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Make a Life. Make a Living. Make a Difference. 

"Education makes a people easy to lead, but dijficidt to drive; easy to goveym, but impossible to enslave. " 
Henry Peter Broughman, Baron Broughman and Vaux, speech (1828) 


Production Managers 

Chriscopher Ames 

Rebecca Whicker 

Victoria Weiss 

Erica Rountree 

Janet Maddox 

Rebecca Whici<er 

Class Notes Editor 

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Mary Crosby 

Editorial Board 

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Rebecca \XTiicker 

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Bill Doerr 

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Janet Maddox 

The Carillon is published semi- 

Barb Henry '85 

annually, in the Fall and spring, tor 

alumni and friends of Oglethorpe 

University, a private, liberal arts 

college founded in 1835. 

Contact Oglethorpe University: 

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For up-to-date inlormation about Oglethorpe 

University, visit: 

Oglethorpe University promises a classic education in 
a contemporary city. Our students learn to make a life, 
make a living and make a difference. Our graduates 
become community leaders who are distinctive in their 
ability to think, communicate and contribute. 



2 President's Report 

4 Notes from the Provost 

Dr. Christopher Ames discusses moving beyond "certified smart.' 

6 News and Events Highlights 

8 OU Have to Meet Them 

Meet People who are making a difference through their 
connections to OU. 

15 Reading Room 

Recommendations by Faculty and Staff. 

16 Making a Difference 

Soccer Jerseys make honorary Petrels out of Kenyan kids. 

18 Athletics 

Men's golf team swings its way into a record-breaking year. 

20 Class Notes 

24 Giving and Receiving 

Meet the alumni and friends who support this "college of the heart.' 
Honor Roll of Donors 

IBC The Petrel Challenge (quiz) 

2 President's Annual Report 

Make a life, make a living, 
make a difference. 

That deceptively simple statement of the goal of an 
Oglethorpe education can be found in both the 
Oglethorpe mission statement and the Oglethorpe prom- 
ise. You will see it in our publications and on our Web 
site. But as a practical matter, what does it mean and, 
more important, how do we deliver? 

The second part, "make a living," is clear. Through educa- 
tion in specific disciplines, Oglethorpe students prepare 
either to enter the workforce after graduation or to pursue 
post-graduate studies. Our new career services director, 
Lisa Littlefield, helps students find internships that refine 
their career directions and then supports their search for 
employment opportunities when they graduate. Over the 
course of their careers, our graduates become owners of or 
valued employees in various businesses and professions 
around the world, often going on to employ Oglethorpe 
students and alumni themselves. Our new international 
studies director, Dr. Jeffrey Collins, is inviting our stu- 
dents to expand their resumes and their world view 
through study abroad, a program rife with opportunities 
for students to travel internationally for fun and for cred- 
it. Oglethorpe alumni are prepared, not just for their first 
job, but to grow within their chosen field or to choose a 
different one. They support themselves and their families, 
and they support their communities, states, and nations. 

But the Oglethorpe promise recognizes that, in addition to 
making a living, each person also needs "a life." For some, 
making a life means family and friends. For some it means 
enjoying the lile of the mind or exploring human spiritual- 
ity through reading, study, or research. For some, it means 
pursuing the arts, sports or entertainment. For most, it 
means doing all of these and more. Students learn about 
themselves and their place in the world in the Oglethorpe 
core curriculum. The core exposes them to the time tested 
wisdom ol the world's great thinkers, to the lessons oi his- 
tory, to the worlds of mathematics, art and music, and to 
an understanding of what it means to be human. 
Experiencing the core along with pursuing a major in a 
classical discipline enhances the student's preparation for 
making a life, as well as for making a living. 

Beyond the academic experience, students learn to make a 
life through what they experience on the Oglethorpe cam- 
pus. The new residence halls we are planning will afford a 
living environment both more appealing to current and 
prospective students and more conducive to student activ- 
ities. At the same time, we are pursuing funding trom 
trustees, alumni and other sources for a new student cen- 

ter. To enroll and retain students, we must have an attrac- 
tive and practical space for a variety of campus activities, a 
place that will bring together students, faculty, and staff in 
their daily routine and for formal and informal gatherings. 
We must also improve the facilities that our student ath- 
letes need to be competitive. Athletic competition pro- 
vides a focus for campus spirit, and new facilities will also 
provide a venue for individual and group recreation. 
Learning to balance academics, athletics, performing arts, 
student government, and all the other aspects of campus 
life is a vital part of the college experience that helps the 
student learn to manage a full life. For families, alumni, 
and the Atlanta community, we are developing a campus 
that provides the activities and venues that invite them to 
be a part of that experience as well. 

Our priority must continue to be our outstanding academ- 
ic program, which students and alumni tell us is the defin- 
ing element of the Oglethorpe experience. Even in difficult 
economic times, our outstanding academic program, as 
good as it is, has to be kept strong by keeping it fresh. We 
are presently designing a new theater major; revitalizing 
the Rich Foundation Urban Leadership Program with the 
help of a new assistant director. Dr. Kendra King; increas- 
ing our studies in urban ecology with new professor of 
biology. Dr. Roarke Donnelly; and breathing new life into 
library services and our rich store of historical archives 
through our new librarian, Anne Salter. 

The final phrase, "make a difference," promises that our 
alumni are intellectually prepared for full participation in 
our society, not just within their own place of employ- 
ment or within their own family, but in their communi- 
ties, whether as small as a neighborhood or as large as the 
world. Many of you make a difference at Oglethorpe by 
volunteering your time on one of our advisory boards, or 
by remembering Oglethorpe in your estate planning, or 
by supporting the Oglethorpe Fund or one of our scholar- 
ship funds. Seeing alumni and other volunteers making a 
difference at Oglethorpe best demonstrates to our stu- 
dents the importance of making a difference for others. 

Make a life, make a living, make a difference. 

This simple phrase serves as a promise and a challenge to 
prospective and current students, as a reminder for faculty 
and staff, and as a lifelong commitment for Oglethorpe 
alumni. It demands the best from each of us, but it prom- 
ises a rich and meaningful life in return. 



Larrv D. Large 

Oglethorpe University | the Carillon 


The final phrase, "make a differ- 
ence," promises that our alumni 
are intellectually prepared for full 
participation in our society, not just 
within their own places of employ- 
ment or within their own families, 
but in their communities, whether 
as small as a neighborhood or as 
large as the world. 

Year at a glance: Revenues and Expenditures FY 2002-2003 


Student Tuition 



Endowment Spending 



Gifts and Grants 

921 ,860 



1 ,045,646 






Instruction & Other Student Programs 






Institutional Support 



Operations & Maintenance 











4 Notes from the Provost 

Joining the Conversation 

By Dr. Christopher Ames, 

Oglethorpe Universit)' Provost and Senior Vice President 

In a recent book, Clueless in Academe: How Schooling 
Obscures the Life of the Mind, educator Gerald Graft writes 
of the gap between how professors and students talk. He 
suggests that the hidden secret to success in college is 
learning the nature of academic discourse: public argu- 
ment and debate driven by logic, analysis and understand- 
ing of data. The best thing we can do for our students is 
to teach them how and why to join the academic conver- 
sation, to make reasoned argumentation a part of their 
approach to the world. 

I think Graff is on to something critically important here. 
Education is typically structured as a series of tasks that 
students perform: in classes, students complete assign- 
ments, take tests and receive grades; in college as a whole, 
students complete classes and fulfill requirements. At the 
end, students earn degrees. As President Large says, they 
are "certified smart." 

It is not a bad structure, but it isn't an end in itself Dr. 
Large and I agree that if we want students to be genuinely 
smart, not just "certified smart," we need to inspire lifelong 
learning, intellectual habits of the mind. To do so means 
inspiring students to move beyond communicating with 
the professor alone and toward communicating with a larg- 
er academic community that includes their fellow students, 
other faculty, and other professionals in the field. When 
students make academic discourse their own, they learn 
more deeply. 

Toward that end, Oglethorpe faculty will be sponsoring 
the first Oglethorpe Symposium in the Liberal Arts, a 
day-long conference scheduled on Honors and Awards 
Day, April 14, 2004. This conference will allow students 
to present their research and original work to an audience 
of fellow students and faculty. Presenters will include all 
seniors in the honors program, presenting their honors 
theses. In addition, the top students from every core 
course will present papers on their work. Advanced stu- 
dents in the Rich Foundation Urban Leadership Program 
and in various majors will present their research in confer- 
ence papers and poster presentations. Work by our art 
majors will be on display. And, of course, students will be 
honored for particular achievements in the Honors and 
Awards convocation. I invite you all to attend what 
should be a particularly stimulating example of 
Oglethorpe students joining the intellectual conversation. 

Part of the richness of that conversation is that it is not lim- 
ited to persons alive at this moment in histor}'. As 
Oglethorpe students learn in their core curriculum, the 
intellectual conversation spans the centuries. One of the 
miracles of reading and study is that it allows a person, as 
Robert Browning explained, to borrow and appropriate con- 
sciousness infinitely greater than ones own unaided mind. 

Encouraging students to join the intellectual conversation 
is not a matter of turning them into professional academ- 
ics. As Graff puts it, "The point of education is to pro- 
duce good citizens, not more academics . . . But these 
goals are compatible, for the issues and problems 
addressed by academic research and teaching are increas- 
ingly indistinguishable from the issues we wrestle with as 
public citizens. The point is not to turn students into 
clones of professors but to give them access to forms of 
intellectual capital that have a lot of power in the world." 
The Oglethorpe symposium in the Liberal Arts is an 
important step toward doing just that. 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


The Oglethorpe Experience 

Some things never change. Since 1835, Oglethorpe has provided a high quality liberal arts 

education to thousands of students who have been given the chance to shine in and out of the 

classroom. Now you can help maintain that tradition. By giving to the Oglethorpe Fund, 

you can contribute to OU's academic excellence and ensure that tomorrow's top 

students have the opportunity to enjoy it. 

In 2004, you have a special opportunity to double the impact of your gift. 

Mr. J. Mack Robinson, honorary alumnus and longtime friend of the university, 

has pledged to match NEW and INCREASED gifts - up to a total of $100,000 

— made to the Oglethorpe Fund by June 30. 

Your gift to the Oglethorpe Fund supports 
Student Scholarships I Faculty Enrichment I the "Silent Faculty" (campus buildings) 

Support OU at (l<eyword: oglethorpe fund) 

or call Kelei Sabatino, director of alumni relations and 

annual giving, at (404) 364-8476. 

6 News & Events Highlights 


For a complete calendar of events, please visit 
www. Oglethorpe, edu/news 


Jan. 10: 7 p.m. University of Santa Cruz Banana Slugs women's basl<et- 
ball game. Dorough Fieldhouse. Botii ESPN and Sports Illustrated jointly 
proclaim that ttie two "most unusual mascots" on America's college cam- 
puses are ttie Banana Slugs of Santa Cruz, Calif., and our own beloved 
Stormy Petrels. See them play each other tonight. 

Jan. 24: Opening reception for "The Flying Mystics of Tibetan Buddhism" 
exhibition. OUMA. Exhibition runs Jan. 25-Aug. 8, 2004. 


Feb. 5-7: 8 p.m. "An Actor's Nightmare." Conant Performing Arts Center 

Feb. 1 1 : Oglethorpe Day Convocation. Conant Performing Arts Center 
Feb. 20-22: Homecoming Weekend 


March 9: 8 p.m. Chamber Orchestra Kremlin Concert. Conant Performing 
Arts Center. 

March 31 : 7 p.m. Battle of the Oglethorpe Bands. Dining Hall. 


Online Financial Planner 
Program Helps Professionals 
Meet Standards 

In October, Greene Consulting, in partnership with Oglethorpe University, 
announced the launch of a CFP® Board-registered financial planner pro- 
gram. The Oglethorpe University-Greene Consulting Online Financial Planner 
Program helps financial services professionals meet Certified Financial 
Planner Board of Standards educational requirements using the Internet. 

The financial planner program merges education with productivity skills 
training, drawing from Oglethorpe's successful Certified Financial Planner 
classroom program and Greene Consulting's 25 years of sales training 
expertise. Because this interactive program will be offered on the Internet, 
students are empowered to work at whatever pace their schedules and 
experience allow. 

The Oglethorpe University-Greene Consulting Online Financial Planner 
Program may be purchased at 

What's for Dinner 

New campus food service serves food witti flair 

Low country boils, sushi-making classes and a fusion bar featuring 
bananas foster and crepes is not your typical campus cafeteria fare. But 
for Oglethorpe University's new food service, it's just business as usual. 
Bon Appetit, which joined Oglethorpe in August, is part of food service 
giant Compass Group PLC, which operates in more than 90 countries. 
Bon Appetit targets specialized markets and is particulady suited to 
adapt to a small university climate, according to Lon Gilbert, food servic- 
es director. To ensure variety in its menus, Bon Appetit designs them by 
the week, taking into account the season and popular demand. All ingre- 
dients are fresh, and the company attempts to use local and socially 
responsible ingredients. 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 



Its focus on meeting the needs of its community leads Bon Appetit to 
serve more than just great food. They also serve the community by offer- 
ing specialty products, such as Pura Vida coffee in the Goodman Cafe. All 
of Pura Vida's net profits help at-risk children living in coffee-growing 
countries by providing things like hot meals, computer training and safe 
play activities. Bon Appetit also provides nutritional information programs 
for students and adheres to a seafood watch list, which gives recommen- 
dations for types of fish whose harvest does not harm the oceans or 
deplete fish stocks. They even solicit recipes from the campus population, 
possibly offering them in the Cafe. 

In addition to cooking for the Emerson and Goodman Cafes, Bon Appetit 
caters university meetings and events, such as October's Family and 
Alumni Weekend. Gilbert says Bon Appetit sees itself as a "partner in 
progress" with Oglethorpe. "Everyone's got to eat, so everyone on cam- 
pus is affected by what we do," says Gilbert. "We want to be a partner to 
the university, providing great food, controlling costs and making events 
better and better." 

See Bon Appetit's weekly menus by visiting (l<ey- 
word: menus). 

Spotlight on Campus 
Group: The Oglethorpe 
Women's Network 

The Oglethorpe Women's Network (OWN), sponsor of the recent visit of 
author Sena Jeter Naslund, is composed of women from the Atlanta 
community along with Oglethorpe University faculty, staff, students and 
alumnae who join together to present programs on women's issues to the 
public. OWN works in partnership with the university's Women's and 
Gender studies, which program introduces students to the history of 
women and to the effects of gender on approaches to disciplinary study 
and practice. OWN was organized in late 2000 by Betsy Hansen, wife of 
Oglethorpe Trustee Harald Hansen, and Marsha Large, wife of Oglethorpe 
University president, Dr Larry Large. For more information, visit (keyword: OWN). 

We LL Help You 

Maximize Your 


Q: Where can I find current financial news and personal tips? 
A; At (keyword: planned giving) 

Q: Where can I find data on the stock and bond markets plus 
averages for Dow Jones, NASDAQ and the S&P 500? 
A: At (keyword: planned giving) 

Q: Where can I find a giving plan that best fits my needs? 
A: At (keyword: planned giving) 

OU's planned giving Web site is 

here for you! We'll help you sort through 

various giving plans, showing you 

how you II benefit from each. Plus, sign up for 

our weekly Gift Legacy eNewsletter, which 

is filled with news and tips. 

In Planned Giving, we will help maximize 

your giving potential while we keep 

you well informed of todays 

market news. 

DavidW. Brown, Ph.D., OFF 
Director of Planned Giving 

Oglethorpe University 
4484 Peachtree Road NE 

Atlanta, GA 3031 9 

O OU Have to Meet Them! 

Meet people who are making a difference 
in their own lives and in the lives of 
others through their connections to 
Oglethorpe University. From dedicated 
faculty members whose influence touches 
all corners of the globe to ambitious 
students just beginning to make their 
mark, you don't want to miss getting 
to know these outstanding contributors. 

Viviana Plotnik 

Diverse Intellectual Interests 
Converge at Oglethorpe 

By Dr. Christopher Ames 

From Argentina to Zen, professors Viviana Plotnik and 
Jason Wirth cover the intellectual gamut with their 
diverse interests. 

When most Americans of this generation think of Eva 
Peron, they are likely to think of the Broadway musical 
and film Evita. But those works are just the tip of the 
iceberg when it comes to the history of turning historical 
figure Eva Peron into myth. Just ask Viviana Plotnik, 
associate professor of Spanish, who recently completed 
and published a study of the representation of Eva Peron 
in Argentine literature. 

Plotnik's book, Cuero feminino, duelo y nacioii (Female 
Body, Mourning and Nation) examines 23 Argentine 

texts and examines societal myths about the feminine 
and the maternal. Plotnik's study reveals an obsession in 
Peron fiction with Eva's literal body, her corpse (which 
was hidden after her death to prevent the development 
of a shrine) or her living body conceived as something 
magical and maternal. 

The publication of Plotnik's work is a culmination of a 
long period of research and presentation of her work at 
conferences in Argentina, Portugal and Spain, as well as in 
the United States. Along the way, Plotnik has found time 
to develop her interest in Latin American cinema, a topic 
about which she has developed and taught several courses. 

Plotnik was born and raised in Argentina and came to the 
United States to pursue graduate study. She earned 
a Master of Arts in Comparative Literature from the 
University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. in Spanish from New 
York University. She has taught at Oglethorpe since 1 994. 

Her career has followed the flowering of Spanish studies 
to emphasize Latin American cultures and literatures as 
well as those of Spain. 

Plotnik describes one of her major goals 

in teaching as getting students to appreciate 

the diversity of Latin American cultures. 

Former student Mary Ann Ericksen '0 1 says that Plotnik's 
encouragement guided her to become one of Oglethorpe's 
first Spanish majors. "While we followed textbooks for the 
intermediate Spanish class, she always encouraged us to 
explore the various cultures of Spanish-speaking people out- 
side the text," says Ericksen, who now teaches high school 
Spanish and kindergarten religion classes in Spanish. "At 
the end of the semester, each student presented one aspect 
of Hispanic culture - one student discussed the impact of 
a wartime painting in Spain, another of a saint in Peru, 
another of pottery in Mexico, and we all learned a lot 
about the diversit)' within Hispanic culture." 

Another Plotnik student, Milagros Perez Jennings '01, was 
influenced by the professor to choose Argentina as her 
study abroad country. "She definitely helped bring about 
an appreciation for Latin American cultures through the 
diversity of her classes," says Jennings. 'She taught the lit- 
erature, history and politics of several countries and 
helped us to realize the vast differences that exist between 
one Latin American country and another." 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 

Associate Professor of Philosophy Jason Wirth also travels 
widely — geographically and intellectually. This past sum- 
mer he delivered a paper in German on Nietzsche at a con- 
ference at Oglethorpe's sister institution, the University of 
Dortmund. He also found time to teach as well as deliver a 
paper to the philosophy faculty in Sweden. Indeed, Wirth's 
scholarship has attracted interest at universities and confer- 
ences ranging from Rio de Janeiro, Honolulu, Udaipur 
(India), Xi'an (China), Umbria (Italy), Montreal, and 
Stockholm to more local venues such as Berry College, 
Kennesaw State, Emory, Mercer, Agnes Scott and West 

More impressive is the intellectual range of Wirth's scholar- 
ship and teaching. Much of his work has focused on the 
German idealist, F. W. J. Schelling. Wirth has published a 
translation of Schelling's daring and poetic work, The Ages of 
the World, and he is currendy editing a collection of essays on 
Schelling for Indiana University Press. His own book-length 
study, The Conspiracy of Life: Meditations on Schelling and 
His Time (SUNY Press, 2003) appeared this fall. The work 
helps connect Schelling (1775-1854) to influendal modern 
and contemporary philosophers who continue to explore the 
problematics of truth and the nature of art. 

Professor Wirth is more than a Schelling specialist. Some 
of his most significant contributions to Oglethorpe's intel- 
lectual life have come in the area of Asian Studies. Wirth 
has studied and lectured on Zen Buddhism, taught courses 
in Eastern Conceptions of Reality, Contemporary Japanese 
Philosophy, Japanese Aesthetics, and Classical Indian 
Philosophy. Recently, he curated the Oglethorpe 
University Museum show, Zen No Sho: The Calligraphy of 
Fukushima Keido Roshi, and edited and contributed to the 
catalog (Clear Light Books, 2003). Wirth's efforts in teach- 
ing Asian art, culture and philosophy have inspired four 
Oglethorpe students to pursue rigorous Zen 
training in Japan. 

Joseph Brisendine '04 is one of those stu- 
dents. "Jason Wirth is an absolutely 
gifted teacher," says Brisendine, a phi- 
losophy major. "Were it not for this 
exemplary man, I doubt that I would 
have even remained in the university sys- 
tem, much less had the wonderful experi- 
ence of seeing a way of being in the 
world radically different than my 
own. Meeting Dr. Wirth was 
the pivotal moment of my 
adult life." 

In explaining the links between his diverse fields of study, 
Wirth avoids superficial connections and emphasizes how 
everything is connected to everything else, especially if 
one focuses on what is fundamentally at stake in philoso- 
phy, "what is done and not yet done." 

Wirth's classes are known for how he pushes and nurtures 
strong, motivated students. As well as teaching a startling 
range of philosophy courses, he teaches the freshman core 
course, "Narratives of the Self" and has taught ethics in 
the M.B.A. program. 

"Dr. Wirth has a very uncommon ability to discern the 
vital points of life and of thought," says student Carolyn 
Culbertson '04, who also was influenced by Wirth to 
train at a Zen monastery this past summer. "He has con- 
sistently shown his students absolute commitment to their 
endeavors, and his enthusiasm has encouraged many of us 
to dare to find life as rich as he seems to find it." 

"The dedication, passion and spirit 

that he commits to his craft have taught me 

to have both supreme discipline and 

reverence for the rare act of genuine 

philosophical thought" 

Joseph Brisendine '04 

Wirth grew up in San Francisco, earned his Bachelor of 
Arts at the College of the Holy Cross, his Master of Arts 
at Villanova, and his Ph.D. at SUNY Binghamton. His 
upcoming projects are as varied as his completed ones: 
he is completing a definitive edition and translation of 
Schelling's 1809 Freedom essay; he has begun a book 
on Milan Kundera, a Czech novelist, and is planning 
a study abroad course in Prague; and he has received 
the rare honor of an invitation to teach the main 
course at the Collegium Phaenomenologicum 
in Citta di Castello, Umbria, Italy, this 
coming summer. 

Jason Wirth 

lO OU Have to Meet Them! 

Internship in Nations 
Capitol Inspires OU Student 

By Erica Rountree 

Already inspired to live out the Oglethorpe promise to 
make a difference, OU senior Dar'shun Kendrick '04 
spent her summer in the nation's capitol as an intern for 
the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Inc. 
(C.B.C.F.). It was not her first foray into politics, and she 
hopes it won't be her last. 

Kendrick, 2 1 , completed a nine-week internship, spon- 
sored by the C.B.C.F., in the office of U.S. Rep. Denise 
Majette. The C.B.C.F. is a non-profit, non-partisan 
organization made up of members of the Congressional 
Black Caucus, their spouses and national black leaders. 
The goal of the C.B.C.F. is education and the creation of 
sustainable development in the black community. Just 39 
interns, including two from Oglethorpe, were chosen for 
the program, and the nationwide application process is 
highly competitive. 

"I didn't think I had a chance to be chosen because there 
were about 800 applicants," says Kendrick, who graduated 
from Towers High School in Decatur, Ga. "But I was, and 
the opportunity was great for me and a good public rela- 
tions opportunity for Oglethorpe as well." Interns from 
schools like Harvard, Duke and Cornell ranged in age from 
college sophomore to someone two years out of college. 

Throughout the program, interns were required to partici- 
pate in lecture series with speakers such as Rep. Jesse 
Jackson Jr., Rep. Elijah Cummings, Rep. Eddie Bernice 
Johnson, Rep. Denise Majette and other members of the 
Congressional Black Caucus. In addition to work, she 
toured the FBI center and traveled to New York to meet 
CNN news anchor Soledad O'Brien and executives of New 
York Life, a sponsor of the C.B.C.F. intern program. 

Kendrick, a political science and communications 
major, has aspirations to go to law school and practice 
public interest law before someday running for office 
herself Besides the C.B.C.F. internship, she has already 
interned at the Georgia State Capitol and serves as 
Oglethorpe Student Association president and an R.A. 
at Traer Hall. She chose to attend college at OU 
because she wanted the opportunities that Atlanta has 
to offer, and she clicked with the OU admissions staff, 
who are "so nice," says Kendrick. 

"The way classes are taught here teaches 
you to make a difference" 

Dar'shun Kendrick '04 

"The way classes are taught here teaches you to make a 
difference," she says. "I guess the difference between OU 
and a non-liberal arts college is that you are not here study- 
ing a subject just because of the money you think you'll 
make when you get out of school, but because you love the 
major, and you know you want to make a difference." 

Upon returning from her Washington internship experi- 
ence, she enrolled in Dr. Kendra King's African-American 
Politics class, offered for the first time this year. "I was so 
excited about taking this class, especially after just coming 
back from working with the C.B.C.F," says Kendrick. 

What will she miss most when she leaves Oglethorpe to 
continue the pursuit of her dreams? "I'll miss the organi- 
zations that I'm involved in the most," says Kendrick. "I'll 
miss the friendly people and the way that everyone knows 
you here." 

For more infonjiation about C.B.C.F. internships, visit The deadline for applications is March 2004. 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


Medicine for the Soul 

By Tiffany Kirkland and Erica Rountree 

Usually people define themselves as either "right-brained" 
or "left-brained," meaning that their intellectual strength 
lies in logical, analytical thinking or in the creative, intu- 
itive approach. Oglethorpe University alumnus Thomas 
Namey '02 is one of the rare people who successfully 
combines both hemispheres, and he has created a life path 
for himself that proves it. 

Namey chose to attend Oglethorpe, from Knoxville, Tenn., 
in 1998 after considering other universities such as 
Sewanee, Wofford, Centre and Furman, because he hked 
the idea of attending a small college in a big city. "The 
other colleges I considered were great, but Oglethorpe had 
Atlanta," Namey says. In addition, he learned that OU 
was known for its strong academic program, which was 
important because he intended to study medicine, just 
like the long line of men in his family. However, although 
he had decided at age 1 5 to follow in his family's academ- 
ic footsteps, he always had a special interest in art. 

"My first answer to the question, 'What do you want 
to do when you grow up?' was about as far from being 
a doctor as you could get," says Namey. "I wanted to 
be the 'special effects guy' for movies. Art is my natural 
talent, and throughout high school, all the kids thought 
I'd become an artist, and all the parents thought I'd 
become a doctor." Despite his passion for the creative 
and his artistic talent, Namey chose what he thought 
was a more realistic and traditional path for himself 
when he entered Oglethorpe. 

He began taking art classes in his sophomore year as a 
way to fill his schedule, and he was encouraged in his 
pursuits by Oglethorpe professor Dr. Alan Loehle. What 
started out as a pastime quickly began to fill the bulk of 
Namey's free time as he found himself taking jobs photo- 
graphing theater department events and staying up until 
4 a.m. learning how to design Web sites. 

He also began producing music videos for his friend and 
fellow alumnus Nick Chahwala '02, lead singer for the 
band To Whom it Concerns. It became clear to Namey 
that he wanted to change directions entirely and pursue a 
career in what had always been his primary passion. 
However, knowing that his new career goal was a bit of a 
gamble, he finished his biology degree and sat for the 
MCAT in 2001. To Namey's surprise, he scored at the top 
of the bell curve and ranked in the top 7 percent on the 
writing portion of the exam. "I owe it to Oglethorpe for 
preparing me for the MCAT," said Namey. "My writing 
courses, including the Core, were rigorous, and even 

though I wasn't happy about them at the time, I'm happy 
about them now!" 

He made a big leap after graduating in 2002, switching 
gears and becoming the executive producer and editor of 
digital media for Oglethorpe, where he has worked closely 
with the college's public relations staff to strengthen the 
college's brand and image. He also started his own busi- 
ness, Namey Design, which specializes in photography, 
radio, films, Web site creation, advertising copy and con- 
cept development and DVD authoring. Namey's clients 
include Sweetwater Brewery and Mercedes, and his work 
has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Business Week, 
U.S. News and World Report and on CNN. 
He recently produced an Oglethorpe enrollment video 
that won an award of excellence from the Council for 
Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). 

"Tom is one of the most talented people I've ever worked 
with," says Rebecca Whicker, OU executive director of 
marketing and public relations. "His ability to listen to 
the needs of a client and turn them into a finished prod- 
uct without direction or supervision is rarely found in 
someone his age. An Oglethorpe education took this dia- 
mond in the rough and turned him into a sparkling gem. 
There is no doubt in my mind that he'll have a very 
lucrative future." 

With Oglethorpe's help, Namey appears to be reaching his 
potential as a well-rounded person. And despite the family 
tradition in medicine, Namey says his parents have been 
supportive of his new career direction and become more 
so every day. He has produced a video of his father moun- 
tain biking and maintains his mother's Web site. "They 
know that I love what I'm doing," says Namey. "And it 
never hurts to bribe them a little with your product." 

You can reach Thomas Namey at (404) 364-8305 or by 
email at His Web site can be found 

12 OU Have to Meet Them! 

Back to School 

By Tiffany Kirkhind 

Real-world experience versus academic credentials: 
Which one counts the most? Verdell Wilson, a 2003 
Oglethorpe graduate, believes both are necessary for 
true career success. 

After two years working as a human resources super- 
visor for UPS Logistics Group, Atlanta, the 28-year- 
old Wilson decided to pursue a Bachelor ot Arts 
degree in communications from University 
College U.C. at Oglethorpe University. U.C. 
offers bachelor's degree programs for working 
adults in an accelerated format that is ground- 
ed in the liberal arts tradition. Believing that 
she was missing something by not having a 
degree, Wilson wanted to attend college to 
become more well-rounded and marketable. 
"Though I had worked my way up in the 
company, I discovered that I lacked 
some of the credibility that my associates had 
because I didn't have a degree," says Wilson. 

"I had all of the real- world experience, but no academic experience." 

Her hard work appears to have paid off in a big way. Wilson 
says she has become more competitive in the work force since 
graduating from Oglethorpe. She was promoted and relocated 
.'ith UPS, a tremendous opportunity that she believes she 
wouldn't have gotten if she didn't have a degree. In addi- 
tion, specific skills she acquired in her studies have helped 
her in her job. "My communication courses have given 
me the edge at work and in life, especially Dr. 

Rosenthal's Communication Theories course," 
says Wilson. "I have also seen significant 
improvement in my writing skills due mainly 
to the focus of the curriculum, and I am 
thankful for that." 

%) 4 


Wilson chose Oglethorpe because of its location 
and reputation. "I live right downtown and 
could have gone to a college there, but I find 
them so hard to get to," says Wilson. "And 
now, not only do I have a degree, but one from 
a reputable and well respected institution." 

Verdell Wilson '03 

New Faces at OU 

Tim Doyle, dean of students and vice president for student life, 
first came to Oglethorpe in 1994 as an adjunct professor, teach- 
ing a previous version of the Core. Since then, he has taught 
both T.U. and U.C. upper-level history courses, including "The 
History of Christianity through the Reformation," "Roman 
History" and "Ancient Greek History." Prior to Oglethorpe, 
Doyle worked for seven years in Emory University's Campus 
Life program. He earned a bachelor's degree in history with a 
minor in classics from Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Ind. 
He is working to complete his dissertation toward a Ph.D. in 
early medieval history at Emory, where he also received a mas- 
ter's degree in history. Doyle has served on the Phi Beta Kappa 
facult)' committee, the UPC and the Retention Committee. 
Last year he was the inaugural winner of the Core teaching 
award and has received the Kappa Alpha Order Golden Apple 
faculty award. Doyle lives in Avondale Estates, Ga., and his dog 
Salvo, a Chinook/Malamute cross, comes to campus from time 
to time to aid, without compensation, retention efforts. 

David Rhodes, vice president of enrollment, comes to 
Oglethorpe from Tiffin, Ohio, where he was vice president of 
enrollment at Heidelberg College for eight years. During his 
tenure at Heidelberg, the college experienced an increase of 
more than 30 percent in fiill-time, traditional enrollment and 
record total enrollment. Rhodes earned a bachelor's degree in 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


business administration and economics at Thiel College, 
Greenville, Pa., and an M.B.A. from Heidelberg College. He is 
a member of the National Association of College Admissions 
Counseling and the American Association of College Registrars 
and Admissions Officers. Rhodes and his wife Bonnie have 
three children, the oldest of vi'hom is a freshman at Oglethorpe. 

Dr. Jeffrey H. CoUins, Director of Students Abroad, has taught 
art history on an adjunct basis at Oglethorpe for many years. 
He also directed the Odyssey Program at the Art Institute of 
Atlanta from 1993-2003. In his new position, he will coordinate 
OU's expanding, study abroad exchange programs as well as 
develop new courses taught abroad by Oglethorpe faculty. 
Collins has a bachelor's degree from Baylor University and a 
Ph.D. from the University of Texas, Turlington. 

Dr. Lynn M. Guhde, visiting assistant professor of business 
administration, comes to Oglethorpe from Slippery Rock 
University where she was associate professor and interim chair 
of the School of Business. Her M.B.A. and Ph.D. are from 
Kent State University. 

Dr. Kendra A. King, assistant professor of politics/assistant 
director of the Rich Foundation Urban Leadership Program, 
comes to OU from the University of Georgia where she was an 
assistant professor of politics and African-American studies from 
1999-2003. Her bachelor's degree is from Colby College and 
her Ph.D. is from the Ohio State University. 

Anne A. Salter, director of the Weltner library, comes to 
Oglethorpe from Georgia Tech, where she was head of archives 
and records management. Prior to that, she served as director of 
ibrary/archives at the Atlanta History Center. Her B.A. and 
M.L.S. are from Emory University. 

Dr. Roarke E. Donnelly, assistant professor of biology, comes 
to Oglethorpe from the University of Washington, where he 
earned a Ph.D. in urban ecology. His dissertation is entitled 
"Design of Habitat Reserves and Settlements for Bird 
Conservation in the Seattle Metropolitan Area." Donnelly 
earned his bachelor's degree from Lawrence University and his 
master's degree from Utah State University. 

1 4 OU Have to Meet Them! 


New Faces at OU (continued) 

Jon Akin, head soccer coach, graduated from Saint Leo 
University in Florida in 1999 where he was a two-time Ail- 
American and a member of the Olympic Festival Team in each 
of his four years. He was a first-round draft choice of the 
Charleston Battery professional soccer team, where he played 
for three years before coming to Atlanta to play last year for the 
Atlanta Silverbacks. 

Dan Giordano, assistant baseball coach and women's volleyball 
coach, graduated from Oglethorpe in 2002 and was a four-year 
starting pitcher on the baseball team. 

Dan Giordano '02 

Reading Room 

What are people on campus reading? For complete book reviews 
by the readers, visit (keyword: alumni). 

Anne A. Salter, Director, Weltner Library 

Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand 

The Hungry Ocean by Linda Greenlaw 

The Outermost House by Henry Beston 


Christopher Ames, Provost and Senior Vice President 

The Bear Came Home by Rafi Zabor 
At Swim Two Boys by Jamie O'Neill 
Atonement by Ian MacEwan 


Peter Howell, head tennis coach, has worked with Oglethorpe 
students for the past two years, teaching them the finer points 
of the game. Howell played collegiate tennis at Vanderbilt and 
spent more than 20 years as the director of some of Atlanta's 
finest tennis centers, including 1 1 years as head professional at 
the Standard Club. 

Phil Ponder, head men's basketball coach, joined the Petrel 
coaching staff as the assistant men's basketball coach in 1997. A 
1994 graduate of LaGrange College, an English major, and 
basketball stand-out. Ponder had already gained two seasons 
experience coaching basketball as an assistant at his alma mater 
and, the following year, at Heritage High School in Conyers 
before joining the Petrels. 

Chuck "Wingo, Manager, Oglethorpe University Bookstore 

The Road to Guilford Courthouse: The American Revolution in 

the Carolinas by John Buchanan 

The Lexus and the Olive Tree by Thomas Friedman 

Bill Brightman, Professor of English 

The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen 

Atonement by Ian McEwan 

The Light of Day by Graham Swift (featured at the 

November O! Book Club meeting) 

Freedom Song by Amir Chaudhuri 

Bob Unger, Interim Athletic Director and Head Coach 
of Cross Country and Track and Field 

A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway 
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Victoria Weiss, Vice President for University Relations 

Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis 

Benjamin Franklin: A Biography by Walter Isaacson 

The Light of Day by Graham Swift 

rAnff/www by Julia Glass 

join your fellow book lovers at the O! Book Club, led by Dr. 
Bill Brightman. The club meets twice a year on the Oglethorpe 
campus. For more information, contact the Alumni Office or 
call (404) 364-8455. 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


1 6 Making a Difference 

Donation Makes 
Honorary Petrels Out of 
Kenyan Kids 

By Tiffany Kirkland and Erica Rountree 

When Jon Akin accepted the position of head soccer coach 
at Oglethorpe University, one of his first duties was to take 
inventory of the equipment. He was surprised when he 
opened the door to the storage room and discovered seven 
years worth of soccer uniforms, including jerseys, shorts 
and socks. He was unsure of what to do with it all until 
Oglethorpe's head groundskeeper, Sharon Roth, hooked 
him up with a retired pediatrician who had a perfect home 
for the discarded uniforms - halfway across the world. 

Dr. Martha Rogers works with Reach-Out AIDS 
Prevention, a non-governmental organization in Kisumu, 
Kenya. Reach-Out was founded by Kenyan Hezekiah 
Nyaranga, who resigned his bus driving job to work in his 
8,000-person community on behalf of the more than 
1,100 women and children who have become widows and 
orphans from losing family members to AIDS. The 
Reach-Out facility is a four-room building without elec- 
tricity or running water that houses an AIDS education 
center and a small clinic operated by a volunteer commu- 
nity health worker. 

In an effort to attract the youth of Kisumu and provide 
them with an activity and AIDS education, Reach-Out has 
formed community soccer teams. Because resources are 
extremely limited in African countries like Kenya ravaged 
by AIDS and civil wars, their soccer field is humble, but 
the children's passion for the game is strong, and they will 
improvise ways to play. "The field consists of a flat area 
with foot-high grass and ankle-deep water in some parts," 
says Rogers. "There are no field lines and the goals are two 
upright posts with a board nailed across the top. Prior to 
our donations, their 'equipment' consisted of two soccer 
balls, closely coveted by the older boys, much to the dis- 
may of the smaller boys. They play barefoot, without shin 
guards, and the referees use old red shirts for flags." 

Rogers decided to help the youth of Kisumu by collecting 
soccer equipment. 'As parents of children in the United 

States, we recognize the value of participation in organ- 
ized sports like soccer. Learning to work as a team, getting 
along with others, striving for excellence, and working 
hard toward a goal are all values we want our children to 
have and learn," says Rogers. "And yes, the sheer fian of 
the game is what our children see as the biggest benefit." 

When she heard Oglethorpe had items available to 
donate, Rogers collected seven large boxes fiiU of soccer 
uniforms and equipment and personally delivered them 
to Kisumu this past spring. "The young men had 

Oglethorpe University Ithe Carillon 


dreamed of having real teams with real equipment and a 
real tournament," she says. "Their drearris are within 
sight, thanks to our donations." 

What proved to be a little spring cleaning for Oglethorpe's 
soccer coach turned into something much more for a 
group of children thousands of miles away in Kenya. 

"Anyone who has played a sport realizes that special feel- 
ing when wearing a uniform," says Akin. "Now these 
children can share that experience and take pride in them- 
selves and each other." 

If you are interested in donating additional equipment to 
the children of Kisumu, Kenya, please e-mail Martha 
Rogers at She is still in need of 
adult cleats, soccer balls, flags, referee shirts, volleyball net 
and socks. 

If you have an interesting story about someone who is mailing 
a difference, piease emaii You may be 
featured in the next issue of The Carillon! 



Oglethorpe University [ the Carillon 


Mens Golf Team Swings its 
Way into Record-Breaking Year 

By Erica Rountree 

24 School Records Fall; Erb, Summers and Green 
named All-Americans 

The Stormy Petrel golf team soared to new heights this sea- 
son by breaking more than 20 school records for the third 
straight year. The team won four tournaments, finished sec- 
ond three times, third once and fourth twice in 12 tourna- 
ment starts. 

The golf team finished second in the nation in NCAA 
Division III in the final Golfstat poll in June, was ranked third 
by the Golf Coaches Association (GCAA) poll in May and fin- 
ished sixth at the NCAA National Tournament in mid-May. 
In each of Oglethorpe's four previous team trips to the NCAA 
Nationals, the team has improved on its finish from l6th in 
1998 to sixth this year. 

One of the most impressive aspects of the 2003 season was 
the play of junior Trent Erb. Erb was rewarded for his out- 
standing season by being named to the prestigious Pre- 
Tournament All-American Team at the GCAA banquet at 
the NCAA Championship. Joining him as a 2003 All- 
American was senior Chris Summers, who earned second 
team honors with his 12th place finish at the NCAA 
Tournament and now is an admission counselor at 
Oglethorpe. Freshman Joe Green finished 1 9th at the NCAA 
tournament, earning him Honorable Mention All-American 
status and giving Oglethorpe a record of three All-Americans 
for 2003. Oglethorpe also won its fourth consecutive 
Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Championship with 
Chris Summers, Robert Miller, Trent Erb and Corey Garner 
named to First Team All SCAC and coaches Jim Owen and 
Robert Fink named SCAC Coaching Staff of the Year. 

20 Class Notes 

The Rev. John M. Flanigen, Jr. '50 retired May 31 from St. Francis 
Cliurch in Norris, Tenn. He now serves as an assistant at his iiome 
parish, Church of the Good Samaritan, in Knoxville, Tenn. He is resuming 
his detailed study of The Book of Common Prayer and enjoys watching 
his grandson participate in sports. 

Navarro Faircloth '65 and his wife, Dr. Kathleen Pitts Faircloth '66, 

wrote to pay tribute to "Mr. Mac," Elgin MacConnell, former Dean of 
Students. Navarro appreciates the guidance and learning opportunities 
that Mr Mac gave him in the seventh grade and again at OU. "How many 
teachers do you know who have had such a profound and lasting impact 
on a student?" asked Navarro, who is a retired judge. Kathleen teaches at 
a state college in Oregon. 

Alice Hill Hughes '67 had cameo appearances in 
the covered bridges episode of the PBS series. Two 
Lane Traveller, in its 2003 premier season. Alice 
spoke as a local historian for Howard's Covered 
Bridge across Big Cloud's Creek in Oglethorpe 
County, Ga. Her pioneer ancestors settled the area 
in 1785. Visit www.twolanetravellercom and for more information. 

Steve Orton '69 is a State Farm agent in Alpharetta, Ga. Contact him at 


Louis E. Rossman '69 has been appointed to the admissions committee 
for the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Louis 
(Luigi) is also an overseer for the university, appointed to the dental 
school and associate professor of endodontics. In addition, he has a pri- 
vate practice of endodontics in Philadelphia. Luigi resides in Bala 
Cynwyd, Pa., with wife, Val. He has two children: Benjamin, 1 3, and Alexis, 
19, who attends the University of Pennsylvania. 

Dr. Ken Hutchinson '78, a member of the Oglethorpe Board of Trustees, 
traveled to Rio Bamba, Ecuador, in May as part of a medical mission trip 
with eight other dentists and a number of dental students from the 
Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Ga. They visited remote villages in 
the mountainous region to care for the people there, many of whom had 
never before seen a dentist. 

Dr. Phil Horton '79 is in Bosnia working as an internist with the U.S. 
Army Reserves. Phil writes that the weather in Bosnia is nice but gets 
quite cold at night as they are in the mountains. 

Ellen Heckler O'Herlihy '82 recently purchased a home in Old 
Saybrook. Conn., and her daughter Kiernan started kindergarten. Ellen 
has gone back to work after being a stay-at-home mom for the past five- 
and-a-half years. The family's new house is across the street from 
Kiernan's school, where Ellen works as a paraprofessional in a first grade 
classroom. Contact her at 

Jay Azriel '84 graduated with a Ph.D. in May from Albany State 
University. He is now an assistant professor of entrepreneurship and 
strategic management at Illinois State University in Normal. The move to 
the corn and soybean farms in America's heartland was a 'big adjustment 
for Jay and his wife Pat, who is expecting a son this year Their other son 
Jacob turned 3 in May. Contact the Azriels at (309) 454-3097 or 

S. Abby Ipaye '86 is the law firm administrator at Wilson & Lakes LLP in Atlanta. 

Jay William Greaves '87 earned his Master of Science in organization 
development from Pepperdine University after a 1 5-year break from aca- 
demics. He ended a 22-year career with Delta Air Lines and is now an 
independent human resources and organization development consultant. 
Contact him at 

Charles 6. Woodford '87 and his wife, Jennifer, have three children: 
Kelsy, 1 1 ; Garrett, 8; and Kaiei, 5. Chades owns a landscape business, 
and Jennifer is a public information officer for the city of Kannapolis, N.C. 

Johnny White '88 can be seen this winter in the film "Master and 
Commander -The Far Side of the World," staning Oscar-winner Russell 
Crowe as a renowned fighting captain of the British navy. Johnny was select- 
ed from more than 7,000 actors to play a sergeant In the Royal Marines. 

Lisa Chkoreff Duncan '90 is an artist-in-residence at Cafe Tu Tu Tango 
in Atlanta. See her schedule at 

Thad Hall '90 won the American Society for Public Administration's 
2003 Louis Brownlow Award for his article published in the Public 
Administration Review. The Brookings Institution Press will release his 
book written with Mike Alvarez, Point. Click, and Vote: The Future of 
Internet Voting, this fall. Thad works at The Century Foundation in 

Rachel Fowler '90 was recently elected to Amnesty International USA's 
board of directors. 

Caitlin Way '91 is the director of development for the Woodruff Arts 
Center in Atlanta. She is working on the center's $1 30 million campus 
expansion campaign, and she raises funds for the arts center on behalf of 
its four divisions - the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the High Museum of 
Art, the Alliance Theatre Company and the Atlanta College of Art. Her 
daughter Sophie is 5 and started kindergarten this fall. 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


Dr. Tracy Larson Miller '92 has opened a 
private psychology practice in Newark, N.Y., 
in the buiiding where her husband, 
IVlichaei, runs a law office. Tracy also worl<s 
part time at a local school district. Their 
daughter, McKinley celebrated her first 
birthday in September. 

Lori Calupca Roa '92 teaches middle school math at Christ the King 
School in Atlanta. 

Kimberly Kirner '93 is an editor and the copy/style chief for Europe for 
the Bloomberg News. She transferred to the company's London office from 
Princeton, N.J., in June. She has been with Bloomberg for five years. 

Denise Ann Allen, D.WI.D. '93 opened a dentistry practice in Suwanee, 
Ga., in May 

David M. Ross '93 contributed an essay to the anthology Georgia 
Leaders Shaping Atlanta's Global Future, which was published in April. In 
his submission, "At Home in the Visitor's Dugout," David reflects on 
Atlanta's development as an international city, his own growth as a global 
citizen, and the role Oglethorpe played in both. The anthology is available 
online at David is in his fifth year as a 
copy editor with Ernst & Young and his first year as a tenor with 
Collegium Vocale. Contact him at 

Michael Claxton '94 received a Ph.D. from the University of North 
Carolina, Chapel Hill, in May Michael is an assistant professor of English 
at Harding University, Searcy, Ark. 

Juliane Franek Sorchy '94 lives in Orlando, Fla., with husband Paul 
and son Paulie, 2. Juliane owns a chiropractic clinic/massage 
therapy/rehab center, a fitness center, a cafe/smoothie bar and a 
Christian bookstore. She and her husband recently acquired rights to sell 
franchises of Lord's Gym, and they are preparing to start a non-profit 
Lord's Gym Outreach Center in Orlando. 

Jennifer Campbell '96 is a senior accountant at Ambac Financial Group 
in Manhattan, N.Y, and is pursuing her M.B.A. 

Daniel Rosenthal '96 moved to Israel from New York. He lives in the 
middle of the Judean Desert, about 25 kilometers from the Dead Sea (the 
lowest point on Earth) where he studies Hebrew. 

Jayme Sellards '96 is an associate corporate counsel for Whitney 
National Bank in New Orleans. For the past three years, she has prac- 
ticed commercial litigation in Georgia and Mississippi at Morris, 
Schneider & Prior LLC, Atlanta. In New Orleans, Jayme joins her brother, 
Dr Robert Sellards '91 , who is chairman of sports medicine and profes- 
sor of orthopedic surgery at Louisiana State University Medical Center. 

Tiffany E. Kelsey '97 received a doctorate in counseling psychology from 
the University of Tennessee. She completed an internship at the George 
Washington University Counseling Center, Washington. She became inter- 
ested in psychology when studying at OU with Dr Nancy Kerr Tiffany lives 
in Arlington, Va., and plans to work toward licensure as a psychologist. 

Farah M. Khatoon '97 received a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine 
degree from the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in June. 

Evelyn J. Boria-Rivera '98 left her position at Harvard and is pursuing 
a doctorate in literature and Latino studies at Notre Dame. 

Sarah Phillips Collins '98 is married to Dax Collins '98, and the cou- 
ple lives in Savannah, Ga., where they attend Savannah College of Art 
and Design. Dax is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in interactive 
design/game development, and he works at Clear Channel Radio as a 
production event assistant. Sarah is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts 
degree in fashion design, and she works at a women's boutique. 

Amy B. Allen '99 works in the residential department of the Judevine 
Center for Autism, Maryland Heights, Mo., coordinating staff and services 
for adults and children who live in the supported living homes. The 
agency provides services to people with autism and their families. 

Kristine Lawrie '99 lives in Portland, Ore., and works as an environ- 
mental engineer for Trinity Consultants, an air-quality consulting firm. 

Mandy McDow Flemming '00 lives in Princeton, N.J., with husband 
Matthew. She is pursuing a Master of Sacred Music degree in voice from 
the Westminster Choir College and is pastor of West Farms United 
Methodist Church in Farmingdale, N.J. 

Karyn Bulow '01 moved to Manhattan, N.Y, in October 2002. Karyn 
works as a case manager in a welfare-to-work program at a non-profit 
organization, and she is attending paralegal school. 

Cleve Hill '01 will graduate from Mercer University School of Law in 
Macon, Ga., in May 2004. Cleve is an editor for the Mercer Law Review. 
He recently accepted an offer to join the law firm of Powell, Goldstein, 
Frazer and Murphy -a 300-attorney firm in Atlanta - after graduation. 

Sue Ann Prigge '01 received her Master of Library Media degree from 
Georgia State University in August. 

Sallie Kaltreider '02 is a marketing assistant at SRI Analytics, Atlanta. 
Sallie writes that out of 350 applicants, she was chosen for the job 
because of Oglethorpe's high reputation in the community. 

Blair Hoover '03 recently signed a contract to be represented by an 
Atlanta-area gallery for her series-in-progress, "From the TV Series." Her 
show opening was in October at the 2000AD gallery in Ansley Park. Visit for more information. 

Laura Sullivan '03 was selected to participate 
in the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) pro- 
gram. Laura, one of approximately 1 ,700 finalists 
from the United States, left for Japan in July and 
will spend one year as an assistant language 
teacher in Niigata. 

22 Class Notes 

Wedded Bliss 

Melissa D. Wardlaw '95 

married Charles Walker Jr. 
on June 28 at Oglethorpe 
University. The ceremony took 
place in the newly renovated 
Lupton Auditorium and the 
reception was in the Emerson 
student center. Among the 
Oglethorpe alumni attendees 
were Tracy Fried '96, Tessa 
Daly '97, Reed Horsley '96, 
Jennifer Trevisan '96 and Josh 
Cleary (1992-1996). Melissa 
works in the human resources, recruiting and job search/resume-consult- 
ing field. She received her M.B.A. in entrepreneurship and certifications in 
professional resume writing and career coaching. She plans to start her 
own firm specializing in career coaching, resume writing and executive 
search. Charles is a true native of Atlanta and graduated from the 
University of Georgia. He is a sales executive for CIGNA Corp.'s group 
insurance division. The couple lives in Aipharetta, Ga. 

Jason Karnes '97 and Beth Blomgren were married on June 21 at the 
First United IVIethodist Church in Lawrenceville, Ga. Andrew Noble '97 
was in the wedding party, while other guests included Ryan and Cristy 
Strong '97, Ryan and Heather VIckers '96, John Breton '97, Andy and 
Kirsten Schutt '95, Bryon and Jennie LeTourneau '98, Daryl and Brandie 
Brooks '97, Jeff White '96 and Becky Ellis Gardner '97. 

Russell Lind '98 married Jodi Saliterman in Minneapolis on July 13. The 
couple lives in San Diego, where Russell is an account manager for 
Michelin Tire Corp. 

Helena Milagros Perez '01 married 
Jason Jennings on May 17 in 
Lithonia, Ga. The couple met while 
Milagros attended Oglethorpe and 
Jason attended Georgia Tech. Jason 
is a mechanical engineer, and 
Milagros earned a master's degree in 
international affairs from Georgia 
Tech. They live in Lansdale, Pa. In the 
wedding party, the maid of honor was 
Misty N. Hood '00. Wedding guests 
included Nicole Garbarini '00, Blake 
Stabler '00 and Heidi Blackwell '99. 

Ryan Hanik '01 married the former Amy Entrekin of Lilburn, Ga., on 
June 7 in Decatur, Ga. Ryan teaches mathematics and coaches baseball 
and football in Augusta, Ga., while Amy is finishing her degree in nursing 
at the Medical College of Georgia. 

Future Freshmen 

Megan Weiland Schreck '84 and her husband John announce the 
birth of their son, Matthew John, on Jan. 4, 2002. Matthew joined big 
sister Kathryn. 

Wendy McCall Beck '94 and her hus- 
band Mike announce the birth of their son, 
Devin Michael, on June 17. He weighed 7 
pounds, 6 ounces. 


Shannon Gebhardt Holden '94 and her 

husband Chris announce the birth of their 
son, Stephen Jacob, on July 4. Stephen 
joins big brother Matthew, 2. The Holdens 
live in Aipharetta, Ga. Shannon is a stay- 
at-home mother and co-owns an event 
staging and production company 

Susan Poston Hansen '95 and 
Karl Hansen '91 announce the birth 
of their daughter, Kora, on Sept. 3. 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 



James W. Anderson '31 died on Sept. 28. Jim founded Decatur insurance agency 
Jim Anderson & Company in 1 946. He served as president of tfie Oglethorpe Alumni 
Association in 1948-49 and received ttie Mr. DeKalb Award in 1990. 

Martha Perkerson Stuart, who attended OU but left in 1932, died at the age of 93 
on April 1 3 in her hometown of Austell, Ga. 

William Andrew "Andy" Johnson '37 died at the age of 87 on June 18 in Conyers, 
Ga. Andy attended OU, but left in 1 937 to sign with the Bona Allen Shoemakers 
semi-professional baseball team. Andy w/ho played first base, was named most 
valuable player In the 1938 National Baseball Worid Congress Series, which the 
Shoemakers won. 

Paul Hilton Neal '37 died on July 27, 2002, at the age of 89 after battling 
Alzheimer's disease. Paul, whose nickname was "Harpo," played on the 
Oglethorpe football team. 

Frank "Ben" Zelencik '39 died on March 8. He retired from Inland Steel Company 
after 35 years of service. He served In the U.S. Navy and played professional 
football for the Chattanooga Cardinals (now Phoenix). Ben was inducted Into the 
OU Sports Hall of Fame In 1989 in recognition of his four years on the college's 
football team. 

Marian Oliver Centorbe '40 died on May 21 . After graduating from Oglethorpe, 
she worked for Delta Air Lines. In 1 959 she was hired by the Houghton Mifflin 
Co., Atlanta, from which she retired In 1994. 

Antonio "Tony" Palma '42 died on June 15. 

lone McClure Bettis '44 died on Oct. 5. 

Margaret Morris Kelly '44 died in July Margaret wrote the original story about the 
elephant that OU medical students obtained for study 

Richard "Dick" H. Stoller '49 died on Feb. 8 In Columbus, Ga., from Parkinson's 

David Fischer '53 died on April 2. 

Willie Gaines Robinson '53 died at the age of 1 00 in Jan. 2002. 

Richard "Dick" S. Gumming '54 died on Feb. 2. 

Ruth Thompson Middleton '56 died on May 7. 

Dr. Merie Wallace Kelser '57 died In Texas on Dec. 23, 2002, at the age of 88. 
She was the head of the English department at Nonwalk Community College In 
Connecticut at the time of her retirement. 

George Thomas Caraker Sn '58 died Jan. 1 6 at his home in Mineral Bluff, Ga. Tom 
had retired and moved to the north Georgia mountains in 2001 with his wife of 46 
years, Marian. He left three children, six grandchildren and four great grandchildren. 

Arley "Buck" Gardner '58 died Aug. 27 at his home in Greenville, S.C. 

Mary Lowery Copeland '63 died on March 23. 

Yasko Nishimura '63 died on July 1 7. Her buoyant personality, keen mind and high 
energy level brought Yasko much success as an international business executive. 

Thomas V. Hopper '75 died on Aug. 1 2 at the age of 51 in Wayne, Pa. 

Terry Brooks '02 died suddenly In August. 

Alumni Alert 

Your alumni board is focused on making reunions happen! 
Mark your calendars now for these highlights: the Golden 
Petrels reunion (pre- 1954 classes) will be held the weekend of 
April 2-3, 2004. There is also a 45th reunion being planned 
for the class of 1959. May 15-16 will bring the second "Spirit 
of the '60s Reunion Weekend" for graduates from the 1960s, 
with special emphasis on the class of 1964, for their 40th 

We have a new Reunion Planning Guide to help you organize 
a reunion for your class, and our reunion chairperson, Laura 
Fowler, will be happy to assist you in planning your reunion. 
For more information, contact the Alumni Office 
( or (404) 364-8893). The coming year 
will bring lots of exciting events to campus and many opportu- 
nities to have fun networking with your fellow alums. To keep 
up with the latest news, check the Alumni page on the OU 
Web site (, keyword: alumni). 

It is an honor to serve as your alumni association president. See 
you at the reunion! 
Diane Baker 77 

Dr. Jeffrey Collins, Director of OUSA, is organizing trips 
to Europe in 2004 for OU alumni, students, faculty and staff. 
The price for trips is all-inclusive. If you are interested in trav- 
eling with the Oglethorpe University Students Abroad group, 
contact Collins at or visit (keyword: study abroad) for more 


May 14-28, 2004. Full payment ($2,199) due Feb. 1, 2004. 


June 15-July 1, 2004. Full payment ($3,699) due March 1, 

24 Giving and Receiving 

Generosity is about more than financial 
gifts. The alumni and friends of this 
"college of the heart " so generously give 
of their resources, time and talent because 
this school has made a difference in their 
lives and their community. Without them, 
Oglethorpe would not be the institution 
that it is today. 

Bimby Conant: 

A Legacy of Caring 

By Dr. Victoria Weiss 

"A lady of action," "a ciiarming, graceful, grandmotherly fig- 
ure," "a lovely, tenacious benefactor" are all phrases that have 
been used to describe Miriam H. "Bimby" Conant, trustee 
emerita who served on the board of Oglethorpe University 
for 21 years. While these statements might have been uttered 
by any of the large number of Adantans who knew and loved 
Conant, these are phrases uttered by Oglethorpe University 
students who came to know Conant because of her work on 
the Student Life Committee of the board. 

Bimby Conant and her husband, John, provided the lead gift 
for the $5.5 million Conant Performing Arts Center at 
Oglethorpe University. They also established an endowed 
scholarship for students displaying leadership potential. 

While the generosity of the Conants is well known to those 
who love Oglethorpe, Bimby Conant left a legacy of action 
behind her when she died this year. Cleve Hill '01 former 
OSA president, remembers Conants tenacious questioning 
of administrators after listening to the concerns of students. 
"In Student Life Committee meetings, Mrs. Conant was the 
first to get to the heart of the matter and ask the administra- 
tors present, 'Has this been investigated?' 'Who is responsible 
for this matter?' and 'What are you doing to rectify this situ- 
ation for our students?'" says Hill. "She had a desire to see 
Oglethorpe University prosper as an institution and to see stu- 
dents' lives be as rich as possible." 

The Conants' daughter, Margaret Dickson, continues the 
family tradition of service in many ways, including serving 
on the board of the Georgia Shakespeare Festival, OU's 
resident theatre company. This past spring, in honor of her 
mother's commitment to Oglethorpe, Margaret Dickson 
made a gift to the university and, in the spirit of her moth- 
er's dedication, allowed OU to use that gift to challenge its 
alumni and friends to make a difference at Oglethorpe. 
Agreeing to match gifts made to the Annual Fund near the 
end of the past fiscal year, Dickson inspired OU alumni 
and friends to give more than $100,000 to the Annual 
Fund in less than four short weeks this past spring. 

From left: Oglethorpe trustee emerita Bimby Conant, 

Melissa Dickson Orr and Margaret Conant Dickson at 

Westminster graduation ceremonies in May 2002. 

Honoring this legacy of generosity and commitment to 
strengthening Oglethorpe is important to all whose lives 
were touched by Bimby Conant. In 2004, the foyer con- 
ference room in Lupton Hall will be formally named for 
Bimby Conant, and its walls will bear the plaques of 
recognition bestowed on the student leaders. The space 
will honor those students whose own commitment mir- 
rors that of Mrs. Conant. 

Made possible by Margaret Dickson's gift, The Bimby 
Conant Conference Room will serve as a powerful 
reminder of a special kind of generosit)' - the kind that 
knows that generosity is about more than just financial 
resources. And a generation of campus leaders share the 
sentiment expressed by Cleve Hill: "I honestly believe that 
the lives of Oglethorpe students, the alumni, and the uni- 
versity are all the better because this lovely, tenacious 
benefactor passed our way." 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


Class of 1953 - 50th Reunion at the Sheffield Alumni Center. 

Front row (left to right): Marilyn Terhune, Dorothy Fleitman, Judy Debes, Pat Doran 53. Noel Ripley 53. Johnnie Lowry, O, K. Sheffield 53. Mary Crosby, 

Betty Watkins Kessler 53, June Roberts. Back Roiv: Edmund Bator 53, Shelly Fleitman 53, Warren Debes 53. Lee Wilson 53, Charles "Doc" Stone, 

Laird Terhune 53. Mary Norman Stone 53, Betty Brumbelow O'Qiiinn 53, and Joe Roberts 53. Not pictured: George Kast 53. 

Class of '53 Returns to 
Campus to Relive the 
Oglethorpe Experience 

By Mark DeLong '03 

Campus sweethearts Mary Norman Stone '53 and Charles 
Stone '53 returned to Oglethorpe this spring to celebrate two 
major milestones: their 50th class reunion and 50th wedding 
anniversary. The retired teachers, who now have four grown 
sons, say coming back to OU was a trip they just had to make. 

"Not only were we given an excellent education there, 
which prepared us for an interesting and prosperous life, 
but we also met each other there," the Stones wrote from 
their home in New York. "We felt it was most important 
to return to OU where it all began, walk the campus and 
enjoy a bit of nostalgia." 

Besides keeping up with the changes at Oglethorpe, 
"reunions keep people connected," says Oglethorpe 
trustee O.K. Sheffield '53. But, cautions the former 
BankSouth vice president, "Don't wait for your 50th 
because by then you've lost wonderful opportunities to 
rekindle fond memories of your years on campus." 

The 1953 class reunion, which took place April 4-6, was 
attended by 14 members of the 149-person class. The week- 
end kicked off with a reception and dinner at the Lanier 
House, home of Oglethorpe President and Mrs. Larry Large. 

The lives of classmates were not all that had been trans- 
formed by time. After touring the campus on Saturday 
morning, alumni noted changes in Oglethorpe and the 
surrounding area in the 50 years since their graduation. 
"Things were different when we were here," says Sheffield. 
"Oglethorpe was in the country. There was no 
Brookhaven. It was just the end of the trolley line." 

Mary Stone said that the Oglethorpe feeling, however, 
remained. "We were impressed with the campus in gener- 
al," she says. "It has changed in so many ways, yet the fla- 
vor of the OU we knew was still there." 

Reunion committee member Edmund Bator '53 and his 
wife, Martha '51, hosted a reception on Saturday night at 
their Brookhaven home. Cricket Cottage. The next morn- 
ing, small groups gathered for breakfast, and the newest 
Golden Petrels discussed the weekend and prepared to 
once again leave the "Oglethorpe bubble." 

Many classmates traveled from afar. Pat Doran came from 
Mexico, Warren Debes traveled from New Jersey and 
Noel Ripley came from Maine. Over 50% of the class had 
not been back to campus since their graduation. 

The alumni office wishes to thank the 1953 reunion com- 
mittee members: Edmund Bator, Betty Brumbelow 
O'Quinn, Marian Marcus Packer and O.K. Sheffield, Jr. 
The 50th reunion for the class of 1954 is scheduled for 
April 2-3, 2004. Please contact the alumni office at (404) 
364-8893 for more information. 

26 Honor Roll of Donors 

In 2003. Chuck DeNormandie '96 and his wife Judy issued a challenge to alumni in order to increase 
support from recent graduates fr)r the Annual Fund. DeNormandie, an Oglethorpe trustee, is interested 
in seeing his alma mater reach its frill potential and decided to commit his own resources to help. The 
$25, 000 challenge was issued to Oglethorpe alumni who graduated between 1996 and 2003. The 
yearlong challenge concludes Dec. 31. DeNormandie received his bachelor's degree in political economy 
from Oglethorpe in 1996, and he is a certifred financial planner. DeNormandie is the managing 
partner of DeNormandie, Ashe, Levy, Hard & Associates — a Platinum Financial Services branch 
of American Express, dedicated to comprehensive fiyiancial planning for people with complex financial 
situations. DeNormandie and his wife reside in Alpharetta, Ga., with daughter Christian Elizabeth. 
Oglethorpe thanks the DeNormandies for their generous support of the university. 

Honor Roll of Donors 

Ihe gifts of all donors listed in ttiis report 
were received by Oglettiorpe University July 
1, 2002, through June 30, 2003. The 
entire university community thanks each of 
these donors for his/her/their interest and 


■ = Deceased 

+ = Donor of five or more consecutive years 

H = Honorary Degree recipient 

Philip Weltner Club ($50,000 or more) 

In 1944, Oglethorpe University began a 

new era under noted attorney and educator 

Dr Philip Weltner With a group of faculty 

associates. Dr Weltner initiated an exciting 

approach to undergraduate education 

called the "Oglethorpe Idea" with the twin 

aims to "make a life and make a living. " 

CF Foundation 

Mrs. N/largaret Conant Dickson 

Georgia Foundation tor Independent Colleges + 

The William Randolph Hearst Foundations, Inc. 

Estate of Eugene W. Ivy '49 

EstateofOrM.A. Rikard '37 

Dr. J. Mack Robinson '95 (H) + 

Mrs, Jeanne Fuller Schmidt '42 + 

Mr. Stephen J. Schmidt '40 + 

SJS Investment Company, LLP 

Teagle Foundation 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation + 

Tower Club ($25,000 - $49,999) 

Tower (verb): To rise and overtop other objects: 
to be lofty or very high: hence, to soar 
John P Salamone Memorial Foundation 

Mr. 0. K. Sheffield, Jr '53 + 
Estate of Oscar C. Walton '22 

Presidents Club ($10,000 - $24,999) 

President (noun): One appointed or elected 
to preside over an organized body of peo- 
ple, such as an assembly or meeting. The 
chief officer of a branch of government, 
corporation, board of trustees, university, or 
similar body 
BCES Foundation + 
Mr. Robert E. Bowden '66 
Mr. Franklin L. Burke '66 + 
Ms. Margaret 0. Y. Chin '87 + 
The Coca-Cola Company + 
The Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta 
Mr Norman P Findley III + 
John and Mary Franklin Foundation, Inc. + 
Philip and Irene Toll Gage Foundation 
Dr Joel Goldberg '00 (H) + 
Ms. Gayle Burch Gower '68 
Mr. William Howell Gower '68 
Mrs. Nell Hall + 
Mr. Claus M. Halle + 
Mr and Mrs. Harald R. Hansen + 
Home Depot, Inc. 
Mr Warren Y. Jobe + 
Milton M. Ratner Foundation + 
Mr. Robert Nardelli 
Mr R, D. Odom 

Mr Antonio Michael Raima* '42 
The Resource Group 
Mr. Fred Robey '97 + 
Schultz Foundation, Inc. 
The Sledge Foundation + 

Benefactors Club ($5,000 - $9,999) 

Benefactor (noun): One that gives aid. 
especially financial aid. A person who helps 

people or institutions 
. Mr. J. Frederick Agel, Sr '52 + 
Mr. G. Douglass Alexander '68 + 
Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp '68 + 
Mr. S. Truett Cathy '97 (H) 
Chick-fil-A, Inc. + 
Mr John Conant '92 (H) + 
Mrs. Miriam "Bimby" Conant* '92 (H) + 
Dekalb Council for the Arts 
Mr Charles G. DeNormandie '96 
Nell Warren and William Simpson Elkin 

Memorial Foundation 
Mr. William A. Emerson + 
Mrs. Martha Sibley George '51 + 
Mr. J. Lewis Glenn '71 + 
Mr Claude Spencer Godfrey, Jr '98 
Mr. William R. Goodell + 
Mrs. Deborah S. Griffin '90 + 
The Halle Foundation 
Mrs. Jacqueline Cook Hartlage '65 
Mr James V. Hartlage, Jr '65 
Harold Hirsch Scholarship Foundation + 
Dr. Kenneth K. Hutchinson '78 + 
Maj. Lance W. Kohler 
Mr David L. Kolb + 
Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Large + 
Mrs. Barbara Beggs Littell '68 + 
Mr Roger A. Littell '68 + 
Mrs. Clare "Tia" Findley Magbee '56 + 
Mr. Stephen E. Malone '73 + 
Mary Jane Stuart Kohler Foundation 
Mr Ronald W. Rogers 
Mr Donald H. Rubin '56 
Sarah Spencer Godfrey Charitable Trust 
Mr John J. Scalley + 
Dr Vincent Sherman '25 & '97 (H) + 
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold B. Sidman + 
Ms. Janice McNeal Smith '98 + 
Mr and Mrs. Aurel E. Stuart, Jr. 

Mr Timothy P Tassopoulos '81 + 
The Pittsburgh Conference 
Tull Charitable Foundation + 

John T. Lupton Club ($2,500 - $4,999) 

Mr. Thomas and Mr Whitehead, with the 

support of Chattanooga businessman John 

T. Lupton, launched what ultimately 

became a nationwide Coca-Cola bottling 

system. This sound business venture led to 

Mr Lupton 's generous support of 


Mr John S. Ball '71 + 

Ms. Mary Crockett Ball '72 

Breedlove Charitable Foundation 

Fuller E. Callaway Foundation + 

Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis '82 + 

Mr Kevin D. Fitzpatrick, Jr '78 + 

Mr Wilson P Franklin '39 + 

Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry '85 + 

Mr Donald Henry '83 + 

Ms. Gail Hyde 

Ms. Pauline Ferry Lester '65 

Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch '61 + 

Mr D. Bradford Mitchell '00 + 

Mrs. Sydney Mobley Moss '59 + 

Mr Thomas P O'Connor '67 

The Rich Foundation, Inc. + 

Col. B.W. Sellers, Jr '64 + 

Mrs. Carole George Sellers '63 

Mrs. Laura Turner Seydel '86 

Mr Stephen R Smith 

Ms, Susan M. Soper '69 + 

Springs Industries, Inc. 

SunTrust Bank, Atlanta + 

Turner Foundation, Inc. + 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


James Edward Oglethorpe Club 
($1,000 -$2,499) 

English philanthropist General Oglethorpe 

was the founder of the American colony of 



Ms. Carole Moore Aitken '66 

Dr. William C. Aitken '64 + 

Alexander Haas Martin & Partners 

Ms. Susan Harman Alou '84 

Dr. Chris Ames + 

Mrs. Joann Anderson '03 + 

Mr. Gabriel A. Arango, Jr. '90 

Arango Enterprises, Inc. 

Dr. Jeffrey D. Arnett 

Mr. Robert Baker. Jr. '79 

Mrs. Joselyn Butler Baker '91 + 

BellSouth Corporation + 

Mrs. Martha Laird Bowen '61 + 

Dr. Karl Burgess '78 

Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. John H. Butler II '91 + 

Mr. Gordon C. Bynum '50 

Mr. Herman L. Campbell '39 + 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Caray, Jr. 

Ms. Pin Pin Chau 

Mr. Kenneth S. Chestnut 

Mr. James M. Cook, Sr. 79 

Mr. Robert B. Currey '66 

Ms. Suzanne Straub Currey '65 

Danish American Chamber of Commerce 

Ms. Mona Tekin Diamond 

Mr. Paul L. Dillingham 

Frances and Beverly Dubose Foundation 

E.W. & Company, Inc. 

Mr. Elmo I. Ellis '95 + 

Mr. Christopher P B. Erckert '86 + 

Mrs. Donna Findling '96 + 

Mrs. Carol Morgan Flammer '89 

Mr. Bill Flammer '90 

Ms. Jeanie F Flohr '99 

Flohr Family Foundation + 

Estate of Max Sydney Flynt, Jr. '34 

Mr. William R. Foster '58 + 

Mr. Harry R. Frazer '89 + 

Mrs. Donna Johnson Gainer '93 + 

Dr. R. Derril Gay '62 + 

Mr. W. Elmer George '40 

Mr. George E. Goodwin + 

Mr. Kenneth R Gould '85 + 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grathwohl 

Mr. Jack Guynn + 

Mr. James J. Hagelow '69 + 

Mr. James T. Hakes 

Mr. Q. William Hammack, Jr. '73 

Mr. Richard A. Hans '87 

Mr. Kurt A. Hansen '89 + 

Ms. Amy Baggett Hansen '91 

Mr. Robert E. Harman, Jr. '76 + 

Mr. John William Harvey '71 + 

Ms. Mary-Phyllis Dolcimascolo Harvey 71 

Mr. Stuart Herman '50 + 

Mr. William J. Hogan, Jr. '72 + 

Mr. Thomas G. Hood '78 + 

Ms. Jennifer Howard 

Mr. Thomas M. Hunter '43 

Dr. Lene Ball Jenson '89 

Mr. Jonathan W. Johnson '89 + 

Mr. Richard C. Johnson '81 

Johnson Management Group 

Mr. Robert M. Kane '81 

Mr. Cary R. Kleinfield '82 

Mrs. C. Lee Boggus Knippenberg '82 

Dr. Joseph Knippenberg 

Ms. Fran Bennett Konradt '90 

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Lane III 

Mr. J. Smith Lanier + 

Mr. Brent W.Latham '97 

Latham Foundation 

Martha and Wilton Looney Foundation + 

Mr. James R McLain + 

Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. + 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Morrison 

Mr. William Thayer Mullally '03 

Mr. Bob T Nance '63 

Mr. A. A. Neese, Jr. 

Dr. Philip J. Neujahr + 

Mr. George R. Newby + 

Mr. Armagan Ozgorkey '85 

Mr. Cemal Ahmet Ozgorkey '84 

Mr. H. G. Pattillo 

Ms. S. Tammy Pearson '86 

Dr. Thomas W. Phillips '63 

Mrs. Adrina Richard 

Mr. R. Alan Royalty '88 + 

Mr. Floyd D. Ruhl '67 + 

Ryder Systems Charitable Foundation 

Mr. Maclay Salfisberg '39 

Mrs. Virginia Gleason Salfisberg '42 

SallieMae, Inc. + 

Mr. Brian C. Sass '84 

Mrs. Linda Sanders Scarborough '65 + 

Mr. Eric M. Scharff '63 + 

Mr Matthew A. Schuster '84 + 

Dr. William 0. Shropshire 

Mr. Horace E. Shuman '80 

Mr. Ralph Dean Sims 

Mr. Scott M. Sloan '76 

Mrs. Dean Dubose Smith '70 

Sprint Foundation + 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Stanton '99 (H) 

Mr. Charles V. Stone, Jr '53 

Mrs. Mary Norman Stone '53 

Dr. Linda J. Taylor + 

Mr. Robert L. Linger + 

Dr. Louise M. Valine 

Mrs. Cathy Appling Vinson '92 + 

Ms. Elizabeth Denece Watts '93 

Dr. Victoria Weiss + 

Mr. Raymond S. Willoch '80 + 

Ms. Helene Wollstein 

Mr. John W. Wuichet '90 + 

Mr. John B. Zellars, Jr. '85 

The Zellars Family Foundation 

Thomwell Jacobs Club ($500 - $999) 

Thornweii Jacobs was the driving force 

behind the revival of Oglethorpe University 

in 1913. He served as president for nearly 

three decades and instituted a number of 

signature programs that exist to this day 

Dr. J. Frederick Agel, Jr. '72 

Mrs. Elizabeth Kidder Ambler '76 + 

Mr. Gordon A. Anderson '73 

Arnold Fund 

Bank of America + 

Mr. Thomas A. Beggs '89 

BellSouth Telecommunications 

Mrs. Jane Cowart Bloemer '52 

Mr. Robert L. Boggus, Jr. '49 

Ms. Elizabeth M. Brattin '00 + 

Dr. Amy Langham Canavan '96 

Mr. Robert F Canavan '92 

Mr. C. Rex Clark '37 + 

Mrs. Heather Andrews Clark '96 + 

The Community Foundation for Greater 

Atlanta, Inc. 
Mr. Joseph W. Dennis '69 
Ms. Leslie Adams Dove '90 + 
Mr. Brett Duncan '92 
Mrs. Trina Cavender Duncan '92 
Dr. Mimi Milner EIrod '66 
Eugene & Martha Caldwell Foundation 
Mr. Jim Faasse '96 + 
Dr. Beatrice Hasty Favre '64 + 
Mr. Matthew I.D. Flinn '98 + 
Ms. Amy Myers Flinn '00 
Frances & Sylvan Makover Family 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Frias '55 + 
Mr. Randy Garner 

Georgia Antiquarian Book Association 
Mr. Alan J. Gibson '95 
Ms. Teri Butler Gibson '95 
Dr. John T Goldthwait '41 
Mrs. Diane Lyon Gray '77 + 
Mr. Jay W. Greaves '87 
Ms. Bette Makover Hagan '69 
Dr. and Mrs. R Frank Hagerty 
Ms. Margaret C. Hamlin '89 
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Hanzsek, Jr. 
Ms. Hazel Wyatt Hasty '55 

Mr. William G. Hasty, Sr. '48 + 

Mr. M.Allen Head '80 

Mr. James E. Henderson '52 

Mrs. Jean Horton Henderson '52 

Miss Andrea C. Hestley '70 + 

Mr. William M. Hobbs '76 + 

Mr. B. Shane Hornbuckle '92 

Ms. Elizabeth Van Winkle Hornbuckle '93 

Mr. Wayne M. Kise, CPA '69 + 

Dr. Mark A. Knautz '87 

Lenbrook Square Foundation 

Mr. Stuart C. Levenson '67 + 

Lucent Technologies Foundation + 

Ms. Gail Lynn '77 + 

Mrs. Janet H. Maddox 

Mrs. Jean Faasse Markle '92 

Ms. Dolores Mason-Gaddy '88 

Mrs. Margaret Woodward Mathewes '55 + 

Mr. Jin Matsumoto '74 

Mr. Dennis T Matthews 

Mrs. Doris Rojas Matthews '87 


Mr. Scott D. McAdoo '75 

Mr. Christopher J. McFadden '80 + 

Mr. Scott M. McKelvey '91 + 

Mr. Alan M. Mendelson + 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Metcalf, Jr + 

Ms. Katharine N. Michalak '96 

Mr. and Mrs. John 0. Mitchell 

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network 

Mrs. Anita Stevenson Patterson '97 

Mr. Jack Perry '39 

Mr, Roy C. Posey '73 + 

Practice Management Resources 

Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP 

Procter & Gamble Fund Matching Gift Program 

Ms. Donna Cron Rasile '82 

Mr. Robert L. Rasile '82 

Mr, Randolph N. Reynolds 

Mr. Timothy Randall Roberson '97 + 

Dr. Beth Roberts + 

Mrs. Tonya Gibson Russo '96 + 

Mr. Bud Salamone 

Savin Corporation 

Mr. Robert TSchell '72 

Ms. Dena Chadwick Schultz '91 

Mr Jeremiah Schultz '96 

Ms Angela Clem Schwarz '90 

Rev. Betty Rutland Stapleford '64 + 

Mr. Mel C. Stein '71 

Mr. David Terrell 

The Rawls Company 

Mr. Steven A. Thompson '90 + 

Mr. Joseph E. Tomberiin '93 

Ms. Kristina Randall Tomberiin '93 

Mr. S. Bleecker Totten '51 + 

Dr. Artie Travis + 

2o Honor Roll of Donors 

Mr. Mark L. Tubesing '93 + 

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Tubesing '95 + 

Mr. Bernard van der Lande '76 

Verizon Foundation 

Mrs. Medora Fitten Wallace '40 

Ms. Rebecca A. Whicker 

Mr. Richard P. Williams '75 

Mrs, Kerensa Shoemake Wing '90 

Mrs. Elizabeth Blackmur Wood '81 

Dr. Michael W. Yarbrough '72 + 

Sidney Lanier Club ($300 - $499) 

Oglethorpe's most distinguistied alumnus 

from the antebellum period was acclaimed 

poet, musician, and essayist, Sidney Lanier, 

class of 1860. 

A. S. and Elsie Hirshman Charitable Trust 

Mrs. Annette Fry Adamiyatt '79 

Ms. Claudine Gates Adams '36 

Mr. Stinson M. Adams. Jr. '35 

Dr. G. Malcolm Amerson '90 

Ms. Bambi Ellison Arnold '83 + 

Ms. A. Diane Baker '77 + 

Mr. Edmund A. Bator '53 + 

Mrs. Martha Mayson Bator '51 + 

Mrs. Emma Seweli Borders '69 

Mrs. Annette Schroeder Bramblett '65 

Ms. Andrea Hope Breen '99 + 

Brooks, McGinnis, & Chafin LLC 

Dr. Robert A. Buck '83 + 

Mrs. Linda Walters Bucki '79 

Ms. Christine Schram Butler '95 

Mr. Zachary L. Butler '95 

Mr. Bill W. Carter '59 + 

Ms. Deborah C. Charron 

Dr. L. Casey Chosewood '86 

Mr. William M. Clifton '88 + 

Mr. and Mrs. John Cogan 

Mr. and Mrs. John Corbett 

Mr. Thomas J. Couch + 

Ms. Lynn Dale 

Mr. Brian A. Davis '94 + 

Mr. Irani De Araujo '81 + 

Deloitte & Touche 

Mrs. Cynthia Bjurmark Dubay '87 

Mr. Doug Dubay '85 

Dr. Daniel M. Duncanson '85 + 

Ernst & Young, LLP + 

Mrs. Mary Bob Cooper Fox '63 + 

Ms. Eleanor Fulton '96 + 

Habit, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP 

Mr.ScottTHaight'89 + 

Mrs. Patsy Griffith Hamilton '75 + 

Ms. Marguerite A. Hammond '87 + 

Mr. and Mrs. John Dale Hester '95 

Mr. J. Clark Hill '93 

Mr. J. Cleve Hill '01 

"The closeness among the students 

makes Oglethorpe very unique and personal. 

As you walk down the path, you will 

know everyone you pass. " 

Anna Chopra '05, biology major fivm Houston 

Ms. Doreen Hart Hill '91 

Mr. and Mrs. Karl J. Hirshman 

Mr. Alfred D. Ingersoll '56 

Mrs. Catherine Ingersoll '56 


Johnson & Johnson 

Mrs. Doris Waltrip Johnston '42 

Mrs. Patricia Daniel Kapphahn '59 + 

Mrs. Helen King Kessler '68 

Dr. J. Brien Key 

Mr. George H. Kohlweiler '97 

Mr. Keith A. Lane '43 

Mrs. Carol Lanier Lamer '87 + 

Miss Tracey Lathem '78 + 

Mr. Rhett H. Laurens '85 

Mr. Jeffrey B. Levy '81 

Dr. James S. MacDonali '70 

Dr. John M. Marshall '83 

Maj. James C. McClanahan '41 + 

Mr. John Meacham, Jr. '42 + 

Mr. Kevin L. Mende '73 

Mende's ATA Karate, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Miller + 

Mr. Paul B. Miller '85 

Miller Ray & Houser, PC. 

Mrs. Jeannette Bentiey Moon '38 + 

Ms. Colleen Hill Moore '96 

Mr. Robert J. Nickles '74 

Nu Sportswear, Inc. 

Dr. Robert Boyd Oliver '57 + 

Mrs. Betty Brumbelowi O'Quinn '53 ■ 

Dr. J. Anthony Paredes '61 + 

Mr. David Reynolds Pass '98 + 

Dr. Yvonne Bruton Pennington '63 

Dr. Guerrant H. Perrow '40 

Mr. William E. Plowden, Jr. '67 

Mrs. Kathy McLeod Port '69 

Mr. Thomas C. Port '68 

Mr. Bud Porter '79 

Mr. Kenneth W. Powell '67 + 

Prudential Foundation 

Revell Flooring Company, Inc. + 

Reznick, Fedder, & Silverman 

Mrs. Angel C. Robinson '90 + 

Ms. Melanie Rosen '97 + 

Ms. Barbara A. Sanders '80 

Ms. Mary Emily Schultz '03 

Mr. Ron Scott 

Ms. Jennifer Sisco '96 + 

Mr. Walter V. Slack '50 + 

Mr. John R, Smith '49 

Mr. Joseph A, Soldati '61 

Mrs. Charolette Morris Steed '62 

Mrs. Karen Barrow Swenson '89 + 

Dr. Paul Wilson Sykes '85 

Mr. Michael K. Szalkowski '88 

Mrs. Stephanie E. Szalkowski '89 

Dr. Elizabeth R. Taghechian '94 

Mr. Matthew Tailman 

Ms. Mary Howard Tailman '88 

Mr. RW. Laird Terhune, Jr. '53 

Dr. John H. Thomas III '71 + 

Ms. June M. Tompkins '92 

Vanhoven Contracting 

Mrs. Betty Rae Olds Villegas '49 + 

Ms. Teri A. Wall '89 + 

Mr. Josh Waller '03 (M.B.A.) 

Ms. Margaret Gettle Washburn '76 

Mrs. Carolyn Constangy Wasser '79 + 

Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Weismann '94 + 

Mrs. Janie P Wilson '74 (M.A.) 

Mr. Charies M.Wingo 

Ms. Amy D. Zickus '94 (M.B.A. '01) 

Petrels Club ($120 -$299) 

The university mascot, the stormy petrel. Is 

unique to intercollegiate athletics The 

small, persistent seabird Inspired James 

Edward Oglethorpe on his voyage to found 

the Georgia colony 


Mrs. Karen Jones Aber '74 

Ms. Elsie L. Adier 

Mr. Dale E. Anders 

Mrs. Beth Morrison Anderson '90 

AOL Time Warner, Inc. + 

Ms. Carolyn Arakaki 

Ms. Patricia Ann Crippen Arnold '64 + 


Mrs. Sara Jacobs Bagen '49 

Mr. Thomas M. Baird '68 + 

Mr. Christopher A. Ballar '93 

Mrs. Anne Mattias Barbanel '60 

Mr. Sid M. Barbanel '60 

Mr. Charles W, Bastedo + 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Bedford 

Mrs. Juliet Wang Beiko '88 
Mr. Carl H. Bergman '66 

Mrs. Bennie Harris Black '74 

Mrs, Frances Norman Block '38 

Dr. Jacqueline Miles Boles '56 + 

Mr. Manuel F Bonilla 

Mrs. Muriel Lewis Bono '52 + 

Ms. Brooke N. Bourdelat-Part<s '95 + 

Mrs. Mary Sneliing Bowlan '54 + 

Mr. Mark C. Boyt"'96 

Ms. Debra J. Bradley '82 

Mr. Delmar B. Bradshaw 

Mr, and Mrs. James L. Bready + 

Mr. Nathan E. Briesemelster '94 

Maj. Richard A. Briggs '88 

Dr. William L. Brightman + 

Dr. David W. Brown 

Mr. William R. Brown, Jr. '50 + 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bryson 

Mr. Clancy S. Burrell '83 

Mr. Mark A. Caprio '94 + 

Miss Nancy T Carter '73 

Mr. Philip C. Chamberlain '76 

Charitable Gift Fund of Boston 

Mrs. Donna Williams Chieves '64 

Mrs. Barbara James Christian '62 

Mr William B. Christian '59 

Mr Michael J. Claxton '94 + 

Mr. Hugh K. Clement '38 + 

Mr and Mrs. John R. Coe 

Mrs. Gretchen Von Muller Collins '69 + 

Ms. Vicki Jan Conway '72 + 

Mrs. Pamela Letsos Copsis '93 + 

Mrs. Rebecca Marasia Corder '91 

Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Corum 

Dr. William J. Cottone '86 

Ms. Jennifer Grouse '92 

Mrs. Lynn Lasater Crowley '74 + 

Mrs. Hallie Beasley Cullen '65 

Ms. Susan Hollinshead Dalton '63 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Davis 

Mr. and Mrs. Render S. Davis 

Mr. Donald J. Davis '99 

Col, Kenneth P Davis '64 + 

Mr Dean Thomas DeCencio '87 

Mr, Gary L. Deck '75 

Mr. John R Decker '58 

Ms. Sharon Dimarco 

Mrs. Laura Zaban Dinerman '68 

Mr. Bill Doerr 

Dorian Software Creations, Inc. 

Mr. Rodney S. Drinkard '92 

Mr. D.Peter Drotman 

Mr. H. Lynn Drury '63 + 

Ms. Dorothy Deedy Dryman '76 

Mr. Michael D. Dusang '99 

Mrs. Susan Burns Dyar, MD '90 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


Ms. Kimberly Emerson-Spicer '81 
Ms. Stephanie A. Everett '96 
Mr, Atauar Faruquee '60 + 
Mr Bruce R. Feuer '70 
Mr Robert J. Findley '49 
Mr David W. Fischer '92 
Rev. John M. Flanigen, Jr '50 + 
Mr. Sheldon H. Fleitman '53 
Mrs. Jean Callaway Fletcher '60 + 
Mrs. Dayle Sutton Fowler '90 
Mr. D. Brian Frasier '90 
Mrs. Christina Rice Freeman '58 + 
Ms. Annette M. Friant '77 
Ms. Sandra D. Gain '86 + 
Ms. El<aterina Galperina-Simon '96 
Mr. Matthew L. Gardner '63 
Ms. Sarah Allison Gatliff '97 + 
Ms. Dorothy G. Gautier 
General Electric Company + 
Georgia Warriors Basketball 
Mr. Michael A. Gerber + 
Ms. G. Merrill Griffis Gibson '90 
Mr. Nicky Gilleland 
Col. Sheldon I. Godkin '52 + 
Mr. Kevin M. Goff '84 
Goldman, Sachs & Company 
Miss Susan E. Goslin '68 + 
Mrs. Barbara Marsh Gotsch '60 
h Ms. Amanda E. Greene '98 
Ms. Ellen Sills Greene '77 + 
Mrs. Lara S. Griffin '00 
Ms. Tonia Sellars Griswold '96 
Mrs. Peggy Collars Guillebeau '57 
Ms. Marion C. Haines '90 
Ms. Kathleen M. Hakim '93 
Mrs. Jennifer Ovdenk Haley '97 
Ms. Nicole Caucci Hall '90 
Mrs. Patti Ackerman Hall '79 
Mr. Thad E. Hall '90 + 
Mr. Benjamin J. Hanes '98 
Col. John E. Harms (Ret.) '58 + 
Mrs. Jill Cofer Harris '77 + 
Ms. Elizabeth A. Henry '92 
Mr. Robert M. Hill '90 
Mrs. Lynda Papini Hines '64 
Mrs. Doris Pickens Hinson '49 
Ms. Trishanda L. Hinton, Esq. '96 
Mrs. Margaret Kerr Hitte '47 + 
Ms. Misty N. Hood '00 
Ms. Lin Odom Hopkins '96 
Mr. Jack I. Hosford '49 + 
Mr. Harry C. Howard 
Mrs. Elizabeth Locklin Hrisak '79 (M.A.) 
Mr. Wade Hubbard '00 
Mr. Sam G. Hudgins '61 
Ms. Loretta D. Hunt '94 + 
Ms. Stephanie L Hunter '97 

Huntley & Associates 

Mr. Michael A. Israelite '72 

Mr. J. Robert Jackson '67 + 

Hyman S. Sadye Jacobs Foundation 

Mr. E. Pendleton Jones '61 + 

Mr. Randall Jones 

Ms. Holly L. Hofmann 

Mr. Neil Kalmanson '00 

Mr. Kevin M. Kendrick '96 

Ms. Creche E. Kern '98 + 

Lcdr. John D. King '56 

Ms. Jill B. Kleinman + 

Mrs. Ellen Mullendore Knouse '63 

Mrs. Deborah Jobe Koehler '72 

Mr Raymond J. Koschak '91 + 

Mrs. Barbara Cristal Krasnoff '54 + 

Ms. Kathleen McDermott Kraynick '88 

Mr. Ronald L. Kraynick '89 

Mr. Ralph Kuzell 

Ms. Shannon M. Lambert '99 

Mr. Wilfred J. LeBlanc '61 + 

Mr. L. Max Lehmann '80 

Mr. Lance L. Leitzei '91 

Mr. Steven W. Levinsky '74 + 

Mr. Russell Lind '98 + 

Mr. Martin I. Lipson '71 + 

Mr. Louis T. Lombardy '69 + 

Mrs. Dixie Woolford Long '39 + 

Mr. Paul A. Lutz 

Mrs. Tamara Chaffin Lynde '86 

Mrs. Mary Louise MacNeil '51 + 

Mr Robert L. Manning '64 + 

Mrs. Ruth Parham Manning '74 (M.A.) 

Dr. Alexander Martin + 

Mrs. Kay Penn Martin '75 + 

Mrs. Victoria Pertierra Mason '94 

Ms. Aline J. Massey 

Dr. Stephen C. May Jr. '49 + 

Mrs Linda Triguero McCormick '82 

Mr. Joseph R. Menez '70 + 

Mr. Andy Milford '99 

Mr. James J. Millard '62 + 

Mr Don W. Millen + 

Mr Clifford Miller '74 

Mr. Bradley J. Miller 

Ms. Vicki Miller + 

Mr. James P Milton '57 

Ms. M. Elaine Minor '81 + 

Mrs. B. Michon Hall Mitchell '87 

Mr. Robert K. Montague '75 

Mr. Robert Wyatt Moore '78 

Miss Rosemary Mosteller '72 

Mr. Marshall R. Nason 

New Balance Atlanta at Buckhead 

Mr. Charles E. Newton '42 + 

Mrs. Carlene Rod Oakes '80 + 

Ms. Maureen A. O'Brien-Briggs 

Mr. Joseph J. Oddo '75 

Mrs. Harriet Jones O'Dell '66 

Mr. Steven G. Oliphant '84 + 

Col. H. David O'Malie (Ret.) '56 

Mr. Joseph T. Overton '52 + 

Mr. Marvin Packer '51 

Mrs. Miriam Marcus Packer '53 

Mr. Aron C. Palefsky '75 + 

Mr. Timothy N. Patterson 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Pearsall 

Mrs. Michelle J. Perera '95 

Pfizer, Inc. 

Ms. Stephanie L. Phillips '90 + 

PipeVine, Inc 

Dr. Thomas N.Pirkle '48 + 

Mr. William E. Porter '87 

Mr. Dennis C. Pratt '71 

Ms. Sue Ann Prigge '01 

The Productivity Company Inc. 

Dr. Robert H. Pullen, Jr. '79 

Ms. Martha A. Pylant 

Ms. Marge Ramos '95 

Mr. Kevin C. Rapier '92 + 

Raytheon Company 

Ms. Vera V Redwine '02 

Mr. Jonathan F Reilly '89 

Ms. Christine Hendrix Reilly '87 

Mrs. Sandra Danneman Rich '66 

Ms. Gayle Richmond 

Mr. Noel A. Ripley '53 

Ms. Christina Burnham Rissler '98 

Mr. James D. Rissler '98 

RLI Insurance Company + 

Ms. Wendy Pearson Robertson '89 + 

Mr. Harrell G. Robinson III '98 + 

Mr. Jeffrey R. Roesch '69 + 

Mrs. Penelope McCulloch Rose '65 + 

Mr. David M. Ross '93 + 

Dr. Louis E. Rossman '69 + 

Mr. H. Conan Rudd '64 

Mrs. Janet Yose Rudd '64 

Mr. Jerel F Rush '71 

Ms. Kelei Sabatino 

Mr. Reynold F Salmon '80 

Mrs. Rhett Pinson Sanders '43 + 

Schuster Sports, Inc. 

Mr. Bobby L. Scott, Jr '97 

Mr William E. Scott '58 + 

Ms. Andrea Spencer Shelton '91 

Mr. Joseph R Shelton '91 

Ms. Brenda Shonfield '63 + 

Rev John S. Sims '68 + 

Mrs. Jane Cannon Smith '44 

Mr. William Charles Smith '57 + 

Mrs. Cynthia May Spann '54 + 

Ms. Erika M. Steele '97 

Mrs. Margaret C. Steinpfad '49 + 

Mr. Mark L. Stevens '90 + 

Mr Edwin Robinson Sturdivant '53 

Sun Microsystems Foundation 

Mrs. Mary Denton Suttle '68 + 

Mr and Mrs. Robert J. Swanson 

Mr Walter H. Tanner, Jr. '51 + 

Hon. Hugh R Thompson '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Thompson '93 

Mr. Scott Tomlinson '97 

Mrs. Virginia Martin Tomlinson '93 

Mrs. Jane Barrow Tracy '95 + 

Ms. Kimberiy Rouleau Truett '88 

Mr. T. Charles Truett, Jr. '88 + 

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Trujillo '03 

Mr. Daniel L. Uffner, Jr. '51 + 

Mrs. Cathy Markland Villines '77 

Mr. Trung Hoang Vo '93 + 

Mrs. Diane Dubay Walker '86 + 

Mr. Richard Wallace + 

Mr. David Edward Ward 

Mr. Otis C. Ward III '72 

Mr. Sherman C. Ward '46 + 

Mrs. Ethel Law Webb '62 + 

Mrs. Barbara Rose Westfall '72 + 

Mrs. Dorothea Pickett Westin '89 + 

Mr. Charles L. White '63 + 

Ms. Grelchen Stevens White '64 

"The generosity of Mrs. Lowry many years before my birth 

provided me with what I consider more than just an academic 

education; it provided me with an appreciation 

of life and its wonders. " 

John D. Ki}tg '56, recipient of the Lowry Scholarship 

30 Honor Roll of Donors 

1st Lt. Joseph H. Wicker '00 

Mr. Knox R. Wilmer 77 + 

Mrs. Carrie Bartenfeld Wilson '89 

Mrs. Constance Dinl<ler Wilson '64 

Mr. Lee A. Wilson '53 + 

Mr Marl< Edward Wilson '88 

Mr Tom Wilson 

Ms. Alyce Wise 

Mr Robert E. Wolfe '80 

Mr Wesley R Wood '74 + 

Mr Richard B. Wright '73 + 

Mr William E. Wright, Jr '49 

Mrs. Alice Hoke Zimmerman '75 + 

Mrs. Elizabeth Brown Zoby '89 + 

Mr and Mrs. Herb Zwicker 

Black and Gold Club (Gifts up to $119) 

Worn with pride by students and alumni, 

blacl< and gold are the official colors of 

Oglethorpe University. 


Mrs. Laura Lynn Abbate '93 

Mrs. Geraldine Kuglar Abbott '69 

Ms. Trudy B. Abelson '69 

Mrs. Catherine Castagna Abood '86 

Mr and Mrs. Rajan K. Abraham 

Ms. Carolyn E. Abramson '85 

Mr Joseph J. Accardi '57 

Mrs. Barbara Martin Adair '86 

Mrs. Lila McGahee Adair '67 + 

Mrs. Ann Gibson Adams '72 + 

Mrs. Mary C. Owens Adams '69 

Ms. Rebekah Ager '02 

Dr E. Harvey Albea '49 

All Saints Episcopal Church 

Mrs. Sandra Abbott Allen '67 

Mrs. Judy Heald Allison '69 

Mr Jonathan M. Almond '96 

American Mortgage Wholesalers 

Mr Chad Anderson '03 

Mrs. Linda Wishon Anderson '72 

Rev. Marion B. Anderson '29 

Mrs. Rose Simmons Andrews '51 

Mrs. Shelby Andrews '79 + 

Mr Frank S. Anepohl '78 

Ms. Karen S. Anthony '02 

Aon Foundation 

Dr Corry Arensbach '54 + 

Mrs. Janet Womble Arias '81 

Mr Jack B. Arnold, Jr '60 

Arthur & Susan Maier Foundation 

Mr Dale L. Ashworth '70 

Mr Henry C. Atchison '52 

Mrs. Marybeth Robertson Atkins '81 

Ms. Sandra Lynch Aufderheide '83 

Mrs. Ethyl Fadden Ault '61 

Mrs. Deborah Roach Avery '75 + 

Dr Joyce T Bacon '65 + 

Mr Albert Nathan Baer '63 

Mr Michael S. Bahary '79 

Mr Frederick R. Bailey '01 

Mr Doug Bailey 

Mrs. Anita S. Baker '77 + 

Ms. Cheri Baker '99 

Mr W. Edgar Baker '67 

Mrs. Lynn Hallford Banks '56 

Ms. Lin Barker '81 

Mrs. Virginia Barrett Barker '59 

Mr Warren F. Barnes '00 

Mr Charles E. Barousse '99 

Mr Howard J. Barr '83 

Mrs. Valerie Holshouser Barske '98 

Mrs. Viana Faile Bastacky '85 

Dr Charles L. Baube 

Mr William F Bazzel '81 

Mrs. Jean Robertson Beall '51 

Mr and Mrs. Russell W. Beard 

Ms. Sakiba Beganovic 

Mrs. Nona Jones Bell '55 + 

Mrs. Paula Hofmann Bell '62 + 

Mrs. Virginia Bradley Bell '67 

Mrs. Melanie Benamy-White '82 

Mr Asher I. Benator '52 

Mr Ernest R. Bennett, Jr '92 

Mr Michael James Beran '95 

Mr and Mrs. Currell V. Berry 

Mrs. Verna Miller Berthelsen '43 

Ms. Bonnie S. Bertolini '88 + 

Mr Steven B. Bettis 

Ms. Jane E. Bickerton '81 

Mr James N. Bier '70 

Ms. Kaylen D. Biggins '87 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gosnell Biggs '76 

Mr Robed L. Bingham '70 

Ms, Evelyn Bird '30 + 

Mr Brent Andrew Bishop '88 + 

Mr Mitchell C. Bishop, Jr '50 

Mrs. Renee Alhadeff Black '65 

Ms. Anna Blacklidge '02 

Ms. Catherine A. Blasdell '03 

Mr and Mrs. Richard Blonshine '01 + 

Mrs. Margaret Bell Bloodworth '52 + 

Mrs. Kristin Reeder Boan '91 

Mr and Mrs. David M. Boggess + 

Mr James A. Bohart, Sr '94 

Mr and Mrs. John W. Bolish, Jr 

Ms. Jennifer Cowdrey Bonacci '95 

Ms. Amy Katz Bonn '99 

Mr Patrick N. Bonones 

Rev W. Kendrick Borden '63 

Ms. Danielle Oxford Boshart '93 

Ms. Helen E. Bourne '87 

Ms. Kelley Bowden '03 

Dr Douglas W. Bower '72 + 

Ms. Rebecca Humble Bragg '02 

Ms. Susan Brandt 

Mrs. Margaret C. Brann 

Mr M. John Breton III '97 

Mrs. Jane Rand Breunig '51 

Ms. Maria J. Bright '95 + 

Mrs. Kathleen Moran Brink '89 

Ms. Shaniece R. Broadus '02 

Mrs. Lisa DiNapoli Broderick '91 

Mr Henry J. Broitman '91 

Mr Daryl Brooks '97 

Mrs. Robin Harper Brooks '87 

Mr Terry B. Brooks '02 

Mr Wayne E. Brooks, Jr '91 

Mrs. Ann L. Brown '77 + 

Ms. Ann R. Brown '89 

Mrs. Elaine MacKenzie Brown '59 

Mr and Mrs. Larry W. Brown + 

Mr Rick Brown '02 

Mrs. Helen Kibler Browning '70 + 

Mr Thomas J. Browning '67 

Mr Edward Hunt Brumby '97 

Mr Michael S. Bryant '69 + 

Mr David Buice + 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas J. Buckalew 

Mr Henry K. Bunnell, Jr '87 

Mr James H. Burk '83 

Mr George C. Burke 

Dr Jane Millwood Burkhardt '40 

Mr Robert Burkhardt '40 

MSgt John Peter Burnos '60 

Ms. Catherine T. Burns '00 (M.A.) 

Ms. Melissa A. Burpo '01 

Mrs. Florence Parris Burtz '54 + 

Mrs. Maritta M. Bush '86 

Mr M.Tyus Butler '35 + 

Mrs. Frances Pasley Buttolph '61 

Mrs. Nancy Tarrant Calhoun '60 

Mr Timothy W. Callahan '73 

Mr Billy R Camp '57 

Ms. Brand! Camron '99 

Mr Peter L. Cannizzaro '98 

Mr Joseph G. Cannon '44 + 

Ms. Gina Angela Carellas '95 

Mrs. Dorothy Hansell Carlton '34 

Ms. Stephanie E. Carouthers '96 

Miss Alice B. Carr '76 (M.A.) 

Mrs. Kathryn Beatty Carr '73 + 

Mr James E. Carroll '65 

Mr Barry R. Carswell '88 

Mr Richard Joseph Carter '65 + 

Mrs. Sarah Moore Carwer '41 

Mr Marcus J. Cash '87 

Mrs. Dorothy Sweeny Castigliola '38 + 

Ms. Rebecca Thompson Cauffman '93 

Mr and Mrs. S. Wright Caughman 

Mrs. Ann Stiner Cave '01 

Mr Brett Cave '99 

Mrs. Mary Williams Cazalas '54 

Mr Robert A. Celic '68 

Mr Ronald Cenzalli '66 , 

Mr David L. Chadwick 

Mr Kipp A. Chambers '99 

Dr Paula Haver Chambers '69 

Ms. Jean G. Chapman 

Mrs. Victoria Stevens Chapman '89 

Ms. Jennifer Chaves '99 

Mr Michael J. Cheek '86 + 

Mr Charles D. Chetwynd '69 

Ms. Jeannine R. Christensen 

Mrs. Patricia M. Christian '83 

Ms. Mary Ben Christiansen 

Mrs. Joyce Odom Christiansen '48 (M.A.) 

Mr Blake M. Christoph '78 + 

Ms. Martha J. Church '67 

Dr Marlene Hockenberry Cianci '59 + 

Cingular Wireless 

Circuit City Foundation 

Mr Michael G. Clapp '72 + 

Dr Barbara R. Clark 

Mr Carl N. Clark '38 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas B. Clark 

Mrs. Nikki McCoy Clemens '68 

Ms. Jean Abbott Clough '62 

Club Estates Garden Club 

Mr Thomas H. Cluderay '68 

Mr Harold L. Cochran '54 

Mrs. Mary A. Coffey + 

Mrs. Hazel Wilson Cofield '53 

Ms. Joy L. Cofield '02 

Mrs. Aline C. Cofield 

Mr and Mrs. James V Colantoni II 

Mr J. Heath Coleman '95 (M.B.A. '01) 

Dr Claire Derdeyn Coles '75 

Mr John R. Collins '72 + 

Ms. E. Harriett Cone '80 

Mr Eric Conner '03 

Mr J. Patrick Connor '93 

Ms. Ember Uziel Constantin '91 + 

Mr Miles R. Cook '75 

Mr and Mrs. Earl P Cook 

Mrs. Oreta Cox Cook '66 

Mr Robert D. Copelan '74 + 

Ms. Jessie L. Copeland '02 

Ms. Barbara T. Copeland 

Mrs. Nancy Arnold Cordier '85 

Dr Louise Cording + 

Ms. April J. Costner '99 

Mrs. Valerie Fakess Cowan '75 + 

Mrs. Lynn Allison Cowhig '70 

Mr Robert K. Cowhig, Jr '70 

Mr James E. Cox, Jr '71 

Mr Joseph Cox '97 

Ms. Theresa Linebarger Cox '97 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


"The small classes and professors who 

are always willing to help make Oglethorpe 

the best choice for me. " 

Tiffany Amber Hatfield '06, a Spanish-psychology 
double major from Edgewater, Fla. 

Mrs. Helen Bivings Crawford '35 + 

Mrs. Kay Kilpatrick Crawford '63 + 

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Crawford '92 

Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford 

Mrs. Alice Callaway Crenshaw '50 + 

Ms. Leah Bell Crosby '93 + 

Mrs. Mary Crobsy + 

Mr. Eric S. Crunick '82 

Dr. Marcia Strange Cully '68 

Mrs. Dorothy Cunningham + 

Mr Alvln J. Curkin '51 

Mr. Alan H. Curtis 

Mrs. Kyle Jordan Cutslnger '85 (M.A.) 

Mrs. Therese A. D'Agostino 

Ms. Judi Dandeneau 

Mrs. Carol Zee Daniel '70 + 

Ms, Angela Bartlett Daspit '98 

Mr Gregory L. Daspit '97 

Mrs. Mildred C. Daugherty '48 + 

Ms. Geneva A. D'Aullsa '77 

Mrs. Gail Wynn Davidson '60 

Dr. and Mrs. S. Carter Davis + 

Mrs. Sarah Lee Davis '76 + 

Ms. Shirley Peterson Davis '82 

Ms. Alexis Jan Lazor Day '77 

Mr. Steven F. Day '77 

Ms. Jessica A. DeMarIa '02 

Mrs. Joan Morris Dechovitz '79 

Dr. Ann P. Delatte '56 + 

Mr. MarkW. DeLong'03 

Mrs. Vertlne Dixon Dennis '65 + 

Mr. Lewis B. DeRose '57 + 

Mrs. Patricia Baker DeRose '58 + 

Ms. Cynthia Y. Dersch + 

Mrs. Martha Carmlchael Dew '37 

Mrs. Lisa Diedrlch '96 

Mr. Sri Hemanlh Digumarthi '02 

Mrs. Marianne McWIIIiams Dillard '57 + 

Mrs. Claire M. Dionne '96 

Ms. Carolyn Dipsey 

Ms. Mary Dodge-Smith '67 

Ms. Gayle Donato-Gannon 

Mrs. Elaine Shiflett Dooley '63 + 

Mr John J. Dowd, Jr '82 

Mr T. Bus Drew 

Mrs. Judith Hunt Droblnski '84 

Ms. Melissa Drouin '97 

Ms. Darlene A. Druse '02 

Ms. Kathleen C. Duda '99 

Mrs. Freida Beatty Duffey '57 + 

Mrs. Marilyn L. DuMont-Burk '89 

Mr Matthew H. Dunn '03 

Mr Tim G, Dunn 

Mr Bobby Duty '96 

Dr John 0. Dw/yer 

Mr Troy Allen Dwyer '94 

Mr. Jay D. Dye '60 + 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Early 

Dr. Martha Eastlack '86 

Eco-Logical, Inc. 

Mrs. Margaret Young Edieman '59 

Rev. Samuel W. Edieman, Jr '57 

Ms. Killian Edwards '94 

Mrs. Julie Ehlers-King '98 + 

Dr Jonathan S. Ehrlich + 

Mr and Mrs. Bruce B. Emory 

Mrs. Mikala Warren Engel '73 + 

Rev Nancy Frazier English '56 

Mrs. Nancy Thompson English '62 + 

Ms. Melissa C. Evans '03 

F & F Tax Service, Inc. 

Ms. Emy Lou Faber '75 

Col. John M. Fain '30 

Dr. Kathleen Pitts Falrcloth '66 

Mr 0. Navarro Falrcloth '65 

Dr. D. Scott Faith '84 

Dr. Fereydoon Family + 

Mrs. Anne Knudsen Faraone '50 + 

Ms. Kathleen M. Farrell '95 + 

Mrs. Patricia McMlchen Feldman '63 

Ms. Geraldine B. Ferguson 

Ms. Delores Strauss Ferry '53 

Mr Donald R. Ferry '52 

Mr Bobby L. Fesperman '83 

Dr Stephen K. FIgler '64 

Mr. Clinton L. Fincher '58 + 

Mrs. Sara Steinberg Fine '55 + 

Mr John J. Fittipaldl '71 

Ms. Mimi Hobbs Fittipaldl '72 

Mrs. Barbara Howard Flanlgan '76 

Mrs. Mandy McDow Flemming '00 

Mr. Hugh J. Floyd '43 

Dr. Dianne Jones Ford '77 

Mr John Allan Ford '74 

Ford Matching Gift Program 

Mr Thomas F Forkner Jr '79 

Mrs. Anne Kohl Fowler '85 

Mr Gregory S. Fowler '78 

Mrs. Tina Salzman Fowler '78 

Mr and Mrs. Paul H, Fox 

Mr and Mrs. David Francoeur '03 + 

Mr. Richard J. Frank '68 

Mr Anthony Freeman '99 

Mrs. Lynn Andreasen Freeman '70 

Mrs. Shannon Hutcheson Freeman '98 

Mrs. Lisa Alford Freschi '90 

Ms. Tracy L. Frey '93 + 

Mr Joseph A. Fried '90 

Ms. Deborah N. Gable '97 

Mrs. Virginia Templin Galley '44 + 

Mr and Mrs. Robert C. Galloway + 

Mr and Mrs. Juan Galvan 

Dn John Gamwell + 

Ms, Nicole Garbarini '00 

Mr. Alan H. Garber 

Mr. John B. Gardner III '72 

Mrs. Rebecca Ellis Gardner '97 

Mr. Spurgeon R Gaskin 

Mr Josh Gazaway '99 

Mr Andy P Geeter '89 

Ms. Karen Poe Geeter '87 

Georgia - Pacific Corporation 

Georgia Power Company + 

Mr David M, Gerhardt '84 

Mr Stephen M. Gibbs '77 

Mrs, Catherine Clegg Gibson '81 

Mrs, Patricia Collier Gilstrap '56 + 

Mr and Mrs, William GInn, Jr 

Mrs, Eula Rodgers Ginsburg '61 

Mr and Mrs, Francis Giordano 

Mrs, Judith Draisen Classman '72 

Ms. R Suzanne Gleason '01 

Mr. Marquis Y Glenn '96 

Mrs. Dianne McCllnton Glennle '83 

Mr and Mrs. Marion B. Glover, Jr + 

Mrs. Robin Godard '99 (M.A.) 

Mrs. Stacie Shattles Coins '91 

Mr Stephen M. Gold '77 

Mr Stanley M. Goldberg '03 

Dr Stephen J, Goldfarb + 

Mrs, Suzanne Benatar Goldstein '77 

Mr Allen B, Goodwin '73 + 

Mrs, Amelia Berry Gordon '60 

Mr Michael D, Gordon '72 

Mrs, Clara Copeiand Gorman '42 (M,A,) 

Dr. Robert M, Grant '90 

Mrs. Sue Snead Grantham '72 + 

Ms. Alexandra Kay Gray '93 

Mr C. Patrick Gray '92 + 

Mrs. Isabel Tonks Gray '34 

Mr Jeremy D. Gray '03 

Ms. Barbara F Green 

Mrs Elaine Thurmond Green '79 

Mr John J. Green '85 

Ms. Jane 0. Green 

Mr and Mrs. Robert Greenwell + 

Mrs. Francine Klein Greiner '60 

Ms. Katherine M. Griffin '96 

Mrs. Hildred L. Griggs '73 (M.A.) 

Ms. Amy Beth Grossman '93 

Ms. Sandy Grossman '82 

Mrs. Telete Richards Grotefend '51 

Mr Richard F Grotefend '51 

Mrs. Kathleen Glynn Grupp '79 + 

Mr Lewis Gruskin 

Mrs. Aileen Brown Guest '35 + 

Mr J. Cabot Gupton '63 

Ms. Emily S. Guriey '96 

Mr Andrew A. Gutierrez '03 

Mrs. Lisa K. Gyllenswan '98 (M.B.A.) 

Mrs. Barbara Miller Hall '94 

Mr Jeff Hall '94 

Mrs. Mary M. Hamacher '87 

Ms. Mary Constance Hamell '68 

Mr Chades M. Hames '74 

Mr Hugo S. Hammond '59 

Mr Kelly Hampton '99 

Mrs. Charts Andrews Hanberry '88 

Mr Dwayne Hanberry '88 

Miss Caria G. Hancock '57 

Mrs. Marilyn Whiteside Handsel '75 + 

Ms. Sheryl Claxton Haney '69 

Mr Terrence C. Haney '69 + 

Miss Etta Lou Hanken '72 

Mr John Hannay '00 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth A. Hansen 

Ms. GlortaA. Hardegree '75 

Mrs. Haines Hargrett 

Mrs. Jill Reiss Harper '94 

Ms. Michelle A. Harrtngton '03 

Mr and Mrs. William R Harrington 

Mr J. Eugene Harris '43 + 

Mrs. Natalie MIntz Harris '73 + 

Mr Dennis R. Harrison '75 

Ms. Katherine S. Harrison '03 

Mrs. Marguerite McKinney Hart '40 (M.A.) + 

Mr Dabney A. Hart 

Mrs. Mary Ann Hart + 

Mr. Donald G. Hartman '67 

Ms. Mia-Shell R. Hatcher '01 

Mr Leif Georg Haug '49 

Mrs. Margaret Graham Haug '49 

Mrs. Laura M. Hawkins '97 

Mrs. Brenda Smith Hayden '90 + 

Mr Justin H. Hayes '94 

Ms. Karen Head '98 + 

Ms. Toni M. Head '99 

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Healy '96 

Mrs. Mary Finn Heaney '70 + 

Dr Sandra L. Hedge '68 

32 Honor Roll of Donors 

"/ like the non-traditional core 

program that allows me to see history through 

the eyes of those who lived it. " 

Miriam Brown '06, English major 
from Marietta, Ga. 

Ms. Teresa A, Hedges 

Ms. Georgia Russell Hembree '86 (M.A.) 

Mrs. Eugenia S. Henderson + 

Mr Michael W. Herring 

Mr and Mrs. Christopher Heslop 

Mr. Michal Hilinnan + 

Ms. Amanda Paetz Hiner '91 

Mr Samuel M. Hirsch. Jr '50 

Ms. E. Carroll Lanier Hodges '90 (M.A.) 

Mrs. Linda Robuck Hoffman '58 

Dr. Robin Whyte Hoffman '70 

Mrs. Tracy Lynn Holbrook '99 

Ms. Kay E. Holler 

Mr. W. Ray Holley '49 

Mrs. Vera Mann Hollifield '64 + 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Hollums + 

Mrs. Penni Raid Holt '87 + 

Mr. Melvin L. Holub 

Mr John Hong 'GO 

Mr Floyd G. Hopkins '59 

Mrs. Betsy Alper Hopper '88 

Ms. Catherine Borck Horsefield '99 

Mr Jeremy D. Horsefield '99 + 

Mrs, Kate Baker Houston '93 

Ms. Jackie F. Howard '68 

Mrs. Tina Crawford Howard '92 

Mrs. Virginia House Howard '60 

Ms. Susanne W. Howe + 

Mr. James T Howell, Jr '03 (M.B.A.) 

Mrs. Catherine K. Howland '98 

Mrs. Kimberlyn Hudgens-Abrams '88 

Mr Albert R. Hudson, Jr. '70 

Mr F Harvey Hudson '61 + 

Mr James L. Hughes '65 

Ms. Jean Pryor Hughes '64 

Mrs. Vicki Dawn Hughes '91 (M.A.) + 

Mrs. Edith Greene Humphrey '64 

Mrs. Edith Upchurch Hunt '56 

Mrs. Tammy Hutchinson 

Mrs. Jayne Phillips Huybensz '51 

Mr Harold R. Ingle, Jr '58 

Ms. S. Abiola Ipaye '86 

Mrs. Joan Ireland '96 + 

Mrs. Vickie Moore Irwin '82 + 

Mrs. Nancy D, Isenberg '76 (M.A.) 

Mrs. Heather McNeill Ivkovich '99 

Mrs. Peggy Morris Jabaley '87 (M.A.) 

Jack Gardner Photography 

Ms. Pamela B. Jackson '78 

Mr. James C. Jacobs, Jr '73 

Mrs. Florence Richardson James '48 

Jane and Randy Merrill Foundation 

Mrs. Ava Hart Jarboe '54 + 

Mrs. Karen Schath Jarrett '89 (M.A.) 

Ms. Lynda Jan/is '03 

Mr David W. Jenkins '02 

Mrs. Lou Ella Jenkins '71 

Ms. Megan Wallace Jenkins '02 

Ms. Martha Ann Jenks '74 

Ms. Lucia M. Jennings '00 

Mr and Mrs. John Johnson + 

Mr Bruce Perry Johnson '83 

Mr Clayton B. Johnson '00 (M.B.A.) 

Mr Jeffrey M. Johnson '73 

Mrs. Laura Fantini Johnson '76 

Capt. Louis A. Johnson '76 

Ms. Miki Williamson Johnson '97 + 

Ms. Betsy Duggan Johnson '80 

Mrs. Sue McCue Johnson '86 

Ms. Valerie Johnson 

Ms. Aerie T Jones '02 

Ms. Carol A, Jones '94 

Mrs. Dorothy H. Jones '84 (M.A.) 

Mr. Jeffrey Scott Jones '99 

Mrs Joyce C. Jones '76 

Mrs. Rebecca Harbor Jones '62 + 

Mrs. Yvonne Scales Jones '71 + 

Dr Elizabeth L. Jones-Lukacs '55 + 

Mrs. Susan Goodchild Jordan '66 + 

Mr Frederick H. Joyner '73 

Mr Riley Kahle '03 

Mrs, Debra Losner Kahn '78 

Mrs, Rhalda Rubin Kahn '57 

Ms. Sallie M. Kaltreider '02 

Mrs. Judith Chapman Kane '90 + 

Mr. J. Jay Kapp '00 (M.B.A.) 

Mr. Jason Karnes '97 

Mr George E. Kast '53 

Mr Michael Kay '71 + 

Mrs. Karen Keiser Jenkins '83 

Ms. Kristen A. Keirsey + 

Mr James R Kelley '83 

Mrs. Robyn Chura Kelley '83 

Mr. Michael Kelly '97 + 

Mr Michael G. Kelly + 

Ms. Tiffany E. Kelsey '97 

Ms. April Hightower Kennelly '95 

Mr Warner L. Kennon IV '76 + 

Ms. Chhsty Hall Keohane '95 

Ms. Jane Robbins Kerr 

Dr Bonnie Kessler 

Ms. Andjela Kessler 

Mr and Mrs. David Kettler + 

Kids 'R' Kids 

Mr and Mrs. Richard N. King + 

Ms. Kristen L. Kirkland '00 

Ms, Tiffany Kirkland 

Ms, Ellen Plutchok Klein '70 + 

Mrs. Marcelle Turner Knauff '87 (M.A.) 

Mr Ronald R, Knopf '61 

Mr. John R Knudsen '49 

Mr Chris Koda-Massey '03 

Dr Victor A, Kramer 

Mr John J. Kufel, Jr '71 

Mr John D, Kuiken '62 + 

Mrs, Betty Powell Kujawski '75 + 

Mr Ronald D. Kulhanjian '69 

Ms. Katarina Kurincova '03 

Mrs. Betty Clark Lafitte '45 + 

Ms. Katriina S. Lahtinen '89 

Mrs. Eleanor Ivey Lake '39 + 

Mrs. Eloise Mallory Lamons '81 

Ms. Tiffani M. Lamprecht '03 

Landmark Structures, Inc. 

Dr Jack Lane '58 

Mrs. Janne Jolley Lane '59 

Dr Tracy L, Larson '92 

Mr Seymour Lavine 

Mr G, Stephen Lavoie '71 

Mr Philip F Law '84 

Ms. Leigh D. Lawless '00 

Mrs. Mary Ivey Leak '70 + 

Ms. Jeanee Marie Ledoux '99 

Ms. Liane Evans Lee '92 

Miss Vivian Chandler Lee '64 

Mr William H. Lee III '91 

Ms. Mariruth Leftwich '99 

Ms. Deborah L. Leighty '99 

Mr Antonio V Lentini '87 + 

Ms. Sophia Eleanor Lentini '91 

Ms. Ann Patricia Lenzer '84 

Mr Robert W. Lenzer '79 

Dr. Edward A. Leonard '61 

Mrs, Lu Green LeRoy '95 

Mr, Bryon C, Letourneau '98 

Mrs, Jennifer S, Letourneau '98 

Mr Douglas C, Leventhal '93 

Dr Bertram J, Levy '62 + 

Dr Sandra Folkers Levy '91 

Mr Albert R, Lewis '00 

Mrs. Gwendolyn Moss Lewis '53 

Mr Irwin Lewis '51 

Mr Martin Liberman '71 

Mr William M. Linstrom '65 

Mrs. Eleanor Ann McGurn Lipham '62 

Dr John G. Lipham '64 

Mr. Kenton L. Lipham '68 

Mr Gary L. Lipsey '76 

Mrs. Diana Marcus Lipton '79 + 

Ms Peggy B. Litherland '91 

Mr Shane H. Little '93 

Ms. Tammy Marie Locklear '88 

Ms. Robin Lohfert '03 

Mrs. Sarah Ann Sanders Long '66 + 

Mrs. Gail Lynn Louton '93 + 

Mr Gordon W. Love '71 

DrRobertW. Lovett'56 

Mr Chad Lowe '00 

Mr Richard Lowe + 

Ms. Johnnie Lowry 

Lowry Rental 

Mr William W. Loy '37 + 

Ms. Robyn Lucas '99 

Mrs. Kathleen Allen Lunsford '84 (M.A.) + 

Mr and Mrs. Julius Lunsford, Jr 

Mrs, Carol L, Lusk '92 

Mr Barry D, Lynch 

Mr and Mrs. Richard Lyon + 

Mr Robert N. Lyons '95 

Mrs. Stephanie Chaby Lyons '97 

Mr Scott H. D. MacDade '73 

Miss Eleanore D. MacKenzie '59 

Mrs. Ann Spalding MacLane '89 

Mrand Mrs. John R Maguire + 

Mrs. Jan Collins Maher '69 

Mr Richard Charies Maier '78 

Ms. Reiko Maki '98 

Mrs. Mary Jackson Maiek '73 + 

Ms. Angel P Mallard '01 

Hon. Robert R Mallis '62 

Ms. Lathonia D. Maloy '99 

Mrs, Suzette Harvey Mancini '71 

Mr William D. Manley '29 

Mrs. Augusta Rogers Mann '61 

Ms. Liza Jean Mannix 

Manulife Financial 

Ms. Yvonne Tonett Mapp '84 

Ms. Patricia R. Marks '01 

Ms. Jeanette B. Martin '95 

Mr and Mrs. Eugene N. Martini 

Mrs. Jeanie Franco Marx '64 + 

Mr Lonnie J. Masdon '88 

Ms. Patience Mason '03 

Mrs. Judith S. Massey '63 

Mr Benjamin T Matthews '03 

Mr Jeffrey B. Matthews '71 

Ms. Desiree L. Mattig '03 

Mrs. Phyllis Rogers May '82 

Mr and Mrs. John E. Mays + 

Ms. Patricia Mazini '96 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


Ms. Karen Beth McClanahan '02 

Mr. David E. McCormick '44 + 

Mrs. Ha Ann Varelmann McCoy '58 

Ms. Amy J. McCrary '01 

Mr. Joseph P. McCurdy '90 

Mr. Stanley C. McDonald, Jr. '70 

Mrs. Alice Wight McDonough '53 

Dr. Jay McDuffie '44 

Ms. Dorothy Hooks McDuffie '47 

Mr. J. C. McElroy '87 

Dr. Douglas McFarland 

Mrs. Patricia McFarland '96 

Mrs. Betty Stokes McGarity '58 + 

Mrs. Bennie McGinley 

Ms. Barbara McKay + 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McKevitt + 

Mr. Hall F. McKinley 

Mrs. Virginia Murray McLucas '43 

Mr. Herbert S. McMullen '63 

Mr. Brian David McNulty '98 + 

Mrs. Elizabeth Bond Meadows '85 (M.A.) 

Mrs. Brigitte Mebius-Moggre '83 

Mr. Anthony R. Melillo '70 

Mrs. Jaime J. Melton '98 

Mrs. Helen Maddox Menefee '87 + 

Mrs. Jane A. Merrill '86 

Metropolitan Atlanta Alumni Association 

Mrs. Anne Cheek Meyer '72 + 

Mr. William R. Middleton '94 

Mrs. Joan Phillips Millar '64 

Mr. Coy Miller '98 

Mrs. Lois Adams Miller '66 + 

Mr. Lewis M. Miller III '98 

Mrs. Rebecca Hester Miller '97 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Mills '01 + 

Mrs. Caroline Cook Minor '75 + 

Mrs. Meril Missbach '92 

Mrs. Nancy Ahem Mitchell '93 

Ms. Karina Mizrahi '01 (M.B.A.) 

Mrs. Marilyn McNeal Mock '74 

Mrs. Dina Molaison '99 + 

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Molkner + 

Ms. Laura Lea Moon '02 

Mrs. Ina Foster Moore '58 

Mr. J. Alan Moore '58 + 

Mr James W. Moore, Jr. '85 + 

Mr. L. Silas Moore, Jr. '61 

Mrs. Mary Hersman Moore '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Clay Moore + 

Ms. Rachel L. Moore '01 

Ms. Deborah Lorraine Morgan '83 

Mrs. Ruth McLaughlin Morgan '77 + 

Morgan Stanley Matching Gift Foundation 

Rev. Thomas G. Morris, Sr.* '54 + 

Mr. Robert F MoskoM/itz '52 + 

Ms. Sarah Moss-Solomon '03 

Ms. Alice M. Muchmore '03 

Ms. Tommye Mueller '45 + 

Mrs. June Cook Murphy '54 + 

Ms. Sheryl D. Murphy + 

Mrs. Emily Griswell Murray '57 + 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Myers + 

Mr. Thomas A. Namey '02 

Rev. Claudia Kurtz Naylor '70 + 

Mrs. Virginia Grace Neal '54 

Mrs. Sybil Sanders Neel '55 + 

Mr. John F Nelson 

Mrs. Martha Simpson Nesbit '60 

Ms. Elizabeth R Nesbitt 

Ms. Rachel A. Newby '03 

Ms. Valerie Newman '77 

Mr. Charles D. Nicholas '82 + 

Mrs. Hilda A. Nix + 

Mr. David H. Noble, Jr. '73 + 

Mr. Mark S. Noonan '88 

Mrs. Rosalie Brookshaw North '58 + 

Mr. Gary J. Novak '74 

Dr. Caroline Noyes + 

Mrs. Valerie M. Nucera '88 

Mrs. Ellen E. Heckler O'Herlihy '82 

Mrs. Alicia S. O'Kelley '98 + 

Mr. Louis D. Olin '68 + 

Dr. Odacir H. Olivelra '71 

Mr. Andrew J. Olsen '65 

Ms. Barbara Coffey Olsen '61 

Mr. Shane R. Olson '98 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Orlando + 

Ms. Jill L. Orlando '02 

Mr. Stephen A.Orton '69 

Mrs. Therese Guth O'Shields '82 

"The strong academic program, 

especially the philosophy department, and the 

small student population pulled 

me into Oglethorpe. " 

Jeff Sullivan '06, a philosophy major 
from Marietta, Ga. 

Mrs. Stacey Brand Ostervold '95 

Mr. James C. Owen 

Mr. John Michael Owen 

Mrs. Anjanette Rupe Owen '87 

Mr. Charles J. Owens '68 

Mr. Lance W. Ozier '01 

Mr. and Mrs, Harvey Paclat 

Mr. Malcolm E. Page '80 + 

Ms. Eugenia Palmer '62 + 

Mr. E. Adrian Parham '74 

Mrs. Lauren Wilkerson Park '99 

Ms. Michelle A. Parks '03 

Ms. Elizabeth K. Parra '98 

Ms. Leah S. Patrick '01 

Mr. Raymond G. Pawlik, Sr, '70 

Ms. Ruth M. Pearson 

Mr. Brandon K. Pelissero '92 

Mrs. Connie Leigh Pendley '94 

Pennsport Internal Medicine 

Ms. Jane C. Perkins '96 

Mr. David H. Perrine '70 

Mrs. Audrey Hawkins Perry '67 

Mr. Wayne D. Perry '64 

Ms. Joyce Gravel Pettus '62 

Mrs, Jill Stanford Philips '75 

Mr. Charies E. Pickett '71 

Mr. Emmanuel A. Platanis '87 

Mr. Michael 0. Foley '92 

Ms. Eleanor C, Popplewell 

Mrs. Grace Suder Porter '55 + 

Ms. Jimmy Ann Langdon Porter '65 

Mrs. Frances Creekmore Portwood '57 + 

Mr. Jerry Portwood '99 

Mrs. Mary Miles Potter '63 

Ms. Harriet Rogers Powell '86 

Mr. Michael A. Powers '84 

Col. James Pressley '41 

Mr. Steve Prettyman '79 

Ms. Kathryn C. Prindible '01 

Ms, Kathleen Mercer Proto '00 

Mr. Andrew A. Provost '86 

Mrs. Mary Frances Brown Puett '57 

Dr. R. Quinn Pugh '54 

Mrs. Ethelyn Boswell Purdie '59 + 

Mrs. Judith Vananzi Rabel '81 + 

Ms. Edna Clark Radford '93 (M.A.) 

Mr, Roy V Rafinski '69 

Dr, Glenn W. Rainey, Jr. '65 

Mrs. Charlotte G. Ramage '40 

Mr. Edward A. Rapp '81 

Ms, Rachel L. Ratliff '03 

Miss Dorothy S. Rawlins '54 

Mr Robert L. Rawson '99 

Ms. Vera Ray '99 

Mr. Matthew S. Reeves '97 

Mr. Marshall Reiser '95 

Mr. Cari J. Reith 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Remington 

Mr. Richard J, Reynolds III 

Mr. R. M. Reynolds, Jr. '55 

Mr. William H. Reynolds '37 

Mr. Darrell T Rhoades '70 

Mrs. Myrna M. Rhoades '71 

Mr. Brian D. Rice '98 

Mrs. Karen Jenkins Rice '81 

Ms, Katrice D, Richards '03 

Mr. James A. Riley '66 

Or. Michael O'Neal Riley '68 

Mr. Rex G. Roan '70 + 

Ms. Laura Viterna Roberson '72 

Dr. E. Moss Robertson '44 

Mrs. Martha Knapp Robertson '65 

Ms. Maureen B. Robinson '82 + 

Ms. Angle Baldwin Roda '01 

Mrs. Jackie Perdue Rodriguez '71 

Ms. Melissa L. Roedersheimer '99 

Mrs. Brenda Jericevich Roger '95 + 

Mrs. Marie Caudill Rogers '34 

Mrs. Mildred Caraway Rogers '61 

Mr. Glen C. Rose '65 

Ms. Sherry Ann Rosen '85 

Ms. Scarlett Hawkins Ross '93 

Mrs. Wilma Lipham Rowe '80 + 

Mr. Mark Alan Rowland '71 

Ms. Diane R. Rowies '71 

Mr. Gary E. Ruckelshaus '69 

Ms. Zandra Ruiz '99 

Dr. Frank G. Russo-Alesi '86 + 

Ms. KIley A. Ryba '99 

Mr. Chris Rylands '01 

Safeco Insurance Companies 

Mr. Michael B. Saffran '76 + 

Mr. Charles F Sanders '66 

Ms. Angela Satterfield '97 

Ms. Cathy S. Sauer 

Mrs. Jill Woodham Schimmack '85 

Mrs. Barbara Ostipwko Schmich '75 

Mr. Douglas S. Schmitt '86 

Ms. Julie Quickmire Schmitt '87 

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Schmutzler + 

Mrs. Jennifer Gamblin Schneider '89 

Mr Charies C. Schoen 

Mrs. Megan Weiland Schreck '84 

Mr. Andrew David Schutt '95 

Ms. Delores A. Schweitzer '92 

Scientific - Atlanta, Inc. 

Mr. Burke A. Scott '96 

Mr. and Mrs. Burton A. Scott, Jr. + 

Mrs. Darlene Baehr Seay '75 + 

Mrs. Linda Robertson Secretan '64 + 

Mrs. Mary Louise Browne Sedki '65 

Ms. Cindy L Sedran '75 

Ms. Erin Sellers '03 

Mrs. Gail Robertson Serauskas '93 

34 Honor Roll of Donors 

Mr. Christopher M. Sertich '81 

Mrs. Kay Boggs Settle '69 

Mr Robert T. Seymour '54 + 

Ms. Cindy Sexton 

Ms. Dolores Shapiro + 

Miss Mary Anne Sharp '58 

Mr. Larry C. Shattles '67 + 

Mr. Joseph S. Shaw '89 

Lt.Col. and Mrs. Nesbit Shearouse 

Mr. John Shelton 

Dr. Albert P. Sheppard '58 

Ms. Katherine E, Shropshire '02 (M.B.A.) 

Mr. Frank L. Simmons '59 

Mr. Donald J. Simon '69 + 

Mr. Richard S. Simons, Jr. '70 

Mrs. Peggy Green Simpson '58 

Mr Christopher A. Simser '03 

Ms. Kimberly Skinner '92 

Ms. Sandra Slomovitz '87 

Mrs. Lyn Alexander Smith '62 

Mrs. Mary Call Smith '39 

Mr and Mrs. Arnold M. Smith + 

Ms. Nicole R. Smith '96 

Mr Robert A. Smith Jr. '92 

Ms. Abby Jean Snauwaert '03 

Mrs. Elizabeth Betts Snead '54 + 

Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton Snook '30 

Ms. Sandra A. Soeth '01 

Ms. Stacy McDonald Soloway '86 + 

Mr W. Scott Soloway '87 + 

Mrs. Anna San-Martin Soracco '94 + 

Mrs. Mildred Hazel Sosebee '59 

Mrs. Shannon L. Southard '93 

Mr. Nathan Sparks '98 

Mr Frank E. Specht '54 

Mrs. Miriam Cowan Specht '54 

Mrs. Mildred Jackson Speights '58 + 

Miss Denney Wells Spencer '48 

Mr Blake Stabler '00 

Ms. Angela C.Stalcup '03 

Mrs. Nancy Staller-Brown '70 

Ms. Heather Lynn Staniszewski '02 

Mrs. Joanne Vander Byl Starkey '63 

Mr. David A. J. Steele '74 

Mr. Lloyd E. Stein '39 

Ms. Danielle A. Stellin '99 

Mr. Wayne G. Stephens '67 + 

Ms. Jody M. Stephenson '03 

Mrs. Barbara Klein Stewart '64 

Mr David H. Stewart '71 

Mr Matthew P. Stien '89 

Mr. Gregory R Stiles '81 

Ms. Lynn Nagle Stiles '83 

Mrs. Dorothy Bazemore Stith '60 

Ms. Elizabeth L. Stockton '96 

Dr Marie Sertich Stone '80 

Mr. R. Stephen Strachan '70 

Mrs. Elizabeth Fincher Strange '75 + 

Ms. Lisa J. Street '84 (M.A.) 

Mr and Mrs. Theodore Studley '92 

Ms. Tina Marie Stults '00 + 

Dr Charles P Sullivan '71 

Ms. McKieva Sullivan '94 

Mr Tharius D. Sumter '97 

Mr Robert J. Swanson, Jr. '88 

Mrs. Christine Graf Taggart '88 

Ms. Mary E. Tanner '38 

Mr Timothy 0. Tarkington + 

Mr Michael J. Tasos 

Mr James E. Tate IV '89 

Ms. La-Shena K. Tatum '02 

Mrs. Lynda S. Tatum '92 (M.A.) 

Mr Rodger Tatum '70 

Ms. Kate McNeil Taylor '66 

Miss Frances R Templin* '47 

Mrs. Candy Allen Thacker '93 

Mr Ralph W. Thacker '37 

The Allimere Company, Inc. 

The USAA Group + 

The Winston-Salem Foundation 

Mrs. Opal Harris Thomason '54 

Mrs. Gail G. Thompson '00 

Mrs Katie Trucksis Thompson '97 

Mrs. Martha Adams Thompson '58 + 

Ms. Miyoko Thompson 

Dr Margaret R Thrasher '61 

Mr Francis M. Tillman '39 -i- 

Mrs. Donna Miller Tomaro '91 

Mrs. Sheryl C Tomberlin '84 

Mr Steven C. Totino '02 

Mrs. Vivian Gray Trabue '65 

Ms. Jennifer M. Tracy 

Trade International 

Ms. Mary Elaine Traer '66 

Mrs. Clara Irwin Traver '77 M.A. 

Ms. Laura Diane Trittin '87 

Mr John M. Tucker 

Dr James M. Turner -h 

Mrs. Joyce Nutt Turrentine '76 

Mr Walter W. Turrentine, Jr '55 

Mrs. Allison Lourie Ullman '79 

Mr G. Grey Umberger, Jr. '84 

Mrs. Jeanette Anderson Upchurch '45 + 

Ms. Nicole M. Urbanek '00 

Mr and Mrs. Michael Van Houten, Jr 

Ms. Heather D. Van Kampen '03 

Mrs. Beverly Van Middlesworth '89 

Mr Paul W. Vaughn, Jr '49 

Mrs. Kristi P Vega '98 

Ms. Ellissa L. Vermillion '99 


Dr. Vienna K. Volante 

Ms. Kelly Holland Vrtis '97 

The Wachovia Corporation + 

Mrs. Margaret Blackman Walker '58 

Mr Stephen N. Walker '75 

Mrs. Gladys Baldwin Wallace '61 

Ms. Judith Carol Wallis '73 -i- 

Mrs. Jean Grant Walter '51 

Mr Ralphton E. Warlick '70 -i- 

Mrs. Celia Vecchio Warren '79 -i- 

Mrs. Patricia Turner Warren '65 

Ms. Kathleen Watkins '02 

Mrs. Opal Perry Watson '55 

Ms. Caitlin E. Way '91 

Mrs. Virginia Wallace Wayne '43 

Mr Charles K. Weathers '68 -t- 

Mrs. Janet Barnett Weaver '83 + (M.A.) 

Mr. Bennett A. Weaver '98 

Mrs. Marilyn J. Webb '00 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Webb 

Dr and Mrs. Marvin Weintraub h- 

Ms. Alexis S. Weisman '77 

Ms. Elena Weiss '03 

Ms. Heather Weiss '02 (M.B.A.) 

Mrs. Nancy Charnley Welty '67 + 

Mr Gary Wenger '61 + 

Mr W. Jeffrey Wesley '80 

Mrs. Susan Perlin Wetzel '85 (M.A.) 

Mr Don G. White + 

Mr Johnny C. White, Jr '88 

Dr Stephen W. White '66 + 

Mr Jeffrey C. Whitehead '92 

Mr and Mrs. Robert J. Whitehead 

Mrs. Eleanor Whiteside '64 

Mrs. May Ringold Whittington '67 -i- 

Mrs, Sarah Wight 

Mrs. Virginia Bremer Wiley '64 

Mrs. Marjorie E. Wilkes 

Mr Buford Williams '41 

Ms. Cynthia A. Williams '88 

Mr John Craig Williams '40 + 

Mr and Mrs. John T Williams + 

Mrs. Lillian Cable Williams '41 

Mrs. Linda Metcalf Williams '86 -i- 

Mrs. Sharon D Williams '65 

Mr Tolliver Williams '99 

Dr & Mrs. Robert T. Willingham 

Mrs. Anita Gegan Willoughby '85 

Mr Donald R. Wilson, Jr '71 

Ms. Jackie H, Wilson '72 

Ms. Lucile Moore Wilson '54 + 

Ms. Verdell Wilson '03 

Mr Troy D. Winfrey 

Mr Thomas L. Winn '63 

Dr Kenneth D. Winokur '70 

Mrs. Chariotte Smith Winsness '64 

Mr. John H. Winsness '64 

Mr. Philip M. Winter '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wojdowski 

Dr Alan N. Woolfolk 

Ms. Mary Carol Wollenhaupt '02 

Mr James A. Wood, Jr '03 

Mrs. Vashti H. Woodruff '57 -i- 

Mrs. Patricia Beth Wool '77 + 

Mr Kevin A. Woolf '00 

Mrs. Ilene Roos Worman '66 

Mr Brian D. Wright '01 

Ms. Caroline Bartenfield Wright '01 

Mr Ellis B. Wright -f 

Ms. Anne Jill Writer '77 

Mrs. Joyce Arnold Wyckoff '66 

Mr and Mrs. L. David Wyly 

Mrs. Carol Tieman Yates '87 

Mrs. Joanne R. Yendle 

Ms. Ann M.Yingling 

Ms. Sheri G. York 

Mr Leonard W. Young '71 

Mrs. Patricia S. Zaffuto '89 (M.A) 

Ms. Jan Fry Zagoria '81 

Mr Nate Zahn '69 

Dr Sylvia G. Zapico '68 

Ms. Mary Zelencik 

Ms. Elizabeth Anne Zelley '94 + 

Mr Scott M. Zgraggen '86 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 



The following list represents current and 
former Oglethorpe parents who continue to 
invest in the Oglethorpe educational experi- 

Mr. and Mrs. Rajan K. Abraham 
Dr. G. Malcolm Amerson 
Mrs. Joann Anderson 
Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp '68 
Mrs. Anita S. Baker 
Mr. Charles W. Bastedo 
Mr. and Mrs. Currell V. Berry 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blonshine 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Boggess 
Mr. Robert L. Boggus, Jr. '49 
Mr. James A. Bohart, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bready 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Brown 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bryson 
Mr, and Mrs. Mrs. John H. Butler II 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Caray, Jr. 
Mr. James E. Carroll '65 
Mr. David L. Chadwicl< 
Mr. and Mrs. John Cogan 
Mr. and Mrs. John Corbett 
Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Corum 
Mr. Alan H. Curtis 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. Render S. Davis 
Ms. Mona Tel<in Diamond 
Mr. William A. Emerson 
Mr. Norman R Findley ill 
Mr and Mrs. David Francoeur 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Galloway 
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Galvan 
Mr Randy Garner 
Mr. Nicl<y Gilieiand 
Mr. and Mrs. William Ginn, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Giordano 
Mr. George E. Goodwin 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gratwohl 
Ms. Barbara F Green 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greenweii 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Hansen 
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Hanzsek, Jr. 
Mr. James V. Hartiage, Jr. '65 
Mrs. Jacqueline Cool< Hartiage '65 
Mrs. Eugenia S, Henderson 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Heslop 
Mr. and Mrs, Kari J. Hirshman 
Ms. Jean Pryor Hughes '64 
Mr. Thomas M. Hunter '43 
Mrs. Lou Eiia Jenkins '71 
Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson 
Mr. Neil Kaimanson 
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Lane iii 
Mr. J. Smith Lanier 

Mrs. Janet H. Maddox 

Mr.and Mrs. John R Maguire 

Ms. Aline J. Massey 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A, Metcaif, Jr, 

Mr and Mrs, Samuel Miller 

Mr, and Mrs, Michael M. Mills 

Mr, and Mrs. Douglas Morrison 

Ms. Alice M, Muchmore 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Myers 

Mr. Robert Nardelii 

Mr. George R. Newby 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L, Orlando 

Mr. Timothy N. Patterson 

Mrs. Judith Vananzi Rabel '81 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas Remington 

Ms. Gayie Richmond 

Dr J. Mack Robinson '95 (H) 

Mrs. Jackie Perdue Rodriguez '71 

Mr. Bud Salamone 

Ms. Mary Emily Schuitz 

Mr. Larry C. Shatties '67 

Dr. William 0. Shropshire 

Mr. Ralph Dean Sims 

Mr, Stephen R Smith 

Mr, Mark L, Stevens 

Mr, and Mrs, Aurei E. Stuart, Jr. 

Mr, and Mrs. Theodore Studley 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Swanson 

Mr. David Terrell 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Trujillo 

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Tubesing '95 

Mr. Walter W, Turrentine, Jr. '55 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wojdovi/ski 

Ms. Anne Jill Writer '77 

Dr. Michael W. Yarbrough '72 

Ms. Ann M. Yingling 

Ms. Sheri G. York 

Mrs. Patricia S, Zaffuto '89 

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Zwicker 


Oglethorpe University enjoys the support of 
many individuals who believe in the contri- 
butions the university makes to our com- 
munity and the world. 
Dr. Jeffrey D. Arnett 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Beard 
Mr. and Mrs, John W. Bolish, Jr. 
Mrs. Margaret C. Brann 
Mr. and Mrs, Thomas J, Buckalew 
Mr. George C, Burke 
Mr. and Mrs. S. Wright Caughman 
Ms. Jean G. Chapman 
Ms. Pin Pin Chau 
Mr. Kenneth S. Chestnut 

Ms. Jeannine R. Christensen 

Ms. Mary Ben Christiansen 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Clark 

Mrs. Mary A. Coffey 

Mrs. Aiine C. Cofieid 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl R Cook 

Ms. Barbara I Copeland 

Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford 

Ms. Lynn Dale 

Ms. Judi Dandeneau 

Mrs. Margaret C. Dickson 

Ms. Carolyn Dipsey 

Ms. Gayle Donato-Gannon 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Early 

Ms. Geraldine B. Ferguson 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Fox 

Mr. Spurgeon R Gaskin 

Mr. and Mrs. Marion B. Glover, Jr. 

Mr. William R. Goodell 

Mr. George E. Goodwin 

Ms. Jane 0, Green 

Mr, Jack Guynn 

Mrs, Jesse S. Hall 

Mr. Claus M. Halle 

Mr. Harald R. Hansen 

Mrs. Haines Hargrett 

Mr. and Mrs. William R Harrington 

Mr. Dabney A. Hart 

Ms. Teresa A, Hedges 

Ms. Kay E. Holier 

Ms. Jennifer Howard 

Mr. Warren Y Jobe 

Maj, Lance W, Kohier 

Mr. David L. Kolb 

Mr. Seymour Lavine 

Ms. Johnnie Lowry 

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Lunsford, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Martini 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mays 

Mr. Hall R McKiniey 

Mr. James R McLain 

Mr, Alan M. Mendelson 

Mr and Mrs. John 0. Mitchell 

Mr. A. A, Neese, Jr, 

Ms, Elizabeth R Nesbitt 

Mr. R. D. Odom 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Paclat 

Mr. H. G. Pattillo 

Ms. Ruth M. Pearson 

Ms. Eleanor C. Popplewell 

Mr. Carl J. Reith 

Mr. Randolph N, Reynolds 

Mr. Richard J. Reynolds III 

Mr. Ronald W. Rogers 

Ms. Cathy S. Sauer 

Mr. John J. Scalley 

Mr. Charles C. Schoen 

Mr. Arnold B. Sidman 

Mrs. Barbara Stanton 

Mr John M. Tucker 

Mr, and Mrs, Michael Van Houten, Jr, 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W, Webb 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Whitehead 

Mrs. Sarah Wight 

Mrs, Marjorie E, Wilkes 

Dr, & Mrs, Robert T Willingham 

Ms. Helene Woiistein 

Mr. and Mrs. L. David Wyly 

Ms. Mary Zelencik 

Faculty and Staff 

Each and every member of the faculty and 

staff of Oglethorpe University contributes to 

the success of the university. The following 

members of the Oglethorpe community 

supported the university financially during 

the last fiscal year 

Dr. G, Malcolm Amerson 

Dr. Chris Ames 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles L, Baube 

Ms. Sakiba Beganovic 

Dr Robert A. Blumenthal 

Mr. James A. Bohart, Sr. 

Mr. Manuel F Bonilla 

Mr. Patrick N. Bonones 

Ms. Susan Brandt 

Dr. William L. Brightman 

Dr. David W. Brown 

Ms. Linda Waiters Bucki '79 

Dr, Ronald L, Carlisle 

Mr. Robert B. Carton 

Ms. Deborah C. Charron 

Dr. Barbara R. Clark (Emerita) 

Mr. J. Heath Coleman '95 (M.B.A. '02) 

Dr. Cassandra Copeland 

Dr. Jeanne Cortiel 

Mr. Thomas J. Couch 

Mrs. Mary Crosby 

Mrs. Therese A. D'Agostino 

Mr. Guy Stephen Davis 

Ms. Jessica A. DeMaria '02 

Mr. Bill Doerr 

Mr. T Rus Drew 

Ms. Kathleen C. Duda '99 

Mr. Troy Alien Dwyer '94 

Dr. Christine Gerhardt 

Dr. Robert M. Grant '90 

Mr. James T Hakes 

Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry '85 

Dr. Stephen B. Herschler 

Mr. Kent Hill 

Ms. Holly L. Hofmann 

Dr. Robert B. Hornback 

Ms. Arzu llsev 

36 Honor Roll of Donors 

Dr. Elizabeth C. Johnson 

Ms. Valerie Johnson 

Dr. Bonnie Kessler 

Ms. Tiffany Kirkland 

Mrs. C. Lee Boggus Knippenberg '82 

Dr. Joseph M. Knippenberg 

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Kower 

Mr. Alan Loehle 

Mr. Chad Lowe '00 

Dr. Jay Lutz 

Mrs. Janet H. Maddox 

Ms. Liza Jean Mannix 

Dr. Nancy Marcjs 

Dr. Alexander M. Martin 

Mr. Dennis T. Matthews 

Ms. Barbara McKay 

Ms. Vicki Miller 

Ms. Sheryl D. Murphy 

Mr. Thomas A. Namey '02 

Dr. John C. Nardo 

Mr. Marshall R. Nason 

Dr. Philip J. Neujahr 

Mr. Lloyd Nick 

Mrs. Hilda A. Nix 

Dr. Caroline Noyes 

Ms. Jill L. Oriando '02 

Dr. John D. Orme 

Mr. James C. Owen 

Mrs. Connie Leigh Pendley '94 

Ms. Stephanie L. Phillips '00 

Mr. Tad D. Ransopher 

Ms. Rachel L, Ratliff '03 

Dr. W. Irwin Ray, Jr. 

Mrs. Adrina Richard 

Dr. Beth Roberts 

Mrs. Penelope McColluch Rose '65 

Dr. Anne Marie Rosenthal 

Dr. Michael K. Rulison 

Ms. Kelei Sabatino 

Dr. Daniel L. Schadler 

Mr. Ron Scott 

Ms. Seema Shrikhande 

Ms. Nicole R. Smith '96 

Dr. Robert Steen 

Dr. Brad L. Stone 

Or. William F. Straley 

Ms, La-Shena K. Tatum '02 

Dr. Linda J. Taylor 

Mrs. Virginia Martin Tomlinson '93 

Ms. Jennifer M. Tracy 

Dr. Artie Travis 

Mrs. Pamela G. Tubesing 

Dr. J. Dean Tucker 

Dr. James M, Turner 

Mr. Robert L. Linger 

Dr. Victoria Weiss 

Ms. Rebecca A. Whicker 

Ms. Ginger Williams 
Mr. Troy 0. Winfrey 
Mr. Charles M. Wingo 
Dr, Jason M. Wirth 
Mrs. Joanne R. Yendle 
Dr. Philip Zinsmeister 

Foundations and Corporations 

We gratefully acknowledge the following 

companies and foundations ttiat supported 

Oglettiorpe University during ttie past fiscal 


A. S. and Elsie Hirshman Charitable Trust '^ 

Alexander Haas Martin & Partners '^ 

All Saints Episcopal Church 

The Allimere Company Inc. 

American Mortgage Wholesalers '^ 

Aon Foundation '^ 

Arango Enterprises, Inc. '^ 

Arnold Fund 

Arthur & Susan Maier Foundation 

AstraZeneca '^ 

Bank of America ^ 

BCES Foundation 

BellSouth Corporation '^ 

BellSouth Telecommunications 

Breedlove Charitable Foundation 

Brooks, McGinnis, & Chafin LLC 

Celic Estate Agents, LLC ^ 

CF Foundation 

Charitable Gift Fund of Boston 

Chick-fil-A, Inc. '^ 

Cingular Wireless '^ 

Circuit City Foundation '^ 

Club Estates Garden Club 

The Community Foundation for Greater 

Atlanta, Inc. 
Danish American Chamber of Commerce 
Dekalb Council for the Arts 
Deloitte & Touche 
Dorian Software Creations, Inc. ■^ 
E.W. & Company INC. ^ 
Eco-Logical, Inc. '^ 
Ernsts Young, LLC 

Eugene & Martha Caldwell Foundation 
F & F Tax Service, Inc, '^ 
Flohr Family Foundation 
Ford Matching Gift Program '^ 
Frances & Sylvan Makover Family 

Frances and Bevedy Dubose Foundation 
Fuller E. Callaway Foundation 
General Electric Company ^ 
Georgia-Pacific Corporation 
Georgia Antiquarian Book Association 
Georgia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

Georgia Power Company ^ 

Georgia Warriors Basketball 

Goldman, Sachs & Company '^ 

Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP 

Harold Hirsch Scholarship Foundation 

The William Randolph Hearst Foundations, Inc. 

Home Depot, Inc. '^ 

Huntley & Associates 

Hyman S, Sadye Jacobs Foundation 

Jack Gardner Photography '^ 

Jane and Randy Merrill Foundation 

John and Mary Franklin Foundation, Inc. 

John R Salamone Memorial Foundation 

Johnson & Johnson '^ 

Johnson Management Group '^ 

Kids 'R' Kids 

Landmark Structures, Inc. 

Latham Foundation 

Lenbrook Square Foundation 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 

Lowry Rental 

Lucent Technologies Foundation '^ 

Manulife Financial '^ 

Martha and Wilton Looney Foundation 

Mary Jane Stuart Kohler Foundation 


Mende's ATA Karate, Inc. 

Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc. ^ 

Metropolitan Atlanta Alumni Association 

Miller Ray & Houser, PC, 

Milton M. Ratner Foundation 

Morgan Stanley Matching Gift Foundation '^ 

Nell Warren & William Simpson Elkin 

Memorial Foundation 
New Balance Atlanta at Buckhead 
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network ^ 
Nu Sportswear, Inc. 
Pennsport Internal Medicine 
Pfizer, Inc. ^ 

Philip and Irene Toll Gage Foundation 
PipeVine, Inc. 

The Pittsburgh Conference 
Practice Management Resources ^ 
Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP 
Procter & Gamble Fund Matching ^ 
The Productivity Company, Inc. '^ 
Prudential Foundation ^ 
The Bawls Company 
Raytheon Company '^ 
The Resource Group 
Revell Flooring Company, Inc. 
Reznick, Fedder, & Silverman 
The Rich Foundation, Inc. 
RLI Insurance Company '^ 
Ryder Systems Charitable Foundation ^ 
Safeco Insurance Companies ^ 
SallieMae, Inc. '^ 

Sarah Spencer Godfrey Charitable Trust 

Savin Corporation 

Schell Heatings. Air '^ 

Schultz Foundation, Inc. ' 

Schuster Sports, Inc. 

Scientific - Atlanta, Inc. '^ 

SJS Investment Company, LP 

The Sledge Foundation 

Springs Industries, Inc. '^ 

Sprint Foundation"'^ 

Sun Microsystems Foundation '^ 

SunTrust Bank, Atlanta ^ 

Teagle Foundation 

Time Warner, Inc. ^ 

Trade International 

Tull Charitable Foundation ^ 

Turner Foundation, Inc. ^ 

The USAA Group ^ 

Vanhoven Contracting 

Verizon Foundation '^ 

The Wachovia Corporation ^ 

The Winston-Salem Foundation 

The Zellars Family Foundation 

^ = Matching Gift Companies 
Contact your Human Resources 
Department to find out if your employer 
matches gifts to nonprofit organizations. 

Stormy Petrels Club 

The following individuals supported the 

Oglethorpe University athletic department 

during fiscal year 2002-03. 

Mrs. Laura Lynn Abbate '93 

Mr J. Frederick Agel,Sr. '52 

Dr. J. Frederick Agel,Jr, 72 

All Saints Episcopal Church 

Mr. Dale E. Anders 

Rev. Marion B. Anderson '29 

Mrs, Joann Anderson 

Mr. Doug Bailey 

BellSouth Telecommunications 

Mr. Michael James Beran '95 

Mr Steven B. Bettis 

Mr and Mrs. Richard Blonshine 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Boggess 

Mr. Delmar B. Bradshaw 

Mr and Mrs. Larry W. Brown 

Mr. Edward Hunt Brumby '97 

Mr. Robert F Canavan '92 

Mr. Peter L. Cannizzaro '98 

Mr. Brett Cave '99 

Mr. Michael J. Cheek '86 

Mrs, Barbara James Christian '62 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Coe 

Mr. and Mrs. James V Colantoni II 

Ms. Lynn Dale 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Davis 

Mr. Brian A. Davis '94 

Mr. Rodney S. Drinkard '92 

Ms. Meiissa Drouin '97 

Mr. Tim G. Dunn 

Mr. Matthew i.D. Flinn '98 

Mr. and Mrs. David Francoeur 

Mr. D. Brian Frasier '90 

Mr. Harry R. Frazer '89 

Mr. W. Eimer George '40 

Georgia Warriors Basketball 

Ms. G. Merrill Griffis Gibson '90 

Mr. Nicky Gilleland 

Ms. Barbara F. Green 

Mr. Benjamin J. Hanes '98 

Mr. John Hannay '00 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Hansen 

Mr. Kurt A. Hansen '89 

Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry '85 

Mr. Donald Henry '83 

Mr. Michael W. Herring 

Mr. Meivin L. Holub 

Mrs. Kate Baker Houston '93 

Mr, Sam G. Hudgins '61 

Mr Thomas M. Hunter '43 

Mr. Warren Y. Jobe 

Johnson Management Group 

Mr. Randall Jones 

Ms. Kristen L. Kirkland 'GO 

Mr. George H. Kohlweiler '97 

Dr. Larry D. Large 

Mr. Philip F. Law '84 

Mr. Antonio V. Lentini '87 

Mr, Jeffrey B. Levy '81 

Mr. RogerA. Littell'68 

Mr. Barry D. Lynch 

Ms. Aline J. Massey 

Maj. James C. McClanahan '41 

Ms. Amy J. McCrary '01 

Mr Scott M. McKelvey '91 

Mr and Mrs. Samuel Miller 

Monde's ATA Karate, Inc. 

Mr. Bradley J. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Mills 

Ms. Frances W. Moorer 

Mrs. Lynette T Myers 

Mr. A, A. Neese, Jr. 

Mr. John F. Nelson 

New Balance Atlanta at Buckhead 

Mr. George R. Newby 

Mr. Robert J. Nickles '74 

Nu Sportswear, Inc. 

Mr. Steven G. Oliphant '84 

Mr. Shane R. Olson '98 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Orlando 

Mr. James C. Owen 

Mr. John Michael Owen 

Mr Aron C. Palefsky '75 

Mr. Antonio Michael Raima '42* 

Mr. Stephen J. Pearsall 

Ms. Michelle J, Perera '95 

Practice Management Resources 

The Rawls Company 

Mr. Robert L. Rawson '99 

Revell Flooring Company, Inc. 

Mr. Brian D. Rice '98 

Ms. Gayle Richmond 

Mr. Harrell G. Robinson III '98 

Dr. Frank G. Russo-Alesi '86 

Mr. Bud Salamone 

Savin Corporation 

Schell Heating & Air 

Mr. Stephen J. Schmidt '40 

Schuster Sports, Inc. 

Mr. Andrew David Schutt '95 

Mr. Christopher M. Sertich '81 

Mr, Ralph Dean Sims 

Mr William Charles Smith '57 

Mr, Matthew Tallman 

Mr. Michael J. Tasos 

Mr, James E. Tate IV '89 

Mr. David Terrell 

Mr Steven A. Thompson '90 

Mr. Robert L. Linger 

Vanhoven Contracting 

Mr. Richard Wallace 

Mr. David Edward Ward 

Mrs. Carolyn Constangy Wasser '79 

Mr. and Mrs. John T Williams 

Mr. Tolliver Williams '99 

Mr. Raymond S. Willoch '80 

Mr. Tom Wilson 

Ms. Alyce Wise 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wojdowski 

Ms. Ann M. Yingling 

Ms. Sheri G. York 

Museum Supporters 

The list below recognizes those Individuals 

who supported the Oglethorpe University 

Museum of Art In the 2002-03 fiscal year 

Mr. J. Frederick Agel.Sr '52 

Ms. Betsy Akins 

Mrs. Morgan Ambrose 

Mr. Gordon A. Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Anderson '73 

Ms. Virginia Apperson 

Mr. Michael Arnold 

Ms. Susan Baker 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B, Bedford 

Ms. Patricisa Behlmer 

Ms. Kathryn Bennett 

Ms. Jeanne C. Bernstein 

Mr. and Mrs. TJ. Bowers, Jr. 

Ms. Linda R Bowles 

Ms. Barbara Brantley 

Ms. Josephine C. Breyfogle 

Mr. Christopher P Britton 

Mr. Carl Brown 

Mrs. Charlesey W. Brown 

Ms. Nancy J. Bryant 

Mr. David Buice 

Ms. Frances B. Bunzl 

Ms. Milbre C. Burch 

Mrs. Kathryn B. Burke 

Mr. Ray Burnham 

Ms. Esther D. Burstein 

Ms. Lael H. Butler 

Ms. Paula E. Campbell 

Ms. Linda Cannon-Huffman 

Ms. Charlotte L. Carmichael 

Ms. Irene Carter 

Mr. Robert W. Chambers, Jr. 

Dr. Margaret Child 

Ms. Gayle R. Christian 

Mrs. Mary A. Coffey 

Mr. Frazier Coffie 

Ms. Emily Collette 

Ms. Gavriella C. Conn 

Ms. Joanne Cono 

Ms. Ellen Corrie 

Mr. Dan Corrie 

Ms. Betsy B. Cozine 

Ms. Helen Bivings Crawford '35 

Ms. Dorothy A. Cunningham 

Mrs. Susan Hollinshead Dalton '63 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve. L. Dancz 

Ms. Betty Anne Daniel 

Dr. and Mrs. S. Carter Davis, Jr. 

Ms. Kathy Deck 

Ms. Louise Demetriou 

Ms. Rosee Demetry 

Mr. J. Patrick Denman 

Ms. Cynthia Y Dersch 

Ms. Carolyn Y Dishman 

Mr. C. J. Drexler, Jr. 

Ms. Norma Duncan 

Ms. Diana Duncan 

Dr. John 0. Dwyer 

Ms. Linda D. Effron 

Dr. Jonathan S. Ehriich 

Mrs. Jane G. Elias 

Mr. Lee Ellison 

Mr. Michael Elsmore 

Dr. Fereydoon Family 

Mr. Dwight Hess and Ms. Kathy Fields 

Mr. Edwin Fisher 

Ms. Rosalie Fitzpatrick 

Ms. Hilde Friese 

Dr. John Gamwell 

Mr.&Mrs.B. A, Garrett 

Mr. Jeff Gilbreath 

Ms. Donna F Gilmartin 

Mr. Mark Giison 

Mrs. Eula Rodgers Ginsburg '61 

Dr, Stephen J. Goldfarb 

Ms. Karen Goodrow 

Ms. Ursula Graats 

Mr. Beat Kari Greisler 

Ms. Emily Grigsby 

Mr. Lewis Gruskin 

Ms. Deleta Gurley 

Mr. Paul Hackman 

Ms. Sandra Hale 

Ms. Cheryl Hall 

Ms. Peggy Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Hanna 

Ms. Linda L. Harman 

Ms. Alice C. Harrison 

Mr. Zachary Q. Harrison 

Mrs. Mary Ann Hart 

Ms. Helen F. Harvey 

Ms. Linda Joyce Hayden 

Ms. Bonnie S. Hayes 

Ms. Mary S, Henderson 

Mrs, Barbara Bessmer Henry '85 

Mr Don Henry '83 

Mr. Gary Hickling 

Ms. Teresa Higgins 

Mr. Michal Hillman 

Mr. J. Robert Hipps 

Ms. Mary Katherine Hodgson 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Hollums 

Ms. Susanne W. Howe 

Mr. Chien-Ni Hu 

Ms. Mary D. Hutton 

Ms. Bonnie Isadoost 

Ms. Mary B. James 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Johnson 

Mr. David Jones 

Ms. Kelly Jordan 

Ms. Sharon Ellis Joyner 

Mr. Russell Judd 

Mr. Jeffrey M, Kahn 

Ms. Kristen A. Keirsey 

Ms. Eva L. Kelly 

Mr. Michael G. Kelly 

Ms. Gloria L. Kelly 

Mr. Tim Kelly 

Ms. Leslie W. Kerben 

Ms. Jane Bobbins Kerr 

Ms. Andjela Kessler 

Mr. and Mrs. David Kettler 

Ms. Anne R Key 

Ms. Pat Kilpatrick 

Ms. Mary Katherine King 

Mrs. Frances Y King 

Ms. Kathie Kirby 

3o Honor Roll of Donors 

Mrs. Tracy Kirkpatrick 

Ms. Jill B. Kleinman 

Ms. Patricia A. Klump 

Ms. Margie A. Koenig 

Ms. Edna B. Kopetz 

Mr. Darwin R. Labarithe 

Ms. M. B. Lacy 

Ms, Mary B. Lapwing 

Mr. Frederick J. Law 

Ms. Kathleen A. Leser 

Mr. Allan Little III 

Ms. Pam Longobordi 

Mr. Rictiard H. Lowe 

Ms. Leslie A. Lowenstein 

Ms. Kathleen Lumberg 

Ms. Sarah E. Lundquist 

Ms. Gail Lynn 77 

Ms. Linda Lyon 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lyon 

Mr. Josie Mann 

Ms. Cara Marris 

Mr. James E. Mathis 

Ms. Bernice Maw 

Or. Joy A. Maxey 

Mr. Tolen May and Ms. Andrea Dumerans 

Mr. Oonal McCabe 

Mr. Lockey A. McDonald 

Mrs. Bennie McGinley 

Ms. Barbara McKay 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McKevitt 

Mr. James P McLain 

Mr. Han/ay Meisner & Ms. Gate Morril 

Ms. Usa Merrill 

Mr. John W. H. Miller 

Ms. Katherine Miller 

Ms. Jamie M. Miller 

Ms. Sara L. Mings 

Mr. Patrick Mizelle 

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Molkner 

Ms. Sarah C. Mosteller 

Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Neisius 

Ms. Patricia Nelson 

Mr. Lloyd Nick 

Ms. Brenda Norman 

Ms. Karen North 

Mr, Gary R. Nunn 

Mr. Leonard O'Neill 

Ms. Carol A, Omdorff 

Ms, Marilyn Otroszko 

Ms, Marjorie Parker 

Ms, Martha W, Peake 

Ms, Angelika M, Pohl 

Ms, Carol B, Powell 

Ms, Cornelia Powell 

Mr, and Mrs, M, David Prince 

Mrs, Lucia Fairlie Pulgram 

Ms, Mary Rackson 

Ms, Judith Leone Reed 

Ms, Ann Boon Rhea 

Mr, and Mrs, R, H, Richardson 

Mr. Charles R. Richardson 

Ms, Peggy K, Richardson 

Mr, and Mrs, Ken Rittenmeyer 

Ms, Shidey E. Rivers 

Ms, Helen A. Rohrich 

Cdr, and Mrs, M, H, Rose 

Mrs, Anna M, Rowen 

Ms, Ann Rowles 

Ms, Kathleen Ryan Ms, Edith Sage 

Ms, Joyce Van Ouyn Salter 

Ms. Karen C, Sanders 

Ms, Catherine Santana 

Ms, Stacy Saraydar 

Mr, Homer S. Saunders, Jr, 

Ms. Sabina Schievelbein 

Mr, Arthur Schiff 

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Schmutzler 

Mr. and Mrs. Burton A. Scott, Jr. 

Mrs. Ellen Scovil 

Ms. Dolores S. Shapiro 

Lt.Col. and Mrs. Nesbit Shearouse 

Mr. John Shelton 

Ms. Cathy Cox Shepherd 

Ms, Anita K, Shipley 

Mr, and Mrs, Arnold M, Smith 

Mr, Steven R, Smoak 

Ms, Susan L, Sorensen 

Mr, Jack Sprague 

Ms. Ruth Sprinkle 

Ms, Doris C, Squires 

Mr, Stuart Staton 

Ms. Carolyn Steinhaus 

Ms. Anita Stewart 

Ms. Shauna J. Sullivan 

Mr. Timothy 0. Tarkington 

Ms. Sandra K. Tax 

Mr. Claude Terry 

Ms. Teresa Texeira 

Mr. Lee Thomas 

Ms, Charlotte Thomas 

Ms, Diana H. Thomas 

Ms, Jill Thomasmeyer 

Or, Pamela Tremayne 

Mrs. Pamela G, Tubesing 

Ms, Julie Turlington 

Or, James M, Turner 

Ms, Joyce C. Turner 

Mr, Robert D, Turner 

Mr Carlos Valdes 

Mr Tommy Vickery 

Ms, Maureen F, Waindle 

Ms, Paula Walker 

Ms, Harriet S, Wall 

Ms. Alice P Watson 

Ms. Gail Wegodsky 

Mr. Piers J. Weyant 

Mr. Don G. White 

Ms. Clare Whitfield 

Mr. Robert Wildau 

Mr, Dewi (J,D.) Wilson 

Ms, Maggie Winfrey 

Mr. Fletcher Wolfe 

Ms. Lynn Woodson 

Mr. EIray Woolverton 

Mr. Ellis B. Wright 

Or. M.Jane Yates 

Ms. Dolores V. Zabroske 

Mrs. Alice Hoke Zimmerman 75 


Oglethorpe University gratefully acknowl- 
edges these donors who made gifts of 
property or professional service throughout 
the year 

Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis 
Mr. Eric M. Scharff '63 
see see eye 
Ms. Susan Soper 
Dr. Mahri Tekin 
Ms. Pamela Tekin '01 
Wallace Printing 

Heritage Society 

Created in 1995, The Heritage Society 

honors those individuals who have included 

the university in their estate plans. 

Anonymous (1 2) 

IVIr. G. Douglass Alexander '68 

Ms. Susan Harman Alou '84 

Or and Mrs. Charles R. Arp (Yetty Levenson) '68 1 

Mr and Mrs, Ted D, Bayley pien Kinsey) '58/'57 

Ms, Judith M, Becker 

Mrs, Frances Norman Block '38 

Mr, Frederick Boswell '24 

Mr. and Mrs, Franklin L, Burke '66 t 

Ms, Mary Williams Cazalas '54 t 

Mr, and Mrs, Arthur W, Chandler 

Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis '82 

Mr, and Mrs, Joseph W, Dennis '69 

Mr, and Mrs, Paul L, Dillingham t 

Or. and Mrs. Harold Doster t 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Emerson t 

Mr. Wilson R Franklin '39 t 

Mr. David C. Garrett, Jr, '99 (H) t 

Mr. George E. Goodwin 

Mr, and Mrs, Charles Edward Brodnax 

Hansen t 
Ms, Karen Head '98 
Mr, Thomas G, Hood '78 t 
Mr Thomas P Hunter '43 t 
Ms, Rebecca Harbor Jones '62 t 

Mr, and Mrs, J, Smith Lanier 

Mr. Wilfred J. LeBlanc '61 

Dr. Jay Lutz 

Mr, and Mrs. Bany Lynch' (Belle Turner '61) t 

Ms. Gail Lynn '77 t 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry F McGill t 

Mr. John Meacham '42 

Ms. Jeannette Bentley Moon '38 

Mr and Mrs. Jack Moss (Sydney Mobley '59) 

Ms. Elizabeth Ward Pearce '66 

Dr, Guerrant Perrow '40 

Or, and Mrs, Thomas W, Phillips '63 t 

Mr, William Plowden, Jr, '67 

Mr, Timothy Randall Roberson '97 

Mr, and Mrs, Fred Robey '97 

Mr, and Mrs, Jeff Roesch '69 

Ms, Rhett Pinson Sanders '43 

Mr, and Mrs, Eric Scharff '63 t 

Mr, and Mrs. Stephen J. Schmidt (Jeanne 

Fuller) '40/'42 t 
Ors. William and Patricia Shropshire 
Ms. Anne Rivers Siddons '91 (H) t 
Dr. Joseph A, Soldati '61 
Ms. Susan M. Soper '89 
Ms, Denney Wells Spencer '48 
Dr, and Mrs, Donald S, Stanton '99 (H) 
Mr, and Mrs, Morris Tubesing '95 t 
Mr. Daniel Uffner '51 
Bold signifies new members in 2002-03 
t Charter members 

Class Listing 
Class of 1922 

Mr Oscar C, Walton* 

Glass of 1925 

Or, Vincent Sherman 

Class of 1929 

Rev, Marion B, Anderson 
Mr, William D, Manley 

Class of 1930 

Ms, Evelyn Bird 

Col, John M. Fain 

Mrs, Elizabeth Hamilton Snook 

Class of 1934 

Mrs, Dorothy Hansell Cariton 
Mr, Max Sydney Flynt, Jr,' 
Mrs, Isabel Tonks Gray 
Mrs, Marie Caudill Rogers 

Class of 1935 

Mr, Stinson M, Adams, Jr, 

Mr, M, Tyus Butler 

Mrs. Helen Bivings Crawrford 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


Mrs. Aileen Brown Guest 

Class of 1936 

Ms. Claudine Gates Adams 

Class of 1937 

Mr. C. Rex Clark 

Mrs. Martha Carmichael Dew 

Mr. William W. Loy 

Mr. William H. Reynolds 

Dr.M.A. Rikard* 

Mr. Ralph W. Thacker 

Class of 1938 

Mrs. Frances Norman Block 

Mrs. Dorothy Sweeny Castigliola 

Mr. Carl N. Clark 

Mr. Hugh K. Clement 

Mrs. Jeannette Bentley Moon 

Ms, Mary E. Tanner 

Class of 1939 

Mr. Herman L. Campbell 
Mr. Wilson R Franklin 
Mrs. Eleanor Ivey Lake 
Mrs. Dixie Woolford Long 
Mr. Jack Perry 
Mr. Maclay Salfisberg 
Mrs. Mary Call Smith 
Mr. Lloyd E. Stein 
Mr. Francis M.Tillman 

Class of 1940 

Dr. Jane Millwood Burkhardt 
Mr. Robert Burkhardt 
Mr. W. Elmer George 
Mrs. Marguerite McKinney Hart 
Dr. Guerrant H. Perrow 
Mrs. Charlotte G. Ramage 
Mr. Stephen J. Schmidt 
Mrs. Medora Fitten Wallace 
Mr. John Craig Williams 

Class of 1941 

Mrs. Sarah Moore Carver 
Dr.JohnTGoldthwait(M.A. '43) 
Maj. James C. McClanahan 
Col. James Pressley 
Mr. Buford Williams 
Mrs. Lillian Cable Williams 

Class of 1942 

Mrs. Clara Copeland Gorman 
Mrs. Doris Waltrip Johnston 
Mr. John Meacham, Jr. 
Mr. Charles E. Newton 
Mr. Antonio Michael Palma' 

Mrs. Virginia Gleason Salfisberg 
Mrs. Jeanne Fuller Schmidt 

Class of 1943 

Mrs. Verna Miller Berthelsen 
Mr. Hugh J. Floyd 
Mr. J. Eugene Harris 
Mr. Thomas M. Hunter 
Mr. Keith A. Lane 
Mrs. Virginia Murray McLucas 
Mrs. Rhett Pinson Sanders 
Mrs. Virginia Wallace Wayne 

Class of 1944 

Mr. Joseph G. Cannon 
Mrs. Virginia Templin Galley 
Mr. David E. McCormick 
Dr. Jay McDuffie 
Dr. E. Moss Robertson 
Mrs. Jane Cannon Smith 

Class of 1945 

Mrs. Betty Clark Lafitte 

Ms. Tommye Mueller 

Mrs. Jeanette Anderson Upchurch 

Class of 1946 

Mr. Sherman C. Ward 

Class of 1947 

Mrs. Margaret Kerr Hitte 
Ms. Dorothy Hooks McDuffie 
Miss Frances R Templin 

Class of 1948 

Mrs. Joyce Odom Christiansen 

Mrs. Mildred C. Daugherty 

Mr. William G. Hasty, Sr. 

Mrs. Florence Richardson James 

Dr. Thomas N. Pirkle 

Miss Denney Wells Spencer 

Class of 1949 

Dr. E. Harvey Albea 
Mrs. Sara Jacobs Bagen 
Mr. Robert L. Boggus, Jr. 
Mr. Robert J. Findley 
Mr. Leif Georg Haug 
Ms. Margaret Graham Haug 
Mrs. Doris Pickens Hinson 
Mr. W. Ray Holley 
Mr. Jack I. Hosford 
Mr. Eugene W. Ivy* 
Mr John R Knudsen 
Dr. Stephen C. May, Jr. 
Mr. John R. Smith 
Mrs. Margaret C. Steinpfad 

Mr. Paul W. Vaughn, Jr. 
Mrs. Betty Rae Olds Villegas 
Mr. William E, Wright, Jr. 

Class of 1950 

Mr Mitchell C. Bishop, Jr. 
Mr. William R. Brown, Jr. 
Mr. Gordon C. Bynum 
Mrs. Alice Callaway Crenshaw 
Mrs. Anne Knudsen Faraone 
Rev. John M. Flanigen, Jr. 
Mr. Stuart Herman 
Mr Samuel M. Hirsch, Jr. 
Mr. Walter V Slack 

Class of 1951 

Mrs. Rose Simmons Andrews 
Mrs. Martha Mayson Bator 
Mrs. Jean Robertson Beall 
Mrs. Jane Rand Breunig 
Mr. Alvin J. Curkin 
Mrs. Martha Sibley George 
Mr. Richard F Grotefend 
Mrs. Telete Richards Grotefend 
Mrs. Jayne Phillips Huybensz 
Mr. Inwin Lewis 
Mrs. Mary Louise MacNeil 
Mr Marvin Packer 
Mr Walter H. Tanner, Jr. 
Mr. S. Bleecker Totten 
Mr. Daniel L. Uffner, Jr. 
Mr. WebbH.Vermilya 
Mrs. Jean Grant Walter 

Class of 1952 

Mr. J. Frederick Agel.Sr. 
Mr. Henry C. Atchison 
Mr. Asher I. Benator 
Mrs. Jane Cowart Bloemer 
Mrs. Margaret Bell Bloodworth 
Mrs. Muriel Lewis Bono 
Mr. Donald R. Ferry 
Col. Sheldon I. Godkin 
Mr. James E. Henderson 
Mrs. Jean Horton Henderson 
Mr Robert F Moskowitz 
Mr. Joseph T Overton 

Class of 1953 

Mr. Edmund A. Bator 
Mrs. Hazel Wilson Cofield 
Ms. Delores Strauss Ferry 
Mr. Sheldon H. Fleitman 
Mr. George E. Kast 
Mrs. Gwendolyn Moss Lewis 
Mrs. Alice Wight McDonough 
Mrs. Betty Brumbelow O'Quinn 

Mrs. Miriam Marcus Packer 
Mr, Noel A. Ripley 
Mr, 0. K. Sheffield, Jr. 
Mr. Charles V Stone, Jr. 
Mrs. Mary Norman Stone 
Mr Edwin Robinson Sturdivant 
Mr FW. Laird Terhune, Jr. 
Mr Lee A. Wilson 

Class of 1954 

Dr. Corry Arensbach 
Mrs. Mary Snelling Bowlan 
Mrs. Florence Parris Burtz 
Mrs, Mary Williams Cazalas 
Mr. Harold L. Cochran 
Mrs. Ava Hart Jarboe 
Mrs. Barbara Cristal Krasnoff 
Rev. Thomas G, Morris, Sr. 
Mrs. June Cook Murphy 
Mrs. Virginia Grace Neal 
Dr. R. Quinn Pugh 
Miss Dorothy S. Rawlins 
Mr. Robert T Seymour 
Mrs. Elizabeth Betts Snead 
Mrs. Cynthia May Spann 
Mr, Frank E. Specht 
Mrs. Miriam Cowan Specht 
Mrs. Opal Harris Thomason 
Ms. Lucile Moore Wilson 

Class of 1955 

Mrs. Nona Jones Bell 

Mrs. Sara Steinberg Fine 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Frias 

Ms. Hazel Wyatt Hasty 

Dr. Elizabeth L. Jones-Lukacs 

Mrs. Margaret Woodward Mathewes 

Mrs. Sybil Sanders Neel 

Mrs. Grace Sudor Porter 

Mr. R. M. Reynolds, Jr. 

Mr. Walter W. Turrentine, Jr. 

Mrs. Opal Perry Watson 

Class of 1956 

Mrs. Lynn Hallford Banks 

Dr. Jacqueline Miles Boles 

Dr Ann R Delatte 

Rev. Nancy Frazier English 

Mrs. Patricia Collier Gilstrap 

Mrs. Edith Upchurch Hunt 

Mr. Alfred D. Ingersoll 

Mrs. Catherine Ingersoll 

Lcdr. John D. King 

Dr. Robert W. Lovett 

Mrs. Clare "Tia" Findley Magbee 

Col. H. David O'Malie (Ret.) 

Mr. Donald H. Rubin 

i^O Honor Roll of Donors 

Class of 1957 

Mr. Joseph J. Accardi 

Mr. Billy P. Camp 

Mr. Lewis B. DeRose 

Mrs. Marianne McWilliams Dillard 

Mrs. Freida Beatty Dutfey 

Rev. Samuel W. Edieman, Jr. 

Mrs. Peggy Cullars Guillebeau 

Miss Caria G. Hancock 

Mrs. Rhalda Rubin Kahn 

Mr James R Milton 

Mrs. Mary Hersman Moore 

Mrs. Emily Griswell Murray 

Or Robert Boyd Oliver 

Mrs. Frances Creekmore Portwood 

Mrs. Mary Frances Brow/n Puett 

Mr. William Charles Smith 

Mrs. Vashti H. Woodruff 

Class of 1958 

Mr. John P. Decker 

Mrs. Patricia Baker DeRose 

Mr. Clinton L. Fincher 

Mr. William R. Foster 

Mrs. Christina Rice Freeman 

Col. John E. Harms (Ret.) 

Mrs. Linda Robuck Hoffman 

Mr Harold R. Ingle, Jr 

Dr Jack Lane 

Mrs. Ila Ann Varelmann McCoy 

Mrs. Betty Stokes McGarity 

Mr. J. Alan Moore 

Mrs. Ina Foster Moore 

Mrs. Rosalie Brookshaw North 

Mr. William E.Scott 

Miss Mary Anne Sharp 

Dr. Albert P Sheppard 

Mrs. Peggy Green Simpson 

Mrs. Mildred Jackson Speights 

Mrs. Martha Adams Thompson 

Mrs. Margaret Blackman Walker 

Class of 1959 

Mrs. Virginia Barrett Barker 

Mrs. Elaine Mackenzie Brown 

Mr Bill W, Carter 

Mr William B. Christian 

Dr. Marlene Hockenberry Cianci 

Mrs. Margaret Young Edieman 

Mr Hugo S. Hammond 

Mr. Floyd G. Hopkins 

Mrs. Patricia Daniel Kapphahn 

Mrs. Janne Jolley Lane 

Miss Eleanore D. MacKenzie 

Mrs. Sydney Mobley Moss 

Mrs. Ethelyn Boswell Purdie 

Mr. Frank L. Simmons 

Mrs. Mildred Hazel Sosebee 

Class of 1960 

Mr Jack B, Arnold, Jr. 
Mr Sid M. Barbanel 
Ms. Anne Mattias Barbanel 
MSgt John Peter Burnos 
Mrs. Nancy Tarrant Calhoun 
Mrs. Gail Wynn Davidson 
Mr. Jay D. Dye 
Mr. Atauar Faruquee 
Mrs. Jean Callaway Fletcher 
Mrs. Amelia Berry Gordon 
Mrs, Barbara Marsh Gotsch 
Mrs, Francine Klein Greiner 
Mrs, Virginia House Howard 
Mrs. Martha Simpson Nesbit 
Mrs. Dorothy Bazemore Stith 

Class of 1961 

Mrs. Ethyl Fadden Ault 
Mrs. Martha Laird Bowen 
Mrs. Frances Pasley Buttolph 
Mrs. Eula Rodgers Ginsburg 
Mr. Sam G. Hudgins 
Mr. R Harvey Hudson 
Mr. E, Pendleton Jones 
Mr. Ronald R, Knopf 
Mr. Wilfred J. LeBlanc 
Dr Edward A, Leonard 
Mrs, Belle Turner Lynch 
Mrs. Augusta Rogers Mann 
Mr. L. Silas Moore, Jr. 
Ms. Barbara Coffey Olsen 
Dr J. Anthony Paredes 
Mrs. Mildred Caraway Rogers 
Mr. Joseph A. Soldati 
Dr. Margaret P Thrasher 
Mrs. Gladys Baldwin Wallace 
Mr Gary Wenger 

Class of 1962 

Mrs. Paula Hofmann Bell 

Mrs. Barbara James Christian 

Ms. Jean Abbott Clough 

Mrs. Nancy Thompson English 

Dr R, Derril Gay 

Mrs. Rebecca Harbor Jones 

Mr John D. Kuiken 

Dr Bertram J. Levy 

Ms. Eleanor Ann McGurn Lipham 

Hon. Robert R Mallis 

Mr. James J. Millard 

Ms. Eugenia Palmer 

Ms. Joyce Gravel Pettus 

Mrs. Lyn Alexander Smith 

Mrs. Charolette Morris Steed 

Mrs. Ethel Law Webb 

Class of 1963 

Mr. Albert Nathan Baer 

Rev. W. Kendrick Borden 

Mrs. Kay Kilpatrick Crawford 

Ms. Susan Hollinshead Dalton 

Mrs. Elaine Shiflett Dooley 

Mr. H. Lynn Drury 

Mrs. Patricia McMichen Feldman 

Mrs. Mary Bob Cooper Fox 

Mr Matthew L. Gardner 

Mr J, Cabot Gupton 

Mrs. Ellen Mullendore Knouse 

Mrs. Judith S. Massey 

Mr. Herbert S. McMullen 

Mr. Bob T Nance 

Dr Yvonne Bruton Pennington 

Dr. Thomas W. Phillips 

Mrs. Mary Miles Potter 

Mr. Eric M. Scharff 

Mrs. Carole George Sellers 

Ms. Brenda Shonfield 

Mrs. Joanne Vander Byl Starkey 

Mr Charles L. White 

Mr Thomas L. Winn 

Class of 1964 

Dr William C. Aitken 
Ms. Patricia Ann Crippen Arnold 
Mrs. Donna Williams Chieves 
Col. Kenneth R Davis 
Dr Beatrice Hasty Favre 
Dr Stephen K. Figler 
Mrs. Lynda Papini Hines 
Mrs. Vera Mann Hollifield 
Ms, Jean Pryor Hughes 
Mrs, Edith Greene Humphrey 
Miss Vivian Chandler Lee 
Dr John G. Lipham 
Mr Robert L, Manning 
Mrs Jeanie Franco Marx 
Mrs. Joan Phillips Millar 
Mr Wayne D. Perry 
Mr H. Conan Rudd 
Mrs. Janet Yose Rudd 
Mrs, Linda Robertson Secretan 
Col. B.W, Sellers, Jr 
Rev. Betty Rutland Stapleford 
Mrs, Barbara Klein Stewart 
Ms. Gretchen Stevens White 
Mrs. Eleanor Whiteside 
Mrs. Virginia Bremer Wiley 
Mrs. Constance Dinkier Wilson 
Mrs. Charlotte Smith Winsness 
Mr John H. Winsness 

Class of 1965 

Dr Joyce I Bacon 

Mrs. Renee Alhadeff Black 

Mrs. Annette Schroeder Bramblett 

Mr James E, Carroll 

Mr Richard Joseph Carter 

Mrs. Hallie Beasley Cullen 

Ms. Suzanne Straub Cunrey 

Mrs. Veriine Dixon Dennis 

Mr 0. Navarro Faircloth 

Mr. James V Hartlage, Jr 

Mrs. Jacqueline Cook Hartlage 

Mr James L, Hughes 

Ms. Pauline Ferry Lester 

Mr William M. Linstrom 

Mr Andrew J. Olsen 

Ms. Jimmy Ann Langdon Porter 

Dr Glenn W. Rainey, Jr 

Mrs. Mart;ha Knapp Robertson 

Mr Glen C. Rose 

Mrs. Penelope McCulloch Rose 

Mrs. Linda Sanders Scarborough 

Mrs. Mary Louise Browne Sedki 

Mrs. Vivian Gray Trabue 

Mrs. Patricia Turner Wan'en 

Mrs. Sharon D. Williams 

Class of 1966 

Ms. Carole Moore Aitken 
Mr Cari H. Bergman 
Mr Robert E. Bowden 
Mr Franklin L. Burke 
Mr Ronald Cenzalli 
Mrs. Oreta Cox Cook 
Mr. Robert B. Cun-ey 
Dr. Mimi Milner EIrod 
Dr Kathleen Pitts Faircloth 
Mrs, Susan Goodchild Jordan 
Mrs, Sarah Ann Sanders Long 
Mrs, Lois Adams Miller 
Mrs, Harriet Jones O'Dell 
Mrs, Sandra Danneman Rich 
Mr James A. Riley 
Mr Charles F Sanders 
Ms, Kate McNeil Taylor 
Hon. Hugh P Thompson 
Ms, Mary Elaine Traer 
Dr Stephen W. White 
Mrs. Ilene Roos Worman 
Mrs. Joyce Arnold Wyckoff 

Class of 1967 

Mrs. Lila McGahee Adair 
Mrs. Sandra Abbott Allen 
Mr W. Edgar Baker 
Mrs. Virginia Bradley Bell 
Mr Thomas J. Browning 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


Ms. Martha J. Church 
Ms. Mary Dodge-Smith 
Mr Donald G. Hartman 
Mr. J. Robert Jackson 
Mr Stuart C. Levenson 
Mr Thomas P. O'Connor 
Mrs. Audrey Hawkins Perry 
Mr Wiiiiam E. Piowden, Jr 
Mr Kenneth W. Powell 
Mr Fioyd D. Ruhi 
Mr Larry C. Shattles 
Mr Wayne G. Stephens 
Mrs. Nancy Charniey Weity 
Mrs. May Ringoid Whittington 

Class of 1968 

Mr G. Douglass Alexander 
Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp 
Mr Thomas M. Baird 
Mr Robert A. Celic 
Mrs. Nikki McCoy demons 
Mr Thomas H. Cluderay 
Dr Marcia Strange Cully 
Mrs. Laura Zaban Dinerman 
Mr Richard J. Frank 
Miss Susan E. Goslin 
Mr William Howell Gower 
Mrs. Gayle Burch Gower 
Miss Mary Constance Hamell 
Dr Sandra L. Hedge 
Ms. Jackie F. Howard 
Mrs. Helen King Kessler 
Mr Kenton L. Lipham 
Mrs. Barbara Beggs Littell 
Mr Roger A. Littell 
Mr Louis D. Olin 
Mr Charles J. Owens 
Mr Thomas C. Port 
Dr Michael O'Neal Riley 
Rev, John S. Sims 
Mrs. Mary Denton Suttle 
Mr Charles K. Weathers 
Mr. Philip M. Winter 
Dr Sylvia G. Zapico 

Class of 1969 

Mrs. Geraldine Kuglar Abbott 

Ms. Trudy B. Abelson 

Mrs. Mary C. Owens Adams 

Mrs. Judy Heald Allison 

Mrs. Emma Sewell Borders 

Mr Michael S. Bryant 

Dr Paula Haver Chambers 

Mr Charles D. Chetwynd 

Mrs. Gretchen Von Muller Collins 

Mr Joseph W. Dennis 

Ms. Bette Makover Hagan 

Mr James J. Hagelow 
Mr Terrence C. Haney 
Ms. Sheryl Claxton Haney 
Mr Wayne M. Kise, CPA 
Mr Ronald D. Kulhanjian 
Mr Louis T Lombardy 
Mrs. Jan Collins Maher 
Mr Stephen A. Orton 
Mrs. Kathy McLeod Port 
Mr Roy V. Rafinski 
Mr Jeffrey R, Roesch 
Dr Louis E. Rossman 
Mr Gary E. Ruckelshaus 
Mrs. Kay Boggs Settle 
Mr Donald J. Simon 
Ms. Susan M. Soper 
Mr Nate Zahn 

Class of 1970 

Mr Dale L. Ashworth 
Mr James N. Bier 
Mr Robert L. Bingham 
IVIrs. Helen Kibler Browning 
Mr Robert K. Cowhig, Jr 
Mrs. Lynn Allison Cowhig 
Mrs. Carol Zee Daniel 
Mr Bruce R. Feuer 
Mrs. Lynn Andreasen Freeman 
Mrs. Mary Finn Heaney 
Miss Andrea C. Hestley 
Dr Robin Whyte Hoffman 
Mr Albert R. Hudson, Jr 
Mr Wayne J. Jaffie 
Ms. Ellen Plutchok Klein 
Mrs. Mary Ivey Leak 
Dr James S. MacDonall 
Mr Stanley C. McDonald, Jr 
Mr Anthony R. Melillo 
Mr Joseph R. Menez 
Rev. Claudia Kurtz Naylor 
Mr Raymond G. Pawlik, Sr 
Mr David H. Perrine 
Mr Darrell T Rhoades 
Mr Rex G. Roan 
Mr Richard S. Simons, Jr 
Mrs. Dean Dubose Smith 
Mrs. Nancy Staller-Brown 
Mr R. Stephen Strachan 
Mr Rodger Tatum 
Mr Ralphton E. Warlick 
Dr Kenneth D. Winokur 

Class of 1971 

Mr John S. Ball 
Mr James E. Cox, Jr 
Mr John J. Fittipaldi 
Mr J. Lewis Glenn 

Mr John William Harvey 

Ms. Mary-Phyllis Dolcimascolo Harvey 

Mrs. Lou Ella Jenkins 

Mrs. Yvonne Scales Jones 

Mr Michael Kay 

Mr John J. Kufel, Jr 

Mr G. Stephen Lavoie 

Mr Martin Liberman 

Mr Martin I. Lipson 

Mr Gordon W. Love 

Mrs. Suzette Harvey Mancini 

Mr Jeffrey B. Matthews 

Dr Odacir H. Oliveira 

Mr Charles E. Pickett 

Mr Dennis C. Pratt 

Mrs. Myrna M. Rhoades 

Mrs. Jackie Perdue Rodriguez 

Mr Mark Alan Rowland 

Ms. Diane R. Rowles 

Mr Jerel R Rush 

Mr Mel C. Stein 

Mr David H. Stewart 

Dr Charles R Sullivan 

Dr John H. Thomas III 

Mr Donald R. Wilson, Jr 

Mr Leonard W. Young 

Class of 1972 

Mrs. Ann Gibson Adams 
Dr J. Frederick Agel.Jr 
Mrs. Linda Wishon Anderson 
Ms. Mary Crockett Ball 
Dr Douglas W. Bower 
Mr Michael G. Clapp 
Mr John R. Collins 
Ms. Vicki Jan Conway 
Ms. Mimi Hobbs Fittipaldi 
Mr John B. Gardner III 
Mrs. Judith Draisen Glassman 
Mr Michael D. Gordon 
Mrs. Sue Snead Grantham 
Miss Etta Lou Hanken 
Mr William J. Hogan, Jr 
Mr Michael A. Israelite 
Mrs. Deborah Jobe Koehler 
Mrs. Anne Cheek Meyer 
Miss Rosemary Mosteller 
Ms. Laura Viterna Roberson 
Mr Robert T Schell 
Mr Otis C. Ward III 
Mrs. Barbara Rose Westfall 
Ms. Jackie H. Wilson 
Dr Michael W. Yarbrough 

Class of 1973 

Mr Gordon A. Anderson 
Mr Timothy W. Callahan 

Mrs. Kathryn Beatty Carr 
Miss Nancy T Carter 
Mrs. Mikala Warren Engel 
Mr Allen B. Goodwin 
Mrs. Hildred L. Griggs 
Mr Q. William Hammack, Jr 
Mrs. Natalie Mintz Harris 
Mr James C. Jacobs, Jr 
Mr Jeffrey M. Johnson 
Mr Frederick H. Joyner 
Mr Scott H. 0. MacDade 
Mrs. Mary Jackson Maiek 
Mr Stephen E. Malone 
Mr Kevin L. Mende 
Mr David H. Noble, Jr. 
Mr Roy C. Posey 
Ms. Judith Carol Wallis 
Mr Richard B. Wright 

Class of 1974 

Mrs. Karen Jones Aber 
Mrs. Bennie Harris Black 
Mr Robert D. Copelan 
Mrs. Lynn Lasater Crowley 
Mr John Allan Ford 
Mr Charles M. Hames 
Ms. Martha Ann Jenks 
Mr Steven W. Levinsky 
Mrs. Ruth Parham Manning 
Mr Jin Matsumoto 
Mr Clifford Miller 
Mrs. Marilyn McNeal Mock 
Mr Robert J. Nickles 
Mr Gary J. Novak 
Mr E. Adrian Parham 
Mr David A. J. Steele 
Mrs. Janie R Wilson 
Mr Wesley F Wood 

Class of 1975 

Mrs. Deborah Roach Avery 

Dr Claire Derdeyn Coles 

Mr Miles R. Cook 

Mrs. Valerie Fakess Cowan 

Mr Gary L. Deck 

Ms. Emy Lou Faber 

Mrs. Patsy Griffith Hamilton 

Mrs. Marilyn Whiteside Handsel 

Ms. Gloria A. Hardegree 

Mr Dennis R. Harrison 

Mrs. Betty Powell Kujawski 

Mrs. Kay Penn Martin 

Mr Scott D, McAdoo 

Mrs. Caroline Cook Minor 

Mr Robert K. Montague 

Mr Joseph J. Oddo 

Mr Aron C. Palefsky 

42 Honor Roll of Donors 

Mrs. Jill Stanford Philips 

Mrs. Barbara Ostipwko Schmich 

Mrs. Darlene Baehr Seay 

Ms. Cindy L. Sedran 

Mrs. Elizabeth Fincher Strange 

Mr, Stephen N. Wall<er 

Mr Richard P. Williams 

Mrs. Alice Hoke Zimmerman 

Class of 1976 

Mrs. Elizabeth Kidder Ambler 
Mrs. Elizabeth Gosnell Biggs 
Miss Alice B. Carr 
Mr. Philip C. Chamberlain 
Mrs. Sarah Lee Davis 
Ms. Dorothy Deedy Dryman 
Mrs. Barbara Howard Flanigan 
Mr. Robert E. Harman, Jr. 
Mr. William M. Hobbs 
Mrs. Nancy Disenberg 
Mrs. Laura Fantini Johnson 
Capt. Louis A. Johnson 
Mrs Joyce C. Jones 
Mr. Warner L. Kennon IV 
Mr. Gary L. Lipsey 
Mr Michael B. Satfran 
Mr. Scott M. Sloan 
Mrs. Joyce Nutt Turrentlne 
Mr. Bernard van der Lande 
Ms. Margaret Gettle Washburn 

Class of 1977 

Ms. A. Diane Baker 

Mrs. Ann L. Brown 

Ms. Geneva A. D'Aulisa 

Mr. Steven F Day 

Ms. Alexis Jan Lazor Day 

Dr. Dianne Jones Ford 

Ms. Annette M. Friant 

Mr. Stephen M. Gibbs 

Mr Stephen M. Gold 

Mrs. Suzanne Benatar Goldstein 

Mrs. Diane Lyon Gray 

Ms. Ellen Sills Greene 

Mrs. Jill Cofer Harris 

Ms. Gail Lynn 

Mrs. Ruth McLaughlin Morgan 

Ms. Valerie Newman 

Mrs. Clara Irwin Traver 

Mrs. Cathy Markland Villines 

Ms. Alexis S. Weisman 

Mr. Knox R. Wilmer 

Mrs. Patricia Beth Wool 

Ms. Anne Jill Writer 

Class of 1978 

Mr. Frank S. Anepohl 

Dr. Karl Burgess 
Mr. Blake M. Christoph 
Mr. Kevin D. Fitzpatrick, Jr. 
Mrs. Tina Salzman Fowler 
Mr. Gregory S. Fowler 
Mr. Thomas G. Hood 
Dr. Kenneth K. Hutchinson 
Ms. Pamela B. Jackson 
Mrs. Debra Losner Kahn 
Ms. Tracey Lathem 
Mr. Richard Charles Maier 
Mr. Robert Wyatt Moore 

Class of 1979 

Mrs. Annette Fry Adamiyatt 
Mrs. Shelby Andrews 
Mr. Michael S. Bahary 
Mr Robert Baker, Jr. 
Mrs. Linda Walters Bucki 
Mr. James M. Cook, Sr. 
Mrs. Joan Morris Dechovitz 
Mr. Thomas F Forkner, Jr. 
Mrs Elaine Thurmond Green 
Mrs. Kathleen Glynn Grupp 
Mrs. Patti Ackerman Hall 
Mrs. Elizabeth Locklin Hrisak 
Mr. Robert W. Lenzer 
Mrs. Diana Marcus Lipton 
Mr. Bud Porter 
Mr. Steve Prettyman 
Dr. Robert H. Pullen, Jr. 
Mrs. Allison Lourie Ullman 
Mrs. Celia Vecchio Warren 
Mrs. Carolyn Constangy Wasser 

Class of 1980 

Ms. E. Harriett Cone 
Mr. M. Allen Head 
Ms. Betsy Duggan Johnson 
Mr. L. Max Lehmann 
Mr. Christopher J. McFadden 
Mrs. Carlene Rod Cakes 
Mr. Malcolm E. Page 
Mrs. Wilma Lipham Rowe 
Mr. Reynold F Salmon 
Ms. Barbara A. Sanders 
Mr. Horace E. Shuman 
Dr. Marie Sertich Stone 
Mr W. Jeffrey Wesley 
Mr. Raymond S, Willoch 
Mr. Robert E. Wolfe 

Class of 1981 

Mrs. Janet Womble Arias 
Mrs. Marybeth Robertson Atkins 
Ms. Lin Barker 
Mr. William F Bazzel 

Ms. Jane E. Bickerton 

Mr. Irani De Araujo 

Ms. Kimberly Emerson-Spicer 

Mrs. Catherine Clegg Gibson 

Mr. Richard C. Johnson 

Mr Robert M. Kane 

Mrs. Eloise Mallory Lamons 

Mr. Jeffrey B. Levy 

Ms. M. Elaine Minor 

Mrs. Judith Vananzi Rebel 

Mr. Edward A. Rapp 

Mrs. Karen Jenkins Rice 

Mr. Christopher M. Sertich 

Mr. Gregory P Stiles 

Mr. Timothy P Tassopoulos 

Mrs. Elizabeth Blackmur Wood 

Ms. Jan Fry Zagoria 

Class of 1982 

Mrs. Melanie Benamy-White 

Ms. Debra J. Bradley 

Mr. Eric S. Crunick 

Ms. Shirley Peterson Davis 

Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis 

Mr. John J. Dowd, Jr. 

Ms Sandy Grossman 

Mrs. Vickie Moore Irwin 

Mr. Cary R. Kleinfleld 

Mrs. C. Lee Boggus Knippenberg 

Mrs. Phyllis Rogers May 

Mrs Linda Triguero McCormick 

Mr. Charles D. Nicholas 

Mrs. Ellen E. Heckler O'Herlihy 

Mrs. Therese Guth O'Shields 

Mr. Robert L. Raslle 

Mrs. Donna Cron Rasile 

Ms. Maureen B. Robinson 

Class of 1983 

Ms. Bambi Ellison Arnold 

Ms. Sandra Lynch Aufderheide 

Mr. Howard J. Barr 

Dr. Robert A, Buck 

Mr. James H. Burk 

Mr Clancy S. Burrell 

Mrs. Patricia M. Christian 

Mr Bobby L. Fesperman 

Mrs. Dianne McClinton Glennie 

Mr. Donald Henry 

Mr. Bruce Perry Johnson 

Mrs. Karen Keiser Jenkins 

Mr. James R Kelley 

Ms. Robyn Chura Kelley 

Dr. John M. Marshall 

Mrs. Brigitte Mebius-Moggre 

Ms. Deborah Lorraine Morgan 

Ms. Lynn Nagle Stiles 

Mrs. Janet Barnett Weaver 

Class of 1984 

Ms. Susan Harman Alou ' 
Mrs. Judith Hunt Drobinski 
Dr. D. Scott Faith 
Mr. David M. Gerhardt 
Mr. Kevin M. Goff 
Mrs. Dorothy H. Jones 
Mr. Philip F Law " 
Ms. Ann Patricia Lenzer 
Mrs. Kathleen Allen Lunsford 
Ms. Yvonne Tonett Mapp 
Mr. Steven G. Oliphant 
Mr. Cemal Ahmet Ozgorkey 
Mr. Michael A. Powers 
Mr. Brian C. Sass 
Mrs. Megan Weiland Schreck 
Mr. Matthew A. Schuster 
Ms. Lisa J. Street 
Mrs. Sheryl C. Tomberlin 
Mr. G. Grey Umberger, Jr. 

Class of 1985 

Ms. Carolyn E. Abramson 

Mrs. Viana Faile Bastacky 

Mrs, Nancy Arnold Cordier 

Mrs. Kyle Jordan Cutsinger 

Mr. Doug Dubay 

Dr Daniel M. Duncanson 

Mrs. Anne Kohl Fowler 

Mr Kenneth P Gould 

Mr John J. Green 

Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry 

Mr. Rhett H. Laurens 

Mrs. Elizabeth Bond Meadows 

Mr. Paul B. Miller 

Mr. James W. Moore, Jr. 

Mr. Armagan Ozgorkey 

Ms. Sherry Ann Rosen 

Mrs. Jill Woodham Schimmack 

Dr. Paul Wilson Sykes 

Mrs. Susan Perlln Wetzel 

Mrs. Anita Gegan Willoughby 

Mr. John B. Zellars, Jr. 

Class of 1986 

Mrs. Catherine Castagna Abood 

Mrs. Barbara Martin Adair 

Mrs. Maritta M. Bush 

Mr. Michael J. Cheek 

Dr. L. Casey Chosewood 

Dr William J. Cottone 

Ms. Martha Eastlack 

Mr. Christopher R B. Erckert 

Ms. Sandra D. Gain 

Ms. Georgia Russell Hembree 

Oglethorpe University | the Carillon 


Ms. S. Abiola Ipaye 
Mrs, Sue McCue Johnson 
Mrs. Tamara Chaffin Lynde 
Mrs. Jane A. Merrill 
Ms. S. Tammy Pearson 
Ms. Harriet Rogers Powell 
Mr. Andrew A. Provost 
Dr. Frank G. Russo-Alesi 
Mr Douglas S. Schmitt 
Mrs. Laura Turner Seydel 
Ms. Stacy McDonald Soloway 
Mrs. Diane Dubay Walker 
Mrs. Linda Metcalf Williams 
Mr. Scott M. Zgraggen 

Class of 1987 

Ms. Kaylen D. Biggins 
Ms. Helen E. Bourne 
Mrs. Robin Harper Brooks 
Mr. Henry K. Bunnell, Jr. 
Mr. Marcus J. Cash 
Ms. Margaret 0. Y. Chin 
Mr. Dean Thomas DeCencio 
Mrs. Cynthia Bjurmark Dubay 
Ms. Karen Poe Geeter 
Mr. Jay W. Greaves 
Mrs. Mary M. Hamacher 
Ms. Marguerite A. Hammond 
Mr. Richard A. Hans 
Mrs. Penni Reid Holt 
Mrs. Peggy Morris Jabaley 
Mrs. Marcelle Turner Knauff 
Dr. Mark A. Knautz 
Mrs. Carol Lanier Larner 
Mr. Antonio V. Lentini 
Mrs. Doris Rojas Matthews 
Mr. J. C. McElroy 
Mrs. Helen Maddox Menefee 
Mrs. B. Michon Hall Mitchell 
Mrs. Anjanette Rupe Owen 
Mr. Emmanuel A. Platanis 
Mr, William E. Porter 
Ms. Christine Hendrix Reilly 
Ms. Julie Quickmire Schmitt 
Ms. Sandra Slomovitz 
Mr. W. Scott Soloway 
Ms. Laura Diane Trittin 
Mrs. Carol Tieman Yates 

Class of 1988 

Mrs. Juliet Wang Beiko 
Ms. Bonnie S. Bertolini 
Mr. Brent Andrew Bishop 
Maj. Richard A. Briggs 
Mr. Barry R. Carswell 
Mr.William M.Clifton 
Mrs. Chads Andrews Hanberry 

Mr. Dwayne Hanberry 

Mrs. Betsy Alper Hopper 

Mrs. Kimberlyn Hudgens-Abrams 

Ms. Kathleen McDermott Kraynick 

Ms. Tammy Marie Locklear 

Mr. Lonnie J. Masdon 

Ms. Dolores Mason-Gaddy 

Mr. Mark S. Noonan 

Mrs. Valerie M. Nucera 

Mr. R. Alan Royalty 

Mr. Robert J. Swanson, Jr. 

Mr Michael K, Szalkowski 

Mrs. Christine Graf Taggart 

Ms. Mary Howard Tallman 

Mr. T Charles Truett, Jr. 

Mrs. Kimbedy Rouleau Truett 

Mr. Johnny C. White, Jr. 

Ms. Cynthia A. Williams 

Mr. Mark Edward Wilson 

Class of 1989 

Mr. Thomas A, Beggs 

Mrs. Kathleen Moran Brink 

Ms. Ann R. Brown 

Mrs. Victoria Stevens Chapman 

Mrs. Marilyn L. DuMont-Burk 

Mrs. Carol Morgan Flammer 

Mr. Harry R. Frazer 

Mr. Andy R Geeter 

Mr. Scott T Haight 

Ms. Margaret C. Hamlin 

Mr. Kurt A. Hansen 

Mrs. Karen Schath Jarrett 

Dr. Lene Ball Jenson 

Mr. Jonathan W. Johnson 

Mr. Ronald L. Kraynick 

Ms. Katriina S. Lahtinen 

Mrs. Ann Spalding MacLane 

Mr. Jonathan R Reilly 

Mrs. Wendy Pearson Robertson 

Mrs. Jennifer Gamblln Schneider 

Mr. Joseph S. Shaw 

Mr. Matthew R Stien 

Mrs. Karen Barrow Swenson 

Mrs. Stephanie E. Szalkowski 

Mr. James E. Tate IV 

Mrs. Beverly Van Middlesworth 

Ms. Teri A. Wall 

Mrs. Dorothea Pickett Westin 

Mrs. Carrie Bartenfeld Wilson 

Mrs. Patricia S. Zaffuto 

Mrs. Elizabeth Brown Zoby 

Class of 1990 

Mrs. Beth Morrison Anderson 
Mr. Gabriel A. Arango, Jr. 
Ms. Leslie Adams Dove 

Mrs. Susan Burns Dyar, MD 

Mr Bill Flammer 

Mrs. Dayle Sutton Fowler 

Mr D. Brian Frasier 

Mrs. Lisa Alford Freschi 

Mr. Joseph A. Fried 

Ms. G. Merrill Griffis Gibson 

Dr. Robert M. Grant 

Mrs. Deborah S. Griffin 

Ms. Marion C. Haines 

Mr. Thad E. Hall 

Mrs. Nicole Caucci Hall 

Mrs. Brenda Smith Hayden 

Mr. Robert M. Hill 

Ms. E. Carroll Lanier Hodges 

Mrs. Judith Chapman Kane 

Ms. Fran Bennett Konradt 

Mr. Joseph R McCurdy 

Ms. Stephanie L. Phillips 

Mrs. Angel C. Robinson 

Ms. Angela Clem Schwarz 

Mr Steven A. Thompson 

Mrs. Kerensa Shoemake Wing 

Mr. John W. Wuichet 

Class of 1991 

Mrs. Joselyn Butler Baker 
Mrs. Kristin Reeder Boan 
Mrs. Lisa DINapoli Broderick 
Mr. Henry J. Broitman 
Mr. Wayne E. Brooks, Jr. 
Ms. Ember Uziel Constantin 
Mrs, Rebecca Marasia Corder 
Mrs. Stacie Shattles Goins 
Mrs. Amy Raggett Hansen 
Mrs. Doreen Hart Hill 
Mrs. Amanda Paetz Hiner 
Mrs. Vicki Dawn Hughes 
Mr. Raymond J. Koschak 
Mr. William H. Lee III 
Mr. Lance L. Leitzel 
Ms. Sophia Eleanor Lentini 
Dr. Sandra Folkers Levy 
Ms Peggy B. Litherland 
Mr Scott M. McKelvey 
Ms. Dena Chadwick Schultz 
Mr. Joseph R Shelton 
Ms. Andrea Spencer Shelton 
Mrs. Donna Miller Tomaro 
Ms. Caltlin E. Way 

Class of 1992 

Mr. Ernest R. Bennett, Jr. 

Mr. Robert R Canavan 

Mrs. Miriam "Bimby" Conant' (H) 

Mr. John A. Conant (H) 

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Crawrford 

Ms. Jennifer Grouse 
Mr. Rodney S. Drinkard 
Mrs. Trina Cavender Duncan 
Mr. Brett Duncan 
Mr. David W. Fischer 
Mr. C. Patrick Gray 
Ms. Elizabeth A. Henry 
Mr. B. Shane Hornbuckle 
Mrs. Tina Crawford Howard 
Dr Tracy L, Larson 
Mrs. Liane Evans Lee 
Mrs, Carol L. Lusk 
Mrs. Jean Faasse Markle 
Mrs. Meril Missbach 
Mr. Brandon K. Pellssero 
Mr. Michael 0. Foley 
Mr. Kevin C. Rapier 
Ms. Dolores A. Schweitzer 
Ms. Kimberly Skinner 
Mr. Robert A. Smith, Jr. 
Mrs. Lynda S. Tatum 
Ms. June M. Tompkins 
Mrs. Cathy Appling Vinson 
Mr. Jeffrey C. Whitehead 

Class of 1993 

Mrs. Laura Lynn Abbate 

Mr Christopher A. Ballar 

Ms. Danielle Oxford Boshart 

Ms. Rebecca Thompson Cauffman 

Mr. J. Patrick Connor 

Mrs. Pamela Letsos Copsis 

Ms. Leah Bell Crosby 

Ms. Tracy L. Frey 

Mrs. Donna Johnson Gainer 

Ms. Alexandra Kay Gray 

Ms. Amy Beth Grossman 

Ms. Kathleen M. Hakim 

Mr. J. Clark Hill 

Ms. Elizabeth Van Winkle Hornbuckle 

Mrs. Kate Baker Houston 

Mr. Douglas C. Leventhal 

Mr. Shane H. Little 

Mrs. Gail Lynn Louton 

Mrs. Nancy Ahern Mitchell 

Ms. Edna Clark Radford 

Mr. David M. Ross 

Mrs. Scarlett Hawkins Ross 

Mrs. Gail Robertson Serauskas 

Mrs. Shannon L. Southard 

Mrs. Candy Allen Thacker 

Mr. Joseph E. Tombertin 

Ms. Kristina Randall Tomberlin 

Mrs. Virginia Martin Tomlinson 

Mr. Mark L. Tubesing 

Mr. Trung Hoang Vo 

Ms. Elizabeth Denece Watts 

44 Honor Roll of Donors 

Class of 1994 

Mr. Nathan E. Briesemeister 

Mr. Mark A. Caprio 

Mr Michael J. Claxton 

Mr Brian A. Davis 

Mr Troy Allen Dwyer 

Ms. Killian Edwards 

Mrs. Barbara Miller Hall 

Mr Jeff Hall 

Mrs. Jill Reiss Harper 

Mr. Justin H. Hayes 

Ms. Loretta D. Hunt 

Ms. Carol A. Jones 

Mrs. Victoria Pertienra Mason 

Mr Williann R. Middleton 

Mrs. Connie Leigh Pendley 

Mrs. Anna San-Martin Soracco 

Ms. McKieva Sullivan 

Dr Elizabeth R. Taghechian 

Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Weismann 

Ms. Elizabeth Anne Zelley 

Ms.AmyD.Zickus(M.B.A. '01) 

Class of 1995 

Mr Michael James Beran 

Ms. Jennifer Cowdrey Bonacci 

Ms. Brooke N, Bourdelat-Parks 

Ms. Maria J. Bright 

Mr Zachary L. Butler 

Ms. Christine Schram Butler 

Ms. Gina Angela Carellas 

Mr J. Heath Coleman (M.B.A. '01) 

Mr Elmo I. Ellis (H) 

Ms. Kathleen M. Farrell 

Mr Alan J. Gibson 

Mrs. Teri Butler Gibson 

Mr and Mrs. John Dale Hester 

Ms. April Hightower Kenneiiy 

Mrs. Christy Hall Keohane 

Mrs. Lu Green LeRoy 

Mr Robert N. Lyons 

Ms. Jeanette B. Martin 

Mrs. Stacey Brand Ostervold 

Mrs. Michelle J. Perera 

Ms. Marge Ramos 

Mr Marshall Reiser 

Mrs. Brenda Jericevich Roger 

Mr. Andrew David Schutt 

Mr Morris Tubesing 

Mrs, Jane Barrow Tracy 

Class of 1996 

Mr Jonathan M. Almond 
Mr Mark C. Boyt 
Dr Amy Langham Canavan 
Ms. Stephanie E. Carouthers 
Mrs. Heather Andrews Clark 

Mr Charies G. DeNormandie 

Mrs. Lisa Diedrich 

Mrs. Claire M. Dionne 

Mr Robby Duty 

Ms. Stephanie A. Everett 

Mr Jim Faasse 

Mrs. Donna Findling 

Ms. Eleanor Fulton 

Ms. Ekaterina Gaiperina-Simon 

Mr Marquis Y. Glenn 

Ms. Katherine M. Griffin 

Ms. Tonia Sellars Griswold 

Ms. Emily S. Guriey 

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Healy 

Ms. Trishanda L. Hinton, Esq. 

Ms. Lin Odom Hopkins 

Mrs. Joan Ireland 

Mr Kevin M. Kendrick 

Ms. Patricia Mazini 

Mrs. Patricia McFariand 

Mrs. Katherine N. Michaiek 

Ms. Colleen Hill Moore 

Ms. Jane C. Perkins 

Mrs. Tonya Gibson Russo 

Mr Jeremiah Schultz 

Mr Burke A. Scott 

Ms. Jennifer Sisco 

Ms. Nicole R. Smith 

Ms. Elizabeth L. Stockton 

Class of 1997 

Mr M. John Breton III 

Mr Daryl Brooks 

Mr Edward Hunt Brumby 

Mr S. Truett Cathy (H) 

Mr Joseph Cox 

Ms. Theresa Linebarger Cox 

Mr Gregory L. Daspit 

Ms. Melissa Drouin 

Ms. Deborah N. Gable 

Mrs. Rebecca Ellis Gardner 

Ms. Sarah Allison Gatliff 

Mrs. Jennifer Ovdenk Haley 

Mrs. Laura M. Hawkins 

Ms. Stephanie L. Hunter 

Ms. Miki Williamson Johnson 

Mr Jason Karnes 

Mr Michael Kelly 

Ms. Tiffany E. Kelsey 

Mr George H. Kohlweiler 

Mr Brent W. Latham 

Mrs. Stephanie Chaby Lyons 

Mrs. Rebecca Hester Miller 

Mrs. Anita Stevenson Patterson 

Mr Matthew S. Reeves 

Mr. Timothy Randall Roberson 

Mr Fred Robey 

Ms. Melanie Rosen 
Ms. Angela Satterfield 
Mr Bobby L. Scott, Jr 
Ms. Erika M. Steele 
Mr Tharius D. Sumter 
Mrs. Katie Trucksis Thompson 
Mr Scott Tomlinson 
Ms. Kelly Holland Vrtis 

Class of 1998 

Mrs. Valerie Holshouser Barske 

Mr Peter L. Cannizzaro 

Ms. Angela Bartlett Daspit 

Mrs. Julie Ehlers-King 

Mr Matthew I.D. Flinn 

Mrs. Shannon Hutcheson Freeman 

Mr Claude Spencer Godfrey, Jr 

Ms. Amanda E. Greene 

Mrs. Lisa K. Gyllenswan 

Mr Benjamin J. Hanes 

Ms. Karen Head 

Mrs. Catherine K. Howland 

Ms. Creche E. Kern 

Mr Bryon C. Letourneau 

Mrs. Jennifer S. Letourneau 

Mr Russell Lind 

Ms. Reiko Maki 

Mr Brian David McNulty 

Mrs. Jaime J. Melton 

Mr Coy Miller 

Mr Lewis M. Miller III 

Mrs. Alicia S.O'Kelley 

Mr Shane R. Olson 

Ms. Elizabeth K. Parra 

Mr David Reynolds Pass 

Mr Brian D. Rice 

Mr James D. Rissler 

Ms. Christina Burnham Rissler 

Mr Harrell G. Robinson III 

Ms. Janice McNeal Smith 

Mr Nathan Sparks 

Mrs. Kristi P Vega 

Mr Bennett A. Vl/eaver 

Class of 1999 

Ms. Cheri Baker 
Mr Charles E. Barousse 
Mrs, Amy Katz Bonn 
Ms. Andrea Hope Breen 
Ms. Brandi Camron 
Mr Brett Cave 
Mr Kipp A. Chambers 
Ms. Jennifer Chaves 
Ms. April J. Costner 
Mr Donald J. Davis 
Ms. Kathleen C. Duda 
Mr Michael D. Dusang 

Ms. Jeanie F. Flohr 

Mr Anthony Freeman 

Mr Josh Gazaway 

Mrs. Robin Godard ' 

Mr Kelly Hampton 

Ms. ToniM. Head 

Mrs. Tracy Lynn Holbrook 

Mr Jeremy D. Horsefield 

Mrs. Catherine Borck Horsefield 

Mrs. Heather McNeill Ivkovich 

Mr Jeffrey Scott Jones 

Ms. Shannon M. Lambert 

Ms. Jeanee Marie Ledoux 

Ms. Mariruth Leftwich 

Ms. Deborah L. Leighty 

Ms. Robyn Lucas 

Ms. Lathonia D. Maloy 

Mr Andy Milford 

Mrs. Dina Molaison 

Mrs. Lauren Wiikerson Park 

Mr Jerry Portwood 

Mr Robert L. Rawson 

Ms. Vera Ray 

Ms. Melissa L. Roedersheimer 

Ms. Zandra Ruiz 

Ms. Kiley A. Ryba 

Dr Donald S. Stanton (H) 

Ms. Danielle A. Stellin 

Ms. Ellissa L. Vermillion 

Mr Tolliver Williams 

Class of 2000 

Mr Warren F Barnes 

Ms. Elizabeth M. Brattin 

Ms. Catherine T Burns 

Mrs. Mandy McDow Flemming 

Mrs. Amy Myers Flinn 

Ms. Nicole Garbarini 

Dr Joel Goldberg (H) 

Mrs. Lara S. Griffin 

Mr John Hannay 

Mr John Hong 

Ms. Misty N. Hood 

Mr Wade Hubbard 

Ms. Lucia M. Jennings 

Mr Clayton B. Johnson 

Mr J. Jay Kapp 

Ms. Kristen L. Kirkland 

Ms. Leigh D. Lawless 

Mr Albert R. Lewis 

Mr Chad Lowe 

Mr 0. Bradford Mitchell 

Mrs. Kathleen Mercer Proto 

Mr Blake Stabler 

Ms. Tina Marie Stults 

Mrs. Gail G. Thompson 

Ms. Nicole M. Urbanek 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


Mrs. Marilyn J. Webb 
1st Lt. Joseph H. Wicker 
Mr. Kevin A. Woolf 

Class of 2001 

Mr, Fredericl< R. Bailey 

Ms. Melissa A. Burpo 

Mrs. Ann Stiner Cave 

Ms. P Suzanne Gleason 

Ms. Mia-Shell R. Hatcher 

Mr. J. Cleve Hill 

Ms. Angel P. Mallard 

Ms. Patricia R. Marks 

Ms. Amy J. McCrary 

Ms. Karina Mizrahi 

Ms. Rachel L. Moore 

Mr. Lance W. Ozier 

Ms. Leah S. Patrick 

Ms. Sue Ann Prigge 

Ms. Kathryn C. Prindible 

Ms. Angle Baldw/in Roda 

Mr. Chris Rylands 

Ms. Sandra A. Soeth 

Ms. Caroline Bartenfield Wright 

Mr. Brian D. Wright 

Class of 2002 

Ms. Rebekah Ager 

Ms. Karen S. Anthony 


Ms. Rebecca Humble Bragg 

Ms. Shaniece R. Broadus 

Mr. Terry B. Brooks 

Mr. Rick Brow/n 

Ms. Joy L. Cofield 

Ms. Jessie L. Copeland 

Ms. Jessica A. DeMaria 

Mr. Sri Hemanth Digumarthi 

Ms. Darlene A. Druse 

Mr. David W. Jenkins 

Mrs. Megan Wallace Jenkins 

Ms. Aerie T. Jones 

Ms. Sallie M. Kaitreider 

Ms. Karen Beth McClanahan 

Ms. Laura Lea Moon 

Mr. Thomas A. Namey 

Ms. Jill L. Orlando 

Ms. Vera V. Redwine 

Ms. Katherine E. Shropshire 

Ms. Heather Lynn Staniszewski 

Ms. La-Shena K. Tatum 

Mr. Steven C. Totino 

Ms. Kathleen Watkins 

Ms. Heather Weiss 

Ms. Mary Carol Wollenhaupt 

Class of 2003 

Mr. Chad Anderson 
Ms. Catherine A. Blasdell 
Ms. Kelley Bowden 
Mr. Eric Conner 
Mr Mark W. DeLong 
Mr. Matthew H. Dunn 
Ms. Melissa C. Evans 
Mr. Stanley M. Goldberg 
Mr. Jeremy D. Gray 
Mr. Andrew A. Gutierrez 
Ms. Michelle A. Harrington 
Ms. Katherine S. Harrison 
Mr. James I Howell, Jr. 
Ms. Lynda Jarvis 
Mr. Riley Kahle 
Mr. Chris Koda-Massey 
Ms. Katarina Kurincova 
Ms. Tiffani M. Lamprecht 
Ms. Robin Lohfert 
Ms. Patience Mason 
Mr. Benjamin T. Matthews 
Ms. Desiree L. Mattig 
Ms. Sarah Moss-Solomon 
Mr. William Thayer Mullally 
Ms. Rachel A. Newby 
Ms. Michelle Parks 
Ms. Rachel L. Ratliff 
Ms. Katrice D. Richards 
Ms. Erin Sellers 
Mr. Christopher A. Simser 
Ms. Abby Jean Snauwaert 
Ms. Angela C. Stalcup 
Ms. Jody M. Stephenson 
Ms. Heather D. Van Kampen 
Mr. Joshua Waller 
Ms. Elena Weiss 
Ms. Verdell Wilson 
Mr. James A. Wood, Jr 

Honorariums and Memorials 

Supporting the education of future genera- 
tions is a tremendous way to honor those 
who have made an impact on our iives. 
The foiiowing is a iist of donations made to 
Oglethorpe University as a way to honor or 
memorialize someone. 
In Memory of Mrs. Mittie Lou Adkison 
Ms. Rachel Ratliff '03 

In Honor of Dr. G. Malcolm Amerson 

Mrs. Diane Gray 77 

In Honor of Ms. JoAnn Anderson 

Mr. Chad Anderson '03 

In Memory of Mr. Marshall A. Asher Jr. '41 

Mrs. Medora F. Wallace '40 

In Memory of Marshall A. and Jane 
Asher ('41 /'42) 

Mr. Thomas M. Hunter '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Schmidt '40 

In Honor of Ms. Susan B. Brandt 

Mr. William R. Foster '58 

In Honor of Dr. Ronald Carlisle 

Ms. Robin Lohfert '03 

In Honor of Steve and Michelle 

Mr. Bud Salamone 

In Memory of Mr. Thomas W. Chandler, Jr. 

Mr. Robert L, Manning '64 

In Honor of Alan D. and Nancy M. 

Ms. Katarina Kurincova '03 

In Honor of Ms. Kelly Frances Cogan '04 

Mr. and Mrs. John Cogan 

In Honor of Ms. Mary Bridget Cogan '06 

Mr. and Mrs. John Cogan 

In Memory of Mrs. Miriam H. "Bimby" 
Conant '92 (H) 

Mrs. Yetty L. Arp 
Mrs. Margaret Conant Dickson 
Dr and Mrs. Larry D. Large 
Mrs. Clare Findley Magbee '56 
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Stanton '99 (H) 
Dr. Victoria L. Weiss 

In Honor of Gary and Angle Conner 

Mr. Eric Conner '03 

In Memory of Mrs. Rosemary 
Hartrampf Coons '52 

Mr. Henry C. Atchison '52 
Mrs. Muriel L. Bono '52 
Mrs. Jane Rand Breunig '51 
Mrs. Mary Louise MacNeil '51 

In Memory of Mr. Michael Archangel 
Corvasce '79 

Mr. Raymond S. Willoch '80 

In Honor of Thomas J. and Iris Couch 

Ms. Cathehne A. Blasdell '03 

In Memory of Mrs. Jane Galler Curkin '50 

Mrs. Muriel L. Bono '52 
Mr.Alvin J. Curkin '51 

In Memory of Mr. Fred Darden '52 

Mr. James E. (Mack) and Mrs. Jean 
Henderson ('52/'52) 

In Honor of Thomas W. and Elizabeth 

Mr. Mark DeLong '03 

In Memory of Ms. Karen S. Dillingham 

Mr Paul Dillingham 

In Honor of Mr. Michael Drumm 

Ms. Carolyn Dipsey 

In Memory of Rev. Edward M. English '56 

Rev. Nancy Frazier English '56 

In Honor of Thomas S. and Gail Evans 

Ms. Melissa C. Evans '03 

In Memory of Ms. Anne Franklin 

Dr Victoria L. Weiss 

In Honor of Ms. Nancy Fuentes 

Ms. Desiree Mattig '03 

In Memory of Ms. Lyndra Givens '94 

Ms. Amy Zickus '03 

In Memory of Mrs. Betty Benefield 
Goldthwait '41 

Dr John T Goldthwait '41 

In Honor of Dr. Roy N. Goslin '71 (H) 

Mr. William R. Foster '58 

In Honor of Donald E. and Carol Gray 

Mr. Jeremy Gray '03 

46 Honor Roll of Donors 

In Memory of Mrs. Hermine Grayson 

Ms. Linda Walters Bucki 79 

Mr. Thomas J. Couch 

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Large 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Stanton '99 (H) 

Dr. Linda J. Taylor 

Dr. Victoria L, Weiss 

In Memory of Mr. John A. Griggs '63 

Dr. Yvonne Bruton Pennington '63 

In Memory of Mrs. Ginger Posey 

Mr. Andrew A. Gutierrez '03 

In Honor of Jack and Marlene 

Ms. Michelle Harrington '03 

In Honor of Ken and Kathy Harrison 

Ms. Katherine S. Harrison 03 

In Honor of Mr. James "Mack" 
Henderson and Mrs. Jean Henderson 

Mr. Eric M. '63 and Mrs. Helene Scharff 

In Honor of Mrs. Barbara Henry '85 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bryson 

In Memory of Dr. Preston Hoyle 

Mrs. Barbara Stanton 

In Honor of Dr. Rebecca Hyman 

Ms. Elena Weiss '03 

In Memory of Ms. Carol Jennings 

Or. Linda J. Taylor 

In Honor of Dr. Elizabeth C. Johnson 

Office of Alunnni Relations 

In Honor of Ms. Violet Ophelia Jones 

Ms. Kelley E. Bowden '03 

In Memory of Dr. Raymond J. Kaiser, Jr. 

Ms. Sandra Lynch Aufderheide '83 

In Memory of Miss Rose Bud Kent '62 

Mrs. Kay Kilpatrick Crawford '63 
Mr. and Mrs, Sydney B. Neville 

In Honor of Ms. Leah Kogan 

Mr, Joshua Waller '03 

In Memory of Mrs. Mary Jane Stuart 
Kohler '90 

Mrs, Beth Morrison Anderson '90 

Major Lance W, Kohler 

Mrs, Fran Bennett Konradt '90 

Mrs, Frances Faasse Markle '92 

Mr, and Mrs, Harvey Paclat 

The Resource Group 

Ms, Angela Clem Schwarz '90 

Mr, and Mrs. Aurel Stuart 

Dr, Victoria L. Weiss 

Mrs, Kerensa Shoemake Wing '90 

In Honor of Mrs. Mary Lamprecht 

Ms, Tiffani Lamprecht '03 

In Honor of Dr. Larry D. Large 

Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp '68 

In Memory of Miss Gladys LIndsey '37 

Mrs, Mary Call Smith '39 

In Honor of Dr. Douglas L. McFarland 

Mr, Matthew H. Dunn 03 

In Honor of Mr. Dennis Matthews 

Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth Bryson 
Mr. Chad Lowe '00 

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Todd 

Mr. Benjamin T Matthews '03 

In Memory of Mr. Joseph Anthony 
Meyer, Sr. 

Dr, and Mrs. Larry Large 

In Honor of Dr. Coy Miller 


In Honor of Mrs. Rebecca Miller, Esq. 


In Memory of Mr. Walter L. Morris '26 

Mr, and Mrs. Michael Brandt 

In Honor of Mr. James and Mrs. 
Patricia Moss-Solomon 

Ms, Sarah Moss-Solomon '03 

In Memory of Mrs. Emily Martin Nalley 

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold B, Sidman 

In Memory of Mrs. Mary Jane Newby 

Ms, Rachel A, Newby '03 

In Memory of Mr. Harry Norman 

Mrs, Frances Block Norman '38 

In Honor of Dr. Caroline Noyes 

Office of Alumni Relations 

In Memory of Palm the Elephant 

Mr. Richard J. Reynolds III 

In Honor of Mr. Antonio M. Palma '42 

Ms. Marci Brown 
Ms, Micky Brown 
Mr, Michael Palma. Jr, 

In Memory of Mr. Antonio M. Palma '42 

All Saints Episcopal Church 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B, Clark 

Ms, Susan Keyes 

Ms, Elizabeth P Nesbitt '60 

Ms. Martha A, Pylant 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Van Houten. Jr. 

Mr, and Mrs. Robert W, Webb 

In Honor of Tommy and Nicky Parazine 

Ms, Carolyn Dipsey 

In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Manning 
Pattillo '94 (H) 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mays 

In Memory of Mrs. Martha C. Pattillo 

Mrs. Marybeth Robertson Atkins '81 

Ms. Sandra Lynch Aufderheide '83 

Mrs, Anita S. Baker 

Mr, and Mrs. Russell W, Beard 

Mr, and Mrs. Charles B, Bedford 

Mr and Mrs. John W. Bolish, Jr. 

Mrs, Margaret C, Brann 

Mr, and Mrs. Mark L, Braunstein 

Ms. Linda Walters Bucki '79 

Mr William A, Bugg, Jr. 

Mr, George C, Burke 

Dr. and Mrs, Ronald L. Carlisle 

Mr. S, Wright Caughman 

Ms, Jean G, Chapman 

Ms. Jeannine R. Christensen 

Ms, Mary Ben Christiansen 

Dr. Barbara R. Clark 

Club Estates Garden Club 

Mrs, Aline C, Cofield 

Mr. and Mrs, Earl P Cook 

Ms. Barbara T Copeland 

Mr, and Mrs. John Cravifford 

Mr, and Mrs. Paul L, Dillingham 

Mr, and Mrs. Christopher Early 

Mr, and Mrs, Elmo T Ellis '95 (H) 

Ms. Geraldine B. Ferguson 

Mrs, Christina Rice Freeman '58 

Mr, Spurgeon P Gaskin 

Mr, and Mrs, Marion B, Glover, Jr. 

Mr, and Mrs, George E. Goodwin 

Ms, Jane 0. Green 

Dr, and Mrs. R Frank Hagerty 

Mrs. Haines Hargrett 

Mr, and Mrs, William P Harrington 

Mr. Dabney A. Haft 

Ms. Teresa A. Hedges 

Mrs. Kay E. Holler 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Y Jobe 

Ms, Mary Katherine King 

Ms. C, Lee Boggus Knippenberg '82 

Dr. Joseph Knippenberg 

Mr, Ralph E, Kuzell 

Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Large 

Mr. and Mrs. Julius R. Lunsford, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs, Paul Lutz 

Mrs, Mary Louise MacNeil '51 

Mr. and Mrs, Eugene N. Martini 

Mr, and Mrs, John E, Mays 

Mr, Hall F. McKinley 

Mr, and Mrs. James P McLain 

Mr, H. G, Pattillo 

Dr, Manning M. Pattillo, Jr. '94 (H) 

Ms, Ruth M. Pearson '86 

Ms, Eleanor C, Popplewell 

Mr, Carl J. Reith 

Dr, and Mrs, J, Mack Robinson '95 (H) 

Mr, John J, Scalley 

Mr, Rees Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Schmidt '40 

Mr Charies C. Schoen 

Mr. Michael Spitalli 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Stanton '99 (H) 

Dr, Charles P Sullivan '71 

Mr. and Mrs, Morris Tubesing '95 

Mr. John M, Tucker 

Dr, Vienna K, Volante 

Mrs. Diane Dubay Walker '86 

Mrs. Gladys Baldwin Wallace '61 

Mrs. Medora Fitten Wallace '40 

Dr, Victoria L. Weiss 

Wednesday Morning Study Club 

Mr and Mrs. Robert J. Whitehead 

Mrs. Sarah Wight 

Mrs. and Mrs. Lyndon Wilkes 

Dr. and Mrs, Robert T Willingham 

Mr. and Mrs, L, David Wyly 

Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 


In Memory of Mr. Ansel W. Paulk '39 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Schmidt '40 
Mr Ralph W, Thacker '37 
Mrs. Medora Fitten Wallace '40 

In Memory of Mr. Lee Payne 

Dr. William F. Straley 

In Memory of Mr. Delbert W. Popp 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas J. Buckalew 
Mr and Mrs. David L. Chadwick 
Ms. Judi Dandeneau 
Mr and Mrs. Francis Giordano 

In Memory of Mr. Grant Ratliff 

Ms. Rachel L Ratliff '03 

In Memory of Mr. M. Collier Ross 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen Schmidt '40 

In Honor of Mr. Bud Salamone 

Mrs. Sharon Dimarco 

In Honor of Mr. Bud Salamone and 
Mrs. Sharon OlMarco 

Ms. Cathy S. Sauer 

In Memory of Mr. John P. Salamone '86 

Ms. Gail Donato-Gannon 
Mr. Harry R. Frazer '89 
Mr. Kurt A. Hansen '89 
Mr. Bud Salamone 
Dr. Victoria L. Weiss 

In Honor of Ms. Mary Ellen Salamone 

Mr. Bud Salamone 

In Honor of Michael and Candace 

Mr. Bud Salamone 

In Honor of Mr. Thomas Salamone 

Mr. Bud Salamone 

In Honor of Thomas and Dori 

Mr. Bud Salamone 

In Honor of Mr. Roland Sauer 

Mr. Bud Salamone 

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Sauer 

Mr. Bud Salamone 

In Memory of Ms. Alma Smith 

Ms. Lynda Jarvis '03 

In Honor of Mr. Robert M. Smith 

Ms. Lynda Jarvis '03 

In Honor of the Stalcup Family 

Ms. Angela C. Stalcup '03 

In Memory of Mr. Frank Stevenson 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Fox 
Mr Randolph N. Reynolds 

In Honor of Dr. Brad L. Stone 

Ms. Heather D. Van Kampen '03 

In Memory of Mrs. Sue Bailey Sullivan '37 

Mrs. Medora Fitten Wallace '40 

In Memory of Dr. Warren J. Valine 

Dr. Louise M. Valine 

In Honor of Mr. Paul Whiting 

Mr Riley Kahle '03 

In Honor of Ms. Elise Wilkes 

Ms. Jody M. Stevenson '03 

In Honor of Dr. Jason M. Wirth 

Mr and Mrs. Neil Kalmanson 

In Memory of Mr. Frank Zelencik '39 

Mr Thomas Gregorovich 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Schmidt '40 

Ms. Mary Zelenik 

Every effort tias been made to ensure ttie 
accuracy of the information for each con- 
tributor However, if you do not find your 
name in a particular list, please contact Bill 
Doerr, Director of Development Services, at 
(404) 364-8439., 
or by mail at the^ university's address. 

In Honor of Dr. Daniel L. Schadler 

Mr Timothy N. Patterson 

zj-O Board of Trustees 


Warren Y. Jobe, Chair 
Belle Turner Lynch, Vice Chair 
Harald R, Hansen, Vice Chair 
Arnold B. Sidman, Secretary 
John J. Scalley, Treasurer 

Alexander Haas Martin & Partners 

YETTY L, ARP '68, Associate Broker 
Southeast Commerciai Properties 

A. DIANE BAKER 77, Attorney at Law 
Rosweii, Ga 

PIN PIN CHAU, President and CEO 
Summit National Bank 

The Integral Group, LLC. 

Public Broadcasting Atlanta 
Atlanta Educational Telecommunications 
Collaborative, Inc. 

TERRY TRIBBET DAVIS '82 President/Creative Director 
see see eye 

Senior Financial Advisor 
American Express Financial Advisors Inc.. 
IDS Life Insurance Company 

JAMES J. HAGELOW '69, Managing Director 
Marsh USA Inc. 

HARALD R.HANSEN, Chairman, President and CEO 
(Retired), First Union Corporation of Georgia 

JAMES V. HARTLAGE Jr '65, President 
Accumetric, Ina 

Snellville, Ga. 

WARREN Y JOBE, Executive Vice President (Retired) 
Georgia Power Company 

DAVID L, KOLB, Chairman and CEO (Retired) 
Mohawk industries. Inc. 

LARRY D. LARGE, President 
Oglethorpe University 


Investment Management and Trust Consultant 

Northwestern Mutual Trust Company 


CLARE ("TIA') MAGBEE '56, Atlanta 

STEPHEN E. MALONE '73, First Vice President 
Merrill Lynch 

E. R. MITCHELL Jr., President and CEO 
E R. Mitchell & Company 


FRANKLIN L. BURKE '66, Chairman and CEO (Retired) 
Bank South, NA 

ELMO I. ELLIS, Vice President (Retired) 
Cox Broadcasting Corporation 

GEORGE E. GOODWIN, Senior Counselor (Retired) 
Manning, Selvage & Lee 

C. EDWARD ("NED") HANSELL , Senior Counselor (Retired) 
Jones. Day Reavis and Pogue 

ARTHUR HOWELL, Partner (Retired) 
Alston & Bird 

J. SMITH LANIER II, Chairman and CEO 
J. Smith Lanier and Company 

McLain and Merritt. PC. 

STEPHEN J. SCHMIDT '40, Chairman and CEO 
Dixie Seal & Stamp Company 

WILLIAM A. EMERSON, Senior Vice President (Retired) 
Merrill Lynch Pierce. Fenner and Smith 

BOB T NANCE '69, President 
Nance Carpet & Rug Company, Inc. 

NORMAN R FINDLEY, Executive Vice President, Marketing 
Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. 

R. D. ODOM, President 
Network Services, BellSouth 

J. LEWIS GLENN '71 , President and CEO 
Harry Norman Realtors 

JOHN J. SCALLEY Executive Vice President (Retired) 
Genuine Parts Company 


0,K. SHEFFIELD '53, Vice President (Retired) 

The Rich Foundation 

BankSouth. N.A. 



The Robertson Foundation 

Chamberlain, Hrdlicka. White. Williams & Martin 

DEBORAH S. GRIFFIN '90, Clinical Social Worker 

SUSAN M. SOPER '69, Freelance Writer & Editor 



JACK GUYNN, President and CEO 


Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta 

Senior Vice President of Operations 

Chick-fil-A Inc. 

CATHY L. VINSON, LLC '92, Immigration Attorney 


Oglethorpe University I the Carillon 

The Petrel Challenge 

Can you identify tliese items associated witli OU? 

1. A carillon is 

A. A musical instrument consisting of at least two octaves of bells 
arranged in chromatic series and played from a keyboard 

B. A tower in which a set of bells is contained 

C. A tall tower that dominates a quadrangle on an academic campus 
and affords a view of the entire campus 

D. A tall top extension of a building of at least three stories that fronts 
a major thoroughfare 

2. Thornwell Jacobs 

A. Legendary OU football coach 

B. Dean who modeled Oglethorpe's core curriculum after the one at 
Columbia University 

C. Founding president of the "new" Oglethorpe in Atlanta 

D. Most famous alumnus of the 1920s 

3. Sidney Lanier 

A, President of the student association during the 1950s 

B. Famous 1 9th-century American poet, who graduated from 

C, Literature professor who was instrumental in the development of 
the OU core curriculum 

D. Center on the 1961 OU championship basketball team 

4. Annapolis Group 

A. Oglethorpe's athletic conference 

B. The national debating society of which Oglethorpe is a member 

C. Oglethorpe's accrediting agency for the core curriculum 

D. Association of the nation's most selective liberal arts colleges (OU 
is a member) 

5. U.C. 

A. Slang for the courtyard in the upper quad - "Upperquad Commons" 

B. Slang for the paint inside upper-quad dorm rooms - "Ugly color" 

C. Oglethorpe's evening degree program for working adults - 
University College 

D. Slang for the Crypt of Civilization - "Underground Crypt" 

6. Boar's Head 

A. The prize for the best decorated dorm-room door on campus at the 
beginning of each academic year 

B. The name of the campus literary magazine 

C. The name of the campus yearbook 

D. The annual concert and ceremony that marks the beginning of the 
winter holiday season 

7. Garland Pinholster 

A. Dean whom Phillip Weltner recruited from Columbia University to 
help him institute the OU core curriculum 

B. President of Oglethorpe University from 1960-65 

C. Legendary basketball coach/athletic director/dean at OU during 
the 1960s 

D. OU baseball star who played in the major leagues and was 
inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown 

8. Battle of Bloody Marsh 

A. The annual boxing championship that is part of fraternity "Greek 

B. The annual volleyball tournament staged at the upper quad each 
spring by the Oglethorpe Student Association in honor of the his 
toric battle fought between the Spanish and the Indians at 
Yamacraw Ridge 

C. The annual tug-of-war contest staged on the quad between 
faculty/staff and students to commemorate the historic colonial 
battle between the Spanish and General Oglethorpe's troops 

D. The nickname given to attempts to walk the Ho Chi Minh Trail on 
campus during a rainstorm 

9. Luke Appling 

A. Dean whom Phillip Weltner recruited from Columbia University to 
help him institute the OU core curriculum 

B. OU baseball star who played in the major leagues and was 
inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown 

C. Legendary basketball coach/athletic director/dean at OU during 
the 1960s 

D. President of Oglethorpe University from 1960-65 

10. GSF 

A. Georgia Shakespeare Festival, the professional theatre company 
in residence at OU 

B. Girls' Science Fund, a scholarship to encourage women to study 

C. Georgia Soccer Federation, which hosts tournaments on campus 

D. "Giddy Society Foundation," the improv comedy troupe that 
sponsors comedy "open mike" nights in the Bomb Shelter 

Grading on a curve: 

7-1 Correct Answers: Forget your final GPA; you just finished 
Summa Cum Laude! 

5-7 Correct Answers: No more transcripts for you until you spend a 
bit more time on campus. 

3-5 Correct Answers: Sorry! You barely remember what the bells 
sound like. 

Fewer than three Correct Answers: Watch your back; they're coming 
for your diploma! 


(1) A: (2) C; (3) B; (4) D; (5) C; (6) D: (7) C; (8) C; (9) B: (10) A 


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