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Full text of "Caribbeana : being miscellaneous papers relating to the history, genealogy, topography, and antiquities of the British West Indies"

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3 1833 01072 5171 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2012 


Miscellaneous papers relating 
to the history , genealogy, topography, 

antiquities of the British West Indies 

Edited by 
Vere Langford Oliver 


E Q ABIBBE AgA; "being miscellaneous papers relating 
67 to the history, genealogy, topography., and 
,16 antiquities of the British West Indies— v u l- 
6; Jan. 1909-Oct. 1919. London, Mitchell, 
Hughes and Clarkec 1909-1 9u , 
6v„ illus. , plates, ports 27cq (. quarterly. \ 

Edited by Vere Langford Oliver. 

"The registers of St. Thomas Middle Island, 
St. Kitts. edited "by Vere Langford Oliver. 
London, l?15 n issued as suppl. to voloIV. 


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IC1T 5O-562 

( *t ) 


Eobert Claxton of Bristol, merchant. Will dated 22 Jan. 1812. To my wife 
Eachael my lionse and furniture in Park Str. and £1000 a year. To my son 
Butler Thompson C. the portraits of my late mother and of her 2 a husband 
Dr. Geo. Thompson. My houses in Basseterre S l Kitts to be sold. To my sons 
Chi\, Kob., Wm. and Philip Prothero at 21 £3000 each. To my dans. Eliz. ami 
Margt. £4000 each. (Short abstract.) P. 6 Feb. 1818. ((53, Heathfiold.) 

1707-8. Census of St. Kitts. Parish of Trinity, Palmetto Point :— Frans 
Claxton, ago 32 — 1 man, 3 women, 2 boys, 26 slaves. (Ante, III., 139.) 

1716, May 22. Depositions taken at the house at Basseterre, St. Kitts, of 
Mr. Francis Claxton. (Crisp Chancery Suit.) 

173S, July 27. Edward Claxton of the p. of St. George's, Basseterre, vintner, 
and Eliz. his wife parties to a deed. (St. Kitts Records, No. 1G90.) 

Lease for a year. — This Indenture made the 26 Dec. 1806 between Butler 
Claxton of the I. of Nevis, Esq. 1 st s and h. of Butler Claxton the Elder 1. of the 
said I. Esq. now deceased and his sole residuary and legatee and Ex'or of the one 
part and Edward Protheroe, Philip Protheroe and Eobert Claxton of England 
merchants and partners trading under the name of Protheroes and Claxton of the 
other Witnesseth that for 5s. Butler Claxton sells to them all that plantation 
called North Wales lately belonging to Butler Claxton deceased low to the said 
Butler C. party hereto and heretofore to the Eev. Hobcrt Pemberton lying in the 
parish of St. Johu Eigtree containing 140 a. bounded E. with lands late of John 
Browne Esq. and John Stanley Esq. both deceased ; W. with lands formerly of 
Wilkinson and now of Mrs. Martha "Williams Hamilton and John Stanley deceased ; 
N. by land of John Smith Budgen Esq. and lands late of Wilkinson now belonging 
partly to Mrs. Hamilton and partly to W m Lawrance Esq. ; S. by the Bound path 
also Williams's estate lately belonging to Butler Claxton deceased now to Butler 
C. and heretofore to Mrs. Eliz. Pembei'ton deceased (formerly Eliz. Williams) late 
wife of the said Eobert P. and to Mrs. Frances Jones widow (formerly Frances 
Williams) late wife of the Eev. W 1U Jones deceased lying in the same parish of 
which 50 a. 3-1 perches are bounded E. with lands now or lately of Sir Tho. 
Stapleton in tho possession of Mrs. Hamilton ; W. with lands late of Joseph 
Dewbury deceased in the possession of Mrs. II. and partly with the High Road ; 
N. with the lands late of Timothy Cassin Esq.; S. partly with other lands of Sir 
Tho. Stapleton in the possession of Mrs. H, and partly with the High Eoad and 
the other part of the plantation viz. 13 a. 8 p. bounded E. with other lands of 
Timothy Cassin and partly with the parish land W. with parish land and the High 
Eoad ; N. with parish land, the High Eoad and land of James Tobin Esq. ; 8. with 
lands of John Stanley deceased and the High Eoad and all other lauds and all 
buildings, sugar houses, windmills, cattle mills, etc. and 48 negro slaves belonging 
to North Wales (names given) and 38 to A\ r illiams's and all horses, mules, cattle 
and stock excepting a piece of mountain land enjoyed with Williams's of 
14 a. 1 r. 27 p. bounded E. with lands of W m Pemberton deceased, W. with lands 
of John Pinney, N. with W" 1 Pemberton and lands of late Eob 1 Pemberton the 
Elder deceased and with lands of Andrew Hamilton for 1 year so that by the 
Statute for transferring uses into possession they may be able to take a release of 
the freehold reversion as by a certain Indenture of Eelease by way of moitgage 
to bear date the day after this shall be declared. Signed " Butler Claxton." 

Witnessed by Tho. Kipps Higgins and sworn before the Hon. W m Lawrence, 
a Justice of the K.B. and C.P., 21 Feb. 1807. 

vol. vi, K 


: ..:.:i:LLA.y. 

Beeordcil in lie Secretary's Office is March 1807 in Lib. II , vol. 2' 1 of Common 
Records, pp, 203—297. .In" Burke, Jun r , Dop. Secry. 

On 2.\ wide sheets of paper (lent me in 1909 by the late Major-Gen. R. B, 
Pciuberton), <>f which a short abstract appeared ante, 11., 10!>. 

Francis Claxton of Trinity, Palmetto Point, St. Kitts, 
17U7-S, then aged 32 ; of Basseterre 1716. 

Butler Claxton of St.: 
George's, Basseterre, 
and there bur. (3 Nov. 

-Eliz. Hardiman, mar. 12 
Apr. 1748 at Basseterre; 
remar. 12 Oct. 17Gb' 
Dr. Geo. Thompson. 

Edward Claxton of= 
St. Geo., Basse- 
terre, vintner 1738. 


Butler Claxton: 
of Nevis, mer- 
chant, ? bapt. 
14 Feb. 1748 at 
Sandy Point; 
of North Wales 
of 1-10 acres and 
Williams of 63 
acres in St. 
John's ; dead 

:Sarah Brookes, 
mar. 24 Aug. 
about 1770; 
died 4 May 
1813. M.I. at 
St. Paul's, 
(Jn/e, JL, 

Robert Claxton, born 31 Mar.: 
and bapt. 14 April 1754 
at Basseterre ; of 9 Park 
Street, Bristol 1794, Alder- 
man and merchant ; died at 
Almondbury 20 June 1812, 
aged 58. ' M.I. in tho 
Gaunts Chapel, Bristol. 
Will dated 22 Jan. 1812; 
proved G Feb. 1813 (63, 


Rachel Maitlen- 
brough ; born 
17G9 ; mar. at 
1 May 1783; 
died at West- 
Jan. 1811, aged 

Butler Claxton of Nevis. 1st 
son and heir and Hole ex'or. 
mortgaged his estates 1806. 

Anne Claxton, born 1788; 
mar. 16 Dec. 1813 at St. 
Joint's Bov. Daniel G.Davis. 
She died 16 Nov. 1820, aged 
32. M.I. at Charlestown. 

Butler Thomp- 
son Claxton of 
Bristol, 1st 
son, born 1786; 
died at Nice 
18 March 1842, 
aged 5G. 

: Lucy Anderdon, only 
dau. of John Proctor 
A. of Farley Hill, co. 
Berlcs, solicitor, by 
Anne, dau. of Lieut. - 
Gov. Tbo. Oliver of 
Boston, Antigua, and 
Bristol. She had four 
dans., but no sons. 





Julia Emma Claxton, youngest dau., mar. at Littlebam 30 June 1810 
Bev. Tho. P. Nuun. 

Belease by way of Mortgage dated 27 Dee. 1S0G between the same parties 
stating that Butler Claxton deceased owed Protheroes and Claxton £5151 st. made 
up on :i(J April last shortly after his death besides a considerable sum due by him 
and his son trading as Boiler Claxton and Son as Merchants and Partners which 
last sum is secured by their joint bond and that Puller Claxton party hereto is 
hereby further bound in £10,303 with condition for the payment at Bristol of the 
£5151 with interest at (! per cent, in 1809 now for better sceui 
Puller Claxton conveys to the in the plantations (as In the Lease) 

0" 6 w ide sheets of paper. 

securing the payment 



lSll, March 7. Monday died at his residence in Somerset-place, John Claxlon, 
esq., aged 00. (" Bath Chronicle.") 

1811, Oct. 21. Tuesday was married by the Rev. John Einra, at Almondsbun , 
John Savage, esq. of Bristol, to Miss Claxton dau. of Mr. A Merman Claxton. 

1840. Edward C. on list of jury in St. Kitts. 

1812, Sept. Lately. At Nice, Butler Thompson Claxton, esq. (" G.M.," 


1917, Dec. 2S. At the Royal United Hospital, Walcot, near Bath, Mary 
Harriett Claxlon, late of 1U Bathwiek-street, Bath, Somersetshire, spinster. 

For previous notes see ante, II., 1G9. 



17-18 April 12 Butler Claxton to Elizabeth Hardiman. Lie. 
17GG Oct. 12 George Thomson and Eliz th Claxton, widow. Lie 
1783 May 1 Robert Claxton and Rachel Mardenbrough. Lie. 


1752 Jan. 2G Catherine, dau. of Erancis and Frances Claxton, b. 7 Jan. 
173-1- April 14- Robert, s. of Butler and Eliz 11 ' Claxton, b. 31 March 1754. 

1708 Aug. 


1759 Nov. 


4 Robert Claxton, s. of Tho s Claxton and 
9 Margaret Claxton, aged 7 months. 
Butler Claxton. 

Elizabeth, Philip Protheroe~Sarah Bell, Robert Claxton,*=f=-Prances 



1811 at Al- 
John Savage 
of Bristol. 


Claxton, died 14 
Jan. 183G, aged 
31. M.I. at St: 

Tho. Lowland, 

dau. of Peter born 1794 | Young, 1st 

Tho. Hug- Chief Justice of , dau. of \\ r m. 

gins; mar. 17 St. Kitts; died I Stephens of 

July 1830; in L. 18 March : St. Kitts; 

died 8 Sept. 1819, aged 55. i mar. there 2G 
1837, aged 25. | Oct. 181G. 

Ann Smith, born 1812 ; niece of Hon. Rob. Claxton; mar. before 1832 John 
Delap AVilson of St. Kitts and Milford Ho., co. Hants. She died 20 Jan. 183G, 
aged 24, at Milford. He was born 1802 and died 5, Jan. 18GG, aged Gl, at Bath. 
(Ante, III., 32G.) 

1738 July 12 William Claxton of Basseterre. 


1748 Feb. It Butler, 8. of Butler Claxton and Eliz. 11 ' Barnes, bap. 
1750 Jan. 31 Francis Claxton and Anne Palmer. 

* Another Robert Claxton, born 1792, Collector of diatoms at Tortola, later al Antigua 
1834, died at liristol Dec. 18-41, aged 4'.), having mar. Ann Brodie, dau. of John Uanley of 
Nevis. She died at Westbury-upon-Trym, 30 Nov. is:i:;. 

■±± t . ..:i>ul,.v.. 

1799 Aug. 17 John Dasent Smith and Sally Claxlon, spinster. 


1 24 Butler Claxton to Sarah Brookes, spinster (no year, but on ihc 
back of 1770). 

3t>muustrattons (|J.C.C.) relating to 
aeest KnUtans,' 


B. = Barbadoes. J. = Jamaica. "W.J. = "West Indies, ba. = batchelor. 
G. = Guardian. I. = Island. P 1 ' C 1 ' = principal creditor. 

A A Book. 1659. 
[It begins Jan. 1G58. English style.] 



Jan. 1GG0-7. Sam. Pollington, IS, to John Stoner, next of kin of 
S. P., 1. of Antego, wid r . 2 

Jan. Edward Pinhorne, last day to Anthony Shepheard, P r C 1 ' of E. P., 
1. of J., ba. 2 

Feb. llich d Knightley. 4, to Bob. K., the brother of E. K., 1. at 
Saranam, ba. 21 

April 1G67. John Whitterne. 1, to Anne Wickstecd al's W., the sister 
of J. \\ r ., 1. in B., ba. 70 

July. Tho. Lenham, last day to Anne L., the dan. of T. L., 1. of the I. of 
S' Chr., wid r . 118 

Aug. Tho. Jenifer. 14, to Jas. J., the brother of T. J., 1. in the I. 
of B., ba. 129 

Nov. John Lever. 21, to Sam. L., the bro. of L., 1. of t. I. of B., ba. 165 

Dec. W"> Hill. 10, to Cath. H. al's Tame ux. Jno. T., the sister of 
W. II., 1. in J., wid 1 '. ISO 


Jan. John Lowe. S, com. to Bridget Chapman als' L. ux. Sam. O, the 
mother of J. L., 1. of I. B., ba. i) 

Eeb. Geo. Imans. 18, to John I , the bro. of G. L, 1. of B., ba. 32 

Eeb. John Smith. 20, to Grace S., with, the mother of J. S., 1. of I. of 
Mevis, wid 1 '. 32 

March. Jas. Fletcher. 11, to Eli/.. P., the M. of J. F., 1. in B., ba. 11 

March. Cornelius Prickman. 5, to Ann AValliw al's Jones, the rel. and 
adin'or of John Jones, dec d , the master of C. P., 1. of I. B., ba. 47 

April. Job Browne. 17, to ll' 1 B., the bro. of J. B., 1. in the Berba- 
thoos, ba. 55 

May. Sus 11 Johnson, penult, to Rebecca Wade, mother Sc G. of Geo. 
Nath. & Chr. Wade, nepotibus by a bro. & next of k. of S. J., late of J., wid. GS 

# Continued liom Vol. V., p. 2JSJ. 

I ; 97172 


f 1 i 

May. Fra. Sadler. 9, to Henry S., the son of F. S., f. of Langford, 
co. Wilts., but at B., dee' 1 . Lucretia his relict having died. 75 

June. Tho. Willoughby. 12, to Grace W., rel. of T. W., 1. of I. B. SO 

July. Tlio. Jackson. 15, to Jolm Grladinaii, uepos. of T. .)., 1. of 1. 
Mevis, ba. 1UG 

Sept. Fob. Brookes. 17, to Joan B., mother of R. B., 1. of 13., but 
in the p. of S l Oath. Coleman, L., ba. 185 

Oct. Tho. Menhenicke. 10, to Eliz. M., rel. of T. M., 1. of I. Le 
Barbathoes. 110 

Oct. Fob. Crocker. 13, to Grace Willoughby, wid., sister of Margaret 
C, now in foreign parts, rel. of F. C, 1. of I. Le B., but in L., dec 1 '. 110 

Nov. Abr. Fead. 10, to Sara F., wid., rel. of A. It., 1. of Stepney, but in 
the B. 100 

Nov. Jolm Godfrey. 3, to W™ Meydon, P r C r of J. G., 1. of B., wid r . 101 

Dee. John Noyes. 10, to Tho. Whateley, P r C 1 of J. N., formerly of 
Andover, co. S'ton, but at the B. 177 

Dec. Fich d Talbot. 9, to Fob. T., Bro. of F d T., 1. in the B. 177 


Feb. John Thompson. 11, to Rachel T., wid., rel. of J. T., 1. of B., but 
at sea, dec d . 13 

Feb. John Colleton. 11, to Sir Peter C, Bart., the Bro. of J. C, 1. of 
city of Oxf d , ba., the ad. of Dec. last to James C, Bro., lapsed by order of 
this Court. Further ad. Feb. 1098 & June 1700. 15 

June. Edw d Sturton. 4, to Ph. Poole, P C 1 ' of E. S., of B. Mary Cave 
al's S., the mother renouncing. 08 

July. Sampson Lane. 10 to John L., nepos. of S. L., of S* Chr., ba. 83 

Aug. Fob. Penington. 10, to Tho. P., the Bro. of F. P., 1. at sea, or at 
the Barbathoes, ba. 91 

Sept. Cath AVelden al's Weld. 23, to John Welden al's Weld the Bro. 
of C. W. al's W., 1. of S l Marg 1 , Westm* but in B., spr., dec' 1 . 102 

Oct. Henry Spufford. 18, to Fob. S., the Bro. of II. S., of B. 1 IS 

Nov. John Daymond. 10, to Bartli. Collyer & W" 1 Skinner, P' C" 
of J. D., in B., dec' 1 . Anne the relict renouncing. 130 

Nov. W ni Tilsed. 1, to Egidia T., the M. of W. T., 1. of Nevis, ba. 115 

Dec. Peter Pugh. 22 to Raph Standish, P* C of P. P., 1. of J. 100 


Feb. Edw d Dempster. 5, to Rich D., the Bro. of E. D., of J., ba. 25 

Feb. Fob. Weaver. 20, to Steph. Mathews, P l C r of F. W., of le B.,ba. 25 

May. Peter Jurin. 13, to Anne J., the relict of P. J., 1. of St. Leonards, 

Shoreditch, but in B. 75 

June. Roger Kemcys. IS, to Mary K., the dan. of F. K., at B., vvid r . 90 

June. Cromwell Day. 15, to Mary D., rel. of C. D., 1. of Stepney, but 

inB. 91 

June. Henry Goldsmith. 2, to I/.ett G., ihe rel. of H. (1., at J. 91 

June. Hugh Golly. 21, to W" C, the Bro. of H. G, of J., ba. 97 

July. John Benham. 5, to John B., the Son of J. B., in B. 110 

July. John Cooke. 9, to Jane C, rel. of J. C, of B. Ill 

Nov. Thos. Ham. 10, to Ann II. , rel. of T. II., 1. of B., but in Bridewell 103 


Feb. Geo. Friston. IG, to Jolm F, the 15ro. of G. F., 1. of (lie p. of tt l 
Giles, but in 15., wid 1 . 22 

Feb. Tho. Kettleby. 10, to Jas. Littleton, Esq., attorney of Jane 
Brompton & Anne K.,the mother & sister of T. K.,1. of L., bul at Mevis, ba. 27 

March. TLo. Briggs. 2, io Jeremiah B., the Bro. of T. IB., oi Siri .am 
in the W. I., ba. 32 

March. Julm Davies. 3, to W m D., the Bro. of J. 1)., of Mount- 

surratt, ba. 33 

March. ]{'• Fry. 10, to W'» F., the Bro. of E. F., of Cliffo in B., wid r . 33 
April. Chas. Eeymes. 1, to Adrian Bracy, the friend & Gr, of Adriana 

R., tlie dan. of C. 11. of Dort in Holland, wid r , during her minority. These 

letters expired by the death of the adm'or, and new loiters gr. March 1GS0. 47 
April. Fra. Ayray. 29, to Geo. A., the F. of F. A., 1. in B., ba. 48 

]\Jay. Roah Fippen. Last day, to Daniel P., the Bro. of A. P., of 

Jamecoe, ba. Gl 

July. Rob. Pratt. 1, to Anne P., rel. of R. P., of Berbathoes. 91 

Aug. Peter Downes. Last day, to Anne D., rel. of P. D., 1. of Stepney, 

but at B. 97 

Aug. Edw d Finch. 26, to Marg* F., red. of E. F., f. of S* Mary Magd., 

Bermondsey, but in B. 99 

Aug. Tho. Rowland. 14, to Ellen Bratheredgc, wife of John B., a 

cousin, next of kin of T. R., at S l Domingo, ba. 101 

Aug. R' 1 Bendish. 14, to John B., the Bro. of R. B., of B., ba. 102 

Sept. W m James. 15, to Mary J., rel. of W". J., 1. of Wapping, but at 

the B. 107 

Sept. Daniel Roberts. 27, to Tho. R., the Bro. of P. R,, 1. in W. I. 108 

Sept. Edw" Roberts. 27, to Tho. R„, the Bro. of P. R„ 1. in W. I., ba. 108 
Oct. Oliver Francklyn. 10, to Andrew P., the Bro. of O. F., 1. of B., 

but on the high seas in the ship the Noble Cath., ba. 120 

Dec. R" Hvdes. 8, to Eliz. Atkins, al's Meade, C r of R. II., 1. of B., 

wid r 147 

Dec. Chas. Whitfeild. 21, to Eliz. W., rel. of C. W., 1. of the ship the 

Welcome in Jamaca in the King's service. 148 


Jan. Mary Modyford. 2, to Chas. M., Esq., nepos by a son of M. M., 1. of 

Chiswicke, wid. Sir Tho. M., the eldest son, first renouncing. 7 

Feb. Ralph Chase. 17, to Stephen C, the F. of R. C, 1. in J., ba. 13 

Feb. Theodore Watson. 2G, to Edw" Palmer, P> C of T. W., 1. of J. 

Ruth Petty al's W., & Hester Shuxby al's AV\, the sisters renouncing. 15 

March. Joseph Holland. 5, to Jane Parker al's 11., the M. of J. II., 1. 

of the ship the George in B., but f. of the Royal James. 29 

March. Joseph West. 11, to W. W., cousin & P' C' of J. W., 1. of 

Jamecoe, ba. 29 

April. R' 1 Norman. 17, to Fra. N., the Bro. of R. N., of J., ba. 37 
June. Geo. Welch. IS, to Sam. Gouldinge, the att. of \V\ W., the F. 

of G. W., of J., ba. G9 

June. John Hacker. 1, to Cha. Corsellis, P' C 1 ' of J. II., 1. of L., but 

at J. 88 

Aug. Devereux Davis. 2G, to Morgan Taylor, P r C r of D. D., at J., ba. 115 

Aug. John Clarke. 7, to Alice Blake, wife of John B., P 1 C r of J. C, 

in the W. J., ba. 120 

Oct. Andrew Copeland. 10, to Margery C, rel. of A. G, 1. of E. Green- 
wich, but at Jamaco. 152 
Nov. R d Playford. 23, to Edw. Coleman, 1»' C r of R. P., of J. 1G2 
Nov. James Purcivall. 25, to Andrew P., the Bro. id" J. P., of J., ha. IG5 
Nov. R d Gregory. !), to Dorcas G., the M. of k. C, of B., ba, 179 

. 1G73. 

Jan. Morgan Jones. 21, to tiara J ., rel. of M. J., in J. 7 

March. John Coventry. 24, to Fra. C, Father of J. C, in J., ba. 35 

adm'ons (p.c.c.) RELATING TO WEST INDIANS. 47 

July. W m Dickons. 10, to Eliz. Harvey, the M. of W. D., of J., ba. K2 

July. Ucuj. Collins. 5, to Ann ('., will., the M. of 13. C, 1. of Fording- 

ton, co. Dorset, but in 13., ba. 85 

July. Sir James Modyford, K' & BK 20, to Dame Eliz. M., wid. & rel. 

of Sir J. M., 1. of Chiswiekc, but at J., dec- 1 . 89 

Oct, Timothy Stamp's. 24, to Martin S., the Bro. of T. S., 1. in W.I., 

wid. 127 

Nov. John Holman. 27, to R d Cannon, P>' C* of J. IT., in J, ba. 152 

Dec. Ambrose Bennett. 3, to \Y m Marriott, adin'or of goods of A. 13., 

1. of Grays Inn, hut at Jainaeo, Esq. Rebecca B. the rel. ren. 171 


Feb. W"> Winston, 24, to Tho. W., the Bro. of W. W., in 1!., ba. 20 

Feb. S 1 ' Geo. March. 11, to Dame Ann M., rel. of S r Geo., 1. of the 
Tower of L., K*, to ad' pending a suit against Joyce Fowke, a sister of dec 1 ', 
& Tho. P. nepos by a sister, & Tho. Garard, a creditor. 

Feb. John Ridley. 9, to Tho. Bisse, P' C' of J. R., at Nevis, ba. 34 

April. Era. Liste"r. S, to Tho. Hewse, the attf of Nath. L., the Bro. of 
F. L., at J., ba. 4S 

May. Tho. Norton 20, to Joyce N, rel. of T. N., in B., pending arrival 
of orig. will. 01 

May. Rich. Dacres. 15, to Arthur D., M.D., the Bro. of R, D., in B., ba. 72 

June. W™ Cowell. 20, to John C, the Bro. of W. C. at Surinam, but 
f. of L. 81 

Juno. W m Morrice. 25, to Rob. M., Esq., the Bro. of W. M., at S' Chr., 
wid. 84 

June. Tho. Morrice. 25, to Rob. M., Esq., the Bro. of T. M., at the 
Barbathoes, wid. 84 

June. Bridget Morrice al's Trcffry. 25, to Rob. M., Esq., the Hush' 1 of 
B. M. al's T., 1. of Pollvillian in the p. of Fowy, co. Corn. 81 

July. \V" Fcake. IS, to Chr. F., the Bro. of \Y r . F., 1. of L., hut in 
B'des, ba. 110 

July. "Walter Turner. 18, to ITellcn Ridley al's Dowries al's T., the 
sister of W. T., 1. of J., ba. 114 

Aug. Sara Bowcocke al's Balman al's Buckley. Last day, to Tho. Ellis, 
the G. of Eliz. Buckley, a minor, the dau. of S. B., in B. 110 

Aug. Paul Young. 5, to Ellener Y., rel. of P. Y. of Surinam in 
the "W.I. 118 

Aug. John Fosdicke. 12, to Rob. Vogi?, the h. of J. F., 1. in the W.I., 
in the ship the Portland in the King's service, ba. 120 

Sept. John Luger. 18, to Tho. L., nepos, by a bro. of J. L., of 13., ba, 133 

Sept. James Towne. 9, to John T., patruus of .las. T., of Jamaco, ba. 133 

Oct. Rosse Thommes. 2, to Behecca 'P., rel. of R. T., 1. of Stepney, but 
in the Barbathoes in the King's service. 141 

Oct. Daniel Ely. 14, to Daniel E., the F. of D. E., of Antequa, ba. 142 

Nov. Joseph Greene. 10, to Abigail G., rel. of .1. G., of 13. 150 

Nov. Tho. Symonds. 25, to James S., the Bro. of T. S., of 13., ha , ad. de 
bonis non Aug. 1070. 157 

Dec. John Treft'ry. 12, to Mary Morrice, al's T., wife of Rob. M., Esq., 
the sister of J. T., at Syrenham in the E.I., wid. 172 


Jan. Tho. Yvinckles. 15, to Christiana \Y., the dau. of T. W., at 
Autego, wid. (i 

At -- iiJ 

Feb. James Gosaelin. 9, to Goo. (J., the Bro. of .1. (!., 1. <>f Mornnt in 

J., wid. 8 

March. Joseph A pplyn. 29, to Edith A., Iho rel. of J. A., in J. 2(5 

May. Eliz. Jelley al's Symons. 3, to John Bail lor, inereh', llio all* of 

Tlio. J., in B., (he hush" of K. J. al's S., I. there dec' 1 . 52 

Aug. John Williams. 10, to Bogcr W., the Bro. of J. \\ r ., of Port 

Royal, J., bn. 94 

Aug. Hugh Colo. 10, to W" Poolce, the ait? of Fra. C. (n. at B.), rel. 

of II. C. of the ship S' David in the service of the king. 98 

Aug. Tho. Scoliehl. 13, to Ami Burton al's S. (now wife of Henry B.), 

the sister of T. S., of B., ha. 99 

Aug. John Lewen. 23, to Tho. L., the Bro. of J. L., of Mevis, ha. 99 

Sept. Henry Stevens. ] , to Mary Freeman, the sister on the mother's 

side of H. S., of Nevis, ba. 109 

Sept. John Cochin. 13, to John Haneocke, P 1 ' C 1 ' of J. C.,of Mevis, ba. Ill 
Sept. Tho. Harris. 14, to John Hanebcke, P r Q of T. H., of Nevis, ba. 1 11 
Sept. Tho. Shaw. 14, to John Haneocke, P r C 1 of T. S., of Nevis, ba. 112 
Dee. Bob. Thorneton. 6, to Sara Barron, wife of Tho. B., the M. of R. 

T., in J., ba. 140 

Dec. Edward Baymond. 13, to R d White & John Taylor, P r O of E. B., 

of Port Boyall iu J., ba. 150 


Jan. Bob. Mellish. 8, to Bob. Sanndorson, Esq., cousin of B. M., at J., 

wid. 1 
Feb. Cha. Hart. 1, to John II., brother of C. II., in B., in the King's 

service. 14 
Feb. John Bricker. 24, to Bob. Bagnall, merch', P>' O of J. B., 1. of 

Bristol, but at Nevis, ba. 1G 

March. "Walter Jones. 11, to John Luffe, of Bristol, but at Nevis, ba. 28 
May. Tho. Pitts. 1, to Eliz. Thome al's P. (wife of Tho. T.), nepos by 

a brother of T. P., of Jarnaca, ba. 53 

May. Jas. Eastmond. 31, to John Green way, P' C r of J. E., in B. 57 

June. Sam. Hopkins. 10, to John II., brother of S, II., in J., ba. 09 

Sept. Bich a Norwood. 0, to Matthew N., son of B. N., of Barmodoes. 1:24 

Sept. Rich. Hewish. 0, to Geo. Sherman (?), P' C 1 of R. II., in J., ba. 125 

Sept. B' 1 Crandley. 27, to John Robinson, P r C r of R. C, of the W.I. 150 


Oct. Dame Margaret Russell. 9, to Bob. Hunt, the brother of Dame 
M. R., of St. James', Bristol, wid. 124 

Nov. Geo. Allsopp. 8, to Mary Pakes al's A. (wife of Abr. P.), rel. of 
G. A., at J. 138 


Jan., 1077-8. Benj. Ford. 17, to Bob. F., the Brother of B. P., of Port 
Boyall, J., ba. 1 

Feb. Nich. Clarke. 22, to Elk. Hobson al's C, wid., the sister of N. C., 
of Le Antego. 19 

March, Geo. Cunningham. To R a C, J r , the s. & adin'or of B' 1 C.,* S r , 
1. of Kilmars, Scotland, but at Glengornock, dec' 1 . Geo. C, I. of Bohortland, 
very loim-. 99 

# . c 'oo ante, Vol. I., p. 101. 

adm'ons (p.c c) RELATING TO WKST INDIANS. 49 

March. John Williamson. 22, to Eli a. AV., rel. of J. AY"., in .1. 31 

March. Rich" Cunningham, Sen 1 '. 19, to Bfi 0., the s. of R. C, S r , qf 

Ivilmars, but at GNcngornoclt. 31 

April. Win. AVatkinson. 26, to Aim W., rcl. of \\ r . W.j I. of S Jas., 

ClarkenweW, but in J. 30 

May. Edw. AVimpen. IS, to "W m W., Brother of E. AV., in J., ba. 50 

May. John Walker. 8, to Bob. AV., the Father of J. AV., in .1., ba. 55 

June. Jas. Furloy. 28, to John E., the Father of J. F., at J., ba. 05 

June. R (1 Wildman. 1-4, to John Soanes, the aW of Honor W., wid., of 

B'ea, rel. of R. A\ r ., of B'ea. 00 

June. David Pickeridgc. 5, to Eliza Painter, P' C of D. P., 1. of S' 

Clement Danes, but in B., ba. 70 

July. Stephen Ward. 22, to Era. Griffen, C of S. AY., in the W.L, ba. 80 
July. AV" 1 Thomas. 18, to Sarah T., rel. of W. T., f. of Bristol, but at 

Nevis, ba. (sic). S5 

Sept. R J Palmer. 12, to Arthur Mayne, C r of R. P., 1. of P*era juxta 

Port Morant, in J., ba. 102 

Oct. Castell Lindo. 10, to Margery Williams, C r of C. L., of B., ba. 118 
Nov. Clia. Powell. 25, to Cha. P., son of C. P., of Nevis, wid. 138 

Dec. Phalatias Gomeldon al's Drax. 11, to Tho. G., husb a of P. G. al's 

Drax, of Somerfoild Court in the p. of Selling, co. Kent. 158 


March. Tho. Dawes. 1, to Era. Tyrwhitt, att' of Joan T. al's D. (now 
in B.), rel. of T. D., of B. 34 

May. Roger Ellis. 17, to Josia E., brother of R. E., of B., ba. 70 

June. Nick Kuhnen. 24, to Ely K., the bro. of N. K., at J., ba. 80 

July. John Smith. 5, to Ann S., of" S l Botolph, Aldgato, wid. ; J. S., of 
Surainam, her son, in June 1078, marr d Sus a Nowell al's Cowell al's Meares, 
& wrote that month to Geo. French his avunc, referring to the war between 
the Dutch & Indian rebels. J. S. & S. were both k. So left no ch". Long 
Latin record of two pages. 89 

Sept. Tho. Stevens. 23, to Sus a Gillery, wife of Jas. G., C r of T. S., in 
the B. 129 

Oct. Cha. Rycaut. 22, to Grace Mortimere, wid., sister of C. R., at 
Port Eoyall, wid., 13S 

Oct. Eieh. Hay ward. 30, to Ann Long, rel. & adm'or with will of 
AV'» L., the heir of R. H., in B., ba. 140 

Oct. Cha. Staverton. 11, to Obadiah S., brother of C. S., of tho B., ba. Ml 

Nov. Tho. Sherman. 21, to Cath. Bowden, G. of John S., the son of 
T. S., in the B., wid. 153 

Dec. Tho. Crutchfeild. 3, to Sara Perkins al's C. (wife of R d P.), the 
sister of T. C, iu the ship the Lisbon Merch', at B,, ba. 105 


Jan. S r Tho. Modyford, W. 17, to S 1 ' Cha. M., B', the son of &< T. M., 
in J., W. 12 

.Ian. John Saunders. 10, to Era. Little, P 1 ' C r of .1. S., in Nevis. 1-1 

April. W Dunn. 1, to Ann D., rel. of R. I)., in 15. 57 

May. John Sadler. 15, to Ann Temple al's S., the sister of J. S,, of 
B., ba. 82 

June. Peter Hancock. 11, to Peter II., J'', son of P. II., in B., wid. 80 

June. Mary Nettmakcr al's Ncttmeggs. 4, to Jane N., the mother of 
M. N., at B., spr. 100 

Aug. Tho. Shirley. 2, to Mary S., rcl. of T. S., of 15., inerch 1 . 131 

* Blot. ? Vera. 


i 6\\o. 
Aug. Henry Timewel). G, to Bcnj. T., the bro., & Sara Collins (wife of 

Rob. C), sister of II. T., 1. of city of L., but in Jainaco, ba. 134 

Sept. Edw"J Searfe. 11, to Ellen K., spr., sister of E. S., of tlie B., wid. 141 
Oct. Wroth Delamaine. 27, to Elk. Jelly aVs 1). (wife of II' 1 J.), friend 

& G. of Jas. 1). & Cha. D., ch» of W. D. of J. 153 

Oct. John Wright, 6, to John Doclsworth, P 1 ' C 1 ' of J. W., of Jainaca 157 
Nov. Tho. Booth. 8, to Email. Hudson, P r C r of T. B., of J., ba. 1GS 

Doc. Arinigor Warner. 13, to Arm. VV., the son, & Mary Vandoers, 

wife of Cornelius V., & Diana Calcot, wife of Edw d C, now in pts., the daus. 

of A. W„ of Hornechurch, co. Essex, Sus a W., rel., dying before fully 

administering, prior Ad. Oct. 1(378. 178 

Dec. Sus a Warner. 9, to Mary Hill, wife of John II., & Barbara 

Orchard, wife of Stephen 0., now in pts., nieces by a brother of S. W., 1. of 

Hornechurch, co. Essex, wid. 17S 


Jan. Henry Palmer. 21, to John P., the bro. of H. P., 1. of Woolwich, 

but at J. 3 

Jan. Hammond Watson. 21, to R d Austin, P r C* of H..W., 1. of Hene, 

co. Kent, in B., ba. 3 

Eob. Nath 1 Payne. 14, to Jannett P., the mother of N. P., of S* Benet, 

Gracechurch. 18 

March. Cha. Reymes. 21, to R d Bressy & Tho. Plott, esquires, the C-. 

of Adriana R., a minor, the dan. of C. R., 1. of Dort, wid., the ad. of Apr. 

1G71 to Adrian Bressv, having expired at his death. 33 

July. Anthony Garvan. 4, to W M Bythell, P r C r of A. G., in B., wid. 8S 
Aug. John Smart. 2G, to John Belwood, P r C of J. S., of J. 10G 

Sept. Joseph Sansum. 17, to Mary S., rel. of J. S., 1. of Stepney, but 

in J. 109 

Sept. Tho. Banford. G, to Joyce B., rel. of T. B., in J. Ill 

Sept. Geo. Owen. 22, to Rob. O., the bro. of G. 0., 1. of All Saints on 

the wall, but in B. 112 

Oct. R l Peircy. 22, to Eliza P, rel. of J. P., 1. of S' Bot., Bishopsgate, 

late of B., but on the high sea. 125 

Oct. Timothy Gawthorne. G, to Nath. G., the bro. of T. H., of J., ba. 129 
Nov. Henry Peeke. 25, to R d Mitchell, F O of If. P., 1. of S* Bot., 

Aldgate, but in B. 138 

33rotirtcU of Jamaica* 

1695, April 4. Gov. Sir Wm. Bceston wrote : " I called Capt. Brodrick from 
the Assembly and swore him of the Council." (Col. Cal., p. 455.) 

1G95, Dec. 2. Mr. B. the Att* Gen. goes to England in the Ruby. (Ibid., 

1695, Dec. 15. His warrant as a M. of Council was signed. (Hid., p. G31.) 

He appears to have acted in 1704 as Attorney-Gen. of the Leeward Islands 
and may have possessed the plantation called Brodricks in Montserrat. In 1711 
lie served as Speaker of Jamaica, and his reinstatement as Attorney-Gen. was 
ordered in 1715 by Geo. I. lie retired a few years later to Ireland. 

1G98, April 8. Mr. Whitfield a minister, brother in law of Mr. B. (Col. Cal., 
p. 1G2.) 

1G98, April 11. Mr. Baber the patentee lias appointed Mr. Allan B. to be his 
Dep. Sec, whose uncle (sic) is the AW Gen. (Ibid., p. 167.) 



Sjr Tho. Brodriclc, Knt., of Wandsworth, =^=Kath., of Rob. Nicholas of 
bur. there 4 Dec. 1641, aged 46. Monu- I Manningford Bruce, co. "Wilts, 
nieiit was removed in 1900 to Peper- mar. by licence at (St. Mary-le- 
harow. Will dated 5 March 1638; proved : Strand 17 Aug. 1623; bur. at 
20 Nov. 1G1G (151, Twisse). I Wandsworth 4 Dec. 1G78. 

Sir Allan Oliver 

1 1 1 
Thos.=pMargaret, Sir St. John^pAhce, dau. Other 

Brodriclc, Brodrick 


dau. and Brodrick, 

of Sir issue. 

born born 


coheir born 1027 ; 


1623 ; 1G24 ; 


of Rd. settled in 


died died 


Cotton. Ireland 1G53; 

1680. young. 

died 1711. 


an Brodrick, 2nd,=; 

= Thomas Alau Brod- St. John Brodrick of the 

but only surviving 

Brod- rick, born Mid. Temple, died bache- 

son, Dep. Sec. and 

rick, 16G0; Solr.- lor 12 June 1707. Early 

Clk. of the C, 

born Gen. of Ire- arm. bookplate illust., 

Jamaica, 1698 ; bur. 

1654 ; land 1695 ; E. L. J., vol. 17, p. 37. 

24 Nov. Will dated 

died s.p. created a — 

11 Nov. 1706. 

1730. Viscount. Randal Brodrick, died 

(" D.N.B.") bache 


Thomas Brodrick. only son and heir, entered R.N. 1723, Viee-Admiral ; 
died 1 Jan. 17G9. (" D.N.B.") 

Hannah . . . ., widow- 
lst of Capt. John 
Toldervev, 2ndly of 
Major Tho. Ballard ; 
remar. 17 Sept. 1693; 
bur. 23 Nov. 1703. 
? dau. of Mrs. Olivia 
Reid. 1st wife. 

-Col. William Brodrick, Atty.-=pAnn 

Gen. of Jamaica 1G92; M. 
of A. and Capt. 1G95, then 
M.of C. ; Atty.-Gen. of Lee- 
ward Isles 1704 ; Speaker 
1711 ; Atty.-Gen. again of 
Jamaica 1715 ; Justice of 
K. B., Ireland, 1721. 


3 Jan. 
2nd wife. 


5 May 



bur. 28 Nov. St. John Brodrick, bapt. 17 Dec. 1706 ; 

bur. 12 Auk. 1707. 

Allen B. is sworn Clerk of the Council. (Ibid., p. 264.) 
Gov. Beeston writes of W. B. styling the Dep. Sec. Mr. B. as 

1G98, Juno 5 
1G98, July 5. 
cousin of Win. 

See N. and Q. for "Wilts, v., 482, for illustration of monument to Sir Tho 
Brodrick and " Misc. Gen. et Her.," II., 360, 304 for ped. 

52 CAKlBliEANA. 

L\ the Island Recoud Office, Jamaica.* 
(Libei-of Wills 11, i'o. 52.) 

1706, Nov. 11. Alan Brodrick of the Parish of St. Katharine's on the Maud 
afs' 1 Esq 1 . 1 give to my loving Kinsman AY" 1 Brodrick Esq r my young horse called 

Unto M ,a Ursula Hunt of Jamaica in whose house I resided in Jamaica in 
gratitude of her services during many fitts of Sickness, furniture etc. 

I ratifye and conlirme all gifts of my late Wife's wearing apparel] be the same 
.... p'sons or persons w'soever. 

I give unto my beloved and only Sonn Thomas Brodrick Gent 1 all the rest 
residue and remainder of my Estate both reall and personal! in this Island upon 
the Seas or in England to him his heirs and assignes for ever And doc hereby 
retify and confirm unto him all gifts and bequests formerly made. 

1 appoint, my said Sonn Thomas Brodrick my sole Ex'or of this my AVill if he 
arrive in this Island in Six months time after my decease and in his absence 1 
appoint my loving friends W" 1 Careless and Arnold Brown both in the parish of 
St. Catharine's Esq 1 ' my Ex'ors in trust for my said Sonn. 

In case my Sonn should depart this life before his arrivall in this Island or in 
Six months after my decease then I give all my said Estate to my beloved Cozen 
St. John Brodrick of the Middle Temple, London, Esq 1 ' to him his heirs or assigns 
for ever in acknowledgment of the many and great favours he has from time to 
time conferred on me. Lastly I revoke all Wills at any time heretofore made by 
me and declare this to be my last Will. In Witness etc. 

Dated 11th November 170G. 

(Signed) A. Buodkick. 

AVituesses : Harvey Nicholls, Sam 1 Barritt, Jjio. llyles, Chas. Higgins. 

Proved 3Uth November 170G. Tho. Handasyd. 



1G83 July 19 Thomas Ballard, Junior, and Hannah Toldervay. 
1093 Sept. 17 William Brodrick, Esq., and Hannah Ballard. 
1707 May 5 AYilliam Broderick and Sarah Ivcy. 


1700 Dec. 17 Singiohn son of William and Ann Brodrick. 


1G90 June 8 Coll. AVilliam Ivy, in the Church. 

1G92-3 Jan. 1G Thomas Ballard, Major. 

1703 Nov. 23 M vs Ann Broderick. 

1705 Nov. 28 Rcbekah Brodrick. 

170G Nov. 21 Alliu Brodrick. 

170G-7 Jan. 3 Ann Brodrick. 

1707 Aug. 12 Singiohn Brodrick. 

1709 Mar. 31 Sarah Brodrick. 

* forwarded by Mr. G. T. Sherwood f Add. MS. 27,968, fos. 45, 150. 















( 53 ) 

QZHnlty, palmetto point, §t Mm. 

Continued from p. 33. 
Register for the Parish of Trinity, Palmeto Point, commencing May 11, 175G.* 


175G May 11 Francis s. of John Carney & Ann his wife, h. Dec. 2G, 1751 
Christian d. of W" 1 Garvcy & Mary his wife, b. June 17 
John s. of John King & Ann his wife, b. Augt. 12 
Henrietta & Eliz 11 ' ds. of M 1 ' John Bourryeau Garnet & Sarah 

his wife, b. Oct. 20" 1 
Prances d. of James Burroughs & Ann his wife, b. July 7 
Mary d. of Daniel Norton & Mary his wife, b. Sept. 3 
Samuel Laurence s. of Charles King & Mary his wife, b. 

Mar. 19 lh 

1757 Peb. 27 Eliz' 1 ' Assily d. of Tho« Peter Crook, a Lieu 1 , & Henrietta his 

wife, b. Nov* 10, 175G 

May 1 Anthony s. of A\ r illiam Hart, Esq., & Sarah his wife, b. Apr. 17 

May 15 John s. of Rl r Stedman Rawlins & Mary his wife, b. Apr. 5 

June 1 Margarett d. of M 1 ' James Clifton & Pence his wife, b. May 28 

July 23 Jedediah s. of Benjamin Green, Carpenter, & Eliz tU his w., b. 13 

Aug. 22 Sarah d. of David Godin & Mary his wife, b. 21 

Oct. 1G Eliz 11 ' d. of John Carney & Ann his wife, b. Jan. 3 

Nov. 1 Mary d. of John M c Clear & Eleanor his wife, b. Sept. 30 

Nov. 13 Eliz 1 ' 1 ' d. of M r John Johnson & Sarah his wife, b. July 26 

1758 Jan. 15 Mary d. of M r John Abbott & Margarett his wife, b. Dec. 11 
Peb. 2G Rich' 1 s. of Captain Ezekiel Nash by his deceased w. Ann d. of 

Captain Richard AVoolford 
Mar. 12 Robert s. of M* John England & Mary his wife, b. Oct. 3 
Apr. 30 Eliz"' AVelcott d. of Doctor John Luckcroi't & Eliz ll) his wife, b. 

Nov. 9 
May 19 Prances d. of M 1 ' James Clifton & Renee his wife, b. 1 
Aug. 20 Daniel s. of Daniel Norton & Mary his wife, b. May 1 
Oct. 24 Eliz 11 ' d. of David Harris & Eliz" 1 his wife, b. 3. 
Dee. 21 Benjamin s. of James Burroughs & Ann his wife b. 19. 

1759 July 1 Ann d. of M 1 ' Stedman Rawlins & Mary his wife, b. Dec. 15, '58 
July 29 Christopher s. of M 1 ' John Johnson & Sarah his wife, b. June 27 
July 29 James s. of James Collins & Margarett his wife, b. May 8 

July 29 Henry s. of John King & Ann his wife, b. Mar. 10 

Sept. 22 Sarah d. of M 1 ' W" Garvey & Mary his wife, b. Aug. 6 

Sept. 2S Edward s. of John Carney, b. Dec. 23, 1758 

Oct. 7 Samuel s. of M r James Percival & Mary his wife, b. Sept. G 

Oct. 1G Sophia Margarett d. of M r John Bourryeau Garnet & Sarah his 

wife, b. Sept. 18. 
Oct. 21 Henrietta d. of M r John Gibbons & Sarah his wife, b. Sept. 18 
Dec. 2 Rente d. of M 1 James Clifton & Renee his wife, b. Nov. 27f 

The Eeu' 1 Thomas Paget, M.A., Fellow of King's College, pre- 
sented to the united Parishes of Trinity, Palmeto Point <fc 
St. Thomas, Middle Island, Oct. 1 st , 1760. 
The old registers damaged in the Hurricane of 1772. 


* Transcribed by Mr. John Bromley during his visit to the Island Aug. -Oct. 1012. 140 births 
from 16 May 1721 to 25 March 1720-30 were printed ante I, 39. 

In the original the heading is " Births." I have omitted " JJapt." before each entry and have 
used "s." for son, "d." for daughter, "a." for aged, •' b.'' for bom and " w." for wife.— [.Ed.] 

t Signed for the last time by " John Merac, Hector.'' 


17G0 Doc. 20 Jolm s. of John & Margaret Abbott, b. Nov. 11 

1761 July 9 Jedediah Kerie Cook s. of Ravell & Eliz"' Kerie, b. Feb. 11 

July !) Henrietta d. of John Gibbons it Sarah his wife 

176:2 Oct. — Sarah Woodrope d. of John & Sarah Gibbons', b. Sept. 1761 

1763 June 5 James s. of James & Renee Clifton, b. May 27 

Nov. 17 Priacilla d. of John & Margaret t Abbott, b. Nov. 17 

17G1 Jan. 17 Samuel s. of W" & Mary Beard, b. Jan. 13 

Apr. 19 Sarah, d. of John & Ann Carney, b. May 19, 1763 

Deo. 2-5 Catharine d. of — and — King, b. July 6, 17G3 

1765 Aug. 18 Samuel s:'©f William & Mary Beard 

Feb. 7 Eliz 1 ' Sarah d. of Tho 3 & Margaret t Bagnell 

June 23 Thomas s. of John & Mary Dowdy 

1766 Aug. 31 Tho 3 Francis s. of John & Ann Abbott, b. July 1 

1767 Apr. 12 William s. of Luke & Ann Garvev, b. Mar. 1 . , .... 
17(39 May 11 Lucas s. of Luke & Ann Garvey, b. Mar. 18, '69 

Sept. 18 Penelope d. of John & Ann Abbott, b. Oct. G, '68 

1770 Aug. 12 Jane Evan d. of Anthony & Eli/,' 1 ' Johnson, b. July 13 

1771 June 2 Ann Ruth d. of W ,n & Marv Garvey, b. Apr. 12, 1771 

1772 May 31 Louisa tl. of Anthony & Eliz"' Johnson, b. Feb. 17, 1771 

1773 Feb. 21 John s. of Lucas & Ann Garvey, b. Nov. 5, 1772 

Mar. 22 John Joseph s. of Joseph & Ann King, b. Nov. 27, 1772 

June 27 Eleanor tl. of \V"' & Eleanor Percival. b. May 15 

Dec. 23 Francis James s. of Charles & Eli/, Ul Philips, b. Nov. 6 

1775 May 18 Anthony s. of Anthony & Eliz" 1 Johnson, b. July 29, '73 

1776 July 21 Sarah Charlotte d. of Anthony & Eliz. Johnson, b. Apr. 28, '76 

1780 Feb. 12 Maria Gilliard d. of the above, b. Jan. 13, 1780 

Nov. 16 Mary Paget d. of \V m Garvey & Ann his wife, b. Sept. 13, '80 

Jan. 23 Margaret d. of W" & ltutli Trehain, b. Oct. 12, '79 

1781 June 20 Susanna d. of Tho s & Eliz"' Moore, b. Mar. 29, '81 

1782 Apr. 23 Maria Wharton d. of John Geo. Goldfrap & Sarah his wife, 

b. 3 Oct. 'SI 

1783 Sept. — John s. of John Abbott & Margaret his wife, b. Sept. 1, '83 
1781. Oct. 31 George Edwards Carolinas s. of Charles & Eliz"' Phillips, b. in 

the City of Charlestown, in the state of Carolina in America, 
Mar. 5, 1781 

1785 Feb. 6 Sarah Woodley,d. of Benjamin & Eliz"' Wattley,b. Nov. 22, 1784* 

1786 May Rev 1 Ed. Bromheitd collated to this living. ltev d Rob 1 Pember- 

ton appointed Curate. 

1787 Apr. 8 Mary King d. of Eenj. & Eliz"' Wattley 

Juue 22 Stedman & Ann Taylor s. & d. of Stedman & Eliz' h Rawlins 

from Middle Island. 
June 22 Sarah Worthington St Mary Johnson ds. of Henry & Eliz tb 

Rawlins from Middle Island 
1783 Mar. 3 William, Mulatto son of the Hon. Will"' Wells, b. Mar. 1, 1775 
Mar. 3 Grace d. of the above ,, „ Jan. 2, 1777 

Mar. 3 Nathaniel s. to the above „ „ Sept. 10, 1779 

1788 July Bv the Rev d John Andain, James s. of Anthony & Eliza- 

beth Young, b. the 5"' day of July, 1788. Godfather, Henry 
Hart, Esq., Godmothers, Ann Hart & Margaret Young 

The above Baptism of James Young was registered at the 
particular request of Anthony Young, the Father of James 
Young, as it was omitted to be registered by the Rev d John 
Audain. Witness: James Hancock. Sg d : Joseph Warner, 
July G By the Rev d Joseph Barnes, William Wharton, s. of the 
Honorable John George & Sarah Goldl'rap, b. the 7' u day of 

# This is the last eutry signed hy " Tho' Paget, lleotor." 


Jan. 1786. Godfathers, John James Seaton, Edmund Fleming 
Akors & Stedman Rawlins, Esq s . Godmothers, Mrs. Ann 
Wharton, Mrs. JIart & Mrs. Joiing 

The above baptism ot" W" Wharton Goldfrap was regis- 
ter'd at the particular request of the lion 1 Jolm George 
Goldfrap, the Father of W m Wharton Goldfrap, as it was 
omitted to be registered. James Hancock, Witness. Joseph 
Warner, Rector 

June 15 Benjamin s. of Eenj. & Eliz"' Wattley, b. 2' 1 of May. God- 
fathers, Dan 1 Sharry, Edward Woodyear. Godmother, Miss 
Rebecca Waters. John Audain, Curate 

Aug. 4 The Rev' 1 Joseph Warner collated to the living 

1789 Nov. 4 George Alfred, s. of the Honorable John George and Sarah 

Goldfrap, b. the 18°> day of Oct 1 ', 1789. Godfathers, James 
Stephens & William Stephens. Godmothers, M' s Hart, widow, 
& Mrs. Bryan. Witness : James Hancock, Parish Clerk. 
Joseph Warner, Rector 

1790 Feb. 18 By the Rev' 1 John Audain, Sophia d. of Benj. & Eliz" 1 

Wattley, b. the 2i ,u day of Dec 1 ', 1789. Godfathers, 
M* Fearnhead & M r J. Wattley. Godmothers, M IS Carty & 
M rs Rebecca Wattley. Witness: James Hancock, P. Clerk. 
Joseph Warner, Rector 

1793 Jan. 18 By the Rev' 1 W" Davis, Caroline, infant d. of W" Payne 
& Ruth Georges, b. 28 Dec., 1792. Witness : Jas. Evenden, 
Clerk. Joseph Warner, Rector 

1793 May 2 John Hart, s. of John & Sarah Johnson Rawlins, b. Apr. 9"', 
1795. Godfathers, Henry Hart, Henry Rawlins & Richard 
Rawlins, Esquires. Godmothers, Miss Susannah Hart, M IS 
Eliz" 1 Young and M' s Ann A leers. Witness : James Evendon, 
Clerk. Joseph Warner, Rector 

179G July 2 Ann Phipps Elizabeth d. of Joseph Phippsand Penelope Esdaile, 
b. April 3, 1791. Godfathers, Ralph Adye, Esq., & Joseph 
E. Phipps, Esq., by his friend Joseph Phipps Esdaile, Esq. 
Godfathers, M" Aletha Coucay Esdaile & M' s Eliz 11 ' Eastway 
Adye. Witness: James Evendon, Clerk. Joseph Warner, 

1797 Feb. 7 Sarah Ann d. of John & Sarah Johnson Rawlins, b. Oct. IS" 1 , 
179G. Godfathers, Edward Gilliard, Esq., Joseph Rawlins, 
Esq., by his friend John Rawlins, Esq., and Anthony Hart, 
Esq., by his friend Anthony Young, Esq. Godmothers, 
M™ Mary Sprott, M' 3 Margaret Richards and M ra Ann Hart 
Witness: James Evendon, Clerk. Joseph Warner, Rector. 
Aug. 20 William s. of John & Priscilla Morgan, b. July 14, 1797. God- 
fathers, M 1 ' Edward Burnham & M' David Evans. God- 
mothers, Mrs. Henrietta Garnet & Miss Sarah Francks Abbott 

179S Apr. 13 Sarah d. of John & Sarah Woodward, b. Mar. 29, 1708. God- 
fathers, John Gardner & John Edeveut, by his friend 
M 1 ' John Oliver. Godmother, Mary Nicholls 

1799 Sept. G By the Rev d Henry Charles Christian Newman, Joseph infant 
s. of Joseph King & Susanna Wattley, b. July 1 L' 1 ', 17!)9. 
Godfathers, W" 1 Livingstone, Benjamin Wall ley, William 
Swanston & Tho s Ashington, Esq' 1 '. Godmothers, Susanna 
Cameron, Rebecca Wattley, Rebecca Carty, Mary Woodley, 
Lueretia Woodley & Lncll IJligh 

1S00 July G Adelaide d. of W" Isaac & Susanna Palmer, b. June 5, 1800. 
Godfathers, M 1 ' George Palmer, M' Edward Burnham, 
M r Tho 9 Abraham Chambers, M 1 ' Mark Barnes, M' Hugh 
Bloch. Godmothers, M ,s Catherine Burnham, M rs Catherine 


BlocK, M 1 ' 8 Catherine Stancleft & M rs Susanna Barnes, Wit- 
ness: James Evondon. Joseph Warner, Rector 

1S01 Apr. 1 William infant s. of Joseph King <t Susanna Wattley, 1). 
Mar. 31 st , 1S01. Godfathers, M' John Woodley and W™ 
Swanston, Esq 3 . Godmothers, Miss \Voodloy & Miss Carly 
Dec. 2 Maria Susanna inf d. of W m Isaac & Susanna Palmer, 1). 
Aug. 31 st , 1801. Godfathers, The Eev' 1 M' Joseph Warner, 
M 1 ' Eich d King Armatrading, M r Zachariali Daniel Warner, 
M 1 ' John Greeno, Jun r , M 1 ' James Evenden & M 1 ' Luke Barnes. 
Godmothers, M' 3 Eebecca Armatrading, M ,s Sarah Pierey 
Warner, Miss Sarah Palmer, M rs Charlotte Greene. Sg d It. K. 
Armatrading. Joseph Warner, Sector 

1801 Dee. 2G James infant s. of George & Eli/ 11 ' Tyson, now residing at 

Grenada, b Godfathers, Stedman Bawlins & John 

Woodley, Esq 3 . Godm 3 , Anne Armatrading & Caroline 
Wharton ;: 
Doc. 20 Maria Eachael inf da. of Isaac Eield & Maria Thiboo, b. 
Aug. 29, 1S03. Godfathers, John Tyson, W" Scholes and 
Sam 1 Long, Esq 3 . Godm 9 , M' 3 Long, M 13 Christian & 
M" Shelton 

1805 July 7 John Kerie inf 1 s. of W m Greatheed & Christina Crooke, b. 
Apr. 15, 1801. Godfathers, Don 1 Jedediah Kerie, the Hon 1 
John Julius & W m Phipps, Esq. Godin 1 ' 8 , M Ig Kerie & M" 

1S0G June 7 Walter Isaac inf 1 s. of Isaac Field & Maria Thibou, b. Apr. 17, 
1S05. Godfathers, Don 1 Stedman Bawlins & John Woodley, 
Esc) 3 . Godmothers, M rs Gertrude Bawlins, M 1S John AVoodloy 
& M 13 Slegg 

1507 Ecb. 3 By the Eev d W m John Julius, Stedman inf s. of the lion 1 

Stedman & Gertrude Bawlins, b. Sept. 5, 1S0G. Godfathers, 
Henry Bawlins & the Don 1 James Tyson, Esq 8 . Godmothers, 
M 1 ' 3 Eliz 1 ' 1 Bawlins & Margaret Tyson. 

1508 July 21 John Tyson inf 1 s. of Isaac Eield ct Maria Thibou, b. Oct. 12, 

1807. Godfathers, W ra Wharton Bawlins & John Tyson, 
Esq 3 , & M r Joseph Telford, by his Proxy, Tho 3 Tyson, Esq. 
Godmothers, Marg' Dart Tyson, Miss Caroline Wharton, by 
her Proxy Miss Sarah Tyson & Miss Jane Gertrude Thibou 

1809 Dec. 21 John James inf 1 s. of John & Arabella Mulrain, b. Get. 1>, 1809. 
Godfathers, M r W m Watson Sc M l James Thomas Popplewell. 
Godmothers, M 1 ' 3 Susannah Bitson Sc Miss Eliz"' Morgan 

1S10 May 11 W m Phipps inf s. of W" Greethecd & Christina Crooke. b. Jan. 
10,1807. Godfathers, W m Phipps, Joseph Elines Phipps & 
James Dunbar, Esq s . Godmothers, M ra Sarah Julius & 
M 1 ' 3 Mary Phipps. (Sg d ) B. K. Armatrading. Joseph AVarner, 

1811 Apr. 10 The Bev* Edward JBraeier, M.A., co-Bated to this Living. 

May 2 Christina d. of W m Greatheed Crooke & Christina his wife, b. 
Aug. 31, 1805. Sponsors, Roger Woodbourne it Lucas 
Garvey, Est) 3 ; M 1S Ann Osborne & Miss Christina Phipps 

May 2 Milward Pickwoad s. of \V m Greatheed Crooke & Christina his 
wife, b. July 1-1, ISO!). Sponsors, Boh' Pickwoad & Bob 1 
Potter, Esq 3 ; Mrs. Sophia Pickwoad .V M IS Bebecca Potter 

Privately. James Tyson ct \V m Wharton of the 

Don 1 Stedman Bawlins, tfsq., Gertrude 

1812 Apr. 7 Henry inf s. of Stedman Bawlins, sen 1 ', Esq., & his wife Ann 

1S13 Feb. 3 Privately. Tho 3 Charles Cony s. of ihe Don. Stedman Bawlins 
& his wife Gertrude, b. Sep. 11, 1812 


1813 Feb. 24 John James s. of Stedman Eawlins, son'', Esq., & his wife Ann 
Mar. 17 Privately. Gertrude Susan infl J. of David Elliot, Esq., & his 
wife Margaret 

Apr. 27 Susannah Lyne d. of Edward Gillard & Eliz"' Ann Willett his 
wife. Sponsors, M 1 ' 3 Susannah H. Gillard, M' s R. Esdaile, 

M r & M rs Lyne, Stedm 

Apr. 27 Richard Edward Gillard & Eliza A , 

Sponsors, M r & M rs Potter .... Rieh d Gillard & R 

1814- May 21 Elizabeth inf d. of John Tyson, Esq., & Eliz th Frances his wife. 
Sponsors, Tho 3 Tyson & Hon 1 Henry Eawlins, M r " Eliz 11 ' 
Eawlins, Miss Ann Marg' Eawlins 

1522 Feb. 10 Eeceived into the Church after private baptism by myself, Mary 

Grace Clements d. of Nicholas Clements Henry, Esq., and 
Elizabeth his wife. Sponsors, by Proxy, M r Nicholas 
Dowding, Lady Martha Colleton, M 1 ' 3 Catherine Doweling 

1523 Aug. 9 Sarah Swanston d. of John Hart Eawlins, Esq., & Martha Hart 

his wife. Godfathers, Hon. 8. Eawlins, Hon. Ja" Davoren & 

Tho 8 Swanston, Esq 3 . Godmothers Eawlins, jun r , 

M rs Swanston, Miss Eebecca Young 

1821 Sept. 15 Nicholas Clements s. of Nicholas Clements Henry, Esq., and 
Eliz 11 ' his wife. Sponsors, by Proxy, John Dowding & Jamea 
Curtis, Esq 3 , & Eliz th Dowding. Eec d into the Church & bapt d 
this day, b. the 7"' Aug., 1824. "William Hendrickson, Eector 
of St. Tho 3 -M.-Isl d , St. Christopher. This duty was performed 
when there was no Incumbent in this Parish 
Nov. 7 Maria Jane d. of James Tho 3 Popplewell & Susanna Ritson bis 
wife, b. 11 July, 1821. W m Hendrickson 

1S2G Jan. 22 Eliz"' Martha, b. 26 Dec., 1825, d. of John Hart Eawlins, Esq., 
& Martha Hart his wife. Sponsors, Eliz 111 Hart, M" Henry 
Hart & Henry Wilson, Esq. John Butler Pemberton, R. 

1S27 Nov. 24 Henrietta Eliz th Clements, d. of Nicholas Clements Henry & 
Eliz"' his wife, b. Oct. 20, 1827. Sponsors, W m M°Mahon, 
Esq., M' s M c Mahon, Miss Black, by Proxy 

1829 Sept. 20 Agnes Margaret, b. 23 d Dec., '28 d. of John Crawford, Esq., & 

Eliz' 1 ' his wife. Sponsors, Miss Margaret Eawlins, Miss 
Harriet Garden ; W m Swanston, Charles Adamson, Esqs. 

1830 Sept. 5 Emily, d. of Joseph Eawlins Thomas, Lieutenant in the Royal 

Navy, & Mary his wife, b. 30 July 1830 
Nov. 28 Henry Smith, G w ks old, s. of Henry Boon, Esq., & Eliza his w. 
Dec. 28 John s. of John Crawford, Esq., M.D., & Eliz' 1 ' his wife, b. 

2G Aug., '30 

1831 Jan. G Albert Charles Clements s. of Nicholas Clements Henry & 

Eliz" 1 his wife, b. 23 Nov., '30 
Mar. 20 Eeceived into the Church, Emily d. of Joseph Eawlins Thomas, 
Lieut, of H.M. Eoyal Navy & Mary his wife, b. 30 July, 1830, 
& privately baptised by me Sept. 5, 1830. John Butler 
Pemberton, Eector 


Walter O'Neal, Esq., & Sarah Smith, widow 

M'' Henry Goslin & Mary Willett, spinster 

John Armitrading & Sarah Abbott, spinster 

Henry Herbert of the Parish of St. Thomas, Middle Isl d , & — 

Jewell, spinster 
W" Cammering & Kath. Hazell 
W'" Bowroy & Sarah Drascoon, Spinster 

























































A pr. 




























A pr. 



























































Christopher Tuthill & Ann Haekett of Basseterre 

Benjamin Burroughs &, Eli/,"' Wathins, widow 

W m Ottley, Esq., of Old Road, & Eli/." 1 Willed, Bpinster 

Thomas Abbott & Mary Card, spinster 

John Dorrell & Mary Silver, widow 

John Gordon & Mary Burroughs 

W" 1 Farreage & Eli/." 1 King, Spinster 

Nicholas Tare Eenegado, Frenchman, and Mary Ann Duport, 

spinster, of Basseterre 
Christopher Dean & Mary Butlerworth 
John Vicars & Mary Herbert, spinster 

Garrett Barry & Sarah Garner John Merae, Rector 

Paul Martin, a mariner, & Mary Pheasant, spinster 
Derrick Driscall & Lucy Parr, spinster 
Robert Wright & Mary Short, spinster 
Joshua Vicars & Mary Bradley 
John Gilliard & Susannah Kerie, spinster 
M 1 ' George Wright of Cayon & Eli/."' Johnson, spinster 
Christopher Mardenbrough, Mariner, & Mayard Gilliard, spin. 
M 1 ' W m Coventry of Basseterre & Elizabeth d. of William 

Hart, Esq. 
Stanley Bowrey & Mary Herbert 
William Gardiner & Ann Hazell, spinster 
Daniel O'Neal, Planter, & Frances Gilliard, widow 
AV m Lowing & Mary Martin, widow 
Benjamin Burroughs & Eli/."' d. of Geo. Ha/.ell & Sarah 

his \v. 
Wharton Rheah & Margaret d. of Richard Hazell 
Nicholas Trott, Mariner, & Eli/,"' Eheah, spinster 
John Murrayne & Sarah M c Mnrphy 
W m Burroughs & Eliz"' Johnson 
Joseph Pheasant & Mary Trehain 
Charles Francks & Susannah O'Neal 
John Hazell & Eli/."' Farreage 
Abraham Steel & Sibbe Gibbons 

James Clifton, of Basseterre, & Mary Maclian, widow 
Samuel King alias Duport & Mary Lowing 
James Fitzmorriss & Sar. Armitrading, widow 
James Campbell & Margaret Mulrain 
Archibald Cameran & Jane Mulrayn, spinster 
Richard Cunningham & Ann Gilliard, spinster 
M r John Bourryeau Garnet & Sarah Hart, spinster 
George Skerreit & Mary Risdon, both of Montserratt 
William Beard & Mary Dexter, widow 
John Carney & Ann Gilliard, spinster 
Richard Mansfield & Sarah Ha/.ell, widow 
James Lowing & Mary Xing 

William Hart, Gent., & Sarah d. of M 1 ' John Johnson, Sen r 
Joseph Payne & Judith Stoddard 
Leonard Whitchard & Mary Sampson 
John M c Clear & Mary Emera, spinster 
Thomas Nogglo & Mary Hamilton, spill" 
John King, a mason, & Ann Abbott, spinster 
M r Robert Ferguson, Surgeon, & Susan d. of M r Isaac Duport 
M r Henry Constantino, of Basseterre, and Elizabeth Johnson, 

spinster, d. of the widow Johnson 
M 1 ' Sledman Rawlins, Planter, and Mary Johnson, d. of 

M' s Elizabeth Johnson, widow 


1753 Feb. 2G Peter Thomas Crookc, Esq., & Henrietta Gibbons, d. of M™ 

Henrietta Gibbons, widow 
Samuel Duport, widower, & Luey Driscall, widow 
Raved Kerie & Elizabeth d. of Anthony Wharton, Esq. 
John Statham & Mary Livingston 

Daniel, a free negro, & Elizabeth, a free Mulatto woman 
M' - John Abbott, Planter, & Margaret d. of M," Sarah Hart, 

James Howell, Carpenter, & Mary Tovett, a mulatto 
John Snmmerfield Taylor & Ann Einra, spinster 
M 1 ' Hays Percival & Eliz th Gilliard, spinster 
M 1 ' John England & Mary O'Neal, spin. 
John Godwin & Mary Percival, spin. 
John M c Clear & Eleanor Einra, spin. 
James O'Neal & Mary Dupin, spin. 
James Clifton & Margaret Dexter, spin. 
Francis Carney & Mary d. of W 111 Garvey & May his wife* 
The old Register damaged in the Hurricane 1772 
Arthur Emra & Bridget Pinkerman 




































































































Thomas Bagnell & Margarett Gibbons 
William Neale & Frances Duport 

Richard Vich & Rebecca Bradley 

1766/1770. Gone 

John Dickson & Ann King, Jim'' 

Joseph Ming & Ann Arrendell 

Benjamin King & Margarett "Watts Thomas Paget, Rector 

Valentine James White & Catherine Rheah 

William Hart, Esq., & Sarah Garnett 

Valentine James White & Mary Zcagers 

Daniel Slcelling & Ann Flangher 

John Garnett & Sarah Mahon 

Thomas Moore & Elizabeth Duport 

Peter Hackett & Mary Beard 

Stedman Rawlins & Miss Eli/. 11 ' Wharton Tho" Paget, Rector 

The Rev. Thomas Paget died. Rev 1 ' Edward Bromhead collated 
to this Living 

M r John Morgan & Miss Sarah Dowberry, spinster 

Rev d Robert Pemberton appointed Curate 

Isaac llartman, Esq., & Mary Garnett, spinster, Licence 

Captain Anthony Young & Eliz th Rawlins, spin., Licence 

The Rev d Joseph AVaruer collated to this living 

John Rawlins & Sarah Johnson Hart, spinster, Licence. AVit- 
ncss, J as. Evenden. Joseph Warner, Rector 

Major Thomas Dunbar & Eleanor Misset, spin., Lie. 

Stedman Rawlins & Gertrude Tyson, spin, Lie. Sg d , R. K. 
Armatrading. Joseph Warner, Rector 
1807 July 25 The Right Honorable James, Lord Cranstoun and Anna Liin- 
mington Macuamara, spinster, by Licence, by the Rev' 1 
William John Julius. Sg' 1 , R. K. Armatrading. Joseph 
Warner, Rector 

The Rev d Edward Brazier, M.A., was collated to the united 
Parishes of Trinity, Palmetto Point, As St. Thomas, Middle 
Island, April 10, 1811, by His Excellency Hugh Elliot, Esq., 
Captain-General & Governor-in-Chief, etc. 

* John Merac, Kector, signed here for the Inst time. 


1812 Feb. 2 By Licence, David Elliott, Es.p, & Margaret Tyson, by the 
Rev d John J. l\erie. Edw. Brazier, Rector 

1S16 Aug. 20 By Licence, Stedman Rawlins, Esq. (R.), & Sarah Ann Rawlins. 
Edw. Brazier, Eector 

1819 Nov. 29 Rev d Josepli Plura Bartrum, S.I.C., collated to this Benefice by 
His Exce"- V Chas. W m Maxwell, Captain- General, etc. 

1S22 July 4 Under Licence, Francis Phipps Henvillc of Otleyy's estate, 
widower, & Sarah Ann Kelly, spinster, eldest d. of M ra Mary 
Kelly of Basseterre, widow, of the, late David Kelly, Esq., 
Attorney-at-Law. J. P. Bartrum, Rector 
The Eev d John Butler Peniberton was appointed to this living 
by His E.\ r ce lly Charles W m Maxwell, Captain-General, etc., In 
Letter to the Vestry of Trinity, Palmetto Point, August . . ., 
1825, and instituted & inducted to the same by the Lord 
Bishop of this Diocese' 8 Mandate, August 182G. John Butler 
Pemberton, Eector 
Josepb Rawlins Thomas, of the Royal Navy, & Mary Burke 
Thomson, spin., of this Parisb, were m. in this church of 
Trinity, Palmetto Point, this 10 th day of Nov 1 ', 1825, by 
Licence, by M r John Butler Pemberton, minister of the same. 
In the presence of J. S. Maley, M. R. Burke. Sg d , Joseph 
Rawlins Thomas, Mary Burke Thomson 

Ctttte of jWontseiTat anU is>t €rmji\ 

Robert Tuite of Warrington, co. Lane., merchant. Will dated 13 Apr., 172-1. 
To my sons Robert, Walter and James and my daus. Mary, Margaret, Ann, 
Eliz. and Elienor £100 apiece at 21. All sums owing from the West Indies to 
my s. Robert. My sister Jane Reyly, £15, nephew Owen Reyly, £10, brother- 
in-law Rob. Reyly, £20. Kinswoman Bathia Pearse, dan. of Mr. W. P. of L., 
£10. Sir Joseph Tuite, Bart., James Pearse of L., Esq., Patrick Cahill, gt., 
Henry Peppard, of Liverpoole, mcrch 1 , and my eldest son, Robert T., Ex'ors. 
P. 19 Oct., 172G, by Robert Tuite. (195, Plymouth.) 

John Carter, late of Antigua, surgeon, now of Stoke Newiugton. Will dated 
12 Oct., 1748. To my mother-ind., Mrs. Eliz. Howard, £100. Mr. Nich. Tuite, 
merch 1 in L., an Ex'or. To my wife Rebecca all sums due on account of dower 
from Mr. Richard Tuite. (181, Bettesworth.) 

Rebecca Carter, of Princes Str., L. Will dated 5 May, 175G. To my sons. 
Richard and Robert Tuite, and my dau., Eliz. T., £5 apiece. All residue to my 
dau., Eleanor T. My bro. in 1., Mr. Nich. T., an Ex'or. (124, Arran.) 

Eliz. Skerrett, of Cork, spinster. Will dated 13 May, 175S. To Hcllenor 
Cottor, Teresa Morau and Eleanor Tuite of Cork, spinsters, £1,200 st. each, for 
which I have the bond of my uncle, Mr. Nich. T. of L., merchant, and sole 
Executrices. P. 22 Dec, 1758. (382, llutton.) 

Laurence Bodkin of St. Croix. Will dated 22 Aug., 1703. Nicholas Tuite 
(or if dead his son, Robert Tuite) both of L., Ex'ors. Proved G April, 1797, 
power reserved to Rob. Tuite. (222, Exeter.) 


Eliz. Howard, formerly of Antigua, now of Hummerton, co. Midd\ widow. 
Will dated 12 Oct., 17(51. To my granddau. Eliz. Tuite, all estate and solo 
Ex'trix. P. 4 Oct., 17(55, by Ellenor Lynes, formerly Tuite, wife of Win. Lynes. 
(370, Rush worth.) 

To Richard Tuite, Esq. 

8' Croix, 81 May, 1760. 
Dear Nephew, — Grant of annuity of £350 .... I intend to embark for 
Europe .... you intend to remove your family from this Island to N. 
America. — Testamentary letter without signature. (Recorded at Montserrat, 
small vol. of the years 1785-86. No. 3,455, p. 154.) 

Nich. Tuite of L , Esq. Will dated 5 Feb., 1772. My land at S l Croix, held 
by the late King of Denmark's patent of 5 July, 17G5. £100 for the poor of 
Montserrat*. 40 pieces of eight for the Danish church of S' Croix, likewise for 
Catherine church there. £25 to John Lincoln and Mary his wife. The £30 a 
year to my kinswoman, Mary Cahill, widow of Tho. C. of Cork, and to Mrs. Ann 
M c Xamara, widow of John M. to be continued. To my wife Ann T. and my 
s. in 1., Tho. Selby, Esq., £100. Annuities to Biddy and Reily, living near 
Grannard, co. Longford, of £10 a year paid them by Mr. John Nugent, of Johns- 
town, near Mulling-ar, and repaid by my correspondent, Mr. Era. French, of 
Dublin. To my wife Ann £2,000 a year and £2,000 at once, all furniture and 
plate. Having already paid my dau. Ellinor, wife of Tho. Selby, £11,000, I give 
her £300 a year. I have agreed with Mr. Win. Chippendale of C. . . . merch', 
to take my grandson, Cha. Stapleton, into partnership, 24 J . . ., 1765, and again 
£3,000, 1 lend it him. My dau. Ann, wife of Tho. Stapleton, Esq., has been paid 
£10,000 and I give her £200 a year. My dau. Winifred, who in. Justin McCarthy, 
Esq., has been secured £10,000 by deed of 13 Sept., 1765. My sons in 1., Tho. 
Selbye, Esq., Tho. Stapleton and J. McCarthy, £L00 each. To my dear son 
Robert T. all residue and sole Ex'or. P. 27 Nov., 1772, by Robert Tuite, Esq., the 
son. (425, Taverner.) 

Ann Tuite, widow of Nich. T., late of Q, Ann Str., Esq. Will dated 2 June, 
1773. My s. Robert T., Esq., all est. and solo Ex'or. P. 10 June, 1777. 
(288, Collier.) 

Rich" Tuite, late of Princes Str., Hanover Sq., now of S 1 Croix, Esq. Will 
dated 14 Oct., 1S02, at Tortola. My dau. Cath., widow of Heury Gosling, late of 
S l C, Esq., £10,500. 1 have settled an annuity of £200 on my son James, 
his son Thomas T. & Mich 1 , W" and Henry, the 3 yr. sons of my son Mich 1 
T., dec' 1 . My sons Joseph and Henry T. and granddau. Mary Ann Da Nulle, dau. 
of my son Rich' 1 . Rich 1 ', son of my s' 1 son Rich 1 '. My gradch" 1 Rich' 1 , Mary Ann, 
and Cath., ch r " of my son Henry. My grandson Rich 1 ', son of my son Mich 1 . All 
res. to my dau. Mary Bradshaw, of S l O, widow. P. 18 July, 1803. ((500, 

Justin MacCarthy, late of lrel' 1 , Esq., now of Toulouse, in France, Wife 
Mary AVinifrede. My bro. in 1. Rob. Tuite, Esq. My f. in I. Nich. Tuite agreed 
to settle £10,000 on my wife and I was to add CI 0,000 but he never carried it out. 
P. 1813. (205, lleathiield.) 



Arms. — Quarterly, Argent and gules. [Tuite. | 
Chest. — An any el holding a sword, etc. 

. . Tuite of Tuitesfcown, co. Westmeath, Ireland. =f 

Nicholas Tuite, born 170G ; owned estate in St. Croix =p Anne . . . . 
and Moutserrat; Chamberlain to the King of ])en- | ill London 
mark ; of Lime Street, merchant, 1715 ; died in 

Queen Anne Street, L., 1(5 Nov. 1772 


M.I. at St. Pancras {Ante, III., 127). 
dated 1772 (425, Taverner). 



"Will dated 
177:i (288, 

Collier) ; died 30 Jan. 

1777, aged Gl. M.I. at St. 

Pancras. Arms. — . . . . in 

pale, three horned beasts. 

Pobert Tuite of St. Croix, 
planter, only son and heir, 
Chamberlain to the King of 
Denmark ; died s.p. in 1813 
at Baltimore. AVill dated 
1807 (Heathfield). 

Ellinor Tuite, : 
coheir, mar. 
before 1753. 
2nd wife. 

Tbo. Selby of Biddies- 
ton, co. Northum- 
berland. (Burke's 
"Landed Gentry.") 



Justin Count Kob.=r. . . ., died Nicholas Tuite McCarthy, Charles 
McCarthy, McCarthy, before Abbe de Levignac, Jesuit McCarthy 
cx'or 1811 deputy for 1814. preacher, born in Dublin of St. Croix 
to his the Drome 19 May 1769 ; bur. 3 May 1807; hen- 
uncle Rob. 1815—20. 1833 in Annecy Cath. to his uncle 
Tuite. /k, ("D.N.B.") Kob. Tuite. 

Robert Tuite, of S l Croix, planter and chamberlain to IT. Danish M. Will 
dated 7 Oct., 1S07. My est. of Sion Farm and the Grange to my nephew Chas. 
MaeCarthy, of this I., Esq. Cod. : My nephew Justin M. also an Ex' or, 4 March 
1811. P. 20 Dec, 1813. Testator d. at Baltimore. (Vol. 11, Heathfield.) 


1804, May 20. Eliza Gillan, dau. of Nicholas Tuite and Mary his wife, b. the 
G March, 1804. Bapt. 

1730. Moutserrat Census. Ellinor Tuite, merchant, 3 children, etc. (Ante, 
IV., 302.) 

1745. Tho. Vise 1 Gage and Nicb. Tuite, of Lime Street, London, merchant, a 
trustee for Tho. Meade of Moutserrat. (Close Koll 5745 ; Ante, V., 28G.) 

First Horse Guards. Justin McCarly became guidon and major of the 
regiment in Oct., 1743, first major Oct., 174(5, lt.-col. in the army, 9 Apr., 1748, 
went ou half-pay in 1749. (N. and Q., 12 S. II 473.) 

1790. St. Croix. Hon. Chamberlain Tuite and Richard Tuite, Jnr., Esq., 
subscribers to Pelerkiu's book on Planting. 



* Mrs. C'athorino Hcyliger, widow of Ti. P. de Noilly, Esq., of SI. Croix, was living 
in 1790. 

(? Robert) Tuite^pRebecca, dan. of Mrs. Eliz. Howard=pJohn Carter of Antigua, 

of Antigua. "Will dated 175G 
at Hackney; proved 1759 (124, 

surgeon. Will dated 1748 
(181, Bettesworth). 2nd 

Mary=p Justin McCarthy, Major 1st 


Horse Guards 17-10 ; Lieut. - 
Col. 174S; naturalised 1770 
at Toulouse and made a 
French Count. Will dated 
at Toulouse; proved 1813 
(205, Heath field). 


Richard Tuite: 
of St. Croix, 
Esq. Will 
dated 1-1 Oct. 
1802; proved 
IS July 1S03 
(000, Mar- 













James 1 






Thomas Richard William 

Tuite. Tuite. Tuite. 

Michael Henry 

Tuite. Tuite. 





Richard Mary Ann Richard 
Tuite. Tuite. Tuite. 

Mary Ann 
De Nulle.* 

Cath. Tuite, 
mar. Henry 
Gosling of 
St. Croix, 

Mary Tuite, 



^pprals to tljt $rftj> Council 

Add. MSS. 30,210—30,220, British Museum, contain printed statements of 
cases 071 appeal from the plantations to II. M. in Council. The cases were first 
heard before the Committee of the Privy Council, and many of them include 
voluminous legal notes written by Torke the Attorney General. (See Guide to 
MS. materials for the history of the U.S.A. by Andrews and Davenport, p. 101.) 


Isaac and Abraham Mendez, Appellants, against William Rees Battyn,t £ 
Infant, by Edward Jordan his Guardian, Respondent. 

John Battyn of Barbadoes by lnd're of 7 Jan. 1092 conveyed his plantation 
and slaves to three Trustees to raise £1500 apiece for his two dans, with remainder 
to his only son William and d. on 10 Jan. three days after, 


t See ante, II., 183, whore the M.I, as quoted from Archer, is inaccurate. Win. liccs 
Battyn, grandson of Dr. John, d, 14 Aug. 1734, aged 30. (11. J. of Barbados, [>• 123) 


Willjam his son then possessed the estate till his death Dec. 1701, who never 
knew of said deed and by his will devised the profits to Ids wife during the infancy 
of hia son William Bees Battyn and charged it with C1000 for his younger 

Will. Battyn s. of John borrowed £2400 from Isaac and Abraham Mendez and 
they levied on the estate. 

29 June 1715 Win. Bees Battyn brought his bill in Chancery and claimed the 
estate was not liable for his father's dehts. 

20 June 1710 a verdict was entered and an injunction decreed against the 

Endorsed in writing: "At the Com'ittee 25 July 1722. Eevers'd on the point 
of want of Equity." (Add. MS. 30,210, fo. 8.) 

William Moore, Esq., adm'or of his late wife Margaret dcc d , formerly Margaret 
Matson, wid. and relict and Ex'trix of Benj. Matson, Esq.,* dec 1 ', Appel- 
lant. Erancis Ford and Geo. Barry, Esq", adm'ors de bonis non of Benj. 
Matson, Esq., Respondents. 

Benjamin Matson at his death was seized of a considerable real and pers. 
estate in Barbadoes and on 18 Nov. 1712 made his will and gave to his wife 
Margaret all his estate £500 and 25 negroes and appointed her sole Ex'trix with 
the Hon. Dudley AVoodbridge, Esq. to assist her and after her death the said 
Woodbridge and Capt. John Hooper to be his Ex'ors they to sell the estate and 
pay to Eliz. Drill Invater £200 c., Sarah Carew £200, Margaret Carew £200 and 
ye residue equally to ye children of Capt. John Hooper and his now wife, the 
children of Capt. George Barrow and his wife which are ye dans, of my brother 
Smithell Matson. Teslator d. soon after and his wife proved the will. 

Plaintiff married the said Margaret in 1710. She d. intestate 21 Oct. 1722 
and Dudley AVoodbridge and John Hooper d. in her lifetime. 

On 2G Nov. 1722 plaintiff had adm'on of her estate and the £500 is unpaid. 
Erancis Ford, Esq., who married y e widow of the s d Hooper, and George Barry 
(called Barrow) took all the real estate in Sept. 1723 and obtained an Act for sale. 
Noted in margin : Bill filed 11 March 1723-4. 

Answers of both Defendants in 1721. Plaintiff's bill was dismissed and they 
appeal to H.M. in Council. Endorsed: "To be heard Jany. 1720." Petition and 
appeal follow. Written case. (Add. MS. 30,210, fo. 10.) 

Richard Morris on the demise of Will. Andrews of Bamshall, gent., Plaintiff 
and Appellant. Isaac Le Gay and John AVood, Defendants. 

The Appellant's case. 

3 March 1728 an Ejectment was brought in the court of C.P. for the parish of 
S' James in Barbados by Morris for 107 acres in the parish of S l Thomas called 
the Eussiaf plantation and the Jury found that Thomas AVardell was seized of it 
and had issue an only child Lucretia who married Geo. Andrews and they had 
issue a son AVardell Andrews and a dau. Sarah Andrews and The. Wardell made 
his will 20 Eeb. 1GS2 his wife being alive and gave to his dau. Lucretia wife of 
Geo. Andrews, Esq. the s (l plantation charged with £100 a year to his wife Mar- 
garet also a storehouse in S c Michael's Town and d. soon after and Lucretia 
became seized and held the estate till her death. Geo. Andrews afterwards died. 
Wardell Andrews his only sou and h. survived Lucretia and Geo. Andrews and 

# His will was proved in 1723 (212, Richmond) and that of Malhcw Matson in 1C95 

(131, Irby.) 

Pra. Ford m. 5 March 1716-17 Mrs. Martha Hooper. {Ante, III., 307.) 

t There is no plantation in St. Thomas's parish now called " Itussia," cor does it appear in 

Mayo's Si.rvey of 1717—21. 


became seized and having issue a son AVilliam d. S April 1714 and made his will 
and gave the estate to Ms son William at 21 wirli remainder to his cousin Will. 
Andrews of BavnshaJI. Wardell Andrews died soon after. His wife Thomasine 
and bis son William survived him. Thomasiue died and William survived lier and 
died under ago and s.p. 15 Sept. 1729. 

Judgment was given in Barbadoes for Plaintiff but by writ of error that 
judgment was on 1-1 April 1730 reversed. The Appellants have appealed to H.M. 
in Council. Question as to entail. 

The Respondents' case. 

The dau. Sarah, now wife of Robert Hales, Esq. 

17 Feb. 1727, the Appellants also recovered 63 slaves. The point is whether 
Lucretia took an estate tail or for life only. Endorsed " Affirmed." Printed 
ease. (Add. MS. 30, 21G, fo. 24-26.) 

See ante, II., 203, for deed of sale in 1053 by Jonathan Andrewes, Tho. 
Andrewes and Tho. Wardell. 

At Andrews plantation in St. Joseph's parish is a marble slab to Capt. .Robert 
Wardall, d. 1-1 June 1667, aged 22, with arms: A chevron between three hoars' 
heads coi/ped, on a chief as many roundles. 

In St. Michael's churchyard is a stone recording the death, 27 March 1718, of 
Thomazin, dau. of Col. Tho. Tbornhill, first married to Wardall Andrews, Esq., 
but afterward to Win. Savage, Esq., of Bloxworth, co. Dorset. 

William Andrews, s. of Wardalc (sic) of B'os, est). Matriculated from Mag- 
dalen Coll., Oxf., 11 Dec. 17215, aged 18. If this be correct he was not under ago 
at his death. 

Wardell Andrews, s. of George of B'os, Esq., matriculated from Univ. Coll,, 
9 June 1697, aged 15 ; of the Mid. Temple 1696. (Foster,) 


Nathaniel Carpenter, Appellant. 
Amy Parry au infant by Henry Lyons, Esq., her Guardian, Respondent. 

The Appellant's case. 

On 23 Dec. 1729 an ejectment was brought in the Court of K. B. & C. P. in 

Antigua on the demise of Henry Lyons, Esq., as Guardian of Amy Parry, for 190 
acres, one windmill, boiling house, &e. 

The title is under the will of John Parry the Elder,* her great-grandfather, as 
being the dau. and only issue of John Parry the T r , the eldest son of Samuel 
Parry, eldest son and devisee of John Parry the Elder. 

The title of Carpenter is under a mortgage to him by Samuel Parry the grand- 
father, whereon £5, SOU st: is now due, and under a foreclosure obtained in 1725 
against John Parry the eldest son and heir of Samuel Parry. 

The Will of John Parry the elder recited: — I devise my estate, real and 
personal, half to May wife Henrietta and the other half to my son Samuel at 18, 
and at death of Henrietta all to him, and if Samuel die then my son John to enjoy 
the estate. To my son John six negroes or 24,000 lbs. of sugar, remainder to the 
heirs of my sister. Wife Ex'trix, and Capt. John Ycamans, W. By am and 
Major Francis Carlisle Ex'ors. 

Deposition of Bobert Martin, 23 Oct. 1692, that the will was in testators own 
handwriting, but was neither signed nor sealed. The Governor and Council 
declared for it. 

* A pedigree of Parr}' appeared in the " History of Antigua," III., hut the will above recited 
no longer exists in the Registrar's oflicc. 

AOL. VI, 11 


Deed of release, 9 Oct. 1092, from Henrietta Parry to .Samuel Parry, ho 
agreeing to pay 60,000 lbs. of debts owing from the estate, then to pay bcr 
10,000 lbs. a year for lier life. 

27 Nov. 1718, recites debt of £3,190 due from .Samuel Parry to Carpenter. 
Samuel Parry granted the estate to Carpenter, and died in Antigua 25 March 
1724, aged 40, leaving John Parry, his eldest sou and heir, who died 1 June 1720, 
leaving Amy his oidy dau. as heir. 

7 April 1730. Judgment for Defendant the now Appellant, 

5 Aug. 1730. The now Respondent brought a writ of error, and judgment 
was given for Defendant, 23 Sep. 1730, the Court decided for the will of John 

9 Dec. 1730. The deed was not duly acknowledged and Ihe Court reversed 
Judgment and gavo it for the Plaintiff. 

1 July 1731. Carpenter now appeals to II. M. in Council. 

The Respondent's case. 

John Parry the testator d. 1 Oct. 1092. 
27 cattle and 57 negroes were mortgaged with the estate. 
The said deed of mortgage was not properly acknowledged before a Judge. 
(Add. MS. 30,210, fos. 53-55.) 


John Humphrey, gent., ndtn'or of Eliz. his late wife, one of the daus. of Rowland 
Williams, late of the said Island, dec' 1 , Appellant. Sam Smith, Esq., and 
Mary, his wife, the only surviving dau. of the said Rowland Williams and 
sistor to the above Eliz., Respondents. 

The Appellant's Case. 

Rowland Williams being seized of a plantation called Hears in the parish of 
Clarendon, as tenant in common with Sam. Ashurst, gent., by his will dated 
10 Doc. 1710 gave : " To my dau. Eliz. W. £300, a riding horse, "and slave at 18. 
To my daus., Mary and Prances, the like. My sons, John and Thomas, £300 at 
21. All residue to my son Rowland W. at 21 and sole Ex'or. My brother 
Edward Pennant, Esq., Tho. Peters, gent., and my wife Frances W., Trustees and 

Testator d. in Aug. 17 IS, leaving Eliz., Rowland, Thomas, John, Mary, 
& Prances, his only ch". Tho. Peters d. in 1719. Rowland W., d. a minor. 
Tho., John and Frances, d. under 15, so that Eliz. and Mary are the only two 
surviving legatees. Appellant married Eliz. "W. 2 Aug. L722. She d. Nov. 
following over 21, and he is adni'or of her estate. He exhibited his Bill in 
Chancery 22 Feb. 1722 for payment of legacies £798, 

Answer of Edward Pennant, etc., Frances W. married John Nairn, Esq. 
Mary "W. married Sam. Smith since 1732. To be heard 27 March, 1734. (Add. 
MS. 30,210, fo. 81.) 


Robert Martin of Antigua Esq., brother and h. at 1. of Henry M. of A, Esq., 
dec' 1 , Appellant. Edward Home Forrest of A., Respondent, 

r " 14 Aug. 1079, Mordecai Rogers, sworn Surveyor, laid out for Edward Homo 
400 acres in the Body Division, 100 chains E. and W. by 50 chains N. and S., and 
on 29 May, 1082, a patent was granted. 


On 21 July and 17 Aug., 1079, warrants were issued to Robert Tremills, 
surveyor, to lay out for Roger Complin and \\ r in. Moll 400 acres in the Body 
Division, and Trcmills then found that Home had 500 acres, and lie then run out 
400 acres. 19 June 1682, Complin and Moll obtained a patent for 250 acres, part 
of the 400. Complin d. in 1699. On 4 Oct. 1700, by Ind're Moll and Frances, 
his wife, for £250, granted to Robert Martin, Esq. (appellant's father), the said 
250 acres. Upon the death of Rob. Martin, Henry, his eldest son, and Margaret, 
Robert's widow, possessed the same till 1715, when Geo. Forrest of Antigua, 
surgeon, and Susannah, his wife, set up a title to 85 acres, as part of Home's 
and claimed that Home by Ind're of 4 Jan. 1711, granted to Geo. Forrest, 150 
acres part of his 400, and that 85 acres of Henry Martin's land was part of the 
150. 9 March 1715 Forrest and his wife brought an action of ejectment against 
Henry and Margaret Martin, and the trial took place June 17 17, when Forrest 
obtained a verdict, but certain material witnesses having been absent, Henry and 
Margaret Martin, in May 1718, brought an action and obtained a verdict. 
Forrest and wife then filed their Bill in the Court of Chancery on 5 June 1718, 
and on 19 Aug. it was decreed that the 85 acres should be given up to Martin, but 
Forrest appealed to H.M. in Council, and in Feb. 1722 Forrest's Bill was 
dismissed. Both the Forrests dying, Edward Home Forrest, their s. and h., 
brought his action of trespass, 8 Feb. 1723, and a special verdict of 20 May 1734, 
was found on certain points. 

Edward Horned. 16 May 1720, and the Court gave judgment against Martin, 
and on 1 Nov. 1725 the Court confirmed it. Martin and his wife are now both 
dead, and the said brother of Martin hath revived the appeal. 

Appeal to be heard 5 Nov. 1734. Endorsed in writing, "Jud. revers'd and 
Restitution awarded." (Add. MS. 36,216, fo, 83.) 


John Lewis, brother and h. at 1. of Win. L., late of Jamaica, Esq., and Sam. Collet 
Rich. Fenton and John Barker, assignees of the estate of the said John 
Lewis, under a commission of bankruptcy, Appellants. Sam. Smith and 
Anna, his wife, and John Vassall, Esq., Respondents. 

John Vassall, of the said island, by his will dated 15 Dee. 1700, gave the 
Respondent, Anna, his dau., £1000 c., £500 at 18 or marriage, and £500 at the 
birth of her first child, but if she did not marry the second £500 at 21, and devised 
the residue to the Respondent John V. his s. and li. 

In 1716 Wm. Lewis, brother of the Appellant John being about to marry 
Anna, Mrs. Anna Vassall, Anna's grandmother and guardian, insisted he should 
give bond for bequeathing Anna £2000 if she survived him, and on 25 Feb. 1716 he 
executed it with Wm. Hay as his surety. Bond for £4000 recited. W" Lewis 
married Anna 26 Feb. 1716. 

On 2S Dec. 1717, Wm. Lewis d. intestate leaving her encient. The child was 
b. alive but is since dead. On 22 July 1718, Anna m. !Sain. Smith, and the 
Appellant paid Smith £2800 since which John Vassall had paid Smith the legacy 
of £1000 but it should have been paid to W*"' Lewis, and Smith hath retained 
it and also taken 12 slaves. 

On 30 April 1723 John Lewis exhibited his Bill in the Court of Chancery 
against Smith and John Vassal). 19 Nov. 1723, answer of Smith who alleges the 
£2000 was not in bar of dower but a gift, that the 12 slaves were given him 
by Wm. Lewis on 24 Dec. 1717; the next day Wm. Lewis was sick, and on 
28th gave directions for his will and the paper was read after his death. 12 Aug. 
1734 the Chancellor of J. decreed that the bond for £2000 was not bar to 
dower. John Lewis appealed to II. M. in Council, but a commission of bankruptcy 


issued against liiin 5 June 1735. To be heard 2 Nov. 1730. Endorsed in writing : 
" Decree revers'd y c £1000 por'con and Int. to be eonsid" 1 as part of y c Intestates 
p'sonal estate and the negroes to be accounted for." 

Respondents' Case. 

John Lewis, formerly of Kingston, in Jamaica, afterwards of Blackheatb, in 
Kent, merck*. 

John Vassal] made his wife and mother executrices, but in case of his wife's 
death or marriage, his four brothers were to be his Ex'ors., and soon after died. 
In 171G Wm. Lewis made his addresses which were disapproved of by the mother, 
but after the mother's death ho renewed them and entered into the bond. 
Win. Lewis was first cousin to Sam Smith then beginning to settle a plantation. 
Several sheets of legal notes appended. (Add. MS. 3u',21G, fo. 00.) 


John Dunbar, Esq., and Eleanor his wife, Wm. Gunthorpe, Esq., and Eliz., his 
wife, and Ann Watkins, an infant by her Guardian (the said Eleanor, 
Eliz., and Anue, being the three only surviving children and coh. of 
Tho. Watkins, Esq., dec* 1 ), and Stephen Blizard, Jonas Langford, 
AVm. Mackinen, Rob. Christian, and John Watkins, Esquires (some of 
them Ex'ors of Tho. Watkins dec 1 ', and others of Sam. Watkins, Esq., dec' 1 
who was father of the said Thomas), and all the said live last-named being, 
Guardians of Eleanor, Eliz., and Anne, Appellants. (Ashton Warner Esq., 
late Attorney Gen. but being dec 1 '), Dairy Webb Esq., the present 
Att. Gen., Daniel Warner Esq., Relator, De la Court Walsh Esq., 
Margaret Watkins widow of Sam. Watkins, the father, John "Watkins, 
second son of the said Sam., Chr. Baldwyn and Jane, his wife, a dau. of 
Sam., and Mary Watkins, infant, the other dau. of the said Sam. and 
Richard Lee Esq., her Guardian, Respondents. 

The Appellants' Case. 

Samuel Watkins and Jacob Morgan being agreed on a marriage between 
Tho. W., eldest son of Sam., and Eliz. eldest dau. to Jacob Morgan, and bein^ 
each seized of a considerable plantation an Ind're quinqoepartite of Release of 
20 Aug. 1720 between Sam. Watkins of the 1 st part ; Jacob Morgan of the 2' 1 ; 
Chester and Ilassel the trustees of the 3 d ; Tho. Watkins of the I"'; Eliz. 
Morgan of the 5 th , both plantations were settled. 

1 Sept. 1726 the marriage was had, and several children born, the only J 
living on 19 Oct. 1711 were the 3 Appellants and one other dan. whose true name 
was Mary (and not Margaret), since dead. Eliz. Morgan wife of Tho. Watkins, 
d. 10 June 1712. Sam. Watkins made his will 1 July 1710, provided largely for 
his 2 d son, and for all his children, and left the residue to his eldest son Thomas, 
and d. 5 Ecb. 1715, and 3 days after, on S Feb. 1715 Tho. "Watkins the s. died anil 
left no widow, but only 3 daus., the Appellants', minors. 

Soon after it was pretended he made a will whereby he gave his estate, 
valued at £30,000, to any person the Council and Assembly should dispose of. 13 
April 1747 a Bill was filed in Chancery by the Att y (Jen. against the 
Appellants. Sam. W. after the marriage purchased 00 slaves, and d. without 
bequeathing them exprcsslv, and they vested in Tho. AW* Will of latter given : 
Antigua 10 Oct. 171-1, Tho. Watkins, planter. To my di daus. Eleanor, Eliz., 
Anne, and .Margaret W. £2000 c. each at IS. Having no male issue my father's 

* This will is in thu Registrar's ouice, but in a very bad. condition and only partly legible. 


estate to be divided into 10 acre lots with the negroes to be disposed of to reduced 
and honest families. The mansion house and 10 acres to be for the use of fche 
Commander-in-Chief, the windmill and works, with 1 acres, for the use of ihe 
10 acre men, 2 acres for a school, and each 10 acre man to contribute 30s. for 
the support of a master. Col. Stephen Blizard, Col. Jonas Langford, Capt. Win. 
Maclvineu, and Capt. liobert Christian, Ex'ors and Guardians, and £20 each. A 
vault to be built where my wife and children arc buried, and a wall built round it. 
My plantation and furniture to my dans. A horse, etc., to my cousin, John \V., 
10 pistoles to my nephews and nieces, £100 to my nephews who are my godsons. 
Testator d. S Feb. 1745. 28 Sept. 1748. 

Defendants John, Jane, and Mary (their mother, Margaret, widow of Samuel 
W.), claim the GO slaves by gift of their father. No law for settling charitable 

10 Nov. 174S, Margaret, the widow, insisted her husband gave them. 

30 March 1750, the plaintiffs put in 3 former wills of 1729, 1733, and 1737. 

Mary,* dau. of Tlio. W., d. in her father's lifetime. 

29 Jan. 1750 decree was made for the will and the charitable uses, and 
Appellants were ordered to convey all that plantation in the parish of S l John, 
containing 291 acres bounded E. with Joseph French, S. with M 1 ' Jonas Langford, 
W. with Jacob Morgan, Esq. and Henry Knight, N. with M 1 ' Weatherhill, with 58 
men, 31 women, IS boys, G girls, and 10 children — 123 in all; 32 cattle, 41 more 
slaves purchased by .Sain. W. The personal estate to be accounted. 1G May 
1751, further decree. Jane W. had in. Chr. Baldwin, merchant. Appeal to be 
heard G Feb. 1753. Endorsed in writing : '" Reversed and given in favour of 
the Heirs at Law." 

Respondents' Case. 

19 Aug. 172G. Jacob Morgan's plantation containing 21G acres, 58 men, 
35 women, 15 boys, 11 girls, 7 children, and 32 cattle. Marriage was solemnized 
1 Sept. 172G. Sam. W. by will gave his y 1 ' son John his estate called Monteiros. 
Popeshead plantation was rented at £150, being settled on his son Thos. The 
above very lengthy case took up 3 days in hearing. (Add. MS. 36,217, fo. 34.) 


Wm. Wells, J 1 '., of St. Christopher, merchant, and Eliz. his wife (late Eliz. 
Taylor), who was the widow and ad'trix jointly with the lion. Richard 
Wilson, Esq., of Nicholas Taylor, late of the parish of St. George's, Basse- 
terre, dec' 1 . Appellants. Hon. Richard Wilson and Anthony Wharton, 
Esquires, pretended Ex'ors of Nich. Taylor, Esq., dec' 1 ., and George, Eliz., 
Wm. and Sam. James Taylor, 4 of his children, minors, by the said liichard 
Wilson ami Anthony Wharton their Gr. Respondents. 

Appellants' Case. 

Nich. Taylor, late of St. Geo., Basseterre, Esq., the Appellant, Eliz. Wells's 
former husband, d. intestate leaving the said Eliz. and 5 children by her, Geo., 
Eliz., Win., Sam. Jas., and John, then and still minors, and adtn'uii was granted 
to her with the Hon. liichard Wilson and also Guardians. 20 Nov. 1752, Rich' 1 
Wilson and Anthony Wharton exhibited a paper the pretended will. Nich. 
Taylor d. 27 Nov. 1751, and in 1748 wrote his will, the first one, and on 5 Nov. 
17-18 wrote the second one. and they applied for probate. Witnesses examined on 
both sides. Evidence of Tho. Tyson, Esq., Mrs. Ann Brodbelt, Dr. AVm. 
Hamilton, Francis Philip Brodbelt, value of the real estate £1G,000, and of the 
personal IS to £20,000, and there were 3 children by his wife Kliz. on 5 Nov. 
17 18, Geo., Eliz. and Wm., and 2 by her since, Sam. Jas. and John. Francis 

* iSuo was buried 11 Aug. 17-15. 


Philips, Esq., Eelix Dorau. "Sir. James Smith. Mr. Joseph Daniel employed to 
sort papers. Mr. Peter Tho. Tyson. 3 Dec. 175:5, decree for the will of 5. Nov. 
174-8. Appeal to II.M. in Council. Nicli. Taylor repeatedly declared that he had 
made no will. Endorsed: To bo heard 11 Jan. 1757, and* in writing "Decree 

Respondents' Case. 

1st paper. Will recited : Nicli. Taylor of St. Geo., Basseterre, planter. To 
my wile Eliz. § of all profits and my furniture. To s Win. and dan. Eliz. and 
the child my wife now goes with £6000 apiece at 21. My mother Mary Carr £20 
a year. My two brothers, Geo, and Sam. T., £200 c. apiece. All residue to my 
son George. Richard Wilson and Anthony Wharton, Esquires, Ex'ors and G. 
5 Nov. 1748. 

2nd paper. To my wife Eliz. ^ of plantation and furniture. Children, Eliz., 
Win., and the child my wife goeth with, £21,000 c. equally among them. My 
brothers Geo. and Sam. T. £200 st. each. JMy mother Mary Carr £20 a year. All 
residue to my son 4 George if he die my next h. at 1. to pay my brother Sam. 
£1,000. Ex'ors as above, no date, of his own handwriting. (Add. MS. 30,217, 
fo. 103.) 


Joseph Williams, Esq., eldest s. and h. of Joseph W., Esq., who was one of the 
four sons and a devisee of a part of the real estate of Rowland W., Esq., 
dec d . App. 

Hannah Beeclier. Resp. 

Appellant's Case. 

Rowland Williams having 4 infant sous and a dau. living by will dated 
19 June, 1722, devised his estate to his 4 sons gave £2,000st. or £3,000c. to his 
dau., aud appointed Win. AV\, Jonathan Gale and Tho. Wollery, Esquires, Ex'ors 
and &., and by a codicil gave to his friend Mary Sharp £300 c. and £100 st. a 
year, and d. G June, 1723, leaving a great estate. All the Ex'ors d. within 10 
years. Lewis W., one of the sons, on 7 July, 1732, obtained adm'on. About 
1742 some deed was made between the said Mary Sharp and her dau., the Resp. 
Hannah Beecher (wife of Edward Beeeher), whereby she assigned to Hannah all 
sums due. Edward Beeeher d. 10 Oct., 1751, and Hannah obtained adm'on of 
his estate. Mary Sharp was still living. Twenty-nine years after testator's death 
Hannah Beeeher fded her Bill 24 Oct., 1751, and claimed payment of the £300 
with interest at 10 per cent, amounting to £9,955 c. Mary Sharp d. 5 July, 

Answer of the App., Joseph Williams, 29 Aug., 1753, that his grandfather 
gave the said legacy to plaintiff's mother not charged on the real estate. 
Testator's sons, Joseph, Lewis, John and Win. Joseph, the eldest son, 
Appellant's late father. App. is in possession of Carawona. 

1 Aug., 175-1, the Gov. ordered that an account should be taken. -App. 
appealed to H.M. in Council. The Master found £10,450 was due and on 1 Aug., 
1755, the Gov. ordered payment and on 3 May, 175G, pending the appeal issued 
a sequestration and Appellant's whole estate has been seized to the amount of 
£30,000. To be heard 22 March, 1757. Endorsed in wri ting " Decree reversed 
and Restitution awarded." 

Respondent's Case. 

Rowland Williams, by his will, gave to his dau. and to 3 of his sons, Lewis, 
John aud Win., £8,500 in legacies, and to his 3 sons severally his real estate, and 
to John also 30 negroes, and to his eldest son, Joseph, until 27, £500 a year. 


£100 to his brother Wm., and all residue to his son Joseph, and, by a Codicil, gave 
to Mary Sharpe, widow, £300 c. payable out of the first crop, and £100 st. a year 
and d. G Dec, 1722. Mary Sharp only received £161 (Add. MS. 36,217, 
fo. 123.) 


James Barclay of J., Esq., Ex'or of John Knight, Esq., dec' 1 , who was Ex'or of 

James Knight, Esq., his father dec 11 . Appellants. 
Daniel Munro, Esq., Respondent. 

Appellant's Case. 

Resp. exhibited his Bill in Chancery against James Barclay setting forth that 
in 1732 James Knight, late of J., merchant, had exhibited his Bill against Daniel 
Munro, Respondent's father, and Richard Harris, Jr., merchants, to bring them 
to account for a co-partnership, firstly between James Knight, Munro the father, 
and Try on, and afterwards between James Knight and Munro the father, and 
lastly between James Knight, Munro the father, and Harris, and Respondent's 
father dying, James Knight, during Respondent's minority, in 1735 exhibited his 
Bill against Edward Pratter and Mathias Philp, his adm'ors, with will annexed, 
and against Respondent, and against Richard Harris. Dispute as to accounts 
between the partners. 

Respondent's Case. 

Respondent conveyed in 17-12, 2,030 acres, part of 120 acres, all John Moore's 
land, Crescent plantation, with 510 acres all iu St. Mary's; 1,000 acres and 1,000 
acres in St. Ann and St. George ; and a pen of -191 acres in St. Andrew's to 
trustees. James Knight was dead, having made John Knight, late of Kingston, 
Esq., his Ex'or, who was also dead, having appointed James Barclay his Ex'or in 
J., and Anna Knight and Sarah Williams, of London, his Ex'trices, Appeal to 
be heard 25 March 1757. (Add. M.S. 30,217, fo. 132.) 

James Knight of J., Esq., now residing at Stoke Nevvington, "Will dated 
22 May 1743, s. in 1. John Williams, Esq., husband of dan. Sarah £2,000, dau. 
Ann K. £0,000, my plantation called Molynes, penns in St. Andrew, and est. in 
Kingston, sums due from Daniel Monro. All residue to s. John. P. May 1747 
[129 Potter]. See Archer 104 for M.I. to testator's wife. John Knight of 
Kingston, J., Esq., Will dated 12 May 1753. My grandfather's vault in K., all 
est. to sisters Sarah Williams, wid., and Ann K., both of Westminster. Testator 
d. at Philadelphia, bach. P. 13 Feb. 1751 [47 Pinfold]. 

Tho. Powell of J., gent., and Aleshn, his wife (lately dec d ), who was the widow and 

anEx'trixof Matthew Hughes, late of J., shipwright dec' 1 . Appellant. 
Eliz. Hughes (widow and Ex'trix of Walter 11. dec' 1 , who was elder brother and 

h. at 1. of s d Matthew H.) ; 
Walter Hughes the Y' (only s. and Ii. at 1. of s d Walter If. dec' 1 ) ; 
Catherine Hughes (widow and surviving Ex'trix of Stephen 11. another of the 

brothers of s (1 Matthew II.) ; 
Jennett, Cath., Joan and Mary Hughes (only children and coh. at 1. of s d Stephen 

H.), Infants by their next Friend ; 
Sarah Hughes (Widow and Ad'trix of Charles II. dec' 1 , another brother of 

Matthew H. and one of the Ex'ors of Stephen 11.). Respondents, 


Appellant's Case. 

Matthew Hughes, 1))- his will dated 22 -Tune, 171 I, bequeathed to the s' 1 Alesha 

his pciiii in the parish of St. Andrew, ami !) negroes, sheep and gouts, furniture, 
plate, chaise and riding horse for her life, and after her doath to his brothers 
Walter, Charles and Stephen, and gave Appellant, his cousin, Tho. Powell, £25, 
and appointed his wife, Win. "Williams, Esq., and Lucock Griffin, Ex'ors, and d. 

soon after. 

Alesha married the Appellant and became entitled to dower, and she held the 
estate until Christmas, 17-1G, when Walter Hughes the Elder arrived in J., and 
took ■§- of the real estate until his death in 17-17 when Stephen II., his brother, 
then arrived and obtained Adm'on and possessed the estate until his death, the end 
of 1747. The Appellant took out adm'on de bonis non and hoped to settle 
accounts but all the Respondents (except Sarah H.) with Charles H. (who after- 
wards d.) exhibited their Bill against Appellant and his wife, Benj. lfnnie and 
others, Ex'ors of Lucoek Griffin, and against John Williams and others, Ex'ors 
of Win; Williams, and claimed £7,182 c. and rent of £0<HJ c. a year. 

Walter Hughes, brother of Matthew, made his will It April, 1740, and de- 
vised his real estate to the Respondent, Eliz. H. and Walter H. the Y'\ his son, 
and appointed her Ex'trix. Stephen Hughes, by his will dated 18 Feb., 17-15, 
devised his estate to the Respondents Jennett, Catherine, Joan and Mary H. 
equally and appointed Cath.and Charles II. and John Powell (appellant's brother) 

Dispute as to the dower of Alesha. Charles Hughes dying, Sarah IT., his 
widow and ad'trix, 9 Sept., 1754, brought her Bill in Chancery. 2 May, 1755, 
the Master reported that Appellant and his wife had received out of the personal 
estate £3,792, and from the real estate £1,248. Numerous accounts given. 

Respondents' Case. 

Testator d. s. p. 4 July, 1744, and was also seised of a mountain provision 
plantation of 1,200 a. in St. Andrew's and houses in Kingston and 49 valuable 
slaves. Wm. Williams d. and made his will 5 July. 1748. Appellant's brother, 
Gabriel Powell", in England. 2 May, 1755, Master's report. 17 June, 1755, 
Alesha d. Final decree 15 Aug., 1755. Appeal to II. M. in Council. To be 
heard 1 April, 1757. (Add. MS. 30,2 L7, fo. 189.) 

{To le continued.) 

fbutjjtrsall of JSariialios* 

Eliz. liothersaH of L., wid. Will dated 2S Aug. 1058. My grandchild Eliz. 
H., dau. of my s. Theobald II., my 2 messuages in Hart Str., Covcnt Garden, p. 
of S' Martin's-in-fhe-feilds, & her heirs, & m default of issue to my grandchild 
Mary II., one other of the dans, of my B d son. my grauds. Roberi II., s. of my s' 1 
s. To my grandchild Mary II., my messuage in Pheuix Alley in or near Hart 
Str., Ac. To my sons John II. & Theobald II., a trunk of linen marked (J. A., 
standing in the house of my s. T., called the Grate Taverne in Smithfeild. M j 
dau. -in-law Eliz. II., wife of my s. T., in\ best diamond ring, s' 1 gr 1 ' daus. not 18. 
My grandson Theo,, s of my s d s. Theo., one silver tankard & porringer. All res 
to grdch d Eliz, II. , & side Ex'trix. I appoint my sister, Mistria Isabella Lu&her, 
it friend Master b'ob. Smith, overseers, £5 each. Proved 21 Feb. IG58, ad' to 
Theo. II., the Father of Eliz. IT.,tcst\ I. of S 1 Sepulchres. Ou 11 1\ b. LU15G, com' 
to Wm. Avery the 0. of Eliz. II., a minor. Theo. If. being dead. (98, Pell.) 


Mary Allanson of Wandawoith, wid. My dan. Eli/. Hothcrsall. Mv s.-in-l,, 
Rich. H., dec' 1 , & hia brother Jolin II. Eli/,. H., wife of my grandson Theobald 
II,, citizen and vintner. P. 1653. (135 Brent.) 

John Burch of Guydiehall, cb. Essex, Esq. Will dated 17 Nov. IGUS. Funeral 
not to exceed £300. To my -wife Margaret t B., my manor & lands of Gruidiehall 
in the p. of Ilornechnreh, the house, the parke with the warren, & the Unicorno 
Inne for her life, then to my sister ltebeccah llothersall. On my purchase of tho 
s d manor I settled a lease of 1000 years of a part of the lands in the names of 
Tho. Kendall, Esq., since dee' 1 , & of Win. Drax, Esq., to be for my wife & sister. 
To my said wife £1500, books, Jewells, plate, coach-horses, coach & produce, & the 
one moyetie of my plantation called Hogsty, in S' John's p., I. of Barbadoes, cont. 
500 a., negroes, cattle & stock, & the moiety of my storehouse in the town of 
S' Michael's, & the other moiety to my sister Rebecca H., & the reversion of my 
wife's j to her, & the remainder of the whole to my 2 nephews Tho. If. & Burch 
II. All produce to be consigned to M 1 ' Tho. Cooper, merchant, & whereas my 
brother-in-1., Thos. II., hath, in pursuance of an agreement of marriage had 
between Tho. Muddiforde, son of S r Tho. M., lit., & Frances, the dan. of the said 
Thos., since dee' 1 , contracted a debt of £1200, secured by a mortgage of some est. 
in the Barbadoes, I give to my six nephews & nieces, the ch" of my s d sister 
ltebeccah, £1200, to redeem the said mortgage, & to be secured to them. To my 
sister £500. Eliz. Clarke, my housekeeper, £100. My cosen Tho. Cave, £100. 
My cosen Abigail, wife of Geo. Ash, £50. M 1 ' Tho. Cooper, £100. Governors of 
Christ's llosp. £100. To my nephews & necces John, Tho, Burch, Eliz., Reb a 
& Anne H., & my neece Abiah Trott, the dan. of my sistor Eliz. Trott, £300 
apiece at 1G or m. All residue to my wife & sister. My wife sole Ex'trix in 
Eng., & my loving friends Col. Sam. Barwiek, Capt. James Thorpe & L l John 
Sayera Eiors. in T. at the B'oes., M r Tho. Cooper & M 1 W" 1 Drax, overseers in 
Eng., £30 a piece. To the chapel of Rumfonl, in the p. of Ilornechnreh, 2 silver 
ilaggons of £12 apiece. £5 to the minister for my funeral sermon. Proved 
4 Dec. 1GGS by Marg 1 B., p. r. to the others. (151, Henc.) 

Proved also in B'os 8 Eeb. 1GG8-9 by Chr. Codringtou with a copy attested by 
the Lord Mayor. (Barbados Records, vol. xv., p. GO.) 

Barbadoes. Dame Rebecca Bridge. "Will dated 18 Nov. 1G71. To be interred 
in S l John Church. To my dear husband S r Tobias B. all my pers. est., & Giddy 
Hall in Essex, for his life, now in tho possession of my sister Margarett Burch, & 
after his death to my sou John H. My hush 1 to quit all disbursements laid out 
here on this plantation called llothersall's Poole. He to remember my 3 dans. & 
grandchild Bebecca Kendall, & to be G. to my two sons Tho. & Burch II. If he 
die before me then I give his nephews Francis John & Tobias B. all his moneys. 
To my daus. Eliz. Kendall, Rebecca & Anne H., & my grandchild Rebecca Kendall, 
all my personal eat., both here & in Eng., & plate, excepting £50 to M 1 ' \V m 
Lashley, minister. Nurse Slogrove to enjoy her 3 acres & 2 to be added. My 
son, Thos. Kendall, sole Ex'or, & care of all est. here till my husband arrives. 
Signed with a cross. Witnessed by Henry Byrch, M. Leolin Loyd, Rebe k Beale. 
Proved 20 March 1G72 com 1 to S r Tobias Bridge, K l . (2G, Eure.) 

John llothersall of Guydyhall in the p'sh of Ilornechurch, co. Essex. Will 
dated 30 July 1694. ' 
I. of Berbad 
Million Act 

Iothersall of Guydyhall in the p'sh of Ilornechurch, co. Essex. Will 
luly 1004. To my 1 st s., Tho. 11., all my est,, r. & p., both here & in the 
ados at 25. My dau., Meliora, £1200, & £300 1 have put into the 
st on the lives of my s. Thos. Burch and herself, at day of m. or 21. l\Iy 

XOh. Yl, 



Akms. — Azure, a leopard rampant ppr, 
lowers' M.I. of Wells Calliodral, p. 278.) 

[Hothersall]. (Quartered by Pinder. 

Capt. Tho. Hothersall, sen., of Bftrbados,= 
Justice of No. I Precinct 1631 ; purchased 
1000 acres before 1011 ; His plantation 
marked in Lygon'a map; bur. 2 May 

Capt. John Hothersall 
of B. 1638. 

Tho. Hothersall, jun., mort- 
gages his plantation in St. 
John's 1058; bur. 14 Feb. 
1008-9, but query, as he 
was dead at date of will of 
Col. John Burch 17 Nov. 
1668. Will recorded in 

=Eebecea Burch of Hothcr-= 
sails Poole plantation and 
of Gidea Hall ; bur. at St. 
John's Barbados. Will 
dated 18 Nov. 1G71 ; 
proved 20 March 1672 
(20, Pure). 

Sir Tobias Bridge, Kt., 
C.-iu-C. about 1602, 
vide Col. Cal. ; Col. of 
the English Beg., Bar- 
bados, 1009 ; mar. 25 
July 1009 ; M. of C. 

John Hothersall, born 1654 ; : 
of Giddy Hall 1093 ; matric. 
from Magd. Coll., Oxf., 20 
Jan. 1070-1, aged 10 ; M. 
of C. 1GS5. Will dated 
30 July and proved 30 Sept. 
1094 (210, Box). 



Thos. Hothersall, a minor, ? M. of C.: 
and dead 1701. 

Tho. Hothersall of Morton Coll., Oxf., 
matric. 14 July 1090, aged 15 ; ? recom- 
mended for the C. 1701. 

Tho. Hothersall of Hothersalls Poole plan- Burch- 

tation and Gidea Hall, a minor 1094 ; Hothersall, 

died bachelor. "Will dated 27 Peb. 1707; heir to his 

proved 12 July 1710 (159, Smith). At brother Tho. 

his death Gidea Hall was sold to Sir 1707; living 

John Eyles. 1746. 

Eli/.. Hothersall, mar. 1st Sam. Osborne, whose will 
was dated 11 Oct. 1750, and 2ndly Era. Pord, who 
died 1772. She died 1773 intestate. 

John=j= Joyce, 



sister of 

John Hothersall, 1 
nephew and coheir 
1703 of John 

John Hothersall of Hothersalls, =p A my North, dan. and heir of Geo. N. ; died 28 

Esq., died 22 Nov. 1790, aged SO. 
M.l. at St. John's. 

March and bur. 5 April 1785, aged GO. 
Bath Abbey. 


I I 

Dau., ? mar. Hon. Win. Eliza Maria 

Bishop, Preside nt oft he C. Hothersall, 

She died 21 March 1810. died 1 Jan. 

He died in L. 21 Aug. 1771, 

1801, aged 49. M.L in aged 5. 
St. Peter's. Barbados. 

Ann Isabella Hothersall, 1st dan. and 
coheir, mar. 80 Jan. 17GG Hon. Win. 
Pinder, Chief-Justice, lie died 14 Dec. 
1800 on his estate. M.L at St. John's. 
Their son quartered the arms of 
Hothersall. She died April 1807. 



dau. Rebecca IT. £1200 & £200 in the Million Act on the lives of my s. Guy & 
Edward, at day of m. or 21. To my sons Burch, John, Guy, Edward & Francis 
£1200 apiece at 21. To my wife, Meliora, £200 a year out of my est. in Bug., & 
£100 a year out of B'os, & to be sole G. of my s. Thos. & all my cli", & Ex'trix 
during widowhood, but it' she marry I appoint my dear brother Burch II., my bro. 
JS 7 ich. Prideaux, A my friends S r John Eyles «fc Era. Eyles to be Gr. & T. ]\ly 
wife to also liave my plate, Jewells, coach & horses. Proved 12 Sept. 1694 by 
Meliora EL, wid., the relict. (210, Box.) 

Col. John Burch of Barbados and Gidca Hall, Eom- 
ford, Essex. Will dated 17 Nov. and proved 4 Dec. 
1008 (151, Hene). 


Margaret . . . ., inherited 
G idea Hall; living 1071. 


Burch Hothersall, born 
March 1064 ; entered 
Merchant Taylors' Sch. 
11 Sept. 1679; M.A. 
Oxf . 1G82 ; from Einan. 
Coll.,Camb.; M. of C. ; 
died about 1G98. 

Eliz. Hothersall, mar. 
21 Jan. 1G68-9 Capt. 
Tho. Kendall. 

Rebecca Hothersall, 
spinster 1671. 



Erauces Hother- 
sall, mar. art. 
dated 1G58 with 
Tho. Muddiford, 
son of Sir Tho. 
M., Bart. She 
was dead 16G8. 








Meliora Hothersall, mar. Rich. Rebecca 

Hallett of Axmouth. She Hothcr- 

died Nov. 1733. He died sail. 
174G (152, Potter). 

(? Thos.) 


Ann Cath. Hothersall, great-niece 1777 of Mrs. Kath. Tunckes, 
wife of ... . Harris 1781. 

Tho. Hothersall of Guydy Hall, co. Essex, Esq., 1 st s. & h. of John H, 1. of 
G. H, dec d . Will dated 27 Feb. 1707. My 1. E., by will dat. about 31 July 
1691, gave all his est. to mo subject to payments not yet fully satisfied. 1 appoint 
John & Joseph Eyles two of the sons of Era. E. of L., Esq., to be my Ex'ors and 
T., & give them my freehold estate Guydy Hall to sell & pay legacies due to my 
brothers & sisters, & I give them my plantation in the I. of Barbadoes called 
Hothersall's Poole, with negroes & stock, to pay to my Mother, ]\l rs Meliora H, 
£300 a year in satisfaction of the annual sums left by my father's will, & after 
discharge of all legacies to my Mother for life then to my bro. Burch H., he to 


then pay £50 a year to my brother Guy H. & £100 a yr. to mv bro. Edward 11. 
To Ex'ors £50 a piece. Proved 12 July 1710 by both Ex'ors. (159, Smith.) 

Sir Peter Colleton of S l Jas., Middx., in his will of 1693-4 appoints John H. 
of Gucddy Hall, Rumford, Essex, Esq., an overseer. 

Mary Phillips, widow. Will proved 1705. My brother John llothersall. My 
father-in-law M 1 ' Fred Phillips of New York, merch', (37, Gee.) 

John Parmer, Esq. Will proved 1705. My sister Joyce llothersall. One 
moiety of mv est. to my nephew John Hothersall, gent. My nephew Pred. 
Phillips. (88, Gee.) 

172-1, Oct. 27. Buret Hothersall's affidavit to the will of John Sampson at 

Sarah Yeaman.s, of B'os, widow. AVill dated 11 Dec. 1721. Burch llother- 
sall, Esq., an Ex'or. 

Joseph Hawes of Antigua, planter. AVill dated 31 March 1738 in London. 
Witnessed by John llothersall. 

Harry Slingsby of B'os. Will dated 21 Aug. 174G. Burch llothersall of 
B'os, Esq., an Ex'or. Geo. North of B'os & L. Will proved 1703. My dau. 
Amy wife of M r John Hothersall. My interest in a plantation in B'os. (145, 

1631. Thos. Hothersall Esq., Justice of No. 1 precinct from the Windward 
Point to Mangrove Bridge. (Memoirs of the First Settlement, p. 1G.) 

1G38. Thos. Hothersall and Capt. John II. then owners of more than 10 
acres. (Ibid.) 

1641, Aug. 11. Tho. II., gent., for 16,0001bs. of cotton sells to TIio. Cliff 
200 acres, part of 1.000 a. Tho. II. bought of Henry Hawley. (B'os Becords, 
vol. i., p. 171.) 

1G58, Apr. 20. Tho. H, of B'os, the Y r , for £1250, pd by Win. Sharpe of 
B. M' have sold him my pl n of 1-10 a. in the p'sh of S l John, bounded N. with 
Ferdinando Paleologus, Cap. Geo. Martain, and Col. Jn° Burch ; E. by Ed. Ash; 
S. by Geo. Horster and Kendall pi 11 ; W. by Cap. Tho. Hothersall, S r , etc., with 
the lugenio. (" Gent. Mag." for 1843, p. 19.) 

Merchant Taylors School. Burch Hothersall, b. March 1664, entered 
11 Sept. 1G79. 

1G85, May 22. John Hothersall takes the oaths as a M. of Council. 

1G98, March 1G. Burch Heathersall of the Council is dead. (Col. Cal. p. 137.) 

1701, June 25. Gov 1 ' Grey recommends for the Council Thos. Hothersall, a 
gentleman, whose Father had the honour to serve in Council, and who inherits 
his very considerable estate. (Ibid. p. 318.) 

Close Boll, 27 Geo. III. Part 2, No. 13, 28 Feb. 1787, Ashton AVarner and 
others. Becites the will of Kath. Tunkes, b. of S l Mich. Barbadoes, widow, dated 
21 Nov. 1177, by which she gave to Anne Cath. Hothersall, her great niece, 
£500 c. at 18 or marriage, and in case of death to Hester H. her mother, and 
appointed Tho. II. Esq., one of her Ex'ors, and by Ind. of 27 Apr. 1781 he has paid 
Anne Cath. Hothersall (now Mrs. Harris), the £500 c, (Antigua iii., 195.) 

Mary, 5 dau. of Andrew Jenour of Dunmow, CO. Essex, Esq. m. 1 John 
Hathersall, who d. s. p., and 2 John Langlcy of London, linendraper. (Visitation 
of Essex, A" 1612, p. 223.) 

John llethersoll, of Grays Inn, barr. at law, m. Martha, sister of Sir Kenelm 
Jenour, Bart. She rem. John Langley of L. Aid., who d. 1639. (Misc. (!. et H. 
2 S. iii., 1G9.) 

A. pedigree of Hothersall of II. is in Baine's History of Lancashire, iv. 110. 

Sec Phillipse in Burke's Landed Geninj and Bath Abbey Register. 




1659 May 2 Thomas Hothcrsall, Esq™. 

1(562 Dee. 27 William, s. of Cap 1 Tho 9 Hothersal!. 

10G8-9 Feb. U Cap' Thomas Hothersall. 

1689 Oct. 20 Elizabeth, dau. of Cap 4 Hothersall. 

1752 May 25 Burch, s. of John Hothersall, Esq r . 

175-1 July 13 George Burch Hothersal, s. of M 1 ' John Hothersall. 

1796 Nov. 1 John Hothersall, aged 80 y 1 ' 8 . 


1659 July 28 M 1 ' John Lewes and Ann Hothcrsall. 

10(52 May 20 Thomas Moddii'ord and Ann Hothersall. 

1668-9 Jan. 21 Cap 1 Thomas Kendal and Eliz. Hothersall. 

16G9 July 25 S r Tobias Bridge and Eebecca Hothersall. 

17GG Jan. 30 M 1 William Pindah to Miss Ann Issabella Hothersall. 

177G Apr. 18 Francis Skeete, Esq 1 ', to Eliza Hothersall. 


1707 Jan. 3 Thomas Hothersall, 21, bur. 
1710 Eeb. 21 Mary Hothersell, GO, bur. 

Mab. Lie. by Bishop of London. 

1G15, Oct. 6. Richard Hothersall of S l Dunstan in the West, L., Merchant 
Taylor, & Elizabeth Allanson of S l Brides, L., spr.,at S' Martins in the Vintry, L. 

1G20, Dec. 11. Thomas Hothersall, of S' Botolph, Bishopsgate, L., Plasterer, 
& Margery Lane, of St. Mary Colechurch, L, spr., her parents dead ; at S l Mary 
Colechurch aforesaid. 

Mar. Alleo. op Yic. Gen. 

1667-8, Feb. 22. William Avery of Gray's Inn, Gent., Bach., about 29, & 
Elizabeth Hothersall of Lewisham, Kent, sp r , about 18 ; consent of her mother 
Elizabeth Freeman, wid. ; at 8' Mary Savoy, or S f Clement Danes, or S l Katherine 
near the Tower, L. 

16S9, Sept. 3. Henry Hothersall (or Hethersall) of S' Andrew's, Holborn,L., 
Gent., Bach., about 23, & M" Mary Scott, of S l Giles in the Fields, spr., about 
24, at her own disposal ; at S' James, Clerkenwell. 

They were married on Dec. 27 as Henry Hethergale & Mary Scott. 

Bjw of JWontsenat 



1725-6 Jan. 5 Michael s. of Cap 1 John Dyer and Margaret his wife. 

1724 July 2 Mathcw s. of Cap 1 Dyer and Margaret his wife. 

1727 July 21 Then baptised Nine Negroes belonging to Cap 1 Dyer. 

1728 Ap. 20 Joseph, s. of Maj 1 ' Dyer and Margaret his wife. 

* The ancient baptisms have been lost. 



Amis. — Or, a chief indented Sable* L^ vt ' r -J 
Ckkst. — Out of a coronet a f/oot's head. 

Anthony Dyer of M. 1G77-8. John Dyer of M. 1G77-8. 

Margaret^pJohn Dyer of St. Anthony's, Monserrat,-fMary 
Chief Justice 1751 ; died March 1781. I . . . ." 

Mathew D)'cr, 
bapt. 1724. 

Michael Dyer, 
bapt. 1725-G. 

Joseph Dyer, 

bapt. 1728. 

? Mark 
Ensign in 
Regt; died 
1742 at La 

Sarah, dau.=pHenry Dyer, born 1742 ;=pEliz., dau. 

of Rd. 

Dyctt and 
widow of 
Tlio. Du- 
berry. She 
died 1770. 


of St. Mary Hall, Oif., 
niatric. 14 Feb. 175!), 
aged 17 ; Chief Justice ; 
died 13 Jan. 1788. W.I. 
Bookplate No. 57G. 

of Mrs. 
French ; 

1771 in 
her will. 


Win. Atwick Hamer=pAnna Lloyd, died 17 Jan. Henry Percy Hamer. 

of Demerara, Esq., 
dead 185G. 

1856. M.I. Cheltenham. 
(Ante, IV., 91.) 


Michael Greathead 



1745 Sept. 20 Margaret y e dau. of y e Hon l,le John Dyer, Esq., and Mary of y' : 
p. of S' George, bapt. 


177G Feb. 12 Henry Morton Willis, s. of Mark and Ann Arabella Dyer, b. 
20 Oct., 1775. 


1748 Oct. 10 The Honourable Charles Morton, Esq., and Anne Louisa 

1G77-8. Northward Division. Anthony Dyer. 

Cap 1 John Devcraux's Division. John Dyer, 1 in., 1 w., 4 ch". 

Cap 1 John Deveraux's Division. Anthony Dyer, 1 m., 1 w., 4 ch". 

1730. Major John Dyer. St. Anthony. 

1742-3, L l Col. Geo. Lucas writes: Ensign Mark Dyer d. of fever at La Guyra. 

Geo. Leonard, of Tortola, Esq. Will dated 1G May, 1791. To the lion. 
Mark Dyer £200. 

1774. John Dyer and James Iltissey. Close Roll B G, 

1832. Oct. 15, Aged 83, M. Dyer, esq., late of Alphinglon, Devon, and 
formerly of the island of Tortola. (G.M ., 483.) 

In the bookplates the field is Sable, but on the tablet (Jules. 



Hon. Charles Morton of St. Kitts,=y=Aune Louisa Georges, mar. at 
youngest sou o£ 1st Lord Dueie, St. Aime's, Sandy Point, to 
Major (?iu the army). Oct. 17 IS. 







of Deme- 

29 Sept. 



Mark Dyer, born 1749 ; M.-^ 
of C. of Tortola ; formerly 
of Roundhill, co. Som, later 
of Alphington, eo. Devon, 
where he died 15 Oct, 1832, 
aged S3. W.I. Bookplate, 
No. 729. 

Ann Arabella 
Morton, mar. 
at St. Geo., 
Square, 25 
A ii'_r. 1 771'. 

Henry Morton "Willis Dyer, born 20 Oct. 1775 ; bapt. 12n=Rebecca Phipps, died 

Peb. 177G at Basseterre, St. Kitts ; Judge of Vice- 
Admiralty, Bahamas, 1810; died 1G May 1841, aged G5. 
M.I. at Marylebone. (Ante, V., 1G3.) W.I. Bookplate, 
No. 153. 

12 Aug. 1830. 
V., 1G0.) 

M.I. at 



^tracts of JJelns aSMte in tl)c $.C,C* 

Nicholas Burroughs of Island of Nevis. Will dat. 9 Dee., 172:L To my 
son John B. all my estate in fee and he to be Ex'or. By reason of his nonage I 
appoint my brother John B. and Charles Nicholls, both of Bristol, and Roger 
Bembertou, Timothy Tyrrell, Peeok AValker, esq., and John Stephens, all of Nevis, 
to be his guardians. Wits. : Henry Hatsell, Tho s Lady, Tho 3 Herbro, James 

Prob. 13 Oct., 1725, by John Burroughs the Ex'or. (20G, Romney.) 

John Babell. Will dat. at Nevis 11 July, 1725. To my wife Prances B. 
(she to be ex'trix) all my estate. Wits. : Cradock Wells, Win. Weekes, Matliew 
Martin and Eich a Meriwether. 

Prob. 28 Sep., 172G, by Prances B., widow, relict and ex'trix. (Plymouth, 

Lawrence Brodbelt of London, merchant. AVill dat. 11 Dec, 1726. My 
plantation in St. John's parish, Nevis, and all real and personal estate to my wife 
Mary Ann B. and my son Daniel B. in fee in trust for them and all my other 
children living at my death equally, sons at 21 and 21 or marriage. Sd. 
wile and son Daniel B. to be ex'ors. Priends Col. Thomas Butler, of Camberwell, 
Surrey, merchant, Edward Crispc of London, Esq., my brother Richard B. and 
Joseph Herbert, both of Nevis, esquires, to be overseers. Wits. : John Ludford, 
Ralph Payne, Geo. Sale. Prob. 28 Jan., 172G[-7J by Mary Ann B., widow, the 
relict and Daniel B., the son, the ex'ors. (5, Parrant.) 

* Continued from \i. 10, 


BENJAMnr Bibket, of Island afsi (Kevis). "Will dat. .. July, 17 2S. Ti 
2 sisters, Catharine and Susannah B., £lu. To my wife, Aniie B., all debts owing 
to me in this Island, all BUgar shipped home, consigned to my. correspondents in 
England, Samuel Travers of London, merchant, Ralph Coxe and Walter Grubbe in 
Bristol. Mr. John Dowse, ol' sd. Island, and Mr. Kalph Cox, of Bristol, to be 
Trustees. Sd. wit'o to be ox'trix. AVits. : John Tobin, Simon Bx^owne, Sarah 

Adm. c. t. a. 23 June, 1729, to Maurice Berkley, jun., attorney of Anne B., 
widow, relict and ex'lrix, now at Nevis. (159, Abbott.) 

John Dowse, of Island of Nevis, merchant. "Will dat. 30 Aug., 1731. Wh'as 
at my marriage with my late wife, Martha D., dec, I entered into bond payable 
to Mr. Christopher Hodgson for payment of £500 to Mary Mellotte, my daur.-in- 
law, at age of [blank] or marriage and she thereupon to release me. of all demands 
on account of estate of Peter M., her dec. father, which bond is lost, I, there- 
tore, confirm same. To sd. daur.-in-law, negroes which were her sd. father's, viz., 
Will, Nanny and her children and Hero, a boy, all at 21 or marriage. To my 
sister-indaw, Catherine Cannum, £21 annuity for life. My sister-in-law, Anne 
Dowse, to live in house she possesses rent free during widowhood, not to he 
chargeable for any more moneys, etc., that my brother, Anthony D., hath had of 
me. My sister-in-law, Dinah Keate, to live in her present house rent free for 
life. I release my sister, Bithiah Cowley, and my brother, Thomas D., of all 
accounts. Best of estate to any lawful child of mine in default as follows : 
To my brother, Thomas D., and my sd. sister, B. Cowley, £28 annuity each for 
life. To my nephew, and my neice, Mary C, £500, each at 21 or marriage; if 
both die, to my sd. sister, B. Cowley. All sugar to be sent to England to Mr. 
Thomas Truman. Best of estate to sd. nephew and neice [blank] and Mary 
Cowley and my daur. -in-law, Mary Mellotte, equally at 21. Thomas Truman of 
London, merchant, my sd. sister Bithiah Cowley, my friend Mathew Wall and his 
wife Anne W., to be ex'ors and guardians of sd. 3 minors. A white marble tomb- 
stone to be put up on my grave if I die at Nevis. Wits. : John Peterson, Richard 
Spencer, Charles Willson. 

Brob. 22 Mar., 1732[-3], by Thomas Trueman and Bethia Cowley, widow, 2 of 
the ex'ors. Power reserved for Mathew Wall and Ann \V., his wife, the other 
ex'ors. (81, Price.) 

Mary PrNNEf, of Island of Nevis, widow. Will dated 10 Nov. 1729 to my 
servant Miles Wells £50. To my only son John Frederick P. rest of estate in 
fee & he to be ex'or. My 4 friends Berkely Seymour of co. Homers., Engl., esq., 
William Coleman of city of London, merchant, Jeremiah Browne ct John Spooner 
of Island of 8' Christophers, esquires, to be ex'ors in trust during minority of b' 1 
son. Witnesses: John HufEam, Sommers Payne, Tho a Baker, John Woodley, jun. 

Probate 21 Nov. 1735 by John Frederick P., son & ex'or. (231, Lucie.) 

{To be continued.) 

( 81 ) 

^Jjarpt of &t Vincent from §»t tiitt*. 

1725. Col. John Davis, President of St. Kilts. Will dated 1 Dec. My dau.- 
in-law Anne, wife of Joseph Estridge^ esq., and Henry Sharp her son hy her former 
husband Lieut. Wm. Sharp. (21b', Komney.) (Ante, I., 4.) 

1743. Sir Charles Payne, Knt. and Bart. Will dated 3 June. My dau. 
Jannatt Sharp £500. My grandson Charles Payne Sharp £1000. (St. Kilts 
Records, No. 3403.) 

174G. Robert Sharp of St. George, Soutliwark, and late of the I. of 
St. Christopher. Will dated 19 April 174b*. All wages, lands, goods to my wife 
Eliz. S. of St. Chr., and nominate my son-in-law James Westcoat, mariner on 
board the SaltasJt, privateer, ex'or. (105, Edmunds.) 

1754. Jeremiah Browne of St. Kitts, esq. Will dated 10 July. Henry 
Sharpe, S r , of S« Kitts, Esq., a trustee. (Ante, L, 3G.) 

1701. Grace Morris of Old Windsor, co. Berks (formerly of Antigua), 
spinster. Will dated 20 July. My niece Paulina Joddrel Sharpe. (A., ii., 273.) 

1705. Robert Bannister of Antigua, Esq. Will dated 10 Nov. My 
dau. -in-law Janctta B. £1000 a year. My grandchildren Rob. I>. and Janettn 
Macarther B. Chas. Payne Sharpe, Esq., a trustee and Ex'or. (A., i., 32.) 

17S1. James Blair of St. Vincent. My wife Jennetta. Robert and Jenny 
Banister, my wife's children. My father-in-law Henry Sharpe. My brother-in- 
law Chas. Payne Sharpe. (5, W T ebster.) 

1807. George Sharpe of the I. of St. Vincent, esq. Will dated 20 Feb. 180G. 
To my friends Josiah Jackson and Henry ITaffey, both of St. V., esquires, John 
Pasheller of Farm Hall, town of Godmanchester, co. Hunt., esq., all my lauds, 
slaves, and all monies due and goods, and make them ex'ors and trustees. Plate 
and linen, furniture and wines in my house called The A'iews, co. Hunt., carriages 
and horses to my wife Christian Sharpe and my said house for her life and 
£000 st. a year until any debts are discharged then £800 st. a year in lieu of 
dower, she to maintain our son George Henry till £3,000 as a fund for any 
calamity shall be saved from the rents and the interest for his maintenance till 10. 
All residue to be invested for my son at 21, and then all estates to him. To any 
other child £5,000. If my son die under 21 then to my wife £1,000 a year 
instead of £S00, and £500 to my niece Caroline Bainwall, dau. of my sister Anne 
Wilson and her former husband Robert B., surgeon; £500 to my niece and god- 
dau. Frances Sharpe, dau. of my deceased brother John Sharpe ; £500 to the 
children of my said brother and the children of my niece Jennetta Brown, dau. of 
my sister Jennetta Sharpe, formerly the wife of Robert Bannister of the 1. of 
Antigua and now wife to Lt.-Col. Browne of the army, and to the children of my 
niece Harriot Gibson, dau. of my deceased brother Chas. Payne Sharpe, est)., and 
all estates to my nephews Gillies Payne Sharpe and Edward Mathew Sharpe in 
equal shares, they paying £1,000 to each of their sisters Maria and Frances S. 
Witnessed by Nath. Taynton, Tho. Hammond, Butler Claxton. Proved 21 April 
1S07 by Josiah Jackson and John Pasheller, power reserved to Henry llaffcy. 
(317, Lushington.) 

169-1. Col. Holt's reg. in the Leeward Islands. Ensign Wm. Sharpe. (A.,i., lxx.) 

1754. Henry Sharpe, Esq., a trustee of the marriage settlement of John 
Pogson of St. Kitts. (Ante, I V., 143.) 

1755, Aug. 2G. Henry Sharpe, Esq., to be of the C. of St. Chr. (A., i., 00.) 
vol. vx. E 

-1 [ _!.;.:.,.>..•.. 

1703, June 4. Ralph Eayne, 1. of S l Kitts, Esq., appoints ihurj Sliarpc ol 

Nevis, Esq., to be Ins attorney. (A., iii., 7.) 

17(54, March 19. Chas. Payne Sharpe then of Antigua, Esq. (A., i., 280.) 

1705, Gillies Sharp of S l Chr., a student at a Scotch university. {A/i/c, I II., 384.) 

17(55-07. Clias. Payne Sharpe then M. of A. for S l John's Division, Antigua. 

1770, June 4, Francois Moquet assigned liis lease of Chateau Uelair in 

S l Vincent of 3S acres to Chas. Payne Sliarpe, and on 120 Aug. 1771 

Francois Godin assigned Ins lease of 15 acres part of Chateau Belair. Patent 

for the 53 acres granted 15 May 1777 to C. P. Sharpe, who approved as Att> (Jen. 

{Ibid., i., 23, 84.) 

1770, March 14. Tnd're made by Chas. Payne Sharpe, late or S l Vincent now 
of Blqoinsbury Sq., Esq.,and Paulina Joddrell Sharpe his wife reciting that in L76(5 
he conveyed several plantations to secure payment of £1000, £4000 having been 
i 1 1 1 w advanced he conveys his plantation in the parish of St. Andrew in the island 
of S' Vincent called Camden Park of 210 acres, & another adjoining called Ladoux 
of 150 acres with 200 negroes. {Ibid., i., 351, and A., iii., 324.) 

1770, Aug. 2 1. Henry Sharp, jurisc, Grenada. (L. Mag., 490.) 

1771. Sale by the Commissioners, by auction in St. Vincent of 9 acres of 

Lieut. Wm. Sharpe^Annc . . . ., dan. -in-law (? step- pjosoph Estridge, 

of St. Kitts, 

? Ensign of Holt's 

retr. ili94. 

ilau.) 1725 of Col. John Davis, 
President of St. Kitls. 

Esq., of St. Kit is, 
b. 1(571 ; President 
1729; d. I 7 IS. 

Hon. Henry Sharpe, sen., of— Jannett, dan. of Sir Cha. Payne, Bart.; died at 

St. Kitts, M. of C. 1755. 

St. Vincent 20 May 177:;, wry aged. M.I. 

bapt. IS at a 
Aug. Scotch 
173t at I Silver- 
Sandy sity. 

\Vm. Gillies Henry Sharpe, Charles Payne Sharpe,=pPaulina Joddn 

Sharpe, Sharpe, juu.,of St. Vin- 3rd son, named 1 7 13 in Home, dau. of 
born 17 student cent, of Rath- the will id' his grand - 
and 1705 bone Place father Sir C. Payne; a( 

1793 ; died Eton 1753—8; of Inner 

1795—1800. Temple 21 May 1753; 
M. of A. for St'. John's 
Edward Pi v., A., 1705 — 7; of 

Sharpe of St. Camden Park. St. Viu- 
Vineent, Esq., cent, 17GG, and Chateau 
1807. Belair 1770; Atiy.-Ceu. 


Edward Home of 
Antigua, Esq., 
Atty.-Gen. of 
Grenada 1703 ; 
born S A ug. and 
bapt. 3 Sept. 
17 11 ; max-, at St. 
John's, A ., Jan. 



e Shai 




Vincent, late 

r o 

1 ' 











1 S00 ; 


1 21 







G illies Payne, Bart. ; mar. 
at Tompsford, co. liedf., 
Nov. 1 7SS ; remar. at 
St. Pancras 21 Sept. 1S08 
Tho. Swale. She died 25 
Jan. 1M0. 

.lulin "-"[" Frances, dan. 
Maeariha* i of Sir G illies 
Sliarpe, j Payne, Bart., 


1 .-n. 



of Gi 



at Bed- 



!> Feb. 

IS It, aged 84. 


George Henry Sharpe of St. Vincent, only Gillies Payne Sharpe. Maria. 

son and heir, bom 1801; died at Bedford 

25 Oct. 1853, aged 19. Edward Mathew Sharpe. Frances. 

* I think this name should he " McArtliur," derived from the Pa\ in-. 


woodland tn S' Andrews at £15 at. per acre, and of 42 acroa of woodland in St. 
David's at £10 5s. per acre to Clias. Payne Sharpe, Esq. Part of the Great Seal 
attached. Recorded in Lib. H., fol. 490, at St. Vincent. 

1771, Aug. Walter Jodrell, Esq., Solicitor-Gen. of the island of Grenada. 
(G.M., 378.) 

1772, April 21. Hon. Henry Sharpe, Dep. Ordinary of S l Vincent. (A., ii., 238. ) 
1777. Deed between Chas. Payne Sharpe of St. V., Esq., and Nath. Smith of 

Bloomsbury Sq. relating to large plantations. (Ante, I., 23.) 

178S, Nov. At Tempsford, co. Bedford, Geo. Sharpe, esq., of St. Vincent, in 
the W.I., to Miss C. Payne, 2d dau. of Sir Gillies Payne, bart. (G.M., 1026.) 

1790. Mount William plantation was sold on 9 June 1790 to Mr. Henry 
Sharpe and Sam. P. Clapham, who mortgaged it in July 1793 for £3000 to 
Mr. Akers and in April 1795 for £5000. Henry Sharpe died, and Mr. Otley as 
devisee intrust with S. P. Clapham sold it in 1800 to Bryan Blake. (Ante, IV., 252.) 
1793, Aug. 8. Lease for a year. James Newbigging of Edinburgh now of 
London, Esq., and Mary his wife of the one part, and Henry Sharpe of St. Vincent 
now of Eathbone Place, Esq., of the other, witnesseth that J. N. for 5s. sells that 
plantation in Calliaqua quarter parish of St. George called BathoMill with slaves. 

1807, Eeb. 25 and 2G. Michael White of Baker Street, Esq., mortgages 
Chateau Belair of 1G5 acres for £4,002 to Mrs. Jane Halliday. Edward Sharpe 
of St. V., Esq., a party to the deed. (Ante, II., 382.) 

1808, Sept, 21. At S l Pancras, Tho. Swale, esq., of Little Barton-lodge, 
Suffolk, to M 18 Sharpe, wid. of Geo. S., esq., of the Views, Huntingdon, and one 
of the daus. of the lato Sir Gillies Payne, hart., of Tcmpsford-hall, co. Bedford. 
(G.M., 951.) 

1811. Hon. Edward Sharpe, esq., Speaker of the general Assembly of 
St. Vincent, M. of A. for St. George, Barrister and J. P. (Almanack), Chief 
Justice and Judge of the Admiralty 1815. (Ibid.) 

Robert Banister of St. Vin-=pJonuctta Sharpe. =pJames Blair of St. Vincent, Esq. 

eenfc, son of Bob. B. of 
Antigua; died 22 Jan. 1704, 
aged 25. M.l. in St. V. 

Will dated 1781 (5, Webster). 

Robert Banister of Janetta Maearther* Banister, born 1702; mar. 1785 — 7 

St. Vincent, dead (Jen. Gore Browne, Col. 44th Beg. He died at Wey- 

1785, a minor and mouth, co. Dorset, 12 Jan. 1843, aged 79. She died 

bach. there 25 May 1838, aged 7G. M.l. 

1801—1814. St. George's. Redemption. 500 acres. 80 hhds. Heirs of Geo. 
Sharpe. (M. S. List.) 

1829. 000 acres. 127 slaves. Geo. Sharpe, esq. (Shepherd's St. V., iv.) 

1801—1814. BathoMill. 213 acres. 200 hhds. Edward Sharpe. (M. S. List.) 

1810, Jan. 25. Christiana, relict of the late T. Swale, esq., of the Views, 
Hunts, and of Mildenhall, Suffolk, yst. dau. of the lato Sir Gillies Payne, hart., 
of Tempsford-hall, co. Bedford. (G.M., 187.) 

1844, Eeb. 9. At Bedford, a. 84, Prances, wid. of John Macartha Sharpe, 
Sol r Gen 1 of the Island of Grenada, and sister of the late Sir Peter Payne, Bart. 
(Ibid., 440.) 

Christiana Payne her sister m. firstly in Nov. 17S8 Geo. Sharpe, of St. V. 
Susannah her yst. sister was wife of Hugh Perry Keane also of S l V . 

1853, Oct. 25. At Bedford, aged 49, Geo. Henry Sharpe of the island of St. V. 
(G.M., 052.) 

1770 Doc. 8 Walter Jodrel, Solicitor-General, buried. 

k 2 

^4 CAEIl 1 : AXA. 



173-1 Aug. IS \\ r illi:ii!i (b. Aug. 17, 173-1) s. of Henry and Janet Sharpe. 

Oct. 1 I Mary (b. Sept. 21, 173-1), dau. of Robert and Elizabeth Sharp. 
173G Jan. -1 Elizabeth (b. Dec. 23, 1735), dau. oL' Hubert and Eli/."' Sharpe. 


In the churchyard of Kingstown 1 noted a M.I. to Jeannctte Sharpe, mother of 
Cha. Payne Sharpe. She died 20 May 1773 after (JO years of social duty. 


17G0 Jan. Charles Sharp to Paulina Morne. Lie. 

Tnnttj?, palmetto $oint, &t. J\ttts, 

Continued from p fiO. 
Register for the Parish of Trinity, Palmeto Point, comniencing May 1 1, 175G. 

MA 111U AGES. 

1S2G Aug. 5 John Crawford, M.D., of Christ Church, Nicholai Town, and 
Elizabeth Swanston of the Parish of St. George, Basseterre, 
in the presence of Tlio s Alhnan & Sled man B. Rawlins. John 
Butler Pemberton, Rector 

1S27 Oct, Henry Hart Wilson, Esq., of this Parish & Rebecca Wharton 
Young, spin, of the same. "Witnesses, J. A. Moody, John J. 
Esdaile. John Butler Pemberton, Rector 

1S2S Nov. 15 Thomas Wilson, Esq., Par. SI. George's, Basseterre, Widower, 
and Maria Adlam of the Par. el' Trinity, Palmetto Point, 
Spinster. Witnesses, W" M. Abbott, Margaret S. Abbott. 
John Butler Pemberton, Rector 
This last marriage concludes tbe number of while persons 
married since Nov. 1825, but there have been four other 
marriages solemnized by me between slaves since Augusl L828 
to 2(i Peby. 1831 as appears by the small Register, finishing 
with a memorandum of the 21 st Augt. 1831. llenceforth Ibis 
book is kept according to the forms prescribed by Act of 
Parliament. 21 Augt. 1831. John Butler Pemberton, Rector 


1733 June 15 The body of John Abbott 

Dec. 11 John s. of John Hart, deceased 

Dee. 11 Eli/. 1 d. of John Hazel] & Mary his wife 

Dec. 24 James Fletcher & John Miller, sailors drowned belonging to 
. Captain William West 

1731 Feb. 20 Thomas Johnson of Basseterre 

July 21 A poor sailor found dead in the Highway 

Sept. 14 Anne the base child of John Dorrell & Sarah Garner 

Oct. 25 Daniel Whitehead 

* I have omitted the word "Buried" from each onlry. — Ed, 


1734 Oct. 25 John s. of M r Edward Peterea & Christina Ins wife 
Oct. 127 John Burke, a pool" man 

Oct. .'il John s. of John Card & Dorothy his wife 

Dec. 9 Allen the base child of Ann Corbelt 

1735 Feb. 15 M r Gilliard 

May 23 Mary wife of Francis Kerie, Esq. 

.lunu 13 Elinor Maurice, widow 

June 10 Michael s. of AV IU and Sarah Bowrey 

June 25 Francis Iverie, Esq. 

July IS James s. of Jos h & Elk 1 ' 1 Bowrey Johu Merac, Rector 

July 2s The body of Thomas Pheasaul 

Dec. 17 Daniel s, of W" & [Catherine Camering 

1736 Jan. 10 Mary wife of George Burden 
Eeb. G Mary Burroughs 

Mar. 2 Mary wife of liichard Emery 

A pril (> M' I Icnry Goslin 

May 19 Daniel s. of Daniel & Mary O'Neal 

May 20 Ian Kathcrina da. of W m & Mary Mahan 

July (! William s. of Edward Gilliard 

July 10 Peter Rhea, an overseer 

Aug. 3 M 1 ' James Gilliard 

Aug. 7 Rebecca d. of John & Sarah Farreage 

Aug. 17 Sarah d. of John & Eliz 1 ' 1 Statham 

Sept. 1 Anthony s. of George it Sarah lla/.ell 

Oct. 3 John Driscall 

Oct. 11 Ann d. of William & Sarah Emery 

Nov. 10 M' Anthony Johnson 

Dec. 2 John Card John Merac, Rector 

1737 Jan. l(i The body of Mary Ann d. of W m & Sarah Bowrey 
Jan. 31 Mary wife of William Garvey 

May Hi Richard Emery 

June 2!) John Statham 

July (i Miry d. of John & Ann Carney 21 Joshua Riddley, a soldier of Captain Pyms 

Sept. 1 John Farreage, an overseer 

Nov. 22 Thomas James of Basseterre. 

Nov. 80 John Johnson Sen 1 ' 

Dec. -i .Mary d. of W" Ottlcy, Esq., and Eli/."' his wife 

Samuel Kentish, an old man 

Dec. 30 A nn d. of Widow Johnson, Basseterre 

173S Jan. 3 Sarah Farreage, widow 

Mar. 2 Francis Kerie Jun 1 ' 

Mar. 2L Ann the base child of James Abbott & Ann French 

May 7 Joseph an infant of Joseph and Eliz 11 ' King 

June 13 John Abbott 

June 27 William s. of W" 1 Mahon & Mary his wife 

July 12 the body of William Claxton of Basseterre 

Sept. 7 Mary wife of John Campble 

Oct. 25 Ann d. of John <& Mary Carty of Basseterre 

Nov. 11 Zachariah Pheasant 

Nov. 14 John King from Basseterre 

Nov. 15 Eli/, 1 ' 1 King from Basseterre 

Nov. 21 Sarah lla/.ell 

Nov. 21 Eli/.' 1 ' wife of Stanley Bowrey 

Nov. 22 James Miller, an overseer 

Nov. 30 Sarah Haw&shaw of Basseterre 

Nov. 30 Elinor d. of Rich d Hazell 

17& Dec il Ivl EtK.-Jiuj'd HawiL&'i ..:...-. i.r: . 

Dec. 12 Michael Lynch 

Dec. 12 John a. of Thomas King Sexton 

Dec. 15 Richard a. of Rich a & Edith Mansfield 

Dec. 18 Edith wife of Rich d Mansfield 

Dec. 21 James Burroughs 

Dec. 21 The body of John Mansfield s. of Rich J Mansfield 

1739 Jan. 10 Mary wife of Henry King 
Jan. 15 J onathon Taylor 

Jan. 21 Eliz th widow of John King 

Jan. 28 William 

Jan. 29 Thomas s. of the late Edm : Tennett Esq. 

Feb. 9 Ann d. of Stanley Bowrey 

Eeb. 21 Gideon Theroulde 

Mar. 11 John s. of Derrick & Lucy Driscall 

Mar. 31 Benjamin s. of W m Hart Esq. & Sarah his wife 

May 21 Sarah d. of W m & Sarah Bowrey 

June 3 Peter s. of Major Dowe Theroulde &, Alletta his wife 

Nor. 2 James s. of M r AVilliam Machan & Mary his wife 

Nov. 11 Joseph s. of W m Dart Esq. & Sarah his wife 

Dec. 6 Mary wife of Daniel O Neal 

Dec. 24 Ann Corbctt, AVidow John Merac, Rector 

Dec. 26" The body of James s. of James Carney 

Dec. 29 Mary wife of Michael Webber 

1740 Jan. 4 Christopher Dean 

Mar. 14 Katherine wife of Jonu Howe 

May 10 James Carney 

May 14 Eliz th Bradley 

July 3 Susannah wife of John Oilliard 

July 19 William Mahau, Planter 

July 28 Sarah d. of Geo. Hazell and Sarah his wife 

Aug. 28 Eliz lh wife of William Hartman 

Nov. 1 Lucy Johnson, widow. Aged 90 

Nov. 7 John Sampson. Aged about 90 

Dec. 8 Thomas Carney 

Dec. 8 Jane wife of Patrick Blake Esq. 

Dec. 10 Eliz th wife of Joseph King, Basseterre 

Dec. 13 Margaret "Willctt, widow 

Dec. 21 Mary wife of William Sominerfield 

Dec. 24 Garrett Barry John Merac, Rector 

Dec. 30 The body of Peter s. of Rich" Hazell 

1741 Jan. 1 Mary d. of Henry King & Mary his wife 
Eeb. 1 William Card 

Apr. 29 George Card 

May 8 Walker Spencer 

July 8 John s. of Derrick Driscall & Susanna his wife 

Sept. 2 Stanley Bowrey, Carpenter 

Sept. 25 Joseph King, Planter 

Dec. 22 Ann wife of Thomas King 

1742 Eeb. 5 Mary d. of Sarah Armitrading 
Feb. Zachariah s. of Sarah Armitrading 
Eeb. 11 George s. of the widow Carney 
Mar. 2G Thomas s. of Thomas King 

May 1 John Sampson of Half way Tree 

May 13 John s. of Joshua Vicar & Mary his wife 

July 4 Garner, a widow 

July 29 M' William Hart 


1712 Dee. 2S Newland, a widow 

1743 Jan. 25 Elizabeth King 

Aug. 29 The body of Charles s. of Doctor \V"' Gibbous & Henrietta bis 


Aug. G M rs Sarah Theroulde, widow 

Aug. IS M r George \\ r riglit 

Aug. 18 M» Hush 

Dec. 7 John King 

Dec. 17 \V m James, an apprentice of Doctor W ul Gibbons 

1744 June 4 Margaret! d. of John Lowing & Mary bis wife 
Aug. 24 Katharine d. of John Peterson and Rebecca bis wife 
Sept. 3 Edward Bourryoau Esq. 

Nov. 14 Benjamin Boroughs 

Oct. 1 M rs Mary Bourryeau 

Nov. 2:5 Eliz" 1 wife of John Hazel] 

Dec. 2 John s. of Tho s King 

Dee. 5 Edward s. of John Isles 

Dec. William Sharry 

Dec. 30 Johns, of John lla/.ell 

1743 Jan. 28 The body of Sarah d. of \V m Garvey & Mary bis wife 

Feb. 23 Walter s. of Daniel O Neal 

Mar. 2!) Daniel s. of Daniel O Neal 

May 17 Susannah wife of Charles Franks 

July 2!) Edward Gil liar d sen'' 

Oct. 2 Edward s. of John Gilliard & Ann bis wife 

Nov. 24 John s. of John Manning & Rachel bis wile 

Dec. 1 A child of John Manning & Rachel bis wile 

174G Febi John Sampson 

July 17 Archibald Garnering 

Aug. 2 William Bowrey 

Sept. 12 George lla/.ell 

Oct. LO Kliz th d. of James Forrest & EHz 11 ' his wife 

Nov. !• Major Dow Theroulde 

Oct. 10 Henry s. of Mr. Anthony *W barton & Eli/. 11 ' bis wife 

1747 Jan. 7 Patrick Maurice 

Jan. 22 Margarett d. of John Doyle 

Mar. The body of Mary d. of Mary Clifton 

Mar. 13 John s. of Derrick Driscall & Lucy bis wile 

Mar. 17 Joseph s. of Henry King & Mary his wife 

Mar. 1!) Eleanor d. of John Mulrayne 

Mar. 22 John Gilliard 

Mar. 2S The Rev? M 1 ' Walter Thomas, late Rector of the Parish of St. 
George's, Basseterre, and St. Peters 

May 20 Margaret wife of Charles Lavell Mollineaux Esq. 

June 20 Sarah d. of Doctor W"' Gibbons Si Henrietta bis wife 

June 25 .lames s. of Doctor VV m Gibbons & Henrietta his wife 

July 28 Sarah d. of Joshua Vicars & Sarah bis wife 

Aug. 23 Thomas Holliday, a Sailor found dead in Bourryeau's estate 

Sept. 3 W" Baines, a servant of Coll. Ottley's 

Nov. It) The body of Eliz th wile of Edwin Noalc from Old Road 

Nov. 20 Ann d. of Peter King & Ann bis wiTo 

Nov. 20 Thomas King the Sexton 

Dec. 23 Doctor William Gibbons 

Dec. 25 Julius Garner 

1745 Mar. 14 Derrick Driscall 

Mar. 27 AVilliam s. of John Doyle & Eleanor his wife, an infant 

April 25 William Emra 


1719 Feb. 15 John s. of Sylvester Sampson 

Feb. 15 John Mulrayne 

April 17 John Lsles 

Aug. 19 John s. of William Garvey 

Oct. 5 Henry s. of William Sumrnerfleld & Sarah his wife 

Oct. 22 Edwin s. of Edwin Neale 

Nov. 30 William s. of W m John Bourryeau Garnet and Sarah his wife 

1750 Jan. 15 Richard Hazell 

Mar. 19 M" Elizabeth King, widow 

July 12 The body of Elizabeth d. of M r W"' Hart & Sarah his wife 

July 31 Peter Alexander s. of John Keeah & Mary his wife 

1751 May 6 Sarah d. of Peter Hazell 

June 5 Eli/."' d. of John King & Ann his wife 

July 28 M" Rebecca Hawkshaw 

Aug. 17 M r Walter O'Neal 

Nov. 10 M" Eliz th Henderson 

Nov. 15 Elizabeth Bradley, widow 

Nov. 21 John s. of John Percival 

Nov. 25 John s. of John Hazell & Ann his wife 

Dec 3 Eliz Ul d. of M r James Clifton & Mary his wife 

Dec. 21 Clement s. of Ensign Tho E Crooke & Mary his wife 

Dec. 26 Derrick s. of Lucretia Driscall, widow 

1752 Jan. 3 Robert Ferguson, surgeon 
Jan. 8 Mary Sampson, widow 

Jan. 27 The body of Henry King, jun r 

Jan. 28 John s. of Joshua Vicars & Mary his wife 

Feb. 7 Louisa d. of M rs Eiiz 11 ' Johnson, widow 

Feb. 14 Peter King, sen r 

Mar. 1G Henry s. of M r Henry Constantino & Eliz Ul his wife 

April 7 William s. of William Lowing & Mary his wife 

May 17 Henry King 

May 26 Mary Vicars 

June 15 Ruth Nichols, wife of Jasper Nichols 

June 23 Mr. John Drascoon 

Aug. 30 Mary wife of Samuel Duport 

Dec. 31 John Lester, an overseer to Mr. Christian Peters 

1753 Jan. 2 Mary d. of James Campbel & Mary his wife 

Jan. 20 Mr. John Barbot, Attorney at Law, executed at Basseterre for 
the death of Matt" Mills, Esq., in a duel at Frigate Bay 

John Merac, Rector 

Feb. 3 the body of Deborah 

Feb. 5 Widow 

Feb. 5 Benjamin Hazell s. of M™ Sarah Mansfield 

Aug. 25 Mary wife of M r James Clifton 

Sept. 12 M r Thomas Abbott, Planter 

Nov. 7 M r Thomas Lowrey, born deaf and dumb but remarkable as a 
Man of Strict Honesty, good manners, great ingenuity, and 
many good qualities 

Dec. 15 Mary Gridley from Basseterre 

1754, June 2 Mary wife of John McClear 

July 4 Tho s Oliver, a distiller on W m Ottlcyn Esq. estate 

July 11 Dorothy Card, widow 

Aug. 26 John Richards, a serv* of Ravel Keries 

Sept. 26 KHz"' d. of Joseph King from Basseterre 

1755 Mar. 29 George Field, a serv' of M r Pavel Keries 

Aug. 12 the body of M 18 Sarah Johnson, widow 

Oct. 29 John s. of M r Daniel O'Neal 


1755 Nov. G William Rawlings, a youth of Christ Church Hospital, bound 

1o Anthony Wharton, Esq. 
1750 May 31 Anthony s. of W" 1 Garvey & Mary his wife 

Au'». 1 Aim Bradley sister of W'" Bradley, a mason 

Aug. 1-1 Sarah Bradley sister of above W" Bradley 

Oct, 4, M r William Willet 

Nov. S Tho* Horn a youth from Christ Church Hospital, bound to 
M r Anthony Wharton 

Nov. 15 Mary d. of John ITazell & Ann his wife 

Dec. 11 Ann the wife of John Hazell 

1757 Mar. 31 Jacob Drascoon 

May 30 Joannah wife of John Percival 

Sept. 30 John s. of John Statham & Mary his wife 

Dec. 27 Ann wife of John Grodden 

1758 Sept. 15 the body "of Alletta Evans, widow 

Oct. 13 Mary d.'of M r John Abbott & Margaret his wife 

Nov. 5 Anthony Wharton, Esq. 

Dec. 31 Benjamin s. of James & Ann Burroughs his wife 

1759 May 3 John Plumptree 

Aug. IS Mary d. of M rs Sarah Hart, widow 

Oct. 21 John King, a mason 

Oct. 21 Elizabeth Emra, widow 

Dec. 11 Allen s. of John Dewell & Eleanor his wife 

Dec. 1G M 1 ' 3 Sarah Hani, widow John Merae, It. 

1700 The Old Register damaged in the Hurricane, 1772 

1701 Feb. 13 Christian Peters 
Mar. G William Bradley 
July 21 Susanna Johnson 
July 15 Margarett Johnson 

Oct. 2 Ann Abbott, widow, aged 100 

1702 Jan. 28 Richard Somerlield 
Jan. 28 Pence Cliflon 
July 3 Phoebe Clifton 
Mar. 1-1 Jano Rheah 

June 3 Ann (libbons 

Nov. 24 David Goden 

Nov. 30 Andrew Beard Tho" Paget, R. 

1703 Jan. 5 the body of Captain AVebley 
Mar. 27 Sarah Gibbons 

April 17 Sarah Derricksen 

April 22 John Hart 

Nov. 19 Priscilla Abbott 

1764 Jan. 20 Samuel Beard 

Mar. 5 Sarah Young 

Mar. 24 Joseph King 

April 30 Sarah Kearney 

July 21 Ann Prince 

Aug. 5 John Abbott 

Sept. 1 James White 

Aug. 30 Sarah Morris 

Oct. 12 Duport 

Nov. 17 Rich 1 ' Emra 

17G5 Jan. 1 Peter Crook 

Mar. 8 Erauccs Neal 

April 7 Henrietta Gibbons 

June 20 Rebecca Patterson 

Sept. 18 John Wharton 


1 I 

. - • ...-. 

N,i\ 2i= 

Tut body oi D&uie] Grarvey 

Dec. 27 

Florence Gibbous 

I '. -Ll 

17G7* Mar. 2 James Clifton 

Sept. IS Miss Dorothy Theroulde 

Dec. 30 Margarctt Clifton 

17G8 Sept. 10 Susannah Ferguson 

1700 Jan. 2 Sarah Carney 

Jan. 11 James Beard 

Juno 19 Andrew M c Neal 

Sept. 30 Thomas Carney 

Nov. 5 Anthony Carney 

1770 Jan. 11 William Carney 
Jan. 30 Sarah Bowruy 

1771 Jan. 22 Kid 

April 11 Sarah Campbell 

June 15 Aim King, sen r 

Oct. 10 Mary Collins 

1772 Pel). 3 MaryDuport 

Feb. 23 Mary Bristol Tho 3 Paget, Hector 

Mar. 10 Tho body of Ann Carney 

April 28 Col: W" 1 Hart, Fs.j. 

July 2 Elizabeth Herbert 

Sept. 11 Elizabeth llazael 

Sept. 1 3 sailors drown'd in the Hurricane and thrown ashore 

1773 Jan. 3 Hon blE Edward 1'eteres 
Mar. 1 John Kindler 

May 5 Luke Garvey, sen r 

June. 23 Florence liobson 

July 23 Master W m Beard 

Sept. 12 Carney 

Nov. 3 Catharine White 

IS'ov. 10 William Cameron, Sen' 

1771 Jan. 17 M' s Mary Abbott 

Feb. 3 lion: Francis Philips 

April 20 William Coventry 

July 21 John Gibbons Tho 8 Paget, Hector 

July 22 The bodies of liobert and Carrie! sons of John and Susanna 

Sept. 2 John Ferguson 

Sept. G Captain John Hart of the ship " Echo " 

1775 Mar. 13 John Carty 

Mar. 14 Mary Abbott 

Mar. 1G John Campbell 

May 30 William Garvey, Sen 1 

Oct. 10 Jasper s. of Lucas & Ann Garvey 

Dee. 22 Mary Wharton 

177G Feb. 7 John Johnson 

Aug. 11 Boldrich Bradley 

Sept. G Lucas Garvey 

1779 April 7 Joseph King 

June 25 Mary Garvey, widow 

J uly G Mary Wharton 

J illy 30 W' u Bradley 

Nov. 21 John Bouryeau Garuett 

* The year 1700 is missin 



1779 Nov. 21 George Hazel! Tlio" Pagot, Rector 

1780 April G The body of Ronee Clifton, widow 
May 11 Surah Mansfield wife of Rich* Manafield 

July 9 Sibby, a free negro from yc Estate VV m Garveys 

Aug. 8 George Hazel 

Oct. 13 Margaret Lapsley 

Nov. 1 Luey Osbery 

Nov. 2 Sarah, a free negro, formerly M" Margaret Abbotts 

Dec. 25 William Beard, Sen 1 ' 

1781 Jan. 18 Francis a. of M r John Carney 
Feb. 15 M 13 Sarah Garnet, widow 
Mar. 10 Thomas Bailey 

Mar. 28 M r Richard Mansfield from Basseterre 

May 25 Maria d. of John & Eliz th Hazel 

June 17 Mary d. of Doctor W m & Ann Garvey 

July 2 Penelope d. of W m & Ann Gibbons, Hasseterre 

July 2!3 Ann d. of W m & Eliz' 1 ' Beard, Basseterro 

Sept. 20 M 1 ' John Carney 

Nov. 1 M" Mary Herbert, widow 

Nov. 3 Benjamin s. of Webbe & Joan Hobson 

1782 Nov. 23 Mulrain, widow 

1783 April 8 Valentine James White 

Sept. 3 John s. of John Abbott & Margaret his wife 
May 17 Eliz th wife of M' W m Beard, Jun. 
May 23 Samuel Duport, Jun r 
Aug. 11 William Beard, Jun c 
Feb. 1G William s. of John & ElizV Hascl 
178-i July 3 Henry Rawlins inf 1 s. of Henry & Eliz 11 ' Rawlins 
June 20 Benjamin Hazell from Basseterre 

1785 The Rev' 1 Tho 3 Paget died March 25"' and was buried at 

St. Thomas, Middle Island, 2G l " 

The Rev d Edw d Brownhead collated to this living 

May 21 Margaret inf d. of the Hon blc Anthony Johnson & Eliz th his 

wife, by the Rcv d AV. Crokcr 
June 13 M 1 ' Shadlock Rivers from Basseterre 
Aug. 22 Ann wife of M r W m Woodropc Gibbons, Basseterre 
Sept. G W" Hobson s. of M r W m \\ r oodrope Gibbons 
Dec. G M" Susanna Bradley, widow, from Old Road 
178G Feb. 20 M™ Mary Beard, widow, from Basseterro 

April 11 Miss Mary Abbott d. of M" Margaret Abbott from Basseterre, 

by the Rev' 1 M r Thomas 
April l'J M 1S Margaret Abbott, mother of the above, from Basseterre, by 
the Rev d M r Thomas 
Rev d Rob 1 Pemberton appointed curate 

Maria inf* d. of M r John and Eli/. 11 ' Hazel from Basseterre, by 
the Rev d M 1 Barnes 
J 787 Junc 3 John s. of John and Margaret Abbott from Basseterre 

Sarah Pilkington, widow, from Basseterre, b> the Rev. Mr. 

Freeman Willet, a free mulatto Rob 1 Pemberton, Curate 

M" Eliz th Johnson from Basseterre, aged 8S 

John Audain, Curate 
M" Sarah Hart, widow 
1788 Jan. 29 George Garnett, Esq. 
Miss Sally Gibbons 
Miss Sarah Theroulde 
M r ' Uartman 

































178S June The Hon ble Ste&mon RawEus 

Benjamin inf s. of 1)' Watley John Audaiu, Curate 

The Kev' 1 Joseph Warner collated to this living 
M> Jaue Kidd (pauper), who died supposed to be LOO years or 
1789 Feb. 22 Margaret Mary Guiehard Woodyear Lnf d. of A\ r '" & Mary 
Woodyear from Basseterre 
Mar. 7 M M Alletta Therqulde from Sandy Boint 
Mar. 2-i John inf 1 s. of Stedmau & Elizabeth Rawlins from Ins estate 

called the Monies 
April 8 M r .lames Carney from Basseterre 
April 25 M ''Thomas May "from Doctor Harts 
1750 Jan. 2:5 John Hunt by the Kev d W m Thomas 

Feb. 8 Miss Eliz 1 " Stephens by the Rev d W» Thomas 

April 2 4 W™ War.ton Goldfrap inf s. of the Hon 1 ' 1 * John George A 

Sarah Goldfrap, from his estate called The Camp 
May 2(> Peter Rceah from Basseterre, by the Rev' 1 W" Thomas 
July !) Ann Carney ,, ., ,, „ ,, 

Sept. 20 Mary Kidd, pauper, from the Old Road Town 

1791 Jan. 5 James Beard from Basseterre 

1792 Dee. 18 Catharine Martha the base child of John Challenger, Jun r & 

Jane Kidd from Old Road Town 

Jos. Warner, Rector. Witness: Jas. Evcndcn. 

1793 Jan. 11 Mary Hazcll d. of John & Eliz lh Hazel from Basseterre 

Jan. 17 William Abbot s. of Jolm B. & Mar- 1 Abbott Eroui Middle 

Feb. 7 Peter Harbor from Old Road Town 
July 27 John Abbott s. of John B. & Marg' Abbott From Middle 

Aug. 8 M?* Eli z th Wharton, aged S7 years, from Basseterre 
Aug. 22 Miss Susannah Rivers from Basseterre 
Sept. 25 M rs Lucy Duport from Basseterre 
Oct. 7 M 1 ' 3 Aim Garvey 
Dee. 9 M 1 ' 3 Mary Hachett 
1795 Mar. 11 John George inf s. of John Challenger jim 1- & Jane Kidd from 

Old Road 
July 4 M r James Carney from Basseterre 

1797 Sept. 1 James s. of M r Ceo. Carney from Basseterre 

Dec. 28 Miss Henrietta Crooke from Basseterre, by Rev' 1 Rob' 

1798 June 20 Susanna Aletta d. of Edw d & Mary Rivers from Basseterre 

1799 Feb. 2 Samuel Duport, Esq., Sen' from Basseterre 

July 12 Edward Gilliard, Esq., Sen'' from Sandy Point, aged 85 years 
Aug. 10 Miss Susanna Theroulde from Basseterre 

1800 Jan. 20 M 1 John Beard from Basseterre 

1801 Mar. 9 Miss Jane Kidd from Old Road 

April 10 William inf s. of Joseph King & Susannah Wattlcy 
May M r3 Margaret Allercott from Basseterre, by the Kev' 1 Henry 
Charles Christian Newman 

1802 May G M rs Sarah Hart, from the Hon 1,1 " John (iarnetls 
April 25 Capt" John Garvey of his Majesty's 3 d Reg 1 or Buffs 
Dec. 15 Charles Allercott, Esq., from Basseterre 

1803 Nov. 12 Miss Eliz"' Garnett, from the Hon bU John (Iarnetls 

1801 Nov. Charles inf s. of the Rev d Henry Charles Christian & Ann 
Newman from Basseterre 
Dec. 27 Jolm Hazel! (pauper) belonging to Basseterre 
1800 Mar. 20 John B. Abbott, Esq., from Basseterre 

















John Amelia Matilda inf d. of the late John I!. & Margaret 

Abbott I'mm St. Thomas, Middle Island 
Edward int' L s. of the Liov 1 ' Henry Charles Christian & Ann 

Newman from Basseterre 
Doctor Sam 1 II. .Haze II from Basseterre, by the Rev d VV" Davis. 

Sgd. R. K. Armatradiug Joseph Warner, Rector 

Mrs. Susannah Hart l'mm Basseterre 
Henrietta Crooke. aged 20 years, from Basseterre 

R. Pemberton, lvcetor, Basseterre 

April 5 by the Rev d John J. Kerie, the body of Joseph Rawlings, Esq. 

April 10 fheRev J Edward Brazier, M.A., collated to this living 
May 20 the body of Miss Sophia Gaimett 
1S13 June 27 „ M™ Susannah Henville Grillard 

July ,, Richard Grillard 

1815 Sept. 29 „ Anu Allercot 

1819 Nov. 9 The Rev 1 ' Joseph Plura Bartrum collated to this living 
1S20 Jan. 7 Peter Theroulde, aged 23, free coloured man from Old Road 

Nov. 5 Tho s Carlton, free mulatto, aged 70 years, late overseer at 

r Only da s of the Hon blB 

1821 Jan. 3 Eliz th Davoran, aged nine years j James it Mary Johnson 

Jan. 14 Susannah Davoran, six years ) Davoran of the Canada 

(, Estate, St. Peters 
Mar. 22 Ann Eliz ,h wife of M 1 ' Francis Phipps I lenville, and d. of the late 
Joseph Phipps Esdaile, Esq., of this parish, aged 20 years. 
B d in Middle Island. Registered here by mistake 
Oct. 21 Elizabeth, aged 2S years, wife of M 1 ' Edward Gilliard of St. 
John's Parish, Cabosterrc and d. of the late D' Eddy 
1S22 April 19 James Dunbar, Esq., aged 03 years, late Manager [of Phillips'" 
Estate and Custom House Waiter for this Parish, s. of Joseph 
Dunbar, Esq., formerly Grange, near Forres, North Britain 
July 23 Miss Joan Ann Garnett, aged 58 years, seventh d. and youngest 
child of the late John Bouryau Grarnett, Esq., of Garnett 
Hall in this Parish 
1824 Nov. 2G Charlotte Forster, wife of Joseph Lee Forstcr, merchant, in 
Basseterre, aged 20 years 

VV 1 " Hendriehson, Rector of St. Thomas, Mi, Idle Island 
1S25 Feb. 21 A lline Cooke, aged 27 years 

Aug. Rev a John Butler Pemberton appointed to living 

Dec. 15 John Morrison, aged Jo years 
1X20 Sept. 11 — Prichct, late Overseer of Ottley's, supposed 21 years 
1S27 Jan. -1 the Hon l,lu John Garnett, formerly of this Parish, aged 79 

J (dm Butler Pemberton, Rector 
Jan. 25 M rs Elizabeth Young, aged 03 
April 10 Stedman Rawlins Voting, aged 25 years 
1828 April 23 John Hazell, Sen'", Esq., aged 79 yearia 

182!) Farrel Fitzgerald, aged 50 years 

Henrietta Eliz 11 ' Clements Henry, aged nearly 2 years 

John Butler Pemberton, Eector 



SKSooltoarti of Jtcbts, 

Hon. Win. W. of NT., esq. Will dated 5 Nov. 1778. l\1y brother Tlio. W. 
£100. All res. to my dau. Era. W. The partnership of Herbert, Mm-Lou and 
Woolward, sworn 20 May 177!). Test r d. 27 Fob. 1771). Adm'on to the creditors. 
(Nevis Book of Wills, p. 4G5.) 

1751, June 3. Win. W., mereh 1 , for £100 sells a negro. (Nevis, ()., vol. iv., 
p. 250.) 


1723 June 1 William Woolward, Mariner, and Anno Smith, widow (Anlc, 

11., 270.) 
1701 May Frances Herbert, dau. of William and Mary Woolward. 


1745 April 9 William Woollwajd, buried. 

1770 June 2S Dr. Josiah Nisbett to Miss Frances Woolward, spinster. 
1787 Mar. It Horatio Nelson, Esquire, Captain of his Majestys Ship the 
Boreas, to Frances Herbert Nisbet, Widow. 

Woolward=F. . . . 

Anne Smith,=pWiJliam Woolward (he elder of Nevis, pMartha 

widow, mar. 
I June 1723. 

gout., ? mariner 1723. Will dated 10 
March L744 ; bur. at St. John's 
<J April 1745. 




Hon. William Woolward, horn 172(i; died IS l'Yk v Mary, dan. of Thos. 

1779, aged 53. M.I. in St. John's tfigtree. Wu 

dated 5 "Nov. 177S ; sworn 20 May 1770. 

Thos. Her- 
bert, Esq. 


i ni 

Josiah Nisbet, M. I).,-] Frances Herbert Woolward, bapt. May 'f- 1 Horatio Nelson, 

born 7 Aug. 1747; i 17(51 at St. George's; died in L. 
mar. 28 June 177'.); j (5 May 1831, aged 73. Little- 

died intestateat Salis 
bury 5 Oct. 1781. 

bam, Exniouth, Devon. (Ante, III., 

143.) s.p. 

Josiah Nisbet, Capt. R.N., only son, died 1S30. 

mar. in Nevis 1 I 
.Mar. I7S7, then 

Capt. R.N. 



John C. Woolward of Ramsgate, Commander R.N., probably =j 
descended from Tho. W. of Novis. 

Rev. Alfred Gott Woolward, born- 
l s 2 1 ; matric. from Magd. O, 
Oxf., IS March 1837, aged 10; 
15. A. IS 11 ; M.A. 184G; Li, of 
Belton, co. Line, IS 11 till his 
death 25 Jan. 1S73. 2nd son. 

Robert Woolward, bom=T=. . . ., mar. at 
at Ramsgate 15 April Demerara 
IS2G.; Master in II. 21 March 

Mail Service. Author 1S54. 
of " Nigh on GO years 
at Sea." 

Kev. Spencer Alfred Woolward, matric. from Kcble C, F. Woo ward, manager 

Oxf., 11 Oct. 1878, aged 19; B.A. 1SS2; M.A. 1SS5; V.of of Colonial Bank at 

Totterniioc, co. Bodf., 1SS6 — ■ 99; R. of Dunnington, Dominica 1914. 
Yorksh., 1899—1905; of Myddlo Rectory, Shrewsbury. 

John Horatio Woolward entered tho Navy in 1S2G, Lieut. IS 10. 


{Ante, VI., 17.) 

P. 18. Henry Earle B. was of Glasgow University in 1771. His only dan. 
Sarah Eliza married Dr. John Bryan and had three children :— 

1. John Henry, died y. at Mount Home, Grenada. 

2. Sinclair, m. and left several daughters. 

;]. Louisa Emily, b. 181-1, m. 4 June 1S:3(>, Archibald Paull Burt 
(later a knight). 

Dr. Bryan d. in 1S17, and his widow and children were supported by her 
brother, John Henry Earle Berkeley, of Mount Home, Grenada. 

Maurice Berkeley's elder dau. and coh. was Elizabeth Earle, who in. 
Charles Bryan. Her sister, Mrs. Anne llardtman, d. in 185-1, not 18G4. 

George Berkeley had a dau. Lucy, who in . . . Newman and loll a dau. 
Lizzie and a son, both living in 1877 in St. Kitts. 

John Henry Earle Berkeley owned a family bible in which the names of alj 
his family were entered, from which the following additional notes are derived. 

Mary Eliz.'was born, and died in Lisbon. 

George was also born in that city. He once visited the W. I., staying 
Cedar Hill, Antigua, as appears from one of his letters which I have seen. I 
died at JNice. His wife, Frances Mary Bohlen (not Bolton), sister of a Rev. Jo 
Bolden, d. L March 1887, aged 72; buried in the old cemetery, Menlone. 

Maurice Henry llewitson was b. at Paradise Estate, Grenada; d. in the 
nursing home at S l Thomas Hospital, 22 July 1SS7, and was buried at Elmer's 
End Cemetery, Crystal Palace. The next six children were all born at Mount 

l\ 19. For Twickenham read Pakenham. Louisa Ann was b. 1S23. Robert 
was rector of various parishes in Barbados, and died 1893, not L89G. 

Henry was Provost-Marshal -30 (not -10) years. Thomas settled as a merchant 
in London in 1798, resided for several years in Brussels, where he d. 22 Au<'. 
1S:!G, in his (>(>"' year, and was buried in the cemetery, near the grave of Mrs. 
Sam. Byam of Antigua, but there is no monument. His wife, b. 17!)0, was dau. 
of Capt. Anthony Young, by Eliz., dau. of Stcdman Rawlins {Ante, V., 99). She 




9C cartbb'sa'ka. 

is called Mary in her M.I. She rein. L2 .lime 1S42, in Loudou, Major 'W. II. 
Harttnan, of wliom nothing is known. He predeceased lieu, dying at S' Ann's 
Bay, Jamaica, where he was residing with Ins eldest son Edward (evidently by a 
previous wife). She d. S March LS7 1 , aged 81, M.I. at Lympstone. 

Tho. Berkely left an only child, Mina Eliz.-, b. probably in London ; was with 
her mother in S' Kitts, 1815-17; mar. Frederick Belsou, Capt., Rifle Brigade. 
She died at Exmouth 2 1 May 1897, aged 81. They had several children, one of 
whom was Berkeley (!. A. Belson, Capt. R.N., of Southsea, 1905-11, who was 
married ami had two sons and one dan. 

P. 20. Augustus Frederick Manning 13. was b. in the Rue du Calle, 

Alfred Pownall (not Powell) B. -was b. in the Hue Royale, Brussels, and d. 
17 Dee. 1851), at Mount Home. 

Adele Caroline Mary B. was also b. in Brussels. She d. at Worthing, and had 
a dau. Julia. Lucy wash, at Lisson Lodge, London, and d. at Penge. 

P. 21. Maurice B. was never in Fiji. His only son, Kenneth Maurice, was 
killed in action in 191.6. 

John Henry Earle Berkeley, of Mount Home, Grenada, wrote a long journal 
about tho year 1831, describing his mercantile and plantation affairs. Prom an 
abstract of this 1 give a few notes. The writer, aged 2 at his father's death in 
1786, was a midshipman from 1797-1801, and on attaining the age of 21, in 180"), 
inherited £5,000 c. He married in 180S, went to England in 1810, became 
partner with his uncle, Thomas B., and engaged in various mercantile pursuits 
in the Peninsula. At the Peace they purchased the Paradise Instate in Grenada 
for £35,000 c, which John managed from 1815-2(5. They purchased, in L826, 
Mount Home and Plaiseene for £34,500, and, in 1827, Paraclete for £11,000. 
The two families resided for some years in Brussels, and there were numerous 
visits to the AV.l. 

Ann Campbell, widow. "Will dated 17 Jan. 1770. To Mary Berkeley wife 
of Henry B. the elder, Hep. Provost Marshall. Henry B. (he y 1 ', Geo., Morris 
and John, sons of Henry B. the Elder, a negro each, ami to Henry B. the Elder, 
in consideration of his paving my debts, a negro, and to he Exor. P. 25 Jan. 
1770, at S' Kitts. 

1772 July 18. Henry 13. manumits a negro woman Present. 

» 1805 Hoc. 2. Ind're between Eliz. Sarah Berkeley of S' Chr., widow, and 
Grac'e Manning, sp r , reciting the will of Ann Manning. Susannah Gray, since 
dead, E. S. B. and Grace M. have succeeded to her share of a house and land in 
Basseterre, and E. 8. B. sells her share to G. M. for £350. Property in College 


Eliz. Sarah Berkeley of S< Chr., widow. Will dated — . To my dans., Mary 
Earle B. and Ann Howard B., each two ncgros and all residue. My brother-in- 
law, W'" Malum, to be Exor. and G. Cod.- -To niece, Jane Peterson, a slave and 
£100 c. P. 13 April 1813, at S' Kitts. 


This Indenture, made the 24 Nov., S Ceo. IV., 1827, UrtUJCfH Thomas 
Berkeley of the I. of Grenada, hut at present residing at Brussels, in the King- 
dom 0t the Netherlands, Esq., and John Berkeley, also of Grenada, Esq., of the 
one part, and William Manning, Fred. Manning and John Lavicount Auderdon. 


all of London, merchants and co-partners, trading as Manning and Anderdon, of 
tlie other part. JlEUjCVfilfS tlie said Tho. and John 15. are seized in equal moieties 

of a plantation and slaves in Grenada, and the stock. Mannings and Anderdon 
are their factors and merchants, to whom they owe considerable sums, and for 
their better security Tho. and John "B. have agreed to execute a mortgage now in 
consideration of the premises and 10s., the latter convey and confirm to the 
former (the freehold parts in tlie possession of M. and A., by Ind're dated the 
day before this) for one year all that "plantation called Paradise in the p. of 
S' Andrew, Grenada, containing 9u" quarres bounded N. with the lands heretofore 
of the lion. Hob. Turner and John Bourryau, and late of the devisees of J. B. ; 
on tho W. by tho river of the Grand Bead and lands of Mr. Home ; S. with 
lands heretofore of Madame Francoise and late of Pomblin McLeon, Esq., and 
with the Great River; E. with the estate called Simon and all the negro slaves, 
as in the schedule, and all buildings, horses, mules and cattle. Interest to he 
5 per cent, and the parties appoint Bridgeman Hewitson and Hugh Hose, both of 
Grenada, Esquires, to act as their attornies and register this doed. Schedule of 
slaves : 10G males, 84 females, ages, marks and country given. 


Indorsed on A. Lease for a year dated 23 Nov. 1827. Signed and scaled by 
Tho. B. and John B. 

Signed and sealed (with plain seals). 
Thomas Berkeley, in the presence of 

Jlenry Percy Ilamor, Cap" 52 ml , Bruxelles. 
JohnMay, No. 2 GifTen St., Deptford. 
W' n Manning, Fred. Manning and John L. Anderdon, in the presence of 
AV"' Dowding, clerk to Messrs. M. and A., New Bank Buildings, 

London. , 

W m John Martin, clerk to Mr. John Hopton Forbes, Ely Place, 

Entered 3 April 1828 by John Berkeley, Esq., and recorded in the Register's 
Office by Owsley Grantley. Certificate of tho Lord Mayor, dated 23 Jan. 182s. 
(On six skins, purchased from Jas. Coleman's collection by Mrs. Bromley.) 


In the Church-yard : 

In loving Memory of | R. Fitzhardingo Berkeley | Priest | Hector of this 
Parish 1880-1891 1 fell asleep IS July 1893 | Aged GS. 

lie had been R. of S l Joseph's in 1877. 

In the Churchyard on a small cross : 



In the Churchyard on a white marble cross : 

Mary Stedmau | Wife of | Major AV. H. Ilartman | Died March S' h 1874 | 
aged 84 years. 

♦Noted May, 191'J, by Miss Ethel Oliver. 
VOL. \1. I. 

. 2 Ca':.. I - - .>'A. 

Li this Li'.oi | a ilk :..i Moiher lies | Miiia Clizul il ■ ■ - ■ l ■ 

Frederick Bcilfeou | Late Rilie Brigade j Died 21 M Muj LS97, Aged Si. 

On another stone cross with anchor and cable around il : 

Henry George Belson, Capt. KN. j who died a! Exmouth | March 20 th 1876, 
aged 43 | youngest son of | Henry Page Belson, Capt. IL V 

flfartrtman of §>t< Irttts/ 

1618. Aliens in London. "Peter Hartraan, horn in Brissill in Brabant, 
under the Archduke, noe free denizen, doth acknowledge our Soveraigne Lord 
Iviug James to he his supream head and governour." (Huguenot Soc. Pub.) 

1695. Capt. Heartman's sloop. (Colonial Entry Book, N u 48.) Capt. 
Hart-man, commander of Gov 1 " Codrington's sloop, " Barbuda." 

1698, Nov. 15. Bower of Attorney. P. van Belle of St. Thomas, Middle 
Island, to Michael Lamhert. Witnessed by Isaac Uardtman. 

1701, July 3. Naturalised Huguenots in London: Isaac Uardtman with 
sons Isaac and John; Francis Guiehard, Anthony Guichard and Peter Manin ; 
James de Brissac, 1687, Theodore de Brissac lo'!)7 and Daniel do Brissac, L720 ; 
all names of settlers in St. Kitts. Isaac Uardtman, s. of Richard and Catherine, 
was hap. in 170(3 at the Dutch Church, London. 

1 707-S. Census of St. Kitts : (Ante, III.), .loan Uardtman, age 40, -i ho) s ; 
Eliz. lLirdlmau, aged 22, 2 hoys and 1 girl; John llarlman, aged 33, 1 W. and 3 
bo\ s. 

"1711. Census of St. Kitts: Parish of St. Thomas, Middle Island, .loan 
1 fardt man, 4 boys ; John llartman, I w., 12 hoys. Compensation for losses by the 
French invasion ; Eliz. Hartman lives in Palmetto Point. £13S c. or £92 st. 

1711. June 2. At a Meeting of the Council ordered that a sloop he prest to 
send away the prisoners brought in by Capt. Peter Uardtman. 

1713. Mr. Uardtman living at Old Road, named in Nevis records. 

I 721), Peh. 17. Deposition of Peter IL, J 1 . 

1727. Possessors of French lands :— Peter 11. S 1 ', and Peter IL .1 ''. 

1731. Peter II. , then a planter. 

1731, July 2. Christian Pauton, widow, leases to Win. IL, planter, a parcel 
of laud, part of Graves Mountain in the p. o\ St. Thomas, Middle Island, lor 10 
years at £56 rent per annum. 

1732, July 27. Isaac II. named. 

1732. Win. II. lined £20 for assault, ,CI0 remitted by I.' Gov. (C. O. 
records in P. It. ().) 

1732, A iii,'. 11. Brissac, mariner, do give to my niece Sarah IL, dan. 
of my sisler, Ivath. II., a negro girl. Wituessed by Abraham II. 

1,733, Aug. Peter IL, merchant, owns property In Basseterre. 

1738-4, Jan. 7. Will of Peter II. , planter. To wife Ivath., a negro Avoman. 
To dan. Sarah, ;! slaves. Residue to wife and dau. Proved 4 Apr., 1.734. 

1731, Aug. 22. Peter Thomas for £132 c. conveys to Ivath. II. , widow, 5 
negroe men, women and 1 child. 

1731. Peter de Brissac of St. Geo. Basseterre. 

1734, Nov. 2S. Mary Spencer, widow, for £80, convoys to Tho. Allman, 
vintner, a negro woman. 

1731'. "Win. II. is a very industrious, laborious person, never given to 
quarrels, brawls or disturbance with his neighbours, a very quid and civil man." 
Signed by L. de Marshall, Peter Dupuy, John Duroy, Louis de Marsall, Lewis 
ffeiiilleteau, James Tobiu, Isaac Duportj-etc. (P. P.O.) 

* Communicated l>y Mr. .lolm Bromley, 


1 7f}5, July. 11011,]'. do Brissae sella to Kath. H. 2 Blavea for £20. 
1738, April 24. Tho. Caines, Dop. Prov. Mar., conveys to \\ r tn. EL, gent., 
certain lands of John Johnson, planter, sold under distress. 

1738, Apr. 27. Win. II. and Eli/.., his wife, convey to Pat. Blalte, Esq., land 
at Palmetto l n . 

1730. Will of Cath. IT., of Basseterre (widow or Peter), dated 27 July 1730. 
Rich. Wilson, Esq,, and Rich. Rowland, merch*, Exors., all est. to dau. Sarah at 
15; in case of dealh, then to Eli/,, dau. of said Rich. Rowland, a ne£ress. To 
Francis, son of R. R, all lands in or near the Canarios in said island, and to 
Frances, dau. of R. K., houses and lands in Basseterre, ami Ihe hitler two to pay 
to Exors. .€150 each. To Benj. de Brissae (brother), £100, and to his two 
children £200. Proved 1 Dec. 1730. 

1730-10, Jan. 2G. Wm. 11., of Stone Fort, planter, for £148 c, sells to Tho. 
Tyson, of the p. of St. Peter, Basseterre, in market overt 3 negroes. Witnessed 
hy Jn° Cooper, Ed. Gillard, Jolm Johnson, jun. 

1739, Feb. 12. Rowland to Tyson, land lately in the possession oF Petor H., 
jr., lain of Basseterre, gent., deceased. 

1710. Will of Wm. II., dated 7 Oct. 1740. To Johnson Abbott, s. of Win. 
A. and Sarah, his wife, 2 negroes and a cow, and to be continued at school. One 
third of all my estate to my wife Sarah, and % to any child, and, failing, to my 
wife, she then paying Johnson Abbott £50 c, and to Abraham II., s. of my 
brother Abraham 31., deceased, £50 c. My wife and friends, Tho. Mills and 
John Johnson, s. of Anthony J., dec d , Exors. P. 2 Jan. 1740-1. 

1742, Dec. 3. lnd're tripartite. Sarah 31., widow, of the 1st part; Tho. 
Mills, planter, and John Johnson, planter, of Palmetto Point, of the 2 d , and 
John Pilkington of the 3' 1 part. Sarah being seized of 50S5 feet of land in 
Basseterre, and a marriage being shortly intended with John P. she conveys the 
land in trust to T. Mills and J. Johnson for her s. John Johnson. 

1742-3, Jan. 22. Sarah II., widow, holding; a lease of a plantation in the p. 
of Middle Island, where she now dwelleth, and being seized in fee of a still, mill, 
furnaces and implements, also 23 negro men, H women, 2 boys and 4 girls, 
stores, 5 bulls, 1 mare and 1 cow, settles the same in trust for her s., John 

1751, Aug. 14. Hon. Gilbert Fleming, L' Gen. and L* Gov., sells to Isaac II., 
mariner, for £135 c, a proportion of land, now in possession of Isaac II., of 1020 
s<p feet in Irish Town and a parcel of 0020 sq. feet, with all buildings clear of 
the dower of Ann, wife of G. Fleming. 

1753. Census of Antigua, St. John's Town. Ann Ilardtman. 

1753, May 3. Isaac H., mariner, and Eliz., his wife, for £970 S. C. currency, 
sell to John Millyener, John Hutchinson, John Cooper and Sam. Hurst, all of Ihe 
province of Beaufort, S. Carolina, merchants, land in Irish Town, St. Kitts. 

1757, June 1. Abraham II. of the p. of St. Geo., Basseterre, releases Tho. 
Mills, Esq., John Johnson and Sarah II. (now Pilkington), widow, as Exors. of 
the will of Wm. IT. of the p. of S l Tho., Middle I., of all legacies. 

17G7, March 3. Power of attorney from Parnell Barnaby, widow, to Abr. II., 
gent. ^ 

1771, Feb. 23. Manumission by Sarah Pilkington (late Sarah II., widow, 
previously Sarah Johnson, wid.), of a mistizc girl, Sarah Johnson, dan. of a 
mulatto woman of mine called Eden (? Edith). 

1772. Will of Isaac Thomas,* dated 23 May 1772. Use of est. to my wife 
for life, and at her decease for my dau. Sarah II., wife of Isaac II., jun., for life, 
then to my s. in law Isaac H., jun. P. 25 Nov. 1772. 

1774. Will of Eli/, dc Marsal, widow, dated 2 March 1771. To my niece 
Sarah II., wife of Isaac II., gent., a negro slave. To James Alters, s. of James 
Akers and Jane, his wife, my mulatto Eleanor. My late husband, Paul do 

* m. 2 Jan. 1752 to Sarah Palmer at St. Goo., H'terre. 

i. 2 



. . . . Hardtman (? Isaac=f=[Jean, age 10 in 1707-8 ; ? bur. K) Aug. 1730 
Hardtman, living 1008). at St. Tim., Middle Island.] 

1732; dcall 



2s Aug. 
1710. ' 
1st wife. 

William Hardtman of=pSarah, widow of Anthony 
St. Thomas, Middle Johnson; mar. 127 Sept. 

1710; remar. 1.7 12 John 
Pilkington. Her will dated 
25 Nov. 17S0 ; proved 7 
Aug:. L7s7. 2nd wife. 

Island, planter, bur. 14 
Oct. 1710. Will dated 
7 Oct. 1710 ; proved 
2 Jan. 17-10-1. 



Abraham Hardtman, horn 1720; nephew l7-10"-fiSarah, dan. of John Warner, sen., 

of Win.; of St. Geo. 1757, merchant ; bur. is 
March 1773, aged 41. Will dated 17 Feb. 
1770; proved 2J June 1773. 

of Sandy Point, mariner ; born 
1726; mar. 1!) May 1751*; bur. 
7 Feb. 1S02, aged 70. 

Tsaac-pSarah, dan. Abraham=pAnnc Jacob Hardtman, bom=plaabella, dan. 

Round- 5 Oct. 17G0 ; died 13 id' Benj. 

tree, Dec. 1834. Will dated Arnory, sen. ; 

4 Oct. 1S27 ; proved !) ! born 3 Sept. 

Jan. 1837. Traded with I I.7G4; mar. 17 

St. Eustatiusand owned I March 1785. 

property in Cayenne, : Had twelve 

which he lost. I [is old ' children all 

house was burnt in entered in tho 

1807. Miniature. \ bible. 


J r , 

1 770. 

of Isaac 1 lardt- 

Thomas; man, 

mar. before born widow, 

1772; niece O.luly mar. 

177-1 of and bapt. j 1774 

Mrs. Eliz. G Oct. 

de Marsal. 1751. 

Benj. Amory Hardtman, eldest Edward Hardtman,=pArabcIla Benson, 5th dan. 

son," born 19 April 1780; Sur- born 10 Mar. 1795. of lid. Cardiii, Esq., J.P.; 

geon Indian Army; died in Miniature. 
India. Miniature. 

mar. July 1820; lived 
at Ncwtons, St. Kitts. 

Fred. Mortimer Hardtman of White Flag 

Estate, planter. Will dated 15 June Hardtman. 

1879 ; died s.p. 

Arabella y Benj. Dunbar Wemyss, 

Capfc., grandson ol Lord 
Elcho. " 

Two sons, died 

Arabella Wemyss=j= Edward Dacres Bay lies Dobridge of Buc 
leys, son of Ed. Dobridge of Antigua. 

Edward Maurice Dobridge, Arabella Franccsca Edith Harriet Sinclair 

Dacres dead. Wemyss Dobridge, Dobridge, mar 

I'aynes — mar. Win. Henry Stephenson. 

Dobridge. Henry Eleho Coull Ledeatt of — 

— Dobridge. Antigua, whose 1st Ultima Dobridge, dead. 

John — wife was her aunt 

Dobridge, Walter Wemyss Ultima Dobridge. Fanny Louisa Dob- 
dead. Dobridge. ridge. 

* If the dutc of this marriage l>o correct, the eldest ^on rsaac, if by Sarah, must have been 



Peter llarJtinan of St. Kitts 1G95 ;=j 
Capt. of sloop, 1711. 

Peter llardtnian, jun., of Basse-=T=Katherine de Brissac, 

terre, merchant, bur. 12 .Ian. 
1781. Will dated 7 Jan. 
1733-1 ; proved 1 April 1731. 

purchases twelve slaves llardtman. 

1731. Will dated 27 Deed of 

J ul v and proved 1 Dec. 1732. 

Isaac , Uebeo a 

. . ., Ini 

27 D 





- Eliza- 

Sarah . . . ., gifted 



a slave 1732 by 


her imcde Benj. 
de 15. ; under 15 
in 1731). 

Isaac IIardtinan,^=Eliz. Margaret, born 

born 7 Nov. 1725; . . . ., 2!) April and 

of Basseterre, mar. bapt. 31 May 

mariner; sells before 1730; bur. 28 

land 1751-3. 1751. May 1731. 

Isaac llardtman, born 20 
March and bapt. 17 July 

llebecca, born 3 Dec, bapt. 
28 Dec. 1753. 

Eliz., born 8 Sept. 
1755 ; bapt. 23 
May 1750. 

William llardt- Elizabeth, born G April Sarah, born 15 Sarah-Rebecca, born 

man, born 2!) and bapt. 5 May 1751; Nov. and bapt. 21 July and bapt. 

Aug. 1705 and mac. 2 Nov. 1775 Jos. 25 Dec. 1750; 22 Oct. 1758; mar. 

bapt. 5 Jan. Sandersou. bur. 10 April 4 Aug. 1798 Dan. 

1700. 1757. Sliarry. 

Thomas Allman-y^Anne Howard, younger dnu. Jacob A. 

llardtman of St. 
Kills, J. P., born 
15 April and 
bapt. 27 Aug. 
L799; died 23 
Dec. 1852. 

and coheiress of Maurice llardtman, 

Berkeley of St. Kitts and died at 

Martinique; burn in M'que Grenada 

10 Aug. 1800 ; mar. at 11 Jan. 

liasseterre 7 Feb. 1S22 ; died 1821. 
Jan. 1854. 

Mary, born 1!) 
Nov. 1787. 

Isabella Ann,* 
born 3 May 1796; 
died at, Millikeus 


See Peuigeee $L. 

Marsal, in his will, dated 22 Sept. 1753, left laud to me, and having had no issue, | 
bequeath it to his niece Mary Ann Dumoulin for life, and at her death to my 
niece Sarah II. James Akers, Exor. Signed with a mark. I'. 10 March 1 77-1-. 

1770, Kcb. 23. Isaac II., gent., for his wife Sarah, legatee under the will id' 
Eliz. de Marsal, widow, for 10s. renounces all claims. James Akers, an Exor. 

177G, Oct. 5. Judgment against Isaac II., gent., for £56, at the suit of 
Edward Grillard and Sam. New, merchants and partners, with costs, £8. Also 
for .£39, at the suit of Alex. Muckhart, surgeon, with costs, £2-1. 

1770. Deborah Humphreys, AVidow. Will dated May 1>. Mary llardtman, 
spinster, sister of Isaac llardtman, late of S l Chr., mariner, deceased. 

1780. Will of Sarah Pilkington, widow (formerly llardtman, widow, and 
Johnson, widow), dated 25 Nov. 1780. To Sarah Hart, spin., dau. of Win. Hart, 

* Her house in Prickly Pcnr Alloy, which was loft her by Jacob II., was burnt down in tin- 
fire in 1869, and all pictures, etc., with exception of Jacob 11. 'a miniature and the Amory 

Family Bible, were burnt. 



Pedigeee H. 

Thomas Allman Hardtman=pAnne Howard. 
of St. Kitts (see p. 101). 

Anna Isabella, 
born 14 Dee. 
1822; died 
in Antigua 

Tho. Berkeley Hardtuian-Berkeley,=f 
CM. (J., of Shadwell, St. Kitts, and 
Cedar Hill, Antigua; President of 
C, J. P. and Lt.-Col. ; bora 14 Jan. 
1824 at Farm Estate, St. Kitts; 
assumed the surname of Berkeley by 
Royal' Licence 1873; died at Cedar 
Hill 6 Nov. 1881, aged 57. M.I. at 
St. Peter's, A, and St. Kitts. 
Memorial fountain in " Circus," 

Alice Hart, dan. of the 
lion. John Hart Raw- 
lins; born 3 Jan. and 
bapt. 7 May 1828atCam- 
berwell in the house of 
her great-uncle Sir An- 
thony Hart, Lord Chan- 
cellor of Ireland ; mar. 2(3 
May 1846 at Basseterre; 
died in London 23 Feb. 
190G. aged 78. 

Tho. Berkeley H.-B., 
ed. Merehistown, Mag- 
dalen Coll., Camb.,and 
Heidelberg; born 20 
May 1817; died 7 Dec. 

John Hart H.-B., born 1 Aug. 1849=pHelen Boyle, 1st 
at Millikcn's ; Capt. 83rd Regt. ; dau. of Robert 
A.U.C. 1875-77 to Sir A\ r m. Cairns ! Little of Bris- 
and Sir Arthur Kennedy, Governors ! bane, Crowii Sol. 
of Queensland; Vice-President Fed. I of Queensland ; 
C, Leeward Islands 1881—92 ; died j mar. at B. 
at Brighton 12 Aug. 1910. 




19 Sept. 
1878 at 

Rupert Edrick; 
Gilford H.-B., 
born 28 March 
1880 at Shad- 
well ; Major 
80th Inf. I. A., 
now H.A.A.G. 
Western Com- 

Maud, dau. 
of J. P. 
late Chief 
Sec. Gort, 
M adras ; 
mar. at 
tore 11 
Apr. 1910. 

Helen Edith Mary, born at 
Ootacomund 8 July 1912. 

Helen Dorothea, born 
5 Nov. 1881 at Milli- 
kens ; mar. 20 Jan. 
1917 Aubrey Darnell, 
D.S.O., Maj. A.I.F., 
lulled in action 24 
Sept. 1918. 

Alice Leonie, born at 
mar. 20 May 1918 Hu- 
bert Kreyer, D.S.O., 
Maj. Yorksh. regt. 

Neva, born at 
Shadwell Oct. 
1888 ; mar. 
Fred. Welch, 
Maj. I. A. 

Zoe Patricia, 
born at Shad- 
well Apr. 1892; 
mar. Oct. 1910 
Cha. Mercer, 
Capt. E. Kent 

Henry Scgrave H.-B., born=pLouise Edith 

3 March 1879 at Cedar Hill, Dora loina- 

Antigua; ed. King's School, lyn Potts, 

Paramatta, N.S.W. ; Station dau. of 

Magistrate at /aria, N. P., T. Tomalyn 

Nigeria; called to the bar, Potts, Sur- 

Mid. T., 1901; fought in geon R.N. ; 

Boer war, medal, five clasps, mar. 1907. 


Tho. Cassin 
H.-B., born 
21 June 
1886 at 
Suva, Fiji ; 
died there 
April 1S87. 

Maurice Anthony 
H.-B., youngest 
child, born at Suva, 
Fiji, I Dec. 1891; 
Lieut. Iville 
Brigade during the 
war ; educ. at Toil- 
bridge School. 


] 03 

1770. Will of Abraham H., dated 17 Feb. 1770. All Furniture to my wife, 
Sarah, and all residue of est. to her and my children, Isaac, Abraham, Jacob, 
Billy, Eliz. and Sarah, equally,at 21, or marriage. My wife and son Isaac, Exors. 
P. 21 Juno 1773. 

Maurice Hardt- Edward Hardt- Eliz. Sarah,: bor<n 8 Mar. Mary, born 1G April 
man, horn 13 man, horn 15 1 S2!) ; mar. at St. 183(3 ; mar. al Basse- 
July and bapt. Nov. 1827; mar. Peter's 22 May 1819 terre 7 Jan. LS58 
1 3 Oct. 1S2G at IK50 Dominica Joseph King Wat lie v, Edw. Geo. Kawlins ; 
Basseterre. Judge of Tobago. died there 1001. 

Elizabeth, born 1857; Mother Superior 
Norwood Convent ; died 1894. 

Eliuie, born Aug. 1859; died Dee. 
1SS9 at Brooklyn,' U.S.A. 

Sip Henry Speucer=[- Katherine Eliz., Alice Howard, born A nne Berkeley, born 

I l.-B., born (! Sept. his 2nd cousin, 'J Dec. 1853; mar. 31 July 1855; mar. at 

1S51 ; bnrr.-at-l. of dau. of Bred. 30 Oct. 1877 at St. St. Peter's, Basse- 

the Inner T. 1873; Slater Cassin of George's, Antigua, terre, St. Kitls, 23 

Sol.-Geu. of Lee- Grays Hill, An- Hon. Cha. Arthur Oct. 1873, the Hon. 

ward L 1878; Chief tjgua; mar. 23 Shand of Ei tubes ArLliur Wyndham 

J. of Piji 18S9— Feb. 1878 at the Creek, M. of Coun- Holmes A 'Court, Gth 

1.902.; Atty.-Geu.of Cathedral, cil, Administrator of son of 2nd Lord 

Nevis. IB' died in Jlevtesbury. lie 

Dominica 7 Dec. died at English llar- 

190'.). She died in bour in Antigua Out. 

Antigua 14 May 1915 leaving issue. 
l'Jlti leaving issue. 

Hong [Cong 1902 ; St. John's, An 
J. P. for W. Suffolk; tigua. 
died30Sept. LOlSat 
Burcs, co. Suffolk 

Katherine Margaret, horn at ( ledar 1 1 ill, Isobel Maud, horn at Cedar Marjorie 

Antigua/ 24 April L881; mar. 1st, 1 ',)U(i in Hill, Antigua, 23 Aug. and Constance, 

Hong Kong Major Geo. Kison Mullcr, died Bee. 1883. horn a! 

B.M.U.I., killed al Suvla Bay May 1915; Suva, Fiji, 

mar. 2ndly April 1919inL. Lt.-Col. Hew Alice Antoinette Marl, ii Nov. 

Daeres Belgrave, D.S.O. the Q. Own W, horn I Dec 1885 in LS89. 

Kent regl., and of N. Kilvvorlh, co. Leic. Antigua. 

Esq., dee 1 ', my silver tea pott, milk pott, and waders. To Sarah Johnson, a 
inusti/.ie, dau. of Edith, a mulatto manumitted by me, my beaureau, bedstead, 
tables and chairs, at 21. To a mulatto, William Johnson, already manumitted, 
my desk. Use of house and laud in Irish Town, which I now occupy to Edith, 
for life, then to Sarah J. Manumission to old Cadia, use of tenement and 5s. 3d. 
weekly, and at her death use of house to Dick Carty, a mulatto hoy lately manu- 
mitted. .U 1 2 c. yearly to Edith out of rent oF houses in Cayon Sir. To Marcus 
Lynch, infant son of Marcus Ij., planter, £50 c. To \\ tn. Anthony Burroughs, 
infants oF Win. Burroughs, attorney at law, X.~>0 c. Casar, a carpenter, to be 
kept by W"' Beach, my Exor., to repair buildings. To Ceo. Wright, inereh 1 , a 
negroe woman. To Bached Mardenhroiigh, spin., dan. of Chr. M., merch', an 
Exor., JC100 e. To Sarah M., her sister, a negro girl. To Sarah Johnson, inf. 



Bob. Hamilton- 
Hard tin an, 
Lorn 7 Aug. 
183 1 ; died at 
Estate, An- 
tigua, 1872. 

: Eliza- Julia Pelhain, 
beth bom 10 Feb. 
Ten- L833 ; died 
shon. inf. 

Jacob Hardt- 
man, born 16 
May 1834; 
died inf. 

Matilda Howard, born 21 June 1836; 
mar. at St. l'etor's 21 June 1805 Joseph 
Lees Philip Esdaile of Nevis, and had a 
dau. Louisa, born 1869. 

Cha. Wilfred Neate Hardtman, Atty,- 
Gen. Grenada, born 13 Dec. 1810; 
mar. Miss Alexander of that island, 
and died there 1870. 

Robert Allinan Hardtman, born- 
1857; M. of Council of St. Kitts ; 
died at Stapleton Estate 24 
Mar. 1913. (W.l. Com. Circular, 
xxxi., 171.) 

-Alice Gordon, eldest 
dau. of John Wood- 
ley Cope Gordon, 
Esq., of " Canada," 
St. Kitts. 





Garling of 








Harold Allinan Cedric 

Hardtman, born 30 

July 1890; of Canadian 

Ileserve Batt., 6th 

Coy., 1918 ; educ. at 

McGill University. 

Leslie Hamilton 
Hardtman, died 8 July 
1909, aged 11. 

Muriel Viviane. 

Marjorie Bertha, mar. 
Sept. 1909 Leonard 
Daly Holmes a Court, 
4th son of Hon. Arthur 
Wyndham H. a C. of 
Antigua. Issue. 

Katie Eitzpatrick, 
mar. 1915 Alan, 3rd 
son of late James 
Burns, Treasurer of 
St. Kitts. 

Elaine Bertha 
Hamilton, mar. 
Arthur, 2nd sou 
of Hon. Benj. S. 
Davis of Lam- 
berts, St. Kitts. 

Mabel, died inf. 

Alexandra Berthon=j=Humphry George H.-B.,= 
Christina, youngest I Barrister-at-Law Inner 
dau. of Alex. Wilson | Temple, born at Milli- 
Moir, C.M.G.,Presi- ken's 13 Oct. I860; died 
dent of St. Kitts ; 12 June 1913 at Suva, 
mar. 21 June 1883. Eiji ; bur. at sea. 
1st wife. 

Mowbray Stenhouse H.-B.,=pAnna, widow of 

born in Antigua 7 Apr. 1884. 

Capt. Pearson. 


One son. Two dans. 

dau. of 
of Kail- 
2nd wife. 

Ayinec Martha, born 
at Millikens 31 Jan. 
1803 ; mar. 20 May 
1898 at St. Mary's 
Church, Wyndhaiu 
Place, L., John 
Bromley, and has 
issue, Thomas An- 
thony Valentine 
Berkoley, born 9 
March 1901. 

Tho. Berkeley llardt-=pAmy 

man, horn at .Fountain i Marjorie, 

23 Kob. 1880; died in ! dan. 'of 
I taly on service !) Nov. C. I'ril- 

1918, 2nd Batt. Suf- i chard, 

folk Itegt,, attached | 

machine gun corps. | 

Reginald Cheyne Berkeley, 1 
M.C., born in L. Aug. 
1892; called to New Zealand 
Bar l'.)13 ; Capt. Uille 
Brigade; temp. lirig.-Major 
1918-19 during the war. 

Judith, 2nd dau. 
of late Alfred 
Cock, K.C. ; mar. 
al Suva, Eiji, 
Sept, 1914, 



dau. of the Hon. Anthony J., £100 c. To Sarah Johnson, a mostizie, silver 

tankard, &c, and houses in Cayon Str. and lier issue, and, in default, to the 

children of Fanny, a mulatto. Win. Beach, Chris. Mardeubrough and Win. 

Burroughs, Exors. 1'. 7 Aug. 1787. 

178!*, July 17. M 13 Aniey (.Mother of M ra Hardtman). (Cayon Diary.) 

1798, Aug. -i. Dan. Sharry mar. Miss Hardtman. (Ibid.) 

1802, Feb. 7. M rs Sarah Hardtman, aged 70 ; apoplexy. (Ibid.) 

1821, Jan. 11. Died at Grenada, Jacob A. Hardtman, son of Jacob 1L, Esq., 

of this island. (S l Kitts Gazette.) 

18'27. Will of Jacob Hardtman, dated 4 Oct, 1827. My house and lot at 

Prickly Pear Alley to my wife Isabella for life, and at her death to my dan. 

Isabella Ann and her heirs, and, in default, to be sold and proceeds to my sons 

Edward and Tho. Allman. Residue, consisting of furniture and a few slaves to 

wife, dau. and 2 sons. Hon. John Woodley and my said sons, Exors. P. Jan. 


182S, Feb. 5. Commission for Thomas A. Hardtman to be Captain in the 

Militia of S' Chr., Stedman Eawlins, Esq., C. in C. 

1847, June 4, Friday. At Milikeii Estate on Thursday, the 20"' ultimo, the 

Lady of Thomas Berkeley Hardtman, Esquire, of a son. (S l Christopher Gazette 

and Charibbean Courier.) 

Thomas Berkeley Hardtman Berkeley, Esq. (heretofore Thomas Berkeley Hardt- 
man) License to continue to use the Surname of Berkeley, in addition to 
that of Hardtman. Signed " Victoria Beg." 

Victoria, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 
Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith. To Our Bight Trusty and Right 
Entirely Beloved Cousin Henry Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal and Our 
Hereditary Marshal of England, Greeting ! 

"Whereas Thomas Berkeley Hardtman Berkeley (heretofore Thomas Berkeley 
Hardtman) of Shadwell and Fountain Estates, in the Island of S l Christopher in 
the West Indies, Esquire, Vice-President of the General Legislative Council of 
the Leeward Islands, Member of the Executive and Legislative Council of the 
said Island of S 4 Christopher, a Justice of the Peaco for that last-mentioned 
Island, and Lieutenant-Colonel in the Militia of the said Island of S l Christopher, 
hath by his Petition humbly represented unto Us, That Petitioner is the eldest 
Son and Heir of Thomas Allman Hardtman, late of the aforesaid Island of 
S* Christopher, Esquire, Justice of the Peaco for the said Island, and of Anne 
Howard his Wife, Younger of the two Daughters and Co-heirs to Maurice Berkeley, 
late of the Island of S l Christopher aforesaid and of the Island ol" Martinique in 
the West Indies, all deceased. 

That on the death of the Petitioner's Maternal Grandfather, the said Maurice 
Berkeley, without Issue Male, his two Daughters, Petitioner's Mother, the said 
Anne Howard Hardtman and her elder Sister Mary Earle, afterwards the Wife of 
Charles Bryan, of the said Island of S l Christopher, deceased, became his Co- 
heirs and Representatives, and to whom he bequeathed his Real and Personal 
Properly in equal shares. 

That on the death of Petitioner's Mother in the Year 1854, the Property 
inherited l>y her from her Father, the said Maurice Berkeley, devolved on the 
Petitioner, and with a view to perpetuate in his Descendants his Co-representa- 
tion of his Maternal Grandfather the said Maurice Berkeley, and in order to 
testify his respect for his Memory, Petitioner in December last assumed, and lias 
since used the Surname of Berkeley, and lie being desirous, with the consent of 
Mary Ann Bryan, the elder of the two Daughters and Co-heirs of Ins Aunt, the 
said Mary Earle Bryan, that such assumption should receive Our gracious 

106 - a.r.i:si : ^ * 

sanction, The Petitioner therefore most humbly pray a Our Royal License and 
Authority that he and his Issue may take and continue lo use the Surname of 
Berkeley, in addition to and after that of Hardtman. 

Know YTe that We of Our Princely Grace ami Special Favor have given and 
granted and by these Presents do give and grant unto him the said Thomas 
Berkeley Hardtman Berkeley (heretofore Thomas Berkeley Hardtman) Our 
Royal License and Authority that he ami his Issue may take and continue to use 
the Surname of Berkeley, in addition to and after that of Hardtman, provided 
that this Our Concession and Declaration be recorded in Our College of Arms, 
otherwise this Our License ami Permission to be void and of none Effect. 

Our Will and Pleasure therefore is that You Henry, Duke of Norfolk, to 
whom the Cognizance of matters of this nature doth properly belong, do require 
and Command that this Our Concession and Declaration be recorded in Our 
College of Arms, to the end that Our Officers of Arms and all others upon occasion 
may take full notice and have knowledge thereof. And for so doing this shall he 
Your Warrant. 

Given at Our Court at Saint James's, the second day of August 1S73, in the 
Thirty seventh Year of Our Reign. 

By Her Majesty's Command. 

Recorded in the College of Arms, London, pursuant to a A\ r arrant from the 
Earl Marshal of England. 

Geo. Harrison, Windsor Herald. Registrar. 

[On four folios of paper sealed and stamped, £10] 

1S79. Will of Fred. Mortimer IT., planter, dated 15 June 1879. To my 
mother, Arabella Benson TL. widow of the late Edw. It., the While Mag estate iii 
the p. of St. Paul, Capesterre, and all estate for life, ami at, her death to my niece 
Arrabella Sinclair Dobridge. The money lent by my aunt Margaret Hester 
Card in to be repaid. 

Hon. Tho. Berkeley Hardtman Berkeley of Milliken, St. Chr., C.M.G., 
planter, formerly known as Tho. Berkeley Hardtman. Will dated 7 Apr. LSSl>. 
My sons, John Hart Jl. B, of S l Chr., planter ; lion. Henry S. 11. 13., acting 
Att* Gen. of the Leeward Islands and Humphry Geo. If. B., to be Exors. To 
my two sons, John Henry and C. Arthur Shand, Esq., on trust, my moiety 
of Ottley's estate in Trinity, Palmetto Point, my moiety of Greenland estate in 
S l Mary Cayon, and land ami buildings in Pall Mall Square, Basseterre, now used 
by tho Estates Agency Depot, and all stores to sell and to form part of my 
personal estate. Accounts with James Ewing ami Co. My dau. Alice Howard, 
wife of Cha. A. Shand, of Fitches Creek, Antigua, planter, £2,000. My dau., 
Annie Berkeley, wife of the Hon. A. W. Holmes A'Court, £2,000. My dau. 
Aymcc Martha. £2,(100 at 21. To my son, John Hart, Shad well estate, charged 
with Annuity of £100 to his mother. To my son, Henry Spencer, Cedar Hill 
estate, subject to like annuity. To my son Humphrey at 25, Fountain estate. To 
my wife, Alice Hart, £100. My sister, Ann Isabella,, £30 a year. All residue Lo 
my three sons, John, Henry and Humphrey. Witnessed by W. E. S. Napier, 
JohuB. Bli/.ard. P. 15 Nov. 18S1. 

lRSl,"Nov. 11. On the 5th instant, at Milliken, the wife of J. II. II. 
Berkeley, late S3 ri1 Regiment, of a daughter. 

At Cedar Hill, Antigua, on the 6th instant, the Honorable Thomas Berkeley 
Hardtman Berkeley, C.M.C., President of the Federal Council of the Leeward 
Islands, aged 57 years. From a long notice which follows il appears that he died 
in a few days of fever. He was a very successful planter and attorney of many 
estates, and for over 30 years a A! . of the local legislature of >S l Kitts. He was 
also Vice President of the Federal Council, and a few days before Ins death was 


nominated President on tlie retirement of Sir Oliver Nugent. The C.M.G. was 
conferred in LS70. (The S l Chr. Gazette and Charibbeau Courier.) 


The death took place at Burcs, Suffolk, on Monday, of Sir Henry Spencer 
Berkelevj who was successively Solicitor-General of the Leeward Islands, Attorney- 
General and Chief Justice of Fiji, 1885 to 1892, and Attorney-General from 1902 
to 1906 of Uohg-kong. Me was born in 1851, the third son of Mr. T. B. IT. 
Berkeley, of St. ICitts, We8t Indies, and was called to the Bar by the Inner 
Temple in 1873. lie was created a knight in LS'JG, while Chief Justice of Fiji, 
where he administered the government and acted as High Commissioner for the 
Western Pacific on several occasions. He had been a member of the West Sussex 
.County Council since 1918. He leaves a widow, two sons, and three daughters. — 
The Times, 2 Oct., 1918. 


1751 May 19 Abraham Hardtman to Sarah Warner, B. 

1772 Jan. -1 Isaac Hardtman to Sarah Thomas, by L. 

1772 (Later than April) Abraham Hardtman and Anne Eouudtreo, widow, by L. 

1775 Dec. 2 Joseph Sanderson and Elizabeth Hardtman by L. 

17S5 — 17* Jacob Hardtman and Isabella Amory by L. 

1798 Aug. 4. Daniel Sharry and Sarah Eebecca Hardtman by L. 

1S22 Feb. 7. Thomas Allman Hardtman, Bach, ami Ann Howard Berkeley 

Spr., by L. 
1S20 July G Edw d Hardtman, Esq., Bach, and Arabella Benson Cardin, spin., 

;">"' dau. of Kicli' 1 Cardin, Esq., by L. 
1846 May 20 Thomas Berkeley Hardtman and Alice Hart Eawlins. 


1751 Dec. 27 Rebecca Hartman. 

1757 A pr. 16 Sarah Hardtman, an infant. 

1757 May '.) Elizabeth Hartmau, an infant. 

1763 May 17 Rebecca Hartman. 

177J5 Mar. IS Abraham Hardtman, aged 4J-. 

1775 Jan. -Apr. Isaac Hardtman, aged 1 months. 

1775 Jan. -Apr. Anne Hardtman, aged 21. 

17S1 Feb. 3 Mary Hardtman, aged 39. 


171S-9 Feb. 12 Mary Johnson, dau. of Isaac and Elizabeth Hardtman, b. 7 Feb. 

1751 July 17 Isaac, s. of Peter and Eli/." 1 Hardtman, b. 20 March '51. 

1751 Oct. G Abraham, s. of Abraham and Sarah Hardtman, b. G July '51. 

1753 Dec. 28 Kobccca, dan. of Isaac and Eliz 11 ' Hardtman, b. :» Dec, '53. 

1751 May 5 Kliz" 1 , dau. of Abraham and Sarah Hardtman, b. G April. 

I 750 May 2;} Elizabeth, dau. of Isaac and Eliz"' Hardtman, b. S Sept., 1755. 

175G Dec. 25 Sarah, dau. of Abraham and Sarah Hardtman, b. 15 Nov., '56. 

* Tlio family bible gives March. The mouth iu liogister is missing. 


1758 Oct. 22 Sarah Rebecca, dau. of Abraham and Sarah Harcltinan, b. 24 July, 

1700 Jan. 5 William, s. of Abraham and Sarah Hardtman, b. 29 Aug., 1705. 
1771 Oct. Isaac, s. of Abraham and Ann Hardtman, b. this day. 
1786 Juno 5 Benjamin, a. of Jacob and [sabella Hardtman, b. 19 April. 
178S Jan. 20 Mary, dau. of Jacob and Isabella Hardinan, b. 19 Nov. '87. 
1700 Jan. 20 William Daniel, s. of Jacob and Isabella Hardinan, b. 20 Nov., 

1791 July 22 Child* of [blank] and [blank] Ilartman. 
1793 Nov. 11 Joseph Clarkson,a. of Jacob and Isabella Hardtman, b. 20 Aug., 

1795 April 28 Edward, the s. of Jacob Ilartman and Elizabeth, f his wife, b. 

10 March '95. 
1790 Dec. 22 Isabella Ann, dau. of Jacob and Isabella Hartman, b. 3 May, '90 
1799 Aug. 27 Thomas Allman, s. of Jacob and Isabella Hardtman. 
1820 Oct. 13 Maurice, s. of Tho s Allman Hardtmau, Esq., and Ann Howard, 

his wife. 

1734 Jan. 12 Peter Hartman, buried. 



1734 June 22 David Jones and Rebecca Hardtman. 
1737 Jan. John Hardtman, Carpenter, and Henrietta IIoskinB. 
1740 Sept. 27 William Hardtmau, Planter, and Sarah Johnson, widow of Basse- 


1730 May 31 Margarett, dau. of Isaac Hardtman and Rebecca, his wife, b. 

A pr. 29. 
1737 Dec. 27 Eliz" 1 , dau. of John Hardtman and Hannah, his wife, b. Nov. 24. 
1710 July John Thomas, s. of John Hardtman and Hannah, his wife, aged 



1731 May 12 Eliz" 1 Hardtman. 

1731 May 28 Marg*, dau. of Isaac Hardtman and Rebecca, his wife. 
1730 Aug. 10 Old M" Hardtman, Mother of W™ Hardtman. 

1740 Oct. 14 W m Hardtman, Planter. 

1710 Dec. Eliz., dau. of John Hardtmau and Susannah, his wife 

1741 Jan. 24 John Hardtman, Mariner. 

1740 Aug. 28 Eliz" 1 , wife of William Hail man. 

* Robert. r Error for [sabella, 


Tn a CAMimrnnic New Testament.* vim. 1775. 


S l 



S l ]< 


S l 



s l 






s l 

K itta 


S l 



s r 



S l 



S l 



S l 



S l Kitls 


S l Kitts 


Jacob Hardtman was Born Oct r 5 th 1760 

Isabella Hardtman was Born Septenib r 3 d , 17(M / March 1785 

Benjamin Hardtman son of Jacob & Isabella Hardtman 

was Born April 1!)"' 178(5 at 3 o'clock in the morning. 

Mary Hardtman daughter of Jacob & Isabella Hardtman 

was Horn November l'J th 1787 at 11 o'clock at night. 

William Daniel Ilardtman sou of Jacob and Isabella 11 anil man 

was Born November 29 1789 at 7 o'clock morning 

Robert Hardtman son of Jacob & Isabella Hardtman 

was Born May 30 th 1701 at G o'clock evening 

Joseph Clarksoii Hardtman son of Jacob and Isabella Hardtman 

was Born August 2Gth 1793 at 7 o'clock morning 

departed this life at Edinburgh the 1"' of J uue 1805 Aged 11 

years 10 months 22 days. 

Edward Hardtman son of Jacob and Isabella Hardtman 

was Horn March 10"' 1795 at o'clock morning 

Isabella Ann Hardtman da. of Jacob & Isabella Hardtman 

was born May 3 l1 179G at !5 o'clock afternoon 

Frances Elizabeth Hardtman da. of Jacob & Isabella Hardtman 

was Born October 7 th 1797 at 3 o'clock morning 

& departed this life the 3 d August 1807 

Thomas Allman Hardtman son of Jacob & Isabella Hardtman 

was born April 5 lU 1799 at 7 o'clock morning 

Jacob Alexander Hardtman son of Jacob & Isabella Hardtman 

was born February 18"' 1801 at 3 o'clock morning 

Sarah Susanna Hardtman da. of Jacob & Isabella Hardtman 

was born February 1 st 1803 at 2 o'clock afternoon 

departed this life the 11 th Aug. 18U3 aged G months 10 days 

Pemborton Hardtman son of Jacob & Isabella Hardtman 

was Born the 10 th February 18(37 and departed tin's life the day 

following having received private Baptism previously 

Family Biiu.e in possession of Mhs. J. II. II. Berkeley. 

Thomas Allmann Hardtman was born on the 15"' day of April 1789. 
Ann Howard Hardtman, wife of Thomas Allman Hardtman was born 

on the 10"' August 1800. 
Thomas and Ann Hardtman were married the 7" 1 day of February, in 

the year 1822, in the Church of St. George, Basse Terre, St. Kitts. 
No. 1. Anna Isabella Hardtman daughter of Thomas & Anne Hardtman was 

born on Saturday the 14 th day of December 1822 at 20 mins. after G 

o'clock in the evening at the Farm Estate, Sandy Point. 
No. 2. Tho 3 Berkeley Hardtman son of Tho 8 & Anne Hardtman was born 

Wednesday the 11"' day of January 1824 al 10 mins. to nine o'clock 

in the morning at the Farm Estate, Sandy Point. 
No. 3. Maurice Hardtman son of Thomas & Anne Hardtman was born on 

Thursday the 13"' day of July 1826 at 25 mins. to 3 in the 

afternoon at Ilutchinsons Estate, Old Road. 
No. 4. Edward Hardtman son of Thomas & Anne Hardtman was born on 

Thursday the 15"' day of November 1827 at 15 mins. after 5 o'clock 

in the morning, born at Ilutchinsons Estate, Old Road. 

* This was the Arapry l>il>lo - belonging to Isabella Amory, who married Jacob [{ardtuuia. 
There :iro also many entries of Aniory's in it. | John Uromley. ] 


No. 5. Elizabeth Sarah Hardtman daughter of Thomas A Anne Hardtman was 

born (in Sunday morning 8"' day of March 182!) al halt' past 1, at 

Hutchinsons Estate, Old Road. 
No. G. Mary Hard tman daughter of Thomas <fc Anno [Iardtman was born on 

Friday night the 16"' of April 1830 at 5 miiis. to Jo o'clock, born 

at Hutchinsons Estate, Old Road. 
No. 7. Robert Hamilton Ilardtman son of Thomas and Anne Jlardlman was 

born on Sunday night the 7 1 '' of Aug 1 183] at 25 mins. past s o'clock 

born at Hutchinsons Estate, Old Road. 
No. 8. Julia Ilardtman daughter of Thomas and Anne Ilardtman was 

horn on Sunday night the 10"' of Feby 1833 at hall' past !) o'clock, 

born at Hutchinsons Estate, Old Road. 
No. 1). Jacob Hardttnan sou of Thomas & Anne Ilardtman, was born on 

Friday the 10"' of May 1834 at 25 inins. to!) o'clock born at Yainbelk; 

Estate, Middle Island." 
No. 10 Matilda Howard, daughter of Thomas & Anne Hardttnan, was born on 

Tuesday morning 21 st of June 1830 at .}- to 1 o'clock at Harris' 

Estate, St. John's. 
No. 11 Charles Wilfred Neate, son of Thomas & Anne Hardttnan was born 

25 miiis. to 3 o'clock on Sunday the 13"' December 1810 born at 

Bourryau's Estate, Christ Church. 
Elizabeth Sarah second daughter of Thomas and Anne Ilardtman, was 

married at St. Peters, Basse Torre by the Rev' 1 Erazer on the 22'" 1 of 

May 1849, to Joseph King Wattley barrister at law (T. 15. 11.) 
Mary Hardttnan, third da. of Thomas Allman & Anne Hardttnan was 

married at St. George's, Basseterre by the Venerable Archdeacon 

Jernayn on the 7 January 1858 to Edward George Rawlins 5"' son of 

Hon ,rie Stcdman 11. 
Matilda Howard- Ilardtman fourth daughter of Thomas Allman & Anne 

Jlardtman was married at St. Peter's, Basseterre by the Rev d C. C. 

Culpepper on the2L Bt June 1805 to Joseph Lees Philip Esdailo Esq., of 

the Island of Nevis. 
Thomas Berkeley Ilardtman and Alice Hart Rawlins were married by 

the Venerable Archdeacon Braithwaite in the Church of St. George's, 

Basseterre, St. Kitta on 2U l " May 1810. 
Alice Hart Rawlins, youngest daughter of the hon b,c John Hart Rawlins 

was born at i\o. 1 George St., IVckhain, London 3' 1 Jan. L828. 
Thomas Berkeley, son of Thomas Berkeley and Alice Hart Hardttnan 

was born at Millikcn Estate, St. Kitts at { to 7 on the morning of the 

20"' May 1817. 
John Hart, son of Thomas Berkeley and Alice Hart Ilardtman was 

born at I past 2 o'clock p.m. on l sl Aug. ISI'.I. 
Henry Spencer son of Thomas Berkeley and Alice Hart Ilardtman was 

born at i past 11 o'clock p.m. iU September LS5L. 
Alice Howard, da. of Thomas Berkeley and Alice Harl Ilardtman was 

born at Milliken estate, St. Kitts at | to 12 a.m. 9 th December, L853. 
Anne Berkeley da. of Thomas Berkeley and Alice Hart Hardtman was 

born at Millikcn Estate, St. Kills 1 past 5 o'clock p.m. 31 s1 July 1855. 
"Humphry George, son of Thomas Berkeley and Alice Hart Hardtman 

was born at Milliken Estate, St. Kilts at "l o'clock a.m. 13"' Oct. L800. 
Aynu'e Martha da. of Thomas Berkeley and Alice Hart Hardtman was 

born at Milliken Estate, St. Kills at 9 o'clock a.m. on the 31 bl 

January 1803. 

( 111 ) 

IDartmnn of &t. Crm)i\ 

The surplus population of St. Kitts spread over the adjacent islands of St. 
Croix and St. Bustatius or Si alia., and it is probable that these Plartmans of 
St. Croix were a branch of the. Llardtmans of St. Kitts, though the exact proof 
lias not been discovered. The family was undoubtedly of Huguenot origin. 
St. Croix being now American, the Editor wrote to the Registrar for information 
about the local records, but no reply has been received. 

Francis Degen of Hammersmith. Will dated 19 March 17S3. To my friend 
Mrs. Ilartman, dau. to Mr. Joseph Rawlins of St Kitts, 6500. (507, Cornwall is.) 
{Ante, I., 2921) 

Sir \Vn,. Young, I st Hart. Will dated 21 March 1784. My sister Mary 
Uartinan of S' Croix £50 and my nephews and nieces there. My niece Mrs. 
Martha James of S' Croix £50. 

Joseph Rawlins late, of S< Chr., now of Baltimore. Will dated 13 Sept. 1703. 
} of csjt. to my dau. Mary Estridge Marl man. (209, Exeter.) 

Eieh d Tuite of St. Croix. Will dated 14 Oct. 1802. My dan. Oath, widow of 
Henry Gosling late of SI. Croix, esq., £10,500. (000, Marriott.) (Ante, VI., 

Isaac Hartman, formerly of the I. of S' Croix, late of Portman Sq. co. Midd" 
but of Molina Place co. Surry, Esq. Will dated 2L May 1813. i\ll my est. to my 
ch", viz., I to my eldest s. Lsaac Rawlins II., ' e to my s. Jos. Rawlins IF., }. to my 
s. W" Henry IT., -J- to my s. Stedman ltawlilis 11., and l 6 to my dau. Eliza 
[jennington Heyloger now wife of Isaac Markoe lleyleger, My wife Mary 
Estridge 11., to have liberty to dwell in any one of my houses in S l Croix and 
£1000 c. a year. To Mistress Mary Ryan Grcenhill Stracey late of Jermyn Str. 
for her attention £350 st. a yr. Mary \ r oung my servant £40 a yr. 

"Whereas John King, the lion. Augustus Butler DanverB and Geo. Rogers Esq., 
by a bond dated 19 Eel). 1S01 became bound to me with Sir Mich. Cromie B 1 in 
£.30,000 a considerable sum is due. £3,000 is also due from Gustavus Hippesley 
Esq., (Jeo. Brewer gent., John Aris Esq. and Jos. Marshall Esq. | of such to my 
eldest s., \ to 2' 1 s. J. It. II., and } to Peter Tho. Charman of Piccadilly, silversmith. 
Mistress Amelia Smith of 92 High St., M'lcboue £25 for a ring. Reb" 'Thomas, 
widow, my wife's sister, £100 for a ring. P. Charman and my 2 elder sons Exors. 
Test, last of Temple Place, S» (Jeo/ Pields co. Surrey, S. \V., 3 .Nov. 1814. 
P. 8 Nov. ISM. by P. C. p. r. to the others. (010, Bridport.) 

1778* Isaac Hartman & Mary Rawlins, spin, of this Parisl 


178G July 4 Isaac Ilardtmau Esq. (of St. Croix) & Mary Garnet spin. Lie. 
17S8f Eeb. 20 Mrs. Hartman buried. 

* Isaac their eldest son wis born Nov. 1777, so that the year 1778 is probably an error, 
f Entered also at St. (Jeo., B'terre: 1788 Feb. 21 Mary llarduian aged 36; and in Co-you 
Diary: 1788 Fob. 19 Mrs. Mary 11. (sister of Ju° Garnett), dropsy. 



-Margaret . . . ., born=plsaao ITartman=pMaiy, dau, of John G-amett of St. Kitta ; 
Sept. I of St. Croix, born 31 Aug. and bapt. 20 Sept. 17. r )0, 

172X; mar. 16 

17 IS; died 1-1 Mar. I Esq., died Jul) 

17S5. Had nine 1792. 

children. s.p. 

mar. 4 July L78G ; bur. 20 Feb. 178S at 
Trinity P. Pt. 

[sane Benj. Newton Hart- 
man, born 25 Dee. 1750 ; 
died 5 Jan. 1753. 

John AVm. Hunt Hart- 
man, born 21 March and 
died 22 Dee. 1752. 

Isaac Hartman, born 30=pMary Estridge, dau. 

Oct. 1753; died in L. 
25 Sept. 1814, aged 5S. 
Miniature. Will dated 
21 May 1813 ; proved 8 
Nov. 1814 (G10, Brid- 

Jos. Rawlins of St. 
Kit Is ; mar. at Sandy 
Pointaboiil 1777; named 
in her lather's will 1793. 

Isaac Rawlins Hartman,=pLucy Eliz., youngest dan. Joseph Joseph p 

born Nov. 1777 ; of J of Owen Putland Mey- Rawlins Rawlins 

rick of Bodorgon, Aug- Hartman, 1 Tart man, 

lesey ; mar. at M'bone born 3 Jnne born 29 

22 July 1800 ; of Devon- and died 11 Doc. 1782. 

shire PL 1832. July 1771). 

1'ortinan Sq. 1801 ; of 
the Coldstream G uards ; 
Col. in the army ; dead 

Lucy, born 10 Sept. Clara, 2nd 

1801 at M'bone; mar. dau., mar. 

28 June 1832 at Wm. Selby 

St. Geo., Han. Sq., Lowndes 

\V. Selby Lowndes as his 2nd 

of Whaddoa Hall, wife 20 

co. Bucks, M.P. May 1851. 

Mary Eliz., 3rd dau., Josephine 
mar. 23 Sept, 1834 

at St. Ceo., Han. Emily, 

Sq., Edw. AVm. mar. ail 

Lowndes, 5th son English 

of \V. Selby L. Baronet, 

Maria, mar. 

Loscomb of 


1800 July 22 Isaac Rawlins- Hartman, Bach., & Lucy Eliz 11 ' Mey rick, both oi 
this p. 


1832 June 28 William Selby Lowndes Esq., 15., A Lucy Hart man of St. 

Marylebone, Spr. Lie. 
1834 Sept. 23 Edward William Selby Lowndes, B., & Mary Elizabeth Hartman 

Spr. of St. Marylebone. Lie. 

1S00, July 22. Isaac Rawlins Hartman, Esq., of Portman sq. to Miss Lucy 
Eliz. Meyrick, youngest dau. of Owen Putland M., Esq. of Bodorgon, Anglesea. 
(G.M., 092.) 

1801, Sept. 10. The wife of Rawlins Hartman, esq. of Portinap Sq., a dau. 
(lb,, 858.) 



1811. Peninsular. Major Mailman, then commanding artillery. 
1 sit, April 11. Wounded at Bayoimo: Major and LV Col. G-, J. [Tart man n, 
11. A. (lb. (575.) 

Eliz. llartman, born 19 
A ug. 1755 ; mar. 1 5 .1 line 
1709 Era. Markoe* of 
St. Croix, ami 2ndly 
Adam Kuhn off Phila- 
delphia. She died 25 
Feb. 1791. 

John Hart man, 
born 26 Oct. 

and ilu'd 
Nov. 1750. 



Mary llartman, born 
22 Sept. 17(H) ; died 
25 May 1701, 

Peter llartman, born 
1 and died 2 May 

Mary llart- 
man, born 
9 Nov. 
1705 ; died 
25 May 

Wm. Hcnry : 
born 13 Nov. 
1784 ; at 
Eton 1790 ; 
to his wife. 

Akers llart- 
man, born 5 
Oct. 1818. 

May W, 

Hart man, 
born 11 Apr. 

: El»z., dan. of 

Edm. Eleni- Rawlins 

ing Akers Hart man, 

by Era., dau. at Eton 

of Jos. Raw- 1799. 

lins. (Ante, Minia- 

IV., 97.) ture. 

Stedman-pMary, dau. of Eliza Linnington Hart- 

Henry (lOS- 
ling by Cath. 
Tuite ; mar. 
8 Aug. ISM, 
(Ante, VI., 

man, mar. Isaae Markoe 
Heyliger, son of Martin 
Meyer H. of St. Croix, 
lie matrie. from St. Edm. 
Hall, O.xf., 19 April 
1799, aged is. 

I I 
Win. Henry 


born 13 Oct. 


Rosa Hart- 
man, mar. 
Capt, Dres- 
sing ; died 

Cath. Mary 

born :H 
May 1815. 

born 30 
June 1S17. 

May Eli/.. 
1 Lartman, 
born 24 
July 1818; 
died s.p. 


born 6 Sept. 
1821 ; died 

May Rebecca Hart- 
man, born 24 Jan, 
1823 ; died 1889, 


Stedman llartman, 

6th child. 

Richard Hartinan, 
7th child. 

181 '4, Sept. 25. Aged 5S, Isaac llartman, esq. of St. Croix. (lb., 199.) 

1815. L* Col. Julius llartman to be Hon. Kid Commander of the Military 
Order. (lb., G8.) 

1832, June 28. At St. George's, Hanover-sq., W. Selby Lowndes, esq. to Lucy, 
eldest dau. of Mrs. llartman, of Dcvonshire-pl. (lb., 039.) 

1831, Sept. 23. At St. George's, Hanover-sq. by the Rev. Robert Lowndes, 
Edw. Wm. 5 son of W. Selby L. esq. of Whaddon-hall, Bucks to Mary-Lli/,. 3d. 
dau. of the late Col. llartman. (lb., for 1835, 85.) 

* Tlio late Francis llartman Markoe, Ml)., of New JTork, who died 1912, was agreatgmnd- 
son, and supplied much of this pedigree to the late Mrs Shand in IU03 




abstracts of JJebis 2MUls in ti)c $)♦€.€♦* 

Hester 1'in'Nky, of S l Andrew's, Molborn, co. Middx., spr, Will dated 
13 Feb. 1730. To my cousin John Frederick Pinney, cs(|., £500, & to my cousin 
John Gnndrey £300. To my cousin Jane Phelps interest on £200 for tier own 
use for life. To my cousin Grace Snayden £200 it to her sister Mary Hoar £200. 
To Martha Clark the dan. of John C. £200. To my sister Noomy 1'. £10. To 
my sister Kachael Scrimshaw clothes & I my Bank of England Stock. To my 
nephew A/ariah Pinney, esq., South Sea Co. Stocks & their joint Annuity Stock. 
Sd. sister R. Scrimshaw & sd. nephew A. Pinney, esq., to he ex'ors. Witnesses: 
Mary Smith. William Monck, Ann Hutton. 

Probate 3 Mar. 1739[-40] by Rachol Scrimsherc al's Scrimshaw, widow, & 
Azariah Pinney, esq., the ex'ors. (85, Browne.) 

Thomas Butler, of Camberwcll, co. Surrey, gent. Will dated 27 July, 1730. 
To my wife Mary, besides the £20 annuity [ settled on her at our marriage, £40 
annuity during widowhood, tho former annuity charged on plantation in Nevis. 
The picture drawn of me by Murrylo my sd. wife. To William Kenton, sen , 
.lames Symonds, esquires, now in West Indies, and James Karl, of Nevis, esq., 
Thomas ITooke and John Hooke, my brothers-in-law of Camberwcll, Surrey, 
gentlemen, as many £1,000 as I shall have daughters unmarried and my wife may 
be encient with at my death, in trust for such daurs. at their marriages. To my 
brother-in-law Thomas FTooke, £50, and to my brother-in-law John llooke, £o0. 
To the Charity School at Cambcrwell, £20. To each of my Trustees a mourning 
ring. To my eldest son, Thomas B., £50 annuity for 20 years if he so long live, 
ho haying already received his portion, and is now settled in my own Business 
by my having taken him into partnership. To my granddaur., Sukey I?., daur. of 
sd. son Thomas 13., £100 at 17. My plantations, etc., to my li sons John B., 
James B. and I Juice B., equally in tail, in default to my right heirs. To my 
sd. wife ,C10 annuity during widowhood, £500 to children of my daur., Sarah, 
wife of Rev. William Holford, clerk, living at my death, at 17. £500 to children 
of my daur. Bethia, wife of Rev. William Vaughan, clerk, living at my death, at 
17. Best of personal estate to my sd. 3 sons J., J. and 1)., and they to Ik: 
ex'ors, but during their minorities 1 appoint the sd. W. Ponton, sen., .1. Symonds, 
J. Earle, T. llooke and J. llooke to be ex'ors in trust for them and guardians of 
all my children. Wits. : Ju"Sharpe, Hugh llammersley, Tho s Waynes, clerk to 
Mr. Sharpo. 

Cod. dated 27 July, 1730. £10 a piece to my son-in-law Thomas Pym and 
my daur. Klizabeth, his wife. £10 a piece to my son-in-law William Clark and 
my daur. Henrietta, his wife. All plate to my wife. Same witns. 

1'rob. 1< June, 1711, by John B. and James B., the sons and 2 of the ex'ors. 
Power reserved for Duke Butler the other ex'or. (138, Austin.) 

Wtlltam Clarke, of Island of Nevis, W.I., esq., now in London. Will 
dated 10 Nov., 1738. My plantations, etc., and all real and personal estate to 
my wife Henrietta, ('.in tee and she In be ex'trix. Wits.: Michael Williams, 
James Butler, Tho. Hooke. 

l'rob. 21 Mar., L745[-G], by Henrietta C, widow, relict and ex'trix. (SO, 

Wii.i.ivm Kenton, late of Island of St. Christopher but now of Northaw, 
o. I Icrts, esq. Will dated I Jul}, 175:!. A third of my estate in sd Island to 

* ( 'on I iinicil from p. so. 


toy wife, Jam; F., during widowhood. Rest of estate to sd. wife and Christopher 
Roberts of Londuii, merchant, and John Fleetwood, .sen. of Leadeuhall Street, 
chinaman, in fee upon trust, for maintenance of my daur., Jane P., until '!•> or 
marriage ami then capital for her and her heirs, hut if she marry without con- 
Bent of sd. Trustees, they to pay interest to her separate use for her life, 
capital for her children as she may by will appoint, and, in default, equally. 
If sd. daur. die s.p. estate to Joseph Herbert, Esq., judge of Island of Nevis 
for life, remr. to his son, Horatio II., in fee. Sd. Trustees lo be ex'ors. 
Wits. : Geo. Stead, Edm d Howard, Wil. Baynes. 

Prob. 10 May, 173-1, by Jane F., widow, the relict, Christopher Roberta, Esq., 
and John Fleetwood, the ex'ors. (131, Penfold.) 

Hon. Jakes Symonds, esq., late President of II. M. Council in Island of 
Nevis, and now in sd. Island. Will dated 21 July, 1758. To my nephew, John 
Symonds, £500. Elizabeth Liburd, who hath lived as a servant in my family 
many years to have arrears due to her, also £300. To Anno Liburd, her neicc, 
£10. 1 forgive Mrs. Judith Butler, widow, now in England and sister to my 
late wife, debts to me. To Elizabeth Richardson and Henrietta R.,. .daurs. of 
John R., esq., by my niece Elizabeth, his wife, 10,000 lbs. of muscavado sugar 
each at 21 or marriage. To my daur., Judith Eutler Dunbar, plate etc., and 
during her residence in W.I. the use of my negro women, Priam and Mariah. 
To my friends Robert I'emberton, Samuel Clarke Pcmberton and Ralph Payne, 
esquires, all my plantations, etc., upon trust to pay income to my daur. Judith 
Butler Dunbar (wife of Stapleton D.) for her separate use, remainder to her 
sons successively in tail, in default to her daurs. equally in tail, in default to sd. 
nephew John Symonds in tail, and in default to my right heirs. Rest id' estale to 
sd. Trustees on trust for sd. daur.'s separate use, and on her death for her younger 
children at 21, in default to only child, in default to sd. nephew J.S. My sd. 
daur. married her sd. husband expressly against my consent. Sd. Trustees to be 
ex'ors. Wits.: Hon. Sharpe, Al. Kenziach, Lachlan Eraser, Geo. Burnet. 

Probate 7 Sept. 1702 by Hon. Ralph Paine, esq., one of 1 Ik; surviving ex'ors. 
Power reserved lor Robert Pembcrton, esq., the other surviving ex'or. 

Adm'ou c.t.a. 27 Mareli 1792 (d.b.n.u. by Hon. Ralph Payne, esq., i he surviving 
ex'or and rcsid. legatee in trust, now also dec.) to Judith Butler Dunbar, widow, 
the daur. and usufructuary resid. legatee for life. Ralph Willetf, esq., ex'or of 
Will of sd. Ralph Payne renouncing. (398, St. Ploy.) 

John Fhedeiu'gk Pinney of Bettiscombe, eo. Dorset, esq. Will dated 2 Nov. 
1701. To each of the daurs. of the Rev. M c Llinton, Rector of Chaw ton, eo. 
Hants (sic) £100. To Betty Churchill, late my cousin's hut now my servant, 
£200. To friend Charles Feake, 1M.D., £500. To Caroline Sinus, late of 
Richbcll Court hut now of Cray's Inn, London, spr., £105 annuity for life. 
To my friends Francis Gwyn of Pord Abbey, esq., and Thomas Bower of Ewern, 
co. Dorset, esq., my plate in trust for devisees of my real estate, Bands, etc., in 
Great Britain, the Island of Nevis or elsewhere to John Pretor (son of Michael 
P., gent., dec.) for life, remainder to his sons successively in tail male, in default 
to his daurs. successively in tail male, in default to sd. Charles Preake for life, 
remainder to his sons successively in tail male, in default to John lloublon 
(youngest son of Jacob II., Esq.) for life, remainder to his sons successively in 
tail male, in default to my right heirs. Devisees in possession to lake name and 
arms of Pinney. Rest of personal estate to sd. John Pretor and he to be ex'or. 
Wits.: Ceorgo Pashen, James Sanson, Geo, Warry. 

Cod. dated 1 May 170L (tic). Power lo raise £300 annuity as jointure. 
AVits. : Tho. Domett, James Sanson, Geo. Warry. 

Probate 1< Dec. 1 702 by John Pinney, esq., the ex'or appointed by name of 
J. Pretor. (521, St. Ploy.)' 


Samuel New, late of Island of Nevis, but now of Bristol, merchant. Will 
dated 15 Feb. 1703. My plantations, etc., in Nevis to my friends Slade Baker, 
John Cogh.lan and Richard Cox, merchants, and to my eldest son Rev. James N., 
clerk, all of Bristol, for 8 years on trust. Subject thereto to sd. son J. N. my 
2 messuages iu Charles Town in p'ish of S l Paul, Nevis, opposite the Custom 
House, the one in tenure of M r "William Sadler the other of [blank'] as under- 
tenants to William Wells, esq., who holds other land in Nevis of me: the larger 
of the two houses was the inheritance of my late wife, the other 1 bought of 
Bobert Cowley ; also my other house in sd. town opposite the Prison ; also house 
in p'ish of S* Thomas Lowland in sd. Island near Black Boric Fort; also land in 
p'ish of S l George, Nevis, called Cressy's Land (bounded on N. by lands of 
William Kitt, esq., S. by those of Thomas Smith now in possession of George 
AVcbb, esq., E. by those of William Kitt, and W. by the Mountain), also 
the inheritance of sd. late wife and now in tenure of William AVells, esq. ; also 
lands in p'ish of S l John, Nevis, called Stapleton Plantation, which I purchased of 
Mary Sargent ; all in tail, in default to my son John in tail, in default to my 
daur. Martha (now wife of Edward Parris of Nevis, esq.) in tail, in default to my 
daur. Elizabeth in tail, in default to my right heirs : charged with £35 annuity 
which I give to sd. daur. E. for 10 years and then to her £100. To sd. son John 
my moiety of 2 plantations, the one called Clifton and Mountain Plantation in 
p'ish of S l Thomas, Nevis, in tenure of [blank] Galloway, esq., the other called 
Bristol Plantation in p'ish of S' John, Nevis, both held by me and sd. Richard Cox 
in common; also messuage in S' Paul, Charles Town afsd. adjoining Jews' 
Synagogue, another in sd. p'ish near upper end of Charles Town near the Prison, 
also land purchased of M IS Elizabeth Nowell, all in tail, in default to son James 
in tail, in default to sd. daur. Elizabeth in tail, in default to my daur. Martha 
Parris in tail, in default to my right heirs : charged with like annuity of £35 to 
daur. Elizabeth and £1,400. Whereas on marriage of my daur. Martha with 
M r Parris I proposed to give her £500 with 2 houses at Charles Town worth 
£2,700, then and now on lease to M r William AVells being those that front the 
Main Street opposite the Market Place, I direct said £500 to be paid him and 
devise sd. houses. To sd. son James in fee Ihe lot of land in Colony of Georgia 
which 1 took up in his name containing 500 acres, also my 2 negro men Dorset 
and Dick, both at Georgia in service of Jonathan Bryan, esq. To my son John 
in fee another lot of 500 acres in same Colony taken out in my own name. To 
M r3 Parris, mother of sd. son-in-law, £10. To my grandson, son of my son-in-law 
Parris, £100 at 21. To my nephew Samuel New £20. To Miss Amy Cox and 
M" Sarah Bagdor, both now of Bristol, £10. To M" Elizabeth Dewberry, wife 
of Capt. Joseph D., formerly of Nevis, £10. Freedom to my negro woman 
Peggy and £8 annuity for life. Term of 8 years is for payment of £80 annuity 
for son James's maintenance and the like for son John and for payment of 
debts, etc. Rest of personal estate to sd. Trustees for payment of debts and io 
them 10 guas. each for ring and they to be ex'ors. Witnesses: Sarah Hams, 
Bob 1 Hale, Rich d B< De la Here. 

Cod. dated 15 Feb. 1703. I revoke freedom and legacies to Peggy she now 
living with my daur. Parris. Same Witnesses. 

Probate 30 March 17G3 by Slade Baker, John Coghlan, Richard Cox and 
James New, the ex'ors. (115, Geesar.) 

Chaules Hutton- of Heath in p'ish of Leighton Buzzard, co. Bedf., esq. 
Will dated 2 July 17(H). Wh'as 1 have a debt in nature of a judgement on 
a plantation in Island of Barbadoes called Baldericks For a considerable sum, 
same for my wife Elizabeth II. for life, then to my son Charles II. and Anthony 
Blagrave my son-in-law equally'. To my sd. wife all estate in Barbadoes which 
I purchased of D' Hill in the Cliff and adjoining the I']. of sd. plantation called 
Baldericks, also storehouse 1 purchased of Legay iu White Street, Bridge Town, 


Barbadoes, all fpr life, she paying to my daur. Frances Blagrave £50 a year. 
From ad. wife's death all sd. estates to my sou Charles II. now at Nevis and my 
scl. daur. F. Blagrave equally in fee, if son die s.p. all to sd. daur. Best oi: 
personal estate to sd. son Charles IT. and sd. son-in-law A. Blagrave, and they 
with my wife Elizabeth 1L. to be ex'ors. Witnesses : Anibr. Godfrey, lvobt. 
Morton, Edw 1 ' Ashwell. 

Probate 3 Aug. 1703 by Elizabeth II., widow, the relict and one of the ex'ors. 
gl'ower reserved for Charles Hut ton and Anthony Blagrave, the other ex'ors. 

Probate 29 Aug. 1770 by Anthony Blagrave, esq., one other of the surviving 
ex'ors. Power reserved for Charles llutton, the other surviving ex'or. 

Probate 4 Feb. 1773 by Charles lluttou the other surviving ex'or. (380, CiBsar.) 

{To be continued.) 

Appeals to tlje -pribp Council, 

Continued from p. 72. 

Add MSS. 30,21(5— 3G,220, British Museum, contain printed statements of 
cases on appeal from the plantations to H.M. in Council. The cases were first 
heard before the Committee of the Privy Council, and many of t hem include 
voluminous legal notes written by Yorke the Attorney General. (See Guide to 
MS. materials for the history of the U.S.A. by Andrews and Davenport, p. 101.) 


Marg 1 Blaucau, wid., of Bordeaux, and another, Appellants. Bob. Foster, 
.las. Spagg and Martha his wife Ex'ors of Win. Foster late of .Tea, merch 1 , 
dec d ., Respondent, as to a prize vessel captured iu 1712, and disputed acct. in 
1754. Win. F. dead since 10 Oct. 1754; very long case. To be heard 22 June 
1758. (Add. MS. 30,217, i'o. 210.) 


Jackson Browne of St. Chr., Esq., Appellant. Henry Sharpc, Geo. Maxwell, H 1 lion. 
1/ Cranston n and Lady Sophia his wife, W m Cranstoun, esq., their eldest 
son and heir, and Browne C, esq., another of their sons, infants by lien. 
Sharpe their friend, Anthony Hodges, esq., and Eliz. his wife, Jer. Hodges, 
esq., their eldest son and heir, and Anthony H., gent., another of their sons, 

Appellant's Case. 

Jer. B., late of St. Chr., esq., the Appellant's late father, was seized of a sn^ar 
plantation in the parishes of St. Anne, Sandy Point, and St. Paul, Capisterre, con- 
taining 320 acres, whereof 228 in canes and 92 pasture, dwelling-house, 3 cattle 
mills, anil was possessed of a lease of 00 acres adioiuing, whereof 82 are cane Irom 
Geo. Iluddiestone at the rent of £300, and was also possessed of a large gang of 
negroes', etc., of large value, and made his will 19 July 1751, and devised Ins estate 
to Sharpe and Maxwell on trust for the Appellant, his only son and heir, to take 
the rents for his life. Appellant's then wife Eliz., and for his heir in tail with 
remainder to L d and Lady C, W"' C, Browne C, Eliz. HodgeB, testator's dau., 
and gave to his granddau. Fra. Payne, ,C5O0 at 21, his niece Sarah B.,.L'30Oc, and 
the residue to Appellant, and died 29 July 1751. 


23 Aug. 1751. Sharpe exhibited his Bill in Cliancery against the Appellant, 
and claimed possession as trustee, alleging that Appellant had taken personal 
estate to amount of .£14,000 c. On 27 Aug. Sharpe procured a Ne exeat Insula 
:unl caused his arrest. Appellant put in 1 1 i« Answer 11 Oct. 1754, 

21 Feb. 1750. Gov" Thomws deereeil t hat Appellant should come to account 
before the Master; Appellant's wife is since dead, and he appeals to II. M. in 
Council. To be beard 11) May 1757. Endorsed in writing: " Decree reversed " 
etc. * 

Respondents' Case. 
Copy of the will given. (Add. MS. 3G,217, fo. 152.) 


Virginia. Cba. Dunbar of the Island of Antigua, esq., only surviving and acting 
Ex'or of The. Dunbar Parke, late of said Island, dec' 1 , Appellant. Daniel 
Parke Custis, esq., son and heir, and Ex'or of John C. oil Virginia, esq., 
dcc J , Respondent. 

Appellant's Case. 

Daniel Parke, formerly Capt.-Gen., etc., of the Leeward Charibee Islands, 
being seized of a large estate in A', and G. B., but greatly indebted in the Leeward 
Islands on account of purchase of lands and slaves, charged his debts on his 
V. and (!. B. estate, and by Will dated 29 Jan. 170!) gave his estate in the 
Leeward Islands to Lucy Chester, dau. of M vs Oath. C, but if she died before 21 
tn her said mother, and after her mother's death to his godson Julius Ca'sar P., 
remainder to the heirs of his dans. Era. Custis and Lucy Byrd. lie also' gave to 
his dau. E. C, wife of John O, his estate in V. or En g., she to pay all legacies and 
debts and £1000 to his dau. Lucy Byrd, etc. The Hampshire estate at Whit- 
church was afterwards sold away by the Ex'ors. Lucy Chester took testator's 
name and anus and married Tho. Dunbar, and became entitled to (he whole of 
the estate in Leeward Islands, applied to John Custis, Respondent lor the same, 
but lie refusing the Appellants filed their Bill in the Court of Chancery of 
Virginia, reciting Act of Virginia of 10 Anne that John C. and bis wife Prances 
were seized of D. P.'s lands in the cos. of York, James City, New Kent, and 
K. Wm., it was enacted that Scimino Mill, co. York, and 900 acres in New Kent, 
900 acres, and LS75 acres, 2000 acres, 200 acres in Jas. Oily, 3805 acres in King 
Wm., 50 slaves were to be sold to satisfy testator's debts, and said lands were 
sold, but Custis never paid the debts in the Leeward Islands, and £5,121 c. has 
been levied there being £1,500 st. 

John Custis answered that 1). P. left only 2 legitimate children, Pra., whom 
the Defendant married, and Lucy, who was married to W ni Byrd, esq., both which 
daus. had been dead several years, but Era. left a sou and dau. then living, and 
Lucy left 2 daus. also living. Has paid all legacies and debts in V. and Eng. 
The Whitchurch estate was worth £250 a year for three lives, and was mortgaged 
by D. P. before he went to the Leeward Islands for £2,100 to Barnes, who 
exhibited his Bill in Chancery in G. B., and it was sold by decree for £4000. 
Will of D. 1'. was not signed in the presence of 3 witnesses. The lands in 
Virginia were those of Daniel's father, who by will of I L Aug. 1077 devised them 
to his son, and they descended to Era. and Lucy, and a partition was made and 
he is seized of 571 acres. 

29 July 1731. Answer of Ca'sar Rodney that the debls in Antigua were 
£0,735 c. 

I May 1731. A commission whh ordered for examining witnesses in England, 
but it was not carried out. Thus. Dunbar Parke died soon after having by Will 
dated 27 Nov. 1731 appointed the Appellant Cha. Dunbar an Ex'or. 


30 Nov. 1741. The Defendant M icajali Perry refers to his lato father and 
grandfather's books of account. 

A commission met 23 Nov. 1748 to examine witnesses in Antigua. Crosar 
Rodney being dead and Lucy Parke living in Antigua, and D. P.'s will was estab- 
lished, and copies of the whole record sent to Virg". 

The Def 1 John Custis d. Apr. 1750 leaving the now Resp. his son and heir and 
Ex'or, and in Oct. 1750 a second Bill of reviver was exhibited against Mic. 
Perry, Lucy Chester Parke, Dan. Parke Custis and Tho. Chatnbcrlayne and 
Wilhelmina Ins wife, the only surviving dan. and heir of Lucy l'yrd. Tho. 
Dunbar P. devised his estate to his wife and 3 children Daniel, Eliz. and Lucy. 
Test' had clandestinely m. said Lucy at 11 years of ago. In 1723 she was not II. 

10 Apr. 1754. Decree in Virg. Bill dismissed, Cha. Dunbar to pay costs to 
Def' 1 1). P. Custis. C. J), appeals to II. M. in C. 

To be heard 24 Juno 1757. In writing : " Decree varied," etc. 

Respondent's Case. 

]). P. went from V. to E. in 1(507, leaving his wife Jane and 2 dans. Pra. and 
Lucy there. 

17 March 1702. Abstract of letter from D. P., going a volunlier under the 
I). of M. in Flanders. 

May 170(1. John Custis m. Era. Lis eldest dau. in Virg., and same day "W" 1 
Byrd m. Lucy with the approbation of their mother, and J. C. was seized of 
estate worth £8000 st. 

June and Aug. 1709. Abstract from letter of I). P. at A., his bro. Col. Ludwell 
of Virjj;. 

7 Dec. 1710. Gov. D. P. murdered by the people of A. 

12 May 1711. Letter from Mic. Perry. D. P. owes them £2,100 and other 
debts in E. £6,(5SO. The estate in V. left to E. consisted of 2 mills, 17,000 acres 
and 120 slaves. After carrying out the sale and paying debts and legacies to 
£10,000 J. C. had remaining for his wife's portion (51 slaves, 4,033 acres besides 
5S7 acres intailcd worth less than £4,000. (Add. MS. 30,217, fo. 161.) 


Barbados. Sam. Adams, esq. (nephew and heir to his uncle Sam. A. the Elder, who 
was eldest son and heir of his father John A., who was the eldest son and 
tenant in tail under his father Sam. A., esq., the Eldest), and who is called 
Ex'or (but is not so) of his great uncle John A. ; Ceo. Gnome, esq., called 
Ex'or of Tho. Maxwell, esq., dec d ; Eliz. Maxwell, spr., called heir at law 
and resid y devisee of her late father said Tho. M. ; Tho. I nee, esq., and 
Eliz. his wife, she being called heir at law and Representative (but not so) 
of Rob. Bishop (son of Rob. B.) either dead or absent, Appellants. 
\V" Sturge, esq., called Ad' de bonis nou of said Rob. Bishop the father, 

The Appellants' Case. 

Sam. Adams the Eldest being seized in fee made his Will 20 Oct. 1663, and 
intailcd his Upper pi" upon his s. John and died in or before 16G6. John the s. 
possessed the estate and acquired another pi" called the Lower pi", in 1701 he 
conveyed to his eldest s. Sam. the Elder a moiety of the Upper pi". Said John by 
his will of 14 Jan. 1707 devised to his eldest s. Sam. the Elder the Upper pi. 
(which he had no power to devise), and gave to his dau. Mar^t. £1500 c. at 16. 
He devised his Lower pi. (which he had power to devise) to a younger s. John, 
and gave Margt. another legacy of £500 c. at 17 out of his Lower pi., named his 
eldest s. Sam the Elder, Ex'or, and died in or before 1700 Sam. the Elder never 
proved his father's will because he would not subject himself to the demands of 


his father's creditors, but took tho Upper pi" under his grandfather* a intail, ami 
John, younger s, of John enjoyed the Lower pi". John A. the younger s. of John 
made his will 14 Feb. 1712, and gave another £500 legacy to His sister Margt. at 
IS, and gave residue to Win. A. and afterwards died. 

Rob. Bishop, a s. of Dorothy B. will, in 1721, made his addresses to Margt. A., 
but her brother Sain, the Elder was averse, as Rob. and his mother were in debt, 
but Rob., assisted by M 1 ' John Gibbons his att? at law and counsel, made up 
fraudulent deeds from Doro. to Rob. conveying to him small parcels of land and 
negroes dated 19 Dec. 1721. Her brother still refusing consent jMargaret m. 
Rob. B. 23 Dec. 1721. 3 Apr. 1722 R. 15. ami his wife sued the widow and h. of 
Will. A. (reside devisee of his bro. John) for the 2 legacies of £500 each, and 
levied on lands and negroes. Rob. R. died 1 Jan. 1726 intestate, and M r Gibbons 
obtained adm'on. No demand was ever made for the £1,500 legacy. R. 15. left 
said Margt. his widow and 3 very young children by her, a s. Rob., a dau., the now 
App. Eliz. Jnce, and another child all in the greatest distress. Rob. B.'s mother 
Dorothy took the widow and 3 children, the eldest not 3, into her house, but John 
Gibbons seized their effects, then her relations took charge of them. Margaret 
survived her husb a 2 or 3 years, and Tho. Maxwell m. her 17 Ma) 1728. She died 
May 1729 leaving an only child by him, Eliz. M., one of the App.. 

1!) June 1729. Tho. M. took out adm'on to her. 

23 Dec. 1732. John Gibbons as adm'or of Rob. B. brought his Bill in ClU 
against Sam. Adams the Elder for the legacy of £1,500, against Rob. B., inf. s. 
and h. of Rob. 15. dee' 1 , against Tho. Maxwell, and claimed he was creditor of Rob. 
B. dee d for £1,500, and put in pretended jointure deeds. 

Juno 173-1. Answer of Sam. A. the Elder denying facts. 

11 May 1737. The Presid' of the C. referred case to the Master and on 
2 Dec. it was dismissed. M r G. died about a year after (31 Jan. 1737 is men- 
tioned later), and appointed the now Resp. W" SI urge one of his Ex'ors, and the 
case was not heard of for 10 years, but on 10 Jan. 1751 \\ r " v Sturge filed a motion 
in the C l of Ch>. Tho. Maxwell died in America, and made his will and appointed 
lion. Iv'a. Weekes, Hon. Tho. Applewhaite, esq., .since dee' 1 , lion. Geo. Graame 
and Tho. Adams, esq., Ex'ors. Rob. Bishop the inf. died in parts beyond the 
seas, or has not been heard of these 15 years. Sam. A. now of the parish of 
X 1 Ch., Eliz. luce, late Eliz. Bishop, spr., wife of Tho. 1. of X' Ch., esq., is sister 
of said Rob. B. the inf. 

9 July 1755. The motion was granted from which order the now App. appeal. 
To be heard K July 17o7. In writing: " Order reversed." (Add. MS. 3(3,217, 
lo. 172.) 

(To be continued.) 

jWajor 3oijn (Micldjam of 3nttcjua, 

This marble slab covers a stone vault in the old familj burial ground at 
Upper Freeman's plantation in the parish of St. Peter, Parham. 

The armorial work is of fine quality, very sharp and distinct, in spite of 
its age oE nigh 200 years. The wife's coat is not given, probably because she 
was not entitled to one. 

Such stones were sent out from England, and usually ordered from the 
same merchants who supplied the estates with stores. 

They are fairly numerous in the islands, both on the floors of the churches 
ami in the churchyards. In the former the naked feet of the blacks did not 
wear away their surface, and in the latter there was no frost In Hake them. 

The photograph was supplied by Mr. Jose Anjo, in whose studio in St. 
John's 1 have seen «jui(e the best photographic work in the Leeward Islands. 

Upper Fbeemaks', Paiusii of St. Peter, Antigv 

( 121 ) 

iLatorcncc of Jamaica. 

The following pedigree lias been drawn up from family papers at Cowesfield 
House, which the Editor was invited to examine in July 1913. He then cheeked 
it with the late Cant. Lawrence Archer's papers in the British Museum (Add. 
MS. 31,228) wherein (fo. 27) is this note :— 

"This Lawrence of .Jamaica pedigree I have most carefully constructed from 
original sources, public records, private relics of the family and early corre- 
spondence, etc. 1 have however omitted as unnecessary the names of estates and 
the rank in the local militia held by many of these persons. In short this is simply 
a pedigree of blood and not of ' honours and rewards.' J. II. Lawr. Archer." 

John Lawrence the first settler is given in Hoare's " S. Wilts," v., 7-i, as a son 
of Henry Lawrence, M.P., the President of the Council under Cromwell. John's 
will, which I have perused, gives no evidence in support of such claim, and the 
present head of the family, Mr. W. F. Lawrence of Cowesfield, does not wish to 
put forward any statement which cannot be proved.. He agrees that we do not 
at present know John's parentage. The family tradition is that he left England 
with James Bradshaw* and landed in Barbados, whence lie removed to Jamaica, 
arriving at Lucea in 167C>, abode there in the house of the widow Dunn, situated 
at Dunshole, a bay in St. James, and married her shortly after. There was a 
family of L., resident in Winterborne Whitchurch, Dorset, in the 17"' cent, with 
arms obliterated, but crest the usual fish's tail. Of whom John s. of John was 
bapt. in 1(> 10 and John buried in 1GGG and 1091. (Hutchins, i., 201.) 

The Lawrences of Creech Grange in Purbeek entered their ped. in the Visita- 
tion of 1G23. Arms: Arg., a cross r a galea Ga. {Ibid., 599.) 

John Lawrence, late of the parish of St. Ann in the Island of Jamaica now of 
Noel St., London, Esip Will dated 2G June 17S0. Weak in body. All my est. 
and pl n8 in J., negroes, cattle etc. and all est. r. and p. to my mother Sarah L., 
Wm. Bolt of Ncrton St. L., Esq., and Bob. Marshall of J., gent., on T. to pay 
debts, and to a free mulatto Mary Campbell £30 c. per aim., and £100 c. a year 
for two quarteroon boys Jas. Berwick al's Jas. Berwick L. and John L., eh" of s a 
Mary C, and £500 c. each when out of apprenticeship. £50 a year for the main- 
tenance of each of the ch" of my sister Mary Senior, and £800 c. each at 21, she 
lo be maintained on my est. £250 c. a year to each of the ch" of my brothers 
W" 1 L. and James L. and my sister Sarah Hilton. To my friend M W" Gerard 
of Islington and M" Agnes Gramie now living with W. G. £100 st. each, and to 
my friends the s d W m Bolt and Hob. Marshall £200 st. each. John Franks Taylor 
in whose house I live and to his wife Jane E., £50 st. each. All residue to my 
nephew Chr. Senior s. of my sister Mary S., he to take the additional name of L. 
My s rt Trustees to be Ex'ors and G. 

Codicil. M r W 1 " Gerard £100 more and to be one of my Ex'ors. The £100 a 
year to quarteroon boys to be sterling. Produce to be consigned to Wm. Holt. 
7 July 1780. 

Proved at L. 27 July 1780 by Wm. Bolt, esq., power reserved to the others. 
(3G5, Collins.) 

Geo. AVhitehorne Lawrence of the parish of St. James, co. of Cornwall, Island 
of Jamaica, now residing at Bpsoin, co. Surrey, G.B., Esq. Will dated 9 April, 
1781. Sick and weak in body. Wife Margery my sugar plant, called Running Out 

* Bradshaw, tha sou of President Bradshaw, came frequently to Liguanea. Church Notes 
1723. Ante, IT., 8-tti. James 1$. was speaker in 1694. 

VOT,. VI. N 



Arms used. — Argent, a cross raguly gules ; on a chief of the second a lion passant 
guardant of the first. 

Chest. — A pike's tail couped erect. 

Jolni Lawrence of Jamaica, where he settled about=f=Jane, dau. of .... Collins 

and widow of Eiehard Dunn 
of Cabrete. 

1(375; granted 372 acres in St. James in 16S6. 
AVill dated 10 May 1690. 

John Lawrence of=pSusanna, dau. of John 
Petgrave of Cabareto 
in St. Eliz. and St. 
Tho., planter ; mar. 
21 Mav 1702. (Ante, 
III., 159.) 

Iron shore and Eun 
hing Gut. Will 
dated 2 Apr. 1730; 
proved 9 Feb. 

James Lawrence, 
him 49 acres. 

lfis father left 

Benjamin Lawrence. His father 
left him 22 acres patented land in 
St. Ann's 1728. 

Sarah 1 

: John Lawrence of Iron- 
shore, born 15 Nov. 
1701 ; owned 5(520 acres 
in 1750. 

Richard Dunn Lawrence of Iron- 
shore, which he exchanged with 
Dr. Jas. Irving of Charleston for 
an estate in S. Carolina, where 
he died s.p. 

■Mary, 2nd 

dau. of Sam. 
Pool by 
Sabina his 
wife, and 
widow of 
Tho. Woo.1- 
lery. (Ante, 
III., 68.) 

Benjamin Lawrence of=p. . . ., 
Profitable Valley alias dau. of 
Punning Gut, born 20 ! . . . . 
March 1706; M. for Grey 
St. .lames ; owner of \ and 
4800 acres in 1750 ; widow 

died 2 Dec. 1776, \ of 

aged 72. ' Cross. 

Sabina Jane Lawronce, 
jnar. Jos. Bowen. 

Susanna Mary Pool 
Lawrence, mar. Jacob 
Johnson of Springfield, 
W'land. (Ante, III., 

Eli/.. Eachel Lawrence, 
born 29 Sept. 1749; 
mar. Lemon Lawrence. 

Eachel Cornelia Law- 
rence, mar. John Law- 
rence Dunbar. 

Benjamin =j=Mary, 2nd dau. 
Lawrence of John Boon 
of The of St. Ann's; 
Crawl, St. born 1750; 
James, died in South 

died 1784. Street, Grosve- 

nor S(j., 18-11, 

aged 9L. 

Benjamin John: 
Lawrence of The 
Crawl, 1st son 
and heir, born 31 
Dec. 1768, and 
bapt. 3 Jan. 
17(59; died Nov. 
1796, aged 27. 

Ann Ilinde. 
She remar. 
Dec. 17«)7 
John Tay- 
lor, and 
died 1800. 

Anne,=p "William" 

of J. 



Geo. AVhitchornc 

Law =p J 


1 I.I . 

rence, born 2 






1791; bapt. 19 



1705; died 22 


Mary Hind. 

1874, aged 79. 

Sarah Jane. 



all died inf. 

dau. of W. 

of Bog 
estate, St. 


Mary Anne Law- 
rence, born 4 and 



1 772 ; mar. John 
Carmichael Wal- 
cott of Green- 
wood, St. Ann's. 

Mary Brodie Lawrence, mar. at 
St. Mary's, Marylebone, 4 Apr. 
1839 James T. Smith, M.D., of 
Stevenage, co. Herts. She re- 
mar, at St. Paul's, Hammer- 
smith, 1 June 1850, J. A. 1). 
Cox of Ham Common. 



James Lawrence of 
1709; Col. of St. Jas. 
reg. i M.of A. 1754; 
Custos ; M. of C. ; 
built Charles square 
and town; bur. 10 
June 1750, aged 40. 
M.I. in Kingston Cli. 
Will dated 1740 ; 
proved 1750. 

=Mary, dan. 
of Col. 
James of 
The Cove, 
Hanover ; 
born 24 
Sept. 1715; 
mar. 30 
Jan. 1738. 


Geo. Whitehorne ; 
Lawrence of Run- 
ning Gut estate, 
matric. from Pem- 
broke Coll., Oxf., 
1701, aired 17. 
Will dated 1781 ; 
proved 1783 (S3, 
Cornwallis) ; bur. 
at Epsom. 

Margery, dau. 
of Sam. Bar- 
rett of Cinna- 
mon Hill; born 
174G; mar. 11 
July 1708. 
Will dated and 
proved 1798 
(194, Wal- 
pole) ; bur. at 

of Leogan, 
born 7 
Apr. 1713. 
? Will 
proved 11 
Dec. 1700. 


29 Aug. 





of Po.Sf- 

li.'ill, born 




4 April 


= Susanna 




I I 


born 10 

Feb. 1740; 

died 1754. 


born 7 
Apr. 1742; 
died at 
in E. 

Richard James Law 
rence, born 21 Oct. 
1745 ; at Eton ; 
matric. from St. Mary 
Hall, Oxf., 1702, 
ajred 18, gent. comm. ; 
died in L. 8 Nov. 
1830, aged 85. M.I. 
St. John's Wood. 
(Ante, III., 187.) 
Will dated 27 Feb. 
1800. (W.I. book- 
plate, No. 444.) 

=pMary, 4th 
| dau. of 
j Tho. Hall 
1 of Kirk- 
and Amor- 
ces ter, 
died 20 
Jan. 1815, 
aged 07. 


James Henry 
Lawrence of 
Fairfield, Kt. 
of Malta, at 
Eton 1782-90; 
died bach. 20 
Sept. 1S40, 
aged 07 ; bur. 
29 Oct. at St. 
John's Wood. 
(" D.N.B.") 

George Lawrence of; 
Cowesfield Ho., co. 
'Wilts, born in Dover 
Street 29 May 1775; 
at Eton 1782—91; 
M. for St. James 
1S09 ; died 1801. 
(W.I. bookplate, 
No. 445.) 

of Dr. 
S pence 
of Han- 

Charles Law- : 
rence of Moss- 
ley Hall, 
horn 1770 in 
Street ; died 
1853. (W.I. 
No. 4-17.) 

: Rosc, dau. of 
d'Aguilar, an 
officer in the 
151 ties, by 
Cath. Gihnour 
of London- 
derry ; mar. 



Rev. Cha. Washing- 



ton Lawrence, born 


of Tho. 

1805; at Eton and 



Hras. Coll., Oxf., 



matric. 1S23, aged 



18;B.A.1827, MA. 



1830 ; Incumbent 



St. Luke's, Liver- 


pool, at his death 



20 Nov. 1801. 

: Lncia, dau. Sir Arthur John-~ Jacyntha 
of Sir Sam. stone Lawrence, Char- 
Young of Maj.-Gcn., j lotte 
Formosa K.C.P , pur- '■ Eyre. 
PL, co. chased Fox Hills, 
Perks, 1st Chertscy, 1872 ; 
Part.; mar. died 1891-5. 
21 July (W.I. bookplate, 
1839. " No. 450.) 

* They had issue: 1. Stephen, diel s.p.; 2. Susanm, mar. 1757 Cli.i. Mcintosh, 
Eliz., mar. 1st , . . . Henderson, 2ndly .... Allen. {Ante, III., l(!o.) 


N 2 



Susan nali Law- 
rence, born 6 
Feb. 1708. (See 
Pemgjhse ft,) 

Rachel Lawrence, 
born 20 May 
1711 ; mar. 1st 
Jer. Downer ; 
2ndly Fra. Blower 

Mary Lawrence, born 11 May 171(i; mar. 
Ph. Anglin of Paradice, son of Win. A. and 
brother of Mrs. Geo. L. Portrait. (Ante, 
111., 130.) She died at Montego Hay 
Jan. 179S, aged 8-1. He died in Hanover 
June 1708. 

born G 
Feb. 1740. 

Susannah Lawrence, 
born 20 Dec. 17-13 ; 
mar. Ph. O'Connor, 
Lieut. S9th Begt. 
He died 1 Aug. 1779. 

Eliz. Lawrence, mar. G July 1771 Mary 

Tho. Reid, jun., of Belvidcre. He Lawrence, 

died 10 Dec. 1798. His will dated mar. John 

21 Aug. 1798. She died in Somer- "Robert 

set Street 11 Oct. 1811. Will James, 
dated Aug. 180L 


Henry Law- 
rence of 
Grange, D.L., 
formerly of 
Jamaica, born 
1779 in Som- 
erset Street ; 
died 1864. 

Fred. Augustus Law- 
rence, Captain 43rd 
Regt., born 1780 in 
Somerset St. ; at Eton 
and Queen's Coll., 
Oxf. ; gentleman of 
the bedchamber to 
tho Prince Begent ; 
died bachelor 1S10 at 

Jas. Cha. Law- 
rence of Haze- 
lymph, bapt. 

1777; at Eton 
17SS — 93; of 
St. John's Coll., 
Camb., 179(5, 
aged 18 ; died 
bach. 12 Jan. 

John Tharp=pJnlia, 
Lawrence of : dan. of 
Hazel vmph, James 
died 1847 in I Rickefts 
U.S.A. of Ridge- 

(W.I. book- land in 
plate, W'Jand. 

No. 448.) 

Wm. Fred. Lawrence of Cowesfield=pCaroline Susan, 

House, J. P., born 1844; at Eton 

and Christ Church, Oxf., matric. 

18G4, aged 19; B.A. 1867, M.A. 

1872; barr.-at-l. Line. Inn 1871; 

M.P. Liverpool 1885. 

1st dan. of Cha. 
Baring Young; 
mar. 10 Feb. 


Rev. Cha. d'Aguilar Law- 
rence, born 1S47 ; at Eton 
and Christ Church, Oxf , 
matric. 1867, aged 19; B.A. 
1S72, M.A. is; I; R. of 
Bermondsey 1871—9; R. 
of Lowestoft, ^\o\\. Canon 

in S' James containing 1G0 acres, butted N. on the sea, E. on Rose Hall, 8. on the 
Crawl and Tryall est., \\ r . on the Spring est. w" was granted me by my Father 
Benj L., esq., by deed poll dated 18 Nov. 17Gb', also those 13S slaves (all nanus 
given), mules, cattle and stock. 1 also g;i\e her 543 acres, the moiety of LOGO 
acres allotted to me at Spring Gut, bounded N. on Fra. Blower Gibbs, E. on the 
other moiety of the 10GO acres allotted to lien j. L., esq., S. on Fiudlater, W. on 
Bluehole and Tryall est. which was granted me by my s' 1 father to her during 
widowhood but if she marry T give to my brother Benj. L. of S' James. Esq., £500 
e. a year out of s' 1 plantation, and if dead to my nephew Benj. John L. 1" a. of s' 1 
brother B. L. and Mary his wife, and at my wife's death 1 give s* 1 pi" to s a bro., 
and whereas my father conveyed to me 1419 acres the moiety of several runs at 
Longbay bounded N. on the sea, E. on the other moiety, 8. on Jarretl Morris and 
Brown, W. on Waite and Hamilton and part has been sold and intend to sell the 
remainder, the proceeds to be applied for debts and balance to wife, and whereas 

Lawrence of Jamaica. 



Sarah Lawrence, born 19 
June 1720; mar. 1 st Joseph 
J)unn ; 2ndly Philip, sun 
of Philip Anglin. 

Ezckiel Lawrence of=pEliz., dau. of Sain. Barrett of 




River, born 
mar. 22 Oct. 

Cinamou Hill ; boru 22 Dec. 
172-3 ; remar. Peter Rcid, 
Maj.-Gren. of Militia. 

Eliz. Lawrence, mar. John Simpson of Bounty Hall, and had a 
sou Stephen, who died s.p. 

James Lawrence of Hazelymph, 8 miles from Mon- 
tego Bay, born 1751; at Eton and St. Mary Hall, 
Oxf., matrie. 17G8,aged 17; died 2 July 1798, aged 17. 
M.I. at Running Gut (Archer, 320).' 

: Mary, dau. of Geo. Brissett 
of Hampshire in Hanover by 
Sarah, dau. of .los. Tharp of 
Bachelors Hall. 

Win. Hud- Rev. Richd. Bris-= 

son Law- 
R. A. of 
mar. a 

sett Lawrence, 
born 11 July 1790; 
bapt. 5 June 1791; 
of Balliol Coll., 
Oxf., matrie. 1813, 
aged 23 ; died 13 
Oct. 1821. M.I. 
at St. Cath. 
(Archer, 53). 


Sarah Brissett 

Eliz. Reid Lawrence, 




born 15 Mar. 


of John 

and bapt. 29 

Emily Lawrence, born 


Aug. 1779. 

29 Sept. 1783 ; bapt. 


10 Jan. 1781; mar. 

Mary BriBsett 

.... Zinke. 



twin with 

Anne Lawrence, born 


1798; died 1803. 


on 2 April 1781 I purchased from John Roberts Hawkins of Epsom a mess, in 
Church St. or Lane and ^ acre in the common held, I give it to my wife, plate, 
horses and carriages and all residue. If 1 leave a child all est. to it. My wile 
Ex'trix and my brother-in-law Sam. Barrett of Trelawny, esq.,Ex'or, 9 April 1781. 
Sworn G Feb. 1783 by the witnesses. Proved 1 Ecb. 1783 by Margery L., 
wid., the relict. (83, Cornwallis.) 

Margery Lawrence of Portman Street, St. Marylebone, widow of Geo. White- 
horne L., late of Jamaica, dee' 1 . Will dated this 9 March 1798. To bo interred in 
Epsom ehyd. in the vault where my hush' 1 is buried. My sister Mary Waite of 
J., wid., £1000 c. My sister Amelia Thompson wife of Tho. Pepper T. of Bill- 
strode St., esq., £1000 c., and my chariot and horses. To my brother Edward 
Barrett of J., plate, pictures, furn. at my house at Epsom, and my negro slaves, 
cattle, horses, mules and stock in J. and all residue for his life and afterwards to 
such of the ch n or reputed ch n of his late son Sam. B. by Eliz. Barrett Williams, 
wid. of Martin W. late of Jamaica dec d , as he may appoint, if he die before me I 
give all my est. to Sam., reputed eldest son of my late nephew Sam. 13., and in 
default, to Rich' 1 the 2' 1 son, Edward the 3 d son, Geo. the -l 11 '. My brother 
Edward B. and John Roebuck the elder and John Roebuck the younger of Love 
L., merchants, Ex'ors. 

Codicil. Leg. to butler, coachman, under butler, footman and others. 
9 March 1798. 

Proved 31 March 1798 by J. R. S r and J r , power reserved to E. B. (I'M, 



Pemobee 31. 

Thos. Lawrence* of PliiladelpIiia=pCatherine L- is. 

Anne Eliz. 

mar. 12 

Lawrence La\vrence= 

of St. James, born 

1 Oct. 17<x»; settled 

in Jamaica. AViil 

proved 4 Mav 1743. 

-Susanna, dau. of John Lawrence. =Wm. Banks, 
sen., of Ironshore, Jamaica; mar. 10 Apr. 
born (J Feb. 170i> ; mar. 23 June 1727 ; di« 
1731 ; remar. 3rdiy David Dun- IS Oct. L729. 

bar, who died 2 May 17U0. She 
died 3 Mav 1705. 

John Lawrence, born 2S Mar. 
and died 5 May 1730. 

Lawrence Lawrence, born 17 
Sept. 1741 ; died 9 Oct. 1743. 

Lemon Law-=Eliz. Rachel, 3rd dan. of John 
rence, born Lawrence of Ironshore ; born 
10 Deo. 29 Sept. 1749 while her 

1743 : r died mother was a prisoner at Port- 
in New York au- Prince; mar. S Oct. 1765 ; 
1793—0. died June 1796. 

Mary Pool Lawrence, born 24 Oct. 1700; bapt. IS Sept. 1707; mar. 24 Oct 

17>4 8am. Lebert, who was naturalised 17S0. He died 1" March 1789. 

Kemar. 1 Mav 1790 Tim. Edward Gahandon, born 1700; he died 27 Jan. 1793; 

she died 1790. 


25 Oct. 

Jam of 

to her 

Susanna Lawrence, born 
18 Not. 1733; mar. 21 

Aug. 174S Patrick, 

who was shot bv a negro 
10 March 1757. Will 
1759. She remar. 10 
Jan. 1759 AY"m. Peyton 
of Labia Carrick on 
Suir, Ireland, where she 
died 12 Nov. 1702. 

Catherine Law- 
rence, born 4 
Jan. 1739; mar. 
1st Tho. Hard- 
ing ; 2nd!y .... 
Franklyn of 
Place. She died 
s.p. 1831. 

Rachel Lawrence, 
born 27 Aug. 1741); 

Henry G 
don of St. James, 
planter. His 
dated lb Jan. 1788; 

rn 9 Jan. 1789. 
Hedied3 Feb. 1788, 
and left issue. She 

I lSOl. 

I I I 

Stephen Lawrence, 
born b May 1779. 

George Lawrence, 
born 90 July 17b2. 

David Lawrence. 

Laurence A\*m. 
Lawrence, bora 
11 June 17b0. 

Susa. Anglin 
Lawrence, bapt. 
19 April 17M. 

Rev. Geo. Lawrence, 
in England. 

Sophia Anglin Law- 
rence, born Feb. 


mar. Rev 

Hambledon of 
.: gton. 

* Sou of Tho L. van Perpe^a from Qfooiogen, mar. 1668 Maritje Jans v r. C. 1 
The family tankarl. with anus of 1637 and their sval (large baronial - t Grviiir. 

are th<»c of the French noble lamilv of Laiueat de b LiureL.. Seigu ras. — 

J. II. L. Archer.) 


1823. Parish of St. Ann. 

: Christ. S. La 

wrence - Tripoli 

42 slaves 


Sarah S. 





Wm, W. 

- Hilton Hill - 




Lawrence Park 




Parish of St. James. 

Geo. AV. L. 

- Punning Gut - 




John T. L. - 

- Hazelymph 




Rich* I. L. - 

- Fairfield - 




Sarah L. 







(In the churchyard) 

Sacred to the memory of | the Rev. RICHARD BRISSETT LAWRANCE | 
who departed this life | the 13 lh day of Octoher 1821 | aged 31 years and 3 
months. (Rohy, 57 ; Archer, 53.) 


Underneath this marble | are inter'd the remains of | the honorable JAMES 
LAWRENCE | of Fairfield in the parish of St. James Esq | who departed this 
lite | in the year of our Lord | 1750 | in the 47th year of his age. He was buried 
there 10th June. (Archer, 94.) 

1790, Nov. In St. James's, Benjamin John Lawrence, esq., and Miss Mary 
Hind L., his eldest dau. (Columbian Mag., Ante, IV., 207.) 

1797, Feb. At Richmond, Mrs. L. wife of G. W. L., esq. {Ibid., 209.) 

1797, Dec. In St. Ann's at Tarentum, John Taylor, esq., to Mrs. L. widow of 
Benj. L., esq., late of St. James's. (Ibid., 272.) 

1798, June. In London, Mrs. Margery L. relict of Geo. Whitehorne L.,esq., 
of Running Gut in the parish of St. James. (Ibid., 270.) 

1798, Aug. In St. James's at Hazelymph, Col. James L. (Ibid., 277.) 
1800, Jan. 24. At Edinburgh, Mr. John Hilton L., 2 son of the late Wm. L., 

esq., of Hilton-hill, Jamaica. (Ibid., 185.) 

1811, June. Lately. At Hazelymph, J'ca, Jas. Cha. L., esq., etc. (" G.M.," 


1814, Dec. 22. At Catherine-hall, near Montego Bay, J., aged 23, much 
lamented, M r James Francis Lawrence (only s. of M r L. of Cross). ("Bath 

1815. P. 12. Account of the family of L. of J'ca, also Aug. 1829. (" G.M.") 
1815, Jan. 20. In Montague-place, Montague-square, aged 06, Mary wife of 

Richard James Lawrence, esq. of Fairfield, J. She was born in J., the dau. of 
Thomas Hall, esq. of Kirkpatrick and Worcester (descended from a noble family 
in the Netherlands). Distinguished for her beauty, she was pourtrayed by We.»t 
in two of his most admired pictures* : first, as Una: and secondly, as Fidelia, in 
his Fidelia and Speranza ; but the memory of her virtues will survive the works of 
the artist. Her husband and five sons regret her. She is interred in the chapel 
of St. John Wood, Mary-le-bone. (" G.M.," 184.) 

1830, Nov. 8. In Crawford-str. having just completed his 85th year Richard 
Jas. L., Esq. of Fairfield in J., etc. (Ibid., 472.) 

* These portraits I saw at Cowcslield in July 1913. 


CI pel -•. l( - u Sophia Anglin, di u : the late G( L . Jaiu 

(/&/<?., 1S35, 20i.) 

1S39, Ap. 4. At St. Mary's, Mary lebone, Jas. T. Smith, M.D. of Stevenage, to 
Mary Brodie, :i'> dan. of the fate \\ r . \V. L. of L. Park, J. (Ibid., 050.) 

1840, Sept. 2U. At Carlsbad, Germany, aged GO, Capt. Fred. Lawrence, half- 
pay, 43 a Reg 1 , one of the gentlemen of II. M. Privy Chamber and youngest son of 
the late R. J. L., esq., of Fairfield, .1. (Ibid., 07(3.) 

1840, Sep. 20. In Pegent-st., aged 07, Jas. L., who was a Kt. of Malta, some- 
times styled himself Sir J. L. or the Chevalier, 1 st s. of Rich. Jas. L. of Fairfield in 
J, etc. (Ibid., 1841, 205.) 

1850, June 1. At St. Paul's, Hammersmith, J. A. ~D. Cox, esq., of Ham 
Common, Surrey, to Mary Brodie, rcl. of J. T. Smith, M..J). of Stevenage, Herts, 
and 3' 1 dau. of the late W. Whiteborne L., esq. of St. Ann's, J. (Ibid., 202.) 

1810, Aug. 20. lud're between Geo. Lawrence of Montagu Place, co. Middx., 
esq., and Sarah Brissett L. his wife of the one part; George Peid the Y r of L., 
esq., of the other. Whereas Tlio. Peid the Y 1 ' late of Belvidere plantation in the 
parish of Hanover, J'ca, esq., deceased, by bis will dated 24 Aug. 1798 gave bis 
estate called Belvidere of 1350 acres to Trustees and £1000 to the said Geo. L., 
and £5000 to be paid at the death of his wife as she should appoint, and gave one 
moiety of all residue to his nephew Sam. Wells Thompson ami bis heirs and in 
default to James L., George L., Charles L., Henry L., and Fred L. (the sons of 
his friend Richard J. Lawrence) and others, and testator died 10 Dec. 1708 and 
Eliz. Peid his wife died and made her will in Aug. 1S04 and gave the said George 
L. £2U0, now Geo. L. agrees to sell to Geo. Peid his ) (? reversionary) share of 
Belvidere and the right to the legacy of £200 for the sum of £800. Signed by 
Geo. L. and his wife. Sealed with Crest : A hinds or greyhound* 'a head coitped. 

1821, Mar. 17. The Trust deed of Bayswater Chapel, Covenant, between the 
Rev. George Lawrence of Great Ormond St., St. George the Martyr, and Edward 
Orme of Bayswater, to produce a deed of even date relating to the ministry of the 
said Lawrence (who signs). 

1821, July 10. Bayswater Chapel, Original assignment of rent charge between 
the Rev. George Lawrence and Sophia Anglin Lawrence of Colebroke Row, 
Islington, his sister. Sigs. of both parties. 

1841, May 10. Geo. L. of Cowsfield, co. Wilts, esq., for £0,500 sells to 
Lawrence llislop of S l James's, J'ca, all that estate in Trelawny formerly called 
S l James's, now Weston Favell, containing 300, 250 and 204 acres. (Ante, II., 

















(Add. MS. 23,008, fo. 24.) 


George s. of Mete and Elizabeth Lawrence. 

Ann dau. of John and Sarah L. 

Hannah dau. of .John and Hannah L. (13. 24 May 1711). 

Richard Harris L. (14 years of age). 

Richard s. of W" and Sarah L. 


George Lawrence and 

Richard Harris Lawrence and 



17G9 Jan. 3 Benjamin the s. of Benjamin L. and his wife Mary B. 31 Doc. 

17G8 in St. James's parish. 
1778 July 30 William Whitehorne, s. of W" 1 L. ami his wife Frances (B. 

17 Jan. 1777). 
17S1 Mar. James Crossby, s. of AV m L. and his wife Frances. 
1791 Jan. 7 Mary Hind, dau. of Benjamin John L. and his wife Craufert 

Ann (B. 17 Nov. 1793). 



1729 Oct. 23 Samuel, s. of Timothey and Ann L. (of Parish S< Andrews) 

B. 23 Oct. 1729. 
1751 Oct. 30 Margaret Mary, dau. of Rich 1 ' and Marv L. (B. 4 Apr. 1751). 
1759 Dec. G William, s. of Rich' 1 and Mary L. (B. 30 Jan. 1759). 
17G2 Oct. 10 John, s. of dames and Ann L. (B. Nov. 19, 17G1). 


1729 June 12 Timothy L. & Ann Galvin. 

June 12 Lawrence L. & Anne Elizabeth Thorne. 


1733 Aug. 5 Rich d Harris, s. of Timothy aud Ann L. 

1735 Aug. 8 Susannah, dau. of „ „ (B. Apr. 27 1735). 

1750 July 19 Timothy, s. of Timothy and Mary L. (B. June IG 1750). 

1751 Feb. 28 George, s. of Rieh d and Mary L. (B. 20 May 175U). 

.1753 June 28 Elizabeth, dau. of Timothy and Marv L. (B. 13 May 1753). 
1770 May 18 Sarah, dau. of Rich" and Mary L. (B. 23 Nov. 17G9). 


17S9 Aug. 21 Elizabeth Mathias, dau. of John Mathias and Sarah Williams L. 
(B. May 1 1782). 


1755 Apr. 18. Ann, dau. of Henry L. and Mary his wife aged G months and 

2S days 
1757 Nov. 5 Henry Hodge, s. of Henry and Mary L. aged G months and 10 

1759 July 15 Sarah, dau. of „ „ (B. July 13, 1759). 

17G3 Apr. 20 John Grant Thompson, s. of Henry and Mary L. (B. Sent, 21 





1794 Apr. 14 Mary Jeam, dau. of AV" 1 George L. and Aim Grey his wife (B. 

12 Jan. 1794). 

1795 Juno 19 George Wliitehorne, s. of Benj n John L. and Comfort Ann his 

wife (B. 12 Dec. 1791). 
1798 Dec. 7 Benj" John, s. of William George L. and Ann Grey his wife (B. 
S Feb. 1797). 



17G5 Oct. 8 Lemon Lawrence L. and Eli/.ab th Rachel L. 
1772 Apr. 2b' Stephen L. & Susannah Moone. 


1777 — James Charles, s. of James L., Esq re , and Mary liis wife. 

1779 Aug. 29 Sarah Brissett, dau. of James L., Esq™, and Mary his wife (of the 

parish of Westmorland, B. 15 March 1779). 
17SU Dec. 25 Mary Brissett and Elizabeth Reid, Twin daus. of James L. of the 

P. of Westmorland, Esq lc , and Mary liis wife, B. 21 Oct. 

1784 Jan. 10 Emily, dau. of James L., Esq™, and Mary his wife (13. 29 Sept. 

1791 June 5 Rich 1 ' Brissett, s. of Ja mi L., esq 10 , of the parish of Westmorland 

and Mary his wife (B. 11 July 1790). 


Judith, dau. of John and Esther L. of Westmorland Parish, 15. Jan. 13. 
Matilda, dau. of Brooks L., Cornet and Adj 1 of the 13 L' Dragoons and 
Ro*aima his wife, B. Dec. 19 1797. (Tho 3 Warren, rector.) 


1772 July 25 Mary Ann, dau. of Benj" and Mary L. (B. 4 July 1772). 
1780 June lo Sarah Jane, dau. of Benjamin and Mary L. (Fib. 4, 1781), sic. 

George, s. of George and Sophia L. (July 20, 17*2). 

David „ „ „ 

17S4 Apr. 19 Susannah Anglin, dau. of George and Sophia L. 

Lawrence William, s. of George and Sophia (15. June 11 17S()j. 

Sophia Anglin, dau. of ,, „ (R. G Feb. 1788). 

Emily, dau. of James and Mary L. (B. 1 June 178G), sic. 

Tho 9 Reid, s. of „ „ (15. 17 June 1780), sic. 

Tho s Tharp, s. of „ „ of Westmorland LV (15. 2(5 

March 1788). 
179G Oct. 4 Susan Frances, dau. of Boj n and Mary L. 

William George, s. of Benjamin L. (15. 19 June 1794). 
Oct. 10 Stephen, s. of George and Sophia L. (13. May 8 1779). 

Lawrence of Jamaica. 131 



1743 Feb. 22 Sabina Jane, dau. of John L. 

1750 Dec. 20 Rich* 1 Cornelius, b. of John L. deceased and Mary bis wife 

John Pool, red or. 
1707 Sept. 18 Mary Pool L., dan. of Lemon and Elizabeth Rachel L. (I!. 
14 Oct. 1700). 
William Hudson, s. of James and Ann L. 
Ann Rebecca, dau. of Tho' B. L. and Sarah his wife. 

Barron L. 

Parishes of St. Dorothy, St. John, St. David, St. George and Portland, no 
baptismal registers of Lawrence. 

(The date is that of probate.) 











1730-7 Feb. 


John L. of St. James. Sons John, James and Benjamin, dau.- 

in-law Eliz. Dunn. (Liber 7, fo. 13.) 
John L. of St. Anns, s. John in England, dau. Ann. 
John L. of St. Jago de la Vega, wife Sarah, dau. Anne. 
John L. of St. Cath., Quecnstown plantation, wife Hannah, daus. 

Mary and Hannah, sister-in-law Ann Eves. 
John L. of St. Catherines, wife Eleanor. 
John L. of St. James, sons James, George, Richard, Ezekiel and 

Benjamin, daus. Rachel, wife of Jeremiah Downer, and Mary 

Sarah L., graud-dau. Susannah, dau. of my dau. Susannah L. 

(Liber 21, fo. 47.) 
John L. of Westmorland, sons Barron, Jenkins, John-George 

and Thomas, daus. Judith, Esther and Frances. Grand-dau. 

Mary Pinnock. 
Lawrence L. of St. James, wife Susannah, sons Lemon Lawrence 

L. and Geo. L., daus. Susannah Dunbar, Cath. and Rachel. 
John L. of St. Anns, sons Charles and William, dau. Eliz., 

brother William, brother-in-law C. Allen. 
John L. of St. Anns, sons William and Charles, bro. William, 

dau. Eliz. 
John L. of St. Anns. 
Timothy L. of St. Andrews, wife Mary, sons James, Timothy, 

dau. Eliz., wife, Benj. L. and — Gaberdon, Ex'ors. 
1750 Sept. 8 James L. of St. James. ' Will dated 8 May 1710. Wife Mary, 

daus. Susanna, Eliz. and Mary L., sons (one late son) John, 

Rieh J Jan., Jas., reversion to Philip Anglin s. of Philip 

Anglin by my sister Sarah Dunn, Lemon L. 8. of Lawr. L. by 

my sister Susanna L., and John Dunbar s. of Patrick I), by 

my niece Lawr. Dunbar. (Lib. 30, fo. 170.) 
175S Apr. 4 Richard L. of St. James, wife Susanna, sons Stephen and George, 

daus. Ann Thain, Sarah and Mary Ann Petgrave. Wife, 

Benj. L. and — Gaberdon, Ex'ors. 
1759 May 28 Peter L., sister Bridget Burke, niece Cicely Madden, nephew 

Walter L. 




















] £ 5 i. y _±_ 

1777 Sept 25 

1779 Feb. 
Fo. 31. 

17u3 Apr. - 14 Jenkins L. of Kingston, legatees i oek, Drunnnond and 

17GG Dec. 11 Geo. L. of St. Anns, wife Eleanor, nephew Win. Lawr. Gabcrdon, 
wife's two children by a former husband Mary and Geo. Win. 
Rich d Harris L. of St. Andrew. Mother Ann Scott, sister Eli/.. 
Bumside, dan. Sarah L. 
2 Will. L. of St. Anns, wife Sarah, s. John. 
" There was an intimate connection between certain Jamaica and 
American families of Lawrence, and I have pedigree of Pennsylvanian Lawrences 
who had estates in Jamaica and eventually settled in the latter island. 

<: Some of these Lawrences were connected by marriage with Sir Philip Francis 
(Junius ?) and with the family of Win. Penu the Founder of Pennsylvania. 
There was also a double connection through the families of Allen and Masters. 
John Lawrence (will 1G0O) is said to have been a son of Henry L. Cromwell's 
President of Council and his descendant James of Fairfield is given his arms in 
Burke's General Armory. (Fairfield in .St. James, Jamaica.) 

Lawrence L. is supposed to have been the last of the family of Ivor in Bucks. 
He was born in the 17th cent. His daughters lived to a very advanced age and 
that (? the will — Ed.) of the eldest surviving (Mrs. Catli. Franklyn is recorded 
1831*) at Doctors Commons. 

There was also a branch of an Irish family of Lawrence at Portland, Jamaica. 
Mr. Eoby's " History of the Parish of St. James " is found on a comparison with 
Lawrence wills to be inaccurate in several instances." 



LAND. (Fo. 





John Lawrence 


St. Catherine 






St. Anns. 






300 a. 

St. James. 





120 a. 

St. Anns. 






170 a. 

St. James. 

171 S 





500 a. 

St. James. 




Benjamin ,, 

300 a. 

St. Anns. 






500 a. 



3 July 

Lawrence ,, 

300 a. 

St. James. 


1G85 John Lawrence to Hunt. 

1705 John Lawrence to Mary Petgrave. 

1705 John Lawrence to Will. Whitehorue. 

170C John Lawrence to Garland. 

1743 James Lawrence to Michael Petgrave. 

1743 Lawrence Lawrence to Tho. Ilardinir. 


Griffith, master of the ship of Bristol. 

1709 Apr. 13 Peter of Port Royal. 

1710 Feb. 1G Richard, merchant of London to Mr. Watkins. 
1715 — Richard, merchant. 

1719 Feb. 1 Matthias, mariner of Kingston. 

* Veur uncertain. 

( 133 ) 

■JJccr* of Barbados. 

Rich' 1 Peers of the T. of Barbados, Esq. Will dated 18 Dee. 10.10. 

To my son John 1\ all my p'antaeon Lebanus or Bendevee*vonii\mmg GOO 
acres, with tlie houseing, six of my best horses, all the negroes, coppers, stills, 
siiger polls, 30 cattell, hogs and fowles, household stuffe, also my mannors, lately 
bought of S r Walter Pyc called Liner's Oclcell, in Herefordshire, as also 50 sheepe, 
20 goatcs, my bason and ewer, two silver tankards, large saltseller, moneys, 
jewells, coach and harnes. To my son Edward all that my plantation whereon I 
now live containing 300 acres, -with the houses, coppers and stilles belonging to 
the sugar worke and SO cattell. To my dan. Eliz. £2,000 st., to be paid out of 
such moneys as I have in my brother-in-law Cap' James Hawley's hands. To my 
dau. Susan Jones 10,000 lb. of sugar and the use of 30 acres whereon she now 
liveth and the use of my 5 servants thereon. To my dau. Mary, the wife of ]S T ich. 
Boate a parcell of land in Eng. valued at £G0 per annum, purchased by my order 
for y l use by my brother Hawley of Brainford. To my grandchild Rich' 1 Hawton 
20,000 lbs. " To Jonathan Hawtaine and Valentine Hawtaine 10,000 lbs. each. 
Onto my cozen Anne Payee 70,000 lbs. and to have her maintenance jn my 
dwelling house until paid. I make my son John P. my heir and Exor. To my 
servants Philip Darby, Will. Parsons and Antho. Purson 1,000 lbs. apiece. I 
constitute my friends Mr. Francis Sadler and my grandchild ll' 1 Horton, my cozen 
Anne Payee and Mr. John Asheraft overseers and 2,000 lbs. each. I entreat my 
loveing friends Coll" Henry Hawley and Coll" Edmond Read to be supervisors to 
call my overseers to accompt once every S months sugers to be consigned to my 
brother Capt' James Hawley. I appoint Coll" Henry Hawley, Coll" Edmond 
Keade and James Hawley of New Brainford, Esq., to be G. of my two sons, John 
and Edward till 17. iMy friend Mr. Rob. Tothill to be an overseer and 2,000 lbs. 
In the presence of Tho. Modyford, John Asheraft, Phillip Darby. By tlio 
President appeared J. A. and P. D. and were sworn this 2 April 1001. Hum. 
Walrond. P. 14 May 1GG2 by John Peers. (70, Laud.) Recorded also in 

John Pierse (in margin Peers) of Strettum, co. Surrey, esq. Will dated 
1G March 1G88. All my estate in the B'oes and elsewhere beyond the seas to my 
friends Col. Bich d Guy, R d Howell, esq., and R' 1 Harrow of Covcnt Garden gent, on 
trust. To my s. John £100 a year. My s. Tho. the like. My dau. Mary P. the 
like. Tomy3 daus. Eli/,., Prances and Anne by my 2' 1 \vife£G0 a year till 14 then 
£100 a year, and I commit their education to my friend Mistress Eliz. Hill and 
give her £-10 a year. To Mistress Dorothy Spendlove and her son John and her 
dau. Anne £100 a year. My nat. child Frances £25 a year and £10 to bind her 
apprentice. To Eliz. Ashcruft &, her S sous John, R d and Ed\v d and her 2 daus. 
Sus" & Eliz. £20 a year each. Susan Mingo a black and her S eh" .Judith, R" and 
Hester £10 a year each. Kath. Catnpnell my last wife's servant £20 a year. 
Mistress Anne Broughurst £25. To my 3 daus. bv my 2 1 ' wife all the plate and 
jewels of their mothers. My s. Rich' 1 my coach and 4 horses. Overplus to him 
and his heirs male, they to bo Ex'ors. £200 for my funeral. The lease of my 
bouse at Stretham, the rent to be paid out of my est. On 31 .) uly 1(>S!) commission 
to Rob. Chaplain M' the Guardian of Rieh d , Mary, John and Tho. Peers, minors, 
the Ex'ors renouncing. On 21 July 1G95 com" to Mary Peers the dau., she now 
having attained the age of 21. On 27 Nov. 1705 com" to It' 1 P. the son, Mary P. 
the dau. now dead. On 27 April 1714 com" to Hanna P. the wid. and relict and 
administratrix of R d P. the son. (102, Ent.) Recorded also in Barbados. 

* lU'iidezvous 


Arms. — . . . . A be/id cottised .... 

Thomas Peers of Barbados, M. of C. 1629— 3$. 

These may he two distinct families, as they hore different arms. 

Richard Peors of Barbados, Dep. Gov. 103.3 — 38 ; a commissioner for 
Lord Willoughby 1G52 ; M. of A. IGol— 50. Will dated 18 Dec. 105!) ; 
proved 14 May 1002 (70, Laud). Brother-in-law of Gov. Henry Hawley. 

Hester, dan. of Sir=pJolm Peers, born 1044, of Christ : 
Thos of co. Church, Barbados ; M. of C. 1074— 

Hereford; bur. 15 
Sept. 1078 at Christ 
Church, Barbados. 
M.I.atSt. Michael's. 

1083 ; settled 1000 a. in Jamaica 
1072; later of Streatham, co. Surrey; 
died 17 March 1GS8, aged 43. M.I. 
there. Will dated 10 March 10SS ; 
proved 31 July 1GS9 (102, Ent). 

Mary, born 1074; died 1705. 



John Peers.: 
? AVill re- 
corded in 
1745 at B. 



I I 

dau. of Sir 
Knt.j bur. 5 
Apr. 1GS5 
at St. 
Michael ; 
sister of 
Mrs. Eliz. 

died in- 
in B'dos 
2 July 

to ll 1 8 


under 14 in 1G8S. 

Frances. AVill dated 3 
Mar. 1758, then of St. An- 
drew, Holhorn; proved 17 
June 1700 (254, Lynch) ; 
died 10 June 1700. 


John Peers of Hammersmith, Esq., born 1700 ; died Tho. 
7 April 1701, aged 02. M.I. at Streatham. Will dated Peers. 
10 May 1758 ; proved 18 April 1701 (143, Cheslyn). 

Richd. Peers,: 
heir to his 
brother John. 

Eichd. Peers. 

Capt. Geo. Peers of the parish of St. Michael's in the Island of B'es. Will 
dated 2 Nov. 1G89. To my s. Henry P. all my est. r. and p. in this Island, IDng. 
or J'ca. My wife Martha and friends Tho. Bread and Benj. Matson of tin's 
Island, M" to be Guardians, and all 3 Ex'ors till my son be 21. In the presence 
of Chr. Terry, Mathew Ling, Benj. Fletcher. Proved 1 Oct. 1713 by Henry 
Palmer the attorney of Henry P., esq., at B'es, the s. of the Hon. G. P. (231, 

Frances Peers of St. Andrew, Holborn, co. Middlesex, spr. Will dated 
3 March 1758. To be buried by the remains of John P., esq., my father at 
Stretham, co. Surrey, under the marble stone where he is. I give the money due 
from my nephew, M 1 ' Tho. P., upon bond to him, he paying £500 thereout to my 
godson Eich d P. (s. of my nephew M r Eich d P.) at 21. 1 give my k' 1 godson my 
own picture and the two of Lady Milman. £500 to my nephew M' Koh. P., and 



tlie lil<c sum to my niece Mrs. Richardson, wife of the Rev. Dr. R., and the like 
to my niece Mrs. Lacy, widow, it' she die before me, to her dau. Fra. Ann Eliz. 
Lacy at 21. To my aunt Mrs. Jane Atkins, £20. To M 1 ' W m Richardson brother 
of the s d D r R., 10 gs. To my two servants £5 apieee. To the trnsteoa of the 
charity school of St. Geo. the Martyr £20. All residue to my nephews M r John 
P. and M r Rich" P. and to be Ex'ors. Proved 17 June 1700 by John P, and 
R a P., esquires, the nephews. (25-t, Lynch.) 


Susan, mar 

Jones of Barbados 

Mary, mar. Nich. 

A dau., mar. Jona- 
than Hawtayne. 

Capt. Geo. Peers of Barba-^=Martha 
dos, M. of C. Will dated 
2 Nov. 1089 ; proved 1 Oct. 
1713 (231, Leeds). 

Arms. — Argent, 
an inescutchcon. 

: Henry Peers, born 1083, only son and heir ; M. of = 
A. 1700; Speaker 1727 till bis death 4 Sept. 1740, 
aged 57. M.I. at St. George's. Worth £150,000. 
Will recorded at Barbados. Arms. — A lion ram- 
pant, in its paw a staff' raguJy. Crest. — A lion's 
head erased. 

Arms. — A 





Henry Peers, born 1712 ; matric. from dau. and cobeir.mar , dau. and 

Q. Coll., Oxf., 10 Dec. 1729, aged 17; John Lyte, Speaker 1740, coheir, mar. 

barr.-at-law of Inner Temple 9 July later M. of C. He died Tobias Frere, 

1730; bur. in the Temple church 17 May 17-7, aged 61. M. of A. 

12 An". 1730. M.I. at St. George's. 1740. 

John Peers of Hamersmith. Will dated 10 May 1758. To my bro. Tho. P. 
£100 yearly. To Ann Mills who lives with me £30 a year. All residue to my 
brother Rich/ 1 P. and sole Ex'or. Sworn 10 April 1701, test. J. P., esq. Proved 
18 April 1701 by R<> P., esq. (143, Clieslyn.) 


*1050, Aug. 1. Henry s. of Richard Peers, buried. 
*1078, Sept. 15. Hester wife of John Peers, buried. 
1078, Sept. Hester the wife of Jn° Peerse, esq., buried y r 15"'. (491, Ilotten.) 

1078, Sept. 15. Elisabeth y e wife of John Peers, csq r , buried. {Ibid., 429.) 


The Honble. Henry Peers, esq., a Barrister of the Inner Temple, was buried in 
the Middle Temple vault on Thursday the Twelfth day of August Anno Dom. 

* I took those two entries from the copy of Register in Bridgetown, HotU'ii must h;i\e 
copied liis from the transcript in tho l'.K.O., I.oudou. 


1G29, Feb. 23. M 1 Thomas Peer? :. meinbeT r A the :..--: ( [\. M< i 

of the First Settlement.) 

1631. On 11 April Gov. Henry Hawley appointed Tho. Peers to the 

1033, Apr. 3. Hawley appointed his brother-in-law, Richard l'eeree or Peers, 
Dep. Gov. during his absence. Peers again acted on 1 Sept., 1035, and was next 
year President. (Schomburgk, 2G5-G.) 

1038. Tho. Peers, Esq., and Rich 3 Peers, Esq., Dep. Gov., owners of more 
than 10 acres. 

1039-10, Jan. 20. Richard Peers, Gent., of S L Dunstan's West, Widower, 42, 
and Mary Payne of same, sp r , 19, dan. of Chr. Payne, Gent., who consents; at 
S« Nidi. Cole Abbey. (Mar. Lie. by Bishop of L., p. 2-17.) 

1052, Jan. 9. Francis, Lord "Willoughby appointed Sir Richard Pearce as one 
of his commissioners to treat with Sir Geo. Ayscue. There is no record of his 

105G. R d Peers as a M. of A. signs Address to the Protector. (Thurloe iv., 

1GG0. Sir Rich' 1 Peers a M. of C. at the Restoration. (Col. Cal., 491.) 

1071, Dec. 17. Sir Tho. Lynch writes from Jamaica: "Esquire Pierce from 
Barbadoes came to see the island." (Col. Cal., 300.) 

And 1G72, July 5. " Esquire Peirce has sent blacks and servants to begin a 
plantation on the north side, &c." (Ibid., 3SG.) 

1073, May 28. John Pierce has 1,000 a. in Barbadoes. (Ibid., 497.) 

1071, Feb. The King's commission to John Pears and others to administer 
the oaths to Sir Jonathan Atkins, Gov 1 ' in Chief of Barbadoes. (Ibid., 554.) 

1G74, Ap. 13. John Peirce recommended to be of the Council of B. (Ibid., 

1GS0. John Pearse a M. of C. (Ibid., 515.) 

1G80. X 1 Ch. John Pears, Esqu r , 910 a. 8 white servants. 180 negroes. 
(Hotten, 483.) 

1083, Aug. 6. Dep. Gov. John William writes : Tho. "Walrond and John 
Peers, both of the C, married to 2 sisters. (Col. Cal., 4GG.) 

Tho. Peirse (Peers) s. Edw. of Barbados, arm. of X' Ch. Oxf. matric. 23 Nov., 
1G93, a. 17. 

Vis 1 Howe to the Duke of Rutland at Belvoir Castle. 1733, June 28, 
Barbados. " I have desired Page to introduce to you Mr Peers, son to the 
Speaker of the Assembly, who is worth above 150,000/." (Hist. MSS. Report, 
12th Report, Vol. II., p. 194.) 

1730, Aug. Henry Peers. Esq; Barrister at Law, and King's Council of 
Barbadoes, at the Temple, (Historical Register, 17.) 

" 1710, Sept. 4. Dyed Henry Peers, Esq; who was first elected a Member of 
the Assembly, the Gth of Aug., 1700, and from the 18 July, 1727, was constantly 
chosen Speaker. 

He had been Colonel of the Royal Eegiment of Pout Guards, made Brigadier 
General by Mr. AVorsley, and Lieutenant General, and Master General of the 
Ordnance by Lord Howe. Eor many years before his Death, he had a greater 
Share of Popularity than any Man before him had ever enjoyed, tho' he wanted a 
liberal Education, and had never been but once (and that a short Time) off the 

And if a strict Discharge of every Trust; a lenative Disposition to his 
Debtors ; a zealous Endeavour to prevent Extentions, and to keep Estates 
together; an indefatigable Industry to serve his friends; a Forbearance to 
procure any lucrative Office in Government to himself or to his Family, to 
reimburse the large Sums he expended on Account of the Publick ; a steady, 
undisguised Conduct in the Exercise of his Power and Authority; his nul 
oppressing any that differ'd from him in Politicks; but offering his Advice for 
continuing many in high Offices, from which lie might easily have ha. I I hem 


removed, were. Virtues in him deserving Commendation ; he must notwithstanding 
his Failings, he allowed a worthy Patriot. 

The Assembly on his Death, chose, and have continued his Son-in-Law, John 
Lyte, Esq ; their Speaker, and the Freeholders of the Bridge Parish elected, and 
have continued in his Stead, his other Son-in-Law, Tobias Frere, I'jHq ; one of 
their Representatives, The Conduct of those Gentlemen shew that they fully 
intend to imitate the Example of their worthy Father." 

[Memoirs of the First Settlement of Barbados, App. 4-5.] 

There is also an account of his election as Speaker in L735-6 in the original 
" Caribbeana," 11., 133. 

1740, Oct. 9. John Lyte chosen Speaker of Barhadoes vice Henry Peers, 
Esq., deceased, his father-in-law. (CM. 55.) 

Minutes of C at Barbados.* 

2 July, 16(37. Berry and Cunningham. John Pierse, Esq., petitioned to have 
the adm'on of his brother Edward P's est. Granted and the letters of admon. gr. 
to Capt. John Berry and afterwards to Capt. Alex. Conyngham recalled and made 

Pearse v s Berry. 10 March, 1GG7. Upon the complaint of Rich. Howell, 
Esq., and M r Rich. Guy, aft? to John Pearse, Esq. Appraisement of the land of 
the s d J. P. attached for Capt. John Berry declared wholly illegal. New writ of 
appraisement ordered to be issued by the Judge of the C l of C. P. for Christ Ch. 
and S £ Philip. 

Peers v s Berry. 9 Oct., 1GGS. Ordered that John Peers, Esq., by a sworn 
surveyor and at his own costs and charges do runn out the Plantacon now in the 
possession of Capt. John Berry lately in the possession of the s' 1 J. Pierse 
adjoyning the Eandevous Plantacon and all y e land above 100 a. 

Peers v" Berry. 14 Oct., 1(508. Petition of John Peers re s' 1 Plantation 


On a blue marble slab in the passage of the south aisle. A stone step to the 
chapel rests on the upper part of the shield. 
Ahms : .... (i lirnil cottised .... 


luiiN Peeks esq : who was one of niiEltt 
majesties councell in the island of 

Barbados who departed this life 
17 march jg88 in the 44 tear of his 











* Extracted 20 Nov. I'JU, by E. (J. Sinckler and forwarded to me by M r Oscar Berry o[ 
Monument Sq., Loudon Jiridge, E.C., 19 Feb. 1<J12. t >'c 




JSotolts of Jamaica* 

A list and valuation of the slaves, cattle, buildings, etc., upon the Wakefield 
plantation taken 22 Jan. 1787. Thore are now 115 negroes valued at CO, 025, 83 
cattle £1,178, 12 mules £00 and buildings £1,500. Total £9,368. In 1700 there 
were Old plants SO acres, first ratoona SO acres, young plants 75 acres. A long 
letter follows signed by Geo. Cuthberfc and James Campbell, who are the 
appraisers appointed by lialph Fisher, esq., one of the adm'ors of the estate of 
Cha. Bowles, deceased, and lialph Fisher and J as. Robertson, esq., are two of the 
attornies of Oldfieid Howies of G. B., esq., son and heir of the said Chas. 15., 
recites bond of £14,000 from Sir Alex. Grant and Win. llarvie dec a to Cha. 
Bowles for performance of a lease of Wakefield plantation in the parishes of 
St. Tho. in the Vale and St. John from C. B. to W. Karvie dated 21 Jan. 1700. 
Present value £9,303 c, original value in 1700 £1-1,079 c, the deficiency being 
£-1,710, and for deficiency of canes £0S7 is due. Total £5,-103. (Brit. Museum 
Add. MS. 19,0-19, fo. 9.) 

1081, May 18. Charles Bowles of St. James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, esq 1 ', B., 
ab' 30, and M" Martha Fuller, of Clewer, co. Berks, Sp r , ab l 20, with consent of 
her mother her father being dead, at St. James afores' 1 . (Mar. alleg. fac. off. A. 
of C.) 

Ann Modyford of J'ca and New Windsor in her will p. 1750 names her 
nephew Chas. Bowles, esq. 

1707, Oct. Lady of Charles Bowles, Esq., of North-Aston, Oxfordshire. 
(G.M., 52-1.) 

1780, Aug. 4. At Bath, Chas. Bowles, esq., of North-Aston in Oxfordsh., one 
of the verderers of Windsor Forest, a prothonotary of the county palatine of 
Lancaster. (G.M., 394.) 

Win. Bowles of Wmdsor=j=Eliz., dau. of Sir Chas. Modyford, Bart., of Jamaica, 

and Clewer, co. Berks. 

born and bapt. 27 Jan. 1075 in Mincing Lane, L 

Charles Bowles of Jamaica and N. Aston, Oxf., of Q. Coll.,=pJane, dan. of ... . 
Oxf-., matric. 20 March 1724-5, aged 17 ; owner of Wakefield I Clark of co. A' 'ants; 
plantation 1700 ; died 4 Aug. 1780 intestate at Bath. died Oct. 1707. 



^Oldiield Bowles, son and heir, bonr 

1740; of Q. Coll., Oxf., matric. 31 
Oct. 1758, aged 18; created M.A. 
5 July 1703; created D.C.L. 8 July 
1773, then of N. Aston, Oxf. 


: Mary, dau. of Sir Abr. Anne 

Elton, 4th Bart., of Howies, 

Clevedon Court, co. mar. Rob. 

Som. ; Town Clerk of Graham. 
Bristol 1753 — 86. 
2nd wife. 

Cha. Oldfieid Bowles of N. Aston, only son and=f=Eliz., 1st dan. of Mathew, 
heir, born 30 Aug. 1785 ; matric. 3 May 1803. 
aged 17 ; B.A. 1807; M.A. 1810; student of 
Line. Inn 1807; died 3 July 1802. 

4th Baron Rokeby ; mar. 
i» April is 15; died 12 
April ls75. 





( 139 ) 

Siartiman ot &t, I\ttts. 

{Ante, p. 98.) 

I give notes of the following family, because originally it may have been 
descended from ITardtman, though evidence is lacking. 

Will of Robert ITardtman of St. Ann, Sandy Point (spelt Hardyman in 
copy in Registrar's office), dated 2 Jan. 1740-1. All property for life to wife 
Eliz., then to my children Mary and Eliz. at 21. Patrick Blake and Greo. 
Leigh, Esquires, and Era. Guichard, jun., all of this p., and M r John Johnson 
of Palmetto P' and my wife Exors. Proved 25 Eeb. 1740-41. 

Henry Anthony Hardman, Lieut. 7 th W. I. rog. m. 10 Oct. 1807, at 
S l Paul's, Antigua, Dorothy, dau. of Tito. Clarke of Monterose, Antigua. Shy 
d. in L., 11 Eeb. 1820, a. 30, her husband being then of Grenada. 

1707-8. Census of S' Kitts. Anthony Hardiman, aged 42. 



1723 Mar. 29 Elizabeth, dau. of Robert & Eliz th Hardyman 
1726-28 Aug.-Oct. 13. llobert, s. „ „ Hardiman 

1730 May 20 Anty Freeman Blake, b. of Rob' & Eliz' h Hardyman 


1744 May 20 Manasseh Williams & Mary Hardiman 


1729 Eeb. 5 .... of Robin Hardiman 

Sept. 5 Son of Robert Hardaman 

1741 Jan. 4 Rob' Hardiman 

174G Sept. 19 Elizabeth Hardiman 


1738 June 22 Elizabeth Hardiman, widow 

1739 May 17 Anthony, s. of Robert Hardiman 


174S Apr. 12 Butler Claxton to Elizabeth Hardiman by Lie. 

o 2 

140 CARIBBEAN.*.. 

djc BKHIjitt fteriiants 3ct 

In the year 1S30 a petition from the Coloured Inhabitants of Antigua against 
certain alleged legal disabilities, was presented to the House of Commons, and 
this was printed in Antigua I., cli. It came into my possession about the year 
1893, by purchase from Mr. Jas. Coleman, the dealer. After an interval of 17 
years, the papers marked Nos. 2, 3, 4, and 5, together with three original letters 
have just come to me from Mr. Coleman's successor. No. 3 lacks the signatures 
of the 10G whites. No. -1, which 1 now give, is endorsed : — 

"A concise view of the rise and progress of the White Servants Act, and of 
the method resorted to at this time to defeat its provisions." 

By certain laws of the Colony passed as early as the year 171 G Proprietors of 
Slaves are compelled under a heavy annual penalty of £53 . (! . 8 to have in their 
service one White Man for every forty Slaves in possession and this Amount 
of Penalty is incurred for each deficiency of a AVhite Man to that number of 
Slaves; to enforce which a return is made on Oath every Year to the Treasurer 
who levies the Penalty on every deficiency and this Law is termed. " The White 
Servants' Act." 

In order to make the cause and nature of this enactment more clear it is 
necessary to refer to the circumstances which rendered it at that time both proper 
and politic. The original Grantees of Lands were composed of Gentlemen to 
whom the Colony was given by His Majesty Xing Charles the first, and these 
were followed by other persons of fortune who emigrated during the rebellion 
which took place in that reign. To begin the cultivation it was necessary to 
import White Labourers from the Mother Country, who became indented 
servants, and their influx was so considerable that they formed not only a 
respectable Militia for the defence of their own Settlement; but were sufficient 
to assist in repelling the attacks of the French upon other Hritish Possessions in 
the West Indies, and this was the case as late as the Reign of Queen Anne. In 
process of time the original culture of Pimento, Indigo Cotton, and the trade in 
hard and dyed AVood being exchanged for that of the Sugar Cane, the Process of 
tillage and its manufacture was found to be laborious and destructive to European 
constitutions and it became expedient to import a number of negroes from Africa. 
The introduction of the cane and manufacture of Sugar with the consequent 
importation of thousands of Africans as absolute Slaves made a change not only 
in the Policy but in the original Population of the Colony and the White Man 
finding his manual exertions superseded by those of the Slave, became enervated, 
and abandoned himself to indolence and luxury, which assisted by the fatality 
of a tropical climate, swept off the majority of that class of persons. 

The continued influx of the Blacks by importation, contrasted with the 
reduction of the White Servants (with whose introduction into the colony no care 
was taken to mingle AVhite Women) gave considerable alarm to the Ruling 
Authorities, particularly as plots of insurrection had been discovered, and as the 
Proprietors seemed disposed to avail themselves of the Utility of the Negroes in 
other capacities besides the tillage of the Land, by which a great number of 
AVhite Mechanics and Artisans were put out of employment. 

In order to provide a timely remedy by which the Population might be more 
properly balanced, the then Legislature, calculating that one armed and disciplined 
European was equal to forty unarmed and ignorant Slaves, judg'd it. expedient to 
pass the first " AVhite Servants' Act " to compel every Proprietor to have on his 
Plantation one of the former to forty of the latter. 

Notwithstanding this interference of the Legislature, the Planter finding it his 
Interest, as the danger of insurrection became less in proportion, to the advance- 
ment of the Slaves in moral and civilized habits, to avoid the expense of 
employing AVhite Men, and no European for half a century past submitting to be 


indented beyond the term of ordinary Apprenticeship, the White Population 
continued to decrease so much, that in aid of the act alluded to, the Legislature 
had recourse to Bounties on their importation : but this scheme also falling short 
of the desired effect, and the Planters becoming more and more burdened with l he 
deficiency tax, the Legislature at length relaxed the law in their favour, by 
allowing their Wives and Children, as well as other white females and children, to 
be given in at the Annual returns as Free Tenants in lieu of White Adult Male 
Servants, and thus the original intention of the Law has been rendered futile and 
ineffectual, or only tended to augment the revenue in those cases, where the 
Planter was unable to procure these substitutes for Adult Male Servants; and at 
this period those Planters who have White Domestic Servants, or can procure a 
small Tenement (called a Free Tenancy) in one of the Towns, or in any pari of 
the Island, and induce White Females (from the age of Childhood to that of 
extreme decrepitude) to reside there free of rent are not absolutely compelled to 
employ any White Man whatsoever on his Estate, Those Substitutes being 
returned as their Servants and Tenents when they actually have no connexion 
with the Plantation and this plan serves to keep up appearances and to support 
an unjust and absurd policv whilst many of His Majesty's free coloured subjects 
in the Towns, are entirely destitute of employment. 

Letter from Ralph B. Cleohoen* to Z.vcuary Macaulay. 

Private. S l Kitts, 29 June 1833. 

My Dear Siu, — 

I thank you for your very kind note oT the G' 1 ' May just received. I had pre- 
viously received Mr. Pringle's letter with the pamphlet of Betto Douglass's Case and earnestly 
hope it may produce some eirect on Lord Komney. We are in possession of the plan of 
Emancipation suggested by the Colonial Minister — it does not meet either the expectation or 
wish I had formed upon this question. If however immediate and unconditional freedom 
cannot be obtained for the Slaves, the plan now under consideration (modified and elucidated) is 
perhaps the best approximation yet proposed. It seems to me to embrace these great benefits 
to the .Slave — Compulsory manumission — Admission of his Evidence in ami case — an enforce- 
ment of the due serving out of food & clothing according to the Amelioration Act, (which has 
never yet been done) — it gives him a greater proportion of time and removes from the power of 
the Master the awarding of punishment and thank God at last abolishes thc/togging of females. 
1 do not while I hail these benefits approve of any law which shall compel a man (slave or free) 
to work for a person to whom he may have many, or any objections — or to purchase that which 
was always his own — his freedom. Yet I confess my decided opinion is, that the Slaves will not 
easily be brought to agree to any plan which shall preclude their unrestricted admission to entire 
Emancipation, especially the emancipation of the will — enabling them to select their own 
employers. Who can serve a hard master ? It is the cause of God because its effects comprehend 
the spread or suppression of His holy religion, lie will therefore take it in hand and will I have 
no doubt suggest ere long (perhaps has already done so) some safe and satisfactory plan to 
abolish the horrid system. The dissentions and revengeful feelings which the agitation of this 
question has given rise to even in this small community is hardly credible. The persecutions 
that have awaited the advocates of Abolition have been and are most inveterate — 'tis indeed 
these that have driven me to the absolute necessity of putting myself entirely on the kindness of 
my friends to interest themselves in obtaining for me an employment from the Colonial govern- 
ment. It may seem strange to your mind that in consequence of my having espoused the negro 
cause positive combinations have been formed against my pecuniary prospects. Clerks of tin- 
white population, (planters) who are of course the only buyers have been desired not to purchase 
a single article at my Establishment, and so pertinaciously adhered to, has this system been, that 
1 am now endeavouring to make arrangements with a person who is to assume my concerns. I 
say endeavouring because even he is apprehensive that he may, by his association with it, intail 
upon himself part of my unpopularity. .Should this prevent any final arrangement as proposed 
between us my intention is to bring everything to the hammer, where for the sako of getting 
bari/aius the liberals will I dare say sacrifice their revengeful feelings. 1 do most earnestly 
entreat you to use your endeavours for me. My earlier life, education and habits, all have been 

* The lion. Ralph Hush Cleghorn, Presid 1 of Nevis, d. 17 March 1842, a. 37. M.I. at S 1 Geo., 
Basseterre, S' Kills, lie married 2 t July 182-1 Maria Berkeley. 


:i'hpted more to the discharge of public duties. The unforeseen and uaprovided-for death i I 
late Father threw everything into confusion and compelled iae to av .1 myst E of ti i m • 
eligible thing that offered, and that seemed to he the opening a store in this Col my. M_\ , litii - 
and irresistible feeling against the system of Slavery and Colonial policy generally bave 
eventfully proved that this sort of business is not my place. At first in 1820 I did will and 
acquired an income of from £1100 to £1300 C a year— but as my principles became known no 
in the same proportion did my popularity grow on the decline, 1 freed my own Slaves (never 
desiring to own one — but I acquired some by marriage and some by bequest iu all 14 or 15). 
I induced my wife's only sister to manumit hers 4 or 6 in number. I undertook the Cause u£ 
the Colored people, I became the avowed enemy of Slavery, and as a consequence a victim to the 
displeasure of the Planters and the others of the White Population. Of my sincerity in the cause 
I feel that you will not entertain a doubt or I would direct your attention to the great risk that 
I have ventured to run in poor Beta Douglass's Case in which if the fact of her being enabled by 
pecuniary assistance to evade the grasp of her persecutor could be traced andfu-ed on me, I should 
incur under an act of this it/and a liability to pay her owners an amount which in her case would 
be most enormous she having been in concealment about 8 years. It is true that 1 have only 
known her case within the hat four. The Act to which I allude provides that persons who shall 
be in any [way] instrumental in keeping slaves from their owners shall be liable to pay such 
owners not less than 12s. Currency per day for every day of such absence of said slave. Up lo 
this date I have fortunately avoided this penalty, although general suspicion attaches to me the 
blame iu many cases of which I am innocent. The last "reporter," with Beta's case in it, 1 
am quite alarmed about. I wish Pringle had left out that passage in my letter to him, iu which 
I acquaint him, of my having re-opened the letter in consequence of having seen Beta on the 
previous evening. AVe had by insinuations almost persuaded the people that Beta was oil' the 
island, and by this means had lessened both her risk and mine. 

My recommendations to the Government I proudly submit have been both strongand respect- 
able. Three successive Governors — The Attorney and Solicit or- General and The Chief Justice 
of this Colony and the Rural Bean of this diocese — all of these gentlemen are Anti-slavery in 
ti eir professions, and all have a knowledge of my principles in a greater or less degree. To tin 
Governors and the Attorney General I have been most communicative because from them 1 had 
a right to expect most support. But the new plan seems to require that persons should be 
selected to fill offices in these colonies who are unconnected with the Colonies and liberal in their 
views. It is an unenviable task to speak of one's self, hut in the present case I am as I said 
before absolutely driven to this by necessity. Inasmuch as I venture to hope for the protection 
and support of the Colonial .Minister through your kind interference 1 ought not to omit to put 
you in possession of all the facts connected with myself to enable you to meet (if any should 
arise) such objections as may be taken to my claims. 

Of my opinions and sincerity with reference to the slaves I apprehend you know enough. 
With reference to my connexion in the or with the Colonies I have to stale that although 1 was 
born here, I left it w h my Father for education in England at the age of five years and did not 
return until 1823. I remained here and married in June 1824, directly after which my Father's 
death (which took place at Sea on his passage to England) required that I should proceed lo 
London, whither I went and remained until the end of 1825 and returned to this place as a 
Merchant through the kindness of a friend who advanced me merchandize on the faith of in y 
previous good name and my expectancies under my Father's will. Iu 1829 1 was elected from 
among the free colored people to be their Delegate, and proceeded in the early part of that year 
to England in that capacity (at this time I had the happiness and honor to be known to you), 
and came hack to St. Kitts in Dec' 1830. So that you perceive my whole residence in the West 
Indies has never exceeded at any one time three years. And I can most conscientiously declare, 
that I never (and I trust I never shall) imbibed any other feeling, upon the subject of Wesl 
Indian manners and policy than that of disgust and opposition, which is only strengthened and 
increased as I know more of them. My education was liberal and although perhaps ill-dovop' 1 
has at least been English — English are my ideas and my feelings arc English. — Thank Gud 
for it. 

I have not a single relation in the West Indies but my wife, and her only sister is the only 
inmate of my house. Though Creole women they are blessed with English notions, having 
breathed the air of liberty in England. My circle of friends is necessarily very limitted, so few 
agreeing with my politics. The Attorney General of this Colony is my most intimate friend- 
there exists between us on politics a congeniality of feeling which renders us agreeable to each 
other. Between him and the Governors who have preceded the present one, my unenviable 
situation as to social intercourse was looked kindly upon and between them my time has been 
principally divided. The L' Governor now presiding over us is not what 1 considered those to 
have been who bave preceded him. A previous residence of I understand 30 years in the 
West Indies, is a disadvantage to His Excellency — his ago too, and ill-health combine to unfit 
him in my opinion to govern a West Indian colony to the benefit of the slaves or the colored 
people at this crisis particularly. 

I presume the wish of the Government would be that the gentlemon, whom they may appoint 
to carry the new system into execution, should have sonic local knowledge and experience, as 
well as being free from prejudice, and unconnected in tho colonics, in one individual from 


England all these requisites cannot be blended. And being possessed of the former and I venture 
to assert divested of the latter too, and having suffered in my pecuniary prospects from having 
devoted myself to the Cause which has occasioned this projected new order of things, I respect- 
fully submit that mine is a case for the countenance and support of the Government. An 
absence from the scene of action, and ut a distance of 4,000 miles aro disadvantages to mo which 
can only bo remedied by the vigilant assistance of my friends in London. By which I would 
not be understood to mean that, except yourself, Dr. Lushington and those gentlemen who may 
through your influence give me their support, I have any friends who can serve me in this way. 
Upon you, my dear sir, I confidently rely. The great uncertainty as to the time at which llie 
appointments will he made, and my desire to avoid an expense by travelling which my injured 
circumstances are not equal to but upon the most unavoidable necessity prevent my personal 
application to you. And although I am firmly impressed with the belief that your charh able 
consideration for me, will not allow this to operate to my prejudice, yet if you think it advisable 
and 1 lie time will admit of it, 1 will immediately take passage for London after such communica- 
tion from you. Dr. Lushington was good enough to promise me his support whenever 1 
preferred a claim for employment, and at that time there was some probability of the Patentee 
of the Provost Marshal's ollice either resigning or compounding with ELM. Government, f now 
learn that this is more likely than ever. I merely mention this to convey to you that I find it 
my imperative duty to accept anything with which I may be favored. The income derivable 
from the P. Marshal's office is about .(J 1 ,-J 00 Currency p* annum. I cannot but confess lliat my 
wish is, in case of a preference being allowed me to be employed in some way whereby 1 might 
he more beneficial to a class of people whose interests I have espoused even to my own prejudice. 
But it is nevertheless due to my circumstances and my family however small, that I put no 
obstacle in the way of procuring an immediate means of repairing my pecuniary prospects. 
The general opinion here seems to be that Commissioners or Receivers will bo appointed, or 
Stipendary Magistrates. You are aware that I have been put in the Commission of the Peace 
already and am so far eligible to such an appointment, but I fear that these will hardly be so 
well paid as other offices in consequence of the number that will be necessarily created. My 
dear sir I find I have grown into a greater length than I contemplated, and fear I shall have 
tired your patience for which 1 beg to be excused. The immense importance of this communi- 
cation to my future prospects must plead for me with you. The Officer who last administered 
this Government has just left us for England, his name and address Col' Nickle, L'."> Princes 
Street, Haymarket. lie can confirm what I have stated for he knew the facts respecting the 
sot that has been made at me in consequence of my politics. My intention was to have copied 
this letter fairly, hut the vessel I find will sail to-day and not to-morrow as was expected, I must 
therefore apologize to you for its roughness and disconnectedness of style. I leave my cases my 
dear sir entirely in your hands and most earnestly entreat your kind interference for me. As 
so favorable an opportunity has offered I have thought it my duty to write a few lines to 
D r Lushington. The letter is left open for your perusal with the request that you will be so 
good alter having read it to seal and cause it to be forwarded. 1 offer the following summary 
as a brief sketch of the situation in which I stand. 

Recommendations and Testimonials from persons in the service of the Crown and its repre- 
sentatives. A total freedom from prejudice in favor of any AVest Indian constitution or policy. 
Possessed of local knowledge and experience, and having suffered very much from devoting 
myself to the cause of the slaves. These with your interest give me sanguine hopes of success. 
Accept, my dear sir, my best wishes in which I am joined by M r " Cleghorn for the health and 
happiness of yourself and family, and believe me 

Your much obliged and very faithful scrv. 

Ralph B. CLuanoim. 

P.S. — I have omitted to state that Lord Goderich promised by letter to Co) 1 Nickle to attend 
to my claims with those of others, this has been repeated 1 y M' Stanley. 

Letteb feom Zachaey Macaulay to Dh. Stemekt Lushinoxo\, M.P. 

Harlech, Merionethshire. 
24 August. 
My Deak Lushington,— 

In this remote part of the world it is wholly impossible for me to [do] anything effectual 
to aid Cleghorn Whose letter I enclose. He speaks in it of having inclosed one for you, hut it 
has not made its uppearattce here and I presume is already in your possession. I certainly feel 
extremely anxious if possible to do something for Cleghorn. His conduct has been highly 
meritorious and uncompromising, and we ought not to spare a little personal trouble to mark 
our sense of his worth. 1 will write to other friends on his behalf, but 1 have little hope from 
any but you and Buxton, who has already promised to do what he can for him. I will uli»o 


write to Lcfevrc* My address will be on the 26"' and 27 lh at fiarmoufh, and on the 2S'\ 29'*, 
30"' aud 31" at Dolgelly, both Merionethshire. 

I cannot think of you without thinking of the triumph you have so largely contributed to 
achieve. Would it had been more complete. Hut considering how far we have advanced 
beyond the most sanguine hopes, we dared to entertain two years were sinful to murmur. 
Kindest regards to .Mrs. L. 

Ever yours most affectionately, 


JJr. Lushington.J; 

Seal Chest. — A riding-boot spurred. 

#ltoer of J?c\ne> anti Antigua. 

Codicil. Rowland Oliver, Esq. My will of 14 Nov. 1759. My mulatto 
woman Sarah her freedom after the death of my sister Ann Watkins. JM \ 
nephew Wm. Smith £500. My sister Ann "Watkins £500. My dan. in law Mary 
0. £100 for a ring. My niece Mary Otto 20 gas. Dated in Nevis 3 May 1761. 
Sworn 2 Nov. 1767. (Nevis Book of Wills, 1761 to 1768, p. 178.) 

The AVill of Rieh d Oliver, Esq., late Aid" of L., is also on record, ami in 
connection with it is the following : — 

AVill. Smith, Esq., 1. of Grenada now of Nevis, residuary legatee, petitions tor 
appraisement of the est. His Est. here was valued by us, &c. 

Negroes (116) - 8986 

Cattle (23) - 381 

Horses (2) - 50 

Mules (12) - 455 

£9875 c. 
We did meet at the pl n 1. of R d 0. Esq. dec", &c. Recorded 1 Feb. 1785. 

Einetta Beauehamp of Greenwich co. Kent, spr. AVill dat. 12 June 1781. 
To .Tas. Butler and Duke B. son and dau. in law of the late Coll" B. of Camber- 
well and of Frances B. widow of the late John B. £100 each. To Mary Oliver 
wife of Rich' 1 O. Esq. of AVolbeck Str. £25 and my best di. ring in memory of our 
long friendship. My pl n in Nevis of 100 acres. M r3 Mary O. sole Ex'trix. 

* Trobably Chas. Shaw Lefevre, Viscount Eversley (1794-1888), M.P. for co. Hants 
1831. Sneaker 1839. His younger brother Sir John George (1797-1S79) was at one time 
Under-Secretary at the Colonial Office about 18;i3 and a member of the Slave Trade Compensa- 
tion Commission. (D.N.1J.) 

f Zachary Maonulay, philanthropist, born 17(>8 in Argyllshire, was sent out at the age of l(i 
to bo book-keeper upon an estate in Jamaica, of which he became manager, but returned to 
England in 17U2. Next year he sailed to Sierra Leone and short)) afterwards became its 
Governor. In 1705 for his health and for experience he took passage to the W.I. in a slave 
ship and reaching England in July, later returned to Sierra Leone, but resigned his posl 1799. 
He now started in business as an African merchant aud became very active as an abolitionist of 
slaverv. He died in 1S38, and his bust was erected in Westminster Abbey. (See a long notice 
in B.N. B.) 

X Stephen Lusliington, B.C. L., M.P. for (it. Yarmouth 180(1, presented on 12 June 1827 
•everal petitions from people of colour in the W.I. urging that they should be admitted to all 
the privileges of British subjects, which was carried out by an order of Council the following 
year. He was also a strong abolitionist of slavery and supported Sir Tho. Fowell Buxton. ( Ibid.) 

Oliver of Nevis and antigua. 1 15 

1782, Feb. 1. Cod. To my kind friend M rs Mary 0.* on Crooma Hill a 
bible. Sw. 15 Jan r 1783. P. 2lJan. 1783 P.C.C. (Nevis Wills, p. 571.) 

"Settlement previously to the Marriage of Jno. Gordon Esquire with M M 
Maria Oliver of funded and other property of M ra Oliver." 

Tins [nd're made 2 April 1S2.3 between John Gordon of Wincombe Mouse 
co. Wilts Esq. of the 1 st part; Maria Oliver of Weymouth co. Dorset widow of 
the 2' 1 part; and Richard John Brassey of Lombard Street banker, Geo. Brassev 
of Brainfield co. Hertford Esq., Wm. Gordon late Col. of K.M. 2' 1 Reg< o'E 
Dragoon Guards now of Paris Esq. and Geo. Gordon of Tockington co. 
Gloucester Esq. of the 3 a part. Whereas a marriage hath been agreed upon 
between John Gordon and Maria Oliver and she is possessed of £31,700 three 
per cent, consolidated bank annuities, £12, ODD three per cent, reduced annuities 
and 10,000 sterling arising from the sale of Haddons or Week's plantations in 
the Island of Antigua, sold in 1S07 by Richard Oliver Esq. her late husband to 
Langford Lovell Hodge Esq. since deceased and was thereupon conveyed to Geo. 
Brassey and Henry Powell Collins Esq. as trustees and it was agreed that the 
sums of £31,700 and £12,000 should be transferred to Rich' 1 John Brassey, Geo. 
Brassey, AV"' Gordon and Geo. Gordon and the money from Haddons assigned to 
them and whereas she is also entitled to £10,S(j(j being f of the money arising 
from the sale of the Diamond estate in the Island of Grenada a contract tor the 
sale of the entirety at £16,300 having been entered into in the lifetime of Rich' 1 
Oliver with AVm. Stuart Esq. of Inverugie in Scotland and whereas she is also 
entitled to a capital leasehold messuage at AVey mouth it was agreed that the 
£10,S(3G and the mansion house should become the absolute property of John 
Gordon and she hath transferred to the trustees the said sums of £31,700 and 
£12,000 now she hath assigned to them the £10,000 with power to recover as her 
attornies and in consideration of a settlement lo be made by John Gordon of his 
freehold mansion house called AVineombe House and park with farms in cos. 
Wilts and Dorset the trustees shall pay the clear yearly sum of £500 to her and 
the residue of the income to John Gordon for his life and at his death for her 

Signed by George Gordon in the presence of Mary JToung, Tockington, 
spinster, and Tho. B. Chitty, Shaftesbury. 

Signed by John Gordon and Maria Oliver in the Presence of Wilhuighby 
Brassey clerk and James Cox, Shaftesbury. 

Signed by William Gordon in the presence of P. M. Chitty, Shaftesbury. 

Signed by John Brassey and Geo. Brassey in the presence of .In" Coles 
Symes, Geo. Weston, 3L Eenchurch Street. Messrs. Teesdale, Symes & Weston, 
solicitors (now, 1919, Sandilands & Co. of Eenchurch Avenue). 


1825. John Gordon, Widower, of this Parish, and Maria Oliver, Widow, of 
this Parish, were married in this Church by licence this 7 April, &e., by me 
Willoughby Brassey. 

Col. John Gordon d. 14 Jan. 1834 and by his will dated 30 Oct. I s:{:? devised 
his plantation in the parish of S 1 James, Jamaica, and his estate of Wincombe 
after his wife's death to his nephew Charles Gordon, (See his pedigree in 
Burke's Landed Gentry.) 

M" Maria Gordon died s.p. 5 May 1S52 at Wincombe Park, and bequeathed 
the bulk of her property to her brother, Ceo. Brassey, of Brainfield, Herts. 

Thomas Oliver J 1 ", of 10 Devonshire Place, who was only nephew of the above 
Richard Oliver, was deprived of the succession to the. family estates for some 
unknown reason. 

* She was dau. of Farquharson of Iuveroauld and wife of Julm Oliver, Esq., a master of tho 
E.I.C.S., who was uot related to the Autiguan family. 


33m* of jHontscrrar. 

{Ante, p. 78.) 

17G3, Oct. 28. Thomas Dewbury of Monserat (sic), buried. 


1750, Mar. 13. Anne Arabella (b. 18 Dec. 1749), dau. of the Honourable Charles 
& Louisa Morton, bapt. 


177-1, Aug. 25. Mark Dyer, Esq., & Ann Arabella Moreton. Lie. 
Witnessed by John Willett & Ralph Adye. 

1704, Jan. Tho. Duberry, Esq., at Montserrat. (G.M., 40.) 

1770. Henry Dyer of M. Esq. is granted adm'on of the estate of Tho. 
Duberry esq., left unadministered by Sarah late wife of Henry Dyer & widow of 
Tho. Duberry. (Montserrat Records, No. 1801.) 

1771, Eeb. 4. Inden're between John Dyer of M. Esq. of the one part tfc 
Henry Dyer Esq. of the other. Tobias Gallwey, late of S l Chr. esq. by his 
deed of 14 Oct. 1705 leased to them Gallwey's plantation in S' Patrick's parish 
of 500 acres at £520 a year rent for 9 years. " (Ibid., No. 1777.) 

Sarah ffrench of M., widow. Will dated 29 June 1771. The Hon. Henry 
Dyer, a negro, for my dau. Eliz. Dyer. My son, W m ffrench. (Ibid., No. 1879.) 
1792. John Dyer, then a M. of Council. (Almanac of S l Kitts.) 
1810, Dee. 25. At her grandson's, at Nassau, New Providence, in her 91st 
year, the Hon. Anne Louisa Moreton, widow of the 1. Hon. Major Charles M. the 
youngest son of Mathew the first Lord Ducie, & maternal grandmother of Henry 
Moreton Dyer, esq. Judge of the Vice- Admiralty Court of the Bahama Islands. 
(CM., 1811, 395.) 


On a headstone :-- - 
In | M. of (Gothic) | MARIA DTEE | hokn | in the island or 


Mary Dyer wife of Mark D. of Alphington co. Devon Esq. living separated 
from him. Will dated 1811. The annuity left me by my l bl husband Joseph 
Plainer dec d of Demerary Esq. My 3 sons Win. Attwick II., Henry Percy IL., 
& Mich 1 Grcathead H. My 4 daus. The will of my 1. Mother p. 1812. 

(273, Oxford.) 

( 147 ) 

JJibhs of Stttigua, 

This Ind're made the 5 Dec. 1701 between James Langford Nibbw the 
Younger of S' John's, Esq. a. and h. of Jas. Langford Nibbs the Elder late of A. 

and Beauehamp, eo. Devon Esq. of the l sl part ; Jas. L. Nibbs of the - ' ; Tbo. * Miver 
of London of the 3 d ; Whereas by Ind're of 9 Feb. 1760 between .las. L. Nibba 
the Elder late of A. then of S' George's, Hanover Square, Esq. only s. and h. ol Ja». 
Nibbs late of A. Esq. dec' 1 of the 1 st part ; Hon. Stephen Blizard and Tito. Warner, 
Rowland Oliver and Robert Christian all of A., Esquires and 'Richard Oliver oi 
London, Merchant and Harry A\ r ebb of 8' Ann's, 8oho,Esq. the trustees of Jonas 
Langford formerly of A. late of London, Esq. and Barbara Langford of S' Clemeiil 
Danes spinster one of the daus. of the s rt Jonas Langford of the 2'' pari; George 
Austen of S l John's, Oxford, clerk and Morris Robinson of the sis clerks ollice 
London, gent, of the 3' 1 part; and James Langford of Brompton Park CO. iVlidd* 
Esq. and Richard Oliver the y r of London, merchant of the l" 1 part ; the marriage 
settlement between Jas. L. Nibbs and Barbara Langford of £10,000 was vested in 
James Langford and Richard Oliver. James L. Nibbs J 1 ' being in debt, and 
having received £050 and £320 from Tho. Oliver has assigned to T. (). his 
interest in the £10,000 fund. (Antigua Record Office, Lib. AV., vol. V., fos. 1 8S- 

By a deed on the Close Rolls it appears on 8 and 9 Feb. 17G0 Jas. L. Nibbs 
conveyed Haddons of 294 a. to trustees to secure dower of £500 a year to his 
wife (A. II. 290). 

This Ind're made the 23 Dec. 1S0G between Barbara Nibbs of Bath, widow and 
relict and sole Executrix of James Langford Nibbs formerly of Antigua but late 
of Beauehamp. co. Devon, Esq. deceased, and administratrix of Samuel Nibbs one 
of their younger children, James Langford Nibbs of Antigua Esq. their eldest 
son, George Nibbs of Cutcombe co. Som., clerk, a younger son, and Barbara Nibbs 
of Bath, spinster, their dau. of the one part and Richard Oliver late of 1 /avion, 
CO. Essex now of Bath, Esq. eldest s. and h. and residuary legatee of Tbos. O. 
dec' 1 . The Nibbs's sell to R. O. all that plantation in the parish of S L George 
bounded N. with the sea &c. reciting a deed of 1779 with Rich" 1 Oliver hue 
Alderman of London, deceased. (Release follows.) Tbos. Oliver of Devonshire 
Place, co. Midd", Esq. and James Langford Oliver of Layton now residing in 
Wigmore Street, Esq. two of the younger sons of the said Tho. O. Esq. deceased, 
and his Ex'ors of the 7"' part; George Brassey, Esq. of the S' h part recites Ind're 
of 9 Feb. 1700 being the marriage settlement of Jas. L. Nibbs and Barbara 
Langford by which £10,000 her fortune was invested in £10,910 4 per cent. 
Bank Annuities and Jas. L. Nibbs' Popeshead plantation being indebted to 
Stephen Blizard in £5,000, Jas. L. Nibbs and Barbara his wife in 1706 borrowed 
£5,000 of their trustees and paid Stephen Blizard and the mortgage was trans- 
ferred to their trustees, and Jas. L. Nibbs later paid off £2,000 which was 
re-invested the trust fund being then £7,983 bank annuities and Jas. L. Nibbs 
and Barbara asked to have this sold and Bich d O. did so and it produced £0, 390 
and by Ind're of 20 and 21 July 1789 Jas. L. Nibbs sold to the late Thos. < Hiver 
dec J in consideration of sums of £3,800, £5,020 and £900 all that his plantation 
called ILaddons subject to redemption on payment of £9,720 with interest, and 
Whereas there was due on 25 Dec. 1S04 £L9,247 sterling to the Exors. of Tho. O. 
now Rich 4 O. hath agreed to purchase the Popeshead plantation for £17,000 st, 
the debt of £9,390 to be included and on settlement of accounts a balance of 
£5,851 will be due to Rich' 1 O. the est. is conveyed to him. Schedule of Blavea 
Ac. (Antigua Record Office, Liber T., vol. VI., fos. 15 to 29 inclusive.) 
(The above deed is of great length and complicated.) 

Rich d Oliver eventually sold Haddons for £10,000. 



aaaijitc oi ifflontscrrat. 

Win. Irish S r of Mountscratt. Will elated 17 Sept 1099. To my kinsman 
Ensign Win. White one good beaver liat, 13 pair of gold shirt buttons and a ring 
and to be Guardian. 

Bastiaen Bai jer of London Esq. formerly of Antigua. Will dated 170-1. A 
ring to Capt. Michael White. Mrs. White widow of Capt. Richard White. 
(195, Ash.) 

Benj. Crooke of Basseterre niereh 1 . Will dated 3 March 1739. Discharge 
cousin John White planter of Cayon all debts and to be an Exor. Proved 17 
March 1739 at S 4 Kitts. 

William White, sen., of Montserrat, Capt. aud^pMary (? bur. 18 June 
M. of A. 1092, planter 1700, of the Leeward j 172-1). 
Division 1712, and lost £'5,012 by the French 
Attack. Entered in the Census of 1730. j 
Cousin of the Crookes of St. Kitts. ! 

Michael Winter 
Esq. Entered 
in the census of 
1730 ; Trustee 
1753 to the 
Osborn deed. 

: Mary, dau. of 
John Tomlin- 
sou, Esq., of 
Antigua, bapt. 
4 Aug. 1703 
and mar. 20 
Feb. 1728-9 at 
S l John's. 

Hon. John White, 1701,-: 
M. of C. of M. 1720, 
later of Cayon, St. 
Kitts, then of Chiches- 
ter ; died and bur. 
12 Eeb. 1770, aged 75. 
M.I. at Yapton. Will 
dated . . . (101, Bellas). 

Jjydia, dau. of Sir 
(Jet). Thomas, Bart., 
of \ apton, co. Sussex, 
Gov. of the Leeward 
lslands,m. at St. Geo., 
Antigua, 25 Oct. 1711, 
d. 14 Aug. 1791, aged 
70. M.l. at Yapton. 

William Hon. Michael White, student of the : 

White, Inner Temple 1717, M. of C. 1759, 

bapt. and President 1704-85 ; heir 170-1 to 

11 Jan. Mrs. Jane Webb ; purchased in 1770 

1720-7 of his Aunt Martha 3000 acres in 

at St. An- N. Carolina; d. in prison 15 Feb. 17S5. 

thony. Will dated 1784 (101, Ducarel). 

Mary, dau. of James Eliz. 

Lee ; bapt. 10 Apr. White, 

172N-, died in Baker bapt. 

Street 15 Aug. 23 Nov. 

1832, aged 100; had 1728. 
four sons anil live 

William White, 
bur. 5 March 
1750-1, at St. 
John's, Antigua. 

William White, 
at Eton 1771-0, 
inherited Tom- 
linson's in 1805, 
then of Antigua, 

Michael White, at , Mary, dau. of .... 
Eton 1773-0; M. of Hussey and sister of 
C. 1795— 1806, some- Tho. "ll. of Ksse- 
time of St. Vincent; quibo ; d. at Brighton 
of Baker Street 1807. 20 Jan. 1802.' (V. 


Michael White, b. 1790; heir 1802 to John White, Lydia 
his uncle Tho. llussey ; entered (J ray's under 15 in White. 
lun in 1829, aged 33, as only son. 1802. 

Eliz. Hamilton 




Jane AVebb late of M. now of St. Geo., Hanover Sq., widow. Will dated 
23 Oct. 1701. £100 in trust for Sarah Hamer dau. of Win. Wind' planter of Al 
My nieces Frances Osborne and Martha AVhite two other of his dans. £100 
apiece. £1,000 on trust for Master Kcene Osborne son of my said niece 
Frances O. at 21. My niece Jaue Bennett of S' Chr. £100. (399, Seeker. ) 

Daniel Cuningham late of S' Chr. now of Ludlow. Will dated lo Sept. 
1770. My friend the Hon. Michael White Deputy Governor of Montserrat. 

John White late of St. Ch 1 ' now of Chichester Esq. Will dated 2 March 1775. 
Confirm £200 a year to my wife Margaret whose late father Sir Geo. Thomas 
Dart, made a provision for her. All my estates in St. Chr. and elsewhere to my s. 
Geo. AV. and his heirs then to my nephew Michael White of Montserrat Esq., 
then to his 2 d sou Michael charged with £S0 a year to my brother Nic-h. W. and 
if my s. Geo. die without issue the following legacies to be paid viz. : £80 a year 
to my sister Mrs. Jane Bennett widow, £1,000 to her s. Henry B., £500 to my 
sister Mrs. Henrietta Alvarez widow, £500 to my sister Martha, £1,000 to my 

cousin W m Crolce of St. Chr. Esq to the grandson of my sister Jane 

Bennett, £1.000 to my cousin Craistcr Greathead of St. Chr. Esq., £4,000 each 

AVilliam AVhite,=pCalherine 

Jr., entered m 
the census 1730; 
? bur. 27 Oct. 
1712 ; made a 

? sistorof 
Mrs. Jane 

Nicholas AVhite, F of 
AVapping, surgeon, 
1704, living 1775. 

Jane White, mar. 27 
Aug. 1721 at St. 
Patrick's, Dr. Ed- 
ward Bennet ; living 
a widow 1775. 

I I 
Henrietta White, mar. 

.... Brown, 2mllv .... 

Alvarez ; living, a widow 


Martha White, of Duke 
Street. Will dated 27 
May and p. 17 Nov. 
177!) (ISO, Warburton). 

Sarah White, Frances AVhite, bapt. 9 Feb. 1711-2; mar. 1753 

mar Tho. Osborn of Antigua and Dominica ; mar. 

Hamer. sett, dated 20 Oct. 1753. His will dated 20 Sept . 

1778. (IV. 128.) 

Martha AVhite, 
niece, 1704, 
of ATrs. Jane 

Robert AVhite, 
living 1S02. 

John White. 

Maria Alicia AVhite, m. 
White Humphrey Butler, 
of An- M.P. Donegal, 
tigua, 1700-7. (See pcer- 
1S07. age under Lanes- 

Eli?,. AVhite, born 1700; mar. Geo. 
Molineux - Montgomerie of St. 
K it! .s and Garboldisham Hall. co. 
Norfolk. Shi' died in Baker Street 
5 Jan. 1837, aged 77. He was born 
J 701 and -lied 17 March 180*. 
(Ante, 111., 2.) 

to the dans, of my late brother Win., and £400 to my niece Alary Brown dau. of 
mv sister Airs. Alvarez by her former husband. All residue to my s. Geo. ami 
sole Exor. P. 23 Feb. 1770 by Geo. AV. Esq. the son. (10 1, Bellas.) 


Martha White late of Upper Brook Street, now oJ' Duke Street St. Georges 
Hanover Sq. Will dated 27 May 1779. To uiy nieces Betsy White dau. of 
Michael AV Esq. of Montserrat, the daus. of my brother Wm. AV. late of 
Antigua and of my nephew Keau Osborn of Jamaica Esq. all my estate equally. 
Mrs. Sarah Harris to receive the rent of my house in Upper Brook Street for my 
Exors. To Barty Greathead Esq. my silver plate and effects at his house at 
Guys Clift'l. Mr. Sam. Irish and Mr. Sam. Greathead Exors. Wit. by Martha 
Hussey, Mary Bertie Greathead. P. 17 Nov. by Sam, Irish power reserved to 
Sam. Greathead. (480, Warburton.) 

Michael White Esq. Will dated 1 Sept. 1784. My wife Mary, my s. 
Michael "W. Jr., Cha. Chambers of Montserrat, John Stanley of Queen Ann 
Street, Cavendish Sq. but lately departed for the W. I. Alex. Willock of Putney 
Park merch' to settle all affairs with creditors to sell or mortgage my property in 
St. Vincent, Dominica, Montserrat and N. America, to make provision for my 
family, pay portions to my 5 daus., then to my 3 younger sons Michael, llobert 
and John. All residue to my son Win. To my wife Mary £000 a year in lieu 
of dower till debts are paid then £900 a year more. To each son and dau. except 
my eldest son £3,000. To my friend Cha. Chambers Esq. £200 a year for 
managing my estates. To my near and good relations Lydia "Walsh, Jane 
Tomlinson, Eliz. Tomlinson and Alice Tomlinson of Richmond £20 each. To my 
friends Wm. Lee of Dominica, Tho. Meade of Montserrat and Jacob Kladeu of 
St. Vincent £20 each. My wife Mary, my sons Michael and Robert, John 
Stanley, Alex. Willock, "Win. Lee, Tho. Meade, Jacob [vladeu and Cha. Chambers 
Exors. Cod. 8 Eeb. 17S5. Wm. Manning of St. Mary Axe merch 1 to be Exor. 
and trustee vice Alex. AVillock and to receive sugars. To my son Robert £3,500. 
stock instead of £3,000. P. 4 March 1785 by Robert W. the son power reserved 
to the others. (164, Ducarel.) 

Erauces Crooke of King Street, Baker Str. Will dated 10 Jan. 1797. As heir 
to my late sister Mrs. Sarah Williamson there is a considerable debt due to me 
from the est. of the late Mich. White Esq. (705, Walpole.) 

Alice Tomlinson, of Baker Street. Will dated 4 Jan. 1801. To Mrs. Mary 
White of Baker Street widow £500. All my moiety of the estate in Antigua to 
her dau. Maria AV and Extrix. P. 14 May 1801. (200, Abercrombie.) 

Penelope Tomlinson of Antigua spinster. Will dated 18 July 1802. £200 
for Eli/., wife of Geo. Molineaux Montgomery dau. of Mich. White dec d . To 
John White son of Michael AVhite and Mary his wife (late Mary Hussey) and 
grandson of the said Mich. AV. dec d £200 at 15, but if be die to his sisters Lydia 
and Eliz. Hamilton AV To Wm. W. son of the said Mich. AV. and Mary (here- 
tofore Lee) £200. All residue for Wm. AV. and his eldest son, then to his 
brothers Mich, and Rob. in tail. 1 st Cod. 5 Jan. LS05. My plantation called 
Tomlinsons. 2' 1 Cod. 28 Nov. 1805. All real est. to my kinsman Wm. W. in fee 
simple. Sworn 12 Sept. 1800. Recorded at Antigua. 

Tho. Hussey of Essequibo. AV11 dated 4 May 1802. £3,000 a year to 
sisters. All est. to Mich. White son of Mich, and Mary AV formerly of St. 
Vincent being eldest son of my dear sister the said Alary W. To his bin. John 
W. i'3,000. My nieces Lydia W. £5,000 and Eliza, W. £3,000. (210, Marriott.) 


1692, March. Capfc. Wm. White a M. of the assembly. 

1694, Sept. (5. Capt. Michael White sworn at A. 

1695. Michael White admitted on the foundation of Westminster School. 
(N. & Q., 12 S., IV. 132.) 

1700, Oct. 5. Win. White of Monsirrat, planter, and Mary his wife their 
power of attorney to "our cousen Henrietta Crook dau. of John C. of St. Chr. 
gent, dec 11 ." (S l Ivitts Records, p. SO.) 

1712. Leeward Division. Losses by the French Invasion : — 
William White, S r , £5,642. 

1726, Aug. 9. John White to be of the Council. 

1726-7. Ind'ro made 26 Feb. between Michael White of M., Esq., John 
Tomlinson of Antigua, Esq., and Mary T., spr., his dau. Whereas a marriage is 
shortly to take place between Michael White and Mary T. in consideration of 
£2,000 paid by John T., Michael W. releases to him 2 plantations iu the Wind- 
ward part of M. in the p. of S l George of about 100 acres each, called Bangs, and 
one in S l Peter's of 120 acres, with all slaves, charged with £200 st. a year dower 
for Mary. (Antigua Records.) 

1730. Census— Parish of S 4 Anthony. 

M 11 White, Esq r , planter, 65 negro men, 300 acres, 40 cattle, 1 boy, 

3 girls. 
Wm. White, S r , planter, 6 negro men. 

Win. White, J r , planter, 22 negro men. {Ante, IV., 302.) 
Edw a Bennett, Doct. E., 25 negro men. 

1753, Oct. 29. Ind're of marriage settlement between Thomas Osborn of 
Antifua, gent., and Frances White of M., spinster, and Michael White, the Elder, 
Esq.,°and Michael White, the y r . She settles 12 slaves. Her father Will. 
AVhite, dec d , had bequeathed her 70,000 lbs. Registered 27 Aug. 1772. 

Tho. Osborn on his part settled 120 acres in Dominica. (Montserrat Records, 
Nos. 1958 and 1960.) 

1753. John White, Esq., two plantations in St. Mary Cayon. (Baker's Map.) 

1755, June 21. The Hon. J. White writes from Chichester informing their 
Lordships that he will not return to St. Kitts. 

1759, Feb. 20. Michael AVhite, Esq., to be of the Council of M., and on 
30 May 1701 Gov. Geo. Thomas appointed him President vice Wyke. 

1770, July 2. Martha White of London, spinster, sells to the Hon. Michael 
W. her nephew, Dep. Gov. of M. 3,000 acres on Kendrick's Creek, N. Carolina, 
devised to her by Joseph Baker, late of M., Esq. (Montserrat Records, No. 1774.) 

Mich. W. sells 135 acres for £5,000. (Ibid., No. 1776.) 

1723 Aug. 


1725 Oct. 


1725-0 Feb. 


1726-7 Jan. 


172S Nov. 


1741-2 Feb. 




Mary, the dau. of Edw d Bennet and Jane his wife. 
Parker, son of M' Ed\v d Bennet and Jane his wife. 
Elizabeth, dau. of M r Edw d Bennet and Jane his wife. 
William, son of M r Michael White and Mary his wife. 
Elizabeth, dau. of M r Michael White and Mary his wife. 
Frances y e dau. of Will 1 " and Catherine White. 


1724 June 18 Mrs. Mary White, widdow. 
1742 Oct. 27 Mr. William White. 

152 CAItllJBEANA. 

1721 Aug. 27 Edward Bonnet and Jane White by L. 


1726 Feb. 20 Michael White and Mary Tomlinson, Lie. 
1720 May 6 William White and Catherine Pavnter, Lie. 
1750-1 Mar. 5 William White, son of Michael White, Esq., buried. 

1771, March 20. Tho. Osborne, late of M., now of Dominica, planter, recites 
bond of 21 May 1771 by him and the Hon. Michael White, late of M. to Rich d 
Tho. Oliver in £1,212 and conveys slaves. (Ante, IV., 127.) 

Closk Rolls. 

1707. Michael White and Johnson Gildart and Ralph Willett, 

Montserrat 2-22 

17S5. Michael White and others Dominica 10-7-S 

1786. Michael White and Jas. Blanchard Dominica ... 15. 2 and 13-15 
1702. Michael White and Geo. A. M. Vincent. S* Vincent B. 

1785, Feb. 15. lion. Michael White, Lieut. Gov. of Montserrat. (G.M., 158.) 
1785, Feb. 2-4. In the King's-Bench prison. (Hath Chronicle.) 
1S02, Jan. 20. At Bfighthelmstone, the wife of Michael While, esq., of the i. 
of St. Vincent. (G.M., 185.) 

1807. Ind're of 25 and 20 Feb. between Michael White of Baker Street, Esq. 
and others reciting that he being seized of Chateau Belair of 175 a. in St. Vincent 
subject to a mortgage thereof dated t 23 and 24 Aug. 1703 for £3,000 to Martha 
Hussey conveys it io Jane Halliday as security for a further mortgage of £' 1,(102. 
(Ante, IL, 382.) 

1820, Feb. 7. Michael White, aged 33, only son of Mich. \V. of Baker Street, 
Esq. (Gray's Inn Admissions.) 

1830. Michael White claimed £100 for slaves in A. 

Ixalolins of &t Uttts. 

(Ante, p. 101.) 

Henry Brotherson Rawlins. Will dated at Calcutta 4 May (my birthday), 
1S17. 1000 Spanish dollars to the girl Henrika Ducobe living under my protec- 
tion; My sister Maria Loseombe a box of ornaments and to ('. W. Losconibe my 
silver teapot. To .las. M c Kenzie, esq., my father-in-law a ili. ring. AH est, in 
India or Europe including my legacy and share of est. in S' Kilts with £3000 my 
share of my mother's settlement 1 give to a dan. Marian now at the Orphan 
School, and a son living with me but not yet christened. I appoint Messrs. Colvins, 
Ba/.ett & Co. and W. C. Loseombe, esq., Kx'ots. Proved :> Oct. 1818 by Clifton 
Wiutringham Louicombe, esq. (in the will Loseombe). (471, Cresswell.) 

( 153 ) 

®Bm Irt&tan Bookplates, 

807, No. 040. " Jane Koueiith." Chip. arm. 

Arms in a lozenge.— Quarterly : 1, Gules, three chevronels Arg. ; 2, Salle, a 
chevron between three spear heads Argent; 3, Azure, a chevron between three 
crescents Arg.; 4, Arg. a c?-oss between four Jleiirs-de-lis Sable [Fkntov]. 

(F. C.) Tlie last coat is on a stone in St. Paul's Cabbesterre, St. Kilts, to 
Mary wife of Tho. Fentou, died 173 . . 

808, No. 5S0. "Anthony Musorave, M.D." (iu Gothic lettering). Arm. 
Arms, Crest and Motto. Younger brother of Bichard ; M.l). Edinburgh, licenced 
to practise in 1814, died 24 Feb. 1852 aged 58, M.I. in St. John's Cathedral with 
above arms, etc. In the public library at St. John's Town are several old medical 
books with the above bookplate pasted therein, a specimen of which has been 
forwarded by Mr. R. K. Dyett. This plate has 1815 in the water-mark. 

809. " Julines Hering." Festoon arm. (F. C.) 

Arms. — Gules, on a bend Arg. a cinquefoil of the first between two lions 
passant guardant (untinctured). Crest. — A dexter arm in armour embowed 
couped, in the hand /ipr. a dagger. Mottoes. — Above: arma tuentvr pacem. 
Below on a scroll : fortitudine . non . vi . In the memorial of 1791 the ancient 
coat was Vert. (Ante, II., 12, and 111., 143.) 

810, No. 71. " James Larociie, Jun? , Esq? | N?— ." Chip. arm. (F. C.) 
Arms. — Quarterly : 1 and 4, A raven ; 2 and 3, On a mount, an eagle looking at the 
sun in his glory, in the canton [Laroche]. On an inescutcheon : A chevron 
between three cronels of spears [Yeamans]. Crest: A raven. Motto : otium in 

The shield rests on a large stone quay (evidently Bristol harbour) on the front 
of which is an anchor, with men loading cases into a boat. To the right is an armed 
AVeat Indiaman, and to the left a lighter with a crane and another vessel. The 
plate has the appearance of a trial or working proof. It has not Milton's signa- 
ture, neither tinctures nor shading. The date must be 1704-1770. 

Mr. Bethune Baker has the completed plate, signed " Milton F " down the 
rudder of the AVest Indiaman, with the owners initials " J. L." on the stern of the 
small boat, and with all the proper heraldic tinctures on the shield. 

811, No. 018. "J. H. IIardtman Berkeu:!." Arm. by Culleton in 1882. 
Arms, Crests and Mottoes as in his brother's plate. 

812, No. 091. "J. P." (John Parson) with festoons below. Chest.— A 
leopard's head surmounted by an eagle's leg erased. (F. C.) 

813, No. 328. (Concanen) Anonymous. "Wreath and ribbon arm. Arms. — 
A falcon stands on the top of the tree, and the third cross crosslet is omitted. 
Crest. Motto. — nemo eideijor. (F. C.) 

814. " John Marsh." Spade arm. 

Arms. — Quarterly, Gules and Argent, in the chief dexter quarter, a horse's 
head couped of the second, impaling Gules a chevron between three crescents Arg. 

YOL. VI. r 


[Maktin]. Crest. — Out of a mitral crown a horse s head durally gorged. 
Motto. — si bknk st.vtuas nil mettjas. (P. C.) 

Paul Daxon Horsford, Chief Justice of Antigua, married before 1798 Mary 
dan. of Jolm Marsh, and her anna as above are impaled on her husband's monu- 
ments in St. John's Cathedral. The identity is of course uncertain. 

Appeals to tlje 38rtbj> Council* 

Continued from p. 120. 

Add MSS. 30,210— 3G,220, British Museum, contain printed statements of 
cases on appeal from the plantations to H.M. in Council. The eases were first 
heard before the Committee of the Privy Council, and many of them include 
voluminous legal notes written by Torlce the Attorney General. (See Guide to 
MS. materials for the history of the U.S.A. by Andrews and Davenport, p. 164.) 


Jamaica. Andrew Arccdeclcne, esq., Appellant. Tho. Hall, esq., Respondent. 

Appellant's Case. 

G June 17-40. W" Hall, late of J., being largely indebted to the App., gave 
his bond to pay £7,007 c, and soon after died possessed of a great estate, which 
descended to the Resp. his s. and h. App. filed his declaration in Nov. 175'-'. 
Plea of Defd 1 that he had no lands in fee simple except the moiety of 1,000 acres 
of woodland valued at £1,150 gross, and of the yearly value of £65 c, and except 
914 acres valued at £1,750 of the yearly value of £150 c. Said W™ Hall became 
bound in £24,449 to various creditors. May 1753, App. accuses Reap, of fraud, 
states there were 6 parcels amounting to 1770 acres, a moiety of 4 parcels in the 
parish of S l James containing 1550 acres, the moiety of 20S .slaves, 2 other parcels 
in S l James of 183 and 117 acres also heir of 249 slaves. 30 Nov. 1753 Judgment 
for Def. "Writ of error sued out by App. 28 Dec. 1753. 12 Oct. 1751, judgm 1 
reversed by C of Appeal in J., but App. desired a general judgm' and appealed 
to II. M. in C. To be heard 9 Feb. 1758. In writing : " Judgm 1 affirmed." 

Respondent's Case. 

"Wm. Hall, esq., died intestate, and being much indebted the Resp. left his 
father's personal estate to his creditors, and Edw. Manning, esq., as principal C r 
obtained adtn'on. W" Halls bond of 26 March 1730 for £2,600 c. to Edward 
Kelsall, and 11 other like judgments amounting to £24,000, were recovered Feb. 
1733. (Add. MS. 36,217, fo. 185.) 

Jamaica. John Spooncr, esq., App. John Cossley, John Cossly Hall and 

Judith Burrows, Resp. 

Appellant's Case. 

In 1742 the Resp. Cossley applied to Zachariah Bourryau (the App. son-in- 
law) to borrow £4,000 or £5,000 by way of mortgage of his estates. App. ngreed 
to purchase the moiety for £4,300 or £1,000 by way of fine for the lease of the 
other for 7 years at £100 per annum rent, and by ind'res of Lease and IM. of 
29 and 30 July 1741 Cossley and Judith !>., his mother, in consideration of £5,300 


granted to the A pp. one moiety of Eolus's Valley containing 2,370 acres and a 
moiety of 173 negroes, and she released her dower and demised the other moiety 
for 7 years at £400 rent. The App. discovered the estates were subject to 2 
mortgages, one of June 1723 by said Cosslev's father, whereby he conveyed est. 
to Peter Roe and Jos. Hiscox against a bond to Aaron Lamego for £1,050, the 
other dated 25 July 1.7-11 reciting that Hiscox had paid L., and Cossley owed 'Jos. 
II. son and heir and Ex'or of said J. JI. £2,500, and in consideration of £300 
grants est. to J. H. for £2,80(5. App. refused to proceed, but Cossley agreed he 
should retain £3,800 to discharge incumbrances. App. paid lliscox £l,OUO in 
part, and lent Cossley £043 more. 20 and 2L March 17-15 Cossley & B., in con- 
sideration of said £913 granted to Bourryau the demised moiety mi mortgages. 
!) and 10 July 1746 lliscox in consideration of said £1,000 and £3,18(5 paid by 
App. released the est. to Bourryau as trustee. 

Cossley then borrowed £400 by E a Oliver, esq., and he and his mother executed 
a mortgage of the demised moiety to him 20 Jan. 174(5, and on 25 March 1748, C. 
borrowed £270 of 0. and 0., in collusion with C, threatened to proceed and ship 
some of the negroes, whereupon App. paid said O. £070. Sarah C, sister of John 
Cossley, set up demand for £1,500 c. under her father's will. App. exhib. his 
Bill 2 July 17-18 in the C of Ch? in England. Sarah C, on Jan. 1740, attained 
her age and claimed £1,500 c. and £254 c. arrears, and by lud. of March 17 10 
for £240 paid by E' 1 O., assigned leg. to him as security. !) June 1750 App. in 
consideration of £307 paid to O. and £008 to S. C. they confirmed to App,, ami 
it was charged to the demised moiety. 30 July 1752 there was due to App. 
£2,050. C. went in Dec. 1750 from E. to J'ca and seized the pi" and sugars. 10 
and 11 May 1752 C. and his mother for £10,000 c. pretended to be paid by John 
Cossley Hall sold one moiety of est. 20 July 1753 App. filed bis Bill in J. 1755 
Defd" deny fraud. 22 Nov. 1755 App. prayed for possession of est. but motion 
refused. Appeal to H. M. in C. To be heard G March 1758. Writteu : " Order 
made to give possession to M r Spooner." 

Respondent's Case. 

1743. The Eesp. John C. was in England. His est. in the parish of S' 
David. App. had practised manv years as a lawyer. Sarah C.'s father's and 
grandfather's wills. (Add. MS. 3(5,217, fo. 200.) 

Hannah Blake, wid., Def dt below and Appellant. Alex. Patcrson, PI. below and 


The Appellant's Case. 

App. married Benj. Blake,* Esq., the Y 1 ', of J'ca, and after became by the 
decease of her brother entitled to the fee simple of a pi" called Deans Valley. In 
1745 her husband and self employed the Eesp. as overseer until the death of B. 1!. 
10 Nov. 1753. The est. profits decreased to nothing and she discharged him Feb. 
1754. He then claimed great sums and brought an action Aug. 1754, which in 
Eeb. 1755 she won. 8 July 1755 he filed his Bill aud claimed £731). She com- 
plained of his bad management, the last crop he put in made 28 hhds. whereas the 
crop of 1756 has already made 120 hhds. 31 March 1758 it was decreed that 
the Master should take account. App. made appeal to H.M. in Council 4 Jan. 
1750. To be heard 8 March 1750. Written: " Decree reversed." 

The Respondent's Case. 

Eesp. was overseer from 1745-1753 and greatly improved the estate. (Add. 
MS. 3(5,218, fo. 11.) 

* See Livingston's Sketch Pedigrees, p. 18. for a suit or 1776, and Add. 118. l'U,608, fo. 19, for 
still later dates. 


John Bell of J., gent., Appellant. "Win. Perrin, Cha. Spencer and Mark Hall, 
esquires, Ex'ors of Mathias Philp, late of said Island, meivh', Respondent. 

The Appellant's Case. 

5 Match 1721, Mathias Philp late of Kingston, merch 1 , became hound to R rt 
Kighy, merch 1 , in £7,000 st. conditioned for the payment of £3,500. It' 1 It. died 
and made his will, and appoiuted Ann It. his widow Ex'or. The bond beiug 
unpaid in May 1737 Ann It. brought an action and obtained judgment. To delay 
the business he brought a writ of error 7 July 1737, and protracted matters 
several years. M. P. afterwards paid £1,000 and died,* appointing the Itesp. his 
Ex'ors. Ann Rigby died 1 Feb. 1755, and the App. obtained adm'on de bonis non 
of It. It. with his will annexed, and adm'on of her estate, and sued out a scire 
facias. Itesp. pleaded they had received from M. P. est. £1-1,575 c, that S5 
negroes of the value of £5,0S4 c. were subject to a mortgage made between 
Verney Philp of Vere, esq., and Olivia his wife and said M. P. and Hon. Tho. 
Bernard, esq. 12 other bonds named. After a final judgment in error of 
21 March 1757 the App. appealed to H.M. in Council. To be heard 15 March 

The Respondent's Case. 

Copy of the writ of scire facias given. Numerous details about the various 
bonds and judgments (several Jews). In writing: "Judgment reversed, the 
scire facias having been improperly brought," etc. (Add, MS. 30,218, fo. 17.) 

Zachary Bayly of Kingston, esq., Appellant. Rev. John Poole, elk., Theodore 
Stone, esq., and Fra. Birbeck, merch', Ex'ors of R l1 AVilson, late of West- 
morland, planter, Respondent. 

The Appellant's Case. 

R d "Wilson made his will 31 July 1752 and directed the residue of his est. to 
be sold and divided amongst the children of his 3 sisters, Mary Hobby late widow 
of Wm. H. dec' 1 , Rachael Smith wife of Wm. S., and Ann Kelly late widow of 
Jas. K., dec a , and there were then living 2 children of his sister Mary Hobby, viz. 
Mary and Wm. both since over 21. Mary the dau. in. Cha. Knights Cole late of 
J., and her husband agreed to sell her share for £600 c. by Ind're of 29 Oct. 1753. 
C. K. C. is now dead and his wife Mary living. App. also purchased of Wm. 
Hobby his share. In June 1757 App. exhibited his Bill in the C of Ch)' against 
the Resp. praying for an account. Decree of 22 Aug. 175S that App. was entitled 
to the share of Wm. Hobby but not to Mary Coles as she was not a party. App. 
then appealed to H. M. in C. To be heard 7 July 1700. Endorsed in writing : 
" Cause to stand over " Mary Cole to be a party. 

The Respondent's Case. 
R J Wilson died May 1753. (Add. MS. 3G,21S, fo. 40.) 

Sam. Adams of Kingston, esq., Appellant. John Nimbhard aud Wm. Orgill, 
Ex'ors of Dan. Peyton late of J., esq., dee' 1 , W m Tyrrell and Jas. Ushar 
Tyrrell, Ex'ors of John T., dee' 1 , Tho. Wheeler and Ceo. Papley, Ex'ors of 
Sam. tteagrave, dec d , W m Aikenhead aud Jas. Barclay, adm'ors of Ann 

* He died Dec. 1745. See Livingston's Sketch Pedigrees, pp. 24 aud 69. 


Ellis, dec' 1 , Cha. Seymour and W" Nedham, surv. Ex'ors of Henry N., 

Tlie Appellant's Case. 

Daniel Peyton, esq., of J. became indebted to App. in a large sum, in 1755 
came to G. B. where be died Jan. 1757, having made Iiis will 5 Oct, 175(1, and 
gave bis est. to the Res p. J. N. and W. O. upon trust to sell, beginning with hia 
land in the parish of S< George called Tobacco ll'uhjc. O., who resided in Ijiiglaiid 
proved the will in the l'.C.C.,* and J. N. who resided in J. obtained letters 
testamentary there. App., not having been paid, brought his action in the 
Supreme Court Nov. 1757 and obtained judgment for £1,672. Testator had been 
his co-partner. The est. in J. was only £2,853 and insufficient to satisfy claims. 
An injunction was granted 21 Aug. 175S to stay the App. from which lie appealed 
to II. M. in C. To be heard July 17G0. 

The Respondents' Case (J. N. and W. O.). 

29 Apr. 1718, Agreement betweeu D. P. and Henry Nedham £1,000 to sur- 
vivor. 14 March 1755, Bond from D. P. to liesp. Nembhard in £780. Details of 
judgments. (Add. MS. 30,218, fo. 64.) 

W ra Beckford, Rose Fuller and Julines Beckford, late of J. now of L., esquires, 
surviving ex'ors of Geo. Ellis the Elder, late of J., esq., dec' 1 , Appellants. 
Rob. Halhed, esq., s. resid. leg. and adm'or with will annexed of R d H., 
esq., dec' 1 , Respondent. 

The Appellants' Case. 

In 1730 Geo. Ellis was seised of a large pl n in the parish of S l Tho. in the 
Vale called Rio Flora or the Wafer-work of 1,200 acres with works, slaves and 
cattle, and R d Halhed, the Respondent's father, desired to purchase a moiety, 
whereupon, 10 Nov. 1730, £6,000 c. was to be paid for it out of the prolits and 
Ellis opened an account against him. 5 July 1738, a balance of £1,25(5 only was 
still due and Geo. Ellis then executed a conveyance and died Aug. 17-11. t His 
Ex'ors discovered an error of £1,000 in the account and R' 1 II. gave his bond for 
it 11 July 1715 and died July 1755, having made his will of which adm'on was 
granted 25 Oct. 1756 to Robert his son and residuary legatee. No subsequent 
accounts have been settled and over £5,000 c. is due. On 3 March 1758 App, 
hied their Bill in the C of Ch>\ Res-p. disputed the account. 

17 Feb. 175!). It was decreed that the Bill be dismissed. The App. appealed 
to II. M. in C. In writing in margin: "Geo. Ellis son and heir of testator came 
of age 9 or 10 years ago. His brother John since his decease has had the manage- 
ment of their family affairs." To be heard 1760. Endorsed " Decree reversed." 

The Respondent's Case. 

30 June 1738. Geo. Ellis and Ann his wife conveyed the moietv. (Add. 
MS. 36,218, fo. 72.) 

Andrew R d and John Denn late owners of the schooner Nelly, App. Horatio 
Herbert Dep. Collector of the Customs for Charles Town in Nevis, Resp. 

As to seizure and sentence 15 Oct. 1757 by the Judge of the Court of V. 
Admiralty. Judgment on appeal reversed 1760. John D. late of Ireland. And. 
and R d Denn of Gibraltar, merchants. (Add. MS. 36,218, fo. 78.) 

* [62, Herring.] 

t Buried at St. Catli. 26 March 1710-1. See Livingston's Sketch Pedigrees, p. 43, which 
from a Bill of 176(5 of Halhed o. Barton gives a good pedigree of Ellis. 



Jos. Weatherby and John Stephens and Diederick Jaeobi, App, Andrew 

Raitt, Eesp. 

The Appellants' Case. 

Tn Jan. 1749 Messrs. Weatherby and Stephens purchased of the App. Jaeobi 
his shop goods for £5,900 c. and gave 7 bonds. Dispute as to accounts. To be 
beard 20 Jan. 176.1. (Add. MS. 30,218, fo. 80.) 


(ieo. Augustus Selwyn, esq., surviving son and heir of John S. grantee under his 
late M. Geo. I. of the oitice of Chief Clerk, Register and Examiner in 
Chancery, and clerk of the crown and peace after the death of Anthony 
Crachorode, esq., App. John Murray, esq., Dep. to A. C. and who officiated 
after his deatli 22 April — 13 July 1752, Resp. 

The Appellant's Case. 

Grant from Geo. I. to A . C, 10 March 1714. 25 July 1724, grant from Geo. T. 
to John Selwyn, esq., and for his 2 sons after Mr. C.'s death. Tho. Hare held 
office before A. C. John IS. the younger 1st sou d. v. p. and s.p. J. S. the father 
died Nov. 1751 leaving App. his only son and heir. Mr. A. C. died 22 April 
1752. Dispute as to fees. To be heard Feb. 1761. (Add. MS. 30,218, fo. 00.) 

{To be continued.) 

aijstr'attfi of $ebts a&ilfe in tijr $.€.€.* 

Haim ue Lima of Nevis, but now at M' 5 Judith Dias house in the Minories, 
London [died in p'ish of S. Botolph, Aldgate, London]. Will dated at London 
2 Dec. 1705. In case of my death M r Abraham Dias, junior, to take possession 
of what I have here with me to make my funeral. He to account to my ex'ora 
David de Lion at S 1 Kitts and Ab m of David de Piza, gent., at Barbados. A gold 
watch and salt cellars belong to M r Chaulenger at Nevis, he paying 120 per curat 
per expenses as per goldsmith's bill. A Pinchbeck watch belongs to John 
Springett, Nevis, he paying as above. A parcel of shoes, stockings and quilt for 
William Liburd, be paying 120 per advance. A box with pewter for James 
Bradlett, esq., he paying the like. A pair of stone earings for Eliz th Barnes, she 
[laying 7s. (id., Nevis. Sundries belonging to Muggy, viz., gold locket, etc., she 
having paid for everything. A mahogany case for John Scarborough, 1 silver 
ladle, knives, etc., he having paid for everything. Little Sepher for S r Eustaeia 
Bodes for the Kaal, the great Sepher for my cousin David the son of Abm. Piza, 
senior. As for my Will at Nevis to be completed as near as possible. Witnesses : 
J no. Wollams, Js. Comes, Da. Casta. 

A tlni. c.t.a. 23 Dec. 1705, limited to goods specified in sd. Will, to Abraham 
Diaz the younger, the testamentary trustee (457, Rushworth.) 

* Continued from p. 117. 


TIaim de Lima ah. Haim Aijeniern- De Ltma of Island oP Nevis, shopkeeper. 
Will dated 27 June 17(35. My soul to Almighty God of [srael. To be buried 

after the rites of the people called Jews. To my niece Sarah, dan. of Elias 
Burgos of Island of Barbadoes, at her marriage £500 this currency, it she die 
unmarried, same to my kinsmen Jacob, son of my uncle David de Pi/a, and Haim, 
son of my kinsman Mordecay Abinum De Lima, equally. To sd. niece my negro 
girl Dinah and gold finger ring which was [blank'] deceased mother's wedding 
ring. To kinsman Haim, son of my kinsman Mordecay Abinum de Lima, 
£250 N., etc. To my wife Eebecca Abinum de Lima of Island of Curacoa all 
she has there. To my kinsman Mordecay Abinum De Lima of Island of Curacoa 
£200 N., if he die before me, same to his wife Leah Abinum De Lima. To my 
kinswoman Sarah, dau. of Haim Abinum De Lima, dec, £150 N. 6300 N. to 
be shipped to Curacoa to Isaac Pardo, merchant there, to pay off my debts, and 
residue to Wardens of the Synagogue called Mitoe (?), Israel. To my kinswomen 
Eaehacl, Clara and Judith, daus. of my kinsman Mordecay Abinum de Lima of 
Island of Curacoa £450 equally. To kinsman Jacob, son of my uncle David 
Depiza, £150 N. To my negro woman Frances ah. Mawger her liberty and my 
negro girl Bess with her issue. To my friend David de Leon of Island of 
S' Christopher, merchant, £50 N. To my kinsman Abraham, son of my undo 
David Depiza, rest of estate real and personal. David de Leon of Island of 
S' Christopher and my kinsman Abraham, son of my uncle David Depiza of 
Island of Barbadoes to be ex'ors. Witnesses : Will. Liburd, John Burke, sen., 
Adam Brodie. 

Nevis, 18 Mar. 1766, appeared John Burke, sen., vouches for Will. 

12 Dec. 17(56, appeared Moses Nunes the elder, of St. Catherine Cree, London, 
merchant, and Isaac Israel Nunes of All Hall, on the Wall, London, London 
merchant, made oath on the Pentateuch that they are attorneys of Abraham de 
Piza of Barbados, merchant, one of the ex'ors. David de Leon, the other ex'or, 
refuses to take upon himself the execution of the AVill, and believe themselves lo 
be the only attorneys. 

Adm'on 12 Dec. 1766. Adm'on c.t.a, to Moses Nunes the elder and Isaac 
Israel Nunes, the attorneys of Abraham de Piza, one of the ex'ors, to use of sd. 
ex'or, now at Barbados, and of David de Leon, the other ex'or, now at Island of 
St. Christopher. (418, Tyndall.) 

Thomas Williams of Island of Nevis, esq. Will dated 20 Sept. 1766. 
Elizabeth Sanders, spr., who has lived many years in my family as housekeeper, 
to account to my trustees and ex'ors what I owe her, etc. To her £100 N. 
annuity so long as she remain single, also use of negro woman Peggy, also bed, 
etc., in South Chamber of my dwelling house at Saddle Hill. To my niece 
Martha Wenham, wife of Thomas AV. the elder, use of negro woman Kate and 
her child Cudgoe for her life, remainder to Martha AVilliams AVcnham, dau. of 
sd. T. and M. AV. To Fanny Woodward, dau. of William W., negro man named 
Cato. To my niece Elizabeth Herbert, wife of Hon. John Richardson If., esq., 
a negro woman Marrotte, a negro man John, a mulatto girl Greta, and 2 negro 
boys Jemmy and Scipio. To Thomas AVenman the younger, the sd. Martha 
AVilliams AV., Frances AV., Margaret AV\ and Mary AVilliams AV., son and daus. 
of sd. T. Wenham the elder and Martha AV., £200 N. each from 4 to 8 years 
after my death to be then invested by my trustees and paid at ages of 21, with 
survivors' clause. To Martha Williams Herbert, dau. of sd. John Richardson II. 
and Elizabeth H, £1,500 N. at 21, if she die before, same to her sd. mother. To 
my great niece Elizabeth Sanders, dau. of my late nephew Francis S ., esq., 
£1,000 N. at 21, but if she marry Eoger Pemberton, son of William P., esq., 
before she be 21 said legacy to lapse and she to have £400 N. only at 21 and 
£400 N. at 25. To sd. Thomas Wenham the elder, clothes, etc., and whereas he 
owes me by bond, dated 24 July 1761, £1,000 N. with interest and whereas 


I have for some tiino rented part of a plantation of him in Island of Antigua for 
which I have paid him no rent, now if said T. W. give receipts for rents so duo 
T will remit to him the sd. £1,000 N. with interest. To said T. Wenham the 
elder in fee piece of land, whereon a small square room now stands, in Charles 
Town, Nevis, of about G3 sq. feet, which was late the property of the sd. AVilliatu 
AVoollward. To my great nephew John Williams Sanders, son of my sd. nephew 
Francis S., in fee a spot of land in Charles Town afsd. which I lately had of sd. 
AVilliam AVoollward in exchange for a small lot nearer the sea. Sd. great nephew 
J. W. Sanders when 21, or if he die sd. great niece E. Sanders on 21, to make 
free a mulatto woman slave Sarah AVilliams and her child Patty AV\ To sd. 
Sarah AV\ on her release from slavery £15 annuity for her life out of lands 1 lately 
purchased of James Tobin the younger, esq., hereinafter devised to sd. John 
AVilliams Sanders. To J. A. Gruff, widow, piece of land I purchased of Walter 
Eossington, esq., late dec., in name of Jacob Williams Sanders, esq., dec, for her 
life remainder to sd. J. \V. Sanders in fee but if he refuse to comply with this, 
£50 N. annuity to sd. J. A. Cruff in lieu. Trustees and ei'ors to keep possession 
of estate I now rent of heirs of Thomas Eeethum, dec, till expiration of last term 
and then they may renew. I release following negroes, Pern, Pose and her child 
Cotteen, Anne and Nanny. To sd. Cottcen £5 N. annuity till 21.. Sd. Elizabeth 
Sanders, spr., to take her under her care until 21. To sd. Pern for life 100 lbs. 
of muscovado sugar, and £15 N. yearly also land whereon Mrs. Ann Prentice now 
lives called Eopers, of between 3 and 4 acres, for his life, ex'ors to build a house 
thereon for sd. Pern 12 feet in length 10 in breadth and 5£ feet in the plate. Sd. 
Pern to allow Pose and her child Cotteen, Ann and Nanny to build themselves 
houses on Eopers land. To negro slave Scipio two half barrels of pork yearly 
also 100 lbs. of muscovado sugar and a barrel of molasses, also 100 lbs. of like 
sugar to my negro slave Fun. Ex'ors not to allow my negro Margarite reputed 
wife of sd. Scipio to work in the field. To George AVebbe the elder, John 
Symonds, the sd. James Tobin the younger and the sd. John Eichardson Herbert 
all personal estate for purposes of AVill. Plantation in p'ish of !S. Thomas Nevis 
which 1 lately purchased of sd. J. Tobin to sd. John AVilliams Sanders for life 
remainder to sd. G. AVebbe, J. Symonds, J. Tobin a?id J. E. Herbert as contingent 
remainder trustees, remainder to sons of sd. J. AV. Sanders successively in tail in 
default to his daurs. equally in tail in default to sd. great niece Elizabeth Sanders 
in tail in default to right heirs. Moiety of my plantation etc. in Island of 
Antigua to sd. Elizabeth Herbert wife of sd. John Eichardson 11. in fee. Whereas 
1 became bound a few years ago in a very large sum of money by bond for sd. 
Thomas Wenham the elder for payment by him of rent of Eudgcons Plantation 
which he now hath under a lease for a long term, I give other moiety of sd. 
plantation in Antigua to sd. Trustees for 100 years upon trust remainder to sd. 
T. Wenham, sen., in fee. Trusts of term of 100 years for liquidation of liabilities 
under sd. bond for sd. T. AVcnham, sen., £1,000 N. amongst children of sd. T. 
Wenham the elder by sd. Martha his wife. To sd. Trustees my plantations in 
Nevis, etc., for 100 years remainder to sd. John William Sanders for life and his 
sons and daurs. in tail (as before) in default to sd. Martha Wenham the wife of 
sd. Thomas AV. and to Elizabeth Herbert wife of sd. John Richardson H. in fee 
equally in common. Trusts of sd. last term of LOO years to pay annuities under 
this Will. Sd. Trustees to be ex'ors. AVitnesses : Ja. Smith, Rob' Huggins, Will 
Tuckett. Adm'on c.t.a. 8 July 17(37 to Thomas Mills, esq., attorney of llou. John 
Eichardson Herbert, esq., one of the ex'ors to use of sd. J. E. Herbert and also of 
George AVebbe the elder and John Symonds, esquires, 2 others of the ex'ors now 
in Nevis, James Tobin the vounger, esq., the other ex'or renouncing. 

(290, Legard.) 

(To be continued.) 


~+ A-rr X