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< \. *i < 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation 

- ..1 







c. 1 











and Faculty 






Ihe people liv 
The learning and bluft^^j^^^^^__c.iive on. 

They will be trick^HHHpi^^^cn sold ' 
And go back to the nourisMiig earth for rootholds, 

The people so peculiar in renewal and comeback, 

You can't laugh off their capacity to take it. 
The mammoth rests bet^veen his cvclonir dram^c 




The peo; 

■ saying: 

"I earn m 

and it take 
i Iflha-"-- 
'; ! coul 
and m.j ... 
I could re: 
and talk t:- 
and find c_ 
It takes tii-^. 
I wish I had the ti 


The people is a tragic and comic Uvo-face: 
hero and hoodlum: phantom and gorilla twist- 
ing to moan with a gargoyle mouth: "They 
buy me and sell me . . . it's a game . . . 
sometime I'll break loose . . . 

ie margins of animal necessity, 
le grim line of sheer subsistence 

■ Then man came 

To the deeper rituals of his bones, 
To the lights lighter than any bones, 
To the time for thinking things over, 
To the dance, the song, the story, 
-Or the hours given over to dreaming, 

■ Once having so marched. 



t -^ 

The people is a polychrome, 

a spectrum and a prism - 

held in a moving monolith, 

a console organ of changing themes, 

a clavilux of color poems 

wherein the sea offers fog 
and the fog moves off in rain 
and the labrador sunset shortens- 

*iS'.i>,-i.ii, .■),•' >.■ 

»■■#;■•"'■ .■■'•■'■ 

sK-'^- ■r''-':>v^'^;^--,-'^ -.--■■, ■■-:. V ■■■■•■"■.-.■■.■■; 

■'toa "hbcturne of clear stars 
serene over the shot spray 
of northern lights. 

The steel mill sky is alive. 
The fire breaks white and zigzag 
shot on a gum-metal gloaming'. 
Man is a long time coming 

Brother may yet line up with brother: 


eople march. ' 
-^ght, and ov 
keeps, the people marc 
* i! Where to? What next 



ho chorus I \7 ^ 


f§ I < • > ■ M 






j^ tj 

W Jik. 1^* 











^ 1 

n-reviJit w* 

Spartan Rifles Booster Club 

Left to Right: Charles Stavely, USC-S coordinator; Zerno Martin, Secretary-Treasurer; Steve Ashcraft, President; 
David Parks, Vice-President; Joe Bowman, Director of Athletics at USC-S 

The Spartan Rifles Booster Club 
supports the USC-S athletic pro- 
gram through its work and efforts. 

Board of Directors, Left to Right: Arthur George, Norman D. Steider, 
John Vacek, Furman Babb, Jack Tyner 


Black Student Union 

Left to Right: Mary Blassingame, secretary; Linda Washington, president; 
James Brooks, Parliamentarian 

The Black Student Union was or- 
ganized this year with the follow- 
ing goals: 

to improve and maintain har- 
monious interracial relation- 
ships w'ithin the school 

to provide a means of commun- 
ication and a medium for mem- 
bership in an organization 
which believes in the Amer- 
ican Creed 

to promote thought and to aid in 
the development of members 
as truly democratic citizens 

to provide a closer and more uni- 
fied spirit among students and 
between student and faculty 

to promote responsibility and in- 

The club's plans include a Black 
Week to be held second semester. 

Left to Right: John Longo; Al Gray, advisor; Dorothy Montgomery; Mary Blassingame; James Brooks; Linda Wash- 
ington; Rayfield Harrison, FUiomeyn Pridgen; Monroe Jolly; Karen Massey; Essie Davis. 

Absent When Taken: Jennifer Fuller, treasurer; Cynthia Reed, vice-president 



Left to Right: Charlie Winston, technical advisor; Allen Keith, photographer; Debra Gosnell, 
editor; Vicki Plaxico, staff writer; Laura Hendrix, staff writer; Carolyn Wagner, sports editor; 
Doris Ann Johnson, typist; Alfred Sergiacomi, news editor 


The Carolinian has changed the 
whole student newspaper concept 
at USC-S this year. Many changes 
ranging from a new printer and pa- 
per size to the school's own com- 
poser has helped the newspaper to 
be an informative weekly publi- 

The Carolana staff attended an 
October 5-6 weekend workshop 
at M^Ttle Beach sponsored by 
Jostens American Yearbook Com- 
pany. This included an ex- 
change of ideas with other annual 
staffs, instructions by the yearbook 
company, and first-hand exper- 
ience in designing a 12-page an- 
nual. The Carolana staff is now 
working on this year's two part 

Left to Right: John Longo, photographer; Randy Morrison, photographer; 
Steve Rogers, photographer; Dianne Smith, sports editor; Vicki Williams, 
editor; Miss Judy Sessions, advisor; Debbie McKelvey, assistant editor; 
Sylvia Easier. 

Absent When Taken: Lynn Cooper and Libby Johnson 


Chess Club 

The Chess Club promotes interest 
and participation in chess. Mem- 
bers enjoy getting together to learn 
and play the game. 

The Photography Club consists of 
students interested in the various 
aspects of photography. They ex- 
change ideas and experiment with 
new techniques in taking and de- 
veloping pictures. 

Left to Right: John Longo, Mr. Richard Spong, advisor; Jan Cox; Alfred 
Sergiacomi; Mickey Bush 

Absent When Taken: Bruce Cannon, Bruce Coin, James Greenway, Paul 
Harris, Jim Landon, Scott Nord 

Photocrraphy Club 

First Row, Left to Right: Nick Small, Jane Gilmer, Allen Keith. Second Row, Left to 
Right: Alden Hall, Steve Rogers, John Longo, Alfred Sergiacomi, Randy Morrison 

Advisor, Miss Becky Patterson 


Letterman Club 

The Letterman Club consists of 
past lettermen and associate mem- 
bers who intend to participate in 
athletic events. Their services 
include operating the concession 
stand at all home basketball iiames. 

Popcorn! Peanuts! Ice Cold 
Cokes! Slurp! 

Left to Right, First Row: Susan Wood; June West; Sylvia Easier; Johnny Whiteside. Second Row: Bryant 
Reeves, advisor; Rick Owens; Wilson Casey; Steve Frye; Larry Blosser. Third Row: Rick Robinson; Kenny 
Tuck, president; Mike Wood; Nixon Allen; Chuck Evans; James Brooks, vice-president; Joe Bowman, ad- 
visor. Fourth Row: George Jay; John Longo, secretary-treasurer; Lee Speer. Fifth Row: James Meadows 


Outdoors Club 

Mr. Guy Jacobsohn, advisor; Mr. Percy Wimberly, advisor; David McDaniel; John Seay; Frank Grogan; 
Glenn Rowland. 

absent when taken: Matthew Crenshaw, president; David Litteral, vice-president; Jane Brockman, secretary 

The Outdoors Club is interested in 
any outdoor activity including 
mountain climbing, snow skiing, 
canoeing, spelunking, and bicy- 
cling. The club's main activity 
this year has been mountain climb- 
ing, with a number of trips to Table 
Rock, N. C. Some of the members 
spent Thanksgiving holidays rock 
climbing and camping at Stone 
Mountain, N.C. Future plans in- 
clude cross-country skiing, spe- 
lunking, or cave exploring, and 


Pep Club 

First Row: Susan Wood, treasurer; Judy Hall; Lisa Eubanks, secretary; Karan Bailey; Shan Pressley, 
vice-president; Vicki Williams. Second Row: Kathy Peeler, president 

The Pep Club strives to promote 
school spirit and participation in 
its activities. It sponsored a bonfire 
at the beginning of the basketball 
season and a pep rally. Although few 
students turned out on the 40 degree 
Saturday night, those who did enjoyed 
the cheers, jokes, and refreshments. 
Other activities of the Rifle Rousers 
include selling badges and pom-poms 
at the basketball game, Purple and 
White day, and decorating the gym 
for the Turkey Classic. 

Hot chocolate and beer and marshmallows! 

Mm! Mm! That's good! 


Spartani)urg Engineering Society 

The purpose of the Spartanburg En- 
gineering Society is to afford an 
opportunity for engineering and 
physics students to become ac- 
quainted with each other, to pro- 
mote a feeling of professional bro- 
therhood among them, and to ac- 
quaint them with topics of interest 
to engineers through the media of 
field trips and addressed by success- 
ful engineers and fellow chapter 
members. The club has made field 
trips this year to the Lockheed Air- 
craft Plant, the Savannah River 
Lab, and the Chevrolet plant in 
Georgia. At orientation they pro- 
vided the students with drinks and 
hot dogs. 

Yum! Yum! Eat' um up! 

Left to Right, Standing: Percy Wimberly, advisor; Norman McCurry; Randy Hawkins; Robert 
Montgomery; Ken Boiter; Bill Barnes, advisor; Sitting: Cliff Burnett, corresponding secre- 
tary; Rick Boozer; Chuck Manning, treasurer; Jim Medlin, president; Ricky Carter, secre- 

Absent When Taken: Mike Harrill, vice-president 


Student Government Association 

Left to Right, First Row: Brenda Davis, secretary; Steve Rogers, vice-president of sophomore class; Ann Parris, 
treasurer; Kathy Peeler; Shan Pressley. Second Row: Jane West; Vicki Williams; Randy Millwood; Steve Billings; 
Arm Davis; Joarin Horeth. Third Row: Jeff Zaccari; Bryson Bailey; Chuck Henderson, president; Susan Harrison, 
vice-president of freshman class; Gayle Thomas, vice-president; Judy Cantrell. Fourth Row: Nick Small, pres- 
ident of sophomore class; John Longo. 

Absent When Taken: Marie Edwards; Judi Bowles; George Jay, president of freshman class; Cindy Mathis. 

Dr. Jerry Lehman, advisor 


Ho! Ho! Ho! 

The Student Government Associa- 
tion consists of freshman and soph- 
omore representatives who are con- 
cerned with all aspects of student 
affairs. Its various committees 
deal with community relations, 
school elections, budgets, and 
entertainment. SGA sponsored a 
dance held September 21 at the 
National Guard Amory with U. S. 
jvlale. Four members were in- 
volved in workshops as part of a 
student government conference 
held at Furman University. Decem- 
ber brought more involvement by 
SGA members with the school's 
Christmas tree, a Christmas party 
for the children of Saxon Elemen- 
tary School, and a dance co-spon- 
sored by the Veterans Student 

Here comes Santa Glaus! 

Oh Boy! 

Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer 


Student Nurses Association 

Left to Right, Standing: Ruth Baker, reporter; Joanie Dodds, vice-president; Lynn Walker, president; Carolyn 
Duncan, parliamentarian; Becky Pearson, freshman representative. Sitting: Lynne Weisner, treasurer; Barbara 
Edwards, corresponding secretary; Judy Cantrell, recording secretary 

HHP^''' " 1 -2 

^'/ ^^ mm ^H 






The Student Nurses Association is 
an organization designed to foster 
the growth of nursing students in 
their personal and professional 
lives as they prepare to carry out 
their future responsibilities as pro- 
fessional nurses. Fifteen members 
from SNA attended a workshop Oct- 
ober 18 in Columbia and discussed 
the problems and solutions of stu- 
dent-faculty relationships. The 
Association also held a Christmas 
party for the children in the ped- 
iatrics ward at the Spartanburg 
General Hospital. 


University Choraleers 

The University Choraleers, under the direction of Mrs. 
Lester H. CoUoms, are a group of USC-S students who 
2njoy music and singing. Their activities have included 
the third annual Talent Show, a Christmas Program, and 
caroling at the Pinewood Convalescent Center. The group 
is planning to sing for the Spartanburg Philharmonic this 
spring and to observe the Parade of American Music, spon- 
sored by the National Federation of Music Clubs, of which 
they are a member. The Choraleers have also been in- 
vited to participate in the International Choral Travels 
which includes a trip to Switzerland. 

The International Music Fraternity of Sigma Pi Mu is a 
group within the Choraleers. Its officers are: Marjory 
Meador, president; Tru Muriel Lawter, vice-president; 
Gwendolyn Fowler, secretary; and Jennifer Fuller, 


Veterans Student League 

Left to Right: Jack Threadgill; Bill Lanford; Jack Giarrantano; Randy Johnson, president; 
Robert Smith; Chuck Henderson; Joe Shelton; Monroe Jolly; Al Gray, advisor 

Absent When Taken: Tom Buccieri, 
secretary; George Jay; Bob Mode 

vice-president; Len Carroll, treasurer; David Holcombe, 

The Veterans Student League was organized this 
year with the following goals: 

to help enrich and fulfill a student veteran's col- 
lege career 
to encourage good fellowship among all student 

to assist in any way to make a student vereran's 

college career successful 
to make the community aware of our presence by 
our continued display of good citizenship and 
service . 
With membership open to all students, the club is 
the largest student organization at USC-S with 110 
members. It donated a large number of toys and 
$50 to the Goodfellows to provide a merrier Christ- 
mas to needy families. The veterans also co-spon- 
sored the dance held December 8 with the Student 
Government Association. 


'^ H • f 1 19^ 



^ xf 


On Saturday, October 13, 
some 40 students and faculty 
members made the two 
hour bus trip to Aiken to 
compete against the other 
regional campuses in flag 
football, cross country, 
volleyball, mLxed doubles 
tennis, and girl's softball. 

OCTOBER 13, 1973 


r -» 


> • 1 

: 1 



■;- jl 








' i 

The USC-S volleyball team 
defeated USC-Aiken 15-2, 
11-15, 15-4 in the final 
round of the competition. 
The mixed doubles tennis 
tournament saw USC-S 
taking the first three places. 

By the end of the afternoon, 
USC-S had taken first place 
in every event except an 11- 
8 heartbreaker in girl's 

The USC-S flag football 
team was victorious over 
use -Lancaster by a score 
of 39-0. USC-Salkehatchie 
was defeated by a score of 
40-7. In cross country. 
Skip Frye claimed first 
place by running two and 
one half miles in 12. 23. 5, 
just .5 short of the national 






The first annual Harvest Festival of USC-Spartan- 
burg was held on November 20-21. Belmont Abbey 
JV's, after defeating USC-S by one point, squeaked 
by Spartanburg Junior College by one point in an 
overtime period and captured first place honors and 
the Crutchfield Trophy. The Spartanburg Junior Col- 
lege Pioneers, by defeating the Wofford JV's, won 
the second place. USC-Spartanburg defeated the 
Terrior's junior squad to gain a third place in the 
tournament. The Harvest Court, composed of 
Janice Gates of SJC and Sylvia Easier of USC-S, was 
presented rosed by the Acting Director of USC-S, 
Dr. Olin Sansbury. 



"Meet the Rifles Day" was held on 
Friday, November 9. This pro- 
vided the first opportunity to see 
the new players and cheerleaders 
in action. Following a warm-up 
period of precision drills and trick 
shots, an intrasquad scrimmage 
was held. In the close, hard fought 
contest, the White team defeated 
the Purple squad 37-35. 

Left to Right, Kneeling: Rex Abercrombie, Jimmy Elliott, Nixon Allen, 
Chuck Evans, Steve Frye, Larry Wilson. Standing: Joe Bowman, Coach; 


Johnny Whiteside; James Meadows; J. C. Humphries; Robert Smith; James 
Brooks; David Taylor; Wade Bralley, manager 





The USC-S Spartan FUfles clo- 
sed the 1973 leg of the season 
with a record of 7-3 overall 
and 4-1 in conference play. 
The Rifles scored victories over 
such teams as USC-Union, 
Friendship Junior College, Wof- 
ford JV's, and USC-Sumter. 
The team also picked up a vic- 
tory with a forfeiture by USC- 
Salkehatchie and made con- 
vincing showings against USC- 
Lancaster, Belmont Abbey, and 
Durham College in the three 



Left to Right, Kneeling: Sylvia Easier, Debra Smith, Cindy Mathis. Standing: 
Kathy Fowler, Paulette Porter, Mr. Tom Davis, Coach; Shan Pressley, Linda 


The USC-S girls' basketball team 
has games scheduled with Con- 
verse College, UNC-Asheville, 
USC-Lancaster, and Spartanburg 
Junior College. Plans also in- 
clude an alumni game with last 
year's squad. 



The USC-S cheerleading squad 
consists of five girls and three 
boys. With practice and cooper- 
ation the cheerleaders display new 
jumps, stunts, and cheers at the 
Rifles basketball games. 


Left to Right, First Row: Lynne Bates, June West. Second Row; Larry Blosser, John Longo, Mark Campbell. 
Third Row: Susan Wood; Linda Burgess, head cheerleader; Cindy Mathis 


■ Ji 



i — 





'M T 




Rex Abercrombi 
Linda Adams 
Marcella Adams 
Mark Adams 
Robbie Adams 

Eric Addington 
Blanche Alexandi 
Chuck Allen 
Nixon Allen 
Robert Allen 

Diane Allison 
Muriel Andersor 
Joy Anderson 
John Angelini 
Mary Arnold 

Larry Ashley 
Vickie Atkins 
Sam Austin 
Terry Austin 
Arlene Avery 

Ronald Babb 
Susan Bagwell 
Bryson Bailey 
Eben Bailey 
Karan Bailey 

Mickey Bailey 
William Bailey 
Anne Baker 
Ruth Baker 
Gloria Ballenge 


Grady Barnett 
Tujina Barrett 
John Barron 
Paul Barron 
Lynne Bates 

Thad Beck 
Eleanor Bell 
Jose Bello 
Terry Bennett 
Alice Bishop 

Angela Bishop 
Roger Bishop 
Barry Black 
Diane Blackwell 
Mary Blassingame 

Larry Blosser 
Michael Blythe 
Steve Boiter 
Nona Bolding 
Donnie Bolton 


Edna Bolton 
James Bonds 

Rick Boozer 
Rick Bost 

Judi Bowles 
Denise Boyter 

Walter Boyter 
Joyce Brackett 
Charles Brade 
Wade Bralley 
Beverly Bratton 

Marty Breazeale 
Carol Brewton 
Charles Brian 
Katherine Bridges 
Benita Briggs 

Barbara Bright 
Jane Brockman 
Jeff Brome 
James Brooks 
Kevin Brown 


Morris Brown 
Darrell Bullinglon 
Thomas Bullington 
Mark Burch 
Alvin Burdette 

Kevin Burgess 
Linda Burgess 
Harold Burnett 
Mary Burnett 
Danny Burns 

Karen Burrell 
Larry Bur well 
Buddy Bush 
Mickey Bush 
Rena Byrd 

Nicki Calhoun 
Donna Camby 
Sandra Camby 
Johnny Campbell 
Mark Campbell 

Randy Campbell 
Jeffery Cannon 
Al Cantrell 
Judy Cantrell 
Roy Carroll 

Louarm Cartee 
Cheri Carter 
Ricky Carter 
Susan Carter 
Phillip Case 


Kevin Casey 
Tommy Casey 
Wilson Casey 
Bruce Cash 
Terry Cato 

Lola Chaney 
Charlotte Chapman 
Mike Chapman 
Regina Chapman 
Tom Chapman 

Antonio Chicherio 
Margaret Chicherio 
Howard Childress 
Diane Christopher 
Clifford Clark 


Billy Cline 
Nancy Cody 
Denise Coggins 
Charlene Coker 
Jane Coleman 

Bruce Coin 
Tommy Comer 
Linda Conoly 
Jackie Cook 
Lynn Cooper 

Pam Copeland 
Walker Copley 
Tim Corbin 
Gail Corn 
Larry Corn 


Ronnie Costner 
Jack Cothran 
Jan Cox 
Leon Cox 
Matthew Crenshaw 

Mary Culbreth 
Helen Daniel 
Scott Daniel 
Ann Davis 
Brenda Davis 

Claude Davis 
Essie Da\as 
Deedie Deal 
Mary Deller 
Maria Dimery 

Joanie Dodds 
Suzanne Dodds 
James Dogan 
Steve Douglas 
Ronnie Duckett 

Carol'i'n Duncan 
Steve Durham 
Brenda Durrah 
Frank Dustin 
Carolyn Easier 

Pat Easier 
Sylvia Easier 
Mike East 
Yvonne Eaves 
Barbara Edwards 


Daisy Edwards 
Larry Edwards 
Marie Edwards 
Mark Edwards 
Sharon Edwards 

Wanda Edwards 
Joe Elder 
Jim Elliott 
Dorothy Ellis 
Lisa Eubanks 

Chuck Evans 
Rex Evans 
Robert Ezell 
Tommy Ezell 
Dianne Farmier 

Debbie Finch 
Mary Finley 
Sheldon Fishkel 
Robert Fitchett 
Glenna Fletcher 

David Floyd 
Jimmy Fore 
Butch Foster 
Mary Foster 
Candace Fowler 

Gwendolyn Fowler 
Jeanne Fowler 
Kathy Fowler 
Kelley Fowler 
Kim Fowler 


Sonja Franklin 
Steve Frye 
Jennifer Fuller 
Lynn Fulton 
Mickey Gauthier 

Ann George 
Ben George 
Paula Gibson 
Elaine Giger 
Elaine Gilmore 

Earl Godfrey 
Sliirley Godfrey 
Robin Golesmith 
Carole Goodwin 
Ralph Goodwin 

Deborah Gosnell 
Sherry Gosnell 
Thomas Gosnell 
Vicki Gosnell 
Jill Gossett 

Henry Gramling 
Anthony Grant 
Elizabeth Grant 
Barbara Gray 
Lisa Gray 

David Greene 
Melanie Greene 
Vance Greene 
James Greenway 
Becky Greer 


Roger Greer 
David Gregg 
Ken Gresham 
Diane Griffin 
Frank Grogan 

John Gvvinn 
Susan Haddin 
Sandra Halford 
Cathy Hall 
Judy Hall 

William Hammett 
Marie Hamrick 
Rena Hamrick 
Thomas Hanley 
Ross Hanna 

Mike Harrill 
Deborah Harris 
Paul Harris 
Debbie Harrison 
James Harrison 



Joey Harrison 
Rayfield Harrison 
Becky Harvey 
Garnet Harvey 
Kathy Harvey 

Mary Jane Hartala 
Cheryl Hayden 
Robin Haynes 
David Havves 
Jack Hawkins 


Becky Hem an 
Chuck Henderson 
Rhonda Henderson 
Laura Hendrix 
Derek Herring 

Hugh Hill 
Jimmy Hindman 
Rouea Hines 
Elizabeth Hirsiger 
Phil Hix 

John Hogg 
David Holcombe 
Debbie Holmes 
Judy Hood 
Joanne Horeth 

Becky Home 
Eileene Horton 
Renetta Horton 
Bruce Howard 
Herbert Howell 

Terry Hudson 
Mike Hughey 
Sarah Hunt 
Taft Hunt 
Mindy Hursey 

John Hutchins 
Marcelle Huder 
Debra Hyatt 
Stanley Hyatt 
Gerald Jackson 


George Jay 
Elaine Jennings 
Joey Jennings 
Wanda Jennings 
Doris Ann Johnson 

Elizabeth Johnson 
Marvin Johnson 
Sandie Johnson 
William Johnson 
Buddy JoUey 

David JoUey 
Monroe Jolly 
Paul Jones 
Beverly Joyce 
Allen Keith 

Sandra Keller 
Marlene Kelly 
Jimmy Kerr 
Judith Kierstead 
Johnny Kimbrell 

Phil Kimbrell 
Donna King 
Mike King 
Steve King 
Deborah Kingsmore 

Anthony Kirby 
Martin Kirby 
John Kiser 
Terry Kiser 
Mike Kite 


George Knickerbocker 

Jorli Knight 
i Joey Kohn 
,i Janella Koob 

Donna Lamb 

^^l ^h^m 

Dennis Lancaster 
Jim Landon 
Dale Laws 
Tru Muriel Lawter 
Donald Lee 

Kleber Lee 

Lorie Lee 

Debbie Leonard 

Beverly Lester 


Randy Lewis 
William Lipscomb 
David Litteral 
Janice Little John 
Joe Logan 

John Longo 
Judy Lotz 
Richard Lovelace 
Robert Lowe 
B. J. Lyles 

Steve Lyles 
Carolyn Madden 
Debbie Mahaffee 
Bess Edwards Mallory 
Kathleen Maness 

Don Marler 
Janet Martin 
Joyce Martin 
Patty Martin 
Stewart Martin 

Tony Martin 
Tora Martin 
Christi Massey 
Karen Massey 
Cindy Mathis 

Mike Mathis 
Van Maxwell 
Vicky McAbee 
Deborah McBeth 
Linda McBride^J^y 










Wanda McCarter 
Ann McCollough 
Dennis McCutcheon 
Jane McDonald 
Sandra McDowell 

Debra McGraw 
Jim McGuffin 
Pam Mclntyre 
Sheila Mclntyre 
Debbie McKelvey 

Carolyn McKenzie 
Gary Mc Mull en 
Neil McNeil 
Becky McPherson 
David McPherson 

Karen McRacken 
Marjory Meador 
James Meadows 
James Medlin 
Mickey Melton 

Steve Merchant 
Linda Metcalf 
Mary Metcalf 
Karen Michaud 
Deborah Miller 

Debbie Mills 
Rickey Millwood 
Randy Millwood 
Lucy Mitchell 
Steve Mitchell 


Dorothy Moffitt 
Betty Montgomery 
Shirley Moody 
Earnestine Moon 
Joan Moon 

Debra Moore 
Mary Moore 
Nancy Moore 
Valentine Moore 
Doug Morgan 


Johnny Morton 
Donald Moss 
Mike Moss 
Tommy Moss 
Louie Mullikin 

Elizabeth Murff 
Donna Nelson 
Jennifer Nichols 
Teresa Nodine 
Scott Nord 

Mary Norwood 
LuAnn Odell 
Judy Odom 
Carolyn Oshields 
Richard Overcash 

Gerald Owens 
Rick Owens 
Phyllis Palmer 
Sandra Pappas 
Marsha Parham 

Melvin Parker 
Pam Parker 
Richard Parker 
Irene Parks 
Billy Parris 

Fuchsia Parris 
Kathy Parris 
Robert Parris 
Robert Patterson 
Jack Pattillo 


Becky Pearson 
Rachel Pearson 
Kathy Peeler 
Wilma Perrion 
Cathy Perry 

Loraine Peterson 
Sandra Petres 
Margaret Phillips 
Howard Pippin 
Phillip Pitts 

Vicki Plaxico 
Robin Plexico 
Keith Plumley 
Buddy Poole 
Sherry Poole 

Paulette Porter 
Helen Poston 
Sybil Poteat 
Kathy Powell 
Shan Pressley 

Betty Pryor 
Jackie Randolph 
Mary Randolph 
Sara Reece 
Brian Reeve 

Laurence Reeve 
Cynthia Reid 
Ray Renfro 
Lester Richards 
James Richardson 


Randy Riddle 
Samuel Ridings 

Chip Rivers 
Kim Rivers 

Mike Robbins 
Terry Robbins 

Mike Roberts 
Judy Robertson 
Elizabeth Robinson 
Juanita Robinson 
Nina Robinson 

Rick Robinson 

George Rodgers 

Steve Rodgers 

Stan Rolen 

Sara Alice Roquemore 

Bobby Ross 
James Rothrock 
Glenn Rowland 
Linda Rowland 
Gerald Rudisail 


Arm Rush 
Cesar Saenz 
Mike Sample 
Roger Sanders 
James Sawyer 

Debbie Scruggs 
Jill Seagle 
Dennis Seay 
John Seay 
Judd Seay 

Alfred Sergiacomi 
Yleana Seymour 
Ann Sharpe 
Gwen Shealy 
Joseph Shelton 


Jamie Shipman 
David Shook 
Barbara Simmons 
Bobby Simmons 
Eddie Simmons 

Richard Simmons 
Steve Skinner 
Nick Small 
Albert Smith 
Cheryl Smith 

Deborah Smith 
Dianne Smith 
Geri Smith 
Harold Smith 
Kay Smith 


Lynda Smith 
Patsy Smith 
Renee Smith 
Walter Smith 
Wanda Ann Smith 

Paula Snell 
Teresa Snow 
Doris Snyder 
Barbara Solesbee 
Susan Solesbee 

Robbie South 
Robert Sparks 
Lee Speer 
Tom Stearnes 
Timothy Steele 

Keith Stein 
Jesse Stevenson 
Camille Stockman 
Ann Strokes 
Richard Stroman 

James Suddeth 
William Suttles 
Ann Swofford 
Vemer Tate, Jr. 
Jeannie Taylor 

Keith Taylor 
Gayle Thomas 
Charles Thomason 
Janet Thomason 
Ann Thompson 

l„.V^- -J' 


Marion Thompson 
Mike Thompson 
Patty Thompson 
Randy Tisdale 
Duane Toney 

Annelte Trombly 
Linda Truesdale 
Kenny Tuck 
Donna Turner 
Judson Turner 

Juene Turner 
Mavis Tufner 
Margaret Turner 
John Tyner 
Sandy Ulmer 

Pat Varner 
Rita Varner 
Stanley Varner 
Toni Varner 
Phil Vehorn 

Jerrene Verdin 
Vicki Vigneault 
Harriette Vinson 
Patel Virendra 
Carolyn Wagner 

Gwen Waldrop 
Curtis Walker 
Herbert Walker 
Larry Walker 
Lynn Walker 


Roger Walker 
William Walker 
Marie Wall 
George Ward 
Girmy Ward 

Dick Warren 
Linda Washington 
Betty Waters 
Janet Watkins 
Donna Weathers 

Gene Webb 
Debra Webster 
Lynne Weisner 
Jane West 
June West 

Susan West 
Carole Westbrook 
Wayne Wheatley 
Marc Whisenant 
Holly White 

Marlene White 
Anita Whitmire 
Ned Wilder 
Mary Williams 
Ralph Williams 

Vicki Williams 
Fran Wilson 
Danny Wilson 
Dean Wilson 
Joseph Wilson 

Frankie Wofford 
Gail Wofford 
Robert Wofford 
Steve Woniick 
Karen Wood 

Mike Wood 
Susan Wood 
Deborah Woods 
Bill Wyatt 
Steve Wyatt 

Nancy Yoffee 
Buddy Youmans 
William Young 
Jeff Zaccari 






. rf*' 



Standing, left to right: Cleveland Harley, Harold Davis, Grady Brooks, John L. Cobb, 

J. P. Coan 

Seated, left to right: William Burroughs, Secretary -treasurer; G.B. Hodge, Chairman 

Lewis Howell, Vice-chairman 


Dr. Olin B. Sansbury, Jr. 
Acting Director 

Donald R. Knight 
Assistant to the Director 

Marian Murph 
Administrative Assistant 


1. J. Thomas Davis 
Director of Student 

2. Jane Johnson, Head 

3. Paul Mack, Admissions 


1. Charles E, Winston, 
Director of Information 

2. Joseph Bowman, Athletic 

3. Robert A. Connelly, 
Business Manager 



1. Becky Patterson, Audio 
Visual Coordinator 

2. Joan Hunt, Secretary, 
Audio Visual 



1. Bryant Reeves, Book- 
store Manager 

2. Albert Gray, Assistant 
Admissions Officer 
and Veteran Coordi- 

3. Judy Sessions, Assist- 
ant Librarian 



1. Ruth Shiplett, Secretary- 
Business Office 

2. Barbara Owens, Secre- 

3. Evelyn Black, Secre- 
tary, Administration 

4. Betty Ebert, Secretary 
Division of Education. 
Graduate Regional 

5. Jackie Sherbert, Secre- 
tary, Division of Fine 
Arts, Languages 

1. Frances Hackett, Secre- 
tary, AdmLnlstration 

2. Charlene Pearson, 
Secretary, Admissions 

Elaine Gilmore, 
Secretary, Division of 

Peggy Rowe, Secretary, 
Director of Student 

Mary Davidson, Secre- 
tary, Division of Social 
Sciences, Division of 
Science, Engineering, 
and Mathematics 


1. W.G. Kissell, M.B. A. 
Coordinator of Business 
Administration, Eco- 

2. Eric Jolly, M.A. Bus. 
Ad., Economics 

3. Margaret Lesesne, M.A. 
Business Education and 
Office Administration 

4. Guy facobsohn, M.A. 


M lULin'TtO LITfWf 

1. Carolyn Wynn, M.A. 
Spanish; Coordinator 
of Fine Arts, Language 
and Literature 

2. M.B. Ulmer, Ph.D. . 

3. Charles Stavely, M.S., 

4. Paul Lithard, License 
German, French 


1. Nancy Moore, M. A. 

2. Dr. Emanuel Seko, 
Ph.D. English 

3. Andrew Crosland, M.A. 

Elizabeth S ikes, M.A. 


Don Knight, M.A. 


Shelby Stephenson, M.A. 





Tom Hawkins, Ph.D. 
Educational Foundations, 
Coordinator of Education 
and Graduate Regional 

Vergene Colloms, M. 
Mus. Ed, , Music 
Jessie Wall, D. Ed. , 
Early Childhood Edu- 


John B. Edmunds, Ph.D. 

History, Coordinator of 

Social Science 

Conway Henderson, 


Political Science, 

International Studies 

Jerry Leiiman, Ph.D. 
Psychology,', Counseling 

2. Richard Spong, M.A. 

3. Vernon Noll, M.A. 


James p. Sloan, M. A. 

Political Science 

fames Brown, Ph.D. 


Alice Henderson, Ph.D. 




1. Sally Emory, M.A. 

2. David Taylor, M.A. 
Biology, Coordinator of 
Science, Engineering, 
and Math 

3. Robert Harvey, M.S. 

4. Cheryl Dammann, 
Ph. D. Chemistry 

5 . Betty Howa rd , M . A . T. 
Biology Lab 





William Barnes, M.S.E. 

Engineering, Physics 

Richard Inden, Ph. D. 


Percy Wimberly, M.E. 

Engineering, Physics 




1 — ^k/^ 



Helen Biehl, Coordi- 
nator Nursing 
Lois Marriott, M. Ed. 

Cecilia Cogdell, B.S. 

Ann Wall, B.S. Nursing 
Karen Brown, B. S. 

DoUie Weeks, B.S. 


Gwendolyn Felton, B.S. 


Glenda Sims, B.S. 


Marjorie Keller, B.A. 


Victoria Poole, B.S. 


Deanne Ledford, B.A. 


Nancy Babb, M.S. 



fnut « 



1. Walter Johnson 

2. Rivers Hall, Chief of 

3. Glen Lanford, 


i » 

1. Frank Laney, Custodian 

2. Mary Johnson, Custodian 
Haley McCoy, Custodian 




















- *Tdsi 



Poem used in the Prologue section is 
Yes" by Carl Sandburg. 

"The Peo! 

In order to cover the activities throughout thtej 
school year, I found it necessary to contract 
with the second one arriving in August. I hope 
you feel that this part is an adequate represent 
of the first semester of the '73- '74 school yea 

















The annual staff, on be- 
half of the students and 
faculty, dedicates the 
1973-74 CAROLANA to 
our director, Dr, Olin 
Sansbury, Jr. The an- 
nouncement of Dr. Sans- 
bury as permanent di- 
rector of the Spartanburg 
Regional Campus was 
made on February 27, 
His work with and for 
USC-S this year has 
greatly benefited both 
students and faculty. We 
feel that his influence 
will continue to benefit 
our school and the com- 
munity as we continue 
to grow. 


Dear USC-S students: 
The University of South Carolina-Spar 
tanburg reached an important 
milestone in 1973-74, ful- 
filling the enrollment 
requirements for ad- 
ding junior level 
coursework. All 
signs indicate 
that next fall, 
USC-S wai 
achieve the 
necessary en- 
rollment for 
adding sen- 
ior level 
meaning that 
many of you 
now enrolled 
will be able 
to earn a bac - 
cal aureate de- 
gree on this 

In addition to an 
expanding academ- 
ic program, USC-3 
is also developing a 
stronger and more 
varied array of extra- 
curricular activities, 
seeking to create a rn^ 
complete coUe 

community. Although this is sometimes 
difficult on a commuter campus, 
thanks to your efforts, and 
the efforts of a talented 
faculty -staff, our goal 
is becoming a real- 

is an excitin 

time to be a' 
part of thei 
USC-S comr 
munity anc 
we hope thai 
you will al- 
ways feel a 
sense of 
pride at 
being dt. 
member oP 
this com- 
munity, now 
and in the 

Olin B. Sans- 
bury, Jr. 


Dr. Thomas F. Jones 

Dr. William H. Patterson 

The university administra- 
tion keeps close contact 
with the regional campus- 
es. These officials ad- 
minister to USC-S and co- 
ordinate our activities with 
the university in Columbia. 
USC-S appreciates their 
presence and involvement 
in such activities as the 
Palmetto Athletic Confer- 
ence Tournament, Dr. 
Sansbury's permanent ap- 
pointment as director of 
the Spartanburg Regional 
Campus, and graduation. 

Dr. H. Willard Davis 
Vice Provost 

Dr. Reginald Brasington 
Assistant Vice Provost 

Dr. John J. Duffy 
Associate Vice Provost 

Spring '74 registration brought 
an enrollment of 915 under- 
graduate students and 530 
graduate students. Plans to in- 
troduce junior level courses in 
the fall continued as a result 
of acquiring over 700 full -time - 
equivalent students in the fall. 
This plan operates under the 
1972 legislation which states 
that when a post secondary ed- 
ucation school reaches an en- 
rollment of 700 students, jun- 
ior level courses may be add- 
ed, and that when the school 
reaches an enrollment of 1,000 
students, senior level courses 
may be added. 


n.. ' 




The problems of a com- 
muter school are many, 
and the Spartanburg 
Regional Campus has its 
share. But the adminis- 
tration, faculty, and stu- 
dents worked hard this 
year in solving some of 
them. Car pool lists and 
recruitment activities 
are two good examples of 
this kind of effective 
cooperation. At the end of 
first semester, car pool 
lists were made available 
in the Hodge Center Lobby. 
Covering a ten-region 
breakdown of Spartanburg 
and surrounding areas, 
these lists of names helped 

students know and contact 
other students as possi- 
bilities for forming car 

Recruitment activities in- 
cluded committee meet- 
ings, visits to high 
schools, a "Send a Friend 
to College" ad, a recruit- 
ment rally, letters to 
high school seniors, and 
television and radio pro- 
grams. We thank the com- 
mittee for its service to 
USC-S, and the results of 
its work will be seen not 
only in 1974-75, but also 
in the many years ahead 
as we continue to grow. 



econd semester brought many new activities and 
deas at USC-S. One of these was the creation of 
"he Purple Keg and the appearance of alcoholic 
leverages on our campus. On Friday, January 25, 
he Hodge Center lobby was turned into the set- 
ing for an informal party complete with free beer, 
ancing, guitar -strumming, banjo -picking, and 
iano-playing. With entertainment by Tommy Sar- 
att, Danny Wilson, Bruce Cash, Walker Copley, 
eau Long, Barney Barnwell, Steve Kellett, and 
arry Smith, the crowd enjoyed themselves by 
iinging and dancing. It wasn't long before they 
3und themselves square-dancing, complete with 
winging their partner, 3 different circles, and 
lenty of mix-ups. The creation of The Purple Keg 
ras a success in the students' and the administra- 

i-X » 


The USC-S Rifles defeated the Isotherma 
Community College Patriots, 89-77, in 
the homecoming game on February 7. 
During the first half, it looked as though 
the game might be a close one as the 
Patriots tied the score several times. 
However, by halftime the Rifles led 
with a comfortable margin of 47-32. In 
the second half, they led by as much as .' 
points. David Taylor scored the final 
points in the last seconds, making the 
score 89-77. Chuck Evans was high 
scorer with 17 points followed by Robert 
Smith with 14 and James Brooks scoring 
12. Judy Odom was elected the 1973-74 
Homecoming Queen, with Libby Johnson 
as maid of honor. The following were th 
contestants and their sponsors. 
Linda Burgess - Dale Meadows 
Brenda Davis - Robert Smith 
Sylvia Easier - Jimmy Elliott 
Laura Hendrix - Skip Frye 
Libby Johnson - David Taylor 
Jorli Knight - J.C. Humphries 
Judy Odom - Chuck Evans 
Kathy Peeler - Rex Abercrombie 
June West - Billy Phelps 
Other homecoming activities included ar 
alumni party at the Key Pines Apartment 
Club House after the game and a dance 
with "Crossroads" of Augusta, Ga. at tt 
National Guard Armory on Friday night 

The Parade of American 
Music Talent Show was 
held February 27 in the 
Hodge Center. The per- 
formance included the 
University Choraleers, 
the Men's Ensemble, 
and a number of soloists. 

The contest winners were 
Tony Caruso, first place; 

Becky McPherson and 
Bruce Cash, second place; 
Jennifer Fuller and 
Michael Blythe, third 
place; and Steve Skinner, 
honorable mention. 

Professional musicians 
from the Spartanburg 
area served as judges. 
They were Jewel Miller, 

Martha Barnes, Bob Smith, 
and Ray Still. Sigma Pi 
Mu sponsored the show in 
observance of the Parade 
of American Music which 
the National Federation of 
Music Clubs presents 
each February. Mrs. Ver- 
gene Colloms, sponsor of 
Sigma Pi Mu, directed the 



— . _ 

rivf V- 

. _^ 




Politics came to USC -Spar- 
tanburg with addresses by 
three candidates for 
Governor of South Carolina. 
Representative William 
Jennings Bryan Dorn spoke 
on February 25 in the 
Hodge Center. Len Carroll, 
treasurer of the Veterans 
Student League, presented 
him with a Gamecock 
plaque. Lieutenant Gover- 
nor Earle Morris addressed 
students and faculty on 
February 28, and General 
William Westmoreland 
spoke on April 12. 


_ .M, 


The 1974 Palmetto Ath- 
letic Conference Tour- 
nament was an important 
turning point in the con- 
ference and for the Spar- 
tanburg Regional Cam- 
pus, The tournament was 
hosted in Spartanburg for 
the first time ever and 
was won by USC-Spar- 
tanburg for the first time 
ever also. Through the 
many valuable efforts of 
faculty, staff and students, 
a smooth efficient tour- 
nament was carried off 
with few distractions 
from a group of fine bas- 
ketball games. The team 
provided the spark of life 
that hopefully will grow 
and help to develop the 
pride and spirit that are 
so essential to the build- 
ing of a great school. 

Coach Joe Bowman 

use -Spartanburg experi- 
enced two firsts as the host 
of and the champions of 
the Palmetto Athletic Con- 
ference Tournament held 
on February 21-23. After 
victories over USC-Sal- 
kehatchie and USC- Lan- 
caster on Thursday and 
Friday nights, the Rifles 
fought a neck-to-neck bat- 
tle with the Aiken team. 
The victory was uncertain 
until J. C. Humphries, 
the Rifles' star forward, 
was thrown out on a fla- 
grant foul. This seemed 
to fire up the Rifles and 
lead them to the unex- 
pected win of 68-63. We 
upset the Pacers and be- 

The Miss PAC crowning 
was held during half time 
of the championship game 
with Margaret McNeil from 
USC -Union capturing the 
honor. Runnerups were 
Miss Salkehatchie and Miss 
Sumter. Judy Odom, es- 
corted by Tim Corbin, 
represented USC -Spar- 
tanburg in the contest. 
After the game, various 
awards were given to the 
teams and individual play- 
ers. Robert "Chief" Smith, 
the Rifles' high scorer of 
the game, was voted the 
tournament's "Most Val- 
uable Player. " The tour- 
nament was also high- 
lighted by a coaches' 
breakfast, a press lunch- 
eon and a directors' and 
coaches' golf match at 
Lan-Yair Country Club. 
A dance was held for USC 
students with "Horseheads" 
from Aiken performing. 






use -Spartanburg also 
hosted the National Lit- 
tle College Athletic 
Association South Atlantic 
Regional Basketball 
Tournament on February 
29-30. The NLCAA is a 
55 member organization 
aimed at providing inter- 
collegiate competition at 
a national level for small 
schools. Six teams played 
in the conference and in- 
dependent divisions. The 
Spartan Rifles blasted the 

use -Lancaster Lancers 
85-70 on Friday with 
Chuck Evans totaling 28 
points. But Saturday night 
witnessed another story 
for the Rifles as they met 
the Aiken Pacers for the 
national conference berth. 

The lead changed hands 
21 times, with the score 
tied up seven times before 
the Pacers finally broke 
loose in the last six and 
one -half minutes. With 

foul trouble for the Ri- 
fles and good free 
throws for the Aiken 
team, they won the game, 
74-70. Although Coach 
Bowman questioned the 
officiating, the referees 
prevailed. The game 
left the Rifles with an 
19-7 overall record this 
year, the school's 
best ever. CONGRAT- 
for a great season. 

-r r 

The fourth annual Intercol- 
legiate Foosball Champ- 
ionship and a chess tour- 
nament were held the week 
of March 11. The foosball 
tournament involved six 
area schools including 
use -Spartanburg, Spartan- 
burg Junior College, 
Wofford, Tri-County TEC, 
Spartanburg TEC and 
Clemson. Noel Swain, a 
local foosball distributor, 
sponsored the one-day 
tournament. The SJC team 
won the championship, 
receiving a $200 scholar- 
ship and a trophy. Lester 
Richards, Mike King, 
Dick Overcash and Kelly 
Fowler represented USC-S 
in the contest. 

The chess tournament, 
sponsored by the United 
States Chess Federation, 
offered cash prizes for the 
winners. They were: Spen- 
cer Mathews, a professor 
at Converse College; Cur- 
tis Cantrell, a student at 
Spartanburg High School 
and Mickey Bush of USC-S. 
Richard Spong, Chess 
Club advisor, presented 
the money. 



The Spartan Riflettes had 
a successful season with 
an overall 6-2 record. 
The girls' team put up a 
good fight against some 
tough teams, often with 
no replacements for only 
six players. 

The team included Cathy 
Fowler, Sylvia Easier, 
Paulette Porter, Shan 
Pressley, Debbie Smith, 
Linda Burgess, Kaye Cox, 
Lynne Weisner, and 
Shirley Godfrey. 

use — Spartanburg 35 

use — Spartanburg 41 

use — Spartanburg 37 

use — Spartanburg 40 

use — Spartanburg 32 

use — Spartanburg 38 

use — Spartanburg 45 

use — Spartanburg 28 

eonverse eollege 34 

Spartanburg Junior eollege 28 

use — Lancaster 45 

eonverse eollege 31 

UNe — Asheville 36 

UNe — Asheville 34 

use — Lancaster 40 

Spartanburg Junior eollege 24 




For the first time, the Afro-American clubs from Wof- 
ford College, Spartanburg TEC and USC-S presented a 
combined Black Week on March 11-17. i^ 

With each school given a specific night to present its 
activity, USC-S began the week with a fashion show. The 
models, sponsored by some of the well known stores in 
the Spartanburg area, included Linda Burgess, Cynthia 
Raid, Tony Caruso, Diane Maybin, Vicki Vigneault, Lin- 
da Smith, Robin Smith, Elizabeth Robinson, and Al Gray, 
USC-S Assistant Admissions Officer and Veteran Coordi- 
nator. Spartanburg TEC presented Douglas Jones as the 
speaker for Tuesday evening. Wofford's activities in- 
cluded entertainment by the Henderson-Davis Players of 
S. C. State College and speeches by Dr. Cone, Dr. Proc- 
tor, and Rep. Ernest A. Finney. The main attraction, 
held Saturday night, was "Black Expo '74, " a dance fea- 
turing PAIN from Spartanburg. Michael Blythe, a USC-S 
freshman, is a member of the band. 

He Flies' Through The Air 
Testing New 'Bat-Glider' 

One spectator joshed, "It's a 
bird," another observer said, 
"No, it's a plane " Actually, it 
was just mild-mannered, BiU 
Barnes test flying his new hang- 

Barnes was airborne tune 
after time, as he dashed dtmn 
the side of a gentle slope. 

clutching a 75 foot cable at- 
tached to the bumper of a 
speeding car. 

Hanging like a gigantic, 
transparent dragonfly, he stood 
silhouetted against the gray, 
afternoon sky, ready to swoop 
down in his self-proclaimed 
"twtrglider" and conquer the 

world stretched out beneath 

Conquer he might and fly he 
muit, but Monday morning he'll 
be back in the classroom 
leaching physics and 

engineering to students at USC- 

In fact, the UKO served more 


tlian just satisfaction for an 
adventuring spirit It was a 
class project designed to 
demonstrate the laws of physics 
and aerodynamics 

The "bal-glider" is, iu reality, 
a RuguUu wiug, named for a 
NASA engineer in search of a 
mettiud tu land low-speed, re- 
entry vehicles on the earth's 
surface, rather than in the 

For the wing's frame, Barnes 
used sturdy pieces of bamboo, 
cut by his students in a ttucket 
near Woodruff. The bamboo 
was covered with tightly 
wrapped sheets of thick plastic 
and bound with heavy tape. 

The pilot supports himself by 
draping his arms over two poles 
which run parallel to the keel. 
The dimensions are about 20 x 
23 feet, and the craft weighs 
nearly 80 pounds. 

Barnes and seven uf his 
students built the glider last 
week in the lobby of the Hodge 
Center in about eight hours for 
less than )25. 

Testing began last Monday 
afternoon on the USC-S campus 
when Barnes judged the winds 
to be right. He says a 20 mph 
wind IS ideal, pernutting the 
wing to glide between five and 
10 feet off the ground. 

Two students help to guide tlie 
glinder during takeoff, and then 
It's up to the pilot to control the 
flight altitude by shifUng his 
body weight from one position 
to another. 

If there is uncertainty about 
going up, there is none about 
coming down. 

Barnes admits that landing is 
Uie hardest part, "bf< ause your 
U'g!i buckle and } our knees turn 
into skids." 

"Avoiding serious injury is 
always a cuiucni," Barnes 
adds, sii he wears a iimtorcyi le 
hcliiu-t and heavy pdnts for 
added protection. 

A number of the Civil Air 
I'dtjol diiil a llcchsed private 
pilot, Uaiiiis rcattio!' to his 
ti|-.->t tew fli(^tiLs was, I'll Ik; 
dui II, It woi ks" 

Aiiiithci JOil test 111 -.its, says 
iS.ii no.-., and lie mu> I .■ i>-ad.\ to 
.Midi tiiiiii L|if lop lit a Uill 
''inldiii^ idtJit'i tluii altt'i i|il Ki 
l(ii[) urif 


^^^fi^uBu msumr: 

5^al Carol! 
ties including two da 
performances by "Carolina Alive, " a 
singing group from USC iii Columbia. Bui 
most of our students did not go to these 
events. Instead we stayed at the Monte 
Catglj/Aiiid did such things as have drinking 
conte^is, stay up all night to "See the 
sunrise, throw spitballs at the TV, play 
^o fish, " dive off the third floor into the 
swimming pool, and, of course, go 
streaking. The only way to describe 
it is to say that this weekend was 
' the most exciting highlights 


'flRiK?' " 

V]??.G:?t'^CG?lo f 


9R NJ UcikiAfO 

-». c. 

^'^^h^*j ; 



'^••'* V^^'cA^tf 

'C^ . 

* ^^w</ir«4 Z^^-^^. 


^fii 'If' - 


■■■•■• ■ 


*\T-' «^'!^*^QiC^ '■^■f4i 

","•■ jiJ'^w^ 

THE MIKADO, a Gilbert 
and Sullivan comic opera, 
was presented April 26 by 
thirty -five USC-S students. 
With weeks of preparation, 
the play involved students 
of the Course 454 Music 
for the Young Child and 

the University Choraleers. 
The 30-minute performance 
attracted many area chil- 
dren as a result of pro- 
motion by people involved 
in Early Childhood Educa- 
tion and Elementary Edu- 
cation. The abbreviated 

form, arranged to appeal 
to young children, was 
set in Japan and concerned 
the plight of four lovers. 
The play was directed by 
Mrs. Lester H. Colloms 
and narrated by Dr. 
Jessie Wall. 


The annual Spring Festival 
Day was also held on Fri- 
day, April 26. Sponsored 
by SGA, this event was a 
fund-raising project to 
benefit the Spartanburg 
Girls' Home and the 
USC-S Student Scholar- 
ship Fund, Gayle Thomas, 
chairman of the Spring 
Festival Committee, was 
aided by Fred Sergiacomi 
and Susan Harrison in 
coordinating the event. 

The afternoon of fun was 
started by the dropping 
in of parachuters onto 
our field. Activities in- 
cluded tug-of-war, egg- 
throwing, balloon-throwing, 
nickel hunts, water battles, 
and Softball. Hardly any- 
one who was there left 
dry after the water battles 


k i 

started. Cups, balloons, 
and trash can liners were 
used to drench each other. 
There was also a teacher 
auction in which the high- 
est bidder received ser - 
vices or items from 
our instructors. 

Friday's activities were 
concluded with our last 
Party at the National Guard 
Armory. With "Justice" 
from Columbia performing, 
the dance proved to be one 
of the best of the year. 
Miss USC-S and her court 
were honored at the party 
after being chosen by a 
faculty committee on the 
basis of participation in 

school activities, beauty, 
poise, and personality. 

The winners were Miss 
USC-S, Linda Burgess; 
Miss Sophomore, Ann 
Parris; her runner-up, 
Jennifer Fuller; Miss 
Freshman, Sylvia Easier; 
her runner-up, Laura 

Steve Rogers was also 
recognized for his service 
and work in coordinating 
the SGA-sponsored dances 
and parties throughout the 
year. And Wade Bralley 
was honored for his birth- 
day with a new set of 
spoons to play. 


Dfficers of the Alumni Association include: Joe Bowman, advisor; George McDowell, co- 
:hairman of the Board of Directors; Cornelia Steele, co -chairwoman of the Board of 
Directors; James R. Smith, president; Susan Brown, secretary; and Jimmy Brown, treasur- 
er. Absent when taken was Ralph Allison, vice-president. 


i lie ^Aiuiiiiii xioowv- ictLiwii 

was active throughout the 
year in promoting and 
supporting our school. 
Former students of the 
Spartanburg Regional 
Campus were involved in 
an alumni basketball 
game, a party held after 
liomecoming, and various 
fund-raising projects. 
They also presented the 
school with a United States 
flag obtained by Congress- 
man James R. Mann. 


ciation, an organization 
designed to foster the per- 
sonal and professional 
growth of nursing students, 
participated in a number 
of activities during second 

About 40 student volunteers 
from the SNA collected 
$1,076 for the Heart Fund 
on February 2. This figure 
was over 25 per cent of the 

At the annual state Student 
Nurses Association Con- 
vention, held at Charles- 
ton, several USC-S stu- 
dents won state offices for 
the upcoming year. And a 
Black Band Party was held 
where the nursing gradu- 
ates received their black 
bands for their caps and 
their graduation pins. 


'4^ ^ 











The tennis team for the 1974 spring season includes: Joe Elder; Bruce Howard; David 
Cox; Wilson Casey; Chuck Evans; Judy Odom; John Kiser; Mr. Richard Spong, advisor; 
John Longo; and Sylvia Easier 

use -Spartanburg 
use -Spartanburg 
use -Spartanburg 
use -Spartanburg 
use -Spartanburg 
use -Spartanburg 
use -Spartanburg 
use -Spartanburg 
use -Spartanburg 


Isothermal CC 


use -Sumter 



use -Aiken 


North Creenville College 



Limestone College 






use -Sumter 



Limestone College 



Isothermal CC 








Coached by Bryant Reeves, 
the 1974 baseball team in- 
cludes: Rex Abercrombie, 
Nixon Allen, David Bishop, 
Gaylord Bralley, Wade 
Bralley, Jim Elliott, Skip 
Frye, Bill Humphries, 
Ricky Owens, Rick Rob- 
inson, Lee Speer, Kenny 
Tuck and Mike Wood 

use -Spartanburg 


North Greenville College 


use -Spartanburg 


use -Union 


use -Spartanburg 


use -Sumter 


use -Spartanburg 




use -Spartanburg 




use -Spartanburg 




use -Spartanburg 




use -Spartanburg 


use -Union 





The University Convoca- 
tion Series brought many 
exciting and interesting 
guests to our campus this 
year. The program in- 
cluded concerts, plays, 
and lectures, with Daryl 
Rice beginning the series 
with her folk singing at 
fall orientation. Daryl 
has become well known 
with her appearances at 
Carowinds and on Chan- 
nel 7's weekly presenta- 

tion of "Carolina Country. " 

Halloween brought a lee - 
ture and slide presentation 
on ghosts and goblins by 
Bruce and Nancy Roberts, 
authors of the book 
LINAS. Ms. Anne Gehman, 
nationally known medium 
and spiritual advisor, 
spoke on November 7. 
"A Comparison of South 
Carolina and Europe" was 


the topic of Dr. Lewis P. 
Jones' lecture on December 
5. Dr. Jones, chairman of 
the history department at 
Wofford College, is an 
accomplished author of 
short stories and books. 

Second semester brought 
even more guests for the 
Convocation Series. On 
January 23, Edwin L. 
Baron, master hypnotist, 
spoke on campus. 






At noon and in the evening, 
His amazing use of hyp- 
notism was demonstrated 
with volunteers, both stu- 
dents and visitors, from 
the audience. The next 
three programs were 
plays with performances 
by the Alpha -Omega 
Players, the South Caro- 
lina Open Road Ensemble, 
and the University Players. 

Mr. Mac Boggs, from 
Converse College, pre- 
sented a lecture on 
"What's New in Modern 

Art" on April 3. And the 
last program in the Con- 
vocation Series was a 
concert by the Blackearth 
Percussion Group on April 

The members of the 1974 
Cultural Affairs Committee 
were Mr. Charles Stavely, 
Chairman; Mr. Eric Jolly; 
Ms. Nancy Babb; Dr. Alice 
Henderson; Chuck Hender- 
son; and John Sims. We 
thank this committee for 
an interesting and reward- 
ing Convocation Series. 



USC-S Students And Faculty Honored 

Nearly 15 area students and 
faculty members were honored 
Wednesday afternoon during 
the annual Awards Day 
ceremonies In the USC- 
Spartanburg gymnasium 

Nick Small, a Spartanburg 
fresiiman majoring in phar- 
macy, was named Most Out- 
standing Student Government 
Association member. Small was 
student \ice president this year 
and IS the newly elected SGA 
president for next year 

The Outstanding Teacher of 
the Year Award went to David 
Taylor, assistant professor of 
biology, who was chosen by a 
faculty-student selection 

Top scholastic honors went to 
Mrs Arnold L Nanney of 
Spartanburg as the Outstanding 
Freshman The Outstanding 
Sophomore student is James F. 
Medlin of Clinton. 

Athletic Director Joe 
Bowman was named Alumni 
Man of the Year. The award 
was made for the first time by 
James R Smith. Alumni 
Association president. 

Two freshmen nursing 
studenta were cited for out- 
standing achievement: Rose 
Postofi of Wellford and Karen 
McRacken of Union. Lola 
Chaney of Mauldm was named 
the top sophomore nursing 

The top political science 
student wa5 Stephen Mason of 
Woodruff. The award to the t>est 
history student went to James 
Greenway of Spartanburg. 

In the business division, 
Linda McBride of Spartanburg 
won the Wall Street Journal 
Award for Scholarship Ex- 

Angella Bishop of Inman 
received the Freshman 
Chemical Achievement Award 

The top freshman matn 
student was Barry Edge of 

The best sophomore in math 
was Ricky Carter of Spar- 

Psychology awards went to 
Tom Seymour of Spartanburg 
as the outstanding sophomore 
and to Elizabeth Ann Sharpe o: 
Landrum as outstanding fresri- 


The Outstanding Journalism 
Student Award went to Deborah 
Gosiell. a sophomore from 
Spartanburg who edited the 
USC-S student newspaper and 
who serves on the staff of The 
Spartanburg Herald-Journal. 

Qted for theu- service to the 
school's annual staff were 
Randy Morrison of Greer and 
Steve Rogers of Spartanburg 

Awards for superior talent in 
music went to Tony Caruso, Tru 
Muriel Lawter. Bobby Shrop- 

shu-e and Nick Small of Spar- 
tanburg and to Marjory Meador 
of Union. 

The USC-S cheerleaders were 
cited for their contributions to 
the athletic program They are 
Larry Blosser. Linda Burgess, 
John Longo, June West and 
Susan Wood of Spartanburg and 
Karen Taylor of Mauldin. 

Ann Fams of Spartanburg 
was recognized for her service 

as the school's official mascot 
at Spartan Rifles athletic 

Tirechief Smith Named 
Rifles' Outstanding Cager 

Robert 'Kirechief ' .Smith 
was honored as" L>askeiball s 
most outstanding pla\er at 
USC-Spartanbur g awards 
ceremonies Wednesda> 

Smith, a 6-" 36-.\ear old 
center for the Spartan Kifies. 
also received the top rebounder 
award He averaged 8,9 
rebounds last year 

Bill Humphries won a similar 

award for baseball and 
Richard Heatie) won the most 

valuable award for golf. 

Sophomore Kathy Fowler 
was named most valuable on 
the girls basketball team 

Joey Harrison, Mark Burch 
and Butch Foster were named 
■Ui the N'LCAA All-American 
bowling team, USC-S won its 
second straight championship 
this year. 

Sylvia Easier and Wilson 
Casey were co-winners of the 
most valuable award in tennis. 


— 7 

\.^r>kJ ~,^Wjlf W~=/'V rlf^''"' 

Graduation was held on 
May 10 with the com- 
mencement address by the 
Honorable Bruce Little- 
john, Associate Justice of 
the Supreme Court of South 
Carolina. Four candidates 
received an Associate in 
Arts Degree, and there 
were eight candidates for 
an Associate in Science 
Degree. Sixty students 
were awarded an Associate 
in Science Degree in 
Technical Nursing. 

Mrs. Betty Waters re- 
ceived a Bachelor of 
General Studies Degree 
which was the first 
baccalaureate degree 
awarded at USC-S. Even 
as the year came to a 
close, our school was 
experiencing another first 
and demonstrating its con- 
tinual growth. 



Now that the end has come, my hope is that you feel this yearbook has reflected you and 
your school during 1973-74. Without the help of a few dedicated people, these reflections 
would not have been possible. A special thanks goes to Miss Judy Sessions, advisor of 
the CAROLANA, and to Mr. Tom Davis, Director of Student Affairs. Thank you, news- 
paper staff, for bearing with me and sharing the publications room. My thanks also goes 
to Mr. Fred Bostrom and Jostens American Yearbook Company for putting up with such 
a weird editor. And to the faithful few photographers who stuck it out to the very end, 1 
am forever grateful. We have our own reflections - 4:00 a.m. , impossible deadlines, 
curly pictures, pizzas, rolling chairs, keys, and spades over the trash can. It was all 

Boogie Woman 

Vicki Williams, editor 

Contributing photographers: 

Steve Rogers 

Randy Morrison 

Fred Sergiacomi 

Susan Harrison 

Shelley Worden 

Alden Hall 

John Longo 

Gedeon Peteri of Continental Studio 

Pete Brown of Continental Studio 

B & B Studio 







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