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elebrating the OU Difference 

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 
Foundation Award Winner 
Dr. Janice A. Galleshaw '75 

"As far as one can 

discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in 

the darkness of mere being. " 

Carl Jung, "Memories, Dreams, Reflections" 


Design and Concept Development 

Oglethorpe University promises a classic 

Oglethorpe University 1 

Larry D. La.rge 

Walt Groover, Light Communications 

education in a contemporary city. Otir stu- 

Museum of Art 1 

Nicole Smith "96 

dents learn to make a life, make a living 

{404) 364-8555 1 

Vice President for 

Rebecca Whicicer 

and make a difference. Our graduates 

President (404) 364-8319 ■ 

Development and 

become commuuity leaders luho are distinc- 

Provost's Office (404) 364-8317 

Alumni Relations 


tive in their ability to think, communicate 

Public Relations {404) 364-8447 

Peter A. Rooney 

Tom Namey '02, Executive Producer & Editor 
of Digital Media 

and contribute. 

Student Affairs {404) 364-8335 
University College (Evening/Weekend) 


Rich Addicks, The Atlanta Joiimal-Comtitiition 

On the cover: Commencement speaker Dr. 

(404) 364-8383 

Christopher Ames 

LvCouR-NiESEN Visuals, Inc. 

Janice A. Galleshaw '75 receives her hon- 

Janet Maddox 

orary degree from Provost Christopher 

For up-to-date information about 

Nicole Smith '96 

Contributing Writers 

Ames at Oglethorpe's 2004 Commence- 

Oglethorpe University, visit 

Peter A. Rooney 

Mark DeLong '03 

ment Ceremony Dr. Galleshaw is a noted 

www. Oglethorpe, edu. 

Victoria Weiss 

Joe Kane 

Atlanta oncologist and one of this year's 

Rebecca Whicker 

Jim Owen 
Erica Rountree 

recepients of the Susan G. Komen Breast 
Cancer Foundation Award. 

Editorial Board 

Nicole Smith '96 

Mark DeLong '03 

Contact Oglethorpe University 

Timothy Doyle 

The Carillon is published semi-annually 

{800) 428-4484/(404) 261-1441 

Barb Henry '85 

for alumni and friends of Oglethorpe 

Admissions (404) 564-8307 

Janet Maddox 

University, a private, Hberai arts college 

Alumni Relations (404) 364-8893 

Peter A. Rooney 

founded in 1835. 

Athletic Department (404) 364-8415 

David Ross '93 

Bookstore {404) 364-8361 

Kelei Sabatino 

Please address letters and comments to 

Business Office (404) 364-8302 

Susan Soper '69 

The Carillon Editor, Oglethorpe 

Certification Programs (404) 237-8373 

Nicole Smith '96 

University, Marketing and Public 

Counseling Center (404) 364-8456 

Victoria Weiss 

Relations. 4484 Peachtree Road, N.E., 

Development (404) 364-8333 

Rebecca Whicker 

Adanta, GA 30319. Unsolicited articles 
and photographs {5x7 or larger) are wel- 

Financial Aid (404) 364-8354 
Freshman Advocate (404) 364-8423 

Production Managers 

comed tor possible inclusion in future 

Georgia Shakespeare Festival (404) 504-3400 

Nicole Smith '96 

editions. Please note that submitted 

Graduate MBA & MAT (404) 364-8376 

Rebecca Whicker 

materials will not be returned. 
Submissions do not guarantee publica- 

Health Center {404) 364-8413 
Library (404) 364-8511 

Class Notes Editor 

tion as editors retain editorial rights. 

Mary Crosby 

Five new members were inducted into the Athletic HaJl of Fame on Feb. 7, 2004. Congratulations to the inductees and Don Henry '83, 
who was honored for his many years of service to OU and the Hall of Fame Committee. From left to right: Katie Farrell '95. Tony 
Cooper '94, Petet Conrady '89, Roger Couch '61 and Eric Garvey '87. 
See the Athletics Section of this edition for more 
exciting sports news from OU. 


2 President's Message 

4 Notes from the Provost 

6 News & Events Highlights 

8 OU Have to Meet Them 
OU Faculty Presents... 
Keeping up with Jillian 
New Faces at OU 

lo Making a Difference 
Food for Life 

Summit Fosters Community Dialogue 
Big Adventure witti Big Heart 
OU Alumnus Lends Collection to Alma IVIater 

1 6 The Petrel Challenge (Quiz) 
Mapping the Campus 

17 Reading Room 

18 Athletics 

OU Hosts 2004 SCAC Spring Festival 
Outstanding Student-Athletes at OU 

22 Class Notes 

Class of 1 959 Reunites 

New Alumni Suite Honors O.K. Sheffield 

33 Honor Roll of Donors 

IBC Archives 

Campus Treasures Tell Stories of OU History 

presidents messag e 

Oglethorpe University promises a 
classic education in a contemporary 
city. Oglethorpe students learn to 
make a life, make a living and 
make a difference. Our graduates 
become community leaders who are 
distinctive in their ability to think, 
communicate and contribute. 

The brief paragraph above is The Oglethorpe 
Promise. It expresses the essence of the Oglethorpe 
experience. It was developed by a committee con- 
sisting of several alumni, staff and other trustees 
whose life's work is in marketing and public rela- 
tions. What does it mean to promise a classic edu- 
cation and why is it important to do so? 

Not long ago I was asked to write an essay about 
the value of general education for inclusion on the 
Web site of Colleges of Distinction, a companion site 
to a book of the same name. You may have heard of 
a book titled Colleges that Change Lives that for 
some 30 years has been an aid for students and 
their families seeking schools that offer an educa- 
tional experience that is worth the cost in time and 
money. Colleges of Distinction is an outgrowth and 
update of that earlier effort. Oglethorpe is proud to 
be one of the Colleges of Distinction. I want to share 
with you an excerpt from my essay. 

"Ofi:en students, their parents, and the public focus 
on the role that education plays in preparing the stu- 
dent to get a job. Life in the 21st century has already 
made apparent the fact that no job comes with a 
guarantee of life-long employment. Nor does any job 
provide all that individuals need to create meaning 
with their lives. To be an engaged, contributing citi- 
zen, one must be educated to meet the four goals for 
liberal education, as described by Yale University clas- 
sics professor Donald Kagan. Those four goals are: 

1. to experience the pure joy of learning for its 
own sake; 

2. to shape character, style and taste; 

3. to prepare for useful, contributing membership 
in society; 

4. and to be liberally educated in order to be free. 

"In liberal arts colleges, a curriculum of general 
education is crafted to meet these goals, to ensure 
that students are exposed to the best of human 
thought and conduct. Systematically studying the 
important thinkers, movements, and ideas through- 
out history develops students' abilities to under- 
stand their world and themselves. General educa- 
tion in the humanities, arts, sciences and social sci- 
ences broadens the context in which people think 
— from the immediacy of contemporary culture to 
the wealth of human history. More specifically, 
examining how different generations have wrestled 
with the problems attending how to live the good 
and decent life trains students to be ethical thinkers 
in the here and now. To survive and to flourish, our 
society must have a healthy contingent of citizens 
who have the character and freedom of thought 
that liberal education encourages. Those who are so 
educated understand that we must judge human 
conduct, both public and private, according to the 
highest ethical standards. 

"Higher education bears responsibility for nourish- 
ing this culture of ethical behavior both in individ- 
uals and through them in our businesses, in our 
professions, in our government, and in our commu- 
nities. Every citizen in a free society needs a stan- 
dard by which to live and to judge the behavior of 
others. To lead, one must learn to exercise authority 
within a strong framework of personal ethics. Too 
many of those who are supposed to lead merely 
respond to the demands of the populace. Ours is 
becoming a 'media democracy,' where leaders are 
moved more by the opinions reported in the media 
than by their personal, thoughtful standards of right 
conduct and sound decision. A culture that 
demands ethical behavior is our stalwart against the 
scandals that have rocked the business world and 
revealed the shallow roots of some who were 
thought to be leaders. 

"The colleges and universities whose general education curricu- 
lum causes students to develop their personal awareness of 
ethics — an awareness that is informed by the combined 
understanding of the experience of human history and con- 
temporary practices — are the ones that deserve to be called 

I wrote that piece mindful that our nationally-recognized Core 
Currictilum accomplishes this task in a way that is, indeed, dis- 
tinctive. Our Core combines with our truly excellent academic 
programs to fulfill our commitment to our students expressed 
in the promise. 

By building on our tradition of academic excellence both 
inside and outside of the classroom, by energizing the campus 
experience, and by connecting with and contributing to our 
community, we will achieve the Oglethorpe vision: to be 
known as the leading liberal arts institution in the Southeast. 



Larry D. Large 

President Larry D. Large helps level former upper 
quad residence halls Dempsey and Trustee to make 
way for new student housing. 




Year at a glance: Revenues and Expenditures FY 2003-2004 



Student Tuition 
Endowment Spending 
Gifts and Grants 













Instruction & Other Student Programs 


Institutional Support 

Operations & Maintenance 








1 1 .4% 








By Dr. Christopher Ames, Oglethorpe University 
Provost and Senior Vice President 

The detours of life formed the theme of the 2004 
Oglethorpe commencement talk delivered by hon- 
orary degree recipient, Dr. Janice Galleshaw '75. 
Galleshaw used her own career path after graduat- 
ing from Oglethorpe to demonstrate to graduates 
that the road to their career and family goals may 
not be a straight one, but that the skills one gleans 
from a liberal arts education — combined with per- 
sistence — can lead to fulfillment. In doing so, 
Galleshaw correctly glossed Robert Frost's famous 
poem, "The Road Not Taken," reminding people 
that the poem speaks of the complexity, even 
unfathomabiliry, of the choices we make. 

Too often, inspirational speakers miss the wit and 
humor of Frost's poem and echo a message we hear 
with ironic frequency in our mass consumer cul- 
ture: be independent and have the courage to take 
the less traveled path in life. As Frost says, it will 
make "all the difference." 

The trouble is that neither Frost nor his poem really 
says that. "The Road Not Taken" is one of the most 
famously misunderstood poems, and those misun- 
derstandings illuminate the poem's cleverness and 
the power of the message it questions. 

Reading the poem afresh, we recognize almost 
immediately that it is an extended metaphor, 
although the metaphor of life as a journey or path 
is so engrained that we hardly think it a metaphor. 
The poem is saying something about life's choices, 
not just about picking a path in the New England 

So what does the poem tell us about making choic- 
es in life? First, that we must, as commencement 
speaker Galleshaw illustrated, make choices based 
on limited information about the consequences: the 
speaker "look[s] down one [path] as far as I could," 

but it isn't very far. Second, the poem amusingly 
reminds us of how we kid ourselves. "I kept the 
first for another day," the speaker says, admitting in 
the next lines that he doubts he'll ever return. 

Most casual readers will move quickly over these 
points to seize on the main lesson of the poem: the 
speaker chose the less traveled path and that made a 
profound and positive difference in his life. This 
message resonates so powerfully with the values of 
American culture that it sounds almost like a pleas- 
ing gong: "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—/ I 
took the one less traveled by,/ And that has made 
all the difference." 

But the speaker does not actually take the road less 
traveled! What evidence is there on this point? Well, 
evidence supporting the less traveled reading occurs 
in the second stanza in which the traveler asserts 
that he took the second path "because it was grassy 
and wanted wear." But notice how that statement is 
framed by two qualifiers. The poet first declares 
that the second path is "just as fair," that is, equal 
to the first. Then he qualifies the assertion that it 
"wanted wear" with the word "perhaps." 

The poem then twice bluntly tells us the opposite: 
they are worn "really about the same" and "both 
that morning equally lay/ In leaves no step had 
trodden black." Thus the assertion that the path 
"wanted wear" parallels the assertion that "I kept 
the first for another day." In these instances, the 
poet makes a romantic assertion and then corrects it 
with a more realistic perception. The poem tells us 
three times that there is not a less traveled path: 
"just as fair," "really about the same," "both that 
morning equally lay." 

So how do we understand the famous last stanza? 
Notice the verb tenses and the time frame they sug- 
gest. The first three stanzas are in the past tense, as 
are most narratives. The last stanza is set far in the 
future: "ages and ages hence." Thus this little poem 
has three time frames: the present of its utterance, 
the remembered past of the choice, and the future 
re-telling of the incident. 

"We can imagine the speaker as an old man by the 
fire, regaling his grandchildren with tall tales. We 
even hear his aged voice creak as he repeats "I." 
Faced with choices that we must make almost 
blindly, we later romanticize them into stories of 
our own individuality, spinning tales of ourselves as 
brave pioneers. 

The poem thus becomes a tale of how humans dis- 
tort their pasts into stories that the culture teaches 
us to tell and to hear. Frost is so on target in identi- 
fying the American myth that shapes how we fabri- 
cate our life stories that his poem has become part 
of the very myth he criticizes. 

Is there a lesson for our graduates in this darker ver- 
sion of Frost's poem? I think so. We must be atten- 
tive to the great myths of our culture, narratives 
that get retold in popular song, television sitcoms, 
Hollywood movies, commercial advertising—and in 
literature. Those myths are so powerful that they 
can keep us from understanding the words we read 
on a page. Frost's poem invites us to exercise our 
ability to read critically so as not to be 
duped by stereotype and platitude. 

Reading Frost's poem carefully also teach- 
es another lesson that resonates with Dr. 
Galleshaw's message: life isn't as 
simple or as straightforward as 
we like to think. A poem, like 
life itself can take us on a wind- 
ing journey to a surprising 

The Road Not Taken 

two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 
And SORRY I could not travel both 
And be one traveler, long I stood 
And looked down one as far as I could 
To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair. 
And having perhaps the better claim, 
Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 
Though as for that the passing there 
Had worn them really about the same. 

And both that morning equally lay 
In leaves no step had trodden black. 
Oh, I kept the first for another day! 
Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 
i doubted if i should ever come back. 

i shall be telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

two roads diverged in a wood, and i 

i took the one less traveled by, 


Robert Frost, 1916 

news &r e vents highlights 


For a complete calendar of events, please visit (l<eyword: news). 


Oct. 21 : OWN Fall Program, OUMA, 6 p.m. 
Oct. 29-30: Atlanta Antiquarian Bookfair, Schmidt Recreation 
Center, 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. 


Nov. 5: Fall Concert, University Singers and Chorale, Conant 

Performing Arts Center, 8 p.m. 
Nov. 5-7: Parents Weekend 
Nov. 1 8-20: "Dancing at Lughnasa," Oglethorpe University 

Playmakers, Conant Performing Arts Center, 8 p.m. 


Dec. 3: Boar's Head and Holiday Concert, Conant Performing 

Arts Center, 8 p.m. 
Dec. 7, 1 0: "Another Lautenwerck Christmas," Harpsichord Recital 

by David Buice, OUMA, 7:30 p.m. 
Dec. 1 9: Last day of exhibit, "Nicholas Roerich: The Jagoda 

Collection," OUMA 


Jan. 1 5: DeKalb Choral Guild, Conant Performing Arts Center, 8 p.m. 
Jan. 20: The Atlanta Baroque Orchestra, Conant Performing 
Arts Center, 8 p.m. 


Feb. 1 2: "Lovers and Poets," The Michael O'Neal Chamber 
Singers, Conant Performing Arts Center, 8 p.m. 

Feb. 1 8: The Lynne Arriale Jazz Trio, Conant Performing Arts 
Center, 8 p.m. 


Petey Named One of the 

Most Unusual Collegiate Mascots 

Did you know that Oglethorpe's beloved Petey, the Stormy Petrel, 
was rated as one of the two most unusual college mascots by 
ESPN and Sports lllustratecR In fact, Oglethorpe's Stormy Petrels 
are second only to the Banana Slugs of the University of 
California, Santa Cruz. As a result of this rating. 
Interim Athletic Director Bob Unger set up a 
duel between these two memorable college 
mascots arranging for the women's 
basketball teams to play this 
past January. Petey and the 
athletic department will for- 
give you if you missed the 
game this year since Unger 
hopes to arrange a face off 
between the men's basketball 
teams in the future. 

Oglethorpe Tree 
Crowned Queen of 

the American Beeches 

Oglethorpe's American Beech tree 
which stands near Phoebe Hearst Hall, received accolades in 
February as the largest of its kind in the Big Trees Contest for 
Arbor Day 2004. The tree was recognized thanks to a nomination 
by Grounds Manager Sharon Entin Roth who bravely perched in 
the tree for a glamour shot printed in The Atlanta Journal- 
Constitution. The tree measures some 60 feet tall and 1 2 feet in 
diameter. It is approximately 100 years old and bears carvings on 
its trunk and branches by students from years past. 

Home School Group Holds 
Graduation Ceremony at Oglethorpe 

Following Oglethorpe University's annual Commencement 
Ceremony on May 8, the university hosted the fifth annual 
Harvest Home Educators Home School Commencement 
Ceremony on the academic quadrangle. Approximately 30 
graduates and 600 guests attended the graduation ceremony 
with a reception immediately following outside Lupton Hall. 

Harvest Home Educators is a group that offers home-school family 
events and opportunities in a wholesome environment. Curriculum 
fairs, informational speakers and other home-school centered 
events are held throughout the United States in family-friendly 

Photo by; RICH AQDICKS/ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

"We were pleased to tiost ttie Harvest Home Educators 
Commencement Ceremony on ttie Oglethorpe campus once 
again tfiis year It is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the accom- 
plishments of these talented students," says Barbara Henry, for- 
mer home school advisor "The great majority of the home- 
schooled students who have attended Oglethorpe are well-read, 
independent thinkers who already understand and value excep- 
tional learning experiences - the quintessential Oglethorpe stu- 
dent." For more information about Harvest Home Educators, visit 

Oglethorpe Day 2004 

Oglethorpe's annual campus festivities celebrating its rich history 
and interesting traditions took place on Feb. 1 1 . This year OU Day 
paid tribute to the integral role of the performing and fine arts 
within the liberal arts curriculum at Oglethorpe University. 
Students showcased their artistic talents during the convocation 
at Conant Performing Arts Center. Dr. Irwin Ray led the University 
Singers in performing a variety of selections from Mozart to a 
rendition of "Georgia On My Mind." The program also included lit- 
erary readings by Ttie Tower staff members, a display of student 
artwork in the Conant Lobby and an original theatre sketch which 
kept the audience in stitches. The riotous sketch was written 
especially for OU Day by Manager and Technical Director for 
Conant Performing Arts Center Chadwick Yarbrough. Although 
none of this year's sprinters in the "Petrels of Fire" race were 
successful in their attempt to complete the 270 yard-loop around 
the academic quad before the chimes struck twelve, next year 
brings another chance to beat the chimes and go down in OU 
Day history! 

Associate Professor of Mathematics John Nardo. Photo by LaCour-Niesen Visuals Ira 

OU Faculty Presents... 

A large part ofivhat makes Oglethorpe such a special 
place is its outstanding faculty. Oglethorpe faculty mem- 
bers excel in the classroom but also beyond it enriching 
the courses they teach with these external experiences. 
Here are a few of the recent activities in which faculty 
members have been engaged. 

Joseph Knippenbei^ Professor of Politics and Direaor 
of the Rich Foundation Urban Leadership Program, 
published "Liberal Arts and Civic Controversy," (Oct. 24, 2003), and a review of 
"Captain America and the Crusade against Evil" in 
Perspectives on Political ScienceYXXSS\ (Winter 2004). 
He also delivered papers at the annual meetings of the 
American Political Science Association, Philadelphia and 
the Associadon for Core Texts and Courses, Adanta. 

Alan Loehle, Assistant Professor of Art, had his 
work exhibited at various Atlanta venues and 
accepted into the permanent files of The Drawing 
Center, an alternative museum in New York City. 
He also served as a jury member for the Forward 
Arts Foundation and an advisory committee mem- 
ber on public art installation for Atlanta City 
Council President Cathy Woolard. 

John Nardo, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 
led a Service Learning Project at Lynwood Park 
Community Center as part of Freshmen 
Orientation, 2003. He served as Principal 
Mathematical Investigator for the "Preparing 
Mathematicians to Educate Teachers" Grant for the 
Mathematical Association of America, 2004. 

For a complete list of faculty achievements, 
publications and presentations, please visit (keyword: faculty achievements). 

Keeping up with Jillian 

By Mark DeLong '03 

During the SCAC Spring Sports Festival, Jillian Martin '05 
gained new experiences in the name of comperidon. 
Interim Athledc Director Bob Unger allowed an injured 
Martin to open the track and field events with the "Star 
Spangled Banner." Later that afternoon, the left-handed 
junior threw the shot put — with her right hand. Had 
she not thrown the shot put, Martin could not have 
competed in the discus event. 

This biopsychology major from Newnan, Ga., has shown 
such dedication since her arrival at Oglethorpe in the fall 
of 2001 . For the past three years, she has competed on 
the track and field team; managed the volleyball team; 
joined the Black Student Caucus and the service fraterni- 
ty Alpha Phi Omega; and served as a student ambassador, 
a resident assistant and in student government. 

When asked of her greatest accomplishment, Martin 
pauses and then says, "I don't think I've had it yet." 

Every year she's spent at Oglethorpe, she's found some- 
thing new to enjoy: freshman year it was "my girls" on the 
volleyball team; sophomore year it was her personal record 
of 36.4' in the shot put; junior year it was her fourth floor 
community in the New Residence Hall; and this year it 
just might be her role as student body president. 

When Martin visited campus as a prospective, she 
knew that Oglethorpe was "a different university. 
I'm comfortable here. I don't have to impress any- 
one. I can just be myself" She enjoyed the campus 
atmosphere and has worked to maintain that posi- 
tive feeling in her years here. 

In the fall, her brother Pete (officially John T. Martin, III) 
will join Martin at Oglethorpe. "I love this school and I 
wanted him to come," she says, "but it had to be his 
choice to attend. . . He's going to make a life for himself 
here. My family's not one to follow in other's footsteps." 

With steps as wide-ranging as Martin's, it wouldn't 
be an easy task. 

New Faces at OU 

Carol Carter, Director of Human Resources 
Previous: Direaor of Human Resources for Home Depot 
Education: Clayton College and State University, 
B.A. in Managament, 1999; Troy State, M.A. in 
Human Resource Management, 2001 
Memberships: Society of Human Resource 
Management, Atlanta and National; Human 
Resource Global Forum; Southern Crescent Human 
Resource Management 

Mark DeLong '03, 

Gift Processing and Stewardship Coordinator 
Previous: Interned for OU Alumni Office, summer 
2003; Fahlgren Entertainment, spring 2003; 
Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters, spring 2001 
Education: Oglethorpe University, B.A. in 
Communications, 2003 

Lisa Littlefield, Director of Career Services 
Previous: Director of Public Relations, Atlanta 
History Center; Communications Instructor, 
Oglethorpe University College 
Education: Southern Illinois University, B.A. in 
Mass Communications, 1982; Georgia State 
University, M.A. in Mass Communications, 1999; 
currently completing M.A. in Professional 
Counseling at Georgia State University 
Memberships: Georgia Association of Colleges and 
Employers; Georgia Career Development 
Association; Georgia College Counseling 
Association; Public Relations Society of America; 
National Association of Colleges and Employers 

Lindsey Mann, Coordinator of Annual Giving 
Previous: Interned for Saint Albans School, Office 
of Development & External Affairs, Washington, 
D.C. and The William Aiken House, Charleston, S.C. 
Education: HoUins University, B.A. in 
Communication Studies, 2003 

Amber Mungin-Davis, 

Mailing and Visitation Coordinator for Admissions 
Education: Georgia Tech, B.S. in Business 
Management, 2003 

Lisa Reams, Special Events Coordinator 
Previous: Event Coordinator, Morristown Boys and 
Girls Club 

Education: University of Tennessee, B.S. in 
Communications, 2001; completed graduate cours- 
es in Public Administration 

Peter A. Rooney, Vice President for Development 

and Alumni Relations 

Previous: Director of Principal Gifts for the 

Westminster Schools 

Education: Rhodes College, B.A. in Religion, 1984 

Memberships: Georgia Senior Tour Charities Board 

of Directors; Buckhead Business Association Board 

of Directors; Athens Organizing Committee, 2004 

Olympic Torch Relay Advance; Leadership Georgia, 

Class of 2004 

making a diffen 

Ellivet's hair began to grow back in the places it had 
fallen out. 

Food for Life 

By Mark DeLong '03 

Our mothers always told us breakfast is the most 
important meal of the day. It's a meal we often skip 
in our mad dash out the door each morning, yet in 
some parts of the world, skipping meals is not a 
choice but a reality of life. Oglethorpe graduate 
Jody Stephenson '03 has taken a bit of motherly 
wisdom to a village in Africa, and in the process, 
she is making a difference in the lives of four chil- 

Shortly after arriving in Malawi in July 2003 to 
work with the non-profit group Children of the 
Nations, Stephenson began inviting Chiwengo 
Village children Nester, Rose, Eliphaz and EUivet 
to her home each morning to eat. The children's 
mother died of unknown causes about two years 
ago. Consequently, the oldest, Nester, who is 
between 14 and 15 years old, acts as a mother to 
her three younger siblings. Nester and Rose were 
surviving on the maize their father could afford, but 
the younger Eliphaz and EUivet were severely affect- 
ed by the malnourishment of such a limited diet. 

"Seeing their swollen bellies and loss of hair, I took 
the risk of trying to help," says Stephenson. "I 
know very little about nutrition — I just graduated 
from college! But I had nothing to lose. " Just two 
months after the children began coming for break- 
fast, says Stephenson, their bellies had visibly gone 
down, their skin was no longer chapped and 

Thrilled with these physical improvements, 
Stephenson was perhaps even more excited to see 
social and psychological changes in the children. 
She says that for about two months, not a word was 
spoken by the younger children. "Many of the 
Malawian staff came to try to ask EUivet questions, 
to offer her a new dress if she would say anything 
or even look at them," says Stephenson. 
"Malnourishment starves a lot more than the 
physical body." 

But then Stephenson had a brainstorm. "After see- 
ing them come in filth and rags every day, I decided 
to put my God-given talents to work — I went 
shopping for them," she jokes. After an exhilarating 
trip to the market, she filled a tub with water and 
gave the younger children their first baths ever. She 
instructed the older girls to use her shower, one that 
basically just drips water. "One would have thought 
it was a waterfall crushing them by the shrieks of 
joy and amazement coming from the shower 
room," she says. "I wrapped them each in their very 
own towel and brought out the clothes." 

After the bath, the younger children began running 
around, screaming and giggling, wanting to be 
chased and tickled. "I have to say, I was in shock," 
says Stephenson. "I think even Nester was in shock. 
Such a finite amount of attention brought them to 
life. And they never once whined about the soap in 
their eyes!" 

Stephenson feels that she is the one who has been 
changed by her work in Africa. "I have never felt so 
blessed as seeing these little kids, who possess 
absolutely nothing, possess such joy, such real, pure 
joy," she says. 

Stephenson's work in Malawi involves creating a 
financial system for Chiwengo Village, making 
budgets and doing administrative work, as well as 

cultivating relationships with the villagers. When she 
leaves this year, she hopes to work toward deep-root- 
ed change in the region. "The large organizations like 
UNICEF and other world feeding programs seem to 
sustain the dying people, but they do not seem to 
greatly improve their situation," says Stephenson, 
who majored in accounting with a minor in commu- 
nications. "The more I hear about microfmance 
banks and what they are doing throughout Africa 
and other destitute countries around the world, the 
more 1 would like to eventually work with them." 

Microfmance banks loan capital to individuals to 
start their own businesses to benefit the community. 
"The microfmance lenders seem to be changing 
things on a deeper level," Stephenson says. 

Stephenson appreciates the fresh point of view she 
has received from working in Africa. "This is truly 
the first time I have ever witnessed life to be the 
day's activity, [for] living to be what you look for- 
ward to, and people to be more important than 
tasks. It is an entirely different world here, for bet- 
ter or worse. In short, you bet it's changed my life. I 
wouldn't trade this experience for anything. " 

Find out more about Children of the Nations at 

Jody Stephenson '03 has returned from Africa and is 
currently living in Atlanta. 



Summit Fosters 
Community Dialogue 

By Nicole Smith '96 

On April 8, the Rich Foundation Urban Leadership 
Program (RFULP) sponsored a Lynwood Park 
Summit. Dr. Kendra King, assistant professor of 
politics and assistant director of the RFULP, organ- 
ized the summit which joined Oglethorpe con- 
stituents with leaders from Lynwood Park, a histori- 
cally African-American neighborhood just beyond 
the university's gates. 

University panelists provided an overview on OU 
students meeting the community's needs through 
involvement in the service fraternity Alpha Phi 
Omega (APO), the federal work program and 
internships. According to Oglethorpe Director of 
Financial Aid Patrick Bonones, the federal work 
program has helped provide Lynwood Park children 
with approximately 400 hours of homework assis- 
tance to date. 

Children from the Lynwood Park community are 
not the only beneficiaries from this partnership; 
Oglethorpe students benefit as well. As an intern 
with the Lynwood Park Community Development 
Corporation (CDC), Christina GrifFin '07 says her 
involvement was both rewarding and enriching. "I 
experienced a form of community I never had 
before, especially moving around a lot with a father 
in the military," she explains. According to Griffin, 
the community experience she had is "good for the 
soul" and she hopes to stay involved even after her 
internship ends. 

Of course, more remains to be done, as highlighted 
by community panelists such as Patricia Martin, 
Lynwood Park CDC Director; Anthony Mitchell of 
the DeKalb County Department of Community 
Development; and Alicia White, an 1 1-year old 
Montgomery Elementary School student whose 
school project on gentrification won "Best in Class" 
in a statewide competition. 

Mitchell cited the community's many strides forward 
but pointed out the need for increased development 
in small business, public safety and neighborhood 
leadership to name a few. Panelist and WSB-TV 
News Anchor Jovita Moore has taken the cue and 
plans to start a new foundation called Live to 
Prosper. Known as the 'TV Lady' among the neigh- 
borhood children, Moore hopes the foundation will 
give back by exposing children to Atlanta's many 

Although more work lies ahead, summit attendees 
took an important step forward by participating in 
this open forum for community and university 
voices. Keeping the summit's active and spirited 
conversation alive will inevitably help to uncover 
new ways in which Oglethorpe students can help 
meet the community's evolving needs. 

Big Adventure vs^ith Big Heart 

By Nicole Smith '96 

Spring break usually calls to mind a trip to the 
beach with lots of sun and fun, a little rest, and 
maybe even some partying. This spring while stu- 
dents, faculty and staff took time off for the annual 
spring holiday, Oglethorpe University's Internet 
Services Manager Eric Huret used his spring break 
to visit 'Walt Disney Wodd. While Eric did set off 
for sunny Orlando, Fla., one of the most popular 
family vacation destinations in the U.S., his trip 
was no ordinary vacation. 

Left to Right: OU President Larry Large, 
WSB-TV Anctior Jovita Moore, and 
DeKalb County Official Anthony MItctielL 

For five days in March, Eric traveled with eight 
chronically- ill children - firom ages 5 to 12 - and 
their families by volunteering with Bert's Big 
Adventure. This non-profit organization founded in 
2002 helps make the dream of visiting Walt Disney 
World a reality for chronically ill children. Bert 
Weiss, the host of All the Hits Q100.5's "The Bert 
Show," started Bert's Big Adventure with his wife 
Stacey after participating in a similar trip in 1996 
while working in Dallas. Realizing that these chil- 
dren and their families struggle with so many obsta- 
cles in their daily fight against illnesses like cystic 
fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and leukemia, Bert 
decided he wanted to provide them with a few fun 
days in which they could forget their illnesses and 
simply enjoy being kids. "It took me a weekend at 
Walt Disney World with these kids to realize how 
blessed my life had been," he said. "I was so touched 
by what I saw that I said if I ever got to host my 
own show, I was going to do a trip like that." 

At Walt Disney World, the children were able to 
ride the Mad Hatter's Teacups, take a trip through 
space on Space Mountain, or just give Mickey 
Mouse or Cinderella a big hug. Watching these 
children enjoy the magic of Walt Disney World and 

Lacee Lallerstedt. age four, with Bert Weiss and wife Stacey 

interact with their favorite characters was as much a 
treat for Eric and the rest of the Bert's Big 
Adventure staff as it was for the selected families. 

During the trip, Eric posted regular updates to the 
Bert's Big Adventure Web site, which included sort- 
ing through the over 700 photos taken each day to 
share with "The Bert Show" listeners back in 
Atlanta. This year's trip was particularly memorable 
for all involved as the Bert's Big Adventure kids 
were named grand marshals of the parade down 
Main Street USA. In addition, two of the children 
selected for the trip went swimming for the first 
time in their lives, and Eric was even able to coordi- 
nate a private meeting with Cinderella for one 5- 
year-old girl wearing her own Cinderella dress. 

"Being part of Bert's Big Adventure is amazing," 
said Eric. "It seems like such a small thing for us, 
helping these special kids experience so much this 
weekend, such as meeting their favorite Disney 
characters. But these kids don't usually get to have 
these types of experiences, just to be a kid. That's 
what Bert's Big Adventure is all about, and by the 
end of the trip you really can see how much this 
trip means to them." 

Without the dedicated efforts of year-round volun- 
teers like Eric Huret, the Atlanta-area sponsors such 
as Delta and BellSouth and the thousands ot people 
who donated money and assorted items for the 
families, Bert's Big Adventure would never be able 
to make this annual event possible. 

Foi- more information about Bert's Big Adventure and 
to see photos from their trip, visit http:llivww.bertsbi- 
gadventure. org. 

making a difference 

Oglethorpe Alumnus Lends 
World-Renowned Collection 
to Alma Mater 

By Joe Kane 

When Donald Rubin '56 graduated from high 
school in 1952, he decided he wanted to get away 
from New York where he grew up, to see the United 
States. He thought he would move from one area of 
the country to another during each of his four colle- 
giate years - transferring from one college campus to 
another each year. The first stop was Oglethorpe 
University in the South. To his surprise, by year two, 
Oglethorpe was beginning to feel like home and, it 
turned out, transferring was a more complicated 
procedure than he had imagined. So Donald also 
spent years two, three and four as a Stormy Petrel! 

"What did I know?" says Mr. Rubin. "When I first 
came south, I was 17 years old and wanted to see as 
much of the world as I could." But he stayed in the 
South and passed his four years at OU living in the 
dorms that now house the Oglethorpe University 
Museum of Art (OUMA). 

Today, Mr. Rubin is Chairman of Mtiltiplan Inc., one 
of the largest Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) in 
the country with 500 employees in 17 regional offices. 

As Mr. Rubin's company began to take off, he discov- 
ered a new passion — Himalayan art. Almost 29 years 
ago, he and his wife Shelley chanced upon a Madison 
Avenue gallery where they noticed a painting on a 
back wall which beckoned them inside. It turned out 
to be a "tangka," a Tibetan painting on fabric. "We 
knew nothing about Tibet; we knew nothing about 
Buddhist or Asian art. But the painting called out to 
us and we bought it because we felt we had to live 
with it. A few years later we bought another 
painting. Again it appealed to us on an emo 
tional level. The power; the internal 
dynamics! We didn't know what we were 
buying or that we had begun to collect!" 

Sometime later Shelley and Donald set up the 
Rubin Foundation, whose mission is to support 
innovative efforts to transform society's institutions, 
to make them more responsible, and to empower 
individuals to develop their full potential. Given the 
Rubins' interest in Himalayan art, it is not surpris- 
ing that the foundation is also dedicated to funding 
projects which preserve and study the art of the 
Himalayan region. 

In an article that appeared in The New York Times, 
Mr. Rubin explained, "Tibetan imagery addresses 
the dual nature of the mind." He has always been 
interested in what makes one person evil and anoth- 
er good. "My father's whole family was killed by the 
Nazis; I was living in New York when it was hap- 
pening. I was aware of it, but I didn't understand it." 
He ftirther observed that "violence is not contained 

by borders: Wilhelm Reich wrote that 'we all have a 
Nazi in us.' It is getting a handle on that Nazi in us 
that is the important thing. By realizing it's there, 
you can control it. Awareness is the first step." He 
explains that Himalayan art can be "transforming in 
a similar way to the journey depicted by Dante in 
his Inferno — a journey from hell to paradise." (He 
hopes every undergraduate at Oglethorpe will 
study the works of Dante before gradua- 

That first painting purchased on Madison 

Avenue was the beginning of what is now one of the 
largest and most comprehensive collections of 
Himalayan art in the world. In 1998, the Rubins 
bought a building - the former home of Barneys 
Department Store — on 17th Street and 7th Avenue 
in Manhattan and donated it to a Trust which is in 
the process of creating the Rubin Museum of Art 
(RMA). RMA is dedicated to the preservation and 
exhibition of the art of the Himalayas, making it 
accessible to a diverse audience as well as exploring 
the relationship between Himalayan art and that of 
other world cultures. RMA will open Oct. 2, 2004, 
and will be the eighth largest art museum in New 
York as far as exhibition space goes. 

Fortunately for us, Mr. Rubin did not stop in 
Manhattan. He has already lent some of his collec- 
tion to Oglethorpe including the Female Buddha 
exhibition curated by Glenn H. MuUin. At the 
opening to that show, Mr. Rubin was especially 
moved by the fact that OUMA is housed in the 
very dorms in which he spent his four years as an 
undergraduate! In addition, a second exJiibit 

including works from important private collections 
and the Rubin Museum ol Art was on view at 
OUMA this past summer. The exhibit was organ- 
ized around the oral and literary tradition of flying 
mystics in Tibetan Buddhism. 

Mr. Rubin has also initiated the Himalayan Art 
Project ( and the Labor Art 
Project ( The Himalayan Art 
Project (FiAP) is almost 10 years old. Its mission is 
to digitize, catalog and make available Himalayan 
art from museums, public institutions and private 
collections worldwide. The Labor Art Project dis- 
plays the art of the American trade union move- 
ment in the 20th century. 

Oglethorpe is proud to have a graduate whose life's 
mission to make art available to a diverse public has 
led him back to Atlanta and the Oglethorpe com- 
munity. We look forward to many wonderful shows 
in Mr. Rubin's old dorm as Shelley and Donald 
Rubin continue to fulfill the Oglethorpe promise 
to make a life, make a living and make a difference. 






1 t t 11 


the petrel ch^llen| 




6. The "tower" of Lowry Hall still bears the odor of cats who were the 


beloved pets of: 


A. Professor Wendell Brown 


B. Dr. Philip Weltner 

C. Professor Harry Dobson 


D. Dr Stanley Daugert 

7, Oglethorpe has been fortunate in avoiding fires in Its facilities, but 


a major fire did occur on campus in the early 1970s in this building: 


A. Trustee Hall 




The Petre Cha enge 

B. Weltner Hall 

C. Dempsey Hall 

"Mapping the Campus" 

D. Traer Hall 


1 . The official name for the "thermometer" or "keyhole" drive 

8. One of the faculty residences along Hermance Drive was built 


between Lupton and Hearst Halls is: 

using a special technique known as "rammed earth." It was the 

A. Luther Drive 

home of: 

B. Maud Jacotjs Drive 

A. Professor Wendell Brown 

C, Franl< Anderson Drive 

B. Professor Leo Bilancio 

D.Luke Appling Way 

C. Professor James Miles 

D. Professor Bill Egerton 

2. The official name of the road that curves in front of Lupton and 

Hearst Halls and runs alongside Lanier Drive and Woodrow Way back 

9. The basement area of Lupton Hall beneath the auditorium has 

to the upper quad and the Salamone Soccer Field is: 

been used at various times as an athletic facility, a storage area, a 

A. Luther Drive 

dramatic rehearsal space, and a host of other purposes. Today, as in 

B. Weltner Way 

the past, this area is known on campus as: 

C. Jacobs Drive 

A. "The Gym" 

D. Ho Chi Minh Trail 

B, "The Store" 

C. "The Pit" 

3. The pedestrian pathway that runs between the Conant Center and 

D. "The Crypt" 

the Student Center through the woods back to the upper quad is known 

on campus as: 

1 0. Before the building of the Emerson Student Center in 1 968, 

A. Weltner Way 

Oglethorpe's cafeteria was located in: 

B. Jacobs Trail 

A. The northwest wing of Faith Hall 

C. Pattillo Path 

B. The first floor of Lupton Hall 

D, Ho Chi Minh Trail 

C. The third floor of Hearst Hall 

D. The basement of Hearst Hall 

4. Faith Hall was named by Dr Thornwell Jacobs after; 

A. The belief or "faith" that the funding for the facility would come to 

Grading on a curve: 


7-1 Correct Answers: Forget your final GPA; you just finished 

B. His grandfather who attended the old Oglethorpe, Richard Faith 

Summa Cum Laude! 

C. A biology professor at the Old Oglethorpe, Dn Samuel R. Faith 

D. A wealthy Atlanta benefactor who helped to establish the new 

5-7 Correct Answers: No more transcripts for you until you spend a 

Oglethorpe In Atlanta, John Francis Faith 

bit more time on campus. 

5. The newly named and redecorated Sheffield Alumni Suite just off 

3-5 Correct Answers: Sorry! You barely remember what the bells 

the Great Hall in Hearst has at other times been known as: 

sound like. 

A. The "Passion Pit" 

B. Dr. Ken Nishimura's office 

Fewer than three Correct Answers; Watch your back; they're coming 

C. President Don Stanton's "temporary" office 

for your diploma! 

D. All of the above 


(1) B; (2) A; (3) D; (4) A; (5) D; (6) C; (7) B; (8) A; (9) C; (10) D 

Reading Room 

What are people on campus reading? 

For complete book reviews by the readers, visit (keyword: alumni). 

Ronald L. Carlisle, 

Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics 
The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo 
Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa 
The Perfect Prince by Ann Wroe 
Song Full of Tears by R. Keith Shopa 

Joseph Knippenberg, Professor of Politics & 

Director of the Rich Foundation Urban Leadership 


Redeemer President by Allan Geulzo 

Of Paradise and Power by Robert Kagan 

Just War Against Terror by Jean Bethke Elshtain 

The Hairy Potter Novels byJ.K. Rowling 

The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien 

Stephanie Phillips, 

ILL Manager & Circulation Assistant, Weltner Library 

And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan 

and the Lynching of Leo Frank by Steve Olney 

Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling 

Brain by Antonio Damasio 

Nickel and Dimed: On (not) Getting by in America 

by Barbara Ehrenreich 

Letters and Papers fom Prison by Dietrich 

BonhoefFer, translated from German by Reginald Fuller 

Linda Taylor, Professor of English 

Mans by Art Spiegelman 

The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov 

Zen and the Birds of Appetite by Thomas Merton 

A Feminist Ethic of Risk by Sharon Welch 

Dean Tucker, 

Rikard Professor of Business Administration 

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life 

by Walter Isaacson 

Franklin and Winston: An Lntimate Portrait of an 

Epic Friendship by Jon Meacham 

One People, Two Worlds by Ammiel Hirsch and 

Yosef Reinman 

A New Brand World hy Scott Bedbury 

Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian 

Join your fellow book lovers at the O! Book Club, led by 
various OU facidt)' members. The club meets twice a 
year on the Oglethoipe campus. For more information, 
contact the Alumni Office or call (404) 364-8455. 

Oglethorpe Hosts 
SCAC Spring Festival 

By Jim Owen 

Over 1 ,000 college athletes from 1 schools were 
on and around the Oglethorpe University campus 
for the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference 
(SCAC) Spring Festival the last weekend in April 
2004. The SCAC Spring Festival was last held at 
Oglethorpe 1 years ago and subsequently has 
rotated through the other nine SCAC universities. 
"Since we last hosted the conference a decade ago, 
additional colleges have joined the conference and 
the level of competition has improved dramatical- 
ly," said Bob linger, interim athletic director and 
head coach for mens and women's track and field. 

During the sports festival, athletes competed in five 
sports to determine conference champions and 
NCAA Division III championship advancement. By 
the weekend's close, OU had moved out of last 
place to finish eighth overall. 

Oglethorpe hosted the SCAC Baseball 
Championship at Anderson Field in Hermance 
Stadium on the campus of Oglethorpe University. 
Games began on the morning of Thursday, April 22 
and included the top three teams from both the 
SCAC's Eastern and Western Divisions. Once again 
the Stormy Petrels were selected for the SCAC 
Baseball Tournament for which they have qualified 

1 1 out of 13 times. The 2003-2004 squad returned 

12 lettermen including three position players and six 
of nine pitchers. The nine freshmen and transfers 
also had a large impact on the field. The schedule 
was again very challenging and included games with 

highly ranked Division III teams Millsaps, Emory, 
Heidelberg and Denison as well as SCAC Eastern 
Conference rivals Rose-Hulman, DePauw, Sewanee 
and Centre. Out of the nine competing teams, 
Oglethorpe finished tied for fourth with Millsaps 

Bob Unger stayed busy overseeing the festival while 
also coaching his 1 5th track and field season. The 
SCAC Track Meet Championship was held on the 
Georgia Tech campus. The Stormy Petrel women's 
team returned more All-Conference performers 
than the men's squad last year and finished sixth, 
one ranking below the previous year's fifth place 
finish. The men's team finished in a tie for eighth 
with Hendrix College. 

The SCAC Tennis Championship was hosted at the 
DeKalb Tennis Center and nearby Blackburn Park. 
Coach Peter Howell of Oglethorpe University 
directed the three day event with help from assis- 
tant coach Karen Piering. The women's team was 
much improved with four new starters and jumped 
from the previous year's ninth place finish to sixth. 
With two new additions, the men's team had more 
depth and anticipated the challenging SCAC com- 
petition. They rounded out the competition in 

The Renaissance Pinelsle Resort and Golf Club 
hosted the men's and women's SCAC Golf 
Championships April 23-25. Coach Jim Owen and 
the men's squad sought to capture their fifth con- 
secutive SCAC Golf Championship which would 
be their sixth in seven years. Senior All-American 
Trent Erb defended his title of 2003 SCAC Player 
of the Year once again earning this title for 2004. 
Erb and junior Corey Garner, a two time First 
Team All-SCAC performer, gave the Stormy Petrels 
a strong one two punch. The SCAC Championship 
at Pinelsle boasted the deepest field in SCAC histo- 
ry and may have been the most balanced tourna- 
ment with seven SCAC schools that all ranked in 
the top 44 in the nation. 

While Rhodes College kept the men's golf squad 
from their sixth SCAC Championship, Oglethorpe 
did capture second place and earned its fourth con- 
secutive berth into the NCAA Division III 
Championships at the PGA of Southern California 
Golf Course at Oak Valley. They finished ninth in 
the nation at Oak Valley marking Oglethorpe's 
third consecutive top 10 finish following their 
ninth place finish in 2002 and sixth place in 2003. 
Golfers Trent Erb and Joe Green received additional 
honors at the championships. Erb qualified for the 
First Team All-American and was named National 
Division III Player of the Year. He tied for third in 
the individual competition - the highest finish ever 
for an Oglethorpe golfer in the program's five trips 
to the National Tournament. Green qualified for 
the Second Team All-American and finished sev- 
enth individually. 

The Oglethorpe women's golf team sought their 
best SCAC finish in the inaugural season under 
head coach Jim Owen. The Petrels returned two 
seniors, Jennifer Brown and Stephanie Peccia, and 
were led by junior Heather March, sophomore 
Megan Elliott, and a pair of freshmen, Leigh Kite 

and Jaclyn Crissey. The women's team finished fifth 
among the nine teams. 

Rounding out the SCAC Spring Festival was the 
Fast Pitch Softball Championship. Oglethorpe host- 
ed this competition at Robert E. Heck Field at 
Georgia State University's Panthersville Athletic 
Complex in southeast Atlanta. 

The SCAC consists of ten of the nations highly 
selective, small universities in seven states: Centre 
College, Danville, Ky.; DePauw University, 
Greencastle, Ind.; Hendrix College, Conway, Ark.; 
Millsaps College, Jackson, Miss.; Rhodes College, 
Memphis, Tenn.; Rose-Hulman Institute, Terre 
Haute, Ind.; Southwestern University, Georgetown, 
Texas; Trinity University, San Antonio; The 
University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn.; and 
Oglethorpe University, Atlanta. 

For complete spring festival results, visit 
www. SCAC-online. org. 



















Congratulations to Oglethorpe's outstanding 
student-athletes who were recognized for their 
athletic achievements during the 2003-04 
academic year! 


Tim Ernst '07: All-SCAC 
First Team; All- 
Tournament Team, 

Brad Sims '05 

All-SCAC, des- 
ignated hitter 

J.T. Baker '05: 

All-SCAC Honorable 
Mention, outfielder 


Josh Burr '06: All-SCAC Honorable Mention; All- 
Tournament Team, guard 

Rus Churchweil '04: All-SCAC First Team; First 
Team All-South by D3Hoops; one of 10 finalists in 
the Josten Trophy Best Division III Player of the 
Year, forward 

Julie Colantoni '05: All-SCAC Honorable 
Mention, forward 

Eric Dickinson '07: All-Tournament Team 

Nichole Gilleland '04: All 
SCAC Honorable 
Mention, guard 

Anna-Rhett Gobi 


Anna-Rhett Cobb '04: All-SCAC 
Second Team, defender 

Chris Friedenstein '07: All-SCAC 
Second Team, defender 

Frank Monteleone '07: All-SCAC Newcomer 
of the Year; All-SCAC Second Team, forward 




Antoinette Niland '07: Ali-SCAC Honorable 

Celine Thimel '04: All-SCAC 

Paul Woodham '04: All-SCAC Honorable 


LaToya McCants '07: Placed third All-SCAC in 
the long jump 

Jill Sharitt '05: Placed third All-SCAC in shot put; 
second All-SCAC in the discus 

Christine Smith '08: Placed diird All-SCAC in 

Courtney Terrell '05: Placed second All-SCAC in 
the 3000-meter steeplechase 

Congratulations to Soccer Coach Jon Akin on 
tiis selection to the SSC Silver Anniversary 
Team, whicii tionors ttie top 25 players in ttie 
history of the Sunshine State 












Trent Erb '04: SCAC Player of the Year for the sec- 
ond consecutive year; All-SCAC First Team; fin- 
ished third overall; additional national av^rards 
include Division III Player of the Year and PING 
All-America First Team; only golfer selected to rep- 
resent his division in the 2004 Fuji Xerox U.SA. 
vs. Japan Collegiate Golf Championship in Chiba, 
Japan this past July 

Joe Green '06: Honorable Mention and finished 
15th overall; PING All-America Second Team 

Heather March '06: All-SCAC Second Team; 
finished 1 1th in SCAC 

class notes 

Diane Baker 77 

Dear Alumni, 

As fall semester begins and the university comes 
alive with activity, we welcome a new class of 
incoming freshmen to campus. Making way for 
these students, the Class of 2004 graduated this 
past May, adding 200 new alumni to our growing 
group ot 8,150 living alums. I had the pleasure of 
presenting greetings to the Class of 2004 at the 
commencement ceremony, on a beautiful spring 
day that brought back memories of my own gradu- 
ation some 27 years ago. 

And speaking of memories, if you've been thinking 
about returning to campus for a visit, we have a 
great reason for you to make the trip. We have just 
renovated a special space in Hearst Hall, as a wel- 
coming home for all of our alumni. The O.K. 
Sheffield Alumni Suite is located just off the Great 
Hall, and is named in honor of former Alumni 
President and current Board of Trustees member 
O.K. Sheffield. Alumni activities ranging from 
board meetings and career panels to book club 
meetings will now be hosted in this suite, in the 
heart of the campus. Please stop by the next time 
you are on campus! 

Our alumni are a very distinguished group, and our 
alumni award winners this year were very impressive. 
Our 2004 Talmage Award winner, Terry Tribbet 
Davis '82, has contributed her time, talent and 
resources to many university programs, and is dis- 
tinguished in her profession. 

Terry is the President and Creative Director of see 
see eye, a company that produces annual reports 
and other materials for a variety of Fortune 500 
companies. As a member of the marketing commit- 
tee of the Board of Trustees, Terry has been instru- 
mental in helping to develop the university's new 
branding strategy, including our new Web site. 

Congratulations also go to our 2004 School Bell 
Award winner. Dr. John T Goldthwait '4 1 , who 
taught at Oglethorpe in the 1940s and at several 
other universities, including the University of 
California at Davis. His publications include trans- 
lated and edited works by philosopher Immanuel 
Kant and several books on ethics and morality. 

While a student at OU, Dr. Goldthwait was a 
member of the select group known as the "Triple- 
E's" (Exceptional Education Experiment). This spe- 
cial program was designed to allow students to 
obtain a bachelor's, master's and doctorate degree all 
in four years. Dr. Goldthwait was honored for his 
commitment and many contributions to education. 

On behalf of all of our alumni, I want to congratu- 
late Terry Tribbet Davis and Dr. John T. 
Goldthwait. Thank you both for being outstanding 
examples of the Oglethorpe promise: you are mak- 
ing a life, making a living and making a difference. 
Thank you for inspiring all of us to live up to the 
Oglethorpe ideals. 

A. Diane Baker '77 

OU National Alumni Board President 

Terry Tribbet Davis '82, 
2004 Taimage Award Winner 

Dr Jotin T Goldthwait '41. 
2004 Scliool BellAword I'/innpr 

^^W fr^ ^^ 

Fall Carillon 2004 

Future Freshmen 

Jill Helmbold James '88 and Tom James '88 announce 
die birth of dieir diird son and fourth child, Ryan 
Donald James, born March 30, 2004. Ryan was 9 
pounds, 8 ounces and measured 22 inches long. Ryan 
joins Clayton, Adam and Mary. ^ 

Leslie Adams Dove '90 and her husband, Larry, joy- 
hilly announce the birth of their son, Mason Joseph 
Dove, born on Jan. 6, 2004. Joseph was 7 pounds, 8 
ounces and measured 20 inches long. -^ 

Sam McKnight '90 and wife, Christy, are proud to 
announce the birth of their third son, Anthony 
David McKnight, on Sept. 9, 2003. Baby Tony 
joins his two big brothers, Sammy, age 10, and 
Bryan, age 4, in bringing joy to Sam and Christy 
at their home in Charlotte, N.C. 

Davidson Wuichet '93 and his wife Lida Wuichet 
are the proud parents of son Louis Alexandrovich 
Wuichet born July 9, 2003. Louis (pronounced 
with a silent "s") takes his first name from his late 
grandfather, Louis Wuichet '57. After completing 
his M.B.A. at Arizona State University in 2001, 
Dave is continuing his career at American Express 
where he is a product manager for merchant point- 
of-sale and e-commerce products. 

Cameron Bready '94 and his wife, Mary, announce 
the birth of Samuel James Bready, born March 5, 
2004. Samuel was 7 pounds, 1 ounce and measured 
20 inches long. ' 

Teri Butler Gibson '95 and Alan Gibson '95 proudly 
announce the birth of their first child, Ellie Ruth 
Gibson, born Nov. 18, 2003. Teri is a freelance 
graphic designer who is enjoying being a mom. Alan 
is an attorney with Downey & Cleveland, LLP in 
Marietta where he has worked since graduating from 
the University of Georgia School of Law in 1999. '^ 

Victor Giusto '91 and Amy Glover-Giusto '89 are the 
proud parents of twin sons Michael and Nicholas. 
Amy enjoys part-time employment with ING, where 
she has worked in the Investment Management 
Group for nearly eight years. Victor has worked in IT 
management with ADP Inc. for 16 years. ^ 

Chris BaUar '93 and Amy Tucker Ballar '93 announce 
the birth of their second daughter Shea Isabel Ballar 
born on Aug. 6, 2003. Shea weighed 8 pounds, 1 
ounce and measured 20 inches long. '^ 

Leah Bell Crosby '93 had her second child, Adam 
Pierce Crosby, who was born in April 2003. His big 
brother, Vann Christopher Crosby, is 4 years old. 

Douglas Leventhal '93 and wife, Stephanie, are 
pleased to announce that Ethan Yale Leventhal was 
born March 31, 2003! 

Christy Hall Keohane '95 and husband Peter 
proudly announce the birth of their first child on 
Sept. 29, 2003. Daniel Hall Keohane weighed 9 
potmds, 1 ounce and measured 2 1 inches. 

Mary Poteet Fernandez '96 and her husband, Jan, 
are proud to announce that Isabel Carolina 
Fernandez has arrived! Isabel was born during a 
beautiful snowfall on Feb. 14, 2004. She weighed 7 
pounds, 13 ounces and measured almost 21 inches 
long. ~ 

Simon Hukin '96 and Amy Bacigalupi Hukin '95 
announce their fourth child, Caroline Anne, born 
on Dec. 10, 2003. She weighed 7 pounds, 15 
ounces and measured 21.5 inches long - the biggest 
one yet! 

class notes 

Shawn Amick '96 and his wife, Christina, are 
proud to announce the birth of their son, Noah, on 
Jan. 27, 2004. Noah weighed 4 pounds, 5 ounces 
and measured 18 inches long. ^ 

Kevin Kendrick '96 and wife, Roxanne, welcomed 
their first child into the world, Carson Frank 
Kendrick, on Father's Day 2003. Additionally, 
Kevin was honored as Young Educator of the Year 
for Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, Fla., 
for 2003-2004. An assistant principal for the past 
four years, he was promoted to principal. '-* 

Rebecca Hester Miller '97 and Coy Miller '98 are 
the proud parents of daughter Laughton Morrow 
Miller born Feb. 6, 2004. Lauren weighed 7 
pounds, 12.5 ounces and measured 20 inches long. 

Tinnie Waterston Weber '97 and her husband. 
Rich, are pleased to announce the birth of Andrew 
James Costas Weber, born June 7, 2003. ^^ 

Julie Ehlers-King '98 gave birth to son Ethan 
Samuel on Sept. 5, 2003, which is also Julie's birth- 
day. Her ordination to ministry in the Lutheran 
Church, originally scheduled for Sept. 7, was post- 
poned since Ethan was born a month before the 
due date resulting in the first ordination postponed 
due to a baby's arrival. Julie's ordination took place 
on Oct. 26. She currently serves as associate pastor 
at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in 
Douglasville, Ga. ^^ 

Monica Flores '99 gave birth to a beautiful baby 
boy named Gabriel Andres Arguello on Sept. 29, 
2003. Gabriel is her first child and Monica is enjoy- 
ing her new role as mom. She has worked with the 
Xerox Corporation for 1 years and serves as a 
financial analyst for the Latin American 
Organization in Stamford, Conn. '^ 

Heather Ringer Martin '01 and Kevin Martin '01 
share a picture of their future Oglethorpe freshman. 



Wedded Bliss 

Brian Sweeney '95 was surrounded by friends and 
family, as he married Joyce Anderson in the 
Bahamas on Nov. 8, 2003. The newlyweds returned 
to their Washington, D.C., home just in time for 
Thanksgiving. ^^ 

Melanie Peerboom '96 and Bryan Hevron (graduate 
of the University of Texas at Arlington) were mar- 
ried on Sept. 13, 2003 at St. Paul's Catholic 
Church in St. Petersburg, Fla. The couple honey- 
mooned in San Francisco and Yosemite. They cur- 
rently reside in St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Marie Heflin '99 and Michael Shirley were married 
on Nov. 8, 2003 at First Presbyterian Church in 
Atlanta. They honeymooned in Hawaii, and are 
looking forward to their new life together. 

Reagan Fisher '01 and Mark Wyssbrod were mar- 
ried on Oct. 25, 2003 in Alpharetta, Ga. Recent 
graduates Tracy Kelley '0 1 and Nancy Baumgarten 
'99 were bridesmaids. For their honeymoon, 
Reagan and Mark spent a wonderful week on a 
cruise in the Caribbean. The couple currently 
resides in the Alpharetta area. ^5 

Christopher John Rylands 01 recently married 
Traci L. MuUer of Fayetteville, Ga., on Aug. 16, 
2003. Chris is currently in law school at Vanderbilt 
University. The couple currently lives in Nashville 
but hopes to return to Atlanta when Chris com- 
pletes law school. "' 

Anne Henry '02 and John Ellington 01 were mar- 
ried on May 17, 2003 at Zion Farms in Rome, Ga. 
For their honeymoon getaway, they spent two spec- 
tacular weeks in Ireland. They currently live in 
Atlanta and are both auditors at Big Four account- 

ing firms. 


Class Notes 

The Rev. John Flanigen '50 assists with Sunday 
services and alternate preaching at the Episcopal 
Church of the Good Samaritan. He also makes sev- 
eral pastoral ministry calls every afternoon. He is 
enjoying the large congregation, which is a totally 
new experience for him. 

Shelly Godkin '52 retired from Colorado State 
University after 17 years as the founding and only 
manager of the University Club at CSU. President 
Al Yates awarded Shelly a special service award 
before his retirement, and the alumni association 
recognized him as an honorary alumnus. Some 200 
attendees gathered at his Jan. 28, 2004, retirement 
reception to thank him for his dedicated services. 
He and wife Aloma will continue to reside in Fort 
Collins but look forward to traveling and playing 
tennis. ^^ 

Robert "Bob" F. Moskowitz '52 is the 2004 
inductee into the media wing of the Virginia Sports 
Hall of Fame. After 30 years as a reporter and 
columnist for the Daily Press of Newport News, he 
becomes the 19th state media member inducted, 
the second from Newport News. Bob received his 
M.A. from the University of Missouri School of 
Journalism. He served as president of the Virginia 
Sports Writers Association in 1970, and is a former 
president of the Peninsula Sports Club. Covering 
Super Bowls VII and XVII, the 1970 NCAA 
Basketball Final Four, and the American Legion 
Baseball World Series in 1959 and 1962 are among 
Bob's career high points. 

The Rev. Nancy Frazier "56 retired from the 
University of Iowa in December 200 1 . In 
December 2003, she retired as interim pastor at 
Maryville Friends (Quaker) Church, in Maryville, 
Tenn. After her second retirement, she returned to 
her hometown of Cedartown, Ga., to live in a log 
house in Polk County. 

William Foster '58 served as the official delegate 
representing Oglethorpe University at the 
Presidential Inauguration of Evans P. Whitaker, 
12th President of Anderson College, in Greenville, 
S.C., on Oct. 3, 2003. Bill enjoyed the opportunity 
and even volunteered to do it again lor another col- 
lege in his area in the future. Bill also kept busy vol- 
unteering as Stage Manager for a Thornton Wilder 
production at his church. ''-' 

Patricia Daniel Palmer Kapphahn '59 and her hus- 
band. Dr. Paul Kapphahn, own and direct a coun- 
seling center in Dunwoody, Ga., where they each 
maintain a private psychotherapy practice for cou- 
ples in relationship counseling. 

Russell Eisenman '62 is assistant professor of psy- 
chology at the University of Texas-Pan American, a 
Hispanic-serving university near the Mexican bor- 
der. Recently, he has published journal articles, 
received good student evaluations for his teaching, 
and has been chosen associate editor of the Journal 
of Evolutionary Psychology and senior fellow of the 
Institute of Ethics and Critical Thinking. 

Hernando Pantigoso '62 has lived in Costa Rica for 
the last 29 years. He has three sons, Hernando Jr. 
(Ripon College '92), Jose Antonio (Quincy College 
'93) and Rafael (Kansas State University '94), and 
two grandchildren, who all live in Costa Rica. 
Hernando was ranked fourth in Costa Rican tennis. 
Although he is now retired from competition, he 
still plays and gives the younger players a run for 
their money. 

class notes 

Sandra Danneman Rich '66 retired after 30 years of 
teaching in public and private schools. Recently, she 
and her husband, Stephen, moved to Chapel Hill, 
N.C., fulfilling a retirement dream. They have a 
grandson who lives with their children in Sydney, 
Australia, and have another grandchild on the way. 

Nancy Charnley Welty '67 began working in collec- 
tion support at the public library in Lawrenceville, Ga. 

Robert Danner '69 was elected president of the 
Northwestern Mutual Managing Directors 
Association headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. Rob 
is the managing director of the Northwestern 
Mutual Financial Network office in Macon, Ga. 
Rob has been a Million Dollar Round Table Life 
and Qualifying Member for over 20 years. He has 
been President of both the Macon Estate Planning 
Council and the Macon Chapter of the Society of 
CLUs and ChFCs. '-'^ 

The Rev. Thom Davies '75 is still a United States 
Army chaplain now serving at the National 
Training Center, Ft. Irwin, Calif Thom is in his 
20th year and planning at least another 10. 

The Rev. Hugh Strickland '75 was consecrated as a 
Bishop of the Anglican Church International in 
Fayetteville, Ariz., on Feb. 22, 2004. Serving the 
area since 1991, Rev. Strickland is chaplain of St. 
Clare's Anglican Chapel and campus ministry and a 
health care chaplain for a local adolescent treatment 
facility. He was previously a lay chaplain to the 
University of Arkansas for the Episcopal Church 
and a pastoral and office assistant at St. Andrew's 
Episcopal Church, Rogers. 

Lynne Bilzing Parriott '77 married on June 15, 
2002, and had a wonderful honeymoon in Turkey. 
Lynne has a new business. Pattering Paws, a full 
service dog walking and pet care firm. 

Dr. Louis E. Rossman '69 a specialist in endodon- 
tics, in Center City Philadelphia, and clinical pro- 
fessor of endodontics in the School of Dental 
Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, was 
elected as treasurer for the American Association of 
Endodontists in May 2004. Louis and his wife Val 
have two children - Alexis, age 20, and Benjamin, 
age 14. They reside in Bala Cynwyd, Pa. 

Donald J. Simon '69 has moved to Veto Beach, 
Fla., with his family and has relocated his company, 
Simon Financial Company, there also. 

Gordon W. Love, Jr. '71 has retired from the 
Atlanta Housing Authority after 32 years of service. 

Marcy Mantlet Ford '72 is married with two chil- 
dren, ages 12 and 13. Marcy has moved to 
Sharpsburg, Ga., and is a substitute teacher. 

Stacey M. Roman '79 writes to say the Roman fam- 
ily is doing great in Southern California! 

Charles "Chuck" Nicholas '82 accepted the position 
of associate director for procurement at Vanderbilt 
University in February 2004. Charles and his family 
are in the process of relocating from northern 
Kentucky to Nashville, Tenn. 

Ellen Heckler O-Herlihy '82 is a paraprofessional in 
the elementary school in which her daughter, 
Kiernan, attends kindergarten. Her husband, Mike, 
is a residential real estate appraiser and recently 
passed his State of Connecticut broker's test. On a 
sad note, her sister, Anne, passed away on May 16, 
2004 in Atlanta at the age of 52. Better known as 
Annie, she had been a resident of Atlanta since 
1969 and was the owner of Buckhead's Annie 
Carlyle Ltd., makers of custom design bridal gowns 
and accessories. 

Jay A. Azriel '84 finished his doctorate in entrepre- 
neurship and strategic management and lives with 
his wife and children on the edge of torando alley 
in Bloomington-Normal, 111. Elan Alexander arrived 
on Sept. 2. Brother Jacob, age 3, is adjusting to 
being dethroned as an only child. 

Susan Butler Allison '87 is the director of opera- 
tions for the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Atlanta, 
a nonprofit organization providing financial and 
other assistance to families in crisis. Susan enjoys 
meeting Oglethorpe students from Alpha Phi 
Omega and Circle K, who come to the Community 
Outreach Center to volunteer. 

Sue Astley '87 was named a board member for 
Sophia Academy, a Christian school designed for 
children with learning disabilities. Sue is a longtime 
educator and currently assistant headmaster at St. 
Martin's Episcopal School. Over the years, she has 
been both an elementary and middle school princi- 
pal as well as an adjunct education instructor at 
Brenau College and Oglethorpe University. 

Leah Hughes '88 gladly claims her latest degree from 
Queens University, her terminal degree in poetry. 
Her advisor, Alan Michael Parker from Davidson 
College, proved to be the professor for whom 
Oglethorpe professors Linda Taylor, Bill Brightman 
and Vicky Weiss set the standard and she thanks 
them all. Leah plans a small break before throwing 
herself into publishing her first book of poetry, cur- 
rently titled "shh . . you're scaring me." ^^ 

Robert (Bob) J. Swanson, Jr. '88 has been named 
bookstore manager at the State University of West 
Georgia. Bob has 20 years of college bookstore 
experience, most recently serving for the past 14 
years as the marketing representative for MBS 
Textbooks Inc., one of the largest textbook whole- 
salers in the United States. 

Kim Rouleau Truett '88 and Chuck Truett '88 write 
that Zak is now 8 years old and Erika is 6. Kim is 
co-chair of the Board of Directors for the Institute 
of Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM) 
which is a nonprofit, international research initia- 
tive dedicated to defining standards in security 
testing and business integrity testing. — 

Gregory Ray '89, a board certified pathologist, has 
been appointed Associate Medical Director of 

Dominic Ciavatta, Ph.D. '91 is currently complet- 
ing postdoctoral work in pathology at UNC Chapel 
Hill School of Medicine and helped organize 
"Careers 2004: Get Networking!," the fourth Annual 
Postdoc Symposium held there on May 25, 2004. 
Dominic invited OU faculty member Dr. Dan 
Schadler to participate as a panel member discussing 
career opportunities at liberal arts colleges. Dr. 
Schadler enjoyed the experience reporting that the 
symposium was very well organized and attended. 

Cheryl Ritzel '91 has published a novel entitled 
"Beginner's Luck," which she has been signing 
around the Atlanta area. 

Andrea Spencer Shelton '91 and Joe Shelton '91 
founded HeartBound Ministries Inc. in 2003 along 
with Andrea's sister, Jan Spencer. This Christian 
outreach ministry seeks to support prison chaplains 
and may be the first "adopt-a-prison" program in 
Georgia. The program is based on their belief that 
chaplaincy and faith-based initiatives have the 
strongest capacity for positively influencing inmate 
behavior and reducing return-to-prison rates. They 
also started an email petition campaign in support 
of prison chaplains resulting in over 2,900 signa- 
tures delivered to Gov. Perdue. 

riass notes 

Susan "Chris" Bray '94 currently works at Holy 
Trinity Parish (Episcopal) in Decatur, Ga. As minis- 
ter to children and youth, Chris oversees all 
Christian education programs for infants (nursery) 
through high school seniors. 

Mary Catherine Cutcliffe '94 has returned home to 
Birmingham, Ala., where she is the Festival 
Manager for the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. 
Her sociology degree, countless hours working in 
the Oglethorpe theatre department, participation in 
campus leadership and parrying like a rock star have 
prepared her to be in charge of one of the top 10 
film festival destinations in the country, as listed on and in Film Festival Today magazine. 

Chris McDufFie '94 is going through supervision in 
order to obtain an LPC license (Licensed 
Professional Counselor). 

Juliane Franek Sorchy '94, and husband Dr. Paul 
Sorchy II, were featured in Men's Fitness Magazine 
(March 2004). The issue includes a four page article 
on their company, Lord's Gym, including a full- 
page color photo of the husband and wife team. 

Marge Ramos '95 recently accepted a new position 
at Sybase Corporation in Dublin, Ca. Previously, 
she served as a corporate human resource analyst for 
six years at The Coca-Cola Co. after being hired as 
an intern during her senior year at OU. She then 
pursued a master's degree in information systems 
management at the Keller Graduate School of 
Management. In her spare time, she is an avid 
motorcyclist and works occasionally for AMA Pro 
Racing, the professional motorcycle road racing 
series in the United States. Marge also organizes 
rides, track days and social events for the Georgia 
Sportbike Association. 

Michael Thomas '95 and Melissa King Thomas '95 
just celebrated the first birthday of their youngest 
son, Austin. Their oldest, Andrew, started kinder- 

garten this year and will be 5 at the end of 
December. Michael has an M.B.A. from Michigan 
State University and is working in financial risk 
management for DTE Energy. Melissa is a stay-at- 
home mom enjoying the trials and tribulations of 
two boys. ^^ 

James S. Jaehnig '97 is stationed at Misawa AB, 
Japan. James works as the operations/tactics officer 
for classified reconnaissance flights of the EP-3E 
aircraft conducted in the USPACOM area of 

Michael Kelly '97 currently teaches eighth grade 
language arts in Florida. 

Tomika Powell-Holcomb '97 was a dean's Scholar 
in the Class of 2004 and earned her master's in 
social work at the University of Southern 
California. Tomika separated from the Air Force last 
August, but is still a Lt. in the Reserves. ^^ 

Randy Roberson '97 was recently named to the 
Board of Directors of the Wesley Foundation at the 
University of Maryland. The foundation is the cam- 
pus ministry of the United Methodist Church. In 
addition to his full-time job as coordinator of 
Maryland's Center for American Politics and 
Citizenship, Randy is director of music at 
Woodside United Methodist Church in Silver 
Spring. He is also working on his master's in public 
management in Maryland's School of Public Affairs. 

Randy Everette '98 spent five years in Manchester, 
Ga., as a minister of children and youth and has 
moved on to seminary to pursue a master's of divin- 
ity. His classes began in January 2004 at Fuller 
Theological Seminary in Colorado Springs, Colo., 
and will continue for the next three years. 

Karen Head '98 earned her doctorate in English 
from the University of Nebraska. She has been an 
instructor in the English department, the coordina- 

tor of the Alpha Learning Community Progtam, 
the coordinator of the Writing Assistance Center, 
and a member of the editorial staff for the 
acclaimed literary journal Prairie Schooner. Honors 
received include a university teaching award in 
2003, an Othmer Fellow, an American Association 
of University Women Fellow, and the Gaffney Prize 
for Poetry. Her dissertation won the 2004 Karen 
Dunning Graduate Award in Women's Studies and 
her poetry has been published in journals and 
anthologies. Her first poetry collection, "Shadow 
Boxes," was released in October 2003 by All 
Nations Press. 

Carletta S. Hurt '98 was selected to serve as an 
adult advisor for the Hands On Atlanta Youth 
Service Advisory Board and serves as the executive 
director for Miss Black Georgia USA, a nonprofit 
entity designed to develop, celebrate, and assist with 
the educational goals of African-American women. 
In addition, she runs her own business, Blu Topaz 
Inc. - Educational Consulting, and has been select- 
ed to present "Transitioning from High School to 
College" at the 2004 Talented Youth Development 
Inc. Teen College Retreat and Tour for Girls. 

Jenny Jedrychowski '98 is currently teaching first 
grade at St. Jude School, a private Catholic school 
in Chattanooga, Tenn. She is also teaching Spanish 

Kim Fowler Kerstann '98 completed her doctorate 
in genetics and molecular biology from Emory 
University in 2003. Kim is currently conducting 
research as a postdoctoral fellow with the Division 
of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, a branch of 
the National Cancer Institute in Washington, DC. 

Kim Phillips Sasso '98 former alumni services coor- 
dinator, and her husband, Nick, opened Nick's 
Pizza Stop in Grantville, Ga., and have already bro- 
ken the sales record of both previous owners. Kim 
manages "the front of the house, ' distributes a 

newsletter to her customers, and is developing a city 
guide and community Web site featuring local busi- 
nesses. Kim also provides contract-based adminis- 
trative services to other small businesses, serves as 
chair of the Grantville Historic Preservation 
Commission, and is researching the history of her 
over 1 00-year-old home and storefront. The couple 
is also working on a cookbook featuring recipes 
served at medieval banquets. 

Aimee Thrasher-Hanson '98 lives in NYC with her 
husband, Micah, and their dog, Zero. Aimee is cur- 
rently pursuing a master's in library science and 
works in the interlibrary loan department at 
Columbia University. 

Jeanee Ledoux '99 is writing a decorating book 
specifically for young adults renting apartments and 
living in dorms. The book will be published by 
Sterling Publishing, NYC, in spring 2005. When 
Jeanee is not working on this project, she works as a 
freelance editor for clients like the University of 
Georgia Press and Better Homes and Gardens 

Heather Cordeiro DeGrave 00 received her law 
degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 
May 2004. While at Georgetown she was a member 
of the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics and of the 
Alternative Dispute Resolution Team. She also 
worked for one semester as an intern in the office of 
Congresswoman Katherine Harris, who is the repre- 
sentative for Heather's new hometown, Sarasota, Fla. 

Ryan Goudelocke 00 received his master's degree in 
mass communications from Louisiana State 
University in May and is a first year law student 
there as well. 

Tina Stults '00 celebrated her fift:h anniversary with 
Stein Communications. She began the year as direct 
marketing manager in the newly formed direct mar- 
keting division. She now oversees the development 

rlass notes 

of all direct mail and HTML email campaigns, 
including creative conception, production, and ful- 
fillment. Tina began with Stein as an editorial 
intern when she was a student at Oglethorpe. Upon 
graduating, she worked as a Web content manager 
for three years and then as direct mail manager. 

Daniel Sobczak 01 was promoted to a department 
supervisor with Home Depot in July 2002, and is 
currently in charge of the front end at the Lilburn 
store. He has also recently started substitute teach- 
ing at his former high school, Shiloh High School, 
in Snellville, as well as at J.E. Richards Middle 
School in Lawrenceville. Daniel currently lives in 

Shahara Henley-Ruth '02 has written a new book 
of poetry entitled "From the Poet to the People" 
that was released in January 2004. Her play, 
"House of Iron," which made its debut at 
Oglethorpe in 2002, is also touring. 

David Jenkins '02 and Megan Wallace Jenkins '02 
are moving to Edinburgh, Scotland where Megan 
will pursue her masters in International Economics 
and Finance at the University of Edinburgh. 

Vera Veasley Redwine '02 is pleased to announce 
that she has retired from The Coca-Cola Company 
after 33 years. 

Kimberly Watkins '02 is currendy in a guidance 
counseling program at State University of West 
Georgia. She worked as a waitress and preschool 
teacher while planning her wedding. 

digital approaches he applies. He is delighted to see 
how his training in studio art classes at Oglethorpe 
forms a strong foundation for his new endeavors. ^5 

Nihat Ozer '03 has spent considerable time volun- 
teering on technology projects at the Northside 
Youth Organization (NYO) since graduation. Over 
the past 50 years, the NYO has provided recreation- 
al athletic opportunities to approximately 2,000 
children from the city of Atlanta and Fulton 
County. Recently, Nihat completed the most exten- 
sive information technology update in the organiza- 
tion's history. By constructing an online program 
that brings NYO registration to the Web, Nihat 
reduced the amount of volunteer work needed by 
the organization by about 1,000 hours a year. 

Laura Rafter 03 works for the engineering consult- 
ing firm Newcomb & Boyd in Atlanta. She is a 
mechanical engineer who designs HVAC (heating, 
ventilating, and air conditioning) systems for labo- 
ratory buildings. 

Nobles Green '03 has entered an intensive medical 
illustration program which he is enjoying immense- 
ly. Although thoroughly learning to use digital tools 
such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Nobles is 
amazed at how the preliminary drawing determines 
a project's outcome. A strong grasp of traditional 
drawing and techniques is necessary no matter what 

In Memoriam 

Oglethorpe University expresses sympathy to the 
famiUes and friends of the following university 
alumni, former faculty member, and Board of 
Trustee member: 

Gladys Crisler Garner '24 on April 30, 2004. 

White Kellam Mahone '24 on March 8, 2004. 

George A. Murphy '27 on Nov. 30, 2003. 

Ruth Brooke Sundt '29 on April 29, 2004. 

Emma Gates Nottingham '34 in February 2004. 

Dr. Morris E. Capilouto '35 on Feb. 21, 2003. 

John S. Collier '35 on May 28, 2003. 

Sarah A. Bradshaw '36 in June 2003. 

Sydney Klein Davis '36 on Jan. 22, 2004. 

J. Norman Clark '38 on May 23, 2004. 

Thomas W. Daniel '38 on Jan. 9, 2004. 

Geraldine Wisenbaker Ridings '38 on Nov. 30, 2003. 

Odette Guthrie Blumensaadt '39 on Dec. 29, 2003. 

Wilson P. Franklin '39 on Aug. 4, 2004. 

Marguerite Garner '39 on Oct. 18, 2003. 

Ed Schwabe, Sr. '39 on Nov. 24, 2003. 

Mary Call Smith '39 on Sept. 15, 2003. 

Francis M. Tillman '39 on March 10, 2004. 

Iva Garden Blissitt '46 on Sept. 24, 2003. 

Samuel M. Hirsch '50 on March 24, 2004. 

Paul G. Sheppard, Jr. '50 on March 17, 2004 

Virgil E. Tritt '50 on Nov. 9, 2003. 

Pat Mueller Walichowski '51 in September 2003. 

Betty Brumbelow O'Quinn '53 on Jan. 5, 2004. 

The Rev. Dr. R. Quinn Pugh, Sr. '54 on Feb. 13, 2004. 

Mary Rhodes Bagwell '55 on Jan. 16, 2004. 

Dr. Charles "Chuck" A. Carpenter '55 on April 1 1 , 2004. 

D. Sue Lewis '56 on Feb. 27, 2004. 

Robert W Styron '58 on Feb. 29, 2004. 

Frank L. Simmons, Jr. '59 on Oct. 13, 2003. 

Lawrence "Larry" J. Bakes '69 in May 2004. 

Richard "Rick" K. Hall '71 on Aug. 5, 2003. 

Howard "Kip" A. Becker '74 on April 12, 2004. 

John R Trevaskis '74 on Feb. 13, 2004. 

Wynell Scott Christy '75 on Feb. 1, 2004. 

Elizabeth "Becky" Fincher Strange '75 on Jtme 20, 2003. 

Thomas V. Hopper '76 on Aug. 12, 2003. 

Clair "Ed" Smith Kirkpatrick '80 on April 6, 2004. 

Margaret "Peggy" Nix '99 on April 11, 2004. 

Former Faculty Member: 

Dr. Nancy Pence Groseclose on Feb. 12, 2004. 

Former Oglethorpe Board of Trustees Member: 

Robert "Bob" P Forrestal on May 25, 2004. 

Left to Rigtit: Bill Carter '59, Carolyn Morris Frazier '59, Janne Jolly 
Lane '59, Pat Daniel Kappahn '59, Sydney Mobley Moss '59 and 
Floyd Hopkins '59 

Class of 1959 Reunites! 

Members of the '59 class assembled to reminisce on 
a cool crisp April evening in the Great Hall and the 
O.K. Sheffield Alumni Suite in Hearst Hall. Class 
members sampled appetizers and cocktails courtesy 
of committee member Bill Carter while enjoying 
music from the '50s and '60s provided by commit- 
tee member Floyd Hopkins. 

Sydney and Jack Moss along with Pat Kapphahn 
made certain the occasion was festive by providing 
photos, posters and yearbooks. Special guests 
included Elgin and Muriel MacConnell, President 
Larry Large, and Sid and Anne Barbanel, who trav- 
eled all the way from Florida to attend. The 
reunion events drew to a close with a campus tour 
that included the newly renovated university 
archives, a Sunday Brunch and a visit to the 
Oglethorpe University Museum of Art to view 
"The Flying Mystics of Tibetan Buddhism" exhibit. 

New Alumni Suite 
Honors O.K. Sheffield 

On April 30, 2004, the new O.K. Sheffield Alumni 
Suite in Hearst Hall was formally dedicated during 
the Board of Trustees' luncheon meeting. Board 
Chairman Warren Jobe and OU National Alumni 
Board President Diane Baker '77 presided over the 
dedication. In years past, the room has served as 
President Thornwell Jacobs' office and later as a 
popular gathering spot for male students visiting 
female students who resided on the second floor of 
Hearst Hall during the '50s. 

During his introductory comments, Mr. Jobe 
praised Sheffield's continued vision to ensure there 
would always be a strong alumni presence on the 
Oglethorpe campus. "Today we make this space the 
official alumni 'living room' on campus — a space 
to hold meetings, book club gatherings, social func- 
tions, reunion activities and a few seminar classes as 
well." Diane Baker presented Sheffield with a key to 
the room and he ceremoniously opened the room 
for guests to view the new decor and memorabilia. 

Members of the National Alumni Board surround O.K. St)effleld '53 
during the dedication of the O.K. Sheffield Alumni Suite. 

On March 7, 2004, 32 alumni attended a breakfast 
at the Buckhead Club. Dr. Large gave a presenta- 
tion and update on school activities. Each alum 
walked away with an admissions CD and a new 
OU logo coffee mug. The Eggs & OU breakfast 
will become a regular alumni event with a 
variety of guest speakers and networking 
possibilities. For more information 
on our next Eggs & OU breakfast, 
(keyword: eggs). 



^^^^Bl I * 

^r roll of ( 


Honor Roll of Donors 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Miss Louise H. Bode '33 

Mr Timothy P. Tassopoulos '81 


The gifts of all donors listed in ttie 

($1,000 - $2,499): 

Mr Robert E. Bowden '66 

Tull Charitable Foundation 


reported were received by Oglethorpe 

English philanthropist General 

Mr Franklin L. Burke '66 

Mr Oscar Clarence Walton '22* 



University in the period between July 1, 

Oglethorpe was the founder of the 

Ms. Margaret 0. Y. Chin '87 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 


2003 and June 30. 2004. The entire 

American colony of Georgia and is the 

Coca-Cola Enterprises 


university community thanks each of 

university's namesake. 

The Community Foundation 

Thomwell Jacobs Society 

these donors for his/her/their continued 

of Greater Atlanta 

Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp '68 6 


interest and support. 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr John A. Conant '92 (H) 

Chick-fil-A, Inc. 


-($500 -$999) 

The Estate of Miriam H,"Bimby" 

The Coca-Cola Company 




Sidney Lanier, Class of 1860, was 

Conant '92* (H) 

The Estate of Fredrick S. Daiger III '38 


{H)= Honorary Degree 

Oglethorpe's most distinguished alum- 

Mr. Charles G. DeNormandie III '96 

Florence C. English Memorial Fund 

' = Deceased 

nus from the antebellum period and an 

Mr. Earl Dolive 

Federated Department Stores 


A = Supported the Oglethorpe 

acclaimed poet musician and essayist 

Mr. Norman P. Findley III 


University Museum of Art 

John and Mary Franklin Foundation 

Mr Wilson R Franklin '39 


§ = Supported Oglethorpe 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr. Henry R. Frieman '36* 

Mrs. Martha Sibley George '51 

University athletic progranri 

($300 - $499) 

Georgia Foundation for Independent 

Mr W. Elmer George '40 § 

e = Supported the Oglethorpe 

Mr Thomas and Mr Whitehead, with 


Georgia Power Company 

Women's Network 

the support of Chattanooga business- 

Dr Joel Goldberg '00 (H) 

Mr J. Lewis Glenn '71 

t = Charter member of the 

man John I Lupton, launched what 

Mrs. Gayle Burch Gower '68 

Mr William R. Goodell 

Nescit Cedere Society 

ultimately became a nationwide Coca- 

Mr William How/ell Gower '68 

Harold Hirsch Scholarship Foundation 

~~ Cola bottling system. This sound busi- 

Mr James J. Hagelow 69 

Dr Kenneth K. Hutchinson la 

Giving Levels 

ness venture led to Mr Lupton 's gener- 

Mrs. Jesse S. Hall 9 

Mary Jane Kohler Foundation 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

ous support of Oglethorpe 

Mr. Glaus M. Halle* 

Dr Larry D. Large §A 

($10,000 and above): 

The Halle Foundation 

Mrs. Marsha L. Large §a 

Phoebe Hearst Hall on the Oglethorpe 

Society of 1835 

Mr. Harald R. Hansen 

Ray M. and Mary Elizabeth Lee 

campus honors Phoebe Apperson 

\($120 - $299): 

Mrs. Jacqueline Cook Hartlage '65 


Hearst mother of publisher William 

The original charter for Oglethorpe 

Mr James V. Hartlage, Jr '65 

MrRogerA. Littell'68 

Randolph Hearst 

University was granted in 1835 OU's 

Mr Warren Y Jobe §a 

Mrs. Barbara Beggs Littell '68 

long tradition of excellence in education 

Mr David L. Kolb 

Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch '61 

Thomwell Jacobs Society 

now dates almost 1 70 years. 

Mr Stephen E. Malone '73 

Mrs. Clare "Tia" Findley Magbee '56 9 

($5,000 - $9,999): 

Mr Robert Nardelli 

Mr James R. Magbee 9 

Thomwell Jacobs was the driving force 

Black and Gold Club 

Milton M. Ratner Foundation 

Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. 

behind the revival of Oglethorpe 

($1 -$119): 


Mr Bob T Nance '63 

University in 1913. He served as presi- 

Worn with pride by students and alum- 

Mr Fred Robey '97 

Mr R. D. Odom 

dent for nearly three decades and insti- 

ni, black and gold are the official colors 

Dr J. Mack Robinson '95 (H) 

Mr John J. Scalley 

tuted a number of signature programs 

of Oglethorpe University. 

J. Mack Robinson Foundation 

Schultz Foundation, Inc. 

that still exist today 

John R Salamone Memorial Foundation 

Mrs. Laura Turner Seydel '86 

James Edward Oglethorpe Circle 

Mrs. Jeanne Fuller Schmidt '42 AS 

Mr 0. K. Sheffield, Jr '53 

Philip Weltner Society 

Recognizes those leadership donors 

Mr Stephen J. Schmidt '40 a 

Mr Arnold B. Sidman a 

($2.500 -$4,999): 

who provide annual and/or capital sup- 

The Sledge Foundation 

Mrs. TobyAnne Sidman a 

Philip Weltner follov/ed Jacobs as pres- 

port greater than $1,000. 

SunTmst Directed Funds: Florence C. 

Ms. Janice McNeal Smith '98 §a 

ident from 1944-1953. He introduced 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

and Harry L. English Memorial Fund, 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen E Smith 

the "Oglethorpe Idea, " a forerunner to 

Mr.J. Frederick Agel.Sr. '52 a 

Harriet McDaniel Marshall Trust, and 

Turner Foundation, Inc. 

the Core Curriculum. 

Assistance League of Atlanta 
iBCES Foundation 

Walter H, and Marjory M. Rich 
Memorial Fund 


honor ro ll of donors 

Nescit Cedere Society 

Created in 1995, the Nescit Cedere 
Society honors those individuais who 
have inciuded the university in their 
estate plans. 

Anonymous (1 2) 
Mr. G. Douglass Alexander '68 
Ms. Susan Harnnan Alou '84 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Arp (Yetty 

Levenson '68)t 
Mr. and Mrs. Ted D. Bayley (Ellen 

KInsey) '5B/'57 
Ms. Judith M. Becker 
Mrs. Frances Norman Block '38 
Mr Frederick Boswell '24 
Mr and Mrs. Franklin L. Burke '66t 

Ms. Mary Williams Cazalas '54t 

Mr and Mrs. Arthur W. Chandler 

Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis '82 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph W. Dennis '69 

Mr and Mrs. Paul L. Dillinghamt 

Dr and Mrs. Harold Dcsterf 

Mr H. Lynn Dmry '63 

Mr and Mrs. William A. Emersonf 

Mr Wilson P. Franklin '39*t 

Mr David C. Garrett, Jr '99 (H)t 

Mr. George E. Goodwin 

Mr. and Mrs, Charles Edward Brcdnax 

Karen Head '98 

Dr and Mrs. Don Henry (Barbara)'83 
Mr Thomas G, Hood '78t 
Mr Thomas P Hunter '43t 

Ms. Rebecca Harbor Jones '62t 
Mr and Mrs. J. Smith Lanier 
Mr Wilfred J. LeBlanc '61 
Mr Louis T Lombardy '69 
Dr Jay Lutz 
Mr and Mrs. Barry Lynch 

(Belle Turner '61 )t 
Ms. Gail Lynn '77t 
Mr and Mrs. Henry F McGillt 
Mr John Meacham '42 
Ms. Jeannette Bentley Moon '38 
Mr and Mrs. Jack Moss (Sydney 

Mobley '59) 
Ms. Elizabeth Ward Pearce '66 
Dr Guerrant Perrow '40 
Dr and Mrs. TTiomas W. Phillips '63t 
Mr William Plowden, Jr '67 

Mr Timothy Randall Roberson '97 
Mr and Mrs. Fred Robey '97 
Mr and Mrs. Jeff Roesch '69 
Ms. Rhett Pinson Sanders '43 
Mr and Mrs. Eric Scharff '63t 
Mr and Mrs. Stephen J. Schmidt 

(Jeanne Fuller) '40/'42 1 
Drs. William and Patricia Shropshire 
Ms. Anne Rivers Siddons '91 (H) t 
Dr Joseph A. Soldati '61 
Ms. Susan M. Soper '69 
Ms. Penney Wells Spencer '48 
Dr and Mrs. Donald S. Stanton '99 (H) 
Mr and Mrs. Morris Tubesing '95t 
Mr Daniel Uffner '51 

Philip Weltner Society 

Mr G. Douglass Alexander '68 

Mr John 8. Ball '71 

Mrs. Mary Crockett Ball '72 

BellSouth Corporation 

Mr and Mrs. Howell Breedlove '57 

Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis '82 

Dekalb Council for the Arts 

Mrs. Margaret Conant Dickson 6 

Mr Kevin D. Fitzpatrick, Jr '78 

Ms. Jeanie F Flohr '99 

Flohr Family Foundation 

Mr Claude Spencer Godfrey, Jr '98 

Sarah Spencer Godfrey Charitable Trust 

Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry '85 

Mr Donald R. Henry '83 

Mr Thomas G. Hood '78 

The Estate of Eugene W. Ivy '49' 

Marshall, Harriet McDaniell Trust 


Mrs. Sydney Mobley Moss '59 

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 

Walter and Marjory Rich Fund 

Mrs. Dean Dubose Smith '70 

Ms. Susan M. Soper '69 

Dr William F Straley 

SunTrust Bank, Atlanta 
SYSCO Corporation 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 


Ms. Elsie L. Abler 

Dr J. Frederick Agel.Jr '72 

Mrs. Carole Moore Aitken '66 

Dr William C. Aitken '64 

American Express Philanthropic 

Dr Chris Ames 
Dr Jeffrey D. Amett 
Ms. A. Diane Baker '77 
Mrs. Martha Laird Bowen '61 
Mr Gordon C. Bynum '50 
Mr Herman L. Campbell '39 
Mr and Mrs. Harry Caray Jr 
Dr S. Truett Cathy '97 (H) 
Ms. Pin Pin Chau 
Mr. Kenneth S. Chestnut 
Mr Milton C. Clipper 
Mr Rowland Cocks 
Community Club Management, Inc. 
Mr James M. Cook, Sr '79 
Mr Roger Couch '61 
Mr Robert B. Currey '66 

Mrs. Suzanne Straub Currey '65 
Mr. Joseph W. Dennis '69 § 
Mrs, MonaTekin Diamond 
Mr Paul L. Dillingham 
Frances and Beverly Dubose 

Mr Elmo I. Ellis '95 (H) 
Mr Christopher P B. Erckert '86 
Mr and Mrs. John Esterline § 
Mrs. Donna Findling '96 
The First Families of Georgia 
Mrs. Joan Womack Flammer '64 
Mr William J. Flammer '62 
Mr William R. Foster '58 a 
Wilson P and Anne W. Franklin 

JMr Harry R.Frazer '89 § 
Mr David C. Garrett, Jr '99 (H) 
jDr. R. Derrll Gay '62 
j Georgia - Pacific Corporation 
;Mr George E. Goodwin 
Mr Kenneth R Gould '85 
Mr and Mrs, Robert Grathwohl 
Mr Jack Guynn 
Mr James T Hakes 
Mr Q. William Hammack, Jr '73 
Mr Richard A. Hans '87 

Mr& Mrs, Charles Edward Brodnax 

Mr Robert E. Harman, Jr '76 
Mr Stuart Herman '50 
Mr William J, "Jep" Hogan, Jr '72 
Ms. Veronica M. Holmes '02 
Mr B, Shane Hornbuckle '92 
Mrs. Elizabeth V. Hornbuckle '93 
Mr Hugh M. Inman, Sr 
Dr Lene Balle Jensen '89 
Mr Richard C. Johnson '81 § 
Mr. Robert M. Kane '81 
Mr Gary R. Kleinfield '82 
Mrs. C. Lee Boggus Knippenberg '82 
Dr Joseph M. Knippenberg 
Dr Dale M. Kristle '78 
Mr and Mrs, George H. Lane III 
Mr J. Smith Lanier 
Mr Brent W.Latham '97 
|Mr. Jeffrey B.Levy '81 
Martha and Wilton Looney Foundation 
Mr James R McLain a 
'Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Metcalf, Jr 
Mr William Thayer Mullally '03 
Mr A. A. Neese, Jr § 
Dr Philip J. Neujahr 

Dr. Ken Nishimura 

Class of 1933 

Class of 1939 

Mrs. Ralph Green 


Mr. Edward E. Noble 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Thornwell Jacobs Society 

Mr. Charies E. Newton 


Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation 

Miss Louise H. Bode 

Mr Wilson R Franklin* 



Mr. Tbomas P. O'Connor '67 

Blact< and Gold Club 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Class of 1943 

Dr J. Anthony Parades '61 

Mrs. Isabel Tonks Gray 

Mr. Herman L. Campbell 

John Thomas Lupton Society 


Mr. David Reynolds Pass '98 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr. Keith A. Lane 

Ms. Anita Patterson '97 

Class of 1934 

Mr. Jack Perry 

Society of 1835 


Dr. Manning M. Pattillo, Jr. '94 (H) 

Black and Gold Club 

Mr. Maclay Salflsberg 

Mrs. Rhett PInson Sanders a 


Ms. Elizabeth Ward Pearce '66 

Mrs. Marie Caudlll Rogers 

Black and Gold Club 

Black and Gold Club 

Ms. S. Tammy Pearson '86 

Mrs. Eleanor Ivey Lake 

Mrs. Verna Miller Berthelsen 



Dr. Thomas W. Phillips '63 

Class of 1935 

Mr. Lloyd E. Stein 

Mr. J. Eugene Harris 

Mrs. Adrlna Richard 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr. Francis M. Tillman* 

Mrs. Virginia Wallace Wayne 


Mr L. Donald Richard 

Ms. Helen Bivings Crawford 

Mr. Timothy Randall Roberson '97 a 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Class of 1940 

Class of 1944 


Mr. R. Alan Royalty '88 

Mr. Stinson M. Adams, Jr. 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Society of 1835 

Mr. Floyd D. Ruhl '67 

Black and Gold Club 

Mr. Stephen J. Schmidt a 

Mrs. Jane Cannon Smith 

Ryder Systems Charitable Foundation 

Mr. M. Tyus Butler 

Thornwell Jacobs Society 

Black and Gold Club 

The Sallle Mae Fund 

Mrs. Louise Mitchell Hiss 

Mr. W. Elmer George § 

Mrs. Virginia Templln Galley 

Mr. Brian C. Sass '84 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr. David E. McCormick 

Mr. Matthew A. Schuster '84 

Class of 1936 

Dr. Guenant H. Perrow 

Dr. Jay McDuffie 

Col. B.W. "Woody" Sellers, Jr. '64 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Society of 1835 

Dr. E. Moss Robertson 

Mrs. Carole George Sellers '63 

Mr. Henry R. Frieman* 

Mrs. Medora Fitten Wallace 

Mr. Ralph Dean Sims § 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Black and Gold Club 

Class of 1945 

Springs industries, Inc. 

Mrs. Claudine Gates Adams 

Mrs. Marguerite McKinney Hart 

Black and Gold Club 

Mrs. Barbara Stanton a 

Mrs. Chariotte G. Ramage 

Mrs. Betty Clark Lafltte 

Or Donald S. Stanton '99 (H)a 

Class of 1937 

Mr. John Craig Williams 

Miss Tommye Mueller 

Subaru of America Foundation 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Mrs. Jeanette Anderson Upchurch 

Dr Pamela Tremayne a 

The Estate of M. A. RIkard 

Class of 1941 

Mr. Robert L. Unger § 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Class of 1947 

Mrs. Cathy Appling Vinson '92 

Mr. C. Rex Clar1< 

Maj. James C. McClanahan 

Society of 1835 

Ms. Elizabeth Denece Watts '93 

Black and Gold Club 

Black and Gold Club 

Mrs. Margaret Kerr Hitte 

Dr Victoria Weiss Ae 

Mrs. Martha Carmlchael Dew 

Mrs. Sarah Moore Carver 

Black and Gold Club 

Mr. Raymond S. Wllloch '80 

Mr. William H. Reynolds 

Mr. James Pressley 

Mrs. Dorothy Hooks McDuffie 

Mr. John W. Wuichet '90 

Mr. Ralph W. Thacker 

Mr. John B. Zellars, Jr. '85 

Class of 1942 

Class of 1948 

The Zurich North America Foundation 

Class of 1938 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Thornwell Jacobs Society 

Mrs. Jeanne Fuller Schmidt aO 

Dr.ThomasN. Pirkle 

Alumni Donors by Class 

The Estate of Fredrick S. Daiger III 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Black and Gold Club 

Class of 1922 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mrs. Virginia Gleason Salflsberg 

Mr. Joseph G. Cannon 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Mrs. Jeannette Bentley Moon 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mrs. Mildred C. Daugherty 

Mr. Oscar Clarence Walton* 

Society of 1835 
Mr. Cari N. Clark 

Mrs. Doris Waltrip Johnston 
Mr. John Meacham, Jr., MA '43 

Mrs. Florence Richardson James 

Class of 1930 

Mr. Hugh K. Clement 

Black and Gold Club 

Class of 1949 

Black and Gold Club 

Mr. Angela Fen-ario* 

Philip Weitner Society 

Col. John M. Fain 

Mrs. Clara Copeland Gorman 

The Estate of Eugene W. Ivy 

honor roll of donors 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr. Robert L. Boggus, Jr. 

Jolin Ttiomas Lupton Society 

Mr. John R. Smith 

Society of 1835 

Mr. Robert J. Findley 

Dr. James H. Hinson, Jr. 

Mrs. Doris Pickens Hinson 

Mr. Jacl< i. Hosford 

Mrs. Betty Rae Olds Villegas 

Mr. William E. Wright, Jr. 

Blacl< and Gold dub 

Dr. E. Harvey Albea 

Mrs. Joan Robb Butler 

Mr. Leif Georg Haug 

Mrs. Margaret Graham Haug 

Mr.W. RayHolley 

Mrs. Marjorie McClung Holliday 

Mr. John R Knudsen 

Class of 1950 

James Edward Ogletttorpe Society 

Mr. Gordon C. Bynum 

Mr. Stuart Herman 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr. Walter V. Slack 

Society of 1835 

Mr. William R. Brown, Jr. 

The Rev. Jotin M. Fianigen, Jr. 

Blacl^ and Gold Club 

Mrs. Alice Callaway Crenshaw; 

Mr. Samuel M. Hirsch, Jr.* 

Class of 1951 

Thornwell Jacobs Society 
Mrs. Martha Sibley George 
Sidney Lanier Society 
Mrs. Rose Simmons Andrews 
Jo/7/7 Thomas Lupton Society 
Mr. S. Bleecker Totten 
Society of 1835 
Mrs. Jane Rand Breunig 
Mrs. Mary Louise MacNeil a 
Mr. Walter H. Tanner, Jr. 
Mr. Daniel L. Uffner, Jr. 

'Black and Gold Club 

Mrs. Jean Robertson Beall 

Rev. Harvey C. Boyd, Sr. 

Mr. Alvin J. Curkin 

Mrs. Jayne Phillips Huybensz 

Mr. Irwin A. Lewis 

Mr. Marvin Packer 

Mrs. Allene Hudgins Petty 

Mrs. Jean Grant Walter 

jMrs. Maryanne Tanner Wilson 

Class of 1952 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 
Mr. J. Frederick Agel, Sr. a 
John Thomas Lupton Society 
Col. Sheldon I. Godkin 
Mr. James E. Henderson 
Society of 1835 
Hon. Henry C. Atchison 
Mrs. Jane Cowart Bloemer 
Mrs. Muriel Lewis Bono 
Black and Gold Club 
Mr. Asher I. Benator 
Mrs. Margaret Bell Bloodworth 
Mrs. Jean Horton Henderson 
Mr. Robert F. Moskowitz 
Mr. Joseph T Overton 

Class of 1953 

Thornwell Jacobs Society 
Mr. 0. K. Sheffield, Jr. 
Society of 1835 
Mrs. Gwendolyn Moss Lewis 
Mrs. Alice Wight McDonough 
Mr, Noel A. Ripley 
Mr. Lee A. Wilson 
\Black and Gold Club 
Mr. Sheldon H. Fleitman 
Mrs. Louise Hightower Martin 
Mrs. Marian Marcus Packer 
Mr. Charies V Stone, Jr. 
Mrs. Mary Norman Stone 

Class of 1954 

Society of 1835 

Mrs. Mary Frances Rowland 

Mrs. Barbara Cristal Krasnoff 

Mrs. Cynthia May Spann 

Black and Gold Club 

Dr. Corry Arensbach 

Mrs. Florence Parris Burtz 

Mr. Harold L. Cochran 

Mr. T Michael Murphey 

Mrs. June Cook Murphy-Aldridge 

Miss Dorothy S. Rawlins 

Mr. Robert T Seymour 

Class of 1955 

iSidney Lanier Society 

Mrs. Margaret Woodward Mathewes 

Black and Gold Club 

Mrs. Nona Jones Bell 

Mrs. Sara Steinberg Fine 

Dr. Elizabeth L. Jones-Lukacs 

Mr. Fred A. Miller Jr. 

Mrs, Sybil Sanders Neel 

Mrs. Grace Suder Porter 

Mr. R. M. Reynolds, Jr. 

Class of 1956 

Thornwell Jacobs Society 

Mrs. Clare "Tia" Findley Magbee 9 

Society of 1835 

Dr. Jacqueline Miles Boles 

Mr. Alfred D. Ingersoll 

Mrs. Catherine 0. Ingersoll 

Dr. John D. King 

Col. (Ret.) H. David O'Malie 

Mr. Joe E. White 

Black and Gold Club 

Mrs. Lynn Hallford Banks 

Mrs. Eleanor Coplan Bogart 


Mrs. Edith Upchurch Hunt 

Class of 1957 

\PhilipWeltner Society 

Mr. and Mrs. Howell Breedlove 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Dr. Robert Boyd Oliver 

Society of 1835 

Mr. Lewis B. DeRose 

Miss Caria G. Hancock 

Mr James R Milton 

Mr. Charles R Scott 

Mr. William Charles Smith 

Black and Gold Club 

Mr. Joseph J. Accardi 

Mrs. Marianne McWilliams Dillard 

Mrs. Freida Beatty Duffey 

Mrs. Peggy Cullars Guillebeau 

The Rev. John W. Norton 

Mrs. Frances Creekmore Portwood 

Mrs. Mary Frances Brown Puett 

Mrs. Vashti H. Woodruff 

Class of 1958 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mr. William R. Foster a 


Ms. Christina Rice Freeman 

iCol. (Ret.) John E. Harms 

Black and Gold Club 

Ms. Peggy O'Neal Compton 

Ms. Patricia Baker DeRose 

Mr. Clinton L. Fincher 

Mr. Harold R. Ingle, Jr. 

Dr. Jack C. Lane 

Mrs. Ila Ann Varelmann McCoy 

Mrs. Betty Stokes McGarity 

Mrs. Ina Foster Moore 

Mr. J. Alan Moore 

Mrs. Rosalie Brookshaw North 

Miss Mary Anne Sharp 

Dr. Albert P Sheppard 

Mrs. Mildred Jackson Speights 

Mrs. Martha Adams Thompson 

Mrs. Margaret Blackman Walker 

Mrs. Ann Klein Wenger 

Class of 1959 

\Philip Weltner Society 
Mrs. Sydney Mobley Moss 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mrs. Augusta Rogers Mann 

Mrs, Susan Hollinshead Dalton a 

Mr. James V Hartlage, Jr. 


iMr. Bill W.Carter § 

Mr. L. Silas Moore, Jr. 

Mrs. Elaine Shiflett Dooley 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 


iMn Thomas Lupton Society 

Mrs. Mildred Caraway Rogers 

Mr. H. Lynn Dmry 

Mrs. Suzanne Straub Currey 


Mrs. Patricia Daniel Kapphahn 

Dr. Margaret R Thrasher 

Mrs. Barbara Dexter Gupton 

Sidney Lanier Society 


Society of 1835 

Mrs. Gladys Baldwin Wallace 

Mr J, Cabot Gupton 

Mrs. Linda Sanders Scarborough 


.Mr.William B.Christian § 

Mr. Gary Wenger 

Mrs. Ellen Mullendore Knouse 

Society of 1835 

Black and Gold Club 

Mr. S. Morris Mitchell 

Mr. James E. Can^oll 

IVlrs. Virginia Barrett Barker 

Class of 1962 

Ms. Brenda Shonfield 

Mr. Clark D. Raby § 


Dr. Marlene Hockenberry Cianci 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mrs. Leann Payne Strom 

Mrs. Penelope McCulloch Rose 


Dr. Joseph B. Duckworth 

Mr. William J. Flammer 

The Rev T Donneli Warters 

Mrs. Sharon D. Williams 


iDr Hugos. Hammond 

Dr. R. Derril Gay 

Black and Gold Club 

IVIr. Floyd G. Hopkins 

Society of 1835 

Class of 1964 

Mr. Larry S. Abner 


Mrs. Janne Jolley Lane 

Mrs. Barbara James Christian 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Ms. S. Carlee Bell 

Mrs. Betty Ell<ins McDonald 

Mr. James W. Hazelwood, Jr. 

Dr. William C. Aitken 

Mrs. Joanne McElroy Carman a 


Mrs. Ethelyn Boswell Purdie 

Mr. James J. Millard 

Mrs. Joan Womack Flammer 

Mr. Richard Joseph Carter 

Mrs. Lyn Alexander Smith 

Col. B. W. Sellers, Jr. 

Mrs. Cherry Hodges Casey 

Class of 1960 

Black and Gold Club 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr. 0. Navarro Faircloth 

Society of 1835 

Mrs. Paula Hofmann Bell 

Dr. Beatrice Hasty Favre 

Mr. William M. Linstrom 

Mr. Atauar Faruquee 

The Rev. James R. Borom 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Ms. Jimmy Ann Langdon Porter 

Mrs. Jean Callaway Fletcher 

Mrs. Nancy Thompson English 

Rev. Betty Rutland Stapleford 

Dr Glenn W. Rainey, Jr. 

Black and Gold Club 

Mrs. Rebecca Harbor Jones 

Society of 1835 

Mrs. Martha Knapp Robertson 

Mr. Jack B. Arnold 

Mr. John D. Kuiken 

Ms. Patricia Ann Crippen Arnold 

Mr. Glen C. Rose 

Mr Thomas E. Deacon 

Hon. Robert P Mallis 

Mrs. Linda Crowe Chesnut 

Mrs. Mary Louise Browne Sedki 

Mrs. Francine Klein Greiner 

Ms. Eugenia Palmer 

Col. Kenneth P Davis 

Mrs. Elizabeth Rabe Stevenson 

Mrs. Virginia House Howard 

Mrs. Joyce Gravel Pettus 

Mr. James L. Delay 

Mrs. Vivian Gray Trabue 

Mrs. Martha Simpson Nesbil 

Mrs. Anita Buck Rook 

Mrs. Lynda Papini Hines 

Mrs. Patricia Turner Wanren 

Ms. Nancy Schaller Simmons 

Mr Wayne D, Perry 

Mrs. Dorothy Bazemore Stith 

Class of 1963 

Mrs. Paula Coker Rice 

Class of 1966 

Thomwell Jacobs Society 

Mrs. Constance Dinkier Wilson 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Class of 1961 

Mr. Bob T Nance 

Black and Gold Club 

Mr. Robert E. Bowden 

Thomwell Jacobs Society 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mrs. Jeannette Seward Deacon 

Mr. Franklin L. Burke 

Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch 

Dr. Thomas W. Phillips 

Mr. Paul R. Donald, Jn 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mrs. Carole George Sellers 

Mrs. Carolyn Loughborough Frangiamor 

Mrs. Carole Moore Aitken 

Mrs. Martha Laird Bowen 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Miss Vivian Chandler Lee 

Mr. Robert B. Currey 

Mr Roger Couch 

Mr. Eric M. Scharff 

Mr. Robert L. Manning 

Ms. Elizabeth Ward Pearce 

Dr. J. Anthony Paredes 

Mr. Thomas L. Winn 

Ms. Jeanie Franco Marx 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Jotin Ttiomas Lupton Society 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mrs. Linda Robertson Secretan 

Dr. Mimi Milner EIrod 

Dr Joseph A. Soldati 

Mrs. Mary Bob Cooper Fox 

Mrs. Eleanor Yedvob Whiteside 

Society of 1835 

Society of 1835 

Society of 1835 

Mrs. Virginia Bremer Wiley 

Mr. Carl H. Bergman 

Mr J, David Chesnut 

Mr Matthew L. Gardner 

Mrs. Charlotte Smith Winsness 

Mrs. Hamet Jones O'Dell 

Mr. Sam G. Hudgins 

Dr. Mickey M. Metcalf 

Mr. John H. Winsness 

Mrs. Sandra Danneman Rich 

Mr. Wilfred J. LeBlanc 

Mr. Charles L. White 

Ms. Mary Elaine Traer 

Black and Gold Club 

Black and Gold Club 

Class of 1965 

Black and Gold Club 

Mrs. Frances Pasley Buttolph 

Mr. Albert Nathan Baer 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Mrs. Beryl Folsom Arroyo 

Mr. F Harvey Hudson 

Mrs. Kay Kilpatrick Crawford 

Mrs. Jacqueline Cook Hartlage 

Mr. Ronald Cenzalli 

honor roll of donors 

Mrs. Oreta Cox Cook 
Dr. Kathleen Pitts Faircloth 
Mrs, Susan Goodcriild Jordan 
Mrs. Sarah Ann Sanders Long 
Mrs. Lois Adams Miller 
Mr, James A. Riley 
Mr. Charles F. Sanders 
Mrs. Kate McNeil Taylor 
Dr Stephen W. White 
Mrs. Harriet Chappie Wilbanks 
Mrs. Ilene Roos Worman 

Class of 1967 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mr. Thomas P, O'Connor 

Mr. Floyd D. Buhl 

Jotin Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr. Stuart C. Levenson 

Mr. William E. Plowden, Jr. 

Mr Kenneth W. Powell 

Society of 1835 

Mr Jon A. Axelberg 

Mr. J. Robert Jackson 

Mrs. Audrey Hawkins Perry 

Mr Larry C. Shattles 

Biacl< and Gold Club 

Mrs. Sandra Abbott Allen 

Mrs. Gin Bradley Bell 

Ms. Martha J. Church 

Ms. Mary Dodge-Smith 

Mr. Marvin J. Fineroff 

Mr. William T Griffin 

Mr. Donald G. Hartman 

Mr. Wayne G. Stephens 

Mrs. Nancy Charnley Welty 

Mrs. May Ringold Whittington 

Class of 1968 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 
Mrs. Gayle Burch Gower 
Mr. William Howell Gower 
ThomwellJacobs Society 
Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp 9 
Mr. RogerA. Littell 
Philip Weitner Society 

Mr G. Douglass Alexander 
Mrs. Barbara Beggs Littell 
Sidney Lanier Society 
Mr. Thomas C. Port 
John Thomas Lupton Society 
Mrs. Helen King Kessler 
Society of 1835 
Mr. Thomas M. Baird 
Mr Thomas H. Cluderay 
Mrs. Laura Zaban Dinerman 
Miss Susan E. Goslin 
Rev. John S. Sims 
Mrs. Mary Denton Suttle 
Mr. Charles K. Weathers 
Black and Gold Club 
Mr. RobertA. Celic 
Mrs. Nikki McCoy demons 
Dr Marcia Strange Cully 
Miss Marv Constance Hamell 
Ms. Jackie R Howard 
Mr. Theodore P Kallman 
Mr. Kenton L. Lipham 
Mr. Louis D. Olin 
Mr. Jerry W. Sams § 
Mr. Joseph J. Strenk, Jr. 
Mr. Philip M. Winter 
Dr. Sylvia G. Zapico 

Class of 1969 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Mr. James J. Hagelow 

Philip Weitner Society 

Ms. Susan M. Soper 

\ James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mr. Joseph W. Dennis § 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr. W. Q. "Pete" Butler 

Mr. Wayne M. Kise 

Mrs. Kathy McLeod Port 

[John Thomas Lupton Society 

Dr Louis E. Rossman 

Society of 1835 

Ms. Pamela Grossman Levin 

Mr Louis T Lombardy 

Mr. Jeffrey R. Roesch 

Blact< and Gold Club 
Mrs. Judy Heald Allison 
Mr. Michael S. Bryant 
Dr. Paula Haver Chambers 
Mrs. Gretchen VonMuller Collins 
Mrs. Sheryl Claxton Haney 
Mr. Terrence C. Haney 
Mr. Robert S. Jones, Sr. 
Mr. Ronald D. Kulhanjian 
Mrs. Jan Collins Maher 
Mr. Stephen A. Orton 
Mr. Roy V. Rafinski 
Mr. Gary E. Ruckelshaus 
Mrs. Kay Boggs Settle 
Mr. Donald J. Simon 
Mrs. Molly Moseley Spier 
jMr. Nate Zahn 

Class of 1970 

Philip Weitner Society 

Mrs. Dean Dubose Smith 

\ James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mr. Wayne J. Jaffie 

I John Thomas Lupton Society 

(Dr. James S. MacDonall 

'Society of 1835 

i Mr. Bruce R.Feuer 

Mr. Albert R. Hudson, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph R. Menez 

Mr Richard S. Simons, Jr. 

Mr. R. Stephen Strachan 

e/ae/( and Gold Club 

Ms. Beverly Amos 

Mr James N. Bier 

[Mr. Robert L. Bingham 

JMrs. Helen Kibler Browning 

Mrs. Lynn Allison Cowhig 

Mr Robert K. Cowhig, Jr. 

Mrs. Carol Zee Daniel 

Mrs. Lynn Andreasen Freeman 

Mr. Barry R Ginsberg, J.D. 

Mrs. Mary Finn Heaney 

Mr. Richard A. Hughes 

Mrs. Ellen Plutchok Klein 

Mr. Jon M. Kligerman 

Mrs. Mary Ivey Leak 
Mr. Stanley C. McDonald, Jr. 
Mr Albert S. Meyers 
Mr. Raymond G. Pawlik, Sr. 
Mr. Rex G. Roan 
Mr. Rodger G. Tatum 
Mr. John G. Turner* § 
Mr. Ralphton E. Warlick 

Class 1971 

Thornwell Jacobs Society 
Mr. J. Lewis Glenn 
Philip Weitner Society 
Mr John S. Ball 
Sidney Lanier Society 
Mr Mel C. Stein 
Dr. John H. Thomas III 
John Thomas Lupton Society 
Mr. Jerel R Rush 
Society of 1835 
Mr. John J. Fittipaldi 
Mr Martin I. Lipson 
Mr. Dennis C. Pratt 
Black and Gold Club 
Mr. J. Randall Akin § 
Mr. Gerard A. Daniel 
Mrs. Lou Ella Jenkins 
Mrs. Yvonne Scales Jones 
Mr. Michael Kay 
Mr John J. Kufel, Jr. 
Mr. Martin Liberman 
Mr. Gordon W. Love, Jr. 
Mrs. Suzette Harvey Mancini 
Mr Jeffrey B. Matthews 
Mrs. Diana Arthur O'Connell 
Mr Charles E. Pickett 
Mrs. Jackie Perdue Rodriguez 
Ms. Diane R. Rowles 
Mr. Donald R. Wilson, Jr. 

Class of 1972 

Philip Weitner Society 

Mrs. Mary Crockett Ball 

\ James Edward Oglethorpe Society 


Dr. J. Frederick Agel. Jr. 

Mrs. Natalie Mintz Hams 

Ms. Emy Lou Faber 

Society on 835 


Mr. William J. Hogan, Jr. 

Mr James C. Jacobs, Jr 

Mrs. Marilyn Whiteside Handsel 

Ms. Annette M. Friant 


Sidney Lanier Society 

Mrs. Mary Jackson Maiek 

Mrs. Elizabeth Poer Hanger 

Mrs. Jill Cofer Hams 


Mr Robert ISchell 

Mr David H. Noble, Jr. 

Mr. Dennis R. Hamson 

Mrs. Susie Edwards Spear 


John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr Roy C. Posey 

Mrs. Betty Powell Kujawski 

Mr Knox R. Wllmer 


Mr. Michael A. Israelite 

Mrs. Joyce Blank Schorr 

Mrs. Caroline Cook Minor 

Black and Gold Club 


Ms. Midge M. Joms 

Ms. Judith Carol Wallis 

Mr Joseph J. Oddo 

Mrs. Ann L. Brown 


Society of 1835 

Mr Richard B.Wrigtit 

Mr. Aron C. Paletsky § 

Mrs. Alexis Jan Lazor Day 

Ms. Vicki Jan Conway 

Mrs. Jill Stanford Philips 

Dr Frank Reece Day 


Mrs. Mimi Hobbs Fittipaldi 

Class of 1974 

Mrs. Darlene Baehr Seay 

Mr Steven F Day 



Mrs. Deborah Jobe Koehler 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Ms. Cindy L. Sedran 

Dr Dianne Jones Ford 


Miss Rosemary Mosteller 

Mrs. Bennie Hams Black 

Mr Robert J. Germon 


Mr. Otis C. Ward III § 

Society of 1835 

Class of 1976 

Mr Stephen M. Gibbs 

Mrs. Barbara Rose Westfall 

Mrs. Karen Jones Aber 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mrs. Suzanne Benatar Goldstein 


Black and Gold Club 

Mr Steven W. Levinsky 

Mr. Robert E. Harman, Jr 

Mrs. Ellen Sills Greene 

Mrs. Linda Wishon Anderson 

Mrs. Ruth Parham Manning 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mrs. Vicki Grimes Hardin 

Rev. James R. Burgess III 

Mrs. Sandra Davis Stepp 

Mrs. Elizabeth Kidder Ambler 

Mrs. Ruth McLaughlin Morgan 

Mr Michael G. Clapp 

Black and Gold Club 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Ms. Valerie Newman 

Mr John R. Collins 

Mr. Robert D. Copelan 

Mr Philip C. Chamberiain 

Mrs. Lynne Bilzing Pairiott 

Mrs. Marcy Mantler Ford 

Mrs. Lynn Lasater Crowley 

Ms. Dorothy Deedy Dryman 

Mr. Delmas S. Reddy 

Mrs. Judith Draisen Glassman 

Mr, Charies M. Hames 

Mrs. Margaret Gettle Washburn 

Mrs. Clara Irwin Traver 

Mr Michael D. Gordon 

Ms. Martha Ann Jenks 

Society of 1835 

Ms. Alexis S. Weisman 

Miss Etta Lou Hanken 

Mr Jeffrey S. Layne 

Mr Dennis M. Wheeler 

Ms. Patricia Beth Wool 

Mrs, Leslie Bed< Johnston 

Mrs. Marilyn McNeal Mock 

Black and Gold Club 

Mrs. Anne Jill Writer 

Mrs. Anne Cheek Meyer 

Mr Gary J. Novak 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gosnell Biggs 

Ms. Laura Vitema Roberson 

Mr E. Adrian Parham 

Mr Jim J. Bryant 

Class of 1978 

Dr Harold J. Sleavin 

Mr C. Scott Port 

Miss Alice B. Carr 

Thomwell Jacobs Society 

Mr Clyde A. Tallent 

Mrs. Jean Morehouse Roots 

Mrs. Sarah Lee Davis 

Dr Kenneth K. Hutchinson 

Ms. Jackie H. Wilson 

Ms. Judith M.Vaughn 

Mrs. Barbara Howard Flanigan 

Philip Weltner Society 

Mrs. Janie R Wilson 

Mrs. Laura Fantini Johnson 

Mr. Kevin D. Fitzpatrick, Jr 

Class of 1973 

Mr Wesley F Wood 

Capt. Louis A. Johnson 

MrTTiomas G.Hood 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Ms. Joyce C. Jones 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mr Stephen E. Malone 

Class of 1975 

Mr Wamer L. Kennon IV 

Dr Dale M. Kristle 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr. Kevin R. McGuinness 

Johr} Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr Q. William Hammack, Jr 

Mrs. Patsy Griffith Hamilton 

Mr. Michael B. Saffran 

Miss Tracey Lathem 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Society of 1835 

Mr Bernard van der Lande § 

Society of 1835 

Mr Kevin L. Mende § 

Mrs. Deborah Roach Avery 

Mr Blake M. Christoph 

Society of 1835 

Mrs. Kay Penn Martin 

Class of 1977 

Mr Robert Wyatt Moore 

Ms. Diana M. Blake 

Mr Robert K. Montague 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Black and Gold Club 

Black and Gold Club 

Mrs. Alice Hoke Zimmerman a 

Ms. A. Diane Baker 

Mr John H. Beach, Jr. 

Mrs. Kattiryn Beatty Can- 

Black and Gold Club 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr Gregory S. Fowler 

Miss Nancy T Carter 

Ms. Dorothy S. Burvee 

Ms. Gail Lynn 

Mrs. Tina Salzman Fowler 

Mr. Robert Ross Dimm 

Dr Claire Derdeyn Coles 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mrs. Oebra Losner Kahn 

Mrs. Mikala Warren Engel 

Mr Miles R. Cook 

Mrs. Cathy Markland Villines 

Mr Allen B. Goodwin 

Mrs. Valerie Fakess Cowan 

iy '^^^^Hk 

honor ro 

11 of donors 


Class of 1979 

Class of 1981 

Class of 1983 

Mrs. Judith Hunt Drobinski 


James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Philip Weltner Society 

Mr David M. Gerhardt 


Mr. James M. Cook, Sr. 

Mr Timothy R Tassopoulos 

Mr Donald R. Henry 

Mrs. Carolyn Herzog Hellerung 


Society of 1835 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mrs. Dorothy H. Jones 


Mr. Robert B. Baker, Jr. 

Mr Richard C. Johnson § 

Ms. Bambi Ellison Arnold 

Mr Philip F Law § 


Mrs. Linda Walters Bucki 

Mr Robert M. Kane 

Dr. John M. Marshall 

Ms. Ann Patricia Lenzer 




Dr Robert H. Pullen, Jr. 

Mr Jeffrey B. Levy 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mrs. Kathleen Allen Lunsford 


Mrs. Carolyn Constangy Wasser 

•.Sidney Lanier Society 

Mrs. Dianne McClinton Glennie 

Mrs. Sheryl C. Tomberlin 

Blacl< and Gold dub 

Mr Irani DeAraujo 

Society of 1835 

Mr Mark A. Turcot § 



Mrs. Virginia Ackerman-Smith 

Society of 1835 

Mrs. Eva H, English 

Mr G. Grey Umberger, Jr 

Mrs. Shelby Andrews a 

Ms. Jan Fry Zagoria 

Black and Gold Club 

Mrs, Julie Burnett Wilson 


Mr Michael S. Bahary 

•Black and Gold Club 

Ms, Sandra Lynch Aufderheide, M.A.T '98 

Mrs. Joan Morris Dechovltz 

Mr William F Bazzel 

Dr Susan Crosby Brown 

Class of 1985 


Ms. Ellen M. Erenbaum 

Ms. M. Elaine Minor 

Mr Robert A. Buck 

I Philip Weltner Society 

Mr Thomas F. Forkner Jr 

Ms. Robin Jo Porting 

Mr James H. Burk 

Mrs, Barbara Bessmer Henry 

Mrs. Kathleen Glynn Grupp 

Mrs. Judith Vananzi Rabel 

Mr Bobby L. Fesperman 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Dr Philip A. Norton 

Mr Edward A. Rapp § 

Mrs. Vickie Moore \mn 

Mr, Kenneth P Gould 

Mr. Robert W.Lenzer 

Mr Christopher M. Sertich 

Mr James P. Kelley § 

Mr John B, Zellars, Jr 

Mrs. Diana Marcus Lipton 

Mrs. Robyn Chura Kelley 

[John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr Steve Prettyman 

Class of 1982 

Mrs. Brigitte Mebius-Moggre 

Mr Douglas Robert Dubay 

Miss Judith G. Robinson 

Philip Weltner Society 

Ms. Deborah Lorraine Morgan 

Dr Daniel M, Duncanson 

Mrs. Allison Lourie Ullman 

Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis 

Mr Michael D, Mosher 

Mr Paul B, Miller 

Mrs. Celia Vecchio Warren 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mrs. Glenda McClure Murphy 

Society of 1835 

Mr. Gary R. Kleinfield 

Mrs. Elsie H. Reece 

iMs, Marilyn L, Hays 

Class of 1980 

Mrs. C. Lee Boggus Knippenberg 

Ms. Marjorie Elder Vaught 

\ Black and Gold Ctub 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

' Sidney Lanier Society 

Mrs. Janet Barnett Weaver 

Mrs. Nancy Arnold Cordier 

Mr Raymond S. Willoch 

Mrs. Donna Cron Rasile 

Mr John B. Wilson 

Mrs. Kyle Jordan Cutsinger 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr Robert L. Rasile 

Mrs. Sharon Velinsky Fagin 

Mrs. Cariene Rod Oakes 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Class of 1984 

Mrs. Anne Kohl Fowler 

Ms. Barbara A. Sanders 

Ms. Debra K. Scfireiber 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mr Christian G. Gackstatter 

Society of 1835 

'Society of 1835 

Mr. Brian C. Sass 

Mr John J. Green 

Mr Christopher J. McFadden 

Ms, Debra J. Bradley 

Mr Matthew A, Schuster 

Ms. Nanette Helen Loftis 

Ms. Shauna Paige Milligan 

Ms. Carol OhI Hudson 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr. James W. Moore, Jr 

Mr Reynold F Salmon 

Mrs. Linda Triguero McCormick 

Ms. Susan Harman Alou 

Mr Anthony Francis Murphy 

Dr Marie Sertich Stone 

[Black and Gold Club 

Society of 1835 

Mrs, Robin Rose-Samuels 

Mr Robert E.Wolfe 

Mrs. Mary Ann Murphy Bordes 

Mrs. Stephanie Staples Babbitt 

Mrs, Anita Gegan Willoughby 

Black and Gold Club 

Mr Eric S. Crunick 

Mrs. Sue Goddard Bryant 

Ms. E. Harriett Cone 

Mr John J. Dowd, Jr 

Mrs, Milene Schott Draper 

Class of 1986 

Mrs. Lynette Ossinsky Fine 

(Mrs. Nancye Rice Glenn 

Ms, Laura K, Fowler 

Thornwell Jacobs Society 

Mr Malcolm E. Page 

Mrs. Phyllis Rogers May 

Mr Kevin M. Goff 

Mrs. Laura Turner Seydel 

Mrs. Wilma Lipham Rowe 

Mr. Charles D. Nicholas 

Mrs, Patricia Bourne Goff 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mrs. Catherine Gleim Turcot 

Mr Edward W. Odenkirchen 

Mrs, Elizabeth G. Rulison 

Mr Christopher P B. Erckert 

Mr Martin J. Wells 

Ms. Ellen Heckler O'Hedihy 

Mrs. Megan Weiland Schreck 

Ms. S. Tammy Pearson 

Mrs.Therese Guth O'Shields 

Black and Gold Club 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Ms. Janice Van Wart 


Dr Leah Guynelle Brown 

Mr Marcus K. Woodford, Jr 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr Marcus J. Cash 

Class of 1989 

Society of 1835 


Dr L. Casey Chosewood 

Ms. Michele Anne Guy 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mrs. Dayle Sutton Fowler 



Society of1 835 

Mrs. Mary M. Hamacher 

Mr. Harry R. Frazer § 

Ms. Stephanie L. Phillips 


Dr. Raymond H. Lucas 

Mrs. Marcelle Turner Knauff 

Or Lene Balle Jensen 

Black and Gold Club 

Mrs, Tamara Chaffin Lynda 

Mrs. Carol Lanier Lamer 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mrs. Beth Eckard Concepcion 


Mrs. Diane Dubay Wail^er 

Mr Antonio V. Lentini 

Mr Jonathan W. Johnson 

Ava Marie Salerno Conlin, D.O., M.P.H. 

Blacl< and Gold dub 

Mr J. C. McElroy 

Ms. Teri A. Wall 

Dr Robert M. Grant 

Mrs. Catherine Castagna Abood 

Mrs. Helen Maddox Menefee 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mrs. Michelle Rosen Haney 




Mrs. Barbara Martin Adair 

Ms. Cecilia Mary Mullings 

Mr Scott T Haight § 

Mrs. Brenda Smith Hayden 

Mrs, Jeanne A. Broadhurst 

Mrs. Geneine Walden Payne 

Mr. Kurt A. Hansen § 

Mrs. E. Carroll Lanier Hodges 

Mrs. Maritta M. Bush 

Dr William E. Porter 

Mrs. Karen Barrow Swenson 

Mr M. Oeane Johnson 

Mr Michael J. Cheek § 

Mr Lawrence H. Rollins 

Mrs. Dorothea Pickett Westin 

Mrs. Judith Chapman Kane 



Mr L. Thomas Clements 

Mrs. Terri A. Russo-Alesi § 

Society of 1835 

Mrs. Fran Bennett Konradt 

Ms. Sandra D. Gain 

Mrs. Julie Quickmire Schmitt 

Mr Peter A. Conrady § 

Mr Joseph R McCurdy 


Ms. Georgia Russell Hembree 

Mrs. Sandra Slomovitz 

Mr Ronald L. Kraynick 

Ms. A. Joann McDowell 

Mrs. Sue McCue Johnson 

Ms. Laura Diane Trittin 

Mrs. Wendy Pearson Robertson 

Mr Zachary M. Moretz 

Mrs. Stacey Bronstein Levin 

Mrs. Carol Tieman Yates 

Black and Gold Club 

Dr Wendy Kurant Rollins 

Mr Jonnie T. Payne 

Mrs. Carolyn S. Barlow a 

Mrs. Jennifer Amerson Spiess. MA. '98 

Ms. Harriet Rogers Powell 

Class of 1988 

Mrs. Kathleen Moran Brink 

Mrs. Kerensa Shoemake Wing 

Mr David B. Robertson 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mrs. Victoria Stevens Chapman 

Dr. Victor E. Zubar 

Mr. Donald E. Robertson 

Mr R. Alan Royalty 

Mrs. Marilyn Dumont-Burk 

Dr Frank G. Russo-Alesi § 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mrs. Ann Spalding MacLane 

Class of 1991 

Mr Douglas S. Schmitt 

Mr William M.Clifton 

Mr Michael McCracken 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr James Bruce Spinelli 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mrs. Debra S. Scott 

Mrs. Rebecca Marasia Corder 

Ms. Sally Thomas Spingler 

Maj. Richard A. Briggs 

Mr.Todd E.Shapiro 

Mr Scott M. McKelvey § 

Ms. Jerrle T Thompson 

Society of 1835 

Mr. Matthew R Stien 

Mr Joseph R Shelton 

Mr. Richard R. Ford § 

Mrs. Denise Wood Sutter 

Mrs. Andrea Spencer Shelton 

Class of 1987 

Mr D. Dwayne Hanberry 

Mrs. Stephanie E. Szaikowski 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Mrs. Charis Andrews Hanberry 

Mrs. Carrie Bartenfeld Wilson 

Mrs. Amy Baggett Hansen 

Ms. Margaret 0. Y Chin 

Ms. Cynthia A. Williams 

Mrs. Patricia S. Zaffuto 

Mrs. Doreen Hart Hill 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Black and Gold Club 

Mrs. Elizabeth G. Wilson 

Mr. Richard A. Hans 

Mrs. Deda Walker Band 

Class of 1990 

Society of 1835 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr Brent Andrew Bishop 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mrs. Joselyn Butler Baker 

Dr Mark A. Knautz 

Mr Barry R. Carswell 

Mr John W. Wuichet 

Mr Henry J. Broitman 

Mr Bret K. Sleight 

Mrs. Kimberlyn Hudgens-Abrams 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr Raymond J. Koschak 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mrs. Kathleen McDermott Kraynick 

Mrs. Beth Mon-ison Anderson 

Mr Lance L. Leitzel 

Mrs. Cynthia Bjurmark Dubay 

Ms. Tammy Marie Locklear 

Mrs. Angela Clem Chattin 

Black and Gold Club 

Ms. Marguerite A. Hammond 

Ms. Vicki Lynn Victor 

Ms. Jennifer R. DuBose 

Mrs. Kristin Reeder Boan 

Society of 1835 

Mr Mark S. Noonan 

Ms. Kathryn Garrigan 

Mrs. Mary Samantha Bolger 

Mr Dean Thomas DeCencio 

Mrs. Cynthia Crawford Rollins 

Mr Jon E. Gundlach 

Ms. Wendy Smith Boul 

Mr Wayne A. Gregory 

Mr Michael K. Szaikowski 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr Wayne E. Brooks, Jr 

Mrs. B. Michon Hall Mitchell 

Mrs. Christine Graf Taggart 

Mrs. Nicole Caucci Hall 

Mr A. J. Chabria § 

Black and Gold Club 

Mrs. Kimberly Rouleau Truett 

Mr Thad E. Hall 

Ms. Ember Uziel Constantin 

Mrs. Jean Anderson Adair 

Mr T Charies Truett, Jr. 

Ms. Angel C. Robinson 

Mrs. Stacie Shattles Golns 

Dr James Patrick Capes 

Mr Mark Edward Wilson 

Mr B. Shane Haney 


honor rol 

1 of donors 


Mr. Karl A. Hansen § 

Capt. Valerie Woods Spence 

Ms. Amy D. Zickus, M.B.A. '91 

Mn Joseph H. Coleman, M.B.A. '02 


Mr. Steven M. Hoard § 

Mrs. Lynda S. latum 

Society of 1835 

Mrs. Susan Poston Hansen 


Mrs. Vicki Dawn Hughes 

Mr Charlton C. Walker 

Ms. Pat Bums Baumgarten 

Mn David E. Lerette 


Mr. William H.Lee, III 

Mrs. Jennifer M. Walker 

Dn Mark A. Caprio 

Mn William E. Lukow § 


Dr. Sandra Folkers Levy 

Dn Michael J. Claxton 

Mn Robert N. Lyons 


Ms. Peggy B. Litherland 

Class of 1993 

Ms. Killian Edwards 

Mrs. Amy Puckett McGee 

Mr Robert J, Luxton § 

James Edward Oglettiorpe Society 

Mr Timothy J. Evans 

Mr Marshall Reiser 


Mrs. Jennifer Broadbent-Marine 

Mrs. Elizabeth V Hornbuckle 

Biacl< and Gold Club 

Mrs. Brenda Jericevich Roger 


Mr. Scott T. Piehl § 

Ms. Elizabeth Denece Watts 

Ms. Jennifer Suvoski Bowers 

Ms. Penelope Brandt-Roy § 



Mrs. Trisha Porter 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr Nathan E. Briesemeister 

Mrs. Melissa King Thomas 


Mrs. Trunicia Hamby Rainwater 

Mr. Joseph E. Tomberlin 

Mn Brian A. Davis § 

Mr Michael Andrew Thomas 


Ms. Michelle Ann Sidler 

Mrs. Kristina Randall Tomberlin 

Mn Thomas Fassler 

Mr Geoffrey D. Spiess 

Mr Mark L. Tubesing 

Mrs. Barbara Miller Hall 

Class of 1996 


Mr William A. Strickland, Jr 

Mrs. Sharon Maria Williams 

Mn Jeff Hall 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Mr Michael L. Tolmich § 

Jolin Thomas Lupton Society 

Ms. Jill Reiss Harper 

Mn Charles G. DeNormandie, III 

Mn J. Clark Hill 

Mrs. Heather E. Hornor 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Class of 1992 

Society of 1835 

Ms. Loretta D. Hunt 

Mrs. Donna Findling 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Mn Clifford S. Barros 

Ms. Chara Fisher Jackson 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr. John A. Conant (H) 

Mrs. Pamela Letsos Copsis 

Mn John Z. Olewski III 

Mrs. Heather Andrews Clark 

Mrs. Miriam H. "Bimby" Conant* (H) 

Mrs. Lynn Moody Dale 

Mrs. Holly Howard Sawyer 

Mn Jim H. Faasse 

James Edward Oglettiorpe Society 

Ms. Amy Beth Grossman 

Mrs. Anna San-Martin Soracco 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr B. Shane Hornbuckle 

Mr Thomas C. McCague 

Ms. Elizabeth Anne Zelley 

Ms. Eleanor Fulton 

Mrs. Cathy Appling Vinson 

Mr David M. Ross 

Dn Chanda Johnson 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mrs. Kathryn Pope Schmeiser 

Class of 1995 

Ms. Jennifer Sisco 

Ms, Sheri Studley Davis 

Mn Trung Hoang Vo 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

•'Society of 1835 

Mn nomas Lupton Society 

Blacl< and Gold Club 

Dn J. Mack Robinson (H) 

Mn Mark C. Boyt 

Mr James N. Gussman 

Mr Christopher A. Ballar 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Ms. Ekaterina Galperina-Simon 

Mr. Edw/ard E. Zarecor 

Mrs. Amy Tucker Ballar 

Mn Elmo 1. Ellis (H) 

Ms. Patricia Mazini 

Society of 1835 

Mn J. Patrick Connor 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mrs. Tonya Gibson Russo 

Mr Brett F. Duncan 

Mrs. Leah Bell Crosby 

Mn Alan J. Gibson 

Mn Steve Taylor § 

Mrs. Trina Cavender Duncan 

Mr Douglas C. Leventhal 

Mrs. Teri Butler Gibson 

Blacl< and Gold Club 

Mr Kevin C. Rapier 

Mn Craig D. Panter 

Mn Morris L. Tubesing, M.A. 

Ms. Cristine Deaver 

Mr Brian W. Slater § 

Ms. Gail Williams Patefield 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mrs. Caroline Vinson Dennis 

Ms. June M. Tompkins 

Mrs. Gail Robertson Serauskas 

Ms. Kathleen M. Farrell § 

Ms. Katherine M. Griffin 

Blaci< and Gold Club 

Mr Frederick M. Sicignano 

Society of 1835 

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Healy 

Ms. Kysh Robinson Clemens 

Mrs. Shannon L. Southard 

Dn Brooke N. Bourdelat-Parks 

Mn Bobby Holman 

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Crawford 

MnAdam M. Corder 

Ms. Lin Odom Hopkins 

Mrs. Virginia K. Helms 

Class of 1994 

Ms. Gina G. Fraone 

Mrs. Barbara B. Hutchinson 

Mrs. Vanessa R Lawrence 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mrs. Lu Green LeRoy § 

Ms. Jane C. Perkins 

Mrs. Liane Evans Lee 

Dn Manning M,Pattillo,Jn(H) 

Ms. Michelle J. Perera 

Mr H. David Sabel III 

Mrs. Carol L. Lusk 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr Brian L. Sweeney § 

Ms. Nicole R. Smith 

Mrs. Jennifer Berry Moretz 

Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Weismann 

Mrs. Jane Barrow Tracy 

Mn Rodney Smith 

Mr Brandon K. Pelissero A 

Mn Mark A. Williams 

Blacl( and Gold Club 

Ms. Stacey Chapman Tobin 

Ms. Delores A. Schweitzer 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Dn Caria Hall Alphonso 

Mr Mark B. Sher 

Mrs. Mary Catherine Cutcliffe 

Mn Erik Kenneth Clabaugh 

Class of 1997 

Ms. Carietta S. Hurt 

Mrs. Ligia C. Florim, M.B.A. '03 

Class of 2002 


Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Ms. Creche E. Kern 

Mr Jeremy J. Greenup 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 


Mr. Fred Robey 

Mr. Russell Lind 


Ms, Veronica M. Holmes 


James Edward Oglettiorpe Society 

Mrs. Aimee Thrasher-Hanson 

Mrs. Catherine Borck Horsefield 

John Thomas Lupton Society 



Dr. S. Truett Cathy (H) 

Black and Gold Club 

Mr Jeremy D. Horsefield 

Ms. Vera Veasley Redwine 


Mr Brent W. Latham 

Mrs. Valerie Holshouser Barske 

Mrs. Heather McNeill Ivkovich 

Society of 1835 


Ms. Anita Patterson 


Ms. Belinda M, Kasmiersky 

Mr. James G. Ewing 

Mr. Timothy Randall Roberson a 

Ms. Kathryn S. Brooks 

Ms. Deborah Leighty Leparc 

Mrs. Sheila H. Godwin, M.B.A. 


Jolin nomas Lupton Society 

Mrs. Brand! W. Cannizzaro 

Mrs. Dina Molaison 

Black and Gold Club 


Ms. Melanle Rosen 

Mr Peter L. Cannizzaro § 

Mrs. Kathleen Duda Nason 

Ms. Rebekah Ager 




Society of 1835 

Mrs. Diane Williams Dalbo 

Ms, Amanda L, Regnier 

Mr John R. Aitonen 

Mrs. Erin O'Brien Boyt 

Rev. Julie Ehlers-KIng 

Mr, James Williams 

Ms. Karen S. Anthony 


Ms. Sarah Allison Gatllff 

Mrs. Lisa K. Gyllenswan, MBA 

Ms. Shaniece R. Broadus 

Mr Rok Petrlc 

Mrs. Susan Kick Ferguson 

Class of 2000 

Ms. Alicia D,Cowart 


B!acl< and Gold Club 

Mrs. Monica Hayden 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Mr Andrew R, Crosby § 

Mrs. Kelly Miller Bertier 

Mr Kenneth C. Kuffrey 

Dr Joel Goldberg (H) 

Mr Sri Hemanth Digumarthi 

Mr Joseph Cox 

Mr Bryon C. Letourneau § 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr R Daniel Giordano § 

Mrs. Theresa LInebarger Cox 

Mrs. Jennifer S. Letourneau 

Ms, Elizabeth M, Brattin 

Ms. Aerie T Jones 

Ms. Rebecca Ellis Gardner 

Ms. Dawn Brookman McCullar 

Society of 1835 

Ms. Sallie M. Kaltreider 

Mr Derek Hambrick 

Mr Brian David McNulty 

Ms, Jennifer Sells Furman 

Ms. Elizabeth R Kennedy 

Mrs. Heather Carlen Johnson 

Mrs. Alicia S. O'Kelley 

Black and Gold Club 

Mr Thomas A, Namey 

Mr Michael D. Kelly 

Mrs. Jean E. Pitts 

Ms, Jeannette M. Bellamy 

Ms, Jill L. Oriando 

Ms. Tiffany E. Kelsey 

Mrs. Christina Burnham Rissler 

Mr Andrew Bond 

Ms, Heather Lynn Stanlszewski 

Mrs. Stephanie Chaby Lyons 

Mr James D. Rissler 

Ms. Catherine T Burns, M.A.T 

Ms, La-Shena K. Tatum, M.B.A. '04 

Mr Matthew S. Reeves 

Ms. Kim Phillips Sasso 

Ms, Hanh M, Deutschman 

Mr Matthew R. Thom 

Mrs. Diana Rothe-Smith 

Mr Nathan Sparks 

Mr James Stanford Fisher 

Ms, Kimberiy C. Watkins 

Ms. Angela Satterfield 

Ms. Maria Topczij 

Pastor Mandy McDow Flemming 

Ms. Heather Weiss 

Mr Ryan Strong § 

Ms. Gay Lynn Ziska 

Ms, Nicole GarbarinI § 

Ms. Mary Carol Wollenhaupt 

Mrs. Katie Trjcksis Thompson 

Ms. Misty N. Hood 

Ms. Kelly Holland Vrtis 

Class of 1999 

Mr Wade Hubbard 

Class of 2003 

Ms. Margaret Waterslon Weber 

Philip Weitner Society 

Mr Jonathan C. Milford § 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mr Anthony Wilson 

Ms. Jeanie F Flohr 

Ms, Tina Marie Stults 

Mr William Thayer Mullally 

Ms. Jeanette Randall Wilson 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Ms, Nicole M, Urbanek 

Society of 1835 

Mr David C. Garrett, Jr (H) 

Mr Kevin A. Woolf 

Mr Mark W. DeLong 

Class of 1998 

Dr Donald 8. Stanton (H)a 

Mr Joshua Waller, M.B.A. 

Thomwell Jacobs Society 

Society of 1835 

Class of 2001 

Ms. Jaime Wojdowski 

Ms. Janice McNeal Smith §a 

Ms, Mariruth Leftwich 

Black and Gold Club 

Black and Gold Club 

Philip Weitner Society 

MrRobertA. Milford 

Ms. Penelope J. Anderson 

Mr Chad Anderson 

Mr Claude Spencer Godfrey, Jr 

Ms. KIley A. Ryba 

Mr Christopher Y. Fort 

Ms. Meiyen M. Bell 

James Edward Oglettiorpe Society 

Black and Gold Club 

Ms, Janet A. Grant 

Mr, Eric Conner 

Mr David Reynolds Pass 

Ms. Amy B. Allen 

Ms, Lori A, Moger 

Ms, Jessica R, Dougherty 

Society of 1835 

Mrs. Diane Aitonen 

Ms, Rachel L, Moore 

Mr Robert N, Fink § 

Mr Jason Breitfeller 

Mrs. Amy Katz Bonn 

Mr Lance W. Ozler 

Ms. Angela P Huynh 

Mrs. Kathenne H. Breitfeller 

Mr Hilary Brennan 

Mr. Chris Rylands 

Ms, Katarina Kurincova 

Dr Karen Head 

Ms, Lori A. Collins 

Ms, Sandra A, Soeth 

Mrs. Amanda Lancaster-Needham 




honor rol 

of donors 


Ms. Robin Lohfert 

Parent Donors 

Dr Anthony S. Caprio 

Mr. Delmar B. Bradshaw 


Mr. Carl D. Lubbe 

The following list represents current 

Mr and Mrs. John Ernst 

Mr and Mrs. Larry Briggs 


Ms. Margaret Maxwell 

and former Oglethorpe parents who 

Mr and Mrs. William R. Gussman 

Mr and Mrs. Larry W. Brown § 



Mr Robert! Miller § 

continue to invest in the educational 

Mr and Mrs. Kari J. Hirshman 

|Lt. Col. John B. Brush 


Mr Christoptier A. Simser 

experience of our students. 

Mr and Mrs. Ben F Kee 

Ms. Mimi E. Bryan 


Mr Christopher R. Summers § 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Mr and Mrs. R. Michael Malone § 

Mr & Mrs. Jaime Casablanca 


Mr Eari Dolive 

Mr. Bud Salamone 

Mr James A. Cassell § 


Class of 2004 

Mr Norman P Findley III 

jMs. Hilda H. Casusky 


Sidney Lanier Society 

Mrs. Jacqueline Cook Hartlage '65 

Society of 1835 

Mr and Mrs. Howard Chadwick 


Ms. Susan Bachman Kegley a 

Mr James V Hartlage, Jn '65 

Mr and Mrs. Jose R. Agosto 

Mr Scott Chapman 


Society of 1835 

Mr Robert Nardelli 

Ms. Carolyn N. Arakaki 

Mrs. Patricia Cheeks 


Ms. Linda Eva Blumenthal 

Dr. J. Mack Robinson '95 (H) 

Mr Charles W.Bastedo 

Mr and Mrs. Alan Chunka 

Mrs. Suzanne E. Dorough 

Mr and Mrs. Charles T Bell, Jr 

Mr Enzo Cilento 


Mrs. September Holstad 

Thomwell Jacobs Society 

Mr and Mrs. James L. Bready 

Mr Martin Clodfelter 

Blacli and Gold dub 

Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp '68 9 

Mr James E. Briggs 

Mr and Mrs. R. A. Cobbaert 

Ms. Stephanie Bonner-Wiggins 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen F. Smith 

Mr Tony Lee Broughton 

Mr and Mrs. Walter N. Cohen 

Ms. Peggy Jan Bridges 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Bryson a 

Ms. Cheryl Corbett 

Ms. Jennifer Brown 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mr James E. Carroll '65 

Mr and Mrs. Danny L. Cruff 

Ms. Delikah R. Carter 

Mr and Mrs. Harry Caray, Jn 

Mr Daniel S. Ciener 

Mr Alan H. Curtis 

Ms. Katie Cofield 

Mrs. Mona Tekin Diamond 

Mr and Mrs. John Corbett 

Mr and Mrs. Render S, Davis 

Ms. Kristina Mane Crooks 

Mr and Mrs. John Esterline § 

Mr John Corey 

Mr and Mrs. Russel Dickinson 

Ms. Angela Bagley Fitzpatrick 

Mrs. Joan Womack Rammer '64 

Mr and Mrs. A. R Corum 

Mr Joseph R Dicks 

Ms, Lisa A. Gossett 

Mr. William J. Flammer '62 

Mr and Mrs. Mark Crissey 

Mrs. Murlene L. Dubay 

Mr. Anthony K.Greene 

Mr George E. Goodwin 

Mr and Mrs. Robert Darland 

Mr and Mrs. William A. Emerson 

Ms. Michele Diane Hipps 

Mr and Mrs. Robert Grathwohl 

Mr and Mrs. Render S. Davis §A 

Mr William J. Evans 

Ms. Pattie Ingle 

Mr and Mrs. George H. Lane, III 

JDr D. Peter Drotman a 

'Di. Lawrence 1. Finkel 

Ms, Pamela G. Joseph 

Mr J. Smith Lanier 

Mr Grigori Galperine 

Mr Robert Edward Fitzgerald 

Ms. Tiffany Kirkland.M.B.A. 

Mr and Mrs. Hugh A. Metcalf, Jr 

Mr Kari Jost 

Mr and Mrs. Robert C. Galloway 

Ms, Grace J, Ledfors 

Mr L. Donald Richard 

Mr John 0. Mitchell, Sr. 

Mr and Mrs. Emest L, Ghee 

Mrs. Carisa Lindsay 

Mr Ralph Dean Sims § 

Mr and Mrs. Haffell Robinson § 

Mr and Mrs, Owen Goudelocke 

Mr. Joseph C. Luke, IV 

Mr Mark Royalty 

Ms, Bart)ara F Green § 

Ms. Brooke McCain 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr Larry C, Shattles '67 

Mr and Mrs, Brent Griffith 

Ms. Kelley Napier 

Mr Robert L. Boggus, Jr '49 

Mr and Mrs. Scott S. Thompson 

Mr and Mrs. Wendell L.Hans 

Ms. Victoria J. Payne 

Mr and Mrs. John Cogan 

Mr and Mrs. John T Williams § 

iMr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Hansen § 

Ms. Stephanie Peccia 

Mrs. Reese E. Cume 

Mr and Mrs. Farris F Yates 

Mrs. Eugenia S. Henderson 

Ms. Cassandra L. Prescott 

Mr and Mrs. Rudy Hanzsek, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Gene Hitchcock 

Ms. Sandra S. Quails 

Ms. Irene Kennon 

[Biacli and Gold Club 

Mr and Mrs. William Hodges 

Mrs, Vicky D. Samuel 

Mrs. Janet H. Maddox 

Mrs. Linda C. Allbritten 

Mr Steven Craig Hotter 

Ms, Valyncia Smith 

Mr and Mrs. Douglas Morrison § 

Dr G. Malcolm Amerson 

Mr Gregory Home 

Ms, Sasha Smith 

Mrs. W. Harold Nash 

Mr and Mrs. Steve A. Atnip 

Mr Frank Ippollto 

Ms. Mary Straub 

Mr Morris L. Tubesing '95 

Mrs. Anita S. Baker 

Mrs, Lou Ella Jenkins '71 

Ms. Paula Tecklenburg 

Mrs. Pamela G. Tubesing a 

Dr and Mrs. Timothy Ban-owman 

Dr and Mrs, Alva H, Johnson 

Ms. Christina Vinluan 

Ms. Anne Begnaud a 

Mr and Mrs, John Johnson 

Mr Hayden Willis 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr John J. Bowman, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs, Lester B, Johnson III 

Ms. Ritva Porter a 

Mr James A. Bohart, Sr 

Mr and Mrs. James E. Boyd 

Mr and Mrs. Willie R. Johnson 


Or. and Mrs. W.G. Johnstone 

Mr and Mrs. Charles Stanley § 

Mrs. Janet H. Maddox 

Ms. Susan Bacher 


Mr. Robert S. Jones, Sn '69 

Mr and Mrs. Walter Straub 

Dr W. Irwin Ray Jr 

Mrs. Karen S. Carter 


Dr. and Mrs. James C. Kasperbauer 

Mr and Mrs. Aurel E. Stuart, Jr 

Dr Beth Roberts 

Mr Robert B. Carton 



Mr and Mrs, Patrick J. Kelly 

Mr and Mrs. Theodore Studley, Jr 

Mrs. Pamela G. Tubesing a 

Mr Heath Coleman '95 

Mr. and Mrs. James W. King 

Mr and Mrs. Mark A, Summers § 

Ms. Rebecca A. Whicker a 

Dr Cassandra Copeland 


Mr and Mrs. Scott Kmeger 

Mr and Mrs. Stanton Treuman 

Mr Charles M. Wingo 

Dr Roberta K. Deppe 



Mr Robert W. Lenzer 79 

Mr and Mrs. Robert Tulowitzky 

Mr T Rus Drew 


Mr and Mrs. David Leonard 

Mr and Mrs. Mart< A. Walker 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr Robert N. Fink '03 § 

Mr David Scott Loomis 

Mr and Mrs. Wesley Wallace 

Mr James A. Bohart, Sr 

Mr F Daniel Giordano '02 § 


Mr and Mrs. Peter Lucas 

Mr & Mrs. Charles West 

Dr William L. Brightman 

Ms. Janet A. Grant '01 


Mr and Mrs. PaulJ. Luedtke 

Dr and Mrs. Morgan N. Whaley Sr a 

Dr Ronald L. Carlisle a 

Dr. Robert M. Grant '90 

Mr and Mrs. Josepti C. Luke III 

Ms, Wilma Whatley 

Mr Thomas J. Couch 

Mr Eric Huret 


Mr and Mrs. Richard F. Lynen 

Mr & Mrs. Stephen Williams 

Dr Brad L. Stone 

Ms. Angela P Huynh '03 

Mr and Mrs. John P Maguire 

Rev. & Mrs. R. L. Williamson, Jr 

Dr. Linda J. Taylor 

Ms. Donna Johnson 


Ms. Christine Marshall 

Mrs. Anne Jill Writer '77 

Dr Elizabeth C. Johnson 

Mr John C.Marshall 

Ms. Ann M.Yingling § 

Society of 1835 

Mr George Kopec 

Ms, Ingrid Martinez 

Mr. Joseph A. Zaffuto 

Ms. Beverly Armento 

Dr Peter Kower 

Ms. Aline J. Massey 

Mrs. Patricia S. Zaffuto '89 

Dr. and Mrs. Charies L. Baube 

Ms. Gina Phillips Laney 

Mr Neil Gray McBride 

Mr Manuel F. Bonilla 

Mr Jim Ledbetter 

Mr and Mrs. Fran Mertens 

Faculty and Staff 

Mr Patrick N. Bonones 

Mr Carl D. Lubbe '03 

Or Ronald E. Mickens 

Each and every member of the faculty 

Dr Jeffrey Collins 

Dr Jay Lutz 

Mr and Mrs, Ken Minor 

and staff of the university contributes to 

Mrs. Mary Crosby 

Mrs. Nathalie Mesadieu-Williams 

Mr and Mrs. Tariq H. Mirza 

Oglethorpe's success The following 

Mrs. Therese A, D'Agostino 

Mr Thomas A. Namey '02 

Mr and Mrs. Henry L. Mix 

members of the Oglethorpe community 

MrMari<W, DeLong'03 

Dr John C. Nardo 

Mrs. Lynette T. Myers 

supported the university financially dur- 

Mr William T Doerr 

Mrs. Kathleen Duda Nason '99 

Mr Roger L. Myers § 

ing the last year. 

Ms. Lindsey Mann 

Dr John D. Orme 

Ms. Vickie Newell 

Thomwell Jacobs Society 

Ms, Barbara McKay a 

Ms. Lisa Reams 

Mr and Mrs. Khampheng Norasing 

Dr Larry D. Large §a 

Ms. Holly Hofmann Middlemis 

Dr Seema Shrikhande 

Mr Drew David NIorberry 

Ms. Vicki Miller 

Ms. Nicole R. Smith '96 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph L. Orlando § 

Philip Weltner Society 

Mr Lloyd Nick 

Ms. Valyncia Smith '04 

Mr Craig D. Ranter '93 

Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry '85 

Dr Caroline Noyes 

Dr Robert Steen 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Dennis Patrick 

Dr William F Straley 

Ms. Stephanie L. Phillips '90 

Mr Christopher R. Summers '03 § 

• |Mr. Ronald Pelissero 

Mr Peter A. Rooney 

Ms. La-Shena K. Tatum '02 

Mrand Mrs.Tbomas M. Ponte Sr § 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mrs. Penelope McCulloch Rose '65 

Dr. James M. Turner 

Mrs. Judith Vananzi Rabel '81 

Dr Chris Ames 

Dr Michael K. Rulison 

Ms. Ginger Williams 

Mrs. Patricia Raczynski 

Mr. James T. Hakes 

Mrs. Kelei Sabatino 

Dr Jason M. Wirth 

Mr Ralph Rader, D.D.S. 

Mrs. C. Lee Boggus Knippenberg '82 

Or Daniel L. Schadler 

Mrs. Joanne R. Yendle 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas Remington 

Dr Joseph M. Knippenberg 

Dr Cheryl Granade Sullivan a 

Dr Philip Zinsmeister 

Mr and Mrs. Randall Renz 

Dr Philip J. Neujahr 

Mr Joshua Waller '03 

Mr and Mrs. Eddie Reynolds 

Mrs. Adrina Richard 

Ms. Jaime Wojdowski '03 

Mr and Mrs. Steven Rigdon 

Mr Robert L. Unger § 

Dr Alan N. Woolfolk 

Mrs. Jackie Perdue Rodriguez '71 

Dr Victoria Weiss AG 

Ms, Mary Emily Schultz 

Black and Gold Club 

Mr and Mrs. Martin Schweitzer 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Ms. Aimee Ahmed 

iDr.William O.Shropshire A 

Dr Timothy Doyle 

Mr David Alvis 

Iionnr roll of donors 


Oglethorpe University enjoys the sup- 
port of many individuals who believe in 
the contributions the university makes 
to our community and the world. 
Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 
Mrs. Jesse S. Hall 8 
Mr. Claus M. Halle* 
Mrs. Betsy Hansen 9 
Mr Harald R. Hansen 
Mr, Warren Y. Jobe §a 
Mr David L. Kolb 

ThornwellJacobs Society 
Mr William R. Goodell 
Mrs. Marsha L. Large §a 
Mr James R. Magbee 
Mr. R. D. Odom 
Mr John J. Scalley 
Mr. Arnold B. Sidman & 
Mrs. TobyAnne Sidman a 

Philip Weltner Society 

Mrs. Margaret Conant Dickson 9 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Ms, Elsie L, Adier 


Dr Jeffrey D. Arnett 

Ms. Pin Pin Chau 

Mr Kenneth S, Chestnut 

Mr Milton C, Clipper 

Mr Rowland Cocks 

Mr Paul L. Dillingham 

Mr Jack Guynn 

Mr& Mrs. Charles Edward Brodnax 

Mr Hugh M, Inman, Sr 
Mr James P McLain & 
Mr A, A, Neese, Jr § 
Dr Ken Nishimura 
Mr. Edward E, Noble 
Mrs, Barbara Stanton a 
Dr Pamela Tremayne a 

Sidney Lanier Society 

Ms, Susan Baker a 

Mr and Mrs. Eugene Caldwell 

Mrs. Gail S. Glover 

Mr Marion B. Glover, Jr 

Ms. Elizabeth Roberts King 

Mr Will Hill Newrton III 

Mr & Mrs. Stephan Nygren a 

Mr John C, Pernor a 

Mr Michael L, Salamone 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr John Ambler 

Mrs, Susan Carlisle 

Mrs. Sharon DiMarco 

Mr. Don W. Millen a 

Ms. Maureen A. O'Brien-Briggs 

Society of 1835 

Mr John P Boyle a 

Mr Robert W, Chambers, Jr a 

Mr David Crosby § 

Mrs, Lynn Dale 

Ms, Carol A, Danford A 

Mr John Finnigan III 

Mr Michael A, Gerber 

Ms, Chervl Hall a 

Mr Tom Hall 

Mrs. Kathleen P. Hawks 6 

Ms. Bonnie S, Hayes a 

Dr J. Brien Key a 

Mr and Mrs. Richard Lyon 

Mr James E. Mathis a 

Mr Bradley J. Miller § 

Mr E, R, Mitchell, Jr 

Mrs, Vanya Nick 

Mrs, Virginia P Plummer 9 

Ms. Jodi Saliterman 

Dr Louise M, Valine 

Dr Martha Vardeman 

Ms. Lesley A. Ward a 

Mr Robert P Wilson 

Ms. Joan S. Wink a 

Dr and Mrs. James D. Young 

Mr Paul T, Zantzinger 

Black and Gold Club 

Mr Samuel Akoto A 

Ms. Jane Woods Alexander a 

Ms. Emily Allen a 

Mr Richard A. Allison III 

Mr and Mrs. Gerald Anderson a 

E, B, Arden a 

Ms, Dorothy E, Asher § 

Mrs, Shirley B, Averett A 

Mrs. Yvonne Wichman Baker a 

Ms, Alisa Barry A 

Mr Bruce Bartnick a 

Drs, Jose and Licha da Becerra a 

Mr and Mrs. Charles B. Bedford a 

Mr John H. Belville § 

Ms. Natalie Bennett a 

Ms. Sally Benoy a 

Ms. Vicki Bertrand § 

Mr and Mrs. Bethel § 

Mrs. Paula Lawton Bevington 8 

Ms. Gloria A. Bittner a 

Ms. Maureen Blando a 

jMr. and Mrs. Lou Boos A 

Ms. Sabra Bowers A 

Ms, Linda R Bowles a 

Ms, Josephine C, Breyfogle a 

Mrs. Charlesey W. Brown a 

Dr David W. Brown 

Ms, Micki Brown § 

Ms, Frances B, Bunzl a 

Mrs, Kathryn B, Burke a 

Mr and Mrs, Richard Bush a 

Mr Robert Buttolph 

Mrs, Marion Weltner Cannon 

Ms, Elizabeth B. Carter A 

Ms, Irene Carter a 

Mr Scott Eric Carter 

Mr and Mrs. J. A. Chesnut § 

Dr Margaret Child a 

Mr Norm Citron a 

Ms, Emily Collette a 

Ms, Debra Combs A 

Ms, Judith M, Conn a 

Ms, Barbara T, Copeland 

Dr Louise Cording a 

'Ms. KathyCountin A 

Mr Robert C. Covington § 

Ms. Dorothy A. Cunningham A 

Mrs. Rose Cunningham A 

Mrs. Joan Darrow a 

Mr and Mrs. Bob Davis § 

Mr Guy Stephen Davis 

Ms. Liza Davis a 

Dr and Mrs. S. Carter Davis, Jr a 

Ms. Kathy Deck a 

Mrs. Ariane Chalmers DeLong a 

Ms. Josee Penot Demetry. Ph.D. a 

Ms. Cynthia L, Denman a 

Mr J. Patrick Denman a 

Ms, Cynthia Y Dersch a 

Ms, Carolyn Y Dishman a 

Ms, Sandra DiVitare a 

Ms, Carolyn Doherty a 

Mrs, Ruth C, Donovan a 

Mr W,S, Dougherty a 

Mr Tim G, Dunn § 

Ms. Linda D. Effron a 

Mrs, Jane G, Ellas a 

Mr and Mrs, Bruce B, Emory a 

Mr and Mrs, Graham Erceg a 

Dr Fereydoon Family a 

Mr and Mrs, William M. Farrell 

Ms. Caroline Ferrario § 

Mr and Mrs. Richard Ferraro § 

Ms. Nancy U. Fillingame a 

Ms. Faye First a 

Mr Edwin Fisher a 

Mr Steve Floyd § 

Mr J. Thomas Flynn § 

Ms. Pegi Follachio a 

Mr Ed Franke § 

Dr John Gamwell a 

Mr Paul W. Gann a 

Mrs. Denise A. Garlow a 

Mr & Mrs. B. A. Garrett A 

Ms. Cathy Gay 

Dr John Gentile A 

Dr Stephen J. Goldfart a 

Mr Richard Goudeau a 

Ms. Ursula Greats a 

Dr, James A. Granade § 

Mr Bolin H. Killings a 

Mr and Mrs. Dennis Merony 

Ms. Ann Rowles A 


Mr. Carl H. Griffin a 

Mrs. Sue L. Kimbrell 9 

Mr Jeff Meszar § 

Ms. Joanna Newman Russler § 


Ms. Emily Grigsby a 

Mrs. Frances Y. King a 

Mr. B.Donald Minor A 

Kathleen Ryan & Elray Woolverton a 


Mr. Lewis Gruskin a 

Ms. Kalila King a 

Dr and Mrs. Kenneth C. Molkner a 

Mr Edward Sachs a 


Mr Paul Hacl<man a 

Mr and Mrs. Richard N. King a 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas J. Mooney § 

Mr and Mrs. Mark Sallee a 


Mr James C. Height 

Mr Shinichi Kinoshita a 

Mr and Mrs. Clay Moore a 

Ms. Stacy Saraydar a 




Ms. Barbara P." Hammond a 

Ms. Patricia A. Klump A 

Mr Donald R. Moore 

Ms. Sabina Schievelbein a 

Mr and Mrs. Barry E. Hanna A 

Ms. Margie A. Koenig a 

Mrs. Beverly Moss a 

Mr Arthur Schiff a 


Mr Stephen R. Hansen 

Mr and Mrs, Donald R. Kolbe § 

Ms. Sarah C. Mosteller a 

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Schmutzler a 


Ms. Linda L Harman a 

Ms. Edna B. Kopetz a 

Ms. Rebecca Myers a 

Mr and Mrs. William Sessions § 



Mr Wilber J. Harrell, Jr § 

iMs. KimberlyKoskyA 

Mr Marshall R. Nason 

Mr. Bradley L. Sexaur § 


Mr. Arthur Hanis a 

! Ms. Emily Kovitch§ 

Ms. Francine Needle 

Ms. Cindy Sexton 


Ms. Alice C. Harrison A 

Ms. Susan Kramer A 

Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Neisius a 

Mr Lewis B. Sharp § 

Mrs. Mary Ann Hart a 

Mr. Jonathan Krieg a 

i Mr Danny O.Nesbitt§ 

Mr Harry S. Sharter a 


Mr. Charles E. Hawkins § 

Mr. John Kulavic III § 

Mr and Mrs. Sydney B. Neville 

Mr John Shelton a 

Ms. Kay Hawkins 

Mr DanA/in R. Labarthe a 

i Mrs. Terry Newdow and Family a 

Mr Daryl Shoemake § 

Ms. Marv S. Henderson a 

Mr and Mrs. Michael Lane A 

Ms. Linda Olsen A 

Dr Patricia P Shropshire A 

Mr J. Patrick Herald § 

[Ms. MaryB. Lapwing a 

Mr and Mrs. Philip R. Oneacre 

Mr and Mrs. Sim a 

Mr Gary Hickling a 

Mr and Mrs. Reuben Lasseter § 

Mr and Mrs. James C. Owen, Sr § 

Mr Glenn H. Sims § 

Mr. Casey G. Hild § 

Ms. Ramona Lathbury a 

Mr John Michael Owen§ 

Mr Louis B. Slocum § 

Mr Kent Hill 

Ms. Carolyn B. Lawson § 

Ms. Penny Parker A 

Mr and Mrs. Amold M. Smith a 

Mr Michal Hillman a 

Mr and Mrs. Nolan C. Leake e 

Ms. Elizabeth Bennitt Pearsall § 

Dr Richard B. Smith a 

Ms. Mary Katherine Hodgson a 

Mr M. David Leonard A 

Mr Stephen J. Pearsall 

Cynthia Smith & Paul Freeman a 

Ms. Wendy Hogg a 

Ms. Kathleen A. Leser a 

Mr Louis A. Peneguy A 

Mr. Steven R. Smoak a 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel H. Hollums a 

Dr Ralph Lev a 

Ms. Catherine Ann Perry 9 

Mr and Mrs. Klaus Sorensen a 

Ms. Susanne W. HoweA 

iMs.TeresaLiggin A 

1 Mr Russell G.Petrucka§ 

Ms. Doris C. Squires A 

Ms. Norma Huff A 

Mr Allan Little III a 

Mr and Mrs. John Phelan a 

Ms. Tracy Staniszewski 

Ms. Susan Hughes-lsley a 

Ms. Laura A. Little A 

Dr Carl Pirkle, Jr 

Mr Stuart Staton a 

Mr and Mrs. Jack Humphreys a 

Ms. JoAnn Livesay a 

Mr Roy Plaut, Jr 

Dr and Mrs. C. P Stewart Jr a 

Mr Ron Hutchins A 

Mr. Richard H. Lowe a 

Ms, Carol B. Powell a 

Mrs. Penny M. Stovall § 

Ms. Mary D. Hutton a 

Ms. Johnnie Lowry 

Ms. Susie Pryor a 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Stowe § 

Ms. Suzanne S. Jackson a 

Ms. Kathleen Lumberg a 

Mrs. Lucia Fairlie Pulgram a 

Mr Shane Strickland § 

Mrs. Jo Jagoda a 

Ms. Linda Lyon A 

Mr Jason Radam § 

Ms. Dorothy Savoy A 

Mr Daniel H. Johnston a 

Ms. Lori Malazich 

Mr. Kip E. Raike § 

Ms. Geri Taran a 

Mr David Jones a 

Ms. Carolynn A. T. Mann a 

Mr and Mrs. Cad E. Rains § 

Mr Timothy 0. Tarkington a 

Mr Jeffrey M. Kahn a 

Ms. Bemice Maw a 

Ms. Judith Leone Reed A 

Mr Michael J. Tasos § 

Mr Joseph Kane A 

Dr. JoyA. MaxeyA 

Ms. Ann Boon Rhea A 

Ms. Teresa Texeira a 

Ms. Kristen A. Keirsey A 

Ms. Evelyn Mayer a 

Mr Chades R. Richardson a 

Ms. Barbara Theus a 

Mr and Mrs. Stanley Keleman § 

Mr and Mrs. John E. Mays 

Mr and Mrs. R. H. Richardson a 

Dr David N. Thomas 

Ms. Ingrid Kelly a 

Mr William R. McCamey 

Mr Brian M. Riggins § 

Ms. Miyoko Thompson a 

Mr Michael G. Kelly a 

Mr Jeffrey C. McElroy 

Ms. Ann G. Rinaldi a 

Ms. Ann B. Tomberiin § 

Mr Tim Kelly a 

Mrs. Bennie McGinley a 

Ms. Tracey M. Roberts a 

Ms. Virginia B. Trifiro 

Ms. Jane Robbins Kerr a 

Mr and Mrs. Robert E. McGregor § 

Mr Dennis Robertson 

Ms. Cecelia Turbyville a 

Ms. Anne R Key a 

Ms. Lyn McLaughlin a 

ICdr.andMrs. M.H.Rose A 

Mr. Douglas R. Tumer a 

Mr and Mrs. Mark Kick a 

Mr. Marc Merlin a 

Ms. Sandra Rouse A 

Ms. Joyce C. Tumer a 





honor ro 

1 of done 



Mr. CarlosValdesA 


The Halle Foundation 

The First Families of Georgia 


Chevron, U.S.A., Inc. /^ 


Ms. Nellyn Van Os a 

Milton M. Ratner Foundation 

Wilson R and Anne W, FranWin 

CIGNA Corporation ^ 



Ms. Connie Venuso a 

J. Mack Robinson Foundation 


Community Foundation of Central 


Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Vermillion 

John P Salamone Memorial Foundation 

Martha and Wilton Looney Foundation 



Ms. Maureen F. Waindle a 

Sledge Foundation 

Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation 

Dorian Software Creations, Inc. 

Mr and Mrs. Robert Wall § 

lull Charitable Foundation 

Public Broadcasting Atlanta 

G&K Services, Inc. 



Mrand Mrs. John B. Warren Jr § 

iLettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 

Ryder Systems Charitable Foundation '^ 

J.Smith Lanier and Co., Inc. 

Ms. Linda Warren a 


The Sallie Mae Fund ^ 

;Mende'sATA Karate, Inc. 

Ms. Pamela L. Wedding a 

' Thornwelt Jacobs Society 

Springs Industries, Inc. ^ 

J.R Morgan Chase Foundation 




Mrs, KayHambrickWeeksA 

Chick-fil-A, Inc. 

Subaru of America Foundation ^ 

The Productivity Company, Inc. 

Mr John Wegner a 

The Coca-Cola Company 

The Zellars Family Foundation 

Raytheon Company '^ 


Ms. Gail Wegodsky a 

Florence C. and Hary L. English 

The Zurich North America Foundation ^ 

State Farm Companies Foundation '^ 

Mr Benjamin L. Weinberg, Jr a 

Memorial Fund 

UnumProvident Corporation 


Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Weintraub a 

Federated Dept.Stores Foundation ^^ 

Sidney Lanier Society 

University of Pennsylvania Alumni 

Ms. Janet M.Weil A 

Georgia Power Company ^ 

Bank of America '^ 

Association a 

Mr Piers J. Weyant a 

Harold Hirsch Scholarship Foundation 

Eugene & Martha Caldwell 

The USAA Matching Gift Fund of San 

Mr Don G. White a 

Mary Jane Kohler Foundation 

Foundation a 

Antonio '^ 

Mr. William B. White a 

Ray M. and Mary Elizabeth Lee 

Georgia - Pacific Corporation '^ 

Ms. Clare Whitfield a 


Georgia Antiquarian Book Association 

Blacli and Gold Club 

Ms. Anne M. Whitney a 

Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. '^ 

The Intemational Club of Atlanta 

Annistown Elementary School 

Mr & Mrs. Alan Wilcox A 

Scalley Family Foundation a 

Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. '^ 

The Ayuda Foundation 


Schultz Foundation, Inc. a 

Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP 

Botwin Communications 

Ms. Lois V.Williams § 

Turner Foundation, Inc. 

SallieMae, Inc. ^ 

Caley of Palm Beach County, Inc. 

Mrs. John B. Willis § 

Savin Corporation 

Circuit City Foundation '^ 

Ms. Marilyn W. Willis a 

, Philip Weltner Society 

Time Warner Foundation 

Delta Air Lines Foundation ^ 

Ms. Sophia Z. Winkel a 

BellSouth Corporation ^ 

The Winston-Salem Foundation 

Drexler Shower Door Co., Inc. a 

Mrs. Suzanne Wladar a 

Breedlove Charitable Foundation 

Ford Matching Gift Program to Advance 

Mr John V Wollschloger a 

Dekalb Council for the Arts a 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Education '^ 

Ms. Dianne Wright A 

Flohr Family Foundation 

Accenture Foundation, Inc. ^ 

Hewlett-Packard Company '^ 

Ms. Pamela M. Yartirough a 

Sarah Spencer Godfrey Charitable Trust 

Anheuser - Busch, Inc. '^ 

Interior Design Club 

Hamet McDaniell Marshall Trust 

BKR Metcalf Davis 

Manulife Financial Company '^ 

Corporations and Foundations 


Brooks, McGinnis, & Chafin LLC 

Master Painters of America 

We gratefully acknowledge the fol- 

Northwestem Mutual Life Insurance 

Deloitte & Touche 

Merck Company Foundation ^ 

lowing companies and foundations 

Company '^ 

EmstS Young 

Mobil Foundation, Inc. '^ 

ttiat invested in our students during 

Walter and Marjory Rich Fund 

Habit, ArogetiS Wynne, LLP 

Practice Management Resources 

the last year 

SunTrust Bank, Atlanta '^ 

Johnson & Johnson ^ 

RLI Insurance Company '^ 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

SYSCO Corporation ^^ 

Miller Ray & Houser P.C, 

iScientific -Atlanta, Inc. '^ 

Assistance League of Atlanta 

Prudential Foundation ^ 

Starbucks Matching Gifts ^ 

BCES Foundation 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Revell Flooring Company, Inc. 

The UPS Foundation 

Coca-Cola Enterprises 


Reznick Fedder & Silverman 

The Wachovia Corporation '^ 

The Community Foundation for Greater 

Alexander Haas Martin & Partners ^ 

Teledyne, Inc. '^ 

Wellpoint Foundation '^ 


American Express ^ 

^= /hatching Gift Companies 

John and Mary Franklin Foundation, Inc. 

Community Club Management, Inc. 

Society of 1835 

Contact your Human Resources 

Georgia Foundation for Independent 

Frances and Beverly DuBose 

Bray Pipeline Company 

Department to find out if your employer 




Capital City Mechanical Services 

matches gifts to nonprofit organi/ttions. 

Gifts in Kind 

The Cammie Lee Stow Kendrick 

The Fred C. Robey Endowed Scholar 

Ozgorkey Entrepreneurship Fund 


Oglethorpe University gratefully 

Crouch Endowed Scholar 

The J. Mack Robinson Endowed 

Manning M. Pattillo Professorship 


acknowledges these donors who made 

The Karen S. Dillingham Memorial 


Garland Pinholster Fund for Academic 


gifts of property or service throughout 

Endowed Scholar 

The John R Salamone Memorial 

and Athletic Excellence 


the year 

The R. E. Dorough Endowed Scholar 


Rich Foundation Endowment for Urban 


The William A. Egerton Memorial 

The Steve & Jeanne Schmidt Endowed 



Atlanta History Center 

Endowed Scholar 


Mack RIkard Endowed Lecture Series 


Atlanta Journal-Constitution a 

The Ernst and Young Endowed Scholar 

The Timothy P. Tassopoulos Endowed 

Anne R. SIddons Endowment 


Bigelow Advertising a 

The Henry R. "Hank" Frieman 


Tfie Center for Puppetry Arts 

Endowed Scholar 

The Dr. Heyl G. & Ruth D. Tebo 

Honorariums and Memorials 


Chick-fil-A, Inc. 

The Charles A. Frueauff Endowed 

Endowed Scholar 

Supporting the education of future genera- 


Dante's Down the Hatch 


The Charles L. & Jean Towers Scholar 

tions is a tremendous way to honor those 


Edwin Watts Golf Store 

The Lu Thomasson Garrett Endowed 

The J. M. Tull Scholar 

who have made an impact on our lives. 

Mr Antonio V. Lentini '87 


The United Technologies Corporation 

The following is a list of donations made to 


Mr and Mrs. Dennis Merony 

The Georgia Power Company 

Endowed Scholar 

Oglethorpe University as a way to honor or 

Mizuno Golf Company 

Endowed Scholar 

The Charles Longstreet Weltner 

memorialize someone close to these 

Mrs, Adrina Richard 

The Goizueta Endowed Scholarship 

Memorial Endowed Scholar 


St. Augustine Press 

The Walter F. Gordy Memorial 

The L. W. "Lefty" & Frances E. Willis 

Stone Mountain Park 

Endowed Scholar 

Endowed Scholar 

In Honor of Mr. G. Douglass Alexander 

USA Waters 

The Bert L. & Emory B. Hammack 

The Vivian R& Murray D.Wood 

& Kristina Carlson's wedding 

Memorial Scholar 

Endowed Scholar 

Dr Larry D. Large 

Endowed Scholarships 

The Francis R. Hammack Scholar 

Louise H. Woodbury Endowed Scholar 

Dr Victoria Weiss 

Scholarship endowments make up the 

The Leslie U. & Ola Ryle Hammack 

The David, Helen, & Marian Woodward 

foundation of the financial aid program 

Memorial Scholar 

Endowed Scholar 

In Honor of Dr. G. Malcolm Amerson 

at Oglethorpe University. The foresight. 

The Harold Hirsch Scholarship Fund 

Mrs. Deborah Jobe Koehler '72 

dedication, and compassion of each of 

The Ira Jarrell Endowed Scholar 

Restricted Endowments 

Ms. Gail Lynn '77 

the donors who established these 

The Nancy H. Kerr Endowed Scholar 

These endowments are restricted 

Ms. Cindy L. Sedran '75 

funds make an immediate impact on 

The Mary Jane Stuart Kohler Endowed 

toward enhancing the academic 

Mr Geoffrey 0. Spiess '91 

the lives of our students. 


atmosphere of Oglethorpe University 

The Lowry Memorial Scholar 

through establishing unique academic 

In Honor of Mr. Gordon A. Anderson 73 

The Ivan Allen Endowed Scholar 

The Vera A. Milner Endowed Scholar 

programs, providing professorships. 

Mr Arnold B. Sidman 

The Marshall A. & Mary Bishop Asher 

The Virgil W. & Virginia 0. Milton 

and undenwriting awards tor outstand- 

Mrs. Toby Anne Sidman 

Endowed Scholar 

Endowed Scholar 

ing teaching and research. 

The Keith Baker Endowed Scholarship 

The National Alumni Association 

In Memory of Prof. Leo Bilancio 

The Bank of America Scholars Fund 

Endowed Scholar 

Herman L. Daugherty Endowment 

Mr Thomas C. McCague '93 

The Earl Blackwell Endowed Scholar 

The Dr Keilchi Nishimura Endowed 

Francis 1. Eeraerts Endowed Chair of 

Mr Joseph R. Menez '70 

The Spirit of '63 Endowed Scholar 


Foreign Language 

Mr. Edward A. Rapp '81 

The Miriam H. & John A. Conant 

The Oglethorpe Christian Endowed 

David C. Garrett, Jr. Endowed Teaching 

Rev John S. Sims '68 

Endowed Scholar 



The Michael A. Corvasce Memorial 

The Oglethorpe Memorial Endowed 

The Grenwald Faculty Endowment 

In Memory of Mrs. Odette Guthrie 

Endowed Scholar 


Eugene W. Ivy Endowment 

Blumensaadt '39 

The Estelle Anderson Crouch Endowed 

The Manning M. Pattillo, Jr Endowed 

Vera A. Milner Endowed Professorship 

The Wilson P and Anne W. Franklin 



of Education 


The Katherine Shepard Crouch 

The E. Rivers & Una Rivers Endowed 

National Endowment for the 

Mrs. Rhett Pinson Sanders '43 

Endowed Scholar 


Humanities/Core Curriculum 



1 1 ' 

1 c \ 


honor rol 

\ C)\ dono 



In Honor of Mr. William Bristol 

In Memory of Mrs. Mary L Couch 

In Honor of Mr. Moses Gregory, Jr. 


In Honor of Mr. Stephen Lindsay 


Ms. Brooke McCain '04 

Mrs. Adrina Richard 

Ms. Pamela G. Joseph '04 

and Mr. Cameron Lindsay 


Mrs. Carisa Lindsay '04 

In Memory of Ms. Alice Cornell 

In Memory of Mr. Kevin R. Crooks, Sr. 

In Honor of Mr. Scott Haight '89 



Ms. Kristina Marie Crooks '04 

Mr. James C. Haight 

In Honor of Ms. Jennifer Claire 

Mrs. Clare FIndley Magbee '56 

Marshall '04 


In Honor of Mr. "Pop" Crow 

In Memory of Mrs. Lois R. Hakes 

Ms. Christine Marshall 


In Honor of Larry and Janet Brown 

Mr. J. Cabot Gupton '63 

Mrs. Adrina Richard 


Ms. Jennifer Brown 04 

In Memory of Mr. Jeff Morton '76 


In Honor of Mr. Timothy R. 

In Honor of Dr. Tim H. Hand 

Mrs. Elizabeth Kidder Ambler '76 

In Honor of Dr. & Mrs. J.R. Burgess, Jr. 

Crowley '97 

Dr. Jason M. Wirth 



Rev. James R. Burgess III '72 

Mrs. Heather McNeill Ivkovich '99 

In Honor of Ms. Sydney Holstad 

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip 


In Honor of Ms. Michelle Cataline 

In Memory of Mr. Richard S. Cumming 

Mrs. September Holstad '04 

Ms. Suzanne E. Dorough '04 

Mr. Bud Salamone 

III '54 


Mrs. Catherine 0. Ingersoll '56 

In Honor of Mr. Faisal B. Johnson '04 

In Memory of Mr. Stephen Cole 

In Memory of Mr. Thomas W. 

Mr and Mrs. Lester B. Johnson, III 

Nash '76 

Chandler, Jr. 

In Memory of Mrs. Jane Caller 

Mrs. W. Harold Nash '76 

Mr. Robert L. Manning '64 

Curkin '50 

In Memory of Mr. Charles R. 

Mr Alvin J. Curkin '51 

Jones, Jr. 

In Honor of Ms. Atsuko Nishimura 

In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Doug Cofield 

Mrs. Yvonne Scales Jones '71 

Mrs. Adrina Richard 

Ms. Katie Cofield '04 

In Memory of Dr. Harry Maxwell 


In Honor of Dr. Raymond J. Kaiser 

In Honor of Mr. Olaf Vergil Norman 

In Honor of Ms. Kelly Cogan '04 

Mr. Clark D. Raby '65 

Ms. Gail Lynn '77 

and the late Mrs. Anna Ksionzyk 

Mr and Mrs. John Cogan 

Rev. John S. Sims '68 

In Honor of the Kegley Family 


Ms. Linda Eva Blumenthal '04 

In Honor of Ms. Mary Bridget 

In Honor of the Dorough Family 

Ms. Susan Bachman Kegley '04 

Cogan '06 

Ms. Suzanne E. Dorough '04 

In Memory of Mr. John North 

Mr. and Mrs. John Cogan 

In Memory of Mr. W. Dixon Foster 

In Memory of Miss Rose Bud 
Kent '62 

Mrs. Clare FIndley Magbee '56 

In Honor of Ms. Martha Collins 

and Mrs. Katherine J. Foster 

Mr. and Mrs. Sydney B. Neville 

In Memory of Mrs. Emma Gates 

Mr. John R. Collins '72 

Mr. William R.Foster '58 

In Honor of Dr. Nancy H. Kerr 

Nottingham '34 

Mrs. Rhett Pinson Sanders '43 

In Memory of Mr. Thomas H. 

In Memory of Dr. Lula T Garrett '52 

Mrs. Michelle Rosen Haney '90 

Collins '70 

Mr David C. Garrett, Jr. '99 (H) 

In Memory of Mrs. Betty Ann 

Mrs. Gretchen VonMuller Collins '69 

In Memory of Ms. Mary Jane Stuart 

Brumbelow O'Quinn '53 

In Memory of Ms. Lyndra Suzanne 

Kohler '90 

Mrs. Mary Louise MacNeil '51 

In Memory of Mrs. Miriam H. "Bimby" 

Givens '94 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Farrell 

Conant '92 (H) 

Mr. Matthew S. Reeves '97 

Mr John Finnigan, III 

In Memory of Mr. Antonio Michael 

Mr. Harry R. Frazer '89 

Ms. Amy D. Zickus '94 

Mrs. Fran Bennett Konradt '90 
Mr. and Mrs. Aurel E. Stuart, Jr. 

Palma '42 

iAnnistown Elementary School 

In Honor of Mr. John A. Conant '92 (H) 

In Memory of Dr. Roy N. Goslin 71 (H) 

Dr. Victoria Weiss 

Ms. Micki Brown 

Mr. Harry R. Frazer '89 

Mrs. Linda Sanders Scarborough '65 

Mrs. Kerensa Shoemake Wing '90 
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Young 

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Chesnut 
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Davis 

In Memory of Ms. Lorraine Coss 

In Honor of Veronica and Kendra Greene Dr Marilyn K. Tanner, MHS 

Ms. Caroline Ferrario 

Ms. Pattie Ingle '04 

Mr. Anthony K. Greene '04 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ferraro 

In Honor of Mr. Alexander Jay 

In Honor of Mr. Roland Sauer 



Ms. Carolyn B. Lawson 


Mr Bud Salamone 

Every effort tias been made to ensure 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McGregor 

Dr Victoria Weiss 

ttie accuracy of the information for 


Mr and Mrs. Thomas J. Mooney 

In Honor of Mr. Steve Schmidt '40 

eacti contributor if you M not find 


Mr and Mrs. Carl E. Rains 

In Honor of Mr. Benedict Salamone 

Maj- James C. McClanahan '41 

your name in this pubiication one 


Mrs. John B. Wiilis 

Mrs. Sharon DiMarco 

of two things may have happened. 



In Memory of Dr. George 

1 , We made a mistake. We v;(ould 


In Honor of Dr. Manning M. 

In Honor of Ms. Candace Salamone 

Seward '78 (H) 

appreciate you letting us know of 


Pattillo, Jr. 

Mr. Bud Salamone 

Mr William J. Flammer '62 

any errors. 

Mr and Mrs. John E. Mays 

2. This record includes only those 


In Honor of Mr. John P. Salamone '86 

In Honor of Mr. Kenny Siclgnano 

gifts made during our fiscal year 

In Memory of Mrs. Martha Pattillo 

Mr Michael J. Cheek '86 

Mr Frederick M. Sicignano '93 

July 1 , 2003 - June 30, 2004. 


Dr Ronaid L. Carlisle 

Mr Dean Thomas DeCencio '87 


Mrs. Sharon DiMarco 

In Memory of Mr. Frank 

if you have questions or concerns 


Dr Martha Vardeman 

Mr James Stanford Fisher '00 

Simmons Jr. '59 

piease contact tt/larl< DeLong, 

Mr Harry R. Frazer '89 

Ms. Virginia B. Trifiro 

Office of Deveiopment and Alumni 

In Honor of Donald and Stephanie 

Mr Richard A. Hans '87 

Reiations, at the university's 


Mr. Bobby Holman '96 

In Honor of Walter and Patricia 

address. (404) 364-8330, or 

Ms. Stephanie Peccia '04 

Mr Kenneth C. Kuffrey '98 
Mr David E, Lerette '95 


Ms, Marv Straub '04 

mdelong@oglethorpe. edu. 

In Honor of Mrs. Susan Woodson 

Mr. Jeffrey B. Levy '81 

Pechfelder 73 

Mr. Kevin L. Mende '73 

In Memory of Mr. Jack E. Tebeau '63 

Mrs. Anne Cheek Meyer 72 

Mrs. Jennifer Berry Moretz '92 
Mr Anthony Francis Murphy '85 

Dr. Mickey M. Metcalf '63 

In Memory of Mr. John Pinholster 

Mr David B. Robertson '86 

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Danilo 

Mrs. Jeanne Fuller Schmidt '42 

Mr Donald E. Robertson '86 
Mr Bud Salamone 


Ms. Christina Vinluan '04 

In Memory of Mr. Delbert W. Popp 

Mr Michael L. Salamone 

Mr and Mrs. Render S. Davis 

Mr Todd E. Shapiro '89 

In Honor of Dr. Victoria Weiss 

Mr and Mrs. Donald R. Kolbe 

Ms. Margaret Waterston Weber '97 

Dr Jeffrey D. Arnett 

Mr and Mrs. James C. Owen, Sr 

Dr Victoria Weiss 

Mrs, Mary Crosby 

Mr and Mrs. Charles Stanley 

Mr John B. Wilson '83 

Mrs, Therese A. D'Agostinc 

Mr Ralph Dean Sims 

On Victor E. Zubar '90 

In Honor of Richard and Jacqueline 

In Memory of Mr. Eric T. Prescott 

In Honor of Ms. Mary Ellen 


Ms. Cassandra L. Prescott '04 


Mr Bud Salamone 

Ms, Stephanie Bonner-Wiggins '04 

In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Wayne 

In Memory of Ms. Mary Evelyn 


In Honor of Mr. Michael Salamone 


Ms. Grace J. Ledfors '04 

Mr Bud Salamone 

Mrs. Adrina Richard 

In Honor of Dr. Beth Roberts 

In Honor of Mr. Thomas Salamone 

In Honor of Dr. Ed Wolpert 

Ms. Elizabeth Roberts King 

Mr Bud Salamone 

Ms, Elizabeth Roberts King 

In Honor of Mr. Peter A. Rooney 

In Honor of Ms. Catherine Bauer 

In Honor of Ms. Collins H. Yates '01 

Mr, Williann R. McCamey 

Mr Bud Salamone 

Mr and Mrs, Earns F Yates 





Larry D. Large, President 

Warren Y. Jobe, C/m/> 

Oglethorpe University 


Belle Turner Lynch, Vice Chair/Chair Elect 


Susan M. Soper '69. Secretary 

Roger A. Littell '68, Investment Management ayid Trust Consultant 


Harald R. Hansen, Treasurer 

Northwestern Mutual Trust Company 


G. Douglass Alexander '68, President 

Belle Turner Lynch '61, Atlanta 


Alexander Haas Martin & Farmers 


Clare ("Tia") Magbee '56, Atlanta 

Yetty L. Arp '68. Associate Broker 


Southeast Commercial Properties 

Stephen E. Malone '73, First Vice President 

Merrill Lynch 

A. Diane Baker '77, Attorney at Law 



Roswell, Ga. 

E.R. Mitchell Jr., President and CEO 

E.R. Mitchell & Cojnpany 


Kenneth S. Chestnut, Principal 

The Integral Group. LLC. 

Bob T Nance '63, President 


Milton C. Clipper, President and CEO 

Nance Carpet & Rug Company, Inc. 


Public Broadcasting Atlanta 

R. D. Odom. President 

BellSouth Network Services 

Charles G. DeNormandie II '96, Senior Financial Advisor 

American Express Financial Advisors Inc. 

John J. Scalley, Executive Vice President (Retired) 

IDS Life Insurance Company 

Genuine Parts Company 

William A. Emerson, Senior Vice President (Retired) 

Laura Turner Seydel '86. Trustee 

Meirill Lynch Pierce, Fenner and Smith 

The Turner Foundation 

Norman P. Findle}', Executive Vice President, Marketing 

O.K. Sheffield '53, Vice President (Retired) 

Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. 

BankSouth, N.A. 

J. Lewis Glenn '71, President and CEO 

Arnold B. Sidman, OfCoumel 

Hany Norman Realtors 

Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Martin 

Joel Goldberg, President (Retired) 

Susan M. Soper '69, Communications: Editing, Writing, Consulting 

The Rich Foundation 

Atlanta, Ga. 

William R. Goodell, President 

Timothy P. Tassopoulos '81, Senior Vice President of Operations 

The Robertson Foundation 

Chick-fil-A, Inc. 

Jack Guynn, President ayid CEO 

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta 


James J. Hagelow '69, Managing Director 

Franklin L. Burke '66, Chairman and CEO (Retired) 

Marsh USA Inc. 

Bank South, N.A. 

Harald R. Hansen, Chairman, President and CEO (Retired) 

Elmo I. Ellis, Vice President (Retired) 

First Union Corporation ofGeor^a 

Cox Broadcasting Corporation 

James V. Hartlage Jr. '65, President 

George E. Goodwin, Senior Counselor (Retired) 

Accumetric, Inc. 

Manning, Selvage & Lee 

Trishanda L. HInton '96, Attorney 

C. Edward ("Ned") Hansel], Senior Counselor (Retired) 

Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs LLP 

Jones, Day Reavis & Pogue 

W. Jephtha Hogan '72, First Vice President Investments 

Arthur Howell, Senior Partner (Retired) 

Salomon Smith Barney Inc. 

Alston & Bird 

Kenneth K. Hutchinson '78, Dentist 

J. Smith Lanier, Chairman and CEO (Retired) 

Snellville, Ga. 

J. Smith Lanier and Company 

Warren Y. Jobe, Executive Vice President (Retired) 

James R McLain, Attorney 

Georgia Power Company 

McLain and Merritt, PC. 

Charles B. Knapp, Ph.D., Director of Educational Development 

Stephen J. Schmidt '40, Chairman and CEO 

CF Foundation, Inc. 

Dixie Seal & Stamp Company 

David L. Kolb, Chairman and CEO (Retired) 

Mohawk Industries, Inc. 

Campus Treasures Tell Stories of OU History 

By Erica Rountree 

Poke around the university archives for a day, and 
you could stumble across a wealth of treasures such 
as letters from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Helen 
Keller's signature and a 1 7th century document 
from the Oglethorpe family. You may also discover a 
complete photo history of Oglethorpe, showing the 
campus and its activities from the turn of the 19 th 
century to the present. The university is fortunate to 
have a rich collection of artifacts relating to the his- 
tory of the school. 

"The archives contain a wealth of information about 
the history of Oglethorpe," says Anne Salter, direc- 
tor of the Weltner library. "The collection includes 

books, photographs and documents related to the 
development of the campus and the growth of the 
liberal arts college in the South." 

Alumni are encouraged to search their private collec- 
tions and consider donating materials to the archives. 
These donations will 
become part of the 
permanent collection 
and will enlighten 
and delight students, 
staff, faculty and the 
campus community 
for years to come. 
For more informa- 
tion, contact the 
library at (404)364- 


r timiM ita*u. 











ATLANTA GA 30319-9861 

.I..I.I..I..I..II IIII...I 








Atlanta, GA 30319 


4484 Peachtree Road NE 

Atlanta, Georgia 30319 

Address Service Requested 

Alumni Relations Calendar 

Oct. 15-17: '80s Reunion, John P. Salamone Memorial Soccer Tournament 
and Aiumni Night at Georgia Shal<esp8are Festivai, "IVIacBeth" 
by Wiiiiam Shakespeare 
Nov. 4: Stormy Petrel Bar Association's Fall Social, location TBA 

Nov. 9: Book Club with Professors Bill Brightman and John Orme, 

Sheffield Alumni Suite 

Please visit {i<.eywoi&. aiumni] for more information on events. 

The Alumni Office -wants to know where you are and what you're doing! 

Mail this form to the Alumni Office at 4484 Peachtree Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30319 or update your alumni information at 
(keyword: alumni). To update your information by phone, contact Mary Crosby, Coordinator of Aumni Relations, at (404) 364-8893. 

Name: Last 



□ Alum: Year 

G Parent: Year 

O Friend 

Spouse: Last 



□ Alum: Year 

Home Address: 




Phone: Home 



Business Name: 

Business Title: 

Business Address: 




Class Notes and News (pictures welcome):