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Full text of "Carmina Evangelica, Or, Hymns: Chiefly Collected from Various Authors"

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V, V 

1» jfir 







-•« Jimd thtyjini the fongof Mofes^-^ — and tbefong of the Lamb.''*, 

Rev. XV. 3. 

Eternal years my theme (hall be 
That Jefus UvM and dy'd for me. 



/^7- ^ V^ 

,«; .: L . J 





Independent Proteftant Diflenters, 




Dear Brethren and Friends^ /• '^ * 

HE God whom we ferve ^nd adore, is worthy to have 
the honours of his name held in eternal remembrance and re- 
verence, and to be pnufed from the rifmg of the fun to the 
going down thereof. He is great and condefcending ; juft 
and merciful; tremendous and lovely; righteous and good; 
glorious in holinefs ; fearful in his praifes ; and wonderful in 
all his works and ways. Every difplay of his glorious na- 
ture to his creatures, lays them under an obligation to praiiib 
and adore him who liveth for ever and ever, and in whom 
they live, move, and have their being : it muft therefore fol- 
low, that our duty to praife him, with all the powers of foul 
and body, is coeval with the very firft dawnings of the know- 
ledge of his greatnefs and worthineCs ; and, if there was no 
other reafon why we fiiould do it, that alone conGderation 

a 2 

( i^ ) 

vouU fufliGiiattly wirrant our lifting up our hearts with our 

voices, and praifing our God as long as our exillence con- 

But hefides thai, in 9?4cr fully to f^tisfy us as to the duty 
of finging the high praifes of Gud, he has intimated it to be 
his fovereign pleafure ; and Ukewife left up>n record, for our 
in{lru6lion ,4n4 iniitation, inany perfons, wto, at his .conrv 
Inaiid, and confkUriiig it as thoir great privilege, a6lually 6n« 
gaged in this delightful employment. 

When he ^ave his ilatutes t© Jacob and his judgments to 

Ifrael, it was one part of his enjoined worfhip to " pralfe 

*' the name of God with a fong/* Accordingly we find this 

duty urged, by the writers of the pl^ Teftamenf, frofii the 

confideration of its beinor a command of God, and therefore 

«ccapiab(c as wopfhip to him. The fame is inculcated in the 

new Teftament, which conpefponds with the old in (hewing 

thai " pralfe is comely ;** that it is proper to " come unto 

*' Siojn with fongs^' flill ; and that, both in public and private, 

we ought to adiQonHk zni odify each other by pfakma, and 

Kymns, aod fpiiitual fongs; ^^ finding and making melody" 

with grace ia our hearts to the Lofd. £ph. v. 1 9. Col. 
• • • ^ 
uu 10. 

H^h and lowv rich and poor, not only ihovild pralfe God) 
kn have> whero their^hearis have been right with him, praifed 
lus Qame together ia a fong. When Ifirael faw their ene- 
■lies duik as |e^ into the depths of the fea, ^' then fan^ 
** Mofes and the ehi(dren of Ifrael this ibng unto the Lord" 
together, "the Lord has triumphed glorioufly," &c. De- 


( V r 

borab, fiutt mother -in I&ael, joined kir v^^tct with that of 
Barak the (on of Abiooam to praife the Lord* The ion of 
Jefle, that royal and fwect Pialmift of Ifrael, did not diiUain 
tQ lay afide his fceptre for his lyre, and^ mini^Ung with the 
thoufands of his {ubje£b and fellowowot(bipper»i accompany 
it and ihem with his voice-— diidain, did I lay ? lo far from 
that, it wa^ hi^ giory : and the rubjc£U i>f his fong^ ^re th& 
ihemes that angQls glory to Ong. He yet fing«, both in hit 
writings and in heaven, how the right hand of the Lord was 
e^calted in the overthrow of Egypt, and the deliverance of 
Ifrael ; but he fings likewife of " the fufferings of Chrifty 
^^ and the glory that (hould follow." His tongue is a3 ^' the 
** p?n of a ready writer" to fpeak the praife$ of King Mef- 
fiah the <' Lord of Glory," His oppoGtions, hii conquefts, 
his triumph*:, his hberality, his falvation, and his glory were 
the grandeft fubje£b that ever fwelled the mod ibleinn, fub* 
lime, and af{e6ling of the inimitable JefTaean lays. May the 
iame fid>je£b he often in our mouths, and always in our 

Nor le(s were thefe fubjoSk dwelt upon, and this pradico 
attended unto, imder the new Teftament difpenlation, and 
from the earlleft ages of it. Jefus, the King of kings, and 
grzatlegiflatorof his church, when he tabernacled upon earth, 
fung with his chofen followers previous to his meritorious 
iUiferings. His difciples followed the bkQed practice of 
their great and adored MaRer, after he was afceoded to hea» 
ven from whence he came, Paul and SUas did the fanx:» 
even in a prifon, at midnight; and Padl was careful to per*- 
pctuate this noble part of divine worfliip, by enjoining it 
upon the churchee to wirou he wriHSy and through them to 
all others* 

(' vi ) 

We learn by the leftimony of a heathen of confiderable 
credibility, I mean Pliny, that the fame praftice was continued 
by the followers of Chrift in his days, that is, about the year 
of our Lord loo ; nor was there ever a time, that I know of, 
from^that to this, in which it was generally abandoned. Part 
of the fubjefts, indeed, dwelt upon then in finging, have been 
thrown out with fovercign contempt by fome pretendedly 
very wife fince thofe days. The Chriftians in the time of 
Pliny, he fays exprelsly, " fung hymns to Chrift as though 
** he were, or, under the idea of his being God."* Eufe- 
hius, a Chriftlan bifliop, who lived in the time of the em- 
peror Conftantine, and about the year of our Lord 300, tells 
us of " certain pfalms and odes, wrote by the faithful brethren 
** in the firft age, which celebrate the divinity of the Chrift 
*' the Word of God." + Some perfons think they fee better 
than that now, and therefore abhor fuch hymns as contain 
that eternal truth, or any other truths founded thereupon. 
They are obje£b; of pity. May the eternal Spirit open their 
eyes to fee the glories of Jefus, and grant even unto them 
alfo falvation by his blood. Whatever they may fay or do, 
we will ling hymns to" Chrift as our God; nor need we fear 
being wrong in fo doing, while the ranfomed above fmg the 
fame eternally. 

I do not mean to fuggeft that the following hymns are the 

only ones in which this truth and its concomitants arc to be 

found. There are doubtlefs thoufands more in the world 

that breathe a kindred fpirit with them, and it is my fincere 

wifli that there may be millions more of the fame kind* 

• Plinii Epift. lib. 10. epift. 97. 
■} Eufeb. HUl. Eccles. lib. 5. c. 2S. 

( v5 ) 

Pknty of good witnefles will not dimiuifli the goodnels or 
juftice of a cauf^* 

Many, in composing fuch hymns, have done worthily in 
Ifrael ; and their memories are blelTed. The praife, particu- 
larly of Dr. Watts is defervedly great in the churches. He 
Jhtnes as a fun among the flars ; and as long as a jufl tafle for 
cither poetry or evangelic truth remains in the world, he is 
likely to retain the preference ; and it is matter of aflonifli- 
ment to me that fuch wretched performances as Stemhold 
and Hopkins, the Scotch verfion, and others, of the pfaims, 
ihould ever be fung where Watts* is known, as there admits 
of no comparifon betwixt his and theirs* 

With refpe£k both to his pfaims and hymns I pro&fs my* 
{elf to be among the number of his admiren, and cannot 
think the works, of this kind, of any individual whatever 
c^ual to his ; the confequence of which is, my conilant ufe 
of both the pfaims and hymns : but, at the fame time, I can- 
not help thinking fome perfons too ftrongly prejudiced 
to them, who, to ihew their attachment to Watts and his 
compofitions, will fiifiPer none befides to be fung where they 
have any influence. They mud either fuppoie him to have 
pf^dms and hymns upon every fubje£l in the word of Cod, 
and the experience of Chriilians in all ftates, and thefe repre- 
fented in every proper point of view; or, that the reft of the 
hymns, compofed by others, are not worthy to be introduced 
into the worfhip of God. But neither of thefe ideas can be 
Supported, becaufe they are both equally imjuft. Have not 
many minifters, and others, who choofe the hymns, of- 
ten complained that they could mistt with no hymn or 

( v»" ) 

"ptklm, in WaH»' works, whtch faked their fubje^i am! newt 
of it ? and in the judgment of many judicious and worthy 
perfbns, there are, at leaft, fome hymns, compofed by other 
■ands, diat may rie with any of his individual p{aifln» or 
^yiiiM ; fkiil acWttlng that lie ought to have the preference 
i^D the whole : and I veriiy beheve, if he wa^ alive^ h« 
would blame the aiiove mentioned condu6>) au imding to rob 
ibe church of Chiift of the edification which mighc be de* 
rived from ^hat diverfity ol gifts which the Lcmthimic^fhatk 
gweiiy in hit owb inftniie wiidom, for a valuabie efkd« 

Hence theie tppean to me a proprJefy, and a probafbifrty 
of ufefulnefs, in a we^K^holimcc^le^on of hymns from o«h^ 
authors, efpcciaily when ufed as a fapplement to Watts', and 
coiiicidinywitli ban in hist views of the Go^l of Chrifl. A 
IpcaaerTOfietf^of metres likewife OHiy be ituroduced, whi>ehi, 
iS profwrly idisd, wmy ha«e a tendency to remedy iteit vrtktp' 
poroble idne& inSnging rhe poitei^ of our covenant God, 
wkkJi too frefoendyv m f&ain^ congregafiom, renden^ tWt 
Mi^kidkJk pare af divine wor4ip tedious and btfrdcYifenie; 
and aMb to bring abouc %\m defirable end of engaging whole 
congnfadoos to join in finging, \^ enlivening i^ in^Head of 
^ pnefoftcrewinicdiod of tenmng a fet of ftngei« to do chat 
An theni sdl, nincb God ncipuiiB^liRnn everf eat feimfelf wte 
•is cafaUe<^ili 

Tki»i»nn>y a psrf of Ae frofeied de%n of thi« pnMt- 
cat ie n *r ^^kat facceft fcHSnift nniy ateen^ if renrnrm wiA him 
Ane wio '10 aMe 09 nabe sAf niean» Mitary ; this how&r«r 
"ipe imnw, thai die tmebrdwek tipon in tftefe hymns are fjch 
<nB ne oaa myt^ ImkcP} tSKtu^ itk tat fanHd 01 tire ^ntt uiey 

{ Ix ) 

art calculated to aWakefi finners from their fiate of carnal fe- 
curity ; to lead the weary and heavy laden to reft in Jefus • 
to raife the affeftions from earth to heaven ; to roufe the num- 
bering to aftivity ; to raife the fallen ; to direft the heart and 
mind into the loVe and peace of God ; to eflablifii, ftrengthe n 
and comfort believers ; and to make our hearts bum within 
us by the way to our eternal home: and, as this has been the 
cafe in times of old, why may we not expeft thd fame glori- 
ous and happy effefts ? why may we not yet, in an attend- 
ance to the fame means, have a fliowcr of grace, and times of 
refrefhing from the prefence of the Lord, and from the glory 
•f his p6wer? 

My heart's defire, and prayer to God for you is, that the 
precious opportunities you poffefs may be eagerly feized by 
you all, and improved for that eternity to which we are faft 
approaching; that you may each know Jefus as your Re- 
deemer and eternal Friend ; that you may tafte the joys of 
fin forgiven through his blood, and rejoice in his righteouf- 
neG imputed to you all the day long ; and that, being changed 
into the image of Jefus here by the fpirit, you may at laft fit 
down with the Almighty Saviour on his throne. What are 
all the vain things which can be had here below, compared 
to that exceeding great and eternal weight of glory ? If we 
have any juft grounds to expeft it, let us rife above the world ; • 
fet our affeftions on things above ; gird up the loins of our 
mind ; fight the good fight of faith ; and be as men that wait 
for their Lord's return. Yet a very little while and all our 
toils, our difficulties, and our forrows will be over ; and he 
that fliall come, will come, and will not tarry. He will 


ta]^ us to bis home, his reft, bis joy. Tliere Iball vre dag 
the foog of Mofes aad the Lamb for ever. Then Ihail we 
join in the general chorus of all the ineffably happy tribes of 
t^e redeemed, and fing, Salva^ipB^ and blemn^} vid honour^ 
and glory, ^pd power be' unto h'm that ficteih upon the 
thjrone, and unto the iL^mb in the midfl of the throne for 
ever and ever. AvfKHf Even fo come, Lord Jefus— — Th*t 
this honour ^ joy tjf^y . be ypursi is the fincere wiih of 

Tour affc^llonatc Paflor^ 


i^tb !$t^itmbt\ 


HYMN I. Praife. 104th. 


YE fervants of God,your Matter proclaim, 
And publifh abroad his wonderful natne^ 
The name all viflorious of Jefus extol ; 
His kingdom is glorious, and rules over all. 

God ruleth on high, Almighty tofave^ 
And ftill He is nigh, his prefence we have: 
The great congregation his triumph (hall fing, 
Afcribing falvation to Jefus our King. 

Salvation to God, who fits on the throne. 
Let all cry aloud, and honour the Son : 


Anwfi; Even fo come, Lord J elas-**- 1 nu 
} joy Tf^Y be yourS| is the fincere wlfh of 

Tour afc^lonate Paftor^ 


ON, 1 

'^r, 1 79*. / 

H Y M N S« 

All the pow*rs of mufic bring. 

The mufic of the heart* 

Him in whom they move and live» 

Let tv^ry creature ling : 
Glory to their Maker give, 

And homage to their King* 
Hallow'd be his name beneath. 

As in heav'h on eanh ador'di 
Praife the Lord in ev'ry breath. 

Let all things praife the Lord. 

IIL Coronation Hymn. C* M. 


AL L hail the pow'rs of Jefu's name^ 
Let angels proftrate fall ; 
Bring forth the royal diadem 
And crown Him Lord of alL 

Let high-boiti feraphs tune the lyre. 

And as they tune it fall 
Before his face who tunes the choir) 
And crown Him Lord of alU 

A £ 

4^ H Y M N S*r 


Crown Him ye morning flars of light 
Who fixt this fleeting ball ; 

Now hail the flrength of Ifrael's might. 
And crown Him Lord of all. 


Crown Him ye martyrs of our God^ 

Who from the altar call ^ 
Extol the ftem of Jefle'^ rod, 

And crown htm Lord of alL 


Ye feed of IfraePs chofen race. 

Ye ranfom*d of the fall;' 
Hail him who fav'd you by his graces 

And crown Him Lord of all. 


Crowtt Him ye heirs of David's line 

Whom David Lord did call ; 
The God incarnate ! Man divine ! 

The crowned Lord of all. 

Sinners, whofe love can ne'er forget 

The wormwood and the gall, 
Co fpread your trophies at his feet> 

And crown. Him Lord of all » 



Let ev*ry tribe, and ev'ry tongue^ 
That bounds creation's call ; 

Now (bout in univerfal fong. 
The crowned Lord of all. 

IV. Redeeming Love* Js^ 


NOW begin the h^av*nly theme. 
Sing aloud in Jefu's name i 
Ye who Jefu's kindnefs prove. 
Triumph in Redeeming Lov^ ! 

[Ye who fee the Father's grace^ 
Beaming in the Saviour's face ; 
As to Canaan oaye move». 
Praife and blefs Redeeming LoveJji 

Mourning fouls dry up your tears, 
Banifh all your guilty fears ; 
S^eyour guilt and curfe remove. 
Cancelled by Redeeming Love ! 


f Ye, alas ! who long have been 
Willing Haves of death and fin, 




o fixt this fleeting 
lail the flrength of Ifrael's mign 
id crown Him Lord of all. 

vn Him ye martyrs of our God> 
i^bo from the altar call ; 
ol the ftem of Jefle's rod, 
And crown him Lord of alL 


e feed of IfraePs chofen race. 
Ye ranfom'd of the fall;' 
lail him who fav'd you by his grac< 
And crown Him Lord of all. 


Crowtt Him ye heirs of David's lin 
Whom David Lord did call ; 

The God incarnate ! Man divine f 
The crowned Lord of all. 


dinners, whofe love can ne'er for 
The wormwood and the gall, 
-'•r trophies at his f 

H Y M K fin 7 


rd fing, how heleft his own palace of h'ght. 
With robes made ofglQry»thatdreflhimabove: 
Yet pleas'd with his journey, and fwift was his 

For he fled on the pinions of infinite love* 

All hell and it's lions flood roaring around. 
His flefh and his Spirit with mah'ce they tore ; 
While whole worlds of forrow lay prefhng him 

As vafl as the burden of guilt which he bore. 


Then mention no more of the wrath of a God! 
Of the lions of hell, and their roaring, no more! 
We lift up our eyes to His fhining abode. 
And our loudeft hofannahs bis name fhall 


We crown the Triumpher, with th* honours 

he won : 
Hofannah, thrbugh all the celeflial groves! 
The God and the man, how he fills up his 

throne ! 
How he fits, how he fhines^ bow he looksj^ 

how he loves! 


ig but Redeeming Love ! 

>du*d th' infernal powers, 
:mendous foes and ours, 
their curfed empire drove, 
Y in Redeeming Love ! 


r then your rpufic bringi 
aloud each joyful firing; ~ 
Is join the ho(b above^ 
o praifc Redeeming Love I 

Praife to the Almighty Saviour* 

>ng for a concert of heavenly praif 
3 Jefus the God, the omnipotent Sc 
Dice (hould awake in harmonious la 


No other help is found. 
No other name is giv'n^ 
By wbieh we can falvation have t 
£ut Jefus came the world to fave. 

Jefus! harmonious name ! 

It charms the hods above ; 
They evermore proclaim. 
And wonder at his love : 
*Tis all their happinefs to ga;pe, 
*Tis heav'n to fee our Jefu's face, 


His name the finner hears. 

And is from guilt fet free : 
'Tis mufic in his ears, 
*Tis life and viftory : 
New fongs do now his lips employj 
And dances his glad heart for joy. 

VII. Godpraifedhy Univcrfal Nature CM.Di 


PRAISE ye the Lord, ye immortal choir^ 
That fill the realms above : 
Fraife him who form'd you of his fire. 
And feeds you with his love : 

to H Y M N ar 

Shinis to hi> praife ye cryflal Odes, 

The floor of bis abode. 
Or vdl in (hades your thoufand eyes^ 

Before your brighter God. 

Thou reftlefs globe of golden lights 

Whofe beams create our days. 
Join with the (il ver queeq of nighty 

To own your borrowed rays : 
Winds^ye fliallbear his name aloud^ 

Through all th' ethereal blue ; 
For when his chariot is a cloudy 

He makes his wheels of you* 


Shout to the Lord, ye furging feas> 

In your eternal roar : 
}act wave to wave refound his praife^ 

And (hore reply to fhore. 
Thunder» and hail, -and fire, and ftorms^ 

The troops of his command, 
appear in all your dreadful formSji 
V And fpeak his awful hand. 


1|Vave your tall heads, ye lofty pines^ 
^ To him that bids you grow : 
§weet clufters bend the fruitful vines,^ 
On lev'ry thankful bough : 


Thus while the meaner creatures fing^ 
Ye rnortals catch the found ; 

Echo the glories of your King 
Through all the nations round* 

VII. God glorious, and Sinners faved. CM. 


FATHER, how wide thy glory (hines I 
How high thy wonders rife ! 
Known* through the earth by thoufapd figns^ 
By thoufands through the Ikies ! 

Thofe mighty orbs proclaim thy pow% 

Their motions /peak thy Ikill ; 
And on the wings of ev'ry hour 
We read thy patience dillf 

But when w^ view thy great deiign. 

To fave rebellious worms : 
Where vengeance and coippal)ion JQlf^ 

In their divined forms; 


Here the whole deity is known^ 
Nor dares a creature^ guefs^ 

IB K Y M N S. 

Which of the glories brighteft Chine, 
The juftice, or the grace. 


Now the full glories of the Lamb 
Adorn the heav'nly plains; 

Bright feraphs learn Immanuel's name. 
And try their choice ft ftrains. 

O may I bear fome humble part 

In that immortal fong ! 
Wonder and joy (hall tune my heart. 

And love command tny tongue* 

IX. Jfefus adored^ L. M. 


WORTHY the Lamb of boundlefs fway. 
In earth and heav*n the Lord of all s 
Ye princes, rulers, pow'rs obey, 
And low before his footftool fall. 

The deed was done, the Lamb was flain. 
The groaning earth the burden bore : 
He rofe ! he lives ! he lives to reign ; 
Nor time fhall fhake his endlefs powV. 

M Y M N S« »^ 


Whatever is rich, whatever is great. 

From worlds unnumber'd hither briogt 
Pour the gay (lores before his feat, 

And hail the triumphs of our King. 

Wifdom and ftrength are his alone. 

He rais'd the top-ftone, (houting grace. 
Honour has raised his lofty throne^ 

And glory^s feated on his face^ 

From heaven, from earth, loud burfting praife 

The mighty bleflings fiiall proclaim 9 
Bleflings tnat men to glory raife. 

To Ihout the triumphs of the Lamb. 

Higher, Hill higher, fwell the ftrain. 

Creation's voice the note prolong t 
The Lamb (hall ever, ever reign ! 

Let hallelujahs crown the fong! 

X. The Coronation of Chrift. P* M* 

SH ALL loyal nations hail the day 
Thatcrowns their King, withloud acclaim? 

14 H y M M s. 

And (hall not faints their homage pay 

To their Beloved Saviour's name ? 
Ye faints refound in joyful drains, 
Jefus the King of glory reigns ! 

Jefus who vanquilh'd all your foes, 

Who came to fave, who reigns to blefsi 
From him your ev*ry comfort flows. 

Life, liberty, and joy, and peaces 
Refound, refound, in joyful ftrains, 
Jefus the King of Glory reigns ! 

Yes, thou art worthy, deareft Lord» 

Of univerfal, etldlefs praife ; 
With cv*ry pow*r to be ador*d. 

That men or angels e*er can raife. 
Let heaven and earth unite their ftrain^ 
Jefus the King of Glory reigns ! 


But earth nor heav'n can e*er proclaim 
The boundlefs glories of their King; 

Yet muft our hearts adore his name,^ 
Deaf name, whence all our bleffings fpring ! 

Refound, refound in joyful ftrains^ 

Jefus the King of Glory reigns 1 


H y M N <# 15 

How mean the tribute mortals pajr. 

How cold the heart, how faint the tongue! 

But, Lord, thy coronation-day 
Shall tune a more exalted fong^ 

Refounding in immortal ftrains^ 

Jefus the King of glory reigns! 


He comes ! he comes ! with triumph crown'd. 
In dazzling robes of light array 'd. 

Faith views the fplendour dawning rounds 
Earth's faired luftre finks in fhade. 

Refound, refound in joyful drains^ 

Jefus the King of Glory reigns ! 

XI* Praift to the God 0/ Abraham. P. M« 


THE God of Abraham praife. 
Who reigns enthroned above^ 
Antient of everlafling days^ 

And God of love: 
Jehovah, Great I Am ! 
By earth and heav'n confeft $ , 
I bow and blefs the facred name. 
For ev^r blefs^d. 

tS » Y M N S« 


The God of Abr'ham praifc, 
At whofe fupreme command 
From earth I rife — and feek the joys 
At his right hand : 
I all on earth forfake. 
Its wifdom> fame, and pow'r t 
And Him my only portion make^ 
My Ihield and tow'r. 
The God of Abraham praifc, 
Whofe all-fufficient grace 
Shall guide me all my happy days. 
In all his ways : 
He calls a worm his friend ! 
He calls bimfelf my God ! 
And He (hall fave me to the end, 
^ Through Jefu's blood. 


He by Himfelf hath fworn, 
I on his oath depend, 
I ihall, on eagle's wings up-borne^ 
To heav'n afcend : 
I (hall behold his face, 
I (hall his pow^r adore. 
And ling the wonders of his graca 
For evermore* 

HYMNS* 17 

XIU Chrijl the Steward of God' sfamily^ L.M. 


WITH what delight I raife my eyes. 
And view the courts where Jefusdwellsl 
Jefus, t^ho feigns beyond che {kies. 
And here below his grace reveals. 

Of David's royal houfe the key 
Is borne by that nlajeftic hand ; 
Man(ion» and treafures there I fee 
Subje£ted all to ];iis command* 

He (huts^ and worlds might ftrive in vain 
The mighty obftacle to move; 
He loofes aU their bars again. 
And who (hall (hut the gates of love ? 

. IV* 

Fix*d in omnipotence he bears 
The glories of his Father's name, 
Suftains bis people's weighty cares, 
Through ev'ry changing age the fame* 


My little all I there fufpenci. 
Where the whole weight of heav'ii is hung: 
Secure I reft on fuch a friend, 
And into raptures wake my tongue. 


l8 HYMNS. 

XIII. God glorious^ tremendous^ and gra-* 

cious. 7s. 

O'ER the bleft etherial plains. 
Seats of love and endlefs peace. 
Girt with might Jehovah reigns ; 
Fountain pure of happinels ! 

Propt on pillars of his pow'r, 

Worlds, with all their maffy weight. 
Hanging reft on Him fecure, 
Auguft arbiter of fate. 

Down where horror clad in night. 
Broods o'er dire infernal plains. 
He the true elfential light. 
In vindi£live juftice reigns.- 


Fraife him then ye radiant bancSs, 
In your nobleft ftrains of love. 

Who fulfilling his commands. 

Round his bright eflPulgence move. 

You, the nearelito his throne. 

Chant that love you long to know i 

Vivij orbs your roufic join, 

^ng his praife with brighteft glow t 

H V M K S* 19 


Cloomy plains of living death, 

Fraught with woes that never ceafc ; 

"With your baneful blafted breath. 
Own fubmifs his jull decrees. 


Chiefly you whofe flagrant guilt. 

Had incurred his vengeful ire. 
Till th* atoning blood was fpilt. 

To redeem your fouls from fire. 


Warbling through the vafl: expanfe. 
To his throne your voices raife, 

^Till the facred refonance. 
Fill infinitude with praife. 

XIV. Chrijl only the eternal Life* L. M. 


WHERE fliall the tribes of Adam find 
The fov'reign Good to fill the mind ? 
Ye fons of moral wifdom, fhow 
The fpring whence living waters flow. 

Say, will the ftoic^s flinty heart 
Mel(| atHitbts cordial juice imparl? 

£0 H V M K ^4 

Could Plato findthefe blisful dreams, 
Amongft his raptures and hts dreams ? 

In vain I aflc ; for nature's power 
Extends but to this mortal hour: 
•Twas but a poor relief fhe gave 
Againft the terrors of the grave. 


Jefus, our kinfman, and our God, 
Array'd in majefty and bk>od. 
Thou art our life ; our fouls in thee 
PolTefs a full felicity. 


All our'immortal hopes are laid 
In Thee, our Surety and our Head 9 
Thy crofs, thy cradle, and thy throne,, 
Are big with glories yet unknown. 

^ VI. 

Let athelfts fcoflp, and Jews blafpheme 
Tb' eternal life, and Jefu's name; 
A word of his almighty breath 
Dooms the rebellious world to death. 


But let my foul for ever lie 
Beneath the blelfings of thine eye t 
*Tis heaven on earth, *tis heaven above. 
To fee thy faCe, to tafte thy lo\x. 

HYMNS* tl 

XV. Invitation to praife. S. M. 


AWAKE, and fing the fong 
Of Mofes and the Lamb ; 
Wake ev'ry heart, and ev'ry tongue^ 
To praife the Saviour's namc^ 

Sing of his dying love. 

Sing of his rifing pow*r : 
Sing how he intercedes above 
For thofe whofe fins he bore. 

Siisg, till we feel our hearts 

Afcending with our tongues ; 

Sing, till the love of fin departs. 

And grace infpires our fongs* 


Sing on your heavenly way. 

Ye ranfom'd finners fing; 
Sing on, rejoicing ev'ry day. 

In Cbrift, th' eternal King. 


Spon fhall ye hear Him fay, 

" Ye bleflfed children come;*' 
3oon will he call yoif, hence away^ 

Aad take jiis wand'rers homCf 


"^' '"^nr rcUef ^c gave 

^"""tife^- our CouUm thee 
itt our we , 

fimmort'.l bope^ateU. 

"° \"wsblafpbeme 

eternal we, *"r A treaib . 
""Itte rebellious world tt> a 

r^,,Uot ever lie 

^ A«rf» t 

HYMNS. ^3 

So llrong to deliver, fo good to redeem 

The weakeft believer, that hangs upon Him? 

How happy the man whofe heart is (et free; 
The people that can be joyful in Thee ; 
Their joy is to walk in the light of thy face ; 
And ftill they are talking of Jefus*s grace. 

Their daily delight fball be in iby name, 
They (hall as tbeirright,thy righteoufnefsclai m; 
Thy righteoufnefs wearing, and cleans'd by 

thy blood. 
Bold fhall they appear in the prefence of God. 


For thou art their boaft, their glory and pow'r. 
And I alfo trull to fee the glad hour. 
My foul's new creation, a life from the deadj^ 
The day of falvation that lifts up my head. 


Yes, Lord, I (hall fee the blifs of Thine own, 
Thy fecret to me (ball foon be made known ; 
For forrow and fadnefs I joy Ihall receive. 
And Ihare in the gladnefs of all thai believe^ 

' ^^' ^ nd He defttoy. 
create, 5knd n*= 

usVclay.andfo^- ft«y'd, 


.,owd thy g'tes «^^» ^^es tatCe ; 

ai fill thy cottrt\^; 

the world is thy cotntnand. 
V'aeterr^ity thy love; ,„d; 

1 r^i^ttm <r« 


HYMNS. 25 

XI'X* The Love ofChriJl adored. 7s. 


NOW prepare your hearts to ling 
Glory to our God and King ; 
Now a fhout of triumph raife. 
Fill the heav*ns with Jefus* praife^ 

Hallelujah to the Lamb ! 
Loud his wondrous love proclaim: 
He for finners freely dy'd ! 
Was for finners crucify*d ! 

Now may doubts and fears be o'er, 
We. diftruft his grace no more ; 
Full afTurance may we prove> 
Settled in the Saviour's love. 


In our Jefu's arms fecure 
To the end may w6 endure ! 
Join with us, ye angels join, 
Praife his name in hymns divine. 


Earth below and heav*n above 
Wonder at his boundlefs love ; 
AH admire his grace and pow'rj 
^lefs the Lord for evermore. 

nfu^oefs of pea-. Clever can cloy 
nlt^"^«=^' ''nlT^«^ ^^^Cbelo^N 


2{y fotrow ret 

01 y M N 8. ij 

XXI. Chrijl the great Melchifedec. C. M.D. 


THOU dear Redeemer, dying Lamb! 
We love to hear of Thee ; 
No mufic, like thy lovely namei 

Does found fci fweet to roe ! 
O may we ever hear thy voice 

In mercy to us fpeak ! 
And in our Priejl will we rejoice, 
Thou great Melchifedec ! 

Our Jefus fhall be ftiU our tlietp^i 

While in tbi3 world we ftay ; 
We'll ling our J^fu's lovely name. 

When all things elfe decay : 
When we appear in yonder clQud, 

With all his favour'd throng. 
Then will we fing more fweet, mere loud. 

And Jefus be our fong. 


XXI L Thejubikt. V. M, 

LOW ye the trumpet, blow 
The gladly folemn found j 

tol the Lamb of God, 
The great-atoning Lamb? 
3emption in his blood 
Throughout the world proclaim ; 
e year of jubilee is come ; 
turn, ye ranfomM finners, home ! 

who have fold for nought 
Your heritage above, 
all have it back unbought. 
The gift of Jefa*s love ; 
e year of jubilee is come ; 
turn, ye ranfom'd finners, home! 


flaves of fin and hell. 
Your liberty receive 5 
id fafe in Jefus dwell. 
And bleft in jefus live ; 
ic year of jubilee is come ; 

tnm vi* ranfrtrn'rl finnprs. home i 

fi Y M H S# ^9 


The gofpel trumpet hear. 
The news of heav'nly grace § 

Ye happy fouls draw near^ 
Behold your Saviour's face ^ 

The year of jubilee is come ; 

Return to yQuj eternal home. 

XXIII. Prdife to Chrifi. 7s. 


BRETHREN, let us join toblefs 
Jefus Chrift our joy and peace: our praife to him be giv'n. 
High at God's right-hand in heav'n! 

Mafter, fee, to Thee we bow ; Lord, and only Thou, 
Thou, the blefled Virgin's feed. 
Glory of thy church and head. 

Thee, the angels ceafelefs Cng, 
Thee, we praife our Prieft and King ; 
Worthy is thy name of praife. 
Full of glory, full of grace I 

aft off defpair^ there yet is room* 


DmpellM by bleeding love, 
5 wandl'nng (beep draw near, 
hrift ^alls you from above, 
is charming accents hear ! 
et whofoever wilU now come; 
I mercy'5 brcaft there yet is room^ 

XXVI. . Redeeming Grace. L. 

TARK! in the wildernefs a cry ! 
JL It (hakes the mountains, ren 

earth ; 
be King appears, behold him nigh ! 
The Go(J by nature, man by birth! 

in to and fro. ve heralds rah^ 

B T M N 8« 31 

Money ye need not bring, nor price. 
Ye laboring, burtben'd, (in-fick fouls* 

Nothing ye in exchange (hall give ; 

Leave all you have, and ^re, behind; 
Frankly the gift of God receive, 

Pardon and peace in Jefus find. 

XXV* Invitation. P. M^ 


Y£ dying fons of men, 
Imn^erg'd in fin and woe^ 
The GofpePs voice attend 
While Jefus fends to you : 
Ye j^erifhing and guilty, come. 
In Jefu's arms there yet is room. 

No longer liOw delay. 
Nor yarn excufes frame i 
He bids you come to-da}% 
Though poot, and blind, aild lame i 
All things are ready, finn^r, come, 
For ev'ry trembling foul there's roomer 

^a . K Y M !* Si 

' llli 

Believe the heavenly word 
His tnelfengers proclaim ; 
He is a gracious Lord, 
And Faithful is his dame, 
fiackfliding fouls return and comej 
Cad off deipair^ there yet is room* 


Compell'd by bleeding love, 
Ve wandering (heep draw near, 
Chrift tills you from above. 
His charming accents hear ! 
Let whofoever wilU now come; 
In mercy*5 bread there yet is room4 

XXVI. . Redeeming Grace* L. JVf. 


HARK! in the wildernefs a xrry ! 
It (hakes the mountains, rends the 
earth ; 
The King appears, behold him nigh ! 
The God by nature, man by birth! 

Run to and fro, ye heralds ruii^ 
Proclaim aload> prepare the yay ! 

HYMNS* 33 

feedemption's glorious work's begun. 
And who His potent arm fhall ftay ? 


Make ftrait the paths before his feet, 

. And ev'ry obftacle retuove ; 

Drop down ye hills, your cumb'rous weighti 
And bow before Redeeming Love* 


Then (hall the lowly valley rife. 

Its budding honours fpring to view j 

Sivift the Creatitig Fiat flies, 
And all is blifsful, all is new* 


Know'ft thou the meaning, nature's child? 

Know'tl thou the import of the cry ? 
Thy heart's the defart wafte and wild ; 

But lo, the kind Reclaimer's nigh. 


Mountains of unbelief and fin, 
Before him ctulTible into dud j 

Thy humbled heart (hall then begin 
His all-reftoring hand to truQ^ 


By him exalted, know thy (late, 
A garden rich in fruit and flower; 

Thy gracious Matter's lov'd retreat. 
The wonder of Redeemipg Power. 

34 H Y M N S# 

XXVII Invitation to the Saviour. P. M* 


SWEET as the fhepherd's tuneful reed 
From Sion's mount I heard the found; 
Cay fprang the flowerets of the mead. 

And gladden'd nature fmil'd aroucrd; 
The voice of peace falutes mine ear j 
Chrift's lovely voice perfumes the air. 

Peace, troubled foul, whofe plaintive moan 

Hath taught thefe rocks the note of woe j 
Ceafe thy complaint, fupprefs thy groan^ 

And let thy tears forget to flow. 
Behold, the precious balm is found. 
Which eaf«s pain, which heals thy wounds 

Come, freely come, by fin oppreft, 

Unburthen here the weighty load ; 
Here find thy refuge, and thy reft. 

Safe on the bofom of tby God : 
Thy God's thy Saviour ! Glorious word F 
That (heaths th' avenger's glitt'ring fword-- 


As fpring the winter, day the night. 

Peace, forro w's gloom (hall chace away ; 
And fmiling joy, a ferapb bright^ 

.« V M N s* 35 

Shall tend thy fteps, and near thee {lay: 
Whilft glory weaves th' immortal crown. 
And waits to claim thee for her own* 

XXVIII. Go/pel Invitation. C. M. 


OH what amazing words of grace 
Are in the gofpel found ; 
Suited to every finners cafe. 
Who knows the joyful found. 

Poor, finful, thirfty, fainting fouls 

Are freely welcome here; 
Salvation like a river rolls. 
Abundant, free, and clean 

Come, then, with all your wants atid Wounds, 

Your every burden bring ; 
Here love, unchangii^g love^ abounds ; 
A deep, celeflial fpring. 


This fpring with living water flows, 
And living joy imparts ; ^ 

• C a 

Room in the Saviour's bleeding hcan 

Where love and pity meet : 
Nor will he bid the foul depart 

That trembles at his feet. 


In him the Father reconcil'd 
Invites your fopis to come ; 

The rebel (hall be called a ehild. 
And kindly welcom-d home. 


O come» and with his children tafte 

The bleflings of his love ; 
While hope attends the fweet repaft 

Of nobler joys above. 


There, with uqited heart and voice 

Before th' eternal throne, 
Ten thoufand, thoufand fouls rejoice 

F ».. n 1 

« Y M N S* 37 

All the fitnefs he requireth 
Is to feel your need of him : 

This he gives you, 
*Tis the Spirit's rifing beam. 


Lo ! th* incarnate God afcendedj 

Pleads the merit of his blood ; 
Venture on him, venture wholly. 

Let no other truft intrude ; 

None but Jefus 

Can do'helplefs finners good* 


Saints and angels, join'd in concert.. 

Sing the praifes of the Lamb ; 
While the blifsful feats of heaven 

Sweetly echo with his name. 

Hallelujah ! 

Sinners here may do the fame. 

XXX. Invitation to the Go/pel Feqft. C. M. 


YE wretched, hungry, ftarving poor. 
Behold a royal feaft! 
lyhere mercy fpreads her bounteous (lore 
For ev*ry welcome gueft. 

C 3 

3^ HYMNS. 


See Jefus (lands with open arms ; 

He calls, he bids you come; 
Guilt holds you back, and fear alarms j 

But fee, there yet is room. 

Room in the Saviour's bleeding heart, 

Where love and pity meet : 
Nor will he bid the foul depart 

That trembles at his feet. 


In him the Father reconcil'd 
Invites your fopis to come; 

The rebel (hall be called a ehild. 
And kindly welcom'd home. 


O come, and with his children tafte 

The ble(fings of his love ; 
While hope attends the fweet repaft 

Of nobler joys above. 


There, with uqited heart and voice 

Before th' eternal throne, 
Ten thoufand, thoufand fouls rejoice^ 

In ej^talies unknown. 

H r M N s. 39 


And yet ten thourand, thoufand more 

Are welcome ftill to come ; 
Ye longing fouls the grace adore ; 

Approach^ there yet is room ! 

XXXL Seeking the ajfi fiance of the Spirit, 

C. M. 


NOW may the Spirit's holy fire, 
Defcending from above. 
His waiting family infpire 

With joy, and peace, and love. 

Wake heavenly Wii>d, arife and come. 

Blow on the drooping field ; 
Our fpices then (hall breathe perfume. 
And fragrant incenfe yield* 

Touch with a living coal, the lip 
That fhall proclaim thy word, 
And bid each waiting hearer keep 
Attention to the Lord. 


40 " HYMNS. 


Furnifh ps all with light and powers 
To walk in wifdorn's ways; 

So Ihall the benefit be ours^ 
And thou Italt have the praife. 

XXXIL Influence of the Spirit implored^ 

P. M. 


ETERNAL Spirit, fource of light, 
Enlivening, confecrating fire, 
Defcend, and with celejtial heat 
Our dull, our frozen hearts infpire ; 
Our fouls refine, our drofs confume ! 
Come, cond^fcending Spirit, come ! 

In our cold breafts, O (Irike a fpark 
Of the pure flame which feraphs feel 5 
Nor let us wander in the dark, 
Or lie benumb'd and ftupid flill ; 
Come, vivifying Spirit, come, 
And make our hearts thy conftant home! 

Let pure devotion's fervours rife f 
L^t ^v'ry pidus paflipn glow ! 

If Y M N S, 4V 

O let the raptures of the (kies 
Kindle in our cold hearts below ! 
Come, condefcending Spirit, come. 
And make our fouls thy conftant home! 

XXX 1 11. To the Holy Ghojl. S. M. 


COME, Holy Spirit, come ; 
Let thy bright beams arife ; 
Difpel the forrow from our minds» 
The darknefs from our eyes. 

Cheer our defponding heart5 

With vifitations fweet ; 
Give us to lie, with humble hope. 

At our Redeemer's feet. 


Revive our drooping faith, 

Our doubts and fears remove; 
And kindle in our breads the flame 
' Of never-dying love. 


Convince us of our fin. 
Then lead to Jefu's blood j 

To make tne ^)aviour ruuiuj 
Now let us find redemption near. 
Let faith by hearing come. 

XXXVL For a BleJJing on the Gofj 


SOURCE of light and pow'r divi 
D6ign upon thy truth to (hinej 
Lord* behold thy (ervant ftands; 
Lol to Thee he lifts his hands: 
Satisfy his fouPs defire; 
Touch his lip with holy fire* 

Softly fall the healing found* 
Like the dew-drop On the ground ; 
Drooping plants fhall foon revive; 
Faith in bud begin to live, 
And enlarged (hall foon difclofe 

H y M N ar. 43 

BtefTed Lord, be Thou our teacher, 

Helper, counfellor, and guide; 
Spea}c the promife through the preacher. 

And the bearing ear provide* 

Vain is learning, parts, or merit. 
Vain the native pow'rs of man; 

Jefus! fend thy Holy Spirit, 
So difptay ti^e Gqfpel plan. 

XXXV. The fame. C. M. 


COME, Holy Ghoft, our hearts infpire, 
Let us thine influence prove 1^ 
Source of the old prophetic fire. 
Fountain of life and love. 

Come, Holy Ghoft, for mov'd by Tbe^ 

Thy prophets wrote and fpoke; 
Unlock the truth (Thyfelf thekey!) 
Unfeal the facred book : 

Water with heav*nly dew thy word, 
Jn this appointed hour; 

L.ord, from hence we would not gc^ 
Till a bleffing Tbott beftonri 


Send fome meffiige from thy word^ 
That may joy and peace afford; 
Let thy Spirit now impart 
Full falvation to each hearts 

Comfort thofe that weep and motirii^, 
Let the time of joy return; 
Thofe who are cafb down> lift up. 
Make them flrong in faith and hope* 


Grant that thofe who feek, may find 
Thee a God divinely kind ; 
tieal the fick, the captive free^ 
Let us all rejoice in Thee. 

, H T M N S. 4g 


In thy pure and holy way, 
Heights^ and greater heights difplay ; 
So chat whilft our race we run. 
We may think it but begun ; 
Nor the paft contemplate more 
Urgent flill on what's before. 


Ope thy treafures ! fo (hall fall 
UnQion Tweet on him» on all. 
Till by odours fcatter'd round, 
Chrift Himfelf be trac'd and found; 
Then fhall cv'ry raptur'd heart. 
Rich in peace, and joy depart. 

XXXVn. /or a Bleffmg on Public Wor^ 

Jhip. 7s. 


LORD, we conve before Thee now. 
At thy feet we humbly bow; 
Oh ! do not our fuit difdain ; 
Shall we feek thee, Lord, in vain ? 

Lord, on Thee our fouls depend. 
In compaflion now defcend; 

jfi .is T M N a. 

Fill GUI' hearts with thy rich grace* 
Tune our lips to fing thy praifc. 

In thine own appointed way, 
Now we feek Thee, here we ftay ; 
Lord> from hence we would not gOf 
Till a blcffing Tbott beftowi 


Send fome meflage from thy word^ 
That may joy and peace afford; 
Let thy Spirit now impart 
Full falvation to each hearts 

Comfort thofe that weep and motirtt^, 
Let thd time of joy return; 
Thofe who are caff down, lift up, 
Make them flrong in faith and hope* 


Grant that thofe who feek, may find 
I'hee a God divinely kind ; 
lieal the fick, the captive free^ 
Let us all rejoice in Thee. 

HYMNS. 47 

XXXVIII. To the Blejfei SpirU. 7s. 

GRACIOUS Spirit, Dove divine! 
Let thy ligbt within me Oiine ; 
All my guflty fears remove. 
Fill me full of heav'n and love. 

Speak- Thy pardoning grace to me^ 
Set the burthen*d finner free; 
Lead me to the Latnb of God» 
Walh use in his precious blood« 

Life and peace to me impart; 
Seal falvation on my heart: 
Breathe Thy felf into my breads 
Earned of immortal red. 


Let niQ never from Thee ftray j 
Keep me in the narrow way i 
Fill my foul with joy divine, 
Keep me> Lord^ for ever Thiner 

Peace unlpeakabk, unknown. 
By his pain he gives you eafe, 

Life by his expiring groan : 
Rife exalted by his fall ; 
Find in Chrift your aH in all. 


O believe the record lru«, 

God to you his Son batb g?v*n> 
Then ye will be happy too, 

Live on earth the 1^ of bea^'n 1 
Live the life of heav'n above. 
All the life of glorious love* 

This the univerfal blifs, 

Blifs for weary fouls defign*d, 
God's eternal promife this, 

God's great gift to loft mankind* 
Now to Chrift this moment flee,, 
Bleft iQ aU eternity i 

HYMNS. 49 

When we within thy courts appear. 
May we digefl the truths we hear. 

May we the joyful tidings hear, 
With holy love, and godly fear; 
And credit to the Gofpel give. 
As that bleil word by which we live. 

Thy fov'reign pow*r, O God, impart. 
And write thy law upon our heart; 
Wifdom divine on us bellow. 
And may we pradice what we know. 


Preacher and people then (hall raife. 
United fongs of grateful, praile, 
'Till both at length Qiall mount above. 
To triumph in redieeming love. 

XLI. Invitation to the Weary. 7s. 


WEARY fouls, who wander wide 
From the central point of bhfs, 
Turn to Jefus crucify*d. 

Fly to thofe dear wounds of his; 


^¥.A. /IIIU liJC UlilUUVC Iclllly 

To heav'n,from whence it fell. 
It turns not back again ; 

But waters earth 

Through ev'ry pore. 

And calls forth all 

Its fecret (lore. 

Array'd in beauteous green 
The hills and valleys flhine. 
And man and beaft is fed 
By providence divine ; 
• The harvcft bows 

Its golden ears. 

The copious feed 

Of future years. 

** So,'* faith the God of grace, 
** Mv gofpel (hall defcend, 
" Almighty to eflFeft 

H Y II K S. 51 

XLII# Cemt.Jor all Things art ready. L. M* 


SINNERS obey the gofpel- word, 
Hafte to the fupper of your Lotd; 
Be wife to know your gracious day, 
All things are ready» come away : 

Ready the Father is to own. 
And kifs his late-returning fon; 
Ready the loving Saviour Hands, 
And fpreads for you his bleeding hands. 

Ready the Spirit of .his love. 
The harden'd, ftotiy heart to movej 


m* apply and witnefs with the blood, 
And wa(h and feal you fons of God. 


Ready for you the angels wait, 
To triumph in your bleft eftatej 
Tuning their harps they long to praift 
The wonders of redeeming grace. 


Come then, ye finners, to the Lord, 
To happinefs in Chrifl; reftor'd; 
His purchas'd benefits embrace. 
The plenitude of gofpel-gracc. 



XLIII. The Succefs of the Gofpd. P. M, 


MA^K the foft-falling fnow. 
And the difFufive rain, 
To heav'n,from whence it fell. 
It turns not back again ; 
But waters earth 
Through ev'ry pore. 
And calls forth all 
Its fecret (lore. 

Array'd in beauteous green 
The hills and valleys flhine. 
And man and beaft is fed 
hy providence divine ; 
• The harvcft bows 
Its golden ears. 
The copious feed 
Of future years. 

So," faith the God of grace, 
My gofpel (hall defcend. 
Almighty to effeft 
The purpofe I intend ; 
Millions of fouls 
Shall feel its pow*r. 









H Y M, N S. 53 

•* And bear it down 
" To millions more. 


Joy (hall begin your march. 
And peace proteft your way.^ 
" While all the mountains round 
•• Echo melodious praife; 
** The vocal groves 
Shall fing the Godj 
And ev*ry tree 
Confenting nod." 



XLIV. Succefs to the Gofpel dejirtd. C. M. 


NOW, gracious Lord, thine arm reveal. 
And make thy glory known; 
Now let us all thy prefence feel> 
And foften hearts of (lone! 

Send down thy Spirit from above 
That faints may love thee more ; 
And finners now may learn to love, 
Who never lov'd before. 


54 HYMNS. 


And when before thee we appear 

In our eternal home. 
May growing nqmbers worfliip bere^ 

And praile thee in our room. 

XLV. Before Sermon. P. M. 


O JESUS, now we humbly pray. 
Be gracions to thy church to-day. 
Thy faving health impart; 
The dew of heav'n on us diftil^ 
With love each empty veffel fill. 
And cheer the drooping heart. 


Cut ev*ry cord that binds us here. 
Us from our ^v'ry hind'rance tear. 

Give each a fingie heart; 
Give grace to tread down felf and fin. 
Give grace eternal life to win. 

E'er we from hence departs 

HYMNS* 55 

XLVI. Prayer. S. M. 


THIS duty God requires, 
That men ihould feek hisface^ 
And offer up their warm defires 
Before his throne of grace* 

This privilege he grants 
His faints below the Iky» , 

That they Ihould tell him all their wants. 
And Abba, Father, cty. 

He lends a gracious ear. 
And in the trying hour, 
He makes his matchlefs love appear. 
And magnifies his pow'r* 


Let needy finners pray, 
Nor from bis throne depart; 
His mercy will not long delay 
To heal the broken heart. 

Since Jefus pleads above. 
The God of grace will hear, 


XLV. Before Sermon. P. M. 


3 JESUS, now we humbly pray» 
Be gracions to thy church to-day. 
Thy faving health impart; 
""he dew of heav'n on us diftil^ 
V'ith love each empty veffel fill. 
And cheer the drooping heart. 


1\it ev*ry cord that binds us here, 
Js from our ^v*rY hind'rance tear. 

Give each a fingie heart; 
5ive grace to tread down felf and fin, 
jive grace eternal life to win, 

£'er we from hence depart* 

H Y Kl N S. 5f 

In all their pow*r imprefs; 
2 me to feel their folemh weight, 
tremble on the brink of fate, 

And wake to righteoufnefs! 


>re me place, in dread array, 
I pomp of that tremendous day. 

When thou with clouds (halt come 
judge the nations at thy bar; 
1 tell me. Lord, (hall I be there 

To meet a joyful doom ? 


his my one great bufinefs here, 
th ferious induftry and fear 

My future blifs t* infure! 
/ holy counfel to fulfil,, 
fuffer all thy righteous will. 

And to the end endure! 


2n, Saviour, then my foul receive, 
infported from this vale to live, 

And reign with thee above; 
lere faith is fweetly loft in light, 
d hope in full fupreme delight, 

And everlafting love. 

I feel, alas! thai I am dead 

In trefpafie^ and iins. 


Ah, whither (hall I fly? 

I hear the thunder roari 
The law proclaims de(lru6lion nigh» 

And vengeance at the door. 


When I review my waysi 

I dread impending doom; 
But fure a friendly whifper fays, 

*^ Flee from the wrath to come*^ 


I fee, or think I fee, 
A glimro'ring from afar; 
A beam of day that fbines for met 
7o fave me from defpair* 


Fore-runner of the fun. 

It marks the. nilorrim's wav: 

HYMNS. 59 

XLIX. A Sinner's Prayer, f. M, 


GOD of my falvation, h«ar. 
And help me to believe; 
Simply do I now draw near. 

Thy bleffing to receive : 
Full of gailt» alas ! I am { 

But to thy wounds for refuge flecf: 
Friend of Jinners, fpotkfi Lamb^ 

Thy lilood wasjhedfor me. 

Nothing have I, Lord, to pay. 

Nor can thy grace procure ; 
Empty fend me not away. 

For I, thou know'ft, am poor; 
Dull and afhes is my name. 

My all is (in and mifery; 
Friend of Jinners^fpotlefs Lamb, 

Thy bhod was. /ked/or me. 

Without money, without price, 

I come thy love to buy; 
From myfelf I turn my eyes. 

The chief of finners 1 2 
T^ke, O. take me as I am. 

And let me lofe myfelf in th^; 


Friend of Jinners^fpotlefs Lamb, 
Thy blood wasjhed for me* 

L. Pleading with God/or mercy. P. M. 


RIGHTEOUS art thou, O God, yet let 
me plead. 
Permit the vileft of the fallen race. 
To tell his fin, and bow his guilty head, 
Before thy mercy-feat, thy throne of grace. 

As numerous as the ftars, orcountlefs fands, 
My faults, backflidings, apd tranfgreflions 
Yet look upon my Saviour's bleeding hands, 
My pardon, Lord, my pardon's written there. 

Bring not in judgment me, nor call to mind^ 

Nor in the balances my doings weigh : 
But let me refuge in my Saviour find. 
And hide me in him at the awful day! 


J blu(h as I approach thee, and confefs 
My wicked life, wy (hame, and nakejnefs: 

HYMNS* 61 

know a poorer iinner than I am, 
Je'er afik'd for mercy, or implor'd thy name. 


fet vile and filthy as I am I come. 
Thy gracious Spirit faith, " There (lill is 
" room/* 

rhro* all my guilt I make this powerful plea. 
Our Saviour dy'd to ranfom luch as me. 

VI. . 

This makes me hope, yet makes my (faame in- 
How could I grieve fuch love, or friend 
like this ? 
D cover all my fins in thy long veft, 
I part confefs. Lord cover all the reft. 

LI. Dijlance from God. C. M. 


OTHOU, whofe tender mercy hears 
Contrition's humble cry ; 
Whofe hand, indulgent, wipes the tears 
From forrowr's weeping eye: 

See, low. before thy throne of grace,. 
A wretched wand'rer mourn ! 

6t HYMNS. 

Thyfeirhaft bid me Peek thy f*ce } 

Thyfelf baft raid. Return. 
And (hall my guilty fears prevail 

To drive me from thy feet ? 
Thy word of promifc cannot i^ltf 

My low'r of frfe retreat. 

Abfcnt from Thee, my guide, my light 
Without one cheering ray; 

Through dangers, fears, and gloomy ni 
How detplate my way ! 


O fhine on this benigbted beart. 
With beama of mercy (bine; 
"And let thy Spirit's voice impart 
A tafte of joys divine. 

LII. TheRcJohtkn. P.M. 
C AVIOUR.canft thou love a traitor 
^^ Canft thou love a child of wrath 
Can a hell-deferving creature 
•*^e the purchafe of thy death ? 

HYMNS* €^ 


s thy blood fo efficacious. 

As to tnake my nature clean? 
s thy facrifice fo precious, 

As to free me from my fia ? 

>in onev^ry hand furrounds me. 

No acquittance can I hear; 
Pangs of iinbelief cosifound me. 

Oh ! my grief I cannot bear: 


Here then is my refolulion. 

At thy deareft £e€€ to faH ; 
Here I'll meet with coademnat^of)^ 

Or a freedom from my thralt. 


Now deny thy grace anfd mercy. 

If thou canft, €o wretched me^ 
Lay afide thy love and pity. 

If thou canft, and let me die. 


If I meet with condemnation^ 

Juftly I deferve the fame ; 
If I meet with free falvation, 

J will magnify t^y name. 

..-••_ v**-^^ ^ ^#> « ^0 m A 

Would fain like Peter weep: 
Let me be by grace reflor'd, 

On me be all long-luff 'ring (hown» 
Turn,and look upon me, Lord, 

And break my heart of (lone! 

Saviour! Prince! enthron'd above^ 

Repentance to impart, 
Give me through thy dying love. 

The humble contrite heart: 
Give me what I've long implor'd, 

A portion of thy love unkoovvn— 
Turn, &c. 

See me, Saviour, from above. 

Nor fuffer me to die: 
Life, and happinefs, and love. 

Drop from thy gracious eye: 
Speak the reconciling word, 

A ^J 1>^ 

HYMNS* 65 

1-.1V* Holy reafoning^ P. M# 


JESUS, Friend of finners, hear 
A feeble creature pray : 
From toy debt of fin fet clear 
For I have nought to pay. 
Speak, O fpeak my kind releafei 

A poor backfliding foul reftorc: 
Love me freely, feal my peace, 
And bid wc weep no morCf 

Though my fing as mountains rife. 
And fwell, and reach tp beav*n, 
Mercy is above the (kies, 

And J (ball (land forgiv*n! 
Mighty is my guilt's increafi?! 

But greater is thy mercy's ftore! 
Love roc freely, &c. 


From th' oppreffive fenfc of fiii 

My ftruggling fpiritfree: 
Blood aiid rigbteoufnefs divine 

Can refcue even me! 
Holy Spirit fhed thy grace. 

And let me feel the foft'ning flbow>; 

LV. In dijlrefs of Soul. P. 


JESU, lover of my foul. 
Let me to thy bofom fly. 
While the billows near me roll. 

While the temped ftill is high: 
Hide me, O my Saviour, hide. 

Till the dorm of life ispafl; 
Safe into the haven guide^ 

Oh receive my foul at lad! 

Other refuge have I none, 

Hangs my hejplefsfoul on Thee; 
Leave, Oh ! leave me not alone. 

Still fupport and comfort me: 
All my truft on Thee is ftay'd. 

All mine help from Thee I bring; 
Cover my defencelefe head 

With the (hoA- " • 

H y M K s» 67 

Raife the fallen^ cheer the faint. 
Heal the (ick, and lead the blind. 

JuR and holy is thy name* 
I am all unrighteournefs : 

Vile and full of fin I am. 

Thou art full of truth and grace. 

Plenteous grace with Thee is founds 

Grace to pardon all my fin; 
Let the healing llreams abound^ 

Make and keep me pure within: 
Thou of life the fountain art. 

Freely let me take of Thee j 
Spring Thou up within my heart. 

Rife to all eternity. 


■!»— i— »i| I »■ I 

LVI. Wreftling J<itoh. 7s. 


NAY, I cannot let Thee go. 
Till a blefling Thou beftow ; 
X)o not turn away Thy face. 
Miners an urgent^ preying cafe. 

£ 2 

Thou didft once a wretch behold^ 
In rebellion blindly bold; 
Scorn thy grace, thy pow'r defy. 
That poor rebel. Lord, was I. 


Once a (inner near defpair. 
Sought thy mercy-feat by pray'ri 
Mercy heard and fet him free. 
Lord, that mercy came to me. 


Many years have pafs'd Cnce then. 
Many changes I have feen; 
Yet havebeen upheld till now; 
Who could hold me up but Thou? 


Thou h^ft help'd in every need^ 
This emboldens me to plead; 
After fo much mercy paft, 

H. Y M N S. 6q 

tnuft maintain wy hold» 
r goodnefs makes me boids 

denial take» 

1 plead for Jefu's fake. 

Vlh The broken Heart. S. M. 

ESC END my gracious God, 

And to me now impart 
recious bleffing, bought with bloody 
:w, and broken heart. 


1 Thee I wander. Lord, 
ch caufes me much (mart; 
n me by thy pow'rful word, 
gjve a broken heart. 

nourn my follies done, 
better a£l my part ; 
upon me, through thy Son^ 
:w* a broken heart* 


O come unto my foul. 
And never more depart : 
Lord condefcend to make me whole. 
And heal my broken heart. 

LVIII. The Influences of the Spirit den 


L. M. 

P to Thy feat, eternal God, 
Now would mine ardent paffions fo 
am would I view thy bright abodT. 
And Jove, and wonder, and adore. 

pint of peace, immortal dove. 
Here let thy gentle influence reign .- 

ome fill my foul wth heav'nly love 
And all the flrrac(>.<« «f f h„ ^..»:„ * 

HYMNS. 71 


jfcend with all thy facred light. 
Thine a£tive zeal, thy joy fincere, 
nd hope, in radiant ^ories bright, 
Defcendj and make thy .dwelling here. 

ot all the fweets beneath the {kv ; 
Not corn, nor oil, nor richeft wine ; 
ould raife ray tuneful fongs fo high, 
Or yield me pleafures fo divine. 


left with thy prefence I could meet 
Death, though in all its terrors dreQ ; 
or while I tafle a joy fo fweet. 
One fear difturb my peaceful breaft. 


omc then — or bid my longing foul 
To thofe celefliial manfions foar, 

inhere endlefs years of pleafure roll, 
Xor (hall I mourn thine abfence more. 

LIX. Waking upon God. L. M. 


rHOU loving Jefus, deareft Lord, 
Ador'd by all the hofts above; 


^a H V M N s« 

Whofe favours endlefs joys aflFord, 
Aad fill the mind with peace and love^ 

In pity to tny foul defcend 

And chafe thefe heavy glooms auray: 
. O let thy glories, heav'illy friend. 
Pour on tny foUl a brightet day, 

So ftiall I better fee the way 

Which leads to happinefs and Theci 
And walk enlightened by Thy ray. 
Till I attain felicity, 


There, where the bleft, unnunibpr*d throng, 
From earth redeemed by precious bloody 

Pioclaim thy love in fweeteft fong, 

And praife Thee as their §ov'reign Go6cl| 


I'd fpend a long eternity. 

From fin and melancholy free; 

^nd with increafipg pleafure fing, 
J}i' unbourided glories of my King. 

HYMNS. ^3 

LX# ^or a renewed Heart. P. M.« 


OH Lord, how faithlefs is my heart, 
How very apt from Thee to ftray ! 
Juft like a broken bow I ftart. 

And nature ftrives to bear the fway : 
Was ever One fo vile, yet blefs'd ; 
So fovil, yet by the Lord carefs'd! 

Forbid, my Lord, each vain defire, 

"And bind my paflions to thy crofs; 
Quench all the fparks of nature's fire. 

And bid me count my gain but lofs : 
Lord Jefus, tear each idol down. 
And ftablifli in my heart thy thronCf 

Grace, graCe (hall wipe away my tears^ 

And fpeak the temped to a cajm; 
Shall warm my heart, and charm my feara. 

And prove a never*failing balm : 
The maladies of fin remove, 
And fill ^ny foul with holy love. 


Henceforth I'd ferve Thee» if Thou'lt plcafcf 

To gird me with a heav'nly pow'r; 
J'd fing the glories of thy grace. 

x^^i. or// VeAication. 7s. 

ii^^ATHER, Son, and H0I7 Gboft, 
L One in Three, and Three in One; 
.s by the celeftial hod, 

Let thy will on earth be done ! 
raife by all to Thee be giv*n, 
lorious Lord of earth and heav'n! 

To poor a worm as I 

May to thy great glory live, 
11 mine a£tions fandlffy, 

All my thoughts and words receive ; 
laim me for thy fervice— claim 
U I have, and all I am f 

ake my foul and body's pow'rs, 

Take my memory, mind, and wiU« 
11 my goods, and all my hours» 

All I know, and all I feel. 

HYMNS. 75 


ither. Son, and Holy GbofU 
One in Three, and Three in One! 

s by the celeftial hoft, 
Let thy will on earth be done. 

raife by all to Thee be giv'n» 

lorious Lord of earth and heav'n! 

LXIL Love divine. P.. M. 


LOVE divine, all lores excelling, 
Joy of heav*n, to earth com^ dovv t\! 
IX in us thy hnmble dwellings 

All thy faithful mercies crown, 
efus^ Thou art all compaffipi^ 

Purej unboanded love Thou art!,^ 
^ifit u& with thy Sa^tvaLtion^ 

Enter ex^rf trentkbling heart* 

Jreathe, O breathe thy loving fpirit 

Jnta ev'ry troubJed breaft : us air in Thee inherit. 

Let us find thy promised reft : 
fake away the love of finnrtngf 

Alpha and Omega be ; 

Never more thy temples leaver 
Thee we would be always bleflingj 

Serve Thee, as thy bods above; 
pray and praife Thee without ceafing j 

Glory in thy dying love. 


Carry on thy new creation. 

Pure and holy may we be; 
Let us fee our whole falvation 

Perfeftly fecur*d by Thee: 
Change from glory into glory, 

*Till in beav*n we take our place; 
Till we cad our crowns before Thee, 

Lofl in wonder, love, and praife. 

■ I 

LXIII. Looking to the Deliverer* P. 

r>i r\T\ ^c J 

51 y M K f« 77 

rIeaT a mournful broken fpirit, 

Prottrate at thy feet complain ; 
Many are my foes, and mighty. 

Strength to conquer I have none; 
^Tothing can uphold my goings^ 

But thy blelled Self alone. 

Saviour, look on thy beloved ; 

Triumph over all my foes; 
Turn to heavenly joy my mourning t 

Turn to gladnefs all my woes: 
JLive, or die, or work, or fuffer^ 

Let my weary foul abide. 
In all changes whatfoever. 

Sure and. ftedfaft by thy fide* 

When temptations fierce aflfault me^ 

When my enemies I find. 
Sin and guilt, and death and Satan, 

All agaioA tny foul combined ; 
Hold me up in mighty waters. 

Keep my eyes on things above^ 
Righteoufnefs, divine atonement, 

Peace, and everlalling love* 

.. ^•i««»v.» anxious tboughti 

Do I love the Lord, or no? 
Am I bisj or am I not ? 

If I love, why am I thus? 
Why this dull and lifele(s frame ? 
Hardly, fure, can they be worfe^ 
Who have never heard his name ! 

Could my heart fo hard remain^ 
Pray'r a talk and burden prove; 
Ev*ry trifle give me pain. 
If I knew a Saviour's love ? 


When I turn my eyes within. 
All is dark, and vain, and wild; 
Fill'd with unbelief and fin. 
Can I deem myfelf achild? 


If I pray, or hear, or read. 


HYMNS* 79 


Yet I mourn my ftubborn will^ 
Find my fin, a grief, and thrall ; 
Should I grieve for what 1 feel^ 
If I did not love at ail ? 


Could I joy his faints to meet, 
Choofe the ways I once abhorr'd. 
Find, at times, the promife fweet^ 
If I did not love the Lord ? 


Lord, decide the doubtful cafe; 
Thou who art thy people's fun; 
Shine upon thy woiic of grace. 
If it be indeed begun. 


Let me love Thee more and more. 
If I love at all, I pray; 
Jf I have not lov*d before. 
Help me to begin to-^ay. 


LXV. The Ran/om* P. XT. 

AY, where's thy hope ? thou finner, fay. 
Look ev'ry where, and aik around s 

80 H Y .M N 8* 

Who all the mighty debt can pay; 

Can a fit ranforn e'er be found ? 
Yes, Lord, before I drew my breathi 
The Lamb fpr me bad fuffer'd death! 

Far, far away, mufl Satan fly. 

Nor think me captive to detain! 
For Jefus, when He deign'd to die, 
. My bondage broke, and burft my chaioi 
And conqu'ror in the dreadful fight. 
My foul from thence becomes his right* 

Take Thou pofleflion of my hearty 

Jefu, and make me live to Thee i 
With Thee let nothing claim a part. 

But Thou my AU for ever be ! 
And give me, with thy faints above, 
All joy in Thee, Thou God of love ! 

■I "^ ■ l it 

LXVI. Chrijl all in all. 7s. 


GENTLE Jefus, lovely Lamb. 
Thine, and only thine, I am; 
Take my body, fpirit, foul. 
Only Thou poffefs the whole. 

H 7 M N ^# Bx 


Thou my one thing needful be^ 
Let me ever cleave to Thee; 
Let nie chufe the better part. 
Let me give Thee all wy heart* 

Fairer than the fons of men. 
Do not let me turn again, 
I^ave the fountain Head of blifs. 
Stoop to creature happinefs ! 


Whom have t on earth below ? 
Only Thee Pd wiffi to know: 
Whom have I, in heav'n, but Thee? 
Thou art all in all to me. 


All my treafure is above, 

All my riches is thy love : 

^^^ho the worth of love can tell? 

infinite! unfearchable! 

^^otliing elfe may I require; 
^^^t me Thee alone dcfirc: 
"'cas'd with what ihy love provides; 
^"^^ean'd fiom all the world bcfidcs. 



Life, health, and comfort to thy wil 

And make thy pleafore mine. 

Why (hould I ftirink at thy comm. 

Whofe love forbids my fears ? 
Or tremble at the gracious hand 

That wipes away my tears ? 

No, let me nther freely yield 

What moft I prize to Thee* 
Who never haR a good with-held^ 

Or wilt with-hoH from me. 


Thy favour, a^ll my journey throug 
Thou art engag'd to grant; 

What elfe I want, or chink 1 do> 
'Tis better ftill to want. 


Wifdom and m«fcy guide my way^ 

H y M N s^ JB^ 

3orn thy people to deliver, 

Born a Child, and yet a King; 
Born to reign in us for ever, 

Now thy gracious kingdom bring- 
By thine own eternal Spirit, 

Rule in all our hearts alone; 
By thine all-fufficient merit 

Raife us to thy glorious thrope ! 

LXX. Mercy, lis* 


THY mercy, my God, is the theme of my 
The joy of my heart, and the boall of my 

Thy frep grace alone, from the firft to thelaft, 
lias won my affe£tionSj and bound my foul 

Without thy fweet mercy, I could not live 

Sin foon would r^duqe m^ to utter defpair ; 


As my Guide, my Guard, my Frien 
Lead me to my journey's end. 


Shew me what I have to do, 
Ev'ry hour my ftrength renew; 
Let me live a life of faith, 
Let me die thy people's death* 

LXIX. Come Lord Jefus. P. 

/ I. 

COME, Thou long expefled Je 
Born to fet thy people free; 
From our fears and fins releafe us^ 

Let us find our reft in Thee ! 
lfrael*s ftrength and confolation, 

Hope of all the earth Thou art ; 
Dear defire of ev*ry nation. 

H Y M N iS. 87 

'Twas Jefus my friend, when he hjuog on tbe 

Thatopen'd the channel of mercy for me. 

Great Father of mercies thy goodnefs I own, 
And the cov*n^nt-iove of thy crucify*d Son 5 
All praife to the Spirit, whofe whifper divine 
Seals mercy, and pardon, and righteoufoers^ 


LXXI. The pardoning God. P.M. 


GREAT .God of wondersi all thy way$ 
Are matcblefs, God-like, and divine! 
But the fair glories of thy grace 

More GodJike and unri vail 'd (bine; 
Who is a pardoning God like Thee, 
Or who has grace fo rich and free ? 

Crimes of fuch horror to forgive, 

Such guilty daring worms to fpare. 
This is thy grand prerogative. 

And none (hall in the honour (hare. 


88 HYMNS. 

Who is a pard'nitig God like Thee ? 
Or who has grace fo rich and free ? 

Angels and men, refign your clairn 

To pity, mercy, love, and grace, 
Thefe glories crown Jehovah's name 

With an incomparable blaze. 
Who is a pard'ning God like Thee? 
Or who has grace fo rich and free? 

In wonder loft, with trembling joy. 
We take the pardon of our God; 

Pardon for crimes of deepeft dye. 

Pardon that flows through Jefus* bloody 

Who is a pard*ning God like Thee? 

Or who has grace fo rich and free ? 


P may this ftr-ange this matchlefs grace. 

This God-like miracle of love, 
Jfill the wide earth with grateful praife, 

And all th* aqgeljc hofts above! 
Who is a pard'ning God like Thee ? 
Qr y^ho has grace fo rich and free? 

HYMNS. 89* 

LXXII. Happinefs only in Chriji. 7s. 


GROUND, O ground me on the Lamb^ 
Other Savioiirs I difclaicn: , 

I^ixmy heart on him to (lay, 
^ix it. Lord, without delay, 

^mpty is created good, 
1 want more fubftantial food : 
A.I1 is vanity befide 
Jefus, and him crucify 'd. 

in thy prefence may I dwelf^ 
Subjeft to thy holy will; 
^how'r on tne thy pow*r divine, 
^ake and keep me wholly thine. 


While I traverfe here beneath, 
Thy kind influence on me breathe ; 
Reconcil'd to me appear. 
And thy righteoufneis bring near. 


Qrant me ftill in grace to grow. 
While a ftranger here below ; 
Let me by thy Spirit move, 
I'll! I reach the realms of love. 

I (hall as my Mailer be. 
Rooted in humility. 

From the time that this I knowj 
Nothing would 1 feek below. 
Aim at nothing great or high, 
Lowly both in heart and eye, 

Simple, teachable, and mild. 
Free from malice as a child. 
Pleased with all the Lord provides, 
Wean'd from all the world befidesu 


Father, fix my foul on Tbee» 
Ev*ry evil let roe flee. 
Nothing want beneath, above* 
Happy in thy pjecious love. 


X)! that all may feek and find 

TR'xt*rxr frr\r\A in lf*^t^c tnMn*A ' 

H Y M N 8. 94 * 

LXXIV, The Convert. P. M, 

! IC 7HE>f with my mind devoutly preft^ 

V V Dear Saviour, my revolving bread 

Would pad offences trace : 
Trembling, I make the black review, 
Tet pleased, behold, admiring too. 

The pow • r of changing grace. 

""his tongue, with blafphemies defil'd, 
^hefe feet to erring paths beguil'd, 

In heav-nly kague agree: 
Vho could believe fuch lips could praife^ 
)r t|iink my dark and winding ways 

Should ever lead to Thee ? 

rhefe eyes, that once abused their fight, 
Jow lift to Thee their wat'ry light. 

And weep a filent flood ; 
rhefe hands afcend in ceafelefs pray*r, 
3 wa(h away the ftains they wear, 

In thy redeeming blood! 

rhefe ears, that pleasM, cotrld entertair^ 
The midnight oath, the luftful drain. 

When round the feftal board ; 

91 HYMN S« 

Now dc^f to all th* enchanting noifc. 
Avoid the throng, deteft the joys. 
And prefs to hear thy word. 


Thus art Thou ferv*d in ev*ry parf; 

O would'd Thou more transform my heart. 

This drofly thing refine; 
That grace might nature's ftrength controu 
And a new creature, body, foul, 

Be^ Lord, for ever thine^ 

LXXV* Thanks for prejerving Grace. P.W 


LORD, and am I yet alive! 
Not in torments, not in hell ! 
Still doth thy good Spirit drive, 

With the chief of finners dwell! 
Yes, 1 ftill lift up mine eyes, 

Will not of thy love defpair^ 
Still in fpite of fin I rife, 

Still to call Thee mine I dare. 

P the length of boundlefs love! 
Jefu, Saviour, can it be ? 

H T M K S. 93 

ill thy mercy's height I prove, 

AH its depth is feen in me ! 
) the miracle of grace! 

Tell it out to (inners tell! 
^en, and fiends, and angels gaze 

I am, I am out of bell! 

Turn afide, a fight t' admire, 

I the living wonder am! 
See a bufb that burns with fire, 

Unconfum'd amidft the flame! 
See a flone that hangs in air! 

See a fpark in ocean dwell! 
Kept aiiv^ with death fo near, 

I am, I am out of hell! 

LXXVI. Farewell to the World. P- M. 


WORLD, adieu! thou real cheat. 
Oft have thy deceitful charms 
Fiird my heart with fond conceit, 
FooIiQi hopes and falfe alarms; 
Now I fee as clear as day, 
How thy follies pafs away. 

Thee I quit for heav'n above 
Objeft of the nobleft love. 

Foolilh vanity, fafewelU 

More inconftaot than the wave! 
Where the footbing fancies dwells 
Pureft tempers they deprave : 
He, to whom I fly from thee 
Jefus Chrt(l> Hull fet me free. 

Let not. Lord, my wand'ring mine 

Follow after fleeting toys. 
Since in Thee alone I find 
Solrd and fubftaittial joys t 
Joys that never over-paft, 
Tbrougb eternity lliall laft. 

Lord, how happy is the heart. 
After Tbe€ while it afpires! 

H Y M N $4 9^ 

It fliall fee the glorious fcene 
Of thine everlafting reign. 

. r . _ II t r-^'r- rri^^i m 

LXXVII. The grateful language of Faith% 



WHAT (hall we render onto Thee, 
Thou glorious Lord of life and pow'r ? 
Teach OS to bow the humble knee { 
Teach ui» with thankful oefi; c' adore; 
To praifc Thee as thy faints above; 
To praife Thee for thy wond^rous love. 

W^ben like loft (beep we wander'd wi Je, 
And left the watchful (hepherd's eye; 
When borne along tb' impetuous tide 
Of this world's fin and vanity; 

Our Jefus from the heav*ns came down. 
To fave us by his grace alone. 

He bore our fins upon the tree, 

(To feek and fave the loft he came) 

There was he bound to fet us free 
From death and everlafting Ihame : 

g6 ii y M N s. 

The captive flock from hell Wai freccf, 
And ranfom'd when their fliepberd bled. 


Before the Father's awful throne. 

Our merciful High Prieft he flands; 
Arid interceding for his own. 

The purchas'd remnant now demands^ 
His people's everlafting friend. 
Who loving — loves them to the end. 


May we his blood-bought flock rejoiciei 

Him for our Lord and God to own^ 
To take Him as our only choice; 
To cleave to Him, in love, alone; 
Be growing up in holinefs. 
Then meet Him in the realms of peaee, 


Then (hall our grateful fongs abound^ 

And ev'ry tear be wip'd away; 
No fin, no forrow fliall be found. 

No night o'er- cloud the endlefs day; 
O praife Him ! all beneath, above, 
O praife Him! praife the God of love. 

B y M N s« 

I.XKVIII. lor ffiritual Strength, ;$. 

J* ON of God thy bleffing grant, 
) Still fupply tny ev'ry want» 
ree of life thine influence fl^ed, 
h\i^ tby &p niy fpirit feed^ 

endured branch, alas ! am I^ 
^ither without Thee and die^ 
^eak as helplefs infancy ; 


tifuftain'dby Thee,JfalI; 
nd tjie ftrengtb for which I caUf 
eaker than a bruif^d reed» 
dp, I ev'ry moment ncedf 


1 niy hopes oq Thee depend; 
)ve me, fave me tp the end ! 
v^ me thy continued grace ; 
i^e tbe cverlaf^ing |)raifpl 



^ H Y M N. Sr 

LXXIX. Panting after God. P. M. 


THOU hidden love of God, wbofe heigh 
Whofe depth unfathom'd no man know 
I fee from fav thy beauteous light. 

And longing figh for thy repofe: 
My heart is pain'd, nor can it be 
At reft, till it find reft in Thee* 

Is there a thing beneath the fun. 

That ftri ves with thee my heart to Qurc? 
Ah! tear it thence, and reign alone 

The Lord of ev'ry motion there: 
Then ftiall my heart from earth be free^ 
When it has found repofe in thee* 

O hide this felf from me, that I 

No more, but Chrift in me, may live} 
My vile affeftions crucify. 

Nor let one darling luft furvive: 
In all things nothing may I fee. 
Nothing delire, or feek, but thee! 


O Jove ! thy fov^reign aid impart^ 
To lave me from low-tboughted care; 

II V If N S. ^O 

Dhafe this felf-will through all my hearty 

Through all its latent mazes there: 
Make me thy duteous child» that | 
Ceafelefs pay Abb^» Father Qryf 

Elach moment draw from earth aM^ay 
My heart that lowly waits thy pall; 

Speak to my inmoft foul> and fay, 
" I am thy God, thy Life, thy All!*' 

To feel thy pow'r, to hear thy voice, 

To tai^e thy love!<r«be s^i my choice ! 

LXXX. Qrace. S- M. 


GRACE! *t]s a charming foqnd» 
Harmonious to the ear | 
ieav'n with th^ echo (hall refi^undir 
And 4U the e^rtb (hall bear^ 

Grace firil contrived a w<>y 
To fave rebellions man \ 
Lnd all the ileps that grace difplay. 
Which drew this wond'rous plai^A 



Grace forced my wand'ring feet 
To tread the heav'niy road ; 

U hile preffing on to God. 


Grace taught my foul to pray. 

And made my eyes o'erflow 
Tvvas grace which kppt me to this jday, 

And will not let me go. 


Grace all the work fhall crown. 

Through everlafting days ; 
t lays in heaven the top-moft ftone 

And well deferves the praife. * 


O let thy grace infpire 
My foul with ftrength divine f 
lay all my powers to Thee afpire. 
And ail mv d;ivQ K#» ^u:^^ 

H Y M M S« lOi 

XI* The Lord our Rigkteoufnefs. L. M- 

U, thy blood and tighteoufnefs, 
y beauty are, my glorious drefs; 
flaming worlds, in thefe array'd^ 
joy (ball 1 life up my head. 

from the dud of earth I rife, 
im my manfion in the ikies^ 
hen (hall this be all my plea^ 
s hath liv'd^ hath dy'd for me." 

hall I (land in that great day, 
lo ought to my charge Ihall lay ? . 
through Thee abfolv*d I am, 
(in and fear, from guilt and Ihame. 


Abraham, the friend of God, 
ill the armies bought with blood, 
ir of finners, Thee proclaim, 
s, of whom the chief I am. 


potlefs robe the fame appears, 
ruin'd nature finks in yeats, 

t6i H t M ft i% 

Mo age tan change its glorious faue^ 
I'he grace of Chrift is ever new* 


d let Ihfe dead no* hear thf Vbifce> 
Now bid thy baniftiM ones rejoice! 
Their beauty this, their glorious drefs^ 
Jefus the Lord oUr Righteoufnefs ! 


LXXXlt. Safety ifiCknJt. KM* 

iGlit of thfe t^oHdj thy beattrt 1 Hefs 
On Thee, bright fun of righteoufnefe, 
My faith has fix*a its eye: 
Guided by Thee, through sill t go^ 
Nor fear the ruin fpread below. 
For Thou art always liigh. 

Teti thoUf^hd frtarfes my path bcfet. 
Yet fhall I, Lord, the work complete^ 

Which ThoU to me haft giy*nt 
Superior to the pains I feel, 
Clofe by the gates of death and hell^ 
I urge my \^ay to heav*n. 

iStill may I ftrive, and labour ftill^ 
With bumble zeal to do thy Will^ 

« Y M N S. 103 

And truft in thy defence t 
My fou} into thy hands I give; 
And. if he can obtain thy leave. 

Let Satan pluck me thence. 


LXXXni. '' Jt is done.*' P. M. 

''TniS done! th* atoning work is done! 

X Jefus, the world's Redeemer, dies ! 
All nature feels th' important groan 

Loud*ecfaoing through earth and (kies; 
The earth doth to her centre quake. 
And heav'n as helPs deep gloom is black! 

The t^mple^s veil is rent in twain, 

While Jefus meekly bows his headi 
The rocks refent his mortal pain^ 

The yaWning graves give up their dead; 
The bodies of the faints arife, 
Reviving as their Saviour dies* 

And (hall not we his death partake, 

In fympathetic anguifh groan? 
O Saviour! let thy paflion (hake 

Our earthj and rend our hearts of ftone ; 


1&4 if t Kc Hr jt« 

To fecorld life oixt fduli reftore. 
And wake us that ^e fleep no more* 

ii < 

tkkxiSr. Chrijl the Itjl FrUnd. P- M- 

GNE there is, above all others, 
Well deferves the name of fHehdi 
HU is love beyond a brothet'«, 
Coftly, free, and knows no ^nd : 

Theiy who once his kindilefs provC| 

Find it everlafting Ibve ! 

. ti. 
Which of all our friends to fave us, 
Could or wbuld haVe (hed their Blood? 
But oUr fefus dy*d to have Us 
Reconciled in him to God : 

."[This was boundlefs love indeed ! 

Jefiis is a friend in need. 

Wheh he livM on eatth abafed, 
iPriend of fintlets was hi^ name; 
l^ow abov^ all glofy raifedi 
He i-ejoices in the fa met 

Still he calls them brethren^ friends^ 

And to all their wants attends. 

tB V 11 M ft "xqj 


^>b I for grslde out hearts to (ofttn t 

Teach us Lord, at length to love ; 

^e alas ! forget too often, 

"What a friend we have above) 

But when home our fouls are brought^ 
Wo will love Thee as we ought* 

LXXXV. Chrijl the Mtvtr^s All. L. U. 

TN Chrift my treafure'a all contain'di 
X^ By Him my feeble foul's fultain'd; 
From Him I all things do receive. 
Through Him my foul does daily live; 

With Him I daily love to walk. 
Of Him my foul delights to talk; 
Dn him 1 caft my ev^ry care ; 
Like Him one day I flball appear* 

; III. 

Blefs Him, my foul, from day to day } 
Truft Him to bring thee on thy way: 
Give Him thy poor weak finful heart i 
With Himi O never, never parti 

^05 ,11 V M K $. 


Take Hitti fot ftrength ahd righteoufne&l 
Make Him thy refuge in diftrefs; 
Love Him above all earthly joy» 
And Him in every thing employ. 


Praife Him in chearful» gfatefiil fongSt 
To Him your higheft praife belongs; 
To Him who does your heav*n prepare. 
And Him youUl praife for ever there. 

LXXXVI. Mowing Chrlji. t.U. 


JESUS, my all, to heaven is gone^ 
He whom I fix my hopes upon; 
His track I feei and ril purfue 
The narrow way, till Him I view* 

The way the holy prophets went. 
The way that leads from baniOiment; 
The King^s highway of holitiefs 
I'll go, for all his paths are peace* 

This is the way t long had fought. 
And mourn'd becaufe I found it not; 

ft Y M H SJ t6f 

rief a burden long had been^ 
sil «f ith unbelief and fin. 


liore I ftrwe againft theii- pow'f, 
i*d and Qumbled but the tnonc, 
ate I heard my Saviour fay, 
me, bitheri foul, I am the way.** 

glad t come, and Thou blcft Lamb» 
take me to Thee as I am: 
ing but fin I Thee can give ; 
injg but love fhall t receive. 


I will t tell to finners round, 
it a dear Saviour 1 have found; 
»oint to thy redeeming blood, 
fay^ Behold the way to God! 


CXXVli. Unchangeable Love. L. M. 


. THENdarknefslonghasveirdmyminda 
f And fmiling day once more appearsi^ 
n my Redeemer, then I find, 
he folly of my doubts and fears^ 

iOi E T U H 9# 


Strait t upbraid my wandering hearty 
And blufh that I (hould ever be 

So prone to a£i; fo bafe a parti 

And harbour one hard thought of Thee< 


let me then at length be taught^ 
What ftill I am fo flow to learn. 

That God is love, and changes not, 
Kor knows the fhadow of a turn* 


Sweet truth, and eafy to repeat; 
But when my faith is (harply try'd, 

1 find my felf a learner yet, 
Unflciiful, weak, and apt to Aide. 


But Oh! my Lord, one look from Thee 
Subdues the difobedient will, 

Drives doubt and'difcontcnt away. 
And thy rebellious worm is llilK 


Thou art as willing to forgive^ 

As I am ready to repine ; 
Thou therefore all the praife receive. 

Be fihame^ and felf-abhorrence mine* 


X V M N l# 109 

X.}(X Xy 1 1 1- Going without the Camp^ tearing 
the reproach 0/ Chrijl* P. M. 


COME my Father's family. 
Ye ranfom'd of the Lord; 
CoofiCi ye fipner«, who with me^ 

Are ev*ry where abhorr'd; 
Let us gladly trace his fteps 

Whafuffer'd death among the Jews^ 
wVho the friendlefs foul accepts. 

Whom all befide refufe. 

Jefus, the detpis'd and mean. 

Our mafter let us own s 
He the facrifice for fin. 

The Saviour, He alone* 
Let us take and bear his crofs, 
. Defpis^d difciples let us be ; 
Mock'd and flighted as He was,* 

For you, my friends, and me* 

None but Jefus will we fing. 

None elfe will we adore ; 
Jle our Prophet, Prieft, and King, 

Shall bfi for evermorcpi 

»tQ H: V H M %c 

None among the heav'nly paw'rSy 

Nor one on e^rth our praife may claim; Ik 
None but jefus call we ours, |al 

None but the bleeding Lamb ! 

X. . » 

LXXXIX. Unchanging Grace, ip^th 




IF jefm is ours, we have a true friend, 
Whofe goodnefe endures the &me to iU 
Our comforts may vary, our frames may 

We cat^npt tnifcarry,.cmr aid is diviae. 

Though God may delay to ihew us bis light, 
And heavinefs may endure for a nigbt. 
Yet joy, in the morning, fhail furely aboimdi 
No fliadow of turning in Jefus is fouikU 

The hills may depart, and mountains removCi 
But faithful Thou art O fountaift of k>v«!' 
The Father hath graven our naoic* ott* thy 

Oqr building in heav'a etamally {|taod«» 

11 y M M s« tst 


noment he hid the light of his facei 
t firmly decreed to fave us by grace : 
d though he reproved us^ and ftill may 

r ever he lov'd us, and ever will love. 


en tune every ftring to Jefus^s name! 
[th angels we'll fing thefong of the Lambi 
ce ev*ry believer fliall joyfully praife, 
ou bountiful giver of glory and grace. 

X C. The Fountain opened* ۥ M% 


■^HERE is a fountain filPcJ with blood 

Drawn from Immanuel's veins j 
d finners, plung'd beneath that floods 
Lofe all their guilty ftains^^ 

c dying thief rejoiced to fee 
That fountain in his day; 
d there have I, as vile as he, 
i^^aih'd all rny fins away. 

Hit 8 y M u u 

Dear dying Lamb, thy precious blood 

Shall never lofe its pow^r, 
Till all the ranfom'd church of God 

Be fav*d| to fin no more. 

E'er fince, by faith, I faw the ilream 

Thy flowing wounds fupply. 
Redeeming love has been my theme^ 

And Ihall be till I die. 


Then in a nobler, fweeter fong 

ril fing thy pow'r to favej 
When )hii$ popr lifping (lamin'rf qg tQngue 
' Lies filent in the grave. 


Lofdf I believe Thou haft prepared 

(Unworthy though I be) 
For tp9 9 blpod-bought free renrard^ 

A golden harp for me I 

'Tis ftrung, and tun'd for endler$ y^ari^ 

And form'd by pow*r divine, 
fo found, in pod the Father's ear^i 

^o other nam? bi^t thine. 

u y u N s, 

'I. Longing for an inttrtji in Chrif;. L. M, 


)CPME, Thou wounded L?ipb of Gpd, 
Gome waih us in thy cleanling blood; 
/e us to know thy love, then paiij 
fiveeL and life or death i3 gain. 

ke our poor hearts, and let theijj bj? 
r ever clgs'd to all but Thee : 
il Thou our breafts, and let us wear 
^^t plpc^ge pf Ipvp for pver there, 

w ,Gan it be. Thou heay^ply I^ing, 
at Thou IJhouldft man to glory brings 
ke flaves the partners of thy throne. 
:V,4jvjtJi ^ pever-fadingcro^n? 

Lord, enlarge our fcanty thought^ 
\novf thfe wonders Tl)oj^ haft wrought: 
loofe our ftamm'ring tongues to tell 
y ^pyje immenfe, unfearchabk! 

l-born of many brethren Thpu^ 
Tbee both e^rth ancj heav'n muft bow: 
ip US to T^hee pqr all to give^ 
fjjB pj^y ^e die, jthine may >ve Hve> 

X From whom we favour cj 
Whofe love alone new life impar 
And gives the heavenly flame; 
Is none but the meek Lamb, 
Our dear exalted Lord ; 
Whofe grace and Spirit ftill rema 
To blefs us in his word« 

His promile is the rame. 
His church below to blefs. 
When they affemble in his name 
To fupplicate his grace : 
A train of finners poor 
He will not caft behind; 
But keeps his word for evermon 
^ And bears us on his mind^ 

To our relief He flies, 
He flies from realms above ; 

H f H V 9, 

flk^Od boldly to the wprld declare, 
Salvatior^ we h^ve feen ? 

Yes, if ThpuMt help us. Lord, 
Thy i^ame we will confefs ; 

And fppak of Chrift the living word* 
The Lord our Righteoufnefs: 
We*ll mention to his praife 
The triumphs of his di5ath ; 

And fjng his everlafting grace 
^v'f) with qur lateft breath* 



•» i I ■■ 

HC^m. Ehnezer. P. % 


COMEf thou fount of ev?ry blefljnj^. 
Tune my heart to fing thy grace; 
§treaip( of mercy nevijr ceafing^ 
Call for fong§ of loijdeft praife, 
Teach Vfit fome melodious fonqet^ 
Sung by ^atpipg toiigu^e§ above j 
J^raife the mountrrrrOh fix u* on it, 
l^QUpt {4 Qpd's ^^chaP5iI?| Jpypl 

fiere { irai^ my ^beoezer; 
fjithe; )jy tjj^^e help I cptp.?^ 

Interpos'd his precious blood. 

Oh ! to grace how great a debtor 

Daily I'm conftrain'd to be ! 
Let that grace now, like a fetter. 

Bind my wand'ring heart to Thee. 
Prone to wander. Lord, I feel it. 

Prone to leave the God I love ; 
Here's my heart, O take and feal it, 

Seal it from thy courts above. 

XCIV. Looking to Jefus. P. M. 


SWEET the moments, rich in bleffing, 
Which before the crofs I fpend ; 
Life and health, and peace poffefling 

From the linners* dying Friend. 
Here I'll fit, for ever viewipg 

AT »- A :_ /I rt t -• 

HYMNS. 117 

* i^uly blefled is this ftation, 

Lxyw before his crofs to lie r 
^^hile I fee divine compaflion 

Floating in his languid eye ; 
Here it is I find my heaven, 

While upon the Lamb I gaze ; 
1-ove I much ? Pve much forgiven, 

I'm a miracle of grace* 


I^ove and gtief my heart dividing. 

With my tears his feet I'll bathe : 
Conftant (lill in faith abiding. 

Life deriving from his death. 
May I ftill enjoy this feeling, 

In all need to Jefus go ; 
Prove his wounds each day more healings 
And himfelf more deeply know. 

' r n 

XCV. God's amazing condefcenfion. P. M, 


SWEET and bleffed are the moments 
When my Jefus I can fee. 
Loft in thofe divine enjoymentSi 
Preludes of eternity ; 

H 3 

1 X* 

Angels feek to know the reafoii^ 

Why the ever- bleffed God, 
fetoop'd to fuffer for put ttealbri, 

Clbth'd like lis in i^efh ^nd blood i 
Him, whoni lately they furrounded 

Like a wtetched matt they fee; 
Gaze a(lohilh*d and confounded^ 

At thieir Maker on the tree; 

But whai was from them c'ofabealed 

Freely Thou to us haft (hewn ; 
Thou haft now the caufe revealed ; 

*Twas thy love, and that alone ; 
That's the lource of ev*ry blefling 

To our ruin'd, wretched race; 
Streams of bounty, ftill increafingj 

Flow froth rich attd fov'reign grace. 

'Tis from Thee, niy deareft Jefus, 

n V M MS. 119 

^rcat has been thy condefcealion 

To unworthy, finful me ; 
G^reat above my comprehenfion. 

Love fupreme, divinely free. 

XCVI. Rejoicing withjbrrow. P. Kjji^. 


^1 ^HEE will I love, my ftrengtb and towV, 

JL Thee will I love, my joy and crown; 
Ihee will 1 love with all my pow*r. 

In all my works, and Thee alone! 
^I'hee will I love till the pure fire 
^ill my whole foul with challe defire. 

-Ah ! why did I fo late Thee know. 

Thee, lovelier than the fons of men ! 
Ah ! why did I no fooner go ^ 

To Thee, the only eafe in pain f 
Afham'd I figh, and inly mourn 
That I fo late to Thee cfid turn* 


In darknefs willingly I ftray^d t 

I fought Thee, yet from Thee I rov*d ; 

for wide my wandering thoughts were fpreadj 
Thy creatures more than Thee I lov'd ; 

H4 • 

1 uianK X nee, wno Halt overthrowr 

^y foes, and heard my ivoundec 

1 thank Thee, whofe enlivening voi 

Bids my freed heart in Thee rejoice 


Give to my eyes refrelhing tears; 

Give to my heart chaile, hallow'c 
Give to my foul, with filial fears, 
. The love that all heav'n's hoft in 
That all my pow'rs with all their n 
In thy fole glory may unite; 


I'hee Will I lov^, my joy, my drown 
, . Thee will I love, my Lord, my ( 

Thee will I love, when all does frov 
, On me, and thdmy makes my ro 

^hat though my flelh and heart de 

Thee (ball I love in endlefs day* 

«fc If itf sr «« idi 

3CCVIL Abba, Father. i%, 

fiB Ai Father ! hear thy child 
b. Late in Jefus reconciled ! 
ir, and all the graces (hoi^'ri 
the joy, and peace, and pow% 
my Saviour afks above, 
tha life and heaven of love. 

iv'nly Adam, life divine, 
inge my nature into thine : 
ve and fpread throughout my fouU 
uate and fill the whole : 
it I no longer now, 
ing in the fle(b, but Thou« 

ly Ghoft, no more delay, • 
me, and in thy temple (lay i 
w thy inward witnels bear 
ong and pernoanenr, and cleari 
'ing of life, thyfelf imparti 
e eternal in my hearts 

Who joyful in harmohious lays 

Employ ah endlefs reft* 

Thus> Lordi while we remembct Tl 

We bleft and pious grow ; 
Jn hymns of praife we learti to bc 

Triumphant here below* 

On this glad day a brightet fcenc 

Of glory was difplay'd 
By Godth* eternal Word, than W 

This univerfe was made. 

He rifes, who mankind has bough 
With grief arid pain eKtreme : 

>Twas great to fpeak the world frt 
•Tis greater to redeem* 

li Y !Ki K s, ii3 

XCt^i. Chrijl colkaini his ]FlocL P* U. 


UNFAtHbM^D wifdoth of our King! 
In ftillnefs he colleCls his flock^ 
Leads on, and to perfeftion brings, 
And gtouhds them on himfelf the Rock} 
\Vith little hurt-y, tioife or (heW, 
He fafely gUideth ev'ry fotil ; 
No more the blinded world fcatt ^o. 
Than fcorh ahd ridicule the whole* 

thy churth, great Saviour, boUght with Blbodi 
Outcafts of men, bnt dear to Thee, 
Efteems thy drofs a pleafant load^ 
An eafy yoke; thrice happy Ihe, 
When bearing thy reproach belowj 
iShe ftill partakes of thy free grace, 
Which from thy wounds doth fweetty flow^ 
And all af&i6lion^s load outweighs. 

tjortiei itehdei- Lord, fuppott the wisak. 
Support thy l»ttle ones with grace: 
^hou know^ft, for Thee athirft we feeks 
Kind Matter of thy chofen race! 
Faithful we know thy tender love, 
Thy Wounds our heav*n> our paradife t 

194 b Y M N 84 

May fpirit, foul^ and body prove 
An ever livitig iacrifice. 


Within the circle of thy arms 

O may we ever live fecure; 

*Tis by thy oath that Thou art ours^ 

Bond ever facred, ever fure! 

Thy Work with mighty arm fupport, 

Satan (hall ne'er prevail o'er Thee : 

Let thy true followers though opprefs'di 

Beneath dppreflion conqu'rors be. 

C. God's Hujbandry. P. M. 


HIGH on his everlafting throne 
The king of faints his workfurveyS, 
Marks the dear fouls he calls his own» 
And fmiles on his peculiar race. 
He refts well pleas'd their toil to fee : 
Beneath his eafy yoke they move, 
With all their heart and Ilrength agree 
In the fweet labour of his love. 

His eye the world at once looks through, 
A vaft, uncultivated field ; 

H y M N fl» ist$ 

Mountains and vales in gbaftly {heur, 
A barren uncouth profpe^ yield. 
Cleared of the thorns by civil care, 
A few lefs hideous wades are feen s 
Yet ftill they all continue bare. 
And not one fpot of earth is green. 

See where the fervants of their God, 
A bufy multitude, appear. 
For Jefus day and night employed. 
His hulbandry. they toil to clear. 
The love of Cbrifl (heir hearts conftrains. 
And llrengthens their unwearied bands s 
They fpend their blood and fwe4( and paioi^ 
To cultivate Emmanuers lands* 


Alarm *d at their fuccefsful toil, 
Satan and his wild fpirits rage. 
They labour to tear up and fpoil 
And blalt the riling heritage* 
In every wildcrnefs they foW 
The feed of death, the carnal mind ; 
They would not let one virtue groiv, 
Nor ieave one feed of good behind* 

Yet ftill the fervants of their Lord 
l^ook up and calmly perfevere, 

190 B Y M y 8« 

Supported by the Matter's lyord. 
The adv^rfe pow'is they fcorii to feari 
Gladly their happy work purluei 
The labour of their band* is fecn. 
Their hands the face of earth renew, 
Boipp fpots at ieaft are lively green^ 

Where'er the faithful urorkers turQ^ 
The fteps of induftry appeari 
They labour all dry wood to burn. 
They labour with inceifant care 
Thp fruits of Sodom to tread 4ovP| 
To root up each accurfed feed 
By Satan and his fpirits fown* 
And plant thp Gofpel in its ^eadf 

To dig the ground they thus beftoiir 
Their lives ; from ev-ry fofteti'd clod 
They gather out the ilones, and fow 
Tb' immortal feed the word of God, 
Thpy water it with tears and pray'fs j 
They long fpr the returning word^ 
Happy if all their pains and cares 
Can bring fprtb fmit to plea(e tbfsir Lprdf 


Jefus their work delighted fees, 
Tbe;r induftry vouchfitfejf to prown t 

n t u M u 187 

[e kindly gives the wiCh'd increafe^ 
Lnd fends the promised blei&ng dowa i 
^he fap Qf life, the Spirit's pow*rji» 
le rains inceifant from above i 
le all bis gracious fulnefs Cbow'rs 
^o perfefl their great work of lpve# 


il. Faithfulnefi in the work of God^ h^ Mf 

!? HA LL I for fear of finful aiaiii, 
3 Thy Spirit^s courfe in me reftr^ ? 
)rundifmay'd, in deed ai^ word 
Se a true witoel^ t-o my Lord ? 

Lw*d by a mortal's frown, (ball I 
/onceal the word of God moft bigb? 
low then before Thee (ball I dar^i 
'o iland^ or bow thy anger bear ? 


hall I to fobth tb' unholy throng, 
often thy truths, and fmootb my tOQgue? 
o gain earth's gilded toys, or flee 
'he crofs endijr'd, my God, by Tbee! 

laB H Y U H u 


The love of Chrift does me eonftraiti 
To feek the wand*ring fouls of men; 
With cries, intrcaties, tears, to fave, 
To fnatch them from the gaping grave, 


For this let men revile my name ; 
No crofs I (hun, I fearno thamc : 
^11 bftili reproach, and welcomp pajn! 
Only thy terrors, Lord, reflrain. 


My life, my blood I here prefent. 
If for thy truth they may be fpcnt: 
Fulfil thy fev'reigncounfel, Lord! 
Thy wiU be done, thy name adored ! 


Give nje thy ftrength, O God of pow'r ! 
Then let winds blow, or thundery roar^ 
Thy faithful witnefs will I bet 
^Ti3 6^*d ! I can do all through Thee, 

CII9 Tkfi name 0/ Jefu^. Q, Nf, 

HOW fweet the name of Jcfus foBpdfl 
Jq a believer's ea>! 

HYMNS. 129 

1 1 fooths his forrows, heals his wound^^ 

And drives away his fear. 

1 1 makes the wounded fpirit whole. 

And calms the troubled bread; 
*Tis manna to the huncrry foul. 

And to the weary reft. 

I)ear name! the rock on which I build, 

My fhieid and hiding-place; 
^y never failing treas*ry, fili'd 

With boundlefs ftores of grace.' 


Jefus! my Shepherd, Hufband, Friend, 

My Prophet, Prieft, and King ; 
My Lord, my life, my way, my end, 

Accept the praife I bring. 


Weak is the effort of my heart. 
And cold my warmeft thought j 

But when I fee Thee. as Thou art, 
Pll praife Thee as 1 ought. 


rill then I would thy love proclaitn 
With ^\*ry fleeting breath; 


LORD, thine image Thou haft lent 
In thy never-fading love ; 
When I fell, yet Thou haft fent me 

Fall redemption from above : 
Sacred love, I long to be 
Thine to all eternity. 

Love! to blifs Thou haft ordained 

Me, e'er 1 began to be ; 
God of love» Thou'ft not difdained 

To become a man like me; 
Love almighty and divine, 
I would be for ever Thine. 

Love ? who haft for me endured 

All the pains of death and hell ; 
Love r whofe fuff 'rings have procured 

More for me than tongue can tell ^ 
Sacred love, I longr to be 

^ V M K S# i^t 


Mve\ my life and my falvation, 
Light and truth, eternal word! 

r'hou alone doft confolation 
To my finking foul afford : 

^ove almighty and divine, 
would be for ever thine. 


r*o thy blefled yoke Thou*rt tying 
Me with cords of grace and love, 

^hile my heart is ever crying. 
May I true and faithful prove ; 

Sacred love, I long to be 

t'hine to all eternity. 


Love! who wilt for ever love me, 

Interceffor for my foul ! 
5Vho fuftain'it me, light or heav}^. 

On the prieftly breaft and roll: 
Love almighty and divine^ 
I would be for ever thine. 


Love? who wilt hereafter raife md 
From the grave, a bed of duft ; 

Love ! whofe final zeal arrays me 
With a garment 'mong the juft f 

I i 

\^% HYMNS* 

Sacred love! I long to be 
Thine to all eternity. 

ClV. Thankfulnefsfor redeeming love. lO 


OUR Shepherd alone, 
The Lord let us blefs. 
Who reigns on the throne. 

The prince of our peace; 
Who evermore faves us 

By (bedding his blood; 
All hail, holy Jefus, 

Our Lord and our God. 

We daily will fing 

Thy glory, thy praife. 
Thou merciful fpring 

Of pity and grace; 
Thy kindnefs for ever 

To men we will tell. 
And fay, our dear Saviour 

Redeems us from hell. 

Preferve us in love. 

While here wc abide; 

^ Y M N s. 133 

Mor ever remove. 

Nor cover, nor hide 
rhy glorious falvation. 

Till joyful we fee 
The beautiful vifion 

Completed in Thee. 

CV. The Atonement. P. M. 


HAIL, Thou once defpifed Jefus! 
Hailj Thou Galilean King, 
Who didft fufFer to releafe us. 

Who didft free falvation bring: 
Hail, Thou precious, precious Saviour, 

Who haft borne our fin and fhame; 
By whofe merit we find favour. 

Life is given through thy name ! 

Pafchal Lamb, by God appointed. 

All our fins were on Thee laid ; 
By Almighty love anointed. 

Thou haft full atonement made. 
Ev'ry fin may be forgiven, 

Through the virtue of thy blood! 


AAkA bj 

,ijc iieav'nly hofts adore Thee, 
Seated at thy Father*s fide: 

There for finners Thou art pleading, 
" Spare them yet another year;'* 

Thou for faints art interceding. 
Till in glory they appear. 


Worfhip, honour, pow*r, and blefiing, 

Chrift is worthy to receive, 
Loudeft praifes without ceafing. 

Meet it is for us to give : 
Help, ye bright angelic fpirits. 

Bring your fweeteft, nobleft lays j 
Help to ling our Jefu*s merits. 

Help tophaunt Immanuel's praife! 


CVI* Tht good Fight. ip4tb 


. H y M N 45. 135 

So terribly glorious his coming (hall be, 
His love all-vi£loriou5 ihall cooqucr for mc, 

He all (hall break through; his truth and his 

Shall bring me into the plentiful place : 
Through much tribulation^ through water 

and fire. 
Through floods of, temptation, and flames of 


On Jefus my pow'r, for ftrength I rely ; 
All evil before his prefence (hall fly : 
If I have my Saviour, He will not depart $ 
But Jefus, for ever, (hall hold fad my heart. 

CVII. Everlajling Love. P. M. 


NOW I have found the blefled ground 
Where my foul's anchor may remain. 
The Lamb of God, who for my fin 

Was from the world's foundation flain, 
Wbofe mercy (hall un(haken (lay, 
When heav'n and earth are fled away. 


136 H Y M N S* 


O love, thou bottomlefs abyfs ? 

My fins are fwallow'd up in thee ; 
Cover'd is my unrighteoufnefs, 

From condemnation now I'm free; 
While Jefu's blood, through earth and flcies, 
Mercy, free boundlefs mercy, cries. 

With faith I plunge me in this fea ; 

Here is tiiy hope, my joy, my reft; 
JJither, when hell alfails^ I flee. 

And look unto my Saviour's breaft: 
Away fad ddubt and anxious fear, 
Mercy is only written there. 


Though waves and florms go o'er my head, 
Though ftrength and health and friends be 

Though joys be wither'd all, and dead. 
Though ev'ry comfort be withdrawn; 

Stedfaft on this my foul relies. 

Father, thy mercy never dies. 


Fix*d on this ground will I remain. 
Though my heart fail, and flefti decay j 

This anchor (hall my foul fuftain, 
When earth's fouQdations melt awayi 

01 Y M NT s; 137 

Mercy's full power I then (hall prove, 
L,ov'd with an everlaftinglove! 

CVIII. Breathing after Divint l4>vc» P.M. 


OLOVE divine, how fweet thou art! 
When (hall I find my willing heart 

All taken up by thee! 
1 thirft, and long, and pant to prove 
The greatnefs of redeeming love. 

The love of Chrift to me. 

Almighty, precious love of God; 
O that k now were (hed abroad 

In my poor ftony heart! 
For love 1 figh, for love I pine, 
This only portion, Lord, be mirie, 

f e mine this better part! 

O that I could for ever fit 
With Mary at my Mafl;er*s feet. 

Be this my happy choice! 
My only care, delight and blifs, 
Aiy joy, my heav*p on earth, be this, 

To hear the Bridegroom's voice. 


138 IX V M 2» S, 


Thy love alone do I require. 
Nothing on earth beneath defire. 

Nothing in heav'n above; 
Let earth and all its trifles go. 
Give me, O Lord, thy love to know^ 

Give me thy precious love. 

CIX. Delight in the name of Jefus. ys. 


SWEETER founds than mufic knows, 
Charm me in Immanuel's name; 
All her hopes my fpirit owes 

To his birtbj and crofs, and Cbame* 

When he came the angels fung 

" Glory be to God on high :" 
Lord, unloofe my ftamm'ring tongue-Hr 
Who Ihould louder ling than I ? 

Did the Lord a man become 

That he might the law fulfil! 
Bleed and fuffer in my room ! 

And canll thou then my tongue, be ftill? 

K y M M St %Z9 


INoT I tnuft my praifes bring, 

Though they worthlefs are, and weak; 
JFor, Ihould I refufe to ling, 

Sure the very (lones would fpeak. 


O my Saviour, Shield, and Sun, 

Shepherd, Brother, Hufband, Friendi 

Ev'ry precious name in one; 
1 will love Thee without end* 

ex. Frai/e for God's unfpeakdblc Gift* 

S. M. p. 


FATHER, our hearts we lift 
Up to thy gracious throne, 
And blefs Thee for the precious gift 
Of thy incarnate Son : 
The gift unfpeakable 
We thankfully receive : 
O may we of thy goodnefs tell, 
And to thy glory live ! 

jefus, the holy child, 
Uoth by his birth declare 

14^ If Y M N Sm. 

That God and man are reconciPd,'^ 

And one in him we are: 

A peace on earth he brings 

Which never more (hall end; 
The Lord of hofts, the King of kings 

Declares himfelf our friend. 


O may we ail receive 

The new-born Prince of peace,^ 
And meekly in his Spirit live. 

And in his love increafe ! 

Till he convey us home, 
. Cry ev'ry foul aloud, 
** Come, Thou defire of nations, come^ 

" And take us home to God.** 

CXI. The Joy of Faith in Chrijl's kingi 

Ojict. P. M. 


REJOICE, the Lord is King, 
Your God and King adore ; 
Mortals, give thanks and fing. 

And triumph evermore: 
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice; 
Rejoice, again I fay, rejoice. 

HYMN S# Cl^\ 

Jefus the Saviour reigns, 

The God of truth and love ; 
When he had purg'd our ftains. 

He took his feat above: 
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice j 
Rejoice, again I [siy, rejoice, 

His kingdom cannot fail, 

He rules o'er earth and heav'n. 
The keys of death and hell 
' Are to our Jefus giv'n : 
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice; 
Rejoice, again I fay, rejoice, 

• IV. 

H^ fits at God's right-hand. 

Till all his foes fubmit. 
And bo\^ to his command, 

And fall beneath his feet; 
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice; 
Rejoice, again I fay, rejoice, 


He all his foes fhall quell. 

Shall all our fins deftrov, 
\nd ev'ry bofo;n fill 

With pure leraphic joy :. 


And tfke his fervants up 
To their eternal home : 
We foon fhall hear th* archangePs v 
The trump of God (hall found Rejo 

CXIL The heaven-born Soul rifin. 
^ P. M- 


RISE, my foul, and ftretch thy ' 
Thy better portion trace ; 
Rife from tranfitory things. 

Towards heav'n thy native place 
Sun, and moon^ and (lars decay, 

Time (hall foon this earth remove 
Rife my foul^ and ha fie away» 
To feats prepared above. 

Rivers to the ocean run. 

H T M It Si 14} 

I a foul that*s born of God 
Pants to view his glorious face^ 
pward tends to his abode. 

To reft in his embrace. 

safe, ye pilgrims, ceafe to mourn^ 

Prefs' onward to the priie; 
)on our Saviour will return. 

Triumphant in the fkies : 
et a feafon, and you know, 

Happy entrance will be giv'n; 

II our lorrows left below. 

And earth exchanged for heav'n« 

CXI 1 1. True ambition^ C. M^ 

^OW let a true ambition rife, 
11 And ardour fire our breaft, 
b reign in worlds above the £kies^ 
In heav'nly glories dreft. 

ehold Jehovah*s royal hand 
A radiant crown difplay, 
/^hofe gems with vivid luftre fliinef 
While ftars and funs decay. 

fLii tf Y M N S» 


Away, each grov'Iing anxious care^ 
Beneath a Chriftian's thought; 

I fpring to feize immortal joys. 
Which my Redeemer bought. 

Ye hearts, with youthful vigour warns^ 
The glorious prize purfue; 

Nor {hall ye want the goods of eartb» 
While heav'n is keptin view. 

CXiV. Suhjlantial blifs in the enjcymefU 

Chrijl. ?. M. 

'THIS in vain to feek for blifs, 

JL Lading blifs can ne'er be fouDd^ 
Till we reach where Jefus is. 

Till we tread on heav'nly ground; 
Nothing round thefe {pangled fkieSj, 

Nothing on this earthly globe 
Yields tome fubftantialjoys. 

Or is lovely as my God. 

But 'tis heav'n to tafte his love, 

Heav'n to feel his quick'ning graccj 

fi Y M N .«. 145 

nd the beav*n I hope above^ 
Is to fee my Jefu's face; 
here are pleafures all fincere, 
There no dreg of guilt defiles; 
>ng, my foul, to leave this fphercj 
Pant to reach th' eternal hills. 

3me, bleft Spirit from above. 
Bear my finking courage up, 
edge of my Redeenrier's love, 
Calm my fears, fupport my hope; 
hen let waves and thunders roar, 
I (ball feel thy peace divine, 
rill I reach the blifsful (hore, 
'Till theheav'nly throng I joift. 


'How faints, this blifs purfue, 
Prefs ye on to reach the prize ; 
d the flatt*ring world adieu. 
Fix above, your longing eyes: 
» I the kind Redeemer waits. 
To receive you to his breaft; 
pen ftand the blifsful gates, 
Angels call you there to refl:« 

146 H Y lyf K «• 

CXV. ''Vifil me toith thy Salvation.** ?.y 


JESUS, my Almighty Saviour, 
Proftrate at thy feet 1 lie ; 
Humbly I entreat thy favour; 

Condefcend to hear my cry. 
At thy gracious invitation^ 

I approach thy throne divine^ 
Vifit me with thy falvation, 

Gently tell me^ Thou art mine. 

When I was to Thee a ftranger, 

Wand'ring in forbidden ways. 
From the paths of fin and danger. 

Thou didft call me by thy grace. 
Let not then my fbes confound me; 

Thou art all my help and &ope; 
Let thy arms of love furround me^ 

Let thy mercy hold me up* 

Still I need thy gracious keeping; 

Sin and hell my fafth aflail; 
Oft my days are ipent in weeping. 

Left my foes (hould yet prevail. 
Heal my foul, Thou great Phyfician, 

EafQ me of my pain and grief; 


H y M N s. 147 

)w thin^ear to my petition. 
Kindly feqd me fome relief. 


rant me thy divine direftipn 
In the way that I Ihottld go; 
;t thy hand be my prote&ion 
From the pow*r of ©v'ryfoe. 
racious Saviour, never leave me. 
While my 'toils and confli6lsla{l; 
> thy kind embrace receive me. 
When the ftorms of life are paft« 

CXVI. The/acrifice o/praifc. P.M. 

ET ev'iytune&il accent rife^ 
-J To Him that rules the earth and IkieSj, 
The infinite unknown; 
is goodnefs fhines around the fphere» 
nd richly crowns the rolling year. 
With bleflingsrfrom his throne. 

'is he ordains the blooming fpring, 
er fofteft fweeteft charms to bring. 
And wear her lovely drefs ; 

K 2 

14^ HYMNS. 

•Tis He that clothes the fertile vale, 
Bids fragrance breathe in ev*ry gale. 

The rural fcene to blefs. 

But he hath richer gifts in (lore. 
For which our grateful hearts adore 

The Source of ev*ry good; 
He gives us, rebels loft in fin. 
Pardon^ and peace, and life divine 

Through a Redeemer's blood. 


When deftitute of help and bope» 
His fov'reign mercy rais'd us up. 

And fnatcht us from defpair; 
So free, fo boundlefs is his love. 
He calls us to the realms above. 

And foon (hall bring us there. 


Our voices Ihould in concert join 
In fopgs of harmony divine; 

The theme is ever new : 
Let mufic all her graces bring, 
Awake, awake each tuneful ftring. 

To pay th« tribute due. 



'XVII. The Jong of Mofes and the Lamb* 

P. M. 

r SR AflL, thy tribute bring 
L To God*s viftorious name; 
The fong of Mofes fing» 
Of Mofes and the Lamb : 
Improve bis lays; 
The theme exceeds^ 
And nobler deeds 
Demand our praife. 

the prince of hell arofe 

With impious rage and pride, 
^nd *midft piir numerous foes 
Our feeble pow'r defy*d ; 
" I will overtake, 
•• And I deftroy, 
** My hand with joy 
« Shall force thee back.'* 

Thy hand, Almighty Lord, 

Thy trembling Ifrael faves; 
Thine unrefifted word 
Divides the threatening waves; 


Our trtumpbs we pwpare, 

And cbearful anthems nAc'^ 
Tehovah's arm xnade baJe_ 
Demands immortal pmte 5 
And while we fing. 
Ye ftiores proclaira 
His wond'roas name. 
Ye defarts, ring. 


Through all the wiidernefs 

Thy prefence, Lordv »aU leaa 
And bring us to the place, 
Thv fov'reign love decree*? 
Thofe blifsful plains, 
Where all atround 
Hofannas found'v 
And tranrport wigns. 

HYMNS* 151 

CXVIII. Prote^ing love. P.M./ 


VH AT though ray frail eye-.H4s refuCe 
Continual watching to keep, 
id pun&ual as midnight reneivs. 
Demand the refreCbment of fleep, 
fov* reign proteflor 1 have, 
LJnfeen, yet for ever at hand ; 
changeably fakhful to fave, 
Almighty to rule andcomraand« 

)m evil fecupe, and it$ dread, 
[ reft, if my Saviour is nigh; 
d fongs his kind prefence indee^^ 
>halL ia the night-feafon fupply : 

fmiles, and my comforts abound ; 
tiis grace 2^ the dew fball defcend ; 
d walls of falvation furround. 
The foul He delights to defend. 

id author and ground of my hope, 
rbee, Thee, far my God I avow ; 

glad Ebenezer iet up, 
Lnd own Thou baft helped me till aow» 

Inrpirer and hearer oi pia^ ., 

Thou feeder and guardian of thine. 
My all to thy covenant-care 

I deeping and waking, refign: 
If Thou art my fhield and ray fun. 

The night is no darknefs to me; 
And, faft as my moments roll on. 

They bring me but nearer to Thee. 

Thy minift'ring fpirits defcend. 

To watch while thy faints are aflee; 
By day and by night they attend^ 

The heirs of falvation to keep : 
Bright feraphs, difpatch'd from the tl 

Repair to their flations aflign'd ; 
And angels eleft are fent down, 

To guard the ele£l of cpankind* 


Their worfliip no interval knows ; 
Thpir fervour is flill on the wing; 

B Y M N Sp 1153 

X too, at the feafon ordain'd. 

Their chorus for ever (hall join, 

wA.nd love and adore without end. 
Their faithful Creator, and mine. 

. CXIX. Afurance. P. M. 


A DEBTOR to mercy alone. 
Of covenant mercy I ling; 
Nor fear with thy righteoufneTs on» 
My perfon and offering to bring. 
The terrors of law ^nd of God 

With me can have nothing to do ; 
My Saviour's obedience and blood 
Hide all my tranfgreflions from view* 

The work which his goodnefs began, 

The arm of his flrength will complete; 
His promife is Yea and Amen, 

And never was forfeited yet. 
Things future, nor things that are now. 

Not all things below nor above, 
Can make Hinj his purpofe forego. 

Or fever iny foul from his love^ 


Yes» I to the end {ball enaurcy 
As fure as the earned U given.;. 

More happy, but not more fecure. 
The glorify'd fpirits in hcav*n. 

CXX. God's Covenant. C. .' 

I* ' 

MY God, the covenant of thy loi 
Abides for ever furc. 
And in its matchless grace I feel 
My happincfs fecure. 


What though iny houfe be jiot witi 

As nature could deiire ? 
To nobler joys, than nature gives. 

Thy; fervants (h<all aipire. 


» Y M N' S. 15§ 

:fus my Gnardian» and my Friend, 
And heav'a my final home; 


(welcome all thy fov'refgn will'; 
For all that will is lov€ : 
nd when I know not what TLou do{J> 
I wait the light above. 


hy cov*nant in the darkefl gloom 

Shall heav'nly rays impart, 
^hich, when my eye-lids clofe in death^ 

Shall warm my cfai)ling heart. 

XXI. Light Jhirung out of darknefs. C. M- 

OD moves in a myfterious way^ 
His wonders to perform : 
e plants his footfteps in the fea. 
And rides upon tb^ ftorm. 

^tpin unfathomable mines 
Of never failing fkill, 
e treafures up his bright defignj. 
And works his fov^retgn will. 

156* HYMNS. 


Ye fearful faints frefh courage take. 
The clouds ye fo much dread 

Are big with mercy, and (hall break. 
In blellings on your head. 


Judge not the Lord by feeble fenfe^ 
But trufl Him for his grace; 

Behind a frowning providence^ 
He hides a fmiling face. 


His purpofes will ripen faft. 

Unfolding fev'ry hour; 
The bud may have a bitter talle. 

But fweet will be the floW'r. 


Blind unbelief is fure to err. 
And fcan his work in vain; 

God is his own interpreter, 
Atxd He will make it plain. 

CXXIL Goodnefs in Redemption admired 

P. M. 

OTHOU God of my falvation. 
My Redeemer from all fin; 

H Y M N ^. 157 

Mov'd by thy divine compaffion. 
Who haft dy'd my heart to win; 

I will praife Thee — 
Where fhall I thy praife begin ? 

While the angel-choirs are crying 

" Glory to the great I AM;** 
[ with them would be afcribipg 
•* Glory, glory to the Lamb !** . 

Oh ! how precious 
Is the found of Jefu's name! 

Now I fee with joy and wonder 

Whence the healing ftreams arofe; 
Angels' minds are loft to ponder 
JQyiog love without a caufe : 

Yet a bleffing 
Down to finners now it flows. 


May this fet our fouls on fire, 
Caufe to glow the flame of love; 

Higher, let us mount ftill higher. 
Waiting for our bleft remove: 
Then we'll praife Thee, 
In the brighter realms above. 

His temples twin'd with rugged thornSj 

His body bath*d in blood! 

But from this dreadful fcene 

What joys and glories tife! 
For by this crofs (hall finners live^ 

By this afcend the (kies. 


This crofs a magnet proves. 

That fhall attradl mankind; 
Here God appears fupremely juft; 

And here fupremely kind: 

When fceptres, crowns, and thrones 

Melt in th' unbounded flame, 
Heav*n (hall the wonders of the crofs 

In endlefs praife proclaim. 

CXXIV. The Promifes. L. M. 


ft T M K Y. 1151^ 

anfwers alLthe finner*« needs, 

id far his fcanty thoughts exceeds. 

id yet my weak and doubtful miod 
t unbelief » fiill inclifi'd ; 
r though the word of grace is free, 
)ften fear ^tis not/or me. 

could I with a fteady faith, 
lieve what God my Father taith^ 
len fhould I glorify him more, 
id bis unbounded grace adore ! 


>w (hould I truft my heav'nly friend^ 
id on his faithful word depend ! 
len could I fearlefs view the-grare, 
id death himfelf no ilin;g would have. 


lis faith would chear my gloomy way, 
id turn my darknefs into day; 
id flill xny conftant aim would be, 
y Godj to live or die to Thee» 

ll '1" Which foVreignlovehatd 

Nor wilUh' eternal Kmg 
His words of grace revoke. 

m Thev ftan<i Secure, 

1 And ftedfatt aUl ; 

Not Zion's HiU 
Abides fo fure. 


But ftiU the lame, 
In radiant lines, 
The promife Jhines 

Through ^^*^*^*'" 


Their hairoony toll f""""*,. 
^"Through n,ine,«.e„ 

H Y U U Si l6t 

i ftand ferene. 
Thy word my rock. 

CXXVI. Seeking Rejl. C. U, 


LORD, I believe a reft remains 
To all thy people known; 
A reft where pure enjoyment reigns^ 
And Thou art lov*d alonci 

Celeftial Spirit, make me know 

That I. Ihail enter in: 
Now, Saviour, now the pow*r beftowj 
And wa(b me from my fin^ 

Remove this hardnefs from my hearty 

This unbelief remove; 
To me the reft of faith impart. 
The fabbath of thy love. 


Come, O my Saviour, come aiway. 

Into my foul defqend; 
No longer from thy creature flay. 

My author^ and my end. 


And guard me with a watchful eye; 
My noon-day walk» he fiiall attend. 
And all my midaigbt boars defend. 

When in the fultry glebe I faint. 
Or on the thirfty mountain pant. 
To fertile vales and dewy meads 
My weary, wand'ring fteps he leada» 
Where peaceful rivers foft and flow. 
Amid the verdant landfcape flow* 

Though in the paths c^ death I tread. 
With gloomy horrors overfpread. 
My ftedfaft heart fiiall fear no ill. 
For Thou, O Lord, art with me ftiU: 
Thy friendly crook fliall give me aid, 
And guide me through the dreadful Iba 


Though in a bare and rugged wa]% 

» Y U H il 163 

Thy bounty ffiall my pains beguile. 
The bariien wildernefs (hall fmile. 
With fudden greens and herbage crowned. 
And dreams (hall murmur all around. 

CXXVIII. Grateful review oftktconivM of 

Providence* C. M, 


WHEN all thy mercies, O my God, 
My ri(ing foul furveys; 
Tranfported with the view Pm loft 
In wonder, love, and praife. 


Thy providence my life fuftain'd. 

And all my wants redraft. 
When in the (ilent womb I lay. 

And hung upon the breaft. 

Unnumber'd comforts on my foul 

Thy tender c^rc beftow'd. 
Before my infant heart conceiv'd 

From whom thofe comforts flowed. 

L 2 

Thine arm, unieen, ww 
And led me on to man. 


When worn by ficknefs, oft haft Th 
With health renewed my face ; 

And, when in fins and forrows funl 
Reviv'd my foul with grace. 


Through ev*ry period of my life 
Thy goodnefs Til purfue; 

And after death in diilant worlds 
The glorious theme renew. 


When nature fails, and day and n 
Divide thy works no more. 

My ever grateful heart, O Lord» 
Thy mercy fhall adore. 


Through all eternity, to Thee 
■ -^nl fong ril raifes 

HYMNS* l65 

iXlX. Privileges of God*s children. 7s. 


LESSED are thefonsoFGod, 
They are bought with Chrift'sown blood, 
jy are ranfom'd from the grave, 
r eternal they (hall have: 
1 did love them in his Son, 
ig before the world begun: 
!y the feal of this receive, 
en on Jefus they believe. 

ly are juftify'd by grace, 
;y enjoy a folid peace: 
their fins are wafh'd away, 
ly (hall {land in God*s great day: 
jy produce the fruits of grace 
:he works of righteoufnefs : 
*y are harmleis, meek, and mild, 
ly, humble, undefil'd. 

sy are lights upon the earth, 
Idren of a heav'nly birth ; 
n of God they hate all fin, 
i's pure feed remains within ; 


Though tbcy fuflFer much on earth. 
Strangers quite to this world's mirth; 
Yet they have an inward joy, 
Pleafures that can never cloy ; 
They alone are truly blcft. 
Heirs of God, joint^heirs with Chrift ; 
With them numbered may we be. 
Here, and in eternity ! 

CXXX. The promifed land. CM 


FAR from thcfe narrow fcenes of nigl 
Unbounded glories rife; 
And realms of infinite delight. 
Unknown to mortal eyes. 

Fair diftantlandl^'-^-could mortal eyes 

H Y M N 8. 167 


There pain and ficknefs never com«^ 

And grief no more complains s 
Health' triumphs in immortal bloom^ 

And endlefs pleafure reigns! 


No cloud thofe blifsful regions know. 

For ever bright and fair ! 
For fin, the fource of mortal woe. 

Can never enter there. 


There no alternate night is known. 

Nor fun's faint fickly ray; 
But glory from the facred throne 

Spreads everlafting day. 


O may the heavenly profpeft fire 

Our hearts with ardent love. 
Till wings of faith and (Irong defire 

Bear ev'ry thought above. 

I i ■ H I W 

CXXXI. A thought of heaven. P.M. 


HARK ! how the heav'ns with praifes ring! 
From tv*vy ranfom'd foul above, 


^66 H Y M K ^. 

Sweet fongs of praife addrefs their Kingj 
Hanr^onious melting drains of love! 

Each, with tranfporting ecllafy. 

Sings, *^ Jefus liv'd and dy*dfor me.** 


Thatbleffed One who fills the throne, 
And (hines with matchlefs (plendor now} 

Whom majefty and light adojti. 
And feraphs at his footftool bow ; 

That glorious Jefus whom 1 fee, 

Stoop'd dovyn to earth and dy*d for me. 


♦Tis He who fills all heaven with joys. 
And fmiles eternal fpring around ; 

Who ev*ry heavenly mind employs. 
And bleffes all the happy ground; 

Who came from heav -n my foul to free, 

JSow'd hi^ deai: head, and dfdjor me. 


O ! how I love that glorious Lord, 

Whofe beauties charm my ravilh*d heart 

Worthy to be belov'd, ador'd, 

Is He who bore, for me, fuch fmart: 

That I might have felicity, 
,I|e groan'd, he bled, and dy*dfor rne. 

K T M N Sk l€^ 


For ever (ball thy deathlefs fame, 
O jelus, from my harp refound ; 

AVhile heav'xi fhall echo back thy name^ 
Unto creation's utmofl bound : 

Eternal years, my theme (ball be, 

'* My Jelus liv'd, and dy*dJor me.** 

CXXXII. Chrijlian travdkrs. js. 


CHILDREN of the heavenly King. 
As ye journey, fweetly fing ; 
Sing your Saviour's worthy pra«(e. 
Glorious in his works and ways. 

Ye are traveling home to God, 
In the way the fathers trod ; 
They are happy, now, and ye 
Soon their h^ppinefs (ball fee. 

O ye ranfom'd feed be glad! 
Chrift our Advocate is made; 
Pleads the merit of his blood, 
£ver prevalent with God. 

Fear not, brethren, joyful fland 
On the borders of your land ; 
Jefus Chrifl your Father's Son, 
Bids you undifmay'd go on. 


Lord ! obediently we'll go. 
Gladly leaving all below: 
Only Thou our leader be. 
Cheerfully we'll follow Thee! 

CXXXIII. Joy of heaven anticipated' P.N^ 

COM E, and let us afcend, ^H 

My companion and friend, ^^H 
To a talleof the banquet above: .^^H 
IF thine heart be as mine, j|^| 

Iffor [efus it pine, ^^^ 

fil T M N S; 171 


Who in Jefus confide. 
They are bold to outride 
be ftorms of affli£lion beneath; 
With the Prophet they foar 
To that heav'nly ftiore, 
nd outfly all the arrows ef death* 

Who on earth can conceive 
How happy they live 
3 the city of God the great King! 
What a concert of praife 
When our Jefus*s grace 
he whole heav*nly company ling! 


What a rapturous fong. 
When the glorify*d throng 
i the fpirit of harmpnyjoin! 
Join all the glad cKoirs, 
Hearts, voices, and lyres, 
nd the burden is "mercy divine !'• 


Hallelujah they cry. 
To the King of the Iky, 
o the great, everlafting I AM* 
To the Lamb that was^flain; 
Lo! Helivethagainll 
aUelujab to Cod and the LartibV 

tjt 9 T M N S« 

CXXXIV. The beatijic vifion. P. M, 

ILON'G to behold hioi arrayM, 
VVith g^ory and grandeur above; 
The King in his beauty difpl^y'd^ 

His beauty of holiefl love. 
1 languifli and figh to be there. 

Where Jefus hath fixt his abode; 
O when (hall we meet in the air. 

And fly to the mountain of God* 

With him I on Sion (ball (land, 

(For Jefus hath fpoken the word) 
The breadth of Immanuel's land 

Survey by the light of my Lord: 
But when on thy bolbm reclined. 

Thy face I am ftrengthen'd to fee^ 
My fulnefs of blifs 1 (hall find, 

My heaven of heavens in Thee. 

How happy the people that dwell 

Secure in the city above! 
No p.iin the inhabitants feel, 

No ficknefj;*nor forrow (hall prove; 
Phy(ician of fouls, unto me 

Forgivenefs and holinefs give. 

HYMNS* >73 

i^nd when from the body fet free. 
My foul to the city receive. 

CXXXV. For Chrijl's guidance. P. M, 


GUIDE mc, O thou great Jehovah> 
Pilgrim through this barren landi 
Z am weak, but Thou art mighty, 

Hold me with thy powerful hand : 
jBread of heaven ! bread of heaven ! 
Feed me now and evermore* 

Open now the cryftal fountain 

Whence Xhe healing flreams do flow ; 
L^t the fiery cloudy pillar 

Lead me all my journey through: 
Strong Deliverer! Ilrong Deliverer! 

fie Thou ilill my (Irength and Ihield« 

VVhen I tread the verge of Jordan, 

Bid ipy anxious fears fubiide; 
I^eath of .deaths, and hell's deflru6liont 

Land me fafe on Canaan*s fide, 
^ongs of praifes, fongs of praifes, 

I wijl ever give to Thee. 

174 U Y M 1? s« 

CXXXVI. In darkntfs of foul P. M. 'f ^ 


COME, holy, celettial Dove, ^ 

And vi&t a forrowful brea&i |^^i 

My burden of guilt to remove. 

And bring me aflurance and reft: 
Thou only haft pow'r to relieve 

A iinner overwhelmed with his load, I'' 

The fenle of ele£lion to give, - f ! 

And fprinkle his heart with the blood« 

With me if of old Thou haft ftrove, 

And kindly with-held me from fin^ 
Refolv'd by the force of thy love. 

My worthlefs affections to wia: 
The work of thy mercy revive. 

Invincible mercy exert. 
And keep my weak graces alive, 

And fet up thy reft in my heart. 

Thy call if I ever have known. 

And figh'd from myfclf to get free. 
And groan'd the unfpeakabie groan. 

And long'd to be happy in Thee: 
Fulfil the imperfe£l defire. 

Thy peace to my confcience reveals 

I li 

H y M N s» 875 

^enfe of thy favour infpire, 
id give me my pardon to feel* 


en I have put Thee to grief, 
id madly to folly return'd, 
goodnefs hath been my relief^ 
id lifted me up as I mourn'd : 
merciful Spirit of grace, 
;lieve me again, and reftorej 
pirit in holinefs raife, 

> fall, and to grieve Thee no more^^ 


^w I lament after God, 

id gafp for a drop of thy lovei 

:fus bath paid down his blood, 

> clear off my mortgage above ; 
e, heav'nly Comforter, come, 
^eet witnefs of mercy divine; 
make me thy permanent home^ 
id feal me eternally thine. 

* ■ ^ 

CXVII, AffiiBiim and dijlrefs of foul • 

P. M. 
^COMPASS*D with clouds of diftrefs, 
Juft ready all hope to refign. 

JjS H Y M K Sr 

I pant for the light of thy face^ 

And will never be mine: 
Dilhearten'd with waiting fo long» 

I link at thy feet with my load; 
All plaintive I pour out my fong. 

And ftretch forth my hands unto God^ 

Shine» Lord, and my terror (hall ceafe; 

The blood of atonement apply; 
And lead me to Jefus for peace» 

TheLTOck that is higher than I : 
Speak. Saviour, for fweet is thy voice; 

Thy prefence is fair to behold: 
I third for thy Spirit with cries. 

And groanings that cannot be told» 

If fometimes I flrive, as I mourn. 

My hold of the promife to keep. 
The billows more fiercely return. 

And plunge me again in the deep : 
While haralsM and call from thy fight. 

The tempter fuggefts with a roar, 
^* The Lord hath forfaken thee quite ; 

*• Thy God will be gracious no more/' 


Yet, Lord, if thy love hath defign'd 
No covenant bleffing for me. 

B y M N s», 177 

Ah, tell me, how is it I find 

Some fweetnefs in waiting for Thee? 

Almighty to refcue Thou art; 
Thy grace is my only refource j 

If e*er Thou art Lord of wy heart, . 
Thy Spirit muft take it by force. 

CXXXVIII. Satan repulfed. !• M. 

'nniS falfe, thou vile accufer, go, 

X I fee through all thy thin difguife-^ 
Back to thy native realms below, 

Thgu parent of deceit and lies! 

Think not to drive my trembling foul. 

Laden with guilt to black defpair: 
Haft thou furvey*d the (acred rolh. 

And found my dame. not written there? 


Prcfumptuous thought ! to fix the bound. 
To limit mercy's fov'reign reign! 

What other happy fouls have founds 
I'll feekj nor (ball I feek in vain. 



lis V<11U b AfrW^»^2 


i> Set the black lift before my fight, 

J; While I remember Jefus dy'd, 

\ *Twill only urge my fpeedier flightt 

To feek falvation at his fide. 


Low at his feet I'll caft me down, 
' To htm reveal tny grief and fear ; 
Nor will he fpurn me from his thro 
Nor {hall I ever peri(h tbere< 

■■» III* 

CXXXIX. The benefit of divine 

P. M. 

TT OW happy the forrowful tna 
XjL Whofe forrow is fent frott 
IndulcrM with a \'ifit of pain. 

HYMNS. 179 

And God, he in heaven (hall blefs^ 
• That ever he fuflPer'd below. 

Thus, thus may I happily grieve. 
And hear the intent of his rod» 
The marks of adoption receive. 

The ftrokes of a merciful God : 
With nearer accefs to his throne. 

My burden of folly confefs, 
Thecaufeof my miferies own. 
And cry for ananfwer of peace. 


Father of mercies, on me. 
On me in afflidlion beftow 

^ pow'r of applying to thee, 
A fanftify'd ufe of my woe: 

1 would in a fpirit of prayer 

To all thy appointments fubmit; 
The pledge of my happinefs bear. 
And joyfully die at thy feet. 


Then, Father, and never till then, 

I all the felicity prov€ 
Of living a moment in pain. 

Of dying in Jefus's love; 

M 2 

CXL. Divine protcBion fought. 


NOW may He who from the dea« 
Brought the Shepherd of the fh 
Jefus Chrift, our King and Head, 
AH our fouls in fafety keep! 

May He teach us to fulfil 
What is pleafing in his fight; 
. Perfe£l us in all his will. 
And preferve us day and night I 

To that dear Redeemer's praife, 
Who the covenant feal'd with blood. 
Let our hearts and voices raife 
Loud thankfgivings to our God« 

HYMN S. 181 

CXLI. Birth of Chrijl. p. 
• I. 

HARK! the herald-angels fing. 
Glory to the new-born King! 
Peace on earth and mercy mild, 
God and iinners reconcil'd. 

joyful all ye nations, rife, 
join the triumphs of the fkies ; 
With th* angelic hoft proclaim, 
*• Chriftis born in Bethlehem!*' 

Chrift by higheft heav*n adored, 
Chrift the everlafting Lord; 
Late in time behold Him come. 
Offspring of a Virgin's womb. 


Veird in fleCh the Godhead fee. 
Hail th' incarnate Deity ! 
Pleas'd as man with men t* appear, 
Jefus our Immanuel here. 


Mild He lays his glory by. 
Born, that man no more may die ; 
Born to raife the fons of earth. 
Born to give them fecond birth, 

M 3 

I I.." 

CXLII. The fame. P- M. 


LIFT up your heads in joyful ho| 
Salute the happy morn ; 
Each heavenly power 
Proclainrts the glad hour; 
Lo^ Jefus the Saviour is born! 

All glory be to God on high. 
To Him all praife is due ; 
The promife is feal'd. 
The Saviour's revealed. 
And proves that the record is true* 

Let joy around like rivers flow. 
Flow on, and flill increafe; 
Spread o'er the glad earth 

H Y M N $• 183 


Now the good will of heav'n U (hewn 
Towards Adam's helplefs race; 

Meffiah is come 

To ranfom his own. 
To fave them by infinite grace, 


Then let us join the heavn's above. 
Where hymning feraphs fing; 

Join all the glad powers. 

For their Lord is ours, 
Our Prophet, our Prieft, and our King. 

CXLIII. Thejame. L. M. 


JESUS, all praife is due to Thee, 
That Thou waft pleas'd a man to be ! 
A Virgin's womb Thou did ft not fcorn. 
And angels ftiout to fee Thee bom. 

The bleffed Father's only Son 
Choofeth a manger for his throne 1^ 


tS^ H y M M ST. 

And, though the high and mighty God, 
Alfumes our feeble flefh and blood. 


Whom earth could not contain, nor fkies, 
In low eflate the Saviour lies; 
And who the world's foundation laid. 
Is now a little infant made. 



The Father's brightnefs comes in fight. 
Gives to the world its faving light; 
And drives the clouds of fin away. 
To make us children of the day. 


The Son, the Almighty God confefs'd, 
In I]iisown world became a gueft; 
And open'd through Himfelf the way, 
A paflage to eternal day. 


And therefore poor on earth He came^ wo might all his riches claim. 
To niake us heirs of endlefs blifs, 
"With all thofc chofen fajnts of his. 



For u$ thcfe wonders He hath wrought, 
To (hew his love, furpiiflTing thought! 
Then let us all unite to ling 
Praife to our loving God and King, 

CXLIV. The fame. P. M. 


SEE the long-cxpefted Saviour 
Now a veil of flefh affumes; 
To deftroy the pow'rs of darknefs^ 
Lo! our dear Imnianuel comes. 
Hallelujah ! 

Hail the new-born Son of Man. 

The glad news of our falvation, 

Angels to the fhepherds bring; 
Now wc view the J'ather's glory 
Shining in the infant King. 
Hallelujah ! 
Hailj &c. 

Glory be to God, Jehovah, 

Who hath lov'd our hclplcfs racei 

He alone is ever worthy 

To receive our higheft praife ? 
Who defcended from his glory. 
To that glory men to raife. 
Hail, &c. 


We will worfhip and adore Him; 

He our nature deign*d to wear: 
Thankfully we'll come before Him, 

Praife (hall ftill employ us here. 


HaiJ the new-born Son of Mar 

CXLV, Death of Chrifi. P. 1^ 

Xj^LOW faft, my tears; the caufe ij 

Ut'mQ an iniar*d I 

-tt Y M N 8«. 187 

^^hen death his terrors round mc fpread, 
"^tid aim'd his arrows at my head, 
thrift interposed, the wound He bore, 
-^nd bade the monfter dare no more. 

^aft flow, my tears, yet fafter flow, . 

Stream copious as yon purple tide, 
*Twas I that dealt the deadly blow, 

I urg'd the hand that pierced his fidei 
ICeen pangs, and agonizing fmart 
^pprefs his foul, and rend his heart; 
'While juftice arm'd with pow'r divine, 
Pours on his head what's due to mine. 

II !• 

Fall, and yet fafter flow, my tears. 

Love breaks the heart, and drains the eyes; 

His vifage marr'd, towards heav'n He rears. 
And pleading for his murd'rer dies! 

My grief, nor meafure knows, nor end. 

Till He appears, the finner's friend! 

And gives me in an happy hour. 

To feel the rifen Saviour's pow*r« 

l88 H Y M K ^« 

CXLVI. The fame. L. M* 


YE that pafs by, behold the man. 
The man of griefs condemned foryouj 
The Latnb of God for finners flain. 
Weeping to Calvary purfue. 

His facred limbs they ftretch, they tear. 

With nails they fatten to the wood; 
{lis facred limbs expos'd and bare. 
Or cover'd only with his blood. 

See there ? his temples crown*d with thorns, 

His bleeding hands extended wide. 
His ftreaming feettransfixt and torn, 
The fountain gufhingfrom his fide. 


Oh ! Thou <Jear fufF'ring Son of God, 
How doth thy heart to finners move! 

Help us to feel thy precious blood. 
Help us to tafte thy dying love. 


The earth could to her centre quake, 
Convuls'd while the Redeemer dy'd; 

O let our inmott nature fhake. 
And die with Jcfus crucify'd! 

^ Y M N »• 189 


\t thy lad gafp the graves difplay*d 
Their horrors to the upp^r fkies: 

O that our fouls may burft the fhade» 
And, quicken'd by thy death, arife! 


The rocks could feel thy powerful death. 
And tremble, ar>d afunderpart: 

O rend with thy all-povv*rful breath 
The harder marble of my heart! 

CXLVIL The fame. P.M. 

'' ^nniS finifh'd/' the Redeemer faid, 

X And meekly bow'd his dying head: 

Whilll we this fentence fcan, 
Come, finners, and obferve the word. 
Behold the conquefls of the Lord, 

Complete for helplefs man. 

Fini(h*d th€ right^oufnefs of grace, 
Finifh'd the pain whence flows our peace: 

Our mighty debt is paid. 
Accufing law canceli'd by blood. 
And wrath of an offended God 

In fweet oblivion laid. 

iuftice itfelf a frietid appears, 
'he prifon-houfe a whifper hears 
I '* Loofe hinii and let hioi gc 


O unbelief, injurious bar! 
Source of tormenting, fruitlefs fea 

Why doft thou yet reply ? 
Where'er thy loud objeftions fall 
" 'Tis firtifh'd" ftill may anfwer i 

And {ilence ev'ry cry. 


'His work divinely finifti'd ftands, 
But| ah ! the praife that work de 

Careful may we attend! 
Conclufion of the whole be thisj 
Bccaufe redemption finiih'd is. 

Our thanks (hall never end 

H T M M dl ^91 

XLVIIl. D^atk and RefurreBion of Chrijl. 

P. M. 


T E dies ! the friend of finners dies ! 
^ Lo! Salem's daughters weep around, 

folemn darknefs veils the ikies ! 

A fudden trembling (hakes the ground ! 
lome, faints, and drop a tear or two 

For him who groan'd beneath your loadf 
le fhed a thoufand drops for you, 

A thoufand drops of richer blood* 

^ II. 

[ere's love and grief beyond degree. 

The Lord of glory dies for men I 
lut lo! what fudden joys we fee! 

Jefus the dead revives again ! 
^he riling God forfakes the tomb, 

(The tomb in vain forbids his rife !) 
/herubic legions guard Him home. 

And (hout Him welcome to the ikies! 

Jreak off your tears, ye faints, and tell 

How high our great Deliverer reigns; 
Sing hew he fpoiPd the hofts of helJ, 
And led the monfler death in chains: 

192 ^ Y M H S* 

Say, " live for ever wond'rous King; 

" Born to redeem, and ftr6ng to fave?'* 
Then afk the monfter — ** Where's thy fling 
And where'sthy vjft'ry, boafting grave?' 


CXLIX- ReJtirrcHion ofChriJi. P. M. 


JESUS, who dy*d a world to fave, 
Revives and rifes from the grave. 
By his almighty pow'r: 
From fin, and death, and hell fet free. 
He captive leads captivity^ 
And lives to die no more. 

Children of God, look up a»d fee 
Your Saviour cloath'd with raajelly^ 

Triumphant o'er the tomb: 
Give o'er your griefs, caft off your fears^ 
In heav'n your manfions he prepares. 
And foon will take you home. 

His church is flill his joy and crowtjj^ 
He looks with love and pity down 
On thofe he did redeem : 

M y M K sj 193 

He tafles their joys, he feels their woes, 
4nd prays that they oiay fpoil their foes^ 
And ever reign with him* 


3 may we all from fin awake, 
Vnd all in heav'n our places take. 

With our exalted Head ! 
To thofe abodes may we afpire 
n thought, in will, in (trong defire; 

To finful pleafures dead ! 

CL. The fame. 7s* 

OHRIST the Lord isris'n to day! 
L>^ Sons of men and angels fay ; 
laife your joys and triumphs high, 
ling, ye heav'ns, and earth reply. 
Hallelujah ! 

^ove's redeeming work is done, 
'ought the fight, the battle won: 
.0 ! our fun's eclipfe is o'er, 
«o ! he fets in blood no more* 
Hallelujah ! 

N- . 

194 HYMN*. 


Vain the (lone, the watch, the feal, 
Chrift hath burll the gates of hell : 
Death in vain forbids his rife, 
Chrift hath open'd paradife* 
HaUelujah ! 

Lives again our glorious King, 
Where, O death, is now thy fting ? 
Once he dy*d our fouls to faye, 
Where's thy vift'ry, boafting grave ? 
Hallelujah ! 


Soar we now where Chrift hath led. 
Following our exalted Head, 
Made like him, like him we rife. 
Ours the crofs, the grave, the ikies* 
Hallelujah ! 


What, though once we perifli'd all^ 
Partners of our parents fail. 
Second life we do receive. 
In our heav'nly Adam live. 
Hallelujah ! 


Hail the Lord of earth and heaven f 
Praife to thee by both be giv*n ; 

H y M N s^ 195 

Thee we greet triumphant now. 
Hail the refurreftion— -thou ! 
Hallelujah ! 


King of glory ! foul of blifs ! 
Everlafting life is this 
rhee to know, thy pow*r to prove. 
Thus to fing, and thus to love* 
Hallelujah ! 

CLI. The fame. P- M. 


UPRISING from the darkfome tomb. 
See the viftorious Jefus come ! 
Th* Almighty Prisoner quits the pris*n; 
And angels tell the Lord is ris'n. 
Angels, angels, angels, angels, angels, tell the 
Lord is ris'n. 

Ye guilty fouls that groan and greive. 
Hear the. glad tidings, hear, and live's 
God^s righteous law is fatisfied : 
And juftice now is on your fide, 
[udice, juftice, &c. 

N a 

19^ H Y M M 8. 


Your furety, thus released by God, 
Pleads the rich ranfom of his blood: 
No new demand, no bar remains; 
But mercy now triumphant reigns. 
Mercy, mercy, &c. 


Believers, hail your rifing head. 
The Firft-begotten from the dead. 
Your refuTre£lion*s fure, through His, 
To endlefs life, and bouhdlefs blifs. 
Endlefs, endlefs^ &c. 

CLII. The fame. P. M. 


SEE Jefus our Deliv*rer great, 
Rifing, his vift'ry to complete; 
In vain's the feal and ftone ! 
O Grave ! where is thy viftory ? 
Here, here, thy mighty Conq*ror fee, 
Rifing, He leaves the tomb. 

Awhile he with his fav'rites ftay*d. 
Strength to their feeble faith convey *d. 
Then mounts the ftairy iky : 

HYMNS. tgj 

The heav'ns with acclamations ring, 
To welcome their triumphant King, 
And (bout his viftory. 

Mindful of all thv favours, now 
In gratitude we proftrate bow 

Before thy loving face : 
Give all, aflfembled in this hour, 
To feel thy refurreftion's pow*r^ 
And ling redeeming grace. 


Clearly to ev*ry heart difplay 
The virtue of thy blood this day ; 

Each drooping heart inflame : 
Refre(h*d we'll then unwearied go 
Along this wildernefs below. 

And fpread thy glorious fame. 


Jefus, when will the hour.appear, 
That we thy powerful call (hall hear. 

And round thy throne attend «^ 
When (hall we fee Thee face to face. 
And join above to fing thy praife. 

Eternity to fpend ? 

N 3 

Chnft, awhile to tportals giv*n, 
Re-afccnds his native heav'n: 
There the pompous triumph waits, 
" Lift your heads, eternal gates ! 
Wide unfold the radiant fcene. 
Take the King of glory in." 

Him, though highcft heav'n receives, 
Still he loves the earth he leaves; 
Though returning to his throne. 
Still he calls mankind his own; 
Still for us his death he pleads. 
Prevalent he intercedes ; 
Near hiinfelf prepares our place. 
Harbinger of human race! 


Mailer (may we ever fay) 
Taken from our head to-day ; 
See, thy faithful fervants, fee. 


Grant our hearts may thither rife, 
FolPwing thee beyond the ikies. 


Ever upward let us move. 
Wafted on the wings of love, 
Looking when our Lord (hall come. 
Longing, gafping after home : 
There we fhall with thee remain. 
Partners of thine endlefs reign ; 
There thy face unclouded fee. 
Find our heav*n of heav'ns in thee. 


CLIV. Afcenjion. ys. 


CLAP your hands, ye people all, 
Praiie the God on whom ye call. 
Lift your voice and (hout his praife. 
Triumph in his fov'reign grace. 

Jefns is gone up on high, 
Takes his feat above the flcy ; 
Shout the angel-choirs aloud. 
Echoing to the trump of God! 

N 4 

JL ilClA VA^ifwy.^ 



Shout the God enthroned above. 
Triumph in his conqu'ring love, 
Praifes to our Jefus ling, 
Praifes to our glorious King! 


Pow'r IS all to Jefus giv'n, 

Pow'r o'er hell, and earth, and heav'r 

Jefus, pow'r to us impart. 

Then we*ll »praife with all our heart* 


CLV. The fame. L. M 


OUR Lord is rifen from the dea 
Our Jefus is gone up on hig 
The pow'rsof hell are captive led, 
Dragg'd to the portals of the Iky 

HYMNS. 201 

•* Lift up your heads, ye heav'niy gates, 
** Ye everlafting doors give way!** 

Loofe all your bars of maffy light. 

And wide unfold th'etherial fcene; 
He claims thefe manfions as his right. 

Receive the King of Glory in! 


Who is t^e King of Glory, who? 

The Lord, that all his foes p'crcame ; 
The world, fin, death, and hell overthrew. 

And JESUS is the conq'ror's name. 


Lo! his triumphal chariot waits, 
And angels chaunt the folemn lay, 

•* Lift up your heads, ye heav'nly gates, 
" Ye everlafting doors give way I" 


Who is the King of glory, who ? 

The Lord of glorious pow'r poffeft, 
The King of faints and angels too, 

God over all for ever bleft ! 

JLi Once for f«TooT'u »■...„ 

'ihouland, thnufand faints attending. 
Swell the triumph of his train, 
God appears on earth to reign. 
Ev'ry eye (hail now behold Him 

Rdb'd in dreadful majeftv; 
Thole who let at nought and fold Him. ^ 
Pierc'd and nail'd Him to the tree^ -^iS 
Deeply wiOtng. 
Shall the true Mefliah fee. ' 
Ev'ryiflaDd, fea, and mountain, 

Heav'n, and earth Ihall flee away ; 

All who hate Him, inuft, confounded, 

Hear the trump proclaim the day. 

Come to judgment! 

Come to judgment! come away! 

HYMNS. 303 

All his faints, by man rejcfted. 
Now (hall meet Him in the air : 
Hallelujah ! 
See the day of Go d appear ? 


^nfwer thine own bride and Spirit, 
Ha(lef)i» Lord, the general doom^ 
The new heav'nand earth t'inherit. 
Take thy pining exiles home; 
All creation 
Travails, groans^ and bids Thee ccune* 

CLVIL Thtfamt. P. M. 


HE comes ! He comes ! the Saviour dear, 
The feventh trumpet fpeaks Him near: 
His lightnings flafh, his thunders roll. 
He's welcome to the faithful foul; 

Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. 

Welcome to the faithful foul. 
From heav*n angelic voices found, 
Seethe Almighty Jefuscrown'd! 


Glory uccxk^ • 

DcTcendincr on his azure throne, '-^^ 

He claims the kingdoms for his dwn ; 
'I'hc kingdoms all obey his word, 
And liail him their triumphant Lord! 
Hail Him, hail Him, hail Him, hail Him, 

Hail Him their triumphant'Lord! ^u 


Shout, all the people of the iky, 
And cill the faints of the Mod High: 
Oar God, who now his right obtains^ 
For ever, and for ever reigns: 
Ever, ever, ever, ever. 

Ever, and for ever reigns. 


The Father praife, the Son adore. 
The Spirit blefsfor evermore: 
vSalvation's glorious work is done. 
We welcome Thee, great three in one! 

-— « ««rplcome, welcome. 

HYMNS. 005 

CLVIIL Thcfame. P. M. 


LO! he Cometh ! countlefs trumpets 
Bloi^ to raife the fleeping dead: 
Midft ten thoufand faints and angels. 

See their ^reat exalted Head* 
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelttjah! 
Welcome^ welcome Son of God ! 

Full of joyful expeftation, 

All behold the judge appear: 
Truth and juftice go before him, 

Now the joyful fentence hear. 
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 
Welcome, welcome judge divine! 

* Come, ye bleffed of my Father, 

"Enter into life and joy; 
" Banifh all your fears and forrows, 

" Endlefs praife be your employ." 
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 
Welcome, welcome to the fkies! 


Now at once they rife to glory, 
Jefus brings them to the King; 

206 HYMNS. 

There, with all the hoft of heaven. 

They eternal antheirls fing. 
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah; 
Boundlef^ glory to the Lamb i 

CLIX. Judgment. P. M, 


DAY of judgment, day of wonders? 
Hark! the trumpet's awful found. 
Louder than a thoufand thunders. 
Shakes the vaft creation round! 

How the fummons will the finner's hti 

See the Judge our nature wearing, 
Cloth*d in majefty divine! 
You, who long for his appearing. 
Then fhall fav, " This God is mine!'* 
Gracious Saviour, own me in that day i 

At his call the dead awaken. 
Rife to life from earth and feai 
All the pow 'rs of nature (haken 



H y M N S# fl07 

By his look, prepare to flee : 

Carelefs iinner^ what will then become of 


Satan, who now tries to pleafe you» 
Left you timely warning take. 
In that awful day will feize you. 
Plunge you in the burning lake: 

Thinks poor finner, thy eternal all's at ftake. 

But to thofe who have confefled, 
L.ov*d, and ferv*d the Lord below; 
He will fay, " Come near ye bleffe^j 

See the kingdom I beftow ; 
You for ever fhall my love and glory know.** 


CLX. Give glory to God be/ore the day of 
darknejs cometh. S. M. 


THE fwift-decliningday. 
How faft its moments fly! 
While evening's broad and gloomy (hade 
Gains on the weftern iky. 

His word blots out the fun 
Iti its meridian-blaze; 
And cuts from fmiling vigorous yo^tb 
The remnant of its days. 


On the dark mountain's brow 
Your feet (hall quickly Aide; 
And from its airy fummit dalh 
Your oiomentary pride. 


Give glory to the Lord, 
Who rules the whirling fphere; 
Submiffive at his footftool bow. 
And feek falvation there.* 

VI. . 

Then (hall new luftre break 
Through horror's darkeft gloom. 
And lead you to unchanging light 

— — ««i«ifi/»i ii 


HYMNS. 209 

CLXI. Compaffion for Sinners . L. M, 


ARISE, my tend'reft thoughts, arife; 
To torrents melt my flreaming ey^si 
And thou, my heart, with anguifh feel 
Tbofe evils, which thou canil not heal. 

See human nature funk in (hame; 
See fcanebls pour'd on Jefus* nam^; 
The FatljSr wounded through the Son; 
The world ^ibus'd ; the foul undone. 

See the (hort courfe of vain delight 
Cloliilg in everlafting night; * 

In flames., that no abatement know, 
ll'hpugh briny tears for ever flow. 


Vly God, I feel the mournful fcen^; 
My bowels yearn o'er dying men; 
And f^in vny pity would reclaim,. 
And inatcb the fire-brands from the flame. 


But feeble my compaflion proves, 
And can but weep, where mod it loves : 
Thy. own all^faving arm employ, 
And turn tfaefe drops of grief to joy. 


Us ^a^^* **S;on «^^^* 

HYMNS. « 211 

CLXIII. Improvement of time. /P* M, 


COMEJet us a-ncw 
Ourjourney purfue. 
Roll round with the year, 
And never (land ftill till our Mailer appear. 
His adorable will 
^ Let us gladly fulfil ; 

And our talents improve, 
By the patience of hope, and the la hour of love^ 

Our life is a dream, 
Our time, as a (beam. 
Glides fwiftly away. 
And the fugitive moment refufes to ftay; 
The arrow is flown. 
The moment is gone ; 
The millennial year 
Rulhes on to our view, and eternity's near. 

O that each in the day 
Of his coming may fay, 
" I have fought my way through, 
^ I have finifh'd the work that thou gav'Il me 
to do!" 

O 2 

CLXIV. Bachjliding and Repentance. P.M. 


I LONG to be bleft with the fight 
Of him, who does heaven impart; 
Of him, who was once my delight, 

TJie pleafureandjoy of my heart; 
Whofe mercy and love I refus'd. 

And caufed his anger to rife; 
Whofe goodnefs I lately abus'd, 
And dared the wrath of the fkies. 


why did I wander from thee, 
Whom once I profefTed to love ? 

1 promised how faithful I'd be. 

That from thee I never would rove; 
But foon I forgot all my vows. 
And aJl the difplays of thy grace; 




>t be 





HYMNS. ^ 213 

* ■ 


How deeply diftrefling it is! 

How great is my anguifh and fmart! 
My folly hasfpoird me of blifs, 

Has caufed my Lord to depart : 
With fhame I acknowledge my fin, 
, Which caus'd thee to hide thy lov*d face ; 
^ Which grieved the witnefs within; 
9^ And tore from me pleafure and peace. 


To thee; whofe compaflion and love! 

To linners is ever the fame ; 
Whofe bowels with fympathy move ; 

Whofe nature agrees with thy name; 
Jehovah thou fin-pard'ning God, 

To thee I look up through thy fon; 
I plead his atonement by blood. 

And hang on what Jefus hath done. 


Deaj Lord, tomy forrowful heart. 

Declare the remiffion of fin ; 
And to me thy fpirit impart, 

Tojdwell as the witnefs within : 
My backfliding fpirit reftore, 

And unto thy fervant draw near; 


Tlw fov'reign compaffion dilplay. 
Then n.e to thy heav^X^y. 
Thy mercy and goodnels to pnu 


CLXV. Godly forroV' C. M. 

OFOR a clofer walk with God, 
A calm and heav'nly frame! 

A r.^ht to (hine upon the road 
That leads me to the Lamb! 


WhereTs the view 

tf Y M N S^ 2T5 


bat peaceful hours I then enjoyed! 
How fweet their inem'ry dill ! 
t now I find an aching void^ 
Which God alone can fill. 


turn, O holy Dove, return^ 
Sweet meffenger of reft ! 
late the fins that make me mourn. 
That drove Thee from my bread* 


le deareft idol I have ksiown. 
Whatever that idol be ; 
;lp me to bear it from thy throne^ 
And worlhip only Thee. 


{hall my walk be clofe with God» 
Calm and ferene my frame; 
id light'divine mark out the road 
Tbat leads me to the Lamb. 

CLXVI. Morning Hymn. ?. M. 

I ISE, my foul) adore thy Maker! 
V. Afigels praife, 


Lead me right, 
Throuc^h my Saviour's merit. 

O my jefus, God Almighty, 

Pray for me, 

'Till I fee 
Thee in Salem's city. % 


Holy Ghoft, divine Inllruaor, 

Guide me dill; 

Let thy will 
Be my fole condu6lor, 


Thou this night waft ray proteftor; 

With me ftay 

All the day, 
Ever my direflor. 



Holy, holy, holy Giver 

nf aJl crood. 


Glory, honour, thanks, and bleffing, 

One in three, 

Give we Thee, 
Never, never ceafing. 

CLXVII. Evening Hymn. . P. M. 


ERE I fleep, for ev'ry favour 
Th^ day fhew*4 * 

By Aiy God, 
I will blefs my Saviour; 

O my -Lord, what (hall I render 

To* thy naifte. 

Still the fame. 
Gracious, good, 4od tender! 

Leave me not, but ever love me; 

Let thy peact 
"^ Be my bli fs,^ 

Till Thou hence remove me. 

Jv. 4 
Vifit me Vith thy falvation; 
Let thy care 

Safely keep, 
While I fleep, * 
Me with all thy power. 


Save, O fave me from the hidiogs 

Of thy face ; 

Let thy grace 
Cancel my backflidings* ^ 


So, whene'er in death I flumbert 

I (hall rife , 

With the wife, 
Counted in their number. ^ 

VIII. ■ 
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit* 

Let me know , 

Thee below. 
Thee above inherit. 

H y M K 6* Sf ^ 

CLXVIII. The Chrijiian's fpring day. 

C. M. D. 

I. ' 

MY Lord's rich goodnefs claims a fong 
Of gratitude and love; 
O for an angel's nobler tongue. 

And mulic us'd above; 
To praife the God whofe mercies crowii ' 

My moments as they roll, 
And pours the heav'nly inanna down^ 
Which Tatisfies my fouL • 

^ 1% » 

When wearied with the cares of day 

I give my eyes to fleep; 
From ev'ry ravenous beaft of prey 

The Lord my (bul doth keep t 
And when Aurora's fmiling beams 

Spread light around the iky 
He wakes my pow'rs from pleafing dream5» 

And ftill I find him nigh. 

V in. 
I rife, and to my glorious King 

A hymn of honour raife; 
He liftens to the notes I fing^ 

And/Jeigns t 'accept the praife; 
On wings of love he flies to meet. 

And blefs me with his gTSict \ 

In which tne vei"«^ ^ 

Or not advantage reap- 

ni • c mv blea tranfportcd mind, 

I No, cries my bieu r ,^^ . 

II Whilft elory fills Its pu ^ ^^^ ^ 

H V M K $• 92t 

Ye atitipafts of heav*n ? 
Glory begun! and ye the feal 
Of what fhall foon be giv'n. 


If, when engag'd in mortal things. 

This rapt'rous joy fubfide; 
Sweet peace within my bofom fprings. 

And with me doth abide; 
Contented with my hjumble lot, 

I envy not the great; 
Happy with Jefus in my cot, . 

As on a throne of fiafe. 


The morning found my faviour kindi 

He fmiling, bled the light; 
Nor doth the ev'ning alter'd find 

The God who rules the night: 
'Xis thy unchanging love/my Lord, 

That heightens all my blifs ; 
; That fweettns all thefe worlds afford. 

Or that where Jefus is. 


*Tis thus my days I fweetly fpend. 

And thus my nights go on 5. 
I wait for that appointed end. ■ 

Which Ih^U my wiflbes crown ; 


CLXIX. Evening hymn. P. M, 


LORD of my life look kindly down. 
And with an ev'ning vifit crown 
The bleflings of the day; 
In mercy fpeak unto my heart, ; 
Thy holy Ipirit now impart. 
And teach me bow to pray. 

To thee I look, for thee I iigh; 
Without thy prefence Lord I die. 

And fink to rife no more: 
O let me fee thy fmiling face. 
And feel the influence of thy grace^ 
And love thee, and adore* 

Lord, condefcend with peace to blefs ' 
• J ^^A all nriv wants redrels. 

Among the fpirits of the juft. 

My foul thy name (hall praife* 

CLXX. For a national Fajl. CM. 


SE£» gracious God before thy throne 
The mourning people bend! 
'Tis on thy fov'reign grace alone 
Ourfaumble hopes depend. 

Tremendous judgmei^ts frpm thy hand 

Thy dreadful pow'r difplay : 
Yet mercy fpares this guilty land» 
And ftill we live to pray. 

» III. 
Great God» and why is Britain fpar'd^ 

Ungrateful as we are ? 
O make thy awful Warnings heard. 
While mercy cries, " forbear.'* 


Whlit nuni'rous crimes increafitag ri(e 

Thro* this apoftate ifle I 
What land fo favoured of the {kies» 

And yet what land fo vile! ' 

O turn thou us, almighty Lord, 

By thy alUconq'ring grace; 
Then (hall our hearts receive thy word» 

And humbly feek thy face. 


Then, fliould infulting foes invade, 

Wc need not yield to. fear; 
Secure of never-failing aid. 

If God, our God, is near. 

CLXXL Brotherly love. 7s. 


JESUS, Lord, we look to thee. 
Let us in thy name agree ; 
Show thyfelf the Prince of peace. 
Bid all jars for ever ceafe. 


HYMNS* £25 

£ach ta each unite, endear. 
Come, and fpread thy banner here* 

Make us of one heart and mind. 
Courteous, pitiful, and kind, 
Lowly, meek in thought and word. 
Altogether like our Lord. 


Let us for each other care. 
Each his brother's burden bear; 
For thy church the pattern give. 
Show how true believers live. 

Let us then with joy remove 
To thy family above, 
On the wings of angels fly. 
Show how true believers die. 

CLXXII. Chrijlian concord. C. M. 


OLet thy love our hearts conflrain ; 
Jeius the crucify 'd! 
What haft thou done our hearts to gain! 
Languifh'd^ and groan'dj and dy'd ! 


226 H Y M N »• 


Us into clofeft union draur. 

And in our inward parts, ' 
Let kindncfs fwectly write her law; 

Let love command our hearts. 

Who wou'd not now purfue the way, 

Where Jefu's footfteps fhine; 
Who would not own the pleafiog fway 

Of charity divine? 


O let us find the ancient way» 
Our wond'ring foes to move. 

And force a frowning world to fay, 
** See how thefe Chriftians love!*' 

CLXXIIL At iht meeting of Chrijlm 

Friends. 7s. 


BLEST by Jefu's providence, 
Lo ! we meet again in peace: 
May we, when removed from hence^ 
Meet in a more glorious place* 


When we once fliall there arrive, 
' Ever happy we fhall reign; 
Ever with our Saviour live, 
^Midft a bod of perfedl men. 

There no evil fliall intrude, 
Orief ftiall there no more be known ; 
Wafti'd in our Redeemer's blood ; 
Rais'd to wear the heav'nly crown. 


Come, dear brethren, joyful come^ 
Forward boldly let us prefs. 
Humbly let our fouls prefume^ 
Trull in Jefu's righteoufnefs. 


Pray we for the promisM hour^ 
When the family complete. 
Borne on clouds, and girt with pow'r^ 
In the houfe above fliall meet, 


Mailer, hailen on the day. 
Glorious to thy judgment come ! 
Call thy traveling faints away. 
Lord, we long to be at home! 

P 2 


1 nat Will &«wv „ 

Our bodies may far oflF remove. 
We ftill are join'd in heart. 


Join'd in one fpirit to our head. 

Where he appoints we go; 
And dill in Jelu's footlleps tread. 
And do his work below. 

O let us ever walk in him. 
And nothing know befide; 
■^ Nothing defire, nor ought elleem. 
But Jelus crucify'd. 


Clofer and clofer let us cleave 
To his belov'd embrace ; 

Expeft his fulnefs to receive; 
And grace to anfwer grace* 


But let us haften to the day 

H y Ki N.s« 229 

CLXXV. Chrijlian Moderation. S. M. 


LET party zeal no more 
The Cbriftian world o*erfpread; . 
Gentile and Jew, and bond and free. 
Are one in Chrift their head. 

Among the faints on earth 
Let mutual love be found : 
Heirs of the fame inheritance. 
With mutual blef&ngs crown'd. 

Let envy and ill will 
Be bani(h*d far away : 
Thofe ihould in ftri£);eft friendlhip dwell, - 
Who the fame Lord obey. 


Thus will the church below 
Refemble that above. 
Where ftreams of pleafure ever flow, 
And tv*xy heart is love. 




CLXXVI. Praife/or the Go/pel. P.M. 


JESUS.our Lord, 
Thy name be ador'd 
For all the rich bleffings conveyed through thy 

In fpirit we trace 
Thy wonders of grace, 
And cheerfully join in a concert of praife. 

The ancient of days 
His glory difplays, 
And fhines on bis chofen with cheriChing rays. 


The trumpet of God 
Is founding abroad, 

The language of mercy; falvation through 



Thrice happy are they 
Who hear and obey. 
And Ihare in the bleflings of this gofpel day. 

HYMNS, a^t 


^ The people who knofir 
"^ The Saviour below. 
With burning affe£tion to worlhip Him glow. 


This blcffing is mine. 
Through favour divine: 
But, O my Redeemer, the glory be thine ! 


The work is of grace. 
Thine, thine be the praife ! 
And mine to adore Thee, and tell of thy ways. 

CLXXVII. Difmiffion. P. M. 


LORD, difmifs us with thy blefling. 
Fill our heartswith joy and peace^ 
Let us each, thy love pofTeffing 
Triumph in redeeming grace : 

O refrefh us, 
Trav'ling through this wildernefs. 

Thanks we give and adoration. 
For thy gofpel's joyful found : 


With us, evermore, be found. 

So. whene'er the fignaVs given. 

Us from earth to call away. 
Borne on angels wings to heaven. 

Glad the fummons to obey. 
We (ball furely „ ^ , . 

Ileign with Chrift in endlefs day. 

CLXXVIII. The dying Chripan to hisfoi 

I. , 

VITAL (park of heav'nly flame! 
Quit, O quit this mortal frame 
Trembling, hoping, ling'ring, flywg, 
O the pain, the blifs of dying! 
Ceafe. fond nature, ceafe thy Itnte, 
And let tne languifli into lite. 

_. « • .1 - l«.«lv«AV • 9 

HYMNS* ?33 

What IS this abforbs me quite? 
Steals my fenfes, (huts my fight, 
Drowns my fpirits, draws my breath? 
Tell me, my foul, can this be death? 

The world recedes ; it difappears! 
Heav'n opens on my eyes! my ears 

With founds feraphic ring: 
Lend, lend your wingsi I mount! I fly! 
O grave! where is thy viftory? 
O death ! where is thy fling ? 

CLXXIX. Funeral of a Saint. P.M. 


AH lovely appearance of death; 
No fight upon earth is fo fair ; 
Not all the gay pageants that breathe 

Can with a dead body compare: 
With folemn delight I furvey 

The corpfe when the fpirit is fled. 
In love with the beautiful clay. 
And longing to lie in its ftead. 

How bleft is our brother bereft, 
Of all that could burthen bis mit^d. 

I\'o longer a unner jikc mc. 

This earth is afFefted no more 

With ficknefs, and (haken with paio^ 
The war in the members is o*er. 

And never (hall vex him again: 
No anger henceforward, or (hame» 

Shall redden this innocent clay ; 
Extin^ is the animal flame, 

And paflion is vanifh'd away. 


The languifhing head is at reft. 

Its thinking and aching are o'er ; 
The quiet immoveable breaft 

Is heav'd by affliftion no more: 
The heart is no longer the feat 

Of trouble and torturing pain. 
It ceafes to flutter and beat. 

It never (hall flutter again. 


HYMNS. ^35 

Sea?d up in eternal repofe. 

Have ftrangely forgotten to w^ep: 

The fountain can yield no fupplies, 
Thefe hollows from water are free. 

The tears are all wip'd froui thefe eyes^ 
And evil they never fhall fee. 

I ■' * Uim^m*a»-^»it0^ 

CLXXX. On the death of an emincni Saint. 

P. M. 


ON the everlafting mountains, 
Lo, the thirfty, longing foul 
Drinks, where from a thouiand fountains, 
Endlefs joys in rivers roll. 

Burft the Captive from his prifon. 

Glad to leave the realms of night ; 
Glorious now the Exile's rifen 
To his home, his God, in light. 

" Chrift, the flrength of heav'nly warriors !'* 

Shouts the vi6lor fpirit now ; 
** Arm'd by thee I've ftorm'd the barriers! 
•* Conquered is the haughty foe ! 


Hods celeftial, fee it granted! 

Praife, in pealing anthems praife ! 
Chrifl the Lord gave all he wanted I 

Raife, to Jefus^ anthems raife ! 


On the everlafting mountains, 

Lo ! the fav*d» th' enraptur'd foal 

Sings, where from a thoufand fountainS| 
Endlefs joys in rivers roll. 




jf\. DEBTOR to mercy alone -^ : ^ '.;-*. Page 153 ,vt 

Abba, Father, hear thy child — ■ ■ 121 

All hail the pow'rs of Jefu's name .^^ .-7- ' s — 3 

Arife, my tend'reft thoughts arife [^ -i-»>\ ' . /' ■!■ ' C ■ 209 y:, 

Awake, and fing the fong — •^-- '—21 -i 

Ah lovely appearance of death — *— ■ 233 


Before Jehovah's awful throne — •— — 22 

Behold the prince of lif? — — — 158 

Bleffed are the fdns of God ' — — 165 

Blcft by Jefu's providence — —^226 

Bleft be the dear uniting love — — 228 

Blow ye the trumpet, blow *— _ 27 

Brethren let us jom to blefe •— — 29. 


Chrift the Lord is ris'n to-day — —- 1 93 ■' ^ ' 

Children of the heav'nly King — — 109 

Clap your hands ye people all — -^ ■ 199 

Come, ye (inners, poor and wretched ^-» — 3" 

Come, Holy Spirit, come — — - — - 41 

Come, Holy Ghoft, our hearts infpire — — 43 

Come, HolV Ghoft, my heart infpire — — 48 : ^■■ 

Come, my.ioul. thy fuit prepare — —-83 J.; 

Come, thou long-expefted Jefus — » ■* ' 84 ' ■ 

Come, my Father's family -— •"" ^^9 

Come, thou fount of ev'ry blefling .— * 115 ;; 

E'er I fleep, for ev'ry favour — 

Encompa{s*d with clouds of diflrefs — 

Eternal Spirit, fource of light — 


Far from thefe narrow fccnes of night — — i 

Father how wide thy glories fhine '^Z — - - 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghoil — ^« 

Fathec, our hearts we lift .— . -.^— . i 

Flow faft my tears; the caufe is great — *— i 


Gentle Jefus, lovely Lamb —« 

Glory be to God on high — «^ 

God of my falvation, hear — 

God of mercy and compaflion — . 

God moves in a myfterious way >m^ \^ 
Gracious Spirit, Dove divine - v., ^,^ 

Grace ! 'tis a charming found ^y'- — 
Great God of wonders ! all thy ways -«• 

Ground, O ground me on the Lamb •— 
Guide me, O thou great Jehovah — « 

Hail, thou once defpifed Tefus ! «. 


Hark ! how the hcav'iis with praifes ring I Page 167 

Hark! the herald-angels fing — — 181 (PA 

He comes ! he comes ! the Saviour dear — 203 J^ y 

He dies! the friend of fmners dies! ^ — 191 2^, 

High on»his everlafting throne -^c.^^.. ►— — 124 

Holy Ghoft, infpire our praifes 

How fweet the name of Jefus founds 

How happy the forrowful man 

Ho ! cv*ry one that thirfts draw nigh 


I long for a concert of heavenly praife 
I long to behold him array 'd 
I long to be bleft with the fight 
If JeCis is ours, we have a true friend 
In Chriil my treafure*s all contained 
Ifirael, thy tribute bring ""' J) ^ — 

efus, lei thy pitying. eye 1— 

efus, friend of unners hear 

.efu, lover of my foul — , 

efu, thy blood and righteoufneG ^ - 
^efus, my all, to heav*n is gone 

efus, my Almighty Saviour — 

efus, all praife is due to thee 

efus, who dy'd a world to (avc — 
]Jefus, Lord, we look to thee 


Let earth and heav*n agree t*^ 
Let ev'ry tuneful accent rife 
Let party-zeal no more 


128 22 

30 ^7 




*72 ^5" 







106 ' , 





. -— 


S2A " -.^ 

Lift up your heads in joyful hope — ■! ■ J Sf 

Light of the world, thy oeams I blefs ^^ .^ i09v 

Ji->viwi> aiivt Atti A 

Lord, thine image thou haft lent me 
Lord, I helieve a reft remains — . 

Lord, when iniquities abound 
«.Lord of my life look kindly down 
Love divine, all loves excelling — 


Mark the foft-falling fnow .^i* ■ 
My former hopes are dead — . J/- 
My God, the cov'nant of thy love ~ " 
« My Lord's rich goodnefs claims a fong 

N . 
Nay, I cannot let thee go w ' .— . 
Now begin the hcav'nly theme — 

Now prepare your hearts to fing — 
Now may the Spirit's holy fire — 

Now gracious Lord, thine arm reveal 
Now I have found the blelFed ground . 
Now let a true ambition rife 
Now may he who from the dead 


O'er the bleft etherial plains 

O what ihall I do my Saviour to praife 

^^ -..kflt !>mazine words of grace 


m^ Trhofe tender mercy hears Pa^ 6i 

)rd» how faithlefs is my heart 

d, my beft deftres fulfil »— 

le, thou wounded Lamb of God 

re divine, how (weet thou art 

)u God of my falvation 

a clofer walk with God (A «. 

lere is, above all others ^ j ^ -*^ 

liepherd alone ^ .. .. ■. 

rod is above, men, devils and fin 

lOrd k rifen from the dead •*— *^ aoo 37^ 

the Lord, who reigns above 
ye the Lord, ye immortal choir 


e evermore, with angels above 
:e, the Lord is King 

9 /i 

jous art thoii O God, yet let mc plead 
ny foul, and ftretch thy wings — 

ny foul adore thy MaKer *— 


nr, canft thou love a traitor? i ■ 62 

rhere's thy hope? thou finner fay . . ■ ■ 79 . 

e long-ejcpefted Saviour > — - 185 

:fiis our Deliverer great — ■ 1*96 

racious God, before thy chrpne ■ 223 

[oval nations hail the day /'^« ■.^■■,^ .^.1 , . 13 

I for fear of finful man »— » 127 

•s obey the gofpcl-word «« — . ^f / 

f God, thy oleffing grant >. — — 97 ', 

e of light and powV divine ■ ■ 44 ) 


The God of Abram praile — — 

The God, whofc fmiles we court 
Thee, will I love, rtiy flrength and towV 
The Lord of Sabbath let us praife 
The promilb is my joy and long 

The promifes I fmg 

The Lord my pafture (hall prepare 
The fwift-dechning day - ' ^ ■ - y^ . 

. There is a fountain fill'd with blood \^ 
This duly God requires — - 

Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb! ■ 

Thou God of glorious ma jeity te— . — 

• Thou loving Jcfus, deareil Lord -»— . . 

Thou hidden love of God, whofe height 

Thy blefling, gracious God afford . 

Ihy mercy, my God, is the theme of my fong — 

*Tis a point I long to kiioWi ' ; 

' Tis done ! th' atoning work is done 

■'Tl<; in vain to feek for blife 

*Tis fal fc, thou vile accufer, go 

*Tib finilh'd, the Redeemer laid 

Unfathom'd wifdom of our King! 
c Up to thy feat, eternal God 

r-^^ ♦U^ HqrLfome tomb * 


Weary fouls, who wander wide Page 49 3^ 

"What Ihall we render unto thee — ^-. ^r 

What though my frail e^ye*lids refufe — - 1^1 /3 

When with my mind devoutly preft j . ■ , ^i 

When darknefs long has veil d my mind /^ - ^- 

When all thy mercies, O my God c^ji^ /, , •. t^ 

Where ftiall the tribes of Adam find ■ 19 / ^ 

With what delight I raife mine eyes ■» 17 

World, adieu ! thou real cheat — t* , 93 

Worthy the Lamb of boundlefs fway .*...^...^.». 12 


Ye fervants of God, your Mailer proclaim ^— * 3 7 

Ye dying fons of men nn „ 31 ' 

Ye wretched, hungry, ftarving poof , i. . 07 

Ye that pafs by, behold the man ■> , ■■ I'S^ 


■■; 11 

. V 



It RAISE — — ■ Hytnti I 

Univerfol Praife ■ ■ ■ Z 

Coronarion Hymn — 3 

Redeeming Love ■ * ' ' 4 

Praife to the Almighty Saviour ■ 5 

Salvation in Chrift ■■ ■■ ■ > 6 

God praifed by univerfal nature ■ 7 

God glorious, and finners faved » 9L 

Jefus adored _— ^— _— g 

The coronation of Chrift ■ — 10 

Praife to the God of Abraham i| 

Chrift the Steward of God's family — • 1 ^ 

God gbrious, tremendous, and graciotts -»- ig 

Chrift only the eternal life — ^ ■ ij 

Invitation to praife ■' — * xc 

Pfalm too, altered from Dr. Watts . ao 

Thanksgiving . — . it 

Rejoicing in God .i. . ^.~- iS 

The Lovr of Chriil adored — .^1^ 

Glory to God in Chrift ■ 1 .■■i. ■ 20 

Chrift the great Melchifedec — • ••-« Al 

The Jtibtlee ■■ 29 

Praiie to Chrift . 

Iixvitation to Chrift •-« 

Invitation tim^ ,mm 

Redeeming Grace *mm 

Invitation to the Saviotxr wmm ' .^^ 2jr 

Qofpei Iimuitioa mm • - %% 


For a blefling on the Gofpel — 

For a blcffing on Public Worfliip — 

To the bleffed Spirit 

Prayer for Affurance 

For Succefi uppn the Word preached 

Invitation to the weary • 

Come for all things arc ready — 

The Succefs of the Gofpel 

Succefs to the Gofpel defired — 

Before Sermon — 


prayer for Serioufnels 

Terror from the Law, and Hope from the Gofpel 

A Sinner's Prayer — 

Pleading with God for mercy — 

Diftancefrom God — 

The Refolution 

Power of the Redeemer's looks 

Holy reafoning — — 

In diflreis of Soul — .— « 

Wreftling Jacob — -« . 

Hie broken Heart — — 

The influences of the Spirit dedred i— • 

Waiting upon God « - 

For a renewed heart ■ 


Looking to the Deliverer — • . * Hymn 63 

Spiritual anxiety^ — ■ — 64 

Tne Ranfpm — • — «■ 65 

Chrift all in all « — 66 

SubmifTion •— ■ ■ ■ 6 

Praying in faith — ». >— S 

Come Lord Jefus .«.^- ■ 69 

Mercy — — . — 70 

The pardoning God — . 71 

Happinefs only in Chrift — . — 7a 

Meeknefs and humility •— — 73 

The Convert — — — 74 

Thanks- for preferving grace — — ■. yz 

Farewell to tne world — .—. 7S 

The grateful language of faith ■ 77 

For jfpiritual flrength — _ 78 

Panting after God — — 7^ 

Grace — .— .—.80 

The Lord our righteoufnefs — *— 81 

Safety in Chrill — — . 82 

It is done .«. _ 83 

Chrift the heft friend — — 84 

Chrift the believer's all — -r — .— 85 

Following Chrift • — — ' — . 8% 

Unchangeable love — - — — 87 

Going without the camp, bearing the reproach of Chrift 88 

Unchanging grace — -— — , 89 

The fountain opened — — — ^ 

lionging for an intereft in Chrift — 91 

Witnellmg the goodnefs of God 9a 

Ebenezcr — — — — 93 

I^ooking to Jefus — • ^ — — — 94 

God's amazing condefccnfion — — 

Rejoicing with forrow — — — — 


Ptbefs for redeeming^ 

lie Atonement *" 

:he good Fight 

Ucatbin<T after divmc love 
l^rlfor God's unfp^bl^^ft^ ^^^ 
iTbe heaven-born oou* o 

Protecting love ^^ .^ 

Affurance "^^ _ -^ 

Souls attraaed by a cru 

The Promifes ^^ 

The fame -^ ^ . 

Seeking reft^^ ^ _^ _ 


A thought of heaven Hymn 131 

Chrinian travellers — — — — 13» 

Joy of heaven aniieipated- ' —"33 

The beatific vifion — — 134 

For Chrift's guidance — — 135 

Intlarkne&offoul — — 130 

Affliflionanddiftrefsoffoul — — 137 

Satan [tpulfed — • >38 

The I'cnefit of divine correflion • 139 

Divine praieclion fought — — >40 

BmhofChria — • >4i 

The fame — >4« 

The fame — >43 

The fame — -—144 

Death of Chrift — ■ '45 

The fame — — *48 

The fame — — "47 

Death and refurreflion of Chritt — 148 

Refurreftion of Chrift — H9 

The fame — — >50 

The fame — — 'S^ 

The fame — — 'S* 

Refutreftion and Afcenfion of Chrift -— 153 

Afcenfion — — '54 

The fame — — ■■- '55 

The fecond Advent — — ' S» 

The fame — ■^— '5? 

The fame — — 'S^ 

Judgment — '59 

Give glory to God before the day of darknefs comeih 100 

Compaflion for finners — — '61 

AgainftfollowiTigthe muhiliide loevil -— 162 

Improvement of litne »■ — 103 

Backfliding- and repentance ■■■ ■ '64 

1: or a niuw"— — 
Brotherly love > 

Chfiftian «°«.?7.t,riftian friend* 
At the niecung ol cnrjiua ^ ^ 

At parting 

Praife for the.Gofpel 

The dywg Chriman i« 

Funeral of a.bint . . j^t 
.On the death of an eminent lan"