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ond Under a 

From Snellville to Bangladesh, 
Petrjis are working to 

improve public health 





Mark DeLong '03 

Kellv Robinson 

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Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch '61, Chair 
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Mr. J. Smith Lanier 
Mr. James P McLain 

The Carillon is published semiannually for 
alumni and friends of Oglethorpe University. 
Oglethorpe, founded in 1835. is a private liberal 
arts college loccated on Peachtree Road in the 
heart of Atlanta. 

Oglediorpe University promises a classic 
education in a contemporary city. Our students 
learn co make a life, make a living and make a 
difference. Our graduates become community 
leaders who are distinctive in their ability to 
think, communicate and contribute. 

Oglethorpe University makes no distinction in its 
admission policies or procedures on grounds of 
^e, race, gender, religious belief, color, sexual ori- 
entation, national origin or disability. 

On the cover: 

Jodi-Anne Pessoa '04, now a student at the 
College of Dentistry at Howard University in 
Washington, D.C., works in the lab with Dr. 
Daniel Schadler, Professor of Biology. 

Contact Oglethorpe University, 

1-800-428-4484 or 404-261-1441 

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2 President's Message 

3 News from the Provost 

• Reading With Fresh Eyes 

4 News and Events 

8 OU Have to Meet Them 

9 Make a Life 

• 90 Years of Basl<;etball 

II Make a Living 

• World Under a IMicroscope 

15 Make a Difference 

• Remembering Steve Schmidt, 1917-2005 

17 Class Notes 

• Alumni Alert 

• Celebrating Alumni 

• Future Freshmen 

• Weddings 

• Alumni Updates 

• In Memoriam 

27 Honor Roll of Donors 

IBC From the Archives 

• Documenting "Old Oglethorpe" 

residents me.<;.' 

Tonight I sit in my new home (on one of the two chairs that 
I have moved in thus far), preparing to share my tlioughts 
with you about my days as Oglethorpe's president. I believe 
I could write a short book about my start, although I have a 
feeling based on the length of my workday that this article 
may have to suffice. 

I love my job and could not be more proud to serve this 
university and all of those whose lives have been touched by it. 

Saturday night, after finishing my dinner at the local 
Waffle House with my parents and younger son, I was 
stopped by a man at the counter who asked me what 
connection I had to OU (I was wearing a decidedly 
unpresidential Oglethorpe golf hat, pair of shorts and 
T-shirt). When I confessed that I was the new president, 
he stated emphatically, "No, you are not. You don't look 
like any president of a college." He insisted on seeing my 
business card, which I did not have with me, then 
proceeded to quiz me on my resume, which he had 
apparently read carefully in the paper. I must have 
answered most of these questions convincingly, at least to 
the point where he felt comfortable enough to share, right 
there at the counter, a few personal complaints about 
Oglethorpe. I left that conversation bemused and 
impressed at the ownership and connection the community 
obviously feels with the university. And of course, it gives 
me the perfect excuse to make frequent trips back to the 
Waffle House. 

Each night for the past month or so, I have set aside 
some time to read. This week I read a wonderfiilly 
moving translation of a story about a Japanese man 
living out the last years of his life amidst the after-effects 
of the Hiroshima bombing. I also read a book on Kant, 
my first venture into Kantian philosophy in over 30 



years. Two nights ago, I delved into the implications of 
Alexis de Tocqueville's political theories on religion in a 
civic society. Last week, I learned about the light-sensing 
capabilities of moUusks. I have studied the principles of 
teacher education in the tradition of the liberal arts, 
witch hunting in Bamberg, Germany, during the 
Catholic Reformation, chivalry in Sir Gawain and the 
Green Knight, urban bird conservation, and women in 
mathematics. I have gone back to school, and I have the 
faculty at Oglethorpe to thank. I asked each member of 
the faculty to share with me something he or she had 
written, as one small attempt to come to know each 
person responsible for engaging and exciting the students 
who come to Oglethorpe. Some, I must admit, are 
difficult for me to grasp (after all, I am only a first-year 
student). But each is passionately felt and gives me a great 
sense of pride in the depth and breadth of our faculty. 

Oglethorpe provides an exceptional education: an 
education that elevates the lives of our students and, in 
turn, infuses the lives of those around them with mean- 
ing and purpose. An Oglethorpe education is all about 
enrichment, meaning and outcomes. Yet we also face 
immense challenges, and I have encountered all of those 
challenges during my first days here. My job is to 
articulate Oglethorpe's mission to inspire each 
constituent to support the university in realizing our 
vision and to provide the leadership to be a prudent and 
wise steward of our resources. Yet it will take all of us 
working together to ensure that Oglethorpe will thrive 
over the next decades. And yes, I will be calling you! 

I am honored to be here, inspired by the trust that 
has been placed in me and thrilled to have this 
opportunity to lead Oglethorpe University. 
Togetlier, we will acc»mplish great things. 

notes from the provost 

Reading with Fresli Eyes 

Christopher Ames 

"That first day [of class] I asked my students what they 
thought ficxion should accomplish, why one should bother 
to read fiction at all." It's a good question, and it might well 
be the start of a lively freshman discussion in Oglethorpe's 
Core 101, Narratives of the Self But the teacher quoted 
above is Azar Nafisi, who asked this question of her students 
at the University of Tehran in September 1979, shordy after 
the Islamist fundamentalist revolution that installed the 
Ayatollah Khomeini as ruler of Iran. 

Nafisi remained in Iran for 17 more years, teaching 
literature in an increasingly hostile and oppressive 
environment, continuing to meet with a small group of 
women students in her apartment after censorship and 
the closing of the university made literature classes 
virtually impossible. She tells her remarkable story in the 
bestselling memoir Reading Lolita in Tehran, which was 
this year's freshmen summer reading assignment. 

Students about to begin their college experience make a 
particularly appropriate audience for Nafisi's book since 
they take for granted the access to information, knowledge, 
inquiry and debate that the people of Iran saw disappear 
before their eyes in the name of revolution. Nafisi's 
students read and discuss classic works of the 
Anglo-American tradition: The Great Gatsby, Pride and 
Prejudice, Daisy Miller and, yes, Nabokov's Lolita. 

We are tempted to think that in a world in which dissidents 
are being jailed and executed, in which female students are 
dismissed from college for refiising to wear the veil or for 
wearing nail polish or mascara, that such traditional classics 
would seem alien and irrelevant. Part of the fascinating story 
that Nafisi tells is how these students discovered meaning 
and relevance in reading great literature from another time, 
place and language. 

Her experience shows us familiar books in a new light. 
What is it like to read The Great Gatsby in a society that 
punishes adiJtery with death by stoning? What is it like to 

read Lolita in a society which accepts arranged marriages for 
12 year olds? What is it like to read Homer's Odyssey in a 
world with transcontinental air travel and global 
positioning satellites? What is it like to read Shakespeare's 
Othello in society where we are often told that racial 
difference is becoming a thing of the past? These questions 
have obvious parallels for our freshmen sitting in 
Narratives of the Self 

But as well as showing familiar texts from a different 
angle, Reading Lolita in Tehran reminds us that the 
pleasures and values of reading fiction cross national and 
temporal boundaries. As Nafisi continues explaining to her 
class on the first day, "Most great works of the imagination 
were meant to make you feel like a stranger in your own 
home. The best fiction always forced us to question what 
we took for granted." For this reason, totalitarian societies 
fear literary works and a free press; and for the same 
reason, higher education in a democratic society immerses 
students in such texts. Reading Lolita reminds us as well 
how precarious the freedoms we take for granted can be. 

Literature helps us find meaning in the world by firing 
our imaginations and broadening the sphere of our 
experiences. In Narratives of the Self, students explore how 
people, over time, have used storytelling to understand 
what it means to be alive. In reading the narratives of 
others, we compose our own narrative of self — just as we 
see Nafisi's core group of students do in Reading Lolita. 

Popular discourse today stresses reading for identification - 
to identify with a character who is somehow like us. That is 
one value of fiction, one answer to Nafisi's question at the 
start of the term. But literature also is valuable because it 
gives voice to things we have not and could not have 
experienced; it is important for its strangeness as well as its 
familiarity. Ultimately, all of a liberal arts education forces 
us to move beyond the boundaries of our immediate 
world, to learn the history and culture of other societies 
and other eras, to see the worlds revealed through the 
analyses of science and social science — learn other 
languages (figuratively and literally). For these reasons, 
Azar Nafisi's courageous tale offers a good starting point 
for the class of 2009. 

news ^ events 

Save the Date 

For a complete calendar of events, please visit 
vwra/ (keyword: events). 

November 4-5 
November 9 
November 1 1 

November 15 
November 17 
November 1 8 
December 1 -3 

December 9 

December 13 

February 9 

February 11-12 
March 31 -April 

Parents Weekend 
Philadelphia Alumni Reception 
University Singers and Chorale Fall Concert 
8:00 p.m. in the Conant Performing Arts 

New York City Alumni Reception 
Washington, D.C. Alumni Reception 
Baltimore Alumni Reception 
Women at the Ttiesmoptioria. directed by 
Miroslaw kocur 

8:00 p.m. in the Conant Performing Arts Center 
Boar's Head Ceremony and Holiday Concert 
7:30 p.m. in the Conant Performing Arts 

David Buice harpsichord concert, Lautenwerck 

7:30 p.m. in the Oglethorpe University 
Museum of Art 

Poetry Reading by Ted kooser, U.S. Poet 
Laureate and 2005 Pulitzer Prize winner 
7:30 p.m. in the Conant Performing Arts 

Homecoming Weekend 
2 Alumni Weekend 2006 

Hurricane Relief 

Many Oglethorpe students spent their Labor Day weekend at the 
airport - not waiting for a flight to an exotic location but volunteering 
with Angel Flight of Georgia to get much needed food and supplies 
to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. 

Led by President Larry Schall and his wife Betty Londergan, students 
bought supplies and loaded them onto planes at Dekalb Peachtree 
Airport throughout the weekend. Oglethorpe students, faculty and 

President Sctiall and students from Alplia Phi Omega and Kappa 
Aipha Order help sort food for the evacuees of Hurricane Katrina. 

staff purchased over $50,000 in food, medicine and bedding during 
the three-day weekend on behalf of Angel Flight. Through Angel 
Flight, pilots volunteered their planes to ship supplies to southern 
Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. 

President Schall, Londergan, Alex Watterson '07 and Kim Wiley '07 
had the opportunity to fly down to Baton Rouge to help unload and 
distribute supplies over the Labor Day Weekend. The following week, 
Schall and Stormy Petrei editor Rachael Maddux '07 visited a shelter in 
Mansfield, Louisiana, to help distribute supplies while his wife flew to 
Baton Rouge with Luis Dominguez '06 to pick up Roberto Gimenez, a 
displaced student from the University of New Orleans who is now 
attending Oglethorpe. 

Maff Woodruff '07, Ahmad Shaheed '08, Nicl< Watterson '08. Aiex 
Watterson '07 and John Esterline '07 load an Angel Flight plane. 

students Help with Wildlife Conservation 

Three Oglethorpe University students volunteered to write a 
brochure to educate fisherman on how to save the kori bustard 
species, Africa's heaviest flying bird. 

Ben Corey '06, Deidre Hubbard '06 and Kelly Sands '05 created 
the brochure after a Conservation Biology class field trip to the 
Wildlife Conservation Society's Wildlife Propagation Facility on 
Georgia's St. Catherine Island. 

Kelly Sands '05. Daniel Em/in '06, Deirdre Hubbard '07 and Ben 
Corey '06 relax on the lookout tower at the Okefenokee Swamp. 

The island is currently being used by the kori bustard Species 
Survivorship Plan operated out of the National Zoo in Washington, 
O.C. The bustard population is declining due to human activities 
such as the use of pesticides, conversion of their habitat to farm- 
land, collisions with overhead power lines and hunting the birds 
for food or for feathers. The educational brochure maps out these 
dangers and solutions with easy-to-understand text and amazing 

"This is a great example of our students going far beyond their 
coursework, applying what they learned (in class) and providing a 
service to society," said Oglethorpe University biology professor 
Roarke Donnelly The Conversation Biology course is an elective in 
the Urban Ecology certificate program. 

Oglethorpe in Princeton Review 

Oglethorpe University is featured in The Princeton Review's The 
Best 361 Colleges 2006 edition which came out in late August, A 
mixture of student quotes and Rewew opinions feature Oglethorpe 
in a very positive manner. Academically Oglethorpe is described as 
"an intimate education." 

A student was quoted to say, "Classes at Oglethorpe challenge us to 
think and introduce us to new concepts. Thanks to our core program, 
these concepts often build upon one another, so that I feel like my 
education is really coming together" 

\ \ College if 
/^Pnnceton ^ 

The student body is described as 

"intelligent and want[ing] to learn. 

Their objective is often not 'career 

prep' but more of becoming a 

learned person." The Inside Word 

written by The Princeton Review 

states, "It won't be long before the academic strength found at 

Oglethorpe attracts wider attention and more applicants. . .Go to 

Atlanta for a campus interview - you'll leave impressed." 

The Princeton Review also ranked Oglethorpe #18 on the Class 
Discussions Encouraged List, one of the 140 Best Southeastern 
Colleges and one of America's Best Value Colleges. 

Have a Seat 

When students returned to campus this fall, they not only had a new 
president and new residence halls (see brief, next page). They also 
had a new way to enjoy the campus environment. 

Trustee Susan Soper '69 and her husband Bo Holland donated 26 
Adirondack chairs for use on the Academic Quadrangle in honor of 
Susan's niece Molly McSweeney The idea for chairs on the quad 
came from a visit to Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvannia. 
Oglethorpe's chairs are made by the same Amish group who 
produced the chairs at Dickinson and arrived just in time for the start 
of the semester, quickly becoming a popular gathering place for 
students between classes. 











The North and South Halls opened for students this fall. 

Students Fill North and South 

This year, upperclassmen were just as excited as freshmen to 
move in, thanks to the opening of two new residence halls. The 
North and South Halls were built on the site of Dempsey and 
Trustee Halls in the Upper Quad. The $10 million, 164-bed 
facilities feature apartment-style living and Oglethorpe's unique 
Collegiate Gothic architecture. 

President Larry Schall noted the construction was completed on time 
and under budget. "It doesn't get much better than that," he said. 

There are four students to a suite, which includes four pnvate 
bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen space and common living 
area. The four-floor granite buildings feature Oglethorpe's unique 
Collegiate Gothic architecture. With the opening of these two new 
residence halls, Oglethorpe has just over 500 beds on campus. 

This is CNN, powered by Oglethorpe 

Anna Rhett Cobb '04, a Communications & Rhetoric Studies 
major, landed a spot in CNN's highly esteemed video journalist 
(VJ) program seven months after graduation. In a matter of 

months, she was training new VJs. Then on April 1 , she was told she 
was going to Rome to assist with the coverage of Pope John Paul II. 
She flew out the next day minutes after his death was announced, 
and stayed in Rome for a week, leaving just before the funeral. 

"I had the chance to work with all the big anchors like Anderson 
Cooper, Christiane Amanpour and Aaron Brown as well as a bunch 
of producers from Washington, D.C., London and New York," Anna 
Rhett said. "I got to see how a whole TV station transports itself 
overseas and works out in the field." 

"I walked about 40 minutes to and from the Vatican every morning," 
she said. "That gave me a chance to see some of the city. I did not 
really get to shop or eat out or sightsee because I worked 1 3-hour 
days. Even so, it was one of the greatest experiences I have ever 
had. I got to witness history, and it was amazing." 

Upon her arrival, Anna Rhett was quickly promoted to her current 
position as a Feeds Coordinator for CNN in Atlanta. 

Anna Rhett Cobb '04 (center) helps prepare for CNN's live 
coverage of the death of Pope John Paul II. 

Freshmen Orientation 

This year's freshmen class is the largest in Oglethorpe's history. 233 
students enrolled in the class of 2009, bringing full-time enrollment 
up to 900 students. During their orientation weekend, freshmen met 
in their Fresh Focus groups to discuss life at Oglethorpe and their 
summer reading assignment, Reading Lolita in Tehran, a choice 
Provost Christopher Ames explains in his column on page 3. 

Permanent Collection on Display 

The Oglethorpe University Museum of Art is showing Focus on 
Realism: The Permanent Collection through December 18. The 
collection represents the diverse and international exhibitions the 
museum has held over two decades. Among the works in the 
collection are dramatic photographs of Georgia O'Keeffe by Todd 
Webb, 18th century engravings illustrating Shakespeare's plays, 
etchings by Camille Corot and August Rodin and realist paintings 
by Americans Richard Maury and Jeffrey Mims and Spaniard 
Francisco Roa. They are all protected by a classic 1 4th century 
Japanese Kamakura Buddha. Also in the collection are new gifts to 
the museum as well as important acquisitions including works by 
watercolorists Francis Augustus Silva and Sondra Freckelton. Two 
of the latest acquisitions are stunning works by Atlantans who have 
each been previously featured at the museum: a finely carved 
wooden torso by Chad Await and a sun-bathed interior oil by Gail 
Wegodsky, pictured below. 










Freshmen got multiple helping hands moving into Dempsey Hall. 
Here Coach Ron Sattele supervises Alex Watterson '07, Nick 
Watterson '08 and Nathan Blong '06. 

Freshmen who moved onto campus August 27 were greeted by 
student volunteers, eager to help the newest Petrels move into their 
residence halls. Freshmen and parents alike were thrilled by the 
assistance offered by Oglethorpe's upperclassmen. 

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon until 
5:00 p.m. Admission is $5 per person, free to members and 
Oglethorpe faculty, staff, students and alumni. Ample free parking 
is located behind the Philip Weltner Library, and the museum is 
located on the library's third floor. For more information call 
404-364-8555 or visit (keyword: museum). 

Annie Hunt Burriss, 

Associate Provost for 

University College and 

Deputy to the President for 

Community Relations 

Previous: Executive Director 

of tlie Governor's 

Commission for a New 


Education: Stephens College, B.F.A; Georgia Tech, 

Master of City Planning; Universiry of Pennsylvania, 

(completing) doctorate in Higher Education 


Jimmy Ebersole, 

Director of Special Events 

Previous: Director of 

Presidential Events at the 

University of Florida 

Education: University of 

Florida, B.S. in 


Management and Adveitising; Emory University's 

Candler School of 

Theology, M.Div. 

Marilyn Fowle, Vice 

President for Business and 


Previous: Vice President for 

Business and Administrative 

Services at Dakota State 

Education: University of 

Houston-Clear Lake, 

Bachelor of Business Administration; Rice, M.B.A.; 

University of Pennsylvania, doctorate 

in Higher Education Administration 

Kelly Gosnell, Director of 

Previous: Associate Director of 
Admission, University of 
Maryland - Baltimore County 
Education: York College of 
Pennsylvania; University of South 
Carolina, M.Ed. 

Nancy Keita, Director of 

University College 

Previous: Assistant Registrar at 

Oglethorpe; Atlanta Parent 

magazine; City and Regional 

Planning Department of the 

Universiry of California, Berkeley; 

Public Affairs at the Sierra Club's 

nadonal headquarters 

Education: San Francisco State University, B.A. in 

psychology and M.A. in Broadcast Communication Arts 

Willlam E. Morse, Director of 
Information Technology Services 
Previous: Chief Information 
Officer and Director, Emory 
University Rollins School of 
Public Health 

Education: Emory University, B.A.; 
Emory Law School 

Kelly Robinson, Executive 

Director of Marketing & Public 


Previous: Director of 

Communications at Atlanta 

College of Art 

Education: University of the 

South, B.A. in English 

Pinholster led the Petrels in Georgia's first integrated 
basketball game in 1961, when Oglethotpe upset 
Rhode Island 64-47. That Pettel squad won the 
National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics 
(NAIA) regionals. Two years later, Oglethorpe won the 
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) 
regional championship and progressed to the National 
Final Four where they claimed a third place finish. 

In Pinholster's final season the Petrels finished second in 
the NCAA regionals. During his tenure, Oglethorpe won 
four Georgia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GIAC) 
championships and recorded 1 80 wins and 68 losses. 

Bill Carter took over from his former coach and led the 
Petrels to a 62-19 record from 1967 until 1970. His 

1968 team finished third in the NCAA regionals; the 

1969 team took eighth in the NCAA nationals. 

In 1976 Jack Berkshire took over a struggling program. His 1980 
team posted 23 wins, won the conference tournament and earned 
a number one ranking in NAIA district 25. The Petrels made the 
NAIA playoffs seven times in the 1 980s before dropping NAIA 
for NCAA. During their first season as a Division III team, the 
Petrels went 17-8 and were ranked ninth nationally. Berkshire 
recorded his 181st win in 1990, surpassing Pinholster for most 
wins as an Oglethorpe coach. 

In 1991 Oglethorpe joined the Southern Collegiate Athletic 
Conference (SCAC) and Berkshire's men were in the conference 
championships. In 1993 the Petrels rattled off 13 wins in a row 
to finish the season 20-6 earning the SCAC championship. 

Brian Davis '94, the SCAC player of the year that season, is still 
haunted by the first-round NCAA tournament game. "I think I 
still have bruises from that game but it was a great atmosphere 
[in Dorough], a great experience." The following season the men 
went 18-7 to finish second in the SCAC and earn their second 
consecutive NCAA tournament bid. 

With 315 career wins, Berkshire retired in 1998. "Coach 
Berkshire is such an important part of Oglethorpe history," said 
current men's coach Philip Ponder '99. "He was a great offensive 
mind. I still run Coach Berkshire's old number one play." 

In 2003 Ponder inherited the men's program after six years as an 
assistant. His young team finished sixth in the SCAC. 

make a life 

The following year the team placed fifth in the SCAC. Russ 
Churchwell '05 became the SCAC all time male leading scorer 
and rebounder and Oglethorpe's sixth All-American male, 
following Bobby Nance '63, Mike Dahl '69, Chris Wall '99, 
Doug Alexander '68 and Brian Davis '94. 

Oglethorpe added women's basketball when it joined the SCAC 
in 1991. Brenda Hillman was the team's first coach, leading the 
women to a fifth-place SCAC finish in their second year. 

Beth Elbon took the helm of the women's program in 1995. In 
1998 the young Petrels upset Trinity. Amy Myers Flinn '00, a 
sophomore at the time, recalls "watching the clock tick down 
and not believing that we were actually going to win." The 
following year Angle Milford took over the women's program. 
Coach Milford's team posted the best record in their nine year 
history in her first season. 

In 2000, Kathy Corbett took over the women's program, leading 
the Lady Petrels to their first victory over cross-town rival 
Emory. In 2002 the women earned a spot in the inaugural 
SCAC tournament. During Corbett's tenure the women's 
program grew and Heather Francoeur '03 rewrote the SCAC 
and OU record books. A rwo-time Josten's trophy finalist and 
Oglethorpe's first female All-American, Francoeur was the 
school's first basketball player to have her jersey retired. 

Ron Sattele came from St. Pius High School to lead the 
women's program in 2004. Sattele embraced the challenge of 
developing a winning women's program saying, "The student- 
athletes here are terrific people who like to achieve. I think 
they can achieve great things on the basketball court." Sattele 
and his staff are committed to instilling a winning attitude and 
changing the face of women's basketball at Oglethorpe. 

The home of the Petrels has already undergone remarkable 
changes. Behind the leadership of Trustee Warren Jobe and his 
wife Sally with the support of Dr. Garland Pinholster, ftinds 
were raised to improve Dorough Field House. 

Chris Sertich '81 and Richard Johnson '81 

At the conclusion ot the 2004 season, the old yellow 
tartan floor was buried under a beautiful new maple 
floor. The lanes are still black and the end lines still read 
"Oglethorpe" and "Stormy Petrels." A large black, gold- 
trimmed "OU" is in the center circle. When the new 
floor was revealed to alumni and donors, it also gained a 
name - Pinholster Court, honoring the legendary coach. 
The rest of the field house also received a facelift, with 
new lighting, carpet and walls installed. Phase two of the 
renovation will bring a new Hall of Fame and cafe area. 

Come see the new Dorough this season. Special events 
are being planned for Homecoming Weekend, February 
10-12, 2006. Check out for details 
and this year's basketball schedule. 



World Under a Microscope 


By Mark DeLong '03 

Oglethorpe's curriculum has historically focused on 
the liberal arts and sciences. Chemistry, physics and 
biology majors learn scientific techniques and theory 
while getting a broad liberal arts background. 

"There are many schools where a science major is all 
science courses," said Dr. Daniel Schadler, Professor 
of Biology at Oglethorpe since 1975. "They have a 
lot of technical training, but technology changes. The 
Oglethorpe liberal arts background comes in handy 
and prepares students for lifetime learning. " 

Through the years, Schadler, one of seven Oglethorpe 
science professors, has helped many students get 
placement in some of the top post-graduate and 
medical programs in the country, including Emory, 
Yale and Princeton. A few receive national recognition 
for their work, while most work behind the scenes to 
make their difference. 


Emily Gurley '96 knew she wanted to live abroad after graduating 
with a bachelor's in history. She grew up traveling the globe, 
living in Bangladesh, Honduras, the former Yugoslavia and 
Switzerland. Now the only history Emily thinks of regularly is 
case history, tracking infectious diseases at the Center for Health 
and Population Research in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

After graduation, Emily entered the Peace Corps in Romania, 
working with non-governmental organizations to develop their 
programs. She discovered an interest in health programs, including 
HIV education and the establishment of a palliative care training 
center at Romania's first hospice. While in Romania, Emily met 
her husband and they both returned to the states so she could 
further her education. 

Emily returned to Atlanta to earn her master's in public health 
from Emory University. Her transition to public health was "a 
natural fit." Emily's dad was a physician and by spending time 
in developing countries, she learned the "incredible impact" that 
health can have on people's daily lives. 

Emily is currently involved in a number of infectious disease 
research projects, including encephalitis surveillance - monitoring 
patient's symptoms at four hospitals, taking case histories and 
sending biological samples to the CDC in Atlanta and Fort 
Collins, Colorado, to test for over 100 pathogens in hopes of 
discovering the cause of encephalitis. Through this project, Emily 
has had the opportunity to investigate three outbreaks of the 
Nipah virus, which is a newly emerging virus first identified as 
the pathogen responsible for deadly encephalitis outbreaks in 
Malaysia and Singapore in the late 1990s. 

"It's really exciting work," she says of her Nipah research. During 
one outbreak, Emily noticed, "all the people who were sick had 
been exposed to a man who had died of it a few weeks before." 
That outbreak investigation provided the strongest evidence to 
date that Nipah virus can be transmitted from person-to-person. 

ake a livim 

Id Uni 

Emily and the Nipah team will continue their year-long 
surveillance as part of the Nipah outbreak project, which began 
this fall and is funded by the National Institutes of Health. 

Emily has spent two years tracking infectious diseases in 
Bangladesh and plans to spend two more. After that, she hopes 
to return to the U.S. to earn her doctorate in epidemiology. 

Geoff Crider '04 never thought he would be working in terrorism 
preparedness, few even thought of the term when Geoff came to 
Oglethorpe in the fall of 2000. A communications major, Geoff 
hoped to become a public relations consultant. In his senior year, 
he began an internship at BearingPoint, a business consulting 
firm, working on a project for the Centers for Disease Control 
and Prevention. After graduation, they offered him a full-time job. 

"The transition was difficult at first because it required me to learn 
a lot about public health and all the behind-the-scenes preparedness 
efforts that have been going on since September 1 1 in a relatively 

short amount of time," Geoff said. He recognizes that his 
courses in rhetoric, business and persuasive writing and the 
core curriculum built a strong foundation for his future. 

"My Oglethorpe education definitely prepared me for 
this job. I feel that if I had gone to any other school, I 
wouldn't have been able to jump into a field and career 
completely outside of what I studied." 

The CDC's Coordinating Office of Terrorism 
Preparedness and Emergency Response, where Geoff 
works, receives over $1 billion in fiinding for 115 projects 
around the country including the Strategic National 
Stockpile. Geoff and five other BearingPoint consultants 
help the CDC analyze and evaluate each project quarterly. 

"There's a lot of jargon I get caught up in," he says. "I've 
become really familiar with words like Bacillus anthmcis 
(Anthrax) and Yersinia pestis (Plague), especially on lab 
and research projects. 

make a living 

"We are helping make important decisions on matters 
that would have an effect on the entire country if another 
terrorist attack were to occur. My big realization is that 
we are making a difference, albeit one that's not visible 
to the public." 


Ken Hutchinson 78 has been running his own dental 

practice in Gwinnett County for over two decades. 

While watching the "sleepy little town" of Snellville 
turn into a booming Atlanta suburb, he has gained 
professional recognition, being named a Fellow of the 
Academy of General Dentistry and the International 



Three years ago Ken began what he considers his most 
rewarding work, joining an annual mission trip to 
South America. 

k' — 

"It's a very humbling experience to see people in abject poverty 
who have none of the creature comforts we take for granted," he 
said. "And yet, they're tremendously happy people. It helps you 
look at priorities in your own life." 

The trips are organized by a church in Augusta, Ga., and include 
a handful of dentists and many students from the Medical 
College of Georgia, where Ken completed his dental training in 
1982. This summer, the group traveled to Peru after taking two 
previous trips to Ecuador. 

"This is often the first clinical experience for these students," Ken 
said. "They have a lot of trepidation in the beginning, but it can 
bolster their confidence when they get back to school. " 

Ken, whose father and grandfather were both physicians, chose 
dentistry as his career path while still in high school. "I knew I 
wanted to do something in the medical field, but I also wanted 
to work with my hands," he said. 

He came to Oglethorpe to study biology while playing in a rock 
cover band that played "frat parties and sock hops. Oglethorpe 
was a tremendous undergraduate experience that ptepared me 
well for dental school," Ken said. 

^ji| When Ken works with students searching for a college, he 

frequently encourages them to check out Oglethorpe. Maybe he 
can persuade his South American patients to make the journey to 
Atlanta. Ken hopes to continue his mission trips - "God willing." 

After her junior year, biology major Heide Oiler '03 was guided 
into a research internship at Emory University by Dr. Schadler. 
That internship gave her real-world experience while allowing her 
to build upon her coursework 

"Internships are a great thing, " Heide said. "I would encourage 
everyone to take one to gain lab experience. " 

ake a livinr 

Heide's internship led to a fiill-time job aiter graduation. After 
two years, she was promoted to lead research specialist in her lab 
at Emory's department of pharmacology. Looking back at her 
time at Oglethorpe, Heide credits Dr. Philip Zinsmeister, retired 
professor of biology, for helping her tackle major concepts and 

"Dr. Zinsmeister was challenging," she said. "He helped you 
grasp the ideas to understand how things work. It also helped 
that his courses matched my interests." 

Growing up, Heide was exposed to the research field early. Her 
mother worked with the German Red Cross, where a team was 
in the early stages of stem cell research. 

Now Heide works on G-protein coupled receptors, trying to 
understand how different drugs or compounds interact with 
them. Her research can lead to more effective drugs that will 
combat everything from the common cold to narcolepsy. 

After completing her internship, Heide studied abroad at Otaru 
University in Japan. She still returns to Oglethorpe to visit with 
current Japanese exchange students. 

"Everyone over there was so nice to me," she said. "They 
helped me see the city and take in the culture. I just hope to 
give a little back when they come to visit here." 

Monique Anderson 01 received second place in the Health and 
Human Services Secretary's Award for Innovations in Health 
Promotion and Disease Prevention for her project Healthy 
Bodies, Healthy Souk: A Faith-Based Community-Academic 
Partnership, completed with fellow Harvard Medical School 
student Rachel Peragallo. 

Vanessa Bundy '01, a student at the Medical College of 
Georgia, was one of 60 American doctoral students who this 
summer learned from Nobel Laureates in chemistry, physics 
and medicine. 

This fall, three 2005 graduates, all basketball players, 
are enrolled in medical school. Julie Colantoni, Russ 

Churchwell and Katie Michalyzk follow many alumni 
who have left the Petrel nest for a medical or public 
health career. 

Dr. Brooke Bourdelat-Parks '95 is a visiting assistant 
professor of biology at Oglethorpe this year, after 
participating in the Fellowships in Research and Science 
Teaching (FIRST) program at Emory. Through FIRST 
Brooke taught a bioethics course to pre-freshmen at 
Morehouse College for two summers after earning her 
Ph.D. in biology from Georgia Institute of Technology. 

Oglethorpe's science alumni are employed at the 
National Institutes of Heath, the Centers for Disease 
Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug 
Administration, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, 
Eli Lily and in their own private practices. 

This past May, Trustee Robert E. Bowden '66 attended a 
campus event where selected students, including two 
science majors, discussed their specific discipline and 
what Oglethorpe means to them. That very day Bowden, 
who was not a science major, donated $25,000 
earmarked to update lab equipment and possibly provide 
a science scholarship. This is just one example of how the 
Oglethorpe community can make a difference in the 
lives of current and future students. 

make a living 


By Dr. Garland Pinholster 

"Mr. Oglethorpe" died this past spring, one day after 
Oglethorpe graduated the class of 2005. Steven J. 
Schmidt '40 embodied the Oglethorpe experience. 

His legacy will not be in words, nor will it be in the 
bricks and mortar of buildings with his name on them. 
Rather his legacy will be in the hearts and minds of every 
single person who had the opportunity to know him. 

Steve was orphaned at age 10. He never complained but 
always bragged on his foster parents. Steve had what I 
call the "get up" spirit. Some people come to defeat early 
in life and stay there always. Appalachian siblings born 
into poverty from the same gene pool will turn out 
differently. One will get up and one will not. It has 
always intrigued me why that happens. 

Steve got up and stayed up after his early knock down. 
He arrived at Oglethorpe at 1 8 with a football scholarship 
and most ot his worldly goods on his back. Steve played 
football as a 140-pound quarterback in OU's razzle dazzle 
double wing. It involved a lot of reverses and double 
reverses in the backfield ball handling. 

He was known as "Mr. Stormy Petrel" or "Mr. Oglethorpe" due 
to his love of the college. Steve met his wife Jeanne at 
Oglethorpe. The couple was happily married for over 60 years. 
While flying missions in WWII, Steve nicknamed his B-29 
bomber the Stormy Petrel. 

After his WWII service, Steve began coaching high school football 
and basketball. He coached at Baxley and then at North Fulton 
High. WTien I met Steve, I was trying to coach basketball at the 
college without a budget, a gym or a ball. Steve encouraged me 
and set about providing all of the ingredients needed. We began 
what for me was the most fulfdling years of my life. 

Steve's love of the college was so great and his enthusiasm was so 
contagious that it carried over to everyone at OU - board members, 
facidry, students and alumni all caught his spirit. I have always 
thought that Steve was directly responsible for the building of a 
gym, directly responsible for the athletic scholarships we had and 
direcdy responsible for all the athletic success we enjoyed 
between 1956 and 1966. In the following 10 years, we instilled 
pride in the athletic program while the college grew from 200 
students to 1,000 students. He helped later coaches and players 
just as much as he did us. 

His love of Oglethorpe spread to his employees at Dixie Seal & 
Stamp. Virtually all of his employees worked on college projects 
at one time or another. At times I would walk into their offices 
and yell out, "All you people working on Dixie Seal stuff, stop 
and start on OU work." Some would laugh and hold up OU 
material that was on their desk. 

Steve's long and successful career at Dixie Seal and Stamp was 
built on what I call the lagniappe theory of business. That is, the 
bakers dozen. In South Louisiana, the Cajuns will nearly always 
give you something extra with your purchase - a lagniappe. It was 
always impossible to leave Dixie Seal & Stamp without two things 
happening: you would leave with a gift - it might be 
something small such as a 1 2-inch ruler made ot brass called a 
"golden ruler," but you woidd leave with something, and you 
would hear the latest news about the children in his life - Leslie, 
Palmer and Stevie - and later about the grandchildren - Cameron, 
Fran, Curtis and Marty. 








When I was able to get a bill passed creating a specialized auto 
tag for Georgia's highway wildflower fund, the entire Dixie Seal 
& Stamp art department was dedicated to the design work. 
When you see a state wildflower tag on the highway, remember 
that it really started with Dixie Seal & Stamp. 

In addition to his professional work, Steve was an active member 
of his community. He was a member of Oglethorpe's Board of 
Trustees for 43 years, serving as chairman for 14 years. 

Steve also presided over the Atlanta Rotary Club, The Atlanta 
Tip-Off Club, the Braves Booster Club, the Administrative 
Board of the First Methodist Church of Decatur, the Georgia 
Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Association, the children's 
PTAs and anything else in the cit)' that was good for its citizens. 
With all that he never lost interest in our athletic program, so 
today we have the Steve Schmidt Recreation Center and the 
Schmidt Residence Hall at Oglethorpe. 

One year, at the annual Tip-Off Club Naismith Awards banquet I 
presented Steve a plaque that I had agonized over for some time. I 
finally settled on just three lines that I thought summed up Steve 
Schmidt's life philosophy fairly well. Here are the three lines: 

The best source of power is attitude. 

The best source of achievement is self discipline. 

The best source of virtue is loyalty. 

After I presented the plaque to Steve, Coach Norm Sloan of 
North Carolina State copied the verbiage for use in his locker 
room. I think Steve was pleased with it, and I still believe those 
lines sum up Steve's life philosophy. 

class notes 

Alumni Alert 

Dr. Larry Schall has been named the 16th president of Oglethorpe, after a 
long and thorough search led by Bell Turner Lynch '61 and a committee 
with many alumni. Those of us who have spent time with Dr. Schall will 
unequivocally tell you that Oglethorpe is extremely fortunate to have him 
lead us into our next phase of greatness. Please make it a priority to attend 
one of the many welcome events planned to introduce Dr. Schall and his 
wife, Betty Londergan, to the Oglethorpe community this academic year. 

If you haven't been to campus lately, there is much to see besides the new president. Two new residence halls, com- 
pleted just under the $10 million budget, opened in time for students to move in this August. The Dorough Field 
House has literally been transformed the centerpiece being a beautiful new maple hardwood floor 
appropriately named Pinholster Court, in honor of legendary coach Dr. Garland Pinholster. The Schmidt 
Recreational Center has also been transformed, thanks to a partnership with Infinite Sports Performance. Our 
tennis courts will soon receive an overhaul as well, with more details to come later this year. 

Let me encourage you to help us make sure that your alumni association continues to play a vital role in the life 
of the university. Please show your support by attending upcoming university events, including Alumni Weekend 
2006 (March 31 -April 2). Keep an eye out for reminders about other alumni activities. Please also support the 
university by contributing to this year's Oglethorpe Fund. Whether you received 100% scholarship or paid every 
dime for your education, your continued financial support of Oglethorpe is needed to ensure that future generations 
can have the same great Oglethorpe experience as you did. 

Finally, we are always looking for alumni who would like a more active role in the alumni association. To learn 
more, contact me ( or Barb Henry in the Alumni Office ( or 
404-364-8443). As the new president of your alumni association, 1 look forward to a great year and hope you 
will be a part of it. 

JoeShelton '91 






Courtney Terrell '05 

Celebrating Alumni 

Last May brought two new alumni traditions to 
campus - the Carillon Ceremony for graduating 
seniors and a Medallion Ceremony during 
Commencement for Golden Petrels. 

The class of 2005 was the first to participate in the 

Carillon Ceremony. Over 60 seniors climbed the bell 
tower, signed the historic Carillon Registry and rang one 
of the 42 carillon bells in celebration of their accomplish- 
ments at the university. The ceremony received press 
coverage in the next day's Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 
The class of 2006 eagerly awaits their turn to ring the 
bells atop Lupton Hall. 


class notes 

I""' ■ - ""Sl^liteiia^ Graduates from 1955 and earlier were 

b^JjBF^Bt ^-J^H^B honored in a special way at the 2005 
KAi.liVcm. ^Hr^fl Commencement Ceremony on May 
i ^^MHHBlniMBl ^' ^'^^ ' ^ Golden Petrels in 
U^^H^^^^HSH^H attendance, including Walter "Bill" 
^^^^EB^^^^KkI Turrendne '55 (letr, honored by Joy 
^H^H^^^^^^^il Simmons 05). were presented with 
Ei^^^^^^^^l medallions in recognition of their 
lifetime accomplishments and their 
contributions to the Oglethorpe communir)'. The Golden 
Petrels also enjoyed a luncheon in their honor after the ceremony. 


Future Freshmen 

Professors Misha Barnes Smith '9 1 and Dr. Bradford Smith 
announce the birth of Rebecca Rose on June 9, 2005. Rebecca 
weighed 8 pounds, 2.5 ounces and measured 21.5 inches long. 

Erin Canney Whittemore '91 and her 
husband, Stewart, are pleased to announce 
the birth of their son, Owen Patrick, on Dec. 

Stephanie Stanley Calloway '92 and her husband, Clyde, proudly 
announce the birth of their daughter on March 6, 2005. 
Jasmine Angel weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and measured 18 
inches long. 

Mark Tubesing '93 and his wife, Katy, announce the addition of 
Lilla YunQiao to the Tubesing family. She was welcomed into 
their family on June 7, 2005, in JiangXi province, China. She is 
10 months old and was born on Aug. 8, 2004. Kary, Mark, Jake 
and Landon are thtilled with their new daughtet and sister. 

Barbara Miller Hall '94 and Jeff Hall '94 
announce the birrh of their fourth child, 
Elizabeth Brooke, on Nov. 19, 2004. The 
family is eagerly awaiting Jeff's return from 
his current deployment in Baghdad, Iraq. 



Jill Reiss Harper '94 and her husband, Scott, 
are pleased to announce the birth of their 
daughter, Alice Rose, on Nov. 23, 2004. The 
Harpers currendy reside in Washington, D.C. 
Jill completed her Ph.D. in molecular biology 
in 2001 and works at the National Institute 
y of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. 

William Lukow '95 and his wife, 
Courmey, announce the birth of their son. 
Carter Michael, on June 24, 2005. Carter 
weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces and measured 
20 inches long. 

Ingrid Carroll Knight '96 and her 
husband, Chris, are pleased to announce 
a new addition to their family, Ryan 
Christopher, born May 26, 2005. Ryan 
weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces. He joins 
big sister Maggie, who is 2 years old. The Knights live in 
Warner Robins, Ga., where Ingrid is a stay-at-home mother and 
Chris is a branch manager for United Rentals in Macon, Ga. 

Pierre Bethoux '98 and his wife, Christine, announce the birth 
of their first child, Gauthier, on Jan. 25, 2005. All three of them 
would be happy to hear from Oglethorpe alumni while they are 
visiting in France. 

Chia Min Chen '00 and her husband, John 
McDonald, announce the bitth of their son, 
Anthony Suken, on July 16, 2005, weighing 
6 pounds, 9 ounces. Chia and John were 
married on Sept. 4, 2004. 

Jennifer Sells Furman "00 and her husband, 
Michael, welcomed their first daughter, 
Paige Rhianna, on May 26, 2004, at 
Sindelfmgen Hospital in Sindelfingen, 
Germany. Paige weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces 
and measured 21.5 inches long. Everyone is 
doing fine, and Paige survived her first 
permanent change of station move from 

Germany back to the U.S., where Michael is now stationed with 

the U.S. Air Force. 

Christine Radcliffe Jarvis '0 1 and her husband, Steve, proudly 
announce the birth of their first child, Katelyn Anne, on April 
14, 2005. Katelyn weighed 7 pounds and measured 21.5 inches 
long. Christine is currently a financial analyst at Agco 
Corporation in Duluth, Ga., providing analysis for the CIO 
and Global MIS team. 

Heather Ringer Martin '01 and Kevin 
Martin '01 announce the birth of their second 
child, Braeden Gharrett, on May 7, 2005. 
Braeden weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce and 
measured 20 inches long. His sister, Ashlyn, 
loves showing him off to everyone. The 
Martins currently reside in Columbia, S.C., 
where Kevin is interning with Providence 

Lutheran Church. Heather is telecommuting to Adanta where she 

continues her work in human resources and IT. 


Celeste Boris Hutchings '79 and Ralph 
Christopher Burr are pleased to announce 
their marriage on Jan. 1 , 2005. Celeste is 
currently employed as a real estate paralegal 
at Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. in Atlanta. 
Ralph is in the process of moving to Atlanta 
from Roanoke, 'Va., where he is an engineer 
employed at Lockheed Martin. They will live 
in Marietta, Ga. with Celeste's daughter, Isabelle. 

W. Davis Broach '96 and Angelika Gorecka 
were married on Jan. 15, 2005, in Poznan, 
Poland, and currently live in Warsaw. For 
theif honeymoon, they left the dark, Polish 
winter and spent three weeks in Malaysia, 
Thailand and Nepal. Angelika works for 
Perfect Model Agency and Davis is the 
regional investment officer for a private 
equity fund in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Elizabeth Stockton '96 married Timothy 
Jecmen on Nov. 13, 2004, at the Newman 
Catholic Student Center and Parish in 
Chapel Hill, N.C. Stacey Chapman Tobin 
'96 and Patrick Floyd '98 were among the 
friends who attended. Elizabeth and Tim are 
completing their Ph.D.s in Early American 
Literature at the University of North Carolina. 

Robert Pace '99 married Mary Shana Wingo of Bradford, Tenn., 
on May 14, 2005. The couple enjoyed a honeymoon in the 
British Virgin Islands before returning to Savannah, Ga., where 
Robert works as an attorney with Ellis, Painter, Ratterree & 
Adams, LLP. 

Anna Blacklidge '02 and John Breton '97 
proudly announce their marriage on May 7, 
2005. Their wedding parry consisted of 
many previous Oglethorpe students and 
alumni, including: Gatrett Breton (Best 
Man), Jay Williams '99, Michael Dusang 
'99, Stacy Copassaki (Maid of Honor), 
Lindsay Hodges, and Jessica Saulson. 

Shaniece Broadus '02 and Demond Criss are 
celebrating their first year of marriage. They 
were united on May 29, 2004, in Shaniece's 
hometown ot Greenville, S.C., on a beautifiil 
mountain top called "Pretty Place." 

Jessica Doughert}' '03 and Gabriel Dean '03 
were married on June 18, 2005, at the 
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in 
Atlanta. There were lots of Oglethorpe 
alumni in attendance. 

Melinda Vegso '03 and Christian Blonshine 
"01 were married on June 11, 2005, at 
Peachtree Christian Church in Adanta. There 
were over 40 Oglethorpe alumni in attendance 
including wedding party members Lauren 
Montagno '02, Kathryn Hargrove '02, Kylene 
Ball '02, Lisa Gossett '04, Colin Pajot '01, 
Wesley Wade '03, Dan Ngyuen '01, Matt 
Mills '0 1 , Austin Markiewicz '01. Following the wedding, the 
couple honeymooned in Antigua. The couple now resides in 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

Stephanie Singh '04 and Sunil Chapagain were married on July 
10, 2004, in Norcross, Ga. They had rwo wedding ceremonies, 
Sikh and Christian. They were joined by many Oglethorpe 
gtaduates and current students. The couple lives in Marietta, Ga. 

Amy Tennihan 04 and Brian Huskey '03 
were married on July 16, 2005. There were 
several Oglethorpe alumni in the wedding. 











class notes 

Alumni Updates 

Thyrza Perry Evans '29 is retired from teaching and now spends 
much of her time tending her garden and being with her family. 
Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: Thyrza remembers the "ole" Chi 
Omega hut down in the woods, and the little shack across from 
the entrance by the railroad tracks where she and her friends 
used to eat peanut butter crackers and soda for lunch. She also 
remembers the close relationship between the faculty and 
students and the level of trust such an environment offered. 

Evelyn Silverman Katzman '29 is still on her feet and of sound 
mind at 97 years old. Evelyn had an interesting career comprised 
of a being a staff member of Southern Banker, a freelance writer 
for Smith Hammond School Book Publishers, a department 
store copywriter and a radio commentator at two stations for 
Providence stores. 

Elizabeth Hamilton Snook '30 is living at her home in Salmon, 
In, where she moved in 1935. Her husband, Fred '30, passed 
away in 1961. She and Fred had three daughters and one son. 
Elizabeth taught elementary school for 20+ years. She enjoys 
company and her good home health care. 

John "Jack" Mills Fain '30 has been married to his wife, Barbara, 
for 6 1 years. Jack served on General Douglas MacArthur's Fifth 
Air Force staff during WWII and on the U.S. Army Air Corps 
staff of General "Hap" Arnold. Jack founded Campus Crusade 
for Christ in 1965. Jack and Barbara have a daughter, Jackie, and 
three grandchildren, one of whom lives in heaven. 
Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: John recalls when his fraternity 
brother made the winning touchdown to beat Georgia Institute 
ofTechnology. He also fondly recalls memories of the "Co Eds. " 

Ann Cox Williams '33 taught in the Atlanta School system for 
27 years before retiring. Anne currently enjoys her cabin at Lake 
Rabun and attending senior university classes. 
Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: Aime took German firom a faculty 
member who taught classes on Oglethorpe's campus over the 
campus radio WJTL and she remembers passing notes in class so 
their whispering could not be picked up by the microphone. 

Marion Tyus "Ty " Butler '35 is a retired professor and alumni 
director for the University of Georgia. Ty has a family history of 
service in the military, as his grandfather lost his leg at the Battle 
of Seven Pines in the Civil War. 

Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: Ty remembers the professors 
at Oglethorpe being some of the best he experienced during his 
college career. He also fondly recalls the lovely co-eds and 
excellent food at Oglethorpe. 

Jeannette Bentley Moon '38 graduated from Oglethorpe with a 
bachelor's degree in English literature before receiving her master's 
degree in journalism from Emory University in 1953. Her 
educational career culminated in her receiving an EDSD from 
the University of Georgia in 1969. 

Herman Leon Campbell '39 retired as a vice president from 
Citizens and Southern National Bank, which is now Bank of 
America, after 36 years of service. He then served as a disaster 
loan officer with the U.S. Small Business Administration for 
three years processing loans for disaster victims. 
Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: He fondly remembers his association 
with former Oglethorpe President Dr. Thomwell Jacobs. Herman 
loved his classmates dearly and will always remember them. 

Elmer George '40 was the executive director of the Georgia 
Municipal Association for 26 years and was honored by six 
governors and two presidents for his work on behalf ol the State 
of Georgia. Elmer was inducted into Oglethorpe's Athletic Hall 
of Fame in 1990. His daughter Carole Sellers '63 and son-in- 
law Woody '64 are also proud Oglethorpe graduates. 
Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: Elmer remembers fondly English 
faculty member Dr. Stevens inviting him to the premiere of 
Gone with the Wind. "So long as the spirit prevails and the Petrel 
flies. Oglethorpe will continue to be a strong institution and 
major influence on young people for years to come." 

Charles "Chuck" Edward Newton '42 is retired from his 
position as general sales manager for U.S. Steel. He served in 
the Navy for three years during WWII, achieving the rank of 
Lieutenant, Junior Grade. After serving in WWII, the Navy sent 
Chuck to Harvard Business School. 

Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: Chuck has lots of fond memories 
of fun with classmates. He also remembers riding to East 
Chicago, Indiana, at Christmastime with Coach Patrick. 

Willard Maxwell Gaston '43 retired after 35 years of service 
as a counselor for the State Labor Department. He was in the 
Marines for three years, achieving the rank of Technical Sergeant. 
He attended O.C.S. in Quantico, but the war ended before he 
was commissioned. 

Favorite Oglethorpe Memory: Willard recalls all the athletic 
events and various organizations that he participated in with 
friends. He expresses how wonderful it was "to be able to attend 
a college like Oglethorpe." 

Rhett Pinson Sanders '43 retired from the Federal Government 
after working for 35 years. She currently does volunteer work 
with a number of organizations, including First Presbyterian 
Church of Atlanta, the Atlanta Historical Society, Atlanta 
Symphony and other organizations. She loves to ttavel and also 
enjoys reading, playing bridge and doing puzzles. 

Favorite Oglethorpe Memory: Rhett loves Oglethorpe and 
what it did for her. She particularly enjoyed the "Triple-Es." 

Hubert Stepp '46 spent 40 years working for Transus Motor 
Freight in Rome and Dalton, Ga., after his graduation from 
college. His Oglethorpe career was interrupted when he was 
drafted into the Army serving from 1943 until 1946. He is past 
president of the Rome Lions Club and enjoys his retirement 
hours training beagles for field trials. 

Joseph "Joe" Granbery Cannon '48 is a retired industrial 
engineer who owned and operated Personalized Press. He also 
attended the U.S. Naval Academy. 

Robert Boggus '49 retired afl:er a successful career with the 
Piedmont Moulding Company. Robert has continued to be an 
active alumnus, serving on the National Alumni Board and as 
president of the Oglethorpe Athletic Booster Club. He has also 
volunteered with the Rockdale County Boy's and Girl's Club 
and the Rockdale County Youth Soccer Association. Bob and 
his wife Charlotte are the proud parents of two Oglethorpe 
graduates, Charlotte (Lee) Boggus Knippenberg '82 and Robert 
D. Boggus '85- Professor Joe Knippenberg is his son-in-law. 

Elizabeth Stephens Clodfelter '49 is retired from the Pharmacy 
Corporation of America. She has enjoyed traveling to Europe, 
gardening and reading. Her three children, six grandchildren 
and two great-grandchildren give her great joy. 
Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: She remembers the close friends 
she made on the campus and the family atmosphere that was fos- 
tered between faculty and students. She never drives by campus 
without conjuring up faces and names that she will always treasure. 
"My days on the Oglethorpe campus were my happiest days." 

Doris "Dot" Pickens Hinson '49 is a retired teacher who is also 
an active volunteer and founder of the Tallahassee Symphony 
Society. Dot is a decent at the Florida Supreme Court and the 
Governor's Mansion. She is involved with the Tallahassee 
Community Chorus and president of the Freedom Foundation of 
Valley Forge (Atlanta Chapter). Dot was named Volunteer of the 
Year in the Arts in Tallahassee, Fla., where she currently resides. 

James H. "Jim" Hinson, Jr. '49 is a retired president of 
Tallahassee Community College. "He also served as 
superintendent of DeKalb County Schools, chancellor of the 
Virginia Community College System and president of DeKalb 
College (now Perimeter College). He is a member of 
Oglethorpe and Tallahassee Community College's Athletic Halls 
of Fame for his excellence in basketball, baseball and cross 
country. James was an Oglethorpe Trustee and the 1 979 
recipient of the School Bell Award." 

William Ray Holley '49 retired from Federated Department 
Stores and began to teach ceramics classes. He has enjoyed trav- 
eling to Europe, Hawaii, Alaska and the West Indies. Last year, 
he returned to France tor the 60th anniversary of the Allied 
Landing at Normandy Beach where he served in the 1940s. 
Favofite Oglethorpe Memories: William remembers participat- 
ing in the Oglethorpe choir, the Oglethorpe theatre group, 
writing for The Stormy Petrel and winning the Oglethorpe Cup 
at graduation. He also recalls Dr. Philip Weltner repeating over 
and over that you have to learn "how to make a life and make a 
living," which are wonderful instructions for a happy life. 

Walter Van Horn Slack '50 worked as a real estate broker and 
owned Walter Slack Realty. In 1974, he was elected to the City 
Coimcil and sponsored the first municipal no smoking ordinance. 
Walter has had two books of poetry published and received the 
Editor's Choice Award from the National Library of Poetry. 
Walter is also the oldest runner to finish the 10k Bolder Boulder 
for 23 years. 

John R. Fisher '51 has been married to Jean LilHan since 1953. 
John enjoys traveling all over the world with a singing chorus 
that entertains troops. His hobbies include music, gardening, 
bonsais and travel. 

Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: John recalls being president 
of his class and the student body. He also remembers the Boars 
Head Society, baseball and chorus. He had four years of 
wonderful associations at Oglethorpe. 

S. Bleecker Totten '51 retired as a real estate attorney. He served 
as a member of the Board of Directors for the Recording of the 
Blind and Dyslexic, as well as for the International Center of 
New York, Inc. His favorite hobby is traveling the world. 
Favorite Oglethorpe Memory: He recalls memories of Dr. Philip 
Weltner and his dedication to Oglethorpe and its students. He 
appreciates even today the well-rounded education he received 
at Oglethorpe. 

John Frederick "Fred" Agel, Sr. '52 is a retired salesman for the 
Bowman Distribution Company. Fred has been honored for his 
volunteer work numerous times, including receiving the 
Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel's Way Award for Community 
Service and the DeKalb County Community Service Award. At 
Oglethorpe, Fred served as president of the National Alumni 
Association and received the Talmage Award in 1 987. Fred is an 
active traveler, having visited each continent except Antarctica. 
His hobbies include golf hunting, baking and gardening. Fred's 
son. Rick Agel '72, graduated from Oglethorpe and his grandson, 
John Frederick Agel III, will graduate from Oglethorpe in 2007. 

lass notes 

Marjorie Browne Muth '52 is a retired technical assistant and 
publicist. She and her husband Eugene were married for 46 years. 

Edmund Alexander Bator '53 married Martha Zachry Mayson 
'51 and attended Oglethorpe University on the GI Bill of 
Rights. He joined the Foreign Service and his final tour of dury 
was in Washington, D.C., before he retired after 25 years of 
service. Edmund was a guest lecturer on the Middle East at 
Oglethorpe University until 1990. 

Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: He remembers the extraordinary 
faculty that Dr. Weltner brought to the school. He believes that 
Oglethorpe proved itself to have a rewarding atmosphere, both 
dedicated and relaxed, a special combination. 

O. K. Sheffield, Jr '53 retired afi:er many years at BankSouth 
where he specialized in government banking. O. K. has held a 
significant role in many different organizations, including the 
Atlanta Jaycees and the American Cancer and Heart Society. He 
served two terms as president of the Oglethorpe National 
Alumni Association. The O. K. Sheffield Alumni Suite adjacent 
to the Great Hall of Hearst was dedicated on April 30, 2004 in 
honor of O. K. and his strong commitment to having an alum- 
ni presence on the Oglethorpe campus. 

Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: O. K. enjoys the Carillon bells 
on top of Lupton Hall which bring back many fond memories 
of campus life and still give him "goose pimples" when he hears 
them chime on the quarter hour. 

Mary Williams Cazalas '54 retired in 1979 afi:er a distinguished 
career as a nurse and attorney. She clerked for Judge Godfrey 
Regan on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, was a general 
practitioner and then was the U.S. Assistant Attorney in New 
Orleans for 1971-1979. Mary has lecrured extensively and was 
widely published on issues involving law and medicine 
throughout her career. 

Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: The business law class that Mary 
took with Dr. Weltner is what inspired her to go to law school. 

Sidonia Jones Bell '55 married James in 1953 and had rwo 
children. After teaching for 1 8 years and working as a travel 
agent for 20, she is now retired. Sidonia and Jim enjoy spending 
time with their six grandchildren. Sidonia has taken oriental 
brush painting classes for rwo years and loves to travel. 
Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: Sidonia remembers living in the 
dorm wirh Barbara Torrey Peddicord '55, Mr. Colburn's outfits, 
Dr. Brown's classes and Mr. Livingston's art class. 

Rebecca Harris Dartt '55 is a published writer. Her books are 
The Straight Story (1990), Good Cop/Bad Cop (1994) and Sweet 
Mercy (2001). Becky is currently writing a book about the 
Georgia public school crisis in the 1950s. 

Barbara Carver Fagan '55 lives in Georgia and worked as an 
elementary school principal. After Oglerhorpe, she received her 
M.E.D. and her Ed.S. from Georgia State University. She has 
two children: Ralph, a middle school assistant principal, and 
Kennon, with the Georgia D.O.T. She loves retirement, 
traveling and her grandchildren. 
Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: Barbara remembers the lovely campus. 

Elizabeth Mathieu Frias '55 is retired after teaching for 32 years 
in the public schools. She received the Teacher of the Year 
Award from Sutton Middle School in 1983. She currenrly serves 
on rhe Auxilary at Fannin Regional Hospital, co-directs the 
Sunny D. Children's Theater and works as an information 
specialist at the Chamber of Commerce. She enjoys her cabin in 
Blue Ridge, Ga., and her three teenage grandchildren who keep 
her young. 

Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: We were blessed with an 
outstanding facidty and core curriculum. The classes in human 
understanding, citizenship, character and morals were life-changing. 

Elizaberh Christian Jackson '55 retired as Professor Emeritus of 
Mercer Universiry. She worked for 40 years on the faculty of the 
School of Pharmacy and library administrator at both the 
Naylor (pharmacy/nursing) Library and Swilley Library. She has 
been serving in Antigua in the Peace Corps, assigned to the 
Nelson Dockyard Museum of the National Park Authority, 
working wirh the history and archeology of this island country. 
Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: Elizabeth's favorite memories 
include teachers, the play A Streetcar Named Desire, the Arts 
Club and faculty reading ghost stories in the dormitory. 

Elizabeth "Betsy" Jones-Lukacs, MD '55 is a physician in 
Maryland. She served in the U.S. Air Force for 21 years and 6 
months, achieving the rank of colonel. As a hobby, she raises 
Connemara Irish Ponies. She has four children: Amanda, in 
photography; Laurel, in social services; Angelique, a writer; 
Klara, in real estate. 

Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: Betsy remembers singing and 
Mr. Valente, the music director. 

Fred A. Miller, Jr. '55 works as senior vice president for Stuckey's 
Inc. and president of Miller, MuUis and Miller PC. He has two 
children: Frederick, in banking; and Forrest, in auto sales. After 
graduating from Oglethorpe, he received his B.BA. in accounring 
from the University of Georgia and his J.D. from Mercer. 

Doris McKibben Sanders '55 and her husband, Cecil, have been 
involved in volunteer medical mission trips to third world 
countries since Cecil's retirement as an orthopedic surgeon. 
These trips have seriously impacted their lives. Retired from 
teaching high school, Doris now teaches senior adult ladies at 
church, while enjoying some travel during her free time. They 
also stay busy with their six grandchildren. 

Waiter Turrentine '55 retired from Lockheed Aeronautical after 
30 years. Walter recently received his 50 year pin from the Sons 
of the American Revolution where he has served as the president 
of the local chapter and held offices at the state level. He and his 
wife Joyce '72, who retired after many years in rhe DeKalb 
County School system, have a daughter, Amy Turrentine 
Roberts '98, who also is a teacher in the Atlanta area. 
Favorite Oglethorpe Memories: He remembers fondly classes 
with Drs. Scripner and Brown studying Western Civilization and 
Art History. Dt. Scripner was a decorated war hero of the Banle 
of the Bulge and made a profound impact on his students. 

Wilfred "Whitey" LeBlanc '61 is semi-retired as a contractor in 
Rochester, N.Y., and continues as principal percussionist with 
the Brighton Symphony Orchestra. He recently received a 
diploma in percussion from the Eastman School of Music. 
Whitey spends his summers sailing the Great Lakes in his sloop, 

Russell Eisenman '62 had an article chosen by Questia librarians 
as one of the top ten anicles or books on the topic of drugs and 
crime. The article was "Decline in the Use of Legal and Illegal 
Drugs in the United States 1972-1990, and the Subsequent Drop 
in Crime," pubhshed in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology in 
2002. Russell is now an associate editor of this journal. 

Judith Seidenspinner Massey '63 and her husband, David, 
spend three and a half months of the year at their lake cottage 
in Ontario. The rest of the time they spend traveUng, going to 
their log cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains and right now are 
moving into another house in Gainesville, Ga. She is happy to 
be retired. 

Mickey Metcalf '63 has joined Gardner- Webb University as 
Assistant Professor of Management and Law and Regional 
Coordinator of Business Programs for graduate and undergraduate 
business courses. He is also President and CEO of The 
Momentum Group, a company active in management and 
management information science consulting. Mickey resides in 
Kernersville, N.C., in the Piedmont Triad area with wife Jan 
and two Yorkies. 

James Bundy '64 and Jane Lincoln Bundy '64 have both retired 
and moved to Washington, Ga. They renovated a dilapidated 
antebellum house on Main Street in 1995 and now live there full 
time. They would love to have visitors if you are in the area. 

Kenneth Penn Davis '64 was awarded the Herbert G. Horton 
Award by the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, created 
by former Boy Scouts based on the principles of scouting. 
Kenneth is a member of the National Capital Area Council of the 
Boy Scouts of America. While at Oglethorpe, Davis was a member 
of the Honor Court and smdent government vice ptesident and 
president, served as assistant editor and spons echtor of The Stotmy 
Petrel and played junior varsity basketball for two years. 

Virginia Bremer Wiley '64 and her husband. Jack, are both 
thrilled with the freedom that their move to a "no more yardwork" 
townhome affords. Both are also enjoying the most tecent 
grandchild, Virginia Grace Leerssen. 

Mimi Milner Elrod '66 has directed the Summer Scholars 
program at Washington and Lee University, for the past 15 years. 
Her husband John died in 2001, while serving as president of 
Washington and Lee. In 2002, Mimi ran unsuccessfully for a 
seat in the Virginia House of Delegates, learning a great deal in 
the process. Mark Warner appointed Mimi to the Virginia 
Council of Higher Education in 2003. and she serves on 
Lexington's City Council. 

Virginia Turner Avery '68 was recently honored at a Diamond 
Jubilee celebrating her 75th anniversary as a member of the Delta 
Zeta Sorority at the Sheraton-Buckhead in Adanta. Virginia 
joined the sorority in 1930 while a student at Oglethorpe. At that 
time the sotority was Beta Phi Alpha, combined with Delta Zeta 
in 1941. Virginia is still active in a number of societies and travels 
on short trips to visit friends in Atlanta. 

Robin Whyte Hoffiman '70 was appointed president of DeKalb 
Technical College in Clarkston, Ga., in January 2005. Robin 
also serves as an elected member of the Georgia Delegation of 
the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of 
Colleges and Schools and currendy chairs a compliance and 
reports committee. 










lass notes 

Randi Holmes Kerns '71, 
Jacquie Swift Ross '71, Tia 
Lipman Torch '71, Debbie 
Schnell Taylor '71 all attended 
the wedding of Jacquie's daughter. 
They all stay in touch and have 
Oglethorpe to thank for their everlasting friendship. 

Randi Bickman Roth '75 is teturning to work as a science 
teachei at Millennium Middle School and is employed by 
Broward County Schools. Her daughter, Jessica, will be a junior 
at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. Her rwins are 
juniors in high school, and the youngest is a freshman. She 
would love to heat ftom her long lost Oglethorpians. 

Matthew Perry '76 has recently accepted the position of ditector 
of sales, long term care insurance, for Allianz Life Insurance 
Company of North America. Matthew will be working with 
field marketing organizations and general agencies throughout 
the entire southeastern United States. 

Robert Moore '78 lives in AJpharetta, Ga., with is wife, 
Kathleen, and two children, Leila and Christopher. Robert is 
the president of Mill Springs Academy. 

Tom Sechrist '81 is now living on the Gulf of Mexico in Palm 
Harbor, Fla. He and his wife, Kathryn, moved there one year 
ago from Ohio. Tom and Kathryn will be celebrating their 20th 
wedding anniversary in November. They have a seven-year-old 
daughter, Rileigh, and a four-year-old son, Gabriel. Tom would 
love to hear from his friends from the good old days. 

Lynne Serby Cross '82 is living in Griffin, Ga., and teaching 
fifth grade. Her older daughter, Sara, started her second year at 
Oglethotpe this fall. 

Michele Cubit May '82 is currendy serving as a quality assurance 
analyst with SunTrust Bank. She has achieved the professional 
office of assistant vice president. 

Margaret Chin '87 invited Dr. Vicky Weiss 
out to lunch in San Francisco to celebrate 
Margaret's birthday. A great time was had 

Christine Graf Taggart '88 is a registered sonographer at 
Wellstat Kenneston Hospital. She is also a creative memories 
consultant. Her husband Jeff is tetiring from the U.S. Marine 

Corps this summer. They have decided to stay in Paulding 
County with theit childten Makayla, ten, and Alexander, seven. 

Timothy Richardson '90 recently started his own clinical trials 
business called Trinity Clinical Trials Inc. 

Cheryl Ritzel '91 has recently become a published author for 
the second time. Her mystery novel. Runner's High, was released 
in July. Runner's High is the second in her series set in Atlanta 
(the first of which was titled Beginner's Luck). Cheryl is also a 
guest speaker for many organizations. 

Jamie Walker Ball '95 has earned her law degree from 
Southwestern University School of Law and has been admitted 
to practice in California. She is now an associate at Rushfeldt, 
Shelley and Drake and is specializing in medical malpractice 
defense. Jamie had her 15 minutes of fame on July 7, 2005 
when she appeared on an episode of Jeopardy. 

Brooke Bourdelat-Parks '95 has accepted a one-year position as 
visiting assistant professor of biology at Oglethorpe. She 
completed her Ph.D. in biology at Georgia Institute of 
Technology in 2003. Since then, Brooke has been a part of the 
Fellowships in Research and Science Teaching (FIRST) program 
at Emory University. Through FIRST, Brooke has spent two 
summers teaching a bioethics course to pre-freshmen at 
Morehouse College. She looks forward to puning her training 
to use at Oglethorpe in the fall. 

Lu Green LeRoy '95 and her husband, Nick, moved to 
Montreal in August 2004, and they will return to Indianapolis in 
Decembet 2005. Lu does public relations for Roche Diagnostics 
U.S. Lu helped to plan the successful 10 year class reunion for 
the Class of 1995 held duting Alumni Weekend 2005. 

Krysta Solomon '95 is currently employed by HealthLogic 
Systems as an account executive. She is responsible for maintaining 
the corporate account for Triad Hospitals. Krysta traveled 
extensively throughout the year visiting with the hospital staff. 

J. Alison Bess-Meyer '96 and her husband. Curt Meyer, moved 
from Denton, Texas, to Clemson, S.C, in August 2005 where 
Alison began her pre-doctoral internship in the 
counseling center at Clemson University. At the conclusion of 
her year-long internship, she will have earned her Ph.D. in 
counseling psychology from Texas Women's University. Her 
husband. Curt, a doctoral student in English, will also serve as a 
lecturer for the English department at Clemson University. 

Chad Foster '96 has recently published his second book, So 
That You May Believe. It is an apologetic analysis of the Gospel 

of John. Chad continues to teach theolog}' at Ttinit)' College 
and serve Murray State University as the Lutheran chaplain on 
campus. This past summer Chad did post-doctorate work at the 
University of Strasbourg in France. 

Shaunna Graf-Billingsley '96 has a full-time position as the 
manager of medical transcription with Norton Healthcare's 
Oncology practice, Louisville Oncology. She is aiding the 
development of the electronic patient record system for this 
non-profit practice. She is also working on a contract-basis as 
a telecommunications site acquisition agent for General 
Dynamics in the Louisville, Ky., area. 

Allen Reed Horsley '96 recently accepted an associate attorney 
position in the litigation division ot the law firm of Kilpatrick 
Stockton, LLP, in Adanta, where he specializes in corporate 
insurance litigation. 

Kristin Herbert '97 is living and working in New Orleans. She 
graduated from medical school and is now in a residency 
program. Kristin's specialty is in emergency medicine. 

Stephanie Giles Howard '97 is teaching a 
summer school kindergarten class for 
underprivileged children at St. Paul's 
Lutheran Church in Hickory, N.C. She also 
markets homemade castille goatmilk soap at 
local mountain craft festivals for her 
company. Homemade in Hickory. She and 
her husband are excited to have launched 
their first land contract in Kentucky for their real estate busi- 
ness, URent Properties, LLC. Her St. Bernard, Benedict 
Howard, and her cat, Little Lord Fauntleroy, are also doing well. 

Randall "Randy" Roberson '97 has accepted a promotion within 
the Government and Politics Department at the University of 
Maryland and is now the direaor of administradve services. He will 
be the chief financial and administrative officet of the department. 

Carolyn Schumacher '93, '97 is currently a stay-at-home mom 
for her two daughters, Grace, five, and Anna Marie, one. She 
works part time for Kennesaw State University's early childhood 
department as a university supervisor for student teachers. She 
completed her specialist in administration in 1998 and is 
researching locations to achieve her doctoral degree. 

Jena Jolissaint '98 has been hired as a one-year visiting assistant 
professor of philosophy at Oglethorpe. Jena received her 
bachelor's degree in philosophy cum laude from Oglethorpe 
and her master's degree in philosophy from the University of 
Oregon. She is completing her dissertation at Oregon on the 

topic, "Receiving Socrates' Banquet: Plato, Schelling, and 
Ifigaray on Nature and Sexual Difference. " 

Jennifer Jones '98 has been named vice president of public 
relations for Macquarium Intelligent Communications in 
Atlanta. Jennifer previously led the public relations campaign 
for Macquarium's entertainment and e-commerce groups and 
is now taking on a larger role within the entire enterprise. 

Megan Walters-Brightwell '98 graduated last year with a mastet's 
degree in professional counseling and is now working at St. 
Mary of Eg}'pt Orthodox Church of America Counseling 
Center in Norcross, Ga. She sees adults, children and couples. 
In April, Megan gave a workshop at St. Tikhons Seminary in 
Pennsylvania and in July she led workshops in Canada. 

Michael Decken '99 is working as an internal auditor for Great 
American Financial Resource, Inc., in downtown Cincinnati. 
He lives in the area with his new wife Linda. 

Heidi Blackwell '99 is the ticket sales supervisor at the Center 
for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta. She also moonlights at an Atlanta 
theatre as a stage manager and props designer 

Donald Stanton '99, honorary doctorate and former Oglethorpe 
president, is serving as interim president of Haywood 
Community College in Clyde, N.C, through December 31. 
Don and Barbie are looking forward to 2006 when they will 
again have ample time to travel, be with family and enjoy 
retirement. Don and Barbie send everyone warm wishes. 

Shannon Champagne '00 is currently the director of the 
medical assisting department at a local technical college. She 
feels that Oglethorpe was the best career decision she ever made 
and that Oglethorpe built her self-esteem. She has never been 
more proud to be a graduate of a university. 

Kelley Miller Frankovitch 00 is the practice manager at Pets Are 
People Too, an emergency veterinary hospital in Dunwoody, Ga. 
Kelley manages the support staff, facilities, inventory and more. 

Jodie Sexton Goff 01 completed her 
MBA degree this summer from 
George Washington State University 
in Washington, D.C. She and her 
husband, Todd, now have a seven- 
month-old daughter, Emma. 

Bryan Kenna '01 is leaving his job with Pricewaterhouse 
Coopers to pursue an M.B.A. at the Kellogg School of 
Management at Northwestern University in Evanston, 111. 












ss notes 

Patricia Marks '0 1 is now working as a controller for the CPA 
firm of Gifford, Hillegass and Ingwersen, LLP. 

Rabia Muhammad '01 is currently residing in Woodstock, Ga., 
and was recently promoted to accounting manager at Carmax 
Auto Finance. Her daughter, Khadijah, turned 9 years old on 
April 10. Rabia would love to hear from other Oglethorpe 
alumni living in the area. 

Tom Namey '02 produced the photography 
and videos foi the Blair House in 
Washington, D.C., the guest house of the 
White House. Tom made documentaries on 
each room's history. You can view the photos 
taken by Tom and Southern Living at 

Kristi Dosh 03 is currently a second-year student at the 
University of Florida's Levin College of Law. 

Heather Van Kampen '03 is in Iraq 
and plans to be gone for another year. 
You can contact her by mail at: SPC 
Van Kampen, Heather 248th MI Co, 
48th INF BDE, 3 IDAPO AE, 09372 

Shahina Sameja '02 just finished her master's degree in clinical 
psychology at Roosevelt University in Chicago and has relocated 
back to Atlanta to look for a job. 

Jaime Wojdowski 03 is beginning her second year at the 
Georgia State University College of Law after spending the first 
half of the summer at the college's summer academy in 
International Commercial Arbitration in Linz, Austria, and the 
second half of the summer as a law clerk for the ACLU of 
Georgia. In the fall, she will be externing tor the Lamda Legal 
Defense and Education Fund. 

Sara Bowers '04 will attend Emory University's Doctorate of 
Physical Therapy Program through July 2008. 

Katy Pui"win '04 is currently a second year MBA candidate at 
the University of Rochester's Simon School of Business and 
was selected to be one of two students to spend winter quarter 
2005 studying at the Austtalian Graduate School of 
Management in Sydney. She will complete her degree in 
June 2006, earning an MBA in marketing, entrepreneurship 
and international management. 

In Memoriam 

Oglethorpe expresses its deepest sympathy to the loved ones of 
the following alumni and friends of the university who have died: 

Charles K. Edmondson '37 in December 2001 

Glen "Bot" Owens '39 on March 7, 2005 

Stephen John Schmidt '40 on May 8, 2005 (see page 15) 

Evelyn Watkins Liming '41 on July 25, 2005 

Clara Copeland Gorman '42 on February 28, 2005 

Anita Massar Young '43 in May 2003 

Fredia Abney Poole '44 on April 4, 2005 

Marion Chester Williamson Lockman '45 on May 17, 2005 

Joseph E. Brown, Jr. '49 in February 2005 

Robert Jones Findley '49 on August 2, 2004 

Noel Albertson Ripley '53 on August 1, 2005 

Marietta Sttout Branson '57 on July 26, 2005 

Jane Pattillo Kinzey-Frushtick '57 on March 17, 2005 

Lila "Pat" Garner Pogue Burke '58 on October 15, 2004 

Ernest "Ernie" Stone '58 on March 1, 2005 

James R. Calhoon '60 on December 16, 2004 

Wilma Wharton Thomas '65 on July 5, 2005 

Ruth Liddell Seay '67 in April 2004 

Ethleen Howard Martin '68 in 2001 

Claire "Smyly" Martin Jones '71 on June 27, 2005 

John A. Conant '92 (H) on March 16, 2005 

Elmo Ellis '95 (H) on June 24, 2005 

Cleo Large, mother of former Oglethorpe President Larry D. 
Large, on Wednesday, June 8, 2005 

honor roll of donors 

The gifts of all donors listetl in the report 

Mr Charies G- DeNormandie, III '96 

James Edward Oglethorpe Society 

Mr Robert M. Kane '81 


were received by Oglethorpe University in 

Mr & Mrs. William A. Emerson 

Gifts of SI ,000 to $2,499 

Dr 8. Mrs. Babu Kantamneni 


the period betwieen July 1 , 2004 and June 

Florence C. & Harry L. English Memorial 

Mrs, Susan Bachman Kegley '04 


30. 2005. Gifts to the Oglethorpe Fund. 


Anonymous (1) 

Mr Cary R, Klemfield '82 

the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art. 

Mr. Kevin D. Fitzpatrick. Jr '78 

Mr Stinson M. Adams. Jr '35 & Mrs, 

Dr Dale M, Kristle '78 


the Oglethorpe Women's Network, the 

Dr Janice Ann Galleshaw '75 

Claudine Gates Adams '36 

Mr & Mrs. George H. Lane, III 



Oglethorpe University athletic program and 

Mrs. Martha Sibley George '51 

Dr William C. Wtken. Jr '64 & Mrs. Carole 

Mr 8, Mrs J. Smith Lanier. II 

other special funds are recognized in their 

Georgia Power Company 

Moore Aitken '66 

Mr Brent W.Latham '97 


appropriate giving society. The entire 

Mr J. Lewis Glenn '71 

Ms. Susan Herman Alou '84 

Mrs. Pauline Ferry Lester '65 


university community thanks each of these 

Mr William R.Goodell 

American Express 

Mr & Mrs. Eric Link. Sr 


donors for his/her/their continued interest 

Mr James J Hagelow '69 

Mr John Ambler & Mrs. Elizabeth Kidder 

Martha 8. Wilton Looney Foundation 

and support. 

Harold Hirsch Scholarship Foundation 

Ambler '76 



Dr Kenneth K. Hutchinson '78 

Dr Chris Ames 

Mr Scott M. McKelvey '91 


Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society 

Dr Charies B. Knapp 

Mr & Mrs. Joseph E. Anderson 

Mr James P McLain 

Gifts of $10,000 and above 

Maj. Lance W Kohler 

Bank of America 

Mr J. Kevin Meaders '93 


Dr & Mrs. Lanv D. Large 

Mr Howard J. Barr '83 

Merrill Lynch 8, Co.. Iric, 


Accumetric. Inc. 

Ray M. and Mary Elizabeth Lee Foundation 

Mr & Mrs. James A. Bohart. Sr 

Mr 8, Mrs. Hugh A. Metcalf, Jr. 


Mr J. Frederick Age!. Sr '52 

Mr James R. Magbee & Mrs. Clare Findley 

Mrs. Pinky Gates Bondurant '37* 

Mrs. Sydney Mobley Moss '59 


Dr. Chartes R. Arp & Mrs. Yetty Levenson 

Magbee '56 

Ms. Roslyn Buffington '01 

Mr William Thayer Mullally '03 



Mr Stephen E. Malone '73 

Mr W. Q. "Pete" Butler '69 

Mr Thomas R O'Connor '67 

Assistance League of Atlanta 

Marsh & McLennan Co.,lnc 

Dr Brian D. Buzzeo '88 8, Mrs, Tracey 

Mr Steven G. Oliphant '84 

BCES Foundation 

Mohawk Services 

Johnson Buzzeo '88 

Dr J. Anthony Parades '61 


Mr Robert E. Bowden '66 

Mr Bob T Nance '63 

Mr, Gordon C, Bynum '50 

Ms. Anita Patterson '97 

Mr Franklin L. Burl<e '66 

Netherlands Consulate in Miami 

Mr Herman L, Campbell '39 

Dr Manning M, Pattillo. Jr 

Tbe Community Foundation for Greater 

Mr John J. Scalley 

CF Foundation 

Ms. S. Tammy Pearson '86 


Scalley Family Foundation 

Mr Kenneth S. Chestnut 

PepsiCo Foundation 

Mr John A. Conanf 

Mrs. Laura Tumer Seydel '86 

Mrs, Heather Andrews Clari< '96 

Dr Thomas W, Phillips '63 

Mr Earl Dolive 

Mr 0. K, Sheffield. Jr '53 

Mr Milton C, Clipper 

Mr Robert C. Pittard '64 

Nell Warren Elkin & William Simpson Elkin 

Mr Arnold B. Sidman & Mrs. Tobyanne 

Mr Rowland Cocks 

Publix Super Mar1<ets Charities 



Consulate General/Switzeriand 

Mrs, Patricia Raczynski 

Federated Department Stores Foundation 

Toll Charitable Foundation 

Mr James M, Cook, Sr '79 

Randstad North America 

Mr & Mrs. Norman P. Findley, III 

Tumer Foundation. Inc. 

Dr James L. Cox '53 

Mr 8, Mrs. L. Donald Richard 

John & Mary Franklin Foundation, Inc. 

Mr Robert B. Cun-ey '66 & Mrs. Suzanne 

Mr Clifford T Robinson '89 S Mrs. Stacy 

Chartes A. Fmeauff Foundation 

Philip Weltner Society 

Straub Curiey '65 

Leigh Robinson '88 

Goizueta Foundation 

Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999 

Ms. Teny Tribbet Davis '82 

Mr Peter A. Rooney 

Or Joel Goldberg '00 (H) 

Mr irarii DeAraujo '81 

Mr R, Alan Royalty '88 

Mr William Howell Gower '68 & Mrs. 

Anonymous (1) 

Mr & Mrs. Leoriard Diamond 

Mr Donald H, Rubin '56 

Gayle Gower '68 

Austrian Motors, Ltd. 

Mrs. Sharon DiMarco 

The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation 

Mrs. Jesse S. Hall 

Mr John S. Ball '71 8, Mrs. Mary Crockett 

Mr F Wayne Dobbs '61 

Mr Floyd D, Ruhl '67 

Mr Claus M. Halle* 

Ball '72 

Mr Timothy Doyle 

Ryder Systems Charitable Foundation 

Ttie Halle Foundation 

Mrs. Ann Breedlove '57 

Ms. Jennifer R. DuBose '90 

Mr Bud Salamone 

Mr Harald R. Hansen & Mrs. Betsy Hansen 

Mr Howell Breedlove '57 

Frances 8. Beveriy DuBose Fouridatiori 

Mr Brian C, Sass '84 

Mr James V Hartlage, Jr '65 & 

Howell A. & Ann M. Breedlove Charitable 

Dr Daniel M. Duncanson '85 

Mr Ron Sattelle 

Mrs. Jacgueline Hartlage '65 


Mr Christopher P B. Erckert '86 

Mr Stephen J, Schmidt '40* & Mrs, 

Mr Warren Y. Jobe & Mrs. Sally Jobe 

The Coca-Cola Company 

Mr Jim H. Faasse '96 

Jeanne Fuller Schmidt '42 

Mr David L. Kolb 

Mr. Roger Couch '61 

Mrs. Donna Rndling '96 

Mr Matthew A, Schuster '84 

Mr Roger A. Littell '68 & Mrs. Barbara 

Dekalb Council for the Arts 

Mr Matthew I.D. Flinn '98 8. Mrs. Amy 

Mr. Chartes F Scott '57 

Beggs Littell '68 

Mr. Paul L. Dillingham 

Myers Rinn '00 

Mr Joe M, Sewell '59 

Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch '61 

Ms. Jeanie F Rohr '99 

Mr William R. Foster '58 

Mr Larry C, Shattles '67 

Ms. Janice McNeal '98 

Flohr Family Foundation 

Mr Hany R, Frazer '89 

Mr Joseph P Shelton '91 8. Mrs. Andrea 

Mr & Mrs. Joseph F Part(er Jr 

Mr W. Elmer George '40 

Mr David C, Gan-ett. Jr 

Shelton '91 

Partner's Express, Inc. 

Mr Claude Spencer Godfrey, Jr '98 

Dr R. Demi Gay '62 

Mr Horace E. Shuman '80 

Patricia & Robert Bowden Foundation 

Sarah Spencer Godfrey Charitable Taist 

Mrs. Olga C. de Goizueta 

Silver Lake Development 

Dr Gartand F Pinholster '04 (H) 

Mr S Mrs. Robert Grathwohl 

Mr & Mrs. George E. Goodwin 

Sokolow Carreras Lemoine & Partners, LLP 

Rich Foundation 

Mr Joe T Green '59 

Mr Kenneth P Gould '85 

Sprint Foundation 

Estate of M. A. Rikard '37* 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas M. Harrison 

Mr Jack C. Guynn 

Dr Donald S, Stanton '99 (H) & Mrs. 

Mr Fred Robey '97 

Mr. Donald R. Henry '83 & Mrs, Barbara 

Mr John Guthrie '62 

Barbara Stanton 

Robey Family Foundation 

Bessmer Henry '85 

Mrs. Sarah Patten Gwynn 

Subaru of America Foundation 

Dr. J. Mack Robinson '95 (H) 

Haniet McDaniell Marshall Tmst 

Mr 0. William Hammack, Jr '73 

Dr Linda J. Taylor 

Schultz Foundation. Inc. 

Northwestem Mutual Life 

Mr & Mrs. Charies E. B. Hansell 

Ms. Patricia Thomas 

Sledge Foundation 

Mr John C. Pemer 

Mr John William Harvey '71 & Mrs. 

Dr Pamela Tremayne 

Mr Timothy P Tassopoulos '81 

Mrs. Margaret C Reiser 

Mary-Phyllis Harvey '71 

United Technologies Corporation 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 

Walter & Marjory Rich Fund 

Mr Stuart Hemian '50 

Mr Bemard van der Lande '76 

Mrs. Dean Dubose Smith '70 

MrWiiiiamJ.Hogan.Jr. '72 

Venzon Foundation 

Thomwell Jacobs Society 

Mr & Mrs. Stephen F Smith 

Ms. Veronica M. Holmes '02 

Ms. BizabethDeneceWatts'93 

Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999 

Ms. Susan M. Soper '69 

Mr B. Shane Hombuckle '92 S Mrs. 

Mr Charies K. Weathers '68 

Dr William F. Straley 

Elizabeth V. Hombuckle '93 

Mrs. Anne Glenn Weltner '86 

Mr. G. Douglass Alexander '68 

SunTrust Bank. Atlanta 

Mr Arthur Howell 

Mr Darrell E. Whitford '63 

Mrs. Martha Laird Bowen '61 

Mr John B. Zellars. Jr '85 

Ms. Gail Hyde '82 

Mr Mart< A. Williams '94 & Mrs. Sharon 

Chick-fil-A, Inc. 

The Zellars Family Foundation 


Maria Williams '93 

Coca-Cola Thai Pure Drinks LTD 

Trade Commission of Denmar1< 

Intermedics Associates, Inc. 

Mr 8, Mrs. Raymond Willoch 

Coro Realty Advisors LLC 

J.G. Associates, Inc. 
Ms. Pamela Jill James '91 

Mr Raymond Willoch '80 

* Deceased 

Ms. Brenda Kinser Johnson, CPM '95 

(H) Honorary degree recipient 


r honor ro 

11 of donors 


Sidney Lanier Society 

Mr Thomas C. Port '68 & Mrs. Kathy 

Mr Wayne M. Kise '69 

Dr & Mrs. Ronald L. Cariisle 

Gifts of S500-S999 

McLeod Port '69 

Mrs. Fran Bennett Konradt '90 

CarMax Foundation 


Mr Robert L. Rasile '82 & Mrs. Donna 

Mr Keith A. Lane '43 

Mr & Mrs. Ben Camiichael 


Mrs. Annette Fry Adamiyatt 79 

Rasile '82 

Mrs. Carol Lanier Lamer '87 

Miss Nancy I Carter '73 


Mrs. Rose Sirrimons Andrews '51 

Dr W. Im'm Ray Jr 

Mr Wilfred J. LeBlanc '61 

Mrs. Mary Williams Cazalas '54 


AOL Time Warner Foundation 

Mr Timothy Randall Roberson '97 

Mr Stuart C. Levenson '67 

Ms. Shirtey Chambers 


Mr Alan K. Arnold 78 

Mrs. Linda Sanders Scarborough '65 

Mrs. Bertha Wachman Levy '42' 

Mrs. Donna Williams Chieves '64 


Ms. Bambi Ellison Arnold '83 

Mr Eric M. Scharff '63 

Mr Martin 1. Upson '71 

Mr 8. Mrs. Theodore Chimiklis 


Ms. A. Diane Baker 77 


Mr Louis T Lombardy '69 

Mr William B. Christian '59 & Mrs. 

Mr Robert B. Baker Jr 79 S Mrs. Joselyn 

Mr Bret K. Sleight '87 

Dr James S. MacDonall '70 

Barbara James Christian '62 

Butler Baker '91 

Dr Joseph A. Soldati '61 

Mr Scott 0. McAdoo '75 

Lt.Col. Samuel H. Christopher, IV (Ret.) '76 


BellSouth Corporation 

Mr Mel C. Stein '71 

Mr Thomas C. McCague '93 

8. Mrs. Marsha R. Christopher '77 


Mr Robert L. Boggus, Jr. '49 

Mrs. Sandra Stephens 

Mr John Meacham, Jr '42 

Ms. Martha J. Church '67 



Mr Jotm A. Boland, III 

Mr Michael Szalkov^ski '88 & Mrs. 

Mr Paul B. Miller '85 

Mr Hugh K. Clement '38 


Ms. Helen E. Bourne '87 

Stephanie E. Szalkowski '89 

Mr E. R. Mitchell, Jr 

Ms. Kysh Robinson demons '92 

Mrs. Elizabetti M. Brattin '00 

Dr Elizabeth R.Taghechian '94 

Mrs. Jeannette Bentley Moon '38 

Mr & Mrs. John Cogan 

Mr & Mrs. Harry Caray Jr 

The Sallie Mae Fund 

Mr Jack Perry '39 

Dr Jeffrey Collins 


Mrs. Angela Clem Chattin '90 

The Winston-Salem Foundation 

Mrs. Catherine M. Pittman '90 

Community Foundation of Central Illinois 



Ms. Linda Childs 

Mr Joseph E. Tomberiin '93 S Mrs. 

Mr & Mrs. Gerald E. Plant 

Mr J. Patrick Connor '93 

Mr. William M. Clifton '88 

Kristine R. Tombedin '93 

Mr William E. Plowden, Jr '67 

Ms. Vicki Jan Conway '72 


Coca-Cola Enterprises 

Mrs, BieeckerTotten'51 

Mr Kenneth W. Powell '67 

Mr & Mrs, John Cortjett 

Mr Adam M. Corder '95 & Mrs. Rebecca 

Ms. Trishanda Hinton Treadv»ell, Esq. '96 

Dr James D. Rissler '98 & Mrs. Christina 

Mr Andrew R. Crosby '02 

Marasia Corder '91 

Mr Mari< L. Tubesing '93 

Rissler '98 

Ms. Mary D. Crosby 

Mr Ttiomas J. Coucfi 

Mr Monis L. Tubesing '95 & Mrs. Pam 

Dr Beth Roberts 

Mr & Mrs. George F Cross 

Mr Roy J. Cowart '65 


Ms. Melanie Rosen '97 

Ms. Jennifer Crouse '92 

Mrs. Reese E. Currie 

UBS Matching Gifts 

Mr Jerel F Rush '71 

Mrs. Hailie Beasley Cullen '65 

Mrs. Roberta H. Davis '94 

Dr Louise M. Valine 

Mr Jerry W. Sams '68 

Mr Alvin J. Curkin '51 

Mr & Mrs. Russell L Dickinson 

Victaulic Company of America 

Ms. Barbara A. Sanders '80 

Mrs. Claire M. Davis 

Mr Joseph F Dicks 

Ms. Ten A. Wall '89 

Dr Daniel L. Schadler 

Mr 8. Mrs. Frank De Maria 

Dorian Software Creations, Inc 

Mr Benjamin L. Weinberg, Jr 

Ms. Debra K. Schreiber '82 

MrMarkW. DeLong'03 

Ms. Leslie Adams Dove "90 

Or Victoria Weiss 

Rev. Betty Rutland Stapleford '64 

Mr Lewis B. DeRose '57 

Dr Mimi Milner EIrod '66 

Mr Chartes M. Wingo 

Mr John P Stephens '95 

The Diamond Center 

Equifax Foundation, Inc. 


Dr Brad L. Stone 

Mrs. Laura Zaban Dinemian '68 

Mr & Mrs. Norman Evans 

Ms. Pamela M. Yartrough 

Mrs. Karen Barrow Swenson '89 

Mr William T. Doenr 

Ms. Kattileen M. Farrell '95 

Mr & Mrs. S.Scott Thompson 

Ms. Dorothy Deedy Dryman '76 

Dr Beatnce Hasty Favre '64 

John Thomas Lupton Society 

Mr Robert L. Linger 

Mr 8i Mrs. Andrew Dugenske 

Mr William M Flammer '90 & Mrs. Carol 

Gifts of $300-S499 

Mr Timothy J. Watt 'GO & Mrs. Jaime 

Mr 8. Mrs. Michael D. Dusang '99 

Morgan Flammer '89 


Mrs. Stephanie Everett Dyer '96 

Flammer Relations 

Mr & Mrs. Chesterfield Bass, Jr 

Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Weismann '94 

Ms. Killian Edwards '94 

Ms. Eleanor Fulton '96 

Ms. Judith M. Becker 

Ms. Rebecca A. Whicker 

Mr James Christopher Eidson '87 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Gibson '95 

Mrs. Jane Cowart Bloemer '52 

Mr James Williams '99 

Mrs. Eva H. English '83 

Mr & Mrs. Marion B. Glover. Jr 

Mrs. Emma Sewell Borders '69 

Mr 8, Mrs. William Wise 

Mr & Mrs. John Ernst 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Graner 

Mr & Mrs Robert E. Bristol '80 

Dr & Mrs, Michael W. Yarbrough '72 

Mr & Mrs. John Esteriine 

Mrs. Diane Lyon Gray '77 

Mr Clancy S. Burrell 

Ms. Amy D. Zickus '94 

Mr Timothy J. Evans '94 

Mrs. Gonca Gursoy-Artunkal '88 

Mr Thomas L. Burton, Jr '70 

Mr Atauar Faruquee '60 

Mr. ScottT. Haight'89 

Mr & Mrs, Chris Carios 

Society of 1835 

Mr Donald R. Fen^ '52 & Mrs. Delores 

Mr Benjamin J. Hanes '98 

Mr Bill W. Carter 

Gifts of $120-S299 

Strauss Feny '53 

Mr Kad A. Hansen '91 & Mrs. Susan 

Mr Philip C. Chamberiain 

Mr Baice R. Feuer '70 

Poston Hansen '95 

Mr C. Rex Clark '37 

Akron Summit Board of Trustees 

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 

Ms. Bonnie S. Hayes 

Mr L. Thomas Clements '86 

Alexander Haas Martin & Partners 

Mr William J. Flammer '62 & Mrs. Joan 

Mr S. Mrs. Karl J. Hirshman 

Mr David Powers Coley '70 

Atlanta Journal Constitution 

Womack Flammer '64 

Hirshman Foundation 

Mr & Mrs. Mari< Crissey 

Mr Asher 1. Benator '52 

The Rev John M, Flanigen, Jr '50 

Mr Thomas G. Hood '78 

Ms. Caral A. Danford 

Ms. Linda Eva Blumenthal '04 

Mr Sheldon H. Fleitman '53 

Mr Samuel Hudgins 

Mr & Mrs. Robert Dariand 

Dr Jacqueline Miles Boles '56 

Mrs. Jean Callaway Fletcher '60 

Mrs. Pamela A. Isdell 

Mr Douglas Robert Dubay '85 & Mrs. 

Mr Manuel F Bonilla 

Ms. Annette M.Friant '77 

Mr Wayne J. Jaffie '70 

Cynthia Bjurmarii Dubay '87 

Mrs. Muriel Lewis Bono '52 

Ms. Ekaterina Galperina '96 

Ms. Midge M. Joms '72 

Mrs. Caroline Drawdy Ellis '52 

Mr Patrick N. Bonones 

Mr William J. Ganngan '66 & Mrs. Judith 

Dr Mark A. Knautz '87 

Mr John Finnigan, III 

Dr Brooke N. Bourdelat-Parks '95 

Hayden Garrigan '65 

Mr Jim Ledbetter 

Mrs. Mary Bob Cooper Fox '63 

Mrs. Mary Frances Bowlan '54 

Ms. Sarah Allison Gatliff '97 

Ms. Manruth Leftwich '99 

Col. Sheldon 1. Godkin '52 

Mr John Jackie Bradford 

Mr Michael A. Gerber 

Mr Lance L. Leitzel '91 

Mr 8. Mrs. William R.fiiissman 

Ms. Debra J. Bradley '82 

Mr 8, Mrs. Charles L. Germany 

Mr. Jeffrey B. Levy '81 

Mrs. Patsy Griffith Hamilton '75 

Ms. Andrea Hope Breen '99 

Mrs. Sheila H, Godwin '02 

Mr Mari( S. Lisicky '82 

Ms. Anne Hammond '87 

Mr Nathan E. Bnesemeister '94 

Mr Kevin M. Goff '84 8. Mrs. Patricia 

Ms. Gail Lynn '77 

Mr Kurt A. Hansen '89 8. Mrs. Amy 

Dr William L. Brightman 

Boume Goff '84 

Mrs. Mary Louise Watkins MacNeil '51 

Baggett Hansen '91 

Mr & Mrs. Dwight Brisendine 

Mrs. Vickie Vaughan Goetchius '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Maddox 

Mr J. Clark Hill '93 & Mrs. Doreen 

Mrs. Lisa DiNapoli Broderick '91 

Mr. Cart H. Griffin 

Dr John M. Marshall '83 

Hart Hill '91 

Mr & Mrs. William F Brogdon 

Mrs. Deborah S. Griffin '90 

Mrs. Margaret Woodv»ard Mathewes '55 

Mr J. Cleve Hill '01 

Mr Henry J. Broitman '91 

Ms. Katharine M, Griffin '96 

Dr Stephen C. May Jr '49 

Ms. Misty N. Hood '00 

Mr William R. Brown, Jr '50 

Ms. Tenia Sellars Griswold '96 

Maj- James C. McClanahan '41 

Ms. Loretta 0. Hunt '94 

Mrs, Sue Goddard Bryant '84 

Mr S Mrs. Thomas Guest MD 

Mr S. Morris Mitchell '63 

Ms. Chara Fisher Jackson '94 

Dr Robert A. Buck '83 

Mr Barry Randolph Guriey '68 

Mr Elbert N. Mollis, Jr 

Mrs. Patricia Daniel Kapphahn '59 

Mrs. Kathryn B. Burke 

Mrs. Bette Makover Hagan '69 

Dr Philip J. Neujahr 

Mrs. Helen King Kessler '68 

Mr Billy P Camp '57 

Ms. Marion C. Haines '90 

Mr David Reynolds Pass '98 

Dr J. Brien Key 

Mr & Mrs. Richard N. King 

Dr Mart< A. Caprio '94 

Mr 8, Mrs. Jeff Hall '94 

Mr. Jesse S. Hall 

Ms. Sheryl Ann McCarthy '81 

Mrs. Sandra Davis Stepp '74 

Mr & Mrs. Gerald Anderson 


Mrs. S. Lynne Hanzelik '65 

Ms. Jennifer McConnick '02 

Mrs. Bartjara Klein Stewart '64 

Ms. Penelope J. Anderson '01 


Mr & Mrs. Rudy Hanzsek, Jr 

Mrs. Linda Triguero McCormick '82 

Mr Robert S. Strachan '70 

Mr & Mrs. Ten7 Anderson 


Col, (Rel.) John E. Harms '58 

Mrs. Betty Elkms McDonald '59 

Ms. Tina Marie Stults '00 

Mrs Shelby Andrews '79 


Ms. Jill Reiss Harper '94 

Ms. A. Joann McDowell '90 

Mrs. Mary Denton Suttle '68 

Ms. Candace Apple 


Mrs. Jill Cofer Harris 77 

Mr Christopher J. McFadden '80 

Mr Brian L. Sweeney '95 

Dr Corry Arensbach '54 


Ms. Regina Harris 

Mr Anthony R. Melillo '70 

Mrs. Christine Graf Taggart '88 

Mrs. Janet Womble Arias '81 

Mrs. Deanna L. Harrison '82 

Mr Joseph R. Menez '70 

Mr Matthew Tallman & Mrs. Mary Howard 

Mr & Mrs. Ben S. Armistead 


Mr & Mrs. James A. Haviland 

Dr Mickey M. Metcalf '63 

Tallman '88 

Mr Jack B. Arnold '60 


Mrs. Brenda Smith Hayden '90 

Mrs. Holly Hofmann Middlemis 

Mr Walter H. Tanner Jr '51 

Ms. Ursula Arroyd 


Ms. Marilyn L. Hays '85 

Mr James J. Millard '62 

The German Church Atlanta 

Mrs. Iwuk Alfred Asuamah '83 




Mr James W. Hazelwood, Jr '62 

Mr Clifford Miller '74 

The Productivity Company, Inc. 

Atlanta Educational Telecommunications 

Dr Karen Head '98 

Ms. Vicki Miller 

Mr Steven A. Thompson '90 

Collaboration. Inc. 

Ms. Betsy Henderson '89 

Mr James R Milton '57 

Mrs. Aimee Thrasher-Hanson '98 

Ms. Sandra Lynch Aufderheide '83 


Mr James E. Henderson '52 & Mrs. Jean 

Mr Robert Wyatt Moore '78 

Mr Scott K. Tomlinson '97 & Mrs. Virginia 

Mrs. Ethyl Fadden Ault '61 


Henderson '52 

Mr E. Lee Morris, III 

Martin Tomlinson '93 

Mrs. J. Paul Austin 



Ms. Andrea C. Hestley '70 

Miss Rosemary Mosteller '72 

Ms. June M. Tompkins '92 

Mrs. Deborah Roach Avery '75 


Mr Robert M. Hill '90 

Mr Lloyd Nick 

Ms. Linda S. Torres '05 

AXA Foundation 

Mrs. Lynda Papini Hines '64 

Dr Caroline Noyes 

Mrs. Jane Barrow Tracy '95 

Mr Jon A, Axelberg '67 


Dr. James H. Hinson, Jr '49 & Mrs. Dot 

Mrs. Harriet C. O'Dell '66 

Mr & Mrs. T Charies Truett, Jr '88 

Bacon & Company, Inc. 

Hinson '49 

Dr Robert Boyd Oliver '57 

Mr & Mrs. Oscar Trujillo 

Mr Albert Nathan Baer '63 

Mrs. Margaret Kerr Hitte '47 

Mr Andrew J. Olsen '59 8. Mrs. Barbara 

Ms. Patricia Tunno 

Ms. Rachel L. Bailey '05 


Ms. Mary Katherine Hodgson 

Coffey Olsen '61 

Mr Daniel L. Uffner Jr '51 

Mr & Mrs. Arnold W. Baker '63 

Mr & Mrs. Daniel H. Hollums 

Col. H. David O'Malie '56 

Mrs. Diane Dubay Walker '86 

Mr & Mrs. Walter C. Baldwin 

Ms. Danielle Holm '05 

Mr James C. Owen & Mrs. Anjanetle Rupe 

Mrs. Medora Fitten Wallace '40 

Mr Christopher A. Ballar '93 8. Mrs. Amy T 

Ms. Lin Odom Hopkins '96 

Owen '87 

Mrs. Carolyn Constangy Wasser '79 

Ballar '93 

Mr Jack R Hosford '49 

Ms. Karen C. Page 

Mr Robert C. Watkins, Jr 

Mrs Julia Ballard 

Mrs. Elizabeth Locklin Hrisak '79 

Mrs. Lynne Bllzing Paniott '77 


Mrs Deda Walker Band '88 

Mr Sam G. Hudgins '61 

Mr Wayne D. Perry '64 

Ms, Heather Weiss '02 

Mrs. Lynn Hallford Banks '55 

Mr.AlbertR. Hudson, Jr. '70 

Mr Rok Petric '97 

Wellpoint Foundation 

Mr S Mrs. Bill Bartield 

Ms. Carol OhI Hudson '82 

Ms. Stephanie L. Phillips '90 

Mr Martin J, Wells '80 

Ms. Lin Bart<er '81 

Mr F. Harvey Hudson '82 

Dr Thomas N.Pirtde '48 

Ms, Kathryn D. West '80 

Mrs. Virginia Barrett Bart<er '59 

Ms. Cadetta S. Hurt '98 

Dr William E. Porter '87 

Mrs. Barbara Rose Westfall '72 

Ms. Heather Bart<sdale 

Mr. Alfred D.lngersoll '56 & Mrs. 

Prudential Foundation 

Mr Joe E. White '56 

Barmen Inc. 

Catherine Ingersoll '56 

Dr Robert H. Pullen, Jr '79 

Ms. Cynthia A. Williams '88 

Mr Jerry B. Barnes 

Mr Harold R. Ingle, Jr '58 

Mr Kevin C. Rapier '92 

Mrs. Sharon Friedrich Williams '65 

Ms. Martha Davis Barnes 

Mr Michael A. Israelite '72 

Ms. Vera Veasley Redwine '02 

Mr J. H. Willingham 

Mr & Mrs. Rudy Barnes 

Mr J. Robert Jackson '67 

Mrs. Paula Coker Rice '64 


Ms. Donna Barnett 

Mrs. Lou Ella Jenkins '71 

Ms.AnnG. Rinaldi 

Mrs. Janie P Wilson '74 

Mr Charles E. Barousse '99 

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta 

Mr Noel A. Ripley '53* 

Dr Hines L. Wommack '58 

Dr 8. Mrs. Timothy Barrowman 

Mrs. Carol C. Johnson 

Mrs. Wendy Pearson Robertson '89 

Mr David K. Wood '68 

Mrs. Valerie Holshouser Barske '98 

Mr & Mrs. Harold Johnson 

Ms. Angel C. Robinson '90 

Dr Alan N. Woolfolk 

Mrs. Chnsta Elizondo Bartholomew '03 

Mr Karl Jost 

Mr J. Cheney Robinson 

Mr William E. Wright, Jr '49 

Mrs. Beverly Joiner Barton '54 

Mr Joseph Kane & Mrs. Judith Chapman 

Ms. Kelly Robinson 

Ms. Arine Jill Writer '77 

Mr & Mrs. Harry Bassler 

Kane '90 

Roche Diagnostics 

Mr & Mrs. Earns F 'I'ates 

Mr Jonathan W. Bassler '05 

Mr Kevin M. Kendrick '96 

Mr Jeffrey R. Roesch '69 

Mrs. Alice Hoke Zimmennan '75 

Mrs. Linda P Bath 

Ms. Creche E. Kern '98 

Mrs. Penelope McCulloch Rose '65 

Ms. Ashley E. Zimmerman '01 

Mr William F Bazzel '81 

Dr Nancy H. Kerr 

Mr David M. Ross '93 

Dr Philip Zinsmeister 

Mr R. F Beach 

Ms. Jill B. Kleinman 

Dr Louis E. Rossman '69 

Mrs. Elizabeth Brown Zoby '89 

Ms. Rati Beaudoin 

Mrs. C. Lee Boggus Knippenberg '82 

Mr Mari< Royalty 

Drs. Jose 8, Licha de Becen-a 

Dr Joseph Knippenberg 

Drs. Ray & Mary Rudd 

Black and Gold Club 

Mr Charies K. Beck '87 

Mrs. Ellen Mullendore Knouse '63 

Dr Michael K. Rulison 

Gifts of $1 -$11 9 

Mrs Eloise Hightower Beck '54 

Mrs. Deborah Jobe Koehler '72 

Mrs. Tonya Gibson Russo '96 

Mr 8. Mrs. Charies B. Bedford 

Mr George Kopec 

Ms. KileyA.Ryba'99 

Anonymous (1) 

Ms. Meiyen M. Bell '03 

Mrs. Eleanor Ivey Lake '39 

Mr Reynold F Salmon '80 

Akron Summit Staff Association 

Mrs. Paula Hofmann Bell '62 

Miss Tracey Lathem '78 

Mrs. Rhett Pinson Sanders '43 

MrFrankS.Anepohl.Jr '78 

Mrs. Nona Jones Bell '55 

Mr Philip F Law '84 

Mr S Mrs. Andrew J. Schindler 

Mrs. Catherine Castagna Abood '86 

Ms. Jeannette M. Bellamy '00 

Mrs. Rebecca White Leavell '91 

Mrs. Kathryri Pope Schmeiser '93 

Mr Joseph J. Accardi '57 

Mrs. Catherine Dennis Belles '80 

Mr Antonio V. Lentini '87 

Ms. Olivia P Scott 

Mrs. Barbara Martin Adair '86 

Mr & Mrs. Blair N. Belton 

Mr Steven W. Levinsky '74 

Mrs. Peggy Gregg Scott '51 

Mrs. Ann Gibson Adams '72 

Ms. Wanda L, Belvin '05 

Dr & Mrs, Jason M. Levy '97 

Mr William E. Scott '58 

Mr & Mrs. Stinson M. Adams, III 

Mr Dan Berman 

Dr. John G. Lipham '64 & Mrs. Eleanor 

Mr Christopher M. Sertich '81 

Ms, Aimee Ahmed 

Mr Cart W, Bemer Jr '98 

Ann McGurn Lipham '62 

Mr Matthew S. Shepherd '94 

MrJ. Randall Akin '71 

Mrs, Vema Miller Berthelsen '43 

Ms. Nanette Helene Loftis '85 

Dr Albert PSheppard '58 

Mr Jon Akin 

Mrs, Kelly Miller Bertier '97 

Mr Robin Lchfert '03 

Drs. William 0. & Patricia R Shropshire 

Ms. Martye Alcini 

Mr Timothy Benwager 

Mrs. Tamara Chaffin Lynde '86 

Mr Chades H. Simon, Jr '78 

Ms. Jane Woods Alexander 

Mrs, Ruth H, Bessmer 

Mr Ralph Maddux 

Mr Richard S. Simons, Jr '70 

Mr A. Scott Allen '88 

Mrs. Paula Lawton Bevington 

Mr & Mrs. Alex Malaspina 

Rev. John S. Sims '68 

Mrs. Sandra Abbott Allen '67 

Ms. Holly Beyersmith 

Ms. Hala A. Maiek 

Mr Christopher A. Simser '03 

Ms. Stephanie Allen '05 

Mr James N, Bier '70 

Ms. Lindsey Mann 

Mr D. Brandon Smith '97 

Mrs. Judy Heald Allison '69 

Mr Michael Bieze 

Mrs. Ruth Parham Manning '74 

Mrs. Jane Cannon Smith '44 

Dr Carta Hall Alphonso '95 

Mrs, Elizabeth Gosnell Biggs '76 

Mrs. Kay Penn Martin '75 

Mr William Chades Smith '57 

Mr John R. Altonen '02 & Mrs, Diane 

Mr Brent Andrew Bishop '88 

Mary Jane Kohler Foundation 

Mrs. Cynthia May Spann '54 

Altonen '99 

Ms, Gloria A. Bittner 

Mr Jeffrey B. Matthews '71 

Mrs. Margaret C. Steinpfad '49 

Mrs. Beth Mon-ison Anderson '90 

Ms. Maureen Blando 

honor roll of donors 


Mrs. Enrique E. Bledel 

Ms. Irene Carter 

Ms. Christina E. Daley 

Mr Clinton L. Fincher '58 


Mrs. Lois Semei Bionder '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Eric Carter 

Mrs. Susan Hollirishead Daltoo '63 

Mrs. Lynette Ossinsky Fine '80 


Mrs. Margaret Beil Bioodworth '52 

Mr. Richard Joseph Carter '65 

Mrs. Elizabeth Parra Dang '98 

Mrs. Sara Steinberg Fine '55 


Mrs. Eieanor Coplan Bogart '56 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Philip Carver 

Mrs. Carol Zee Daniel '70 

Mr Marv Fineroff '67 


Mrs. Amy Katz Bonn '99 

Mrs. Cherry Hodges Casey '65 

Ms. Kimberiy Watkins Daniel '02 

Mrs. Melissa Firestone 


Ms. Joy Bool<hultz 

Mr. Marcus J. Cash '87 

Mrs. Mildred C. Daugherty '48 

Mr Edwin Fisher 

Mr. & Mrs. Lou Boos 

Ms. Kathy Cautin 

Ms. Amy E. Davis '05 

Mr. John R. Fisher '51 


Mrs. Oanieile Oxford Boshart '93 

Mr Brett Cave '99 8. Mrs. Ann Stiner Cave '01 

Col. Kenneth P Davis '64 

Mrs. Bartjara Howard Flanigan '76 


Ms. Elizabeth A. Bosserman '05 

Ms. Beverly L. Center 

Mrs. Sarah Lee Davis '76 

Mrs. Ligia C. Florim 


Ms. Wendy Smith Boul '91 

Mr Ronald Cenzaili '66 

Ms. Shirley Peterson Davis '82 

Flowers Inc. Balloons 


Ms. Meiissa Boviero '05 

Mr. Kipp A. Chambers '99 


Dr. Dianne Jones Ford '77 

Mr & Mrs. Brian Bowen 

Dr. Paula Haver Chambers '69 

Ms. Sheila Day 

Ford Matching Gift Program to Advance 


Mr. Robert B. Bowen, Jr 11 

Mrs, Victoria Stevens Chapman '89 

Mr 8. Mrs. Steven F Day '77 


, UJ 

Ms. Carolyn Bowers 

Mr J. David Chesnut '61 8, Mrs. Linda 

Ms. Crisline Deaver '96 

Mr. Thomas F Fortoier. Jr '79 


Ms. Jennifer Suvoski Sowers '94 

Crowe Chesnut '64 

Mr Dean Thomas DeCencio '87 

Mr. Christopher Y. Fort '01 


Mr. Peter W. Bowler 

Mr. Charies D. Chetwynd '69 

Mrs. Joan Morris Dechovitz '79 

Mrs. Martha Fowie 


Ms. Linda P. Bowles 

Dr. Cornelia Cho 

Mr 8. Mrs. Robert DeJanes 

Mrs. Anne Kohl Fowler '85 


Mr. Aaron Boyd '05 

Mrs. Joyce Odom Christiansen '48 

Dr. Ann P Delatte '56 

Mrs. Dayle Sutton Fowler '90 


Rev. Harvey C Boyd. Sr. '51 

Mr Blake M. Christoph '78 

Mr. James L. Delay '64 

Mrs. Carolyn Loughborough Frangiamor '64 

Ms. Holen Heather Brady '05 

Mr & Mrs. Alan Chunka 

Ms. Cynthia L. Denman 

Mrs. Carolyn Morris Frazier '59 

Mr & Mrs. Allen Brandenburger 

Dr Martene Hockenberry Cianci '59 

Mrs. Caroline Vinson Dennis '96 

Ms. Christina Rice Freeman '58 


Mrs. Susan Brandt 

Circuit City Foundation 

Dr Roberta K. Deppe 

Mrs. Lynn Andreasen Freeman '70 

Mrs. Helen S. Braunstein '75 

Dr Barbara R. Clark 

Ms. Patricia Baker DeRose '58 

Ms. Eleanor Freemer 

Mr. S Mrs. James L. Bready 

Mr Cari N. Clart( '38 

Ms. Hanh M. Deutschman 'GO 

Ms. Sarah Friend 

Ms. Megan Breece '02 

Mr Gordon A. Claris '69 

Ms. Dee R. Devine 

Mrs. Carol Froman 

Ms. Anna Blacklidge Breton '02 

Mr & Mrs. William M. Clary 

Mr J. Roland Dewitt 

Mr & Mrs. Wayne Fuller 

Mr Maurice John Breton. Ill '97 

Mr & Mrs. Curtis Clayton 

Ms. Elizabeth Hardee Dicks '05 

Mrs. Jennifer Sells Furman '00 

Mrs. Jane Rand Breunig '51 

Mrs. Nikki McCoy Clemens '68 

Mrs. Lisa Diedrich '96 

Mr Christian G. Gackstatter '85 

Ms. Josephine C. Breyfogle 

Mr.SMrs. R.A. Cobbaert 

Mr Sri Hemanth Digumarthi '02 

Mrs. Virginia Templin Galley '44 

Ms. Maria J. Bright '95 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter N. Cohen 

Mrs. Marianne McWilliams Dillard '57 

Ms. Sandra D. Gain '86 

Mr. Jenaro V. Brignoni 

Ms. Joyce Cohrs 

Mr Robert Ross Dimm '73 

Mr & Mrs. Juan Galvan 

Mrs. Kathleen Moran Brink '89 

Mr 8, Mrs. James V Coiantoni, II 

Ms. Fran Dixon 

Ms. Nicale Garbarini '00 

Mrs. Jeanne A. BroadhursI '86 

Ms, Margaret E. Cole '86 

Ms. Carolyn Doherty 

Mr. Alan H, Gartier 

Mr. Daryl Brooks '97 

Mr Joseph H. Coleman '95 

Mrs. Ruth C. Donovan 

Mr Joseph R Gardiner 

Ms. Kathryn S. Brooks '98 

Dr Claire Derdeyn Coles '75 

Mrs. Elaine Shiflett Dooley '63 

Mr, R, Corey Gamer '05 

Mr Wayne E. Brooks. Jr '91 

Mr Tom Collens '05 

Mrs. Suzanne E. Dorough '04 

Mr David M, Gerhardt '84 

Ms. Season D. Broughton '05 

Mr John R. Collins '72 

Mr John J. Dowd, Jr, '82 

Mr Louis A, Geriand, Jr 

Ms. Ann R. Brown '89 

Ms. Lori A. Collins '99 

Mr, T Rus Drew 

Mrs. Sara Mac Smith Germane '63 

Mrs. Ann L. Brown '77 

Ms Debra Combs 

Mrs, Judith Hunt Drobinski '84 

Mr Charies Ghee '05 

Mrs. Charlesey W. Brown 

Ms. Peggy O'Neal Compton '58 

Ms. Sally H. Drymon 

Ms. Marshal Gilliam 

Mrs. Elaine Mackenzie Brown '59 

Mrs. Beth Eckard Concepcion '90 

Mrs. Muriene L. Dubay 

Mr Donald Austin Qlllis '01 

Ms. Jennifer Brown '04 

Ms. E. Harriett Cone '80 

Dr Joseph B. Duckworth '59 

Mr Alvin Ginsburg 

Dr. Susan Crosby Brown '83 

Mr. Dennis Conger 

Mrs. Freida Beatty Duffey '57 

Mr. F Daniel Giordano '02 

Ms. Virginia R. Brown '05 

Mrs. June Hopkins Coniey '67 

Mr & Mrs. Jim Dumont 

Mrs. Judith Draisen Glassman '72 

Mrs. Helen Kibier Browning '70 

Dr. Ava Marie Salerno Conlin, DO, MPH '90 

Mrs. Marilyn Dumont-Buri< '89 

Mr. S Mrs. John M. Glenn. Jr, 

Mr. Thomas J. Browning '67 

Mr. Hugh H. Connerty '05 

Ms. Barbara Duttenhaver 

Mrs, Dianne McClinton Glennie '83 

Mr Michael S, Bryant '69 

Ms. Ember Uziel Constantin '91 

Mr. Troy A. Dwyer '94 

Ms, Margaret Elise Glover '91 

Mr David Buice 

Mr Miles R. Cook '75 

Mr Jay D. Dye '60 

Ms, Jodie Sexton Goff '01 

Ms. Miibre C. Burch 

Mrs. Oreta Cox Cook '66 

Mr Christopher Dyer '05 

Mrs, Stacie Shattles Coins '91 

Ms. Patricia Burditt 

Ms. Candice Cortjitt Cooke '93 

Dr Martha Eastlack '86 

Ms, JoAnn Golden '92 

Ms. Jill Lesko Burnett '82 

Mr Robert D. Copelan '74 

Mr 8, Mrs. John Eckert 

Mr, Allen B, Goodwin '73 

Mrs. Catherine T Burns '00 

Ms. Jessie L. Copeland '02 

The Rev. Samuel W. Edieman, Jr '57 8, 

Ms, Gail Goodwin 

Mrs. Florence Parris Burtz '54 

Mrs. Nancy Arnold Cordier '85 

Mrs. Margaret Young Edieman '59 

Mrs, Barbara Marsh Gotsch '60 

Ms. Dorothy S. Burvee '75 

Mr 8, Mrs. A. F Corum 

Mr Elmo 1. Ellis 

Mr, 8, Mrs, Owen Goudelocke 

Ms. Lynne Bush 

Ms.AprilJ. Costner'99 

Mrs. Mikala Warren Engel '73 

Mr 8, Mrs, Robert B, Gould 

Mrs. Maritta M, Bush '86 

Mrs. Dan Coursey 

Mr David Engle 

Mr 8, Mrs, Charies Grad 

Mrs. Joan Robb Butler '49 

Mr 8, Mrs. Robert K. Cowhig, Jr '70 

Envision Credit Union 

Mr 8( Mrs, Lukens Grammont 

Mr M.Tyus Butler '35 

Mr & Mrs. Joseph Cox '97 

Ms. Ellen M. Erenbaum '79 

Mrs, Gwendolyn Grant 

Mr Robert Buttolph & Mrs. Frances Pasley 

Mrs. Kay Kilpatrick Crawford '63 

Dr. 8, Mrs. Burton Evans 

Mr 8, Mrs, Martin R, Grant 

Buttolph '61 

Ms Mary Elizabeth Crawford '92 

Ms. Mary Evans 

Mrs, Mildred S, Grant 

Ms. Elizabeth K. Campbell '01 

Mrs. Alice Callaway Crenshaw '50 

Mr William J. Evans 

Dr, Robert M, Grant '90 

Ms. Ginny Campbell 

Mr8,Mrs. JackA. Crockford 

F & F Tax Service, Inc. 

Mr, C, Patrick Gray '92 8, Mrs, Alexandra 

Ms. Paula E. Campbell 

Ms. Mandara Cromwell 

Ms. Emy Lou Faber '75 

Kay Gray '93 

Capital City Women's Golf Association 

Mrs. Leah Bell Crosby '93 

Mrs, Sharon Velinsky Fagin '85 

Mrs, Isabel Tonks Gray '33 

Mr. Joshua P. Caray '04 

Mrs. Lynn Lasater Crowley '74 

Mr 0. Navarro Faircloth '65 & Dr Kathleen 

Mr Jason C, Gray '95 

Ms. Danielle Cait Carison '05 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Danny L. Caiff 

Pitts Faircloth '66 

Mr & Mrs, Donald E, Green 

Miss Alice B. Can- '76 

Mr Eric S. Crunick '82 

Dr. D. Scott Faith '84 

Ms, Amanda E, Greene '98 

Ms. Carolyn Can- 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Gerald Culberson 

Ms. Mu-Hung Fang '05 

Mrs, Ellen Sills Greene '77 

Mrs. Kathryn Beatty Carr '73 

Mrs. Rose Cunningham 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Francis Farrell 

Mr Harry Letcher Greene '57 

Mr. Edward Carroll 

Mrs. Mary Cathenne Cutcliffe '94 

Mr. S Mrs. William M. Farrell 

Mr, Jeremy J, Greenup '99 

Mr. James E. Carroll '65 

Mr Edgar Daffin '67 

Mr. Mari< J. Fairing '89 

Mr 8. Mrs, Robert Greenwell 

Mr Cad Carson 

Mrs Therese A. D'Agostino 

Mr Bob L. Fespemian '83 

Mr Robert M, Gregory '77 

Ms. Delikah R. Carter '04 

Mr David Dalbo 8, Mrs. Diane Williams 

Ms. Loreene Fey 

Mrs, Francine Klein Greiner '60 

Mr Donald S. Carter, Jr. '77 

Dalbo '98 

Ms. Nancy U. Fillingame 

Mr Lewis Greskin 

Ms. Emily Grigsby 

Mrs. Rachel Williams Grimes '91 

Mr. Richard Grotefend "51 

Mrs. Kathleen Glyrn Grupp 79 

Mrs. Aileeh Brown Guest '35 

Mrs. Peggy Cullars Guillebeau '57 

Mr. J. Cabot Gupton '63 S. Mrs. Barbara 

Dexter Gupton '63 
Mr & Mrs. Daniel T. Gura 
Ms. Emily S. Gurley '96 
Ms. Michele Anne Guy '87 
Mr James C. Haight 
Mrs. Jennifer Ovdenk Haley '97 
Mrs. Linda Graff Hall '84 
Mrs. Mary M. Hamacher '87 
Miss Mary Constance Hamell '68 
Mr Charles M. Hames '74 
Mr Travis Hames '63 
Dn Hugo S. Hammond '59 
Ms. S. Knstme Suber Hanchar '94 
Mrs. Marilyn Whiteside Handsel '75 
Mr B. Shane Haney '91 & Mrs. Michelle 

Rosen Haney '90 
Mr & Mrs. Ten-ence C. Haney '69 
Miss Etta Lou Hanken '72 
Mrs. Julie Wackerman Hanrahan '90 
Mr & Mrs. Wendell L.Hans 
Mrs. Vicki Grimes Hardin '77 
Mr J. Eugene Harris '43 
Mrs. Natalie Mintz Hams '73 
Mr. Dennis R. Harrison 75 
Mrs. Dill Harrison 

Mrs. Marguerite McKinney Hart '40 
Mrs. Mary Ann Hart 
Mr Donald G. Hartman '67 
Ms. Pauline J. Haughton '02 
Ms. Phyllis Hawkins 
Mr & Mrs. Scott W. Hawley 
Mrs. Monica Hayden '98 
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Healy '96 
Mrs. Mary Finn Heaney '70 
Mrs. Carolyn Herzog Hellerung '84 
Mrs. Virginia K. Helms '92 
Mr & Mrs. Jerry Heteer 
Ms. Georgia Russell Hembree '86 
Mrs. Eugenia S. Henderson 
Mrs. Joan W. Hemng 
Mr Jere E. Hess 
Hewlett-Packard Company Corporate 

Ms. Vickie G. Hickam '05 
Mrs. Barbara G. Hill 
Mrs. Amanda Paetz Hiner '91 
Mrs. Louise Mitchell Hiss '35 
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Hitchcock 
Mr & Mrs. William Hodges 
Mr Robert J. Hoffman & Mrs. Linda 

Robuck Hoffman '58 
Dr Robin Whyte Hoffman '70 
Mr W. Ray Holley '49 
Mrs. September Holstad '04 
Mr. Floyd G. Hopkins '59 
Mr & Mrs. Jim Home. Jr 
Mrs. Heather E. Homor '94 
Mr & Mrs. Jeremy D. Horsefield '99 
Ms. Jackie F Howard '68 
Ms. Susanna W. Howe 
Mrs. Kimbedyn Hudgens-Abrams '88 
Ms. Mary Anne Hudnall 
Ms. Dorothy Huenecke 
Ms. Norma Huff 
Mr. & Mrs. Dewey E. Hughes 
Mr James L. Hughes '65 
Mr Richard A. Hughes '70 

Ms. Tiffari L. Hulsey '02 

Mrs. Edith Upchurch Hunt '56 

Mr Ron Hutchins 

Mr RufusW. Hutchinson, Jr '38 

Ms. Mary D. Hutton 

Mr Randy Hyman 

Ms. Pattie Ingle '04 

Mrs. Vickie Moore Irwin '83 

Ms. Cara Isdell 

Mr S Mrs. David Jackson 

Mrs. Margaret Jackson '05 

Mrs. Florence Richardson James '48 

Mrs. Ruth N. James 

Ms. Martha Ann Jenks '74 

Ms. Ann Johnson 

Dr Elizabeth C. Johnson 

Mr Herbert F Johnson 

Dr James M. Johnson, Jr 

Mr Jeffrey M. Johnson '73 & Mrs. Betsy 

Duggan Johnson '80 
Capt. 8. Mrs. Louis A Johnson '76 
Mr M. Deane Johnson '90 
Mr & Mrs. Willie R. Johnson 
Ms. Donna Johnson-Gainer '93 
Mrs. Leslie Bert* Johnston '72 
Mr Robert C. Johnston '05 
Mr S K. Johnston. Jr 
Ms. Joyce C. Jones '76 
Mrs. Rebecca Harbor Jones '62 
Mr Robert S. Jones, Sr '69 
Mrs. Yvonne Scales Jones '71 
Dr Elizabeth L. Jones-Lukas '55 
Mrs. Susan Goodchild Jordan '66 
Ms. Victoria Jordan 

Mrs. Debra Losner Kahn '78 
Mr Neil Kalmanson 
Mr Siegfried Kammerer 
Ms. Judy Kamp 

Mrs. Judith Chapman Kane '90 
Mr. J. Jay Kapp '00 
Mr Allen Kariebach 
Mr & Mrs. Jim Karnes 
Mrs. Belinda M. Kasmiersky '99 
Mr Michael Kay '71 
Ms. Karen Keiser- Jenkins '83 
Mr C. J. Tucker Keller 
Ms. Eva L. Kelly 
Ms. Ingrid Kelly 
Mr Michael D. Kelly '97 
Dr Tiffany E. Kelsey '97 
Dr Mae A. Kendall 
Ms. Elizabeth P Kennedy '02 
Mr Warner L. Kennon, IV '76 
Mr Marc M. Khedouri '86 
Dr & Mrs. Donald G. Kilgore, Jr 
Ms. Kalila King 
Ms. Donna F Kingsman 
Mrs. Rosemery Pearson Kinney '70 
Mr Shinichi Kinushifa 
Ms. Constance L. Kirt<patrick 
Mrs. Ellen Plutchok Klein '70 
Mrs. Kathryn Engler Klein '95 
Mrs. Alice Tatsch Klevens '51 
Ms. Denise Klosinski 
Mrs. Marcelle Turner Knauff '87 
Mr Ronald R. Knopf '61 
Ms. Margie A. Koenig 
Mr Evan Kohler-Camp 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Kramer 
Mr. Ronald L. Kraynick '89 & Mrs. 

Kathleen McDermott Kraynick '88 
Mr & Mrs. Scott Krueger 
Mr & Mrs. David Kuhn 

Mr John D. Kuiken '62 

Mrs. Betty Powell Kujawski '75 

Ms. Katarina Kurincova '03 

Mrs. Elliott Kyle 

Mr Darwin R. Labarthe 

Mrs. Betty Clart( Lafitte '45 

Mrs. Eloise Mailory Lamons '81 

Mr Keith J. Landberg '71 

Dr Jack C. Lane '58 & Mrs. Janne Jolley 

Lane '59 
Mrs. Regina Sweat Lane '92 
Ms. Deborah M. Lange '03 
Ms. Mary B. Lapwing 
Mrs. Shelly Larson 
Ms. Ramona Lathbury 
Mrs. Amanda Hough Latimer '84 
Ms. Catherine M. Lawler '05 
Mr Jeffrey S. Layne '74 
Mrs. Mary Ivey Leak '70 
Mrs. Meredyth Leaptrot 
Ms. Yvette Lederberg 
Miss Vivian Chandler Lee '64 
Ms. Ann Patricia Lenzer '84 
Mr Robert Lenzer 
Mr David M. Leonard 
Mrs. Bridget Cecchini Lerette '95 
Mr & Mrs. David E. Len-ette '95 
Mrs. Lu Green LeRoy '95 
Ms. Caroline Chestnut Leslie 
Mr & Mrs. Paul H. Lester 
Ms. Sarah N. Letson '05 
Ms. Kimberiy F Leung '03 
Mr Douglas C. Leventhal '93 
Mrs. Stacey Bronstein Levin '86 
Dr Sandra Folkers Levy '91 
Mrs. Gwendolyn Moss Lewis '53 
Ms. Larisa Leyzerzon 
Mr Martin Liberman '71 
Mrs. Martha Grant Likins '54 
Eli Lilly & Co. Foundation 
Mr Russell Lind '98 
Ms. Katherine L. Lindley '00 
Mr William M. Linstrom '65 
Mr Hal Lipsey 

Mrs. Diana Marcus Lipton '79 
Ms. Karen Litre 
Mrs. Rhonda Britt Locher '99 
Ms. Tammy Marie Locklear '88 
Maj. Lee Loridon, Jr '71 
Mrs. Sarah Ann Sanders Long '66 
Mr Chartes S. Lord 
Mr Gordon W. Love, Jr '71 
Mr Richard H. Lowe 
Dr Raymond H. Lucas '86 
Mr & Mrs. Paul J. Luedtke 
Lufthansa Gennan Airiines 
Mr Joseph C. Luke, IV '04 
Ms. Kathleen Lumberg 
Mrs. Kathleen Allen Lunsford '84 
Dr. Jay Lutz 

Dr & Mrs. Robert S. Lykens 
Mr Joel 0. Lynch '57 & Mrs. Doris 

Eisenberg Lynch '58 
Mr S Mrs. Richard Lyon 
Mr Michael J. Lyons '05 
Mr Robert N. Lyons '95 & Mrs. Stephanie 

Chaby Lyons '97 
Ms. Brevely Mack '03 
Mr & Mrs. John P Maguire 
Mrs. Jan Collins Maher '69 
Mr Richard Chades Maier '78 
Mrs. Mary Jackson Maiek '73 
Mrs. Suzette Harvey Mancini '71 
Mr Robert L. Manning '64 

Mr Yasha Manzy 

Mrs. Jennifer Broadbent-Marine '91 

Ms. Patricia R. Marias '01 

Mrs. Giriger Anderson Marlowe '69 

Ms. Jillian A. Martin '05 

Ms. Dina E. Marto '05 

Ms. Jeanie Franco Marx '64 

Mr Tim Marx '67 

Mrs. Judith S. Massey '63 

Ms. Kelly C. Matysik '04 

Ms. Margaret Maxwell '03 

Mrs. Phyllis Rogers May '82 

Mr & Mrs. John E. Mays 

Mr Neil Gray McBride 

Mr & Mrs. Greg McConriell 

Mr David E. McCormick '44 

Mrs. Ila Ann Varelmann McCoy '58 

Mr Stanley C. McDonald, Jr '70 

Dr Jay McDuffie '44 & Mrs. Dorothy 

Hooks McDuffie '47 
Mr J. C. McElroy '87 
Mrs. Betty Stokes McGarity '58 
Mr Dariiel R McGuinn '05 
Mrs. Ruthann McGuinn 
Mr Lester McGukin '56 & Mrs. Lois 

Weems McGukin '57 
Mr Joshua J. Mclntyre '05 
Mr & Mrs. John E. McKee, Jr 
Mrs. Mary Frances McMillan 
Mr Brian David McNulty '98 
Mr Dennis M. McPeak '81 
Mr Chades H. McTier 
Mrs. Brigitte Mebius-Moggre '83 
Ms. Sarah Mellon 
Mrs. Helen Maddox Menefee '87 
Mr Bryan Meng 
Mrs. Lon A. Merrill '01 
Mrs. Anne Cheek Meyer '72 
Dr & Mrs. Ronald E. Mickens 
Ms. Gwendolyn H. Middlebrooks 
Mrs. Joan Phillips Millar '64 
Ms. Dorothy H. Miller 
Mr Fred A. Miller Jr '55 
Mr George A. Miller 
Mrs. Lois Adams Miller '66 
Mr & Mrs. Lonnie Milstead 
Mrs. Caroline Cook Minor '75 
Ms. M. Elaine Minor '81 
Mr & Mrs. Tariq H. Mirza 
Ms. Holly D. Mitchell '05 
Mr Mart< R. Mitchell '79 
Mrs. B. Michon Hall Mitchell '87 
Mr & Mrs. Henry L. Mix 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
Mrs. Marilyn McNeal Mock '74 
Ms. Shelley A. Moffitt '95 
Mrs. Dina Molaison '99 
Mr Herbert Monford, II '71 
Mrs. Linda P Montgomery '81 
Mrs. Arnold Moore 
Mr Chartes R. Moore '92 
Mr Donald R. Moore 
Mr James W. Moore, Jr '85 
Mr L. Silas Moore, Jr '61 
Ms. Rachel L. Moore '01 
Ms. Deborah L. Morgan '83 
Mr & Mrs Harry H. Morgan 
Mrs. Ruth McLaughlin Morgan '77 
Mr George Eddie Morris '63 
Mr & Mrs. Steven Morris 
Ms. Ann Yingling Morrow 
Ms. Cynthia Mosher 
Mr Robert F Moskowitz '52 
Ms. Sarah C. Mosteller 














nor roll of donors 

Mr Chad M. Mozley '01 

Mr, & Mrs. J. Charles Mueller 

Miss Tommye Mueller '45 

Dr. FlavJa H. Mullen 

Mr. & Mrs. John Muluhya 

Mr Anthony F. Murphy 

Ms. Elena Mustakoua-Possardt 

Mr & Mrs. Roger L. Myers 

Mr Thomas A. Namey '02 & Mrs. Sallie 

Kaltreider Namey '02 
Ms Kelley Napier '04 
Mrs. Amanda Lancaster Needham '03 
Mrs. Sybil Sanders Neel '55 
Mr & Mrs. W. V, Neisius 
Mr & Mrs. George Nemhauser 
Ms. Nataliya A. Nemtseva '05 
Mrs. Martha Simpson Nesbit '60 
Ms. Valerie Newman '77 
Mr Charles E. Newton '42 
Mr. Charles D. Nicholas '82 
Mr R B. Nichols Jr 
Mr C. B. Harman Nicholson 
Mr David H Noble, Jr '73 
Ms. Lori A Nolan 

Mrs. Rosalie Brookshaw North '58 
Mrs, Mary Ella Nunn 
The Hon. Sam Nunn 
Mrs. Cadene Rod Oakes '80 
Ms. Marianne Oberg 
Mr. Howard E O'Connell '85 
Ms. M, Winnifred O'Dell 
Mr, John S, Odess, Jr '80 
Mr R, D, Odom 

Ms, Ellen Heckler O'Herlihy '82 
Mrs, Alicia S, O'Kelley '98 
Mr John Z, Olewski, III '94 
Mr Louis D Olin '68 
Mr Andrew J, Olsen '59 & Mrs, Barbara 

Coffey Olsen '61 
Mr Leonard O'Neill 
Ms, Jill L, Orlando '02 
Dr John D Orme 
Mr Stephen A, Orton '69 
Mrs, Theresa Guth O'Shields '82 
Mr Joseph T Overton '52 
Mr Robert L, Owen '82 
Mr Charles J, Owens '68 
Mr Lance W Ozier '01 
Ms Lise Shade Pace '87 
Ms Frances L Padgett 
Mr & Mrs, Ed Page 
Mr Malcolm E, Page '80 
Mr & Mrs, Peter Pages 
Mr Aron C, Palefsky '75 
Ms. Eugenia Palmer '62 
Ms. Keiko Palmer 
Ms. Sally Palmer '05 
Mr Craig D. Ranter '93 
Mr E. Adrian Parha '74 
Ms. Sonal J. Patel '05 
Mr Raymond G. Pawlik, Sr '70 
Ms. Stephanie Peccia '04 
Mr & Mrs. Julian J. Pedro 
Mr Mehmet Kahil Pekin 
Mr Ronald Pelissero 
Mr & Mrs. Penninger 
Dr Yvonne Bruton Pennington '63 
Pennsport Internal Medicine 
Ms. Michelle J. Perera '95 
Mr Richard Peritz 
Ms. Robin Jo Periing '81 
Mr David H, Pertine '70 
Ms. Beth Perry 
Ms. Catherine Ann Perry 

Ms. Gunda Perry 

Mrs. Joyce Gravel Pettus '62 

Mrs. Allene Hudgins Petty '51 

Mrs, Jill Stanford Philips '75 

Dr Jack J, Phillips '69 

Ms, Elizabeth Philpot 

Mr Charies E, Pickett '71 

Ms, Stefanie Pierce 

Mrs, Virginia G, Pistole '67 

Ms, Elizabeth Pittman 

Ms, Roy Plant 

Mr James C, Piatt. Jr 

Mr & Mrs, Pondicherry-Harish 

Mr C, Scott Port '74 

Mrs, Grace Suder Porter '55 

Ms, Jimmy Ann Langdon Porter '65 

Mrs, Frances Creekmore Portwood '57 

Ms. Carol B. Powell 

Ms. Harriet Rogers Powell '86 

Ms. Stacy-Ann Powell 

Ms. Stephanie D. Powell '96 

Ms. Leslie Prall '05 

Mr Dennis C. Pratt '71 

Mr James Pressley '41 

Mr Steve Prettyman '79 

Ms. Kathleen Jefferies Proto '00 

Mr Michael Alan Puckett '69 

Mrs. Mary Frances Brown Puett '57 

Mrs. Ethelyn Boswell Purdie '59 

Ms Vivian K. Pyle 

Mr 8. Mrs. James R. Pyron 

Ms. Sandra S, Quails '04 

Mr William H, Rebel 8. Mrs, Judith Vananzi 

Rabel '81 
Mr S Mrs. Ralph Rader D,D,S, 
Mr Roy V Rafinski '69 
Dr Glenn W, Rainey, Jr '65 
Mrs, Charlotte G, Ramage '40 
Ms. Margaret Randolph 
Mr Edward A, Rapp '81 
Miss Dorothy S, Rawlins '54 
Mr Robert L, Rawson '98 
RBI Design, LLC 
Mrs, Elsie H, Reece '83 
Ms, Amanda L, Regnier '99 
Mr & Mrs, Craig B, Reinheimer '84 
Mr Marshall Reiser '95 
Mrs, Frances H, Reynolds 
Mr R M, Reynolds, Jr '55 
Mrs, Sandra Danneman Rich '66 
Richard Fleischman Architects 
Mr & Mrs, R, H, Richardson 
Dr Gayle Richmond 
Mr & Mrs. Steven Rigdon 
Mr James A, Riley '66 
Ms. Veronica Riley '05 
Mr Rex G, Roan '70 
Robert Morting Antiques 
Mr William Roberts 
Dr E Moss Robertson '44 
Mr Dennis L, Robertson & Mrs, Martha 

Knapp Robertson '65 
Mr William Ray Robertson, Jr 
Miss Judith G, Robinson "79 
Ms, Maureen B, Robinson '82 
Ms, L, Katberine RobinSun 
Mrs, Angle Baldwin Roda '01 
Mrs, Jackie Perdue Rodriguez '71 
Mrs, Jean Morehouse Roets '74 
Mrs, Brenda Jericevich Roger '95 
Mrs, Marie Caudill Rogers '34 
Mrs, Mildred Caraway Rogers '61 
Mr Glen C, Rose '65 
Mrs, Robin Rose-Samuels '85 

Mrs, Wilma Lipham Rowe "80 

Ms. Diane R. Rowles '71 

Ms, Susan A Royal '05 

Mr Gary E, Ruckelshaus '69 

Ms, Lucilla Ruvalcaba 

Dr Sue Ruzicka 

Mr Chris Rylands "01 

Mrs, Kelei Sabatino 

Safeco Insurance Companies 

Mr Michael B, Saffran '76 

Ms, Sylvia San Martin 

Mr Charies R Sanders '66 

Ms, Kelly M. Sands '05 

Ms, Angela Sattertield '97 

Mr Homer S, Saunders, Jr 

Ms, Sabina Schievelbein 

Mrs, Barbara Ostipwko Schmich '75 

Ms. Karen Anthony Schnick '02 

Mrs, Megan Weiland Schreck'84 

Mr Harry L, Scbroeder '01 

Mrs, Muriel Rotkewicz Schurke '86 

Mr Brent Schwarz 

Mr & Mrs, Martin Schweitzer 

Scientific - Atlanta, Inc. 

Mr Burt<e A, Scott '96 

Mr & Mrs, Burton A, Scott, Jr 

Mrs, Ellen Scovil 

Ms, Caroline Brooks Seay '85 

Mrs, Darlene Baehr Seay '75 

Mrs, Linda Robertson Secretan '64 

Mrs, Mary Louise Browne Sedki '65 

Ms. Cindy Sedran '75 

Mrs Ingeborg Seebohm 

Ms. Theresa Fuerst Sellers '83 

Mrs. Gail Robertson Serauskas '93 

Mr & Mrs. William Sessions 

Mrs. Kay Boggs Settle '69 

Mr Robert T Seymour '54 

Ms. Dolores S. Shapiro 

Mr Joel F Shapiro '78 

Miss Mary Anne Sharp '58 

Mr Barry R Shildneck, III, '68 

Mrs Ellen Woodson Shipley '62 

Mrs, Karen Anne Sams Shirtey '83 

Ms, Brenda Shonfield '63 

Mr & Mrs, Shoptaw 

Dr Seema Shrikhande 

Ms, Michelle Ann Sidler '91 

Mr. Bryan D. Simmons '04 

Ms. Nancy Schaller Simmons '60 

Mr Donald J. Simon '69 

Ms. Elise J. Simonton 

Dr Pamela Simyon '72 

Ms. Jennifer Sisco '96 

Mr 8. Mrs, Joseph S. Sisco 

Ms, Ten Sivilli 

Mr&Mrs, JackA. Skelton 

Ms, Elizabeth M, Slade '05 

Dr Harold J, Sleavin '72 

Ms, Beverly Sloan '97 

Mrs, Sandra Slomovitz '87 

Mr Adam Slutzky 

Mr Chuck Smith '75 

Mrs. Claire Davis Smith 

Ms, Nicole R, Smith '96 

Ms, Sandra Smith 

Mrs. Lessie B. Smithgall 

Mr Steven R, Smoak 

Mr Donald E. Snyder 

Mr & Mrs. Robert Soby 

Mrs. Anna San-Martin Soracco '94 

Mr Nathan Sparks '98 

Mrs. Mildred Jackson Speights '58 

Capt. Valerie Woods Spence '92 

Miss Denney Wells Spencer '48 

Mr S Mrs. Steve Spetseris 

Mr Geoffrey D, Spiess '91 & Mrs, Jennifer 

Amerson Spiess '90 
Ms, Sally Thomas Spingler '86 
Mr Blake Stabler '00 
Ms, Heather Lynn Staniszewski '02 
Mr. Lloyd E, Stein '39 
Mr Wayne G, Stephens '67 
Mrs, Sally Bricker Stephenson '68 
Mr G, Scott Stevenson '61 
Dr & Mrs, C, P Stewart. Jr 
Mr Matthew P Stien '89 
Ms, Susan S. Stout 
Mrs. Leann Payne Strom '63 
Mr 8, Mrs. Aurel E, Stuart, Jr 
Mr 8. Mrs, Glenn Summerlin 
Mr Tharius D, Sumter '97 
Mr. Guy S, Sunny '69 
Ms. Eleanor S, Swann 
Mr & Mrs. Daniel A. Sweeney 
Mrs. Kim Sapecky Swix '84 
Mr Clyde A, Tallent '72 
Mrs. Roberta Lane Tanner '84 
Ms. La-Shena K, Tatum '02 
Mr LouiS H, Tatum, Jr 
Mr Rodger G, Tatum '70 8, Mrs, Lynda S. 

Tatum '92 
Mrs, Kate McNeil Taylor '66 
Ms, Courtney J, Terrell '05 
Mr David Terrell 
Mr Claude Terry 
Ms, Lani Terry 
Mr Ralph W, Thacker '37 
Ms, Nancy B, Thai 
The Ruhlin Company 

The USAA Matching Gift Fund of San Antonio 
Mr Matthew R, Thorn '02 
Dr John H, Thomas, III '71 
Mrs. Sandra Wolsey Thomas '64 
Justice Hugh R Thompson '66 
Mr Jennings J, Thompson, IV 
Ms. Jerrie T Thompson '86 
Mr 8. Mrs. Lewis Thompson 
Mrs. Martha Adams Thompson '58 
Mrs. Patricia G, Thompson '00 
Mr 8, Mrs, Ralph Thorpe 
Mr 8. Mrs, Robert N, Thrash 
Dr Margaret R Thrasher '61 
Ms, Kathleen Tice 
Dr Stacey Chapman Tobin '96 
Mrs, Sheryl C, Tomberlin '84 
Mrs, Vivian Gray Trabue '65 
Mr & Mrs, Robert D, Trammell, Jr 
Mrs, Clara Irwin Traver '77 
Mr Vemon Trice 
Ms, Laura Diane Trittin '87 
Mr & Mrs, George Troficanto 
Mr 8c Mrs, Wendell Troy 
The Hon, Woodrow Tucker '44 
Mr 8, Mrs, Robert Tulowitzky 
Dr James M.Turner 
Mr William B, Turner Sr 
Mr G, Grey Umberger Jr '84 
Mrs, Jeanette Anderson Upchurch '45 
Ms. Diane Urban 
Ms. Nicole M, Urbanek '00 
Mr Caries Valdes 
Ms, Janice Van Wart '82 
Ms. Elizabeth S, Vanfine 
Dr Martha Vardeman 
Ms, Judith M, Vaughn '74 
Ms, Marjone Elder Vaught '83 
Viking Forwarders, Inc, 

Mrs, Cathy Markland Villines 77 

Mrs. Vashti H.Woodruff '57 

Mrs. Pinky Gates Bonduranf 

Mrs. Florence Richardson James 


Mrs. Cathy Appling Vinson '92 

The Wool Family Foundation 

TheEstateof MA. Rikard' 

Dr Thomas N. Pirtile 


Ms. Katya Vladimirov 

Mr & Mrs. Jack Wool 

Mr Ralph W.Thacker 

Miss Oenney Wells Spencer 


Dr. Vienna K. Volante 

Ms. Patricia Beth Wool '77 


Vulcan Matenals Company 

Mr Kevin A. Woolf '00 

Class of 1938 

Class of 1949 

Ms. Susan Waage '97 

Mrs. Ilene Roos Worman '66 

Participation: 13% 

Participation: 20% 


Mrs. Margaret Blackman Wali<er '58 

Mr & Mrs. Brian 0. Wright '01 

Mr Cart N. Clart< 

Mr Robert L. Boggus, Jr 

Ms. Paula Walker 

Mr Ellis B. Wright 

Mr Rufus W. Hutchinson, Jr 

Mrs. Joan Robb Butler 


Mr Christopher Wall '99 

Ms. Lynne Wright 

Mrs, Jeannette Bentley Moon 

Mrs. Doris Pickens Hinson 

Ms. Casey K.Wallace '05 

Mr Richard B. Wright '73 

Dr James H. Hinson, Jr 


Mrs. Gladys Baldwin Wallace '61 

Ms. Megan Yalkut 

Class of 1939 

MrW. RayHolley 



Mr & Mrs. Wesley Wallace 

Mrs. Carol Tieman Yates '87 

Participation: 15% 

Mr Jack F Hosford 

Ms. Judith Carol Wallis '73 

Mrs. Joanne R. Yendle 

Mr Herman L. Campbell 

Dr Stephen C. May Jr 

Mrs. Jean Grant Walter '51 

Mr. S. Zachry Young 

Mrs. Eleanor Ivey Lake 

Mrs. Margaret C. Steinpfad 


Ms. Megan Walters-Brightwell '98 

Mr. Joseph A. Zaffuto '90 & Mrs. Patricia 

Mr Jack Perry 

Mr William E. Wright, Jr 


Mr Sherman C. Ward. Jr '46 

S. Zaffuto '89 

Mr. Lloyd E. Stein 



Mr Ralphton E. Wariick '70 

Mr Nate Zahn '69 

Class of 1950 

Mr Ronald A. Warner '74 

Dr Sylvia G. Zapico '68 

Class of 1940 

Participation: 1 5% 

Mrs. Celia Vecchio Warren '79 

Ms. Elizabeth Anne Zelley '94 

Participation: 1 3% 

Mr William R. Brown, Jr 



Mrs. Patricia Turrier Wan-en '65 

Mr & Mrs. Malcolm Zellner 

Mr W. Elmer George 

Mr Gordon C. Bynum 

The Rev. T. Donnell Warters '63 

Ms. Pamela C. Zettler '05 

Mrs. Marguerite McKinney Hart 

Mrs. Alice Callaway Crenshaw 

Ms. Morning Washburn 

Mr Scott M. Zgraggen '86 

Mrs. Chariotte G. Ramage 

The Rev John M. Flanigen, Jr 


Ms. Dawn Washington '05 

Ms. Angela R. Zimbrick '00 

Mr Stephen J. Schmidt- 

Mr Stuart Herman 

Dr. G. Gilman Watson '68 & Mrs. Carol 

Mr Chuck Zimmemian 

Mrs. Medora Fitten Wallace 

Mr Walter V Slack 

Lawhorn Watson '69 

Mr Alan Zwicker '05 

Mrs. Gloria Holbert Webster 

Mrs. Opal Perry Watson '55 

Mr & Mrs. Herb Zwicker 

Class of 1941 

Mrs. Virginia Wallace Wayne '43 

Participation: 9% 

Class of 1951 

Mrs. Janet Barnett Weaver '83 

Alumni Donors by Class 

Maj. James C. McClanahan 

Participation: 29% 

Mrs Ethel Law Webb '62 

Mr James Pressley 
Mrs. Lillian Cable Williams 

Mrs. Rose Simmons Andrews 

Mrs. Gloria Holbert Webster '50 

Classes with Highest % Participation 

Rev Harvey C. Boyd, Sr 

Ms. Alexis S. Weisman '77 

Rank Class % Parlicipation 

Mrs. Jane Rand Breunig 

Ms. Elena Weiss '03 

1 1948 36% 
2 1952 31% 

Class of 1942 

Mr Alvin J. Curt<in 

Mrs. Rebecca Greene Weissinger '94 

Participation: 10% 

Mr John R. Fisher 

Mrs. Nancy Charnley Welty '67 

3 1951 29% 

Mrs. Bertha Wachman Levy" 

Mrs. Martha Sibley George 

Dr. Gerald Wempner 

4 1958,1961 28% 

Mr John Meacham, Jr, 

Mr Richard Grotefend 

Mr Gary Wenger '61 & Mrs. Ann Klein 

5 2005 25% 

Mr Charles E. Newton 

Mrs. Alice Tatsch Klevens 

Wenger '58 

Mrs. Jeanne Fuller Schmidt 

Mrs. Mary Louise Watkins MacNeil 
Mrs. Allerie Hudgins Petty 

Mr W.Jeffrey Wesley '80 

Classes with Largest Number of Donors 

Mr & Mrs. Chartes West 

Rank Donors 

Class of 1943 

Mrs. Peggy Gregg Scott 

Mrs. Dorothea Pickett Westin '89 

Participation: 16% 

Mr Walter H. Tanner Jr 

Mr Dennis M. Wheeler '76 

1 2005 46 

Mrs. Vema Miller Berthelsen 

MrS. BleeckerTotten 

Mr Chartes L. White '63 

2 1969 31 

2 1970 31 
4 1990 25 

Mr J. Eugene Hanis 

Mr Daniel L. Uffnen Jr. 

Mr Larry C.White '69 

Mr Keith A. Lane 

Mrs. Jean Grant Walter 

Dr. Stephen W.White '66 

4 1997 25 

Mrs. Rhett Pinson Sanders 

Mr Steven John White '70 

Mrs. Virginia Wallace Wayne 

Class of 1952 

Ms. Wanda White 

The following is a listing of the alumni who 

Participation: 31% 

Mr William B.White 

contributed to the Oglethorpe Fund 


Mr J. Frederick Agel. Sn 

Mrs. Eleanor Yedvob Whiteside '65 

between July 1 , 2004 and June 30, 2005. 

Participation: 18% 

Hon. Henry C.Atchison 

Ms. Susan B. Whitlock 

The average alumni participation this year 

Dr Jay McDuffie 

Mr Asher 1. Benator 

Mrs. May Ringold Whittington '67 

was 14%. Thank you to all the alumni who 

Mrs. Virginia Templin Galley 

Mrs. Jane Cowart Bloemer 

Mrs. Harriet Chappie Wilbanks '66 

contributed to the university this year We 

Mr David E. McCormick 

Mrs. Margaret Bell Bloodworth 

Mrs. Virginia Bremer Wiley '64 

appreciate your continued support! 

Or E. Moss Robertson 

Mrs. Muriel Lewis Bono 

Ms. Ginger Williams 

Mrs. Jane Cannon Smith 

Mrs. Caroline Drawdy Ellis 

Mrs. Lillian Cable Williams '41 

Class of 1933 

The Hon. Woodrow Tucker 

Mr Donald R. Ferry 

Mrs. Susan Warren Williams 

Participation. 14% 

Col. Sheldon 1. Godkin 

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Wilson '83 

Mrs. Isabel Tonks Gray 

Class of 1945 

Mr James E. Henderson 

Mr Dewi (J. D.) Wilson 

Participation: 15% 

Mrs. Jean Horton Henderson 

Mr Donald R. Wilson. Jr '71 

Class of 1934 

Mrs. Betty Clart< Lafitte 

Mr Robert F Moskowitz 

Mrs. Elizabeth G.Wilson '91 

Participation: 5% 

Miss Tommye Mueller 

Mr. Joseph T Overton 

Mr & Mrs. Anthony Wilson '97 

Mrs. Marie Caudill Rogers 

Mrs. Jeanette Anderson Upchurch 

Mr. John B. Wilson '83 & Mrs. Julie 

Class of 1953 

Burnett Wilson '84 

Class of 1935 

Class of 1946 

Participation: 11% 

Mr Lee A. Wilson '53 

Participation: 18% 

Participation: 7%i 

Mrs. Dolores Strauss Ferry 

Mrs. Teresa Bamhill Wilson '89 

Mr Stinson M. Adams, Jr 

Mr Shennan C. Ward, Jr 

Mr Sheldon H. Fleitman 

Ms. Willie Ruth Wilson 

Mr M Tyus Butler 

Mrs. Gwendolyn Moss Lewis 

Ms. Joan S. Wink 

Mrs. Aileen Brown Guest 

Class of 1947 

Mr Noel A. Ripley" 

Ms. Sophia Z. Winkel 

Mrs. Louise Mitchell Hiss 

Participation: 13% 

Mr 0. K. Sheffield. Jr. 

Dr Kenneth D.Wiriokur '70 

Mrs. Margaret Ken- Hitte 

Mr. Lee A. Wilson 


Class of 1936 

Mrs. Dorothy Hooks McDuffie 

Ms. Jaime Wojdowski '03 

Participation: 5% 

Class of 1954 

Mrs. Hortense B. Wolf 

Mrs. Ciaudine Gates Adams 

Class of 1948 

Participation: 16% 

Mrs. Maty Carol Wollenhaupt '02 

Participation: 36% 

Dr Corry Arensbach 

Mr Wesley F.Wood '74 

Class of 1937 

Mrs. Joyce Odom Christianson 

Mrs. Beveriy Joiner Barton 

Mr Marcus K. Woodford, Jr '82 

Participation: 12% 

Mrs. Mildred C. Daugherty 

Mrs. Eloise Hightower Beck 

honor roll of donors 


Mrs, Mary Frances Bowlan 

Class of 1957 

Dr Albert P Sheppard 

Class of 1961 


Mrs. Florence Parris Burtz 

Participation: 18% 

Mrs, Mildred Jackson Speights 

Participation: 28% 

1— 1 

Mrs. Mary Williams Cazalas 

Mr Joseph J. Accardi 

Mrs, Martha Adams Thompson 

Mrs. Ethyl Fadden Ault 


Mrs. Martha Grant Likins 

Mrs. Ann Breedlove 

Mrs, Margaret Blackman Walker 

Mrs. Martha Laird Bowen 


Miss Dorothy S. Rawlins 

Mr Howell Breedlove 

Mrs, Ann Klein Wenget 

Mrs, Frances Pasley Buttolph 


Mr Robert T. Seymour 

Mr Billy P Camp 

Dr Hines L, Wommack 

Mr Roger Couch 

Mrs. Cynthia May Spann 

Mr Lewis B. DeRose 

Mr Sam G, Hudgins 

Mrs. Marianne McWilliams Dillard 

Class of 1959 

Mr F Harvey Hudson 


Class oil 955 

Mrs, Freida Beatty Duffey 

Participation: 19% 

Mr, Ronald R, Knopf 


Participation: 17% 

The Rev. Samuel W. Edieman, Jr 

Mrs, Virginia Barrett Barker 

Mr Wilfred J, LeBlanc 



Mrs. Nona Jones Bell 

Mr Harry Letcher Greene 

Mrs, Elaine Mackenzie Brown 

Mrs, Belle Turner Lynch 

Mrs Sara Steinberg Fine 

Mrs, Peggy Cullars Guillebeau 

Dr Mariene Hockenberry Cianci 

Mr, L, Silas Moore, Jr 

Dr Elizabeth L. Jones-Lukas 

Mr Joel D, Lynch 

Dr Joseph B. Duckworth 

Mrs, Barbara Coffey Olsen 


Mrs Margaret Woodward Mathewes 

Mrs, Lois Weems McGukin 

Mrs. Margaret Young Edieman 

Dr J. Anthony Paredes 


Mr Fred A. Miller, Jr. 

Dr Robert Boyd Oliver 

Mrs. Carolyn Morris Frazier 

Mrs. Mildred Caraway Rogers 


Mrs. Sybil Sanders Neel 

Mrs. Frances Creekmore Portwood 

Mr Joe T Green 

Dr. Joseph A. Soldati 

Mrs. Grace Sudor Porter 

Mrs. Mary Frances Brown Puett 

Dr Hugo S. Hammond 

Mr G. Scott Stevenson 


Mr R. M. Reynolds, Jr 

Mr Charles F Scott 

Mr Floyd G, Hopkins 

Dr. Margaret P Thrasher 


Mrs. Opal Perry Watson 

Mr William Charles Smith 

Mrs. Patricia Daniel Kapphahn 

Mrs. Gladys Baldwin Wallace 

Mrs, Vashti H, Woodruff 

Mrs. Janne Jolley Lane 

Mr Gary Wenger 

Class of 1956 

Mrs. Betty Elkins McDonald 


Participation: 19% 

Class of 1958 

Mrs. Sydney Mobley Moss 

Class of 1962 

Mrs. Lynn Hallford Banks 

Participation: 28% 

Mr Andrew J. Olsen 

Participation: 14% 

Mrs. Lois Semel Blonder 

Ms, Peggy O't^leal Compton 

Mrs. Ethelyn Boswell Purdie 

Mrs. Paula Hofmann Bell 

Mrs. Eleanor Coplan Bogart 

Ms, Patricia Baker DeRose 

Mr William J. Flammer 

Dr Jacqueline Miles Boles 

Mr Clinton L. Fincher 

Class of 1960 

Dr R. Derril Gay 

Dr Ann R Delatte 

Ms. Christina Rice Freeman 

Participation: 12% 

Mr James W. Hazelwood, Jr 

Mrs. Edith Upchurch Hunt 

Col. John E. Harms (Ret.) 

Mr Jack B. Amold 

Mrs. Rebecca Harbor Jones 

Mr Alfred D. Ingersoll 

Mrs. Linda Robuck Hoffman 

Mr Jay D. Dye 

Mr John D. Kuiken 

Mrs. Catherine 0. Ingersoll 

Mr Harold R. Ingle, Jr 

Mr Atauar Famquee 

Mrs. Eleanor Ann McGum Lipham 

Mrs. Clare Findley Magbee 

Dr Jack C. Lane 

Mrs. Jean Callaway Fletcher 

Mr James J. Millard 

Mr James R. Magbee 

Mrs, Doris Eisenberg Lynch 

Mrs, Barbara Marsh Gotsch 

Ms. Eugenia Palmer 

Mr Lester McGukin 

Mrs, Ha Ann Varelmann McCoy 

Mrs. Francine Klein Greiner 

Mrs. Joyce Gravel Pettus 

Col. H. David O'Malie 

Mrs, Betty Stokes McGarity 

Mrs, Martha Simpson Nesbit 

Mrs. Ellen Woodson Shipley 

Mr Donald H. Rubin 

Mrs, Rosalie Brookshaw North 

Ms, Nancy Schaller Simmons 

Mrs. Ethel Law Webb 

Mr. Joe E. White 

Mr William E, Scott 
Miss Mary Anne Sharp 

Frueauff Cha enge 

Ms. Jennifer R. DuBose '90 
Dr. Daniel M. Duncanson '85 

During the 2004-05 fiscal year, The Charles A. Frueauff 

Dr. Janice Ann Galleshaw '75 

Foundation of Little Roclc, Arkansas, challenged the alumni of 

Mr. Joe T Green '59 

Oglethorpe University to increase their support of the university 

Mr. John William Harvey '71 & Mrs. Mary-Phyllis 

by finding 30 new $ 1 ,000 donors to the Oglethorpe Fund. 

Dolcimascolo Harvey '71 

The Frueauff Challenge doubled the impact of gifirs from alumni 

Ms. Pamela Jill James '91 

who increased their Oglethorpe Fund contributions or decided 

Ms. Brenda Kinser Johnson '75 

to participate by making a first-time or increased gift of at least 

Ms. Gail Lynn '77 

$1,000 to the university by June 

30, 2005. Thank you to all 

Mr. Scott M. McKelvey '91 

those that participated in the challenge! 

Mr. J. Kevin Meaders '93 

Dr. J. Anthony Paredes '61 

Mrs. Claudine Gates Adams '36 

Mr. Thomas C. Port '68 & Mrs 

Kathy McLeod Port '69 

Ms. Susan Harman Alou '84 

Mr. Donald H. Rubin '56 

Mr. Howard J. Barr '83 

Mr. Stephen J. Schmidt '40'* 

Mrs. Pinky Gates Bondurant '37 


Mr. Charles F. Scott '57 

Ms. Roslyn Buffmgton '01 

Mr. Larry C. Shattles '67 

Mr. W. Q. 'Tete" Butler '69 

Mr. Joseph P Shelton '91 & Mrs. Andrea Spencer Shelton '91 

Dr. Brian D. Buzzeo '88 & Mrs. 

Tracey Johnson Buzzeo '88 

Mr. Horace E. Shuman '81 

Mr. Gordon C. Bynum '50 

Mrs. Dean Dubose Smith '70 

Mrs. Heather Andrews Clark '96 

Mr. Charles K. Weathers '68 

Mr. Adam M. Corder '95 & Mrs. Rebecca Marasia Corder '91 

Mr. DarreU E. Whitford '63 

Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis '82 

Mr. Mark A. Williams '94 & M 

rs. Sharon Maria Williams '93 

Class of 1963 

Class of 1966 

Dr. Sylvia G. Zapico 

Mr John S. Ball 


Participation; 21% 

Participation: 19% 

Mr J. Lewis Glenn 


Mr. Albert Nathan Baer 

Mrs. Carole Moore Aitken 

Class of 1969 

Mr John William Haryey 


Mr. Arnold W. Baker 

Mr Robert E. Bowden 

Participation: 1 7% 

Mrs. Mary-Phyllis D. Harvey 


Mrs. Judith Skiles Bal<er 

Mr Cart H. Bergman 

Mrs, Judy Heald Allison 

Mrs. Lou Ella Jenkins 


Mrs. Kay Kilpatricl< Crawford 

Mr Franklin L. Burke 

Mrs, Emma Sewell Borders 

Mrs. Yvonne Scales Jones 


Mrs. Susan Hollinshead Dalton 

Mr. Ronald Cenzalli 

Mr, Michael S, Bryant 

Mr Michael Kay 


Mrs. Elaine Shiflett Oooley 

Mrs. Orela Cox Cook 

Mr, W, Q. "Pete" Butler 

Mr Keith J. Landberg 


Mrs. Mary Bob Cooper Fox 

Mr. Robert B. Currey 

Dr Paula Haver Chambers 

Mr Martin Libemian 

fylrs. Barbara Dexter Gupton 

Dr. Mimi Milner EIrod 

Mr. Charies D. Chetwynd 

Mr Martin 1. Upson 


Mr. J. Cabot Gupton 

Dr. Kathleen Pitts Faircloth 

Mr. Gordon A. Clar1< 

Maj. Lee London. Jr 




Mrs. Ellen lyiullendore Knouse 

Mr. William J. Garrigan 

Mrs. Bette Makover Hagan 

Mr Gordon W. Love, Jr. 

Mrs. Judith S. Massey 

Mrs. Susan Goodchild Jordan 

Mr James J, Hagelow 

Mrs. Suzette Hareey Mancini 

Dr. Mickey M. Metcalf 

Mrs. Sarah Ann Sanders Long 

Mrs. Sheryl Claxton Haney 

Mr Jeffrey B. Matthews 


Mr. S. Morris Mitchell 

Mrs. Lois Adams Miller 

Mr. Terrence C. Haney 

Mr Herbert Monford, II 


Mr. George Eddie Morris 

Mrs, Harriet C. O'Dell 

Mr. Robert S. Jones, Sr. 

Mr Charles E. Pickett 



Mr Bob T. Nance 

Mrs. Sandra Danneman Rich 

Mr. Wayne M. Kise 

Mr Dennis C. Pratt 

Dr. Thomas W.Phillips 

Mr. James A. Riley 

Mr Louis T Lombardy 

Mrs. Jackie Perdue Rodriguez 

Mr Eric M, Scharff 

Mr. Charies F Sanders 

Mrs. Jan Collins Maher 

Ms. Diane R. Rowles 


Ms. Brenda Shonfield 

Mrs. Kate McNeil Taylor 

Mrs. Ginger Anderson Mariowe 

Mr Jerel F Rush 

Mrs. Leann Payne Strom 

Justice Hugh R Thompson 

Mr Stephen A. Orton 

Mr Mel C. Stein 

The Rev. T Donnell Warters 

Dr Stephen W. White 

Dr Jack J. Phillips 

Dr John H. Thomas, III 


Mr. Charies L. White 

Mrs. Hamet Chappie Wilbanks 

Mrs. Kathy McLeod Port 

Mr Donald R. Wilson, Jr, 

Mr. Darren E. Whitford 

Mrs. Ilene Roos Womian 

Mr. Michael Alan Puckett 
Mr Roy V Rafinski 

Class of 1972 

Class of 1964 

Class of 1967 

Mr Jeffrey R. Roesch 

Participation: 10% 

Participation: 18% 

Participation: 23% 

Dr Louis E. Rossman 

Mrs. Ann Gibson Adams 

Dr. William C. Aitken, Jr. 

Mrs. Sandra Abbott Allen 

Mr. Gary E. Ruckelshaus 

Mrs. Linda Wishon Anderson 

Mrs. Donna Williams Chieves 

Mr. Jon A. Axelberg 

Mrs. Kay Boggs Settle 

Mrs. Mary Crockett Ball 

Col. Kenneth P Davis 

Mrs. Gin Bradley Bell 

Mr. Donald J. Simon 

Mr Robert B. Bowen, Jr 

Mr James L. Delay 

Mr. Thomas J. Browning 

Ms. Susan M. Super 

Mr John R. Collins 

Dr Beatrice Hasty Favre 

Ms. Martha J. Church 

Mr Guy S. Sunny 

Ms. Vicki Jan Conway 

Mrs. Joan Womack Rammer 

Mrs. June Hopkins Conley 

Mrs. Carol Lawhom Watson 

Mrs. Judith Draisen Glassman 

Mrs. Carolyn Loughborough Frangiamor 

Mr. Edgar 0. Baffin 

Mr Larry C. White 

Miss Etta Lou Hanken 

Mrs. Lynda Papini Mines 

Mr. Marv Fineroff 

Mr Nate Zahn 

Mr William J, Hogan, Jr 

Miss Vivian Chandler Lee 

Mr. Donald G. Hartman 

Mr Michael A, Israelite 

Dr. John G. Lipham 

Mr, J. Robert Jackson 

Class of 1970 

Mrs, Leslie Berk Johnston 

Mr Robert L. Manning 

Mr. Stuart C. Levenson 

Participation: 15% 

Ms. Midge M. Jorns 

Ms. Jeanie Franco Marx 

Mr. Tim Man 

Mr. James N. Bier 

Mrs. Deborah Jobe Koehler 

Mrs. Joan Phillips Millar 

Mr. Thomas R O'Connor 

Mrs. Helen Kibler Browning 

Mrs. Anne Cheek Meyer 

Mr. Wayne D. Penv 

Mrs. Virginia G. Pistole 

Mr Thomas L. Burton. Jr. 

Miss Rosemary Mosteller 

Mrs. Paula Coker Rice 

Mr. William E. Plowden, Jr. 

Mr David Powers Coley 

Dr Harold J. Sleavin 

Mrs. Linda Robertson Secretan 

Mr. Kenneth W. Powell 

Mr Robert K. Cowhig. Jr. 

MrClydeA Tallent 

Rev Betty Rutland Stapleford 

Mr. Floyd D. Ruhl 

Mrs. Lynn Allison Cowhig 

Mrs, Barbara Rose Westfail 

Mrs. Barbara Klein Stewart 

Mr. Larry C. Shattles 

Mrs. Carol Zee Daniel 

Dr, Michael W, Yartjrough 

Mrs. Virginia Bremer Wiley 

Mr. Wayne G. Stephens 

Mr Bnjce R, Feuer 

Mrs. Chariotte Smith Winsness 

Mrs. Nancy ChamleyWelty 

Mrs, Lynn Andreasen Freeman 

Class of 1973 


Mrs. May Ringold Whittington 

Mrs, Mary Finn Heaney 
Ms, Andrea C, Hestley 

Participation: 8% 

Mrs, Kathryn Beatty Catr 

Class of 1965 

Class of 1968 

Dr, Robin Whyte Hoffman 

Miss Nancy T Carter 

Participation: 22% 

Parficipation: 16% 

Mr Albert R, Hudson. Jr 

Mr, Robert Ross Dimm 

Mr. James E. Carroll 

Mr. G.Douglass Alexander 

Mr Richard A, Hughes 

Mrs, Mikala Warren Engel 

Mr. Richard Joseph Carter 

Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp 

Mr Wayne J. Jaffie 

Mr. Allen B. Goodwin 

Mrs. Cherry Hodges Casey 

Mr. Thomas M. Baird 

Mrs. Rosemery Pearson Kinney 

Mr. 0, William Hammack, Jr 

Mrs. Hallie Beasley Cullen 

Mrs. Nikki McCoy Clemens 

Mrs. Ellen Plutchok Klein 

Mrs. Natalie Mintz Harris 

Mrs. Suzanne Straub Currey 

Mrs. Laura Zaban Dinerman 

Mrs. Mary Ivey Leak 

Mr. Jeffrey M. Johnson 

Mr 0. Navarro Faircloth 

Mrs. Gayle Burch Gower 

Dr. James S. MacDonall 

Mrs. Mary Jackson Maiek 

Mrs. Judith Hayden Gamgan 

Mr William Howell Gower 

Mr. Stanley C. McDonald. Jr. 

Mr. Stephen E. Malone 

Mr James V Harllage, Jr 

Mr Barry Randolph Gurtey 

Mr. Anthony R. Melillo 

Mr. David H. Noble, Jr. 

Mrs. S. Lynne Hanzelik 

Miss Mary Constance Hamell 

Mr. Joseph R. Menez 

Ms. Judith Carol Wallis 

Mr. James L. Hughes 

Ms. Jackie F Howard 

Mr. Raymond G. Pawlik, Sr. 

Mr, Richard B.Wright 

Mrs. Pauline Ferry Lester 

Mrs, Helen King Kessler 

Mr. David H. Perrine 

Mr. William M Linstrom 

Mrs. Barbara Beggs Littell 

Mr. Rex G. Roan 

Class of 1974 

Ms. Jimmy Ann Langdon Porter 

Mr. Roger A. Littell 

Mr. Richard S. Simons, Jr. 

Participation: 11% 

Dr. Glenn W. Rainey, Jr. 

Mr, Louis D, Olin 

Mrs, Dean Dubose Smith 

Mrs. Karen Jones Aber 

Mrs. Martha Knapp Robertson 

Mr, Thomas C, Port 

Mr. Robert S. Strachan 

Mr. Robert D. Copelan 

Mr. Glen C. Rose 

Mr, Jerry W Sams 

Mr. Rodger G.Tatum 

Mrs, Lynn Lasater Crowley 

Mrs. Penelope McCulloch Rose 

Mr, Barry R Shildneck, III, 

Mr. Ralphlon E. Warlick 

Mr Charies M, Hames 

Mrs. Linda Sanders Scartorough 

Rev John S, Sims 

Mr Steven John White 

Ms, Martha Ann Jenks 

Mrs. Mary Louise Browne Sedki 

Mrs, Sally Bricker Stephenson 

Dr Kenneth D. Winokur 

Mr Jeffrey S, Layne 

Mrs. Vivian Gray Trabue 

Mrs, Mary Denton Suttle 

Mr Steven W, Levinsky 

Mrs. Patricia Turner Wan'en 

Dr, G, Gilman Watson 

Class of 1971 

Mrs, Ruth Partiam Manning 

Mrs. Eleanor Yedvob Whiteside 

Mr. Chartes K, Weathers 

Participation: 12% 

Mr Clifford Miller 

Mrs. Sharon Friedrich Williams 

Mr David K, Wood 

Mr. J. Randall Akin 

Mrs, Marilyn McNeal Mock 

honor roll of donors 


Mr. E. Adrian Parham 

Ms. Patricia Beth Wool 

Ms. Robin Jo Periing 

Mr Brian C. Sass 


Mr C. Scott Port 

Ms. Anne Jill Writer 

Mrs. Judith Vananzi Rabel 

Mrs. Megan Weiland Schreck 


Mrs. Jean Morehouse Roets 

Mr Edward A. Rapp 

Mr Matthew A. Schuster 


Mrs, Sandra Davis Stepp 

Class of 1978 

Mr Christopher M, Sertich 

Mrs. Kim Sapecky Swix 

Ms. Judith M. Vaughn 

Participation: 12% 

Mr Timothy R Tassopoulos 

Mrs. Roberta Lane Tanner 


Mr Ronald A. Warner 

Mr Frank S, Anepohl, Jr 

Mrs. Sheryl C. Tomberlin 

Mrs. Janie P Wilson 

Mr Alan K.Arnold 

Class of 1982 

Mr G. Grey Umberger, Jr 


Mr. Wesley F.Wood 

Mr. Blake M. Christoph 

Participation: 14% 

Mrs. Julie Bunett Wilson 


Mr Kevin D. Fitzpatrick, Jr 

Ms. Debra J. Bradley 


Mrs. Vickie Vaughan Goetchius 

Mr Eric S. Crunick 

Class of 1985 




Participation: 13% 

Mr Thomas G. Hood 

Ms. Shiriey Peterson Davis 

Participation: 13% 

Mrs. Deborah Roach Avery 

Dr Kenneth K. Hutchinson 

Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis 

Mrs. Nancy Arnold Cordier 

Mrs, Heien S, Braunstein 

Mrs. Debra Losner Kahn 

Mr John J. Dowd, Jr. 

Mr Douglas Robert Dubay 


Ms. Dorothy S. Burvee 

Dr Dale M. Kristle 

Mrs. Deanna L. Harrison 

Dr Daniel M. Duncanson 


Dr Ciaire Derdeyn Coies 

Miss Tracey Lathem 

Ms. Carol OhI Hudson 

Mrs. Sharon Velinsky Fagin 

, o 

Mr Miles R. Cook 

Mr Richard Charles Maier 

Mr Gary R. Kleinfield 

Mrs, Anne Kohl Fowler 


Ms, Emy Lou Faber 

Mr Robert Wyatt Moore 

Mr Mark S, Lisicky 

Mr Christian G. Gackstatter 


Or Janice Ann Galleshaw 

Mr Joel F Shapiro 

Mrs. Phyllis Rogers May 

Mr Kenneth P Gould 


Mrs, Patsy Griffith Hamilton 

Mr Charies H. Simon, Jr. 

Mrs Linda Triguero McCormick 

Ms, Marilyn L, Hays 

Mrs, Marilyn Whiteside Handsel 

Mr Charles D. Nicholas 

Mrs, Barbara Bessmer Henry 


Mr, Dennis R, Harrison 

Class of 1979 

Ms. Ellen Heckler O'Hertlhy 

Ms, Nanette Helene Loftis 


Ms, Brenda Kinser Johnson, CPM 

Participation: 16% 


Mr Paul B, Miller 


Mrs, Betty Powell Kujawski 

Mrs. Annette Fry Adamiyatt 

Mr Robert L, Owen 

Mr James W, Moore, Jr 

Mrs, Kay Penn Martin 

Mrs. Shelby Andrev»s 

Mr Robert L. Rasile 

Mr Anthony F Murphy 

Mr Scott D, McAdoo 

Mr Michael S, Bahary 

Mrs. Donna Cron Rasile 

Mr Howard E, O'Connell 

Mrs, Caroline Cook Minor 

Mr Robert B. Baker. Jr 

Ms. Maureen B. Robinson 

Mrs, Robin Rose-Samuels 

Mr Aron C, Palefsky 

Mr James M, Cook, Sr 

Ms. Debra K. Schreiber 

Ms. Caroline Brooks Seay 

Mrs. Jill Stanford Philips 

Mrs, Joan Morris Dechovitz 

Ms. Janice Van Wart 

Mr. John B. Zellars, Jr. 

Mrs. Barbara Ostipv»ko Schmich 

Ms, Ellen M, Erenbaum 

Mr Marcus K. Woodford, Jr. 

Mrs. Dariene Baehr Seay 

Mr Thomas F Forkner, Jr, 

Class of 1986 

Ms. Cindy Sedran 

Mrs. Kathleen Glynn Grupp 

Class of 1983 

Participation: 14% 

Mr. Chuck Smith 

Mrs. Elizabeth Locklin Hrisak 

Participation: 1 5% 

Mrs. Catherine Castagna Abood 

Mrs. Alice Hoke Zimmerman 

Mr Robert Lenzer 

Ms. Bambi Ellison Arnold 

Mrs. Barbara Martin Adair 

Mrs. Diana Marcus Upton 

Mrs. Iwuk Alfred Asuamah 

Mrs. Jeanne A. Broadhurst 

Class of 1976 

Mr Mart< R. Mitchell 

Ms. Sandra Lynch Aufderheide 

Mrs. Maritta M. Bush 

Participation: 11% 

Mr Steve Prettyman 

Mr Howard J. Barr 

Mr L. Thomas Clements 

Mrs. Elizabeth Kidder Ambler 

Dr Robert H. Pollen, Jr 

Dr Susan Crosby Brown 

Ms. Margaret E. Cole 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gosnell Biggs 

Miss Judith G, Robinson 

Dr Robert A. Buck 

Dr Martha Eastlack 

Miss Alice B. Carr 

Mrs. Celia Vecchio Warren 

Mr Clancy S. Burrell 

Mr Christopher P B, Erckert 

Mr Philip C. Chamberlain 

Mrs. Carolyn Constangy Wasser 

Mrs. Eva H. English 

Ms. Sandra D. Gain 

Lt Col. Samuel H. Christopher IV (Ret.) 

Mr Bob L. Fesperman 

Ms. Georgia Russell Hembree 

Mrs. Sarah Lee Davis 

Class of 1980 

Mrs. Dianne McClinton Glennie 

Mr Marc M, Khedouri 

Ms. Dorothy Deedy Dryman 

Participation: 13% 

Mr Donald R. Henry 

Mrs. Stacey Bronstein Levin 

Mrs. Barbara Howard Flanigan 

Mrs. Catherine Dennis Belles 

Mrs. Vickie Moore ln«in 

Dr Raymond H, Lucas 

Mrs. Laura Fantini Johnson 

Mr Robert E. Bristol 

Ms. Karen Keiser-Jenkins 

Mrs. Tamara Chaffin Lynde 

Capt. Louis A. Johnson 

Ms. E. Harnett Cone 

Mrs. Brigitte Mebius-Moggre 

Ms. S. Tammy Pearson 

Ms. Joyce C. Jones 

Mrs. Lynette Ossinsky Fine 

Ms. Deborah L. Morgan 

Ms. Harriet Rogers Powell 

Mr Warner L. Kennon, IV 

Mrs, Betsy Duggan Johnson 

Mrs. Elsie H. Reece 

Mrs. Muriel Rotkewicz Schurke 

Mr Michael B. Saffran 

Mr Christopher J. McFadden 

Ms. Theresa Fuerst Sellers 

Ms. Laura Turner Seydel 

Mr Dennis M. Wheeler 

Mrs. Cariene Rod Oakes 

Mrs. Karen Anne Sams Shiriey 

Ms. Sally Thomas Spingler 

Mr John S, Odess, Jr 

Ms. Marjorie Elder Vaught 

Ms. Jerrie T Thompson 

Class of 1977 

Mr Malcolm E. Page 

Mrs. Janet Barnett Weaver 

Mrs. Diane Dubay Walker 

Participation: 20% 

Mrs, Wilma Lipham Rowe 

Mr David M. Wilson 

Mr. Scott M. Zgraggen 

Ms. A. Diane Baker 

Mr Reynold F Salmon 

Mr John B. Wilson 

Mrs. Ann L. Brown 

Ms, Barbara A, Sanders 

Mrs. Sally Petree Wilson 

Class of 1987 

Mr Donald S. Carter, Jr 

Mr Horace E, Shuman 

Participation: 13% 

Mrs. Marsha R. Christopher 

Mr Martin J, Weils 

Class of 1984 

Mr Charles K. Beck 

Mrs. Alexis Jan Lazor Day 

Mr W, Jeffrey Wesley 

Participation: 15% 

Ms. Helen E. Bourne 

Mr Steven F Day 

Ms. Kathryn D. West 

Ms. Susan Harman Alou 

Mr Marcus J. Cash 

Dr Dianne Jones Ford 

Mr Raymond S. Willoch 

Mrs. Stephanie Staples Babbitt 

Mr. Dean Thomas DeCencio 

Ms. Annette M. Friant 

Mrs. Sue Goddard Bryant 

Mrs. Cynthia Bjurmari< Dubay 

Mrs. Diane Lyon Gray 

Class of 1981 

Mrs. Judith Hunt Drobinski 

Mr. James Christopher Eidson 

Mrs. Ellen Sills Greene 

Participation: 12% 

Dr D. Scctt Faith 

Ms. Michele Anne Guy 

Mr Robert M. Gregory 

Mrs. Janet Womble Arias 

Mr Kevin M Goff 

Mrs. Mary M. Hamacher 

Mrs. Vicki Grimes Hardin 

Ms, Lin Bart<er 

Mrs. Patricia Bourne Goff 

Ms. Anne Hammond 

Mrs. Jill Gofer Harris 

Mr William F Bazzel 

Mrs. Linda Graff Hall 

Mrs, Marcelle Turner Knauff 

Ms. Gail Lynn 

Mr Irani DeAraujo 

Mrs. Caralyn Herzog Hellerung 

Dr Mark A, Knautz 

Mrs. Ruth McLaughlin Morgan 

Mr Robert M, Kane 

Mrs. Amanda Hough Latimer 

Mrs, Carol Lanier Lamer 

Ms, Valerie Newman 

Mrs. Eloise Mallory Lamons 

Mr Philip F Law 

Mr Antonio V, Lentini 

Mrs, Lynne Bilzing Parriott 

Mr Jeffrey B. Levy 

Ms. Ann Patricia Lenzer 

Mr J, C, McElroy 

Mrs, Clara Irwin Traver 

Ms. Shervl Ann McCarthy 

Mrs. Kathleen Allen Lunsford 

Mrs, Helen Maddox Menefee 

Mrs, Cathy Martdand Villines 

Mr Dennis M. McPeak 

Mr Steven G. Oliphant 

Mrs, B, Michon Hall Mitchell 

Ms, Alexis S, Weisman 

Ms. M. Elaine Minor 

Mr Craig B. Reinheimer 

Mrs, Anjanette Rupe Owen 

Mr, Knox R, Wilmer 

Mrs. Linda P. Montgomery 

Mrs. Joan Kelley Reinheimer 

Ms, Lise Shade Pace 

Dr. William E. Porter 

Mr Steven A. Thompson 

Mrs. Sharon Maria Williams 

Ms. Jennifer Sisco 


Mr Bret K, Sleight 

Mr John W. Wuichet 

Ms. Nicole R. Smith 


Mrs. Sandra Slomovitz 

Mr Joseph A. Zaffuto 

Class of 1994 

Dr Stacey Chapman Tobin 


Ms Laura Diane Trittin 

Participation: 11% 

Ms. Trishanda Hintori Treadwell 


Mrs. Carol Tieman Yates 

Class of 1991 

Ms. Pat Bums Baumgarten 


Participation: 12% 

Ms. Jennifer Suvoski Bowers 

Class of 1997 


Class of 1988 

Mrs. Joselyn Butler Baker 

Mr Nathan E. Briesemeister 

Participatiori: 1 1 % 


Participation: 10% 

Ms. Wendy Smith Boul 

Dr Mark A. Caprio 

Mrs. Kelly Miller Bertier 

Mr A. Scott Allen 

Mrs. Lisa DiNapoli Broderick 

Mrs. Roberta H. Davis 

Mr. Maurice John Breton, III 

Mrs. Deda Walker Band 

Mr Wayne E. Brooks, Jr 

Mr Troy A. Dwyer 

Mr Daryl Brooks 


Mr Brent Andrew Bishop 

Ms. Ember Uziel Constantin 

Ms. Killian Edwards 

Mr Joseph Cox 


Dr. Brian D. Buzzeo 

Mrs. Rebecca Marasia Corder 

Mr Timothy J. Evans 

Mrs. Theresa Linebarger Cox 



Mrs. Tracey Johnson Buzzeo 

Ms. Margaret Elise Glower 

Mrs. Barbara Miller Hall 

Ms. Sarah Allison Gatliff 

Mr William M. Clifton 

Mrs. Stacie Shattles Coins 

Mr Jeff Hall 

Mrs. Jennifer Ovdenk Haley 


Mrs. Gonca Gursoy-Artunkai 

Mrs. Rachel Williams Grimes 

Ms. S. Kristine Suber Hanchar 

Mr Michael D. Kelly 

Mrs. Kimberiyn Hudgens-Abrams 

Mr B. Shane Haney 

Ms. Jill Reiss Harper 

Dr Tiffany E.Kelsey 




Mrs. Kathleen IVlcDermott Kraynick 

Mrs. Amy Baggett Hansen 

Mrs. Heather E Hornor 

Mr Brent W. Latham 

Ms. Tammy Marie Locklear 

Mr Kart A. Hansen 

Ms. Loretta D. Hunt 

Dr Jason M. Levy 

Mr R. Alan Royalty 

Mrs. Doreen Hart Hill 

Ms. Chara Fisher Jackson 

Mrs. Katherine Knott Levy 


Mr Michael K. Szalkowski 

Mrs. Amanda Paetz Hiner 

Mr John Z. Olewski, III 

Mrs. Stephariie Chaby Lyoris 

Mrs. Christine Graf Taggart 

Ms. Pamela Jill James 

Mr Matthew S. Shepherd 

Ms. Anita Patterson 

Mrs. Mary Howard Tallman 

Mrs. Rebecca White Leavell 

Mrs. Anna San-Martin Soracco 

Mr Rok Petric 


Mrs. Kimberly Rouleau Truett 

Mr Lance L. Leitzel 

Dr Elizabeth R. Taghechian 

Mr Timothy Randall Roberson 

Mr T. Charles Truett. Jr. 

Dr Sandra Folkers Levy 

Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Weismann 

Mr Fred Robey 

Ms. Cynthia A. Williams 

Mrs. Jennifer Broadbent-Marine 

Mrs. Rebecca Greene Weissinger 

Ms Melanie Rosen 

Mr Scott M. McKelvey 

Mr Mart( A. Williams 

Ms. Angela Satterfield 

Class of 1989 

Mrs. Andrea Spericer Shellon 

Ms. Elizabeth Anne Zelley 

Ms. Beverly Sloan 

Participation: 1 2% 

Mr Joseph R Shelton 

Ms. Amy D. Zickus 

Mr D. Brandon Smith 

Mrs. Kathleen Moran Brink 

Ms. Michelle Ann Sidler 

Mr Tharius D. Sumter 

Ms. Ann R. Brown 

Mr Geoffrey D. Spiess 

Class of 1995 

Mr Scott K. Tomlinson 

Mrs. Victoria Stevens Chapman 

Ms. Caitlin E. Way 

Participation: 9% 

Ms. Susan Waage 

Mrs. Marilyn Dumorit-Burt< 

Mrs. Elizabeth G.Wilson 

Dr Carta Hall Alphonso 

Mr Anthony Wilson 

Mr Mark J. Feiring 

Dr Brooke N. Bourdelat-Parks 

Ms. Jeanette Randall Wilson 

Mrs. Carol Morgan Rammer 

Class of 1992 

Ms. Maria J. Bright 

Mr Harry R. Frazer 

Participation: 6% 

Mr Joseph H. Coleman 

Class of 1998 


Ms. Kysh Robinson demons 

Mr Adam M. Corder 

Participation: 10% 

Mr Kurt A. Hansen 

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Cravrford 

Ms. Kathleen M. Farrell 


Ms. Betsy Henderson 

Ms. Jennifer Crouse 

Mr Alan J. Gibson 

Mrs. Valerie Holshouser Barske 

Mr Ronald L. Kraynick 

Ms. JoAnn Golden 

Mrs. Teri Butler Gibson 

Mr Cart W. Bemer, Jr 

Mrs. Wendy Pearson Robertson 

Mr C. Patrick Gray 

Mr Jason C. Gray 

Ms. Kathryn S. Brooks 

Mr Matthew P Stien 

Mrs. Virginia K. Helms 

Mrs. Susan Poston Hansen 

Mrs. Diane Williams Dalbo 

Mrs. Karen Barrow Swenson 

Mr B. Shane Hornbuckle 

Mrs. Kathryn Engler Klein 

Mrs. Elizabeth Parra Dang 

Mrs. Stephanie E. Szalkowski 

Mrs. Regina Sweat Lane 

Mrs. Lu Green LeRoy 

Mr Claude Spencer Godfrey Jr. 

Ms. Teri A. Wall 

Mr Charles R. Moore 

Mr Robert N. Lyons 

Ms. Amanda E. Greene 

Mrs. Dorothea Pickett Westin 

Mr Kevin C. Rapier 

Ms. Shelley A. Moffitt 

Mr Benjamin J. Hanes 

Mrs. Teresa Barnhill Wilson 

Capt. Valorie Woods Spence 

Ms. Michelle J. Perera 

Mrs. Monica Hayden 

Mrs. Patricia S. Zaffuto 

Mrs. Lynda S. Tatum 

Mr Marshall Reiser 

Dr Karen Head 

Mrs. Elizabeth Brown Zoby 

Ms. June M.Tompkins 

Mrs. Brenda Jericevich Roger 

Ms. Carletta S. Hurt 

Mrs. Cathy Appling Vinson 

Mr Brian L. Sweeney 

Ms. Creche E. Kern 

Class of 1990 

Mrs. Jane Barrow Tracy 

Mr Russell Lind 

Participation: 15% 

Class of 1993 

Mr Morris L. Tubesing 

Ms. Janice McNeal 

Mrs. Beth Morrison Anderson 

Participation: 10% 

Mr Brian David McNulty 

Mrs. Angela Clem Chattin 

Mrs. Amy Tucker Ballar 

Class of 1996 

Mrs. Alicia S. O'Kelley 

Mrs. Beth Eckard Concepcion 

Mr Christopher A. Ballar 

Participation: 9% 

Mr David Reynolds Pass 

Dr Ava Marie Salerno Conlin 

Mrs. Danielle Oxford Boshart 

Mrs. Heather Andrews Claris 

Mr Robert L Rawsori 

Ms. Leslie Adams Dove 

Mr J. Patrick Connor 

Ms. Cristine Deaver 

Mrs. Christina Burnham Rissler 

Ms. Jennifer R. DuBose 

Ms. Candice Corbitt Cooke 

Mrs. Caroline Vinson Dennis 

Dr James D. Rissler 

Mr William M. Flammer 

Mrs. Leah Bell Crosby 

Mr Charies G. DeNormandie, III 

Mr Nathan Spart<s 

Mrs. Dayle Sutton Fowler 

Mrs. Alexandra Kay Gray 

Mrs. Lisa Diedrich 

Mrs. Aimee Thrasher-Hanson 

Dr. Robert M. Grant 

Mr. J. Clark Hill 

Mrs. Stephariie Everett Dyer 

Ms. Megan Walters-Brightwell 

Mrs. Deborah S. Griffin 

Mrs. Elizabeth V Hornbuckle 

Mr Jim H. Faasse 

Ms. Marion C. Haines 

Ms. Donna Johnson-Gainer 

Mrs. Donna Findling 

Class of 1999 

Mrs. Michelle Rosen Haney 

Mr Douglas C. Leventhal 

Ms. Eleanor Fulton 

Participation: 7% 

Mrs. Julie Wackerman Hanrahan 

Mr Thomas C. McCague 

Ms. Ekaterina Galperina 

Mrs. Diane Altonen 

Mrs. Brenda Smith Hayden 

Mr J. Kevin Meaders 

Ms. Katherine M. Griffin 

Mr Charies E. Barousse 

Mr Robert M. Hill 

Mr Craig D. Ranter 

Ms. Toriia Sellers Griswold 

Mrs. Amy Katz Bonn 

Mr M. Deane Johnson 

Mr David M. Ross 

Ms. Emily S. Guriey 

Ms. Andrea Hope Breen 

Mrs. Judith Chapman Kane 

Mrs. Kathryn Pope Schmeiser 

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Healy 

Mr Brett Cave 

Mrs. Fran Bennett Konradt 

Mrs. Gail Robertson Serauskas 

Ms. Lin Odom Hopkins 

Mr Kipp A. Chambers 

Ms. A. Joann McDowell 

Mr Joseph E. Tomberiin 

Mr Kevin M. Kendrick 

Ms. Lori A. Collins 

Ms. Stephanie L. Phillips 

Mrs. Kristina Randall Tomberiin 

Ms. Stephanie D. Powell 

Ms. April J. Costner 

Mrs. Catherine M. Pittman 

Mrs. Virginia Martin Tomlinson 

Mrs. Tonya Gibson Russo 

Mrs. Jessica M. Dusang 

Ms. Angel C. Robinson 

Mr Uaik L. Tubesing 

Mr Andrew J. Schindler 

Mr Michael D. Dusang 

Mrs. Jennifer Amerson Spiess 

Ms. Elizabeth Denece Watts 

Mr. Burke A. Scott 

Ms. Jeanie F Flohr 

honor ro ll of donors 


Mr, Jeremy J, Greenup 

Ms. Heather Lynn Staniszewski 

Ms, Holly D, Mitchell 

Mr 8. Mrs, John Esterline 


Mrs- Catherine Borck Horsefield 

Ms, La-Shena K, latum 

Ms, Nataliya A, Nemtseva 

Dr 8. Mrs, Burton Evans 



Mr Jeremy D. Horsefield 

Mr Matthew R, Thorn 

Ms, Sally Palmer 

Mr 8. Mrs, Norman Evans 


Mrs, Belinda M. Kasmiersky 

Ms, Heather Weiss 

Ms, Sonal J, Patel 

Mr William J, Evans 


Ms Mariruth Leftwicti 

Mrs, Mary Carol Wollenhaupt 

Ms, Stacy-Ann Powell 

Mr, 8, Mrs, Norman R Findley, III 


Mrs, Rhonda Britt Locher 

Ms, Leslie Prall 

Mr William J, Flammer '62 8. Mrs, Joan 

Mrs, Dina Molaison 

Class of 2003 

Ms, Veronica Riley 

Womack Flammer '64 

Ms- Amanda L. Regnier 

Participation: 6% 

Ms. Susan A. Royal 

Mrs, Ligia C, Florim 

Ms Kiley A, Ryba 

Mrs, Christa Elizondo Bartholomew 

Ms. Kelly M. Sands 

Mr 8, Mrs, Juan Galvan 


Mr James Williams 

Ms, Meiyen M, Bell 

Ms. Elizabeth M. Slade 

Mr William J, Garrigan '66 8. Mrs, Judith 




Mr Bradley T Day 

Ms. Courtney J. Terrell 

Hayden Garrigan '65 

Class of 2000 

Mr MarkW, DeLong 

Ms Linda S Torres 

Mr 8. Mrs, Charies L Germany 

Parlicipation: 8% 

Ms, Katarina Kurincova 

Ms. Casey K. Wallace 

Mr 8. Mrs, John M, Glenn, Jr 


Ms. Jeannette M, Bellamy 

Ms, Deborah M, Lange 

Ms. Dawn Washington 

Mr & Mrs. George E. Goodwin 


Mrs, Elizabeth M, Brattin 

Ms, Kimberly F Leung 

Ms, Pamela C, Zettler 

Mr & Mrs. Owen Goudelocke 


Mrs, Catherine T, Burns 

Mr Robin Lohfert 

Mr Alan Zwicker 

Mr & Mrs. Robert B. Gould 

Ms. Hanh M. Deutschman 

Ms, Brevely Mack 

Mr & Mrs, Charles Grad 

Mrs, Jennifer Sells Furman 

Ms, Margaret Maxwell 


Mr 8. Mrs, Lukens Grammont 


Ms. Nicole Garbarini 

Mr William Thayer Mullally 

Mr 8. Mrs, Richard L. Graner 

Ms. Misty N. Hood 

Mrs, Amanda Lancaster Needham 

Thank you to the many current and former 

Mrs, Gwendolyn Grant 

Mr J. Jay Kapp 

Mr Christopher A, Simser 

parents who contributed to Oglethorpe 

Mr 8. Mrs, Martin R, Grant 


Ms. Katherine L. Lindley 

Ms. Elena Weiss 

University before June 30, 2005. 

Mr 8, Mrs, Robert Grathwohl 


Ms. Kathleen Jefferies Proto 

Ms. Jaime Wojdov^ski 

Mr 8. Mrs, Robert Greenwell 

Mr Blake Stabler 

Mr & Mrs. Joseph E, Anderson 

Mr 8, Mrs, Daniel T Gura 

Ms, Tina Marie Slults 

Class of 2004 

Mr, & Mrs, Terry Anderson 

Mr 8. Mrs, William R. Gussman 

Mrs. Patricia G. Thompson 

Participation: 7% 

Dr Charles R, Arp S Mrs, Yetty Levenson 

Mr. 8, Mrs. Wendell L. Hans 

Ms. Nicole M, Urbanek 

Ms. Stephanie Allen 

Arp '68 

Mr 8. Mrs. Rudy Hanzsek, Jr 

Mrs, Jaime Chardos Watt 

Ms. Jillian Barcroft 

Mr & Mrs, Walter C, Baldwin 

Ms. Regina Harns 

Mr Timothy J, Watt 

Ms. Linda Eva Blumenthal 

Mr & Mrs, Rudy Barnes 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas M. Harrison 

Mr Kevin A, Woolf 

Ms. Jennifer Brown 

Dr & Mrs, Timothy Barrov^man 

Mr James V Hartlage, Jr '65 & Mrs, 

Ms, Angela R.Zimbrick 

Mr Joshua R Caray 

Dr & Mrs, John V Barson 

Jacqueline Hartlage '65 

Ms. Delikah R. Carter 

Mr & Mrs, Chesterfield Bass. Jr 

Mr & Mrs, James A. Haviland 

Class of 2001 

Mrs, Suzanne E, Dorough 

Mr & Mrs, Harry Bassler 

Mrs, Eugenia S, Henderson 

Participation: 6% 

Mrs, September Holstad 

Ms, Judith M, Becker 

Mr 8c Mrs, Karl J, Hirshman 

Ms. Penelope J. Anderson 

Ms, Pattie Ingle 

Mr & Mrs, Charles T Bell, Jr, 

Mr & Mrs, Gene Hitchcock 

Ms. Roslyn Buffington 

Ms, Susan Bachman Kegley 

Mr 8. Mrs, Blair N, Belton 

Mr 8. Mrs, William Hodges 

Ms. Elizabeth K. Campbell 

Mr, Joseph C, Luke, IV 

Mr Timothy Berwager 

Mr 8. Mrs, Dewey E, Hughes 

Mrs. Ann Stiner Cave 

Ms, Kelly C, Matysik 

Mrs, Ruth H, Bessmer 

Mr a. Mrs, David Jackson 

Mr Christopher Y. Fort 

Ms, Kelley Napier 

Mr & Mrs, James A, Bohart, Sr 

Mr W,R, Jenkins & Mrs, Lou Ella Jenkins '71 

Mr Donald Austin Gillis 

Ms, Sandra S. Quails 

Mr & Mrs, Robert L Boggus, Jr '49 

Mrs, Carol C, Johnson 

Ms, Jodie Sexton Goff 

Mr Bryan D. Simmons 

Mr 8, Mrs, James L, Bready 

Mr 8, Mrs, Willie R, Johnson 

Mr J Cleve Hill 

Mr & Mrs, Dwight Brisendine 

Mr Robert S. Jones, Sr. '69 

Ms, Patricia R. Marks 

Class of 2005 

Mr, & Mrs, Robert E, Bristol '80 

Mr Kari Jost 

Mrs, Lori A, Meriill 

Participation: 25% 

Mr & Mrs. Harry Caray, Jr 

Mr Neil Kalmanson 

Ms. Rachel L, Moore 

Ms. Rachel L. Bailey 

Mr James E. Carroll '65 

Dr 8. Mrs. Babu Kantamneni 

Mr Chad M, Mozley 

Mr Jonathan W, Sassier 

Mr Cad Carson 

Mr & Mrs, Jim Karnes 

Mr Lance W Ozier 

Ms, Wanda L, Belvin 

Ms. Linda Childs 

Mr 8. Mrs, Wayne Kramer 

Mrs. Angle Baldwin Roda 

Ms, Elizabeth A. Bosserman 

Mr & Mrs. Theodore Chimiklis 

Mr & Mrs, Scott Krueger 

Mr Chns Rylands 

Ms. Melissa Boviero 

Mr & Mrs. Alan Chunka 

Mr & Mrs, David Kuhn 

Mr Harry L. Schroeder 

Mr Aaron Boyd 

Mr & Mrs. Curtis Clayton 

Mr & Mrs, George H, Lane, III 

Mr Brian D. Wright 

Ms. Holen Heather Brady 

Mr & Mrs. R. A. Cobbaert 

Mr 8. Mrs. J. Smith Lanier II 

Mrs. Caroline Bartentield Wright 

Ms, Season D, Broughton 

Mr & Mrs. John Cogan 

Mr & Mrs. Paul H. Lester 

Ms. Ashley E. Zimmerman 

Ms, Virginia R, Brown 

Mr & Mrs. Walter N. Cohen 

Mr & Mrs. Eric Link, Sr 

Ms, Danielle Calf Carison 

Mr & Mrs. John Corbett 

Mr & Mrs, Louis T Lombardy '69 

Class of 2002 

Mr Tom Collens 

Mr 8, Mrs. A. F Conjm 

Mr 8. Mrs, Paul J, Luedtke 

Parlicipation: 8% 

Mr Hugh H, Connerty 

Mr Thomas J. Couch 

Dr & Mrs. Robert S. Lykens 

Ms. Megan Breece 

Ms. Amy E. Davis 

Mr 8. Mrs. Mark Crissey 

Mr & Mrs. Joseph G. Maddox 

Ms Anna Blacklidge Breton 

Ms. Elizabeth Hardee Dicks 

Mr 8. Mrs. George F Cross 

Mr Ralph Maddux 

Ms. Jessie L. Copeland 

Mr Christopher Dyer 

Mr 8, Mrs. Danny L, Gruff 

Mr 8. Mrs. John P Maguire 

Mr Andrew R. Crosby 

Ms. Mu-Hung Fang 

Mrs. Reese E. Currie 

Mr Neil Gray McBride 

Ms Kimberly Watkins Daniel 

Mr R. Corey Garner 

Mr David Dalbo & Mrs. Diane Williams 

Mr & Mrs. Greg McConnell 

Mr. Sn Hemanth Digumarthi 

Mr Charles Ghee 

Dalbo '98 

Mrs. Ruthann McGuinn 

Mr F Daniel Giordano 

Ms. Marshal Gilliam 

Mr & Mrs. Robert Dariand 

Mr 8, Mrs. John E. McKee, Jr 

Mrs. Sheila H. Godwin 

Ms. Vickie G- Hickam 

Mr & Mrs. Frank De Maria 

Mr 8. Mrs. Hugh A. Metcalf, Jr 

Ms. Pauline J. Haughton 

Ms, Danielle Holm 

Mr & Mrs. Leonard Diamond 

Dr & Mrs. Ronald E. Mickens 

Ms. Veronica M. Holmes 

Mrs, Margaret Jackson 

Mr & Mrs. Russell L. Dickinson 

Mr 8. Mrs. Lonnie Milstead 

Ms. Tiffani L. Hulsey 

Mr Robert C, Johnston 

Mr Joseph F Dicks 

Mr & Mrs. Tariq H. Mirza 

Ms Elizabeth P Kennedy 

Ms, Catherine M, Lawler 

Mr Eart Dolive 

Mr 8c Mrs. Henry L. Mix 

Ms. Jennifer McCormick 

Ms, Sarah N, Letson 

Mrs. Mudene L. Dubay 

Mr E. Lee Morris, III 

Mrs. Saliie Kaltreider Namey 

Mr Michael J, Lyons 

Mr & Mrs. Jim Dumont 

Mr 8. Mrs Steven Morris 

Mr Thomas A. Namey 

Ms, Jillian A, Martin 

Ms, Barbara Duttenhaver 

Ms. Ann Yingling Morrow 

Ms. Jill L. Orlando 

Ms, Dina E Marto 

Mr & Mrs, John Eckeri 

Mr 8. Mrs. J. Charles Mueller 

Ms. Vera Veasley Redwine 

Mr Daniel R McGuinn 

Mr & Mrs, William A. Emerson 

Mr 8. Mrs. John Muluhya 

Ms. Karen Anthony Schnick 

Mr Joshua J, Mclntyre 

Mr 8, Mrs, John Emst 

Ms. Elena Mustakova-Possardt 

Mr. S Mrs, Roger L. Myers 

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Page 

Ms. Karen C. Page 

Mr & Mrs. Peter Pages 

Ms. Keiko Palmer 

Mr & Mrs. Craig D. Ranter '93 

Mr. & Mrs. Josepti F. Parker, Jr 

Mr & Mrs. Julian J. Pedro 

Mr Mehmet Kahil Pekin 

Mr Ronald Pelissero 

Mr & Mrs. Gerald E. Plant 

Mr S Mrs Pondictierry-Hansh 

Mr & Mrs. James R. Pyron 

Mr William H. Rabel S Mrs. Judith Vananzi 

Rabel '81 
Mrs. Patricia Raczynski 
Mr & Mrs. Ralpti Rader D.D.S. 
Dr. Gayle Richmond 
Mr & Mrs. Steven Rigdon 
Mrs. Jackie Perdue Rodriguez 71 
Mr Mari( Royalty 
Dr & Dr Ray Rudd 

Mr Bud Salamone & Mrs. Sharon DiMarco 
Mr & Mrs. Martin Schweitzer 
Mr & Mrs. Larry C. Shattles '67 
Drs. William 0. & Patricia R Shropshire 
Mr & Mrs. Joseph S. Sisco 
Mr & Mrs. Stephen R Smith 
Mr & Mrs. Robert Soby 
Mr S Mrs. Steve Spetseris 
Mr & Mrs. Aurel E. Stuart, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs. Glenn Summeriin 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Sweeney 
Mr David Terrell 
Ms. Patricia Thomas 
Mr & Mrs. Lewis Thompson 
Mr & Mrs. S. Scott Thompson 
Mr & Mrs. Robert D. Trammell, Jr 
Mr Vernon Trice 
Mr & Mrs. George Troficanto 
Mr & Mrs. Oscar Tmjillo 
Mr & Mrs. Robert Tulowitzky 
Mr & Mrs. Wesley Wallace 
Mr & Mrs. Charies West 
Mr John B. Wilson '83 8, Julie Burnett 

Wilson '84 
Ms. Willie Ruth Wilson 
Mr & Mrs. William Wise 
Mr & Mrs. Jack Wool 
Ms. Anne Jill Writer '77 
Dr & Mrs. Michael W. Yartjrough '72 
Mr & Mrs. Fams F Yates 
Mr Joseph A. Zaffuto '90 & Mrs. Patricia S. 

Zaffuto '89 
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Zellner 
Mr & Mrs. Herb Zwicker 


Oglethorpe is fortunate to have such 
wonderful trustees, faculty, friends and 
staff who contribute so much to 
Oglethorpe in so many ways, including the 
Oglethon^e Fund and other funds. The fol- 
lowing lists all those that contributed to the 
university as of June 30, 2005. 

Mr & Mrs, Stinson M. Adams, III 

Ms. Aimee Ahmed 

Mr Jon Akin 

Ms. Jane Woods Alexander 

Mr John Ambler 

Dr. Chris Ames 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Anderson 

Ms. Candace Apple 
Mr. & Mrs. Ben S. Amiistead 
Ms. Ursula Arroyd 
Mrs. J. Paul Austin 
Ms. Susan Bacher 
Mrs. Julia Ballard 
Mr & Mrs. Bill Barfield 
Ms. Heather Barksdale 
Mr. Jerry B. Bames 
Ms. Martha Davis Bames 
Ms. Donna Bamett 
Mrs. Linda R Bath 
Dr and Mrs. Charies L. Baube 
Mr R. F Beach 
Ms. Rati Beaudoin 
Drs. Jose and Licha de Becerra 
Ms. Holly Beyersmith 
Mr Michael Bieze 
Ms. Gloria A. Bittner 
Ms. Maureen Blando 
Mrs. Enrique E. Bledel 
Mr James A. Bohart, Sr 
Mr John A. Boland, III 
Mr Manuel F Bonilla 
Mr Patnck N. Bonones 
Ms. Joy Bookhultz 
Mr and Mrs. Lou Boos 
Mr and Mrs. Brian Bowen 
Ms. Carolyn Bowers 
Mr Peter W. Bowler 
Ms. Linda P Bowles 
Mr. John Jackie Bradford 
Mr and Mrs. Allen Brandenburger 
Mrs. Susan Brandt 
Ms. Josephine C. Breyfogle 
Dr William L. Brtghtman 
Mr Jenaro V. Brignoni 
Mrs. Chariesey W. Brown 
Mr David Buice 
Ms. Milbre C. Burch 
Ms. Patricia Burditt 
Mrs. Kathryn B. Burke 
Ms. Lynne Bush 
Ms. Ginny Campbell 
Ms. Paula E. Campbell 
Dr Ronald L. Cariisle 
Mr and Mrs. Chris Carios 
Ms. Carolyn Can- 
Mr Edward Can-oil 
Ms. Irene Carter 
Mrs. Karen S. Carter 
Mr and Mrs. J. Philip Carver 
Ms. Kathy Cautin 
Ms. Beveriy L. Center 
Ms. Shirley Chambers 
Mr Kenneth S. Chestnut 
Dr Comelia Cho 
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Clary 
Mr Milton C. Clipper 
Mr Rowland Cocks 
Ms. Joyce Cohrs 
Dr Jeffrey Collins 
Ms. Debra Combs 
Mr John A. Conant ' 
Mr Dennis Conger 
Mrs. Dan Coursey 
Mr & Mrs. Jack A. Crockford 
Ms. Mandara Cromwell 
Ms. Mary D. Crosby 
Mr and Mrs. Gerald Culberson 
Mrs, Rose Cunningham 
Mrs. Therese A. D'Agostino 
Ms. Christina E. Daley 
Ms. Carol A. Danford 

Mrs. Claire M. Davis 

Ms. Sheila Day 

Mr and Mrs. Robert DeJanes 

Ms. Cynthia L. Denman 

Dr Roberta K. Deppe 

Ms. Dee R. Devine 

Mr J. Roland Dewitt 

Mr Paul L. Dillingham 

Mrs. Sharon DiMarco 

Ms. Fran Dixon 

Mr William T Doerr 

Ms. Carolyn Doherty 

Mrs. Ruth C. Donovan 

Mr Timothy Doyle 

Mr T Rus Drew 

Ms. Sally H. Drymon 

Mr and Mrs. Andrew Dugenske 

Mr Elmo I. Ellis 

Mr David Engle 

Ms. Mary Evans 

Mr and Mrs. Francis Farrell 

Ms. Loreene Fey 

Ms. Nancy U. Fillingame 

Mr John Finnigan, III 

Mrs. Melissa Firestone 

Mr Edwin Fisher 

Mrs. Martha Fowie 

Ms. Eleanor Freemer 

Ms. Sarah Friend 

Mrs. Carol Froman 

Mr & Mrs. Wayne Fuller 

Mr Alan H. Garber 

Mr Joseph P Gardiner 

Mr David C. Garrett, Jr. 

Mr Michael A. Gertjer 

Mr Louis A. Gerland, Jr 

Mr Alvin Ginsburg 

Mr & Mrs. Marion B. Glover, Jr 

Dr Joel Goldberg '00 (H) 

Mr William R. Goodell 

Ms. Gail Goodwin 

Mrs. Mildred S. Grant 

Mr Lewis Greskin 

Mr Cari H. Griffin 

Ms. Emily Grigsby 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas Guest MD 

Mr Jack C. Guynn 

Mrs. Sarah Patten Gwynn 

Mr James C. Haight 

Mrs. Jesse S. Hall 

Mr Claus M. Halle 

Mr & Mrs. Charies E. B. Hansell 

Mr & Mrs. Harald R. Hansen 

Mrs. Dill Harnson 

Mrs. Mary Ann Hart 

Ms. Phyllis Hawkins 

Mr & Mrs. Scott W. Hawley 

Ms. Bonnie S. Hayes 

Mr and Mrs. deny Heltzer 

Mrs. Joan W. Hening 

Mr Jere E. Hess 

Mrs. Bartiara G, Hill 

Ms, Mary Katherine Hodgson 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel H. Hollums 

Mr & Mrs. Jim Home, Jr 

Ms. Susanne W. Howe 

Mr Arthur Howell 

Ms. Mary Anne Hudnall 

Ms. Dorothy Huenecke 

Ms. Nomia Huff 

Mr Ron Hutchins 

Ms. Mary D. Hutton 

Mr Randy Hyman 

Ms. Cara Isdell 

Ms, Pamela A. Isdell 

Mrs. Ruth N. James 

Mr Warren Y. Jobe 

Ms. Ann Johnson 

Dr Elizabeth C. Johnson 

Mr & Mrs. Harold Johnson 

Mr Herbert F Johnson 

Dr James M. Johnson, Jr 

Ms. Victoria Jordan 

Mr Siegfned Kammerer 

Ms. Judy Kamp 

Mr Joseph Kane 

Mr Allen Kariebach 

Mr C. J, Tucker Keller 

Ms. Eva L, Kelly 

Ms, Ingnd Kelly 

Dr. Mae Kendall 

Dr Nancy H. Kerr 

Dr J. Brien Key 

Dr & Mrs. Donald G. Kilgore, Jr 

Ms. Kalila King 

Mr and Mrs. Richard N. King 

Ms. Donna F Kingsman 

Mr Shinichi Iflnushita 

Ms. Constance L. Kirt(patrick 

Ms. Jill B. Kleinman 

Ms. Denise Klosinski 

Dr Charles B. Knapp 

Ms. Margie A. Koenig 

Mr Evan Kohler-Camp 

Maj. Lance W. Kohler 

Mr David L. Kolb 

Mr George Kopec 

Mrs. Elliott Kyle 

Mr Darwin R. Labarthe 

Ms. Mary B. Lapwing 

Dr & Mrs. Larty D. Large 

Ms. Ramona Lathbury 

Mrs. Meredyth Leaptrot 

Mr Jim Ledbetter 

Ms. Yvette Lederberg 

Mr David M. Leonard 

Ms. Caroline Chestnut Leslie 

Ms. Larisa Leyzerzon 

Mr Hal Lipsey 

Ms. Karen Litre 

Mr Wilton D. Looney 

Mr Charies S. Lord 

Mr Richard H. Lowe 

Ms. Kathleen Lumberg 

Dr Jay Lutz 

Mr and Mrs. Richard Lyon 

Mr and Mrs. Alex Malaspina 

Ms. Hala A. Maiek 

Ms. Lindsey Mann 

Mr Yasha Manzy 

Ms. Alcini Martye 

Mr and Mrs. John E Mays 

Mr James R McLain 

Mrs. Mary Frances McMillan 

Ms. Sarah Mellon 

Mr Bryan Meng 

Mrs. Holly Hofmann Middlemis 

Ms. Dorothy H. Miller 

Ms. Vicki Miller 

Mr George A. Miller 

Mr E. R. Mitchell, Jr, 

Mrs. Arnold Moore 

Mr Donald R. Moore 

Mr 8. Mrs. Harry H. Morgan 

Ms. Cynthia Mosher 

Ms. Sarah C. Mosteller 

Dr Flavia H. Mullen 

Mr Elbert N. Mollis, Jr 











nor rn 



Mr, and Mrs W, V. Neisius 

Mr. and Mrs. George Nemtiauser 

Dr. Philip J. Neujahr 

Mr F B. Nichols Jr. 

Mr. Lloyd Nick 

Dr. Caroline Noyes 

Mrs. Mary Ella Nunn 

The Hon. Sam Nunn 

Ms. Marianne Oberg 

Ms. M. Winnifred O'Dell 

Mr Roderick D. Odom 

Mr Leonard O'Neill 

Dr. John D. Orme 

Mr. James C. Owen 

Ms. Frances L. Padgett 

Dr. Manning M. Pattillo. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Penninger 

Mr Richard Peritz 

Mr. John C. Pernor 

Ms. Beth Perry 

Ms. Catherine Ann Perry 

Ms. Gunda Perry 

Ms. Elizabeth Philpot 

Ms. Stefanie Pierce 

Ms. Elizabeth Pittman 

Ms. Roy Plant 

Mr James C. Piatt. Jr. 

Ms. Carol B. Powell 

Ms. Vivian K. Pyle 

Ms. Margaret Randolph 

Dr. W. tain Ray, Jr 

Mrs. Margaret C. Reiser 

Mrs. Frances H. Reynolds 

Mr and Mrs. R. H. Richardson 

Ms. Ann G. Rinaldi 

Dr Beth Roberts 

Mr William Roberts 

Mr. William Ray Robertson, Jr. 

Mr. J. Cheney Robinson 

Ms. Kelly Robinson 

Ms. L. Katherine RobinSun 

Mr Peter A. Rooney 

Dr. Michael K. Rulison 

Ms. Lucilla Ruvalcaba 

Dr Sue Ruzicka 

Mrs. Kelei Sabatino 

Ms. Sylvia San Martin 

Mr. Homer S. Saunders, Jr. 

Mr. John J. Scalley 

Dr Daniel L. Schadler 

Ms. Sabina Schievelbein 

Mr. Brent Schwarz 

Mr. and Mrs. Burton A. Scott, Jr. 

Ms. Olivia P Scott 

Mrs. Ellen Scovil 

Mrs. Ingeborg Seebohm 

Mr. and Mrs. William Sessions 

Ms. Dolores S. Shapiro 

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Shoptaw 

Or Seema Shrikhande 

Mr Arnold B. Sidman 

Ms. Susan S. Stout 

Dr. William F Straley 

Ms. Eleanor S. Swann 

Mr Louis H. latum, Jr 

Dr. Linda J. Taylor 

Mr. Claude Terty 

Ms. Lani Terry 

Ms. Nancy B. Thai 

Mr, Jennings J. Thompson, IV 

Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Thorpe 

Mr and Mrs. Robert N. Thrash 

Ms. Kathleen Tice 

Dr. Pamela Tremayne 

Mr and Mrs. Wendell Troy 

Ms. Patricia Tunno 

Dr James M. Turner 

Mr. Robert L. tJnger 

Ms. Diane Urban 

Mr Carlos Valdes 

Ms. Elizabeth S. Vantine 

Dr Martha Vardeman 

Ms. Katya Vladimirov 

Dr Vienna K. Volante 

Ms. Paula Walker 

Ms. Morning Washburn 

Mr. Robert C. Watkins, Jr 

Mr. Benjamin L. Weinberg, Jr, 

Dr. Victoria Weiss 

Dr. Gerald Wempner 

Ms. Rebecca A. Whicker 

Ms. Wanda White 

Mr. William B. White 

Ms. Susan B. Whitlock 

Ms. Ginger Williams 

Mr. J. H. Willingham 

Mr Dewi (J. D.) Wilson 

Ms. Joan S Wink 

Ms. Sophia Z. Winkel 

Mrs. Hortense B. Wolf 


Mr. Ellis B. Wright 

Ms. Lynne Wright 

Ms. Megan Yalkut 

Ms. Pamela M. Yarbrough 

Mrs. Joanne R. Yendle 

Mr S. Zachry Young 

Mr. Chuck R. Zimmerman 

Dr Philip Zinsmeister 

Matching Gift Companies 

Alexander Haas Martin & Partners, Inc. 

American Express Philanthropic Program 

AOL Time Wamer Foundation 


AXA Foundation 

Bank of America 

BellSouth CortJoration 

CarMax Foundation 

Circuit City Foundation 

The Coca-Cola Company 

Mrs. TobyAnne Sidman 

Community Foundation of Central Illinois 

Ms Elise J. Simonton 

Eguifax Foundation, Inc. 

Ms. Teh Sivilli 

Federated Department Stores Foundation 

Mr & Mrs. Jack A. Skelton 

Ford Matching Gift Program to Advance 

Mr. Adam Slutzky 


Mrs. Claire Davis Smith 

Georgia-Pacific Corp. 

Ms. Sandra Smith 

Georgia Power Company 

Mrs. Lessie B. Smithgali 

Hewlett-Packard Company 

Mr Steven R. Smoak 

Johnson 8. Johnson 

Mr Donald E. Snyder 

Eli Lilly & Co. Foundation 

Dr Donald S. Stanton 

Marsh & McLennan Co., Inc, 

Dr and Mrs. C. R Stewart, Jr. 

Mennll Lynch & Co,, Inc, 

Dr Brad L. Stone 

Mobil Foundation, Inc. 

Northwestem Mutual Life 

Prudential Foundation 

Raytheon Company 

Roche Diagnostics 

Ryder Systems Charitable Foundation 

Safeco Insurance Companies 

Charies Schwab & Company.Inc 

Scientific - Atlanta, Inc, 

Sprint Foundation 

Subaru of America Fdn. 

SunTrust Bank, Atlanta 

The Scholarship Foundation Lockheed 

The USAA Matching Gift Fund of San 

UBS Matching Gifts 
Verizon Foundation 
Victaulic Company of America 
Wellpoint Foundation 

Corporations & Foundations 

Accenture Foundation, Inc, 

Accumetric, Inc. 

Assistance League of Atlanta 

Atlanta Educational Telecommunication 

Atlanta- Joumal Constitution 

Atlanta Tipoff Club 

Austriari Motors, Ltd. 

Bacon & Company. Inc. 

Barmon Inc. 

Bass Accounting Services 

BCES Foundation 

BKR Metcalf Davis 

Board of Trustees, Akron Summit County 

Public Library 
Patricia & Robert Bowden Foundation 
Howell A. & Ann M. Breedlove Charitable 

Brooks, McGinnis & Chafin LLC 
Capital City Women's Golf Association 
CF Foundation 
Chick-fil-A, Inc. 

Community Foundation of Central Illinois 
The Community Foundation for Greater 

Consulate General Switzeriand 
Coro Realty Advisors LLC 
Dekalb Council for ttie Arts 
Deloitte & Touche 
The Diamond Center 
Dorian Software Creatins, Inc, 
Frances & Beveriy DuBose Foundation 
Nell Warren Elkln & William Simpson Elkin 

Florence C, & Hany L, English Memorial 

Envision Credit Union 
Emst & Young 
F & F Tax Sen/ice, Inc, 
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 
Flammer Relations 
Flohr Family Foundation 
Flowers Inc. Balloons 
John & Mary Franklin Foundation, Inc. 
Charies A. Frueauff Foundation 
Georgia Foundation for Independent 

The German Church of Atlanta 
Goizueta Foundation 
Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP 
The Halle Foundation 
Harold Hirsch Scholarship Foundation 
Hirshman Foundation 
Intermedics Associates, Inc, 

J. G. Associates, Inc, 

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta 


Ray M. and Mary Elizabeth Lee Foundation 

Martha and Wilton Looney Foundation 

Lufthansa German Airiines 

Mary Jane Stuart Kohler Foundation 


Harriet McDaniell Marshall Trust 

Mohawk Services 

Netherlands Counsulate in Miami 

Parker's Express inc, 

Pennsport Internal Medicine 

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 

The Productivity Company, Inc. 

Publix Super Markets Chanties Inc. 

Ranstad North Amenca 

R. B. Rich Elementary School 

RBI Design, LLC 

Rich Foundation 

Walter & Marjory Rich Fund 

Richard Fleischman Architects 

Robert Moming Antiques 

Robey Family Foundation 

The Ruhlin Company 

The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation 

The Sallie Mae Fund 

Sarah Spencer Godfrey Charitable Trust 

Scalley Family Foundation 

Schuitz Foundation, Inc. 

Silver Lake Development 

Sledge Foundation 

Sokolow Carreras Lemoine 8. Partners. LLC 

Staff Association, Akron Summit County 

Public Library 
Summit Construction Co, Inc. 
Trade Commission of Denmari( 
Toll Charitable Foundation 
Turner Foundation, Inc. 
Viking Fon«arders, Inc, 
Vulcan Materials Company 
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 
The Winston-Salem Foundation 
The Wool Family Foundation 
The Zellars Family Foundation 

Capital, Endowment and Special Gifts 

The following is a list of all those that 
contributed to capital expeoses, 
endowment funds, and special projects 
throughout the year. Thank you for your 
continued support of the university. 

Mr. J. Frederick Agel, Sr, '52 

Mr Q. Douglass Alexander "68 

Dr Charles R. Arp & Mrs. Yetty Levenson 

Mr. Albert Nathan Baer '63 
Mr. Dan Berman 
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Bohart, Sr 
Mrs, Martha Laird Bowen '61 
Mr, Franklin L, Burke '66 
Mr Bill W, Carter 
Chick-fil-A, Inc, 
The Coca-Cola Company 
Mr. and Mrs. James V Colantoni, II 
The Community Foundation for Greater 

Mr Roger Couch '61 
Mr, Roy J. Cowart '65 
Dr James L. Cox '53 
Mrs, Kay Kilpatrick Crawford '63 
Mrs. Susan Hollinshead Dalton '63 

Mr. F. Wayne Dobbs '61 

Mr. Earl Dblive 

Mr. Timothy Doyle 

Dunkin' Donuts 

Florence C. & Han7 L. English Memorial 

Mr and Mrs. William M. Farrell 
Mr S Mrs. Norman P. Findley, III 
Mr John Finnigan, III 
Mr. Matthew I. D. Rinn '98 & Mrs. Amy 

Myers Flinn '00 
Mr. Harry R. Frazer '89 
Charles A. Fmeauff Foundation 
Mrs. Sara Mac Smith Germane '63 
Goizueta Foundation 
Mr J. Cabot Gupton '63 & Mrs. Barbara 

Dexter Gupton '63 
Mr John Guthrie '62 
Mr Travis Hames '63 
Mr. Sam Hudgins '61 
J. G. Associates, Inc. 
Jersey Mike's 
Mr. Warren Y. Jobe 
Mrs. C. Lee Boggus Knippenberg '82 
Maj. Lance W. Kohler 
Dr Lany D. Large 
Mr Roger A. Littell '68 & Mrs. Barbara 

Beggs Littell '68 
Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch '61 
Mr James R. Magbee & Mrs. Clare Findley 

Magbee '56 
Mr Stephen E, Malone '73 
Dr John M. Marshall '83 
Hamet McDaniell Marshall Trust 
Mary Jane Kohler Foundation 
Mr James R Milton '57 
Mr S. Morns Mitchell '63 
Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Myers 
Mr Bob T Nance '63 
Mr Steven G. Oliphant '84 
Mr. Charles J. Owens '68 
Mr Aran C. Palefsky '75 
Dr. J.AnthonyParedes'61 
Mr & Mrs. Joseph F Pari<er. Jr 
Pari<er's Express Inc 
Dr Yvonne Bruton Pennington '63 
Dr Garland F Pinholster 
Mr Robert C. Pittard '64 
Dr W. Irwin Ray. Jr 
Rich Foundation 
Walter & Marjory Rich Fund 
Mr Timothy Randall Roberson '97 
Mr Fred Robey '97 
Robey Family Foundation 
Dr J. Mack Robinson 
Mr Clifford T Robinson '89 & Mrs. Stacy 

Leigh Robinson '88 
Mr Bud Salamone & Mrs. Sharon DiMarco 
Mr Jerry W. Sams '68 
Mr Brian C. Sass '84 
Mr Ron Sattelle 
Dr Daniel L. Schadler 
Mr Eric M. Scharff '63 
Mr Joe M. Sewell '59 
Mr 0. K. Sheffield, Jr '53 
Ms. Brenda Shonfield '63 
Sledge Foundation 
Dr. Joseph A. Soldati '61 
Ms. Susan M. Soper '69 

Mr John P Stephens '95 
Mrs. Sandra Stephens 
Mr and Mrs. Aurel E. Stuart, Jr 

Mr Michael Szalkowski '88 S Mrs 

Stephanie E. Szalkowski '89 
Mr. Timothy P Tasscpoulos '81 
Mrs. Sandra Wolsey Thomas '64 
Ms. Trishanda Hintori Treadwell '96 
Mr Christopher Wall '99 
Mr Timothy J. Watt '00 8. Mrs. Jaime 

Chardos Watt '00 
Mr Darrell E. Whitford '63 
Mr and Mrs. Raymond Willoch 

Honor and IVIemorial Gifts 

The following is a list of donations given to 
remember and honor others in the 
Oglethorpe community. In some cases, 
these gifts may have been designated to 
enhance specific funds within Oglethorpe's 
endowment or for other projects at the 
university. The list includes gifts received 
by June 30, 2005. 

Gifts In Honor 

Names in italics are the honorees. 

Ms. Lucile F. Alliano 
Mr William R. Foster '58 

Dr. G- Malcolm Amerson 
Mr. Warner L Kennon, IV '76 
Dr Kenneth D. Winokur '70 

Dr. Keith H. Aufderheide 

Mr and Mrs. James R. Pyron '97 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bassler 
Mr Jonathan W. Bassler '05 

Ms. Jackie Linda Bedenbaugh 
Mrs. Margaret Jackson '05 

Mr and Mrs. Warren Belvin 
Ms. Wanda L. Belvin '05 

Dr Robert Blumenthal 
Mrs. Kareri S. Carter 

Mr and Mrs. Tim Brown 
Ms. Virginia R.Brown '05 

Dennis and Sarah Carlson 
Ms. Danielle Cait Carison '05 

Dr John S. Carton 
Ms. Rachel L. Bailey '05 

Mr and Mrs. Steve Cataline 
Mr. Bud Salamone 

Ms Martene M. Bell Clart< '05 
Mr Charles Bell 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas W. Collens. Ill 
Mr Thomas W. Collens, IV '05 

Ms. Martha Collins 
Mr John R. Collins '72 

Mr Charles J Cume. Ill 
Mrs. Reese E. Currie 

Mrs Claire M. Davis 

Mr and Mrs. Scott W. Hawley 

Ms. Christine Foster-Cates 
Mrs. Karen S. Carter 

Mr Bradley T Day '03 
Mrs. Bartara G. Hill 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph Dyer 
Mr Christopher Dyer '05 

E-Chao and Tsuey-Hwa Fang 
Ms. Mu-Hung Fang '05 

Mr Chris Y. Fort '01 
Ms. Ann Yingling Morrow 

Mr F Daniel Giordano '02 
Mr and Mrs. Frank De Maria 

Dr Robert M. Grant '88 

Mr and Mrs. Martin R. Grant '90 

Ms Ola Gray 

Ms. Dawn Washington '05 

Ms. Elizabeth Graydon 
Mrs. Sue Goddard Bryant '84 

Ms Mary Katharine Harrison '03 
Mr & Mrs. Thomas M. Harrison 

Mrs. Barbara Bessemer Henry '85 
Ms. Mary D. Crosby 

Ms Katharine Holland 
Mr William R. Foster '58 

Ms. Mary Hoyt 
Ms. Lin Barker '81 

Mr Sam Hudgms 
Mr Roger Couch '61 

Ms Stella Allen Hunter 
Ms. Stephanie Allen '04 

Raymond and Kathryn Kennedy 
George Troficanto 

Ms. Gina Phillips Laney 
Mrs. Karen S. Carter 

Dr and Mrs. Larry Large 

Mr G. Douglass Alexander '68 

Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp '68 

Ms. A. Diane Baker '77 

Mr Robert E. Bowden '66 

Mrs. Susan Brandt 

Mr Franklin L. Buri<e '66 

Mr Kenneth S. Chestnut 

Mr Milton C. Clipper 

Mr Elmo I. Ellis 

Mr William A. Emerson 

Mr Norman P Findley. Ill 

Mr Kevin D. Fitzpatrick, Jr '78 

Mr J. Lewis Glenn '71 

Dr Joel Goldberg 

Mr William R. Goodell 

Mr George E. Goodwin 

Mr Jack C. Guynn 

Mr James J. Hagelow '69 

Mr S Mrs. Chartes E. B. Hansen 

Mr Harald R. Hansen 

Mr James V Hartlage. Jr '65 

Mr J. Cleve Hill '01 

Mr William J. Hogan, Jr '72 

Dr Kenneth K. Hutchinson '78 

Mr Warren Y Jobe 

Dr Charies B. Knapp 

Mr David L, Kolb 

Mr J. Smith Lanier II 

Mr Roger A. Littell '68 

Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch '61 

Mrs. Clare Findley Magbee '56 

Mr E. R. Mitchell, Jr 

Mr Bob T Nance '63 

Mr R. D. Odom 

Mr Timothy Randall Roberson '97 

Mr John J. Scalley 

Mr Stephen J. Schmidt '40 

Mr Eric M. Scharff '63 

Mrs. Laura Tumer Seydel '86 

Mr 0. K. Sheffield, Jr '53 

Mr Arnold B. Sidman 

Ms. Susan M. Soper '69 

Mr Timothy P Tassopoulos '81 

Ms. Trishanda Hintori Treadwell '96 

Mr and Mrs. Peter Lawler 
Ms. Catherine M Lawler '05 

Ms. Lindsey Mann 
Ms. Mary D. Crosby 

Mr Brian Lee Martin Sweeney '95 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Sweeriey 

John. Julia, Jocelyn. Pete and Trae Martin 
Ms. Jillian A. Martin '05 

Elias, Norma & Reem Marto 
Ms. Dina E. Marto '05 

Oglethorpe National Alumni Association 

Board of Directors 
Mrs. Bartjara Bessmer Henry '85 

Dr John D. Orme 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Bosserman '05 

Ms Tonia Pahari 
Mrs. Karen S. Carter 

Dr Manning M. Pattillo. Jr 
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mays 
Mr Timothy Randall Roberson '97 

Dr Garland F Pinholster 
Mrs. Sandra R. Stephens 
Mr Darrell E. Whitford '63 

Ms Keny Reid 
Mrs. Karen S. Carter 

Mrs. Angle L Baldwin Roda '01 
Mr and Mrs. Walter C. Baldwin 
Dr Theodore Rosen 
Mrs. Michelle Rosen Haney '90 

Ms. Candace Salamone 
Mr. Bud Salamone 

Ms Catherine Sauer 
Mr Bud Salamone 

Mr and Mrs. Roland Sauer 
Mr Bud Salamone 













honor r oll of donors 


Df Lawrence M. Schall 

Mr Albert H. Church, Jr '31 

Mr Jesse S. Hall 

Mrs. Marjorie MacConnell 


Mr Timothy Randall Roberson '97 

Ms. Martha J. Church '67 

Sledge Foundation 

Mrs. Sydney Mobley Moss '59 


Mr Jeremiah Schuitz '96 

Of Arthur Cohen 

Mr Claus M. Halle 

Mr Elbert H. Mollis '39 

Ms. Regina Harris 

Mr Lewis B. DeRose '57 

Mrs. J. Paul Austin 

Mr Elbert N. Mollis, Jr 


Mr and Mrs. Charies B. Bedford 

Donald Stanlon 

Mr John A. Conant 

Coca-Cola Enterprises 

Mrs. Emma Gates Nottingham '34 


Mr Timotiiy Randall Roberson '97 

Mr Harry R. Frazer '89 

Coca-Cola Thai Pure Drinks LTD 

Mrs. Claudine Gates Adams '36 


Dr Larry D. Large 

Mr Paul L. Dillingham 

Mrs. Pinky Gates Bondurant '37 


Ms. Paula Tecklenberg 

Dr Donald S. Stanton 

Mr Louis A. Gerland, Jr 

Or Gayle Rictimond 

The German Church of Atlanta 

Mr Glenn C Owens. Sr '39 



Mr John A. Conant S Mrs. Miriam Harland 

Mrs. Olga C. de Goizueta 

Mr Stinson M. Adams, Jr '35 

Ms. April L Thompson '05 


Ms, Cara Isdell 

Mr and Mrs. Harry Bassler 


Mr and Mrs. Lewis Tlionnpson 

Mr Timothy Randall Roberson '97 

Mrs. Pamela A. Isdell 

Dr James M. Johnson, Jr 


Mr S. K. Johnston, Jr 

Flowers Inc, Balloons 

1 X 

Dr Martha Vardeman 

Mrs. Kathy Shirley Cowart '56 

Dr Larry D. Large 


Dr J. Brien Key 

Mr Roy J. Cowart '65 

Mr Charies S, Lord 

Mrs Betty Brumbelow O'Ouinn '53 


Mrs. Linda Sanders Scarborough '65 

Lufthansa German Airlines 

Mr James E. Henderson '52 


Margaret. Wesley and Kindra Wallace 

Mr and Mrs. Alex Malaspina 

Ms. Casey K.Wallace '05 

Mr Pop Crow 

Mr Charles H. McTier 

Mr Philip E Palmer 

Mrs. Ellen Woodson Shipley '62 

Mr C. B. Harman Nicholson 

Mr Jon A. Axelberg '67 


Dr KayAtchison Warfield 

Mrs. Claire Davis Smith 

Ms. Barbara Clark 

Hon. Henry Atchison '52 

Mr Timothy Crowley '97 

Mr William B. Turner Sr 

Ms. Sally H. Drymon 

Mr Daryl Brooks '97 

Mr Robert Lewis Hataway, Sr 

Mrs. Lou Ella Jenkins '71 

Mrs. Joanne R. Yendle 

Mrs. Kay Penn Martin '75 

Dr J. Brien Key 

Ms. Carolyn Bowers 

Mrs Jane Caller Curkin '50 

Mr Mark S. Lisicky '72 

Mr Alvin J. Curkin '51 

Mr R. Beverly Irwin 

Ms. Lori A. Nolan 

Gifts in IVIemory 

Mrs. Clara ln«in Traver '77 

Mrs. Therese Guth O'Shields '82 

Names in italics are the honorees. 

Mrs. Diane Leonard Davis '64 

Mrs. Joan McCurry Jackson '50 

Ms. Keiko Palmer 

Col. Kenneth P Davis '64 

Mrs. Gloria Holbert Webster '50 

Ms. Sally Palmer '05 

Dr Donald C. Agnew 

Mrs. Adrina Richard 

Col. (Ret.) John E. Harms '58 

Dr Harry Maxwell Dobson 
Mrs. Barbara Coffey Olsen '61 

Ms. Helen Jacobs 

Ms. S. Kristine Sober Hanchar '94 

Viking Forwarders, Inc. 

Mr Howard Axelberg 

Mr William H Reynolds '37 

Mr Stephen J. Schmidt '40 • 

Mr H. Lynn Drury '63 

Mrs. Kay Kilpatrick Crawford '63 

Mr Garland Baxter Jennings 

Akron Summit County Public Library Board 

Mrs. Frances H Reynolds 

Mr Thomas A. Bartenfeld '24 

Mr J. Cabot Gupton '63 

of Tnjstees 

Mr and Mrs. Jim Rcyal 

Mr Barry Randolph Guriey '68 

Mr Eric M. Scharff '63 
Mr Albert Nathan Baer '63 

Akron Summit County Public Library Staff 

Ms. Susan A. Royal '05 

Professor Leo Bilancio 

Mrs. Sara Mac Smith Germane '63 

Mr Peter W. Bowler 

Mr Stephen J Schmidt '40 

Mr Joseph R. Menez '70 

Dr Yvonne Bruton Pennington '63 

Dr Roberta K. Deppe 

Atlanta Tipoff Club 

Ms. Vicki Jan Conway '72 

Ms. Brenda Shonfield '63 

Dr Elizabeth C Johnson 

Bacon 8. Company, Inc. 

Mr Thomas C. McCague '93 

Mrs. Sandra Wolsey Thomas '64 

Dr Larry D. Large 

Envision Credit Union 

Mrs, Anne Cheek Meyer '72 

Richard Fleiscbman Architects 

Mr and Mrs. Barfield 

Mr Edward A. Rapp '81 

Ms. Cornelia Dwyer 

The Ruhlin Company 

Mr John Jackie Bradford 

Dr Lanv D. Large 

Summit Construction Co, Inc. 

Mrs. Dan Cour'sey 

Mrs Pinky Gates Bondurant '37 

Dr Linda J. Taylor 

Ms. Mary D. Crosby 

Capital City Women's Golf Association 

Mr Robert L.Ellis '50 

Mrs. Martha Fowie 

Mrs. Mildred S. Grant 

Mrs. Caroline Drawdy Ellis '52 

Mr Charles R. Jones, Jr 

Ms, Sarah Friend 

Mr and Mrs. Stinson M. Adams, III 

Mrs. Yvonne Scales Jones '71 

Mr and Mrs. Fuller 

Mrs. Julia Ballard 

Dr John William Brad 

Mrs. Jesse S. Hall 

Ms. Ginny Campbell 

Dr Mimi Milner EIrod '66 

Dr Raymond Keiser 

Mrs. Dill Harrison 

Mr Dennis Conger 

Mr and Mrs. William M. Farrell 

Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry '85 

Dr and Mrs. Donald G. Kilgore. Jr 

Mrs. Theresa Finnegan 

Mr Warren Y Jobe 

Mrs. Mary Ella Nunn 

Mr and Mrs. William M. Farrell 

Ms Mary Jane Stuart Kohler'90 

Dr Larry D. Large 

Mr William Ray Robertson, Jr 

Mrs. Fran Bennett Konradt '90 

Mrs. Mary Louise Watkins MacNeil '51 

Mrs, Rhett Pinson Sanders '43 

Mr Wilson P Franklin '39 

Mr Timothy Randall Roberson '97 


Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry '85 

Ms. Anna Ksionzyk 

Mr and Mrs. Shoptaw 

Mrs. Lessie B. Smithgall 

Dr Larry D. Large 

Ms. Linda Eva Blumenthal '04 

Mr S. Zachry Young 

Mrs. Medora Fitten Wallace '40 

Mr and Mrs. Steven Morris 

Mr and Mrs. Ben S. Armistead 

Dr Victona Weiss 

Mrs Cleo Large 

Mr Robert L. Boggus, Jr '49 

Dr Wendell Brown 

Dr Chris Ames 

Mr andMrs. JackA. Crockford 

Mrs. Nancy Chamley Welty '67 

Dr Herman J Gaertner 

Mr Warren Y Jobe 

Maj. James C. McClanahan '41 

Mrs. Lillian Cable Williams '41 

Dr Larry D. Large 

Mrs. Mary Frances McMillan 

Mr Salvatore Caprio 

Mrs. Barbara Beggs Litteil '68 

Mr and Mrs. Harry H. Morgan 

Dr Donald S. Stanton 

Mr James £ Galleshaw 

Mrs. Belle Tumer Lynch '61 

Mr James C. Piatt, Jr 

Dr Janice Ann Galleshaw '75 

Mrs. Janet H Maddox 

Mrs. Jeanne Fuller Schmidt '42 

Mrs. Beth Walker Carroll '64 


Mr John P Stephens '95 

Mr James E. Carroll '65 

Ms. Lyndra Suzanne Givens '94 

Mrs. Adrina Richard 

Mrs. Medora Fitten Wallace '40 

Ms. Amy D. Zickus '94 

Justice Hugh P. Thompson '66 

Dr Victoria Weiss 

Mr Thomas W. Chandler Jr 

Mr Robert L. Manning '64 

Mr Edward S. Grenwald 

Mr James W. "John" Mathis '42 

Mr Patrick Dawson Stephens '27 

Ms. Judith M. Becker 

Maj. James C. McGlanahan '41 

Mr John R Stephens '95 
Mrs, Sandra Stephens 

Mr. Patrick Douglas Stephens '59 

The Estelle Anderson Crouch Endowed 

Restricted Endowments 

Mr and Mrs. Charies Edward Brodnax 


Mrs. Sandra R. Stephens 




The Katherine Shepard Crouch Endowed 

These endowments are restricted toward 

Ms. Karen Head '98 

_ ] 

Mre. Sara Strickland Smith '55 


enhancing the academic atmosphere of 

Mr Donald R. Henry '83 & Mrs. Bart)ara 


Mr. William Charles Smith '57 

The Cammie Lee Stow Kendnck Crouch 

Oglethorpe University through establishing 

Bessmer Henry '85 


Endowed Scholarship 

unique academic programs, providing 

Mr Thomas G. Hood '78t 


Mr Jack E. Tebeau '63 

The Karen S. Dillingham Memorial 

professorships and underwriting awards 

Mr Thomas P Hunter '43t 


Or Mickey M. Metcalf '63 

Endowed Scholarship 

for outstanding teaching and research. 

Ms. Rebecca Harbor Jones '62t 

The R. E. Dorough Endowed Scholarship 

Mr and Mrs. J. Smith Lanier 

Gifts in Kind 

The William A. Egerton Memonal Endowed 

Herman L. Daugherty Endowment 

Mr Wilfred J. LeBlanc '61 


Francis 1 Eeraerts Endowed Chair of 

Mr Louis T Lombardy '69 


Oglethorpe gratefully acknowledges these 

The Ernst and Young Endowed Scholarship 

Foreign Language 

Dr Jay Lutz 



donors who made gifts of property or 

The Henry R. "Hank" Frieman Endowed 

David C, Garrett, Jr Endowed Teaching 

Mr Barry Lynch & Mrs. Belle Tumer 

service during the 2004-05 fiscal year 



Lynch'61 t 


The Chartes A. Fajeauff Endowed 

The Grenwald Faculty Endowment 

Ms. Gail Lynn •77t 

Alon's Bakery 


Gisela Halle Endowment 

Mr and Mrs. Henry F McGillf 


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

The Lu Tbomasson Garrett Endowed 

Eugene W. Ivy Endowment 

Mr John Meacham '42 

Austrian Motors. Ltd. 


Vera A, Milner Endowed Professorship of 

Ms. Jeannette Bentley Moon '38 


Mr. Dan Berman 

The Georgia Power Company Endowed 


Mr Jack Moss & Mrs. Sydney Mobley 


Big Screen Media 


National Endowment tor the 

Moss '59 

Bigelow Advertising 

The Goizueta Endowed Scholarship 

Humanities/Core Curriculum Endowment 

Ms, Elizabeth Ward Pearce '66 

Centennial Station, L.P. 

The Walter F Gordy Memorial Endowed 

Ozgorkey Entrepreneurship Fund 

Dr. Guerrant Perrow '40 


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Mr William Plowden, Jr '67 

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The Francis R. Hammack Scholarship 

Rich Foundation Endowment for Urban 

Mr and Mrs. Fred Robey '97 

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The Leslie U. & Ola Ryle Hammack 


Mr and Mrs. Jeff Roesch '69 

Friends of Goethe - German Cultural 

Memorial Scholarship 

Mack Rikard Endow Lecture Series 

Ms. Rhett Pinson Sanders '43 


The Harold Hirsch Scholarship Fund 

Anne R. Siddons Endowment 

Mr and Mrs. Enc Schartf '631 

German Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

The Ira Jarrell Endowed Scholarship 

Mr Stephen J. Schmidt ■40' S Mrs. 

Grand Hyatt Atlanta 

The Nancy H. Kerr Endowed Scholarship 

Nescit Cedere Heritage Society 

Jeanne Fuller Schmidt '42 t 

Heineken USA 

The Mary Jane Stuart Kohler Endowed 

Drs. William and Patricia Shropshire 

Intemational Freight Fon«arders 


Created in 1995. the Nescit Cedere Heritage 

Ms. Anne Rivers Siddons '91 (Hon.) t 

Jersey Mike's 

Tfie Lowry Memorial Scholarship 

Society honors those individuals who have 


Dr Larry D. Large 

The Vera A. Milner Endowed Scholarship 

included the university in their estate plans. 

Ms, Susan M, Soper '69 

LeFont Theaters, Inc 

The Virgil W. & Virginia C. Milton Endowed 

Donors who make financial or estate gifts 

Ms. Denney Wells Spencer '48 



of any size through a will, trust or other 

Dr and Mrs. Donald S. Stanton '99 (Hon.) 

Lufthansa Cargo 

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Mr and Mrs. Morris Tubesing '95t 

Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch 


their dedication to our mission. If you have 

Mr Daniel Uffner '51 

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The Dr Keiichi l^ishimura Endowed 

already named Oglethorpe as the 



beneficiary of a planned gift, please let us 

(n) New members in 2004-05 

Publix Super Mart<ets Charities 

The Oglethorpe Christian Endowed 

know as we would like to include you as a 

tCharter members 

Ranstad North America 


Nescit Cedere member If you would like 

Dr Daniel L. Schadler 

The Oglethorpe Memorial Endowed 

more infomiation about how you can 

Ttie Spirit of Volunteerism 

Smith. Gambrell & Russell, LLP 


become a member - in a manner that 

Smoak Designs 

The Manning M. Pattillo, Jr Endowed 

benefits you, your heirs and Oglethorpe - 

Volunteers serve in a variety of capacities 

Sokolow. Carreras, Lemoine. & Partners, 


please call Bill Doen, Director of 

on campus, from the Board of Tmstees to 


The E. Rivers & Una Rivers Endowed 

Development, in the Office of Alumni and 

alumni phonathons. Parent's Weekend 

Startjucks, Inc. 


Development Relations at 404-364-8439. 

volunteers, and host committee volunteers 

Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce 

The Fred C. Robey Endowed Scholarship 

for our many out-of-town events. The 


The J. Mack Robinson Endowed 

Anonymous (12) 

names in this section are testimony to the 

Trade Commission of Denmart( 


Mr G. Douglass Alexander '68 

dedication, hard work and commitment to 

Ultima Holdings. LLC 

The John R Salamone Memorial 

Ms. Susan Hamian Alou '84 

excellence that the university maintains. 

Bernard Vanderiande & Associates, LLC 


Dr Charies R. Arp & Mrs. Yetty Levenson 

We recognize all the people who gave 

The Steve & Jeanne Schmidt Endowed 

Arp '68 t 

generously of their time and talents to help 

Endowed Scholarsliips 


Mr Ted D. Bayley '58 & Mrs. Ellen Kinsey 

Oglethorpe. It is because of these 

The Timothy R Tassopoulos Endowed 

Bayley '57 

volunteers that the university is able to 

Scholarship endowments make up the 


Ms. Judith M. Becker 

provide its outstanding educational experi- 

foundation of the financial aid program at 

The Dr Heyl G. & Ruth D. Tebo Endowed 

Mrs. Frances Norman Block '38 

ence. We have tried to include everyone in 

Oglethorpe University. The foresight. 


Mr Frederick Boswell '24 

our lists, and we sincerely regret any inad- 

dedication and compassion of these 

The Charies L. & Jean Towers Scholarship 

Mr and Mrs. Franklin L. Burt<e '661 

vertent omissions. 

donors make an immediate impact on the 

The J. M. Tull Scholarship 

Ms. Mary Williams Cazalas '54t 

lives of our students. 

The United Technologies Corporation 
Endowed Scholarship 

Mr and Mrs. Arthur W, Chandler 
Ms, Terry Tribbet Davis '82 

2004-05 Board of Trustees 

The Ivan Allen Endowed Scholarship 

The Charies Longstreet Weltner Memorial 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph W. Dennis '69 

Mr G. Douglass Alexander 'es 

The Marshall A. & Mary Bishop Asher 

Endowed Scholarship 

Mr and Mrs. Paul L. Dillinghamt 

Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp '68 

Endowed Scholarship 

The L. W. "Lefty" & Frances E, Willis 

Dr and Mrs. Harold Dostert 

Ms. A. Diane Baker '77, Ex-officio 

The Keith Baker Endowed Scholarship 

Endowed Scholarship 

Mr H. Lynn Drury '63 ' 

Mr Robert E. Bowden '66 

The Bank of America Scholars Fund 

The Vivian R & Murray D. Wood Endowed 

Mr and Mrs. William A. Emersont 

Mr Kenneth S, Chestnut 

The Eari Blackwell Endowed Scholarship 


Ms. Ruth G. Fox (n) 

Mr Milton C. Clipper 

The Spirit of '63 Endowed Scholarship 

Louise H, Woodbury Endowed Scholarship 

Mr Wilson P. Franklin •39t 

Mr Chartes G. DeNormandie. Ill '96 

The Miriam H. & John A. Conant Endowed 

The David, Helen. & Marian Woodward 

Mr David C, Gan-ett, Jr '99 (Hon.) t 

Mr William A. Emerson 


Endowed Scholarship 

Mr George E. Goodwin 

Mr Nomian R Findley III 

The Michael A. Corvasce Memorial 

Mr J. Cabot Gupton & Mrs. Bobbie Dexter 

Mr Kevin D. Fitzpatrick, Jr '78 

Endowed Scholarship 

Gupton '63 (n) 


1 honor rn 

11 of don 



Mr, J, Lewis Glenn 71 

Dr J. Anthony Paredes '61 , OARS VP 

2004-05 Parents Weekend Host 

Mrs, Sue McCue Johnson '86 


Dr. Joel Goldberg 

Mr David Pass '98, VP for Alumni 


Ms, Carol A, Jones '94 

Mr. William R. Goorlell 


Ms. Cathryn M. Judge '01 


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Ms, Anita Stevenson Patterson '97 

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Mr Robert M. Kane '81 


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Mrs. Heather Francouer Karvis '03 


Mr Harald R. Hansen, Treasurer 

Mr David Ross '93, VP for Communications 

Mr & Mrs. Joe Bailey 

Mr. Sean M. Lapides '86 


Mr James V. Hartlage. Jr '65 

Mr Eric M. Scharif '63 

Ms. Sylvia Calloway 

Mr. Rhett H. Laurens '85 



Mr. William J, Hogan. Jr '72. Ex-officio 

Mr Joseph P Shelton '91 , President Elect 

Mr & Mrs. Scott Chapman 

Mrs. Barbara Beggs Littell '68 

Dr Kenneth K, Hutchinson '78 

Ms, Jennifer Sisco '96, OARS Regional 

Ms, Linda Childs 

Mr William E, Lukow '95 

Mr Warren Y. Jobe, Chair 


Mr & Mrs, Robert Dariand 

Mrs. Margaret Woodward Mathewes '55 


Dr Charles B. Knapp 

Mr & Mrs. Render S. Davis 

Mr Scott McAdoo '75 




Mr David L. Kolb 

Ex-Officio Members: 

Mr & Mrs, Charles L. Germany 

Mr Christopher J. McFadden '80 

Dr Larry D. Large, Ex-officio 

Mr 8, Mrs, Richard L. Graner 

Mr Kevin Meaders '91 



Ms. Ashley E. Zimmerman '01 , OAA 

Mr & Mrs. Anthony L. Griffin 

Mr Chad M. Mozley '01 


Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch '61 , Vice 

Oglethorpe Accounting Association 

Dr 8, Mrs. Babu Kantamneni 

Mrs. Sallie Kaltreider Namey '02 


Chair/Chair Elect 

Mr Chris Ballar '93, Stormy Petrel Bar 

Mr & Mrs. Wayne Kramer 

Mr Tom Namey '02 


Mrs. Clare Findley Magbee '56 

Association President 

Mr & Mrs, Eric Link, Sr 

Mr. Chuck Nicholas '82 


Mr Stephen E, Malone '73 

Ms. Catherine Lawler '05, Senior Class 

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Ms. Ellen Heckler O'Herlihy '82 

Mr E, R. Mitchell, Jr 


Mr & Mrs, Keith Money 

Mr Lance Ozier '01 

Mr Bob T Nance '63 

Mr John W. Wuichet '90, Past President 

Mr & Mrs, Garry Mosley 

Mr Vince Pisani '00 

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Ms, Candace Roberts 

Ms, Kathleen Jefferies Proto 00 


Mr John J. Scalley 

2004-05 Oglethorpe University 

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2004-05 Alumni Volunteers 

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Emeritus Trustees 

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Dr. Bonnie S. Hayes 

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Ms. Pamela L. Wedding 

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to list all gifts made to Ogletttorpe 


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University from July 1. 2004 through 

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June 30, 2005. If we have made an 

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Gift Processing and Stewardship 

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Mr William J. Hogan, Jr '72, Chair 

Mrs, Elizabeth Mathieu Frias '55 

Coordinator, at 404-364-8330 or 


Ms, Veronica M. Holmes '02 

Ms. Melissa Drouin Funk '97 

jbarcroft@oglethorpe. edu. 

Ms. Lu Green LeRoy '95, OARS Regional 

Mr Shane Hornbuckle '92 

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Mr Robert M. Kane '81 

Mr R. Corey Garner '05 

Mrs. Mary Louise MacNeil '51 , VP for 50s 

Ms. Gail Lynn '77 

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Mr Jin Matsumoto '74 

Mr Jeremy Greenup '99 

Mr Scott IVI. McKelvey '91 , VP for Alumni 

Mr William Thayer Mullally '03 

Mr John Guthrie '62 


Ms. S. Tammy Pearson '86 
Mr, Samuel H. Pettway 
Dr. Thomas W.Phillips '63 
Mr Brian C Sass '84 
Mr Larry C, Shattles '67 
Mr Horace E. Shuman '80 
Mr Scott Sloan '76 
Mr Raymond S. Willoch '80 

Mrs. Charis Andrews Hanberry '88 

Mr Richard A. Hans '87 

Mr Kurt A. Hansen '89 

Mr Ben T Hargrove, Jr '65 

Mr Don Henry '83 

Mr Stuart Herman '50 

Mr J. Cleve Hill '01 

Mr Brian C. Huskey '03 

Ms. Lejia Islamovic '02 

Mrs. Ava Hart Jarboe '54 



Documenting "Old Oglethorpe" 

By Joanne Yendle 

The source is a worn. leather-bound volume wich the words Minutes of 
die Board ot Trustees on its spine. The first pages record the proceedings 
of a "board of trustees for the contemplated college" appointed by the 
Hopewell Presbner)' and convened on October 21, 1835 at Milledgeville, 
Georgia. An entr}' for Friday, Oaober 23, is of particular interest: 

"On motion of Col. A. L. .Alexander - Resolved that the Institution at 
Midway shall be called by the name of Oglethorpe University." 

This simple statement in carefully measured script documents the 
beginnings of the universit)' 170 years ago. 

Successive entries in the minutes over the next 35 years record the 
board's decisions regarding governance, curriculum and rules of 
conduct for students. They chart the progress of the institution to June 
1S70, by which time it was resolved to move the universit)- from 
Midway to Adanta. A second set oi minutes begun in March 1870 
overlaps the first and reflects the actions of the board as it began to 
chart the course of the university in its new location. 

These two volumes anchor a small but significant archives collection 
related to "Old Oglethorpe. ' Other items include catalogues, copies of 
addresses and orations, correspondence and ephemera. A few are 
described here. 

Catalogues which span the years 1852 to I860 include the names of 
board members, officers, facult}', students and alumni as well as the 
admissions requirements, a description of the course of study, the 
college laws and the academic calendar. Some include a list of expenses, 
which in 1853 totaled S50 for tuition, room rent and repairs for three 
semesters; Si 2.50 per month for board; and S12 per annum for fuel 
and lights. 

A worn and extensively annotated 1849 edition of Graeca Majora bears 
the names of two Oglethorpe students, members of the classes of 1853 
and 1854. Study of the classics, though more intense for freshmen and 
sophomores was a requirement for all four years. 

Orations by students, mandated by the Rules of the University, were an 
integral parr of the curriculum. With the founding of two rival 
debating clubs, Thalia and Phi Delta, in 1839, "declaiming" took on an 
even larger role in college life. Addresses were a central feature of the 
annual Fourth of July and Commencement celebrations that drew large 
audiences from nearby Milledgeville and the surrounding countryside. 
One of the earliest documents in the collection is a copy of an 
"Oration" by J. H. Fitten, a Phi Delta and member of the senior class, 
delivered before the newly organized Thalian and Phi Delta Societies 
on the Fourth of July, 1839. Another, a program of Commencement 
Exercises for November 13. 1850 provides a listing of the events which 
included no fewer than eight orations interspersed with musical 

Reflecting a popular custom, the pages of an autograph album displav 
pledges of friendship composed during 1856. They bear the signatures 
of seven of the ten members of the graduating class that year. 

These and the other items in the collection are preserved in the 
archives as part of the university's heritage. They provide a unique 
perspective on the long history of Oglethorpe and of higher education 
in the South. 

Additional Resource: Tankersley. Allen P. College Life at Old Oglethorpe. 
Athens, Ga.: University of Georgia Press, 1951. 

^ - 

.1i wn- 








Engraving of Oglethorpe's Central Hall in Milledgeville. 

Front cover. "An Oration 
Delivered on the Fourth of July, 
1839, before the Thalian and 
Phi Delta Societies of 
Oglethorpe University, " by J. H. 
Fitten, Member of the Phi Delta 
Society and Senior Class of 
Oglethorpe University, Georgia. 

9|l(l|irfi 8niir(t5ili 


Invitation to the Oglethorpe 
University Ball, July 1858. 

£01111 BICEMIffT BALL, tote «^* if 
Hall 'JULij.S., fa., m <Vii>^ f r iMi 


A r. vwn. 

W. A. LfTTU. 

J. p. fmf. 
J. A.auu. 

J. A. MoCiw. 

J. M- Wmttv, 
P K. Moairoao, 

BuTu K. amen, 
ft D Vrmx. 

O & t«*atn. 





4484 Peachtree Road NE 

Atlanta, Georgia 30319 

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Atlanta, GA 30319 

PERMIT No. 523 

Mark Your Calendar 

Oglethorpe will host U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser on Thursday, February 9, at 7:30 p.m. in the Conanf Performing Arts Center 
This year Kooser was appointed for a second term as Poet Laureate and won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his bool< Delights and Shadows. 
Kooser's appearance, sponsored by the Core Program and the Office of the Provost, is his first In Atlanta since being named Poet Laureate. 
For more information visit or call 404-364-8447.