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VOL 6 I NO. 1 I WINTER 2007 


Josel™ Butler Baker '91 
Ellen Heckler O'Herlihy -82 
Jennifer Fairchild Pierce '92 
David Ross '93 
Eric Scharff '63 
Vi\ian Gray Trabuc '65 


Jenifer Cooper 
Coopercii'orks, Inc. 


Mark DeLong "03 
Nichole Sloan 


Maria Osti '10 
Elizabeth Pittman 
Kelly Robinson 

BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2007 - 2008 

Mrs. Belle Turner LTOclr'61, Chair 
Mr. Jack Guynn '05 (H), Vice Chair 
Mr. Harald R. Hansen, IVeasurer 
Mr. Norman P. Findley, III, Secretaiy 

Mr. G. Dougkiss Ale.xander '68 

Mrs. Yetty L. Arp '68 

Mr. Robert E. Bowden '66 

Mrs. Mai-tha Laird Bowen '61 

Mr. M. John Breton, III '97 

Mr. Milton C. Clipper 

Mr. William A. Emerson 

Mr. Kevin D. Fitzpatrick. Jr. '78 

Mr. David C. GaiTett, III 

Mr. J. Lewis Glenn '71 

Dr. Joel Goldberg '00 (H) 

Ml-. James J. Hagelow '69 

Mr. James V. Hartlage. Jr. '65 

Mr. .7. Cleve HiU '01 

Ms. Veronica M. Hohnes '02 

Mr. Tad M. Hutcheson 

Dr. Kenneth K. Hutchinson '78 

Mr. Warren Y. Jobe 

Dr. Chaiies B. Knapp 

Mr. Roger A. Littell '68 

Mr. William T. Mullally '03 

Mr. Bob T. Nance '63 

Mr. R. D. Odom, .Ir. 

Mr. Cemal Alunet Ozgorkey '84 

Ms. Anita Stephenson Patterson '97 

Mr. Robert E. Reiser, Jr. 

IVIrs. Laura Turner Seydel '86 

Mr. Ai-nold B. Sidman 

Ms. Susan M. Soper '69 

Mr. Timothy P. Tassopoulos '81 

Ms. Trishanda Treadwell '96, Esq. 

Dr Pamela Tremayne 

Di G Gilman Watson '68 

\Ir Raymond S. Willoch 


Mr. Franklin L. Burke '66 
Mr. Kenneth S. Chestnut 
Mr. WilUani Goodell 
Mr George E. Goodwin 
Mr. C. Edwiud Hansell 
Mr Arthur Howell 
Mr. J. Smith Lanier 
Mr. .James P. McLain 
Mr. John J. Scalley 
Mr O.K. Sheffield. Jr '53 

Carillon is published semiannually 
for alumni and fiiends of Oglethorpe 
University. Oglethorpe, founded in 
1835, is a private liberal arts college 
located on Peachtree Road in the 
heart of Atlanta. 

Oglethoipe University makes no 
distinction in its admission policies 
or procedures on grounds of age, 
race, gender, rehgious belief, color, 
sexual orientation, national origin 
or disability. 


Jeanie Flohr '99 in the offices of 
Hands on Atlanta. 


Unsolicited articles and photographs 
(5x7 or larger) are welcomed for 
possible inclusion in future editions. 
Please note tliat submitted materials 
will not be returned. Submission 
does not guarantee publication as 
editors retain editorial rights. 


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Admission 404-364-8307 

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Athletics 404-364-8415 

Bookstore 404-364-8361 

Business Office .... 404-364-8302 

Career Services 404-364-8533 

Development 404-364-8439 

Evenmg Degree 

Program 404-364-8383 

Financial Aid 404-364-8.354 

Financial Planner 

Program 404-364-8373 

Georgia Shakespeare 

Box Office 404-264-0020 

Master of Arts in 

Teaching 404-364-8307 

Libraiy 404-364-8511 

Oglethorpe University- 
Museum of Art . . . 404-364-8555 

President 404-364-8319 

Provost 404-364-8317 

Public Relations . . 404-364-8447 
Student Affairs .... 404-364-8335 


Have a commentabout this or 
past issues? Hav-e a story idea for a 
future issue of Caiillon? We would 
love to hear from you. Write to the 
editor at mdelongg 
or Carillon, Oglethorpe University, 
4484 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, 
GA 30319. 




















I know these seemingly random and 
meaningless numbers could hardly seem 
to be a big deal, but let me share the stoiy 
behind each. 

423. That is the number of new people 
who made gifts to Oglethorpe in fiscal year 
2007- Together we set a new annual fund 

2561. As of December 1, the number of 
high school seniors who have applied for 
admission to Oglethorpe for fall 2008. 
Last year, we had less than 450 at this time. 

1089. That is how many of you increased 
your gifts this yeai; including viitually 
every trustee. 

And 35. This one is the percentage of 
first-year students coming to OU ft-om 
more than 300 miles away. In 2005, that 
number was only 17%. The freshman class 
is so full of engaged students, we had eight 
run for class president. 


When I arrived from points north just over 
two years ago, it seemed that eAervone I met 
in Atlanta drove by the walls of Oglethoipe 
on a daily basis but ne\er turned in. I 
know that when our admission staff began 
to travel outside the region to high schools 
or admission fairs, they rarely met a student 
who had heard of us. Even those who knew 
us best — our alumni, faculty, staff and 
students — would say that while it was all 
right here (a terrific education led by an 
amazing faculty; a caiing community- and a 
beautiliJ campus), somehow we were destined 
to remain a hidden gem. There were too 
many other bigger players in the cit>-. 
professional education had moved ahead 
of liberal education in terms of consumer 
demand and so on. 

Well, we were right at least on one count 
— it was all right here. An extraordinaiy 
education that paid tribute to both classical 
and modem themes. One of Americas most 
beautiful quadrangles that simply needed a 
little loving care. And a communitj' which 
warmly embraced people from all walks 
of life. All we needed to do was he bolder 
about telling our stor>-. 


That stoiy is a complex one. It includes the 
tale of two faculty' members dreaming up 
a course called "What is Art?" and taking 
advantage of an oppoitunit}' pro\aded 
by one of our alumni, Donald Rubin '56, 
and one of our trustees. Tad Hutcheson of 
AirTran Aii-ways, to pursue this question 
with 20 students for tvvo weeks while li\ing 
in New York City^ It's the story of over 
150 students on five separate occasions 
deciding to live in church basements in 
New Orleans for a week at a time to help 
rebuild that city. It includes the stoiy of 
Jay Lutz, our Professor of French, and 
Lloyd Nick, curator of the Oglethorpe 
University' Museum of Art, bringing to 
our campus for three months the works of 
Auguste Rodin. And Alan Loehle, Associate 
Professor of Art, claiming a prestigious 
Guggenheim Fellowship. Or stories like 
"CEO University,"" that just appeared in the 
Atlanta Business Chronicle, featiuing our 
own Bob Amick 72 and Lewis Glenn 71. 
How about the storv on National Public 

Radio about religious life being reborn 
on campus, with Jews, Christians and 
Muslims breaking bread with each other. 
There was the front page story' and national 
TV coverage of a student choosing to come 
here over a dozen other colleges including 
Emoi-y and American because he knew 
Oglethorpe would feel like home; you see. 
that student had spent virtually all his high 
school career homeless. And on and on. 

The Oglethorpe stoiT is a unique stoiy, 
and it was ready to be told. As we began 
to tell our story, we noticed something 
very interesting. People listened. Even the 
press, as our media hits rose from 450 
two years ago to almost 1.500 last year. 
Hundreds of people, after listening, 
decided they wanted to be part of the story 
and helped us in so many ways. 

Lo and behold, even 17-year-olds began 
to hear our story. I recall a line in The 
Princeton Re\iew that it would not be 

long before this little gem of a school in 
this great city of Atlanta began to catch on. 
Bingo. We have caught on. 

So, let me return to those numbers I began 
\^ith: 423 new givers, 2,561 applicants in 
December, 1,089 fiiends who became bet- 
ter friends, and 35% of our first-year class 
commg over 300 miles. What a story- ! 

Throughout the pages of this magazine 
you will find more Oglethorpe stories. 
We thank the many of you (yes, 423 and 
1.089) who supported us last year in the 
Honor Roll of Donors, beginning on page 
27. On page 18, w-e highlight our study 
abroad program, which offers students 
short-term trips for credit, semestere abroad 
and partner programs. We explore the 
three-decade Oglethorpe careers of 
Professors Vicky Weiss and Phil Neujahr 
on page 8. We teU snapshot stories of Pliil 
Horton '79, wiiose daughter Maiy Beth 
enrolled in the class of 2011, and seven 
others from California, Connecticut, 
Florida, New Jersey. New York, Texas 
and Washington. D.C., who represent our 
broad alumni base. Those begin on page 
10. And of course, there are countless 
stories to tell from Class Notes — babies 
born (Oglethorpe's class of 2028 is looking 
strong!), maniages celebrated and life 
changes acloiowledged. 

You are the Oglethoi-pe story, and I thank 
you for being a part of our community^. 



Rudy Giuliani, a 2008 presidential candidate, spoke at Oglethorpe in May. 
Giuliani's visit was mentioned in profiles run by The New York Times and Newsweek 
and on CNN. His visit was also included in local newspapers, such as The Atlanta 
Journal-Constitution and Creative Loafing, and on all the local television networks. 

Giuliani speaks during a town hall 
meeting in the Talmasc Room 


The Oglethorpe University 

Museum of Art featured 35 

Iptures by Auguste Rodin this 

fall in Rodin: In His Own Words, 

selections from the Iris and B. 

Gerald Cantor Foundation. The 

exhibition was featured in 

many publications 

including The Atlanta 


Neighbor Newspapers and 

Atlanta INtown. 

Aitgu.ste Rodin 
The Spirit of W 
(l883),fi-om the. 
Iris and B. Gerald 
Cantor Foundation 



The Oglethorpe 
men's golf team 
claimed the school's 
first-ever number one 
national ranking in 
the final Golf World/ \ 
Nike Golf Division III 
Coaches' Poll of the 
fall season. The men 
won two of their five 
fall events, placed second in one and third in the other two. 
Led by eight-time Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference 
Coach-of-the- Year Jim Owen and senior Academic and 
Athletic First Team All-Americon Taylor Urbanski '08, 
Oglethorpe has placed in the top five in each of the past 
four Division III National Championships. Last spring the 
men finished in fifth place with Urbanski shooting 1 2-over-par 
to finish fifth individually. On the women's team, Julia Gates '08 
set a school record by placing 1 8th in individual competi- 
tion last year. The OU golf team received recognition from 
several publications, including Georgia Golf and The Atlanta 


The Jewish, Catholic, Christian and MusHm student 
associations on campus are growing stronger. Combined, 
the groups host an Interfaith Movie Night series. Each 
group takes a turn picking out a movie to watch, usually 
based on their religion, and leading a discussion. These 
organizations have appeared on Atlanta NPR affiliate 
WABE, in many online blogs and local publications 
including Neighbor Newspapers. 

{L ~ J\iJi<L'ijs/t siuilciit Union President Nathaniel Goldman lU and 
Muslim Student Association President and Mustaju Abdullah '10. 


Phase II, a new residence hall on the OU campus, was completed 
over the summer and now houses more than 150 sophomores, 
juniors and seniors. This construction received attention from the 
Brookhaven Buzz, the DeKalb Champion, The Duluth Weekly 
and Dunwoody Criet. 


Alan Loehle, a professor of studio art at OU, was announced 
as a 2007 Guggenheim Fellow. Some past Guggenheim Fellows 
include Langston Hughes, Henry Kissinger and Eudora Welty. 
Loehle received attention from The New York Times, The Atlanta 
Journal-Constitution and Brookhaven Buzz. 




Oglethorpe welcomes the following new 
members to the Board of Tnistees: 

Mr. David C. Garrett, III 

Scottdale, Georgia 

Chairman, Mallor}' & Evans Development 

Ms. Veronica M. Holmes '02 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Adjunct Professor, Oglethorpe Universit>' 
Member, Oglethorpe University Museum 
of Art Adxisory Board 

Mr. Tad M. Hutcheson 

Atlanta. Georgia 

Vice President, Marketing and Sales for 

AirTran Airways 

Mr. Cemal Ahmet Ozgorkey '84 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Chairman, Board of Etap Industiy and 

Investment Holding, Inc. 

Mr. Robert E. Reiser, Jr. 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Executive \T and Chief Investment 

Officer, Balentine & Company 

Ms. Trishanda Treadwell '96, Esq. 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Attorney, Parker Hudson Rainer & Dobbs 

Member, Alumni Board 

Dr. Pamela Tremayne 

Atlanta, Georgia 


Member. Oglethorpe University Museum 

of Art Ad\isory Board 

Mr. J. Cleve Hill '01 

Canton, Georgia 

Attorney, Phill Bettis 

Member, Stormy Petrel Bar Association 

Ms. Anita Stephenson Patterson '97 

Duluth, Georgia 

Financial Department, Manheim Auto 
Auction, owned by Cox Enterprises, Inc. 
President, Alumni Board 



Over the summer Oglethorpe rolled out a 
new look, matching a new set of admission 
collateral designed by Pentagram of New York. 
This fall Arts & Ideas and Carillon have each 
been updated to match the new brand standards. 
In August also adopted 
the new look. 

The new logo design is inspired by the emblem 
on the gates of Hermance Stadium (see photo), 
which is a quatrefoil, or an architectural feature 
of a flower. This image, when simplified, has 
a series of combined Os enclosed in a larger 
O, subtly reinforcing the brand irom a classic 
prospective designed in a contemporary way. The 
brighter yellow is also fresh and new, playing on 
Oglethorpe's traditional gold but with an updated 
feel that truly energizes today's high school 
students. The quatrefoil is combined with two 
new typefaces, one that is classic in nature and 
one that is more contemporary. 

The look was developed by New York design 
firm Pentagram. The admission collateral was 
written by Andrea Jarrell with photography by 
Nichole Sloan. 

Oglethorpe's history comes olive in a new book 

released this fall. Philip Weltner Library Director 

Anne A. Salter and former archivist Laura Masce 

collaborated with alumni to produce Oglethorpe University, part 

of Arcadia Publishing's Campus History series. The 128-page book utilizes images 

from Oglethorpe's archives to document the extraordinary history of the university's 

faculty, campus and most importantly, its students. The over 200 images include Franklin 

Delano Roosevelt receiving his honorary degree, the Crypt of Civilization and early 

campus memories. 

Salter said, "This book celebrates Oglethorpe's unique and exciting stories as well 
as showcases some of the university's achievements as one of the outstanding liberal 
arts universities of the south." 

The book is available at the OU Bookstore or from Arcadia Publishing (1-888-3 1 3-2665 A second Oglethorpe history book, featuring a 
manuscript by former Oglethorpe President Manning M. Pattillo, will be available later 
this fall. Both books will be featured during Alumni Weekend, March 28 - 30, 2008. 


In going green. 

the Oglethorpi 

campus has turner 

blue — iviti 

recycling bin 

spread aroun I 

campus. Golf cart > 

driven by members ay 

, Environmentalbj 

Concerned Oglethorpe 

Students (ECOS 

cruise cainpus /< 

collect recycko 

bottles, cans and 

paper once a xveek. 

The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) 
assisted ECOS in establishing a larger 
recycling network this year, placing bins in 
every residential and academic building. 

"This year all of the recycling bins are 
blue and have the recycling symbol on them," 
said ECOS president Jessica Daniel '09, 
who helped revive the environment-friendly 
program as a freshman. "It's more uniform 
now, so hopefully, it will be a natural thing 
for people to recycle." 

Convenience and ubiquity play a large role 
in building participation. "I usually put 
things in a bin because it is right outside 
my door; it's so convenient," Rieddhi 
Shah '10 said. Stephen Germany '08 noted, 
"We've been trying to get bins in every suite 
on campus to make it easier to recycle 
containers and paper." 

After the ECOS members pick up the 
recycled objects, a group called Dream 
Sanitation travels to Oglethorpe to pick 
them up. 

Greening efforts are not limited to recycling 
soda bottles and office paper, though. 
Chloe Edwards '10 noticed a change in 
her suite one day. "A light which had been 
out in my dorm room was replaced with 
a compact fluorescent bulb. The light is 
a lot whiter than before." Many lights on 
campus, including most in Conant, have 
been changed to compact fluorescents. 

Compact fluorescent light bulbs last up to 
10 times longer than a regular light bulb, 
use about 70% less energy and produce 
70% less heat while delivering more light 
per watt, according to Georgia Power. 

As far as future plans are concerned, ECOS 
hopes to remove invasive Chinese privet 
(an evergreen shrub) on campus, provide 
environmental education for younger 
students, become an active part of the 
Green Peach Coalition and bring speakers 
to campus. 

Some plans have already been put into 
action. "We are partnering with the CCE 
to provide bins for the cafeteria to recycle 
their cardboard," stated Daniel. 

"Honestly, I would say that the only thing 
I think the recycling program needs to 
improve on is getting more people involved. 
It should become a paid position just like 
the CCE. I think more people would 
be interested in the subject then," said 
Alfonzo Mantilla '09. 

"We are always looking for people to partner 
vrith us on projects, especially alumni. The 
more outside projects we do, the more 
we're bringing back to OU," Daniel said. 
"Also, the more people you can meet, the 
more you have a chance to do. I believe that 
Oglethorpe is taking steps in right direction." 



February 13 
Oglethorpe Day 

Join the Oglethorpe community on the 
Academic Quad at 1 1 :45 a.m. to 
celebrate university namesake and 
Georgia founder James Edward Ogle- 
thorpe. At noon, students will compete 
against the Lupton bells in the Petrels 
of Fire race. A ceremony will follow in 
Conant with featured speaker and 
New York Times bestseller Pat Conroy. 

February 1 5, 1 6 and 1 7 at 8:00 p.m. 
The Vagina Monologues 
By Eve Ensler, directed by Heather 
DeVaney '09. Lupton Audhorium. 
Tickets: $5 general admission, $2 for 
OU students. Mature content. 
In a special benefit to end violence 
against women, the women of Oglethorpe 
University present a special Valentine 
week production of Eve Ensler's The 
Vagina Monologues, supported by the 
Theatre Department. The performance 
features women's lively accounts about 
what it means to be female. Their stories 
are funny and moving, forthright and 
refreshingly open. 

March 28 through 30, 2008 
Alumni Weekend 

Share a fun-hlled weekend with your fellow 
alumni, family and friends. The following 
classes and affinity groups will be celebrating 
reunions: 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 
1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, Young 
Alumni (1998 - 2007), romocraw Staff, 
APO, Alumni Teachers and English majors. 

April 16 

Liberal Arts Symposium 

Oglethorpe students present exemplary 
analytic and expressive work in this 
showcase of the liberal arts. A full schedule 
will be posted at v^ 
(keyword: symposium) prior to the event. 

April 1 8, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. 
Oglethorpe University Singers 
and University Chorale Spring 
Concert with The Georgia 
Philharmonic - Philip Rice, 
conductor. Conant Performing 
Arts Center. Free Admission. 
Orchestra and chorus conducted by 
Dr. W. Irwin Ray, Jr., plus additional 
selections by various composers with student 
soloists and ensembles. Guest soloists 
Anne-Marie Spalinger, soprano; Donna 
Carter, mezzo-soprano; and Stephen 
Ozcomert, bass-baritone. 

BY Kelly Robinson 

: . ft, . . 


'Mirji f-i 


** ii 


F ^ 

1 V, 

' \-V,t«W 





Philip (Phil) Neujahr grew up in 
California and attended Stanford 
University for an undergraduate 
degree in philosophy and Yale 
University for his master's and . 
Ph.D. He anived at Oglethorpe after 
spotting a job offer on a 3" x 5" index 
card on a Yale bidletin hoard. In April 
1973 he made his first trip to Atlanta 
and started teaching soon after. 

"l felt very hicky. Just having your Ph.D. 
from Yale was not a guarantee of getting a 
job as a philosophy professor" recalls Phil. 

I7i December 1976, Victoria (Vicky) 
Weiss interviewed loith professors Bill 
Biightman, Linda Taylor and Phil 
Neujahr in a hotel room, in Neio York 
City while attending a conference. She 
ivas just finishing her Ph.D. in English 
at Lehigh University, where she also 
received lier masters degree. 

Vicky was in the emiable position of 
having two job offers - Oglethorpe and 
the Universitj' of Hawaii at Honolulu. 
Although some might have chosen the 
ti-opical location of Hawaii. Vickj' 
remembers a graduate professor's 
comment that cemented her decision, 
"What work of real academic rigor has 
ever come out of Hawaii?" So the young 
woman from Cleveland, Ohio, who had 
never been farther south than Washington. 
D.C., felt fortrmate to have a job in the 
exciting, growing citj- of Atlanta, and she 
began teaching at Oglethorpe in the fall 
of 1977. 


At that time, Phil was division chair of the 
hiimanities (EngUsh and philosophy are 
now in separate divisions) and was Vickj-'s 
boss. Both insist there was no fliitation for 
the first two years, although some might 
have suspected an attraction before the 
two realized it themselves. 

Provost William Shropshire, who at the 
time was chair of the division of business 
and economics and Callaway Professor of 
Economics, remembers, "When I came to 
Oglethoi-pe in 1979, Phil Neujahr was a 
bachelor philosophy professor and Vick)' 
Weiss was the recently arrived professor of 
English and theatre director. I soon came 
to suspect that his interest in her was not 
just that of her division head. I was right!" 

The relationship blossomed one summer 
when Vick}-, who was in California for a 
National Endowment for the Humanities 
seminar, took Phil up on his offer to show 
off his home state. 

"I have to say he v\-as an excellent tour 
guide," Vicky says, laughing. 

They started dating in 1979, and. before 
they married in 1985, their romance was 
big business on campus. 

"I lived in faculty' housing on Hermance 
Drive fi-om 1974 until 1985 and paid S115 
in rent," Phil remembers. 

He also remembers his blue 1966 Mustang 
and that Vickj' had an apartment close by. 
They admit that students would drive by at 
all hours of the night tmng to catch Phil's 
blue Mustang at Vicky's apartment and 
vice versa. 

Once married, they moved to a new home, 
but Phil kept the beloved '66 Mustang for 
a total of 21 years. "It had 170,000 miles 
on it but no seatbelts. so once we had our 
daughter Alison, the car had to go too. I 
still have dreams about that car." Phil says 

Both the universit}^ and the cit\- have 
changed a lot since the 1970s, Vickj- and 
PM agi-ee. "Oglethorpe was like a faniily back 
then, and the cit}; of coiu'se, has gTO\\Ti 
and changed by leaps and bounds." 


■ kyaiutPhilfn 
I WZ9Yamacra 
' (irbnok. 



OF THE DAY YOU J"*^ amazing that I get paid for doing this. 

HAVE A SENSE THAT ^" "'^ f ':^ ^^l^^^^' 1^ '' "ly job to persuade 

w^.1 ■«..- -r^. .^, .-^ . ....... A A Students that this stulf is worth studvnng. I 

YOU'VE TOUCHED LIVES. 5 J succeed in most case.s, but not all." " 

While Phil has remained a philosophy 
professor with periods as division chair, 
Vickv-'s trajectory at the universitv" has 
taken many paths: professor of English, 
director of the Core Curriculum, ad hoc 
theatre director, director of develop- 
ment, interim provost, vice president for 
university' relations and back to professor 
of English. 

"I feel fortunate that Oglethorpe has given 
me the opportunity' over the v-ears to do 
what I've wanted to do and explore nearly 
all of the areas that make a university' 
work. I've loved everything I have had the 
opportunity to do here." 

Phil adds, "Studying and teaching in 
Atlanta is a gi^eat combination." 

Although the faculty has gTOwn in number. 
Vicky notes, "Oglethorpe is still a place 
where a single faculty member can make 
a real diiference. At the end of the day you 
have a sense that you've touched lives. I 
can't tell you how many times I've run into 
one of Phil's old students around town, 
and they talk about the change that Phil 
made in their lives." 

Phil agrees, "I have friendships with 
students that have lasted decades. I love 
teaching and what I do here. When I'm 
teaching an upper-level course with the 
light students, I think to myself that it is 

Vicl<y chimes in, "The significance isn't 
always apparent at the beginning. Then 
you see the light bulb go on, and students 
link pieces of knowledge together. They 
find they have a background they didn't 
have before - they didn't know where an 
idea belonged, and now they do." 

Barbara Bessmer Henry '85, director of 
alumni relations, knows first-hand the 
impact both have made on alumni through 
the years, "As I travel around the country- 
and host events, one question I continually 
ask is, 'W[\o inspired you while you were 
at Oglethorpe?" And Vicky Weiss and Phil 
Neujalii- are definitely at the top of the list 
of faculty who have made a difference in 
the lives of the alumni I have met." 

Phil recently announced that he will retire 
at the end of the 2007 - 2008 academic 
year, but said that he will always stay 
connected to Ogiethoipe and keep up the 
strong relationships formed with fellow 
faculty, students and alumni over the 

Proof of their deep Oglethorpe ties in fact 
brought the interview to a close as they ran 
to catch their twice weekly coffee date with 
retired history professor Dave Thomas, 
now in his 80s. "We love it," Vicky says. 
"We hang out and talk politics." 

ALUMNI. _,^ 

A liberal arts education prepares students not for their first job, 
but for their third or fourth career. President Schall is known for 
stating. The profiles that follow show the wide range of activities 
Oglethorpe alumni take on in their personal 
and professional lives. These multi-faceted 
individuals from across the country are changing 
the world around them one step at a time. 



Alicia Cowart '02 has always been 
interested in other cultares. Her inde- 
pendently planned major in art histoiy 
and anthropology encouraged a better 
understanding of other worlds and times. 
Art of Traditional Peoples wdth Professor 
Catherine Kelly was one of her favorite 
courses because "it encompassed most of 
the cultures I was interested in, including 
African and Ancient American."' 

"Oglethoipe was really good about letting 
3'ou explore your own interests,"' she notes. 
"The professors, because they know you, 
help you figure out what you want to do. 
They really encourage you to follow your 
passions rather than stick to an already 
put-together progTam." 

Alicia ti-anslated her passion into her work, 
landing a job at Emoi-y's Michael C. Carlos 
Museum and later Atlanta's High Museum 
of Ai-t. This fall she has beg\m a doctoral 
program in geogxaphy at the University- 
of California Berkeley, which she calls her 
"dream school." Through it all she has been 
studjing the Afro-Brazilian art form of 
Capoeira Angola, incorporating '"acrobatic 
movement, dance, martial aits, music, lan- 
guage, culture and everjthing else under 
the sun," as Alicia puts it. 


Capoeira "is not really a hobby because it 
has a tendency to take over my life," she 
says. Alicia became involved after a friend 
suggested she tiy it four years ago. "I was 
hooked fi-om the beginning. There's dance, 
music, language. It's physical, but there's a 
huge mental aspect, too." 

Her Little 5 Points group is pait of the 
International Capoeira Angola Foundation, 
founded in 1995. According to the foimdation 
website, "Capoeira is a game believed to 
have originated in the Bantu region of 
Africa and to have been transported to 
Brazil during the slave trade. In a Capoeira 
game two players use a combination of 
acrobatic and martial arts movements to 
maneuver one another into a defenseless 
position. Striking an opponent directly or 
deliberately is fi-owned upon in a Capoeira 
game. Rather, the object of the game is to 
imply striking movements and to avoid 
them gi-acefidly." 

Alicia was instrumental in bringing 
capoeiristas fi-om aromid the world, 
including masters from Brazil, to Atlanta 
in March 2007 for a women's Capoeira 
conference. Now that she's at Berkeley, she 
has joined the main West Coast group in 
Oakland, California. 

"Capoeira has prett>- much altered my life,"" 
she says. "The more you get into it, the 
more you realize it's part of your life. It 
relates to life, to your conmumit}; no matter 
where vou are." 


Lirncc discusxed teackiii.g techniques icith Ginger H'ii 
Iiilmdvction to Education chsx inApiil 2007- 


Lance Ozier '01 was a politics major 
his freshman year at Oglethoipe. His 
worldxiew changed the followng 
summer when he was introduced to 
Morry's Camp, now kno\wi as Project 
Morry, a year-round youth development 
organization that offers residential 
summer camps for students in fifth 
through twelfth grade in the New York 
tri-state area. 

Ten yeai-s later. Lance is deep in the 
educational field — he is the education 
coordinator for Project Morr\'. a small 
schools adNisor with the National Academy 
for Excellent Teaching, a curriculum 
consultant with the Student Press Initiative 
and a doctoral student at Columbia 
Universitj^'s Teachers College. 

"The reason it soimds like such a hodgepodge 
of jobs is because it is," Lance saj's. He 
notes that while luost graduate programs 
are funded by grants or teaching or research 
positions, most students at Teachers 
College fund theii- education tlirough a varietj' 
of grant jobs. "It's great to be able to take 
on a varietj' of roles and have a hand in a 
vaiiet>- of experiences." 

At Project Morry, Lance builds educational 
components for the broad range of students 
sei-ved by the program. "In fifth through 

eighth gi-ades, its a more ti'aditional sunmier 
camp experience," he explains. Students 
have athletic and art acti\ities, but also 
focus on a project-based activit}-, which is 
presented at an educational expo at the 
end of camp. "We also hold the Academic 
Olympics, focusing on science and math. 
Professor Dan Schadler continues to be a 
great resource for us. I'll call him up to see 
what ftm activities we can do with kids." 

For the high school students, camp focuses 
on college prep. "In level two, they take a 
two-week road trip to \isit college campuses 
and museums. This summer they visited 
Senator Chris Dodd in his Capitol Hill 
office. Level three offers "leader-in-training' 
and life skills." 

All that work clearly pays off, as Moriy's 
Camp boasts a 100% graduation rate from 
high school among their students; 98% of 
their students continue to college, and 100% 
of those graduate from college. 

"Our students have such a tremendous 
sense of gi\ing back. They aren't ashamed; 
they're proud of themselves. Many alums 
come back as summer counselors. One 
lady, a senior in college now, just returned 
from a semester in Paris. She chose to do 
that because her group was led by a 
counselor who had spent a semester 
abroad in Paris. It was prett>' amazing to 
see that come frill circle." 

Lance credits Oglethoipe with advancing 
his educational development. "More than 
amthing it gave me confidence in my 
ideas and tools to execute those ideas. 
I was strongly encouraged to learn — not 
necessan- to get it right, but to leam from my 
mistakes. It says a lot about a place when 
you vs^ant others to experience it — and I 
cei-tainly would want anyone to have the 
kind of experience I did at Oglethorpe." 

Carl Bergman '66 earned what he refers 
to as his "15 seconds of fame" doing what 
Oglethoipe professors need not do thanks 
to the honor code — he exposed plagiarism 
in a Washington, D.C., mayor's office report 
on the district's school system. 

'It was ill the main parts. They took the 
lead rhetoric from the Charlotte-Meck- 
lenburg [North Carolma] plan," he says. 
"Charlotte was also exploring an alternative 
high school. It was apparent no one in D.C. 
read the plan because that section was in 
their document, but they already had 
an alternative school. My two daughters 
went there." 

In addition to his vested interest in the 
school system, Carl worked as a city 
auditor for sLx years. "I follow what's going 
on in general, but this is just a case of a 
completely neglected issue that I happened 
upon," he sa^'s. 

After reading the mayor's plan to overhaul 
the D.C. school system, Carl noticed 
inconsistent language. A quick Google check 
of key phrases led him to the Charlotte- 
Mecklenburg plan. "Our city council didn't 
hold due diligence on the plan. No one had 
analyzed it, and that was WTOng." 

During his time at Oglethorpe. Cai'l 
remembers learning how to analyze issues. 
'"I really liked the Core, especially tlie emphasis 
on philosophy. The business of 'the life 
of the mind' is really true — it wasn't just 
teaching what was popular that day. It's 
doing analysis and thinking about issues 
that really helped me," he notes. "I owe 
learning how to think to Oglethorpe." 

After researching the school plan further, 
Carl wi'ote an op-ed piece for Th.e Washington 
Post, but it was rejected, so he went to 
other media. Local NPR affiliate WAMU 
broke the story, then The Washington Post 
made note of it, leading to a profile of Carl 
on May 10 - his 15 seconds of fame. "It sort 
of took on a life of its own," he explains. 

From his days as a cit}- auditor, Carl has 
had his name bandied about in the press. 
Since the 1980s Carl has kept a lower 

profile, running his own computer consult- 
ing company, SilverSoft. Its big focus lately 
has been supporting electronic health records 
through, but Cai'l is also 
working on a site for book readers that's 
"more than just sales." 

Carl stOl maintains his ties to Oglethoipe, 
attending alumni receptions in the D.C. 
area and attending college fairs to support 
the admission office. "I \isited campus 
this summer, and it was beautifiil as usual," 
he states. Back in D.C, Carl, a big Wash- 
ington Nationals fan, is looking forward 
to attending the last home game at RFK 
Stadium before the opening of Nationals 
Park in April 2008. 

So, what happened to the school plan 
after Carl's 15 seconds? The mayor's office 
still has not explained the copy-and-paste 
methodology of the plan, but it has issued 
a new plan (noticeably missing irom the 
internet. Carl notes). The system super- 
intendent is "looking into ne\\' structures, 
but no one is looking at the academic plan," 
Carl notes. "I think I did [the mayor] a 
favor, but I don't think he sees it that wav." 


Singing '"Georgia On My Mind" at the 
Singer's Reunion during Alumni Weekend 
2007 was more than just another tune 
iov Elizabeth Watts '93. The television 
personality' and Home Shopping Network 
spokesperson grew up in Savannah, 
Georgia, before spending her college years 
at Oglethorpe. 

Since leaving Atlanta, she has explored the 
natural side of Florida, living in Key West, 
Fort Lauderdale and St. Petersburg. She 
maintains a native plant yard at home. "It's 
my sanctuaiy," she says. "If you plant the 
native seeds, the birds will find them." 

"Having a liberal aits education helped me 
to learn to think for myself," Elizabeth says. 
"I will always appreciate that we vvTOte so 
much. We learned a lot about thinking and 
fonning our own opinions based on the 
readings. We had different kinds of profes- 
sors, including one who came over from 
Kuwait (during the Gulf War). The entire 
experience was about opening our minds. 


I really wanted that one-on-one experience 
on a small campus." 

Elizabeth still sings, though now it's with 
her church. She keeps centered by practicing 
Shambhala meditation and babysitting for 
her three nephews, who live in town with 

her two sisters. 

Elizabeths career has grown along with 
her garden. After graduation, she followed 
her passion of music, composing songs 
and singing lead vocals with several bands. 
She credits Dr. Joseph Knippenberg and 
former registrar Paul Hudson with 
encouraging her artistic side. Her efforts 
earned her recognition as best original 
musician at an open mic competition in 
1994. She landed the lead role in Flamingo 
Follies, which she starred in for two years. 

■'We were in Key West. There were 
$60,000 costimies. It was one of my favorite 
e\"periences. It wasn't a bad life at all. I 
could hang out at the beach during the da\ 
and do the show at night." 

That experience led Elizabeth to the 
Caribbean as a vocalist with Celebritj- 
Cniise Lines. After sev-en months on the 
seas, she got involved in the Florida theatre 
scene and earned roles in a few short 
films. Since 1997 she has been a product 
spokesperson and host on NBC's iVillage. 
Home Shopping Network and more than 
100 commercials. 

She remembers that on her first day at 
HSN she sprayed dirt on her face on live 
television. "I was able to laugh it off at 
the time, but that was embarrassing." She 
recovered quickly and is now known as a 
natural personality- in the industiy When 
Kathy Griffin visited the studios (with her 
crew fi-om Bravo 's My Life on the D List), 
Elizabeth was able to ease her fears and 
coax her through live product pitches. 






During orientation weekend Maiy Beth 
Hoiton '11 shared the Oglethorpe experience 
v\ith her parents. For her father, though, it 
was more of a rediscoveiy. 

Dr. Philip Horton '79, a pre-med sUident 
at Oglethoipe, had rarely returned to campus 
after his graduation. He still praises his 
advisor. Dr. Dan Schadler. "He was always 
available and dedicated to the mission 
of the students,"" he recalls, sitting on the 
quad outside Goslin Hall. "I think hes the 
reason I succeeded. In Organic Chemistrjs 
there were six of us, so if we had a question 
we could spend all the time we needed 
wth him." 

Horton, now medical director of the 
Community Mental Health Center of East 
Central Georgia, says moving his daughter 
to campus almost 30 years after graduating 
"is strange. It's just unreal." Yet, the former 
Oglethorpe Student Association president 
never pushed his daughter to become a 
Petrel. "She knew it meant a lot to me, but 
we never pushed her." 

Mary Beth sa\^s the strongest push came 
from the soccer progTam; the freshman 
forward had been training for a week with 
the team before her classmates moved 
onto campus. "It's a small communitj-, but 
there's lots to do. I also like the one-on-one 
time with professors." 

"The campus always struck me as very 
fi'iendly," Philip notes. "I spent so much 
time in Goslin, looking out the windows 
of the lab watching people throw Frisbees 
on the quad. I think we'll be coming back 
a lot more." 


Jecmie Flohr Treadaway '99 tries her 
best to live the Oglethorpe motto — "Make 
a life. Make a living. Make a difference." 
— eveiy day. This year she's making a new- 
life for herself in Austin, Texas, after living 
in Atlanta since graduation and serving 
tvvo years as an Oglethorpe tnistee. 
Jeanie is starting a new office for see see 
eye, an Atlanta-based graphic design and 
communications firm where she has 
worked since 1999. 

As an account supervisor with see see eye 
(where Terry Tribbet Davis '82 sei-ved as 
president), Jeanie works regTilarly with 
large coiporate clients, including past 
work with AtheroGenics, BellSouth, CBL 
& Associates Properties, Colonial Bank, 
CVS, Post Properties and Rock-Tenn. It's 
her non-profit clients, including Hands 
On Atlanta, United Way and Prevent 
Child Abuse Georgia, that receive 120% 
from her. 

"It's so easy to understand why," she sav's. 
"It's not about how many widgets you 
produce at what cost, but how you afl'ect 
lives. It's great to see results from those. It's 
nice being able to go into corporations like 
CVS or BellSouth to learn about them, too, 
but the real rewards come fi-om helping 
the non-profit clients." 



Prevent Child Abuse Georgia got more 
than 120% of Jeanie's attention as she was 
working on their annual report in 2001. 
"I had no idea of the need of children in 
Georgia, the amount of abuse, verbal or 
physical, and how many times that leads 
to death," she says. "After working on the 
report and seeing the need, there was 
no way I couldn't be involved. There's an 
opportimity to change someone's life." 

Jeanie volunteered with their marketing 
and communications campaigns, joining 
their communications board and chairing 
the group's 2004 silent auction. Since 
relocating to Austin, Jeanie has been 
searching for similar organizations. She 
saw similar dedication while at Oglethorpe. 

Jeanie inendons three professors who 
made a difference in her life: Dr. Dean 
Tucker, whom she met on the quad while 
touring campus, Dr. Philip Tin, "one of the 
happiest men doing math I know," and 
Dr. 'W^lt Straley, whom she had for Strategic 
Management. "Not only was it an intriguing 

class, but he took the time to answer all of 
my questions," Jeanie recalls. "At our last 
test, he set up a desk right outside his office 
for me, since I asked so many questions." 

Jeanie now co-chairs the Oglethorpe Women's 
Network (CWN), organized in 2000 by 
Betsy Hansen. OWN progranuning, such 
as October's Women in Islam lecture, offers 
educational, social and pei-sonal development 
to the Ogiethoipe community. 

"The current tagline — Make a life. Make 
a living. Make a difference. — was visible 
in every professor, everv' interaction I had 
at the school," she sav's. "I can't wait to tell 
students I meet that there's a universitj' 
out there that understands what it means 
to make a difference in the world. There's 
a place that not only changes you, but that 
v'ou can change. That's wiiy I continue to 
be involved and am excited to be co-chairing 
the Oglethorpe Women's Network." 


Growing up Diimcvs '72 could 
usually be found in the city park behind 
his house in Rockville, Connecticut. 
"My mom would have to yell out to me 
when I had a phone call, or when dinner 
was ready. From the time I was a kid I 
was always interested in sports." That 
investment of time has paid off in at least 
two ways for William. 

The first payoff was finding Oglethorpe. 
During his final yeai' in a University of 
Hartford preparatory program, the dean 
suggested William look for a small private 
school. "I had always followed sports and 
read the papers as much as I could. The 
dean suggested several schools, then pulled 
out a book and Oglethorpe came up. 
He didn't know much about it, but I did 
since I followed sports. Oglethorpe was a 
powerhouse in Division II basketball then. 
I applied to Oglethorpe, which accepted 
me in the fall of 1969- 1 l<new Atlanta was 
a good place, but I hadn't visited. That first 
year my parents took \^acation to drop me 
off, sight unseen." 

Before graduating three years later, Wil- 
liam served as basketball team manager 
under head coach Tom Norwood. He 
recalls traveling through Alabama, the 
Carolinas and Florida with the team. "I 
really expeiienced the South in those 
years," he says. "Oglethorpe gave me a solid 
education as well as a social education." 

William's second paj-off has been attending 
seven Oljnipic Games. "When you're at 
the OlvTnpic Games, it's like you're in a 
different world — you lose track of time 
and where you are," William says. 


If his name doesn't ring a bell, it's because 
William isn't an athlete, but a representa- 
tive to the U.S. Olympic Committee. Since 
becoming a Connecticut representative in 
1983, he has helped prepare biographical 
infonnation on athletes for the media. "I 
dig up athletes' background and practice 
stats for the media." 

His favorite Olympic memories come fi-om 
the 1988 Winter Games in Calgarj' and 
the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona. 
In 1988, "the big thing was the Jamaican 
bobsled team," William recalls. "They were 
verj- dowii-to-earth people. Unlike most 
athletes in the U.S.. almost any of the 
Olyinpic athletes will actually stop and 
talk to you. They travel in gi-oups of four 
or five, and at least one will speak English 
and translate." 

In 1992 William met Carl Lewis. "I got to 
spend some good time \isiting with him 
in Barcelona. Hes ven- dowii-to-earth and 
private, but when you meet him. he's more 
than happy to talk to you." 

Outside of his Olympic life. William spent 
25 years as a pressman for the Hartford 
Commit, occasionally covering high school 
sports championships for the newspaper. 
"During the playoffs, there were more 
games than reporters," he explains. "I 
would go to the games, make my notes 
then head back to the new^sroom. where 
the reporters helped me edit a recap. Then 
I'd head into the pressroom to print the 
paper. To the pressmen, it w;is a big deal to 
see my name in print." 



Bleecker Totten '51 has lived the dream 
hfe of eveiy Hberal arts student. After 
graduating from Oglethorpe with a 
chemistr>' degree, he went into the militaiy 
during the Korean War. Luck was on 
his side, however, and he was sent to 
Germany for two years. 

When he returned to New Jersej; he 
worked as a control chemist for Colgate/ 
Palmolive then at Union Carbide. Meanwhile, 
he enrolled in Fordham University's night 
law school. Before taking the bar exam, 
he started writing patent apphcations at 
Union Carbide. Then he transferred to 
the real estate relocation department. "Im 
probably one of the gi-andfathers of employee 
relocation programs," he proudly notes. 

In 1962 he took a job leading McGraw 
Hills worldwide real estate relocation efforts. 
In 1980 he went to work for Edward S. 
Gordon Company, which became Insignia 
and is now CB Richard Ellis. Twent3'-seven 
years later Bleecker still works full-time 
as senior vice president in CBRE's Saddle 
Brook, New Jersey, offices. 

"Real estate is fascinating," he says. "Evers-- 
thing you do in real estate is different. 
It's all about people too, which I love. And 
it's challenging." 

Bleecker and his wife travel extensi\ ely, 
exploring world cultures. "We travel as 
much as we can," he says, noting an 
upcommg trip to Hong Kong and Vietnam. 
He has visited every continent. Antarctica, 
which he's only seen once, is his favorite. 
"It's tough to get there, and the water 
where the Pacific and Atlantic meet is not 
the calmest either." 

"There's nothing there but ice and penguins," 
he says. "It's pristine beaut}-, the beginning 
of the food chain. Walking among the 
penguins en masse — they aren't afraid 
nor do they run." 

After five successful careers, Bleecker 
looks back at his Oglethorpe education. 
"The basic principle, then and I guess now, 
is Oglethorpe didn't want to turn out a 
doctor or a lawyer or an engineer, but it 
wanted to produce well-rounded people." 

'Dr. Weltner was the president then. There 
were a number of incredible professors 
— Drs. Goslin, Cohen, Brown, Seward. 
A lot of fascinating people on campus," he 
says. "Atlanta at that time was a true small 
town. Brookliaven had a gas station; 
Buckhead had a few small bai-s, dives really" 

"It was a nice time [at Oglethorpe]. I took 
logic with Dr. Sew^ard, and I think on the 
first exam I got a 30 — that was out of 
100," he recalls. "I talked to him after class 
and he invited me over to his house on 
Hermance Drive that evening. I walked 
over, he inxdted me in, and his wife had 
made cookies. He said 'let's just sit down 
and talk about it; and we did. That was the 
Oglethorpe way, even then." 


.. i-#^^jp«- 

BY AAark UeLong UJ 

^^Kf ,C^1*- 





The opportunity to study abroad can have 
profound effects on a student's educa- 
tion, not to mention their worldview. At 
Oglethorpe, the chance to experience 
other cuhures has grown rapidly since the 
Oglethorpe University Students Abroad 
(OUSA) program began in 2003. OUSA 
oversees students' study abroad experi- 
ences, be they at one of 15 partner schools 
(with another handful in the works) or 
another institution of the student's choos- 
ing, short-term co-curricular trips and two 
special "associate student" programs at 
Oxford University (Oxford, England) and 
Umbra Institute (Pemgia, Italy). 

Jeffrey Collins, director of OUSA since 
its fonnation, spoke of the value of study 
1 a liberal aits education: 

"Saint Aug-ustine said once that he who 
does not travel only turns one page in the 
book of life. Studjnng abroad affords students 
the opportunity to read several chapters. 
It shatters your baclcyard version of the 
world, demotes you to a realization that 
the universe does not turn on your religion 
or convictions or political views and then 
promotes you, hopefully, to a grander 
\iew, an ennobling outlook that embraces 
change, diversity' and people evemvhere. 
Travel teaches you tolerance, teaches you 
patience and stamps your passport — 'here 

then is a true citizen, not of one clime or 
continent, but of the world.' By traveling, 
you don't just see the world, you become it." 

Revee Barbour '08, a Spanish and pre-med 
major, became Spain during her spring 
2007 study abroad at Oglethorpe's Madrid 
partner institution, Universidad Franscico 
de Vitoria. '■Li\ing in Madiid taught me 
knowledge that a classroom could not have 
effectively provided. A classroom cannot 
teach you how to sui-vive in a foreig-n coun- 
try, how to interact v\'ith the people 
of a foreign counti-y, how to speak the 
colloquial language of a region in a foreign 
country or, more importantly, how to live 
like the people of that foreign country. 
Many of those skills are learned through 
life experience and exposure." 

Aside from learning about a culture, study 
abroad offers students the opportunity to 
learn about themselves. "I learned how 
important it is to cherish your youth and 
freedom," Bai'bour noted. "Like many other 
students, I spent my previous academic 
years with full course loads while working 
part-time jobs on and off-campus. I rarely 
afforded myself time for fun and relaxation. 
My experience in Madrid allowed me to 
slow down my fast pace and essentially 
'smell the roses.' I now have an even greater 
love and appreciation for my major, the 
Spanish language and culture and the 
importance of enjoying the liberties of my 
youth and not growing-up too fast." 

For students who do not have the time 
or means for a full semester. Oglethorpe 
offers three to sk short-term trips abroad 
each year, often for academic credit. 

Collins' favorite destinations are Greece 
and Itah "These cultuies aie the tounda 
tion of our Western cmlization,' he said, 
and It always delights me to see our 
students astonished and m awe ot the art 

culture, food and extraordinaiy people 
of these countries." Spots on those trips 
fill quickly everj- year. Dnie Malone '07 
became Greece during a June 2007 trip. 

"Looking back, I find it hard to image that 
I was there, I saw- that, I did that," he said. 
"Being engulfed in a different culture is 
something miusual. You find yourself picking 
up customs, acting a little different, learn- 
ing — but learning in such a tangible way 
that it feels as if you are soaking in the 
knowledge. My trip abroad was amazing. 
I'm just lucky that Oglethorpe allowed me 
to participate in such a wonderfiil experience." 

The opportunit}- is not just for students, 
though. Cliff Moore '09 and his parents 
became Greece this summer. Theresa and 
John Moore wrote, "We are so grateflil to 
Jeffrey Collins and the OUSA program for 
making our Greece trip truly an amazing 
experience. We learned so much about 
Greek life, culture and historj- and will 
forever have many fond memories!" 

This yeai-'s short-term trips include a Japanese 
immersion course, Italian art histor}', a 
study of Chinese revolutions, Brittany's 
small museums and a summer in Oxford. 

"The most rewarding part of my job is seeing 
the faces of students who see the Winged 
Victory ofSamothrace or the Pantheon or 
the Primavera for the first time — their 
excitement and joy at seeing what they have 
studied in class is priceless," Collins said. 

Barbour, wiio studied in Madrid, is a 
believer in experiencing culture first-hand. 
"I truly believe the best way to learn about 
a laiig-uage and the culture that surrounds 
it is to dive head first into it," she said. "I 
am ver\- fortunate to go to a universit}^ that 
is able to provide me and other students 
with this unique opportunit}." 

Fiom top Intoinctfi 
Cliff Moon U9 imai 

n Guict 4 Mylionos tha^ 
jiiotto oy and Liuiuna La 


Fall signifies the start of a new academic 
year — and what a start it was. On August 
16, 1 had the pleasure of attending the 
ribbon cutting ceremony of the newest 
residence halls on campus. The new halls, 
laughingly called So-No-So by Dr. Schall, 
are the latest additions to the campus and 
were made possible by the generosit)^ of our 
trustees and other friends of Oglethorpe. 

If you haven't \isited campus in a while, I 
encourage you to do so. I would venture 
to say that you vAU be bowled over by what 
you find — not just new buildings and 
construction for even more enhancements, 
but an enthusiasm for OU expressed by 
students, faculty and staft'. You'll also find 
a new logo, s^anbolizing our tradition as 
we move into the fliture. Our new logo 
is the embodiment of where we ai-e going, 
wliUe keeping an eye on where we have been. 

As your newest National Alumni Board 
president, I'm asking you personally to 
make 2007-08 the year \'0u become 
re-engaged with Oglethoipe. Your board 

is committed to helping you, our alumni, 
find reasons to return to campus. We've 
sent you information concerning ePetrel, 
our alumni online eommunitj' located 
at w\\-\v.alumni.oglethoipe,edu as a tool 
to help you reconnect and stay connected 
during your busy lives. We'll also be 
sending you information about upcoming 
events designed to reach out to you and 
help you find that reason to return to 
campus and make a life, make a li\'ing, 
make a difference. 

If you are looldng for ways to become 
involved, please contact Baitera Bessmer 
Henry '85, Director of Alumni Relations, at or 404,364.8443. 
You can also contact me directly. I look 
fonvard to seeing you on campus soon. 

Anita Stevenson Patterson '97 

President of National Alumni Association 





September 25, 2006. She joins her big 
sister Anna Grace who is tvvo years old. 
They reside in Charleston, South Carolina, 
where Kimberly stays at home with the 
children, and Robert works for IBM. 

Todd Shapiro '89 

and Virginia Palacio welcomed their second 
child on .July 26, 2007. Amalia Fernanda 
weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces and measured 
19.75 inches long. Her big brother Jacob 
was happy to meet her after months of 
talking about her. 

Wendy Kurant Rollins '90 

and husband Mark announce the birth 
of their son, Quentin Kurant, on July 2, 
2006. As a son of tvvo English professors 
Quentin is prettv' much doomed to the 
academic life. Whether he will go to 
Oglethoi-pe University or his father's 
alma mater, Auburn Universitj- is still a 
hot debate! 

Jennifer "Indy" Straeffer '92 

and husband. Steve Apple, welcomed 
twins on December 14, 2006. Jennifer 
worked as a manager of global enterprise 
products at Nortel in Raleigh until Brendan 
Charles and Jillian Elizabeth were born. 
She is now a sta\^-at-home mom. 

Denise Allen Brown '93 

and husband Scott welcomed Amelia 
Ann on November 7. 2006. She weighed 
6 pounds, 1 ounce, and measured 17.5 
inches long. Her proud aunt is Jennifer 
Allen Aase '93. Denise practices general 
dentistiy in Suwanee, Georgia. 

Will Lukow '95 

and wife Courtney welcomed Brooks 
Frederick on July 15, 2007. He weighed 
7 pounds, 7 ounces and was 19.75 inches 
in length. Will and Courtney's son Carter 
loves his baby brother. 

Emily Gurley Adams '96 

and husband Eric announce the birth of 
their daughter Lillian Magdalena, born 
March 10, 2007, weighing 6 pounds and : 

Jennifer Johnson Manly '96 

and husband Chuck welcome their daugh- 
ter Andy, born on September 9. 2005. She 
now talks almost as much as her mommy! 

Jennifer Sisco Pekosz '96 

and husband Mark welcomed their son, 
Oren Jackson Pekosz, on August 1. 2007. 
Oren weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces and 
measured 18.75 inches long. Mom, Dad 
and baby are doing well. 

Kimberly Williams McCants '97 

and husband Robert announce the birth of 
their second daughter Madalyii Day bom 

Shannon Moreland Lambert '99 

and husband Andy announce the birth of 
their son Gavin Mark born Nov ember 16, 
2006. He weighed 8 pounds, 13.7 ounces. 
They reside in Marietta, Georgia, where 
Shannon works at the Federal Reserv-e 
Bank of Adanta. 

Chris Rylands '01 

and wife Traci announce the birth of 
their son, Sean Patrick, on April 16, 2007, 
weighing 7 poimds, 12 ounces and measuring 
21 inches long. Mother and baby are both 
doing great! 

Alison Owens Makely '02 

and husband Andy welcomed their twin 
babies, William George and Anna Jordan, 
on October 25, 2006. Will vv^eighed 6 
pounds, and Anna weighed 5 pounds and 

Kara Blanton Le Febvre '03 

and husband Lenny announce the birth of 
their son, Patrick Thomas. He anived on 
March 7, 2007, and weighed 6 pounds. 13 
ounces and measured 19 inches in length. 
They hve in Madison, ..Alabama. 



■\organ '83 

Deborah (Debbie) Morgan '83 married Colonel Heniy Joyce Foresman, Jr., on April 
14, 2007, iw a ceremony conducted at Union Christian Church in Watkinsville, Georgia. 
He is a 1976 gxaduate of Virginia Military Institute and received his master's in history 
ti-om James Madison Universit\'. He did coursework for his Ph.D. in histon,- at the 
Universitj' of Tennessee. A native of Lexington, Virginia, he is currently stationed at 
Fort McPherson where he works in plans for Third Army. 

Steve Mandel '91 and Mia Cohen were married in August 2005, at Chabad of Alpharetta. 
Naomi Walker '91 and Basil Malta '93 were there to celebrate this special day. Steve 
is a quality assurance analyst at Oracle and Mia is a teacher at the Da\Tis Academy. They 
live in Marietta, Georgia, with their dogs Lucy and Sammy. 

Samantha (Sam) Crumley '02 married Nicholas Olson in Islamorada, Florida, in a 
small beach ceremony. They reside in Alpharetta, Georgia, where Sam works as a senior 
claims representative for Nationwide Insurance. 

Kristin Amodeo '06 married Glauber Tonelli on Januar}^ 6, 2007, at the Marietta 
Conference Center and Resort. Abby Kurland '06 and Rochael Zellner '07 were in 
attendance. The couple resides in Maryland, where they hope to soon adopt a guinea pig. 

Crumley '02 

Opp '06 

Sarah Jane Opp '06 and Joshua Jeffrey Carter were manied June 10, 2006, in Peachtree 
Citj-, Georgia. The wedding party included Mary Straub '04 and Kelli Weatherall '06. 

The ladies of Sigma Sigma Sigma were also in attendance. Sarah is ciurently an admission 
counselor for Oglethoi-pe, while Josh is a research engineer for Locklieed Maitin. They 
recently purchased their first home, just two miles from Oglethorpe in Chamblee, Georgia, 
where they live with their cocker spaniel, Jazzj'. 



Helen Hogan Hill '52 ate breakfast with President Schall duimg his seven-cit>' trip 
across Florida in Januarj' 2007 to visit alumni, parents, high school counselors and 
prospective students. "Helen and I had our pictiu-e taken together, and when I told her 
someday we might be famous, she responded, 'You know how to become famous? Turn 
100. EverA'body wants a piece of you,"' President Schall vvTOte. Born in 1905, Helen just 
says that for evervlhing she can no longer do (because of her age), there is something 
else new to try. Impressed by Helen's attitude, President Schall vvTOte: "At Oglethorpe, we 
like to say we educate our students to make a life, make a living and make a difference. 
Helen Hill's life has been all about that. She grew up as a country girl in Georgia, lost 
her father when she was five and was sent away to school at the age of 12. Her mother 
wanted to make sure Helen would be able to provide for herself (remember, this was 
before 1920). Helen's first job was as a countv' extension officer, teaching skills such as 
cooking and sewing to women and girls in the North Georgia Mountains, an area that 
even today is veiy rural. Helen was an educator her whole life, until she retired some 
four decades ago. 

"Ms. Hill told me a wonderful Oglethorpe story. She took a class that met early every 
Saturday morning. During tests her professor would leave the room, and Helen and her 
classmates would occasionally share an answer or two (I g-uess this must have been in 
the days before the Honor Code). Well, the professor got wind of this and thereafter 
never left the room. When he approached Helen about her improved performance during 
the semester, she replied, 'I guess I just did better by myself.'" 

Her son is Paul Hogan, retired editor of the St. Peteisburg Times. She has another son 
who worked for the government his entire career and currently lives in Sanibel, Florida. 
She has several grandchildren and a couple of great grandchildren that visit her. She was 
so appreciative of her time at Oglethoi-pe Universitv' that she drove several women from 
Marietta to the OU campus to attend education classes in a vehicle that she financed 
herself She said Dr. Schall's visit was the most exciting thing to happen to her since she 
turned 100. 

Joseph (Joe) James Accord! '57 

graduated ft-om Oglethoipe widi a bachelor's 
degree and then in 196,3 received an 
Associate of Aits in nursing from Fairleigh 
Dickson Universit}-. Joe sei-ved in the US 
Navy as a PhM 2/c from 1941 until 1947. 
Joe married his wife Jo Nell on April 30, 
2005. Joe has a daughter, Kiithleen M. 
Accardi, who is a retired flight attendant. 
Joe is a Unitarian Universalist and has 
worked seven years in various federal 
positions, including the Atlanta Federal 
Penitentiarv". Joe has worked in various 
V.A. hospitals and US Public Health Service 
Hospitals. He traveled all over the U.S. and 
has lived in 15 states and 37 cities. He has 
been to France, Ital\-, Portugal, Andon-a, 
Gibralta and Switzerland. His hobbies 
include pistol shooting, traveling and music. 
Joe's favorite Oglethorpe memon.' was how 
impressed he was by the facultj' and the 
liberal arts program. 

Ellen Kinsey Boyley '57 graduated 
fi'om Oglethorpe with a Bachelor of Arts 
in education and was a teacher in the 
public schools. Ellen taught art education 
and currently is an artist with works sold 
in galleries in the Southeast. Tlu-oughout 
her life, Ellen has always been activ-e in 
volunteering or teaching the aits. She and 
her husband Ted Boyley '58 have three 
daughters and five grandchildren. Ellen's 
favorite memories include the friendships 
she made, the excitement of learning and 
the beautiful Oglethorpe campus. 

Billy (Bill) P. Comp '57 graduated from 
Oglethorpe with a Bachelor of Science in 
physics and liberal arts. He was an engineer 
at Westinghouse for 35 years. Bill also 
sei-ved in the US Ai-my as a Sergeant from 
1951 until 1954. Bill married his v\ife Har- 
riet on AugTast 13, 1959- They have 
four children: Chervi w-ho is a church 
administrator, Greg who is a hotel chief 
engineer, Roger who is a loan oflScer at the 
Federal Resen e and Russ who is a manager 
at Petroleum. Bill's favorite Oglethorpe 
memorv- w-as w-atching "The Barracks" 
being demolished. 

Lewis (Lew) DeRose '57 graduated 
from Oglethoi-pe witli a Bachelor of Science. 
After attending Oglethoi-pe. he went to 
Louisiana State University and then to 
Emorj- Universit}^ where he received a 
Master of Social Science in 1976. Lewis 
served in the army from 1954 until 1956. 
He married Doris Sandra on July 12, 1975, 
and they have two sons. Lew worked as 
a radiation health physicist for Veterans 
Affair Medical Center for 13 years. He 
remembers Oglethoipe, students, staft'and 
facidtv' of 1950-1957. Lew also remembers 
the w-armth, support and caring of the 
Oglethorpe communitv. 


Freida Beafty Duffey '57 graduated tiom 
Ogletiioipe with a baclielors degree in educa- 
tion and then received a master's degree in 
libi-arv' science fom Georgia State Univereitj' 
in 1965. Freida retired after 29 yeare with tlie 
Atlanta Board of Education. She manied her 
late husband, Duffey. in 1947, and he passed 
aw^ay in 1958. Freida and Duffey have tliree 
diUdren: Pamela who is retu-ed fi'om the State 
of Geoi-gia; Colleen who is a mu:se in Massa- 
chusetts; and Carol who is in business. 

Richard Eason, Jr. '57 received his 
Bachelor of Aits degree from Oglethoipe 
and a Juris Doctorate from Woodrow 
Wilson College of Law in 1973. Richard 
married Patricia (Rae) Fuller Eason '59 
on July 27, 1957- Richard worked as an 
attorney for Eason, Kennedy and Crawford 
for 34 yeai-s. Richard and Rae have three 
sons. Richard participated in jur}- trials in 
all Georgia venues and since retirement 
has spent 10 years on Team Tri\ia four to 
five nights w^eekly. Richard remembers 
Judge Charles Weltner '48, Professors 
Coburne and Dobson, all of his Oglethorpe 
classes, exti-acurricular activities and 
sports, especially baseball. 

James (Wally) Fowler '57 had an 

indi\idually planned major and after leaving 
Ogiethoipe, he recei\'ed a Bachelor 
of Science in pharmacy from Mercer 
University in 195" James married Bettj- Jo 
on January 27, 2001. He has a daughter, 
Denise, who is a housewife. James has always 
been involved in community' services 
including the Rotary Club (past president) 
and 15 years of service on the Cherokee 
County Zoning and Planning Board. He 
is currently serving his 13th year on the 
Canton City Council and is involved in the 
Cherokee County Historical Society and 
Arts Council. James has traveled to Europe 
eight times and teaches Sunday school at 
his church. James appreciated how the 
Oglethorpe campus was so conducive to 
studying. His favorite Oglethorpe memory 
was in spring when the art professor would 
take the class outside if the vv'eather was 
pleasant. Usually class was held under one 
of the great oaks. That class was the only 
■A" that he made. 

Charles Gipson '57 received a Bachelor 
of Arts from Oglethorpe, a degree in the 
New Testament from Emorj' University in 
1963 and a preacliing degree from Southern 
Methodist University in 1968. Charles 
sei-ved as a captain in the Marines from 
1957 until 1963 on active duty and from 
1963 until 1968 in the Resei-ves. Charles 
married his wife Sarah on Apiil 23, 1994. 
Charles has a daughter and two sons. 
Charles retired in 2000 after vvorldng 39 
years in pastoral ministry beginning in his 

home state of Mississippi in 1963, contrib- 
uting to the Civil Rights Movement there. 
He moved to Indiana in 1968 and sensed 
mostly in churches in or around Indianap- 
olis. Currently, Charles and Sarah provide 
a small-scale retreat center. Willow Pond 
Retreat, on their retirement property 
which is inclusive of seekers of dift'erent 
religions. In 2005, they traveled to England 
and Wales with the Evansville Philhar- 
monic Chorus, in which Sarah sings and 
currently serves as president. Charles 
finds growth in a monthly interfaith book 
discussion group and enjoys time spent 
working outdoors and writing reflections. 
Charles' favorite memory at Oglethorpe 
was the closeness of the humanics group. 
He experienced trae community as they 
gave each other the gift of authenticity. 
One warm spring day several of his 
classmates in the humanics class made an 
impromptu and uncharacteristic choice 
to simply cut the class taught by their 
revered professor, L. "Pop" Crow and enjoy 
the day together. They traveled to Lake 
Lanier, loiovvai for its pristine setting and 
ciTStal clear water. The sense of freedom, 
peace, love and unity- with one another 
and the univ^erse was unforgettable. That 
Oglethorpe day was a benchmark for other 
peak expeiiences for Charles which are 
rare moments, yet they serve to anchor the 
soul in the joy of life. 

Harry Greene, Jr. '57 worked with the 
USAF for 20 years. He married Mercedes 
on February 17, 1962, and tliey have one son. 

Peggy Collars Guillebeau '57 graduated 
from Ogiethoipe with a bachelor's in 
elementary education. Peggj' married F. 
Dempsey on ,Iuly 16, 1950, and they had 
four children: Watson, a business man in 
warehousing; Janet, a special education 
teacher; David, a banker; and Mark who 
works at Edison Wood Presentation. Peggy 
has lived a good life in Albany, Georgia. 
Her husband Dempsey practiced internal 
medicine for 40 years. She has been raising 
children and working in the field of alco- 
holism. She has been veiy blessed with the 
desire to make this a better world. Peggy's 
favorite Oglethorpe memoiy- is that she 
loved the small classes and all of her 
instructors. She believes it helped her to 
live a richer life through books and the 
value of sendee in her life. 

Robert Hawkins '57 graduated with 
a Bachelor of Science from Ogiethoipe 
and in 1969 received his Master of Aits 
in history from Georgia State University. 
Robert retired after 25 years with the 
Georgia Department of Education. He 
served in the Navy as an electronics tech 
fi'om 1949 to 1953. Robert married Jean, 

and they have two sons and one daughter. 
Robert taught social studies in the Atlanta 
schools from 1957 until 1962, participated 
in NASA's space science traveling program 
from 1962 until 1966, was an instractional 
television coordinator with the Georgia 
Department of Education fi-om 1966 until 
1991 and sei-ved as an adjunct instructor of 
history at Georgia Perimeter College from 
1975 until 2005. Robert "s favorite memorv' 
of Oglethorpe was the excellent faculty. 

Gordon Hiles '57 received a Bachelor of 
Arts from Oglethorpe, an MBA from 
Georgia State University in 1968 and a 
Juris Doctorate from Woodrow Wilson 
College of Law in 1976. He sensed in the 
Navy from 1959 to 1964 and was a Lieu- 
tenant, Junior Grade. Gordon is a retired 
attorney, and his wife Pattie is retired 
from Bank of America. Gordon and Pattie 
enjoy traveling, especially going on cniises. 
Gordon's favorite Oglethorpe memoiy was 
being taught by Dr. George Seward. 

James (Jim) Milton '57 received a Bachelor 
of Arts from Oglethorpe. Jim married his 
wife Peggy on August 9, 1958, and they 
have one daughter. Jim retired after 35 
years as a geneiul manager at Sears. Roebuck 
and Company. Jim has been heavily 
involved with his community, serving as 
president of the Chamber of Commerce, 
president of two dift'erent Rotary clubs, 
president of United Way, president of Big 
Canoe Propertv' and homeowmer's associa- 
tion president. He has been a member 
of the American Heart Association. City- 
Planning and Zoning Commission, Georgia 
State Bar Investigative Panel and C & S 
Bank director for 15 years. Jim's favorite 
memories at Oglethorpe were the professors 
that challenged him to be an anahtical 
thinker and also stimulated his love of 
reading histoiy. In 1978, Jim and his four 
siblings established the Virgil W. and 
Virginia C. Milton Endowed Scholarship 
at Oglethorpe in memoiy of their parents. 
Virgil Milton was a 1929 graduate of OU. a 
former chairman of the Board of Tnistees 
and a 1975 Honorary Doctor of Commerce 
recipient. The Milton Scholarship has 
benefited dozens of Oglethorpe students 
over the last 30 years. 

Clara Riggins Morris '57 graduated from 
Oglethorpe with a bachelor's degree in 
education. She was a teacher for 35 years. 
She married James C. Morris on August 
25, 1949, and they have two children. Judy 
who is in fi-agrance sales and James who is 
a lawyer and CPA. Ckira's favorite Oglethorpe 
memory was walking across the stage to 
receive her diploma and her three-year old 
son veiled loudlv, "That's mv mama," 


Robert (Bob) Oliver '57 graduated from 
Oglethorpe with a Bachelor of Arts and 
then went on to receive another bachelor's 
degree and a Doctor of Philosophy from 
Georgia State University.'. Bob had a suc- 
cessful career as a cHnical psychologist. He 
has been retired for 20 years and enjoys 
golf immensely. He has many fond memo- 
ries of Oglethoipe, ha\ing sei-ved as the 
1957 class president. 

Frances Creekmore Portwood '57 

gTaduated with a Bachelor of Arts from 
Oglethoipe. Prior to Oglethorpe, she 
attended Atlanta Christian College and 
received a bachelors of sacred literature in 
1955. Frances mariied Buford Portvvood 
on October 25. 1958. She retired after 34 
years as a public school teacher. Frances 
has been very involved with the communi- 
ty' through her participation in the Douglas 
Count}- choral guild, the retired educators 
association and Alpha Delta Kappa Inter- 
national Honorary Sororit}' for Women 
Educators. She also enjoys ser\ing as her 
church's adult choir director for the past 
si.\ \-ears, presenting musical programs 
for ci\ic organizations and other churches 
and being a life member of several teacher 
organizations. She has been recognized 
as grade-level chair for many years, an 
honorary life member in the Georgia PTA, 
a member of the Georgia Teacher Hall of 
Fame and a multi-nominee for Teacher 
of the Year. Frances did post-graduate 
work at West Georgia College and was the 
assistant principal several years before 
her retirement. Frances and her husband 
have been mariied for 48 years, and he is a 
great caregiver. Frances loves to read and 
do crossword puzzles. She is happy to get 
back to cooking. Her favorite Oglethorpe 
memory was learning to play the flute in 
Professor Harry Dobson's class. The Boar's 
Head Ceremony was always so iinpressive 
and enjoyable each year. 

Charles Scoft '57 graduated trom Ogle- 
thorpe with a bachelor's degree and also 
received a bachelor's degree fi-om the 
Universit>' of Georgia. Charles married 
JoAnn on June 14, 1957, and they have 
three daughters. His favorite memory 
was the competition for grades in Mrs. 
Williamson's science class and Dr. Cresay's 
diplomatic histoiy (American and Euro- 
pean) class. They w-ere tw'o great profes- 

joerts '96, Gibson '95, 
ovies '96 and Knight '96 

sors. He also had some good times at the 
neai'by lake. 

Karen Stephenson-Harrington '57 

graduated from Oglethorpe with a 
bachelor's degree and then received her 
master's degree from University of West 
Florida. Karen was a motel owner at Shali- 
mar Plaza for 20 years. She married Gary 
Harrington, and they have two children: 
Donald Keith Stephenson is in archeol- 
ogy, and Scarlett Bishop Harrington is in 

Russell Eisenman, Ph.D. '62 has re- 
cently had a book published. Creativity, 
Mental Illness and Crime is a collection of 
articles by liim and is published by Kendall/ 
Hunt Publishing Company. 

Charles "Whitey" White '63 retired 
from Ford Motor Company after 43 years 
of service on March 1, 2007. 

Jared Johnson '69 is in his 15th year as 
a hearing officer for the State of Colorado, 
adjudicating disputes between employ- 
ers and employees over unemployment 
insurance. His major hobby continues to 
be third-world travel (he's been to nearly 
90 countries). Last year, he climbed ap- 
proximately 19,800 feet up Mount Everest, 
nowiiere near the top, but plent\^ high 
enough for a guy pressing 60 with no par- 
ticular technical mountaineering skills to 
speak of The Tibetan Plateau is amazing 
(a barren high desert, like Arizona or the 
Sahara Desert at 15,000 feet); five of the 
10 biggest mountains on earth were visible 
during his trek. Jared spent February in 
Burma and the Philippines, Next year he 
plans to go to Libya. 

Louis E. Rossman '69, D.M.D., of 

Philadelphia, w^as voted president-elect of 
the American Association of Endodontists 
during its 2007 Annual Session. He has 
been actively involved in the acti\ities of 
the association for \-ears, serving as vice 
president, secretaiy, treasurer and District 
I director since 2000. Louis maintains 
a ftill-time endodontics practice in down- 
towii Philadelphia and is a clinical professor 
of endodontics at the Universit}- of 
Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. 
He received his D.M.D. in 1975 and his 
certificate in endodontics in 1977 from the 

Uni\ersitA- of Pennsylvania School of 
Dental Medicine. He and his wife Val reside 
in Bala Cyiiwyd, Pennsylvania, They have 
hvo children, Alexis, 23, and Benjamin, 17- 

Jay Greaves '87 is the senior sales direc- 

for Lifestjies Realtors' Georgia, Tennes- 
see and Carolina markets, overseeing the 
day-to-day operations of new communities 
in these markets. Prior to joining Lifestyles 
Realtors, he served as a sdes manager and 
was recognized in 2006 by the Atlanta 
Board of Realtors as a lifetime member of 
the Million Dollar Club, amassing 2006 
personal sales in excess of So million. 
Before excelling in the real estate industry; 
Jay worked as an independent business 
consultant on an international level and as 
a human resources leader with Delta Air 
Lines for more than 20 years. Jay earned 
a master's degree in organization devel- 
opment fi-om Pepperdine University' in 
Malibu, California. 

Kim Reid '87 had a book published in 
October 2007. No Place Safe -A Family 
Memoir (Kensington Books) shares Kim's 
perspective of the Atlanta Missing 
Children case. Her mother was a lead detective 
in tlie eai-ly 19S0s investigation, and Kim 
recounts gi-owing up in a frightened and 
racially polarized Atlanta with an insider's 
\iew- of a case tliat remains controversial today. 
To read an exceipt, \isit www,kimreid,com. 

Lu Green LeRoy '95 recently joined 
BioCrossroads as its public relations 
and marketing director. BioCrossroads 
is a public-private initiative to improve 
Indiana's Hfe sciences businesses. Lu and 
her husband, Nick, reside in Indianapohs. 

Kimberly Wilkes '95 remarried in 
October 2005 to Bobby Sexton. They hve 
in Gainesxille, Georgia, with their two dogs, 
Milo and Dolly. Kimberly is putting her 12 
years of experience in the retirement in- 
dustrv' to w'ork at Total Benefit Communica- 
tions," Inc., a BIS\'S Company TBC conducts 
more than 2,200 employee benefit em-oUment 
meetings a year nationwide with a staft' of 
several hundred benefit professionals. She 
is completing her MBA at the Universitj' of 
Georgia and will graduate May 2008. 

Demestihas '02 

Erin O'Brien Boyt '97, Rebecca Hester 
Miller '97, Teri Butler Gibson '95, 
Carrie Adkins Davies '96, ingrid 
Carroll Knight '96, Laura Butts Steele 
'98 and LiesI Allen Merkel '97 honored 
Jean Kasperbauer Roberts '96 at a baby 
shower held m Oglethoipes admission lobby 
during Alumni Weekend on March 31, 2007- 

Derek Hambrick '97 accepted a position 
with Atlantic Southeast Airlines as a 
corporate communications senior specialist. 
He recently earned his communications 
and rhetoric studies degree from Oglethorpe's 
evening degree program. Derek and his 
wife, Carmen, have a three-year-old son 
named Gabiiel. 

Kim Sasso '98 is thrilled to announce 
that, after a seven-month closure from 
small town political fall out, Nick's Pizzeria 
is back in dowiitowii Grantville, Georgia. 
The pizzeria has adopted Chumbawamba's 
hit song as our theme: "I get kiocked 
down/But I get up again..." Be sure to visit 
Nick's Pizzeria if you are near Grantville, 
south of Newiian and north of LaGrange. 

Chris Wall '99 is president of Atlanta 
Investing, Inc., a residential real estate 
investment company specializing in 
foreclosures recently selected as a finalist 
for the Atlanta Business ChronicJe 2007 
Pacesetter Award. 

Leigh Lawless '00 is currently working 
as outreach coordinator for The Creative 
Coast Initiative, which helps attract and 
nurture creative businesses in Savannah, 
Georgia, and the surrounding areas. She 
recently completed her Master of Public 
Administration at Georgia Southern 
Universit}'. The Creative Coast's website 
( featiu-es job 
and resume posting services, as well 
as current events and news for the 
Savannah area. 

Menelaos Demestihas '02 graduated 
from Mercer University' School of 
Medicine on May 5, 2007, and began 
his residency in emergency medicine in 
New York Cit}' this summer. 

Jesse De Maria Giordano '02 is ciurently 
working as the youth sei-vices librarian 
and assistant branch manager for the Toco 
Hill-Avis G. Williams Public Librar}' in 
Decatur, Georgia. Jesse utilizes her liberal 
arts education from Oglethorpe everyday 
as a librarian, the last great generalist 
profession! She also designs and implements 
progTamming for children and teens, and 
Jesse is a member of the Georgia Peach Book 
Awai'd for Teens reading committee. 

Alison Owens Makely '02 received her 
master's degree in professional counseling 
from Georgia State University in 2006. 
Alison works as a primary counselor for 
the Metro Atlanta Recovery Residences 
(IVLARR), a residential treatment facility 
for women with substance abuse problems. 
She works part-time, which enables her to 
spend time at home with her new twin ba- 
bies, William and Anna (born 10/25/06). 

Heather van Kampen '03 was named 
2007 Noncommissioned Officer of the 
Year by the Georgia Army National Guard. 
Heather, a three-year Guard veteran, is 
the noncommissioned officer-in-charge of 
the intelligence section of Fulton Countj's 
265th Engineer Group. 

(Top right) Georgia Army National Guard 
Sgt. Heather D. van Kampen of the 265th 
Engineer Group and the Army Guai-d's 
NCO of the Year for 2007, is presented the 
Georgia Meritorious Ser\ice Medal by Maj. 
Terr)' Nesbit, commander Georgia Army 
Guard. (Georgia National Guai'd photo bv 
Staff Sgt. Roy Heniy). 

Elena Weiss '03 is currently working on 
her master's degree in women's studies at 
Georgia State University. She hopes to fin- 
ish in December 2007. Her MA thesis will 
focus on rape in the Greek system. With 
this degree, she hopes to work on prevent- 
ing and educating students about rape on 
college campuses. Her plan B is to work for 
the Division of Family and Child Services 
and do chOd abuse investigations. 


Elizabeth Hamilton Snook '30 

on May 22, 2007 

Louise Lott Davis '39 

on April 29, 2007 

Eriene Scarborough Woodham '40 

on March 24, 2007 

Omie Jackson '46 

on March 20, 2007 

Helen Key Franklin '52 

on March 15, 2002 

Vashti Woodruff '57 

on May 13, 2006 

Thomas LaStringer '59 

on June 26, 2006 

Mildred Caraway Rogers '60 

on July 8, 2007 

Carolyn Anderson Godwin '66 

in Februaiy 2007 

Avis Bagiey Sanders '66 

on April 3, 2003 

Daniel A. Hunt '92 

in March 2005 








Accumetric, Inc. 

Mr. J. Frederick Agel, Sr. '52 

Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp '68 and 

Dr. Charles R. Arp 
Assistance League of Atlanfa 
Atlanta Foundation 
Mrs. Virginia Turner Avery '68* 
BCES Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bowden '66 
The Patricia and Robert Bowden 

Foundation, Inc. 
Mrs. Martha Laird Bowen '61 and 

Mr. Robert Bowen 
Mary Allen Lindsey Branan Foundation 
Mr. Franklin L. Burke '66, (H| '98 
Mr. Jim R. Clower, Sr. '58 
The Community Foundation for 

Greater Atlanta 
Mr. William A. Emerson 
Mr. Norman P. Findley III 
Ms. Jeanie F Flohr '99 
Flohr Family Foundation 
John and Mary Franklin Foundation 
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc. 
Georgia Center for Nonprofits 
Georgia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges 
Mr. J. Lewis Glenn 71 
Dr. Joel Goldberg (HI '00 
Mr. William H. Gower '68 and 
Mrs. Gayle Burch Gower '68 
Greene-Sowtell Foundation 
Mr. Jack Guynn (H) '05 
Mr. James J. Hagelow '69 
Mrs. Jesse S. Hall 
The Halle Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Hansen 
Mr. James V. Hortloge, Jr. '65 and 

Mrs. Jacqueline Cook Hartlage '65 
Home Depot, Inc. 
Mr. Arthur Howell (H) '72 
Mr. Warren Y Jobe 
Mr. Roger A. Littell '68 and 

Mrs. Barbara Beggs Littell '68 
Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch '61 
Ms. Janice McNeal '98 
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Odom, Jr. 
Mr. Cemal Ahmet Ozgorkey '84 
Mr. John H. Parker, Jr. 
Prudential Insurance Company 
The Rich Foundation 
Estate of M. A. Rikard '37, (H| '92* 
Mr. Fred Robey '97 
Robey Family Foundation 
Dr. J. Mack Robinson (H) '95 
Mr. Donald H. Rubin '56 
Mrs. Laura Turner Seydel '86 
Mr. O. K. Sheffield, Jr. '53 
The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation 
Dr. Vincent Sherman '25* 
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold B. Sidman 
Sledge Foundation 
Mr. Timothy P Tossopoulos '81 
The Tull Charitable Foundation 
Turner Foundation, Inc. 
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 
David, Helen and Marian 
Woodward Fund 

GIFTS OF $5,000 - S9,999 


ABN Amro Bank 

Mr. G. Douglass Alexander '68 

The Coco-Cola Company 

Mr. Paul L. Dillingham 

Florence C. and Horry L. English 

Memorial Fund 
Mr. Kevin D. Fitzpatrick, Jr. '78 
Mrs. Martha Sibley George '51 
Georgia Power Company 
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation 
Harold Hirsch Scholarship Fund 
Dr. Kenneth K. Hutchinson '78 
Ms. Nancy C Juneau 
Juneau Construction Company, LLC 
Dr. Charles B. Knapp 
Roy M. and Mary Elizabeth 

Lee Foundation 
Marsh and McLennan Companies, ln( 
Mr. William Thayer Mullolly '03 
Mr. Bob T Nonce '63 
Nathan Speore Foundation 
Mr. Ronald W. Rogers 
Ms. Susan M. Soper '69 
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Toulos 
Jane Smith Turner Foundation 
Mr. Mark A. Williams '94 and 

Mrs. Sharon Mario Williams '93 
Mr. Raymond S. Willoch '80 


GIFTS OF $2,500 - $4,999 


Mr. Stuart Herman '50 and 

Ms. Elsie L. Adier 
Mr. Adam M. Corder '95 and 

Mrs. Rebecca Morasio Corder '91 
Dr. James L. Cox '53 
Deloitte & Touche 
Mr. Joseph W. Dennis '69 
Mr. Horry R. Frozer '89 and 

Mrs. Down Frozer 
Mr. W. Elmer George '40 
Mr. Claude Spencer Godfrey, Jr. '98 
Mr. David Golden 
Mr. and Mrs. R. Louis Groner 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grathwohl 
Mr. Q. William Hammock, Jr. '73 
Mr. Gregory Hedberg 
Mr. Donald R. Henry '83 and 

Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry '85 
Mr. Thomas M. Hunter '43* 
The Japan Foundation 
John P Solomone Memorial Foundotic 
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Lone III 
Mr. Stephen E. Molone '73 
Harriett McDoniel Marshall Trust 
Mrs. Sydney Mobley Moss '59 
Northwestern Mutual 
Dr. Manning M. Pottillo, Jr. (H) '94 
Ms. S. Tommy Pearson '86 
Mrs. Margaret C. Reiser 
Walter H. and Majory M. Rich Fund 
Mr. Brian C. Soss '84 
Mr. Joseph P. Shelton '91 and Mrs. 

Andrea Spencer Shelton '91 
Mr. Michael Shirley '97 and 

Mrs. Marie Heflin Shirley '99 
Mrs. Dean Dubose Smith '70 
Sarah Spencer Godfrey Trust 

Dr. William F Stroley 
Sunbelt Structure, Inc. 
Ms. Tiffany U. Williams '06 • 
Mr. John B. Zellors, Jr. '85 

GIFTS OF $1,000 -$2,499 


Dr. William C. Aitken, Jr. '64 and 

Mrs. Carole Moore Aitken '66 
Mr. Arthur M. Armstrong '67 
Atlanta Educational Telecommunications 

Collaborative, Inc. 
Ms. A. Diane Baker '77 
Mr. Robert B Baker, Jr. '79 and 

Mrs. Joselyn Butler Baker '91 
Mr. John S. Ball '71 and 

Mrs. Mary Crockett Boll 72 
Mr. and Mrs. Juan C. Banderos 
Bank of America 
Mr. and Mrs. William Borwick 
Mr. Ted Dwight Bayley '58 and 

Mrs. Ellen Kinsey Bayley '57 
BellSouth Corporation 
Mr. Robert L. Boggus, Jr. '49 
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Brattin '00 
Mrs. Ann Kennon Breslauer '82 
Mr. John Breton III '97, MBA '99 and 

Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Breton '02 
Mr. James H. Burk '83 
Mr. W. Q. "Pete" Butler '69 
Mr. Gordon C. Bynum '50 
Mr. Herman L. Campbell '39 
Carvel Cinnobon 
Chick-fil-A, Inc. 

Mrs. Heather Andrews Clark '96 
Mr. Milton C. Clipper 
Mr. James M. Cook, Sr. '79 
Mr. Robert B. Currey '66 and 

Mrs. Suzanne Stroub Currey '65 
Mr. Brian A. Davis '94 
Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis '82 and 

Ms. Gail Hyde 
Mr. Irani DeAraujo '81 
Mrs. Mono Tekin Diamond 
Ms. Toby Director 
Dorian Software Creations 
Mr. Timothy Doyle 
Dr. D. Peter Drotmon and 

Ms. Carolyn N. Arakoki 
Frances and Beverly DuBose Foundation 
Dr. Daniel M. Dunconson '85 
Mr. Christopher P B. Erckert '86 
Mr. and Mrs. John Ernst 
Mr. and Mrs. John Esterline 
Ms. Kathleen M. Farrell '95 
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 
Mrs. Donna Findling '96 
Mr. William M. Flommer '90 and 

Mrs. Carol Morgan Flommer '89 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Folger 
Mr. William R. Foster '58 
Dr. Marilyn Fowie 

Dr. Janice Ann Golleshow '75, (H) '04 
Dr. R. Derril Gay '62 
Georgia Society of CPA's: 

Lenox Chapter 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Germany 
Mr. William R. Goodell 

Mr. George E. Goodwin 
Mr. Kenneth P. Gould '85 
Mr. Wayne A. Gregory, Jr. '87 

Mr. Robert L. Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. Chorles E.B. Hansell 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Harrison 

Mr. William J. Hogan, Jr. '72 

Ms. Veronica M. Holmes '02 

Mr. Thomos G. Hood '78 

Mr. B. Shone Hornbuckle '92 and 

Mrs. Elizabeth VonWinkle Hornbuckle '93 
IBM Matching Grants Program 
Mr. Jonathan W. Johnson '89 
Mr. Richard C. Johnson '81 
Mr. Robert M. Kane '81 
Ms. Susan Bachmon Kegley '04 
Mr. Cory R. Kleinfield '82 
Dr. Mark A. Knoutz '87 
Mrs. Fran Bennett Konradt '90 
Dr. Dole M. Kristle '78 
Mr. J. Smith Lonier II 
Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Large 
Mr. John S. Lorkin '75 and 

Mrs. Nancy Barrett Lorkin '78 
Mr. Brent W. Latham '97 
Ms. Cheryl D. Leo '03 
Mrs. Pauline Ferry Lester '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lewis 
Mr. William E. Lukow '95 
Ms. Gail Lynn '77 
Dr. John M. Marshall '83 
Martha and Wilton Looney Foundation 
Ms. Margaret A. McGinness '86 
Mr. Scott M. McKelvey '91 
Mr. James P. McLoin 
Mr. J. Kevin Meoders '93 
MetLife Foundation 
Mr. Robert A. Milford '99 
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Moore 
The Nelherlond-Americo Foundation 
Northside United Methodist Church 
Senator Sam Nunn [H) '06 
Mr. Thomas R O'Connor '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Osmonson 
The Osprey Foundation 
Ms. Anita Stephenson Patterson '97 
Mr. John C. Perner 
Mrs. Deesi Thurston Phillips '76 
Mr. Thomas C. Port '68 and 

Mrs. Kothy McLeod Port '69 
Mrs. Patricio Roczynski 
Mr. Robert L. Rosile '82 and 

Mrs. Donna Cron Rosile '82 
Mr. Edwin Reitmon 
Mr. and Mrs. L. Donald Richard 
River Oaks Foundation, Inc. 
Mr. Timothy Randall Roberson '97 
Mr. Clifford I Robinson '89 and 

Mrs. Stacy Leigh Robinson '88 
Mr. Peter A. Rooney 
Mr. R. Alan Royalty '88 
Mr. Floyd D. Ruhl '67 
Ryder Systems 
The Sollie Mae Fund 
Mr. John J. Scalley 

Mrs. Linda Sanders Scarborough '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Scholl 
Dr. Lawrence M. Scholl ond Betty Londergan 
Dr. Lori Schmied and Dr. Karl Jost 
Mr. Charles F Scott '57 


(H) Honorary degri 

Dr. Robert A. Sellards '91 
Col. B. W. Sellers, Jr. '64 and 

Mrs. Carole George Sellers '63 
Mr. Christopher M. Sertich '81 
Mr. Larry C. Shattles '67 
Mr. James M. Sibley 
Mrs. Anne Rivers Siddons |H) '91 
Ms. Linda Spock 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Stanton (H) '99 
SunTrust Bank Atlanta Foundation 
Mr. Ashish N. Thakur '99 
Mr. Joseph E. Tomberlin '93 and 

Mrs. Kristina Randall Tomberlin '93 
Mr. S. Bleecker Totten '51 
Ms. Trishando Treodwell, Esq, '96 
Mr. Bernard van der Londe '76 
Mr. G. Hoyt Wagner '64 and 

Mrs. Sandra M. Wagner '66 
Dr. G. Gilman Watson '68 and 

Mrs. Carol Lowhorn Watson '69 
Ms. Elizabeth D. Watts '93 
Mr. Charles K. Weathers '68 
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Weldon 
Mrs. Dorothea Pickett Westin '89 
Mr. and Mrs. William Wise 
Mrs. Elizabeth Blockmur Wood '81 
Mr. J. Blake Young, Jr. 
Dr. James W. Ziegler '80 

GIFTS OF $500 - $999 


Ms. Susan Harmon Alou '84 

Mrs. Elizabeth Kidder Ambler '76 

Mrs. Rose Simmons Andrews '51 

Ms. Bambi Ellison Arnold '83 

Mrs. Jennifer Dubose Bivins '90 

BKR Metcalf Davis 

Mrs. Bennie Harris Black '74 

Mrs. Jane Cowart Bloemer '52 

Brooks, McGinnis, and Company LLC 

Mr. William R. Brown, Jr. '50 

Mr. and Mrs. David Bucey 

Ms. Lynne Bush 

CarMax Foundation 

Mr. Bill W. Carter '59 

Mr, Phi;;p C. Chamberlain '76 

Dr. and Mrs. Koon-Lim Cheng 

Mr. William M. Clifton '88 

Mr. and Mrs, John Corbett 

Mr. AlvinJ. Curkin'51 

Mrs. Reese E. Currie 

Mrs. Roberta H. Davis '94 

Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. 

Equifax Foundation, Inc. 

Ernst and Young 

Mr. Jim H. Faosse '96 

Dr. Beatrice Hasty Favre '64 

Federated Deportment Stores 

Folly Road Animal Hospital 

Ms. Eleanor Fulton '96 

General Electric Company 


Mr. Alan J. Gibson '95 and 

Mrs. Teri Butler Gibson '95 
The Rev. Charles R. Gipson '57 
Mrs. Dianne McClinton Glennie '83 
Mr. and Mrs. Marion B. Glover, Jr. 
Ms. Colleen V. Grogon '97 
Mrs. Gonco Gursoy-Artunkol '88 
Hobif, Arogeti and Wynne, LLP 
Mr. Scott T Haight'89 
Ms. Anne Hammond '87 

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Honzsek, Jr. 
Dr. Bonnie S. Hayes 
Dr. Karen Head '98 
Dr. Nancy A. Herring 
Mr. Morris Herzberg, Jr. 
Mr.J. CleveHill'Ol 
Ms. Misty N. Hood '00 
HymonS. and Sadye Jacobs 

James N. Andrews Family Foundation 
Dr. Bruce W. Johnson '76 
Dr. Chanda Creasy-Johnson '96 
Ms. Midge M. Jorns '72 
J.P Morgan Chase Foundation 
Mrs. Patricio Daniel Kopphahn '59 
Mrs. Helen King Kessler '68 
Mrs. Shannon M. Lambert '99 
Mr. Wilfred J. LeBlonc '61 
Ms. Moriruth Leftwich '99 
Mr. Stuart C. Levenson '67 
Mr. Jeffrey B. Levy '81 
Mr. Mark S. Lisicky '82 
Mrs Mary Louise Wotkins MacNeil '51 
Mrs. Janet H. Maddox 
Mr, Michael T. Mohoney '98 
Mrs. Margaret Woodward Mathewes '55 
Mr. Scott D. McAdoo '75 
Maj, James CMcClanohon '41 
Mellon Financial Corporation 
Mr, Gregory Quintard Meyer '85 
Ms, Katherine Schindler Micholek '96 
Mr. Paul B. Miller '85 
Miller Ray Houser & Stewart LLP 
Ms. Elizabeth Munson 
Ms. Tomoro S. Nosh 
Dr. Philip J. Neujohrond 

Dr. Victoria Weiss 
Mr. Andrew J. Noble '97 
Mr. David Reynolds Pass '98 
Dr. Thomas N. Pirkle '48 
Mrs. Catherine M. Pittman '90 
Mr. Kenneth W. Powell '67 
Prudential Foundation 
Dr. W. Irwin Ray, Jr. 
Reznick Fedder and Silverman 
Mr.J. Bruce Richardson '69 
Dr. Beth Roberts 
Ms. Kelly Robinson 
Mr. Carl I Roper, Jr. '57 
Dr. Louis E. Rossman '69 
Schultz Foundation, Inc. 
Drs, William O. and 

Patricio P, Shropshire 
Mr, Walter V, Slack '50 
Dr, Joseph A, Soldati '61 
Mr. and Mrs, Aurel E, Stuart, Jr, 
Dr. Elizabeth R. Taghechion '94 
Dr. John H.Thomas III '71 
Dr. Pomelo Tremayne 
Mr. Mark L. Tubesing '93 
Mr. Morris L. Tubesing '95 and 

Mrs. Pom Tubesing 
Mr. Hubert E.Tucker '31* 
Dr. James M. Turner 
Dr. Louise M. Valine 
Victoulic Company of America 
Ms. Caitlin Way '91 
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Willis 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Wingo 
Mrs. Lin Odom Woodson '96 
Mr. John Wuichet '90 

GIFTS OF $300 - $499 


Mrs. Cherie Bailey 

Mr. and Mrs. Lanny Bailey 

Mrs. Gin Bradley Bell '67 

Mrs. Muriel Lewis Bono '52 

Mrs. Emma Sewell Borders '69 

Dr. Brooke N. Bourdelat-Porks '95 

Ms. DebroJ. Bradley '82 

Mr. Robert E. Bristol '80 

Ms. Jennifer Brown '04 

Mr. Thomas L. Burton, Jr. '70 

Mr. Billy P Camp '57 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Carlisle 

Mr. J. David Chesnut '61 and 

Mrs. Linda Crowe Chesnut '64 
Dr. L. Casey Chosewood '86 
Mr. L. Thomas Clements '86 
Mr, Gabriel J, Dean '03 and 

Mrs, Jessica D, Dean '03 
Mrs, Joan Morris Dechovilz '79 
Mr. Dean Thomas DeCencio '87 
Mrs. Laura Zobon Dinermon '68 
Mrs. Leslie Adams Dove '90 
Mrs. Mary Bob Cooper Fox '63 
Ms. Annette M. Friont '77 
Col. Sheldon I. Godkin '52 
Mr. Kurt A. Hansen '89 and 

Mrs. Amy Baggett Hansen '91 
Mr. James E. Henderson '52 and 

Mrs. Jean Horton Henderson '52 
Mr. and Mrs. Karl J. Hirshman 
Mrs. Margaret Kerr Hitte '47 
Mr. Sam G. Hudgins '61 
Ms. Loretta D. Hunt '94 
Mr. Michael A. Israelite '72 
Ms. Chora Fisher Jackson '94 
James M. Parks Fund 
Mr. Bruce Perry Johnson '83 
Dr. J. Brien Key 
Mr. Wayne M. Kise '69 
Mr. Ronald L. Kroynick '89 and 

Mrs. Kathleen McDermott Kroynick '88 
Mr. Keith A. Lane '43 
Mr. Martin t, Lipson '71 
Mr. Louis T Lombordy '69 
Mr. Gene Lorenz 
Dr. James S. MocDonall '70 
Mr. John Meochom, Jr. '42 
Mrs. Jeonnette Bentley Moon '38 
Mr. Jorge Navarro '98 and 

Mrs. Creche Kern Navarro '98 
Oglethorpe Presbyterian Preschool 
Mr. Stephen A. Orton '69 
Dr. J. Anthony Poredes '61 
Mr. William E. Plowden, Jr. '67 
Mr. Clark D. Roby '65 
Mr. Kevin C. Rapier '92 
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Rowson 
Raytheon Company 
Mrs. Vera V Redwine '02 
Dr. James D. Rissler '98 and 

Mrs. Christina Burnhom Rissler '98 
Mr. Glen C. Rose '65 
Ms. Melonie Rosen '97 
Mr. David M. Ross '93 
Mrs. Tonya Gibson Russo '96 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sobsowitz 
Ms. Barbara A. Sanders '80 
Dr. Daniel L. Schodler 
Mr. Joseph S. Shaw '89 
Mr. D. Brandon Smith '97, MBA '06 

Mr. John R. Smith '49 

Dr. Brad L. Stone 

Mr. Tharius D. Sumter '97 

Mrs. Karen Barrow Swenson '89 

Mr. Walter H. Tanner, Jr. '51 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Scott Thompson 

Mr. Robert L. Unger 

Mrs. Cathy Morklond Villines '77 

Ms. Teri A. Wall '89 

Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Weismann '94 

Mr. Jeff White '96 

Mr. James J. Williams '99 

Mr. Kevin A. Woolf '00 

Mrs. Ilene Roos Worman '66 

Mrs. Karen J. Young '81 

GIFTS OF $120- $299 


Mr. Larry S. Abner '65 

Mrs. Catherine Costagno Abood '86 

Ms. Carolyn E. Abramson '85 

Dr. Wendy F. McKelvey Aito '87 

Mr J. Randall Akin '71 

Mr. Jonathan M. Almond '96 

Mrs. Linda Wishon Anderson '72 

Mr. Jock B. Arnold '60 

Hon. Henry C.Atchison '52 

Mrs. Stephanie Staples Babbitt '84 

Mr Michael S. Bahary '79 

Mr. Frederick R. Bailey '01 

Mr. Thomas M. Baird '68 

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Borrowman 

Mr. Edmund A. Bator '53 and 

Mrs. Martha Moyson Bator '51 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Boube 
Ms. Pot Burns Boumgarten '94 
Mr. John H. Beach, Jr. '78 
Ms. Judith M. Becker 
Mrs. Nona Jones Bell '55 
Mr. Christian Y Benton 
Ms. Debro Berger 
Mr. Joseph Berger 
Mr. Carl H. Bergman '66 
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bernhardt 
Ms. Georgia Bevis 
Mrs. Heidi M. Blockwell '99 
Dr. Jacqueline Miles Boles '56 
Mr. William W. Bolton '94 and 

Mrs. Heather Keehn Bolton '93 
Mr. Manuel F. Bonilla 
Mr. Scott C. Bourgeois '00 and 

Mrs. Brooke Roberts Bourgeois '01 
Mrs. Mary Frances Bowlan '54 
Mr. John P. Boyle 
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bready 
Ms. Andrea Hope Breen '99 
Mr. Jason Breitfeller '98 and 

Mrs. Katherine H. Brietfeller '98 
Mr. Nathan E. Briesemeister '94 
Ms. Mario J. Bright '95 
Dr. William L. Brightmon 
Mr. David R Brown 
Mrs. Helen Kibler Browning '70 
Mrs. Sue Goddard Bryant '84 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bryson 
Dr. Robert A. Buck '83 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Buckley, Sr. 
Dr. Michael A. Burke '83 
Mr. Clancy S. Burrell '83 
Mrs. Meredith Mobry Contrell '94 
Mr. Ronald Cenzalli '66 
Dr. Paulo Haver Chambers '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Chimiklis 


Mr. William B. Christian '59 and 

Mrs. Barbara James Christian '62 
Dr. Michael J. Claxton '94 
The Coca-Cola Foundation 
Mr, Tom Collens IV '05 
Dr. Jeffrey Collins 
Ms. Vicki Jan Conway '72 
Mrs. Pamela Letsos Copsis '93 
LTC. George M. Corcoran '73 
Mr. Lanier Coulter, Jr. '98 
Mrs. Kay Kilpatrick Crawford '63 
Mr. William Crime '03 
Ms. Ann Marie Crochet '92 
Mrs. Mary D. Crosby 
Ms. Jennifer Crouse '92 
Mrs. Lynn Lasoter Crowley '74 
Mrs. Diane Williams Dalbo '98 and 

Mr. David Dalbo 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Darland 
Mr. Steven F. Day '77 and 

Mrs. Alexis Jan Lazor Day '77 
Mr. John C. Day, Jr. '64 
Mr. and Dr. Percy Dejorme 
Mr. James L. Delay '64 
Mr. Lewis B. DeRose '57 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Dickinson 
Mr. William T Doerr 
Mr. Chad A. Donaghue '00 
Ms. Dorothy Deedy Dryman '76 
Mr. Douglas Robert Dubay '85 and 

Mrs. Cynthia Bjurmark Dubay '87 
Mrs. Murlene L. Dubay 
Mr. Brett F. Duncan '92 and 

Mrs. Trino Cavender Duncan '92 
Mr. Michael D. Dusong '99, MBA '03 

and Mrs. Jessica M. Dusang '99 
Mr. Timothy J. Evans '94 and 

Ms. Killian Edwards '94 
Mrs. Eva H. English '83 
Mr. E. Patrick Epps, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Falconer 
Mr. Atauar Faruquee '60 
Dr. and Mrs. Neil Feld 
Mr. Marv Fineroff '67 
The Rev. John M. Flanigen, Jr. '50 
Mrs. Jean Callowoy Fletcher '60 
Dr. Dianne Jones Ford '77 
Mr. Patrick Frost '96 
Mr. Christian G. Gackstatter '85 
Ms. Ekaterina Galperino '96 
Mr. Joseph P Gardiner 
Ms. Pang Cha Yim '94 
Mr. Michael A. Gerber 
Mr. Kevin M. Goff '84 and 

Mrs. Patricia Bourne Goff '84 
Dr. John T Goldthwait '43 
Mrs. Barbara Marsh Gotsch '60 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Gould 
Mr. Samuel L. Graddy III 
Dr. Robert M. Grant '90 
Mr. Stephen B. Greenman '75 
Mr. Jeremy J. Greenup '99 
Ms. Tonio Sellars Griswold '96 
Mrs. Peggy Cullors Guillebeau '57 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gussman 
Mrs. Bette Makover Hagon '69 
Ms. Marion C. FHoines '90 
Mr. Jeff Hall '94 and 

Mrs. Barbara Miller Hall '94 
Mrs. Kristine Suber Hanchar '94 
Mr. Thair Patrick Hanaway '95 
Mr. Benjamin J. Hones '98 
Mr. Karl A. Hansen '91 and 
Mrs. Susan Poston Hansen '95 

Dr. Jill Reiss Harper '94 
Mrs. Jill Cofer Horris '77 
The Hartford Insurance Group 
Mr. Donald G. Hartman '67 
Mr. John William Harvey '71 and 
Mrs. Mary-Phyllis D. Harvey '71 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Havilond 
Mrs. Kathleen P Hawks 
Ms. Marilyn L. Hays '85 
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Healy '96 
Ms. Betsy Henderson '89 
Mr Gordon Hiles '57 
Dr. J. Clark Hill '93 and 

Mrs. Doreen Hart Hill '91 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hill 
Mrs. Lynda Papini Hines '64, MA '92 
Dr. James H, Hinson, Jr. '49 and 
Mrs. Doris Pickens Hinson '49 
Ms. Mary Kotherine Hodgson 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hofstetter 
Mr. Klaus Holler 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Hollums 
Ms. Danielle Holm '05 
Mr. Jack I. Hosford '49 
Ms. Carol OhI Hudson '82 
Mr. F Harvey Hudson '61 
Mrs. Alice Hill Hughes '67 
Mrs. Catherine O. Ingersoll '56 
Mr. J. Robert Jackson '67 
Mr. Thomas C. James, Jr. '88 and 

Mrs. Jill Helmbold James '88 
Ms. Rachelle Jeffreys-Bell 
Mr. Tonny Jensen 
Ms. Helene Johnson 
Mr. David Jones 
Mrs. Judith Chapman Kane '90 
Mr. Jason Karnes '97 

Dr. and Mrs. Jim Kasperbouer 
Mr. Michael Kay '71 

K. Keirsey and W. Stanhope 
Mr. Michael D. Kelly '97 

Dr. Bonnie Kessler 
Mr. Dick King 

Dr. John D. King '56 

Ms. Jill B. Kleinman 

Mrs. Deborah Jobe Koehler '72, MA '8 

Mr. George J. Kopec 

Mr. Raymond J. Koschak '91 

Mr. Wayne Kramer 

Mr. Keith P Kronish '77 

Mrs. Carol Lanier Larner '87 

Ms. Trocey Lathem '78 

Mrs. Rebecca White Leovell '91 

Mr. Jim Ledbefter 

Mr. Lance L. Leitzel '91 

Mr. Antonio V. Lentini '87 

Mr. David M. Leonard 

Mrs. Lu Green LeRoy '95 

Mr. Steven W. Levinsky '74 

Ms. Hazel Lewter 

Ms. Tommy Marie Locklear '88 

Longhorn Auto Movers, LLC 

Lord and Ross, LLC 

Dr. Robert W. Lovett '56 

Dr. Raymond H. Lucas '86 

Ms. Robyn Lucas '99 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Lykens 

Mrs. Tomara Chaffin Lynde '86 

Mrs. Jan Collins Maher '69 

Mr. Tom Molone 

Mrs. Ruth Parham Manning '74 

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Marsden 

Dr. Robert D. Martin '60 

Mrs. Judith S. Massey '63 

Mr. Jeffreys. Matthews '71 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mozzorino 

Mr. Michael McCrocken '89 

Mr. Christopher J. McFodden '80 

Mr. Anthony R. Melillo '70 

Mr. Kevin L. Mende '73 

Mrs. Helen Maddox Menefee '87 

Mr. Joseph R. Menez '70 

Dr. C. M. Mickey Metcalf '63 

Mrs. Joan Phillips Millor '64 

Mr. James J Millard '62 

Ms. Vicki Miller 

Mr. Robert T Miller '03 

Mr. James P Milton '57 

Ms. Shelley A. Moffitt '95 

Mr. Robert K. Montague '75 

Mr. George Eddie Morris '63 

Mr. Kenneth Morscheiser 

Mr. Robert F. Moskowitz '52 

Munson Contract Design 

Mr. Charles E. Newton '42 

Mr. Charles D. Nicholas '82 

Mr. Lloyd Nick 

Mr. RobertJ. Nickles '74 and 

Mrs. Barbara Merscher Nickles '73 
Dr. Caroline Noyes 
Mrs. Harriet C. O'Dell '66 
Ms. Ellen Heckler O'Herlihy '82 
Col. H. David O'Malie '56 
Dr. John D. Orme 
Mr. Joseph T Overton '52 
Mr. Brian Owens '00 
Ms. Jillion Page '04, MAT '07 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pages 
Mr. Jonnie T Payne '86 and 

Mrs. Geneine Wolden Payne '87 
Mrs. Jennifer Pekosz '96 
Mr. Jock Perry '39* 
Mr. Michael Paul Pompilio '99 
Dr. William E. Porter '87 
Mrs. Frances Creekmore Portwood '57 
Ms. Harriet Rogers Powell '86 
Ms. Jackie Powers 
Mrs. Frederika Rapp Preacher '67* 
Props NYC 

Dr. Robert H. Pullen, Jr. '79 
Mr. Jeff Pyron '97 
Dr. Glenn W. Roiney, Jr. '65 
Mr. Christopher Roths '82 
Mr. Wilbur E. Reid 
Ms. Ann G. Rinaldi 
Mrs. Wendy Pearson Robertson '89 
Ms. Angel C. Robinson '90 
Mr. Jeffrey R. Roesch '69 
Mrs. Mildred Caraway Rogers '61 * 
Mrs. Anita Buck Rook '62 
Mrs. Penelope McCulloch Rose '65 
Mrs. Robin Rose-Samuels '85 
Mr. Dylon M. Grant '84 
Dr. and Mrs. William T Ross III 
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Rulison '84 and 

Dr. Michael K. Rulison 
Ms. Jacqueline B. Runyon '02 
Ms. June H. Ryals 
Ms. Deborah Ryan 
S El-Atlanta, LLC 
Mr. Michael B. Saffron '76 
Mr. Reynold F. Salmon '80 
Mr. Steven Schall 
Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Schorff '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schiff 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schindler 
Mrs. Karen Anthony Schnick '02 

Ms. Debro K. Schreiber '82 

Mr. Andrew David Schutt '95 and 

Mrs. Kirsten Schutt '95 
Mr. Burton A. Scott, Jr.* 
Ms. Olivia P Scott 
Mr. William E. Scott '58 
Ms. Caroline Brooks Seay '85 
Ms. Linda Robertson Secretan '64 
Mr. Todd E. Shapiro '89 
Ms. Bahor Sharioti '02 
Mr. John Shea 

Mr. Matthew S. Shepherd '94 
Dr. Albert P Sheppord '58 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Shtern 
Mr. Richard S. Simons, Jr. '70 
Mr. Christopher A. Simser '03 
Mr. Chuck Smith '75 
Mr. Williom Charles Smith '57 
Mr. W. Scott Solowoy '87 and 

Mrs. Stocy McDonold Soloway '86 
Mrs. Cynthia Sonom 
Mrs. Cynthia May Sponn '54 
Mr. Bloke Stabler '00 
Rev Betty Rutland Stopleford '64 
Mrs. Sandra Dovis Stepp '74 
Mrs. Barbara Klein Stewart '64 
Ms. Nicole Stiegelbauer-Engels '01 
Mr. Matthew P Stien '89 
Dr. Marie Sertich Stone '80 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Suddes 
Mrs. Mary Denton Suttle '68 
Swedish American Chamber of Commerce 
Mr. Brian L. Sweeney '95 
Mr. Michael K. Szalkowski '88 and 

Mrs. Stephanie E. Szalkowski '89 
Mr. James A. Tobb '93 
Mr. James E. Tote IV '89 
Dr. Linda J. Taylor 
Ms. Nancy B. Thol 
Ms. Aimee Thrasher-Hanson '98 
Mr. Dorryl Tomlin 
Ms. June M. Tompkins '92 
Ms. Linda S. Torres '05 
Mrs. Vivion Gray Trobue '65 
Mrs. Jane Barrow Tracy '95 
Trade Internotionol 
Ms. Mory Elaine Troer '66 
Mr. T Charles Truett, Jr. '88 and 

Mrs. Kimberly Rouleau Truett '88 
Mr. Daniel L Uffner, Jr. '51 
University of Pennsylvania 
Ms. Elizabeth S. Vontine 
Mr. ond Mrs. Peter Poul Vesgo 
Mr. Trung Hoong Vo '93 
Mrs. Kelly Holland Vrtis '97 
Mr. Stephen J. Walden 
Mrs. Diane Dubay Walker '86 
Mrs. Margaret Gettle Washburn '76 
Mrs. Carolyn Constongy Wosser '79 
Mr. Hidehiso Watanobe 
Mr. RobertC. Wotkins, Jr. 
Mr. Timothy J. Watt '00 and 

Mrs. Jaime Chardos Watt '00 
Mr. Jim R. Weothersby 
Mr. Raymond Lee Webb '59 
Mr. Marc S. Weinberg '61 
Mrs. Rebecca Greene Weissinger '94 
Wellpoint Foundation 
Ms. Kothryn D. West '80 
Mrs. Barbara Rose Westfall '72 
Mr. Joe E.White '56 
Copt. Joseph H. Wicker '00 
Mrs. Lillian Coble Williams '41 , MA '45 
Mrs. Jonie P Wilson '74 


Mr. Lee A, Wilson '53 

Dr. Mines L Wommock '58 

Mr. David K. Wood '68 

Dr. Alan N. Woolfolk 

Ms. Anne Jill Writer '77 

Mr. Note Zofin '69 

Ms. Mary Zelencik 

Mrs. Alice Hoke Zimmerman '75 

Ms. Ashley E. Zimmerman '01 

Dr. Philip Zinsmeister 

Mrs. Elizabeth Brown Zoby '89 

Mr. Alan Zwicker '05 

GIFTS OF $1 - $119 


Ms. Janet Abraham 

Mr. Joseph J. Accordi '57 

Mrs. Barbara Martin Adair '86 

Mrs. Ann Gibson Adams '72 

Ms. Madge Adams 


Mr. and Mrs. Jose R. Agosto 

Ms. Aimee Ahmed 

Mr. Jon Akin 

Ms. Jane Woods Alexander 

Ms. Cheryl Alfield 

Ms. Amy B. Allen '99 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Allen 

Mrs. Sandra Abbott Allen '67 

Ms. Susan Allhusen '02 

Mrs. Judy Heald Allison '69 

Mr. Patrick Alvord 

Mrs. Beth Morrison Anderson '90 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Anderson 

Mr. Gordon A. Anderson '73 

Ms. Shelly R. Anderson '95, MA '99 

The Rev. Marion B. Anderson '29 

Ms. Monique Lotoya Anderson '01 

Ms. Penelope J. Anderson '01 

Mrs. Shelby Andrews '79 

Mr. Frank S. Anepohl, Jr. '78 

Mr. Guy J. Antinozzi 

Mrs. Janet Womble Arias '81 

Dr. Beverly Armento 

Ms. Carol Arolo 

Mrs. Sue Ward Astley '87 

Mr. Peter H. Aufdemorte '04 

Dr. Keith H. Aufderheide 

Ms. Sandra Lynch Aufderheide '83, 

MA '98 
Ms. Sally Ann Auld '03 
Mrs. Ethyl FaddenAult '61 
Mr. Gerry Austin 
Mrs. Deborah Roach Avery '75 
AXA Foundation 
Mr. S. A. Aycock 
Dr. Joy A. Azriel '84 
Ms. Tina Bacon 
Mr. Kent L. Bailey '93 
Ms. Linda Bain 
Mr. Brian Baker 
Mr. W. Edgar Baker '67 
Mr. Robert B. Baldwin '01 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Baldwin, Jr. 
Mrs. Jamie Walker Boll '95 
Mr. Christopher A. Bailor '93 and 

Mrs. Amy Tucker Bailor '93 
Mr. Thomas A. Ballew '01 
Ms. Anne M. Baiter '07 
Mrs. Deda Walker Band '88 
Mrs. Lynn Hollford Banks '56 
Ms. Myra Sack Perdue '93 
Mr. John J. Borenie 


Ms. Lin Barker '81 
Mrs. Virginia Barrett Barke 
Mrs. Carolyn S. Barlow '89 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wayne Bornette 
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Barousse, Jr. 
Mr. Bruce Bortnick 
Mrs. Viana Foile Bostacky '85 
Mrs. Linda P Both 
Mr. William F. Bozzel '81 
Mr. R.F. Beach 
Mrs. Nancy T Beone 
Mr. R. Keith Bebout '74 
Drs. Jose and Licha de Becerra 
Mr. and Mrs. Chorles B. Bedford 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Begnaud 
Mrs. Juliet Wong Beiko '88 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T Bell, Jr. 
Ms. Meiyen M. Bell '02 
Mrs. Paulo Hofmann Bell '62 
Ms. Suson Carlee Bell '65 
Ms. Jeannette M. Bellamy '00 
Mrs. Catherine Dennis Belles '80 
Mr. and Mrs. Blair N. Belton 
Mr. Christopher V, Benner '01 and 
Mrs. Danielle Stellin Benner '99 
Mrs. Susan Wigton Benner '94 
Mrs, Verno Miller Berthelsen '43 
Mr. Timothy Berwager 
Mrs. Ruth H. Bessmer 
Mrs. Paulo Lawton Bevington 
Mr. James N. Bier '70 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bigelow 
Ms. Kaylen D. Biggins '87 
Mrs. Elizabeth Gosnell Biggs '76 
Ms. May C. Bingham 
Mr. Brent Andrew Bishop '88 
Ms. Diana M. Blake '73 
Mrs. Linda David Blokely '95 
Ms. Maureen Blondo 
Mrs. Enrique E. Bledel 
Mrs. Margaret Bell Bloodworth '52 
Mr. and Mrs. William Bloodworth 
Mr. Don Blumenthal 
Mr. and Mrs. William B. BIythe 
Mrs. Kristin Reeder Boon '91 
Mr. Elliot J. Bodner'71 
Mrs. Eleanor Coplan Bogart '56 
Mr. D. Marshall Boggess '04 
Mr, Bernord Bogrow '70 
Mr. James A. Bohart, Sr. 
Dr. and Mrs. W. Devere Bond 
Mrs. Amy Kotz Bonn '99 
Mr. Jonathan Bookspun '05 
Ms. Mary K. Boone 
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Boos 
Mrs. Danielle Oxford Boshort '93 
Ms, Elizabeth A. Bossermon '05 
Ms. Wendy Smith Boul '91 
Ms. Helen E, Bourne '87 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bove III 
Mr. ond Mrs. Brian Bowen 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bowen 
Ms. Jennifer Suvoski Bowers '94 
Ms. Shona Bowes '94 
Ms. Linda P Bowles 
Mrs. Claire C. Brockett 
Mr. and Mrs, Gory Broddick 
Ms, Joan Broinerd 
Mr, Christopher C, Brantley '02 
Mr, Mike Branum 
Ms. JonisH. Brennon 
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Breton, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Breuer 
Mrs. Jane Rand Breunig '51 

Ms. Josephine C. Breyfogle 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Briggs 

Moj. Richard A. Briggs '88 

Mrs. Elaine E, Brill 

Mrs. Kathleen Moron Brink '89 

Ms. Kathryn S. Brooks '98 

Ms. Robin R. Brooks '06 

Mr. Steven H. Brooks '91 

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Brooks, Jr. 

Mrs. Ann L. Brown '77 

Ms. Ann R. Brown '89 

Mrs. Charlesey W. Brown 

Ms. Helgo Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Brown 

Ms. Martha Brown 

Ms. Miriam C. Brown '06 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown 

Dr. Susan Crosby Brown '83 

Mr. William H. Brown '70 

Miss Janet Brownstein '75 

Mr. Michael S. Bryant '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Buck 

Mr. Bill Buckner 

Mr. and Mrs. Henri Bultermon 

Mr. James O. Bundy '64 and 

Mrs, Jane Lincoln Bundy '64 
Ms, Frances B, Bunzl 
Ms. Patricio Burditt 
Rev, James R, Burgess III '72 
Mr, and Mrs, Richard M, Burk 
Mr, and Mrs, Clifford Burnett 
Ms. Jill Lesko Burnett '82 
Mrs. Catherine T Burns '00 
Mrs. Moritta M, Bush '86 
Ms, Sara L, Bush 
Mrs. Joan Robb Butler '49 
Mr. M, Tyus Butler '35 
Ms, Nancy H, Byrne '82 
Ms, Lourette W, Cadres '01 
Mr, and Mrs, Donald Colder 
Mrs, Sylvia Smith Coley '83 
Mrs, Nancy Tarrant Calhoun '60, 

MA '75 
Mr, and Mrs, James Callender 
Mr, Steven T, Campbell '75 
Mr, and Mrs, Thomas Campbell 
Cecil and Ann Cannon 
Mr, Joseph G, Cannon '48 
Dr, James Potrick Copes '87 
Dr. Mark A. Coprio '94 
Mrs. Marion B. Corels 
Bill and Karen Coriello 
Mrs. Joanne McElroy Carman '65 
Ms. Carolyn Carr 
Mrs. Kathryn Beotty Corr '73 
Mr, Edward Carroll 
Ms. Michelle Barrett '97 
Ms. Christine Hathaway Carter '94 
Ms. Irene Carter 
Miss Nancy T. Carter '73 
Mr, Richard Joseph Carter '65 
Mr, and Mrs, J, Philip Carver 
Mrs, Cherry Hodges Casey '65 
Mr, Marcus J, Cosh '87 
Mrs, Dorothy Sweeny Costigliola '38 
Mrs, Nancy F, Castor 
Mrs, Holly H, Caswell '96 
Mr, Brett Cove '99 and 

Mrs, AnnStinerCove'Ol 
Ms, Silvono Covellier 
Ms, Joy Covin 

Mrs, Mary Williams Cozolas '5A 
Mrs, Natalie H, Cekon '03 
Ms, Beverly L, Center 

Mr, and Mrs. Nicholas Ceto 

Mr. and Mrs. Howord Chodwick 

Ms. Gwen Chamberlain 

Ms. Angela D. Chondler-Jordon '92 

Ms. Stephanie G. Chapman '07 

Mrs. Victoria Stevens Chapman '89 

Mr. James R Chorvat '75 

Dr. Mildred Cherry '81 

Mr. Charles D. Chetv/ynd '69 

Mrs. Chio I. Chihode '98 

Dr. Cornelia Cho 

Mr. Albert B. Chonto '73 

Ms. Lilian Christensen 

Mrs. Joyce Odom Christionson '48 

Mr. Bloke M. Christoph '78 

Chubb Foundotion 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Chunko 

Ms. Mortho J, Church '67 

Dr, Morlene Hockenberry Cianci '59 

Cisco Systems, Inc. 

Mr, Norm Citron 

Dr, Borboro R, Clark 

Mr, Carl N. Clark '38 

Ms, Catherine Clarke '07 

Mrs, Christine Cloxton '96 

Ms, Kysh Robinson demons '92 

Mrs, Nikki McCoy demons '68 

Mr. Michael Clifford 

Mr. Jeffrey Clower '95 

CNA Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Cobboert 

Mrs. Yuriko Cobia '97 

Mr. Harold L. Cochran '54 

Ms. Ann Cofer 

Mrs. Mary A. Coffey 

Mrs. Hazel Wilson Coheld '53 

Ms. Katie Cofield '04 

Mr. and Mrs. John Cogan 

Ms. Bonnie E. Cohen '92 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Cohen 

Ms. Joyce Cohrs 

Ms. Margaret E. Cole '86, MBA '98 

Ms. Emily Collette 

Ms. Allison Collins '92 

Ms. Deborah A. Collins '07 

Mr. John R. Collins '72 

Mr, Teddy L, Collins '70 

Mr, Michael W, Collins-Smythe '94 

Ms. Sherry Colstock 

Ms. Kothy Colt 

Ms. Debra Combs 

Ms. Brenda Comer 

Ms. Beth Eckord Concepcion '90 

Mr. James Rodney Cone '48 

Mrs. June Hopkins Conley '67 

Dr. Avo Marie Salerno Conlin '90 

Mr. Derren Connell '03 

Mr. J. Potrick Connor '93 

Mr. Michael J. Connor 

Ms. Melissa A. Conrad '02 

Ms. Ember UzielConstantin '91 

Mr. Miles R. Cook '75 

Ms, Condice Corbitt Cooke '93 

Mr, Peter Coon 

Ms, Cecilia Cooper '06 

Mr, and Mrs, Greg Cooper 

Dr, Kevin C. Cooper '78 

Mr. Robert D. Copelon '74 

Dr. Cassandra Copelond 

Ms. April J. Costner'99 

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Cowan 

Mrs. Delo H. Coward '07 

Ms. Alicia D. Cowort '02 

Ms. Linda K. Cowort 


Mr. Robert K. Cowhig, Jr. '70 and 

Mrs. Lynn Allison Cowhig '70 
Mr Joseph Cox '97 and 

Mrs. Theresa Linebarger Cox '97 
Ms. Caroline Coyner 
Ms. Betsy B. Cozine 
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Crabb 
Dr. John A. Cramer 
Ms. Jillian D. Crawford '06 
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Crawford '92 
Mrs. Alice Calloway Crenshaw '50 
Mrs. Alina K. Crews 
Ms. Shaniece Broadus Criss '02 
Mr. Andrew R. Crosby '02 
Mrs. Leah Bell Crosby '93 
Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Cruff 
Ms. Tanya M. Crump 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Culberson 
Mrs. Hollie Beasley Cullen '65 
Mrs. Rose Cunningham 
Dr. and Mrs. William Curlette 
Mr. Edgar O. Daffin '67 
Mrs. Susan Hollinshead Dolton '63 
Mr. Joseph D. Damour '07 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dandois 
Mrs. Elizabeth Parra Dang '98 
Mrs. Carol Zee Daniel '70 
Mrs. Kimberly Watkins Daniel '01 
Mr. Mark A. Donnemon '75 ond Mrs. 

Yvonne Hunter Donneman '74, MA '78 
Mr. Jason V. Darlond '07 
Mrs. Joan Dorrow 
Mr. James L. Dart '75 
Mr. Gregory L. Daspit '97 and 

Mrs. Angela Bartlett Daspit '98 
Mrs. Adria Bonillo Davenport '63 
Mr. David Stewart Davies '65 
Ms. Amy E. Davis '05 
Ms. Kothy A. Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. Render S. Davis 
Mrs. Sarah Lee Davis '76 
Dr. and Mrs. S. Carter Davis 
Ms. Sherry Lee Davis '83 
Ms. Shirley Peterson Davis '82 
Mr. Brad Day '03 
Ms. Terri Dayon 
Mr. Tony de Give 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank De Maria 
Mr. Thomas E. Deacon '60 and 

Mrs. Jeannette Seward Deacon '64 
Ms. Andrea J. Dean '07 
Ms. Ginger Dean 
Ms. Cristine Deaver '96 
Mr. John P. DeFino '71 
Dr. Ann P. Delatte '56 
Dell Computer Corporation 
Mr. Mark W. DeLong '03 
Mrs. Caroline Vinson Dennis '96 
Dr. Verline Dixon Dennis '65 
Ms. Patricio Baker DeRose '58 
Ms. Cynthia Y. Dersch 
Ms. Elizabeth Deschenes 
Mr. Cornelius Devente 
Mrs. Lisa Diedrich '96 
Mr. Hemanth Digumorthi '02 
Mrs. Marianne McWilliams Dillard '57 
Ms. Sharon DiMarco 
Mr. Robert Ross Dimm '73 
Mrs. Claire M. Dionne '96 
Ms. Carolyn Y Dishman 
Ms. Fran Dixon 
Dr. John H. Dixon 
Mr. Williom C. Dixon 
Mrs. Wilma B. Dixon '62 
Ms. Gloria A. Dobbs 
Ms. Shirley Dobry 
Ms. Karen J. Docherty '94 
Ms. Mary Dodge-Smith '67 
Ms. Carolyn Doherty 

Mr. PaulR. Donald, Jr. '64 

Mrs. Ruth C- Donovan 

Mrs Elaine Shiflett Dooley '63 

Ms Kotherine E. Dorian 

Mrs. Suzanne E. Dorough '04 

Mr. Winston S. Douglas '07 

Mrs. Robyn Wall Doyal '44 

Mr. Ira Jay Dreyfuss '75 

Mr. Rodney S. Drinkard '92 

Mrs. Judith Hunt Drobinski '84 

Mr. Adrian D. Drost 

Mr. E Jack Drummond '85 

Ms. Jill Dubm 

Ms. Lori Dubuc 

Dr. Joseph B. Duckworth '59 

Mrs. Freida Beatty Duffey '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Duncan 

Mrs. Marsha Brittain Dunn '90 

Mr. Terry Lee Dwyer '71 

Dr. Susan Burns Dyar '90 

Mr. Joy D. Dye '60 

Dr. Martha Eostlock '86 and 

Mr. Scott M. Zgroggen '86 
Linnett Ebonks 
Mr. Joseph A. Echols '95 
The Rev Samuel W. Edieman, Jr. '57 

and Mrs. Margaret Young Edlemon '59 
Ms. Linda D. Effron 
Mr Kevin F Egan '81 
Mr. Michael W. Eis '01 and 

Mrs, Melissa Kostelansky Eis '02 
Mr. and Mrs. David Eliscu 
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Ellinger 
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Ellis 
Mrs. Mikala Warren Engel '73 
Ms. Pamela England 
Mr. David Engle 

Mrs. Nancy Thompson English '62 
Mr. W. Daniel Erwin '06 
Mrs. Amy Z. Estes '94 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Evans 
ExxonMobil Foundation 
F & F Tax Service, Inc. 
Ms. Emy Lou Faber '75 
Mrs. Sharon Velinsky Fagin '85 
Ms. Jennifer Foirchild-Pierce '92 
Dr. Kathleen Pitts Foircloth '66 and 

Mr. O. Navarro Foircloth '65 
Dr. D. Scott Faith '84 
Dr. Fereydoon Family 
David and Mory Lane Fantigrossi 
Dr. Edward N. Feldman '63 
Mrs. Mary Poteet Fernandez '96 
Mr. Bob L. Fesperman '83 
Ms. Christine Fette 
Ms. Claire Fields '59 
Dr. Stephen K. Figler '64 
Mr. Clinton L. Fincher '58 
Ms. Lily C. Fincher '07 
Mrs. Sara Steinberg Fine '55 
Mr. David H. Fink 
Mrs. Rhiannon N. Fink '02 
Mrs. Melissa Firestone 
Mr. Edwin Fisher 
Mrs. Frances Shedd Fisher '57 
Mr. Jason Fisher '96 and 

Mrs. Holly Harmon Fisher '96 
Mr. John R. Fisher '51 
Mr. John J. Fittipoldi '71 and 

Mrs. Mimi Hobbs Fittipoldi '72 
Mrs. Barbara Howard Flanigan '76, 

MA '79 
Mr. Sheldon H. Fleitmon '53 
Rev. Mandy Sloan Flemming '00 
Mrs. Cynthia Flores 
Ms. Monica Flores '99 
Mr. Hugh J. Floyd '43 
Anne Foley and Pat Rabbitt 
Ms. Claire E. Fontaine '07 

Ms. Susan M. Forbes '07 

Mrs. Deborah M. Foresman '83 

Mr. Thomas F Forkner, Jr. '79 

Dr. Rulledge Forney 

Mr. Christopher Y Fort '01 

Ms. Dino Foster 

Mrs. Anne Kohl Fowler '85 

Mrs. Doyle Sutton Fowler '90 

Ms. Laura Fowler '84 

Mr. Phil Fowler 

Mrs. Carolyn L. Frangiamore '64 

Mr. Richard J. Fronk '68 

Ms. Linda Fraser 

Mrs. Corolyn Morris Frazier '59 

Ms. Christina Rice Freemon '58 

Ms. Eleonor Freemer 

Ms. Tracy L. Frey '93 

Mrs. Elizabeth Mothieu Frias '55 

Ms. Eva Friedlander 

Mr. Christopher M. Frost '92 and 

Mrs Deborah F. Frost '92 
Jean Frost 

Mr. Brian B. Fryman '95 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fulbright, Sr, 
Mr. Frank R. Fuller '00 
Mr. Christopher Fulton '80 
Ms. Melissa Drouin Funk '97 
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Gabriel 
Mrs. Ellen Gray Godberry '85 
Ms. Sandra D. Gain '86 
Mrs. Kristen L. Gaines '01 
Mr. Milton Galfas 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Galloway 
Mr. and Mrs Juan Galvan 
Dr. John Gamwell 
Ms. Nicole Gorborini '00 
Mr. R. Corey Garner '05 
Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Garrett 
Ms. Kimber Lee Garrison '07 
Ms Sarah Allison Gatliff '97 
Patrick and Kothryn Gaul 
Georgia Power Company 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gerard 
Mr. David M. Gerhardt '84 
Mr. Stephen M. Germany '08 
Mr. Charles Ghee '05 
Mrs. Brendo Homlin Gibbs '70 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gibbs 
Mrs. Catherine Clegg Gibson '81 
Dr. Lynn Gieger 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gilfillan 
Mr. Donald Austin Gillis '01 
Ms. Donna F. Gilmortin 
Mrs. Judith Draisen Glossman '72 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Glenn, Jr. 
Mr. Marquis Y Glenn '96 
Mrs. Noncye Rice Glenn '82 
Mr. Robert Glover 
Mrs. Sheila H. Godwin '02 
Mrs. Jodie Sexton Goff'Ol 
Mrs. Norman Goldberg 
Ms. JoAnn Golden '92 
Dr. Stephen J. Goldforb 
Mr. Allen B. Goodwin '73 
Mr. Michael D. Gordon '72 and 

Mrs. Amelio Berry Gordon '60 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gorman 
Miss Susan E. Goslin '68 
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Goudelocke 
Ms. Ursula Croats 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grobowski 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grad 
Mr. Rodney Grainger 
Mrs. Gwendolyn Grant 
Mike and Joy Graves 
Mr. C. Patrick Gray '92 and 

Mrs. Alexandra Kay Groy '93 
Mrs. Isabel Tonks Gray '33 
Mr. Jason C. Gray '95 

Mr. Brian Green 

Mr. John S. Green, Jr. '50 

Ms. Sarah A. Green 

Mr. Steven Green 

Mrs. Ellen Sills Greene '77 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greenwell 

Mrs. Marguerite Pearson Greer '50 

Mr. Beot Karl Greisler 

Mr. Carl H. Griffin 

Ms. Jessica R. Griffin '06 

Shane and Danielle Griffin 

Mr. and Mrs. William Griffin 

Mrs. Rachel Willioms Grimes '91 

Mr and Mrs. Mark Grisar 

Dr. Ann Marie Groover '83 

Mrs. Kathleen Glynn Grupp '79 

Mr. Lewis Gruskin 

Mr. J. CobotGupton '63 and 

Mrs. Barboro Dexter Gupton '63 
Ms. Emily S Gurley '96 
Mrs. Kathleen Guy 
Ms. Michele Anne Guy '87 
Mrs. Lisa K. Gyllenswan '98 
Dr. AnnRito Levis Hoder '76 
Dr. and Mrs. P Frank Hagerly 
Mr. and Mrs, William L. Height 
Mrs. Velma Hainline 
Mrs. Jennifer Ovdenk Haley '97 
Mrs. Mary M. Hamocher '87 
Miss Mary Constance Homell '68 
Mr. Charles M. Homes '74 
Ms. Noncy T Hamilton '95 
Dr. Hugo S. Hammond '59 
Mr. D. Dwoyne Honberry '88 and 

Mrs. Charis Andrews Honberry '88 
Mrs. Marilyn Whiteside Handsel '75 
Mr. B. Shane Honey '91 and 

Mrs. Michelle Rosen Honey '90 
Mr. Terrence C. Honey '69 and 

Mrs. Sheryl Claxton Honey '69 
Miss Etta Lou Honken '72 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Honno 
Mrs. Julie Wackermon Honrohan '90 
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell L. Hans 
Mr. Michael Hanson '93 and 

Mrs. Stocie T Hanson '06 
Mrs. Jacqueline Horary '86 
Ms. Mary Janet Harden 
Col. (Ret.) John E. Harms '58 
Mr. Arthur Harris 
Mrs. Natalie Mintz Harris '73 
Ms. Regina Harris 
Mrs. Leigh Norris Harrison '82 
Mrs. Marguerite McKinney Hart '40 
Ms. Helen F. Harvey 
Mr. James C. Harvey '61 
Ms. Trocie L. Hawkins 
Mrs. Brendo Smith Hoyden '90 
Mrs. Monica Hayden '98 
Mr. James W. Hazelwood, Jr. '62 
Mrs. Mary Finn Heaney '70 
Ms. Fronces Hecht 
Mr. Howard L. Hecht 
Dr. Sandra L. Hedge '68 
Mr. ond Mrs. Walter Hedges, Jr. 
Mr. Marc Heilweil 
Mrs. Carolyn Herzog Hellerung '84 
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Helmbold 
Ms. Georgia Russell Hembree '86 
Mr. Greg Henderson 
Ms. Mory S. Henderson 
Ms. Andrea M. Henfield '07 
Mr. David J. Hernandez '01 
Dr. Stephen B. Herschler 
Mrs. Jere E. Hess 
Mr. John Dale Hester '95 
Dr. Bruce W. Hetherington 
Mr. William A. Hewes '67 
Mr. Richord N. Hey 


Mr. Kenneth Hickman 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Higgins 


Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hill 

Mr. James Hill '06 

Mr. Michal Hillman 

Dr. Amanda Paetz Hiner '91 

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hitchcock 

Mr. Hiep Ho 

Mrs. Linda Robuck Hoffman '58 

Dr. Robin Whyte Hoffman '70 

Ms. Anne Holdgrofer 

Mr. W. Ray Holley '49 

Mrs. Marjorie McClung Holliday '49 

Mrs. E. Connie Brown Holliman '65 

Mrs. September Holstad '04 

Mrs. Penni Reid Holt '87 

Mr. John Hong '02 

Mr. Floyd G. Hopkins '59 

Mr. Erik K. Home '07 

Mrs. Heather E. Hornor '94 

Ms. Tina Crawford Howard '92 

Mrs. Virginia House Howard '60 

Ms. Susanne W. Howe 

Mr. Peter Howell 

Mr. Robert P. Hoyt '68 

Mrs. Elizabeth Locklin Hrisok '79 

Ms. Mary Anne Hudnall 

Pace Huff 

Ms. Jean Pryor Hughes '64 

Mr. Richard A. Hughes '70 

Mr. Robert Lanier Hull '64 

Mrs. Edith Upchurch Hunt '56 

Mr. Norman R. Hurdjr. '66 

Mosorrat Husain 

Mr. Ron Hutchins 

Randy Hyman 

Mrs. Jessica Geer Inskeep '97 

Ms. Annemarie Ippolito '06 

Ms. Clare Isanhour '50 

Mrs. Nancy D. Isenberg '76 

Mrs. Heather McNeill Ivkovich '99 

Ms. Justino lyere 

Jacq M. Jack 

Mr. James C. Jacobs, Jr. '73 

Dr. and Mrs. Alan I. Jacobson 

Ms. Carol K. Jaeger 

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Joehnig 

Mrs. Florence Richardson James '48 

Ms. Avril J. James-Hurt 

Ms. Peggy Jeffra 

Ms. Martha Ann Jenks '74 

Ms. Claudia Jernigon 

Mrs. Carol C. Johnson 

Mr. Herbert F Johnson 

Dr. and Mrs. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson 

Mr. Alex Johnson '07 

Copt, Louis A. Johnson '76 and 

Mrs. Laura Fantini Johnson '76 
Mr. M. Deone Johnson '90 
Martin, Joan and Mark Johnson 
Mrs. Miki Williamson Johnson '97 
Ms. Mary A. Johnson 
Ms. Nancy Johnson 
Ms. Patricio A. Johnson 
Ms. Susan Marie Johnson '83 
Ms. Tamora L. Johnson 
Mr. and Mrs. Willie R.Johnson 
Mrs. Leslie Berk Johnston '72 
Mr. Brent R. Jones '04 
Mrs. Dorothy H. Jones '84 
Mr. E. Pendleton Jones III '61 
Ms. Joyce C. Jones '76 
Mrs. Rebecca Harbor Jones '62 
Mr. Robert S. Jones, Sr. '69 
Mr. R. Word Jones '95, MBA '98 
Mr. Robert L. Jones '02 


Sandy M. Jones 
Mrs. Yvonne Scales Jones '71 
Dr. Elizabeth L. Jones-Lukacs '55 
Mrs. Susan Goodchild Jordan '66, 

MA '73 
Ms. Kathleen K. Jost '07 
Mrs. Debra Losner Kohn '78 
Mr. Jeffrey M. Kohn 
Mrs. Rholdo Rubin Kahn '57 
Mr. Neil Kalmanson 
Mr. Siegfried Kammerer 
Ms. Judy Komp 
Mr. J. Joy Kapp '00 
Mrs. Belinda M. Kosmiersky '98 
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Kaufman 
Ms. Stephanie Simmonds Kaufman 
Ms. Barbara Koye 
Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Kee 
Mr. ThoddeusJ. Keefe III 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Keene 
Ms. Karen Keiser-Jenkins '83 
Mrs. Nancy Keito 
Mr. and Mrs. James Keller 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Kelly 
Mr. Tim Kelly 
Dr. Tiffany E. Kelsey '97 
Mr. Kevin M. Kendrick '96 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Kennedy 
Ms. Elizabeth P. Kennedy '02 
Mr. Warner L. Kennon IV '76 
Ms. Jane Robbins Kerr 
Ms. Anne P. Key 
Ms. Sandra J. Keyes and 

Ms. Martha A. Plyant 
Mrs. Mojgon Khosrovi '01 
Mr. Dennis W. Kiernon '96 
Ms. Carol Ann Kilburn 
Mr. RolondJ. Kimble '06 
Ms. Jenny Kimbrell 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kincaid 
Mrs. Elizabeth Walker King '54* 
Mrs. Frances Y. King 
Ms. Leigh A. Kite '07 
Mrs. Ellen Plutchok Klein '70 
Mrs. Kothryn Engler Klein '95 
Ms. Peggy Klein 

Ms. Edna Moleson Kleinbaum '65 
Mr. Jon M. Kligerman '70 
Mrs. Marcelle Turner Knauff '87 
Ms. Bobbie K. Knous 
Mr. Ronald R. Knopf 61 
Ms. Sheila Knox 
Mr. John R Knudsen '49 
Mr. Chris Kodo-Mossey '04 
Ms. Margie A. Koenig 
Mrs. Sally Rich Kolb '75 
Mr. Michael T Kreager '90 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Krueger 
Mr. John J. Kufel, Jr. '71 
Mr. Kenneth C. Kuffrey '97 
Mr. and Mrs. David Kuhn 
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Kuiken '62 
Mrs. Betty Powell Kujowski '75 
Mr. John Kulavic III 
Mr. Ronald D. Kulhanjian '69 
Ms. EIke Kunzmann-Devine '99, 

MBA '01 
Ms. Kotorino Kurincovo '03 
Ms. Abigail J. Kudond '06 
Ms. M. B. Lacy 
Mrs. Betty Clark Lofitte '45 
Dr. Anno Lambros 
Mrs. Eloise Mollory Lamons '81 
Mr. Kenneth R. Lancaster 
Dr. Jack C. Lone '58 and 
Mrs. Jonne Jolley Lone '59 
Ms. Tio D. Lone 
Ms. Deborah M. Lange '03 

Ms. Mary B. Lapwing 

Mr and Mrs. Steven Lori 

Ms. Toni Larson 

Mr. Philip F. Low '84 

Ms. Catherine M. Lowler '05 

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Lawrence 

Ms. Carolyn B. Lowson 

Ms. Ruth Loxson 

Mr. Hung-Minh Le 

Ms. Jean Leach '04 

Mrs. Mary Ivey Leak '70 

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Ledoux 

Mr. Bruce Lee '03 

Miss Vivian Chandler Lee '64 

Ms. Elizabeth Lee-Hew '07 

The Rev. Fitzhugh M. Legerton 

Dr. Ronald J. Lehman, M.D. 

Mr. Robert W. Lenzer '79 

Ms. Chando Thomas Leshoure '98 

Ms. Lucy Leusch 

Mrs. Stocey Bronstein Levin '86 

Mrs. Morcia Gruss Levinsohn '57 

Dr. Bertram J. Levy '62 

Mr. Christopher Lewis 

Mrs. Gwendolyn Moss Lewis '53 

Mr. Irwin A. Lewis '51 

Ms. Molly S. Lewis '00 

Mr. Martin Liberman '71 

Mrs. Martha Grant Likins '54 

Mr. Russell Lind '98 

Karel V. Linden 

Mr. R. Phillip Lindermon II '80 and 

Mrs. Patricio Goodwin Lindermon ' 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Lindley 

Mrs. Sylvia Arotlin Lingle '40 
Mr. William M. Linstrom '65 
Dr. John G. Liphom '64 and 

Mrs. Eleanor Ann McGurn Liphom 
Mrs. Diana Marcus Lipton '79 
Ms. Peggy Borrington Litherland '91 
Mr. Allan Little III 
Ms. Lisa Littlefield 
Mr. Charles Liftman '81 
Ms. JoAnn Livesay 
Mr. Donald Livingston 
Marty and Ceil Locker 
Ms. Loretto Loconto 
Mr. Robin Lohfert '03 
Ms. Jenny H. London 
Moj. Lee London, Jr. '71 
Mrs. Dixie Woolford Long '39 
Mrs. Sarah Ann Sanders Long '66 
Mr. Gordon W. Love, Jr. '71 
Ms. Marjorie Lovewell 
Mr. Richard H. Lowe 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Luedtke 
Mr. John H. Lummus '58 
Mrs. Kathleen Allen Lunsford '84 
Dr. Jay Lutz 

Ms. Sarah C. Lykens '07 
Mr. Joel D. Lynch '57 and 

Mrs. Doris Eisenberg Lynch '58 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Lynen 
Mr. Richard Lyon 
Mr. Robert N. Lyons '95 and 

Mrs. Stephanie Choby Lyons '97 

Mr. Russell B. Mabrey, Jr. '87 and 
Mrs. Jennifer Perry Mabrey '87 
Ms. Emily E. Mccheski-Preston '07 
Ms. Brevely Mock '03 
Ms. Ingeborg G. Mack 
Mrs. Ann Spalding MacLane '89 
Ms. Evelyn MacUrda 
Ms. Rachoel L. Maddux '07 
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Maguire 
Mr. Richard Charles Maier '78 
Ms. Lori Molazich 
Mrs. Mary Jackson Molek '73 
Hon. Robert P Mollis '62 
Mrs. Stephanie L. Malms-Dossier '07 
Mrs. Suzette Harvey Mancini '71 
Ms. Georgia Monley 
Mr. Robert L. Manning '64 
Ms. Kitty C. Manson 
Mrs. Barboro Tucker Montler '67, MA '75 
Mr. and Mrs. James March 
Ms. Katie V. March '06 
Mrs. Jennifer Broodbent-Marine '91 
Ms. Isabel Marriott 
Ms. Ann P Martin 
Mr. Gory W. Martin '77 
Ms. Jeanette B. Martin '95, MBA '00 
Ms. Jillian A. Martin '05 
Ms. Mory W. Martin 
Mr. Charles Marvin 
Mr. Tim Marx '67 
Ms. Bleshette A. Mason '07 
Ms. Aline J. Mossey 
Mr. James E. Mathis 
Mr. Warren Matthews 
Ms. Kelly Matysik '04 
Ms. Bernice Mow 
Ms. Margaret Maxwell '03 
Mrs. Phyllis Rogers May '82 
Mrs. Kathy Bedell Mayo '89 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl McAllister 
Mr. Neil Gray McBride 
Ms. Kira O. McCobe '07 
Mr. and Mrs. Greg McConnell 
Mr. David E. McCormick '44 
Mrs. Linda Triguero McCormick '82 
Mrs. Ha Ann Varelmann McCoy '58 
Mr. Stanley C. McDonald, Jr. '70 
Ms. A. Joann McDowell '90 
Mrs. Betty Stokes McGority '58 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGee 
Mrs. Bennie McGinley 
Mr. and Mrs. John McGowon 
Mr. Lester McGukin '56 and 

Mrs. Lois Weems McGukin '57 
Mr. andMrs.JohnE.McKee, Jr. 
Ms. Rachel McKnight '04 
Mr. Thomas L. McLean '68 and 

Mrs. Elizabeth Butler McLean '85 
Ms. Virginia McLeod 
Ms. Kathleen McMullon '07 
Dr. Dennis M. McPeak '81 
Mrs. Brigitte Mebius-Moggre '83 
Ms. Karen Elizabeth Mellott '02 
Mrs. Jaime J. Melton '98 
Merck Company Foundation 
Mrs. Lori A. Merrill '01 
Merrill Lynch Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Metcolf, Jr. 
Mrs. Anne Cheek Meyer '72 
Mr. Dennis Allon Michael '60 
Ms. Leah Marie Mickens '05 
Ms. Cheryl Barkolow Miles '85 
Mr. Fred A. Miller, Jr. '55 
Mr. George A. Miller 
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Miller 
Mr. John W. H. Miller 
Mrs. Lois Adorns Miller '66 
Mrs. Michelle Ponte Miller '94 
Mr. Ponke Miller 

Mr. David B. Mills '84 

Mr. B. Donald Minor 

Mr Benjamin J. Minor '07 

Mrs. Coroline Cook Minor '75 

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Minor 

Ms. M. Elaine Minor '81 

Mrs. B. Michon Hall Mitchell '87 

Mr. S. Morris Mitchell '63* 

Ms. Ruth Mitchell 

Ms. Vicki Blalock Mitchell '85 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Mix 

Mrs. Marilyn McNeal Mock '74, 

MA '79 
Mr. Herbert Monford II '71 
Ms. Denise M. Mont '89 
Ms. Chontal Montognet '99 
Ms. Sherion Moon '97 
Mr. Charles R. Moore '92 
Ms. Harriet Moore 
Mr. J. Alan Moore '58 and 

Mrs. Ino Foster Moore '58, MA '85 
Mr. James W. Moore, Jr. '85 
Mr. L. Silas Moore, Jr. '61 
Ms Rachel L. Moore '01 
Mr. Zochary M. Moretz '90 and 

Mrs. Jennifer Berry Moretz '92 
Mr. Mike Morgon 
Mrs Ruth McLaughlin Morgan '77 
Morgan Stanley 

Lone Morlote and Lynda Wilbonks 
Mr. George F. Morris '67 
Mr. Dennis M.Morris '75 and 

Mrs. Pamela Orns Morris '75, MA '79 
Ms. Rachel E. Morris '07 
Ms. Ann Yingling Morrow 
Mr. Mark J. Moskowilz '82 and 

Mrs. Sharon Rudy Moskowitz '82 
Mr. William N. Mosley '07 
Mrs. Beverly Moss 

Miss Rosemary Mosteller '72, MA '76 
Mr. Chad M. Mozley '01 
Ms. Debro Mewshaw Mueller '7^ 
Miss Tommye Mueller '45 
Ms. Lisa Mullins '07 
Father Daniel M. Munn '58* 
Ms. Sheryt D. Murphy 
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Myers 
Mrs. Sandra Sims Myers '55 
Mr. Francis R. Nodeou, Jr. '70 
Mr. and Mrs. Tinokorn NaLompoon 
Mr. Thomas A. Namey '02 and 

Mrs. Sallie Koltreider Nomey '02 
Ms. Jennifer Nonek '98 
Ms. Kelley Napier '04 
Dr. John C. Nordo 
Mr. Mayur Nayee '06 
Mr. Edward Sachs and 

Ms. Francine Needle 
Mrs. Sybil Sanders Neel '55 
Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Neisius 
Ms. Betty Neisler 
Mr. Dennis Nelson 
Ms. Elizabeth P Nesbitt 
Mrs. Eleanor Milner Newlond '63 
Ms. Valerie Newman '77 
Ms. Thuy Nguyen '07 
Ms. Amanda J. Nichols '07 
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Nichols 
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Nilson 
Mrs. Jean Arsenault Nippert '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Huxley Nixon 
Mr. David H. Noble, Jr. '73 
Norfolk Southern Foundation 
Mrs. Rosalie Brookshaw North '58 
The Rev. John W. Norton '57 
Mr. Gory J. Novak '74 
Mrs. Carlene Rod Ookes '80 
Mr. Howard E. O'Connell '85 
Mr. Joseph J. Oddo '75 

Ms. M. Winnifred O'Dell 
Mr. Edward W. Odenkirchen '82 
Mr. Carroll E. Ogburn, Jr. '64 
Oglethorpe University Museum of 

Art Advisory Board 
Mrs. Mary Ohoro 
Mrs. Alicio S. O'Kelley '98 
Mr. Louis D. Clin '68 
Mr. Piercen Oliver '06 
Dr. Robert Boyd Oliver '57 
Mr. AndrewJ. Olsen '59 and 

Mrs. Barbara Coffey Olsen '61 
Ms. Linda Olsen 
Mr. Robert V Olson '62 and 

Mrs. Amy Williams Olson '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Opp 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Orlando 
Mrs. Therese Guth O'Shields '82 
Ms. Stacey Brand Ostervold '95 
Ms. Ann Otterness 
Mr. Jerry L. Otting '67 
Mr. Robert L. Owen '82 
Mr. LanceW. Ozier '01 
Ms. Frances L. Padgett 
Ms. Karen C. Page 
Mr. Malcolm E. Page '80 
Mr. Aron C. Palefsky '75 
Ms. Eugenia Palmer '62* 
Ms. Jan Parker 
Mr. William H. Parker '65 and 

Mrs. Jayne Archer Parker '64 
Ms. Michelle Parks '03 
Mrs. Virginia Porler '99 
Mr. Robert Isaacs and 

Ms. Raisa Pormentier 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Partin 
Mr. Edgar Paschal 
Mr. William M. Pate, Jr. '66 
Mrs. Jorjanne Zorn Paulk '01 
Mr. Julian E. Pawlowski, Jr. '92 
Mr. Jeffrey S. Peorlman '96 
Ms. Stephanie Peccio '04 
Mr. and Mrs. Julian J. Pedro 
Ms. Kathleen C. Pedro '07 
Mr. and Mrs. Mehmet Pekin 
Mr. and Mrs. Penninger 
Pennsport Internal Medicine 
Dr. Mary Ellen Perkins 
Ms. Robin Jo Perling '81 
Ms. Catherine Ann Perry 
Ms. Erika A. Perz 
Ms. P Allison Peters-Whittle 
Mrs. Joyce Gravel Pettus '62 
Philips Electronics 
Ms. Stephanie L. Phillips '90 
Mr. Charles E. Pickett '71 
Mr. Mike D. Pickett '64 
Ms. Janet E. Pierce 
Ms. Sharon Lynn Spivey '91 
Ms. Priscillo Miller-Pierson '67 
Mr. and Mrs. John Pilger 
Mrs. Karen Mitchell Pinson '93 
Mrs. Sondro Jean Piper '84 
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Pisoni 
Mrs. Virginia G. Pistole '67 
Ms. Elizabeth Pittmon 
Ms. Roy Plant 
Miss Sylvia Plopinger '50 
Mrs. Virginia P Plummer 
Armin L. Poes 
Ms. Myriam Poirier '07 
Mr. Adam L. Polakov '98 
Mr. Michael O. Foley '92 
Ms. Jessica L. Pond '07 
Ms. Robin Elms '02 and 

Mr. Jeffrey R. Poole '02 
Ms. Kelly A. Poor '07 
Ms. Foye Popper 
Mr. C. Scott Port '74 

Mrs. Grace Suder Porter '55 

Ms. Jimmy Ann Langdon Porter '65 

Mr Jerry Portwood III '99 

Mr. Jason E. Potts '07 

Ms. Corol B. Powell 

Mr Dennis C. Prott '71 

Mr. Steve Prettymon '79 

Mr. and Mrs. M. David Prince 

Mr. J. Richard Prochosko '80 and 

Mrs. Pamela Drake Prochosko '79 
Mr. Michael PuckeH '69 
Ms. Mollory R. Pusch '06 
Mr. and Mrs. James R Pyron 
Mr. Eric J. Queen '94 
Mr. Ryan P Queen '97 
Dr and Mrs Rolph Rader 
Mrs Charlotte G. Romage '40 
Mr. Tod D. Ronsopher 
Mr. Edward A. Ropp '81 
Miss Dorothy S. Rawlins '54 
Mr. Robert L. Rowson '98 
Mr. ond Mrs. William R. Raymond 
Mr. Delmos S. Reddy '77 
Mrs. Elsie H. Reece '83 
Dr. Amanda L. Regnier '99 
Mr Thomas L Reilly '67 
Mr. Marshall Reiser '95 
Ms. Rachel L. Renz '07 
Mr. Keylor Reyes 
Mr. R. M. Reynolds, Jr. '55 
Mr. Done Rhodes 
Mr. Stanley Richards 
Ms Susan C Richards '06 
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Richardson 
Mr. Edward G, Riemenschneider '99 
Mr James A. Riley '66 
Dr. Michael O'Neal Riley '68 
Mr. Thomas J. Rivello '71 
Ms. Shirley E. Rivers 
Mr. Rex G. Roan '70 
Ms. Courtney Roberts '06 
Mr. David B. Robertson '86 
Mr. Donald E. Robertson '86 
Mrs. Mortho Knapp Robertson '65 
Ms. Barbara A. Robinson '81 
Mr. Edwin Robinson 
Ms. Judith G. Robinson '79 
Miss Maureen B. Robinson '82 
Ms. L. Kotherine RobinSun 
Ms. Angie L. Baldwin Rodo '01 
Mrs. Brendo Jericevich Roger '95 
Mrs. Marie Coudill Rogers '34 
Mr. Lawrence H. Rollins '87 and 

Mrs. Cynthia Crawford Rollins '88 
Dr. Wendy Kurant Rollins '90 
Mrs. Ann O. Rooney 
Cdr. and Mrs. M. H. Rose 
Mr. and Mrs. Brandt Ross 
Ms. Cornelia Roth 
Mr. Johl K. Rotmon '72 
Mrs. Anno M. Rowen 
Mr. Mark Alan Rowland '71 
Ms. Diane R. Rowles'71 
Mr. Jerry Royal 
Ms. Sarojone C. Ruby 
Mr. Gory E. Ruckelshous '69 
Ms. Zondro Ruiz '99 
Mrs. Carolyn Norfleet Rumage '71 
Ms. Kotherine M. Russell '02 
Mr. Chris Rylonds '01 
Ms. Carol Sabbeth 
SAFECO Insuronce Companies 


I Sola 

Mr. Brent Solovarz 

Mr. Mocloy Solfisberg '39 and 

Mrs. Virginia G. Solfisberg '42 
Mrs. Lucy Dubrowsky Samorodin 
Mr. Jerry W. Sams '68 
Mrs. Vicky D. Samuel '04 


Mr. Charles F. Sanders '66 

Dr. David E. Sanders '84 

Ms. Leah L. Sanders '06 

Mrs. Rhett Pinson Sanders '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Sanderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sands 

Ms. Angela Satterfield '97 

Ms. Tracy L. Satterfield '06 

Ms. Cathy S. Sauer 

Mr. Homer S. Saunders, Jr. 

Ms. Christine N. Scarborough '00 

Ms. Priscilla G. Scarpaci '07 

Mr. Gary Robert Schiegner '75 

Mr. James Schell 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schewe 

Ms. Sobina Schievelbein 

Ms. Sara Schindel 

Mrs. Barbara Ostipwko Schmich '75, 

MA '84 
Mrs. Suzanne Schmidt 
Mr. Douglas S. Schmitt '86 and 

Mrs. Julie Quickmire Schmitt '87 
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Schmutzler 
Mr. Dennis E. Schneible '63 
Mrs. Jennifer Gamblin Schneider '89 
Mr. Harry L. Schroeder '01 and 

Mrs. Solly P. Schroeder 
Ms. Diane Lee Schuettinger '73 
Ms. Mary Emily Schultz 
Mrs. Carolyn P Schumacher '93, MA '97 
Mrs. Muriel Rotkewicz Schurke '86 
Charles Schwab and Company, Inc. 
Ms. Delores A. Schweitzer '92 
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schweitzer 
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. 
Mrs. Debra S. Scott '89 
Mrs. Joyce Wells Scott '72, MA '83 
Mr. Allen Sears '69 
Mrs. Darlene Boehr Seay '75 
Mrs. Mary Louise Browne Sedki '65 
Ms. Cindy Sedran 'lb 
Mrs. Ingeborg Seebohm 
Ms. Theresa Fuerst Sellers '83 
Mr. and Mrs. William Sessions 
Mr. Robert T Seymour '54 
Mr. Joshuo I. Shapiro '02 
Miss Mary Anne Sharp '58 
Mr. Jason R. Sheats '93 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sheffield 
Mr. John M. Shelnutt '84 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sheridan 
Mrs. Ellen Woodson Shipley '62 
Mrs. Betsy Edge Shirey '79 
Mrs. Karen Anne Sams Shirley '83 
Ms. Brenda Shonfield '63 
Ms. BetteL. Shornick '81 
Dr. Seema Shrikhande 
Ms. Katherine E. Shropshire '02 
Mr. Todd Sibley 

Mr. Frederick M. Sicignono '93 
Ms. Michelle Ann Sidler '91 
Ms. Ruth Siegel 
Mr. Barry I. Silver '64 
Mr. Bryan D. Simmons '04 
Ms. Nancy Schaller Simmons '60 
Mr. Donald J. Simon '69 
Ms. Elise J. Simonton 
Rev John S. Sims '68 
Mr. Ralph Dean Sims 
Ms. Jill McDonald Sistino '91 
Ms. Teri Sivilli 
Mr. John L. Skelton, Jr. 'll 
Ms. Kimberly Skinner '92 
Mrs. Sandra Slomovitz '87 
Mr. Dave Smiley 
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Smith 
Mr. Brian C. Smith '79 
Mrs. Lucy Lindsey Smith '59 
Ms. Tanya Smith 

Mr. Donald E. Snyder 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Soby 

Mr. Jason Solomon '01 

Mrs. Anna San-Martin Soracco '94 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sotis 

Mr. Robert E. Souders 

Mr. Nathan Sparks '98 

Mrs. Mildred Jackson Speights '58 

Ms. Susan B. Spence 

Capt. Volorie Woods Spence '92 

Mr. Geoffrey D. Spiess '91 and 

Mrs. Jennifer Amerson Spiess '90, 

MA '98 
Mrs. Nancy Staller-Brown '70 
Ms. Heather Lynn Staniszewski '02 
Mr. Christopher A. Stanley '03 
Mr. and Mrs. Daves Steed 
Dr. Robert Steen 
Mr. Lloyd E. Stein '39, MA '40 
Mr. James W. Steinhouse '79 and 

Mrs. Carolyn H. Steinhouse '79 
Mr. Brian S. Stephens '02 
Mr. Wayne G. Stephens '67 
Mr. Keith A. Stephenson '80 and 

Mrs. Ruth Adair Stephenson '80 
Mrs. Ellen Randall Stephens '48 
Mr. G. Scott Stevenson '61 
Ms. Anita Stewart 
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Stiles 
Mrs. Leann Payne Strom '63 
Ms. Alison D. Stroud 
Mrs. Mary T. Stroud 
Mr. Jack W. Strouss, Jr. '51 
Dr. Cheryl Granode Sullivan 
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Summerlin 
Ms. Margaret Summerour '92 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Summers 
Sun Microsystems Foundation 
Mr Guy S. Sunny '69 
Mr. Charles G. Sunstein 
Superior Telecom, Inc. 
Sustainable Construction Syste 
Mrs. Timiko Swain Emerson '89 
Ms. Eleanor S. Swonn 
Mr. Paul E. Swonson '84 
Mr. Robert J. Swanson, Jr. '88 
Carl and Eva Tackett 
Mrs. Christine Graf Taggart '88 
Mr. Clyde A. Tollent '72 
Mrs. Roberta Lane Tanner '84 
Mr. Timothy O. Torkington 
Mrs. Aileen Pratt Taylor '85 
Mrs. Deborah Schnell Taylor '72 
Mrs. Kate McNeil Taylor '66 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Teogue 
Ms. Courtney J. Terrell '05 
Mr. David Terrell 
Mr. Claude Terry 
Mrs. Candy Allen Thacker '93 
Mr. Ralph W. Thacker '37 
Ms. Cothryn Thalimer '90 
Mr. John B. Thomas 11 '76 
Ms. Karen A. Thomas '99 
Mrs. Tricia B. Thomas '92 
Ms. Betsy Thompson 
Mr. Jennings J. Thompson IV 
Ms. Katherine E. Thompson '07 
Mrs. Martha Adams Thompson '58 
Mrs. Mary Moihofer Thompson '74 
Mrs. Patricio G. Thompson '00 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Thrash 
Dr. Margaret R Thrasher '61 
Ms. Kathleen Tice 
Mr. Peter Ellis Tintle '71 
Dr. Philip Tiu 

Mrs. Donna Miller Tomaro '91 
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Tomberlin 
Mrs. Sheryl C. Tomberlin '84 
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Toney 


Mrs. Carleen Toole 

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tracy 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Trommell, Jr. 

Ms. Nichole A. Traub '07 

Mrs. Clara Irwin Trover '77 

Ms. Emily J. Treuman '07 

Ms. Jennifer B. Trevisan '96 

Ms. Laura Diane Trittin '87 

Mr. and Mrs. George Trohcanto 

Mr. J. Daniel Troy '60 

Ms. Annie Y. Trujillo 

Dr. J. Dean Tucker 

The Hon. Woodrow Tucker '44 

Mr. Selby A. Tuggle '70 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tulowitzky 

Ms. Cecelia Turbyville 

Mr. Douglas R. Turner 

Ernest and Karen Turner 

Mr. John G. Turner '70 

Ms. Joyce C. Turner 

Mr. Robert F. Tuve 

Mr. Philip Tyler 

Mr. G. Grey Umberger, Jr. '84 

Mr. James S. Unger 

Ms. Nicole M. Urbanek '00 

The USAA Group 

Rifat Uzunovic 

Mr. Paul L. Vail 

Ms. Heather D. von Kampen '03 

Mr. Matthew C. Vance '02 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Van Houten, Jr. 

Dr. Martha Vardemon 

Ms. Joan M. Varlan '99 

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Lee Vaughon 

Ms. Judith M. Vaughn '74 

Mr. Paul W. Vaughn, Jr. '49 

Ms. Ellisso L Vermillion '99 

Mr. Erik Viberg '99 

Mrs. Cathy Appling Vinson '92 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Voxnaes 

Mr. Wesley D. Wade '03 

Ms. Kimberly Johnson Walker '00 

Mrs. Margaret Blackman Wolker '58 

Mr. Reid W. Walker 

Mrs. Bette Tomlinson Wall '63, MA '75 

Mr. Christopher Wall '99 

Ms. Janet L. Wallace '03 

Ms. Linda G. Wallace '92 

Mrs. Medora Fitten Wallace '40 

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Wallace 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Walls 

Mr. Kevin D. Walmsley '89 

Ms. Gail Walter 

Mrs. Jean Grant Walter '51 

Ms. Lesley A. Ward 

Mr. Sherman C. Ward, Jr. '46 

Mr. Ralphton E. Worlick '70 

Mrs. Celia Vecchio Warren '79 

The Rev I Donnell Worters '63 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Waters 

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny I. Watkins 

Mrs. Opal Perry Watson '55 

Ms. Tekeria D. Watson 

Ms. Kelli Weotheroll '06 

Mrs. Ethel Law Webb '62 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Webb 

Mr. Thomas A. Webb '86 

Mrs. Gloria Holbert Webster '50 

Ms. Pamela L. Wedding 

Ms. Gail Wegodsky 

Clause Wegscheider 

Mrs. Corol Weihl 

Mrs. Betty U. Weiland 

Mr. Jay P Weininger 

Mr. Jonothan L. Weininger '07 

Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Weintraub 

Ms. Alexis S. Weismon '77 

Ms. Elena Weiss '03 

Mrs. Nancy Chornley Welly '67 

Mr. Gary Wenger '61 and 

Mrs. Ann Klein Wenger '58 
Mr. and Mrs. Chodes West 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. West 
Ms. Traci B. West '88 
Mr. Piers J. Weyant 
Mr. Alan White '75 
Mr. Chades L White '63 
Mr. Daryl White 
Mr. Don G. White 
Ms. Elizabeth Solamillo White '86 
Mr. Johnny C. White, Jr. '88 
Mr. Larry C. White '69 
Dr. Stephen W. White '66 
Mr. Steven John White '70 
Ms. Susan M. White 
Ms. Wanda White 
Mr. William B. White 
Mrs. Eleanor Yedvob Whiteside '65 
Ms. Susan B. Whitlock 
Mr. Jeffery A. Whitney '92 
Mr. Aaron P. Whitworth '04 
Ms. Gail Whitworth 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Wiggins 
Mr. Robert Wildau 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wildenhaus 
Mrs. Virginia Bremer Wiley '64 
Mrs. Ann Wenn Williams '54 
Ms. Ginger Williams 
Ms. Jean Willioms 
Mr. Tolliver Williams '99 
Mr. Ryan Williams '04 
Mrs. Sharon Friedrich Williams '65 
Ms. Terri L. Williams 
Mr. Hayden Willis '04 
Mrs. Anita Gegon Willoughby '85 
Mr. Knox R. Wilmer '77 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Wilson 
Mr. Dewi p.D.l Wilson 
Mr. Donald R. Wilson, Jr. '71 
Mrs. Elizabeth G.Wilson '91 
Mr. John B.Wilson '83 and 

Mrs. Julie Burnett Wilson '84 
Ms. Sarah M. Wingheld 
Dr. Kenneth D. Winokur '70 
Mr. John H. Winsness '64 and 

Mrs. Charlotte Smith Winsness '64 
Mr. Brett R. Wise '06 
Mrs. Ann Lenzer Wodraska '84 
Mrs. Hortense B. Wolf 
Mrs. Mary Carol Wollenhoupt '02 
Mr. James A. Wood, Jr. '03 
Mr. Wesley F Wood '74 
Dr. Bruce F. Woodruff, Jr. 
Ms. Patricio Beth Wool '77 
The Wool Family Foundation 
Ms. Ashley F. Wright '06 
Mr. and Mrs. Doniel Wright 
Ms. Danielle Wright '04 
Ms. Dianne Wright 
Ms. Kristi Wright '01 
Mrs. LisaJean Wright '81 
Mr. Richord B. Wright '73 
Mr. Davidson M. Wuichet '93 
Mrs. Joyce Arnold Wyckoff '66 
Dr. RobertA. Wynn'61 and 

Dr. Gail Gorwes Wynn '59 
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Wyzykowski '95 
Dr. Michoel W. Yarbrough '72 
Mr. Hoyt P Young 
Mrs. Patricio S. Zofhjto '89 
Dr. Sylvia G. Zapico '68 
Mr. Rohit U. Zaveri 
Ms. Lori Zboron '94 
Ms. Elizabeth Anne Zelley '94 
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Zellner 
Ms. Rachael E. Zellner '07 
Ms. Angela R. Zimbrick '00 
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Zwicker 



Many thanks to all the Oglethorpe 
alumni who contributed to the university 
between July 1 , 2006, and June 30, 
2007. In 2006 - 2007, 1 ,542 alums 
contributed to the Oglethorpe Fund, 
representing a 15% increase from 
2005-2006. These alums gave a total of 
$22 1 ,927. 1 1 , which is a 27% increase 
over the previous fiscal year. Your 
continued support and generosity is 
making a difference! 

Class of 1925 
Participation: 100% 

Dr. Vincent Sherman * 
Class of 1929 
Participation: 1 1 % 

The Rev Marion B. Anderson 

Class of 1931 

Participation: 14% 

Mr. Hubert E. Tucker * 

Class of 1933 

Participation: 13% 

Mrs. Isabel Tanks Gray 

Class of 1934 

Participation: 7% 

Mrs. Marie Coudill Rogers 

Class of 1935 

Participation: 8% 

Mr. M. Tyus Butler 

Class of 1937 

Participation: 14% 

Estate of M. A. Rikord* 

Mr. Ralph W. Thacker 

Class of 1938 

Participation: 18% 

Mrs. Dorothy Sweeny Castigliolo 

Mr. Carl N. Clark 

Mrs. Jeannette Bentley Moon 

Class of 1939 

Participation: 23% 

Mr. Herman L. Campbell 

Mrs. Dixie Woolford Long 

Mr. Jack Perry * 

Mr. Maclay Solfisberg 

Mr. Lloyd E. Stein 

Class of 1940 

Participation: 13% 

Mr. W. Elmer George 

Mrs. Marguerite McKinney Hart 

Mrs. Sylvia Aratlin Lingle 

Mrs. Charlotte G. Romage 

Mrs. Medora Fitten Wallace 

Class of 1941 

Participation: 9% 

Maj. James C. McClanahon 

Mrs. Lillian Coble Williams 

Class of 1942 

Participation: 12% 

Mr. John Meacham, Jr. 

Mr. Charles E. Newton 

Mrs. Virginia G. Solfisberg 

Mrs. Jeanne Fuller Schmidt 

Class of 1943 

Participation: 19% 

Mrs. Verno Miller Berthelsen 

Mr. Hugh J. Floyd 

Dr. John T Goldthwait 

Mr. Thomas M. Hunter * 

Mr. Keith A. Lone 

Mrs. Rhett Pinson Sanders 

Class of 1944 

Participation: 13% 

Mrs, Robyn Wall Doyal 

Mr. David E. McCormick 

The Hon. Woodrow Tucker 

Class of 1945 
Participation: 13% 

Mrs Betty Clark Lofitte 
Miss Tommye Mueller 
Class of 1946 
Participation: 8% 

Mr. Sherman C. Word, Jr. 
Class of 1947 
Participation: 5% 

Mrs. Margaret Kerr Hitte 
Class of 1948 
Participation: 50% 

Mr. Joseph G. Cannon 

Mrs. Joyce Odom Christionson 

Mr. James Rodney Cone 

Mrs. Florence Richardson James 

Dr. Thomas N. Pirkle 

Mrs. Ellen Randall Stephens 

Class of 1949 

Participation: 24% 

Mr Robert L. Boggus, Jr. 

Mrs Joan Robb Butler 

Mrs. Doris Pickens Hinson 

Dr. James H. Hinson, Jr. 

Mr. W. Ray Holley 

Mrs. Morjorie McClung Hollidoy 

Mr. Jock I. Hosford 

Mr. John P Knudsen 

Mr. John R. Smith 

Mr. Paul W. Vaughn, Jr. 

Class of 1950 

Participation: 22% 

Mr. William R. Brown, Jr. 

Mr. Gordon C. Bynum 

Mrs. Alice Calloway Crenshaw 

The Rev John M. Flonigen, Jr. 

Mr. John S. Green, Jr. 

Mrs. Marguerite Pearson Greer 

Mr. Stuart Herman 

Ms. Clare Isanhour 

Miss Sylvia Plapinger 

Mr. Walter V Slack 

Mrs. Gloria Holbert Webster 

Class of 1951 

Participation: 28% 

Mrs. Rose Simmons Andrews 

Mrs. Martha Moyson Bator 

Mrs. Jane Rand Breunig 

Mr. AlvinJ. Curkin 

Mr. John R. Fisher 

Mrs. Martha Sibley George 

Mr. Irwin A. Lewis 

Mrs. Mary Louise Watkins MacNeil 

Mr. Jack W. Strouss, Jr. 

Mr. Walter H. Tanner, Jr. 

Mr. S. Bleecker Totten 

Mr. Daniel L. Uffner, Jr. 

Mrs. Jean Grant Walter 

Class of 1952 

Participation: 28% 

Mr. J. Frederick Agel, Sr. 

Hon. Henry C. Atchison 

Mrs. Jane Cowort Bloemer 

Mrs. Margaret Bell Bloodworth 

Mrs. Muriel Lewis Bono 

Col. Sheldon I. Godkin 

Mr. James E. Henderson 

Mrs. Jean Horton Henderson 

Mr. Robert F. Moskowitz 

Mr. Joseph T Overton 

Clasof 1953 

Participation: 13% 

Mr. Edmund A. Bator 

Mrs. Hazel Wilson Cofield 

Dr. James L. Cox 

Mr. Sheldon H. Fleitmon 

Mrs. Gwendolyn Moss Lewis 

Mr. O. K. Sheffield, Jr. 

Mr. Lee A. Wilson 

Class of 1954 
Participation: 17% 

Mrs. Mary Frances Bowlan 

Mrs. Mary Williams Cozolas 

Mr. Harold L. Cochran 

Mrs. Elizabeth Walker King* 

Mrs. Martha Grant Likins 

Miss Dorothy S. Rawlins 

Mr. Robert T. Seymour 

Mrs. Cynthia May Sponn 

Mrs. Ann Wenn Williams 

Class of 1955 

Participation: 23% 

Mrs. Nona Jones Bell 

Mrs. Sara Steinberg Fine 

Mrs. Elizabeth Mathieu Frias 

Dr Elizabeth L Jones-Lukacs 

Mrs. Margaret Woodward Mothewes 

Mr. Fred A. Miller, Jr. 

Mrs. Sandra Sims Myers 

Mrs. Sybil Sanders Neel 

Mrs Grace Suder Porter 

Mr, R. M, Reynolds, Jr. 

Mrs. Opal Perry Watson 

Class of 1956 

Participation: 19% 

Mrs, Lynn Hallford Banks 

Mrs. Eleanor Coplon Bogart 

Dr. Jacqueline Miles Boles 

Dr. Ann P Delatte 

Mrs. Edith Upchurch Hunt 

Mrs. Catherine O. Ingersoll 

Dr. John D. King 

Dr. Robert W. Lovett 

Mr. Lester McGukin 

Col. H. David O'Molie 

Mr. Donald H. Rubin 

Mr. Joe E.White 

Class of 1957 

Participation: 25% 

Mr. Joseph J. Accordi 

Mrs. Ellen Kinsey Boyley 

Mr. Billy P Camp 

Mr. Lewis B. DeRose 

Mrs. Marianne McWilliams Dillard 

Mrs. Freido Beatty Duffey 

The Rev Samuel W. Edlemon, Jr. 

Mrs. Frances Shedd Fisher 

The Rev Charles R. Gipson 

Mrs. Peggy Cullars Guillebeau 

Mr. Gordon Hiles 

Mrs. Rhaldo Rubin Kahn 

Mrs. Morcia Gruss Levinsohn 

Mr. Joel D. Lynch 

Mrs. Lois Weems McGukin 

Mr. James R Milton 

The Rev John W. Norton 

Dr. Robert Boyd Oliver 

Mrs. Frances Creekmore Portwood 

Mr. Carl T Roper, Jr. 

Mr. Charles F Scott 

Mr. William Charles Smith 

Class of 1958 

Participation: 37% 

Mr. Ted Dwight Boyley 

Mr. Jim R. Clower, Sr. 

Ms. Patricia Baker DeRose 

Mr. Clinton L. Fincher 

Mr. William R. Foster 

Ms. Christina Rice Freeman 

Col. (Ret.l John E. Harms 

Mrs. Linda Robuck Hoffman 

Dr. Jock C. Lone 

Mr. John H. Lummus 

Mrs. Doris Eisenberg Lynch 

Mrs. Ha Ann Varelmann McCoy 

Mrs. Betty Stokes McGorily 

Mrs. Ina Foster Moore 

Mr. J. Alan Moore 

Fother Daniel M Munn* 

Mrs. Rosalie Brookshow North 

Mr. William E. Scott 

Miss Mary Anne Sharp 

Dr. Albert P Sheppard 

Mrs. Mildred Jackson Speights 

Mrs, Martha Adams Thompson 

Mrs, Morgoret Blockmon Walker 

Mrs Ann Klein Wenger 

Dr. Hines L. Wommack 

Class of 1959 

Participation: 22% 

Mrs, Virginia Barrett Barker 

Mr Bill W Carter 

Mr. William B. Christian 

Dr. Marlene Hockenberry Cionci 

Dr. Joseph B. Duckworth 

Mrs. Margaret Young Edlemon 

Ms, Claire Fields 

Mrs, Carolyn Morris Frazier 

Dr, Hugo S, Hammond 

Mr. Floyd G. Hopkins 

Mrs, Patricio Daniel Kopphahn 

Mrs, Janne Jolley Lone 

Mrs, Sydney Mobley Moss 

Mr, Andrew J, Olsen 

Mrs, Lucy Lindsey Smith 

Mr, Raymond Lee Webb 

Dr Gail Gorwes Wynn 

Class of 1960 

Participation: 19% 

Mr, Jock B, Arnold 

Mrs Nancy Tarrant Calhoun 

Mr, Thomas E, Deacon 

Mr, Jay D. Dye 

Mr. Atouar Foruquee 

Mrs Jean Calloway Fletcher 

Mrs. Amelia Berry Gordon 

Mrs. Borboro Marsh Gotsch 

Mrs. Virginia House Howard 

Dr. Robert D. Martin 

Mr, Dennis Allan Michael 

Ms, Nancy Schaller Simmons 

Mr, J, Daniel Troy 

Class of 1961 

Participation: 31% 

Mrs, Ethyl Fodden Aull 

Mrs, Martha Laird Bowen 

Mr, J, David Chesnut 

Mr. James C. Harvey 

Mr. Sam G. Hudgins 

Mr. F Harvey Hudson 

Mr. E. Pendleton Jones III 

Mr. Ronald R. Knopf 

Mr. Wilfred J. LeBlonc 

Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch 

Mr. L, Silos Moore, Jr. 

Mrs. Barbara Coffey Olsen 

Dr. J. Anthony Paredes 

Mrs. Mildred Caroway Rogers * 

Dr. Joseph A. Soldoti 

Mr. G. Scott Stevenson 

Dr. Margaret P Thrasher 

Mr. More S. Weinberg 

Mr. Gory Wenger 

Dr. Robert A. Wynn 

Class of 1962 

Participation: 21% 

Mrs. Paulo Hofmonn Bell 

Mrs. Barbara James Christian 

Mrs. Wilma B. Dixon 

Mrs. Nancy Thompson English 

Dr. R. Derril Gay 

Mr. James W. Hazelwood, Jr. 

Mrs. Rebecca Harbor Jones 

Mr. John D. Kuiken 

Dr. Bertram J. Levy 

Mrs. Eleanor Ann McGurn Liphan 

Hon. Robert R Mollis 

Mr. James J. Millard 
Mr. Robert V. Olson 
Ms. Eugenia Palmer * 
Mrs. Joyce Gravel Pettus 
Mrs. Anita Buck Rook 
Mrs. Ellen Woodson Shipley 
Mrs. Ethel Law Webb 
Class of 1963 
Participation: 25% 
Mrs. Kay Kilpotrick Crawford 
Mrs. Susan Hotlinshead Dalton 
Mrs. Adria Bonilla Davenport 
Mrs. Elaine Shiflett Dooley 
Dr. Edword N. Feldman 
Mrs. Mary Bob Cooper Fox 
Mrs. Barbara Dexter Gupton 
Mr. J. Cabot Gupton 
Mrs. Judith S. Mossey 
Dr. C. M. Mickey Metcolf 
Mr. S. Morris Mitchell* 
Mr. George Eddie Morris 
Mr. Bob T. Nance 
Mrs. Eleanor Milner Newland 
Mrs. Jean Arsenoult Nippert 
Mrs. Amy Williams Olson 
Mr. Eric M, Scharff 
Mr. Dennis E. Schneible 
Mrs. Carole George Sellers 
Ms. Brenda Shonfield 
Mrs. Leonn Payne Strom 
Mrs. Bette Tomlinson Woll 
The Rev. T. Donnell Warters 
Mr. Charles L. White 
Class of 1964 
Participation: 25% 
Class Agent: Dr. William 

C. Aitken, Jr. 
Dr. William C. Aitken, jr. 
Mr. James O. Bundy 

Mrs. Jane Lincoln Bundy 

Mrs. Linda Crowe Chesnut 

Mr. John C, Day, Jr. 

Mrs. Jeannette Seward Deacon 

Mr. James L. Delay 

Mr. Paul R. Donald, Jr. 

Dr. Beatrice Hasty Favre 

Dr. Stephen K. Figler 

Mrs. Carolyn L. Frangiamore 

Mrs. Lynda Papini Mines 

Ms. Jean Pryor Hughes 

Mr. Robert Lanier Hull 

Miss Vivian Chandler Lee 

Dr. John G. Lipham 

Mr. Robert L. Manning 

Mrs. Joan Phillips Millar 

Mr. Carroll E. Ogburn, Jr. 

Mrs, Jayne Archer Parker 

Mr. Mike D, PickeH 

Ms. Linda Robertson Secretan 

Col. B. W. Sellers, Jr. 

Mr. Barry I. Silver 

Rev. Betty Rutland Stapleford 

Mrs. Barbara Klein Stewart 

Mr. G. Hoyt Wagner 

Mrs. Virginia Bremer Wiley 

Mrs. Charlotte Smith Winsness 

Mr. John H. Winsness 

Class of 1965 

Participation: 27% 

Mr. Lorry S. Abner 

Ms. Susan Carlee Bell 

Mrs. Joanne McElroy Carman 

Mr. Richard Joseph Carter 

Mrs. Cherry Hodges Casey 

Mrs. Hollie Beasley Cullen 

Mrs. Suzanne Straub Currey 

Mr. David Stewart Davies 

Dr. Verline Dixon Dennis 



Mr. O. Navarro Faircloth 

Mr. James V Hartlage, Jr. 

Mrs. E. Connie Brown Holliman 

Ms. Edna Maleson Kleinboum 

Mrs. Pauline Ferry Lester 

Mr. William M. Linstrom 

Mr. William H. Parker 

Ms. Jimmy Ann Langdon Porter 

Mr. Clark D. Raby 

Dr. Glenn W. Roiney Jr. 

Mrs. Martha Knapp Robertson 

Mr. Glen C. Rose 

Mrs. Penelope McCulloch Rose 
Linda Sanders Scarborough 
Mary Louise Browne Sedki 
Vivian Gray Trabue 
Eleanor Yedvob Whiteside 
Sharon Friedrich Williams 

Class of 1966 

Participation: 18% 

Class Agent: Mrs. Carole 
Moore Aitken 

Mrs. Carole Moore Aitken 

Mr. Carl H. Bergman 

Mr. Robert E. Bowden 

Mr. Franklin L. Burke 

Mr. Ronald Cenzalli 

Mr. Robert B. Currey 

Dr. Kathleen Pitts Faircloth 

Mr. Norman R. Hurd, Jr. 

Mrs. Susan Goodchild Jordan 

Mrs. Sarah Ann Sanders Long 

Mrs. Lois Adams Miller 

Mrs. Harriet C. O'Dell 

Mr. William M. Pate, Jr. 

Mr. James A. Riley 

Mr. Charles F Sanders 

Mrs. Kate McNeil Taylor 

Ms. Mary Elaine Traer 

Mrs, Sandra M. Wagner 
Dr. Stephen W. White 
Mrs. Ilene Roos Worman 
Mrs. Joyce Arnold Wyckoff 
Class of 1967 
Participation: 31% 
Class Agent: Mr. Stuart 

C. Levenson 
Mrs. Sandra Abbott Allen 
Mr. Arthur M. Armstrong 
Mr. W. Edgar Baker 
Mrs. Gin Bradley Bell 
Ms. Martha J. Church 
Mrs. June Hopkins Conley 
Mr. Edgar O. Daffin 
Ms. Mary Dodge-Smith 
Mr. Marv Fineroff 
Mr. Donald G. Hartman 
Mr. William A. Hewes 
Mrs. Alice Hill Hughes 
Mr. J. Robert Jackson 
Mr. Stuart C. Levenson 
Mrs. Barbara Tucker Mantler 



Mr. George F. Morris 
Mr. Thomas P O'Connor 
Mr. Jerry L. Otting 
Ms. Priscilla Miller-Pierson 
Mrs. Virginia G. Pistole 
Mr. William E. Plowden, Jr. 
Mr. Kenneth W. Powell 
Mrs. Frederiko Rapp Preache 
Mr. Thomas L. Reilly 
Mr. Floyd D. Ruhl 
Mr. Larry C. Shattles 
Mr. Wayne G. Stephens 
Mrs. Nancy Charnley Welty 


Class of 1968 
Participation: 18% 

Mr. G. Douglass Alexander 
Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp 
Mrs. Virginia Turner Avery* 
Mr. Thomas M, Baird 
Mrs. Nikki McCoy demons 
Mrs. Laura Zabon Dinerman 
Mr. Richard J. Frank 
Miss Susan E. Goslin 
Mrs. Gayle Burch Gower 
Mr. William Howell Gower 
Miss Mary Constance Hamell 
Dr. Sandra L. Hedge 
Mr. Robert P. Hoyt 
Mrs. Helen King Kessler 



Mr. Roger A. Littell 
Mr. Thomas L. McLean 
Mr. Louis D. Olin 
Mr. Thomas C. Port 
Dr. Michael O'Neal Riley 
Mr. Jerry W. Sams 
Rev. John S. Sims 
Mrs. Mary Denton Suttle 
Dr. G. Oilman Watson 
Mr. Charles K. Weathers 
Mr. David K. Wood 
Dr. Sylvia G. Zapico 
Class of 1969 
Participation: 17% 
Class Agent: Mr. W.Q. 

"Pete" Butler 
Mrs. Judy Heold Allison 
Mrs. Emma Sewell Borders 
Mr. Michael S. Bryant 
Mr. W. Q. "Pete" Butler 
Dr. Paula Hover Chambers 
Mr. Charles D. Chetwynd 
Mr. Joseph W. Dennis 
Mrs. Bette Makover Hagan 
Mr. James J. Hagelow 
Mrs. Sheryl Cloxton Honey 
Mr. Terrence C. Honey 
Mr. Robert S. Jones, Sr. 
Mr. Wayne M. Kise 
Mr. Ronald D. Kuihonjian 
Mr. Louis T. Lombardy 
Mrs. Jan Collins Maher 
Mr. Stephen A. Orton 
Mrs. Kathy McLeod Port 
Mr. Michael Puckett 
Mr. J. Bruce Richardson 
Mr. Jeffrey R. Roesch 
Dr. Louis E. Rossman 
Mr. Gary E. Ruckeishous 
Mr. Allen Sears 
Mr. Donald J. Simon 
Ms. Susan M. Soper 
Mr. Guy S. Sunny 
Mrs. Carol Lawhorn Watson 
Mr. Larry C. White 
Mr. Note Zahn 
Class of 1970 
Participation: 15% 
Mr. James N. Bier 
Mr. Bernard Bogrow 
Mr. William H. Brown 
Mrs. Helen Kibler Browning 
Mr. Thomas L. Burton, Jr. 
Mr. Teddy L. Collins 
Mrs. Lynn Allison Cowhig 
Mr. Robert K. Cowhig, Jr. 
Mrs. Carol Zee Daniel 
Mrs. Brenda Hamlin Gibbs 
Mrs. Mary Finn Heaney 
Dr. Robin Whyte Hoffman 
Mr. Richard A. Hughes 
Mrs. Ellen Plutchok Klein 

Mr. Jon M Kligerman 

Mrs, Mary Ivey Leak 

Dr. James S. MocDonoll 

Mr. Stanley C. McDonald, jr. 

Mr, Anthony R, Melillo 

Mr. Joseph R. Menez 

Mr. Francis R. Nadeou, Jr. 

Mr. Rex G, Roan 

Mr, Richard S, Simons, Jr, 

Mrs, Dean Dubose Smith 

Mrs, Nancy Staller-Brown 

Mr, Selby A, Tuggle 

Mr, John O. Turner 

Mr. Rolphlon E. Warlick 

Mr. Steven John White 

Dr. Kenneth D. Winokur 

Class of 1971 

Participation: 14% 

Mr. J. Rondoll Akin 

Mr, John S, Ball 

Mr, Elliot J, Bodner 

Mr, John P DeFino 

Mr. Terry Lee Dwyer 

Mr. John J. Fittipaldi 

Mr. J. Lewis Glenn 

Mr. John William Harvey 

Mrs, Mary-Phyllis D, Harvey 

Mrs, Yvonne Scales Jones 

Mr, Michael Kay 

Mr, John J. Kufel, Jr. 

Mr. Martin Liberman 

Mr. Martin I. Lipson 

Maj. Lee London, Jr. 

Mr. Gordon W. Love, Jr. 

Mrs. Suzette Harvey Mancini 

Mr. Jeffrey B. Matthews 

Mr. Herbert Monford II 

Mr. Charles E. Pickett 

Mr. Dennis C. Pratt 

Mr. Thomas J. Rivello 

Mr. Mark Alan Rowland 

Ms. Diane R. Rowles 

Mrs. Carolyn Norfleet Rumage 

Mr. Jerel F. Rush 

Dr. John H.Thomas 111 

Mr. Peter Ellis Tintle 

Mr. Donald R. Wilson, Jr. 

Class of 1972 

Participation: 12% 

Mrs. Ann Gibson Adams 

Mrs. Linda Wishon Anderson 

Mrs. Mary Crockett Boll 

Rev. James R. Burgess 111 

Mr. John R. Collins 

Ms. Vicki Jan Conway 

Mrs. Mimi Hobbs Fittipaldi 

Mrs. Judith Droisen Glassman 

Mr. Michael D. Gordon 

Miss Etta Lou Hanken 

Mr. William J. Hogan, Jr, 

Mr, Michael A. Israelite 

Mrs. Leslie Berk Johnston 

Ms. Midge M. Jorns 

Mrs. Deborah Jobe Koehler 

Mrs. Anne Cheek Meyer 

Miss Rosemary Mosteller 

Mr. Johl K. Rotman 

Mrs. Joyce Wells Scott 

Mr. Clyde A. Tollent 

Mrs. Deborah Schnell Taylor 

Mrs. Barbara Rose Westfall 

Dr. Michael W. Yarbrough 

Class of 1973 

Participation: 1 1% 

Class Agent: Mr. Kevin L. Mende 

Mr. Gordon A. Anderson 

Ms. Diana M. Blake 

Mrs. Kothryn Beatty Carr 

Miss Nancy I Carter 

Mr. Albert B Chonto 

LTC. George M, Corcoran 

Mr, Robert Ross Dimm 

Mrs, Mikola Warren Engel 

Mr. Allen B. Goodwin 

Mr. Q. William Hammock, Jr. 

Mrs. Natalie Mintz Harris 

Mr. James C. Jacobs, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary Jackson Molek 

Mr. Stephen E, Malone 

Mr, Kevin L, Mende 

Mrs, Barbara Merscher Nickles 

Mr, David H, Noble, Jr. 

Ms. Diane Lee Schuettinger 

Mr. Richard B, Wright 

Class of 1974 

Participation: 11% 

Mr, R, Keith Bebout 

Mrs, Bennie Harris Block 

Mr, Robert D Copelan 

Mrs, Lynn Lasoter Crowley 

Mrs. Yvonne Hunter Donnemon 

Mr. Charles M Homes 

Ms. Martha Ann Jenks 

Mr. Steven W. Levinsky 

Mrs. Ruth Porham Manning 

Mrs. Marilyn McNeal Mock 

Mr. Robert J. Nickles 

Mr. Gory J. Novak 

Mr. C. Scon Port 

Mrs. Sandra Davis Stepp 

Mrs. Mary Moihofer Thompson 

Ms. Judith M. Vaughn 

Mrs. JonieP Wilson 

Mr. Wesley R Wood 

Class of 1975 

Participation: 19% 

Mrs. Deborah Roach Avery 

Miss Janet Brownstein 

Mr. Steven T Campbell 

Mr. James F. Chorvat 

Mr. Miles R. Cook 

Mr. Mark A. Donnemon 

Mr. James L, Dart 

Mr. Ira Joy Dreyfuss 

Ms. Emy Lou Faber 

Dr. Janice Ann Galleshow 

Mr. Stephen B. Oreenman 

Mrs. Marilyn Whiteside Handsel 

Mrs. Solly Rich Kolb 

Mrs. Betty Powell Kujowski 

Mr. John S. Lorkin 

Mr. Scott D. McAdoo 

Mrs. Caroline Cook Minor 

Mr. Robert K. Montague 

Mr. Dennis M. Morris 

Mrs. Pamela Orns Morris 

Ms. Debro Mewshow Mueller 

Mr. Joseph J. Oddo 

Mr. Aron C. Palefsky 

Mr. Gory Robert Schiegner 

Mrs. Barbara Ostipwko Schmich 

Mrs. Darlene Boehr Seoy 

Ms. Cindy Sedron 

Mr. Chuck Smith 

Mr. Alan White 

Mrs. Alice Hoke Zimmerman 

Class of 1976 

Participation: 14% 

Mrs. Elizabeth Kidder Ambler 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gosnell Biggs 

Mr. Philip C. Chamberlain 

Mrs. Sarah Lee Davis 

Ms. Dorothy Deedy Dryman 

Mrs. Barbara Howard Flonigon 

Dr. AnnRito Levis Hoder 

Mrs. Nancy D. Isenberg 

Dr. Bruce W. Johnson 

Mrs. Laura Fontini Johnson 

Copt. Louis A, Johnson 

Ms Joyce C. Jones 

Mr, Warner L, Kennon IV 

Mrs Deesi Thurston Phillips 

Mr, Michael B. Saffron 

Mr, John B, Thomas II 

Mr, Bernard von der Londe 

Mrs, Margaret Gettle Washburr 

Class of 1977 

Participation: 19% 

Ms, A, Dione Boker 

Mrs, Ann L, Brown 

Mrs, Alexis Jon Lozor Day 

Mr Steven F Day 

Dr. Dionne Jones Ford 

Ms. Annette M. Friant 

Mrs. Ellen Sills Greene 

Mrs. Jill Cofer Harris 

Mr. Keith P Kronish 

Ms, Gail Lynn 

Mr, Gory W. Martin 

Mrs. Ruth McLaughlin Morgan 

Ms, Valerie Newman 

Mr. Delmos S. Reddy 

Mr. John L. Skelton, Jr. 

Mrs. Cloro Irwin Trover 

Mrs. Cathy Morklond Villines 

Ms. Alexis S. Weisman 

Mr. Knox R. Wilmer 

Ms. Patricio Beth Wool 

Ms, Anne Jill Writer 

Class of 1978 

Participation: 12% 

Mr, Franks, Anepohl, Jr. 

Mr John H, Beach, Jr, 

Mr, Bloke M. Christoph 

Dr, Kevin C. Cooper 

Mr, Kevin D, Filzpotrick, Jr, 

Mr, Thomas G, Hood 

Dr Kenneth K, Hutchinson 

Mrs, Debro Losner Kahn 

Ms, Stephanie Simmonds Koufn 

Dr, Dole M, Kristle 

Mrs. Nancy Barrett Lorkin 

Ms. Tracey Lothem 

Mr. Richard Charles Moier 

Class of 1979 

Participation: 1 7% 

Mrs, Shelby Andrews 

Mr, Michael S. Bohory 

Mr, Robert B, Baker, Jr. 

Mr. James M. Cook, Sr. 

Mrs. Joan Morris Dechovitz 

Mr. Thomas R Forkner, Jr. 

Mrs. Kathleen Olynn Grupp 

Mrs. Elizabeth Locklin Hrisak 

Mr. Robert W. Lenzer 

Mrs. Diana Morcus Lipton 

Mr. Steve Prettyman 

Mrs. Pamela Drake Prochosko 

Dr. Robert H. Pullen, Jr. 

Ms. Judith O. Robinson 

Mrs. Betsy Edge Shirey 

Mr. Brian C. Smith 

Mrs. Carolyn H. Steinhouse 

Mr. James W. Steinhouse 

Mrs. Celia Vecchio Warren 

Mrs. Carolyn Constangy Wosst 

Class of 1980 

Participation: 13% 

Mrs. Cotherine Dennis Belles 

Mr. Robert E. Bristol 

Mrs. Lynette Ossinsky Fine 

Mr. Christopher Fulton 

Mr. R. Phillip Lindermon II 

Mr. Christopher J. McFodden 

Mrs. Corlene Rod Oakes 

Mr. Malcolm E. Page 

Mr. J. Richard Prochosko 

Mr. Reynold F. Salmon 

Ms- Barbara A. Sanders 

Mr. Keith A. Stephenson 

Mrs. Ruth Adair Stephenson 

Dr. Marie Sertich Stone 

Ms. Kathryn D. West 

Mr. Raymond S. Willoch 

Dr. James W. Ziegler 

Class of 1981 

Participation: 18% 

Class Agent: Mr. Irani DeAraujo 

Mrs. Janet Womble Arias 

Ms. Lin Barker 

Mr. William F. Bazzel 

Dr. Mildred Cherry 

Mr. Irani DeAraujo 

Mr. Kevin F. Egan 

Mrs. Catherine Clegg Gibson 

Mr. Richard C. Johnson 

Mr. Robert M. Kane 

Mrs. Eloise Mallory Lamons 

Mr. Jeffrey B. Levy 

Mrs. Patricia Goodwin Lindermon 

Mr. Chorles Littman 

Dr. Dennis M. McPeak 

Ms. M. Elaine Minor 

Ms. Robin Jo Perling 

Mr. Edward A. Rapp 

Ms. Barbara A. Robinson 

Mr. Christopher M. Sertich 

Ms. Bette L Shornick 

Mr. Timothy P. Tossopoulos 

Mrs. Elizabeth Blackmur Wood 

Mrs. Lisa Jean Wright 

Mrs. Karen J. Young 

Class of 1982 

Participation: 17% 

Ms. Debra J. Bradley 

Mrs. Ann Kennon Breslauer 

Ms. Jill Lesko Burnett 

Ms. Nancy H. Byrne 

Ms. Shirley Peterson Davis 

Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis 

Mrs. Nancye Rice Glenn 

Mrs. Leigh Norris Flarrison 

Ms. Carol OhI Hudson 

Mr. Cary R. Kleinfield 

Mr. Mark S. Lisicky 

Mrs. Phyllis Rogers May 

Mrs. Linda Triguero McCormick 

Mr. Mark J. Moskowitz 

Mrs. Sharon Rudy Moskowitz 

Mr. Charles D. Nicholas 

Mr. Edward W. Odenkirchen 

Ms. Ellen Heckler O'Herlihy 

Mrs. Therese Guth O'Shields 

Mr. Robert L. Owen 

Mrs. Donna Cron Rasile 

Mr. Robert L. Rasile 

Mr. Christopher Roths 

Miss Maureen B. Robinson 

Ms. Debra K. Schreiber 

Class of 1983 

Participation: 16% 

Ms. Bambi Ellison Arnold 

Ms. Sandra Lynch Aufderheide 

Dr. Susan Crosby Brown 

Dr. Robert A. Buck 

Mr. James H. Burk 

Dr. Michael A. Burke 

Mr. Clancy S. Burrell 

Mrs. Sylvia Smith Coley 

Ms. Sherry Lee Davis 

Mrs. Eva H. English 

Mr. Bob L. Fesperman 

Mrs. Deborah M. Foresmon 

Mrs. Dianne McClinton Glennie 

Dr. Ann Marie Groover 

Mr. Donald R. Henry 

Mr. Bruce Perry Johnson 

Ms. Susan Marie Johnson 

Ms. Karen Keiser-Jenkins 

Dr. John M. Marshall 

Mrs. Brigitte Mebius-Moggre 

Mrs. Elsie H. Reece 

Ms. Theresa Fuerst Sellers 

Mrs. Karen Anne Sams Shirley 

Mr. John B. Wilson 

Classs of 1984 

Participation: 18% 

Ms. Susan Harmon Alou 

Dr. Jay A. Azriel 

Mrs. Stephanie Staples Babbitt 

Mrs. Sue Goddard Bryant 

Mrs. Judith Hunt Drobinski 

Dr. D. Scott Faith 

Ms. Laura Fowler 

Mr. David M. Gerhordt 

Mr. Kevin M. Goff 

Mrs. Patricia Bourne Goff 

Mrs. Carolyn Herzog Hellerung 

Mrs. Dorothy H. Jones 

Mr. Philip F Law 

Mrs. Kathleen Allen Lunsford 

Mr. David B. Mills 

Mr. Cemal Ahmet Ozgorkey 

Mrs. Sandra Jean Piper 

Mr. Dylon M. Grant 

Mrs. Elizabeth G. Rulison 

Dr. David E. Sanders 

Mr. Brian C. Sass 

Mr. John M. Shelnutt 

Mr. Paul E. Swonson 

Mrs. Roberta Lone Tanner 

Mrs. Sheryl C. Tomberlin 

Mr. G. Grey Umberger, Jr. 

Mrs. Julie Burnett Wilson 

Mrs. Ann Lenzer Wodraska 

Class of 1985 

Participation: 19% 

Ms. Carolyn E. Abramson 

Mrs. Viono Foile Bostacky 

Mr. E. Jock Drummond 

Mr. Douglas Robert Duboy 

Dr. Daniel M. Duncanson 

Mrs. Sharon Velinsky Fogin 

Mrs. Anne Kohl Fowler 

Mr. Christian G. Gackstotter 

Mrs. Ellen Gray Gadberry 

Mr. Kenneth P Gould 

Ms. Marilyn L. Hoys 

Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry 

Mrs. Elizabeth Butler McLean 

Mr. Gregory Quintard Meyer 

Ms. Cheryl Barkalow Miles 

Mr. Paul B. Miller 

Ms. Vicki Blolock Mitchell 

Mr. James W. Moore, Jr. 

Mr. Howard E. O'Connell 

Mrs. Robin Rose-Samuels 

Ms. Caroline Brooks Seoy 

Mrs. Aileen Pratt Taylor 

Mrs. Anita Gegan Willoughby 

Mr. John B. Zellars, Jr. 

Class of 1986 

Participation: 17% 

Mrs. Catherine Castogna Abood 

Mrs. Barbara Martin Adair 

Mrs. Maritta M. Bush 

Dr. L. Casey Chosewood 

Mr. L. Thomas Clements 

Ms. Margaret E. Cole 

Dr. Mortha Eastlack 

Mr. Christopher P B. Erckert 

Ms. Sandra D. Gain 

Mrs. Jacqueline Horary 

Ms. Georgia Russell Hembree 

Mrs. Stacey Bronstein Levin 

Dr. Raymond H. Lucas 

Mrs. Tomaro Choffin Lynde 

Ms. Margaret A. McGinness 

Mr. Jonnie I Payne 

Ms. S. Tommy Pearson 

Ms. Harriet Rogers Powell 

Mr. David B. Robertson 

Mr. Donald E. Robertson 

Mr. Douglas S. Schmitt 

Mrs. Muriel Rotkewicz Schurke 

Mrs. Laura Turner Seydel 

Mrs. Stacy McDonald Soloway 

Mrs. Diane Duboy Walker 

Mr. Thomas A. Webb 

Ms. Elizabeth Solamillo White 

Mr. Scott M. Zgroggen 

Class of 1987 

Participation: 15% 

Dr. Wendy F McKelvey Aito 

Mrs. Sue Word Astley 

Ms. Kaylen D. Biggins 

Ms. Helen E. Bourne 

Dr. James Patrick Copes 

Mr. Marcus J. Cash 

Mr. Dean Thomas DeCencio 

Mrs. Cynthia Bjurmark Duboy 

Mr. Wayne A. Gregory, jr. 

Ms. Michele Anne Guy 

Mrs. Mary M. Hamocher 

Ms. Anne Hammond 

Mrs. Penni Reid Holt 

Mrs. Marcelle Turner Knouff 

Dr. Mark A. Knoutz 

Mrs. Carol Lanier Larner 

Mr. Antonio V. Lentini 

Mrs. Jennifer Perry Mabrey 

Mr. Russell B. Mabrey, Jr. 

Mrs. Helen Maddox Menefee 

Mrs. B. Michon Hall Mitchell 

Mrs. Geneine Wolden Payne 

Dr. William E. Porter 

Mr. Lawrence H. Rollins 

Mrs. Julie Quickmire Schmitt 

Mrs. Sandra Slomovitz 

Mr. W. Scott Soloway 

Ms. Laura Diane Trittin 

Class of 1988 

Participation: 13% 

Class Agent: Mr. Alan Royalty 

Mrs. Deda Walker Band 

Mrs. Juliet Wong Beiko 

Mr. Brent Andrew Bishop 

Moj. Richard A. Briggs 

Mr. William M. Clifton 

Mrs. Gonca Gursoy-Artunkal 

Mrs. Choris Andrews Honberry 

Mr. D. Dwayne Honberry 

Mrs. Jill Helmbold James 

Mr. Thomas C. James, Jr. 

Mrs. Kathleen McDermott Kroynick 

Ms. Tammy Marie Lockleor 

Mrs. Stacy Leigh Robinson 

Mrs. Cynthia Crowford Rollins 

Mr. R. Alan Royalty 

Mr. Robert J. Swonson, Jr. 

Mr. Michael K. Szolkowski 

Mrs. Christine Graf Toggort 

Mrs. Kimberly Rouleau Truett 

Mr. T Charles Truett, Jr. 

Ms. Traci B. West 

Mr. Johnny C. White, Jr. 

Class of 1989 

Participation: 19% 

Mrs. Carolyn S. Barlow 

Mrs. Kathleen Moron Brink 

Ms. Ann R. Brown 

Mrs. Victoria Stevens Chapman 

Mrs. Carol Morgan Flammer 

Mr. Harry R. Frazer 

Mr. Scott J. Hoight 

Mr. Kurt A. Hansen 

Ms. Betsy Henderson 

Mr. Jonathan W. Johnson 

Mr. Ronald L. Kroynick 

Mrs. Ann Spalding MocLane 

Mrs. Kathy Bedell Mayo 

Mr. Michael McCrocken 

Ms. Denise M. Mont 

Mrs. Wendy Pearson Robertson 

Mr. Clifford T Robinson 

Mrs. Jennifer Gamblin Schneider 

Mrs. Debra S. Scott 

Mr. Todd E. Shapiro 

Mr. Joseph S. Shaw 

Mr. Matthew P Stien 

Mrs. Timiko Swain Emerson 

Mrs. Karen Barrow Swenson 

Mrs. Stephanie E. Szolkowski 

Mr. James E. Tate IV 

Ms. Teri A. Wall 

Mr. Kevin D. Wolmsley 

Mrs. Dorothea Pickett Westin 

Mrs. Patricia S. Zoffuto 

Mrs. Elizabeth Brown Zoby 

Class of 1990 

Participation: 16% 

Mrs. Beth Morrison Anderson 

Mrs. Jennifer Dubose Bivins 

Ms. Beth Eckard Concepcion 

Dr. Avo Marie Salerno Conlin 

Mrs. Leslie Adams Dove 

Mrs. Marsha Brittoin Dunn 

Dr. Susan Burns Dyor 

Mr. William M. Flammer 

Mrs. Doyle Sutton Fowler 

Dr. Robert M. Grant 

Ms. Marion C. Haines 

Mrs. Michelle Rosen Honey 

Mrs. Julie Wackerman Honrohon 

Mrs. Brenda Smith Hoyden 

Mr. M. Deone Johnson 

Mrs. Judith Chapman Kane 

Mrs. Fran Bennett Konrodt 

Mr. Michael T. Kreoger 

Ms. A. Joonn McDowell 

Mr. Zochory M. Moretz 

Ms. Stephanie L. Phillips 

Mrs. Catherine M. Pittmon 

Ms. Angel C. Robinson 

Dr. Wendy Kuront Rollins 

Mrs. Jennifer Amerson Spiess 

Ms. Cathryn Thalimer 

Mr. John Wuichet 

Class of 1991 

Participation: 14% 

Mrs. Joselyn Butler Baker 

Mrs. Kristin Reeder Boon 

Ms. Wendy Smith Boul 

Mr. Steven H. Brooks 

Ms. Ember Uziel Constantin 

Mrs. Rebecca Morosio Corder 

Mrs. Rachel Williams Grimes 

Mr. B. Shone Honey 

Mrs. Amy Baggett Hansen 

Mr. Kod A. Hansen 

Mrs. Doreen Hart Hill 

Dr. Amanda Paetz Hiner 

Mr. Raymond J. Koschok 

Mrs. Rebecca White Leovell 

Mr. Lance L. Leitzel 

Ms. Peggy Borrington Litherlond 

Mrs. Jennifer Broodbent-Marine 

Mr. Scott M. McKelvey 

Ms. Sharon Lynn Spivey 

Robert A. Sellords, M.D. 

Mrs. Andrea Spencer Shelton 

Mr. Joseph P Shelton 

Ms. Michelle Ann Sidler 


Ms. Jill McDonald Sistino 
Mr. Geoffrey D. Spiess 
Mrs. Donna Miller Tomoro 
Ms. Caitlin Way 
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Wilson 
Class of 1992 
Participation: 14% 
Class Agent: Mrs. Cathy 

Ms. Angela D. Cfiandier-Jordon 

Ms. Kysfi Robinson demons 

Ms. Bonnie E. Cohen 

Ms. Allison Collins 

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Crawford 

Ms. Ann Marie Crochet 

Ms. Jennifer Crouse 

Mr. Rodney S. Drinkard 

Mr. Brett F. Duncan 

Mrs. Trina Cavender Duncan 

Mr. Christopher M. Frost 

Mrs. Deborah F. Frost 

Ms. JoAnn Golden 

Mr. C. Patrick Gray 

Mr. B. Shane fHornbuckle 

Ms. Tina Crawford Howard 

Mr. Charles R. Moore 

Mrs. Jennifer Berry Moretz 

Mr. Julian E. Powlowski, Jr. 

Mr. Michael O. Foley 

Mr. Kevin C. Rapier 

Ms. Delores A. Schweitzer 

Ms. Kimberly Skinner 

Capt. Volorie Woods Spence 

Ms. Margaret Summerour 

Mrs. Tricio B. Thomas 

Ms. June M. Tompkins 

Mrs. Cathy Appling Vinson 

Ms. Linda G. Wallace 

Mr. Jeffery A. Whitney 

Class of 1993 

Participation: 15% 

Class Agent: Mr. David M. Ross 

Mr. Kent L. Bailey 

Mrs. Amy Tucker Bailor 

Mr. Christopher A. Bailor 

Ms. Myra Sack Perdue 

Mrs. fHeother Keehn Bolton 

Mrs. Danielle Oxford Boshart 

Mr. J. Patrick Connor 

Ms. Candice Corbitt Cooke 

Mrs, Pamela Letsos Copsis 

Mrs. Leah Bell Crosby 

Ms. Tracy L. Frey 

Mrs. Alexandra Kay Gray 

Mr. Michael Hanson 

Dr. J. Clark Hill 

Mrs. Elizabeth V. Hornbuckle 

Mr. J. Kevin Meoders 

Mrs. Karen Mitchell Pinson 

Mr. David M. Ross 

Mrs. Carolyn P Schumacher 

Mr. Jason R. Sheats 

Mr. Frederick M. Sicignano 

Mr. James A. Tabb 

Mrs. Candy Allen Thacker 

Mr. Joseph E. Tomberlin 

Mrs Kristino Randall Tomberlin 

Mr. Mark L. Tubesing 

Mr. Trung Hoang Vo 

Ms. Elizabeth D. Watts 

Mrs. Sharon Mario Williams 

Mr. Davidson M. Wuichet 

Class of 1994 

Participation: 16% 

Class Agent: Mr. Mark 

A. Williams 
Ms. Pat Burns Baumgarten 
Mrs. Susan Wigton Benner 
Mr. William W. Bolton 

Ms. Jennifer Suvoski Bowers 

Ms. Shono Bowes 

Mr, Nathan E Briesemeister 

Mrs. Meredith Mabry Cantrell 

Dr. Mark A. Caprio 

Ms. Christine Hothawoy Carter 

Dr. Michael J. Claxton 

Mr. Michael W. Collins-Smythe 

Mr. Brian A. Davis 

Mrs. Roberta H. Davis 

Ms. Karen J. Docherty 

Ms. Killian Edwards 

Mrs. Amy Z. Estes 

Mr. Timothy J. Evans 

Ms. Pong Cha Yim 

Mrs Barbara Miller Hall 

Mr, Jeff Hall 

Mrs, Kristine Suber Honchor 

Dr, Jill Reiss Harper 

Mrs, Heather E, Hornor 

Ms, Loretta D, Hunt 

Ms, Choro Fisher Jackson 

Mrs, Michelle Ponte Miller 

Mr, Eric J, Queen 

Mr, Matthew S, Shepherd 

Mrs, Anno San-Martin Soracco 

Dr, Elizabeth R, Taghechion 

Mrs, Elizabeth Anne Weismann 

Mrs, Rebecca Greene Weissinger 

Mr, Mark A, Williams 

Ms, Lori Zboron 

Ms, Elizabeth Anne Zelley 

Class of 1995 

Participation: 14% 

Ms, Shelly R, Anderson 

Mrs, Jamie Walker Ball 

Mrs, Linda David Blokely 

Dr, Brooke N, Bourdelat-Porks 

Ms, Mario J. Bright 

Mr, Jeffrey Glower 

Mr, Adom M, Corder 

Mr, Joseph A, Echols 

Ms, Kathleen M, Forrell 

Mr, Brian B, Fryman 

Mr, Alan J, Gibson 

Mrs, Teri Butler Gibson 

Mr, Jason C, Gray 

Ms, Nancy T Hamilton 

Mr, Thair Patrick Honowoy 

Mrs, Susan Poston Hansen 

Mr, John Dole Hester 

Mr, R, Ward Jones 

Mrs, Kothryn Engler Klein 

Mrs, Lu Green LeRoy 

Mr, William E, Lukow 

Mr, Robert N, Lyons 

Ms, Jeanette B, Martin 

Ms, Shelley A, Moffitt 

Ms, Stacey Brand Ostervold 

Mr, Marshall Reiser 

Mrs, Brendo Jericevich Roger 

Mr, Andrew David Schutt 

Mrs, Kirsten Schutt 

Mr, Brian L, Sweeney 

Mrs, Jane Barrow Tracy 

Mr, Morris L, Tubesing 

Mrs, Elizabeth P Wyzykowski 

Class of 1996 

Participation: 12% 

Mr, Jonathan M, Almond 

Mrs, Holly H, Caswell 

Mrs. Heather Andrews Clark 

Mrs. Christine Claxton 

Ms. Cristine Deaver 

Mrs. Caroline Vinson Dennis 

Mrs. Lisa Diedrich 

Mrs. Claire M. Dionne 

Mr. Jim H. Faasse 

Mrs. Mary Poteet Fernandez 

Mrs. Donna Findling 
Mrs. Holly Harmon Fisher 
Mr, Jason Fisher 
Mr, Patrick Frost 
Ms, Eleanor Fulton 
Ms, Ekoterina Golperina 
Mr, Marquis Y, Glenn 
Ms, Tenia Sellars Griswold 
Ms, Emily S, Gurley 
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Healy 
Dr. Chonda Creasy-Johnson 
Mr. Kevin M. Kendrick 
Mr. Dennis W. Kiernon 
Kotherine Schindler Michalak 
Mr. Jeffrey S, Pearlman 
Mrs, Jennifer Pekosz 
Mrs, Tonya Gibson Russo 
Ms, Trishondo Treadwell, Esq, 
Ms, Jennifer B, Trevisan 
Mr, Jeff White 
Mrs, Lin Odom Woodson 
Class of 1997 
Participation: 13% 
Class Agent: Mr. Timothy 

Randall Roberson 
Mr, John Breton III 
Ms, Michelle Barrett 
Mrs, Yuriko Cobio 
Mr, Joseph Cox 
Mrs, Theresa Linebarger Cox 
Mr, Gregory L, Daspit 
Ms, Melissa Drouin Funk 
Ms, Sarah Allison Gatliff 
Ms, Colleen V, Grogon 
Mrs. Jennifer Ovdenk Haley 
Mrs. Jessica Geer Inskeep 
Mrs. Miki Williamson Johnson 
Mr. Jason Karnes 
Mr. Michael D. Kelly 
Dr, Tiffany E, Kelsey 
Mr, Kenneth C, Kuffrey 
Mr, Brent W, Latham 
Mrs, Stephanie Choby Lyons 
Ms, Sherion Moon 
Mr, Andrew J, Noble 
Ms, Anita Patterson 
Mr, Jeff Pyron 
Mr, Ryan P Queen 
Mr, Timothy Randall Roberson 
Mr. Fred Robey 
Ms. Melonie Rosen 
Ms. Angela Satterfield 
Mr. Michoel Shirley 
Mr. D. Brandon Smith 
Mr. Tharius D. Sumter 
Mrs. Kelly Holland Vrtis 
Class of 1998 
Participation: 13% 
Mr. Jason Breitfeller 
Mrs. Kotherine H. Breitfeller 
Ms. Kathryn S. Brooks 
Mrs. Chia I. Chihade 
Mr. Lanier Coulter, Jr. 
Mrs. Diane Williams Dolbo 
Mrs. Elizabeth Parro Dang 
Mrs. Angela Bortlett Daspit 
Mr. Claude Spencer Godfrey, Jr. 
Mrs. Lisa K. Gyllenswan 
Mr. Benjamin J. Hones 
Mrs. Monica Hoyden 
Dr. Karen Head 
Mrs. Belinda M. Kasmiersky 
Ms. Chonda Thomas Leshoure 
Mr. Russell Lind 
Mr. Michael T. Mahoney 
Ms. Janice McNeol 
Mrs. Jaime J. Melton 
Ms. Jennifer Nonek 
Mrs. Creche Kern Navarro 

Mr. Jorge Navarro 

Mrs, Alicia S, O'Kelley 

Mr, David Reynolds Pass 

Mr Adom L. Polokov 

Mr, Robert L, Rawson 

Mrs, Christina Burnhom Rissler 

Dr James D, Rissler 

Mr, Nathan Sparks 

Ms, Aimee Thrasher-Hanson 

Class of 1999 

Participation: 12% 

Class Agent: Mr. James 

J. Williams 
Ms. Amy B, Allen 
Mrs, Danielle A, Benner 
Mrs, Heidi M. Blackwell 
Mrs. Amy Katz Bonn 
Ms. Andrea Hope Breen 
Mr. Brett Cove 
Ms. AprilJ.Costner 
Mrs. Jessica M. Dusang 
Mr Michael D. Dusang 
Ms, Jeonie F, Flohr 
Ms, Monica Flores 
Mr, Jeremy J, Greenup 
Mrs, Heather McNeill Ivkovich 
Ms EIke Kunzmonn-Devine 
Mrs, Shannon M, Lambert 
Ms, Moriruth Leftwich 
Ms, Robyn Lucas 
Mr, Robert A, Milford 
Ms, Chontol Montognet 
Mrs, Virginia Porler 
Mr, Michael Paul Pompilio 
Mr, Jerry Portwood III 
Dr, Amanda L, Regnier 
Mr, Edward G, Riemenschneider 
Ms, Zondro Ruiz 
Mrs, Marie Heflin Shirley 
Mr, Ashish N. Thakur 
Ms, Karen A, Thomas 
Ms, Joan M, Varlon 
Ms, Ellisso L, Vermillion 
Mr, Erik Viberg 
Mr. Christopher Wall 
Mr, James J, Williams 
Mr, Tolliver Williams 
Class of 2000 
Participation: 11% 
Class Agent: Mr. Kevin A. Woolf 
Ms, Jeannette M, Bellamy 
Mr. Scott C. Bourgeois 
Mrs. Elizabeth M, Brottin 
Mrs, Catherine T Burns 
Mr, Chad A, Donoghue 
Rev, Mandy Sloan Flemming 
Mr, Frank R, Fuller 
Ms, Nicole Garborini 
Ms, Misty N, Hood 
Mr. J. Joy Kapp 
Ms. Molly S. Lewis 
Mr. Brian Owens 
Ms. Christine N. Scarborough 
Mr. Bloke Stabler 
Mrs. Patricio G. Thompson 
Ms. Nicole M. Urbanek 
Ms. Kimberly Johnson Walker 
Mrs. Jaime Chordos Watt 
Mr. Timothy J. Watt 
Copt. Joseph H. Wicker 
Mr. Kevin A. Woolf 
Ms. Angela R. Zimbrick 
Class of 2001 
Participation: 10% 
Class Agent: Lance Ozier 
Ms. Monique Laloya Anderson 
Ms. Penelope J. Anderson 
Mr, Frederick R, Bailey 
Mr. Robert B. Baldwin 


Mr. Thomas A. Ballew 

Mr. Christopher V. Benner 

Mrs. Brooke Roberts Bourgeois 

Ms. Lourette W. Cadres 

Mrs. Ann Stiner Cave 

Mrs. Kimberly Welkins Daniel 

Mr. Michael W. Eis 

Mr. Christopher Y. Fori 

Mrs. Krislen L. Gaines 

Mr. Donald Austin Gillis 

Ms. Jodie Sexton Goff 

Mr. David J. Hernandez 

Mr. J. Cleve Hill 

Mrs. Mojgan Khosravi 

Mrs. Lori A. Merrill 

Ms. Rachel L. Moore 

Mr. Chad M. Mozley 

Mr. Lance W. Ozier 

Mrs. Jorjanne Zorn Paulk 

Ms. Angle L. Baldwin Roda 

Mr. Chris Rylands 

Mr. Harry L. Schroeder 

Mr. Jason Solomon 

Ms. Nicole Stiegelbauer-Engels 

Ms. Kristi Wright 

Ms. Ashley E. Zimmerman 

Class of 2002 

Participation: 12% 

Class Agent: Mrs. Karen 

Anthony Schnick 
Ms. Susan Allhusen 
Ms. Meiyen M. Bell 
Mr. Christopher C. Brantley 
Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Breton 
Ms. Melissa A. Conrad 
Ms. Alicia D. Cowart 
Ms. Shoniece Broadus Criss 
Mr. Andrew R. Crosby 
Mr. Hemanth Digumorthi 
Ms. Melissa Kostelansky Eis 
Mrs. Robin Elms 
Mrs. Rhiannon N. Fink 
Mrs. Sheila H. Godwin 
Ms. Veronica M. Holmes 
Mr. John Hong 
Mr. Robert L. Jones 
Ms. Elizabeth P. Kennedy 
Ms. Karen Elizabeth Mellott 
Ms. Sallie Koltreider Namey 
Mr. Thomas A. Namey 
Mr. Jeffrey R. Poole 
Mrs. Vera V. Redwine 
Ms. Jacqueline B. Runyon 
Ms. Katherine M. Russell 
Mrs. Karen Anthony Schnick 
Mr. Joshua I. Shapiro 
Ms. Bahar Shariati 
Ms. Katherine E. Shropshire 
Ms. Heather Lynn Staniszewski 
Mr. Brian S. Stephens 
Mr. Matthew C. Vance 
Mrs. Mary Carol Wollenhoupt 
Class of 2003 
Participation: 10% 
Ms. Sally Ann Auld 
Mrs. Natalie H. Cekan 
Mr. Derren Connell 
Mr. William Crime 
Mr. Brad Day 
Mr. Gabriel J. Dean 
Mrs. Jessica D. Dean 
Mr. Mark W. DeLong 
Ms. Kalarina Kurincova 
Ms. Deborah M Lange 
Ms. Cheryl D. Lea 
Mr. Bruce Lee 
Mr. Robin Lohfert 
Ms. Brevely Mack 

Ms. Margaret Maxwell 

Mr. Robert T Miller 

Mr. William Thayer Mullolly 

Ms. Michelle Porks 

Mr. Christopher A. Simser 

Mr. Christopher A. Stanley 

Ms. Heather D. van Kompen 

Mr. Wesley D. Wade 

Ms. Janet L. Wallace 

Ms. Elena Weiss 

Mr. James A. Wood, Jr. 

Class of 2004 

Participation: 10% 

Class Agent: Ms. Jennifer Brown 

Mr. Peter H. Aufdemorle 

Mr. D. Marshall Boggess 

Ms. Jennifer Brown 

Ms. Katie Cofield 

Mrs. Suzanne E. Dorough 

Mrs. September Holstad 

Mr. Brent R.Jones 

Ms. Susan Bachman Kegley 

Mr. Chris Kodo-Mossey 

Ms. Jean Leach 

Ms. Kelly Motysik 

Ms. Rachel McKnight 

Ms. Kelley Napier 

Ms. Jillian Page 

Ms. Stephanie Peccia 

Mrs. Vicky D. Samuel 

Mr. Bryan D. Simmons 

Mr. Aaron P Whitworth 

Mr. Ryan Williams 

Mr. Hoyden Willis 

Ms. Danielle Wright 

Class of 2005 

Participation: 9% 

Class Agent: Mr. Tom Collens iV 

Mr. Jonathan Bookspun 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Bossermon 

Mr. Tom Collens IV 

Ms. Amy E. Davis 

Mr. R. Corey Garner 

Mr. Charles Ghee 

Ms. Danielle Holm 

Ms. Catherine M. Lawler 

Ms. Jillian A. Martin 

Ms. Leah Marie Mickens 

Ms. Courtney J. Terrell 

Ms. Linda S. Torres 

Mr. Alan Zwicker 

Class of 2006 

Participation: 12% 

Class Agent: Ms. Courtney 

Ms. Robin R. Brooks 
Ms. Miriam C. Brown 
Ms. Cecilia Cooper 
Ms. Jillian D. Crawford 
Mr. W. Daniel Erwin 
Ms. Jessica R. Griffin 
Mrs. Stacie T. Hanson 
Mr James Hill 
Ms. Annemorie Ippolito 
Mr. Roland J. Kimble 
Ms. Abigail J. Kurland 
Katie V March 
Mr. Mayur Nayee 
Mr. Piercen Oliver 
Ms. Mallory R. Pusch 
Ms. Susan C. Richards 
Ms. Courtney Roberts 
Ms. Leah L. Sanders 
Ms. Tracy L. Sotterfield 
Ms. Kelli Weatheroll 
Ms. Tiffany U. Williams 
Mr. Brett R. Wise 
Ashley F. Wright 

Class of 2007 
Participation: 32% 
Class Agents: Ms. Kyle 

E. Luedtke and 

Mr. Alex Johnson 
Ms. Susan S. Ahn 
Ms. Anne M. Baiter 
Ms. Leisa E. Borcroft 
Ms. Elizabeth D. Bootcheck 
Ms. Stephanie G. Chapman 
Ms. Catherine Clarke 
Ms. Deborah A. Collins 
Ms. Brittany M. Corbett 
Mrs. Dela H. Coward 
Mr. Joseph D. Damour 
Mr. Jason V. Darland 
Ms. Andrea J. Dean 
Mr. Winston S. Douglas 
Ms. Lily C. Fincher 
Ms. Claire E. Fontaine 
Ms. Susan M. Forbes 
Ms. Kimber Lee Garrison 
Ms. Andrea M. Henfield 
Mr. Erik K. Home 
Mr. Alex Johnson 
Ms. Kathleen K. Jost 
Mr. Mike W. Kayembe 
Ms. Beatrice W. Kibera 
Ms. Lara B. Kirchner 
Ms. Leigh A. Kite 
Ms. Elizabeth Lee-Hew 
Ms. Rhiannon M. Loomis 
Ms. Amy L. Lowe 
Ms. Kyle E. Luedtke 
Ms. Sarah C. Lykens 
Ms. Emily E. Macheski-Preston 
Ms. Rachoel L. Maddux 
Mrs. Stephanie L. Malms-Dassle 
Mr. Michael A. Malone 
Ms, Bleshette A. Mason 
Ms. Kiro O. McCobe 
Ms. Kathleen McMullan 
Mr. Benjamin J. Minor 
Ms. Rachel E. Morris 
Mr. William N. Mosley 
Ms. Lisa Mullins 
Ms. Thuy Nguyen 
Ms. Amanda J. Nichols 
Ms. Kathleen C. Pedro 
Ms. Maggi L. Pigrom 
Ms. Myriam Poirier 
Ms. Jessica L. Pond 
Ms. Kelly A. Poor 
Mr. Jason E. Potts 
Mr. Wade H. Price 
Ms. Rachel L. Renz 
Mr. Joshua M. Rosendohl 
Ms. Priscillo G. Scorpoci 
Mr. Anthony J. Thompson 
Ms. Katherine E, Thompson 
Ms. Nichole A. Troub 
Ms. Emily J. Treuman 
Mr. Jonathan L. Weininger 
Ms. Rachael E. Zellner 


Many thanks to the following parents 
of current students and of olumni who 
contributed to Oglethorpe LJniversity 
between July 1 , 2006 and June 30, 
2007. We recognize their gifts to the 
Oglethorpe Fund, Oglethorpe Museum 
of Art, Oglethorpe Athletic Department 
and other special funds. The entire OU 
community thanks these donors for their 
generosity and support. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jose R. Agosto 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Allen 
Ms. Carol Arola 
Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp '68 and 

Dr. Chades R. Arp 
Ms. Tina Bacon 
Mrs. Cherie Bailey 
Mr. and Mrs. Lonny Bailey 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Baldwin, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Juan C. Bonderas 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wayne Barnette 
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Barousse, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Barrowman 
Mr. and Mrs. William Borwick 
Ms. Judith M. Becker 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Begnoud ■ 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T Bell, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Blair N. Belton 
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bernhardt 
Mr. Timothy Berwoger 
Mrs. Ruth H. Bessmer 
Mr. and Mrs. William Bloodworth 
Mr. and Mrs. William B. BIythe 
Mr. Robert L. Boggus, Jr. '49 
Mr. James A. Bohart, Sr. 
Dr. and Mrs. W. Devere Bond 
Ms. Mary K. Boone 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bove III 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bowen 
Mr. and Mrs. Gory Broddick 
Mr. ond Mrs. James L. Bready 
Ms. JanisH. Brennon 
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Breton, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Breuer 
Mr. and Mrs. Lorry Briggs 
Mr. Robert E. Bristol '80 
Mr.and Mrs. Marvin Brooks, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Brown 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bryson 
Mr. and Mrs. David Bucey 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Buck 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Buckley, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Burk 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Burnett 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Colder 
Mr. and Mrs. James Collender 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Campbell 
Mrs. Marion B. Carels 


Mrs. Nancy F. Castor 

Ms. Joy Covin 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Celo 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Chodwick 

Ms. Angela D. Chondler-Jordon '92 

Dr and Mrs. Koon-Lim Cheng 

Mr and Mrs. Theodore Chinniklis 

Mr and Mrs. Alan Chunko 

Mr. Jeffrey Clower '95 

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Cobbaert 

Mr. and Mrs. John Cogon 

Mr. and Mrs. Waller N. Cohen 

Ms. Brenda Comer 

Mr. Peter Coon 

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Cooper 

Mr. and Mrs. John Corbett 

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Cowan 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Crabb 

Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Cruff 

Mrs. Reese E. Currie 

Mrs. Diane Williams Dalbo '98 and 

Mr. David Dalbo 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dandois 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Darlond 
Ms. Kothy A. Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. Render S. Davis 
Mr. Tony de Give 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank De Maria 
Mr. and Dr. Percy Dejarme 
Mrs. Mono Tekin Diamond 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Dickinson 
Ms. Toby Director 
Dr. D. Peter Drotman and 

Ms. Carolyn N. Arokoki 
Mrs. Murlene L. Dubay 
Ms. Linnett Ebanks 
Mr. and Mrs. David Eliscu 
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Ellis 
Mr. William A. Emerson 
Mr. and Mrs. John Ernst 
Mr. and Mrs. John Esterline 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Evans 
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Falconer 
Dr and Mrs. Neil Feld 
Mr. Norman P. Findley III 
Mrs. Cynthia Flores 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Folger 
Mr. Phil Fowler 

Mr and Mrs. Bruce Fulbright, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Dorryl Gabriel 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Galloway 
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Galvan 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gerard 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Germany 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gibbs 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gilfillan 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Glenn, Jr. 
Mrs. Norman Goldberg 
Mr. George E. Goodwin 
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Goudelocke 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Gould 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grod 
Mr and Mrs. R. Louis Groner 
Mrs. Gwendolyn Grant 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grathwohl 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greenwell 
Mr. and Mrs. William Griffin 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Grisar 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gussmon 
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Height 
Mrs. Velmo Hainline 
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell L. Hans 
Mr and Mrs. Rudy Honzsek, Jr. 
Ms. Regina Harris 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Harrison 
Mr. James V. Hortloge, Jr. '65 and 

Mrs. Jacqueline Cook Hortloge '65 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Haviland 
Mr. Howard L. Hecht 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hedges, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Helmbold 
Mr. Greg Henderson 
Dr. Bruce W. Hetherington 
Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Higgins 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hill 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hill 
Mr. and Mrs. Karl J. Hirshmon 
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hitchcock 
Mr. Hiep Ho 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hofstetter 
Ms. Jean Pryor Hughes '64 
Mr. Thomas M. Hunter '43* 

Dr. and Mrs Alan I. Jacobson 

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Jaehnig 

Ms. Peggy Jeffra 

Ms. Rochelle Jeffreys-Bell 

Mrs. Carol C. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson 

Ms. Nancy Johnson 

Ms. Patricia A. Johnson 

Ms. Tamara L. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Willie R. Johnson 

Mr. Robert S. Jones, Sr. '69 

Mr Neil Kalmanson 

Dr. and Mrs. Jim Kasperbauer 

Mr and Mrs. Ben F Kee 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas H. Keene 

Mr and Mrs. James Keller 

Mr and Mrs. Patrick J. Kelly 

Mr and Mrs. Donald N. Kennedy 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kincaid 

Mr. Wayne Kramer 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Krueger 

Mr. and Mrs. David Kuhn 

Mr. John Kulavic III 

Mr and Mrs. George H. Lane III 

Mr. J. Smith Lanier II 

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Lawrence 

Hung-Minh Le 

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Ledoux 

Mr. Robert W. Lenzer '79 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lewis 

Ms. Hazel Lewter 

Ms. Karel V. Linden 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Lindley 

Mr. Donald Livingston 

Mr. Louis T Lombardy '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Luedtke 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Lykens 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Lynen 

Mrs. Janet H. Maddox 

Mr. and Mrs. John P Maguire 

Mr. ond Mrs. James March 

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Morsden 

Ms. Aline J. Massey 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mazzorino 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl McAllister 

Mr. Neil Gray McBride 

Mr. and Mrs. Greg McConnell 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGee 

Mr. and Mrs. John McGowon 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. McKee, Jr. 

Ms. Virginia McLeod 

Mr and Mrs. Hugh A. Metcalf, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Minor 

Mr and Mrs. Henry L. Mix 

Dr. and Mrs. John G. Moore 

Ms. Ann Yingling Morrow 

Mr. Kenneth Morscheiser 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Myers 

Mr. and Mrs. Tinokorn NoLompoon 

Mr. Jorge Navarro '98 and 

Mrs. Creche Kern Navarro '98 
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Nilson 
Mr. and Mrs. Huxley Nixon 
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Opp 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Orlondo 

Mr. and Mrs Jeffery Osmanson 

Ms. Karen C. Page 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pages 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Partin 

Mr Edgar Paschal 

Mr. and Mrs Julian J, Pedro 

Mr. and Mrs. Mehmet Pekin 

Mr and Mrs John Pilger 

Dr, and Mrs. Joseph R. Pisoni 

Ms. Jackie Powers 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Pyron 

Mrs. Patricio Roczynski 

Dr and Mrs Ralph Roder 

Mr. and Mrs J. M. Rowson 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Raymond 

Mr. Wilbur E. Reid 

Mr. Thomas L. Reilly '67 

Mr. Dane Rhodes 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Donald Richard 

Mr. Stanley Richards 

Ms. Barbara A. Robinson '81 

Dr. J. Mack Robinson H '95 

Dr. and Mrs. William T Ross III 

Ms. Cornelia Roth 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sobsowitz 

Mr. Bud Salamone and 

Ms. Sharon DiMorco 
Mrs. Lucy Dubrowsky Somorodin 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Sanderson 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sands 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schewe 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schiff 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schindler 
Dr. Lori Schmied and Dr. Karl Jost 
Ms. Mary Emily Schultz 
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schweitzer 
Mr. Larry C. Shattles '67 
Mr and Mrs. Brian Sheffield 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J Sheridan 
Mr. Ralph Dean Sims 
Ms. Tonya Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Soby 
Mrs. Cynthia Sonom 
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Stiles 
Mrs. Mary T Stroud 
Mr. and Mrs. Aurel E. Stuart, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Suddes 
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Summerlin 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Summers 
Mr. Charles G. Sunstein 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Teague 
Mr. David Terrell 
Mr. and Mrs. S. Scott Thompson 
Dr.ond Mrs. Joseph A. Tomberlin 
Mr. Darryl Tomlin 
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Toney 
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Toulas 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Trammell, Jr 
Mr and Mrs. George Troficonto 
Mr. Morris L. Tubesing '95 and 

Mrs. Pom Tubesing 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tulowitzky 
Mr. Paul L. Vail 

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Lee Vaughan 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Paul Vesgo 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Voxnaes 
Mr. Reid W. Walker 
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Wallace 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Walls 
Mr. Hidehisa Wotonobe 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Waters 
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny I. Wotkins 
Mrs. Betty U. Weiland 
Mr. Joy P. Weininger 
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Weldon 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles West 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. West 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Wiggins 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wildenhous 

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Willis 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Wilson 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Wingc 
Mr. and Mrs. William Wise 
Mr. and Mrs. Doniel Wright 
Ms. Anne Jill Writer '77 
Dr RobertA. Wynn'61 ond 

Dr. Gail Gorwes Wynn '59 
Dr Michael W Yorbrough '72 
Mrs. Patricio S Zaffuto '89 
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Zellner 
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Zwicker 


The following contributions were given 
to honor and remember members of the 
Oglethorpe University community. 


Names listed in italics represent the 

April and Eugene Ahn and Family 
Susan Ahn '07 

Alpha Sigma Tau sorority 
Ms. Emily Mocheski-Preston 

Dr. G. Malcolm Amerson 
Ms. Gail Lynn 77 

The Oglethorpe University Art Depari 


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Harrison 

Dr Keith H. Autderheide 
Mr. Piercen Oliver '06 

Mr. David-Matthew Barnes '06 
Ms. Nichole Troub '07 

A^rs. iibby Barwick 
Mrs. Nancy T Beone 

Professor Leo Bilancio 
Mr. Joseph R. Menez '70 
Mr. Raymond S. Willoch '80 

Dr RobertA. Blumenthal 

Mrs. Rebecca Greene Weissinger '9- 

Dr William Brightman 
Ms. Misty N. Hood '00 
Ms. Janice McNeal '98 

Ms. Sarah Bucey 

Mr. and Mrs. David Bucey 

Dr Ronald Carlisle 

Dr. and Mrs. Chades L. Boube 

Mr. Christian Y. Benton 

Mr. James A. Bohart, Sr. 

Dr. Cassandra Copelond 

Dr. Lynn Gieger 

Dr. John C. Nordo 

Dr. Philip J. Neujohr 

Dr. John D. Orme 

Mrs. Adrina Richard 

Dr. Beth Roberts 

Dr. Daniel L. Schodler 

Dr. Brad L. Stone 

Dr. Linda J. Taylor 

Dr. Philip Tiu 

Dr. James M. Turner 

Mr. Charles M. Winqo 


Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cotaline 
Mr. Bud Salamone and 
Ms. Sharon DiMarco 

Kim and Scott Chapman 
Stephanie Chapman '07 

Chi Phi Fraternity 

Mr. Keith P. Kronish 77 

Dr. Barbara Clark 
Dr. Karen Head '98 

Class of 1957 

Mrs. Ellen Kinsey Bayley '57 and 

Mr. Ted Dwight Bayley '58 
Mr. Lewis B. DeRose '57 
The Rev. Charles R. Gipson '57 
Miss Maureen B. Robinson '82 
Mr. Charles F. Scott '57 
Mr. William Charles Smith '57 

Dr Arthur Cohen 

Mr. Lewis B. DeRose '57 

Cheryl and Tim Corbett 
Ms. Brittany Corbett '07 

Mr. Thomas C Cousins (Hj '07 
Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Large 

Mr Charles J. Currie III '94 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Currie 

Chris Damour 

Mr. Joseph Damour '07 

Sigi Dossier 

Ms. Stephanie Malms '07 

Maggie and Clayton David 

Nelson and Alyson Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. Render S. Davis 

Mr G. David Dennis 

Dr. Verline Dixon Dennis '65 

Education Department 

Mrs. Sharon Velinsky Fagin '85 

The English Faculty 
Ms. Kelly Poor '07 

Rick and Pauline Fontaine 
Ms. Claire Fontaine '07 

Shawn and Jane Forbe. 
Ms. Susie Forbes '07 

Mayor Shirley Franklin fHj '07 
Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Large 

Mr. Jon Gabriel 

Mr. ond Mrs. Darryl Gabriel 

Eddie and Donna Garrison 
Ms. Kimber Garrison '07 

Ms. Barbara Cayle 
Ms. Maggi Pigram '07 

Dr. Guertner 

Mrs. Lillian Cable Willie 

A^rs. Kathleen Guy 
Mrs. Mary D. Crosby 

Mrs. Betsy Hansen 
Dr. Rutledge Forney 

A^ls. Mary Katherine Harrison '03 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Harrison 

Dr. Bruce W. Hetherington 

Mr. Jason Darland '07 

Mrs. Lin Odom Woodson '96 

John Kennedy Hodges 

Mrs. Cherry Hodges Casey '65 

Mr. James E. Holliday, Jr. 

Mrs. Morjorie McClung Holliday '4^ 

Gregory and Sandra Home 
Mr. Erik Home '07 

Dr Rebecca Hyman 
Ms. Misty N. Hood '00 

A^r. A/exJo/inson '07 
Mr. Alan Zwicker '05 

Carol, Harold and Tamara Johnson 
Mr. Alex Johnson '07 

Ted and Delores Johnson 
Ms. Thuy Thu Nguyen '07 

Drs. iori Schmied and Karl Jost 
Ms. Katie Jost '07 

Mr. William Kennon 

Mrs. Ann Kennon Breslauer '82 

Dr J. Brien Key 

Dr. Barbara R. Clark 

Mr. Mark S. Lisicky '82 

George and Kathy Kirchner 
Ms. Lara Kirchner '07 

Chris Kliros 

Ms. Brittany Corbett '07 

The Laskar family 
Ms. Rachel Zellner '07 

A^s. Emily iowson '03 
Ms. Mary Emily Schultz 

Ms. Lorraine Loomis 
Ms. Rhiannon Loomis '07 

Cindy Lougee 

Ms. Dela Hayes Coward '07 

Jeff and Ann Lowe 
Ms. Amy Lowe '07 

Paul and Cynthia Luedtke 
Ms. Kyle Luedtke '07 

Robert and Barbara Lykens 
Ms. Sarah Lykens '07 

Ms. Sarah Lykens '07 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Lykens 

Marjorie MacConnell 

Mrs. Sydney Mobley Moss '59 

Mr and Mrs. Ralph Maddux 
Ms. Rachael Maddux '07 

Dr. Nicholas B. Maher 
Mr. Piercen Oliver '06 

Paul and Ruth Marston 

Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Large 

Ellen and Scott McEwan 
Mr. Scott T Haight '89 

Mr Ben Minor '07 

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Minor 

Ms. Brionne NaLampoon '02 

Mr. and Mrs. Tinakorn NaLampoon 

Mr Johnny Odess 
Ms. Tracey Lathem '78 

Mrs. Monica Pearson (Hf '07 
Dr. and Mrs. Lorry D. Large 

Julian and Lorna Pedro 
Ms. Kathleen Pedro '07 

Mr. Vernon Pigram 
Ms. Maggi Pigram '07 

Vinson, Kimberly and Sydney Pigrorr. 
Ms. Maggi Pigram '07 

Luc and Carole Poirier and family 
Ms. Myriam Poirier '07 

David and Michelle Pond 
Ms. Jessica Pond '07 

Jerry and Sonjo Poor 
Ms. Kelly Poor '07 

Mr Robert H. Price 
Mr. Wade Price '07 

Dr W. Irwin Ray Jr 
Mrs. Jaime J. Melton '98 

Margot and Lucy Renz 
Ms. Rachel Renz '07 

Mr Eugene Rivers II '06 
Ms. Maggi Pigram '07 

Dr Beth Roberts 

Mrs. Elizabeth Walker King '54 

Ms. Judy Robinson 

Miss Maureen B. Robinson '82 

Ms. Angle L. Baldwin Roda '0 1 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Baldwin 

Mr Bud Salamone 

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Sauer 

Mr and Mrs. Roland Sauer 
Mr. Bud Salamone ond 
Ms. Sharon DiMarco 

Marsha and Joseph Scorpaci 
Ms. Priscilla Scorpaci '07 

Dr Larry Schall 

Mrs. Rebecca Greene Weissinger '94 

Mr Jeremiah Roger Schultz '96 
Ms. Regina Harris 

Dr. Seema Shrikhande 
Ms. Rachael Maddux '07 

Dr William Shropshire 

Ms. Katherine E. Shropshire '02 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity 
Mr Joseph Damour '07 

Mrs. Kelly Moynes Sklare '96 
Mr. Jeffrey S. Pearlman '96 

A^r. Bill Smith 

Mrs. Joon Phillips Millar '64 

Dr Brad Smith 

Mr. Piercen Oliver '06 

A^s. Sara Katherine Smith 
Mr. Williom Charles Smith '57 

A^r. Nicholas Speights 

Mrs. Mildred Jackson Speights '58 

Dr John Stevens 

Ms. Kimberly Skinner '92 

Dr William F Straley 

Mrs. Rebecca Greene Weissinger '94 

Dr George Seward 
Mr. Gordon Hiles '57 

Dr Lewis Shelton 

Mr. Robert V. Olson '62 

Ms. Alison Stroud 
Mrs. Mary D. Crosby 

Als. Lisa Thompson 

Mr. Anthony Thompson '07 

Sandra, Emily and Madisyn Traub 
Ms. Nichole Traub '07 

Diane and Stan Treuman 
Ms. Emily Treuman '07 

Dr J. Dean Tucker 

Mrs. Rebecca Greene Weissinger '94 

Mr Brett Wise '06 

Mr. and Mrs. William Wis. 

Dr Ed Wolpert 

Mrs. Elizabeth Walker King '54 

A^r. Fronli Zelencik 
Ms. Mary Zelencik 

Malcolm and Suzanne Zellner 
Ms. Rachel Zellner '07 


Names listed in italics represent t 

Mr Joseph Borenie '4 1 
Mr. John J. Barenie 

Professor Leo Bilancio 
Mr. Mike D. Pickett '64 

A^rs. Charlotte Boggus 

Mr. Robert L. Boggus, Jr. '49 

Mrs. Carol Bonilla 
Mrs. Adrina Richard and 
Mr. L. Donald Richard 


hAr. Lawrence L Bayers '58 

Mr. Daniel A. Hunt '92 

Kuta Mosley 

Mr Alvin P Schadler 

The Reverend Charles R. Gipson '57 

Ms. Delores A. Schweitzer '92 

Mr. Nick Mosley '07 

Mrs. Adrino Richard and 
Mr. L. Donald Richard 

Dr Wendell H. Brown 

Mr. Alfred D. Ingersoll Sr 

Darfene Moulder 

Mrs. Linda Robuck Hoffman '58 

Ms. Bobbie K. Knaus 

Mr. Gabriel J. Dean '03 

Mr Stephen J. Schmidt '40 

Mrs. Sandra Sims Myers '55 

Ms. Mary Zelencik 

Mr Waller Byrd 

Mr. Robert E, Souders 

Betty Brumbelaw O'Quinn '53 

Mr. Josh Rosendohl '07 

Mrs. Carol Weihl 

Mr. James E, Henderson '52 and 

Mr Burton A. Scott, Jr. 

Mrs, Jean Horton Henderson '52 

Mr. S. A. Aycock 

Mr Thomas W. Chandler, Jr. 

Carol and Garland Jennings 

Mr. Kenneth R. Lancaster 

Mr. Robert L. Manning '64 

Dr. John H. Dixon 

Mr Antonio Michael Palmo, Jr. 

Cdr. and Mrs, M. H. Rose 

Mr. Jock W. Strouss, Jr. '51 

Mr. Richard N. Hey 

Mr. Patrick Alvord 

Mr. Robert F. Tuve 

Mr. Mike Bronum 

Ms. Susan M, White 

Mr Albert H. Church, Jr. 

Dr. Raymond J. Kaiser 

Cecil and Ann Cannon 

Ms. Martha J. Church '67 

Ms. Gail Lynn '77 

David and Mary Lane Fontigross 

Dr. Vincent Sherman '25 

Jean Frost 

Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Large 

Mrs. Helen Bivings Crawford '35 

Mrs. Mary Jane Stuart Kohler '90 

Mike and Joy Graves 

Ms. Frances Hecht 

Mrs. Fran Bennett Konrodt '90 

Shane and Danielle Griffin 

Mr Michael W. Tiller 

Martin, Joan and Mark Johnson 

Ms. Bleshette Mason '07 

Ms. Elizabeth M. Crigler 

Amy Lotus 

Ms. Sandra J. Keyes 

Mr. William R. Foster '58 

Mrs. Mojgan Khosravi '01 

Ms. Carolyn B. Lawson 

Mr. Robert L. Turner 

Marty and Ceil Locker 

Dr. and Mrs. Lorry D. Large 

A^rs. Jone Caller Curkin '50 

Mr. David Loamis 

Ms. Elizabeth P. Nesbitt 

Ms. Isabel Marriott 

Mr. AlvinJ. Curkin '51 

Ms. Rhiannon Loomis '07 

Ms. Martha A. Pylant 

Ms. June H. Ryols 

The Honorable Charles L. Wellner 

Dr Harry M. Dobson 

Mr. Richard Lougee 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Van Houlen 

Dr. Thomas N. Pirkle '48 

Rev. John S. Sims '68 

Ms. Dela Hayes Coward '07 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Webb 

Mr. Tony M. Palma '42 

Dr Philip Wellner 

Ms. Jenny Ewing 

Mr. Stuart L. Lynn '63 

Dr. James L. Cox '53 

Mr. Joseph G. Cannon '48 

Mr. Donald R. Henry '83 and 

Mrs. Kay Kilpatrick Crawford '63 

Mr. Philip F. Palmer 

Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry '85 

Mr. Eric M. Scharff '63 

Dr. J. Brien Key 

Mrs. May Ringold Whittington '67 

Mr. Charles L. White '63 

Mrs. Alice Hill Hughes '67 

Mr. Richard Finnigan 

Mrs. Susan Woodson Pechfelder '73 

Mr. and Mrs. Aurel E. Stuart, Jr. 

Pat A. Lyons 

Mrs. Anne Cheek Meyer '72 

Mr. Buford Williams '4 1 

Ms. Beatrice Kibera '07 

Mrs. Lillian Cable Williams '41 

Mr. James E. Calleshaw 

Mr. George Barry Percival '64 

Dr. Janice Ann Galleshav/ '75 

Mrs. Clare Findley "Tia" Magbee '56 

Mrs. Barbara Klein Stewart '64 

Mr. Clarence "Bob" Williams 

Mrs. Rosalie Brookshaw North '58 

Mr. Peter A. Rooney 

Mr. W. Maxwell Gaston '43 

Mr Doug Rice 

Maj. James C.McClanahan '41 

Sylvan A. Makeover 

Mrs. Adrino Richard and 

Mr. Ed Wilson 

Mrs. Belte Makover Hagon '69 

Mr. L. Donald Richard 

Mr. Brett Wise '06 

Mr. Lyndra Givens '94 

Mrs. Amy Z. Estes '94 

Mr Perry D. Mason 

Mr John P Salamone '86 

Ms. Bleshette Mason '07 

Mrs. Michelle Ponte Miller '94 

Mrs. Skippy Goodwin 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. B. Honsell 

Mr. Chuck Massey 

Dr. and Mrs. tarry D. Large 

Mrs. Judith S. Massey '63 and Mr. 

Rev. Fitzhugh M. Legerton 

David E. Massey 

Mrs. Mildred Gaslin 
Mr. Philip Tyler 

Mr. Edward S. Grenwald 
Ms. Judith M. Becker 

A'is. Bevelyn Hardy 
Mr. Peter A. Rooney 

Mr. Charles F. Hines 

Mrs. Lynda Papini Hines '64 

Mr. James E. Holiiday '49 

Mrs. Marjorie McClung Holiiday '49 

Dr Stephen C. May Jr. 
Dr. Thomas N. Pirkle '48 

"Members of the class of '63 who 

are no longer with us. " 

Dr. C. M. Mickey Metcolf '63 

Mr S. Morris Mitchell '63 
Mrs. Kay Kilpatrick Crawford '63 
Mr. Jay D. Dye '60 
Mr. Eric M. Scharff '63 


Nescit Cedere, a Latin phrase pronounced "nes-keet 
keh-deh-reh," was taken from the Oglethorpe family 
crest as the university's motto. It translates as "He 
does not know how to give up" and perfectly captures 
the pride and tenocity of those who give loyally to 
Oglethorpe. The following donors have remembered 
the university in their estate plons to ensure its 
future success. 

Mr. G. Douglass Alexander '68 

Ms. Susan Harmon Alou '84 

Anonymous (13) 

Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp '68 and Dr. Charles R. Arp § 

Mr. Ted D. Bayley '58 and Mrs. Ellen Kinsey Bayley 'S7 

Ms. Judith M. Becker 

Ms. Corlee Bell '65 

Mrs. Frances Norman Block '38 

Mr. Frederick Boswell '24 

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Burke '66 § 

Ms. Mory Williams Cazalos '54 § 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Chandler 

Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis '82 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Dovis '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Dillingham § 

Mr. H. Lynn Drury '63 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Emerson § 

Ms. Ruth G. Fox 

Mr. Wilson P. Franklin '39 § 

Mr. David C. Garrett, Jr. (H) '99 § 

Mr. George E. Goodwin 

Mrs. Bobbie Dexter Gupton '63 and Mr. J. Cabot Gupton 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward 

Brodnax Hansel § 

Ms. Karen Heod '98 

Mr. Donald R. Henry '83 and Mrs. Borbora Bessmer Henry '85 

Mr. Thomas G. Hood '78 § 

Mr. Thomas P Hunter '43 § 

Ms. Rebecca Harbor Jones '62 § 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith Lanier 

Mr. Wilfred J. LeBlanc'61 

Mr. Louis T. Lombordy '69 

Dr. Jay Lutz 

Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch '61 and Mr. Barry Lynch § 

Ms. Gail Lynn '77 § 

Mrs. Margaret Woodward Mathewes '55 ** 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. McGill § 

Mr. John Meacham '42 

Ms. Jeonnette Bentley Moon '38 

Mrs. Sydney Mobley Moss '59 ond Mr. Jack Moss 

Ms. Elizabeth Ward Peorce '66 

Dr. Guerrant Perrow '40 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Phillips '63 § 

Mr. Williom Plowden, Jr. '67 

Mr. Timothy Randall Roberson '97 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Robey '97 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Roesch '69 

Ms. Rhett Pinson Sanders '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Scharff '63 § 

Mr. Stephen J. Schmidt '40 * and 

Mrs. Jeanne Fuller Schmidt '42 § 
Drs. Patricio and William Shropshire 
Ms. Anne Rivers Siddons (H) '91 § 

Dr. Joseph A. Soldoti '61 

Ms. Susan M. Soper '69 

Ms. Denney Wells Spencer '48 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Stanton (H) '99 

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Tubesing '95 § 

Mr. Daniel Uffner '51 

§Charter member 

**New member in 2006-2007 

* Deceased 

(H| Honorary degree recipient 




We recognize the following people who 
gave generously of their time, tolents 

and resources to benefit Oglethorpe 
University during 2006 - 2007. These 

provide an outstanding educational ex- 
perience for current and future students. 
Many thanks to these individuals. 


Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch '61 

Mr. Jack Guynn (H) '05 
Vice Chair 

Mr. Harold R. Hansen 

Ms. Susan M. Soper '69 


Mr. G. Douglass Alexander '68 

Mrs. Yetty L. Arp '68 

Mr. Robert E. Bowden '66 

Mrs. Martha Laird Bowen '61 

Mr. M. John Breton III '97 (ex-officio) 

Mr. Milton C. Clipper 

Mr. William A. Emerson 

Mr. Norman P. Findley III 

Mr. Kevin D. Fitzpotrick, Jr. '78 

Ms. Jeanie F. Flohr '99 (ex-officio) 

Mr. J. Lewis Glenn '71 

Dr. Joel Goldberg (H| '00 

Mr. James J. Hogelow '69 

Mr. James V. Horlloge, Jr. '65 

Dr. Kenneth K. Hutchinson '78 

Mr. Warren Y. Jobe 

Dr. Charles B. Knopp 

Mr. Roger A. Littell '68 

Mr. William T Mullolly '03 

Mr. Bob T Nance '63 

Mr. R.D. Odom, Jr. 

Lawrence M. Scholl, J.D., Ed.D. 

Mrs. Laura Turner Seydel '86 
Mr. Joseph P. Shelton '91 (ex-officio) 
Mr. Arnold B. Sidmon 
Mr. Timothy P. Tossopoulos '81 
Dr. G. Gilmon Watson '68 
Mr. Raymond S. Willoch (ex-officio) 


Mr. Franklin L. Burke '66 
Mr. Kenneth S. Chestnut 
Mr. William Goodell 
Mr. George E. Goodwin 
Mr. C. Edward Hansell 
Mr. Arthur Howell 
Mr. J. Smith Lanier 
Mr. James R McLain 
Mr. O.K. Sheffield, Jr. '53 


Mr. William J. Hogan, Jr. '72 

Mr Raymond S. Willoch '80 


Ms. A. Diane Baker '77 
Mrs.Joselyn Butler Baker '91 
Mr. Robert Bowen 
Mr. Rowland Cocks 
Mr, Roger Couch '61 
Mr. John Cunningham 
Mr. Brian A. Davis '94 
Mrs. Mono Tekin Diamond 
Mr. Paul L. Dillingham 
Mr. Harry S. Feldman '75 
Mrs. Donna Findling '96 
Mr. David C. Garrett III 
Mr. Kenneth P. Gould '85 
Ms. Veronica M. Holmes '02 
Mr. B. Shone Hornbuckle '92 
Mr. Robert M. Kane '81 
Ms. Gail Lynn '77 
Mr. Jin Motsumoto '74 
Mr. J. Kevin Meaders '93 
Mr. Thomas P O'Connor '67 
Ms. S. Tommy Pearson '86 
Dr. Thomas W. Phillips '63 
Mr. Edwin Reitman 
Mr. Brian C. Soss '84 
Mr. Lorry C. Shattles '67 
Mr. Horace E. Shumon '80 
Mr. Scott M. Sloan '76 
Mr. Bernard van der Lande '76 



Mr. Joseph P Shelton '91 


Dr. William C. Aitken,Jr. '64 
Mr. Robert B. Baker, Jr. '79 
Mrs.Joselyn Butler Baker '91 
Mr. Christopher A. Bailor '93 
Dr. Brooke Bourdelot-Parks '95 
Mrs. Laurie Lee Deolly '86 
Mr. J. CleveHill'OI 
Mr. David R. Pass '98 
Ms. Anita Stevenson Patterson '97 
Ms. Jennifer Foirchild Pierce '92 
Mr. Timothy Randall Roberson '97 
Mr. David M. Ross '93 
Mr. Eric M. Scharff '63 
Ms. Bombi Klein Stewart '64 
Mrs. Vivian Gray Trobue '65 
Mrs. Trish Hinton Treadwell '96 
Ms. Coitlin Way'91 


Mr. Christian Y. Benton 
Faculty Representative 

Mr. Jeremy Greenup '91 
Your^g Alumni Club President 




Ms. Kyle Luedkte '07 
Senior Class President 

Mrs. Cathy Appling Vinson '92 
Stormy Petrel Bar Association Presic 


Donna and Bill Borwick 
Pom and Michael Bove 
Toby Director 
Suzanne and John Ernst 
Sandra and Charles Germany 

Anita and Bobu Kontomneni 
Deboroh ond Mike Malone 
Nancy and Phil Morsden 
Theresa and John Moore 
Jeri and Jeffery Osmonson 
Teresa and Brian Schiff 
Lori Schmied and Karl JosI 
Carol and George Toulas 
Cheryl and Jim Weldon 



Mr. John C. Perner 


Ms. Lynne Bush 

Dr. Peter Drotman 

Mr. Stephen Germany '08 

Dr. Bonnie Hayes 

Mr. Morris Herzberg, Jr. 

Ms. Veronica M. Holmes '02 

Mr. Theresa Johnson 

Dr. David Jones 

Dr. Jay Lutz 

Ms. Elizabeth Munson 

Dr. Pamela Tremoyne 

Mr. Bernard von der Londe '76 

Did we miss your name? 

The Honor Roll of Donors recognizes all 
gifts made to Oglethorpe University from 
July I, 2006, to June 30, 2007. If you 
noted an error or omission, please let us 
know so that we can correct it lor next 
year's publication. Thank you! 

Please contact Betsy Thompson at 
404.364.8476 or 
bthompson@oglethorpe. edu. 




4484 Peachtree Road. N.E. 

Atlanta, GA 30319