 
Callender, esq. of Liverpool. (" G.M.," 398.) 

1816, June 25. This morning generallj' lamented by all clas>es in the im- 
munity, Lieut. Colonel Nicholas li. Callender, of the St. Philip's Battalion of 
Militia: (He was interred on the following day in the chancel of St. IMichael's 
Church with military honours). Also lengthy obituary notice about him June 29th. 
(" Barbados Mercury.'') 

1817, June 10. On Saturday evening last Mr. John James Callender to Miss 
Christian Agard. (Ibid.) 

North transept, floor marble : — 



DIED 1^'^. FEBRUARY 1802, 


1802, Feb. 6. Eev'' Hugh Williams Austin. (Cathedral Burial Eegister.) 

He went out to Barbados 31 August 1779. A Eichard Austin also went out 
81 INIarch 179.3. (Fotheigill's " Emigrant Ministers.") 

1807, Thursday Jan. 23. Saturday was married at Bath, Capt. Goldfinch, of 
the Oxfordshire militia, to JMiss Austin, daughter of tlie late Eev. Hugh A^'illiams 
Austin, of the island of Barbados. (" Dorchester and Sherborne Journal.") 

Charles Alleyne Sumner Austin, 6th son of "Wiltshire Stanton Austin, of 
Barbados, cler., matric. from St. John's Coll., Oxford, 25 June 1855, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 18G0; fellow and MA. 1803; D.C.L. 1S6G; bar.-at-law Lincoln's Inn 
30 April 1S70. 

Hugh William Austin, son of Hugh William Austin, of Barbados, cler., 
matric. from Oriel Coil., Oxford, 20 June IS 11, aged 17. (Foster.) 

1814, Feb. 4. Lately in the Cove of Cork, Hugh W'" Austin, Esq. of the 77"' 
reg. of foot, son of the late Eev'' Hugh W"' Austin, many years Eector of S' Peter's 
parish in this Island. (" Barbados Mercury.") 

1818, March 3. This morning died Miss Anna L. Austin of this Town. 

1823, May 17. At Bitton, Thos. son of late Eev. Hugh-Williams Austin, of 
Barbadoes, to Charlotte, dau. of late S. AVhitchurci), esq. of Bristol. (" G.M.," 

North transept, floor marble : — 

this Stone 
' lie the remains of 


Daughter of 

WILLIAM MAXXIXG Ef<f' of London 

Merchant. M.P. who died at the 

Hot WcUs on the 3P': of 

March 1795, in the 

Seventh Year of 

her Age. 

P % 


1795, April G. Elizabeth Maniiiiii): buried. (Catbeclral Burial Eesiister.) 
1795, March 30. At Bristol IIot\vell.-<, in her 7th year, Mi.'^s Eliz. Manning, 
youngest daughter of Wm. M. esq. M.P. for Plympton. (" Gr.M.," 353.) 
See pedigree ante, Vol. I., 241. 

North choir aisle, north wall : — 

To the IMemorv 


The Hon'''''. ABB A HAM CUMBEB BATCH Bfq'. 

one of His jMajeriy's 

Members of Council of the Il'land of Barbado (sic) 

Who died of a jNIalignant Fever, at his Seat at Fairwater, 

near Taunton, June IG''-. 179G, 

In the 42"^. Year of his Age. 

(Fourteen lines — erected by his Widow.) 

Above the tablet is au urn surmounted by a shield bearing : Gules, an eagle 
displayed hetireen three trefoils Or. (The crest used is: An encjle's head conped. 
Motto. — ne tentks aut perfice.) 

179G, June 21. Abraham Cumbcrbatch. (Cathedral Burial Ecgistcr.) 

Choir vestry leading out of the east cloister, high up on the north wall : — 

To the Memory 


A Native and Inhabitant of the Iliand of Barbados, 

Senior Member of his ma.iestv.s Council of that Ifland, 

to which honorable board he had belonged near Thirty Years. 

He bore a long and painful Illncis 

with uncommon Patience and Fortitude, 

and came to England in hopes of receiving Benefit 

from a change of Climate 

and died in this City July 25, 1785. 

(Four lines.) 

1785, July 30. Abraham Cumberbatch Esq"" was buried by the Precentor. j 

(Cathedral Burial Register). ' 

1785, Sat. July 30. Monday, died at his lodgings in College-Green, — Cum- j 

berland {sic). Esq ; a West India merchant. ("' F.B.J.") | 

The Arms, noted by Rev. J. Woodward in 1867, were: 1, Cumberbatch as \ 

above; impaling: Quarterly, I and 4, Sable, two swords in saltire proper, hilted j 

Or, between three coronets of the last, one in chief, two in flanks; 2 and 3, I'ert, i 
a fess dancettce Ermine. 

This tablet was in 18G7 in the north aisle near his son's. 

North transept, floor marbles over vault : — 



TUE noN"'-^ 



DIED JUKE 10" 179G. 


Abraham Cumberbatch of St. Andrew's, Barbados, Esq. "Will dated 22 Novem- 
ber 1750. My son-iu-law John iSober's deed of 1742. My grandchildren Sarah, 
Abraham, and Mary Cumberbatch and John Sober. Estate to nephew Abr. 
Carleton. Proved in 1753 (8, Searls). 

Hon. Abraham Cinnberbatch of Barbados. "Will dated 7 IMay 1795. My 
wife Mary. jNIy brothers Lawrence Trent Ciiinberbatch, Edward Carlton Cum- 
berbatch, and John Trent Cumberbatch. My son Abraham Parry Cumberbatch. 
My sister Mr^. Ann Sandt'ord. Estate which was my great-grandfather's, 
Abraham Cumberbatch. Proved in 179G (5i5, Harris). 

St. Geohqe's, Hanoter Squahe. 

1S05, Oct. 31. Abraham Parry Cumberbatch, Esq., of S' Marylebone, Midd*, 
Bach., and Charlotte Jones, of this parish, Sp'', a minor. By Licence and with 
consent of her father Eobert Burnet Jones, Esq. (Parish Register.) 

Abraham Parry Cumberbatch was witness 12 August 1815 at the marriage in 
the same church of apparently his wife's sister. 

1818, Jan. 15. Charlotte, wife of A. P. Cumberbatch, esq. (" G.M.," 92.) 
1818, June IG. On the 1st May at Bath, Charles Cave, Esq., of Mincing 
Lane, second son of Stephen Cave, Esq. of Cleve Hill House, Gloucestershire, to 
Sarah, only dau. of Edward Cumberbatch, Esq. of the I. of Barbados. (" Bar- 
bados Mercury " and " G.M.," 4G4.) 

1821, Aug. 9. At Clifton, deeply reii;relted, Edward Cumberbatch, esq ; of 
the Island of Barbadocs. (" Bath Chronicle.") 

1822, Aug. G. Edward Carlton Cumberbatch, esq. of the Island of Barbadoes, 
to Mary Gertrude, dau. of A. Ashe, esq. of Belvidere, Bath. (" G.M.," 178.) 

1812, Oct. lo. At Brompton, aged 54, Caroline, reh'ct of Abraham Parry 
Cumberbatch, 1. of the Broad, Hellingly, Sussex. (" G.M.," 553.) 

1847, Mav 19. At Torquay, the relict of the Eev. Edward Carleton C. of B. 
{Ibid., lOG.) ' 

For more about this family see " Cumberbatch Collections," by Geo. "W. 
Marshall, 8vo, 1866, p. 58. 

The following on the west wall of transept was noted by the Eev. J. "Wood- 
ward in 1867, but it no Ion<2;er exists : — 

"SUSANNAH COBHAM, of Barbados, died 1806. 

" Aems. — Quarterly, 1 and 4, Gules, on a chevron Or three Uonceh rampant 
Sable (Cobuam) ; 2 and 3, Gules, two liois passant in pale Or (i') for ....,* 
impaling Sahle, an eaf/le displayed in bend between two cotiscs Ardent, a canton 
sinister Or (Jordan)." 

1806, Feb. 1. Susannah Christian Cobham. (Cathedral Burial Register.) 

1806, Sat. Feb. 1. Lately d. Mrs. Cobham, of Berkeley-sq. some time of the 
i. of B. (" F.B.J.") 

She was sister to Mrs. Ann Battyn and dau. of Edward Jordan. See the tablet 
at St. Paul's, Bristol, to John Cobham, Esq., and ante, I., 82. 

1846, Ap. 5. At Clevedon, Som., a. 83, Susanna, relict of Ed. Cobham, of the 
i. of B. (" G.M.," 667.) 

{To he continued.) 

• Pean, two lions passant in pale, per pah Or and Argent, are the anus of Dottin of 
Biirb-ulo? (Uurke's '• .Vrniory "), and seo Aiclicr, p. :!9o, lor the arin.-^of Jordan. 


Biitl)5, Seatl)^, anti iHarnajcs; from tlje 
**33arbatios ilTcrciup'' antJ ** JSntigctolim 
(Sajettc/* 1805 to 1818/ 

Br EDWARD GOULBURN SIXCKLEU, Police Magistrate, Baiiuados. 


Feb. 18 Killed (attack on Martinicjiie by His Excellency Lieut. -General Beck- 
with and Rear-Admiral Sir Alex. Coeln-ane) : Capt. Taylor, 7th Rci^iment, 
Ag.-Dep. Quarter-Master-General ; Major Maxwell, Sth Regiment ; and 
Capt. Sinclair, 25th Rei^imeut (Light Battalion). 

Feb. 28 (Died) -Mrs. Margaret Bauiield, aged 80 years, St. Micliaer.s ; at 
St. Ann's, Mrs. Mahon, huly of Major Mahon of the Royal York Kanger.s ; 
at Demerary, on the 12 inst., Lieut. George McBeath of the 1st Bat. Royals, 
Aide-de-Camp to Major-General Monro, commanding at Barbados. 

Mar. 25 By the arrival of the Mails we learn the death at Liverpool of 
N. Weekes, E.^q., of this Island, and of Miss Coleman, eldest sister of 
J. C. Coleman, Esq., of this town. 

April 29 (Died) Mr. John Hall, Practitioner in Physic in this town, aged 96 

May 6 A most barbarous and diabolical murder was committed last night in 
the neighbourhood of St. Ann's on the body of Mr. John llislop (principal 
clerk of Messrs. Barton and Higginson's house near General Sir Charles 
Shipley's gate, St. Ann's). An inquest has been summoned by James Gx'asett, 
Esq., Coroner of this jjarish. 

June 13 (Died) On Monday, 5th June, at Fort Royal, Martinique, after an 
illness of four days, of a violent inllauimatory fever, Miss Ann Ramsay, aged 
18, only daughter of Brig. -General Ramsay, .Idj. -General to the Forces in 
the Windward and Leeward colonies. 

Saturday, June 17 (Mai-ried) John W. E. Eidci", Esq., Attorney-at-law, to l>Lss 
Farley, both of this town. (Died) On Mondaj- morning, at 4 o'clock. Port 
[? Fort] Royal, Martinique, Mrs. Bullock, wife of Joseph Bullock, Esq., 

June 20 Fatal Duel. On Sunday morning died, in consequence of a wound 
received the preceding Sunday in an affair of honour with a brother officer, 
Capt. ^Lirston of the Rjyal York Kangers, and his remains were interred 
the same day with military honours at St. Michael's Church. An inquest 
was taken on the body before James Grasett, Esq. 

Aug. 12 (Deat'is) In the parish of St. George, aged 79 years, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Carter, relict of the late Reverend .Mr. John Carter, formerly Kector of that 
parish ; on Tuesday last, Joseph Ostrehan. Esq., of this town, aged 51 years. 

Aug. 15 (Death) On Sunday last, in the parisii of St. George, after a short 
illness, Mr. Thomas Applewhaite, the younger, son of Thomas Applcwhaitc, 
Jnr., Esq., of Greens in that parish. 

Aug. 29 An inquisition has been taken before James Grasett, Esq.. Coroner* of 
this parish, on the body of a seaman named .lohn Bradsliaw of the Brig 
" General Wellesley," who was stabbed by a man belonging to the Pre.^s 
Gang, and who is said to be in custody on hoard the " Maria " schooner (this 
man's name was afterwards stated to be William Aderly). 

• Contiuucd from \i. -li. 


Sep. 9 (Deaths) Mrs. Frances M. ]Moore, aged G7 years, and Mr. Eenn 

Phillips, aged oG (?), both of the parish of St. Michael. 
Sep. 12 (Deaths) Anthony Barker, Esij., St. iTCorgc's ; IMr. Pearce Waith, 

Mrs. Herbert, wife of Mr. William Herbert of St. Michael's. 
Sep. 23 (Died) Lately, in the Colony of Demerary, on plantation " Pircika," 

Kichard Wells, Esq. 
Oct. 7 (Died) In the ■42ud year of his age, Brian Bernard KilliKelly, Esq., of 

the Customs House of this town. (Dor. Killi telly qualified as e.^ecutrix. to 

his estate.) 
Oct. 17 (Died) In the parish of St. George, aged 70 years, Mrs. Applewhaite, 

wife of Thomas A[)plewhaile, Seur., Esq. ; in this town, Mrs. Butcher, wife 

of Mr. James Butcher, Practitioner in Physic, and Mrs. Mary Morgan, aged 

70 years. 
Oct. 2L (Married) Ou Thursday morning, at St. Michael's Church, William 

Gill, Esq., to Miss Eliza Harris, daughter of liobert Harris, Esq., Merchant 

of this town. 
Oct 28 (Deaths) Mr. William Dosvrich, Junr., of this town, and Dr. McCor- 

mick of the Koyal Xaval Hospital. 
Nov. 4 Duelling. A fatal duel occurred on Thursday, in which Mr. Hughes, a 

volunteer in the 3rd W.I. Regiment, a young gentleman highly esteemed in 

the Garrison, lost his life. He expired on the spot. A Coroner's inquest 

has been iield on the body, and a verdict of '• Wilful Murder " bj' a person or 

persons unknown returned. His reuiaius were interred yesterday in St. 

Michael's Church. (Deaths) Mr. .lohn E\'erson, late of the Island of 

Bermuda; Mr. Benj. Buck of this town; Mrs. Mary Harris, aged SI years; 

and Mrs. Elizabeth Walke, relict of the late Thomas Waike, Esq. 
Nov. 7 (Deaths) James Crichlow Trotman, Esq., an eminent and respectable 

merchant of this town; Mr. Henry Planning; and Mr. Benjamin Toppin, 

Nov. 11 (Died) Early this morning, Mr. "William Homau, aged 23 years, much 

Nov. 18 (Death) Mrs. Margaret Bo veil, wife of J. 'W. Bovell, Esq. 
Nov. 2-5 (Deaths) Ou Wednesday, of a rapid fever, Mr. Theophilus D'Olier, 

late of the City of Dublin ; the same day, at St. Ann's, Captain Tower of the 

Royal York Rangers ; Miss .Fudith Clinton, a maiden lady, aged 71 years. 
Dec. 5 (Death) Miss Ann Elizabeth Miller, a maiden lady, aged GS (?) years. 
Sep. IG (Death) Mrs. Jane Wentworth, relict of the late William Weutworth 

of this town. 


Jan. G The schooner " Fry " has been upset and lost off Point Saline, .Mar- 
tinique. The crow and passengers, except one (Mr. Chisholm of the Gth 
West India Regt), were saved. 

Jan. 23 (Deaths) .Miss James, sister of George James, Esq., St. Michael's ; at 
St. Ann's, Lieut. Hopwood, Royal W.I. Rangers. 

Jan. 27 {D:!ath of Lord Clariiia.) This melancholy event took place a little after 
5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. (Died of bilious fever.) His Lordship arrived 
in this island but .so lately ago as 11th December last on board the '• Conc-ord," 
Capt. Wilson, accompanied by Lady Clarina and their eldest daughter (about 
12 years of age), and Capt. Westroop, her Ladyship's brother. His Lordship, 
Nathaniel William Massey, Lord Clarina, of Elm Park in Limerick, a Major- 
General in the Armv, was born the 23rd May 1773, succeeded to his title 
17th May ISOl- ; married, 29th May 179G, Penelope, second daughter of 
Michael Roberts Westroop, Esq., and' has issue [here issue is set forth]. His 
remains were interred in St. Michael's Church near the chanceh 

Feb. 13 We learn, bv way of Dcmerarv, the death of His Excellency Governor 
Woodloy of Berbice, who died on the 27tli Xew Amsterdam in that colony. 



Peb. 17 In tlie conquest of Guadeloupe the following; ofticers fell : Lieuts. 
Coply, Symnionds, Martincau, aud Greg:: (5tli Fcby. 1810). 

Mar. 6 (Died) On the 21th ult., on his passage from Trinidad to St. Kitts 
(intending for England by the packet), J. C. Coleman, Escj.. Dep. Naval 
Officer of this Island, and many years an active and us-eful magistrate of this 
town. His remains were carried into Dominica and on tlie 2oth interred at 

Mar. 2-1 On Wednesday last an inquisition was held before James Grasett, Esq.. 
Coroner, St. Michael's, on the body of William Jones, murdered by Samuel 
Pields, his brotlier-in-la\v (who stabbed him in the stomach with a bayonet). 
Witnesses : (1) Eliz. Fields, mother of Mary Ann Jones (wife of deceased) 
(Mrs. Jones was a Fields), (2) James Fields, and ('S) George William Fields, 
(4) Francis Bynoe, (5) William Daniel Price, and (6) John Willoughby, 
Practitioner in Physic and Surgery. 

May 19 (Death) Mr. Charles Shaw (actor) died yesterday mornitig. His 
remains were interred at St. Michael's Church. 

May 26 (Birth) On Thursday the 17th inst., at Mr. Brevitor, the Lady of 
Joseph Leacoek, Esq., of a daughter. 

June 16 (Died) At Fort Eoyal, Martinique, the youngest daughter of Mr. 
Sandiford Eichards, Principal Overseer of the Royal Engineer Department. 
She was an infant between S and 4 years, and died on Friday, 25th ult. Her 
clothes took fire and she died in consequence of the burning. 

June 30 (Died) In this town, the Eev. Henry E. Husbands, Kector of St. John's 
parish. On the 6th inst., at Guadeloupe, after a short illness, ^Irs. Enraght, 
aged 25 years, wife of Lieut. Enraght of the Eoyal York Eaugers, and 
daughter of the late Colonel George Mackenzie, and nearly related to some 
of the most ancient and respectable families of Scotland, of which country 
she was a native. She was buried in the burying-ground near Morne 

July 21 (Died) On Monday last, Lieut. P. Rogers of His Majesty's ship 
" Gloire." 

Sep. 1 (Died) At Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe, on the 23rd July, of the yellow 
fever, after an illness of two days, Mrs. Nixon, wife of Major Nixon, 
commanding the 4th W.I. Regiment. Lately, at the same place, Mr. 
Alexander Paris. 

Sep. 8 (Died) At sea, on the 20th July last, on her passage to England (her 
native country), Mrs. Frances Orderson, wife of Mr. Orderson of this town; 
in this town, B. Walrond, Esq., 3Iaster-in-Chaiicery, and Mr. John Higham ; 
at Tobago, tbe Lady of Brigadier-General Dunbar. 

Sep. 11 (Died) At Guadeloupe, on the 2Sth ult., of fever. Major Henderson of 
the Roval York Rangers. His remains were interred with military honours 
in the North- Western Bastion of Fort Matilda on the following day. 

Sep. 15 (Deaths) On Wednesday last, at Locust Hall Plantation in the parish 
of St. George, George Hall, Esq., an eminent and highly respectable mer- 
chant of this town. The Rev. Mr. Thomas, Rector of the parish, delivered 
an excellent sermon at the funeral. In St. Michael's, Miss Elizabeth Clarke, 
Mr. Charles S. Manning, and Mr. Edward Price; at Point-a-Pitre, Guade- 
loupe, Captain Shewbridge, Brigade ^Lijor to Brigadier-General Wale. 

Sep. 28 Bv the " Swaggerer " from Martinique arrived this morning we regret 
to learn the loss of Captain Butcher of the " Tickler " Mail Boat, unfortu- 
nately thrown overboard by the boom of his vessel while off St. Pierre, and 
perislied. (Died) Lately, at Martinique, Surgeon Bennett, 60th Kegiment. 

Oct. 9 (Deaths) On Thursday last. Miss Mary Gosling, niece of John Pen- 
nington, Esq., of this town ; aud on Saturday, Miss Lettice Maloney, an 
elderly maiden lady. 

Oct. 10 (Deaths) Miss Mary Jane, daughter of Mr. John George Alleyne ; 
Miss Margaret Skeete and Mr. Jarratt Pollard, St. ^lichael's. 



Oct. 27 "We are sorry to lenrn the death of Brig. -General Nicholson at Antigua 
on the 13tli inst. He is succeeded in the touiuiand of the troops at that 
island by Brigadier-General Boiiham. (Died) In this town, Miss Elizabeth 
Nusum ; and in the parish of Christ Church, Miss Mary Fitzpatrick. 

Nov. 3 (Died) In this town, Dr. Joseph Thorne, on the 11th Sep. last, at his 
house at Leigh; Sir Francis Baring, Bart., in his 74 year. 

Nov. 13 (Deaths) Between the 8th and TJth inst., Elizabeth Ann, daughter of 
Mrs. Ann Gibbes ; Thomas, son of Mr. Thomas Burnett; John Robert, son 
of Mr. John Bearcrot't of this town ; Mr. John Pettigrew, late master of the 
ship "Eliza"; Robert Thomas, son of Capt. Robert Cromartie of the ship 
" Renewal" of London, a youth of IG years. 

Nov. 17 (Died) Of the yellow feA'er, on the 8th inst., at Government House, 
Morue Fortune, St. Lucia, the Lady of Major-General Alexander AVood, 
, Commandant of that island. 

Oct. 13 (Married) At Antigua, on the 21st ult., William McCulloch, Esq., 
Commander of His Majesty's brig " Asp," to Miss Jane B. Osborn. 

Nov. 20 (Married) At St. James' Church, on the 17th inst., John "W. Bovell, 
Esq., M.C.P., and Major Commandant of the St. Peter's Battalion of Militia, 
to Rebecca Brathwaite, third daughter of the late Sir John Gay Alleyne, 
Bart., and sister of the present Sir Reynold Alleyne, Bart., who lately 
married Rebecca (now Lady Alleyne), third daughter of the late John A. 
Olton, Esq., deceased. (Deaths) Mr. Richard Inniss, senr., and Mrs. Mary 
Quarliss of St. George's parish ; Mr. A\^illiam Shorey, Mrs. Ann Luke, and 
Mrs. Poole, St. Michael's. 

Nov. 27 (Deaths) Yesterday noon, at the house of Thomas Alhnan, Esq., Tho- 
mas Turquand, Esa., lately arrived here ; also about the same time, James 
Payne, Esq., merchant, of this town ; and Mr. Joseph Bird, principal clerk in 
the house of IMessrs. Lancaster and Sampson, merchants. AH three of these 
gentlemen have been carried otf by bilious fever. This morning, at 
" Walkers," St. George, of a decline, Mrs. Mary Applewhaite, wife of 
Samuel Applewhaite, Esq. 

Dec. 8 (Married) On the 19th October, at the Parish Church of Mary-le- 
bonne, Sir Thomas Trowbridge, Bart., to Miss Cochrane, daughter of the 
Hon. Sir x^lexander Cochrane, K.B., Governor of Guadeloupe. 

Dec. 29 Died on the 27th inst., J. S. Tracey, Esq., late Secretary to Vice- 
Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane, and formerly Secretary to Sir Samuel 
Hood. Mr. Orderson (in name Isaac) here hands over this newspaper to 
William Walker & Co. 


Jan. 19 (Died) At the house of Lieut. Barker, R.N., agent for transports in 
this Island, on the 1st January, Mr. John Parr, Master of the "Robert" 
transport, lately arrived from Cork ; on the Gth, Mary his wife ; and this 
morning, Margaret Ann their child. 

Jan. 22 (Married) The Hon. George M.iynard (Member of Council) to ^Irs. 
Williams (widow) of this town; Lieut.-Colonel Lane, A D.C., to Miss 
Griflith, daughter of Thomas H. Griltith, Esq., of Culloden Farm. (Deaths) 
In St. Philips, Mrs. Brathwaite, mother of Lieut.-Colonel Brathwaite, A.D.C., 
a lady highly esteemed and regretted ; at Grenada, on the 14th ulto., Wil- 
liam Jackson, Esq., of this town. 

Jan. 26 (Married) Last week, Benj. Bovell, Esq., to Miss Council of St. Lucy's 
parish. (Died) Yesterday afternoon, Nathaniel Nowell, Estj., one of the 
waiters of His ]NLajesty'"s Customs of this port ; Arthur Poole, Esq., of 
St. Lucia. 

Feb. 16 (Died) Suddenly in the night of Sunday or early on Monday morning 
last, James Bascom, Esq., of the of St. Thomas, aged 72. He retired 
to rest without complaining uf indisposition, and was discovered in the 



morning to have paid the debt of nature, without a feature having the 
appearance of distortion. In St. Michael'-s, Thomas B. Jones, Esq. 

Feb. 19 (Deatlis) In 8t. ^licliael'si, Mrs. A^ncs J3ere.siford ; and on Satunlay 
last in Christ Church, Joseph Jones, Esq., a^ed 02 vears, for many years 
a highly res[)ccted apothecary ; Mrs. Mary Turpin, U'^ed 77. 

Feb. 23 (Deaths) On Thursday last, Thomas Hunt, Esq., Prothonotary of the 
island; and vestenlav morning, Heni- Power, Esq.. captain of this port. 

Feb. 26 (Deaths) Mr. Kobert H. .Siddey of this town; Mrs. Mary Blacivett, 
wife of Stephen Biackett, Esq., of Speightstowii. 

Mar. 2 On Thursday morning last, John Reynolds, a seaman belonging to the 
" Swaggerer " Brig of ^var (and formerly second mate of the ship " I^ritannia," 
trading from London to Trinidad), was executed on board that vessel pursuant 
to a sentence of a Court Martial for desertion. He was a native of the 
Isle of Wight, and has left a widow and two children. 'We feel pleasure in 
announcing tlie promotion of Lieut. Thomas Howe (brother of Hillary Kowe, 
Esq., deceased), a native of this Island, to tlie rank of Commander. 

Mar. 9 (Married) At Surinam, on the 18th ult.. by the Kev. R. Austin, 
Brigade Chaplain, Major Brabazou Dean Yernor of the 16th Regiment, to 
Helen, eldest daughter of Hannond Bond, Es()., County of Cork, and relict 
of John Brown, Esq., son of the late hon. John Brown of Elm. Hall, County 
of Mayo. (Died) .At the Garrison of St. Ann's, I/ieut. Smith of the 2nd 
Battalion GUth rej;iment, and his remain.s were interred yesterday moi-ning 
at St. Michael's Church with military etiquette, numerously attended by the 
officers and Companies of this regiment; this morning, Mrs. Taylor, v,-ife of 
John Tavlor, .lunr , Esq., of this town. 

Mar. 12 (Deaths) ilr. .lohn Whittaker of the parish of Christ Church; Mr. 
David Onion and Miss Margaret JN'usum of St. Michael. 

Mar. 23 (Die i) On Thursday evening last, after a lingering illness, John 
Phillips, Esq., late Harbour Master of this jiort. 

April 2 (Died) Hamlet A. Chase, Esq., Attorney-at-law, and Mr. George 
Ostrehan. both of this 

April 16 (Married) On the 14th inst., at " Cabbage Tree," the seat of Sir Rey- 
nold A. Alle3'ne, Bart., Captain Whitmore, .\ide-de-Camp to Major-General 
Monro, to Miss Olton, eldest daugliter of the late John Allen Olton, Ksq., 
of "Harrow;" at Buttals Plantation in the parish of St. George, Allen 
Dalzell to Miss Harding. 

April 20 This morning the Ni/aden frigate, which had been for a cruise to 
■windward for the recoverv of her Commander's health, returned into Carlisle 
Bay with her flag and pennant half-masted, Capt. Cotterell having died 

April 28 The remains of Capt. Cotterell of the Xijadea frigate were interred 
in St. Michael's Church on Saturday afternooji last (with military honours). 
(Died) On the 4th ult., at his father's house in London, Sampson Wood 
Sober, Esq., of this Island. 

April 80 (Deaths) John Hill, Esq., of Egerton Plantation in the parish of St. 
George, and .Miss Jane Williams of this town. 

May 4 (Married) On Wednesday last, at St. Michael's Church, John Tucker, 
Esq., to 3Iiss Elizabeth Lane. 

May 7 (Death) On Saturday night last, Mrs. Sarah Eoderingham, an elderly 
lady of this town. 

May 14 (Death) On Sunday last, Miss Jane Carew, an elderly maiden lady of 
this town. 

{To he continued.) 



! Nevis the 16'^ of Aug : 1681. 

My Lords 
The last I presumed to write to your honours was the 27"' July by 
which in generall tcrines I did intbrm your Lordships of the murder of some of 
his Majesties subjects upon the Island of Barbouda wliich was acted on y*-' 
4"' of July last at 3 in the aftcrnoone ; 40 Indians came up to y^ house wlierem 
were only three men, two woemen, and 2 children the Lidians left the rest of 
I their companions at the seaside or in bushes it is reported they wore 300 men I 

' judge 2-iO in six periagocs. As they came to the house they spyed one of y" 

''. people splitting of wood whom they stuck with arrowes and left him for dead, to 

those in the house (they pretended as it is their custom most treateherous) they 
came in friendship, and demanded drinke which was given them thorogh a 
window, and one of those within told them If you come in friendship goe and 
expell the poyson of them arrows you have shott at j" man without and cure 
him: butt iusteed of applyeiiig y*^ Juce of y^ indian arrow root to him one of 
them who spoke good Euglish (called cap' peeter who lived formerly at Barbados 
with CoH JMoris) staved his braines out with his owne ax sayeing hang y'= dog he 
is not to be cured upon which they discontinued their parly and y*^ christian 
within fired and shot this peeter in y'^ hand and he shot y'= christian in one of his 
fingers upon this act they parlyed again promisseing each other to fire noe more : 
butt those treacherous villaines killed 3 boyes that were without the house 
knocking their heades against a tree. In fine they gott to y'^ house all y'^ partie 
they had hid and forced in one of the roomes, y*' people within not being able to 
deffend round all y'^ roomes, y'= eomander of y^ place one cap' francis Malhaui 
comeing to y'= deffense ot y*^ house being abroad with some men was shot by y"^ 
Indians with a brace of Bullets thorogh the hart they^ killed & in all his wife y*^ 
two children and a ser' woeinan escaped by y*^ assistance of one of y*^ men whilst 
y^ Indians were driiikeing kill devill or Hum (this country spiritt) aud pillageiiig 
the house, there were three killed of y'^ Barbarous heathens two of them carried 
of as it is their practice if they can and left cap' peeter dead behind. 

I begg your Lordships pardon If I am tedious and doe pray your honours to 
represent to his Majestic y"^ necessitie of destroyeiug those caribie Indians and y' 
he would bee graciouslie pleased to order y" Grovernour of Barbados to destroye 
them heathens which is soe easy a thing for y' Grover"^ to execute in regarde of its 
nearenesse to y'^ islands of S' Vincents and Dominico, or to putt me in a capacitie 
to perform y' good pcece of service whilst wee are in amitie with y^ french who 
has them in subjection, or at least wise y' it may not bee disliked if 1 take all 
opportunities to make them fly to y'- main: If I cannot compass their totall 
destruction I need not trouble your Lordships with a relation of y'= importance 
of this aifaire for y"^ safetie of the leeward Islands not doubting butt your honours 
are sensible thereof, wee are now as much upon our guardes as if wee had a 
christian Ennemie and more for wee feare noe such this time of y^ yeare neither 
cann any such now surprize us butt these Cannibals may who never comes Marte 
Aperto thogh they have generally good tire amies from y-' french and dutch and 
are as good ticemen as any. I once more crave excuse for tiie prolixitie of 

your Lordships 
most faythf ull and obliged servant 

W Stapleton. 
Right Hon''''= Lords. 

I humbly oft'err to your Lord'' consideration y"^ 3 depositions annexed if 
worthy thereof or of demanding satisfaction by this opportuuitie I hope y' coppie 
{ of y^ booke of i\ [torn] cent will be presented or receaved by M'' Blathwaite. 

[ (Colouial Papers, IGSl, June — Dec, vol. i7, fo. 45.) 




PEMBEKTOX (I., 310, 311), 

Corrections by Major-General E. Pemberton : — 

Bridget P. in. Andrew Koss at J. N. 
Wm. P. was bapt. on 13 March 177-1. 


I have omitted from the following interesting letter a lengtby M.I. to John 
Hawksley, Esq., froi') a tombstone at the west end of a small broken and empty 
vault, situated on the pasture land to the soutii-east of Bodkins sugar works. 
The M.I. i.s practically a duplicate of the one on the tablet in iSt. Paul's Church 
(" Antigua," ii., 87), which latter records that the burial was at Bodkins. 
Mr. Spooner's notes also relate to a burial-ground which was unknown to 
me. [Ed.] 

Dickie Hill. I see in Bakei''s Map of 1746 — S the residence of Richard 
Oliver is shewn on what is now known as " Dickie Hill." There are a number of 
tombstones on this hill, but most of the inscriptions are illegible and the stones 
badly broken. The most legible are the following : — 

1. " Here lies the body of ^lary Cameron, who departed this life July 2'"' 

1802, aged 8 years, 2 months, 21 days." 

2. '■ Sacred to the memory of Henrietta Horsford who departed this life 

17"' ^larch [resr illegible]." 

3. " Here lies the body of Mary Darby who depaited this life June [rest 


Standing up in the pasture about ].jO yards from the little graveyard in v.hich 
the above stones, and perlui]is six or eiglit more, stand or lie, is one stone marked : 
" My Elizabeth dep. IMay 12"' 1S05." The inscription is quite clear. The stone 
faces the north-east, so that it may not have been the grave of a human being, 
but that of a slave, or possibly of au animal. 

Aech" Spooxer. 

WILLIAMS (I., 192). 

As regards the AVillianis of AViJliams Earm, the W. "NV. on the old mill was 
AVilliam Williams, son of Josepii "Williams. This family sprung from the Old 
Road AVilliams family, but was coloured and illegitimate. AVilliam "Williams" 
brother was a manager here, and his daughter married a black man, who is well 
known here to-day in business circles — ^Mr. S. L. Athill. The last of them left 
the island years ago and the above lady is dead. The flint-.stone windmill was 
built from money obtained under the "Eartluiuake Loan" of the fortifs, but 
apparently did not remain long in operation. This is why this mill does not 
appear in either Baker's or Lulfman's maps. 

Aecu" Spooxer. 

Bendals, Antigua, 
19 November 1909. 


A Tho. Goldwin was M. of A. for Clarendon in 1787 (Fcurtado). Ho. appears 
to have retired to England, where be purchased an estate called Vicars Hill in 
Boldre, Hampshire. Here his wife Elizabeth was buried 27 December 1808, aged 
47, and he on 23 October 1809, aged (JO, s.p. His will was made 23 January and 
])roved 10 November lb09 (822. Loveday), and in it he names his sister Lucy 
Breton aud her tcu children, niece Maria Hardy, niece Eliza Aim Burrard, 


sister-in-law Susanna Coppell, cousin Louisa Aldridgc, nieces Caroline and Eliz. 
t- Shickle, ar.d refers to a conveyance by Eliz. Martha Pickeriiisr, late of Kickmans- 

1 worth and formerly of Jamaica, dated 2 April 1787, to him of Go slaves. The 

I late Goldwin Smith's mother, Eliz. Breton, was a dau2;hter of the above Lucy 

[ Breton. The Eev. Sir Creorge Burrard, third Bart. (17(39— IS jG) married firstly, 

on 1 September ISO-t, Eliz. Anne, dau2;hter and heir of W'm. Coppell of Jamnica, 
and by her (who died 11 April ISl-j) had an only surviving cliild, George, the 
fourth Bart. 

181-1 Jan. At her son-in-law's, l?ev. G. Biirrard, Yarmouth, I. of "\V., Mrs. 
Cappell [sic], mdow of Wm. C. esq. of J. (" G.M.," 99). A Tho. Goldwin of 
Burnham, co. Bucks, had a son Edw. (1785 — 182 1) and a son Tho. Is the 
pareutagc of Tho. Goldwin of Jamaica known? Further information is desired 
about the above families. 


i In pursuance of this subject it may be noted that in IGGl this Island was 

I reinforced by Governor Sir Tho. Modyford with 1,000 Biirbadiaus. The army 

l ■ during the first few years of occupation had mostly died off from intemperance, 

[ had neglected planting, and the military government had ceased in IGoO. 

L On 27 February the King's Instructions were drawn up for Col. Edw. jNlorgan 

i as Deputy-Governor of Jamaica to embark in the Ifesferi/afe for Barbados, to 

f hand over there a " black box " containing Commissions and Instructions and a 

I ' purse of £3,000 to Colonel Sir Tho. Modyford, the new Governor of Jamaica. 

I Lord AVilloughbj' was also ordered to pay over £1,000 in sugars and give all 

I possible assistance. 

'I The Westergate arrived on 21 April, a " malign distemper " having carried off 

i thirty of her passengers. Colonel Morgan was instructed on 2 May to sail at 

once with several scores of planters for Jamaica. 

Sir Thomas followed a few days later, arriving about 1 June with 987 persons, 
in the Weslergate, Captain Stokes, Marmadiike, and Swallow. It would be very 
interesting to learn the names of the above settlers from Barbados. Unfortu- 
natel}^ the State Papers don't give them, but the Book of Patents at Jamaica 
should record the names of all those who took out grants of land. 

Is this book still preserved, and what is the earliest dated patent it contains ? 

I REV. JOHN PEATLY OF ST. KITTS (ante, p. 7). 

11630 Mav 3 Depositions of Dan. Fallon, Bich. Carpenter, & Gregory 
French taken before Sir Tho. Warner, Gov. of St. Christophers, & the rest of his 
Council, viz; Captains Tho. Powell, Will. Epps, & John Hagthorpe, Herbert 
Blount, John Featlye, Minister, AVill. Brett, Tho. Williams, Steph. Stokes, Will. 
Jackson & John Avisou. (Colon. Cal, p. 115.) 

1637 Sept. 30 The Privy Council to Dr. Duck, Chancellor of London. 
John Teatlv \sic], clerk, in a petition sets forth that the late Earl of Carlisle 
j conferred upon hir.i the rectory of Pahnetor [sic] Point, in the island of S' Chris- 

topher, which Joseph. IMoore has ever since enjoyed, together with another living 
I of greater value, ^'t prays that Moore may render an account, having arrived at 

5 Plymouth with goods to a great value. Desire be will examine both parties with 

a view to arrange their differences. (Ibid., p. 2ijS.) 



Some time since tlic question was lai^td rs <o the autlior.-hip of an exccf dingly 
rare f ud ii.terci^tii)<; \oliiu e of taily An eiiian ) oetiy i)iil)lit-htd about tie njddle 
of the eiglitconth century. Ihe pceni is entitled : — 


ADtigouian and Bostonian Beauties; 



Occasioned by seeing the Assembly, at St. 

John's, Antigua, on Thursday tlie 7th 

of July, and aftei'wards at Boston, in 



By ^V. S., A. B. 

Boston : 

Printed and Sold by D. Fowle in Queen-street. 

Square Svo, pp. 8, followed by " Thoughts from Seneca," pp. 8. 

The years of that period in which the seventh of July fell on Tlmrsday were 
1743 and 174S according to the Old Style calendar, and 1757 according to the 
KeM' St_\le, but it stems imrossible to fix the year of the festivities described with 

As to the authorship of the quaint and fascinating verses, it has been suggested 
that the initials AV. S. were those of William Shirley, the well-known ^lassa- 
chusotfs Bay governor of the time, but they might equally well have been those 
of his nephew Washington Shirley, of His Majesty's iS'avy. Indeed, imich more 
likely is it that the naval officer would have been attending social festivities at 
Antigua than that the New England governor wonld have done so. AVhileitis 
true that the initial letters fit tliese Jiames, it is unlikely that the real name of 
the author is divulged by them. The authorship of the poem has been ascribed 
in all seriousness to Eev. Charles Chaurcy of Boston ; but it is unfair to suppose 
a sedate, jjious and ortb.odox minister of iS'ew England to have been guilty of 
such rac}' and amorous verses " after seeing the Assembly " of dancers in Antigua 
and Boston. 

A. B. Page. 

1154 Boylston Street, Boston, U.S.A. 


I enclose some notes about the Caddj' family — all I have been able to obtain 
from my friend, an old lady, niece of Mrs. J. H. Caddy, nee Hamilton. 

Members of the Caddy family are still living in Hamilton, Ontario, and 
Burlington, Canada. 

My friend knows nothing of Capt. Alurcd Caddy. 

E. E. West. 
Shoy swell, 

Cowper Gardens, • 

Alured Caddv was Capt. 1st W.I. Eegiment 20 June 1S32. 

John Herbert Caddy was a Cadet at Woolwich 20 March ISIG"; Capt. R.A. 

* Reprinted Iron; the " Postou Transcrija" of 28 Soiitenibcr ISUO, .nnd forwarded by 
>Ir. Pajjc to mo for this Magazine. [Editor.] 




13 August 1S40 ; rctircfl on half-pay in July 1844. and settled in Canada, where 
he died at his resiidcncc in Hamilton. Oiilaiic. on 19 IManli 1SS7. in his 8()th year. 
He m. Georgiana, dau. and h. of Col. Eicliaid Unnnlton, E.A., and had issue 
three sons and four daus. bhe d. at Hamilton on 25 Jan. 1898, in her 94th 

Of the three sons, one, J. St. Vincent Caddy, m. and had issue : — 

1. Edith, m. at Ottawa, on 4 Feb. 1903, xillan, son of Eev. Canon iMuckle- 

ston of Perth (Canada ?). 

2. Georgiana. . 

3. Alice. 

[I do not know the order of hirth of these three Miss Caddys.] 

Of the four daus., Elizabeth j\r. A. Caddy is unmarried ; another dau. m. 
.... Askin ; another dau. m. Maitland Young of Burlington, Canada, and 
bad issue : — 

Ralph E. Young of Toronto, m., 20 Sep. 1900, Edith, eldest dau. of Judge 

Frank Young of Pliiladelphia, Pa. 
Minnie Young. 

The Editor has just acquired the following set < f twelve coloured aquatint 
views in the W.I., plate-mark 13 in. by 11 in., published 1 February 1837 by 
Ackermann and Co., 9G Strand, from the drawings made bv " Lieut. Caddy Eoy' 
Artilly " :— 

1. Fort Charlolle, S' Vincent's, from Kingston. Engraved by New" 


2. Basaltic Bocks, in WashiJabou or Cumberland Vallev, St. Vincent. 

Engraved by W. Westall. A.31.A. 

3. The Old Crater of the Soufriere, S' Vincent. Engraved by W. WestalJ, 


4. The Eabacca or Dry River. Soufriere Mountain in the distance, St. Vin- 

cent. Engraved by "\V. Westall, A.R.A. 

5. Kingstown, S' Vincents, from Cane-Garden Point. Aqua' by 

J. Harris. 

6. The Town of Castries, S' Lucia. Engraved by N. Fielding. 

7. The Pitons or Sugar-Loaves, St. Lucia. Engraved by C. Hunt. 

8. View from Morne Fortune, S' Lucia. Tomh of Governors Gen' Stewart 

of Garth, CoV 3IaUet, Gen' Afackie, cj" Gen' Farquharson* Aqua' by 
J. Harris. 

9. Pigeon Island, &, Village of Gros Islet, S' Lucia. Engraved by 

J. Harris. 

10. Sandy Point, S' Kitts. Engraved by C. Hunt. (See ante, Vol. I.) 

11. Brimstone Hill, S' Kitts. Engraved by J. Harris. 

12. Roseau, Dominica. Engraved by J. Harris. 

* 1829, Dec. 18. At St. Lucie, Major-Gen. David Stewart, of Garth, Governor of that 
Colony, & C.B. .Ic. ("G.M.," 3S30, 276.) 

1831, March 8. At St. Lucie, 3Iajor-Gcn. (George Mackie, C.B., Governor of that colony 4c. 
(Ibid., 6S0. See J832, 05, for his .^LI.) 

1832. Lately. At St. Lucia, Colonel Jolui 'Williain :Mallelt, C.IJ. Lieut. -Col. of the SGth 
reg:. & actini,' Governor of St. Lucia, lie was npjiointed Ensijin of the 5Ct!i foot 179 t ; Lieut. 
1795; Capt. ISOO; Major 1810; Lt.-Col. 1813, of SOtii foot 182(1 ; & Col. 1830. (liui., 382.) 

183-1, Jan. 23. At St. Lucia, ^lajor-Geii. James Ale.x. rarqnhar.son, of Oakley, Gov. of that 
Colony &c. (Ihid., 317.) 

The dcatlis of four Govornors in five years would lead one to su«peet that yellow fever or 
some other virulent disease had become endemic owiuj,' to mosquitoes (as we now know). 



A short liistory of this family has just been published, which makes a very 
welcome addition to our scant West Indian j;eiiealo<:;ies. Tlie first portion com- 
prises the notes made by General Eol)crt Ilaynes (17G9 — 1S51). These consist 
of memoranda relating to his family, interspersed with bits of local history, and 
are very interesting and valnable. TIk- second portion contains a genealogy sent 
by an American gentleman, but this is so full of incorrect dates and other errors 
as to be quite unreliable. 

The pedigree of the family can be ])roved from Eichard Ilaynes of Newcastle 
in St. Joint's Parish, who was tliere married to Elvy Thorne on oU July 171S. 
A certain John Haynes, Constable of that parish in ICJGl and Surveyor of Eoads 
1671, is supposed to be identical with one of those names, formerly of Barbados, 
then of New Torlc, merchant, born Iti:}!). who died 9 December l(jSl). and in his 
■will, dated 24- August 16b9, named his wife Eliz , his son John, then at Barbados, 
and his son Andrew, also his brother Robert Ilaynes in Barbados. This Eobert 
was presumably identical with the man of those names who was sidesn^an of 
St. John's 16S;i-l, Surveyor of Eoads IGSi — S, and of the Vestry in 1G95. The 
above-mentioned Eichard was probably descended from one of these two brothers 
John and Eobert, but search will be necessary to establish this. 

The parish register of St. John's commences — Marriages from 16 August 
1G57, Burials from 10 August 16o7, and several entries are given from these, but 
no Baptisms. Let us hope that when further data have been secured, and 
abstracts of wills and indentures made from the l^egistrar's Office at Bridgetown, 
a revised and fuller edition, with a tabular pedigree, may be published. 


A family of AVebb from the Hundreds of Keynsham and Chew Magna, co. 
Somerset, held estates in Jamaica during the latter part of the eighteenth century. 
(See query by John E. Webb, 2 Yernon Place, Birkenhead, in " Som. and Dorset 
Notes and Queries," i., 112.) 


1772. A marriage settlement between William Tucker of City of London 
and Elizabeth Plumer and John Scott, etc. The property settled consisted of 
negro slaves in the Isle of Jamaica, male and female, all named. This deed was 
not signed. 

1812. Mount George Estate. A release and assignment between INIary Betty 
of Killemitten, co. Fermanagh, and Thomas Hynes of Tuam (both Ireland), etc. 
On three skins. Signed by Ilaynes. 

1822. Lysworthy Estate. " Deed between Elizabeth Hankey of Bedford 
Square, London, and AVilliam Alers Hankey of Fenchurch Street, banker, and 
others, atid Frederick Lament of Trelawney, co. Cornwall, Jamaica; Thomas 
Todd and William Cronkes of City of London', and Thomas Haukey and Eichard 
Todd of Sunbury, co, Middlesex. On tive skins of parchment. 

* "Notes by Gonernl Robert Haynes of New Ca.'stle and Clifton Hall Plantations, Barbados, 
and other dociitucnts of faniilv interest." E'iitod by the late Eihnund C. Ilaynes, A. Percy 
Haynes, and Edmund S. P. Haynes. (Argus Priiitinir Co., 78 King AVilliam Street, London, 
E.C. (No date.) Pp. 'J2, 8vo, paper cover, 

t From a dealer's catalogue. 



|3aj)nc of Bt. IXitts. 



Abms. — Gules, a /esse heticcen two lions passant Argent [Patnej ; quartering. 
Azure, a cross cercele Or, let ween four crosses-crosslet fttchie Argent [Carlisle]. 

Crest. — A lion's jamb erect and erased Argent holding a tilting-spear broken 

Motto. — ^' 2falo viori quam foe dart. '' 

Granted to Ealpli Payue of St. Mary le Bone iu Middlesex, 1770. (Rowland- 
Bon's Heraldry.) 

Ralph Payne was tlic eldest son and heir of Ralph Payne, Chief Justice of 
St. Kitts, by his first wife Alice, only daughter and eventual heiress of Colonel 
Francis Carlile of Antigua. He is stated ("'D.X.B.") to have been born at 
St. George's, Basseterre, St. Kitts, on 19 ]March 1737-8 or 173S-9. In 1753, 
being then under age, he joined with his father in the settlement of cerhiin 
plantations. After being educated in England (he was not at O.vford) he 
returned to St. Kitts, when he was elected a ^Member of tlie Assembly and chosen 
Speaker. In 17G2 he returned to England and made the tour of Europe, and 
about December of this year or January 17(38 his father died. On 1 September 
17G7 he married, at St. George's. Hanover Scjuare, Francoise Lambertine, daughter 
of the late Frederick ^Maximilian (the •'D.N.B.' calls him Henry) J3aron Kolbcl 
of Saxonv, a General iu the Imperial Service. She had come over in the house- 
hold of the Princess Poniatowski, si.^tor to the King of Poland. In 17GS he was 
residing in Queen .Anne Street, Cavendish Square, and was return.ed to P.irliament 
for Shaftesburv, sitting until 1771. On IS February 1771 he was createtl a 
K.B., and in May liis commission was issued as (lOvcrnor-Genera! of tlie Leeward 
Islands, a post worth some £ 1,0()U sterling a year. He arrived at Antigua on 
1 February 1772. Ou 23 March 177-3 the Legislature voted £I()0() c. for a 
voii. II. u 


sword for presentation to him. TTe retired to England before July of tliis year, 
and on 17 Pebruary 1770 wrote t'roin liis liousic in Charles Street resigning his 
office of Governor-General. He was Clerk of the Eoard of Green-Cloth 1777 — 
17S2, and re-entered Parliament, sitting as member for Camelt'drd November 
1776 — 17S0, and Plympton 17^50 — I7SJ-. He was a Whig and supporter of Pox, 
and entertained lavishly at his house in Grafton Street. In 17SS he went for a 
lengthy tour on the Continent. In 1793 he joined Pitt's party. On 1 October 
1795 he was created Earon Lavington of Ireland. Prom 21 October 1795 to 
1799 he sat for 'W'oodstock. In Pebruary 1799 he was re-appointed Governor- 
General of the Leeward Islands, and on 30 October made a Privy Councillor. 
He arrived at Antigua 12 Pebruary ISOl and resided there until his death on 
3 August 1S07, aged 6S. He was buried on 4 August in his garden on his 
plantation " Carliles." A magnificent marble monument was erected to his 
memory by the Legislature in St. Juhn's Church at a cost of 1,000 guineas, which 
was thrown down by the earthquake in 1S43, only the portion with the M.I. 
remaining. Lady Lavington was voted £300 a year for her life, and died in 
Hampton Court Palace on 2 May 1S30. (See "D.IS'.B." and "Antigua," 
vols. i. and iii.) 

The following list of baptisms has come from the family of AVillett-Adye, 
formerly of St. Kitts and Mcrly House, Dorset, who intermarried with 
the Paynes : — 

CnuisTEXiNGs IN THE Pahishes OF St. Geouge axd St. Petek. 

Payne, John AViUet, y^ Son of Palpii ct Alice. 

Payne, Palph,* y^ Son of Ealph by Alice, ag'' G W^ 

Payne, John AVillct and Alice Carlilie, twins, children of 

Ealph Payne ; 2 days. 
Eaptiscd Anne, Daughter of Ealph & Margaret Payne ; born 

2S'h Nov 1748. 
Baptised Stephen, t Son of Ealph & Margaret Payne ; born 

16"' Nov. 1749. 
Baptised Abraham, Son of Ealph & Margret Payne. N.B. — 

born & buried the same day. 
Baptised John Willet,:!^ Son of Ealph & Margaret Payne ; 

born 23"^ April 1752. 
Baptised Martha, Daughter of Ealph & Margaret Payne ; 

born IS"' Sept' 1753. 
Baptised George, Son of Ealph & Margaret Payne; born 

30"' Jan'y 1755. 
Baptised Lucretia, Daughter of lialph & Margaret Payne; 

born 29"' Peb. 1756. 
Baptised Margaret, Daughter of Ealph & Margaret Payne. 

JN'.B. — She was born & died the same day. 
Baptised William, Sou of Ealph & Margaret Payne ; bora 

IS"' Nov. 175S. 

Saint Cristophcr. 

I do hereby certify that the above twelve articles are true and faithful! 

extracts, taken by me from the Eegister of the Parishes of Saint (leorge and 

Saint Peter Basseterre, in the said Island. Given under my Hand and Seal this 

22'"' day of August 1772. „ ,,, ,, , 

•' ° Edwix liioMAS, Eector. 







5t 19 

1748-9 Janry 

. 6"^ 


















1 2'^'' 


A pril 





* He became liOrd Ijaviiicrtoii, as above. 

t Dioil ill Loudnn .11 :Marcl! 1812, a-cd (■)2. 

j A Kcar-Adiuiral R.N. ; died at Urccuwich 17 November 1803, aged 51. 


nv (njomas S.})nclj, ©obtrnor of ^amaica» 

"The Lynch family -was possessed of a small estate called Grove, in the parish 
of Staple in the county of Kent. They were of some antiquity, for arms were 
confirmed to them in 1572. Theop'nilus Lynch, bnpt. 1G03, appears tu have 
married the dau. and h. of ... . Kixton of Kixton Hail, in the village of Great 
Sankey in the parish of Prescot in Lancashire, whose pedigree was entered in the 
Herald's Visitation of that county. ' Hall Wliittlc,' an ancient building supposed 
to have been the seat of the family of Sankey, was subsequently occupied by the 
Rixtons of Sankey, who were seated here in the sixteenth century, and is now 
the property of Lord Lilford." (Baiues's " Lancashire," edited by Croston, 
v., 83.) 

No entries relating to the family of Thcophilus Lynch could he found in the 
Prescot parish register; hut from Warrington (the nearest cliurch to Sankey) 
the parish clerk sent me the three following, though he could not discover 
the marriage: — 


1G33 May Thomas sonne to Theopliilus Linee, Gent., the twelvth day. 
]G35 August Jndctli daughter unto Theophilus Linch, Cristced the seacond 

1629 Maie Thomas Eixtou, Gent., the last day. 

In the List of Disclaimers at the Herald's A^isitations (Ryland, p. 47) 
appears : " 16G7. Theophiltis Lincke, Eixton Hall, Lancaster." 

tlG54, Dec. 12. Thomas Lynch, eldest son of Theophilus Lynch of Great 
Sankey, co. Lancaster, gent. (Foster's "Gray's Inn Admissions." 2G!).) 
He is supposed to have been an officer in the Expedition to Jamaica iu 1G54-5, 
f but his name does not appear in Firth's " Narrative of Geueral Yenables." 

1G60, Nov. 28. Capt. Thomas Lynch from Jamaica, then on furlough in 
London, petitioned the Privy Council for an order to return in one of the King's 
Ships. (" Colonial Calendar," p. 491.) 

" Colonial Calendae," IGGl— 1GG9. 

16GI, Jan. Grant to Tho. Lynce (sic) of the office of Provost-Marshal of 
J. for life. 4. 

IGG2, Ap. 16. Capt. Tho. Lynch named iu an action for slander. SG. 

1662, ? Dec. Militia, 5th Peg. 24 oilicers and 35G men. Lt.-Col. Lynch. 118. 

1663, Ap. 9. Eesolvcd that Lt.-Col. John {sic) Lynch be sworn of the 
Council. 128. 

1663, Ap. 28. Minutes of Council. Lt.-Col. Tho. Lynch and others to con- 
tract with a carpenter for building a bridge. 130. 

1663, Oct. 23. Ditto. Ordered that Lt.-Col. Lynch cause an Assembly of 
30 freeholders to be fairly chosen iu the several quarters of the island before 
Dec. 20 next. 165. 

16G3, Dec. 15. Eulcs to be drawn up for the Assembly by Lt.-Col. Lyuch 
and others. 173. 

1G64, A p. 5—7. IMinutes of Council. Lt.-Col. Lynch chosen President iu 
the absence of Sir Chas. Lyttelton until tlie arrival of another Governor. 196. 

'^ H 2 



AfiMS. — Salle, three Ji/nxes rampant proper, armed and langued Gules. 
Cbest. — A lynx as in arms. 

"William Lynch, Jun., of Grove in the parish=pJuclith, 1st dau. 
o£ Staple, co. Kent (grandt^on of SvTiion, to of Jolin Aylnier,* 
whom arms ^Yere coufiriiied in 1572). "Will Bishop of London, 
proved lGlS-19 (9, Parker). j He died 1594. 

Theophilus Lynch, young-^ 
est son, bapt. at Staple 
10 July 1G03 ; an appren- 
tice at his father's death ; 
was of Great Sanl<ey in 
the parish of Prescot, co. 
Lane, in his wife's right, 
and disclaimed in 1GG7. 

Sir Hender MoIesworth,= 
born 1G3S; merchant of 
Jamaica; Lieut. -Gover- 
nor 18 November IGSo ; 
mar. at St. Martin's-in- 
the-Fields 12 Pebruary 
16S8-9, then aged about 
50; created Bart. 19 July 
16S9. His 1st wife was 
Mrs. Mangey, dau. of a 
London goldsmith, and 
widow of Tho. Tottle, 
merchant, of Jamaica. 

dau. and 
heir of 

of Kix- 
CO. Lane. 

Sir Ed ward Her- 
bert, M.P., born 
(?) 1591 ; ad- 
mitted to Inner 
Temple 1G09 ; 
lGlO-1 ; d. in 
Paris Dec. 1G57 

pMargaret, dau. of Sir 
i Tho. Smith, Master of 
i Eequests, and widow of 
I llon.Tlio. Carey; owned 

leasehold estatein Wey- 
! bridge and Walton, co. 
i Surrey. "Will dated 1-1 

Jan. 1G77; proved 31 

May 1G7S (JG, Keeve). 

Had 3 sons and 3 daus. 

=]\rary, dau. of Tho.= 
Temple of Frank- 
ton, CO. AVarwick, 
Esq., and coheir to 
her brother liichard 
Temple, Esq., and 
widow of Sir Tho. 
Lyttelton, Bart. ; 
aged 22 in 1G8.S-9. 
AVill dated G and 
proved 11 July 1721 
(131, Buckm.). To 
be bur. in St. Ann's, 

Sir Tho. Lynch,= 
Knt..lst son, born 
1G34 ; went to 
the Army 1G60 ; 
President 1GG4 ; 
knighted 3 Dec. 
1G70; Lt.- Gover- 
nor 1G70 — 74 ; 
Governor 1GS2 
till his death 24 
Aug.lGS4. M.I. 
Will dated 80 
Aug. 1G81; ad- 
mon. July IGSG 
(39, Vere). 

=Vere Herbert, 
mar. lie. dated 
8 Dec. 1G70, 
then aged 23 ; 
bur. at Esher 
30 Sep. 1GS2. 
M.I. in the 
chancel of the 
Old Church. 
1st wife. 


Charles Lynch, 
born at Jamaica 
Oct. 1G71; d. 
young and bur. 
at Esher. 

2nd Bart., of ! 
aged 17 inlG89; 
d. June 1715 ; 
bur. at Esher. 
1st husband. 

^Philadelphia Lynch, only dau. & heiress,^ 
mar. lie. dated 18 Nov. 1GS9; aged 21 


in 1G98 ; sold her plantation in Jamaica 
to AVm. Beckford ; sold her manor of 
Esher; d. 3U Dec. 1758 ; bur. at Eslier, | hus- 
aged 82. Will dated 3 Nov. 175G, ' band, 
then of Pinchley Lodge, co. Middlesex 
(49, Arran). 

* " L' Col. Wliitfrift Aylmor, dcsoeiidnnt of two bisliops," w;)"; rof^ommendcd in Febrntiry 1C84 
as a Councillor ol' Jamaica' Ui.-hoi) Wliitgift, however, died a bachelor. 



(1664, May 2. Sir Cbas. L., the Dep.-Gov., sailed for England. '• Calendar " 
for 1G75-G, Addenda l-i3.) 

1664, May 25. Letter from Lt.-Col. TIio. Lynch that he was chosen President 
by the Council. 210. 

1664, June 6. Lt.-CoI. Tho. Lynch sworn a Councillor. 212. 

1664, July 21. Sir Tho. Modyford writes of " Col. Lynch the Provost-Marshal 
a pretty understanding gentleman and very useful here ; he has an estate, and 
would be very well beloved were he sheriff instead of marshal." 224. 

1664, Oct. Sir Chas. Lyttelton writes that he left the Government in the 
Council, who chose Col. Lynch President, whom he also appointed commander of 
the forces and judge of the courts. 23S. 

1665, Feb. 12. Lt.-Col. Tho. Lynch writes that the Governor has discharged 
him from his Council and oflice of Chief Justice. It only constrains Lynch's 
return and prevents the resolution he had to marry, send for his relations, and 
make this his England. Starts to-morrow towards New England. Intends in 
Spain to obtain permission to buy cattle in Cuba. Thougli 10 years of sufferings 
and hazards have endeared the Island (of J.) to him, yet resolves never to 
return. 277. 

Charles Herbert, 1st sou, (?) 
sometime at Jamaica; took out 
adai'ou of estate of Sir Tho. 
Lynch July 1GS6 ; killed in 
Ireland 1691. 

Arthur, Earl of 
son ; d. s.p. 14 
April 1716 

Edward Herbert, 3rd son, 
Lord Chief Justice ; d. 
November 1698, a bachelor 

1665, Feb. 20. Gorr. Sir Tho. Modyford writes that he is attempting a trade 
for cattle at the South Keys of Cuba, and Col. Lynch, in a youthful bravery, 
intends to apply for a licence at Madrid to purchase 2,000 or 3,000, 281. 

1665, Oct. i3. He writes to Lord Alington from Bristol. 324. 

From 1665 to 1670 Col. Tho. Lynch apparently resided in England, and 
Le Neve thus records his knighthood : — 

"Lane. S'' Thomas Ltxch of Rixton hall in Great Soukey Governor of 
Jamaica knighted at Whitehall 3 December 1670." (Le Neve's " Knights," 243.) 

A week or so later followed his marriage with Vere, daughter of Lady Herbert 
of Weybridge in Surrey and of the late Sir Edward Herbert (miscalled " George "' 
in the " D.N.B. "), who had been Attoruey-Geueral in the reign of Charles I., 
and died in 1657. 

1670-1, Jan. 5. Having been this day commissioned by the King as Lieut. - 
Governor lie returned to .Jamaica with his wife and family, arriving on .June 2'>. 

1671, Nov. 20. Sir Thomas wrote " that his wife was brought to bed of a 
son (Charles) five weeks ago." (-'America and W.I.," 277.) 

In Blome's " History of Jamaica" is a map oi: the Island engraved in Uwl, 
with a shield of " S"' Thomas Lynch knight, present Governour of y^ Isle," bcavir.g 
these arms: Quarterly. 1 and 4, three h/nxcs rampant (for Lynch) ; 2 and 'S, on 
a bend three covered cups (for his mother, an heiress of Kixton of Jli.ctoi. Ki-il). 
Sir Thomas was recalled by the King's letter of 20 xVovember 1674, Lord ^ r.uglii.u 
having been appointed Governor and Capt.-Geueral by pateat of tho previous 
April 3rd. • r ■ ' . 

102 Cahibbeana. 

1675. On March 7 he handed over the government to Sir Henry Morgan 
lately constituted Lieut.-Gov., Lord Vauglian taking over siipre tie command on 
hia landing on the 13th. (•' America and \\^.I.," 1S2 — 4.) 

After settling all his acconuta he left in May for England, where he took up his 
residence at his house in Leicester Fields. He was for the next year often called 
before the Lords of Trade and Plantations to give information about the Colony. 

In 1U79-SO he purchased tlie manor of Esher, a few miles from Lady Herbert's 
home at AVeybridge. 

1681. His commission as Capt. -General, Vice-Admiral, & Governor-in-Chief 
was drawn up on Ang. 6, & he sailed about the end of the year. After being over 
16 weeks windbound he quitted ^Madeira on 6 April lUSli, leaving his wife behind 
at that place in a dying condition, and arrived at his seat of government on 
June 14. (" America and W.I.," 09, 21G.) 

Lady Lynch probably' returned from Madeira to Esher, as she was buried there 
on Sept. 30. 

Sir Thomas shortly afterwards married (evidently in Jamaica) Mary, dau. and 
coh. of Tho. Temple of Eraukton in Warwickshire (Le Neve's " Knights," 213), 
whose sister Anne had married in 16GG Sir Clias. Lyttelton of Jamaica. 

On 25 Peb. IGSl Major Peter Eeckford was described as Sir Tho. Lynch's 
nephew. (" America and W.I.," 590.) 

1684. Col. Hender Molcsworth wrote home on Aug. 30 : " Sir Thomas Lynch 
died on the 24"' instant." (Ibid., OSl.) 

He was buried under a black marble slab in St. Catharine's Church,* one of 
seven slabs lying on the flour of the chancel within the communion rails, on which 
were his arms, three li/nxes rampant., and crest, a lynx statant, and this 
inscription : — 

" Here lyes Sir Lrxcn in Peace, at Ease, & Blest 
Would you know more, the World will speak ye liest." 

(Eoby, 17 ; Archer, 58.) 

He was an able upright Governor and endeavoured to suppress piracy and 
privateering, which in their various forms were much encouraged by certain 
persons, who derived large profits from the sale of captures at Port Koyal. That 
he was honest is proved by his dying so short of ready money, that his widow was 
compelled to borrow £50>3 for the expcuces of his funeral. (" America and W.I.," 


The charges of embezzlement his enemies brought against him after his death 
were apparently groundless or trivial. 

Lady Lvnch, who was but eighteen at the death of Sir Thomas, retired to 
England, where she remarried, 12 Feb. lGSS-9, Col. lleuder ^lolesworth, her late 
husband's great frieud, for whom Sir Thomas had obtained the ollice uf Lieut. - 
Governor, and who as such carried on the government after his death. (See 
pedigree of ]Molesworth in A'iviau's '• Visitation of Cornwall," i.,327, and CoUins's 
'• Baronetage," iv., 29.) 

* Tlie followiiii,' extract i-; frDiu a letter of .^[r. I-Viuik Ciui<lrill to tho p;ditor, dated U Sept. 

1939 : '-T^ic tnblets in the CUlioaril did not, I thiak, ^iilTjr from the recent E irlliqiiake. With 

rj,'ird to Sir T.ioiuis Lviich, .Mr. .fii lili writes to ine fr.)iu Spiui-li Town : ' Sir Tlioaiis livncli 
•Vj;^ ti-frSfl 23tli Au-u<t'lO-il in llio I'arisli Ciiurcli uf St. Catherine It ii safe to presume tlial 

•lle;*l]ei; tin provioiH Jiy.' His tomb-tone was ovilently in the Church in Lawrence Archer's 
"t'iiiiN but wh,n lliov o:)^lr^'L■l the church sun) tiin; liter, the Gjths pat it outsidj the north 
• Ar:^ll-!)t-.tlK; (-hiMji^, ".where it now is." Oa I'i S ^pt. litJJ he writes ; "in )W scad you the e.xaol 

^yul-*tnj;.X)J',lhcv'nJr_\; oC Sir Taomas Ljuch's burial : — 

Parish Re^'isler of St. Cath ;riue. 13 irials. IGS t, Au^^just 2oth. His E.xcelleucy Sir Thomas 
; JLiyuih", Citi'f ihi'Uenural and C ).nm in ier in Chief of his .M ijost> 's Island of Jamaica." 






Mareiage Licences. 

1G6G, May 2:i. Sic Charles Lyttelton, K', of S^ Martius iu Fields, ^VkV, 
about 3(.), & M'' Aune Temple, of same, Up', about 17 ; consent of father [blnnk] 
Temple, Esq. ; at IS' Margaret's, Westmiaster. (" Vic.-Gren. of Archb. of C," 
Harl. Soc. Pub., 117.) 

1670, Dec. 8. Sir Thomas Lyucli, Knight, of Great Sankey, co. Lancaster, 
Bach'f, about 3(3, & Veere Herbert, ISp'', about 23, dau. of Dame Herbert, of 
Weybridge, co. Surrey, widow, who consents ; at St. Botolph, Alder.sgate, or 
St. Posters, London. '("Fac. Lie," Harl. Soc. Pub., 116.) 

lGy8-9, Feb. 11. Hcnder Molesworth, Esq., of Westminster, AVidower, about 
50, & Mary Linch, Widow, about 22 ; alleged by Sir Charles Lyttelton. K', of 
Richmond, Surrey; at S' Martin in the Fields, or S' James, Westminster. 
(Ibid., 192.) 

1GS9, iS'ov. IS. Thomas Cotton, of Combermare, co. Chester, Esq., Bach'', 
about 17, & M'^ Philadelphia Linch, of Westminster; alleged by John Tench of 
S' Griles iu the Fields, Midd., Greut. [This entry unfinished.] (" Vic.-Geu. of 
Archb. of C," 126.) 

EsHEE, CO. SoRRET. (Noted 14 July 1909.) 

Lady Lynch's monument is on the north wall of the chancel of the old disused 
Church, and consists of a large painted and framed wooden panel, representing 
a handsome marble monument of various colours iu the classical style, surmounted 
in the centre by a shield of nine quarterings, flanked by two crests, one above 
either column. 

Crest on the dexter side. — A falcon close holding in its dexter claw a belt 
(CoTTOx). Crest on the sinister side. — Secen arroics banded. 

Arms. — 1, Azure, a chevron between three cotton hanks Argent (Cottox) ; 
2, Gules, a lion rampant between three crescents Argent (Salusijury) ; 3, Sable, 
three lynxes Argent (Lvxcu) ; i. Per pale Azure and Gules, three lions rampant 
Argent (Herbert); 5, . . . . a fcss Gules between three {_.'' tigen] passant . . . .; 
6, . . . . a fess engrailed Sable between three cstoiles Gules; 7, Sable, two lions passant 
counter passant Argent, the one in chief towards the sinister (Gx.eog) ;* S, Argent, 
on a mount Vert a stag lodged Gules ; 9, Sable, a chevron between three [i" bulls' 
heads'} Argent. 

TO the immortal memory of Yere eate Lady Lyxcu, 
wuo- WITH Charles her Sox, axd Thomas Salisbury 
CoTxox, Sox oe Thomas Cottox Eaq, axd Philadelphia 


opposite ux'der the m.\.nou seats of Eshee are 

ixterred the rodies of William & IIexry Salisbury 

Cottox Soxs, axd of Edwaud Cleug Esq xephew to 

THE SAID Thomas & Philadelphia, axxo dom. 1703. 

* This uame is " Clogc;," but close at baud on tbc same wall is a tablet, witb impaled shield of 
arms, to S' Will. Glc,'-, K', who died 1) Jan. 170G, and to Kliz. bis wufo (duu. of Sir Kob. Coituu, 
Bart., b}- Esther his Cvifo). Vere, i^adv [iViicii, was buried here 30 Sept. lt;S"-'. 

Tac -Manor of Esher was s )ld by rhilin Dou-btv in 1070-SO to Sir Tiio. Lynch, who b^dd 
his first court 26 April IGSO. He died before lesO. i'hilideiphia and Tho. Cotton \\M a court, 
12 Dej. 1''>S'J and sold the estate liter to John Litton. Charles Herbert as Guardian to 
Philadelphia Lynch presented ia IHS'J, aad Tho. CottoD aud Philadelphia his wife m 1699. 
(.Manning and Bray, ii., 751.) 



The following is painted on a panel of the gallery : — 

Cijaritaljlc iStfts to tfjr iJnnslj of (Psljcr. 


The fum of One Hundred Pounds the tliird part of the Interelt of which to 
the JiiNisTER for Preaching an Annual Sermon in comineinoration of vere, his 
firl't Lady, on the Thirtieth day of September for ever. Five Shillinj:,'s to the 
CLERK and the relt to the Poor of the said Parifh. Four Acres Two Rood.s and 
Twenty-one Perches of Land in a certain Common Field calhid the Great Clay 
towards the repairs of the Church. 


This Indenture made the 27 Sept. 1693 between Valentine Flaughton of tlie 
parish of S' Maryes in the 1. of Jamaica Esq'' of the one part & Edward 
Broughton of ditto Esq. Guardian to Tho. Cotton Esq. & Philadelphia his wife 
sole dau. & h. of S'' Tho. Lynch late of J. Ku' deceased of the otiier part. 
AViiERE.i.s by agreement of 2 Nov. 1(JS2 it was agreed that S'' Tho. Lynch & Val. 
Haughton should be partners for 12 years & V. Haughton covenanted to invest 
in S'' Tho. the freehold of a moiety of 1000 acres in the parish of S' Maryes on 
which he (V. H.) lived & with the moiety of 31 negroes with their pickaniuges 
G cows & 4 horses with the planted land & houses worke doggs tooies etc. except 
the then crop of cotton & giuger & 2 negro women & a mollata girl & -10 acres 
which V. H. had invested John Applegate & W'" F\rrer with in consideration 
whereof S'' Tho. agreed to place on the plantacon 31 good negroes & pay 
£500 st. for necessaries £100 whereof to be for buying in England o coppers & 
1 still & convey to V. H. the aioiety of 1000 acres in S' Maryes called 
Jennyesland & to build another sugar work & V. H. by his deed poll of 2G June 
35 Chas. 2'' confirmed to S'' Tho. a moiety of 1000 a. bounding N. on Doctor 
Fulke Rose & Lieut. Tho. Martin, E. on Anthony Collyer E.-^q., S. on Cha. 
Atkinson & W. on M'" Edw^' Broughton & M'' Nich.'Piiillpott granted by patent 
of 2i June '26 Chas. 2'' also the i- of 1-1 negroe men & 13 women & V. H. hath 
given no accompt until Ed. B. brought au action of ejectment when it was 
ordered by the Court in Nov. last that all accompts sh'' be adjuf-led by Fulke 
Rose Esq. chosen by Ed. B., Chas. Boutcher Esq. by V. II. <to John Walkers by 
the Court &■ they found that V. H. was indebted in £6S1) c. & i his- Crawle land 
& £6. G. 10 costs of the suit & £155 c. for the moiety of negroes sold to him by 
E. B. & 5 -for costs of a former suit now V. H. in consideration of the total of 
£855 due to the Cottons conveys to Ed. B. for them his I of said 1000 a. the 
other i whereof was conveyed to S'' Tho. L. in his lifetime also the \ of 1020 a. 
in S' Maryes bounded N. on land uusurveyed it Joachim Haines, F]. on land 
unsurveyed ct Joyce's Gully ne.xt Tho. (xuesse, S. on unsurveyed woodland ct 
Little Slippery River & AV. on Tho. Guesse, Geo. Frye & unsurveyed land which 
s'' -3- was Tauted by S'' T. L, also I of the -10 a. & his share of netjroes itc. but 
if \. H. repay the £S55 with interest on 1 Oct. 16!)5 this deed shall l)e void. 

Si<nied by Vail: Haughton in the [)rescnce of John Moone, 31. Figes. Schedule 
attached nanies of 19 ncii;roe men 20 women 13 boys 16 girls 10 cattle 11 mules. 
Sworn bv John Moone Esq. 10 Oct. 1693 before Fulke Rose. Enrolled 16 Oct. 
1693 byEdw^' Broughton Sec>. A true copy. (Abstract from copy of a deed of 
six lari^e sheets of paper in the Editor's possession.) 


D'na Margareta Herbert. Will dated 1-i January 1677. All my real and 
personal estate to be laid out in tlie purcliase oP annuities for my dau. Mar;jaret 
Herbert and two of my dau. the A^'iscountess Mordant's children and of lands for 
the maintenance of two Ministers. My dau. Viscountess M. and my son 8ir Tho. 
Linch Es'ors. All my personal estate and Bainton Grange to be sold. My 
estate in Weybridge to be exchanged for 3 lives — the first my dau. Margaret H., 
the others my dau. Viscountess jMordant's two children. The life I have in Cary 
House to be sold to purchase 40/. a year in Cumberland, Westmorland, or 
Northumberland for the maintenance of two ministers. The concealed lauds I 
have a right to in Yorkshire. The old lease contains Weybridge House and 
garden of 40', Milett's Mead 16' 10', Jeson's mcadc 15', Three Knights 3' 10\ 
Hankers Butts 6' 10', Eleaven Acres in Purcroft 4', 28 acres in the Comon 
Meade 40'. Total 125' 10' per annum. The other lease to be renewed for 31 
years and sold. In that is contained the Brewhouse, 3 Corner close, a close by 
the Bear, Hones 9 acres, Hones 3 a.. Hones 4 a., Hones meadow, Hone's little 
meadow. In this and Chersey parish 34' 15' per annum. Other lands in Walton 
parish 30^ 16'. My dau. Linch my lease of Oatelands. Those that have the 
leases to allow my sou Edward 50' a year. If necessary Gason's meade to be sold 
to the Duke of Norfolk. My cozen Smith's annuity. To be buried by my 
Father. The poor of this parish and of Fulham. Legacy to M'' Kine. 

Proved 31 May 167S by Eliz., Viscountess Mordant, and Sir Tho. Lynch, Iv' 
(46, Eeeve). On 26 May 16S5 commission to Margaret Agar, wife of John 
Agar, the dau. of testatrix, who was of Weybridge, deceased, Eliz., Viscountess 
Mordant, and Sir John Lynch being dead. 

S-- Tho. Lynch of Esher, co. Surrey, Knt. Will dated 30 August 16S1. 
"While my debts are paying my "Wife to have £200 per annum and my dau. £120 
per annum. My office at Jamaica to be continued, likewise my £300 per annuua 
being for a great debt the King owes me. When my debts are paid I give to 
my Wife the yearly profit of all my estate in England and Jamaica until my dau. 
or wife marry, then I only give my Wife £200 per annum and my house in Lester 
ffields. To my said dau. Philadelphia all my estate, but if 1 leave a son she shall 
have £2000. If she die then my lands in Lancashire after my "Wife's death to 
my sister Eliz., then to my sister Judith Freeman, then to my cousin Eliz. 
Tomlinson. To my sister Eliz. £40 per annum. £100 to my Father's' AVifo. 
£150 to my cozen Judith Agar, and as much to my cozen Eliz. Payne my Uncle's 
dans., and £G00 to the necessitous of our relations as my uncle Aylmer* Lynch 
direct, and my mannor of Esher, etc., to Christchurch Hospital in London. My 
Wife Vere Lynch to be Ex'trix, and my friends S'' Chas. Lvttletiui of L., KuS 
Mr. Tho. Duck and Mr. Tho. Goddard of L., merchants, and Hender Molcswortli, 
Jo. Bourdon, and Tho. Freeman of J., Esq'*^', Trustees and Overseers, and £50 
apiece for a ring. AVitnessed by Hen. Harrington, Jos. AVhiston. (39, A'ere.) 

18 August 1691. Commissimi to S''Kob. Cotton, Kn' and Bart., the Guardian 
of Philadelphia Cotton ais Lynch, now Wife of Tho. Cotton, Esq., the dau. and 
only issue of testator, late at J., deceased (Dame Verc Lynch having died iu his 

* He w:is baptized 23 Xovembor IGOO ; son of AVm. Lynch of St.iplo, co. Kent : B.A. Cam. 
1622, B.D. 1612; died 21 January 1691; .M.I. at liis Rectory of Langloy Burrell, co. Wilts, 
^V[\\ (50, Faue). (Sec Howard's '•Misc. Gou. et Her.," New S.-ries, iv., for uotos of his 


lifetime), the adin'on of July 16S6 granted to Chas. Herbert, Esq., for her use 
having expired by his death. 

4 April 169i. Commission to Tho. Cotton, Esq., the husband and guardian of 
Philadelphia Cotton. 

18 May 1G98. Commission to Philadelphia Cotton, wife of Tho. C, Esq., she 
being now of full age. 

Dame Mary Molcsworth of St. James's, Westminster, co. Middlesex, widow. 
Will dated G July 172 L. To be buried in the church of St. Ann's, Westminsier, 
near my late husband. To Sir Tho. Lyttleton, Hart., £iOO in trust to pav .the 
debts of my niece Lady Carew Biddulph, wife of Sir Tlieophilus Biddulpli, Bart., and 
£60 a year to her. My sister Kebecca Brownell, widow, £25 a year. Mrs. Anna 
Maria Amplilct £20 a year till 21 or marriage. Mrs. Penelope Enstone £i a year. 
Mrs. Susanna Thorogood lO.'j. a year. My niece Mrs. Katherine Lvttleton £100. 
Mrs. Ciirew Hilton £ 10. My frieud Mrs. Bromlcv £50. Prieud Mrs. Pitts £50. 
Mrs. E!iz. Pitts and Mrs. xMary Pitts £10 each. Mrs. Eliz. Bromley £10. 
Mrs. Jane Smith £5. Mrs. Eliz. Brett £10. Mary Wheatman £5. Eliz. 
Leggate 1 guinea. Tho. Smith, who now lives with me, £500 at 21. To the 
Charity School of St. Martin's in the fhelds £50, and the like to that of St. Ann's, 
AYestmiiister. Sir Robert Cotton of Cumbormere my silver bason and cure. All 
arrears of rent due to me in the I. of Jamaica to my nephews Mr. Tho. Barnard, 
Mr. James and Mr. Temple Laws. All residue to my nephew Sir Tho. Lyttleton, 
Bart.,* and my niece Mary Piowden, and to be Ex'ors. Proved 11 July 1721 by 
Sir Tho. Lyttleton and Mary Piowden (wife of William Piowden, Esq.). (134, 

Dame Philadelphia Cotton of Finchley Lodge, co. Middlesex, widow. AVill 
dated 3 November 1756. To be buried at Eslier, co. Surrey. To the poor there 
£5. Mrs. Ann Lukiu £50. Eliz. Mullinier £5 a year. To my dau. Hester 
Maria Salusbury, wife of John Saiusbury, Esq., all the plate of my lirst husband 
Sir Tho. Cotton, Bart (list). My dau. Philadelphia Boycott my duimond buckle. 
My dau. Sidney Arabella Cotton my bed. My daus. Sophia Cotton and Sidney 
A. Cotton my goods at Bath. My son Sir Lynch Salusbury Cotton all my real 
estate and negros in Jamaica on trust to carry out the sale thereof to William 
Beckford, Esq., and the proceeds and all residue for my two grandsons Lynch 
Salusbury Cotton and Tho. Cotton, two of my said son's younger sons, at 21. 
Dr. William Mecham £50. 3Ir. Tho. Whitfeld £100. To them and my sou 
all residue of my personal estate to sell for my granddau. Philadelphia Cotton 
at 21 or marriage and to be Ex'ors. 

Codicil. 6 May 175S. My granddau. Mary Cotton, third dau. of my son. 
On 8 Pebruary 1759 adm'on to Philadelphia Cotton, spinster, the granddau. and 
residuary legatee, the three Ex'ors having renounced. (-±9, Arran.) 

1758, Dee. 30. Relict of Sir Rob. Cotton, Bart. (" G.M.," 1759, 46.) 

• One of tliif name, the thinl Hart., wa.s Speaker temp. William IIL and died s.p. Jaunary 
710. (Burke's " Extinct Baronetage.") 






















Anno 1684.* 

June 12"^ To bal lance of an Ace' sent him this day 

21 To Cash paid Geo. Pearse, for M"' German in full for 

rent for Oatlands to Our Ladyday last 
30 To ditto paid Nurse Davics 
July 1^' To ditto paid 31'' Hewett and his Cierke for an Order 
for his Sallarie 
23"^ To ditto p'l M" Eliz. Lynch 

To Ace' of interest, due on £250 more then charged 
Ocf 21'^ To Cash p") 8'' Cha. Lyttellton by his Order 

P' To ditto for cost and charges of goods sent by Brooke 
19^'^ To Coach hire, Boat hire, Borters and port of letters for 

a yeare ending this day 5 

22'Ij To Cash disbursed for a Law suite w"' y' Mariners of 
the Shipp Tho : and Francis, Capt* Gallopp Cornand"^ 
by his Order L45 2 8 

Nov"" 1^' To ditto p*! by his Order to S"' Cha. Lyttelton to be dis- 
boursed for my Lady 30 

To ditto p'^ for a Saddle and riding apparrell 

for her 13 11 6 

To ditto p'' him in full for his disboursm'^ 10 

44 11 6 

&^ To ditto p*^ M"" Beuoir for a Necklace of Pearle for her 

by his Order 130 

To ditto p'^ his Bill to Phillis Attkinson 23 7 

To ditto p*^ Nurse Davies to jNIich. last 15 

To -2- ... . Cacoa, p'scnted by his Order to Mens'' Dupuy 3 11 6 

Dec'' Z"^ To Cash p'^ W Eliz. Lynch, by M''^ Tomlinson 30 

15 To ditto p'^ Custome howse charges, fraiglit and primage 

of a Chest for .M" Eliz. Lynch p'' Capt" Knapman 1 12 6 

Jany 8"' To ditto p" his Bill to M" Grace Molesworth 75 

To ditto for charges of a box p'' Capt^ Stubhs . 7 6 

To ditto for charges of a Chest of loafe Sugar Chocolate, 

' etc., for the Countcsse of Clarendon 1 14 

To Cash p*! Df Hedges for Counsell about 

his will 116 

To ditto p'' M'' Hollis 116 

To ditto p"! S'" Cha : Lyttelton w"='' he gave . . 

[torn here] .... 3 4 
To Cash p** S"^ Era : Pembcrton 5 7 6 

To ditto for a dinner att y^ Miter Taverne 

and Coach-hire 10 6 

To ditto p*' M"' Goddard w=i' he disbursed for 

Counsell and Coach hire 4 10 8 

15 5 

To ditto allowed S'^ Jn" Chardin for Sam" Hunt for 3 
yeares ground rent and a Tax for y'= House in 
Leicester feilds ending att Michaelmas 1US4 21 1 

* On three folio sheets of paper in tho Editor's possession. 



Aprill 15'!' To ditto for liis Ace' to ^V Tlio. GoJdard 

July 2-i"' To ditto p'' liic" Biinkcs for 12 ps. Diaper sent him 

To ditto p'' W Eliz. Lvnch 
Sept^ 15 To ditto p'' M'' Tho : Godd.ard for his Ace' 
Noyf 4"' To ditto p'' ^V' Eliz. Lynch 

5"^ To ditto p'' M'- Tho. Smith for fees att Dt" Commons 
Febr. 9"' To ditto p'' ditto 

Apr. 14 To ditto p"* M'* Eliz. Lynce 

29 To ditto p'J ditto 
June 30 To ditto p" Jacob Martin towards rcpaire of Esher Mills 
July 5 To ditto p*^ M"" Tho: Smith for fees att Uf* Commons 
■ 8 To ditto p'' more to Jacob Martin for Eshcr Mills 
To Ace' Charo;e w"^'' he Ordered me for Mourniiifj 
lO"" To ditto p*! for a dinner att y'^ Komer w"' Capt" Herbert i.± u 

Aug' 12 To ditto p'' Jacob Martin towards Eepaire of Esh'' Mills 100 } 

To ditto p'' JM'- Goddard for M" Eliz. Lynch 40 j 

To Ace* of p'vision for receiving £3322. 2. 2*^ since Aug' 

1684 att 10 ss. p^ £100 16 12 2 

For Coach hire, Boat hire, Porters and port of letters 
from the 19"' October 16S4 to the 19"^ July 1686 
att £5 p'' Annum 8 15 

To Cash paid W Tho. Smith in full 9 11 

To Cha: Herbert, Esq"^, for ballauce of this Ace', fourteen 

hundred and fifty pounds and six pence 1450 6 

Errours Ex ... . ted p^ Thomas D . . . . ke. 























£4434 6 6 

{To be continued.) mssa-is^sismiisi 

ixcmonstranct of ^lutisuans* 

The following interesting narrative was deposited by the Society of Pricnds 
in the P.R.O. in 1909. 

There were in 16G() only four Quaker families in Antigua, of whom were 
Jonas Langford, who contributed to Besse's "Sufferings of the (Quakers" the 
Antiguan section, and Capt. Sam. Winthrop. One of these two may have sent 
the paper to London. They were, however, both highly educated, and the spelling 
throughout is execrable, but Mr. G. Eothergill h:is had it copied verbatim and 
without alteration. Portions of the record are also illegible or destroyed. 

The Kemonstrance of (he Comamlers, ofHcers, deputies Sc other the inhabitants 
of the Hand of Antigua declaring,' the grounds ct reasons that enforced them to 
treat & articulate with the lord le feure tiie lord bare,* Lt. Generall for tlie King 
of France, in the oocidentall Indies. 

25 Oct. IGGG, "Whereas the said Lt. Generall in the harl)our at Five Island on 
the 25 day of Oct.f IGGG with a tieet of eight sailc of sliipps besides barks, briga- 

* Aatoine le Febure dc I:i B:irre is his correct name. 

t l)!i Torire s;ivs tho I'reiich Fleet arrived at Anti;_'ua on 4 November, and anchored in 
Five hA:\wh l?;iy, so that the dates do not quite a-rec. Capt. Saiu. Wintlirop wrote Ociober ->5, 
which confirms the F-ii.irli-h version. 


Akso 1C84. 

£ 8. d. 
Augt 7'" p' Cash reC' of Eoger KcAvctt for * yeares Sallarie 140 

p"^ The. Goddard for the ballanee of S^ Thomas Lynches 

bond for £1531 10 s.s. due to me " 245 9 4 

21"' p"- Cash rec'' of Christop'' Fowler for interest of £oOO 
unduly p'' 
p' ditto of if Lcadman for rent of Oatlands 
26 p^ ditto of Samuell Clay 
Sepf 27"' pi- ditto reC^ of ditto 

p"' ditto for Eob« Bvrlv's bill on Kic". Yard 
Nov 7"' p^ ditto ree'' of Tho. "\Vincop 
19 pf ditto rec'' of Xtop>' Fowler 

p' ditto rec'' of the Coiniss''^ of his Ma}^^^ Navy as p' Ace' 
p"^ the p'ceed of j Barr of Silver 1731 ps. | pf Capf* 
March 16"' p^ Cash rec'' of Xtopher Fowler 

24 p'- ditto rec'i of S'' Jn° Chardin for a years rent due att 
1685 Mich^ 

May 1'' p'- ditto rec^ of Xtopher w"" interest 

21 p' ditto rec'' of Sam" Clay for interest 
•June 16 pf ditto rec'' of ditto in part of £1500 
p"" ditto rec'' of ditto 
20"' p-- ditto rec' of ditto 
Aug' ll'J' pf ditto rec"! of Xtopher Fowler 

p'' ditto vec'^ of ditto for j months interest of £400 
18 p"- ditto rec'i of Sam" Clay 
Sepf 11 p"' ditto rec'' of ditto 

p"" ditto rec"^ of ditto for interest 








































tines, & sloops with about eight or nine hundred soldyers, where after a short 
dispute, they became masters of the Forts & amuionition to them belonging, 
forcing the Govr. Coll. Eobert Carden to retreat (wherebv they had upi)ertuiiity to 
plunder & fire the hou:>es in it adjoining the said Harbour) to the house of the Capt. 
Mugg where with about . . hundred it iifty men, he remaind all that night. And 
next Morrouning at break of day, discovering the Euimiesapin'och drew uj) to tlie 
top of the hill, to which the said enimie advancing our front lired ones upon them, 
the rest creyiug out they had no auimonition, faced about it lied .... Lt. Cull. 
Bayers, except some few, with the Governor which gott into the said Muggs 
house here after a little resisttance, they were all taken prisoners it caryed aboard 
their .... five .... night the said .... where scattered .... to gether with 
some supply for the adjacient division, uiade head Lt. Coll. Bayers sceeping out 
coutinuall scouts on lion-^e back to observe the euiuiies motion Lt. Coll. (Jr . . . t* 

• Quest. 


being chosen to command by v/hose order the barbaddian soldyers about seven 
files, with soiic of our Ilaiulors, where sent to beat up tlie enimics quarters who 
marched farr as the said 3Iuki;s &. could not be persuaded to ])roceed any further, 
but to the groat di>coura(lf,'inont of our Ilanders, retreated back again to the said 
Bayers house. The next Morrowining our scouts gave notice of the enemies 
advancing to the East side of the said Muggs house where they made a hault 
about an hour sending parties about to discover, in any ambush where laid for 
them, butt finding none (four our small number, & tlie people's adversness would 
not permitt) it they marcht on into the said Bayers pasture iS: there draw up some 
two Musquet shott from the house sending a trumpeter with a note from ColL 
Cardcn, then prisoner with the Lt. geiil. protection, to his wife, for her selfe, 
family & goods. The said specifieing their civil uses to himselfe et tiie rest of the 
prisoners & the enemies resclnsion to reduce the Hand. And as thev have since 
avered a summons which if the paper was not delivered, if by verball not under- 
stood the ^Messengers being dismist with thanks for their cevillvties to our 
prisoners & one promised to use the like to theirs, when any should fall into their 
hands, they prestly fitted their selves for the assault being .... besides the 
Marquis the tendant & many other persons of qualtie And use for our defence, 
nott being two hundred men placed at the foot of the hill behiudc the states. 
The dispute was very sharpe for half an hour, when the enemie much gnaled witli 
our shott ran violently on & broake their passages through upon our men, who 
were thereby forced to retreat up the Hill in which retreat many of them where 
slaine & wounded. The enemies presuit being very hot, most were forced to fley 
into the fields, the others recovered the Iiouse, where they made what resistance 
they could but being overpowered most of them killed ct wounded, the rest yeeldcd 
upon quarter & where carried away prisoners aboard the ships amongst whom 
was Lt. Coll. Charles Ghest desprcatly wounded, the house they ransacked, 
plundered & sett on fire with all the building mill bayling house c . . . house with 
the sugar therin & all other edifices. Having then finished their distruction in 
tliis place they returned to Five Hands & in their way burnt the storehouse of 
the said Bayer, at the lea side being full of sugar as also all the said Muggs Sugar 
worke, carrying away his coppers, cases, etc. The major part of them that 
escaped repaired to Capt. Winthrops, as a place fitt to make head again, where 
they continued that night expecting the enemies. And the next day more come- 
ing in made up the number near two hundred men, of which were seaven files of 
the Barbadians, who after they were .... with powder .... they would obey 
none but when they .... having .... Col. Bastian .... to be their comander 
they were persuaded to keep in body & tilings were orderd as well as the time 
would permitt. About nine our scouts brought in a trumpeter with this 

The lord the labare Lt. Generill of the most Christian King in the AVest 

AVee make known to the Inhabitance of this Hand Antigua that if the next 
Theirsday noone thev shall nott subinitt them selves to tlie obedience of the King 
of France, we will distroy by fire the whole Hand & will not give quarter to an}'' 
person yett promissing favourable & advantageous dealing if they will treat 
with us. 

Done in the Eoad in Antigua 7 Nov. new stile IGGG. 

Le frbare de la bare. 

Very few of the Officers etc. gentlemen of the country where present when 
these summons was brought being with the Companiiies at the figgties in tlieir 
way towards that party at Capt. AVinthrops therefore it was thought fitt to defarr 
pn answer till they would be conveyed, the pubHc interest debated & general 


result concluded & to that purpose the trumpter was dispatched with the 

My Lord. 

Wee have received your summons &, in regard other persons in remote 
parts of the Island equally concerned with us iu that hussiness we will communi- 
cate with tliem about it & return our answer to your lordshij) by a messenger of 
our owiie, agaiust the time prcilxed, in the intrim we are 

Tor lordship servants 

Bastian Batf.b. 
Dated Oct. 28, IGGG. Gilbeut Gekgohie. 

29 Oct. 166G. The next day the Commanders, officers, tt deputies of most o£ 
the devissions with some other gentlemen mett at the house of Mr. Henry Meyer, 
& haveing taken into consideration the enemies strength as is mcncoucd in the 
begining, his resolution which was to hurne & destroy without quarter, his 
couradge, which are men sufficiently prooved in the last conflict, his advantage 
haveing ships & boats con^<tantly out to land where they pleased, without tyring 
or hasarding his men. Good armes & anmonition enough & on the other Mdc our 
weaknesse, the whole Hand not being able to rai.<e sutiicent force to withstand 
60 potent an enimie the impossibillity of following him to such places, as he might 
land at but that he might burn kill & distroy without resistance, not powder 
enough, in the whole Hand to hold a considerable dispute or engagement with 
them firm, & after that noe hope of relieve nor place of safty to retreat to, 
except the cold & wett mountaines, tl.c maney distractions it coiifu'^ions aniongst 
our selves, several openly declaring they would oppose the enimie noe more but 
would goe & make their owue condition if the officers would nott .... running 
away to the enimie & carrying with them .... lastly .... our old .... enimie* 
.... lay ready to burn & destroy upon the Northside which six days after wee 
found by whofuU experience for upon the iifth of November they fell upon my 
Lord AVilloughbics plantation & killed his people, carried away all that was 
■portable for their use & most of his slaves, burnt ail his houses & sugar workes 
downe to the ground docing the like to ^Ir. Joseph Hodgskin & others. 

Some people killed by them in the paths to the .... as women & children 
caryd with them into slavery. 

The foresight of these our misserys, which as to man are unavoidable added to 
the .... distruction seen & felt two days before left us without hope of resisting 
the present enemie & therefore concluded it better in the sight of God it man to 
surrender upon articles for the preserving of the lives & as far as we could the 
estates of the Kings subjects then to loose both through an mindicious obsistance 
& thereupon, this foiling answer was sent to the said Lt. General. 

Eight honorable. 

AVee have received yours of the seaventh of November new stile which 
is some thing short to us not knowing of a former summons which is specified 
by your trumpter & by some .... of the gentlemen yor prisoners which 
wee supposed was altogether unknowne to them as .... to us & therefore desire 
yor honor not to mistake the intention of our civellyties, nor to beleive that we 
shall omitt any respects to your civell perposalles, we shall therefore humbly 
desire (the time you limited being two short) that you will be pleased to appoint 
some, convienent time & ])]ace at your .... witli your honour or commiss-ioners 
for as we resolved with Gods assistance nott to forfeit our alleadginience to our 
prince, by delivering up his .... session basley so we shall not be injurious to 
our selfcs nor render our actiones so comtemptious to ... . men of reason as not 
to accept what shall be moderate between . . . . & likewise to a<lvoid the elTu.^ion 
of blood which may happen, thus humbly desircing yor civel construction of what 
mistakes have passed, we subscribe our selves, dated 29 Oct. IGGG, 

* The Caribs. 


John Boncle, Bnstian Bayer, Biclinril Buraston, Phillip Warner, John Noye, 
John Codrinn;ton, James Holiyday, Eicliard Ayes, Henry Nicoles, Jereinio 
AVatkins, Gil-ljert Gregorie, A\"illiain Lee, Thomas Comptou, Thomas Taylor, 
James Hall, Thomas Longdon, Harvey Scaynell.* 

This answer being sent upon the aforesaid conclussion the 29 Oct. by a 
messenger of our owne, tiie said Lt. General! returned us the same day, by the 
same messenger this ensucing reply. 


AVee have received yor writing of this day delivered to us by yor dcputie 
we wish that you .... of agreeing with us which would have procured a great 
deal of ... . shed on your side & .... of hour goods, we are resolved to send you 
considerable persons on our part, with fit power to .... with you which are to 
come to the .... it will not be to the dishonor of your .... to put yourestates 
& lives under protection .... he duth not furnish you to resist the armes of our 
King. And although you bee enimies we should not advise you to leave his 
obedience, if we had not power in our hands to enforce you to it ... . very 
playnly persuade you, that wee wish to have uppertunity to make our taske the 
ordinary cevillity & curtisies of our Nation, of which I assure you, singor servant, 

Le Febure de la bare. 

Whereupon the next morouning Commissioners for the said treaty were 
agreed upon & impowcred by the sub.scribers to the follo^ving Commission under 
their hand & seale.s. 

By the Commanders officers & deputies for several divissions of this Hand 

Whereas the lord le Pabure dc la bare Le Generall to the King of France, 
arived at the Hand the 25 day of this instant with a fleet of Shipping & forces 
from the said King for the removeing of the said Hand, to the obedience of the 
King of France & having made severall attempts of hostitlilies against the same, 
did upon the 2S instance by a trumptcr send a summons for the surrendering the 
said Hand, which being answered, a treaty concluded ditl by con>ent appoint by 
his reply of the 29 instant a meeting of Commissioners of both partyes at 
St. Johns harbour the 30 instant, then & there to treat .... the said summons & 
surrender these are therefore to authorise & empower you Coll. Johii Boncol 
Lt. Col. Bastlan Bayer, Capt. Joseph Lee, Capt. Samuel "Winthrop, Capt. Phillip 
Warner & Mr. James Holiyday to repair to the said harbour at the said time, 
then & there to treat, with tlie said Commissioners p'posalls & articles of surrender 
(if you shall think fitt to make) & every other imargeucie, that may happen to 
discuss & conclude for the surrender of the said Ihuid as you in your judgments 
shall think most beneficiall for the people of the same Hand" as also you arc hereby 
further authorised upon your dislike of the said treaty nott receaving such satis- 
faction as may suite the interest of the inhabitants the said treaty. And what 
you act it doe in the same we doe hereby promise to ratifie it conlirui. In teste- 
monie whereof we have here unto set our hands <.t scales in the said Hand. The 
thirtieth day of October IGUU Kichard Burriston, Bichard Ayres, Henry Nicholls, 
John Frv, "Gilbert Gregorie, Thomas Lougdon, John Xoyc, Obidlah l^radsii:uv. 
Jereniie 'Watkins, Walter Levens, Harvy Kaynell, Thomas Taylor, James Hill, 
Eichard Browne, William Proctor, Clonn'ne Kverard. 

So many have been our affections that amongst the many spoiles destructions 
& invasion's of the Fnimies wee had almost forgotten to rehearse how that the 
same time they assauted us at Lt. Col. Bayers they made an inroad upon 
Bern\udian Valfy &. the Creeko burning it di.stroying as they went. 

31 Oct. 1(100. Woe are come now to the last day of the uiuiith it the fn>t of 
the treaty in which our Commissioners repaired to the place appointed where .... 

• Kayaell. 


little strip several! sIcojjs .... on board where was luous. d Clederip* Governor 
of Martin & tlic inttndaiit IMoii. Lc Clianibre Comnii^siiiers on the Prcnch part. 
This day was spent without lini.<liing the articles lluy standing upon hard tearnies 
with us, the treaty adjoined till next day aboard the Adniirall wliere bolli parties 
mett & after long debate concluded the articles of sjirreiuler, which were ractified 
by the Lt. General! of the French on the part, it by the commanders officers 
deputies <fc other gentlimcri inhahitance of tliis Hand' on our part in which wee 
doubt not all judicious it unatiirial man well ]^erceive a greater care have been 
taken to preserve our alleagianer to our King then any perticular interest of his 
subjects. Haviiig n;ade what defence possibly could be expected from so weal<e 
a CoUony laying desperate so far a sunder & tlnce devissions being almost 
destroyed by the J-'rcncli already, the others expectiiig hourly to receive the like 
assaults & to be ruined by fire & sworii. had we not barkened to the purposall of 
a treaty, besides tluit we were certainly enforced, that tlie enemies resolution was 
not to depart without reduceing the Iland, for so many reasons of honor, being 
engaged thcrin, & therefore at the beginning had despatch a ship, for more men, 
to finish their work when in the meane time they should have fii-ed & distroycd 
round tiie Hand near the sea by wliich we sliould have been forced to fly into the 
Mountaines there to perish by cold c1 fainine or to the lower woods to bee mur- 
thered by the bloodv Indians of all which the Eiiiniies intention we had sufficient 
intelligence from the I'Vench boy taken pri.suner at the beginning & afterwards 
confirmed by some cd" our owne prisoners so rh;it could we have seen the possibillity 
of defending the ]!lace against these two eneimies at ones wee should not have 
.... Antigua the ninth November IGGG. 

Bastian Bayer, Joseph I-ee, James Winthrop, Harvey Kaynell, John Noye, 
Eichard Ayres, Gilb. Gregorie, "Walter Levens, Joseph Hodgkin, Oba. Bradshaw, 
James Holliday, Hen. iSicholl, .... Taylor, Jere. Mica . , Thomas London, James 
Hali, William Thomas, Phillip Warner, Eic. AV . . Wattonc, John Campbell, 
Hennery Kelly, John Lannoy, Clement Everard, John Brand. 


Octob.— Forasmuch as the Barbadian Souldiers (taking advantage of the 
departure of the French Fleet from this Iland) have endeavoured by letters & 
otherwise to make the world beleive tliere valor <t resolutions had frighted them 
away & so boa>t themselves P'servers of tlie said Iland it is thought convenient 
to add this small postscript to the foregoing remonstane yt those who desire a true 
information thought the matter be never so deformed rather then lyes & falsehood 
of the most amiable complexon may recei\ e a just account of those ptopic & their 
carriadge. The day of ye engagement at Lt. Col. Bayars being Saterday the 
twenty seaventli day of the month wear present alout seaven files of them under 
the couHiiand of Aunticnt Wall who was slaine in the light & by whose encourag- 
ment they partly regained tlieir lost reputation the night before when they 
refused to beat up the enemys quarters notwithst.-nuling they had beged that 
employment & soe prevened otliers tliat would liave done it the Evening of the same 
day (after ye defeat aforesaid) they got together to Capt. Winthope remained 
there that night & then began to "declare that they .... obey no officer but 
vvhome they pleased. '1 he next morning amuiyion was ginen then two .... for 
their share .... which not being contented they fell to killing hogg & sheepe etc. 
together witli other rude people by tlieir ensample until! tiiey had destroyed that 
day eleaven hoggs thirty -iicep forty odd turkys besides duckes it dunghill foule 
many of which wcare cues with two it three lambs in tliere l)ellys when one they 
had killed was not to their minde they threw it to tlie Barrieadoe & killed another, 
the 29 the day they seperated themsehes from ye rest of ye ccmpany it marelied 
away to Mr. Struys his house whear came it one Ensigne Will Lea it most of the 

* De Clodoro, Governor of Martinique. 


rest of the Barbadians, the said Lea rr-paired to the geBtlemen of the country 
that were met at Mr. Mayers to concidc r whether the Island was in a condition to 
oppose the enemy or whether they slioiild condescend to treaty it was found 
neccesary to treat an answer to the said summons was drawno for a treaty Sc 
signed by the subscribes of whom the said Lea was one & soe rcturninf]^ to the 
Barbadian soldier at snid Strays liis hon-c ye next three days whiUt ye bisiness 
was in action the said Lea & his party liaveinc; f^otten possession of three l>utts 
of rumm drew all loose pco])Ie to them tjiat would come elected the said J-ea to 
be their Commander iu Chief & in the .... sanding partys aboard to yr neigh- 
bours for to bring in their stock to feed them extolled iheir own conradge & the 
officers which they had made refuseing to obey their own Captain John Codrinjjton 
or to agree to any thing the Commissinors of the treaty had done ]uildishing their 
supposed resolutions to fight it out to the last man but at the time they kept 
close to ye Buts of riimm at least nine miles from the enemy haveing thus spent 
five days (Yictualls growing scasc & the said Struys complaining much of their 
abuse as by his letter to the Comuiis.sioners knowing ye said Commissioners ' / 

weare at one Captain Kaynall a place sf;cure enough being about si.x miles distant 
from the enemy & well furnished with hoggs sheep cS: cattle they marched up 
thither under pretence to seaze on ye said Commissioners noc sooner came they 
thither but that they killed all that they could come at being by the said Kayn.elis 
return two & twenty hoggs shcepe In-sidcs foules so abominable was their sjieile 
in that place that six files of the Islamh^rs who the strength of ye rumm & their 
vaine glorious boasting had carrycd with them thither weare disarmed of their 
design which only to plunder & destroy & soe left them the next morning being 
the fourth day of IVovembcr the said .... sent a small party down the hill to 

burn Lt Guests houses he being ;v prisoner as in then .... mortaly wonded 

& to bring what cattle they could get from there or from Lt. Col. Bayers the 
order was put in execution the curing houses & the negro houses .... order of 
the enemy Avhich the said Lea & one Joijeph Eichardson his councell & Mr. Taylor 
one of his Captains when the people of the house was reported to be asleepe 
broke open & carried away everything of value theirin not leaveing him a shirt to 
weare more than he had on his back in reward of his serving against tlie enemy 
the weeke before the same day about ten of the clock the French fleet set saile 
whether beaten away by these people who except the party of seaven file as 
aforementioned never saw the enemy nor came within six miles of them but ,"\, 

constantly kept themselves as far from them as they could let the impartcl judi,'c 
or whether afl'aires of more conccrnenient called them away leaving this to furtl'cr 
leasure or whether the overuling hand of ve Almighty God who maiketh ware A; 
createth peace hath done this let the wise in hart consider. 
Board of Trade C. O. 10-3. 

^ist of all testators toljose WBilU arc on 
rtcorti iu tljt ©&itt of tijt 3:slantJ §ccrctaij>, 
Samatca, from 1731 to 1750 (iiulusiiijc), 

(Add. MS. 21,931, Brit. Mus.) 

1731. Adams, I^alph Ayres, Phillis 

Adams, John Allen, J( remiah A Ivares, Baruh Judith 

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Crow, Ephraim 
Crosbie, William 
Coles, Charles 
Caruell, Eichard 
Cooper, Matthew 
Carter, Henry 
Cooke, George 
Cameron, Allen 
Charlton, Edward 
Coually, Mary 
Cross, Ca3sar 
Coleton, Elizabeth 
Callendar, James 
Carter, William 
Cameron, James 
Christian, Dorothy 


Cross, John 
Crymble, Murray 
Campbell, A7illiam 
Campbell, John 
Copeland, William 
Colebrook, Henry 
Cook, Sarah 
Campbell, Daniel 
Collins, Morris 
Connor, Ursula 
Coacker, Jonathan 
Chaplain, Kobert 
Crooksbanks, Gavin 
Churchcy, William 
Cunningham, William 
Cockburn, William 
Chishohne, Jane 
Cotterel, }Ieiiry 
Cliadwick, Eichard 
Currie, John 
Clarke, Hubert 
Campbell, Charles 
Church, Samuel 
Crudeu, John 


Cole, Eobert 
Crawford, James 
Clarke, William 
Crawford, Mary 
Croose, Thomas 
Cowie, James 
Crusworth, Mary 
Camish, George 
Carvalho, Samuel 
Clarke, Archibald 
Cratnbie, David 
Cocke, Leonard 
Codogan, Elizabeth 
Campbell, Eonald 
Cooper, Jane 
Cunningham, William 
Campbell, Elizabeth 
Charles, William 
Campbell, Alexander 
Concanon, Mathew 
Campbell, Peter 
Cartwright, William 
Cochrane, John 
Costo, Va' de David 


Cross, William 
Copen, Elizabeth 
Cookes, Ann 


Dickinson, Jonathan 
Dickenson, John 
Dickenson, Joseph 
Dermond, Henry 
Donovan, Timothy 
Dynn, John 
Downer, George 
Dakins, Eichard 
Delanoy, Alexander 
Diston, Giles 


Drury, Elizabeth 
Desossa, Mosses 
Drury, Isaac 
Dickson, James 


Detorres, Jacob 
Dow, William 
Duuegan, Edward 
Duthie, George 

Da Silva, Joshua 
Davis, James 
Dorry, Mary 
Daw, James 


Darling, John 
Dunn, Eichard 
Dixey, William 
Dillon, John 
Danvers, James 
Decastro, Jacob 
Downer, Henry 


Dodson, William 
Dwarris, Thomas 
Daniel, Hugh 
Dunn, Peter 
Dickson, Philemon 
De Castro, Jacob 
Dennis, Hannah 
Dorrill, Mary 
Deuniss, Jonathan 
Da Silva, Mordechay 
Dwarris, JNIary 
Dawkins, Joseph 
Dainzell, John 


Douglas, William 
Demetres, William 
Davis, Katherine 
Douglas, John 
Dunn, Ephraim 
Dawson, Johanna 
Dorriff, Elizr.belh 
Duany, Ambrose 
Drudge, John 
Drake, John Squire 
Dervoe, jNIichael 
Deale, John 
Delapierrc, George 
Daltou, Ediiiond 
Davis, Samuel 
Dunn, Philcmoa 


De Olivera, Policarpio 

Donovan, Daniel 
Dixon, George 
Dittou, Eichard 
Dunbarr, James 
Draper, Jolm 
Dowdall, Lawrence 



Dove, Henry 

Dawkiiis, Henry 
Dunbar, Tliouias 
Dupoy, Jacob 
Dawkins, Henry (Codicil) 
Daniel, Samuel 
Davis, Henry 
Diston, William 
Dove, Charles 
Dodd, Michael 


Dennis, Jonathan 
Driukwater, John 
Dockers, James 
Dover, John 
Denuiss, Edward 
Duncan, James 
Downe, John 
Donovon, Lawrence 
Dufresnay, Samuel 
Drummond, James 
Dixey, I\Iary 
Dunston, Margaret 
Donner, Charles 
Dickinson, Joseph 
Delmestree, Peter 
Delyou, John 


Dupond, Peter 
D'Wandelier, Eosauna 
Delarock, Elizabeth 
Duun, John 
Dick, David 
Dow, William 
Duckett, George 
Dakins, Henry 
Douce, John 
Donner, Eobert 
Dunkloy, Abraham 
Dunbar, John 
Devaux, Lewis 


De Costa, Alberqueroue 

Delara, Cohen Moses 
Dennis, Robert 
Douglas, James 
Dewilt, John 
Dawes, James 
Dawson, James 
Dempster, James 
Dickinson, John 
Day, Elizabeth 

Day, Ann 
Dobby, Conyers 
Duffe, William 
Dundass, Alexander 
Davison, Kilkiah 
Descordes, William 


Denniss, John 
Dolphin, Defourney 
Davis, Mathew 


Edwards, James 
Eccles, Joseph 


Egan, James 
Elletson, Fife 
Evans, James 
Elletson, Joseph. 
Elsley, Deborah 

Ebzerry, Dorothy 


Eivers, Joseph 
Edwards, Dorothy 
Eagen, Elizabeth Howard 
East, Thomas 


Evans, Hugh 
Ebzerry, Christopher 


Eccles, Henry 
Ellis, George 
Edwards, Kobert 


Ellestou, Eichard 
Etougli, Elizabeth 
Etough, Joseph 
EUett, Baruaby 
Eastwiek, Hester 


Elbridge, Mary 
Eels, Joseph 
Edaor, Johu 
EUeston, John 


Evins, John 
Ellis, Ann 
Evans, Johu 
Egleston, Thomas 
Elding, Mary 


Evans, John 
Eudler, John 
Elphinstone, Ann 


Farmony, Benjamin 
Eenuett, Eicluvrd 
Eenton, Swift 
Foster, John 
Forth, William 
Forster, Andrew 
Futtuu, Thomas 
Fitzpatrick, Edmund 
Ford, Lawrence 
Fenton, Elizabeth 
Fargus, Farrell 
Fitzgerald, Jane 


Frazer, Alexander 
Fitzpatrick, Thomas 
Freeman, Cope 


Farquhar, John 
Franklyn, Eobert 
Fisher, Gideon 
Fish, Thomas 


Ferro, Jacob 
Forord, Francis 
Farquhar, Ann 


France, Hugh 
Fenton, Catherine 
Foster, Thomas 
Ferguson, James 
Ford, Edward 
Frisby, John 
Farrell, William 
Francis, John 
Furry, William 
Freeman, Thomas 




"Flavell, Benjamin 
IVaunces, Edward 
Fenton, Kobert 
Fraunces, Edward (sic) 
Freeman, Thomas 
Flemyng, Thomas 
Frith, James 
Foyster, Benjamin 
Frith, Autrobua Richard 
Franks, Isaac 
Fryer, John 
Foster, John 
Filby, Thomas 
Forrester, Mary 
Forrord, John 


Freeman, Thomas 

Foster, William 

Fuller, John 

Fyffe, John 

Fuller, Kose 

Foord, Elizabeth, alias 

Feake, Christopher 
Forrest, Eobcrt 


Fletcher, Jacob 
Fox, Thomas 
Forbes, Christian 
Flanders, Nicholas 
Frame, Elizabeth 
Farrill, Richard 
Farris, Jacob 


Fergus, Eobcrt 
Ferrick, Greorge 
Fanning, Henry 
Fisher, Elizabeth 
Franklyn, James 
FlaTcU, Hannah 
Fox, Mary 


Frazier, John 
Forrest, John 
Frankiu, Joshua 
Forster, Eleanor 
Francis, Tliomas 
Fryer, George 

French, Jonas 


Graves, John 
Gibbons, Robert 
Grey, George 
Garvey, Henry 
Goad, Ann 
Gabay, Isaac 
Gray, Sheen 

Gladsbrook, Simon Peter 
Gibbons, Bridget 
Gibbs, John 
Gale, Henry 


Garvey, Christopher 
Greet, John 
Garthshore, William 
Graham, Francis 
Glen, John 
Grey, Samuel 
Gaywood, William 
Gomcrsill, Ezekiel 
Greenwich, Lucretia 
Galbraith, James 


Greenway, William 
Gythens, .John 
Guy, Samuel 
Gills, Mary 
Gundy, John 
Gellett. Thomas 
Grandson, Joshua 


Gleen, William 
Gleen, James 
Gason, Magdalen 
Gordon, Charles 
Gordon, John 
Golding, George 
Gore, iS'icholas 
Gooding, Robert 
Grummett, John 
Graham, John 


Gradwcll, Roger 
Goodwin, William 
Garbrand, Thomas 
Goodwin, William 
Galliard, Catherine 
Gordon, William 
Gale, John 
Gleu, James 

Gale, Jonathan 
Glady, Lewis 
Goddard, Ebenezer 
Guthrie, John 
Gilbert, John 
Goodin, Elizabeth 
Goodin, George 
Garvey, Elizabeth 
Gaultier, Margaret 


Grey, Mary 
Gregory, Benjamin 
Garvey, Anthony 
Gundry, Nicholas 
Gordon, Alexander 
Gordon, George 
Galloway, George 
Gardner, Robert 
George, Thomas 
Goldie, Thomas 
Garriock, George 
Gabay, Solimiun 
Gonsales, Moses Nunes 


Gaultier, Zachariah 
Gould, George 
Galloway, Mary 
Gray, John 
Ghost, William 
Garland, Richard 
Grindley, Alexander 
Gray, Arthur 
Gibson, Thomas 
Gordon, Alexander 
Gilbert, Robert 
Guest, Richard 


Gylbart, Marg.iret 
Gardner, Timothy 
Gregory, William 
Gascoignc, John 
Grant, David 
Godfrey, John 
Grove, Haviland 
Galliard, Peter Jolin 
George, Thomas 
Golding, John 
Gale, James 
Guodcheaj), Roger 
Guiott, James 
Garrigucs, Francis John 
Grev, Jumcs 




G-oodwin, Henry 
Gardner, Thomas 
Glover, Kendal 1 
Gardner, Edward 
Gregory, Michael 
Garland, Jeremiah 
Gibbens, John 
Grant, Joseph 
Gilbert, Daniel 
Goddart, Eleanor 
Gordon, Thomas 
Gallison, Edward 
Gravett, Peter 
Guy, Priscilla 
Grey, Sarah 
Gordon, James 
Galpine, Calvin 
Grove, William 
Gallimore, Archer 
GriflBu, John 


Greenshields, Gavin 
Gallaway, Richard 
Groves, John 
Goddard, James 
George, Mary 
Gutterez, IMendez Jacob 
Gardner, Tlionias 
■Garaett, Thomas 
Gee, William 
Goddard, James 
Gregory, Francis 
Griffin, Lucock 
Guy, Hudson John 
Galpine, Gerrard Williatu 
Gray, Henry 
Gale, Isaac 
Gale, Dorothy 
Gordon, Alexander 
Goulbourn, George 
Goffe, William 


Gale, John 
Graham, James 
Gillespie, John 


Hall, John 
Hewitt, John 
Hodgkins, A\'illiam 
Hoath, William 

Holmes, Nicholas 
Holdsworth, Nicholas 
Howe, Edward 
Hunt, Anne 
Henderson, Alexander 
Hughes, Griffith 
Hays, Gilbert 
Harry, Thomas 
Hiller, Tliomas 
Hughes, Mary 
Hodges, Andreise Joseph 
Herbert, William 


Humes, Charles 
Hardy, Francis 
Hacker, Ki chard 
Hunter, James 
Hughes, Lewis 
Hill, Edward 
Hunter, llobert 
Hall, William 
Hall, James 
Hicks, Grace 
Horseman, Arthur 
Hannay, Samuel 
Hendle, William 
Halstead, Elizabeth 
Hayle, Mary 
Hoy, Thomas 
Hoiiaston, Andrew 
Hall, Grace 
Hacker, John 
Harrison, Edward 


Howell, Samuel 
Hay, James 

Henriques, Gabay David 
Hay man, AN'^illiam 
Huggins, Mary 
Holiins, Eandolf 
Harris, Thomas 


Hoy, Elizabeth 
Hanson, Hoiiry 
Harris, Nicholas 
House, Jolui 
Harvey, Antliony 
Hartman, Lewis 
HoUins, Sarah 
Hals, Thomas 
Hancock, E<lward 
Humphrys, Thomas 
Hefterland, William 

Husbands, Jane 
Hoist, Nicholas 
Harrison, Sarah 
Howard, Amias 


Hanson, Peter 
Hazey, William 
Hinde, William 
Hunter, llobert 
Harris, William 
Hutchinson, Mary 
Hobby, Mary 
Horsham, Edward 
Hayle, Elizabeth 
Hill, Samuel 
Hay, Ephraim 
Hogg, 5lathew 
Hardine, John 
Hall, Esther 
Hutchesoii, Andrew 
Hay, Richard 
Hutchins, Samuel 


Haughton, Richard 
Hansou, Nicholas 
Hudson, John 
Harty, John 
Horsborough, John 
Herring, Oliver 
Hayle, Samuel 
Harriott, Benjamin 
Holmes, John 
Hewett, John 
Hintou, Mary 
Hall, Thomas 
Hamilton, Robert 
Hughes, -Martha 
Hayle, Richard 
Harry, AVilliam 
Han-ies, John 


Heard, Thomas 
Hunter, Lucy 
Hayle, Ncvil Sainuel 
Howell, William 
Harding, Elizabeth 
Hoskins, James 
Harty, .John 
Hazard, Edward 
Hamillou, .lane 
Hill, Andrew 
Higginbotham, John 
Hooper, Philip 



Hughes, Mathow 
Hart, Taylor 
Hcndly, Charles 
Hamilton, James 
Harnold, Lawrence 
Harrison, Thomas 
Harris, AVilliam 
Hurst, Jonathan 


Hutchinson, John 
Hutchinson, Joshua 
Hallyfiekl, AVentworth 
Hassall, Arthur 
Henriques, Moses 
Hutchinson, James 
Hepburn, John 
Hamilton, "William 
Hillman, Jonathan 
Hall, John 
Hazard, William 
Herone, Francis 
Hopkins, John 
Hewes, Benjamin 
Hoggins, James 
Hanson, John 
Hartman, Thomas 
Hunter, Edward 
Hannichar, Penelope 
Heuez, Kobcrt 
Hayle, George 
Hamiltou, Archibald 
Holmes, Hugh 
Hedge, John 
Hanichar, Catherine . 


Heuriques,Lopez Abraham 
Henwood, Thomas 
Honer, llobert 
Howell, Annor Lechy 
Hilliard, John 
Hartwell, William 
Hutchinson, Henry 
Hamilton, John 
Halsted, Elizabeth 
Hazel, Grrace Elizabeth 
Hall, Elizabeth 
Hudson, John 
Hart, Solomon 
Handaysidc, Jasper 
Harlowe, John 
Hewitt, Peter 
Hadwin, Thomas 
Hollister, Abraham 
Hughes, Walter 
Hadwin, Kobcrt 


Hughes, Stephen 
Henderson, William 
Helbye, liobert 
Harris, John 
Howards, John 


Hall, George 
Hals, Thomas 
Harrocks, Christopher 
Hadwin, Mary 
Hales, Thomas 
Hankinson, David 
Hilton, John 
Hay, Robert 
Hill, John 
Hancock, James 
Herbert, John 
Hart, Sarah 
Herbert, Paul 
Hay, Thomas 
Hodgins, Gilbert 


Jones, John 
James, William 
Jordon, Josiah 
Jolliffe, Francis 
James, Kenellura 
Joycelyu, George 
Joyce, George 


Jewell, Andrew 
Jones, Matthew 


Jordon, James 
Inglis, Patrick 
Jacobson, Michael 
Jenner, Samuel 
James, Thomas 


Insor, William 
Johnstone, William 
Israel, Francis 
Jackson, A\''illiam 
Johnson, A\^il!iam 
James, Haughtoa 
Jeane, liichard 
Jones, Edward 
Johnstone, Archibald 

Ivy, Elizabeth 
Johnstone, William 


Jones, John 
Ivy, George 
Johns, Jacob 
Jours, Dorothy 
Jackson, Jonathan 


Jenhio, Lewis Ernest 
Jones, Henry 
Jovett, Daniel 
Jones, John 
James, Rhodes William 
Johnson, John 


Jones, Itichard 
Inglis, John 
Ivy, AVilliam 
Innis, James 
Jordon, Elizabeth 
Israel, Joseph 
Innis, John 
Jones, John 
Jones, Love 
John, Elizabeth 
James, Henry, Sen"" 
Jackson, John 


Jeuners, Alice 
Jackson, Jeremiah 
Jones, Thomas 
Inglis, Alexander 
Jones, Jasper 
Jamea, Francis 
James, Henry 
James, John Crimer 
Jacob, John 
Innis, Robert 
Jackson, Richard 
Jarvis, Susanna 

Jammerson, Elizabeth 
Innis, Alexander 
Jephcott, Ivichard 
Jackson, Michael 
Jones, John 
Jackson, George 


Jukes, Benjamin 





Kelly, Lawrence 
Knight, John 
Kennedy, Gilbert 
Kennedy, Charles 
Kellway, Charles 
Kelly, Charles 
Kerwan, Thomas 
Kelly, Edmund 


King, George 
Knight, Edw'ard 
Kelle, Thomas 


Kirkpatrick, Hugh 
Kemp, Hugh 
Kearney, Peter 


Kelly, John 
Kilvington, Samuel 

Kelly, Michael 
Kelly, Ann 
Keiser, Joseph 


King, Hugh 
Kidd, Thomas 
Kirman, Robert 
King, Samuel 


King, Thomas 
Knowles, liobert 
Kennedy, Catherine 
Kerwar, Maurice 
Knowles, John 
Knight, AVilliam 
Kirkman, Robert 


Knackstone, William 
Kirton, Francis 

(To be continued.) 

Kirr, James 
Kishere, Charles 
King, James Betts 


Knight, Charles 
Kelly, John 
Kilvington, Elizabeth 
Kendall, Richard 
Knight, James 


King, Robert 
Kible, Robert 
Kelly, John 
Kerr, Arcliibald 
Kenrick, John 


Kelsall, Betty 

JSIacluuaii of autigua anti iJavbatios^ 

The following list is written on a double sheet of folio paper, bearing " G.R." 
on the water-inark. It is unfortunately not signed nor dated, but it was probably 
drawn up by Rowland Blackman in or soon after 1726, when settling his late 
father's affairs. 

The deeds relate to the Blackmans' plantations in Antigua and Barbados, both 
called " Mount Lucie,'" which had descended to them by marriage from the family 
of Messrs. Lucie, who were wealthy Anglo-Dutch merchants, with extensive 
dealings in the West Indies during the seventeenth century. 

Endorsed " a List of papers left in Bdoes." 

Counterpart of y^^ Demise from M'' Prissick to Madam AVeyman, 171G. 

Lease for a year for One Moiety of a plantation in North Sound Division 

and of One Other Moyety of a plantation in new Division both in the Isl** of 
Antigua 1721. 

Assignment of Arrears of Rent and Other personal Estate of M'' Christopher 
Prissick* in Antigua. M" Prissick to Colt Frye.t 

and Indenture of Covenant for Sale of y"^ plantation and real Esf^ of y'= s** 
M' Prissick in Antigua, 1719. the s'' M" Prissick to Colt Erye. 

Demise from Al' Pri.-^sick to Madam Weyman, I71G. 

Assignm" of Arrears of Rent of plantations in Antigua, 1722. 

M" Prissick to .M' Cotton and Frye. 

* He had married Sarah, diiu. of Col. John Codrinjfton of Barbados, k in his will dated in 
1717 & p. in 1720 (16-', S1i:i1Kt) describes all his lands in Yovksbire, >.t states that his wife was 

entitled to one-third of the Island of liirbuda 
t Col. John Frye, d. 17-17-8, a. 78 

Ho was evidoutly a retired plaiitor. 


Lease for a year of a moyety of two plantations in Anti<^ua, 1722. 

M" Prissick to M' Cotton and M^ Fryc. 

Release of a moyety of two plantations in Antii^ua, 1722. 

M" Prissick to M"- Cotton and M"" Frye. 

Assignm* of 1000 years of M"' Prissick's plantation in Antigua, 1722. 

M" Wcyman and al. 

to M"" Bui'goyne and al. in trust for ^P Cotton and M'' Frye. 

Kelease* of One Moyety of a plantation in North Sound Division and of One 
Other Moyety of a plantation in new Division both in y' Island of Antigua, 1724. 

Assiguin'^ of moyetys of plantations in Antigua, 1725. 

M'' Duke to M'' Burgoyne and al. 

and Copys of y'^ general Eelease and acco' of y'^ deposition of M'' Jonathan 
Ayleworth affist. 

A Writ of Partition of y'= plantation in Antigua. 

Giles Watkius's acco' in 1099. 

Plantation acco'' of M'^ Mary Gilmore* in 1699 to 1702. 

Bills of ladiug for Sug'^ shipt in Antigua. 

Edw*^ Byam and al. Attorneys to M" Gilmore and M" AVeyman their power 
to John L. Blackman to re[)air y<= buildings, etc. 

M"^ Bowyers bill of Sale to Jacob Lucie and Harris of his third part of all y'^ 
lands in Antigua. 

Lucie Blackinan's Will.f 

"Willoughby Byam and Edw'^ Byam's bill of sale to Jacob Lucie and Bob. 
Gilmore of 30 acres of land. 

Jacob Lueio & C"'' patent. J 

M'' Prissick's Letters and answers to them. 

Letters to Capt : Dner.§ 

Letters from Coll. Frye. 

An Acco' of paymcnt.s made by M'' Cotton received from Colt. Frye. 

Inventory of y^ Estate in 1720. 

Sundry lists of Xegroes and Cattle on y'= plantation in Antigua. 

The Case of Division of y'= Est* in Antigua stated, and M'' Attorney Gen^ 
Carter's Opinion on y^ Queries. 

The Petition of Colt. Frye in behalf of John Lucie Blackman against y= 
20 p Cent, being laid on ye non-Eesidents, granted. 

John L. Blackman's Pateut.|| 

Several Letters to John L. Blackman in Antigua. 

Petition to his Excellency Walter Hamilton 1| to confirm y^ patent for y* 
Island, granted. 

power of Attorney from Bowl'' Blackman to Jolin Frye. 

Sundry Acco'^ in 2 bundles from Merc''* and tradesmen in Antigua. 

Miles Toppin's Acco'. 

Plantation Acco'^ in Antigua. 

a parcel of loose papers. 

the plot of y*^ plantation in Antigua. 

Rowh' Blackman to John Blackman lease for a year. 

Eowl'i Blackman to D" Mortgage of lands in Antigua for £2000 and 

John Lucie Blackman to Howl'' Blackman Lease lor a year. 

• See " Antigua," i.,47, for Close Koll indentures of 1703 & 17lH, describing' the transactions 
relating to the plantation of COO acres in North Sound Division, which Lucie, Harris, &. Howyer 

t Dated 15 May &, p. 27 Ausr. 1096 (153, Bond). E-tates in Barbados, Antigua, & Jamaica, 
Essex, Yorkshiro, Lhicohishiro, & Luiuion, to his eldest son Jolin. 

I In 1GS2 Gov. Sir Win. Stapleton granted a patent to tlieni for 529 .acres in Antigua. 
"Black-mans," formerly- known as •' JIoiiiil Lucye," is in .St. George's parish, reduced in 1S52 to 
230 acres. § Major John J)ui?r d. in L. St'pt. 171(5. 

II For G acres of Hashes in Antii^ua, by Gov. Johnson in 1705; confirmed, together with a 
small island, by Gov. Hamilton in 1715-16. 


John Lucie Blaclcnian to D« Bcconveyance. 

Eowl'^ Blackniau's marriairc article**.* 

Rowl^ Black man to Kob' ^\'aI•reu lease for a year. 

Eowl^ Blackman to D° JJclcaso. 

Recoi-cl from Giles Watkins of y« afore s"* Lease and Eelease. 

Agreem' between Catliexine AVeyman and Cliri>;toplier Prissiick. 

A List of Mount Lucie Plantation Stock in i07L 

Jacob Lucie's AVill in lOSG.t 

Kepresentation of y^ Council to his Excetty. Henry Worsley and Presid' Cox. 

tlie Mcrcliants petition concerning Trade. 

Daniel Mackaskill's papers. 

a Bill for s-ecnring y*^ Est^ and Effects of debtors for y"^ use of their Creditors. 

a bundle with Securitys and bills of Sale. 

sundry bundles of Acco'^ and Iveceipts. 

a bundle wth sundry acco'^ of uiy Sisters from Jacob and Sam. 

a small bundle of acco'^ of inony p'' and disbursed for my Sisters, etc. 

3 Lett'^ from Lascellea and Alaxwell relating to assignm'^ of Alleyne's. 

Judgm*^ by AV"' jMoore as a Collateral Security. 

Letf^ from Patrick Grant of Antigua. 

Lett" from Colt. King. 

Lett" from and to M'' Eeid in a small bundle. 

2 bundles of papers relating to Gonld, S'' John and al. 

a Copy of my lather's AVill.J and iuvcntory of y^ Est^ at his deatli. 

AV"' Weaver's power of Attorney and papers. 

Lease for 3 years Abig^ llenri(]ucs to Kowh' Blackman. 

Thruston lilaclcmau's rec' for liis Father's Legacy of £1000. 

Eowl'' Blackman and Ux. their Lease and Eelease to Kob' AVarren. 

two bundles of M'^ Courtney's Acc'^ 

Sundry plots of Land. 

an Execution ag' my Father to Eoberts and AVithers w"" satisfaction on it. 

D' Lenahan's Acco' and Eeccipt thereon. 

a bundle w"' sundry bonds paid off. 

Geo: Hannay§ to Rowl'' Blackman Lease and Eelease. 

Eowl'' Blackman to Fr: Blackman Lease and Eelease of 100 Acres of land. 

John Lucie Blackman to Bowl'' Blackman Eelease. 

Eelease of sev' Legacys devised by y*^ AVill of 'M' J. L. Blackman to Mary 
Blackman and al. 

Geo: Hannay and al. Eelease to Eowl'' Blackman. 

Thruston Blackman to Bowl'' Blackman and al. Eelease. 

Thruston Blackman's Eelease of a legacy of £1000 to Benj" A. Hole. 

Articles of Agrcem' between EowT' Blackman, Benj" A. Hole and .1. Barbaric. 

Articles of Agreem' between Eob' AVarren and al. and .los. Hole's Acco' in 
a bundle. 

Bills of Sale from sundry persons to my Father for Land and Neg'. 

Decree S' Jolui p Attorney ag' Blackman. 

* Married Priscilla, dan. & h. of Rob. AA''nrren, M.D., of Barbados, & thus acquired 
" Blackrock" or " Warrens," which thoy sold about 17G2-3, to Tlio. Breiister for £1.'?,7(»0. 

t "Will dated 2L Sop. 16SR, and p. 12 Doc. I'lSS (4t, Extoii). lie bcquoatlied to liis dnn. 
Eliz. his plunturKin in Barbados, cailoil " The 700 aov.f " alias '• Apter's J/ill" n\hn " .Vounl 
Lucie," 1 of aniithcr in Aiiti-iui, & J of anollier in Jamaica. She m. (nTard Napier, Kstj., i 
d. s.p. before 16SS, when ail the estates passed by the entail to testator's nephew Lucie 

t John Lucie ISlaolcman. AVill dated 5 June 1724, and p. 11 Nov. 172G (218, Plymouth). 
lie left besides 5 dau<., 7 sons: 1. Uowlaiid, b. 1705 ; 2. John liucic, b. 1707; 3. The, b. 1708; 
4. Sam., b. 1709; 5. Thurston, b. 1715 ; 0. Jacob Lucie, b. 171f); 7. Joseph, b. 1719. 

§ AVill dated 13 Jmie 17i;7, & p. 7 I>oc. 177G (Wo, Hellas). Ui» brotiier-in-law Rowland 
Blackman was his h. &. resiiluary legatee. -Mrs. Ainia .Maria llannay, sister of the latter 4 
relict of testator, d. in Conduit Str. AVill p. 1790 (381, Uishop). 


plat of Land laid off for S' W™ Courtnay. 

the Ord'' of y*^ Yestry of S' Joseph's* for a pew in y« Church ratified and 
confirm'd by liis Excelly Kob' Lowther E^^q". 
An Acco' of y^ Kepairs of Pe . . . iar's.f 

Deed of Exchange of land between Row!'' Bkckmau and Edw'^ Butcher. 
Haynes GibbesV Lease for 3 years. 

Indenture to lead to y'^ use of y'-' fine of lands in Barbados. 
An Acco' of monys p'' and dibbursed by you on ace' of y" plantation, 
a little book \^ith instructions from my father to my Mother. 
Counterp' of Jus. Blackman's indenture of apprenticesp. 
a small book w"' Town Agent's Acco'^ 
two parchment books w"' law Acco'^ 
Doctor Warren's and Gednev Clarke's Acco'*. 

(gj^mballs null Cijrrrj) (Sarttu €statts in tljt 
^Darislj of mU Qoauljj^, Samaita, 1783, 


Jamaica. In Chancery. To his Honor Alured Clarke Esq. L' Gov. and 
Commander in Chief in Jamaica Chancellor and Yice Admiral. Humbly Com- 

Your Orators and Oratrixes Abraham Lane of the City of Cork, Ireland, 
Merchant, Ann Lane otherwise Biggs his wife, iind Sarah Creed of the same City 
widow who were the sisters and nc.\t of kin and administratrixes of the estate of 
Abraham Biggs late of the City of Bristol -Merchant deceased who was the 
surviving Moi'tgagee named in an Indenture and Ex'or and Rewiduary Devisee of 
Tho. Pennington J"" deceased who was the Administrator s. and h. of Tho. Pen- 
nington the other Mortgagee named in the Indenture by Jolm Kelly of the 
Parish of S' Thos. in tlic East co. Surrey and Island aforesaid and Patrick Kein 
of the Parish of S' Mary co. iMidd'' in .said I. Esq'^ their Attornies state That by an 
Indentnrc of jMortgage dated 24 Oct. 177i5 made between the Hon. Rose Herring 
May late of the Parisli of S' Cath. co. Midd^ J. but tlien at Bath co. Som. and 
Mary 'J'rclawnev his AYife of the one part and Tho. Pennington and Abraham 
Bio'<'s both of tiie Citv of Bristol Merchants of the other it was witnessed that in 
consideration of £GdOO to R. H. 3Iay paid he conveyed to them all that one 
moiety of three parcells of land in the l':irish of S' Dorothy co. Midd^ J. contain- 
in"- 520 a. late the ])roperty of I5cnjamin Pusey and Geo. Bonner Ilsquires 
deceased, -whereon a Plantation or .Sugar "Work called G\mballs had beeit settled 
and which said moiety contained 231 a. and was assitrned to Geo. Bonner by 
virtue of a writ of j artition in August Grai.d Court 17G8 issued on a judgment 
obtained bv Bonner against one Pierce Cook all which ])remises were stated to be 
sold to Rose Herring ^lay by two Indentures tlie one dated 21 I'eb. 177-4 
between Cha. Brooks of S' Dorotliy Esq. and Peneloj)e his Avife and Milborough 
Bonner of the same place spr. the daus. and devisees in the will of Geo. Bonner 
deceased of the one and R. II. Jlay of the other part and the other Ind're dat. 
Nov. last past between Tho. Gray of tlie Parish of Kingston co. Surrey J. 
Merchant of the 1*' part ; Tho. Brooks of S' Dorothy Esq. and Cha. Brooks and 

* In the Censu.s of 1715 .some of tlic Tllickmans were entered as residents of this 
The entail of " Mokii/ Luc;/ " wns _vo:ir doekoil by a local Act. 
t It requires local knowludge to decipher this natuo. 


Penelope his wife and MilborouG;h Bonner of the 2'' part; Geo. Bonynge of 

S' Dorothy Esq. of the .3'' part; Rebecca Bonner of S' D. wiilow of the 4"'; and 

Eose llerrini,' ^fay of tlic 5"' i>art also all that sugar work in S' D. called Cherry 

Garden containing 200 a. being the other moiety of the said three parccUs the 1*' 

part of 1(J9 a. butting S. on ]Mary Botuu-r, W . on Coleburns Gully and N."\V. on 

land lately helongins: to ^^fartin Wilkins s'' ]>arcell beinjj; part of a lot sold to 

M. "Wilkins and Henry Bonner by Andre.-e AVond.-tock ai.d Dennis Kelly Esquires 

5 May 1713 containing 112 a. hounding N. on Eob. Bindloss Esq. E. on .las. 

Prevost Esq. S. on Plen. Bonner and AV. on land formerly of John Gymball late 

belonging to Hen. Bonner 'Jhe third parcell containing 2:39 a. bounding S. on 

Major Tho. Bose, AV. on the remaining part of land formerly belonging to Polintz 

Byndloss Esq. N. and N.E. part on tlie Kings road to the Bridge over Black Biver 

and part on laud of Edmond Kelly Esq. and E. on Black Eiver all which last 

mentioned premises were sold to B. H. May by two Ind'res dated 21 Dec. last 

past one whereof was made between John Mead of Kingston Esq. of the one part 

and R. H. May of the other. And the other Indenture made between David 

Chambers of the one part and B. H. May of the other And all those Negroes and 

Mules as in the Schedule houses works mills to hold to the said Tho. Pennington 

and Ab. Biggs without any bar or incumbrance for ever subject to the provisoe 

for redemption by the repayment of the £GU()0 with Interest at six per cent, and 

the deed was recorded 29 Jan. 177G and a bond of £12,000 was entered into. 

But your Orators and Oratrixes have discovered that R. H. May previous to the 

mortgage became indebted to AV'" Gray of the parish of King>ton J. Esq. in a sum 

of £19,GS1 sterling being £27,o<3.3 currency and with his said wife entered into 

12 bonds and on 20 March 1775 by an Ind're of jNIortgage conveyed to AV'" Gray the 

said two plantations of Gymballs and Cherry Garden and the negroes and cattle 

as duly recorded in the Secretary's Office and AV'" Gray having occasion for the 

money assigned to Jacob Israel Bcrnal of the parish of Kingston J. iNIerchant 

the said Bonds and Ind're of Mortgage and J. I. Bernal paid to AV'" Gray the 

£19,GS1 and \\'"' Gray by an Ind're of Transfer tripartite dated 20 Ap. 1775 

between him of the P' part ; II. H. May of the 2'' jjart ; and J. I. Hernal of the 3"' 

part confirmed the plantations to the last named and they are the same in both 

Mortgages and theprior one was not mentioned in the later one of 2-1' Oct. 1775 

to Pennington and Biggs and by the Act of 1G92 the estate is now fretd from the 

Equity of Redemption and by an Act of J. ] asstd in 1731 for the prevention of 

fraudulent mortgages the offenders are liable to punishment according to the laws 

of England and forfeit the right of redemption and the said estates became vested 

in Tho. Pennington the Elder and Ab. Biggs for ever and R. H. May having only 

proved the first bond J. I. Bernal as of Nov. Grand Court 1777 caused an action 

in Ejectment to be brought and obtained possession of the estates and on 12 Nov. 

1779 exhibited his Bill of Complaint in this Court against R. II. May and Mary 

Trelawny his wife and Tho. Pennington and Ab. Biggs who vyere absentees and 

on 29 Dec. 17S0 B. H. Mav and Alary Trehuvney his wife filed their Answer and 

Tho. Pennington died in 17^0 and Ah. Biggs in 17S2 and in 178-1 J. I. Bernal 

exhibited hi>^Bill of Bevivor against R. H.^May and his wife and one Daniel 

Moore of Kingston gent, a.s adm'or ad litem to Ab. Biggs and by connivance of 

May and by some gnituity to him procured a final decree and foreclosure and 

charged many thousands more against the estate than was honn fide due and Tlio. 

Peninn«-ton aud Ab. Biggs further advanced £2>0G on May's bond and £IGU on 

a current account amounting on 1 Dec. 177S to £-1017 which with Interest to 

1 Dec. 17S-1 amounted to £0011 and the 9 years Interest on the £0000 waa 

£2SS0 making a total of £14,921 and Tho. Pennington d. intestate in 17S0 

leaving .\b. Bit'gs his co-partner surviving and Adm'on in the P.C.C. was granted 

on 7 Nov. 17so' to Tho. Pennington the Eldest s. and h. at 1. and the son soon 

after died and made his Will on 9 Dec. 17sO and gave all his estate to his friend 

Ab. Biggs who proved the will in the P.C C. on 12 Jan. 17M aud on 27 Jan. 

obtained" lettera of adm'on De bonis non aud d. in 17S2 intestate aud a bachelor 


leaving your Oratrixes Ann Lane and Sarah Creed his sisters next of kin and 
coheiref^^cs wlio on o Sept. 1782 obtained adni'on and on 1 Jan. 1783 adni'on of 
Tho. Pennington and demand payment of the £G000 and £-lG47 with Interest and 
in Feb. or UTarch last past by'a ])o\ver of attorney enipo\\ered .Tolin Kellv 
and Patrick Kein to recover these debts. 

Proceedings were fraudulent. Pray that sworn answers may be received. 
\'^J- ,Pf"i'"^l "poll the five Books of Moses according' to the* custom of his 
Nation " and all accounts produced and payment made to them. 
And your Orators and Oratrixes si all pray etc. 

Heni?t Browxe.* 
JouN p. Baker.* 

Cock burn and Davis Sol" for Comp"'. 
On nineteen sheets of Eoyal paper. 

The "Wm. Gray who figures so freqnently iu these deeds was presumably the 
one of that name who was Provost ^Marshal-General in 17G8 ; Member of 
Assembly for St. George 1773, Portland 1779, and Port Royal 17SI— 87 : and 
died 1788. 

Tho. Gray, Member of Assembly for Kingston 1781, died 1784. (Feurtado.) 

For notice of Rose Herring May see 07ife, I., 201. 

MAY V. BERNAL, 1783. 

Jamaica. In Chancery. The Hon. Rose Herring IMay of the Parish of 
S"' Dorothy Esq. and 3Iary Trelawny his wife Complainants and Jacob Israel 
Bernal and Robert Fiulay adm'or of Abraham Biggs Defendants. 

The Bill filed 10 ]\Iai'ch 1783 set.s forth that Comjjiainant having become 
indebted to AVm. Gray of the Parish of Kingston J. Esq. in the sum of £19,G81 
sterling or £27,553 c. repayable by installir.ents s])read over 12 years secured by 
12 bonds dated 20 !!\rarch 1775 with Interest at G per cent., etc., and being seized 
iu fee simple of those two plantations of Gymbalis and Cherry Garden in tlie 
Parish of S' Dorotliy containinij together 520 a. and slaves as a collateral security 
by a Mortgage of 20 iNfarch 1775 conveyed them to AVm. Gray [here follow the 
names of all the slaves] and on Cherry Garden 44 steers and IG mules and on 
Gymbalis 32 steers 13 cows 5 calves and 10 mules and "W"' Gray assi£;iied his 
interest to J. I. Bernal on 20 Ap. 1775 by an Ind're of Transfer of Mortgage 
tripartite between Gray, May, and Bernal. Complainant being in Bath the 
following Oct. and considering the mortgage was not above one third the value 
of the estates 'borrowed £G000 of jMessrs. Tho. Pennington and Ab. Biggs of 
Bristol Merchants and by lud'res of lease and release dated 23 and 24 Oct. 1775 
he granted to them the said two estates by way of mortcage. That the 1^' bond 
was paid off but by reason of the great drought preceding the crop of 1777 the 
proceeds were reduced from 247 hhds. of sugar to one hhd. and 8 tierces and he 
could not meet the 2'^ boiul so by the Common law the est. of Bernal became 
absolute but suliject in equity to be redeemed pro tanto and Bernal at Nov. 
Grand Court 1777 brouirht an action in Ivjectinent and Replevin and Compl' 
came to an agreement witli him on 9 Dec 1777 [recited in full] by which he was 
to retain the nianagcment of the estates M'' Bernal was to ship the produce and 
the whole debt was to bo paid off in 7 years but Bernal withheld the necessary 
supplies so on G March 1778 he gave up possession but to retain tie managenu'ut 
and cultivation. Ever since the management lias been refused him aiul no 
balance has been paid over and Bernal on 12 Nov. 177!) filed his Bill against 
CompP and Tho. Pennington and Ab. Biggs stating he had discovered tiiere was 

* These were tlio counsel who gave tlicir writt( n ojiinion on the case. 


the second mortn;a2;e defraud ing the latter and that therefore the agreements of 

9 l)cc. 1777 and (3 .March 177S were not valid and that the accounts might be 
referred to a Master of this Court and the estate*! sold and Compl' put In his 
Answer about 29 Dec. 17^0. Bornal sailed in May i)ast for Groat Britain 
and has delayed the suits and has received o\er and above what was due to him 
having sold 084 hhd.s, and 340 puncheons of rum worth £34,000 c. Compl' 
onglit to be reinstated and accounts submitted. The non reciting of the first 
mortgage on the 2^' one was due to his inadvertence. The £0000 ^was not half 
the value of the equity of redemption. Pennington and Biizgs not being repre- 
sented in this I. one Roh<- Finlay of the parish of «' Catharine gent, was granted 
letters of adm'on to defend this suit. Prays that the Agreement may be 
carried otit. 

On twenty-three sheets of paper. 

I have also the Cross Bill of May v. Bernal, filed 10 March 17S3. It is very 
voluminous, on twentv -five liuge sheets of paper, and signed by Henry Browne, 
Geo: C: liicketts, H: Lewis, and Geo: W'otton Sol' for Couipl'ts. There are also 
copies of all the subsequent proceedings to 21 April 17S4, when the decree 
was given. 

The will of Abraham Bernal was proved in 1790 (3, Bishop). 

In the " D.N.B." are long articles on Kalph Bernal and his son Ralph Bernal- 
Osborne, from which it appears that : — ■ 

Ivalph Bernal, Sen., was of .Spanish Jewish descent, took his degrees of B.A. 
from Christ's College. Cambridge, in ISOG, and ]M.A. in 1S09, and became a 
barrister of Lincoln's Inn in 1810. He then inherited a large property in the 
AV. I. and sat in Pai'liament thirty-four years, dying in Eaton Square on 20 August 
l8o4. His art coliectiou was sold in 1S-')-j for £71,000. He married Istly Anne 
Elizabeth, only dauiihter of iiichard Samuel White of New Ormond Street, on 

10 April 1800. She died 10 July 1S23 in Bryanston Square. He married 
2ndly.a daughter of Dr. Henry White, K.N., surgeon of Chatham Dockyard, and 
had issue by both wi>-es. 

Ealph Berual-0,sbo'.-ue, the eldest son by the first wife, born 20 ]\[arch ISOS, 
was educated at Charterhouse, and uiatriculated from Trinity Coll., Cambridge, Oct. 
1829; entered the Army, and then sat in Parliament from ISil to 1874. On 
20 August 1S44 he married, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Catherine Isabella, 
only child and heir of Sir Thomas Osborne, 9tli Bart., whose surname he assumed. 
She died at his seat Newtown Anner near Clonmell 21 June 18S0. He died at 
Bestw-ood Ledge 4 January 1882, and was there buried on 10 January. They 
had issue two daughters, of whom the elder, Edith, married, 7 February 1874, 
Sir Henry Arthur Blake, G-.C.M.G-., Governor of the Bahamas and .lamaica ; and 
the younger, Grace, on 3 January 1874, the 10th Duke of St. Albans. 

1811, Nov. 10. At Perry-hill, Sydenham, J. I. Bernal, esq. of Eitzroy-square, 
and of J. ("G-.M.,"5S7.) 

1818, Oct. 24. In Guildford-street, the wife of R. Bernal, esq. M.P. a dau. 
(Ibid., 404.) 

1823, July 10. In Bryanston-sq. Anne-Elizabeth, wife of Ealph Bernal, esq. 
M.P. (md., 92.) 

1824, Aug. 3. At Cheltenham, Ealph Bernal, esq. :M.P. of Park-crcseeut, 
Portland-place, to Clara-Christiana, dau. of Dr. John While. (Ibid., 170.) 

1832, Jan. 7. In Upper Bedi'ord-j)lace, the widow of J. I. Bernal, esq. of J. 
(Ibid., 92.) 

1832, May 10. At Park-crescent, Portland-pl. aged ]5 months, Duncan, 
youngest son of Ealph Bernal, esq. M.P. (Ibid., 475.) 

Tor. II, 



Answer of Defd' J. I. Bernal p' Att>-, 17St. 

Jamaica. In Chancery. At II. E. the Chancellor's House on Thiirsclaj 
15 April 1781. 

The Petition of Jacob I^;racl TJcrnal ^Merchant of Kingston but now absent 
from this I. being read it was ordered that 1)0 put in his answer by .Aaron Nunes 
Henriques of Kingston ^lerchant his Atl">. 

Annexed is a letter dated 14 April 177S written br Bernal to I?. H. ^Nlay, 
saying that "Since my receiving possession of GAiriballs and Cherry Garden 
Estates .... it has been discovered that there is another ^Mortgage upon liecord 
from you to Pennington and Biggs of Bristol," ' and the writer e.xjjresses liis 
astonishment that his Mortgage was not mentioned in the second one and states 
that all right of redemption had been forfeited and was now vested in the second 
mortgagees and refuses to have any further business transactions.' 

This Defendant admits that if H. 3Iay became bound by 12 bonds to W"' 
Gray and was seized in fee simple of Gymballs and Cherry Garden and certain 
slaves and Gray transferred them to him for £10,(381 sterling the amount due, 
and soon after the Complainants left for Great Britain and said they would in 
Oct. be in Bath and he has no doubt May borrowed the £0000 from Pennington 
and Big<2;s. £1!),()S1 was greater than the sum ]\I;>y paid for the estates. 

There xvas a very great Drought preceding the cro]) of 1777 and only 1 hhd. 
xvas made. In 177o the yield was lO'J lihds. and 132 tierces (equal to 8S hlids.) 
or a total of 197 hhds. and 72 ])uncheons of rum and in 1770 !)0 hluls. 70 tierces 
and 5G pun. and in 1775 there were worked 180 slaves. ?»lay neglected the shaves 
and the reason the 2'^ bond was not paid off was owing to his extravagance and 
great losses in gaming at Bath and elsewhere — that by insufficient supplies and 
overwork the slaves in 1777 were reduced by death from ISO in 1775 to 111 
and the cattle from 115 to 73, there were no mules left, and ^lay had used his 
chariot horses to turn the mill and Defd' obtained possession to save the estate 
from ruin. — He never knew of the 2'' mortgage when he met iNfay and signed an 
aKreement on 9 Dec. 1777. Yerilv believes Mav intended to defraud his 
creditors .... has received the following crops 


s. Sut,'ar 

of 1 

2-13 cwt. 

pun. rum. 


















7 drought 

The nett produce while estate has been in his possession has been £24,537, 
and he hath laid out £13.809— is readv to come to an account for all his trans- 
actions. The debt due to Defd' was £19.GS1 st. or £27,553 c. and the estate was 
not worth more than £30.000 c. vi/. 

270 a. in canes (it 701. pr. acre, 250 a. pasture @ 15/. pr. acre, a cattle mill 
5000/. abcnit 100 tiegroes @ £60 per head aiul cattle at £15 so that after paying 
Defdt. there would only remain £s.5tU) c. Drfd' when in Hiiu'land made inquiry 
of Mr. Lane and saw the title deeds, and believes .May deceived Pennington and 
Bio-"s, and Mr. 8eai;er their solicitor drew the 2^^ mort-age and ^lay promised 
them a consignment of 350 hhds. veurly. 

Signed by Ahired Clarke, the L' GoV, and John Edward Shacklefoni, the 
Kegistrar in the Court of Chancery. 

'\)n eleven large paper sheets, but incomplete. 


\ ' 



1784, April 21. The Cause was heard tliis day and His E.xccUency decreed 
that inasmuch as tlie Compl' Eo.<e llerrin<j May had been liiiidered from carryinq; 
the Agreement into Execution by the means in tiie Bill slated he should have 
6 years and 9 months in addition to the 7 years mentioned that he was entitled 
to the E<iuity of Eedemption of the ^lortgnge to Tho. Pennington and Ab. Eii,'gs 
that Eich'' Batty Esq. one of the Masters should state an account as from Berual 
but not allow him any commission on the ^loss produce and pay all balance to 
the Eegistrar of this Court for the beneficiaries of the est. of Ab. Bigris deceased 
and that Geo. Cuthbert Esq. the Sequestrator of tiie estates should let E. 11. May 
have the sole conduct of them. 

From the above Order Dcfd' J. I. Bernal received permission to appeal to 
His ^Majesty in Council. 

Bernal lost his first suit for contempt, and paid the legal costs of Ab. Lane's 
attornies, amounting to £IG2, in October and November 17S9 to Cockbnrn and 
Davis, tlie Solicitors in Kingston, and £2G3 for law costs incurred in Jamaica by 
Grant and Shawe in 17S9. £250 was also paid Patrick Kein ; £130 to Eichard 


Between J. 1. Bernal Esq. Appellant and K. H. ]klay Esq. and M.iry Trelawny 
his Wife and Eobert Finhay Eespondents. 

To the Kings most excellent Majesty in Council. The humble Petition and 
Appeal of the said J. T. Bernal. 

A long of previous papers asking that the order of the Court of 
ChaTicery of Jamaica of 21 April 17!54 may be reversed. This is the draft by 
Wildman and Smith, endorsed " Present^ the 21"' Feb. 85," on live sheets of paper. 

Jamaica. This Ind're made the G of March 2G Geo. III. 1786 Between Eose 
Herring May of the Parish of St. Dorothy Co. of Middlesex in the said L Esq. 
and Mary Trelawny his Wife of the 1=^ part Daniel Moore of the Parish of 
Kingston Co. Surrey Esq. adm'or of Abraham IJiggs late of Bristol 3Ierchant 
deceased who was the survivor of Tho. Pennington late of the same ])lace Mer- 
chant deceased of the 2^ part Jacob Israel Bernal of the Parish of Kingston Esq. 
of the 3'' part and Sam. Dickson of the parish of St. Andrew co. Surrey in the 
said I. Esq. of the I"' part AVkereas Eose Herring May being indebted to \V '» 
Gray of Kingston Esq. in £19,i;sl st. or £27,553 c. to secure the payment thereof 
about 20 March 1775 executed 12 bonds and by an Ind're of .Mortgage dated 
20 March 1775 between the Hon. Eose Herring Max of the Parish of St. Catherine 
and Mary Trelawny his wife of the 1 part and Wm. (^ray of Kingston Escp ot 
the other Mav conveved to Grav his two ])l;uitatioiis called Gymbalis and Cherrv 
Garden to"-ether of "520 acres 'and all slaves and stock and by a transfer ot 
20 April 1775 between Wm. Gray of the P' part E. H. May of the 2'' part and 
Jacob Israel Bernal of the 3^ the plantations were conveyed to lu-rnai am by 
Lease and Eelease of 24 Oct. 1775 between U. H. ]May and wite then of Bath 
and Tho. Pennington and Ab. Biggs of Bristol :\lerc]iants tor £0000 st. tiiey 
conveyed the moietv of 520 a. or 235 a. part of Gvmballs and W i.ei.e..s on 
1^ Nov 1779 Jacob 'Israel Bernal exhibited his Bill in Chancery against May and 
Pennington and Biggs and on 29 Dec. I7a0 Defendants put in their Answer and 


Tho. Pcnninf;;ton dvinn; a Suc:c;e?tion was filed 20 Au^. 17S2 and on 10 Sep. iTSi 
Bcrnal filed a Hill of Eevivov and Ah. IJicrgs liad died and on IG Xov. 1781 
Daniel ^loore filed his Answer and on 22 Jnly l~So a decree was made and May 
was to ])ay Bcrnal £2(3,417 c. with interest and costs and the estates were sold 
on 1 Feb. 17bG by the ^Master to James Dickson for £25,000 c. All claims are 
now discharged. Schedule of slaves 27 men 7 boys 2i women G girls 22 invalids 
16 mnles oO steers. 

Signed and sealed by Rose Herring May before Chas. Alexander and Harry 
Alexander. Chas. Alexander gent, was sworn before Richard Batty M.C.C. 
(Master in Chancery). 

Signed and scaled by Mary Trelawuy May before Don'^ Davidson. She was 
sworn before John Ilenckell. 

Signed and sealed by Dan' ]\Liore and J. I. Bernal before Richard Grant, who 
was sworn before Goo. C. Ricketts. 

Endorsed: "Enrolled in the office of Enrollments This 2G April 17SG Lib. 
33S fol. IGO." On ten wide sheets of paper. 

(Purchased April 1910 by the Editor.) 

35iit{)i'5, ©catljs, anti iWarriagcc^ from tlje 
** BrirbatiCiS iHtrcurj>'* autJ '' 33nti3ctoUin 
(gajCtU/^ 1805 to 1818/ 

By EDWARD GOULBURX SIXCKLER, Bolice Magistrate, B.^rbados. 


May 18 (Died) On board "IT.M.S. "Scorpion," off St. Thomas, on Tuesday 
morning the 30th April, Edward, the youngest child of Capt. AVarncr, and 
grandson of Brig. -General Sir Charles" Shipley. He was borne to the grave 
in the Burial Ground of that Island on AVednesday the Lst iiist. by tlie lion. 
Gore. In this town, 'Mr. Erancis G. Archer, iMrs. Margaret Rcecc. 

May 25 (Married) On Tuesday evening last, at St. James' Church, by tlie Rev. 
Mr. Pilgrim, David Hall, Esq., of Locust Hall, to Miss Alleyne, daughter of 
the Hon. John Eoster x\]levne of Porters. 

June 8 (Died) At London 'in March last, JMrs. AVhitmore, Lady of Deputy 
Commissary-General AVhitmore and daughter of John Tinliug, Esq., Ordnance 
Store-keeper, etc., at Grenada, much regretted. 

June 11 A duel was fought on Sunday morning last in the neiglibourhood of 
St. Ann's between an otlioer of the aniiy and Lieut. Henley of the " Charybdis " 
Brig of war, in which the latter received his antagonist's ball in the groin, 
and°was afterwards conveyed from there to the Xaval Hospital, where he 
lingered until night and then e.\[)ired. ^, 

June 22 (Died) At Guadeloupe, Capt. Heudrie of His Majesty's ship " Star, 
anofRcerof grent merit and niucli regretted. :\Irs. Wilson, wife of .Mr. Phdip 
"Wilson of this town, and Mr. Leslie, St. Georges. 

• Continued from p. 90. 



July 2 (Married) Yesterday morning, James Bovell, Esq., Barrister, to Miss 
Applewhaite, daughter of Thomas Appicwhaite, Esq., of the parish of 
St. George. 
July 20 (Died) In England, Thomas Went, Esq., a native of this island, and of 
which he was the King's Procurator-General. In this town, Mrs. JNIargaret 
July 27 (Married) On Wednesday morning, at St. Joseph's Church, "William 
Hall, Esq., Merchant of this town, to Miss Mary Devonish, daughter of Joim P. 
Devonish, Esq., of the " 'Spa." 
Aug. 3 A horrid Murder appears to have been committed at Oistins on Sunday 
night last, or in the coarse of Monday, on tlie body of a Miss Austin, and the 
perpeti-ation of it had nearly escaped "detection, the body having been fcrmally 
interred at Christ Church on Tuesday. She was stated to have died of 
dysentery at the house of her brotiier-in-law, John 11. M"JS'eale. An anony- 
mous letter was picked up, addressed to the Coroner, advising him to have 
the body exhumed, and it would be found that she was murdered. Tlicre 
being other suspicious circumstances, the body was exhumed and found sewed 
up in a counterpane, an eye was knocked out, several contusions about the 
head and other parts of the body, one arm and 3 or 4 ribs broken, and the 
body altogether dreadfully disfigured. An inquest was held. Verdict of 
"Wilful Murder by some person or persons at present unknown" was 
returned, and .John M'Xeale arrested. See Dec. 15, 1812 (he was executed). 
Aug. 20 (Married) At Rati.', England, Ciiristopher Barrow, Esq., of this Island, 

to Miss Bronie, daughter of the Eev. John Brome. 
Aug. 27 (Died) Yesterday, in St. Philip's parish, Henry Parkinson, Esq., 

merchant of this town. 
Sep. 3 (Died) Lately, at Demcrary, John Bovell, Esq., one of the representa- 
tives of the parish of St. Peter in the General Assembly of this Island. (He 
is called Doctor Bovell in another paper, Dec. 3.) 
Sep. 7 (Married) On Tuesday last, James ^V'alcott, Esq., ]\Ierchant, to Miss 
Jane Chaplain ; and on Thursday, Thomas Ostrehau, Esq., to Miss Mary F. 
Cummins, daughter ol: James Cummins, Esq., Eeceiver of His Majesty's 
Casual lievenue of this island. 
Sep. 10 (Died) Yesterday forenoon, at AVhite Park, Miss Ileriot, eldest 
daughter of John Heriot, Esq., Deputy Pay-master General to the Forces in 
the Windward and Leeward Charibbee Islands, etc. Also, at St. Ann's, Capt. 
Plansker of the 0th West India Eegiment. 
Sep. 17 (Died) Yesterday, James Grasett, Esq., Attorney at law. 
Sep. 21 (Died) Francis McCiure, Esq., Merchant of this town. 
Sep. 24 (Died) :Mrs. Sarah Gall and Mrs. Eleanor Xurse, both of this parisli. 
Oct. 1 (Died) Mrs. Wells, wife of Henry B. \Vells, Esq., of this town.^ 
Oct. 19 (Married) On Tuesday evening last, Reynold AUeyne EUcock, Esq., to 

Miss A])plewhaite of " Bentieys." 
Oct. 29 (Died) On Sunday last, Mary, the wife of Deputy Assistant Commis- 
sary General Cook. 
Nov. 12 (Died) On Saturdav last, Lvncli Thomas, Sen., Es(|., Attorncy-at-law. 
Nov. 23 (Died) Lately, at St. Thomas, Thomas Williams, Esq., a native of this 
Island; and at Grenada, Nathaniel Koach, Esq., late Manager of the 
Lowthers Estate in this Island. 
Dec. 10 (Died) At Tansor, near Oundle (Northamptonshire), Arthur Mackie, 
M.D., kite Deputy Postmaster General of this Island. Ho has left a widow 
and 9 voung chililreuto deplore iiis \o>h. 
Dec. 17 (.Married) On the 2Sth ult., at the estate of " Weatherhills » at 
Antigua, Dr. Dickson, Phvsician and Inspector of the Leeward Island 
Squadron, to Miss Agnes Traccy, sister of the late John S. Tracey, Esq. 

* "WeJithorells is the correct name. 



134 Caribbeaxa. 

Dec. 31 Kingston, Jamaica, Oct. 12. It is with sincere regret tliatwe announce 
this week the decease of Bartholomew Samuel Rowley, Admiral of the Blue, 
and Commander iu Chief of His Majesty's squadron on this station, which 
melancholy event took place at the Pen ou iMonday evening between 9 & 10 
o'clock. (He died of fever.) 


Feb. 4 (Birth) On Friday the 31st ult., at Mt. Brevitor, the Lady of Joseph 
Leacock, Esq., of a daughter. 

Feb. 15 (Married) Lately, at Antigua, Thomas T. Tucker, Esq., Commander of 
H.M.S. ^'Cherub," to" Miss Hill, eldest daughter of the late Daniel Hill, 
Esq. (Birth) On the 5th iiist., at Tobago, the Lady of Hon. J. M. Collier, 
Speaker of the House of Assembly of that Island, of a son. 

Feb. 29 (Married) Ou the Gth ulc, at Anniston (Scotland), Captain Cochrane, 

E.N., eldest son of Admiral Sir Alexander Coclirane, K.B., and Governor of 1 

Guadeloupe, to Miss Rose Wishart, eldest daughter of Lieut.-General Sir 

Charles Ross, Bart. (Died) On the 8Uth December, at Bromley, England, 

Deputy Assistant Commissary General Weston, whither he had proceeded 'j 

from this statiou for the re-instatement of his health. \\ 

April 4 (Died) On Tuesday last, Mrs. F. Fulham ; this morning, Mrs. Ann 
Whittaker, both of this town; and lately, in England, Charles Brough, Esq., 
formerly a merchant of this Island. 

April 11 (Died) On Thursday last, Henry McGrath, Esq., of this town. 

April 14 (Died) Yesterday, John Hamdeii, Esi]., one of the M.C.P. of this 
Island for the parish of Christ Church ; and Dr. Dominick Lynch of this 

April IS (Drowned) Few things have given us more pain than to record the 
affecting intelligence lately received respecting the loss of the Hon. Captain 
John Gore of His Majesty's sloop "Scorpion," who was drowned on the 
18th February last, about 6 o'clock in the evening, whilst in the act of 
endeavouring to save the life of an unfortunate sailor named Tliomas Edgar. 
(Both were drowned.) Lat. 2045 N., Long. G5'45 W. 

May 19 (Married) On Sunday last, at St. Peter's Church, Deputy Assistant 

Commissary General Cook to Miss Sarah Walter. (Died) On Friday, >\ 

March 27th, at her house in Brompton ilow (England), iMrs. Adams, relict 
of Thomas Maxwell Adams, Esq., of the Island of Barbados. 

May 23 (Birth) Last week, the Lady of Christopher Barrow, Esq., of a son. 
(Died) In this town, Mr. James Haswell ; in the parish of St. Philip, Mrs. 
Mary Rowe, aged 03 years ; and in Christ Church, Mrs. Payne. 

May 30 (Married) L.itely, in Antigua, Thomas Wetheral,* E.sq., Deputy Com- 
missary General, to JNIiss C. Kirwan, youngest daughter of Thomas Kirwan, 
Esq., merchant of that Island. (Died) In this town, Mrs. Jane Yard, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Eedman, Mrs. Sarah S. Agard, Miss Elizabeth Jeffers, Miss Mary, 
Shurland, and in the parish of St. George, John Crick, Esq., and Mrs. Susanna 

June 2 (Death) John 11. Best, Esq., was yesterday elected a representative of 
the parish of Christ Church iu the General Assembly of this Island vice John 
Hamden, Esq., Deceased. 

June 6 (Died) On Tuesday evening last, at his seat called "Passage," James 
Maxwell, Esq., an opulent merchant of this town, and his remains were 
removed for interment the- following day, attended by a numerous cavalcade. 
Minute guns were tired by the ships in 'the Bay as a token of respect. 

June 13 (Died; Yesterday evening, John U. Thome, Esq., Merchant of this 

June IG (Died) Mrs. MascoU, wife of Mr. W. E. Mascoll of this town, Dr. 


* This should be 'Wethered. 



Jame3 Butcher (Practitioner in Physic), and Mr. Goodwin. (A notice re 

Dr. Butcher was publisiicd by G.E. Butcher & Co., Juno 20th. G. E. 

Butcher was Dr. Butcher's nephew.) 
June 20 (Married) On Wednesday hist, Thomas G. Busby, Esq., Attorney at 

law, to Miss Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas G. Cox, Esq., Comptroller of 

His Majesty's Customs of" the port of Oistins ; and on Thursday morniuiT, at 

St. Michael's Church, Samuel McChire, Esq., Merchant, to Miss I'^lizabeth 

Ann, daughter of James Cummins, Esq., lieceiver General of His Majesty's 

Casual Eerenue of this Island. 
June 27 (Married) On Tuesday evening last, Isaac J. Tinling, Esq., Acting 

Ordnance yiorekccper of Grenada, to Miss Elizabeth B. Evelyn, daughter of 

Charles Evelyn, Esq., of the parish of Christ Church. 
June 30 (Married) Yesterday morning, at St. Michael's Church, by the Kev. 
' Mr. Garnett, William H. Prescod, Esq., to Miss Brice, dauglitcr of the late 

R. H. Brice, Esq., merchant of this town, and niece of Benjamin Collynns, 

Esq., Major Commandant of the St. Peter's Battalion. 
July 11 (Married) On Thursday morning last, at St. Michael's Church, the Hon. 

William Grasett, Member of Council of this Islaud, to Miss Elizabeth H. 

Skinner, daughter of Kichard Skinner, Esq., M.C.P., and Colonel of the 

St. Peter's Battalion of Militia. 
July 14j (Birth) On the 7th inst., the Lady of Lieut. John Barker, ll.N., Agent 

for Transports and Prisoners of AVar, of a daughter. 
July 25 (Deaths) John Carew, E.sq. ; Mrs. Howell, mother of Conrade A. 

Howell, Esq., Treasurer of this Island. 
Aug. 1 (Deaths) Mrs. Taylor, wife of Samuel Taylor, Esq. ; Mrs. William 

Kirton of the inirish of Christ Church. 
Aug. 11 (Died) Ou Saturday last, in the parish of Christ Church, the Hon. 

Thomas Chase. Yesterday, in St. Michael's, Mrs. Duborah Hall, and this 

morning, Mr. Ilobert Y. Taylor. 
Aug. 22 (Death) On Sunday the 7th inst., at Fort Royal, Martinique, ^Irs. 

Rebecca Walcott Busli (•' an affectionate wife, a fond mother," she is said to 

have been). 
Aug. 25 (Birth) On the ith inst., the Lady of Capt. Wend, GOth Regt., of a son. 

(Died) This muruing, William Cadagon, Esq., formerly Colonel of the 

St. Peter's Regiment of .Militia, a genthMoan much esteemed, etc. 
Sep. 8 (Birth) On Saturday morning last, the Lady of the Hon. and Rev. John 

Brome, of a daughter. 
Sep. 22 (Married) At Brighton, England, on the 1st ult.,by the Rev. Dr. Carr, 

Isaac W. (3rdcrson, Esq., late PrDprietor and Editor of this paper, to Miss 

Theodosia Kleanora Lambe, daughter of .... Lambe, E^q., Inspector of Taxes 

for the County of Sussex. (Died) On his passage to England for the 

recovery of his health, John F. D. Jones, M.D., an eminent Practitioner of 

this Islaud. 
Oct. 3 (Birth) On Thursday last, the Lady of John W. E. Elder, Esq., 

Attorney-atdaw, of a son. 
Oct. 17 (Married) On Thursday, Oct. 15, Lieut. Donnelly of the GOth Regt. to 

Miss Harriot Agard, daughter of Isaac .Vgard, Esq. 
Nov. 21 (Married) At St. Philip's Church, on the 14-th inst., within canonical 

hours, Cheeseman Moe, Esq., to Elizabeth :Moo Brathwaite, second slaughter 

of the Hon. General ?kliles Brathwaite. Tiie loving pair immediately set out 

for the town of Oistins in Christ Chu!'ch. the place of their futuiT residence. 

(Died) On tiie IGch, at St. Philip's, Mrs. Hebson, relict of the Rev. Joseph 

Hebson, late Rector of that parish. 
Dec. 8 (Married) On the 1st inst., at Christ Church, Mr. Joseph Bra.-ey to 

Miss Ann Frances Roach. 
Dec. 15 Pursuant to sentence, John R. McNeil was this day executed in the 
Gaol Yard of this town. (Murdered Miss Austin.) 


Dec, 26 (Marriage) At Commund Pauch, in America, Grecnlicad Cabbacte to 
Miss Jemima Buttermilk-. (UieJ) Ou Sunday last (in tlie oOtli year of her 
age), Mrs. Elizabeth Clinton of St. Peter's parish, relict of George Clinton, 
late of the same parish. Esquire, deceased. 


Jan. 2 (Died) In London, on the 28th October last, G. P. Toosey, Esq., 
many years Apothecary to the Forces in this Command. 

Jan. 16 (Died) Lately, in America, whirhcr he had proceeded for the recovery 
of his health, Peter Pliillips, Esq., of the Customs of this Port. At St. Ann's 
Garrison, Major Kane of the Royal Artillery, whose remains were yesterday 
evening interred at St. Michael's Church with Military honours. 

Jan. 23 (Died) On Thursday last, Mrs. Judith E. Walrond, relict of the late 
Benjamin AValrond, Esq. ; and on the same day, Mrs. Obrian, both of 
St. Michael's parish. In the olth year of his age, in the parish of Saint 
Lucy, on the 17th iust., died William Greenidge, Esq., father of James 
Greenidge, Esq., Deputy Agent Victualler of Antigua. 

Jan. 30 (Died) In the parish of Christ Church, Mrs. Mary Ward, and in this 
town, Mrs. Sarah 

Feb. 6 (iNLarried) Lately, in the parish of Christ Church, Mr. Charles Evelyn, 
Jr., to Miss E. A. Mayers; and Mr. Benjamin Price to Miss Hannah Turpin. 

Feb. 13 (Married) Ou Tuesday evening last, at St. Michael's Church, Mr. Tho- 
mas Shepherd to Miss Mary Ann Ames. (Died) In the 43rd year of her 
age, in Speightstown on the 7th inst., Mrs. Sarah Whitfoot, relict of Thomas 
Whitfoot, Esq., a lad\^ whose characteristics were chastity, probity, and 
humanity. She was a fond and attentive Consort, a kind relative, and an 
endearing friend. 

Feb. 20 (Bu'th) Ou the ISth inst., the Lady of Capt. Moody, Royal Engineers, 
of a son. (Died) On Wednesday last, William Ward, Esq., of the parish of 
Christ Church. 

Mar. 6 Ou "Wednesday last an action was fought off the East Coast of Demerary 
between His Majesty's Brig '" Peacock,'' IS guns, and the American ship of 
war " Hornet," which terminated in the destruction of the former, and Capt. 
Peake, the British Commander, was killed. 
i Mar. 20 Public Meeting lield in Georgetown, Demerary, to put up a marble 

monument to his memory in St. George's Church in that Colony, etc. (He 
left a widow.) 

Feb. 27 (Married) Ou Thursday morning last, at St. Michael's Church, Benja- 
min Gittens, Esq., to Mi.-<s Amelia Beckles. 

Mar. 9 (Died) At the house of John M'Alpin, Esq., ou Saturday last, Thomas 
Ritchie, E^q., Merchant, of Greenock in Scotland. 

Mar. 16 (Married) On Sundav morning last, at Christ Church Parsonage, Mr. 
John R. Turney to Miss "Sarah E. Blades. (Died) At St. Ann's. Major 
Bacon, 6Uth Regt., and his remains were deposited yesterday evening at 
St. Michael's Church with military honours. In this town, Mrs. Willoughby 
and Mr. Duncan McXeill. 

Mar. 20 (Deaths) In the parish of St. George's, Mr. William Clarke; and in 
Christ Church, Mr. Thomas B. Trotman. 

Mar. 23 (Died) This morning, Mrs. Maltby, wife of Richard Maltby, Esq., of 
this town. 

Mar. 27 (Died) Yesterday, at Black Bess Estate, after a long and painful 
illness, 3Irs. Clement, aged SO years. 

Mar. 30 (Died) In this town, Mrs'. Ele.inor Trotman and Mrs. Jane Gibson. 

April 24 (Married) On Wcdne.-day morning last, at St. George's Church, John 
Brathwaite, Esq., son of the "Hon. Miles Bratbwaite, to Miss Moc of 
St. Johu's parish. 

Caribbean A. 137 

April 27 (Died) On Sunday last, and was buried on the following day at 
St. George's Churcli, Tiiiiothy Thornliill, Esq., a vei-y rospectuble character, 
and a Captain in the Army. 

May 1 (JNIarried) Yesterday morning, at St. Michael's Church, Mr. Richard 
Eusscll to Miss Mary Kogers. 

May 18 (Married) The last evening in this town, by the Kl-v. Mr. King, Henry 
Biship, Senior, Esq., of Sjicightstown, hitelv t"ron\ Ann'rica, after a residence 
of many years there, to INIrs. Martha Ann Worrell Jones, relict of Dr. Joseph 
Jones, late of the parish of Christ Church. (Died) On Sunday last, Oliver Y. 
Ashe,* Esq., one of the Commis.sioners appointed to investigate into tlie 
expenditure of the Army employed in the West Indies (sec lU March 1816). 
On the same day, Thomas Lake Carter, Esq., for many years a magistrate of 
this town. On the 2lst March last, at her Grand-mother's house, Bury 
■ St. Edmunds, Suffolk, in the liJth year of her age, So])hia, Eklest daughter of 
John Bridgeman, Esq., Collector of His Majesty's Customs of St. Lucia. 

May 22 A melancholy accident happened on Thursday last between this and 
Speightstown, from whence a sail boat belonging to the " Hopewell "' of 
London was returning with Capt. Brandford and four men belonging to that 
vessel & Lieut. Stewart of the '" Cressy," 74. A little on this side of Hole 
Town a sudden flaw of wind from the land upset the boat. Captain Brand- 
ford and one seaman reached the shore on oars, and another seaman got ashore 
otherwise. Lieut. Stewart and two seamen perished. He has left a widow 
and two children. 

May 25 (Death) His Excellency Major General Carmichael, late Acting 
Governor of Demerary, dei)arted this life on 11th inst. He was buried at 
Demerary on the following day with military honours. 

May 29 (Married) On AYednesday night last, Samuel Miller, Esq., M.D., to 
Mrs. Mary Brathwaite Payne. 

June 1 (Died) On Sunday last, aged Qi years, Benjamin Gaskin, Esq., of this 

{To be coidiiiued.) 

iHoitiimcntal inscriptions' in englanti 
relating to 2!S;1cst Kn'Dian5.+ 


"F.B.J. " stands for " Farley's Bristol Journal." 

The Rev. J. Woodward noted in 18(57 the following on the west wall of 
transept, but it could not be found this year: — 

" WILLIAM AVOOLERY, of Barbadoes, died 17S9, aged 48. 

Arms. — . . . . fwo woolpncks in 2)(jle inclosed hy iico Jhiunches or, each charged 
with a . . . . gules. (The charges and tinctures are indistinct. IJurke, in the 
"General Armory," gives the following arms for the name Wolley, Vcrt,ajleur- 
de-lis or, hetiveen two woolpncks in pale argent inclosed by two Jlaunchcs of the 
third, each charged with a wolf passant azure.) " 

* Oliver Tearaans Ash, baptized 15 Ftb, 1749-50 at St. John's, Aiiti-ua ; was Moinbcr of 
Assembly in 1801, and practising as a King's Counsel in 1807. He was probably identical with 
the above. 

t Continued from p. 85. 



1789, Ai)r. 3. AVill"' WooUery Esij' was bur'' by the Prec^ (Cathedral 

1789, April 1. At Bristol, Wm. Woollery, esq. au eminent "West India 
planter. (" G.M.," 371.) 

South wall of south choir aisle above the triforiurn : — 



this marble to the memory 


Her Hul band 

Her Friend 

And the Guide of her youth 

(Seven lines here.) 

He was born at ]jarbadoes, March 28"'. 1753, 

and died at liriftol June 28"^. 1S20. 

The said MART PERRY 

died 2r' October 183-3, 

Aged 76 Years. 

Eloor marble over vault in south choir transept: — ■ 



late of the Island of 


died the 23"^ June 1820 

Aged G7 Years. 

1-820, June 28. Samuel Perry. Park Street, S' Augustine's. 67 >". (Cathe- 
dral Register.) 

See the floor-stone in south choir transept. 

John Perry, son of Wm. Perry of Barbados, arm., matric. from Balliol Coll., 
Oxford, 24: Nov. 1757, as^ed 19; bar.-at-Iaw Middle Temple 17(55; one of his 
name was buried in the Temple Church 28 Sep. 1770, and another died a judge 
of the Court of C. P., Jamaica, etc., 30 April 1809. (Foster.) 

Thos. Perry, son of Wm. Perry of Barbados, arm., matric. from Balliol Coll., 
Oxford, 22 Oct. 1701, aged 18. 

ISOG, Ap. 29. Henry Perrv, Esq. aued 83, St. ^lichacl's. (" Barb. Mercury.") 

1835, Oct. 28. Mary Perry. Clifton. 70. (Cat hedral Register.) 

1835, Oct. 21. At Clifion. aged 7G, Mary relict of Samuel Perry, esq. 
formerly of Barbadoes. (" G.M.," G6i.) 

South choir transept, floor marble : — 



o/ihe Ishind of Barbados, 

Obiit U"' March 1821. 

yEtat. GO Years. 

1821, March 21. Sarah Porter Ansticc. Park Street. G9 •"». (Cathedral 

1821, Sat. March 21. Lately, at her house in Park-street, Mrs. Austice, 1. of 
thai, of B. (" F.B.J.') 



In Memory of 


who departed this Life 

the 25">: Jau>': 1779. 

Aged 57 Years. 

In his will dated at Bristol he mentions his plantation in Grenada. Proved 
1780 (192, Collins). 

South wall of south choir aisle. On the highest tablet : — 

Near this Place 

are depofited the remains 


of this CITY 

late of BosTox, north America. 

Obiit IG'h. Dec^ IS 13, .Etatis 87. 

Alfo the remains of MART, 

relict of the above EICH. A ED LECHMERE 

Obiit 19'^ Eeby. ISlo. ^talis 89. 

Also the remains of MARGARET 


Obiit 5">. Sep"-. 1819. 

1813, Sat. Dec. 25. Thursday the 16th inst. at his house in Park-street, 
Richard Lechmerc, Esq. respected by all that knew him, aged S7. (" E.B.J.") 

1813, Dec. 16. At Bristol, in his'S7th yeai-, Richard Lcchmere, esq. (" Gr.M.," 
1814, 95.) 

1815, Sat. Feb. 25. Sunday evening, at her house in Park-street, in her 90"' 
year, Mrs. L. relict of the 1. Richard L. E.-^q. etc. (" P.B.J. " and ■' G.M.," 2S0.) 

Grovr. Hutchinson wrote, 1770, .June 7, that the Lt.-Govr. (Tho. Oliver) 
Col. Vassull, Mr. Lechmere and families are arrived at Dartmouth from Boston. 
("Diary," ii., 61.) 

June 18. At M"" Lane's to visit M'' Lechmere and family. {Ibid., 71.) 

1778, Dec. 9. At Kensington Square to call on M'' Lechmere. {Ibid., 227.) 

Richard Lcchmere of Boston was a Maiulamus Councillor, and ])rescribed and 
banished in 1778. He went to Halifax in 1776, and thence to England. (See 
Sabine's " American Loyalists," 416.) 

It is curious that the Olivers, Vassalls, Lechmcres, all noted loyalists residing 
in Cambridge, Mass., settled in Bristol near each other. 

Below the preceding : — 

Sacred to the ^lemorv 


of the CIRCUS BATH, who died Sepf 25, 181G, 

Aged 51 Years. 

Also of the said THOMAS LECHMERE, 

who died July 5"' 1830, 

Aged 71 Years. 


youngest Danixhter of 


who died 19"'. \)cc'. IS 12, Aged 75 Years. 

" 1794, May 7. Samuel Worrall jun"- Esq. of this Parish and Elizabeth Lt?ch- 
tnere of this Parish were married by L. in the presence of Thomas Oliver. 
Harriet Oliver. Mary Oliver." (St. Augustine's, Bristol, Par. Reg.) 


See ante, I., 24, for note of Greo. WorriiU, late of London, then of Clifton, in 

1816, Sept. 25. Maria, wife of Thomas Lechmere, esq. of Bath. (" G.M.," 

1830, July 5. At Bath, Thos. Lechmere, esq. many years Member of Council 
at Bombay. {Ibid., 93.) 

1842, Dec. 19. At Clifton, aged 75, Elizabetli, relict of Samuel Worrall, esq. 
and last surviving dau. of Eichard Lechmere, esq. of Boston, Massachusetts. 
{Ibid., 1843, 220.) 

South choir transept. Ou small squares of white marble let into the stone 
floor, presumably marking tlie vaults : — 


ObiitDeC 16'h. 1813. 


Obiit 19 Feb^y. 1813 


Ob . . [worn] Sep. . . 1819. 

1819, Sat. Sep. 11. Sunday at Clifton, Margaret, third dau. of the 1. Eichard 
L., Esq. ("P.B.J.") 


died Sep". 25"'. 18 IG 
Aged 51 Years. 



died 5"^. July 1830 

Aged 71 Years. 

Below the Lechmere tablet. In bas-relief is carved a lady lying in bed. 


died February lO'^'. 1832 

Aged four years and seven months 

(Twelve lines.) 

Erected by her grandmother ELIZABETH AVORliALL. 

1832, Feb. 18. Georgeauna Lucy AVorrall. Clifton. 4. (Cathedral Register.) 



South choir aisle, on a floor marble : — 


died February 10"' 1S32, 

Aged 4 Years and 7 mouths. 


South choir aisle, on the floor : — 

DIED Decemuek 19^" 1842, 



1827, May. Lately. At Torquay, Miss "NVorrall, dau. of Samuel W. esq. 
formerly of Clifton. (" GM.," 475.)' 

1840, May G. At Freiichav, a^ed 72, Geo. AVorrall, esq. (Ibid., 100.) 

1842, Dec. 27. ElizabetirWorrall. Cliftou. 75 >". S. Aisle. (Catliedral 

See later for the tablet to Ann "Worrell at Westbury-upon-Trym and others 
in Clifton Church. 

South wall of south choir aisle : — 















1830, Oct. o. Jane Cuthbcrt. The Mall, Clifton. Aged 8G. (Cathedral 

1830, Sept. 28. At Clifton, Jane, relict of Lewis Cuthbert, esq. of Castle- 
hill, CO. Inverness, and of Jamaica. (" G.M.," 380.) 

Adjoining the preceding : — 














1855, Feb. 16. Elizabeth Pinuock Cuthbert. Clifton. Aged 75. (Catliedral 

South choir aisle, on the floor : — 

departed this life 

at Clifton 

Feby. 22"''. 1S19: 

Daughter of LEWLS CUTHBERT Elq'- 

of Castle Hill 

in the Count y of Inverne/t, 

pnd JANE his Wifv\ 



1819, March 2. Mary Cutlibert. Parish of Clifton. 45 i". (Cathedral 

1819, Sat. Feb. 27. Monday at Clifton, Marv, eldest dau. of the late Lewis 
Cuthbert, Esq. of J. (" F.B.J.'"') 


Eelict of the above 


Departed this life 

Sepf. 28"^ 1830, 

Aged 86. 

jgotts ants (l^utrits* 

Nassau, New Providence 

23"": September 1803. 


Tour much Esteem'd Lines under the 30"': of April I did not receive 
untill the 6"' Instant Accompanied by a very Valuable present of K:ist India 
Ct)tton Seed. The Seed, witli your Letter, I took the- earliest opportunity to lay 
before our Bahama Agricultural Society, when the hii,'hest sense of Gratitude 
was express'd by every Member present for Your polite and friendly attention, 
and I was requested to' Convey to you the unanimous thanks of the Society. 

The Bengal Bean vou was so good as to send Us in Dec"'. IbOl has proved 
a Vast accjui^ition to these Islands— it is amazingly productive and goes by the 
name of Sir Joseph Bank's Bean. I sent a few of them to Doct' MitchiU at 
New York who is now ]irop:igating them with a prospect of Success. It anything 
will revive the Spirits of our planters, it will be the encouragement and informa- 
tion you arc so good as to afford them. 




died at Clifton 

February 9"' 1855, 

Aged 75 Years. 

1789, Sept. 10. George Cuthbert, esq ; a representative in the Assembly of 
Jamaica. (" B.C.") 

In St. Catharine's Cathedral is a stone, recording the death '17 June 1789 of 
Geo. Cuthbert Esq. one of the Eeprcsentatives in Assembly for Port Boyal, & 
late Provost Marshal Gcu', aged -12.' He and his brother Lewis (father of the 
Hon. Geo. Cuthbert, President of the Council about 1S81) descended from 
a good family in co. Inverness, settled in J., and married two sisters of the Hon. 
Geo. Pinnock, late President. A third brother, a E. C. Bishop of lihodea, 
escaped from Paris to England during the devolution. (Roby, 18.) 

1802, Sept. 20. Lewis Cuthbert, esq. (■' G.M.," 11G2.) 

17GG, May 31. Lewis Cuthbert, of the parish of Kingston, Merchant, and 
Jane Pinnock, of the same Parish, Spinster. (Kingston, J., Par. Reg. ; Roby, 74.) 

1780, March 20. George Cuthbert, of the Parish of Kingston, Esq. and Ann 
Pinnock, of the parish of St. Andrew, Spinster. {Ibid.) 

{To he continued.) ^ \ 


I am now making a Collection of the Jfarine Productions of these Inlands. 
If there is anything I can send you from hence that will be Acceptable, I shall 
take a great pleasure in Complying with your AVishes. 

I have the honor to be with the greatest Eespect 

Sir, Your obliged & faithfull humble Servant 
The Eight Hon"!': Nath"- Hall. 

Sir Jos''. Banks K.E. 

Original letter on a half-sheet of paper, fob, in the Editor's possession. 
The will of a Tho. AVm. Burlcy Ifall. ordnance store-keeper of the Bahamas, 
Esq., was proved in 179S (542, AValpole). 


In an article contributed to "The Tablet" of 2S Jan. last, Mr. Porcival Lucas 
gives conclusive evidence proving that the late Cardinal Manning was born in the 
year ISOS, and not in 1S07, as stated by Purcell iu his " Biograidiy." 


Francis Brooks, the sixth son of George Brooks, did not die s.p. Tie left at 
least two children, a son AVilliam and a daughter Frances. The daughter mar- 
ried in August 1791 John S pence Brodbclt (St. Doiothy I^egistcr, vol. i.. p. 30), 
and marriage notice in the "St. Jago Gazette" of 4th August 1791 : "Married. 
On Monday evening John S. Brodbelt, Esquire, to iVIiss Frances Brooks, tlie 
daughter of Francis Brooks, Esq., deceased." The Brodbelts had a large family, 
of whom the youngest daughter, .luiian Cardonal (ISOG — 1842), married, 
1 January 1829, my grandfather AVilliam Livingston (1S05— 1SG3). 

The son AA'^illiam Brooks married a sister of the above John Spence Brodbelt, 
namely, Frances Virgo Brodbclt, a few days after his sister's marriage. The 
following is the notice from the "St. Jago Gazette" for 11th August 1791: 
" Married. On Sunday evening last in this Town AVilliam Brooks, Esq., to Miss 
Frances A'^irgo Brodbelt, daughter of John Brodbelt, Esquire." There was issue 
of this marriage two daughters. 

This Mrs. Brooks was a great friend of Michael Scott, the author of " Tom 
Cringle's Log." 

Noel Brooks Livingston. 

Kingston, Jamaica. 


I find that there is iu the Record OtEcc of this Island an exemplification of 
the will of John Spooner of St. George, Bloomsbury, co. Middlesex, which will 
was proved in the P.C.C. 17 January 1758. 

By the Records of Deeds in the same Oilicc I find tliat J. Spooner acquired by 
purchase from .lolm Cossley and others " Eolus Valley " plantation in the parish 
of St. David in this Island, and adjoining lands, in July 1744, also " Cambriilge " 
plantation antl lands in the same pari.sli. Tliey were very extensive properties. 

By a deed of assignment and release he and another obtained from Joseph 
Hiscox and others certain bonds rtdating to property in the parish above named 
in July 174U. And he ohtained other lands iu St. David from John Brook iu 
July 1752. 

By the recitals in this deed of assignment and release it appears that he was 
a merchant, as his lather John Spooner. also of Bloomsbury, was, and both were 


connected in business with Mr. Hiscox — his father with the elder Hiscox, and he 
with the }'oini<:;cr. 

By the records there appear also administrations in Jamaica of the personal 
estate of Jane Isahelhi Spooner of Great Britain, widow, 9 April lb02, and of 
Hungerford Spooner of Great Britain, Esq., 15 October 1S28. 


The records of the Patents of Lands granted to the old settlers of Jamaica 
are all intact. But they are indexed alphabetically in the names of the grantees, 
80 that to get at the dates one has to go through the entire index. 

Geo. F. Judah. 

St. Jago de la Vega, Jamaica. 


I do not think that Thos. Goldwin had any ancestors in Jamaica, and as there 
is no will of his recorded here I can make no reference to it in order to obtain 
information. The ilrst mention of the name of '" Goldwin " in anv of the records 
of Jamaica is in a deed of sale of eleven slaves from George Moufton of f<t. Doro- 
thy, Merchant, to Thomas Goldwin of the same place, ^Merchant, dated 2-1 July 
1773. He thus evidently uuist have arrived in the Island with some moans, for 
in 1777 he married Elizabeth, daughter of Jolm Shickle of Clarendon, a large , 

landed proprietor and owner (infer alia) of "Banks" or "New Savoy" Sugar \ 

Estate and " Shieklc's Pastures " in Clarendon. M'hen Shickle died he left 
Goldwin and AVilliam Coppell (who had, before Goldwin's marriage, married 
another daughter) two of his executors. His personal estate, including slaves 
(£G000), amounted to nearly £GO,000 current money of Jamaica (£*3U,U00 ster- 
ling). He died in 17S2. By the marriage settlement on his daughter's marriage ,,., . 
with Goldwin he settled £5000 on her, Goldwin settling also a like amount, in . '. .- 
the marriage settlement Goldwin is described as of Clarendon, Merchant. In - 
1779 Shickle conveyed to ^Irs. Goldwin fourteen slaves as a Deed of Gift. 

The second and third Deeds of Pecords to Goldwin describe him as also of 
St. Dorothy, Merchant. They are dated respectively 177S and 1779, and are 
conveyances to him of 200 acres in Clarendon, and of MuUctt Hall, GIO acres, also 
in Clarendon. Following are four deeds (1779). The ilrst is from Shickle of an 
estate called Monnsons of 1S5 acres in Yere. The second and third arc supple- 
mental deeds of " ^luUett Hall," and the fourth a conveyance to him of Chapman's 
Hall, 300 acres, in Clarendon. In these he is described as of Clarendon, 
Merchant. I may mention that in 177G, in a deed of conveyance to him of 
"Long's Wharf" in Clarendon from Beeston Long, he is described as of 
St. Dorothy, Merchant, but this deed was not recorded until 178-1. After this 
latter date he acquired properties for himself individually and in conjunction with 
"Wm. Coppell, both of them having become partners and trading in Kingston as 
merchants, and in all these deeds he is described as of Kingston, Merchant. The 
partnership between hin\ and Coppell must have commenced in about 17S1-5, for 
in the latter year Mullett Hall was conveyed in trust to the firm, the property 
having been cleared of the several mortoaffcs on it, which fell into Goldwiu's 
hands. He retired to Great Britain in 179G, for his powers of attorney to Coppell 
and others are dated in June of that year. 

Peter Breton of Kingston married Lucv, sister of Thomas Goldwin, in about 

Mrs. Elizabeth Israel Pickering was evidently the mother of Mrs. Coppell 
and Mrs. Goldwin and of their brother John Hayle Shickle, for John Shickle in 
his will mentions them as children of Elizabeth Montin or Elizabeth .Montin 
Israel. She must have married after the death of John Shickle. 





^ir Cijomas ilpndj, aobrrnor of Samaica,* 

The following extracts from the land records were evidently made in 1733, as 
appears by the eiidcirseulent, and the paper bears a Georgian water-mark. They 
are written on both sides of ten folio sheets, also in the Editor's possession. 


1. King Charles the 2'' by L'rcs Patent dated 12 Decern'' in the 14"' year of 
his Eeign Granted unto Thom^ Lynch his iicirs v<^c'' one parcell of land on point 
Cagway bounding AVestward to Cannon Street Gl- foot Northward 7o foot on tlie 
Land of Jolm Pullein & eastward G() foot on the Land of Richard Ki])ioy which 
is a back Alley for ]ialsage into York Street Si also one other ])areell of Land 
on Point Caggway aforesaid bounding Southward to Queen Street 41 foot Xortii- 
ward 41 foot to the Harbour side Eastward 182 foot on the Land of John Pophain 
& westward 182 foot on the Land of Henry Archbould Esq'' Togea'' etc". 

Lib 1 for 15. 

2. King Charles 2'' by his L'res Patent dat 3 ^Nfareh in the 10"' year of his 
Eeign Granted unto Coll: Thomas Lyncdi his heirs etc" one parcell of Land in the 
Town of Port Royall bounding eastwa'' IDS foot by the Land of Samuel liennett 
& Map' Cove Southward to the High J^treet 51- foot Northward bv the Harliour 
Side I'OO foot & AVestward along broad Street 2G0 foot &c». Lib 1 fol' 4G. 

3. King Charles 2*^ bv L'rcs patent dat 30 April in the 16"' vcar of his Eeign 
Granted unto Tho' Lyn"ch & AVill'" Bracji,' their heirs .^.c" 1000 Acres of i>and <fc 
Lying & Calld by the name of Goat Island Togea'' &.c. Lib 1 fol' 47. 

4. King Charles 2'' by L'res Patent dat 11 May in the IG year of his Eeii;n 
Granted unto Thomas Lynch his heirs Sec" IGOO Acres of Land Called Pera lying | 
in Port St. Thomas & Abutting Southward on the Sea from the ffort to Stony 
Point river west Southerly on Etora bay Po: S' Thomas it George Eobbins west 
on Southns Atkins west Northerly on Henry Astin & E-xtend*"' to the farthermost 
part of the Harbour & northward on AVast from Sea to Sea Togea'' «tc. 

Lib 1 fol' 47. 

5. King Charles 2^ bv his L'res Patente dat 23 INlarch in the 18"' Tear of his 
Reign Gra^nted unto Tliomas Lynch his heirs &c" 23-3 Acres of Land lying at 
Cowbay in the Parish of S' Davids Bounding East on the river west on John 
Barton South on the Sea & North on Robert ffreeman South west on John .Sander- 
son To^eather Ac". I^'lj 2 ful' 31. 

6. King Charles 2" bv L'res Patent dat 2-5 iMarch in the 23'' Year of Ins Reien 
Granted u°nto Coll' Thomas Lvnch 500 Acres of Land lying at the Plantain 
Garden River in S' Thomas Parish bounding North ct west on unpolscs'd Land 
South on the Plantain Garden river & East ou AA^ill'" Hewett Togea' .<tc«. 

Lib 4 fol' 3G. 

7 Kino- Charles the 2'' bv L'res Patent dat 1 July 1G71 in the 23 Year of his 
Eei>^n Granted unto Thomas' Lvnch Es,]'' 95 Acres lying at a place Call'd Butters 
Ysland in the Paiish Extent in" Reef & a rocky Shore boundnig North east South 
& west on the Sea Togea'' Ac". . L'^ 5^'«1 \];^: 

8 KiiK' Charles 2'' bv L'rcs Patente dat 20 INfar m the 1 /"' \ ear of his Rcign 
Granted unto L' Coll Lvnch <fc L' Coll' Hobert ffreeman their herns c<:c" '-27 Acn-s 
of Land or near thereabouts lying in the Parish of S' Davids Conionly tall d the 
Salt Pond Ground with the bav there adjoining S: abutting South on the Sea 
Northwest & west on John Campion East on the mount barr Togeather 

Lib G rol S.5. 

9. King Charles 2'" by L'res Patent dat 8 June in the 23 Year of his Reign 

• Continued from p. 109. 





Granted unto Coll Thomas Lynch 1020 Acres of land lying in Stilou>ans Tally in 
S^ James Parish bounding ^"orth South & \^•c?t on unpolsc.^d Vallv Land & Last 
on Maj' Anthony Collier ToQ;ea'' Sec". Lib 6 foF 83. 

10. Kiii^ Charles 2'^ by Ires patent dat 3 T^Tarcli in the Hi"'' Year of his Keign 
Granted unto L' CoU' Thomas Lynch hi.s Heirs Ac" a parccll of Land on Port 
Eoyal PoinidinsT Eastward 19S foot by the Land of Sam" Bennett ct Major Cope 
Soiitlnvaid to the lliuh Street Tj-l foot" Northward bv the harbour Side 100 foot <t 
westward aloni; broad Street 200 feet i!tc^\ " Lib foF 3-10. 

11. King Charles 2'' by ires ])atent dat 11 May in the lU Year of his Eeign 
Granted unto L' Coll Thomas Lynch IGOO Acres of Land Call'd Pera lying in 
Port S' Thomas & Butting Soutliward on the Sea the fort to Stoiiy Point river 
west Soutlurly on Pcra bay Port S' Thomas it George Kobbins west'on Southwell 
Atkins it Xorthcrly on lienry Astin and Extending to the fartharmost part of 
the Harbour and northward on Wast from Sea to Sea Togeather. 

Lib 9 for 101. 


12. Charles Atldnson by Deed Poll dat 27 Xovember 1073 Convey 'd unto 
S' Thomas Lynch Knt: his heirs etc" 2S00 Acres of Land lying in the Parisli of 
Vera be the same more or lei's bounding as in the Piatt is mentiond Togea"' <tc'. 


13. John Gimbar et Ux et al' by their Deed Poll dat Octo"" 1071 Conveyd 
unto S'' Thomas Lynch his heirs etc'' 000 Acres of Land at Coloburnes in S' Catlie- 
rine's Parish A bounding South on the Sea east on John Gimbar North east on 
Leit: Col] Eobert Byndlossc Xorthwestcrly on Robert Bedford & Anthony 
Bouroughs & west on Coleburns Gully Toj^ea'' etc". Lib 1 fol' 102. 

Charles Atkinson by his Deed Poll dat IS September lG7-i Conveyd unto 
S"" Tho' Lynch Kn' all those three parcells of Land lying in the Parish of 
S' Thomas The 1=' parcell Cent. 1070 Acres bounding South on S'' Thomas Lynch 
east on Land unsurveyd Xorth on Coll Charles "Whitfeild Nicholas "NVilks <t John 
Cooper it west on a mountain the 2'^ Parcill Scituate at Port iNIorant Cont 
3 Acics I Bounding North on M'' Charles Probert & Bryan Arvan east Southerly 
on tlie Said Charles Probert east on the Land of Capt" Southwell Atkins it west 
on the Parish Land the S*" parcell Cont: 1 Acre Scituate at Port ]\[orant at or 
near a place Call'd Baphouse bay bounding North & South Mcst on Charhs 
Probert east on the Land late of Capt" Sowtluvell Atkins Capt Nicholas Lewis it 
Capt Thomas Bryan <fc also 2 parcells of Land lying at Plantain Garden river in 
the said Parish of S* Thorn"* the first Containing by Estimation S2 acres bounding 
north on Plantain Gardon river east on Land unsurvey'd South on James Littleton 
E.'^q'' it west on Le^ Coll Bohert ffreeman the other Parcell cont: 700 Acres 
bounding North on Mountains East on AVill'" Hewitt South on Plantain Garden 
river west on Bobert Jacob it also 1000 Acres of Land in the Parish of S' ^larys 
bounding Nortiierly it Easterly on unpoli*est wood land Southerly on unpolscst 
land Thomas Cary it James Beard it wejsterly on liobert Jemy the little Shippey 
river next the Said Robert Jemys it Puerto jMaria Eastermost river & also 
GO foot Square of Stoneliouse Land at Puerto Maria Great bay bound'': North on 
the Sea Shore East on Puerto Maria Eastermost river South it west on Town 
land not taken uj) it also all that parcell of Land at Lynch Yale in the Parish of 
S' Elizabeth cont: bv Estimatioii ."iOOO Acres bounding North on John Gael John 
Dweldcr and L' A\'illi:un Siuckler easterly on Mountains Sli])ps of Savannah 
woodland it Humales unsurvey'd South on Maj'' .Anthony Collier westerly on the 
said ^hx]" Collier it on himself it John Gael it unsurveyd Land it also 50 Acres 
lying in S' Catheriue Parish bounding North on Cajjt AVill'" .Molins South it west 
on a Sandv bay or Gully east on Doctor Henry Hilliard Togea'' itc". 

• ' Lib. 1 fol' 3S5. 

U. Anthony Collier et al' by their Deed P. 11 dat 14 Febr>- 1072 Conveyd 
unto S' Thoma'a Lynch one Qua'rter part of 2000 Acres of Laud lying in the 



Parish of S* Catherines Bounding Xovthwest west <fc Southwest on Johu Cole 
back Bowers Gull wast Ebonics & the f^aid John Cole becks Crawle South on the 
Sea & North ca^t on Darby Cicci William tilood George Paifsell :Michnel W'hallv 
Joseph Benton William Benton t<i INIntes Togca^ &c. Lib 1 fol' 200. 

15. John Gimball >fc Eobert Bedford by their Deed Poll Dat 20 June 1(571 
Conveyd unto S'' Thomas I-yindi Kn' liis heirs etc" 52 Acres of Land in S' Cathe- 
rines Parish at a place Call'd the Comons bounding west on the Said Gimball 
Coleburns Gully and Jenkins Morgan North on the Said Gimball Northwest on 
the Said Gimballs Penu Ease & Southeast on L' Coll Bobert Byndlols South on 
the Said S'' Thomas Lynches Savanna (tlie said land being parcel! of greater 
Quantitys Granted unto the Said Gimball & Bedford Togeather «S:c". 

Lib 1 fol" 313. 

16. Henry Wooliscott & Francis Cobb by their Deed Poll dat 17 Septcm'' 
1674 Convey'd unto Sir Thomas Lynch 230 Acres of Savannah Land (being part 
of 814 Acres lying in Adams on Savanah Bounding North & North west on the 
Said S'' Thomas Lynch his land East on John Atkins & South & Southeasterly on 
the Said ffrancis Wooliscott Togea'' &c». Lib 1 fol' 3S4. 

17. Kichard Boys & Elinor his Wife By tlieir Deed Poll dat 1 Septcm'' 1G71 
Conveyd unto S'' Thomas Lynch his heirs Ac" a parcell of Land with the Houses 
thereon erected Cont': by Estimation 200 foot along the Parade & a Parralcl'd line 
by a back Street by Allwinckle lying NNW & SSE as bv Severall Patents Appear 
Togea^ ScC". ' ' Lib 4 fol' SI. 

IS. Will'" Grey by Deed Poll dat 29 Feb^ 1G7§ convey'd unto S'^ Thomas Lynch 
his heirs &c'' 2000 Acres of Land lying in the Parish of S' Catherine in the Salt 
Pond Savanna & Salt Pond Mountaine bounding South east on the Sea Southwest 
on the great Salt Ponds west Southwest on Coll' Eobert Byudlols & Capt John 
Noy NW on Richard Hemmings west & North west on George Elkins & North 
on Capt Nov Togea'' ^c". Lib 5 fol' S7. 

19. Timothy Dodd by Deed Poll dat 20 June 1672 Conveyd unto S-- Thomas 
Lynch his heirs &c" all that Parcell of Savanna Land Containing by Estimation 
300 Acres be the Same more or Ids lying in the Parish of S' Catherines upon 
fflemings Savanna Togea'' &c'^. Lib 5 fol' 101. 

20. Capt Gifford Penant by Deed Poll dat 13 Jan^ 167| Conveyd unto 
S'' Thomas Lynch his licirs etc" all that Melsuage or Tenement witli tlie Enclosure 
Scituate & being in the Town of S' Jago de la A'cga bounding North west on 
Anthony Harvev 139 foot Nortlieast on the Common Street 123 foot Southwest 
132 foot South East 139 foot Tocjea'- &c\ Lib 5 fol' 102. 

21. John Coleback by Deed Poll Dat G Mar 167i Afsignd Over unto S'' Tho- 
mas Lynch all his Bight Title & Literest in a Certain house Scituate in S' Jago 
de la Vega Containing 270 foot square bounded on the West by the said Town 
Savanna North by the House & Yard of L' Edward AYillis South by the highway 
east by the Street &c\ Lib 5 fol" 102. 

22. John ffountani by Deed Poll dat 25 ffeb>' 107^ Conveyd unto S"" Thomas 
Lynch his heirs etc" 1020" Acres of Land lying in the Parish of S' .Alarys boundin<: 
Northerly partly on Land unsurveyd & partly on Capt Joachim Home Ea.-tfrly 
on unsurVeyd Land & Jovce his Gully next Thomas Guesi Southerly on unsurveyd 
hilly woodland & the little Slippery river westei-ly on Thomas Guest ct Comi)any 
George ffav and land unsurvevd Toccather Ac". Lib fol 155. 

23. John Atkinson by Deed Poll dat 23 feb>' 107^ Conveyd unto Si^ Thomas 
Lynch 120 Acres in the Parish of Claiendon & bounding all round on l^and 
unsurvev'd & also 120 Acres of Land lying in the Parish of N'ere bo_iiiiding North 
westerly on a Sandy Gully East Soutiierly on the Pye Corner Coinon Soutli on 
wast land & Southwest on"hin.self Togca.ther Sec". Lib fol' 100. 

21. Charles Atkinson bv Deed Poll dat 12 May 1075 Convey'd unto S"- Thomas 
Lvirdi his heirs etc" 3 parcclls of Land the 1 Parcell Cont 050 Acres Scituate in 
S''Marv Parish boumlini; Northeasterly on the Sea Shore North west on Thomas 
Guefse' West Southerly ou wast hilly Laud S'' Thomas Lynch his former Survey 


& South east ou Capt Jolin ffoster & M"- X'opher Stace tlie 2'' parcell Cont: 190 
Acres Scituate to tlio Eastward of the iipi)cr tork'd river in S' Thomas in the Vale 
bounding on all Sides on ^Mountains the other parcill Cont: 100 Acres Seituate 
in iho I'arish of S' Andrews hounding Xoriliwest on Maj"" Will'" Parker & 
Company & ]M'' Childermas Jjouth west on the Town river Soutli East &, Northeast 
on the Inhabitants of the Town of Port l^oyall Tosjeather Ac". T-ih G fol" 1U7. 

25. Cai)t. Bawden Nicholson by Deed" Poll dat 12 April 1G7.5 Conveyd unto 
S'" Thomas Lynch his heirs I'Cc" 20 Acres of land lying in the Parish of S" Thomas 
bounding Noi'thwestward it AVest .Southward on y" Said Capt Bowden Nicholson 
& east & south eastward on the Said S'' Thomas Lvnch Togea'' &.c^. 


26. Charles Atkinson by Deed Poll dat 20 Octo"" 107") Conveyd unto S'' Thomas 
Lynch his heirs &c^ 14 Acres of Land in the Parish of S' Davids hounding South 
on the Sea Northwesterly on Julm Powley North easterly tt East Southerly on 
S'' Thomas Lynch Togeatlier. " " Lib 7 fol" 83. 

27. Will"' Knollis et al' by their Ind're dat 18 Nov'' 1G7G Conveyd unto 
S'' Thomas Lynch his heirs (ic" 121) Acres of Land (part of 800 Acres) in' Sixteen 
Mile walk in the Parish of S' Catherines bounded Northeasterly on Wiil"' 
Matthews & William Ilobblcton Southeasterly upon Jolni Archer M' Thomas 
Lambert &, the Dry Eiver South west upon George Nedham Esq'' it Norllnvesterly 
on William Cufsan's Will"' Nedham & Will'" Matthews Togea^ Lib 8 fol' 04. 

28. Simon Musgrave by Deed I'oll dat 7 June 1GS2 Did bargain ct Sell unto 
S"" Tho^ Lynch his heirs (.Ic" one parcell of Land Scituate in the Parish of Port 
Eoyall bounding Northerly on Land formerly Granted to ]iobert Byndiofse Et^(i'' 
53 foot Southerly on the High Street 11 foot i Westerly on his Ex'cy S'' Thomas 
Lynch Kn^ &c^ 178 foot & Easterlv ou Land formerly belonging to John Mann ..t 
John Pearcy Esq"- 173 foot Togea' "etc". Lib 13 fol' 223. 

29. Nicholas Phillpott by Deed poll dat 30'' Novem'' 1GS2 Conveyd unto 
S'' Thomas Lynch his heirs etc'' the One Moiety or half part of 30G Acres of Laud 
lying in the Parish of S' Catheruies be y*^ same more or lefs bounding west 
Southerly on Nathaniel Bradly & a Eidge & on all other Sides on AVast Alouufains 
with the "Half of all buildings thereon Erected Togea' etc". Lib 14 fol' 200. 

30. Edward Broughtou by ]:»eed Poll dat 2G Jan-^ 1G82 Conveyd unto S'' Tho- 
mas Lyncli his heirs etc" 210 .Acres of Land in S' Georges Parish boundiug East 
on Thomas & Charles JModyford Esq^^ et unpoTsest Land South on Eobcrt Jones 
West on Naldo Eiver North ou Gleb Land et AVilliam Bull Togea'' etc". 

Lib 15 for [). 

31. AVilliam Parker by Deed poll Dated 17feb> 1GS2 Convey'd unto S"- Thomas 
Lynch his heirs etc" all that jiarcell of Laud lying in Port Koyall Cont: IIG foot 
square bounding l-ast on Elizabeth A\^eeks Southward upon the High Street 
AA''estward upon John AVhite et Northward on the Harbour et also a Parcell of 
ground et Shoalwater rccoverd or to be recoverd out of the Sea for a Wliarfe upon 
Port Koyall bounding Northerly on the Sea 114 foot Soutlserly upon the Comon 
Street left by the Law of thislt^land 114 foot AVesterly on Shoal Water not yet 
survey'd 50 foot & easterly on Shoal Water not vet survcyd 50 foot ToLroa'' etc". 

Lib 15 f(d" 24. 

32. Maj' Anthony Collier et al' by their Deed Poll dat 14 feb> 1072 Conveyd 
unto S'' Thomas Lynch One (Quarter part of 2(!00 Acres of Land lying in the 
Parish of S' Catherines hounding Northwest west west et Sonthwe^;t (ui John 
Coleback Bowers (tuII wast Ebonies it tiu» said John Colebacks Crawle South on 
the Sea et North east on Darby Cecil WiUium lllood the s;ii(i Lon.:s Negro Plan- 
tation George liul'seil .Micliaci Whaly Joseph Benton et AVilliam Benton et Mates 
Togeather etc". ' Lib 15 ioV 95. 

33. A'alentine Haughtou by Deed Poll dat 2G June 1G83 Convewl unto 
S' Thomas Lynch his heirs etc" "one IMoiety or half |)art of a 1000 .Acres of Laiul 
in S' Marv's Parish hounding North ou D"octor ffiilke Bose et L' Thomas Mertyn 
East OQ Anthony Collier Esq^ South on Charles Atkinson & west on M' Edward 



Haughton & M' Nicholas Phillpott (Except 40 Acres of aaid Land Sold to Jolin 
Apentatc) & also the Moiety of 11 Xe^^roe SlaTe;^ To^ea^ Ac". Lib lo t'ol' 1:51. 

34. Angelina ftaiie by Deed Poll dat 10 .\.ug-'' HiH'.i Coiiveyd unto «■" 'I'liomas 
Lynch his lieirs itc* 210 Acres of Land lyini,'' in 16 mile wa"lk in the Parish of 
S' Catherines bounding South East on Salvatlors Cockpitts Norllnvest on wast 
woodland Southwest on John Eidgcwav & South east on wast woodland 
Togeather &c\ ' Lib l-j fol' 1.59. 

35. S"- Charles iModyford by Deed Poll dat' 30'*' August 1GS3 Convewl unto 
S^ Thomas Lynch his heirs etc" "l32 foot of Port Maria Great bay bounding North 
on the Sea & South east on Porta Maria Moate & also 132 foot Shoal Water lying 
before the said Bay Land etc". Lib 15 fol' 100. 

36. Henry Earle of Clarendon by Deed Poll dat 26 March 1677 Conveyd unto 
Si" Thomas Lynch & Charles Plerbert Esq'' their heirs &c* 2000 Acres of woodland 
&< 1000 Acres of Savannah lying in the Parish of Clarendon be the same more or 
lefs bounding west on Poms river & rocky Mountains South on Savanna North 
on Mountain Laud & East on Savannah South on Michael Boulton Totrea'' etc*. 

Lib 15 fol' 214. 

37. Charles Herbert Esq"- by Deed Poll dat 25 Jan? 1677 Convoyd unto 
S'' Thomas Lynch his heirs etc" all the Moiety or half part of 2000 Acres of wood- 
land 1000 Acres of Savanna Land lying in the Parish of Clarendon (be the same 
more or lets) bounding west on Porus Kiver & liocky Mountains South on 
Savanna North on A Mountainous Land East on Savanna & South on Nicholas 
Boultou Togea'- &c^ Lib 15 fol" 2 13. 

38. S"^ Charles Modyford by Indenture dat 20 Novem'' 1GS3 Conveyd unto 
S'' Thomas Lynch his heirs etc" the Moiety or half part of 2 Parcclls of Land the 
1^' Parcell lying in the Parish of S' Georges Cont 632 Acr^s bounding Northerly 
on unpofsest Land Westerly <fc Southerly on Kidges & the Pointers of liidges <t 
Easterly on the Day Eiver & unpolsest I-and the the Others parcell Cont 20 Acres 
lying in the Parish of S' Marys bounding North on Maj'' Generall Tho' Modyford 
AVest & South on Solomon Gabav & David Gouiez East on Waggwater bay 
Togea^ &<:". ' Lib 15 fol" 224. 

39. James Goddard by Deed Poll dat 15 Jan!^ 16SJ Conveyd unto S-" Thomas 
Lynch his heirs ic'' 2 Parcells of Land Cont 3700 Acres Scituate it bounding as 
in the Letters Patent dat 14"^ of Jau'>' in the 35 Year of his Maty King Charles 2'' 
Eeigu is Express'd Togea'' etc". Lib 15 fol' 22 1. 

40. Edward Hunt as Attorney to Nathaniel Bradly by deed Poll dat 28 May_ 
1683 Conveyd unto S' Thomas Lynch his licirs etc" the one Moiety or half part of 
Ninety acres of land at Eio Oro in the Parish of S' Catherine bounding North 
East on Capt Jn" Bourden South East on wast Cockpitt South on Capt Joachim 
Haues North west on Salvadnrs Cockpitts Togea' etc\ Lib 15 fol' 225. 

41. llender Molesworth Esq'' by deed poll dat 10"' June 16b4 did bargain et 
Sell unto S'' Thomas Lynch 360 Acres of land lying in the Parish of S' Marys 
bounding N'orth on Valentine Haughton Last on land formerly Surveyd for 
S' Thou? Lynch South on S'' Orlando Bridgcmau & westerly on land Surveyd 
for the King et also 2 Parcells of land lying et being in S' Marys Parish ^the first 
Parcell Coul;: 1360 Acres bounding North on John Pe.irce et M'' Valentine 
Haughton east on unpoi'sest wood land et Anthony Collier Esq' et South et west 
on unpols' woodland the other parcell Containing 36 foot Square of Storehouse 
land on Porto Maria bay bounding North on the Sea Shore east on S'' Thomas 
Lynch Kn' South on town land west on town land untakcn up Togeather etc". 

^ Lib 15 fol' 101. 

42. ffulke Rose et L^x'' bv their Indre dat 22 Mar 1685 Conveyd unto y*^ Said 
S'' Thomas Lynch his heirs "etc" 47 Acres lying in the Parish of S' Thomas in the 
Vale bounding North on Capt Joachim lloiiie North east on wast land South east 
on the lower Sorked river South on Kocky Mountains westerly on John l^d-^eway 
IVea'&c*. Lib 17 fol' 91. 

°43 Elizabeth Hardwick by Deed Poll <lat 3 FebT 1671 Alsigned over unto 



unto S"- Thomas Lynch all her Rii;;lits & Title & Interest in the House & Grounds 
in the J'own of S^ Jago de la Vega & bound .South on John Lawrence east ou 
the Comon Street west on the tSavauah North on wast land Togca'' Ac*. 

° Lib 27 fol' 185. 


44. Thomas Lynch by Indrc dat 12 Jau^^ 16(34 Conveyn unto Robert Byndlols 
his heirs etc'' one Mel^uage or Tenement Scituate in S' .Jago de la Vega late in 
the Pofsefsion of Edward Lucy Esq^ & likewile one Plantation with a Cocoa 
Walk & Land being by Estimation SO Acres Scituate in the 7 Plantations in 
Clarendon Parish late in the Polselsiou of one George Houldsworth & also one 
other Plantation Togea'' &.c\ Lib 1 fol' GO. 

45. S'' Thomas Lynch by deed poll dat 5 Aug^' 1674 Did bargain &, Sell unto 
Coll John Cope a hundred & ten Acres of Bogg Land in the Parish of S' Cathe- 
rines lying between Land Conveyd to y' Said Coll Cope & y^ Land of Capt John 
Bourden & George Elkins Togca'.tc''. Lib 1 fol' 301. 

46. S'- Thomas Lyneli by Deed Poll dat 20 July 1G74 Conveyd unto Coll' John 
Cope 600 Acres of Land lying in the Parish of S' Catherines bounding South on 
the Sea East on John Gimbar JS'orth cast on L' Coll' Kobert Byndlolse Xorth 
westerly on Kobert Bedford & Anthony Borroughs & west on Colebornes Gullv 
Togeather &c\ Lib 1 fol' ,360. ' 

47. S"" Thomas Lynch by deed poll dat 22'* f'eby 1671 Conveyd unto Edmund 
Stevenson one parccll of land lying on Port ]ioyall heretofore Call'd by the Name 
of Point Cagway bounding westward to Cannon .Street 61 fout Northward 75 foot 
on the land of John Pullein & Eastward 66 toot on the Land of llichard Kipley 
which is a back Alley for a Pafsage unto York Street Togea'' &c". 

Lib 4 fol' 126. 

48. S^ Thomas Lynch by deed Poll dat 22 feb^' 167-i Conveyd unto Nicholas 
Hicks heirs &c'' one Moiety or half part of a parcell of Land lying upon Point 
Cagway bounding Southward to Queen Street 41 foot Northward 41 foot to y' 
Harbour Side Eastward 1S2 foot on y' Land of John Popham westward 182 foot 
on the Land of Henry Archbould 'E<(f Togea"- &c'\ J^ib 6 fol' 139. 

49. S'' Thomas Lynch by deed poll dat Mar 167* Conveyd unto S'' Thomas 
Goddard his heirs &c^ 1020 Acres of land Lying in Stileinan's Vally in the Parish 
of S' James's bounding North South & west on unpolsest Valley Land i east on 
Maj' Anthony Collier^Togea'' Xc^ Lib 6 fol' 170. 

50. S"- Thomas Lynch by Deed poll dat IS ^lar 1675 Conveyd unto .John Lord 
Vaughan his heirs &c^ a Certain Dwelling House Scituate in S' Jago de la Vega 
with the wast House &c* on y"^ Laud thereunto beloiming & Enclosd bounding 
East on the Parade liiS foot on a Street 17S feet west on Land not yett 
Polsefsd 124 feet & South on a Street 191 feet & also one other hou>e Si Yard 
Purchas'd from John Coleback Esq'' c*c bound on the west by y' Said Town 
Savanna A Some Negroe houses North by the House & Yard of L' Coll' Edward 
"Willys South by the High way East by the Street Togea' &c». Lib 6 fol' 1S9. 

51. S"^ Thomas Lvnch & Dame Vere his Wife bv then- deed poll dat 12 Decern'' 
3076 did llelease & Contirm unto Will"' Crane his heirs &c» all their Right Title 
Claymc or Intrest of in tt to IbO Acres of Land in the Parish of S' Dorrothy 
being part of a Place Call'd Bowers Savanna Togeather etc-"*. Lib S fol' 125. 

52. S' Thomas Lynch et al' by tlieir deed poll dat 26 february 167^, Conveyd 
unto Cai)t George Gallop his heirs Sec' 66 Acres of Land in S' Catharines Parish 
& Bounded as in Plate thereunto Annexed & mentiond Togca'^ etc*. 

Lib S fol' 155. 

53. S'' Thomas Lvncli by deed poll dat 6 Aug'' 1673 Conveyd unto ffrancis 
Hudson his heirs ctc^' all that Parcell of Land lying on Port Koyall Hounding 
Eastward by the Land of Sam" Hennett 198 feet Southward to high Street SO foot 
westward along broad Street 260 foot Northward by the Harbour Side lOO foot 



54. S' Thomas Lynch by deed poll dat 12 Xar 1677 Couvt-y'd unto ffraiicis 
Watson his heirs ic" 200t) Acres of wood Land Sc lOOO Acres Savanna bounding 
west on Porus lliver & Eocky Mountains ^outh on Savanna North on Moun- 
tainous Land & East on Savanna South on Nicholas Boultou Togea'' etc". 

Lib 9 fol' 55. 

55. S'' Thomas Lynch by deed poll dat 22'' Decern"" 1G82 Convcyd unto 
Joshua Smith his heirs &c" lUOO Acres of Land lying in Port S'' Tho' Jt' butting 
Southward on the Sea from the li'ort to Stony Point Kiver west Southerly on 
Pera Bay Port St Thomas & George Kobbius West on Southwell Atkins west 
Northerly on Henry Astin & ExtendinLi; to y*-' farthermost part of \^ Harbour & 
Northward on waste from Sea to Sea vt also 1U70 Acres lyinij in S' Thomas Parish 
bounding Sotith on S' Thomas Lynch East on Land unsurveyd North on CoU' 
Charles Whitfcild Nicholas Wilkes & John Cooper & west on a ^[ountain «t also 
20 Acres of land in the Said Parish of S' Thomas bounding Northwestward vfc west 
South'ard on the Said Bawden Clanson ^ East Southeastward on the Said 
S^ Thomas Lynch Togea'' &c^ Lib 14. fol' IbO. 

56. S-- Thomas Lynch by Deed Poll dat 17 feby 1682 Conveyd unto Coll' 
Will" Parker his heirs &c^ a Parcell of Land on Port Koyall bounding Northerly 
on the Land of the laid S'' Thomas Lynch Ku' 72 foot Easterly on the Land late 
of ffrancis Hudson 108 feet Southerly on the High Street 60 feet westerly ou 
Water Lane or broad Street 111 foot Togea"" etc". Lib 15 fol' 40. 

57. S"" Thomas Lynch by Deed Poll dat 26 June 16S3 Conveyd unto Valentine 
Haughton his heirs &c" one JNloiety or half part of 1020 .Acres of Land lying in 
S' Mary's Parish bounding Northerly partly on Land unsuricyd ^t partly on 
Joachim Hains Easterly on unsurveyd Laud & Juyce his GruUy Next Tliomas 
G-uefs Southerly on unsurveyd hilly wood land & the little Slippere iiwcv & 
westerly ou Thomas Gaels & C" George ffry & Laud unsurvevd Toueather <tc". 

Lib 15 fol' 117. 

58. S"' Thomas Lynch by Indre dat 17 JNLar liiS} Conveyd uuto Joseph 
Harbiu & Charles Pope their heirs Ac"^ all that his Plantation lying in the Parish 
of S^ Thomas bounded Northward on John Cooper Nicholas Wilks & L' Coll' 
Charles Whitfeild Eastward on Land unsurvey'd & a Morois Southward oil the 
Sea & westward on y*^ Land of Capt Bowthen' Clolsen & a Morois Containing 
by Estiraatioii 30G0 Acres of Laud be y'= Same more or lels Togeathcr etc". 

Lib 15 fol' 36. 

59. S"- Thomas Lvuch by Deed Poll dat 2S December 1672 Alsignd Over 
unto Capt Gifford Pennant his heirs ic" all his Kight Title et Intrest of the 
House & Ground in the Town of S' Jago de la Vega & bound Sjuith on John 
Lawrence East on the Common Street west ou the Saviiuna A Nortli on wast 
Land Togea^ &c^ Lil> -7 i'ol" 1-^- 

True docketts fifty Nine in Number. 

^ Copy. Jos- Maxwell Secry. 

(Brit. Museum, Add. MS. 27,968, fol. 28.) 

Bap. 1671, Oct. 26 Charles S. of Sir Thomas & Vere Lynch. 
1673, Julv 27 Thomas S. of Sir Thomas et Vere Lynch. 
Mar. 1684, June y'= 24 His Ivxcellcncy Sir Thomas Lynch et Madam Mary 


In the tabular pedigree on p. 100 her previous marriage with Sir Tho. Lyttel- 
tou has been given, but as she was only 18 in 16Si 1 doubt the correctness 
of this. 

152 cauibbeaIn^a. 

33utI)S, BtatljQ, antJ iMarriagcs from tlje 
** Barbaticis iltltvciuj^ '* anti '' BSiitiactolun 
(gajcttt/* 1805 to 1818/ 

By EDWAED GOULBURX SIXCKLEK, Police Magisthate, Baebados. 


June 5 (Killed) Ou the 20th ult., His Majesty's Brig "Surinam" fell in with 
an American privateer of IS guns and a Loiiff Tom, off Surinam river, ^\'e 
regret that one of the shots from the American Traversing gun deprived the 
Navy of the services of Lieut. John F. llowloy, whose head was severed from 
bis body. 

June 8 (Married) On Tuesday morning last, Mr. Kobert Purchase to Miss 
Elizabeth Dawson. On Thursday, Philip Drayton, Esq., Attorney at law, to 
Miss May T. Alsop ; also Mr. James Kced to .Miss .Mary Madden. And on 
Saturday evening, Mr. William Mandertleld to Miss Elizabeth McClure 

June 12 (Death) The remains of Ensign 3Iackintosh of the JJth "West India 
Begiment, who died of a wound he received ui a daiel on the preceding day, 
near St. Ann's, were interred at St. Micliatd's Church on Tuesday evening 
last. (Married) On i'uesday last, N. Asliby, Esq., of the Customs of this 
Port, to Miss Sarah No well. 

June 15 (Married) On AVednesday evening last, at St. Ann's, Lieut. Kichard M. 
McDonald, 3rd "West India Begiment, to Mrs. E. II. Storey. 

June 22 (Birth) Ou Tuesday last, the lady of the Bev. Mr. Crittens, of a son. 

June 26 (Married) This morning, John Iv. McBreedy, Esq., Deputy Assistant 
Commissary General, to Miss Ann B. White. 

June 29 (Died) Ou Saturday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Best of the parish of Christ 

July 3 (Death) Ou Wednesday moriiing last a fatal accident happened ou board 
His Majesty's Ship "Venus,' at present refitting in this Bay. While in the 
act of receiving on board a new bowsprit, the heel of it suddenly came in 
contact with the head of lirst Lieut. Hart and so severely fractured his skull 
as to occasion his death in a quarter of an hour. The decea>ed was the son 
of the late Admiral Hart and only 25 years of age. His remains were brought 
on shore in the evening and internd at St. Michael's Church with those 
honours due to his rank ami merit. 

July 10 (Birth) On Thursday morning, the lady of James Walcott, Esq., of a 

July 13 (Birth) The wife of Mr. Thomson of tlie Theatre Boyal of this town, of 
a daughter. (Death) Mrs. Tynes, wife of Mr. John Tynes of this town. 

July 17 "(Died) Mrs. Tucker, wife of J. D. Tucker, Esq., and :Mrs. Sieuzac 
' Bawlins, both of this Town. 

July 20 (Married) At tiie Saints, un the 12th iust., Lieut. Michael AVrayford, 
ll.N., Governor of that Island, to the amiable and much accomplished 
Madame Zabotl. 

Aug. 11' (Died) On Thursday last, Miss Cells, a young lady much esteemed 
°aud beloved by her family and friends. 

• Continued from p. 137. 


Aug. 21 (Died) At St. Thomas, ou the 2.jth ult., Major Whitmore, Royal AV.I. 
Rangers, and on the 27tli, Capt. Taitt, Uth WA. Kt-j^n. (Afterwards this 
notice of death was corrected to Major Tate /tot Capt. Tate.) 

Sep. 4 (Died) On the 7th July, iu the City of Bath (Eni,'L'ind), where she 
went for the recovery of her health, Mrs. Hinds,* wife of William Hinds, 
Esq., and only sister of .ioseph Leacock, Esq., of this island. In the parish 
of Christ Church, ]Mrs. Margaret Kirton. 

Sep. 7 (Died) xit i'assage, near this Town, ^Ir. Reun Hamden "Walrond, aged 
22 years. 

Sep. 11 (Birth) On Tuesday the 7th inst., at Mount Brevitor, the Lady of 
Joseph Leacock, Esq., of a son. 

Sep. 14 (Died) Ou his passage to England, Haynes AUeyne, Esq., sou of the 
Hon. John E. Allejue of this Island. At Portland (X.B.), ou the 17ch July, 
Major Robert Hazen, late in the command of a battalion of the GUtli Foo't. 
At Halifax, Capt. Douglas, R.X., son of Vicc-Admiral Douglas. 

Sep. 18 (Died) In Spain, of a wound which he received on the attack of 
St. Sebastian, Capt. Dubordieu, Royal Artillery. He was an officer of much 
merit, and had served in that Corps on this station for some time, during 
which he had highly distingui.shed himself. Yesterday, at Bailey's Planta- 
tion in the parish of St. John, John Wiltshire, Esq. 

Sep. 25 (Married) Ou Thursday morning, at Michael's Church, by the Rev. 
Mr. Allinson, Rector of St. Philip, Thomas A. Junes, Esq., to Miss Sarah B. 
Hall. (Died) Yesterday morning, Mr. Beresford, Apothecary, of this Town. 

Oct. 9 (Died) Ou Wednesday evening last, at Welch's in the parish of 
Christ Church, Mrs. Eversley, Wife of Lieut. Colonel Eversley of the 
St. Michael's Royal Regiment of Militia in this Kland. And in tiiis Town, 
Mr. Samuel Beresford (probabl}" the same mnn mentioned Sep. 2o). 

Oct. 12 (Married) At Deal, England, Capt. G. Reynolds, R.X., to Miss Doweis, 
eldest daughter of Governor Doweis of the Royal Naval Hospital uf that 
place. And at Bath, Johu J. L. Alexander, Esq., of the Island of St. Lucia, to 
Mary, widow of the Right Hon. Robert Cuilen, late one of the Lords of 
Session and Justiciary in Scotland. 

Oct. 16 (Died) On Thursday last, Mrs. Hill, wife of William Hill, Esq., of this 

Oct. 19 (Died) Ou Saturday last, ]\[iss Mary Popel Pile, and her remains 
were deposited in the Church of St. Michael on the following day. 

Oct. 26 (Died) On Sunday last, Mrs. Killikelly of this Town. 

Oct. 30 (Death) A vacancy having occurred in the General Assembly by the 
death of P. Culpepper, Esq., late representative for the parish of .'^t. Joseph, 
W. Adamsou, Escj., was chosen, and having attended, was sworn and, admitted 
a member of the House (of Assembly). 

Nov. 9 (Married) On Sunday last, at Sit. Michael's Church, Dr. J. A. Walcott 
to Miss Robson. 

Nov. 23 (Died) On Saturday night last, at Jackman's Plantation in the parish 
of St. George, Mrs. Thornhill, relict of Timothy Thornhill, Esq. 

Nov. 27 (Died) On Tuesday last, Samuel, the youngest son of John Iron- 
monger, Sen., Esq., of this Town. 

Nov. 30 (Died) Yesterday, Mr. William AVilkius ; and this morning. Miss Sarah 
Doughty, both of this Town. 

Dec. 4 (Married) Lately, at St. John's Church, by the Rev. Mr. Quintyne. 
Mr. Earuum, aged 63" years, to Mrs. Searles, aged 60. (Died) Mrs. Abel 
Ann Melvin and Mrs. Mandertield. both of this Town. 

Dec. U (Died) In England, the Rev. Mr. Moe of this Island; and on his 
passage hither ou board the ship " Irlam," Henry Cock, Esq., uucle to Capt. 
Cock of the Ports of this Colony. 

* See her M.I. iu Dath Abbey, Vol. I., p. 28. 




Dec. 18 (Died) At Falmouth, England, on the 10th October last, the Hon. 

Ackey Lawrence, late President of His Majestv's Council of tlic Island of 

St. Lucia. 
Dec._28 (Married) On Sunday evening last, at the " Rising Sun " Plantation 

in Christ Cliurch, AV. Mallouey, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of 

Rowland Taylor, Esq. 


Jan. ^ 1 (Married) The Rev. Mr. King, Officiating Rector of thi.s, to Miss 
Sarah, daughter of Dr. Renn Hamden. In Christ Church, John Grant 
Straghan, Esq., St. Joseph's, to Miss Cook, sister of the Deputy Purveyor 
of the Forces on this Command. John Poyer, Es(]., to ]\Iiss Mary E. Bayne. 
"William Mulonev, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth L. Tavlor (same iprobably as 
Dec. 2Sth, 1818.— E. G. S.). 

Jan. 4 (Married) On 23rd October last, at Mary le Bonne Church, London, 
Edward Stelielin, Esq., IGth Regt., son of ^lajor General Stehelin, Royal 
Artillery, to Mary Ann, youngest daughter of George Archdale Lowe, Esq., 
of Yauxhall. 

Jan. 15 (Died) On Tuesday last, Tiiomas Applewhaite. Jun., Esq. 

Jan. 25 (Deatlis) The Rev. Henry Quintyne, Rector of the parish of Saint John, 
and Chai)]ain of the House of Assembly of this Island; and ou Friday last, 
Francis Miller, Senr., Esq., who formerly and for many years commanded 
the Troop of Life Guards embodied in this' Town. 

Jan. 29 (Died) .At St. Pierre, Martinique, on the lUth inst., Robert Gordon, Esq., 
late Governor of the Colony of Berbice. And last uight, John Ilumploby, 
Esq., of this Town. 

Feb. 1 (Died) On Saturday uijlit last, Mr. Thomas Steel, clerk in the employ 
of Messrs. Barton Ili^ginson & Co. of this town. 

Feb. 8 (Died) In London, on the 7th Dec. last, A. C. Sober,* Esq. 

Feb. 15 (Married) At St. Vincent, on the 3rd inst.. Major \V. H. Wilby, 
Military Secretary to His E.vcellency Sir Georj^e Beckwith, K.B., to Miss 
Paul, eldest daughter of the Hon. Robert Paul, President of His Majesty's 
Council of that Ishind. (Died) In this Town, John H. Todd, Esq., Apothe- 

Feb. 20" (Married) On Thursday the 24th inst., Mr. B. Armstrong, Druggist, 
to Miss Gitteus, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Gittens, Kensington. 

Mar. 12 (Married) Ou the 2nd inst., at Dominica, :\[ajor F. Edden, 4th West 
India Regiment, to Mrs. Bolton of Roseau in that Island. (Died) In this 
town, Mrs. Elizabeth 8liepeard. 

Mar. 15 (Died) Yesterday morniui:;, Alexander Pitman, Esq., Assistant Com- 
missary General. (Drowned) We regret to state the loss of the "' Queen 
Charlotte " Patket, at Passages, in Spain. Capt. Mudge, her commander, and 
10 of the crew were drowned. 

April 5 (Died) Ou Saturday evening, in the parish of St. George, ilr. Richard 
Chapman, Senr., aged 5G. 

April 12 (Married) On Saturday night last, in Christ Church, Capt. John Tynes 
of this Town to Miss K. Gre'enidge, daughter of Mr. John Greenidge of that 

May 3 (Died) In Feby. last, T. J. Straker, Esq. (late Comptroller of His 
Majesty's Customs of this Island), on his passage from England to Lisbon, 
where his remains were taken on shore and buried. 

May 7 (Died) Yesterday, in this Town. Samuel Drayton, Esq. 

May 28 (Married) Ou Siindav the 15th Mav, at Fort Royal, Martini(iuc, by 
the Rev. Mr. Curtois, Capt.Delhoste of the 8th West India Kegt., Assistant 
Quarter Master General, to Miss Mary Ann, the daughter of Lieut. Colonel 
Nixon of the 4tli West India Regimcut. 

• Abraham Cumberbatch Sober. 


June 4 John Stniker, Esq., has been appointed Comptroller of the Customs of 
this Island in the room of his son Thomas J. fcitraker, Esq., lately 
deceased. (Vide May 3rd also.) (Died) Ou the 1st inst., on hi.s jiassasje 
hither from Para, William AValiuslcy, Esq., late a resident of Martinique. 
On Saturday last, Mrs. Wheeler, wife of Caleb AVheeler, Esq., Agent of the 
Koyal Xaval Hospital established here. He married again Nov. 15th, 1814. 

June 11 (Married) Campbell J. Dalrymple, Esq., to Miss K. "Walton, daujihtcr 
of John Walton, E>q., Deputy Provost ]Marslial of this Island. And Mr. 
Thomas Brown to Miss Ssirah C. Pien^e, daughter of T. 1. Pierce of this Town. 
(Died) At his estate called the " Spa," John P. Uevonish, Esq. 

June 21 (Died) On "Wednesday morning last, Thomas Cock, Esq., a native of 
Lancaster in England. 

July 9 (Married) On Thursday evening last, at Bentley's in Christ Church, 
John Chase Eversley, Esq., to ]Miss Eleanor Ap])le\vhaite. 

July 19 (Died) On the 11th July, at his seat near Speightstown, Simon Scantle- 
bury, Esq. 

Aug. 2 (Married) In this town, on the evening of Saturday last, ^fr. John 
James to Miss Mary H. Eeece ; and on the Thursday preceding, Mr. Samuel 
Cante to Miss Mary Sandiford. 

Aug. 6 (Married) liobert M. Gaskin, Esq., to Miss Herbert of this town. 
(Died) On the 24th ult., at his l^lantation " Eomo." in the colony of Demerary, 
the Hon. Eobert Augustus Hyndman, formerly of His Majesty's Council of 
the Island of Dominica. 

Aug. 9 (Married) On the evening of Saturday last, Mr. John Turpin to Miss 

Aug. 20 (Died) Suddenly, on "Wednesday morning last, at St. Ann's, William 
Henry, only sou of Surgeon P. H. Lawless of the York Light Infantry 
Volunteers, aged 11 months. 

Aug. 23 (Married) On Tliursday last, Mr. John H. Jcrvis to Miss Elizabeth 
Clarke; and this morning. Dr. Fields to Mrs. Sarah E. ]\[oore, widow, a 
daughter of Dr. Lewis Young of the parish of St. Philip. (Died) Yester- 
day, in this Town, John Walcott, Esq., and Mrs. Shekaniah Tudor. 

Sep. 6 (Died) Yesterday, Mrs. Lucomb, mother of John Lucomb, Esq., of this 

Sep. 17 (Married) Yesterday, Mr. John B. Squires of St. George's to Miss 
Elizabeth, daughter of the" late James Douglas, Esq. (Died) On Thursday 
last, Mrs. Elizabeth Phillips of this town. 
Oct. 1 (Died) On Saturday last, at S[)eiiihtstown, John Lindsey Howell, Esq., 
Comptroller of the Customs at that Port, and formerly a Gentleman Com- 
moner of Cambridge, a young man, etc. (Here follows a florid tribute to his 

memorv. — E. G. S.) ■ ^ e ^ ■ 

Oct. 25 (Died) Suddonlv,on Snndavevening last, Miss Eleanor Smith of Ihistown. 
Oct. 29 (Died) Latelv.'iu England, William Moore, Esq., formerly Attorney 

G'eneral of this Island, and William Prescod, Escp, also of this Island. 
Nov. 15 (Married) On Saturdav last, Caleb Wheeler, Esq., Agent of the Royal 

Naval Hospital, to Miss Elizabeth Prances, daughter of Samuel Ames, Esq. 
Nov. 29 (Married) in the parish of Christ, Mr. T. W. Byer to Miss Mary Ann 

14 n 1 • n G s 

Dec 13 (Died) On Sundav last, Mrs. Katharine Mary, wife of Charles Cadagon, 
Esq. And on that, day were interred at St. Michael's Church the remanis of 
Mr. John James, Senr. (See Aug. 2nd also.) , „ oi . 

Dec. 31 (Married) Ou Thinsday morning last, at St. Michael s Church, 
N. Koach, Esq., to Miss Harriot P. Killikelly. 

Jau 3 (Oied) At Dominica, on the 23rd ult., Lieut. Andrews of th( 
" India llet^imeut. In tliis town yesterday, Mr. Edmund Bowcher. 


Jan. 17 (Birth) Ou Saturday night last, the Lady of Commissary General 
Joseph Eul!o(.-k, of a son. 

Feb. 4 (Died) Lately, at the Cove of Cork, Ilu-h Williams Austin, En^i.i,'n 
of the 77tli Kegimeiit of Foot, son of the late Rev. Hu'^li Williams Austin, 
many years Keotur of the parish of St. Peter in this Island. At her re-^identc 
near Bath, Mrs. Heudy, Widow of James llendy, Esq., many years an 
eminent physician in this country. 

Feb. 7 (Died) A few days ago, :\Ir. WUliams Jcssup, a native of Eugland. 

Feb. 11 (Deaths) On Tuesday last, 3Irs. Frances Straker, wife of John Straker, 
Esq., CoinptroUer of His 5lajesty's Customs of thi.s Port. Captain AV. H. 
Powell of the ship " Xelson " of Bristol. Ilis disease was an ossification of 
the heart. And in Speightstown, Dr. Joseph Taylor. (Drowned) On "Wednes- 
day morning last accounts were received here from Deuierary of the loss of 
the schooner •' Swift " of tliis port, which b.aving left that colony on the 1st 
inst. for this Island, unt'orlunatoly at night got on the ^Mahaika Bank. Cap- . 

tain Greenidge, who coininanded this vessel, was ])recipitated into the sea, as ^A 

soon as she struck, and was drov.iied. Benjamin Thomas, Esq., of the Army ^ 

Pay Office, and a native of this Island, expired from anxiety and fatigue, and 
was washed from the wreck. Two others, named Gittens, also natives of this 
colony, were dro-wned. 

Feb. 18 (Married) On Tlmrsday evening last, Capt. J. C. Hill, Master of the 
Despatch Boat " Demerary Packet," to Miss Eliza Ann Bannister of the 
parish of St. ^Michael, daughter of Dr. Bannister, deceased, formerly of 
St. Peter's parish. 

Feb. 25 (Died) Ou Monday the 20tli, after a very short illness, Sarah, the wife 
of Joseph Bayne, Esq., of St. Philip. (She left 5 little children described as 
" helpless babes.") 

Mar. 7 (Married) Yesterday, at St. Michael's Church, AVilliam Murrell, Esq., 
to Miss Sarah Thorne. 

Mar. 11 (Died) At Adams Castle, in Christ Church, Thomas Hollingsworth, 
Esq., and his remains were yesterday interred at St. Philip's Church. In 
this Town, Miss Sarah Duulop. 

Mar. 25 (^Tarried) This morning, by the Kev. A. K. Thomas, Mr. Francis Ashby 
of this Town to Miss Margaret Ann Games of the parish of St. George. At 
Gretna Green in Scotland, on the 22nd Jany. last, Edward, the eldest son of 
the late Edward Barnwell, Esq., of Demerary, to Miss Marcini (r), the only 
daughter of 1). I. C. Marcini (or ^Martini), also of that colony. (Died) On 
the nth January last, in Scotland, Lord Sfaforth, formerly Governor of this 
Island. In Liverpool, John G. Foderiiigham, E^q., ^lerchant of this Town, 
and formerly of this Island. At Bath, on the 1-1 January, Jo.-eph Bcete, Esq., 
late of the Colony of Demerary. 

April 8 (Married) "On Thursdayevening last, Mr. AVilliam Christie of this town 
to Miss Jemima Chapman of the parish of St. George. 

April 29 (^Died) Lately, at St. Martin's, after a short illness, Major General 
McCaskell, commanding His ^Majesty's Troops in that Island. He has left a 
numerous family. 

May 6 (Married) On Monday last, Thomas S. Withstandley, Esq , to Miss 
Cummins of St. Andrew parish. And on Thursday, at St. Michael's Church, 
Mr. W. Wickham. son of B. S. Wickham. Escj , to Miss Jane, daughter of 
John Straker, Esq., Comptroller of Flis Majesty's Customs of this port. On 
the 29th March last (in London), Henry Charles Sainthill, Esc]., Ordnance 
Storekeeper of Trinidad, to Mary, youngest daughter of Thomas AVmdle, 
Esq., John Street, Bedford Kow. 

{To be cor.linued.) 





ilist of all (Ttstators luljosr WBill^ air on 
rctorti in tijc ©fSct of tljc j-slanti ^ccrrtarv, 
Jamaica, from 1731 to 1750 (incliisi\jc)/ 

(Add. MS. 21,931, Brit. Mus.) 


Lemont, Peter 
Larson, Sebraii 
Lawes, Sir Nicholas, Kii' 
Leill, Thomas 
Lyncli, Michael 
Lynch, James 
Le Gay, John 
Laugher, Eichard 
Lane, John 
Lynch, John 
Lewellyn, Samuel 
Logan, Edward 


Lowe, "William 
Lewis, Andreise 
Lawes, James 
Lloyd, Philemon 
Lock, A\'illiam 
Lopes, Moses Parro 


Lewis, Rebecca 
Loyall, jNLargaret 
Lleaver, William 
Lagona, Loper David 
Lawrence, A\'illiam 
Lancaster, Thomas 
Lush, AViliiam 


Lyndsay, James 
Lawrence, John, Sen"" 
Lloyd, Henry 
Lugg, Thomas 
Lake, I;ancclot 
Lilly, Christian 


Lawrence, John 
Lewis, Julin 
Libbard, George 

Lang, Henry 
Lord, Henry 
Levy, Henry 
Lewis, Anna 


Lynch, "William 
Leith, William 
Leavens, Thomas 
Larwood, Charles 
Lamport, John 
Lee, John 
Lee, Ecnjannn 
Lopez, Kodringes .Ab"^ 

Lopez, Eodringes M. 
Lawrence, George 
Leavens, Josejih 
Ludlow, John 
Latimer, ]Javid 
Lawrence, Timothy 
Lagana, I>opez Claron 
Lindsay, John 
Leavens, Jane 
Lawrence, Barrow 
Lewis, Thomas 
Libbey, John 
L.ayson, AValter 
Lewis, John 
Laymon, "William 

Lewis, Henry 
Lomberd, Thomas 
Lidderall, Sarah 
Leister, John 
Luke, Andrew 
Littlehals, Jolm 

Leonard, Eleanor 
Lecrew, Francis 
Law son, Sary 

Lee, Richard 
Larich, Francis 
Lock, Nathaniel 
Lawrence, John 
Lewis, Elizabeth 
Lopdcll, John 
Lewin, John 
La Campaigne, Peter 


Laugher, Susannah 
Lloyd, Yeeden 
Lyon, James 
Lainbord, Thomas 
Livcrsedge, Ann 
Lodge, Johanna 
Lindsay, Richard 
Lowther, George 
Londonderry, Earl of 


Morris, John 
jMorrison, Robert 
IMorris, Humphrey 
Menczes, Robert 
Murphy, George 
Miller, Robert^ 
Marsh, Timothy 
Musgrove, Richard 
Mytin, Thomas 
Mullowney, James 
^liles, "William 
ilurray, Patiick 
Moore, Samuel 
Monroe, Daniel 
Macarthy, Justin 


Murphey, Dorothy 
^lenzies. liobert 
Marsh, Ann 
Mumbie, Arthur 

Continued from pige 123. 


Marshall. James 
Matson, Dorotl.v 
Mitehel), Pranci; 
Meacham, Thomas 
Masters, Richard 
M'tchell, Thomas 
Mearty, Johannah 
Mitchell, John 
Mowat, William 
Murphev, John 
Morns, Kowhind 
Moore, John 
Morant, John 
Maxv\-ell, Joseph 
M^Kenzev, John 
Markman, Matthias 
M'Broom, Mattheu- 


Martin, John 
Molesworth, Render 
Montgomery, Patrick 
Mackinsay, Elizabeth 
Morgan, Edwanl 
Manning, Maw 
Mitchelf, -Alargaret 


Moore, Benjamin 
Moore, Martha 
Munbee, Valentine 
M<=Intyre, Duncan 
M<^iveniiv, John 
Munday, Eobert 
Mackantash, AVilliam 
Mason, ^rilliam 
Martin, Thomas 
Masias, Joseph 
M-^Calman, Nicholas 
Miller alias Millard, Tho 

Merrick, Juhn 
M<=Farlan, liobert (nun- 

Moore, Richard 
Moore, Garrett 
Morris, Edward 
Moncriet, David 
March, John 
Merrick, John 

M'^Kenzie, Andrew 
Moore, William 
Mill, Richard 
Moore, Francis 


M<=Phcr8on, .-Eneas 
^^latthews, George 
Mayleigli, Thomas 
Macarty, Charles 
Molesworth, Nparke 
Martin, AVilliam 
Martin, Mary 
Milhvard, Joseph 
Miller, William 
M'^Lean. Duncan 
Man, Thomas 
Matthew, John 
Mannii.g, IDunphrev 
M-^Cragh, Dennis ' 
Middleton, John 
Mecham, Grace 
Milson, William 
Mainard, Peter 
Matthews, George 


Murphy, Charles 

^fatthcws, Ann 

Matthews, Mary 

M'^Gibban, Dan"iel 

M'^Quistin, Adam 

M'Quistin, John 
Massias, Samuel, Sen-' 
Manning, Ashley 
^lenzies, William 
M'^Mahon, Arthur 
Mullcner, Arthur 
Mealing, John 
Maclean, John 
M^Murphee, Archibald 
Merewether, John 
Mackintosh, William 


Morant, Stejihon 

^lorris, ^raltcr 

Mealing, Elizabeth 

Moore, Francis 

Maynard. Renjamin 

Moodie, James 

Mathison, .Alathew 

Millward, John 

^farcon, John 
Mills, William 
Moore, Sarah 
Miller, Pancefort 
Mayo, Samuel 
Moore, John 
M^Kew, Peter 
Mills, Robert 
Martin, Charles 

Martin, Palmer 
M'Ouire, Constantino 
-i>Ioode, Jennett 
Magner, Thomas 
-\fathewson, Xie] 
^liiler, Samuel 
Munbee, Humphrey 
M'^Kcnzie, Aiexander 
Mealey, John 
M-^Key, Alexander 


Mewbray, Joseph 
M'liitosh, Alexander 
Moore, Janie.s 
M'=Douga]l, John 
Mills, Ann 
M^Carty, Elizabeth 
Mackormack, Ann 
Mayo, Cecilia 
Menzie, Patrick 
Markman, John 
Merrick, Ann 
Mansoii, George 
-Vf organ, John' 
Martin, William 
Mountier, Alexander 
M'Aamara, ^Michael 
Mede, Joseph 
^forgan, Thomas 
M'=Donald, Jv'edmond 
Mitchell, David 
JMowatt, William 
Myrie, Dennis 
Morant, Elizabeth 
M^Xenzie, David 


Manning, irumjJirv 
Manninir, Alexander 
MTarthv, James 
Mq)uff, John 
Murray, Elizabeth 
Miller, James 
Jfurray, John 
M'Farlanc, Alexander 
Miller, James 
Mayo, Jenny 
Maverly, John 
Myfen, Joseph 
M^Leod, John 
Mitchell, Thomas 
M'"(irigor, William 
Mathers, J^•char•d 
McDonald, J)aniel 
Mountford, Edward 



M'Alpin, William 
M'^Kay, Alexander 
Miller, John 
Mokeson, Thomas 
Murrj, James 
M'^Alpin, Ninian 
Miller, Ann 
Massias, Samuel 

Moore, David 
Moore, John olinx William 
M^Cullock, Kobcrt 
Mansell, AVilliam 
Mirawda, Abraham 
Miller, William 
Moody, William 
Modyford, Ann 
M^JS'eal, John 
Marriott, Searles W^" 
Marshall, AVilh'am 
Monro, Charles 
Martin, Walter 
M<=JS'eil, jS'iel 


Marshall, John 
Martin, Leonard 
Masters, Ann 
Mosmon, Eichnrd 
iNl'^.Earlane, AVilliam 
Meek, March 
Mackintosh, Agnes 


Newman, Margaret 
Kedham, Elizabeth 
Newell, James 
Newell, Thomas 


Norris, John 
Noble, Jesse 


Nestor, John 
Norris, Ann 
Nedham, Kobcrt 
Norris, John 
Nedham, KoLert 

Nowling, Thomas 

Nean, Christopher 
Neate, Anthony 
Nelson, Archibald 


Nibbs, Joseph 
Neate, Anthony 
Nunem, Richard 
Nokes, Sar;ih 
Nawbett, Andrew 
Norris, William 
N lines, Cordozo Isaac 

Nedham, Dorothy 
Neale, Harris 


Nelson, William 
Nagle, llichard 


Neady, John 
Nairn, John 
Newton, Elizabeth 
Nelson, Mary 


Norris, Charles 
Neufville, Joshua, Sen'' 


Osborne, Thomas 
Orgill, John 


Owen, Anne 
Oliver, Thomas 


Osburn, Alexander 


Osburne, Kebecca 
OldReld, Francis 
Orgill, Thomas 
Orel, James 
Obrien, Cornelius 
Orgill, Samuel 


Oldfield, Richard 
Orgill, Andrew 


Onslow, Lord Thomas 
Orgill, Samuel 

Olyphant, Alexander 

O'Conner, Ursula 
Oswin, Pickrill 
Oakes, Charles 

Obrien, Dennis 
Ogilvie, Jaines 
Orphin, Abraham 
Oakes, Judith 


Olyphant, Charles 

Pryce, Charles 
Pitcarin, David 
Prattin, Charles 
Price, Richard 
Partridge, John 
Parsons, George 
Pearce, Benjamin 
Postell, Thomas 
Partridge, Nehemiah 
Pearce, Thomas 
Pollett, John 
Poore, Luke 
Pestell, Alger 

Pinto, Joseph 
Pinnock, James 
Prichard, Jiobert 
Peeke, Powell 
Powell, .Margaret 
Palmer, Job 
Plumner, Thomas 
Pratter, Edwarcl 
Pittaway, Stephen 

Pope, Samuel 
Petree, Thomas 
Pitt, Robert 
Parlor, John 
Penncnt, Edward 
Fenniston, Thomas 




Peel, Jolni 
Povey, Thomas 
Pereira, Minasf^eli 
Pusey, Cornelius 
Poppleton, David 
Parker, Gabriel 
Parkeer, AVilliam 
Page, Samuel 

Porter, Charles 
Pavel, Geori^e 
Pay ton, Andrew 
Proudfoot, Margaret 
Passley, William 
Priddle, Henry 
Pontree, Joseph 
Philip, Edward 
Philip, Thomas 
Pusey, William 
Panton, Joseph 
Parr, Edward 
Phillips, Abraham 


Phoenix, William 
Pilot, Samuel 
Prittyman, Francis 
Plunket, Doniinick 
Perkins, John 
Pryor, James 
Peese, William 
Powell, John 
Peat, Jjawrence 
Petrie, Eobert 
Putham, Jane 
Passley, Henry 
Pulluek, James 
Potter, John 
Pereira, Menassah 
Parison, Francis 


Phillips, Thomas 
Price, John 
Passley, James 
Parker, Catherine 
Pougol, Charlotte Judith 
Price, Lewis 
Philips, Dorcas 
Piper, John 
Poor, Patrick 


PuUen, !Melchy.-;cdeck 
Poynter, Jasper 

Pinto, Isaac 
Plunkett, Mary 
Parr, Sarah 
Prentice, John 
Price, William 
Pitts, Thomas 
Phillips, Daniel 
Pcpys, Elizabeth 
Perry, Dorothy 
Poston, Edward 
Porter, Ivachell 
Pringle, Thomas 
Price, Michael 

Perrin, Ann 
Patterson, Adam 
Pickrin, Stephen 
Pesohaire, Ann 
Porter, John 
Pole, William 
Price, Samuel 
Pereira, Aaron 
Pitkairnc, David 
Pereira, Lo])es vSamuel 
Pelgrave, Michael 
Powell, .lohn (Exempl.) 
Pearson, Isaac 
Page, Ann 
Pereira, Moses 
Pereira, Joseph 
Peeke, Henry 
Pole, William 
Price, Thomas 
Piatt, Kichard 
Picknell, Thomas 


Peters, John 
Perry, Walter 
Patison, .John 
Pestell, Saunders Hanby 
Pike, John 
Portcllo, IMoses 
Pereira, Daniel 
Pinder, Timothy 
Price, Kose Thomas 
Philip, Matthias 
Pitt. ThoS Earl of Lon- 
Pallmer, Sarah 
Pascoe, Simon 


Prescod, Charles 
l'oi)e, Kobcrt 
Pearce, John 

Pereira, Sarah 
Poyntz, Deane 


Quixano, IMendes David 
Qui.xano, Mendes Abrahann 

Quay, Thomas 


Roberts, George 
Koger, Mary 
Keid, Alexander 
Ridout, James 
Peeves, John 
Ratcliffe, Thomas 
Ripley, John 
Reading, Roger 
Richnion, Richard 
Roberts, Pliilip 


Richard, John 
Robyllier. Cornelia 
Roe, Edward 
Rutherford, Robert 
Russell, Joseph 
Kodrigiies, Abraiiam 
Russell, Peter 
Russell, William 
Renny, James 
Rogerman, Thomas 
Rodon, James 


Reynolds, Samuel 
Rowe, I'eter 
Ruto, Thomas 
Rose, Charles 
Koe, Edward 
Rogers, Chai'les 
Rodon, John 


Robinson, Jeremiah 
Russell, Margaret 
Rowe, Peter 
Rose, John 
Ramsey, Alexander 
lieddin, Mary 
Ryan, Mallicw 
Rowling, Charles 
Reynolds, Beujamiu 






Beynolds, Charles 
Ricketts, William 
Eobson, William 
Reviere, John 
Eodon, Henry 
Russell, ^lary 
Rees, William 
Rogers, Nicholas 
Rice, John 
Reeves, Thomas 
Redkey, Nicholas 
Rice, Mary 
Rushton, Samuel 
Reeves, Lewis 
Raven, Joshua 
Rogers, Joliu 

Reid, William 
Rodringuer, Daniel 
Robinson, Paul 
Rennalls, John 
Rigby, James 
Redwood, Phillip 
Reily, Edmund 
Reid, Daniel 
Rutherford, John 
Roak, Bryan 
Reynaied, John 
Ruglas, Mark 
Richardson, Hannah 

Richardson, George 
Rouse, Thomas 
Robertson, Charles 
Renouf, Piiilip 
Ryles, John 
Russell, James 
Rennalls, Jacob ' 
Reid, George, Sen' 
Ricford, Samuel 


Reeves, James 
Russell, Joseph 
Rutherford, Ann 
Ross, J a UK'S 
Robb, John 
Ratcliffe, Tristram 
Read, James 
Robson, George 
Rice, Benjamin 
Roucett, John 
Robinson, John 
Ribero, Isaac 
VOJ.. II, 


Ross, Alexander 
Rigby, Elizabeth 
Reid, John 
Rule, John 

Rodon, Henry Brooke 
Rentonc, James 
Rich, Jonathan 
Richardson, Mary 


Richardson, Thomas 

Rice, Pierce 
Roder, Richard 
Russell, Ann 
Rogerman, John 
Roberts, George 
Roseman, Francis 
Randall, Stephen 
Robinson, John 
Roche, Dominick 


Spalding, James 
Sutton, Rebecca 
Short, Samuel 
St. Laurence, William 
Shepperd, Thomas 
Soulser, Dnrand 
Stanghtou, Mary 
Simpson, John 
Shellet, Margaret 
Sheen, Gray 
Schurich, John Jacob 


Smith, Caleb 
Stepney, Lancelot 
Strong, George 
Smith, Alexander 
Smith, James 
Smith, James 
Shortings, Robert 
Swarton, John 
Scott, John 
Singer, AVilliam 
Savill, George 
S[)crwin, Kli/.abeth 
Swain, Catherine 
Smith, Anne 


Schan, Dain'cl 
Scrivan, Robert 
Stepney, Stephen 

Saunders, Robert 
Spry, Frances 
Smith, John 
Smitton, Patrick 
Swift, AVilliam 

Stout, Henry 
Sandys, Edwin 
Stoddard, Richard 
Samms, Thomas 
Sedgwick, John 
Scott, Thomas 
Stretch, William 
Story, Robert 
Stevens, John 
Smeall, Thomas 
Smithin, Martha 
Sigler, John 
Stevens, Robert 
Singer, Isaac 
Smeall, Jo.^iah 
Singleton, Ric'' Rawlings 
Swarton, John 


Stevens, John 
Stanford, Sauniel 
Sliettlewood, William 
Smith, Samuel 
Shettlewood, Will'", Sen' 
Scott, Robert 
Smith, Anna 
Swinfield, John 
Spencer, Thomas 
Sutton, Elias 
Shand, John 
Stejdiens, Andrew 
Sedward, John 
Sutton, George 
Sibbald, John 
Sutton, George 
Stewart, James 
Slieen, George (Exempl.) 
Sendall, George 
Stone. William 
Shordiche, Robert 
Sncc, Peter 
Smith, Kobert 
Standish, Perter 


Sinclair, Johu 
Saugliili. Roger 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Shanks, Sarah 
Simple, William 




Short, Thomas 
Sutherlfind, Patrick 
Swan, Thomas 
Shuttleworth, Thomas 
Smith, Samuel 
Seaward, Maiy 
Sutherhxiul, Jame.s 
Spargil], Robert 
Shevvell, ^Martin 
Syms, AVilliam 
Salem, Joseph 
Stevenson, John 
Stroud, Joseph 
Shewell, Sarah 
Stringer, John 
Smith, Thomas 
Sevely, Daniel 
Sleddall, irolland 
Sinnott, Stcplien 
Stevenson, Johu 
Shank, Sarah 
Stevens, Paul 
Shippard, AVilliam 
Stoddard, "Willuuu 
Scott, Prancis 
Simmons, John 


Savage, Edwin 
Slaughter, Ann 
Sateby, John 
Stringer, Daniel 
Spencer, Eichard 
Smith, Peninnah 
Sparks, Sarah 
Strudwick, Edward 
Silva, Gomes Daniel 
Sandford, Samuel 
Sills, Mary 
Smith, Henry 
Sheibell, John 
Sutton, Thomas 
Stewart, William 
Sutton, Eobert 
Shackelton, John 
Silva, Gomes Daniel 


Styles, Humphrey 
Slatford, Peter 
Still, Thonias 
Sahles, Eohcrt 
Sutton, John, Jun' 
Smith, Sarah 
Sharpe, jNIary 
Smith, Angels 
Steele, llobert 

Stephenson, Enoch 
Skeene, George 
Sime, John 
Sharyer, Ann 
Simpson, John 
Smith, John 
Stiles, John 
Storer, John 
Shettlcwood, Henry 
Slandish, John 
Shearer, Jolin 
Smartwite, Ixlward 
Sherlock, Joyce 
Spoil g, Thomas 


Shewell, James 
Strickland, James 
Sharpe, Elizabeth 
Shippen, Stephen 
Sharpe, Robert 
Strachan, Alexander 
Starkey, Nicholas 
Stone, William 
Samuels, Charles 
Smee, William 
Scott, Charles 
Shimell, Eichard 
Swinhoe, George 
Sinclair, Alexander 
Stewart, James 
Smith, Catherine 
Stoakes, "William 
Stewart, Abraham 
Sacerdole. Moses Yitta 
Simp.'on, David (Exenipl") 
Stewart, AVilliam 
Smith, Owen 
Smith, Jeremiah 
Smith, Thomas 


Stanverton, William 
Spark, Francis 
Smith, John 
Spear, John 
Saintard, Lewis 
Shuttleworth, Miranda 
Spencer, John 
Strachan, Eobert 
Smith, Ann 
Sanders, AVilliam 
Sadler, Ealph 
Scarlett, William 
Simpson, Thomas 
Scrocold, John 
Sells, Ami 

• ? Toldervy. 


Sutton, John 
Steel, Eichard 


Tizard, Thomas 
Terrell, John 
Turner, Eichard 
Teneston, Hiiulonich 
Totterdale, John 
Tyler, Eobert 
Turner, John 


Thorpe, AVilliam 
Thomas, Joshua 
Tolderly,* John 
Texer, John 
Tomkins, Gabriel 
Tnrpin, Samuel 
Tibbast, Samuel 
Towro, 3Ioses 
Tyndall, AVilliam 
Thomas, Joj-cph 
Totterdell, Elizabeth 
Trotter, Elias 


Townshend, Harrison 
Trapham, Elizabeth 
Torez, Lopez Sarah 
Taylor, Catharine 


Trehee, Patrick 
Turner, Daniel 
Tracy, Kichard 
Timbrcll, Thomas 
Taylor. Thomas 
'J'horpc, George 
Thachc, Cox 
Targcr, James 
Trehee, J'atrick 
Tothail, Thomas 
Tharp, AVilliam 


Tucker, Eoger 
Tavlor, Ilnnibury (ieorge 
Tliompson, John 
Tibton, Susannah 
Thomas, Caleb 
Tamploroau, Joan 
Taylor, Mary 



Topping, James 
Thompson, Dnniel 
Taylor, John 
Trubody, Thomas 
Todd, Samuel 
Tollman, John 

Turner, Mary 
Talby, Thomas 
Torrent, Thomas 
Turner, A\^illiara 
Tod, Samuel 
Trevor, John 
Tracey, Esther 
Trimble, John 
Trehee, James 
Trusler, Samuel 
Tittle, Edward 


Teache, Lucretia 
Turner, Kobert 
Turner, Jaines 
Thorpe, Esther 
Thompson, John 
Taylor, James 
Turner, John 
Taylor, Daniel 
Turton, .Jiimcs 
Tuckerman, Mary 
Telford, Edward 
Taylor, AVilliam 


Trail, Thomas 
Thornton, Henry 
Tatham, AVilliam 
Turnpenny. George 
Turbutl, Eobert 
Tweedy, Timothy 
Tittle, Lucy 
Tongue, AVilliam 
Thomas, Joshua 
Tracy, Catherine 
Trahern, Erancis 
Tiugley, James 
Thompson, John 
Thomas, William 
Trevers, Thomas 
Tuft'ell, Byndloss Robert 

Taylor, Peter 
Tracey, AViil'", Juu'' 
Tavare/, David 
Tyler, James 

Towne, Johu 
Taylor, Thomas 
Thornton, Daniel 
Timewell, Thomas 


Tharps, Joseph 
Thompson, William 
Tilly, Richard 
Thompson, John 
Thompson, Alexander 
Trengrouse, Thomas 


Tracy, Daniel 
Thomas, John 
Thomkins, Russell 

Vanburgh, David 
A'assall, John 

Vincent, AVilliam 


Vanderplass, A^alter (nun- 
A^aughan, John 


TJpp, Jonathan 
A^'assall, Elizabeth 


Vassal), Leonard 
Villars, Elizabeth 


Vale, John 
Verdon, Dominick 
A^'izard, Henry 


A^'ardan, Bryan 
A'^owe, AVilliam 
Upton, Richard 

Verdon, John 


A'^ears, Jane 
Vassall, William 
A'^innings, Tlu)maa 
A'erdugo, Aaron 

Vodry, Ccorjje 


West, John 
Wood, Francis 
AVhite, James 
AVyllys, John 
AVilson, Robert 
AVilliams, Dorothy 
AV^atson, Joseph 
AVilliams, Alexander 
AVilliams, AVilliam 
AVoolcry, Thomas 
AVilic, Adam 
AVarton, John 
AVorseley, Robert 


AVilsii, James 
AVillard, Erancis 
AVorlo}', George 
AValmsley, Thomas 
AVoodhouse, Elizabeth 
AVilliams, AVilliam 
AVhitchousc, AVilliam 
Webster, John 
AVitter, Bonilla 
AVright, David 
AVhite, AVilliam 
AVood, Bartholomew 
AVarrington, .Jane 
AVilliams, Joseph 
A\''hiten, John 
AVelsh, Johu 
AVilcox, AVilliam 
AVooIard, Elizabeth 
AVood, Bassall 
AVilfris, ILacker John 
AN^illiams, John 
AVarren, AVilliam 
AVallis, Thomas 
AVilsdcn, Alary 


Whitfield, John (nuncu- 
AVinn, Richard 
AV^atkins, John 
AVilcox, liobert 
AVood, Alexander 
AVeir, William 

M ? 



"Whiteliouso, Jeremiah 
William, John 


AVilks, Elizabeth 
"VVaire, Tliomns 
"Warriii^ion, Kichard 
Wilkinson, Jacob 
AVheelcr, Philip 
AVisdom, Monta<Tue 
Walters, Ann 
AVellchins, Cornelius 
White, Edward 
AVade, Margarett 
Woolery, Thomas 
AVard, Naluim 
Wheeler, Philip 


Wild, Hillary 
Wilmer, Colesworth 
Welsh, Patrick 
AVaitc, Joseph 
AVright, ?Catiianiel 
Williams. Hns;!! 
Wyatt, David' 
Wilson, George 
Wishart, Thon^as 
Williams, Cadwallader 


Willson, Thomas 
Wagener, Ixeinhart 
Wilcox, Edward 
Witter, James 
AVakeliiig, Tim.othy 
Walter, John 
AYoddroD, "William 
Wilsden, John 
Wallis, Benjamin 
Willett, James 
Wilson, Alexander 
Willington, IJulh 
AVaite, Paynes 
AVorsely, John 
AVhiting, Thomas (Codicil) 
AVhiting, Hciuy 
AV'ebb, John 
AValker, ]Mart!ia 
AVright, Jolin 
AVignall, Elca/.ar 
Woodhcad, Ellis 
AViberll, J.'hn 
AVyllis, William 
AVjllis, AVilliam 
AVliito, Authonj' 
Wallis, Samuel 


AVitclicll, Thomas 
AVooden, AValter 
AVatkins, AVilliam 
AVatson, William 
AValters, Pachel 
AVoodhouse, Pobert 
AVhite, John 
AYoodbnry, Alichael 
AVebber, Benjamin 

17 15. 

AFools, Erancis 
AVood, AValier 
AVillson, Joh;i 
AVhite, William 
AVood, Nathaniel 
AVoods, Elizabeth 
AVilliam, John (Exemp'") 
AVelsh, James 
Wilson, James 
AVilliams, George 
AVignall, John 
A\' right, John 
AVyllys, AVilliam 
AVestaway, Mathews 
AVaag, Aloses 
AVarren, Thomas 
AVoodhead. Ann 
AV^isdom, Henry 
AVild, Jas])er 
AVheeler, Erowd John 
Walker, l^obert 
AA'illiams, Thomas 
AVoods, Henry 

AVild, Elizabeth 
AValker, Andrew 
AVallis, Susannah 
AVilliam, Thomas 
AVoUey, Benjamin 
AVilson, William 
AVright, Bazzilla 
AVilliam, George 
AVatkins, James 
AVilton, Henrv 
AVolierv, Hobert 
Webber, Elizabeth 
AVyllys, .Alargaret 
AVright, Anilrew 
AVikh, Thomas 

AVilliams, Job 
AVisdom, John 

Wills, James 
AVeir, A\'alter 
AVright, Pobert 
AVoodhonse, Benjamin 
AVoods, Pobert 
AVilliams, AViliiam 
AValden, AVilliam 
AVhite, Archibald 
AVagnell, David 
White, Thomas 
AVoulfe, l^obert 
AVright, :\rarv 
AVelsh, Alary" 
AVaugh, John 
AVheeler, Elizabeth 


AVarkham, Alark 

AVallin, John 
AVilkins, Alartin 


Young, Ann 


Ydana, Isaac 
Young, Dennison 

Yeo, AVilliam 


Young, John 
YdaTia, Moses 
Young, AVoodyer 


Young, Mary 


Yeamens, Patrick 


Yeamens, Eilward 
AToung, John 
Ydaim, Joseph 



Zubo, Cardoso Abraham 


\M'Mj Ixtc^mtx of m^ BoW^, Jfis Cm, 


1767 Mob. 8 Margaret d. William Pemberton and Margaret his AVife 
aged t weeks. 
April 26 Frances d. John Yanderpoole and Mary his AVife, aged t 

Sept. 1st Amelia d. of Edward and IMary Burke. 
Ocf 18th Joseph s. of James and ^Eary ile[s] aged 42 montbes. 
176S Jan''>' 24:tb Amelia, a Miilattoe A\'omau'free. 

25th Magnus Morton, s. of Clementine Challenger aiid his AVife 
April 20th George Bennet a Xegro Boy belonging to Miss Molly Herbert 

aged 15 Tears. 
Aug' 18th John s. of John Frost and Mary his AVife aged 9 Alouths. 

29th Kobert s. of Joseph Edwards and Anne his AVife aged 22 
Oct' 6th Anne d. of Thomas AVenham and Martha his AA^ifo aged f 

JRoger rembertoi\ and ... . h his wife aged t AA^ceks. 
s. of John Baillie & Mary his Wife aged 20 Years -1 Mouths 
and three AVeeks. 
Sally d. of John Baillie and Mary bis AVife aged 12 Years 

8 Mouths and One AVcek. 
Frederic s. of John Baillie and JMary his AVife aged 10 Years 

3 Mouths and 11 Days. 
Alexander and Fatly (Twins) s. and d. of John Baillie and 
Mary his Wife, aged 8 Years 2 Mouths and 21 ]3ays.§ 
Dec"" 30th John base boru s. of John Cassiu by a mulattoe, aged 27 
1769 Jau'^>' Sth Joseph Herbert s. of James Brodbclt aud Amelia his AVife 
aged 8 AVeeks. 
loth Frances d. of Samuel Wyatt (a soldier) aud his Wife Abigail 

aged 3 months. 
27th Sarah d. of John Kcip aud A[;iry his Wife aged four years. 

Eebccca d. of John Kcip and .Mary his Wife acjcd throe years. 
AV'^illiam s. of John Keip and Mary his Wife aged eight 
Feb^y 6th Anne base born D. of William Wilkinson by a Xegroe AVoman 

aged 22 M" 2 AVeeks. 
March 2d Elisabeth 1). of (xeorge Ouu (a Soldier) aud Elisabeth his Wife 

aged three Days. 
April 2d Sarah D. of John Vaughan it Elisabeth his AVife aa;ed 8 weeks. 
May 14th Mary D. of Hubert A'aughau & Charlotte his AVife, aged 5 

Aug' 13th Elisabeth Browne D. of John A'auderpoole and Mary his AVife 

aged 10 Weeks. 
Dec'' IGth Eduard .S. of Jo.seph Browne aud f 
81st D. of John Frost aud Mary his Wife. 
770[s/6] Jan^> 14th Josiah S. of [Samuel r] JJaillie and Anne his AVife aged t 
April 12th Anuo D. of James Nolan by Elisabeth his AVife. 

• Continued from Vol. I., p. 378. t I^lauk in R^-Nter. 

I Ovcr-lciif, the corner torn oil. i Tlio ubovo entries eviJoutly at one date. 




1770 June 8th John S. of John Creese (?) by Sarah his Wife aged 8 years. 

Jemima D. of ditto by ditto aged 5 years. 
Benjamin S. of ditto by ditto aged 2 years G mos. 
Dec'' 9th Sarah D. of William Pemberton by Margaret his Wife aged 
7 weeks. 

1771 Jan''y 1st Margaret D. of Koger Pemberton and Elisabeth his Wife aged 

14 months and a half. 
27th George Sanders S. of Eobcrt Vaughan and Mary Charlotte his 
wife aged 1(5 M° and G Days. 
Peby 11th Molly Hinds D. of John Hinds (a free negro) by Frances a 
Mulattoe Woman belonging to Mr. Gardiner. 
April 21 Sarah * 

June 20th Sarah D. of John Frost & Mary his Wife. 
July 14th Jean (?) an old free Negro Woman. 

1772 Feb'> 22d Esther D. of John Kelp and Mary his W * aged 12 Mouths. 
March 15th Margaret Kowland a mulattoe child belonging to Mrs. Sarah 

Pemberton R. Col. Frances [sic] John, base horn S. of 
Joseph Brown Herbert by * Perin aged 9 years 3 Months. 
Mary base born D. of ditto by ditto aged 5 years, Samuel 
Brown base born S. of ditto by ditto aged 12 months. 
May 3d William Augustus S. of Uobertf Vaughau and Mary Charlotte^ 
his Wife aged 8 M" & 2 Alecks. 
24tli Mary D. of Midiael Ca.-^siu by his Wife. 

do. Mary base born D. of John Cassin by * his Mulattoe wench 
age 3 years and nine Days. 
June 14th Thomas "Pym S. of AVilliam Weekes by his AVife aged * years. 
Sept^ 20th Elisabetli D. of liogcr Pemberton by his Wife lilis;ibeth aged * 

ditto Frances D. of Eo<ier Pemberton by his AV'ife Elisabeth aged * 
Ocf 21 Frances Herbert D. of Thomas AVenham by his * Martha aged * 
May 17th Anne a Negro AVoman belongiug to Miss Anne A^'anderpoole. 

[Page torn and missing.] 

Oct' 31st Anne § D. of § Browne by his wife Jane aged 3 years and four 

months. . 

Joseph S. of Joseph Browne by his wife Jane aged one year \ 

and ten months. 
Mary AVhyte D. of Joseph Browne by his Wife Jane aged one 
Dec' 4th Tvrrel a Mulattoe belonging to Mrs. Cassin aged IS M'. 

1773 Jau>' 18 ]\iary D. of Samuel Jones by his wife Henrietta aged months. 
June 13th Sarah a Negro Woman belonging to Mi.^s Sally Pemberton. 

Anne AVHiite a natural D. of Joseph Brown Herbert, a .Mulat- 
toe, by the above Sarah, aged o\ mouths. 
20th Amelia Matilda D. of James Brodbelt by his AV'ife Amelia aged 
3 Months. 
Dec' 17th AVilliam S. of John Latfoon (?) by his Wife * aged * 
Theodoric S. of ditto by ditto aged * 

1774 Jaay 18th Marv D. of Samuel Jones by his Wife Henrietta. 

2Sth Elizabeth D. of William Mills by his Wife. 
Feb'y 19th Marv D. of John Vau-han by his wife Elisabeth. 
March 22d Wafter S. of AValter Mayuard by his Wife Frances. 

23d Elisabeth D. of AVilliam Scott by his Wife Susannah. 

27th Thomas base born S. of Th. O'Flahcity by Ophelia a free 

* Blank in llegi.tcr. t Robert wvitton over John. 

X Mary Charlotte wiitlcn over Elizak-th. § A hole hero. 


1774 July 11th Elisabeth D. of Joseph Browne by his wife Jane. 

Sepf ISth Martha W'enliam D. of Hobert* Vauglian by Mary Lliarl«)tttt 

his Wife. 
Ocf 3d AVilliain S. of William Davis by Anne Browne his AVifo. 
Elisabeth Stewart D. of Pallas by Penelope botli Negroes. 
Sarah Webbe D. of ditto by ditto. 
Nancy Stewart U. of ditto l)y ditto. 
Nov'' 13th "William Augustus, a Mulattoe aged 12 Months. 

James a Mulattoe belonging to W. Pemberton aged 20 voars. 
Dec"^ 2d William S. of Joseph Payne by his Wife Anne. 

27th Jolui base born S. of J. It. H.^ [sic] by Maria, a Mulattoe. 
30th John Butler S. of Eobert Pemberton by his Wife Elisabeth 
aged 6 weeks. 

1775 Jan^y 1st James S. of James Huggins by his "Wife ^larv, ased 3 mo. 
! 10 Days. 

/f June 4th William 8. of AVilliam Kopcr by his Wife Anne. 

16th AVilliam S. of AVilliam Seott by his Wife Susannali. 
July 12th Kichard llulbard, a Mulatto belonging to I'lichard Stanley. 
Ocf 22d Anne Charlotte, base born Dau' of Elizabeth L'harlutU; 
31st Jonathan S. of Joseph Browne by his Wife Jane, b. 2.')ih Sepr. 
Dec'' 3d Polly, D. of Koger Pemberton by his Wife Elizabeth. 
[Upper part of page gone and leaf loose.] 

Dec'' 30th Anne Jones D. of Eobert Pemberton by liis Wife Elizabeth, 
aged § 

1777 Jan''y 22d Mary, a Negro Wou\an belonging to Thomas AVenliam Esc]'' of 

adult age. 
1 July 10th Betsy, D. of James Chapman by his AVil'e Anne, aged 3. 

I August 21st Jaue D. of Joseph Browne by his AVife Jane, aged § 

Dec'' 2Sth Erances Elisabeth Sanders D. of Kobcrt A'aughan by liis Wife 

Mary aged 2 years 3 Mo. and 2 weeks, 
eodem die Hannah Sanders, D. of ditto by ditto aged 2^ Days. 

1778 2yth Patty D. of John Bcrtrand by "his AYife ^larlha aged § 

j: th John Beunet, S. of AVilliain Bennet Frost by liis Wife 

^ ■ rine, aged 3 ^lonths. 

r May 17th Thomas S. of William Boper by liis AVife Anne aged § 

' th Sarah Trances, D. of the JveV. William Jones by his AVife 

Frances aged S months and 24 Days, 
er of John Ber [torn oil']. 

[Overleaf.] , ,, , i 

arch 4 Charles Grandison, S. of Francis G alpine by a Alnlailo nanu-.l 
Bettoe the property of Mr. Budgeon. 
Harriet Byron, D. of the same by the same. 
Kitty D. of William Johnson by the same. 
Tommy S. of Francis Canham"by a Negro named Franky the 
property of 'Sir. Tobin. 
July 29th Eobert lliiglies, S. of Robert IVmberlon by his Wife Kli/abclii, 
b. on the 2.5th December 17N2. 
30th Ann, D. of Joseph Creese by his Wife Henrietta, free Mulat- 
Sepf 2o iNIary D. of Thomas it Elizabeth [torn olT'. 
ober,7 Ann Charlotte D. of Eobert & [torn off] A^^ughaIl, b. on the 
Gtb January 1780. 

• Robert written over John. t Mary Charlotte written over I'-Ii^axotl.. 

t The distin 'uishel I'residcat scorns to have h:i.l so muiy such cbiUIrea the larsou ^ot tirci 
of wriliQg the iiatuo iu full. i Bhiuk m liotjister. 



Amelia D. of the same by the same, b. on the 2Gth November 
1^1 Catherine and Sarah T [torn off]. 
[Top of page gone.] 

Decem'-2G Elizabeth D. of Jose])h [torn off]. 

James S. of Joseph IJro^vne HL'rl)ert. 

1785 Sepf 2-3 Solomon Beunet S. of William Bennet and Catharine Frost. 
Oof IG Maria D. of Eve Brodbelt free Mul [torn off]. 

23 Francis John S. of Franci.s & Margaret Galp [torn off]. 
Nov^ 6 Mary Ham D. of Francis Ham ct [torn off] Powell. 
Dec'' 25 Margaret D. of William Sc Margaret Ferre [torn off]. 

James Choppin S. of James & Jennette Burke. 

John S. of the same bv the same. 

1786 April 25 Elizabeth D. of J'rancis and Margaret Galpine. 

August 1-i Samuel S. of Joseph Herbert Pemberton and his AVife Margaret 

b. 29lh Mav 17«-. 
18 Elizabeth a Mulatto Child and D. of Sophia a Negro Woman 

belonging to Edw. Brazier. 
November 28 Frances 1). of Frances Walker. 

1787 September 8 Walter S. of Joseph Browne Herbert. 

Lydia a Negro Girl belonging to Joseph Browne Herbert. 
Dec"" 8 Joseph Herbert S. of Joseph Her [torn off] Pemberton and his 
Wife Margaret. 

{To be continued.) 

m. ^aatii's, 0ms: 

The late Mrs. Arthur Shand wrote me 27 May 1909 : " I got Canon Shepherds 
young daughter to go with me to the churchyard, and by scraping off moss, etc., 
managed to get at the inscriptions. Several of the fine old very large slate slabs 
are broken up and lying in different parts of the churchyard, and some few grave- 
stones have been used for building purposes. I have been inquiring about 
private burial-grounds, but there appear to be none here." 

There are eight tablets in this Church, of which the tirst four are on the walls 
of the chancel and the remaining four elsewhere. There are also six floor-stones, 
making, with ten stones in the churchyard, a total of twenty-four memorials. 

1. This monument is erected by Joux Tobix Crosse, in memory of Mary 
Ceosse, his late wife — she departed this transitory life on the 2G"' day of 
December, in the year of our Lord ISOi & in the -14"' year of her age. (Si.x lines 

2. Near this place nre deposited the remains of the Revd: Willia.ii Greex, 
late rector of the parishes of St: Paul's Charlcstown & St: George's Gingerland, 
who departed this life on the 2G''' April, ISII, in the 3S''' year of his age. (One 
line omitted.) 

He is not in FothersiU's " List of Emijrrant Ministers." 

3. Near this sacred monument are deposited the remains of Wrt,Lr.\M Bowniy 
■who died on the 19"' d;iy of Doceinbur L>)IG, aired 70 vcars. And of his affectionate 
wife Jaxe Bltleu, who departed this life on the IL"' of April 1777, at the early 
age of 30 years (several lines omitted). Likewise the remains of Joici: Butler 
mother tothe above Jane, who died on the 22'"' April 179S, aged So years. 

* Communicated, June 1909, by the late .Mrs. Arthur Sliruid of »vi-i. The notes by the 
Editor. Tlie rough .sketches of tlieahielJ.s wore I huliuve oxccuteJ by iliss SUepberd. j 


This monument is erected by William only sou of the above "William & 
Jajte Bottkix (etc.). 

1854, Jan. 1. At St. Kitt^ aged 2S, Grace-Wilhelmina, only dau. of the 1. 
"Win. Bowrin, esq. of the Paradise Estate, Nevis, and granddau. of Koar-Adm. 
Gourly, R.JN". (" G.M.," 329.) Adin. G. d. 29 Aug. a. S8. {Ibid., olo.) 

4. Underneath lie the remains of Sarah Claxtox, wife of Bl'tler Cl.vxtox 
deceased, wlio departed this life ]May 4''' 1813. (Erected by surviving daus.) 

By Indenture dated 2G December 180G Butler Claxion of Nevis, Esq., eldest sou 
and heir of Butler Claxton the elder, late of Nevis, Esq., deceased, and his re.-<iduary 
legatee and sole ex'or, mortgapjod for a year lo Ed. Protlieroe, Pii. Protheroe, and 
Robert Claxton of En^^land. Merchants, liis two plantations in St. John's jjarish 
called Xortli Wales and Williams's. The release of 27 Dec. states that Butler 
Claxton, deceased, and his son, trading as Claxton and Son. owed £-j151 to 
Messrs. Protheroe and Claxton. (Deeds penes General Pemberton.) 

This Kobert Claxton died 20 June 1S12, aged -58. M.I. iu the Gaunts Chapel, 

Tho. Oliver of Bristol, Esq. Will dated 8 Sep. 1812. My granddau. Lucy, 
\vife of Butler Claxton of Bristol, Esq., £7'')0. (She was only dau. of John 
Proctor Anderdon by Anne Oliver, testator's dau.) 

1791, Jan. 13. Robert Claxton and Rachel Claxton were witnesses to the 
marriage at St. Au2;ustine's, Bristol, of Wm. Woodlev, Esq., of St. Kitts. 

1794. Robert Claxton, Esq., of 9 Park-st. ('^ Bristol Directory.") 

1812, June 20. Sat, d. at Almondsbury, Glocestershire, a. 59, Robert C. e.<q. 
an alderman of Bristol. (" Dorch. and Sherborne Journal" and " G.M.") 

181G, Oct. 20. At St. Christopher, Robert C. esq. barrister, to Prances Young, 
eldest dau. of Wm. Stephens, esq. of the same island. ('• G.M.," 022.) 

1833, Nov. 30. Gloucester. At Westbury-upon-Trym, Ann Brodie, \\ife of 
Kobert C. esq. Collector of Customs in Tortola, and dau. of the 1. John Hanlcy, 
esq. of Nevis. {Ihid., 1S31, 117.) 

1830, Jan. 20. Wales. At Milford, a. 21, Anne-Smith, wife of J. Delap 
Wilson, esq. and niece to the Hon. Robert C. of the i. of St. Chr. {Ibid., 211.) 

1841, Jan. At AYestburv, near Bristol, a. 72, the widow of the 1. Robert C. 
esq. of Bristol. (Ibid., 219.) 

1811, Lately. Dec. At Bristol, a. 19, Robert C. esq. 1. Collector of h.M's 
Customs at the I. of Antigua. (Hid., 004.) 

1842, Feb. 21. At Clifton, a. 0, Clara Miles, dau. of Chr. C. esq. (Ibid., 4o0.) 
1842, Mch. IS. At Nice, a. .50, Butler Thompson C. esq. eldest s. of the 1. 

Rob. C. of Bristol. (Ibid., 333.) 

1840, June 30. At Littlcham, the Rev. Tho. Partridge Nunn, M.A. eldest s. 
of Hardy N. esq. of Nether Hall, Essex, to Julia-Emma, yst. dau. of the 1. Butler C. 

(Ibid., 314.) ... 

1849, March IS. In London, a. 55, the Hon. Uoh. C, H.M. Chief Justice of 
the i. of 'st. Chr. (Ibid., 551.) 

1851. May 1. At the residence of her brother, J. II. Anderdon, in U]iper 
Grosveuor-st. Mrs. Lucy C. of Esmouth, widow of Butler Tho. C. (Ibid., 080.) 

5. Within the railing of the Altar of this Church lie the remains of Anne tho 
-wife of the Revd: D. G. Davis, Rector of this parish. She departed this life 
after a few days' illness on the 10"' Nov: 1S20 aged 52 years. (A line omitted.) 

I think this 52 should be 32. Her hu.-<band was only 32 iu 1820, and she 
would hardlv be twenty years his .-senior. „ • , -, , ,, . 

St. Peter's St. Kitts. 1S13, Dec. 10. ine Itev. Daniel Ixatewanl D.ivis und 
Anne Claxton'in Figtree Church, Nevis, by Licence. (Parish Register.) 



He was son of the Rev. AVilllam Davis, Rector of St. Peter's in St. Kitts 
1807—19, and matriculatecl from Pembroke Coll., Oxou., 17 May 1S08, aj,'ed 20, 
B.A. 1814, M.A. 1823, U.D. 1842 ; Bishop of the Leeward Islands 1842—57. 

At St. Mary Cayon, St. Kitts, is the baptism : " 1788, 1 and 5 Jan. Daniel 
Gateward son of "William & Anne Davis," and by the date this should be the 
Bishop, but there is on theothcr Imnd the burial: " 1788, Jan. 5. Daniel Gate- 
ward eon of AV'illiam it Ann Davis." 

In St. Paul's, Charlestown, is recorded the burial: " 1837, June 14. Thomas 
Seaton Pemberton Davis. Charlestown. ab' 14 years." 

6. Sacred to the memory of Joux Richaedsox E.scj. many years a resident of 
this island who departed this life the &^ day of September 1816, aged 60 years. 
And is interred near this place. 

George Richardson of Xevis, vintner. A\''ill dated 30 December 13 AVilliara 
and Mary. Wife Eliz., dan. Hester, sons John and Tlio. (153, Richmond.) 

A John Richardson was President in 1724, and another of the same name 
appointed 3 February 174S-9 to the Council. 

1828, May 29. Col. J. F. Browne, Bri.stol, 28"' Reg., to Grace, relict of the 
late Hon. Joiin Richardson, of the Island of Nevis. (" G.M.," 640.) 

There was a family of this name owning a phuitation in 1679 in Antigua, 
whence they spread to iS'evis. 

7. Sacred to the memory of Diana Mills Powell, native of Charmouth, 
Dorsetshire, who departed this life, on the 16''' of Sepf 1845, aged 31 years. 
(A bible verse omitted.) 

8. To the memory of Lieut: Joseph BAii,EX,R.N.,Many years master of the ship 
" Earl of Liverpool " Trading to this island. He was lost in that vessel's Pinnace 
in the Narrows, on the 8''' May 1842, aged 47 years. (Erected by a friend.) 

1842, May 8. -Aged 48, Lieut. Joseph Baily. R.N. for many years Capt. of 
the Earl of Liverpool, a vessel trading between Bristol and Nevis. He was ^ 

drowned whilst crossing the strait between Nevis and St. Kitts, by the upsetting 
of his boat in a sudden squall. (" G.M.," 335.) 

The next six arc floor-slabs of slate or marble. 

9. Here lyeth the body of Mr: Autiicr Plomeu of the city of Ikistoll Mer- 
chant who departed this life the 1.3^'' July 1702 aged 38 years. (Si.\ lines follow.) 

10. The Revd: William Geeen died 26''' April 1811 in the 38"' year of his age. 

11. Here lies the body of Joiix Hugoi.vs Ks()'" who died on the 6"' day of Dec: 
1821* aged 5S years. He began a career of usefulness as a merchant in this town. 
In private life he was a firm friend, an aifeclionate husband ct a sincere Christian. 
In public life he gave universal satisfaction a.s Clerk of the .Vssembly & Deputy 
treasurer of the island. Not many years before his death lie became ))roprictor 
of the neighbouring hot springs, over which out of goodwill towards his fellow- 
creatures & not foi' any advantage of his own he erected convenient baths it at 

• This must be an error in copying. 1S24, Dec. 6. At Nevis, John Uu-ijius, Esq. 
(" St. Chr. Almauac") 



a short distance a larg;e & expensive stone editico for the accommodation of 
invalids.* This stone was put up by his widow. 

12. Here lies all that was mortal of Maky Jo>'ES, an infant daughter of 
Mathias Jones, Merchant, and Sabau his wife, Born July IS"' 1753 i died y« 
18''' of Pebry. following. 

13. Here lyeth the body of Mr. Matthew Wall! w'ho departed this life the 
third day of June Anno Dom: 1733 in the 41»' year of his age. 

14. Captain Matthew Newton Obt: 14"' June 1724. ^tat. 45. 

In the Chuechxaiid. 

15. (Yault with stone slab.) Sacred to the memory of Maria Bexxet, of the 
colony of Berbice, aged 21 yrs G mouths, & 12 day.s, she quitted this sublunary 
life on the 4"' August, Anno Domini, ISlI, leaving a mother to bewail a most 
dutiful, kind ».t affectionate daughter & a brother to deplore the loss. (Several 
lines follow.) 

16. (Vault with large slate slab aud coat of 
arms.) Here lies with her still-born child what 
was mortal of Mary daughter of Captain Peter 
Melote (a native of New York, & M.vbtua his 
wife) a native of this place & wife of Samuel New 
late collector of the 4^ per cents & Treasurer of 
Nevis. (Ten eulogistic lines omitted.) She was 
born in Charlestowii the 12"' of October, 1715, 
married to Mr: Samukl New (from Bristol) mer- 
chant, March 27^'' 1733, & died in child-bed in the 
prime of her years Febru.ary 20"" 174;}. 

Of Samuel the 2'"' son of Samuel New & ^Iarv 
his wife born the 15"' day of February 1737 & died 
December 2b"' 1739. 

Of Samuel, their 4"' son, born the 2'"' day of 
Mi\rch 171^ & died the 17"' of January 174f. 

And of IIexry New (near this stcme) Com- 
mander of a merchant ship, born in the city of Bristol 
the .... day of .... 17 . . & died September 2"'' 
1743 in the 34"' year of his age. (Several lines 

Arms. — . . . . A salt ire between four rustres. . . . 
Crest. — A demi-Iion rampant couped. 

1810, July 15. .Aged 74, the Bov. James New, M.A. vicar of St. Piiilip and 
S. Jacob, Bristol, and rector of Complon Greentield, Uloucestershire. ('' (j.M.," !)3.) 

♦ This builJin.?, known as the " 11 ith House," has been ropaircfl, and '\<^ now open for the 
reception cf visitors. TU'^ water* from quite early limes were uoled for their ;,'re:il curative 
properties. . ,, , i 

t See " Anti:?u.i," iii., 25(5, as to Jasp.-r ani 'ioh'vM Wall of Nevw. Mathew wa-; not named 
in the lattor's will of 171:), but ho inav have been a,'or broiber. Th?y u<ed tlie armn of 
the I/incishire family, but ou the liblet'at Little Parulou, Esaer, tho boars' be ids Lave been 
blazoned as wolves' heads. 



1828, Jane 5. At Clifton, co. Glouc. Francis Tho. New, esq. yst. 8. of Dr. N. 
to Sarah Eliza, eldest dan. of Clia. Payne of Freeman House. ("G.M.," G40.) 

1832, July 2S. At FyKeld, licrk;-, after a few hours illness of malignant 
cholera, the Kev. Edward Parris Xow, Fellow of St. John's college Oxford, and 
Perpetual Curate of Northinoor in that county. He was educated at Merchant- 
taylor's school,* from which he was elected a Fellow of St. John's ; he graduated 
M.A. 1S2.J, B.D. 1&31 ; and was presented to iSorthmoor by his college. {Ibid., 

1846, Feb. 21. At Bath, a. 74, Mr. Ed. Xew, yst. s. of the 1. Kev. Jas. X. 
Vicar of St. Philip & Jacob, Bristol. (Ihid., 441.) 

James Xew, son of Samuel X'ew of Xevis, gent., Oriel Coll., matric. 25 June 
1752, aged 17; B.A. 175(); Vicar of St. Philip & St. Jacob, Bristol, 1772, aud 
Hector of Compton Greeniield, co. Glouc. ; died 15 July ISIO. 

Edward Parris Xew, son of James Xew of Bristol, gent., St. John's Coll., 
matric. 2G June 1S18, aged 14; Scholar and Fellow 1818—32, B.A. 1822, M.A. 
1825, B.D. 1831 ; Dean of Arts 1827 ; Perp. Curate Xorthmoor, Oxon., 1820, 
until his death 28 July 1832. (Foster.) 

Jonathan Xew of Bristol, shipwright. Will 
proved 1702. (181, Heme.) 

1732. Tho. Xew of Bristol and Philadelphia. 
(20, Bedford.) 

Samuel Xew, late of Xevis, now of Bristol, 
Merchant. AVill dated 15 Feliruary 17G3. Eldest 
sou Eev. James Xew. Son John. .^Iy dau. ^lartha, 
wife of Edward Parris. Dau. Eliz. Xephew Sam. 
New. (145, Csesar.) 

17. (Vault witli slate slab and coat of nrms.f) 
.... the body of ... . Mkllotte .... this life .... 
1718 .... conduct & success .... at sea .... 

Here lieth the body of Thomas the .... Mr: 
Joiix DowsK &. Mau . his wife, who dyed the 
18"* of ... . 1724 aged two years, 8 months, Sc 13 

18. (White marble slab on large vault, with coat of 
arms.) Here licth the body of Mr: Jonx Dowse 
who de])artcd this life the 14"' da} of October 1733, 
in the 40"' year of his age. 

Arms. — Or, a chevron chcquij Argent and Azure 
between three qrei/hounds couranl Sabie [UowsE of 
Broughton, co." Hants. Burke's " Armory "]. 

Chest. — Apparently an antelope's head coiipcd. 

10. (Large stone slab.) 
the (i"> 1S12. 

Jaxi; BitooKs died April 

20. (Slate slab.) In memory of Captain Mo.sk3 
]N[oi{UELL of Wales, in X''" America who died the 21" 
August 1802. J'^tat. 2G. (Three lines omitted.) 

* His n.aiuo i.s not in tlio Uc.<islcr of the Scholars of tint iScliool. 
t The lottcriiio' of Ibis slab is very much worn aw.iy.— A. II. S. 

, I 



21. (A large stone slab.) Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Satiah Broadeklt who 
died in child-bed on the 15"' July 1S02. (FolloAved by a long but very indistinct 
inscription. — A. II. S.) 

The Brodbelts or Broadbelts of Xevis are all descended from Lawrence B. 
of that Island, whose will was proved 9 April 1G60 (P.C.C, 13(5, May). They 
resided in St. John's P;irisli, and it is hoped that their pedigree may appear later. 

In St. Catherine's Cathedral, Jamaica (Koby, 31), is a tablet with arms to 
Francis l^igby Brodbclt, M.D. (born 9 October 174G, -died 9 December 179 J), 
but his parentage is not giA-en. 

There is another tablet in the same church to Mrs. Anna Maria Eldred, wife 
of Mr. Edward Eldred, surgeon. She died 21 December 17C1, aged 19, and was 
dau. of Daniel Brodbelt, Esq., by Anna ^laria his wife. Slie may have been 
sister to Dr. V. H. Brodbclt. 

Lawrence Brodbelt of Nevis, at his death about 1727, left a son Daniel Brod- 
belt, and the latter may be identical with Daniel Brodbclt of Jamaica. 

22. (Large slate slab, much decayed, with 
coat of arms.) j\Iaky wife of Joiix AVooD- 
LEr, of Nevis, merchant, who departed .... 
1722 .... Mart AVoodlet .... 1713 & 

died Septem JoHX Woodlet born 

June 1715 & died May y*^ 16"' 17G0. John 
YixcETTs AVooDi.EY 'April y« 6'^ 1720 & 
died Septem: y^^ 4"' year following. 

Au^rs. — . . . . A lion rampant heiiveen 
three an mile fs .... 

AYilliam AVoodley of Nevis in 1G7S had 

two children then liviiHj;. One of these was, 

I believe, A\^illiam AVoodley of St. Kitts, 

who was aged 32 in 1707 (which would give 

his birth about 1G75), and the other was 

probably the John AVoodley who was of 

St. Paul's, Nevis. A pedigree of the 

St. Kitts branch of the family appeared in 

"Antigua," iii., 25G. The arms used were: 

SalJc, a chevron between three owls Arijent. 

Ceest. — An owl. 

A AVilliam AA^nidley matriculated from Queen's Coll., Oxon., 21 April 173S, 

aged 16, as son of John of Nevis, esq. (Foster). His father was Member of 

Assembly 171S, 1724, and 1730-1. AVilliam appears to have married. 25 January 

1749, Lucretia, dau. of Mrs. Anne Newth of llunsdon, co. Herts, widow, deceased. 

(" G.M.") Lucretia was named 1743 in the will of her uncle Tobias AVall, 

formerly of Nevis and St. Kitts, then of Southampton. She died in childbed 

11 :May 1750, aged 28. (See A^ol. I., 1S2.) AVilliam was residing at liougham 

Hall, near Biirv St. Edmunds, Suffolk, in 1756. He was afterwards named as of 

Eccles, CO. Norfolk, in wills of 17G7, 1771, 17S1. and 1792, and his natural son 

John was named in 1767. His cousin William, the M.P. and Governor, was also 

residing in Norfidk, and some confusion between the two men has arisen on 

account of their Christian names being the same. 



23. Here lye interred the Eodies of | Axx and 
Katiiehine Tuompsox | Daughtcr.s of Arcuiualu 
Thoiipson Efq : I of this ITiand. | They died on the 
24"" day of October | in the year 1771, Anx in her 
18'^, and | K.vTnERiN'E in her 10"' year. | They were 
seized almost in the same | liour by an unrelenting and 
fatal fever | and the same day they both expired, | 
And in the same Grave ] thev lye buried together. | 
Lovely and pleafant were tliey in their lives | And 
in death they were not Separated. 

Arms. — Argent, a buck's head cabossed Gules, 

attired Or, on a chief Azure, a cross crosslei JitcJit'e 

ay the third between tico mullets of six points of the 

first, pierced. Azure [Tiio:\[Pso>', Burke's " Armory'"], 

Crest. — An arm in armour couped at the shoulder, 
holding in the hand a spear. 

24. Hie jacct Uxor optima, mater pie .* tissima, 
Filia sororq}, obedientissima, Maria Boddie 
Omnibus bcnevolens, omnibus dilectissima, 
tricessima die, N'ovembris Anno M.D. CCLXIX 
^Etatis sune vicesimo sexto Fatis Cessit 
Conjugis Charissimse Memorial Sacrum 
Maritus superstes Joiiaxnes Boddie 
hocce posuit. 

This coat of Boddie does not appear in Burke's 
" Armory." The charges are doubtful. 


P.C.C. FROM 1055 TO ISlO.f 


773 Geo. Stone 

33 Stevens. | 

„ Joseph Lee 



,, John "Wallace 


„ Joseph Garth 


„ Wm. Hanson 


,, Wm. Forbes 


„ Henry Fuller 


„ James Goldson 




Jeremiah IMorgan 

3GG Stevens 

John Mackenzie 

307 „ 

John Curtis 

419 „ 

Wm. Lewis 

191 Bargrave 

Mary Parsons 

197 „ 

Tho. Turner 


Martha Willson 


Prudence Moore 


• liOtter partly oblitoratcd. (Note by Canon Sliopliord, who coi)ic'l this inscription.) 
t Continued from p. 59. Omitted i'rom p. 57, " Jas. GoJJard " (Su, Trcnlcy) ; imJ p. 59, 
"Tho. Fuller" (88, Uog^). 











Eob. Hodley 

3CS Bargrave. 

Jolin Gordon 



Eich. Barrett 



John Gronlon 

300 Alexander. 

Julincs Herring 



Marv Marriott 



Patrick licily 



IVa. Dolap 



Eoger Hope Ettetson 



Wm. Evans 

12 Bellas. 

Sir Geo. Era. Hamjison 1 7 

Scudamorc Wine 

le lot 

Cha. Harvey 


Sam. Sinitli 


Daniel jM"=Lenan 


Jas. Pedder 




John Davies 354 „ 

.John S. Spencer 374 ,, 

Eob. Donald 3S5 „ 

Edw. Clarke 41G „ 

Jas. Campbell 453 „ 

Jacob E. Brandon 4SS „ 

jMary Eoslor 164 Collier. 

Wm. Lloyd 172 „ 

Eosc Enller 

Alice Leslie 

Jas. Ellctbon Bowcn 377 

Marg' Jackson 

Wm. Eblev 

Geo. Clarke 

Daniel Herring 

"Wm. Dickson 

John Morrison 

Geo. AYade 

Eliz. Kersey 

Isaac Smith 

Alex. Ord 

Tho. Sherwood 

Tho. Gegg 

Sam. Lyddall Schaw 

Florentius Vassall 

Era. Baxter 

Sam. Gordon 

Cha. Long 

Jas. Prosser 

Alex. jMiller 

Nath. Milward 1G3 

Jannett Hibbcrt 248 

John Goosinan 375 

Eob. Sherlock 474 

Leeson Blackwood 

Isaac Coote 

Henry Criiger 

Aaron !Manby 

Era. Enller 

John Lawrence 




42j „ 

4G1 „ 

511 „ 

12 Hay. 

27 „■ 

88 „ 

117 „ 

132 „ 

255 ., 

264 „ 

283 „ 

337 „ 

379 „ 

431 „ 

4+7 „ 

498 „ 
22 Warburton. 



4 Collins. 
G5 „ 
125 ., 
202 „ 
312 „ 
3G5 „ 





Alex. Grant 

394 Collins 

John Healand 



Benj. Lvon 



Tho. Mead 

85 AVebster 

Eob. Holdon 


Eich. Frith 


John Morse 


Sam. Henning 


Alex. Stewart 


Edw. Bullock 


Edw. Chatiibcrs 


Tho. Gordon 


L' Geo. Harrison, E.X. 


Sam. Havward 


Wm. Mann 


Wm. Harwanl 

27 Gostling. 

Cha. Wetherell 


John Pipe 


Jas. Peck man 


Eob. Delap 


Peter Eeed 


Eich. Wek-Ii 


AVm. M'=Donald 

32 Cornwallis. 

Wm. Freeman 


Geo. W. Lawrence 83 



Sir Simon Clark 

e, B' 




John Ellis 


John Dobson 


Stephen Archbo 



Tho. Goleborn 


Eob. Symos 


Mich. Wade 


Jas. Eerrall 


Wm. Wynter 


Jas. Cha. S. Douglas 

Louis V. Euscr 613 „ 

AVm. Galloway 61G „ 

John Eleteher 76 Eoekingliam. 
Sam. Delpratt 129 
John Prince 223 „ 

John Dobson 254 „ 

Edmund Goldcgav 









John Thomas 
Wm. ^lurray 
Jas. Spcnce 
Jas. Ticrney 
Alex. Gordon 
Jas. Milles 
Wm. Aiknian 
Tho. Goldson 

2 Ducarel 
20 „ 









Beeston Long 

32 Ducarel. | 

Tsrael Elkin 


Dugald Malcolm 


Jas. Kerr 


John Fenton 


John Cover dale 


Benj. Unrchcster 


John Bell 


John Johnson 


Wm. Eowe 


Wm. Tidcombe 


Bridget AVells 

50 Norfolk. 

Jas. Cnllum 



Eob. Gordon 


Martin AVilliams 



John B. O'Hagan 



Eich. Atkinson 



John Crow 



Eob. J. Dunn 



Jas. Piuard 



John Heath 



Patrick M'^Kinlay 


. Paul Wick 



Hugh ]Maekay 



Eich. Greenland 



Joell Savell 



Henry Parker 


Sarah Lo])e3 Q'orres 519 


John Cruik shank 



Tho. Pouifrett 



John Cope Freeman IG Calvert. 

Malcolm Laing 


John Jenkins 


Peter Walsh 


Eliz. Watts 


Wm. Ledwich 


Eliz. Eeed 


Jas. Cotton 


Jos. Hargreaves 


John Jackson 


Eob. Nisbett 


John ]{obinson 


Eoger Xott 


Eob. Adams 

2 Macham. 

Dan. INIendes Cunl 

a 14 


John Collard 



Stanhope Browne 



iNIoses Kirkland 



John Tondinson 



John Foster l^arham 



Sus'' Beck ford 



Jas. Inglis 


Abr. Beraal 

3 Bishop. 

Wm. Deane Poyut 

z 39 


Jacob Delmar 



Eliz. Gordon 









Goodin Elletson 

129 Bishop 

John Angwin 



Tho. Septimus Dalby 



Ann Crisp 



Tho. Martin 



Tho. Fletchall 



Pat. Kobertson 

90 Bevor 

John Kelly 


Geo. Ogiivie 


Edw. Bloraut 


Edw. Davis 


Jas. Fisher 


Mary Nott 
Abr. Cardazo 


Sarah Parkinson 


Ben. Browne 


Tristram Eatcliff 


Lady Eeb" Mendes 

da Costa 69 Fountain 

John Scott 


Lucius Tucker 


Eich. Eowe 


David Chalmers 


Harrj'F. Gardner 


Eliz. Eauthmell 


Peter Ewing 


Tho. Adlam 


John Kennioji 

32 Dodwell 

Sarah Bowon 


Isaac M. Pereira 


John Brown 


Isaac E. Nunes 


Adam C. Hoffman 2G0 

John Dick 


AYm. Peat 


Tho. Storer 


Wm. Samuells 


Eliz. Winter 


Jolin Bowdige Webb 


Jas. Cotter 


Jas. Brown 


John Cramond 


Wm. Hay ward 


John Spooner 


Tho. Gairdner 

21 Holman 

John Yanheelen 


Eob. Cooper Lee 


John Morant 


Clia. Eobiiison 


Charity Harry 


Cha. Irvine 


Jas. Eidge 


Hugh Poison 


John Proudfoot 


Geo. Cuming 





Eliz. Mary Mora 

nt G24 IIol 



Tho. Stokes Salmon 

116 Newcastle. ! 

Rich. A^issall 


Peter Clarke 


Jolin Brasier 


Pen. Lady Rivers 



Arch. Edj^ar 




Rich. Gordon 


Wm. Salmon 


AVm. Smith 


Rob. Wood 


Esther M. Monsanto 


Jos. B. Phipps 


"VVm. Bramwell 

622 „ 

Geo. Gairden 


Anne Phillips 


Geo. Davis 



Era. Dennis 

12 H. 


Cha. Schau 



Tho. Skelton 



Mordecai R. Lopes 134 

Rob. Richards 



Tho. Newland 



Rich. Beckford 



Alex. Williams 



Wastel Briscoe 



Tho. Iredell 




J as. Innes 

30 Exeter. | 

Jos. Peatt 



Rich. Price 



Ebenezer Dougl 

is 145 


John Price 



Jas. Gale Senior 



Wm. Eowle 



Rich. Watt 



Vickri.s Dickinson 412 


Tho. Eowle 



Wm. Leigh Srmes 449 


Rob. Gray Hay 



Era. Roper 



Edw. Sainthill 



Sus*^ Young 



Era. R. Brodbelt 542 


Peter Jameson 



Jacob Kellerman 557 





John Barnes 

627 Exeter. 

Cha. Pat. Browne 



Cha. Bernard 



Geo. Robinson Hamilton 



David White 



Aaron jNIoffatt 

47 W 


John Vast^all 



Wisdom Barrett 



Jas. Aird 



Sir John Dalling, 



Margery Lawrence 194 


Jer. Pattinson 



Abigail Pereira 



Tho. Gray 260 
Jas. Modyford Heywood 


Alex. Sympson 



Reb* Henriques de 

John Mattlicws 




Wm. Walker 



John Willan 



John Gray 



John Blackburn 



Maria Beckford 


Ann Jane Hall 



Jasper Hall 



Jos. Orr 



Andrew Eenn 



Lancelotte Gubbins 

Rob. Richards 
John Ashley 
Nath. Bayly 
Penyston Powney 
Sam. Rainford 
Wm. Beckford 
Jas. Wedderburn 
Wm. Thompson 
Rob. Watson 
Anth. Morris Storer 
Edw. Barrett 
Tho. Gillespie 
Wm. Lvon 
Tho. PJrter 


3 Howe. 

.14 „ 

58 „ 

08 „ 

96 „ 

155 „ 

318 „ 

405 „ 

539 „ 

572 „ 

588 „ 

067 „ 

{To be continued .) 




j^oticts of JSirtljs, il-lavnnsrs, anti Qtatljc, 
from xljt '' ^t. C|)ii5topI)rr (gauttc antJ 
Caribbean Counn/'antJ tljt **§t CJjvts= 
topI)cr 9ti\)nti5tr anti &2atdU}> 3:ntcUi^ 
genttr/* 33a5sttcrrc* 

The enclosed Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deatlis are taken frum the 
two St. Christopher newspapers at the British Museum. "Where each paper has 
the same notice 1 have i^nven only one. 

From tlie '' Gazette '" are the names of tlie Members of the House of Assemblv 
and a list of the Jurors and Constables. A comparison of the other lists of 
Jurors and Constables \vith that I enclose might bring to light a few more names 
of residents. 

121 Hither Green Lane, Lewisham. Hexey W. Book (Lt.-Col.). 

10 February 1910. 


March 29 (Birth) At HiKh AVycombe (England), the Lady of J. Eamsey, Esq., 
of a son. (Marriage) On Saturday hist, at the Church of tliis I'arisli, by the 
Eev. Thomas Davies, B.D. (?), Joseph K. Barnes, Esq., to Mary Henrietta 
Sarah, youngest daughter of the late AVilliam D. Sharry, Esq., and niece of 
the Venerable Archdeacon Davis of Antigua. 

Aug. 16 (Marriage) On Saturday last, at the Church of this Parish, by the Kural 
Dean, Mr. George AV'ard to Miss ■Nlary D. Burke. (Death) This day, 
Mrs. Ann "Westcott, Spinster, aged S9 vears. 

Aug. 23 (Deaths) At Nevis, on" Friday hast, the Eev. J. Bell, Wcsleyan 
Missionary. Also oi\ Tuesday, Mr. \V. T. (?) Cluxtons. 

Aug. 30 (Death) At Old Eoad, on Tuesday last, ^NFrs. Ann Benson, aged S3 years. 

Sept. 6 (Death) On the 24th June, at Guernsey, in the 54th year of his age, David 
Ellicott, Esquire, De])uty Conunissary in Ireland .... He married in this 
Island a daughter of the late John Tyson, Esquire, and liad a numerous 

Sept. 13 (Deaths) At Nevis, on Sunday last, of fever, Eobert Ferrier, Est]., 
and on Tuesday. Octavius Furlonu;e, Esq., both of the late firm of Ferrier, 
Stanley & Co. Yesterday, in this Town, Mr. James Patterson, aged 24 years. 

Oct. 4 (Deaths) At Nevis, on the 23rd ultimo, of fever, Mr. Eobert S. Camp- 
bell, aged 20 years. In this Town, on Sunday last, Mr. AViiliain Maillard. 
And on Mondav, William, an infant son of Mr. AVilliam K. C. Hellyer. 

Oct. 25 (Death) On A\''ednesday, ^Ir. Giles Eogcrs, aged 44 years. 

Nov. 1 (Birth) On the 10th September, at 52 Woburn Place, Eussell Square, 
the Lady of Benjamin B. Greene, Esq., of a son. 

Dec. 27 (Death) On Sunday last, Mrs. Harriate Eichards, aged 5G years, Lady 

of John Eichards, Esq 


Jan. 3 (Deaths) On Friday night, at Conyer's Estate, Mrs. Mary Tudor, aged 

GO years. Eelict of the late Samuel Tudor, Esq On Satinday morning, 

at Eawlins ]^[ornes i:state, Mr. AVilliam Eawlins, a son of Stedman Eawlins, 
Esq., sen. On the 2fe;th ultimo, at Mr. Bankhead's residence, Mr. Evan 
B. H. McEae, aged 17 vears. This morning, Mary Ann, Infant daughtir of 
G. J. Evelyn, Esq. This afternoon, Mr. .John James Tyson, second sou of the 
Hon: Thomas Tyson, Esq. At Porto Eico, on the 23rd ultimo, .Mr. James 
■^Vatson of this Island, aged 45 years .... 


Jan. 17 (Deaths) At Xevis, on Friday last, Mr. Edward C. Howe, in the 22nd 
year of liis ago, sou of tlie late Edward L. Howe, Esq., of that island .... 
At Cayon, on Monday hxt^t, Mr. llobert vStevenson, aged 44 years. On 
Tuesday last, Mr. Augustus IN'. Amory, aged 29 years. On AVedne.sday, Miss 
Harriate Phipps, aged 63 years. Last night, Mr. Jolm Allercott, aged 40 
years. This day, at the advanced age of 72 years, Mrs. Mary Grimes, Eelict 

of the late Peter Grimes, Esq 

Jan. 24 (Deaths) At 2s'evis, on the lOtli instant, after a lingering and painful 
illness, Mrs. Jane Wolfe, lady of E. T. AVolfe, Esq., aged 51 years .... 
On Tuesday, at Sandy Point, Miss Caroline Semper, daughter of H. li. Sem- 
per, Esq. 
Feb. 7 (Marriage) On Wednesday last, at the Church of this Parish, by the 

Eevd. the Eural Dean, Mr. AVilliam Cooper to Miss Mary Francis. 
Feb. 28 (Deaths) On Wednesday last, Anna Maria, only daughter of tlio lion: 
George Estridge, Esq., aged 5 years and 7 months. This day, Mr. Edward 
Calfe, aged IS years. 
Mar. G (Marriage) On Saturday last, at the Church of this Parish, by the 
Eevereud the Eural Dean, Charles Eeeve, Esq., to Miss Frances Jack. 
(Deaths) Yesterday, Miss Jane Stephens Sharry, daughter of the late John 
Sharry, Esq., aged 30 years. Same day, at the Bolton Estate, Joseph Salter, 
Esq., aged 4-5 years. This day. at the Canada Estate, George Perry, Ei^q., 
aged 46 years. At Old Eoad, on Saturday last, Mrs. Mary Ann Little, relict 
of the late George Little, Esq., aged 4(5 years. 
]\Lar. 13 (Death) On Friday last. Miss Jane Hart, aged 45 years. 
I July 3 (Married) At the Church of this Parish, on Tuesday last, by the Eev. 

I John Julius Kerie, A.A[., Farro Henry Witham, Esq., of Her Majesty's 

I Customs, to Mary, eldest daughter of John A. Howe, Esq. (Deaths) It is 

I with no ordinary feelings of regret that we perform the duty of announcing 

t the demise of the Eevereud Thomas Davies, Eector of this parish and Eural 

I Dean .... which .... took place early on the morning of Tue.sday last .... 

b. ■ at the age of 33 years .... ap])ointed Eector in January 183S .... At the 

I O'Gee Estate this morning, Mrs. Abinia It^abella Gordon, aged 23 years, 

^ relict of the late AVilliam Gordon, Esq., Stipendary Magistrate of Tortola, 

i whose death in this town on the ISth ultimo we recently announced. At 

p Nevis, on ^Monday, Air. Charles Arthurtou, aged 27 years. At Xevis, on 

' Tuesday the 30th June, after a long and painful illness of 14 mouths .... 

I Mrs. AVm. Maynard, aged 48 years .... 

July 3, 1840. A meeting of the Legislature took place on AVednesday last. 

House of Assehblt. 


His Honor the Speaker George H. Burt, sen. 

Archibald PauU Burt Hugh E. Semper 

John A. Howe Chr. Mardenbrough 

John James Amory Christ. Pickering 

Aston Davoreii AVm. W. Eawlins, Jr. 

James S. Berridge E. G. Davoren, AI.D. 

Francis M. Taylor Horatio Adlam 

Andrew L. French AVilliam M. Abbott 
Chas. O'llara Neato 


Henry lies AVoodcock George H. Burt, Jr. 

John Parr Stedmau Eawlins, Jr. 
J»ames T. Caincs, Jr. 



Pkotost Maeshal's OrncE, July 3, 18-10. 

Public Notice is liereby given That a Court of Queen's Bench and Common 
Pleas will be held at the Court House in the Town of J?a.sseterre on Tuesday the 
litli iiist., when the attendance of tlie Grand Jury, the following Jurors and 
Constables will be required .... 

By Order of the Court 

Nathaniel Hajtt 

Provost Marshal General. 

F. W. Mallalieu, F. 
Anthony Beard 
Joseph K. Barnes 
Thomas Pell 
John AV. Gould 
Peter Jovcs 
Charles Pearl 

Names of the Grand Jury. 

Anthony Tapshire 
Burton G. Kobinson 
George AVatson 
Andrew Banldiead 
Abraham "Warner 
I. J. Haynes 

Ricliard Cardin 
.lames AVarner 
Jos. L. Foster 
.1. W. Penchoen 
Hugh Fleck 
"\Vm. Sendall 

John Arm a trading 
Geo. T. Amory 
\Ym. Abbott 
Edward Azidar 
Wm. Buriics 
Jas. Barnes 
John Berkeley 
Geo. Browidiill 
M. G. Berkeley 
Thos. Barrett 
Thomas P. Berridge 
Thomas ]?eard 
Mark P. Barnes. 
George Beard 
AVilliam Brownhill 
E. Blake 
Eobert Barnes 
Wm. Brodley 
H. C. Clifton 
Thomas Cook 
Andrev*' Cannonier 
Henry Casbolt 
Edward Claxton 
John R. P. Caines 
William Cardin 
Thomas S. Caines 
John Davy 
Joseph Dickenson 

Names of Jurors. 

Daniel Dangerfield 
John M. Donavall 
Anthony Duport 
G-eorge Eraser 
Michael Fleming 
AVilliam Gowan 
John H. Garnett 
James Gould 
AVm. Goodwin 
AVilliam Henry 
E. Hazell 
H. Henderson 
John Jonas 
Edward Julius 
Joseph Kerie 
Nicholas Lynch 
Jolin Levingston 
Thomas Myles 
James M'lntyre 
John Margetson 
E. Mussenden 
Jonh* JM'Sheen 
E. B. Norford 
Stedman E. Peets 
AVm. Peets 
Davis Percival 
AV. H. Pearce 
Lewis Pedder 

Robert Pedder 
John Pickering 
James Philip 
James Quelch 
Edward Rivers 
Chas. Reave 
Thomas Rivers 
Edward S. Rawlins 
John Ramsey 
John Slack 
Henry Sorch 
Thos. H. Sendall 
Thos. A. Stratford 
Charles Swanston 
AVm. Swanston 
Clement C. Sorch 
Jereniiah Soars 
lleiu'v Thomson 
AVra."S. Tittley 
Thomas Tyson, jun. 
Wanton Thurston 
George Tatem 
John Warner 
George Ward 
John Wilson 
Charles Wharton 
H. H. AVilson 





John Porrester 
James H. Seatou 
Robert Stewart 
Wm. Cooper 
James Hazell 
James Brownhill 

Names of Constables. 

John Adams 
John M. Deeble 
John J. Ciit'ton 
John Sampsou 
A. U'Lou":hliu 

Wm. Goater 
Alexander Wood 
Richard Langley 
G. E. Bryan 
Groster Joues 

Other lists of Jurors and Constables occur for March 29, Aug. 9, IG, 23, 
Oct. 4, 1S39; Feb. 23 and March G, IS40. Also Quarter Sessions, Waywardens 
and Constables for Jan. 24, 1S40. 



June 18 (Birth) At Bath House, Nevis, on the 23rd ultimo, the Lady of 
Charles K . . . . e, Esquire, of a daughter. (Death) At St. Thomas, on the 
21st ultimo, Edward Evans, Esq., of this Island, aged 41 years .... 

July IG (Birth) On Sunday morning the 14th instant, at Brimstone Hill, the 
Lady of Capt. Luxmore, Royal Engineers, of a son. (Marriage) On the 
IGth May last, at -St. Peter's Church, Dublin, by the Kev. Dr. Porter, Lieut. 
J. B. M. L. Moore, 69th Regiment (late Fort Adjutant on the Garrison of 
Brimstone Hill), to Mary Jeaunette, only daughter of Staff Surgeon Munro, 
sometime Principal Medical Olficer in the same Garrison. (Deaths) At 
Sandy Point, on Saturday, June 29, Richard Xaylor, Infant son of the Rovd. 
W. R. Rogers, W^esleyan Missionary. On Thursday last, Mrs. Anna L. 
Amory, aged 30 years. 

Aug. 6 (Birth) At Dieppe Bay, on the 26th ultimo, the Lady of the Rev. W. 
Riggleswortli, Weslevan Missionary, of a daughter. 

Aug. 13 (Births) At Old Road, this evening, the Lady of the Revd. W. T. 
Waymouth, Wesleyau Missionary, of a dausjliter. At Carrick Brae, Sandy 
Point, on the 3rd instant, the Lady of Mr. Stipendary Justice Olpherts, of 
a son. (Deaths) At ^lontserrat. The Honorable Richard H. Dyetr, >[.D., 
Speaker of the House of Assembly of that Island .... On Sunday morning 
the 28th ultimo, Mr. Henry Redman Trew, at the early age of 18, and after 
an illness of only foui- days. This promising young gentleman was the 
eldest son of Henry Trew, Esqr., Collector of Her Majesty's Customs at 
St. Kitts .... 

Oct. 1 (Deaths) On Friday last, Frances, late wife of Roger AVoodburne, 
Esquire, aged 58 years .... On the same day, at Cayon, Hugh R. Ross, 

Oct. 22 (Deaths) x^Lt Barbados, on the 2Gth ultimo, John Clinton, Esq.. aged 
62. Mr. Clinton served for many years in tlio Ordnance Department in this 
Island. Yesterday, in this Town, Isaac Deeming, Esq., aged U(i vcars. 
This gentleman was for many years Deputy Provost Marshal in this Colony 
.... Last night, in this Town, Thomas Risdon, infant son of J(dui A. Howe, 
Esquire. At Old Road, on the 12th inst., Mr. W. (r. Caniiavan, aged 41 
years. On Wednesday last, in this Town, Jo.seph James, an infant son of 
Mr. James Adams. At Sandy Point, on Thursday last, xMr. John Rawlins, 
a son of Stedman Rawlins, seiii-., Esq. At Sandy Point, on Wednesday the 
16th inst.; Mrs. Elizabeth Nuttall, in the 63rd year of her age. 


Nov. 5 (Deaths) Ou Tuesday last, in the 13rd year of his age, Samuel Cahlc, 
Esquire .... On Thursday last, after a short illness of 2 days, Miss Eliza- 
beth England, eldest daughter of the late Mr. England. 


Jan. 14 (Marriages) At the Church of this Parish, on Thursday, by the Eev. 
Samuel Paynter Misson, Mr. John Joseph AVarner to Mrs. Sarah Smith. 
And on Saturday, by the Eev. Samuel Paynter Misson, Mr. Charles Wood- 
cock Skilling and Miss Mary "Woodley. (Deaths) On Sunday the 5th instant, 
Mr. William Terry Kelly, senior, aged (iU years. At Dieppe Bay, on ]\[onday 
the 6th, Mr. Jame.s Watson, only son of the late James Watson, Esq. On 
Friday last, at the residence of (J-ray, Nimmo & Co., Mr. Ale.xander K;inkin, 
aged 17 years. At Nevis, on Tuesday last, the Kev. W. H. liawlins, aged 55 
years, leaving eight children to lament their irreparable loss. At St. Thomas, 
ou the 30th ultimo, Kobert T. Thornton, Esq., late of the Island of Barbados, 
aged 54 years. 

jHonumciUal inscriptions in Cn^lantr 
relatincj to Mit^t fintiians,* 


"E.B.J." stands for "Parley's Bristol Journal," and "B.C." for "Bath 

Lady Chapel, on the floor : — 




of the Ifland of Barbados 

Ob'. 8'K xMay 1819. 

1819, May 13. Elizabeth Hampden. Parish of Clifton. 60 y". (Cathedral 
Burial liegister.) 

John Hampden, son of John Hampden of Christchurch, Isle of . . . ., W.I., 
arm., matric. from Queen's Coll., Oxford, 19 Nov, 1805, aged '.'0 ; B..\. 1809. 

John Hampden, son of Eenn Hampden of Barbados, arm., matric. from 
Univ. Coll., Oxford, 29 Nor. 1816, aged IS. 

Kenn Dickson Hampden, sou of Kenn Hampden of Barbados, arm., matric. 
from Oriel Coll., Oxford, 9 May 1810, aged 17, B.A. 1814, Pellow 1814-18, :M.A. 
1816; St. Mary Hall, B. and D.D. 1833, Bumpton Lecturer 1832, Principal 1833— 
48; a Canon of Christ Cluirch L836 — 48; Eegius Professor of Divinity 1836 — 18 ; 
Bishop of Hereford 1848 until his death 23 A|)ril 1868. (Poster. See also the 
" D.N.B.") He married Mary Lovell his cousin. 

The Bishop's mother was b" ranees Kavcn. (" Genealoi^ist." xv., 128.) 

His biography was published by his dau. See several entries in the " Barbados 

The 'Hampden family, descendants of the Buckinghamshire patriot, llcil to 
the W.I. at the Kestor.i'tion. (Dr. Bindley's article in the \V. India Commiitoe 
Circular for 15 March 1910, p. 124.) This'has not, I think, been proved. 

• Continued from p. 1-13. 

t A list of wills and entries from pirish re^'istcrs rcliUiii:,' tu tho-ie II imp Ions his recently 
been receive I from Jlr. N. D.iruoU Davis, rtiiicli wilt appear iu a later I'art. [Ed.] 


North wall of north cloister : — 

Near this Monument 

Are depofited the Remains of 

WILLIAM BOTTiy BATTYX Efq\ aged 25 Years, 

(Fourteen lines here.) 

. He died October 23^^. 1798. 

1798, Oct. 31. William Dottin Battjn. (Cathedral Burial Register.) 

1798, Sat., Nov. 10 Battvn, Esq. of the i. of Barbadoes, in the 25th 

year of his age, & on Wed. morning his remains were interred in tiie Cathedral 

with great funeral pomp. (" F.B.J.") 

The following was noted in 18G7 by the Rev. J. "Woodward as being on the 
west wall of transept, but it no longer exists : — 

Barbadoes, died 1799. 

Abms. — Azure, a saltire between four Jleurs de lis or . . . .; impaling, Qiuirterlt/, 
1 and 4, Azure, two lions passant in pale or .... ; 2 and 3, Azure, two bends or. 
(The tinctures are doubtful. Burke, '" Greneral Armory," gives for Dottin of 
Barbadoes, Paan, two lions passant in pale per pale or and argent.)'' 

1799, March 19. Ann Battyn. (Cathedral Burial Register.) 

In St. Geoi'ge's, Barbados, is an inscription to — 

Dr. John Battyn . . . . ob. Jan. 7, 1G'.J2 .... also "William Battyn, Esq., his 
grandson .... and Elizabeth, dau. of Dr. John Battyn, and wife of Edward 
Perce, Esq. (Archer, 371.) 

Wm. Dottin Battyn, son of Wm. Reece Battyn of I. of B.,esq., Queen's Coll., 
matric. 30 March 17-18, aged 17. (Foster.) 

1751. William Dottin Battyn, esq., of Walfield, Berks, to Harriet Palmer, 
of Dorney, Bucks. (Somerset House Chapel Register.) She was dau. of Sir 
Chas. Palmer, 5th Bart. 

1799, Sat., ^larch 23. Tuesday sc'nnight died at her house in Berkeley 
Square, Mrs. Baten, of the island of Barbadoes. ("F.B.J.") 

William Batten of the I.^land of Barbadoes Esc]. being sick and weakc. Will 
dated 10 Dec, 3 Q. Anne, 1701. To my d;ius. Elizabeth, Martha, Ann and ^lary 
Batten £1000 "st. apiece at marriage or 21. To my wife Eliz. all my plautaliun 
negros, cattle, etc., until my son W'" Reos B. be 21 then \ to hi n and 3 to her for 
herlifeandather death to iiim. All residue to him and to be Ex'or at 21. My wife 
to be Ex'tris until then and Guardian. My brother in law Bartholomew Rees 
and friend Ed. Jordan the Y' of this I. Esq"^^ overseers and Exors if my wife 

Witnessed by Ja. Waldie, John Anderson, John Elford. 

Proved 2 May 1705 by Eliz. Battyn the relict. (" P.C.C," SI, Gee.) 

John French of Percy Street, Esq. Will dated 7 March 1777. My sou-iu-law 
W'" Dottin Battyn of Barbadoes, Esci-, is very largely indebted to me. 

William Dottin Battyn, late of Barbados, now residing in Bristol. Will dated 
23 Oct. 179S. To my Mother Ann Battyn all my estate chari];ed with the 
following bequests. My friend Miss Eli/,. Jeffers £5()i) c. ^My aunt M" Kitturah 
Midford°£1000. My relation Jonathau lileiiman, Esq., £1000. The Rev. IJoury 
Evans Husbands (Rector of S' John's, Harba does), £300 and £300 to his son 
Henry Evans H. my godson. M'^ Jane M'^^Cjnny £100. Rich'' Squiros £300. 


My mulatto .las. Garner I manumit and give him 2 acres and £20 c. yearly. At 
my Mother's death my estate to de.scend to my uncle Edward Jordan for his life, 
then to my aunt Susannah Christian Cohham. widow, for her life, then to my 
friend John Cobham. My Mother, uncle Ed. Jordan and Aunt Susannah C. 
Cobham and John Cobham Exors. Proved 81 Jan. 1799 by John Cobham, Esq., 
power reserved to the others. (" P.C.C.," 1-1, Howe.) 

Ann Battyn, widow, late of the I. of Barbadoes, now at Bristol. Will dated 
3 March 1799. My sister in law Mrs. Keturali ^lidford £1U00 c. Cousin 
Jonathan Blenmau, E.«q., £1000. Kinsman John Cobham, Esq., £1000. Friend 
Miss Eliz. Jeffers £100. Cousin Alice Malet 25 guinea.s. My brotlier Edward 
Jordan I forgive what he owes me under the will of my Mother .Vnn Jordan. All 
residue to my sister .Sus:inna Christian Cobham. ]My brother Ed. Jordan, John 
Cobham and my sister Susanna C. Cobham, widow, Exors. Proved 1 April 1799 
by John Cobham, power reserved to_the others. 

North Avail of north cloister : — 

In grateful regard to her many excellencies 

This Monument is conl'ecratcd 

By iJZr LEACH, of the Il'land of Barbados 

to the memory of his wife LTJCRETIA ; 


(Eleven lines — After a married life of 23 years died) 

On the firl't day of Feb>- 1799, 

In the thirty nintli year of her age;. 

(Six lines follow.) 

1799, Feb. 7. Lucretia Leech. (Cathedral Burial Eegister.) 
1799, Sat., Feb. 9. Yesterday se'nnight died at her lodgings in Queen-Square, 
Mrs. Lucretia Leech, wife of Ely Leech, Esq., of the island of Barbadoes, after a 
long and painful illness, which she bore with uncommon foi-titude. Her loss will 
be severely felt by her husband and friends, as she was a most prudent and 
affectionate w:ife, a tender mother, and a valuable acquaintance. (" F.B.J.") 

North wall of north cloister : — 








(Five lines here.) 


(Three lines — Died) 


1832, Nov. 26. Marv- AVhitelock. Parish of Clifton. 73 "^'^'^ 

1833, Oct. 30. John Whitelock. Clifton. Aged 7G. (Cathedral Krgistcr.) 
1833, Buclcs, Oct. 23. At Hall Barn Park, the seat of Sir Gore Ouscley, 

aged 7(J, John Whiteh)cke, esq. (" G.M.," 175.) 

AV"^' Lewis, by his wife Jane, dau. of Dr. ^ratthew Gregory, had one son 
Matthew and four daus., two of whom married, 8 April 1783, at S' Catherine's, 


viz., Elizabeth Catherine to Gen' Robert Browurigg, captor of Kandy ; and Mary 
to Gen' John Whitelocke, vant^uished at Buenos Ayres. (See more in 
Archer, 338.) 

North wall of north cloisters : — 

In a Vault near this 

lie interred the Keinains of 


Daugiiter of tiiom.\s rock, of this City, 

by itAXNAU, his Wife, the Daughter of 

JOHN SPE>'C'ER, of the iriaud of .iamaica, Elq''<'. 

She departed this Life, 

on the 15"' of March, 1808, • 

aged 48 Tears. 

(Five lines omitted. Erected by her daughters.) 

1808, March 23. Hannah Spencer Shirley. (Cathedral Burial Register.) 

1808, March 15. At Clifton, aged 49, Mrs. Shirley, 'widow of Edward S. esq. 
of Spring-garden and Pcterstield, Jamaica. (" G.M.," 367.) 

1773, July 31. Henry Shirley, Esq., of New Burlington-street, to Miss Rock, 
daughter of the late John Spencer, Esq., of Jamaica. ("Town and Country 
Mag.," 447.) 

1797, Sat., Dec. 9. Monday last died at her lodgings in Bath, Mrs. Shirley, 
wife of the Hon. Henry Shirley, one of the Members of the Colonial Council in J. 
(" E.B.J.") 

1824, Thursday, Aug. 19. Saturday was married Henry Shirley, esq., of 
Hyde-hall and Etingdon, Jamaica, to Frances eldest daughter of Colonel Houltou, 
of Farleigh-castle, in this county. (" B.C.") 

North wall of north cloister. The usual common type of sculpture — a female 
standing over an urn. 

Sacred to the Memory of 



of Mount AUeijne 

in the Ifland of BABBADOES Efq' 

who departed this Lite July 11"', 1763 

Aged 36 Years. 

1763, July 14. Judith Alleyne was buried and a Funeral Sermon preached by 
the Precentor. (Cathedral Burial Kegisler.) 

See ante, 1., 29, for M.I. to Jas. Holder Alleyne, and p. 77 for that to Hannah, 
wife of Tho. Alleyne, both in Bath Abbey. Others were buried in Clifton 

When the Rev. J. Woodward wrote in 1S67 this tablet was on the west wall 
of transept, and he gave these arms (now 1909 missing) :— 

" (This coat is indistinct, but is probably :) Qiuirtcrli/, 1 and 4, Per chevron 
gules and ermine in chief two lions heads erased or; 2 and 3, Argent, a lion 
rampant sable (r)." 

Reynold Alleyne of Blount Alleyne in Barbados, iL for S' Jame.«'s. by a dan. 
and coh. of Laurence Price, left two dans, and coh.: 1. Elizabeth, wife of John 
Newton of Newtons in B. ami of Abbots Bromley, co. Staffi>rd (who died s.p. and 
left Mount Alleyne to Sir John Gay Alleyne, B'), and 2. Judith above-named. 
(" Betham's Baronetage," iii., 366.) 


East wall of east cloister. A female standing over an urn, resembling the 
Alleyne monument. 

Sacred to the memory of 
a Native of 2s''ew Jersey, >"Ortu amehica, 
who departed this life 
June 4"' 1793. 
aged 38 years, 5 months, <&; 11 days. 
(Three lines.) 
Alio Sacred to the memory of DAVID WRITE, Eff Ilufband of 
the laid ELIZABETR \ a Native of Ay rf hire in Scotland, many 
years a relidcut in the Illaud of Jamaica but late of this City 
Who departed this life on the 27"' day of November 
Anno Domini 1797 in the 07"' year of his Age : 
leaving behind him to lament his loss Nine Children 

(Four lines.) 

1793, June 7. M" Elizabeth Gould White buried, etc. 

1797, Dec. 1. David White. (Cathedral Burial Eegister.) 

1797, Sat., Dec. 2. On Monday died at his house in College-green, David 

White, Esq., many years a resident in the island of Jamaica, where he possessed 

very considerable property. (" F.B.J.") 

North choir aisle, east wall, to the right of the Codrington monument. Above 
is a female standing mourning over an urn. 

Sacred to the Memory of JOHN CAMPBELL Esquire, 

of Gibralter Estate, in the Parish of Trelawny, 

in the Island of Jamaica : who departed this life 

on the 25"' of January 1817. Aged Gl Years. 

(Fourteen Hues. Erected by his widow.) 

1817, Feb. 1. John Campbell. Clifton. Aged 61. (Cathedral Eegister.) 

1817, Jan. 25. At Clifton, in his Gist year, John Campbell, esq. formerly of 
Spotfield and Gibraltar E.states, Jamaica, and of PhiU's-hill, near New York, 
America. In Jamaica he for many years, with the spirit and independence that 
characterised liis life, represented iu the Mouse of Assembly the opulent parish of 
Trelawny ; and in the private walks of life he was esteemed and beloved by all 
who knew him for his excellent qualities, among which predominated beuevolouee, 
cheerfulness, and a generous solicitude for ail around liim. (" G.M.," 183.) 

1817, June 19. On his passage from Jamaica, Dugald Campbell, esq. of Salt- 
spring. {Ihid., 87.) 

A John Campbell of Spotfield represented Trelawny in 1779. (Archer, 332, 
and see several M.I. to others of that surname.) 

On a square of white marble in the floor : — 


Relict of 


late of tlie Island of Jamaica : 

died 3"J Ocf 1823. 

1823, Oct. 10 Ann Canibell {sic). Clifton. 54 J". (Cathedral llegister.) 


III 111 . i»mn 
■ « 




lil *-4, 



-_ -. i i -nt>j i< tnt-'-> ^-'^■'■*->i- i -' 

'»^ fe i|i Ai^ *' ' | ''* '*"--M»'---'*HK«r;ifcu!jh.%:^'*i«»ihJH»UB« ( ^^ ^^ 


On a similar square : — 



daughter of 


late of the Island of Jamaica ; 

died at Clifton, 

IS'*- Sep' 1850 

Aged 84 Tears. 

1850, Sep. 25. Elizabeth Campbell. Chapel Row, Clifton. Si y^\ N. Aisle. 
(Cathedral Burial Eei^ister.) 

1774, March 10. John Campbell, Esq., of Jamaica, to Miss Storer, daugliter 
of Thomas Storer, Esq., of Grolden-square. ("Town and Country Mag.," 1U7.) 

1790, Nov. In Jamaica, John Campbell, esq, of Lanoit-hall, to Miss Eliz. 
Bell, late of Glasgow. (" CM.," 1213.) 

1801, Dec. 28. At Euiield, in her S8th year, Mrs. Campbell, relict of Geo. C. 
esq. of Jamaica. (Ibid., 1217.) 

1808, Sept. Colin Campbell, esq. (Ibid., 952.) 

North choir aisle, on the north wall, ou an oval tablet surmounted by 
an urn : — 

Near this place, 

are depofited the remains of, 

Mifs AMELIA BOUKRYAU, a daughter of the late 

ZACHARIAH BOURRYAU Elq' of lo.xdox : 

She died, 

ou the 23"! of Sep''' 1776, 

in the 31'' 

Tear of her Age. 

1776, Sep. 28. Amelia Bourryau was buried by M' Hayues, M.C. (Cathedral 
Burial Register.) 

Her will was dated from the Hot Wells, and she left £3000 to Margaret 8haw, 
dau. of her uncle Peter iSliaw. Proved 177G. (" P.C.C," 413, Bellas.) 

The Bouryaus were an ancient Huguenot family of St. Kitts. 

In the floor behind the organ ; 

died 23" Sep' 1776. 

East cloister, east wall. On a shield surmounted by an urn : — 

Ckest. — A dexter arm couped in arinonr holding a bunch of three apples leaved. 
Arsis. — Arr/ent, a fess engrailed Azure between three apples slipped and 
leaved ppr. 

Rev. J. AVoodward wrote iii 1867 : "I do not find these arms attributed to this 
name in Burke's " General Armory." The tablet was then on the west wall of 

Sacred to the Memory " 


an eminent BARRISTER 

of the Iflaud of Barbados, 

who departed this life 

26. Octo' 1803. 

Aged 31 Years. 


1803, Nov. 1. Edward Applt-whaito. (Cathedral Burial Register.) 

1S03, Sat., Oct. 20. On Thursday last died, at his liouse in Park-Street, in 
the 3J:th year of his age, to the unspeakable grief of a widow, left pregnant, and 
a family of nine children, and sincerely lamented by every person, who had the 
felicity of iiis acquaintance, Edward Applewhaite, Ksq. late an eminent Barrister 
in the Island of Earbudoes where his practice bore ample testimony to his superior 
legal knowledge and to his highly honourable application of that pre-eminence in 
his profession, which he was universally allowed to possess. (" P.B.J." and 
" G.M.," 1090.) 

Philip Applewhaite, son of Edward A. of Barbados, arm., matriculated from 
Queen's College, Oxford, '2 Feb. 1814, aged 17. (Foster.) 

Edw'' Arcl'.er Applewhaite by Mary his wife, dan. of Philip Lythcott of Bar- 
bados, had a son Edw'' Archer A. of Pickenham Hall, co. iSorfolk, J. P., D.L., 
born 19 April IhOO, whose issue see in Burke's " L.(x.," where there is a pedigree 
o£ only three generations ! 

1817, March 15. In York street, Portman-square, Mrs. S. W. Applewhaite, 
vyidow of the late Thomas Applewhaite jun. esq. of the Island of Barbadoes. 
(" G.M.," 285.) 

See the M.I. in S' George's to the Hon. Thomas A., who d. 14 June 1749, 
a. 59, and Eliz. his wife, d. 11 Ap. 1750 (?). (Archer, 371.) 

On the south v.'all of the choir vestry, leading out of the east cloister. (When 
Rev. J. Woodward wrote in 1867 this was on the west wall of transept.) 

Urn with shield bearing : Gijronny of eiglit or and sable, a hordure counter- 
cTianged, each piece of sable charged with three ermine spots argent. 

Near this place 

lyeth interred the remains of 

DUNCAN CA21FBELL Eff of 6" Vincent, 

who departed this Life 

at Clifton, 

on the IS'h Sept' 1797 

Aged 56 Years. 

1797, Sep. 21. Duncan Campbell. (Cathedral Burial Register.) 

1795, May 14. At Demerary, Thomas Campbell, esq. of Grenada. 

(■' G.M.," 014.) 

1797, Sept. 15. At Clifton, suddenly, justly and sincerely regretted by his 

numerous friends and acquaintances, Duncan Campbell, esq. of the island of 

St. Vincent. {Ibid., 895, and '• P.B.J.") 

1797, Nov. 30. Thos. Churchill Thompson, esq., Captain in the Surry militia, 
to Miss Maria Campbell, daughter of Duncan C, esq. (" B.C.") 

1798, Dec. 29. Duncan Campbell, esq. late of Grenada, to Miss I'oung, of 
Grafton-str. Eitzroy-squ. (" G.M.," 1151.) 

1800. Lately at Grenada, of the yellow fever, Edward Henry Campbell, esq. 
lieutenant of the' 27th foot. {Ibid., 905.) 

Duncan Campbell of the 1. of S' Vincent, now ai (Jrafton Sir., Eit/.roy Sijuare. 
"Will dated 20 April 1796. Mv brother in law Duncan Campbell and Mary his 
wife (my sister of the whole blood) £500 a \ car. My five half brothers and 
three half sisters. Earquhar, James, Alexander, Donald, Dugald, .Maryann, 
Catherine and Helena Campbell £1000 apiece, etc. Pruved 1797. (" P.C.C," 
631, Exeter.) 


High up on the north wall of ch.oir vestry, on an oblong tablet. When 
Kev. J. "Woodward .saw tliis in 1S67 the arms were there : Sahle, a ftss ermine 
lefween three church-bells or, and the tablet was in the south aisle. 

Sacred to the Memory of 


Youngest Dau-hter of JOHN LYTE BELL Esif of BarbaJoen. 

Her Widowed Molhcr :MAKY ANN BELL 

Erected this Monument 

To sooth by this last Office of Affection 

(Amidst the Consolation and Condolence 

Of her only surviving Child :\tAKY ME]iCY HOLDER 

And JOHN ALLEYNE HOLDER Esq^ her Husband) 

Her Sorrow for the Loss of a Daughter 

Beauteous in Person virtuous in Principle 

Of elegant i^L^nIlers oi: affectionate Disposition 

Dutiful towards lier Parents, and pious towards her God 

Who at the early Age of 21 Years and one Month 

Beloved and lamented by all who knew her 

Departed this Life 

On the 30"' day of March 1S13. 

1813, April G. Frances Bell. Clifton. Aged 21. (Cathedral Register.) 

1805, April 30. John Alleyne Holder, Esq., to Miss Mary Mercy Bell, dau. 
of John Lyte Bell, Esq., St. John's. (" Barbadoes ^lercury.") 

1813, March 30. At Clifton, in her 22"^ year, Frances, second daughter of the 
late J. Lyte Bell, esq. of the island of Barbadoes. (•' G.IM.," 3f)3, and " F.B.J.) 

In All Saints' Chapel, Barbados, is a stone recording the deaths of : — 

Sarah Bell, dau. of Francis and Mary, 23 Aug. 1736. 

Francis Bell, esq., G Ap. 1739, a. 57. 

Francis, s. of above Fra. and Mary, 16 Aug. 1747, a. 14. 

Sarah, wife of Fra. Bell, 14 Feb. 1747, a. 35. 

Hon. Fra. Bell, 1760, a. 56. (Archer, 398.) 

There is a stone in Clifton Churchyard to Eliz. Murray, widow of the Rev. 
Henry Evans Holder of Barbados. 

A Henry Evans Holder of Barbados married Abel Dudley, dau. of Abel 
Alleyne of Mount Stedfast. 

1793, Julv 4. John Allen Evans Holder, esq., of Barbados, to Miss Mary 
A^enor of Teiiby. (" Bath C") 

Nathaniel Holder, son of John Holder of Barbados, gent., matric. from Mertou 
Coll., Oxford, 16 April 169s, need 17 ; barrister-at-law, Middle Temple, 1703. 

John Holder, sou of Elisha Holder of Barbados, arm,, matric. from Magdalen 
Coll., O.vford, 13 Oct. 1720, aged 19. 

Caddell Holder, eldest son of Henrv Evans Holder of Barbados. W.I.. doctor, 
matric. from Trinity Coll., O.vford, 2 Dec. 1S23, aged 20; B..A. 1S27, ^f.A. 1S31. 

Coulthurst Holder, third son of Heiiry Evans Holder of Barbados, M.D., 
matric. from Trinity Coll.. 0.\ford, 17 Dec. 1S3I, aged IS. (Foster.) 

H. E. Holder, M.D., Ediii., 1816, after residing for several years on his estate 
in Barbadoes, became one of the phvsicians to the Durham Inlinnary, where he 
died 18 Feb. 1817, aged 31. (See long notice in " G.M." for 1817, 280, U48.) 


On the wall over the arch into choir vestry : — 


(Four lines here.) 


(Four lines here.) 


1826, June 6. Albert Aus^ustiis M^Xish. Park S'. G weeks. 
1829, March 30. Charles M'Nish. Clifton lload. Aged 4G. Ch. yd. 
(Cathedral Burial Kegister.) 

1763, Sat., July IG. Monday, died at the Hot-Wells, Miss Allen, of the Island 
of Jamaica ; Thursday her llemaiiis were interr'd in the Cathedral, and a Funeral 
Sermon was preach'd by the Kev. Mr. Camplin. ("F.B.J.") The editor may 
have omitted to notice her stone. 

(To be continued.) 

Jgotes anil (i^ucms. 


An e.xcellent tabular pedigree of eleven generations of this family has just 
been privately jfrinted. Martin Mndan f^etrled in ^N'evi.s about 1G87, and married 
Penelope, third dau. and coheiivss of Col. >Sir Jame« Eusscll, the Lieut. -Cxovcrnor. 
It has now been proved th;it ^Martin's "reat-grandt'ather was Richard, the Mayor 
of Waterford in 1.309. One of .Martin's grandsons was Spencer Madan, the well- 
known Bishop of Peterborough, and his descendants are now numerous. 


Benjamin Lucas (circa 1750 — 1S22) was President of Dominica, and Nathaniel 
Lucas, his contemporary (Charles Kingslcy's grandfather), Judge of Barbadoes. 
They were related (perhaps brothers) and belonged to the well-known family of 
St. John's, Colchester. 

Can anyone help me to connect them either with the Lucases of Antigua or 
those of Mount Lucas, Phillipstown, King's County, Ireland? Nathaniel Lucas, 
who died at St. John's, Antigua, 1753, may possibly have been their father. 

G. H. Watson, Lieut.-Coloucl I. A. 

85 Oakwood Court, Kensington, AV". 

1766, July 19. Wm. Lucas, Esq ; to be Attorney-Gen. of Grenada. 
(" G.M.," 344.) 

1783, Oct. 21. Wm. Lucas, esq ; to be chief justice of G. (Ibid., 982.) 

1810, June. Lately. At Cheltenham, John Lucas, esq. formerly of the 
island of Dominica, where he resided upwards of thirty year.-<. (IhiJ., 677.) 

1815, Nov. 6. In Madox-st. in her G3il year, !Mrs. Ann Lucas, wife of his 
Honour B. Lucas, president and connnander-iu-chiof of Dominica. (Ibid., 637.) 

1827, Nov. 16. At Dominica, Dorothea, wife of Capt. Watson. (Ibid., 
1828, 94.) 

See ante, Vol. I., for several letters relating to the family. [Editor.] 


James Brisbane of Charle><(on. S.C., was banished from that place on 
Pecember 14, 17S2, as a " Loyalist." He died at Nassau m the island New 


Providence (one of the Bahamas) between January 17 and July 29, 1794, leaving 
at his decease a wife, Margaret, and four sons : William, Hobert, John Staiiyarne, 
and Adam Fowler. 

Tlie record of his death in the Parish Register, with his age and inscription on 
gravestone, as also any information in regard to his wife or sous, will be 

William, the eldest son, married Mary Ashe. He and his brother Adam 
returned later to Charleston, where they died. 

E. Haviland Hillmax. 

c/o Anglo South American Bank, Ltd., 
Old Broad Street, London. 


To all to whom these Presents shall come 

The R' Hon. Frances Herbert Dowager Viscountess Nelson widow and relict 
of the K' Hon. Horatio late Viscount Nelson deceased and sole administratrix of 
the goods etc. of her first husband Josiah Nisbet formerly of the I. of Nevis and 
afterwards of the Close of Sarum co. Wilts Esq. who d. intestate and who was 
one of the sons of Walter Nisbet heretofore of the I. of Nevis Esq. deceased 
and a legatee named in his will, sendeth greeting Wiiereas Walter Nisbet 
made his Will the 1^ June 17Go and gave all his lands and slaves to John Mills, 
Tho. Mills, Thompson Hiclvs, and Tho. Cottle as Trustees tu raise £5000 st. for 
portions for his -i younger children and disposed of the same as follows, to his 
two sons Josiah and James Nisbet £1000 apiece and to his two daus. Anne and 
Mary-Amelia £1-300 apiece and his Trustees should then convey his estates to 
his son Walter Nisbet and d. soon after and the will was proved IS July 17G5 
and recorded in Nevis and the Trustees have all died and the estates became 
vested in the heir at law of Thonipsini Hicks who survived his co-trustees and 
Whereas AValter Nisbet entered into possession of the estates ami having further 
charged them on his death his eldest son Walter Nisbet now of Calcutta in the 
E. I. Esq. became entitled to them and the remainders thereon have been since 
barred and by an Indenture of 10 IMarch 1S18 the said estates were agreed to be 
sold by the attorney of Walter Nisbet the grandson unto James Daniell of Nevis 
Esq. and Whereas Josiah Nisbet d. intestate on 5 Oct. 17S1 leaving Frances 
A'^iscountess Nelson then Frances Herbert Nisbet his widow who on the 2S Nov. 
1781 obtained administration out of the P.C.C. and Whereas the said legacy of 
£1000 and all arrears of interest hath been discharged to her by James Eaniell 
she gives this Eelease. 

Signed 22 July ISIS by " Frances Herbert Nelson and Bronte ; plain seal. 

Sealed and delivered in the presence of Elizabeth Loscombe, Widow, and 
Frances Evans, Spinster, and Re-signed, etc., in the presence of John Lyons, 
Captain Royal Navy, Harry James of Exeter. 

Nevis, Secretary's Othce, Jan. 7, 1819. Recorded in Lib. M, vol. 2'', pages 

Signed by John R . . . .,t Colonial Secretary. (See ante, I., p. 83.) 


This Agreement made this 5 Aug. ISll Between Tho. Lucas of Castle Street 
Leicester Square in the pari.^h of S' .Martin in the Fields, gent., of the one part 
and James Laing of Streatham co. Surrey and late of the I. of Dominica Esq. for 
hini.selt' and Robert Jieid of the said 1. Wjiereas John Lucas formerly of Dominica 
but late of Cheltenham co. Glouc. Esq. deceased was seized of one third of 

* On ono skin in the Editor's possession. f Name illegible. 


Thomas Webb of the parish of Saint Elizabeth in the county of Cornwall, and 
Island of Jamaica (bv his will, proved 3rd September lS4o), was possessed of 
" Keyneshem" in the'parish of Manchester, and " Chew Magna" in the adjoining 
parish of Si. Elizabeth. He resided at "Chew Magna" ni) to tlie time of his 
death. His will is dated lf)th April ISJl. He married Frances Faith, and liad a 
son AVilliam, who resided with him at "Chew Magna" np to the time of his 
decease. 'I'homas Webb was the son of John Kackani "Webb of the parish of 
Manchester, whose will is dated loth August 1829, and was proved 1st April 
1830. Bcside.s his son Thomas he had two chiughters — Mrs. Mary Clark, wife of 
Eobert Padmore Clark of the city of Bristol in Great Britain, and :Mrs. Hester 
Medley, the wife of George Hondlcy :\[eclley, at that time resident in Jamaica. 
John K. Webb mentions in his wdl William ^lorrish of Keynshem in the county 
of Somerset in England, also a nephew John Morrisli. 

John Backam Webb was the brother and residuary devisee and sole executor 
of William Webb of Saint Elizabeth, whose will is dated 21th September ISOl, 
and was pi'oved 21st December 1S02. William Webb in his will mentions his 
sisters Elizabeth Hitchman, Mary Eackam Charleton, and Hester Morrish, all of 
the kingdom of Great Britain. 

S' Jago de la Vega, Jamaica. G. F. Jvbau. 


a sugar plantation in the parish of S* Joseph called Maccoucherie formerly the 
property of John iNIair Escj. with the buildings slaves cattle and stock also one 
third of another sugar work and part cofl'oe plantation called Battalie in the same 
p'sh with buildings slaves etc. and he made his Will on 8 May ISuG and thereby 
devised an annuity of £3U0 to ]\[ary Ann Lucas his wife and all the residue of 
his estate to his brother the said Tho. Lucas and by a Codicil dated 10 ]\Iay ISIO I 

increased the annuity for his wife to £-500 and died and the will liath been proved j 

by Cha. James of New Inn Esq. one of the Ex'ors in the F.C.C. and AViieheas • 

the said James Laing and IJob' Keid are possessed of the remaining -^ of the said j 

2 plantations and desire jointly to ])urchase the ^ of .lohu Luca.s deceased and i 

the three at the time of purchase borrowed of Jcdm ]Mair £12,(X^0 st. being h of ! 

the agreed purchase money for Maccoucherie which has not been wholly paid j 

£1200 being still due and whereas liob' Keid by a deed poll made 19 A p. last j 

hath appointed Jas. Laing and Allan Stewart Laing his attornies and AVhkkeas I 

Jas. Laing for himself and Kob' Keid hath agreed to purchase from Tho. Lucas 
the said ^ part of John Lucas in the two plantations for £8,400 st. to be secured 
by a mortgage to Tho. Lucas of the whole plantations witii interest at ') per cent. 
and £200 a vear of such interest to be paid to Charles James towards the annuity 
of £500 to M" Lucas. 

Signed by Thomas Lucas, James Laing, Rob' Reid by his attorney Jas. Laing. 
In the presence of Jas. W'" Gower, Fred*^ Smith, both of No. 8 New Inn. 

[From the original paper deed on one double sheet in tlie Editor's pos.session. 
There is a reference in the Matsou Letters to the above purchase by the three 
partners. See Vol. I.] 

1808, Aug. 30. At Dominica, John Laing, esq. (" G.M.," 112G.) 

ISll, Jan. 17. At Chiswick, James IMair, esq. {Ihic!., 92.) 

Allan Stev.-art Jiaing. son of James Laing of the I. of D., Esq.. matriculated 
from Trinity Coll., Oxon., 26 Oct. 1805, aged 17; B.A. 1S09. M.A. 1812; bar.-at- 
law, Middle Temple, 1812 ; a police magistrate at Hattoii Garden ; d. 12 Feb. 1SU2 


33ertranti of Bomiuica.* 

Authorities from which tliis Pedigree is conipilcd are as follows: "Notices 
Genealogiques de Geneve par Galliffc" in British ]Museuiii ; a grant of arms to 
J. P. Bertrand alias J. P. D'Anpleberne, 1S20. Heralds' College, London ; 
information from W. W.- Bertrand, Esq., of Woj Cove, West Falkland Islands, 
and the Registrar of Dominica ; also a small pedigree supplied by IMr. J. Platel 
of Newcastle, which completes the identity of the Charles Bertrand of Galliffe 
with the Charles Bertrand of Dominica and father of Harriott D'Angleberne 

The Bertrand family, originally from Montpellier, emigrated to Genera. 
Antoine Bertrand with his two sons becoming burghers in 170-1, and the cause of 
their emigration being presumably the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, 1G^5. | 

The family appear to have been considered " Noble," and tliey intermarried with 
the best Genevan families. Pierre Bertrand, the first of the line, miut have been 
born about 1G20. The Bertrand arms are probably of Prcnch origin, as they bear 
a great similarity to several other Prench coats, notably that of Eomilly. They 
are : Argent, on a field Vert a hull Salle, collared and helled Cr, vpon a chief 
Azure a crescent heticcen two estoiles of the first. Ceest. — A crescent super- 
imposed upon three plvmes argent. 

Antoine Bertrand, fourth of the liiie, acquired about 1770 large estates in 
Dominica, which were chiefly in the parishes of St. Patrick and St. David, and 
adjoining the Eiver "VVayauery. One of these estates was called " Geneva." 

He appears to liave had a brother Charles, who, when his own sons Charles 
and Antoine (?) died without issue, adopted John Peter D'Angleberne, a refugee 
Prench officer from Martinique, who married his daughter Harriet and assumed 
the name of Bertrand (1S20). The story goes that he had to fly from Martinique, 
having killed a soldier who had insulted his wife. He possessed or inherited the 
estates Taberie, Carse o'Gowry, and Pelicitce Hall. 

Edmund Kufus Bertraud, his son. married an English lady of good family, and 
had a large family, most of whom, however, died s.p. The estates were iiually 
inherited by jNIr. William "Wickham Bertrand, who had acquired estates in the 
Falkland Islands. On inheriting and finding that the estates were not only 
heavily encumbered, but that the family mansion had been burnt in a hurricane, 
which had also much damaged the estate, he allowed it to be sold, under tlio 
Encumbered Estates Act, to Henri St. Hilaire, and they are now o\\ued by a 
family of the name of Potter. In the English grant of arms, either by accident 
or design, the btill is changed to a ram, and the lielmet surmounting the 
escutcheon is that of a baron, i.e., full faced with golden bars. Any information 
as to the places named or to the family in general other than the above will be 
most acceptable, more especially — 

(1) Any details as to the life and antecedents of J. P. D'Angleberne. 

(2) Any dates of births and deaths not given in pedigree. 

(3) Existence of any direct or collateral descendants of any of the persons 

The following notes are added by the Editor: — 

Capt. Bertram M. Chambers, K.X., is a great-grandson of AV^illiam Chambers 
of the E.l.C.S. (174S— 17!);!) by his wife Charity Fraser, dau. of Dr. Tho. Eraser 
of Antigua by Elizabeth Mackinnon. (See "Antigua," i. and ii.) 

• Communicated b^- Capt. Bertruiu >I. Cliarubers, UN. 



Pierre Bertrand, born at MontpelHer about 1620. 

Antoinc Bertrand, born at Montpellier about 1G50; reed, 
with bis two sous as Burj^hers of Geneva in 1701. 

|- - . ^ 

Antome Bertrand, born at Montpcllicr=F^rade]ainc, dau. of Jean Eticune Bor- 

16S2; reed. Burglicr 170i; died at 
Geneva 17-10 

Lapont; mar. August 

traud, d. s.p. 

ajred 19. 

Jean Ber-- 
Sieur de 
dii CC. 



fille de 




Jean Autoine 
Bertrand of 
Dominica in 
1770, wlien lie 
acquired est. 
in i^t. Patrick 
and St. David 

Charles=pDllc. Platel(Eli/.a- 
Bertrand, , beth, dau. of the 
born about I Eev. Peter Platel, 
172G; ' M.A., \n-nv of 

" Marie en j Ashburtou 1749, 
Angle- I and of Enfield, 

teire." where he died). 

Pierre Harriet=pJohn Peter D'Aiiglebernc, who 

Horace, Bertrand, assumed the name of Boitrand by 

died s.p. born about Koyal Licence; a Frencli officer, 

— 1773. said to liave fought at Jena and 

Two daus. : Austerlitz (?), and to liavo been 

heir to extensive estates in France; 
was granted land in Dominica in 
1816, and had a grant of arms 1S20. 

Charles Bertrand, 
died s.j). 

(?) Antoine Ber- 
trand, died s.p. 

Edmond Riifus Ber--f=Prances Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Bobert Xew- 
trand, born about ton Lee of Coldrev, Hants ; bnpt. at AVick- 
179S.(?) ; died in Do- ham 1797 ; mar. at Eroyle 1 Feb. 1S23 ; died 
miuica lS-51. ' at Tabery, Dominica, 7 Dec. 1842. 

(?) Others. 


Phillip Ber- Elinor Bertrand, mar. E. J. AVatt of Dominica Xcwton 

traud, died and had a sou Eilnunui Watt (mar. Margaret, Ikn-lrand, 

s.p. 1890 in dau. of Governor ^[oir of ;St. Kilts) and a dau. died s.p.iti 

New Zea- Helen Watt (mar. 2s'orman Lockhart, Colonial Dominica, 

land. Sec, Grenada). 

"Wickham Bertrand T=Margaret, dau. of A. 

of Ruicon Chico, Sones of Buenos 

Patagonia. Ayrea ; mar. 1907. 

I I 

Boy l^cr- Elinor 1 ranees, mar. 1st 
trand. Jiobert Niclu)l; 2ndly 

llupei't Yalluntiu ; s.p. 



Louis Bertrand,=f=Isabella Sara, 
Professor du ' fiUe de G. M. 

Philosophe du 
C.C. 17G1. 

Cbomel, mar. 
7 Aug. 17G2. 

I I 

Marie, ferame de No. 
Leonart Buisson. 

Madelaine, famine de 
No. Guillaume Ber- 
nard des Fortes Sr. de 

Henriette, femme de 

Jeanne, femme do 
Charles Eich Tren- 
ch in, etc. 

Eleanor, femme du "Tres Honorable William Wickham " (17G1 — 18-40), Minister 
to Switzerland ; mar. 10 Aug. 178S. She died 1S36. Issue : Marie, Jeane, and 
Julie, and an only son Henry Lewis, born 19 May 1789. 

1823, Feb. 1. At Froyle, Hants, E. R. Bertraud, of Tabery, in the I. of D. 
to Prances Eliz. dau. of E' Newton of Coldrey, Hants. (" G.M.," 272.) 

1842, Dec. 7. At Tabery, Dominica, Frances-Eliz. wife of Edmund Rnfus 
Bertrand, eldest dau. of the I. Eob. Newton Lee, of Coldry, Hampshire. {Ibid. 
for 1843, 55G.) 

Charlotte "William Wickham Bertrand, = 

Bertrand, J. P., of Eoy Cove, West Falk- land Islands, born at Dominica 

Euclaud. 1S37. 

^Catherine, dau. 
of Henry Fel- 
tou Ensyu, born 

James Eobert Ber- 
trand, mar. in New- 
Zealand, and has 
three daus. 

Mabel Bertrand, mar. 
Howard Clement of 
Eoy Cove, and has 

Nora Bertrand, mar. 
Capt. Bertram Mor- 
dauut Cliambers, 
B.N., and has issue, 

Lillian Bertrand. 

Kathleen Ber- 

Constance and 
^laud Bertrand, 
died young. 




"Will. TVickham, first son of Henry "Wicldiam of Cottinplev, Torloliire, Col. of 
the Ist Poot Guards, was born Oct. 1701, B.A. Oxon. 1782, then proceeded to 
Geneva, wliere he studied civil law. In Geneva he became acquainted with 
Eleonora ]Ma(leleijie Bertrand, whose father was Professor of INIatheniatics in the 
Universit)-, and on 10 Auo;. 17SS they were married. She died in 1S3G. He was 
a very active secret confidenlial correspondent, and in 1795 was appointed ^liuister 
to the Swiss Cantons. In 179S he was Under-Secretary of State for the Home 
Department, served as Porci2;n Envoy 1799, P.C. 1S02, :M.P. for lleytesbury 
and Chief Secretary for Ireland, and retiring on a pension about ISOi, died 
at Brighton 22 Oct.' 1S40. He had one son Henry Lewis (17S9— 1SG4). (Sec 
long article in "D.N.B.") 

ilist of SSiliUs itlattng to 15aii)at)or5 jnobcti 


Owing to the closing of the Literarv Search ]{oom at Somerset Hdu.-e during 
the Long Vacation, and the great number of volumes between ISOOand ISlO. the 
Editor has been unable to complete the list of tc.'^tators fur that period. 



John Symons 

109 Barrin-iton. 


John Catcher 

121 St. John. 


Tho. Odiarn(> 

95 Lee. 


Pob. Marshall 

11 Coventry. 


Tho. Hill 

34 Kivers. 


"Wm. Edwards 

147 „ 




Dame Cath. Hunckes 

112 Twisse. 
jNlichael Goffe 132 

Cha. Stobart, Jr. 
Cha. Easton i^ 


Marke Bennett 
John Symonds 
Mathew Hals 
Kob. Newton 
John AValford 
John "W^illiams 
A\'m. Hicks 
John Poulson 
John JNIaynard 
Cyprian Attwood 
Jonas Stocktou 
Tho. Tate 
Joseph Prynn 
Eoger Parmer 
John Eead 
AVm. Sloughter 
IVfary Jewell 
Eich. ^[orloe 
Wm. "Wilson 
John Audrcwes 
Eliz. Tawyer 




200 „ 
244 „ 
244 „ 
247 ., 
172 Essex. 
7 Pairfax. 

24 „ 

25 „ 
25 „ 
25 „ 
32 „ 

02 „ 

lOS „ 

123 „ 

131 „ 

20 Pembroke. 






John Bannister !■ 

")3 Pembroke 

Alex. Blunclell 1G9 

Archippus Webb 20S 

Alex. Pyott 

9 Grey 

Marv Pvott 

n „ 

Tho.' Bennett 

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"NVm. Powrc}" 

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John Noakc 

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Henry Bromhead 

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Tho. Churchman 

1 S2 .. 

Eich. Pisher 

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"\Ym. Norman 

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Otwell Hi^ginbotliam G Bowycr 

Dame Cath. Huncl 


.134 „ 

\Vm. Waters 


Wui. Carey 


John Dalhy 


Prances, Lady AVilloiighby, 

Dowagei' of Pari 

am ()3 iireiit 

]{ich. Osborne 

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AVm. Garrett 

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John Turn(U" 

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Tho. AVeekes 

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) J 

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' 1682 

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James Goldinghain 

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Cap. John Beach 

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John Chalk 


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Dame Thomasine Th 


hill ats Blakiston 



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John Bcckford 



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Cha. Greene 



Sarah Yaudrey 



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Sir A^illoughby Cham- 




AValtcr Batt 

18 Bett. 

Col. John Hallett 


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Eob. Yealc 



Win. Dottiu 



Dorothy Fretwell 


















Bridget Trefusis 
Geo. Saunders 
Giles Heysliani 
Tho. Wingrove 
AVm. Chester, Jr. 
.1 „ Sr. 

Tho. Gouning 
Wm. Hart 
John Hall 
John Sutton 
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Walter Rush 
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Norman Mackaske 
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Claudius Hamilton 
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Rob. Stewart 
Ua\'id Creagh 
Rich. Elton 
Sam. Mitchell 
Hen. John Pilgrim 
Tho. Hide 
Tho. Pilgrim 

61 Degg. 
76 „ 
111 „ 
242 „ 
59 Ash. 
59 „ 

107 „ 

108 „ 
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155 „ 
179 „ 
252 „ 

33 Gee. 

37 „ 

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88 „ 

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206 „ 

244 „ 

6 Eedes. 

25 „ 
147 „ 
178 „ 

8 Poley. 

26 „ 
87 „ 

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260 „ 

23 Barrett. 

50 „ 

43 Lane. 

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159 „ 
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11 109 
116 „ 
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116 Barnes. 
73 Leeds. 


146 Aston. 
171 „ 
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241 Fagg. 
SO Fox. 

lis „ 

151 „ 










Doro. Hawkins 169 Whitfield. 
Sir Hen. Beudyshe 









Wm. Evans 
Wm. Gallop 
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Wm. Clelaud 
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Sir Rob. Davers 
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Cap. Wm. Elford 144 

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1 Marlboro'. 
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56 Ducie. 




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155 „ 


Abel Dottin 

9 Lynch. 


Dudley ^\'ootlbri(J 

ge 1G3 „ 


Tho. Mapp 

205 „ 


Scroop, Vise' Howe S5 Wake. 


W. Perry 

298 „ 


Arclid. Whyte 

150 „ 1 


Eliz. Warren 

306 „ 


D"" John Eobe 

284 „ 


Mary Maverick 

67 Cheslyn. 


Tho. Piliirrirn 

182 Browne. 


John Harrison 



Walter Junes 

69 Spur way. 


Benj. Curtis 

289 S' Eloy. 


Eich. Croydea 

258 „ 


Nath. Haggatt 



Mary Mounteuoy 

163 Trenley. 


Wm. Timbrill 



Peter Kighton 

167 „ j 


Geo. Nortb 

145 Caesar. 


Eliz. A^'alverde 

26 Boycott. 


John Sober 

153 „ 


\Vm. Gill 



Tobias Frere 

177 „ 


Edw. Brace 

62 Anstis. ' 


Cha. Hutton 

386 „ 


John Smith 

24i „ ! 


Arthur Upton 

490 „ 


Jolin Dowding 

269 Sevmer. 


Tho. Stevenson 

70 Simpson. 


Margaret Grasett 

-1 - )) 


Wm. Maynard 

397 „ 


Win. Breadie 

4 Edmunds. 


Alex. Graeme 

17 Eushwth. 


liob. Lowther 



Leah Louzada 



Tim. Atkinson 



John Parsons 



Law. Trent 



John Bignall 

4 Tyndall. 


Geo. Harrison 

40 Potter. 


James Sturge 

35 „ 


Sophia Beck 

273 „ 


Sir \V. Gibbons 

58 „ 


Henry Evans 

278 „ ' 


John Green 

224 „ 


John Woolhead 

30J „ 


Tho. Brewster 

256 „ 


Edw. Lascelles 

216 Strahan. ' 


Sam. Maddock 

313 „ 


Hob. White 

22t) ' 


Jac. L. Blackman 



Joshua Ewing 



Eob. Bernay 

162 Legard. 


Tho. Baxter 

30i Lisle. 


Mary Mapp 

421 „ 


Reynold Hooper 

314 „ 


Arch. AVhite 



Euth Woodbridge 

65 Greenly. 


Era. Blower 

228 Seeker. 


E.ev. Dudley Woo 



Margt. Willcox 

270 Bogg. 


65 ,, 


Eich. Murray 

347 ., 


Hargrave Adams 



Thurston Blackman 88 Jenner. 


Jolin Pickering 

89 Busby. 


Ward Harris 



Wm. Day 

20i „ 


Sarah Baxter 

145 Trevor. 


Tho. Maxwell 

215 „ 


Abr. Sober 

234 Taverner. 


John Asliley 

273 „ 


Wm. Spry 



Dorcas [Murray 

43 Bette.swth. 


Francis Ford 

357 Stevens. 

1 J 

Marm. Eawdon 


, J 

Sam. Osborne 



Abr. Cuniberbatc 

1 8 Searle. 


Tho. B. Graham 

141 Bargrave. 


Wm. Holder 

47 „ 


Margt. B. Blenman 


Bleney Harper 

2U6 „ 



Henry Lascelles 

273 „ 


Caroline Blenman 



Geo. Jolm Petrie 

297 „ 


Keturah Bruce 

39 Alcxr. 


James Thomson 

240 Pinfold. 


Wm. Collier 

167 Bellas. 


Tho. Necdham 



Joseph Gibson 

313 „ 


Joseph TcrriU 

205 Paul. 

Eich. Smith 

441 „ 


James Crow 

162 Ghizier. 


Sir John Gibbons 

W Collier. 


Kachel Nunes 

173 „ 


John French 

3S4 „ 


Geo. Thomas 



Eich. Salter 


Eliz. Ha'inay 

247 „ 


Mereditli H. James 515 


Eliz. Alleyne 

lis 7 


John Pilgrim 

169 Hay. 


John Price 

21 Herring. 


Edv.'. Hay 

257 Collius. 


Sarah Steele 



Sbeppard Prere 

391 „ 

Caribbean A. 



Tho. Bircli 

461 Collins. 


Joseph Keeling 
Eliz. Lewes 

436 Fountain 


Gilbert Kennedy 

28 Webster. 




Henry Bishop 



Edmund Davrell 



Edw. Jones 

31 Gostling. 

Henry Frere 

558 „ 


Eliz. Owen 



Arthur Leith 

325 Dodwell 


Cath. Osborne 

555 ,, 


Mary Sober 



Eli/.. Holder 3 

59 Coruwallis. 


Wm. Hall 

79 Hoi man 


Tho. Cotton ;3 

L'l . „ 


Deborah Forster 



Abel Dottin ]•' 


1 J 

Zacfh. Stephens 



Dan. Lascelles 333 



David Parry 



Geo. Walker 4SC 



Eliz. Blackman 

141 Newcastle 


Tobias Frere 50;; 



David Parris 



Tho. Barnard 

3 Ducarel. 


Sam. Est wick 



Tho. Walker 



Wm. Morris 

200 Harris 


John Trent 

310 Norfolk. 


John Trent 



Henry Lnscelles 



Abr. Ciimberbatch 545 


Jasper Morris 


Mehet. Morris 



Sarah Lousada 

84 Calvert. 


John L. Blackman 5 Exeter. 


Jas. Cuninghain 

433 „ 


Martha B. Sober 



Mary H. Stanton 

440 Mac ham. 


Priscilla Blackman 295 


Tho. Erie Drax 



Mary French 

• 317 


Abig. Baruh Lousada 


Win. Ph. Holder 

647 „ 

194 Bishop. 


Edw. ElJcock 

252 Walpole 


Henry S. Delegal 

-■->- 5) 


Sara. Estwick 



Wm. Shingleton 



James Ross 



Charlotte Gordon 



John Tool 



Anna M. Hauuay 



Eich. Beach 

7 Howe 


John Eice 

571 „ 


Ann Battyn 

216 „ 


Edw. Drax 

222 Bevor. 

John Morris 

292 „ 


Mary Sober 

302 „ 


Ehz. Davrell 

36S .. 


Henry Coulthurst ■123 Fountain. 


Sush. Gosling 

(i5(i „ 

Cljt gBa^ijincjtons of JSaitaDos',* 

Although no connection has yet been established between the Washingtons 
of Barbados and the Washingtons of Virginia, it may be well to place on record 
such information as is attainable respecting the Barbadian family, who held a good 
position in that Island. 

In the October Number of the "Register of the New England Historic 
Genealogical Society " (Boston, Mass) was printed a letter from Theodore Pargltor 
of London, dated 2 August 1651, in which tlie writer refers to Jolin AVashington 
of Barbados as his cousin. This John Washington has not, so far as one knows, 
been properly identiliel, and Mr. AVaters makes scant reference to his existence 
on p. 32, and in a footnote thereto, in the " Ancestr)' of Washington," published 
at Boston, U.S.A., in 1889. At the same time it is to be noted th;it at the date 
of John Washington's presence in Barbaio.-^, families mentioned in the " Ancestry" 
as connections of the Virginia family were living in the l.slaiid and doing business 
with it from London. There were Pargtters (pp. 25, 31, 32, 43), Rumballs (32, 
33), and Tyrrells (42). The notable family of Codringtou conno.-ted with 
the Washingtons, through the Guises of the Baronetage. The tirst Virginian 
settler married a Pope, and there was a family of Pop3 in Barbados, lu each 

• C!oinmunicated by Mr. N. Darnoll Davis. 



case the Popes were of Bristol. In 1633 a Pliilippata Curtis died in Guiana, 
who was probably of the family of Philip Curtis of Islip, near Banbury, wliose 
daughter married Sir John "Waihin^ton (t^ce Cominission, 9 Dec. 1G33, to Kogcr 
North, a Creditor of Philip Curtis, late in Amazonia, in parts, deceajed, at 
Somerset House). 

It may have been from a traditional interest of their family in Barbados that 
Lawrence and George Washington visited the I.-^hiud in November and ])ecember 
1751, rather than Jamaica or some other Island of the Caribbeans, when they 
sought a change of climate for the elder brother, then a dying man. Lawrence, 
it must be remembered, had also served in the West Indies as a British Naval 
OfEcer, under Admiral Vernon, in whose honour he had named his grant of land 
Mount Vernon. 

Subjoined are some extracts from the Records of Barbados, made by 
Mr. Sinckler and another, to whom access has been readily granted by Mr. Lindsay 
Haynes, the Registrar of the Colony, in whose keeping the old documents have 
loving care. 


Richard Washington of the Parish of St. Michael's and Island aforesaid, 
Gent. Will dated 21 April 1781. All my Estate either in this Island or in Great 
Britain to my wife Elizabeth Washington, to be by her disposed of to and amongst 
my children as she shall think fit, and appoint her sole Executrix. 

EiCBAKD Washington'. (Seal, but no arms.) 

Witnessed by Ruth Rumball, Jno: Fowler, Mary Rumball. 
Sworn by Mrs. I\[arv liumball before Governor Thomas Robinson 29 Dec. 

Barbados. Entered 29 Dec. 1744, fo. 6G. 

Elizabeth Washington of St. Michael's, Barbados, AVidow. Will dated 
4 March 1744. All my Estate real and personal which I am possessed of or 
entitled to in Great Britain as Executrix of my dear husband Richard Washington 
unto Richard, Mary, Eiiza, George, Jnhn, and Eleanor AVashingtmi, children of 
y"" said Richard AVashiugton, to be equally divided between them share and share 
alike. TJnt-o Richard Washington and Alary AVa-^hington their parts to be paid 
"immediately at the liecuvcry."' Unto ni}' 3 children George, John, and Eleanor 
Washington, all my estate real and personal in this Island to sons at 21 and dau. 
at 16, and to be educated out of the profits of my said Estate. Lastly I appoint 
Ralph Xowden, Alerchant, of Gi'cat Britain, and Thomas Lake of Barbados, 
Merchant, and my loving Sister Alary Rumball, Spinster, Executors and Executrix. 

Eliz. Washington. (Seal, no arms.) 

Witnesses: AV" Lindsey, I5eiij: Biddle, Ruth Briston.* 

Sworn by Ruth Briston 4 July 1745 before Governor Thomas Robinson. 

Barbados. Entered y^' 4"' July 1745, fo. 118. 

George AVashingtou. AV'ill dated 27 Jaiiuary 1769. To my wife Angel 
AVashingtou all my Estate, and appoint her sole Executrix. 

Richard Vines Eliacott and Alex: A[cl\euzie appeared before Governor 
AVilliam Spry 25 Sep. 1761), and swure that they iaiew George Wasliington, late of 

• Marriage at St. ilicliael's 6 Oct. 17^3. Walter Uristou and Euth Kumbold. 


the Parish of St. Michael, that the above will was writteu throughout in his iiand- 
wnting, and the sigiinture to the will was his. 

Barbados. Entered 25 Sep. 17(59. 

On IS Oct. 17G9 administration was granted bv Governor Spry to George 
Forbes of St. Michael's, Barbados, Merchant. Sureties, William Forbes and 
Thomas "Woodin. 

Baptisms (1637 to 1806). 

1761 Mar. 26 Theophilus Ashton Gordon, sou of Theophilus & Mary Wa.shing- 

ton, born July 2G, 1758 ; also George Asjhton Gordon, son of 
Theop: Gordon and Mary Washington. 

Maeeiages (1643 to 1802). 

1738 Aug. 27 Washington, Eichard, M^ to M" Elizabeth liumbold. 

1762 Nov. 27 „ George, to Ann .... (Spinster). 
1765 Dec. 23 „ George to Angel Hughes, Spinster. 
1776 Jan. 14- „• Angel, to Abraham MuUiueux. 


Washington, Mary .... 

„ Eliz« Parish ex O. C. 

,, Mary. 

„ Ann. 

,, George. 

„ John (Seaman). 

BuEiALS (1637 to ISOl). 

1736 Feb. 20 Washington, Robert, aged about 10 years, son of Eichard 

Washington. Apoplexy. 
1744 Mar. 10 Washington, Eliz% aged 43 years, died of a fever Jt lax. 
1746 Aug. 1 Washington, Eichard, aged 49 years ; died of a " vouiittiu"-." 
1746 June 4 Washington, John, aged 13 years. 


Sep. 5 


May 27 


Nov. 9 


July 25 


Mar. 21 


April 24 

1653, Oct. 17. For 15,000 lbs. of good and well-cured Muscovado Sugar, 
Jonathan Andrewes, Thomas Andrewes, and Thomas Wardell, Merchant, sell to 
Captain Robert Eumball, Gent., of the said island, a parcel of land " lyoinge 
near the Indian Bridge Town in tiie Parish of S'- Michael in t!ic said Island, 
bounded on the lands where the Old Sessions House stood, Southward ; iii^ou the 
lands of the heirs of Robert Greene, deceased. Eastward ; an<l upon tiie la:ul 
called Merchants' laud, Northward and Westward. (Re-copies of Deeds, Regib- 
tration Offices, Bridgetown, vol. iv., part 2, fol. 922.) 

1056, May 14. Captain Robert Eumboll, gent., sells certain Laud and 
Buildings at the Indian Bridge Town to Charles Eice or Rich.* 

• Ch;irles Rich of Lunlieth, Merchant, died ifi.")S, huviiii,' married Luurciiti.-i, relict of Fin.ncis 
Ford of Birbados, Mc-rchant. Charles's brotiior lioborl wis o!' tiie same Island (will proved 
1679, 166 Kiug), also two of his ucphews, liobert and Edward, n-itii their families. [Edixob.] 



"This 31*' day of May 1G5G, appeared before me Captain Robert Rumball and 
Anna his wife, and acknowledged the Within Bill of Sale to be their free and 
voluntary act and deed. Acknowledged before me 

Tho. Noex,l." 

(Vol. iii., p. IG, 31 May 1655.) 

Eobert Pope of Barbadoe.=!. Will dated 2G March 1659. My sisters Mary, 
Anne, and Sarah. To uiy blether JM" Eliz. Batty I leave my mansion house in 
Shelford, Cainbridi^'e. IMy wife Anne. 

Witnessed by ^Nathaniel White, Elinor N. Brookes. Proved 27 April 1659. 
Barbados. Entered vol. ii., fo. 261. 

BUEIALS AT BAEBADOS (name of Parish not given). 

1657 Aug. 12 Joseph Pope. 
1659 April 12 Eobert Pope. 

George Pope at Barbadoes. Mem. that on 1 Sept. 1659 Geo. Pope of Bristol!, 
Merchant, being sicke, declaved his last will nuncupative that his cousin John 
Pope should be his Ex'or and heir. In the presence of John Pope S"', Grace 

"The Keepers of the Liberty of England by authority of Parliament" .... 
Know ye that ou 30 Sept. 1659 the will was at London proved and adin'on granted 
to John Pope. Signed E. Hankey, Wm. Joues, Mark Cottle, Eeg^ 

Barbadoes. By the GoV approved. M'' James Haymon, .attorney to M"" John 
Pope ]■■, the Ex'or, being sworn to bring into the Secretary's otEce an Inventory. 
This last of Feb. 1659. Danyell Searle. 

Charles Pope, now residing in Barbadoes. Will dated 24 March 1691 (? 1690-1). 
My estate in Jamaica. My dan. Mary. My brothers Chr., Kich'', and Edw'' Pope 
of Butleigh, co. Som., all estate Sarah dau. of Geo. Harlin of this I., Merchant, 
Jas. Pinnoek of Ligauea, Jamaica. Hon. Geo. Lillingston, AVm. Bushe, Benjamin 
Hole to be Ex'ors for this I., and Edward Stanton, James Pinnoek, and John 
Wilmot for Jamaica. Barbadoes. Entered 12 January 1691-2. 

^t. (Cijomao", iHititilc 3:5lanli, ^t. lAitts.* 

In the Church over the west door : — 

This Monument 

is Erected to the INIemory of 

Se. Chaki.ks P.\t>'e Bart. 

wlio Dyed 

Decb' 23^ 1744 

Aged 63 Years. 

• Tlio Rev. Nod Caniit, tho Rjctor of St. Gjor^'c, U;issot>>rrc, St. Kitts, wrilcs i;l April 
1911 : " I am eaclosia;^ copies of all lUo iusuriptioas (4) we have so tur beeu able to find." 

f •^^■^7*"" 




^ *^' 

•i£, i^is? 


-j?- ■ 

t- ^^ I... 

— ■ r-^' 

-l-te»iLfl» 1 1 l-y mi i.^«l ii<1 i->.fc"f n *a 



^ ■^^^ 



< >; ■ •:.\t:'.-'*»'^ ; 1 

tei--V-= -1,1,! 

■'.'j! ( . .► "^ J -^ 


Chckcii of br. Tihim^s, ^Iiduik Isr.wD, St. Kitts. 
The exterior is from a iiicture postourd by the Uev. Dr. Thomas of Nevis. 


On a floor Blab : — 

Sir Chables Patxe 

Knight and Baronet 

Major General of 

His ^laiesty's 

Leeward Carribce Islands 

Dyed tlie 21 Dav of December 


Aged G2 Tears. 

Buried Dec. 22'' Sir Charles Payne. (Parish Register.) 

Capt. Samuel Payne uas living at St. Kitts in or before 1656. (Egerton MS. 
2395, Brit. IMuseum") 

Capt. Philip Payne signed a petition of the planters of St. Kitts in January 
1659. In 16G9 he was one of the Commissioners appointed to receive back the 
English quarter of the Island. In 1673 it was reported that liis estate and that 
of Capt. Sam. Payne had been devastated by the French since the declaration of 
peace. In 16S3 and IGSG Lieut. Abraham Pavne was a Member of the Assembly. 
In 1707-8 Stephen Payne, Esq., aged 47, was entered in the census, and in 1711 
styled " Colonel,'' and of the parish of St. Thomas. This Stephen's parentage is 
unknown, but he was probably son or grandson of either the above Philip or 
Samuel. His wife's name is also unknown, but he had several sons, of whom the 
second, Charles, was created a baronet in 1737. The Paynes are supposed to have 
come from Lavington in AVilts, Dorset, or Jersey. (Sec vol. iii. of "Antigua.") 

On a floor slab : — 

Here lies interred \^ Body of Capt" 

John Pogson of Horncastle in the 

County of Lincoln in the Kingd'" of 

Engl"* Avho departed y^ life y"^ 29"' day 

of May ] 0S6 

also Hestee his wife who departed y« 30"^ 

day of 9^" 1G9G 

And with Y"" lies interred their two Grand 

Sons namely 

Fbeehan Pogsox who departed y'= 24^'' 

day of July 1704 when but 3 months old 

And John Pogsox Junr. who departed 

June ye 20"' 1720 in y<= 23'^ Year of his Age. 

The copy of this printed in Vol. I., p. 8, was evidently abbreviated by 
Mr. Darnell Davis, as the present one gives the ages of the sons which he omitted. 

In the churchyard : — 

Here lyeth the Body of 

Michael Lambert Esqr. 

Majr. General of the Leeward Islands 

And sometime 

Lieut. Governor of St. Christophers 

He died the Gth day of iMarch 172J 

In the 70th year of his Age. 

Here also lyeth the Body of 

Feajtces his youngest Daughter 

and wife of Ciiari.e.s L'vm E.sq. 

who died the 9"' day of Nov"" 1721 

In the 20"' year of her Age. 


The arms on this, as noted in 1S79 by Mr. N. D. Davis, were: .... iper 
chevron .... ihree lamhs. Crest. — A qriffin. 

Lambert was appoiiited in 1707 Lieut. -Governor of St. Kitts. His will was 
dated 1 March 1723 and recorded in the Island. He owned several estates, which 
apparently passed to his widow Priscilla, who was livins; in 1753, when she 
owned three plantations in St. Thomas, Middle Island. He also possessed the 
"New Invention" of 106 acres in the French quarter and the "College" of 
200 acres. He left no sons, but three daughters and coheiresses : — 

I. Susannah, married first Major Kich. Holmes, ^Tember of Council of 
St. Kitts, who died in London in 1725 (will proved 13 October),* by whom she 
had Rich., Priscilla, and ^Eartha. She married secondly John Douglas, Esq., of 
St. Kitts, whose will was proved 171S (359, Strahan), and had an eldest son and 
heir, John St. Leger Douglas. She died at Eickmansworlh, Herts. Will dated 
1750 (323, Greenly). 

II. Margaret, married Col. James "Weatherill of Antigua, and had two sons, 
Lambert AVeatherill and Clius. Pym Weatherill, besides others. (See pedigree in 
" Antigua," vol. iii.) 

III. Frances, the youngest, married Col. Chas. Pym of St. Kitts, ]Member of 
Council. "Will proved 17-11 (132, Spurway). They had Priscilla, only dau. and 
heiress, who married, S June 1712, luibert, 2nd Lord l\omney. Lady liomney's will 
was dated 174G and proved 1771 (12G, Trevor), and she died 2G "February 1771. 
In 1753 Lord Komney owned " Pym's Bay " estate in St. George's, Easseterre, 
and his wife had one-third of a plantation in St. Thomas, Middle Island, formerly 
that of her grandfather Michael Lambert. 

Here lyeth the bodies of Colonel Stephen Payne, who departed this life the 
10"* day of September 1711, in the 51^' year of his age. 

And also of his sons Stei'IIEX and Samuel Payne, who departed this life in 
the 7'^ and 10"' years of their age. 

Here lyeth interr'd the body of Joiix Hei.den, son of John Helden of this 
island, E3q% who departed this life the 7''' of June 1722, aged 2 years, 2 mouths, 
and 19 days. 

• My note says P.C.C, but I have not yet found the will.— Editob. 

The following inscriptions were copied in 1879 by Mr. N. Darnell Davis. 
The Pector writes, 8 June 1911: ''A\''e can find nothing of the stones to John 
Helden, Mrs. Susanna Phipps, Archibald Esdaile, or Col. Stephen Payne. The 
stones to Capt. Sam. .Jefferson and Dr. Johu Hutchinson are in good condition. 
There is an estate called Hutchinsous in the parish." I wonder who was 
responsible for the destruction of the above memorials to the dead ? 

Here lieth the body of Cap' Sajiuel Jeffeesox, who deceased the 12"" day of 
December Anno Dom. 1G49. 

I think this must be the second oldest tomb in the Island. Sir Tho. Warner's 
being dated IGIS. John Jeaft'ri'son, a ^Lister Manner from Pettistrce in Suffolk, 
arrived at St. Kitts iu 1G21 in the ship " Hopewell," which he commanded. In 
1G25, when A\''arner obtained the King's commission, Jeaffresou's name was 
inserted as iiis Lieutenant. Capt. Samuel Jeaffresou, a brother of John, settled 
the "Red House Plantation," and left, with other issue, a son Samuel, who 
removed about 1GG9 to Antigua, and whose son, also Samuel, was in 1G7S Member 
of Council for St. Kitts. Very little is known of this branch. (" Antigua," ii., 
lOG.) John's descendants or heirs were seated at Dullingham House, Cam- 

M" Sl'sanxa Piiipps, 1GS6. See Vol. I., p. 75, for this. 


In Egliam Churchyard, Surrey, is a stone (without dates) to his parents, 
whose dau. and sole heiress ^Nlary married Tho. Toster of Jamaica, M.P. Joliu 
Helden had been a Member of Council and Collector of the Customs, and died 
11 February 1738. AVill (G3, Brodrepp). 

Coventry and Manning. See Vol. I., 346. 

Here lyeth iuterr'd the Body of Doct. Jonx Hrxciiixsoy, late of the parish 
of S' Thomas, Middle Island, who departed this life the 10''' day of April 1735, in 
the fourtieth year of his a<4e. 

Here also lyeth the body of Mary the dau<;hter of Bexjamin Makkkam, 
Esquire, and wife of the aforesaid John Hutchinson, who departed this life the 
26"' August 1733, aged 28 years .... and four of their children. 
' Aems. — . . . . a Hon .... Above the shield is a knight's helmet. 


1730 May 6 Mary, daughter of D"" John Hutchinson & Mary his "Wife, born 

March 16. 1730. 

1731 Oct. 11 Sarah, daughter of D' John Hutchinson & Mary his wife, 

born 9"'. 


1733 Aug. 26 M" Mary Hutchinson AVife of D'' John Hutchinson. 

1733 Sep. 3 Mary, daughter of D'' John Hutchinson. 

1733 Sep. 10 Sarah, daughter of D'' John Hutchinson. 

1735 Jan. 4 Doctor John Hutchinson. 

Sacred to the memory of the Hon. Akcktbald Esdaile, Esquire, late Com- 
tnander-in-Chief of the Leeward Islands. Died beptr. 25"' 1796, aged 01. 


1796 Sep. 26 The Hon. Archibald Esdaile, from Palmetto Point. 

See the tablet in Bath Abbey to his widow, Mrs. Aletta de la Cousaye Esdaile, 
who died 21 Se[)tember ISOO, aged .57, erected by her son E. Esdaile. 

1725. Deposition of John Esdaile, Sen"", of S' Christopher, Esq., before 
W" Liddell, Esq. (B. T. Leeward Islands, vol. 18.) 

1796, July 7. .Archibald Esdaile, President of S' Kitts, writes that His 
Excellency Major-Gencral Leigh's health is bad, and that he sailed for England 
on the 3''* iust., leaving the trovernment in his hands. 

1796, Sep. 25. In the Island of St. Christopher, the Hon. Archibald Esdaile, 
president of that island, master in chancery, judge of the admiralty, and (in the 
absence of JMajor-gcn. Leigh) commander of the Leeward islands. (" G.M.," 
1797, 164, and '' Antigua," i., csli.) 

Joseph Phipps. Will dated 14 May 1796. My sister Susannah Esdaile, 
widow. (291, js'elson.) 

Susannah Mathew Pliipps, dau. of Erancis Phipps, married after 1762 .... 
Esdaile, and was living a widow in LS07. 

Dr. Ealph Adve of St. Kitts married a Miss Esdaile, and in his letter of 
4 September 1799 alludes to the death of his wife's brother, the Comptroller of 
the Customs there, who died on the 1st iust. 

* Communicated by the Hector. 



a ^3avtitular ilist 



William Aniey- 
Thoinas Archbould 
l^bomas Anlicr 
Joliii Biirrell 
Markc Browne 
Thomas Breres 
Randall i^irkt-nhead 
.loliii Booker 
William Blake 
Rodoiph Bylaijd 
Georf;;e Butlor^ 
James Burey* 
Jolin Cooke 
Jolin Church 
Johnathan Crossley 
Her.ry Davice"' 
Robert Donn 
Edward Doylie" 
Patrick Devon 
Humphry Dui^las! 
Henry Disuey'^ 
James Debora'' 
Henry Ferribos.coe'' 
Edward Freeman 
Samuell Fievbrace 
Nathauill Flick 
Robert Fallow es 
John Godwell 

General) Yenablcs. 

Sould'f to 
Lt to 

SouW to 
Lt to 
Sould'' to 
Ensi^ne to 
Serg' to 
Drum"" to 
Sould'' to 
Sould'' to 
Ensigue to Lt 
Sould^ to 
Sould'' to 
Lt Collo 
Sould'' to 
Sould'' to 

Sould' to 
Ensigne to 

Sould^ to 
Corpo" to 


Cap' Davice. 
Cap' Davif-e. 
Cap' Handcock. 
Cap' llaiidcock. 
Cap' Handcock. 
Cap' Cooke. 
Cap' Persons. 
Cap' Handcock. 
Cap' Carey. 
Cap' Carey. 

Collo Doylie. 

Cap' Handcock. 
Cap' Butler. 

Cap' Handcock. 
Gen' Venables. 

Cap' Handcock. 
Cap' Disney. 
Cap' Handcock. 
Cap' Davice. 
provost Marshall. 

Cap' Butler. 
Cap' Handcock. 

1 Copied frnm tlie orisrinal in tlie V.Jl.O., Col. Fapcr?, Vol. 3:.'. No. 16, by Miss Jlabol Neiiib- 
hard, with notes added by ber. See also the AVI. C'al. for Kwo-o, Addenda, p. t)0. wbcrc only 
the officens' name.- are given. A later list ot 21 March 1G5-4-5 from the Portland MtJiS. is given 
Iq the " Narrative of Venables" (Tirth, IIG). 

The information in the followini,' notes is chiefly derived from "The Narrative of General 
Venables/' edited by C. II. Firth, I'JOO. and the lists of persons who applied for arrears of i)ay 
given in the Calendar of State Prpcrs, Colonial, 157-1 — 1660 (Interrcgnuiu, Entry liook, vol. cv., 
pp. 454-5, 4G2, ■mn 472). 

' Elizabeth, widtiw of "Wm. Amv, applied for arrears of pav 25 Dec. 1656. 

3 Capt. Getn-L-o Ikitlcr, killed i'f"; April l(',.j5 (Venables). "Will proved in 1655 (382, Aylett). 
The arrears of pay duo to him were applied for 25 Dec. ItJSG. 

•* Arrears due to James Cerry, dece:!sed, were ajplitd for 24 July 1656. 

* "Widow of Capt. Henry I'avis aj'i'lied for arrears 15 Sept. 1G5G. 

* He siibioqiieuily became Colonel of the rcLriment raised in Uarbados. In a letter of 
12 Sept. 1657, when Commander-in-Chief, lie slated he was in Lis foriictli year (Thurloc, vi., 
612). He retired to EnL'land in 1GG2. 

? Capt. Henrv Disney died 3 April 1655. Thnrloe, iii., 505 (Firlh). 
» Joane, ^idow of J;s. Debi ra, soldier, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656. 
» Capt. Henry Ferribosoo's children applied for arrears 10 .Jiice 1058. 



John Ginj:er' 
Joseph iJamouud 
Eicharcl Fiiulilcv 
William Huiistoue- 
Thomas Huddelstone-^ 
Thomas ITandcock' 
Heiirv HowcU 
Thomas Ifutchings 
Tate Howell 
John Jones 
John James'' 
John Llovd 
William Lott 
John Lee 
Eobert Legard 
George Moore 
Francis Mercer^ 
Chad Mattorsey 
John O.-borne^ 
George Persons 
John Page 
Henrv Persons 
Hugh' Pcarcc'^ 
Andrew Peter 
Eichard Paver 
Henrv Persons 
John 'Pv:itliffe 
Luke Eamsden 
AVilHam Simons 
Augustus Cezar Sinelder 
George Taylor 
Gabrill Throckmorton 
William AVimbairJ 
AVilliaui WiUoughby 
William AVhiteio 
William Webb^i 
William AVrighti^ 
Bcnjamine AVelcocks 
Daniel Walker 
Eobert Woodward 
Thomas Whittaker 
Lawrauee Mullious 




^faj' fiercer. 


Cap' Haudcock 

Sould'' to 

Cap' Butler. 

Sould'- to 

!Maj' Mercer. 


Maj'- Mercer. 


Sould-- to 

Maj' fiercer. 

Sould-- to 

]Maj' Mercer. 

L' to 

Cap' Cooke. 

Sould'- to 

Cap' Handoock. 

Sould"- to 

Cap' Handcock. 


L' Collo Doylio 

Sould' to 

Maj' Mercer. 


Cap' Handcock. 

Sould"- to 

Cap' Di.<ney. 

Drum'- to 

Cap' Butler. 



Gen' Venables. 

Sould"- to 

Cap' Persons. 


Sould"- to 

L' Collo Doylie 


Cap' Persons. 

Corpo" to 

Gen' Yonablcs. 


Cap' Hinde. 

Sould^ to 

Cap' Butlei-. 

Sould"- to 

Cap' Disney. 


L' Collo Doylie 


Cap' Davice. 


Cap' Butler. 

SoukV to 

L' Collo Doylie 

Drum"- to 

Cap' Handcock. 

Sould^ to 

Cap' Persons. 

L' to 

Maj' Mercer. 

L' to 

Cap' Butler. 

Gen' at Amies 


Sould"- to 

Maj' fiercer. 

Sould^ to 

Maj' jNIercer. 

Sould'- to 

Maj' jMercei". 

Sould' to . 

Cap' Cooke. 

Sould' to 

Maj' ]\lerccr. 

Sould"- to 

Gen' Venables. 

Sould' to 

Cap' Disney. 

* John Ginger's arrears applied for 15 Sept. IGoG. 

^ Anne, wicfow of AVni. Tlulstnn, apiilied for arrears 21 Oct. 1(556. 
' Arrears duo to Lieut. Thos. lluddle>tone apidiod for 12 Feb. 1057. 

■• Capt. Thoiua.'; ILmoock killed 20 April 1055. Tliurloe, lii., 506 (I'lrth). Uis cliildreu 
applied for arrears 18 AjtII ]f)5(). 

^ 'SVidow of Jos. Mohi! ?) James apnlied for arrenrs 15 Sept. 1650. 
' Arrears due to Lieut. -Col. Fra-;. .Meicer a] plied for 12 Fub. 1057. 
^ Mary, widow of John O^ljurue, applii-d for arrears 25 Dec. 1650. 

* Arrears di:c to llu,i,'!i I'firce, serjcaiit, applied for 25 Dec. 1050. 

' Elizabeth, widow of Capt. Win. Wiuiball. applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1650. He was coni- 
mis?ioned as " '\Viiii,'lnll " in the W.L 25 Ajril 1055 (Firtli, 125). 

'" Anne, widow of William White, ajiplicd for arrears 15 Sept. 1050. 

" Arrears due to Wiu. Webb, soldier, deceased, applied for 25 Dec. 1656. Will P.C.C. 1056 
(427, Berklov-). 

'■ Arrears due to Win. Wright, Serjeant, applied for 25 Dec. 1656. 
VOL. II. f 



Obidiah Hiiidei 
Edward Stpnton 
William Willrion 
Will. Armstrong 
Rich : Dukeufeild 
Will. Drew 
John Frampton 
Will. Fisher 
Thomas Gaije- 
Eflward SackfeikF' 
William Harlstone 
Lawrence Muttons 
Isack Kecroft* 
Phillip Starkey 

Henry Archbould^ 
Richard Bamford*' 
John Pollord" 
William Burt 
Robert Baldwin 
John Clarke^ 
John Clarke 
George Dawkius 
John Everad 
Richard Gee 
Sampson George 
Andrew Houncell 
Richard Haudcock 
William Huntley 
James Haines^ 
William Kiuge 
Vallantine Levritt 

Thomas Norcott 
James Jvewton 
William Ord 
Mathias Pippiat 

* Capt. Obadiah Hindc was killed 2fi April 1655 (Firth). 

^ Mary, widow of Thomas Gai;o, cliaii!;iin, ai'plied for arrears 18 July Ifiufi. 

* Ed. Sackwell was commissioned a captain in tlie Gcneral'.s Regiment 25 April 1055 
(Firth, 125). 

■* "\Vm., father of Isaac Ricroft, applied for arrears 10 June 1(558. 

' Henry Arclibold became Jjieut.-Col. of Col. Carter's Rei,'inient, and was a Jleniber of the 
Council of Jamaica after the Restoration (Firth). See also Thiirlr)e, v., 102, 128. 139; vi., 235. 
He settled in Liuruanea (briii;.'cs, i., 220). On S .Vpril KiOS £20 was paid to KHz. his ^^ife for 
transport of herself and family to her husband in Jamaica (W.I. Cal., -K;5). 

* Anne, widow of Capt. Rich. Bamfurd, ajiplied for arrears 15 t^ejit. 165t), and ajraiii on 
12 Feb. 1657. In the hitler petition he is dcscnJAd as '' Major.'" llis (:ommis.>ion as Major. 

7 Arrears due to Ensi-n John Rollard ajiplied for 25 Dec. 165G. 

* Lieut.-Col. John Clarke died at .-ca on 9 .May 1(;55, of wmuuls received on 26 \\iTil. 
Memorials of Sir William I'cnn, ii., 99, ICO (Firth). There is a petition from his widow .Vniary 
in Colonial State Raiders (Uome-ticj, 1655, p. 3U6. She also applied for arrears 13 May IG56. 

' Venablcs wrote: " ilajor General llaynes i**: all our best otlicers fell in the first action," 
i.e., on 25 April, at Ilispaniola. A pension of £150 was awarded his widow Kliz. on 3 Oct. 1655, 
he haviu,^ been slain {W'.l. Cal., -431). 




Drum'' to 


Sould' to 

Gen' Venables. 

Chirurgeon mate 



quarter m"" 

Chirurgeon mate 



Capt Persons. 

Sould^ lo 




Serg' to 


Ensignc to 





Cap* Bamford. 

Drumer to 


Sould"- to 

Cap' Smith. 

L' Collo to 



L' Collo Clarke. 

Sould"- to 

Cap' Younge. 

Corpo" to 

Cap' Touiige. 

Sould'' to 

Cap' AV^alters. 

Sergant to 

Cap' Bamford. 



Sergant to 

Cap* Archbould. 


Cap' Tounge. 

3Iajor and Gene" 


Maj'' Gen' Haines 

Serg' to 

Cap' Archbould. 

L' to 

Maj' Gen' Haines. 

Sould"" to 

Cap' Archbould. 

SouhU to 


Sould' to 

Cap' Archbould. 

Sould'' to 







"William Pittifor 

Sould' to 

Cap' Younge. 

Eandall Pull ford 

Sould' to 

Cap' Smith. 

George Eivers 


Cap' Walters. 

William Elvers 


Cap' Archbuld. 

"William Simons 

Drum"" to 

Maj' Barry. 

Thomas ^lartin 

Corp" to 

Cap' AValter. 

Danill Smith 

Cap' to 


Eobert Taylor 

Capt to 


George Toms^ 

Cap' to 


Edward "Willitt 

Cap' to 


Thomas "Walter^ 

Cap' to 


Edmoiid Willett 



"William AVandall 



Richard Tounge^ 

Cap' to 


George Faulkner* 


■ Cap' Willitt. 

"William Eeves 

Sould'- to 

Cap' Willitt. 

"William Baily 

Sould' to 

Cap' Willitt. 

Jackson .... intant 


Samuell Barrey^ 

Major to 


"William Kinge 



"William Hopkins 


Moko Mordo 


Phillip Peard 


John Southead 


John Brind 


George Turner 


Eich. Clearke 

Gen' at Armes 

William Burt 


Eobert Creado 


John Nev.bery 


Will. Puckett 


Eich. Webber 


Theophilus Kinge 


Henry Gale 


John Delley 


Eichard Salway 


John Hodgson 


Eignall Knight 


Martin Leakey 


John Feaeey 


John Gume® 


Nichollas Yellies 


John Wilkes 


Danill Clarke 


J : Hare 


» Gregory Tom was Jilc-inber of Assembly for Northside in 1664 (Feurtado). lie arrived in 

1663 with his wife Aiiiv, iind died in 16(!5. , .„ , ,„ » •, 

5 Capt. Thom;:s W;>l:er. Possibly this was Adjutant-General « alters, killed on 18 April. 

See Thurloc, iii., 50{i iFirth). 

3 AVidow of Cai.t. Uicli. Young, Adjutant-General, applied for arrears 21 Oct. 1656. 
•• Elizabetli, widow of .Major Geo. l-auikiior, ai.pliod for arn-ars £ Feb. 16.57. 

in Jamaica and fiiOO or i:300 a year in Kent (W.l. Cal., -iUlj. 
* Perhaps Guuue, 





Clemant WoUh 
Allex. Butlrill 
AVill : Sherick 
Edward Barley 
Thomas Browne 
Thomas Morgan • 
Eich. Edwards 
Edward Sollis 
George Hood 
Eobert Herman 
John Clentch 
Johu Leach 
David Minor 
Nieliolas Grace 
John Gater 
Eich : Chapman 
Eich : Thompson 
William Tudge^ 
John Frankling 
Bartho : Jackson 
Eoger ]Manners 
Jesse Wharton 
Thomas Ilodgclkins 
Thomas K 
Eoger Manners 
George Simpson 

Thomas Alcock 
Eobert Allin 
Stephen Arrow Smith 
Christopher ]]arron 
Edward Bradshaw 
George Bailie 
Eobert Banman 
Henry Bartlitt- 
James Bates 
John Bradsliaw 
George Blake 
Will : Clea 
Will : Carman 
William CoUings 
John Clinch 
William Cooke 
John Bray 
Thomas Dowing^ 
William Denis 
Bartlio : Duvies* 




















Gunu Smith 

Chirurgeon mate 

quarter master 


Chirurgeon mate 

Serg' to 

Cap' Touiige. 

Chapling to 



Cap' Younge. 

tescue Eegiment. 

Sould' to 

Cap' AN^ells. 

Sould-- to 

Cap' AVhite. 

Sould'' to 

Cap' Keene. 

Sould-- to 

Cap' White. 

Souldf to 

Cap' White. 

Serg' to 

Maj' Hill. 

Sould'- to 

Cap' Davies. 



Cap' Edwards. 

Sould^ to 

Major Hill. ■ 

Sould"- to 

Cap' Levcrington 

Serg' to 

Cap' Weles. 


Cap' AVhite. 

Sould^ to 

Collo Fortescue. 

Sould^ to 

Cap' Edwards. 

Sould'' to 

Cap' White. 


Cap' Levering. 


Cap' Kecne. 


Capt Bartlitt. 


' Rebecca, widoM' of Vi'm. Fudirc, giuismitli, api'liod for arrears 25 Doc \C<'yC> 

- Jomio, wido\v of Lio\it.-CoI. lien. B:irtKlt, aiiplifd for arrears 2o J)e<-. KioU. He .siijiicd tlie 
Minutes of a Council of ^\'ar 7 June 1050, and had been coiuuii.ssioued in the W L 15 May 

' Arrears due to Lieut. Thos. Downing applied for 8 June 165S. Will P.C.C. 1C58 
(484, Woolton). 

* Arrcary due to Ca|)t. Bartholomew Davis, deceased, applied for 5 Sept. 165G. 




Peter Dunbar 

John Egar^ 

Obidiah Edwards 

John Ellis 

Nathanill Fletcher 

Will : Ferris- 
Thomas Freoinan 

Thomas French 

Richard Fortesciie' 

Thomas Fuller' 

"William Fletewood 

Elias Gingon 
'William llambleyn 

Thomas Hill 

Willia:n Hilis 

John Honey 

Thomas Howell 

Ealph Hardwick"^ 

Henry Hurst 

David Houston 

Eichard Holdick^ 

Renokls Hayward 

James luskyck'' 

Johna : Judkins' 

John Keeue 

Thomas Kent 

Thomas Kinge 

John Lushe 

Samuell Leveringtou^'^ 
' Rich : Lawrauce 

John Marshall' 1 

Will : Moore 

Edmond L' to Mallinson 

Tho : May 

Augustin May 

Sould"' to 
Souldyer to 
Captaiue to 
Souldyer to 
Souldyer to 
Souldyer to 
Sergaut to 
Serg' to 
Souldyer to 
Capt L' to 
L' to 
Major to 
Souldyer to 
Ensigue to 
quarter m'' 
L' to 

Sergant to 
L' Collo to 
Souldyer to 
Souldyer to 
Souldyer to 
Captaine to 
Sould to 

Souldyer to 
Capt to 
Ensigne to 
Sould^ to 
Souldyer to 
L' to 

Gent, at armes 
Souldyer to 

Cap' AVhite. 
Captaine Kecne. 
Collo Fortescue. 
Cap' Davies. 
Captaine Kecne. 
Cap' Duvics. 
Collo Foi-tcscue. 
Captaine Wells. 

L' Collo Holdyck. 
Captaiue White. 

Collo Fortescue. 
Major Hill. 
Collo Fortescue. 
Captaine Edwards. 
Captaine Davice. 
Collo Fortescue. 
Captaine Edwards. 
Collo Fortescue. 
Captaine Bartlitt. 
IVrajor Hill. 
Cap' Bartlitt. 
Collo Fortescue. 
Cap' Leveringtou. 

Cap' Bartlitt. 
Collo Fortescue. 
Cap' AVells. 
Cap' Keene. 
Cap' Keene. 
Cap' White. 

Cap' White. 

' Ellen, widow of John Agar alias Eager, soldier, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656. 

* Anne, widow of \\m. Feri;;, applied for arrears lo Sept. 1056. 

' Mary, widow of ^Major-ften. Rich. Fortescue, ajiplied for arrears 21 Oct. K'.uO. AVill of 
Col. Eicb. Fortescue, P.t'.C.. 1057 (270, Uuthi'ii). Arrears due to Major (Majur-General ?) 
Fortescue applied for 3 Dec. 1G56. He died about 1 Nov. 1055, being then Conuuauder-in-Cliief 
and Governor. 

•• M.I, at St. Doruthv's to Col. Tho. Fuller, "one of the first takers of this Is^laud," who died 
6 June 1690 (Archer, 307). 

* Major Wm. Hill's daughter a])plicd for arrears 15 Sci^t. 1050. AVilliiini Hill apparently 
succeeded Hohlip as Lieut-Col. ISeo Clarke I'apers, iii., 56. Hill died, seeniingl\-, before 
arriving at J.imaica. Cal. State i'ajiers, Col,, 157 t — UidO, 45 1 (Firth). 

' Arrears due to Lieut. Kalpli llardwic-k ajiplied for un 2 April, and again on 15 May 1656. 
He was promoted in the \V,I, from Lieut, to Capt, 10 Mav 1055, 

' Arrears due to Col. Richard Holdip ai>plicd for 20 April 1(!58. At the etid of March 1G54 
he became Colonel of the regiment r.iised at the Leeward Islands (Firtli). He heiMuie an active 
planter (Bridges, i., 220), 1052, July 14, Draft of a c.>mmi9sion to him lor govenimeiir of 
a plantation between the Amazon and Orinoco, but revoked on 22 Nov. and notice sent to him at 
Barbados (W.l, Cal., 379, 380, and 4721, 

^ Abigail, widow of James Inskip, applied for .arrears 15 Sept. 1C5G. 

' Abigail, widow of Jonat. Judkin, Soulier, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1050. 

'" Samuel Leveringtou, " A gallant man, wounded on 17 Ai>ril 1055, was taken back to a ship, 
and, being left on deck without food or water, or having his wounds dressed, ho succombcd." 
(Narrative by Veuables, quoted by Mrs. Leopold Scarlett.; 

" Eliza, widow of Joliu Marshall, soldier, applied for arrears 25 Doc. 165G. 




Richard jS'icholson 

John Poultou 

Thomas PadselU 

James Peake- 

Thomas Rowland 

Rich : Rippon 

Steph : Rose^ 

James Spinkernild* 

Edmond Sickes 

John Skillin 

Nicholas Smithsend 

Roger Shipherd 

Johnathau Starr 

Thomas Smaie 

Thomas Stranyhon 

Danill Thrift 

David Williams 

Henry "White 

Richard A\'^ele3^ 

Rich : AVelleford 

Will : Wheeler . 

John Torke 

Thomas Pethou 

Peter Quanby 

Jolm Durant'** 

Will. Hill 

Thomas Escott 

John Layhorne 

Edward Ellis 

Thomas Dobsou 

Robert Eraense 

Thomas Christopher 

Whigift AUimore 

Thomas Bulliugham 

Rich : Crawley 
Rich : Bossick^ 
John Mason 
Edward Cleare" 
Francis Bcllimy''^ 
Edward Stapeltou 
Nathauill Lane 
Roger Gates 
John Henry Hillsmau 
Thomas Edwards^" 

Sergant to 
Gent, at armes 
Souldyer to 
Ensigne to 
Souldyer to 
Souldyer to 
Corpo" to 
Serg' to 
Sergant to 
Souldyer to 
Sergant to 
Souldyer to 
Souldyer to 
Souldyer to 
Souldyer to 
Captaine to 
Souldyer to 
Serg' to 
Souldyer to 
Sergant to 
Corpo" to 
Sould^ to 
Sould^ to 
Drumer to 
Serg' to 
Sould"" to 
Sould'' to 
Chirurgeou mate 
Gunn Smith 
Gent, at Armes 

Cap' White. 
Cap' Davice. 
Collo Fortescuc. 
L' Collo Holdyck. 
Collo Fortescue. 
Cap' Wells. 
L' Coll Holdyck. 
Cap' Davies. 
Cap' Lcverington. 
Cap' Bartlitt. 
Collo Fortescue. 
Cap' Leverington. 
Captaine White. 
Cap' White. 
Cap' White. 
Cap' AVhite. 

Cap' AVhite. 
Collo Fortescue. 
Cap' Weles. 
L' Collo Holdyck. 
Captaine White. 
Cap' Davies. 
Cap' Davies. 
Cap' Xeeue. 

Cap' White. 
Cap' White. 
Cap' White. 
Cap' AVhite. 
Cap' Edwards. 
Cap' Davies. 
Cap' Bartlitt. 
Cap' Bartlitt. 
Cap' Bartlitt. 

' Arrears due to Thomas Patsill, coriiornl, applied for 25 Dec. 165G. 
' The three families of I'eiike, Fuller, and JJyndiossc all came from Lewes iu Sussex. 
' Stephen Rosse ^va3 comniissioued Capt. in the W.I. on 1-i April 1055. 
■• Arrears due to Scrj. Jas. Pinkerncll applied lor 15 Sept. 165(3. 

' Arrears due to liichard \\'clls applied for 15 Sept. I(i5n. At the same date he became 
Major and commanded Fortesi-ue's resfinient. He died about Jan. 1057 (Firth). 

* Jane, widow of John Dnraut, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656. 

' Arrears due to Edward Beswich, drummer (Rich. Bossick ?), applied for 18 July 

* Phoebe, widow of Edw. Cleave. aj>plied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656. 

' Martha, widow of Frau. Bellamy, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656. 
'" Mary, mother of Thos. Edward*, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1650. 




Bernard Hicks 
John Griffon 
Jolin Gettings 
Henry Kent 
Jo : Moorchead 
Edward Piiidcr 
Peter Quanbj 

Sould"- to 
Drunicr to 
Sould. to 
Ensigne to 
SouW to 
Sould'' to 
Serg' to 

{To he continued.) 

Cap' Bartlitt. 
Capt White.i 
Cap' White. 
Cap' Davies. 

33ivtl)$, Beatljs', auti iHarriacjcs from tljt 
** 33ai1jatios iMtrcar}> ** anD ** JSritisttoUin 
(gajttte/* 1805 to 1818/ 

By EDWAKD GOULBURJS" SIXCKLER, Police Maoistuate, Bakbados. 


May 9 (Died) In this town, Mis Martindale, Mr. John Armstrong, Druggist, 
and Mr. Kichard James Ihurbane. 

St. Lucy, April 9th, 1815. Yesterday, died at iiis residence in this parish Dr. 
Hugh Boyle, a very old and respectable apothecary, and a very good natured 
man, ot simple manners, sound uudersianding and great medical slcill. 

May 13 The Communication which appeared in our last, relative to the death of 
Dr. Hugh Boyle of St. Lucy's parish, proves to have been a mischievous 
fabrication, which we are requested to contradict. 

May 13 (Died) In 8t. Michael's parish, Miss Mary Ann Phillips, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Wildey ; and this morcing, Heury Madden, Esq. 

May 16 (Married) On Saturday evening, at Mrs. Price's, iu the parish of Christ 
Church, Mr. George McCoiiney to Mrs. Statira Barues, widow of the late 
Captain James Barues. (Died) On Friday night the I'Jth iust., at Belle 
Vue, after a painful and lingering illness, Mrs. Elizabeth U'itJei/, aged 
72 years {^cide May 13), deeply lamented by an only daughter, etc. 

May 20 (Died) At the Garrison, on Tuesday last, Capt. Balguy of the York 
Chasseurs, an officer who had distinguished himself iu the Peninsular Cam- 
paign. His remains were interred that evening at 8t. Michael's Church 
(with military honours). 

May 23 (Birth) On i'riday the 19th inst., at Mount Brevitor, the lady of Joseph 
Leacock, Esq., of a daugliter. (Died) On Sunday last, Mrs. liuth Clarke, 
the mother-in-law of Francis Williams, Esq., of tins town. 

May 27 (Married) On Thursday morning hist, in St. Michael's Church, Robert 
Haynes, Esq., of Clifton Plantation, to Miss Sarah, the eldest daughter of 
Joseph A. Payne, Esq., of this towu. 

1 This was CaptaiQ Thomas \\'liite, subsequeiuly M.ijor. He \vas probably the author of the 
narrative printed iu Clarke I'upors, iii., j4. See Cal. State I'apers, Doiu., h'>j5-t3, til (Firtli). 
The Ueiiry White lui.'ulioiied on p. 214 as soldier to '"Capt. While" may have been a bou. 
Ou 10 Juue IbOS a Robert White's children applied for arrears. 

• Continued from p. 156. 


May 30 (Died) At Philadclpliia, on the 12ih ult., in the 57th year of his age, 
llichard Shar])o, Esq., a native of this island, aud formerly a respectable 
mercbaut of this town. 

June 3 (Married) In St. James' Churcli, on Thursday last, ^Ir. Thomas W. 
Lewis to Miss Sarah Christiau, the daughter of William Lowe of that 

June 6 (Died) lu this town, on Sunday last, tlie widow of Philip Lewis, Esq.; 
aud yesterday, Mrs. Hartle, ^vife of Mr. Abraham llartie. 

July 1 (Married) On Thursday last, at St. :Miehaers Church, N. Holder, Esq., 
to Miss Godilard, daughter of Isaac D. (Joddard, Esq. ; Mr. Townslaud to 
Miss Lewis; and in Christ Church, Eobort Ilendy, Esq., to -Miss Anu, 
daughter of John Jones, Esq. (Died) On Tuesday the 27th ult.. at Spring 
Head Plantation, Sir Philip Gibbos, IJart., aged SG. He was many years a 
representative of the parish of St. Peter in the General Assembly of this 
island, and afterwards a member of llis Majesty's Council. He is succeeded 
in his title and estate by his grandson Samuel Osborne Gibbes, and has left 
two daughters, Mrs. Abbott (wife to the Ivight Hon. Charles Abbott, Spealcer 
of the llouic of Commons) aud Miss Gibbes. In St. Michael's, Mrs. Mar- 
row aud Mrs. Elizabeth Eortuue. 

July 15 (Married) On Thursday morning, in St. Michael's Churcli, Mr. AVilliam 
Moll to Miss Thomas; and in the evening, Mr. A\'^. Cater to Miss Hunte. 
(Died) On the passage hence for England, John Deaue, Esq., brother to 
Kichard Deane, Esq., of this town; Capt. Kempt, E.X., who resided here 
some time ago as Agent for Transports and Prisoners of "War, died in Canada 
in the month of March last. 

July 22 (Married) On Wednesday last, Mr. Henry Jenkins to Miss Fitz- 

July 29 (Married) On Wednesday last, by the Kev. Mr. Als, Charles Cadagon, 
Esq., to Miss Eliza, only datightcr of Henry liussell, Esq. (Died) Yesterday 
evening, in the parish of Saint George, Henry liamsey, Esq.; and this 
morning, in town, Miss Ann Chase, an elderly maiden lady. 

Aug. 5 (Died) In this parish, Xathaniel Phillips, Esq.; Mrs. Elizabeth, wife 
of Samuel Ames, Esq. ; aud Mr. Anthony "W. Jones. 

Aug. 19 (Died) On Tuesday night last, Thomas Mcintosh, Esq. ; and in St. 
Philip's, the Kev. Mr. Aliinsou, Eector of that ])arish. 

Aug. 26 (Died) This morning, ^Irs. Cragg, wife of George Cragg, Esq. 

Aug. 29 (Died) At Mount Brevitor, Mrs. Leacoek, mother of Joseph Leacock, 

Sep. 2 (Married) On Tuesday evening last, by the Eev. ^Ir. Garnelt, Mr. 
Thomas Melville to ;Mi.<s Eebcoca S. Lyte ; and on Thursday morning, in 
St. Michael's Church, Mr. John W. Williams to Mis:' Sarah IJ. Carrington. 

Sep. IG (Married) Yesterday evening, by the Eev. Mv. Garnett, Mr. Peter J. 
Minvielle to ]Miss Margaret ^Miller of this town. (Died) At Demerary, 
James T. AYiliiams of tiiis island; and, ^7^ this parish, Mr. Edward Spelloes, 
and Miss Harriett, daughter of Abel Clinckett, Esq. 

Sep. 2G (Married) This moniing, the llev. Mr. Als, Eector of St. Philip, to 
Miss Straker, daughter of J. Straker, Esq., Comptroller of His Majesty's 
Customs of this port. (Died) Y'esterday, Miss Ann Williams, a maiden 
lady, aged >>'2 years. 

Sep. 30 (Die 1; In the parish of St. .Vndrew, where her remains wore buried 
on Thur^dav last, Mrs. Jordan, wife of Josepii Jordan, E.'^q. 

Oct, 3 (Married) I'csrerday morning, at St. Michatd's Church, Tlioma.s 
Mcintosh, Esq., to .Miss Garnett. daughter of the licv. .\[r. (Jarnctt ; and 
last week, in the parish of Si. Thomas, Thomas E. E:!twick, Hsq., lu Miss 
Ann Schuan. 

Oct. 7 (Married) At Christ Church, on Thursday morning, by the Eev. Mr. 
Orderson, Howard GriUith, Esq., to Miss Charlotte S. Cantello. 


Oct. 10 (Dietl) On tlie night of Sunday last, Mr. Joseph Lcacock of this 

Oct. 17 (Died) Yesterday, in this town, Mrs. Eleanor Clinckett, in her 71st 

Oct. 24 (Died) In Chi-ist Church, iNIvs. Frances Kdey. 
Nov. 7 A melancholy accident happened yc'^ierday uiorniug. As John Salter, 

mate, Daniel Nielen, and Thomns Carnc, a[)prentices, with a negro, were 

returning in a sail boat to the hrig " Woodland Castle," a squall ujjset the 

boat, and all (except the negro) unfortunately perished. 
Nov. 14 (Died) Mi-ss :Mary Jane i-'ort and Miss'^NIary Fidoe. 
Nov. 18 (Died) On Wednesday hu-r^t, Mrs. Frances Butler; and yesterday, the 

Eev. Henry Caddell, IJector of St. Peter's. 
Nov. 25 (Died) Suddenly, Mrs. Backhouse, the mother of Doctor G. C. 

Dec. 2 (Married) On Thursday la^t, by the Kev. Mr. Orderson, Hector of 

Christ Church, Edward A. Senhouse, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Bishop Spooucr, 

eldest daughter of tlie Hon. John Spooner, Juur. 
Dec. 2 St. George's, Grenada, Nov. 11, ISlo. Died at Grenada, Major- 

General Sir Charles Shiplev, Governor of that Island (incorrect, but see 

Dec. 12). 
Dec. 9 (Died) At St. Croix, on the 29tli October last, after a very few day.s' 

illness of a fever, Francis Charles Beckett, Esq. (formerly a resident of this 

Island and late of Guadeloupe), etc., etc. 
Dec. 12 (Died) At Government House, Grenada, on the 20th ult., his Excel- 
lency Major-Gcneral Sir Charles Shipley, Governor of that Island ; on 

Sunday, in the parish of Christ Church, John Trotman, Esq., of " Wilcox " 

Dec. 30 (Married) On Thursday morning last, at St. George's Church, ^Ir. 

Alex. Massett, Junr., to Miss Susanna Chapman. (Died) Yesterday, Mr. 

Samuel Evans, watchmaker; and on the preceding day, Mr. White, a 
• clerk with J. Dowdall, Esq., of this town. 


Jan. 13 (Married) On the 1st inst., at Government House, St. Vincent, by the 
Eev. J. Hampden, Lieut. -Col. Ewart of the York Chas.-^eurs, to Lavinia, 
eldest daughter of His Excellency Sir Charles lirisbanc, Governor of that 
Island ; yesterday morning, at St. Michael's Church, the Eev. W. Chatterton 
to Miss Mary liachael Gardner. (Died) On Thursday morning last, after a 
short illness, John Inniss, Esq. ; and on the following day, Mis. Bragg (both 
of this town). 
Jan. 23 (Married) On the 2l3t Nov., at St. Martin in the Fields, London, 

i W. A. Culpepper, Esq., of this Island, to Mrs. Straker, widow of T. J. 

; Straker, Esq., and daughter of the Kev. Dr. Yalpy. 

[ Jan. 27 (Married) On Thursday morning last, at St. Michael's Church. Richard 

^ Haynes, Esq., son of Lieut. -"General llayncs of our Colonial Establishment, 

!. to Miss Payne, daus^ditcr of Joseph A. PaVne, I'.sq. (Died) On 2iul Dec ai 

Edinburgh' Major John G. Eddington of" the Gth West India Kegiment ; in 

f England, on the 27th Nov. last, Thomas Best, Esq., son of the late Gunning 

' Best, Esq., of this Island. 

I Jan. 30 (Died) On Sunday last, Stephen Phillips, Esq.. Acting Collector of the 

Customs of this port. 
■Feb. (Died) On Sunday last, Thomas Paislow, Esq., late Naval Storekeeper 
at this depot, and his remains were interred yesterday morning at St. 
Michael's Church ; latelv, at Demerary, Mr. Francis Miller of this town. 
Feb. 10 Communiciition. The late Mr." Pryor, who married tlic widow of 
Mr. Jupp of Chelmsford, Essex, by which he came into property to the 



amount of £100,000, left Miss Jones, a relative of Lady Arundel, the whole 
he died worth, which she has agreed to give up all chiims to, upon Mrs. Prvor 
securing to her £oOO per annum. Miss Jones is a native of this Island, 
being the unmarried daughter of E. B. Jones, Esq., late a barrister, 
and a Member of Assembly of this Island (of Barbados ?). (See also obituary- 
notice of October 4, 1817.) 

Peb. 24 (Married) On Wednesday last, at Speightstown, John Bennett, Esq., 
to Miss Mary Jane, daughter of Jacob P. Clarke, Esq., both of this town ; 
and on Thursday, John W. Payne, Esq., to Miss Frances Maynard, eldest 
daughter of Joseph Payne, Esq., of Christ Church. 

Mar. 2 (Died) On Thursday morning, the ISth ult., at Limlair Estate in the 

Island of Carriacou, John McClean, Esq whose loss is a source of 

inexpressible grief to his wife and family. On the 11th January the remains 
ot Lieut.-General Sir George Prevost, Bart., were removed from his house 
in Baker Street and were deposited in the family vault at East Baruet, 
Herts. . . . (This distinguished man served in the West Indies and Canada. 
A lengthy obituary notice of him here follows.) Sir George Prevost married 
in 1789 Catherine, daughter of Major-General Phipps, who survives him, 
together with a son, a minor, who succeeils to the title, and two daughters. 

Mar. 16 (Died) On Wednesday last, S. Harman, Esq., one of the Commissioners 
for investigating accounts of the Army Expenditure in the West Indies. 
(See May IS, 1818.) 

Mar. 23 (Died) On Vv'ednesday last, Arthur Dickson, Esq., of Limerick, after a 
short residence in this Island, on his way to St. Lucia, where he had been 
lately appointed Comptroller of His Majesty's Customs; and on the following 
day, John E. Sartorius, Esq., who had but recently arrived from England on 
his way to Dominica, of which Island he had been appointed Collector of 
Customs (aged 23). The remains of ilrs. Bishop, relict of the late President 
Bishop, were yesterday interred at St. Michael's Church. 

Mar. 26 (Died) On the 2l3t March 1816, Mrs. Bishop, daughter of John 
. Hothersall, Esq , deceased, an affectionate wife, a tender mother, etc. (Long 
obituary notice. See also March 23rd.) 

Mar. 30 (Died) On Tuesday evening, ]Mrs. Bowcuer, wife of Dr. Bowcher of 
this town; and on Wednesday last, the Hev. John Baron, Chaplain of His 
Majesty's ship " Antelope." 

April 13 (Died) Yesterday niorning, James Bovell, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and 
a Member of the House of Assembly, of this Island, and. on the same day, 
Mrs. Margaret Savory. At Edinburgh, on the 21st Eebruary. the Eight Hon. 
Lady Charlotte Durham, wife of Rear-Admiral Sir Philip Charles Durham, 
K.C.B., late Commander-in-Chief of His Majesty's Naval Forces on this 
station. Her Ladyship was daughter of the late Earl of Elgin and Kin- 
cardine, and sister to the present Earl. 

May IS (Died) At St. Ann's, on the 9th inst., Brevet Major Michael Wend, 
late of the 4th Battalion OOtli liogiment. 

May 21 (Married) On Sunday last, the Hon. John Hothersall Pinder to Miss 
Haynes, daughter of Lieut.-General Haynes of the Militia Forces of this 

May 2d (Died) On the 7th ult., at her house in New Street, Baker Street, Mrs. 
Hester Kentish, wife of Joshua Kentish. Estj., of Antigua. 

Mav 28 (^Earried) On Saturday evening, 3Ir. Alfred Bertram to Miss Clinckett, 
' daughter of Abel Clinckett, Ei^q., of tliis town. (Died) At Edinburgh. (Scot- 
land), on the I3th ult.. Lynch Thomas, Esq., Attorney-at-Law of this Island. 

Jane 15 (Death) It is with the sincerest regret that we announce the death of 
Colonel Dolphin, 6th W. India Regiment, who for a short time commanded 
this Garrison .... The Colonel, we understand, did not survive longer than 
a fortnight after he had embarked for England in the ship '• Higgiuson," 
which sailed hence ou the 2Lst March last for Liverpool. 


June 18 (Married) On Friday last, ^Nlr. Thomas E. Bascora to ATiss Sarah Mahon. 
June 25 (Died) This mornini;, D;enerally lamented by all classes in the com- 
munity, Lieut. -Colonel Nicholas E. Callendcr of the St. Philip's Battaliou of 
Militia. (He was interred on the following day in tlie chancel of St. 
Michael's Church with military honours.) Also lengthy obituary notice 
about him June 2dth. 
June 29 (Birth) On "Wednesday last, the Lady of Capt. Moody, Aide-de-Camp 
to His Excellency Sir James Leith, of a son. (Died) On Wednesday 
morning, having only complained of indisposition on the preceding day, 
Charles K. Bishop, Esq., .Member of the House of Assembly of this Island 
and Collector of the Customs of Speightstown ; yesterday, the Lady of 
Steplieu AYalcott, Esq., of Byde Mill Plantation. 
July 6 (Died) About the middle of May last, on his passage from Dublin o 
join his regiment (the 36th) at Portsmouth, Colonel the Hon. Basil Cochrane, 
brother of Lord Cochrane. 
July 9 (Died) Suddenly, on Sunday last, at his estate called " Walkers," in 

the parish of St. George, Thomas Applewhaite, Esq. 
July 13 (Deaths) In this parish, within the last few days, Mrs. Crane, relict of 
Henry Crane, Esq. ; 31rs. Ann Wilson ; and Mary, the wife of Mr. Mozly Elkin. 
July 20 (Died) Yesterday, Mrs. Hamden, wife of Dr. Renn Hamden, Senior. 
(Died) On Sunday last, of a pleurisy, Mr. Jeremiah Boothby, Missionary 
of the Society under the Superintemlence of the Rev. Adam Clarke, LL.D. 
July 23 (Died) On Sunday last, Miss 3Iary Hartle of this town. (Died) On 
the 19th July, Andrew Boyce, Esq. (Long obituary notice about him.) .... 
As a husband and father, etc. 
July 27 (Died) Within the last few days, in this town, John Davidson, Esq., 
Mr. Grant Frasliirc Ellcock, and Mr. Thomas Donovan; Capt. Sheriff of 
the brigantine "Grey Hound," of this port, lately fell overboard and was 
July 30 (Death) Surinam, IQtJi July. Yesterday, died here His Excellency 
Major-General Van Pauhuys, who, after sharing laurels with the heroes of 
Waterloo, arrived in this Colony about six months ago, and assumed the 
government of it on the 26th Eeby. last, when it was restored to 
Holland, etc., etc. 
Aug. 3 (Died) On the 23rd ult., the infant daughter of Dr. Fergusson, 

Inspector of Hospitals. 
Aug. 10 (Died) Yesterday, at Warrens, Miss Maria, daughter of the Hon. 

Samuel Hinds ; also T. F. Estwick, Esq. 
Aug. 20 (Died) On Sunday last, F. Hall, Esq., Deputy Assistant Commissary 
General in tliis Army; and last night, of fever, Augusta and Sarah, the 
infant daughters of Alex. King, Esq., of this town. 
Aug. 24! (Married) In Christ Church, John G. Sulevan, Esq., to Miss Anna 
° Margaret, daughter of John Sulevan, Esq., M.C.P. (Died) Yesterday, John 
Jones, Esq., of the parish of St. Philip. 
Aug. 27 (Died) Early on Sunday morning, Mr. Richard Flood, a native of 

° Dublin. 
Aug. 31 (Died) On Thursday last, AY. D. Watson, Esq., Deputy Assistant 
Commissary General in this .A.rmy ; aud yesterday, Thomas AUmau, Esq., a 
respectable merchant of this town. 
Sep. 3 (Died) On Sunday last, Dr. J. S. Collymore aud IMiss Elizabeth 

Edwards, both of this Town. 
Sep. 7 (Died) In St. Peter's parish, on AVednesday last, Mrs. Elizabeth 

Sep. 11 (Died) AYithin tlic last few days, Samuel Boxill, Esq., Ely Leach, 

Esq., and Richard ^Maltby, Esq. 
Sep. 17 (Died) On Saturday morning, the 11th inst.. in the General Hospital, 
St. Auu's, and was buried the same evening in Bridgeiowu, Scrgt. -Major A. 



Johnson of the 2nd or Queen's Royal Kegi'.r.ent of Foot, aged 30 years. 
(Long obituary notice.) There is a monument to his memory in the Cathe- 
dral porch. 

Sep. 21 (Died) Soon after having landed from America, whither he Ind been 
for the benefit of his health, George Cragg, Esq. (Died) At St. Ann's, ou 
the IDth inst., Quarter blaster Sergeant Gregor McGregor of the King's 
Own Borderers. (Long obituary notice.) ""^ 

Sep. 24 (Killed in a duel) The remains of Oliver Cook, Esq., Mercbant of this 
town, were yesterday interred at St. Michael's Church, whither the corpse 
was attended by a great number of respectable inhabitants. This gentleman's 
death was occasioned by a wound that he had unfortunately received in a 
duel about a fortnight ago, and therefore an inquest was held over his body, 
when, from the nature of the evidence, the verdict of the Jury char^'ed his 
antagonist uith " Wilful Murder." 

Oct. 5 (Died) AVithin the last few daws, Hillary Kowe ; and Mrs. Ward, wit'e 
of Henry T. Ward, E.'^q., of this town. (Died) Yesterday, at ''Passage'' 
(the residence of Conrade A. Howell, Esq.), after four days' illness, Miss Ann 
Davis, lately from England, etc. 

Oct. 8 (Died) In Christ Church, on Saturday last, Mrs. Elizabeth A\''elch ; and 
yesterday in this Town, Miss Sarah Harris, daughter of Joseph Payne, Esq. 

Oct. 12 (Died) Since Tuesday last, Gidney C. Bispham, Esq., Lieut. Wood of 
the Royal Artillery; and this morning, Anthony Dwyer, Esq., of the firm of 
Dwyer and Duff, Merchants of this Town, and Mrs. Holmes. 

Oct. 22 The inhabitants of this Island are requested to wear mourning nntil 
Sunday 17 November next as a mark of respect to the memory of His 
Excellency Lieut. General Sir James Leith, G.C.B., late Governor and 
Commander in Chief. " By His Honour's Command, W. Husbands. Dep. 
Sec." He died of fever. The body was embalmed and conveyed to Eal- 
mouth. Eugland. (Vide Schomhurgh's ''History of Bardados," and see Nov. 
2^rd further on.) 

Oct. 26 (Died) Ou the 22nd inst. of fever, after a short illness of five days, 
Master R. Smith, aged 15, a native of Manchester in England, and living in 
the employ of Messrs Edward Guuning & Co. of this town, a young lad of 
most promising abilities, etc. 

Nov. 5 (Died) Yesterday of fever, AVilliaa; Yard Pile, Esq. 

Nov. 9 (Died) Yesterday, Williau^ Shutc, Esq., and his remains were this 
morning interred at St. Michael's Church. 

Nov. 12 (Birth) At the Arsenal, St. Ann's, on Sunday last, the Lady of 
I. J. Tiuling, Esq., Ordnance Storekeeper, of a son. (Died) AVithin the last 
few days, in the parish of St. Lucy, aged 18 years, Miss Sarah Elizabeth 
Babb Hollingsworth, only daughter of .Mr. John H. HoUiiigsworth. "This 
amiable young lady has' fallen a victim to the prevailing fever." (Long 
obituary notice.) 

Nov. 19 (Died) Ou the 22nd September last, at Greenock in Scotland, Arthur 
Oughtersoii, formerly a respectable merchant of this Island. 

Nov. 23 The remains of His E.Mcellency Sir James Leith, G.C.B., which had 
been embalmed in order to be sent to Eugland, were yesterday i)ut on board 
the "Duke of York" (.Army vtssel), which sailed to overtake the " Rapid" 
Packet at one of the Leeward Lslands. whence they will be removed to the 
latter and conveye<l to Falmouth in charge of Capt. Jielches, one of His 
Excellency's Aides-de-Camp agreeably to Sir James' request. (See also 
Oct. 22.) ' (Died) Dr. Robert Bowcher, Master John G. Payne, and Miss 
Jane McCaskey. 

Nov. 30 (Married) On Thursdav last, Samuel Harmau, Esq., to ]Miss Murray, 
eldest daughter of W. .Murrav, E.-q. (Died; Lt. and Adj. Shaw of the 
Royal Artillery, Depy. Asst. Com. (Jeneral Maillardot, Mrs. Sarah Lucy 
Coilymorc, and" Mrs. Mary Auu Eields. 


Dec. 3 {BeatTi of a slave) Buried at Christ Church on Saturday last, Loudon 
Gill, aged 110 years, a negro slave of Eenn Hamden, Junr., Esq., jNI.D. His 
remains were attended by liis only surviving son, aged 08 years, and by 23 
grand daughters. The decea.<ed was a constant attendant at Church, and 
communicant, until prevented within the last few years by weakness and 

Dec. 7_ (Died) This • morning. t1ie Lady of the Hun. W. Grasett of His 
Majesty's Council of this Island; also ^Ir. John K. ~\Vebb. and Francis, the son 
of Mr. F. G. Baylcy ; and at 8t. Ann's, Asst. Surgeon "Wales. Koyal Artillery. 

Dec. 10 (Birth) On 'the 19th October, at Money Hill near IJiclcniausworth 
(England), the Lady of Edward H. Senhouse, Esq. (of this Island), of a son 
and heir. (Died) At St. Ann's, Lieut. 31cDougaU, Assislant Surgeon 
Prendergnst, and Lt. and Adj. Spencer of the Queen s Royal Segiment. 
(Monument to their memory in porch at Cathedral.) 

Dec. 14 (Married) On Thttrsd'ay last, Michael Jackson, Esq., to Miss Elizabetb 
Mary, third daughter of the Eev. Mr. Garnett. (Died) At Brompton 
(England), on the 23rd October, Mrs. Bruce, relict of the late Dr. Bruce of 
Bruce Yale in this Island; at St. Ann's Garrison, Lieut. Clutterhuck of the 
2nd Eegt. ; and in this Town, John S. Clarke, Esq. 

Dec. 17 (Died) On b^unday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Elder and Mr. J. T. Field. 
At St. Ann's Garrison, Ensign liichmond of the 2nd or Queen's Eegiment. 
His remains were conveyed to St. jMichael's Church in the same hearse with 
those of the Lieut, of that Corps, whose death was mentioned in our last. 
(Monument in Cathedral Porch to their memory.) 

Dec. 21 (Married) Ou Thursday last, 31 r. Samuel P. Edwards to IMiss Euth 
White. (Died) At St. Ann's Garrison, Lieutenant Massie of the Queen's 
Eegiment. And in this town, Mrs. Eebecca Padmore. 

Dec. 24 (Married) At Tortola. on the 5th instant, by the Eev. W. Elms, Lieu- 
tenant John Cornell Chads of His Majesty's 1st West India Eegt. to Miss 
Eliza Stiles Parker of the Island of Bermuda. 

Dec. 24 (jMarriod) On Saturday last in this town, John Taylor, Junior, Esq., to 
Miss Margaret Phillips. (Died) Lately, at St. Ann's, Captain Gordon, 
Senior, and Lieut. Xorman of the Queen's Eo3'al Eegiment, both tmiversally 
lamented. In this Town, '^\v. James Cummins, Sworn Guager, and JNlr. John 

Dec. 31 (Died) Lately, in England, AV. D. Lloyd, Esq., formerly of this Island. 
In Bridgetown, within the last day or two, Miss Elizabeth Neslield, Mrs. 
Simpson, and Mr. Henry Umphrey. 

{To he continued.) 

^ffoimtG" rclntins to ^\m\^' ^aropritj) \\\ ti;c ?lfcU)nrti 


CONFISCATED IN 1651—1654. 
[EuERTON MS. 2395, Fo. 54.] 

Pursuant to the Act of Parliament of 1650,* confiscating the i)ropcrty of all 
aliens trading or residing in the W.I., Sir George Ayscue, on his arrival with the 
fleet at Barbados in 1051-2, seized all tlie Dutch shipping there trading without 

Later, in 105 1-, the Prize Commissioners, who arrived with the fleet under 
Peiin and Yenables, appear to have taken possession of all storehouses belonging 
to Dutch merchants, as well as of their goods, book debts, and other assets. 

• J have a copy of this Act, black letter, seven small folios. [Editor.] 


Mr. Edward "Wi'dsIow wrote to Secreta'-y TLurloe from Barl)ado9 10 INfarch 
1654 : " Toil told us of a great parcell of sugar Avas ready for our use, which was 
due upon the prizes taken by sir Geo. Ascue, we found not a penny in readyness, 
but abroade in such hands, as were not well affected for nothing ; having had the 
use of large sums for these three veares, and upon tliat foundation raised fine 
estates." (Thurloe's " State Papers!") 

The following prize accounts relating to tliese transactions are bound up in 
a large Tolume of Colonial IState Papers, which formerly belonged to Thomas 
Povey, purchased by the trustees of the British Museum at Sotheby's in 1S75 
(now Egerton MS. 2395). 

The lists are invaluable, as they give the names of most of the more important 
settlers during a period when so few similar records exist. The first census of 
the Leeward Islands was not made until 1G78, some twenty-five years later. 




p" James Barry 



p^f Denis Driscall 



p^'' Denis Callagh.ane 



p'' John Eisdon 



p" Michell Grannell 



p<='' Permot Cashie 



p" Peter Jeaco 



p" Dannell Mescoll 






John Connall Debito'' to Jacob Clause ffor Bills left in the said Jn° his hands 
to be Collected ffor y"^ said Jacobs use. 

Imp" : T 

M' Martin Dougherty oweth 
p^"^ Mathew Barry 
p'' Teagu Suleven 
p*"' Dormot Phally 
per Turlag ffurry 
p" The: Mull ail e 
p^' Tagu Morrishie 
p" Cornallius Madiau 
p" Garret Triant 
p" Dormet Meashanne 

The Numbers of what Tobacco belongeth to Jacob Clause.* 

By Credito'' to Contra Debitor : 

Imp" : Tobacco. 

By 201'*'5 y« Scipp^ recef on board 201 

By 180 rece on board from Xpe'' Hart 180 

By 75 rece on Board from Tagu ]Nrorishe 75 

By 224 rece on Board from Jn'^ Risdon 224 

By 157 rece on Board from Dormet Phaly 157 

By 33 from Dennis Dri.^call _ 33 

By 441 y' is due and unrece as yet upon James James Barrij Dormet 

Caske and Petter Isaccks 441 

p'^'' 50 p'' y^ Scipper in Guadalupo 50 
p^f 45 Roules of tobacco that 1 have in the Store house redy for y^ 

Scippcrs use or orders waighing 3573 as by the Numbers appea'' 3573 


Coppies of Noates. 

Eece into John Cormats Storehouse tliis 1 1"' of 9ber lGo4 from Red- 

mund IM<^Shany one Roule of tobacco g'J 73" per me ffarell Logiilin 73 

Eece iuto Johr. Cormakes store house y"^ 22 Ober U?54 from .Michell Gar- 

neil one Roule of tob: q' 00" 1 say per me ffarell Logliliu GG 

Eece into John Cmuiaoks Storelunise this 14 9ry UMl from Brian 

Skining one Role toba: q' 58" per me ffarell Loghlin 58 

• Many numbers follow, wbich I omit as of no interest. 

t Contraotion for " received." J " q' " or " g'," abbreviation for " weight." 



Mountserra" : 

Debts due from severall of the Inhabitants of this Island to Clause Jacobson 
gost as p"" p'ticulares 

Imp" : 

M" Toby Harnest 
M' Eichard Man 
Docter Gibes 
Hend: Make 
William Spring 
John Pinke 
Sa' Maj' Nath: Eead 
William Pottle 

Imp' : 

p Store house rent and diat 

p washiug 

p y* fEshmans Account 

p oyle to Cap'" Powell 

p Kosting pigges 

to Jn° Westener 




Richard Greet 



Sar' Eobcrt Eedwood 



Simon Voyseij 



Lucas Cadderree 



Petter Jsaca 



Thomas Andrews 



Dctto Clause : debito"" 

1741 i- 




to L' Antho: Dabrum 



to John Bakers Wife 



to John Elmes 



to the Taylor 




(End of first double sheet of paper.) 


Debts due unto Hubert Van-gagell-dounce & Hance Van-de Kendcrth Merch" 
of y* Citie Amsterdam as appeareth by booke in this Island Julij y^ 12'^ lGo4. 












M"^ Cleverly 


" M"" James Hostkings 


Cap'" Bently 


Doctor Gibes 


M'' Yoysey 


INI'' Augston 


Petter Isach 


Cap'° Hendrick 


M"' Drinkwater 


M' Cudderree 


William Sumers 


M' Jarnest 


M"^ Eichard Baker 


Edward Stiles 


William Irish 


Dormet Mashane 


Ensignc Bransbij 


L' Debi'one 


Xper: Heart 


Mat hew Barry 


M'' .laririan 


Godfrey ;^!ii],'man 


Elias Babctt 


yt' E^sex 


Jovseling Hodgges 


M" Collins 


Cap'" tllyer 


M' Allstou 


M"^ Viigurs 

Eobert Mankenell 

M"^ Pecock 

Eoger Caine 

John CuUen 

M" Philips 

John Eisdon 

Edmund Grane 

Scout Hooke of Brazill 

Samuell fhsh 

Dennis Doggon 

Hance John Pinkes Mate 

John Butler 

John Cooke 

John Healy 

AVilliam Burgon 

Miuor Johnson 

John Spriugfilde 

Jacob Pelligon 

AYilliam Spring 

John Greenwood 

Thomas \" Tayloi- 

M' Bennett 

Sarg' Eedwood 

Dormott Siillevan 

William llamond 

M' Aiidrise 

M"^ EavcQ 




Danell at y' Govern" G5 

Dannell E03' at bransbyes 137 

John Pinke 150 

Curnalius Maddageu 65 

Ml- Cox 4000 

John Dowdy . 739 

M'' Lambert 57 

M^ Standly 

John Baker 

Owen Lavkiu 

Cap'° Antho: Peterson 

Mary Nusse 

Totall Sum 








This is a true accoiimp' of all the p'ticulars of such goods as were delivered 
by Jolin Croplcy and Peter Philipson, of y-^ Accounip' of Hubert Yan-gagell- 
dounce and haunce Vaudekeudrtth. 

John Cropley.* 
Peter Philipson mol.* 

1655, July 23'^, this daij tlie p'tics who Subscribed came before me at the 
Seereta^ office and were sworn as above said. 

p SiQion A'oysey Sec^. 

(End of second double sheet.) 


The fforeigners Estates sequestred on the Wiuward Side of the Island of 
S" X°phers in ... . 165-1 is Debt'' to his Highnesse the Lord Protecto'' of Ilngland 
as folio weth 

lbs. Tob'. 
Impis Sequestred and appized in Michael De Mennicks storehouse att 

Redd flagg Bay severall goodes to the value of 4789 

It. by severrall Debts then sequestred and Due from Divers of "the 

inhabitants to the value of 10810 

lbs. lntl='. 

It. by foure Barrills of Indicco con'"^' the sume of 

The summe of tobbaccoe is 

AVhereof paid 

Rest due 

The suiiie of Indiccoe paid is 

It. Sequestred and appized in Jacob Dcrricksons storehouse att Red 

flagg Bay sev'all goodes to the value of 
It. by Debts then sequestred due from sev'all of the Inhabitants by 

Bills and Acc° to the value of 

The SuiTie is 
Whereof paid 
Rest Due 

The said Sequestred Estates is Credif as followeth 
Impis Maximiliam Davies 16 yfls fustian att lO"'^ p xSe beinge in part 

of a debt by ord'' from Coll. iroldi[)p and others att 
the storehouse keeper one Ilatt & one p'" shoes att 
John Boulton 7^" yds calliccoc att 9"" p yde and one wigg att 10"'^ in 

part of his Wadges 
by one p" of black canvas Drawers Rotten 

• Tliese are not ori;:in;il signatures. 

t Here follow the similar ai-couiits for AiuiLrua, which were printed in vol. i. 
" History " of that I=lauU, j». x.xiii. 


lbs. tob. 





of lUc 


by I"" Indiccoe and three boards dd* William Busliopp in pte of hia 

Wadj^es for looking to the ^'^odes in the storehouse 98 

paid Anthony Horner 9G"' tobb., to Edward Pettell 300"", to John 
Eobcrts 100'"', to Eichard Crucc 3G0, to Edward Squire 542, to 
John Jefreys 25S, to Thomas Caines 15il. to Thomas Attwell 220, 
to Se'jeaiit John Hendy 1200, to Cornelius Peetersoii 732, to John 
Hawlc'e 300, to George Massinger 240, to Eobert Medoes 2-14, to 
W"' Bushopp 1152, in the whole is 7245 

sold to severall of the inhabitants the goods and 3d the p'ceed into the 

Com" hands to the value of 4508 


See rests due in sev'all of the inhabitants hands to make good this Ace" 3473 

Credit' by Indiccoe paid. 

by 681"" Ind p^ Sc'jeant Major John Johnson, by 62^"" given the Store- 
house Keep'', by l-l"'^ pJ William AVeckes, by G3i"" p'^ Cap'" Eobert 
Jefferson, by 49"'-' p'' A\'illiam Bushopp, by 22|"'' pd L" John Allen, 
by 16U'"' paid John Boulton, by 13"'^ left in Cap'" W"" Davies 
hands, by 20"" pd Cap"> JSTicholas Taylor, by 34^"" as yett Eemain- 
inge is 509 

Credif Derricksons lbs. TotS. 

sold John Boulton 13i yds ribban and twoe iron Kettles att 95 

sold William Bushopp one fryinge paun att 10 

by 2 p" of shoes stolne out of the storehouse att 24 

by goodes sold to sev'all p'sons and the p'ceed dd into the Com" hands 

to the value of 2376 

by goods sold Cap'" George Taylor and as yett unpaid att 172 

by goods sold Eobert Gates as yett unp'' att 24 

Y>^ John Jefrevs 939"'= tob, p'' jS'icholas Morgan Gd^^' tot, p^ Ealph 
Harries 260"^^ p<i John Jefreys 83, pd Eobert Medoes 101, p"^ 
Anthony Horner 110-^, pd Eichard Hawkins 4053, pd Thomas King 
215, pd Anthony Eo'berts 818, paid John Thomas 9, paid Zacheus 
Darvill 141, paid James Ashman 41, paid John Terrye 75, in the 
whole is 6850 

remainiuge due in sev'all of the inhabitants hands to the value of 12502 

lbs. dry ging'. 
more remayninge due in the hands of Ensigne Edmond Lee 1286 

Debt"^ in An° 1654. lbs. tob. 

sequestred and app'ized in ffrance Eoberts storehouse att Halfe Moone 

Bay goodes to the value of 1901 

more in ready Indiccoe 114 

The Sume in Tobaccoe is 1901 

Whereof paid in part besids goods lost 1788 

Soe Eests due 113 

In Indiccoe 114 

Whereof paid 114 

Sequestred and app'ized in Jacob Linsin Coones storehouse in Halfe 

Mooue Bay goodes to tiie value of 1745 

Debts sequestred in the s'' yeare to the value of 3222 

The Surne is 4967 

Whereof paid 3751 

Soe Eests 1210 

• Coqtraction for " delivered," 
TpL, H. <J 


Credif firance. 

Impis sold L" Jolm Allen 2 p'''^ cliildrens shoes att 5"'» p p" & 9"" 

candles att 2"" p lb. 28 

sold "Walter Simons 3"" candles att 2>'" p lb. is 6 

sold John Boulton 12'''' candles & 2 p''^ of shoes & 1 pre of childrens 

shoes att 45 

sold as much goodes as amounts 1743^'" toti and d:3 the pcoed to the Com" 1743 
4 emptic Bair. lost by rottenesse, 11 emptie bottles broken, 15 earthen 
Dishes lost, a p'cell of threed given the storehouse keep' and one 
Boxe with starch spoyled by ratts is 79 

Credif by Indiccoe dispossed. 

paid Charles Arnout 781'''', p'' Cap'" Nicholas Taylor lOi, p'' Cap'" 

"William Davies 26 in the whole is 115} 

Credif Coone. 

39 John Eoulton 8 p" drawers & 4 jacketts att S"'^ p peice is 9(5 

sold as much goods as amounts to loSS"*^ tob. & 3d: the pceed to the 

Com" is 1583 

by one jackett being rotten 8'-''% 8 emptie barr. att 6"'^ p peice rotten 
. . & decayed is ^6 

by a p^'= of shoes given the storehouse keeper att 10 

paid Charles de Yoe 400'"^ tob., pd Walter AViiliams 800. pd Peeter 
Sadler GO, pd John Cooke 131, pd L" Eiehard OldUind 23, pd John 
Beere 15, nd Jchn Heudv GO, pd Janifs Koberts 282, pd Charles 
Powell 24, pd Thomas Taylor 32. pd AVilliaiu Watkins 2G, pd Eal()li 
Twyninge 127, pd Cap'° Edmond Eeynell 20, in the whole is 2U0G 

Soe rests in sev'all of the inhabitants hands the value of 121G 

Debf in A no 1G54 & 1655. lbs. tob. 

Goodes sequestred and appized iu John Dingmans storehouse att Black 

Rock to the value of 5993 

"Whereof rec'' iu part paym'' . 4549 

Eestdue l-i^-l 

"Whereof lost to the value of ... . 1010 

Eest to receive from the inhabitants 4"^^ 

1654. lbs. tob. 

Goodes sequestred and app'ized in Zacharias Lin Co'" storehouse att the 

Key to the value of ^^^ 

1655. lbs. tob. 

Goodes SS in by the Agent of Peeter Leadsoine since sequestration to 

the value of «^^-»^ 

Whereof paid in part i > 

Soe Kests due "^'^'^ 

Credif Dingmans goods. 

Impis sold S^jeant Major John Johnson esq' 2 rlieames pap' att 60'"* p _^ 

rheame is " 

sold Leonard Diicke 15 quire pap' att 2"" p quire is j^O 

sold Walter Simons 12 quire pan' .t Si"" soape is jj' 

sold Eichard Turno' 10 quire pap' . •",. 

sold John Porter G quire i)ap' 
sold John Williams 2 quire pap' 




sold William "Weokes 1 rlieame pap"" 

sold s''jeant Eichard Robts l:j"'' soape att 5"" p' lb. is 

sold John Boulton 34 yds linen att 7"' p' yde, IG lbs. soape att 5"" p lb. 

& one chest 30 is ;{ j^ 

sold sev'all goodes to div's p'sons and 33 the p'ceed to the Com" to tlio 

value of 42ni 

lOi^ rheames pap' stolne out of the storehouse att (;;{o 

21"'^ soape stohie alike att ],,- 

lost iu measure of linen eloath by takeing itt in the number of Diiich 

ells instead of yards att ^1.', 

sold Cap'" George Taylor 1 petternaile att Itj 

sold jMax: Uavies 1 petternailo att ir, 

by 2 chests remayninge in the storehouse -jo 

by one rheame pap'' for keeping Accompts G<i 

Credit' Lin Co'', 

sold Bartholomew Whitehorne as much goodes as comes to IGl"'' tob. 

and dd him the p'ceed for a debt due to him from Lin Co"^ is ICl 

sold Henry Charley as much goods as conies to ISl""' and dd the pceed 

for a debt due to him is 131 

sold William "Weekes 1 tunn or Caske att 48 

sold the remaind"" to the inhabitants and 33 the pceed to the Com'' to 

the value of 20.") 

Credit' Leadsome. 

Impis pd Maximilian Davies 481, pd Will'" Eushopp 54. pd George 
Massiiiger 119, pd Anthony Koberts 250, pd William Parr}- 40, pd 
Cornelius Peeterson 49, pd Alexaud'' Grimstead 17, in the whole is lOKi 

Rest due in sev'all of the inhabitants hands 70S} 

Debts in Ano 1G55. lbs. tob. 

Debts delivered in since sequestration by Arthur Hay and made att 

Black Eocke by Bills and Booke to the value of 44SS 


Debts delivered in since sequestration by Derrick Corneliusou to the 

value of 1 n i 

lbs. eni,';ir. 

Debts delivered iu since sequestration by Peeter Adrianson to the value of -HI 
Debts by Bills and Booke sequestred in Ano 1G52 form'ly belonging to 

Jacob Liusiu Coone to the value of 12710 

Whereof paid in part 410.> 

Eest due ^•''''' 
Debts by Bills sequestred in Ano 1652 form'ly belonging to Peeter van 

Slota to the value of -*^f'\ 

Whereof paid iu part -'- 

Rest due SilU 

{To be continued.) 





iHonumcntal Knstrtptions in Cnslanti 
relating to ffSlcst Kntitans/ 


During a recent visit to Bath tliis year (1911), the opportunity arose of 
makinp; a more careful study of the inscriptions in the Abbey Church. It ap])oar8 
that when Sir Gilbert Scott restored tlie biiildinfi;, bet-\veen 18(10 and 1S70, all the 
monuments were taken down and rearranged : all superfluous portions removed, 
only the coats of arms and inscriptions being retained : and the tablets were then 
refixed. The old pews were subsequently removed and the flooring taken up, 
thus exposing mauy slabs previously lost to sight. In the year 1872 the then 
clerk, Charles P. Eusscll, carefully copied the S4-7 floor inscriptions and tricked 
the coats of arms. IMost of these were again hidden when the new pews were 
fixed, but the list of them is carefully preserved, and from it I have copied several 
additional inscriptions. 

When the floor-slabs give no additional information, other than that on the 
wall tablets, I have omitted such inscriptions. The numbers refer to the Abbey 
List. " B.C." is for " Bath Chronicle." 

North aisle, north -wall, opposite the fourth bay : — 

Sacred to the Memory of 

ELIZABETH, relict of the above 


AVho, after a life spent in 

The conscientious discharge of every duty. 

And the practice of every Christian Virtue, 

Resigned her Spirit to Him who gave it, 

On the 13"' day of March 1818, aged 45 years. 

Within six feet of the above : — 

Sacred to the Memory of 


youngest daughter of 


who in the bloom of youth 

after a long illuels 

which she bore without a murmur, 

exchanged this life for a better 

on the 23'''' day of March 1815. 

The M.I. to Mathew Munro has been already given (I., 7G). His tablet, now 
in the south aisle, was no doubt separated from the above during the restoration. 
In the floor of nave is a slab with all three names on it, which gives the daughter's, 
age as 18. 

ISIS, March 19. Eriday, died in Pulteney-street, i\Irs. IVIunro, widow of 
Matthew M. esq; of the island of Granada, and eldest dau. of Thos. Towusend, 
esq ; of Pickwick House ; etc. 

• Continued from p. 193, 


Soutli transept, on the west wall, next to the tablet to Fenton of St. Kitts ;— 

Sacred to the Memory of 

Admiral of the Red S(}uadron 

of His Majeltys Fleet 

and Major General of the Marine Forces 

whole remains 

lie interred in a A^iult near this Place 

His Lordl'hip departed this Life 

_ the 31'' of December 1808 iEt. 60 

Having relinquilhed the important Command 

of the Channel Fleet 

in the month of May preceding 

with a Conl'titution 

worn out in the Service of his Country 

For his long and meritorious Services 

(which the ample page of History has recorded) 

He was railed in the year ISOG 

to the dignity of the Britifh Peerage. 

The poft of 

Major General of the Marine Forces 

was alfo purpolely created and beftowed on him 

by His molt Gracious Sovereipu 

for the very dil'tinguil'hed part 

He took in the ever Memorable Battle 

of the 1=' of June 1794. 

His LordlTiips Family 

The Profelsion 

to which he had the honor to belong 

and his numerous Friends 

wall long lament 

his Lofs. 

On the floor-slab over his vault in the south aisle he is described as of 
Uttoxeter in Staffordshire (No. 420). 

1809, Thursday, Jan. 5. Died on the 31st ult. at his lodgings in this city, 
Admiral Lord Gardner, late commander of the Channel Fleet ; who has immor- 
talized his name by many gallant actions, during a long and laboriou.s service, 
in the cause of his country, and whose name will ever stand illustrious in tlie page 
of history (" B.C."). 

He was appointed Commaiuler-ia-Chicf at Jamaica in 17SG. and served three 
years. He had previously married tliere in 17(J9 Susanna Hyde, dau. and heiress of 
Francis Gale and widow of Sabine Turner (" D.N. 13."). He was created a Baronet 
in 1794. 

At the far end of the north aisle, near the porch, on a small white marble urn 
on the south wall of recess : — 

Near this Spot reft the Remains of 


who died 2P' Sept' ISO*) Aged 57 Years 

(Sixteen lines omitted.) 

This Tablet was erectfd 

by her afleclionati' Jion 


1800, Sep. 24. M" Eletta Esdaile. (Burial Register.) 

230 Caribbeana. 

1800, Oct. 9. Died, a few days since, at her apartmeuts in the Abbey-Green, 
Mrs. Aletta Esdaile, relict of the late Archibald E. esq ; of the island of St. Kitts, 
etc. ("B.C.") 

Her husband died 2-3 Sept. 1796, aged 61, being then Conimander-in-chief at 
the Leeward Islands, and there is a tablet to him in the church of St. Thomas, 
St. Kitta. (See ante, p. 207.) 

On a floor-slab, close to the pulpit steps, covered by carpet : — 

Here lies interred 


Chief Justice of JAMAICA 

who died October the .... 1782 

Aged 49 Tears. 

Oct. 15 was the date noted in 1872. " 1782, Oct. 18, Eichard Welch, Esq. i 

Choir" (Burial Register). He was appointed Chief Justice in 1779 (Feurtado). 
His will was proved in 17S2 (525, Goatling). 

Richard Welch, son of Richard of I. of J., arm., Christ Church, Oxford, matricu- 
lated 7 Oct. 17S6, aged 16; B.A. 1790 (Foster). A descendant in still living in 
Bath, who informed the verger that the Chief Justice was of the Hoch-AValch 
(? Walsh) family of Castle Hoch, co. Kilkenny, but changed his name to AV'elch 
after a family dispute. In the pedigree of Wal.sli of Cranagh in Burke's " Landed 
Gentry" it is stated that Ricliard Walsh of Cranagh, borii 1740, married 1759 
Mary, dau. of Waiter Walsh of Mount Talb jt, and their second son William of 
Kilmore married Mary Anne, dau. of Michael Cu2e of Jamaica. 

1782, Oct. 14. At Bath, Ri. Welch, esq ; a W.T. planter. (" G.M.," 504.) 

Marr'' 1769 Jan. 23 the Hon''''= Richard Welsh a Barrister and Lucretia Favell 
Dehany, Spinster. (St. Catharine's Register. See Add. MS. 27,968, fo. 196.) 

On the floor of the nave (No. 122) :— 


Late of Jamaica 

died 25*1' Nov 1805 

Aged 64 Years. 

'. Also SARAH ROSEWELL his Wife 

died 27'" March 1812 
Aged 74 Years. 

This gives dates not on the tablet. (See I., 32.) 

1805, Thursday, Nov. 2S. Monday, died at his lodgings in Abbey-street, 
aged 64, Henrv Arebbould, esq ; late of Jamaica ; the last male descendant of 
Col. A. who distinguished himself .at the conquest of tluit island, where he after- 
wards resided and became a considerable proprietor. (" B.C.") 

1812, April 2. Sunday, in St. James's-street, St. James's-square, Mrs. Arch- 
bould, relict of Henry A. esq. 1. of J. {Ibid.) 

The arms on the slab to William Mackiunon (see I., 27) as tricked in 1S72 are 
as following. (No. 19ti.) 

1st Crest. — A woman's head aifrontic, couped at shoulders, crowned with an 
antique crown and with a motto in Celtic over it. 

2. An esquire's helmet. 

3. A boar's head erased, holding in its mouth a hone [M'^Ki>'>"On]. 
Arms within a bordurc quarterly : — 

1. A hoars head erased, holding in its mouth a hone [M"=K.i>'Xoy] ; 2. A castle, 


triple towered and emlattled [M<^Lkod] ; 3. A lymphad [RPDoxald] ; 4. A fore- 
arm, holding a cross-crosU't Jitchre [M'^Doxalu]. 
Motto. — audextes fortu>'a jutat. 

On the floor of nave (No. 213) :— 

In Memory • . 




of the Island of Barbadoes 

who departed thi.s Life ■-• ■' 

the 29 Jan. 1774 

Aged . . Tears. 

The age was illegible in 1872. 

1774, Feb. 2. M" Penelope Sober. (Burial Register.) 

She was daui^hter of Major Martin Blake of Antigua and Sevenoaks, Kent, 
and was married G Nov. 1760. 

Her husband matriculated from Queen's College. Oxford, S April 1756, 
aged 17 (Foster), and I think their children were : 1. Hope EUetsou in the E.l. ; 
2. John ; 3. Abr. Curaherbatch ; 4. Penelope Weutworth. All named in wills of 
about 1790—1792. 

On the floor of nave, on a white marble slab (No. 226) : — 


relict of 


of the Island of 

• ■ • Antigua 

died 28 February 1802 
aged 65 years. 

1802, Thursday, March 4. Sunday, died, at her house in Oxford-row, 
Mrs. Athill. (" B'.C") 

She was the only daughter of Samuel Redhead, and was born 22 March 1737, 
and married 1 Aug. 1757. Her husband was a physician and Jtlember of Council, 
who died at St. John's 23 Sep. 1779. ("Antigua," i., 10.) 

On the floor of nave (No. 265) : — " 

FRANCES late Wife of M-" JOHN 
• ' GIBBONS dvedy«22J Day of Oct' 

1720 Aged 43 Years. 
JOHN y^ Eldest Son of J^ GIBBONS 
Esq. Died Feb. 22 1725 Age 23 
.' years. 
. CORDELIA late Wife of J--> GJ BBONS 
Esq. Dyed Feb. 24 1725 Aged 41 
Died May 3^^ 17.>8 
Aged 2 voars 8 Months 
and CHRISTIAN his Wife 
Died April 2°'* 1790 Aged 10 Weeks. 




Crest. — A lion's jamb erased and erect .... holding a cross pateejttchee .... 

Arms. — a lion rampant .... dehruised by a bend .... charged with three 

crosses pateejitchee .... 

1720, Oct. 25. M" Gibbons, from Widow Masters. (Burial Register.) 

1725, Feb. 26. M" Cordelia Gibbons. {Ibid.) 

1725, Feb. 26. M"" John Gibbons. {Ibid.) 

1788, May 6. "William Kenrick Gibbons, a child. In M'' Gibbons' grave. 

1790, April 6. Miss Charlott Gibbons, a child. Own stone. {Ibid.) 

John Gibbons, Senior, had a younger son William, Speaker oi" Barbados, 
created a Baronet in 1752, who was grandfather of the above-mentioned Scawen 
Kenrick Gibbons. (See I., 31.) 

On the floor under the Tower (No. 598) :— 

Sacred to the Memory of 


of Stanwell Place 

Middlesex Son of 


and Martha his wife 

Who departed this Life 

Nov. 26'>> 1814 

Aged 65 Tears. 


Eldest Daughter of the 

aforesaid Sir JOHN 

and Lady GIBBONS 

Died 21«' April 1822 

Aged 72. 

1814, Dec. 1. Saturday, died at his sister's house, in New King-street, Sir 
William Gibbons, bart. of StanweU-place, Middlesex, etc. (" B.C.") 

On a white slab on the floor of nave (No. 273 of Abbey List) :— 


late of the Island 

of S' Vincent's 

died 14'" April 1815 Aged 58. 

1815, Thursday, Ap. 20. Friday, died, at his residence in this city, James 
Bruce, esq ; of the island of St. Vincent's. (" B.C.") 

1815, April 14. At Bath, James Bruce, esq. 1. of St. V. (" G.M.," 473.) 

On the floor of nave (No. 317) :— 



Ecclesiffi Anglicaua) Presbyter 

equestri ortus stirpe 

Ramispcorum & Balmain 


Ecclesiw Christo .<=acre Paraecis 

XXX Annos prjesuit. 

(It appears from the inscription, whicli is a long one, that he was from 
AJjerdecu and Oxford Uuiversities, aad died 5 May 1728, aged over 70.) 


Ceest.— ^ra eagle displayed. Arms. — The same. 

1727, March 7. li' Gilbirt Kam.^ee, a stranger, from j\P Milo Smith's. 
(Burial Register.) 

On the floor of south aisle (No. 356) : — 


of the Colony of 


died January ll"*, 1815 

Aged 60. 

1815, Feb. 2. On the I'i"' inst. in Henrietta-street, Joseph Beete, esq; late 
of the colony of Demarara. (" B.C." and " G.M.," 181.) 

1829, July 4. At Clifton, Capt. W. D. Dalzelle, 1. of the Madras Army, 
to Jane, eldest dau. of Joseph Beete, esq. of Demerara. (" G-.M.," 74.) 

Eobertus Crosbij Beete, e Demerary, Indus Occid. 15 Sept. 1832. (Peacock's 
" Graduates of Leyden University.") 

{To he continued.) 

The following are from Abstracts of Wills, etc., at Somerset House, made by 
the late Mrs. Sydjiey Smith : — 

1630, May 7. Commission to Owen Hampden, brother of Charles Hampden, 
late in foreign parts, bachelor, deceased. 

1630, May 7. Commission to Owen Hampden, brother of Henry Hampden, 
late in foreign parts, bachelor, deceased. 

1706, Aug. 18. Commission to Anna Maria Lovell, relict of Samuel Lovell, 
late of Jamaica, deceased. Note by Mrs. Sydney Smith as follows : " This belongs 
to the Ham])dcus (Bishop of Hereford). They want a Charles Hampdon of 
Barbados. There is one mentioned in the Census of 1679, but he is not yet 
otherwise found, though they have employed a professional worker." 

1653-1, Jan. 24. A deed in the IJegUtrar's Office in Barbados mentions 
" land in Christ Church of Mr. John Hampton." 

1675-6, Jan. 7. Charles Hamden a witness to the will of Priscilla Nii;htiiii;ale. 

1675. John Hampton. AV'ill proved 15 Oct. 1075 (llecopies, vol. ix., 374, 375). 
To be buried in Christ Church. Wife Ann Hampden. Son John Hampden, juu. 
Cousin Marriah Elizabeth Davis. 

1721, Feb. 14. Sarah Hamden of St. Peter's. Will proved 25 Nov. 1725. 
Five children, Mary Harris (wife of John Harris, executor), Susanna Haidon, 
Orian Hamden, AViiliam Hamden, and Sarah Hamden. 

1715. John Hamden of Christ Church, chirurgeon. Will proved 17 Dec. 
1715. Wife Eleanor. Sons Charles and John. 

1715. William Hampton, late of the City of New York, but now residing in 
Barbados. Will dated 4 April, proved April 1715. Sister Auu Hampton, living 
in Essel Street in London. Executors, Stephen Thomas of Barbados, merchant, 
Joshua Wree of New York, merchant. 

1750-51. Will of Sarah Hamden of St. Philip. Daughters Elizabeth Hamden, 
Hester Carter ; her dau. Joanna Carter. Kinsman Thomas Franklin. 

• CommUQicated by Mr. N. Daraeli Davis. 



1784. John Hainden of St. John, |)ractitioner iu physic and surgery. Will 
proved 9 July 178 1. Wife Sarah. Nephew Jolin George Pile, residuary legatee. 
Sisters Pranced Pile, Eleauor Hamden. Nieces Margaret Tysoe Pile and Eicauor 
Hampden Pile. 

1735-6. Hester Hamden of St. Philip, widow. Grandsons Charles Hamden, 
George Hampden, John Hampden, and Wren Hampden. Granddaughters Hester 
and Elizabeth. Sister Mary Snow. 
































Elizabeth d. of John Hampton. 
Kobert s. of John Hampton. 
John s. of John and Martha. 
Martha d. of Charles Hamden. 

John sou of John & Ann Hampton 

Hester dau. of (ieorge Hamden 

John St. of John Hamden 

Thos. son of Geo. & Sarah Hamden 

Rennson of John& Eleanor Hamden 

William son of] ,r., ^ . 
•vr 1 £ > M" Hampton 

Mary daug: oi J ^ 

Elizabeth Dau: of Geo. Hampden 

John son of John & Susanna Hamden 

Child of Thomas* 

Charles Hambden 

Frances dau. of John & Susanna 

Eleauor dau. of John & Susanna 

Renn son of Renn & Sarah Hamden 
John son of Renn & Sarah Hampdeu 




to Register 

Christ Church. 
St. Philip. 
St. Philip. 
St. Philip. 
Christ Church. 







94 St. Philip. 
233 Christ Church. 
131 St. Philip. 

{22 91 } ^^- ^''"^'P- 

17 239 Christ Church. 

17 245 Christ Church. 

17 252 Christ Church. 

17 255 Christ Church. 

1672 Mar. 17 John Hampton and Ann Rushbrook. 
1679-80 Jan. 16 Ezekiel Hamden and Agnes Abraham. 
1694-5 Feb. 26 John Hampton & Sarah Holloway. (Licence.) 
.1701 Sept. 1 George Hambden & Sarah Peaver. 


Sept. 24 


Sept. 30 

165 L 

July 13 


April 14 


Sept. 9 


July 19 


June IS 


Oct. 11 


Feb. 17 


Feb. IS 


April 5 


Oct. 21 




William Hamden, son of W™ Hamton. 

Reynold son of John Hampton. 

John Hampton. 

Robert sou of John. 


Charles Hamden. 

Robert H.'iuipton. 

D' John Hamden. 

William Hampton. Merchant. 

Robert sou of D' Hamden . 

Index says child of Charles. 






















































Eleanor Hamden 

Anthony Hampton 

Mary Hamden, a child 

M'' Thomas Hampton 

.... Hamden, a child 

.... Hamden, a child 

Thos. Haui[)ton, a child 

Elinor Hamden 

Dorothy Hampton 

Susanna Hamden 

AVilliam Hampton 

"William son of Eliz" Hamden 

Elizabeth Hamden 

William Hamden, a child 

Sarah Hamden, a child 

Mary Hampton 

William Yard Hamden, a child 

ence to Register. 






Christ Church 



St. Michael. 



Christ Church 



St. John's. 



Christ Church 



Christ Church 



Christ Church 



St. Philip. 



Christ Church 



Christ Church 



St. ^Hchael. 



St. Michael. 



St. Michael. 



Christ Church 



Christ Church 



Christ Church 



Christ Church 

Indenture dated 21 Oct. 1774 between Wm. Hamden, S^ of S' Michael's, 
planter, and Susanna his wife, of the one part, and Nath. Phillips, planter, of the 
other, granting two slaves. Sabiua and DaphaC: in trust for W'" Hamden, J'', 
Frances Hamden, and Kleanor Hamden, children of the said W" Hamden and 
Sus* his wife, as soon as Eleanor shall attain the age of IS or marry. Signed and 
sealed by the three parties. Witnessed by Jacob Da Costa, \V"' Jn° iS'esiield. 
Acknowledged before the Hon. Jas. Shepherd, chief baron of H.M. Court of 
Exchequer, 21 Oct. 1774. (Extracted by Mr. E. G. Sinckler, Nov. 1911.) 

#otcs auti 0uciic 



Each Parish has its own Records of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, ancient 
and modern. Under the registration system introduced in the last century, 
transcripts of the modern registers are regularly sent to the Registration Ollice. 

Besides the old registers kept in each parish there are books iu the Regis- 
tration Office, Bridgetown, containing copies of the entries in the old registers of 
the parishes. At what period this was carried out I cannot say, but I am under 
the impression that it was done before some of the parish registers perislied. 
Even as it is, there are gaps in most of these entries, in some cases for consider- 
able periods. 

The following are the years from which the earliest entries date, iu the 
registers preserved iu the Registration Office at Bridgetown : — 

St. Michael's 164S St. Peter 1780 St. John 1657 

Christ Church 1637 St. Lucy 1747 St. Joseph 1718 

St. James 1693 St. George 1830 St. Andrew ? 

St. Thomas 1728 St. Philip 1698 

• Communicated by Mr. N. Darnell Davii. This list gives the dates missing from the one 

on p. 46, ante, . . ..... ^ . . 

236 caribbeanA. 


S' Christophers. By the Honoble John Davis, Esq., President and Deputed 
ordinary of the Island aforesaid. 

Licence Is Hereby Granted unto the Reverend IM"" Daniel Burchall minister 
of the Parish of S' John Capisterre in this Lslaud to Joyne Together in the Holy 
State of Wedlock ^1'-. Thomas Dowson & M" Eliz: Okcs according to the Canons 
and Constitution of the Church of England, and for your Legall Proceedings 
herein this shall be your Sufficient Warrant. 

Past the Office Given under my hand this 

p' John Esdaile Sen' Eighth Day of February 172^. 

cl'k ordinary. 

(Signed) Davis. 

There is a similar licence for Mr. Louis Duplessis Mesle and Mrs. Mary 
Deschamp, dated 9 Feb. 1723-4i. (Fuiham Palace Records.) 


28 Nov. 1776 John Fothergill, M.D., Archibald Napier, Wm. Straham 
and Mary Cave, widow, v. Joseph Cave and John Boddie. 

Abstract of Title of John Fothergill to the moiety of the Plantation in Nevis 
ia the contract dated 2 Jan. 1772 for sale of the premi^5es by Fothergill to Boddie. 

The first document is a will dated 27 Oct. 171;6 of Frances Bladen. 

The abstract mentions amongst others Mrs. Deborah Hurt, Christopher Hurt, 
Joseph Hooper, Sarah Hooper, Sophia Snow, James Cave, Mary Hooper, 
Christopher Jarvis Hurt, Wm. Ferguson, Wm. Mills, Ninian Ballantine, Chariton 
Palmer. (Chancery Master Tiuney Papers, 84i.) 


This iNDEyrrRE QuADRrPAETiTE, made the 23 Sept. 8 Geo. III., 1768, 
Between William Coleman and Thos. Lucas of Loudon Merchants and partners 
of the 1^' part ; David Gardner of the Island of Nevis in America Esq. at present 
residing in London 1^' son and heir at law of Richard Gardner late of the said 
Island Esq. deceased of the 2"' part ; Ann Gardner of the same Island widow and 
relict of the said Eicli'' Gardner Esi|. deceased of the 3'' part ; and Alex. Hoiistoun, 
John Clerk, Will. Crichton and Will. MacDowall of London Merchants and 
partners of the 4"^'' part Wheueas by Indentures of mortgage dated 1 and 2 April 
1760 made between David Gardner, Richard Gardner of Nevis Esq. and Ann 
Gardner widow and the said AV"' Coleman & Tho. Lucas of the other part for 
securin'^ the payment of the balance then due from the estate of Rich** Gardner 
deceased they conveyed to them all that the Old House Plantation containing 
40 acres bounded to the E. with lands formerly in the possession of Henry Rawlins 
dec** but then of Tlio. Cottle Esq. ; to the W. with Tho. Cotllc; to the N. with 
the Sea and to the S. with the center line ; also one otlier Plantation called How's 
Land containing 110 acres bounded to the E. with land of Samuel Gardner Esij. ; 
to the W. witli ^Eneas Shaw Esq.; to tho N. with Ann (.>ardner and to the S. 
with W"' Burt Weeks Esq. and also one other Plantation at New Ca."»tle contain- 
in" 30 acres bounded to the E. with Jas. Madden ; to the W. with common path ; 
to^the N. with the Sea and to the S. with laud heretofore of Chas. Pym Burt but 

• Communicated by Mr. Gerald Fothergill. 

t rrom tlio origiual deed oa two skius iu tLo EJitor's possessiou. 


then of W" Bnrt Weeks contninintr in the whole 210 acres with all houses mills 
works also 40 negroes cattle and stock subject to redemption on pavnient of 
£1388 st. before 2 April 17G7 with interest at five per cent, dulv registered in 
the Secretary's Office and Wheheas by Indenture of 11 and 12 Jii'lv 17G-i made 
between Kicli'' Gardner of Nevis Esq" of the one i)art and Uavid Gardner of the 
other after reciting that Eich'' Gardner their father by his will dated 2-1- Feb. 
1755 had devised his residuary estate to them Eich'' Gardner conveyed to Uavid 
Gardner all that moiety of the 4 plantations in the parish of y James and Island 
of Nevis viz. Eoundhill plantation of tJO acres bounded to the E. with Tho. Cottle 
Esq. to the W. with ditto to the N. witli the JSea and to the S. with the center 
line and also the 3 above-mentioned plantations and the moietv of 59 negroes 
(names given) and WnEUKAs the £13SS njid Interest was not paid and "NV" Cole- 
man and Tho. Lucas have obtain(d judgment for £2000 Alex'' Houston and the 
others have agreed to discharge the sum of £2,100 and pay £G00 to Bavid 
Gardner now Eoundhill and the said three other plantations and negroes are 
hereby conveyed to them subject to a mortgage of £1000 to Tho. Cottle charged 
on Eoundhill and a lease of the same plantation to him. 

Signed by W^ Coleman, Tho' Lucas, David Gardner. Sealed with a crest of 
a demi-lion rampant couped. 

The following extracts are from the Colonial Calendars : — 

1G91-2. Col. Samuel Gardner Avas appointed Lieut. -Govr. of Kevis on the 
death of Col. John Netheway. 

1693, March 17. He took the oaths as Lt.-Govr. 55. 

1693, June 12. The King's letters patent for grant of an escheated estate to 
Samuel Gardner offered for consent of the Council and consented to. 115, 

1691, June 29. His letter to Sir John Trenchard. 301. 

1696, July 25. The Assembly expressed its full confidence in Lt.-Govr. 
Gardner. 55 and 63. 

1G9S, Feb. 14. He was suspended by Govt. Chr. Codrington for not having 
taken certain oaths. 110. 

1699, May 6. Mr. Gardner was elected for the N.E. division to the Assembly. 

1699, June 29. Mr. Weaver as Counsel for Col. S. Gardner presented 
a memorial to the Lords of Trade on his behalf. 305. 

1699, July 3. The oath not having been administered to any of the Governors 
by Commissioners duly authorised, their Lordships ordered Mr. Gardner's name 
to be re-inserted in the Council. 323. 

His name was accordingly restored as Senior Councillor but not as Lt.-Govr. 

Capt. John Lloyd in his will of 1696 (74, Bond) gave £20 to Col. Sam. 
Gardner, Lieut.-Governor of Nevis. 

1710. Mr. Sauiuel Gardiner then of tlie Assembly. (Oldmixon, ii., 257.) 

St. Johk's, FroTEEE, Nevis. (Ante, I., 147.) 
Marr*^. 1733, Jan? 24. Mr d Gardiner and Mrs. Anne d. of Eoger .... 

St. James, Nevis. 

Bapt. 1743-4, Mar. 3. Sara' Gardner s. of James Gardner. 
Bapt. 1744, Dec. 4. Eoger Gardner s. of Eich'^ Gardner. 



Jobn Milward, D.D., 1G7S. John Steward, 183S— 1S43. 

.... Biisshall, 171)0. Henry AVarneford," 1S4G— lSo2. 

John Merac.i 1729— 17o9. Henry- Jeremiah Dvson,** 1853—1854. 

Thomas Pa2;et, 17()0— 17So. Darius Davey,' 1855— 1SG5. 

Edward Bromliead, 17S5— 17SS. Thadda?us Augustus C. Armbrister, 
[Robert Pembertoi),- 1780 ; Curate."' 18Go— 1890. 

[John Audain,'^ 178G— 178S; Curate'.] Frederick Thomas, 1891— 1S9G. 

Joseph Warner,-* 1788—1811. Albert Charles Waller, 1S9G — 1898. 

Edward Brazier,-" 1811—1818. Walter Hooker. 1898—1901. 

Joseph Plura Cartrum,« lsl9— 182i. Frederick Cannt, 1901. 
William Hendricksou, 182-1—1828. 


(Extract from an article on the Milwards of Old Swinford, co. Worcester.) 
A prandson of the Tho. Milward of the Civil AVar time, a John Milward, D.D., 
of Oxford, obtained the livino; of St. Thomas, Middle Island, and a sugar estate 
called " Godwins," to which Island he emigrated with Mr. Harry Freeman, 
a Creole (Freeman of Farley Court, Bucks), whose sister he married ("• Herald 
and Genealogist," i.). He matriculated from Pembroke Hall, Oxford, 24 March 
1G70-1, aged IG, as son of Tlio. Milward of Wolleseote, co. Wore. (Foster.) 

1G77, Nov. 1. The Bishop of L. has selected G priests who are embarking. 
Mr. Milward. (Col. Cal., 174.) 

1678, Jan. 24. Gov. Stapleton writes that he has presented Mr. Milward to 
St. Chr. (Col. Cal., 212). He married a dau. of Col. Wm. Freeman of 
St. Christopher, one of the very early settlers. He was buried in the east 
cloister of Westminster Abbev 14 April 1703. AVill dated 3 April and proved 
29 April 1703 (Chester). 

George Milward inherited an estate in St. Christopher in 1707. 

There is a letter from Wni. Freeman at St. Ivitts, dated 19 Jan. 1GS2-3, saying 
that his younger brother Henry had lately come from France, and there is 
a petition of the latter stating he was now of age. It is probable that John 
Milward had been his tutor, as Heury was only 17 in 1G78, the year they arrived 
at St. Kitts. 

1 Eev. John Merac went out 16 Feb. 1727-S (Fothergill). He was LL.B. 
Cant., and wrote, 13 Feb. 1730-31, from St. Christopher: " Three years ago I was 
presented to the rectory of St. Thii., Middle Island, and now have a parish in the 
French grounds " (Fulliam Palace Records). 

- Rev. Robert Pemberton. On referring to Vol. I., 268, it will be noticed 
that he was Rector of St. James', Nevis, 1787 — 95, then of St. George, St. Kitts, 
1795, till his death 1812. 

3 Rev. John Audain. See ante, I., 223, for a letter of his, dated 16 Oct. 1S02 
at Roseau, Dominica, he being then Rector of Roseau and St. George's and 
senior J. P. 

1825, Oct. 1. At St. Eustatius, the Eev. John Audain. (St. Chr. .\lmanac.) 

* Rev. Joseph Warner. Perhaps identical with the son of Daniel Warner, 
Treasurer of Antigua, baptized 23 Nov. 1758 at St. John's and living 1788, 
who died a bachelor. 

• The Rector writes 20 June 1910: "Wo have no printed Reeisters, and the old ones we 
have are in a b:iJ st.-ite. I ;iin pottinir thoin tnin.scribcd into another book. I am scndincr a \'\<\. 
of the Rectors since 1700, beim: tbo only list I know of."' The Kditor lias inserted the name of 
John Milward and added tlie notes. This lint should have appeared on p. 208, but w;is mislaid. 


5 Edward Brazier, son of Edward Brazier of St. Christoplicr's, AV.T., Esq., 
matriculated from AVadham College, Oxford, 22 Mav 1792, ajred 18 ; B.A. 179U, 
M.A. 1800. (Foster.) 

* Joseph Plura Bartruni, son of Thomas Bartrum of Exeter, Devon, gent., 
matriculated from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, 20 May ISKi, aged 35. (Foster.) 

7 A Henry A\'arneford was Minister of Aii-^uilla" (Cler;,'y List of 1S7().) 

^ Rev. Henry Jeremiah Dyson, second son of the lU-v. Francis Dvson of 
Tedworth, Hants, matriculated from Alerton Collciie, Oxford, 3 March 1842, 
aged 18, B.A. 18-l.j ; Fellow of All Souls' College 1847—52, M.A. 1850, Vicar of 
Barking, Essex, 1851 until his death 27 IMarch 1854. (Foster.) I think he must 
have gone out to St. Kitts on account of his health. 

1854, ]\Iarch 27. At St. Kitts. the Kev. Henrv Jeremiah Dvson, Vicar of 
Barking, Essex (1851). He ^vas of All Souls' College, Oxford, B'.A. 1845, M.A. 
185.0. His wife Matilda died on the preceding day. (" G.M.," 6G3.) 

^ Rev. Darius Davey. In Clifton Churchyard is a M.I. to the family of 
Darius Davey and Eliza his wife of Antigua. These were no douht the parents 
of the above. He was also Curate of St. John's, Antigua, 1844-5, and Rector of 
St. Philip's 18G5-6. I don't know where he was 1845 — 55. 


This Indenture made the 3 Jan. 14 Geo. I.1I. 1774 between W'" Norris of 
Bedford Row, co. ^liddx., Esq., of the one part and AV"' Johnson of the I. of 
Nevis, Esq., of the other Witxesseth that for 5s. W"' Norris sell.*? all that Plnntn- 
tion late the e.'^tate of Patrick O'Flaherty in the parishes of Fig Tree and Ginger 
Land containiTig 250 acres with buildings negroes cattle and stock as comprized 
in Mortgages of 9 and 10 Oct. 1704 made between Pat. O'Flaherty of the one part 
and Cha. Pearee of the other and dated 29 and 30 April 1708 made between Cha. 
Pearce of the P' part and Pat. O'Flaherty and Thady O'Flaherty of the second 
part the said "W"' Noriis of the third part and Richard Neat and Arcliibald 
Thompson of the fourth part and dated 1 and 2 Nov. 1709 made between Pat. 
O'Flaherty of the first part said Cha. Pearce of the 2^ part and W*^ Norris of the 
3*^ part and R*" Neat and Archibald Thompson of the 4"' part and which was 
conveyed to W"' Norris for securing payment of £4600 and £1400 and Interest 
to "W"" Johnson for one year. 

Signed by AV" Norris, and sealed with the crest of a demi-Iion rampant couped. 
In the presence of Charlton Palmer, T. Searle. 


This Indre made the 18 Dec, 24 Geo. III. 1783 Between Rowland Duer of 
Chichester, co. Sussex, Esq. (eldest Brother and h. at 1. of Samuel Duer 1. of the 
I. of Dominica deceased) of the 1^' part and Henrietta Duer 1. of Fulham co. 
Midd^ but now of Farnham co. Surry spinster of the 2'^ part and Geo. Rose of 
Duke Str. AA^estminster Esq. of the 3'' part. AVhf.keas Geo. Rose, Henrietta 
Duer and Sam. Duer did at their joint cxpence in July 1773 purchase of Tho. 
Pringle 1. of Dominica I]sq. all those two Plantations called Morne Daniel and 
Caue° Field with slaves cattle etc. and by Indres of lease and release dated the 
30 and 31 .luly 1773 made between Tho. Pringle of the one pait and Geo. Rose, 
Henrietta Duer and Sam. Duer of tho other he granted the plantations to them 
to hold as tenants m common to the use of him Tho. Pringle for 500 years and 
on pavrnent of £11.000 and interest by Ihein the term of 500 years should cease 
and AVuere.vs by Indres of lease and release dated 27 and 28 Jan. 1771- made 
between Geo. Rose, Henrietta Dner and Sam. Duer of the 1 part and Jamea 

♦ From the original on one skin in the possession of the Editor. 


Neave and l\awson Aislabie of L. mcrcliauts and copartners of the other they 
Geo. Eosc etc. conTcyod the i)I;intations aiid slaves to J. N. and 11. A. subject to 
a proviso for their redemption on paymeot of d£">,5uO, and AViikhkas ISam. Duer 
lately died at S' Lucia intestate leaving Eowland IXier liis eldest brother and heir 
at law who became entitled to i share of the plantations and as it will be 
advantageous to sell the estates and pay off the mortgages Rowld. and Kenrietta 
Duer convey their shares to Geo. Pose for one year of the plantation !Monie 
Daniel in the parish of S' Paul containing 71 a/of cleared land and 120 a. of 
■woodland bounded IS'.E. on the ]{iver Boery and land formerly possessed by 
M'' Garcon and now by Chevalier IMonteil and on woodland unsiirveved and land 
formerly posf^esscd by Balthazar Blanc, S. on a guHv, S.AV. on land reserved for 
public uses next the sea shore being 3 chains in breadth from higli water mark 
and N.AV. on land possessed by Madam Marie and 'M'' Forget also lliat plantation 
formerly called Boery and now Cane Field containing in the wiiole 311 acres of 
freehold and leasehold i.e. a piece of 41 a. of cleared land and 110 a. of Avoodland 
bounding ]N". on land formerly possessed by Madam Desgominier now or late 
possessed by ^V Peter Audat with whom she intermarried, y. on the leasehold 
land called Martins and on land relinquished by Thomiere and AY. on land 
reserved for public uses next the sea being 3 chains in breadth from high water 
mark a certain ether piece formerly called Thomiers containing 57 a. cleared and j 

uncleared bounding E. by land possessed [iorn] and on other sides on land of j 

Tho. Pringle another parcel of GO a. bounding IS", on land purchased by James j 

Bernard, E. on land ])urchascd by Anthony Gordon, IS. partly on land purchased j 

by John Bailey oud Chevalier Tdonteil and AV. on Tho. Pringle and the leasehold j 

parcel called Martins of 18 a. bounding j^.E. on a ravine, E. on part of the | 

freehold land, S. on Boery Kiver and N.W. on land reserved for public uses being | 

3 chains in breadth and all buildings the boilin5r- curing- still- and managen' 
house and all utensils and all slaves. They also convey a parcel of land purchased 
by Sam. Duer of Madame L'FIote and another of 3Ionsieur Forget. Bowland 
Duer's net share to be paid to Jas. Xeave and Eawson Aislabie for sums due 
from his estate in Antigua. 

Signed by E. Duer, George Pose. No heraldic seals. 
in the Presence of Jos*^ White, J. Eoberts. 

[Original deed on four skins in the Editor's possession.] 

Eowland Duer of Chichester, co. Sussex, Esq. A\'ill dated 1 Jan. 1794. 

To my Mother Eliz. Duer £20. My cousin Eliz.Mitlon dau. of my late uncle 
EdAvard Duer Esq. an annuity of £50, payable out of my plantation in Antigua. 
Sisters Eliz. D., Mary D., and Theodora D. each an annuity of £50 after the 
death of my Mother or so soon as my own and my Father's creditors shall have 
been paid. All real est. in A. and G* B. to my friends Tudor Griffiths, Jolin 
Caldecott and John Drew of Chich"' to carry out trusts as to riy real est. in A. 
comprised in an Ind. of lease and release dated 21 and 22 March 1792 the release 
being tripartite between myself of the 1=' p', said Tudor Grifliths, John Caldecott 
and John Drew of the 2'' p' and my and my father's creditors of the 3'''* p' which 
est. is in trust for my brother John Duer, they to be Ex'ors. 

Cod., 14 March 1794. John Caldecott being dead I appoint John Peachey of 
Chichester, Esq. a T., etc. 

Proved 22 April 179G by Tudor Griffiths and John Drew, Esq'" (175, Harris). 

The deed and will are additional to what appeared in "Antigua," i., 217, where 
testator's sister Eliz. was mistaken for his wife. 





Arms. — Azure^ on a chevron Or surmounfed ht/ another of ihe field, between 
three doves proper, as mamj plates. 

Chkst. — A stork, in the beak a honeysuckle slipped, all proper. (Burke's 
" Armory.") 

Charles Pinfold, eldest child of Charles Pinfold, LL.D., ^vas born 3 Sept. and 
bapt. IG Sept. 1709 in the parish of St. Beuet, Paul's AVharf. (Harl. Soc. Pub.) 
He was Governor of Barbados from 175G — GG. Seven volumes of copies of 
his official correspondence, etc., were lately ofl'crcd for sale bj' a dealer. He died 
in Bloomsbury Square 24^ Oct. 17SS in his SOth year (" G.3I.," 1127), and there 
is an account of him in the same magazine for 18Ui, p. GIG. The Editor's copy 
of the " Memoirs of the Settlement of Barbados " was the Governor's, and con- 
tains certain laudatory verses to him from the pen of Mr. Duke, the donor. 




Slipt of ^t IXitts. 

Benj. A dye, born IGoo ;=j=Aune 
of St. INIarj Axe, sur- j Sprariger, 
geon; mar. lie. 1677, I born 
aged 22. . i 1651. 

Col. Stephen Payne of St. Thomas, Mid- 
dle Island, St. Kitts, born 1G61 ; 1S\. of 
Conncil 1704; aped 47 in 1707; died 
10 Sep. 1711, aged oO. 

Spranger Adye of St. Kitts, born=pDorothv, dau. 
1681, aged 26 in 1707; died 1745 of Stephen 
He headsthe pedigree inllutchiiis' Payne of St. 
"Dorset," iii., o06. j Kites. 

I I 

Abraham Payne of St.=rAnn 
Kitts, agtdi^S in 1707; AVil- 
M. of touucil 1730; lett. 
died 1740. i 

Stephen Adye of St. Thomas, Middle Lsland, in=pClara, died 7 Aug. 1799. She 

1753, where he owned a plantation ; died 1756. 

had four sons and four daus. 

Dr. Eaiph Adyc,=j=Pli7.a- 
4th son, witness beth, 
to a marriage at ; dau. of 
St. George's, { . . . . 
Hanover Square, 1 Esdailc 
25 Ang. 1774 ; : by Sus- 
named 1790 in annah 
will of Ealph Mutliew 
AYillett. See his , Pliipps; 
letters of 1795 i mar. 
and 1799. Died ; about 
at Exeter 2 April : 17SS. 
1804. I 

A dau., 1795. 

Cath., 1st dau.=pJohn "Wiliett Adye, 2ikU 

of Henry 
Brouncker of 
St. Kitts and 
Dorset ; mar. 
22 Aug. 17S0 ; 
died at I'l urn- 
stead, co. Kent, 
10 Oct. 179S, 
aged 36. M.I. 
at G. C* 

son, born 1 Jan. 1744-5; 
was adopted from his in- 
fancy by Ealph AVillett 
of Merly ; of Lincoln's 
Inn 1768; of Dean St., 
Soho, 1779: succeeded 
to JMerly 1795 and took 
name of "Wiliett ; M.P. 
New Eomnev 1796 and 
1802, F.E.S',, P.8.A. ; 
acred 71. M.I. at G. C. 


dau. of 
.... ^\^il- 
soii. mar. 
at St. 
at Bath 
11 April 


John Wiliett AVil- 
lett, 1st son and 
heir, born 25 April 
1784 ; succeeded to 
Merly ; died at 
Shooters Hill, Kent, 
13 Dec. 1S39'. 

Henry Ealph Wiliett of Broom 
Hill, Shooters Hill, Kent, 2nd son, 
born 27 April 1786; succeeded to 
Merly ; M.A. from Christ Church, 
Oxon., also of Lincoln's Inn and 
D.L. for Dorset ; died in the 
Albany 9 Dec. 1857, and left ]Mer- 
ly to "Wiliett Lawrence Adye. 

Annabella Wiliett Adye, 
only dau., born 7 Aug. 
1781 ; died in Berrers 
Street 6 Dec. 1795, atred 
15. M.I.atG.C. Ealph 
AVillett left her £2U00 
as his goddau. 

William M. Miller, 
died 1809, s.p. 

Clara Miller, mar. 
John Guest. She 
died 1859, s.p. Ho 
died 1862. 

Eliz. Adye Miller, mar. 
Eev. Charles ]Maitland 
of Brighton. He died 
1865 and left five chil- 
dren. She died 1874, 
ajred S3. 

Maria Anne Miller, 
mar. Kev. Eob.Cholni- 
ley of Wainfloet. He 
died 1852 and left fif- 
teen children. She 
died 1809. 

Adve Wil- 
iett Miller, 
died 10 
Oct. 1874, 
a'red 78. 

Henry Ealph Wiliett 
Adve, born 7 Oct. 1857 
in 10 Bio 111 Hehl Street, 
Bays water; died at 
Pail 22 April 1880. 

James IMortinier Adve, 
born 19 April 1859; 
('?) mar. a French lady 
and died s.p. 30 April 

Claude Enbert 
Kos3 Adye, 
horn 11 Nov. 
1860; died 23 
JNfarch 1873. 

Alice Mari;aret 
Atlye, born 4 
Sep. 1862; mar. 
.... Harper ; 
living 1911. 

* G. C. = Great Canford, Dorset. 



Ralph A\''illett, born 1G.j2 ; SiJoakcr^^^Ann EstridKC born 
of St. Kitts 1GS3; died 30 June IGGl; died 15 Oct. 
1694, aged 42. i 1720, aged 59. 

Henry Willett of St. Kitt?, ngcdr:pl-:iiz. Stanley, dau. of Col. John 
27 in 1707 ; died 1740. Stanley; mar. IS Sep. 1718. 

Ralph AVillcIt of St. Kitts, Inter of Merly, Dor.^et, born 8 Aug. 
1719; first-cousin of 3Irs. Clara Adye— see his will (128, 
Newcastle) ; died s.p. 1795. M.I. at G. C. 

Stephen Payne Adye,=pEli7,., dau. of 

1st son. Cadet 1757, John llilcli- 

Capt.R.A.177;3, Major cockot'Opor- 

. . . . ; died at Jer.-ipv to ; died at 

1794 ("D.N.B."). " Woolwich 

Ralph Willettlefthim , 30 M;ireh 

£3000. 1810. 

Abraham Charles A dye, 
3rd son, of Lincoln's 
Inn 17G7; Solicitor- 
Gen. 1795, and Attor- 
ney-Gen. of Grenada, 
where he died 4 May 

Mary Adyc, 2nd dau. 

Clara Adye, the 
younger, 1st dau., 
living 1790. 

Martha Adyc, 3rd 
dau.. born 1745 ; 
died' 1 Aug. 1S21, 
aged 7G. 


Eliz. Henrietta 


Ralph ^illctt Adve,— Eliz. 

Stejdicn Gallwav 

Adye. 1st child, 



3rd child. 2nd Lieut. 


Adve, 4th child, 

mar. John Yi- 



R.A. 1781, Maior 


Cadet R.A. 1791, 

vion. Col. R.A. 



. . . . , died 22 Oct. 



He died 1838. 


1804, aged 34. M.I. 


died 13 Sep. 1838, 

She died s.p. 


at Gibraltar. 


.s.p. Ml. at Sr. 

c 1837. 


Mary, "Woolwich. 

John AYillctt Adve, born 
1802; died 20 March 1 SOI, 
aged 2 years 1 month. 
M.I. at Gibraltar. 

Stephen Rawtrec 
Adye, born 1S03; 
drowned at the 
Cape 1832. 

Eliz. Jane Adye. only dau., boin 
ISOO; mar. at St. Giles's, 25 Ajiril 
1S2G, James Rain, barrister. She 
was living 187G. 

Stanley John .Adye,= 
born 28 Oct. 18(13 ; 
died 13 Feb. 1S89. 


Adve, born 
25' Uec. 

John Adye, born 
IS Nov." 1857; 
Col. R.A. and 
C.Ii. Present 
head of the 

Winifrcda Jane 
.Adye, 1st dau., 
mar., 15 June 
18S9, Lord Ann- 

B 2 

♦ 1 



1687. Mr. John Addv elected a Member of Assembly in Nevis. 

1GS8, June. Jolin Adye elected Member for the S.TV. Division of Xevis. 
(" Calendar for America and W.I.," pp. ;JSU and 501.) 

1707-S. Census of St. Christoi)licr. Spranger Adje, aged 2G, 1 man, 1 woman, 
no children, 10 slaves. 

1753. St. Thomas, Middle Island. Stephen Adye, Esq., 1 plantation. (Baker's 
" Survey.") 

1763. John Willet Adye of St. Christopher admitted a student of Lincoln's 

1767. Abraham Charles Adve admitted a student of Lincoln's Lm. (Eev. 
F. J. Wrottesley.) 

1773. Stephen Payn Adey, Capt. E.A., commissioned 26 March, and in 1786 
entered as Payne Adye. (Army List.) 

1774, Aug. 25. John "Willett and Ealph Adye witnesses to a marriage at 
St. George's, Hanover Square. 

1779. John Willott Adve of Dean Street, Soho, a trustee in will of Jas. Par- 
son Ottley of St. Kitts. 

1780. Aug. 22. Willctt Adye, E>q; of Dean-street, Soho, to Miss Brouncker, 
of Queen Ann-street. Cavondish-sq. ("Town and Countrv Mag.," 503.) 

1781. Ealph Willett Adye. 2d Lieut. E.A. (Army List.) ' 

1790. Dr. Ralph Adye a subscriber to Peterkin's '"Treatise on Planting." 

1791. Stephen G. Adye, 1st Lieut, in the " OiFicers of the Company of 
gentlemen cadets E.A." (Army List.) 

1793. Society of Antiquaries. John Willett Ayde (sic) chosen a JL of the 
Council. ("G.:M.,"3G9.) 

John Miller Adye, 5th 
child, Capt. E.JV., mar. 
Alethea Lawless, 1st 
dau. of Admiral Billy 
Douglas. He died at 
Fareham, Kent, 1817. 
She died there 30 Jan. 
1853, aged 71, s.p. 

Maria Pattison Adye, 
Gth child, mar. David 
Buchan, Capt. E.X. 
He died 1838. She 
diedlS39. Issue,four 
sous and one dau. 

James Pa1tison=p 
Adye, 7lh and j 
youngest child, ' 
Major E.A., | 
died 29 Oct. 1 
1831. M.L at ' 
St. Mary's, 
Woolwich. I 

Jane, dau. of 
T. Moriiuier 
Kelson of 
Sevenoaks ; 
died at Pad- 
IS.fy, agedOi). 
Ml. at G. C. 

Willett Lawrence- 

Adye, born at 

Corfe4 May 1818; 

succeeded to ^ler- 

ly 1857 on death 

of Henry Ealph 

Willett ; died 27 

Nov. 1878, aged 


Eli7..]\[arian. younger 
dau. of Eob. Eoss of 
Cargcnholm, Kirk- 
ctullirightshire ; mar. 
at Walcot, Bath. 22 
April 1850 ; died at 
Parkstone 30 3[arch 
190G, aged 82. 

Sir John Miller; 
at Sevenoaks 1 
Nov. 1810; Cadet 
E.A. 1834. Gen. 
Gov. of Gibraltar 
1882 ; died 2G 
Aug. 1900. (See 
" D.N.B.") 

:Mary Cor- 
delia, dau. 
the Hon. 
died 14 
Feb. 1912, 
a'^ed MO. 






Mary Caroline Adye, 
Apsley Smith, E.A. 



Ethel Montagu Adye, mar. J. W. 
Philips, now of Heybridgo Tean, 

^lortimer Stopford Adye, 
Capt. 8lh Liverpool Eegi- 

Evelyn Violet Adye, mar. 
John i\Ieade Falkner. 







. 1794. At Jersey, Major .Stoplieii Paviie Ad vc, of the r. Teg. of art. (" G.M.") 

1795, Dec. G. In Berner.s-btr. Miss 'Willeit", only d:vu. of John "Willett Wil- 
lett, esq. of Merly, cu. Dorset. (Ibid., lOoS.) 

1798, Oct. 10. At the house of John Stanley, esq. in Kent, after a long 
illness, universally hunented, Mrs. AVillctt, Mifc of John W. esq. of Mcrlev housed 
CO. Dorset. (Iljid., 913.) 

ISOi, Ap. 2. At the New London inn E.xeter, after a short illness, D"" A dye, 
of the i. of vSt. C. ill Die ^V.l. brother to John ^Villett Willett, esq. M.P. for ^'c\v 
Eomney. M'' Willett changed his name from Adye for au estate in Dorsctshii-e 
(Marley-house) near AV^imborne. (Ibid., 8SS.) 

1805, July 8. John A\'ilielt AVillett, esq. of Merley-house, co. Dorset, M.P. 
New Eomney, to Miss AVilson of Wimpole-st. {Ibid., 676.) 

1805, July 12. On Wednesday se'uni<j;ht was married, at St. George's 
Hanover-sq. John Willett Willett, esq. of Meriey-ho. in Dorsctsh. :M.P. for Xew 
Eomney, to Miss Wilson of Wimpole-st. (" Dorchester and Sherborne Jounial.") 

1810, March 30. At Woolwich, Mrs. Adye, widow of the 1. Major Stexjhen 
Payne Adye, of the r. reg. of art. (? " G.M.'') 

1813, Dec. The sale of Ealph Willetts library etc. occupied 17 days. 
("G.M.") ^ ^ 

1815, May 4. In the I. of Grenada, Abraham Cha. Adye, H.M. attomev-gen. 
for that I. {Ibid., 646.) 

^ 1821, Aug. 1. Aged 76, Mrs. Martha Willett Adye, sister of the 1. J. A\^ AVil- 
lett, esq. of Merley Ho. Dorsetsh. 

1826, Ap. 25. At St. Giles's Church, Jas. Earn, barr.-at-law, to Eliz. Jane, 
only dau. of the 1. Capt. E. W. Adye, E.A. (" G.M.," 462.) 

1838, Sep. 13. At AYoolwich Common, Major Gen. Stephen Galway Adye, 
C.B., Chief Firemaster in the E. Laboratory." Lieut. E.A. 1794, Capt. 1803, 
Major 1812, Lt. Col. 1814, Col. 1825, Maj. Gen. 1S37 etc. {Ibid., 659.) 

1839, Dec. 13. At Broom-hill, Shooter's-hill (the seat of his brother H. E. 
Willett, esq.) John Willett AV'illett, esq. of Merley house, Dorset. {Ibid.. 1840, 

1840, Ap. 11. At Bath, Prances, relict of the 1. J. W. AVillett, esq. of Merly, 
Dorset. {Ibid., 556.) 

1853, Jan. 30. At Fareham, a. 71, Alethea Lawless, rel. of Capt. John 
Miller Adye, E.N. and eldest dau. of the 1. Adm. Billy Douglas. {Ibid., 333.) 

Stephen Payne Adye. His first commission in the E.A. was dated Feb. 1758 ; 
served in the war in Germany and America; was Deputy Judge Advocate to the 
Army in N. America in 1783; author of a work on Court Martial. (Sir John 
Adye's notebook.) 

1905. AnYE. — On March 30th, at Balsarroch, Parkstone, Elizabeth' Marian, 
widow of Willett L. Adye, .I.P., of Merley, Wimborne, Dorset, and daughter of 
Eobert Ross, of Cargenholm, Dumfries, aged eiglity-two. 

Adye. — On February 14th, 1912, at 92 St. George's-square, S.W., Mary 
Cordelia, widow of the late General Sir John Adye, G.C.B., Eoyal Artillery, 
in her eighty-lirst year. 

John SPRA.>'Gf;ii s. of Eich: b. at Northwall [North AVeald] near Epping. 
School : Shenley, Herts, under Mr. Harper. Admitted " niauuni prival:e feruhc 
subducens," pensioner under ]Mr. Brearley 31 May 1642. Age 16 et amplius. 
M.B. (Cains) 1649. Adm. fellow-commoner at Cains 11 A p. 1(!1S. L'rol)al>ly 
M.D. of Leyden 1656 ('• Biographical Eeijister of Christ's Coll., Cam.," j). 481). 
See grant of arms, dated 18 Jan. 1660, to Richard Spranger of Canes in the parish 
of North Weale Bassett, co. Essex, and to his uncle John Sjjranger of Haly Hall 
in the parish of Atnwell Magna, co. Herts, Dr. of Physic (" Visit, of Esse.x," 

i. 289). ^ , . , , 

Dave dau. of Wiu. Arcliur of Epping married Ed. Spranger of North Wealu 
Bassett. {Ibid., p. 136, Visit, of 1612.) 



Little Berkliamstead. In the churchyard, " Richard Spranger, died Septem- ' 
ber 8th, 170S, a. ")'2 y." (Cussans' " Herts," ii. 170). See liis marriage licence of 

1G78, and that of Eliz. Sprangor in lUitO. (Archbishop of Canterbury Licences.) ^ 

Great Amwell. Eliz. Spraiuger, dau. of John S., M.D., settled an annual j 

rent charge of 50s. on Hailey Hall. (Cussans, 133.) \ 


1805 July 3 John Willet AVillet, Esq., of this parish, W., & Frances Wilson, I 

of S' Maryleboue, Midd^, S. Lie. i 

■ j 


On the E. -wall, over the altar : — ^ 

Major-Gen. Stephen Galway Adye, R. A., C.B., ob. 13 Sept. 1838. ' ] 

Major Jas. Pattison Adye, R.A., brother of above, ob. 29 Oct. 1831. 4 

(Drake's " Hundred of Blackhcath," 1G5.) 

The following entries arc on the first page of a Bible formerly in the possession 
of John Willett- AV'illett of Alerly House, Dorset. The copies were sent me, 
30 Dec. 1910, by the Rev. P. J. Wrottesley of Denstone A'icaragc, L^ltoxeler, who 
received them from Mrs. Etiiel Philips, a daughter of the late Sir John Adye : — 

[On page 1 of the Bible.] 

My Father Ralph Wiliett departed this Life the 30"' of June 1G94 in the 
43'''' year of his age. 


I was married to Elizabeth Stanley the 18 eighteen of September 1718. 
My Eldest Son Ralph Willeti was born the eighth of August 1719. 
My Wife miscarried iu 1720. 


My Motlier Ann AVillctt departed this Life the 15'*- of October 1720 in the 
60"' year of her age. 

My Second Sou Henry Wiliett was born October 23"* twenty-third 1721. 


My dear Wife Eliz"' AVillett departed this Life the 12"' of August 172-t in 
Childbed with 2 children not delivered, but discovered when siio was taken up 
again to put in the Vault that she had 2 children within her, taken up iu Jan^ 
1727. She died iu 31"' year of her age. 


I sent my two Sons R ilph <fc Henry to England in June 8"', 1729, iu the 
" King Georgo," Cupt" Will'" Harris. 


(" N. and Q.," 11 S., i. 165, and Sir John Adye's notebook.) 

Sacred to the memory of Ralph AVillet Adye, Esq''^, Captain and Brigade- 
Major in the Royal Regiment of Artillery, who fell a victim to the Distemper 
raging in this Garrison Oct. 22'"', 1801, aged 31' years. 

The remains of liis sou John AVillet Adye are deposited in the Garrison 
Chapel, who died March 20"', ISOl, aged 2 years & one month. 



I lost my Son Henry in Enghuul the ninth of November 1733, who dved of a 
Fever & Plorifsie after 3i ilaves siclcness, and had noe knowledge o'f it till 
Nov'' 20"' after, being on Wednesday at'ternoou.* 

Kalph Willett, the survivor of the two Sons above mentioned, died without 
issue at Merly House in tlie County of Dorset, January 1705, in the 7G"' year of 
his age, having been twice married. 

[Ou page 2.] 

John Willett Adye, second son of Stephen Adye and Clarn, daughter of 
.... Payne, Esq^, both of the Island of S' Christophers (she being first Cousiu 
of Kalph Willett), was born January l'\ 1741-0 ; married Catherine Brouncker, 
eldest daughter of Henry Brouncker of S' Christophers, at Plumbstead Church, 
ia Kent, ou the 22'"^ of August 1780, by whom he had issue— 

i\nnabella AV'illett, born Aug' 7"', 17bl, died .... 1795. 

John Willett, born April 25''', 17«1., died ab' 1S40. 

Heury Ralpli, born April 27"', 1786. See below.© 


Upon the death of the above Kalph Willett, J. W. Adye his sole devisee took 
the name & arms of AVillett. 

Catherine his AVife, died at Shooters Hill iu Kent, October 10'"', 1798, 
aged 37 or 8. 

J. W. Willett married Frances Wilson, at S' George's, Hanover Sq., July 3'''', 
1805. He died at Bath September 2(3"', 1815, aged 71. 

Frances, second v.ife of the above J. W. Wdlett, died at Bath on 11"' Apr:l 
1840, in 7P' year of lier age. 

©Henry Kalpli, second son of the above J. W. Willett, died ou 9"' December 
1857, as recorded in " The Times." 

" The Times," Thursday, December 10, 1857. 
" On the Q"- inst. at his Chambers iu the Albany, Henry Ealph AVillett, E3q% 
of Merly House, Dorset." 

Willett Lawrence Adye, eldest son of the late James Pattison Adye, E.A., 
and sole devisee of the above Henry Kalph Willett (being his paternal Cousin), 
was born at Corfe 4''' Miy ISIS. He married (as recorded iu the " Times ") 
on 22"'^ April 1S5G. His death took place ou 27"' November 1S78. 

[On page 3.] 

" The Times," Thursday, April 24"', 1856. 

" On the 22'"i inst. at the Parish Church of Walcot iu Bath, by the IteV' Johu 

B. Scott, B.D., Willett Lawrence Adye, E^q., eldest sou of the hite Major James 

Pattison Adye, Royal Artillery, to Elizabeth, younger daughter of the late Robert 

Koss, Esq'', of Cargenhohu, Ivirkcudbrightshire, N.H." 

1''. A son born 7"' Oct. 1857, as recorded iu " Times," London, Saturday, 
October 10"', 1857. " On the 7"' iust. at 10 Blomfield St., Upper Westboiirue 
Terrace, the wife of Willett L. Adye of twins, one oidy (a son) surviving." Tiiis 
son was baptised under the names Heury Ralph Willett. (He died at Pau, 
France, on 22"' April 1880.) 

2'"'. A seconcl sou born 19"' April 1859, baptised under tlie names James 
Mortimer. (He died 30"' April 1895.) 

3"^. A third son born U"' Nov. ISGO, baptised under the names Claude 
Kobert Ross. (He died 23'-'i .Alarch 1873.) 

4"*. A daughter born 4"' Sept' 1802, baptised Alice Margaret. . 

* The entries to thi-i poiut must have been made by Henry Willett, who was aged 27 in 1707 
and died in 1740.— Edixou. 



5"". A son born 2S"' Oct. lSt)3, baptised Stanley John. (He died IS"- Feby 
1889.) ^ 

G'*'. A daujilitor still-boi-ri 25"' Dec'' 1SG5. 
T"". A sou born 25"' Dec^ ls(ii;, baptised Octavious Ellcrton. 
Willett Lawrence Aflyc died 27"' Xov'" 1S7S, a^ed 60. 
Elizabetli Marian Adyc (nre Koss) died 30"' IMarch 1905, aged 82. 

Notes by Mks. E. J. Eam, April 1876. 

My fjreat-grandfather Stephen Adyc married Chira Payne, who was cousin to 
Kalph AVillett. They had S cliildren— Stephen Tayne, John AVillett, Abraham, 
Ealph, Clara, Polly, Patty (died in London 1^20), and ? ^Liry. 

Abraham had one dan. Eliza Adye. who was educated at Blackheath and being 
sent out passed her Parents on the voyage. I think he was a Physician and 
Ealph Attorney-General at Grenada.* 

Uncle Willett married Brouucker. Besides tiieir 2 sons they had a 
daughter who died early. I think her name was Anna. He afterwards married 
a Miss AVilsou. 

The other Miss Brouncker married the Hon. Capt. Finch of the Navy. She 
was the particular friend of Auut Vivion, and lived at Broom Hall, Shooters Hill. 

S' Christophers, July 30"', 1795. 

My Dear Brother, 

I wrote to you in May last in consequence of the very melancholy event 
which you had announced to my mother .... our late worthy and respected 
kinsman and benefactor, " you who liave been the child of his adoption from 
your infancy." Our poor sister's death. Our debts of £800 .... the legacy 
left my mother .... the additional allowance you make her .... your donation 
for mourning. 

I am encamped out of Town with the Militia. We have been for upwards of 
twelve months past under great Apprehension of being attacked by the French, 
and our fears have been much encrcased since the Enemy has been in ])ossession 
of S* Eustatius, which is devided from the Island only by a narrow Channel of 
about three leagues breadth, across which they may easily invade us in Boats. 
In consequence of this, Detachments of the Militia are encamped near the Coast, 
opposite to S' Eustatius and in other Places ; A Corps of Negroes has been 
embodied and are training to Arin^, and every precaution taken to prevent them 
landing, for if .they once affect that an inconceivable Deal of Miscliief must ensue; 
and the Colony be ruined alihough they n)ay not acquire the Sovereignty of it. 
AVe have very few regular Troops here, not enough to defend even the fortress of 
Brimstone Hill without the Aid of some Militia. This last Body therefore have 
and still continue to undergo very fatiguing Duty, and as it consists of overy 
Male Inhabitant of the island, Occupations of all Kinds are practically suspended, 
and every man's Iiiterest must of course be much impaired. It has been 
productive of miu-h expence and Inconvenience to me as well as others; however, 
the necessity of the Case must be submitted to; and if we are finally successful! 
in preserving the Island our privaie sufferings will sit lightly upon us. 

Our new General! arrived here a few days ago. and seems determined to use 
every exertion for the Defence of the Island, and we j)lace great Contidenco in the 
Fame of his professional Abilities, a military governor in times like this is certainly 
preferable to any other, let liis Character be high as can be in other Kespects. 

• Jlrs. Kiiii lias CdnfiHO'l tlie i):iiiio<. Ralph was the doctor, ami had an only daughter, 
alluded to ill ills letter of 17'J5. .Vbraliani wa-; a barrister and the Attorney-Goueral. 
t Probably Major-Gcueral Leigh.— Editor. . 

dARlBBEAlJJA. 240 

Our good old i\rotlier has enjoyed a groat Share of good Ifcaltli for tlicsc last 
six months, notwithstanding tho sorrows she has encountered. .She has lived in 
more ease and quiet tlian she formerly did, and endeavour is made by my wife 
as well as myself to make her happy. 8he writes to you by this Fleet. 
My Sisters are all well and request their Affectionate J^emembrance to yourself, 
Mrs. Wiliett and Family. My A\'ife and my little Girl (the only child 1 have 
living) beg to add theirs also. We are all concerned to l»ear of the' illness of your 
dear daughter,* and sincerely hope she may have found all the lieneHts'you 
could have wished from your journey to Bristol and is long ere this perfectly 

As you have mentioned in your letter that you will apprize us when to draw 
for the Legacies left us by our late worthy Kinsman ; permit me; before. I con- 
clude to say a few words upon the Subject. I my dear Brother have no riglit to 
call upon you — T owe you alass more than 1 can ever hope to repay, but if you 
allow me that Liberty 1 should wish to appropriate it to the discharge of some 
Debts in England, which though they may be of too longstanding to be recoverable 
by law, have for that reason a stronger claim upon my feelings. 1 have however 
taken the liberty of enclosing you a memorandum of a few professional Books 
which will engross but a small part of" it, and if when conxenient you will take 
the trouble of ordering them out to me I shall be infinately obliged. Hooks 
I cannot do without, and I have long lamented my Inability to send regularly 
for them. 

You have said nothing in your letter of our ])oor Brother Stephen's! family, 
if any of them are near you pray be kind enough to say everything Affectionate 
to them for all here. I should be Happy to have some Account of them. Adieu 
my dear Brother. Present my Cordial and Affectionate good wishes to M" AVil- 
lett and your Children, and Believe me ever most faithfully and affect'-*' yrs. 

July 30"', 1795, S' Kitts. R. Adve. 

S* Christophers, Sepf 4''', 1799. 
My dear Brother, 

The death of our Mother .... her inquiry for Abraham .... our sister 
Patty .... The death of niy wife's brother, the Comptroller of the Customs 
here, Avho departed this Life the 1*' instant. 

My wife unites in best and most affectionate regards to yourself and your 
Sons with 

Tours most faithfully, 

Ralph ADYJi. 

Sept. 17"'. The above, my dear Brother, is a duplicate of my letter by the 
last Packet, to which I can at present make no addition, thoui^h I have much 
to say to vou, for mv mind is not yet in a proper frame for matters of Business. 

One circumstance, however, as partly connected with the melancholy contents 
of the above, you will 1 trust excuse my hinting to you. Our poor fallior's Ashes 
have since his' decease remained uncoveretl by any Tombstone and our dear old 
Mother's remains are now deposited in the same place, if you will have the 
goodness to send a Stone out, 1 will liave it jjroperly erected. 

The familv all unite ii\ Love and best Regards to you and yours. My wife 
is still very poorly. 

Yours most Aff'>' 

Ralph Adve. 
Addressed: John Wiliett Wiliett, Esq", M.P. 

To the Care of Mess'^ Manniug, Anderdou and Bosanquct, Merchants, 
London, p. packet. 

* Annabell;i, who diwl in IJcriiors Stroft G Dcuoiulicr 17'Jo, in h'^r lotli year, 
t Stephen Payne Adye, Major K.A., died in 1791 in Jersey.— EuiTOR. 

250 tARlBBEANA. 

[No date. Water-mark of 1812.] 

My dear Stephen, 

I know I deserve to be thought a very idle fellow for not having written 
to you before, but will now try and make amends for my long neglect. 

I shall tell you first of my own aifairs and my father's. You know when you 
left England he was about to put his affairs in the hands of trustees, which has 
been done, and he is living upon a £10U0 a year till all the debts are paid. Poor 
Merly looks very miserable — the pictures and books are all gone, the former did 
not sell owing to the great scarcity of ready money at that time, indeed we bought 
in many of them, so tliat the amount of what were sold came to little more 
than £7000. 

The Books sold remarkably well — the whole of them came to £13,-jS0 — some 
of the specimens of early print such as Caxton's Bible and the other books of that 
date went, some of them, for two and three hundred guineas each, yet with 
all these sales I am afraid it will be a long time before the debt to the Trust, 
which is very large, will be paid off. 

My father, I am happy to say, has hitherto kept his health and spirits as well 
as could be expected under such an accumulation of misfortunes. With regard 
to myself, I am living as economically as I can and am studying the Law. 
I intend putting on the gown and wig in about two months and go the western 

[The above is from a copy in the late Sir John Adye's notebook. The back of 
the letter with the address was missing. The writer was probably Henry Ealph 
VVillett, born 1786, M.A. Oxford and of Lincoln's Inn, 2nd sou of John Willett 
Adye (later Willett), the then owner of Merly. " Stephen" was Stephen Payne 
Gallwey, a first-cousin. I do not know what misfortunes had overtaken the 
family apart from the depreciation of W.I. property. The sale of Kalph Willett's 
library, etc., occupied seventeen days in December 1818, so the above letter was 
probably written early in 18 ii. The father did not long sui'vive, but died in 
1815 at Bath. — Editoe.] 

13 Feb. 1817. 
Dear Henry, 

I am sure you will be much concerned to receive bad news of my poor 
brother John; he was seized with an apoplectic fit on Monday last in the Street 
at Fareham and expired shortly after. 

His Brother in law Colonel Bradley wrote to Vivian and mentioned that the 
presence of any of our family would be extremely acceptable. 

The funeral is to take place Saturday, as it cannot be deferred longer. I have 
taken my place for Fareham, and shall set out to-morrow morning. 

AVe have heard from Stephen in his own handwriting ; he, however, mends 
but slowly. 

I am, d' Harry, yours truly, 
Thursday, 16 S«. J. P. Adte. 

Addressed to — H. E. Willett, Esq., 10 Old Buildings, Lincolns Inu. 

1795. Letter from I\Er. Adve, Solicitor-General of Grenada, to his brother at 
St. Kitts, dated 28 March. (B'T. Leeward Islands, Vol. 32.) 

1809. Hon. Abraham Adve, described as brother of Mr. Willet, M.P. (Ibid., 
vol.. 49.) 

The arras used are: Azure.afess between three cherubim heads Or [Adte]. 
Guest: A staij lodijed. (Ilutchins" "Dorset," iii., 30G.) 

An account of the Willett family will appear in the next Part. ■ 



a ^3aititulav 


Anthony BuUer- 
Thomas Allin 
Francis Barriugton^ 
Joseph Broome 
Michell Bland ^ 
William Buck 
James Bland' 
John Broome® 
Adam Baynard^ 
Stroud Bingham'' 
Robert Baynard 
Isack Birkenhead^ 
George Brian 
Johnathan BowelU'^ 
William Bentley 
Rich. Bennett 
John Chadwald 

CoUo BuUer. 

L' Collo 
SouW to 
Gent, at Armes 
Sould^ to 
Cap^ to 
quarter m'^ 
Sould'' to 
Drum"^ to 
Drum'' to 
Sould^ to 

Collo BuUer. 

Collo Buller. 
Collo Buller. 
Collo Buller. 

Collo Buller. 

Cap' Baynard. 

Cap' Bingham. 
Cap' Minn. 
Cap' JMinn. 

* Continued from p. 215. 

1 Copied from the ori^'iual in the P.R.O., Col. Papers, Vol. 32, No. 16, by Miss Mabel Neuib- 
hard, with notes added b}' her. See also the W.I. Cal. for 1675-6, Addenda, p. 90. where only 
the officers' names are given. A later list of 21 March 1654-5 from the I'ortlanl MSS. is given 
in the " Narrative of Venables" (Firth, 116). 

The information in the following notes is chiefly derived from " Tlie Narrative of General 
Venables," edited b_v C. H. Firth, 11)00, aul the lists of persons who applied for arrears of pay 
given in the Calendar of State Papers, Colonial, 1574—1660 (Interregnum, Entry Book, vol. cv., 
pp. 454-5, 462, and 472). 

- He returned to England with Venables. Arrears due to Col. Anthony Buller applied for 
12 Feb. 1057. 

' Francis l?arrington, once of Henry Croaiwell's regiment of h(>r,«e in the Irish Army, ntithor 
of an excellent account of the Jamaica e.>:pcdition printed in 7th Keport Hist. M.SS. Comm., 
pp. 571 — 5. Letters of his arc also printed in the Thurloe State Papers, iii., 646, vi., 376, 390, 
512. He was accidentally shot about January 1660. Cal. State Papers, Col., .Iddenda, 1574 — 
1674, p. 132 (Firth). His brother John was one of the lords of the bedchamber to Cromwell 
(Thurlow, vi., 390). 

* Michael Bland, captain in Col. Phayre's regiment iu Ireland in 1G49, became Lieut.-Col. of 
Col. Holdip's reyiment, and seems to have died in Jamaica (Firth). 1(>55, Aug. 9. Petition of 
Mariana Bland, wife of Lt.-Col. B., employed in the W'.l. Expedition, to the Lord Protector, 
asking for the ndiuission of two vessels of sugar sent co her from Barbados by her iiusband. free 
of customs and e.xcise, beiu'.^ straightened for means and havin? five small children to support 
(W.I. Cal. for 1685—8, p. 629). Gnmted (Ih. for 1655, p. 427, Editor). Arrears due to Lieut.- 
Col. Bland were applied for 9 Oct. 1657. 

' James Bland, sun of the above, was ensign to his father. See Commissions delivered at 
Hi.'^paniola and Jamaica (Firth). 

* JIary, widow of John Broome, applied for arrears 18 .\pril 1656. 

^ Katherine, widow of Capt. Edsv. (Adam ?) Baynard, apjilied for arrears 5 Sept. 1656. 

* Strode Binghn.m, 7th sou of Richard Bingham of Bingham's .Melcombe, co. Dorset and 
brother of Col. John Bingham, M.P. He was baptized 24 F'eb. 1621, ai>d his commission as 
Captain of Foot was sii,'ned on 20 Nov. 165 I by Oliver Cromwell ( tlut<;hins, iv., 374). [EDITOR.] 

' He was contmissioned in the W.I. as Scoutmaster-G.Mi. 16 April 1655. [E-ditob.] 
'" Bridget, mother of Jonathan Bowell, applied tor arrears 10 June 1658. 



John Chapman 
Christopher Cooper^ 
John Clunn- 
Vincett Corbitt'' 
John CoUington 
Anthony Clarke 
liobert Collier 
Tobias Dedo 
John Ejton 
Thomas Florey^ 
Eobert Gurry 
Charles Glapthorue'^ 
Theop. Gibson 
John Hooka® 
Henry Hunt^ 
John Hobby 
Thomas Knott^ 
Eacdall Kettell 
Benjamine Larkin^ 
Jolin Mouutage 
John Minn 
John Merrick^" 
Mathew "Martin 
Mathew Owin 
Joseph Ovie^- 
Robert Peppiat 
Peter Parry 
Abra : Pegg^' 
Thomas Pakiugton 
Johua : Peukevill 
John Peyi* 
John Eose 
James Staniford^^ 
Tho : Suttonis 
Edward Sprey^^ 
Tho : Smithes 
Rich: Welde 

Drum"' to 
Cap' to 
Sould'' to 
SouW to 
Sould"^ to 
Sould"- lo 
Sould to 
Sould"^ to 
Cap* to 
Corpo" to 
Corpo'^ to 
Sould"" to 
Corpo" to 
Sould'' to 
Sould"" to 
Sould"" to 
Serg' to 
Sould"" to 

Collo Buller. 

Cap' Minn, 



Collo Buller. 

Cap' Baynard. 

Collo Buller. 

Cap' Minn. 

Cap' Cooper. 

Cap' Mynn. 

Cap' Corbitt. 

Collo Buller. 


L' Collo Barington. 

Cap' Corbitt. 

Cap' Cooper. 

Cap' Baynard. 

Cap' Mynn. 

L' Collo Barrington. 

Collo Buller. 

Cap' Throckmorton.^' 

Cap' Cooper. 



Cap' Cooper. 

Cap. Cooper. 

Cap' Bingham. 

Cap' Cooper. 


Cap' Cooper. 

Cap' Baynard. 

Cap' Cooper. 






i \ 

' Capt. Christopher Cooper died in Jamaica. Cal. State Papers, Col., 1574— 16G0, p. 436 

' Arrears due to John Chum, serjeant, applied for 18 April 1656. 

* He was commissioned in the W.I. as ilnjor on 30 April 1655. Elizabeth his widow applied 
for arrears on 10 May and 18 July 1G56, and G Feb. 1057. 

■* Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Florev, applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656. 
' Arrears due to Capt. Chas. Glapthorne a])pUed for IS July 1656. 

* Arrears due to Jolin Hooke applied for 10 June 1658. 

' Arrears due to Edward (Henry ?) Hunt, serjeant, apjilied for 25 Dec. 1656. 
' Barbara, widow of Thomas Knott, applied for arre:irs 25 Dec. 1656. 
' Arrears due to Benjamin Larkin applied for 18 April 1650. 
'" Eleanor, mother of John Morick, applied for arrears 10 June 1658. 

" Thro^'morton, subsequently 31nior, e.xecuted for mutiny about 1656. See Thurloe, v., 152 
Cal. State papers, Col., Addenda, ]>. 121 (Firth). 

'" Jane, widow of Jos. Ovey, applied for arrears 21 Oct 1650. 

" As "Capt. l'eL,'L; " he was in the ship "^luthias " 8 June 1665. [Editor,] 

" Jane, widow of Jolm I'yc (I'oy ?), applieij for arre;irs 15 Sept. 1656. 

'^ Joane, widow of Jas. Slannifonl, soldier, ai>plied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656. 

'' Amy, widow of Thos. Suttitu, serjeant, applied tor arrears 21 Oct. 1656. 

•' Mary, widow of Capt. Edw. Spry, applied for arrears 18 April 1656. 

'^ Auue, widow of Thos. Smith, applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1650. 

,; ! 






"Will. Wosley 

Gent, at amies 

Kobert AVatts 

Soul dyer to 


James AVinter 



Elias Hickman 

Sould to 

Cap' Cooper, 

Kalph Garthi 


CapV Throckmorton 

George A'arlev 

Gunn Smith 

Jolm Watts ' • 

.Sould'" to 


James AVelcli 

Sould' to 

Capt Minn. 

Rich. AVarberton 


AA^illiam AVebb 

Sould' to 
Collo Carter. 

Buller. . u 


Andrew Carter- 


Henry Aldretl 

Sould'- to 


AVilliam Blanch 

Ensigne to 


Nathanill Bowers"' 



Eich : Eaker 

L' to 

Cap' Fil kins. 

John Brucke^ 

Drum' to 


Winkfeild Blunt 


Thomas BushelP 

• L' Collo 

Lancelott Cole 


Fergeson. : 

Thomas Clayton 


Cap' Bowers. 

John Fergeson'' 



John Frith 

Corpo" to 


Abra: Fincher^ 


John Groome 

Souldyer to 

Cap' How.8 

Jauie Herbert 

Ensigne to 


ArVill : Hastings 

Corpo^' to 


Nicholas Halford'' 


Tho: Hutchingson 

Serg' to 


Gabrill Huntley 

Ensigne to 


Kobert Hanny^" 


Major Fergeson. 

Francis How 


Cap' Hincker. 

A\''illiam Johnson 

Gentleman at 


Mathew Jones 

Serg' to 

Collo Carter. 

Thomas Knox 

Sould' to 


Rich: Lloyd 


Cap' Blunt, B.S. " 

AVilliam Longeskirts 


Collo Carter. 

John Marble 

Serg' to 

Collo Carter. 

George Markes 

Sould' to 


AV^illiam Nicholason 

Corpo" to 


' Mary, widow of Lieut. Ralph Garth who died in .Tatnaica, applied for arrears 18 April 1636. 

- Andrew Carter, Col. of the 5th Reg., had been Lt.-Col. of Lambert's Foot IIclt. when 
Cromwell invaded Scothmci, but left the army in disgrace about Jul^' 1051. lie died about the 
same time as Fortesoiie (Firth, xxi.). [Editor.] 

' Arrears due to Capt. Nath. IJuwers, deceased, applied for 24 Sept. 1657. 

■* Anne, widow of John lirooke. drununer, applied for arrear.s 25 Dec. 1656. 

' Lieut. -Ci)l. Thomas l$u--hell. In May and June 1655 was '' sick in bed," and died soon after 
(Firth). Ou 15 Sept. KISO the widow of Lieut. (Lieut. -Col. ?) Tiios. Bushell appHed for arrears. 

* Arrears due to Major Fortruson, deceased, were applied for 24^ July 1G56. He was killed 
26 April 1655. Thurloe, iii., 506, 510 (Firth). 

^ Capt. Alirahatn Fincher died in Jamaica about August 1656 (Firtii). 

* Daniel How (Ed.). 

' Capt. Nicholas Halford, one of the few officers who survived. Cal. State Papers, Col., 
1661— S, p. 117 (Firth). 

'" Capt. Robert Hannah. See an/e, p. 54, for will ot Cbr. Carter, apothecary to the army, 
13 Dee. Ifi56, naming him. [EoiTOn.] 







Francis Palmer 

Serg* to 


Owiii Powell 


Cap' Halford. 

John Perryman^ 

Sould' to 

Cap' Bowers. 


Sould' to 

Cap' Fiucher. 

George Kiland 

Sergant to 

Cap' Blunt. 

Thomas Salkeild- • 


Eobert Staunyuot 


Cap' How. 

Thomas Totty^ 

L' to 

L' Collo Bushell 

Rich : Wilbrahara 

L' to 

■ Collo Carter. 

Henry Walker 



George White 

L' under 

Collo Carter. 

George Watts* 


Capt. Blunt. 

Walter Barefoote 



William Chidley 

Chapling to 


Lasen Jenkins 

Gunsmith to 


Will : Blewfeild 

quarter m' 

Thomas Dale 

Sould' to 

Cap' How 

John Palmer' 

Gunn Smith mate 

Henry Potter 


Peter Bienen 


James Baker 


John Dolaners 


Thomas Pisher 


Prancis Parfax . 


Benja. Franci . . . 


John Hill 


George Howard 


George Herbert 


Edward Hayd 


William Kidwell 


Peter Murford 


William Owin 


Edward Powell 


Henry Eudyard^ 


Stanley Stephenson 


John Sharpe 



Eoger Sheere 


Robert Terriil 


Thomas Walded 


Samuell Sutton 


John Wilson^ 


Robert Warde 


Richard Cutts 


William Mord . . . nt 


Rich : Blake 


' Widow of John Ferryman applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656. 
' Arrears due to Capt. Tlios. Salkeild applied for 25 Dec. 1G56. 

* Arrears due to I.ieut. Thos. Tottv applied for 25 Pec. 1056. 

* Arrears due to Ensi^'n George Watts, deceased, applied for 25 Dec. 1656. 

• Dorothy, widow of John Taliner, ap[died for arrears 15 Sept. 1G5G. 

• 1658, June 15. Tay ordered to the wife of Henry Rudyerd, "Capt. Lieut." (AVM. Cal., 
p. 408). [Editok.] 

? Sarah, widow of John "WilsoD, applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656. 



Cap* Jones Troope. 




Henry Joues^ 

Captaine of Horse 

Samuell Bedl . . . 

Cornitt to 

Cap' Jones. 

Thomas Blunter 


Cap' Jones. 

Christopher Bra . . g (?) 


Cap' Jones. 

Francis Cobb 


Cap' Jones. 

Thomas Crop . . . r 


Cap' Jones. 

"William Cor . . . nan 


Cap' Jones. 

Thomas Pibes 


Cap' Jones. 

John Josse 


Cap' Jones. 

Thomas Lugg 


Cap' Jones. 

•Francis Lou . . . 


Cap' Jones. 

John Moore 


Cap' Jones. 

Eobert A'els . . r 


Cap' Jones. 

John Otter 


Cap' Jones. 

John Parr 


Cap' Jones. 

Thomas Pre . . . 


Cap' Jones. 

Thomas Pagd ... 


Cap' Jones. 

Holland Sutton 


Cap' Jones. 

John Shattoe 

Trooper to 

Cap' Jones. 

Andrew Shelfor . . . 


Cap' Jones. 

William Thedford 


Cap' Jones. 

Martin Venn^ Olphira 


Cap' Jones. 

Sampson Jenkins 


Cap' Jones. 

William Brigham 

Clarke to y'= Comissary. 

John Cudworth* 

Judge Advocate. 

John Danill^ 

Sect, to y« 

Judge Advocate. 

John Dean'' 

Marshall Generall. 

Marke Fowler 

provost marshall. 

Eich. Fletewood 



Thomas Goodfellowe 

provost marshall. 

Eobert AVadeson'^ 


Phillip Warded 



John Er.dyard^ 

' quarter m 

' Gene''. 

Thomas Hughes 


of Ordinance. 

Edward James 

Clerke to ; 

jr^ Comissary. 

Eich : Povey 


of Stores provicon 

* Cupt. Jones and most of his troop were in a ship whicli was driven back by a sloriu. In 
Barbados two troops were raised and placed under the command of Capt. Haines (son of the 
Major-Gencral) and Capt. Philip Carpenter. The horses were eaten at Hispauiola before 
embarking for Jamaica. [Editor.] 

' Wm., father of Robert Nelson, applied for arrears 10 June 1658. 

* Probably " Van." 

* Arrears due to Thos. (John ?) Cudworth, deceased, Judge Advocate, applied for 21 Oct. 

' He became Auditor General. A letter of his to his brother Col. Wm. Daniel, Governor of 
St. Johnston's, N.B., is in Thurloe, iii., 504 (Firth, 46)." 

* Jane, "wife or widow" of John Dtan, provost marshall, applied for arrears 12 Feb, 

^ 1655, June 1. "Mr. Wadeson, our chcife tresurer, goes with the hides to New England" 
(Firth, 139). 

* "Ward was commis^ioned in the W.I. as Lieut.-C'ol. to the Genenil's Regiment oa 
5 May 1G55. [Editor.] 

' lie was present at a Council of War IG June 1G55. Co]. Robert Yenables had married 
Eliz., dau. of Tlio. Rudynrd of Rudyard, and in the podi^Moe of the latter, entered in the visitation 
of Stafford in 16(>4, is given her nei'iiow James, "now in Jamaica." Mrs. Veuubles had a half- 
brother John, perhaps identical with the above. [Editob.] 




Names. Quallity. Company. 

William Dcau ^ 

, -i ' r Deputies beloiiKiug to ye provost marshall. 

Tho : Bossev \ oo^x 5 

Edward Eich J ] 

Eich. Scott Deputy muster master. • 

Peter Ludby . marshal]. ] 

George Varlee m''. Gunn Smith. • ■ i 

John Barnam y® AVlieele Eighte. ' 

Jo : Laughton Deputy to y^ provost marshall. 

[End of Second Sheet.] • ■• 1 

To the ahove interesting article by Miss Nembhard the Editor adds the ^ j 

following supplementary notes :— ",* 

The said five English Eegiments were subsequently raised in the W.I. to 
about 1000 men each. A sixth regiment of Barbadians was commanded by Col. 
Edward Doyley, a seventh of Leeward Islands men by Col. Eiciiard Iloldip, and 
an eighth under Col. John Huinfrey arrived from England the end of 1G55 as a » 

reinforcement. The seventh regiment was soon after disbanded. 

In a petition of 1(500 Capt. Gregory Butler, one of the Commissioners under 
Venables, stated that he lost his brother the Adjutant- General and six servants, 
and disbursed £1200 (Thurloe, vii., 912). 

Col. John Humfrey's Eegiment. 

1655, Sept. C. Major-General Eobert Sedgwick writes from Barbados that he i 

sailed from Plymouth on 11 July with a regiment of SOO men drawn out of the . 

old regiments in England, with eight ships of war, and arrived at Barbados on • 

27 Aug. Capt. H. Maddison on board the Gift was sent on 7 Sept. to S' Chris- | 

topher to get recruits with Joshua Wilson on board the Mar ma duke (W.I. | 

Cal., 96, 97). I 

Ou 14 Nov. he wrote that he arrived on 1 Oct. at Jamaica. Thirty men died '^ 

of the flux, including Capt. Eenn of the Wildeman and Capt. ^Maddison of the I 

Oift, who died at Barbados. Major-General Portescue died about 20 Oct. and 1 

many ofhcers are dead. There had been 700 deaths, also 50 of the new soldiers. \ 

Encloses list of men, women, and children in the Generals, Major-GeneraJs, Col. \ 

Carters, Col. Bullers, Col. Doyles, Col. Holdippes, and Col. Humpheres regiments, \ 

219-1 well, 2316 sick, 172 women and children {lb., p. 105). Col. Portescue's 1 

regiment is not referred to. Doyley had reduced each regiment bv two com- J 

panics and disbanded the Leeward Islands one (Bridge, i., 217). " "W'ith Sedge- | 

wick went Col. Humfrevs, the Son of him who carry'd the Sword before I 

President Bradshaw at the King's Trial." He returned to England (Oldmixon's | 

"British Empire in America," ii., 271, 273). Col. H. was named 11 Mav 1658 ' 
(W.I. Cat, p. 472). He returned to England and fought in Flanders (Thurloe). 
See ante, p. 54, for the will of Gilbert Bury, soldier in Capt. Sedgwick's company 
in the above regiment. 


" \'3^" ! ■^'•3Tcvi-"7'C>^'7 


atimiral ^ir ?3rtcr 4^arlur, 33art 

The Parlcer family in four freiierations supplied no less than fire admirals, all 
noted men. Christopher died a in 17G5, very aged. His sou Peter, 
an "Irishman," was a Captain in 1747, aiid in 17-37, in command of the 
""Woolwich," went out lo the ^V.I. with Commodore John Moore,* Commander- 
in-Chief at the Leeward islands. 

In 1759 he took part in the abortive attack on Martinique and reduction of 
Guadaloupc,t returning in 17G0 to England. 

He married about 1759 ^Margaret, daughter of AValter Xugent, Esq., of 
"Nugents" in xVntigua, who had died the previous year, leaving her a portion of 
£2000. Parker was knighted in 1772, and served as Commander-in-Chief at 
Jamaica 1777 — S2, receiving on his return a baronetcy. He eventually became 
Admiral of the Fleet in 1799, and died in Weymouth Street 21 Decem.ber 1811 
at the advanced age of 90. His portrait by Abbot is at Greenwich. 

His two daughters both married AVest India]\s (only one is mentioned in the 
"D.N.E."). Anne, born 3 May 1773, married, 10 September l&OO, George 
Ellis of Jamaica, M.P., and died in 1S62 in her 90th year. Antoinette married 
1795 John Ellis, cousin of George, and died in 1S29. 

Sir Peter Parker, 2nd Bart, (grandson of tiie 1st Bart), in 1814 sold Nugents 
plantation to Chr. Codrington, after repayment of £SU00 his grandfather had 
lent on mortgage. ;|: He was killed in action at Baltimore the same year, aged 28, 
being then a Post Captain. 

He was evidently first buried at Bermuda, as appears by the following entry 
from the parish register of St. George :§ " 1815, April 2. Memorandum. This 
day the body of Sir Peter Parker was taken ui^ at the request of Captain Edmund 
Palmer, E.N., one of his Executors, to be conveyed to England in the Hebrus 
frigate." The reinterment took place in St. Margaret's, Westminster. The 
baronetcy became extinct in 18G9. 

^ffounti) iTlnting to ^lini^)* ^Jropntj) m tfjc ?lfflt)arti 


CONPi.SCATED IN 1G51— 1G54.|| 
[Egerton MS. 2395, Fo. 54.] 

Credif Coone in Ano 1G52. lbs. tob. 

Paul Charles de Voe 2G1, pd James Eoberts 713, pd John Maen 2G0, pd 
Edward Danicll 805, pd John Prestey 533, pd John Beere 53, pd 
Samuell Underwood 120, pd Peeter Siarkie 285. pd Scacy Jordan 
802, pd Walter Williams 24S, pd Scacy Jordan 22, pd Ens. Edmund 
Lee 93, in the whole is 4195 

Rest due in sev'all of the inhabitants hands 8515 

* He had married in 1756 Peuelope, daughter of General "William Matliew, Governor of 
the Leeward blaiids. 

t ^Moore's squadron, which captured Guadeloupe on 23 Jaimary J759, did uot include Purktr 
or his ship the " Bristol," to whii-h he had moved tiiat month. 

X The deed is in the Editor's possession. 

§ Howard's " Misc. Gen. et Her.," 1st series, vol. iv., p. 208. See also the " D.N.B." and 
article in the " Globe" for 2 May 1892. 

y Continued from p. 227. 

\0L. n. 8 


Credif Van Slota in Ano 1G52. 

Paid M' Anthony Eoberts 242 

Best due in sev'all of the inhabitants hands 2419 

Debts in Ano 1G52. 
Debts sequestred in Ano 1G52 fonn'Iy belonginge to Abraham Van De 

Mart to the value of 7303 

Whereof paid in part 900 

Eest Due 6403 

Debts made bv the Com" att Cappisterra for the sequestration in Ano 

1652 to the value of 2161 

Whereof paid 13 

Eest due 2148 

Debts sequestred in Ano 1652 form'ly belonginge to Cornelius Senson 

to the value of 568 
Debts sequestred in Ano 1652 form'ly belonging to Peeter Garsoii to 

the value of 1398 

Whereof Paid in part 347 

Eest due 1051 

Credif Van de Mart 1652. 

Paid Walter Williams 418, pd Scacy Jordan 482, in the whole is 900 

Eest in sev'all of the inhabitants hands 6403 

Credif the Com". 
Paid William Clements 13 

Credif Peeter Garson. 

Paid John Webber 70"'^ pd S^jeant Eichard Willson 278, in the whole is 347 

Eest due in sev'all of the inhabitants hands 1051 

Debts in Ano 1652. lbs. tob. 

Debts sequestred in Ailo 1652 form'ly belonginge to John Guy to the 

value of ' 1187 

William Walton beinge a felon his estate sequestred and sold by the 
Com", accordinge to appizement for 16833"'^ of Sugar in tot att 3'|'^ 
p'' lb. is ' 5051 

John Espin a felon his estate sequestred and apprized to the value of 1000 

More in Indiccoe 41 

Credif Waltons Estate. 

Eeced the said sume of 1683 §"'' sugar and dS into the hands of Cap'" 

Nicholas Taylor one of the Com"'^ in tob. att S""^ p"" lb. is 5051 

Credif Espius Estate. 

Paid to Joseph Madlyn IGO"", pd John Boulton 287"^=, in the whole is 447 

Eest due in tob. 553 
The whole sequestred estate in the wiuw ard Side doth by goods & debts 

amountinge to 98,119 

Alsoe in dry Ginger due 1286 

Likewise in Sugar 2444 

Whereof rec'' for goodes and by debts rec'' and paid awaj' to sev'all of 

the inhabitants as p"" Aec° from the receiver to the Com" is apparrantt 

to the value of 43715 



Paid for Sallarie in receivinge payinge & dcliYeriiige upp the s*^ goodes 
rec'' with losse of w" att 12"'" p cent, for the s'' sume of 4371-5"'^ tob. 
amounts to 52-lG 

It. for Comission expeiices chardgcs and nftou travell of the Comission's 
from AVinward to Leward with div's niectingcs aboutc the s*^ 
scqiiestred goodes in p'vcinge and findinge out tlie s*^ goodes att 6000 

Soe rests in the Coni''^ liands to inal^e gdod to liis Highncsse the sum of 8421 

And still remayuiuge due to his Highnesse besides the above sjiecilied 
giug"" and sngar in the hands of sev'all of the inhabitants as by the 
afore Rnninge Acc° is ajjparrantt the sufne of o3G83 

The whole remayuiuge due to his ilighuesse on the "Winward side is 62054 

15"' October 165G. 

Haveiug p'used the abovesaid acco' doe fllnd the Comiss'^ on the wind- 
ward side of St. Christoph'' Deb" to his Highnes the Lord Protecto'" 
as ffolloweth 
Impis in Tobacco 58578 

In suger 2444 

In Endegoe 550 

In Drv Ginger ' 12SG 

S''jant IMajo'' W'" Tresilian and Capt. Eowland Davis Com" for y^ prize office 
one the Leeward side this Island S' Christoph'* are Debto'^. 

lbs. tobaco. 
Imp' to an Acco'" Deliv'ed into the Com" Gregory Butler Esq. & others 116587 

more from Joseph Wallingon 
more from Ensigne Ivobcrt Clearkc 
more from ffrancis Hull* 

„ „ Thomas Aldworth jun'' 
,, „ ffrancis Jackson 
„ „ S-'jant Majo'" Jn" Watknis 

„ ,, Capt. Sam. Payne for 10 Xegroes bouglit of Cha. Reymes at 
1100^'" of sugar p head 
more from M'' Phillip Jeft'oris for 3 Xegroes bought at y^ Bate abovesd 

from Charles Peynies 
more from Capt. iSathaniell Starkey for 3 Xegroes bought at y* Eates 

abovesd fro Ch: Kevmes 
more fro George ]Mayne for two Negroes bought of Charles Eeymes for 
more from M'' John Archer for one Negroe bought of y"^ said Eeymes 
at y^ Eate of sugar ut supra 

Erro" Excepted. 

to Ballance 

fi (Original signatures of) 

P Contra Credito". 














paid John Puncheard by noate fro y* Com" 
paid Harmon Drough by noate fro y'= Com'^ 
pd jSP Kenipthorne iOO^'" Ind. by noate fro y« 
deliv'ed Capt. Clearke Cask prized at 

* Or " Hull. 





. Davis 






s 2 



deliv'cd Capt. Blagp; Caske prized at 

pd y^ master of y^ Golden Lyou by uotc fro }« Com'* 
pd y"^ Coop' of llariaon Drogh by Doate fro y' Com" 
pd Antho. Jiicliardsoii by y^ Coin'^ noate 
pd Capt. John Lockyr by the Com" noate 
pd Capt. "Wiseman by the Com" noate 
pd AV'" Thornton by the Com" noate 
pd Gilbert Lo.\lcy by the Com" noate 
pd Stephen Carkeet by y^ Com''^ noate 
pd Kicliard IMathcwes by y' Com" noate 
pd Capt. Lockycr for s'jant Pond by y^ Com" noate 
pd Jolin ffenn by the Com" noate lOOO"'^ sugar 
pd Eobert Avery by the Com" noate 
pd Kobert Eawlings by the Com" noate 
pd Ensigne Eob: Cutts by the Com^^ noate 

by losse of tobaco los-t at Palmeto p' proved rotten & nothing. made of it 
pd Capt. Browne by noate fro maj'' Geji'all JSedgwick 
pd Majo'' Tresilian for a debt due to him fro Capt. George Johnson 
pd to Leedy Blackbowen a debt due to her fro Daniell de Cock 
pd Capt. Sam. Winthrop by the Com" order 
pd Michaell Marriotts attorney p'' Com" noate 
pd Eoger Hanly remaining for storehouse rent 
pd Charles Hoblin for Casque to put sugar iu 
pd Tytus Baker for Casque to put sugar in 
, pd James Everden for Casque to put sugar in 
pd W"' Stephens a debt proved due fro Alex. Jacobson 
pd M'' Puncheard for y^ Diett & attendance of a sicke soldier lef c heere 

by maj'' gen'all Sedgwick 
pd M' Puncheard a debt prov'd duo to him fro Alex. Jacobson a dutchman 
pd to Edward Battery for storehouse rent 

pd John Dillon a debt prov'd due to him fro Garratt Enes a Dutchman 
pd Ralph AVhitehead a debt prov"d due to him fro Antho: Lauranco for 

Storehouse Eent 
Lost by 3 barr"^ of beefe proving rotten in Palmeto point praysed at 250^''^ 

p' Barr" 
pd Morris Gerrald a Debt due to him fro Antho: Cornelius a dutchman 
payd to Capt. Samuell Payne a debt proved due to him fro Jacob Segars 

paid to M'' Phillip Jeaft'oris for storehouse Eent 
lost 2 Barr"* of beefe at stones gutt storehouse proving Eotten nothing 

made of them prized at 2SS p'' B. 
paid John Pugsly a debt proved due to him fro Alexander Jacobson 

a dutchman 100"'^ Indico 
pd John Onell a debt prov'd due fro the sd Jacobson for Storehouse Eent 
Lost upon weight of sugar untill y*^ 4''' of Aprill 1G5G — 1075"'^ of sugar 
given to Abram Lamatra out of his owne goods in shooes and Brandy to 

y'^ value of 
paid Tho: Aldworth jun'^ who was imployd for demanding & receiving of 

Debts it disposing of y'^ same 
paid to John Lewis whom wee imployed upon the same occasion at 

Palmeto pointe 
It. by o^ Comission for receiving and di^posinge of about 11-1000"'^ & 

for writinge and keepinge bookes of accounts cr at 12"'^ p cent, is 
It. by debts remaininge yet unpaide uppon the Leiward side the Island 










































Fo. 78. (Endorsed.) An Accounipt of the Strangers Goods senst uppon for 
the use of His Highness In the Islande of JVeavis Griven the 21'^ October Anno 

His Highnes Ollcver Lorde Protecktor of Einglande and the Domminions 

165^ ■ Dettor 

March 20 As appears by A list of goods sent downe by the 

One Drome ande heads sent in the forst fleate' 
Provishons sent by the gentlemen to Jemeeoe As p' Account 
Hire of the Shipe to Transport the gentlemen : payc M"^ Stowe 
Payt Cap' Mennen frinch marchant for provishonns for the 

present fleat: ouder Conimande of Gennerall Goodsouue 
Payt M'' John Hunte Seccutare as p' Squire Butlers order 
That is to be payt for M'^ Mulleuaxe As p' order of Corronell 

Luke Stookes : And ordart Sarg' Bondou to paye at 

4 hogsheads Sugers of Xtopher Johnsonns burnt in the 

Storehouse at Mortons Baye : Coutaninge by Astemalio 

600"^' p' peace 
Burnt in the same Stoorehouse Sugers that Cap' Morton had 

payt in, to his highnesses use as Appeers by his accoumpt 
Barnet Baker Eon-awaye 
John Barrell Can not be foiinde 
John Bray goiie in the forst lleat 
As p"' "William Becks accounii^t for 4 muskets for the forst 

Jonathan Bardell Cooper : for trimiuge of Caske Att severall 

tymes as Appeers by his account 
Payt to M'' William Bufley for 6 moniths Stoorehouse Rent 
Payt Clement Baker for boothire to Endeu Cased and other 

fraught as p' his acco 
Seast uppon goods of Xtopher Johnsonns put to Witt Chajjell 

to sell was burnt in the Stoore house 
Goods of Petter Johnsonn put to Wilt Chappell to sell was 

alsoe burnt in the Stoorehouse 
John Batts gone in the forst tieat 
Jams Bennet in the forst fleat 









14576 - 














5637 450S0 

His Highnes Ollever Lord Protecktor of Einglande And the Domminions 
there of : Credditor To Straugors goods seast uppon in the Islande of Neves. 

As Appeers by Petter Johnsonns gennarall Accoumpt 

As Appeers by Xtopher Johnsonns gennarall accoumpt 

As Appeers By Jacob Van De Velds gennarall accoumpt 

As Appeers by Hance Van De Kinders Accoumpt 

As Appeers by Petter Endegees Accoumpt 

As Appeers by AUart ft'redricks accoumpt 

As Appeers by ft'redricke Lekers Accoumpt 

As Appeers By Kester Kcstersonns accoumpt 

As Appeers by Allort Cornclcs accoumpt 

As Appeers by lliclianl ft'oggs accoumpt 

As Appeers by Petter Cozens Accoumpt 
















As Appeers by Yldricke Olsons Accourapt 4378 133 

As Appeers by Buroe Swansoniis accoumpt 16143 

As Appeers by a bill of Jouathau Jacksoims given in by 

Xtopher Johnsonn 500 

As Appeers by a Bill of Cap' Anthony Pettersonns which 

was uppon the accoumpt of the seasure of A boot, as p' 

Cap' Pettcrsionns account 
To Goods of Leawes Sells seast uppon as Appeers by his 








His Highnes Dettor 

Eobart Michell in the forst float 

John Wells in the forst Heat 

To Laberor to helpe with sugers as p' Will Marshes Accourapt 

Pay' Thomas Dape for Labor done In the Stoorehouse 

To John Grassome to warne the pepole to bringe Downe 

there goods 140 

Payt by AVitt Chapell weyer for Caringe downe the Soulders 

for St Xtophers 300 

To Mathewe ftasset payt by M'' Leawes for Boot Hire 316 

To ffatlier Kinge for worke by him done 10 

ffor weyagc and Leeagc of Sugers as p' Will Marshes accoump' 

beinge weyer 711 

As p' M' Wiseharts Accoumpt for Weyagc and Leckage of 

sugers 582 

Payt to weyage as p' "Will Chapells Accoumpt 52 

Payt to weyage as p' M'' Leawes Accoumpt 89 

Payt to weyage As p' M'' Richard ffoggs Accoumpt 79 

for weyage And waste of Sngers brought from the Enden 

Cassele storehouse 461 

the ould duch Cooper : made it Appere befoore he died that 

he did owe notbiuge to Hance Van De Kinder 600 

Conrade the smith deade and lefte noe Astate 205 

Sarg' Grinfealde kilt by the Endins 27^ 

John Hilton hath Eecavet towards his sallere 3292 

That is yet Due to Jobn Hilton for sallere not as yet recavet 1522 

Clem Hackius gone in the forst tleat 490 

As p' Phillip Mays Accoumpt for A shoot the Deputed 

Comisboners had for there refreshinge 101 

M' Mureton weyer deade and lefte noe Asstate 181 

Petter Neglc gone in the forstc fleate 250 

Elesebeth Bell gone in the forst lleate 20 

As p' M"' Ostermans Account made it Appeere that Hance 

Van de Kinder Did owe him 667 

His Highnes Dettor 

815 9663 

Eottcrdam Keete gone in the forst fleate 9f 

Payt to iSI'' John Kobins as Cap' ]Mortons neot for provishons 

sent Downe 2736 

As p' Cap' Petter Seaiuors account payt him for Boot hire to 

St Xtophers By order from the Coiumisbouers 280 

Payt to Cap^ Sebude As p' the Commishouers : for goods 

sent downe to Jammccoe 2800 

il" Thommas Gone of the Lande 31 


To severall people Goinge of the Lando for Jeammeeoe As 

Appeers by a Leste 
Will Perse in the forst fleate 

Brought from the other side 

Will Mower dettor for Irou gone in fleat 

William Danesouu for A pare Bellus Ahvell and visse goinge 
in this present fleat 

Debts owinge by sevrall parsons for Ballance 

This is A true and just accoumpt Arrors Exsepted 36985 110440 

By me John Hilton. 

We under writtne Commishoners of the prise ofEs In Neavis Doe present 
this to be A true And Just Accoumpt As Eeceaved ffrom o'' Eeseaver This 21"' 
October Anno 1656 

(Original signatures of) Jas : Eussell. 

Ban: Eussell. 
Eoger Morton. 

Nevis Islande October 21"^ 1656. A Liste of thoses people that are goinge 
for Jaraecoe : Beinge Indebted to his Highnes uppou the Accoumpt of the 
Strangers goods seast uppon for his llighnesses use : there names And what they 
owe hear set Downe. 















Eobart Bonnor 


Alixsander Woode 


Thomas Jacksonn of Gengerland 


Myls Johns 


Mathewe lioose 


Will Barnes 


Walter Sturgus 


Thomas Grurley 


Nicholles ^Marvelley 


Markus Hill 


Thomas Jeffersonn 


John Pantou 


Sarg' Boudou uppon the Accoum 


of M^^ 



NichoUas Crocker 


Thomas Maninge securitic fur 


ill Mantle 


Will Graskin surgon 


Sarg' Mat hew Davis 


Charles Taylor 


Eodger Towersonu 


George Grcne 


Thomas Willshirc 


Arnold Van Winsborroe 


Lt Williams Carrorgou • 






Thomas Workeman 

Lt Thomas Orchord 

John 0']}orne 

Robarfc Kinge 

Eichard Strachley 

Andrue Shelle 

Thomas Dobs 

George Thomas Junnor 

Thomas Colliugs 

John Griffin 

William Perrey for bread 

M" Goodderrom 

Will Hoskius 

Thomas Calfe 

Sarg' John Guy 

Sarg' James Browne 

Abram Tuter 

Nathanyell Shearewoodc 

Thomas Hughes 

Nicholas Druge 

M^ Will Try 

Christopher Lyne 

Robart Chesson o'' Kobart the fowler 

Hendry Yettman 

Edward Eavins 

John Stevens 

AYill Pane 

John Prewer 

Will. Grene 

John Stodder 

Eobart Plowman Marshall 

Cap' Petter Seamor 

Bichard Allin . . . .* Keper 

M' Harue to paye 

Will Davenson for A pai"e of Bellus x^nvelle and 
Vise Cared with him at present for Jam- 

2461^ 10G26 
By me John Hilton. 

Arrears of the Charibee Islands to Jamaica, for the estates confiscated & 
aplicable to the benefitt of y' Island (fo. 46S). 

In the tyme of y'' late Warr w"' Holland, such Dutch-men as resided or 
traded in y"^ English Plantations in y"^ West India had their Estates confiscated 
to y'^ use of y^ usurped Power then in England. 

These Estates were since ordered by y' power to bee applyed to y« use & 
releefe of Jamaica. In pursuance whereof, the Prize-Coinmissiouers for y'= 
respective Islands remitted y'^ Accompts (y' are herewith tendred) unto L' Gen" 
Brayne then comanding in chiefEe in Jamaica. 

The s'' Accompts coutaine y*^ particulcrs & totalis of y<= seized Goods, what 
disburat upon severall occassions, & what remaining in y'^ handes of y*^ Cora- 










































• Illegible word here. 



issioners & otKer p'sons in those Islands, \v'='' though often demanded by y' 
Brayne & his Successor yet had noe other complyance but excuses & delayes. 
The Sufnes remaiueing due from y*^ severall Islands are these viz' — 

lbs. Suger lbs. tobacco lbs. Indico lbs. Ginger. 

S* Christopher's 

2444 8936S 550 1286 


390&4 27516 


00000 38362 


00000 119240 






■\^cii |)y estimation is sterl' money — 
■ 41408"'= Suger rated at 2'^ p' lb. is 
274486"'= tobacco at 2'' p' lb. is 
550"'= Indico at IS'' p' lb. is 
1286"" Ginger at 1'' p' lb. is 
Besides £82 : 2' : 6'^ due in Antigua in mony 

Lieut.- General AV. Brayne, Governor of Jamaica, wrote, 18 April 1657, to 
the Protector : — 

"The dets oweing to your highues in the Caribe Islands wold have bin a very 
gi-eat assistance to us ; but I had noe order to demand them ; and I feare a great 
parte of them will be loste, the debtors dyeing, and theire estates imbezled." 
("Thurloe's State Papers," vi., 212.) 





: 07 

: 08 











: 03 

: 06 


Robert Barwicke of the Town and County of Southampton, yeoman, but at 
present resident in the ship The Plough of London, bound for England, 23 Sept. 
4 Charles, 162S. To my wife Margaret, living in Southampton, the 30' I left 
with her, the 30' due as her fortune from her mother .... Cheason, a widow, 
living in the said town, and 30' when my goods are sold. If she have a son 200', 
if a dau. 100'. If either die then the legacy to be divided, and 1 give f to my 
brother William B. and my sister Jane B., and \ to my brother Daniell 15. 40' 
out of the 200' " to be laid out in provisions to be sent to my brother Daniell B. 
and my manservant at Saint Christophers." To the poor of Newport, I. of W., 
5' and of All Hallows, Southampton, 40s. My father Emanuell B. 10'. My 
mother Joyce B. 10'. To the three children of my sister Barnell Puckford 15'. 

" Item forasmuch as the worshippfuU my verie loving blaster Captaine Thomas 
AVarner hath been verie kind and loving unto me and hath benne the cause b\' 
whom I have gotten my estate in testimonie therefore of my thankfullness 
although I am not able to requite him, 1 do give and bequeath unto him one 
Beaver hatt of the best kind which I humbiie intrcat hiin to weare for my sake to 
be given unto him within one moneth next after iiis arrival in England." 

To my kind mistress M''^ Pcbccca Warner, wief to the said Capt. Tho. W., one 
beaver hat of 5' after her arrival in England. To my well beloved friend iNP John 
ffeatle}'. Minister and Preacher, now aboard the good shipp Plough, 5' after his 
arrival. My friend Chr. Havers 50s. John Underwood oUs. \Vm. Snellgrove, 
chirurgcon, of tiie Plough, 40 lbs. of tobacco. To my Ex'or 50' to be deducted 
from the profit of t)ie labour of my servant liaph lieade, living upon the Isle of 
St. Christopher in the W. I. with my brother Daniell B., and the rest to b^ 



divided into equal parts, i to any child and ^ to my Ex'or and sister Jane B. 
My brother A\''m. B., living in the Burrough of Southworke by Loudon, shoo- 
maker, sole Ex'or. "Witnessed by John ifeatley, ffrancis Jeffrey, Kich. Burghes. 
Proved 26 Nov. 1G2S by W. B. (102, Barrington). 

In Egerton MS. 2395 is a copy of the Articles of Peace, dated 5 Sept. 
and 8 Nov. 1G28, which were signed on 8 Nov. by Capt. Edward "Warner, 
Governor of St. Christopher, and by George Molle and Godfrey Havercharepe, 
Esquires (the Commissioners appointed by the Earl of Carlile), and by Capt. 
Anthony Hylton, President of Mevis. Capt. Thos. "Warner apparently had \ 

deputed his son Edward to act as Governor in his place during his absence. | 

From Robert Barwicke's will it seems that Capt. Thos. Warner was still out in | 

the "W. I., possibly at some other island than St. Christopher. The " Plough " I 

of London was evidently returning to that port with several planters and a cargo -^ 

of tobacco. On p. 8 under the Featley Memoir nothing is said about the llev. j 

John Eeatley's return from St. Christopher in the " Plough," but there is a gap 
between 1625 and 1630. 

Communicated by Lieut.-Colouel H. "\V. Pook. 


Some ten years ago the Editor found among the ecclesiastical correspondence 
preserved in the muniment-room in Eulhaui Palace a transcript of a few years of 
the parish register of St. George's, Nevis. He made at the time a few extracts, I 

■which were printed in the " Histoi-y of Antigua," vol. iii. As the records for the 
North American and West Indian Colonies were unsorted and in great confusion 
no further search was then made by him. Major-General E. Pemberton, liowever, 
examined these same papers about 1903, and then found them all })roj)erly 
arranged, and fortunately made a copy of the transcript. The Editor last Octobei* 
went carefully twice through the box of papers relating to the Leeward Islands, 
but could discover no trace of any parish registers. How or why the paper has 
been removed it is impossible to say, and the Bishop of London's Secretary could 
throw no light on the loss. 

The Editor at once wrote to General Pemberton, with the gratifying result 
that the following copy of the transcript is now printed. The original parish 
register for the first quarter of the eighteenth century is no longer in existence, 
80 that the transcript is unique. 

All the entries were copied, but those relating to Pemberton were abstracted 
and placed separately. As these have been already printed in this Magazine, 
they have not been reinstated. 


In reply to your inquiry I do not find that we have any Transcripts from the 
Islands of St. Christopher and Nevis. The Registrar General has some Registers 
from St. Lucia 1S9S to 1905, Barbados and the "Windward and Leeward Islands 
ISOi to 1906. 

Haest "W. Lee. 
Bishop of London's Registry, 
1 Deau'a Court, Doctors' Commons, E.G. 
12 Jan. 1912. 







June 26 









CAribbeana. 267 


1716 May 3 Frances dau. of M'' Greorge Webbe, sen"", by Elizabeth his Wife. 
Mary, Robert, William and Aune, Sons and daus. of Eobert 

Vaughan by Mary his wife. 
William the son of Henry L>oe by Rebecca his Wife. 
Thomas the son of Thomas Neal, Cordiner, by Anne his Wife. 
Richard the sou of William Burk, Mason, by Sarah his Wife. 
Bonjainin the sou of Jonas Webber, Carpenter, by Elizabeth 

his Wife. 
John Snelliug. 

William Litton son of Thomas Herbert b}^ Dorothy his Wife. 
Anne the dau. of Thomas Measures, Parish Clerk, by Susanna 

his Wife. 
Elizabeth dau. of Richar J Davis, Carpenter, by Sarah his Wife. 
Mary dau. of ^V' William Smith of the Island of S' Xophers by 

Sarah his Wife. 
Dec. 16 John Adolphus son of M"^ Jacob xlndrew Bernhose, Chirurgion, 

by Margaret his wife. 
1716 [-7] Jan. 20 Katheriue dau. of Andrew Mildrem by Mary his Wife. 

Feb. 3 John Mendon son of Richard Waters, Taylor, by Wilmot his 

AVilliam son of John Hooker, Carpenter, by Mary his AVife. 
Frances, Thomas and James, the dau. and sons of John Oester- 

inan, Taylor, by Mehetabel his wife. 
George sou of M'' George Webbe, Sen"", by Elizabeth his Wife. 
Elizabeth dau. of John Wattley, ]\[ason, by Elizabeth bis 

Mary dau. of Thomas Morris, Carpenter, by Penelope his 

Frances dau. of .John Combes, Taylor, of S* Thomas's Parish, 

by Mary his wife. 
Bridget dau. of M'' Jenkiu Rice by Bridget his AVife. 
Henry sou of Henry Doe by Rebecca his Wife. 
John son of M'' Edward lies by Sarah his Wife. 
Elizabeth dau. of Elizabeth Kelley. 

Jane dau. of Jonas AVebber, Carpenter, by Elizabeth his Wife. 
Thomas sou of Thomas Xeal, Cordwainer, by Anne his Wife. 
Elizabeth and Joshua, dau. and son of John Hobson, Taylor, 

of S' James's Parish by ^lary his late Wife. 
Joseph sou of John Daseut, Esq'', by Anne his Wife. 
James son of M'' George Webbe, Sen'', by Elizabeth his AV'ife. 
AVilliam son of Bartholomew Stone, J'aylor, by Marj' his Wife. 
John son of Al'' John ifaussctt by Mary his AVife. 
Paruel dau. of Francis Stoddard by Paruel his AVife. 
M^ George AVebbe, Seu^ 

Thomas son of Darby Alorris, fisherman, by Mary his AVife. 
John son of Richard Davis, Carpenter, by Sarah his Wife. 
John son of M'' John Springett of S' John's Parish b}"- Anne 

his AVife. 
Anne dau. of AI' George Littmau of S' John's Parish by Sarah 

his AV'ife. 
Thomas son of M'' AVilliam lies by Anne his Wife. 
Charles son of M'' Thomas Herbert, Sen'', by Dorothy his Wife. 
Michal dau. of AP John Hooker, Carpeuter, by Alary his Wife. 

Johu son of AI'' Joseph Symouds by S.irali his Wife. 
Anue dau. of M'' Jacob Aadrew Beruhose, Chirurgion, by 

Margaret his Wife. 


















1717 [-8] Jan. 1 




































1718[-9] Jat 











1720 [- 


172 1[ 


June 15 
July 20 
July 28 
Aug. 2 
Aug. 20 
Aug. 28 
Oct. 1 
Oct. 28 
Nov. 1 
Nov. 8 
Dec. 8 
Dec. 26 
Dec. 31 
20] Jan. 2 
Jan. 15 
Mar. 3 
Mar. 8 
Mar. 31 
June 6 

July 4 
July 10 
July 21 
Aug. 9 
Sep. 16 
Oct. 2 
Dec. 2i 
1] Jan. 19 

Feb. 14 
Mar. 14 

April 9 . 
AprU 20 
June 1 
June 20 
July 1 

July 2 
July 9 
Aug. 20 
Nov. 9 
Nov. 12 
Dec. 1 
Dec. 25 
•2] Jan. 2 
Jan. 8 
Jan. 19 
Jan. 3L 
Feb. IS 
June 2 
June 10 
June 12 
July 19 
July 22 
July 30 

Jacob son of John Oesterman, Taylor, by Mehetabel his Wife. 
James son of M'' William lies by Anne his Wife. 
Hill son of John Dascnt, Esq.,* by Anne his Wife. 
Joseph son of William Burk, Mason, by Sarah his AVife. 
John son of M'' Thomas Herbert, Sen'', by Dorothy his Wife. 
Nathanael sou of Nathanael Clifton by Katherine his Wife. 
Isaac son of Anne Nelme. 

George sou of Robert Stoddard, Carpenter, by Mary his Wife. 
Abraham sou of John Brooks by Margaret his AVife. 
Edward son of Eichard Waters, Taylor, by Wilmott his Wife. 
Peter son of Peter Kent, Carpenter, by Frances his AVife. 
William son of M'' Edward lies by Sarah his Wife. 
Elizabeth dau. of M' AVlUiam Hull by Elizabeth his Wife. 

Mary dau. of Mary lies. 
Thomas son of Thomas Measures by Susanna his Wife. 
Francis son of Francis Stoddard by Parnel his AVife. 
Walter AVilliam son of AI"^ James Symonds by Mary his AVife. 
Peter son of M'' John ffaussett by Mary his Wife. 
Bartholomew son of Bartholomew Stone, Taylor, by Mary 

his A7ife. 
Mary dau. of Jonas AVebber, Carpenter, by Elizabeth bis AVife. 
Anne dau. of John Lyburd, Carpenter, by Mary his AVife. 
Richard sou of Richard Davis, Carpenter, by Sarah his AVife. 
AVilliam Cressey son of ^I^' John Lane by Anne his AVife. 
Josiah son of M'' George Webbe, Sen'', by Elizabeth his AVife. 
Mary dau. of Francis Roper by Mary his AVife. 
Samuel son of Samuel Lawrence, Carpenter, by Sarah his AVife. 
Henrietta dau. ot^ M'' Thomas Herbert, Sen'', by Dorothy 

his AVife. 
Carolina dau. of Robert Stoddard, Carpenter, by Mary his Wife. 
Charles AA'^illiam son of AVilliam Taylor, Blacksmith, by Sarah 

his Relict. 
George son of Johu Hooker, Carpenter, by Mary his AVife. 
Joseph son of William Burk, Mason, by Sarah his AVife. 
Darby son of Darby Morris, Fisherman, by Mary iiis AA^ife. 
Thomas son of M'' Thomas lies by Sarah his AVife. 
Richard son of Richard AV^aters, Taylor, dec*^, by Wilmot his 

AVidow relict. 
John son of Peter Kent, Carpenter, by Frances his Wife. 
Anne dau. of Thomas Neal, Cordiner, by Anne his AVife. 
John son of John Davis, Mason, by Katherine bis AVife. 
John son of M'' Johu Kitt by Frances his AVife. 
John son of John Huggins, Carpenter, by Elizabeth his AVife. 
Sarah dau. of Jonas Webber, Carpenter, by Elizabeth his AVife. 
Peter son of jM'' John ffausset by Mary his Wife. 
Johu son of M'' George Webbe, Sen'', by Elizabeth his AATife. 
Digby son of Isaac Edwards by Sara his AVife. 
Mary dau. of Henry Saunders, Mason, by Susanna his Wife. 
Anne dau. o£ .lames Butler. Overseer, by Elizabeth his Wile. 
AVilliam son of AVilliam Sutton, Overseer, by Mary his Wife. 
Elizabeth dau. of Maurice Ilealy. Overseer, by ^lary his Wife. 
John sou of Thomas Oesterman, Mason, by Penelope his AVife. 
James son of AP Thomas Herbert by Dorothy his Wife. 
John Butler sou of James Symonds, Esq., by Mary liis Wife. 
Bridget dau. of John Liburd, Carpenter, by Mary his Wife. 
Richard son of Samuel Laurence, Carpenter, by Sarah his Wife. 

Sir John Rouhe I)asoat is au owQ^ir of pUmtatious in St. Viaceat. 

















1723 Mar. 


April 22 
April 22 









1723[-4] Jan. 8 










1722 Aug. 30 Sarah dan. of M-- Edward lies by Sarah his Wife. 

Tabilha dau. of Francis Stoddard by Parnal liis Wife. 

John son of M'' John Ilanley by Bridj^et his Wife. 

Elizabetli Stephens dau. of M'' Francis Sanders, Jun^ by Sarah 

his AVife. 
Mary dau. of Edward Evans, Mason, by Margaret hia Wife. 
John son of Darby Morris, Fisherman, by Mary his AVife. 
William and Sarah, son and dau. of Nicholas Hendrickson, 
Carpenter, by Anne his Wife. 
1722 [-3] Feb. 17 John son of John Hooker, Carpenter, by Mary his "Wife. 
Feb. 24 Jenkin son of jM'' Jenkin Eice by Henrietta his AVife. 

Margery dau. of Henry Saunders, Mason, by Susannah his AVife. 
John son of John AVattlay, Jun"", Mason, by Anne his AA'^ife. 
Thomas son of Francis Koper by Mary his Wife. 
Joseph son of M'" Thomas lies. Planter, by Sarah his AVife. 
Mary dau. of Eobert Hnggiup, Blacksmith, by Anne his AVife. 
Frances dau. of M'" John Faucet by Mary his wife. 
Mary dau. of Bartholomew Stone by Mary his AVife. 
Sarah dau. of Edward Green, Overseer, by Mary his AVife.* 
Henry son of M'' Thomas Herbert by Dorothy his AVife. 
Thomas, Joseph, and George, the sous of Eobert A^aughan, 

Overseer, by Mary his AVife. 
Elizabeth Kichardsun dau. of M"" AViiliam Eice by Frances his 

A\'iiliam son of Mary lies. 

Alary daii. of Thomas Neal, Cordiuer, by Anne his AVife. 
Martha dau. of Thomas Oesterman, Mason, by Penelope his 


1716 July 2 John Snelling and Bridget Barbar. 

John Hooker, Carpentei', and Mary Hendrickson, Spinster. 

1718 June 5 John Lyburd, Carpenter, and Mary Smith, Spinster. 
Darby Morris, Fishermau, and Mary Sutton, late of the Island 

of Tortola. 
IM"' James Symouds and M''^ Mary Butler. 
M'' John Faussett and M" Mary Uppington. 
M' Francis Sanders, Jun'', and M''^ Sarah Choppin. 
M'' Thomas Steevens of the Island of Antigua, Merchant, and 

M" Elizabeth Choppin. 
Dec. 21 M' John Lane of the Cit}^ of Cork in the Kingdom of Ireland 

and ]\I" Anne Cressey. 

1719 April 2 Isaac Edwards, Overseer, and Sarah Evans, Spinster. 
May 9 Henry Saunders, Mason, and Susanna Ashby. 

1719[-20] Jan. 5 Thomas lies, Planter, and Sarah Lytton, Jun"", Spinster. 
Jan. 10 Benjamin Clifton, Jun'', and Anne Hobson. 

Jeremiah Browne, Jun'', and Frances Haytor, Spinster. 

1720 June 23 Edwin Neal, Carpenter, and Elizabetli Hobson, Spinster. 
William Greatland, Taylor, and Anne Tonstall, Spinster. 
'Ihomas Oesterman, Alasou, and Penelope Morris, Widow. 
Nicholas Hendrickson. Carpenter, and Anne Hooker, Spiu.ster. 
John IInggins,t Carpenter, and Elizabeth Dasent, Spinster. 
James Butler, Overseer, and Elizabeth Kelly, widow. 

• A duplicate entry lias been entered under Nov. 15. 

t The lUu'i^iiis family later acquired extensive estates. A Miss Huggins still resides on her 
plantatiou called Moiitravers, and C'ol. P. G. Huj^gins of "\'\'eybridga i±i DDOther descendant. 



























1720[-1] Jan. 12 M' John Hanley, Planter, and Bridgjet Liburd, Spinster. 

1721 June 8 John Davis, .Mason, and Catherine "Wattley. 
Oct. 23 John Wattlay, Jun\ Mason, and Anne Hannali, Spinster. 
Nov. 4 Benjamin Clit'fon, Mason, and Mar<j;arct Thraske, Spinster. 
Xov. 30 Andrew ^lildrem and IMarv Dogwood. 
Dec. 26 Edward Evans, ^Jason, and Margaret Uppington, Spinster. 

1722 Aug. 15 M'' Francis Ham of S- Christophers Island and M''^ Mary 
Benne'.t, A\'idow. 

1722[-3] reb.21 Robert Hiiggins, Bhicksmith, and Anne Burk, Spinster. 

1723 April 17 Dudley M^Shee, Planter, and Anne Harris, Spinster. 
April 30 j\I'' 'J' Powell, Planter, and M"* Anne liice. 

' • May 13 Edward Green, Overseer, and Mary Clifton, Spinster. 

June 1 (?) William "Woolward, ]\Iariner, and Anne Smith, Widow. 

Oct. 28 M'' William Earle and Frances Mace. 

Nov. 24 John Key and AVilmott AVatters, Widow. 

Dec. 2-1 Francis Plaisted, Mariner, and Hester Stanton, Spinster. 
l723[-4] Jan. IG M'' John Williams and M" Frances Choppin. 

Peb. 6 M'' Shakerley Israel and Parnel Perkinson, Spinster. 


1716 May 2 George son of Sarah Clayton. 
Joseph son of John Dasont, Esq"", by Anne his Wife. 
Benjamin Webber. 
John Thornton, Esq. 
Margaret dau. of Benjamin Cherzus, Taylor, by Sarah his late 


1717 May 11 M' John Butler. 
Thomas son of Thomas Neal, Cordiner, by Anne his Wife. 
Thomas Morris, Carpenter. 

i Oct. 27 George son of M'" Josiah AVebbe, Sen^ by Anne his Wife. 

' . Dec. 18 William son of Jonas Webber, Carpenter, by Elizabeth his 

Dec. 31 Eobert son of John Wattley, Mason, by Elizabeth his AV'ife. 
I7l7[-8]jan.25 M'KobcrtPlyer. 
Mar. 9 M'' Thomas Cresscy. 

Josiah son of M'' Josiah Webbe, Sen'', by Anne bis Wife. 
James son of M'' George Webbe, Sen'', by Elizabeth his Wife. 
AVilliam son of Sarah Prentis, Mantua-maker. 
M"" Jenkin Pice. 
4' A\^lliam Carpenter, Taylor. 

Elizabeth dau. of M'' John Kitt by Frances his Wife. 
John Fyfield. 
AVilliam Symonds. 

Mary dau. of John Huggins, Blacksmith, by Alice his Wife. 
Anne dau. of M"" Edward Fenton by Anne his Wife. 
Elizabeth dau. of Joan Daniel. 
Leonard Hendrickson. 

Jacob sou of John Oesterman, Taylor, by Mehetabel his AV^ife. 
M^ AVilliam lies. 
Geori^e Hooker, Carpenter. 

M" Elizabeth Smith, Jate Wife of M'' John Smith of Stouev- 
1719[-20] Jan. 14 John son of Thomas Morris, Carpenter, dec"^, by Penelope 
his AVifc, Edict. 
Feb. 25 M" Mary Thornton, Eelict of John Thornton, Esq. 
• Mar. 7 Thomas M'^Bride. 































1718[-9] Jan. 6 


















l7l9[-20] ]\[ar. 20 George Evans. 
1720 April 9 M" Elizabeth Stepney. 

M" Anne Sanders, late AVife of M"' Francis Sanders, Sen'. 

Edward son of Eicliard Waters, Taylor, by Wilmot his AVife. 

Mary Mildreni, late AV'ife of Andrew Mildrem. 

Joseph son of A\'illiam Eurk, Mason, by Sarah his AVife. 

AVilliam Cressey Fon of ]M'' John Lane by Anne his AVife. 

Peter son of JM' John Faussett by Mary his AVife. 

Thomas son of Darby Morris, Fis^herman, by Mary his AV'ife. 

Elizabeth Browne, late AVife of M"" Jeremiah Browne, Sen'". 

AVilliam Taylor, Blacksmith. 

M"^ Daniel Browne, late of the City of AA''orcester in the King- 
dom of Great Britain, Apothecary. 

Mary dau. of Mary lies. 

M''^ Alice Huggins, late Wife of John Huggins, Blacksmith. 

Alice, late wife of Nathanael Jopson. 

Mary Evans. 

John Pride, Soldier. 

Elizabeth AA'ilkinson. 

Thomas son of M'' AVilliam lies, dec*^, by Anne his AA^'ife. 

Sarah dau. of M'' George AVebbe by Elizabeth his AA^'ife. 

Eichard AVatters, Taylor. . .. ■ 

John AA^orrel, late of S' John's Parish. 

Darby son of Darby Morris by Mary his AVife. 

John Rash. 

M'^ Mary Hickman, dau. of M"" Thomas Hickman by Anne his 

Mary dau. of Henry Saunders, Mason, by Susanna his AVife. 

Signed here for Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials from 5 April 1716, as 
follows : — 

"Sic Tester Henricus Pope, Ci, Eector." 

17'22 May 29 ' M-" Joseph Kitt. 

June 13 Philip Hannah. 

Oct. 26 James Morris, Mason. 

Nov. 22 Jeremiah Browne, Juu''. 

Dec. 28 M"" John Lane, late of the Cit}^ of Cork in the Kingdom of 
1722-3 Feb. 18 Nathanael Clifton. 
1722[-3] Mar. 16 John Parker, late of 3. Thomas Parish in this Island. 

Signed here for Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials for year 1722 (25 March 

1722—25 March 1723) :— 

Sic Tester Hen. Pope, Ci, Eector. 

Eeb' Pemberton 1 n i\- i 
T -c 1 )" C. \V ardens. 

James Earle J 

Note. — This set was sent in duplicate. 

1723 June 19 M" Caroline Hunt, Eelict of AA^'ornel Hunt, Esq., dec-^. 

June 29 Elizabeth dau. of Thomas Parry, Fisherman, by Mary his 


Aug. 21 M" Anne AVebbe, late AA'ife of M' Josiah AVebbe, Sen'. 

Sep. 3 M" Anne Fenton, late wife of M*" Edward Feuton. 

Sep. 18 Mary dau. of Bartholomew Stone by Mary his wife. 

Oct. 31 Jenkin son of M"" Jenkin Ivicc by Henrietta his Wife. 

Nov. 20 Benjamin son of Elizabeth Dogwood. 














■ Nov. 










L720[.l] Jau.S 
Feb. 8 





721 May 







.721-2 Jan. 


272 caHibbeana. 

1723 Nov. 21 Constance dau. of Kobert Dogwood, dec*^, late of the Island 

S' Christo])]ier, bv Elizabetli his AVife. 
1723[.4] Jan. 18 Elizabeth AVile of James Butler, Overseer. 

Feb. 28 Sarah dau. of Edward Green, Overseer, by Mary his Wife. 

Signed for Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials from 25 March 1723 to 24 March 


Hen. Pope, Ci, Hector. 

The : Smith "1 ^, , . 
n^^ XT- I / Churchwardens. 

Iho: Hickman J 

jMonumcntal Jlnstriptions in Cnglantr 
rtlatins to SiElcst Jlul^iau^);* 

"E.B.J. " stands for " Farley's Bristol Journal." 

The monument here to Sir James llussell, Knt., of Nevis has been fixed 
(probably during some so-called restoration) very high up above the first arch of 
the chancel facing the north aisle. 

With the help of a ladder I eiideavoured to decipher the inscription iu 1909, 
but owing to the insuHicieut length of the ladder, the dirty encrusted surlace of 
the stone, and bad light, was unsuccessful. 

The photograph was taken for me by flashlight, and gives one a good idea of 
the condition of the tablet. 

The inscription has been preserved in " Bristol Past and Present," ii., 44. 
In that book, however, it is not properly set out, so I have spaced the lines from 
the photograph as accurately as possible. 

Here ltetii the body of Iames Eussell 
Knt. late of Nevis, one of the fibst 
Settlers in that Island who was t^ first 


• -MISSION OF King Charles 2nd (bearing 

DATE Y^ 12th day OF SePTR IN Y* 13tU YEERE OF 

HIS reign) appointed Governo" of y= 
- " SAID Island, & so continued till 107 1 ; 


French and Dutch, in IGGG ; who, after 


COME FOE England, here departed this 


* Continued from p. 233. 

t Error for " Major." In 1664 Sir T. Jloilyford, Governor of Jamaica, was instructed to pay 
£600 a year to his Lieut. -Govern(jr and £300 a year to his ilajor. The latter was to discipline 
and conuuaiid all the forces in the absence of and iiext to tlie Governor and Deiiuty-Govenior. 
CW.I. Cal., i>. 187.) Some years later the !Major was styled Major-Getieral. DuriuL,' the absence 
of Governor Hilton from Kevis in 1630-1 Mr. James Hussell was elected by the settlers as their 
leader for a, few months. 

MoNUMEXT IX St. James's CiiUHcn, Beistol, to Sir James Eussell, 

KJNT., OF Nevis. 


'No mention is hero mnde of Lady Russell, but an entrj' in the Church accounts 
shews tliat .slic was intcrrcil in the same tomb witli her husband: — 

H)77, SeptcMiber 13th. lieceivcd for breaking ground in liie chancel for y'' 
Lady Jiusseli £'1. 

The arms on the shield are : . ... on a Lend Ihree sw/iiis . . . ., letwccn ihree 
iiiii//r/s [Iv'rsSKi.i,] ; i/iipttli /ii/ .... /Iircr hiiclcs tri ppiDit [lil'Nx]. 
C'i!i:sr. — ../ ilfini-ijodl issiKinl J'roin <i voronct. 

James IJussell, late of AVivis, now livint; at IJristoll. Will dated Nov. 1G7-1. 
]\I''J'lu). llorne, minister, of tS' .lames, £5, and to the poor £1U. 'i'o my loving 
brother C"oi. Jxauihdl Kussell my saddle lun^e, ])istols, I'apier, and coat of amies, to 
be sent to him at Nevis. IMy sister j\L'^ Kath. Fentun, if living in Ireland, £50. 
To the f-ady IMarch a "10s. ring. All estate in England to my wife IMargavet ]\usse]l 
and sole Ex'tri.v, and I give her all the right of the fci' Christophers ])lantation that 
was formerly hers. As to my own proper plantation in Nevis, leased out to my 
brother Col. Randall Russell for 5 years at £-100 a year, l.v years yet to run, 
1 give my \Vife the residue of the rent and then all the plantation and slaves to 
my ne])hew Captain James Russell, he to pay £:Z00 a year in sugar or indigo to 
my "Wife as long as she remain my AVidow, and she is to live iu the house there 
if i^he like. James Russell to be Ex'or there. "Witnessed by Tho. Cole, Geo. 

Proved 10 Dec. 107 J.^ by Margaret Russell the relict (147, Bunce). On 20 Jan. 
1070 new probate to Dame JMargaret Ru.'esell because Sir James Russell, the 
testator, did not state his title. 

1077, Oct. 9. Dame IMargaret Russell of S' Jamies, Bristol, widow, deceased. 
Adm'on to Robert Hunt, the brother. (For further details see "Antigua," iii., 
00.) The parentage of Sir James is not known at preseut. 


On the south wall of tlie south aisle behind the chancel (copied 1!) Aug. 
1910) : — 

Sacred to the ]\[emoi'y of 
WJLLl.A.M Dl'LPKA'lT Ivscj''. 

who departed this life 
the 20"' July 1^20, Aged 7-1 Years, . 
and lies iiiterr'd in the Chancel 
of this Church. 

1S20, July 20. Ju Berkeley-.s<iuare (Bristol) \\m. Delpratt, esq. (" G.INP," 

1810, Feb. 2. Saturday last was uuuricil, ^fr. John Harris, surgeon, of 
E.xeter, to Miss Del[)ratt, dan. of the late Samuel Delpratt, es']. of Jamaica. 
(•:"-Bath Chronicle.") 

ISoO, Se])t. S. At her son's, J. Delpratt, esq. Old Charlton, aged 70, .\gnes, 
widow of Samuel DelljuMlt, es(). of Jamaica. (" G.M.," -1.52.) 

Kdward Delpratt, Escp, died 10 Nov._ ISll, aged 52. (Archer, 15;i.) ' 

A pedigree of this family by the late W. J. C. IMoens, E.S.A., appeared in 
" jMisc. Gen. et Her.," 2nd Series, iii., .'31-1, but it does not seem to be a complete 
one. lie sent mc a copy of this many years ago. Tiie will of Sam. Delpi'att of 
the firm of Foord and Delpratt of Bristol was proved iu 17S t (129, Kockiugham). 
His brother William of St. James', Bristol, xMcrchant, also died the same year. 

vol.. n. 


On the north wall of the rave near the gallery : — 

Near this place lies the Bodv of 


A Native of lyvEKSEfs in Scotland, 

and many years commander of a Ship 

in the Trade betwixt 

BEISTOL and the West Indies : 

He was born in the Month of August IT.'iO, 

and he died on the 6'^' day of March 179(5 

(Five lines.) 

erected by his surviving brothers 



Above is a shield with his arms: Azure, a Hon rampant, on a cliief Argent 
three six-pointed mnllets wiihin a borchire Gules. Motto. — Not legible on account 
of dirt. 

1796, March 6. At Bristol, Capt. Tnglis, many years a respectable and much- 
respected commander of a ship from that port to the West Indies. (" G.M.," 

179G, Sat. March 12. On Sunday last died at his house in Trinity-street, 
sincerely lamented by all who knew him. Captain Inglis, many years a respectable 
and much respected commander of a ship from this port to the West-Indies. 

South wall of nave beneath the fourth window : — 

Sacred to the memorv of WILLI AIM HENET TEEEELL, 

second Son of WILLIA:\I TEEEELL of this Citv, Merchant. 

He died Julv 4"' 1S4G, aged 46 Tears. 

Also of HENEIETTA JANET Daughter of 

PETEE and HENIJIETTA ]\IOFEATT, of Montego Bay, Jamaica, 

the beloved wife of WILLIAINI TEEEELL, of Falmouth, Jamaica, 

grandson of the above-named WILLIAM TEEEELL. 

She died July 13"' 1848, at Funclial, Madeira, 

and lies buried in the Cemetery of that place. 

Also of AVILLIAM TEEEELL. Merchant of this Citv, 

Father of the above-named AV. H. TEEEELL. 

The whole of his life an Inhabitant, and for 

nearly fifty vears a A'estrvman of this Parish. 

He died July 25"', 1851, aged 82 Tears. 

1851, July 25. At Bristol, in his S3d year, William Terrell, esq. He was 
born in the parish of St. Nicholas, where he carried on a successful business as a 
button-factor. He sen'cd several parochial offices, and by his cordial m.anners 
and blameless life obtained the esteem and affection of his neighbours. (" Gr.M.," 

1813, Sat. Ap. 10. Tuesday se'nnight, aged 82, Mrs. Sarah Terrell, mother of 
Mr. AVilliam T., Cbarlotte-st. Queen-sq. ("F.B.J." and " G.M.," 393.) 


South wall of nave beneath the third window : — 

Sacred to the jMemorv 

of KOSCIUSKO TERIJELL. At'tornov at Law, 


of this Citv. 

He died the 13"' of Aus^ust, 1S21, in the 

30*1' Year of his Age, at Falmouth 

in Jamaica, and lies buried 

in the same place. 


the beloved wife of WILLIAM TERRELL. 

She departed this life the 28"' November, 182G, 

Aged 57 Tears, 

and lies buried in the Crvpt of this Church. 



She departed this life the 12"' May, 

1827, Aged 7G Years. 

In Ealmouth Church in the parish of Trelawney is an inscription to " Kosciusko 
Terrell, son of William and Mary Terrell, of the city of Bristol, England, ob. 
1821." (Archer, 323.) 

On the north wall of the nave : — 

Sacred to the memory of FANNY HUGHES 

the beloved wife of M^ FREDERICK TERRELL, Surgeon Queen Square, 

and second daughter of M^ JOHN MILLS of S' iMichael's Hill in this City, 

She departed this life 19"' Aug^' 1S20, Aged 21 Years and 5 Months 

and lies buried in the Crvpt of this Church. 

Also FREDERICK TERRELL Justice of the Peace of this City, 

Who was born in this parish March 7"' 1804, and died in peace Aug^' li"' 1889 

and was interred in the family vault at Amos Vale Cemetery. 

On the east wall of the chancel was formerly a tablet to Edward Buncombe of 
Montserrat, who died 11 Sep. 1712, aged 53. This was probably destroyed at the 
rebuilding of the church at the end of the eighteenth century. 

He had been Speaker of the Assembly. His son-in-law Col. John Molineux 
matriculated from Trinity College, Oxford, 20 Feb. 1700-1, aged IG, and was 
alive in 1727, and his eldest son John Davis Molineiix was also Speaker. The 
Molineux-]Montgomerie family is now of Garboldisham Manor in Norfolk. 

Edward Buncombe, late of Mountseratt, now of Bristol, Esq., by his will dated 
2G Aug. and proved 30 Oct. 1712 (182, Barnes) devised his share of the manor 
of Goathiirst. co. Somerset, and his plantation in Montserrat to his eldest son 
John. He names his wife Ann and his other children William, Charles, Joseph, 
Edward, Thomas, George, and Ann Buncomiie, ]Marv wife of John ^lolineux of 
the same Island, and the hitter's children, John Davis ^Nlolineux and ^lary Molineux. 

In the Crypt I saw some twenty years ago several memorial ledger stones, but 
at the recent restoration these disapp,eared, and at my last visit in 1909 the iloor 
consisted of modern tiling. I noted a ledger here to 3Iungo Forbes of Jamaica, 
who died in 1S07, aged Gl. The Vicar writes, 22 ■May 1909, that when the crypt 
was restored there appears to have been no inscription to him remaining, but 
a careful record of all existing inscriptions was made. 

T 2 




"When the floor-slabs give no additional iiifoiuiation, other than that on the 
wall tablets, I have omitted such inscriptions. The numbers refer to the Abbey 
List. " B.C." is for " Bath Chronicle." 

North aisle: M.T. to SOPHI.A LOriSA GOMM. dau. of Lieut.-rol. Gomm 
and Mary Alleyne Gomm (formerly Maynard). He \\as knighted 2 July 1794 
at Guadaloupe. She died 1S14. 

Sir AVilliam Maynard Gomm, Field Marshal, G.C.B., eldest son of Lieut.-Col. . 
William Gomm of the 5ath Eegt. by iNIary AJlejne. dau. of Joseph !Mayiiard, Esq., 
of Barbadoes, uas born in that Island in ITS-Jt. His incither died at I'oizai.ce in 
179G, leaving tiiree sons and a dau. He commanded the troo])s in Jamaica lh;39 
—42 and died 15 INFarch 1S75, aged 90. (" D.N.B.") I believe his txmb i.-< in 
the churchyard of IJotherhithe. His aunt Miss Gomm left him the manor of 

On the floor of south aisle of nave (No. 434) : — 

Here rest the Eemains 



Wife of JEEEMIAH IklEYLEE, Esq. 

who departed this Life 

December 26"' 17SS 

Aged 51 years. 

1788, Dec. 29 M" Ann Meylcr. (Burial Eegister.) 

1788, Sept. At Bath, Mrs. Meyler, wife of Jeremiah Meyler esq. late of 
Jamaica. (" G.M.," 11S3.) 

1792, Oct. 25. At Lvmingtoii, Jerenn'ah Meyler, esq ; late of Jamaica. 

1805, July 19. Richard Meyler, esq ; of Crawley-house, near Winchester, 
on board the Augustus Ca-sar West Tndiamai), on his passage from Jamaica to 
this country. (" Dorchester and Sherborne Journal.") 

He was son of Jeremiah, was born in Jamaica, and matriculated from Christ 
Church, Oxford, 22 Oct. 1784, aged IS (Foster). Served as High Sheriff of 
Hants in 179S ; married, 11 Nov. 1790, a dau. of J. Jarrett of Freemantle, and 
left issue Bichard, born at Metbrooke, whose obituary follows : — 

1818, March 3. Near Melton IMowbray, co. Leicester, aged 20, Eichard 
Meyler, esq. of Grosvenor-sq. M.P. for the city of Winchester .... He was the 
last descendant of an eminent mercantile f;imily in Bristol and Jamaica, from 
whom he inherited a fortune of 35,000/. per annum. Educated at El on and at 
Christ Church College, Oxford. ]Mr. died intestate .... (" G.M.," 470.) He 
matriculated 2G Jan. 1S09, aged 17 (Foster). 

Canon ]\[ayo has given me the references to two wills of this family-, viz., 
Eichard Meyler, proved 1773 (215, Stevens), and Eichard Meyler, proved 1787 
(504, ]Major), uncle and nephew, both merchants of Bristol. They came from 
Haverfordwest in co. Pembroke. 

On the floor of north aisle of nave (No. 440) : — 


the wife of 


late of Barbadoes 

Departed this life Oct. 23 : 17G3 

Aged 48 Years. 



17G3, Oct. 26. M" Elizabeth Gibbs. (Burial Kegister.) 

176;^, Oct. 27. Friday last wa.s interred in the Paniily A^ault at Trowbridge, 
Wilts, the Lady of Philip. James Gibbs, Esq. & youngest JJau. of John Gay, 1. of 
Hayeoinbc, Gent. (" B.C.") 

PInlip Gibbcs of Barbados by Eliz. his wife, dau. of John Harris, was father 
of Philip (1730 — IS 15), created a Baronet in 1774. The relationship of the 
above is not given in Burke. 

Keym)ld Alleyne of "Pour Hills," Bai'bados, by Eliz., dau. and cob. of John 
Gay, had four sons and four daus., and of the latter Isabella married Joseph 
Gibbes of " Plumtree," and Christian (died 17S0, aged 77) married John Gibbes 
of " The Castle." (Archer, 373.) 

On the floor of north aisle of nave (No. 530) : — 
Here Eesteth the Jiody of Dame 
LA WES late Captain General and 
Governor of Jamaica and Second 
Daughter to Sir THOMAS LAWLEY of 
Cannall in the Countj- of Stafford 
Barronett. She was first married to 
THOMAS COTON of Coton Bridge iu 
the County of AV'^arwick Esq. by whom 
She had one Son ar.d bv the said S'' 
NICHOLAS LAWES one Daughter both 
now liveing. After a lingeririg Sickness 
she departed this Life for a better in this City 
of Bath on the 20''' day of October iu 
the Year of our Lord 1725 and in the 
thirty sixth Year of her age. 

Arms undecipherable iu 1872. 

1725, Nov. 3. The Lady Lawes. (Burial liegister.) 

She was the fifth wife of Sir Nicholas. See Archer, 210. 

Ann Stephens Amory was born 2G Feb. 1807 (No. 51G). See I., SO. 

On the floor of south transept (No. 550). See I., 80 : — 
ANN WYKE Relict of 
of the Island of Montserratt 
died June IG^"' ISU 
Aged G7 years. 

1814, June 23. Fridav died at an advanced age, at her house in Stanliope- 
street, Mrs. Wyke, mother of Capt. Wyke. (•' B.C.") 

She was dan. of Col. AVilliam Byam of Antigua, born 27 Sep. 1711 at Barleys, 
Exeter, married 13 Jan. 17G3 at St. John's, Antigua. Her husband predeceased 
her in March 1778. 

On the floor of north transept (No. G7S). See I., 77 : — 

Beneath this stone restetli 

the body of HENKV LYNCH Esq^e ^,i jy 

who died May 17"' 1823 Aged 19. 

Also of 

SAEAH his Eelict 

who died IG"' Nov'' 1810 

Aged G7. 


1840, Nov. IG. At Bath, aged G7, Mrs. Lynch, relict of Dr. L. (" G.M.," 
1841, p. 108.) 

On the floor of north transept (No. G93) : — 


late of the 
Island of Barbadoes 
Died Sep. 16'^ 1826 

Aged G8. 

182G, Sep. 28. In this citv, aged 68, Dowding Thornhill, esq ; late of 
Barbadoes. (" B.C." and " G.M'.," 380.) 

Sir Timothy Thornhill, the 1st Bart., died in 1693. A pedigree of his family 
seems to be wanting. Cxovernor Kendall wrote 1693, Feb. 10, that Sir T. T. . . 

is dead of the distemper, much in debt and his lady poor. She was Thomasiue, ^ 

dan. of Sir Eob. Legard, Knt., and married secondly Col. Nathaniel Blakiston, 
Deputy Governor of Montserrat, and her will was proved in 1697 (130, Pyne). 

Cecilia Blake, sister of Martin Blake of St. Vincent, died 22 Aug. 1838, aged 
41. This was omitted from the M.I. (I., 28) to her brother. Slie was born 
9 March 1797, and baptized at St. John's, Antigua. 

On the floor of choir (No. 749). See I., 31 :— 

Underneath this Stone 
lie the Remains 

of the Island of Barbadoes 
died April 25"' 1817 
Aged 20 years. 

On the floor of choir (No. 7,)6) :- 


of the Island of Barbadoes 

died March 15"' 1832 

Aged 61 years. 

On the floor of choir under the stalls (No. 760) : — 

to the Memory of Doctor JAMES BROW {sic) 
of Falmouth in tlie rari.-;h of Pill 
and Island of Jamaica who departed 
in his 49"' year in this City y'^ 5"' J . . . . 
(Five lines omitted.) 

1793, July 9. Dr. James Brown. (Burial Register.) 

1793, July 11. Fridav last died in the Abbey-Green. Dr. James Browne 
1. of the island of J. (" B.C.") 

Mrs. Lucy Crichlow's age was 65 (No. 769). See I., 82. 




On the floor of choir (No. 772). See I., 2G0 :— 

In a Vault beneath this Stone 

are deposited the remains 


who departed this life 

on the 13"' of March 1800 

Aged 3S Years. 
Also the remains 

who died Dec-- 6"' 181 1 

Aged 48 Tears. 

Her will was proved in P.C.C. , 

{To he continued.) 

BiitI)S, Beatljs, auti iHarriagcs from tijt 
'' JiarbatJos iWtrcurj^ '* anft '' 33nticjttoUm 
#ajcttc/^ 1805 to 1818.* 

By EDWAKD GOULBUIiN SINCKLER, Police Magistrate, Baubados. 


Jan. 7 (Died) On Sunday last, Mrs. Jemima Tubbs, and Miss Eebecca, sister 

to Henry Cheeks, Esq., of tliis Town. 
Jan. 11 In consequence of the death of Mr. James Cummins, the Sworn Guager 

of Bridgetown, his son James and Mr. Thomas T. Chase have been appointed. 

(Deaths) Lieut. Winn of the Eoyal Artillery and Mr. John H. Turpin of 

this town. 
Jan. 21 (Died) At St. Ann's, this morning. Dr. AYray, Physician to the Forces, 

much lamented, etc. (He was buried at St. Michael's Church with military 

honours; see issue of Jan. 2-3.) Last week. Ensign Smith, 2ud Batt. GDth. 

At St. Vincent, on the 2Gth ult , Captain Doweis (or Dowers), Xavy. 
Jan. 28 (Died) This morning, at St. Ann's. Caj)t. Nealson of the 2nd Battalion 

60th Eoot, and yesterday, Mr. Thomas Gill of the parish of Saint Thomas. 
Jan. 25 (Married) John Bovell, Esq., tn Miss Aj^plewhaite; Mr. AY. Y. Williams, 

son of W . Williams, Esq., to Miss Campbell. 
Feb. 1 (Died) Last night, at St. Ann's, Adjutant Curtis of the OOtli Foot. 
Feb. 4 (Alarried) John C. Straker, Esq , Registrar of the Vice Admiralty 

Court of this Island, to Miss F. Clarke. (Died) (Jn Saturday last, at SimiU- 

ridge. Miss Mary, sister of Dr. Reun Haauien, and her remains were interred 

at Christ Church on tlie following day. And this morning, Capt. Ry;in of the 

ship " Barbados." 
Feb. 11 (Died) At New Brunswick, on the 2.5th December last, Dr. Hamlet 

Wilson of this Island. At St. Ann's, on Saturday last. Lieut. Grant of the 

2nd Foot. (Monument in Cathedral Porch to his memory.) 
Feb. IS (Married) Yesterday evening, Henry Farley, Esij., to Miss Olive A. 

Webb; and at St. Peter's Church, by the Rev. Mr. Neblett, William 

Augustus Bishop, Esq., to Miss Mary J. Ince. (Died) Lately, at Antigua, 

* Contiuued froui page 221. 



the Hons. Edw\arcl Byam, Presiil-Mit, and Langford Hodge of His Majesty's 
Council of that Island ; and at Dominica, Captain George Cunningham. 

Mar. 1 (Died) In Enghmd, l\[rs. Tliomas, wife of the Kev. A. K. Thomas, and 
Mrs. Clinckett, wife of A. Clinck<'lt, Esq., of this Island. 

Mar. 8 (Died) At Demerary, on the 'Jlst nit., Depy. Assistant Commissary 
Genl. Prentice. In this town, Mfm. Lucomb, wife of John Lucomb, Esq., and 
Mrs. Priscilla F. Garner. We hunent to state that Edward Drayton, Esq., 
merchant of this town, who had i^one to America upon business, was unfor- 
tunatelv drowned on his passage from Amelia Island to St. Marv's. 

Mar. 11 (iBirth) Yesterday, the Lady of Lieut.-Col. Popham, Depy.' Q. M. Gcnl., 
of a still-born son. (i\[arrie'l) In Npeightstown, Mr. James Cummins to Miss 
Mary, Daughter of John Gay Goiling, Esq. (Deaths) Mr. John Fodering- 
ham, Jan., Mr. W. Moore, Mr. John G. C. Collins, and Master Robert, son of 
William Gill, Esq. 

Mar. 18 (Died) Last niglit, William Morris, Esq., of this Town. " • 

Mar. 22 (Married) Mr. W. T. Kellman to Miss Mary E. Parris. 

Mar. 29 (Died) Mrs. Catharine Cha^e of this town, in the .S:^rd vear of her age. 

April 1 (Deaths) Mr. John Humphreys, Merchant, lately frorn England, and 
Mr. John Kirton of this Town. 

April 5 (Married) On Thursday lasl , by the Rev. Mr. Orderson, :\rr. Thomas M. 
Williams to Miss Ann, youngest daughter of Benj. J. Mandeville, Esq., of 
Christ Church. (Died) On AVedticsdav, Mrs. Margaret iMorris. mother of 
the late William Morris, Esq. ; und ye'sterday, iNIrs^ 3Loylan of this Town. 
This morning, suddenly, Dr. Lewis Toung, St" Philip's. 

April 8 (Died) On Saturday night, Richard Cobham, Esq., a gentleman uni- 
versally esteemed. (Long obituary notice by a friend.) He was married and 
apparently left lawful issue. Slated by his biographer '• Eenevolus " to be 
descended from one of the first and most respectable faniilies in the Island. 

April 12 (Died) In England, H. E. Holder, Esq.. I\r.D., of this Island. 

April 15 (Married) On Saturday lasl, Thomas Howell, Esq., to Miss Margaret 
Hinds, daughter of the late Hon. |}. Hinds. 

April 19 (Married) On Thursday last, in the parish of Saint George, by the Rev. 
Doctor Hutchins. Mr. Henry T. Cleare to Miss Rebecca ilapp Chapman. 
(Died) Ou AVeduesday last, Miss Jane Katharine Clinton, and at Mr. J. 
Dunn's, after -4 days' illness, JNIr. Ezra Read, who came passenger in the brig 
"Mary & Sally" from Boston. (Lines written upon Miss Clinton by one 
Eugeuius, one verse of which commences " Dear Kate, farewell! the dream 
of lite is past.") 

April 22 (Death) The ship '^ A'enus " of Bristol arrived this morning : The Lady 
of Colonel Lewis (and daughter of Thomas Daniel. Esq.), a passenger in this 
vessel for the benefit of her hciiltli, died on the Uth inst. 

April 26 (Deaths) AV. Holfordand 'J'homas Herbert, Esqs,, both old and respect- 
able inhabitants of this Town. 

May 3 (Died) On the 15th March, ut the house of her daughter I>.Irs. Bovell, in 
Portman square, London, Mrs. -Applc-whaite, relict of Thomas Applewhaitc, 
Jan., Esq., late of this Island. 

May_ 10 (Died) Ou Thursday night hist, Mrs. Adams, wife of Captain Adams 
m the Mad Boat service; and yesterda\-, an infant son of John Bennett, 
Esq. .; -) 

May 13 (Died) Yesterday, IMrs. Boddan, wife of Mr. AV. Boddan of this town. 

Also m this newspaper is published verse bv M. J. C. to the memory of R. B. 

Leacock, Esquire, who died at sea a few days' sail from Barbados in the year 

of Our Lord IS] 0. 
May 17 (Married) On Thursday, Mr. R, E. Chapman to Miss Arabella Kin.^ ; 

and Mr. Michael Ryuu to Miss Mary Morpliy. (Died) Mrs. Fudevingliam. 

wife of John Fodcringham, Esq., of Ashford Plautatiou; and Mrs. Lev of 

this Towu. 


May 31 (Married) This morning, Mr. Br3'aii T. Young of this Town to Miss 

Elizabeth Xurse. 
June 10 (^larried) On Saturday evening last, ^Ir. John James Callender to 

3;liss Chi-istian Agard. (Died) On Saturday hist, Mr. Joseph Scott ; and on 

the following day, Mrs. Hurst, both of this town. 
June 21 (Uicdj On Friday last, Mr. K. J3. Squires, INIanager of Baiters Planta- 
July 12 (Died) On Thursday morning, Sarah, the daughter of John Iliggiuson, 

July 10 (Died) Suddenly, on Thursday morning last, Mrs. Shcppard, wife of 

Mr. Thomas .Shoppard; and yesterday, Mr. Jolm Niles, both of this town. 
July 22 (Died) On Wednesday last", Mrs. Rice, wife of Mr. George D. ]{ice, of 

St. Peter's; and yesterday, Kebecca, daughter of Mrs. Brenan. 
Aug. 2 (Deaths) Mrs. Murray, wife of Dr. Gilligau 31urray, and Mrs. Sarah 

Skeet Kirton. 
Aug. 10 (Married) On Thursday evening last, by tlic Rev. AVilliam Garnett, 

Mr. John Thomas to Miss Martha Chapman. (Died) On AV'^ednesday last, 

John Hall, Esq., of this town. 
Aug. 23 (Died) Mr. Thomas Bourne of this Town, and Mr. John Capper, lately 

from America. 
Aug. 30 (Died) Miss Ann Lawrence and Mrs. Sarah McDonald, both of this 

Sep. 2 (Deaths) 3Irs. Hettibella Springer and Mrs. Mary Bourne. 
Sep. 16 (Married) Mr. Jonathan Dunn, Jun., to Miss Mary Jane AVall. 
Sep. 20 (Deaths) On Thursday last, after a short illness of four days. Deputy 

Assistant Commissary General of xVccounts Edward Pitman; and on Friday, 

Mrs. Sarah Ann Burnham. 
Sep. 30 (Died) On the IGth August last, in Fluyder Street, Westminster, 

England, Mrs. Anna ^Faria Blenman, widow of Junathan Blenman, Esq., the 

late Solicitor-General of this Island. We omitted to mention, about the 

middle of this month, the death of Thomas Nurse, Esq., of ■' Kirton " Planta- 
tion in ttjc parish of Christ Church. On Sunday last, Miss Elizabeth A\'atson 

of this Town. 
Oct. -i (Died) Lately, at his residence in England, Robert Burnett Jones, 

Esq., formerly a Ban-ister in this country. On the 30th ult., in the parish of 

Saint Joseph, Mrs. Sarah Rollins Gill, aged 03 years. At St. J(dni"s, Antigua, 

on the loth ult., Mr. Ebcnezer Pattison of Glasgow, aged 21. 
Oct. 7 (Died) At Demcrary, on the 29th ult., H. T. Fergusson, Esq. 
Oct. 11 (Died) Suddenly, on Wednesday last, Thomas Gaskin, Esq . and his 

remains were removed from " Barbarees "' to St. Michaers Church on the 

following day. 
Oct. 14 (Died) This morning, Mr. Henry Whitney of this Town. 
Oct. 2S (Died) At Grenada, of fever, after an illness of only 4 davs, Dej^uty 

Assistant Commissary General Poivell and Harrison; the former on the 

17th September, and the latter on the Sth October. 
Nov. 1 (Deaths) The wife of John G. Goo line;, Esip, of Speightstown, Airs. 

Drayton, wife of Sam. Drayton, Esq., Mr. W. Evans, and Mr. T. W . Alande- 

villc of this Town. 
Nov. S (M.arried) On Thursday last, Thomas W. Greaves, Esq., to IMiss Eliza 
Butcher; W. Council, Esq., to Miss Mary Rock; and Sam. E. Gibson, Esq., 

to Miss Martha Gittens. (Deaths) Mrs. Dorothy Clarke, wife of ICdward 
Clarke, Esq., and Mrs. Alahitabel Grasett. 
Nov. 11 (Died) Yesterday. John Ironmonger. .Jun., Esq., and this davat noone, 
John Ironmonger, Sen., E-<q., In's father. (Died) On Thursday evening last, 
at "Tenby," in the 30t!i year of her age, ^Mrs. D.)rothy Clarke, wife of Edward 
Clarke of this Town. (See also Nov. Sth.) Here follows a long obituary 
notice of her, wnicli states inler alia " As a parent, but particularly as a 

282 fcAKIBBEA^^A. 

Stepmofher, Mrs. C. was truly excellent." The mourners assembled at "Fair 
View," and she was interred at St. George's Church. 

Nov. 15 (Deaths) Mrs. Elizabeth Evan.s and Mrs. Murrell. (This newspaper 
prints an- account that Jolm Ironmonger (who was a Free Mason) was buried 
at St. Michael's Church on Wednesday, and that a great number of Free 
Masons attended his funeral.) 

Not. 18 (Died) On Saturday last, Miss Margaret Grannum of this town. 

Nov. 22 (Died) On the eighth day after leaving this, in the ship " Hopewell " 
for London (which sailed in August last), Joseph Leacock, Esq., formerly one 
of the Representatives of the parish of St. Peter in the General Assembly in 
this Island. On AVcduesday last, Mrs. jMercy, relict of Philip Lytcott, Esq., 
aged 83. Her reaiains were removed on the following forenoon from 
" Warrens," the property of the Hon. Samuel Hinds, to St. Michael's Church. 
. And yesterday, Miss Mahetabel Harding. 

Nov. 29 (Died) On Tuesday night last of Yellow Fever, Master William Henry, 
Son of Mrs. Susanna M. D. Henry, and grandson of the Hon. John Beckles, 
His Majesty's Attorney General of this Island. 

Dec. 2 (Died) At "Tenby," on Friday last, Francis B. Grant, Esq.; on 
Saturday, Mrs. Elizabeth, the widow of John AVard, Esq. ; and yesterday. 
Miss Sarah, youngest daughter of William Oxley, Esq., of this town. 

Dec. 6 (Married) On Thursday morning, John Gibbes, Esq., to Miss Eliza- 
beth G. Jones, daughter of Humphrey Jones, Esq. (Died) Mr. Richard 
Butcher, brother to Doctor Butcher of this town. Newspaper Accoinit of the 
shooting of the wife of Mr. John D. Stoute by a yoiing man named John 
Robert Earl. He put a loaded pistol to her temple and discharged it. The 
Coroner's Jui'y brought in a verdict of " Wilful Murder," but Earl stated it 
was an accident. 

Dec. 9 (Died) Yesterdav, in this town, Mrs. Susanna Smith. 

Dec. 13 (Died) This morning, Mr. Charles Carrington of this town. 

Dec. 16 (Died) On Saturday last, Master George L. Clarke, son of Edward 
Clarke, Esq., of this town ; and on Sunday, Mr. John Ruck of Christ 

Dec. 20 (Married) On the 16th October, at the Lady's House in Montagu 
Square, Loudon, Rear Admiral Sir Philip Durham, K.C.B., to Miss Hender- 
son, daughter of Sir John Henderson of Fordel (?) in the county of Fife, 

Dec. 30 (Died) Yesterday, Mrs. Abigail N. Clarke. 


Jan. 3 (Married) On AN'^ednesday morning last, John Mayers, Esq., Attorney- 
at-Law, to Miss Waith, daughter of the late Thomas S. Waith, Esq., of the 
"Pine" Plantation. (Married) And at Christ Church, on the same evenins;, 
Mr. Elliott, of the firm of Grant and Elliott, to Miss Kalhcrine B. 
(Died) Richard James Estwick, Esq., many years ago one of His Majesty's 
Council of this Island. 

Jan. 10 (Deaths) Mr. Daniel Hinkson, Mr. Robert H. Beckles, and Miss 
Eleanor Phillips, of this Town. 

Jan. 17 (Birth) Early yesterday morning, the Lady of His Excellencv Lord 
Combermere, G.C.B., of a still-born male child. Her Ladyship, we are happy 
to learn, is as well as can be expected. 

Jan. 20 (Died) On Saturday last, Miss Mary Lurintha, daughter of James S. 
Bascom, Esq., of the parish of Saint Thomas. 

Jan. 24 (Died) Lately, in England, the J{ev. Henry Coulthurst, D.D. (brother 
to M. Coulthurst, Esq., His Majesty's Solicitor General of this Island), and 
Vicar of Halifax in Yorkshire. In this Town, Mr. John MascoU and Mr. 
Samuel Moore. 

Caribbean A. 2^3 

Jan. 27 (Died) This morning, Mrs. Mary Orderson, aged 81 years; and in 
St. Thomas, Dr. Thomas Skeete. On Saturday hist, Miss Georgiaua, daugliter 
of E. S. AVickham, Esq. 

Peb. 14 (Died) Mrs. Frances Grant, mother of the Late Praucis B. Grant, 

Peb. 17 (Died) In England, on the 10th ult., Jonathan, brother to John Higgin- 
son, Esq., of this Island. 

Peb. 28 (Married) On Tuesday hist the 24th inst., at "■ Sand- House," by the 
Rev. William Garnett, Lieut. -Colonel S. H. Berkeley of the 16th liegiment 
of Foot, Deputy Adjutant General to the Forces in the Windward and Lee- 
ward Islands and Colonies, to Elizabeth, second daughter of William Murray, 
Esq., of " Bruce Yale" in this Island. (Died) This morning, Edward Bisliop, 
Esq., Attorney-at-Law. 

Mar. 3 (Died) This morning. Miss Anna L. Austin of this Town. 

Mar. 10 (Died) On Sunday last, Mrs. Susanna, Wife of Mr. Alex. Massett, 

Mar. 14 (Died) On Tuesday evening, Dr. John A. Walcott ; and on the suc- 
ceeding day his remains were interred at St. Michael's Church, followed by a 
number of Free masons, of which fraternity he Avas a member. 

Mar. 17 (Died) In England, on the 2Sth January last, William Welch, Esq., 
M.D., late of this Island. 

Mar. 21 (Married) On Wednesday morning last, Kichard Farmer, Esq., to Miss 
Frances F. M. Miller, youngest daughter of Clement Miller, Esq., of Christ 
Church. (Died) On the 20th inst.. Padre Fr. Juan .Marcelo Laguua of 
Cumaua, who lately arrived here in bad health, in the ship "Bedford" from 
Gibraltar, on his way to the Spanish Main. 

Mar. 24 (Died) On Sunday, Mrs. Goring, wife of Mr. Thomas D. Goring; and 
yesterday, Mrs. Edey of Eagle Hall. 

April 7 (Birth) On the 4th inst., at the Commandant's House, St. Ann's, the 
Lady of Lieut.-Colonel Young, of a son. 

April 11 (Deaths) Mr. Thomas Briggs, Sen., in the Parish of St. Philip, and 
Mrs. Mary Arthur, wife of Mr. John Bearcroft of this Town. 

April 14 (Birth) At Teignemouth, Devonshire, on the 21st Feb., the Lady of 
Major bloody, lioyal Engineers, of a son. (Died) At Clifton, England, on 
the 4th nlto.. Miss Elizabeth, eldest daughter of N. R. Garner, Esq., late of 
this Island. 

April 18 (Died) This morning, AYilliam Carter Thomas, Esq., of this Town. 

April 28 (Died) Yestei-day morning, Mr. Wm. Eeid of this Town. 

May 2 (^Tarried) On Wednesday, Nicholas H. Walrond, Esq., to ]\Irs. Jlai-i/ 
Hall, Widow ; and on Thursday, Benj. T. Gaskiii,* Esq., l)e])uty Conuuis- 
sary General, to Miss Ann Yernona Simmons Anderson. (Died) On Thurs- 
day evening, a,t ^^ £ninore" (the seat of James Cavan, Es(j.), the Lady of 
Captain Elliott of His .Majesty's ship " Scamander." 

May y (Married) On Thursday evening the 7th inst., at " A shford " planta- 
tion, by the Kev. Geo. T. Maynavd, Thomas Sampson, Esq., of this 
Town, to Rebecca Jane, eldest daughter of John Foderingham. Esq. 

May in (Died) In Christ Cluirch, Mr.s. Sarah .\ustin ; and in this Town, 3[r. 
Downie, who had lately arrived from Demarary, and inteudeil to leave this 
in the " Berwick " for England. 

May 30 (Birth) Yestevd:iy, the Lady of the Hon. John A. Beckles, of a 
daughter. (Married) In Enghind, on the 2Gth of March, the Hon. W. 
Grasett of His Majesty's Council of this Island, to Eliza, daughter of the late 
John H. Barrow, Esq., and sister of John Barrow. Est)., of " Hill Park " in 
the County of Kent. On Monday last, at St. Michael's Church, ^Ir. Richard 
Clarke to Catharine Anne, youngest daughter of the late Henry S. Jervis, 
Eaq., of St. George's. 

* See ante, p. 66. 



June 2 (Died) On Saturday last, tlie Hon. Geor2;e INIaynard of His Majesty's 
Council of tliis Island, and Chief Judge of tlie Court of Common Pleas for 
the Precinct of Christ Cliurch. On his way home in the evening he fell off 
his horse in a fit of apoplexy, as is supposed, and soon afterwards expired. 

June ti (Birth) Mrs. Young, tlic Lady of Dr. Young, of a daughter. (Died) 
On Wednesday last, at his residence in St. Thomas Parish, ^Slv. Thomas 
Gilkes, iSenr. (Obituary Xotice respecting Hon. George Maynard pub- 

June 9 (Died) On the 19th April, at Cheltenham, England, H. J. Underwood, 
Esq., an eminent Merchant, and formerly a resident of Demcrary. 

June IG (Married) On the 1st May, at Path, Ciiarles Cave,* I'lsq., of Mincing 
Lane, second son of Stephen Cave, Esq., of Cleve Hall House, Gloucester- 
shire, to Sarah, ouly daughter of Edward Cumberbatch, Esq., of the Island of 

June 30 (Married) Yesterday morning, by the Eev. Mr. Als, at St. Michael's 
Church, the Eev. W. M. Payne, Eector of St. Andrew, to Miss Mary Clarke, 
niece of John Straker, Esq. And this morning, at Christ Church, by the 
Hev. Thos. n. Ordorson, Abel Clinckett, Esq., to Mrs. Jackson, widow. 

July 4 (Married) On Tuesday eveinng, Richard Johnson, Esq., to Miss 
Spencer, daughter of Thomas Spencer, Esq., and on Thursday, Mr. Charles 
Greenidge to Miss Mary W. White. 

July 18 (Married) On Thursday morning, Mr. James S. Fleming (of St. John's) 
to Miss Massiah, daughter of I. H. Massiah, Esq. (Died) On Wednesday, 
Miss Anne, daughter of Mrs. Mai-y Hordle ; and on the following day, Mrs. 
Abigail ^I. Taylor. 

July 21 (Died) In England, Mrs. Miller, relict of the late F. Miller, Sen., Esq., 
of this Island ; on Friday last, Mr. Beard, father of Thomas Beard, Esq. ; 
and yesterday, Mrs. Mary Pickering. 

July 25 (^Married) At Clifion, Enjland, on the 5th June last, the Eev. John 
Hampden (of this Island) to Miss Margarctta, only daughter of the Kev. Dr. 
England, Archdeacon of Dorset. At St. Michael's Church, Mr. Henry 
Collymore to JMiss Charlotte, daughter of the late Dr. Todd ; and in the 
parish of Saint Joseph, Mr. J. AV. Williams to Miss Anna Maria Atkins. 
(Died) On AVednesday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas, mother of the late AVil- 
liam Cater Thomas, Esq. ( Vide April ISth.) 

July 28 (Died) On Sunday morning, Mrs. Soper, wife of Capt. John Soper of 
this Town. 

Aug. 4 (Died) Yesterday, Mr. John Clarke of this Town. 

Aug. 8 (Died) Yesterday, iNfrs. AValrond, wife of F. A. AYalrond, Esq. 

Aug. 15 (Died) On his passage hither in the " Tiger," Mr. George Keiz'ar of 
this Island. 

Aug. 18 (Died) Yesterday, jNIrs. Isabella A. Thorne. 

Aug. 22 Sinijular mortaliti/ in one family. Died, on the 3rd instant, ^Targaret 
Ann, daughter of Air. W. E. Ellis, who with his son (William) also departed 
this life on the Gth ; and on the 18th, Susanna Forster Ellis, his widow, and 
their daughter Elizabeth ; the two latter were interred at the same time. 
{Note. Ann Thorne, Widow, petitioned for Letters of Administration to 
Estates of AVilliam Edward Ellis, and Susanna Forster Ellis (widow), 
deceased; and for Letters of (iiuardianship to Persons and Estates of her 
Grandchildren Thomas Edward Ellis and Henry Ellis, Alinors, under 14.) 

{To he continued.) 


See Cave's " History of 13 inking in Bristol," 1899, p. 225. 


0ott^ anil ©units. 


I am anxioiis to trace tlie early history cf the "U^'st India Comniitlec. Can 
any of your readers as■■s^i^t Die v.ith inforuiatiou regarding it? The earh'cbt 
minute-book of the Committee is dated 17G9 ; and it would seem that in that 
year there existed a Coir.mittee of "West liulia Merchants and a Committee of 
West India Planters. The full title of the "West India Committee and for 
many subsequent years, -was " The Standing Committee of AVest India Planters 
and Merchants." 

Algebno> E. Aspixall. 

The Colonial Office was in or about 17G9 reorganized, and the Act of Parlia- 
ment probably authorized the constitution of the Committee. (Ebitor.) 


I, Henry Fowke of L. g' Exor. and a Trustee of the "Will of "W"' "Whltaker 
1. of L. merchant deceased do appoint Gedney Clarke Esq., the Hon. Edm^' 
Jenkins Esq. the Hon. Tho. AVest Esq. all of the I. of Barbadoes to be my 
Attorneys to enter ujion his plantations and negroes and receive all debts and all 
papers of M' Henry AY. of the said I. Dated Aug. 17G3. 


AVe, Tho. Hodges of S' James's Place co. Alidd^ Esq., Cha. Lawrence of Essex 
Str. in the p'sh of S' Clement Danes gt. and Sam. Taylor of tl)e p'sh of S* Marg' 
AVestiu'' g', Geo. Hastings of b* James's Place Esq. and Sarah my Wife late Sarah 
Hodges spr. and Sarah Hodges of the ])'sh of S' Jas. AVestin'' widow, and first I, 
Tho. Hodges, have constituted [blank] to appear before the Sec. of tlie I. of 
Jamaica to acknowledge certain Indrcs of lease and release dated 13 and 14 March 
17(59 between me Tho. Hodges of the one part and Cha. Lawrence and Sam. 
Taylor of tlie other being a lease made to them of certain plantations negroes in 
J. also other Indres of 29 and 30 March 17G9 between me of the one part, and 
Patrick BUike Esq. and Geo. Hastings Esq. of the other and the release being 
tripartite made between me of tlie 1^' part, Barbara Erances Blake Sp'' and Sir 
Tho. Cha. Biiubury B' lier Guardian of the 2'' part, Patrick Blake Esq. and Geo. 
Hastings Esq. of the 3'' part being a Settlement made to Pat. B. and Geo. H. of 
certain plantations for certain uses and to consent that the same are registered 
in J. 

And We, Clias. Lawrence and S;iin. Tavlor appoint the said attorneys to 
acknowledge certain other IndrC-s dat. l-l and 15 Marcli 17G9 made between us of 
the one part, Tho. Hodges of the other being a conveyance to him of the said 
plantations in J. and AVe Geo. Hastings and Sarah my wife appoint the said 
attornies to acknowledge a deed poll of the said Sarah Hastings then Sarah 
Hodges being a discharge from me Sarah Hastings to Tho. Hodges for £1000 
charged on the plantations as portions for the younger children of the marriage 
of John Hodges Esq. deceased and Sarah his wife the Father and Alother of mc 
Sarah Hastings and I the said Sarali Hodges widow appoint the said attorneys to 
acknowledge other IndrGs of 28 and 29 Alareh 17G9 between me and Tho. Hodges 
being a conveyance to him of the plantations. [Deeds in tlie Editor's possession.] 

Eor some notes of the Hodges family see Archer, 324. 

Thos. Hodges married (apparently in 17G9) Frances Barbara Blake, the sister 
of Sir PatrickBhike, 1st Bart. 




This -work, now in the British Museum (Sloan :MS. 391S), consists of 140 
small folio pap;es. The contents did not !i|,pear to me to contain much original 
matter. On the first paqc is the following hcadin"-: — 

" A most Correct, and partieii|;ir Account of th . . . .* 
Island of Jamaica, Prom the Time of th . . . .* 
Spaniards first discovering .nul settlin"- . . . .* 
it. Together AVitli a full and succinct Account of the present 
Government of it ; as also, of all the Generals, 
and Governours in Chief thai have been appoin 
ted to preside over the said Inland, and all the other 
Territories thereon dependinjr, \n America, &c. 
Wrote bv Hen. Barham Sen'' F.E.S." 

The history is carried down to the year 172'' 

Dr. Barham died soon after in 


This volume, now in the British ]Museum (Add. MS. 27,96S), contains various 
letters, pedigrees, and extracts from parish re^^isters and wills relating to Jamaican 
families. The correspondence was mostly addressed to Charles Edward Long, 
a well-known AVest-Indian genealogist. The collection then apparently passed 
into the hands of Captain J. H. Lawrence Archer, author of "AV.I. iNlonumental 
Inscriptions," and the [Museum Trustees purdiased ii from him on 13 Feb. 1869. 

Most of the numerous extracts from parish registers were made about 
1830—35 by the late John Eoby, author of |],e rare Histories of the i)arishes of 
St. Catherine and St. Jauies (see ante I., 335), and were sent to C. E Long, then 
in Londou. Among the families noted are tlio following : — 








Beck ford. 














Marshal . 







Vassal 1. 


James Makittrick Adair.f D' of Physic at Newton upon Air. AVill dated .... 
Have settled £S0 a year on my wife. All estate to my son and dan. Mv fortune 
consists of £5000, £5000, ^Vm. Smith's bond lor £5000, the interest of which has 
been unpaid for many years by the Insurrection at Grenada having ruined the 
estates— payment not to be pressed— also £5000 and £1500. D'" A thill of .•Viitigua. 
Proved ISOl (775, AbercrLMubie). Adm'on to James Barter Makittrick Adair, 
D' of Piiysio, the son. 

• The right hand corner of those three lines is niisiin?. 

t Sec " Antii;Uii," I., 30, nnd '■ !) X.B." He was author of a Tract against the Abolition of 
the Slave Trade. 


■William Toolce.* AVill dated 2G June ISOl. £500 to my friend John Home 
Tooke, Esq., of Wimliledoii, and forgive liiin a debdt of £7oO and interest. 
I give to my friend Tlio. Oliver, Escj., £20. My third part of the plantation 
called The Uiamoud in the I. of Grenada, witii the negroes as held jointly with the 
late Eiohard Oliver, Esq., and the late "\Vm. Smith, Esq., both now deceased, and 
now in co-partnership with Tho. Oliver, Esq., and Geo. Griffin, Esq., in three equal 
parts to my nephew AVm. Tooke Harwood. Proved 12 Oct. I&i02 (7S3, Kenyon). 


1799 Born in Dumfriesshire. 

1818 Mar. to jNIary Paterson at Thornhill, Scotland. 

1819 Sailed from Hull as surgeon of the " Eclipse." 

1819 His son Adam born in Scotland Jane 1st. Eeturned from Dayies Straits 
in Septendicr. 

1821 Eeb. Sailed from Hull as surgeon of the " Eoyal George." 

Oct. Arrived in Hull after a perilous voyage and entered into an 
engagement with Major Crichton to go to Antigua as assistant to his 
brother Dr. Crichton. 

1822 Jan. Sailed from Liverpool, and after being a week at sea were compelled 

to put back agait;. 

Ecb. Sailed again, and after nine days had to put back, and remained 
three weeks at Whitehaven. 

April 1. Sailed once more from Whitehaven, and anchored in St. John's 
Harbour May 5th. On IMay Gth entered on professional duties. 
1825 Dr. Crichton entered into partnership with Dr. Musgrave, and Dr. Nichol- 
son became assistant to both. 

1836 Adam Nicholson arrived from England. 

1837 Mrs. Tho. NichoL-on and their dau. Martha arrived. 

1838 Jau. 1 Partnership with Dr. Musgrave began (Dr. Crichton having died 

Nov. 1827). 
1841 Adam Nicholson returned to England. 
1843 „ ,, graduated at Edinburgh. 

1845 „ ,, returned to Antigua. 

1848 Eeb. Dr. Thos. Nicholson sailed for England. 

1849 Graduated at Edinburgh. 

Sept. Left in " Plioeni.x " sailing s.hip for Antigua, stopping at Madeira 
for emigrants, and arrived in Antigna Nov. 17tb. 

1851 Eldest dau. jNlartha mar. George Tho. Tyudale. 

1852 Dr. Adam Nicholson mar. Caroline Garling. She died in 18G2. 
18G3 ,, „ married Annie Jackson. 

1SG8 „ ,, died and is buried in the churchyard. J 

1877 July 8 Dr. Thomas Nicholson died and is buried in the cemetery. J 


This Indre of 3 parts made the 30 July 48 Geo. II L 1808 Eetween' Francis 
Macnamara of the I. of Trinidad now residing in the City of London Esq. of the 
1" part ; ~\V"' Bradsliaw Macnamara of Sloan Terrace S^ Lukes Chelsea co. Midd'' 
Esq. son of the said Francis il. of the 2^^ part ; aud Dennis Cunsidine of Brewer 
Street Golden Square co. Midd'^ Dr. of physic and Andrew Thynue of Beruers 

* Sec " Memoirs of Jolui Honio Tooko," by .Vlex. Stephens, Svo, 2 vols , 1813. 

t CommiiniLMted by Mr;i. E. E. Uerber, sole graudiluu^^hter of Dr. Tho. Nicholson. 

X At St. Joliii'.s Town, Aiiti>,'ua. 




Str. Oxford Str. Dr. of physic of the 3'' part WnEiiEAs Fra. Macnamara is seized 
of a plantation in the Quarter of Oropiiche in the said I. called Belle Air with 
the slaves and stock subject to a rent charge of £300 a year to Uarcas M. his 
wife and to a mortgage to Daniel Henry Eucker and John Anthony Kucker of 
Mincing Lane Lor.don merchants and co]vartners of £S000 and to a mortgage of 
the said plantation together whh. another ph\ntation called the ]']scurial in tlie 
Quarter of jMoncoropo to the same of £.jOOO and to make some ])r()vision for his 
son after his death he hath agreed to convey lielle Air to Dennis Considine and 
Andrew Thynne on the foUowiiig 'J'nists now for 5s. he conveys to them tiie said 
sugar plantation of (314 acres with houses, mills, boiling houses, etc., and all 
negroes, horse.-*, mules, cattle, subject to the charges thereon for the use of the 
said Pra. Isl. for his iife aiid at his death to he conveyed to his son W'm. B. iM. 
Signed by — 

F. M'^Namara. Seal : Crest, a lion rampant, with motto " Flor .... tentas." 

W. B. iS'<=]N^amara. Plain Seal. 

D. Considen. Plain Seal. 

And"' Thynne. As No. 1 seal. 
"Witnessed by Ben: Brooks, Lincoln's Inn, Henry Thynne, and others. 
Endorsed: "W'iieijeas before the execution it was agreed that Fra. M. by his 
will should have power to charge Belle Air with Annuities not exceeding £150 
and a legacy of £500. 

[On two skins in the Editor's possession.] 


Tliis Ind're made the 22 May 9 Geo. 1723 Between Teresa Trinder of the | 

parish of S' Martins in the feilds co. Midd'^ widow of the one part and Francis Gage | 

of the City of London Esq. of the other part "Whereas Francis Gage on 12 April ] 

1710 was indebted to Mary Tuke then of St. Giles in the feilds spinster (and | 

sister of the said Teresa Trinder) in £500 for which he became hound in a bond \ 

of £1000 and for further security she did in Hillary terra 8 Geo. in the Court of \ 

K. B. recover a judgment of £1000 and costs and whereas the said £500 has not < 

been paid but only some interest and £50 part of the principal and as now ^i 

tliere remains due for interest £1S2 and for principal £450 in all £032 and '■ ^ 

whereas by Ind're tripartite bearing even date with these pret^ents between Geo. | 

Carleton of Staples Inn gent, of the 1'*' i)art, the said Francis Gage of the 2'' part 
and the Hon. the Lord Viscount Gage of the 3^ part Geo. Carleton by the 
appointment of F. Gage sold to Yiscotint Gage all that plantacon of 2G0 acres in 
the I. of JNIontserat for 99 years with stock of negros and personal estate to be 
void on F. G. paying tlie £632 and Vise' G. by his deed poll bearing even dale 
with these presents doth declare that the said conveyance was made in trust for 
Mary Q\ike and she being now out of the Kingdom and having by letter of 
attorney of the 14 jSov. 1721 appointed her sister Teresa Trinder to act for her 
now it is agreed that if F. G. pay the £032 she will not take out any writ of 
execution and will reconvey the said plantation. 

Signed by Mary Tuke, Teresa Trinder. Two very perfect seals, with these 
arms ; . . . . a fess between three stiifjs trippant ; iinpalhii] .... three lions passant 
in pale. In the presence of William Bennetts, Eob*: Stonyclift. Endorsed: 
" M" Teresa Trinder's defoazance to Francis Gage Esq. on payment of £G32." 
No. (9). [On one skin in the possession of the Editor.] 

Trinder (West well and Holwell, co. Oxford, granted 1003) : Salle, a fess Or 
letween three stags trippant Argent, attired of the second. (Burke's " Armory.") 



. 289 



There were two men of the aLove names in Antigua, first-cousins and of 
Dutch origin. The one, a Capt.nin of the 3S;h Ecgiment, was sometime of Ham 
Common, co. Surrey, and died in Antigua 10 ]\Jay 1817, aged OG. The otlier, 
a Colonel of Militia, resided for many years at St. Thomas, near Exeter, where he 
died 1 Nov. 1790, aged 07. The same crest, with the addition of the arms, are on 
a tomb of 1727 in St. John's churchyard in Antigua. 

The above plate is not in the Catalogue of the Eranlif- Collection in tlie British 
Museum, which, however, includes two others belonging to the same famil\\ 
Mr. AY. E. Baillie of Bridgeport, U.S.A., writes: '• 1 do not l;now of any otiier 
plate than the crest with large Chippendale surroundings, and 1 tliink the 
catalogue is wroii"." 




mawttt of ^t. %\\m. 

Eev. Ralph "Willett of Broadwell, co. Gloucester, died about 1598. 
(He heads the pedigree iu Hutchins' " Dorset," iii., 30G.) 

Eev. Eaphe Willett, M.A., Eector of= 
Iccomb, CO. Worcester, 161G ; Matric. 
from New College, O.Kford, Feb. 1.397-8, 
aged 17, B. A. 9"Peb. lGOl-2, chaplain, 
M.A., IG May 1G05; cousin, 1(;19, of 
Eaphe AVillettof Cireucester; died 1G5G. 

James Willet, 
cousin, 1G19, of 
Eaphe Willett 
of Cirencester. 

Henry AVillett, 

Thos. Willett. 

Henry Willet of Lon-= 
don, a Eovalist, died 

-Mai'tha, 1st dan. of Tlio. Eobinson and first-cousin to 
John Eobinson (IGoO — 1723), Bishop of Lor.doji. She 
died 1G70. 

Capt. Ealph Willet, 1st son, born 1G52, is said to haA'e gone=j=Anue dau. of ... . 
to Barbados and then to St. Kitts about 1G71 ; Member of i Estridgeof St. Kitts; 
Assembly 1G78; Capt. IGSO ; Speaker 16S1-2-3 ; Member of ! died 15 Oct. 1720, 

Council 1G83-4 ; died 30 June 1G94, aged 42 

aged 59. 

Henry Willet, 1st son, born=pEliz., 1st dau. of 

1680; Lieut, and Member of Col. John Stanley 

Assembly 1704 ; aged 27 iii 

1707 ; of St. John's, Cappes- 

terre, 1711 ; had 100 acres in 

French quarter 1717 ; died 


of jS'evis; mar. IS 
Sep. 1718; died 
12 Aug. 1724, 
aged 33. 

Ann, 1st dau., 
mar. Ab. Pavne. 
He Avas 28 in 
1707-8, Member 
of Council 1730, 
and died 1740. 

died 10 

M.I. at 

=Ealph Willet, elder son,= 
born S Aug. 1719; ma- 
tric. from Oriel Coll., Ox., 
23 June 173G, aged 17 ; 
student of Lincoln's 
Inn 4 Jan. 1738-9; pur- 
chased Merly, co. Dor- 
set, 1751; Sheriff 1760; 
of Shooters Hill 1759-GO; 
r.S.A. 1763; F.E.S. 
1764; of Dean Street, 
Soho, 1779; died 13 Jan. 
1795, aged 75. M.I. at 
G. C. ("D.N.B."). 
Will dated 17 May 
1790; proved 4 Feb. 
1795 (128, Newcastle). 

dau. of ... . 
Locke and 
widow of 
mar. lie. 
dated 9 May 
1786; died 
in Dean St. 
11 and bur. 
18 May 
1815, aged 
09, in West- 


23 Oct. 

died in 
land 9 

Martha AVil- 
let, died 1757, 

Three chil- 
dren, died 

John Wil-= 
let* of - 
Broad St., 
1767 ; of St. 
Benet Fink 
1769 ; wit. 
to mar. at 
St. George's, 
1774. M.I. 
at Brent- 
ford, CO. 


=Eliz. St. 
dau. of 
Jas. Geo. 
of Lon- 
don, agent 
for St. 
mar. at 
St. Geo., 
Si].. 2 Mar. 
was her 


Parentage unknown. 



. . . .^Dorothy .... In 1G19 
AVillet. I of Shiptoii, 0-\ford.<lnre. 


Kaplie AVillet^I/.ab 

.'11, John 

of Cireiiccs- sisterof "W'illet, 

tcr, oo.GloiK-.. ' Tlio. 


clothier. Will , and 


dated 18 Julv ] AVm. 

will of 

1G19 ; proved Powf 

dl. his bro- 

ItUO (87, 


Parker). j 











Edge, CO. 




iG72, intes- 


tate. Ad- 


moii. to his 


son Ralph. 

Dycer) . 




k«J 111. I ias>^ 

From Seiiex's "Atlas," 1721 

Argent, three hors f/cmeJIes Oi'Ies, on a cJdef Or 
three lions rampant Sable. Hatchiiis ^ives : Arr/enf, 
three bars yemellcs Salle, in chief as mantf lions 
ranip".nt of the second. CuEST. — On a ducal coronet 
Or, a moorcock irith ivinfls expanded Salle, combed 
and irattU'd QuUs. Burke cives this lutter coat as 
AVillett of Waltliaiiistow, co. Es^e.x. 

Cjpl. AVilliani Willei. born 1G17; of Trir.ity, Palmeto Point,= Henry Wiliet, 
St. Kitrs, 1G77-S; J. P. and :Member of Council IGSO ; ; Member of As- 

Treasurer IGSl ; aged ^k) in 1707-8 ; living 1712. ! semblv IGSl. 



named bj' 



17 IS ; 

(?) party to 



Kitts, 2n(l son ; has 
250 acre.*! and 60 
negrosin the French 
qnarter 1717; ^lem- 
ber of Council 1707 
—27 ; (?) bur. at 
Cappesterre 5 Oct. 

^Mary, dan. of Col. 
.lohn Stanley; re- 
uiar. before 171S 
Cha. Laval Moli- 
ueux of jNIoiitscr- 
I'at and St. Kitts, 
who was born 

Major Ralph Wil-^^Iary 
let, born IGSG; aged ''...., 
21 in 1707-S; of 

Trinity-, Palmetto 
Point," 17 11; Presi- 
dent 1712 ; owned 
200 acres and 71 
uegros in French 
quarter 1717; died 
about JMay 171S. 

lor. . 

died IS 
Sep. 175!) 
in Upjier 
Brook St. 

Eliz. Wiliet, dan. and 
coheir 1710, and coheir 
to her cousin Ralph 
Wiliet, Esq., deceased ; 
mar. before 178G W'd. 
Ottleyof St. Ivitts. She 
and their seven children 
living 174S. His will 
proved 1775 (111, Alex- 


Margaret Wiliet. 
theyounger,of St. 
Kitts, dau. and co- 
heir. Will dated 
20 June 1748, 
then bound for 
En.gland ; proved 
1 March 1750 
(07, Dusbv). 

Ralph Wniet, Esq., 
(?) applied to be 
^.[ember of Council 
1711-12; dead 1740. 
Eli/., and Margaret 
Wiliet were his 
two coheirs and 

Owing to lack of proof this jiedigree is doubtful. 
• Parciitairc unloiuwii. 

V 2 



1677-8, Jan. Trinity, Palmetto Point. Capn. "Wm. TVillett. (Ante, 75.) 

1678, June 10. 
1680, July 1. 
the Ke;];. of Foot 

1680, July 12. 

1681, A p." 15. 

1682, Nov. 20. 
also 30 Oct. 1GS3 

1683, Dec. 6. 

Ealph W., then M. of A. (A\M. Cal.) ::u» 

"Justice "\V., J. P. at Palmeto Point," and Capt. Ealph W. of 


Wm. W. signs as M. of C. 574 

Ealph W., then Speaker 30 

Ealph AV., Speaker of the Genl. A., Wm. W., a M. of ditto. 

338, 530 
Ealph AV., and on Dec. 20 AVm. AV., both sworn of the C. 

561, 571 

1684, Jan. 2G. Henry AY., a M. of Assembly, AA^m. AV. and Ea. AV., both of 
the C, and Capt. AVm. W.. Treasurer ' 581, 647 

The aboye are not named in the Ciilendars for the next 15 years. 
1699, Ap. 20 and July 18. AVm. W., M. of C. 282, 310, 352 

1704, Sep. IS. Lieut. Henry AVillett of the Assembly. 

1706, Dec. 30. AVm. AVillett, Esq., M. of Council. 

1707, Noy. 25. Jno. AVillett named. 

1707-8, Census of St. Christopher's. Taken and signed by Wm. WiUett. 
T. Lee^yard I., yol. 10.) : — 



Neg. men. 


Boys. Girls. 

4 2 






and 2 


sterre — 

Men. AYom. 



g. men. 



2 3 





Point — 

4- 2 
2 1 






Age. Men. Worn. 
Henry AVillett 27 3 3 

Trinity, Palmeto Point — 
AVm. AVillett 00 4 

Ealph AVillett 21 1 
1711. St. Johns, Ca^ 

Mr. Henry AVillet 

1711. Trinitij, Pahnt 
Cap. AVm. AVillett 
Cap. Ealph AVillett 

1711-12, March. Memorial of Ealph AVillett to be of the CI. 

1712. AVm. AVillett and Ealph AVillett, President of St. Kitts, lost £1547 c. 
or £1031 st. at the French Inyasion. 

1714. John AV^illett of St. Chr. \yrites to the Bishop of London* asking to be 
appointed a commissioner for the sale of French lands, " those small streams of 
Blood, ^yhich derived from your Lordships ancestors, yet flow iu my veins." 
(Fulham Palace Eecords.) 

1714-15. Joseph Estridge of St. Kitts seals his letter with the AA^^illett arms. 
(B. T. Leeward I., vol. 13.) 

{Ealph AVillet has 200 acres aud 71 negros iu the French quarter. 
Henry AVillet „ 100 „ „ 40 „ „ 

John 'AVillet „ 250 „ „ 60 „ „ 

1718. John AVillet, Esq., a M. of Council. 

1718, June 18. jS'ews reed, of the death of Ealph AVillett of the Council. 
(B. T. Leeward I., vol. 15.) 

1724. John AVillet, an Exor. of Majr. Eiclid. Holmes. 

1724. ]\Iary AVillet, widow of Majr. Ealph AVillet, wife of iMark Bachelor. 
{Ihid., vol. 17.) 

1727-8, Feb. John AVillett, Esq., writes that he has been M. of CI. 20 years 
aud wisl'.es to retire, his health bad, and his privale fortune intangled by the late 
affairs. (Minutes of Council of St. Kitts.) 

* IIo was Jolin Robinson, D.I). (1G50— 1723), first-cousin to Mrs. Martha AVillet. (Sec 


1753. Ralph AVillett, Esq., 1 plantation in St. John, Cappcsterrc ; 3 in 
Christ Ch., Niciiola Town ; 1 in St. Paul's, Cappesterre. (Baker's " Map.") 

1759, Sep. 18. H. Willett, of Upper Brook-str. Esq. (" G.M.," 442.) 

17G7. John WiUeit of Broad Street, Loudon, Merchant, a party to a Payne 

1779, Dec. 23. Mrs. Willett, wife of Ralph AVillett, Esq., of Merly, in 
Dorsetshire. (" Bath Chronicle.'') 

178G, May 15. Ralph Willett, esq ; of Merly, co. Dorset, to Mrs. Strutt, of 
College str. AVestniinster, relict of Sam. Strutt, esq ; clerk assistant of Parliament. 
(" G.M.," 440.) 

1795, Jan. 13. At Merlcy, Ralph AVillet, esq. proprietor of a large estate in 
St. Christophers, his grandfather & namesake (descended from Tho. W. preb. of 
Ely 1560, whose son Andrew* succeeded him in that preferment 1587) .... 
settled in the W. I. &c. (Ibid., 169.) 

1815, May 11. In Dean-street Soho, aged 69, Mrs. AV. widow of the late 
Ralph AV. esq. of Merley, co. Dorset. (" G.M.," 478.) 

ST. GEORGE'S, ST. KITTS. (Ante, I., 358.) 
Bur. 1745, Oct. 5 John AVillett Esq'' : at Cappesterre. 


17G9, Mar. 2. John AVillett of St. Bennett Fink, London, Esqr. and B., and 
Elizabeth St. Jaeger Douglas of this parish, S. L.A.C. AVitnesses, John St. Leger 
Douglas and Ralph AVillett. 

1774, Aug. 25. John AVillett and Ralph Adye, witaesses to marriage of Mark 
Dyer and Ann Moreton. 


1815, May IS. Charlotte Willett ; Dean Street, Soho ; died the 11th, aged 09 ; 
in the South Cloister. 

(Lysons' " Environs of London," ii., 49.) 
In the churchyard : — 
John AVillet, Esq., 1782. 

CiosE Roll, 14 Geo. II., 9tu Paet, Nos. 4 and 5. 

This Indenture quadripartite made 19 Dec. 14 Geo. II. 1740 between Robert 
Pearne of the parish of Evenly, co. Northants, Esq., s. and h. of Robert Pearne 
late of the I. of Antigua, E.sq. dec*^, and grands, and h. niale of Henry Pearne of 
I. of Antigua dec'' of the 1-- part; Will. Otcley of the I. of S' Christoi)iicr Esq. 
and Eliz. his wife and ^lavgarct \ViIlet the Y'' of S' Christooher sp'' which said 
Eliz. Ottley aud Murg' Willet are the daus. and coli. of John VViliett a'.id cousins 
and coh. of Ralph Willett 1. of S' Christopher Ksq. dec'' of tho 2'' part ; Will. 

» Andrew W,, D.D. (1562 — 1621), 11. of Bulov, co. Herts, left uiue sous, oue of whom, 
Tho. W. (1603—1674) was 1st Mayor of New York.' ("D.N.B.") 



Col.eniaii of Loudon Mcrcli' of tlie 3^ part ; Drury Ottley tlie Y'' and Chas. Lavall 
Molineux of S' Christopher Esq. of the -i"' part. 

WiiERKAS iu 173G an action of ejectment was brought against AVill. Ottley 
and Eliz. his wife and ^farg' AVillett the Y'' on the death of Jiob' Pearue in the 
C of K. B. and C. P. at the town of Basseterre for recovery f lom them of one 
Messuage, 200 a. of land, 200 a. of cane, lUO a. of pasture and 100 a. of wood in 
the parish of S' Mary Cayon and judgment was given that Eob' Pearne the lessee 
should recoTcr his term in the said lands but Eob' Pearue h;is released his action 
as to the said ]\Iess. and they brought a writ of error before the G.ov"" and Council 
and the former judgmeut was affirmed and they appealed to the King which 
appeal is still depending and whereas by an agreement dated 21 May last betwceu 
the said Eob' Pearne 1. of iS' Christopher then resident in London of the one part, 
Will. Coleman for Will. Ottley and Eliz. his wife and Marg' Ottley of the other 
part, to put an end to all litigation and in consideration of £1000 to be paid Hob. 
.Pearne will assure the lands to the Ottleys etc. and relense all costs and for -"5 /- 
sells to Drury Ottley and Chas. L. ^lolineux that plantation in S* Mary Cayon 
of 120 a. formerly that of Peter Skerrit dec'' and after by patent by verdict of 
jury was found granted uy King William 111. to Henry I'earne the grandfather 
and was iu the tenure of Patrick Blake Esq. and late in that of Kalph AVillett Esq. 
for the use of Eliz. Ottley & Marg' Willet in equal moieties. 

Margaret Willet of the I., of St. Chr'', sp"". Will dated 20 June 174S. 
Bound to England. All my real est. to my bro. -in-law the lion. W"' Ottley of 
S' Chr., Esq., for ever. My uncle M- AY"' AVillet and my aunt M" Marg' Grosling 
50' a year each. My father-in-law Chas. Laval Molineux, Esq , 20-". To ray s^' 
bro. -in-law and his wife, uiv si.ster, 100="^ each. My friend Al''^ Prisciila Woodropp 
£100. Myk.w. M'' MaryHowse£40. Molly Willet, a mulatto, £-50. My bro. Crisp 
Molineux £500. My niece and goddau. Edith Ottley, dau. of my s'' bro.-iu-lav»" 
W" O., £1000, all res. to the li other children of s'' bro.-iu-law, viz., Urewry, AY"', 
Eliz., Marg', Sarah AYillet, and Martha Eleming Ottley. S^' W"' 0., Esq., and 
his Father Drewrj^ 0., Esq., now in England, Ex'ors. AYituessed b}^ John Baker, 
Ravell Kerie, Alex'' Mnxwell. Proved 1 March 1750 by AY"" 0., power reserved 
to D. 0. (97, Busby.) 

AYill dated 23 Julv 175; 


■Richard AAnisou, Chief Justice of St. Christopher, 
My dau. Frances A'Tillet £500. (409, Lynch.) 

Peter Soulegre of London ani formerly of St. Christopher, Esq. 
10 Dec. 175S. Ralph WilJett of Shooter's llill, Esq., a Trustee 
(124, Lynch.) 

James Oeorge Douglas of Loiidon, Merchant. Will dated 1759. 
Ralph AYillett c)f Shooter's Kill, E>q. (193, Seeker.) 

James Parson Ottley of Portman Street, late of St. Christopher. AYill 
4 Feb. 1779. John Willett Adye of Dean Str., Soho Sq., Esq., a sole 
My former agreement with Kalph Willett, Esq. (107, AYarburlon.) 

date. I 

My friend 


Ralph AYillett of Alerlev Place in the parish of Great Cinford, co. Dorset, Esq. 
AYill dated 17 May 1790. "To my wife £101)0 and £200 a yr., and to eich of her 
children, Sam. Strutt, Ilonrv Strntt, and Charlotte Strutt. £50. Mv couzen Sir 
Ralph Pavne, 1\.B., GloJO. Couzen Stephen Payne Grallway, 'Esq., £200. 

.X'ouziu John Willett Pavne £5i)iV Cou/,in Will'' Payne £500. Couzin Ann 
Georges, wife of W'" Payne (!., E<q., £500. Couzin .Martha Payne £500. 
Couzin Lucretia Payne £20 J. Couzins Abr. Adye, Ralpli Adye, Clara Auyo the 

younger, Mirt'i.i Adye, An i Adye, and Mary Adye £200 each. Couzin \Y"' 


Woodley, Hiq., £500. Couzin John Stanley, Esq., £4000. To John Willett 
Stanley, s. of my 8*^ couzin John Stanley, £1000 at 21. £3000 on trust to s'' John 
Stanley and couzin John ^\''illett Adye, Esq., to pay the Interest to my couzin 
Stephen Payne Adye, IMajor E A., and his wife. To T. £300 a yr. for my 
couzin John Willett. Couzin Clara Adye the Elder £100 a yr. Couzin John 
Brozet of S' Chr. £100. Couzin Ann Audain £50 a yr. Godchild Annabella 
Willett Adye, dau. of couzin John Willett Adye, in remembrance of my late wife, 
whose name she bears, £2000. Couzin John \\'illett Adye sole Ex'or. I bequeath 
Merley and est. at S' Chr. to my couzin John Willett Adye, 2'' s. of my couzin 
Clara Adye. he to use the name and arms of Willett only. The statue of my 
1. uncle John Willett, Esq., in the hall not to be moved, 

Is^ Codicil. 11 May 1792. My wife Charlotte to have the use of my house 
in Dean Str., S' Ann, West^. 

2nd Codicil. 15 Dec. 1793. Leg. to couzin W" Woodley has lapsed by his 
death, so give to his 1st s. W™ £500. 

Zrd Codicil. 4 A2)ril 1794. To couzin John Stanley, Esq., the land in Nevis 
heretofore the property of ^lich' S., his father, and w'' I have many years possessed 
by virtue of a mortgage. 

'^th Codicil. My wife Charlotte is entitled by our mar. sett, to £600 a yr. 
and 1 gave her £200 a yr. by my will and now give her £200 a yr. more, making 
in all £1000 a year. 

Last codicil dated 7 Jan. 1795. Sworn 4 Feb. and proved with 7 Codicils 
4 Peb. 1795 by J. W. A. (128, Newcastle.) 

1619, July 13. Eaphe Willet of Cirencester, co. Gloucester, clothier. My 
P' s. Kaphe 300'. My youngest s. Edw. 300'. My dau. Dorothy W. 300'. My 
Mother Dorothy A7. of Shipton, Oxfordshire, 100'. My brother John W. To 
Eleanor Tomes alia^ Pattricke, my wife's dau., 40'. Tho. Powell and Wm. Powell, 
my wife's rwo brothers. My cosen James WiUet, s. of Raphe W. of Brodwell, 
clerk, deceased, 10'. My brothers-in-Iavr John Greene, W'" Seelie. John AN^hiting, 
and W""' 3^'yler (?). My sister Dorothy Browne. My wife Izabell Ex'trix. 
Cousin Jlaphe W. of . . combe (? Iccombc), Worcestershire, clerk. Witnessed 
by Jas. Willet. Proved 1619. (87, Parker.) 

Tho. Pitt of Bristol, Merchant. Sister Martha Willett, bro. Wm. W. 
1655. (105, Euthen.) 

Eliz. Spert'of Wickwarre, co. Gloucester, widow of Rob. S.. Esq. Mess, 
to Ealph W. of Wootton-under-Edge, g'. House in Bristol. 17 Feb. 1657. 
(421, Pell.) 

Sam. Dawe of Wootton-under-Edge, clothier. Witnessed by Ealfli Willett. 
(141, Berkley.) 

1668. John Willet. Bro. Eichard, mother Alice. (162, Hene.) 

1672, Dec. 4. Eali)h Willet. Com. to Ealph W., s. of Ealph W., late of 
Wootton-under-Edge, dec''. Sus'' AV., his relict. 

1675. Edw. V\'illett of Ciienccstcr, clothier. Bro. Ealph, sons Jas., Edw., 
and Tho. (72, Dyccr.) 

1676. Wm. Willett. Jun., of Bristol, Mercliant. Two daus., 3 bros., John, 
Tho., and Walter. (4.5, Bence.) 

1681. Wm. Willett, Jun., of Bristol, Merchant. Sons Wm., Ju», Tho., and 
Walter at 21. A\'ifc .Martha. (81, North.) 

^m. AVillctt was M. of the Corporation of Bristol in 1656, 1661 — 1679; 
SherifE 166S ; ^Lnster of the Merchant Venturers Co. 1670-1. (Beaven's " Bristol 


16S6. Eal2)li Willet of Combe* in AVotton-under-Edge, co. Gloucester, gent. 
(157, Lloyd.) 

1692. Kalpti Willett, co. Gloucester, gent. Son Kalpli and liis three children, 
Ealph, etc. (178, F:ine.) 

1739. Eev. Ealpli Willet of Cirencester, clerk. Adm'on 14 March to Eliz., 
relict, also Sept. 1739 and Oct. 17.33. He was Eector of Strattou and died 
20 Aug. 173S, aged 84. M.l. there. (Rudder, 710.) 

See " Dorset Notes and Queries," vol. xii., p. 302, for query about Willet of 
Bristol, and an article in " (^louccster Notes and Queries," ii., 558. 

John Selfeof Cirencester died 17G3, a2;ed 55 ; married Eliz., died 176G, aged 49. 
Her arms : Barry ofticelce., SahJe and Arrjent, on a chief of ihe second three lions 
rampant of the first for W'illet. (Eudder, 3G4.) 

1039. Xibley. Ealph AVillet of Wotton, an Attorney at law, holdetli certain 
enclosed grounds, whereon a house of late built called Biuley, cont. 7 acres, which 
he 'purchased of John Trotman, eldest s. of the said Tho. T., to whom upon hi's 
marriage with the sister of the said Ealph W. he conveyed the same & were 
parcell of his messuage at Forthay. (" Gloucester Notes and Queries," v., 21.) 

Indenture dated 20 Nov. 1G71 between Eob. French of "VVotton-uuder-Edge, 
etc. Witnessed by Ea. Willett. {Ibid., 18G.) 


On a slab : In memory of William, eldest son of Eandul|ili Willet, Gent., who 
died Sept. 11, 1G57, aged 21, and of Susanna his sister, and Peter and Matthew 
his brothers, who had died not long before. (Several lines omitted.) (" Gloucester 
Notes and Queries," i., 1G2, and Eudder, 852.) 

He matriculated at OiFord in 1G53. 

GEEAT CANFOED, CO. DOESET. (Copied 29 April 1912.) 

In the chapel to the south of the chancel, and over the arch in the dividing 
wall of the former : — 


Uxor Eodolphi Willett de Merly 

Ceisit fatis 10"'" Dec""-'^ 1779 ,Etat Gl""" 

Quadraginta annis in amore mutuo, 

et in dies crclcente feliciter exactis. 

Quid luges ! Conviva I'atur, Cede. 

Cedo lubens ; 

ENS ENTIVM ! milcrcre noltrum, 


obiit 13'"° Jan"' 1795 .Etat 75'^ 

Above are the arms of AVillett, impaling, a chevron Ictwecn three stags' 
irippantf [EoBixso']. 

• There was an ancient ycomaa and dofbier family of Adey or Adye also ."-eateJ in Combe, 
t I give these arms from Hutchius, as the sliield wis too high Uji to mako them out. 


In the chapel : — 

Sacred to the Memorv 
of Merit) in the County of Dorfet, Elq''' 
(Seven lines.) I'he expired 

on the 10"' Dav of October 179S ; in the ;37"' vear of her A^a. 
Her Daughter 'aNNABELL A AVILLETT AVILLETT died on the 
6"' Day of December 179-3 ; in the 15''' Year of her Age 
(Seven lines.) erected by the Huf band and Fatlier 

J. Bacon E.A. Sculp' 1799. 

Below are these arm.s : AVillett impaling, Argent, six pellets, 3, 2, and 1, 
a chief embattled Sable [Beoumcker of St. Kitts]. 

Over the door in the north wall of chapel. In the centre at tlie top is an 
urn with deceased's face cut in profile ; an angel stands on one side and a child on 
the other : — 

Sacred to the Memory of 


of Merly House, in this County, Esquire, F.E.S., F.A.S. 

who departed this Life 

September the 26^1^ 1S15, Aged 71. 

Arms. — Quarterly : 1 and 4, AVillett ; 2 and 3, .... a fess between two lions 
passant [Payne of St. Kitts] ; impaling, . . . . a wolf rampant, in chief three stars 

Hutchins only says " Arms of AVillett." 

On a black and white marble tablet, with cross and wreath, on the north wall 
close to the floor : — 













On a white and black marble tablet over an arch in the north wall of chapel :- 








DIED MARCH 23^" 1873. 


In Memory of Jan^e, relict of James Adye, R.A., who died at Paddington 
Sept. G^'', 1S58, !\;:!;ed 09 } ears. This monumental tablet is erected by her eldest 
son "WiLLETT Laavrexce Adte of Merlv.* 

In the southern portion of the churchyard is a very large brick vault, about 
15 feet by 10 feet, with tliree flat stones laid over it, and enclosed by iron 
railings : — 

Here lieth the body of AXXABELLA WILLETT 

Wife of KALPII WILLETT of Merly ESQR; 

She died Dec>-. 10, 1779, Aged 61 Tears. 

SAMUEL MAETIX Elq^ of Marfhallswick, Herts 

Died Noo'- 20»i' 1788 .Etat 7-5. 


BOE.V 11^= NOV" ISGO DIED 23"" ItAllCH 1S73. 


BORN 4^^^ MAT 181S DIED 27^" NOV" 187S. 


BORN 7^° OCT. 1857 DIED 22''° APRID 18S0. 


BORN 28^= OCT. 1SG3 DIED 13^« YE-R^ 1S89. 


BORN 19^" APRIL 1859 DIED 30^= MARCH 1895 


BORN V^ SEPT. 1823. DIED 30^^ MARCH 1905. 

Butl)5', Btatlj$, anti iHarriasts from tljc 
'' BSarbatios iHeicui}> '* autj '' JSviticjttcilim 
#ajettc/* 1805 to 1818.t 

Br EDW.ARD GOULBURN SINCKLER, Police Magistrate, B-aebados. 


Aug. 22 (Married) 0]i Tluirsday evening, i\Iiles Jauies Ayshford, Esq., to Miss 
Mary Christian Gibbcs. (Died) On Wednesday last, Mr. Paul I.ightbourn; 
and tliis morning, Mrs. Jane Mascoll. 

Aug. 25 (Died) On Saturday moi-ning last, 3[r. Edward Archer of this Town. 

Aug. 29 Proclamation. £50 offered for arrest of John Burke and David Burke, 
who caused the death of Lieutenant Matthew Moore of the 4th Batt. of His 
Majesty's GOlh Heginient. They gave him a severe beating on the l8tli and 
he died on 21th August 1818. (^Married) On Thursday evening last, by the 
Rev. Mr. Pindar, Lieutenant Beverhouldt of the G3rd Regiment to 
Elizabeth, second daughter of Timothv Carter. Escj. (Died) On Wednesday 
last, in tlie Parish of St. John, Dr. Francis Bell; and in this Town, Mrs. H. 
Culpepper and JNfr. A. Ross. 

* This M.I. is triveri by llutcbiiis, but I failed to see it. 
t Coatiuucd from page 2Si. 


Sep. 5 (Died) On AYcdnesday last, in the parish of St. Philip, Mrs. Harriet 

Sep. 8 (Died) On Sunday last (deeply regretted by a numerous circle of her 
acquaintance, who held her virtues in high estimation), Mrs. Cutting, wife 
of Stephen Cutting, Esq., of this Town. (See September L2 also.) 

Sep. 12 (Married) On Thursday evening last, by theKev. Mr. Orderson, Hum- 
phrey Walrond, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Ann White. (Died) In this Town, 
Mrs. Elizabeth Whitney. Obituary Xotice (very long) on Mrs. Elizabeth 
Edmund Cutting, wife of S. Cutting, Esq., "of this Town," who was interred 
at St. Michael's Church, 23 years old, signed " Affectio." Vide Septem- 
ber 8th also. 

Sep. 15 (Died) On Saturday last, Mr. Hoyte of this Town ; and this morning, 
Mr. John A. Lowe of the parish of St. Andrew. 

Sep. 19 (Married) On I'hursday morning last, at St. Michael's Church, by the 
Kev. Mr. King, Lieut. J3. M. Jones, H. P., of tiie Sth W.I. liegiment, to Miss 
Kebecca M. Jervis, daughter of the late Ileury T. Jervis, Esq. (Died) On 
Saturday last. Miss Susanna C. Allej^ue, aunt of K. A. Ellcock, Esq. ; and 
on Tuesday last, in the parish of Saint George, Henry C. Barker, Esq. 

Sep. 22 (Married) On Thursday evening last, Wiliiaui AValroud, juur.. Esq., 
to Miss Caroline Prances, second daughter of the late Dr. Walcott. (Died) 
On her passage hither from St. Kitts, Mrs. Tiiornhiil, wife of Henry Thorn- 
hill, Esq., of Hole Town ; and this morning, Mrs. AValrond, wife of George 
"Walrond, Esq., of this Town. 

Sep. 2G (Married) On Thursday evening last, John Oxley, Esq., to Miss 
Hebecca Catherine, daughter of Kobert T. Giiteus, Esq. (Died) On Wednes- 
day last, in the 21st year of her age, Mrs. Jemima Christy, wife of ACr. AVilliam 
Christy of this Town. {JS'ote. Wm. Christy soon got married again. See 
Nov. 14.) And (died) yesterday morning, Mrs. Pierrepont, the wife of 
Thos. Pierrepont, Esq., a lady deservedly regretted, etc. 

Sep. 29 (]3ied) On Saturday night last, Mr. John P. P. Armstrong, Collector 
for the Parish of Saint ALichael. 

Oct. 6 (Married) On Friday evening last, Howard Griffith, Esq., to Miss 
Mary Greaves of Speights Town. (Died) In the Parish of Saint Peter, Miss 
Cornelia, sister to Charles Cadogan of this Town. 

Oct. 10 (Died) Yesterday, in this Town, Miss Patience Crawford. 

Oct. 13 (Died) At Demerary, on the 1st instant, Alexander Fullcrton, Esq., a 
gentleman much regretted by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. 

Oct. 17 (Married) On Thursday morning last, Henry W. Proderingham, Esq., 
to iliss Margaret, sister of John Carew, Esq. 

Oct. 20 (Died) On Sunday morning last, Dr. llenn Hamden, who was (as is justly 
stated in yesterday's '" IntcUiyciiccr^') ''an old and highly respectable In- 
habitant of this Town, etc " "' He for some time held " . . . . "the Com- 
mission of Colonel of the Troop of Life Guards, and he also tilled the situation 
of a Vestryman." (Died) Also, in this Town, Mrs. Elizabeth White, relict 
of Mr. Nicholas White. 

Oct. 2-1 We are sorry to hear oE the loss of the Schooner " Swift " of this Port, 
whence she was proceeding for 13emerary, when, early in the morning 
of the 11th inst., a gust of wind suddenly upset lier, and Mr. James 
"Woodroufl'e, who owned a share in this vessel, was unfortunately drowncJ in 
her cabin. 

Oct. 31 (Died) Last night, in this Town, Turner Roope, Esq. 

Nov. 3 (Married) On Saturday evening, Charles F. Sage, Esq., to Miss Prances 

Nov. 7 (Married) On AV^ednesday evcmng last, George N. Taylor, Esq., 
Attorney at Law, to Miss Christian, daughter of Lynch Thomas, Senr., Esq., 
deceased. (Died) On the 10th October, at Primston's Hill, St. Kitts, the 
Lady of Capt. Strattou (Scraton) of the liojal Artillery. 


Nov. 10 (Married) In the Parish of St. Peter, Obed Boyce, Esq., to Miss Aim 

Nov. 11 (Married) Ou Tiiursday evening, Mr. William Christy to Miss Mascoll, 
both of this Town. (Died) This morning, in child-bed, Mrs. Sarah E. Cheeks, 
wife of Mr. Henry Cheeks, junr. (She left 5 children. A long obituary 
notice about her.) 

Nov. 21 (Married) On Wednesday last, William Barron, Esq., Deputy Assist- 
ant Commissary General, to Miss Eollock, daughter of VV. Kollock, Esq. 
(Birth) On the 2oth September last, at Cheltenham, England, the Lady of 
Samuel Harmau, Esq., of a daughter. 

Nov. 24 (Births) Ou the 29th September, at the residence of her mother 
(Ovenden- House, near Seven Oaks, England), the Lady of John P. Mayers, 
Esq., of this Island, of a still-born infant. And. yesterday morning, in this 
Town, the Lady of John Bovell, Esq., of a daughter. On the Gth October, 
at Edinburgli, the Lady of Dr. Eergusson, Inspector of Hospitals, of a 
daughter. At Clift(ni, England, on the 8th October, the Lady of David Hall, 
Esq., of a daughter. (Died) On Sunday last, in this Town, Miss Eliza 
Ashby ; and this morning, Mr. James Young. At Tours in Eranee, on the 
23rd September, of a fever of 14 days' continuance, Nathan Lucas, Jun., 
Esq., the only son of the Hon. Nathan Lucas of this Island. On his passage 
to England, in the ship "Tiger," Thomas Cadogan, Esq., of this Island. 

Dec. 5 (^larried) On Saturday, John Cobham Crawford, Esq., to Miss Avise 
C, only daughter of John Carter, Senr., Esq., of Saint Philip. 

Dec. 15 (Birth) In England, on the 26th October, the Lady of John Eycroft 
Best, Esq., of a daughter. (Died) Yesterday, Mrs. Knight. 

Dec. 19 (Birth) On Tuesday last, in the Parish of Christ Church, the Lady of 
John Maycr.s, Esq., of a daughter, (ilarried) On Thursday evening last, 
Lieut, li. S. Vv'ickham, 1st W.l. Ilegiment, son of li. S. Wickham, Esq., to 
Miss Eifreda, youngest daughter of the Honourable William Bishop, deceased, 
several years President of this Colony. And that morning, at St. Michael's 
. Church, Mr. Joseph E. Bo wen to Miss Sarah E. Young. (Died) On the 
15th inst., at his seat near Speights Town, W. Graham, Esq. (Long obituary 
notice praising him as a husband and sen, etc.) 

Dec. 22 (Married) On Saturday Jiight, John Butcher, Esq., to Miss Jane S. 
AVhite, daughter of the late Mr. W. White of Saint George's. 

Dec. 29 (Died) Yesterday, in the Parish of Saint Philip, Mr. Nathaniel Thomas 

Omitted Sepicmler 29, 1818. An Inquest was held on Friday last in Speights 
Town for the purpose of viewing the body of Henry Bishop alias " Waterman." 
A verdict was given of " Wilful Murder by William Pitt Archer." 

(£)itractci from tljt ** JSarianosj Ci)ronicU/' ov 
'' Caribljcau Couriti*/' 

Br EDAVAED GOULBUEN SINCKLER, Police Magisthate, Barbados. 


Saturday, Dec. 5 (Died) On Tluir.sday, Mrs. Jordan, Aunt of William Evcrsley, 
Esq., aged 8-3 years, also Mr. S. Ji. Holder, aged l!S, both of this Town. 

Saturdav, Dec. 12 (Died) Yesterday, Miss Martha Barker, who for many years 
rendered herself valuable to this Community as a Tutoress. Also, in the 
prime of life, by a fracture of the leg, which lie accidentally received from a 


fall some clays since, Mr. Iv. Cock, first Cousin of Eicliard Cock. Jr.. of lliis 
Place. (Here follows a long culopy iipon ]\Ir. Cock, stntiiig ivitr alio that " to 
a younger brother he performed the part of a fond indiilaent Parent.") 

Wednesday, Dec. IG (Died) On Saturday niglit last, after a few days' illness 
with fever, Mr. John Iluiite, son of 'Ihomas Hunte, Esquire, of St. Thilin's, a 
young gentleman who bore an universal good character, and the following 
evening his remains- were interrtd in St. INIichael's Church Yard. A respect- 
able number of his Masonic Brethren joined in funeral procession to the 
Church, etc. 

Saturday, Dec. 19 (Died) On Wednesday last, John F. Nicholls, Esq., Solicitor 
General of this Island, after a few days' illness of fever. 

Wednesday, Dec. 30 (^Married) Major C. A. Howell, Treasurer and Store- 
keeper of the Island, to Mrs. Abel Hinds, on Wednesday night the 23rd inst. 
(Died) On his ])assage to Liverpool, Eic-hard Hooton, Esq., a 3[erchant of 
this place. On Wednesday last, Mrs. Knight, Mother of Samuel Knight, 
Esq., Capt. Gunner of St, Peter's division, aged S7 years. Also on Monday, 
Mr. King of Christ Church. (This newspaper has a long notice in memory 
of Miss Martha Barker.) 


Priday, Jan. 15 (Died) On Friday last, Jarratt Hampden, Esq. His domestic 
virtues endeared him to his relatives. He belonged, as appears from the 
obituary notice, to the Fraternity of Ancient Masons wiio attended his 
funeral. Also, suddenly, the next evening, Thomas Hordle, Esq., a gentle- 
man universally esteemed, who has left a large family to deplore his loss. 
(This newspaper has a notice of adminittration re William Ince, deceased, 
of the Parish of Saiut Lucy, by Howard Griflith.) 

Friday, Jan, 29 (Married) Last niglit, at Speightstown, E, Walrond, Junr,, 
Esquire, Searcher of this Port, to Miss Dorothy Skinner. (Died) At Tobago, 
much regretted and lamented, on Saturday the ninth of January, the 
Reverend Mr. W, Terrill, Brother in law of John Higginson, Esq., and sou 
of the late jNIr. Terrill, Eector of St. Lucy's Parish in this Island. 

Friday, Feb. 5 (Died) On Sunday Morning last, John A, Chase, Esq., in the 
65th year of his Age. He died as he had lived respected and lamented, 
having completed a period of more than 30 years in the Service of his Country, 
during which he filled the several olllces of A^estryman, Gunner, Justice of 
the Peace, Master of the high and honourable Court of Chancery and Assist- 
ant Judge of the precinct of St. Michael, etc. 

Wednesday, Feb. 17 Executorial Notice by Edward West re Miss Martha Barker, 
deceased. Notice that John Howl Todd has petitioned His Honour the 
President for letters of Administration to the Estates of Wm. Joseph Brere- 
ton, Sarah Duffev, Tiiomas lugram, and Eichard Kirton, deceased, all of the 
Parish of St. Michael. 

Saturday, Feb. 20 An Inquest was held on Saturday last before Mr, Willoughby, 
Coroner for Christ Church, on the body of a Danish Sergeant who died of a 
wound which he received the Thursday night preceding. It appeared that 
the deceased and a man named A. E. Mapp had a quarrel. A man named 
}3ell was with Mapp. [Nlapp stabbed the Sergeant in the Belly with a Knife 
and the Sergeant died next day from the wound. The Jury brought in a 
Verdict of Wilful murder committed by A, E. Mapp. 

Saturday, Marcli 5 An Inquest was taken yesterday hefore Wm. Willoughby, 
Esq., Coroner for Christ Church, on the body of a Xegro-A\''oman, the pro- 
perty of Mrs. Linton of this Town, who died very suddenly. (Died) Yester- 
day, at Speightstown, in the 19th year of her age, Mrs. Susanna Bruce, wife 
of Samuel B. Bruce, Esq. 

Wednesday, March IG (Died) On Friday last, at his residence in the Parish of 
St. Lucy, John Agard, Sen., Esq., averyaged and no less respectable Gcuilemau. 


Wednesday, "Mareli 23 (Married) At Bloomsl)iirv in England, on the 13 of Febru- 
arj, Jose])h Lcacoek", E.xq., of >St. Peicr's Parish of this Ishind and brother in 
law- of the Honorable AVilliain llmJs. to ^liss Cati:arine IJennett Kash- 
leigh, yonngest dangliter of Tliomns Easlileigh, Esq., of l?lackheath in Kent, 
(bied) Yesterday, in tlie 2Gth ye;:r of her age, 3Irs. b^arali Pierce, wife of 
Mr. T. Pierce of this Town and'daugliter of William Dowrich, Esq. She has 
left to her afilictcd husband only one pledge of their miitnal affection, etc. 

Saturday, ^larch 30 Executorial jN'otice re Sir James l\amsay, Eart., deceased, 
of late firm of Eamsay it Skeete, by E. Skeete. 

April 10, Saturday (Died) On Thursday last, after a short illness of ftvcr, Mr. 
John Straker Thomas, a respectalile free coloured inhabitant of this Town. 

Ajml 27 (Deaths) Miss Mary Jane iMoore, daughtei- of Mr. AVilliam Moore of 
this place; also 'Sir. Prancis Gibson, nephew of Dowding Thornhill, Esq. 
.... he was thrown from his horse on Monday evening with such violence 
as to produce concussion of the brain .... 

May 14 (Died) This Morning, at Speights Town, Edward Eiendy, a free Black 
man, who throughout his life sup])ortcd an irreproachable character, and by 
his honesty and industry held up an example worthy of imitation by that class 
of Peoi)le to which he belonged. 

May 25 (Dn'ath) Accounts from Dominica mention the death of Captain Eoly 
of his Majesty's ship " Pawn." 

June 1 Thomas Eochford. Esq., has been appointed by His Honor the Presi- 
dent to fill tlic vacancy in the Customs at this Port occasioned by the dcatli 
of li. Dalrymple, Esq. 

July His Honor the President has been pleased to appoint Eenjaniin AVal- 
rond, Junr., Esq., to be Collector of the Customs at this Port in the room of 
the late Mr. Dalrymple. AVe are sorry to state the loss of His Majesty's 
Brig " Xetley." \\"e stated on Saturday that she was ordered to sea and in 
consequence she sailed that evening. It appears she was about 10 or 12 
miles froni the land when between S and 9 o'clock at night she was upset by 
. a sudden gust of wind. Her gillant but unfortunate Commander Lieut. 
Bermon and all the Crew perished except one ofGcer, Mr. Eow, and S Seamen. 
Lieut. Purvis and Mr. Baldwin. Surgeon, are among the oflicers who were 
lost. (Died) Yesterday, at his Seat called " Springfield," Hew Dalrymple, 
Esq., Collector of the Customs at this Port. 

July 9 (Corrects Xotice of July Gth and states the Honourable J. Spooner, Jr., 
Esq., and not Mr. AValrond, was appointed vice Mr. Dalrymple.) 

July 13 Died on Saturday last, Tinujthy Henry Peers Alleyne, Esq., Collector 
of His ^Lajesty's Customs at the Port of Hole Town, and Captain Gunner of 
James Port. This gentleman, a branch of one of the most Antient families 
in this Island, uniformly studied to preserve and support the dignity of his 
respectable descent .... retired in the 74th year of his age to receive the 
reward of his merit, etc. Signed Auu'cus. 

July 16 (Died) Yesterday morning, ]\[iss Leah Y'^earwood, Aged G4 years 
(St. IMichael's). 

July 30 (Married) On Thursday evening last, Edmund Bowcher, Esq., to Miss 
F. Batson, Christ Church. 

Aug. 13 (Married) On Thursday evening, E. Bratliwaitc, Esq., to jNIiss Jane 
Peirce, St. ^Michael's. (Died) Cn Sunday last, Mrs. E. Jackman, wife of 
Samuel Jackman, Esq., t>t. Peter's. 

Aug. IS The death of Mrs. Williams, who was buried yesterday, it is hoped will 
be received as a sulficient excuse for our Paper not being issued as usual. 
(This paper was printed by E. Allshorn for William "\Yilliams &, Co.) 

Aug. 27 (ALarried) At Speights Town, on I'hursday evening last, I. D. Tucker, 
Esq., to ."\Iiss Mary Skinner, eldest daughter of the late 1. Skinner, Esq. 

Sep. 21 (Death) \Vc are sorry to state the death of Tiieut. do Willcts, who was 
wounded onboard the Eccntit in the late action with the Ercnch corvette ship. 

CAraBBEANA. 303 

Sep. 24 (Married) On Thursday evenins];, by the Rev. Mr. Garnctt, Mr. Frnncis 
"Williams to Miss S. E. Clarke, both oftiiis Town. 

Oct. 5 The Ship " Eliza" is the only vet^sel for this place on board of which 
Alexander "W'^alrond, Esq., of this Jslauii \\:ih a passen<;er, but being in a poor 
state of health he died and was buried at [Madeira, wliere the Fleet touched on 
tlie .5th September. We are sorry to state that the ■Mail Boat brings the un- 
pleasant intelligence of the death of Brigadier General Hughes, which 
happened at Surinam on the 2Sth ulto. 

Oct. 8 (Death) Yesterday, Mrs. Dummett, mother of T. H. Dummett, Esq., 
of this Town. 

Nov. 5 (Married) On Thursday evening, Goddard Ames, Esq., to Miss 
Brewster, both of this Town. Also, the same evening, Mr. William Johnson 
to Miss Sarah Boyce, Saint Lucy's. 

Nov. 19 (Married) Last night, George Craigg, Esq., to Miss Parley, sifeter of 
Henry Farley, Esq., St." Mithaefs. ("Death) On the 4th instant, at the 
Island of St. Thomas, after four davs' illness, Captain George Bavenshaw of 
H.M. Ship " Cherub." 

Nov. 26 (Married) On Thursday evening 24th inst., Mr. George Cole to Miss 
Elizabeth Ann Drady, both of this Town. (Death) Last night. Doctor 
Shepherd, an eminent Surgeon of this place, whose loss is not only deplored by 
his amiable family, but by the community in general. Also Mrs. Johnson, 
wife of Mr. James Johnson, St. (jcorge's. 

Dec. 14 (Died) On Sunday last, at Codriiigton College, the Bev. Mr. I. Aliinson. 

Dec. 17 (Married) Thomas Badmore, Esq., to Miss Godard, at Saint George's 
Church on Thursday. 

Dec. 21 From Antigua Baper (Dec. 1). Tt is v.ith great concern we have to 
state the death of Capt. William Coombe of Hia ZMajesty's SJiip " FTciircnr," 
who fell gloriously on Tuesday morning whilst conducting a well concerted 
attack on the Forts and Vessels at Bay Maliaut, Guadeloupe .... Captain 
Coombes received around shot iii his body and almost immediately expired, 
exclaiming "I die contented. I die for my country." His remains were 
interred this m.orning at six o'clock with military honours in Falmouth Church 

Dec. 31 His Honour the President has been pleased to appoint I. L. Howell, 
Esq., Comptroller of the Customs of Speights Town vice H. Kowe, Esq., 


Jan. 7 (Married) On Sunday evening. Dr. R. Bowohcr to Miss E. Ince, 
St. Michael. 

Jan. 11 (Died) On Sunday last, in Speights Town, in the GOth year of his age, 
John Bovell, Esq., late Lieut. Col. of the Saint Lucy's Regiment of Militia, 
and one of the Representatives of Saint Peter's Parish. 

Mar. 11 (Drowned) We are informed of the melancholy account of the loss of 
the ship " Trusty," Captain JF/u'le (belonging to IMessi's. Daniel), in Tramore 
Bay, near Waterford in Ireland, wliere she was driven by the violence of the 
weather on her way fron Bristol to Cork to join Convoy and completely 
wrecked. Every soul on board perished except the second I\[ate and 3 Sea- 
men who providentially reached tlie shore. There were several passengers in 
her, we apprehend, soi/ic of wliom were for this coinitri/ : but we have not been 
able to ascertain who they were. (The two ])assengers drowned were after- 
wards stated to be ]N[aster and ^liss .Smith of Tobago, who were returning to 
their parents after being educated in England.) 

April 29 (Died) Doctor John Hall of this Town, at the advanced age of 90 years. 

May G Mr. Hislop, a clerk in the house of Messrs. B. Higg'inson ci Co., was 
cruelly and inhumanly murdered in the vicinity of St. Ann's last night. 


]\[ay 31 (^Married) On INEonciay evoning the 2f)tli inst., INFr. Philip B. Dear (o 
]Miss lleiirietta iNIary Edey. (Died) Yesterday, Mrs. Isiles, wife of Mr. John 
Kik's of this Town, a Jady of a most excellent domestic character, etc. 

June 7 (Married) On Saturday evening last, Captain James Lowe to jMiss 
IMary ^AfcNcill of this Town. 

June 14 (^Married) Tliis morning, John AV. E. Elder, Esq., to INIiss Farley, 
sif^ter of ITcniy Earley, Esq.. of this Town. (Died) On ^Monday the otli June, 
at Fori Ivoyal, jNIaitiniqne, after an illness of 4 days of a violent inflammatory 
fever, Miss Ann Eamsay, aged 18, only daughter of Brigadier General 
!Kainsay, Adjutant General to the Forces in the Windward and Leeward 

June 21 (Died) On Saturday morning, from a wonnd he received that day week 
in a Duel with another oflicer, Ca]itain Marstonof the B. Y.E. His remains 
vere interred the same day at St. JMichael's Church with Military honours. 

Nov. 8 (Deaths) James C. Trotman, Esq., Mr. Henry Manning, and Captain 
Benjamin I'oppin. 

Nov. 11 (Died) In the Parish of Christ Church, at Jacob Goodridge's, Esq., 
after a long and ])ainful illness, Mrs. Sarah G-. AVoolford. 

Nov. 18 (JMarried) This morning, at St. ^lichacl's Cliurch, Mr. James F. Law- 
son to Miss Mary Jane Atkins. 

oiuimcntal 3htscripticins' in CnglantJ 
vtlattufj: to Sfeltst 3htl»ians** 

" F.B.J. " stands for " Farley's Bristol Journal." 


On the wall of the tower : — 

To the Memory 



qfiJie Island of iSa^-hadoes, 

who departed this life on the 26"' of October ISll, 

in the Forty jSiuth year of his Age, 

whole remains are de|/Ol"ited 

in an adjoining Vault. 

He was for many years 

a truly honeft and liberal Inhabitant of this Ciii/, 

and left a AVidow and young Family to lament the Lola 

of a mol't affectionate Ilufband it Father. 

Id the same A'ault are the remains of 

ELIZABETH his faithful AVil'e, 

Daughter of JAMES TOBIN Esq-- 

who died at Clifton May the 20"' 1S24 

aged fifty two years 

And of JAiNlES their Son, 

who died at Bristol Dec^ the 4"' 1818 

aged nine years. 

• Continued from p. 279. 



If^--"^-:^-^ r. 

i ■Hi 

?:.-.•, <-.i I., ll,.- M.-niorv 

'f'Tno i; li- Oi.ivnii E/^: 

C .^.-'rn^r ,/ //. . St, , Irs »/ . 1/.,/../. ■ 



Sr. Paul's), BnisioL. 


See Vol. T., p. 82, and a7jte, p. 8-3. 

1811, Sat., Nov. 2. Saturday, at his house in Berkeley-sq. highlv esteemed 
& regretted, John Cobhaui, Esq. of this city. (" F.B.J.," and " G.M.," 490.) 

1818, Sat., Dec. 19. Lately, in Berkelev-sq. James Cobham, Esq. eldest son of 
the 1. John C, Esq. ("E.B.J.'") 

Immediately below the preceding : — 













SEPT« 21ST 1840 


See Vol. I., p. 181. 

On a tablet In the tower : — 

Sacred to the Memory 

of THOMAS OLlYEli Esq. 

The last Governor of ihe States of Massachusetts 

North America 

On the independence of that Country 

he relinquished considerable Estates 

from attachment to his Sovereign 

and died in this City 

the 29"' of November iSlo 

Aged 83 Years. 

Also HAEEIETT his AVife 

who died the IG"' of July 1808 

Aged 50 Years. 

Above on a shield are his arms: Ermine, on a chief Sable three lions rampant 

He was buried in a vault in the churchyard with his wife, but the inscription 
on the flat stone has nearly all perished. 

181.5, Sat., Dec. 2. AV'ednesday at his house in Park-street, aged 83 years, 
Thomas Oliver, Esq., etc. ("E.B.J.") 

He was born 5 Jan. 1733-4 at Antigua, whence his father Col. Robert Oliver 
removed with his family about 1738 to Dorchester, Mass. ("Antigua," ii., 34G, 
and " D.N.B.") 

180S, Sat., July 21. Saturday, after a few days' illness, Mrs. Oliver, wife of 
Thomas Oliver, Esq. in Park-street, of an apoplectic stroke. She was a woman of 
a superior understanding, mild amiable manners, and of a charitable disposition. 
A sorrowing family survives to lament her loss. (" F. B.J.") 

She was Harriet, only child and heiress of the Hon. Byam Ereeman of 
Antigua, and was married at St. John's Church in that Island, 3 June 1781, as 
the Governor's second wife. 

YOL. H. X 


On a tablet uear her father's : — 

Sacred to tlie Memory of 


wife of 

Captain Henry Haj-nes, K.X. 

and daugliter of the late 

Thomas Oliver Escjuire 

of this citv. 

She died the eij,'lit]i of Dec'' 1S2G 

aged forty one years 

and is interred in her father's vault. 

See Yol. I., p. 25. He was of an ancient family in Barbados. Their grcMt- 
grandson, INFr. E. S. P. Haynes of 9 ^ew Square, London, has in his possession 
a miniature of the Lieut. -Governor, also a fine portrait of the Lieut. -Governor s 
younger brother Isaac Oliver of Dorchester, Mass., who is said to have been lulled 
in a duel. 

Inside the tower : — 

In Memory 


of the Lower Crelbent Bath, 

& Newfound Eiver, 

in the Ifland of Jamaica, 

who died at Clifton, 

on the 24"' Sep^ 1797, Aged 59. 

And of ELIZABETH his AVife 

who died at Clifton, 

March 31^^ 1S07, 

Aged G3. 

Alfo in Memory of JOIIX i\\Q\v cldcft Sou 

who died at Lvndhuri't in Hants, 

October 17'"' ISOO, Aged 38. 

And of MAEY their youngert Daughter 

Married to J. G. AECIIEE, Ef(f 

who died at Clifton Dec'' 27'" l«0(j, Aged 29. 

And of THOJlAhi OLIJEE their third Sou 

who died at Wrexham in Denbighfhire 

October h"' 1807, Aged 4U. 

Below is a shield with these arms : Azure, in cJiiefa sun, in base a cup [Yassall] ; 
impaling. Ermine, on a chief Sable three lions rampant Argent [Olivek]. 

Some twenty years ago the late Capt. Spencer Yassall Henslow took me to 
the house of his aunt in Bayswater to see the jjortraits of the above .Tolin Yassall 
and his wife. He was born at Cambridge, jNEass., on 12 June 1738. His wife 
Eliz. was sister of Lieut.-Governor Tho. Oliver, and thev were married 12 Jan. 
17G1. (" Autigua," ii., 351.) 

1797, Sat., Sept. 30. Sunday died at Clifton, sincerely lamented, .Tnhn 
Vassall, Esq. late of this city ; but for some time past of Bath. (•' i-M5.,J.") 

1800, Sat., Oct. 25. Friday the 17th instant died at his house in the iS'ew 
Forest, John Yassal, Esq. eldest son of the late John Yassal, Esq. of this 
city. {Hit!.) 

1807, Sat., Jan. 3. Saturday died at Afrs. Yassall's, at Clifton, of a rapid 
decline in the 29th year of lior age, Mrs. ArL-her, wife of John Gittens Archer, 
Esq. of Barbadoes. {Ibid.) 


1807, Sat., April 4. Tuesday morniiig died at licr house at Clifton, sincerely 
and deservedly lamented by her family and fi'iend?, IMrs. Yassall, relict of John 
Yassall, Esq. of tlie Crescent, Bath, and Cbatley Lodge, Somerset. (Ibid.) 

1807, Sat., Oct. 17. On tiie 7th instant died, at Wrexham, Denbighsliire, 
Thomas Oliver Yassall, Esq. third son of the late John Yassall, Esq. of the 
Crescent, Bath, and brother to the gallant Col. Y. who fell at Monte Yideo in 
January last. {Ibid.) 

On the north wall of the chancel, within the altar rails, is a tablet with an 
angel seated, resting her arm on a shield with palm tree, flng, etc., by Flaxman. 
Above is the old coat of the A'assalls, and in a wreath is " YASSALL — ilv XL." 

Sacred to the IMcmory of SPENCEll THOMAS YASSALL E^q'' LieuV Colonel 

of the 38"' Eegiment | 
who after 28 Tears of active and unremitting Service during which he had justly 

acquired a high Military Keputation ] 
•was mortally wounded at the storming of Monte Yideo, in South America, on the 

3''i of February, 1807, at the Moment | 
he had conducted his intrepid Followers within the Walls of that Forti-eis, and 

expired on the 7''' of the same Month. I 
His beloved Eemains brought to England by the Companions of his Yictory, are 

deposited near this Spot, | 
AYhere, to record her own, her Children's, and her Country's Lois, 
She, who was the ^^edded and happy witnefs of his private worth, 

Has caused this Monument to be erected. 
(Fourteen lines follow. This epitaph was written by Mrs. Opie.) 

See "The Yassalls of New England," by Ed. D. Harris, published 1862, 8vo, 
26 pages, for a very complete genealogy, also the " D.N.B." They owned from 
early times large tracts of laud in New England, Barbados, and Jamaica. 

On the north wall of the chancel : — 








BORN- 7^" JANUARY 1802, 

DIED 2S^« AUGUST 1834. 




(Eight lines omitted.) 

1S3J, Aug. 28. At Tuubridge Wells, Honora-^NUary-Georgina, wife of the 
Kev. E. P. llenslowe, Cha])lain to the Eoval Eegiment of Artillery, and eldest 
dan. of the 1. gallant Col. Yassall. {'• G.M.," -lli.) 

Below are the arms cut in the marble : Bitrri/ of seven Argent and Azure, 
over all a pale Gules, the pale and bar churrjed with five lions heads erased (Burke 
gives : Ar<jcn(, on a cross Gules five lioms heads erased Or, impalinij. Azure, 
in chief a sun, in base a chalice Or, and {for honourable augnientation), on a f esse 
of the second the breached bastions of a fortress, above which the words " Jlonte 
Video ;" on a cciiton Argent " 3S " within a branch of cypress and another of laurel, 
the stems united in salt ire [Yassall]. 

X 2 


On a flat stoac over vault in the churchyard to the west of the Church (copied 
24 Aug. 1909) :— 

In Memoky of 


IN THE Island of JA:NrAiCA 







AGED 29. 





AGED 86. 

James Grale Senior of Jamaica, Esq. Will dated 6 Sep. 179G. I am heir-at-law 
(or one of them) of W'" Gale of Saltspring or of his father llonry Gale, Esq., 
deceased. My wife Letitia. My children Louis Goodin Senior. Bernard Martin 
Senior, La?titia Maria Senior, and James Gale Senior. Proved 1797 (P.C.C., 273, 

The Gales were a very prominent family in Jamaica, the first of whom, 
Jonathan, patented 533 acres in St. Elizabeth in 1073. (See Archer, 300 and 
339, for three M.I. to them.) 

William Gale, son of Henry Gale, of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, was admitted to 
"Westminster School 10 Sept. 1777. ("Notes and Queries," 9th Series, xii., 3GS.) 

1797, Sat., Feb. IS. Lately died at the Hotwells, J. Gale, senr Esq. late of 
Jamaica. (" E.B.J.") The surname " Senior " led to mistakes. 

1809, Feb. 13. At Bristol, L. G. Senior, esq. of the island of Jamaica, to 
Miss Elizabeth Husey, youngest dau. of the late Mr. George H. of Salisbury. 
("Dorchester and Sherborne Journal.") 

1824, jS'ov. 7. At Westburv-upon-Trim, aged nearly 86, Letitia, relict of 
James Laird, esq. formerly of Chestertleld, Jamaica. (" G.M.," 645.) 

She was evidently the mother of Mrs. Senior. See a pedigree of three 
generations of Senior in Livingston's "Sketch Pedigrees," 61. 

1845, Dec. 27. At Christchurch, Argyll-sq. Henry Batenian, of Islington 
Green, to Eliz. Helen, eldest dau. of Bernard M. Senior of Compton Lodge, 
St. Eliz. J. (" G M.," 200.) 

On a flat stone over a vault in the churchyard south-west of tower : — 


the Memory of 

of the 

Island of BarhciiJos 

died 27"' Sep' 1814 

Aged 52 A'ears. 

1851, Ap. 23. At Frampost, East Grinstead, aged 75, Rebecca, relict of 
Jonathan "\V. esq. f. of B. (" G.M.," 6S5.) 
See ante, p. 140. 


On the south wall of the naye close to the tower : — 

To the Memorv 

of JAMES LEWIS Efqiiire, late of 


formerly of the Il'land of Jamaica 

He died 

(Three lines omitted.) 

on the 20"' Juue ISOO 

Aged 81 Years. 

1800, Sat., June 2S. Yesterday se'nnight d. at his house at Shirehamptou, at 
a very advanced age, Jas. L. sen. f. of the I. of J. (" F.B. J.") 

A Jas. Lewis was clerk to the Assembly 1761, 1794, and Member for 
St. Catherine's 17G6, 1768, 1770, 1781. (Feurtado.) 

In the floor of the nave near the pulpit :- 


of the Island of Barhadoes, 

died 5"' February 1823 ; 

Aged 68. 

West wall of south aisle : — 

Near this Place 

lies interr'd the Body 


born in the Ifland of ANTIGUA, 

. She departed this Life at the Hot Wells 

the 14''' Juue 1771, Aged Thirty Years. 

(Two lines.) 

St. George's, Antigua. Baptized 1742, Dec. 11, Mary Charity Knight, the 
Dau. of Christopher Knight and Ann his wife. 

By hor will, dated 23 Jan. 1764, then of Redland in AVestbury-upon-Trim, 
CO. Gloucester, proved 2S Aug. 1771 (P.C.C., 34i, Trevor), she bequeathed her 
plantation to her mother Ann Evanson of Redlaud. ("' Antigua," ii., 133.) 


In the churchyard, near east end of chancel, the inscription having been 
recently recut : — 

MARY CRABTREE, | died april 5^" 180-5, | aged 19 montus. | ANN 


MARTIN CRABTREE, | DtE» at lucea, Jamaica, | jUxVE 29"' 1825, aged 
22 yeaks. I MARY CRABl'REE, | .mother of the above, | died decemree 
16^^1827, I AQED55 YEARS. | DANl EL CRABTREE, | nusBAXDOF the above, | 



On the south wall of the south aisle of nave (copied IS May 1011) : — 

In an adjacent Yault are deposited 

the Kemains of the Hon'''' 


Wife of 


She was eldest Daughter of 

Cohnavallis lirst Viscount Hawaeden, 

by his Wife Maey, Daughter of 


of Bath Hampton in the County of Somerset 1 

(Six lines omitted.) > 

She died at Lj^mjjstone in Devonshire 

on the IG"' of January 1812 

Aged forty years. 

1812, Jan. 23. At Lympston, Devon, the Hon. Mrs. Pennant, dau. of the 
1. Viscount Hawarden, and wife of ... . Pennant, esq. ("B.C."). 

There are also several tablets to the Allen family. 2»Iary, dau. of the above 
Philip Allen and Jane his wife and niece to Ealph Allen, married Cornwallis 
Maude, later Viscount Hawarden, and died S Oct. 1775, aged 42, leaving three 
surviving children, Thos. -Ealph, So[)hia-Mary, and Emma. 

Geo. Hay Dawkins-Pennant (grandson of Henry Dawkins of Jamaica by 
Eliz. Pennant his wife) succeeded his cousin Lord Penrhyn, and died in Portland 
Place 17 Dec. 1840, aged 76. 

(To be continued.) 

SList of 223111$ rriating to ^tW^ anti ^t. 
mttts prolittJ \^M.€. 


1631 John Bournet 56 St. John. | 1G58 'Wm. Burley. 507 Woottou. 

1637 Eoger Gloverf 126 Goare. ' 1661 Lawrence Brodbclt 136 ]Mav. 

1647 Dan. Smith ISL Fines. | 1664 Hen. Gillingham 15 Bruce. 

1050 Bolthazar Sevat 189 Pembroke, j „ English SmPtli 104 

1654 John Scoti 105 Alchin. „ Ph. Gosse 110 

1655 Cap. John Jennings 211 Aylott. 1665 Tho. Avson 135 Ilvdo. 

1656 James Hcwett 2S2 Berkley. [ 1669 AVm. Mildon 97 Coke. 

• Nevis was fouiulcd about 1628. Many of tlie wills before 1700 are those of Bristol 
mcrclnnts, proving the close coniurtion of that city witli tho colony, 
t See ante, pp. 6 aud 7 for abstract!!. 



1673 Geo. Wntkiiis 

1674 James Ifale 
,, .James Eussell 

1675 Michael Smith 
1G76 Wm. Miklou 
1679 Geo. Buchanan 

„ Sir Fra. JMortou 

1681 Henry Michell 

1685 Henry Sedgwick 
Tho. Wale 

„ Eliz. Combes 

1686 Kicli. Watts 

1687 llich. Gilman 
Ph. Tyler 

,, Nath. King 

1688 Sir J as. Eusscll 
„ Sam. Cole 

1689 Sir John Bawdon 
Cap. Tho. Butler 

1690 Mich. Perry 
„ Wm. Davies 
„ Sarah Ilelmes 
,, Joseph Lord 

1691 Tho. llarvev 

1692 Wm. AVraxall 
„ AVm. Waters 
„ Adam Combes 
,, Col. John iS'ethewav 

1693 Tho. Belchamber 


1691- John Streater 

,, Sarah Streater 

1695 Edmund Scrope 

1696 Cap. John Lloyd 
„ Wni. Minor . 

1697 Tho. Uittie 
,, Hum. Lewis 
„ Tim. Moresey 

1699 John Brewett 
„ John Whitson 

1700 Alex. Strennah 

1701 Bernard White 
,, John Lewis 
„ Jonathan Nctheway 

170-4 Martin Madan 

,, John Morrison 

„ Henry Carpenter 

1705 John Gurnay 

„ Wm. Ling. 

„ John Smith 

1708 Geo. Clare 

„ Pli. Brome 

,, Cha. lioyuon 

51 Pye. 
87 Bunce. 
147 „ 
104 Uycer. 
32 Bence. 
54 King. 
• SS „ 
13 L North. 
50 Cann. 
79 „ 
1-4S „ 
176 Lloyd. 

6 Foot. 
14 „ 

139 „ 
99 Exton. 

134 „ 
134 „ 
9 Dyke. 
68 „ 
72 „ 
7i „ 
192 Yere. 
58 Fane. 
60 „ 
64 ., 
171 „ 

176 Coker. 

140 Box. 
140 „ 

32 Irby. 
74 Bond. 
162, 188 „ 

28 Pyne. 
163 „ 
165 „ 
108 Pett. 
140 „ 
106 jSToel. 
(?) 85 Dyer. 
99 „ 
129 „ 
69 Ash. 
186 „ 

7 Gee. 
204 „ 
219 „ 

57 Barrett. 
196 „ 
294 „ 














179 L 

Ann Lyng 124 Smith. 

Tho. Cole 184 Young. 

Tho. Minor 158 Barnes, 

llich. Jones 37 Leeds. 

Maj. John Thornton 

123 AVhitfield. 
James Lytton 51 Browning. 

Tho. Washington 


Azariah Pinney 
James Hayton 
Sum. Bi'owne 
James Beron 
Geo. Eichardson 
Margaret Tovey 
jN'ich. Burroughs 
John Babell 
Lawrence Brodbelt 
Benj. Birket 
John Dowse 
Mary Pinney 
Hester Pinney 
Tho. Butler 

142 Shaller. 

156 „ 

2 Buckm. 

153 Marlbro'. 

153 Eichmoud. 

74 Eomney. 



James Symonds 


8 Plymouth. 
5 Farrant. 
159 Abbott. 
SI Price. 
234 Ducie. 
85 Browne. 
138 Anstis. 
80 Edmunds. 
131 Pinfold. 
399 St. Eloy. 
John Fred. Piuney 521 „ 
Sam. New 145 Ca;sar. 

Cha. Hutton 386 

Haim de Lima 457 Eushworth. 
448 Tyndall. 
290 Legard. 
468 „ 
120 Jenuer. 
272 „ 
329 „ 
400 Bargrave. 
139 AYarburton. 

551 Collins. 
344 Gostling. 


382 Norfolk. 


607 Calvert. 

32 Macham. 
42 Bishop. 

Tho. Williams 

Josiah Webbe 

John Shipherd 

John Morton 

Wm. Hyudman 

Tho. M. Mills 

•Jas. Browne, S'' 

Jas. Smith 

John Boddie 

Michael Cassin 

Aeneas Shaw 

Eob. Eogers 

Eich. L. Hicks 

INEary Hodges 

Jas. E. Madan 

Cha. Hutton 

Daniel Eoss 

Eev. Martin Madan 

Jane jNIadan 295 Bevor. 

Eliz. Helmc 470 Fountain. 

John E. Herbert 151 Dodwell. 

Alex. Baillie 570 Howe. 





Eobert Barwickef 



Tho. Pilkington 

86 Boycott. 

102 Barrington. 


Rob. Sharpe 165 Edmunds. 


John Warner 

72 Scroope. 


Peter Lynch 

56 Strahau. 


Helen Burgis 

55 Pile. 


James Bunyard 

67 Lisle. 


John Walsh 

28 Lee. 


James Barclay 

106 Greeuley. 


Richard Jordan 

GG „ 


Margt. Willet 

97 Busby. 


John Feme 

102 „ 


Zacch. Bourryau 


Anthony Marbury 

107 Evelyn. 

59 Bettesworth. 


Michael AVilkinsor 

I 119 Bivcrs. 


Wm. May 

181 Searle. 


John Gardner 

83 Fairfax. 


John Edwd. Ward 

330 „ 


Derman Harrow 

41 Pembroke. 


Tobias Wall 

95 Pinfold. 


Henry Davie 

(?) Alchin. 


Wra. Fenton 

131 „ 


Philip Halfhide 

367 Kuthen. 

James Lynch 

171 „ 


James Barry 

4 Pell. 


Anthony Lynch 

128 Herring. 


Geo. Abbott 

260 Nabbs. 


John Spooner 

23 Hutton. 


Joaue Cooper 

9 Eure. 


Mary Cunyngham 

105 „ 


John Travers 

51 North. 


Hubert Guichard 

217 „ 


Tobias Lambe 

44 Hare. 


James Freind 

325 Arran. 


John Porter 

97 Foot. 


Tho. Walker 

224 Lvnch. 


Nath' Clement 

126 Fane. 


Eichd. Wilson 

409 „ 


Hen. Smales 

25G Box. 


Judith Hamilton 

340 Caesar. 


Wm. Hamilton 

215 Lort. 


Wm. Savage 

404 „ 


Hugh Montgomerie 11 i\oel. 


Wm. Mathew 

318 Simpson. 


Henry Miitlo\v 

100 Dyer. 

17 Go 

Tho. Foster 413 Rushworth. 


Tho. Winder 

139 Ash. 


Goo. Leigh 

22 Tyndall. 


Tho. Cole 

184 Young. 


John Munro 

69 „ 


Jos. Crisp 

182 Barnes. 


Sam. Greathecd 

101 „ 


Sam. George 

134 Leeds. 


Wm. Sadler 

156 „ 


Jno. Kent 

138 „ 


Robt. Cuuingham 

173 „ 


Philip Bronard 

139 „ 


Richd. Fahie 

340 Legard. 


Eliz. de Salenave 

58 Fox. 


John Woodley 

468 „ 


John Panton 

196 „ 


James George Douglas 


Peter van Belle 

IIG Tenison. 

193 Seeker. 


Tho. Breton 

170 Shaller. 


Wm. Jackson 

320 „ 


Frances Duport 

207 Eomney. 


Tho. iMills 

355 „ 


Susa. Van Belle 


Ann Fleming 

122 Bogg. 

Vol. iv., Plymth. 


Constantino Phipps 319 ,, 


Tim. Hare 

128 Auber. 

) J 

John Mills 

346 „ 


Peter Frere Brotl 



Henry Brouncker 

403 „ 


147 „ 


John Bourryau§ 

404 „ 


Patrick Hyues 

109 Bedford. 

1 1770 

Edwd. Blake 

6 Jenner. 


Susa. Cole 

35 Price. 


Jackson Browne 

177 „ 


Ste. Gill 

51 Ducie. 


Wm. AVoodley Parson 


Jno. Anderson 

17 Wake. 



Mary Morey 

209 „ 


Priscilla, Lady Romuey 


Jno. Helden 

63 Brodrepp. 

12G Trevor. 


Wm. Blackburn 



Cath. Estridge Buncombe 



85 Browne. 

430 Taverncr 


A rend. Cumming 

197 Spurway. 

i 1774 

Martha Clarke 

174 Bargrave 

* St. Kitts was founded in 1623-4, and is the oldest English colony of the Leeward or 
WindvTard Islands. 

t See ante, pp. 263, 260, for abstract. 

J "W" Julius, dated 1G9S, reference mislaid. § Also 88 and 107 Jeanor. 













Frances Mills 193 Bargrave. 
Lady Mary Grreatheed 
Edwd. Eatsey 450 
John Johnson Hart 

14 Alexander. 
Joshua Lawson 57 „ 

Wm. Ottlej 112 

Lewis Feuilleteau 

Richard Ottley 433 
Eob. Thompson 41 Bellas. 

John White 104 „ 

Gilbert Fane Fleming 17 Collier. 
Daniel Cunyngham 455 ,, 
Eichd. "Wilson 305 Hay. 

John Estridge 398 „ 

James Yarde 137 AYarburton. 
James Parson Ottley 

Wm. Pattinson 390 
Wm. Mills 4G7 

Martha White 480 

John Baker 
John Brozet 
Wm. Garvey 
Edwd. Parson 
Tho. Baker 
Eleanor Feuilleteau 

57 Collins. 
174 „ 
255 „ 
374 „ 


Abr. Audain 
John Peachey 
Henry Eawlius 

194 Webster. 

280 „ 


149 Gostlincr. 

Lewis Brotherson 58 Cornwallis. 
Peter Papon 315 
Jas. Stokes 320 „ 

Jolm St. Leger 

Sir Pat. Blake 
John Pogsou 
Tho. Lucas 
Sus'' Bourryau 
Aretas Akers 
Jos. Edwards 
John Spooner 
Geo. Dewar 


370 Eockingham. 

565 ,, 


116 Ducarel. 
229 „ 
463 „ 
118 Norfolk. 
371 „ 












Jas. Phipps 
Tim. Earle 
Wm. Beach 
John French 

Wm. Thomson 
Chr. Jeaffresou 
Mary Greatheed 
Eev. Martin Madan 252 

487 Norfolk. 

264 Major. 

117 Calvert. 

361 „ 

546 Macham. 
241 Bishop. 

Chas. Spooner 
Ann Yanderpool 
Jaue Madan 
Nath. Wells 
Oath. Durban 
Peter Mathew 

Tho. Lucas 

Crisp Molineux 


445 „ 
295 Bevor. 
250 Fouutain. 


273 Dodwell. 

Eobert, Lord Eom- 

Lucretia Payne 
Cath. Molineux 
John Estridge 
David Dewar 

Willra. Wells 
Ealph Willett 
Anna Stapleton 
Sir James Doug' 


161 Holman. 

271 „ 

412 „ 
641 „ 

128 Newcastle. 


Willm. Newton 
Willm. Woodley 
Jas. Baker 
Stedman Eawlins 
AVillm. Priddie 
Joseph Eawlius 
John Young 
Louisa Guinard 
Augustus I^launing 



284 „ 
345 „ 
526 „ 
109 Exeter. 
209 „ 
777 „ 
28 Walpole. 

Frances Crooke 
Geo. Alex. Akers 
John Stanley 
Gilbert Francklyn 
Geo. Mahouy 
Tho. Holt 







iWJL at ^t, (gtorcjc's, i?t\ji5/ 

1. North .•?iJe of the uavo, near tlic chancel: "Eev. Josepli Herbert Peniberton,- 
born lUtli Sept. 17b7, died li)th iSept. 1S70. Kector of this parish nearly sixty 
years, erected by his affectionate parishioners." 

2. Same wall, near the pulpit: "Edward Parr Cottle,-'' died 17th August ISll, 
aged 10 months and twelve days." (Eight lines follow.) 

3. On the floor of the nave, beyond the transept: "Sally Maynard Danielle- 
daughter of tlie Hon. James Dauicll, Esq. died li-Jd July 1SI3 a^^ed 3 years 
9 months 19 days, also her infant sister, bally .Maynard ])anicll, died '22d August 
1809 aged 11 months 17 days." 

4. South side of nave, by the chancel : '" Jane wife of Edward Huggins Esq. of 
this Island aud eldest daughter of Maj. Juxon died August 2J:th 1840 aged iS." 

' Contributed by the Ivev. Dr. L. 15. Thouius, the Eector. The Editor has added some notes. 

- 1870, Sop. 'M. Jojejih ilerbort rombertuii, Hermitiige, S3. (Burial Ile^'ister of !Sd. Johu's, 
Nevis.) Neo pedigree in Vol. I. 

^ 1761, .April 1. J'iiu. Cuttle appointed .Solr.-Geu. of tlio Leew. I. (■' .Intiguri," i., cvix.) 

179-i, .M:u-cli 2. Tiio. .J. Col tie preseut at the Geul. Council at St. Kitls. [Hid., c.xlii.) 

1797, Nov. 14. At Cauiberweli, Surrey, Jas. Selfo, esij. of Trowbridge, Wilts, to Miss Grace 
Cunilla C. dau. of the 1. Tho. C. esq. of the i. of N. (,'• G.-M.,"' 112G.) 

182S, i'Vb. 1. Ac ilouiid ilill, Nevis, \\M. la his 07ih year, Thos. John C. esq. This 
gentleman was for upwards of SO 3-ears a ui. of h.-M. council; and for the grciter pan of that 
long period i'resident of this I. (Ibid., 3S2.) See his M.I. in St. Mark's Chapel, ante, p. 3'J. 

1839, April. Lately. Aged 7G, J. M. C. of Cheltenham, i of the i. of N. ('• G.M.,' 607.) 

Edw. Hug-gius of Nevis. Will dated 22 Nov. 1837. My nephew Tho. John C. of this I., 
practitioner ni physic, a trustee. 

■* 1740-1. Nich. Daniel a[,poiiited M. of G. of Nevis. (B. T. Leeward I., vol. 27.) In 1748 
he was of the Council of .Mouiserrat. 

Josiali Webb of Nevis, E~q. Wid dated 20 Feb. 1767. My sister Eliz. Daniel deceased. 
To her dau. Sarah D. £1200, tier sju Gej. Webbe D. Jb'250a, her dau. Ann D. £1200, and her 
dau. Phoebe D. £12UJ. 

178t». Geo. Webue D. of N., esq., his siguature. (13. T. Leeward 1., vol. 39.) 

1810, June 2l). Jas. \Veekes appointed Chief Justice of Nevis vice Geo. Webbe Daniell, 

181s, July 22. Lady Nelson releases £1000 charged on Nisbets, which had been sold ou 
10 March 1SL3 to James Daniell. 

This family seems to have been first of Moutscrrat, whence it spread to Antigua, Nevis, 
St. Croix, Dominica.' 

St. John's, Figthee, Nevis. 

Bap. 1821, :Mar. 2 AVilliaui s. of Josiah AVebbe & France- Daniell. 

Mar. 1823, Oct. 2 Josiah Webljj Daniell, .M.D. 10 Eliza eldest dau. of William and Eliza- 
beth remberton. 

St. George's, Gixgeelaisd, Nevis. 
Bur. 1821, June 28 Mrs. J. W. Daniell. 

St. r.iVL's, Cu.v.KLEsTo\VN, Nevis. 

ilar. 18 57, Feb. 9 Josiah We'obe Daniell, widower, it Eliza Catherine Lyons, Sp"-, both of 
this Parish. 

St. J.v.mes, Wi.N'uwARD, Nevis. 

1833, ?.Iay 2 Thomas Seitoii Peiiiljerton, Esij. of this p. Bich. s<: Alrluu Dmioll, also of this 
P. Sp' eldest dau. of Ills Honor James Diuiell Esq. President of the 0. of this 
I. by lie. i-ic. Wit. : James Daniell aiid otliers. 

The above entries w-orc given me by .Major-Gen. U. B. I'e.nbjrlon, 11. E. 


5. "Edward ITucjgins Esq. of tliif5 Island died Oct. IStli 1S40, at tlic Pavilion, 
K'ew Haveu, U.S. aged GO. They have left 2 daughters and a aon." 

6. East wall of south transept : "Eicliard Lytcott Ilieks, Esf|. died a few days 
after attaining his lIGth year. He died 10 Jan. 1830." Arms at head of stone : 
Quies, a chevron argent helween three griffins' liends erased. !Xo crest. 

7. " Georgiana Eliza Huggins, wife of Eichard Liteott [sic'] Hicks,^ E.<q. [error] 
died 5th August 1835 awd 21." 

8. On one slab, with coat of arms- at the head : Argent, a chevron Or between 
three cherry sprigs? on a chief Azure a lion passant. Ckesx. — A grijpns head 
erased. JMoxro. — ixdustkia. '-Elizabeth Huggins died Jan. 3, Ibis, aged lOl. 
Edward Huggins, died 3d June 1S22, aged 7-1, and John Huggins,, son of 
Edward Huggins died 17tli June 1822, aged 34." 

9. This inscription is repeated, without the arms, on a slab lying on the floor of 
the transept aisle, probably from the vault or tomb outside in the cluirchyard. 

10. On the floor of the transept aisle : "" Mrs. ^lary Symonds, wife of James 
Symonds. Esq., died 10th Sept. 1751, aged 59." And" on the same slab : " Her 
brother John J3utler,^ Esq., died 20th May 1717." 

11. " Francis Sanders,'^ junior, died ISth July 1742, aged 51. Put by his w iduw 
Sarah Sanders." 

12. Aems. — Three lions rampant. " Mrs. Dorothy Herbert,^ wife of Thomas 
Herbert, Gent., and daughter of Maj. Henry Lvttou of Xevis, lived in the 
married state 25 years and 10 montlis and had [illegible] sons and seven dau,i;hters. 
Died in childbed with her tenth son Jan. IGth, 1724, in the 42d year of her age." 

13. There is a window on the south side of the chancel in memory of Elizabeth 
Eawlius, without date but since 18S0. 

14. And another in the north wall of the nave to Thomas J. Tyrrell erected 
by his widow at the same date ; none tiatned on the window. 

1 178G, JIarch 22. On his passage from the W.I., 11. L. Hicks, esq: of the i. of X. 

- This co;it is not in Uurke, so it may be a modern one. 

•' The_v may be trefoils on a stem. The spri^^'s iiro evidently rounded balls, not flat leaves, 
with a small projection or spike at the top. (Rector.) 

■• See the account of the IJutlors of Nevis and Caiiibervvcll, fiite. p. 50. 

'" See Vol. I. for entries in the Parish Iteu'ist'-r of .St. John. Fiutree. and ",ite. y. 22. 

* Edward Herbert was of JIonts^Trat and Bristfd, Merchant. Will provi'd lt'.S.5. .My wife 
Anne and son Thos. (SS, Cann). l>y Anne, si>tt.r of John .Mountsl>iihen (a (danter of Xevis 
li">55 and dead 1701), he had a s m Thomas, who married l)'u-othy (sister of James Lytlon of 
Nevis and Cambcrwcll, who in liis will, provcij 171S (.")1, i>rowninu'), names his niece S.-iriii 
Herbert and nephews Tho. and .losepli Herbert, cli,'.), and had issue Tlniuas. Joseph, W'iliiun, 
bapt. at St. Geor-,'e, Nevis, 1716, Jolni, b,i[.l. 171'.i, Jas., bipt. 1722, Jleary. bapt. 172 t, and 
others whose n.nnes I know not. Their descendants were numerous. See an incomplete 
pedigree ia " Antio'ua," ii., 70, and iii., 427. 



iWounscratt 1677-8. 


Lt. Coll. Cormack & 

Lt. "William Kuowles 

Ens. Daniell SuUavane 

Sergant AVilliam Cavaaan (?) 

Sergant James Adams 

Sergant Doniiuick Mead 

Sergant Daniell Dowdy 

Daniell Eobrjan 

Martin Blake 

Eichard Burke 

Daniel Dunarand 

Eedmond Grerrald 

John IludshcU 

Jolin Kelly 

Dcrmond Sullavane 

Edmond Eoyle 

Teige Crowly & Teige Quigly 

Nicholas Duuavain 

White men. 
John Darcy 1 

John Molly & Edmond Cahosy 2 

James Fitzmorris & James Coldmain 2 























Owen 3.Iaeloughlau 1 

Daniel Killmury & Teige llean 2 

AV"' Eeau & CurncUius Keene 2 

Dennis Murphy & Kirgane 2 

Mathew Woodiuas Seu. ct Jun. 2 

Dan. Cormody & .John Dowdy sen. 2 
Dermoud Djwdj'.A John Dowdy jun. 2 
Henry jM'^Donougli 
Daniel iliirphy &■ Dan. Croveen 
Jolin Hide & Teige Dorane 
John Mally & W'" Mahone 
Eedmond Burk & Xielioas poor 
Ciirnelius Dundo & Dermond Eer- 

Ullick Welch & Teige Donavane 
John Horane & Flourence Carty 
Garrett Missett & Edm. Reued 
Farrell Dowdy & Richard Lov 
Dcrmond :NLally ..t Daui.oU Dolly 
Jolm SuUavauo & Teige Corrue 
Patrick Darcy it jNlathow Darcy 

John Andrews & Roger Ringe 
Joha Reiiny it John iManing 
Tho. El way it Thoma^ Elway junior 
"W' Milson, Clemeut Hokius 

White rae 
Thomas Bonny & Owen Donahul 
Thomas Elliott & John Gillroy 
James Gillroy & Owen Dowdy 
Peirce ErroU & Roger M'^Guyer 
Mosett Ganan & Thomas Ganan 
John Sherdan & "W"' More 
Daniell Conner & David Borke 
John Harby & Tho. Daniell 
Thomas Risen & Dermond Lorry 
Morgan Regan & John Egan 
Heur}' Lewis it Torrence Baines 
Daniell Cunegan it Patrick Carrelam 
John Thoill & Patrick Sheia 
John Donough & Garrett Sey 
W™ Eeau & Patrick AVhitc 
Eoger Carroll it John Grynen 
Michaell Keagh & Jolm Muphy 
James Gerrald & Curuelius Kyon 
John Finny & Peler Make 
Nicholas Eock & John Dume 
Tho. IMullrean & Peter Bryan 
Luke Cautelly it Curuelius Mcword 
Eng. Eic. Sawyers & luo bliarpc sen'' 
John Sawyer & John Sharpe jun'' 

White White White 
meu. women, children. 

2 2 1 ' 

2 2 5 







Clement Ilokins jun"" & Eoger Willicks sen'' 

Eoger TVillicka jun'' & John Smith 

"William Bradley & A\'"' He:ik 

John "Wyke & Peter Harris 

Eic. Selliott, Ino .Westopher & Tho. West- 

opher 3 2 2 

John Harper & Richard Hodges 2 2 3 

Praneis BjTin & Greorge Hill 2 1 2 

James Daunt & John Batten 2 

Women & children more 4 12 

Men, women, & children more, wch. are 

confusedly intermixed in the List 7 54 103 









& Negros 40. 




Thomas Harris 
Ens. Thomas Mansfeild* 
Morris Mansfeild 
Thomas Mansfeild j\nV 
John Mulclokey 
John Regan & \V"' More 
W"' Cusen & Patrick Mulclokey 
Daniell Sullavau & John Siillavan 
John Connell & John Reyton 
Teige Long &, John Long 
Mathew Swiiiey & Charles Fenghey 
Thomas Maryman & Geo. Griffen 
W"' Griffen & Bryan Cohane 
Hugh Ready & Bryan Cohane 
Cap. Tho. Roch & Daniell Bryan 
Curnelins Mahoney & John Betty 
W"' Risden & Gregory Hyden 
Curnelins Murphy & Nicho. Hilroy 
John Rillroy & Yv'"' Rillroy 
John Dologliery & Hum Sullavane 
Francis Sullavaue & John Daley 
John W"'^ & John Murphy 
Teige lliggen & Francis Martyn 
Alexander M'^Dauielkt James Guane 
John James & Laurence Rernane 
Ater Reeve & Fraucy Drady 
Andrew Kelly & Floureuce Carty 
John Bohely & Dennis Burkcly 
Teige Sullavane & Morris Byau 
"William Weld vt Robert Newcomb 
John Newcon-.b & Dcnnond Phalney 
Tobias Buttler &. Patrick Parlanc 
Daniell Fowler S: Dennis Fowler 
Edmond "Welch ic Patrick Welch 
Constat! Jolly & John Ward 
James Brislane & John AVard 
James "White & Morris Cassy 

















Kenedy Mulkere & Menous ^lul- 

Dan. Sullavane & Den. Sullavaue 
Dermond Mulragne & John Rayne 
George Dexeter & Owen Cullenane 
Loughlaiie Rayne & James Dollane 
Thomas liittene & Dermoud Rittene 
Hugh King & John Guane 
Patrick Neale & Hugh Realy 
John Shalug & John Leitch 
AV"' Slatrv & John Slatry 
Hugh Gill & John Gill 
Dermond Dule & Dermond Dony van 
Daniell Donavaue & James Brown 
Godfrey Melaue & John Cleary 
Mich. Bryan & Bryan Shernene 
Nich. Rerene & John Rerene 
Hugh Bradan & Dermond StiUavane 
Phillip Sullavane & Morris A\'clch 
Bryan Murphy tt IMurlow Gleehane 
John Glessane & Teige Hayne 
Teige Reyne & Phillip Quingayne 
Edmond Poor & Tharleigh Biwait 
Thomas Grady & Richard Daniell 
Lt. Richard Barry 
Teige Kelly & Edmund Guane 
Bryan Gowne & James Morrise 
Morrish Pursall & John iley 
Anthony Griffin ct Dennis xsaughton 
Dermond Finny 
Ens. John Cormock 
AVhite women G7 it children in all 

being without distinction of 

sex or age in the list IIS & 

Negros 74. 


His is the only name with a white woman against it. 






Eicliard Ba>se 

Natliau Boot!) it AV"' Odcridcje 
Oiicsipliorus Hunt & Hum. Simp- 
Silvester Hunt &. James Giisscll 
Tho. ]''incli & Dennis Hartneat 
Pram-is Hudson i'^; W" Davies 
John CroNMi it Jolin James 
Tliurl()i;]i C'affcry A Edni. Hallarane 
James, Wekli Sc . . . . Elireet 2 

Thomas Brimigim it Patrick ]3rigg 2 
Deiniis Carty ct Jtffiey Grady 2 

John Duniiavane & Morris Dclarey 2 
Dau. ("artyroe & Dennis Salmon 2 
Dennis Saninon junr. & Jacob Hare 

Teige Dunn & Teigc Mulrean 
IVich. AVelcli ct Owen Sullavan 
Curnelius Slioliane & Owen Clcary 
Edm. Byernam it Jolm Lineli 
Jolin kSliee juu'' & AV'" ^[ullanc 
Darby Lane & Owen Harra 
Gibeou Pitzgerald & Edm. Haller- 

Teige Hallos & Florence Hallerance 
Dan. Hallerane & Kich. Dempsey 
John. Fare & John Shea 
Murtogh Beary it Den. Carty 
Daniel Shea & Pearce Goold 
Boger Bearden & John AVelch 
Arthur 3Iurphy it Edm. Murpliy 
Teige IMiirphy it John Callaliane 
Dan. Driscoll ct Jno. Callahan jun. 
Boch Maioy it James Jioch 
Curnelius Callahane & John 


Edm. ^Hirphy sen. Lodovi'dc &. Her. 

Teige Callaliane it John Coy 
Teige Carty it Daniel Carty 
"W" Brown <fc Phillip Sullavan 
Curnelius Sullavan it Tei^e Sullavan 
AV'" Fallocm it Daniel Alarrony 
]N'icho. Grant it Curnelius Alaguane 2 
Teige Naahten it Daniel Cosgrave 2 
Teige Conner it Darby Schooly 2 

Dennis ^lahony <t Darby IShaguassy 2 
John Shagnary & Hugh Magrate 2 
John Finny it Timolhy Dwyer 2 

EJum])hrpv Shogliorrow it Jolm poor 2 
Teigc Collins it W" A\'elch 
Dinnis Driscoll & Patr. Hollarane 
iS'icholas Trant it Daniell Dicky 
John Boch <t Daniell Donavane 
Teigc Shea & John Barry 
Pearce poor & Phillip Flahoonane 
Tho. Chahell & David Collgrave sen'' 
Pat"' Figgerdan it Phillip Dowse 
John Dowse & AValtcr Gibeon 
John Crenocan & Tho. Magrah 
John Augherin ct Dennis Betty 
Daniel Shea sen"" & James Conner 
Owen Carty 

John Tallboit ct AV™ Thompson 
John Cach ct John Lashev 
John Millby 

AVoemen in the List 79 

Children, AVhites 98 

jSVgros old ct young of both 

sexes being 34 






Capt. Nicholas Mead 
Capt. Syms 

George Syms ct James Stanley 
Johii ^litchell it Johu Bia'tou 
John Anderson ct Degory Good 
Edw. IMaii'uam ct Humphry Grees 
Thomas IJarucs ct Teige Maghane 
Balph Twine ct Ebine/.er Ambrose 
John Stciihens it Bob. ih'istoll 
AV"' Laughar ct John AVliitehall 
John Light ct Edw. Harbert 
John AtwoU it Fran. Collpresse 
Thomas Trake ct Boger AV'hitcwood 


Derby Cahill ct John Conner 2 

Daniell j\Ierenane ct Charles Cartv 2 
Edw. at Cap^ Meads ct David Cogan 2 
John Janey ct .Morris at Cap. Syms 2 
J<dni Moreane ct Charles Higgins 2 
Thurlough Dennis ct John Anderson 2 
Dennis Macnamarra ct Dan. Fling 2 
AVilliam Makey ct John :\[akey ' 2 
Cap. Jno. Devereau.K ct ^lath. Lam- 
bert 2 
Owen Dorney ct John I'renan 2 
Teige l'\allway ct TeiLre Cronanc 2 
Bichard Brvau ct Oweu Fling 2 




EoLert Piclcott & Jo)in Okins 
Echv. AiiibiMpe & Cuvnelius Iloas 
Jolui Dcrniomli A; Darby .Manslune 
Morris Fowler & AV'" Swiuev 
Bryan O' Bryan & Darby Dimavan 
John Collins & Cnrnelins Leary 
Owen iSwiney ^t Edm. Connoo 
Morrish Gerrald & ^S'icho. JMorris 
Eicliard Xiniaiic & Den. (rlassane 
John Morgan & Patrick Slionin 
Eobcrt poore & Eob. Barry 
Cnrnelinn Newlas & u Lady 
Morris Trelcy it Den. Carty 
Thurlogh ACa^rah & Edm. Terry 
Daniel] Kii g it Den. (.'alljlian 
Charles A'augbaii & Brian Grurais 
Ilngh Connor ct Edinond Hogan 
Teige Murphy tt James Busken 
Francis Lynch & Eicli. Maliook 





Patrick Browne & .\ndre\v Lvnch 2 
Danicll ^faugher .t Garratt Roeh 12 
llcnry Cahane tt John ICeas 
John tiart it Dennis Creoly 
James Morgan & ALirris Condon 
Tho. Tessester & Eicli. Martuiore 
Eicliard Goold & AV" i-ennitt 
AV^n. ;\[egh & Alarcus Aladane sen'^ 
Marcus Maidane junior & Eowland 

Darby Canana, &, Phillip Colly 
Eichard D.ircy & James Cotter 

Woeaien Whites GO 

Children Whiles 93 

Xegros old it young 82 

















Peter Cove it AV"> A\''iid)ridge 
John Ching & Judiert AVest 
Samuel Potter & John Peryman 
Eogcr Locker it Hugh Allen 
Christopher Adams it John Clark 
Thomas Hodges & AV'" Smith 
Henry How & Eoger ^ladox 
A\^'" AValker & Simon Putter 
Peter Beach & AY"> Clarke 
John Uppington it Hcji. How 
Eichard How it Eichard Madox 
Thomas Nicholls it John Dracott 
John XiclioUs it Jolui Alarrisli 
AV'" Knowles it Earrcll Gallaho 
Teige Mahony it Dennis ^NTarlen 
Eemoud M^Teige it Donouiiii ]\Iad- 

AV"' AL\rtyn it David ^Meruk 
James Cullnaghton it Owen Eeely 
John Conner it Jordcn Pendergrasse 
John Gulley it King 
Patrick Si-anlane it Dan. (^iiiuagan 
David Torpoe it A\'"' i5arrv 
AV"' Allin .t PhilL Hin-crton 
AV'" Cantey it Tho. Ba.-kerville 
James J-onu'lilaii it W'" Barry 
Thomas iiussell it John liruwii 
Peter Erench it Edm. Murphy 
John AVallis it Jno. Baiick brown 
Edmoud Clearv it Xealc Swinev 

Glasney IMahoney & Eob. Hulcey 
Patrick NTash it Eichard Farrell " 
Edinond AFurpliy & James Barry 
Atichaell Archer it Teige Carty 
Dermond Murraine it W'" Mahony 
•lohn Gallahor it AValter Brown 
John Meagh it iMorris Clonane 
John Kelly it Owen Hossey 
Eoger Eenane it John Tracey 
Tobias Pursill & Xpher Garvyne 
.Tames Nunday & Jno. Garralt 
Mathew Dec it Cane Conyland 
Daniel Dalley it Owen ]Martyn 
Morris Clouanc ct .Tames Butler 
Mermush Tracy it Edm. Tracy 
Abraham Dee it John Hayd 
Natli. Chambers it Edm. ATajor 
James Dunbar ct Alex. Eamsey 
Dan. Oconhead it Alex. Arnett 
AV''" Lewston it Thomas Bosse 
Owen Eeed it Andrew Carr 
John Dalley it Uen. Dalley 
AVhite woeuien ji) it children 

in all 09 

Negros men woemen it chil- 

" dren 90 

White children more IS 


Tbis uame uiay be " Cone." 





Lt. Edw. Eoad & Eobert Penrose 2 
Eds. Geo. Eiddall & John Beding- 

Kandoll Hill & Eliiathau Hunt 
Eichard Haguus & Edmond Cloys 
Moses Serces & Eoger Hughs 
W" Ford ct Daniel Danili 
Xpher Shellbrook A: Edw. bhollbrook 
Tho. Huntly & Edw. AVhitiiig 
Hugh Taylor & John Edwards 
Beny Mullett & John Hill 
Giles Godard & Tho. Parker 
Eichard Brett & Geo. Earne 
Thomas Coker & W™ Lewarne 
John Pike & David Eorgason 
Capt. W"> Carr & AUeu'Smith 
John Dunbar & John Lawson 
Patrick Hogg & George Ferguer 
James Durham & Adam Cartart 
Nynou Gilkgavc & Dan. Wallace 
Johu Smith Sc Eobert Calvyn 
James Hamilton & Jolm Hunter 
Eobert Al.siner & John Armstrong 
David Kenegun & John Sinkler 
Lt. Edmond Daley 
Ens. Anthony jS^exon 
Ser. John Howraw & Serg. John 

Sergt. AV"' Lealiy & Daniell Dalley 
Michall Bryn & John Naughtun 
Francis Darrane & Daniel .M^Allen 
John Eath & Jonathan Burk 
Lawrence Erom & Edw. Everson 
Eedmond English & Eichard Davies 
Terrence Dermond & Dennis Der- 

Hugh Dyer & Alexander Miller 
Thomas Grosse. & jMorris Britt 
Garrett Trant & Mathew Hea 
Stephen Skerrett & Thomas Lynch 
Christopher Liuch 
Tho. MuUow & Brislahane 
George French & Peare Linch 
James Kenny & Marcus Linch 



Thomas Toall & Peter Darcey 
Dennis Teige & jMichaeil English 
Hum. Sullavane & Curnelius Brian 
Morton M^KufE junr. & ^Vm. Win- 
Wm. Conaways & Teige Cahefie 
John Shee jun'' & John Brian junr. 
Thomas Murrane & John AVelch 
Curnelius Gorman & Dan. Carrell 
George Thompson & Der. Lernane 
Dermond Donavane & Der. Ealliffe 
James Buttler & Eedmond M-Manus 
Miles M<=Eegane & Edm. Prock 
John Coney & Johno Gully 
Thomas Baskerner & Thomas Kelly 
Tho. Kelly jun-- & Daniell Phalsey 
Patrick Kenedy & Dennis Carty 
Teige M-^Carty & Eob. Sullavan" 
Daniel Mortogh & Teige Herely 
Dermond Horely &, Eedmond May- 

Dermond Murphy & Dan. Donavan 
Johu Sullavan & John Mahoney 
Teige Duf Sullavan & John Sullavan 
Daniel Sullavan & Teige Heafc 
Dennis Brenau & Dermond Driscoll 
David Condon & Mich. Lynch 
John Magrah & John Swiney 
Johu Kirse & Daniell Fowler 
Eobert More & Dan. Duuavane 
David Naughton <k Murlow Nealc 
W"' Mullgrave & Edm. Swiney 
Eichard Forrest & John MtiUane 
Curmelius Shea & Morgan Mallow 
Owen Carty & John Gerrald 
Edw. Murpliy & Dennis Mahoney 
Woemen, Children, iS'egros 
Eandoll Eegan & Godfrey Dolly 
White women 53 

White children 84 

Nesros 95 


{To be continued.) 



€li0 3'B-YJE:SQ 



, M mxta loft ;H ^ ^- 5.' i«> o ;.--i:^^ ^ ^1 ad to % 

Puhf *y of^'rW /<;.} Shoe La-ne. londmt. BtcT / ;.' 1805 


atimtral ^SljiUip^ Co5l)j>* 

This officer was second son of Col. Alexander Cosby, Lieut. -Governor of 
Nova Scotia, where he died 2G Dec. 1743, by Anne, dau. of Alexander Winnard 
of Annapolis. Alexander's yonnge!' brother, Col. William Cosby, was Governor 
of New York from 1732 till his death 10 March 173G. They were sons of 
Alexander Cosby of Stradbally in Queen's County, who died in 1C9-1'. The 
Admiral married in August 1792 Eliza, dau. of William Gunthorpe of .\ntigua, 
by whom he left no is.suo. He succeeded to the Stradbally estate on the deatli of 
his coub^in Lord Sydney (Burke's "Landed Gentry"). The " G.M.," p. 92, 
records his death : "1S08, Jan. 10. In Alfred-street, Bath, aged SO, Philip Ccsby, 
esq. Admiral of the l^ed. lie was at the Rooms the preceding evening and 
played at Whist." On his tablet in the south transept of the Abbey his age is 
given as 77 ("Antigua," ii., 2-13). The Burial Ivcgister.has : " ISOS, Jan. IG. 
Admiral Phili]) Cosby" (" Genealogist," vi., 181). His aunt Elizabeth married 
Lieut. -General Eichard Phillips, Governor of Nova Scotia, probably his godfather. 

ilttteis from 3, SSEatei) to Bh ^cott. 

Antigua 15"' August 1770. 
Dear Sir 

I have long since answer'd all your letters, your last was dated the 
li"" Dec"", wherein you mentioned your conversation with M'^ W™ Gunthorpe; 
thank God that matter is all over! We had a reappraisment the 10"' instant, 
ballance in our favour £'3520 . 10 . 7, which is paid in Cash & Bills of Exch". 
I chose Mel's'^ Jarvis & Christian, Mels" Jeremiah Blizard &, Looby were the 
Appraisers foT jNP Gunthorpe. The estate was deliver'd up in good order, the 
works compleat & fit for immediate service — the Negroes & Cattle in excellent 

r Negroes valued at £4453 . 12 . G 

Eeappraisment< Cattle ■ 1092 . — . — 

[Bmldings &c. 4837 . 13 . 10 

Amount of the appraisment "I^ 

at the commencement of the Lease / 

Overcast on the first appraisment in the original Schedule 

£3520 . 10 . 7 

INP Gunthorpe has good reason to be ]ileascd with this ap]n'aisment, for lie 
has a valuable considei-alion for what he pays. 1 am perfectly satisfyed on my 
])art. 1 paid for 24 New Negroes bought for Paynter's estate £S25 . 10 Stirling 
which is at G7J p C £1382 . 14 . 3 Currency. I gave up in the reappraisment 
two valuable Negroes of my own (one of them a Cooper) valued at £2.")0. 
1 paid out of the reajipraisment for a year's rent £940. 1 ai'snrc you this AiVair 
has cost me a great deal of attention it trouble. 1 sold 20 Hhds. of Sugar thi> 

£10383 . 

G . 

15 . 


8502 . 

10 . 


»»■..., VX^.JU ...^ 1. f.,.V., V ....^ - - _- - 

year at 40' A: ship'd 130 Sc kept SO for tlie refining house. 1 sent home to IMels" 
blivcr, William Warner's bills on W'" Gunthorpe for £1025 . IS . 

9 Stirling. 


I bclIeAC a A^ar not far off, & s^liall be glad of your opiuiori, if you tliinlc it 
advisable to sell out of the IStocks, before tliey uiay be too low. 

My cliief attention -will now be to this Estate, & make all the Dun-j; I can. 
I have an inclination to go home next year, but if I continue my health, may 
probably stay one year longer, & then if it is agreeable to the Family, shall be 
glad to rent u])on English security, foi" it is running too great a wrisk to trust 
a Mannger, -who will think only of himself, & I dont know where to get a Man 
1 wou'd confide in. 

"We are all well & join in love & compliment to you & our Friends. I am 
Dear Sir Your very affectionate humble servant 

D. AVallh. 

(Addressed :) To James Scott Esq"" 

at Mel's'-'' AVarner & Johnson 
By Cap* Smith. Merchants. London. 

Seal : Crkst. — A demi-lion rompani coupcd over wreaili anil hflvict. .\t!MS. — 
, . . . a chevron beticecn three Jlems-de-l is. Motto. — [fJideo ix dec. 

[On a double folio sheet in the possession of the Editor.] 

This letter evidently relates to " Guntlu)r])os " and "Payntcrs," tv\ o adjoining 
estates in Antiijna, owned by William Gunthorpe, who was at the time; resident 
in London ("Antigua," ii., 89). The n])])raiscment on entering upon a lease, 
and roapprnisement on giving it up, any losses being paid by the tenant and any 
improvements by the landlord, was a very equitable arrangement. 

De la Court "Walsh, the letter writer, had been a Captain in the SSth Eegimenr, 
and married two ^Yivcs in Antigua, dying in 17S1 at Ivichmond, Surrey. In l;is 
will he names no family, but mentions Eobert De La Court, Sen., Esq., of Ireland, 
and .Eobert's eldest son Walsh De La Court. (Ibid., ii., 5.) 

Edward AVarncr and liis brother-in-law John Johnson were merchants and 
partners in London, both holding much ])ro]ierty in Antigua. James Scott, Esq., 
left the Island in 17G0-L There was a firm of Ledwell aud Scott about 17S0. 

Antigua IS"' Sep^ 1772. 

Dear Sir 

The 31'' of last month we had the most violent Hurricane ever knov.n ; 
very few Estates, if any, but what have felt the efftcts of it, many of them quite 
destroyed, several white people kill'd ct a number of Xegroes. The King's Ships 
in English Harbor dismasted, & many A'clsels lost. AVo are in sad distrefs for 
want of Xegro provision, what little Corn we have sells at 15/- a bushel. 
S' Christophers has suffer'd as much if not more, & the other Islands, very 

AA'"e lost part of our Dwelling house, our defining house blown down & twenty 
Hhds. of Sugar destroyed, however we shall recover part of it. which must be 
manufactured anew, our Rum house down, & the South side of the Curing 
house. Boiling house strip'd. Sick house i.t Coopers Shop down. Trash house, Stock 
house, Coach house A Stables down, a large new Dove house quite gone, & our 
Store house strip'd. The house in Town which was compleatcd with glals sashes 
new painted & a handsom stone wall, very much shatter'd & the wall down — 
little or no Lumber to be had. Brovision extreme dear. &, little of that. Our 
Canes v,hi])'d to shreds & a great part of them broke short off ; we have not 
suffer'd much that way, A 1 hope, if we have good weather, to make a tolerable 
Crop. The new stone building, containint,' the Olliccs, stood it very well it was 
of great service. AVe lost only one Ncl;io. Af Otto had four kill'd upon the 
spot. The Jiarrncks & JL)s])ital terribly shatter'd it the Gallery down. The 
streiigth of the Winds is incredible, they seemed to contend ..t battle together. 



Thank God we are all well. Sc join in love &. compliment to you and our 
Friends; all the Family are here at prosent. and talk of cooing home next year. 
If I find niy.'^clf well. I will endeavour to jiut it cff a vf ur Ioniser. 

I fear we shall have bloody work at .S' Vincents. Six Companies of our 
Regiment arc gone thither. 

I wish you health and am truly Dear Sir 

Your most obedient humble servant 

D. Walfh. 

(Addressed :) To James Scott E?q^ 

to be forwarded by Thomas 01i\er and Michael Lovell Esq" 

Merchants. London. 

(On double folio sheet, seal gone, in tlie possession of the Editor.) 

Governor Sir Ealph Payne sent home a long letter describing the effects of 
this hurricane. The Court House was blown in, the Hospital at English Harbour 
levelled, the flagship and two frigates driven ashore, and the Govei'uor's new 
study and papers blown away. Montserriit suffered £G0,000 damage, but 
St. Kitts much less. The King gave a donation of £2000 to Antigua towards 
the fund for repairing losses. The GSth Ku^iraent was to return to Europe the 
end of 1772. (" Antigua," i., cxxi.) Thos. Oliver was my great-great-grandfather 
and Michael Lovell was his first-cousin and partner; their counting-house was in 
Mark Lane. 


1788 March 2-1 Richard a Xegro Boy belonging to Edward Brazier, Esq. 
June 21 Rachael D. of Thomas and Elizabeth Jermy. 

July 27 Eleanor Chiistie D. of AVilliani & Margaret Ferrier b. 11 Novem'' 

October 9 Anne Israel 1). of AVilllain Bonnet and Catharine Frost. 
Novem'' 5 Peter S. of Nancy a ]\Iulatto Woman, the property of John 

Rich: Herbert Esquire. 
Dec. 1-1 Sallv D. of Thomas & Elizabeth Jermy. 

1789 May 30 Walter Maymird S. of Joseph Herbert Pemberton by his AVife 

Margaret, b. 11th November 17.SS. 
June 21 Richard S. of Richard and Elizabeth Stanley. 
October 17 Martha Catharine 1). of Francis [and] Margaret Galpine b. in 

October 17sG. 
Francis Herbert S. of Francis & Anne [rest wanting]. 

[Several entries missing.] 

[April ?] James S. of James and Sarah McHeury b. on the lOth of last 

May 19 James S. of Nancy a Mulatto Woman the property of 

J. R. Herbert, Es(|. 
July 2o Elizabeth D. of William and Margaret Ferrier b. 4th jNIarch 

* Continued from p. 1G8. 

T 2 


ptem' Willinm Crib S. of .Tolin & Mary Keefe. 

Dec'' 7 Elizabeth Frances D. of Edward & Ellzabctli reuiberlon. 
1792 March 20 Xanno ^Vilki^son au adult Is egro. 

Haddock Prentis"~\ 

Clement Pliilli|is ' Children of Ann Wilkinson 

Mary Browne ( a free ^Fuhitto. 

Frances Browne ) 
May 13 Michael ]^bert S. of James & Sarah ^FcSheiily [?]. 

May 2i, ISOO. Taken from the Papers of the late "Rev. AVilliam Jones by 
the Rev. Geo. Green. 


1792 June 10 Robert "] 

Thomas >Sons of Thomas and Elizabeth Jcrmy ]5apti/.cd. 
William J 
10 Jane D. of Xancy Herbert a ]\restec, Baptized. 
br. 2G Mary D. of William & Mary Ferricr b. r)th last July Baptized. 

1793 March 25 Baptized Burroughs an adult Negro iNlan. 

1799 May 31 Frances A^incent Infant 1). of Michael and Ann Cassin, 

Oct"" 23 William West S. of Thomas and Ann Roper Baptized. 

1800 Jan'-y IG Martha Williams Infant 1). of John and Mary AV'illiams Smith 


[New i)agc, several entries evidently missing.] 

1767 Jany 1st Roger Pemberton and Elizabeth Sands spinster. 

John Bowen Rector. 
[Same handwriting.] 

Oof' 3'1 Thomas Skirrett and Elizabeth . . . itt Spinster. 
[A different handwriting.] 

17G8 June 4th Robert Vaughan and Mary Charlotte Chapman, Spinster. 
20th Edward 31iirray and Sarah Browne, Spinster. 

July 2Ist Samuel Baillie and Ann Wilkinson, AVidow. 
1769 Jan''/ loth John Rashbrook and Elisabeth Mace [or Man] Spinster. 

Nov'' [?] James Parris and l-^lisabcth Burke, AVidow. 

1771 Feb''-' 12th Roger Gardiner to Elisabeth Bridgewater Spinster. 

1772 [An entry missing.] 

ne 14th John Pinney to Jane [? written over another name] Weekes, 
Dec"" 17th AValter Mavnard to Frances Pemberton, Spinster. 

1773 April 29th AVllliam Scott Clerk to Susannah Beach, Spinster. 

[A new handwriting.] 

March 10th ]{ichard Stanley to Elisabeth Brodbelt, Sp. 
May IGth George Frost to Anne Jiarnahv, Widow. 
177-1 Ocf 12th Jolin Henry Clarke to Alary A'andcr])ool Spin. 

1775 March 2d John Bertrand to Martha Wenham 8|)ins. 
June 11th AVilliam bennet Frost to Catharine Roper, Spins. 
July 29th James Chapman, junior to Anne Cede, Spinste. 

1776 July ISth William Jones, Clerk to Frances AVilliams. Spinst. 
Sepf 2d Lrichaol Stanhy to Elisahelh Washington, Spinster. 

1777 Jan''>' 4th James Jetl'erys to Frances Billingslcy Spinster. 


1777 May 15th Oliver Huggins to Anne Clifton, Spinster. 
Aug' 21st A\'illi;un Burt W'cekes to 3Inry Browne, Spinst. 

1778 Jan'y 4tli John Alexander lies to riUcretia Burke, Spinster. 

1779 June 2Sth Dr. Josiah Nisbett to Miss Frances WoohvarJ, Spinster.* 

[A different handwriting.] 

17S3 June 23d Andrew Ross Esqr. to Bridget Pemberton, Spins. 

Dec'' 13 John Richardson Merchant to Henrietta P[arris?]. 
1781 February [11th ?J Francis Galpiue Grentleuian, to Marg[aret?]. 

[New page, several entries missing.] 

85 Dec. 20th Thomas Er.-<lcinc, Gentleman, to Sarah Vincent, Spinster. 
787 March 11th Horatio Nelson, Esquire, Captain of His Majesty's Ship the 
Boreas, to Francos Herbert Nisbet, AVidow. 
May ISth Andrew Hamilton, Esquire, to Martha Herbert, Spinster. 
789 April 30 G-eorge Douglas free Muhxtto to Mary Herbert, free Mulatto. 

1790 May 13th Charles Dealing, Gentleman to Amelia Brodbelt, S[)inster. 
ugust2Gth John Tobiu Crosse, Planter to Polly Burke, Spinster. 

1791 July 21st James Taylor, Gentleman to Mary Browne, Spinster. 

92 March 15 ... Id Noble, Surgeon to Elizabeth [Brodberr]t, Spinster. 

[One entry missing.] [Rebecca Herbert, Spinster ?] 

May 21th, 1800. Taken from the papers of the late Rev. AVilliam Jones by 
the Rev. Geo. Gi-cen. 

1792 by IG Henry Sallows Planter and Elizabeth Smedley, Sjjinster 
April G Mai-ried Magnus IMorton Esquire and Christiana Forbes, 
Spinster Married. 

1798 Aug' G John Smith Gentleman, and Mary "Williams Wenham, Spinster, 

Dec'"' 15 AVilliam Bonnet Frost, Jun'' and Eleanor Morris, Married. 

1799 Aug. 17 John Dasent Smith and Sally Claxton Spinster, Married. 


17G5 Marcli 13th Tlie Body of Frances Brodbelt. 

[Each entry lias a line after it, and begiiis with the words " The Body of."] 

jMay 23d Elizabetli Edgcrly. 

July Gth John Edgerly. 

August 12th ]iicliard Lindlev a free Xtian negro. 

Sep'"- Gth Tobias Clare. 
17GG Jan'y 2Gth .... Frost the D. of Jolni Frost. 
17G5 Dec'" 1st Grace the D. of James Brod[belt]. 

Dec'"' 15th A\'illiam Brown. These omitted in their proper place. 
17GG February -1th Ann the D. of Midi' Stanley. 

April 9lh Nathaniel ba.-<e S. of John George and Ann Brown. 

April 2Glh Ann i^rown, Sen''. 

Oct'"' 1st Thomas Williams. 

Dec''' 30lh Thomas "Wilkinson. 
17G7 January 8th John Frederick Clarke. 

John Boweu, Jiector. 

July 22d .... Jones. 

[The last separating line.] 

• Lady Xeboii's fu'st mirriigo. A curious fuature i.-i tlio lillc "ilii'S," not used olsowhero. 


1767 Oct' 7th The Hon'-'' Joseph Herbert, Esq^ Aged 7[8 ?]. 

1768 Jau-'y 8th Cliri.^tophcr AVilkinsou, aged 42. 
Feb^y 24tli John Mc^laster, aged 8-i. 
April 12th Elizabeth Davis aged CO. 

Sept"'' 5th llobert Edwards a child aged 22 m. 
Ocf 20th Eobert Davis, a child aged 15 Mo. 
Nov'' 17th John Erost, a child aged 12 in. 
Dec' 19th Mary Erodbelt Spinster aged 5o. 

1769 March 7th Anne Plerbert Spinster aged 41 y. 
June IGth John Irvine, aged 35 years. 

16th Mrs. J. A. Craft or C'ruft aged 75. 
Sept' 30th M'^ Elizabeth Herbert aged 34 years. 
Dec' 17th Edward Browne a child aged 

1770 l<'ebry 5th Mrs. Sarah Baker, aged ' . 

20th Mrs. Stanley aged 38 years. 

March 31st James Tobin aged 72 years. 
April 2d Edward Parris aged 40 years. 
Aug' 11th Jean Ton<r, a Negro aged 4. 
Sept' 19th Henry Jefters aged 32 years. 
Oct' 19th Isaac Brookes aged 21 years. 

1771 February IGtli Mary Hinds, a Negro child aged 4. 
June 15th Bartholomew^ Litman aged 40 years. 
July 5th Mary Erost, a young child. 

(To be continued^ 


Mttt}^ vtlatmg to tljt SSScst JIntiics/ 


1. Probate of the will of Eliz. Eachel x\nn Laroche, wife of Sir Jas. L., 
dated 1779. 

2. Kob. M^KiuIay, 1. of A., now of Grenock, N.B., Cha. Grant of St. Vincent, 
Anthony Brown and Win. Lockhead, both of A., transfer of a mortgage on 
plantations in the parish of St. Philip and Division of Belfast in the said I. 
Signature of Kob. M'^Kinlay, 3 skins, dated 1790. 

3. Kelcase in Trust of [)laiitations between Jas. Taylor of Wanstead, co. .Essex, 
and Tho. liodie, 1. of Liverpool, now of A., Geo. M'^lntosh of the K. Exchange, L., 
and Geo. M'^Intosh, Kich. Thornton of Southwark, and about 15 others, creditors 
of Jas. Taylor, Eed Hill and Ehnes Creek plantations, slaves, etc. 11 skins, 
signatures of all except Eodie, dated 15 Nov. 179S. 

4. Jas. Trebeck, Jas. Seton,' and Edw. Grose Smith, John Hendersiin, and 
Archibald Neilson and IaIw. Ellice of Mark Lane, AVm. Christie of Wapping, 
and Wm. Hoklen of City Chambers, sale of estates in A., St. Vincent, Grenada, 
and Tobago. 2 skins, signatures of Ellice, Christie, and Holden, dated ISll. 

5. Probate of the will of Jas Cole, dated lb24. 

6. Copy of the Eeturn of Slaves from the following plantations. The 
Garden 14S, New Works 1G8, Clare Hall 322, Cotton Old Works 155, Betty's 
Hope 314, dated lb28. 


7. Probate of the will of Eob. Eumer of the I. of New Providence, 
dated 1828. 

• Prom dealers' catalogues. Soo a previous list, I., pp. 19, 63. 



8. Joliu Hewitt, 1. of B., n. of L., unci Tho. Martyn, also of L., land in or 
near Austin's Bay in B. Signature of John Hewitt, dated 1G71. 

9. Wm. Green of L. and Nich. Wilcox, 1. of B. iSignature of named, 
dated 1731. 

10. Original appointment by H.E. .Sir Tlio. l^obinson of "Win. Henry AVarren 
to be See. of tlie Clommon Council and Courts of AVarrauts. Signature of 
Sir T. K., dated 17il. 

11. Kelease from John Trent of ISt. James, B., to Jos. Pickering of Line. Inn 
rields. Signature of Joseph Pickering, dated 17G0. 

12. Benj. Duce of St. 2\iclastiee, B., & John Pridenbung of L., messuages 
in Upper >[oorfields, L. Signatures of Ben. Duce and Tho. and Ann Davies. 
Eecorded in B. in 17G7. 

13. Adm'on of the remainder of the goods of Sarah Price, wife of Joseph 
Price and dan. of AVra. Timbrill. Marriage settlement partly recited, dated 1770. 

14. Susannah Gi)sling of B., widow, John Asgill Gosling, Osgood IFanbury, 
Anna Barnard of Kingston-on-Thames, widow, Jas. iMapp Allen and Mary A\''ood 
Allen {nee Gosling) his wife, Capt. John Gosling, David Barclay of L., banker, 
Jolui Lloj'd of L., banker, Rich. Giirney of Xorwich, banker, Osgood Hanbury 
of Coggeshall, co. Essex, s. and h. ot Osgood Hanbury, deceased, Sampson 
llaubury, brewer, iiich. Guruey, Anna Buxton, and others, large estates in 
England and B. 16 skins, with 12 signatures, dated 1796. 

15. Official copy of Boval Letters Patent to Tho. Carter, Esq., to be Provost- 
Marshal Gen. of B., dated'lSOl. 

16. The original will of Henry Bishop of B. on his departure from England. 
On 5 sheets of paper, dated lb03. 

17. Power of Attorney from W'm. Ewart, A\'m. C. liutsou, Archibald Maxwell, 
and others, all of Liverpool, to Win. Barton of ditto to obtain possession of 
estates in the parish of .St. Peter in B., dated 1807. 

IS. Adm'on with will annexed of the Hon. John Bedford, Judge of the 
A''ice-Admiralty Court, dated lyOS. 

19. Power of Attorney certified by the Hon. John Spooner, President of B. 
On 3 large pages, with the great seal of B. attached, dated ISlo. 

20. Act to dissolve the marriage solemnised in the parish t)f St. ^Michael's of 
Henry Coode, Esq., with Jane his now wife, lioyal assent given 1 July 1S39. 


21. Garrett Burton of Posare,* D., and John Woodville of L., feoffment of 
one moiety of the estate in iSt. Andrew, called Woodford Hill. On paper, 
signature of G. 13., dated 1768. 

22. Original grant by Geo. lil. of lands in the parish of St. Joseph, D., to 
James Laing, Ivobert Keid, and John Lucas. Printed on u pages fo., with plans, 
dated ISOl.t 

23. Copy of the A\^ill and Codicil of John Gillon, 1. of D., n. of St. Marylebone, 
CO. Middx. ' On 23 pages, dated 1809. 

24. Letters Patent for granting a salary to Lt.-Gen. Ered. INLiitland as 
Lt.-Gov. of D., 1813. 

25. John Laidlaw of i). and ^Nlary his wife, and John ]]ruce, 1. of D., but n. of 
Sierra Leone in Africa, and Dugald Laidlaw of D., sugar plantation in the 
parish of St. John, D., with signatures of John and Mary Laidlaw. AVrittcit on 
paper, dated 1823. 

26. Office copy of Letters Patent granting an allowance to Hans Erancis, Earl 
of Huntiugdon, Capt.-Gcn. and Gov. of D., dated lfc)23. 

* Roseau. f See ante, p. IDl, for a deed of 1811 relalin,;,' to the above. 



27. John Ilis of Hamburgh and Peter Fexier of L., agreement for purchasing 
and cultivating plantations in G. 2 skins, signatures of both parties, dated 

28. Release and mortgage between John Cross, Robert Bogle, and John Baird, 
all 3 of Glasgow, Charlton Palmer of Loudon, and Jas. Oswald of co. Middx., 
lands in the parish of iSt. Patrick, G., with signatures of Cross, ]Jogle, and Baird, 
dated 17G6. Also another deed of 17GS. 

29. Joseph Disilles, Margaret E. Thain, widow of Melchior Cavalier, and 
Alexandra Wilson, sale of land. On paper, dated 17G7. 

30. Bond for £78,000 between James Tourneissen of Switzerland and Anthony 
Colombies of London, plantations in G. 3 skins, with sig. of both parties, 
dated 1771. 

31. John Reid of the I. of Carriacou and Jacob Van "Wylieli: and James 
BuUmer of L., cotton estate in C. On 4 sheets, signatures of all parties, dated 

32. Probate of will of Pontius Piutard of the Town of St. George, G., 
dated 1774. 

33. John Porteus, Dep. Prov.-Mar. of G., and Alexandra "Wilson, also of G., 
lands in the parish of St. Patrick, G., with signature of John Porteus. Ou paper, 
dated 1775. 

34. Bertram De-La-Lorance De Charras of G. and Rose his wife, the Hon. 
Wm. Lucas and Chas. Clarmont of G., release of houses and land in G., with 
signatures of all parties. 8 skins, dated 1770. 

35. AVm. Wise of St. George and Wm. Juuor of St. Patrick, both in 
G., land in the parish of St. George, G., with signature of Wm. Wise, dated 

3G. Sir Alexandra Crawford of co. Surrey, and Jas. Hay of G., Sam. Wood of 
L., Wm. Wise of G., W. Turner of G., and several others, release of Grenvillc 
Vale estate in G. On 8 sheets of paper, with signatures of Kav, Wood, and 
Wise, dated 1789. 

37. Estates in G. under the management of Mr. Rob. Ormetheur, aocouuts 
current to 28 Feb. 1799. 

38. In Chancery between Sir James Pultcney, Bart., and Sir Tho. Jones, Bart., 
Chr. Codrington, John Kipling JNLirkham, Henrietta Laura Pultcney Fawcctt, 
Isabella Pultcney, and others. Ollivier's estate in G., with schedule of documents: 
Grand Mai estate, brief for the petitioner 10 pages ; draft petition lodged 12 ]May 
1810, minute of order for reference to the Master; order and appraizcme'nt 
£21,335, 3 warrants and 2 letters from Sir Jas. P. 

39. Wni. Johnstoiie, 1. of G., n. of Paris, and John Ross, 1. of G., n. of 
Aberdeen, coffee plantations in G. 3 skins, with signature of AV. J., dated 

40. Mortgage in fee of Paradise estate with its slaves in G. to secure advance 
between Tho. Berkeley of G., but then residing at Brussels, John Berkeley of G., 
AVm. and Fred. JNIanning, and John L. Anderdon. G skins, with signatures of all 
parties, dated 1827. 

4L John Nesbit and Henry Hughes, both of L., Joseph Pitt of co. Wilts, 
Rev. Wm. Mills of co. Berks, John Alills of co. Glouc, Charlotte and Augusta 
Lushington of co. Kent, conveyance of large plantations in several parishes of G. 
On 12 large skins, signatures of John ^\>sbit, Henry Hughes, Pitt, and Mills, 
dated 1837. 

42. Sam. Amy Severne of co. Xorthants, Cath. J. Stewart of Cheltenham, 
Miria Eliz, Stuart of ditto, Rev. Cha. Ford and Geo. Anson of co. Middx., estates 
in the parish of St. Geo., G. G signatures, 3 skins, dated 1839. 

43. Samuel Amy ScTcrne of co. Xorlliauts and Geo. Edw. Anson of co. I\liddx., 
lands in the parish of St. George, G., with signature of the iirst named, dated 



44. George Worral of St. Mavylcbono, co. Middx., but now of Clifton, 
CO. Glouc., and John Lewis, 1. of i)cinei'ara, now of Blooinsbury, co. Middx., 
plantation on the East Coast of the Colony and Dependent District of Dcmcrara. 
Signature of Geo. Worral, dated ISlJi.* 

45. Admiiii.stration with the will and codicil of IMillikon Craig of Ballarnin 
in Stirlingshire, parish of Stratliblancnorth in the Culonv of Denicrary. 3 skins, 
dated 18:20. 

4G. Copy of the will of Maria Barnwell of the United Colony of Dcmerary 
and Essequcbo, made at Kingston in Georgetown, with a letter addressed to 
Mrs. Margaret Berry, dated 1S29. 

47. Henry AVm. Bodkin, f . of Gort in Ireland, now of Gt. Yarmouth, Harriett 
Blyth of Xorwieh, and Tho. Blyth of ditto, settlement on a contemplated marriage 
between Henry A7m. Bodkin and Miss Harriett Blyth, lands in the Dutch 
Settlement of Surinam in South America, with signatures of all parties, dated 


48. Andrew Bayntouii of Belize in tlic Bay of H., jSot. Pub., certifies as to 
copies of writings under signature of Henry Cooke addressed to John Potts, 
under AV. Dean to Jas. McDonald, and under Johu Adam and Jothera Antram, 
relating to Compensation claims for Indian slaves, dated 1S3G. 


49. Eobert Shorter of Southwark, co. Surrey, and John Keith oF L., lands in 
St. Elizabeth in J. Signature of ]iob. Shorter, dated lG7i. 

50. Kobert Shorter of Horsey Down, co. Surrey, and Johu ]\ayniond of L., 
conveyance of lands in St. Elizabeth in J., sworn before Sir A7m. Hooker, Lord 
Mayor of L., dated 1G7L 

51. Anthony AVestgarth and ^,Vm. Conard, land in St. Thomas in J., dated 

52. Dame Eliz. Modvf(n-d, relict of Sir James M., Johi; Dcane of co. Hants 
and jMary his wife, and Eliz. Hcrne of Aiattingley, and Peter Hey wood of J. and 
Grace liis wife, land in J. Signed by all parties, dated loS4. 

53. Adui'on granted to John Terry, with the will of Nathaniel Terry of 
Kingston in J. annexed. 2 skins, dated lU9i and 1G95. 

54. Hans Sloane and Eliz. his wife, late wife of Fulkc Eose of co. Alidd.. 
John Heathciitt of L., several plantatii'iis in J. 3 t^liiiis, sign:ituies oF JIaiis antl 
Eliz. Sloane, dated 1709. 

55. Leonard Compere and Alary his wife of L., Joseph AVildego nf L., and 
Eich. Einch of Glouc, lauds in St. David in J. Signature of Kich. Pinch, 
dated 1712. 

5G. 'J'ho. Cowper and Anne his wife of AVestniinster and Tlieoph. Ai-mitt of L , 
plantations in Clarendon in J. 2 skins, signatures of Tho. and Anno, dated 1714. 

57. Copy of the will of John Tavell of Vere in J . dated 1720. 

58. Co])y of the will of Alathew Halstcd of J., dated 172G-7. 

59. Copy of the will of Tho. Bernard of St. Cath. in J., dated 172S. 

GO. Geo. Townseud of Hampstead, co. Midd., and Tho. and Alary Coni|)ei-e of 
Stratford Langlhorne, co. Essex, plantations in ^t. David in J. Signatures of 
Geo. Townseud and Tho. Com])ere, dated 1730. 

Gl. Probate of the will of Euw. Wilcox of Kingston in J., dated 1741. 

02. Probate of the will of Tlio. Thur[)e at Port JJoyal in J., dated 171G. 

G3. A parcel of letters relating to the families of Booth, Barrett, Alason, and 
Prye, who had estates in J., dating from 1747. 

* Seel., p. 21. 


64. Copy of tlic will, with 2 codicils, of Jaines "Woodcock of Kingston in J. 
9 fo. pages, dated 1750. 

65. Anthony Laugley Swymmer of co. Hants and llowley Noel of All Souls' 
Coll., Oxford, lands in St. Thomas-in-the-East iu J. Signature of A. L. Swymmer, 
dated 1750. 

66. Dame Philadelphia Cotton of Finchley, co. Midd., dan. and h. of Sir Tho. 
Lynch of J., and Win. Beekford, one of the aldermen of the City of L., convej'ancc 
of lands in St. Catlicvine in J. Signature of Dame P. Cotton, dated 1754'. 

67. Burton* Long and Kobert Long to Edw. Long. Letter of attorney for the 
management of Longville plantation and other lands in Clarendon in J. Signature 
of B. Long and li. Long, dated 17U5. 

68. Printed appeal case between Tho. Broughton and Phillis his wife, late 
P. lloper, widow, and Eliz. Jackson, widow, Win. Davis, and James Jonas, 
creditors of Chas. Kelsall, etc., Hermon Hill and L^niou plantations. Tho 
Respondents' case, with schedule of pa3'ments and disbursements. 22 pages fo., 
dated 1767 — 1779. 

69. Henry Archbouhl, late of Kingston in J., and Benjamin Gee of co. Midd., 
plantation iji the p'sh of St. Andrew in J. 3 skins, witli signature of H. Archbouhl, 
dated 1770. 

70. Probate of the will of Cha. Goodall of Port Eoyal, co. Surrey, in J. 
2 skins, dated 1771 and ISOS. 

71. Charles Bowles of X. Aston, co. Wilts, plantation in J., schedule of slaves. 
15 leaves, dated 1771. 

72. AVm. Gilchiist and Frances his wife, Neil ^laleolm of L. and J., and 
Page Keble and Rich. Sadlier, insurance brokers, of L., plantation in Hanover 
in J. 2 skins, signatures of Wm. and Era. Gilchrist and Neil Malcolm, dated 1773. 

73. AVm. Gray of St. George's and John lloweU of Kingston in J., plantations 
in St. George in J. Signatures of both, elated 1775. 

74. John Straw and John Jackson, both of L., plantation in St. Andrew in J. 
Signature of John Straw, dated 1776. 

75. Cause (the Respondent's case) between Eliz. Yirgo Scarlett, Mary James 
Scarlett, Wm. Jas. Sfevenson, Henry White Piuauiier, and Sarah G^allimore, 
Wm. Green, administrator of Mathew Gallimore, plantations in Trelawuey in J., 
dated 1778. 

76. Sir Charles Price, Bart., of St. Catherine in J.. Henry Eawlinson and 
John Chorlcy oi Liverpool, jilautatioiis in St. Thomas-in-the-Vale in J. Signature 
of Sir C. Price, dated 1779. Also schedule of slaves and stock. 2 skins, dated 
March 1779. 

77. Sir Charles Price of St. Catherine in J., afterward.-^ of co. Midd. in 
England, and Jeremiah, John, and Robert Royds uf L., lands in St. Ann and 
St. Alary. Signature of Sii- C. Price, dated 1779. 

78. Robert McGhil and Eliz. Pomeroy his wife of Bristol, co. Smn., and A\'in. 
Miles, also of Bristol, and Tho. McGhil of L., plantation in Trelawny iu J. 
Signatures of Robert and Eliz. AIcGhii, dated 1781. 

79. John Hyde, Geo. Healey, and Ebenezer Maitland, all of L., plantations 
iu St. Andrew iu J., signatures of Hvde and Healey. (kited 17So. 

80. xVbraham, Grace, and Joseph .^guilar (son of l']manuel A. of J.), all of L., 
Isaac Baruh and Emanuel Baruh Lou>aila of L., j)lantations in J. called Baukes 
estates, with the signature.^ of all parties. 4 skins, dated 1784. 

SI. Cause between Henry Brougliton ami Phillis Ins wife and others, Appellants, 
and Eliz. Jackson and others, Respmidenta, Avith an Appendix. Tho.. >iieplien, 
and Rose Fuller of L. mcncioned, plantations in St. Mary in J. Printed on 
22 sheets, dated from 1786. 

82. Cause (Appellants' case) between Cha. JNLtchell, administrator of Wm. 
Inns and Hugh, Wm., and Mary Ann Barnet, Robert, Jas., and Jonathan McGhil, 
Simon Taylor, Geo. and Joseph Brissctt, plaiuatious in Trelawny in J. Printed 
on 14 sheets, dated 1766. 

* PBeestou. 


83. Wm. Inns of St. Thomas in J. and Hiutou East of St. Andrew in J. and 
Sir AVm. Chambers of Gt. B., plantations in St. Thomas-iii-the-East in J. 
Signatures of all parties, on 10 sheets, dated 17S8. 

Si. Appeal from the P.C.C. Susanna Co[)pell, widow, Ex'trix of AVm. C, 1. 
of Kingston in J., and Tho. Goldwin and Tho. Aspinall, two Ex'ors named in 
a will of said deceased dated 1788. Mr. N. Gostling, proctor for JNIary Aspinall. 
34 pages. 

85. Daniel Crokatt of Carmarthen, Jas., Clias., and Alexandra Cranfurd and 
Dame Jane his wife of Surrc\' and ]Midd., and Henry Ecdnar of J., messuage in 
St. Andrew in J. Signatures of all parties except Jxedwar, dated 1791. 

86. Cause between Robert Kerr and Alexandra McLeod, appellants, and Mary 
Verney, Baroness Fermanagh, and John Pedley, respondents, plantation in 
St. Thomas-in-the-East iu J., also sums advanced by Sir Wm. Eorbes of jN". B. 
Printed on IG sheets, dated 1791. 

87. Copy of mortgage from Tho. Jleid of Belvidere in Hanover, J., to Geo. 
Goodwin Barrett of Trelawney, J., and Leonard Parkinson of St. James, J., land 
stock, and over 300 slaves in AVestmoreland in J. On 12 pages fo., dated 1701. 

88. Power of Attorney from Tho. i'mley of H.M. sloop Goelan and Francis 
Willsou, navy agent, of L., dated at J. 1792. 

89. Probate of the will and codicil of Colin Campbell, Lt.-Col. iu Ist lieg. of 
foot guards, dated iu J. 1793. 

90. Two deeds between Tho. Eeid, the Yr., of Hanover iu J., Tho. and Geo. 
Hibbert and Edward Euhr, all of L., lease and mortgage of a plantation in 
Hanover and Cornwall in J. 5 skins, signature of Tho. Keid, dated 1793. 

91. Cause between Joseph Tiuiperon, appellant, and the Kt. Hon. tho Earl of 
Harewood as to a bond given by Edw. Brailsford of St. Catherine in J. and land 
there, dated 1791. 

92. Cha. Stuvt of co. Dorset, devisee of the will of Humphrey Sturt, Mary 
Sturt, the Eev. Geo. Bingham, Eector of Great Critchill, co. Dorset, Edmund 
Morton Pleydell, and Henry Wm. Portman and John Jarrett of Trelawny in J., 
plantation called Catherine Mount aud Caiherine Hall in J. Signature of Cha. 
Sturt, dated 1791. 

93. Charlotte Kathrine Babb (wife of Tho. B., 1. of l^ristol, u. of J.), niece of 
Wm. Babb, 1. of Marraziou, co. Cornwall, aud John Question of Minchead, co. 
Som. Premises in Barnstaple. Signature of first named. Copy of will of Wm. 
Babb of Gurlyn, co. Corn., dated 11 May 1791. Power of attorney 11 Sej). 1793 
aud assignment 30 Jan. 1791. 

91'. Will of Mathew Halstcd of J., but then iu L., large estates in J. 5 puges 
fo., dated 17'Jo. 

95. Covenant between Sam. and .loseph Delpratt of Kingston in J. and Kobert 
Milligan and David Mitchell of L. -I- sheets, dated 1790. 

9G. Copy of the will of AVm. White of «t. Ann in J. 5 sheets, dated 179(;. 

97. Letter of attorney from Bob. Gibbs and Jas. Mitchcl of Kiu;^stou in J. 
and Bob. Milligan of L. Signature of Bob. Gibbs, dated 1797. 

98. Assignment in trust. Pierre Henry dc Fonvdle of Frai:ce and Alex. Cuth- 
bert of Mark Lane, L. Interest iu goods sold in J., dated 8 Sep. 1797. 

99. John Fisher of co. Som. and Tho. Baikes of L. aud Rob. (Jainpbell of co. 
Kent, plantations in St. Eliz. in J. Signature of John Fisher, dated 179S. 

100. Copy of the will of Sam. Bamford, 1. of Kingston in J. 5 sheets, dated 

101. Sarah AVilkinsou of co. Oxford, John Connor Field of co. Midd., Philip 
Somerville, Post-Cant. It.N., Abraham AVatson Rutherford of L., and Wm. 
Meyrick of co. Midd., estate iu J. Signatures of Wilkiusou, Field, aud Meyrick, 
dated 1801. 

(To he continued.) 


0ott^ anti ©iitrtc^. 


John Keid of the I. of Tohacjo, Esq., Echvard Ellis and Francis Adams both of 
Copthall Biiil(lin_L;s London Merchants in the High Court of Cliancery appearing 
acknowledge theui-selvea to owe to the R^ Hon. Sir AV""' Grant K' Master of the 
Kolls and Sir John Simeon W the Senior Master of the said Court £4000 this 
year 1S17. Wjieuk.vs by an order made by the R' Hi)n. the Lord High Chan- 
cellor dated 21 Aug. ISlCi in the matter of Eliz. Lcith spinster a Lunatic on the 
petition of Ann Hiuson -widow and Victoria Fclicite Forbes it was ordered tliat 
John Feid should be appointed the Manager of the Plantations of tlie s.nid lunatic 
in the I. of Tobago ii[)on his giving security to consign the ])roduce to ^lessieurs 
W'" Manning, Fred. Maiming and John Le Viscount .Anderdon, and Sir John 
Simeon in his lieport of 7 Aug. IS] 7 has ajiproved of tins bond and of Ed. Ellis 
and Fra. Adams as Sureties of John P.eid. Signed by John Simeon. 

[On one large skin in the Editor's possession. Le Viscount should be Lavi- 

The following abstracts of deeds have been made from a folio ^IS. book of 
copies of various Indentures made in the eighteenth century by a certain 
"Francis Buxton of Tookcs Court London gent, soliicitor of the High Court of 
Chancery and one of the attorneys of the Court of Kini^^'s Bench." He appears 
to have acled for certain Xcirfolk and Suffolk f;'.uiilie>, and the book came into 
the Editor's possession in Sept. 1909 by purchase from a dealer, who obtained it 
from the library of the late Dr. Blofield of Norwich. 


This Ind're made the 1 Jan., -5 Geo. III., 1745, Betweex Patrick Blake of 
Langham co. Suffolk I'^sq. 1'' s. and h. of Andrew Blake late of New Norfolk Str. 
ill the p'sh of S' Geo. Hanover Sip Esq. deceased and grands, and h. named in 
the will of Patrick Blake 1. of the I. of S' Chr. Esip deceased of the 1 part; 
Sir AV"' Gage of Bury S' Edmunds B', Eob*^ llarland of Sproughton in co. Suffolk 
Esq. the surviving Trustees and Ex'ors named in the will of said Andrew Blake 
deceased in Trust for Chr. Blake. IaIw'' Blake, Arthur Blake, Barbara Frances 
Blake and [Mary .\im Blake the only younger children or the said Andrew* Blako 
all under 21 ot the other part, AVnicincAS Pati'ick IMake llic grandfather of Patrick 
Blake party to these presents and father of .Vndrew Blake by Ids will dated 
5 [March 1743 gave to Andrew Blake his son the rents of his estates in tlic T. of 
[iLuitserrat for life and all I'csiduc of his est. lie devised unto his grands. Patrick 
Blake and appointed Hoiniii'cic Trant. .lohu Willett, Geo. Leigh and Peter Lynch 
E.x'ors and dyed soon after and Wui-keas Patrick Blake the graudf. was seized 
in fee simple of an est. in S' Chr. of tlie yearly value ui aCtOOO and to a personal 
est. which alter payment of his dibts and legacies ainounted to £10,000 and 
npwarils, and Aiidrew Jjlake ids son by the will became tenant for life of the est. 
in ^loirtserrat then of the yearly value of I'GOO the entail of which he alledged 
he had barred and being also seized of real est. in S^ Ci:r. of the yearl\- value of 
£800 bv agreement of IJJ ALarch 174.") made betw. luin of the one part and Jelfery 
French of Ar<:yle IJuildings co. [\lidd^ Hscp on I)ehaU" of Pat. Blake his P' snu then 
an infant and on l)ehaif of Chr. 15lake and \a\. JjJake the y Junger sons of the other 
part reciting that the estates in M. and .S' Chr. should be absolutely settled after 
his death on his 1^' s. Pat. Blako and that he had settled £-)06 a year upon 
Marcella his Wife and that Jeffery French hud beeu appointed by the Court of 


Chancory of G. B. Oiiarflinn of Pat. El;il<e it was a<:rccrl tlmt Andrew Blako 
should (Inrinc; liis life receive the yearly iiici me of £1(!C0 st., 2'">' that he ?hould 
yield up to Jelfery l'"rcnch for Pat. Elake all rents from tlic estates, 3'"->' and settle 
them ou him with a power to cliarue them with £St(iO for his youn2;er cinldren. 
4''''>' that all proceeds sh'' he laid out in the purchase of lands in G. P. and 
a decree of the Court of Chancery or Act of P. wa«! to !ie olnained and AVKKr>ii;AS 
hy a deed poll of the said Andrew Plake and jMariin li'alce of tSava^e Gardens 
Esq. dated 28 May 175-5 reciting:; the said ai^'rceuient that the £1000 a year had 
been paid that Jeffery French was since dead and that ^lartin Plake had been 
appointed Gnardian in his place and tliat the said acrceinent had hccn lost 
Andrew Plake confirmed it and d. 30 July 17G0 and made his AVill 21 July 17G0 
and charged the £8000 on his estates viz. £2000 to be paid to Sir AV"' Gage and 
Pob. Harland and Jeremiah Hooper of the p'sh of !S' ]Martins in the Piolds 
apothecary since deceased on T. for his s. Ed'' to be paid him at a2;e of 28, £500 
for his s. Arthur Plake and paid him at 21, £500 for his dau. Barbara Frances at 21 
or marriage and £5C:0 for liis dau. Mary Ann and £1500 for liis s. Chr. Plake at 21 
and all residue and AVuerica.s Pat. lilakc on his fatlier's death succeeded to ail 
the estates and attained the ape of 21 on 30 Dec. 17(J2 and then barred the estate 
in tail male and he is advised the said a<;recuient is prejudicial to him and disavows 
it but desires to more amply provide for his 5 brothers atid sisters than was done 
bj- his father's will and hath jiioposed to charr;c £S0oO on all his estates iu lieu 
of the above £^000 beiiucathed by his father and to give them in addition 
£17,000 St. and iSir AV'" Gage and Pob. Harland have agreed to such proposal.-* 
lie therefore conveys his plantations to them to raise £^000 at i jier cent, and 
£17,000 at 3 per cent, payable as to the last-named sum at ilie age of 25. 
[See the -wills and pedigree of Blake iu "Antigua," i., 52.] 

AVnKKF.AS I, Patrick Plake of Langbam co. Suffolk Esq. am entitled to divers 
estates negroes mills etc. iu the I. of Montserat and Patrick Plake Esq. my late 
Grandfather the former owner of the estates made a lease of pai't to Titliau 
Skerrett Esq. for 15 years from 1 Jan. 17-13 at the yearly rent of £100 st. which 
said negroes and stock were appraised at £3731 c. and Titlian Skerrett is since 
dead and Eobert Skerrett Esq. was his successor and assigned the lease to 
Dominick Kelly Esq. who desires a reappraiscment I therefore appoint Johu 
Brown of S' Chr. gt. my Attorney to execute leases etc. 17G3. 


This Indenture Trip, made the 30 A p. 17G3 between Sir W"' Codrington of 
Dodington co. Gl. P' and AV'" Codrington Exj. his only s. and h. of the 1'' ])art; 
Francis Puxton of Tooke's Court L. gent, of the 2'' part ; and Neast ITavard of 
Tewkesbury co. Gl. gent, of the 3'' part. AVitxkssictu that f<ir barring all 
estates tail in the following manors and settling them n.pon several trusts and in 
consideration of Sir \V . C. settling upon liis said son for life the messuage and 
lands in Alarshtield co. Gl. of the yearly rent of £507, they confirm to F. B. for 
1 year until a Pecovcry can be executed by Neast Havard against F. Puxton aud 
to" hold the lauds as they shall appoint. (See pedigree of Codrington iu . 
"Antigua," i., 117.) 

This Indenture made the 14 ^lav 17G3 Petwcen Sir W'" Codrington of 
Dodington eo. Glouc. B' (eldest s. and' (levi>ee for life of Sir W'" C. late of I). B' 
deceased) and AV'" C. Esq. his only s. of the 1 pari and Francis Puxton of Tookcs 



Court London gent, of tlie otlier WiTXKssExn that in pursuance of an Act of 
the Lecwat'tl I. made -1 Ann for Mi[)])]ving the want of llnesi mid recover} s and lor 
barring all estates tail and for os. they sell to Fra. B. all that the Island of 
Barbuda and its rights quarries also tlie Castle* witli all the Guns Cai;nons / 

warlike and otlier stores buildings vessels negroes horses mules cattle deer aiul ' 

other stock also those plantations in the I. of Antigua called the Garden, Bettys- 
Hope, Cotton and Cotton IS'ew Work vvitli negroes and stock, also lands called 
Cables, all which were devised to the said Sir W" C. party hereto by the will of 
Sir W. C. his father for life witli lemaiuder in tail male — to hold upon such 
trusts as they may appoint. 


IN 1G54. <i 

This Samtiell was the son of Bryan Firebraee, Merchant Tailor, of the City of 
London. His father went to Constantinople about lU-10, leaving his wife with 
two children, Samuel ar.d John, in London in poor circumstances. He died there 
intestate, administration being granted in London in May 1043 to Eobert 
Cheeringe, a creditor. Her son Samuel was baptized 9 March 1G31-5 at St. ■Mar- 
garet's, AVestmiiistcr. He died in Jamaica, unmarried, and administration of his 
effects was granted to his mother Jane Arpe (who appears to have married again) 
10 June 1057. He is therein described as " late at Jamaica in the States Service 
beyond sea, Batcheior." 

I have been trying for many years to ascertain iiow and when my ancestor 
John Firebrace, uncle of the above Samitel, reached Barbados. It is possible he 
went out in the s;nne expedition. He became a merchant and died in 1093. 
His will is in the Barbados Eecord OiBce. 

C. W. Firebrace. 

Danehurst, Uckfield, Sussex. 


These notes were taken by myself in Barbados in 190L Mehetabel Christian ^ 

Collier was my great-grandmother, and I am anxious to find out their earlier 
history, and whether they belonged to the Dorsetshire famil}-, as their arms 
lead one to suppose. The inscription was difhcult to read, and it may be that 
Jane Miller, whose register entry docs not tally with the tombstone, may have 
been daughter of Josepli and Elizabeth ALiUer, and not Collier. William and 
Ja7ie Collier of the tombstone seem to have been living at the same time as 
William and Mary Collier of the register. It is rather puzzling. 

IxscRiPTiox ON A Tombstone i^ the CiiVKCiiTAitD of St. Michael's 
Cathedral, Bridgetown, Barbados. 

Here lie the Bodies of | Abel Collier who died | Aug. 4 1775 aged 34 years. | 
Samuel Collier ! Sept. 12 17S0 aged .30. | James K. Collier | Ap. 7''' 1793 
aged 50 | and Jane Collier Jan. 20 ISOO | aged 07 all of this parish | Sons and 
Daughter of AVilliam | and Jane Collier of | S' Andrews Parish deceased | 

* This is the castle which w;is a sliort time .t<,'0 lailled down l)}' JNIr. Branch, wlio was the 
Government ollicial in charu'o of tlio Island. I was tliis year informed by a friend who resided 
for three years in liarhuiia tliat the cislle was an ancient buccaneers' fori and that it was in 
need of reiiairs. I cainiot cnnlirm that, liicaiise there is no history of the Island, but it was 
evidently used by the ('mlrini,'tons, the leaseholders, as a place of defence, and its destruction is 
to be deidored — a vandalism on which strong comments were r.iado at the time in the W. Indian 
Committee Circular. 


Also the bodies of "Wit.ltam | Sou of aforesaid Samukl Collier | and ELizABinii 
his wife who died in 1777 | aged 5 mouths. Jakk Millkk | Feb. 1-1 170G aged 
20 years | daughter of Joski'U and Emzaketii | Colliek and great-grand- 
dauglitcr | of aforesaid WiLLiAir and Jaxe | Cui.i.iei:. | Abel BA>"XihXEU . . . . j 
of aforesaid ^VI^Ll.\^[ and Jane | Col]>ieji | A'j,od 22 years. 

Other children of Samuel and Elizabeth Collier were: — 

Meiie!'a1!EL Curtstian- Colliek, born 4 July 177-1; bapt. 21 July following 
at St. Michael's, married there lo May 1790 William Xewton Firebrace, Chief of 
the Legislative Council of Demerara. IShe died iu Tobago in Aug. or Sept. 

James Moekis Collier,* married 1 Sept. 1S05 at St. IMichael's Anne Lyne 
Firebrace, daughter of AVilliam Firebrace of St. Michael's, Barbadoes, and sister 
of the above-named "William ^^'e\\ton Firebrace. 

The Collier family bore for their Arms: GvJcs, on a chevron hclicecn three 
tcoJves' heads erased Ardent, as man)/ roses of the first, stalked and leaves vert. 
Ckest. — A demi-iinicor7i Argent, aimed, waned, and hoofed. (From tlie impression 
on a seal in my possession.) 

In Burke's " General Armoury " these arms are ascribed to Collyer of Dorset- 
shire. (There is no evidence of this in Hutcliins. — Editor.) 

The following entries are from the Kegisters in the ]?ecord Ofllee, Bridgetown, 
Barbados : — 

Jauc daughter of "William and 3Iary Collier, b. Jan. 4, 1730-1 ; bapt. Aug. 20, 

Mary daugliter of A\'illiam and Mary Collier, b. 17 Aug. 1733 ; bapt. Aug. 20, 

Jane daughter of Elizabeth Miller, buried Feb. 15, 1796. 

(Note. — The latter entry does not tally with the inscription on the tombstone.) 
Any further information regarding the Collier I'amily anterior to 1790 would 
be welcome. 

C. "W. ElEEBllACE. 

Danehurst, TJckfield, Sussex. 


This Indre made the 23 Feb. 3 Geo. IV. 1S22 between the Eev. 'Wm. John 
Jolliffe of ]\[crstham Co. Surrey of the 1=' part; John Inglis, John Belliiigliani 
luglis and Jas. Inglis all of ]\iark Lane London merchants and partners styled 
Inglis and C° of the 2'^ part; Cha. Campbell of llishopsgate St. London merchant, 
John Deacon of ditto merchant and Alex. Gillespie of America sq. London merchant 
of the 3'' part AVitnesseth that for 10s. to him AV'" John Joiliffe paid by Chas. 
Campbell, John Deacon and Alex. Gillespie paid he with the consent of Inglis 
and C° doth convey to them all that estate called the Lnion iu the district of 
Castries in the canton of the Choc in the I. of S' Lucia of 2-19 acres buildings 
for sugar cojipers stock 2o0 slaves as in the schedule as extracted from the 
lie^istrv in 1S15 and Jas. Lloyd Esq. and Alex. Sim master mariner of S' Lucie 
are appointed attorneys. Signed by all seven. Seal: a lion rampant with the 
remains of a motto around it. On seven skins. 

* 1S12, Feb. 15. On the oth inst. at Tobai^o the Lndy of lion. J. M. Collier, Sp