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Full text of "Catalog of Copyright Entries 1976 Dramas Jan-Dec 3D Ser Vol 30 Pts 3-4"

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^» ^-V. ^»/ .y-^ 


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\ ... ''Is -^ - „ . »!- A V 




-J- A V . . . <s --^ _ .. . «2- A V , _ -^ -ie> . „ , -i' av 

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These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. (Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information ahoiit anv additional records that mav exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

ISSN 0041-7858 

Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third Series 
Volume 30, Parts 3-4, Number i 

Dramas and 

Works Prepared for 

Oral Delivery 

January— June 



These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

Catalog of Copyright Entries 
Third Series 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that mav exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

ISSN 0041-7858 

Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third Series 
Volume 30, Parts 3—4, Number i 

Dramas and 

Works Prepared for 

Oral Delivery 

January— June 


^ TV * S 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a [nirticular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that mav exist. 

Library of Congress card no. 6-35347. 

This number identifies the Library of Congress 
printed card for the complete series of the Catalog of 
Copyright Entries- 
ISSN 0041-7858 Key title: Catalog of copyright 
entries. Third series. Parts 3-4. Dramas and works 
prepared for oral delivery. 

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, 
U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 
20402. Price of this part is given on page vi. 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



is published by authority of sections 210 and 21 1 
of Title 17 of the United States Code. Section 210 
provides in part: '"The current catalog of copy- 
right entries and the index volumes herein 
provided for shall be admitted in any court as 
prima facie evidence of the facts stated therein 
as regards any copyright registration." 

Orders, payable in advance, for all parts of the 
Catalog oj Copyright Entries should be sent to the 
Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government 
Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402. Orders 
may be placed for individual issues, as subscrip- 
tions for one or more parts, or for the complete 
Catalog, for periods of one, two, or three years. 
All orders should state clearly the title and the 
inclusive dates of the part wanted; checks or 
money orders should be made payable to the 
Superintendent of Documents. 

The Copyright Office welcomes inquiries, 
suggestions, and comments on the content and 
organization of the Catalog. Such communica- 

tions should be addressed to the Chief of the 
Cataloging Division, Copyright Office, Library 
of Congress, Washington D.C. 20559. 

The record of each copyright registration listed 
in the Catalog includes a description of the work 
copyrighted and data relating to the copyright 
claim (the name of the copyright claimant as 
given in the application for registration, the 
copyright date, the copyright registration num- 
ber, etc.). For each registration listed, except for 
renewals, there has been deposited a copy or 
copies of the work in accordance with the pro- 
visions contained in sections 12, 13, 14, or 215 
of Title 1 7 of the United States Code. 

Each part listed in the following table records 
registrations in the class or classes indicated 
by the alphabetical symbols. The second and 
third letters, if any, that follow the initial letter 
are added by the Copyright Office for the purpose 
of statistical analysis. Their significance is as 
follows : 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

F Published foreign works. In the case of books and 

periodicals, it designates works manufactured out- 
side the United States (except those registered for 
ad interim copyright). In all other classes to 
which it applies, it designates works first published 
outside the United States, the authors of which 
are neither citizens nor domiciliaries of the 
United States. (AF, EF) 

I Books and periodicals registered for ad interim copy- 

right. (AI, BI) 

Price per 
Part 1 Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials 

and Contribudons to Periodicals $10. 00 

A Books 

BB Contributions to periodicals 

R Renewal registrations 

Part 2 Periodicals 3. 00 

B Periodicals 

R Renewal registrations 

Parts 3-4 Dramas and Works Prepared for Oral 

Delivery 3. 00 

C Lectures and other works prepared for 

oral delivery 
D Dramatic or dramatico-musical works 

R Renewal registrations 

Part 5 Music 10. 00 

E Musical compositions 

R Renewal registrations 

Part 6 Maps and Adases 3. 00 

F Maps 

R Renewal registrations 

Published works of foreign origin registered under 
the waiver-of-fee provision (section 215 of Title 17 
of the United States Code). (BIO, GFO) 

Domestic published works in classes for which 
registration is possible for either published or un- 
published works. (EP, JP) 

Unpublished works in classes for which registration 
is possible for either published or unpublished 
works. (DU, EU) 

Price per 
Parts 7-1 1 A Works of Art, Reproductions of Works 
of Art, Scientific and Technical Drawings, 
Photographic Works, Prints and Pictorial Illus- 
trations $3. 00 

G Works of art and models or designs for 

works of art 
H Reproductions of works of art 

I Drawings or sculptural works of a scientific 

or technical character 
J Photographs 

K Prints and pictorial illustrations 

R Renewal registrations 

Part 1 IB Commercial Prints and Labels 

(Annual issue) 5. 00 
KK Commercial prints and labels 
R Renewal registrations 

Parts 12-13 Motion Pictures 3. 00 

L Motion-picture photoplays 

M Motion pictures other than photoplays 

R Renewal registrations 

Part 14 Sound recordings 5.00 

N Sound recordings 

Subscription price: Complete Catalog for the year 
$75.00; $18.75 additional for foreign mailing. 
Orders, accompanied by remittances, should be 
addressed to the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. 
Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
viTork. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

Table of Contents 


Index 1 

Current Registrations 82 

Renewal Registrations 152 


PARTS 3-4 list all registrations made in classes C 
and D for the period covered by this issue. An index 
of names and titles associated with the work is fol- 
lowed by the main entries, listed in order by regis- 
tration number. Filing of the index is letter by letter, 
except in the case of inverted names which arc filed 
up to the comma or parenthesis, after which letter 
by letter filing is resumed. Entries beginning with 
numbers which are not spelled out are filed at the 
end in numerical sequence. 

The main entries include, when applicable, the 
following information derived from the work and 

1) Title, followed by subiitlc and/or descrip- 
tive statements. The authorship of the work 
is included in this statement, with the nature 
of authorship (if available). 

2) Edition statement. 

3) Country of publication for works registered 
as foreign or as ad interim works. 

4) Label name and number for registered 
sound recordings. 

5 ) Physical description of the deposit. 

6) Series statement. 

7) Additional titles associated with the regis- 
tered work such as variant titles, alternative 
titles, translated titles, etc. 

8) Notes; information is given here which 
serves to supplement the data that is given 
elsewhere in the entry in order to describe 
a \vork more accurately or identify it more 

9) Statement that the registered work is pub- 
lished in or as part of another work, or is 
bound with another independent work. 

10) Names of authors given in the application 
which do not appear elsewhere in the entry. 

1 1 ) Statement of those materials contained in 
the registered work on which copyright is 
not claimed, when so stated in the 

12) Information contained in the application 
which relates to the registration of an earlier 
\ersion of the work. 

1 3 ) Brief statement of the new matter on \vhich 
copyright is claimed when so stated in the 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. (Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

14) C;oi)\iiuht s\mbol © or ®. 

15) A statement of limitation of claim if the 
application or notice on the work explicitly 
limits the claim. 

16) Name of the copyright claimant. 

1 7 ) Date of publication for published works ; for 
unpublished works the date on which the 
last of all items required to complete reg- 
istration (i.e., copy, application, and fee) 
was receix'ed in the Copyright Office. 

18) Registration number. 

For published works, \s hcne\er it is neces.sary to 
indicate a variation between the information given 
in the application and in the copy of the work with 
respect to the claimant's name or the date of pub- 
lication, the data from the application is gi\en first, 
followed by the phrase "in notice" and the data 

gi\en in the work; e.g., © John Doe; 10Jan76 fin 
notice: 1975). 

For renewal registrations the original date of 
publication and registration number precede the 
name of the claimant of the renewal registration. 
Following the name of the renewal claimant is a 
statement in parentheses, usually abbreviated, giv- 
ing the basis of the renewal claim as supplied by 
the application; e.g., "John Doe (A)" indicates 
that John Doe has made renewal claim as author. 

Works deposited in connection with current 
copyright registrations may be selected for inclu- 
sion in the collections of the Library of Congress. 
Library of Congress ]:)rintcd cards are available for 
many of the published \\ orks so selected. Orders for 
such cards or inquiries concerning them should be 
addre.s.sed to the Catalog Distribution Service 
Division, Building No. 159, Navy Yard Annex, 
Washington, D.C^ 20541. 

Registrations January-June 1976 

Class C — Lectures and other works pre- 
pared for oral delivery . . . 854 
Class D — Domestic published dramatic and 

dramatico-musical works . . 208 
Foreign published dramatic and 

dramatico-musical works . . 40 
L'npublished dramatic and dra- 
matico-musical works . . . 2, 231 

Total 3,333 

Renewals: Classes C and D 341 

These figures represent the number of registra- 
tions for dramas and works prepared for oral de- 
livery for January-June 1976, but do not necessar- 
ily represent the exact number of entries in this issue 
of the Cataloii of Copyright Entries. Registration 
figures for other classes of material may be found in 
the respective parts. 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

Abbreviations and Symbols 

The following list includes abbreviations and 
symbols used in this catalog with specific copy- 
right or bibliographic meanings. 
(A) author(s) 

a.a.d.o. accepted alternative designa- 

tion of 

also known as 


Administrator (s) cum testa- 
mento annexe 
Adm.d.b.n.c.t.a. Administrator (s) de bonis non 
cum testamento annexo 


approximate, approximately 

arranged, arrangement, ar- 
ranged by 

author (s) 




black and white 

Band (German) 


copyright symbol 

child or children of the deceased 


chapter (s) 



doing business as 

executor (s) of the author 

edition, editor 























illustration (s) 


inches per second 

music, music by 



next of kin of the deceased author 

new matter 












priv. print. 





R, (R) 











T., Th. 





v., vol. 




number (s) 

nouveau, nouvelle 



copyright symbol for sound re- 

proprietor of copyright in a 
work copyrighted by a cor- 
porate body otherwise than 
as assignee or licensee of the 
individual author 

proprietor of copyright in a 
composite work 

proprietor of copyright in a 
posthumous work 

proprietor of copyright in a 
work made for hire 

previous, previously 


privately printed 


part, parts 


published, publishing 

renewal registration 

registered, registration 


revolutions per minute 







tome, tomo 

Teil, Theil 

trading as 

title (s) 

title page 


volume, volumes 

words, words by 

widow of the author 

widower of the author 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particuUir 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect die complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


A. Accident. Address -o American Asso- Agraua, Prar.k. 

DU98680 01311 DU98726 0135 elation of Presidents of D098783 0136 

Independent Colleges and 

The $500 millior. switch. Accounting and finance. Universities. Aguado, Harry. 

DU98086 0121 C33692 0085 C33806 0087 DU97509 0110 

f1776 quiz show. Ace. Adjustable focus. Ahl, Henry Cur-is. 

DU9815U 0123 DU981470 0129 C33719 0065 C3a326 0098 

Aaron, Bernard. Ace in the hole. Adkins, Carl. Ah nee's ir.ven-ion. 

DF2232 0100 C3399U 0091 nU97ll6"l 0109 D0979711 0119 

Aaron, Joyce. Ackbari, Fredrick. Adlowitz, Stewart M. Ah, men, poor men. 

SEE Funk, Joyce. DU98570 0131 DU98121 0122 D097396 0107 

Abba, narta. Ackerman, Hichael. Adoff, Virginia Hamilton. Aiken, Daymond John. 

SEE Billikin, BartaAbba. DU9ei36 0122 C337UU 0086 DU971178 0109 

Abbott, Bruce, pseud. Acquiescence. Adrian, John, pseud. Ain't that dandy. 

SEE Reach, James. CU97735 om SEE Culver, Richard Barren. 0098223 012U 

Abbott, Charles. Acrobatics. Advanced clues *:o reading Aird, Robert B. 

DD98675 013U DU971I33 0108 progress. DU98380 012^ 

D098631 0133 C33e30 0088 

Abbott, Bruce, pseud. Air Way Husic Corporation. 

SEE Reach, James. Acting By Children Produc- The Adventure of the dying C33951 0090 

tions. Inc. detective. C33952 0090 

ABC/Dunhill nusic. Inc. Lion D098777 0136 DP9U93 0101 C33953 0090 

Publishing Company, Inc. C3395« 0090 

C33750 0086 R.C.T. Institute. Adventures in mosicland. C33955 0090 

C311163 0095 C33892 0089 D09772« 01 1 1 C33956 0090 

C33957 0090 

The Abductors. The Action. The Adventures of Akila C33958 0090 

DU98961 01UO DU97718 0114 Janila, the beautiful black 

princess and *he five Aizmen, David. 

Abelman, Paul. Active astronomy. treasures of life. DU9858U 0132 

R6351188 0159 

A. K. A. Deadwood Dick: t^e 

ABH Internaticnal. Ac- one, sin one. The Adventures of cool untold saga/fable of Nat 

C33950 0090 0099183 0141 Exavier. love and his road partners. 

DD97594 0111 0099665 0133 

Abigail. Adams, Edward Honesty. 

DD98270 0125 DU98036 0120 The Adventures of Daniel Akerman, Sunja Sverser. 

Boone. DU97889 0117 

Abner, Eddie, Jr. Adams, Franklin Scott. R6314U33 0159 

D09S296 0126 C311172 0095 Akers, Barrel lee. 

D09B426 0128 The Adventures of Dick D098603 0132 

Adams, Henry. Hhittington. 

Abraham. DD9B468 0129 D098731 0135 A La Carte Enterprises: 

D098713 0134 telephone input. 

Adams, Roberta. The Adventures of Garbageman C33561 00 82 

Abraham, Kenneth Raymond. DU97510 0110 and Smelly. 

DP9741 0101 DD98958 0140 Aladdin and -he wonderful 

Adams, S. L. lamp. 

Abraham and Isaac: -he akedah. SEE Adams, Stephen Lee. The Adventures of Pinocchio. R631851 0157 

DU99543 0152 D097617 0112 

Adams, Stephen Lee. El Alamo. 

Abraham and Samuel. C34366 0099 Advertising copy. DD94713 0105 

D098498 0130 

The Adam series. Albee, Edward. 

Abrahamson, Hanford. 0098762 0135 Aeschylus. rD97804 Ollf 

D097881 0117 DD98834 0137 

0097886 0117 Adamson, Edward. Alber, Paul. 

D0990ei 0142 

SEE Abrams, Tevia E. Adamson, Edward J. Albert, John Bitchell. 

R623222 0152 Aesop's fables. DU99948 0139 

Abrams, Tevia E. F627098 0150 C33596 0083 

DU97720 0114 F630076 0156 C33597 0083 Alber-, Jona-han J. 

P632454 0157 C33598 0083 Dn97562 Oil' 

Abramsky, Jil. 

DB97340 0106 Adamson, Ruth Harriet. An Affair. Albert, Ka-herine. 

DP9890 0105 D097612 0112 P628672 0155 

Abramson, Flora. D097812 0116 

D098215 0124 Adam's version of tow the Albert, Ned, pseud. 

first garden club was After Biriam. SEE Braun, Wilbur. 

Abramson, Hal. formed. 0098760 0i35 

SEE Abramson, Harold. C34265 0097 Albrloht, Janet E. 

The Afternoon of a Pearl DU98460 0129 

Abramson, Harold. Adamy, Istvan, pseud. Street faun. 

DU99516 0151 SEE Duisberg, Robert Adamy. D098263 0125 Alcohol and alcoholism: the 

drug and -he disease. 

Absent friends. Add a little essence. After the fourth. C33560 0082 

DFO-2150 0100 D099017 0141 0097457 0108 

Alden, Jerome, pseud. 

Los AburridoE. A ddison- Wesley Publishing After the solstice. SEE lakefish, Jerome. 

DU98624 0132 Company, Inc. D097457 0108 

C33767 0086 Alden, Jerry. 

Access. The Agony of the pomegranates D097991 01i9 

0098368 0127 Address and oral instructions in the garden. 

for Ping. DU98473 0129 Alderson , Barbara. 

C34126 0094 DU99263 0146 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information ahout any additional records that may exist. 



JAN. - JON. 1<)" 

"oB9i295^":!:: 0.25 ''^Ihl^l!: 0115 '"du9?987!!:!;; on, ''HSr!!!:: "!'"!. oo^^ 

Alexander, Betry. Allen pseud '"csJi^m"" ' ^^ IIIV.V. . 0099 The American Dietetic 

C3U08U 0093 SEE Holland, Ellen. C3<4.69 Association. Departmer' c 

Alexander, Janies. Allen, Robert. Ainerica-i ♦ ■ -= a beau'iful Education. ^^^_, 

C3lt08a 0093 C3U323 0098 

Alexander, Jonarie. A lien, Valerie. imer^rana ♦ ^0 D097938. 

C3U08U 0003 


Family Car 

narie Alexander. „^m;,„s r33563 00P2 C335-73 008; 

Alien, H.iJ.i(iui =" • ril'im ... OC? 

Alexander, Ronald. C3U260 0097 ,„,..„„ ,3,0,. at ■■ on of C3 3575: ! ". 1 ! ! ". ! •.: 1 ! : ! ! 00 8^ 

K625669 0153 ^ University Uomen. Queens, C33576 008" 

R625670 0153 Allen, W S. NY Branch Inc C33577 

SEE Allen, H.liiam .. DP9773 '. '. 0102 C33578 0082 

Lexander, Ross, pseud. C33579 0082 

SEE Hack, Ross Alexander. All ii;__a_^day s worK. ^ ^ ^^ ^ ,„»^s^,r. »^^or^a»ion of C33580 0082 

Duthern C33581 0082 

Lexander the Great. , . , .. New York B-anch, Binqhamtcn. C33582 0083 

°°^8325 0126 All.son Jack DP9839'' .!".!"!'-.'" 01 03 C33583 0082 

Alexander the Gr 



^??a«L!:.!^!.:::": 01S« ^^^^99393::?.:..: 01.9 nn.versity^Wo.en. Topeka ^^1^^]:^: ^::r.: . . . . 010^, 

Alexander the Great seeks All over the -.oun. DP9921 010 j^^r-can Ustory: 1320-1865. 

mastery of the world, pt . 2. E629166 0155 ,„„._,„ ^arock DP9761.. 0102 

'"'''' ""' AILS bad that ends bad: a D09851 «..".... ! 0130 ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^_^_^_ 

Alexander the Great seeks tale of a him and a her. ,„p^icar blue leans 0097501 010° 

mastery of the world, pt . 3. DU98269 0125 ^^^^Te-Jn .]..... . 0113 

S6318tt6 015b DU976/U American learnina systems, a 

All that gl-.tters may be gold. ^nlelv owned operate na 

, DU97513 0110 American blues. =°^'^-^?' °"''!'' °P- "^ ' „, ,„ 

Alexandra. DU9/51J 8526009 0153 division of American 

D099538 0151 ^ i, ^ ■ , , Cancer Plan, Inc. 

,,..,, ana Yulia. ^^^^ "^098^5^! :.!-.-!"!: !^Ji 23 -rican _Chemical_ Society . ^^ SEE American . mily^Cancer 

0098732 0135 C33557 0082 Learning Systems. 

Alpern, Andrew. ^jjdd/ n„o^ 

, ^. , ».=»o,- r33753 0086 C33606 0083 . 

All and his gang versus K.ster C3.753 i 0095 C33615 008U American Banpover and Agirg 

Tooth Decay. C3it390 " C3^670 0081 Advisory Service. 

DU979811 0119 ., , . . .^v,.,, C33696 0085 C336U6 008U 

C33697 0085 

C33698 0085 The American passion play. 

°""-" °''° Alpha-Ome,a Players. C 33699! i I ! ! I i ! ! I '. ". i ". '. 0085 P625716 

Lice in Ghetto-land. " D097681 0113 C33796 .... 008^ ^^^^.^^^ ^^^.^^^ ^^ Chartered 

OT98678 013« CSSBSa":; 0088 Life Underwri-ers. 

. . ,,„, '%Th 'o; Beniamin B. C33859;::: 0088 C33613 006 = 

^l^-^i- -^^ Sls-on, Benjamin c33921 0089 C3U35U 009'^ 

D099159 0150 

-aerland. __^ 031261 uu,. "rn^;;- " " i l ; i i ! ! l ! ! ^ ! oo« 2 ""canadiarfrie^dJ" '' 


M?'"" 0150 ,i,^^„3,i„„ lif, 3,„ies C31069:::'.:::::::;::; 0092 033959 oo^o 

Lice 'hrough the looking 0098110.: 012. C31081 0093 ,,, ,„,,,,an way. 

glass. r^uiiq GOao DP9909 0105 

-'«"» °''' "^i^i:rn:rj;;g:nd5ichen. ^j";":::::::::::::: 0095 

031190 0095 C31318 0098 An An 

DU98129 0128 , r^Attl 0099 

t Itc-hnl or. Richard. C31386 uuM-i 


An Alien heat. ___ C31190 ^''^-^ z3l3^9\\'.\^\.......■ 0098 0097337 O^Of 

"L^^?- "-- n,„ ^"^'"^ ""^ .- American College of Life ^"^^^"^L ^1 :!'^ !!. !!: / 1 10 

DO98103 0122 ^ ^ ^^^^^^^^ 

The All-American playgirl. "^09^^^;!: .!:!^"!. ^: . 0109 ^33688:::.:.: 0081 ^^^^^ f^^V."^: .Tl^'l^^O 

°""«^' "" Altshuler, Kenneth z. ^^oV.:\::V.V.::: . . 0085 

Allan Houser: Apache irtist C31073 0093 ^IH^- \:\\\::\\:\::: *"c3i"7!. !!!..!:..:.: ! 0096 

C33639 0083 L3Jb^. 

All but the ki-chen sink. ' '?310:; . ! ?!: 0092 '^lUtn^lU'lll ^Jn"';: '"^S 9" 5l'!.!!! ""!!!! . 01.3 

DU98108 0122 tet.icians ana byn-.o 

'T'^e Amazing animal^' band. loqists. . 

Allen, oary: L. "0097771.. 0115 C33710 .0085 *---^„^^. 0,„„ 

»"""" "''' Amazing a-ace '0337^7:::: ::::::::::: 0086 

Allen, oayton. "0099^66:...: 0111 C33975 OOM ^"^^f^,;"' ''"^ ^^^^"^ 

E098053 0121 C 33977! i!! i::!" "^i ! 0091 C33651 0080 


Allen, Harold B. 0U9;aj<, u , ,c ...,-. - i„e-igo : children of lioh' 

E632819 0158 .„<,,. ^„ conrtrv rad^o series. children of dark. 

Allen, John. 

0U97637 0112 ^ ^ , ,„ t j,y brother's keeper 

0U98557 0131 

DD98727 0^35 

T my br 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Am I my sister's keeper? 

DU977118 0111 


DU98298 0126 

The Amoeba and the Oedipus 
complex . 
D099512 0151 

Amos ar.d Isaiah. 

DU9925II 0116 

Amy and Andy. 

0099252 0146 

Anastasiow, Eoberta Jeai 
D099316 01U7 

Anchorage Press, Inc. 

B627526 0151 

The Ancient thrust-- broad 
C33593 00B2 

Ancrile, Joyce. 

DP9916 0105 

And a cip of coffee. 

DU98265 0125 

Andante cantabile. 

0098294 0126 

And David wept. 

0P97115 0101 

Andersen, Beverly Jean. 

DP9910 0105 

Andersen, Hans Christian. 

DU97985 0119 

DU97986 0119 

DD99332 01«7 

Anderson, Blake. 

DD97902 0118 

Anderson, B. S. 

SEE Anderson, Buford Samuel. 

Anderson, Buford Samuel. 

034218 0096 

C34307 0098 

Anderson, nrs. Herbert. 
SEE Anderson, nary Lou. 

Anderson, Jamie S. , pseud. 
SEE Anderson, Susan 

Anderson, Joy. 

B633834 0158 

Anderson, Mary Lou. 

0097935 0119 

DU97986 0119 

0097967 0119 

0097988 0119 

Anderson, Ponald J- 

0097641 0112 

Anderson, Stephen Briar. 

0098563 0131 

Anderson, Susan Margaret. 
0098699 0134 

Anderson, Thomas. 

C33585 0082 

Anderson, Tom. 

C33857 0088 

C33980 0091 

C3U283 0097 

Anderson, Tom. 

SEE Anderson, Thomas. 



Andrews, n. Stephanie. 

SEE Andrews, Mark Stephani 

Andrews, Nancy T. 

Andrews, William. 


Andrews, uilma Jean. 


Androcles and the lion : 
of migh* and mane. 

a tali 

A-d the blackbird sang. 

And the crier rang the 


And the pursuit of happ 

And the race goes on. 

And they call it love. 


And they danced b/ the light 
of the moon. 
0098266 0125 

are passing fr 

nnie Oakley. 

0098182 0123 

D098311 0126 

Anouilh, Jean. 

DFO-2141 0100 

H625e61 0153 

P625862 0153 

Ansel Kazan and the Scaly- 
Tailed Yird. 

0P9794 0102 

D098820 0137 


Any complai 


'Aohe ho'i 


The Apartme 

int house c 

.. 0086 

Apartment livino styles of 
affluent New Yorkers over 
the past 100 years. 
C34390 009° 

JAN. - JON. 197 

Apostolic Formation Center f- 
Christian Renew-all, Ire. 

C33886 0089 

C343f5 0090 

Apotheosis of a kin? who Ic^t 
his kinadom. 
D097439; 010" 


C33832 008» 

An Apple a day. 

D098721 0135 

An Apple for *-he teacher. 
P631971 O-iST 

Appleman, Marlorie H. 

D099444 OI'O 

DO99445 0150 

Appleman, n. H. 

SEE Appleman, Harior'e H. 

Ar Appoin*men*- with *he dark. 
0098490 0-30 

Appraisals in action. 

C34039 OO^r 

Approaches to test validation 
C33738 OOP' 

D097750 114 


0098469 012° 

Arbona, Jaime. 

0098517 0^30 

Archibald, William. 

0097453 0108 

Archie meets a couple of 
Latter-Oay Saints. 
0098535 0131 

Archimedia Associates Group. 

C33781 008f 

C33795 OOP" 


P625e62 0153 

Aremu, Aduke. 

0097482 010° 

Are you kiddino? 

E631969 015'' 

Are you listening? 

D099256 0146 

Argento, 0cm-' nick. 

DP9e74 0''04 

Aries, pseud. 

SEE Perkins, Paymond. 

Aristophan es. 

0099035 0141 

The Arlington Branch, ltd. 
P099275 0146 

Armao, Euoene Victor. 

OU98195 0124 

Armour, Pe + er A. 

0098646 0133 

Armstrong, Al Grover. 

0099153 0144 

Armstrong, Ponald William. 
D09B266 0125 

Arrie discovers school. 

C34108 009'' 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


^nie enjoys the neighborhood. 
' 031111 0093 


Acnie explores the pond. The Art of the pi 

C3U1ia 0093 mayoralty play 

cnie helps at home. 
C3mi5 0093 The Art of the very young: an 

DulBitBI 0130 DU975148 OHO Audio Visual Produces Comparv. 

"^"^^ ---- C33701 0085 

Arnie journeys to the country. 
C3mi3 0093 

j..,u- vui-o' of individuality. At Giddy Fortune's. Auditory memory. 

C3l,25ll..; 0097 D098239 01211 C33952 0090 

Audi'ory readiness, level r, 

Arnie meets interesting Da9««39 -- — ?r3«u". !"^!'. ??:.!' 00°0 

camog! 0093 Srt trilogy. 1* least there was you. , „ i „ 

'•" n„Qoii^ 01113 DU99278 0116 Audi'ory readiness, level K, 

practice scrip* no. 7. 

C33952 0090 

Arnie relaxes at hone. 

C3111 10 0093 

Arnie remembers and imagine 

rnie takes a trip. 
C311112 0093 

Audi + ory readiness, level 
'c\lBlT.T.T.':.y:':.T.''orsT ,.= HaiLo- kept house. ___^ The__Atonemert . ^^^^ Tssfse!! .!"!'!.!?:. ^ 00»0 

Auditory readiness, level K, 
script no. i . 
C33953 0090 

"""^ ■- °°" "'iii^oT.::::: 0097 ''^^.:':':::::"'!::. 0103 Auditory -adiness, levei k, 

*'s°ErArno;e, Ed.ard Jospeh. Ashley, James. Attea. Thomas. Jr. lllMl .T.: .':. 0090 

C3H019 0091 --- - - ■, , „ 

Arnone, Edward Joseph. C311206 0095 , '"'tlZllT\'"^^'' 

DU991171 0150 C311207 0095 An Attempt to make a universal ^';-,q?, ""• ^- „o90 

C3I1208 0096 language. C33956 0090 

»^„»,l,;iri= V ■; C311209 0096 C311092 009 3 

'" 75;6:.!;.!: Ono c3:2ro;::: 0096 . Auditory readiness, level K, 

C3U211 0096 Attinson, Kenneth Joe. script no. n. 

C31,212 009f DU98030 0120 C33955 0090 

L* Ar 

DF0-21in 0100 C3U213 0096 

C3112111 0096 




Rt Giddy Fortu 



ft t kins, Ruth. 

. 0005 

At least there 



At liberty. 

, 0151 

The Atonemert. 

, 0132 


Attack at Ticc 



. 0103 

Attea, Thomas, 


. OlOH 

Pn Attempt to 



. 009 3 




. 0120 

JAN. - JON. 197f 

Audiology: an audio journal 
for continuina education, 
vol. 1, ro. 8, Auo. 1976. 
C3113U8 009S 

Auditory readiness, level K, 

._ Richard P. C3i215::::".::::::;::: 6096 see Attinson-, Kenneth Joe. script no. 5. 

DP978b 0102 C3U216 0096 C33951 0090 


The Art and technique 

meditation and relaxation: Ashman, Howard. rouiun 

C337ii2ll'7 '. '0O86 Ashton, Holbrook Thayer, 2n 

Auditory testing of ty 

triptThUe sound, keyword. Kt,.,uDH « — . , ,f .em Ch' mbo- = 

----■■- ""<=' "-'■ton, Holbrook Thayer, 2na. ''■■'^ „^" T „,,o 

U991122 01119 Audio journal review: general DU9863a 0133 


C33608 0083 Ruqus*", Paul. 

C33923 0089 DU988U2 013'' 

Art and Thack. ^'i'^^^JJ' 

DD98271 0125 Ashworth, Adrienne. 

«^f=„„= uarri will =Dpak a C311071 009 3 

Artemus uard will speak a ...„„.^ ,„k„ C311075 0093 Auauste. 

DU9711II9 0108 

Art follows reality. 

C3U076 0093 0098355 12^ 

C311321 . 

„991is:!.:r::::!:... 01.3 'Mr.'. '' """ "^ ^"" -aidogy: an audio joumal ^^DU^7l^?!.:! 

DU98703 01311 for continuing education. 

C33768 0086 Austl" ' "- 

Arthur, Douglas Eeed. DU9"'367 " 0107 

DU98523 0130 Aspell, Kevin. ,. . , °"^ "^^ 

DU98501 0130 Audiology: an audio journal 

Arthur Josep'- D098522 0130 for continuing education, Austin, David. 

Vv^'lhn :: 0113 LU98607 0132 vol. 1, no. 1, January 1976. SEE Austin, C. Dav-d. 

D098666 0133 C31107U 0093 

A— hur T 5 DU98935 0139 '"^'^'*'lli,,l'^ ''^' nion 

M986oI:.!: 0132 Audiology: an audio journal D0982U0 012U 

The Assassination of Julius for continuino education, ^ „»k 

A-thur Bus^c Caesar. vol. 1, no. 3, Barch 1=76. Australia: its opals and o-h 

■C311085.:: 0093 6631225 0159 C33989 0091 ?:"f„o""" 00 91 

C31086 0093 ^. . , Cjnuu 

Associated Producers, Inc. Audiology: an audio journal 

A-thur's st-ataqem. DD99070 0112 for continuing education, Ausubel, Barbara. 

DU9921l!!'.!!!!!.:.... 0115 vol. 1, no. 1, April 1976 D097118 010" 



C31073 0093 

Ausubel, Bobbi. 
Audiology: an audio journal SEE Ausubel, Barba 

ntennial (a lecture for continuing education, 

logy and its affec- vol. 1, no. 5, Hay 1976. 


A^t is a language. on the Oni?ed States) C31179 0095 D099328 

"C31080 0093 C31002 0091 031316 0098 

The Artist. 

D099361 0118 

Auto defects. 

Audiology: an audio journal C31in 00°l 

for con'-inuina education, C31118 0091 

vol. 1 , no. 6, June 1976. 
tn'ertainmen' Complex, Astronaut Music. C33967 0090 Auto loudspeak. 

C31396 009° 

he forensics 


DU99331 0117 Audiology^^ar audio^journal 

^^?e::u-?Jg"^tr„lr::-r^^' "^S: i i ! ! ! ^ ! ! i! : : 7 SSI^ B{S^}^1^.^^^^^2s c3io?;:: 00.2 

C33872 0088 C33601 0083 

C33602 0083 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Automotive engines. 

C31I122 009U 

Automotive technology, AT 
C3«152 0091 

Auto Tape Tours Division, 
Comprehensive Coinmuri- 
cations. Inc. 
SEE Comprehensive Com- 
munications, Inc. Auto 
Tape Tours Division. 

Autumn drive. 

D098015 0120 


D097759 0115 

Averill, Bichard B. 

D099637 0133 

Avery, Carol Thompson. 

DD98921 0139 

Avery, Helen P. 

DD995142 0152 

The Awakening. 

0098921 0139 

The Awful, awful search for 
the esirprus seitrap. 
0098208 012H 

Ayck bourn, Alan. 

DFO-2150 0100 

Ayer, Frederick William. 

DD97a52 0108 

Ayer, N. ». 

SEE ABH International. 

Ayres, Eugene Conrow. 

DU9877U 0136 

Babble-on, babble-on. 

0099380 0118 

Babcock, Frank. 

D098936 0139 

Babe, Thomas J. , Jr. 

DD97598 0111 

Baby dearh. 

D098252 0125 

Baby death, SOS and other 
anxiety pieces for the 
contemporary American stage 
DU98252 0125 

The Babv King. 

D097663 0113 

Bach, fluriel D. 

C3M0lt9 0092 

Bachman, John. 

DU97U8U 0109 

DD97643 0112 

0097611 0112 

Back county crimes. 

D097786 0115 

Background with figures. 

D097B71 0117 

The Back lash. 

D098957 0110 

Badendyck, Cynthia A. 
D099311 0117 

Bader, Jerry. 

DD98867 0138 


Bailey, Ralph. 

D(J98539 0131 

DU98583 0132 

Baird, Pamela C. 

DU97318 0106 

DII98655 0133 

C33918 0090 

Ballad and broads, bastards 
and booze. 
D098185 0123 

The Ballad of Fangless 
He Rattle. 
D099297 0117 

ank orientation, teller 
C33573 0082 

The Banner of Birthington 's 
D098881 0138 

Banov, Bob. 

SEE Banov, Robert. 

Banov, Robert. 

DU9852e 0130 

D098529 0131 

Barbaro, John. 

D099123 0119 

DD99121 0119 

DU99125 0119 

Barbera, Penny Jones. 

D098711 0131 

D098712 0131 

Barbour, Ruth Peeli 


Baretto, Manuel. 

Barjavel, Bene. 

Barker, John. 

DU99219 i 

Barnard, Elaine. 


Barnes, Burnie Gayle. 

Barnes, Lindsay Roberts 

;on, Ji 

Barnett, Bill. 

SEE Barnett, William. 

Barnett, William. 

DD97371 0107 

DD98931 0139 

arney Miller. 

D097535 0110 

DD98215 0121 

C31387 0099 

arr, Lillian. 

DU97911 one 

DD99305 0117 

JAN. - JUN. 1976 

Barrett, Bea. 

SEE Barrett-Davis, Eea. 

Barrett, Clyde. 

DD98751 0135 

Barrett, James Lee. 

DP9879 0101 

Barrett, Bartha. 

DU97673 0113 

Barrett, Marty. 

SEE Barrett, Bartha. 

Barrett-Davis, Bea. 

DD97912 OIIP 

Barretto, Belanie. 

D095273 0105 

Barrie, Sir James Bat'hew. 
0098222 0121 

Barron, Fred. 

SEE Barton, Harmon F. 

D097608 0112 

D098629 0133 

Barron, Richard Neil. 

D099383 OUR 

Barry, Bob. 

DP9901 0105 

Barry, J. J. 

SEE Brancato, Joseph J. 

Barry, Mary Anne. 

C3a306 0098 

Barry, Peter. 

B623221 0152 

B625662 0153 

R625666 0153 

R625668 0153 

R627101 0151 

R630071 0155 

R630072 0155 

F630081 0156 

B632155 0157 

Barry, Philip James. 

DD98102 0122 

Barry, P. J. 

SEE Barry, Philip James. 

Barta, Joseph. 

033767 0087 

The Bartender. 

DD97125 0108 

The Bartered bride. 

DD98686 0131 

Barthelson, Joyce. 

0098060 0121 

Bartleby, the scrivener. 

E623711 0152 

Bartlett, David L. 

DD97785 0115 

Barton, Andrew. 

DU98382 012'' 

Barton, Ann. 

DP9861 0101 

Bar 20 rides again. 

DU98696 0131 

Bar 20 Three. 

D098691 0131 

Basile, JoAnn T. 

D098337 012^ 

1 hese entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Basile, Joseph T. 

DU98337 0127 

Basler, Dale 1. 

0099177 omt 

Bass, Barbara. 

DP9829 0103 

Bass, George Houston. 

B629554 0155 

Bassen, Bichael George. 

DU989U1 0139 

Bastard sor.- 

DU98328 0126 

Bates, Myrtle. 

€31192 0095 

C3tl93 0095 

C3lt19ll 0095 

C3IH95 0095 

034196 0095 

C3I1197 0095 

Bathroom tissue. 

C3in«5 009U 

Bathsheba Spooner. 

0093590 0132 

Battagla, Anthor.y. 

SEE Battaclia, Snthory. 

Battaglia, Anthony. 

031004 0091 

Battaglia, Anthony D. 

C33655 0084 

Battery chargers. 

C33772 0086 

The Battle of Asia. 

E631845 0156 

The Battle of Gettysburg. 
[i631850 0157 

The Battle of Hastings. 

B628627 0154 

The Battle Poad adventure. 
C34078 0093 

Bauer, Barbara. 

D099248 0146 

Bauer, Bob. 

SEE Bauer, Robert n. 

Bauer, Irv. 

DD97538 0110 

Bauer, Robert H. 

DU97669 0113 

DD98875 0138 

Baughman, Steven M . 

0097751 0114 

Baukin, Larry Jon. 

DU97435 0108 

Baum, 1. Frar.k. 

0099028 0141 

Bayles, Charles C. 

C33979 0091 

Beachley, Charles Edward, 3rd. 

DU97518 0110 

0D98564 0131 

D098565 0131 

0099174 0144 

Beachley, Charles E., 3rd. 
0097929 0118 

Bean, nimi. 

SEE Bean, Hiriam R. 


ean , Buriel Cecilia. 

F622295 0152 

R622296 0152 

oan, Muriel Cecilia Vernon. 

B622297 0152 

R622298 0152 

C34338 O098 

Becken Associates presents 
O.S. Boney and banking. 
C34135 0094 

96, Bill, pseud. 
SEE Knerr, Wallace J. 

Behavioral modif ication/soci 
skills/assertive training 
C33892 0089 

ehtn, Tom. 
SEE Behm, Thomas Fran 

eim, Norman. 



eirg you. 

eisel, Robert. 


all, Benny, pseud. 
SEE Samberg, Ben. 

DD9B245 0125 

Bell and Howell Company. 

C33564 0082 

C33735 0085 

C33798 0087 

C33799 0087 

C33800 0087 

C33986 0091 

C339B7 0091 

C34254 0097 

Bell Enterprises, Ire. 

DP9767 0102 

DP9824 0103 

Bello, Thomas Michael. 

DD97667 0113 

D099437 0149 

JAN. - JDN. 107f 

Benjamin, Catherine lennard, 
SEE Kahn, Barbara. 

Benjamin and Pot, Inc. 

0099163 0144 

Benjamin Franklin and ^he 
French alliance. 
Dn98390 0128 

Benjamin's bottle. 

DU99065 0142 

Bennett, Harriett Veronica. 
D098661 0133 

Benne'*, Jay. 

R626005 0153 

Bennett, John. 

0P9886 0105 

Bennett, Bichael. 

DP9917 0105 

DP99 18 0105 


R625695 0153 

Benson (John T.) Publishing 
DP9832 0103 

Benson, Sally. 

E633989 0158 

Een'kover, Jacob. 

B626941 0154 

Bentley, Eric. 

DU99196 0145 

Benton, J. H. 

0097331 OlOf 

Bentsen, Leif A. 

0098954 0139 

Bentz, Cecil. 

0099357 0148 


0098017 0120 

Berg, Fredericks S. 

C34322 0098 

Berger, Predericka Nolde. 
0P9788 0102 

Bergersen, Baldwin. 

0097453 0108 

Bergstrom, Joan M. 

C33564 0082 

Berkowit z, Daniel F. 

D097338 0106 

Berman, Donald J. 

0098858 0-'37 

0099324 014-' 

Bermuda Triangle discoveries 
and the Atlantean crystal 
C33973 0090 

Bernauer, Evelyn Budie. 

0099328 0147 

Berno, William. 

0097998 0120 

Berry, Cyril B. 

0099313 0147 

Berry, David. 

D099U36 0149 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Bert, Norman Allen. 

D098U71 0129 


D098602 0132 

Bertram, Lee, pseud. 

SEE Reinherz, Leona Gosman. 

Bertucci, Andrew D. 

C311236 0096 

Bessey, Orpha Marie. 

D098706 01311 

Best, Barbara. 

SEE Alderson, Barbara. 

The Best defense. 

0098918 0139 

Bester, Alfred. 

F.623221 0152 

B625660 0153 

E63007U 0155 

B630077 0156 

' E632UK8 0157 

8632150 0157 

E632lt52 0157 

B632153 0157 

The Best one to be is you. 
DU99065 0112 

The Best things in life. 

DU97821 0116 

The Betrayal of Tcussaint 
B628631 0151 

Betrothal in a monastery. 
5628717 0155 

Betsy Boss and the red, white 
and blue. 
D098219 0125 

Better late. 

DFO-2163 0100 

Bettis, Wry ley J. 

DB97768 0115 

Bevan, Carol. 

SEE Tcimpidis, Carol B. 

Bevan, Don. 

SEE Bevan, Donald Joseph. 

Bevan, Donald. 

D097391 0107 

Bevan, Donald Joseph. 

E623138 0152 

R623190 0152 

Bevan, Joel P. 

D097926 0118 

Bewen, Edward Bills. 

C31106 0093 

Beyer, Catharine Hoffman. 
D097337 0106 

The Bible and the age of the 
C33572 0082 

Bible. O.T. Deuteronomy. 
D099208 0115 

Bible. O.T. Exodus. 

DU99208 0115 

Bible. O.T. Leviticus. 

DU99208 0115 

Bible. 0.''. Numbers. 

D099208 0115 


ig city hands and plain 
country hearts. 
DD976n 0112 


Big Billie and the street 
0099505 0151 

Bijou and Company present: A 
y. R. Putton carnival. 
DU97319 0106 

Bill's answer to the "Dixie" 
C31302 0097 

Bingman, Dean. 

SEE Bingman, Kirker Dean. 

Birdsall, G. 

SEE Birdsall, Virginia Dale. 

Birth and rebirth, the story 
of the San Francisco Giants 
C31311 0098 

A Bit of fluff in one act wit 
music and magic. 
0098917 0139 

JAN. - JON. 197f 

Black horizons in America's 
0098167 0''29 

Black love. 

D097193 010? 

Blackmore, Peter. 

P631380 0156 

The Black pearl. 

00 97 97 3 1 •'9 

A Black reward. 

0099082 0112 

Black Spectrum Theater 
Company, Inc. 
DD97191 010° 

Black Spectrum Theater 
Spectrum Company, Inc. 
DU97193 0109 

Blackstone, Heredi-'h Ann. 
0097396 0107 

The Blackthorn bush. 

0098581 0132 

Black to black. 

DD98001 0120 

Blackwater swamp. 

0098025 0120 

Blackwell, Vera. 

DP9870 COI 

A Blade from Damascus. 

E629060 0155 

Blaine, Laurence. 

DD98267 0125 

Blaine, flar'-in. 

0097351 OlOf 

Blake, Walter, pseud. 
SEE Braun, Wilbur. 

Blake, William Dorsey. 

0099307 0117 

D099308 Oil'' 

0099309 0117 

DD993B2 011P 

0099153 0150 

E635066 015? 

R635067 015" 

Blake the bloke. 

D097159 0108 

Blakley, Ouane. 

DP9913 0105 

Bland, Jody L. 

DU97711 0111 

Blank, Carla. 

SEE Peed, Carla Blank. 

Blatner, Barbara Ann. 

DU98511 0130 

Blecha, Kathrvn Ann. 

0097956 011° 

DU97957 011° 

Blecker, Robert I. 

D099152 0150 

Bledsoe, Allene. 

DP9832 0103 

Blees, Eobert. 

DD98297 012f 

Bleich, E. P. 

DP9920 0105 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Blekicki, Kenneth C. 

DU99067 01112 

A Blend of elements. 

DU99257 0116 

Blessed arc the ueek. 

C3«365 0099 


DP9757 0102 

Blevins, Janice B. 

C3l)099 0093 

The Blindman's special. 

D098268 0125 

Block, Bichard. 

D099213 011(5 

Blok, Barbara H. 

DU98lt96 0130 

Blok, Bobb' . 

SEE Blok, Barbara H. 

Blood money. 

0U99lt9ll 0151 

Bloom, Ursula. 

SEE Robinson, Ursula Bloom. 


DU98767 0135 

Bluemke, Ralph Carl. 

DD99117 01113 

Blue Mountain Center of 
fleditation, Berkeley, CA. 
C31t268 0097 

Blue planet, 

DU97U29 0108 

The Blue ruin. 

D098U1 7 0128 

Blue tattoo. 

DU97732 01114 

Blumenthal, K. A. 

SEE Blumenthal, Richard A. 

Blumenthal, Richard A. 

DU97111I0 0108 

Blyth, Edmund Kelly. 

R629163 0155 

R62916U 0155 

E629165 0155 

Board of Christian Education 
of the Presbyterian Church 
in the U.S.A. 

SEE Presbyterian Church in 
the U.S.A. Board of 
christian Education. 

The Boar's Head Tavern. 

D09923a 01145 


DU97873 0117 

Bobl and "litche. 

009714141 0108 

Bobrouit2, David. 

0098097 0122 


DO 9 92 U 9 01116 

Bock, Beverly Ann. 

C311314 009a 

Bode, Hilliam T. 

DD97773 0115 

DU98831 0137 

DD99370 01148 


Boil primed for lancing: One 
thing I know, six Pack Joe 
ain*t on snou or me, that's 
for sure. 
DD99202 01115 

Bold lover, forever uil' thou 
DU971185 0109 

Bcley Shuman and the songs of 
DU97562 0111 

Clio the leopard: an 
endangered species fable. 
DU97988 0119 

F630280 0156 


DU9a802 0136 

D097392 0107 

The Book of Genesis according 
to Sain' Ralph. 
0098778 0136 

The Book of Strang: an 
DU991I85 0150 

Boondoggle and me. 

Booraem, Jone Allison. 

Boosey and Haukes, Inc 

Booth, Anthony. 


The Booth brothers. 

Boot-heel people. 


Bordeniuk, Stephen. 

Bordogna, Charles. 

The Bored guys. 

Borghi, Douolas Stefen 
DH9750a. .; 

. 0109 

Borghi, Douglas Stephen. 
SEE Borghi, Douglas Stefe 

DD98310 0126 

orrell, Li 
DU99293. . 
D09929II. . 


The Bottsologuirg of Miss 
D0981171 0129 

Boulay, Pat. 
SEE Boulay, 

owen, Vernon. 

S630225 0156 

R630226 0156 

JAN. - JDN. 197f 

Bowery boheme. 

DU990514 01112 

Bowles, Jane Auer. 

R626993 OlSU 

Bowles, Paul. 

R626993 1 5 u 

Bowskill, Derek. 

DFO-21it3 0100 

Boyd, Beverly. 

C33681 OOeu 

Boyd, Grace Bradley. 

D098691 01311 

0098692 01314 

D098693 01311 

DD986911 01311 

0098695 01311 

D098696 01 311 

Boyd, Susan H. 

D0990111 01141 

The Boy in the box. 

DU99163 011414 

Boykln, Eligah, Jr. 

0098175 0123 

Boyson, Sandor. 

DD98630 0133 

The Boy who cried wolf. 

C33598 0083 

Boy with ccuraqe. 

R629067 '. 0155 

Brad, don't! 

DU98503 0130 

Bradford, Eenjamii. 

DU97370 0^07 

Bradford, Hank. 

D098226 01214 

Bradford, larry J. 

C33768 0086 

C33967 0090 

C33988 0091 

C33989 0091 

C314072 0093 

C3«073 0093 

C3140714 0093 

C314120 00911 

C311179 009"; 

C311322 0098 

C3143U6 0098 

C3113147 0098 

C3143118 0098 

Bradley, Ira. 

0099216 0145 

DU991165 0150 

Bradley, Preston Oliver. 

DP9806 0103 

Brady, Edward M. 

C33911 0089 

Brady, Joan Roselyn. 

DU981175 0129 

Brady, Patrick. 

DU971125 0108 

Brady, Patrick Neil. 

0098170 0123 

Bramwell, Patricia. 

D098533 0131 

Branca'o, Joseph J. 

D099125 01143 

Branchcomb , Sylvia Boinaust. 
DP98110 '0103 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


The Branches of the tree. 
DD98706 0131 

Brand, Steve. 

DU993U0 01U7 

Brander. Press, Inc. 

DP9805 0103 

Brandler, Alfred. 

D099U76 0150 

Brandt, John c. 

C33986 0091 

Bransten, Eileen E. 

E628650 OlSt 

Bransten, Pichard. 

S628650 01514 

Bransten, Kuth BcKenney. 

F628650 OISU 

Brant, Neil. 

R631570 0156 

Brasington, Alan. 

DD971100 0107 

Brass Husic, Ltd. 

DP9719 0101 

Brass troQbone. 

DP9719 0101 

Bratton, Karl H. 

D09781U 0116 

Braun, Edward H. 

D098161 0123 

Braun, Wilbur. 

[162ll'446 0152 

E62lt«U8 0153 

B631969 0157 

B631 970 0157 

E631971 0157 

B631972 0157 

E632801 0158 

E632802 0158 

B632803 0158 

B6328011 0158 

B632805 0158 

E63U795 0159 

The Brave little tailor. 

D099266 0116 


8633199 0158 

Brayden, Archie. 

C33905 0089 


031290 0097 

C31291 0097 

Breaded chops. 

DD99103 0113 

Bread for our table. 

C33706 0085 

The Breadline burlesque and 
catering mission revue. 
DP9850 0101 

Breakfast in the country. 
B633833 0158 

Breaking and entering. 

0097867 0117 

Breaking in. 

D098190 0123 

Breast prostheses. 

C33721 0085 


Britten, Ben^iamin. 

B628281 0151 

B633111 0158 

B635785 0159 

Brecher, Irving. 

E632111 0157 

B632112 0157 

R632113 0157 

E632111 0157 

R632115 0157 

E632116 0157 

B632117 0157 

P632118 0157 

B632119 0157 

DU98200 0121 

... 0131 

3reuer, Sandra. 

DP9796 0103 

DP9797 0103 

CP9798 0103 

DP9799 0103 

CP9800 0103 

DP9801 0103 

reuer, Evelyn, pseud. 
SEE Schwarcz, Judith. 

Brickman, Frank. 
SEE Brickman, Fr 

Briggs, Tommy. 

SEE Briggs, Thomas W. , Jr. 

Brigham Young University, 
Provo, DT. Theatre and 
Cinematic Arts Department. 
D099301 0117 

Brinkworth, tlarjorie Marie 
R633586 0158 

The British are coming! the 
British are coming! 
DU99336 0117 

rooke, William. 

DP9876 0101 

DP9877 0101 

Brooks, Joe. 

SEE Brooks, Joseph. 

Brown, Fan. 

D097985 0119 

D097986 0119 

DD97987 0119 

DU97988 0119 

Brown, Gerald 1. 

C33593 0082 

C33782 0086 

C31015 0092 

rown, Joseph Francis. 

0097676 0113 

DD98595 0132 

DU99119 0119 

JAN. - JON. 197f 

Bruce, Bob. 

SEE Bruce, Eobert J. 

Bruce, Robert J. 

DD97868 Oil"" 

Bruestle, Beaumont. 

DU9e213 0125 

Bruner, Bicbard W. 

DU98298 012f 

Brussell, Judith Ellen. 

DU97321 0106 

Brustad, Karla. 

D099191 0150 

Brustad, Rrs. Wesley 0. 
SEE Brustad, Karla. 

Bryant, Andrew E. 

C33711 OOPS 

C33786 OOBT 

Bryson, B. B. 

DU977e9 011 = 


DP9719 0101 


DD99275 0116 

Bucci, Bare. 

DD97889 0117 

Buchanan, Cynthia. 

DU97871 Oil"" 

Buchanan, Nary Isabel. 
SEE Silva, Mary Isabel 

Buchwald, Art. 

DD97988 011° 

Buck, Brad. 

0099017 0111 

Buck, Jeanne T. 

DD97716 0111 

Buck, Steven M. 

DU97716 111 

The Bucket brigade. 

DP9812 0103 

Buddha's Dniversal Church, =a'. 

D099036 Oil'' 

D099037 0111 

0099038 0111 

DU99039 0111 

Buddha's Universal Church, Sa^ 
Francisco. Research 

0099036 0111 

DU99037 0111 

0099038 0111 

DU99039 0111 

Buds and Suds. 

0099172 0150 

Buechner, Georq. 

0P9893 .' 0105 

Buess, James. 

0099062 0112 

Buess, James C. 

DU98208 0121 

Buf f ington , Bay. 

SEE Buffing'on, FaymOTd. 

Buffington, Paymond. 

DU98223 0121 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



01199263 0146 

Buford Street United Bethodls' 
Church, Gaffney, SC. 
DU97789 0115 

Buaos, Dale A. 

DU99220 0115 

Building a positive learning 
C314156 009U 

Building better bones. 

031386 0099 

Bullcatcher four. 

DU97331 0106 

Bullins, Ed. 

DU9B255 0125 

DU9B379 0127 

Bullshot Crummond. 

DP9777 0102 

"Bully" boy! 

DU99167 0111 

Bully Tuffy. 

DU971156 0108 

Bulto postal. 

DU99283 0116 

Bum pass, Suqenia T. 

DU98183 0130 

Bumsville, D.S.A. 

DU 99162 0111 

A Bunch of the gods were 
sitting around ore dav. 
DP9751 0101 

The Bunkers' visit. 

DU98016 0121 

The Bunny uith the lopsided 

DD97166 0109 

Buntings blues. 

0098519 0130 

Burch, Doug. 

SEE Burch, James Douglas. 

Burch, Elton Winfred. 

DP9759 0102 

DP9760 0102 

Burch, E. win. 

SEE Burch, Elton Hinfred. 

Burch, James Douglas. 

D097558 0111 

Bardine, Warren B. , Jr. 

0098665 0133 

The Bureau of international 
0099535 0151 

Burgess, Bx. 

0098391 0128 

Burgess, Lurrine. 

D099239 0115 

Burkhalter, Barry K. 

DU99179 0111 

Burkhard, Richard H. 

0098818 0137 

Burks, Margaret B. 

DU98887 0138 


A Burma girl a-waitin'. 

5631160 0159 

Burn, Helen Jean. 

Butler, Niles. 

But mostly because it's 


Burnett, Bill. 

SEE Burnett, William. 

But never alone. 

Burnett, William. 

Burnette, Clinton foss. 

But*-erflies and balsam. 

Burnham, Sophy. 

Butters, Dorothy Gilman 

Bye, baby bunting. 

Burning bright. 


01 31 

Burning for burning. 

By George! 

Burningham, Kim Eichard. 

Byron and Shelley: that 
perfect summer. 

Burr, Courtney. 

By the numbers! 

Burroughs, Bob. 

Burroughs, Earl S. 

Cabot, Annette. 

Burroughs, E. s. 

SEE Burroughs, Earl s. 

Burroughs, Esther. 

Cabrona 1. 

Cabrona 5. 

Burroughs, Oscar C. 

Burroughs, Oscar John, pseud. 
SEE Burroughs, Oscar C. 

Burrows, Edwin Gladding. 

Caesarean operations. 


SEE Burrows, Edwin Gladding. 
Burton, narion Sturges. 

Cain and Abel. 

Caine, Philip J. 

SEE Bush, A. Macy. 
Bosh, A. Macy. 

The Cain trespass. 

Calev, Chaim. 

Bush, James Stanley. 

Calicchio, David J. 

B u^^ ness a = usual 

Business insurance 


01 05 

California lookin' back 
emergence of Albert 3 


: the 

A Bus trip to chartered. 

Callahan, Pegg H. 

But ah! what sad unhappy 

The Calling. 

But if I don't marry you, how 

Call me Angel, Sir. 


DU99287 0116 

JAN. - JUN. 19"' 

Call of the prairie. 

DU98691 0131 

Caltabiano, Frank p. 

DU98550 0131 

Calvert, Donald F. 

C31179 0095 

C31316 0098 

Camelot on the Chesapeake. 
D098716 01 31 

Camera film technoloav for 
source documen-: microo- 
C31170 00'='= 

Cameron, Christopher Anthory. 

D098773 0136 

DU99029 0111 

Cameron, Gordon K. 

DU99005 0111 

Cammack, Shirley. 

DIT98253 0125 

Cammarano, S. 

DP9782 0102 

Camp, Joe. 

DP9726 0101 

Camp, Thomas J., 3rd. 

DU98268 0125 

DU99509 015' 

Campbell, Bob. 

DU98 012 0120 

Campbell, Elaine. 

DP8538 0101 

Campbell, Bichael. 

C31316 009P 

Campbell, Norman. 

DP8538 0101 

Campus orgy. 

DD99309 0117 

Camus, Albert. 

E625087 0153 

Camus, Madame Albert. 

SEE Camus, Francine Faure. 

Camus, Francine Faure. 

F625087 0153 

Canale, Joseph. 

DU98086 0121 

Candel, Michael s. 

OU98939 013 = 

Candel, Mike. 

SEE Candel, Michael s. 

Candle silence. 

C31300 00 97 

Cane, Melville H. 

E631881 0157 

Can IPA help you? 

0098061 0121 

Cannata, Ealph, Jr. 

DD98656 0133 

Cannon, Anfiony C. 

0099112 113 

Cannon, Jim. 

C31038 0092 

Cantata number 211. 

DU98771 0136 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Car't get a job. Carillo, John, Jr. The Carson st-ory. The Case of the frlahtc 

00991178 0150 DIJ98599 0132 DU97330 0106 child. 

R63U032 CSP 

Canto, Barbara. 

DP9908 0105 C336e2 OOBK C3390e 0089 The Case of the frightened 

randf at her. 

Cantometrlcs, how to measure Caris, John C. Carter, Arthur P. R623219 015J 

norld sono style 

C33755 0086 D099122 01U3 The Case of 'he 


Can we get there from here? DU97501 0109 Carter, Horace E., Jr. S632UU8 0157 

D097623 0112 

Carlisle, Rllla, pseud. The Case of the killer 

Can you feel it? SEE Bartens, Anne Coulter. Carter, Lonnie. dark. 

C3it027 0092 Dn97i)l4ll 0108 B63007U 0155 

The Caper. DU99195 01U1 DU98950 0139 The Case of the lady arser 

DU99235 01145 R6321150 OIS"" 

Carl Lupo and the blue mcvi 

Capetanos, leon. verdicts. SEE Carter, Arnold. The Case of the livina corps 

DU98272 0125 rU97l(08 0107 F630079 '. . 0156 

Capone. Carlok, Patrik. SEE Carter, Horace E., Jr. The Case of the man wh c 

P6281itU 015U DU97902 0118 married murde 

B627102 01511 

Cappello, Eve. 

C33892 0089 DU98lt18 0128 The Case of the 

DU991011 '. 01U3 

Capriotti, Eugen 

C33735 0085 DU97980 0119 The Case of the perfec*- cr-'ijo. 

R630073 0155 

Capson, Louis. 

D097891 0117 DP9773 0102 The Case of the red thumb. 

The Casebook of Max Rosen- P623221 0152 

Captain Ensley's dilemma. Carmichael, Fred. blatt. 

0098107 0122 DP9868 OIOH D099119 OIKS The Case of the would-be 


Captain Jack and the ice moon Carmichael, Puss. Case history of a sale. E630077 0156 

D098167 0123 SEE Carmichael, Fussell L. DD97829 0116 

The Case of the yellow ribbon 
Captain Plume presents. Carmichael, Russell L. The Case in question. E63I1617 015 = 

The Carson story. 

Carter, Arnold. 

Carter, Arthur P. 

. 01 U3 

Carter, Horace E. 

Carter, Lonnie. 

, Jr. 

. 0107 

Carter, Nick. 
SEE Carter, Arn 

Carter, Steve. 
SEE Carter, Hoi 


ace E 

., Jr. 


. 01 03 

R627111 01511 

The Case of 'he 500 
Carangelo, Joseph. Carnation Company. The Case of death in the dark. R625661I 

DP9898 0105 

A Case of wrinkles. 

Caraway Street scripts: third Carnation Company. Nystrom. The Case of Marvelous Mabel. DU971171 0109 

six months. C33805 0087 5632153 0157 

0P9863 Dion The Caseworker. 

Carney, John C. The Case of the bad Samaritan. DD98322 Oi2f 

Carbo, Baryjane. 0098381 0128 B627099 0151 

0097817 0116 Casey at the bat. 

DU98639 0133 Carol. The Case of the blind witness. P623707 015? 

DU98908 0139 R627103 0151 

Car dealer service. Cash, Dorothy H. 

C31151 0091 Carow, Glenn. The Case of the bloodstained D098088 012i 

DP9908 0105 alibi. 

Cardinali, Ed. H623220 0152 Le Cas Henri Dunant. 

DD99060 0112 Carpenter, Lilly. D098181 0130 

Career (awareness) education. R630078 0156 The Cashier. 

C31370 0099 Carr, Cy, pseud. C33580 0082 

C3tt371 0099 SEE Borrell, Linda. The Case of the canyon holdup. 

C31372 0099 E63116e 0159 Cassette-a-raonth series, 197f, 

C31373 0099 Carr, Larry. no. 3. 

C31371 0099 DU98361 0127 The Case of *he corpse named C31171 0095 


Career awareness, no. 1103. Carr, Leon. R627101 0151 Cassill, Kay. 

C31385 0099 R625896 0153 C31296 009'' 

The Case of the counterfeit 

A Career For Tomorrow. Carrington, Grant. corpse. Castro, Peppy. 

C33571 0082 D098317 0127 R625657 0153 DD99125 0113 

C33575 0082 

C33576 0082 Carrington, Patricia. The Case of the cupid killer. Catalano, Steven Joseph. 

C33577 0082 C31282 0097 F632152 0157 DD97729 0V1 

C33578 0082 

C33579 0082 Carroll, John E. The Case of the deadly torch The Catalys'. 

C33580 0082 D099055 0112 bearer. D097870 011^ 

C33581 0082 R630070 0155 

C33582 0082 Carroll, Lewis, pseud. Catalysts of change: Marxist 

C33583 0082 SEE Dodgson, Charles The Case of 'he disappearina versus Muslim in a Turkis*- 

C33580 0082 Lutwidge. bandit. ' community. 

R625659 0153 C33701 0085 

Careers in focus, interview Carroll, Robert Francis. 

cassette library. E627109 0151 The Case of the disappearing Catastrophe in Clayter Coun'y. 

C31125 0091 F627110 0151 doctor. D097326 OlOf 

E631797 0159 R625665 0153 

Careers in focus, sound Catching, Lou. 

filmstrip library. Carry. The Case of the dying stamps. SEE Catching, Louis Allen. 

C31121 0091 

Catching, Louis Allen. 

0U99372 one 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

CftT - CHE 

Catcliiigs, John. 

C314383 0099 

Ca*: game. 

DU97632 0112 

Catherwood, Jeanette L. 

DD97U63 0109 

Caulking compounds. 

C3UU0H 0100 

The Causal efficacy of space. 
C33665 00814 

Causa sui, 1. 

DD97706 out 

Causa sui, 2. 

DD97707 0111 

Causa sui, 3. 

DU97705 Oim 

The Cause of suffering: 
interview with Brother 
C3112111 0095 

Cave, Ler.ora «. 

D099338 011(7 

The Caves. 

DU98715 01311 

CavestaTy, Frank. 

DU98066 0121 

Cayouette, Posemarie. 

D0976lt0 0112 

C. B. rock. 

C33726 0085 

CBS, Inc. 

F62M998 0153 

R62a999 0153 

F625000 0153 

R625001 0153 

F625002 0153 

B628288 OlSH 

R628622 OlSH 

R628623 01511 

P62862U OlSU 

R628625 0154 

P628626 01511 

R628627 01511 

B628628 0154 

R628629 01511 

R628630 01511 

R62B631 0151* 

R63im8 0156 

B6318lt5 0156 

R6318116 0156 

B6318117 0156 

R6318118 0157 

R6318119 0157 

B631850 0157 

R631851 0157 

8631852 0157 

B631853 0157 

R6318511 0157 

R631855 0157 

R631856 0157 

E631857 0157 

R631858 0157 

B631859 0157 

P6311225 0159 

E63U226 0159 

B631I227 0159 

B631I228 0159 

C.B. '76. 

C33729 0085 

La Cecchina. 

DP9780 0102 

Cecil, Vander. 

DU97911B 0119 


JAN. - JUN. 19 

Ce formidable bordel ! 


10 2 


A celebration of death. 


Colestial excrement. 



The Cellar. 

The Centennial fever. 


The Center of time. 

Center Theatre Group of 


C epeda , Louis. 



eremonies in Black pro- 
C3111811 0095 

Chace, John, pseud. 
SEE Chace, Joseph M. 

Chace, Joseph B. 


DU98 57 2 


Chakko, Jacob. 

DU97327 0106 

DD97757 0115 

D097912 0118 

Challenge of the Yukon, radio 

program 590, December 20, 

F630282 0156 

Challenge of the Yukon, radio 

program 591, December 22, 

E630283 0156 

Challenge of the Yukon, radio 

program 592, December 27, 

Challenge of the Yukon, radio 
program 596, January 5, 

E630280 0156 

Challenge of the Yukon, radio 
program 603, January 21, 
E630281 0156 

Challenge of the Yukon, radio 
program 605, January 26, 
B630285 0156 

Challenge of the Yukon, radio 
program 606, January 28, 
R630286 0156 

Challenge of the Yukon, radio 

program 610, February 7, 

E630287 0156 

Challenge of the Yukon, radio 

program 613, February 14, 

E630290 0156 

Challenge of the Yukon, radio 
program 614, February 16, 
R630291 0156 

Challenge of the Yukon, radio 
program 621, March 4, 1949. 
E630 289 0156 

Challenge of the Yukon, radio 
program 630, March 25, 1949. 
E630292 0156 

The Challenge of the Yukon, 
radio program 638, April 13, 
B631262 0156 

The Challenge of the Yukon, 
radio program 659, June 1, 
R634032 0158 

The Challenoe of the Yukon, 
E633120 0158 

The Challe 
P633121 . 

of the Yukc 

The Challenge of the Yukon, 
B634468 0159 

The Challenge of the Yukon, 
B634617 0159 


Champagne, Michael. 

Champaone, Sandra Ji 
C33892 , 



Chandler, Anastasia 
SEE Sep' ant, June. 

Change of heart . 

Chapel outside. 


Chapman, John. 



Char, pseud. 

SEE Foehrenbach, Charlc 

A Character recital of poe*:ry 
and sonos. 
DIJ993441 0148 

Charles Rive 

The Challenge of the Yukon, 

radio proaram 641, April 20, charle 

1949. ' D098 

B631233 0156 

The Challenge of the Yukon, 
radio program 643, April 25, 
R632093 0157 

The Challenoe of the Yukon, 
radio program 645, April 29, 
S632094 0157 

Charlton, Douglas u. 

C33913 0089 

C33914 0089 

DU98927 0131 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. (Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Cheer up, even a blind pig ca 
find an acorn. 
DU98078 0129 

Cheever, John. 

R632216 0157 

Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich. 

DD97565 0111 

DU98250 0125 

DD98732 0135 

D09880U 0136 

DD99072 011)2 

Chelmow, Scott. 

00975145 0110 

D097670 0113 

D097953 0119 

D098311 0126 

DD98312 0126 

DD98578 0132 

Cheney, Joyce. 

C335514 0082 

Cherokee's ireadowlark. 

0099292 0116 

Cherpakov, Gary. 

D0986111 0132 

Che, Tania and Eutemio. 

00982141 0125 

Chevrolet Chevette. 

C3mi46 00911 

Chicago Opera Studio, Inc. 
0097579 0111 

Chicanos--divided and 
conquer ed? 
C3l;229 0096 

The Chicken caper. 

DD98537 0131 

Chicken soup. 

DD993U0 01147 

The Chief. 

DD98126 0122 

Child advocacy — rebellion, 
people advocacy — revolution 
C33650 00814 

H Child in the house. 

F629061 0155 

The Children. 

DD98391 0128 

Children can be free. 

00982114 01214 

Children land, the Bugaboo 
C33790 0087 

Children of the Bad nessiah. 
009909? 01142 

The Children of the night. 
0U99099 01143 

Children of the skies. 

00982140 012a 

The Children's delegation. 
0098923 0139 

The Children's people. 

DD98510 0130 

Children's Television 
C336148 00814 

Childs, David v., Jr. 

00991458 0150 



Chipman, dyra. 

SEE Chipman, Nettie dyra 

Chisholo, Lee, pseud. 
SEE Edinger, Tana. 

Chonitzky, Vsevolod. 

SEE Honitzky, Vsevolod. 

The Christian Science Board of 
Directors . 

C33559 0082 

C33700 0085 

C33801 0087 


ence: its healing 
C33559 0082 

A Christian Science lecture 
entitled: Christian Science: 
its healing practice. 
C33559 0082 

A Christian Science lecture 
entitled: Our thinking and 
our Morld. 
C33801 0087 

A Christian Science lecture 
entitled: Thought-expanding 
C3370O 0085 

A Christmas carol. 

DP98814 0105 

DO980814 0121 

Christmas Character Pro- 

009714814 0109 

D0976143 0112 

009761414 0112 

The Christmas show: a trip to 
0098689 01314 

Christner, Gilbert. 

D097809 0116 

0098689 01311 

Christological influences in 
Franciscan iconography: 
Saint Francis, the new 
C311271 0097 

The Church's ministry to gay 
people and their families. 
C33783 0087 


0098189 0123 

D099239 01145 

009914314 01149 

Cinderella everafter. 

Cindi Ella Mae (I'm wearing a 
beautiful coat) 
00971110 0107 

The Circuits of power and 
discourse in Racine's 
C339'48 0090 

D097860 0117 

JAN. - JON. 19''<^ 

Clar'bel Light goes to war. 
00981435 012? 

Clare, Elizabeth S. 

SEE Clare, Bary El.'zabeth ?. 

elate, nary Elizabe'h S. 
DO9901411 01141 

Clare, Brs . William F. , 3rd. 
SEE Clare, Bary Elizabe-v s. 

Clark, China. 

SEE Clark, Oebra. 

Clark, Danny. 

DD975214 0110 

Clark, Debra. 

0098925 0139 

Clark, George K. 

D098163 0123 

Clark, Jacob, pseud. 

SEE Clark, James William. 

Clark, James J. 

0097625 0112 

Clark, James William. 

0097726 01114 

Clark, Bary lou. 

C311338 009n 

Clark, Perry, pseud. 

SEE Sergei, Christopher. 

Clark, Roger Dean. 

DP9835 0103 

Clark, Roy. 

C314058 0092 

Clarke, David G. 

009906U OIU? 

Clarke, David Dlysses, pseud. 
SEE Clarke, David G. 

Clarke, E. Scherrer. 

D097920 eve 

A Clash of svmbols. 

0097687 0113 

Class of '88. 

00991430 01149 

Classroom management 
C3I4051 0092 

Clausen, Dennis Bonroe. 

0097661 0113 


DD98235 012" 

Clay (Penn) International, 

0097aU6 0109 

0097895 0117 

Clay, Carl E. 

DD97«93 010? 

D097U914 010° 

Clay, Greaory K. 

D098920.' 0139 

Clayton, John Heber. 

0098601 0136 

Cleare, Benry A. 

0099378 01148 

Clear the aisles and 'ake your 
0098757 0135 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that mav exist. 

CLE - con 

Cleduss" C.B. dictionary. 

C33733 0085 

Cleland, Hikel. 

C314383 0099 

Clem, Tor.i. 

DU 97816 0116 

Clemer.s, Samuel Lanahorne. 
DD98236 012« 

Dugse^s 0133 

D098973 0110 

DU9912lt 0113 

Clements, a. 0. 

DU98152 0123 

Clemer.ts, Stevan Robb. 

D097905 0118 

Clements, Steve. 

SEE Clements, Stevan Robb. 

Clepper, Patrick Michael. 
0097664 0113 

Clepper, P. B. 

Dn98710 01311 

Clepper, P. B. 

SEE Clepper, Patrick 

The Clif. 

D099Ua8 0150 

Clifford, Gloria L. 

C3«233 0096 

Clifford, John. 

D099110 01U3 

Clifford, Mary Lee. 

C314233 0096 

Clifstone, psead. 

SEE Like, Clifford E. 

Clikeman, Rich. 

SEE Clikeman, Richard E. 

Clikeman, Richard B. 

C3ai01 0093 

Cline, Roth. 

DU98808 0136 


D098216 01214 

Clinton, Craig D. 

DU98781 0136 

The Clock shop. 

DU971I20 0108 

Close to home. 

DD97929 0118 

DD9917q 01114 

Closing time. 

DU97835 0116 

Closson, Catherine Louise. 
DU97568 0111 

Clothing; a pair of gym shoes. 
0098807 0136 

Cloud, Barion. 

B625716 0153 

Cloud cuckoo 0. 

DII99035 01141 

The clouded eye. 

C3I4319 0098 

Cloud 9. 

DU99302 01147 


Clower, John T., 3rd. 

SEE Clover and Associates. 

Clcuer and Associates. 

D098612 0132 

CIO cassette/revie» prooram, 
HS 301. 
C33691 0085 

CLO cassette/review program, 
HS 303. 
C33688 00811 

ClU cassette/review program, 
HS 305. 
C33692 0085 

ClU cassette/review program, 
HS 307. 
C336B9 0085 

Cin cassette/review program, 
HS 309. 
C33690 0085 

C'mon back to Heavenly House. 
DU98255 0125 

Coal Black and the seven 

midgets and the jolly black 

DU97992 0119 

Coate, Richard. 

DU98832 0137 

Coates, Kate. 

R631173 0156 

The Coathangers. 

C33850 0088 

Ccbb, LaVarne E. 

C33588 0082 

C33589 0082 

C33590 0082 

C33591 0082 

Ccbb, Mary. 

DU97569 0111 

D0988116 137 

Cotia, Brenda. 

0098730 0135 

Cocke, Dudley. 

D0991121 01119 

The Cockeyed optimist. 

DP97148 10 1 


DD990111 1141 

The Cock's tail. 

DP9881 0105 

Cccteau, Jean. 

B6265914 01514 

E629105 0155 

F635063 0159 

Ccdik, Barion P. 

DD97696 0113 


D097660 0113 

Cce, Baurice. 

C338146 0088 

Coffee: J. S. Bach's cantata 
number 211 . 
DD98771 0136 

Cohan, Georqe n. 

DU98813 0136 

Cchan, Bary. 

D09881 3 0136 


Cohen, Dan. 

DU98007 0120 

Cohen, Edward. 

D097877 0117 

Cohen, Eric. 

DD98226 Oliu 

Cohen, John w. 

DD99532 0151 

Cohen, Paul. 

DD98521 013C 

Cohen, Sam. 

D098521 0130 

Colburn, Lynn. 

Da98l416 0128 

Cold fear. 

D097685 0113 

Cole, Edward Charles. 

C3I4138 00911 

Cole, Robert G., Sr. 

C3140 20 0092 

Cole, Sharon Annette. 

DU99331 01147 

DU99332 01147 

Coleman, Val. 

DD97906 0118 

Coles, Eobert Arnold. 

D097792 0115 

Coley, Thomas Luther. 

E627112 01514 

Colick, Lewis. 

D097738 01114 

Collamore, Jerome. 

DD98172 0123 

OU98173 0123 

Collectors of dea'h. 

R630075 0156 

The College baseball player. 
C3ll1'41 00914 

College knights. 

R6327U14 0158 

Colley, P. Howard. 

DD99192 01U14 

Collier, Ella Bay. 

C314136 00914 

Collier, Ronald. 

DU980911 0122 

Collings, Barbara Lord. 

D09e86U 0138 

Collins, Christopher. 

DD99522 0151 

Collins, David. 

0098882 0138 

Collins, Fletcher, Jr. 

DP9882 0105 

Collins, J. Canadia. 

C33925 0089 

Collins, Nancy Anne. 

DD986143 0133 

Collins, Patricia. 

DD97803 01 16 

00981120 0128 

Collins, Theo R. 

0096926 0139 

DD99166 OlllU 

JAN. - JON. 1071: 

Collodi, Carlo, pseud. 
SEE Lorenzini, Carlo. 

Collodi, c, pseud. 
SEE Lorer.zini, Carlo. 

I'ol - Dernis Cavid. 

I <■ -.-3 0113 

Colonel Charles Yourc. 

DU97678 0113 

Colonel Johnson eats the love 
R628f25 O^iU 

A Colonial Chris'mas. 

DU97I436 0108 

The Colonial spy. 

0097773 0115 

Colors free frou poison. 

DD991400 01119 

Color TV. 

C33780 OOef 

Color TV repairs. 

C33776 0086 

Col» , Russell T. 

Dn97373 0107 

Colver, A. Erwin, Jr. 

DU98862 013P 

Combinat ions-1 . 

C3141911 0095 


C314193 0095 


C3I4192 0095 

Come, cheer up, my friends. 
DU98772 0136 

Come out to play. 

DFO-21145 0100 

Come play with me! 

DU97597 0111 

Comes a time. 

DD98158 0123 

Come, submit unto silence. 
D0973148 0106 


D099383 01118 

The Coming forth by day. 
DP97119 '. 0101 

Coming of corn. 

C33661 OORU 

The Comino of the sun. 

C33662 00811 

Cominos, Georoe. 

DU991014 01143 

Cominos, Helen. 

D09910a 01143 

Command Cinema Corporation. 
D098332 0126 

Comments on life. 

C314067 0092 

Commerce Clearino House, Inc. 

C33558 1 0082 

C33671 0080 

C3373U 0085 

C338911 0089 

C33914I4 00°0 

C33966 0090 

C3I4070 00«2 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

con - CON 

Coninercial for prevention of 
child abuse. 
C311337 0098 

Conmercial signage: optinum 
coBmunication through 
effective design. 
C3U236 0096 

Coaiission on Archives and 
History, West Virginia 
Conference of the United 
Methodist Church. 
SEE United Bethodist Church 

(United States) Hest 

Virginia Conference. 

CoDBission of Archives 

and History. 


Communication skills 

C3I1096 0093 

C311097 0093 

C3II098 0093 

Communication with God 1: 
interview with Brother 
Bhav ananda. 
C3lt20B 0096 

Communication with jod 2: 
interview with Brother 
Anandamoy . 
C31I215 0096 

The Communicative chair: some 
dimensions of hearing and 
learning impairment. 
C3107U 0093 

Communicative disorders: an 
audio journal for continuing 
education, vol, 1, no. 1, 
January 1976. 
C3l)072 0093 

Communicative disorders: an 
audio journal for continuing 
education, vol. 1, no. 2, 
February 1976. 
C33988 0091 

Comprehensive communications. 
Inc. Auto Tape Tours 
C31438U 0099 

Conde Nast Publications, Inc. 
SEE Nast (Conde) Publi- 
cations, Inc. 

Coney Island Pepsi glass 
giveaway held over. 
C34009 0091 



ative disorders: an 
audio journal for continuing Confidentially. 

educa'ion, vol. 1, no. "4, 

April 1976. 

C3lt120 0091 

Communicative disorders: an 
audio journal for continuin 
education, vol. 1, no. 5, 
nay 1976. 
C3«3U7 0098 

Community nursing, health and 

evaluation graph. 

C3365U 008« 

E632eOU 0158 

Conjunto de historias 
matematicas, modulo 1. 
C3«180 0095 

Conjunto de historias 
matematicas, modulo 2. 
C314182 0095 

Conjunto de historias 
matematicas, modulo 3. 
C31183 0095 

Conjunto de historias 
matematicas, modulo t. 
C3«181 0095 

The Conquest of the Grand 
P,628 288 01 

D097U23 0108 

Dnsidine, Billiam PI. 

D098672 0133 

Dnsolidated Productions, Inc 

D097881 0117 

0097882 0117 

D097883 0117 

DU9788U 0117 

0097885 0117 

0097886 0117 

DU98073 0121 

D098071I 0121 

0098083 012'' 

0098080 0121 

DD98085 0121 

D098181 0123 

DD98182 0123 

D098189 0123 

onsumer reports, TV-211. 
C3«29C oog"" 

C3H291 0097 

eports, TV-271. 

JAN. - JOB. 1976 

Consumer reports, TV-2P2. 
C311U00 0100 

Consumer reports, TV-2eu. 
C33715 0085 

Consumer reports, TV-285. 

C33718 0085 

C33719 008"^ 

Consumer reports, TV-2ne. 
C3"4llC 0100 

Consumer reports, TV-287. 

C33716 0085 

C33717 008"^ 

Consumer reports, TV-290. 
C311U03 0100 

Consumer reports, TV-291. 
C33720 008'^ 

Consumer reports, TV-2o?. 
C3UU02 0100 

Consumer reports, TV-29a. 
C3i4tt01 0100 

Consumer reports, TV-295. 
C33777 0086 

Consumer reports, TV-296. 
C33772 0086 

Consumer reports, TV-29". 
C33780 008' 

Consumer reports, TV-298. 
C33776 0086 

Consumer reports, TV-299. 
C33779 0086 

Consumer reports, TV-301. 
C3U389 0099 

consumer reports, TV-302. 
C33773 008F 

Consumer reports, TV-301'. 
C3377l( 008' 

Consumer reports, TV-308. 
C339B1 0090 

Consumer reports, TV-309. 
C33939 0090 

Consumer reports, TV-310. 
C3393U 0090 

Consumer reports, TV-311. 
C3U1UI4 0091 

Consumer reports, TV-312. 
C33935 0090 

Consumer reports, TV-313. 
C3H1tt5 009U 

Consumer reports, TV-315. 
C3lt1U6 00911 

Consumer reports, TV-316. 
C3112914 009"' 

Consumer reports, TV-320. 
C3U150 0091; 

Consumer reports, TV-321. 
C31I1U9 00111 

Consumer reports, TV-322. 

C3U1H7 00911 

C3um8 OOOU 

Consumer reports, TV-323. 
C311151 00911 

Consumer reports, TV-3211. 

C311288 009" 

C31I289 009"" 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Consumer reports, TV-326. 
C3U292 0097 

Consumer reports, TV-328. 
C3U399 0100 

Consumer reports, TV-331. 
C3<t395 0099 

Consumer reports, TV-333. 
C3U397 0099 

Consumer reports, TV-337. 
C3(t398 0099 

Consumer science. 

C3110B1 0093 

Consumers Onion of United 

C33713 0085 

C3371II 0085 

C33715 0085 

C33716 0085 

C33717 0085 

C33718 0085 

C33719 0085 

C33720 0085 

C33721 0085 

C33772 0086 

C33773 0086 

C33771I 0086 

C33775 0086 

C33776 0086 

C33777 0086 

C33778 0086 

C33779 0086 

C33780 0086 

C33931I 0090 

C33935 0090 

C33936 0090 

C33937 0090 

C33938 0090 

C33939 0090 

C3391I0 0090 

C3391I1 0090 

C3ltl"ta 0094 

C3lt1lt5 O09U 

C3lnU6 0091* 

C31H«7 00914 

C3U1U8 0091 

C314T49 0091 

C3U150 009H 

C3lt151 0091 

C34287 0097 

C3lt288 0097 

C311289 0097 

C31t290 0097 

C31t291 0097 

C31I292 0097 

C34293 0097 

C31129U 0097 

C3(t295 0097 

C3U389 0099 

C3U39U 0099 

C3H395 0099 

C3U396 0099 

C3«397 0099 

031(398 0099 

C314399 0100 

CSUHOO 0100 

C3UH01 0100 

031102 0100 

C3U103 0100 

C31101 0100 

C3U105 0100 

The Contact man. 

DU93685 0131 

Convent of the Sacred Heart, 
San Francisco. Dance/Drama 
0099118 0113 

Converse, Elizabeth. 

D098112 0129 

D098661 0133 

Conway, John Joseph. 

C33661 0081 


Cope, Eddie. 

SEE Cope, Edward E. 

Ccrbett, Carl, 
SEE Epstein, 

Ccrnbury: the Oueen's 
DU98119 0122 

Cornish, Roger N. 

£0 98013 




Coronet Instructional nedia, 
division of Esquire, Inc. 
SEE Esquire, Inc. Coronet 
Instructional Media. 

Ccrporandum, ltd. 

SEE Carlin-Yellen Equities. 

>rrales, Jose 

)rrect speech 

, anyor 


to the 


dictation by Beloved 

Archangel Bichael, November 

11, 1952, Philadelphia, 


C33963 0090 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Cosmos, 
November 13, 1952, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
C33962 0090 

Corresponding to * he recorded 
dictation by Beloved Daddy, 
November 2, 1952, chicaoo, 
C31216 0096 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Daddy, 
November 8, 1952, Phi- 
ladelphia, Pennsylvania. 
C31218 0096 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Daddy, 
November 16, 1952, New York 
City, New York. 
C33812 0087 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved 
Hercules, November 10, 1952, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
C33960 0090 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Master 
Jesus, November 20, 19S2, 
New York City, New York. 
C33817 0087 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Orion, 
November 3, 1952, Chicago, 



Corresponding to the r 
dictation by Beloved 
Ray-0-Light, November 12, 
1952, Philadelphia, 
C33961 0090 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Saint 
Germain, November 7, 1952, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
C33813 0087 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Saint 
Germain, November 23, 1952, 
New York City, New York. 
C33811 0087 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Saint 
Germain, November 30, 1952, 
Washington, D.C. 
C33808 0087 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Saint 
Kumara, November 19, 1952, 
New York City, New York. 
C33809 0087 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved 
Victory, November 9, 1952, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
C31217 0096 

JAN. - JON. 197f 

Corresponding to *-he recorded 
dictation by Flohim of 
Peace, October 31, 1952, 
Chicago, Illinois. 
C31215 0096 

Correspondina to the recorded 
dictation by Goddess of 
Justice, November 17, 1952, 
New York City, New York. 
C33811 008'' 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Goddess of 
Liberty, November 18, 1952, 
New York City, New York. 
C33810 OOB"" 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Great Cosmic 
Anael, November 21, 1952, 
New York City, New York. 
C33816 OOB'' 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Grea+: Divi'^e 
Director, November 11, 1952, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
C33961 00 90 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Ruler of the 
Violet Planet, November 22, 
1952, New York City, New 
C33815 008^ 

The Corridor. 

D097931 0118 

Corrons, Bill E. 

C31007 OOOl 

Corrons, Wanda F. 

C31007 0091 

Cor*-ese, Thomas J., 2nd. 

D099188 0111 

Cosmic structure, energy and 
C31112 0091 

Coss, Eva. 

DU97116 O-'Oa 

DU97895 Oil"' 

Cos'a, Richard Delia. 

D099326 0117 

Cotham, Glenn C. 

D099120 0113 

Couleurs sans danger. 

DO 99 100 119 

The Council of living ^i-ing". 
DU97113 0108 

Counseling with parents of 
handicapped children. 
C33988 0091 


0099280 0116 

Coun tlno t he ways. 

0097801 0116 

A Country gen*-lemar. 

DD97772 011'^ 

Country Sun Publishing 

C33913 0089 

C33911 0089 

A Couple nights aqo. 

D0 9q017 oil! 

The Courier. 

DU97387 010^ 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Coarse on retiremer.t benefits 
for the self-employed. 
C339U1I 0090 

The Courtesan and the scholar. 
0097811 0116 

Courtney, Jean H. 

D097U09 0107 

Courtney, Pagan. 

DP9728 0101 


DU98898 0138 

Cousin Jerome. 

D097753 0115 

Cousins, Linda. 

DU97993 0120 

DU9799U 0120 

DU97995 0120 

Coutts, Kevin. 

C311375 0099 

Coutts, Peggi Horton-. 

SEE Horton-Coutts, Peggi. 

Covey, Shan. 

0097582 0111 

Cowan, Oonald King. 

C3392lt 0089 

The Coward. 

R630290 0156 

Cowles, C. F. 

SEE Cowles, Charles F. 

Cowles, Charles F. 

D0973H1 0106 

Cowley, Bruce. 

0098616 0133 

The Cows. 

DD99089 0112 

Coyle, McCarthy. 

DP9752 0101 

Crabtree, John B. 

0097557 0111 

D098091 0122 

0098116 0122 


DD98612 0133 

Crack: a moral fable in at 
least two pieces. 
0U98199 0121 

Craig, Oorothy J. 

C31167 0095 

Craig, William B. 

0097853 0117 

Crane, Lor. 

0098131 0122 

Crane, Stanford H. , Jr. 

DD98U71 0129 

Crane operator training. 

C31095 0093 

Crawford, Oavid B. 

C33933 0090 

Crawford, Wayne. 

DU98180 0130 

Crawley, Hazel L. 

0098205 0121 

0098206 0121 



Creative cosmology: the 
universe of the mind. 
C31381 0099 

Creative living using the 
A-S-C method. 
C33666 0031 

Creative persuasion, featuring 
Fred Herman. 
C33867 0088 

Creativity and concept 
development through the 
processes of language arts. 
C31091 0093 

The Crime of Sylvester 
F623713 0152 

DP9723 0101 

D099115 0150 

rossino to Hades. 

rozier, Eric. 

R633111 0158 

P635785 0159 

Cuan, Peter. 

SEE Cuan, Peter Ying Chong. 

Cummings, Edward Estlin. 

E629105 0155 

E635063 0159 

arilla, Richard L. 

0097859 0117 

0098961 0110 

JAN. - JON. l"" 

Curr an -Chandler, Anastas'a, 
SEE Sept an* , June. 

Curriculum development In 
vision services. 
C31093 0093 

Currier, Richard. 

0098207 0121 

Currier, Feck H. 

C31223 009f 

Curse of the Pharaohs. 

DU98558 OlS^ 


DP9831 0103 

Curtin, Jane. 

0P9861 0101 

Curtis, Paul J. 

DU98182 0130 

Custer . 

0099197 0151 

Cuthbert, Oavid. 

0097868 on-" 

Cu*hbert, Neil. 

DP9860 0101 

0098625 0133 

Cutuqno, natthew F. 

DU99129 011° 

The Cycle. 

0098882 0138 

The Cycle play, pt. 1. 

0097115 OlOP 

Cyr, Paul Joseph. 

0098711 0135 

Cyrano de Bergerac. 

OF2233 0100 

Oace, Edwin Wallace. 

0097172 O^O" 

Dace, Wallace. 

SEE Dace, Edwin Wallace. 

Daddy, go awayl 

D099251 0116 

Dade, Joseph L. 

0098718 0-'35 

Dad, I gotta go. 

C33732 008'^ 

Daisy, daisy! 

DD99160 O'll 

Daley, Harry. 

0098028 0-'20 

Dallas, Pe*er Thomas. 

0097170 010° 

Oalton, Alice. 

0096123 012f 

Dalton, James Reginald. 

0098123 012n 

Dalton, Tarquin, pseud. 

SEE Dalton, James FeginaW. 

Daly, Patrick J. 

0099182 0111 

0099238 0115 

Daly, William F. 

OB980U1 0121 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record penaining to a |iarticular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


D'Anato, Rr.'hor.y. The Darbys. 

DU97T36 0111 DU98716 OISU 

DMSs's..!^. ..'. 0105 " DU98355..; 0127 D098265 0125 The Dead. 

Davis, Carlos. 

SEE Davis, Jame 

s Carlos. 

Davis, David. 



JAN. - JUN. 197 

D.C. B. (Desdemora, CMr Zano 
ard Paw) 
DU985aO 0131 

DU97667 0113 

Damn riagers. 

DP9906 0105 

Dance, darling, dance. 

D09853U 0131 

Dance/Drana Workshop, Convent 
of 'he Sacred Heart. 
SEE Convert of the Sacred 

Heart, San Francisco. 

Dance/Drama Workshop. 

The Dance of the wallflower. ^ , . , ^ ^ „ 

D098563 0131 CP9907 0105 DIJ99236 0115 The Dean 

Deadwood Dick. 

D098fU9 0133 

The Dealer . 

C33996 0091 

ealin gs - 
DP9735 OIC 

Baling wi'-h the Devil. 
C3U2611 0097 

DP976B 010? 

ance your heart out. 
[)P9793 0102 DFC-215« 0100 DU98352 0127 Dearborn 

>-e Dancing princesses. Da Kocha Miranda, Edgard, 

0098183.1 0123 SEE Hiranda, Edgard da SEE Davis, nichael. Dearbo 


EE Deartorr 

Dandelion Depot. 

DD99269 0116 

Danielewski, Tad. 

SEE Brigham Yoang Oni- 
ity, Provo, DT, 

DP9902 0105 

PD97533 0110 

Dear friends and gentle 
Davisson, Mona G. hearts, 
ah (Delmar Duane) Estate D099515 0151 DU97U00 0107 

Thea*re'and'cine»atic B625716 0153 Davydd and the Tommy knockers. Dear Jeane'te, do you rememb^ 

Arts Department. DD98352 0127 when? 

Danielewski, Tad Z. D098372 0127 Dawn of the Age of Enlig- 

0099011 0111 htenment. Dear 

aniel in the lion's den. 
C31163 0095 

Danielou, J. 

F629105 0155 DD97382 0107 Day, John Patrick 

aniels, Chris, pseud. 
SEE Gacek, Daniel Chris- 

aniels, Norman A. 

E630070 0155 

DD99225 011b 

^h, back to back. 
"0099065'. ."ri^rr.ri 0112 ""'d'd980i'2^ 0120 a Oay at beautiful station DD98958 OHO 

'Anna, J. 
SEE O'Snna, Joseph. 

D'Anna, Joseph. 

D' Annibale, Alber'. 

D097788 0115 

Danny and Paco. 

DU98606 0132 

Dansicker, Hichael Edward. 
0097907 0118 

Danziger, Dennis. 

0098351 0127 

Da Ponte, Lorenzo. 

D097579 0111 

D'Bquila, Christine. 

Darbonne, Podger Le 

Dash, Brenda. 

... 0127 

Datta, Chris. 

SEE Datta, Christo 

Datta, Christopher J: 


Daugherty, Lucile. 

Daughters of liberty 



Davai Chasi. 


David, Back. 

David and Goliath. 

David Crockett. 


David, Jake and the 
of Helm. 

Wise Ben 

The David Bisch revu 

... 0095 

David Morley. 

Davidson, Conrad E. 

Davies, Bobertson. 

... 0151 

00981 15 0122 

DD97998 0120 C31035 0092 

sarmon, Bark Brian. 
D098238 0121 

Death and the crown of odalrh. 
01198167 0123 B625666 0153 

D098653 0133 

ay, Patrick. 
SEE Oay, John Patrick. 

Death and the double cross, 
ick. E627100 0151 

Death and the Easter bonne'. 
P6321455 0157 


DB97817 0116 Death of a mothe 

DD97132 0108 

DD97339 0106 Death of a roman'ic. 

So98038rr.r.". 0120 "'"f62783I 0151 . DD99501 0151 

DD98336 0126 A Day for doughnuts, April 19 

1775. Death of 

DP9862 0101 R632653 0158 

Dea'h of a soldier. 

D099088 Oil? 

The Day Mister and Mrs. Falph The Death of Mon'ezuma. 

Michaelson ran away from B631226 015" 

DU98722 0135 0097963 0119 home. 

DU97962 0119 Debarkation poi-* 

0098592 0132 

sBoy, David Pober'. 
D097513 OHO 

Buvi'z, Ed. 

SEE DeEuvitz, Edward J. 

DeBuvitz, Fdward J. 

0098866 0138 

DeBuvitz, Edward Joseph. 
OaVingi, Al, pseud. . D098212 0^21 

0098730 0135 SEE Conley, Stan. A Oay without beginning 

Darby, Bon. 

SEE Darby, Eonald Charle 

Darby, Ponald Charles. 

D097825 0116 

The Decades: 1930's. 
D097751 0115 C33981 

C. , District of cuckoo. The Decades: 1960's. 
D099161 0150 C33985 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. (Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

DEC - Die 

DeCarlo, Chris- 

SEE OeCarlo, Christie Oscar 

DeCarlo, Christie Oscar. 

DD99328 01U7 

December wedae. 

0098909...; 0139 

The Decisior.. 

0098779 0136 

DU99306 0117 

Decker, Robert 0. 

DP9852 OIOU 

Dedrick, Eva. 

C3'(362 0099 

Dee, Peter. 

DU97638 0112 

0099511 0151 

Dees, Hick. 

C314038 0092 

De Filippo, Eduardo. 

0093550 0131 

Defining vour personal goals. 
0097813'. 0116 

De Folo, Keith. 

D097375 0107 

The DeFootney murder mystery. 
DD97725 0111 

Oeford, Frank. 

0099177 0150 

Dehn, Fredric. 

0098675 0131 

Deja 7U. 

0099327 0117 

DeJong, neindert. 

DD97117 0108 

DeJulian, Slvanico. 

SEE flarvel, Henry Lee. 

Delano, Araasa. 

DD98869 0138 

Delano, Daniel. 

0098869 0138 

De Lany, Robert. 

D098300 0126 

Delattre, Pierre. 

0099372 0118 

Delderfield, Bay E. 

R629166 0155 

K629167 0155 

Delderfield, E. F. 

8629166 0155 

S629167 0155 

The Delicate age. 

B631199 0159 

B631501 0159 

Delight in D. harbour. 

D099506 0151 

Deliver us from evil. 

D098991 0110 

DeLoach, Dennis Wavne. 

0098167 '. 0129 

DeLuca, Diana B. 

DD97315 0106 

D097316 0106 

De Lynne, Etienne. 

DP9721 0101 


Derouin, P. E. 

SEE Derouin, Raymond E. 

Dengrove (Lois) -Dick Cuffari 
C31033 0092 

Denker, Henry. 

E629058 0155 

R629059 0155 

E629060 0155 

E62906 1 0155 

E629062 0155 

B629063 0155 

R629061 0155 

E629065 0155 

P629066 0155 

E629067 0155 

P629068 0155 

F629069 0155 

E629070 0155 

F629071 0155 

R629072 0155 

F629073 0155 

E629071 0155 

R629075 0155 

R629076 0155 

erick Amberman, Rosedale 
DD97861 0117 

Descriptive tour of the 
Lancaster, Pennsylvania/- 
Dutch Country auto tape 
C31381 0099 

Detection of hearing 
impairment in infants. 
C33967 0090 

Detective story. 

P622589 0152 

R631738 0159 

The Determination of the 

spacial geometric shapes of 
simple, single-bonded, 
hybridized molecules. 
C33885 0089 

De Eojas, Fernando. 

SEE Rojas, Fernando De. 

Developing administration of 
justice course content. 
C31160 0091 

Developing competency through 
C31157 0091 

Developina your observation 
0097816 0116 

The Devil's disciple. 

0098060 0121 

DU99336 0117 

evotion to the Virgin Mary in 
Middle Enalish narrative 
verse: medieval life and 
modern literary criticism. 
C33681 0081 

JAN. - JON. 1?T 

De Witt, Jack. 

DU986U1 0133 

Dexter, Harriet. 

SEE Peagh, Harriet. 

Dexter Films, ltd. 

D098783 013f 

Diabetes in pregnancy. 

C33977 '. 0091 

The Oiaanosis. 

DD98373 012'' 

Dial, Uilliam. 

0098612 0132 

Dialogue n. 

DP9761 0102 

Diamond Jim. 

DO 98 968 0110 

The Diamond lens. 

R623709 015? 


0098931 13° 


DP9791 0102 

Dias, Antonio Henry- 

D098516 0130 

Dibdin, Thomas. 

DD98863 0138 

Oi Carlo, Peter Bruno. 

D097131 0108 

Dickens, Charles. 

D099219 O'lJ 

R621057 015? 

Dickerson, Glenda. 

DD98751 0135 

Dickinson, Emily. 

DD99727 0135 

Dickson, Abb. 

SEE Dickson, Abner Pope, Jr. 

Dickson, Abner Pope, Jr. 

0098519 0131 

Dick Hhittington and his ca'. 

D098731 0135 

E625000 01f3 

Dictation by Belcved Archanoel 
Michael, November 11, 1o52, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
C33963 0090 

Dictation by Beloved Cosmos, 
November 13, 1952, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
C33962 0090 

Dictation by Beloved Daddv, 
November 2, 1952, Chicago, 
C31216 009f 

Dictation by Beloved Daddv, 
November 8, 1952, Phi- 
ladelphia, Pennsylvania. 
C31218 00»f 

Dictation by Beloved Daddv, 
November 16, 1952, Nev York 
City, New York. 
C33812 008"" 

Dictation by Beloved Hercule?. 
November 10, 1952, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
C33960 OOOO 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete (Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Qftlce for information about any additional records that may exist. 

Die - DOU 

Dictation by Beloved naster 
Jesus, November 20, 1952, 
New York city. New York. 
C33817 0067 

Dictation ty Beloved Orion, 
November 3, 1952, Chicago, 
C3«2U9 0096 

Dictation by Beloved 

Eay-O-lioht, November 12, 

1952, Philadelphia, 


C33961J 0090 

Dictation by Beloved Saint 
Germain, November 7, 1952, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
C33813 0087 

Dictation by Beloved Saint 
Germain, November 23, 1952, 
New York City, New York. 
C338m 0087 

Dictation by Beloved Saint 
Germain, November 30, 1952, 
Washington, D.C. 
C3380S 0087 

Dictation by Beloved Saint 
Kumara, November 19, 1952, 
New York City, New York. 
C33809 0087 

Dictation bv Beloved Victory, 
November 9, 1952, Phi- 
ladelphia, Pennsylvania. 
C3IJ217 0096 

Dictation by Elohim of Peace, 
October 31, 1952, Chicago, 
C3«2U5 0096 

Dictation by Goddess of 

Justice, November 17, 1952, 
New York City, New York. 
C338n 0087 

Dictation by Goddess of 

Liberty, November IB, 1952, 
New York City, New York. 
C33810 0087 

Dictation bv Great Cosmic 
Sngel, November 21 , 1952, 
New York City, New York. 
C33816 0087 

Dictation by Great Divine 

Director, November 1 U , 1952, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
C33961 0090 

Dictation by Euler of the 
Violet Planet, November 22, 
1952, New York City, New 
C33815 0087 

Diderot, Denis. 

DU99066 01«2 

Didvsis Penktadienis. 

DP9815 0103 

DiGanai, Louis P.. 

00990311 0112 

Diggs, Charles N. 

0098311 0127 

DiLeo, Peter. 

D098107 0122 

Dillon, Bob. 

SEE Dillon, Eobert H. 

Dillon, Fobert n. 

D09937U 0118 



, 0131 
. 0093 

. 00914 

. 11(2 

. 0115 




, 0095 

, 0100 

. 0115 

. 0122 

, 0113 
. 0129 
. 0138 

. 0158 

. 150 


. 0155 

. 0136 

. 014H 

. 0107 

. 0101 

. 120 

. 0117 
. 0117 

. 0136 

. 0101 

. 0118 

. 0117 

. 0152 

Doctor Jekyll and Bist 

er Hyd< 

Doctor Kenneth MacDona 
"progressive relaxat 


Doctor Pepper in Belgi 

Documentation of daily 

The Disappearance. 

Dodd, James Kenneth. 

Disappearance of the ni 

Dodd, J. Kenneth. 

SEE Dodd, James Kenn 

Dodgson, Charles Lutwi 

The Disappointment. 


The Disciple of death. 


Dodson, Glen Huir. 

. 0150 

Discovering the U.S.A. 

Dodson, Owen. 


Dodswort h. 


Dogfood commercial. 

Dismukes, Norvelle. 


Disney, Loren. 

Doing it with mirrors. 

Disney, Stanley E. 


Doll, Kathleen F. 

Displaced persons. 

A Dollar a day keeps - 
doctor away. 

Dollars and change. 

Dolly Barogue. 



Divorce lawyer. 


Dixon, Emma Jean. 

Donald and the prophet 

Dixon, Janice Thorne. 

Dixon, Ka'hryn Jo Anne. 
DIJ97996 , 

Donick, Emily. 

. 01 53 

Dcbrin, Ron. 


Donizetti, G. 

SEE Donizetti, Gaeta 

Donizetti, Gaetano. 

Dcbson, H. F. 


. 0125 

Doctor B. S. Black. 

Don Juan blues. 

Dcctor, doctor. 

Don Juan of Flatbush. 

Doctor Heidegqer'E exp. 

Donkey skin. 


. 0153 

JAN. - JON. 1976 

Donley, Nancy L. 

D098270 0^25 

Donlon, Thomas H. 

DU99259 0116 

Don Hike and Estrelli*a. 

P630279 0156 

Do not pass go. 

DP9892 O^OS 

Do not write on the desks! •^'- •= 
trial of Reagan Chambers, 
DD98286 0125 

Donovan, CharlC-te. 

0099221 0115 

Don't be sad. 

C31103 009' 

Don't be scared, mo'her is 
D097799 0115 

Don't be scared, mother's 
DD97799 0115 

Don't cry ever spilled 

DU98775 0136 

Don't embarass the Bureau. 
DP9829 010? 

Don't ever say goodbye. 

D097612 0112 

Don't give me that. 

DD98309 0126 

Don't know how. 

DD99150 0^11 

Don't run around naked! 

D098572 0131 

Don't stand too close tc the 
DD98928 0139 

Doodah, Inc. 

C31375 009" 

The Dope war. 

D098052 0121 

Dorer, Diana S. 

DU98021 0120 

Dorfman, Harold H. 

C31170 0095 

C31202 009'^ 

Dorst, Tankred. 

0098631 01 33 

Dos*-oevsky, Feodor Kikhai- 
D099216 0116 

Dostoevsky, Fyodor. 

SEE Dos*oev5ky, Feodor 

Do they have turkeys in 
DU99213 0106 

DoublecroES Creek. 

B630291 0156 

Double "-he pleasure. 

D099382 0118 

Double zero down. 

0097665 0113 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


The Doub*: family commune. 
DU9852: 0130 


SEE Dougall, Bernard. 

Douaall, Bernard. 

R630279 0156 

R630280 0156 

P630281 0156 

B630282 0156 

F,630283 0156 

= 630281 0156 

P630285 0156 

B630286 0156 

R630287 0156 

P,630288 0156 

B630289 0156 

S630290 0156 

P630291 0156 

E630292 0156 

E631233 0156 

P631262 0156 

B632093 0157 

E6320911 0157 

S632953 0158 

R633120 0158 

R633121 0158 

B633122 0158 

R634032 0158 

R63llU6e 0159 

R63U617 0159 

F635287 0159 

Dougherty, Dan. 

SEE Dougherty, Daniel 

Dougherty, Daniel Franklin. 
R6314031 0158 

Dougherty, Danny. 

SEE Dougherty, Daniel 

Dougherty, Kevin. 

D099O18 Oltl 

Douglas, Barry. 

SEE Grossterg, Barry. 

Douglas, Janie Joyce. 
SEE Drake, Janie Joyce 

Douglas, Pamela. 

D099231 01U5 

Douglass, David Scott. 

D098621 0132 

Douglass, Donna Niksch. 

C33752 0086 

Douglass, Merrill E. 

C33836 0088 

Dove Productions, Ltd. 

0098970 OIUO 

Doud, Betty Jo. 

DD9913t 011(3 

DD99135 0143 

Down, Rena Varon. 

DD97576 0111 

Down and out. 

0098788 0136 

Dovnes, Barry Edward. 

DU993U8 01U8 

Down here on the ground. 

0098763 0135 

Down on the lower landing. 
DU99279 0116 

Downs, George. 

D099237 0115 


cvn to the sea in shifts, the 
story of a faultless 
tU99506 0151 

Doyle, Sir Arthur Coran. 

DP9U93 0101 

0097198 0109 


DP9731 0101 

DU97582 0111 

DU98307 0126 

Dreyer, Gail. 





Drinking thing. 




DO97C4 50. 

Drive a li 

t^le ai 

Id save 

a lot. 

Drive up i 




Druce, Arden. 


01 17 

Drula, Tei 









D rakestail. 

Drummond, R. Paul. 

SEE Drummond, Robert Paul. 








le Duality oi 

: da 






ibe, Jackson 


iott , 

jbe, Jed. 
SEE Dube, Jacks 


iby, Hichael. 

on Ell 

The Dramatiz 
of Birth. 



The House 


ick don't be 




A Dream defe 

idley, Lucia 

le: do die. 


The Dreamer. 


The Dream-gr 


le Duel. 




The Dream ma 

le Duenna. 




waiting on 



le west, constellation thirty 
D098920 0139 

JAN. - JON. 19'' 

Dugatkin, Hilliau Neil. 

D097865 0117 

Duggan, Charles Harmon. 

D097813 0116 

Duhart, Larry Allan. 

0099218 01U5 

Duisberg, Robert Adamy. 

DP9850 0101 

Dukes, Beverly. 

C3U375 0099 

DuKore, Lawrence. 

D098058 0121 

Dumais, Alfred J. 

D097938 0118 

0097911 0118 

D097913 0118 

Dumas, Daisy Irene. 

DO98051 0121 

Dunai, Ferenc. 

DD98732 0135 

Duncan, Charles Thomas. 

D098258 012f 

Duncan, Thorn. 

SEF Duncan, Charles Thomas. 

Duncan, Thomas. 

SEE Duncan, Charles Thomas. 

The Dungeon with a view. 
0098912 0130 

Dunkel, John. 

D098838 013^ 

Dunn, Tom. 

DD98151 0-'2° 

Dunne, Finley Pe*er. 

DU97351 OlOf 

Dunne, Phillip. 

DD97351 OlOf 

Dunnioan, Ann. 

D099088 0112 

DuPree, Carolyn nary. 

0097111 0107 

D098891 0128 

Duprey, Richard. 

D097881 OV^ 

D097885 0117 

Ourcan, Georgelle. 

DD97921 0118 

Durston, David E. 

D099115 0113 

The Dust summer. 

0097726 OI'" 

Dust whirling with dust. 

D097699.... 0111 

Dutch, Franklyn Rickards. 
DD98363 ' 2" 

Duval, Carol F. 

0097767 Oil? 

Dwyer, Bill. 

D098218 0125 

Dwyer, Eugene F. 

0099260 0116 

Dwyer, Gene. 

SEE Dwyer, Eugene F. 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JAN. - JUN. l°''f 


F^i, = i PBoraP H Edmonds, Raymond Bi-.chell. Eidelman, Stanley Joseph. 
Dyer,HarDld. ^^.toX,?,^" 0127 DU9923«..: 1 " ? DU99301. 0^47 



Dymor Productions, inc. ^^^f,^ <^^^^' '°''°'''''lh3 "03^32?"' ''"''!'!!':. OOPR ''^993.0 0.« 

V-ium 0098 C33610 0063 CJUJ^^ 

C336n 0083 , r.- .■ -r The T-iaht t,= ic cloE^no 

C'3612 0083 Educational Direction, Inc. The Fiaht tasic clos_ng 

■!•*'* llfj- „,,„ C33613" 0083 C3U036 00=2 techniques. 

D09800^ 0120 CJJblJ " DlJ9782f. 011'^ 

C3361U 008J 

„ , u,-„^ C33615 0083 Educational management of 

Eagles brood. ri^tis 0083 hear ing- impa ir ed children. Eighteen :n Jure. 

OT98692 013« C33616 -. 0083 ^c3'>^isl . . .1 0095 P62U055 0157 

Eagle's war and the Buffalo. "VlVf'''-' nn«' """' ""^ The Eioh-h day: a celetra^io- 

01197959 0119 C33619 0083 . , „ 

°"^^'^ C33620 0083 Educational Pr 

^^J^7.It!!!!.!::.f::.. oioa ^l^:::::::-- IIH "b^----": 0088 

"3623 0083 ^,., „_,„„,, .„ki -:„....= _ T„n. '" 01)587 1«:. i:::." ! 013 

DP9890 0105 

The Eighth house 

„ , ^. C3362it 0083 Educational Publicati-- . 

"«V09;^. 0003 C33S25 00B3 C33932 0090 ^^^_ 

C33626 uaoj . , , . epp visolp "ohe^' H 

„ , ., ^^^ , C33627 0083 Educational Research SEE Fisele, .oBe_. h. 

Early math set 2. ljjd^*.- • fit^soc-ate^ 

"36" 008U ..v„.. ,.T,ck, Drua company. C33679 008a Eisele, Sober' H. 


tr-Verd Markl Dr ua Company. C33b/9 uuo" tj.»cj..r, 1.^^,. ... 

EcKerd (JacK) urug ..oBipaKi. _^ Dn987U3 0135 

0^3610 0083 

C33611 0083 

C33612 0083 

C33599 0083 C33611 008 "^^l^^^^tt^/^c Eisele, Roter' Henry. 

C33613:::::".:::;:;::: oosi cl39i8.;.::.". oo89 D0978O8 oiv 

^^lii^5^!:^!:!!!.!r!roo9. 03361.::;::;::::::::: 0083 c3«ooo 0091 ^^_^^^^„^ „^^, ,. 

Eartha the good witch. 

C33615 0083 

C33616 0083 Educational 

013U C33617 0083 

01 3U 

"098712 013U ^J.P - -- ;.«168.... 0095 Eisler, Ri c 

C33618 0083 03141 

Earth ga 

DO 98 366 12' 

C33619 0083 

^^^^^■- °"' 9.111° ■•■•: Zi "c33833:!!!.^:""!:.. OO88 Eisman, David. 

SEE Aizmen, David. 

The East 

C33621 0083 

C33622 0083 

0093 C33623 0083 

""101 0093 o.Jb.^ -„ --ogoo,, 01«2 El, nail Dolores «ynr Pula 

5EE Huland El, Gail Dolores 

C336211 0083 

The Easter Bunny has been C33625 0083 

f^red (no replacemen-. has C33626 0083 

been found, C33627 0083 ... ^^ Elabor____.. 

"'"'' °''' Ec.erd optical centers, inc., Edwards, «arcia «. hollowalat ely . 

East Side fla'. managing opticians program. D099«a2 0150 C33991 

™"^^^ "''' '^l::::::::::\:\\: " Edwards, Robert d. '''\'i%'r' corporation 

_,,, . nno, m767 0086 DD97826 Oil 

033614 0083 

DU9"'827 Cllf 

0097591 0111 _ Edwards Hilliam J D097828 0116 

,, ,, ^^?ndividual"ufe insurance. DU97730 :.... 011« PD97829 Ollf 

aswaran, Fknath. individual iiie insurance. DU97830 0116 

034268 0097 033691 0085 DD97831 011f 

ly company. 


The Effects of constriction c 

, 1976. 

the Hissourl Fiver since 



034043 0092 

0097832 Ollf 


OU99069 0142 03385. uu»» ^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ const r^' ction of DU97834 Ol^f 

. Dorothy. Economy subcompact cars, 1976. the "issouri Fiver since ^^^e'^^] i i I." ] :;;;::: : VZ 

DD97503 0109 C34399 0100 1^879^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ p,^^ 

0097638 Ollf 

Pa*- vnnr heart out. Eddie. nnQTfi^Q Ollf 

'%^l°lV.::?. 0101 DU98462 0129 Effigy.^^ ^^^^ Z^l^w::::::::- on^ 

„^ , „ ■ DU97841 Ollf 

'Jil^ '• „,„ "^i?°5;„'"- n,.. The Foo at the end of the D097842 OV^f 

D097843 011f 

C3a'277 : 0097 DD98760 0135 The Egg at 

""278 0097 -DU67376: 0107 0097844. 

D097407 0107 Zl^ltl:::::::::::": o". 

l^S:::::::::::::: V.II ..s^^. v. Reggie. ^'^^0:2157..: 0100 zZZ^::---:- -- 

S634501 0159 033708 0086 D098063 0121 

F634502 0159 C33749 0086 ^^fjj,,, 0086 DD98064 0121 

^^^0991^6:!!?:!!!!:.... 0144 '"ee Educational Direction, E,le, Ala n, ^pseud . ^ _ ^^^U^^^^?! .:!?!! !!;... . 0.2' 

"-"«"•■■-■-■-■•-••■ °''' ns?9433!!!!: 0149 '''l.^^nr.: 0149 ''0099074 0142 

"----•■•• -- ^^t;^!$^4^!!.!!!!!.r^too "^0986^""!!: 0133 ''l.^^V:: 013c 

^"-■^f-"-™ — -iR^^^;!?:!.!!.::-!!: 0.0 ^^l^rShr^ic^!-cynthia A. ^^™^^68;!:!.!^!!:;.... 0134 

SEE Ehrlich, Cynthia Anne. 

^^^ j^^^ The Electric Company sentence 

l?i&:;;"::;:;:;:; llll """•• °°" '^l^o^!:::'::-.... 0134 t^^:-^::: oo84 

DP9907 0105 Edmonds, nitchell. rHri^^t rvT,tHaAnne Electric heaters. 

SEE Edmonds, Eaymond Ehrlxch, oynthia Anne. rii7iu OOS-^ 

uA*.^u^^^ nn9a430 0128 3 3714 uur_ 

Echols, Herman Henry, Jr. nitchell. uusuuju 

DP9826 0103 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

Elegant exercise in adv 


The Elephant is well. 

01 10 

The Elephant nan. 

The Eleventh coBnandmen 

Eley, Kitty. 

Elfenbein, Hiram. 

El Gerber, Bary. 


El Hajj palik El Shabaz 


Elias, Albert Sahley. 

Elias, Josef. 



Eliminating excess body fat by 
discussion and hypnosis. 
C311219 0096 

Elisabetta il Castello di 
DD98242 0125 

DD989UU 0139 

Elliott, Lynn Humphrey. 

D097820 0116 

00991411 01«9 

B633833 0158 


irerging coercive strategies 
and tactics in American 
universities during the 
post-Watergate era. 
C314172 0095 

The Emperor's clothes. 

DU97985 0119 

DU97986 0119 

The Emperor's new clothes. 

DP9750 0101 

DP981« 0103 

rD97672 0113 

DU98073 0121 

D099021 Omi 

r099332 0m7 

rhe Empire builder, Carl 
Graham Fisher. 
D098059 0121 

Fnpringham, Douglas Foome. 

DU98100 0122 


The Elopement and other mimes. An Empty hous 

C31277 0097 

nemas, how to do it, 
including S and M and the 
enema bag. 
C33965 0090 

Engle, Beth. 

SEE Engle, Elizabe'-h. 

Enhancement of growth and 

learning for young children. 
C3356U 0082 

Enjoy auto and walking tour in 
sound of Baltimore, 
C34303 0097 

Enjoy auto and walking tours 
in sound of Annapolis, 
C33866 0088 

Enjoy Communicating, Inc. 

C33866 0088 

C31I303 009'' 



R62I1056 0152 

ntering into the silence, th 
Seneca way. 
C33917 0089 


0097803 0116 

Epstein, 1. 

SEE Epstein, lloyd. 

Epstein, Lloyd. 

Epstein, nartin 




... one 

Erger, c. 0. 
SEE Erger, Cc 

Erger, Connie. 

SEE Erger, Constanc 

JAN. - JDN. 197f 

Erger, Constance 0. 

C31102B 0092 

Erhard, Werner. 

C338U9 0088 


C33993 0091 

Ernest Hemingway : the mos*- 
exciting years. 
0P9830 0103 

Ernotte, Andre. 

DU97932 0118 

The Escape artis-is. 

D099«m 0150 

Espenak, Liljan. 

C3U357 0099 

C3H358 0099 

Esposito, Bobert . 

DD97368 010"" 

Esguire, Inc. Coronet 
Instructional Bedia. 

C33751 0086 

C33802 006'' 

C33803 008^ 

C3383« 0088 

C3U026 0092 

C3m6n 0005 

C3Uie5 0095 

C3U166 00°"; 

C311175 009S 

C3«176 0095 

C3ltl77 009"= 

C3U178 0095 

C311369 009'= 

C3U370 0099 

C3U371 009° 

C3U372 009° 

C3U373 0099 

C3U37U oogij 

C3U377 009° 

Esquire, Inc. Globe 
C33922 0089 

Estate plannino quarterlv, 
sprina 1976. 
C33966 0090 

Estate planning quarterly, 
winter 1975. 
C33671 0080 

Estivill, niguel. 

DO 98 60 '. 0133 

Estren, Jon. 

0098776 013f 

L' Etat de siege. 

F625087 0T=3 

The Eternal liaht. 

E626351 O'SU 

The Eternal triangle. 

DU99522 015' 

The E'-ernal triangle and -he 
deadly P.T.A. 
C30260 0097 

Ethan Allen. 

0097390 OIO" 

Eugster, Carl. 

0098723 0135 

Eunson, Dale. 

B628672 0155 

Evaluation model for 

performance improvement. 
C3365U 008U 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for informatioti about any additional records that ma\' exist. 


Evaluation techniques. 

C3')158 009U 

Evans, ^'duard Kinchley. 

DU9812U 0122 

Evans, Esther Taylor-. 

SEE Taylor-Evans, Esther. 

Evans, Joar. F. 

DD98733 0135 

Evans, Kenneth L. 

D099385 01«8 

Evans, Larry Gene. 

D0991455 0150 

Evans, Louis Hadley, Sr. 

P635570 0159 

Evans, Mary Lloyd. 

DU98690 01311 

Evans, Philip n. 

DU98018 0120 

DU98019 0120 

Even his enemy. 

B635H88 0159 

An Evening with Mark Twain! 
Dn98973 0140 

An Evening with Thoreau: 
mystic of Walden. 
DD98127 0128 

Everett, Barbara Ann. 

C3It086 0093 

The Everlasting shell. 

D098962 OiaO 

Ever so humble. 

DU98330 0126 

Everybody in the pool. 

DU99517 0151 

Every body's skin makes 
everybody kin. 
C33852 0088 

Everyman today. 

B6251140 0153 

DD98037 0120 

Everything' s Jake. 

DD98897 0138 


C34205 0095 

Evil in the house. 

E623218 0152 

The Evil queen. 

Da97675 0113 

The Evolution of our 
D098213 01211 

The Evolution of stars. 

C33600 0083 

Evreinov, N. N. 

0099522 0151 

Exceptional teaching. 

C33987 0091 

Excuse me, Mrs. Farnsworth. 
DP9816 0103 

The Execution of nary. Queen 
of Scots. 
P63181t7 0156 


Existential architectonics: 
pa radoxological abode. 
C31I189 0095 

The Explanation o£ Insan and 
203 other discourses. 
C33920 0089 

Extra-clinical aspects of 
emergency medical care. 
C31I3314 0098 

Exxon retailer convention 
show, 1976. 
DO 9 9 21*1 014 5 

Exxon retailer convention, 
D0992U1 0145 


Fabish, Victor. 

DU98581 0132 

DU98718 0135 

A Fable entitled: The 
Squirrel's 'ale. 
D099055 014 

The Fairest flc 

ace it, the 
of human f 

sptual death 

01 15 

Falk, Brian. 
SEE Falk, V. 

Falk, Lee. 

SEE Falk, Leon. 


edict Arnold. 

amiglietti. Jack. 
SEE Famiglietti, John F. 

our.d ider.tifi 

Corporatior. . 

Fanidi, H. Theo. 


Fanidi, Theo. 


SEE Fanidi, H. Theo. 


Fann, Ernest Louis. 


. 0106 

JAN. - JUN. 1971 

Farce de Haistre Pierre 
DU98078 0121 

Farao, George. 

DU97523 0110 

Farjeon, Eleanor. 

B6293e3 0155 

Farjeon, Herbert. 

F629383 0155 

Farjeon, Joan. 

R629383 0155 

Farjeon, Joseph Jefferson. 
B625695 01^3 

Farmelant, Annabelle. 

DD98439 012= 

The Farmer. 

DU97S23 0110 

Farmer, Harjorie. 

DP9861 010 4 

Farmer Dick Earone Chevrole- . 

C33629 008^ 

C33630 0083 

C3 36 31 00 8 3 

C33632 0083 

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 
DP8538 0101 

Farrell, Paul B. , Jr. 

JU989a9 0140 

DU99499 01=1 

Fast, Howard. 

DU97601 Oir 

DU99518 0151 

Fat ci-y. 

DU99452 0150 

Fate, fortune and final 
0097472 0109 

The Father of secrets. 

D098387 0128 

The Father of 'he Fevolutio-: 
a portrait of Samuel Adams. 
00 98 413 0^28 

A Father to his son. 

DU97939 0118 

Fat Tuesday. 

DU98747 CSS 

The Faucets of 'he law. 

009-7474 0109 

Faulconer, James E. 

D099543 0152 


D098979 0140 

Favorite stories. 

F623706 0152 

Ef 23707 0152 

E62370e 015? 

P623709 0152 

R623710 0152 

B62371 1 015? 

S623712 015? 

E623713 01=2 

E623714 0152 

The Favourites of 'he stars. 
E633835 0158 

Fear again. 

D09791 01 IP 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular- 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

F3A - FI» 

Fear and fornication with the 
strange woman. 
C3it212 0097 

Fear of ianortali' y. 

DU97613 0112 

Fecher, Fiul. 

DU99373 01UB 

Federal Beserve Bank of 
Philadelphia- Training 

C3U200 0095 

C3U201 0095 

C3I4228 0096 

Federico, Peter J. 

DD97770 0115 

Federman, Jules Leon. 

0097696 0113 

Fehr, Richard. 

DU99130 Oia3 

Feigenbaum, Bill. 

SEE Feigenbaum, villiap. 

Feigenbaum, Joyce. 

0098811 0136 

Feigenbaua, Hilliait. 

DU98811 0136 

Feingold, Kichael. 

DD991I46 Om3 

Feinstein, Joe. 

SEE Feinstein, Joseph. 

Feinstein, Joseph. 

0098164 0123 

Felder, Louis. 

C33570 0082 

Felder Vegas comedy. 

C33570 0082 

Feldhammer, Frank. 

D099013 0111 

Feldshuh, David. 

DP9895 0105 

Feldshuh and Brackett, Esqs. 
D097U03 0107 

Fellner, Chris. 

DD97685 0113 

Fellows, Bob. 

SEE Fellows, Robert. 

Fellows, George w . 

DO99028 0141 

Fellows, Bary Ann. 

DU99028 0141 

Fellows, Robert. 

0P9723 0101 

The Female reproductive 
C33789 0087 

Female transport. 

OF2236 0100 

Feodora's navel. 

DD98132 0122 

Ferber, Edna. 

F633«99 0158 

Perdnance, Rodriguez Jose. 
C3140U2 0092 

Ferguson, Howard T-, 3rd. 
DD98566 0131 


Fernandez, Pucho. 

SEE Fernandez, Leopoldo H. 

Ferrari, Doug. 

DD98501 0130 

DU98522 0130 

D098607 0132 

0098666 0133 

DU98935 0139 

DU99 3U5 0148 

Ferrell, T. J. 

SEE Ferrell, Theodor 

Feydeau, Ge 
00 97892.. 
00 98 57 2.. 

10 1 

Field, Bradford S., Jr. 

DU97755 0115 

DU98484 0130 

D098536 0131 

Field, B. S., Jr. 

SEE field, Bradford S., Jr. 

Fields, Chuck. 

SEE Fields, Charles Quin 

Fields, Dorothy. 

DP9917 0105 

DP9918 0105 

Filippo, Eduardo De, 

SEE De Filippo, Eduardo 

Finding the joy in life: 
interview with Brother 
C34209 0096 

Fine, Judy. 

SEE Fine, Judith. 

0099334 0147 

0098687 0134 

JAN. - JOB. 19''f 

Fire on De Kovon Street I 

DU97879 OIT' 

The Fires of nod. 

DU98044 0121 

The First actress. 

DP9730 0101 

The Frrst breeze of summer. 
DP9792 0102 

First day of schcol. 

C34133 0094 

First love. 

D097495 010° 

First of Bay. 

DU97605 0112 

First reckoning: The 
D099288 0146 

The First s'ep. 

0097840 Ollf 

Fischer, Andrew. 

DU97642 0112 

0098756 0135 

Fischer, E. Ivy. 

DD99362 0148 

Fishel, Budd. 

SEE Fishel, H. L. 

Fishel, H. 1. 

D199108 0143 

Fisher, Charles B. 

0D98724 0135 

Fisher, Chuck. 

SEE Fisher, Charles B. 

Fisher, Borgan C. 

C34284 009" 

Fisher, Rochelle N. 

0098724 0135 

Fisher, Shelley. 

SEE Fisher, Rochelle N. 

Fisher, Steve J. 

0098658 0133 

Fitch, Clyde. 

D097512 0110 

0098814 013'' 

Fitelberg, Jerzv. 

R631570 0156 

Fitelberq, Tamara. 

B631576 0156 

Fitzgerald, Bess a. 

DP9764 0102 

DP9765 0102 

DP9766 0102 

Fitzgerald, Jack lyor. 

DD98456 012° 

Five adaptations of medieval 
0097577 0111 

Five kernels of corn. 

0099005 0141 

Five mime plays. 

R633836 01 = 8 

Five plays from the children'- 
Theatre Company of 

DP9884 0105 

DP9885 0105 

DP9886 0105 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Five plays from . (con.) 

DP9887 0105 

DP9888 0105 


C33718 0085 

The Flag and the Bible. 

031339 0098 

Flamma, Ethel Gibhy. 

DD99it67 0150 

Flammer (Harold) Inc. 

DP9913 0105 

Flanigan, Gary Frederick. 

rU98763 0135 

0099391 0119 

Flannery, David. 

DU98929 0139 

Fleischman, Haxine. 

DD99262 01U6 

The Fletcher girls. 

D098997 0110 

Flick, David Allen. 

DU97660 0113 

A Flickering flame. 

DD983U5 0127 

Flick, the little fire engine 
B629370 0155 

The Flight for a fortune. 
DU98162 0123 

Flight of man. 

DU98531 0132 

Flight of the pappagallo. 
DU98215 0125 


0096230 0121 

Fligh* 915! 

DD98610 0133 

Flindt, Max H. 

C33759 0086 

Flipping out. 

0099191 0111 


DD97759 0115 

Florida boom. 

D097550 0110 

Florida Steel Corporation. 
C31095 0093 

Flower, Brian. 

D097723 0111 

Flowers, Philip J. 

C33553 0082 

Flowers and household qods. 
0099179 '. 0150 


F,633B28 0158 

A Flurry of birds. 

DP9769 0102 

Fliisser, Beth. 

D098863 0138 


DU97739 0111 

Flynn, Charlotte J. 

DD99523 0151 


Flynn, Don. 

SEE Flynn, Donald E. 

Flynn, Jean, pseud. 

SEE Reynolds, Carrie G. 

DU98513 0130 

Folgner, Arthur Maxwell. 

F625088 0153 

R625089 0153 

E625090 0153 

F625091 0153 

R625092 0153 

Forsythe t 
C33736. . 


For the Ic 

>ve of Hike. 

013 2 

For the UE 

;e of the hall 

For those 

who wander. 

For today 

a flower. 

01 26 

The Fortur 

le hunters. 

A Fortune 
pair of 

of aold for a 




01 39 

Foster, pseud. 

SEE Fudge, J. Foster. 

Fosemary Foste 

The Foun» 

filled with 

Fcrd, Ken. 

DU97885 0117 

D098181 0123 

JAN. - JUN. 1°7f 

Fox, Francis Donald. 

DU97731 0110 

Fox, Pay Errol. 

DU98283 0125 

Fox, Se^h. 

DP9889 0105 

The Fox and the ooa' . 

C33597 .' OOP? 

FP 110. 

DO 98156 12° 

The Fractured history of 
DU97651 0113 

A Framework for ministry. 
C31079 00 9? 

France, Anatole, pseud. 

SEE Thibaul*, Jacques 

Anatcle Francois. 

France, Richard. 

DU97529 0110 

France, Richard X. 

DP9193 0101 

Francis, Robert L. 

D097519 0110 

Francois Villon. 

DU97530 OI'O 

Frank, Warren Scott. 

0097101 0107 

Franken, Rose. 

SEE Meloney, Pose Franken. 


0097679 0113 

Franklin, Clay, pseud. 
SEE Hensinqer, Clayton 

Frantz, Al . 

DP9880 0101 

Frat'i, Mario. 

DU97317 0106 

Frechtman, Bernard. 

R623611 015? 

Fred, a star is reborn! 

D099199 0151 

Frederic, Charles A., pseud. 
SEE Desgagne, Andre. 

Frederick, Dawn P. R. 

C3105« 0092 

D097783 0115 

Fredet, Eugene Alfred. 

DU98736 0135 

Fred S<-one for real. 

009807 1 0121 

Free at last. 

0097633 0112 

Freedman, Benedic*. 

DD98129 0123 

Freedman, Deborah. 

D098129 012? 

Freedman, Belvin H. 

D098138 0129 

Freedman, Nancv. 

D098129 012? 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Freedom £li9ht. Friedman, Barbara, pseud. Fry, Steve. Furst, Janine. 

DU98595..J 0132 SEE Vives, Patricia Ann. SEE Fry, S*even Lee. DU98301 012f 

Freedom is a home-made thing. Friedman, Gilbert B. Fry, Steven lee. Fusco, Michael C. 

R626350 0151 DU985U5 0131 DP9811 0103 0098166 0123 

0098176 0123 

F-eedom's roots. Friedman, Steve. 0098313 0126 Gable, Nancy. 

0098135 0122 SEE Friedman, Steven J. D0990U7 Omi DU98600 0132 

Freeman, David. Friedman, Steven J. Frye, Sherry Colosanti. Gabriel, Howard Wayne, Jr. 

DP9912 0105 0098378 0127 0U98593 0132 C33706 0085 

0098597 0132 

Freeman, Dexter. Frieman, Barry P. Gabriel, Howard Wayne, Jrd. 

DD97370 0107 C3U380 0099 Fuchs, Leo, pseud. C33706 00P5 

SEE Springer, Abraham Leon. 

Freeman, Elizabeth R. Friend. Gabriele, Leyna. 

OU98H50 0129 DU983U1 0127 Fudae. DU98382 012- 

DU992U5 01«6 

Freeman, Lucy. Friend, Ed. Gaburo, Kenneth. 

0098981 OIDO SEE Friend, Edwin. Fudge, J. Foster. DP9836 0103 

00981111 0122 

Fremont, Sob. Friend, Edwin. Gaby, Ewin 0., Jr. 

0099151 0111 0099517 0151 Fuessl, Karl Heinz. C31130 0091 

DF2211 0100 C31131 0091 

French, David. Friends come in all colors. 

DF2213 0100 DU99322 0117 Fuaazy. Gaby, Shirley J. 

DD97551 OnO C31132 0091 

French, Samuel. Friends of liberty. C31133 009" 

B621051 0152 0097727 0111 Fugazy continental. 

B621052 0152 DU97551 0110 Gacek, Daniel Chris* 

E621053 0152 Die Frischzellen-Therapie im D097177 Oioo 

E621051 0152 Elickpunkt der Organre- Fugue in F Diner. 

R621055 0152 generation des alternden R635066 0159 The Gadfly. 

K631969 0157 Menschen. D097590 om 

R631970 0157 C31173 0095 The fan King thing. 

R631971 0157 0098216 0125 Gaines, Frederick. 

E631972 0157 Fritschi, Max Theoaor. DP98B1 0105 

E631795 0159 C31262 0097 Full Circle Froductior. DP9885 0105 

P631796 0159 DU99503 0151 

K631798 0159 Fritz Scholder: nission Indian Gainsborouoji, Louis. 

artist. Full moon. 0099011 0111 

French (Samuel) Inc. C33637 0083 D099113 0119 

0P9868 0101 Gair, Sondra Battist. 

P621051 0152 Froemke, Bichard W. Fulton, David Harold. C31276 OOO"" 

E621052 0152 C31273 0097 D097605 0112 

R621053 0152 Gal, Jean M. 

R621051 0152 Froemke, Robert L. Funeral for a friend. 0098310 012'^ 

E621055 0152 C31273 0097 DD98371 0127 

R621116 0152 Gal, Jean Marion. 

B621118 0153 The Frog. The Fun form factory. D098613 013r 

R631969 0157 D097120 0108 OU99188 0111 

B631970 0157 Gal, Martin. 

F631971 0157 The Froa and 'he ox. Fun, friends and fantasies. DO98310 0121^ 

P631972 0157 C33596 0083 D098398 0128 D098613 0132 

8632711 0158 

R632715 0158 The Frcg prince. Funk, Harry Eruce. The Galapagos — evolu«-ior ' s 

R632716 0158 F629163 0155 D097683 0113 laboratory. 

R632717 0158 C31377 009? 

R632801 0158 From all things evil. Funk, H. Bruce. 

5632802 0158 0097173 0109 SEE Funk, Harry Bruce. Galassini, Sco" Alan. 

R632803 0158 D098963 •■ 10 

R632801 0158 From sheltered lady into Ms.: Funk, Joyce. 

R632805 0158 vignettes of the nineteenth 0097133 0108 Galaxies. 

R631795 0159 century little women who C33603 0083 

R631796 0159 paved the way. The Funniest man in the world. 

E631798 0159 0098662 0133 0098386 0128 Galileo. 

0097510 0110 

French (Samuel) Ltd. From the cottonfield to the Funny as hell. 

DFO-2156 0100 tabernacle. D099196 0151 Galileo and 'he Holy 

DFO-2159 0100 D098181 0123 Inquisition. 

Funnybones. C33929 0090 

Freshman blues. From the memoirs of Pontius 0098870 0138 

0097167 0109 Pilate. Galileo: the heavenly houses 

0099196 0115 Fun with figures. keeper. 

Frey, Jay W. C31368 0099 0P9759 0102 

D097753 0115 From the top. 

0U97111 0108 Furber, Doualas. Gallagher, Charles M. 

Fridlington, Larry. E633835..1 0158 0099067 0112 

DD9B119 0129 Frosch, Lewis Brett. 

D098910 0139 Furber, M. L. Gallet, Louis. 

Fried, Daniel A. P633835 0158 0098811 On- 

0098930 0139 Frost, Warren L. 

D099336 0117 Furey, Lewis, pseud. Gallimard, Editions. 

Fried, Richard. SEE Greenblatt, Lewis. DFO-2110 0100 

DU99015 0111 Fruitenstein — the creation of OFO-2153 0100 

the monster. Furlong, Mary. 

Friedbero, Gertrude Tonkonogy. 0097611 0112 D099279 0116 The Game. 

R632216 0157 0098106 012? 

Fry, Christopher. Furman, Roger. 

Priedland, Stephen. 0F2233 0100 0098717 0135 Game-a-lot. 

0098216 0125 E625671 0153 0098886 0138 DU97701 0111 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office recorcj pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for Information about any atkiitional recorcjs that may exist. 

GtfJ - Gil 

Ganci, Joseph. 

C33888 0089 

Gandy, naurice. 

DU99289 01146 

The Gang's all here. 

DU992HU 01U6 


DD98509 0130 

Garbin, Eonald. 

DD99«02 0119 

Garbin, Eonald S. 

0098717 0131) 

Garbutt, Cameror. Willis. 
Da98it31 0128 

Garcia, Aida I. 

DD98573 0131 

Garcia, Aidi-a. 

SEE Garcia, Aida I. 

Garcia, Alfredo Francisco. 
0099100 011(3 

Garcia, Gil. 

D097U78 0109 

D097762 0115 

DU97763 0115 

Garcia, Gil. 

SEE Garcia, Gilbert. 

Garcia, Gilbert. 

DD98577 0132 

Gardenias and sand. 

B625908 0153 

A Garden in Los Angeles. 

DU987H3 0135 

The Garden wall. 

00971120 0108 

Gardiner, nargaret 3rernan. 
0U9B9911 011)0 

Gardiner, Itargo Brennar. 
SEE Gardiner, Margaret 

Gardner, Janet H. 

3D99D12 011)9 

Gardner, Kevin. 

D098398 0128 

Gardner, Lvnr.. 

0U98790.1 0136 

Gardner, Paul. 

D098D61 0129 

Gardner, Plchard n. 

DD98569 0131 

Garfield, James B. 

C3l)230 0096 

A Gargoyle's view. 

0099358 011)8 

Garland, Hamlin. 

DU97569 0111 


0097565 0111 

Garnett, Burt p. 

DU97690 0113 

Garofolo, Francis James. 

C3l)376 0099 

Garofolo, Frank. 

SEE Garofolo, Francis James. 


arry, Elizabeth, pseud. 
SEE Deri-Davis, Elizabeth. 

DU99 187 011)1) 


Ellen Gaslow 

Geddy, Hank. 

SEE Geddy, Henry tieredith, 

Geiger, Brs. Hilton. 

DU98791) 0136 

D098795 0136 

D098796 0136 

DB98797 0136 

DU98798 0136 

DU992D9 011)6 

The General dispersion 
equation for molecular 
transport through porous 
solids and the solution: the 
react ion -adsorption- 
dispersion model (BAD model) 
C336D2 0081) 

Gentile, Geno. 

SEE Gentile, Eugene P. 

The Genuine, certified, 

ratified, clarified, one an 
only Howard Hughes will. 
C314257 0097 

eorge Washington and the 
Continental Army. 
C3l)263 0097 

!Orge Hashi 
have slept 



01 '7 

■orge Uashi 





cmain, Bil, pseud. 
SEE VcrnDick, Bil. 



lives of George and Ira 


DO 99111 011)3 

Gertrude: a play about the 
consequences of actions and 
D098Dl)2 0129 

JAN. - JDN. 1976 

DU98I)80 0130 

Gettino there--in*:roduction 
and concludina remarks. 
C33701 00B» 

Ge'»y Square Theatrical Club, 
Yonkers, NY. 
DP98D0 0103 

Ghent, John H., Jr. 

DD98817 013" 

The Ghe*to oourme'. 

DU98252 012"^ 


Dn990U9 01D1 

The Ghost in the basemen'. 
DU97775 0115 

Ghost is material mass 
C3D056 00°2 

Ghostly reflections. 

DD9900U 011)1 

Ghost of the spirit. 

DU9811H 0122 

Giacone, John. 

D099160 Omn 

Giancola, Fayme J. 

C33595 008? 

Giannone, Mary. 

DU970111). 0108 

Gibby, Becky. 

SEE Gibby, Eebecca E. 

Gibby, Eebecca E. 

DH97688 0113 

Giblin, Arlene M. 

DU98979 OmO 

Gibson, pseud. 

SEE Jordan, James Gibson. 

Gibson, Henry. 

DU9833D 0126 

Gibson, John Uorthingtcn. 
DO 9 9 08 5 01D? 

Gibson, Hilliam. 

DP9917 010'^ 

DP9918 0105 

Gidwitz, Thomas Pobert. 

0099010 0101 

Gidwi-z, Tom. 

SEE Gidwd'z, Thomas Fober*. 

Giesselmann, Hans-Joero. 

C3i)173 0095 

Gift ideas. 

C33716 0085 

C337 17 0085 

A Gift of love. 

DIJ98850 013'' 

Gigi and the maqic rina. 

F625002 0153 

Gilani, tlassood S. 

Dn99«05 011)9 

Gilbert, lee. 

SEE Gilbert, Leor Martir. 

Gilber", Leon Martin. 

B632870 0''58 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particulai" 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

Gil - GOR 

Gilchrist, Elaine. 

C3«363 0099 

Gild, David. 

DB97565 0111 

Gildiq, Thomas J. 

DP98H9 OlOa 


Da99250 oiae 

Gilles de rais. 

DFO-2153 0100 

Gillett, Billiam v., Jr. 

0098998 01U0 

Gillies, Dee Ann. 

D097970 0119 

0098820 0137 

Gilliland, Glaphre [taurine. 
C33669 008H 

Gilsenan, Nancy Elizabeth 

0097810 0116 

0097815 0116 

Gimbel, Louis. 

00976314 0112 

Gimme chitlics, never war. 
DP9907 0105 

Gimme! gimme! 

0098192 0130 

Gimpel the fool- 

0097636 0112 


0098235 0125 

Gingold, Plarc. 

D0993I41 0117 

Ginsberg, Milton aoses. 

D098872 0138 

Giordano Bruno. 

C314050 0092 

Giraudoux, Jean. 

0099111 0113 

P630772 0156 

The Girl came back. 

P6222g7 0152 

The Girl can't help it. 

D097700 0111 

The Girl from Sixty-Ninth 
0098679 0131 

Girl in buckskin. 

D098125 0128 

Girl of destiny. 

D097823 0116 

Girven, Howard. 

0098198 0130 

D093199 0130 

Give America a hand. 

0098816 0137 

Give and take. 

0099388 0118 

Give my love to the kid. 

D098215 0125 

Give us this day. 

B629066 0155 

Glad Alice it Wonderland. 
0098921 0139 


Gladstone, David. 



Gladstone, Joseph. 



laeser, Douglas E. 

D098520 0130 

0098912 0139 

Globe Filmstrips, a division 
of Esguire, Inc. 
SEE Esquire, Inc. Globe 

Gloria mundi. 

P625088 0153 

The Glory hunters; a saga of 
Chief Joseph. 
0098611 0133 

Glover, J. Garrett. 

SEE Glover, Joseph Garrett. 

lover, Stephen L. 
SEE Brass Music, ltd. 

The GMVB program: receptive- 
expressive loarning through 

C31276 0097 

D098983 0110 

Gcd and the Devil, Jack and 
0099212 0115 

DU98816 0137 

Godwin, Mick. 

SEE Godwin, Clarenc 
Mitchell, Jr. 

H621701 0153 


SEE Gogol, Nikolai 

Gogol, Nikolai vasilyi 


Going places with the 


Going to Gallipolis. 

Gold, Lloyd. 

. . 0105 

Gold, Thomas Alan. 

Goldberg, David S. 

Golddiggers of 1633. 

Golden, Michael. 

Golden age. 


The Golden goblet. 
D097115 , 

The Golden pear tree. 

.. 0120 

.. oioe 

The Golden ring. 

Goldman, Albert. 

Goldman, Martin n. 

Goldman, Marty. 

SEE Goldman, Martin 

Goldman, Marvin. 


The Gold mine. 

Goldoni, Carlo. 

Goldsmith, Lee. 


.. 0130 

Goldstein, Benjamin. 

0098177 0129 

DU99163 0111 

JAN. - JON. 1976 

Gomoz, Manuel. 

D097U61 0109 

Gomsrud, Lowell Pober*. 

DD98227 0121 

Gonzalez, Gloria. 

DP9831 0103 

0098118 0122 

Gonzalez, Hector F. 

0091713 0105 

Gooc'-, Steve. 

DF2235 0100 

DF2236 0100 

0F2237 0100 

The Good daughter. 

CP9780 0102 

Goodman, Bob, 

SEE Goodman, Pobett E. 

Goodman, Charlo'-te. 

0099201 0115 

Goodman, Bare. 

D097861 Oil"' 

Goodman, Philip Jay. 

0097856 0117 

0098556 013' 

DU98622 0132 

Goodman, Robert E. 

D098697 0131 

Good morning, grea"- day, 
featurino Kip Glasscock. 
C33881 0038 

Good news. 

0098159 0123 

The Good Samaritan. 

B629070 0155 

Goodson, Sarren. 

D098507 0130 

D098508 0130 

Good-time Charlie. 

R631798 0^5° 

Good times. 

0097156 O'Of 

0098271 0125 

D098159 012° 

0099172 0111 

0099181 0111 

Gooduater, Samuel, Jr. 

DO 98 53 9 0131 

0098583 0132 

Gooen, Alan. 

0098396 0128 

Gooen, Allynn. 
SEE Gooen, Alan. 

Goofus and -he oolden goose. 
DF2210 0100 

The Goomie puppens. 

D098566 0131 

Gordon, Ken. 

SEE Gordon, Kenneth A., Jr. 

Gordon, Kenneth A., Jr. 

D098021 0120 

Gordon, Kurtz, pseud. 
SEE Kurtz, C. Gordon. 

Gordon, Marjorie H. 

0098158 012" 

Gordon, Sober*. 

0P9755 0102 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. C^opyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


The Goraeous monster. 

DU97819 0116 

Go-Sam, Scott. 

C311320 0098 

Gorky's last play. 

DU98901 0138 

Gorman, Ellen. 

0097695 0113 

Gorzano, Giovacchino. 

DP9783 0102 

Goshawk, Evelyn. 

R633833 0158 

Gossage, Patrick. 

DD99UUe 0150 

Gotta move. 

PU99057 0112 

Gough, James. 

DU98936 0139 

Gould, Cori. 

SEE Gould, Corinr.e Betty. 

Gould, Corinne Betty. 

DD9B767 0135 

Gould, Marstall Barry. 

Dn98767 0135 

Gould, Harsh Barry. 

SEE Gould, Marshall Barry. 

Government: a foundation- 
C33980 0091 

Government (a foundation 
blueprint) revisited- 
C33857 008B 

Government rap. 

031283 0097 

Gowans, John. 

DF2239 0100 

Go West, young man! 

E62t052 0152 

A Gown for his mistress. 

DP9739 0101 

Grab the ring. 

DD991113 01U3 

Graffiti child. 

Dn97U81 0109 

Graham, Arthur nark. 


DII98985 OIHO 

Graham, Billy. 

DD98819 0137 

Graham, Lewis. 

E6281UII 015II 

Gramlinq, Lea Gene, Jr. 

C33635 0083 

The Grammar game. 

C3U192 0095 

031193 0095 

C3«19i4 0095 

C3U1 95 0095 

C314196 0095 

C31tl97 0095 

Grandfather tales. 

DU99031 01141 

Grandma Prisbrey's bottle 
034017 0092 

Grandma" s hards. 

































The Greatest story ever told, 
no- 87. 

JAN. - JUN. 1976 

Greer, Dennis. 

DU981 86 0123 

Green, Johnny L. 

Le Grand secret. 

The Greatest story ever told, 
no. 88. 

. 0119 

The Grandson. 

Green, Paul. 

The Greatest story ever told, 
no. S9. 

. 0122 

Grandy, Fred. 

Green, Phoebe A. 

Dll 97701 

. 01 11 

Granfield, Suzanne. 

The Greates*: story ever told, 
no. 90. 

Greenbaum, Slma J. 

. 0^11 

Greenblatt, Lewis. 

DU981 96 

Granny's Christmas capei 

The Greatest story ever told, 
no. 91. 
E629065 0155 

The Greatest story ever told, 
no. 92. 

. 0121 

Grant, Neil Forbes. 


Greene, David. 

Greene, Erskine K. 


. 0136 

The Greatest story ever told, 
no. 93. 

Greene, Genevieve. 

Grantham, Rebecca J. 

. 0105 

Greene, Richard. 

Grassroots prairie fire. 

The Greatest story ever told, 
no. 91. 

Greenfield, Eloise G. 

Greengo Kerry. 

Grass widows. 

The Greatest story ever told, 
no. 95. 

. 008f 

The Gratitude of Samebi- 

. 0117 

The Greatest story ever »old, 
no. 96. 
E629070 0155 


Green grow 'he shamroc 

A Grave situation, 1 . 

. 0135 

A Grave situation, 2. 

The Greatest story ever told, 
no. 97. 


. 01 58 

Green mirrors. 

A Grave undertaking. 

The Greatest story ever told, 
no. 98. 

Gray, Phyllis. 


Gray, Richard Brian. 

The Greatest story ever told, 
no. 99. 

Greenwood, Duncan. 

Grefe, Hilliam. 


Gregory, Thomas R. 

. 0100 

Gray, Vicki Ann. 


The Greatest story ever told, 
no. 100. 

. 0110 

Graziano, V. 

SEE Graziano, Vincent 

The Greatest story ever told, 
no. 101. 

. 009- 

Graziano, Vincent. 

Gregory, Tom. 

SEE Gregory, Thomas 

Grenelle, Lisa, pseud. 
SEE Munroe, Elizabe* 

The Greystone conspira 
DO 9 9 1 1 8 

Grieco, Barbara. 

The Greatest story ever told, 
no. 102. 


Greanias, George c. 

Great expectations. 

h I. 

The Great, grea* guy. 

. 0111 

shoeshine company. 

The Great xove. 


Great Daddy. 

The Great Madison County 

. 01 36 

Grieve, Wally. 

The Greatest man on Ear 

A Great one for the album. 

Griffin, Brian Frederi 

The Greatest story ever 
no. 81. 

. 0113 

The Grea* Pyramid of Egyp*-: an 

Griffin, Donald lee. 

The Greatest story ever 

Griffin, Z. Bayn e. 


The Great sock mystery. 

. 0155 

The Greatest story ever 
no. 86. 

Griffith, Linda. 

The Great Wall of China. 

Grioar, Dennis lee. 

, . 0120 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Grigar, D. L. 

SEE Griqar, Dennis Lee. 

Griun, Jakob Ludvla Karl. 

DF22K0 1 0100 

DU97675 0113 

DD98300 0126 

Grina, uilhelm Karl. 

DF22110 0100 

DH9''675 0113 

DU9e300 0126 

La Griseiaa. 

DP9781 0102 

Grisvold, Laurence V. 

S629327 0155 

Grogan's snatch. 

D099090 01142 

Groskritz, George Charles, Jr 

DD99281 0116 

Gross, Joel. 

D097lt62 0109 

0097910 one 

Gross, H. Grart. 

C33800 0087 

Gross, Theodore Jacob. 

DD982314 012U 

Grossberg, Barry. 

DI397505 0109 

Grossman, Jack R. 

C33703 0085 

Group insurance and social 

C33688 0081 

Grove, Peter Adrian. 

DD99500 0151 

DD99501 0151 

Grove Press, Inc. 

DP9786 0102 

Growing up Catholic. 

DD97369 0107 

G. P. Point. 

DU99U36 0119 

Grubbs, Robert L. 

C3364U 00811 

Gruetzbach, Richard. 

DD981128 0128 

00981129 0128 

Grune and Stratton, Inc. 

C33608 0083 

C33768 0086 

C33923 0089 

C33967 0090 

C33988 0091 

C33989 0091 

C311071 0093 

C31t072 0093 

C3U073 0093 

C3I107I1 0093 

C31I075 0093 

C311076 0093 

C3ltl20 0094 

C31I179 0095 

C311321 0098 

C311322 0096 

C3U31t6 0098 

C3H3117 0098 

C3I13118 0098 

Guden, Guy. 

DP9819 0103 

Guerra, Henry c. 

DD98087 0121 


A Guide to investment 
ad vi sors. 

C33895 0089 

C339011 0089 

H., P. K. 

SEE Hooper, Paul N. 


Gullo, Eileen C. 

0098856 0137 

D098857 0137 

DU98521 0130 


Garney, A. R. 

SEE Gurney, Albert E., Jr 

Guru Bawa Fellowship of 
C33920 0089 

SEE Lennard, Mil 

Gyorgyey, Clara. 

DU97632 0112 

DU98026 0120 

. 0151 

Haberman, Hardy. 

Hack, Ross Alexander. 

The Hacker. 

. 011*5 

Hackin, Dennis. 

Hadassah faces a crisi 

Haffey, Leo P., Jr. 

Hagenann, Virginia. 

Hahn, Suzanne. 

Hailey, Oliver. 

Haim, Victor. 

Hairston, Andrea D. 

Hakim, Seymour. 

Haldane, Harry H. 



Halevy, ludovic. 

The Half dead corpse. 

The Half-deserted cabi 

The Half noon Theatre. 

Half the human race. 

Hall, Elizabeth. 

Hall, Michael B. 

Hall, Boffett B. 

Hall, Nicholas J. 

Hall, Peter. 

Hall, Hard. 


. 0135 

JAN. - JON. 197f 

Hall, Willis. 

DFO-2151 0100 

Hall (Hillls) Productions, 
OFO-2151 0100 

The Hallans. 

B62limi5 0152 

Hallelujah Sam. 

D098350 012'' 

Hallelujah, the prophesy 
0098975 OIUO 

Hallo, hallo, Hollywood. 

DU98776 0136 

Hally, Edward, pseud. 
SEE Harms, Edward H. 

Halt, Lynn D. 

DD99132 01U3 

Haltrich, Hilliam J. 

DU980U5 012-' 

Hamburger, Jav Philip. 

00980111 0120 

The Hamburger has no mea*. 
DD97616 0112 

Hamburgers . 

0097553 0110 

Hamilton, Cicely nary. 
SEE Hammill, C. K. 

Hamilton, Donovan. 

DD9829U 0'2f 

Hamilton, Kent Gordon. 

D097928 01-'8 

Hamilton, Raymond N'. 

D098816 O-ST 

Hamilton, Suzanne Lyon. 

0097525 0110 

Hamilton, Virginia. 

DD97975 0119 

Hamilton, Virainia. 
SEE idoff, Virginia 


DU9''S70 0111 

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. 

D097770 on; 

Hamlin, Thelma. 

DU98870 0138 

Hammer, Jack, pseud. 
SEE Burroughs, Earl S. 

The Hammer and psychel. 

DD98082 0121 

Hammerstein, Dorothy. 

P632092 0157 

Hammerstein, James B. 

B632092 0157 

Hammerstein, Oscar, 2rd. 

F632092 0157 

Hammerstein, Billiam. 

P632092 0157 

Hammill, C. B. 

E631173 0156 


DU99117 01U3 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Hampton, Pord B. 

C33862 0088 

C33863 0088 

C3386a 0088 

Har.alis, Blanche. 

DD99206 0115 

Hanayagi, Suzushi. 

DU98176 0123 

Hancock, Sleiander DiGiulio. 
DU97588 0111 

Hancock, Evelyn Wyckoff. 

DD98077 C121 

Hancock, John. 

DU98713 01314 

The Hand beneath. 

DP98U8 010U 

The Handyman. 

DU98U32 0128 

Haney, Don, pseud. 
SEE Haney, Frede B. 

Haney, Frede B. 

DU98U59 0129 

rU99172 OTiH 

DD99181 OltH 

C33826 0087 

Hanley, Katharine Kose. 

C33763 0086 

Hanna, Rav. 

0098501 0130 

D098522 0130 

DD98607 0132 

DU98666 0133 

DU98935 0139 

DD993145 01U8 

Hannaford, David, pseud. 
SEE aitchell, David 

Hannon, Jaues Jess. 

D098726 0135 

Hanosh, James H. 

DD98986 01140 

Hansel and Gretel. 

DP9750 0101 

DP98114 0103 

DD98285 0125 

Hansen, Irene C. 

0098770 0136 

Hansen, JosephEllen. 

D097851 0117 

Hansen, Larry. 

DD993lt5 01U8 

Hansen, Patricia Harie. 

C33552 0082 

Hansen (wilhelm) Edition. 
DFO-2157 0100 

Hanson, Meyer. 

C33765 0086 

Hanson, nlke. 

SEE Hansen, Beyer. 

Hanson, Philip. 

D098971 01U0 

Hanson Jssociates. 

C33765 0086 

The Happiest years. 

B627112 015H 


Happy birthday. 

D098576 0131 

R628670 0155 

Harder, Ray. 

SEE Harder, Raymond V. 

Haidman, Mrs. David. 
SEE Hardman, Nary. 

Hardman, nary. 

DU97985 0119 

0097966 0119 

D097987 0119 

DD97988 0119 

Harker, Carl Scott. 



Harris, Neil. 

D098221 0121 

DU99126 01143 

DD97633 0112 

Hart, Moss. 

DP9909 0105 

R632212 0157 

a-ch, Claudia. 
SEE Stearns, Claudia Hatch. 

JBN. - JON. 197f 

Hathavay, Katharine Butler. 
DU98351 012'' 

Hatha yoqa practice. 

C33552I 0082 

The Ha* -r*ck. 

00991450 0150 

Haufrecht, Herbert. 

R62147142 0153 

The Haunted girl. 

rU991 10 01143 

Hauptman, George Ash. 

D099050 01141 

Havel, Vaclav. 

DP9870 01014 

Haven and hope. 

DU992014 01145 

Have we got ne«s for you! 
DU98022 0120 

Pave you got the time? 

R633586 0158 

Havis, Allan. 

B098923 0139 

Haves, David S. 

D09714149 0108 

Hawkens, Be*ty Jo. 

C336314 0083 

Hanklns, Cheryl. 

D09814143 0-'2<' 

Hawkins, Van. 

D098837 0137 

Hawley, Lisle R., Jr. 

C33758 0086 

Hawley, Kick. 

SEE Hawley, Lisle R. , Jr. 


DP9726 0101 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. 

DO 98 68 01314 

0099185 OIUU 

Hayes, Joseph. 

R629382 0155 

Hayes, Vernon Holga*e. 

C314352 0090 

Hazam, Louis. 

R6263148 01514 

E626350 OI'^U 

Hazen, Joan T. 

DD97688 0113 

Head, Faye E. 

Da99057 01142 

The Head of doom. 

R625661 0'=3 

Healina energy--whence, where 
and how. 
C33890 0089 

Health: exercise, growth and 
nutrit ion- 
C337I49 008f 

Health for all seasons. 

D098806 0136 

Hearn, Lafcadio. 

0097572 0111 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Heart and kidney help. 

C33557 0082 

Heart and soul. 

DU993a3 0118 

The Heartbreak. 

DD97599 0111 

Heart in two. 

DU98995 01U0 

Heart of the West. 

D098695 0131 

Heart's desire. 

DU97721 0111 


DU98lt03 0128 

Heat lightning. 

B627109 0151 

E63l)797 0159 


DD98617 0132 

Heatwole, Dick. 

SEE Heatwole, Richard Earl. 

Hea'wole, Pichard Earl. 

D099321 01117 

Heaven help U.S. 

DD98991 OmO 

The Heavenly doctors. 

DD98053 0121 

Heavenly music. 

S631857 0157 

Hebert, Bonald ft. 

D098986 OIUO 

Heckler, Valerie Lynn. 

DU98737 0135 

Hegerwald, Rebecca C. 

DU97900 01 18 

Heggen, Thomas. 

E626050 0153 

Heggen, T. 0. 

E626050 0153 

Beidt, Leslie Mercer. 

DH99312 0m7 

Heier, Kichael J. 

D097751 OlIU 

Heiferman, Ponald ». 

DP9909 0105 

Heifner, Jack. 

DD976li5 0112 

Heikin, Nancy. 

DB99302 011*7 

Heim, Michael. 

Dn99072 01H2 

Heiubaugh, Robert. 

D097333 0106 

Heimgartner, Larry a. 

D0991113 01113 

Hein, Robert F. 

D097527 0110 

Heintz, Fritz Joseph, pseud. 
SEE Heintz, Joseph ». 

Heintz, Joseph W. 

Da989Uit 0137 


Henry, nay Creaqh-. 

SEE Creagh-Henry , May. 

Henry, 0., pseud. 

SEE Porter, William Sydney. 

Helen Hardin: Santa Clara 
Pueblo artist. 
C33638 0083 

Heller, 3. G. 

SEE Heller, Seymour George. 

Hell's kitchen has a tub in 
Da9e765 0135 

Help wanted: sexism in career 
education materials. 
C3U23H 0096 

Help yourself to a heart 
C311029 0092 

Hempel, Marvin w. 

C33918 0089 

C311000 0091 

Henry Kissinge 

JAN. - JUN . 197f 

Hey Jamie! 

D097955 011° 

Hey Honkeyman. 

DU99530 Olfl 

Hev, Pube. 

DU97329 DIOf 

Hey, Will! will! 

E633837 O'Sfi 

Hey! You with >he Stars and 
0097767 OT? 

The Hick from Hicksville. 
R63U795 0159 

The Hidden profits in 
stampings, a creative 
ma'-erials managemen* guide. 
C33971 0090 

Hiaainbotham, louisa. 

Da97lt36 0108 

High above the hill. 

D09939lt 0149 

Hiah and dry. 

D098555 0131 

High as Har Hsin. 

60979711 011<= 

The Highborn kinsman. 

D099179 Omu 

Hiah school U. S. A. 

C?lt261 009" 

The Hioh wire Radio Choir. 

DU98501 0130 

D098522 0130 

D098666 0133 

DD98935 0139 

00993115 01UP 

The High wire Radio Choir 
presents Badiozone: the 
0098666 0133 

The High Wire Eadlo Choir 
presents Slonchina towards 
DD993U5 OlUo 

The High Wire Padio Choir 

presents Sperm whale dreams. 
D098607 0132 

The High wire Radio Choir 
presents The Doubt family 

DD98522 0130 

The High Wire Radio Choir 
presents : The Mutual 
Adniraticn Network. 
D098501 0130 

Hi -ho. 

C336611 00811 

Hill, Alberta. 

0098512 0130 

Hilluan, Barry L. 

DF0-2111U 0100 

Hilsher, John M. 

DU981U2 0123 

Hinds, Bennet'. 

DU97537 0110 

Hindsor, Pansy Lona. 

C33931 0000 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information ahout an\- additional records that may exist. 

Hin - HOU 

'C3ll152 009" 


JAN. - JUN. 19'' 

orovitz, Betty lark-. 
SEE Lark-Rorovitz, Ee'^y. 

. . , , ^ P^ffn,,n v'lVzm n C33592...7.. 0082 Horovitz, Israel. 

Hines, Patr-.cia Lee .Jones. Kcffnan, w^ll.ain n. DP9789 0102 

00971185 0109 

^ -la ^^^ H _ ., - 

0112 DU99020 0111 

Home on the range. 

DMQ9301 01U1 The Horror of 1580. 

berg, David. Hcttiezer, wyioLa o. DU99JU1 DU97902 OUB 

Hcgan, Carolyn Wooden. DU9902b dU99«55 0150 

DU990 92 . 

"'dS9M72 0129 DU98895 " , .n ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^.^^ ^^^^_ 

otpnung 0152 The Horse, 

Hischak, Thomas Stephen. H eg Music, Inc. 0098700 0130 

0097122 0108 031027 0092 „^„i,,,^ Vsevolod. 

0098289 0126 ^ , ,. 0097751 0115 The Hor secat cher . 

Hcig, Stanley w. 0097751 DU97111 dOP 

His glory. 0099371 0118 

0098287 0125 

His life and hard tin,es. C33587 "uo. D09?892 011" 

0099211 0115 

Historical and religi 

C33883 0089 

u^lhT-nnW Harold F 5633837 Ui30 

HclbrooK, Haroia r. wni-^-cTn^a c^flid- "No skin o^* my 

C11310 0098 Hortense said. NosKino.. y 

C31311 0098 An Ho 


ervlew. l-J-J- ■ .,,, ^,„..„ aimmick. D097892. 

Hclder, Christophe 


History. "3656 0081 ,,„_„„„„ couple C31375... :..... 009° 

0199510 0151 5633832......: 0158 

Mcld iti Hosack Charles 

A History of women in social D098859 0138 „^„„„„„„„ trail 0097^59 '. dOa 

C33812 0088 Held that pose! „.,„-., Hosack, Charles F. 

'"'''°'' ""' The Hong Kona conspiracv. 0097589 01V 

n09830"!.!: 0126 Hclender. Adam. ^^^^ D098125 0122 ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^_ 

0P98e5 010U 

The Hospital. 

0099390 01 

Hitch, Geoffrey, pseud. ,,,,.,. , ,j 

SEE Hitch, Gary C. Holland, Anthony, pseud. 

SEE Holland, James G. 

Hitchcock , Ada. 

C31221 0096 Holland, James G. """- ■ The Hospi* aliz ed child : 

""'="' "'" Hooper, Paul N. competency based appmac. 

rhcock, William «. .. , , , „ nngqiHT 0118 C31380 009° 

0099109 0113 

,.ji.,.i„,.^ ^..- . -,■ Hospital vampi 
'li-'^' E: ■■>- . H.n.nrt ^„„ ■ OT986§1 ". 0131 D097661 OH 

SEE Hite, Earbara Allan. Hniiann. om. 

Kopalong Cassidy. 

0098692 0131 

0098693 0131 Hos'ages. 

^0099077 .!!•.-. 0112 Hclloway, Anne Forrester. D098691 0131 D099312 Oil"- 

0^99078;::::: 0112 D097362 0106 ^;^::::\::::\:::: l]H a Hotei of .m.ry oid — 

HIT. foatu-ing Bill Gove. Hcllyoak, Pamela. 

ti.i.i., i-a-u-x.iij D nMioino .__ 0193 Hooalong cassidy and t h^ 

0097999 0120 


Hopalong Ca 

0098692... 0131 0097765. 

Lvner, Robert. 

D6T2255 0157 0097872 on; . ;, . „ Hot nan» 

Hbj^;;33 Hopalong Cassidy enters. Hot pan. 

'r63117i.!:.": 0156 0098651 u,.. „„„, i „„„ cassi dv • s oroteae. Hough^.on Mifflin Company. 

Hoare, John Edward. 

B631171 0156 L099515 01.1 „„p,i„,, j„,e, pseud. Hour ot the fl 

Hobbes, Dvight. Holmes, Jack E. 5EE Hahn, Suzanne. 

DD97618 0112 C33919 0089 Hour of -h 

"''""l35 0108 R633838 o,o. „opkins (John) Productions, The Ho 

Hobson, Richard. __^, "°i"?l i.^'^'^: ^!: 0139 DP9871 0101 

C33736 0086 

ugh*on Mifflin Company. 
C33860 0088 

ur of the flower. 

D098117 0-'2° 

ur of ♦he vi'ch. 

0098759 0135 

Housatonic reverae. 
098369 012'' 

D098116 0123 

Hochhauser, Jeff. 

D098931 0139 DP9727 10 1 roo.o.c ■ -^ ■ „o„sehoiacl. 

DP9777 0102 

C33779 OOBf 

Hnchwaolder Fri* z Holt, uoraon siDert. .,„^uv,^ j „,„, 

8621119!:'..!":. 0153 D098306 0126 0099108 0113 ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ aarkness. 

ur,ran Bandv Alan R62906e 0155 

Hodge, Robert William. Holt, Stephen. r,3filR 0088 

D097325 0106 0099128 « C33818 The Housekeeper. 

01)99129 0113 „„j3tio my hero R633829 0^58 

""0^98728 0135 Hcly madness: the story of ' D099118.: 0119 ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^_ 

Charles Guiteau. , no97'^12 0110 

Hoef, »iel ver. ^098781 0136 Horine Charles ^^^^ OU9^^-^2. ^^^, 

SEE Ver Hoef, Kiel. . ^. . ^ uu^jhum^ 0099000 0110 

Hoenstine, Greg. " 'c338M "!:"!.!!!"!!' 0088 ""^^S^gf^^-^ " 0133 House of Presidents in Heave: 

SEE Hoenstine, Gregory D09»6bo C31210 OO^e 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


The House o' sixty fathers. 
D097U17 0108 

The Rouse of the ravens. 

P627101 015U 

The House of the world. 

8621998 0153 

The House on the lake. 

B6327U6 0158 

The House that almost fall. 
DU98826 0137 

Houston, Hark. 

DP9856 OIOU 

Hou-Thoi Productions, Inc. 
DP9856 OIOU 

Hovhaness, Alan. 

D097796 0115 

How America began. 

DP9838 0103 

Howard, Alan, pseud. 

SEE Snyder, Alan Howard. 

Howard, Brian. 

C3U096 0093 

C3U097 0093 

C3U098 0093 

Howard, Maureen. 

D099132 01U9 

Howard, Sidney. 

R63188II 0157 

The Howard Rughes/CIA mystery 
DD99395 01<t9 

How does your father dance? 
D099U86 0150 

How do yoa turn a woman on 
DU97318 0106 

Hower, Sdward. 

D098582 0132 

How IFA can help your 
D09806U 0121 

Rowland, Ellen. 

0098731 0135 

0099271 01«6 

How much is a mineral specimen 
C3«223 0096 

How shall we sing? 

0099317 0118 

How six traveled through the 
H631851 0157 

How the turkey got his gobble. 
DP976U 0102 

How to becoire a creative 
C33590 0082 

How to buy your own business. 
C33889 0089 

How to C. B. 

C31375 0099 

How to do basic pure tone 
audiometry without 
frustration or ar audiology 
C3ni7 0093 


ow to do basic pure tone 
auditory without frustratio 
or an audiology degree- 
C31117 0093 

cw to get more out of life 
than you put in. 
C33590 0082 

C33897 0089 

How to motivate yourself and 
C33589 0082 



C33590 0082 

cw 6 traveled through the 
E631851 0157 

DU98661 0133 

Hubbard, Eddie. 

SEE Hubbard, Charles E. 

Hubbert, Ernest M. 

D098006 0120 

DD98031 0120 

Hughes, Elwil. 

SEE Hughes, Elizabeth 

Hughes, Howard. 

Hughes, Langstor. 

01 55 

Hughes, Fober* J. 

ni 07 

Hughes, William Rudolph. 

Hugo, Victor Marie. 

Huguely, Jay. 


Huismann, John C. 

Huland El, Gail Dolores Wyrn. 

The Human body. 


Id life 

Human disquisition. 

The Human environmei 

It, kit 2. 

practice, no. 103. 


Human sexuality in i 
practice, no. 101. 


uman sexuality in medical 
practice, no. 105. 
C33900 0089 

uman sexuality in medical 
practice, no. 106. 
C33901 0089 

JAN. - JUN. 197f 

Hun'er, Susan C. 

P098230 0121 

Hurley, Jim. 

DU98519 0130 

Hurley, Quinn. 

DU99521 015-' 

Hurrah for the fun. 

DII98012 0120 

Hurtin' Productions. 

C33888 0089 

Hurwit, Lawrence s. 

DU98191 O^JO 

Husserl, Dennis. 

C31001 0091 

Husserl, Dennis E. 

C33655 0081 

Huston, Holly. 

SEE Willis, Arlene. 

Hvlland, Marilyn G. 

'0097572 01V 

DU97573 0111 

D09757U 0111 

Ryman, Jackie. 

DU97760 0115 

DU98855 013'' 

Hynes, Kevin. 

0097968 0119 

Hynes, Paymond G. 

D098615 0133 


DD98990 0110 

Hysterically straioh*. 

D098100 0152 

The Hysterical revolution. 
0097558 0111 

I am a ci»y. 

C33981 0091 

I am a nation. 

C33990 0091 

I am an only child. 

C31256 009" 

I am Lucy Terry. 

DU98379 012^ 

I am the spiri* of ' K . 

C31081 009? 

I am the Dnited Sta'es. 

C31137 00°1 

I am working for *-he Lord. 
C31221 009f 

Ian, Rose, pseud. 
SEE Apoian, "ose. 

The IBEC conspiracy. 

DU97615 0112 

1 believe. 

C31307 0098 

I bequeath to you--iiie. 

C3102B OOT 

IBM 3890 document processor 
training prooram- 
C31228 00°f 

Ibsen, Henrietta, pseud. 

D098UU6 0129 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

ICft - INS 

I call her Love. 

C3U021 0092 


DP9822 0103 

ICO Fehabilitation and 
Eesearch center. 
C311332 0098 

Ice cream. 

DU97916 01 18 

Ideal School Supply Company. 

C33609 0083 

C336U7 00811 

C311167 0095 

C3II385 0099 

I don't know how, but I'm 
going to make it. 
D098858 0137 

I don't want to be a 
D099362 01U8 

I'd rather he me. 

DU97388 0107 


DU991493 0151 


DP9913 0105 

If it don' t eat ants. 

DD97967 0119 

DP9732 0101 

If I were President. 

0097731 OllU 

If ponies rode men. 

DU983110 0127 

If summer were spring (damn! 
damn! damn!) 
DD98166 0123 

If the shoe fits. 

DU98597 0132 

If truth be arrogance. 

C3U286 0097 

If you do good, cover y^ur 
DD97931 0118 

I have met the enemy. 

DD97760 0115 

I hear a drum. 

DP9861 OIOK 

1 hear Hawaii. 

D097780 0115 

I hear the music. 

C3U20U 0095 

I hope I never get to 
0098792 0136 

I, Juan De Pareja. 

DU97976 0119 

Ikey and nikey. 

DP9891 0105 

Iko, Momoko. 

0099179 0150 

I'll die if I can't live 

DP9876 010U 

DP9877 0101 


Illinois Bell Telephone 
C33950 0090 

Illinois High School 

Association 1976 Class AA 

Basketball Tournament 

television production 


C33950 0090 

Illinois High School 

Association 1976 class A 
basketball tournament. 
C33758 0086 

0097629 0112 

CU98591 0132 

The Impeachment of Andrew 
Johnson . 
F628629 0151 

The Impeachment of Supreme 
Court Justice Samuel Chase. 
B631227 0159 


Iirpink, Craig. 

DU99217 one 

The Importance of a planned 

DIJ97339 0116 

Imported subcompact cars, 
C33720 0085 

C33689 0065 

The Incompetents, a fable of 
DU97365 0107 

The Increased difficulty of 
DP9870 0101 

The Indecisi 

ve direc 


Indelman, Lei 

3h K. 





Indianer (Paul) and Company, 

C33791 0087 

Indian legends. 

C33657 0081 

C33658 0081 

C33659 0081 

C33660 0081 

C33661 0081 

C33662 0081 

Indian River. 

0099515 0151 

Indian suite, number 2, opus 

0098160 0129 

Individual income tax 
refresher course. 
C33731 0085 

Individualizing instruc 
administration of jus 



Individual retirement accouni- 
life insurance. 

0098063 0121 

OU98061 0121 

Individual ret 


Individual ret 
variable ver 


ccount , 

Industrialization and 
C33811 0088 

JAN. - JON. 1976 

I never heard. 

DP9717 0101 

I never saw another butterfly. 
OU98093 0122 

L' Irfame. 

OFO-2153 0100 


C31101 0100 

Inaalls, Chris'-ine n. 

DU98951 0-'39 

Inae, William. 

0098133 0122 

Inge (William) Estate of. 
DD98133 0122 

In God's name. 

0098885 0138 

The Inheritance. 

DP9756 0102 

In His steps. 

DU98057 0121 

Initial consonants. 

C31167 0095 

Injun devil. 

B630281 0156 

Inkblot man. 

DU99023 0111 

0098033 0120 

Inman, Llovd Ellery, Jr. 

DU98197 0130 

In By Father's name. 

DP9771 0102 

The Innkeeper. 

0098766 0135 

In our very midst. 

00 99210 0115 

In place of Arturo Grotowsk- . 
0099507 0151 

In pursuit of Samuel Breed. 
0097607 0112 

The Inguiry. 

0099375 one 

The Insane. 

0097961 011° 

The Insanity of Bary Gjrard. 
DD99195 111 

Inside a dell's house. 

DD98116 0129 

Inside a kid's head. 

B623706 0152 

Institute for Dermatologic 
Communication and Educatio--, 
San Francisco. 
C33852 0088 

Instructions *■ o "drugstore" 

C33621 0083 

Instrumentation, part 1: 
spectrophotometer com- 
C31097 0093 

The Insurance sales person. 
C33578 0082 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Integral total environment. 
C3lt351 0099 

The Interfiln Group, ltd. 
0097662 0113 


R625089 0153 


P630772 0156 

Interstate Hell. 

C31I077 0093 

Interviews at Dan's with the 
famous Harvey Mallbanger. 
0097768 0115 

In the Bicentennial year: an 
unfinished agenda. 
C311269 0097 

In their wisdom. 

DFO-2155 0100 

In the summer house. 

F626993 01514 

In the tine of harvest. 

D09770II 011U 

Introduction to spectrop- 
hotometric measurements. 
C311098 0093 

Introduction to the theory of 
ultra violet and visible 
C311096 0093 


D097327 0106 

The Invisible power of God. 
C3lt105 0093 

L' Invitation au chateau. 

R625861 0153 

Invitation to listening. 

C33860 0088 

lonesco, Eugene. 

DFO-21110 0100 

DP9786 0102 

Ippolito, llaria nidulla. 
D09891U 0139 

I remember Sam. 

D099a26 0119 

An Irish miss. 

D097320 0106 

Irvin, Jeff. 

SEE Irvin, Jefferson 
Johnson, Jr. 

Irvin, Jefferson Johnson, Jr. 
D099U81 0150 

Irvine, Kevin Michael. 

D099228 0115 

Irving, Washington. 

DD98055 0121 

0099330 OIK? 

Irwin, James A. 

DP9852 OlOU 

Isaacson, John. 

C33933 0090 


D099220 01145 

Isadore, narty. 

DD98526 0130 

D098892 0138 


C3U066 0092 

It's good to have you back. 
Mister Dlloggia. 
r.0989714 01140 


009854 3 

t's what they think they 
DD981420 012 


C31t226 0096 

Jabee Husic Publishing 
C314382 0099 

Jack and the beanstalk. 

0097882 0117 

DU98708 013U 

Jack and the troublesome 
D098282 0125 

Jackson, Doug. 

SEE Jackson, John Douglas. 

Jackson, Genie. 

SEE Jackson, Eugenia L. 

Jackson, Henry L. 



D099193 011411 

Jacobs, Babel Earthlyn. 

D097379 0107 

D0971479 0109 

D0971480 0109 

Jacobs, Mabel Eartholyn. 

SEE Jacobs, Mabel Earthlyn. 

D099531 0151 

ames, Craig, pseud. 
SEE Pilgrim, James Craig. 

JAN. - JON. 197f 

Janes, Laurie. 

D0980117 0121 

James Hamil-on. 

D098127 012r 

Janes P. Beckwourth. 

0099311 01U7 

Jamleson, wlllia m H. 

DD976148 0112 

Jam it! 

0097621 0116 

Jampole, Marc Saul. 

00981147 0123 

Janes, Tim A. 

D098012 0120 

Janis, Robert Kay. 

DD97763 0115 

Jankowitz, Bruce. 

0098271 0125 

Janski, Stefan. 


Jarka, Horst. 

0097356 COf 

0097357 OlO"^ 

Jarvis, Eloise. 

SEE BcGraw, Eloise Jarvis. 

Jaskiewicz, Tom J. 

D09802U 0^20 


C3ttOU0 0092 

Jaw jackin'. 

C33727 0095 

A Jazz story. 

C3140O1 0091 

Jefferson, Roland. 

0099505 015-' 

Jeffries, Jan, pseud. 
SEE Blevins, Janice M. 

Jeffries, Jay. 

D0991470 0150 

Jeffries, Ronald 1. 

C33677 00814 

C33678 0080 

Jelly Poll. 

DD97628 0112 

Jenkins, Alder. 

0098263 0125 

Jenkins, Charles J. 

D0973U3 OlOf 

D0973U14 OlOf 

Jenkins, Isaac. 

C33750 008f 

C3U163 0095 

Jenkins, Jethro, pseud. 
SEE Braun, Wilbur. 

Jenney, Mary Frances McKee. 
DU98110 0122 


D098U07 0128 

Jennlnas, Gladness. 

C314137.. 009" 

Jennings, James. 

D097615 0112 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about an\' additional records that may exist. 


The Jericho Boad. 

DU99229 01145 

Jerome, Helen. 

[1624057 0152 

Jerome, Timothy. 

Bu'}^''9^ 0115 

Jesse and the Bandit Queen. 
DP9912 0105 

Jester, Edith Fragnito. 

DD99529 0151 

Jester, Robert Hilliam. 

DU99529 0151 

Jesus Christ, Laud t'dav. 
DD9875U 0135 

Jesus Christ on trial. 

D098698 0131 

Jesus is the real fling. 

C3U382 0099 


C3H313 0098 


DU98070 0121 

00981145 0123 

Jill Sprout the girl scout. 
D097600 0111 

Jimmy Broun. 

D099I4614 0150 

Jinxs bridge. 

DD97377 0107 

J. H. V. gems number 1 : 
investiture program 
materials for pre-J.H.V. 
classes, grades 1-i4. 
DP98M3 010U 


DU991425 01149 

Jobs and people. 

C3I4373 0099 

Jobs and services. 

C314372 0099 

Jobs and the community. 

C311371 0099 

Jobs and things. 

C31437U 0099 

Jobs at home and school. 

C314370 0099 

Job's virtue. 

D098891 0138 

Joe Bigman. 

D097630 0112 

Joe ladiej and the Spencertou 
D097778 0115 

Joey and Anna. 

D098155 0123 

Johannes, Vivian. 

DD9787a 01 17 

Johanson, Robert, pseud. 
SEE Johnson, Robert H. 

John, Evan, pseud. 

SEE Simpson, Evan John. 

John and George Washington. 
0097651 0117 


ones, Ji 

Johnson, Harold V. 

Johnson, Judy. 

Jchnson, Karen. 

. . 01014 

Johnson, (lichael J. 

Jchnson, Reginald Vel 

.. 0130 

Jotnson, Robert H. 

. . 0126 

Johnson, Venice Helta 

Johnson, Hallace H. 

Johnson, Baiter. 

Johnson, Hilliam Matt 


Johnston, Alice. 

SEE Sullivan, Alice 

The Joke is on Jheret 

Jckes for a stand-up 

Jclcuvar, Janis Lynn. 

The Jolly Sisters. 

Jones, Albert. 

Jones, Allen H. 

Jones, Arnold. 

Jcnes, Carlos. 

C337 514 

Jcnes, Claire. 

Jores, Eric p. 

Jones, Floyd Alpha. 

. .. 0137 

ones, Kelsey A. 

C33882 00P9 

C33e83 0089 

C314269 0097 

jnes, Paul. 

D0979U5 0118 

DU98823 0137 

SEE Barbera, Penny Jones. 

Jones, Starr West. 

Dn97«20 0108 

DO9791414 0118 

DU979145 0118 

DU98823 0137 

ones, Willi 

JAN. - JON. 197C- 

Joyce, James. 

D097667 0113 

Joy-Fitz Productions. 

DP97eii 0102 

DP9765 0102 

DP9766 0102 

Joyner, Mary Fu*-h. 

DP97614 OIO'' 

DP97f 5 0102 

DP97f 6 0102 

Joyner, nary w. 

SEE Joyner, Mary Eu*h. 

The Joy of rape. 

DU90U145 0^50 

J. S. Bach's cantata number 
D098771 0136 

Judaement by a buna-jury. 
nP9897 '. 0105 

Judy, Robert p. 

D099335 01147 

The Judy shou. 

DU98160 0123 

Jaeneman, Frederic B. 

C33907 0089 

C314381 0099 


0097577 01 11 

Jules Massenet's Thais. 

009881114 01 3^ 


D0982514 0125 

Julian the apostate. 

0097539 0110 

Julie of the uolves. 

00971416 0108 

Junq, Calvin. 

C3U261 009"' 

The Jungle bust. 

0098262 0125 

Jungle Jew. 

D098156 0123 

The Junkie. 

DO99100 01113 

Junkin, Harry. 

B6263117 01 =14 

Jurrist, Charles. 

D097571 0111 

0099282 01146 

Just desser*:s. 

0098211 01214 


0098323 0126 

Justifying the unjustifiable. 
C33916 0089 

Justin Tyme. 

0097609 0112 

Just off the record, no. 1. 
C314013 009'' 

Jus4- one big happy family! 
R632805 0158 

Just spokes. 

0098200 01214 

Herbert B. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Just thirty minutes. 

D099016 OlUl 

Just 30 minutes. 

DU99016 01U1 

Kadell, Foger J. 

C337«2 0086 

Kafka, Franz. 

0099296 OIUT 

Kagan, Diane. 

DU9793U 0118 

Kagan, Erica Wilson. 

C33993 0091 

Kahan, Judy. 

DP986a OlOU 

Kahn, Barbara. 

DU98765 0135 

Kairys, Anatolijus. 

DP9815 0103 

Kalejaiye, Oladipo. 

D098387 0128 

D098388 0128 

Kallman, Chester. 

R62705U 015U 

KaloBieris, Nicholas C. 

DD99251 0146 


DD97671 0113 

Kammer, Margaret J. 

DD98799 0136 

DD98800 0136 

Kammer, P- J. 

SEE Kammer, Margaret J. 

Kane, Frank. 

E623218 0152 

E623223 0152 

R625661 0153 

B625663 0153 

E627100 01511 

E630075 0156 

P630080 0156 

E632UU9 0157 

Kane, Gerard T. 

D099358 0148 

Kane, Paul n. 

0098080 0121 

Kane, Eobert Homer. 

C34317 0098 

DD98802 0136 

Kantrow, Neil D. 

DD99243 0146 

Kaplan, Don V. 

C3U046 0092 

C34047 0092 

C34048 0092 

Kaplan, Jack E. 

DU9816B 0123 

Kaplan, Martin. 

D099510 0151 

Kaplan, Sobert J. 

0098521 0130 

Kapp, Philip. 

DD97776 0115 

Kappel, Bob. 

SEE Kappel, Eobert J. 


Kappel, Robert: J. 

Kaurin, Birgei 


Kay, Peter- 

Kardys, Casimer. 


Karedo, Urijo. 

Kearsarge and 

the Har 


Karim, Karim E. 

Keen an, Michac 

■1 J. 

Karioth, E. J,, 3ra. 

Keeping currer 


Kehret, Margai 

■et Ann. 

Karma, the law of ii 


.. . 0114 

intervieu with Brother 


C34210 0096 


Karsavina, Jean. 

E628747 0155 

E628748 0155 

atz, Charle 





00 90 

Kaufman, George S. 

rP9909 0105 

E633499 0158 

Kaufman, Hank. 

SEE Kaufman, Henry. 

DU97 914 one 

Kaufman, Thomas G. 

DP97e2 0102 

DU98242 0125 

Kehret, Peg. 

SEE Kehret, Margaret Ann. 

Keller, Maurice, pseud. 
SEE Kregal, Maurice. 

Kelly, Tim. 

SEE Kelly, Timothy J. 

Kemer, James McDowell. 

D097603 0112 

DU98624 0132 

Kennedy, Jerry. 

C33727 0085 

C33732 0085 

Kenney, Bob. 

SEE Kenney, Eobert E. 

Kent, Walt 
SEE Spri 


r , Na 1 1 er . 

The Kentucky Angels: a 

screenplay of the Civil Har 
D098949 0139 

JAN. - JUN. 19''C- 

Kenyon, John Richard C. 

C33559 008? 

C33700 008'^ 

Keosheyan, Richard V. 

0098806 0136 

DD98807 013f 

Keough, Lawrence C. 

DU97332 010f 

Keough, Lynne. 

DD97332 QlOf 

Kepros, Nicholas. 

0098688 013U 

Keris, Pamela Anne. 

DP9753 010 1 

Kern, Carl. 

DU98514 0130 

Kernan of Baltimore. 

0098253 0125 

Kemer, Ben. 

D098685 0134 

Kersey, Don. 

SEE Kersey, Donald. 

Kersey, Donald. 

D097882 011^ 

D097883 011"" 

0097884 Oil'' 

D0978e6 0117 

DD98073 0121 

DU98074 0121 

0098083 OIZ' 

0098084 012' 

DO 98 08 5 12' 

DD98181 0123 

DU98182 0123 

0098189 0123 

Kess, Sidney. 

C33558 0082 

C33671 0084 

C33944 0090 

C33966 0090 

C34070 009r 

Kesselman, Bendy. 

D099528 OTzi 

Kessler, Lyle. 

0097855 OUT 

Kevin Aspell. 

D099345 014P 

The Key. 

DU9''397 010'' 

Key, Thomas William. 

DH99520 0151 

Key, Tom. 

SEE Key, Thomas William. 

Keys and doors to qran'-s. 
C33706 ; 0085 

The Keys to closing, featurl-g 
Zig Zigler. 
C33876 0088 

Key to the city. 

P629235 0155 

Khomitzky, Vsevolod. 

SEE Homitzky, Vsevolod. 

Kid, Durango. 

0097959 011° 

Kidnapped at Chris* mas. 

DFO-2151 OlOn 

Kidnapped in London. 

DP9886 0105 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information ahout any additional records that may exist. 


The Kids. 

DU99U87 0150 

Kids daze. 

DU97672 0113 

Kid story. 

DD98225 0121 

Kiefer, B. 

P098750 0135 

Kiester, Ton. 

SEE Kiester, Tommie J. 

Kiester, Tommie J. 

00986514 0133 

Kiewitt, Uilf.elm. 

C3359U 0082 

Kilkenny, Jacqueline. 

C33677 008U 

Kilkenny, Niani. 

SEE Kilkenny, Jacqueline. 

Killer's chase. 

DU99H69 0150 

A Killing in the market. 

0097315 0106 

Kimball, Virginia Barie. 

0P9862 010H 

Kimble, Joyce P. 

C33770 0086 

C3U012 0091 

C3H171 0095 

Kimble, fephen Titus. 

DD97967 0119 

The Kindness of strangers. 
DD99051 01U2 

Kinekus, Nivram, pseud. 
SEE Kenik, Marvin. 

King, Coretta Scott. 

C33982 0091 

King, David. 

DU98532 0131 

DU99H50 0150 

King, David, pseud. 
SEE Kinschner, David. 

King, Buth. 

00971413 0108 

D098752 0135 

Kirg David. 

DU98326 0126 


DU982147 0125 

The Kingdom of gifts. 

DD98889 0138 

King of the county. 

5633122 0158 

King of the molehill. 

0097533 0110 

Kings acts — a moment for 
OU99030 01U1 

The King's fifth. 

DD97979 0119 

Kingsley, Badge Evans. 

E622589 0152 

B6314738 0159 

Kingsley, Sidney s. 

B622589 0152 

E6314738 0159 


Kinoy, Ernest. 

F62321 9 0152 

E6263149 015U 


Kliewer, Warren. 

DO 98329 0126 

DU98330 0126 

D098331 0126 

Die Kluge: die Geschi 

Koepfer, Kathy. 

SEE Koepfer, Kathleen L. 

raczek, Stan. 
SEE Kraczek, Stanley Juld 

Kramberg, Heinz Gerhard. 

C314008 0011 

C314259 009-' 

The Kramer. 

DP9758 0102 

DP9e09 0103 

JAN. - JDN. 1076 

Kravec, Pegay. 

C314238.... 00°6 

C3112140 0096 

Kravi»z, Mitchell. 

00981457 0129 

Krawczyk, Joseph P. 

DU97863 011^ 

Krebs, Prances Lane. 

R630225 01 = 6 

Kregal, Maurice. 

DD99323 01147 

Krenzke, Raymond E. 

0097675 0113 

Kreps, Phyllis. 

DP9908 0105 

Krey, Robert 0. 

C33702 008"^ 

Kristal, n. 

DP9920 0105 

Krogh, Lee V. 

DP9827 010? 

Kubota, George. 

C314013 0091 

Kufrin, Joan. 

D097893 Oil"' 

Kuhn, Anthony M. 

DU98131 0122 

Kukavinski, John. 

DD97319 0106 


DP9815 010? 

Kumpula, Glenn W. 

DP9816 0103 

Kurth, Donald D. 

C33853 0088 

Kurtz, C. Gordon. 

DP9810 0103 

Kur'z, Skip. 

D0981114 0122 

Kushner, Michael Dennis. 

D098588 0137 

Kutner, Luis. 

C336B7 00811 

Kuykendall, Bob Allen. 
SEE Kuykendall, Fober-- 

Kuykendall, Robert Allen. 
00981495 Oi?0 

A Kynde knouyno. 

C33571 0082 

Kynion, Kaye. 

DD98792 013f 

DU98793 013* 

LaPaumBard, Duane Clinton. 
0098185 0123 

Labhard, Euell. 

0U97530 0110 

D09878« 013f 

Labhard, Euell E. 

D097330 0106 

Labhard, Helen. 

0098781 C^f. 

D098657 0133 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Labiche, Eugene. 

DU98802 0136 

LaBoy, Jer-y. 

DU98776 0136 

Lacey, Patricia. 

SEE Collins, Patricia. 

Lachapelle, Fichard. 

DU991126 01149 

Lack, Stephen. 

DU98196 012U 

Lackey, Lionel. 

DU97711 out 

DU97712 OIIU 

LaCoste, Roberta. 

C3ai67 0095 

Lacy, N. Lee. 

DU98156 0123 

Lacy (N. Lee) Associates, Ltd. 
DU98U65 0129 

Laderman, Ezra. 

DP97lt5 0101 

Ladies depart. 

R628669 0151 

Ladies, girls, chicks, babes, 
dames, dolls and bitches. 
DD97383 0107 

Ladies, this is war! 

DFO-211t9 0100 

The Lady and the troop. 

D099182 OIUU 

D099238 0115 

The Lady-bulldog breed. 

5633835 0158 

The Lady called Calamity — the 
true story of Calamity Jane. 
D0979147 0118 

Lady from Edinburgh. 

R63U261 0159 

The Lady godfather. 

0099189 Oiau 

Lady Maya and the great spy 
DD9B377 0127 

The Lady's not for burning. 
R625671 0153 

The Lady wants in. 

DP9718 0101 

Lady with the black umbrella. 
D098562 0131 

Lady, you're rocking the boat! 
C3U0U9 0092 

LaFreniere, Celine. 

DD99151 OIUU 

DD99152 OIUU 


D098575 0131 

Lahm, David. 

P63UU51 0159 

Lake Erie. 

D098eue 0137 

Lakefish, Jerome. 

DD98669 0133 

DU99167 OIUU 


LaLand, Allison. 

SEE laLand, Barbara Allison. 

DU98723 0135 

Lancaster, Pennsylvania/Dutch 
Country auto tape tour. 
C3U38U 0099 

Lander, Arthur D. 

DU97U67 0109 

DU98591 0132 

Landon, Joe. 

SEE Landon, Joseph. 

DU98U80 0130 

Lane, Barry. 

DD99051 01U2 

P099061 01U2 

Lane, Durango Kid, pseud. 
SEE Kid, Durango. 

Lane, Ed ward - 

P630225 0156 

F630226 0156 

Lang, Dan. 

SEE Lang, Daniel L. 

Large, John A. 

C3U313 0098 

C3U31U 0098 

C3U315 0098 

laramie County Community 
College, Cheyenne, VI. 
DU99506 0151 

Larangeira, Crispin. 

D0981U8 0123 

D098158 0123 

D098199 012U 

DU98251 0125 

DD986U2 0133 



LaPusso, Louis, 2nd. 

DP9858 010U 

DU97528 0110 

DD97939 0118 

DU98U00 0128 

DU97559 0111 

The Last days of Barney 
0099113 01U3 

The Last death and testament 
of a lion. 
0098908 0139 

JAN. - JON. 19'' 

The Last past. 

0099018 01U1 

The Last s'and of Giuseppe 
D097790 0115 

Last take, no script, your 

DD99338 OIU"" 

The last vacation. 

DU97U65 010 = 

The Last voyage of Cap*a;n 
0099397 01UO 

Last winter. 

D098998 01UO 

The late nrs. Early. 

OFO-21U2 0100 

Late one niaht a*- Charlie's. 
0098UOO...' 0128 

Late summer and idyllic. 

D099U93 01 = 1 

La'-imer, Dorothy. 

R625696 01 53 

Latouche, John. 

0D99U75 0150 

The Lauahino dead. 

P62322U 015? 

The Laughino life. 

DU98625...' 0133 

Laughin' wild. 

DD97786 0115 

Launay, Jean. 

DFO-2158 0100 


DU98136 0122 


0099121 01U3 


DCI98US9 0"30 

Lavallee, Jacgues Leon 

SEE Travers-Lavallee, 
Jacgues Leon, 

Lavallee, Paul. 

C3U092 OOO? 

Lavinia Rose and the Buttor 
On98U16 0128 

The Law of success: an 
interview with Brother 
C3U019 0091 

Lawrence, Jerome. 

P623706 0152 

P623707 0152 

R623708 01=2 

F623709 0152 

R623710 0157 

B623711 0152 

E623712 0152 

R623713 0152 

R62371U 0152 

Lawrence, Marggie. 

DD9709U 010O 

The Law school acclden*. 

0099313. 01U7 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


A Lawyer looks at the legal 
discourse in the Talmud. 
C3U301 0097 

lay Be out. 

DU991611 OIUU 

Lazar, Ronald Irwir.q. 

DU993«2 01U8 

Lazzarino, Tor.y. 

DU97361I 0107 

Lead poisoning. 

DU98260 0125 

Leah, Dayna. 

SEE Daugherty, Lucile. 

Leahy, James E., Jr. 

Dn99027 omi 

The Lean years. 

B633830 0158 

Learning a foreign language. 
C33682 OOait 

Learning the meaning of 
C31t252 0097 

Learn to draw by 'he 1. 0. 
Witte System. 
C3U087 0093 

The Leaves of autuun. 

C33660 0081 

Leaving hime. 

DF22U3 0100 

Le Blanc, Paul. 

DU99285 Ol^e 

Le Blanc, Paul W. 

DU97316 0106 

LeBoeuf, Harie. 

00991162 0150 

S Lec'ure on Christian Scienc 
entitled: Christian Science 
its healing practice. 
C33559 0082 

ft lecture on Christian Scienc 
entitled: Our thinking and 
our world. 
C33801 0087 

Lecture series on the total 

C33782 0086 

Lecture series 3. 

C3I4017 0091 

Lecture series li. 

C33568 0082 

C3U016 0091 

Lecture series 5. 

C33569 0082 

C3U0114 0091 

C3U3H3 0098 

LeCiure series 6. 

C3lt018 0091 

Leder, Arnold. 

C337011 0085 

Lee, Chin Y. 

DU93980 OltO 

Lee, C. Y. 

SEE Lee, Chin T. 

Lee, Dusty, pseud. 

SEE Jones, Lauren Lee. 


Lee, James. legs. 

DU97802 0116 DD97363 

lee, Leslie. 

[P9792 0102 

Lee, Robert E. 

F623706 0152 

E623707 0152 

E623708 0152 

F623709 0152 

F623710 0152 

F623711 0152 

F623712 0152 

F623713 0152 

E62371II 0152 

Lee and her singing and 
dancing dog. 

DU99U62 0150 

C3U0UO 0092 

n., 3rd. 

Le Fevre Sino Publishing 

C3lt277 0097 

031278 0097 


Legend, Mark. 






... 0098 
... 0098 
... 0098 
... 0098 
... 0098 
rU98183 0123 

The Legend of Frankl 
DO 97580 

The Legend of Harriet Tubman. 

DU97911 0118 

DD99305 0117 

Leighton, Dolly Brian, pseud. 
SEE Leighton, Sara Alice. 

033781 0087 

Leiserinq, Katherine J. 

C33998; 0091 

033999 0091 

C31061 0092 

031062 0092 

031063 0092 

031061 0092 

031065 0092 

031066 0092 

Lekwa, Neal K. 

DU99190 0111 

DD99502 0151 

DtJ99188 0150 

sonard, Dan. 
SEE Leonard, Daniel Foss. 

D098162 0129 

asen, Eneal, pseud. 
SEE Nelson, Verl A. 

Leslie Joanne, pseu 
SEE Milfinger, Le 

Legere, J. Roy. 



JAN. - JUN. 1'=7 

Letner, Ken. 

SEE Letner, Kenne'h J. 

Letner, Kenne'h J. 

DU97198 010° 

Let's do yoaa. 

033771 OOPf 

Let's play read 'he roadsiors 
031062 00°: 

Let ' s pr et end. 

E621998 0'53 

E621999 0153 

F625000 0153 

E625001 0153 

P625002 0153 

E628622 "^ 1 

F628623 0'' 51 

5628621 0151 

let's stop all wars: a new 
plan for human peace. 
033825 008'' 

let's wave 'he flaa once nior = 
DD97890 Oil'' 

Letters and letter placemen'. 
031162 0091 

Letters to a killer. 

B630292 0156 

letter to the Corinthians. 
0097559 0111 

Letton, Jenne'te Dowlim. 
R621561 0153 

let your liaht shine. 

P629063...' 0155 

levant, lila. 

D098890 01 38 

leVasseur, John B. 

033788 008'' 

031113 0091 


D099352 0118 

DU99352 0118 

levi, Steven Channino. 

D098619 0133 

levin, ran. 

DD98901 0' 3P 

levin, Elizabeth. 

0099113 0113 

levitsky, Ealph. 

DU99138 Oil" 

levittan, Cy. 

SEE levit'an, Seymour. 

levittan, Seymour. 

P632111 0157 

levsky, Evelyn F. 

DO 97 518 110 

levy, Charles S. 

D097769 0115 

levy, Charles Samuel. 

D097759 0115 

lew, Edwin 1. 

0097380 0107 


C31086 0013 

lewis, Sinclair. 

P631881 0157 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Levis, Ulllian u. 

D0977H7 0111 

DH97778 0115 

Leu'on, Robert L. 

DD99086 01H2 

Lexington, Concord and 
nerriam's Corner. 
B63U228 0159 

liberace, Walter. 

C33736 0086 

The Liberated lady gorilla. 
DU98783 0136 

The Liberation of Mother 
DD971182 0109 

Liberty's song. 

DD97508 0110 

Libman, D. 

SEE Libman, David. 

Libman, David. 

D0971160 0108 

Dn9925a 0116 

Libra and the scorpion- 

C3«0314 0092 

Lichtman, James F. 

DP9768 0102 

Lieberman, Dan. 

SEE Lieberman, Daniel. 

Lieberman, Daniel. 

DD98786 0136 

Lied^ke, John Uorthington. 
DD97lt87 0109 

Liedtke, Sylvia Wor-hington. 
D097«87 0109 

Life among the flowers. 

0097188 0109 

The Life and death of Doctor 
Martin Luther King, Jr. 
DP9815 010U 

Life and times. 

DU98193 01214 

Life in the funeral business- 
D097960 0119 

Life is like a musical comedy: 
songs by George M. Cohan. 
DD99393 01U9 

The Life of Kiley. 

B632ni 0157 

B632112 0157 

S632113 0157 

P63211'l 0157 

K632115 0157 

S632116 0157 

E632117 0157 

P632118 0157 

B632119 0157 

Life saved by 30 seconds. 
P632I105 0157 

The Life, the trials and the 
beheading of Thomas More, 
Chancellor of England, 
C33927 0090 

Lifson, David s. 

D098081 0121 

D098881 0138 


The Light and Sound Company, 
DU99356 0118 

Lighthorse Harry Lee: 
highlights of a hero. 
DU97109 0107 

8631168 0159 

E631617 0159 

E635287 0159 

Like a thief in the night and 
other one-act plays. 

lind, Penelope D. 

E630279 0156 

E630280 0156 

F630281 0156 

F630282 0156 

F630283 0156 

f 630281 0156 

F.630285 0156 

P630286 0156 

F630287 0156 

F630288 0156 

E630289 0156 

F630290 0156 

E630291 0156 

F63029 2 0156 

F631233 0156 

F631262 0156 

E632093 0157 

F632091 0157 

F632953 0158 

F633120 0158 

F633121 0158 

E633122 0158 

E631032 0158 

linkletter, Eva Irene. 
SEE Makagon, Eva Irene 

The Lion and the mouse. 

C33598 0083 

DP9880 0101 

Lion Publishing Company, Inc., 
a division of ABC/Dunhill 
Music, Inc. 

SEE ABC/Dunhill Music, Inc. 
Lion Publishing Company, 

Liss, Joseph. 

E628631 0151 

E631817 0156 

litteral, Caroline B. 

0097797 0115 

DU99277 0116 

Litteral, David A. 

DD97797 0115 

DU99277 0116 

Lit'le, J. Mike. 

SEE little, Junius Clay 

JAN. - JON. 1?7f 

li**-le, Junius Clay Michar-l. 
DU97551 0110 

A Lifle beyond. 

0098926 0130 

li-tle Bob, pseud. 

SEE BcLane, Pober": Earl. 

Little Bob's lead balloon 
C3n?1 009R 

A Little boy's dream. 

0098808 0136 

Little Cathy of old Cheyenne. 
DU99227 0115 

Little house on the prairie. 
DU98112 0128 

The li*t le hu' . 

P625037 0153 

little Jo. 

B630916 0156 

little Johnny STike Ou- . 
B631599 0-"=6 

A little justice. 

D09''920 0118 

The li'tle locksml'h. 

DU98351 012'' 

The lit»le mermaid. 

P631859 Olf 

little minx. 

C31311 0098 

Little old ladv. 

0097505 010° 

little princess. 

0097655 Oil? 

The Little Bed Hen. 

D099221 0115 

little Bed Riding Hood. 

CD99131 OHO 

littles, Sheryl. 

D09719 3 01 OO 

littlest Angel King, pseud. 
SEE Piazza, Salva'ore. 

Littlest Angel Kino of Dames, 
SEE Piazza, Salvatore. 

littlest Kino Anoel, pseud. 
SEE Piazza, Saiva*ore. 

The little story. 

B621057 0157 

The Little sweep. 

B633111 OISB 

B635785 O-S" 

Little Tommy Tinkle, -he 

lit-le bell who found a b-> 

B630225 0156 

E630226 0156 

littleway, lorr.a C. 

DD99101 0113 

D099102 0113 

0099103 0113 

Litton Industries, Inc. 

C33895 0089 

C33896 0089 

C33897 0089 

C33898 0089 

C33399 0069 

C33900 0089 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information ahoiit any additional records that may exist. 


Litton Industries, . (con.) Lockuood, Linda. lone spur of ••he prairie. Lost in the Lou 

C33901 0089 C3369U 0085 DD98709 0131 DU9865lt 013' 

C33902 0089 

C33903 0089 Lcckwood, Patton. Loney, Glenn neredith. Lost River ambush. 

C339011 0089 DP9820 0103 Dn9881U 0137 [1630286 0156 

DU97898 0118 

ack, David. The Long and short of it. The Lost state of Franklin. 

DU98H614 0129 Loeb, David J. D09851B 0130 DU98176 0123 

F630226 0156 

Live portrayals of the first R631599 0156 The Lona, black block. Lotai 

patriots. DU98886 0138 DU977lt5 01m 

C3t107 0093 

A Lot of enjoyment gc 

The Lives of Heloise and B631599 0156 K6263il7 0151 our service 

Abelard, pt. 1. C30198 0095 

DU98019 0120 

The Lives of Heloise and F630226 0156 DP972B 0101 

Abelard, pt . 2. 

DU98018 0120 0098815 0137 Loud 

C33955 00=0 

Living legend. 

D099012 0111 R631599 0156 the 0. S. A. The Loud Patrick. 

B628650 0151 

Living love--you"re O.K. 

C33770 0086 C33866 0088 Long live the party! Loughery, David Victc 

D097550 0110 

Living on the threshold of 

jperience. A Loffabread, ajuggauine and Long live the U.S.A. Louise, Dorothy. 
C33819 0088 hOHl. C31137 00=1 DU98072 012'' 


choice. Lcftrom, Beverly Jean Roberts. D097621 0112 PU99199 0115 

C3121 8 0096 

The Love cure. 
Living witnesses. Lcaan, Joshua. DU97511 0110 DU98582 0132 

DP9832 0103 

DU98052 0121 

0099526 0151 

Lockuood, Linda. 

lone spur of •he prairie. 

Lcckwood, Patton. 

loney, Glenn neredith. 

01 37 

The Long and short of i' 

The Long, black block. 


Lceb, Janet P. 

Long distance. 

Loeb, John Jacob. 

The Long home. 

A Longing for the sea. 

Lceb, Peter A. 

Long live America, long 
the 0. S. A. 


Lcewinger, lenore K. 

Long live the party! 

009 3 

A Loffabread, ajuggauine and 

Long live the U.S.A. 


Lcftrom, Beverly Jean Roberts. 

The Long, short ride. 

Long Tom Jefferson. 

Lcgan, Joshua I. 


longwood Music Corporat- 

Lcgan, nilla. 


Look at what the uorld : 
coming to. 

Lcggins, Dave. 



look both ways before yi 

Lcmax, Alan. 

looking back. 

Lccdon loo. 

Looking for Jesus. 

The Lone Edsel, episode no. 

Loos, Anita. 

lonely hearts. 

The Looters. 


Tte Loner. 

Lord knows what I'm liv: 
of sure ain't life. 

ing of 

The Lone Banger overture. 

lorenzini. Carlo. 

The Lone Ranger, radio program 
2393-1718," January 10, 1919. 

lorenz Publishing Compa 


Dve is blind (in a) 
D097195 0109 

C31151 0091 

C31160 0091 longwood Music Corporation. A lovely 

D097113 108 

Lizardi, Joseph. 

DD97812 0116 Look at what the world is A Lovely day in the 

D099385 0118 

lama land blues. 
DU97887 0117 lollipop. look both ways before you A lovely 

DD99385 0118 

The Love objects. 

Lloyd, Dorcas Elizabeth DD97837 0116 D098538 0131 


3O9B025 0120 0099128 0113 Looking for Jesus. Love 

DO98203 0121 Da99300 0117 D099365 0118 

The Lone Edsel, episode no. 

Lloyd, Richard. 1-6. Loos, Anita. The Lover 

D099230 0115 D098701 0131 B628670 0155 DD97555 0111 

Loaded wi-h medal: 

B623U90 0152 D099368 0118 D09B507 013C DU98151 0129 

A Loaf of love, a jug of hope, Tte Loner. Lord knows what I'm living off Love's labors lo 

nd you. D097977 0119 of sure ain't life. DD98151 0129 

Dn98292 0126 

undying fla 

The Loan. DU97623 '. 0112 lorenzini. Carlo. 0097671 0113 

D098252 0125 

Lovet*, C. S. 

Local programming, salvation 23 93- 1 71 8 , " Jan uar y 10, 1919. C31261 009^ 

for the boob tube 

C33998 0091 DP9770 0102 Low down dealer. 

The Lone Fanger, radio program C31211 0096 

Local synthesis of chemical 2511-1739, February 28, Loring, Edith, pseud. 

elements of the solar 1919. SEE Braun, Wilbur. Lowe, nary. 

system. B6302BB 0156 DII99005 Oin 

C31088 0093 lortz, Richard. 

The Lone Ranger, radio prooram D098981 0110 Lowey, Phil. 

Locator service. 2560-1 78 5, ' June 15, 1919.' SEE lowey, Phillip r. 

C33811 0088 E635287 0159 Lose weight the magic way by 

subliminal perception. Lowey, Phillip H. 

Locke, Thomas Neely. The Loneranger versus the C31266 0097 DU98202 0121 

DU98965 0110 Flying Nuns/the Jerusalem 

prince. The Lost Colony revisited. Lowry, Billiam Briar. 

The Locksmith. 0098839 0137 DU99299 Oin DU99128 Clo 

DU98351 0127 

The Lone Hanger, 217 1-1696. The lost dead. The Loyalist. 

Lock the door behind you. R632953 '. 0156 R625662 0153 D098653 0133 

0098667 0133 

Lubetkin, James G. 

D09713B OiOe 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


LJbliner, Sheldon R. 

DU9893e 0139 

luce, WiHiaoi Hubert. 

DU975n 0110 

The lucifer conjplex. 

D099399 01U9 

Luck, Colenar. . 

SEE Luck, Georae Colenan, 

Luck, George Coleman, Jr. 
D098805 0136 

The Luck of Boarina camo. 
DD9877U 0136 

Ludden, Kei+h J. 

DD98122 0122 

Ludlam, Charles. 

DO96708 013U 

DD99226 0105 

Luftig, Don. 

DU99270 01U6 

Luhrs, Bill. 

SEE Luhrs, Oillian John. 

Luhrs, uillian Johr. 

DU98788 0136 

Luigi Pirandello's Henry 1th. 
D098217 0121 

Luigi Pirandello's Six 

characters in search of an 


DU982ie 0120 

Luippola, Pobert Hilton. 

D0971132 0108 

Lumen, Fritz Franz, pseud. 
SEE Clair, Frederic F. 

Lumet, Baruch. 

DD98937 0139 

The Lunch. 

0098487 0130 

Lupo, Frank. 

DD98U57 0129 


0097935 0118 

Lutz, Charles. 

D0995U5 0152 

Lutz, Evelyn J. 

DP98113 OlOU 

Lutz, Helen M. 

C33571 0082 

Luxury compact cars, 1976. 
030291 0097 

Lyman, Frederick. 

D098883 0138 

LyDon, Beverly Jo. 

DP9811S 0101 

Lynch, Albert H. 

DD97638 0112 

Lynch, Bark. 

0098611 0132 

Lynott, Phil. 

C3lt320 0098 

Lyon, Harjorie. 

DFO-2159 0100 


Badsen, H. H. 

SEE nadsen, Harry H. 

Machines that move the world. 

0098825 0137 

D099352 OlaS 

D099353 0118 

D09935K 01U8 

Machines that move the world: 
"pulley power. " 
0098912 0139 

Mack, Nila. 

B6214998 0153 

R62U999 0153 

B625000 0153 

R625001 0153 

E625002 0153 

B628622 OISH 

R628623 0151 

R6286214 015a 

R631851 0157 

B631852 0157 

F.631853 0157 

F63ie5« 0157 

R631855 0157 

F63ie56 0157 

E631857 0157 

B631858 0157 

E631659 0157 

Magnetic lines of force 
C3«275 0097 

Mahle, harjorie. 

D0976il7 0112 

0098512 0131 

ainstream education for 
hearing-impaired children. 
C33989 0091 

ais n'te promene done pas 
toute nue! 
DU98572 0131 

C31393 0099 

JAN. - JIIN. 1<n<i 

Hakes sense. 

C31032 00"7 

Make your choice. 

DFC-2159 OlOn 

flaking friends with feelinor:: 
C336e6 OOPU 

Making love, 

DP9''62 0107 

Male and female roles. 

C33922 0089 

Malko, George. 

D097553 0110 

The Hall. 

C31323 0098 

Hallowan, Agatha Christie. 
SEE Christie, Aqa'ha. 

Hallowan, Max Edaar. 

E627711 0151 

Halmar, HcKnigh* . 

E631U18 0156 

Malpede, Karen. 

DU97U15 0108 

Hama of the year. 

D098036 0150 

Hamet, David. 

D099U63 0t:0 


C311U1 0000 

The M.A.N. 

DD98501 0130 

Hanagement in the public 
sector, today's crisis. 
C31011 0091 

Man and boy. 

DO 98878 013a 

Han and gremlin. 

D09715e 0108 

Han and molecules, scrip* 
no. 780. 
C33606 008? 

Han and oolealles, script ro. 
C33556 0082 

Han and molecules, scrfp* 
no. 787. 
C33557 0082 

Han and molecules, script 
no. 788. 
C33615 0080 

Han and molecules, script 
no. 789. 
C33670 0081 

Han and molecules, script no. 
C33698 008 = 

Han and molecules, script no. 
C33699 008"= 

Han and molecules, script no. 
C33697 008'= 

Man and molecules, scrip* no. 
C33696 008f 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Man and molecules, script no. 
C33797 0087 

Han and molecales, scrip*- no. 
C33796 0087 

nan and molecules, script no. 
C33859 0088 

Man and molecules, script no. 
C33858 0088 

Man and molecules, script no. 
C33921 0089 

Man and molecules, script no. 
C3it081 0093 

Man and molecules, script no. 
C3402« 0092 

Man and molecules, script no. 
C3U025 0092 

nan and molecules, script no. 
C3I4068 0092 

Man and molecules, script no. 
80 3. 
C3U069 0092 

Man and molecules, script no. 
C3«119 009U 

Man and molecules, script no. 
80 5. 
€31118 0091 

Han and molecules, script no. 
C31I1 99 0095 

Man and molecules, script no. 
C3lt319 0098 

Ban and molecules, script no. 
C3I1318 0098 

nan and molecules, script no. 
C3U386 0099 

Hanbridge, H. 

031)085 0093 


D0981143 0123 

Hancini, Jchr L. 

DU98827 0137 

Maudlin, Oc'ty. 

DU981125 0128 

Mandlin, Harvey. 

0098125 0128 

MandlintilB, Inc. 

DU98425 0128 

4 Man for Sally Ann. 

0098006 0120 

nanfredini, Nilo. 

0099189 0150 

D099190 0150 

The Man from yesterday. 

P623710 0152 


Mann, Inez K. 

DI397315 0106 

D097316 0106 

Hanning, Hilda, pseud. 
SEE Beach, James. 

The nan of no redeeming 
DU98611 0132 

The nan, the boy, and the 
C33596 0083 

Hanuel, Olin 




00 93 

The nan who c 

The Man who knew John 
DU98791 0136 

DP97ei 0102 

The nan who was lookirg for 
♦he truth. 

0099176 0150 

mn, Terrence Vauchn. 


mn, Terrv. 

SEE nann, Terrence Vauchn. 



D099260 0116 

Marion, Milene Stravinsky. 

F627051 0151 

F629105 0155 

Harkle, Jeff. 

SEE Harkle, Jeffrey Robert. 

Marks (Edward B.) Husi c 
E632819 0155 

Mark Twain tonight. 

C33587 0082 

C31311 0098 

JAN. - JON. 197 

Marlowe, Jane Pebecca. 

DD98990 0110 

Harlowe, Tony J. 

DU98193 0130 

Harlow reborn. 

DU97517 0110 

Marnik, Burt, pseud. 

SEE Weinstein, Stanley. 

Haron, Hargaret B. 

DP9872 0101 

naroni, Harilyn. 

DD97369 O'O" 

naroni, Hidge. 

SEE Haroni, Marilyn. 


DU98S33 0130 

Harquez , H ud son . 

DU98066 0121 

The Harriaae bureau. 

E633833 01=8 

Marriaae in distress. 

P626318 0151 

The Marriage of Figaro. 

0097579 Oir 

Harron, Gabrielle. 

DU99093 on: 

Harschalk, Raymond J., Sr. 
0098766 0135 

Harsh, Bill. 

SEE Harsh, Billiam M. 

Marsh, Bramwell, pseud. 
SEE Marsh, William M. 

Harsh, Merle. 

DD98192 0123 

Marsh, William H. 

0098533 0131 

Marshall, Helene. 

DU99171 0150 

Marshall, John Joseph. 

DU99106 0119 

Marshall, Possi. 

SEE Deutch, Poslyn. 

Harshmellow pies in huc- 
kleberry skies. 
0097971 0119 

Marsupials in ac*-ion. 

DO 979 18 011>= 

nartel, Denis. 

DD98506 0130 

Harten, Dorothv. 

P621700 0153 

nartens, Anne Coulter. 

P633987 0158 

P633988 0158 

P633990 0158 

Hartial arts and self defense 
course for beginners: tae 
kwon do, karate, kunc fu 
(for home instruction) 
C33766 0086 

Hartin, Arthur J. 

DU983S1 012^ 

Hartin, Barbara Lee. 

C31297 0097 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

Nftil - BCK 

nartin, Charles. 

DD97639 0112 

Martin, Dianne. 

DU975119 0112 

nartin, tarry Eidom. 

D098236 0121 

Martin, Leon Dennis. 

D09767U 0113 

Martin, Manuel. 

D099032 01U1 

Martin, Margaret B. 

031102 0093 

Martin, Rosemary Foster. 
E633839 015B 

Martin, Buth. 

E631222 0159 

Martin, Scott. 

DD99K49 Omu 

Martin, Sharon stockard. 

D097169 0109 

D098252 0125 

Martin, Ted. 

D096836 0105 

Martin, Thomas. 

R6314222 0159 

Martin, Hallace Thurston. 
C337U5 0086 

Martin, Billiam. 

D099169 Oltt 

Martinez, Gardenia. 

D0993U9 01148 

Martinez, Hunberto E. 

C3I4229 0096 

Martz, ilita L. 

DD98670 0133 

Marvel, Henry lee. 

DD97563 0111 

DD98029 0120 

0093301 0126 

DD98305 0126 

DD99165 0111 

A Marvelous war. 

0098561 0131 

Mar Vista Productions, Inc. 
DP9915 0105 


D097822 0116 


D097673 01 13 

Mary loves me, I hope. 

D098710 0135 

The Mary Tyler Moore show. 
DB98365 0127 

Masculine-feminine role 
C31153 0091 

M. A. S. H. 

DU98600 0132 

DD99311 0117 

DD99373 0118 

Mason, Madeline. 

D099002 0110 

Mason, Timothy. 

DP9886 0105 

DP9887 0105 



DU98312 0127 


DU98881 0138 

The "Massacre" trial. 

DU97398 0107 

Mass and volume. 

C33931 0090 

Massee, Michael. 

DU99232 0115 

Massenet, Jules. 

0098811 0137 

Massie, Suzanne. 

D097639 0112 

Masterminds, Inc. 

DU99539 0151 

Master skylark. 

DP9886 0105 

nasterson, Owen. 

C3366e 0081 

Mastro, Barbara. 

D097998 0120 

Matanah, pseud. 

SEE Watkins, Dorothy J. 

Mathematical tricks. 

C31231 0096 

Mathias, Alice H. 

E632092 0157 

Mathis, Florence V. 

C31139 0091 

The Mating call. 

D098111 01i9 

The Mating of eagles. 

DU98018 0120 


DU99061 0112 

Matson, C. H. 

C33912 0089 

A Mattering spring. 

D098533 0131 

A Batter of life and death. 
D099155 0111 

A Matter of life and death: a 
lecture on the right to life 

C33968 0090 

Matthews, Downs. 

CU99076 0112 


[098363 0127 

Maude and the baby. 

D099026 0111 

Maughflina, Mabel. 

E633836 0158 

Maupassant, Guy De. 

0097606 0112 

0099357 0118 

Mauriello, David Joseph. 

0098118 0129 

D098151 0.129 

Maurin, Paymcnd. 

0097921 0118 

D097922 0118 


Maximizing retirement income. 
033896 0089 


0099215 0115 

Mazer, David. 

D099216 0116 

McAfee Music Corporation. 
DP9880 0101 

McAuliffe, Jason. 

D099170 0150 

McCann, Faymond. 

D097155 0108 

McCarthy, Diane. 

031285 0097 

Mccarty, Antoinette. 

D097383 0107 

Mccarty, Toni. 

SEE Mccarty, Antoinef". 

HcCauley, Jeanne. 

DP9817 0103 

McClelland, Robert N. 

C33608 0083 

C33923 0089 

C31071 0093 

C31075 0093 

C31076 0093 

C31321 0098 

McCloskey, Burr. 

C33687 0081 

McConnell, Effie G. Gertrude. 
D098917 0139 

McConnell, Terry. 

0097561 0111 

McCoy, Martha Ann. 

DD99221 0115 

McCoy, Pose. 

0098898 0138 

McCracken, Pichard. 

D097391 010'' 

McCreary, Bill. 

SEE Mccreary, Hilliam Abel. 

Mccreary, Marcie. 

SEE Mccreary, Margaret. 

Mccreary, Maroaret. 

R621117 '. 0152 

Mccreary, William Abel. 

R621117 0152 

McCullough, Ancella H5nds. 
0098725 0135 

McCune, Mary Sue. 

C31117 0093 

McCutcheon, Favmond L. 

C31191 0095 

McDermott, Donald Joev. 

0098320 0126 

McDonald, Alice J. 

0097360 0106 

0097361 0106 

D097513 0110 

0097511 0110 

McDowell, William Stuart. 
0098727 0135 

McEhrlich, pseud. 

SEE Ehrlich, Cynthia A. 
SEE Ehrlich, Cynthia Anne. 

JAN. - JON. 1976 

McElroy, Colleen J. 

C33831 0088 

McGeein, Roland J. 

0097560 0111 

HcGovern, James J. 

C33767 008f 

McGrath, Atbey. 

0099268 OlUf 

McGrath, Janes. 

C33636 0083 

C33637 0083 

C33638 0083 

C33639 OOP" 

C33610 008? 

McGrath, Tony. 

D099268 Ollf 

McGraw, Eloise Jarv-s. 

0097115 0108 

McGraw, Gerald F. 

C33565 008? 

McGraw, Walter J. 

R625665 CSS 

McGraw-Bill Book Compary. 

C33560 0082 

C33562 0082 

C33563 0082 

C33811 008P 

C31121 0090 

C31123 009" 

C31121 0091 

C31125 0091 

C31253 009^ 

McGraw-Hill, Inc. 

C33560 0082 

C33561 0082 

033562 0082 

033563 OOP? 

033611 0081 

C33811 0088 

031121 009" 

031122 001U 

031123 0091 

031121 0091 

031125 0091 

C31253 009" 

McGreevey, John. 

P633986 0158 

McGuiaan, Charles J. 

0097320 0106 

McGuire, Jerry G. 

0097173 010" 

HcHaffey, Robert. 

0098239 0121 

M. 0. Higqi"s -he Great. 

D097975 011° 

HcHone, Bob. 

031198 0095 

Mcln'osh, rouglas Lloyd. 

0098335 012f 

Mclntvre, tennis. 

DD99016 0111 

Mc Ken dry, John. 

0097177 010 = 

McKenney, Futh. 

SEE Bransten, Ruth McKenney. 

McKieron, Kit, pseud. 
SEE Stockham, Linda J. 

McKnight, Paul V. 

0097727 0111 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

ncL - niL 

ncLane, Pobert Earl. 

C3U331 0098 


La Here ie madame. Meyer, Deborah. 

DU97502 Oioq C337t9 008S 

ncSahon, Donald. ^^^^ tU97520 0110 DD97522 0110 DU99'41.9 0150 


M = ye 

neyer. Pet < 

DP9722.'."™.!. "!!!::. oioi l,9lV^e....:. oiw DEo-2139 0100 DE0-2163 0100 

NcNally, Te-rence. Kekas, Adolfas. Merlin battles 'he illu-=ion of Meyer, Taro, pseud, 

^nooio mnu nil99112 01143 science. SEE Meyers, Joan. 

DP9869 0100 

DD98396 0128 

Meyers, Joan. 

"'^97989?""'!.-: 0119 %U98250"!". 0125 ""bi^"„ ' /.r^icric' '"" '"''"' "''' 

McReynolds, Janet. Belahn, Joseph Brian. DU99M2'. ''"'!: 0151 The Mia.i sound. 

DU97329 0106 

D096791 0136 

Michael earlier. 

D098091 0122 

Mead, Robert S. DU98b35 uu^ 

DD97B78 0117 Merman, Joyce, psevid. „.^h„n, .^^i, 

i.,i^^o„ o^nairt SEE Farmer. Banorie. Michaelis, Edelt 

Head, Rose W. 

D097878 0117 

Meals on wheels. 

DU98013 0120 

A Meaningful relationship. 
DU99523 0151 

Measuring radiation: a survej 
of radia'ion detection 
me'hods and instruments. 
C3I1327 0098 


DU992im 0116 

Medea. Men. 

3pq7l4i( 0101 D099129 01143 

C33906 0089 

Michael's House. 

DU97571 0111 

Michel (Albin) Editions. 

DFO-2139 0100 

Mickey, Jerry. 

DU97619 0112 

Microcosm theatre song/play, 
ro. 5. 
C33712 00P = 

DD98227 012U 

031332 0098 

Media-upper Providence Free Menacher, William B. DP98314 U'UJ . , , 

"1 ra ?, Media, PA. ^^ ^^ DU97319 0106 "^^^^7?^^?: . f:!!!?! . ^tli 1c 

DP9807 0103 

Medical center. 

DU991814 Oim 

Medical Economics Cassette 

The Middle aaes. 

DU99123 01II3 

C33895 0089 Mendelsohn, Leanore. Saint^ Philodendron. 

C33896 0089 

Middlehury parade. 
The Metaphysical legend of R632676 0158 

DU98I410 0128 Middleton, Laura. 

D099 150 01 HI 

Midland Bank Trust Company, 

C33897 0089 

C33898 0089 

C33899 0089 --- - 

C33900 0089 „ ,■ ^ Bfiin7-1 01'=6 

C33901 0089 Mendelssohn, Kelvin. Metheny, BradieC. E6307 1 UT,t 

C33902 0089 DD981152 0129 0097945 0118 

C33903 0089 DU9BB2J v. J' n ofsui oil 

C339014 0089 "■=- -i"" * —v. 0097641 

Dtl98823 0137 Midniqh*. 

DU 97641. 

Midnight hour 

Medical Information Systems, „„^,^^ n=„.^„.„.. DU97968 011° 

C33975 0091 DD98949 0139 Metric syst 

C33975 0091 

set A, units 1-2. Mid-sized cars, 1976. 
C33931 0090 C33938 0090 

C33977 0091 

C33978 0091 DU9793; OlIB . . „; ^c„™n,er . , „ i oh' d- 

The Metric Village measuring A Midsummer's niqn d. 

Medieval church music-dramas. 
DP9882 0105 

Meditation for everyone. 

C34282 0097 

"kit, "box 1. ' DU99234 0145 

C34178 00°5 

Miguel Valdez, Luis. 
The Metric Village measuring SEE Valdez, Luis Miguel, 
kit, box :. 
C34176 0095 Mikenas, Edvard, 

Hedoff, Mark. M€ranus, Norman. _ 

DP9758 0102 IU97407 0108 The Metric Villag 

DU97546 0110 

DP9809 0103 l^it. box 3. Mikey, Jockey and Leroy. 
°^^™^ ,-._..■_. ... , C34175 0095 DU99253 0146 

The Meeting. 

DU99277.!: 0146 The^Metric Village measuring Miko.^Robert J 

DU99259 0146 

C34177 0095 

Meet Mark TuainI 

C33924 0089 

Beet me in Saint Louis. " "c336 uT. T.":' .'.. 0083 DP9873 0104 

M33989 0158 R629235 0155 Mil 

Mi la, U. G., pseud, 
ro Goldwyr Mayer, Inc. SEE Miller, Grant Boodr 

aet Mister Dooley. 
DU97354 0106 

DU98645 0133 

Mile?, Bob. 

SEE Miles, Robert. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

niL - HON 

niles, Rober*. . 

0097665 0113 

niles, Sarah. 

DU97908 0118 

niley, Frances Ellen. 

C33785 0087 

The Milknaid and her pail. 
C33597 0083 

nillar, Ronald. 

DFO-2155 0100 

(tiller, Albert G. 

E627832 015U 

niller, Arthur. 

E632653 0158 

Biller, Barbara. 

DP9721 0101 

Miller, David L. 

DP9852 010U 

(liller, Por.. 

C33787 0087 

niller, Dorothy. 

DU97913 0118 

Niller, Eddie. 

DP9721 0101 

(liller, Edward J. 

E63I1031 0158 

Miller, Elena Diane. 

DD98225 012« 

Killer, Eric E. 

Dn97U19 0108 

niller. Grant Hoodrov. 

DD98762 0135 

niller, Jason. 

DP9899 0105 

niller, Joseph Hinton. 

C33850 0088 

niller, lyr.da narie. 

DO 97 37 U 0107 

niller, nichael Glenn. 

DII98851 0137 

niller, Norman. 

D098399 0128 

niller, Richard E. 

D099U10 01U9 

niller. Rick. 

SEE niller, Richard E. 

niller, Sablna J. 

B631I031 0158 

niller, Sigmund. 

P6311225 0159 

niller, Steve. 

DP9822 0103 

Miller, Sasan. 

DD97739 0111 

DU98020 0120 

nilliken Publishing Company. 

C33596 0083 

C33597 0083 

C3359B 0083 

C33599 0083 

C33600 0083 

C33601 0083 

C33602 0083 

C33603 0083 

C336014 0083 

C33657 0081 


C33658 008U 

C33659 OOeU 

C33660 008U 

C33661 0081 

C33662 0081 

C3380U 0087 

C314108 0093 

C3U109 0093 

C3141 10 0093 

C3U111 0093 

C3U112 0093 

C3H113 0093 

C3milt 0093 

C3lt115 0093 

C3U116 0093 

nillikin, narta Abba. 

E630773 0156 

R6331I36 0158 

nind and matter: t^e step by 
step creation of the unified 

DU98827 0137 

A Hini-course in story 
theater: tracking the 
bandersnatch and other 
slithy foes. 
C3M0148 0092 

Minnesota's Eicentenr 
heritage, November 
December 1975, radi 

innesota showcase: four 

DP9892 0105 

DP9893 0105 

DP9895 0105 

The Miracle of the music shop. 
R629371 0155 

C33712 0085 

R6313eO 0156 

iranda, Edaard da Rocha. 

DU97799..I 0115 

DD97800 0116 

nischief and the measuring 
C3U178 0095 

Mischief and the scrambled 
C3H175 0095 

nischief and the temperature 
C31t177 0095 

the million things 



DD98720 0135 

Mister Goodbody and the 
guardian anael. 
DU97506 ; 0109 

Bister Paradise: visions of 
DU985eO 0132 

Mister Pompous and the 
B631173 0156 

JAN. - JDtJ. ig^f 

Misty of Chlncoteague. 

D1J97972 011° 

Mitchell, Chuck. 

D09B1U1 0122 

Mitchell, tavid Hannaford. 
DU98373 012'' 

Mitchell, Deborah Lynn. 

DU98678 ai3U 

Mi-chell, Harold Pichard. 

DD98829 013"' 

DU98830 013^ 

Mitchell, Joe F. 

031136 0091 

Mitchell, John. 

DD98630 0133 

Mitchell, Walter. 

DU98217 012! 

nitler, na*t. 

DU98790 013' 

nitts, Charles Howard. 

DU99526 015- 

Mixed singles. 

Dn98337 012'' 

Moby Productions, Inc. 

DU97192 010° 

Model, Alyne 1. 

D098116 012° 

The Model bride. 

B632819 0158 

A Model for implementirg 
career education within an 
existing curriculum. 
C33702 008! 

The Modern artist. 

DU99173 0150 

nodern miracle. 

P622296 0152 

noe. Christian H. 

DU98a31 0128 

Mohnsen, Esther Mathilde 
DD99075 0112 

Molet'e, Barbara J. 

DU99371 one 

nolette, Carlton H. , 2nd. 
DU99371 0118 


SEE Moliere, Jean Bapt iste 

Moliere, Jean Eaptiste 

DU96191 0130 

0099323 0117 

Molloy, Bruce G. , Jr. 

DP9909 0105 

Momen* of decision. 

E629071 0155 

nomeyer, Arline Bryant. 

DU98059 0121 

Momotaro, the peach boy of 
DO 97 57 3 Oir 

Monahan's boy: a 'ale of - h= 
Alaskan gold rush. 
DU98115 0128 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

nON - HDL 



«--?!!!.!: oca "=SJ?^a^r!.!r!^: on. "%SI;.?: 0..3 '°Z^:,^V^.:^::. 0... 

Moore Mavo' Borris, Fobert Mack. The Mountain. 

''°Sd97U27 C108 DP8538...: 0101 DU9e32« 0126 DU9e-80 013^ 

B^„ro Ei.-s Morris, Thomas Baaen. nour.'ain blood. 

^""wltoll'V:: 01M °EE'«oore: Leota Puth. P628671 0155 DU99010 01U. 

Mount San Jacinto College, 

Money-saving tips. Mcore, wilixam a. ""nMeit?" "/.'..".'.'. OIOH GUman Hot Springs, CA. 

C33777 0086 C3«02 0097 nn9fl;9S . 012f C34152 00°u 

Monody. Hcose and dog anr.ounce: keep riiii5ii 009" 

-"862 013B t.e Pepsi glass pro»otron. A Morsel. ^^^^ ^^S^^^i: 1 ] ^ ! 1 " ! 1 ! ! ! SS^. 

^--^ C3mF6 009" 

Monopoly. , , «„^*^„^^„ u^„^t-\v C'=m57 OO^f 

™^8893 0138 "-?!.>!"?! *<'„?°?/°„=. nr«3n:. !!:.... 0127 c3«i58::::: oo»a 



01 OH 


A Morsel. 


= s further Peps 

C3K159 0090 

'°IIIIV.2T:.'.:1: 0105 ^^IsViTTI^:.... 0087 Ho.t..e.. .or.a. c3.i6o::;: 009 

031161 0000 

C30162 0090 

Montaine, Alia 


„ „,„, .".^.."' College DisTic* (CA) 

Monteleone, Ihonas F. Mciais, Micnaei. „„^,.„„ ,„„ C3U152 Oooo 

00983^7 0127 DU98361 0127 ""Hi" 'J^^'r, Joseph C30153 00«0 

C3015lt 0090 

(lontellano, E. A. Mcrales, Delores. i„^„„h C30155 OOao 

SEE Montellano, Ernest DD98370 0127 "^ J.^^^^^P^. 0121 03^1 56! : ! ! ! ! 0090 

>^^*-^°^-y- ^^^^^ Michael P ^3''15'' °''"' 

Hontellano, Ernest Anthony D097377 0107 «--,---.- oi32 C3:il9: ! ll i! !: ! : ! ! ! ! ! 0090 

C33725 0085 ^ , , ^ C3U160 009U 

DU97526 01 10 


Montgomerv, J. D. 

C30055 0092 Mere bread and the circus. „ ■ „ tv e nni/ina viola 

DU99063 0102 Moses, Ferris M. The Moving viola 

tgonery, John Richard, 

e30219 0096 DU97069 0109 

C30350 0098 

SEE King, David. ru.««.o ..- ^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ 'TzlhsiTZ"..'.'. 0092 

"°dpI"1!!:.^:.!: oioi "°du^928o:!!.!: oios 033,25 oo89 '^^iti)-,,i:]li::iT.T.%:^^ 

' ??52So?:.!!!!!!!!:... 0158 ""E^^M^r^n;, Joseph J. "°0099^0^:!:.!; 0106 "- -ords._lnc. ^^^^ 

-S^iee^J!:.-?!!!!:... 0.3 ""0^^730^!!!!^^: ono -^sl^'filViVi:.... 0109 -...^sia-o^r. ^^^^ 

-t^'Z^J'^^'^ -Z^P^-' '' Z: "°--ei!!!!!: o.. ^^-^^ir.-:^T^^ 

^'°-''''^ °^°° ,,, „„,e change. "^llll^lV.?/. 0131 Mrs. Naugatuck gets down 'o 

A Mood/interest theory, of 1097371 0107 Harth.^ ^ ^ ^^ 

r339l9!:.f?:!:!:.!!"T089 Morfogen, Zachary P. ""0^3178^? !!.!!:!.^ : . . 0087 

'"'"" °'°' mother Jefferson.s accident. "•Dn?8i50 Oi23 

0098758?!. !..!!: 0135 Mcrgan, Chuck, pseud. D097708 OVO 

"""3« °"^ ^" Mitchell, Chuck. ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^.^ ^^.^^^ ^^^^^^^ ; „„, 

ly circus 
DU9736S 0117 1098030 0129 uu^,509 ■■" ""msllou.:'/.'. 010- 

"L:;?;^^^''" ""P"''- .,„ "°;r,«i3S"'"'- 0129 DS975S9::;...: 0110 Muggable Mary, 

-Pk^ M^,^nH,=,ii Hcraan. louise, pseud. Mother of counties. . 

''D09r9e!": 0109 "TErstiernbe^g^ Louise. D099186 OIOO '^'^ ^si llf^V. . Z'.:: . . . 0110 

<'^00T,6'ast. _ Mcrgan, Rod w. Mother's roses in Heaven are „^,^^„,3 ,1^.3 „,atest figh- 

R630500 0159 SEE Morgan, Roland H. lit. 




0U5B795 0136 DU98639 0133 "°"°"-, „,„, "" VfE D^dsonr Glen Muir . 

The Moon stops here nightly. 

r, Na 

D0970U2 0108 DU97807 out ""^llll^... 009^ D098972 0100 

3Ck, Michael. The Morning Duke Ellington Mnlhe-rv Saua-e Froduc f o- s, 

nojo 0128 praised 'he Lord and seven The Motor sho«. Mulbe.ry square iroaucT_o.s, 

D098029 0128 

little black 

tap-danced un 

D098677 0130 Motor Vehicle Manufac 

DP9726 0101 

"3«2 0°80 D09a6/, u,.o ""jsso;i:iu;; of"thrnnIt;d Mulberry Stree-. 

^^^ ^^ States, Inc. 0097690 0113 

^oSgasge^r.!'.*: 0128 ''dp9822 0103 C30299'. 0097 ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ juturn. 

DU98005 0120 

^0097789!!!!!..'. 0115 D099073 OlbO uuy^jD-) ■-" „,jiford, Ola 

D098691 0130 

D098692 0130 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

nUL - NRT 

•lulford, Clarence E.. (con.) 

DU98693 0131 

DD9869a 013U 

D098695 0131 

D098696 0131 

nuller, peter. 

DU98103 0122 

D0986K3 0133 

nuller, Borneo E., Jr. 

DU98232 01214 

Kulligan, Carmel. 

DP98110 0103 

Bulligan, Robert s. 

DP977U 0102 

nultiple choice. 

DU985lt6 0131 

Multiple dimensional reality 
percept ior.s. 
C33882 0089 

rtulvey, Timothy. 

S6263U6 0151 

Munchie crunchies, 1. 

0091783 0115 

Munford, Robert. 

DU97937 0118 


DD97332 0106 

nunroe, Elizabeth 1. 

DU99536 0151 

Munzel, Joseph Max. 

DP9818 0103 

Murder among friends. 

DP99014 0105 

The Murderess. 

D098527 0130 

Murder marked merry Christmas 
5625663 0153 

Murder, ro. 

D099285 0146 

Murder on 'he Nile. 

5627711 0151 

The Murder trial of Agatha 
C33687 0081* 

The Murder trial of Sgatha 
Christie for the death of 
Hercule Poirot. 
C33687 OOaU 

Murphy, Eduard. 

DU97lt0e 0107 

Murray, Joan L. 

D097620 0112 

Murray, John. 

DD97620 0112 

Murray, Michael A. 

DU97620 0112 

Murray, Silliam A., uth. 

D098601 0132 

D0990U2 Oim 


DU98095 0122 

The Muse. 

DU971t32 0108 


A Musical homage to ants and 
other symbiotic creatures. 
Dn97951 0119 

The Musical sound review »ith 
Francis Chick Povers. 
C33672 008H 

Music of the 





ussman, Linds 

1 L. 

Musson, Cy. 
SEE Musson, 

Musson, Cyril 







I be black. 

Musto, Eduard L. 

uziki Publishing Company, 
DU971I10 0107 

















.V. S. 





or a. 






a fa 



Myers, Bernard. 




D0991112 om 


My grandmother was a 

cheerleader when Washington 
won the All-City Conference 
DP9761 0102 

Mynatt, David Hinds. 

le Mysterious case of the 
missing jewels at sea. 
DP9883 0105 

ne Mysterious case of »he 

D09951I2 0152 

ne Mysterious chest. 
DD9951I2 0152 

Nallov, Salguod. 
SEE Vollan, Dougla 

R632«0U 0157 

ass, Elyse. 

DD99052 01112 

0099053 01112 

DD99376 01U8 

ast (Conde) Publications, 

E623218 0152 

Rfi23219 0152 

B623220 0152 

E623221 0152 

E623222 0152 

H623223 0152 

R62322U 0152 

R625657 0153 

P625659 0153 

F625660 0153 

R625661 0153 

R625662 0153 

R625663 0153 

R62566lt 0153 

R625665 0153 

R625666 0153 

F625667 0153 

R625668 0153 

B627098 01511 

JAN. - JON. 197f 

R627099 01511 

B627100 015U 

P627101 015U 

B627102 01511 

R62T103 015U 

E627101t OlEU 

B630070 0155 

E630071 0155 

F630072 0155 

F630073 015? 

Rf 300711 0155 

F630075 01 = 6 

P630076 0156 

B630077 0156 

E630078 0156 

F630079 0156 

F630080 01=6 

R630081 0-'?6 

F632l4lt8 015"" 

F632UU9 0157 

R6321150 0157 

R632U51 0157 

R6321152 OI'T 

B6321153 0157 

E632U5U 0157 

R6321I55 0157 

Natale, Nazareno. 

DH9819U 0120 

Natale, William M. 

DD98365 012^ 


D099387 ome 


D097T9U 0115 

Natinal Westminster Park, 
L'-d., London. 

F631173 0156 


DP9825 0103 

National Brcadcastina Compa^^v, 

E6263116 01511 

86263117 0150 

E626308 0150 

R626309 0150 

R626350 0150 

E626351 0150 

National Catholic Stewardship 
Council, Inc. 

C30252 0097 

National Council of ChurcJes 
of Christ in the D.S.A. , 
Governing Foard, Atlanta, 
Georoia, March 3, 1976. 

C33982 00°' 

The National network of your 

C30201 OOOf 

National wet-off. 

C30038 0092 

Tne Nation builder. 

DU99516 0151 

Nattress, Dale. 

DU97696 0113 

Nattress, Dale Thomas. 

DU9"'697 0113 

D098090 0130 

Nattress, Maureen Allyce. 

D09769'' 0113 

Nattress, Maureen Baker. 

0098090 0130 

Nattress, Feenic. 

DU97696 0113 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Nattress, Peenie. 

SEE Nattress, naureen 

Nattress, Feenie Baker. 

SEE Nattress, naureen Baker. 

Nattress and Nattress and 
m^'^iSi 0113 

The Nature of a master: 
interview with Brother 
C3M217 0096 

Nature's pollution almanac. 
C33698 0085 

Naval pillar. 

D098863 0138 

Navarro, Jose S. B. 

0098103 0128 

Navarro, Tony. 

SEE Navarro, Jcse A. R. 

Nayor, Ed. 

0099211 0115 

NcClelland, Eobert N. 

SEE McClelland, Fohert N. 

Neal, Mary Clemerts. 

D098152 0123 

Neal, Mrs. Paul w. 

SEE Neal, Bary Clements. 

Neale, Fichard L. 

DU99108 0113 

Nearly all there. 

DU99001 0110 

Near -sigh^- ed appraiser. 

C31030 0092 

Neary, Jack. 

SEE Neary, Johr A. 

Neary, John A. 

DU98605 0132 


0098676 0131 

Necessities of the feast. 
D098672 0133 

Nechetsky, s. M. 

D099117 0119 

Nederlander, Carer. 

C33932 0090 

Nee, Patrick ». 

DU98125 0122 

DD98126 0122 

DU98325 0126 

DU99019 0111 

The Negers are landing. 

D098091 0122 

Neglected wives. 

P627525 0151 

Negroni, Joe. 

D09B510 0131 

Meidlinaer, Gertrude. 

C33675 0081 

Neipris, Ja'et. 

0098938 0139 


C31151 0091 

C31160 0091 


Nelson, Cathleen Carol. 

DD97ei7 0116 

DU98639 0133 

Nelson, Cathy. 

SEE Nelson, Cathleen Carol. 

N=lson, H. 

Nelson 76. 

DD98913 0139 



En99087 Oil 

Richard C. 

ever mind the answe 
were the questions 
DU9868 1 

0097972 0119 

D097973 01 19 

DU97971 0119 

DU97975 01 19 

DD97976 0119 

DD97977 0119 

00 97 97 8 0119 

DD97979 0119 

D097980 0119 

0U97981 0119 

D097955 0119 

ewman, Gerry. 
SEE Newman, Gerald. 

ewman, Sol. 

D099198 0115 

0099199 0115 

DU99200 0115 

0099201 0115 

OU99202 0115 

0099203 0115 

A New method for financing 
volunteer projects. 
C31367 00<>9 

A New non-verbal approach to 
personality evaluation. 
C31357 0099 

Newbery Award Records, Inc- 

0097111 0106 

0097115 0108 

D097116 0108 

0097117 0106 

D097118 0108 

C33932 009 

ewsf lash 76, part 2 : 
C31001 00=1 

A New theory of planet 
formation and spacinq. 
C33912 '. 0089 

JAN. - JON. 1976 

A New way to pay old debts. 

0099527 01'=i 

New York zoos--a hard times 

DU98668 0133 

The Next man. 

D099331 Oil'' 

Nex' of skin. 

OU99339 Oil'' 

Neyens, Harry. 

DU99525 0151 

Neyens, Harry Edaar. 

DD98635 '. 0133 

Niani, pseud. 

SEE Kilkenny, Jacqueline. 

Nice surprises. 

C31315 0098 

Nick Carter, master detec--ve. 

R623219 01=^2 

E623220 0157 

E623221 0152 

B625657 0153 

R625659 0153 

E625660 0153 

P625661 01=3 

E625665 0153 

F627099 0151 

P627102 0151 

P627103 0151 

E627101 01=1 

E630070 01 55 

E630073 0155 

P630071 0155 

P630077 0156 

E630078 0156 

e630079 0156 

P632118 0157 

E632150 0157 

B632151 0157 

P632152 015'' 

P632153 0157 

Niederlitz, Jeanne L. 

D098777 0136 

Nietzsche, Friedrich Hilhelm. 

D099029 0111 


DP97992 0119 

Night before the buryin'. 

0097993 0120 


0097928 on? 

The Niaht gamblers. 

0098211 0121 

Nightingale-Conant Corpo- 

C33908 0089 

A Niaht in Picardy. 

0097560 Oil' 


0097709 0111 


0098360 012^ 

P635067 015° 

Nigh':mare at Pa vensbreuc k. 

0099399 Oil"! 

Night of terror. 

0098903 0138 

Night over the Tiber. 

DU97578 0111 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


The Niaht radio died. 

DD98501 0130 

Nights in arnor. 

D097566 0111 

Night-*inie in Toyland. 

D0988711 0138 

Night train. 

R63D288 0156 

Nineteen inch black-and-white 
C311150 0091 


0098361 0127 

Nitsch, Twylah Hurd. 

C33917 0089 

Nix, Garv u. 

C33989 0091 

Njokanma, Anechi. 

DD98996 01U0 

Noad, Susar. Strand. 

DD98160 0123 

Noah Jones shows the way, 
D0981iie 0123 

Noah script. 

DU98609 0132 

Noble, Bill. 

E633839 0158 

Noble, Dennis E. 

DD98825 0137 

DD98912 0139 

D099352 01118 

0099353 011*8 

DU993511 01118 

Nobody hears a broken drum. 
DP9899 0105 

Nobody Imparticular. 

DD97809 0116 

D098689 0131) 

Nobody knows the trouble I've 

DU99180 OIUU 

No drought about it. 

D099506 0151 

Nodvik, Stan. 

C33965 0090 

No fooling. 

DD98277 0125 

No giunicks. 

D098502 0130 

No halo for Julie. 

E635U87 0159 

No jogging during yoga. 

DU99209 011*5 

Solan, Patrick J. 
D097903 one 

Noll, Eobert Boy. 

DU98538 0131 

Noll, Eobert Thomas. 

DU98386 0128 

D098538 0131 

Nolte, Charles. 

DP9e7U 0101 

Nolte, Charles n. 

DP9e92 0105 


Ncrotny, Federov, pseud. 
SEE Bush, A. Bacy. 

Ncrotny, Fedorov, pseud. 
SEE Bush, A. Macy. 

Ncrrington, Edwina V. 


D098977 C 

Norton, Bary Beth. 

C3U090 0093 

C3lt091 0093 

Norton 1st, Emperor of the 
United States. 
D0977II9 0111* 

umerology and Presidential 
C31I106 0093 

Nystrom, division of Carr 

SEE Carnation Company. 

Oak Acorn, pseud. 

SEE Eeinier, Christophe 

Objection overruled, featuring 
Hal Krause. 
C33879 0088 

0' Byrne, Emmet P. 

DD98155 0123 

DD98753 0135 

Ochoa, Buddy. 

SEE Ochoa, Raymond Buddy. 

The Odds are, featuring Bob 
C33871 OOeP 

JAN. - JUN. I97f 

O'Dell, Sco't. 

DU97973 0119 

0097979 0119 

Ode to Dennis S. , born Auoust 
16, 1956, died January 27, 
1976, by O.V.A. 
C33863 008P 

Ode t-o Hamilton, Ohio. 

C338611 008P 

distant land. 

E62U3U5 015? 

Odle, Robert L. 

DU98637 0133 

O'Donnell, Bark. 

DD98231 0^211 


DU97382 010"' 

Oedipus Rex. 

R629105 0155 

E635063 0159 

Der Oeffentliche Anklaeger. 
P6211UU9 0153 

Of ... by ... for. 

0099067 01U? 

Offenbach, Jacques. 

D0991it6 011(3 

The Office machine operatcr. 
C33579 0082 

I'Otficlia . 

D0973U2 0101= 

The Off-off-broadway melody c' 
DD9901J5 OlD- 

Off the top. 

009811*7 0-'23 

Of guns and roses. 

D097897 Oil"" 

0' Grady, Adele Barie. 

DD98510 O'SO 

O'Grady, Christopher. 

DD98553 0121 

Oharesian, Richard. 

D099l*60 0150 

Oh, brother. 

D098201* 012II 

Oh listen, my children, and 
you shall hear of the flea 
in Paul Revere's horse's 

D099331 OIU" 

Oil and gas-cattle feedina. 
C33902 0099 

Okinawa naval mission. 

DP9821 COS 

Oklahoma, 0. S. A. 

D09937tt 01118 

Okorn, Alice L. 

DD97519 0110 

The Old Carnasie line. 

DP9767 -. 0102 

The Old church- 

009791*11 0119 

An Old-fashioned school. 

DP9799 0103 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


The Old folks. Folly and 
DU98770 0136 

Oldham, Archie. 

DU9785T 0117 

Oldhan, Arthur. 

F628:8l| 01514 

The old mansion. 

DD98381 0127 

Old people' s house. 

D098U30 0128 

Old Ramor. 

DU97U18 0108 

Old rivoli. 

DU98071 0121 

Olds, nadelyn. 

DU9859B 0132 

Old Smoky. 

E62U5«2 0153 

The Old time schcol. 

DP9798 0103 

Olevitch, nartin A. 

DU97725 0111 

Olfson, Lewy. 

DP9802 0103 

DP9803 0103 

OliB, Dell. 

SEE Olim, Dellamae. 

Olim, Dellamae. 

DU97506 0109 

Oliphant, Bobert. 

DD981im 0123 

Olive Branch Press. 

C33851 0088 

Oliver, Slice. 

DU973lt2 0106 

Oliver, Val. 

SEE Oliver, Alice. 

Olsor. , Curt. 

SEE Olson, Curtis T. 

Olson, Curtis T. 

D09911IO 01149 

Olson, Frances A. 

C3356a 0082 

Olson, Kathleen Ann. 

D0983114 0126 

The Olympians and the 
DU99325 01147 

Olympic flame. 

DU98658 0133 

Once in a lovetime. 

R627832 0154 

Once upon a miracle. 

DU98e65 0138 


0098356 0127 

One foot in heaven. 

P633990 0158 

One for the monkeys. 

DU9ei479 0129 

O'Neil, Thomas ». 

D098120 0122 


DU98717 01314 

One nation under God. 

DU98315 0126 

Oneness of life, ser. 1, no. 
CJ14019 0091 

Oneness of life, ser. 1, no. 
C3I4206 0095 

Oneness of life, ser. 1, no. 
C314207 0095 

Oneness of life, ser. 1, no. 
C314208 0096 

Oneness of life, ser. 1, no. 
C314209 0096 

Oneness of life, ser. 1, no. 
034210 0096 

Oneness of life, ser. 1, no. 
C314211 0096 

Oneness of life, ser. 1, no. 
C314212 0096 

Oneness of life, ser. 1, no. 

031213 0096 

Oneness of life, ser. 1, no. 
C314217 0096 

Oneness of life, ser. 1, no. 
C31421I4 0096 

Oneness of life, ser. 1, no. 
C311215 0096 

Oneness of life, ser. 1, no. 
C31I216 0096 

ne night 

DU9e293 0126 

The Only things that co 

On the Chimborazo. 


On the homefront. 

01 37 

On the mark. 

On 'he nature of man. 

On the run from tne par 


On the square. 

Oohs, aahs, amazement. 

Cpcon promotion. 

Opdycke, Fobert. 

Opening doors. 

Opening night. 

Opening the store. 

The Open window. 

Operating principles of 
machines, unit 9. 


perating princ:ples of x-ray 
machines, unit 10. 
C314327 OO08 

One thing 1 know. Six Pack Jo 
ain't on snow or me, that's 
for sure. 
D099202 01145 



An Orchestr 

rch of a 

JAN. - JtJN. 107f 


Dn99288 01146 


DU97US1 010° 

Orff, Carl. 

DF2238 0100 

Oroanic farming. 

C33858 008P 

Organization of ship salvage 
033911 00P9 

Organizing your classroom. 
C3U159 OOOU 

Oriecht, Carole. 

C336147 00814 

Orientation and introduction 
to the vocal skills. 
C3U362 0090 

The Original buddy. 

DD98359 0127 

Original poetry prepared for 
oral delivery, class C, o- 
January 30, 1976, by Bonnie 
Biley in Austin, Texas. 
C33709 008'= 

Original poetry prepared for 
oral delivery on January ''0, 
1976, by Bonnie Lynn Hiley 
in Austin, Texas. 
C33709 0085 

Original Russian language 

Alexander Solzhenitsyn to te 

aired on BBC Television, 


C314388 0099 

Oritz, Enrique. 

SEE Ortiz, Enrique. 

Orkeny, Istvan. 

DD97632 0112 

Orkow, Ben. 

DP9730 0101 

Ormont, David. 

DP9750 0101 

DP98114 0103 

Ormon', David, pseud. 
SEE Goldberg, David S. 

The Orphan. 

DP9751 0101 

Orphans in concert. 

DU991I42 01113 

Orthey, Mary Lou. 

DP97146 0101 

Ortiz, Enrique. 

DD98932 013° 

DD99168 0114U 

Osborn, Carolyn. 

0097616 0116 

Osborne (Paul) and Associates, 
DD98316 0126 

Osei, Teddy. 

0340141 0092 

Osibisounds, Ltd. 

C3140U1 0092 

The Ostrekoff jewels. 

DD981161 012'= 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information abotit any additional records that may exist. 


The Other cheek. 

E62348S 0152 

Other houses. 

DP9738 0101 

Ott, Sict-ard James. 

C33781 0086 

C33795 0087 

C3U0a9 0091 

Otter creek fiusic. 

C3«058 0092 

Ottoni, Filippo. 

DD97719 0111 

0, Tulsa! 

D098637 0133 

Our bag of tricks for '76. 
D09822I1 0124 

Our best guys didn't show up. 
DU98333 0126 

Our changir.a universe. 

C33986 .' 0091 

Our country: yesterday, today 
and tomorrow. 
C337U5 0086 

Our day. 

DU98U39 0129 

Our heritage. 

DU99075 0112 

Our love story. 

C3U102 0093 

Our problem. 

C33910 0089 

Our thinking and our world. 
C33801 0087 

Our Victoria. 

D097531 0110 


D097657 0113 

Out of dust. 

E633985 0158 

Out of sight. 

DU98833 0137 

Out of Stardust. 

0098659 0133 

The Outside man. 

D1J983U6 0127 

The Outside man: a plav on 
0097583 0111 

The Overcoat. 

DD97738 0111 


K627108 0151 

Overman, Frederick Vail. 

DO98850 0137 

Overmyer, Eric. 

0097860 0117 

Overmyer, Janet. 

0097592 0111 

DD97593 0111 

Over the rainbow. 

D098831 0137 

Owen, James Lee. 

C33 82 6 0087 


SEE Owen, James l€ 


wens-Corning Figerglas 
Corporation, National 
Roofing Contractor's 
Association, 1976 NRCA Show, 
Phoenix, Arizona, February 
11-13, 1976. 
C33839 0088 

Paolini, G. D. 

SEE Paolini, Girard D. 

The Owl, the bear and 


Papal bull. 


Papell, Stan. 

Oxford, J. Craig. 
SEE Phobts. 

Paperback books. 

Pactdown, ltd. 

Paper towels. 

The Pageant of the fo< 
kings of Vaughan. 

>ls and 

Parable Press. 

A Paradise ago. 

0097850 , 

Paige, Gilbert Louis. 

. . 0120 

Paradise! Paradise! 

The Paradise sweetshop. 

Painting distant men. 

The Paragon. 

The Pardon. 

.. 0137 


Parente, Joseph. 

Paris, Domonic w. 

Paladini, Glenn Alan, 

jr Glenn. 

SEE Paladini, Eleant 

Parise, George. 

Parish, James. 


Paley, Bettina, pseud. 
SEE Paysner, Betty. 

Pallen, Lucile Calver: 

The Paris touch. 

Paris '29. 

Paritz, Jack n. 

The Park. 

Pally, Erwin. 

DU 97715 

Park bench. 

Palmer, Anthony. 

Parker, Bran+. 

Palmieri, Alfred. 

Parker, Clif'on. 

Parker, Richard Lee. 


, . 1 50 


Panama Hattie. 

Parker, Pon. 

SEE Parker, Ponald Hi 

Parker, Ponald Milton. 



.. 0111 


JAN. - JON. 197f 

Parkes, nichael Derek. 

DFO-2116 0100 

The Parkino me'er. 

DU98210.." 0''2U 

Parry, Roberta Jean. 

SEE Anastaslow, Foberta Jea- 

Parsons, Jim. 

R623219 0152 

R623220 0152 

E625657 0^53 

B625659 0T=3 

B625661 01?3 

R627099 0151 

E627102 0151 

R627103 0151 

P627101 0151 

R630070 015"= 

B630073 0-55 

P630078 0156 

B630079 0156 

P632151 0157 

Parsons, Binston Brooks. 

C31298 009" 


D097325 OlOf 

DU97711 0111 

Part of our past. 

C31053 0097 

Farton, Eddie lucas. 

DU97936 011B 

The Partridge Family: Fret 
home to Pome. 
0098831 013" 

The Party. 

0097733 0111 

Pascal, Fran. 

D098813 0136 

Pascal, John. 

DD98813 013f 

Pasch, Irene. 

DF2210 0100 

Pascoe, Charles Henrv. 

DU99397 011° 

Pas Boi. 

DF2230 0100 

Pasner, Samuel. 

C31231 0096 

The Passenaer- 

DP9873..I O'OI 


DD97652 0113 

Past tense. 

0098682 0131 

Patchel, Paul. 

DP9807 0103 

The Patchwork Players Compar y. 
D098361 012'' 

Patelli, Anna Maria. 

C33885 0089 

Patience, patriot. 

C33668 0081 

Patmalnee, Poy F. 

D098211 0121 

Patrick, Lissa Maria. 

D097708 0111 

D098016 0121 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



. . „ , . p,,n Nipvps Pendleton, James D. perfec* sajjner. 

DP9855.!!'!'.: 010« rD97559!!!: Onl C33893 0089 DD98971 OIXO 

-s^ti:cr:^:'E^?-?- -i^i^^^^^^: ''^^ o.. -i^^:::r::::::::i^^' 

^''^-'■''^- The Peaceable guy. Penningroth, Phil. la Perichole. 

atrick. Sear., pseud. 
SEE Brady, Patrick. 

SEE Penningroth, Philip E. , DU991ii6. 

DD97796 0115 

Patrick Henry. 

DP9820 0103 ""'""' ■-■ The Pe-lcus road. 

°""??8 Oys P»ach boy Of Japan Pennington . Joh n L. . Jr. D097978 011 = 

0098861 0138 

'DU97759 0115 '^F628671 '. 0155 Penny and the 

^^^r:S*- „,,. '''t??«^?,^'"' "°''''\... (1155 Penny and the magic medallion. "u 98009. !!!!.. '. 0120 

098871 0138 

The Patriots. Peanota sta„. „.,, Pennvcandv. "dOWOI l!'. . .!! 1.0120 

0097937 OllE 

rT„A^ p Perreault, Charles. 

The Patten Corporation. Pearce, Clyde E. nn9B731 0135 
r,^r.-. ^m,-}-,-! nn9R Pennvman. uuya/Jl...- u i j -i 

C314030 0092 C3«327. 

C3U031 0092 C3U32- 

f.trd :::;::: oo'e rean, Frederick. pension and profit sharina D098279 0125 

031271:::::: 0097 DU98738 0135 coarse, H. F. 10 (Keoah, ^^ 

',lllr, :::::::: l%] Peanman, Eichard. ?335li 0090 SEE p;rring, Fohert. 

i^:::::::::::::: Zl ^""^" "" -sio„ and profit shar^g --,-,f-i:i;ei c 

=, pt. 1. 

C33558 0082 

C31315 0098 

C31361 0099 D099001 OHO LJJD30 "" = ^ ^^^^^ ^ ^ 

C313g7 0099 . "ccc'n^Z,-,,* PT-oHa^i,-V 

C31393 0099 Pearls_that coalesce. Pentadyna.ics. _^^^^ SEE Perry, Jrederick 

^^----■•■■-■•- -" -^^5769.^!!!!: oo8s -«i^i2:o!.!^^!.-:^!:!-oi59 '-l^^z':?^.f:^v.:%.. 

"-"-■--■■■■■ -- -0^991^3!!!!!: 0113 ^^op^8ol^!.!!.!!^:!!!:. 0103 ^5^93^1!^!!.!!::!:... one 

3£";!:";:::::: r^ -ol^853.!:!^!!?: 0.1 -th^r^^Lf i?: t:mil.'i^ '-l^^li:]- ono 

of liaht. 

„ , PFCos B-511 DU98251 0125 The Person. 

'^cl!;220 0096 'Tp980-3!': 0103 ^ ^ ^ DU9B812 013. 

— -Alan. _ --V. -es A. _^ ' IrslltoT.T/. 0111 ^^^ .^I^:!! ! 1 .^!!: 0091 

DU98215 0121 

-i; ^^l-ir^t... p,„l_ ^1S^89?5!!:?.!!"!.::.. ono ^62^7ie 0153 ^"o?8e^ 51 "!!! 

Peoples Bank 

5EE Schamarn, David Paul. 

ral umbrella liabil:'? 

"^csioof; !".!■: 0091 D098975 ono u,j,,d,d CSSgil'l:: 0090 

Paul-- Hax Peeples, Edwin Augustus. Peploe, nark. „■.*„ 

0598287:: 0125 E631161 0159 DP9873 0101 ^%6ro27o!" .! : Oi 

Paul's Letter to the Pee Wee the pink pine tree. 

Corinty 'ans. D097181 0109 

DO97559I..:: 0111 0097611 0112 

)1ie Pertvee, nichael. 

P630270 01'=6 

dead princess: La Peine capitale. ..^-^ -■ '^?1^027o!!'!:! : 0156 

Mata Hari 

0099138 0113 


D098560 0131 

OH9B185 0''30 

D098222 0'21 

The Paws alone Duyb/u<; uuw 

°""806 0116 ,,,^,_i,, '"31211!!.!!'!!!""!"" 0097 peter Patalan. 

D097%l7!.; 0120 D098078 01.1 

""8273 0125 ^^^^^^^^ '"P9'828!!!!..:: 0103 Pe^er penguin and the 

P-y^-t- ,„ »°"171 0150 ,,,„,. 1 E62916?!!: 0155 

DU98039 0120 

Payet'e, .eorge F. DEO-2161 u ,uu p.^z-Porrata Carmen Laura. ''0099222!'!!'!!.!: 0115 

"""" °''' Perberthy, S. Josia^, Jr. '"o990r8!!!! 1 .!!!!!!. . 0112 0099261 0116 

Payne, jonald «. _ ^^ C33555 0082 ,,^ ,„^,„^, ,,,,. Peters, B. Cornelius. 

C31126 0091 

SEE Peters, Pobe 

""^"^^«'---- °'°° ......... .,,„.= ■'-0098978!!.!:!!!: Olio Pe.ers, Eober- Corneliu. 

Paysner, Be'-ty. 

0098768 0136 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Perers, Sarah E. 

D098153 0123 

I109815U 0123 

Peterson, Marilyn Louise. 
D098lt3"7 0129 

Le Petite hutte. 

B625037 0153 

The Peto opera. 

DD98220 0121 

Petroleum Energy Producing 
C33829 0087 

Petrucci, Kenneth E. 

C33666 008U 

Phantom's dance. 

DU9812U 0122 

Philips, Hicl-.ael. 

0097728 0114 

Phillips, Ian Charles. 

C3113UU 0098 

Phillips, Jonathan w. 

CP98m 0101 

Phillips, Phillips D. 

DD97750 0111 

Phillips, Sandy Klee-. 

SEE Klee-Phillips, Sandy. 

Phillips, Hatts. 

DU97380 0107 


D09932K 0117 

Philosophical Library, Inc. 
B6236au 0152 

The Phil Regan Amateur Hour. 
C3U003 0091 

The Phil Began fimateur or 
Talent Show. 
C3U003 0091 


DD98297 0126 


C33915 0089 

Phoenix rising. 

0098308 0126 

Phylogenv . 

DD97707 OIIH 

The Physical me. 

C33805 0087 

A Physical perspective. 

C3K0115 0092 

Physicians' Audio Education 
C33891 0089 


D098129 0122 

Piaget for educators. 

C33798 0087 

Piano bar. 

D09915U 01UU 

Pianoforte phrenetics. 

D098520 0130 

Piazza, Jim. 

DD98207 0121 


Pickl, Diane. 

C33567 0062 

C3H251 0096 

Pickl Puppet Productions. 

C33567 0082 

C3lt251 0096 

Piedras negras. 

D097859 0117 

0098961 0110 

D098310 0127 

ierce, 7. S. 
DD98835 0137 

Pietri, Pedro Juan. 

D098673 0133 

DD98671 0131 

Pippin the Friendly Pander 
Music Company, Ltd. 

C31320 0098 

Pirandello, Luioi. 

0098217 0121 

D098218 0121 

E630773 0156 

P633136 0158 

Planetary cameras and step and 
repeat microfiche cameras. 
C31202 0095 

Planetary government. 

C33585 0082 

C33980 0091 

A Play for an actress, five 
actors and a television set. 
DD98366 0127 


D097515 0110 

D097881 0117 

Pioneer life in Cobb County, 
C33757 0086 

JAN. - JUN. 197f 

Plays from the Children's 
Theatre Company of 

DP98ei 0105 

DP93B5 0105 

DP988f 010'= 

DP98e7 0105 

DP9888 0105 

Plays of Hllliam Iroe. 

DU98133 012? 

Flay 'he hand you're deal*, 
featuring Ty Boyd. 
C33e73 008? 

Playwrights for tomorrow: a 
collection of plays, vol. 

DP9752 0101 

DP9753 010-' 

DP9751 010' 

Playwrights for tomorrow: a 
collection of plays, vcl. 

DP9755 0102 

DP9756 0102 

DP9757 0102 

DP9758 0102 

Please, pass -he candle. 

D097703 0111 

The Pleasure party. 

D099531 '. 015' 

Ploetz, Richard G. 

0097781 0115 

D099197 0151 

Plotnick, Harvey M. 

0098389 0128 

The Plumber wins a million. 
0099316 0118 

Plumer, Charles P. 

DD99219 0115 

Pocahontas, Powhatan's child. 
DP9795 0102 

Pocket cameras. 

C31398 0099 

Pocock, Bober* Thomas. 

C33919 0089 

Pocsi, A. R. 

0097617 0112 

Podolsky, Ronald. 

DD97666 0113 

Poe, A. Maurice. 

C33767 008f 

Poe, Edgar Allan. 

0099289 Ollf 

Poet Gallery Press. 

DP98 08 COS 

Poet! Poet! They've made you ^ 
D099115 0113 

Poet story. 

C31310 0099 

Poff, Marion 1. 

C31031 0092 

C31272 009^ 

Poggiali, Leonard. 

0099139 011° 

Poaue, Charles Edward, Jr. 
D099056 Oil? 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


JAB. - JDN. 1? 

oison gas and dreams. 
DH97351 0106 

Pole, Charles, Jr. 

The Power of concentration: Presbyterian Church in ♦><= 

interview wi<:>- Brother D.S.A. Board of Chrdsti 

Anandamoy. Education. 

Per las calles de San Juan. 03-4212 0096 B6352U0 0' 

DU98353 0127 DU99068 01«. ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ healing: Prescription for s«okin, 

Polehn, Nao„a A. Pcrrata, carmen Laura Perez-. ;^,*"''"" "''' Brother csfeoi^" 00R9 

0097651 0113 SEE Perez-Porrata, Carmen ^^^.^r.!'!: 0096 ft „" 'clrelrl' i 1^ ocu^ 

Polehn, Naoma Abbie. imaaination and c 3 3562. . . . . . 1 ^ 0087 

DU98641 0133 

Preserve, p-o^ec*-, ard defer.d. 
Polehn, Oaoma Hhisler. ^ „^,.^„. ^^^^^o ■- 0098565 0131 

SEE Polehn, Naoma Abbi 

Poleri, William. „„.„, =„„„.^ An an dlmov. "' " ^" "'° ' DU98179. 

D098U12 0128 Porter, Spence. 

C097U88 0109 

nnq7UP9 0109 The Presidents club— Teddy 

Police call. ^^^^ P0"«89 0^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ _ Eoosevelt and Harry Truma 

DD983'5 0126 DU97U90 0109 

DU97U91 0109 

Police station, written for 

arney Miller. Pcrter, HiUiam Sydney 


DU97385 '....'.. 0107 SEE Pallofa, Francis. 

D097535 0110 DU97385 o,u, =ni. r«.xo-_.,, ..=„..=. DD98a36 0129 

n~ii„t.= P^»rr-i= Portrait. Powhatan's child. 

^1^r;:ilo"aM:ancis. '"p97i2 0101 .P9795 0102 -^^„ ^"^ . -^!--!:: . . o,o. 

rs 11 -■ ppTtrait in black. Pozdro, John W. 

'°ci9;302: 0126 '"62^701 0153 D099110 01«3 '^^^1^,^::^'::^. 'IT^h 

Pollution and the public. Portrait of freedom. Poznanter, Paul. DP9B3U 0103 

'°l\l^-^9:. .......'..... 009« C3U232 0096 SEE Fhobts. Pressman, Kenneth Stephe 

Polly in the park. 

P633836 0158 

The Practical aspec-s of Dli99tt56 0150 

aking a President. 

D097933 0118 

Polovsky, Gary Bru 

C3UU03 O-iOO 

OT97861..... .:.. 0117 0097897 0117 A Pragmatic approach to the 

produc+ion of a basic tresTo. 

Pome^antz Edward. Possessed. college library research DD985U9 013^ 

±IV' ■• ^:^? ""'"" "" ?3?628 0083 Pres-on, Edward, pseud. 

D09B171 0123 

SEE Guess, Edward Presi 

A Possible new wrinkle in the 

ore Se^ae study of senescence. Prah, Violet K. ^ . , 

one, r-iiniu 0098 DP978'4 0102 Pretzels. 

SEE Ponomarov, Sergei. C3«32i4 0U9B ui'-niai DP9860 010U 

"Sn9"6i :.!!:!!!: 0115 ^^oJ^826?!:t^.^: 0125 "S^9^1u!^::.::!: 0101 -^^-----'j-^rin. 

ED98327 0126 . ^SK^!, 

Ponte, Lorenzo Da. DIJ98633 0133 

the Lord witn puppet DP98141 OiOU 

SEE Da Ponte, Lorenzo. „„,,„„_.,„ „ v. eroloaical DP9823 0103 The Prey of madness. 

DD99316 01U7 

Postoperative gynecological 
00-- bov (saaa of a sandwich) infection. 
C33725 ; 0085 C33710 0085 

- man's wife Potential and Pepcor. 

"2298...:..: 0152 C33829 0087 ^^^J^^gJ^^^; „,„, I 

ice, Huah B. , Jr. 

0314011 009- 

)or Pichard. 
OU 9 7 60 14 0112 


Price, Leonard. 

D1197918 0118 

'°™992f2!:?'. !.!!!"!:.. 011.5 D099233 01«5 ^'l'lr.^^ .:T.::T.: . 0135 The price of adm 

D0980143 0120 


The Popcorn dragon with the 

C33Bia:!! 00B7 ^^^^^^^ ^_^^ ^^^,^ ^^^ ^^^ C3397S 00^1 --« ^ .! f !:!.::::' 0106 

Pope, Cliff. powder? Premature rupture of * he ch^ Id-en. 

0"5890« 0138 00971,87 0109 llf^H^l^/^ 0086 ''d099207. !:.!"...:.. : O^K^ 

Pope, Jerald D. Pcwder Eiver suite. „ i , Prir-ks like vou we f-aaqed. 

_..'„,,., nm nriQoniin .. 0137 Prentice. Penelope Ann. Pricks use you we _.<iyyeu. 

DU99198 Om! 

D098637 0133 

Popelka, Michael A. __ Powell, Jaul Curtis. ^^^^ ^^^^^.^ advertising pro- The Priest and High John »he 

C33693 0085 OD98508 0-'30 

DP9816 :...: 0103 DC99156 01UU Prepaid advert Congu = 

Popham, Estelle L. 

C336«I4 00814 

The Prince and the pauper. 
0090 D0986145 0133 


DU9814014 0128 D097683 0113 „^„„,^„ „„ ^y,„ „,„ The Prince of Pe 


Popkin's progress. power clause. 

DD98U014 0128 0097927 , 

Popplewell, Jack. Power closes, featuring Zig 

DFO-21514 0100 Zigler. Princ= of the Nile. 

C33868 , ""'"' prince or tre niie. 

Population 31,000. 

B625669 0153 

0P9717 0101 

DUg8U6l4 0129 

ince of 

00976142 0112 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


The Princess and the jpster. 
D097516 0110 

Princess Elizabeth. 

P621156U 0153 

Prioreschi, Flinio. 

DU97539 0110 

DO975U0 OnO 

Priscllla and the dragon. 
DU9"'762 0115 

The Prisoner of Trowbridae 
D099218 0115 

Pritchard, Gloria C. 

C33695 0085 

Pritchett, Benny J. 

DU9855t 0131 


Dn995U6 0152 

Probing power plants. 

C33796 0087 

Problem pacers, level 0. 

C33769 0086 

Problem solving. 

C33625 0083 

Problem solving arts. 

C33679 008i( 

Procedure in a deliverance 

C33565 0082 

The Process. 

Dn98137 0122 

The Prodigal. 

DD99321 0117 

The Prodiaal daughter. 

DP985U.; 01014 

The Prodigal son. 

D09832U 0126 

B629073 0155 

Product knowledge, the 
salesman's ammunition. 
00978115 0116 

Professional Development, Inc 
C3U039 0092 

Professional salesmanship. 

DU97830 0116 

0097831 0116 

0U97832 0116 

0D97833 0116 

0097631 0116 

0U97835 0116 

D097837 0116 

0097838 0116 

DU978U0 0116 

00978111 0116 

Professional salesmansMp, 
course 1. 
DIJ97815 0116 

Professional salesmanship, 
course 2. 
0097816 0116 

Professional salesmanship, 
course 2, side 2. 
DU97B13 0116 

Professional salesmanship, 
course 3, side 1. 
D097811 0116 


Professional salesmanship, 
course 3, side 2. 
DU978U2 0116 

course i 


Professional salesmanship, 
course 5. 
DU97836 0116 

Professicnal salesmanship, 
course 6. 
D097828 0116 

Professicnal salesmanship, 
course 7. 
CU97826 0116 

Professional salesmanship, 
course 8. 
00 97 82 7 0116 

Professional salesmanship, 
course 9. 
0097829 0116 

Professor Georoe. 

LP9859 0101 

. 0111 

Programmed gospel puppets, nc 
CP9781 0102 

Programmed prosperity, 
featuring John Krause. 
C33877 0088 

Progressive relaxati 
C339 30 

The Project Aware pr 

SEE Prokofiev, Sergei. 

Prokofiev, Sergei. 

F628717 0155 

E628718 0155 

The Prosecution never restr, 
no. 1. 
C33926 0089 

Prospecting for selling 
01197811 0116 

Frospectina in your own back 
DD97812 0116 

Prospecting without a pick, 
featuring Hal Krause. 
C33875 0088 

Prudential Studios Corpo- 

DU98691 0131 

DU98692 0131 

0098693 0131 

0098691 0131 

0098695 0131 

0098696 0131 

The Psychology of closing on 
objections, featuring zic 
C33871 0088 

The Psychology of hearing 
C31073 009? 

The Psychopa thology of 
everyday life: a family 
0098505 0130 

Pucho, pseud. 

SEE Fernandez, Leopoldo H. 

JAN. - JON. 1971= 

The Punishment: a Bicen^enr ial 
fioh* for freedom end 
in dependence. 
0097350 COS 

The Puppeteers. 

0098618 0133 

Purcell, Margaret Barbrick. 
R625908 0153 

Purdy, James. 

OU99225 0''15 

Puritan judgement: a trial of 

D098821 0137 

The Pursued. 

F629058 0155 

Pursuit of love and beautv. 
0097527 0110 

The Pussycat stree*-. 

0099265 O'lf 

Pyle, Howard. 

0099512 Cl'^2 

Pyramid at Giza, archeology 
and physics. 
C31011 0092 

Pythagorean ma'hema'ical 

prcporticns and music of tl-e 
spheres in Richard 2nd. 
C33997 00°1 

A Quake at *he wake. 

0099081 0112 

Queen Kong. 

D098783 013f 

Queen Cargaret of Enoland. 
0099233 0115 

The Queen of Hearts. 

0099271 0116 

The Queen of niqh^. 

DU98828 \ 013^ 

Queens Botanical Garden 
Society, Inc. 
DD99160 0111 

Queers, NY, Branch, Inc., 
American Asscciaticn of 
Dniversi'-y Somen. 
SEE American Associa'-icn of 

Oniversity Scmer. 

Queens, NY, Branch, Ire. 

Quesnel, Steven- 

0098151 012? 


DD98959 OHO 

Quietly awaits the but'er-ly. 
DU97563 0111 

The Quiet room, anti-s*ress 
C33663 0081 

Ouilter, Sheila. 

0099111 0150 

Quinnell, Richard. 

0097609 0112 

Quin'us, John Allen. 

D097176 010" 

Quist, Jonathon, pseud. 

SEE Blake, William Dcrsey. 

Rabbits race and run. 

D098205 0121 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

Rabe, David w. 


„„ „,„,„ . Bamskv, A. B., pseud. Raymond, Vaun s'ein. Record keeping for persona 

°|975i::!.:: 0101 see', Jil. D099059 01U2 finance: individualized 

Raborg, Frederick A., Jr. Rand, John, pseud. 

D097793 0115 SEE Reach, James 

s*-.ruc*-ion proqraip. 

ace, J 
0099311 Olin [U993bl 

Lne, Je 

Record run. 
Randall, Edward Nickerson. II Re. R635287 0151 

si+.y of Virgini 

C339i8 '.. 0090 C3389 1 ....... 1 0089 DD98U66 0129 SEE University^of Jirginii 

Hack i 

:h, James. and Vi 

Dpgsiig '. OlOt 00981146 0129 F62'4051 0152 

"^^^ F6214052 0152 The Red Cacrpbells. 

Radia-ion Technology Programs, R and M Associates. R624053 0152 R63383U 015P 

lnc~ P'H Productions. 0097388 0107 F6211051 0152 ^ , „ 

"=• '^-" """"c^i" P6i«055 0152 Redding, Charles Henry. 

C3U328'"".'.:::!:".''.' 0098 Random. Henry, pseud. R63274<. 0158 D09930S O^U^ 

SEE o'Grady, Christopher. P6327U5 0168 

R6327U6 0158 The Red dove. 

B632717 0158 D098U76 012° 

.. 0086 R6314796 0159 

F631798 0159 Fed Emm 

Radio waves. 

DU99319 01117 

DU98666 0133 

Fagland, Larry. 

SEE Hagland, Lawrence C. 

Ragland, Lawrence C. 

DD98319 0126 

DU98299 012' 


0110 Red Fox/second hanain'. 

DU991121 on 

Reagan, Paula. 

Ti,= c,^ ,,(= Vo^nr 0097071 0109 Red pajamas. 

^„..lJr.,^' «,,» »,r,o„n^rt. -^tevp,,. DU97599 0111 0098371 012-' 

DU98910 0139 

Rah, rah, ripoff. 

DU97900 011E 


DU97lt55 0108 

DU97600 0111 

DU98U1I9 0129 

5d salad ice. 
DU97751 01 

The Red uheelba 

^ .^ ,. _ , , , „ „.= Red/ "hJ'-e, and blue in black, 
said fights back when the „,,,„.. Heal estate. C33893 0089 

C31405U 0092 


Reed, carla Blank 

Reality. DU99n8 

1,0 9lhii'.. '.."."/.".'.'. 0108 '"00973118;. .."..".. 0106 DU9711311 dOS 

Rainbow Enterprises, Inc. 
0098385 0128 

ainbow gold. 
DD98621 0132 

The Rain King's daughter. 
DU9797U 0119 

The Bain King's daughter and 
other tales from Shen of the 

DU9797U 0119 

098353 0127 Reed, Penelope. 

SEE Biehl, Penelope 

The Really portable Hamle 
D097570 C 

Reed, Fobert Wesley. 

DF97311 010^ 

eed, Yolanda Aimee. 
0P9738 0101 

Reflec'ions on Gabriel 

tality as presence. 

C33763 OOfie 

Reflections: variation 
theme of Oscar Wilde 

''d59829i!. !!"?;■. 0126 Ravel, Aviva. ''dM8070.''!" ! 0121 DU98U311. 0^2- 

The Pake's progress. 

E62705U 0151 

DU9811I5 0123 

eoan, Jo Bla 

Feoan, Joseph Edward. 
DD9733u!. .:!!!:: OIO6 F— — — = RehelHon at Rivers Bend. 631.003 0091 

all, Thomas Clifford. . , , 

0U99U81 0150 Favitch, David Alan. A Rebirth for your home 

eaan, Phil. 

Fall, Tom. 

SEE Fall, Thomas Clifford. 

Ralph Nad 

all other 

C311128 00911 Regarding Elect 

DU97790...; I.'OIIS Rawitsch, Jim. C33620 0083 

imis, Harold. 
D098066 0121 

imon and the artis*. 
DU97793 0115 

Rampant paranoia or parade. 
D099092 01112 

am-ath, Gerhard. 
DU98017 0120 

DP99211 010 = 

Regents of the Dniversity cf 

SEE Dniversity of wiscc^s'T 
Board of Regents. 

Feore- . 

00 97 6 08 112 


DO 97 37 010'' 

D098532 0131 

Rehearsal of Sherman. 

D097666 Oil' 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Rehu, Lillian n. 

0098275 0125 


DP9916 0105 

Seichert, Pic. 

0098885 0138 

Beilly, willia» J. 

DD9B303 0126 

Beiian, Joseph Alden. 

00979116 0118 

aeinhard*, nadge. 

SEE Fitter, Madge Peirhardt. 

Beinherz, LeoDa Gosoan. 

8627111 01514 

Seinier, Christopher N. 

009911111 01113 

Beis, Barbara Backlar. 

D097531 0110 

Reisfeld, Bert. 

R629370 0155 

R629371 0155 

Reiss, Eric L. 

DD98U09 0123 

Reiss, Johanna. 

0097981 0119 

Reiter, Seymour. 

00981311 0122 


00981102 0128 

Relaxation made easy. 

C33752 0086 

Release tape. 

C311353 0099 

Relief train. 

3632953 0158 

The Reluctant virgin. 

R6311737 0159 

Rembrandt is dead. 

D0971162 0109 

Remember those poker playing 
DB99369 01118 

Remetch, Al. 

SEE Bemetch, Alvin Eugene. 

Bemetch, Alvin Eugene. 

D098U05 0128 

REH Productions, a division of 
Radiation Technology 
Programs, Inc. 
SEE Radiation Technology 

Programs, Inc. EEK 


Rendezvous im all. 

0097099 0109 


DD99390 01119 

Repeal of the 20th century. 
D097662 0113 


0097373 0107 

Reports and appointments. 
0097379 0107 


Report to the Committee on 

0097720 onu 


00991117 01119 

Research Council, Buddha's 
Oniversal church. 
SEE Buddha's Oniversal 

Church, San Francisco. 

Research Council. 

Resolution and progression in 
complex and ambiguous 
C338113 0088 

Resource recovery. 

C33921 0089 


C311392 0099 


D099355 ome 

Retire to comfort. 

D098063 0121 

Return fire. 

E097790 0115 

The Return of Anastasia. 

0098590 0132 

The Return of the Crimson 
DD99073 01112 

Return of the Raavn. 

DD98616 0132 

Return to beautiful Neu 
England Dragway. 
D098701 01311 

Return to the one-room 

schoolhouse: the how's and 

why's of a multi-level 

individualized Spanish 


C3113011 0098 

A Return to the one- room 
schoolhouse: the how's and 
why's of a multi-level 
language class- 
C311301I 0098 


D098U38 0129 

0098586 0132 

The Revelation. 

0099329 01117 

Reverend Girrard, S.J. 

0U99U27 01119 

Bevesz, Te. 

SEE Revesz, Therese Ruth. 

Revesz, Therese Ruth. 

D098529 0131 

The Revised virgin. 

DU991182 0150 


DD98612 0132 


C3110011 0091 

EU98986 01110 

The Revolution as a war of 
liberation for American 

C311090 0093 


Revolution on the rocks. 

C3110011 0091 

Rewarded endeavor. 

R625092 0153 

The Reward is great. 

R629059 0155 

Rex Edwards. 

0098855 0137 

Reyes, Xavier. 

DP9923 0105 

Reynard, Gerard Kimbal. 

0097397 0107 

Reynolds, Carrie G. 

DD97822 0116 

D097823 0116 

Reynolds, Eugene. 

D09911111...1 01119 

Reynolds, Jason G. , pseud. 
SEE Reynolds, Joseph Gordon. 

Reynolds, Jonathan. 

DP9901 010! 

Reynolds, Joseph Gordon. 

D0971102 0107 

P. F. Choke, chief engineer. 
DD971159 0108 

Eh iso-immunization. 

C337117 0086 


C33956 0090 

Riccards, Michael P. 

OD991183 0150 


C3113911 0099 

Rice, Thomas 1. 

0098213 01211 

Richards, Dick. 

SEE Stine, Richard. 

Richards, Paul. 

0099377 Olue 

Richards, Stanley. 

E6243115 0152 

P627012 01511 

R628323 01 SU 

Richardson, Claibe. 

SEE Richardson, Claiborne F. 

Richardson, Claiborne F. 

00992111 cms 

Richardson, Frederick Louis, 
DU971112 0107 

Richardson, Nelson. 

0099386 ome 

Richardson, Stephen Charles. 
0097689 0113 

Richardson, Steve. 

SEE Richardson, Stephen 

Richardson, Sy. 

SEE Richardson, Sylvester J. 

Richardson, Sylvester J. 

D098879 0138 

Richard 2nd. 

C33997 0091 

JAN. - JON. 197t 

Pickards, Franklyn, pseud. 
SEE Dutch, Franklyn 

Rickert, corinne. 

R627526 01511 

Riddle, Janice L. 

D098198 01211 

Riddle, January. 

SEE Fiddle, Janice L. 

Ride, Isaac, ride. 

DD99231 01115 

Rider, Sandy. 

DU98689 013U 

Rieger, David. 

D093095 0122 

Riethof, Peter. 

DD98902 0138 

0098903 0138 

Riggs, Joe v. 

R633985 0156 

Riggs, Lee G, 

P633985 0158 

Riggs, Liston. 

C33680 008U 

Riggs, Lynn. 

R633985 0158 

Right honorable sairt. 

00 98 07 9 0121 


0098278 0125 

Pigh*- now dealer. 

C3U333 0098 

Right on, Jesus. 

DD98506 0130 

Rights and Investments, ltd. 
OFO-2150 0100 

Pights crossina. 

DO 97901 '. 118 

The Right -o choose. 

00981112 0128 

Riley, David P. 

0097390 010'' 

Riley, Drexel H. 

DU97681 0113 

Rinehart, Patricia. 

D093992 0105 

The Ring. 

DU98752 0135 

Rina down the cnr'ain. 

R633835 0158 

The Ring of Mahlalaylee. 

R630081 0156 

Rinas of Saturn. 

DD98588 0132 

Rio Blanco. 

0097389 OIOT 

The Rip-off. 

0098120 0122 

Rip Van winkle. 

DP9750 0101 

DPgeiU 0103 

DU98055 0121 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particulai- 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Bip Van Hinkle, the man who 
slept throuah the fmericar, 
DU99330 0117 

The Risinq wind. 

P632870 0158 

Ritchie, Estelle. 

C099195 01«U 

Rite of passage. 

DU98188 0123 

Fitter, radae Reinhairdt. 

DD9''lt57 0106 

Ritual: "Etotimmitote." 

DD98877 0138 

The Bitz. 

DP9869 010H 

Rivenbark, Charles L. , Sr. 
C33790 0087 

Rivera, Gary James. 

DU 99211 Oia5 

River Island corn. 

D1I98238 012H 

Rivers, lou. 

SEE Rivers, Louis. 

Rivers, louis. 

DU97575 0111 

DU99063 0112 

Riverside Humane Society (CS) 
C33791 0087 

Riverside-San Bernardino 

County Bar Association, CA. 


C33820 0087 

Roadsigns . 

DD97142B 0108 

The Road to Oz. 

DU99028 0141 

The Eoad to Funnymede. 

R633838 0158 

Roasted revolutionaries. 

0098421 0128 

Bobb, John ronald. 

B630916 0156 

Bobbins, Clive. 

DP9834 0103 

Bobbins, Curt. 

SEE Bobbins, Hilliam Curtis 

Bobbins, Norman. 

DFO-21it2 0100 

Robbins, William Curtis, Jr. 
0099086 0142 


0099189 0144 

Roberts, 3en. 

R624701 01 53 

Roberts, Beverly Jean. 

SEE Lofttom, Beverly Jean 

Roberts, Furman B. 

DD97587 0111 

Boberts, nax. 

SEE Poberts, nichael Edwin. 


SEE Rowe, Pobert Mar'in. 

Fobertson, Lanie Doualas. 

DD97786 0115 

DU99195 0144 

Ecbinette, Joseph A. 

DU98871 0138 

0096873 0138 

Bob in Hood. 

DD97364 0107 

rU97886 0117 

DU98578 01j2 

Bcbin Hood: a story of the 
DP9887 0105 

Fcbinson, Budd. 

SEE Robi 


Fcbinson, Sammie Tim. 
SEE Robinson, Sammie 

Bcbinson, Sammie Timothy. 

DU97421 0108 

DU98233 0124 

Focha Miranda, Edgard da. 
SEE Miranda, Edgard da 

DU98914 0139 

P eddy J. , pseud. 

SEE Ferdnance, Fodrigue 

Eodriguez-Badendyck, Cyn*-h: 
SEE Badendyck, cyn-hia A. 

DU98022 0120 

The Role of the library bock 
C34127 0094 

Eolf, Jim. 

SEE Folf, James W. 

A Foiling pin is but one way 
to spread dcuqh. 
C34243 '. 0096 

3ome, Douglas Derek, pseud 
SEE Empringham, Douglas 

JAN. - JDN. 197f 

Foot, Paul D. 

0098586 0132 

Foo*, P. D. 

SEE Poo*, Paul D. 

Eos, Jorae L. 

DU99034 014^ 


D097453 0108 

Posa, Dennis, pseud. 

SEE Martin, Leon Dennis. 


DB97569 0111 

Rose, Hal. 

DU98952 0139 

Pose, Ian. 

R634261 0151 

Pose, L. Arthur. 

F6 34261 01':'^ 

Rose, Philip. 

DP9879 0104 

Pose, Warren John. 

DD97583 0111 

Fosebury, Fred. 

DD99121 0-'43 

Fosen, Arthur. 

DU98777 0136 

Rosen, Artie. 

SEE Fosen, Arthur. 

Eosen, Jonathan C. 

DU97998 0120 

Fosenbera, Pe* er D. 

C3432U.' 009P 

Rosenblum, Judi*h. 

DD99273 0146 

Bosenstock, Fichard. 

D099142 0143 

Rosenthal, Ben. 

0098151 0123 

Posenzweio, Don K. 

0097552.' 0110 

Bose of Dutcher*s Coolly. 
0097569 0111 

Fosie et moi. 

0U97932 0111 

Posing, Ruth G. 

SEE'ooldsmith, Ruth G. 

Posinski, Joseph P. 

D098716 0134 

Rosier, Larry. 

0098906 0130 

Ross, Arthur C. 

0098184 0123 

Ross, Bertram. 

DD98070 0121 

Ross, Doro+hy E. 

C34305 0098 

Ross, Hal. 

SEE Foss, Harold C. 

Eoss, Harold c. 

C33828 0087 

Foss, Paul Bernard. 

DD97322 OlOf 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

aOS - SAN 

Poss, Rebecca Diane- 

DU97798 0115 

aossi, Heddy Elizabeth. 

DU9771t8 Oil"* 

Sostar.d, Edmond. 

DF2233 0100 

Roth, Jerry. 

DD98322 0137 

Rotter, Hichael H. 

DD98U02 0128 


D09756U 0111 

Roubicek, Ralph. 

D098778 0136 

fiouff, Nicholas G. 

DD98150 0123 

Sousin, Andre. 

SEE Roussin, flndre. 

Roussin, Xndre. 

E625037 0153 

Roverso, J. S. pseud. 
SEE Hakim, Seymour. 

Roving Spanish gypsies. 

0098015 0121 


SEE Bowe, Bichasl. 

Rove, lichael. 

DU99t57 0150 

Eowe, Robert Kartin. 

D097339 0106 

Roze, Christophver. 

DD99298 01«7 

Rubacher, Richard. 

D098I121 0128 

The Rubber gun show. 

DD9B196 012IJ 


DP9901 0105 

Bubbo, Kathy. 

DP9856 010« 

le Rube. 

0098809 0136 

Rubenstein, I. H. 

SEE Rubenstein, Isadore H. 

Rubenstein, Isadore H. 

DP9821 0103 

Rubin, Jeff. 

SEE Rubin, Jeffrey. 

Rubin, Jeffrey. 

0099012 01«1 

subinchik, (lax. 

DU98367 0127 

Rubino, George. 

0097363 '. 0106 


DO991U0 0113 

B628672 0155 

Budd, Enid. 

D099157 014U 

Buddy, Sharon nargaret. 

0098992 OiaO 


Budie, E. 

SEE Bernauer, Evelyn Budie 

JAN. - JON. 

Budie, Evelyn. 

SEE Bernauer, Evelyn Pudi 

Euffini, Euaene. 

D097U28 0106 

DU97790 0115 

DB992U5 Ome 

Bumpelstiltskin is a funny 
DU985ai 0131 


Ruskay, Blix, pseud. 

SEE Bresler, Esther Jane 

ssell, Begina, pseud. 

SEE Schmock, Caroline Ann. 

Safety and conservation of 
C31328 0098 

Safety and the science 
C31I36U 0099 

D099078 01U2 

Saint Germain Press, Inc. 

C33808 0087 

C33809 0087 

C33810 0087 

C33811 00B7 

C33812 0087 

C33813 0087 

C3381"t 0087 

C33815 0087 

C33816 0087 

C33817 0087 

C33960 0090 

C33961 0090 

C33962 0090 

C33963 0090 

C3396« 0090 

C3U2«5 0096 

C3lt2a6 0096 

C3U21t7 0096 

C3U2'48 0096 

C3«2lt9 0096 

ikry. Cliff P. 
SEE Sakry, Clifford Eaymond. 

Salvationist publisMng and 
Supplies, ltd. 
DF2239 0100 

Samberg, Ben. 

DP9767 0102 

DP9824 0103 

Samberq, Charles. 

DP9767 010? 

DP982H 0103 

DP9891 O'O? 

Samberg, Gerald. 

DP9767 0102 

DP982t 0103 

DP9891 0''05 

Sampson, Hyma 



Sampson's u session sel^- 
hypnosis method. 
C33653 OOBU 

Salesmanship: the professional The Sanctifi 

way, featuring Alan Cimbera. C3ii365 

C33869 0088 

D099192 01* 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


San Diego, beautiful San 
C3U085 0093 

Sandovral, Douglas. 

DD9791I7 0118 

sandoz, nari. 

Dn97UlU 0108 


D098081 0121 

San Francisco frolic. 

D099307 01U7 

The San Francisco rocku- 
C311383 0099 

Sangiuliano, Jerry. 

Dn9919U 0151 

Sangre en Neuva York. 

DU98187 0123 

Sanneh, Joann Coleman. 

0097678 0113 

Sanson, Charles Henry. 

DD98853 01 37 

0099380 OIUB 

San'a Glaus Junior. 

0097613 0112 

Santana, Robert. 

DD98090 0121 

Santaniello, A. E. 

SEE santaniello, Anthony E. 

Santaniello, Anthony E. 

DU9770« Oim 

Sarafian, Richard. 

DU9933H 0147 

Sarah of Saskatchewan. 

DP9772 0102 

Saralegui, Rrtbony. 

DU98U11 0128 


C33775 0086 

Sarkadi, Imre. 

D098026 0120 

Sarmanto, Heikki. 

D09905« 011)2 

Saturday before missionary 
D097479 0109 

The Saturday Evening Post 
Company . 

DP979lt. 0102 

DP9795 0102 

The Saturday nigh- afternoon 
wild bunch. 
D098105 0122 

Saturn's eclipse. 

D097U83 0109 

Saul, John H., 3rd. 

DU99006 01141 

Savage, f^eorge Hilton. 

DU98005 0120 

Savage, George Hilton, Jr. 
D098005 0120 

Saville, Norm. 

DU976511 0113 


Sawyer, Michael, pseud. 
SEE Schacter, Stanley. 

DU97II98 0109 

carano, S. J. 
SEE Scarano, Stephen John. 

The Scarlet letter. 

DU98680 0131 

DU99185 0104 

Schange, Onaway. 

DD97686 0113 

DU97687 0113 

Schatoff, Alia. 

DU98 571 131 

DD98978 0140 

Schisgal, Murray. 

DU98404 0128 

DU99275 0146 

Schmertz, Charles Baye. 

R632402 0157 

R632403 0157 

R632404 0157 

R632405 0157 


SEE Schmitt, Daniel Thorn 

Schmitt Music Centers. 
Schmitt Publications. 
DP9827 0103 

Schmitt Pubis 

Df Schmitt Music 

Schmock, Caroline Ann. 

Schneider, Al. 

SEE Schneider, Alfred 

Schneider, Alfred, Jr. 

, Jr. 

Schneider, Anne Kaufman, 

Schneider, Muriel. 


Schnoebelen, Corstanc:a. 

Schoenfeld, Brad Michae! 


The School bus. 

School daze. 

School for wives. 

School of prayer. 












, Di 




DD98159 0123 

JAN. - JON. 1976 

Schultz, Ronald. 

DD97850 0117 

Schulz, Larry. 

SEE Schulz, Lawrence Paul. 

Schulz, Lawrence Paul. 

D097867 0117 

Schumann, David Paul. 

DD98705 0124 

Schumann, Thomas William. 
D097389 010'' 

Schwarcz, Judith. 

0097502 010° 

DU98572 0131 

Schwar+z, Arthur. 

DD98721 0135 

Schwartz, Faye S. 

0098368 012"' 

0099359 0148 

D099360 0148 

Schwartz, Herbert. 

D099388 0148 

Schwart zenberger , Joseph 
D098476 0129 

Schwartz's Inferno. 

DU98399 0128 

Science and Research 
AESocia*es, Inc. 
C33738 0086 

Science and superstition 

versus ignorance and skill. 
C33907 0089 

Science House. 

C33839 0088 

C33R40 0C88 

Science of prayer. 

C34208 0096 

Science Research Associa+es, 

C33684 0084 

C33685 0080 

C33737 008S 

C33945 0090 

C30180 009"^ 

C34181 0095 

C34ie2 0095 

C34183 0095 

C34188 0095 

DU98500... 0130 

Scifo, Baryarace. 

DU98500 0130 

Scooter, Maxine and Stanley 

DU99079 014: 

Scorza, Philip A. 

DU97384 010^ 

Scotch-Plaid Productions, Inc. 
P098391 0128 

Scott, Ed. 

DU97317 OlOf 

Sco't, Franklvn. 

DD98571 013' 

DU98978 0140 

Scott, Leioh+on P., Jr. 

C33997..r 0091 


DD99354 0148 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



Screv drive. 

009935" oiue 

Script for Valley Forge tour, 
C33762 0066 

Sea Beach Express. 

0097317 0106 

The Seacat's piecemeal papers 
0098520 0130 


0099003 0119 

The Sealed universe. 

0098872 0138 

Seales, Esther I. 

0099256 0106 

A Sea of white horses. 

DU9951U 0151 

The Search for the right 
0098829 0137 

Searching for love, 

0098139 0122 

Searles, Bucky. 

SEE Searles, Frederick A. 

Searles, Frederick A. 

009892H 0139 

A Season in the seraglio. 
D098273 0125 

Season of change. 

0097729 0110 

Season of persuasion. 

DD991167 0150 

Seawright, Joseph L. 

0098966 0100 

The Second beginning. 

0098755 0135 

The Second biggest tipper in 
the world, 

0098515 0130 

0099107 0103 

A Second bite on the cherry. 
D099212 0105 

Second blooming, 

D098173 0123 

Second chance, 

DO98011 0120 

Second coining. 

0097889 0117 

Second dawn. 

0098803 0136 

The Second frontier. 

D098083 0130 

Second reckoning: Bridge game 
D099288 0106 

The Secret message for 
0P9800 0103 

The Secret message spies. 
0P9796 0103 

The Secret of circun terruB. 
0099062 0102 

The Secret of Pat Pending. 
R6200U7 0152 


C33619 0083 

Security check. 

DD98626 0133 

The Seeds of hate. 

D098670 0133 

Seeing the South central 
C33751 0086 

Seeing the Soviet Union. 

C33803 0087 

Seeing the OSA and overseas. 
B632003 0157 


DP9917 0105 

DP9918 0105 

See you later. 

D098817 0137 

Segal, linda, 

SEE Siegel, linda. 

Segal, Eagle, Hedeco, Max, 
0098000 0120 

Seifert, Dawn D, 

0098260 0125 

Seifert, Linda. 

B630279 0156 

F630280 0156 

F630281 0156 

F63028 2 0156 

F630283 0156 

E630280 0156 

E630285 0156 

R6302e6 0156 

E630287 0156 

F630288 0156 

E630289 0156 

F:630290 0156 

E630291 0156 

E630292 0156 

E631233 0156 

F631262 0156 

B632093 0157 

E632090 0157 

F632953 0158 

F633120 0158 

E633121 0158 

E633122 0158 

E630032 0158 

F630063 0159 

R630617 0159 

R635287 0159 

Seitz, Charles H. 

DP9881 0105 

Self-Sealization Fellowship. 

C300 19 0091 

C30206 0095 

C30207 0095 

C3O208 0096 

C30209 0096 

C30210 0096 

C30211 0096 

C30212 0096 

C30213 0096 

C30210 0096 

C30215 0096 

C30216 0096 

C30217 0096 

Sellers, Robert S, 

DU97331 0106 

Selling business systems. 
C30379 0099 

selling by mall order made 
C33970 0090 

Sell is a four letter word, 
like love. 
C33705 0085 

Selman , Matthew Jay. 

0098952 0139 

Selman, Hatty. 

SEE Selman, Matthew Jay, 

seltzer, Richard. 

DD97901 0118 

The Seminarian. 

D09733U 010R 

DU99190 0100 

Seminar: Motivation. 

C30262 0097 

Semlvan, John Michael. 

0097359 0106 

La Senatrice. 

DD97317 0106 

Send me word of all our 
0P9872 0100 

Senior, Edward. 

DD98596 0132 

Seno J,, Trebla, pseud, 
SEE Jones, Albert. 

Senor Wences. 

D098223 0120 

The Sense that sells. 

D097800 0116 

Sentence comprehension. 

C3360e 0080 

C33951 0090 

Sentence to life. 

D098797 0136 


DP9807 0100 

DD98295 0126 


D098260 0125 

Septant, June. 

C30353 0099 

Serafini Associates, Inc. 
OD98780 0136 

Sergei, Christopher. 

P633989 0158 

A Serious undertakina. 

0098851 0137 

Serlen, Bruce. 

D098503 0130 

0098826 0137 

DU99176 0100 

DU99209 0105 

DO99500 0151 

The Sermon to surmount, 

C30202 0096 

Serrano, Nina. 

0099377 0108 

The Sesame Street/Electric 
Company reading kits. 
C33608 0080 

The Session. 

0097866 0117 

0099356 0108 

Setlech, Linda. 

D098392 0128 

Set of entries. 

OU98072 0121 

Set the good example. 

DP9736 0101 

Sevcik, John. 

0098608 013? 

Seven, Marilyn. 

D099527 0151 

The Seven month sleae of 
DD99220 0105 

SeventeeTl seventy sex! 

0098671 0133 

Seventh floor! sixth floor. 
DU98985 OIOO 

The Seventh son, 

D099380 010P 

Seven trumpet songs, 

DP9737 0101 

Sex and the older woman, 

C33900 0089 

Sex and <-he teenaaer. 

C33900 0089 

Sex clinic. 

D098601 0132 

Sex counseling in the office: 
handling charging attitudes 
of "*he new woman," 
C33898 0089 

Sex counseling in the office: 
handlino common patient 
C33899 0089 

Sexism: attitudes and 
alternat Ives. 
C33683 OOeu 

The Sexorcist, 

0097002 010^ 

Seymour, Evan, 

D099080 0150 

The S,F, machine. 

0098670 0130 

Shachtman, Thomas R, 

D097307 0106 

Shachtman, Tom, 

SEE Shachtman, Thomas B, 

Shackford, Charles B, 

C33803 0088 

Shade of "-he pillar, 

0098397 0128 

The Shadow, 

B623218 0152 

B623222 0152 

E623223 0152 

R623220 0152 

R625661 0153 

B625662 0153 

R625663 0153 

F625666 0153 

R625667 0153 

B625668 0153 

B62709e 0150 

E627100 0150 

P627101 0150 

B630071 0155 

R630072 0155 

F630075 0156 

P630076 0156 

F630080 0156 

P630081 0156 

R632009 0157 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

SHA - SIl 

The Shadow, (con. ) 

R632151I 0157 

S632U55 0157 

Shafer, Poxanne. 

DU99171 OIUU 

Shaffer, nary K. 

C336511 008U 

Shafran, Bella. 

DU97927 0118 

Shafran, 3etta. 

SEE Shafran, Bella. 

The Shaft of love. 

D1J99295 0117 

Shagan, Stephen H. 

Dn99280 0116 

Shagan, Steve. 

SEE Shagan, Stephen H. 

Shahan, Harvey. 

DU99022 OlUl 

Shakespeare, Killiam. 

DU97570 0111 

DU98186 0123 

DU98U5a 0129 

D099233 01145 

DD99230 Olas 

A Shaky Sharqri-La. 

0099533 0151 

Shallcross, John Post. 

DU98627 0133 

Shamberg, nichael. 

DD98066 0121 

Shane, Pichard Lee. 

DU97771 0115 

Shanks, F?x. 

DP9823 0103, Kathryn. 

D097915 0118 

Shapiro, Barry. 

DD97517 0110 

Shapiro, Norman Richard. 

DU97892 01 17 

Share, flari. 

DD97II23 0108 

Sharf, James c. 

C33738 0086 

Sharkey, Jack. 

DP97«2 0101 

D097702 011U 

DD97965 0119 

Sharkey, Joe. 

SEE Sharkey, Joseph E. 

Sharkev, Joseph E. 

DU97627 0112 

Sharp, George. 

DP9807 0103 

Shaw, Barnett. 

DP9739 0101 

Shaw, George Bernard. 

0098060 0121 

DU99336 0m7 

Shaw, James B. 

0098871 0138 

DD98873 0138 

Shaw, J. P. 

SEE Shaw, Jaues P. 


Shaw, Kenneth L. 

DU98636 0133 

DU99008 Olal 

01199009 OlKl Sherlock Holme 

Shau, Richard. 00971198 

Shayon, Robert. 

E63U226 0159 

F63i)228 0159 

hayon, Robert Lewis. 

F628288 OIS^ 

E628625 OlSt 

P628626 0154 

R628627 0151 

Fe28630 0154 

F631849 0157 

F631850 0157 

Shelley, Hary Hollstc 

01 1 1 

In Scandal in 

Sherlock Holmes in The 
Adventure of the dyina 
DP9lt93 0101 

Sherman, Claire M. 

Sherman, Larry. 

Sherman, Nathan. 

She rock. 

Sherwood, Madeline. 
E631 1*45 

Sherwood, Robert Emn 



She's a lady. 


She uas a Hessian's 
(but they called !• 
DO 9 8 70 5 



She was so good she 
dropped a stitch. 

She went that way. 



Shingler, Billiam G. 


, , Jr. 

Shining princess of the 
slender bamboo. 
DU98579 0132 

hiras, Frank. 



JAN. - JDN. 197f 

The Shortcut. 

DU97748 0114 

0099284 0^46 

Shortcut to Cheyenne. 

DU976S6 0113 

Shostakovich, Cmi'ri. 

0F2241 0100 

Showalter, Max. 

F627832 01=4 

Showdown a* the Blue noon 
DIJ99122 0143 

Showdown wi-h Charles Karsc. 
D098421 012P 

Showmanship in sellina. 

D097827 Ollf 


DU99006 0141 

Shuey, G. Kenne'h. 

D099367 0148 

Shuey, Ken. 

SEE Shuey, G. Kenne-h. 

Shull, Barren Euoere. 

DD99299 '. 0147 

Shurtleff, Michael. 

DB98667 0133 

DU99333 014" 


DP9783 010? 

Sibley, Robert F. 

D097586 01 11 

The Sickle cell affair. 

DU9831 9 0126 

Si eg el. Jack. 

0099212 0145 

Siegel, Linda. 

DU97403 010^ 

0D98525 0'30 

Sielaff, Frnst. 

C33707 0085 

The Signing of the Maana 
R631849 0157 

Sik-Sik, the maaician. 

DU98550 0131 

Silber, John R. 

C33a06 0087 

Silence Is qolden. 

0098752 0135 

The Silly chick. 

R631570 0156 

Silva, Mrs. Edward J. 
SEE Silva, nary Isabel 

Silva, Bary Isabel Euchanar. 
0P98 13 0103 

Silver , Aaron Henry. 

C33949 0090 

Silver, Andrew. 

DU99403 0149 

Silver Queen. 

DP9790 0102 

Silver Oueen Saloon. 

0P9790 0102 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


The Silver spoon. 

ra98739 0135 

Sianonds, Pae Nichols. 

DP9732 0101 

Simmons, Reagie Leigh. 

C33909...; 0089 

C33910 0089 

Simoneau, Jean-Claude. 

0099513 0151 

Simon the stylite. 

DD98026 0120 

Simple devotion to Christ. 
C33886 0089 

Simple solutions. 

0099181 0150 

Simpson, Evan John. 

F62e669 015H 

Simpson, Fredrick Douglas. 
DD97U51 0108 

Simpson, Thomas. 

DP9781 0102 

DP9783 0102 


DU99056 01U2 

Sincerely yours, literally 
DU98777 0136 

Sing along with organ songs. 
B632lt02 0157 

Singer, Isaac Bashevis. 

DU97636 0112 

Singer, Fachel. 

DH9913e 0143 

Singer to the lute. 

DD97368 0107 

Singleton, Jacqui. 

SEE singleton, Jacgulyn 

Singleton, Jacqulyn Benita. 
D099U30 0119 

Singleton, Susanne. 

Da99lt7it 0150 

sing "Melancholy baby!" 

DD97952 0119 

Sing out loud, America. 

DP9765 0102 

Sin, sex and shuf fleboard. 
DD98191 0123 

Sister Hope and Brother Love. 
D097990 0119 

Sister Pete is having a hard 
DD98029 0120 


0098891 0138 

Sisyphus in Brooklyn. 

P631502 0159 

The Sit-up S6t-up. 

D099209 0115 

Sive, Eugene B., Jr. 

DU9B086 0121 

Six characters in search of an 
D098218 0121 


E631853 0157 

Sjoholm, Mildred. 

SEE LaRochelle, Mildred 

Skelley, Jack. 

SEE Skelley, John Hampton. 


;klar, Michael. 

E628627 0151 

R62e630 0151 

E631815 0156 

R631816 0156 

P631226 0159 



Sky Bitch Music Publishing 
00 96 07 0121 


SEE Slattery, Matthew 
Thomas, 3rd. 

Sleeping Beauty. 

DP98e8 0105 

DU98312 0126 

1)629161 0155 

A Small problem of iden- 
DU97693 on; 

Smith, Earl Hobson. 

P621511 0153 

R621512 0153 

P621513 0153 

Smith, Gary. 

SEE Smith, B. Gary. 

Smi'h, M. P. 

SEE Smith, Margaret Pauli 

Smith, M. P. M. 

SEE Soii':h, Margaret Pauline 

mith, Timothy Lewis. 

C33568 O082 

C33569 0082 

C31011 0091 

JAN. - JDH. 197' 

C3U016 0091 

C31017 0091 

C31018 009' 

C3U3U3 0098 

Smith, welton. 

D098077 0121 

Smith, w. Gary. 

DP9ei7 0103 

Smith, William f. 

DP9801 0103 

Smi+hem, Mario Per. 

DU97862 011^ 

Smolinski, Michael. 

DO 99 010 OH' 

Smyrl, David Lanoston. 

C33633 0083 

SnadoHsky, Stanley. 

0099213 0116 


DD98165 0129 

Snapp, Orville, pseud. 
SEE Eraun, Wilbur. 


D099312 0118 

Snickers — stamps out sreaky 
munchie crunchies. 
DU97783 011'^ 

Snider, Lee. 

DP9750 0101 

DP9811 0103 

Snow, C. P. 

DFO-2155 0100 

The Snowman of Kashmir. 

DFO-2116 0100 

The Snow Queen. 

R631855 0157 

Snow white. 

DH97675 0113 

D098311 Ol2f 

Snow-white and the Sever 
D099131 011° 

Snow White and the seven 
Kappas of Japan. 
D097571 0111 

Snyder, Alan Howard. 

0097629 0112 

DO98093 0122 

Snyder, Philip M., Jr. 

D098235 0121 

Snyder, Bober'- M. 

D098235 0^21 

Snyder, Steven Clark. 

C33823 008- 

Sobieski, Eeverlv. 

0097569 0111 

Social action in one-act 
DP9866 0101 

Socialization of Officer T. T. 
Macauire, 1969-1975. 
D098951 0139 

The Social organization of f"" 
vocal group. 
C33755 008f 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information ahoiit any additional records that may exist. 


Social security made simple. 

caaTsu 0087 

The Society to Protect the 
Dnited States from the 
Communist renace. 
D099lttt2 0150 

Soffer, Benson. 

DU97931 0118 

Soft-sided luggage. 

C3«293 0097 

The Soft touch. 

DP9860 01014 

So great a king. 

0097785 0115 

So hard to change. 

0096620 0132 

El Solar. 

0099031 0111 

Solar cells. 

C33670 0081 

Solar circus. 

DD98811 0136 

The Solar system. 

C33601 0083 

Solberg, Sunard D. 

0098515 0131 

The Soldi=r. 

DP9718 0101 

Soledad, pseud. 

SEE Barretto, Belanie. 

The Solitary soldier. 

DD97912 0118 

Soljourney into truth. 

DD97722 0111 

Solomon, Charlene. 

C33713 0086 

C33719 0086 

Solomon, Frank. 

C31010 0091 

C31015 0091 

Solomon, Ron. 

SEE Solomon, Ponald E. 

Solomon, Ponald E. 

DP9863 0101 

Solomon Grant returns to 
D098175 0123 

Solzhenitsyn, Alexander 
C31388 0099 

C33912 0090 

Somerfeld, Pobert. 

D098559 0131 

Something better down the 
D099293 0116 

Something black: eternal drum 
and river of wax. 
D09B180 0123 

Something else. 

C31280 0097 

Somethina lost. 

DU97328 0106 


Scmkin, Ste 
DO 97 93 5. . 
DD97952. . 

cmmers, Linda, pseud. 
SEE Zarchi, Beir. 

Seng of songs. 

PP9el1 0103 

DU98313 0126 


E629105 0155 

E635063 0159 

T'^e Sorcerer's apprentice. 

DD97953 0119 

D098181 0123 

Scrry, you don't look like a 
DP9837 0103 


,. . 0125 

Scul of the Devil. 

. . . 0115 

Scuth Pacific. 

Scuthwest of Eden. 

The Sower sings, the 

... 0129 

Eoyfer, Ji 


01 06 


in my kitchen 


The Space 



, William. 


Die Spanische litera'-ur des 
zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts. 
C33707 0085 

Spanish computapes, lessons 
C31183 0095 

Spanish computapes, lessons 
C31181 0095 

Spanish computapes, lessons 
C31180 0095 

Spanish computapes, lessons 
C31182 0095 

Speaking for Ameri 

Speaking of person-oriented 
C31168 0095 

Speak to me softly, like the 

D098851 0137 

Spears, Doug. 

0097611 0112 

DU98809 0136 


Speech and language problems 
of neurologically impaired 
C31317 0098 

= 11. 

DP9751 0101 

JAN. - JON. 1976 

Spewack, Bella. 

R628993 0155 

Spewack, Samuel. 

R628993 0155 

Spider over the fire. 

0097625 0112 

Spiller, Burton. 

D099257 0116 


DF2239 0100 

The Spirit is upcn us. 

0097922 OllP 

The Spiri' is willino. 

P632715 0158 

The Spirit of "56. 

0U98622 0132 

The Spirits of '56. 

D098556 0131 

The Spirits of '76. 

C31187 0095 

Spirits "76. 

C31057 0092 

Spiritual Counterfeits 
Projec*-, Inc. 
C31060 0092 

A Spiritual rock incident. 
D097575 0111 

Spii-zer, Cordelia. 

DP9770 0102 

Spitzer, Hurray. 

DP9793 0102 

0097795 OIT^ 

Spivey, Tom. 

0097719 0110 

The Spoiled affair. 

0099131 0113 

Sponsler, Linda. 

C31257 0097 


DU97391 0107 

Sporty lady. 

C31233 009f 

Sposet, Barbara. 

C31301 0098 

Sprague, Elva Stcddard. 

D097567 0111 

Springer, Abraham Leon. 

DD97636 0112 

Sprinoer, Wal*er. 

D098262 0125 

DU99151 0150 

The Springers. 

DU98517 0131 

Spring in September. 

DU98937 013« 

Spruna, Guy. 

DE2235 0100 


D099112 0150 

The Square root of two. 

D098205 0120 

Squeaky shoes. 

D098988 0110 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


The Squirrel's tale. 

DU99055 01U2 

SRA Listening Language 
C33685 0081 

SBA listening language 
laboratory, 1R. 
C3U188 0095 

SPA metric aeasureiDent 

program: intermediate tape 


C3368U 008U 

SPA metric measurement 
program, primary tape 
C339«5 0090 

Stadd, Arlene. 

DD9907U 01142 

Stadd, Leonard. 

DD995«1 0151 

Staff development, SDI-1. 
C314161 009U 

Staff development, SDI-2. 
C311157 0090 

Staff development, SDI- 3. 
C3m58 00914 

Staff development, SDI-5. 
0344155 00944 

Staff development, SDI-8. 
C3441 59 00914 

Staff development, SD J-10. 
C314160 00914 

Staff development, SD J-11. 
C3141514 00911 

Stafford, Clifford L. 

00 9 902 01111 

Stafford, Jim. 

C3110140 0092 

Stafree Publishing Company. 
C3U038 0092 

Stage blood. 

D099226 01115 


DD98383 0127 

Stahl, Rich. 

SEE Stahl, Kichard. 

Stahl, Richard. 

D099367 01148 

Staley, Baiter 1. 

0099227 01145 

Stamps: commemorating a 
century of expositions. 
C33765 0086 

Stand-off at Beaver and Pine. 
DIJ9768I4 0113 

Stanek, Puth Messman. 

DP9839 0103 

Stanke, Alan. 

D099«a8 0150 

Staples, Tom. 

D099506 0151 

The Starbeam terror. 

DD97676 0113 


Stembridge, Rank. 

SEE Stembridge, Henry. 

The Starlight wanderer, 
episode no. 1-3. 
D0974420 0108 

The Starlight wanderer, 
episodes no. i4-6. 
D09791414 0118 

Starsky and Rutch. 

DU97910 0118 

01)98699 01314 

DU98758 0135 

A Star spangled salute to 
Perry County. 
DP97146 0101 

-eckler, Greg. 
SEE Steckler, Gregory 

'eel, John L. 

D098728 0135 

DD98729 0135 

Steelsmith, (lary. 

DU98113 0122 

DU99I472 0150 

Stephens, Lele. 

SEE Stephens, Eileen n. 

Sferling, Pobert T. 

D0971497 0109 

DD98933 0139 

Stern, Harold. 

DD981401 0128 

D098878 0138 

tern, Hershel, pseud. 
SEE Stern, Harold. 

tevenson, Robert Louis. 

D097670 0113 

0098613 0132 

DD99222 01145 

Steinkellner, Hans Frank. 

D097596 0111 

D097653 0113 

JAN. - JON. 1976 

stilson, Balcolm H. 

DU99035 OIUI 

S'ine, Richard. 

D097I430 0108 

A sti'ch in -ime. 

0098881 0138 

The Stock clerk. 

C33583 OC: 

Stockham, Linda J. 

D098828 013^ 

Stoddard, Elva. 

SEE Sprague, Elva Stoddard. 

Stoker, Eram. 

DP9731 0101 

DD98307 012' 

Stoker, Jacqueline. 

DFO-2159 0100 

Stolzer, Alan. 

D099207 oms 

Stone, Carl. 

D097700 onu 

Stone, David. 

DD99213 01145 

Stone, Doug. 

SEE S»one, Douglas E. 

Stone, Douglas E. 

DD97896 0117 

S'one and Webster Banaaeme'* 
Consultants, Inc. 
C337611 0086 

Stoner, Joyce Hill. 

DP9e76 01014 

DP9877 01014 

Stoner Arts, Ire. 

DP9876 OIQH 


D097970 011° 

The Stoop, 1976. 

D098932 O'S" 

Stoppard, Tom. 

DP9922 010' 

Stop smoking the magic way ty 
subliminal perception. 
C3U267 009'' 

S^-orace, John. 

D0986U8 0'33 

C3362l4..r .'.. OOP? 

Store management program: ca s*- 
control course. 
C33616 0083 

Store management program: 
leadership course, unit A. 
C33610 0083 

Store management program: 
leadership course, unit B. 
C33615 0083 

Store management program: 
leadership course, unit C. 
C33627.. 008' 

Store management program: 
leadership course, uni* D. 
C33626 003? 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that mav exist. 


Store management program: 
leadership course, unit E. 
C33625 0083 

Store management program: loss 

C33619 0083 

Store management program: loss 
control course, uni- C. 
C3361S 0083 

Store management program: 
merchandising course, unit 
C33611 0083 

Store management program; 
merchandising course, unit 
C33623 0083 

Store managemen* program: 
merchandising course, unit 
C33622 0083 

Store management program; 

C33617 0083 

Store management program: 

store administration course, 

unit A- 

C33621 0083 

Store mar.aoement program: 

store administration coarse, 

unit C. 

C33620 0083 

The StorerooBi. 

DU989U0 0139 

Stories of America, from 
discovery to revolution- 
DD99120 01U3 

Stories of unsung American 
heroes (who dedicated their 
lives '0 life) 
C33652 0081 

The Storm. 

8631418 0156 

Story, Fugenia Macer. 

0097549 0110 

Story comprehension. 

C33958 0090 

The Story of a critDe. 

D098038 0120 

The Story of Ethel and Julius 
D099377 0118 

4 Story of Gracie and Joe. 
DD98517 0130 

The Story of Eachael. 

DU97697 0113 

The Story of 7 dwarfs and hov 
they saved Snou Hhite. 
D099290 0146 

The Storyteller of Gotham. 
0097852 0117 

Stosny, Steve. 

D097756 0115 

Stotts, Donald H. 

0097926 0118 

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. 

DD98944 0139 


Strange lands, strange life. 


Stranger i 

n my hoi 



trangle me. 
DU 97532... 

trapp, Mark 






he Stratas 

of our sphe 


ichard Alan 











Vera De 






on the 




-e Strauhat 

ters. ca 




SEE Stravi 

-e Stray. 

nsky, Icor. 


streak, Subv 
SEE Wender 

Street city. 

, pseud. 
, nary i 


treet crazi 



treeter, Lo 

yst Eict 


Street peopl 








nn9fl72n- .. 


strip trip. 


'rivelli, J 




from, B. 
SEE Strom, 

'rom. Sober 

t Vincei 


The Strong a 
D097333. .. 

nd the eice 


Studstrup, B. 1. 

SEE Studstrup, Bradley Kent. 

Studstrup, Bradley Kent. 

The Study with narl 

k Leg. 


S'uenkel, Hargueri- 


The Stuffed shirt. 

Stumbling blocks. 

Subaru wagon. 


Subconscious feel i 
self -hypnosis. 



Subway token to Ve: 

The Success! 

1st lessor. 


2nd lessor. 



Success guaranteed institute, 
3rd lesson. 
C33588 0082 

4th lesson. 

C33589 0082 

Suchor, Gregc 


DO 9 8 84 6 

Sullivan, Alice Johnston. 

0097481 0109 

OD98893 0138 

D098894 0138 

JAN. - JDN. 19''6 

Sullivan, Alix, pseud. 
SEE Sullivan, Alice 

Sullivan, Frederick G., Jr. 
OU97607 oil? 

Sullivan, Fred G. 

SEE Sullivan, Frederick r.. , 

Sullivan, James P. 

DU98114 0122 

Sullivan, Joseph. 

0097547 1 0110 

D098618 0132 

Sullivan, liam. 

DU99060 0142 

Sul-anik, Aaron. 

C34261 009'' 

Sulyn Publishinc Company. 
C34038 '. 0093 

Summer and smoke. 

E626008 0^53 

Summer lode. 

0097734 0114 

Summers, Kurt. 

C34067 00O2 

Summer sabbath. 

D098068 0121 

iedia trills. 

C33983 00«1 

Summertime spectacular. 

0098316 0126 

Sumner, Joan Ann. 

0098504 0130 

0B99459 0^50 

The Sun. 

C33604 0083 

The Sun and climate. 

C34024 0092 

Sund, Bobert B. 

C33798 008-' 


DD98385 0128 

Sunday mornino at the Allen's. 
009''983 0119 

Sunday with Joy. 

0098719 0135 

Sundaaard, Arnold. 

0098568 Oi-' 


0D99484 CSO 

The Sun eaters. 

0098987 0140 

Sanflake, Dotty, pseud. 
SEE Cash, Dorc'hy n. 

Sunn y. 

0098843 013^ 

The Sunnyville clown. 

C33856 0088 

Sunshine, S-even. 

0098190 0123 

Sunshine, mocnbeam. 

0098512 0130 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

SON - T»X 

"SunshiTie" the happy-go-lucky 
sea otter- 
DD99086 01112 

Sun t*irough a bird's wing. 
D098088 0121 

A Superheavy storv. 

C3ltn8 00914 

super visior.. 

0098066 0121 

Supplenent to Cook's voyage. 
Da99iai 01113 

Sure banker. 

D098388 0128 

Sure or any deodorant product. 
C34316 0098 

The Surface equilibrium with 
cannot be achieved without 
CD99115 0103 

Surprise package. 

DFO-21U6 0100 


DU981177 0129 

Susie the siren. 

E633988 0158 

Sutherland, Lawrence Cavan. 
DD983lt9 0127 

Sutton, Jacqueline F. 

D098270 0125 

Sutton, Suzy. 

SEE Kaufman, Suzanne S. 

Sutton, Thomas, pseud. 
SEE Peach, James. 

Suzuki, '''okuro. 

C31131I8 0098 

Svensen, Sunja. 

Swabey, Daphne. 

D098802 0136 


D099361 Oils 

Swan, Pick. 

SEE Swan, Eicky Lee. 

Swan, Ficky Lee. 

D097376 0107 

Swansen, Larry. 

D098068 0121 

Swanson, Sloise. 

DU98U79 0129 

Swanson, John. 

DU98U79 0129 

Swarthout, Susan. 

DD98790 0136 

Sweat and sauerkraut. 

D098656 0133 

Swedarsky, Shel. 

SEE Swedarsky, Sheldon 

Swedarsky, Sheldon Robert. 
Da9800U 0120 

Sweden shoes. 

DP9720 0101 


DP9772 0102 

DO 99 267 014 6 

Sweet liherty with Betsy Rose 
DD98881 0138 

Taft, Donald R. 

C33708 0085 

C31t059 0092 

DU9811I9 0123 

DU97719 Oim 

Symbrinck Associates, Inc. 

DU97 691 0113 

D097692 0113 

Das Systemelemen t (lensch und 
seine Integration in die 
C33586 0082 

Take your protest to Gillespie 
DD98212 0120 

The Taking of Joan in cell 
block 3. 
DD97012 0107 

Tale of the Alaskan gold 


0098015 0128 

The Tales of nylantia. 

DD97696 0113 

0097697 0113 

Talking out of "-he close* 
C33550 0082 

JAN. - JON. 197f 

Talmadge, nildred Barnes. 
0098899 013P 

Talmaoe, Clyde. 

0098138 0122 

Talmi, Akiva. 

0097000 0108 

The Taming of Toad. 

OU98906 0139 

Tamraz, clement >.. 

0098959 0100 

Tangiers, Winston, pseud. 
SEE Tong, Winston. 

A Tangled web we weave? 

0099037 0101 

Tannerbaum, Jack. 

DU99517 0151 

Tanner, Charles n. 

DP9875 0100 

Tanz, Eugene Robert. 

C33629 OOP' 

C33630 008? 

C33631 OOR' 

C33632 0093 

Tapes for Gregg shorthand for 
colleaes, speed buildinc, 
DJS. ' 
C336110 0080 

Target usage. 

C33767..." 008'^ 

Tarheel tales theatre. 

0099031 0101 

Tarlo, Luna. 

0097033 010O 

Tars from Tripoli. 

0098863 0T3I> 

Tasca, Jules E. 

0P9778 0102 

A Taste of the Bio Apple. 
D098350 1 012^ 

Tas»ing time. 

0098807 013" 

Ta*ania Golikova is real. 
0098793 013f 

Tate, Eober* E. 

0097095 010" 

0097992 01'° 

0098383 012"" 

Tate, Roy. 

C3O006 00°' 

The Taurus. 

DP°759 0102 


C33935 0090 

Tax-Sheltered investment-real 
C33903 0089 

Tax-Sheltered investments-o^ 1 
and oas-ca**le feedirn. 
C33962 '0089 

Tax-sheltered invest merts-r^a' 
C33903 0089 

Tax shelters quarterly 
including real estate 
transact ions. 
C33e90 00»9 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Tax views, December 1975 - 
January 1976. 
C3U070 0092 

Taylor, Snnie N . 

DU99513 0151 

Taylor, Clarence Luther. 

DP97149 0101 

Taylor, Jerry D. 

C311225 0096 

Taylor, Samuel. 

D098197 0121 

Taylor, Sydney. 

Da99UU3 0150 

Taylor, Ted. 

DU97508 0110 

Taylor-Evans, Esther. 

DD9798« 0119 

Tcimpidis, Carol B. 

DD982511 0125 

Tcimpidis, David. 

DU9825U 0125 

Tea and dystrophy. 

DU99U90 0150 

Tea'ro de los Barrios. 

DD9U713 0105 


DU99158 OlUlt 

Technical Educational Films, 
C33855 0088 

Teeple, Dorothy B. 

DP9736 0101 

Teeple, Dorrie. 

SEE Teeple, Dorothy B. 

Teer, Barbara Ann. 

Dn97722 oim 

Tegelberg, Laurie. 

D098575 0131 

Teicher, Rov. 

D0991'»2 0113 

Teiresias 2. 

DU98lt58 0129 

Teja, Edward E. 

DU97613 01 12 

Telephone answering devices. 
C3il'l05 0100 

The Telephone book. 

D098690 013« 

Telephone input. 

C33561 0082 

Teletronix Information 

Systems, division of Onited 

Becording Electronics 


SEE Onited Becording 

Electronics Industries. 

Teletronix Information 

5y stems. 

Television Corporation of 
DU98530 0131 

Tel-law, a joint activity of 
the Siverside-San Bernardinc 
County Bar Association. 


SEE Riverside-San Bernardino 
County Bar Association, 
CA. Tel-Law. 

Tel-Pet, an activity of the 
Riverside Humane Society. 
SEE Riverside Humane Society 
(CA) Tel-Pet. 

en episodes of the American 

C3U263 0097 

DU98067 0121 

DU98390 0128 

D0981408 0128 

DU98523 0130 

erritory organization and 
DU97838 0116 

erry, Megan, pseud. 
SEE Duffy, Bargaret. 

Tess of the D'Urberv: 


The Test. 

Teton, John. 

Texture paints. 


Thalamus Communicatii 



.. . 0141 

Theatre and cinematic Arts 
Department, Brigham Young 

SEE Brigham Youno Uni- 
versity, Provo, UT. 
Theatre and Cinematic 

heissen (Brad) Productions, 
C33566 0082 

There is talk. 

DU993HU 0108 

There's a funny thing about 
DU98'455 0129 





hese wer 

our Preside 

They came from the planet 
DU98ltU3 0129 

JAN. - JON. 197 

They chose America; con- 
versations with immigrants. 
C3U023 00O2 

•'hey fell for it. 

DU971189 010" 

They just don't understand me 
Dn976U9 0112 

Thibault, Jacques Anatole 
DU988UU 0137 

The Thickest plot. 

DU98605 013? 

Thinos are not always wv-a' 
*hey seem. 
DP9785 0102 

Think about i "■ ! 

C31I330 0098 

Think like a •■ree. 

DU97725 011U 

The Third annual paoean' of 
DU9760fi 0112 

Third pyramid or *l-e le":. 
DF9889 O'O'^ 

Third reckoning: Ordeal. 

DD99288 0m6 

The Third temple. 

DD986147 0133 

The Thirteen Colonies adop* 
the Declara*ion of 
DD98067 0121 

Thirty pieces of silver. 

DP972U 0101 

This business called marr'aae 
C31H71 00O5 

This glorious cause. 

DP9828 010? 

This is i* . 

D097781 0115 

This is my commandmen'- . 

E629072 0155 

This is 0.7. A. 

C33862 0088 

This land, my land. 

0098031 0120 

This strange intelligence. 
C311010 0091 

This strange niaht. 

R633986 0158 

Thomas, Connie. 

DP9861 0100 

Thomas, Diane Coulter. 

DD97916 0118 

Thomas, Helen. 

SEE Van Camper, Helen 

Thomas, James. 

SEE Thomas, Wilbur James. 

Thomas, Joyce Carol. 

DU98180 0123 

Thomas, Lacy J. 

SEE Sumner, Joan Ann. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Thomas, Louis C. 

DU98903 0138 

Thomas, Sober*. 

R626825 015U 

Thomas, Tom. 

DU99083 01142 

Thomas, Wilbur James. 

D09B958 01U0 

Thomas, Hillie. 

C3112'I3 0096 

Thomas, H- James. 

SEE Thomas, Wilbur James. 

Thompson, Chris. 

DP9856 0101 

Thompson, David J. 

C31t117 0093 

Thompson, Neal. 

D097551 0110 

Thompson, Paul. 

DF2237 0100 

Thompson, Perry c. 

0098811 0137 

Thomsen, DeEtta V. 

D097U06 0107 

A Thorn among ros<-^. 

DD971I52 0108 

Thome, Lev. 

SEE Thorne, lewis C. 

Thorne, Lewis C. 

DD97896 0117 

Thorn in my heart. 

C33595 0082 

Thornton, Scott. 

SEE Thornton, Willson Scott. 

Thornton, Thomas Robert, Jr. 

D09B505 0130 

DD98509 0130 

Thornton, T. P. 

SEE Thornton, Thomas Robert, 

Thornton, Blllson Scott. 

0098877 0138 

Those Salem girls. 

DU99U65 0150 

Though lovers be lost. 

DD97820 0116 

Thought-expanding metaphysics. 
C33700 0085 

Thoughts in exile: breaking 
the cultural code. 
C311052 0092 

Thou Shalt not Watergate on 

Dn977im 0111 

Thread replacement. 

C3U152 009« 


00983311 0126 

Three: an unusual love story. 
D09833U 0126 

Three by God! 

0097095 0109 


Three days in the life of 
Clar'bel light. 
D09B905 0138 

Three rabbits white seek 
spring bright. 
DD981I31 0128 

Three scenes from married 
0098804 0136 

Tillinger, Joachim F. 

D097512 0110 

DU99000 0140 

Tillinger, John. 

SEE Tillinger, Joachim F. 

D098657 0133 

DP99 20 0105 

C34273 0097 


DU97875 0117 

0099501 0151 

C34025 0092 

Time to remember. 

C34317 0098 

unds all heels. 

Tilton, Lynn. 

SEE Tilton, Joseph Lynn. 

Tobias, Henry. 

DP9750 0101 

DP9814 0103 

0099434 0149 

Tobias (Henry) Huslc Companv. 

DP9750 0101 

DP9814 0103 

DU99434 0149 

JAN. - JDN. 197f 

Tobias, John. 

DD97624 0112 

To buy, or not to buy! 

DP9921 0105 

Todays seen (no» scene) 

C33711 0095 

To err is huperson. 

C33845 009P 

Together on Christmas. 

DD97542 0110 

To kiss the victor. 

DU98453 012° 

To know her is 'o love her. 
0097361 0106 

Tola, Gerald. 

0098919 013O 

Tola, Gerry. 

SEE Tola, Gerald. 

Toledo bend. 

D097399 010"" 

Tollefson, Baeri. 

5EF Tollefson, Harold 
Robert . 

Tollefson, Harold Robert. 
D098742 0''35 

To make a quick killina. 

0097603 1 0112 

Tomorrow is another day. 

DD97728 Oil" 

Tom Sawyer abroad. 

D098236 0124 

Tomson, Rose. 

D098117 0122 

D098470 0129 

Tom Thumb in Toy land. 

D098085 012-' 

Tom Tit Tot. 

DD98300 012f 

Tong, Winston. 

DD99400 014 = 

Tonkonogy, Gertrude. 

SEE Friedterg, Gertrude 
Tonkonoay . 

Tontoh, Mac. 

C34041 0092 

Tony Benwood's repentance. 
0096911 013° 

Too confusing for their cwn 
C34061 0092 

Tooth development. 

C34174 0095 

Toothpaste commercial. 

C33792 0087 

Topeka Branch, American 
Association of Oniversi-y 
SEE American Association of 

Dniversity Women. 

Topeka Eranch (KS) 

Top of the world. 

D098203 0'24 

Topol Productions, Inc. 

D097955 011° 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Topor, Tom. 

DU98759 0135 

Top secret of the American 
Revolution, the vieu from 
the London terrace. 
C33905 0089 

The Tornado. 

DP973a 0101 

Torn twia. 

DU99193 01«ll 

To Rome! To Pome! 

DU97391 0107 

Torre, nary. 

DD98610 0132 

Torrent, John. 

DD97555 0111 

The Tortoise and the hare. 
C33598 0083 

The Tory's story. 

DU98192 0123 

Total fiction. 

D098750 0135 

Tots in Tinseltown. 

DU98231 012» 

Touches on. 

D098301 0126 

The Toughest club I ever 
DtI97H05 0107 

Tour de force. 

DU99096 01U2 

Toward comedy: a look at three 
DF9737 0101 

Touerina inferno '76. 

0098500 0130 

The Tower room. 

Dn98«7U 0129 

Town house. 

K632216 0157 

The Town mouse and the country 

C33596 0083 

Townsend, Paul. 

DFO-21»7 0100 

A Toy bus. 

DU97552 0110 

The Traffic court is a movable 
D099203 0115 

The Tragedy of Hammy, Prince 
of Sweden. 
DU97770 0115 

The Trail of the knifer. 

E630072 0155 

The Trail of the werewolf. 
E63126: 0156 

Trainer's program, behavioral 
modification/social skills 
C33892 0089 

Training Division, Federal 
Reserve Bank of Phila- 


?EE Federal Reserve Bank of 
Philadelphia. Training 

Training systems Associ 


Training Systems, Ire. 

The Traitor. 


Tramo, Bark. 


Trance and ecstasy in d 


Trannett, Virginia Hall 

The Transformation . 

Transition to metric. 


Transylvanian gothic. 

The Trap play. 

Traubner, Richard. 


Travelin' by train. 

Travels of a check. 


Tiavers-Lavallee, Jacqu 

Travis, Robert Michael. 

The Treasure. 

Treasure Island. 



Treating smoking habit hy 
discussion and hypnosis. 
C31t350 009 

Treatment techniques in 
pract ice. 
C33901 008 

:emblay, E. A., 2nd. 
SEE Tremblay, Ernest 


R630279 0156 

P630280 0156 

^630281 0156 

F630282 0156 

F630283 0156 

R6302eu 0156 

R630285 0156 

R630286 0156 

R630287 0156 

R630288 0156 

S630289 0156 

S630290 0156 

P630291 0156 

R630292 0156 

E631233 0156 

R631262 0156 

P632093 0157 

Re3209U 0157 

F632953 0158 

P633120 0158 

E633121 0158 

R633122 0158 

F6311032 0158 

P63U1I68 0159 

P63U617 0159 

R635287 0159 

The Trial of John Pete 

The Trial of Socrates 
C33926 0089 

The Trials of Captain Alfred 
C33928 009C 

ri-centennial tillies and 
four others. 
DU98310 0126 

JAN. - JtlN. 197 

Trick or treat. 

DU97715 0111 

Trierweiler, Gloria A. 
SEE Phobts. 

Trimble, Frances Guerra. 

C336e6 ooaa 

Trio in A fla'. 

D099U37 CU" 

Tripp, Paul. 

DD97501 0109 


Dn99317 OIU'' 

Triune Music, Inc. 

DP9728 0101 

Trocciola, louis. 

0098356 012^ 

01199538 0151 

Trombetta, Leo. 

D098223 0120 

Trot*ier, David Robert. 

DD97703 011U 

Troubled island. 

R62955l( 0155 

The Troublemaker. 

DP978H 0102 

The Trouble with cleavesturo. 

D099220 0115 

Truant in Park lane. 

R630771 0156 

Trubia, Frances Diarne. 

rD99278 ome 

The Trucker and *he trooper. 

D097372 0''0^ 

True Click. 

DD99363 01148 

A True story. 

C33865 008" 

Trula Hold;nas, ltd. 

C33e67 0088 

C33868 0088 

C33869 008" 

C33870 0088 

C33871 0083 

C33872 0088 

C33873 0088 

C3387lt 0088 

C33875 0088 

C33876 0088 

C33877 0088 

C33878 0088 

C33879 0088 

C33880 0088 

C33881 0088 

Trustman, Alan. 

DU9933H 01U7 

Try and get i*. 

P62285I1 0152 

R632676 0158 

Trv imagining a place where 
it's always safe and warm. 

DU973eu 010'' 

Trys komedilos. 

DP98 15 0103 

Try to remember. 

Dn9931lt 01U7 

Trzcinski, Edmund. 

R623U88 01'=; 

R623U90 0152 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Tabby the tuba. 

DU97501 0109 


C3lt360 0099 

S Tuckahoe tale. 

D098955 01U0 

Tucker, Charles G. 

C3112112 0096 

Tucker, Charlie. 

SEE Tucker, Charles G. 


DD971156 0108 

Tuite, Pcbert J. 

Dn98«06 0128 

Tuite, Robyrt Jay. 
SEE Tuite, Robert J. 

lulir., Shirley. 

DD981489 0130 

Tune in tomorrow. 

Dn97907 0118 

The Tunes of Chicken little. 
DP9755 0102 

Tunick, Irve. 

E628288 015U 

P62B626 015H 

F628529 OlSt 

8631818 0157 

P63a227 0159 

Tuning in. 

DB97832 0116 

Turen, Neal lawrence. 

0097916 0118 

Turet, Milton. 

0098818 0137 

Turmoils at Professor Ming's 
0099036 0111 

Turn about. 

DD97137 0108 

Turner, Daniel Frank. 

DD98680 0131 

Turner, David. 

DP985U Old 

Turnock, Dorothy. 

DFO-2161 0101 

Turn of a decade. 

DD98133 0122 

Tusken, Sally Elizabeth. 

DU97175 0109 

TV TV, Inc. 

0098066 0121 

Twain, Mark, pseud. 
SEE Clemens, Samuel 

The Twelfth Day of Christmas. 
D097659 0113 

Twelve musical plays for 

DP9750 0101 

DP9811 0103 

Twelve musical plays for 
children, vol. 2. 
0099131 0119 


Twelve musical unscary fairy 
DU99131 0119 

Twenty-four days before 
DU98098 0122 

wo current applications of 
the mood/interest theory: 
Henry Kissinger and the 
intelligence community. 
C33919 OOa; 

wo for the 

10 3 

Clara Pueblo Indian 

Oeberleitung der Staats- 
wissenschaf t aus der 
Diktatur in die Demokratie 
in der Be trachtungsweise der 
uniittclbaren Naciikrieg- 

C31259 0097 

The Ultimate and unsurpassed 
C31100 0093 

Ultra violet and visible 
spectroscopy, series ""000, 
program 7001. 
C31096 0093 

Ultra violet and visible 
spectroscopy, series 7000, 

Ultra violet and visible 
spectroscopy, series 7000, 
proatam 7003. 
C3l697 0093 

Oncle Anti's disco (d! sco- 
C33888 0089 

Unichappell Music, Inc. 

C33607 0083 

C33726 0085 

C33727 0085 

C33728 0085 

C33729 0085 

C33730 0085 

C33731 0085 

C33732 0085 

C33733 0085 

C31387 0099 

Uni*ed Methodist Church 
(United States) West 
Virginia Conference. 
Commission on Archives and 
DP9916 0105 

United Recording Electronics 
Industries. Teletronix 
Information Systems. 
C33e33 0088 

The United States as a world 
C31253 0097 

JAN. - JON. 1976 

The United States of America: 
a cultural stew. 
C33785 0087 

Universal Edition, S.G. 

DF2211 0100 

Universal Edition (London) 

DFO-2117 0100 

DFO-2118 0100 

University of Cincinnati. 
C33916 0089 

University of Pittsburoh. 
C33671 OOei 

University of Virginia, 

Charlottesville. Rector and 


DP9e82 0105 

University of Bisconsir. 
Board of Pegen's. 
C33713 008f 

University of Sjsconsir, 
Madison. Extension. 
C33713 OOef 

Unlocking the sale. 

DU97833 Ollf 

Unmerciful dreams. 

DU97311 OlOf 

An Unpretentious season. 

D098021 0120 

Unpublished lec+ure. 

C31366 009° 

Unrighteous seed. 

DU97626 0112 

Until somebody wants us. 

D098981 0110 

Untitled segment for Starsky 
and Hu+ch television show. 
0098699 0131 

Onto dea*h do us part. 

R630076 0156 

The Untold love s-ory o' 
Kahlil Gibran. 
DP9ei8 0103 

Unto you this day. 

B629061 0155 

The Unused past of Max 
D098367 012^ 


C31258 009'' 

Up against the wall. 

DU99 117 0111 

Dpdate: a clinical continuum 
in obstetrics and gyne- 
cology, program no. 5. 
C337n OOfi'' 

Upda*e; a clinical continuum 
in obstetrics and gyne- 
colooy, program no. 6. 
C337i6 0086 

Update: a clinical continuum 
in obstetrics and gyne- 
cology, prooram no. 7. 
C33710 008"= 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recorti pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any aciditional recorcjs that mav exist. 


Update, a clinical continuum 
in obstetrics and gyne- 
cology, vol. 1, program no. 
C33978 0091 

Update, a clinical contiruum 
in obstetrics and gyne- 
cology, vol- 1, program no. 
C33975 0091 

Update, a clinical continuum 
in obstetrics and gyne- 
cology, vol- 1, program no. 
C33976 0091 

Update, a clinical continuum 
in obstetrics and gyne- 
cology, vol. 1, prociram no. 
C33977 0091 

Upham, T. C. 

DU99016 0111 

Upson, (larjorie. 

E632676 0158 

Upson, Marjory. 

8622851) 0152 

Upson, Billiam Hazlett. 

8622854 0152 

B632676 0158 

The Dpstairs room. 

Dn97981 01 19 

Uptown express. 

DU9799lt 0120 

Urbano, fnthony E. 

DU99079 01U2 

Urbano, Tony. 

SEE Urbano, Snthony P. 

Urbano (Tony) and Company, 

DU976Ht 0112 

DU99079 01112 

Urheim, Thcr. 

DU 99189 Omt 

U.S. Cinema Corporation. 

SEE Carlin-Yellen Equities. 

The Used car. 

DU99390 011(9 

Used cars. 

C3U288 0097 

C3U289 0097 

Use of photography in 

achievina improved colorino 
of masiliofacial prostheses 
and antomical models. 
C31I191 0095 

Use of the basic concept 
inventory as a language 
screening instrument for th 
pre-school population. 
C314305 0098 

Using instructional aids and 
C3U155 009U 

U.S. money and banking. 

C31H35 00911 


DB99373 01118 

Us, the rest of us. 

DU9758I1 0111 


Ustinov, Pete 

Dtica Ci'y School Distr 


Utica Free Academy (NY) 

1 HO 

Utility customer relati< 
befer nay. 

U.V.A., Inc. 


The Oval model. 


Vacca, Bichele L. 

Vagnino, Steven L. 

Valdez, Luis Miguel. 

Valency, Maurice. 

Valency, Maurice J. 


Valente, Robert. 


Vail, Seymour. 

Valley Forge Tours, Inc 

la Valse. 


Van Campen, Helen Thoma 

Van Campen, Henry. 

Vance, Adrian. 

Vane, Norman Thaddeus. 

Van Edgar, Georae, pseu 
SEE Reach, James. 

Van Itallie, Jean-Claud 




Van Meter, David A. 


Vann, Teddy. 

Van Nostrand, Ponald w. 

VanSlyck, Steven B. 

Van Zeller, Zenith, pse 
SEE Eober'E, Furman B 

Vapor trails. 



Vaughan, J. 

SEE Vaughar, James Hils 

Vaughn, Jim. 

SEE Vaughn, James E. 

Verf assungstecht und 
Verf assungsreform. 
C311008 0091 

=r Schure, Al. 
SEE Ver Schure, Alan A. 

The Vestibular Hannah in 
Mortimer's ear. 
0097806 one 

Veterans of Foreign Wars. 
General Lesley J. McNair 
Post number 5263, La«»on, 
C311102 009' 

Viaqgio, Vincent. 

Dn980U9 0121 

0099546 0152 

JAN. - JON. 107 

Viaggio, Vinnie. 

SEE Viaggio, Vincent. 

Vial of urath. 

DU98561 0131 

Victor, Lucia, pseud. 
SEE Dudley, Lucia E. 

Victor, Richard. 

0098464 012° 

The Victor of Saratoga: The 
Fall of Benedict Arnold. 
0098860 0138 

Victor Paul Hierville and T"^" 
C311060 0092 

Victory for a senior citizen. 
DU98917 013° 

The Victory o<= the cross. 
8624700 0153 

Vidal, V. B. 

SEE Vidal, Victoria. 

Vidal, Victoria. 

DU97673 0113 

La Vie Parisienne. 

DU97520 0110 


0097759 0115 

The Vikino reunion. 

DB99 091 142 

Vincent, Chuck. 

0096735 0135 

Vincent, John Patrick. 

DU98720 0135 

Vines, Michael. 

DU99487 0150 


DU973S7 0106 

The Vineyard. 

D097737 0114 

The Violation of Sarah 
DU98837 0137 

Virgin bleach. 

0097646 0112 

The Virginia patriots on ^he 
eve of »he American 
0098408 0128 

Virtue is its own reward. 

D097513 0110 

DU98936 013° 

Virtue's reward. 

8634020 0158 

Virtus vincit. 

R625091 01 = 3 

Viscione, Eugene G. 

C33676 0084 

visina ble-a-berry adventure. 
D097374 010'' 

The vision. 

DU99047 0141 

Visions at T minus zero. 

C34270 0097 

The Visitant. 

R622295 0152 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


The Visi-ors. 

DU99310 0117 

A Visit vlth Flcise Green- 
field, writer. 
C33756 0086 

Visser, Allyson rrake. 

D099058 0112 

Visser, Erik. 

D098229 0121 

Visual concepts. Inc. 

C33789 0087 

Visual Education Corporation. 

C33821 0087 

C33980 0091 

C33985 0091 

C31023 0092 

Visual learning disabilities. 
C33713 0086 

A Visual set'ing. 

C31222 0096 

Vitamin c. 

C33771 0086 

Vives, Patricia Ann. 

DB99026 0111 

Vlad Dracula. 

DP9857 0101 

Vogel, Julius, pseud. 
SEE Fogel, Julius. 

Voice charac*eri2ations. 

C31356 0099 

Volkswagen, Chicago Automobile 
Show, February 21-29, 1976. 
C33610 0088 

Vollan, Doualas. 

D098702 0131 


DB98312 0127 

Volz, Berner. 

C31190 0095 

VonDare, Greg, pseud. 
SEE Suchor, Gregory. 

Von Dare, Gregory, pseud. 
SEE Suchor, Gregory. 

Von Eaton, Erica. 

Dn98785 0136 

Von aeisterkampf , Earon, 
SEE Heisterkamp, James L. 

VornDick, Bil. 

DD98111 0122 

Vote no Tuesday! 

DD98281 0125 

Le Voyage de Monsieur 
DD98802 0136 

The Voyage of Edgar Allan Poe. 
DP9871 0101 

A Voyage of vengeance. 

0099381 0118 

Vu Khac Khoan. 

D098688 0131 

Wachovsky, Poderic. 

D098638 0133 


Walking tour of Baltimore, 
C31303 0097 


Wallowitch, John. 

0098070 0121 

DD98115 0123 

Walsh, Henry. 

R628628 0151 

R631819 0157 

Walton, Hanes, Jr. 

DD98539 0131 

0098583 0132 


Wardlaw, Ex 
DD97591. . 

JAN. - JON. 1976 

Warner and Sarah Peterson 
discuss the state of '!he 
world on their way to a 
medicine show. 
D098636 0133 

Warner and Sarah Peterson face 
some dilemmas of modern 
DD99009 0111 

Warner and Sarah Peterson 
undergo one of the mlgh*it?l 
travails of existence. 
DU99008 0111 

Warner Brothers, Inc. 

D098272 0125 

Warner-ChilcoTt lahoratories, 
division of Warner-I am tert 
SEE Warner-Lambert Company. 

Warner -Chilcott 


Warner-Lambert Company. 
Warner-Chilcott Labora- 
C33789 0087 

Warnker, Jeannette F. 

DD98338 0127 

A War of pcpes. 

D099U8B 0150 

Barren, Alfred. 

DD98911 0139 

Warren, Dee. 

DP9823 0103 

Warren, Bichael. 

DP9726 0101 

Warren, Bike. 

0P9823 010? 


C31320 009? 

Washburn, David A., 3ra. 

D098359 012'' 

D098360 0127 

D099180 0150 

Washington, Ernest. 

C31105 009^ 

Washinaton, Ponald. 

C31330 0098 

Washington High confidential. 
DP5761 0102 

The Washress" wish. 

DCI97191 010"^ 

Waslasky, Stan. 

C31035 000? 

A Wassail fes* . 

DP9827 0103 

Wasserman, Dale. 

DD98568 0131 

Wasson, David lee. 

0098681 0131 


C31281 009'' 


D096836 010"^ 

The Watergate course. 

DU98868 0138 

Waterloo Busic Company, Ltd. 

DF2231 0100 

DF2232 0100 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Waterloo nussic (cot-.) 

DF2TU0 0100 

The Water-witch. 

PU99096 0122 

Wathen, Stephen c. 

0097679 0113 

Watkins, Dorothv ,1. 

C33667 1 008H 

Watkins, -iordon P. 

D099253 01146 

Watkins, Johr. L. 

0098521 0130 

Watson, Doualas. 

DU97805 C116 

Watterson, Fobert B. 

DU9714141 0108 

Watts, Frances B. 

DP979U 0102 

DP9795 0102 

watts, Nancy. 

D0973119 0106 

Wauters, w. «., pseud. 
SEE Pocsi, A. B. 

Way, Gregg. 

SEE Way, Gregory Dear. 

Way, Gregory Dean. 

D099486 0150 

Wayman, Andrew Eobert. 

0098123 0122 

The Way cf the buffalo? 

DU9S9014 0138 

The way prison life is. 

0099378 0118 

Ways to overcome nervousness: 
interview with Brother 
C311211 0096 

The Way 'he cookie crumbles. 
DU98221 0121 

The Wav up. 

0099011 0111 

We all kill ants. 

0098992 0110 

We all pay. 

DP9866 0101 

We always need a pharmacist. 
DU9B112 0123 

C33909 0089 

Weary old world. 

DP9867 0101 

Weatherall, nartha c. 

0097668 0113 

Weather around us. 

C33799 0087 

Weathers, Winston. 

E635027 0159 


C31099 0093 

Weather-wise and weather-whys. 
C31099 0093 

C31266 0097 

C31267 0097 


D098521 0130 

W. E. B. Dubois 
within the ve 

we bring you love with tho 
C31139 0091 

Ho don't need 
school! (Ye 
D098280. .. . 

Weinberg, Michael D. 

C33613 0081 

C31351 009S 

rU97977 0119 

DD99328 0117 

Bellhausen, firlene. 

C33567 0082 

C31251 0096 

Wellington, Lennox Fit z. 

C33837 0088 

C33865 0088 

Welsh, Ned. 

SEE Welsh, Edward D. 

The Wendigo. 

We only mee* at funera 


. 0121 

Werner, Harold. 

Sertheim, Fonald. 

West, Fichard. 


West, Eoger. 

Westbrook Peqler's Cap 

West Burnside street. 

. 0151 


Western necessity. 

western star. 

Bestlake, Fichard D. 

The Westminster Press. 

Weston, Belen. 

. 0159 

West Tennessee. 

The Westward movement. 

Wetanson, Burton. 

We, ---he people. 

We've come from the ci 

. 0153 

JAN. - ,1DN. 1«7f 

WGEH Educa'ional Fourda-rion. 
C33993 0091 


DU99396 011° 

Wharton, Edith Newbold .icre=. 

D097512 0110 

DIJ 98811 0137 

DU99000 0110 

Wha* am I? 

C33708 OOP; 

wha* an alarming crisis is 
•■his: Southern women and 'he 

C31091 0003 

What an awful day it was. 
DD98168 0123 

whatcha gonna do? 

C33711 0086 

Wha* did I ever see in you? 
DII97891 Oil'' 

What does it mean to be the 
church. Bother? 
DU97475 0109 

Whatever goes up. 

5632717 0158 

Whatever happened to gauze? 
C31058 0092 

Whatever happened to that auy 
who ciot mixed up with the 
tiaer and the beautiful 
DP9779 0102 

What every woman really war's. 
0099022 0111 

What goes down must come up. 
DD98673 0133 

Wha' is America? 

C3U059 0092 

What is music? 

C31319 0098 

What is reasonable? 

DU98965 0110 

What makes you move? 

C33718 OCef 

Wha' peaches, what penumbras! 
DU99510 0151 

What price qoodress? 

D097913. 0118 

Wha' price relioious freedom? 
DP9773 0102 

What's a S'an Freberg? 

C31203 0095 

What's big and comes ir 
DU98607 0132 

What 's Ginnv Dunn? 

D097130 0108 

What's happening in chemistry? 
C33556 0082 

wha''s your price? 

D097691 0113 

What will we do about Harry? 
DU98130 0122 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

»HA - WIL 

What would Hoses say *o the 
United Nations todav? 
031359 0099 

uhat you don't know won't hurt 
D0991I1U 0119 

What your wife really wants. 
C314012 0091 

Wheatley, Killiaro lorimer. 
DU99H'47 0150 

The Wheel and axle. 

D099353 Oiue 

Wheeler, Jay. 

D09936U 01U6 

Wheeler, Jedediah. 

DP9812 0103 

Wheeler dealer. 

C337lt0 0086 


DP9911 0105 

Wheels across America. 

DD99367 0148 

Wheel wield. 

D099353 0118 

When knights were fun. 

D098157 0123 

When stars are fire. 

DU97996 0120 

When the unbelievable 

Quidnuncs came to planet 


DB97U78 0109 

When the wind blows. 

?629382 0155 

When the wind ceases. 

0097689 0113 

When the winds whisper. 

DP9737 0101 

when you retire, how will you 
DD98062 0121 

Where Bernie lives. 

0098366 0138 

Where's Christmas? 

DD99135 0113 

Where they have to take you 

DU97815 0116 

Where thieves break through. 
R629062 0155 

Where you goin', man? 

DD9752U 0110 

Which hunt. 

D1)975U6 0110 

While the carvinal lasts. 
D099171 01114 


0098008 0120 

Whissen, Thomas. 

DU97515 Clio 

Whistle, daughter, whistle. 
F62631t9 OISU 

Whistlestop, O.S.S. 

D098972 0110 


Why 95 out of 100 men are 
financial failures. 
C33751 0086 

White, Oiz. 

SEE White, Diane. 

White, Owen P. 


. . 009 1 

Whitecross, Iain C. 


.. 0112 

DU98261 0125 

Bhy am I afraid to tell you 
who 1 am? 
C33906 0089 

Williams, E. Harcourt. 

B629163 0155 

E629161 0155 

P629165 0155 

Williams, Ellen. 

SEE Williams, Charlotte 


JAN. - JON. •'976 

Williams, Harcourt. 

SEE Williams, E. Harcour-. 

Williams, Henry G. 

DU99535 0151 

Williams, John Rjala. 

SEE Williams, John Willie. 

Williams, John Willie. 

0099019 0111 

Williams, larry E. 

DU99192 1 015' 

Williams, Perry. 

DU99110 0150 

Williams, Bonald. 

0U97899 0118 

Williams, Samm. 

SEE Williams, Samuel A. 

Williams, Samuel k. 

DU99131 Oil' 

Williams, TenT-essee. 

8626008 015? 

B626009 0153 

Williams, Williau Carles. 
E622262 0152 

William Shakespeare. 

B627521 0151 

Willie Boy. 

0D97711 OVI 

willings, Eric. 

B628322 0151; 

Willis, Arlene. 

0098191 0123 

Willis, Ben Donald. 

0098109 012? 

Willis, Bernard Carlton. 

DD97951 011° 

Willis, Claude Edward. 

C31279 0097 

Willis nusic company. 

DP9717 0101 

Will o' the wisp. 

D098075 0121 

D099128 Oil" 

Willow pattern. 

P62B322 0151 

Will the meetina please ccme 
to order! 
0097982 011° 

Will Wat? If not, what will? 
DF2235 0100 

wilmurt, Arthur P. 

D0980''8 0121 

Wils^iire, Conna. 

0099511 01'^: 


DP9753 0101 

Wilson, Don. 

E632819 0158 

Wilson, Eileen. 

0097531 0110 

Wilson, James Day. 

0097705 0111 

DU97706 0111 

0U97707 0111 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete C^opyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

«IL - XE? 


irtschaftliches Zuk unf tslar.d (Jolfe, Burtor. Hordplay. 


d pover. 

sil^ini. Norman Fandall. H irtschaftliches Zuk unf tslar.d Bolfe, Burtor. .orapiay. 

clT:'00 ........ 0093 China. DD98097 0122 C33802 008 

C3359H 0082 

C33766 "^s^r'S^s- ^^^^ „=,fl„„_ >„th„„v. DD98951 0139 DU98a05 0128 

DU9932U 0117 

Wilson, Randall. 

SEE Wilson, Norman Bandall. the king and the wise worn 

Words make moods. 
The Wise woman: the story of Dn9839il 0128 C3U165 009'= 

Wilson, Walter E. 

DD98132 0122 

The wind in the willows. 

D098906 01 39 

Window game. 

D099357 0118 

The Binds of Carbajal. 

B628989 0155 

nF2238 0100 Wolff, Valeria P. Work in progress. 

"' D098Ue2 0130 

Workman, Carl. 

D[I98033 0-'20 

The World of Hark Twain. 
D0977e7 011"^ 

Wouk, Herman. 

R633U37 0158 

DU98671 0133 Holpert, S'ere. Woyzeck. 

The Winds will reach us all SEE Wolpert, Steven. DP9893 0105 

DU991IIU 0113 

onto WolDert, Steven. Hrea*h retractivity 

012 5 Schreier extension 


"\"^„".Pf; „,„ ""u«"r^"'_""^- ^■. 010« The woman of .he zodiac: a C33760..: 0086 

sun- sign compatibility 

DU97650 0112 


guide. "ren, Bicajah. 

Su975a9 0110 "DU98700 013« C3«006 0091 R628625 015U 

B631850 0157 

0135 D097D06 '. 0107 Wrestlers. 

inecoff, Charles. Without sex. 
DU98803 0136 DU987«8 0135 DU9/«Ub "■"' -i^..x^.^=. ^^^ 

W'naed wheels. With the Indians in the , , „ , 

'0^98853 0137 Rockies. 0098389 0128 «r ight Nelson C ., J^. 

D098lt77 0129 D099J8b uiuc 

""3io72."!":!: 0093 Witkm, Joel s. "33831!?"!: OOes Wright Steven. 

DU98209 012H _ _ 0098900 0138 

Wink, Richard L. D098210 012 

C33860 0088 

no98211 012it 0099115 011(3 Wri^e a happy marriage. 

D0990U2 01U1 

Winn, Charles S. 

C3«12U 0091* 

C3itl25 0091 

Winner, Carole Ann. 

DD98127 0122 


D09861lt 0132 

00 97 63 8 0112 

tni, Monica. Women of the American 

D098293 0126 Revolution. Writing and book re 

C3363U 0083 author's point of 

The winner of 10 academy 
awards (not to be confused 

with the B.P.A.A.S. awards) . , , , , 

DD98735 0135 DFO-21H5 0100 Women on Words and Imag 

Lnnie lives. 
D0992''3 0116 


WSH, Ire. 

D097508 0110 

he Wonderful Bill Pickett. 
D098729 0135 Wuhl, Robert. 

winning our independence. Wittenberg, William. 

0098141114 0129 C33951 0090 

C33952 0090 .-. -- . 

W^nn^nq s-cets, fea-ur^ng Ty C33953 0090 D09914U6 0150 

H_nn-ng S-C.ets, lea u..nj y ^^^c,^^ 0090 The Wonderful world of wine. D099H51 0150 

D098968 01U0 



C33870 0088 C33955 0090 


0090 Bynken, Elynken and Ned 

Lnona. C33957 0090 

D0991410 0150 C33958 0090 

D098077 0121 

Wynn , Gail Dolores. 
Winslow, Rainsford J. The wizard of Id. wood, Kevin J. SEE Huland El, Gail Colore 

D098280 0125 

DD98281 0125 


0098805 0136 

Hokuluk, Jon. 

Winters, H. C337ll9 0086 

D098332 0126 00971425 0108 



DD97909 0118 

Xenon record of ele 

C314005 0091 

woodward. Kirk. C3«335 0098 

DD9777tt 0115 

"009765517?" n 0113 " 7o 9927ii .'"..'.. '. 01U6 DD97775 0115 Xerox Corpor 

Winters, Lloyd Austin. Self, Michael J. 

D099390 01149 DP979I4. 



DP9761 0102 

DP9796 0103 

DP9797 0103 

DP9798 0^03 

DP9799 0103 

DP9800 0103 

SEE Hiora, Douglas w. Wclf, Eichard. DU98J«J u... ""=- ^-- 

D097U05 0107 ''^!„„^ „ n, 

Woolman, Haurice J. DP9802 0103 

».Te .i„K=^» D 0097768 0115 DP9803 0103 

Hiora, Douglas H. 

C314300 0097 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

XrtA - 277 

X oarlts the spot. 

DU97585 0111 

R62a051 0152 

Yablonovitz, Nahum. 

H63q020 0158 

Yaege;, narshall. 

DU98560 0131 

lahner, Don-a n. 

D098279 0125 

Yale Dniv=rEity. 

DU9e838 0137 

Yale University. Bedia Design 
DD98838 0137 

Yankee Doodle donkev. 

D097338 0106 

The Yankee Doodle revue. 

D098818 0137 

Yankee struedel dandy. 

D098705 0131t 

Yanks 3 Detroit top of the 
DP9901 0105 

Yaquina Bav. 

DD98630 0133 

Yates, Bowling C. 

C33757 0086 

Yden, Barrka. 

DD99197 01H5 

Yeagley, Charles E. 

DP9762 0102 

A Year later. 

DU97812 0116 

& Year*s end. 

DD9786? 0117 

Ye bloody rebels. 

D097752 0115 

The Yellow daffodil. 

DD98338 0127 

The Yellow helmet. 

D099536 0151 


C3H013 0091 

Yetter, Francis Joseph. 

D098315 0126 

Yin, Khin naung. 

C3361I2 0081 

Yockey, Boss. 

D098771 0136 

Yoga for aesterners: an 
interview with Brother 
Eh av an an da. 
C3H206 0095 

Yoho, David. 

C33705 0085 

Yoho (David) Associates. 

C33705 0085 

Yokelson, Poy B. 

C33888 0089 

You and me and the rest of the 
D098529 0131 

You are there. 

5628625 0151 

P628626 015U 


P628627 015H 

P628628 015U 

E628629 0151 

E628630 0151 

f628631 0151 

F631225 0159 

R631226 0159 

P631227 0159 

P631228 0159 

ou can't do that sort of 
thing and expect people to 
pay for it. 
C31017 0092 

Ycung, Donald J. 

DU98e01 0136 

0099507 0151 

Ycung, J. R. 

SEE Young, Julius E. 


cu're not young and 
beautiful, you're dead, Noa 
DU99201 0115 



Ycur subconscious mind is the 
God power within you. 
C33591 0082 

Ycu think maybe you 
DO 98 913 

The Youth who learned to 
shiver and shake. 
F628623 0151 

You won't find fame in a 
two-bit town. 
0099508 0151 

Yuken, Jack. 

SFE Yuken, John Frank 

Yuken, John Frank. 


Zachow, A. A. 



Zadnik, Carol. 



Zahl, Jagna. 

Zalusky, Bich. 


Zarchi, neir. 

Zarubica, Mladin. 



Zavidowsky, E. 

SEE Zavidowsky, Bernard. 

Zimmerman, Thomas J. 

DD98208 0121 

DD99062 0112 

JAN. - JUN. 1976 

Zubrovich, Joseph David. 

DU98370 0121 


DU97706 0111 

1/3 of a million. 

D098151 12 3 

2 pilot scripts. 

DD97117 0108 

2 times yesterday. 
0097718 0111 

3 days in the life of Clar'bel 

0098905 0138 

The 1 a.m. ramble. 

D099286 0116 

1 from 390. 

D098339 012^ 

1 session self-hypnosis 
C33653 0081 

5BPLC presents theater, 

simplified poe*-ry lessens, 
simplified sculptina ccurse. 
D099337 Oil- 

8 millimeter movie cameras. 

C33718 0085 

C33719 OOef 

10-speed bikes, 1976. 

C31287 009" 

The 18 1/2 minutes. 

D098736 0135 

19" black-and-white TV. 

C3U150 0091 

19-inch black-and-white TV. 
C31150 0091 

61 Jesup Place. 

D098372 0127 

The 70th week. 

DD97680 0113 

1776 here we come. 

0099132 0113 

1776 plus tax. 

DU98603 0132 


D098378 012'' 

The 1976 Winternational 1/u 
Mile Eliminations. 
D098701 0131 

2000 black. 

D097191 010° 


DU97336 0106 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


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A Christian Science lecture en-i*led: C3357t. material. Hal Holbrook; 8Jar76: 

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rding scripts. 1 v. Appl. 5Jan76: C33575. other titles. p.UI - 16. (Succ--- 









A meric 
















jry ■ 

30 vernm 


)n . 





Das ; 




BcGraw-Hill Book Company. C BcGra 

anteed institute, U*h lesson) Appl. 

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Dta's Bicentennial herit 
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These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
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C33595 (con.) 

Giancola. 16 p, c flayme J. Giancola; 

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The nan, the boy, and the donkey. The 
Frog and the ox- 1« p- To be used with 
Aesop's fables, O tiilliken Publishing 
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merchandising course, unit C) Appl. au: 

Jack Eckerd Drug Company. C Jack Eckerd 
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Eckerd Optical Centers, Inc., managing 
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p. Appl. au: Jack Eckerd Drug Company. 
C Jack Eckerd Corporation; 22Dec75; 


Eckerd Optical Centers, Inc., managing 
opticians program; script for tape 2. 32 
p. Appl. au: Jack Eckerd Drug Company, 
e Jack Eckerd Corporation; 22Dec75; 


Eckerd Optical Centers, Inc., managing 
opticians program; script for tape 1. 17 
p. Appl. au: Jack Eckerd Drug company. 
C Jack Eckerd Corporation; 22Dec75; 


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66 p. (Store management program : 
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Store management program: cash control 
course; script for tape 9. 53 p. Appl. 
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Store management program: office 
management course; script for tape 8. 36 
p. Appl. au: Jack Eckerd Drug Company. 
Jack Eckerd Corporation; 22Dec75; 

C3361 e. 

Safety; script for tape 7. 16 p. 
(Store management program: loss control 
course, unit C) Appl. au: Jack Eckerd 
Drug Company. 6 Jack Eckerd Corporation; 
22Dec75: C33618. 


Security; script for tape 6. 33 p. 
(S+ore management program: loss control 
course, unit A) Appl. au : Jack Eckerd 
Drua Company. C Jack Eckerd Corporation; 
22Dec75; C33619. 


receiving, maintenance and closing; 
script for tape 5. 38 p. (Store 

course, unit C) Appl. au: Jack Eckerd 
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Opening the store; script for tape 4. 
52 p. (Store management program: store 
administration course, unit A) Appl. au : 
Jack Eckerd Drug Company. 6 Jack Eckerd 
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Merchandising control; script for tape 
3. 60 p. (Store management program: 
merchandising course, unit E) Appl. au: 
Jack Eckerd Drug Company. e Jack Eckerd 
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Merchandising devices; script for tape 
2. 48 p. (Store management program: 
merchandising course, unit D) Appl. au: 
Jack Eckerd Drug Company. C Jack Eckerd 
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Instructions to "drugstore" game; script 
for tape 15. 34 p. (Store management 
program) Appl. au: Jack Eckerd Drug 
Company. Jack Eckerd Corporation; 
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Problem solving; script for tape 14. ' 
V. (Store management program: leadersh'.p 
course, unit E) Appl. au : Jack Eckerd 
Drug Company. C Jack Eckerd Corporation; 
22Dec75; C33625. 


Employee motivation; scrip' for tape "•. 
15 p. (Store management program: 
leadership course, 'unit D) Appl. au : JacV 
Eckerd Drug Company. e Jack Eckerd 
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Employee retention; scrip* 'or tape 12. 
3^ p. (Store management proaram: 
leadership course, unit C) Appl. au: Jac^ 
Eckerd Drug Company. C Jack Eckerd 
Corporation; 22Pec75; C33627. 


A Pragmatic approach to the production 
of a basic college library researcl" paper: 
a lecture. By Joel Robert Leonard. 14 p. 
e Joel Robert Leonard; 12Jar76; C336J8. 


Farmer Dick Barone Chevrolet. 10788 
series. 1 p. Appl. au: Eugene Robert 
Tanz. e Eugene Robert Tanz; 12Jan76; 


Farmer Dick Barone Chevrolet. 903 
series. 1 p. Appl. au: Eugene Robert 
Tanz. e Eugene Robert Tanz; 12Jan''6; 


Farmer Dick Barone Chevrolet. 401 
series. 1 p. Appl. au; Eugene Robert 
Tanz. e Eugene Robert Tanz; 12Ja"76: 


Farmer Dick Barone Chevrolet- Bo.516f 
service. 1 p. Appl. au : Eugene Robert 
Tanz. e Eunene Robert Tanz; 12Jan76; 


Talkin' blues. w 6 m David langston 
Smyrl. 1 v. © David Lanoston Smyrl; 
15Jan76; C33633. 


Women of the American Eevoluticn; a 

monologue. By Betty Jc Hawkens. 23 p. 

e Betty Jo Hawkens; 16Dec75; C336^4. 


Your original souvenir album. Ser.l. 
Created 6 written by Lea Gene Gramling, 
Jr. 1 V. e Lea Gene Gramling, Jr.; 
lejan^e; C33635. 


Two Santa Clara Pueblo Indian potters. 
By James McGrath. 1 v. e James McGrath: 
30Dec75; C33636. 


Fritz Scholder : Mission Indian artis*. 
By James McGrath. 1 v. C James McGrath; 
30Dec75; 033637. 


Helen Hardin: Santa Clara Pueblo artist. 
Bv James McGrath. 1 v. e James McGrath; 
36nec75; C33638. 


Allan Houser; Apache artist. By Jatres 
McGrath. 1 v. e James McGrath: 30Dec"5; 


F. C. Gorman: Navaho artist. By James 
McGrath. 1 v. C James McGrath; 30Dec''^; 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recor(J pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any ad(iitionai recortis that may exist. 


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Shoppers derby: original television Husserl; 21Jan76; C33655. Half the humar. race; sample scrip* 'or 

script. By Fred Forma, pseud, of Alfred S-minute proarau: radio feature. Created 

Fornichelli. 5 p. Alfred Formichelli ; C33656. S written byBe'tina Paley, pseud, of 

29Dec75: C336I41. Hoody Guthrie, ramblin" round; a Betty Paysner. 2 p. C Betty Paysrer; 

theatrical monologue based on the works of 27Jan76: C33673. 

C336H2. Hoody Guthrie. Adapted E arr. Christopher 

The General dispersion equation for Holder. 12 p. Prev. reg. NN: adaptation C3367U. 

molecular transport through porous solids into narrative script. © Christopher Individualized science; scripts. level 

and the solution: the reaction-adsorption- Holder; 22Jan76; C33656. E: Joule, Beaumont E Voit. 3 v. 

dispersion model (F4D model) By Khin C University of Pittsburgh; ilNov75; 

naunq Yin. 7 p. e Khin n. Yin; 15jan76; C33657. C336714. 

0336112. The Pobin's red breast. « p. To be 

used with Indian legends. 6 Hilliken C33675. 

C336U3. Publishing Company; 20Nov75; C33657. The Heritage of the Eayshore; a 

Keeping current. Vol.6, no. 1. By tour-by-tapes lecture series. 1 v. Appl. 

Michael D. Weinberg. Sheets (50 p.) C33658. au : Gertrude Neidlinger. 6 Gertrude 

Appl. au: American Society of Chartered Hhy the loon calls. 3 p. To be used Neidlinger; 29Jan76; C33675. 

Life Underwriters. 5 American Society of with Indian legends. 8 nilliken 

Chartered life Underwriters; 15Jan76; Publishing Company; 20Nov75; C3365n. C33676. 

C336«3. Karate. 6 p. Appl. au : Euaene G. 

C33659. Viscione. e Eugene G. Viscione; 2Feb76; 

C336UU. The Sleeping princess. 5 p. To be used C33676. 

Tapes for Gregg shorthand for colleges, with Indian legends. C nilliken 

speed building, DJS; recording script. Publishing Company; 20Nov75; C33659. C33677. 

Lesson no. 1 - 80. Multiple volumes. A Dream deferred. 29 p. Appl. au : 

Appl. au: Bobert L. Grubbs 6 Estelle 1. C33660. Honald L. Jeffries 6 Jacqueline Kilkenny, 

Popham. e McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 26Jan76; The leaves of autumn. « p. To be used Niani. e Fonald L. Jeffries E Jacqueline 

C336UU. with Indian legends. B nilliken "Niani" Kilkenny; 2Feb76; C33677. 

Publishing Company; 20Nov75; C33660. 

C336115. C33678. 

New life for lakes. 7 p. (Man and C33661. El fiajj Malik El shabazz. 16 p. Appl. 

molecules, script no. 783) 6 American Coming of corn. 6 p. To be used with au : Sonald L. Jeffries. C Bonald I. 

Chemical Society; 22Jan76; C336115. Indian legends. e nilliken Publishing Jeffries; 2Feb76; C33678. 

Company; 20Nov75; C33661. 

033646. C33679. 

One third of your life. Show 1, 3-8. C33662. Problem solving arts. pt-. 1-2. 2 v. 

1 V. e American Manpower and Aging The Coming of the sun. 5 p. To be used Appl. au: Norman H. Crowhurst. 

Advisory Service; 16Jan76; C336it6. with Indian legends. 6 Milliken 6 Educational Eesearch Associates; 

Publishing Company; 20Nov75; C33662. 2Feb76; C33679. 

Early math set 2. No. 79 17- 1--79 17- 5. C33663. C33680. 

8 v. Appl. au: Carole Oriecht. f) Ideal Tie Quiet room, anti-stress chamber. 7 The Sav plus ins plan. 1 v. Appl. au : 

School Supply Company; 2HDec75; C336U7. p. Appl. au: Hyman Sampson 6 Frances Listen Piggs. 9 Liston Biggs; 2Feb7f; 

Sampson. © H. Sampson; 23Jan76; C33663. 033660. 

Sentence comprehension. Dnit 1-8. 8 v. 03366<t. 033681. 

(The Sesame Street/Electric Company Hi-ho; a monologue or dialogue comedy Devotion to the Virain Mary in Middle 

reading kits) Add. ti: The Electric act. 8 p. Appl. au: John Joseph Conway. English narrative verse: medieval life and 

Company sentence comprehension. € John Joseph Conway; 23Jan76; C3366U. modern literary criticism. By Beverly 

e Children's Television Workshop; Boyd. 12 p. 6 Beverly Boyd; 2reb76; 

20Jan76; 03361)8. 033665. 033681. 

The Causal efficacy of space; lecture. 

0336149. Pt.2. By Daniel Arthur Neustrom. « p. 033682. 

Human development and life enrichment. 6 Daniel Neustrom; 19Jan76; C33665. learnlno a foreign languaoe. By Icuis 

By Herbert T. Schacht. 2 p. e Herbert T. Carini. 8 p. 6 Louis Oarini; 2Feb'6; 

Schacht; 19Dec75; C336«9. C33666. C33682. 

Creative living using the A-S-C method. 

C33650. By Kenneth B. Petrucci. Sheets (8 p.) 033683. 

Child advocacy — rebellion, people Kenneth R. Petrucci; 19Jan76; 033666. Sexism: attitudes and alternatives. By 

advocacy — revolution. By Thomas E. Suzy Sutton (Suzanne S. Kaufman) 11 p. 

Schach*. 5 p. e Thomas E. Schacht; C33667. e Suzv Sutton; 2Feb76; 033683. 

19Dec75; C33650. To beautiful black mothers. By Matanah, 

pseud, of Dorothy J. Batkins. 1 v. 03368U. 

C33651. e Dorothy J. Hatkins; 19Jan76; C33667. SEA metric measurement program: 

America '76, the second coming. By intermediate tape module; final scrip*. 

Clifstone, pseud, of Clifford E. Like. 7 033668. No. 3-1050. By David Gladstone 6 Joseph 

p. C Clifford Like; 26Jan76; C33e51. Patience, patriot. By Owen Masterson. Gladstone. 1 v. 6 Science Pesearc!- 

2 p. t Owen Masterson; 22Jan76; 033668. Associates, Inc.; 11Feb76; 0336814. 

Stories of unsung American heroes (who 033669. 033685. 

dedicated their lives to life) A series School of prayer; lecture material. SPA listening Language Laboratory. No. 

of documentaries with music. By Glen T. Session 1. Sheets (128 p.) in folder. 2B. Units 1-214. 1 v. 6 Science Pesearc" 

Moore. 1 V. Book only. 6 Glen T. Moore; Appl. au: Glaphre Maurine Gilliland. Associates, Inc.; llFeb76; 033685. 

23Jan76; C33652. 6 Glaphre Gilliland; 22Jan76; C33669. 


033653. C33670. Making friends with feelings: dep- 

Sampson's D session self-hypnosis Solar cells. 6 p. (Man and molecules, ression. Sheets (2 p.) Appl. au : Fraice' 

method. 1 v. e Hyman Sampson; 2Jan76; script no. 789) 6 American Chemical Guerra Trimble, e Frances Guerra Trimble: 

033653. Society; 22Jan76; C33670. 26Jan76; C33686. 

C3365I4. C33671. 033687. 

Evaluation model for performance Estate planning quarterly, winter 1975. The Murder trial of Agatha Christie; 

improvement. 6 p. Add. ti: Community 28 p. Appl. au:'sianey Kess. Commerce outline. By Luis Kutner F. Burr McOloskey. 

nursing, health and welfare teams, home Clearing House, Inc.; 23Jan76; C33671. 5 p. Add. ti: The Murder trial of Agatra 

visit evaluation graph; Performance task, Christie for the death of Hercule Poirot. 

home visits. Appl. au: Hary K. Shaffer. 033672. C lu3 s Ku'-ner 6 Burr BcOloskey; 26Jan"'fi; 

a Mary K. Shaffer; i4Dec75; C3365K. The Musical sound review with Francis C33687. 

Chick Powers; radio program pilot. 13 p. 

033655. Appl. au: Francis Pollotta (sic) a.k.a. 033688. 

Newsflash "76. 14 p. Appl. au: Anthony Francis Chick Powers. B Francis Pallotta; Group insurance and social insurance. 

D. Battaglia E Dennis B. Husserl. 15Jan76; C33672. Sheets. (OLD cassette/review program, HS 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Ofllce record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(iditional records that may exist. 


JAN. - JDN. 107« 

C33688 (cor.) 

303) O The American College of Life 

Ondervriters; aojan^e; C33688. 


Inco»e '.axation. Sheets. (CLU 
cassette/review program, HS 307) o The 
American College of Life Underwriters; 
30Jan76: C33689. 


Business insurance. Sheets. (CLU 
cassette/revieu program, HS 309) C The 
American College of Life Underwriters; 
30Jan76; C33690. 


Economic security and individual life 
insurance. Sheets. (CLU cassette/review 
program, HS 301) e The American College 
of Life Underwriters; 30Jar.76; C33691. 


Accounting and finance. Sheets. (CLU 
cassette/review program, HS 305) C The 
American college of Life Underwriters; 
30Jan76; C33692. 


Prepaid advertising procedures. 13 p. 
Appl. au: Palph F. Linder. Linder 
Advertising, Inc.; «Feb76; C33693. 


Family money management. By Lir.da 
Lockwood. 5 V. C Linda Lockwood; 
iJFeb76; C3369U. 


Black history pageant. Created, written 
S produced by Gloria c. Pritchard. 8 p. 
e Gloria C. Pritchard; 18Feb76; C33695. 


Energy and the coastal zone; working 

script. 7 p. (dan and molecules, script 

no. 793) C American Chemical Society; 

12Feb76; C33696. 


Emphysema update; working script. 6 p. 
(Man and molecules, script no. 792) 
American Chemical Society: 12Feb76; 


Nature's pollution almanac. 6 p. (Man 
and molecules, script no. 790) American 
Chemical Society; 6Feb76: C33698. 


Cultures and climate. 7 p. (Ban and 

molecules, script no. 7gi) q American 

Chemical Society; 6Feb76; C33699. 


A Christian Science lecture entitled: 
Thought-expanding metaphysics. By John 
Richard C. Kenyon. 30 p. Appl. au : The 
Christian Science Board of Directors, 
employer for hire. The Christian 
Science Board of Directors; 13Feb76; 


Getting there — introduction and 
concluding remarks. Sheets in folder. 
Appl. au: Dale E. Smith. Audio Visual 
Products Company; 30Jan76; C33701. 


A Model for implementing career 
education within an existing curriculum: 
script. sheets (11 p.) Appl. au: Fobert 
D. Krey 6 Murray H. Finley. Robert D. 
Krey 6 Hurray B. Finley: 9Feb76; C33702. 


The Promise of love. By Jack H. 
Grossman. 6 p. Jack H- Grossman: 
2U0ec75: C33703. 


Catalysts of change: Marxist versus 
Muslim in a Turkish community. By Arnold 
Leder. 63 p. C Arnold Leder; 8Dec75: 

C3370 5. 

Sell is a four letter word, like love. 
By David Yoho. Sheets (39 p.) Dave 
Yoho Associates; 5Feb76; C33705. 


Keys and doors to grants: or. Bread for 
our table. By Howard H. Gabriel, 3ra 6 
Howard H. Gabriel, Jr. Up. O Howard 
Wayne Gabriel, 3rd 6 Howard Wayne Gabriel, 
Jr.; 5Feb76: C33706. 


Pie Spanische Literatur des zwanzlasten 
Jahrhunderts; Vorlesung. Von Ernst 
Sielaff. 2 p. C Ernst Sielaff; 5Feb76; 


What am I? 1 p. Appl. au: Donald P. 
Taft. C Donald B. Taf*; 30Jan76: 


Original poetry prepared for oral 
delivery, class C, on January 30, 1976, by 
Bonnie Wiley in Austin, Texas. 1 v. Add. 
*i: Original poetry prepared for oral 
delivery on January 30, 1976, by Bonnie 
Lynn Wiley in Austin, Texas. 6 Bonnie 
Lynn Wiley; 30Jan76; C33709. 


Postoperative gynecological infection. 
U5 p. (Update: a clinical continuum In 
obstetrics and gynecology, program no. 7) 
C The Aiperican College of Obstetricians 
and Gynecologists; 5Feb76; C33710. 


Today's seen (not scene) Lecture. By 
Andrew E. Bryant. 1 v. 6 Andrew E. 
Bryant; 28Jan76: C33711. 


Mirage. Script, lyrics, arr. 6 m Ann 
Marie Rollins Ellis. 5 p. (Microcosm 

theatre song/play, no. 5) Book only. 

C3 Ann Marie Rollins Ellis; 28Jan76; 


Chiropractic X-rays; broadcast scrip*-. 
2 p. (Consumer reports, TV-279) 
fi Consumers Union of United States; 
28Jan76; C 337 13. 


Electric heaters; broadcast script. 2 
p. (Consumer reports, TV-2U8) 
e Consumers Union of United States: 
28Jan76: C33714. 


Fire extinguishers; broadcast script. 2 
p. (Consumer reports, TV-2e'l) 
Consumers Union of United States; 
28Jan76; C33715. 


Gift ideas; broadcast script. Pt . 1. 2 
p. (Consumer reports, TV-287) 
O Consumers Union of United States; 
28Jan76: C33716. 


Gift ideas; broadcast script. Pt . 2. 2 
p. (Consumer reports, TV-287) 
Consumers Union of United States; 
28Jan76; C33717. 


8 millimeter movie cameras; broadcast 
script. Pt. 1: Fixed-focus. 2 p. 
(Consumer reports, TV-285) e Consumers 
Onion of United States; 28Jan76; C33718. 


8 millimeter movie cameras; broadcast 
script. Pt. 2: Adjustable fccus. 2 p. 
(Consumer repor*s, TV-2P5) C Consumers 
Union of United States; 28Jan76; C33719. 


Imported subcompac* cars, 1976; 
broadcast script. 2 p. {Consumer 
reports, TV-291) C Consumers Union cf 
United States; 2ejan76; C33720. 


Breast prostheses; broadcast script. 3 
p. (Consumer reports, ''V-278) 
C Consumers Union of United Sta-es; 
2ejan76; C33721. 


Chapel outside. By John Slaton. 2 p. 
C John Slaton: 12Feb76; C3-722. 


Haarlem revisited; an historical look a- 
America's largest black community. Py 
Carlos L. Hargraves. 6 p. C Carlos i. 
Haroraves; 10Feb76: C33723. 


A Prayer. By Char, pseud, of Charlct'e 
F. Foehrenbach. 1 p. C Charlotte F. 
Foehrenbach; 6Feb76: C3372U. 


Poor boy (saga of a sandwich) Fecit ed 
ballad. By Ernest Anthony Montellano. "> 
p. e Ernest Anthony Montellano; 6Feb76 ; 


C.B. rock. Text by Jay Huguely. 3 p. 
Includes music. 6 on tex* only; 
Dnichappell Music, Inc.; SFeb76: C33726. 


Jaw jackin". m Jerry Kennedy. 2 p. 

Appl. au: Jay Huguely- C on text only; 

Unichappell Music, Inc.; 5Feb76: C3372''. 


Who we got on that end? Text by Jay 
Huguely. 2 p. Includes music. C or tex' 
only: Unichappell Music, Inc.: 5Fet76: 

C3 37 29. 

C.B. '76. Text by Jay Huguely. u p. 
Includes music. on text only; 
Unichappell Music, Inc.; 5Feb76; C33729. 


Mercy day. Text by Jay Huouely. 2 p. 

Includes music, e on text only; 

Unichappell Music, Inc.; 5Feb76: C33730. 


Kentucky moorrunner. Text by Jay 
Huguely. 2 p. Includes music. C on text 
only; Unichappell nu=ic. Inc.; 5Feb76: 


Dad, I gotta go. m Jerry Kennedy. 2 p. 
Appl. au: Jay Huguely. e on text only; 
Unichappell Music, Inc.: 5Feb76; r33"'32. 


Cledus" C.B. dictionary. Text by Jay 
Huouely. 3 p. Includes music. C on text 
only; Unichappell Music, Inc.; 5Fet76; 


Individual income tax refresher course. 
1976 ed. Bv Sidney Kess. Sheets (160 p.) 
Prev. reg. Jan. 1975, C21562. Commerce 
Clearing House, Inc.; 29Jan76: C3373U. 


Astronomy. By William M. Protheroe, 
Euaene P. Capriotti 6 Gerald H. Newsom. ^ 
V.' C Bell and Howell Company: 17Feb76: 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


C33736. C33751. (for home iP-St ruct ion) Ey Paul Has' 

Ho* pants routine. Arr. 6 adaptation by Seeino the South Central States; master Wilson. 1U2 p. Paul Hastings Hilscn; 

Halter Liberace. 2 p. NM : lyrics. script. 6 v. Coronet Instructional 20Feb76: C3376S. 

«3 Forsythe Music 5 Husic of the Times Media, a division of Esquire, Inc.; 

Publishing Corporation: 19Jan76; C33736. 26Jan76; C33751. C33767. 

Tarqet usaae; cassette scripts. Scrip* 

C33737. C33752. no. 1-UO. 2"v. Appl. au: Bobert D. 

Employee attitude surveys; script. no. Belaxation made easy. By Donna Niksch Edwards, A. Maurice Poe, James J. McGovern 

7-1625. By Frank J. Smith 6 others. 1 v. Douglass. 16 p. 6 Donna N. Douglass; E Henry B. Bamman. 6 Addi son- Wesl ey 

Appl. au: Science research Associates, 13Feb76: C33752. Publishing Company, Inc.; 27Feb76; 

Inc. C Science Research Associates, Inc.; C33767. 

5Feb76: C33737. C33753. 

The Apartment house comes o£ age; a C33768. 

C33738. lecture. By Andrew Alpern. 33 p. Audiology: an audio journal for 

Approaches to test validation; script. C Andrew Alpern; 17Feb76; C33753. continuing education. Vol. 1, no. 2, Fr b. 

No. 7-1635. By James C. Sharf E others. 1976. 26'p. Appl. au: larry J. Bradford. 

1 V. Appl. au: Science Research C3375a. C Grune and Stratton, Inc.; 15Jan76; 

Associates, Inc. C Science and Research Hhy 95 out of 100 men are financial C33768. 

Associates, Inc.; 5Feb76; C3373fi. failures. By Carlos Jones. 7 p. 

e Carlos Jones; 17Feb76; C3375H. C33769. 

C33739. Problem pacers, level Q; scripts for 

Run for your life. 15 p. Appl. au: C33755. cassettes. Sheets. Appl. au: Random 

James Stanley Bush. James Starley Bush; The Social organization of the vocal Rouse, Inc., employer for hire of nary Y. 

9Feb76; C33739. group. Sheets. Add. ti: Can tom etr ics , Nesbit, James Pearson E Neil H. Ballen. 

how to measure world song style. Appl. g Random House, Inc.; 21Jan76; C33769. 

C337I10. au: Alan Lomax. S Alan Lomax; 17Feb76; 

Wheeler dealer. ^ p. e Training C33755. C33770. 

Systems, Inc.; 9Feb76; C337a0. ' living love — you're O.K. Pt. i. By 

C33756. Joyce P. Kimble. Sheets (29 p.) e Joyce 

C337I41. A Visit with Eloise Greenfield, writer. P. Kimble; 20Feb76; C33770. 

uhatcha gonna do? 7 p. Training By Eloise G. Greenfield. 7 p. e Floise 

Systems, Inc.; 9F6b76; C337t|1. Greenfield; 18Feb76; C33756. C33771. 

C337142. C33757. presentation.' By nuriel Schneider. 15 p. 

Systematic relaxation. 1 v. Add. ti: Pioneer life in Cobb County, Georgia. e Muriel Schneider; 20Feb76: C33771. 

The Art and techniques of meditation and By Bowling C. Yates. 18 p. e Bowlina C. 

relaxation: systematic relaxation, ♦he Yates; 19Feb76; C33757. C33772. 

trip, white sound, keyword. Appl. au : Battery chargers; broadcast scrip*:. 2 

Soger J. Kadell. C Roger J. Kadell; C33758. p. (Consumer reports, TV- 296) 

11Feb76; C337H2. Illinois High School Association 1976 e Consumers Union of Onited Sta'-es; 

class A basketball tournament; television 20Feb76; C33772. 

C337143. production script. sheets. Appl. au : 

Visual learnino disabilities. i) p. Lisle R. Hawley, Jr.--Eick Hawley. Prev. C33773. 

Appl. au: University of Wisconsin, rea. 25Feb75, C31995. Nil: general Egos; broadcast script. 2 p. (Consuii.?r 

Extension. e The Regents of the updating. (B Lisle E. Hawley, Jr.; reports, TV- 302) € Consumers Onion of 

Universitv of Wisconsin; 28Jan76; 19Feb76; C33758. United States; 20Feb76; C33773. 

C33759. C337711. 

C337int. Mankind— child of the stars; Zurich Vitamin C; broadcast script. 2 p. 

Illusion and reality. 23 p. Appl. au : speech. 1 v. Appl. au: Max H. Flindt. (Consumer reports, TV-30U) J Consumers 

Virginia Hamilton Adoff (as Virginia Prev. pub. lnar73, no. a88805. NM: Union of United States; 20Feb76; C337""). 

Hamilton) P Virginia Hamilton; «Feb76; additions 6 revisions. © Max H. Flindt; 

C3374D. 1lreb76; C33759. C33775. 

Sardines; broadcast scrip*. 2 p. 

C337a5. C33760. (Consumer reports, TV-236) e Consumers 

Our country: yesterday, today and Wreath retractivity of Schreier Union of United Sta'es; 20Feb76; C33775. 

tomorrow. Script composed £ delivered by extensions of semigroups. By Eugene 

Wallace Thurston Martin. 16 p. 6 Sallace Sadowski. 63 p. 6 Eugene Sadowski; C33776. 

Thurston Martin; 13Feb76; C337H5. 7Nov75; C33760. Color TV repairs; broadcas* scrip'. 2 

p. (Consumer reports, TV-298) 

C337II6. C33761. C Consumers Union of United States; 

Premature rupture of the membranes. 37 Subconscious feel through self-hypnosis; 20Feb76; C33776. 

p. (Update: a clinical continuu- ir lecture. By Al DaVingi, pseud, of Stan 

obstetrics and gynecology, prog . no. 6) Conley. sheets (IB p.) e Stan Conlev; 

e The American College of Obst' icians 12Jan76; C33761. 
and Gynecologists; 2Feb76; Cij7t6. 


C337it7. Script for Valley Forge tour. 33 p. 

Rh iso-immunization. 3t p. (Update: a 6 Valley Forge Tours, Inc.; 10Feb76; 

clinical continuum in obstetrics and C33762. C33778. 

gynecology, program no. 5) S The American Foam mattresses; broadcast script. 2 p. 

College of Obstetricians and Gyneco- C33763. (Consumer reports, TV-221) 6 Consumers 

legists; 2Feb76; C337I17. Reflections on Gabriel Marcel's 'heme of Union of United States; 2CPeb76; C337-8. 

immortality as presence. By Katharine 

What makes you move? Script. Onit 1. Hanley; 25Feb7b; C33763. Household cleaners; broadcast scrip*. 

3 p. Appl. au: Charlene Solomon. t V. p. (Consumer reports, TV-299) 

Reggie Edgerton; 12Feb76; C337as. C33761I. P Consumers Onion of Un 




.ng t : 





p. (Con SI 

umer re 


= , 



e Consume; 





ed St 




Rose Hanley. 2U p. g Katherine Rose 


Hanley; 25Feb7b; C33763. 

Household clean- 
p. (Consumer rep( 


e Consumers Onion 

Utility customer relations, a better 

20Feb76; C33779. 

way; video tape script. 1 v. 6 Stone 


Webster Management Consultants, Inc.; 


30Jan76; C3376a. 

Color TV; broadc 


Health: exercise, growth and nutritio 
an introd. 2 p. Appl. au: Charlene 
Solomon, Deborah Meyer 6 Jon Wokuluk. 
fl V. Reggie Edgerton; 12Feb76; C337i(9. C33765. 

stamps: commemorating a century of 
C33750. expositions; script for a 12-minute, 

The Fountain filled with blood; a sound, color film. Scriptwriter: Meyer 

sermon. By Isaac Jenkins. 9 p. C Lion Hanson. 17 p. C Hanson Associates; 

Publishina Company, Inc., a division of 19Feb76; C33765. 

ABC/Dunhill Music, Inc.; 18Feb76; 
C33750. C33766. 

Martial arts and self defense course f 
beginners: tae kwon do, karate, kung £u 


Moose ar 

id dog i 


lounce: keep *he Pe] 

glass proi 



3v Richard 

James Of 

p. e Ricf 

■-ard J. 


-t as Archi 



i Group; 







n the total summatic 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(J(Jitional records that may exist. 


The Pea. 

:eable gi 




. 2 p. 


J oh: 




C33782 (con.) Sund. 2 v. o Bell and Houell Company; recording script. 6 p. C Saint Germain 

By Gerald L. Broun. 1 7. Gerald 1. 1nar76; C33798. Press, Inc.- 1nar76- 033813 
Brown; 23Feb76: C33782. 

C33799. C33811I. 

C33783. Weather around us. By Pichard A. Corresponding to the recorded dictation 

The Church's ministry to gay people and Anthes. 1 v. Bell and Howell Company; by Beloved Saint Germain, Novomber 23, 

their families. By Elisabeth E. 9Plar76: C33799. 1952, New York City, New York; reccrdino 

Fairchild. 15 p. Elisabeth E. script. 15 p. C Sain' Germain Press, 

Pairchild a.k.a. Betty Fairchild; C33800. Inc.; 1Nar76; C3381U. 
2itFeb76; C33783. The Ocean world. By «. Grant Gross. 1 

V. O Bell and HoweH Company; 9nar7e: C33815. 

C337814. C33eOO. Corresponding to the recorded dicta'ior 

by Euler of the Violet Planet, November 

C33801. 22, 1952, New York City, New York; 

^JJ'o". A Christian Science lecture entitled: recording script. 12 p. C Sain* Germain 

Our thinking and our world. 23 p. Add. Press, Inc.; lHar76; 03381"=. 
C33785. 'i: A lecture on Christian Science 

The Onited States of America: a cultural entitled: Our thinkino and our world. C33B16. 

stew; lecture. By Frances Ellen Mi ley. 6 The Christian Science Board of Corresponding to the recorded dicta'io' 

Sheets (5 p.) C Frances Ellen Miley; Directors; 1Dec75; C33a01. by Great Cosmic Anael, November 21, 1952, 

25Feb76; C33785. New York City, New'York; recording sc^-'-p'. 

C33B02. 9 p. « Saint Germain Press, Inc.; 

C33786. Wordplay. Ser. 6. 6 v. C Coronet lnar76; C33816. 

Bother Goose gets high; lecture. By Instructional Bedia, a division of 

Andrew E. Bryant. 1 v. Prev. reg. NM: Esguire, Inc.; 2'4Feb76; 033802. 033817. 

additions C translation. C Andrew F. Corresponding to the recorded d-cta'-'o* 

Bryant; 27F6b76; 033786. 033803. by Beloved Baster Jesus, November 20, 

Seeing the Soviet Union. Ser. 6. 6 v. 1952, New York Ci^-y, New York; recordi':a 

C33787. e Coronet Instructional Bedia, a division script. lip. C Saint Germain Press, 

PentadynamicE. By Joseph Barta, John of Esguire, Inc.; 26Feb76; 033803. Inc.; 1flar76; 033817. 
Sdl, Avrum Bendelsohn 6 Don Biller. 21 p. 

Prev. reg. Sept. 1975, C32935. NB: C33801I. 033818. 

revisions 6 additions. e Joseph Barta, Arnie remembers and imagines. 11 p. The Popcorn dragon with ''-e sweet too-"-. 

John Edl, Avrum Bendelsohn 6 Don Biller; e Billiken Publishing Company; 17Feb76; By Francis Br^ckman. 3 p. e Frank 

13Feb76; 033787. C3380U. Brickman; 9Bar76; 033818. 

C3380 5. C338 19. 

The Physical me. 12 v. (The Human Bajor leaaue tapes. Tapes 1-3. Prber' 

environment, kit 2) 6 Nystrom, division W. Ellis, author. 3 v. C Pcbert V. 

of Carnation Company; 17Dec75; 033805. Ellis; 8Bar75; 033819. 

C33789. C33806. 033820. 

The Female reproductive system; final Address to American Association of Tel -Law tape library. 1 v. 6 Tel-lav, 

recording script. P*. 1-3. 3 v. Appl. Presidents of Independent Colleges and a joint activity of the Ei verside-San 

au: Visual Concepts, Inc. 6 Warner- Universities. 2 v. Appl. au: John F. Bernardino County Bar Associa' ion; 

Chilcott laboratories, division of Silber. C John E. Silber; 9Feb76; 12Feb76; 033820. 
Harner-Lambert Company; 18Feb76; 033789. 033806. 


<^33790. 033807. Speaking for America: American 

Children land, the Bugaboo Bear. By Challenges to American Jewry. By activists; 12 original interviews. i v. 

Charles L. Fivenbark, Sr. 6 p. (5 Charles Marshall Sklare. 9 p. 8 Marshall Sklare; 6 visual Education Corporation; 1Ba'-76; 

L. Hivenbark, Sr. ; 1Mar76; 033790. 1Mar76; 033807. 033821. 

C33791. C33808. C33822. 

Tel-Pet tape library. 1 v. e Tel-Pet, Corresponding to the recorded dictation Tell me why, my daddy; monolooue. fy 

an activity of the Eiverside Humane by Beloved Saint Germain, November 30, Dorothy E. Smith. 11 p. e Dorothy F. 

Society; 12Feb76; 033791. 1952, Washington, D.C.; recording script. Smi'h; 5Bar76; 033822. 

11 p. e Saint Germain Press, Inc.; 

C33792. 1Bar76: 033808. 033823. 

Toothpaste commercial. 1 p. Appl. au: West Burnside Street. Au'hor: S'even 

Salvatcre Patti. C Salvatore Patti ; 033809. Clark Snyder. 1 p. e Steven Clark 

26Feb76; 033792. Corresponding to the recorded dictation Snyder; 1Bar76; C33823. 

by Beloved Saint Kumara, November 19, 

C33793. 1952, New York City, New York; recording 033821. 

Dogfood commercial. 1 p. Appl. au: script. 10 p. 6 Saint Germain Press, Why? By Lucile Cauoherty a.k.a. Davna 

Salvatore Patti. e Salvatore Patti; Inc.; 1Bar7e; C33809. leab. 2 p. S lucile' Dauahertv a.k.a'. 

26Feb76; 033793. Dayna Leah; 23Feb76: C3382U.' 


C3379iJ. Corresponding to the recorded dictation 033825. 

Social security made simple. Sheets (9 by Goddess of Liberty, November 18, 1952, let's stop all wars: a new plan for 

p.) C Paul Indianer and Company, Inc.; New York City, New York; recording script. human peace. By Fritz Franz lumen, pseud. 

26Feb76; C3379U. 10 p. C Saint Germain Press, Inc.; of Frederic F. Clair. Tt p. C Frederic 

1Mar76; 033810. F. Clair; 9Feb76; 033825. 

(loose brags to dog and announces further C33811. C33P26. 

Pepsi glass promotions. By Eichard James Corresponding to the recorded dictation Hank. By James lee Owen. t p. C Jam«> = 

Ott. 1 p. e Eichard J. Ott as Archimedia ty Goddess of Justice, November 17, 1952, Lee Ower. a.k.a. Jim Owen; 12Feb76; 

Associates Group; 27Feb76; C33795. New York City, New York; recording script. 03382?.. 

8 p. e Saint Germain Press, Inc.; 

C33796. 1Bar76; 033811. 033827. 

Probing power plants. 7 p. (Man and Bemories from a bench. 2 p. Appl. au: 

molecules, script no. 795) 6 American C33812. Eugene P. Gentile (Geno) C Eugene P. 

Chesical Society; iiMar7e; 033796. Corresponding to the recorded dictation Gentile; 8Bar76: 033827. 

by Beloved Daddy, November 16, 1952, New 

C33797. York City, New York; recording script. 8 033828. 

Saving energy at home. 6 p. (Ban and p. C Sain* Germain Press, Inc.; 1Bar76; Peality rides aoain. By Jccelyn BacKay 

molecules, script no. 791) O American C33812. 6 Harold C. Boss.' 2 p. C Harold 0. Poss 

Chemical Society; UMar76; C33797. d. b. a. RX Busic; 1Bar75: C33828. 


C33798. Ccrresponding to the recorded dictation C33829. 

Piaget for educators; a multimedia by Beloved Saint Germain, November 7, Potential and Pepcor. 5 p. C Petroleum 

program. By Paul H. Ankney 6 Sober* B. 1952, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Eneroy Producing Corporation; 17Feb7e; 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any aidditiona! records that may exist. 

C33830 - C33881 


C33830. "3M6. 

Advanced clues to reading progresE; who ai, l . i 

audio scripts. Packages no. 1-2. 2 v. € naurice Coe : 

C Educational progress Corporation; ""odrto Hamilton, Ohio. 1 p. Jppl- . 

2Feb76; C33830. ""yiur o.n thing: scripts. Author: Ford R. Ha.pton. 6 a. V.A . , Inc. ; 

_„„,, Lorraine Compeau. Sheets. 6 Creative 15Bar76; C3386U. 

woman's song. 3 p. Appl. au: Colleen Audio-Visuals; 6Feb76; C33BU7. ^^^^^^ 

J. McElroy. C Colleen J. McElroy; r-i3Rufl P True story. By Lennox Fitz Hel- 

^''^^''■- "''"'- "ITcls cue; relax. 29 p. Appl. au: lington. 5 p! e Lnnox Fit. WelUng'c 

Bandy Alan Horan. G Randy Alan Horan; 15Bar76; C33865. 

11Bar76; C338148. 



se. 1 p. Appl. 
C Jone Allison 

au: Jone Allison 
Booraem; 3nar76: 




apolis. 30 p. Add. ti: Enjoy autc 

Living on the threshold of experience. and walking tours in sound of Annapoli; 

_,,„„ By fc-erner Erhard. 5 p. 6 Werner Erhard; naryland. Appl. au: Lerore K. Loeu_ng( 

"Edu-Tel tape library. 1v. BTe- U«ar76; C338U9. C^En joy Co«> .ng, ^nc. ; 15Har76; 

letronix Information Systems, division of 

United Recording Electronics Industries; C33e50. », „ . . nlBS? 

--^^^= "^"-^- „,jrer?°^""-^Tjos'e^h^°„i:?o^"Brile"r; "cr^a-five persuasion, featuring Fred 

C3383.. .. ,2Bar76; C33850. "Js B^^e ; "3?8e7! ^^"" """""^ ' ' "" 

Families in crisis; master scripts. 8 

V. coronet Instructional Media, a C33851. riiRSft 

division of Esguire, Inc.; 12„ar7e; , „r^L?--!*i°[,:r T^;or f Ea;;r d""'^" "po^^^ closes, featuring Zig .igle.. 

^33831. ^^^^^ ^_l_^_ g^.^^ Branch Press; 23Feb76: p. € Trula Holdings, Ltd.; 15Bar76; 

C33851. C33868. 


ge* a zoofin mad. 1 v. Appl. 

C33852. C33869. 

^^''^^^^tM^^'-' y^-v:-^i^-^^^'- fe=^j— Afirc-be?o!-frrv^?uia 

Steinbera; 5«ar76. C33835. Ltologic Communication and Education; Holdings , Ltd. ; 15nar76: C33869. 

C33836. 23Feb76; C33852. ^^^^_^^ 

^^:}tr-^^^'^^- c338.3.^^^^_ _^_^^^_ „„^^^^^^ .-i'^^^^i^Tu^n: - 

5Mar76, ._3836. volumes. Appl. au: Donald D. Kurth E Kiel C33870. 

(-33837 Ver Hoef. Prev. pub. lllSep71, A29229B. 

I me; Jambo. Author : Lennox Fi' z nb: additions 6 revisions 8 The Economy "^^^'^dds are, 'ea'urlna Eot Altin. 10 

Wellington, a p. e Lennox Fitz Company; 23Feb76; C33853. p. '" ? ?r ula Hold ings, L^d . ; 15Bar76; 

Wellinaton; 8Bar76; C33837. riimi 

CSSBSU. C33871. 

p,,Q,Q The Symbolism behind my ring. By Steven 

The success- Science seminar. By B. VanSlyck. 2 p. Steven B. Vanslyck; C33872. -p„*„rdno 

Donald Robison. 1v. e Donald Eobison: 12Har76: C3385U. F,Ia%erman 2o"p! "^S Tr-'la ^loldincs, " 

3Bar76: C33838. C33855. 1* d. ; ' " 1 5l1ar76 ; C33872. 

j.33g39 How to install formica; a script. 1 v. 

Owens-Corning Figerglas Corporaticn 9 Technical Educational Films, Inc.; "^ll "the hand you're dealt, featuring Ty 

National Roofing contractor's Association, 12Bar76, C33855. Boyd. 18 p. Tru la Holdings, Ltd. ; 

1976 NECA show. Phoenix, Arizona, February ic»,,7(;. r33873 

11-13, 1976; script. 14 p. Appl. au: C33856. „ „ • , . 15Bar76, C33873. 

Leon G. Wilde. C Szchrdglck, Inc. d.b.a. The sunnyville clown. By Daniel A. 

Science House; 8nar76; C33839. Ferraro. 20_p._ 6 Daniel A. ferr = -"- 


12Bar76'; C33856. ' '^he Psychology of closing on object-ons, 

featuring Zig Zigler. 11 p. 6 Trula 

':338t0. rna-;? Holdinas, L*d. ; 15Bar76; C3387U. 

Volkswagen, Chicago Automobile Show, CJJBb/. . ., ■ ,, 

February 21-29, 1976; script. 9 p. Appl. Government (a foundation blueprint) ^3387= 

,„. D^h ifonndv (" S7chrdolck Inc T-evisited. By Tom Anderson. 13 p. c Tom CJJH'-. . , ^ ^ ■ 

a"b.asr' -■'-■■-- =""^'-' -"■°"" IrJlrL.. 12Lr76: C33857. Prospecti-g withou-: a pick, fea'url' 

House; 8Bar76: C338"t0. Anderson; 12Mar76; C33857. 

Op. e Trula Holdin 

e338«i C33858. 1-3-; 15Mar76; C33875. 

Indu'strialization and urbanization; organic farming. ' P" <"!.". ^"'^. ^, „ „,^-,, 

scr'p* 8 p. (Americana * 50) Appl. au: molecules, script no. 797) e American '^^'r^' , , .„„ fo,tur-ina 7^a 

^cGrL-HilAook company. B «!:Grar-Hill, Chemical Society; 18Bar76; C33858. ..ri^.^^^"^ 3 p. C Tr^'laToldlngs , i td . ; 

' " * ' r3^8S9 15Har'76; C33876. 

"flli-to-v Of women in social wo.k By molfcu ^sf sc^pt^U: 796r 6 '"rerrcan C,3877. ^ 

Gr^r^^ckL^! Tr,rr.llll T^sor^ ChLical Societ?; 18„ar76; C33859. ,.-°f "r ?.^^r^:uirHold?;^sr ?t^ "" 

9nar76; C33842. ^^^^^^_ lina'ne; C33877. 

Shackford. Sheets (23 p.) Includes C33860. C Trula Holdings, L .d. . ^ 

music, e Charles E. Shackford; 10Bar76; r-,,aTQ 

C338lt3 C33861. C338/9. ,„,^„^^,„ „, , 

"^''"- The Bicentennial blitz: script. By objection overruled £«;"rir.g Hal 

e338«.. David Kinschner. 2 p. Da vid Kinscfner ; Krause 11 p© Trul a Holdings, L . d. . 

Locator service. By Frazier L. Hudson. 15«ar76; C33861. 15!1ar76, C33879. 

2 p. e Frazier L. Huds 

C33862. C33880. 

e33au5. Hampton. 6 U. V. A. , Inc. ; 15Bar76: C Trula Holdings , ltd. ; 15Bar76. C3e 

TO err is huperson. By Seymour S. C33862. C338ei 

^';!::;.. ".?;=„? ^''^"""^ '■ ''"""= C33863. Good-mommg, great day, featuring Kip 

Glasscock. 15 p. 
15Bar76; C33881. 

— ^= "38«5. C33863. ._.,,_ ,„,,3t 1 6, 1 95S , Gl^s^^o^k! ll ' pJ T T^:!; Held ings: L^d . 

Ode to Denni 
died January 27, 1976, by U.V.A. 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any adciitional records that may exist. 

By Edward n. Brady. 33 p. C Edward 

il esta-e. No. 

Brady; 18Bar76; C33111. 

Appl. au: 

: Service. 



B New theorv of plane* fornation a 

spacing. By C. H. Batson. 7 p. Pr 

reg. 11Jun75, C32a56. vn: additions 

revisions. C C. H Hatson; 11nar76; 

'fice: handling 



C33882. C33B97. 

Multiple dioensional reality percep- How to make money in r« 

tions. 5 p. Appl. au: Kelsey A. Jcnes. 708-709. Sheets (96 p.) 

O Kelsey A. Jones; 9Mar76; 033882. Medical Economics Cassett 

C Litton Industries, Inc. 
C33883. C33e97. 

Historical and religious perspectives, 
an overview. "4 p. Appl. au: Kelsey A. C33898. 

Jones. C Kelsey A. Jones; 9nar76; Sex counseling in the c 

C33883. changing attitudes of "the new woman." 

Sheets (5U p.) (Human seiuali^y in C33913. 

C338811. medical practice, no. U03) Appi. au : legend of Sawgrass Sally. By Douglas w . 

Creative ESP dynamics. By Regina Medical Economics Cassette Service. Chariton. 2 p. e Counf-ry Sun Publis!-iro 

Russell, pseud, of Caroline Ann Schmock. C Litton Industries, Inc.; 18nar76; Company; 1Mar76; C33913'. 

52 p. C Caroline Ann Schmock; 22Mar76; C33898. 

C33880. C3391U. 

C33899. The Ki*e. By Douglas ». Charlton. 3 p. 

C33885. Sex counseling in the office: handling C Country Sun Publishing Company; IKarlf; 

The Determination of the spacial common patient problems. Sheets (35 p.) 033911. 

geometric shapes of simple, single-bonded, (Human sexuality in medical practice, no. 

hybridized molecules. By Anna Maria tOU) Appl. au: Medical Economics Cassette C33915. 

Patelli. 6 p. e Anna Maria Patelli; Service. Litton Industries, Inc.; Doctor Pepper in Belgium. By John C. 

9Mar76; C33885. ieMar76; C33899. Huismann 6 others. 1 v. C John C. 

Huismann, Paul Poznanter, J. Craig Oxford, 
C33886. C33900. Nicole Stevens, Bylie D. Barnef ,' Gloria 

Simple devotion to Christ. By J. Boy Sex and the teenager. Sex and the older A. Trierweiler d.b.a. Phobts; 31Mar76; 

Legere. Sheets (26 p.) NM: additional woman. Sheets (36 p.) (Human sexuality C33915. 

text. Apostolic Formation center for in medical practice, no. 105) Appl- au: 

Christian Eenew-all, Inc.; 18Mar76; Medical Economics Cassette Service. C33916. 

C33886. C Litton Industries, Inc.; ieMar76; Justifying the unjustifiable. Ey Thoit»s 

C33900. Szasz. Sheets (200 p.) 6 University c' 

C33887. Cincinnati; 3Mar76; C33916. 

The Tiniest candle. 11 p. Appl. au : 

C33601 . 

Damon Younoer. Damon Younger; 19Mar76; 

Treatment techniques in practice. UU p. 

C 3 39 17. 


(Human sexuality in medical practice, no. 

Entering into the silence, the Seneca 

106) f.ppl. au: Medical Economics Cassette 

way. By Twylah Hurd Nitsch. 19 p. 


Service. 6 Litton Industries, Inc.; 

C Twylah Hurd Nitsch; 25Mar76: C33917. 

Uncle Anti's disco (disco-mania) By Roy 

18Mar76; C33901. 

B. Yokelson s Joseph Gancl. 1 p. C Roy 


B. Yokelson d.b.a. Antland Producticns 6 


Salesmanship; individualized instruct- 

Joseph Ganci d.b.a. Hurtin' Productions; 

Tax-sheltered investments-oil and 

proaram. No. 130800. 2 v. Appl. au: 

1Mar76; C338e8. 

gas-cattle feeding. No. 703. Sheets (59 

Marvin w. Hempel. 6 Educational Eesearc 

p.) Appl. au: Medical Economics Cassette 

Associates, Inc. ; 22Mar76; C339ie. 


Service. 6 Litton Industries, Inc.; 

Bow to buy your own business. By John 

18Mar76; C33902. 


Faraci. 1 u"' p. 6 John Faraci; 16Mar76; 

Two current applications of the 



mood/interest theory: Henry Kissinger a' 

Tax-sheltered investments- real estate. 

♦he inTelliaence community. By Jack E. 


No. 701. 13 p. Add. ti: Tax -shelter ed 

Holmes E Robert Thomas Pocock. 37 p. 

Healing energy-- whence, where and how. 

investment-real estate. Appl. au: Medical 

Prev. reo. as A Mood/interest theory of 

By A. A. Zachow. m p. 6 A. A. Zachow; 

Economics Cassette Service. « Litton 

American foreign policy, 19Feb-'6. NB: ] 

20Jan76; C33890. 

Industries, Inc.; 18Mar76; C33903. 

18-35. e Jack E. Holmes; 22Mar76; 



Prescription for smoking control. 13 p. 

A Guide to investment advisors. No. 


Appl. au: Francis Fred Randall. 

705. Sheets (33 p.) Appl. au: Medical 

The Explanation of Insan and 203 othe; 

e Phvsicians' Audio Education Aids; 

Economics Cassette Service. 6 Litton 

discourses. Multiple volumes. 6 Guru 

25Feb76; C33891. 

Industries, Inc.; 18Mar76; C33901. 

Bawa Fellowship of Philadelphia; 22Bar- 



Trainer's proaram, behavioral modi- 

Top secret of the American Revolution, 


fication/social skills workshop. 1 v. 

the view from the London terrace. 3 p. 

Resource recovery. 7 p. («an and 

Add. ti: Behavioral modification/social 

Appl. au: Archie Brayden. B Archie 

molecules, script no. 798) C American 

skills/assertive training workshops. 

Brayden; 30Mar76; C33905. 

Chemical Society; 5Apr76; C33921. 

Appl. aa: Eve Cappello 6 Sandra Judeikis 

Champagne. 6 Eve Cappello & Sandra 



Champagne d.b.a. A.C.T. Institute; 

Bhy am I afraid to tell you who I am? 3 

Male and female roles. 6 v. C Globe 

25Mar76; C33892. 

p. Appl. au: Edeltraud Michaelis. 

Fllmstrips, a division of Esguire, Inc. 

e Edeltraud Michaelis; 18Mar76; C33906. 

5Apr76; C33922. 


Tax sh 


rs gui 


;erly including ; 


estate t; 




winter 1976. 

32 p. 

Appl. au 

: Ma: 

rvin i 


Weinstein. 6 C ■ 



se, Il 


; 26nar76; C33891. 


Bed, white, and blue in black; a series C33907. C33923. 

of radio vignettes. Vol. 2. By Jases D. Science and superstition versus Audio journal review: general surgery. 

Pendleton. Multiple volumes. 6 James D. ignorance and skill. Sheets (31 p.) in Vol. 5, no. 1. 26 p. Appl. au: Robert N. 

Pendleton; 17Bar76; C33893. folder. Appl. au : Frederic B. Juenemar. NcClelland (i.e. McClelland) C Grune and 

e Frederic B. Jueneman; 18Mar76; C33907. Stratton, Inc.; 26Jan76; C33923. 

C33S08. C33921. 

Communicate! By Arnold Carter. 112 p. Mee* Mark Twain! An adaptation of "rhe 

e Nightingale-Conant Corporation; works of Mark Twain for the stage. Ey 

18Mar76; C33908. Donald King Cowan. Sheets. e Donald f -a 

Cowan; 15nar76; C33921. 
C33895. C339C9. 

A Guide to investment advisors. No. We are one. By Reggie Leigh Simmons. 3 C33925. 

706. Sheets. Appl. au: Medical Economics p. C Reggie leigh Simmons; ieMar76; A Moses to move the pole stars; a long 

Cassette Service. Litton Industries, C33909. non-edited speech. By J. Canadia Collins. 

Inc.; 18Mar76; C33895. Sheets (166 p.) e J. Canadia Collins: 

C33910. 18Mar76; C33925. 
C33896. our problem. By Reggie leigh Simmons. 

Maximizing retirement income. No. 707. 1 p. C Peggie Leigh Simmons; ieMar76; C33926. 

Sheets. Appl. au: Medical Economics C33910. The Trial of Socrates revisited. By 

Cassette Service. C Litton Industries, Charles J. Katz. 15 p. (The Prosecutio- 

Inc. ; 18Mar75; C33896. C33911. never rests, no. 1) C Charles J. Katz; 

Organization of ship salvage operations. 18Mar76; C33926. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(iditional records that may exist. 


(-,39,7 C339«'4. C33959. 

ThP i'fe the "-ials ar.d 'he beheading Course on retireiien* benefits for 'hf An American's reply to a Canadian 

of T'olas«oe! Chancellor of Enoland, ' selt-e.ploy ed. Sheets (53 p.) Add. U: friend 3p A ppl . an : Tho„sE Gregory 

°.78-1535. By Charle. a. Kat.. 23 p. Pension and profit sharing course, H P. ^oZ^l"^°ll\959 

a Cha-le"; J. Katz; 18«ar76; C33927. 10 (Keogh) plans. Appl. au : Sidney Kess. 29l1ar76, C33959. 

C Commerce Clearing House, Inc.; 1<3Har76; 

r339?8 C339111. C33960. 

"lll\...., nf r,„t,-:n Alfred Dreyfus. Corresponding to the recorded_di 

The Trials of Captain Alfred Dreyfus. 

bv Beloved Hercules, November 10, 1=5;, 

\;j 1 t V,,.., TO „ a rharioe 1 r339U5 bv BCiovea nercuies, novemcuL lu, i-j^ 

Z^T\rJrierih.lV- ' ""'" '■ "sE^ietric measurement program, primary Philadelphia Pennsylvania; recording 

■ 'ape module; final script. By David script. 11 p. 6 Saint Germain P 

(-33,25 Gladstone 6 Joseph Gladstone. 1 v. Inc.; 29nar76; C33960. 

Galileo and the Holy Inquisition. By g Science Besearch Associates, Inc.; ,.,,Qfi 

Charles J. Katz. 27 p. 6 Charles a. 1-1ar76; C339«5. "cor ;s.ondina to the recorded d 

by Great Divine Director, November U 


20Feb76; C33930. C339lt7. 

Katz; 18>lar76; C33929. h„ rro»t ^i'vt^I 

C339U6. by Great Divme 

La Salsa de Trespatines. Libreto: 1952, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 

Progressive relaxation training. By leopoldo H. Fernandez. Multiple volumes. recording script 8 p. « Iji"^' Germain 

Kennelh E. BacDonald. ID p. Add. 'i? S leopoldo H. Fernandez: 17Sep75: Press, Inc. ; 29Har76; C33961. 

Doctor Kenneth HacDonald's "progressive C339U6. r-i3Qfi7 

Kenneth E. MacDonald; ^^^^^^^ "corresponding to the recorded dicta-Ion 

No t^tle as of yet. 2 p. Appl. au: by Beloved Cosmos, Hovember 13, 1952, 

,3„3T Gail Dolores Hynr. B Gail Dolores Hynn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; recording 

leng*. «ass and volume 8 p ,«etric Huland Fl ; 12nar76; C339.7. ^^c' f" 29 Jar^S; V3396;.''""" '"''' 

system for beginners, set A, units 1-2) 

Appl. au: Pansy Lona Hindson. 6 Pansy C33948. . P„q., 

■, ,^• J -. -iTM^^T*;. (-■■3^Q"5i ThpcircuitsoiDowerana discourse in LJjypj- 

Long Hindson; 2211ar76. C33931. ^ Jhe ^Circuits^ot po^ r^^n^^ pomanowski. Corresponding to the recorded dictation 

^,,,3, 12 p. Nfl: interpretation 6 additions. by Beloved Archangel Michael, November 11 

ew Sexual awareness. 6 p. e .ylvie Bomano.sRi ; 1Apr76; C339U8. ""X J^^^^fiS"' 1 rr'e'sa"-' n J Germa- 

Caren Nederlander. 6 Educational ^ t^. " 59;,r7fi- C33963 

Publications, inc.; 19.1ar76; C33932. C339a9. P-^^SS' 1"=- I 29«ar76, C33963. 

Bind and matter: the step by step 

(-3303, creation of the unified universe. By C3396U. ^ = ^- ^ »• 

The Proiect A»are presentation. 32 p. Aaron Henry Silver. Sheets (95 p.) Corresponding to the recorded ai^^atict 

Appi au-'Dav<d B C?aw?ord 6 John ' e Aaron Henry Silver; 22«ar76; C339a9. by Beloved Eay-0-Light , November 2 195, 

Isaacson. e David B. Crawford S John Philadelphia ^-/•^yl"^^^; „-^°f„"3^3 

Isaacson- 2Una'76- C33°3i. C33950. script. 10 p. 6 Saint Germain Press, 

' ' Tllirois Hioh School Association 197f Inc.; 29nar76; C3396U. 


Illinois High 

AA Basketball Tournament television 

Subaru wagon; broadcast script. 3 p. production script. Sheets. Appl. au: N. "'965 includ-no S ar d '1 

^^-ror.ninHtan;r"^5„L^?r"33«.. ^31^^:- ii- Jnisi^^r-^^inin:!; b:ii anr-^n^: b g!° By's i^i^ 23 p. 

un-on 01 jnxx , Telephone Company; 1Bar76; C33950. C Cupola Productions; 30Nar75; C33965. 


C33951. C33966. 

,C^ns::;r^r:p^r?i: Tv!^?^; I ^insumers "^:?:;nce comprehension. 3 p. (Auditory --- P-^j--^- -- ^^^-^Zl^l 

Dnion Of united States; 25„ar7S; C33935. ----s^velK script no. 5, Appl. ^^^.^^^-^r^^S^ C339ee!^ 


William Wittenberg. © Ait Way Music 
Corporation; 29Mar76; C33951. 


J^SSilHh^rC^ir-clie. "?:^?;ory memory. 3 p. .(Auditory ^'^^'^TZS^llf''" 

readiness, level K, practice script no. 7) edited by Larry J. Bradtord. .^5 p. 

f.33q,7 Appl. au: William Wittenberg. S Air Way (Audiology: an audio journal for 

Bologna; broadcast script. 2 p. Music corporation ; 29Mar76; C33952. "f.^™;! "T'T"^ Ittin Ire' - " 

(Consumer reports, TV-192) 6 Consumers i^I^U.f C3396" """""' ^'■^•• 

Union of UnUed States; 25Mar76; C33937. C33953. 13Rpr76, C33967. 

Familiar sound identification. 3 p. 

"^Hl^... cars 107S- broadcast script. ^"^ a:f j^lli^m ^W^rJellber"'^; A?: "r^a;ter of life.and dea^h: a lecture o 

2 r (Co:sum:r%eports, TV-27 5, wly M^^ic Corporation; 29Mar7e; C33953. ;;;-^^^%-/^J^,-frDaviKC:onr " 

e Consumers Onion of nnited St 

25Bar76; C33938. C33954. 

31l<ar76; C33968. 

Following directions. 2 p. (Auditory 

jvj^ readiness, level K, practice script no. 6) C33969. „,-.„„ „^„ 

Prepaid legal services: broadcast Appl. au: William Wittenberg. 6 Air Way Drinking thing.. By li^a^ »- ^ance 

ript'. 3 p! (Consumer reports, TV-309) Music Corporation ; 29Mar76; C3395«. Marks 9 p 6 Imda E. Nance Marks, 


e Consumers Union of Dnited Stat 

25Mar76; C33939. C33955 

Loud and soft sounds. 2 p. (Auditory C33970. . , , 

C339U0 readiness, level K, script no. 0) Appl. Selling by mail order made easy By 

Humidifiers- broadcast script 2 p. au : William Wittenberg. Air Way Music Charles Eugene Eay. 1 3 p. € Charles E. 

(Consumer rep;r?srTV-255rScinsume':-s Corporation; 29Mar76! C33955. Eay; 31Mar76; C33970. 

union of united States: 25Mar76: C339U0. ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^_ 

C339«i Phythm. 3 p. (Auditory readiness. The Hidden profits in stampings, a 

Mail order regulations; broadcast level K, script no. 3) Appl. au: William "^f * "^,"^*%"^ J^ :?"^9^„„"?f l!^^'"3 v. 

-i!!- „L-„J-"r"!Lir?^^-J^-"«' n;:r?^!-;33^5^:^ "^ """= corporation; -- -,P- ^^^ f^--^^^ tL^ ; " 8A^r7e; 

Consumers Union of Dnited States; 29Mar76; C33956 

25Mar76; C339«1. 



r339U2 Familiar sounds reproduction. 3 p. C3397,:. ,.^», 

someone special. By Harilee Zdenek. 20 (Auditory readiness, level K, script no. Fifi. By Sal^atore Piazza, l:ttl 

p. MarilL Zdenek;^ 2e„ar7S; C339.2. 2,^ Appl. ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^_ ^^si^. " ^M :°na?"?;d , J^c?;ed^:g^in 


Personal umbrella liability 

25 p. C Shelby Publishing corporation; story comprehension. « . p. (Audi ory 

backoround music. 6 Salva 
(-33953. littlest Angel King; 22Mar76; C33972. 

26Ma^76- C339143. readiness, level K, prac'ice script no. 8) C33973. . , ^. ■ „j tvo 

• Appl. au: William Wittenberg. e Air way Bermuda Triangle discoveries and the 

Music corporation; 29llar76; 033958. Atlantean crystal ball; lectu.e. By Eay 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

C3397U - C3U019 


JAN. - JUN. 

C33973 (con.) 

Brown. 1 V. C Paul De Souza; 26Har76; 



Documentation of daily care. By Eetty 
Henderson. 7 p. C Betty Henderson; 
5Apr76; C3397U. 


The Induction of ovulation. Produced 6 
distributed by Medical Information 
Systems, Inc. for the American College of 
Obstetricians and Gynecologists. 36 p. 
(Update, a clinical continuum in 
obstetrics and gynecology, vol. 1, program 
no. °) C The American College of 
Obstetricians and Gynecologists: 3Cnar76; 


Endometriosis. Produced 6 distributed 
by Medical Information Systems, Inc. for 
the American College of Obstetricians and 
Gynecologists. «it p. (Update, a clinical 
continuum in obstetrics and gynecology, 
vol. 1, program no. 10) B The American 
College of Obstetricians and Gyneco- 
logists: 30Kar76; C33976. 


Diabetes in pregnancy. Produced 6 
distribu-ed by nedical Information 
Systems, Inc. for the American College of 
Obstetricians and Gynecologists. 36 p. 
(Update, a clinical continuum in 
obstetrics and gynecology, vol. 1, program 
no. 11) a The American College of 
Obstetricians and Gynecologists; 30Mar76; 


Pre-emclampsia. Produced & distributed 
by Medical Information Systems, Inc. for 
the American College of Obstet ricia rs and 
Gynecologists. 33 p. (Update, a clinical 
continuum in obstetrics and gynecology, 
vol. 1, program no. 8) 6 The American 
College of Obstetricians and Gyneco- 
logists; 30Mar76; 033978. 


Notes on evolution. By Charles C. 
Bayles. 30 p. 6 Charles C. Bayles ; 
1Apr76; C33979. 


Government: a foundation-blueprint. By 
Tom Anderson. 5 p. Prev- reg. as 
Planetary government, 7Jan76, C33585. NM: 
additions. C Too Anderson: lApr76: 


I am a city. 7 p. e Busifex, Inc.; 
Upr76: C33981. 


National Council of Churches of Christ 
in the U.S.A., Governing Board, Atlanta, 
Georgia, March 3, 1976; address. By 
Coretta Scott King. 5 p. 6 Coretta Scott 
King; 1Apr76; C33982. 


Summertime problems: lecture in a series 
on preventive pediatrics. By Clay G. 
Crouder. 8 p. e clay G. Crowder; 
2Apr76: C33983. 


The Decades: 1930'e. 1 v. NM: 
adaptation, editing S additions. C Visual 
Education Corporation; 12Apr76: 033980. 


The Decades: 1960's. 1 v. NH: 
adaptation, editing £ additions. C Visual 
Education Corporation; 12Apr76; C33985. 


Our changing universe. By John C. 

Brandt. 2 v. c Bell and Houell Company; 
29Mar76; 033986. 


Exceptional teaching. By Owen R. White 
S Norris G. Haring. 2 v. C Bell and 
Howell Company; 26nar76; 033987. 


Counseling with parents of handicapped 
children. Prepared by Elizabeth J. 
Webster, edited by Larry J. Bradford. 2U 
p. in folder. (Communicative disorders: 
an audio journal for continuing education, 
vol. 1, no. 2, February 1976) C Grune and 
Stratton, Inc.; 3Feb76 ; 033988. 


Mainstream education for hearing- 
impaired children. Prepared by Gary W, 
Nix, edited by Larry J. Bradford. 29 p. 
(Audiology: an audio journal for 
continuing education, vol. 1, no. 3, March 
1976) Grune and Stratton, Inc.; 
3Feb76: 033989. 


I am a nation. By Burnie Gayle Barnes. 
2 p. C Burnie Gayle Barnes: 5Apr76; 


An Elaboration on the art of hollo- 
walately; a lecture. By Joseph R. 
Herriges. 5 p. © Joseph p. Herriges; 
5Apr76; C33991. 


Descriptive billing. 10 p. 6 The J. L. 
Hudson Company; 5Apr76; C33992. 


Erica. 1 V. Appl. au : Erica Wilson 
Kagan. 6 Erica Wilson Kagan 8 WGBH 
Educational Foundation; 5Apr76; C33993. 


Ace in +he hole. 7 p. 9 Training 
Systems, Inc.; 5Apr76; C3399«. 


The Detroit assembly line. 7 p. 
€ Training Systems, Inc. ; 5Apr76; 


The Dealer. t p. Training Systems, 
Inc.; 5Apr76; C33996. 


Pythagorean mathematical proportions and 
music of the spheres in Richard 2nd. By 
Leighton F. Scott, Jr. 30 p. 6 Leigh^on 
B. Scott, Jr.; 5Apr76; 033997. 


Local programming, salvation for the 
toob tube. By Katherine J. Leiserino. U 
p. e Katherine J. Leisering; 5Apr76; 


Finding the blacY, identity. By 
Katherine J. leisering. Up. C Katherine 
J. Leisering; 5Apr76; 033999. 


Record keeping for personal finance: 
individualized instruction program. No. 
359000. 1 V. Appl. au: Marvin W. Henpel. 
C Educational Research Associates, Inc.; 
5Apr76; C314000. 


A Jazz story. By James Wilbur Davis. 2 
p. James Wilbur Davis; 12Apr76; 


Astro-Bicentennial (a lecture on 
astrology and its affect on the United 
States) By Helen L. Paul. Sheets (27 p.) 
C Helen L. Paul; 9Apr76; C314002. 



The Phil Regan Amateur Hour. By Jo 
Blaze Regan, Phil Regan 6 Joseph Edward 
Regan. 5 p. Add. ti: The Phil Fegar 
Amateur or Talent Show. C Jo Blaze Fegar, 
Fhil Fegan 6 Joseph Edward Regan; Ufar7e; 


Newsflash 2; or, Pevolu-ion on the 
rocYs. 5 p. Add. ti: Newsflash 76, part 
2: revolution. Appl. au : Dennis Husserl f- 
Anthony Battagla (sic) c Dennis Husserl r 
Anthony Battaglia; 13Apr76; C3U00U. 


The Xenon record of element synthesis. 
20 p. Appl. au: Oliver K. Manuel. 
e Oliver K. Manuel; 9Feb76; C3U005. 


The Woman of the zodiac: a sun-sign 
compatibility guide. By Roy Tate. 5 p. 
C Foy Tate; 31«ar76; C3a006. 


It's our'n. By Bill E. Corrons C Wanda 
F. Corrons. 3 p. 6 Bill E. Corrons E 
Wanda F. Corrons: 5Apr76; C3U007. 


Verf assungstecht und Verf assungsre form. 
By Heinz Gerhard Kramberg. 1 p. C Heir-z 
Gerhard Kramberg; 6Apr76; C3U008. 


Coney Island Pepsi glass giveaway held 
over. 1 p. Appl. au: Richard James Ot*. 
e Richard J. Ott; 6Apr76; C3U009. 


This strange intellioence. By Frarit 
Solomcn. 3 p. e Frank Solomon; 29Mar7f; 


Management in the public sector, *:cday's 
crisis. 31 p. Appl. au: Hugh B. Price, 
Jr. , John C. Caris 6 Dan M. Joslin. 
e Hugh B. Price, Jr., John C. Caris 8 Dan 
K. Joslin; 7Apr76; C3U011. 

C3U0 12. 

What your wife really wants. Written by 
Joyce P. Kimble. IB p. C Joyce P. 
Kimble; 7Apr76; C3U012. 


Yes. By George Kubota. 1 p. (Just of 
the record, no. 1) e George Kubota; 
7Apr76; 031013. 


lecture series 5. By Timo*hy lewis 
Smith. 1 V. e Timothy lewis Smi*h; 
7Apr76; 0300111. 


Mafia; lecture. By Frank Solomon. 3 p. 
C Frank Solomon; 8Apr76; 030015. 


Lecture series 0. By Timothy lewis 
Smith. 21 p. e Timothy Lewis' Smi'h; 
8Apr7e; C3O016. 


lecture series 3. By Timothy I e w- s 
Smith. 1 V. C Timothy Lewis Smith; 
8Apr76; 030017. 


lec-ure series 6. By Timothy lewis 
Smith. 10 p. D Timothy Lewis Smith; 
8Apr76: C300ie. 


The Law of success: an interview wi-h 
Brother Ehavananda. James Ashley, 
interviewer. 17 p. (Oneness of life, 
ser. 1, no. 1) Appl. au: Self -Sea li za t". on 
Fellowship, employer for hire. 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office recor(J pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(d(ditional recor(js that may exist. 


Includes music. Astronaut nusic; series. By George E. Payette. 30 p. 

Seif-Bealization Fellowship: 1fipr76: 15Apt76; C314037. e George E. Payette; 16Apr76; C3UOE3. 

C3lt019 (cor.) 
a Self 


C3U038, C31405U. 

National uet-off. By Jim Cannon E Fick Paid fights back when the trown coa's 

^„,„u.^.. ^^nse, 200 years later. 3 p. Dees. 2 p. Includes music. t Stafree attack. By Dawn H. P. Frederick. 2 p. 

Appl. au: Robert G. Cole, Sr. Appl. Publishing Company £ Sulyn Publishing e Dawn H. P. Frederick; 30Apr76; C3U05<.. 
sta'-es all new except quotations from Company; 15Apr76; C3U038. 

Lincoln 6 paraphrases from the Bible 6 '^"°^-- „, k ^„ , .;„h. ,„„. . =».„n^ pv 

Qiythology. Robert G. Cole, Sr. ; C3U039. The Church m a ':ight spot sermon. Ey 

26nar76- C3UO20. Appraisals in action. 5 v. J. D. Montgomery. 5 p. Appl ■ 


ill her Love. 1 p. Appl. au : Lilly C3U039. 

Richard Guyon E Hillian S. Jones. Waller. 6 Bynester Waller; 

e Professional Development, Inc.; 5Apr7b: 12Apr76; C3U055. 

carpenter, e Lilly Carpenter: 22Har76: rllll .= n„teri,i »,== n,»-he»,tic.n v 

^ C3U0U0. Ghost IS material mass mathematically. 

Jasper. w 6 m J- m Stafford £ Dave By Donald McHahon. 1 p. © Donald 

£-3^322. Loggins. 2 p. 6 Famous Husic Corpo- Mcrahon; 20Dec7U; C314056. 

I'll'remember. By Glenn Alan Paladini, ration, Leeds Husic Corporation E Antique ,,„„ 

nsend of Eleanor Glenn Paladini. 2 p. Busic ; 3lnar76: CSOOOO. C3U057. 

ni^rA^^rP^ia^^": .2Apr7S: C3S022. ^^^^^^_ ^ |P--s • 7e. ^^By ^ Bar hara^W . .owry._ 2 p. 

Densu. w C m Teddy Osei, Mac Tontoh S 


They chose Ame 

u-i tb Sol Amarfio. 2 p. Osibisounds, L*d.; C30058. 

15nar76; C300m. whatever happened to gauie? Written by 

imminrant^ Vol 2 1 V C Visual 15nar76; CiOUtl. wiiaTBVcj. iiappcBu ..u y=ui,= . .I.J. 

rdtiorcorpoJltiin: ;2Ap?76: C30023. Roy Clark. 2 p 6 Otter Creek Mu 

C30002. i9Apr76; C300Db. 
r, „(,■,,, Poddy J.'s rap. Written by Podriguez 

The sun and climate. 7 p. (Han and Jose Ferdnance. Sheets (3 p.) C3U059. . , , . , , ,, 

mnlecnles scrlct no 800) C American Rodriguez Jose Ferdnance, Roddy J. What is America? 1 p. Appl. au: Dcnal'i 

Chemicafsociei?; 16Apr76; C30020. e Rodriouez Jose Ferdnance; l«Apr76: B. Taft. 6 Donald R. Taf; 19Apr76: 

1 y. V • C3ltOll2.' C30059. 

C30025. -ii.ntn 

T^mestone^. 7 p. (Ban and molecules, 031003. ■. 30060. ^ „i, „ 

-.iTo-no ioi) e Aine-ican chem^'cal The Effects of constriction of the Victor Paul Wierwille and The Way. Ey 

So'cieiv- 16Apr76- C3i025. Missouri River since 1879. By Charles E Alan Wallersted-:. 20 p. 

Society, IbApr/b. Belt, Jr. Op. g Charles B . Belt , Jr. ; spiritual Counterfeits Project, Inc. 

20NOV75- C30003. B Spiritual counterfeits Project, Inc.: 

^"T ■ -lA^r-,,^^^ f^=-l= fi V " T9Apr76: C30060. 

Exploring wilderness trails. 6 v. v ' 

Coronet Instructional Media, a division C30000. ^,„„,, 

EsQu^r", Inc.; 22Mar76; C30026. The Great Pyramid of Egypt: an elegant C300fi1. ^ . ^ ^ . 

^ " exercise in advanced physics. By Michael Too confusing for their own good; 

A. Cruise. 01 p. Add. ti: Pyramid at instructional manuals. By Katherine J. 

heology and physics. C Michael Leisering. p. ^e Ka'"-—--- "■ 

pi" e'nog'Music, Inc. 6 Bohannon Busic; A. Cruise; 13Feb76; C30000. " -■--■-- "" 


C300 27 

ran wnn fef=l -^ ^ "5 Rv Hamilton Borannon. biza, arciieoioyy auu ui,Y»i«-a. «^ iij.^.iut4. ^ — — ■ ^^ - t- - ~ ■ 

?" rSj^-L;.: T^^ ^Bihannnn «ns?c A. Cruise; 1 3Feb76 ; 'c30000 . Leisering; 19Apr76; C30061 

C30005. C30062. 

A Physical perspective; lecture series. Let's play read t-he roadsigns. By 

22Mar76: C30027. 

"^bequeath to you-me. 2 p. By's^Viri ! B^o^nr " i ' v"! 'o'Ge^ald " lI Katherine j! Lei sering Op. eKa^heri- 

Constance 0. Eraer. e Connie Erger; Brown; 21Apr76; C30005. J. Leisering; 19AFr76; C30062. 

9Apr76: C30028. r^nnf". 

C30005. C30063. ^ 

e3«029 foing it with mirrors: lecture/de- I"s the little things. By Ka*her!ne J. 

Helo'vourself to a heart attack. 8 p. monstration for teachers. By Don K. Leisering. 6 p. 6 Katherine J. 

Dlau° Richard o! Brernan.e Picfard Kaplan. Sheets (9 p. ) 6 Don W. Kaplan; Leisering: 19Apr76: C30063. 

Appl. au : Richard 0. 

0. Brennan; 9Apr76; C30029. 15Apr76; C30006. 

C300f 0. 

ting the forensics circuit. By 

"Sea^-sighted appraiser. No. 1-315. %r andma Prisbrey- s bot^ le village: or , Katherine J. leisering. 5p gKa'her 

Sheets. I The Patten Corporation: You can't do that sort of thing and expect J. Leisering; 19Apr76; C3U06O. 

9Apr76; C30030. people to pay for it. Lecture/demon- ,,„,, 

stration for teachers. By Don H. Ki,plan. C3006;. 

13 p. e Don W. Kaplan: 15Apr76; C30007. 1^'=.^ dog's life. Ey Katherine J. 

701-703." I'vi'VThe^^t^n'ci^porakon: C30008. leifering; 19 rpr76; ''cSOois! 

12Apr76; C30031. A Mini-course in story theater: tracking 

'he bandersnatch and other slithy foes; C3006€. 

lecture/demonstration for teachers. Bv I' all "ads" up. By Katherine J. 


Drive a little and save a lot. No 


Makes sense. No. 1-33. 1 v. C "he Don w. Kaplan. Sheets (22 p.) 

Leiserina. Op. 6 Katherine J. 

n Corpor'ation'; 12Apr76; '030032. Kaplan; 15Apr76; C3OO08. Leisering; 19Apr76; C3U066. 

030033. C30009. 

By image; a comedy monologue. By lois Lady, you're recking the boat! Six 

Dengrove 5 Richard Cuffari, Jr. 6 f. vignettes. By Muriel D. Bach. 27 p. 

e Lois Dengrove-Dick Cuffari Productions; «S Muriel Bach; 15Apr76; 030009. 

12Apr76; C30033. 

(;3U030 Giordano Bruno. By Hanna Steck. 5 p. 

libra and the scorpion. 20 p. Appl. German. C Hanna Steck; 15Apr76: 030050. 

au: Harion L. Poff. S Barion L. Poff: 
12Apr76; 030030. C30051. 

Classroom manaaement strategies. By C30O69. 

C11035 Martha K. Piper. 7 p. C Bartha K. Piper; Linus Pauling and science. 6 p. (Bar 

Dear Karen. By Stan Waslasky. 1 p. 16Apr76; 030051. and molecules, script no. 803) CAmerica- 

e Stan waslasky:' 0Mat76: C30035. ' Chemical Society; 30Apr76; C30069. 

C31036. Thoughts in exile: breaking the cultural C^0070. 

Eeina you. No. A-D. v. 6 EDI code. By Mark Reader. 29 p. 6 Mark ■^ax views, December 1975 - January 1976. 

a.a.d.o. Educational Direction, Inc.: Reader: 16Apr76; C30052. Sheets. Appl. au: Sidn— ■">" 



its on 


. 12 p. 


1. au 

: 1 


e Ki 

jrt s 






I^ nus 


ig an 

d societ 

y. 6 



and" molecules, 

f scr 

ipt ro. 


C An 



I Soci- 



: 3 


5Apr76; C30036. 


Caesar. 3y Steve Condos 


Part of out past: 

Clearing House, Inc.; itiMar""?; 

These entries alone may not reflect die complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


ftn A* 


: to make 

a 01 

liversal la 


By Pau] 

. Lavallee. 1 






;-Lavallee; 51- 






1 developi 



1 vision 

services: a 

progran c 

)f vi 


.on enhan 


used ir 

1 the 

early grs 


to establi 



ig skills. By 


. Harold St 


12 p. 

G Mr; 

5. Harold 


is; SSpr 




C314071. Includes music. O Arthur Nusic: 5Apr76: Wilson. 5 p. O Randall Wilson: 26fpr7f; 

Audio journal revieu: general surgery. C3U086. C3U100. 
Vol. 5, no. 1, Apr. 1976. sheets (22 p.) 

Appl. au: Robert N. ncclelland. C Grune c3aoe7. C3U101. 

and Stratton, Inc.; unay76; C3U071. Learn to draw by the I. o. Hitte Sys*em. The East coast estranaemen'. Sheet? (1 

By Isadore Oscar Witte. 11 p. C Isadore p.) Appl. au : Richard p. Clikeman (PicV 

039072. Oscar Witte; 28Apr76; 031087. Cl<keman) Songs prev. reg., E0550261 6 

Dinensions of articulation trair.ino. By others. O Pichard R. Clikeman: 26Apr76: 

Harris winitz, edited by Larry J. C314088. C3U1C1. 

Bradford. 25 p. (Communicative Local synthesis of chemical elements of 

disorders: an audio journal for ccn*:inuing the solar system. By Oliver K. Manuel. 031102. 

education, vol. 1, no. 1, January 1976) 20 p. C Oliver K. nanuel; 15nar76; Our love story, sheets ( 2 p.) Afpl. 

Grune and stratton. Inc.; 5Hay76 ; 031088. au : Margaret B. Martin. C Baroaret B. 

031072. Martin E Veterans of Foreion Wars, General 

031089. Lesley J. McNair Post number 5263; 

031073. Memories of Mother. written by Marie 26Apr76: C31102. 
The Psychology of hearing impairment. Webber. 1 p. C Marie Webber; 7May76; 

By Kenneth I. Sltshuler, edited by larry 

J. Bradford. 29 p. (Audiology: an audio 

journal for continuing education, vcl, 1, 

no. 1, April 1976) Grune and Stratton, The Revolution as a war of liberati 

Inc.; 5aay76; C31073. for American women. By nary Beth Nor 

Sheets (29 p.) C Mary Beth Norton; 

031071. 23Feb76; C31090. 

The Communicative chain: some dimensions 

of hearing and learning impairment. By 031091. 

William G. Hardy, edited by Larry J. what an alarming crisis is this: 
Bradford. 27 p. (Audiology; an audio Southern women and the American Revo- 
journal for continuing education, vcl. 1, lution. By Mary Beth Norton. Sheets 
no. 1, January 1976) C Grune and p.) 6 Mary Beth Norton; 23Feb76; 
Stratton, Inc.; 5May76; 031071. 031091. 


Audio journal review: general surgery. 
Vol. 5, no. 2, Feb. 1976. 21 p. Afpl. 
au: Robert N. McClelland. O Grune and 
Stratton, Inc.; 5(1ay76: 031075. 


Audio journal review: general surgery. 
Vol. 5, no. 3, Mar. 1976^ 21 p. Appl. 
au : Robert N. McClelland. e Grune and 
Stratton, Inc.; 1May76; 031076. 


Interstate Hell. By John D. Bay 6 James C31091. 
G. Wallin. 2 p. Includes music. C John Creativity and concept development 

D. Ray S James G. Wallin; 3May76; through the processes of language arts. 

031077. By Constancia Schnoebelen. 11 p. NM: 

revisions. © Constancia Schnoebelen; 
C31078. 5Apr76; 031091. 

The Battle Road adventure; script. 90 
p. NM: additions. C Trav-a-Tapes; C31095. 

26Apr76; 031078. Crane operator training. Sheets. 

e Florida Steel Corporation: 5Mar76; 
031079. C31095. 

A Framework for ministry. 17 p. Appl. 
au : Dennis Edward Kenny. 6 Dennis Edward 031096. 

Kenny: 22Apr76; 031079. Introduction to the theory of ultra 

violet and visible spectra. Written by 
C31080. Brian Howard. 25 p. (Ultra violet and 

Art is a language. 3 p. Appl. au: visible spectroscopy, series 7000, prooram 

Ilise Greenstein. @ Ilise Greenstein; 7001) Appl. au: Communication Skills 

22Spr76; 031080. Corporation. Communication Skills 

Corporation; 26Apr76: C31096. 

Consumer science. 7 p. (Man and C31097. 

molecules, script no. "^99) © American Instrumentation, part 1: spectrop- 

chemical Society; 5Apr76; C31081. hodometer components. Written by Brian 

Howard. 27 p. (Ultra violet and visible 
031082. spectroscopy, series 7000, program 7003) 

Long live the party! A Bicentennial Appl. au: Communication Skills Corpo- 031111. 

review. By Barbara Allison LaLand. 15 p. ration. P Communication Skills Cor- Arnie explores the pond. 11 p. 

C Allison LaLand; 23Apr76; 031082. poration; 26Spr76: 031097. C Milliken Publishino Company; 26Apr7e: 


dissertation. By Introduction to spect rophotometric C31115. 

BonDurant. 2 p. 6 Janet measurements. Britten by Brian Howard. Arnie helps at home. 17 p. 

23Apr76; C31083. 18 p. (Ultra violet and visible Publishing Company; 26Apr76: 

spectroscopy, series 7000, program 7002) 
031081. Appl. au: Communication Skills Corpo- 031116. 

the spirit of '76. By Joma 

C Jomarie Alex^der, poration; 26Apr76; 031098. Publishing Company: 26Apr76 

Alexander 5 Betty Alexander; 
23Apr76; 031081. 031099. 031117. 

How to do basic pure tone auditory 
ithout frustration or an audiology 
saree. By David J. Thompson 6 Mary Sue 
cCune. 5 p. Add. ti: How to do tasic 
are tone audiometry without frustrat:or 
r an audiology degree. C David J. 
nompson 6 Mary Sue McCune; 6May76; 


Don't be sad. 
Inc.: 26Apr76; 

1 p. C Trainii 

ig systems 


no. 1-9. 

Jr. 9 V 

: Lindsay Poher' 
. in folder, e 
, Jr.; 10May76 

. Scr-' p- 
; 031101. 


The In 
au: Erne 

St washi 
on; 12J 

power of God. 
naton. e Frnes' 
an76; 031105. 

1 p. Apol 


e Edward 

logy and 
By Edw 
Mills B 

Presidential h: 
ard Mills Bewen. 
ewen; 10l1ay76: 

1 v. 


Live portrayal 
1 V. e Glenarby 
23Apr76; C31107 

s of The firs* | 
Produc-ions, Ii 


e Millik 

en Publi 

s school. 13 p. 
shing Company: 


6 Millik 

en Publi 

teresting peopl. 
shirg Company; 

= . 13 D. 


0311 10. 
C Millik 


en Publi 

at home. 13 p. 
shing Company: 


03111 1. 
C Millik 
0311 11. 

enjoys the neighborhood, 
en Publishing Company; 

. 20 p. 



ng Com pa 

trip. 11 p. e Milliken 
ny; 26fpr76: 031112. 

C Millik 

en Publi 

to the country, 
shing Company: 

. 11 p. 


San Diego, 

beautiful San Diego. 

Man bridge. 

1 p. Includes music. 

Arthur Mus: 

Lc; 5Apr76; 031085. 


Lewis. By 

Barbara Ann Everett. 




to spectrophoton 


mea suremi 

? n t s , 

Britten by Briar 

1 Howard. 

18 p. (Ultra ' 

Jiolet and visible 


:opy, : 

series 7000, proc 

iram 7002) 

Appl. au 

: Commi 

jnication Skills 



e Comi 

nunication Skills 

i Cor- 


: 26Ai 

pr76; 031098. 




. Sheets. Add. 



wise at 

id weather-whys. 

Appl. au: 

Janice « 

. Blev: 

Ins, pseud.: Jan 


C Janice 

M. Blevins; 26Apr76; 



The Ul' 

t imat e 

and unsurpassed 

Supremes; i 

radio pri 


Written by Nora 

lan Randall 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recorcJ pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(d(Jitiona! records that may exist. 

C3ini8 - C314162 


JAN. - JL'N. 19"'f 

A Superheavy story, 7 p. (Han and 
BOlecules, script no. 805) C American 
Chemical Society: 13«ay7e: 031118. 


Pollution and the public. 7 p. (Kan 
and Bolecules, script no. 801) 6 Airerican 
Chemical Society: 13!1ay76: C31119. 


Articulation for communication. Py 
narjorie A. Faircloth, edited by Larry J. 
Bradford. 28 p. (Communicative 
disorders: an audio journal for continuing 
education, vol. 1, no. u, April 1976) 
C Grune a nd Stratton, Inc.: 7[1ay''f; 


The Human bodv; recording scripts. Set 
2. 5 V. Appl.'au: McGraw-Hill Boole 
Company. C HcGraw-Hill, Inc.: 6nay76: 


Set 1. 1 V. Appl. au: Billiam H. Crouse. 
e HcGrau-Hill, Inc.: 6Hay76: 0311122. 


Earth and universe series; scripts. Set 
2. 1 V. Appl. au: HcGrau-Hill Book 
Company. e McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 6May76: 


Careers in focus, sound filmstrip 
library: scripts. Charles S. Uinn, 
consulting editor. sheets. Appl. au : 
McGraw-Hiil Book Company. 8 McGraw-Hill, 
Inc. : 1«>1ay76: 031121. 


Careers in focus, interview cassette 
library: recording scripts. Charles S. 
Hinn, consulting editor. Sheets. Appl. 
au : McGraw-Hill Boolt Company. C McGraw- 
Hill, Inc.; 11May76: 031125. 


Address and oral instructions for Ping. 
By Eonald B. Payne. 2 p. B Fonald n. 
Payne; 29Apr76; 031126. 


The Bole of the library book wholesaler. 
By Peter J. Jacobs. 13 p. Appl. au: 
Bro-Dart, Inc. Bro-Dart, Inc.; 
29Apr76: C31127. 


A Rebirth for your home and all o'her 
structures. 11 p. Appl. au: Morris B. 
Klein. Morris s. Klein: 29Apr76; 


The Positive mind! By Bob Oonklin. 12 
v. Aopl. au : Personal Dynamics, Inc., 
employer for hire. C Personal Dynamics, 
Inc.: 30Apr76: 031129. 


Cecil the ant. By Ewin D. Gaby, Jr. 1 
p. & Training Systems Associates; 
30Apr76: 031130. 


Hake-up, sleepyhead. By Ewin D. Gaby, 
Jr. 3 p. e Training Systems Associates; 
30Apr76; 031131. 


Butterflies. By Shirley J. Gaby. 5 p. 
e Training Systems Associates; 30Apr76; 


First day of school. By Shirley J. 
Gaby. 2 p. e Trainina Systems Asso- 
ciates; 30Apr76; C31133. 


DnconsciouE revelation--creative 
revolution; lecture. 3 p. Appl. au: 
Beverly Ann Bock. C Beverly Ann Bock: 
31Mar76; 031131. 


Becken Associates presents U.S. mor ey 
and banking: a six-part slide/sound series 
and filmstrip series on banking to be used 
in high schools, colleges and bank 
employee training situations. 1 v. Appl. 
au: James Kenneth Dodd. C J. Kenneth 
Dodd; 12Jan76; C31135. 


Food stamps. w 6 m Joe F. Mitchell & 
Ella May Collier. 1 p. C Joe F. 
Ni'-chell; 26Apr76; C31136. 


Long live the U.S.A.; or, I am the 
United States. Reading by Gladness 
Jennings. 1 p. Add. ti: Long live 
America, long live the O.S.A. C Gladness 
Jennings: 3Kay76: 031137. 


Been to hell and back to God. 1 p. 
Add. ti: Hell planet Ear*-h. Appl. au: 
Edward Charles Cole. C Edward Charles 
Cole; 10May76: 031138. 


We bring you love with the Bicentennial. 
Britten by Florence V. Mathis. 3 p. 
Includes music. 6 Florence V. Mathis; 
3May76; C31139. 


Australia: its opals and other 
gemstones. 8 p. in envelope. (Gems of 
the world) Appl. au: James John Gerlach. 
6 James John Gerlach; 3«ay76; 031110. 


The c 
nark Li 

olleae b 

ptafc. 1 


seball player. Eepo 
V. S Bark Liptak; 


By A. 


c struct 


energy ar 
p. A. 

d rhyth 
A. Zac 



Hard times. w E n 
p. C John B. LeVas 


E. LeVasseur. 
3May76: C31113 


Mammography; broadcast script. 3 p. 
(Consumer reports, TV-311) C Consumers 
Union of United States; 3nay76: 031111. 


Bathroom tiss 




ast scr 

pt. 2 p. 

(Consumer repor 



-313) e 00 

Union of United 






Chevrolet Chevet 




script. 2 

p. (Consumer repo 


, It 


ffi Consumers Union 



ed Stat 


3May76: 031116 


Auto defects; 





Pt . 1 . 

2 p. (Consumer 





e Consumers Union 


ed Stat 


3May76: 031117 


Auto defects: broadcast script. pt . 2. 
2 p. (Consumer reports, TV-322) 
e Consumers Union of United States; 
3May76: 031118. 


Dimmer controls; broadcast script. 2 p. 
(Consumer reports, TV-321) 8 Consumers 
Union of United States; 3nay76; 031119. 


19-inch black-and-white TV; broadcast 
scrip*. 2 p. (Consumer reports, TV-32n) 
Add. 'i: 19" black-and-whi^e TV 
C Consumers Union of United States; 
3May7e; 031150. 


Car dealer service; broadcast scrip*-. 2 
p. (Consumer reports, TV-323) 
e Consumers Union of United States; 
3May76; 031151. 


Thread r eplacemen*- : scrip*. By T. 
Hineman. 9 p. (Automotive technology. A" 
J-7B) Appl. au: Mount San Jacinto Junior 
College District. e Mount San Jacintc 
College a.a.d.c. Mount San Jacinto Junior 
College Distric*; 3May76; 031152. 


Masculine-feminine role imprinting. No. 
SO 1-19. 12 p. e Moun* San Jacinto 
College a.a.d.o. Mount San Jacinto JuniT 
College District; 3May76; 031153. 

Individualizing instruction m 
admiristra*ion of justice courses; scr'p-. 
Ey Livreri 6 Nelson. 13 p. (Staff 
developmen*, SD J-11) Appl. au: Bour* '^a- 
Jacinto Junior College District. C Kou-- 
San Jacinto College a.a.d.o. Mount San 
Jacinto Junior College Distric*; 3May76; 
C311 51. 


Using instructional aids and equipment; 
script. 15 p. (Staff development, SDI-5) 
e Mount San Jacinto Oolleoe a.a.d.o. Mour* 
San Jacinto Junior College District; 
3May76; 031155. 


Building a positive learning climate; 
script. No. SDI-6. 18 p. e Moun* San 
Jacinto College a.a.d.c. Mount San Jacinto 
Junior College Distric*; 3nay76; C31156. 


Developing competency through ins- 
truction; script. By H. Nelson. 15 p. 
(S*aff development, SDI-2) Appl. au : 
Mount San Jacinto Junior College Distric*. 
e Mount San Jacinto College a.a.d.o. Koun" 
San Jacinto Junior College Distric*; 
3nay76: 031157. 


Evaluation *echniques: script. By A. 
Schatz 6 H. Nelson. 16 p. (S+aff 
development, SDI-3) Appl. au: Mount Sa"- 
Jacinto Junior College District. C Moun* 
San Jacinto College a.a.d.o. Mount San 
Jacinto Junior College District; 3May7f ; 


Organizing your classroom; script. 18 
p. (Staff development, SDI-8) C Moun* 
San Jacinto College a.a.d.o. Mount San 
Jacinto Junior College District: 3May76; 


Developing administration of justice 
course content: script. Bv livreri 6 
Nelson. 11 p. (Staff development, SD 
J-10) Appl. au: Mount San Jacinto Junicr 
College District. 6 Noun* San Jacintc 
College a.a.d.o. Mount San Jacinto Junior 
College District; 3May76; 031160. 


Competency-based education: script. 13 
p. (Staff development, SDI-1) C Mount 
San Jacinto College a.a.d.o. Mount San 
Jacin*o Junior College DiE*ric*: 3May76; 


Letters and letter placement. By 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office recor(J pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any adcjitional recor(is that may exist. 


JO'I. 1911^ 

C3«162 (cor.) 

Charles Bohr. " p. (Typewriting, 
TTL-102) Appl. au: Hourt San Jacinto 
Junior College District. C Bount Sar. 
Jacinto College a.a.d.o. nount San Jacinto 
Junior College Distric ; 3Bay76; C3ii162. 


Daniel in the lion's den; a sermon. By 
Isaac Jenkins. 6 p. O Lion Publishing 
CoBpany, Inc., a division of AEC/Dunhill 
Husic, Inc.: 1«Bay76: csuies. 


Tales of endangered wildlife; mas*-er 
script. 5 V. C Coronet Instructional 
Media, a division of Esquire, Inc. ; 
I2nay76: C3U16«. 


Words make moods; master script. 6 v. 
O Coronet Instructional Media, a division 
of Esquire, Inc.; 12Bay76: cauies. 


Discovering the D.S.S. ; master script. 
6 V. Coronet Instructional Hedia, a 
division of Esquire, Inc.; 12Bay76; 


Initial consonants. No. 2867. Multiple 
volumes. Appl. au: Dorothy J. Craig, 
Alvera B. Beighan 6 Roberta LaCoste. 
O Ideal School Supply Company: 1011ay76; 


Speaking of person-oriented relation- 
ships; recording script. By Carl Rogers. 
3a p. e Educational Resource Associates, 
Inc.; 17May76; C3U168. 


Camera film technology for source 
document micrographics; the critical 
relationship between high contrast 
emulsions, latitude and exposure. By 
Harold H. Dorfman. 23 p. 6 Harold H. 
Oorfman; 18May76; C3U170. 


This business called marriage. By Joyce 
P. Kimble. 17 p. C Joyce P. Kimble; 
17Bay76; C3«171. 


Emerging coercive strategies and tactics 
in American universities during the 
post-Hate rgate era; an unpublished 
lecture. By Franklin Scott Adams. 81 p. 
9 Franklin Scott Adams; 2511ar76; C3U172. 


Die Frischzellen-Therapie in Blickpunkt 
der Organregeneration des alternden 
Menschen. By Hans-Joerg Giesselmann. 2 
p. C Hans-Joerg Giesselmann: 5Bay76; 


Nutrition and oral health. By Richard 
J. Balther 6 Elwood B. Speckmann. Sheets 
(29 p.) (Cassette-a-BOnth series, 1976, 
no. 3) Add. ti: Tooth development. Appl. 
au: The American Dietetic Associaticn. 
BB: addi-ion. The American Dietetic 
Association, Department of Education; 
17May76; C3U17U. 


Bischief and the scrambled scales. From 
The Metric village measuring kit, box 3; 
weight. 1 v. C Coronet Instructional 
Bedia, a division of Esquire, Inc. ; 
19Apr76: C311175. 


Mischief and the bake sale. From The 
Metric village measuring kit, box 2: 
liquid volume. 11 p. C Coronet 
Instructional Media, a division of 
Esquire, Inc.; 19Apr76; C3it176. 


Bischief and the temperature trip. From 
The Metric Village measuring kit, box U: 
temperature. 10 p. C Coronet Inst- 
ructional Bedia, a division of Esquire, 
Inc.; 19Apr76; C3m77. 


Bischief and the measuring contest. 
From The Metric Village measuring kit, box 
1: length. 1 v. C Coronet Instructional 
Media, a division of Esquire, Inc.: 
19Apr76: C311178. 


Educational management of hearing- 
impaired children. Prepared by Donald P. 
Calvert, edited by Larry J. Bradford. 25 
p. (Audiology; an audio journal for 
continuing education, vol. 1, no. 5, Bay 
1976) Grune and Stratton, Inc.; 
13Bpr76; C3U179. 


Cocjunto de historias matematicas, 
modulo 1. 1 V. (Spanish computapes, 
lessons SR1-20) Prev. pub. 1972, A330626. 
m: translation. Science Research 
Associates, Inc.; 20May76: C3U180. 


Con junto de historias mateaaticas, 
modulo 1. 1 V. (Spanish computapes, 
lessons BD21-36) Prev. pub. 1972, 
A381616. KM: translatior, . B Science 
Research Associates, Inc.; 20nay76; 


Conjunto de historias matematicas, 
modulo 2. 1 V. (Spanish computapes, 
lessons SF21-36) Prev. pub. 1972, 
A330625. NM: translation. 6 Science 
Research Associates, Inc.; 20Bay76; 


Conjunto de historias matematicas, 
modulo 3. 1 V. (Spanish computapes, 
lessons MD1-20) Prev. pub. 1972, A38161U. 
NM : translation. Science Research 
Associates, Inc.; 20May76; C3H183. 


Ceremonies in Black professions. By 
Keith Andrew Pittman. 6 p. Q Kei'-h 
Andrew Pittman; 6May76; c3i|18U. 


The David Misch revue; a one-man variety 
show. By David A. Kisch 6 nillian 
Burnett. 16 p. C David S. flisch; 
6May76; C3U185. 


The Bonderful world of wine. 9 p. 
Appl. au: Philip J. Caine. 6 Philip J. 
Caine; 7May76; C3111B6. 


The Spirits of '76; script. By David H. 
Kinschner. 3 p. e David H. Kinschner; 
7May76; C3it187. 


SEA listening language laboratory, 1A. 
lesson no. I-HB. 1 v. 6 Science Research 
Associates, Inc.; 1Bar76: C3«iee. 


Existential architectonics: parado- 
xological abode. By Gregg Boyden 
Fairbanks. 6 p. 8 Gregg Boyden 
Fairbanks; 10May76; C3U1S9. 


Alterserscheinungen bei Kindern und 
Jugendlichen. By Werner Volz. 2 p. 
C Werner Volz; 10May76; C31H90. 


Ose of photography in achieving improved 
coloring of masillof acial prostheses and 

ar*OBiical models. By Raymond L. 
Mccutcheon. 3 p. O Raymond I. McCut- 
cheon: 10Bay76; C3U191. 


Comfcinat ions-3: narrative script. 11 p. 
(The Grammar game) Appl. au : Byrtle 
Bates. C Myrtle Bates; 10Bay76; C2U1?r. 


Combinations-2 : narrative scrip*:. 10 p. 
(The Grammar game) Appl. au: Myrtle 
Ba»-es. e Myrtle Bates; 10May76; C?U1o?. 


Combinat ions-1 ; narra'ive scrip*. ''3 p. 
(The Grammar game) Appl. au: Byrtle 
Bates, e Byrtle Bates; 10Bay76: C3U19U. 


Grammar game; narrative script. P*. 2. 

10 p. (The Grammar game) Appl. au: 
Byrtle Bates. O Byrtle Bates; 10Bay76; 


Grammar game; narrative script. Pt. i. 
9 p. (The Grammar game) Appl. au : Myr'-lc 
Bates. C Byrtle Bates; 10May76; CSUigf. 


Twc must play: narrative script. pt. 2. 

11 p. (The Grammar game) Appl. au : 
Myr'-le Bates. B Byrtle Bates; 10May"i6: 


A Let of enjoyment goes into our 
service. By Bob McHone. 1 p. C Kei'h 
MacLean; 10Bay76; C3U198. 


The Neutrino mystery. 6 p. (Ban and 
molecules, script no. 806) C American 
Chemical Society; 27May76: C3IJ199. 


Travels of a check. 1 v. e Training 
Division, Federal Reserve Bank of 
Philadelphia; 3Bay76: C314200. 


Check points. 1 v. C Training 
Division, Federal Reserve Bank of 
Philadelphia; 3May76: C3U201. 


Planetary cameras and step and repea* 
microfiche cameras. P*:. 1-2. By Harold 
H. Dorfman. 17 p. 6 Harold H. Dorfman; 
3Hay76; C31I202. 


What's a Stan Freberg? A 30 minu'e 
radio documentary. By Bryan Eugene 
Johnson. 13 p. t Bryan Johnson; 
12May76; C3lt203. 


I hear the music. By Puth A-kins. 2 p. 
e Ruth Atkins; 8Jun76: C3U20U. 


Everywoman. , By Ivy Bottini. 13 p. 
e Ivy Bottini: 11May76: C3U205. 


Yoga for Westerners: an interview wit! 
Brother Bhavananda. James Ashley, 
interviewer. 15 p. (Oneness of life, 
ser. 1, no. 2) Appl. au : Self-Fealiza* i c- 
Fellowship, employer for hire. 
e Self-Realization Fellowship: 12May76; 


The Power of intuition: interview with 
Brother Anandamoy. James Ashley, 
interviewer. 20 p. (Oneness of life, 
ser. 1, no. 3) Appl. au : Self-Eealiza*"' cr 
Fellowship, employer for hire. 
e Self-Realization Fellowship: 12May76; 
C3I12 07. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information ahout any a(iditional records that may exist. 


^,,„„ C3«218. C314236. 

communication with God 1: interview with Living or existence: your choice. By Cominercial signage: optimum commu- 

Brother Bhavananda. James Ashley, Butord Samuel Anderson 15 p. e B. S. "^"*;°" ^^""^h effec-^ive design By 

Interviewer 17 p. (Oneness of li'e, Anderson: 1211ay76; C31218. Andrew D. Bertucci. 15 p. C Andrew c. 

serirno.".) Add. ti: science of Bertucci; 18«ay76: 03^236. 

praver. Appl. au: Self -Eealization C3U219. ,,,,, 

Fellowship, employer for hire. Eliminating excess body fat by C3U237. 

e self-Realization Fellowship; 12ray76; discussion and hypnosis. Pt . 1-2. By America- s coat of arms. By Pae 

Ferris H. Hoses. 1 v. C Ferris n. Noses; Winchester S'ewart. 1 p. « Ba e 

12nay76; C311219. Winchester Stewart; 18nay76; C3U237. 



"binding t^e Joy in life: interview wi^h C3U220. "S^^f" , . ,„ <„ „„,„,, ,„ Mt i> 

Brother Achalananda. James Ashley, Patzy. Written by Fatzy Gleeson. 2 p. Mother's roses in Heaven are lit ^ 

'nterv<ewer 19 v (Oneness of life, 6 Patzy Gleeson; 13May76; C3"t220. Appl. au: Peggy Kravec. C Peggy Krave 

s^er '; no!'5) tppl. au:'self-Eealiz;tion 25nay76: C3«238. 

Fellowship, employer for hire. C3U221. 

e Self-Bealization Fellowship; 12I1ay76; I am working for the Lord. By Ada "^ "! ^ 

Hitchcock. l"p. e Ada Hi'chcock; Trends and lifestyles. 2 p. Appl 

13nay76: C3U221. Stanley Eobinson. 6 Stanley Sobinso 

1Jur7e; C3a239. 



Karma, the law of justice: interview C3'4222. ,,,,„ 

with Brother Anandamoy. James Ashley, A visual setting. By Craig nyrick C3U2U0. „„,„., . „ 

interviewe- 23 p. (Oneness of life, Johnson. 1 p. 6 Craig nyrick Johnson; House of Presidents m Heaven. f p. 

s=- 1, no! 6) fppl. au: Self -Eeal izat ion 13nay76; C3a222. Appl. au: Peggy Kravec. B Peggy Kravec; 

^eiiow^hip, employer for hire. 25.ay-6; C3U240. 

a Self-Eealization Fellowship; 12Hay76; C3U223. „,„,„•, 

How much is a mineral specimen worth? C3U211. 

Bv Eock H. currier. 8 p. C Bock H. The National network of your choice. By 

Currier; 13Bay76; C3it223. Eichard Palombi 6 John L. Pennington, Jr. 


Sheets (31 p.) 6 Eichard Palombi £ Johr 


wit?'lrot°herBharananaa'!"james Ashfe;"" C3«2<.. 1. Penning toil , Jr. ; lJun76; C3U2«1. 
■interviewer. 16 p. (Oneness of life, Biism; the being 6 non-being of energy, 

ser. 1, no. 7) Appl. au: Self -Peal ization mass 6 magnetism, universal gravitation, a "H"'^- ^ ^ „^ rk=^i=.c r 

Fellowship, elploflr for hire. critical analysis. By Robert Vincent The Sermon to surmount. By Charles G. 

e Self-Realization Fellowship; 12May76; Strom. 6 p. 8 Robert Vincent Strom; Tucker. 2 p. e Charles G. Tuck e. , 

23Apr76; C3U22lt. 5Hay7fi; C3"t2U2. 

C3U225. C3U2lt3. 

The Power of concen* rat ' on : inte-view The versatility of the a'om. Written by A Polling pin is but one way to spread 
with Brother Anandamoy. James Ashley, Jerry D. Taylor. 1 p. e Jerry D. -aylor; dough. 1 P" *"" * ^ = »«' "*^^"-^„f P''" 

-nterviewer. 21 p. (Oneness of life, 26Apr76; C3it225. Appl. au: Willie Thomas. C Thalamus 

"ser. 1, no. 8) Appl. au: Self-Eealization Communication; 11nay7f; C3-.213. 

Fellowship, employer for hire. C3U226. ,-,„o„„ 

6 self-Bealization Fellowship; 12May76; I was there! 7 p. Appl. au: Thomas B. C3U2im. ^v.»»» = 

(-3U212 Gregory. Prev. reg. NH: additions. low down dealer. No. 1-120. SheetF. 

e Thomas E. Gregory; 27Apr76; C3U226. 6 "he Patten Corporation; 2eApr7<;; 

C3«213. "•'^•"'■ 

How to overcome fear: interview with C311227. ^,„o„c 

Brother Achalananda. James Ashley, Behind black faces. Pt . 1, sessiors C3«2U_. ^„„r^„^ ^.-^^^Mnn 

interviewer. 21 p. (Oneness of life, 1-20. By Bi-a Borate Smith. Multiple Corresponding to the recorded dxc*a ion 

ser. 1, no. 9) Appl. au: Self-Eealization volumes. BFita R. Smith; 19«ar76; by Elohim of Peace, October 31, 19E2, 

Fellowship, eiplo^lr for hire. C3.227. ""'"I'sSi "Ger°m'ain'press'"!nf 9Ma 6- 

^ 5„if-o^,n,;>tl,,„ p^iinuehin- l7Hav7fi: P- Sain* Germain Press, Inc., iNr« = y c, 

C3U228. C3"i2lt5. 
IBB 3890 document processor training 

C3i,21il. program. 1 v. 6 Training Division, C3il2U6. , , ^. , .■ 

The Cause of suffering- interview with Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia; Corresponding to the recorded dicta lor 

Brother Achalananda. James Ashley, 1imay76; C3«228. by Beloved Daddy, November 2, 1952^ 

e Self-Bealization Fellowship; 12Hay76; 

19 p. (Oneness of life. 

Chicago, Illinois; recording script 

ser! 1, no. 11) Appl. au: self- ' C3«229. P- C Saint Germain Press, I nc. ; 19nay7f: 

Realization Fellowship, employer for hire. chicanoE--divided and conquered? By C3il2iie. 

8 Self-Realization Fellowship; 12!«ay76; Humberto P. Martinez. 9 p. JHumber^oF. 

03112111 Martinez; lunay76; C3U229. c3U2it7. ^ ^ ^. 
'-''^'''^- Corresponding to the recorded dicta' in- 

,„,,, C3U230 b' Beloved Victory, November 9, 1952, 

communication with God 2: interview wi'h Correct speech, anyone? An original Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; recording 

Brother Anandamoy. James Ashley, lecture on the simplicity 6 benefits of script. 12 p © 5a"t Germain Press, 

inte-vlew=r. 17 p. (Oneness of life, correct speech. 15 p. Appl. au: James B. Inc.; 19«ay76; C302«7. 

ser. 1, no. 12) Add. ti: The Art of Garfield. 6 James E. Garfield; 17Hay76; 

prayer. Appl. au: Self-Bealization C3U230. "^orrSsponding to *he recorded dic^a-o- 

eierf-Eeal^latiorFeniwshi;; 12«ay76; C3U231. by Beloved Daddy, November 8, 1952, 

C3U215 '^^^-^^"° ^' Mathematical tricks. By Samuel Pasner. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; recording 

6 p. B Samuel Pasner; 17nay76; C3U231. scrip*. Up. P Sain* Germain Press, 

,-3^216. I^<^-: 19Nay76; C3U2U8. 

The Power of healing: interview with C3it232. ^,„,„„ 

Brother Bhavanar.da. James Ashley, Portrait of freedom. By Florence J. C302a9. ,^„,^„„ .._»;,. ^^^ 

interview^-. 17 p. (Oneness of life, Taber. U p. Florence J. Taber; Corresponding to the recorded dicta lor 

e Self-Realization Fellowship; 12«ay76; C311233. ^,^ T '^"-'"^" Press, Inc., I9nay'b. 

(-311216 Sporty lady. 5 p. Appl. au: Gloria L. C31I219. 

Clifford S Mary Lee Clifford. C Gloria L. 

C3H217 Clifford E Mary Lee Clifford; 17May7e: C311250. 

The Nature of a master: interview with C311233. Jokes for a stand-up comic P", 'P^^- 

Brother Bhavananda. James Ashley, a": Lee Roy Smith Jr C Lee R. Sm. .h , 

interviewer. 15 p. (Oneness of life, C3U23I1. Jr.; 21May76; C3it250. 

ser. 1, no. 10) Appl. au: Self- Help wanted: sexism in career education 

Eealiza-ior Fellowship, employer for hire. materials; slide show script. 9 p. C311251. „ „. 

e self-Realization Fellowship; 12ray76: e Women on Words and Images; 17May76; „. ^tfj ^"P^^' Tn ^vfnte^' " u o To- a- e 

r^aTtn C3il23it. Pickl E Arlene Wellhauser. u p. <: D. are 

"''^"- cju^Ji. ^^^^^ ^ ^^^^^^ Bellhausen: 21May76: 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recorci pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


C3t252. Easvacan. 16 p. O Blue Mountain Certer 

Learning the meaning at stewardship; of Meditation; 27nay76; C3U268. 
shooting script, written by Francis A. 

Novak S Lloyd E. Young. 11 p. Appl. au: C3U269. C3U286. 

National Catholic Stewardship Council, In the Bicentennial year: an unfinished If truth be arrogance. By Thomas F. 

Inc. C National Catholic Stewardship aaenda. By Kelsey A. Jones. 10 p. Gregory. 5 p. e Thomas R. Gregory; 

Council: 21Bay76: C3U252. C Kelsey A. Jones; 27nay76; C3U269. Ijun76; C3lt296. 

C3U253. C314270. C3lt287. 

The Dnited States as a world power; visions at T minus zero. 51 p. Appl. 10-speed bikes, 1976; broadcast scrip', 

recording script. 6 p. Appl. au: au: John Teton. C John Teton; 27Hay76; 2 p. (Consumer reports, TV-259) 

HcGraw-Hill Book Company. ncGraw-Hill, C3il270. C Consumers Onion of Pnited States; 

Inc.; 7Jun76; C3<(253. IJunTC; C3U287. 


C3U25U. Christological influences in Franciscan c3U28a. 

The Art of the very young: an indicator iconography: Sairt Francis, the new Used cars. P- . 1: 1976. 3 p. 

of individuality. By Betty Lark-H orovitz. Christ. 10 p. Appl. au : Kathryn nargaret (Consumer reports, TV-32U) e Consumers 

Karrer. C Kathryn Maraaret Karrer; Onion of Onited Stages; 1Jun76; 031288. 
28Hay76; C3«271. 


C34256. C31I272. Dsed cars. Pt . 2: 1976. 2 p. 

I am an only child. 2 p. Appl. au: Fear and fornication with the strange (Consumer reports, TV-32U) C Consumers 

Luther Edwin Jones, Jr. Luther Edwin woman. 22 p. Appl. au: narion L. Poff. Onion of Onited States: 1Jun76; c3U2e9. 
Jones, Jr.; 2i4Bay76; 031256. C Baricn L. Poff; 28nay''6; C31272. 


C31257. C3U273. Bread. Pt . 1. 3 p. (Consumer reports 

The Genuine, certified, ratified. Time out; one hundred questions on TV-211) 6 Consumers Onion of Dnited 

clarified, one and only Howard Hughes sports prepared especially for use as States; 1Jun76; C3'l290. 
will. By Linda Sponsler. 2 p. 6 Linda scripts for radio shows. Pt . 1. By 

Sponsler; 21!1ay76; C31257. Bichard W. Froemke E Robert L. Froemke, 031291. 

prepared for Tallasports, Inc. 1 v. Bread. P' . 2. U p. (Consumer reports 

C31258. e Richard w. Froemke S Robert L. Froemke; TV-211) C Consumers Union of United 

Ooloay. By Patricia Ann Szczerba. 3 p. 28Kay76; C31273. Stages; 1Jun76; C31291. 

Patricia Ann Szerba; 21May76; 031258. 

C31271. 031292. 

C31259. Happiness. No. 1-216. sheets. C The Cigarettes, 1976. 3 p. (Consumer 

Oeberleitnng der Staatswissenscha ft aus Patten Corporation; 17nay76; C31271. reoorts, TV- 326) C Consumers Union of 

der Diktatur in die Demokratie in der Onited States; 1Jun76; C31292. 

Betrachtungsweise der unmittelbaren C31275. 

Nachkriegszeit; eir Leitfaden. By Heinz Magnetic lines of force installation. 1 C3129'>. 

Gerhard Kramberg. 2 p. 6 Heinz Gerhard p. Appl. au: Harold Werner. C Harold Soft-sided luggaoe. 3 p. (Consumer 

Kramberg; 21flay76; C31259. Werner; 27Apr76; 031275. reports, TV- 273) t Consumers Union of 

Onited States: ljun76; 031293. 
C31260. 031276. 

The Eternal triangle and the deadly The GnVF prooram: receptive-expressive 031291. 

P.T.A. By William S. Allen. Sheets (23 learning through art; scripts for sound Luxury compact cars, 1976. 2 p. 

p.) C Wiiliam S. Allen; 1Jun76; C31260. recording. By Sondra Battist Gair. 10 p. (Consumer reports, TV-316) C Consumers 

Prev. reg. 6Aug73, C29538. NM: additional Onion of Onited States; 1Jun76; 031291. 
C31261. text 6 revisions. 6 Sondra Battist Gair; 

High school O.S.A. ; televsion script. 21Play76; 031276. 031295. 

By Benjamin B. Alston, Calvin Jung 6 Aaron Manual lawn mowers. 2 p. (Consumer 

Sultanik. 1 v. Benjamin B. Alston, C31277. reports, TV- 276) e Consumers Union of 

Calvin Jung 6 Aaron Sultanik: 30f.pr76; An Empty house. By Jimmy Jones 6 Vila United Sta'es; 1Jun76; 031295. 

C31261. Y. Eaves. 1 p. C Le Fevre Sing 

Publishing Company; 17Feb76; 031277. 031296. 

C3a262. Writing and book reviewino: an author's 

Seminar: Motivation. By Max Theodor 031278. point of view. By Kay Cassill. 30 p. 

Fritschi. 2 p. German. C Max Theodor The Only things that count are free. By C Kav Cassill; 28May''6; C31296. 

Fritschi; 17May76; C31262. Jimmy Jones 6 Vila Y. Eaves. 1 p. e Le 

Fevre Sing Publishing Company ; 17Feb76; 031297. 

031263. C31278. Billy Bubbles. By Barbara Lee Martin. 

George Washington and the Oonfinental 6 p. O Barbara lee Margin; 21Hay''6; 

Army. By Lucile Calvert Pallen. 103 p. 031279. 031297. 

(Ten episodes of the American Revolution) Protect your home; script, narration. 

C Lucile Calvert Pallen; 1Jun76; C31263. 20 p. Appl. au: Claude Edward Willis. 

e Claude Edward Willis: 26May76; C31279. 

Anti-Satan cassette. By C. S. Lovett. 031280. 

1 v. For use with the book. Dealing with Something else. No. 1-18. Sheets, 
the Devil. C. S. Lovett; 25«ay76; C The Patten Corporation; 17nay76: 
031261. 031280. 

031265. 031281. 

Adam's version of how the first garden Watchman. Sheets, t The Patten 

club was formed. By Marvel N. Mustard. 2 Corporation; 17May76; 031281. 
p. C Marvel N. Bustard; 25Bay76; 

031265. C 31282. 

Meditation for everyone; script for 

C31266. record album, oral presentation. Written 

Lose weight the magic way by subliminal by Patricia Carrington. 2 v. 6 1 p. 031301. 

perception. 5 p. Appl. au: Bruce J. Patricia Carrington; 1Jun76; 031282. A Lawyer looks at the legal discourse : 

Weaver. C Bruce J. Weaver; 27Bay76; the Talmud. 12 p. Appl. au : Norman 

C31266. 031283. Asher. C Norman Asher; 3Jun76: C31301. 

Government rap. By Tom Anderson. 8 p. 

031267. C Tom Anderson; lJun76; C31283. C31302. 

Stop smoking the magic way by subliminal Bill's answer to the "Pixie" ban. i p. 

perception. 6 p. Appl. au: Bruce J. 031281. Appl. au: William S. Boore. C William ?. 

Weaver. Bruce J. Weaver; 27Bay76; Perceptive extroversion. Study 1. 1 v. Boore; 3Jun76: 031302. 

C31267. Appl. au: Morgan 0. Fisher. C Boraan 0. 

Fisher; lJur76; 031281. C31303. 

031268. Walking tour of Baltimore, Maryland. 
The Tree of life; underlying text for C31285. Sheets (27 p.) Add. ti: Enjoy auto and 

cassette sound recording. By Eknath Helpful hints for secretaries. By Diane walking tour in sound of Baltimore, 




n, 1976. 




Winstcn 1 



1 V. 


B: n: 


Brooks Parsons: 


; 031298. 



tion to 





J. 1 

V. C Bo- 

tor veh 

icle Ban 




ion of 

the Unit 

ed Eta 


, Inc. : 






e. By Douglas 

; W. 



p. e uo\ 

aglas w 

. Wiora; 





These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information ahoiit any additional records that may exist. 


C3H303 (cor,.) molecules, script no. 80n) e Americar C3U335. 

Maryland. Appl. au: Lenore K. loewinger. Chemical Society; 10Jun76; 031319. The Xenon record of element synthesis: 

e Enjoy Communicating, Inc.; 3Jun76; lecture no*es 5 figures. By Oliver K. 

C3430?. C3U320. Manuel 6 D. D. Sabu. 33 p. C Oliver K. 

Barrier. By Phil Lynott t Scott Gcrham. Manuel; TJun^fi; C3H335. 
C313011. 2 p. Includes music. o:^ tex-: only: 

Feturn to the one-room schoolhouse: the Pippin the Friendly Banger Music compa-y, C3a33e. 

how's and why's of a multi-level Ltd.; 19Apr76; C3U320. The Uval model. By Foy r. Kirkman. i 

individualized Spanish class. H p. Add. v. f Roy C. Kirkman; "'JunVfi; C3H336. 
ti: A Return to the one-room schoolhouse: C3U321. 

the how's and why's of a multi-level Audio journal review: general suraery. C3U337. 

language class. Appl. au: Barbara Sposet. Vol. 5, no. 2, June 1976. 23 p. Appl. Commercial tor prevention of child 

Prev. pub. May 1972. NH: revision. au: Fober* N. McClelland. 6 Grune and abuse. By Susan R. Mond. 1 p. C Susa- 

C Barbara Sposet; 3Jun7e: C3U300. Stratton, Inc.; 23Jun76; 031321. P. Bond; 10Jun76; C30337. 

C31I305. C3U322. C3U3?e. 

Use of the basic concept inventory as a Educational audiology- By Fredericks S. Be a nicer you. By Mary I-ou Clark. i 

language screening instrument for t>ie Berg. 29 p. (Audiology: an audio journal p. t Mary hou Clark; 28May76; c3U33e. 

pre-school population. By Dorothy B. Ross for continuina education, vol. 1, no. 7) 

£ Virginia Bingham. 1 v. 8 Dorothy E. Appl. au: Larrv J. Bradford. 6 Grune and C3U339. 

Ross 6 vircinia Bingham; 20Apr76; Stratton, Inc.; 23Jun76; C34322. The Flag and the Bible. By Robert Lee 

C3t305. ' Henry. 1 p. 6 Robert Lee Henry; 

030323. njun76; C3lt339. 
C31306. The Mall; oral presentation of proposal 

Myelomeningocele as a family problem: a for television series. By Robert Allen. C3il^U0. 

developmental task model. By Mary Anne 5 p. Dymor Productions, Inc.; 9Jun76; Poet story. « p. Appl. au: Harold =: . 

Barry. 11 p. 9 Mary Anne Barry; C3H323. Holbrcok. NM: compilation 6 additions. 

22Ma-76; C314306. C Harold B. Holbrook; njun76; C3113U0. 


C3U307. A Possible new wrinkle In the study of C3"43U1. 

God and man (I believe) By Buford senescence; lecture. By Peter D. More of Hal Holbrook in Mark Twaii 

Samuel Anderson. 3 p. NM: compilation 6 Rosenberg. 18 p. Peter D. Rosenberg; tonight! Vol. 2. 1 v. Appl. au: Harold 

additions. C B. S. Anderson; 28Kav76: 9Jun76; C3"l32i4. E. Holbrook. NM: compilation 6 additio'-s. 

C3«307. e Harold P. Holbrook; llJun76; C3H3"'. 


C3II308. On the nature of man. By John David C3H3112. 

The Study with Mark Legend. Padio Badgett. 14 p. e John David Badget*; The Many sides of black music. Mul'ipl? 

program no. 21. « p. Afpl. au: Mark 9Jun76; C3U325. volumes. P Carnation Company; 1HJun76; 

Legend. « Mark Leoend ; I4jun76; C3U308. C3U3U2. 


C3U309. Scenic coastal California. By Henry C3H3H3. 

The Study with Mark Legend. Radio Curtis Ahl. 23 p. Henry Curtis Ahl; lecture series 5. By Timothy lewis 

program no. 22. t p. Appl. au: Mark 9Jun76; C3U326. Smith. 1 v. S Timothy Lewis Smith; 

Legend. 8 Mark Leoend; «Jun76; C3H309. Iiljun76: 03143113. 


031310. Measuring radiation: a survey of C31311. 

The Study with Mark legend. Fadi c radiation detection methods and ins- Birth and rebirth, the story of ♦he Sar 

program no. 23. 1 p. Appl. au: Mark truments. 10 p. (Operating principles of Francisco Giants; a one hour television 

Legend. 9 Mark Legend; 1Jun76; 031310. X-ray machines, unit 10) Appl. au: Clyde documentary. By Ian Charles Phillips. 58 

E. Pearce. REM Productions, a division p. 6 Ian Charles Phillips; 11Jun76; 

031311. of Radiation Technology Programs, Inc.; 031311. 
The Study wi'h nark Legend. Padio 9Jun76; 031327. 

program no. 21. 1 p. Appl. au: Mark 

Legend. « Mark legend: 1Jun76; C31311. C31328. 

Safety and conservation of equipment. 

031312. 11 p. (Operating principles of X-ray 
The Study with Mark Legend. Radio machines, unit 9) Appl. au: Clyde E. 

program no. 25. 1 p. Appl. au: Mark Pearce. C REM Productions, a division of C31316. 

Legend. e Mark Legend; 1Jun76; C31312. Radiation Technology Proorams, Inc.; Educational management of hearing 

9Jun76; 031328. impaired children; lecture. By Eorald E. 

031313. Calvert, edited by Larry J. Bradford. 25 
Jezebel; narrative to background music. 031329. p. (Audiology: an audio journal for 

By John f. Large. 2 p. e John A. Lange; The Great, great guy. Sheets. Includes continuing education, vcl. 1, no. 5, May 

20May76; 031313. music. P The Patten Corporation; 1976) € Grune and strat*on. Inc.; 

10Jun76; C31329. 21May76; 031316. 

Lit'le minx; narrative to background 031330. C31317. 

music. By John A. lanoe. 2 p. C John A. Think about it! By Fonald Washington. Speech and language problems of 

Lange; 20Hay76; C31311. 2 p. 6 Fonald Hashington; 6Jun76; neurologically impaired adults; lecture. 

C31330. By Shirley J. Salmon, edited by Larry J. 

C31315. Bradford. 36 p. (Communicative 

Sweet sister. By John A. Lange. 2 p. C31331. disorders: an audio journal for continuing 

Includes music. C John A. Lanqe; Little Bob's lead balloon blues. By education, vol. 1, no. 5, May 1976) 

20May76; 031315. Robert Earl Hclane. 21 p. © Eobert Earl e Grune and Stratton, Inc.; 21May76; 

McLane; 6Jun76; 031331. 031317. 

Sure or any deodorant product. By 031332. 031318. 

•lichael Campbell. 2 p. 9 Michael Micro-tower. Sheets. 6 ICD Eeha- Auditory testing of the young child; 

Campbell; 7Jun76; 031316. bilitation and Research Center; 1Jun76; lecture. By Tokuro Suzuki, edited by 

C31332. Larry J. Bradford. 29 p. (Audiology: a- 

031317. audio journal for continuino educaticn, 

A Time to remember. By Robert Boier 031333. vol. 1, no. 8, Aug. 1976) C Grune and 

Kane. 2 p. C Fobert Homer Kane; 7Jun76; Eight now dealer. No. 1-36. Sheets. stratton. Inc.; 21May76; 031318. 

031317. e The Patten Corporation; 21May76; 

031333. C31319. 

031318. What is music? A motion picture. By 
Active astronomy. 6 p. (Man and 031331. Adrian Vance. 16 p. U Adrian Vance; 

molecules, script no. 809) 6 American Extra-clinical aspects of emergency 16Jun76; 031319. 

Chemical Society; 10Jun76; 031318. medical care. By Stephen John Scarano. 1 

v. e Stephen John Scarano; 26Mar7f; 031350. 

031319. C31331. Treating smoking habit by discussion and 
The Clouded eye. 6 p. (Man and hypncsis. P*. 1-2. By Ferris M. noses. 

1 V. Prev. reg. 13Sep73, 029298. NM: 


Nice SI 


Spot no. NS1-NS291. 


e The Pat 

ten Corporation; 



These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recorci pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any ad(Jitional recorcjs that may exist. 


031350 (con.) C3U366. 

revision E additiors. Ferris M. noses; Unpublished lecture. 8 p. Appl. au: 

16Jun">6: C3a350. Stephen Lee Adams. S. L. Adams; 

22Jur.76; C31366. C3<43e2. 

C311351. Jesus is the real »hing. Urit'en ty 

Integral total environment; lecture. By C3U367. Robert L. Beavers. 6 p. C. Jabee Busic 

Casimer Kardys. sheets (51 p.) in folder. A New method for financing volunteer Publishing Company; 25Jun76; c3M?e2. 
Prev. reg. 13Aug7ii, C3089U £ others. Nfl : projects. By David w. Pendleton. 5 p. 

development 6 additions. O Casimer C David H. Pendleton; 22Jun76; C3t367. C314383. 

Kardys; 16Jun76; C3U351. The San Francisco rockument ary . Writ' 

C3U368. by John Catchings B Hikel Cleland. 56 p 

C3a352. The Kool Kalkulator. By Bill Bee, C John Catchings S Bikel Cleland; 

Opcon promotion. By Vernon Holgate pseud, of Wallace J. Knerr. * p. Add. 25Jun76; C3U383. 
Hayes. 15 p. Vernon Holgate Hayes; ti: Fun with figures, e Wallace J. Knerr; 

17Jun76: C31I352. 22Jun76; C31436B. C3438U. 

Lancaster, Pennsylvania/Dutch Country 

C3it353. C3U369. auto tape tour; recorded scrip'. si-eets 

Release tape. 3 p. Appl. au: June America in the 1890's: master scripts. (12 p.) Add. ti: Descriptive tour of ft 

Septant (Anastasia Curran-Chandler, 2 7. C Coronet Instructional nedia, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania/Dutch Country au 

pseud.) C June Septant; 17Jun76; division of Esquire, Inc.; 7nay76; tape tour. O Comprehensive Commur"'- 

C3U353. C3U369. cations. Inc., Auto Tape Tours Division; 

28Jun76; CSUSea. 
C31135U. C31I370. 

Keeping current. Vol. 6, ro. 3. By Jobs at home and school; master scripts. C3U385. 

Bichael D. Weinberg. Sheets {U9 p.) 6 v. (Career (awareness) education) Transportation. 1 v. (Career 

Appl. au: American Society of Chartered 6 Coronet Instructional Bedia, a division awareness, no. 1103) e Ideal School 

Life Underwriters. C American Society of of Esquire, Inc. ; 20May76; C31370. Supply Companv; mjan76; C31385. 
Chartered life Underwriters; 17Jun76; 

C3135U. C31371. C313ee. 

Jobs and the community; master scripts. Building better bones; workino scr:p-. 

C3U355. 6 v. (Career (awareness) education) 6 p. (nan and molecules, script no. 812 

Getting better advertising; a marketing Coronet Instructional nedia, a division f American Chemical Society; 8JU176; 

seminar address. Pt. 1-3. By Stuart of Esquire, Inc.; 20nay76; C31371. C3U3e6. 
Shaw. 1 V. e Stuart Shaw; 18Jun76; 

C31355. C31372. C31367. 

Jobs and services; master scripts. 6 v. Body lanauage. Ey Wal'er Johnson 6 H. 

C31356. (Career (awareness) education) Coronet B. Parnum. 2 p. Includes music. Prev. 

Voice characterija-ions; scripts. 3 p. Instructional fledia, a division of reg. 10Bar76, ED667756. e en text; 

Appl. au : John H. Gartner. C John R. Esquire, Inc.; 20nay76; C31372. Unichappell nusic. Inc.; 7jun76; C3U38 

rtner: 18Jun76: C3U356. 

C31373. C313ee. 



Compact cars, 1976; broadcast scr: 


p. (Consumer reports, TV-301) 

e Consumers Onion of United S'ates; 

29Jun76; C31389. 

C31357. Jobs and people; master scri 

A New non-verbal approach to personality (Career (awareness) education)' 6 oronet interview wi'h Alexander Solzhenitsvn 

evaluation; lecture. By Liljan Espenak. Instructional Media, a division of be aired on BBC Television, London.' 1 

17 p. e Liljan Espenak: iejun76; Esquire, Inc.; 20May7f; C31373. Appl- au: Alexander So Izhenitsy n. 

C3U357. e Alexander Solzheni'syn ; 2Jul76; 

C31371. C3138e. 

C31358. Jobs and things; master scripts. f v. 

Trance and ecstasy in dance therapy; (Career (awareness) education) S Cor 

lecture. By Liljan Espenak. 17 p. Instructional nedia, a division of 

liljan Espenak; 18Jun76; C31358. Esquire, Inc.; 20Hay76; C34371. 

C31359. C31375. 

What would noses say to the Onited How to C.B.; script. 51 p. Appl. au: 

Nations today? By Roman Bechnitz Limner. Beverly Dukes, Peggi Horton-Coutts 6 Kevin C3139C. 

2 p. e Roman Bechnitz Limner; 21Jun76; Coutts. C Doodah, Inc.; 23Jun76; Apartment living stylos of af<=iuen' 

<:3it359. C31375. Yorkers over the past 100 years. Ey 

Andrew Alpern. 11 p. G Andrew Alper 

C31360. C31376. 29Jur76; C31390. 

Tubestake. 18 p. Appl. au: Steven Drive up funeral parlor. 3 p. Appl. 

North 6 Barbara North. C Barbara North 6 au: Francis James Garofolo. 6 Francis 

Steven North; 21Jun76; C3136C. James Garofolo; 23Jun76; C31376. 

C31361. C3U377. 

narch to a different drummer. No. 1-16. The Galapagos — evolution's laboratot 

1 V. e The Patten Corporation; 21Jun76; master script. 1 v. (Strange lands, 
C31361. strange life) e Coronet Instructional 

nedia, a division of Esquire, Inc.; 

C311362. 19nay76; C31377. 

Orientation and introduction to the 

vocal skills; first lecture. By Eva C31378. 

Dedrick. 18 p. 6 Eva Dedrick ; 21Jur76; New Jersey, the Garden State; poem 6 

G31362. research notes. By Hadeline Takacs 

Barboe. 6 p. Prev. reg. 20May75 B No 

C34363. 1975. NH : revisions 6 additions. 

Claim your legacy of light; a spiritual e Madeline Takacs Barboe; 27nay76; 

exercise on three levels. Ey Elaine C31378. 
Gilchrist. 1 v. Elaine Gilchrist; 

21Jun76; C31363. C3U379. 

Selling business systems. nodule 1-5. C3«396. 

"^31361. 5 V. e Tratec, Inc.; 27nay76; C31379. Auto loudspeakers; broadcast scrio* 

Safety and the science teacher. Ey p. (Consumer reports, TV-271) 

Donald F. Shebesta. 8 p. B Donald F. C31380. c Consumers Union of United States; 

Shebesta; 21Jun76; C3il36«. The Hospitalized child: a competency 30Jur76; C31396. 

based approach; lecture series. Prepared 

-3''365. by Barry B. Frieman. 35 p. O Barry C31397. 

Blessed are the meek. 11 p. Based in Frieman; 15Jun76; C31380. Small car safety; broadcast scrip', 

part on portions of The Sanctifier. Appl. p. (Consumer reports, tv-333) 

au: J. Roy legere. Portions of The C31381. C Consumers Union of United States: 

Sanctifier prev. pub. 1957. NB: Creative cosmology: the universe of the 30Jun76; C31397. 

coinentary. C Apostolic Formation Center mind; NASA Langley Research Center 

for Christian Renew-all, Inc.; 21Jun76; lecture. 23 p. Appl. au: Fr deric B. C3U398. 

C3»365. Jueneman. Prev. reg. 11Jul71, C30869. Pocket cameras; broadcast script. 





. 133- 

■151. 1 V. e 

in76; C31392. 




sense. N 

0. 31-59. 1 V. 
on; 3 0Jun76; c; 

C The 


Pice; broadcas' 
reports, TV-228) 
Oni'ed states; 



:rip' . 

, 3 p. 
imers Dn; 


2 p. 
t Const 

imer co-op 
imers Unioi 
;; C3U395. 

bank; b: 
1 of Uni' 

■oadcast scrip 
ed States; 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recorci pertainiii}^ to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(i(Jitional records that may exist. 




e Snowman 

of Ka 


ir ; a 






u stefa: 

n Jan; 


. m Pet 






1 St 

:ore f. 


■assion par 

t pre 

V. 1 



: full 

e. e Univ 




(Lond on) 

IM .: 


pT5; DFO- 



C3it398 (con.) DF2238. C Universal Edition (London) Ltd.; 

(Consumer reports, TV-337) 6 Consuuers Die Kluge: die Geschichte von dem Konig 30Sep75; DFO-21U7. 

Union of United states; 30Jun76; C31398. und der Klugen Frau; partitur. By Carl 

Orff, English translation by Gerhard 

C31I399. Lenssen. West Germany. 20 6 p. Add. ti 

Economy subcompact cars, 1976; broadcast The Wise woman: the story of the king an 

script. 2 p. (Consumer reports, TV-328) the wise woman. English 6 German. NB: 

Consumers Union of United States; English translation. 6 B. Schott's 

30Jun76; C3«399. Soehne; 3Nov75; DF2238. 

CSttOO. DF2239. 

Dishwashers; broadcast script. 2 p. Spirit! A musical. Script 6 lyrics by DFO-2m9. 

(Consumer reports, TV-282) 6 Consumers John Gowans, script 6 m John Larsson. Ladies, 'his is war! A play for wcme 

Onion of United States; 30Jun76; CSUIOO. United Kingdom. 1U3 p. C Salvationist By Anthony Booth. Enaland. tiu p. 

Publishina and Supplies, Ltd.; 8«ay7?; e An*hony Booth; 19Pec75; DFO-21«9. 

C3l(lt01. DF2239. 

Inf late-a-hed; broadcast script. 2 p. DFO-2150. 

(Consumer reports, TV-29II) 6 consumers DF22tO. Absent friends; a play. By Alan 

Union of United States; 30Jun76; C3UU01. Goofus and *he golden goose; a Ayckbourn. England. 51 p. e Fights a 

children's play with music. By Irene Investments, Ltd.; 12Cec75; EFO-2150. 

C3ta02. Pasch. Canada. 12 p. Based on a Grimm's 

Texture paints; broadcast script. 2 p. fairytale. C Waterloo Music Company, DFO-2151. 

(Consumer reports, TV- 293) Consumers Ltd.; 29nay75; DF22itO. Kidnapped at Christmas; a play for 

Union of United States: 30Jun76: C3a402. children. By Willis Hall. Enoland. E 

DF22111. p. e Willis Hall Productions, L*d.; 

C3UU03. Die Nase; Oper in drei Akten und einem 12Dec75; DFO-2151. 

Pressure canners; broadcast script. 3 Epilog. nusik vom Dimitri Schostako- 

p. (Consumer reports, TV-290) witsch. Text vom Komponisten nach der DFO-2152. 

5 Consumers Union of United states: Novelle vcn Gogol. Austria. 2 v. Appl. There goes the bride; a comedy. By F 

30Jun76; C3ai403. au: Helmut Wagner C Karl Heinz Fuessl. Cooney B John Chapman. England. 67 p. 

Prev. reg. 26Nov62, DF1f82. NM: fi Pay Cooney 6 John Chapman; 220ct7f; 

C3110U. instrumentation. Universal Edition, DFO-2152. 

Caulking compounds; broadcast script. 2 A.G.; 31Dec70; DF22it1. 
p. (consumer reports, TV-258) 

8 Consumers Union of United States; DF22H3. 

30Jun75; CSUttOU. Leaving home. By David French, in+rod. 

by Urijo Karedo. England. 105 p. (New 
C3'4'*05. drama, 7) e New Press; 31Dec72; Dr22<43. 

Telephone answering devices; broadcast 
script. 2 p. (Consumer reports, TV-286) 
e Consumers Union of United States; 
30Jun76; C31H405. DFO 

DF Les Emigres. De Slawomir firozek, 

traduit du polonais par Gabriel Mere'ik. 
France. 118 p. Nil: translation. 
DF2230. e Editions Albin Michel; 30Sep75; 

Pas moi. By Samuel Beckett. France. DFO-2139. 

2n p. Les Editions de nini 


Animal parade; a children': 
composer/author: Wally Grievi 
12 p. O Waterloo Music Company, Ltd.; 
210ct7lt; DF2231. DF0-21lt1. 

L" Arrestation. By Jean Anouilh. 
France. 206 p. 6 Editions de la Tabl 
Bonde; 5Nov75; DF0-21«1. 


The La'e Brs. Early; a comedy. By 

Herman Bobbins. England. 90 p. f Nc 

Bobbins; 21Nov75; DFO-2m2. 

Cyrano de Bergerac; a heroic comedy in DFO-21«3. 
five acts. By Edmond Bostand, translated The Long home; a play for women. By 
by Christopher Fry. England. lie p. NH : Derek Bowskill. Engl ' " * " 
translation. 6 Christopher Fry; 30Oct75; "■"' 



1 'Homme aux valises. Ce formidabl. 

bordel! By Eugene lonesco. France. 

cal. By 

p. 6 Editions Gallimard; 27Nov75; 







c ; a 



with musi 

c. By 


)rence Ford, 

, lyr 



Brenda Ka 


•■ard i 




p. C Wat 



.c Coi 







Gilles d 
176 p. e 

By Pot 

; mirac 
3er PI a 
IS Gall 

le en d 
nchon . 

ix tableau 




I'm h. 


; 23Ji 

Dme! A 
an 76; 

59 p. 

By Jack 
C Jack 



The Case in gu. 
Miliar. England, 
novel. In their 
e Pactdown, Ltd. 

est ion; 
. 63 p 
; 30De 

a play. By Bona 
Suggested ty ' 
by C. P. Snow. 
c75; DFO-2155. 



The Pant 
Bv Douglas 
e' Samuel F 

omine ] 

play; a 
3n. En 
Ltd. ; 


■en's play. 

28 p. 
i; DFO-2156 


Den Blaa 
Eggli 5 Jo 
f Edition 


; en hi 
Wedege , 
1 Wedeg 
m Hanse 

e. Der 

n; 13! 

A f ; Ge rd 
6 san- 
imark. 35 



actes. By 


Le Proletaire bourgeois, 
Sternheim, 'radurt et 

Bowskill; 12Dec75; DFC-21II3. 


Make your choice: speeches for the 


younger actress. Edited by Jacquelin' 

Face the music; a cautionary skit. By 

E'oker with a preface by Marjorie Lyo 

Barry L. Hillman. England. 28 p. 

England. 60 p. 6 Samuel French, Ltd 

e Barry L. Hillman; 2mov75; DF0-21HU. 

28Nov75; DFO-2159. 


Will Bat? If not, what will? Wat 
Tyler's uprising of 1381, the peasant's 
side of the story. A workshop play by 

Steve Gooch in conjunction with Guy Sprung DFO-2ia5. DFO-2160. 

6 The Half Moon Theatre. Great Britain. Come out to play; a play. By Mary Witt. The Eleventh commandment; a play. By 

77 p. e S'eve Gooch; 10Apr75: DF2235. England. 17 p. Mary Witt; 21Ncv75; Boy Pussell. England. 56 p. 6 Roy 

Df6-211i5. Bussell; 20Feb76; DFO-2160. 

Female transport; a play. By S»eve DFO-21U6. DFO-2161. 

Gooch. Great Britain. 71 p. g Steve Surprise package; a farcial comedy. By Jack the Eipper; a musical flay. Book 

Gooch; 13Feb75 (in notice: 1 97U) ; Duncan Greenwood 6 Michael Derek Parkes. lyrics by Denis DeMarne, book, lyrics E 

DF2236. England. 7 3 p. 6 Duncan Greenwood C For Fember. Enoland. 52 p. Book E 

Michael Derek Parkes; 21tlov75; DFO-21116. lyrics only. C Bon Pember F. Denis 

DF2237. DeMarne; 20Feb76; DFO-2161. 

The Motor show. By Steve Gooch E Paul DFO-21117. 

Thompson. Great Britain. 71 p. 6 Steve A Temporary diversion; or, Tj.^ DFO-2163. 

Gooch; 10Apr75; DF2237. Monumental photographic and zoological Better late. By George (i.e. Georges) 

umbrella show. Text: Paul Townsend, m Peydeau, translated by Peter Meyer. 

John Paynter. England. HO p. England. 39 p. Translation of Feu la 


These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(J(Jitional records that may exist. 

DFO-216'1 - DP975« 


JAN. - JUN. !<)•' 

DFO-2163 (con.) 

• ere de madame. o Peter fleyer ; 26nar76; 



Grass widows; a play. By Dorothy 
Turnock. Enalacd. 21 p. Frederick 
Stanley Turnock; 21Nov75; DF0-2ieil. 


Ai-ne of Green Gables; a musical. 
Adaptation 6 lyrics by Donald Harron, 
lyrics & m Norman Campbell, additional 
lyrics by Havor (loore C Elaine Campbell. 
92 p. From the novel by L. n. Montgomery. 
Norman Campbell, Donald Barron 6 Farrar, 
Straus and Giroux, Inc.; 19Dec72; 


Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of the 
dying detective; production 6 acting 
scripts. By Richard X. France. 2 v. 
From the short story by Arthur Conan 
Doyle. Na: dramatization. Richard X. 
France; 15Dec7U; DP9U93. 


The Prince of Peace; with tableaux 6 
music for children. By Ann E. Pierce. U6 
p. Based en the Bible. BM: selection, 
compilation C dramatization. e Willis 
Music Company; 30Jun58; DP9717. 


Like a thief in the night. The lady 
wants in. The Bear and Thomas-Thomas. 
The Soldier. By Rich Zalusky. 51 p. 
Add. ti: Like a thief in the nioht and 
other one-act plays. S Rich Zalusky; 
1Jun75; DP9718. 


BTRB; for any brass instrument. By 
David Cope. 1 v. Add. ti : Brass 
trombone. C Stephen L. Glover, sole 
proprietor of Brass Music, Ltd.; 50ct 71 ; 


Sweden shoes. Breath of ballet. By 
Brenda Dayle Gunn. 61 p. C Brenda Dayle 
Gunn; 5May75: DP9720. 


It was Jesus. By Eddie Miller 6 Barbara 
Miller. 21 p. Includes music. 6 Tree 
Publishing Company, Inc. ; 5Dec75; 


Portrait; screenplay. By Pamela Jaye 
Smith 6 Monty Hayes McMillan. 88 p. From 
a story by Pamela Jaye Smith. e Pamela 
Jaye Smith; 1 5Dec75 ; DP9722. 

DP97 2 3. 

Cris, the cross Christmas camel. Ey 
Robert Fellows. 1 v. Includes music. 
C Fidelity Films, Inc.; 1Jun75; DF9723. 


Thirty pieces of silver; another new 
gospel (in play form) according to Saint 
Nasty. By Baror Von Heisterkampf , pseud, 
of James L. Heisterkamp, cover by Etienne 
De Lynne. 13 p. C Baron Von Heister- 
kampf; 2Dec75; DP9721. 


Talk, inner city children! A play. By 

Barbara S. Rarvey. 31 p. C Barbara S. 

Harvey; 16«ay75; DP9725. 


Hawmps. Story by Joe Camp, story S 
screenplay by William Bickley 6 Michael 
Warren. Ill p. Appl. au: Mulberry Square 


The Last bouquet: a play in two acts. 
By Dennis Holt. 61 p. Prev. reg. 
16Feb68, DU70912. NM: revisions. 
O Dennis Holt; 1Dec75; DP9727. 


Lottie D. Book & lyrics by Ragan 
Courtney, m Raymond Brown. 2 v. C Triune 
Music, Inc.; 230ct75; DP9728. 


For the use of the hall; a new comedy. 

Ey Oliver Hailey. 61 p. C Oliver Hailey; 

12Jar;76: DP9729. 


The First actress; a play in three acts. 
By Ben Orkow. 77 p. Prev. reg. 27Jun71, 
DU90691. NM: additions s revisions. 
e Ben Orkow; 12Jan76; DP9730. 


Dracula. Dramatic version freely 
adapted by Crane Johnson. 11 p. From the 
novel by Bram Stoker. Prev. reg. 7Nov75, 
DU96702. NM: additions 6 revisions. 

Crane Johnson; 19Jan76; DP9731. 


If I were a princess: a musical. 
Script, lyrics 6 m Eae Nichols Simmonds. 

1 V. Prev. pub. 26Sug71, no. 9011. NM: 1 
new songs, additional text 6 musical 
arrangements. 6 Bae Nichols Simmonds; 
15Apr75; DP9732. 


Project 100,000; a screenplay. By David 
Greene. 121 p. C David Greene; 1Jar.76; 


Prairie chitlins; an original screen- 
play. By Robert Wesley Reed. 122 p. 
Prev. reg. 6Feb75, DD93313: prev. pub. 
18Apr75, DP9536. NM: revision. 6 Robert 
Wesley Feed; 18Jan76; DP9731. 


Dealings; a screenplay. By Michael 
Duby. 119 p. e Michael Duby; 12Jan76; 


Set the good example; a comedy. By 
Dorothy B. Teeple. 1 v. C Dorrie Teeple; 
9Jan76; DP9736. 


When the winds whisper. Seven trumpet 
songs. It's a nice day for a miracle. By 
Janice Thcrne Dixon. Microfilm. (Toward 
comedy: a look at three plays) e Janice 
Thorne Dixon; 11Nov75; DP9737. 


Skinny Lena. Other houses. The 
Tornado, and others. By Tolanda Aimee 
Reed. Microfilm. (Plays) e Yoland Aimee 
Reed; 11Nov75; DP9738. 


A Gown for his mistress; a farce in 
three acts. By Georges Feydeau, 
translated by Barnett Shaw. 61 p. 
Adaptation of Georges Feydeau's Tailleur 
pour dames. NM: English adaptation E 
additional material. 6 Barnett Shaw; 
29Jun69; DP9739. 


The Pardon; a fantasy perhaps. By H. F. 
Dobson. 11 p. C H. F. Dobson; 8Jan76; 


Vacation; a musical comedy. By Kenneth 
Raymond Abraham. 51 p. C Kenneth Raymond 
Abraham; 1 Apr75 ; DP9711. 

10 1 


Who's on first? A nightmare comedy. Pv 
Jack Sharkey. 87 p. Prev. rea. 22AprT=, 
DU9U323. C Jack Sharkey; 31Dec75; 


Eat your heart out; a comedy in *hree 
acts. By Nicholas J. Hall. 91 p. Erev. 
reo. 12May75, DU91381. NM : revisions, 
e Nicholas J. Hall: 30Dec75; DP9713. 


nedea; a Noh cycle based on the Greek 
myth. By Carol Jay Soraenfrei. 61 p. 
Prev. reg. 3Feb75, D093211. C Carol Jay 
Sorgenfrel ; 31Dec75; DP9711. 


And David wep* ; for 3 solo voices e 
orchestra. By Ezra Ladermar & Joe Dario". . 
Piano ed. 98 p. Prev. reg. 1Jar71, 
DU79007. e Joe Darion 6 Ezra Ladermar; 
29Jan76; DP9715. 


fl Star spangled salute to Perry Coun-y. 
By Mary Lou Orthey. 1 v. C Mary Lou 
Orthey: lEep75; DP9716. 


I never heard; an operetta. By Allen u. 
Jones. 1 V. e Allen w. Jones; 18Nov75; 


The Cockeyed optimist; a comedy in three 
acts. By Cordner Nelson. 96 p. 
e Cordner Nelson; 10Jan76; CP9718. 


La Valse; or. The Coming forth by day. 
A fantastic visual fugue for balle- E 
pantomime. Written by Rose Duran Harvey E 
Clarence Luther Taylor. 1 v. Book cnly. 
e Pose Duran Harvey 6 Clarence Luther 
Taylor; 15Sep75 (in notice: 1968, 1975); 


Hansel and Gretel. The Emperor's new 
clothes. Rip Van Winkle, and others. By 
Henry Tobias E David Ormont, arr. Johr 
Dentato, edited by Lee Snider. 290 p. 
(Twelve musical plays for children) Based 
on famous fairy tales. Appl. au: Perry 
Tobias Music Company, employer for hire ^' 
Lee Snider 6 John Dentato. Prev. reg. 
1«Har75, E0571211; 10Apr75, DD91010. W. 
editing E arr. of music. 6 Henry Tobias 
Music Company: 3Feb76: DP9750. 


The Orphan; a play in two acts. By 
David W. Rabe. 102 p. Prev. reg. as Nor 
the hones of birds, 2Feb70, 0076257; as 
The Orphan, 11Jun71, DDe0193. NM : 
revisions. C David w. Rabe; 10Nov75: 


The Boot. By McCarthy Coyle. (In 
Playwrights for tomorrow: a collection o^ 
plays, vol. 12, p. 11-72) C McCarthv 
Coyle; 1Sep75; DP9752. 


Wilson. By George C. Greanias E Pamela 
Anne Keris. (In Playwrights for tomorrow; 
a collection of plays, vol. 12, p. 75-16I) 
Prev. reg. 1973, DDe6577. c George C. 
Grearias E Pamela Anne Keris; 1?ep75; 


A Bunch of the gods were sitting around 
one day; a drama in two acts. By James 
Spencer. (In Playwrights for tomorrow: a 
collection of plays, vol. 12, p. 207-266) 
Prev. reg. 11Jan71, DD89258 B others. NM: 
additions 6 revisions. C James Spencer; 
1Sep75; DP9751. 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DP9755. DP97D9. G Kaufman Research; 15Jan76 (ir. ro'-.l 

The Tunes of Chicken little. By Fobert S Flurry of birds; a play in two acts. 1975) ; DP97e2. 

Gordon. (In Playwrights for tomorrcw: a By David Fielding Smith. 56 p. Prev. 

collection o£ plays, vol. 13, p. 7-106) reg. 19Jun75, DU95005. 9 David Fieldinq rP°7p;. 

S Pobert Gordon; «Sep75 (in notice: Smith; 19Feb76; DP9769. Siberia; opera in three acts, libre' 

197U, 1975) ; DP9755. by Luigi lllica. 11 Re; comic opera i 

CP9770. tv-ree acts, libretto by Giovacc^i^o 

DP9756. The Miracle Worker; a musical story ^rom Gorzano. English tr arsla*: ions by Thoir 

The Irher-tance; a drama in three acts. -he Bible. Story adaptation 6 m Pobert 3. Simpson, m Umberto Giordano. 58 p. 

By Ernest A. Joselovit2. (In Playwrights Hughes, lyrics by Cordelia Spitzer. 96 p. Libretto only; Italian E English. Nl>; 

for tomorrow: a collection of plays, vol. Appl. au: Lorenz Publishing Company, English translation. C Thomas Simpsor 

13, p. 107-169) Prev. reg. 1971, DU79885. employer for hire. 8 Lorenz Publishing 7Jan76 (in notice: 1975); DP9783. 

e Ernest Joselovitz; «Sep75; DP9756. Company; 2Feb76: DP9770. 


0P9757. DP9771. Tl-e nan who told riddles. The Bu = te 

Blessing. By Joseph Landon. (Ir In ny Father's name; a pulpit-music football. The Troublemaker, and o*>-6r 

Playwrights for tomorrow: a collection of drama. Book t, lyrics by Esther Burroughs, Stories by Violet K. Prah. 37 p. 

plays, vol. 13, p. 171-231) Prev. reg. m Bob Burrouohs. SU p. 6 Sonshine (Proarammed gospel puppets, no. 1) 

29Bav73, DD87122. S Joe Landon; USep75; Productions; 2Feb76; DP9771. 6 Viole' K. Prah; 1700*75; DP978H. 

rP9772. DP9785. 

DP9758. Sarah of Saskatchewan; a melodrama in These spies within our gates; act 1, 

The Kramer; a drama in two acts. By four acts. By Joan Sween. 31 p. e Joan excerpts from synopsis of flashback 6 

Hark nedoff. (In Playwrights for Sween; 15Jan76; DP9772. commentary on excerpts. By Charlie Ha 

tomorrow: a collection of plays, vol. 13, Epley. 41 p. Add. ti: Things are net 

p. 233-308) e Mark Medoff; i4Sep75: DF9773. always what they seem. 6 Charlie Mae 

DP9758. What price religious freedom? A play in Epley; 6Dec7« ; DP9785. 

three acts. By Margaret Carmen, adapted 

DP9759. for school use by Doris Culver. 13 p. 

Galileo: the heavenly houses keeper. By e Queens, NY, Branch, Inc., American 

Elton Winfred Burch. 60 p. Add. »1: The Association of University Women; 2Jan76 

Saga of ?.bbie; The Taurus. 6 E. Win DP9773. 
Burch; 2Jun75; DP9759. 


DP9760. A Time for madness; a new high school 

The Odd ball. Written by Elton winfred comedy. By Pobert S. Mulligan & John H. 

Burch. Sheets (93 p.) 6 Elton winfred Pulver. 10 3 p. 6 Robert s. Mulligan E 

Burch; 20Jan76; DP9760. John W. Pulver; 28Nov75; DP977U. 


American history: 1820-1865. Dialogue 
n.; a colloquy between two or more. My 

Washinqton won the All-City Conference. moration of Washington' 

Three plays. By Carole Shoemaker. Spirit DP977e. Delaware, Christmas Day, 1776. 

masters (8 p.) in envelope. (Washington Duet; a tragicomedy in one act. By Fredericka Nolde Berger. 16 p. Book 

High confidential) With teacher's notes. David Scott Milton. 28 p. 6 David Scott only. Prev. reg. 20Nov75, D09687U 

Appl. au : Xerox Corporation, employer for Milton; 28Nov75; DPg776. O Fredericka Nolde Berge 

hire. 6 Xerox Corporation; 270ct75; DP978e. 



Making love; a screenplay. By charle 
E. Yeaglev. 27 p. 8 Charles Yeagley; 
5Feb76: DP9762. 


Bingo; a full-length play. By Edward 
Bond. 76 p. 6 Edward Bond; 3Feb76; 

2llFeb76; DP9778. 

DP976I4. DP9791. 

How the turkey got his gobble; a DP9779. Diary; a play in one act for high schc 

preposterous tale. By Mary Euth Joyner 6 The Tiger and the pussycat; or, whatever students. By Marcia Ann shenk. 15 p. 

Bessa Fitzoerald. Sheets (It p.) ir happened to that guy who got mixed up with C Marcia Ann Shenk; 28Nov75; DP9''91. 
folder. Includes music. e Joy-Fitz the tiger and the beautiful girl? By Bill 

Productions; 2ilJan76; DP976II. Majeski. 22 p. 6 Bill Majeski; U0ct75; DP9792. 

DP9779. The First breeze of summer; a drama in 

DP9765. two acts. By Leslie lee. 106 p. Prev. 

Sing out loud, America; a historical DP9780. reg. 25Sep75, D096177. e Leslie Lee; 

review for elementary singers S actcrs. w la Cecchina ; opera buffa in three acts. 23Feb76; DP9792. 
5 dialogue by nary Ruth Joyner, m Bessa Italian libretto by Carlo Goldoni, English 

Fitzoerald. Sheets (lu p.) in folder. version by Richard P. Arsenty, m Nicola DP9793. 

9 Joy-Fitz "reductions; 2Wan76; DP9765. Piccinni. U3 p. Add. ti : The Good Dance your heart out; a new play with 

daughter. Libretto only; Italian 6 music. By Murray Spitzer. 81 p. Book 

Enqlish. NM: English translation. only, e Murray Spitzer; 20Feb76; 

e Richard P. Arsenty; 5jan76 (in notice: DP9793. 

1975); DP9780. 


DP9781. Ansel Kazan and the Scaly-Tailed Yird; 

la Griselda; opera seria in two acts. an operetta. Book 6 lyrics by Frances E 

DP9767. Libretto by Apostolo Zeno, m Alessandro watts, m Michael J. Wolf. 1 v. Appl. a 

The Old Carnasie Line; a musical. By Scarlat'i. 17 p. Libretto only; Italian The Saturday Evening Post Company. NM: 

Gerald Samberg, Charles Samberg 6 Benny C Enalish. Appl. au: Thomas Simpson. NM : dialogue 6 musical material. C The 

Bell, pseud, of Ben Samberg. 6 p. C Bell English translation. B MBF Records, Inc.; Saturday Evening Post Company; 29Jan76; 
Enterprises, Inc.; 3Feb76: DP9767. 10Jan76 (in notice: 1975); DP9781. 

Worn en 

behind bars; a ne 
71 p. e Tom Eyen; 

w play. 1 

:y Toe 


Duet; a tragicoi 
David Scott Miltoi 
Milton; 28NOV75; 

»edy in 
n. 28 p 

one act. Ey 
. e David Scoi 

By Ron 
Andre ws 
68 p. 
House E 

;hot Crummoi 
House, Dial 
;, Alan She-, 
Prev. reg. 
Diane whi< 

Id ; a CO 
ne White 
irman E 
te; 2 8N 

medy in two ad 
, John Neville- 
Derek Cunninghi 
DU92595. 6 E( 
ov75; DP9777. 



Ey Jule 


off Olympu: 
E E. Tasca 
1, DU88931. 

°' 76 p. 
e Jule 

edy in two act; 
Prev. reg. 


A Hell 

of a mess; a play. By 




islated by Helen Gary Bi sh 


152 p. 


. pub. as Ce formid; 




. « on translation; 

; Grov 


Press, I 


15Mar75; DP9786. 



rge i 

3nd ♦he Hamadrvads. 



by Norma 

n R. 

Tharp. 1 V. e NO! 

:man F. 



376; DP9787. 


The ce 


of time; a Christm; 

is page 


with dra 

.ma S 

music written in c< 




an Ir 



. By I 



e israe 

1 Horov 


16 Mi 



■r Queen 


Paul Foster. 

31 p. 


Queer , 



e Paul 




The i 


habet d 


Story 6 

w nary 

Buth Ji 


;er, m i 

;essa Fi- 




(10 p.; 

1 i 

n fold! 

?r. g J 


.tz P] 





; DP976 

DP9768. DP9782. 

The Dean's list. By Niles Butler, Ora zi e Curiazi; opera seria in three Pocahon'as, Powhatan's child; 

edited by James F. Lichtman B Michael Lee acts. Libretto by S. Cammarano, English operetta. Book E lyrics by Fr 

Jones. Ill p. e James F. Lichtman £ version by Thomas G. Kaufman, m Saverio Watts, m Michael J. Wolf. 1 v. Appl. 

Michael Lee Jones; 10Dec75; DP976e. Mercadante. 2" p. Libretto only; Italian The Saturday Evening Post Company. NM : 

S English. NM: English translation. dialcgue S musical material. e The 

10 2 










:s, m 



These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recortJ pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any adcJitional records that may exist. 


DP9795 (con.) 

Saturday Evening Post company; 6Jan76 

{in notice: 1975); DP9795. 


The Secret message spies. By Sandra 
Breuer. 2 spirit masters. Appl. au: 
Xerox Corporation, employer for hire. 
O Xerox Corporation; 5Nov75; DP9796. 


Attack at Ticonderoga. By Sandra 
Breuer. 2 spirit masters. Appl. au: 
Xerox Corporation, employer for liire. 
C Xerox Corporation: 5Nov75; DP9797. 


The Old time school. By Sandra Breuer. 
2 spirit masters. Appl. au: Xerox 
Corporation, employer for hire. Xerox 
Corporation; 5Nov75: DP9798. 


An Old-fashioned school. By Sandra 
Breuer. 2 spirit masters. Appl. au: 
Xerox Corporation, employer for hire, 
O Xerox Corporation: 5Nov75; DP9799. 


The Secret message for Washington. By 
Sandra Breuer. 2 spirit masters. Appl. 
au: Xerox Corporation, employer for hire- 
Xerox Corporatior; 5Nov75; DP98 00. 


Hon to make a sick child well. By 
Sandra Breuer. 2 spirit masters. Appl. 
au : Xerox Corporation, employer for hire. 
C Xerox Corporation; 7Jar.7e; DF98C1. 


The Space visitors; a finish it yourself 
play- By Lewy Olfson. 5 spirit masters. 
Appl. au: Xerox Corporation, employer for 
hire, Xerox Corporation; 7Jan76; 


Pecos Bill; a reading aloud play. By 
Lewy Olfson. 5 spirit masters. Appl, au: 
Xerox Corporation, employer for hire. 
Xerox Corporation; 7Jan76; DP9eC3. 


Apocalypse of the god players; a flay in 
three acts. By William R. Smith. 53 p. 
e William P. Smith; 12rlar76: DP930i». 


More bad luck; a puppet play. By Jagna 
Zahl, 30 p. Based on the German fclk 
tales Die Schildb uerger — The People of 
Schilda e on the Jewish Tales of Chelm, 
e Eranden Press, Inc, ; 3«ar76; rp9805. 


The Pinal warning. Pt, 2, By Preston 
Oliver Bradley. p. 192-«83. Prev. pub. 
26SOV75, DP966H. Nd: additions. 
e Preston Oliver Bradley; 6(lar76; 


I'll keep your secret: a comedy. By 
George Sharp with Esther Bell E Paul 
Patchel. 50 p. © nedia-Upper Prov-dence 
Free Library; 10l1ar76: DP9807. 


The Musician, By J. S, Poverso, pseud, 
of Seymour Hakim. 62 p. C Poet Gallery 
Press; 6Dec75 (in notice: 1973); 


The Kramer; a play in two acts. By Mark 
nedoff. 69 p. Prev, pub, 1975. Vn: 
additions 6 revisions. C Mark Medoff; 
19Mar76; DP9809. 


New beat on an old drum; a comedy in 
three acts. By Kurtz Gordon, pseud, of C. 


Song of songs. By Steven Lee Fry. 10 
p. Steven lee Fry (in notice: Steve 
Fry); 22Aug7U; DP9811. 


The Bucket brigade; a play. By Jedediah 
Wheeler, 112 p, e Jedediah wheeler; 
lnar76; DP9ei2. 


The Mantle; a Christmas play. By Mary 
Isabel Buchanan (Mary Isabel Buchanan 
Silva) 36 p. e Mary Isabel Buchanan; 
17Mar76; DP9813. 


Hansel and Gretel. The Emperor's new 
clothes. Rip Van winkle, and others. w £ 
m Kenry Tobias 6 David Ormont, edited by 
lee Snider. 290 p. (Twelve musical plays 
for children) Based on famous fairy 
tales. Prev. reg. 10Apr75, DU9it010. 
Henry Tobias Music Company; 15Jan76 
(in notice: 1975, 1976); DP981'4. 


Ku-ku. Didysis Penkt adienis. Rutos ir 
Bijunai. By Anatolijus Kairys. 221 p. 
(Trys komedijos) Add. ti : Three comedies. 
<; Anatolijus Kairys; 31Dec75; DP9815. 


Excuse me, Mrs. Farnsworth; a comedy in 
one act. 13 p. Appl. au : Michael A. 
Popelka 6 Glenn w, Kumpula. e Michael A. 
Popelka £ Glenn K. Kumpula; 15Mar76; 


Vegetebella. Written by Jeanne McCauley 
6 Marta L. Smith, lyrics by Jeanne 
McCauley 5 H, Gary Smith. 22 p. 6 Jeanne 
McCauley £ Marta L. Smith; 15Har76; 


The Untold love story of Kahlil Glbran; 

screenplay. By Joseph Max Munzel. 116 p. 

S Joseph Max Munzel; 29Mar76; DP9818. 


Casanova's lips. By Guy Guden. 50 p. 
a Guy Guden; 26Jan76; DP9819. 


Patrick Kenry; a play in thirty-six 
scenes. By Patton Lockwood. 16 p. Prev. 
reg. 20Feb76, D09789B. 6 Patton Lockwood; 
1Apr76; DP9820. 


Okinawa naval mission. By Isadore H. 
Rubensteir. 73 p. e Isadore H, 
Rubenstein; 1Apr76; DP9821. 


Icarus. Morris. By Steve Miller. 22 
p. (Two plays) e Steve Miller; 15Mar76; 


Praise the Lord with puppet power. Vol. 
1. By Mike Warren, Dee Warren £ Rex 
Shanks. 75 p, C Mike Warren; 1Mar76; 


Prune juice; a musical. By Gerald 
Samberg, Charles Samberg £ Benny Bell, 
pseud, of Ben Samberg. 8 p. C Bell 
Enterprises, Inc. ; 22Mar76; DP982U. 


National; an original screenplay. By 
Daniel Thomas Schmitt. Sheets (90 p.) 
Daniel Thomas Schmit' ; 1Apr76; DP9a25. 


Bicentenyall for real. By Echol' , 

pseud, of Herman Henry Echols, Jr. 9P p. 
C Echol* , pseud, of Herman Henry Echols, 
Jr.; 1Aug75; DP9826. 


A Wassail fest. Script by lee v. K^c^h, 
musical selections compiled by Geneva 
Eschweiler, 1 v. Book only. C Schuit- 
Publicat ions, a division of Schmitt Musfc 
Centers; 60ct75; DP9e27. 


This glorious cause; a music drama of 
the American Revolution. Written by Palp^ 
A. Percey, m arrangements by Georae N. 
larsen, 57 p. NM: additional text £ now 
musical arrangements- C George P. Larser. 
£ Falph A, Percey; 11Jan76: DP982e. 


Don't embarass +he Bureau; screen play. 
By Barbara Bass 6 Bernard F. Confers. 122 
p. Adapted from the novel by Bernard F. 
Conners. Prev. reg. 1972, 51688. HM: 
dramatization £ additions. C Bernard P. 
Conners; 5Feb76; DP9829. 


Ernest Hemingway: the most exci*ing 
years; an original shooting script. By 
Leicester Hemingway £ Doris Hemingway. 
1''0 p. e Leicester Hemingway £ Doris 
Hemingway; 10Mar76; CP9830. 


Curtains. By Gloria Gonzalez. 36 p. 
Prev. reg. 2UApr7«, 0090196, NM : 
additions 6 revisions. C Gloria Gonzalez: 
19Apr76; DP9831. 


Living witnesses. w £ m Bich Cook £ 
Allene Bledsoe, arr. Rich Cook. 89 p. 
Appl. au: John T. Benson Publishing 
Company, employer for hire, © John T- 
Benson Publishing Company; 16Feb76; 


The Pied Piper; an operetta in one ac-. 
Book, lyrics £ m Virginia Hagemann. UO p. 
e Theodore Presser Company; 22Mar76; 


A Message for the King; a story with 
music for percussion, piano, voices £ 
narrator. Story by Paul Nordoff £ Cl:v= 
Robbins, m Paul Nordoff. "0 p. 
e Theodore Presser Company: 22Mar76; 



Guns of God; an oriainal screenplay. Py 
Eocer Dean Clark. Ill p. 6 Pooer Clark; 
6Apr76; DP9835. 


Lingua 2: maledetto; composition for 
seven virtuoso speakers- By Kenneth 
Gaburo. 30 p. Enalish. P Kenneth 
Gaburo; 16Jan76; DPoe36. 


Sorry, you don"- look like a thief. By 
Terrence V. Drula. 80 p, C Terrerce V. 
Drula; 2UFeb76; DP9837, 


How America began; an operetta for 
students. By Aspasia Sabot. 1 v. NM : 
addi'-ional dramatic material. C Michael 
J. Sabot; 26Jan76; DF983fl, 


Daugh'ers of liberty; an original 
one-act play. By Puth .Tessman Stanek £ 
Myra Sachs Komarow, 1 5 p. e southern New 
lork Branch, American Association of 
Un5versity Women; 12Feb76; DP983°. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(J(Jitional records that may exist. 


DP98140 (con.) DP9e5U. DP98fi8. 

Sylvia Moir.gust Branchcomb, Carmel The Prodigal daughter; a play in *^«o last of 'he class; a comedy in two acts. 

Mulligan t Getty Square Theatrical Club. acts. By David Turner. 102 p S David By Fred Carmichael. 101 p. e Samuel 

e Sylvia Doingust Branchcomb, Carmel Turner; 6Apr76; DP9851I. French, Inc.; 20AFr76; DP98f8. 

Hulligan S Getty Square Theatrical Club; 

23Nov75: DP98itO. DP9855. 099869. 

Kennedy's children; a play in two ac*s. The Bitz; a new comedy. By Terrence 

Bpggijl. By Robert Patrick. 66 p. Prev. reg. NcNally. 89 p. 6 Terrence dcNally; 

The Prevention, detection and app- 2i40ct73, DU881166. NH: revisions. 20Apr76; DP9869. 

original C Robert Patrick; 26Jar76; DP9855. 

jnplay. By Jonathan ». Phillips 



China ■ 

?hop. By 



trett 01 


1(7 p. e 

J. Garret 

,t Glov^ 






; an origi 

nal sc; 




Joseph aorrissey. 

1 V. 


ev. reg. 



8 Jos. 







The Hai 

Id beneath 

[. Hri' 


n 6 dire 


Gurden F. 

. Henley. 

1 V. 


Gurden F 






The Voyaae of Edgar Allan Poe; 

2 acts. Text by Charles Nolte, 

Arqento. 39 p. libretto. 6 B( 

wo acts. By 

Hawkes, Inc.; 2itApr76; DP98714, 

rea. 190ct73, 



Michael C. Gury. 135 p. Prev. reg. DP9856. The Increased difficulty of concen- 

20ct75, DU96280; prev. pub. 3Dec75, The Hizard of Id; a musical comedy. traticn; a play in two acts. By Vaclav 

A695190. NM: additions, deletions 5 Book by Kathy Eubbo, book 6 lyrics by fark Havel, translated from the Czech by Vera 

revisions. e Jonathan «. Phillips S Houston, book 6 m Chris Thompson. 1 v. Blackwell. 58 p. C Vera Plackwell; 

Bichael C. Gury; 26Jan76; DP981I1. Book 6 lyricE only. Based on the comic 7nay76: DP9870. 

strip. The Wizard of Id, by John Har* e 

DP98U2. Brant Parker. NH: dramatization. DP9871. 

Carwin; screenplay. By Richard J. 6 Hou-Thom Productions, Inc.; 6Jan76; Find your way home; a drama in three 

Switajewski. lit p. Based on the novel DP9856. acts. By John Hopkins. 7U p. Prev. reg 

Hieland; or. The Transformation, by 1971. NM: revisions. € John Hopkins 

Charles 'Brockden Brown. e Eichard J. DP98E7. Productions, Ltd.; 10Jun75; DP987-:. 
Switajewski; 1Jan76; DP98'»2. vlad Dracula; a vampire play in three 

acts. By Philip H. Helms. 50 p. DP9872. 

DP98II3. e Philip V. Helms; 12Apr76; DP9857. Send me word of all our neighbors; a 

J.n.V. gems number 1: investiture dramatic reading. Compiled E written by 

program materials for pre-J.B.V. classes, BP9B58. Margaret B. naron. 10 p. 6 Haraaret B. 

grades 1-U. By Evelyn J. Lutz. 8 p. lamppost reunion; a play in three acts. Maron; 22Apr76; DP9872. 
Includes music. 6 Evelyn J. Lutz; By Louis LaBusso, 2nd. 61 p. Prev. reg. 

8Jan76; DP98I13. 3lnar75, DU93877. t Louis LaBusso, 2nd; DP9873. 

13Apr76; DP9858. The Passenger. By Hark Pe pi oe , Peter 

opggnu. Wollen E Hichelangelo Antonioni. 192 p. 

Mainline blues. By Gregory Foster. 21 DP9859. 8 Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Inc.: ISSep""?; 

p. e Gregory Foster; 9Apr76; DPQPitt. Professor George; a drama in one act. DP987'. 

By Marsha Eheiness. 38 p. Prev. reg. 
DP98115. 25«ay70, DU77270. Marsha 

The Life and death of Doctor Martin 13Apr76; DP9859. 

Luther Kino, Jr. No. 2. By Beverlv Jo 
Lymon. 126 p. e Beverly Jo lymon ; CP9860. 

10Dec75; DP98U5. The Soft touch; a play ir 

Neil Cuthbert. 6« p. Pre^ 
00881435. e Neil Cuthbert; 

DP9860. on the mark. By Charles M. Tanner. 81 

p. Prev. reg. lBay73, CD86997 E o'hers. 

DP9861. NM: new text E dramatic compositions. 

I hear a drum. By Ann Barton, Lynne e Charles M. Tanner; 16Jan76 (in no-:ce: 

Salisbury S Connie Thomas, adapted E arr. 1975); DP9875. 
Joyce Merman, pseud, of Marjorie Farmer. 

2 V. Appl. au: Shawnee Press, Inc., 0P9876. 

employer for hire of Marjorie Farmer, I'll die if 1 can't live forever; a 

pseud.: Joyce Merman. Prev. reg. lUMay75, stage struck revue. lyrics 6 m Joyce Hill 

D09UH71. NM: adaptation S arr. for unison Stoner, based on an original book concep* 

or two-part voices with instrumental by Karen Johnson, additional m Hilliam 

accompaniment. C Shawnee Press, Inc.; Boswell, additional book material by 

17Sep75; DP9861. Hilliam Brooke. 60 p. Book S lyrics 

only. Lyrics E music prev. reg. ig^S, 

DP9862. EUil«7161 E others. NM: new text E 

DP98it9. A Day for doughnuts, April 19, 1775; a compilation of lyrics. Stoner Arts, 

Rack in focus. By Thomas J. Gildig £ one-act play. By Virginia Marie Kimball. Inc.; 2eAag75; 0P9876. 
David H. Markus. Sheets (8 2 p.) ir 27 p. C Parable Press; 15Apr76; DP9862. 

folder. Prev. reg. 20Nov7«, 0092119. NM: 0P987-'. 

additions E revisions. 6 Thomas J. Gildig DP9863. I'll die if 1 can't live forever; a 

E David Harkus; 5Jar76; DP9B«9. Caraway street scripts: third six mon*hs stage struck revue. lyrics f- m Joyce Hill 

Ser. C, no. 1-26. By fonald E. Solomon. stoner, based on an original book concept 

DP9850. 1 V. e Fon Solomon; 30Dec75; DP9863. by Karen Johnson, additional m William 

The Breadline burlesque and caterirq Boswell, additional book material ty 

mission revue. Book B lyrics by Carl DP986H. William Brooke. 60 p. Book £ lyrics 

Corbett, pseud, of Lloyd Epstein, m Istvan Pretzels; a musical revue. Written by only. Lyric 

Adamy, pseud, of Robert Adamy Ouisberg. 2 Jane Curtin, Fred Grardy B Judy Kahar, " 

V. e L. Epstein 6 R. Ouisberg; 11feb76; lyrics E m John Forster. 73 p. Book E 

DP9850. Ivrics only. Music E lyrics prev. reg. 

17JU175. 6 Jane Curtin, Fred Grandy, Judy 
DP9B51. Kahan £ John Forster; 2toct75; DP98eo. 

Anthony's mad, Anthony's mad. By Ernest 
A. Tremblay, 2nd. Sheets. 8 Ernest A. 
Tremblay, 2nd; 17Feb76: DP9851. 


8i*h Christ, what Dap? Written B 
compiled by Robert o'. Decker, contributi 
writers: James A. Irwin £ David L. Mille 
11 p. e Robert 0. Decker; 15Apr76; 

DP9853. in one-act plays) 

A Fable: a collaborative piece. Written 19Sep75; DP9866. 
by Jean-Claude Van I'allie, m Fichard 

Peaslee, oricinally created collabo- DP9b67. 

ratively with director, Joseph Chaikin £ Weary old world. By Marian S. Samson. DP9880. 

others. 10 p. Book E lyrics only. 1 v. Includes music. Prev. reg. 22May7i4, The Lion and the mouse; a musi 

Jean-Claude Van Itallie; 19Apr76; E0187807. © Marian S. Samson; 1itJun70; Al Frantz. 88 p. 6 McAfee Musi 

DP9853. DP9b67. Corporation; 3May76; CP9880. 

The F 
Wayne B 

ollowers of 
in two acts, 
axter Hosfoi 
: 2«Mar76; 

freedom; a 
. Book, lyr 
:d. 21 p. 

:ics £ 
e Way 





the doc 

By Lucy 

only , 

tor ai 

n. Hi 

<ay. 1 

A Dollar a 
«e all pay, 
38 p. (Sc 

and o 



i 6 others. 

NM: nev 

t text 



ion of lyr 

ics. e J 

loyce \ 







nq distant 

m en ; a p 

ilav ir 

1 one c 

By Ficha 

,rd Greere. 

25 p. 

e Fief 





DP 9879. 


do ah; a mu 

sical ba = 

■ed on 

a r 


. screenpla 

y. By Js 

imes Le 



lyrics by 

Peter (Id 

ell, D 

> Garv 

Geld, bo 

lOk by Jame 

s lee Ear 

■rett , 


Udell E 

Philip Fos 

e. 78 p. 

Book E ly; 

only. I 

.yrics E mu 



NM: new 

text E com 


of lyrics. 

e James 

Lee Barret 

t, Peter 


£ Phi; 

Eoso ; 310c'-75; DP9879. 

These entries alone may not reflect die complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particiUar 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DP9881. four plays, p. 137-211) O David Feldshuh; DP9911I. 

The Cock's tall: a play. By Charles H. USpr75 (in notice: 19714): DP9895. The Impersonator; a 

seitz. 1 V. O Charles H. Seitz: David A. Oas. 133 p. 

29Apr76; DP9881. DP9897. 1UJun76; DP99m. 

Judgement by a hung-jury; a noderr 
DP9882. opera -revue-tragedy- Created 6 written by DP9915. 

nedieval church losic-dranias ; a Alex Sandor Bagladi. 57 p. Add. ti: The The Last of the cowboys; screenplay. Bv 

repertory of complete plays. Transcribed American Faust- Book E lyrics only. John leone. 113 p. O Har Vista 

6 edited by Fletcher Collins, Jr. U97 p. C Alex Sandor Bagladi; 13nay76; DP9e97. Producticns, Inc.: 16Jun76: DP9915. 

nusical compositions in latin 6 English. 

sn: compilation, musical notation, DP9898. DP99 16. 

editorial work 6 introductions. P The That touch of immortality; a play in Pehoboth; a play in two acts. By Joyce 

Rector and Visitors of the University of three acts. By Joseph Carangelo- Sheets Ancrile, wi-h m Genevieve Greene, 1 v. 

Virginia; 19Apr76; DP9882. (92 p.) P Joseph Carangelo; 15Bar75; C Commission on Archives and History, Wost 

DP9898. Virginia Conference of the Oni*ed 

DP9883. Nethodist Church; 8Jun76; DP9916. 

The nysterious case of the missing DP9e99. 

jewels at sea. 3 p. Appl. au: Jacit A. Nobody hears a broken drum; a play in DP9917. 

D'Amico. Jack A. D'Amico; 20Feb76; two acts. By Jason Miller. 88 p. Seesaw; a musical. Written by Bichael 

DP9883. Jason Miller; 220ct70; DP9899. Bennett, lyrics by Dorothy Fields, m Cy 

Coleman. 70 p. Book 6 lyrics only. 
DP988t. DP9901. Based on the play. Two for the seesaw, hy 

A Christmas carol. Adapted by Frederick Bubbers and Yanks 3 Detroit top of the Hilliam Gibson. Prev. req. 1973, ED39323"' 

Gaines. Includes music. (In Five flays seventh. Two plays by Jonathan Reynolds. £ others. O on lyrics; Dorothy Fields-; 

from the Children's Theatre Company of 75 p. C Jonathan Reynolds; lJun76; 10Nov75 (in notice: 1973) ; DP9917. 

Minneapolis, p. 11-55) C Frederick DP9901. 

Gaines: 12Bay75; DP988H. DP9918. 

DP9902. Seesaw; a musical. Hritten by Michael 

DP9885. The Ant and the grasshopper; a Benne»t, lyrics by Dorothy Fields, m Cy 

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Adapted by children's play. By Robert Dearborn. 15 Coleman. 70 p. Book 6 lyrics only. 

Frederick Gaines. Includes music. (In p. Robert Dearborn; 1Jun76; DP9902. Based on the play. Two for the seesaw, ty 

Five plays from the Children's Theatre Hilliam Gibson. e on booli ; !«ichael 

Company of Minneapolis, p. 57-102) DP9903. Bennett; 10Nov75; DP9918. 

Frederick Gaines; 12Hay75; DP9885. P. S. your cat is dead! A comedy in two 

acts. By James Kirkwood. 92 p. 6 Elyria DP9919. 
DP9886. Productions, Inc.; 1Jun76; DP9903. A Grave undertaking; a play in two ac-s. 

Kidnapped in London. By Timothy Mason. By Lloyd Gold. 65 p. 6 Lloyd Gold; 

Inspired by John Bennett's Master skylark. DP99011. 15Jun76: DP9919. 

(In Five plays from the Children's Theatre Murder among friends; a play in two 

Companv of Minneapolis, p. 103-111) Prev. acts. By Bob Barry. 69 p. « Bob Barry; DP9920. 

reg. 26May72, D081291. C Timothy Mason; 7Jun76; DP9901. Time of madness. By M. Kristal t F. F. 

12Bay"'5; DP9886. Eleich, based en an original idea ty Bob 

DP9905. Gunthner. 88 p. C Bob Gnnthner; 

DP98e7. For real young, blacker, and? A 3-act 11May76; DP9920. 

Robin Hood: a story of the forest. By play. By Henry Echols. 69 p. e Henry 

Timothy Mason. Includes music. (In Five Echols; 1Jul73; DP9905. DP9921. 

plays from the children's Theatre Company To buy, or not to buy! A one-act play, 

of Minneapolis, p. 113-197) Appl. au: DP9906. By Marguerite Stuenkel. 12 p. C Topeka 

Hiram Titus. Prev. reo. lMay72, DD83121. Damn niggers; a 3-act play. By Henry Branch, American Associa»-ion of Onivers-'ty 

Timothy Mason 5 Hiram Titus; 12May75: Echols. 56 p. 6 Henry Echols: 28nay68; Women; 1May76; DP9921. 

DP98e7. DP9906. 

DP9888. DP9907. Travesties; a play. By Tom Stoppard. 

Sleeping Beauty. Adapted by Richard Darling Dandey and Gimme chitlins, never 99 p. e Tom Stoppard; 15Auq''5; DPS922. 

Shaw. (In Five plays from the Children's war. Two plays by Henry Echols. 50 p. 

Theatre Company of Minneapolis, p. e Henry Echols; 3Jun67; DP9907. DP9923. 

199-231) Prev. reg. 30May72, DU81292. California; a screenplay. By Xavier 

Richard Shaw; 12May75; DP9e88. DP9908. Peyes. 90 p. 6 Zephyr Express Cor- 

Follow the star; a Christmas musical poration; 23Jun76; DP9923. 

DP9889. play. Story & lyrics by Barbara Canto G 

Third pyramid on the left; an original Phyllis Kreps, m Glenn Carow. 55 p. 

screenplay. By Seth Fox S William 6 Glenn Carow, Barbara Canto 6 Phyllis 

Spainhour. 238 p. Seth Fox E William Kreps; 2'»Bay76; DP9908. 

Spainhour; 11Bay76; DP9889. 


The American way; a musical adaptation 

of the play by George S. Kaufman E Moss 

Hart. By Zachary P. Borfogen, Donald w. 

Heiferman 6 Bruce G. Molloy, Jr., lyrics 

m Bruce G. Molloy, Jr. 1 v. Book £ 

lyrics only. Prev. reg. DU62828 £ others 

NM: revisions £ additions. 6 Zachary P. 

Borfogen, Donald W. Heiferman £ Bruce G. 

flolloy, Jr.; 15Har76; DP9909. 


Welcome to Knoodle World. By Beverly 
Jean Andersen. 1 v- C Beverly Jean 
(Pisces) Andersen; 29Apr76; DP9910. 


Wheels: a one-act play. By Brian Weiss. Da91713. 

31 p. C Brian Weiss; 3Jun76; DP9911. El Alamo. Escrita por Hector F. 

DP9893. Gonzalez. 10 p. C Teatro de los Barrios 

Georg Buechner's Woyzeck. Adapted by DP9912. E Rector F. Gonzalez; 26Apr76; DD91713. 
David Ball. (In Hinnesota showcase: four Jesse and the Bandit Queen; a play in 

plays, p. 77-131) David Ball; 1Apr75 two acts. By David Freeman. 67 p. D095273. 

(in notice: 1971); DP9893 . David Freeman; 5May76; DP9912. Untitled. By Soledad, pseud, of Melan' 

Barretto. 61 p. C Belanie Barretto B 

DP9895. DP9913. Banuel Baretto; njul75; D095273. 

Fables here and then. Created by David If. Text by Duane Blakley, text E m 

Feldshuh, with members of the Guthrie Corinne Ware. 18 p. C Harold Flammer, D096e36. 

Theater company. (In Minnesota showcase: Inc.; 18Jul75; DP9913. waterboy; a play in 12 scenes. Writ'er 

10 5 


The El 

ghth day: a 

celebration of 


s. By Ruth 

Harriet Adamsc 

m . 

p. C Ru 

th Adamson; 

10Mar76: DP9890. 


Ikey a 

nd Bikey; li 

1 one act. By 



Gerald Samberg E Charles 


1 p. Tn 

eludes music. 6 Benjamin 





Do not 

pass go; a 

play in one ac 

:t fo: 

two acto 

rs. By Charles M. Nolte. 



a showcase: 

four plays, p. 



E M. Nolte; 

1Apr75 (in r 


1967) ; 


Pegarding Electra; a play 

in one or t 

ac+s. By Maurice Valency. 

55 p. Prev 

rea. 150ct7», DU92022. NM : 

additions E 

revisions. C Maurice Valep( 

:y: 7Jun76; 








By Patric: 

a Pinehar 



by Doi 

Raid Sshwander. i v. 



the I 

.ook b; 

J Ashley Moi 




ates c 


7h' not claimed on 






e Pat 


la Eir 


: 17Apr75; 




o Elep 

ihant 1 

lan; 80ct75; 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any acJditional records that may exist. 


3U96B36 (ccr.) DU97332. 

by Ted aartin. 61 p. Add. ti: Hello, Hur.ich. By Lawrence C. Keough. sheets 

Uncle Ebt. e Ted nar<-in; 2«()ov75; (56 p.) 6 Lawrence c. Keough 6 Lynne 

DU96836. Keouah; 2Jan76; DU97332. Dll973lt8. 

Come, submit unto silence. By Heler 

0097316. DD97333. Eatcliffe. 1 v. © Helen Pa'cliffe; 

white devils; screenplay. By Paul W. Le The Strong and the excellent: a play ir 5,3an76; DU973U8. 
Blanc. S"" p. C Paul w. Le Blanc; three acts. By Robert Heimbaugh. 37 p. 

7Jan76: 0097316. 6 Robert Heimbaugh; 2Jan76; DU97333. 0097319. 

chanco; a play with music about a 

DU97317. DU973314. woodland Indian boy in early colonial 

Madam Senator; new musical. By Bario The Seminarian. By Paul James Faley. times. Script, libretto 6 m Nancy Batts. 

Fratti, lyrics 6 m Ed Scott. 83 p. Add. 107 p. (i Paul James Raley; 2Jan76; 1 v. e Nancy Hatts; 5Jan76; DU973149. 
ti: La Senatrice. Book t lyrics only. on9733U. 

(3 Mario Fratti; 31Dec75; DU97317. DU973E0. 

DII97335. The Punishment: a Bicentennial fiah- " c 

DU97318. A Fair and impartial verdict. By Ernest freedom and independence; play. Written 

How do you turn a woman on anyway? By Louis Far.n. Sheets (53 p.) C Ernest by Ronald B. Karpel. 1 v. t Ronald B. 

Pamela c. Baird. 11 p. 6 Pamela C. ' Louis Fann; 2Jan76; DD97335. Karpel: 5Jan76: DU97350. 
Baird; 8Jan76: DU97318. 

CU97336. CU97351. 

DU97319- 2776; a play in two acts. By Oc-avio Poison gas and dreams; an original 

Bijou and Company present: A Y. F. Saavedra. 1 v. C Octavio Saavedra; drama. By Judi*h Kay Zivanovic. 1 v. 

Putton carnival. Script by John 2Jan76; DU97336. C Judith Kay Zivanovic; 5Jan76; DlJ9"351 
Kukawinski, m William E. Menacher. 18 p. 

Book 6 lyrics only. 8 John Kukawinski 6 DU97337. DU97352. 

William R. ner.acher; 29Dec75; D097319. An American woman; a play in three acts. California lookin' back: the emergence 

By Barbara Kugel Schmidt 6 Catharine of Albert 3rd; a play in three acts. By 

D097320. Hoffman Beyer. 99 p. 6 Barbara Kuoel Anna Beavere Smith. 2 v. e Anna Deavere 

An Irish miss. Story E lyrics by Schmidt E Catharine Hoffman Beyer; Smith; 5Jan76; 01197352. 
Charles J. ncGuigan, lyrics by Oscar John 5Jan76; DU97337. 

Burroughs, pseud, of Oscar C. Burroughs. 0097353. 

Sheets (U9 p.) 6 Charles J. HcGuigan 6 D097338. Breams on Rue Street. By Bonald 1il*cp 
Oscar (John) Burroughs; 15Dec7S; Yankee Doodle donkey: a play with mus. 
DU97320. for children. By Daniel F. Berkowitz. 

Sheets (17 p.) Book 6 lyrics only. 

DD97321. t Daniel F. Perkowirz; 5Jan76: 0097338. 0097351. 

The Press conference: a one-man show for Mee* Mister Dooley; a new play. By 

stage. By Judith Ellen Erussell. m p. D097339. Phillip Dunne 6 Margin Elaine. 19 p. 

e Judith Ellen Brussell; 16Dec75: Daydreamers holiday; a drama. By Rex Suggested by newpaper articles by Firle 

D097321. Roberts, pseud, of Robert Martin Fowe. Peter Dunne. 6 Phillip Dunne E Partin 

Sheets (159 p.) Eex Eoberts (non de Elaine; 5Jan76; 0097351. 

0097322. plume of Robert Martin Fowe) ; 5Jan76: 

The Sky people; a screenplay. By Paul D097339. 0097355. 

Bernard Foss. 90 p. C Paul Bernard Boss; The Last of Happ; an entertainmer * in 

2Jan76: 0097322. 0097310. three acts. By Edward Preston, pseud. 

Cheap shots: a screenplay. By Eneal Edward Preston Guess. Sheets (51 p.) 

0097323. Lesen, pseud, of Verl A. Nelson E A. B. Edward Preston; 5Jan76; 0097355. 
Conjurinn an event; a play. By Richard Ramsky, pseud, of Jil Abramsky. 91 p. 

John Nelson. 50 p. 8 Richard Nelscn; 6 Verl A. Nelson (pseud.: Eneal Lesen) £ 0097356. 

3Dec75: 0097323. Jil Abramsky (pseud.: A. B. Ramsky); Astoria. By Jura Soyfer, English 

5Jan76; DD97310. version by Horst Jarka. 60 p. NM : 

0097321. translation. © Horst Jarka; 5Jan7fi; 

Pocketman; original screenplay. By 0097311. 0007356. 
Dennis Hackin 6 James Carlos Davis. The Price of admittance. By Charles F. 

Sheets (111 p.) e Dennis Hackin S Carlos Cowles. 1 v. e C. F. Cowles; 5Jan76: D097357. 

Davis; 3Dec75: 0097321. DU97311. Vineta. By Jura Soyfer, English vers 

by Horst Jarka. 35 p. NB : translation 

D097325. 0097312. e' Horst Jarka; 5Jan76: 0097357. 

Partners: a two act play. By Robert The Ophiclia; one act opera ir Italian. 

William Hodge. 1 v. Prev. reg. 9Apr70, Libretto, orchestration 6 m Alice Oliver. 

DD77001. NM: revision. C Robert William 2 v. Add. *i: L'Officlia. 8 Alice Oliver 

Hodge: 9Dec75: DD97325. (Val Oliver) ; 5Jan76; DD97312. 

0097326. DD97313. 
Catastrophe in Clayter County. By Carol The Waiting room. By Charles J. 

A. Beard. 17 p. C Carol A. Beard; Jenkins. 17 p. C Charles J. Jenkins: 

2Feb76; 0097326. 5Jan76: D097313. 

0097327. 0097311. 0097360. 

Intruder. By Jacob Chakko. 1 v. Onmerciful dreams. Ey Charles J. Lily, the virtuous seamstress; or, she 

e Jacob Chakko; 2Jan76; 0097327. Jenkins. 57 p. e Charles J. Jenkins: was so good she never dropped a stitch. 

5Jan76; 0097311. An old-fashioned musical melodrama in tv 

DU97328. acts. Script by Alice J. McDonald, lyr- 

Something lost; 1 act play. By Anthony 0097315. 6 m Carol Zadnik. Sheets in folder. 

Wisdom. 38 p. e Anthony Wisdom: 3Jan76: A Killing in the market. By Inez K. S Alice J. McDonald E Carol Zadnik: 

0097328. Mann S Diana M. DeLuca. Sheets (39 p.) 5Jan76; 0097360. 

C Kimi Mann 5 Diana H. Deluca; 5Jan76; 

D097329. 0097315. rU97361. 

Hey, Bube; a play. By Janet McPeynolds. The Fairest flower of *he South; or, '' 

Sheets (69 p.) e Janet McReynolds; DD97316. know her is to love her. A post 

2Jan76: D097329. The One that got away. By Diana H. ante-bellum melodrama in two acts. By 

OeLuca E Inez K. Mann. Sheets (39 p.) Alice J. McDonald, w £ m Carol Zadnik. 

0097330. e Diana M. DcLuca £ Kimi Mann; 5Jan76; v. e Alice J. McDonald 6 Carol Zadnik; 

The Carson story; a play in three acts 6 DD97316. 5Jan76; DD97361. 
epilogue. By Euell E. labhard. 83 p. 

e Euell E. Labhard; 2Jan76; 0097330. 0097317. 0097362. 

The Great black and white shoeshine The Sondai fragmer': a screenplay. By 

D097331. company; screenplay. By Thomas R. Anne Forrester Holloway. 96 p. e Anne 

Bullcatcher four. By William Earl Shachtman. 88 p. Based on The Shoeshine Forrester Holloway: 6Jan76: 009736-2. 
Plank, Robert S. Sellers E J. H. Benton. boys. Sea Beach Express, 6 A Kitchen is 

118 D. e William Earl Plank, Robert S. not a tree, by George Panetta. NM: D097363. 

Sellers E J. H. Benton; 2Jan76; D097331. legs; a domestic farce. By George 



For better or. 

By J 

alius B. 

Youro . 


f Ju 

ilius R. 




; 009735 



The St 





■. Michael 


mi van. 

1 v. 


IS ic. 

J 0^-^ n 




; 5Jan 



These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a partictilar 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

DU973614 - D0971112 


JAN. - JON. 107' 

D097363 (con.) 

Rubir.o. 9U p. C George Subino; 6iian76: 



Robin Hood; story 5 screenplay by Tony 
Lazzarlno. 2na draft, Sept. 1975. 196 p. 
Pre». reg. 15Aug75, DU957U7. O Tony 
Lazzarino; 6Jan76; D09736ii. 


T^e Incoupetents, a fable of power. By 
John Adrian, pseud, of Richard Warren 
Culver. 73 p. Richard warren Culver; 
6Jan76: Da97365. 


Credibility gap; a morality in one act. 
By nichael J. Keenan. 28 p. C Michael J. 
Keenan; 7jan76; D097366. 


The liquid trip of David Lyle; a play in 
two acts. By C. David Austin. 1 v. 
O David Austin: 7Jar76; DD97367. 


Singer to the lut=; monolog. Pt . 1 - 2. 
By Robert Esposito. 2 v. e Robert 
Esposito; 7Jan76; DD97368. 


Growing up Catholic. By Marilyn Maroni. 
107 p. C Midge Maroni; 7Jan76: DD97369. 


Rehearsal; a play in two acts. By 

Benjamin Bradford E Dex'er Freeman. 83 p. 

Prev. reg. 10Mar71, DU79603. NM: 

expansion into full length drama. 

Benjamin Bradford S Dexter Freemar; 
7Jan76; DD97370. 


The More things change; a play ir. two 
acts 6 two time sequences. By William 
Barnett. 1 v. C Bill Barnett; 7jan76; 


The Trucker and the trooper; a drama in 
three acts. By Haven Hubbard. 1 v. 
e Haven Hubbard; 7Jan76; DD97372. 


Repercussion; a screenplay for movies or 
television, with adaptability to the 
stage. Bv Russell T. Colt. 78 p. 
C P.ussell T. Col*:; 7Jan76; 0097373. 


Visinable-a- berry adventure. By lynda 
Marie Miller. 27 p. « Lynda Marie 
Miller; 7Jan76; DD9737U. 


Concepcion and Nicolai; original cne-act 
drama. By Keith De Folo. 15 p. 6 Keith 
De Polo: 7jan76: DD97375. 


The Egg at the end of the rainbow. 
Book, IvricE s m Ricky lee Swan, sheets. 
■3 Ricky lee Swan; 7Jan76: D097376. 


Jinxs bridge. By Michael P. Morar. 81 
p. Michael p. Moran; 7Jan76; DU97377. 


Tempestuous petticoat. By Clare 
Leighton, adapted by Kathleen Ankers. 1 
V. Prev. pub. 20Pebi47, A10629. NM : 
dramatization & adaptation. 6 Clare 
Leighton 6 Kathleen Ankers; 12Jan7e; 


Reports ar.d appointments: a musical 
comedy, a one act play. By Mabel Earthlyn 
Jacobs. IM p. Book 6 lyrics only. 
C Mabel E. Jacobs; 13Jac76: DD97379. 


Lost in London. By Edwin L- Levy. 15 
p. Adapted from the play by Hatts 
Phillips. NM: revisions 6 deletions. 
C Edwin I. Levy: 16Jan76: D097380. 


The Wonderful Christ Child. By Emma 
Jean Dixon. 5 p. Emma Jean Dixon; 
9Jan76; D097381. 


Oedipus. By Christopher James Datta. 
3« p. C Christopher James Datta; 
12Jan76; DD97382. 


Ladies, girls, chicks, babes, dames, 
dolls and bitches; an original musical 
revue. 61 p. Book S lyrics only. Appl. 
au: Victoria Owens, Ellen Geiger, Mary 
Small 6 Antoinette Mccarty (Toni Mccarty) 
e Victoria Owens, Ellen Geiger, Mary Small 
B Toni Mccarty; 9Jan76; DU97383. 


Try imagining a place where it's always 
safe and warm; a play in one act. By 
Philip A. Scorza. Sheets (27 p.) 
e Philip A. Scorza; 29rec''5: DD9738U. 


The Pimienta pancakes; a one-act play. 
By Sally Dixon wiener. 17 p. Based on 0. 
Henry's story. Sally Dixon Wiener; 
10Dec75; D097385. 


That lil Baker girl. By Jerry Maple, 
Jr. 61 p. C Jerry Maple, Jr.; 11Dec75; 


The Courier. By G. Fichardson Coolt. 53 
p. e G. Richardson Cook; 7Jan76; 


I'd rather be me. Book 5 lyrics by 
Marjorie E. Treichler, book by Beverly 
Jackson, book 6 m Posarie n. Geiger. 1 v. 
g R and M Associates: 19Nov75; D09738B. 


Pio Blanco; an original screenplay 
project. By Thomas William Schumann. 101 
p. e Thomas William Schumann; 9Jan76; 


Ethan Allen. By David P. Riley. 108 p. 

id Rile 

12N0V75: D097390. 


To Rome! To Rome! Draft screenplay. By 
Donald Bevan E Richard Mccracken. 9? p. 
e Donald Bevan 6 Richard Mccracken; 
iajan76; D097391. 


Boo-Grr Mann versus Frankenstein. By 
Daniel R. Baisden. Sheets. 6 Daniel R. 
Baisden; 13Jan76; D097392. 


Honor bright; an original screenplay. 
Written by Denny Whitcomb, created by Gene 
Steele G Denny whitcomb. 2nd draft, Dec. 
1975. 1U6 p. e Gene Steele; 23Dec75; 


Spooks. By Roy Stephen Fowlkes. 1U p. 
C Poy S. Fowlkes; 8Jan76; 009739U. 


And in the mourning; a play. By Vincent 
Begley. 90 p. 6 Vincert Begley; 8Jan76; 


Ah, men, poor men; a musical satire. By 


The Key; screenplay. By Gerard Kimbal 
Reynard. 81 p. O Gerard Kimbal Reynard; 
8Jan7e; 0097397. 


The "Massacre" trial. By Ted P. Ellis, 
3rd. 6U p. o Ted P. Ellis, 3rd; 8Ja-7f: 

0097 399. 

Toledo bend. By Jesse Hopkins, pseud, 
of Suzanne Hahn. 131 p. e Suzanne Hah" 
(pseud.: Jesse Hopkins); 8Jan76: 


Dear friends and gen'le hearts. By Alar. 
Brasington G David Drummond. 31 p. 
e Alan Brasington 6 David Drummond; 
9Jan76; D097100. 


Dark passage; a play in three acts. Py 
Joseph Fred Marcus E warren Scott Frank. 
1 V. C Joseph Fred Marcus E Barren Sect- 
Frank; 9Jan76: D097101. 


The Sexorcist. By Jason G. Reynolds, 
pseud, of Joseph Gordon Reynolds. ''5 p. 
e Joseph Gordon Reynolds known as Jason r;. 
Reynolds; 9Jan76; D097102. 


Feldshuh and Brackett, Esqs. Ey lind? 
Sieael. 12 p. O Linda Siegel; °Jan76; 
00 97 103. 


Muggable Mary; a true story. By Denn* s 
L. Maitland. 83 p. 6 Dennis I. flai'-land; 
9Jan76; 0097101. 


The Toughest club I ever played; a 
musical. By Richard Wolf. 51 p. Pock C 
Ivrics only, e Richard Holf; 9Jan76; 


A Woman returning; a three ac*- play. Ev 
DeFtta V. Thomsen." Sheets (59 p.) 
e DeE*ta V. Thomson; ?Jan76; DO97U06. 


Eden. By Horace E. Carter, Jr. 76 p. 
e s-eve carter; 9Jan76; 0097107. 


Carl lupo and the blue movie verdicts; = 
screenplay. By Fdward Murphy. 135 p. 
e Edward Murphy; 9Jan76: " 0097108. 


lighthorse Harry lee: highlights of a 
hero; an opera collage. Libretto by Jeer 
W. Courtney, m C. Marvin Fewell. 1 v. 
e Winifred J. Waldo E C. Marvin Fewel]; 
9Jan7e: D097109. 


Cindi Ella Mae (I'm wearing a teautif'il 
coat); comedy. Written by Merrill Hoy 
Ward. 9 p. C Muziki Publishino Comparv, 
Inc.: 9Jan76; DU97110. 

DU971 11. 

lock both ways before you cross; or, "^he 
Big step. A one act play. By Carolyn 
Mary DuPree. 27 p. e Carolyn Mary 
DuPree; 310ec75: 0097111. 


The Taking of Joan in cell block 3: an 
original dramatic play in *hree acts. Ey 
Frederick Louis Richardson, Jr. 23 p. 
e Frederick Louis Richardson, Jr.; 
21Dec75: 0097112. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for infortTiation about any acJditiona! records that may exist. 


t Forest tale; play in three acts. 


Fva Coss. Sheets. © Benn clay In'-er- 

national. Inc.; 20Jan76: DD97mi6. 


Two pilot scripts; projec*ea TV ser^ 

i S! 

No.1 - 2. By Korman Heranus. 2 v. 

B Norman Meranus; 12Jan76; D09714147. 


Focus on me! S play in two acts. 1 

■ y 

Barbara Ausubel. Sheets. 6 Bobbi 

Ausubel; mjan7fi; DD97UHB. 


DU97H13. D0971428. Prev. reo. 28Aug75, DU95918. II r : 

A Lovely case. By Anita Har* (Anita Foadsigr.s. By Eugene Ruffini. Sheets revisions 6 additions. e Akiva Talmi; 

Hart Shefrin) E Ruth King. Sheets (90 p.) in folder. C Eugene Ruffini; 12Jan76; 15Jan76; Dn97U0U. 

e Anita Hart shefrin E Ruth King; DU97U28. 

29Dec75; DU97«13. DU97m45. 

Dn97'429. Febeccah. By Karen Plalpede. Shee's 

D097it11. Blue planet; a comedy. By Thomas Attea, p.) (The Cycle play, pt. 1) C Karen 

The Horsecatcher. Written by Kari Jr. 1 v. Prev. reg. 27nay75, DII9U592. nalpede; 19Jan76; Dn970ll5. 

Sandoz, dramatization of the book by NN: revision. 6 Thomas Attea; 12Jan76; 

Newbery Award Records, Inc. Sheets (27 DlJ97it29. 

p.) NM: dramatization. 6 Newbery Award 
Records, Inc.; 9Dec75; DU97tlll. DU97«30. 

What's Ginny Dunn? A scenario for 
Da97m5. notion picture. By Dick Richards a.k.a. 

The Golden goblet. Written by Elcise Richard Stine. 53 p. Dick Richardo; 

Jarvis ncGraw, dramatization of the book 12Jan76; DU97H30. 

by Newbery Award Records, Inc. Sheets (30 
p.) C Newbery Award Records, Inc.; 01)97431. 

9Dec75; DU971I15. Lion in the sky; a 60 minute television 

film. By John R. Pike. 09 p. 6 John B. 
DU97m6. Pike; 12Jan76; DU97lt31. 

Julie of the wolves. Written by Jean 
Craighead George, dramatization of th.e DD971132. 

book by Newbery Award Records, Inc. Death of a mother; operatic drama. By 

Sheets (31 p.) NM: dramatization. Robert Hilton Luippold. 39 p. Book only. DlJ97i|H9. 

e Newbery Award Records, Inc.; 9Pec75; Prev. reg. 28Nov75, DU969142. NH: Artemus Ward will speak a piece; a ore 

0097016. additional text regarding Tales of man show. By David S. Hawes. 30 p. 

Hoffmann £ The Huse, in scenes 1 E 5. Fashioned chiefly from comic materials 

DU97017. e Robert Bilton Luippold; 12Jan76; created by the American humorist, Charles 

The House of sixty fathers. Written by DU97032. Farrar Browne. t David S. Hawes; 

neindert DeJong, dramatization of the book 20Nov75; DD97UU9. 

by Newbery Award Records, Inc. Sheets (32 0097033. 

p.) N«: dramatization. S Newbery Award Acrobatics. By Joyce Aaron (Joyce Funk) D0970E0. 

Records, Inc.; 9Dec75; DU97017. 5 Luna Tarlo. Sheets (20 p.) 6 Joyce Effigy. By Hike Driscoll. 2 p. 

Aaron; 12Jar76; DU97033. ' 6 Katherine Driscoll; 19Jan76; DU97o;o. 


Old Ramon. Written by Jack Schaefer, 0097030. D097051. 

dramatization of the book by Newbery Award Reality. By Peter Bruno Oi Carlo. 103 I wasn't going anywhere. By Fredrick 

Records, Inc. Sheets (28 p.) NN: p. C Peter Bruno Di Carlo; 12Jan76; Douglas Simpson. 28 p. © Fredrick 

dramatization. © Newbery Award Records, 0097030. Douglas Simpson; 31Dec75; DD9''051. 

Inc.; 9Dec75; D097018. 


A Thorn among roses; or, why we are so 
cursed. By Frederick William Ayer. ?0 p. 
C Frederick William Ayer; 230ct75; 

A Colonial Christmas. 3 p. Appl. au : 
D097020. Louisa Higginbotham. 6 Valrey W. Early, D097053. 

The Clock shop. The Frog. The Garden Jr.; 12Jan76; 0097036. Rosa; a new musical play. Book r Ivrics 

wall. 15 min. radio dramas. 3 v. (The bv William Archibald, m Baldwin Bergerser. 

Starlight wanderer, episode no. 1-3) D097037. 1 v. suqaested by an idea 6 material by 

Appl. au : Starr West Jones. Starr West Turn about. By Robert J. Kappel. Ill Brenda Forbes. O Baldwin Bergersen; 

Jones; 12Jan76; D097020. p. C Robert J. Kappel; 13Jan76; 22rec75; PO97053. 

DU97021. DU97050. 

Antistrata. By Sammie Timothy Potinson. D097038. Space man in my ki»chen. P* . 1 - 2. 

15 p. 8 Sammie Timothy Robinson; Deros. By James G. Lubetkin. 78 p. Written exclusively for television by 

12Jan76; DU97021. 6 James G. Lubetkin; 13Jan76; D097038. Trebla Seno J., pseud, of Albert Jones. 1 

V. f Trebla Seno J.; 29Dec75; C097050. 
D097022. D097039. 

The Pageant of the fools and kings of 
Vaughan; a play. By Thomas Stephen kingdom. By Mark Tramo. 1 v. Includes Pahsha. Book, lyrics £ m Raym 

Hischak. 39 p. C Thomas Stephen Hischak; music. Prev. reg. 16Aua73, EO026600. NM : ncCann. 1 v. e Raymond McCann; 15Jan76: 
12Jan76; DD97022. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 

DO 97 02 3. 

Conrad; a one-act musical. By nari Tuffy. By Bob James Woods. 12 p. 

Share. 32 p. Sonas prev. reg. 23Jun75, DO97O00. (Good times) Add. ti: Bully Tuffy. e Bob 

EU591153 6 others. Nl: new songs £ Face off with terror. Sheets (55 p.) J. Woods; 12Jan76; OD97056. 

dramatization. 6 Mari Share; 12Jar76; Appl. au: Richard A. Blumenthal £ Fichard 

0097023. E. De Marco. C Fichard A. Blumenthal £ 0097057. 

Richard E. De narco ; 13Jan76; D097000. After the solstice; a full-length drama 

0097020. in two acts. By Madge Peinhardt (Hadoe 

Raiding with Hosby. By Winston F. D097001. Reinhardt Fitter) 52 p. Prev. reg. as 

Dawson. 83 p. Prev. reg. 0Oct70, Bobl and Hitche. By Eobert B. Af»er the fourth, 21Jun73, C08702o'e 

0U91922. NM: additional text. 6 Winston Hatterson. Sheets (37 p.) 6 Robert E. 19Aug70, 0091037. NM: revisions £ 

F. Dawson: 12Jan76; DU97020. Wa-rterson; 13Jan76; 0097001. additions. e Madge Reinhardt Rltter; 

10Jar76; 0097057. 

0097025. 0097002. 

The Bartender; an original screenplay. The Boon stops here nightly. By Susan 0097058. 

By Jon Bokuluk. 136 p. From a story by K. shojayi. 37 p. 8 Susan K. Shojayi; Han and gremlin. 

Sean Patrick, pseud, of Patrick Brady. 7jan76; 0097002. Zahl. C Jagna Zahl; 
? Jon Wokuluk £ Patrick Brady; 12Jar.76; 

DU97025. DD97003. 0097059. 

The Council of living things; a Blake the blcke; dramat ico-music 

DD97026. children's play in one act. By Daniel composition. w S m Charles Hosack. 3 p. 

Dessie. 19 p. Appl. au: Conrad Eishop. Ross Leonard. 21 p. 6 Daniel Ross Add. 'i : R. F. Choke, chief engineer. 

S Conrad Bishop; 12Jan76; D097026. Leonard; 7Jan76; D097003. P Charles Hosack; 10Jan76; CD97059. 

0097027. DD97000. 0097060. 

Money; a play with music. By Jack H. From the top; a dramat ico-mosical work My name is Olga Svoboda. By David 

Paritz. 92 p. 6 Jack M. Paritz; for TV. Created by Akiva Talmi £ Mary Libman. 55 p. 6 David libman; 10Jan76: 

12Jan76; 0097027. Giannone, written by Lonnie Carter. 1 v. 0097060. 




Dark love; a drama. By Eric E. 


31 p. 1 

1 V. e Eric E. Miller; 12Jan76; 




of a king who lost his 


kingdom. By 

Mark Tramo. 1 v. Includes 


music. Prev. 

reg. 16Aua73, EO026600. NM : 



1 £ 3 additional musical 



e Mark Tramo; 13Jan76; 



These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

DD97U61 - DU97507 


JHN. 197f 


Orestes. By Manuel Gomez. Sheets (143 
p.) C (lanuel Gomez; lUJan76; DU9Tt61. 


aenbrandt is dead; a screenplay. By 
Joel Gross. sheets (83 p.) C Joel Gross; 
lUJan76; DU97lt62. 


Hy side of the family. By Jeanette L. 
Catherwocd. 16 p. C Jeanette L. 
Catherwood; 1UJan76; DU97U63. 


Newt and the big cat; a play. By Carl 
Adkins. S3 p. O Carl Bdkins; 1UJan76; 


The Last vacation. Written by Possi 
Marshall (Eosslyn Deutch) 68 p. Rossi 
farshall; 1UJan76; DD97465. 


The Bunny with the lopsided ear; a 
children's musical. By Patience Hartman 
Zauadsky. 1 v. C Patience H. Zauadsky; 
mjan76; DD97U66. 


Freshman blues. By Arthur D. lander. 
11 p. Includes music. C Arthur D. 
Lander; 15Jan76; 00971167. 


Three's company. By Carl E. Bolt e, Jr. 
118 p. e Carl E. Bolte, Jr.; 15Jar76; 


The Moving violation. By Sharon 
Stockard nartin. sheets (91 p.) e Sharon 
Stockard Martin; 15Jan76; DU97U69. 


My girdle is killing me; an original 
screenplay. By Peter Thomas Oallas. 166 
p. C Peter Thomas Dallas; 15Jan76; 


A Case of wrinkles. Written by Paula 
Reagan. 1 p. Paula Reagan; 15Jan76; 


Fate, fortune and final solutior.s; a 
play in one act. By Edwin Wallace Dace. 
118 p. Edwin Wallace Dace; 15Jan76; 


From all things evil; a play in t vo 
acts. By Jerry G. McGuire. 81 p. 
C Jerry G. McGuire; 16Jan76; 0097173. 


The Faucets of the law. By Cary Pepper. 
Sheets (55 p.) e cary Pepper; 16Jan76; 


What does it mean to be the church. 
Mother? A one-act play. By Sally 
Elizabeth Tusken. 11 p. DM: additional 
dramatic material. C Sally Elizabeth 
Tusken; 16Jan76; DD97175. 


Operation Hades; an original film 
script. By John Allen Quintus. Sheets in 
folder. John Allen Ouintus: 16Jan76; 


Here's that rainbow; an original 
musical. Created by Manuel H. Cuenca, 
Chris Daniels, pseud, of Daniel Chris- 
topher Gacek, e John McPendry, book by 
John McKendry, lyrics by Eichard J. 
Altschuler, i Manuel M. Cuenca. 1 v. 
Book 5 lyrics only. Prev. reg. 21Mar75, 

D093756. NM: editorial revision of book. 
C Manuel M. Cuenca, John McKendry f Daniel 
Christopher Gacek; 23Dec75; D097177. 


When the unbelievable Quidnuncs came to 
planet Earth; an original animated 
screenplay. By Daymond John Aiken, 
prepared by Gil Garcia. 38 p. Daymond 
Aiken; 20Jan76; D097178. 


Saturday before missionary day; a one 
act play. By Mabel Eartholyn (i.e. 
Earthlyn) Jacobs. 13 p. Mabel E. 
Jacobs; 13Jan76; 0U971T9. 


Guilty or not; a one act play. By Mabel 

Earthlyn Jacobs. 12 p. O Mabel E. 

Jacobs; 13Jan76; 0097180. 


Graffiti child. Mother dreamer. Two 
monologues. By Alijc Sullivan, pseud, of 
Alice Johnston Sullivan. 1 v. e Alice 
Johnston Sullivan; 20Jan76; 0097161. 


The Liberation of Mother Goose. Written 

by Aduke Aremu. 16 p. B on book; Aduke 
Aremu; 22Jan76; 0097182. 


Saturn's eclipse. By Walter 0. Rogers 6 
Mah-Fokh A. Rogers. 112 p. £ Walter D. 
Rogers S Mah-Rokh A. Rogers; 11Jan76; 


Pee Wee the pink pine tree; television 
script, mini-musical. 15 p. Book e 
lyrics only. Appl. au : John Bachman. 
Prev. rea. 12Jul73, DU88001; prev. pub. 
15Nov71, 'A591909. NM : revisions C 
additions. C Christmas Character 
Productions; 11Jan76: D097181. 


Bold lover, forever wilt thou love. 19 

p. Appl. au: Patricia Lee Jones Rines. 

C Patricia J. Bines; 220ec75; D097185. 


Options; a chancel drama. By Louise 
Morgan, pseud, of Louise Stiernberg. 36 
p. e Louise Morgan; 19Jan76; DU97186. 


Powder, powder, who's got the powder?; 
or. The Cornmeal caper. By John 
Worthinoton Liedtke 6 Sylvia Worthington 
liedtkel 22 p. John Liedtke E Sylvia 
Liedtke; 1Dec75; 0097187. 


Life among the flowers; a sad happy 
puppet play. By Spence Porter. Sheets 
(21 p.) C Spence Porter; 22Jan76; 
0097188 . 


They fell for it. By Spence Porter. 
Sheets (16 p.) NM: adaptation 6 
dramatization of old Anglo-Saxon version 
of Genesis story. 6 Spence Porter; 
25NOV75; 0097189. 


But ah! what sad unhappy sorrow; a 
puppet play. By Spence Porter. Sheets 
(16 p.) C Spence Porter; 25Nov75; 

0097191 . 

The Washress' wish; a melodrama (for 
puppets). By Spence Porter. Sheets (26 
p.) NM: adaptation 6 dramatization of an 
old Italian folk-tale. Spence Porter; 
25NOV75; D097191. 


Change of heart; original screenplay. 

By Leonard Kastle. Sheets (230 p.) 
C Moby Productions, Inc.; 22Jan76; 


Black love, written by Carl B. clay r 
Sheryl Littles. Sheets (31 p.) Appl. au: 
Black Spectrum Theater Spectrum Company, 
Inc. C Carl B. Clay 6 Sheryl Littles; 
11Jan76; D097193. 

DO 97 191. 

2000 black. By Carl B. Clay 6 Bargoie 
Lawrence. 61 p. Appl. au: Black Spectrji 
Theater Company, Inc. C Carl B. Clay 8 
Marggie Lawrence; 11Jan76; 0U97191. 


First love. Love is blind (ing) 
Swingtime ain't kingtime. Love stories 
from the Bible. By Robert E. Ta'e. 1 v. 
(Three by God!) O Robert E. Tate; 
11Jan76: 0097195. 


The Moonbell; a play in ore act. By 
Jill Felaez. Shee's (11 p.) C Jill 
Pelaez; 11Jan76; 0097196. 


A Lesson in responsibility; one-act 
play. By Pober' T. Sterling. 8 p. 
C Robert T. Sterling; 28Jan76; 0097197. 


Sherlock Holmes in Scandal in Bohemia. 

By Kenneth J. Letner. 67 p. Based en 

stor: es by Sir Arthur Conan Coyle. NM : 

additions. C Ken Letner; 10Dec75; 


rendezvous im all; eine Komodie. By 
Walter L. Schanzer. 10 p. Add. ti : 
Link-up in space. 6 Walter L. Schanzer; 
19Jar76; 0097199. 


Business as usual. By William Nemeth 5 
Richard Nemeth. 239 p. C William Nemeth 
£ Richard Nemeth; 16Jan76: D097500. 


Tubby the tuba. Sheets (273 p.) Appl. 
au: Paul Tripp. Prev. reg. 6Jun16, 
ED11329; prev. pub. 26May50, EP17156. NM: 
dramatization of property as animated 
feature motion picture. C Carlin- Yell en 
Equities, a joint venture of Corporandum, 
Ltd. 6 O.S. Cinema Corporation; 21Jar"'f: 


la Mere de madame. By Georges Feydea'i, 
translated by John Chace, pseud, of Joseph 
M. Chace, S Evelyn Brewer, pseud, of 
Judith Schwarcz. 65 p. NM : English 
translation. 8 John Chace E Evelyn 
Brewer; 21Jan76: 0097502. 


'Aohe ho'i 'ana; a four-act musical 
play. By Dorothy Eaton. 23 p. Add. t; ; 
There's no going back. C on took; 
Dorothy Eaton; '22Jan76; 0097503. 


American insanity C.O.C. By Douglas 
Stefen Borghi. 119 p. C Douglas Stefen 
Borghi; 15Jan76; D097501. 


Little old lady. 12 p. Appl. au: Barry 
Grossberg a.k.a. Barry Douglas, e Barry 
Douglas; 15Jan76; DD97505. 


Mister Goodbody and the guardian ance!; 
a one-act play. By Dellamac Olim. "» p. 
e Dell olim; 15Jan76; D097506. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any adcJitional records that may exist. 

DU97508 - DU9755U 


JAN. - JON. lOlf 

DU97507 (con.) 

DixoTi Price. Sheets (53 p.) iK folder. 

* Inez Dixon Price; 15Jap76; DU97':07. 


Liberty's song: script. Britten by 
George L. tlabry, musical arrangemen'-s by 
George 1. Mabry, Ted "aylor 6 Lloyd Wells. 
2 \r. Appl. au : tS«, Inc., employer for 
hire of George I. Mabry. C MSB, Inc.; 
26Jan76; Dn97508. 

00 97 509. 

Bother Jones and Bollie Bailey family 
circus. By Began Terry, pseud, of 
Bargare' Duffy, music composed 6 lyrics 
adapted by Harry Aguado. 1 v. Book C 
lyrics only. O Began Terry: 1°Jan76; 


The Harvester; screenplay. By Foberta 
Adams. Sheets (86 p.) Based on novel by 
Gene stratton Porter, with original 
additions. C Koberta Adams; 2UNov75: 


The Belle of Amherst; a play. By 
William Aubert Luce. 77 p. Appl. states 
all new except poetry, letters £ 
Dickinsonia material. e Creative Image 
Company; 19Jar76; P'J97511. 


House of mirth. By Edith Wharton E 
Clyde Fitch, edited 5 adapted by Joachim 
F. Tillinger. Sheets. MB: adaptation, 
dramatization 6 additions. 6 Jchn 
Tillinger; 26Jan76; D097512. 


Virtue is its own reward; or. All that 
glitters may be gold. An old-fashioned 
melodrama in two acts. By Alice J. 
McDonald. 20 p. { Alice J. flcDonald; 
26Jan76: DU97513. 


Time wounds all heels; an old-fashioned 
melodrama in two acts. By Alice J. 
McDonald. 21 p. 6 Alice J. McDonald; 
26Jan76; Dn9751l|. 


The Sky's 'he limit; a musical comedy in 
two acts. Book, lyrics £ m Thomas 
Bhissen. 1 v. 6 Thomas Whissen; 
15Jan76: DD97515. 


The Princess and the jester. Lyrics £ m 
V. s. Aromiskis. 3U p. S V. s. 
Aromiskis; 15Jan76; C097516. 


120 p. e Barry Shapiro; 13Jan76; 


The Faces of old ghosts; a play in two 
acts. By Charles Edward Beachley, 3rd. 
59 p. e Charles Edward Beachley, 3rd: 
26Jan76; DD97518. 


Tobacco bride; a musical play. By Alice 
L. Okorn £ Pobert L. Francis, m Alice L. 
Okorn. 2 v. e Alice L. Okorn £ Fobert I. 
Francis; 13Jan76; 0097519. 


La Vie Parisienne; opera-boaffe in four 
acts. New English version by Richard 
Traubner after the French of Heilhac £ 
Halevy, m Jacques Offenbach. 59 p. 
Libretto only. NM : translation. 
8 Richard Traubner; 19Jan76; 0097520. 


It's magic, Cinderella. Book by 
Clarence Mitchell Godwin, Jr. , lyrics 6 m 

Terrence Vaughn Mann. 35 p. e clarence 
Bitchell Godwin, Jr. (Bick Godwin) £ 
Terrence Vaugh (sic) Mann (Terry Bann); 
21Jan76; 0097521. 


America's Christmas party; or, America's 
birthday party. By Agnes S. Berello. 10 
p. e Agnes S. Berello; 27Jan76; 


The Farmer. By George Fargo £ Patrick 
Reagan. 109 p. S Bilway Productions, 
Inc.; 12Jan76: D097523. 


Where you goin', man? A serious drama 
in one act. By Danny Clark. Sheets (27 
p.) C Danny Clark; 23Jan76; D0975214. 


Light waltz: a musical idea. Script by 
niriam R. Bean, story £ lyrics by Suzanne 
Lyon Hamilton, lyrics by Greo Wilkinson £ 
Nanci Landgrebe, lyrics £ m Bichael C. 
Perry. 1 v. O C. Michael Perry £ Bim;' 
Bean; 28Jan76; D097525. 


Rudy of the West. By Ernest Anthony 

Montellano. 3 p. © Ernest Anthony 

Bontellano; 9Jan76; D097526. 


Pursuit of love and beauty; a musical 
plav in two acts. Book E lyrics by Thomas 
Time, pseud, of Fober* F. Hein. 32 p. 
Book £ lyrics only. O Pobert F. Hein; 
12Jan76; 0097527. 


The Zonk city blues; a trilogy. By 
Louis LaSusso, 2na. 1 v. e Louis 
LaRusso, 2na: 19Jan76; DD97528. 


The Week Bela Lugosi died; story £ 
screenplay. By Leonard litman £ Richard 
France. 77 p. e Lenny Litman E Richard 
France: 19Jan76; 0097529. 


Francois Villon; a play in three acts 
with prologue. By Euell Labhard. 126 p. 
e Euell labhard; 19Jan76; D097530. 


Our Victoria; a musical based on the 
life of Victoria Woodhull. Book £ lyrics 
by Eileen Wilson, m Barbara Backlar Peis. 
1 V. Prev. reg. Sept. 1975, 0095887. NH: 
additional dialogue £ lyrics. 6 Barbara 
Backlar Feis; 19Jan76; 0097531. 


Strangle me; a farce. By Frank Shiras. 
1 v. e Frank Shiras: 19Jan76; D097532. 


King of the molehill; a play in two 
scenes. By Fobert Dearborn. 103 p. 
e Robert Dearborn; 19Jan76; DD97533. 


Cagliostro; a play in three acts with 
songs. Ey Martha Keltz. 69 p. Book £ 
lyrics only. 6 Martha Keltz; 19Jan76; 


Police station, written for Barney 
Miller. By Pose Ian, pseud, of Pose 
Apoian. IB p. © Rose Ian; 19Jan76; 


Casanova! By Bichael Champagne- 1 v. 
e Bichael Champagne: 19Jan76: 0097536. 


Kayseri; an original story £ screenplay. 

By Bennett Hinds. 1U8 p. © Bennet' 
Hinds; 19Jan76; DD97537. 


The Elephant is well; an original 
screenplay. By Irv Bauer. 160 p. e Irv 
Bauer; 19Jan76; D097538. 


Julian the apostate. By Plinio 
Prioreschi. Sheets (65 p.) in fclder. 
e Plinio Prioreschi: 19Jar76; r097E?9. 

DO 97510. 

Galileo. Ey Plinio Priorescfi. Shee's 
(53 p.) in folder. 6 Plinio Prioreschi; 
19Jan76: DO975110. 

D0 97 5H1 . 

The long, short ride; a prelude -o Fed f 
Black. By Robert Michael Travis. 12 p. 
(? Fobert Michael Travis; 20Jan76; 


Together on Christmas; a play :n thre= 
acts. By J. 0. Beber. 30 p. e J. r. 
Weber; 20Jan76; DD975U2. 


Dollars and change; a farce in three 
acts. By David Robert DeBov. Sheets (05 
p.) e David Robert DeEoy; "20Jan76; 


The Legend of law and order. Ey Glen 
Buir, pseud, of Glen Muir Dodson. 58 p. 
e Glen Buir Dodson; 20Jan76; DD97510. 


Pinocchio; a musical play in two ac'-s. 
Book E lyrics by Scott Chelmcw. 55 p. 
Based on the book by C. Collodi, pseud. 
NB : dramatization £ additions. 6 Scott 
Chelmcw; 20Jan76: 0097515. 


Which hunt; a drama in two acts. Py 
Edward Mikenas, Sr. 96 p. S Edward 
Bikenas, Sr.; 20Jan76: 0097516. 


Marlow reborn: a play in 2 ac*- s. Fy 
Joseph Sullivan. 52 p. 6 Joseph 
Sullivan; 20Jan76: 0097517. 


Asylum. By Evelyn F. levsky. Sheets 
(55 p.) 8 Evelyn F. Levsky; 21Jar7e; 
DO 97 5 18. 


Windward; a play in three acts. By 

Euoenia Macer Story. 138 p. 6 Eugenia 

Macer Story: 26Jan76; 0097519. 


Florida boom; a play. Bv David Vic-or 

Loughery. 100 p. S David Loughery; 

26Jan76: D097550. 


Street crazies. By Neal Thompson. 51 
p. e Neal -Thompson; 26Jan76; 009''551. 


A Tcy bus; a screenplay. By Don K. 
Rosenzweig. 21 p. t Don K. Rosenzweia; 
27Jan76; D09''552. 


Hamburgers; a screenplay. Ey Leonard 
Glasser £ George Malko. 116 p. Based or 
an original story by Leonard Glasser. 
O Leonard Glasser E George Malko; 
27Jan76; D097553. 


Fuaazy; commercial. 1 v. Add. ti: 
Fugazy continental. Appl. au: Junius Clay 
Bichael Little. C Junius Michael lif-le; 
27Jan76; 0D97551. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



The Lovers: play in two acts. By John 
Torrent. 51 p. John Torrent; 2"/Jan76; 


The Rocking chair; a play- By Thomas 
Alan Gold. 58 p. Thomas Alan Gold; 
27Jan76; DD97556. 


November woods; an oriainal screenplay. 
By John B. Crabtree. 113 p. Prev. reg. 
9Dec7U, D092668. VR: additions 6 
revisions. C John CrabTee; 27Jan76; 


Behind the front; or. The Hysterical 
revolution. By James Douglas Eurch S 
James n. Leer, 3ra. 30 p. e Doug Burch 6 
Boe Leer; 28Jan76; DU97558. 


Oohs, aahs, amazement. Authors: Eeatriz 
Hernandez, Diana Poca sheppard, Nieves 
Pazo £ naria Lasaga. 1 v. Based on 
Paul's Letter to the Corinthians. 
Concord Community: 28Jan76: DU97559. 


A Night in Picardy. 10 p. Appl. au: 

Boland J. ncGeein. 6 Poland J. McGeein; 

28Jan76; D097560. 


Don Juan blues. Story, w 6 m Terry 
BcConnell. t p. 6 Terry BcConnell ; 
7Jan76: DD97561. 


Boley S human and the songs of Kuui. 
Sheets. Appl. au: Jonathan J. Albert. 
C Jonathan J. Albert; 5Bay75 ; DU97562. 


Quietly aviaits the butterfly. Written 
by Henry Lee Marvel a.k.a. Alvanico 
DeJulian. Sheets (84 p.) 6 Henry lee 
Marvel a.k.a. Alvanico DeJulian; 21Jan76: 


Rotunda; a new musical comedy about life 
on Capitol Hill. Book by Joseph F. 
Leonardo, book S lyrics by Gloria Broide, 
book, lyrics 6 m Robin Leroy Ellis. 1 v. 
Prev. reg. 150ct7«, 0091979. NM: 
revisions 6 additions. 6 Gloria Broide S 
Robin Leroy Ellis; 27jan76; DU97561. 


The Duel. By David Gild. Sheets. 
Based on the story by Anton Pavlovich 
Chekhov, as translated by Garnett. NB : 
dramatization, revisions S additions. 
C David Gild; 27Jan76; DU97565. 


Nights in armor: a play in no acts, 
seguential. By Janis Lynn Jolcuvar. 22 
p. C Janis Jolcuvar; 30Jan76; D097566. 


Dominoes. By Elva Stoddard (Elva 
Stoddard Sprague) 60 p. C Elva Stcddard 
Sprague; 28Jan76; DU97567. 


And other little specks. By Ca*herine 
Louise Closson. 11 p. C Catherine Louise 
Closson; 30Jan76; D097568. 


Rose: a musical. Book 6 lyrics by Mary 
Cobb, Beverly Sobieski E Greg VonDare, 
pseud, of Gregory Suchor. 63 p. Based on 
Hamlin Garland's Pose of Dutcher's Coolly. 
C fiary Cobb, Beverly Sobieski S Gregory 
Suchor, whose pseud, is Greg VonDare; 
30Jan76; D097569. 


The Peally portable Hamlet Company; a 
very specific interpretation of ullliam 
Shakespeare's Hamlet. By Seymour Vail. 
91 p. NM: revisions 6 additions. 
C Seymour Vail; 28Jan76: DU97570. 


Michael's House. By Charles Jurrist. 1 
v. C Charles Jurrist; 5Jan76: D097571. 


Samebito, a shark-man with a real bite. 
By Marilyn G. Hylland. 10 p. Adapted E 
enlarged from a short story written by 
lafcadio Hearn called: The Gratitude of 
Samebito. e Marilyn G. Hylland; 29Jan76; 


Momotaro, the peach boy of Japan. By 
Marilyn G. Hylland. 1 v. B Marilyn G. 
Hylland; 29Jan76; DD97573. 


Snow white and the seven Kappas of 
Japan. By Marilyn G. Hylland. 1 v. 
e Marilyn G. Hylland; 29Jan76; D09757I1. 


A Spiritual rock incident; a play in 2 
acts to be set to music. Book & lyrics by 
Louis Rivers. 53 p. Book s lyrics only, 
e Louis Rivers; 27Jan76; D097575. 


The People versus Inez Garcia. By Fena 
Varon Down. 128 p. Eased on the actual 
transcripts of the trial of The People 
versus Alfred Medrano and Inez Garcia. 
NB: narration 6 revisions. e Rena Varon 
Down; 28Jan76: 0097576. 


Juggler. Creation. Cain and Abel, and 
others. By Henry Christian Timm. 1 v. 
(Five adaptations of medieval plays) 
e Henry Christian Timm: 19Jan76; 


Night over the Tiber. By Richard 
Vetere. 51 p. 6 Richard Vetere; 
29Jan76; D097578. 


The Marriage of Figaro; a spoken 
dialogue for English performances. 
Libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte, m W. A. 
Mozart. 1 V. Libretto only. Appl. au: 
David Hatfield. NM : translation into 
English of original German work. 
C Chicago Opera Studio, Inc.; 15Aug75; 


The legend of Frankie and Johnny. 
Britten by Walter Jones. 145 p. e Walter 
Jones; ieAug75; D097580. 


Mariana de la noche. Multiple volumes. 
Appl. au: Delia Fiallo. e Delia Fiallo; 
30Jan76; D097581. 


Dracula. By Shan Covey. 50 p. NM : 
dramatization-adaptation of the novel, 
e Shan Covey; 2Feb76; D097582. 


The Outside man: a play on life. By 
Warren John Rose. Sheets (44 p.) 
C Warren John Pose; 2Feb76; D097583. 


OS, the rest of us. By Charlie Hufford. 
Sheets (58 p.) O Charlie Hufford; 
2Feb76; DD97584. 


X marks the spot; a Christmas play for 

0097 586. 

Strip trip: an original motion picture 
screenplay. By Robert E. Sibley. Shee's 
(59 p.) C Robert E. Sibley; 2Feb76; 


Your faithful public servant; a 
screenplay. By Zeni'h Van Zeller, pseut'. 
of Furman B. Roberts. 119 p. O Furman E. 
Roberts; 2Feb76; D097587. 


Her black husbands; a play in 'wo ac-s. 
By Alexander DiGiulio Hancock. 70 p. 
Alexander Hancock; 2Feb76: D09''5e8. 

D097 5B9. 

Krankheit ist besser; drammatico- 
musical. w S m Charles F. Hosack. 4 p. 
German E English. C Charles Hosack; 
2Feb76; D097589. 


The Gadfly; a play. By David V. 
Fobiscn. 1 V. C David V. Potison; 
2Feb76; 0097590. 


East side story; a play. By Tamar 
Gershterg. 18 p. 6 Tamar Gershberg; 
2Feb7e: 0097591. 


We only meet at funerals. By Janet 
Overmyer. 80 p. 6 Janet Overmyer; 
2Feb76; D097592. 


on the run from the party; a play. By 
Janet Overmyer. 45 p. € Jane* Overmyer: 
2Feb76; 0097593. 


The Adventures of cool Exavier. By 
Exavner X. Lowtricia Wardlav. 34 p. 
e Exavier L. Wardlaw; 2Feb76; DUg^Sgu. 


The Genius of Catherine Fairweather: a 
play. By Bichel Corheil. 1 v. e Michel 
Corbeil; 2Feb76; 0097595. 


Potsdam; a play in three acts. Bv Kars 
Frank Steinkellner . 110 p. C Hars'Frar.k 
S-einkellner; 2Feb76: 0097596. 


Come play with me! By John Victor De 
Marco. 45' D. e John Victor De Marco; 
2Feb76; D097597. 


Taken in marriage. Ev Thomas J. Babe, 
Jr. 98 p. e Thomas Babe; 2Feb76: 

00 97 599. 

^he Heartbreak. Written ty Paula 
Reagan. 1 v. (The Walters) e Paula 
Reagan; 2Feb76; D097599. 


Jill Sprout the airl scout. Brit'en hy 
Paula Reagan. 5 p'. (Welcome back, 
Kof-er) e Paula Peagan: 2Feb76; 


The Novelist; a play in two acts. By 
Howard Fast. 1 v. e Howard Fast; 
2Feb76; 0097601. 

00976 02. 

S'reet people; a comedy in t)-ree acts. 
By Scott B. Brown. Sheets (72 p.) in 
folder, e Sco»* B. Brown; 23Jan7e: 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recor(J pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any adiJitional recor(is that may exist. 


DUS^SOS. DU97619. Written by .lanie Joycp Doualas (Janie 

To make a quick killing. By James That's show bi2 ! By Richard Altscbuler Joyce Douolas Drake) Sheets, e Janie 

ncDowell Kemer. 3« p. 6 James McDcwell 6 Jerry Mickey. 33 p. Jerry Mickey 6 Joyce Douglas; 2Feb76; DU97635. 

Kemer; 22Jan76: DD97603. Richard Altschuler; 1ilOct75; DU97f19. 


DU9760I1. DU97620. Gimpel the fool; a play with music 6 

Poor Richard; an original musical in tuo Younc man's fancy; a new musical play. lyrics. By Leo Fuchs, pseud, of Abraham 

acts. Book G lyrics by John Paul Kraczek, Book £ lyrics by John Murray, 1 v. Book I eor Springer. 70 p. Based on I- B. 

m Stanley Julian Kraczek. 1 v. £ sheets. 6 lyrics only. B Joan 1. Murray t Michael Singer's Gimpel the foci. Prev. reg . 

John P. Kraczek E S-anley Kraczek; A. Murray; 2Feb76; D097620. 1957. NM: dramatization 6 additions. 

22Jan76; 011976014. C Leo Fuchs; 23Jan76; DU9763f. 


DU97605. Longplayer. By Steven C. Kowall. 160 DU97637. 

First of Hay. By David Harold Fulton. p. C S*reven C. Kowall; 22Jan76; The stars and stripes forever; a musical 

9 p. e David Harold Fulton; 22Jan76; DD97621. play for young people. Book 6 lyrics by 

0097605. Joseph Eobinette, book by John Allen, 

0097622. lyrics 6 m Thomas Tlerney. 51 p. Prev. 

0097606. It touched all. By Annie L. Bonds. reg. 20Oct75, EU62«153 6 others. NM: 
The Third annual paqeant of uastes. By Sheets (253 p.) in folder. 6 Annie l. script. e Thomas Tierney, Joseph 

Compton Cutshall Maddux. Sheets (10 p.) Bonds; 22Jan76; DU97622. Robirette 6 John Allen; 21Jan76; 

in folder. © Compton Cutshall Maddux; DU97637. 
23Jan76; 0097606. D097623. 

Can we get there from here?; or. The D'197638. 

0097607. Lone Ranger overture. By Exavier X. writers camp; a play. By Albert H. 
In pursuit of Samuel Breed; screenplay. Lowtricia Wardlaw. Sheets (69 p.) Lynch S Peter Dee. 95 p. 6 Albert H. 

Written by Frederick G. Sullivan, Jr. 187 6 Exavier X. Lowtricia Hardlaw; 26Jan76; Lynch & Peter Dee; 3Feb76; DD97638. 
23Jan76; 0D97623. 


DD9762U. Ballerina. By Suzanne Massie C Charles 

0097608. Wild desires; a comedy in two acts. By Martin. 112 p. 6 Suzanne Massie 6 
Regret. Screen adaptation by Harmon F. John Tobias. 1 v. © John Tobias; Charles Martin; 3Feb76; DD97639. 

Barron £ Kevin Kling. 17 p. From the 6Feb76; 0097621. 

story by Guy De Maupassant. NM: D0976U0. 

dramatization S additions. B Fred Earron; 0097625. Sons of liberty. Book 5 lyrics by 

2Feb76; DD97608. Spider over the fire; a play in two Bosemarie Cayouette. 58 p. e Poseinarie 

acts. By James J. Clark. 1 v. 6 James Cayouette; 3Feb76: D0976ao. 

0097609. J. Clark; 26Jan76; 0097625. 

Justin Tyme. By Richard Qulnnell. 76 DU976I41. 

p. e Richard Quinnell; 28Jan76; 0097626. Midnight; oriainal screenplay. By 

0097609. Onrighteous seed. By Dasal Banks. Eonald J. Andersen. 65 p. e Ronald J. 

Sheets (119 p.) © Dasal Banks; 2Feb76; Anderson; 3Feb76: 0097611. 

0097610. DD97626. 

The Dltimate encoun'er. By Maria-. 0097612. 

Onfried. 58 p. Marian Unfried; 0097627. Prince of the Nile; a play. By Andrew 

2Feb75; DD9761C. The Song in McCaffrey's barn. By Joseph Fischer 5 K. S. Salifcof. Sheets. 

E. Sharkey. Sheets. Add. ti : The Song in C Andrew Fischer 6 K. S. Salikof; 3Feb7f: 

D097611. McCaffery's barn. 6 Joe Sharkey; 2Feb76; 0097612. 

Big ci'y hands and plain country hearts; 0097627. 

a play with music. Book, lyrics, m Doua DU97613. 

Spears. 29 p. in folder. Prev. reg. ' D097628. Santa Claus Junior; television script, 

1966, D066389. NM: additions. Poug Jelly Boll; an original screenplay. Bv mini- musical. 11 p. Appl. au: John 

Spears: 23Jan76; DD97611. John Clarence Chinn. Sheets (213 p.) Bachman. Prev. reg. July 1973, 0088002; 

e on book; John Clarence Chinn; 2Feb76; prev. pub. July 1973, A150811 6 others. 

0097612. 0097628. NM : revisions £ additions. C Christmas 

Don't ever say goodbye; a musical drama. Character Productions; 3F6b76; 0097613. 
By Huey P. Wade. Sheets (62 p.) in 0097629. 

folder. Appl. states all new except song. Illusions; a play in three acts. By 0097611. 

An Affair. Prev. rea. 3Nov75, E0626126. Alan Howard, pseud, of Alan Howard Snyder. Pee Wee the pink pine •■ree; televisjc-. 

■3 Huey P. Wade; 23Jan76; D097612. 1 v. Alan Howard; 1Feb76; 0097629. script, »ini-musical. 15 p. Appl. au: 

John Bachman. Prev. rea. 18Jul73, 

D097613. 0097630. D088001; prev. pub. 15Nov71, A591909 S 

Fear of immortality. By Edward B. Teja. Joe Bigman. by Charles Isaac Fergusson. 18JU173, A150812. NM; musical ma-erial. 

Sheets (18 p.) 6 Edward R. Teja; 126 p. e Charles Isaac Fergusson; g Christmas Character Producticns; 

23Jan76; D097613. 26Jan76; 0097630. 3Feb7e: 0097611. 

DU97611. DB97631 . 0097615. 

Fruitenstein — the creation of the The Trial of Fichard Nixon. By Howard Vanities. By Jack Heifner. 1 v. 

monster. 5 p. 6 Tony Drbano and Company, Koch. 1 v. NM: original dramatization 6 e Jack Heifner; 3Feb76; D097615. 
Inc.; 23Jan76; D097611. compilation of guotations. 6 Howard Koch; 

5Feb76; D097631. 0097616. 

0097615. Virgin bleach: a play in three sec*- or s. 

The IBEC conspiracy: a screenplay. By 0097632. By Richard Brian Gray. 38 p. e Richard 

James Jennings. 86 p. € James Jennings; Cat game; tragi-comedy in two parts. By Brian Grav; 3Feb76: 0097616. 
23Jan76; DU97615. Istvan Orkeny, translated from the 

Hunoarian by Clara Gyorgyey. Sheets (98 0097617. 

D097616. p.)" NB: translation. 8 Clara Gyorgyev; Last love. By Barjorie nahle. 125 p. 

The Hamburger has no meat. By Charles 5reb76; D097632. t Marjorie Mahle; 3Fef6; C097617. 
E. Hubbard. 1 v. e Eddie Hubbard; 

23Jan76; 0U97616. DD97633. 0097618. 

Free at last; a rock-gospel musical. Glory town. By William H. Jamieson. 

0097617. Lyrics f m Bonnie Harris. 2 v. Appl. au : 187 p. « William H. Jamieson: 3Feb7f ; 

The Adventures of Pinocchio; a comedy Marice L. Harris. 6 Fonn Harris E Ma rice 0097618. 
for music. Libretto by B. M. Wauters, L. Harris: 6Feb76: PU97633. 

pseud, of A. R. Pocsi , m David Krane. 202 0097619. 

p. Based on the book by C. Collodi. 0097631. "hey just don't understand me; a chancel 

e David Kran? 6 W. M. Wauters; 28Jan76; The Jonesboro story. Original play, w E drama. By Dianne Martin. 8 p. e Oianre 

0097617. m louis Gimbel. 68 p. Prev. reg. as Martin; 3Feb76; D097619. 

Happiness Hotel, 26Dec73, D089171. NM: 

DU97618. revisions 6 additions. B Louis Gimbel: DU97650. 

Pain in the midst; a play in one act. 22Dec75: D097631. Wind-ups. Lyrics by Sal Tomtarde, hock 

By Dwight Hobbes. 20 p. C Dwiaht Hobbes; ty John H. Pantozzi. 1 v. Book only. 

30Jan76; D097618. ' 0097635. 6 John M. Pantozzi; 1Feb76; 0097650. 

The Grandson; play, motion picture. 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

D097651 - 0097698 



The Fractured history of Luigi; a two 
act play. By Naoma A. Polehn. 1 v. 
O Naoma A. Polehn; UFeb76: DU97651. 


Pastorale; a brief dance-drama. By 
Brian Frederick Griffin. 16 p. Brian 
Frederick Griffin; UFeb76: DU97652. 


A Very gentle person; a play in three 
acts about the Robert Kennedy assas- 
sination. By Hans Frank steinkellner. 
113 p. Prev. reg. 17Apr7u, DU90105. NH: 
revisions e additions. C Hans Stein- 
kellner: UFeb76: 0097653. 


America the beautiful; a satire in seven 

scenes. 1 v. Appl. au: Norm Saville. 

Norm Saville; UFeb76; on9765u. 


Little princess. By Howard Winters. 3« 
p. Howard winters; UFeb76; DD97655. 


Shortcut to Cheyenne; full length play. 
By Stanley E. Disney. 109 p. Prev. reg. 
16JU17U, no. 11526. N«: revision. 
\> Stanley E. Disney; itFeb76; D097656. 


Out. By Penelope Feed (Penelope Feed 
Behl) 21 p. C Penelope Reed; UFeb76; 


Folio and the little Wizard. By Henry 
G. Merz. 3U p. Includes music. C Henry 
G. nerz; itFeb76; DU97658. 


Hiss Fitzsimmons in 111. The Twelfth 
Day of Christmas. Two one act plays. By 
Joseph F. Zias, Jr. 95 p. (Twofer) 
C Joseph F. Zias, Jr.; UFeb76 ; DU97659. 


Cody; screenplay. By David Allen Flick. 
Sheets (165 p.) in folder. 6 David Allen 
Flick; 29Jan76; D097660. 


God pity the poor lions; a play in three 
acts. By Dennis Jlonroe Clausen. Sheets 
(123 p.) in folder. 6 Dennis nonroc 
Clausen; 29Jan76: DU97661. 


Pepeal of the 20t> century: screenplay. 
By Don Balluck. 151 p. Appl. au: The 
Interfilm Group, Itd./B. Douglas Fahy. 

The Interfilm Group, Ltd. 6 B. Douglas 
Fahy; 9Feb76; 0097662. 


The Baby King. By Dennis David Colon. 
2 p. Dennis David Colon; 29Jan76; 


Hospital vampire: a horror mystery in 
three acts. By Patrick Michael Clepper. 

1 V. C P. n. Clepper; 30Jan76; 0097660. 


Double zero down; a new original 
screenplay. Britten by Robert Kiles. 130 
p. e Bob Biles; 15Jan76; D097665. 


Rehearsal of Sherman; a comedy play- By 
Ronald Podolsky. 1 v. e .Ronald Podolskv; 
28Jan76; DD97666. 


The Dead; an opera in two acts. By 
Thomas Michael Bello. 25 p. Adapted from 
the short story by James Joyce; libretto 
only. N«: dramatiza'ion. O Thomas 
Hichael Bello; 5Feb76: 0097667. 


The Famous ride of '75; a play for 
puppets or marionettes. By Martha C. 
Weatherall. sheets (27 p.) c Martha c. 
Weatherall; 23Jan76; O097668. 


The Stratas of our sphere; a radio play. 
By Robert N. Bauer. Sheets (01 p.) 
C Robert M. Bauer; 29Eec75: D097669. 


Treasure Island; a musical play in two 
acts. Book E lyrics by Scott Chelmow. 
Sheets (60 p.) Eased on the book by 
Robert Louis Stevenson; book 6 lyrics 
only. NM : dramatization 6 additions. 
e Scott Chelmow; 23jar76; DU97670. 


Kamellia. By Grady D. Whitfield. 71 p. 
C Grady 0. Whitfield; 2Feb76; DD97671. 


Kids daze; a script for children's 
theatre. By William H. Coons, Jr. 67 p. 
Freely adapted from The Emperor's nrw 
clothes £ Fumplestilskin. 6 William H. 
Coons, Jr.; 10Feb76; 0097672. 


Maryland; an American musical drama. 
Book 6 lyrics Martha Barrett, m Victoria 
Vidal. 2 v. Eased on a play by David 
Eelasco. NM: additions. 15 Marty Barrett 
6 Victoria Vidal; 9Feb76; D097673. 


American blue jeans; or. Love's undving 
flame. An 1890' s melodrama of rural 'love. 
By Dennis Rosa, pseud, of Leon Dennis 
Martin. 1 v. Adapted from Joseph 
Arthur's orioinal play. NM: adaptation. 
C Dennis Rosa; 3Feb7e; D097670. 


The Evil queen; or. Snow White. By 
Raymond E. Krenzke 6 Kathleen F. Doll, 
sheets (03 p.) Based on the 1812 1st ed. 
of stories by the Brothers Grimm, 
e Raymond E. Krenzke S Kathleen F. Doll; 
26Jan76; 0097675. 


The Starbeam terror. By Joseph Francis 
Brown. Sheets (130 p.) e Joseph Francis 
Brown; 26Jan76; D097676. 


Mistaken identity. Lyrics 6 m B. Gordon 
Kirkman. 5 p. Add. ti: Herb and the 
spices. C B. Gordon Kirkman; 6Feb76; 


Colonel Charles Young; a dramatized 
account. By Joann Coleman Sanneh. 81 p- 
e Joann Coleman Sanneh; 50ec75; 0097678. 


Frankenstein. By Stephen C. Wathen. 1 
V. From the novel by Mary Wollstonecraf t 
Godwin Shelley. NM : dramatization. 
C Stephen C. Wathen; 5Feb76; 0U97679. 


The 70th week; a musical play. Book, 
lyrics & m Kirker Dean Binaman. 113 p. 
e Dean Bingman; 26Jan76; 'D097680. 


Heroes and hard cases; a bicentennial 
comedy. By Orexel H. Bilcy. 1 v. Appl. 
au: Orexel H. Filey d.b.a. Alpha-Omega 
Players. e on book 6 lyrics; Alpha-Omega 
Players; 26Jan76; D097681. 


The Crowd pleaser; a comedy-drama in twc 
acts. By Betty Neustat. Sheets (108 p.) 
O Betty Neustat; 5Feb76; 0097682. 


Power behind ♦he eye; a drama in three 
acts. Created by Harry Bruce Funk. 
Sheets. e H. Bruce Funk; 5Feb76; 


Stand-off at Beaver and Pine; a play it 
two acts. By Sally Netzel. 77 p. 
C Sally Netzel; 5Feb76; D09768U. 


cold fear; story e screenplay. By chri 
Fellrer. 130 p. Prev. reg. 3Mar72, 
0083607; 0Apr73, 0086571. NM: revisions. 
C Chris Fellner; 5Feb76; 0097685. 


A-S-Y-1-O-M. By Onaway Schange. 29 n. 
e Onaway Schange; 5Feb76; D097686. 


A Clash of symbols. By oraway Scharqe. 
09 p. e Onaway Schange; 5Feb76: 


Mission to norristown; an original 
musical drama for children. Script & 

lyrJCE bv Rebecca E. Gibby, m Joan T. 

Hazen. 1 v. 6 Eecky Gibby 6 Joan Hazen; 
5Feb76; 0097688. 


When the wind ceases. By Stephen 
Charles Richardson. 36 p. C S'eve 
Richardson; 5Feb76; 0097689. 


Going to Gallipolis; a play in tVree 
acts. By Burt P. Garnett. i v. Adapted 
from a playlet of the same name. e Eur' 
P. Garnett; 13Feb76; D097690. 



ir price? Prison drama. E 
(er. 19 p. e Symbrinck 
Inc. : 27Jan76; CD97691 . 


But never alone; a play in *wo acts. By 
H. Curtis Crockett. 1 v. 6 Symbrinck 
Associates, Inc.; 27Jan76; DD97692. 


A Small problem of identification. By 
James Symmons. 29 p. © James Symmons; 
2"'Jan76; 0097693. 


Mulberrv Street; an original play. 
Written ty Jerry Strivelli. 1 v. e Jerrv 
Strivelll; 30Jan76; D097690. 


And once there were belles. By Ellen 
Gorman. Hip. © Ellen Gorman; 26Sep7'=: 


The Tales of Mylantia; a musical 
screenplay. Original story by Dale 
Nattress S Reenie Nattress, screenplay, 
lyrics £ m Jules Leon Federman E Marion P. 
Codik. 90 p. Book only. Prev. reg. 
3Feb75, 0093238. NM: revision. C Jules 
Leon Federman E Marion P. Codik; 29Jan7f; 


The Story of Eachael; a fantasy 
adventure. By Dale Thcmas Nattress S 
Maureen A] 1 yce Nattress. 55 p. (T*-e 
Tales of Mylantia) Prev. reg. 3Feb7;, 
D093238. NM: revision. C Nattress and 
Nat*ress and Company: 29Jar76; 009769". 


The Bicentennial show. By Ronald 
Scheff. 15 p. e Ronald Scheff; 30Jan76: 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DU97f.99. EU90115. NPI: additions S revisions. Dn9773U. 

Dust whirling with dust; a play. By G us S Wayne H. lamiiers; 6Feb76; DU9771f,. Junnier lode; screenplay. By nic^ael 

Weill. 1 V. e Gus Belli; 30Jan76; Edward Bolles 8 Patrick Boulay. 70 p. 

DU97699. DII97717. Based on a storv by Jeff Foster. 

The Calling. By Edward D. Welsh. 1 v. f. Michael Edward Holies; 9Feb76: 

DU97700. e Ned Welsh; 6Feb76; D097717. Da9773U. 

The Girl can't help it; a screenplay. 

By Carl Stone E David Newburge. 27 p. DU9771P. DU97735. 

C The Filnpeople, Inc.; 30Jan76; The Action. By Chain Calev. 60 p. Acquiescence. Wri'-'en by Al Bonadies. 

DU97"'0O. S Chaim Calev; 6reb7f; DU97718. Sheets (85 p.) e Al Bonadies; 9Feb7fi; 

DU97701. D097719. 

Game-a-lot; a play for children with Swoop; screenplay. By Fllippo ottoni. D097736. 

■■sic. By Phoebe A. Green. 1 v. ir 19? p. © Filippo Ottori; 6Feb76; And now, folks, World War Two! A revu-*. 

'er. C Phoebe A. Green; 30Jan76; DD97719. By Anthony D'Amato. Sheets (37 p.) e o" 

Du '01. dialoaue E lyrics; Anthony CAua'^n; 

C097720. 9Feb7fi; DU97736. 
DU97702. Peport to the Committee on Pornography; 

Take a number, darling; a comedy ir. 3 play in one ac» . By Tevia E. Bbrams. 39 DU97737. 

acts. By Jack Sharkey." 1 v. 5 Jack p. 6 Tevia Abrams; 6Feb76; DU97720. The Vinevard. By John Gracer Prown. 

Sharkey; 30Jan76; DU97702. Sheets ( U7 p.) C John Gracen Brown; 

DU97721. 9Feb76; D097737. 
DU97703. Heart's desire. By Margaret Ann Kehret. 

Please, pass the candle. By David 5U p. 6 Peg Kehret; 6Feb76; DU97721. D097718. 

Robert Trottier. 1 v. ( David F. The Overcoat. By Lewis Colick. i v. 

Trottier; 29Jan76; DP97703. DU97722. 6 Lewis Colick; 9Feb76; DU97738. 

Soljourney into truth; a ritualistic 

0097701. revival. By Barbara Ann Teer. HI p. DU97739. 

In the time of harvest; play in one act. S Barbara Anr Teer; 6Feb76; D097722. Fluy. By Susan Miller. 1 v. 6 susa"- 

By Anthony E. Santaniello. Sheets (52 p.) Miller: 9Feb76; DIJ97739. 
in folder, c Anthony E. Santaniello; D097723. 

29Jan76; 0097701. School daze. By Berkeley W. O'Connor, 0097710. 

Ecbert L. O'Connor E Brian Flower. 1 v. Pandemic. By Thomas Joseph Kelly. 112 

0097705. Includes music. e Bobert E Berkeley p. (B Thomas Joseph Kelly; 9Feb76; 

Boundary. By James Day Wilson. 65 p. O'Connor £ Brian Flower; 9Feb76: 00977iio. 
(Causa 3ui, 3) « James Bay Wilson; 0097723. 

29Jan76; D097705. D097712. 

0U97721. Salmon. By Martin Bell. 115 p. Prev. 

DU97706. Adventures in musicland; a musical reg. as Charles winks, 30Sep70, 0091870. 

Zymurgy. By James Day Wilson. 5" p. allegory. 12 p. Appl. au: Doris K. NM: revisions. 6 Martin Bell; 10Fel76; 

(Causa sui, 1) 6 James Day Wilson; Sossner. Prev. reg. lDec75, D096972. NM: D097712. 
29Jan76; DO97706. additions. Doris K. Sossner; 9Feb76; 

D097721. DU97713. 

DU97707. Dolly Baroque; a play with ballads. By 

Phylogeny. By James Day Wilson. 22 p. CU97725. Wallace H. Johnson. Ill p. Book E lyrics 

(Causa sui, 2) f James Day Wilson; The DeFootney murder mystery; or. Think only. Wallace H. Johnson; 10Feb76; 

29Jan76; D097707. like a tree. A play. By Martin A. 0097713. 

olevitch. Sheets (62 p.) Martin A. 

D097708. Olevitch; 9Feb76; D097725. r097-'11. 

Mother Jefferson's accident. By lissa Thou shalt no* Watergate on me. Py 

Maria Patrick. 39 p. 6 Lissa M. Patrick D097726. Leonard F. Witkowski. Sheets (62 p.) 

(M. for "Maria"); 28Jan76; DU97708. The Oust summer; a play in two acts. By C Leonard F. Witkowski; 10Feb76; 

Jacob Clark, pseud, of James William 0097711. 
D097709. Clark. 1 v. James W. Clark; 9Feb76; 

Nightland: r.g ; an original screenplay. DU97726. DU97715. 

By Domonic w. Paris, additional assistance Pearls that coalesce; an original 

by William Vernick. sheets (96 p.) 0097727. one-act play. By Loretta Lotman. :'0 p. 

e Oomonlc w. Paris; 28Jan76; DU97709. Friends of liberty. By Paul V. loretta lotman; 10Feb75; 0097715. 

McKnight. sheets. C Paul V. McKnight; 

D097710. 9Feb76; DU97727. 0IJ97716. 

A Loffabread, ajuggawine and howl; a A Fit of blue; a play for ensemble 

modern fantasy. Written by Steven Michael DU97728. reading. By Steven M. Buck E Jeanne T. 

Nesbit. 10 p. O Steven M. Nesbit ; Tomorrow Is another day; a play. By Buck. 9 p. 6 Steven M. Buck 6 Jeanne T. 

27Jan76; 0097710. Michael Philips. Sheets (33 p.) Buck; 10Feb76; 0097716. 

•3 Michael Philips; 9Feb76; D097728. 

0097711. D097717. 

Willie Bey. By Lionel Lackey. Sheets D097729. Pocky Houn'-ain fever. Story S 

(58 p.) in folder. Includes music. Season of change; a film scenario. By screenplay by William w. Lewis. Sheets 

e Lionel Lackey; 28Jan76; 0097711. Steven Joseph Catalano. 116 p. O Steven (98 p.) C William w. Lewis; 10Feb76; 

Joseph Catalano; 9Feb76; D097729. D097717. 

Follow ne where? By Lionel Lackey. DD97730. D097718. 

Sheets (102 p.) in folder. Includes Pennyman; a new comedy in three acts. Images, images. 2 times yesterday. tit 

music. e Lionel Lackey; 28Jan76; By Joseph J. Morella £ William J. Edwards. I my sister's keeper? The Shortcu*. 1 

DU97712. 1 v. © William J. Edwards E Joseph J. one-act plays. By Heddy Elizabeth Bossi. 

Morella; 9Feb76; 0097730. 1 v. (Imaoes, Images! « Heddy Elizate't- 

Rossi; irFeb76; 0097718. 
eter D0°7731. 

If I were President; a musical comedy in 0097719. 

two acts. By Francis Donald Fox. 1 v. Norton 1st, Emperor of the Onited 

e Francis Donald Fox; 9Feb76 ; DD97731. Staf-es; a musical drama for youna people. 

0097711. Bock by Helen Manfull, book, lyrics E w. 

Partners? By Jody L. Bland. 1 v. (My 0097732. Tom Spivey. 1 v. C Tom Spivey E Helen 

little girl) C Jody L. Bland; 6Feb76; Blue tattoo; original screenplay. By Manfull; nFeb76; 0097719. 
0097711. Bobert Edwin Mugge. 89 p. C Bobert Edwin 

Mugge; 9Feb76; D097732. 0097750. 

DU97715. Aqua vitae. By Phillips D. Phillips. 

Trick or treat. By Erwin Pally. 75 p. 0097733. 10 p. 6 Phillips D. Phillips; 11Eeb76; 

e Erwin Pally; 6Feb76; 0097715. The Party; an original screenplay. By 0097750. 

William Pudolph Hughes. Sheets (103 p.) 

DU97716. e William Fudolph Hughes; 9Feb76; D097751. 

Before the good old days. By Wayne H. D097733. Bed salad ice. By S*even M. BaughmE". 

Lammers. 1 v. Prev. reg. 18Apr71, 16 p. Based on the characters created by 

D09771 3. 

The Pizza Par 


1 V. 


Stiles. e Pete 

r Sti 




These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

DU97752 - D097799 


JAN. - OUN. 15 

0097751 (con.) 

Michael J. Heier. O Steven B. Baughman 6 

nichael J. Heier; llFeb76; D097751. 


Ye bloody rebels: a musical play. Book 
by Carol S. Duffy, lyrics £ m Evelyn 
Dianne Baker. 76 p. s sheets. O Carol 
Duffy 6 E. Dianne Baker; llFeb76: 


Cousin Jerome; television pilot for 
television series. By Jay U. Frev. 
Sheets (10 p.) Jay V. Frey; liFeb76; 


Denj bez nachala e konza; a comedy in 

two acts. By Vsevolod Homitzky. 22 p. 

Add. ti: A Day without beainnino or end. 

C Vsevolod Homitzky; 11Feb76: 'DD9775U. 


Imperatives; a play in five scenes. By 
Bradfcrd S. Field, Jr. Sheets (151 p.) 
C Bradford S. Field, Jr.; 11Feb76; 


aadmen. By Steve Stosny. 1 v. e Steve 
Stosny: 11Feb76; DU97756. 


Legend of Adam Caine. By Jacob Cfcakko. 
88 p. e Jacob Chakkc; 11Feb76; DD97757. 


The Great lo 
p. C Frank S. 


Avenger. Hero. Patriot. vigilante. 
Four plays on American ways of death. By 
Charles Samuel Levy. Sheets. (Flifside) 
Charles S. Levy; 17Feb76; D097759. 

00 97760. 

I have met the enemy: a play in 2 acts. 

By Jackie Hvman. Sheets (6U p.) 6 Jackie 

Hyman; 17F6b76: EU97760. 


Hake 'em laf f ; a comedy for children in 

commedia dell' arte style. By Sergei 

Ponomarov. sheets (65 p.) C Serge Pone 

(Sergei Fonomarov) ; 17Feb7e: 0097761. 


Priscilla and the dragon: an original 
screenplay. By Craig James, pseud, of 
James Craig Pilgrim, prepared by Gil 
Garcia. Sheets (151 p.) C James Craig 
Pilgrim; 17Feb76; 0097762. 


The Disappearance; ar original 
screenplay. By Robert Kay Janis, prepared 
by Gil Garcia. Sheets (102 p.) C Pobert 
K. Janis; 12Feb76; DD97763. 


The Family. By Larry Allen. 22 p. 
Larry Allen; 19Feb76; D09776U. 


Hot mustard; a musical comedy revue. 
Written by Poy Sherbera, m Mildred 
Phillips, Steve Carpenter 6 Art Wilson. 1 
V. Book & lyrics only. 3 songs prev. 
reg. S Poy Shenberg; 2Feb76: DD97765. 


A Tale that wagged the dog; a comedy in 
one act for « women, 1 man. By Timothy J. 
Kelly. 27 p. Tim Kelly; itFeb76: 


The World of nark Twain. By Carol F. 
Duval. 77 c. Carol F. Duval; 19Feb76: 


Interviews at Dan's with the famous 
Harvey Wallbanget. Episode no. 1-7. By 
Maurice J. Woolman 6 Wryley J. Bettis. 8 
p. C Maurice J. Woolman B wryley J. 
Eettis; 18Feb76: DD97768. 


A Fortune of grid for a light pair of 
heels; a plav. By Charles S. Levy. 
Sheets (76 p.) in folder. C Charles S. 
levy; 18Feb76; D097769. 


The Tragedy of Hammy, Prince of Sweden; 
a parody of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. By 
Peter J. Federico. sheets (70 p.) in 
folder. C Peter J. Federico; 18Feb76: 

DD97771 . 

The Trial; a screenplay. By Richard Lee 
Shane. 126 p. Prev. reg. 6Aug75, 
0095602. NM: revisions 6 additions. 
Richard Lee Shane; 15Jan76: D097771. 


A Country gentleman. By David M. 
Geller. 23 p. 6 David M. Gellei; 
16Feb76; 0097772. 


The Colonial spy; a multi-media stage 
presentation. Created £ written by Tony 
Verna, written by William T. Bode. 88 p. 
Prev. reg. 1960, D050469. NM : additions 6 
revisions. e William T. Bode; 11Feb76; 


The Amazing animals' band; a play. By 
Eentley Emmanuel, pseud, of Kirk Woodward. 
8 p. e Kilk Woodward; 12Jan76; DU9777tt. 


The Ghost in the basement; a play. By 
Eentley Emmanuel, pseud, of Kirk Woodward. 
12 p. e Kirk Woodward; 12Jan76: 


Soul of the Devil. By Philip Kapp. 
Sheets (108 p.) e Philip Kapp; 28Nov75; 


Eebellion at Elvers Bend; a three ac 
play. By Bernadette W. Hoyle. 29 p. 
Includes music. C Bernadette w. Hoyle; 
3Feb76; 0U97777. 


Joe Ladieu and the Spencertown Kid; 30 
minute play with music. w E m William w. 
Lewis. 20 p. Book 6 lyrics only, 
e William W. Lewis; 5Feb76; 0097778. 


The Peal play. By Sharon Kramer. 
Sheets (51 p.) 6 Sharon Kramer: 20Oc'-75; 

00977 80. 

I hear Hawaii; a new musical. Book by 
Sir Robert Helpmann, bock, lyrics 6 m 
Eaton Bagoon, Jr. 7it p. Book 6 lyrics 
only. Prev. reg. as Paradise! Paradisel, 
21Feb75, DD93UU0 6 others. NM: revisions. 
e Eaton Bagoon, Jr.; 12Feb76; 0097780. 

0097781 . 

This is it; a touch of however 
melodrama. By William Badden. Ill p. 
e William Madden; 10Feb76; 0097781. 


Hershel's story. t p. Appl. au: Jaana 
Zahl. e Jagra Zahl ; 12Feb76; 0097782. 


Snickers — stamps out sneaky munchie 
crunchies. By Dawn H. F. Frederick. 1 p. 

(Bunchie crunchies, 1) c Dawn H. F. 
Frederick: 12Feb76: 0097783. 


The Park; a filmscript. By Richard G. 
Ploe'z. Sheets (115 p.) in folder. 
C Richard G. Ploetz; 12Feb76; DU9778U. 


So great a king: a musical drama. Book 
6 lyrics by David I. Bartlett, m Jane' 
Huflnut. 1 V. e David I. Bartlett 6 Jare' 
Hudnut; 12Feb76: DU97785. 


Chinaberry. Laughir • wild. Bird 
Draughn, and others. A collection of 
dramatic ballads. By Lanie Douglas 
Robertson. 1 v. (Back counf-y crimes) 
e lanie Douglas Robertson: 12Feb76; 


Hey! You with the Stars and Stripes; a 
musical comedy salute to the Eicen'ennial . 
By Norvelle Dismukes. e Norvelle 
Dismukes; 12Feb76; DD97787. 


For men only; a comedy. By Alber- 
D'Annibale. «5 p. e Alber' D'Ann:bale: 
12Feb76; 0097786. 


That ye be not- judged: a one-act 
religious courtroom drama. 12 p. Appl- 
au: E. B. Bryson £ Laurens P. Moore. 
C Buford Street Onited Methodist Church; 
12Feb76: D097789. 


Ralph Nader is not sorry. The Last 
stand of Giuseppe Caprarcla. By Euoene 
Fuffini. Sheets in folder. (Peturn fire) 
e Gene Euffini; 12Feb76: 0097790. 


Harriet MacDonald. Ey Timothy Jerome. 
27 p. © Timothy Jerome; 13Feb"'6; 
D097791 . 


Charlie Rayford revisited: a play in o-= 
act. By Robert Arnold Coles. 26 p. 
e Robert Coles: 13Feb76: EU97-'92. 


Ramon and the artist: a one-act play. 
By Frederick A. Faboro, Jr. 22 p. 
C Frederick A. Eaborg, Jr.; 13Feb7P: 


Natv^aniel; a new play. By Nichael 
Sawyer, pseud, of Stanley Schacter. 1 v. 
e Bichael Sawyer: ISFefS; 0097''9i4. 


The Boss' wife; a new play. By Hurray 
Spi*zer. 1 V. e Murray Spitzer'; 
13Feb76: 0097795. 


Pericles. Op. 283. Ey Alan Hovhaness. 
371 p. Includes music. « Alan Hovhaness: 
25Feb76; D097796. 


The Polan project; an original 
screenplay. By David A. Litteral. 153 p. 
e David A. Litteral S Caroline B. 
litteral; 17Peb76; DD97797. 

00 97 7 98. 

Fair game. Written by Rebecca Diane 
Ross. 15 p. e Rebecca Diane Ross; 
17Feb76: 0097798. 


Don't be scared, mother's here: a play. 
By Edgard da Focha Miranda. 76 p. Add. 
ti ; Don't be scared, mother is here. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recor(i pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DU97799 (cor.) DU978ie. 

8 Eflgard aa Eocha Miranda; 17Feb76: Confetti in the bathtub; a rococo 

DU97799. musical comedy in two ac*-s. Book by 

Carolyn Osborn, Bi Toni Clem. 1 v. Prev. DU97B33. 

DU97eOO. reg. 5Mar73, DH86255. Nfl : additions. Dnlocking the sale; scrip*. 36 p. 

And the blackbird sana; a play. Ey e Carolyn Osborn £ Toni Clem; 17Feb76; (Professional salesmanship) C Elba 

Edgard da Eocha tliranda. 73 p. e Edgard DU97816. Systems Corporation: 290ct75: D097833. 
da Rocha liranda; 17Feb76; DU9780C. 

DU97817. DU97e3l4. 

DII97801. The Ugly walls. By louis Cepeda. 51 p. The Big three; script. 39 p. 

Let Be tell ycu; a libretto for an S Louis Cepeda; 17Feb7e; DU97817. (Professional salesmanship) € Elba 

operetta. By Robert Patrick, pseud, of Systems Corporation; 290ct75; DD9''83U. 
Robert Patrick O'Connor. 13 p. f Eobert DU97B18. 

Patrick; 17feb76; D09"'801. The Paradise sweetshop; an original *uo 01197635. 

hour movie of the week. By Valerie Allen. Closina time; script. 13 p. 

DU9''802. 128 p. Valerie Allen; 17Feb76; (Professional salesmanship) 6 Elba 

The Shoeshine parlor. By James Lee. 91 DU97818. Systems Corporation; 290ct75; D097835. 
p. f Jaites Lee; 17Feb76; DU97802. 

D1197819. DU97836. 

DU97803. The All-American playgirl; or. The Ambrose makes a sale; scrip'. 8 p. 

Ephesian summer; a play in two ac's. By Gorgeous monster. 110 p. Appl. au : (Professional salesmanship, course 5) 

Patricia Lacey (Patricia Collins) Craft Narcella Ka»z. C Barcella Katz; 17Feb76; C Elba Systems Corporation; 290c'-75; 

3. 75 p. e Patricia Collins; 17F6b76; DD97819. DU97836. 

CU97820. DU97837. 

DU9'^80U. Though lovers be lost; a one act play in Looking back; script. 30 p. 

Counting the ways; a vaudeville. By three scenes. By Lynn Humphrey Elliott. (Professional salesmanship) e Elba 

Edward Albee. 1 v. e Edward Albee; 23 p. C Lynn H. Elliott; 17Feb76; Systems Corporation; 2900^5; DU97837. 
17Feb76; DUS780U. DD97820. 


DU97S05. DD97821 . Territory organization and coverage; 

And now this. By Coujlas Hatson. 1 v. Jam it! w 6 m Hark Strapp. 2 v. script. 20 p. (Professional sales- 

e Douglas Uatson; 17Feb76; D097805. 6 Mark Strapp; 17Feb76; 0097821. manship) e Elba Systems Corporation; 

290ct75; DU97838. 

0097806. 0097822. 

The Vestibular Hannah in Mortimer's ear. Mary; a new musical play. Book E lyrics 0097839. 

They change their minds. The Paws alone. by Jean Flynn, pseud, of Carrie G. The Importance of a planned presen- 

Plays. By Linda Griffith. t v. (line Reynolds. 56 p. Book E lyrics only. ta'ion; script. 6 p. (Professional 

trouble trilogy) Includes music. C Linda e Jean Flynn; 17Feb76; D097B22. salesmanship, course U) C Elba Systems 

Griffith; 17Feb76; DD97806. Corporation; 290ct75; 0097839. 


DU97807. Girl of destiny; a new musical play. 0097810. 

Incident in Sew York. By Bernard Myers. Book E lyrics by Jean Flynn, pseud, of The First step; scrip*. 10 p. 

97 D. e Bernard Myers; 17Feb76; Carrie G. Reynolds. 30 p. Book B lyrics (Professional salesmanship) 6 Elba 

0097807. only. e Jean Flynn; 17Feb76; D097823. Systems Corporation; 290ct75; PD9"'8iJ0. 

DU97808. 0097821*. 0097811. 

Animals are passing from our lives; a The Best things in life; a musical in Prospecting for sellina success; scr' p' . 

play. By Robert Henry Eisele. Sheets. two acts. By Joseph S. Walter. 23 p. 12 p. (Professional salesmanship, course 

c "obert Henry Eisele; 17Feb76; 0097808. e Joseph A. Halter; 11Feb76; D09782I4. 3, side 1) 6 Elba Systems Corporation: 

290ct75; 00978111. 
D097809. D097825. 

The Ballad of Susty Spurs. Sheets (25 She's a lady. By Fonald Charles Darby. 0097812. 

p.) Book e lyrics only. Appl. au: Carl Sheets (50 p.) IP Ronald Charles Darby; Prospecting in your cwn back yard; 

Scott Barker, Sollie Stenson 6 Gilbert 17Feb76; DU97825. script. 10 p. (Professional sales- 

Christner. S Nobody Imparticular; manship, course 3, side 2) e Elba Systeps 

T'FebTS; 0097809. 0097826. Corporation; 290ct75: 0097812. 

The Eioht basic closina techniques: 

0097810. script. ^17 p. (Professional sales- 009"'813. 

A Dress for Sadie Redwing; a play in one manship, course 7) e Elba Systems Defining your personal goals; scrip*. ° 

act. By Nancy Elizabeth Pahl Gilsenan. Corporation; 290ct75; DD97826. p. (Professional salesmanship, course 2, 

17 p. e Nancy Elizabeth Pahl Gilsenan; side 2) 6 Elba Systems Corporation: 

17Feb76: 0097810. DD97827. 290ct75: 0097813. 

Showmanship in sellinq; script. 12 p. 

D097811. (Professional salesmanship, course 8) 0097811. 

Recent history; a one-act comedy. By S Elba Systems Corporation; 290ct75; The Sense *hat sells; script. 37 p. 

Bruce Cromer. 1 v. « Bruce Cromer; P097827. (Professional salesmanship) e Elba 

17Feb76; 0097811. Systems Corporation; 290ct75: P097811. 


D097812. He'll let you know; script. 13 p. 0097615. 

A Year later. The Affair. Two one-act (Professional salesmanship, course 6) Product knowledge, the salesman's 

comedies. By Joseph Lizardi. 1 v. (And e Elba Systems Corporation; 290ct75: ammunition; script. 8 p. (Professional 

they call it love) e Joseph Lizardi; 0097828. salesmanship, course 1) € Elba Systems 

17Feb76; 0097812. Corporation; 290ct75: 0097815. 


0097813. Case history of a sale; script. 12 p. 0097816. 

Happy birthday, O.S.A. By Charles (Professional salesmanship, course 9) Developing your observation abilities; 

Harmon Dugoan. 1 v. C Charles Harmon O Elba Systems Corporation; 290ct75; scrip*. 6 p. (Professional salesmanship, 

Duaaan; iTFeb76; 0097813. 0097829. course 2) 8 Elba Sys*ems Corporation; 

290ct75: 0097816. 

0097811. D097830. 

The Courtesan and the scholar; an opera Image speaks; script. 32 p. 0097817. 

libretto in one act, two scenes. By Karl (Professional salesmanship) e Elba A Day at beautiful station B.A.E.P.; a 

H. Eratton. 23 p. e Karl H. Bratton; Systems Corporation; 290ct75; D09"'B30. comedic scrip* for radio or television. 

17feb76; D097811. Britten by Cathleen Carol Nelson E 

D097831. nary jane Carbo. 21 p. Appl. au: Ronald 

0097815. stumbling blocks; script. 36 p. «. Borqan. 6 Cathleen Carol Nelson B 

Where they have to take ycu in: o play (Professional salesmanship) «J Elba Maryjane Carbo; 20Feb76; DD97817. 
in three acts. By Nancy Elizabeth Pahl Systems Corporation; 290ct75: 0097831. 

Gilsenan. Sheets (11 p.) 8 Nancy 0097818. 

Elizabeth Pahl Gilsenan; 17Eeb76: 0097832. V for Vle*nam. By Moffett B. Hall wi--- 

0097815. Tuning in; script. 38 p. (Professional Michael B. Hall. Sheets (111 p.) in 

folder. A translation of Armand Ga*ti's V 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

DD973U9 - DD97897 


JON. 197f 

0097818 (cor.) 

coiae Vietnam. Prev. pub. abroad 1967. 
NN: translation. C tloffett B. Hall: 
23F9b76; D0978U8. 


Greengo Kerry; screen play. By Beverly 
Jean Roberts (Beverly Jean Roberts 
LoitroB) Sheets. Beverly Jean Roberts 
(loftrom) : UFeb76; DU978«9. 


A Paradise ago; a musical comedy in two 
acts- Book 6 lyrics by Ronald Schultz, 
lyrics e m Betsy L. Schulman. sheets in 
folder. C Fonald Schultz E Betsy L. 
Schulman: 10Dec75; Dn97850. 


John and George Washington. 51 p. 
Appl. au: JosephEllen Hansen. C Jo- 
sephEllen Hansen; 6Feb76: DU97851. 


The Storyteller of Gotham. By Michael 
J. Keenan. 39 p. C Michael J. Keenan; 
17Feb76: DD97852. 


The Tempering of Johr Arvad; a two-act 
play. By Villiam F. Craig. 69 p. Prev. 
reg. 12nay69, 0071269. NH : revisions £ 
additions. C William F. Craig; 20Feb76; 
DU 97853. 


Equivalent forms; a play in one act. By 
John Michael Schram. 52 p. C John 
Sichael Schram; 18Feb76; 0097651. 


Burning bright. By lyle Kessler. 1 v. 
C lyle Kessler; 18Feb76; 0097855. 


Druids; a play. By Philip Jay Goodman. 
1 V. C Philip Jay Goodman; 18Peb7e; 


Larkburg will »in; a wholesome bondage 
comedy. By Archie Oldham. Sheets (73 p.) 
in folder. C Archie Oldham; 18Feb76; 


And cne makes eight; a musical. By Alex 

Herrmann. 1 v. Book only. 8 Alex 

Herrmann; 18Feb76; D097858. 


Piedras negras; screenplay. Ey Richard 
L. Curilla. 3rd draft. 125 p. Prev. 
reg. 270ec73, 0089328; 50ec71, 0092590. 
NB: revisions S additions. Eichard L. 
Curilla: 18Feb76; 0097859. 


A Clam's chance on Mount Everest; an 

underground American farce in two parts 6 

a Quasimodo insert. Ey Eric Overmyer. 1 

v. e Eric Overmyer; 18Feb76; DD97860. 


Derick Amberman, Rosedale hero; a one 
act play. By Gary Bruce Polovsky. 21 p- 
Gary Bruce Polovsky; ieFeb76; 0097861. 


Black canvas; screenplay. By Mario Por, 
pseud, of Mario Por Smithem. Sheets (132 
p.) e Mario Por Smithem; 18Feb76: 


A Year's end. By Joseph P. Krawczyk. 
81 p. Joseph P. Krawczyk; 19Feb76: 


Cross country cruisin'; screenplay. By 
Marc Goodman. 212 p. Marc Goodman; 
19Peb76; 0097861. 


Brenda's dinner date. By William Neil 
Dugatkin. 28 p. William Neil Dugatkin; 
19Feb76; D097865. 


The Session; a play in three acts. By 
Richard Broadhurst. 110 p. Richard 
Broadhurst; 19Feb76; 0097866. 


Breaking and entering; a three-act 
comedy. By Lawrence Paul Schulz. Sheets 
(70 p.) C Larry Schulz; 19Feb76; 


Lamoura of the islands; a South Seas 
musical with a New Orleans accent. Book 6 
lyrics by Robert J. Bruce C David 
Cuthbert, m leota Ruth Moore. 1 v. 6 The 
Moonbabes Company; 19Feb76; 0097868. 


The Wilderness rebels. Script, lyrics 6 
m Marcia BcKenna Biddle. 51 p. 6 sheets 
in folder. 6 Hatcia HcKenna Biddle; 
19Feb76; D097869. 


The Catalyst; a screenplay. By Stan 
Papell. 163 p. Stan Papell; 19Feb76; 

D097871 . 

Cabrona 5; a play. By Cynthia Buchanan. 

Revision, Cabrona 1. 118 p. C Cynthia 

Buchanan; 19Feb76; D097871. 


The Hollywood bares. By Robert E. 
Kenney. 12 p. C Robert E. Kenney; 
19Feb76; DU97872. 


Boathouse- By Penelope Ann Prentice. 
Sheets (65 p.) C Penelope Ann Prentice; 
19Feb76; 0097873. 


Background with figures; a drama in two 
acts. By Vivian Johannes. 112 p. 
e Vivian Johannes; 19Feb76; DU97871. 


Timepiece. By Sarah Elizabeth Maclay. 
10 p. C Sarah Elizabeth Maclay; 19Feb76; 


Welcome to Warren Street. By Venice 
Melta Johnson. Sheets (83 p.) O Venice 
Melta Johnson; 19Feb7e; 0097876. 


The Auqust remembrance. By Edward 
Cohen. Sheets (271 p.) 6 Edward Cohen; 
19Feb76; 0097877. 


That clam from Oyster Bay. By Rose W. 
Mead £ Robert S. Mead. Sheets (50 p.) 
e Rose w. Mead £ Robert S. Mead; 19Feb76; 


Fire on De Koven Street! By Elizabe'-h 
Garry, pseud, of Elizabeth Deri-Davis. 60 
p. e Elizabeth Derl-Oavis; 25Feb76: 


Becoming an American. By Sharon 
Elizabeth Doyle. 1 v. C Sharon Elizabeth 
Doyle; 26Feb76; DD97880. 


Long Tom Jefferson. By Richard Duprey, 
m Manford Abrahamson. 1 v. NM: dramatic 
adaptation, lyrics £ music. C Conso- 
lidated Productions, Inc.; 20Feb76; 


Jack and the beanstalk. Ey Donald 
Kersey. 1 v. NB: dramatic adaptation, 
lyrics £ music. O Consolidated Pro- 
ductions, Inc.; 20Peb76; 0097882. 


Robinson Crusoe. By Donald Kersey. i 
v. NM: dramatic adaptation, lyrics E 
music. C Consolidated Productions, Inc.; 
20Feb76; DU9788 3. 

00 97 8 81. 

Plnccchio; a musical play for children. 
By Donald Kersey. 1 v. NB: dramatic 
adaptation, lyrics £ music. e Conso- 
lidated Productions, Inc.; 20Feb76; 


Ben Franklin. By Richard Duprey, m Ker 
Ford. 1 V. NB: dramatic adaptatior, 
lyrics £ music. Consolidated Pro- 
ductions, Inc.: 20Feb76: 0097885. 


Robin Hood. By Donald Kersey, a Manford 
Abrahamson. 1 v. NM: dramatic adap- 
tation, lyrics £ music. € Consolidated 
Productions, Inc.; 20Feb76: 0097886. 


llama land blues. By William Thomas 
Ballard. Sneets (151 p.) C Will Ballard 
(William Thomas Ballard): 9Feb76; 


The Pile; a conglomeration. By Futy 
Streak, pseud, of Mary Heller Wender. ?0 
p. C Mary Heller Wender (Ruby Streak) ; 
27Feb76; 0097888. 


Second coming; a musical play in 'wo 
acts. Book E lyrics by Sunja Svensen 
Akerman, lyrics £ m Marc Bucci. 1 v. 
e Sunja Akerman E Marc Bucci; 26Feb76; 


let's wave 'he flag once more; a musical 
play in three acts. By Girard D. Paolin' . 

1 v. e Girard D. Paolini: 23Feb76; 


Circle of savaoe splendour. By louis 
Capson. 109 p. e Louis Capson; 21Feb76; 


Rortense said: "No skin off my ass!" 
Adaptation by Norman Richard Shapiro of 
Rortense a dit : "Je m'en fous! ", by 
Georges Feydeau. 56 p. NM: EngliE>- 
version. 6 Norman Richard Shapiro; 
10Feb76; 0097892. 

00 97 893. 

The Test; a play in *hree acts. By Joar. 
Kufrin. 77 p. e Joan Kufrin; 20Fet7e; 


What did I ever see in you? A comedy. 

Ey Richard T. Povill. 101 p. C Richard 
T. Povill; 20Feb76; 0097891. 


Hexagon; an uneuclidian farce in '■hre'^ 
acts. By Eva Coss. 6 v. C Benn Clav 
International, Inc.; 20Feb76; 0097895. 


The Dreamer. By lewis C. Thorne £ 
Douglas E. Stone. 1 v. Includes music. 
e Lewis C. Thorne £ Douglas E. Stone; 
20Feb76: 0097896. 


Of guns and roses; an original play. By 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recor(J pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DU97897 (con.) DD97915. Andre Ernotte 6 Elliot Tiber. 66 p. 

Steven Charles Posner. 70 p. e Steven whither the weather; an audience e Andre Ernotte & Elliot Titer; 2ilFeb76; 

Charles Posner: 20Feb76; DU97897. participation play. By Alma Bowden e. DU97932. 

Kathryn Shapinsky. 8 p. C Kathryn 

DU97898. Shapinsky S Alma Bowden; 23Feb76; DCI97933. 

Patrick Henry: a play in thirty-six DU97915. The Practical aspects of makina a 

scenes. By Patton Lockwood. U5 p. President; an historical drama in one 5ct. 

e patton Lockwocd; 20Feb76; D097898. DU97916. By Stanley E. Disney. 35 p. C Stanley '. 

Ice cream; motion picture shooting Disney: 2UFeb76; DU97933. 
DU97899. script. By Diane Coulter Thomas. 17 p. 

Another conin': a play in three acts. a Diane c. Thomas; 23Feb76: DU97916. 0097930. 

By Ponald Williams. Sheets (112 p.) ""he Corridc 

5 Eor.aia Williams: 20Feb76; DD97899. CU97917. C Diane Kagar 

larry, Harry, and Gary: a play in one 

DD97900. act. By dark Alan Bringelson. 13 p. DU9793S. 

Kah, rah, r-ipoff. By Rebecca C. C Hark Bringelson; 23Feb76; DU9791"'. lust; a comedy in three acts. By S'eVEn 

Hegenvald. 1 v. C Eebecca Hegenwald; Somkin. 101 p. 6 Steven Somkin; 

20Feb76; D097900. DII97918. 25Fet76; DU97935. 

Marsupials in action; a comedy. By 

DU97901. Leonard Price. 1 12 p. 6 Leonard Price; DU97936. 

Eights croESirg. By Eichard Seltzer. 23Feb76: DU979ie. Skin deep; a black/uhite fantasy in 

U5 p. © lichard Seltzer; 20Feb76; ♦hree acts. By Eddie lucas Parton. 29 p. 

DU97901. DU97919. 6 Fddie Lucas Parton; 25Feb76: DU97q36. 

The Hai*ina place; a one-act play. Py 

DU97Q02. Dale Engle. 59 p. 6 Dale Engle; Dn9''937. 

The Horror of 1580; an original 23Feb76; D097919. The Patriots; a musical in -wo acts. 

screenplay. By Patrik Carlok £ Blake Book 6 lyrics by Richard A. Lane, r. Kilo 

Andersen. 61 p. 6 Patrik Carlok; DU97920. Kenerdez. 2 v. Based on 'he story by 

'0Feb76- DU97902. A little justice. By E. Scherrer Robert Munford. NB: adaptation, revisio-s 

Clarke. 50 p. 6 E. Scherrer Clarke: 6 additions. 8 Eichard A. Lane 8 Nilo 

DU97903. 23Feb76; D097920. Benendez; 25Feb76; D097937. 

Chameleons. Py Pa'rick J. Nolan. 169 

p. G Patrick J. Nolan; 20Feb76; Dn97921. BIJ9-'938. 

DU97903. Jake and Jill; a one-act play. By American express. By Alfred J. Dumais. 

Raymond Baurin. 17 p. Raymond Baurin; 93 p. e Alfred J. Dumais; 25Fob76: 

DD9790U. 23Feb76: D097921. DH97938. 

Mrs. Burray and the general; a play in 

three acts C an epilogue. By Barior DU97922. DIJ97939. 

Spurges Burton. 70 p. t Barion Sturges The Spirit is upon us. By Raymond A Father to his son; a one act play. Pv 

Burton- 20Feb76: DU9790H. Baurin. 18 p. t Baymond Baurin: Louis LaBusso, 2na. 17 p. e Louis 

23Feb76; DU97922. LaFusso, 2nd; 25Feb76: 0097939. 


Equals; a play in three acts. By Joel 
Gross. Sheets (80 p.) S Joel Gross; 
25Feb76: DU979H0. 


Behind the scenes. Bv Alfred J. Dumais. 
9t p. C Alfred J. Dumais; 25Feb76; 

Tune in tomorrow; a new soap opera. 0B97925. 0097912. 

Book E lyrics by Sarah Barie Schlesinger, He touched me. By Joseph S. Andrews 6 Under the banyan tree; teleplay. By Bea 

m Bichael Edward Dansicker. 2 v. 6 Sarah Wilma Jean Andrews. 33 p. a Joseph S. Barrett (Bea Barrett-Davis) 8 p. 6 Bea 

Barie Schlesinger E Bichael Edward Andrews 6 Wilma Jean Andrews: 23Feb76; Barrett; 25Feb76; 0U97912. 

Dansicker; 20Feb76: DD97907. 0097925. 

DU97908. 0097926. Widow on trial. By Alfred J. Dumais. 

Gladys: an original evening. Written by Waitina for Goodoil; a parody in <: wo 106 p. 6 Alfred J. Dumais; 25F6b76: 

Sarah Biles. 69 p. P Sarah Biles; acts. By Joel P. Bevan. Sheets (60 p.) 0097913. 

20Feb76: DD97908. Appl. aut Donald H. Stotts. § Joel P. 

Bevan; 23Feb76; D097926. P09790U. 
D097909. The Gold mine. The Ferry boat. The Old 

Xanthippe. By Helen Obrikat. 90 p. 0097927. church. Radio dramas. 3 v. (The 

e Helen Obrikat; 23Fet;76; D097909. Power clause; a play in one act. By Starlight wanderer, episodes no. 1-6) 

Bella Shafran. 7 p. C Betta Shafran; Appl. au : Starr West Jones. © Starr West 

D097910. 23Feb76; D097927. Jones; 25Feb76; D09"'911. 

Fear again. By Bvran Marie Emrick. 
Sheets (56 p.) (Starsky and Hutch) 0U97928. 0097915. 

C nyran Barie Emrick; 23Eeb76; 0097910. Nightborn; a two act tragedy. By Kent George Washington couldn't have slept 

Gordon Hamilton. Shee*:s. C Kent Gordon here; comedy-drama. By Starr West Jones E. 
0097911. Hamilton; 23Feb76; DU97928. Bradie C. Betheny, incidental m 8 lyrics 

The Legend of Harriet Tubman; a musical by Paul Jones. 1 v. Consists of lyr-cs 

in two acts. By Lillian Barr. Sheets (27 D097929. for 3 songs only. Prev. reg. 16Jul75, 

p.) Book S act 1 only. Lillian Earr; Close to home; a study of the child D095320. NB: lyrics for 3 songs. C S':arr 

23Feb76; DU97911. abuse problem. By Charles E. Beachley, Wes» Jones 5 Bradie C. Betheny: 25Feb7f; 

3rd. 21 p. © Charles E. Beachley, 3rd; 009"'915. 

D097912. 23Feb76; 0097929. 

The Solitary soldier. By Jacob Chakko. 0097916. 

1 V. C Jacob Chakko; 23Feb76: DD97912. D097930. Discovery. Pt . 2. By Joseph Blden 

Penelope; a play in three acts. By Feiman S Neal Lawrence Turen. 71 p. P'. 

DU97913. Sophy Burnham. Sheets (130 p.) © Sophy 1 prev. reg. 10Nov75, D096722. C Joseph 

what price ooodness? By Dorothy Biller. Burnham; 21Feb76; 0U97930. Alden Feiman E Neal Lawrence Turen; 

Sheets (31 p.)' Appl. states prev. reg. 25Feb76; D097916. 

Oct. 1960 (i.e. 3NOV60) NB: revision. 0097931. 

e Dorothy Biller; 23Feb76: DD97913. If you do good, cover your tracks: a DU97917. 

comedy in three acts. By Benson Soffer. The Lady called Ca la mi ty--*he true story 

0097911. 93 p. C Benson Soffer; 21Feb76; of Calamity Jane; screenplay. By Douglas 

The Josephine Baker story; screenplay. DD97931. Sandoval. Sheets (127 p.) Prev. reg. 

By Euaene Lerner. 262 n. 6 Eugene (Gene) 2UJun5, D095126 NB: editorial revisio-s 

Lerner S Henry Kaufman (Bank Kaufman): D097932. £ additional text. 6 Douglas Sandoval; 

23Feb76: 0097911. Eosie et moi ; scenario de film. Par 25Feb76; 0097917. 

Two for the show. 

Written by Stevan 


Robb Clements. 1 v. 

e Steve Clements; 

Languaae. By David Starkweather. 

20Feb76; DU97905. 

p. C David Starkweather: 23Eeb76; 


The Greatest man oi 

1 Earth. By Van 


Coleman. 2nd draft. 

1 v. e Val Ccleman 

; Progressions: a screenplay. By 

20Feb76; 0097906. 

Georgelle Ourcan. 91 p. 6 Georgelli 
Durcan; 23Feb76; 0097921. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information abotit any additional records that may exist. 

D0979>ie - 1)097992 


JAN. - JUN. 19''e 


The Last gig; screenplay. By Vander 
Cecil. 125 p. O Tander Cecil; 25Feb76; 


The Red wheelbarrov; a satirical farce 
in one act (of incredulity) By Karl 
Bottjer. sheets (HO p.) C Karl Bottjer; 
25Feb76: D0979U9. 


The Open window; a modern dilemma. By 
Steven nicStephen, pseud, of Steven B. 
Nesbit 6 nichael S. Gelehrter. 31 p- 

Steven a. Nesbit 5 Bichael S. Gelehrter; 
25Feb76; D1197950. 


A Musical homage to ants and other 
symbiotic creatures. Written 6 directed 
by Emilio Cruz. 17 p. Book only- 
C Emilio Cruz; 25Feb76; DD97951. 


Sing "Helanci.oly baby!" A comedy in one 
act. By Steven SoBkin. 8 p. C Steven 
Somkin; 257eb76: DD97952. 


The Sorcerer's apprentice; a musical 
play in two acts. Book £ lyrics by Scott 
Chelmow. Sheets (52 p.) Book 6 lyrics 
only. N!! : dramatization, additional teit 
6 original lyrics, e Scott Chelmow; 
lBar76: D097953. 


Befter. w 6 m Bernard Carlton Willis. 

1 V. Prev. reg. 1976. NB : additions. 
Bernard Carlton Willis; 13Feb76; 


Bey Jamie! A musical for television. 
By Gerald Newman E Louis Schere. 7« p. 
Book e lyrics only, e Topol Productions, 
Inc.; 2Bar76; 0097955. 


Tess; a screenplay. Britten by Kathryn 
Ann Blecha. Sheets. From the novel, Tess 
of the D'Orbervilles, by Thomas Hardy. 
NB : dramatization, additions 5 revisions, 
e Kathryn Ann Blecha: i4Bar75; DD97956. 


By life so far; a chamber theatre 
script. By Kathryn Ann Blecha. Sheets 
(29 p.) e Kathryn Ann Blecha; 26Nov75; 


W. E. B. Dubois: a voice within the 
veil; a theatrical adaptation. By Johnny 
L. Green. 52 p. NB : dramatization, 
addi+-ions & revisions- C Johnny L. Green; 
10Feb76: 0097953. 


Eagle's war and the Buffalo. Written by 
Ourango Kid Lane, pseud, of Durango Kid- 
31 p. e Durango Kid Lane; 30Jan76; 


Life in the funeral business. By 
Vincent Graziano. 25 p. (A Grave 
situation, 1) C Vincert Graziano; 
5Feb76: 0097960. 


The Gypsies. By Vincent Graziano. 20 
p. (A Grave situation, 2) O Vincent 
Graziano; 1Bar76; D097961. 


The Day Bister and Brs. Ralph Bic>-aelson 
ran away from home. By Jack Zeoan. 89 p. 
Jack Zeian; 26Feb76; 0097962. 

screenplay for an animated film. By Bark 
Dittrick £ Joseph Landsman. 178 p. C New 
Bedia Software, Inc.; 26Feb76; D097963. 


The Insane; a play. By W. Brian Falk. 
29 p. C W. Brian Falk; 26Feb76; 


Saving grace; a new comedy. By Jack 
Sharkeyl 1 v. C Jack Sharkey; 26Feb76; 


Katie. By Harry Hodces Harrison, Jr. 

1214 p. C Harry Hodges Harrison, Jr.; 

26Feb76; 0097966. 


If it don't eat ants; a potential 
screenplay. By David Kenneth Fernandes 6 
Stephen Titus Kimble. sheets (91 p.) 
e David Kenneth Fernandes 6 Stephen Titus 
Kimble; 26Feb76; D097967. 


Bidniqht hours; a one-act play. Ey 
Kevin Hynes. 32 p. C Kevin Hynes; 
26Feb76; 0097968. 


Spasms; a three act play. By William 
Finnegan. Sheets (118 p.) William 
Finnegan; 26Feb76; 0097969. 


Stoop; a play in three acts. By Dee Ann 
Gillies. «9 p. e Dee Ann Gillies; 
26Feb76; 0097970. 

D097971 . 

Barshmellow pies in huckleberry skies. 
By Clifford Edward Genson. Sheets (51 p.) 
Prev. reg. 2UNov75, 0096908. NB: music. 
e Clifford Edward Genson; 17Feb76; 


Bisty of Chincoteague. sheets (30 p.) 
Based on the book by Marguerite Henry. 
NB: dramatization. 6 Newbery Award 
Records, Inc.; 9Dec75; 0097972. 


The Black pearl. Sheets (27 p.) Based 
on the book by Scott O'Oell. NB: 
dramatization. 6 Newbery Award Records, 
Inc.; 9Dec75; D097973. 


The Bain King's daughter. As Hai low 
kept house- Ah Bee's invention. High as 
Han Hsin. « v. Add. ti : The Rain King's 
daughter and other tales from Shen of the 
sea. Based on Shen of the Sea, by Arthur 
Bowie Chrisman. NB : dramatization. 
S Newbery Award records. Inc.; 9Dec75: 


B. C. Higgins the Great. 611 p. in 
folder. Eased on the book by Virginia 
Hamilton. NB: dramatization. C Newbery 
Award Records, Inc.; 9Dec75; 0097975- 


I, Juan De Pareja. Sheets {31 p.) 
Based or the book by Elizabeth Borton De 
Trevino. NB: dramatization. C Newbery 
Award Records, Inc.; 90ec75; 0097976. 


The Loner. 2 v. Based on the book by 
Ester Weir. NB: dramatization. Newbery 
Award Records, Inc.; 9Dec75; D097977. 


The Perilous road- Sheets (36 p-) 
Based on the book by William 0. Steele. 
NB: dramatization. 9 Newbery Award 
Records, Inc.; 9Dec75; D097978. 


The King's fifth. Sheets (3U p.) Rased 
on the book by Scott O'Dell. NB : 
dramatization. C Newbery Award Records, 
Inc. ; 9Cec75; 0097979. 


The Family under the bridge. Sheets (38 
p.) Based on the book by Natalie Savage 
Carlson. NB: dramatization. Newbery 
Award Records, Inc.: 9rec75; 0097980. 


The Opstairs room. Sheets (30 p.) 
Based on the book by Johanna Peiss. NB: 
dramatization. C Newbery Award Records, 
Inc.; 9rec75; 0097981. 


Will the meeting please come to order! 
Written by Barjorie J. Wahler. 6 p. ir 
folder. e Barjorie J. Wahler; 17Feb76; 


Sunday morning at the Allen's; a one act 
play. By Babel Eartholyn Jacobs. 11 p. 
in folder. Babel E. Jacobs; 1Bar76; 


Ali and his gang versus Bister Too*h 
Decay- Ey Esther Taylor-Evans. 15 p. 
C Esther Taylor-Evans; 20Feb76: D0979814. 


Chateaubriand a la mode; a musical play 
for beginning French students. By Bary 
Lou Anderson, Bary Hardman C Fan Brown. 1 
V. Adapted from the story. The Emperor's 
clothes, by Hans Christian Andersen. Nf : 
translation 6 dramatization. C Fan Brovr , 
Bary Lou Anderson E Mary Hardman d-b-a. 
Dramadaries Onlimited; i4Bar76; 009798?. 


Taco el guapo; a musical play for 
beginning Spanish students- Ey Bary ! oJ 
Anderson, Bary Hardman E Fan Brown. 
Sheets- Based on the story. The Emperor's 
clo+hes, by Hans Christian Andersen. NH : 
translation 5 dramatization. C Fan Erovr , 
Bary lou Anderson £ Bary Hardman d.b.a. 
Dramadaries Onlimited; I4!<ar76; 0097986. 


America hooray! A musical play based o'- 

American history. By Bary lou Anderson, 

Bary Hardman E Fan Brown. Sheets. C Far 
Brown, Bary Lou Andersen E Bary Hardman 

a.b.a. Dramadaries Onllml*-ed: UBar76; 


Bollo the leopard: an endangered species 
fable: a musical play- Ey Bary lou 
Anderson, Bary Hardman C Far Brown. 
Sheets. Based on ':he book. The Eollc 
caper, by Art Buchwald. NB: drama* 1- 
zation- © Fan Brown, Bary Lou Anderson E 
Barv Hardman d-b.a. Dramadaries Onlimited; 
UBar76; 0097988. 

0097 989- 

The Sons; a play. By Roxanne L. Bcre: 1 . 
25 p- C Roianne L. McNeil; 27Feb76; 


Sister Hope and Ero'-her Love; a drama i- 
two acts. By Mary D. Whitehead. Sheets 
(50 p.) Includes music. C Barv P. 
Whitehead; 27Feb76; D097990. 


Earth game. By Albert Sahley Ellas E 
Jerry Alden. 91 p. C Albert Sahley 
Ellas; 27Feb76; 0097991- 


Nioaerilla- Coal Black and the seven 
midaets and 'he jolly black oian*. Two 
black black, fairy falrv tales. By Robert 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

DogTSSS - DO980«3 


DU97992 (COP 1 e Raymond Perkins (Aries) ; 1Har76; By Imre Sarkadi, translated ty Clara 

- - DU98009. Gyorgyey 6 Tony Connor. 151 p. NM : 

translation. C Clara Gyorgyey 6 Tony 

DI1980 10. Connor; 1nar76; DU98026. 
DU9799'< By George! By Gilbert Louis Paige. 18 

Niqht'before the buryin'. By Linda p. ©Gilbert Louis Paige; lNar76; DD98027. 

Cous<n=. 16 p. e Linda Cousins; DtJ98010. Tben, now; an original Bicentennial 

27Feb76; DU97993. Pl**?- ^V "e"'^? Meredith Geddy, 2r.d. 1 v. 

DU98011. e Henry Meredith Geddy, 2nd; 1Nar76; 

DU9799I*. Second chance. By Leonard L. Per- DU98027. 

Uptown express. By Linda Cousins. 10 Imutter. 1 v. C Leonard 1. Per Imutt er; 

p. C Linda Cousins: 27Feb76: DU9799U. lNar76; 0096011. D098028. 

'^ Venaeance three; original screenplay. 

DU97995 D098012. By Karry Daley. 1 v. e Harry Daley: 

Karma. By L^cda Cousins. 11 p. Dauntless. By Bob Caupbell 6 Tim A. 1Bar76; D09802e. 
Linda'cousins; 27Feb7e; D097995. Janes. Sheets (107 p.) 6 Tim A. Janes C 

Bob Campbell; lnar76; D098012. DO98029. 

D097996. Sister Pete is having a hard time; a or- 

«h<^n stars are fire. By Kathryn Jo Anne DU98013. nan play in one act. Written by Merry Lee 

D-ixo" 1 V C Kathryn Jo Anne Dixon: Heals on wheels; a short play. By Roger Marvel a.k.a. Alvanico DeJulian. Sheets 

'7Feb76- Dn°7996. N. Cornish. 15 p. 6 Foaer N. Cornish; (22 p.) 6 Henry Lee Marvel a.k.a. 

lHar76; D098013. Alvanico DeJulian; 1Mar76; DD9802=i. 

Pele's gift. By Karen Irene Stiff. 37 D09801«. D098030. 

p. e Karen Irene Stiff; 27Feb76; Punning away from home; a short play. The Great sock mystery; a play for 

0097997 By Roger N. Cornish. 16 p. 6 Roger N. children. By Kenneth Joe ittinson. 16 p. 

Cornish; lMar76; 0098011. C Kenneth Attinson; lMar76; C098030. 

Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment; a DU98015. D098O31. 

musical play in two acts. Book, lyrics 6 Autumn drive; a short play. By Roger N. This land, my land; a patriotic pagean'. 

m Jonathan D. Rosen, lyrics 6 m William Cornish. 11 p. 6 Roger N. Cornish; By Ernest M. Hubbert. 2 v. Includes 

Berno E Barbara Mastro. Sheets (11 p.) 1Har76: DU98015. music. C Ernest M. Hubbert; 1Mar76; 

Book 6 Ivrics onlv. 6 Jonathan D. Rosen, 0098031. 
William Berne 6 Barbara Mastro; 27Feb76; D0980ie. 

3U97998 Magnificent superguy; an original D098032. 

screenplay. By Michael F. Jones. 73 p. Man running; an original screenplay. Ey 

D09799Q e Michael F. Jones; 1Mar76; DD98016. Edward Pouierantz S Robert M. Young. 11"^ 

A Hotel of wintry old kings; a play P- e Edward Pomerantz S Robert M. Youno; 

presented in three acts. By Cynthia Ann DH98017. lMar76: DD98032. 
Hernandez. 102 p. e Cvnthia Hernandez: Benyovsky. 20 p. Appl. au: Gerhard 

^7Feb76- 0097909. ' Ramrath. 6 Gerhard Pamrath; 1Kar76: D098033. 

0098017. m love again; original screenplay. Ey 

0098000. '^'^^^ Workman. 108 p. 6 Carl Borkman; 
Hubelella and the nomen. By Polly Mann. D098018. 2Har76; 0098033. 

13 p. O Polly Mann; 27Feb76; 0098000. The Mating of eagles; a play based on 

the life story of Heloise S Abelard. By 0098031. 

0098001. Philip M. Evans. Sheets (83 p.) (The The Compleat female. Ey Sandra Smi + h. 
Black -o black. By Linda 1. Mussman. 1 Lives of Heloise and Abelard, pt. 2) 1 v. C Sandra Smith; 2llar76; D0980'u. 

V. e Linda L. Mussman; 27Feb76; <3 Philip M. Evans; 1Mar76; 0098018. 

D098001. D098035. 

DU98019. Christ spoke Yiddish. By Aviva Ravel. 

BU98002. Nothing withheld; a play in three ac*s. 65 p. 6 Aviva Ravel; 2Mar76; DD98035. 

waitino for Godot to leave; a play in Ey Philip M. Evans. Sheets (92 p.) (The 

one act.' By Dan Boentsch. 18 p. S Dan lives of Heloise and Abelard, pt. 1) 0098036. 

Roen'sch 6 Bruce Ki rkpa'rlck ; 9Eeb76; 8 Philip M. Evans; lMar76; D098019. Mama of the year; a play ?.n four acts. 

D098002 B^ Edward Honesty Adams. 13 p. C Edward 

D098020. Honesty Adams; 2Mar76: D098036. 
OU98003. Confessions of a female disorder. By 

The Eagle; five-minute radio serial. Susan Miller. Sheets. Susan Miller; 0098037. 

Episode no. 1. By Michael Herbert Kars. 1Mar76; 0098020. Every mother's sen. Ey Paul P. 

5 p. e Michael Herbert Kars; 1Bar76: Zeissler. 1 v. © Paul R. Teissier; 

0098003. DG98021. 2«ar76; 0098037. 

An Onpretertious season. By Kenneth A. 

0098001. Gordon, Jr. 93 p. B Kenneth A. Gordon, D098C38. 

Oxen. By Sheldon Robert Swedarsky. Jr.; 1Bar76; 0098021. The Story of a crime; a suspense drama 

Sheets. e Shel Swedarsky; 1Mar76; in 2 acts. By Joseph C'Anna. 10 p. 

0^93001. 0098022. ^ 6 Joseph D'Anna; 2«ar76: DO98038. 

Have we got news for you! A comedy in 

0098005. one act. By James Patrick Barone 6 Donn 0098039. 

The Mules of Auburn; a savage tale of Edward Pooness. 19 p. 6 Donn E. Eogness Paydirt; a musical play. Ey Kei'-h 

the Gold Rush. 12 p. Appl. au: Gecrge 6 James Patrick Barone: 1Mar76: OD98022. Ensley. 1 v. 8 Keith Ensley: 2Mar76; 

Milton Savage B George Milton Savage, Jr. D098039. 
George liiton Savage 6 George Mil*:on OD98023. 

Savage, Jr.; lMar76; D098005. The Notes of the flute; a play in three 0098010. 

acts. By Julia Belton. 71 p. 6 Julia Segal, Eagle, Medeco, Max; a moiodrama. 

D098006. Belton: lMar76; 0098023. By Edna Madway. 30 p. € Fdna Madway; 

A Man for Sally Ann. 1 v. Includes 2Mar76; DO98010. 
music. Appl. au: Ernest M. Hubbert DU98021. 

(Skeeter Hubbert) Ernest M. Hubbert; Golden age; a musical fantasy in two D098011. 

lnar76; DU98006. acts 6 eleven scenes. Book 6 lyrics by Pantaloon; a farce m time. By Jay 

Tom J. Jaskiewicz, m Diana S. Dorer. 1 v. Philip Hamburger. 17 p. e Jay Philip 

0098007. Prev. rec. 15Hay75, D091523. NM: Hamburger: 2Mar76; DO98011. 

Tribute to a madman; an original revisions E addition of 10 songs. C Tom 

screenplay. By Dan Cohen. 138 p. 6 Dan J. Jaskiewicz; 1Mar76; OD9802U. DO98012. 

Cohen: 1Mar76; 0098007. Hurrah for the fun; a new play m 'uc 

D098025. acts. By Charles Horine. 52 p. 

D098008. Blackwater swamp: a two-act comedy. By a Charles Horine; 2Mar76; CD98012. 

whirlwind. By Marv Ellen Jaoqers. 129 Dorcas Elizabeth Bradford Lloyd. Sheets 

p. e Mary Jaggers; 'l«ar76; 0098008. (81 p.) 6 Dorcas Elizabeth Bradford D098013. 

Lloyd: 1Mar76; 0098025. The Price of admission; a drama m 'wo 

DU98009. acts. By Dennis Lee Grigar. 59 p. 6 D. 

For those who wander. Written by 0098026. L. Grigar; 3Mar76; DD98013. 
Raymond Perkins. 17 p. in folder. Simon the stylite; play in three acts. 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DD980UU. adaptation 6 additiotiE. C Joyce H. D098075. 

The Fires of God; a two act play. By Barthelson; 25Feb76: DD9B060. Bill o" the wisp. Bv Joseph norton C 

uilliaio ?. Daly. 109 p. C Williau F. Tare Beyer, pseud, of Joan Heyers 51 p. 

Daly; 3nar76; Da930Ui. DD98061. C Tare neyer 6 Joe Horton; 21Jan76: 

Can IRA help you? Recording script. 01)98075. 
DU980U5. Bev. July 1, 1975. 22 p. (Individual 

Roving Spanish gypsies; a musical retirement account, variable version) DU9eo77. 

comedy. By uilliat J. Haltrich. T" p. C Elba Systems Corporation: 12Jan76; uynken, Blynken and Nod. Ey Helton 

Book only. C William J. Haltrich: D098061. Smith, lyrics 6 u Evelyn Byckoff Hancock, 

3nar76; 0098015. lyrics by Helton Sulth. 1 v. Prev. rea. 

0098C62. NH: dramatization 6 additiors. C Belted 

Hhen you retire, how will you live? Smith 6 Evelyn Byckoff Hancock: 10Har76: 
Recording script. Rev. July 1, 1975. 18 D098077. 
p. (Individual retirement account, 

variable version) C Elba Systems 0098078. 

Corporation: 12Jan76: D098062. Peter Patalan; a farce in verse. By 


The Bunkers" vi 
Patrick. 62 p. 
3nar76: 0098016. 

C Li! 


ssa K 


a nar 

Laurie Ji 

of '76: 

ent elene 
ames. i; 

i p. 

y sch 
C La 




Arthur E. Bilmort. 12 p. Adap-ed fr 

0096063. the medieval French, Farce de Haistre 

Retire to comfort.; recording script. Pierre Pathelin- NK : adaptation. 
15 p. (Individual retirement account, C Arthur R. Hilmurt; 11Har76: 0098078. 
life insurance) Elba Systems Cor- 
poration: 12Jan76: D098063. 0098079. 
0098018. Fight honorable saint; a musical based 

Son of Big Pond. By Jackson Ellictt DD98061. on the life of Karl G. Maeser. Book £ 

Dube, Jr. 33 p. C Jackson Elliott Oube, How IRA car, help your business; lyrics by Keith (laurice Engar, m Robert 

Jr. (Jed Oube): 1Nar76: D098018. recording script. Rev. Hay 8, 1975. 21 Curdick. 1 v. Book 6 lyrics only. Pre 

p. (Individual retirement account, life reg. 10Aua73, 0087861. NM : additions C 

D098019. insurance) e Elba Systems Corporation; rev. dialogue. 6 Keith n. Encar; 

Transylvanian gothlc ; a play in two 12Jan76: D098061. 10n<>r76; 0096079. 
acts. By Vincent Viaggio. 1 v. 

Vincent viaggio; 0l!ar76; 0098019. DO98065. 0098080. 

Sackcloth: a screenplay. By Rita M. Here 

0098050. Gurtler. 85 p. 6 Rita K. Gurtler; 135 p. 

Donald and the prophet. By Jordan 9Har76; 0098065. 

Richard Young. 30 p. 9 Jordan Bichard 0098081. 

Young; 111ar76: 0098050. 0U9B066. Sandra; a musical comedy. Book E lyric? 

Super vision; a teleplay. By TVTV, Inc. by Oavid S. Lifson, lyrics S m Ann K.' 

0U98051. 177 p. Appl. au: Michael Shamberg, Harold Lipson. 1 v. Based on a short story by 

Jack. By Bruce Verner. 56 p. e Eruce Ramis, William Halker, Hudson Marquez S Georoe P. Elliott. Prev. pub. 1953. vr : 

Herner; 1nar76: D098051. Frank Cavestany. e TVTV, Inc.; 2Har76; adaptation. O Oavid S. Llfscn C Ann K. 

DD96066. Lipson; lnar76; 0098081. 

The Dope war; a screenplay. By Joseph 0098067. 0098082. 

Lizardi. 126 p. C Joseph Lizardi; The Thirteen Colonies adopt the The Hammer and psychel; a comedy in 3 

lnar76: 0098052. Declaration of Independence; reading acts. By Federov Norotny, pseud, of A. 

theatre. Ey Lucile Calvert Fallen. 19 p. Bacy Eosh. 106 p. € A. B. Bush; 

0098053. (Ten episodes of the American Revolution) 150ec75; 0098082. 

The Heavenly doctors; an original C Lucile Calvert Fallen; 17Feb76; 

screenplay. By Dayton Allen. Ill p. 0096067. 0098083. 

C Dayton Allen; lnar76; DO98053. The Dgly duckling. Ey Donald Kersey. '' 

0098068. V. Includes music. NH: dramatic 

Summer sabbath; a play. By Larry adaptation, lyrics £ music. Conso- 

Swarsen. 1 v. C Larry Swansen; 9Har76; lidated Productions, Inc.; 11Feb76; 

0098068. 0096083. 

0098069. 0098081. 

D098055. Gemini house; motion picture script, Christmas carol. By Donald Kersey. i 

Bip Van Hinkle. Adapted by Joshua L. feature length. By Carol Greer Bonsavage. v. Includes music. NB: draBa*ic 

Logan from Hashington Irving £ other 196 p. e Carol Greer Bonsavage; 19Jan76; adaptation, lyrics S music. C Conso- 

sources. 1 v. NB : adaptation, dra- 0098069. llda'ed Productions, Inc.; 11Feb76; 

matization £ additions.' 6 Joshua L. OU98081. 
Logan; 81ar76; D096055. D098070. 

Jigsaw. Concept £ lyrics by Jean OU980S5. 

DO98056. Reavey, concept 6 continuity by Bertram Tom Thumb in Toy land. By Donald Kersey. 

Shedding foreskin. 12 p. Appl. au : Ross, concept E m John Wallowitch. 1 v. 1 v. Includes music. NM: dramatic 

Jane K. Sparks £ Minta Bajc. C Jane K. 6 Sky Hitch Music Publishing Company, John adaptation, lyrics E music. 6 Conso- 

Sparks £ Binta Hajc; 25Feb76; D098056. Ballowitch, sole owner; 9Feb76: 0098070. lidated Productions, Inc.: 11Feb76: 

0098057. 0098071. 

In His steps. Adapted by Elizabeth Hall Old rivoli; an original musical play. 0098086. 

a.k.a. Bettye Knapp. 63 p. From the By Linda fi. Samet. Sheets. Frev. reg. as The J500 million switch; a screenplay, 

novel by Charles B. Sheldon. NB: Fred Stone for real, 21Dec73, 0089081. By Alliert Goldman. 168 p. Adapted from a 

dramatization. 6 Bettye Knapp; 3Bar76: NB: revisions £ additions. Linda H. story by Antonio Bangiamelli. O Joseph 

0098057. Samet; 29Jan76; 0098071. Canale £ Eugene E. Sive, Jr.; 1Bar76; 

D098058. DD98072. 

The Bomen in his life. By Lawrence Set of entries; a Joke in three parts. D098087. 

OuKore. 99 p. Lawrence DuKore; Sheets (35 p.) Appl. au: Dorothy Louise. Pit fight. Britten by Henry C. Guerra. 

3Bar76; 0098058. C Dorothy Louise; 9Feb76; 0098072. Sheets (5 p.) in folder. e Henry C. 

Guerra; 8Bar76: 0098087. 
D098059. 0098073. 

The Empire builder, Carl Graham Fisher. Emperor's new clothes. By Donald 0098088. 

By Arline Bryant Bomeyer. Sheets (96 p.) Kersey. 1 v. in folder. Includes music. Sun through a bird's wina. By Dotty 

Arline Bryant Bomeyer; 3Bar76: NB: dramatic adaptation, lyrics B music. Sunflake, pseud, of Dorothy H. Cash. 28 

0098059. C Consolidated Productions, Inc.; p. C Dorothy M. Cash; 20Fet76; 0098088. 

11Feb76: 0098073. 

0098060. 0098089. 

The Devil's disciple; an opera in 2 0098071. I'm going to be. 9 p. Appl. au: Susa- 
acts, 3 scenes. Adapted by Joyce Bizard of Oz. By Donald Kersey. 1 v. DePillis 6 Susan OePillis; 1Mar7f; 
Barthelson. 3 v. Prom the play by George Includes music. NM: dramatic adaptation, 0098089. 
Bernard Shaw. Prev. reg. 3Bay06; prev. lyrics £ music. Consolidated Pro- 
pub. 3Jun06. NB: musical setting, ductions. Inc.; 11Feb76; 0098071. 0098090. 

Brooklyn Babylon. 71 p. Appl. au: Pen 

00 980 51 


e Co\ 






= Y 




p. e 




^e Oi 




These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any acJditional records that may exist. 


DU98090 (con.) CU98108. D119H125. 

I- Patterson S Robert Sartana. e Ren All but the kitchen sink; a play in one Tbe Hong Kona conspiracy; film script. 

Patterson S Robert Santana; 3(lar76; act. By Barya Argetsinger Smith. 28 p. Bv Patrick B. Nee. m3 p. e Patrick H. 

DU98090. C narya Argetsinger Smith; 5Har76; Nee; 8(tar76; D098125. 


D'J98091. DU9fl126. 

Michael earlier: a play. By John B. nu9ei09. The Chief; an oriainal screenplay. Bv 

Crabtrea. 1 ». Prev. reg. 6Sep7il, The Grea* Hall of China. By Ben Donald Patrick w. Nee. 101 p. t PaTick H. Ne=; 

D091796. NB: completely rewritten for the Hillis. Sheets. 6 Ben Billis; Bnar76; enar76; D098126. 
staae. C Johr. Crabtree; 23Jan76: DU98109. 

CU98091. Dn9R127. 

DU98nO. Jaires Hamilton; an original screenplay. 

DD98093. Orange blossom time. By Hary Frances By Carole Ann Sinner. Sheets (118 p.) 

Sweet darkness; a play in three acts. McKee Jenney. Sheets. Includes music. C Carole Ann Winner; 8nar76; DU98127. 
By Alan Howard, pseud, of Alan Howard e Bary Frances HcKee Jenney; 8l1ar7f; 

Snyder. 1 v. Partially based upon the DU98110. D098128. 

book, I never saw another butterfly. Two in a garden. By Albin Sadar. 28 p. 

Prev. pub. 196U. Nfl: dramatization. CD98111. C Slbin Sadar; 8nar76; 0098128. 
•5 Alan Howard; 27Eeb76; DU98093. East Side flat; a comedy in three acts. 

By Fobert Sternin. 104 p. e Robert 01198129. 

0U9809U. Sternin; 8«ar76; DU98111. Piaf; a musical play. By Deborah 

The Negers are landing. By Ronald Benedict, pseud, of Benedict Freedman, 

Collier 6 Robert Gavlord Hendrickson. 130 0098112. Nancy Freedman £ Deborah Freedman. 31 d. 

p. e Robert Gaylord Hendrickson: S«ar76; Haintenance; a play in two acts. By 6 Benedict Freedman, Nancy Freedman E 

DO980914. Brad Michael Schoenfeld. 36 p. 6 Brad Deborah Freedman; 8nar76; 0D98129. 

Michael Schoenfeld; 9Har76; 0098112. 

DU98095. 0098130. 

Murray's: a musical re-view. Written by 0098113. what will we do about Barry? A two act 

David Rieger B Robert Eeisel with Paperback books. By Mary Steelsmi+h 6 play. Britten by Barbara R.'johns. 28 p. 

additional m Robert Beisel in colla- Rick Harris. 33 p. C Mary Steelsmith e e Barbara R. Johns; 8nar76; C098130. 
boration with David Rieger. 20 p. Book 6 Rick Harris; 8Mar76; 0098113. 

lyrics only. e Pober": Beisel 5 David 0098171. 

Rieger; 23Feb76; 0098095. DU9B11K. Confetti; a play. By Anthony M. Ku>-n. 

Ghost of the spirit; a play. By Fos'er, 1 v. e Anthony M. Kuhn; 8!1ar76; 

D098096. pseud, of J. Foster Fudge, 6 James P. 0098131. 

The Water-witch. By Arden Druce. 53 p. Sullivan, with original w 6 m Skip Kurtz. 

iS Arden Druce; 19Feb76; 0098096. 23 p. 6 J. Foster Fudge B James P. 0098132. 

Sullivan; 9Mar76; 0098111. Independence Day; or, Feodora's ravel. 

009809^. A comedy in 2 acts for 10 players. By 

It's Wilde; a musical review based on 0098115. Wal'er E. Wilson. 85 p. e Walter E. 

the life E the writings of Oscar Wilde. Dear Jeanette, do you remember when? A Wilson; 8Bar76; D098132. 
Book E lyrics by Burton Wolfe, m David three-act play. By John Nicholas Marino. 

Bobrowitz. 1 v. 6 David Bobrowitz E 1 v. B John Nicholas Marino; 8Mar76; 0098133. 

Burton Wolfe; 5Mar76; DU98097. 0098115. Turn of a decade. The Wake. Caesarea' 

operations, and others- By William Inge. 

D098098. DU98116. 10 v. (Plays of William Inge) 6 Helene 

Twenty-four days before Christmas. And the crier rang the bell; a play. By I. Connell, executrix of the Estate of 

Written by Charles Quince Fields. 12 p. John B. Crabtree. 67 p. 6 John Crabtree; William Inqe; 16Mar76; 0098133. 
e Charles (Chuck) Quince Fields; 23Feb76: 8Mar76: 0098116. 

0098098. D098131. 

0098117. Alice through 'he lookina alass. Book E 

0098099. Bingo! By Rose Tomson. 51 p. 6 Rose lyrics adapted from Lewis Carroll, pseud.. 
Fool's mate. By Helen Jean Burn. 55 p. Tomson; 8nar76; D098117. by Seymour Reiter, m Lor Crane. 51 p. 

e Helen Jean Burn; 5Mar76; 0098099. Prev. reg. 28Feb75, D093703. NM : 

D098118. additions 6 revisions. 6 Seymour Pei'er ' 

0098100. Lights! By Gloria Gonzalez. 15 p. Lor Crane; 9Mar76; 0098131. 
Hysterically straight; skits 3 E i. By e Gloria Gonzalez; 8«ar76; D098118. 

Douglas Oerek Boome, pseud, of Douglas D098135. 

Roome Empringham. 1 v. e Douglas Roome DD98119. Freedom's roots. By Edward R. Sala. 

Empringham; 5Bar76; P098100. Cornbury: the Queen's governor; a new sheets (16 p.) e Edward R. Sala; 9Mar76: 

play with music. By William M. Hoffman £ D09P135. 
D098101. Anthony Holland, pseud, of James G. 

We, the people; a symphonic drama for Holland. 1 v. Book £ lyrics only. 0098136. 

Maryland's Bicentennial. By Paul Green. e William M. Hoffman £ Anthony Holland; laundry; a filmscript. Ey Michael 

Sheets (116 p.) Book £ lyrics only. 8Mar76; D098119. Ackerman. Sheets (55 p.) C Michael 

e Paul Green; 5Mar76: OU98101. Ackerman; 9Mar76; 0098136. 


D098102. The Pip-off; a script. By Thomas W. 0098137. 

Toast and jelly; a comedy in thres acts. O'Neil. Sheets (51 p.) Thomas w. The Process; a play. By Edward Hetzger. 

By Philip James Barry. 1 v. P Philip O'Neil; 8Mar76; D098120. 81 p. 6 Edward Metzaer; 10«ar76; 

James Barry: 5Mar76: DD98102. 0098137. 


0098103. D.F.O. contact: an original screenplay. EU98138. 

All about town. By Peter Muller. 101 Ey Stewart M. Adlowitz. Sheets (11 p.) An Empty cup; screenplay. Ey Clyde 

p. e Peter duller; 5Har76: DD981C3. 6 Stewart H. Adlowitz; 8Mar76; 0098121. Talmage. 137 p. Clyde Talmaae; 

10Mar76; 0098138. 

0098101. 0098122. 

Born loser. By Loren Disney. 30 p. Grassroots prairie fire. By Keith J. DU98139. 

e Loren Disney; 5Mar76; OD98101. Ludden. 37 p. e Keith J. Ludden; Searching for love: a screenplay. By 

8Mar76; 0098122. Harold Naiderman. 1 v. e Harold 

D098105. Naiderman; 10Mar76; DD98139. 

The Saturday night af':ernoon wild bunch. D098123. 

By Lorna Sadler. 22 p. © Lorna Sadler: Getting dead; an original screenplay. D098110. 

5!1ar76; DU98105. By Andrew Robert Hayman B Bradley Kent Alternative life styles: a three-aC 

Studstrup (B. L. Studstrup) 39 p. A. play. By Bernard Zavidowsky. 80 p. 

D098106. R. wayman 6 E. L. Studstrup; 8«ar76; e Bernard Zavidowsky: 10Mar76; DO98110. 

The Game. Bv Birger Kaurin. 126 p. D098123. 

a Birger Kaurin: 5Mar76: 0098106. D09H111. 

0098121. Corbin Hollow. By Bil VornDick E chuck 

DogBIC. Phantom's dance; a play in one act. By Mitchell. 1 v. Includes music. C E: 1 

Captain Ensley's dilemma; a play in 3 Edward Kinchley Evans. 20 p. 6 Edward VornDick 6 Chuck Mitchell; 10Mar76; 

acts. By Peter DiLeo. 96 p. C Fe'er Kinchley Evans; BMar76: 0098121. 0098 111. 
DiLeo; 5Mar76: 0098107. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete c:opyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
rk. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DU981I42 - D098192 


JAN. - JON. 


We always need a pharmacist. w C m John 
n. Hilsher. 39 p. C John B. Hilsher; 
10Har76; DD98m2. 


Manchine; a play In tuo acts. By 
ailliaii F. Wolff 6 Valeria R. Wolff. 90 
p. C William F. Wolff S Valeria R. Wolff; 
10aar76: DD981U3. 


Lollipop; a musical comedy. Book, 
lyrics S i Robert Oliphant. 1 v. 
Robert Oliphant; 10nar76; DU981uit. 


Jigsaw; a musical play. Lyrics E 
sketches by Jean Peavey, m John Wal- 
lowitch. 1 V. e Jean Reavey 6 John 
Wallowitch; 10nar76: DD98115. 

009814 6. 

Memphis is gone; a 3-act play wit>^ 
music. By Richard Hobson. 2 v. 
Richard Hobson; 10nar76; DD981iie. 


Off the top. By Marc Saul Jampole. 46 
p. e Marc Saul Jampole; 10Mar76; 


Noah Jones shows the way. By Crispin 
Larangeira. 66 p. C Crispin laranaeira; 
10Mar76; 0098148. 


Swimmer; screenplay. By Pamela 
Hollyoak. 134 p. 6 Pamela Hollyoak; 
16Mar76; 0098149. 


Ms- Cain; being a dramatic interp- 
retation of contemporary revolt. By 
Nicholas 3. Bouff. 143 p. Prev. reg. 
17NOV75, DD96809. NB : additions E 
revisions, e Nicholas 3. Rouff; 5Mar76; 


1/3 of a million; a film script. By Ben 
Rosenthal. 81 p. e Ben Rosenthal; 
17Mar76; D098151. 


That night at Bethlehem; a cantata. By 
A. 0. Clements. 9 p. Book 6 lyrics only. 
e Mary Clements Neal (Mrs. Paul B.) ; 
15Mar76; DD98152. 


Time machine. By Sarah E. Peters. 7 p. 
Sarah E. Peters; 26Feb76; 0098153. 


11776 quiz show. Ey Sarah E. Peters. 6 
p. e Sarah E. Peters; 26Feb76; 0098154. 

OU 98155. 

Joey and Anna. The Talking house. The 
School bus, and others. By Emmet p. 
O'Byrne. 49 p. (All witches are 
beautiful) C Emmet P. O'Byrne; 9feb76; 


Jangle Jew. By Marc C. sheffler. 2nd 
draft. 146 p. Appl. au; N. Lee Lacy. 
C Marc C. sheffler S N. Lee Lacy; 
12Feb76; DD98156. 


When knights were fun; a musical fairy 
tale. By George Patterson. 65 p. Book 8 
lyrics only. C George Patterson; 
15Mar76; 0098157. 


Comes a time. By Crispin larangeira. 
91 p. C Crispin Larangeira; 2Bar76; 


Good news; a religious folk musical in 
two acts. By Oonna S. Schultz. 73 p. 
C Donna Schultz; llMar76; DU98159. 


The Judy show. Happy to be me. By 
Susan strand Noad, 1 v. (Two feminist 
plays) P Susan s. :.oad; 11Mar76; 


The Dream machine. By Edward fl. Braun. 
67 p. Prev. reg. 22Dec75, DU97230. NM: 
revisions £ additions. Edward H. Braun; 
11Mar76; DD98161. 


Crisis in the clouds; or. The Flight for 
a fortune. By Janice Jean Jackson E John 
Douglas Jackson. 1 v. e Janice Jear. 
Jackson 6 John Douglas Jackson; 1lnar76; 


The Improbability of rescue; a comedy in 
two acts. By George K. Clark. 59 p. 
C George K. Clark; 1111ar76; 0098163. 


Staying. By Joseph Feinstein. 75 p. 
e Joe Feinstein; 11Mar76; D098164. 


The Tenderness of you. By Sandy 
Macebuh. Sheets (23 p.) C Sandy Macebuh; 
11Mar76; D09B165. 


If summer were sprirg (damn! damn! 
damn!) A comedy drama.' By Michael c. 
Fusco. 1 V. C Michael C. Fusco; 
11Mar76; 0098166. 


Captain Jack and the : ce moon. By John 
Patrick Day. 24 p. C Patrick Day; 
llnar76; DD98167. 


What an awful day it was. By Jack E. 
Kaplan. 109 p. 6 Jack E. Kaplan; 
11«ar76; D098168. 


Young America; a play in three acts. By 

Mary Anne Haskin. 27 p. f ^ary Anne 

Raskin; nMar76; DU98169. 


Face it, the conceptual death of human 
face; a play. 3 p. Appl. au : Patrick 
Neil Brady. 8 Patrick Neil Brady: 
11Mar76; 0098170. 

0098171 . 

The Kiss; an original screenplay. By 
Edward Pomerantz E Adam Holender. in7 p. 
e Edward Pomerantz E Adam Holender; 
11«ar7e; 0098171. 


Brothers; a play. By Jerome Collamore. 
1 v. e Jerome Collamore; 11Mar76; 


Second blooming ; a play in two acts. By 

Jerome Collamore. 1 v. C Jerome 
Collamore; 11Mar76; 0098173. 


The Psychology of success. By Judl*h 
Zivanovic. 16 p. e Judith Zivanovic; 
11Mar76; D098174. 


Solomon Grant returns to Earth. By 
Eligah Boykin, Jr. Sheets (76 p.) 
C Eligah Boykin, Jr.; 1111ar76; 0098175. 

tpnnial mystery. By Carla Blank (Carla 
Blank Raed) £ Suzushi Hanayagi. 21 p. 
Add. ti : Doke, C Carla Blank £ Suzushi 
Hanayagi; 16Mar76; 0098176. 


Mark Twain and Livy; their lives in nin= 
scenes. By Charles A. Pulaski. 1 v. 
C Charles A. Pulaski; I5liar76; 0098177. 

00 98178. 

Prepare ye the way. Ey Steven lee Frv. 
Sheets. C Steven Lee Fry; 15Bar76; 
O^v 178. 


Le President; an original screenplay. 
By !• iymond Buddy Ochoa. 123 p. Englis!- f 
French. C Buddy Ochoa; 3Mar76; 00981''9. 


Something black: eternal drum and riv?r 
of wax; a documentary play in two acts. 
By Joyce Carol Thomas. 41 p. e Joyce 
Carol Thomas; nMar76: D098180. 


Sorcerer's apprentice. Ey Donald 
Kersey, m Ken Ford. 16 p. NM: adap- 
tations, lyrics E music. C Consolida*ed 
Productions, Inc.; 27Jan76; 0098181. 


Annie Oakley. By Donald Kersey. 21 p. 

Includes music. NM: dramatic adapta*iors, 

lyrics S music. 6 Consolidated Pro- 

duc<-ions. Inc.; 27Jan76; D098182. 


The Dancing princesses. By Mark Legend. 

1 v. e Mark Legend; 16Mar76; DU98183. 


From *he cotton'leld to the tabernacle. 
By Arthur C Ross. 18 p. ei Arthur C. 
Ross; 15Mar76; 0098184. 


Ballad and broads, bastards and hooze. 
By Duane Clinton LaBaumEard. 7 v. 
e Duane Clinton LaBaumBard; 25Feb7f;; 

0098 186. 

Dreamstuff; the musical Tempest. Book 
by Howard Ashman, lyrics by Dennis Green, 
m Marsha Malamet. 65 p. From Shakes- 
peare's plav; book fi lyrics only. 6 on 
book only; 'Howard Ashman: 27Feb76; 


Sangre en Neuva York; screenplay. re 
Edwin Marcial. 39 p. Appl. au: n.v.s. 
Film Corporation, employer for hire. 
e M.V.S. Film Corporation: 16Mar76: 


Pi*e of passaae; an oriainal play. Ev 
James Pendleton^ Sheets in folder. 
e James Eendle'on; 18nar76; 0098188. 


Cinderella. By Donald Kersey. 1 v. 
Includes music, 'nm: dramatic adaptatior, 
lyrics 6 music. C consolidated Pro- 
ductions, Inc.; 11Feb76: D098189. 


Breaking in; a play. Ey Steven 
Sunshine. 1 v. C Steven Sunshine; 
4Mar76; D098190. 


Sir, sex and shuf f leboard; a musical. 
Book, lyrics £ m Arlene Willis a.k.a. 
Holly Huston E Holly Hudson. 1 v. 
C Holly Hudson a.k.a. Holly Huston £ 
Arlene Willis; 13Mar76; DU98191. 


The Tory's story; an original children's 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DU98192 (cor.) DII98209. D098225. 

musical. Play S lyrics by Merle Barsh, m The Meter beggar; a monologue. By Joel Kid story: a play in one act. By Eler.a 

Cheryl Doyle. U3 p. C Merle Marsh 6 S. Hitkin. 30 p. C Joel S. Uitkin; Diane Miller. n p. « Elena Diane 

Cheryl Doyle; 2Har76; DU9el92. 12Mar76; DU98209. Miller; 15nar76; DU98225. 

DU98193. 0U98i10. DU98226. 

Life and tioes; a comedy collage in two The Parking meter; a one act comedy. By Thank you. Mister Presiden*; a film. Bv 

acts. By James Pavitsch 6 Frank Paladino. Joel S. Hitkin. 11 p. e Joel s. Sitkin: Hank Bradford 6 Eric Cchen. 2na draft. 

91 p. C James Fawitsch S Frank Paladino; 12Mar76; DD98210. 131 p. 6 Hank Bradford 6 Eric Cohen; 

17nar76; 0098193. 15Mar76: D098226. 


DU9819U. Just desserts; a one act comedy. By DU98227. 

La Birra e norta w la tirra! 181 p. Joel S. Witkin. 12 p. 8 Joel S. Hitkin; Micro sunset; a play in three acts. Bv 

Appl. au: Nazarer.o Natale. C Nazareno 12Mar76; D098211. Lowell Robert Gomsrud. 112 p. C loweli ' 

Natale; 12Mar76; 0098191. Fobert Gomsrud; 15Har76; CD98227. 


0098195. Take your protest to Gillespie Street; a 0098228. 

The Cain trespass; a play in three acts. play in two acts. By Fdward Joseph Attachments. By fimirh Bahati. 2nd 

By Eugene Victor Armao. Sheets (12£ p.) CeBuvitz. Sheets. 9 Edward Joseph draft. 87 p. e Amirh Baha*i; 15Mar76; 

e Eugene Victor Armao; 15Mar76; 0098193. DeBuvitz; 15Mar76: D098212. D098228. 

0098196. 0098213. 0098229. 

The Rubber gun show. written by Stephen The Evolution of our Fevolution; a Fogdancers; a play in one act. By Erik 

Lack S Lewis Furey, pseud, of Lewis one-act musical comedy. By Thomas 1. Visser. 55 p. e Erik Visser; 15Har76; 

Greenblatt. 1 v. a Lewis Furey E Stephen Rice. 1 v. Includes music. Prev. reg. 0098229. 
Lack; 12Mar76; 0098196. as Independence, 17Nov75, E0630761; The 

Common man, 5Dec75, ED63H917. NM: 0098230. 

0098197. dramatization 5 6 additional songs. Flights. By Susan C. Hunter. 1 v. 
Legend; or. She went that way. A 6 Thomas Rice; 15Mar76; P098213. Includes music. e Susan C. Hunter; 

romance. Bv Samuel Taylor. 1 v. 15Mar76: 0098230. 
e Samuel Taylor; 12Bar76; D098197. DD98214. 

Children can be free; a musical play. 0098231. 

DD98198. Book, lyrics 6 m Patsy Maharam. Sheets. Tots in Tinseltown. lyrics by Mark 

Trials in Tombrock; or. An Honest reward 6 Patsy Maharam; 15Mar76; 009821U. o'Donnell, m Ronald Melrose. 67 p. S 

beats an ill-gotten aimmick. By Janice L. multiple volumes. 6 Mark O'Donnell E 

Riddle. Sheets. C Janice L. Riddle; D098215. Fonald Melrose; 15Mar76; C098231. 
12l"ar76; 0098198. Barney Miller; teleplay. By Flora 

Abramson, Alan Egle, pseud, of Alan 0098232. 

D098199. Paualns, 6 Sidney H. Beltzer. 37 p. Weekend with Feathers. By Romeo E. 

Crack: a moral fable in at least -wo 6 Flora Abramson, Alan Paualns 6 Sidney H. Buller, Jr. 1 v. 6 Romeo F. Huller, Jr.; 

pieces. By Crispin Larangeira. 122 p. Meltzer; 15Mar76; DU98215. 15Mar76: 0098232. 
Includes music. 6 Crispin Larangeira; 

12Mar76; D098199. D098216. D09R233. 

Clinton. By Shauneille Perry Ryder. 63 Ain't that dandy. By Sammie Timothy 

D09S200. p. Ci Shauneille Perry Fyder; 15Mar76: Fobinson. 13 p. S Sammie Timothy 

Just spokes. By Gary Youngman 6 Barbara D098216. Robinson; 15Mar76; 0098233. 
Brenner. U 1 p. 9 Gary Youngman Cojpany, 

Inc.; 12.1ar76; D098200. 0098217. 009823U. 

Luigi Pirandello's Henry nth; a new Onder Paradise Park; a play in -wo ac^s, 

0098201. translation. By David J. Calicchio. 77 eigh+een scenes. By Theodore Jacob Gross. 

Time's eulooy; a one-act play. Compiled p. in folder. NM: translation. C David 6 Theodore Jacob Gross; 15Mar76; 

6 written by Christine D'Aquila. Sheets. J. Calicchio; 15Mar76; D098217. DU9823H. 
e Christine D'Aquila; 12nar76; D098201. 

D098218. 0098235. 

DU98202. Luigi Pirandello's Six characters in Claws; an original screenplay. By 

Strike a match; a musical play in two search of an author; a new translation. Pober- B. Snyder S Philip H. Snyder, Jr. 

acts. By Phillip H. Lowey. 1 v. C Phil By Oavid J. Calicchio. 63 p. in folder. 38 p. Philip B. Snyder, Jr. 6 Fobert f. 

Lowey; 12Mar76; D098202. NB: translation. 6 David J. Calicchio: Snyder; 16Bar7e; 0096235. 

15Bar76: D098218. 

0098203. D098236. 

Top of the world. By Dorcas Elizabeth D09e219. Tom Sawyer abroad. 1 v. After Mark 

Bradford Lloyd. Sheets (76 p.) Q Dorcas Hey elephant, remember me? A comedy in Twain, pseud. Appl. au ; Larry Eidom 

Elizabeth Bradford Lloyd; 12Mar76; two acts. By David J. Calicchio. 100 p. Bartin. 6 Larry Eidom Bartin; 16Bar76; 

0098203. in folder. C David J. Calicchio; 0098236. 

15Bar76: 0098219. 

0098201. 0n98237. 

Oh, brother; a comedy in three acts. By 0098220. And the pursuit of happiness; a play -n 

Raymond E. Oerouin. 1 v. BR. E. The Peto opera. Libretto by David J. two acts. By James J. Sheridan. 80 p. 

Derouin: 12Bar76; D098201. Calicchio. 32 p. in folder. Book f. C James J. Sheridan; 16Bar76: P098237. 

lyrics only. 6 David J. Calicchio; 

0098205. 15Bar76; 0098220. D098238. 

The Square root of two; or, Kabbits race Fiver Island corn; orioinal screenplay, 

and run. A three act play. By Hazel L. 0098221. By Bark Brian Dearmon C Thomas W. Brigqs, 

Crawley. 1 v. e Hazel L. Crawley: The Way the cookie crumbles. By Neil Jr. 62 p. 6 Bark Brian Dearmon S Thomas 

12Bar76; 00 = 8205. Harris. Sheets (113 p.) t Neil Harris; V. Brians, Jr.; 16«ar76: 0098238. 

15nar76; D098221. 

0098206. 009P239. 

Two left shoes; an original play in 0098222. A' Giddy Fortune's, 

three acts. By Hazel L. Crawley. 1 v. Peter Pan; a new musical adaptation of 127 p. C Robert McHaf' 

e Hazel 1. Crawley: 12Mar76; 0098206. the J. r. Barrie play. Script, score 6 0098239. 

lyrics by Barbara Schaap. 1 v. NM : 

D098207. adaptation & musical score. § Barbara D09S210. 

Waiting: a musical play in two acts. By Schaap: 15Mar76: D098222. Children of the skies; a play in 'wo 

Richard Currier E Jim Piazza. 1 v. acts. By Leslie Austin. 66 p. Includes 

Richard Currier 6 Jim Piazza; 12Bar76; DD98223. music. Prev. reg. 27Hay75, 0090597. N«: 

D098207. Senor Wences. By Leo Trombetta £ edi+orial revisions 6 additions. C Lesli= 

Raymond Buffingtcn. 3 p. C Leo Trombetta Austin: 16Mar76: O0982i"O. 
0098208. B Pay Buffington; 15Mar76; DD98223. 

The Awful, awful search for the esirprus 0098211. 

seitrap: a radio play. By James C. Buess 0098221. The Night gamblers; a play. By Foy F. 

S Thomas J. Zimmerman. 8 p. C James C. Our bag of tricks for '76; puppet Patmalnee. Sheets (71 p.) e Eoy F. 

Buess E Thomas J. Zimmerman; 12Mar76; musical. By Pegg H. Callahan. 1 v. Patmalnee; 16Mar76; C0982U1. 
0098208. e Pegg B. Callahan: 15Bar76: 0098221. 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recor(J pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any adcJitional records that may exist. 


jUN. ^s^'^• 

DU 98 214 2. 

Elisabe'ta il Castillo di Kenilworth. 
By G. Dor.izetti, translated by Thomas G. 
Kaufnan. 26 p. English. Nd: tran- 
slation. C Kaufoan Research, Inc.; 
16nar76: ^98212. 


Propulsus; a play. By Beaumont 
Braestle. 105 p. C Beaumont Bruestle; 
16Har76; DU982U3. 


Che, Tania and Eutemio. Act 2. By 
Chester leo Smith. 30 p. C Chester Leo 
Smith: 15Jan76; 00982141. 


Give my love to the kid. Flight cf the 
pappagallo. The Bella macaroni. A 
trilogy. Acts 1-3. Britten by Louis A. 
Coppola. 76 p. (The stray) C Louis A. 
Coppola; 22Har76: D0982I45. 


The Fuh King thing; a musical. By 
Stephen Friedland. 53 p. Book e lyrics 
only. Stephen Friedland; 25nar76; 


Kingdom; a new play. Ey Ali Wadud, 
pseud, of Walter nitchell. uu p. prev. 
reg. Apr. 197a. NM: revision 6 additions. 
C Ali Badud; 10nar76; DU982147. 


Thank you, Hister Henry; a play. Ey 
Bill Dvyer. 1 v. N«: compilation, 
revision & additions. C Bill Dwyer: 
I2nar76: 0098218. 


Betsy FOSE and the red, white and blue; 
an entertainment. w S m John Jeffrey 
Oavis. 39 p. e John Jeffrey Davis; 
25l1ar76; DD98209. 


Anton Chekhov's The Duel; a three act 

play adapted from a story. By Eva nekler 

6 Michael Schulman. 57 p. Includes 
nusic. Prev. pub. 250ct65. VK: 

dramatization 6 additions, e Eva Mekler 6 

nichael Schulman; 9Feb76; DU98250. 


The People of the empire sing their song 
in a binding arc of light. By Crispin 
Larangeira. 118 p. C Crispin Larangeira; 
22Mar76; DD98251. 


Baby death. The Loan. The Ghettc 
gourmet, and others. Ey Sharon Stockard 
Nartin. 1 v. (Baby death, SOS and other 
anxiety pieces for the contemporary 
American stage) C Sharon Stockard Martin; 
22Bar76; D098252. 


Kernan of Baltimore. By Shirley 

Cammack. 1 v. Shirley Cammack; 

30Jan76; D098253. 


Julia; a filmplay. Ey David TciBfidis 6 
Carol Sevan (Carol B. Tcimpidis) 102 p. 
C Carol Bevan 6 David Tcimpidis; 19Nar76; 


C'Bon back to Heavenly House. Bv Ed 
Bullins. 97 p. C Ed Bullins ; 22nar76; 


So proudly ve hail; a black historical 
■usicale honoring the Bicentennial year, 
in 10 scenes 6 many interludes. By Irving 
3. strouse. 16 p. Book 6 lyrics only. 
O Irving S. strouse; 16Bar76; 0096256. 


The Trial of Robert Lewis; an original 
ninety minute play in four acts written 
for television. By loyst Richard 
Streeter. Sheets (71 p.) C Loyst Richard 
Streeter; 30Jan76; 0098257. 


Preposterous Parley P. Book & lyrics by 
Charles Thomas Duncan. Sheets (90 p.) 
C Thomas Duncan; 22!lar76; 0098256. 

00962 59. 

Spap oop; a drama in one act. By 
Phyllis R. Bilkins. 1 p. Phyllis R. 
Bilkins; 17I1ar76; 0096259. 


Lead poisoning; a puppet show. By Clara 
Cupo 6 Oawn r. Seifert. 3 p. 6 Clara 
Cupo 6 Oawn D. Seifert; 17Mar76; 

DD98261 . 

Who is Enoch Crosby? By Bill C. Davis. 
27 p. e Bill C. Davis; nnar76; 
0098261 . 


The Jungle bust. By Halter Kent, pseud, 
of Halter Springer. n p. 6 Halter 
Springer, whose pseud, is Halter Kent; 
17nar76; 0098262. 


The Afternoon of a Pearl Street faun; a 
romantic idyl of the lower East Side 
written for television. By Alder Jenkins. 
79 p. e Alder Jenkins; 17nar76; 


Seppuku. By Bruce Hidemi Sakow. 26 p. 
Prev. reg. 150ct75, 0096811. NM : revision 
6 additions. 6 Bruce Hidemi Sakow; 
17nar76; 0098261. 


And a cup of coffee. By David Oavis. 
Sheets (20 p.) C David Oavis; 17Har76; 


And they danced by the light of the 
moon: a comedy in two ac*s- By Ronald 
William Armstrong £ «arion Albert Pierce. 
59 p. C Ronald liilliam Armstrong 5 narion 
Albert Pierce; 17Har76; 0098266. 


Penny candy; a play. By Laurence 
Elaine. 71 p. e Laurence Blaine; 
17Har76; D098267. 

00962 68. 

The Blindman's special; a play, Ey 
Thomas J. Camp, 3rd. 90 p. C Thomas J. 
Camp, 3rd; 19Jan76; D098268. 


All's bad that ends bad: a tale of a him 
and a her. By David J. Postle. 19 p. 
David J. Postle; 17«ar76; D098269. 


Abigail. 1 v. Includes music. Appl. 
au: Nancy L. Oonley S Jacqueline F. 
Sutton. e Nancy L. Donley £ Jacqueline F. 
Sutton; 17nar76; 0098270. 


Art and Thack. By Bruce Jankowitz. 29 

p. (Good times) B Bruce Jankowitz; 

17Har76; 0098271. 


The Gumball rally. Britten by Leon 
Capetancs. 122 p. Appl. au: Barner 
Brothers, Inc. 6 Barner Brothers, Inc.; 
1Apr76; 0098272. 


A Season in the seraglio: a play. By 


Crickets on a hill. Ey Judy G. Bard. ■■ 
V. Includes music. O Judy G. Bard; 
18nar76; 0098271. 


A r'orsel ; a new play with music. Ey 
Ka-Heen B. Kelley £ Lillian «. Fehm. 2 
V. P sheets. e. Kathleen B. Kelley £ 
Lillian B. Eehm; 18Bar76: D098275. 


lightfoot and »-he Captain: a screenplay. 
By James Ivers O'Ccnnoi. 123 p. r. James 
Ivers 'Connor ; 18Bar76; 0098276. 


No fooling. By Billie James Jones. ^2 
p. e Billie James Jones; 18nar76; 


Fighting; a one-act drama. By Ernest 
Allan Josplovitz. 15 p. e Ernest A. 
Joselovitz; 18Har76; D098278. 


A Time ith Tallulah; a new play. By 
Gerald Dugan, Oonna B. Yahner £ Fobert" 
Perring. 58 p. 6 Donna B. Tahner E 
Gerald Dugan; 18Bar76; 0098279. 


No new high school! An original 
screenplay. By Rainsfcrd J. Binslow. 10i 
p. Prev. reo. a- He don't need a new hioh 
school! (Yes we do), 1973, DD87793; 19T=,' 
0093395. NB ^visions. C Eainsford J. 
Binslow; 18Bar76; 0098280. 


Vote no Tuesday! S New high school? ; •■ 

Bainsford J. Binslow. 1 v. Prev. reg. a- 
Be don't need a new high school! (Yes we 
do), 1973, D087793; 1975, D093395. Nf : 
additions. S Rainsford J. Binslow; 
16nar76; 0098281. 


Jack and the troublesome beanstalks: a 
puppet play. By Sandra lee Hudson. 13 d. 
C Sandra I. Hudson; 19Bar7f; 0098282. 


Foctloose and fancy 3; a ccmedy i" "-re? 
acts. By Bay Errol Fox. 1 v. C Pay 
Errol Fox; 19Bar76; 0098283. 


That Bicentennial play; an original 
play. By Kenneth Edward Hilkie. 1 v. 
C Kenneth Edward Hilkie; 19Bar76: 


Ginoerbread. Book, lyrics 6 m Iill:an 
Alessi. 22 p. £ sheets in folder. Eased 
on Hansel and Gretel. Prev. reg. 5Jun75, 
213181. NB: additions. 6 Lilian Alessi: 
19nar76: 0098265. 


Do not write on the desks! The trial of 
Peagan Chambers, teacher. Ey Kim Fici-ara 
Burningham. 68 p. Kim Fichard 
Burnlngham; 19Bar7f: 0098286. 


His glory: a contemporary oratorio. 
Lyrics by Bax Pauli £ Steven Holpert , m 
Kei-h Sammut £ Steven Bolpert. 11 p. -' n 
folder. e Stven (sic) Holpert, Keith 
Sammut £ Bax Pauli; 19Bar76; D098287. 


The Emergence of a nation: a school 
play. By Karl B. Hardy. 1 p. C Karl B. 
Hardy; 19Bar76; D098288. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(J(Jitional records that may exist. 


DU98289. CU98305. Fanland. 25 p. © lavrence C. Fagland; 

(lankind and company; a play uith lusic. We have walked in the morning; a one man 22nar76; DU9e319. 
By Thomas Stephen Hischak, m Francis J. play in one act. Britten by Henry Lee 

nahon, Jr. 2 v. C Thomas Stephen Hischak narvel a.k.a. Alvanico deJulian. 16 p. DU9a320. 

6 Francis J. Mahon, Jr.; 19nar76: € Henry lee Marvel a.k.a. Alvanico The Trial of ---he Templars; a mystery i r 

DU962fl9. deJulian; 29nar76; DD98305. four acts. Sheets (52 p.) Appl. au: 

Donald Joey HcDermott. e Donald Joey 

0398290. DU98306. McDermott; 22Bar''6; rD98320. 

Picking up the pieces; a comedy in. three Savonarola; a play in three acts. Ey 

acts. ey ravid J. Calicchio. U v. Gordon Albert Holt. 63 p. e Gordon DU98321. 

<3 David J. calicchio; 19Har76; DU98290. Albert Holt; 29(1ar76; D098306. The Pie card. By Burt darnik, pseud, o" 

Stanley Heinstein. Rev. version, Feb. 

0098291. 0098307. 1976. 1 v. S Stanley Weinstein, Part 
Fain on my parade; a play in three acts. Dracula. By Geoffrey Hitch, pseud, of narnik, pseud.; 22Har7fi; Dn98321. 

By F. Niche Johnson, pseud, of F. nichael Gary C. Kitch. Sheets (60 p.) Adapted 

Johnson. Sheets (121 p.) 6 F. Michael from the novel by Bram Stoker. NH: 0098322. 

Johnson (F. Hiche Johnson); 19nar76; dramatization. C Geoffrey Hitch; The Caseworker; a play. By George D. 

D098291. 2Snar76; 0U98307. Whi'mcre. 97 p. C George 0. Whitmor=; 

22Mar76; D098322. 

0098292. D098308. 

A Loaf of love, a juo of hope, and you. Phoenix rising; a fable. By Greoory 0098323. 

By Kathleen L. Koepferl Sheets (17 p.) Uilliam Steckler. Sheets (93 p.) Justice? A play in two ac*s. By B-ran 

e Ka*hy Koepfer; 19l1ar76; DU98292. 6 Gregory Billiam Steckler; 15nar76; Elfentein. 51 p. C Hiram Flfenbein; 

0098308. 22Bar76; D098323. 

One of UE is missinj; a play in three D098309. 00983211. 

acts. By Honica Hitni. 75 p. nonica Don't give me that; a play in two The Prodigal son. By Robert Back 

Bitni; 19nar76; DU98293. unnatural acts. By Joseph Parente. 37 p. Borris. 95 p. 6 Robert Back Borris; 

Includes music. 6 Joseph Paren*e; 22Bar76; 0098321. 
00982911. 29Bar76; 0098309. 

Andante cantabile. Bv Donovan Hamilton. 0098325. 

27 p. English. Donovan Hamilton; D098310. Alexander the Great. Pt.l. By Patrick 

19Ba-76; 0098291*. The Tri-centennial tillies. Born in a W. Nee. 85 p. © Patrick V. Nee; 

war. The Half -deserted cabin, and others. 22Bar76; D098325. 
0098295. A oroup of five plays for Girl Scouts. 

Sentry; an original screenplay. Ey Created by Jean B. Gal S Bartin Gal. 93 D098326. 

Joseph Borrissey. Sheets. Joseph p. (Tri-centennial tillies and four King David. By Joseph Lynn Tilton. ^ 

Borrissey; 19Bar76; DU98295. others) c Bartin Gal 8 Jean M. Gal; p. C Lynn Tilton; 22nar76; DD98326. 

25Nov75; 0098310. 

D098296. D098327. 

I wanna be somebody. By Eddie Abner, 0098311. The Fountain of youth; a play in one 

Jr. Sheets (72 p.) 's Eddie Abner, Jr.; Annie Oakley; a musical play in two ac-. By David J. Fos' le, edi'-ed by 

19Bar76; 0098296. acts. Book e lyrics by Scott Chelmow. Virginia Hall Trannett. 22 p. Add. 'i : ' 

Sheets (59 p.) Book £ lyrics only. NB: Tale of triumph. € David J. Pos'le; 

0098297. dramatization E additions. 6 Scott 22Bar76; D098327. 
Phobia; screenplay. Britten by Robert Chelmow; lBar76; 0098311. 

Elees. 173 p. e Robert Blees; 19Bar76: DD98328. 

D09829''. 0098312. Bastard son; a play. Ey Richard lee 

Sleeping Beauty; a musical play in two Barks. 1 v. C Richard lee Harks; 

DU98298. acts. Book £ lyrics by Scott Chelmow. 22Bar76; 0098328. 

Amistad; ar. original three act play. By Sheets (il7 p.) Book 6 lyrics only. NH: 

Richard H. Bruner. 1 v. Prev. reg. dramatization E additions. 8 Scott DU98329. 

290ct75, 0096569. NM : revision 5 Chelmow; 1«ar76; D098312. The Two Barys. By Barren Kliewer. 1 v. 

additions. O Richard B. Bruner; 15Bar76; 6 Barren Kliewer; 22Bar76; 0098329. 

0098298. 0098313. 

Song of songs. By Steven Lee Fry. 1 v. 0098330. 

D098299. Includes music. Prev. pub. Aug. 197ii. Ever so humble. By Barren Kliewer. 70 

Red Emma; a play about Emma Goldman E NB: musical score E additional dramatic p. Prev. pub. 19110. NB : dramatization. 

Alexander Berkman in two acts. Sheets (75 narration. e Steven lee Fry; 15Bar76; e Barren Kliewer; 22Bar76; DO98330. 
p.) Appl. au : Howard Zinn. S Howard DD98313. 

Zinn; 11Mar76; 0098299. D098331. 

D09831U. The Booth brothers; a play. By Barrer 

0098300. Snow Bhite; a musical adapatation. By Kliewer. 108 p. C Barren Kliewer; 
Fumpelstiltskin. Britten by Robert De Kathleen Ann Olson. Sheets in folder. 22Bar76; D098331. 

Lany 6 Robert Johanson, pseud, of Robert Prev. pub. 1973. NB: additional text E 

H. Johnson. 32 p. Based on Rumpel- musical material. 6 Kathleen Ann Olson; D09B332. 

stiltschen, by The Brothers Grimm 6 Tom 29Bar76; D0983111. Fantasex. By H. Win + ers. 27 p. Appl. 

Tit Tot, an anonymous English tale. au: Ccmmand Cinema Corporation. e Command 

S Robert Johanson E Bobert De lany: 0098315. Cinema Corporation; 23Bar76; 0098332. 

26Bar76; 0098300. One nation under God; a pageant 

explaining how America was born. By DD98333. 

0098301. Francis Joseph Yetter. 115 p. NB : Our best guys didn't show up; a 
Touches on. By Janine Burst. 16 p. dramatization. C Francis J. Yetter; screenplay. By James P. Barkland. Shee's 

a Janine Burst; 15Bar76; 0098301. 23Bar76; 0098315. (69 p.) 6 James P. Barkland; 23!1ar76; 

DD98302. 0098316. 

Pollution; a contemporary musical. By Summertime spectacular. By Hardy 0098334. 

Thomas J. Bard. 8 p. Thomas J. Bard; Haberman. 1 v. Includes music. Paul Three: an unusual love story; an 

25Bar76; D098302. Osborne ard Associates, Inc. ; 22Bar76; original screenplay. Bv Henry Gibson. 

B098316. 112 p. Prev. reg. 28Nov75, 00969U6 £ 

0098303. others. NB: additions 6 revisions. 

The Special rehearsal; a play. By 0098317. S Henry Gibson; 23Bar76; 00983311. 
Billiam J. Reilly. 158 p. C Billiam J. Gulliver's travels; an adaptation. Ey 

Beilly; 15Bar76; D098303. Peter Ustinov. im p. NB: compilation E D098335. 

additions. 6 Palm Productions, Inc.; Police call; a screenplay. By Douglas 

D0983011. 26Bar7e; 0098317. lloyd Bclntosh. 60 p. P Douglas llcyd 

For today a flower; a one act play. HcIn*osh; 23Bar76; 0098335. 
Written by Henry Lee Barvel a.k.a. 0098318. 

Alvanico deJuliar. 1 v. 6 Henry lee Pickled peppers. By Norman Beim. 77 p. 0098336. 

Marvel a.k.a. Alvanico deJulian; 29Bar76; i Norman Beim; 22Bar76; D098318. The Miracle of the cross; melodrama :' n 

0098301. two acts. By Joseph D'Anna. 8 p. 

Enolish version from the Italian, II 

By Lawrence C. Miracolo della croce. Prev. reg. 16Bay60, 

These e.:tries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

DU9e337 - DD98383 


JAN. - JON. 197C 

Joseph D'Anna; 

DU98336 (con.) 
DU51058. fir: tevi: 
23nar7e; D098336. 


nixed singles; synopsis C script for a 
new television series. Written by Joseph 
T. Baslle. 21 p. C Joseph T. Basile S 
JoAnn T. Basile; 23(!ar''6; D098337. 


The Yellow daffodil; a psychodrama 
concerning woaen's rights. By Jeannette 
F. Uarnken. 13 p. C Jeannette F. 
Harnken; 23Bar76; 0098336. 


t from 390; a play. By Eric Edward 

Enerson. 1 v. O Eric Edward Emerson; 

23nar76; rn98339. 


If ponies rode men; a musical drama of 
America's beginning- Script 6 lyrics by 
Rita A- Pierce, musical score by Beverly 
nortensen. 51 p. C Beverly Bortensen 6 
Rita A. Pierce; 18Bar76; DO983U0. 


Friend; an original screenplay. Ey 
Norman Charles, pseud, of Charles N. 
Diggs. 9« p. C Norman Charles; 15Mar76; 


Basque. Act 1. A musical play. Book, 
lyrics 5 m David Schubach. 59 p. Eased 
on Ben Jonson's Volpone; book & lyrics 
only. David Schubach; 1Apr76; 


The Legend of Lillanonah; a play in 
three acts with narration, music 6 ballet. 
By David Humphry Booldridge. 69 p. Book 
only. C David Sooldridge; 31Bar76; 


A Cry in the niaht; a play in three 
acts. By George H. Eckel. Sheets (104 
p.) e George B. Eckel; 24Bar76; 


A Flickering flame; a three act drama. 
By Theodore Joseph Ferrell. 54 p. Based 
on the history of Trinity United Methodist 
Church, 1774-1974, Alexandria, VA. 6 T. 
J. Ferrell: 24Mar76; 0098345. 


The Outside man; an original dramatic 
teleplay. By nichael Lawrence China. 
Sheets (98 p.) e Michael Lawrence Ching; 
24aar76; 0098346. 


O.F.C.; a play. By Grant Carrington 
Thomas F. Bor.teleone. Sheets (103 p.) in 
folder. C Grant Carrington 6 Thomas F. 
Bon'elecne; 24Mar76: D098347. 


New royal secrets; a one act play in two 
scenes. By Steven S. Pither. 48 p. 
Steven S. Pither; 24Ba-76; DD98348. 


For immediate release; a two act play. 
By Lawrence Cavan Sutherland. 2 v. 
C Lawrence c. Sutherland; 24Bar76; 


Hallelujah Sam; a melodrama. By Foger 
Best. 104 p. C Roger Hest; 24Bar76; 


The locksmith; a play. Ey Whitfield 
Cook, 1 V. Based on a prev. drama tizaton 
of The Little locksmith, by Katharine 

Butler Hathaway. Prev. reg. 18Bay59, 
0049041. NB: rev. version. C Whitfield 
Cook; 24Bar76; D098351. 


Davydd and the Tommyknockers. By Sally 
Davis. 28 p. O Sally Davis; 24Mar76; 


Reality. By Charles Pole, Jr. 30 p. 
O Charles Pole, Jr.; 24Bar76; 0098353. 


A Taste of the Big Apple. By Dennis 

Danziger. Sheets (160 p.) Dennis 

Dar.ziger; 24Bar76; D098354. 


Auguste. By George Darga. 86 p. 
C George Darga; 24Bar76;' 0098355. 


One; story & original screenplay. 
Created by Louis Trocciola. 21 p. in 
folder. e Louis Trocciola; 25Mar76; 


Breathing space; an original scieenplay. 
By S. David Scher. 57 p. Appl. au : Jack 
Harpman. e Jack Harpman; 25Mar76; 


The Thursday people; an original 
screenplay. By Lewis Hay Hunter. 109 p. 
C Lewis Bay Hunter; 25Bar76; DU98358. 


The Original buddy; an old-fashioned 
satire. By David A. Washburn, 3rd. 41 p. 
e David A. Washburn, 3rd; 25Bar76; 


Nightmare; or. The Eldest monster. A 
farce. By David A. Washburn, 3rd. 41 p. 
Add. ti: Opening niaht. 6 David A. 
Washburn, 3rd; 25Bar76; DU98360. 


Niobe; a dramatic play. By Bichael 

Borais. Sheets (36 p.) C Bichael Borais; 
25Bar76; 0098361. 


Birthing. By David Norris. 27 p. 
e David Norris; 25Bar76; 0098362. 


Brs. Naugatuck gets down to Earth. By 
Franklyn Pickards, pseud, of Franklyn 
Sickards Dutch. 16 p. (Baude) 
e Franklyn Fickards; 25Bar76; D098363. 


limerickle and other tripe; a play. 
Conceived 6 adapted by Larry Carr, written 
by Larry Carr, Bruce Cornwell 6 The 
Patchwork Players Company. 51 p. C Larry 
Carr E Bruce Cornwell; 25nar76; DD98364. 


The Indecisions of the director will be 
final. Written by William K. Natale. 
Sheets (49 p.) (The Bary Tyler Boore 
show) Add. ti: The Indecisive direc-or. 
e William B. Natale; 26Bar76; 0098365. 


A Play for an actress, five actors and a 
television set. By Riane Tennenhaus 
Eisler. Sheets (26 p.) C Fiane 
Tennenhaus Eisler; 26Bar76; D098366. 


The Unused past of Bax Goralnick; a play 
with music. Book, lyrics 6 m Bax 
RubincHk. 2 v. Prev. reg. 70ct74, 
0092284. NB: additional scenes 6 music 
with lyrics. C Bax Rubinchik; 26Bar76; 



Access. By Faye S. Schwartz. 1 v. 
C Faye S. Schwartz; 26Bar76; 0098368. 


The Housatonic revenge. Story C 
screenplay by Linda Sommers, pseud, of 
neir Zarchi. 62 p. O fleir Zarchi ; 
26Bar76; DU98369. 


Sucipiat; a one act play. Ey Joseph 
David Zubrovich. 46 p. e Jcseph D. 
Zubrovich; 26Bar76; D098370. 


Fed pajamas; original play. By 
Charlotte Backs. 6 p. C Charlotte Backs; 
26Bar76; DU98371. 


64 Jesup Place. By Erenda Dash. Sheets 
(58 p.) e Brenda Dash; 26nar76; 


The Diagnosis; a comedy in two acts. By 
David Hannaford, pseud, of Eavid Hannafcrd 
Mitchell. 102 p. e David Hannaford 
Bitchell; 26Bar76; 0U98373. 


Funeral for a friend. Britten by Karim 
E. Karim 6 Oelores Borales. 1 v. C Karim 
E. Karim E Oelores Borales; 26Bar76; 


Cheap thrills. By Fichard Lee Parker 6 
Thomas William Oowson. 90 p. Prev. reo. 
26Dec73, 0089059. NB: additions. 
C Richard lee Parker; 26Bar76; D0963''5. 


Progressive marriage; a comedy ir th re« 
acts. By Harold Hershel S'ern. 87 p. 
e Hershel Stern: 26Bar76; CD98376. 

D098 377. 

lady Baya and the great spy race; a 
farcical comedy-spoof. Screenplay by Elio 
Romano. 156 p. 6 Elio Romano; 26Bar7e; 


1950. By Steven J. Friedman. 45 p. 
e S. Friedman; 2Apr76: PU98378. 


T am Lucy Terry; an historical fantasy 
for young Americans. By Ed Bullins. 
Sheets (53 p.) in folder, e Ed Eullins; 
30Bar76; DU98379. 


Emperor Norton, an* how! A musical play 
of San Francisco in 1876. w S m Robert B. 
Aird. 125 p. Prev. reg. 31Cec74, 
DD92906. NB: additions 8 revisions. 
e Robert B. Aird; 2Apr76; 0098380. 


The Old mansion: a play ir *-wo acts. Py 

Arthur J. Martin. 15 p. e Arthur J. 

Bartin; 11Bar76; DD98381 . 


The Disappointment; or. The Force cf 
credulity. A new American comic opera cf 
two acts. By Andrew Barton, realized by 
Shirlee Emmons S Leyna Gabriele, orioinal 
B arr. 5 orchestrated by S'anley Sonntao, 
edi*ed 6 revised by Scotia w. BacRae. i 
V. NH: revisions 6 additions. C Stanley 
Sonn*ag, Shirlee Emmons, Leyna Gabriele Z 
scc-ia BacEae; 30Mar76; D098382. 


S':aqolee; a play in two acts. Ey Potort 
E. Tate. 1 v. Based on the short storv. 
Black folk tales, by Julius Lester. NM: 
dramatization, additions 6 revisions. 
C Robert E. Tate; 30Bar76; 0098383. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recorci pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(Jditional records that may exist. 


D09838U. DD981I01. Dn98U17. 

HUBpty Dunip*y, Jui-or. By John C. Public servants; a political comedy in The Blue ruin. Ey Philip Frederick 

Carney. 71 p. 6 John C. Carney; seven scenes. By Hershel Stern, pseud, of Enkiri. 3 v. O Philip r. Enkiri; 

30nar76- 011983814. Harold stern. 77 p. 6 Hershel Stern; 31nar76; DU98U17. 

29Har76; DU98W1. 

DU98385. DD9B1H8. 

Sunday! By Richard S. Mann E Nancy «. D098H02. Special moments; an original screenplay. 

Mann. 115 p. C Rainbow Enterprises, Relativity; a dramatic essay in Written by Paul Gus Carlos. 1il3 p. 

Inc.- lApr76; 0098385. mytholrgy. By Michael Rotter. 1 v. t Paul Gus Carlos; 31nar76; DU98ui8. 

e Hichael H. Rotter; 29nar76; D098U02. 

0098386. D098U19. 

The Funniest man ^n the world; 0098103. "he were those masked men? By Gail 

screenplay. By Robert Thomas Noll. 21 p. Heat; original screenplay. By Jose A. Dreyer. 10 p. C Gail Dreyer; 31«ar76; 

■3 Robert Thomas Noll; 5Apr76; 0098386. R. Navarro. 176 p. C Tony Navarro; DU98U19. 

29Mar76: 0098103. 

0098387. 0098120. 

The Father of secrets; a play in cne DD98101. It's what they think they want; a 

ac*-. By Oladipo Kalejaiye. 37 p. Popkin's progress. By Murray Schisgal. musical play in one act. By Pa'ricia 

Includes music. 6 Oladipo Kalejaiye; 1 v. Prev. reg. as Popkin, 150ct73, Lacey (Patricia Collins) 19 p. 

2Apr76- D0983B7. D088392. NM: additions 6 revisions. 6 Patricia Collins; 31Mar76; DD98U20. 

e Murray Schisqal; 29Mar76; 0098101. 

0098388. ' 0098121. 

sure banker; a play in one act. Ey DD98105. Showdown with Charles Manson; a play- 

Oladipo Kalejaiye. Sheets (53 p.) Hord power; an original screenplay. By Ey Richard Rubacher. 1 v. e Richard 

Includes music. 6 Oladipo Kalejaiye; Blvin Eugene Remetch. 29 p. 6 Alvin Rubacher; 31Mar76; DD98121. 
2Apr76: 0098388. Eugene Remetch; 29nar76; 0098105. 


D098389. 0098106. Cerena's way; TV serial. Created by 

A Homan's life; a play in two acts. By The Chung Wang Tu vase; a comedy of an Gloria Geale f. Eva Irene Linkletter (Eva 

Harvey M. Plotnick. 37 p. 6 Harvey M. unsuspected ghost. By Robert J. Tuite. Irene Linkletter Makagon) 6 v. e Glor' a 

Plotn^ck; 29Mar76; 0098389. 13 p. 6 Pober' J. Tuite; 29Mar76: Geale 6 Eva Irene Linkletter Makagon, 

0098106. whose maiden name is Eva Irene Linklet'er; 

0098390. 3lr'ar76; D098122. 
Benjamin Franklin and the French 0098107. 

all'ance. By lucile Calvert Pallen. 82 Jennifer. 65 p. ippl. au: Richard D098123. 

p. (Ten episodes of the American Power E Spencer Compton. e Richard Power Shibboleth; the other passion play. Ey 

Revolution) 6 Lucile Calvert Pallen: B Spencer Compton; 29Har76; 0098107. Tarquin Dalton, pseud, of James Reginald 

29Mar76- D098390. Dalton. 102 p. e James Reginald Dalton f 

0098108. Alice Dalton; 31«ar76; 0098123. 

0098391. The Virginia patriots on the eve of the 

The Children; a tale of the super- American Revolution. By Lucile Calvert D098121. 

natural. Original screenplay by Bx Pallen. 62 p. in folder. (Ten episodes Roasted revolutionaries; three 

BuT-gess. Sheets (88 p.) C Scotch-Plaid of the American Revolution) 8 Lucile historical skits. By Barbara Grieco. 11 

Productions, Inc.; 29t:ar76; D098391. Calvert Pallen; 29Mar76; 0098108. p. 6 Barbara Griecc; 31Mar76; D098121. 

0098392. 0098109. D098125. 

Apocalypse. 101 p. Appl. au: Linda Honeymoon trail; a musical in two acts. Girl in buckskin: a screenplay. By 

Setlech. e Linda Setlech; 29Kar76: By Eric L. Reiss. 1 v. C Eric L. Reiss; Harvey Handlin £ Dotty Handlin 116 p. 

0098392. 29Mar76; D098109. From a novel by Dorothy Gilman Butters. 

Prev pub. 1956, A217350. NM : dtama- 

0098393. D098110. tization, additions 6 revisions. 

A Celebration of death; a play in two The Metaphysical legend of Saint e Mandlinfilm, Inc. (Harvey 6 Dotty 

acts. By Norman R. Opitz. 18 p. Philodendron; a play in two acts. By Mandlin); 31nar76; D09P125. 
e Norman R. Opitz 6 Joan W. Opitz; Warren Meredith Harris. Sheets, ti Warren 

29Mar76: 0098393. Meredith Harris; 30Mar76: 0098110. D098126. 

It's our time to burn! By Eddie Stner, 

D098391. 0098111. Jr. Sheets (61 p.) t Eddie Abner, Jr.; 

The Picnic? An original one-act play. The Manhattan guardians; a two act play. 31Mar76; 0098126. 
By Dorothea Ida Wolff. 27 p. 6 Dorothea By Anthony Saralegui. 37 p. Prev. reg. 

Ida Wolff; 29l1ar76; 0098391. 15Apr75. NM: revision. ©Anthony 0098127. 

Saralegui; 30Mar76; 0098111. An Evening with Thoreau: mystic of 

0098395. Walden; a one-person stage presentation in 
Desdemona: a replay. By Phyllis Gray. 0098112. three acts with one set. By Mark Finley. 

1 v. IB Phyllis Gray: 29nar76; 0098395. The Fight to choose: a teleplay. By 36 p. NM: dramatization B additions. 

William Poleri. Sheets (57 p.) (Little € Mark Finley: 30Har76; 0098127. 

0098396. house on the prairie) g William Poleri; 

Me'lin battles the -illusion of science. 30Mar76: 0098112. D098128. 

By Alan Gooen. 1 v. e Alan Gooen; Pies, lotsa pies. By richard Grue'- 

29Ma-76: D098396. 0098113. zbach. 6 p. € Richard Grue+zbach; 

The Father of the Revolution: a portrait 29nar76; 0098128. 
D098397. of Samuel Adams. By Edward Joseph Guinan. 

Shade of the pillar. By Ric-Steven 37 p. e Edward Joseph Guinan; 30Mar76: 0098129. 

Gent-y. 15 p. e Fie Gentry: 29Har76: D098113. The Joke is on Jherek. Adapted by 

DD98397. Richard Gruetzbach. Sheets (39 p-) Tom 

0098111. a story. An Alien heat, by Michael 

0098398. Lightning bug: screenplay. By Donald Moorcock. S Richard Gruetzbach; 29Mar''f: 
Fun, friends and fantasies; a children's Harington.' 3rd draft. 115 p. 6 Andrew 0098129. 

play in two acts with music. Script 6 Sugerman 6 William Allen; 30Mar76: 

lyrics by Judith A. Moore, m Kevin 0098111. 0098130. 

Gardner. 32 p. 6 Judith A. Moore; Old people's house. Sheets (151 p.) 

29Mar76; 0098398. ^098115. Appl. au: Cynthia Anne Ehrlich (also Cindy 

Bonahan'E boy: a tale of the Alaskan Ehrlich E McEhrlich) 6 Cynthia Anne 

D098399. gold rush; original story B screenplay. Ehrlich; 8Apr76; 0098130. 

Schwartz's Inferno; a new play. By By Donald Marvin Kraar. 116 p. e Don 

Norman Miller. 107 p. Prev. reo. 3Mar75, Kraar; 31«ar76; 0098115. D098131. 

D091183 B others. NM: additions'B Three rabbits white seek spring brich^; 

revisions. 6 Norman Miller: 29Mar76: DD98116. an Easter play for children. By Christian 

0098399. Lavinia Rose and the Button King; a H. Moe 6 Cameron Willis Garbutt. 1 v. 

danco-drama in four acts. By Lynn Includes music. B Cameron Willis Garbutt 

0098100. Colburn. 31 p. 8 Lynn Colburn; 31Mar76: E christian H. Moe; 150ec75; D098131. 

La's one night at Charlie's; a play in 0098116. 

two acts. By Louis LaFusso, 2nd. i v. 0008132. 

e Louis laRusso, 2nd; 29Mar76; 0098100. The Handyman; a one act play. By 

These entries alone may not reflect die complete Copyright Oflice record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



n; a play in 2 acts with 2 


Book S lyrics by Bobert J. 


C nelvin H. Freedman, m Fo- 


92 p. Bock 6 lyrics only. 

C Fobett 

J. Kornfeld 6 Melvin R. Freedi 





5s; a documentary script. By J< 


Fe. 5U p. C John Lawrence Pe 




Elack t 

■.orizons in America's sunrise. 

Dennis Hayne Deloach. 26 p. e Denri? 

Haynp Deloach; 5ftpr76: ca98U67. 


Democracy. By Henry Jdams, adap-ed f< 


3n by Biriam lennard a.k.a. I"i r: 

Haa?. 86 p. C Miriam Haas a.k.a. Kir'.; 


5Apr76; D098U68. 



3om: original screenplay. By 

Herman Ei 

iucher. Sheets (110 p.) in 


e Heroan Eaucher; 5Apr76; 



Ace; a 

play in two acts. Ey Pose 


88 p. e Fose Tomson; 5Apr76: 



DU98t33 (con.) 0098118. By Richard Cook. 113 p. c Pic>-ard Cook; 

Stephen Bordeniuk. Sheets (50 p.) But mostly because it's raining. By 5Apr76; 0U98U63. 

O Stephen Bordeniuk: 7Apr76: 0098132. David Joseph nauriello. 19 p. O David 

Joseph Bauriello; lApr76; DU98118. DU9816U. 

DU98133. Prince of pirates. By Oavid litwack r 

Bimbos in paradise: theatre for the DU98119. Pichard Victor. 26 p. C David li'wack E 

masses. Sheets. Appl. au: nichael Fascal; a musical play in two acts. By Pichard Victor; 5Apr76; 01198161. 

Golden/B. Prune. C nichael Golden, whose Joan Skyrme £ Larry Fridlinaton. 1 v. 

pseud, is B. Prune; 6Apr76; DU98133. c Joan Skyrme E Larry Fridlington; DU98165. 

1Apr76: DU98119. Snakes; an original screenplay. Py Narc 

0098131. Sheffler. 151 p. Prev. reg. 13Nov7U, 

Eeflections: variations on a theme of 0098150. 0092361. vn: additions. C narc Sheffler 

Oscar Bilde. By David norgan, m Miriam Naomi wise; outdoor drama. By Elizabeth 6 N. lee lacy As so ci a» es , Ltd.; 5Apr76; 

noses. 1 V. Book 6 lyrics only. « David F. Freeman E Vicki Ann Gray. 23 p. 0098165. 

noraan; 5Apr76; 0098131. C Elizabeth E. Freeman 6 Vicki Ann Gray; 

1Apr7 6; DO98150. 

Clar'bel Light gofs to war: a one act 0096151. 

play. By Stanley E. Disney. 11 p. The Sower sings, the reaper cries; a 

Stanley E. Disney; 6Apr76; 0098135. drama for radio. By Oavid Joseph 

Kauriello. 13 p. Oavid Joseph 
0098136. nauriello: 1Apr76; 0098151. 

Press; a three-act play. By Edward B. 
Cope. 55 p. Prev. reg. 1975. Nn : DD98152. 

revision. Edward B. Cope (Eddie Cope) ; Family business; a play in three acts. 

5Apr76; 0098136. By Helvin Mendelssohn. 62 p. nelvin 

nendelssohn; 1Apr76; D098152. 

The Eye of a needle; a musical D098153. 

screenplay. By Marilyn Louise Peterson, m To kiss the victor; a play in three 

Marjorie C. Fulton. Sheets. Add. 'i: Eye acts. By W. Fred Stephan, 1th. 117 p. 
of the needle. Book E lyrics only. Words O Fred Stephan; 1Apr76; 0098153. 
from Bible prev. reg. Nn: script. 

C narilyn Louise Peterson; 26nar76; DD98151. 

DD98137. Love's investments lost; an original 

musical. By Steven Quesnel B Tom Dunn. 

V. Based on William Shakespeare's Love' 

labors lost. e Steven Quesnel S Tom Dun 

2Jpr76: 0098151. 


There's a funny thing about Christmas. 

By Eugenia L. Jackson. 1 v. 6 folder. 0098171. 

Includes music. Prev. reg. 23Dec71, The Bott sologuina of Miss Jones. Ey 

D098139. £0563967. NM : additions. C Eugenia 1. Norman Allen Bert.' 26 p. e Norman A. 

Benevolence. The Arts. Nostalgia. 3 Jackson a.k.a. Genie Jackson; 2Apr76; Bert; 5Apr76; 0098171. 
satirical farces. By Annabelle Farmelant. D098155. 

Sheets (36 p.) (Our day) 6 Annabelle DD98172. 

Farmelant; 1Apr76; 0098139. 0096156. The Gentle rain; a farce without doors 

FP 110; a play. By Jack Lyon Fit- in two acts. By Thomas S. Hischak. 12 p. 

0098110. zgerald. 81 p. e Jack Lyon Fitzgerald; 6 Thomas S. Hischak; 5Apr76; 0098172. 
Sweet victory: a comedy in three acts. 2Apr76; D098156. 

By Louis B. Hatch, Jr. Sheets. B Eo Doaai73. 

Hatch; 1Apr76; 0098110. 0098157. Biccicleta; or. The Agony of the 

The Happy hunting grounds; a farce in pomearanates in the garden. By lonnie 

0098111. three acts. By Frank Lupo 6 nitchell Carter. 113 p. e lonnie Career: 5Apr76; 
The Mating call. By William G. Kravitz. Sheets (78 p.) 6 Frank Lupo S 0098173. 

Shingler, Jr. 96 p. C hilliam G. Mitchell Kravitz; 2Apr76: 0098157. 

Shlngler, Jr.; 1Apr76: D098111. 0098171. 

0096158. The Tower room. Py Stanford w. Crare, 

0098112. Teiresias 2; a play-dance. By Marjorie Jr. Shee-s (91 p.) 6 S-arford W. Crane, 
Gertrude: a play about the consequences H. Gordon. 1 v. 6 Marjorie H. Gordon; Jr.; SApr'Je; 0096171. 

of actions and choice. By Elizabeth 2Apr76; 0098158. 

Converse. 26 p. Add. ti: Strength. D098175. 

e Elizabeth Converse; 1Apr76; 0098112. DD96159. Harleguin on a white horse. By Joan 

The Weightwatchers; original television Eoselyn Brady. 121 p. C Joan Hoselyn 

script. By Don Baney, pseud, of Frede M. Brady; 5Apr76; 0098175. 
Haney. 35 p. (Good times) 6 Frede M. 

Haney: 2Apr76: 0098159. D098176. 

The Bed dove. By Joseph Thomas 

0098160. Sch wartzenberger. Sheets (91 p.) 

The Legend of Scarface; a Blackfoot C Joseph Thomas Schwar t zenberger : SApr'^P; 

legend for narrator, puppets 6 orchestra. D098176. 
By Janet E. Albright, set to the music of 

Indian suite, number 2, opus 18, by Edward DU98177. 

MacDowell. 73 p. C Janet E. Albright; Survival: a screenplay. By Benjamin 

D098115. 2Apr76; D098160. Goldstein. Sheets (82 p.) Based on ->-e 

Sophomores; a screenplay. By Allan C. book, with the Indians in t-he Fockies, tv 
Hubbard. 117 p. C Allan C. Hubbard; 
1Apr76; 0096115. 


Inside a doll's house; a screenplay. By 
Henrietta Ibsen, pseud, of Buth J. Fandall 
6 Alyne L. Model. Sheets (97 p.) C Buth 
J. Randall 6 Alyne I. Model; 1Apr76; 


Hour of the flower: an original motion 
picture treatment. By Steven Elkins. 11 
p. C Steven Elkins; 1Apr76; DU98117. 


They ca 

me from 





Cheryl Ha 


1 V. 

e chi 







our ind 




Marie Her 

rin. 21 


C Dori 

Ls Ma 





0098161 . 

James willard Schultz. NM: dramatize 

The Ostrekoff jewels; screenplay- Bv 

e Benjamin Goldstein: 9Apr76; DD98I 

Paul Gardner. 137 p. Based on the 

comedy-adventure by E. Phillips Oppenheim. 


NM: dra"Ltlzatlon. Paul Gardner: 

Cheer up, even a blind pig car fini 

15Apr76: DU98161. 

acorn. By Margaret Pauline M. Smi'h, 

p. e n. p. Smith; 9Apr76; D098178 


Eddie. By Mack Leonard. 115 p. Add. 


ti: Stepfather. C Hack Leonard: 5Apr76: 

One for the monkeys: three act come 


By John Swanson S Eloise Swanson. SI 

John Swanson E Eloise Swanson; IMi 



Ihese entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DU98U80. DU96U97. 01198513. 

Getting even. Original story 5 why, ry children? By Lloyd Ellery The Big reward; an original play. By 

sc-eenplav by Hayne Crawford, screerplay Inman, Jr. 6 p. 6 Lloyd Ellery Inman, Fosemary Foley E Brian O'Connor. 1 v. 

bv And'-ow" lane. f1 p. 6 Hayne Crawford 6 Jr.; 6Apr76; DU98U97. 6 Eosenary Foley 5 Brian O'Connor; 

*nd-ew Lane; 8ADr76; DU98H80. 7Apr76; DU98513. 


0U98U81. Abraham and Sanrnel. By Victor Haim, PD985114. 

Le Cas Henri Dunant; piece comblnee pour translated from the French by Howard American barock; a play. Ey Carl Kerr. 

le theatre et/ou la television. By Walter Girven. UU p. Nfl: translation. 6 Howard Sheets (65 p.) C Carl Kerr; 7Spr7(;; 

Weideli. 82 p. 6 Baiter Heideli; Girven; 9apr76; DU98U98. 0008511. 
18l1ar76; D098H81. 

D090tt99. C1J98515. 

DU98U82. How to harpoon the shark. By Victor The Second biggest »ipper in *he world; 

Work in progress. Bv Paul J. Curtis. Haim, translated from the French by Howard a play in two acts. By Bernard Myers. 

10 p. C Paul J. Curtis: 7Apr76 ; Girven. 82 p. NM: translation. Howard 119 p. C Bernard ("yers; 7Apr76; 

D098U82. Girven; 9ipr7f; DU98U99. 01198515. 

D098U83. 0098500. 0098516. 

The second frontier: a pageant-drama. Towering inferno '76. Written by Burning for burning. By Antonio Henry 

By Eugenia T. Eumpass. 28 p. C Eugenia Salvatore Lantieri, George Lantieri, Pias. 171 p. C Antonio Henry Oias; 

T. Bumpass; 18Har76; 0D9Sa83. George Scifo S (larygrace Scifo. 2 p. 7Apr7P; D098516. 

e Salvatore 6 George lantieri 6 George E 

D098U8it. Marygrace Scifo; i6Nar76; D09B500. 0098517. 

The Art of the possible, a mayoralty A story of Gracie and Joe; a play in on= 

Dlay. By Bradford S. Field, Jr. 18 p. 0098501. act. By Jaime Arbona. 1 v. t Jaime 

e Bradford S. Field, Jr.; 7Apr76; The High Hire Fadio Choir presents: The Arbona: 7Apr76; 0098517. 
0098481. flutual Admiration Network; or. The Night 

radio died. 11 p. Add. ti: The n.A.N. DU98518. 

0098185. Book £ lyrics only. Appl. au: Bay Hanna, The Long and shor' of it. By Ee'ty J. 
Pe-er; an opera wi": h four interludes. Doug Ferrari 5 Kevin Aspell. © Fay Hanna, Pierce. 8 p. C Betty J. Pierce; 5Apr7f; 

By Kevin J. Hood. 96 p. e Kevin J. Hood; Ooug Ferrari 6 Kevin Aspell a.k.a. The D098518. 
31l1ar76; OD^BIBS. High Hire Sadio Choir; 29l1ar76; 0098501. 


0098186. 0098502. Buntings blues; screenplay. By John 
The Trap play. Ey Eeginald Vel Johnson. No gimmicks; a 1 act play. By Judith Hampton Skelley. 17 p. From a story by 

1 V. e Beginald Vel Johnson; 6Apr76; Fine. ■> p. 9 Judith Fine; 31nar76; Jim Hurley. B John Hampton Skelley; 

D098186. 1098502. 13Apr76; 0098519. 

0098187. 0U98503. DU98520. 

The Lunch; a play in one act. By Fobert Brad, don't! A play. By Bruce Serlen. The Seacat 's piecemeal papers; a 

Thomas Kinney. 10 p. 6 Bobert Thomas 100 p. <5 Bruce Serlen; 31Har76; contemporary rock/symphonic dream. 

Kinney; 6Apr76; DD98187. D098503. lyrical text by Joseph Brian nelahn, m 

Douglas E. Glaeser. Sheets (12 p.) Add. 

D098188. 0098501. ti: Pianoforte phrenetics. lyrics only. 

Steaming pots. By Hilliam Matthews Not with a bang, but. By Lacy J. Thomas 6 Douglas E. Glaeser; 12Apr76; 0098520. 
Johnson. Sheets (119 p.) 6 Hilliai a.k.a. Joan Ann Sumner, 6 Paul Knowles. 

Matthews Johnson; 6Apr76; D098188. sheets. Prev. req. as Not with a banc but 0098521. 

a whimper, Aug. 1971, 0D91167. NM: Gums. By Fobert J. Kaplan, Paul Cohe" r. 

DD98189. additions C. editorial revisions. e Lacy Sam Cohen. 11 p. 6 Cum Laude Films, 

Lava. 3y Shirley Tulir.. Sheets (73 p.) J. Thomas a.k.a. Joan Ann Sumner, 6 Paul Inc.; 11Apr76; D098521. 
e Shirley Tulin; 6Apr''6; D098189. Knowles; 31Mar76; OD98501. 


0098190. D098505. The Doubt family commune. 20 p. Add. 
An Appointment with the dark; an The Psychopathology of everyday life: a ti : The High Hire Fadio Choir present? T'-=- 

original screenplay. By Dale Thomas family show. By Thomas Bobert Thornton, Doubt family commune: Hernando's hideaway, 

Nattress 6 Maureen Baker Nattress. 106 p. Jr. 11 p. C T. E. Thornton: 7Apr76; Appl. au: Bay Hanna, Kevin Aspell 6 Ooug 

C Dale Thomas Nattress S Eeenie Baker 0098505. Ferrari. 9 Pay Hanna, Doug Ferrari 6 

Nattress; 6Apr76; D098190. Kevin Aspell a.k.a. The High Hire Eadio 

0098506. Choir; 29Mar76: DU98522. 

0098191. Fight on, Jesus; a musical. By Denis 
Golddiggers of 1633; an irreverant Martel. 12 p. Book only. 6 Denis D098523. 

musical version of Moliere's School for Mattel; 7Apr76; 0098506. Terence. By Douglas Feed Arthur. 69 p. 

wives. Book 6 lyrics by Lee Goldsmith, m C Douglas Arthur; 8Apr76; 1098523. 
Lawrence s. Hurwit. 1 v. C Lawrence S. DD98507. 

Hurwit S Lee Goldsmith; 6Apr76; 009819 1. The Looters; a one act play. By Harren 0098521. 

Goodson. 11 p. Harren Goodson; 1* ain't aardvark; new musical theatre. 

D098192. 7Apr76; 0098507. Bv Thomas A. Heaver 6 John I. Ba'kins, m 

Gimme! gimme! A play in three acts. By Bill Kammann E Billy Bly. 76 p. Book E 

David A. Van Meter S Patrick J. Cronin. 0098508. lyrics only. S (Thorn Heaver) Thomas A. 

65 p. e David A. Van Meter E Patrick J. The Priest and High John the Congueror; Heaver E John L. Hatkins; 8Apr76; 

Cronin; 6Apr76; DD98192. a one act comedy. By Harren Goodson. 38 D098521. 

p. e Harren Goodson: 7Apr76: 0098508. 

0098193. D098525. 

I'll 'ake care of the victim. By Tony D098509. Corner, 28th and Bank. By Linda Segal, 

J. Marlowe. Sheets (79 p.) S Tony Gangsters; a morality play. By Thomas pseud, of Linda Siegel. 12 p. C Linda 

Marlowe; 6Apr76; 0098193. Bobert Thornton, Jr. 39 p. 6 T. P. siegel: 8Apr76; 0098525. 

Thornton; 7SDr76; DD98509. 

D098191. ' DD98526. 

The Ondefeated; four one-act plays. By D098510. George Hashington slept around; a comedy 

Hesley Sa'.nt John. 1 v. e Wesley Saint The children's people. By Adele Marie in three acts. By Dan S. Fyan E Marty 

John: 6Apr76; 0098191. O'Grady. 18 p. 6 Adele Marie O'Grady; Isadore. 81 p. 6 Dan S. Pyan B Marty 

7Apr76; D098510. Isadore; 8Apr76; 0098526. 

Booger Fed's; a play. By Bobert Allen D098511. D098527. 

Kuykendall. Sheets (128 p.) in folder. Never did the fish; a play in three The Murderess. By 1 eo P. Baffey, Jr. 

e Bob Allen Kuykendall: 6Apr76; 0098195. acts. By Barbara Ann Blatner. 56 p. 108 p. B Leo P. Haffey, Jr.; 8Apr76: 

e Barbara Ann Blatner: 7Apr76: 0098511. 0098527. 

Dream; screenplay. By Barbara H. Blok. D098512. 0098528. 

32 p. e Barbara "Bobbi" H. Blok; 6Apr76: sunshine, moonbeam. By Alberta Hill. 1 Get a horse! Original screenplay. Py 

D098U96. V. e Alberta Hill; 7Apr76: DD98512. Eobert Banov. 100 p. Prev. reg. 2eNov75, 

0096927. NM: additions, editorial E 

These entries alone may not reflect die complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
rk. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for informadon about any additional records that may exist. 


DU98529 - DD98576 


JUN. lOTf 

D099528 (cor.) 

structural revisions. C Robert Banov; 

8Apr76; DU9852e. 


You and me ar.d the rest of the world; an 
oriainal tvc act plav. written by Robert 
Banov 6 Therese Ruth Revesz. 1 v. Prev. 
reg. 19I1ar7U, DD90273: 21Har75, DU93758. 
NH: additions. C Robert Bar.ov (Bob Banov) 
6 Therese Ruth Revesz: 8Apr76: DD98529. 


The Helena Screw Factory: an original 
screenplay- By Steven L. Vagnino. Sheets 
(90 p.) C Television Corporation of 
Aaerica: 8jpr76: DD98530. 


A Stranger in my house; a one act play. 
Britten by Steven Lambert Schaefer. 
Sheets {U6 p.) C Steven L. Schaefer; 
8Apr76: DD98531. 


The Rehearsal; a drama with music. 
Book/ lyrics £ m John Richard Montgomery, 
pseud, of David King. 1 v. 6 David King; 
8Apr76: 0098532. 


A Mattering spring. By William M. 
aarsh- t9 p. Appl. states all new excep' 
poem prev- pub. in newspaper 26Aug'^5. 
e William K. Harsh (Bramwell Barsh) C 
Patricia Bramwell: 3Feb76; 0098533. 


Dance, darling, dar.ce; a dramatic 
musical composition. By Nathaniel S. 
Brown. 36 p. Book onlv. e Nathaniel S. 
Brown; 3lHar76; DD985314. 


Archie meets a couple of Latter-Day 
Saints. By Claire n. Sherman. 55 f. 
Claire (1. Sherman; 19Apr76; 0098535. 


Bitter business; a televi<!ion script. 
Sheets (62 p.) © Bradford S. Field, Jr.; 
21Apr76; BD98536. 


The Chicken caper. By Corean E. Smith. 
Sheets (155 p.) 8 Corean E. Smith; 
2Apr76: 0098537. 


The Love objects; a new comedy. By 
Robert Thomas Noll 6 Eobert Roy Nol]. 1 
V. e Robert Thomas Noll 5 Eobert Ecy 
Noll; 2Apr76; 0098538. 


Black chase- By Hanes Walton, Jr - , 
assisted by Ralph Bailev 5 Samuel 
Goodwater, Jr. HI p. C Hanes Walton, 
Jr.; 22l1ar7e; 0098539. 


O.C-F- (Oesdemona, Chin Zano and Raw) 
By Joe Negroni- 107 p. C Joe Negroni; 
16Apr76: DD985U0- 


Eumpelstiltskin is a funny name; an 
original version of the age-old fairytale. 
Book by Peter Piper G Nancy Raus, m Peter 
Piper. 1 V. C Peter Piper B Nancy Raus; 
9Apr76; 0D985U1. 


Billy. By Barjorie Hahle. 189 p. 
e narjorie Bahle; SAp^-rt; 0U985U2. 


It's time you knew; a new play. By 
Nathan Sherman. 1 v. e Nathan Sherman; 
9Apr76; 0098513. 


Astro express; a play in one act. By 

nichael Xavier Zelenak. 16 p. o Michael 
Xavier Zelenak; 9A pr76 ; DU98511. 


Take a walk; original screenplay. By 
Gilbert B. Friedman £ Gunard D. Solberg. 
125 p. O Gil Friedman e Gunard Solbero; 
9Apr76: 0098515. 


Multiple choice. By Irene Porter 
Knight. 21 p. e Irene Porter Knight; 
9Apr76; D098516. 


The Springers. By Harry H. Madsen 6 
Richard C. Neuwiler. 30 p. C H. H. 
Badsen e. Richard C. Neuwiler; 9Apr76; 


Black Friday: a three-act play. By John 
M. Russell. 118 p. e John «. Russell; 
9Apr76; D098518. 


Presto! A magical spectacular. By 
Abner Pope Dickson, Jr. 31 p. C Abner 
Pope Dickson, Jr.; 9Apr76; 0098519. 


Sik-Sik, the magician. By Eduardo Oe 
Filippo, English translation by Frank P. 
Caltabiano. 15 p. N«: translation. 
e Frank p. Caltabiano; 9Apr76; DD98550. 


Thrust for justice! Author: Billy Earl 
Ware. 1 v. 6 Billy Earl Ware; 12AprV6; 
0098551 . 


Bye, baby bunting. 36 p. Appl. au; 
Paul Misch. e Paul Bisch; 12Apr76; 


Dimensions; a play in three acts. By 
Henry Random, pseud, of Christopher 
O'Grady. 102 p. 6 Benry Random, pseud, 
of Christophtr O'Grady; 12Apr76; 


Human disquisition; an opera in three 
acts. Written by Benny J. Pritchett. 
Sheets. e Benny J. Pritchett: 12Apr76; 


Pigh and dry; an historical musical. By 
David W. Steinbeck. 2 v. 6 David w. 
Steinbeck; 12Spr76; D098555. 


The Spirits of '56; a play. By Philip 
Jay Goodman. 19 p. C Philip Jay Goodman; 
12Apr76; D098556. 


tic/musical script written for a cast of 
youthful Christians. By Stephen Dwight 
Jones. 13 p. 6 Stephen Dwight Jones; 
12Apr76: D098557. 


Curse of the Pharaohs; a melodrama in 
two acts. By Carl Steven Beck. 1 v. 

Carl Steven Beck; 12Apr76; DD98558. 


Yoyo; a comedy play in three acts. By 
Robert Somerfeld. Sheets (109 p.) 
C Robert Somerfeld: 12tpr76: 0098559. 


Pavilion: a play. By Marshall Yaeqer. 

1 V. O Marshall Yaeger; 12Apr76: 


Vial of wrath: a play in nine scenes. 

By Philip E. Penningroth, Jr. 121 p. 
C Phil Penningroth: 12Apr76; D098561. 


Lady with the black umbrella. Created r- 
written by Joseph Paul Condello. 117 p. 
e Joseph Paul Condello; 12Apr76: 


The Dance of the wallflower. By Stephe' 
Brian Anderson. 57 p. C Stephen Brian 
Anderson: 12Apr76; DU98563. 


A Marvelous war. By Charles Edward 
Beachley, 3rd. 89 p. Prev. reg. 2UOC-7?, 
D096532. NM: revisions 6 additions. 
C Charles Edward Beachley, 3rd: 12Apr76: 


Preserve, protect, and defend; a 
reader's theater script concerning The 
Presidents of the Onited States of 
America. By Charles Edward Beachley, 3r(" . 
53 p. C Charles Edward Beachley, 3rd; 
12Apr76: 0098565. 


The Goomie puppens. Ey Terrance H. Auc^ 
6 Howard T. Ferauson, 3rd. U p. Add. -:': 
You feel how you feel. Includes music, 
e Terrance H. Auch S Howard T. Ferguson, 
3rd: 12Apr76; D098566. 


Great Daddy: a plav. By loeretha 
Nelson. 22 p. e Loeretha Nelson: 
12Apr76; D098567. 


Western star- Written by Dale 
Wasserman, lyrics by Arnold Sundgaard, m 
Alec Wilder- 98 p. Book 8 lyrics only. 
e Dale Wasserman 6 Arnold Sundoaard; 
12Jan76: D098568. 


Bother Earth: or. The Pay Manole'e died. 
A television play. Ey Richard M. Gardner. 
31 p. Richard B. Gardner: 7Apr76: 
0098 569. 

00 98 570. 

lands to Elysium. By Fredrick Acktari. 
128 p. e Fredrick Ackbari: 23Bar76: 

009 6571. 

Pier 12; screenplay. By Alia Sc>-atoff s 
Franklyn Scott. Sheets (128 p.) Original 
story by Alia Schatoff. e Alia Scha tof f F 
Franklyn Scott; 20Apr76; DD98571. 


Oor't run around naked! A play. 
Translated by John Chace, pseud, of Joseph 
B. Chace S Evelyn Brewer, pseud, of Judi-'- 
Schwarcz, adapted for the American stage 
by Joseph fl. Chace. Sheets (56 p.) A 
translation of Mais n'te promene done pas 
toute nue! , by Georges Feydeau. NB : 
Enallsh language translation. € John 
Chace 6 Evelyn Brewer: 23Apr76: D098572. 


Farandula no quiero, pero. Fscrita per 
Aida I. Garcia. 28 p. e Al da I. Garcia 
(Aidita Garcia): 23Apr''6; C098573. 

D098 571. 

The Last great Indian raid. By Dale 
Bilek. 1 V. C Dale Bilek: 23Apr76; 


Laaimodiere. By Laurie Teaelbera. 92 
p. e Laurie Tegelherg; 20Apr''6: 

0098 576. 

Happy birthday: a one-act play. By 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(J(Jitional records that may exist. 


Kild magnolias: 

a comedy 

By Gilbert Garcia. 

. IB p. 

5Apr76: DU98577. 


0098576 (con.) 0098593. 0098609. 

Michael J. Johnson. Revision Jan. 30, For the love of Hike. By sherry Noah script. 10 p. C Project Survival' 

1976. Sheets (38 p.) e Michael J. Colosanti Frye. Sheets (39 p.) C Sherry 5Apr76: D098809. 

Johnson; 17Feb76: D098576. Colosanti Frye; lUApr76; 0098593. 


D09859U. A Strawberry on the infield. 12 p. 

Bathsheba Spooner; a screenplay. By Appl. au; Mary Torre. Q Mary Torre; 

Craig Harding Nelson. 107 p. e Craio 19Spr76; DU98610. 
Nelson: 1tApr76; DD9859H. 


0098578. D098595. Pia's eye parrant; or. The Man of no 
Robin Hood; a Busical play ir. two acts. Freedom flight. By Joseph Francis redeeming qualities! Book 6 lyrics by 

Book 6 lyrics by Scott Chelmov. Sheets Eroun. Sheets (117 p.) e Joseph Francis Mark lynch, m Robert Rome. 96 o. Beck 6 

(67 p.) in folder. Book 6 lyrics only. Brown; 1«Apr76; 0098595. lyrics only. © Mark Lynch; 2eApr76: 

NM: dramatization E additions. e Scott 0098611. 
Chelmow; 21Apr76; 0098578. 0098596. 

Celestina. Adapted by Edward Senior. 1 00986 12. 

0098579. V. From the dramatic 15th century Spanish Pev-val; an oriainal screenplay. By 
Shining princess of the slender bamboo; tale by Fernando Oe Bojas Edward William Dial. 109 p. Appl. au: Clower 

a play for children. By Sylvia Ashby with Senior; 1UApr76; OD98596. and Associates, solely owned by John •^ . 

electronic score based on Japanese themes Clower, 3rd. e clower and Associates, 

by Helen McCarthy. 15 p. Book 6 lyrics 0098597. solely owned by John T. Clower, 3rd; 

only; adapted from a Japanese tale. If the shoe fits. By Sherry Colosanti 26Apr76; 0098612. 
e Sylvia Ashby; 22Apr76; 0098579. Frye. Sheets (39 p.) C Sherry Colosanti 

Frye; 1USpr76; 0098597. 0098613. 

0098580. Treasure Island; a stage adaptation of 
Mister Paradise: visiors of Kerouac; a 0098598. Robert Louis Stevenson's famous novel. 

fictionalized biographical drama. By Nothing's the same anymore; a one act Newly dramatized by Jean Marion Gal E 

Charles Bordogna. 101 p. B Charles play in five scenes. By Hadelyn olds. 27 Martin Gal. 80 p. NM : dramatization. 

Bordogna; 21Apr76; DU98580. p. 6 Madelyn Olds; 1itApr76: 0098598. 6 Har + in Gal f. Jean Marion Gal; 26Nov75; 

D098581. 0098599. 

Flight of man; a play in one act. By Speck of sand. By John Carillo, Jr. 96 0098611. 

Victor Fabish. 12 p. C Victor Fabish; p. 6 John Carillo, Jr.; 11Apr76: Hrite me a song; a musical entertain- 

16Apr76; DD98581. 0098599. me't. Britten by Ira Rappaport E Gary 

Cherpakov. 1 v. Book only. C Ira 

0098582. DD98600. Rappaport E Gary Cherpakov; 21Apr76; 

The Love cure; a one-act play witi- two Bar is hell. By Oelle Chatman £ Nancy 00986 11. 
songs. By Edward Hower. 29 p. Bock E Gable. 13 p. (K.A.S.H.) e Oelle Chatman 

lyrics only. e Edward Hower; 7Apr76: 6 Nancy Gable; 11Apr76; D098600. D098615. 

0098582. Personal orudge; a photoplay. By Thomas 

D098601. S. Cooper. Sheets (132 p.) in folder. 

D098583. Sex clinic; a comedy in 2 acts. Play e Thomas S. Cooper; 23Apr76; 0098615. 

The Black death rider. By Hanes Balton, no. 1. By Billiam A. Murray, 1th. 50 p. 

Jr., assisted by Ralph Bailey 6 Samuel Billiam A. Murray, 1th; 11Apr76; 0098616. 

Goodwater, Jr. 60 p. C Hanes Halton, 0098601. Return of the Raavn. P*. 2. Britten hv 

Jr.; I5tpr76; D098583. John Edward Fairley. Sheets (85 p.) 

0098602. e John Edward Fairley; 23Apr76; 0098616. 

0098581. Bertram; a black musical drama in two 

The Blackthorn bush. By David Aizmen, acts. Book E lyrics by Donald Brown, m DU98617. 

translated by Edgar H. Lehrman. Sheets Philippe F. Fi 5lds. Sheets. Prev. reg. Heatwave; screenplay. By Clinton Pose 

(86 p.) NM: translation. 6 Edgar H. 28Apr75, D091235. NM: revisions E Burnette. 69 p. © Clinton Ross Burnet'e; 

Lehrman; 12Spr76; D098581. additions. B Donald Prown B Philippe F. 15Apr76; 0098617. 

Fields; 11Apr76; DD98602. 

D098585. 0098618. 

Be love you, lu Shou ; original OD98603. The Last marriage; a play in 2 acts. By 

screenplay. By John M. Gavigan. 95 p. 1776 plus tax; two acts. By Barrel Lee Joseph Sullivan. 5a p. Joseph 

■S John M. Gavigan; 15Apr76: 0098585. Akers. 19 p. Barrel Lee Akers; Sullivan; 15Apr76: 0098618. 

11Apr76; 0098603. 

D098586. D098619. 

Reunion. By Paul P. Root. 78 p. D098601. And the race goes on. By Billiam Hardy 

« Paul D. Root; 13Apr76; D098586. Ten nights (in a bar room); a musical Robinson. 21 p. Billiam Hardy 

melodrama. Book, lyrics E m Richard Robinson; 15Apr76; 0098619. 
D098587. Kinter. Sheets. Adapted from the play, 

Circle of fear; an original screenplay. Ten nights in a bar-room, by Billiam B. 0098620. 

By Michael C. Ellis. 109 p. C Michael C. Pratt, dramatized from the novel by T. S. So hard to change. 11 p. Appl. au: 

Ellis; 13Apr76; D098587. Arthur. Prev. reg. NK: musical version Pobert J. Morton. 6 Robert J. Morton S 

of play with music £ lyrics added 6 basic Edward C. Morton, Jr.; 15Apr76: DD98<=2n. 
D098588. concept changed. 8 Richard Kinter; 

F.ings of Saturn. By Michael Dennis 11Apr76; 0098601. 0098621. 

Kushner. 6 p. Michael Kushner; Fainbow gold. By David Scott Douqlass. 

13Apr76; 0098588. 0098605. 127 p. e David Douglass; 15Apr76;' 

The Thickest plot; a play in one act. 0098621. 

0098589. By John A. Neary. 25 p. P John J. Neary; 

Kathy's monster. By Oarnley Browne. 10 11Apr76; D098605. DD98622. 

p. e Darnley Browne; 13Apr76; 0098589. The Spirit of '56; a play. By Philr'p 

D098606. Jay Goodman. 19 p. 6 Philip Jay Goodman; 

0098590. Danny and Paco; an original screenplay. 15Apr76; 0U98622. 
The Peturn of Anastasia; a comedy in By Victor P. Pisano. 180 p. 6 Victor R. 

three acts. By Josef Elias. 101 p. Pisano; 26Apr76; D098606. 0098623. 

e Josef Elias; 13Apr76; D098590. The Trial of the moke; an original play 

0098607. based upon the mili'ary career of It. 

D098591. Sperm whale dreams; or. What's big and Henrv 0. Flipper. By Daniel A. Stein. 7c 

I'm a r.ewsie, now. By Arthur 0. lander. comes in quarts? 13 p. Add. ti ; The High p. ilH: dramatization S additional 

1 V. Includes music. 8 Arthur 0. lander; wire Radio Choir presents Sperm whale dialogue. (9 Daniel A. Stein; 15Apr76; 

13Apr76; Dn98591. dreams. Appl. au: Ray Hanna, Kevin Aspell 0098623. 

S Doug Ferrari. © Ray Hanna, Doug Ferrari 

D098592. S Kevin Aspell; 15Mar76; 0098607. 0098621. 

Debarkation point; a play. By John los Aburridos. By James McDowell Kemer. 

33 p. e John Haag: 11Apr76; 0098608. Sheets (10 p.) Add. ti: The Bored guvs. 

D098592. The Atonement. By John Sevcik. 5 p. Enolish. James McDowell Kemer; 

15Apr76; D098621. 

00986 08. 

The Aton 

ement . 

By John Sevcik. 

e John Sev 


1Apr76; 0098608. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DU98625. 0n98eui. By fi-pvp J. Fisher. 63 p. c S'evp J. 

The Laughing life. By Neil Cuthbcrt. linn city, our fair city. By Naoma Fishor; 19Apr76: rU9fl658. 
85 p. C Neil cuthbert; 15Apr76: whisler Polehn (Naoma Abbie Polehn) 1 v. 

DU98625. Includes music. O Naoma uhisler Polehr; DU9B659. 

26Apr76: DU986U1. Out of Stardust; a choral play. By Ear'' 

DD98626. Hubbard. sheets (53 p.) P Earl Hubbard; 

Security check; a play in one act. 28 DU9e6H2. 19Apr76; D098659. 
p. Appl. au: Lavonne Mueller. P lavonr.e Crack; a moral fable in at least two 

Bueller; 15Apr76; ru9S626. pieces. By Crispin Larangeira. 102 p. DU98660. 

Prev. reg. 12Bar76, DU98199. NM: Room and board; a play in *»o ac-s. By 

DU98627. revisions. C Crispin Larangeira; 3nay76; Edwin Sanchez. Sheets. C Edw-n Eanche?: 

Bar-B-O- By John Post Shallcross. DD986H2. 19Apr76; DU9e660. 
Sheets (90 p.) in folder. C John 

Shallcross; 15Apr76; DU98627. DU986H3. DtJ98661. 

lilac casino. By Peter Muller £ Nancy Grandma's hands. By Harrie't Veronica 

DU98628. Anne Collins. 120 p. 6 Peter Muller 6 Bennett. 27 p. C Harriett Veronica 

Carrv; a full length comedy. By Jeff Nancy Anne Collins; 12Apr76; 00986*3. Bennett; 19Apr76; D098661. 
Tade. '86 p. C Jeff Tade; 15Apr76; 

0098626. D0986«U. 0098662. 

The Glory hunters: a saga of Chief From sheltered lady into Ms.: vicne'-ts 

0098629. Joseph. By Jack De Hitt. 1314 p. e Jack of the nineteenth century little vomen wh t 

Playback. By Harmon F. Barron. 110 p. De Witt; 12Apr76; DU986i|i4. paved the way; tnonodrama. By Blix Puskey, 

From an original story by Fred Barren 6 pseud, of Esther Jane Eresler. 1 v. 

David Helpern, Jr. 6 Fred Barron; D0986I45. Original character sketches frcm her One 

15Apr76; D098629. Miles; a musical play. Book, lyrics 6 m woman theatre. e Blix Puskay; 19f.pr76; 

Raymond G. Hynes. Sheets. Based on The DU98662. 
D098630. Prince and the pauper, by Mark Twain, 

Yaquina Bay; a play. By Sandor Bcyson S pseud. NM: dramatization, music 6 DD98663. 

Johr. Mitchell. 39 p. C Sandor Boyson C additions. 6 Raymond G. Hynes; 28Spr76; A Minor miracle. By Catherine L. 

John Mitchell; 16Apr76; D098630. 0D98645. S'artuck 6 Sylvia V. Brickley. 75 p. 

e Catherine 1. Starbuck S Sylvia V. 

D098631. D0986U6. Brickley; 19Apr76; 0098663. 

Acrobatics; a brief play. By Barton L. A Beatrix Po'ter primer. Written by 

Chaoberlain. 9 p. O Barton L. Cham- Peter A. Armour, lyrics 6 m Bruce Cowley. 011986611. 

berlain; 16Apr76; 0098631. sheets. e Peter A. Armour 6 Time and Huaca; a play. By Elizabeth Converse r 

Space, Ltd.; 28Apr76; D0986U6. Roberto Mon'-icello. Shee's (68 p.) 

DU98632. English. Prev. reg. 2Dec75, 0097127. N ? : 

lite up the sky. By Stephen M. Denson 6 00986117. additions. e Elizabeth Converse E Robert-: 

Silliam P.. Baron. Rev. Jan. 1976. 1 v. The Third temple; an original screen- Mon'-icello; 19Apr76: DD98f6U. 
Includes music. 6 Stephen M. Denson play. By Kenji Iwamasa. 158 p. © Kenji 

(Steve Denson) 6 Williau A. Baron (Bill Iwamasa; 19Apr76; D0986117. DU98665. 

Baron) ; 16Apr76; DD98632. A.K.A. Oeadwood Dick: the untold 

00986118. saga/fable of Nat love and his road 

D098633. The Puppeteers; a play in two acts. By partners; an Afro-western ritual odyssey 

Androcles and the lion: a tale of might John Storacc. 1 v. e John Storace; with music. By warren B. Burdine, Jr. 1 

and mane; a play in one act. By David J. 19Apr76; 00986118. v. Book 6 lyrics only, e Warrer B. 

Postle, edited by Virginia Hall Thannett . Burdine, Jr.; 19Apr76; D098665. 
20 p. C David J. Postle; 16Apr76; DU9861I9. 

D098633. Oeadwood Dick. By Steven Channing levi. 0098666. 

Sheets (111 p.) e Steven Channing levi; Padiozone: the road; a High Wire Radio 

0098631. 19Apr76; 0098649. Choir play. 21 p. Add. ti: The High B' re 

On the Chimborazo; a comedy. By Tankred Eadio Choir presents Radiozone: the read. 

Dorst with Drsula Ehler, English version DD98650. e Ray Hanna, Ooug Ferrari B Kevin Aspell 

by Peter Sander. 6it p. Add. ti: Auf dem Journey to Jerusalem. By Alex Horn. 1 a.k.a. The High wire Radio Choir; 

Chimborazo. NM: translation. 6 Peter v. 6 Alex Horn; 19Apr76: 0098650. 19Apr76; 0098666. 
Sander; 16Apr76; Dn9863«. 

0098651. 0098667. 

D098635. Saint Nicholas of the Pole; a musical in lock the door behind you; a play. By 

Melanie; a play. By Harry Edgar Neyens. two acts. By Paul Holmberg. 1 v. Paul Michael Shurtleff. 1 v. C Michael 

1 v. C Harry Neyens; 16Apr76; D098635. Holmberg: 19Apr76; 0098651. Shurtleff; 20Apr76; 0098667. 

0098636. 0098652. 0098668. 

Warner and Sarah Peterson discuss the El Fin del mundo; a Chicano play. By New York zoos--a hard tines revue. By 

state of the world on their way -o a Luis Miguel Valdez. 68 p. 6 Luis Miguel Dolores Walker E Andrew Pio-i-rowski. 1 v. 

medicine show. By Kenneth L. Shaw. 28 p. Valdez; 19Apr76; 0U98652. C Dolores Walker B Andrew Pio'rowsk- ; 

Kenne*h L. Shaw; 16ADr76; 00986^6. 20Apr76: D098668. 


D098637. The Loyalist. By John Patrick Day. 1 0098669. 

0, Tulsa! A musical play. Book B v. 6 Patrick Day; 19f.pr76; D098653. S Fine romance; screenplay. By Jerom = 

lyrics by Jerald D. Pope B Robert L. Odle, Alden, pseud, of Jerome Lakefish. 

m Richard B. Averill. sheets. C Jerald 0098654. 6 Jerome Alden; 20Apr76; DD98669. 
0. Pope, Robert L. Odle B Richard B. Lost in the Louvre; a one act comedy. 

Averill; 16Apr76; D098637. Bv Tommie J. Kiester. 19 p. Tommie J. 0098670. 

Kiester; 19Apr76; D09865U. The Seeds of hate. By Alita 1. Hartz. 

D098638. 9 p. e Alita I. Martz; 20Apr7f; 

Celestial excrement; or. Papal bull. By D098655. 0098670. 
Roderic Wachovsky. 36 p. O Roderic Confessions of Inge. 33 p. Appl. au: 

Bachovsky; 27Apr76; 0098638. Pamela C. Baird. Pamela C. Baird ; 0098671. 

19Apr76; D098655. Seventeen seventy sex! By Alfred 

0098639. Schneider, Jr. S John Bitek, wi'h Domin-lc 

The Jolly Sisters; an original satirical D098656. P. Ceruli. 81 p. e Al Schneider 6 John 

■usical. Britten by Cathleen Carol Sweat and sauerkraut; a play. By Ralph Witek; 20Apr76; DD98671. 
Nelson, Mary Jane Carbo 6 Roland W. Cannata, Jr. Ralph Cannata, Jr.; 

Morgan. 23 p. Book 6 lyrics only. 19Apr76; 0098656. 0098672. 

C Cathleen Carol Nelson £ Mary Jane Carbo; Necessities of the feast. By William " . 

29Apr76; 0098639. 0098657. Considine. 14 p. C William n. Considire; 

A Time away; a play in one act. By 20Apr76; 0098672. 
D098640. Kenneth Krauss. Sheets (38 p.) in folder. 

Flight 915! Author: Miguel Estivill. « Kenneth Krauss; 19Apr76; D098657. DU98673. 

15 p. C fliouel Estivill; 26Jan76; what goes down must come up; a one ac- 

D098640. DU98658. play. By Pedro Juan Pietri. 42 p. 

Olympic flame; a film for television. C Pedro Juan Pietri: 20Apr76; 0098673. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(Jditional records that may exist. 


DU9867U. Khac Khoar. 6 Nicholas Kepros; 1Apr76: riUtiB701. 

The S.F. machine; one act play. Ey 0098688. The Angola nemorial Speedway. The 197f 

Pedro Juan Pietri. 31 p. C Pedro Juan Wi nt ernational 1/U Mile Eliminations. 

Pie'ri S Phyllis Nancy Wallach; 20Spr76; 0098689. Pe*urn to beautiful New England Dragway. 

D0986711. The Christinas show: a trip to Adlard. By George Farise. 3 v. (The lone Edsel, 

Sheets. Includes music. Appl. au: Carl episode no. U-6) C George Parise; 

DU98675. Scott Harker, Gilbert Christner 6 Sandy 22Apr76; D098701. 

Panama Hattie. Book by Herbert Fields t Eider. P Nobody Impart icular ; 3«ay7f; 

B. G. Desylva, adaptation by Charles D098689. PIJ9fl702. 

Abbott B Fredric Dehn, m K lyrics by Cole Pelee; an orioinal screenplay. Py 

Porter. Book E lyrics only. C Charles DD98690. Douglas Vollan a.k.a. Salquod Nallov. 

Abbott S Fredric Dehn; 15Afr76; DH986^5. The Telephone book. Ey Mary Lloyd Draft no. 2. 193 p. S Salguod Nallov 

Evans. to D. e Mary lloyd Evans; a.k.a. Doualas Vollan; 22Apr76; Dn98''02. 
DU98676. HMay76; DU98690. 

Nebuland; a Eusical fantasy. Book 6 DU98703. 

lyrics Ruth G. Bosing (Buth G. Goldsmith), Dn98691. As long as we're all still here; 

lyrics C m Earl K. Brent. sheets (93 p.) Call of *he prairie; dialogue continuity screenplav. By Cynthia A. Ehrlich. 2nd 

Book 8 Ivrics only. © Buth G. Eosinq; from 1936 notion picture. 31 p. in draft. 106 p. e Cyn-hia A. Ehrlic'-; 

UMay76; DU98676. envelope. (Hopalong Cassidy) Based or 22Apr76; DD9S''03. 

Clarence E. Mulford's Hopalong Cassidy's 

DU98677. protege. Appl. au: Prudential s-'udios 0098701. 

The Morning Duke Ellington praised the Corporation. Grace Bradley Boyd, The Horse; a play in one act. By 

lord and seven little black Davids trustee; ""Apr7e 0098691. Barbara Harrah. 1 U p. C Barbara Harrah; 

tap-danced unto: a blues, jazz, dance 6 22Apr76; DD9B70U. 
ceremonial entertainment. By Owen Dodson. D098692. 

23 p. Book only. 6 Owen Dodson: Eagles brood; dialoaue continuity from D098705. 

16Apr76; DD98677. the 1935 motion picture. 22 p. in Yankee s'ruedel dandy; or. She was a 

envelope. (Hopalong Cassidy) Based on Hessian's sweetheart (but they called her 

0098678. Clarence E. Mulford's Hopalong Cassidy and a minutemaid) By Davy Paul, pseud, cf 

Alice in Ghetto-land. Written by the eagle's brood. Appl. au : Prudential David Paul Schumann. 1 v. g David Pa:l 

Deborah Lynn Mitchell. 33 p. C Deborah Studios Corporation. Grace Bradley Schumann; 22Apr76; 0098705. 
Mitchell; 12Apr76; D098678. Eoyd, trustee; 26Apr76; 0098692. 


D098679. D098693. The Branches of the tree. 12 p. Appl. 

The Girl from Siity-Ninth Street. By Hopalong Cassidy enters; dialogue au : Crpha Marie Bessey. t Orpha Marie 

Florence Bosboom. 108 p. C Tata Ecsboom; continuity from the 1935 motion picture. Bessey; 22Apr76; 0098706. 
21Apr76; 0098679. 33 p. in envelope. (Hopalong Cassidy) 

Based or Clarence E. Mulford's Hopalong D0987C7. 

DU98680. Cassidy. Appl. au: Prudential Studios" Broadside; oriainal screci-play. Ey Ezra 

A; a new musical. Book, lyrics E m by Corporation. 6 Grace Bradley Boyd, Baker. 163 p. e Ezra Eaker; 22Apr76; 

Daniel Frank Turner, m Gwen Luanne Nelson. trustee; 26Apr7£; D0986<=3. D098707. 
1 V. Based on The Scarlet letter, by 

Nathaniel Hawthorne. Prev. reg. 11Aug72, D09e69'4. D098708. 

D08tt690. NB: music 6 rev. book 6 lyrics. Three on the trail; dialogue continuity Jack and the beanstalk. Bv Charles 

e Daniel Frank Turner; 21Apr76; DD98680. from 1936 motion picture. 26 p. in Ludlam. 1 1 p. e Charles lu'dlam; 

envelope. (Hopalong Cassidy) Based on 22Apr76; D098708. 
D098681. Clarence F. Mulford's Bar 20 Three. Appl. 

Never mind the answers — what were the au: Prudential Studios Corporation. DU98709. 

questions? Created by Bobert Edward Bills t Grace Bradley Boyd, trustee; 26Apr76; lone spur of the prairie. Sheets (51 

E David lee Wasson, written by Robert D09869'4. p.) Sppl. au: Mark Hiskimen. t Mark 

Edward Mills, lyrics by Robert Edward Miskimen; 22Apr76; 0098709. 
Mills, B E. J. Karioth, 3rd. 1 v. £ DD98695. 

sheets (7 p.) e Bobert Edward Bills, Heart of the West; dialogue continuity 0098710. 

David Lee Uasson E E. 0. Karioth, 3rd; from 1936 motion picture. 26 p. in Tit-for-tat; a comedy in "-wo acts for 

22Apr76; 0098681. envelope. (Hopalong Cassidy) Based on two women E two men. By P. M. Clepper. i 

Clarence E. Mulford's Besquite Jenkins, v. e P. «. Clepper; 22Spr76; D098710. 
0098682. Tumbleweed. Appl. au : Prudential Studios 

Past tense. By Pichard B. Benges. 55 Corporation. © Grace Bradley Boyd, 0098711. 

p. Earlier version entitled Boot-heel trustee; 26Apr76; D098695. The Owl, the bear and the Viking; puppe' 

people. e Pichard B. Benges; 21Apr76; play in two acts. By Penny Jones (Penny 

0098682. D098696. Jones Barbera) 1 v. C Penny Jones 

Bar 20 rides again; dialogue continuity Barbera; 22ADr''6; DB987li. 

0098683. from 1935 motion picture. 32 p. in 

The Electric chair. By Bark N. envelope. (Hopalong Cassidy) Based on 00987 12. 

Eisenstein. 1 v. e Mark N. Eisenstein; Clarence E. Mulford's Ear 20 rides again. Eartha the good witch; a one act shadow 

21Apr76; 0098683. Appl. au : Prudential Studios Corporation. puppet play for aoes 3-8. Ey Penny Jon=s 

e Grace Bradley Boyd, trustee: 26Apr7f; (Penny Jones Barbera) 8 p. g Penny Jo-es 

0U9868U. C098696. Barbera; 22Apr76; 0098712. 

Crossing to Hades. Ey nark Stephanie 

Andrews. 39 p. e n. S'ephanie Andrews: 0098697. DU98713. 

21Apr"'6; 0098681. The Taking of Irving Sobel; a comedy. Abraham; a musical play in two ac's. 

By Bobert E. Goodman. 1 v. 6 Bob Book £ lyrics by John Hancock. 1 v. Ecck 

D098685. Goodman; 22Apr76; D098697. 6 lyrics only. t John Hancock; 23Apr76; . 

The Contact man; shooting script. By D098713. 
Ben Kerner E Julian Eoffman. 136 p. From DU98698. 

an original story £ film treatment by the The Witnesses. 16 p. Add. ti: Jesus D09871I1. 

authors. C Ben Kerner £ Julian Soffman; Christ on trial. Appl. au: Annie B. The Eighth house; a drama in ♦hree ac-s. 

21Apr76; D098685. Walker. 6 Annie B. Walker; 22Apr76: By Bobert Chester Smith. 68 p. 6 Robert 

0098698. Chester Smi'h; 23Apr76: 0098710. 

New boy; a musical comedy in one act. 0098699. 0098715. 

By Sobert Paul Drummond. 2 v. Freely Starsky and Hutch. By Jamie S. The Caves; an original adventure drama, 

adapted from a synopsis of The Bartered Anderson, pseud, of Susan Margaret Bv Norman Thaddeus Vane. 125 p. C Norman 

bride, by Bedrich Smetana. B Eobert Paul Anderson. 27 p. Add. ti: Ontitled Thaddeus Vane; 23Apr76; 0098715. 
Drummond; 21Apr76; 0098686. segment for Starsky and Hutch television 

show. e Susan Margaret Anderson; 0098716. 

0098687. 22Apr76: 0098699. Camelot on the Chesapeake; pilot scrip-. 

Fire an! rain. By Ardie Ivie, Jr. 208 By Joseph P. Rosinski. 19 p. (The 

p. e Ardie Ivie, Jr.; 21Apr76; DU98687. 0098700. Darbys) Joseph P. Rosinski; 23Apr76; 

With malice toward some. By Rita B. 0098716. 
D098688. Guertler. 93 p. C Rita M. Guertler; 

Genghis Khan. By Vu Khac Khoan, English 22Apr76; D098700. D0987 17. 

version by Nicholas Kepros. 90 p. 6 Vu One man's poison; a comic chronicle in 


These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DU987n (ccr.) 

bad taste. By Eonald A. Garbin. 1 v. 

O Ronald Garbla; 23Apr76; 0096717. 


Litter to the sea; a play. By victor 
Fabish. 18 p. C Victor Fabish; 23Apr76; 

DO 98719. 

Sunday with Joy: a biodegradable soap 
opera. By James Maxwell Swindell. 55 p. 

Ji» Swindell: 23Apr76; DD98719. 


Miss Julie- By August strindberg, a new 
English version by John Patrick Vincent. 

1 V. NM: translation. John Patrick 
Vincent: 23Apr76: D098720. 


An Apple a day; a comedy in two acts. 
By Arthur Schwartz. 1 v. Arthur 
Schwartz: I4«ay76: 0098721. 


Danny Boy. By Martin Donegan. 168 p. 
Martin Oonegan; 3>lay76; 0098722. 


Lamp; a drama with music. Story, book & 
lyrics by Harry M. Haldane, lyrics r. m 
Carl E'igster. 1 v. 6 Harry M. Haldane 6 
Carl Eugster: 19Mar76; D098723. 


The Follow-through. Created by Rcchelle 
N. Fisher 6 Charles B. Fisher. 3 p. 
Chuck Fisher 6 Shelley Fisher; 15Apr76: 


Indigestible facts; a satirical fantasy 
in one act. By Ancella Hinds BcCullough. 
71 p. C Ancella Hinds McCullough; 
3May76; 0098725. 


Accident: a screenplay. By James Jess 
Hannon. 30 p. C James J. Hannon ; 
21Apr76; 0098726. 


Amerigo: children of light, children of 
dark. Book S lyrics by William Stuart 
McDowell, additional teirt 6 lyrics by 
Emily Dickinson 6 others. 1 v. NH : 
original dramatic material with quo- 
tations, e Silliam Stuart McDowell; 
30Apr76; D098727. 


Hodges; libretto. By John 1. Steel. 
121 p. e John 1. Steel; 5Apr76; 


The Wonderful Bill Pickett. By John L. 
Steel. 172 p. e John L. Steel: 5Apr76; 

0098"" 30. 

The Rendigo; a feature-length motion 
picture screenplay. By Eodger Lee 
Oarbonne. 52 p. Based on a story by 
Brenda Cobia. Rodger Oarbonne; 1Har76: 


The Adventures of Dick whitting+on; an 
exercise in speech. By Maude Allen, 
pseud, of Ellen Howland. It p. Stcry 
outline from Dick Hhittington and his cat, 
by Charles Perreault. NB: condensed 6 
revised as an exercise for dramatic 
speakino. C Maude Allen, pen name of 
Ellen Howland; 7May76: 0098731. 


Alexei and Yulia; a tragicomedy ir 2 
acts. By Ferenc Dunai. 76 p. Adapted 
from Chekov's novel. Three years. 
O Ferenc Ounai; 6May76: 0098732. 


The News. By Joan E. Evans. 1 v. 
C Joan F. Evans; 100ec75; 0098733. 


Nol nol no! A play for children. By 
Shirley A. Lerch, lyrics 6 m Shirley A. 
Lerch. 10 p. C Shirley A. Lerch; 
5May76; D09873ll. 


The winner of 10 academy awards (not to 
be confused with the M.P.A.A.S. awards) 1 
V. Appl. a • Chuck incent. C The 
Marbles Comj .ly; 2eApr76: 0098735. 


The 18 1/2 minutes; a one-act play. By 
Eugene Alfred Predet. 53 p. C Eugene 
Alfred Fredet; 26Apr76; D098736. 


Happy days. By Valerie Lynn Heckler. 7 
p. O Valerie Lynn Heckler; 26Apr76; 


The Precious daughter. By Frederick 
Pearl. 1 v. e Frederick Pearl: 26Apr76: 


David Borley; or. The Silver spoon. 101 
p. Appl. au: Rodney Rummelsburg. 
C Rodney Rummelsburg; 26Apr76; D098739. 


Mary loves me, I hope; shooting script. 
By Fran Schiff. 16 p. 6 Fran Schiff; 
26Apr76; DO987U0. 

C0987U1 . 

Miss Golden Dreams; a one act play. By 
Paul Joseph Cyr. Sheets (66 p.) e Paul 
Joseph Cyr: 26Apr76: DD987H1. 


Berlin the magnificent. Book, lyrics 6 
m Harold Robert Tollefson. 1 v. 6 Harold 
(Haeri) Pobert Tollefson; 26Apr76; 


A Garden in Los Angeles; play. By 

Robert H. Eisele. 39 p. 8 Robert H. 

Eisele; 26Apr76; 0098713. 


Shopworn angels: a new musical. Book f 
lyrics by Wayne Sheridan, n George Koch 6 
Buss Taylor. 1 v. Book 6 lyrics only. 
e Bayne Sheridan: 26Apr76; 00987111. 


Cha-cha. By David Steven Rappoport. 1 
V. C David Rappoport; 26Apr76; DD98715. 


Tight with the Devil; a screenplay. By 
Arthur P. Carter. 136 p. Prev. reg as A 
Circle of squares, imov67. NM: revision. 
C Arthur P. Carter; 26Apr76: 0098716. 


Fat Tuesday; a musical drama in two 
acts. By Dee Pobinson & Roger Furman. 
Sheets. Book 6 lyrics only. 6 Dee 
Robinson 6 Poger Furmar; 26Apr76; 


Without sex. By Joseph L. Dade. Sheets 
(119 p.) Joseph L. Dade; 26Apr76; 


Greengrass towers: a comedy in three 
acts. By Joan Fox Haber. 1 v. O Joan 
Fox Haber: 26Apr76; 0096719. 


Total fiction. Written by B. Kiefer. 
lis p. O B. Kiefer; 26Apr76: 0098750. 


Anna's garden; three acts. By David J. 
Calicchio. 75 p. c David J. Calicchio; 
26Apr76: 0098751. 


■^he Ping. By Anita Hart t Puth King. 
Sheets (66 p.) Add. ti: The Golden ring: 
Silence is golden; Connubial blitz. 
Anita Hart E Ruth King: 26Apr76; 


The Treasure: a one-act play. By Emmet 
P. O'Eyrne. 1 v. 6 Emmet P. O'Byrne; 
27fpr76; 0098753. 


Jesus Christ, Lawd t'day; a spiritual 
black experience. Conceived by Glenda 
Oickerson. 1 v. Includes music. Appl. 
au: Clyde Barrett. C Glenda Dickerscn B 
Clyde Barrett; 27Apr76; 0098751. 


The Second beginning. By Julius Vcgel , 
pseud, of Julius Foael - 85 p. C Juliu? 
Fogel; 27Apr76: 0098755. 


Fognapper; a screenplay. By Andrew 
Fischer. Shee»s (101 p.) C Andrew 
Fischer; 27Apr76: D098756. 


Clear the aisles and take your seats; 
book 5 lyrics for an original musical 
comedy. By Ann Holt Sheridan. Sheets 
(118 p.) Book 6 lyrics only. 6 Ann He!' 
Sheridan; 27Apr76; 0098757. 


Sylvia: damsel in distress; an original 
home play for television. Bv Nancy Ellen 
Moon. 87 p. (Starsky and Hutch) t Nanc 
Ellen Moon; 27Apr76; 0098758. 


Hour of the witch; a musical play. By 
Tom Topor. 1 v. Book only. f Tom Topor 
27Apr76: 0098759. 


After Miriam. By Eae Edelson. ■> v. 
e Rae Edelson; 27Apr76; 0098760. 

00 987 61. 

El Paso del norte; an outdoor drama 
written for El Paso, Texas. By William -• 
Hardy. 92 p. English. 6 William M. 
Hardy; 10Bay76; 0098761. 


The Adam series. Ey 0. G. Mila, pseud. 

of Grant Woodrow Miller. Sheets. € Gran 

Woodrow Miller: 19Apr76; D098"'62. 


Down here on the ground; a dramatic 
serial. Pt . 1. Created 8 written by Gar 
Frederick Flanigan. 116 p. C Garv 
Frederick Flanigan; 16Apr76: DD987f3. 


Maoic on parade: a musical illusion 
revue. Book, lyrics E m Ward Hall S C. B 
Christ. 1 V. e Ward Hall f. C. M. Christ 
10May76: D098761. 


Hell's kitchen has a tub in it; a play. 
By Catherine Lennard Benjamin, pseud, of 
Barbara Kahn. 1 v. C Barbara Kahn: 
20Apr"'6: D098765. 


The Innkeeper; a one-act comedy drama. 
By Raymond J. Harschalk, Sr. 36 p. 
C Raymond J. Marschalk, Sr.; 10Bay76; 


Bluejeans; an original screenplay. By 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(i(iitional recor(is that may exist. 

D098768 - DD98813 


DD98767 (cor.) 

Marshall Barry Gould s Corinr.e Betty 
Gould. 61 p. Harsh Barry Gould E Cori 
Gould: 7Spr76: DU98767. 


Who stole '.he Easter eggs? By Eobert 
Cornelius Peters. 86 p. S Robert 
Cornelius Peters; 3Ma y76 ; Da98768. 


nuhanaiad All's greatest fight. Created 
by Stan Peahota. 11 p. e Stan Peahota; 
22Apr76: rU98769. 


The Old folks, Polly and George; a one 
act play or dialogue. By Irene C. Hansen. 
3 p. S Irene Hansen; 6Hay76: DU9E770. 


Coffee: J. s. Bach's cantata number 211. 
A dramatization in English. By Ross 
Yockey. 5 p. NH: English version 5 
dranatizaticn. 6 Eoss Yockey; 9Apr76; 


The Widow and the colonel: a radio play. 
By Fochelle Owens. Sheets (30 p.) Lyrics 
'o Come, cheer up, my friends prev. reg. 
1976. 6 Rochelle Owens; 10Bay76: 

DU9B77 3. 

Message from space. By Christopher 
Anthony Cameron. Sheets (15 p.) in 
folder. e Christopher Anthony Cameron; 
19Apr76: DU98773. 


Son of the hundred; a screenplay. By 
Eugene Conrow Ayres. Sheets (105 p.) in 
folder. Based on the short story. The 
Luck of Boating Camp, by Bret Harte. NB: 
additions £ revisions. C Eugene Conrow 
Ayres; 19Apr76; D09877H. 


Don't cry over spilled raisins: a 
one-act play. By Lester L. Fine. 19 p. 
Prev. reg. 17Nov75, DU96801 5 others. Nn: 
revision. 6 Hichael B. Kirkland, executor 
of the Estate of Lester L. Fine; 10Hay76; 


Hallo, hallo, Hollywood. A musical play 
in two acts. Libretto Z score by Frog 
Gwynplaine Maclr.tyre, script supervision 
by Jerry LaBoy, translated from the 
English to 'he American by Jon Estren. 
Sheets (115 p.) Add. 'i: Hello, hello, 
Hollywood. Book 5 lyrics only. Appl. au: 
Jeremy Whitfield. © Frog Gwynplaine 
naclntyre; 6Apr76; DD98776. 


Sincerely yours, literally yours. 
Sheets in folder. Appl- au: Jeanne L. 
Niederlitz E Arthur Posen (Artie Fosen) 
e Acting By Children Productions, Inc.; 
27Apr7e: DU98777. 


The Book of Genesis according to Saint 
Ralph. By Ralph Foubicek. Sheets (30 p.) 
S Ralph Poubicek; 28Apr76: 0098778. 

DU 98779. 

The Decision; a one-act play. 10 p. 
Appl. au: Anra Elizabeth Walker (Ann 
Elizabeth Walker) 6 Ann Elizabeth Walker; 
28Apr76; 0D98779. 


The nountain; script. 11 p. Appl. au : 
Serafini Associates, Inc. 6 Serafiri 
Associates, Inc. d.b.a. Faces West 
Productions; 28Apr7e ; DD98780. 


Holy madness: the story of Charles 

Guiteau; an historical drama. By Craig D. 
Clinton. 91 p. 6 Craig D. Clinton; 
28Apr76; 0098781. 


The nusic box; an experimental 
production- Created by Clay Douglas Rooks 
E Richard William Smith. Sheets (7it p.) 
e Clay Douglas Rooks; 28Apr76; DU987B2. 


Oueen Kong; original screenplay. By Ron 
Dobrin E Frank Agrama. 98 p. Add. ti: 
The Liberated lady gorilla. e Dexter 
Films, Ltd.; 10Bay76; D098783. 


Divorce in the desert; a one-act play. 

By Euell 6 Helen Labhard. U2 p. e Euell 
6 Helen Labhard; 29Apr76; 00987811. 


Call me Snael, Sir. Wrl'ten by Erica 
Von Eaton. 12 p. 6 Erica Von Eaton; 
29Apr76; 0098785. 


Warfare; a play in three acts. By 
Daniel Lieberman. 79 p. C Daniel 
Lieberman; 29Apr76 ; 0098786. 


America— it's a beautiful life. By 
Joseph A- Lion. 1 v. C Joseph A. lion; 
29Apr76: 0098767. 


Down and out. By William John Luhrs. 1 
V. Prev. reg. ieNov75, 0096830. NH: 
revisions E additions- 6 Bill Luhrs; 
29Spr76: 0D98798- 


I walked with a zombie; a play in 3 
acts. By Lee whiting. 1 v. Lee 
whiting; 29Apr76; D09S789. 


Beanstalking; an audience participation 
play. 12 p. Appl. au: Susan Swarthout, 
Sharon Sanerbrun Doyle, Lynn Gardner, Hatt 
Hitler E Tom Holland. 8 Susan Swarthout; 
29Apr76: 0098790. 


The Nan who knew John Oillinger; a play. 
Ey Janet KcBeynolds. 56 p. 8 Janet 
McBeynolds; 29ipr76; 0098791. 


I hope I never get to Monmouth; a play 
in one act. By Kaye Kynion. 26 p. 
e Kaye Kynion; 29Apr76; 0098792. 


Tataria Golikova is real; a play in 
three acts. By Kaye Kynion. 103 p. 
e Kaye Kynion: 29Apr76: 0098793. 


Onder the skin. By Milton Geiger. 11 
p. e Mrs. Milton Geiger: 29Apr76; 
D09879I1 . 


Moonlioht. By Milton Geiger. 1 v. 
Add. ti:'The Orchid and the skull. Mrs. 
Milton Geiger; 29Apr76; D098795. 


The Dreamer. By Milton Geiger. 7 p. 
e Mrs. Milton Geiger: 29Apr76; D098796. 


Sentence to life; a play written 
expressly for radio. By Milton Geiger. 
10 p. e Mrs. Milton Geiger; 29Apr76; 
00987 97. 


The Checker player. By Milton Geioer. 
10 p. C Mrs. Milton Geiger: 29Apr76; 



Three men on a cloud; an original 
teleplay. By Margaret J. Kammer. 6 p. 
C Margaret J. Kammer (P. J. Kammer); 
29Apr76; D098799. 


Men don't cry; an original screenplay- 
By Margaret J. Kammer. 171 p. Prev. re 
197U, D092itl0. NM: additions E revisicn 
e Margaret J. Kammer (P. J. Kammer) ; 
29Ppr76: D098800. 


Happy birthday, dear Jesus; a playlet 
one act. By John Heber Clay'on. in p. 
Includes music. C on words only; John 
Heber Clayton; 29Apr76; :098801. 

e de Monsieur Ferrichon, by Eugene 

translator: Daphne Swabey. 
lair E Garson Kanin; 30Apr76: 

3awn; a screenplay. Ey C>-arl 
86 p. t Charles Winecoff ; 

Three scenes from married life- 19 p- 
Freely adapted from 2 stories by Anton 
Chekhov, Grief £ Anna round 'he neck. 
Appl. au: Donald J. Young. C Donald J. 
Young; 30Apr76; D098eo«. 


Wintergreen. Ey George Coleman Tuck, 
Jr. 139 p. e Georae Coleman luck, Jr.; 
30Apr76; D098805. 

DO 98 806. 

Health for all seasons. By Richard V. 
Keosheyan. 1 v. C Pichard V. Keosheya- : 
30Apr76; 009B806. 


Clothing: a pair of gym shoes. Py 
Richard V. Keosheyan. 1 v. C Richard v. 

Keosheyan; 30Apr76: 0098807. 


Bon vo 

Garson K 

le Voyao 


e Fene C 








J Little boy's dr 
12 p. e Roth Cline 

I. By Foth CI 
30Apr76: 009 


Le Rube; a musical comedy type French 
revue with original music. Book, lyrics E 
m Doug Spears. Sheets. English. Prev. 
reo. 1961, DD60517 6 0060818. N« : music 
arrangements, revisions E additions. 
C Doug Spears; 30Apr76: 009880°. 

00988 10. 

Orchard Street ; 
Written by Mary M. 
folder. 6 Mary fl. 
30Apr76; DD98810. 

•act play. 
Sheets in 
(Mimi Conway) ; 


Solar circus; film script. By will? am 
Feigenbaum E Joyce Feigenbaum. 171 p. 
e William Feigenbaum S Joyce Feigenbaum; 
30Apr76: 0098811. 


Disappearance of 'he nigh'; a religious 
drama. Written by Skins, pseud, of 
Erskine M. Greene. 18 p. 8 Erskin= r. 
Greene; 13May76; D098812. 


George M! Lyrics E m George H. Cohan, 
book by Michael Stewart, John Pascal E 
Fran Pascal, lyrics 6 musical revisics Iry 
Harv Cohan. 1 v. Book S lyrics only, 
e on book only; Michael S'ewart, John 
Pascal E Fran Pascal; lil'1ay76; D098R13. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



The Dramatization of The House of Birth. 
By Edith Uharton 6 Clyde Fitch, edi-cd S 
annotated with appendices by Glenn 
neredith Loney. 1 v. NH: revisions. 
C Glenn Heredith Loney: 28Apr76; 

OD 98815. 

Billy Fose and Sophie Tucker. By Kurt 
0- Steinbart. 1 v. Includes music. 
Kurt 0. steinbart; 11Nay76; DU9B815. 


God's in town: a musical production for 
everyone who lives in America. story by 
Raymond N. Hamilton. 30 p. Add. ti: Bake 
up Acerica; Give America a hand. Book 
onlv. a Raymond N. Hamilton; 12l1ay76; 


See vou later; a full length comedy for 

stage. By John W. Ghent, Jr. Sheets (90 

p.) C John Ghent; 12nay76; DU98B17. 


The Yankee Doodle revue. 1 v. Appl. 
au: Richard H. Burkhard E Gary H. Ensor. 
C Richard H. Burkhard 6 Gary M. Ensor; 
13Hay76; 0098818. 


Waiting for Joyce Miller; a three act 
play. By Billy Graham. Sheets (7il p.) 
Billy Graham: 30Jan76: DU98819. 


Antigues and collectables; a play in 
three acts. By Dee Ann Gillies. ao p. 
C Dee Ann Gillies; 10Bay76; D098820. 

DO 98821. 

Puritan judgement: a *:rial of an era; a 
play. By Embree H. Blackard, Jr. 3^ p. 
C Embree H. Blackard, Jr.; 13May76; 


Green mirrors- Original story E 
screenplay: Jerry Roth, adaptation G 
shooting script: Jacques Korn. Sheets (49 
p.) Prev. reg. 26Sep7U. NB: drama- 
tization, adaptation E shooting script. 
C Jacques Korn E Jerry Roth; 11May76; 


George Washington couldn't have slept 
here; a comedy with music. Pt. 1-2. By 
Starr Best Jones S Bradie C. Betheny, 
lyrics E m Paul Jones. 6 v. Part 1 prev. 
reg. 15Jul75, 0095320. KB: part 2. 
e Starr Best Jones E Bradie Betheny; 
28Spr76; DD98823. 


The Crutch; an original 3 act drama. By 
James Borehead. 1 v. 9 James Borel-ead; 
3Bay76; D098821. 


Bedge work. By Dennis E. Noble. 1 U p. 
(Hachines that move the world) O Dennis 
E. Noble; 3Bay76: D098825. 


The Bouse that almost fell; a play. By 
Bruce Serlen. 92 p. C Bruce Serlen; 
3Hay76; 0098826. 


Bine eyes have seen; an original 1 hour 
T.V. comedy. By John 1. Bancini. 63 p. 
John L. Bancini; 3Bay76; DD98827. 


The Queen of night; a drama in four 
acts. By Kit BcKieron, pseud, of Linda J. 
Stockham. 85 p. C Linda J. stockham; 
3May76: 0D98828. 


The Search for the right attitude: a 
three-act play. By Harold Richard 
Bitchell. 22 p. Harold R. Bitchell: 
3Bay76; DU98829. 


The Pulse of the universe. By Harold 
Richard Bitchell. Sheets (157 p.) 
C Harold Richard Mitchell; 3Bay76; 

0098831 . 

Over the rainbow; a musical play. By 
William T. Bode. 1 v. Appl. states all 
new except m songs prev. reg. in The 
Partridge Family: From home to Rome, 
7«ar73, 0086293 E o+hers. C William T. 
Bode; UBay76; D098831. 


A Great one for the album; an original 
screenplay. By Richard Coate. sheets (57 
p.) Based upon the short story. 
C Fichard Coate; ««ay76; DD98832. 


Out of sight; a Gothic fantasy, three 
acts. By David J. Calicchio. Sheets (78 
p.) e David J. Calicchio; <lMay76; 


Prometheus revised; a film script of a 
science fiction drama. By Batthew Thomas 
Slattery, 3rd. 51 p. From Aeschylus' 
Prometheus bound. 6 Batthew Thomas 
Slattery, 3rd; «Bay76; D098834. 


Rape! Rape! Rape! The comedy of 
terrors. By V. S. Pierce. 1 v. C T. s. 
Pierce; «Bay76; D098835. 


Streetwalker's revenge: an original play 
for television. By Nancy Ellen Boor. ti 
p. C Nancy E. Boon; '»Bay76; DD98836. 


The Violation of Sarah Chapman; 

screenplay. By Van Hawkins. 120 p. 

C Van Hawkins; 13Bay76; D098837. 


Charles Siringo: teleplay. By John 
Dunkel. 178 p. (Westering.) Based on an 
original work by Howard Lamar, Appl. au: 
Yale Oriversity Media Design Studio. 
e Yale Oriversity; 15Apr76; 0098838. 


The Loneranger versus the Flying 
Nuns/the Jerusalem prince; a written 
dramatic movie composition. By Joe Pakan. 
Sheets (58 p.) Prev. reg. 29Har73, 
DUB6532. NB: additions E revisions. 
e Joe Pakan; 19Apr76: P098839. 


Powder Fiver suite; screenplay. By 
James A. Bigotti B Nicholas P. Bigotti. 
56 p. C James A. Bigotti E Nicholas P. 
Bigotti; 25Bar7e; DO988H0. 


Bansion in the sky; a TV script. By 
Perry C. Thompson. 1 v. C Perry C. 
Thompson; 10Bay76; D0988U1. 


The Person; one act play. By Paul 
August. 32 p. 6 Paul August; 11Bay76; 


Sunny: two acts. Book E lyrics by 
Ronald Leslie Garrett, m Michel L'Es- 
perance. 95 p. Book E lyrics only. 
C Ronald Leslie Garrett; 17Bay76; 


Thais; comedie lyrique en ♦roi s actes e- 
sept tableaux. Poem by Louis Galle-, 
Enalish lyrics by Fritz Joseph Hein'-z, 
pseud, of Joseph W. Heintz 6 Stephen 
Fiore, m Jules Massenet. Sheets (275 n.) 
Add. ti: Jules Massenet's Thais. D'apres 
le reman de Ana<role France. French E 
English. NM: *ranEla*-ior E adaptation, 
e Joseph w. Heintz (Fritz Joseph Hein'z) E 
Stephen Fiore; 1<4Bay76; 0098811. 


A longing for the sea; a two-act play 
with one set 6 five characters. By Andr'^w 
Mack. 117 p. Andrew Back; 11Mav76: 


Fifth down: The S'rike. Written by ra ry 
Cobb E Gregory Von Dare, pseud, cf Gregcry 
Suchor. 22 p. e Gregory Suchor whose ' 
pseud, is Gregory Von Dare E Mary Cotb; 
12Apr76; D0988U6. 


Tasting time; or. Forever yours. Sheet- 
(51 p.) Appl. au: Robert G. Wells. 
e Robert G. Bells; 19Apr76: 009881"". 


Lake Erie: a play in three acts. Ey 
Billon Turet. 1 v. C Milton Turet; 
5Bay76; D0988U8. 


Speak easy; a musical legend of the lif= 
of Frank Costello. By Ronald D'Altneu r= 
Strulle £ Ann B. Harris. 1 v. C Ann f. 
Har-is E Ronald D'Altneu De Strulle: 
5May76: D098819. 


A Gift of love; a play. By Floyd Alpha 
Jone: E Frederick Vail Overman. m p. 
J Floyd A. Jones E F. V. Overman; 5Bay7f: 

DO 988 = 1. 

A Serious undertaking; an original one 
act play. By Michael Glenn Miller E Jo"- r 
Frank Yuken. 1 v. e Bichael Glenn Miller 
E Jack Yuken; 5Hay76; 0098851. 


Cornflakes; a play in one act. By Mara 
Bovson. 1 V. P Mara Bovsun; 5May76; 


Winged wheels. Ey Charles Henry ^anso". 
28 p. C Charles H. Sanson: 5(lav76; 


Speak to me softly, like the rair: a 
drama in two acts. By Diana J. Wance. 
67 p. C Diana J. Mange; 5Mav76: 


Fex Edwards; a play in two acts. By 
Jackie Hyman. 57 p. Prev. reg. 26Jun7?, 
D081358; 6Aug75 (i.e. 21Jul72), 0081656. 
NB; compilation, additions 6 revisions. 
e Jackie Hyman; 5May76; 0098855. 


On the hometront. By Eileen c. Gullo. 
17 p. e Eileen C. Gullo; 5Bay76; 


Echoes of the massacre. By Eileen r. 
Gullo. 19 p. e Eileen c. Gullo: 5Mav7f: 

DO 98 8 58. 

I don't know how, but I'm goina to make 

it; a film for television. Ey Tamara B. 

Bawitt E Donald J. Bcrman. 50 p. 

e Donald J. Berman B Tamara E. Pawitt; 
5Mav76; D098B58. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


0098859. ni James F. Shaw. 1 v. © Joseph A. 1 
Hold it! A romance comedy. A Robinette E Janes R. Shaw; 6Hay76; L 

screenplay ty Pajon Arts, Ir.c. Sheets 0098873. 

(151 p.) e Pajon Arts, Ltd.; 5M3y16; D098891. 

Anqggsg DD988711. -lot's Virtue. By Carolyn nary DuPree. 

Niaht-time in Toyland; a children's play 1 v. 6 Carolyn nary OuPree; 10Bay76; 

0098860. in I'act. By John Othman Walker 6 Bary 0098891. 
The victor of Saratoga: The Fall c£ Altier Walker. 9 p. 6 Hary Altier Walker 

Benedic- Arnold- a play in two acts. By K John Uthman Walker; 6nay76; DD9887it. DD9P892. 

waiter L Fairservis, Jr. 132 p. . George Washington slept around; a comedy 

e Walte- A. Fa-rservis, Jr.; 5nay76; 0098875. m three acts. Ey Daniel S. Ryan S Nar'y 

01,98860 The Las' party. By Robert n. Bauer. Isadore. 115 p. Prev. reg. 8Apr7f, 

Sheets (52 p.) c Robert H. Bauer; 0098526. Nn : revisions S act 3. c Canrel 

6nay76; D098875. S. Ryan E narty Isadore; 10nay76; 



A Tide of voices. By Suzanne Granfield. 
28 p. e Suzanne Granfield: 5nay76: 0098876. 

15098861 The Paris touch.. By Norman LaRochelle. 0098893. 

9 p. Appl. au: Bildred Sjoholm LaRoc- noncpoly; a one act play. Ey Alix 

0398862 helle. 6 Norman LaRochelle 6 nildred Sullivan, pseud, of Alice Johnston (Al'ce 

nonodv- an original screenplay. Ey A. Sjoholm; 6nay76; 0098876. Johnston Sullivan) 20 p. 6 Alice 

Erwin Coive?, 5r! Ill p! e A. Ervir Johnston Sullivan; 10nay76: D09B893. 
Colver, Jr.; 5nay76; DU98862. 0098877. 

Ritual: "Etotimmitote. " Bywillson D09B89I4. 

0098863 Scott Thornton. 15 p. C Scott Thornton; The wishing well. Sisters. Two 

Tars f-om Tripoli. Libretto by Beth 6nay76; 0098877. monologues. Ey Alix Sullivan, pseud, o' 

Flusser,"m James Hewitt. 8 p. Based on Wice Johnston (Alice Johnston ^-Jllj-van) 

Naval pillar, by Thomas Dibdin. Libretto 0096878. 1 v. O Alice Johnston Sullivan; •'0nay76: 

only. Nn: editorial revision 6 additional nan and boy; a dramatic play. By Harold D09889"l. 
►ext e Beth Flusser; 5nay76; D098863. Stern. 73 p. 6 Hershel Stern; 6Bay7e; 

0098878. D098895. 

The Huff; one act play. By Carolyn 



Pat--ck Henrv- a musical written in 0098679. Wooden Hogan. 9 p. C Carolyn w 

celebration 'of America's Bicentennial for No two way street. By Sylvester J. Hogan; 10nay76; 0098895. 

the "nnit 0" Covenant churches. Written Richardson. Sheets (10 2 p.) C Sylvester 

by Barbara Lord Collings. «0 p. J- (Sy) Richardson; 7nay76: 0098879. D098896. 

e Barba-a lord Collings: 6nay76; Another island. By Ralph Robin. "5 p. 

E Barba.a Lora coiiings, nay 0098880. « Balph Eotin; 10nay76; 0098896. 

A Dream seeded in the earth. By John 

Howard Slade. Sheets (119 p.) 6 John 0098697. 

upon a mi'-acle- an oriainal, Howard Slade; 7Bay76; 0098880. Everything's Jake; an original 

feature-length, motion picture scrift. By screenplay. By Anthony Palmer. 1«3 o. C nichael Oerks; D098881. 6 Anthony Palmer; 10nay76; D098897. 

6Mav76- D098865. The Banner of Birthington' s washplace; 

' or, S Stitch in time; or. Sweet liberty D098898. 

with Betsy Rose Lee; a melodrama in three Courtroom; the »rial of James leboris. 

lives- a play in two acts. acts. By James W. Rolf 6 Oarlene A. Rolf. By Pose BcCoy. 52 p. C Rose ncCcy; 

By'EdwarrjrDeBuvitL sheets (85 p.) 20 p. 6 Jim Rolf 6 Oarlene Rolf; 7nay76; 10Bay76; D098898. 

e Edward J. OeBuvitz; 6Bay76; 0098866. 0098881. 

0098867 00988B2. Facets; a play in two acts. By Bildred 

Never"stone a shyster. Ey Jerry Bader. The Cycle. By Russell L. Carmichael 6 Barnes Talmadge. 1 v. e Hildred Barnes 

134 p Pr=v. reg. 60ct75, D0635M1. Nn: David Collins. 10 p. 6 Russell L. Talmadge: 10nay76: 0098899. 

additional text 6 revisions. 6 Jerry Carmichael G David Collins: 7nay76; 

Bader; 6nay76; 0098867. D098882. 0098900 , „ ,« „ ,, r i ■ > 

' The niracle of Duffy. Book E lyrics by 

P„gggj3 C098883. Katherine S. Talmadge, m Steven Bright. 1 

The Wate-gate course; a folk musical A Tale of one town. By Frederick Lyman. v. Book £ lyrics only, e Catherine S. 

play m two acts. By Arthur L. Harrow. 112 p. P Frederick Lyman; 7nay76: Talmadge; 10nay76; DD98900. 

1214 p. Book 6 lyrics only. Prev. reg. D098883. noon, 

2Jan75, 0092913. NB : additional lyrics S ''"'''^° : , , , i,„ „„ „.„ 

-evisfon" e Arthur L. Harrow: 6nay76; D09888U. Gorky's last play; a play. By Dan 

nMOflflco ~ Basquerade; a one act play. By David S. Levin. Sheets (138 p.) e Dan Levin; 

Lifson. e p. 6 David S. lifson; 7nay76; 10nay-6: 0098901. 

DU98869. , D09888-. 0098902 

Benito Cereno; a screenplay. By Daniel 0098902. „ „ .. 

Delano. 52 p. Adapted from Herman D098885. The Big secret; screenplay. By Peter 

Belvnie's Bekto Cereno 6 Amasa Delano's In God's name; an original screenplay. Piethof. 117 p. Adapted from the book by 

Na-rative of vovaaes and travels in the Ey Ric Reichert. 98 p. C Ric Beichert; Rene Earjavel: le Grand secre.. Prev. 

no-thern and southern hemispheres. 7Bay76: D098885. pub. as The Immortals, prev. reg. 30Bar , 

Sianiel Oe?ano; 6nay76; 0098869. - 73407. Nn: adaptation, aramatization 

0098886. E English version. e Peter Riethof; 

0098870. The Long, black block. U7 p. Appl. au: 17nay76; D098902. 

Funnybones: screenplay. By Thelma Roger Furman. 6 Roger Furman; 7nay76: „„„„„, 

Hamlin. 95 p.- 6 Thelma Hamlin; 6"lay76: DD98886. D098903. 

009887 1. 

Niaht of terror. 87 p. Adapted from 
he novel la Nnit de nulle par', by Louis 

0098887. . 

Why the eagle was chosen: a puppet play. C. Thcmas. Appl. au: Peter Riethof. 

re„.,y a:,d the maaic medallion: a one-act By Margaret B. Burks. 8 p. 6 nargaret B. Prev. pub. 22May67 AFO-51 20 1 NH: 

musical for children. Book E lyrics by Burks; 7nay76; D098887. ?L^^^Iir=:'°e'p tlr'fiefh^ir ;?Bay76; 

Joseph A. Robinette, lyrics S m James R. „„oQQin' 

Shaw. 1 V. e Joseph A. Robinette £ James 0098888. 0098903. 
R. Shaw; 6Bay76; 0098871. Nova psyche. Sheets (131 p.) m folder. 

Appl. au: Lee Trevanian. 6 Lee Trevanian: 0098904. 

10nay76: D098888. The Way of the buffalo? A script fo 

motion Dicture. 6 p. Appl. au : Cliff 

„„..o ..,.„,^. -. r- ^ ,- D098869. Pope, e North Star Product ions , I nc . : 

11Jun75, D094769. NH: revisions £ The Kingdom of gifts; an original 19nay76: 0098904. 

additional dramatic material. C Hilton screenplay. By Edward S. Kneeland E Jo „„„„„., 

doses Ginsberg; 6Bay76; 0098872. Anna Kneeland. 1 v. S Edwards. Kneeland DO98905. 

^ E Jo Anna Kneeland: 10Bay76; 0098889. Three days m the life of Clar'bel 


The Sealed universe; a film. B) Kilton 
Ginsberg. 53 p. 


Beanstalk; a musical for children. 
£ lyrics by Joseph A. Robinette, lyr 

Light: three one act plays with 

erne about an un-common voma 

anley E. Disney. 32 p. Pr 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

)n Avery: 


Hello, sports! Crea-ed 6 written ty 

Larry Sherman S nichael S. Condel. U9 p. 

larry Sherman 6 (like Candel; 12nay76; 

19 p. Bppl. 


■annettp J. 


The Storeroom. Ey James S. Hunger. 1 

V. e James S. Hunter; 12nay76; 0098900 

a fantasy in 

65 p. Allan 


Wrestlers; a comedy in the ironic mode. 

Bv (lichael George Bassen. 181 p. 

C nfchael Georae Bassen; 12nay76; 




DU98905 (con.) adaptation. C Carol Thompson A 

16Apr75, DU9U092 6 7Jul75, DP95162. Nfl: 3Bay76; 0098921. 

3ra play. C Stanley E. oisney; 19«ay76: 

DU98905. D098922. 

A Minority child's day. 

DU98906. au: Jeannette J. Bolt. J 

The Taaing of Toad. By Joseph Epolito, Bolt; 6(iay76; D098922. 

lyrics by larry Rosier, m Bobert cioffi. 

Sheets. A musical theatre adaptaticn of 0096923. 

The Wind in the willous. C Joseph Epolito The children's delegation 

6 Robert Cioffi; 19nay76: 0098906. two acts. By Allan Havis. 

Havis; 1lnay76; 0098923. 


Punpky Pumpkin. Written by Diane E. D0989214. 

Walker. Sheets (U3 p.) C Diane E. Glad Alice in Wonderland; 

Walker; 17Bay76: D098907. Screenplay, y S m Frederick A. Sea'rles. 

Sheets. C Frederick A. "Bucky" Searles; D098942. 

D098908. 11Bay76; D09892U. The Dungeon with a view; a comedy- 
Carol; or. The Last death and testament in * wo acts. By Douglas E. Glaeser. 

of a lion. A lament for one life in three 0098925. sheets (53 p.) 6 Douglas E. Glaeser 

nightmares 6 one funeral. By George The Chinese screen; a new China drama. 12nay76; DU989H2. 

Biezenski. 1143 p. C George Biezenski; By Debra Clark. 58 p. C China Clark; 

3l1ay76; D098908. 11Bay76; D098925. r0989143. 

You think maybe you got problems. 

D098909. D098926. Audley Bark Williams. 18 p. C Audi 

December vedge. By Ross Jay BacLean. A Little beyond; a comedy. By Theo B. Mark Williams; 12May76; 00989143. 

17 p. Ross BacLean; 3Hay76; 0098909. Collins. 65 p. C Theo R. Collins; 

11Bay76; DD98926. 


Fortune's minion; or. The Rag of honor. 0098927. 

A play in three acts. By Lewis Bre'rt Che; a dramatic presentation. By 

Frosch. Sheets (106 p.) C Levis Brett Annette Cabot. HI p. e Annette Cabot; 

Frosch; 3[lay76; 0098910. 1inay76; 0098927. 

0098911. 0098928. 
Tony Benwood's repentance; screenplay. Don't stand too close to the edge; a 

By Alfred Warren. 1 v. Includes music. play in one act. By David J. Eliot. 13 

C Alfred Warren; 3Bay76; D098911. p. C David J. Eliot; 11Bay76; D098928. 

0098912. 0098929. 
Machines that move the yorld: "pulley The Light in a cat's eye. By David 

power." ay Dennis E. Noble. 16 p. Add. Flannery. 109 p. t David Flannery; 

ti: The Pulley. O Dennis E. Noble; 12May76; 0098929. 
3Bay76; D098912. 


0098913. Davai Chasi; an original screenplay. B) 
Nelson 76. By Ross BacLean. 20 p. Daniel A. Fried. 177 p. 6 Daniel A. 

C Ross BacLean; 3Bay76; 0098913. Fried; 11Bay76; D098930. 

D0989114. DU98931. 

Rococo. 21 p. Appl. au: Ilaria nidulla Diamonds; a new play. By Jeff The Best defense; a plav. By John 

Ippolito. C Ilaria nidulla Ippolito; Hochhauser. Sheets. 6 Jeff Hochhauser; Bi*chell Albert 6 David Alan Ravitch. » ^ 

3Bay76; D0989114. 11Bay76; D098931. p. 6 John B. Albert 6 David A. Ravitch; 

2UBay76; D0989U8. 

0098915. 0098932. 

It happened here; a dramatization of The Stoop, 1976; a tragedy in three 00989U9. 

colonial history in Carteret County. By ac*s. By Enrique Ortiz. Ill p. The Kentucky Angels; a screenplay of t 

Ruth Peeling Barbour. 59 p. e Ruth C Enrique Ortiz; 11Bay76; 0098932. Civil War. By David Wayne Benefee. 138 

Peeling Barbour; 3Bay76: DU98915. p. Add. ti: The Ken*uckv Angel. 6 David 

0098933. Wayne Benefee; 2iiBar76;' DD989119. 

0098916. Barplot; a play in two acts. By Pobert 
lord knows what I'm living off of sure T. Sterlina. 1I6 p 

ain't life; a one-act play. By Gordon 11Hay76; D098933. 
Nelson. 18 p. Gordon Nelson; 3Bay76; 

0098916. DD9893a. 

Park bench ; a mu 

0098917. William Barnett. 
Victory for a senior citizen; an only. e Bill Barn 

original one act play. Written by Effie 

G. Gertrude BcConnell. 6 p. C Effie G. 0098935. 

Gertrude BcConnell; 3nay76; 0098917. Gullibility on parade; or. You talking Holines, Christine B. Ingalls, Steven E. 

to me? 20 p. fippl. au: Kevin Aspell, Kovner, John A. Bajor E Pavid T. Wolff; 

0098918. Doug Ferrari 6 Bay Hanna. 6 Kevin Aspell, 26Apr76; DU98951. 
A Belated glacial rage. By Jon Doug Ferrari 6 Ray Hanna a.k.a. The High 

Jackoway. 103 p. Jon Jackoway; wire Radio Choir; 12nay76; DU98935. 0098952. 

3Bay76; 0098918. Coney Island; the new musical. Bv Hal 

D098936. Rose, book 6 lyrics by Batthew Jay Selman 

0098919. Virtue is its own reward; or. The addi-ional lyrics by Aaron Liohtman. 
The Cuckoldry game. By Gerald Tola. Centennial fever. A melodrama. By James Sheets (59 p.) Book E lyrics'only. 

Sheets (14B p.) Gerald Tola; 3Bay76; Gough 6 Frank Babcock. 65 p. 6 James C Batthew Jay Selman (Batty Selmar) ; 

DD98919. Gough E Frank Babcock; 12Bay76: 0098936. 27Apr76; DU98952. 

0098920. D098937. D098953. 

Due vest, constellation, 37; character Spring in September; comedy in three Brown Hountain; screenplay. By Thomas 

sketch. 93 p. Add. ti: Due west, acts. By Baruch Lumet. 78 p. 6 Baruch B. Cooke, 2na 6 Richard Wes*-. 71 p. 

constellation thirty seven. Appl. au : Lumet; 12Bay"'6; DU98937. C Thomas fl. Cooke, 2nd S Richard West; 

Gregory K. clay. C Gregory K. Clay; 27Apr76; D098953. 

3May76; 0098920. DD98938. 

There's no business; a situation-comedy 009895U. 

0098921. pilot. By Sheldon R. Lubliner C Janet Socialization of Officer T. T. Bacguir" 
The Awakening; a screenplay. By Carol Neipris. sheets (16 p.) Sheldon B. 1969-1975. By Leif A. Bentscn. 1 v. 

Thompson ^very. 131 p. Based on the Lubliner B Janet Neipris; 12Bay76; C leif A. Bentsen; 23Apr76; DU9''95i4. 

original novel by Kate Chopin. NB: screen 0098938. 



Fliza; s 
200 p. Ad 
Harriet Be 

apted froi 
echer Stoi 

. By Helen 
1 Oncle Tom 
we. C Hele 

's cabin, 
n Weston; 


La Chare 
e Amilcar 

■a. By Am, 

ilcar Tl 

rado. Sheets 


The Call 

ing. 5 p. 
e Barbara 

. Appl. 
I Willia 


: Barbara 


The Bagi 
act with m 
pseud, of 
B. Baker. 
B. Baker; 

cians; or, 

usic and i 

Haroldee 1 

1 v. 1 


, A Bit 
Koch, ly 



■ Ko 

fluf« in o 
s £ m ?cn- 
ch E Rcnn-'i 


e Robert T. Sterling; 


The Elec':ion. 
e Lonnie Carter: 

Bv Lonnie i 
; 26Apr76: 

Car+er. 17 

ical comedy. By 

V. Book E lyrics 
tt; 12Bay76; D0989311. 


A Bus trip to 
Holmes, Chris'ii 
Kovner, John A. 
23 p. Includes 

ie B. Tngall: 
Bajor 6 Dav: 
music. e B 

By Richard 
5, Steven B 
id T. Wolff, 
ichard S. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DU98955. DU98971. DU98986. 

A Tackahoe tale; or. Jack and the Byron and Shelley: that perfect sunnier: Revolution; a theatre piece in 2 acts. 

TuckaJloes; a fclkway play. 1 v. Includes a dramatic portrait. By Philip Hanson 5 "" Robert G. Barone, .lames V. Hanosh , 

music. Appl. au: Anita Hollis Sulllns, Albert Corbin. 1 v. Prev. reg. as Ronald A. Hebert 6 studen+s at Otica Free 

Hollie Sullins. Hollie Sullins; Perfect summer, 9Aug7it, DD91331. NM : Academy, choreography by Katherine S. 

30Apr76; DU98955. additions & revisions. C Philip Hanson £ Schmid*. Shee's. e U'-ica Ci*y School 

Albert Corbin: 13Bay76; DU98971. District; mnay76: DD98986. 

A New day. By Laurence A. Harper, Sr. D098972. DU98987. 

1 V. Laurence A. Harper, Sr.; 30Apr76; Hhistlestop, U.S.A. By Ban Muir E Kitty The Sun eaters; screenplay. By Ronald 

DU9B956. Eley. 1 v. Includes music. e Nan Muir S Wertheim. 81 p. e Louis Peraino: 

Kitty Eley; 26Apr76; DD98972. 1'4nay76; DD98987. 

Hard core; a treatment E notes. DU98973. Dn989e8. 

Original story: James Hilson Kennedy An Evening with Mark Tuain! A Squeaky shoes. By Judy Johnson. E p. 

Vauahan. 18 p. Add. 'i: The Back lash; recreation of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 6 Judy Johnson; 1UBay76; DD98988. 
Take your seats. 6 James Hilson Kennedy arr. 6 edited by Jeffrey Robert flarkle. 

Vaughan; 27Apr76; DD98957. sheets. From original material by Samuel DU9e989. 

Langhorne Clemens. Prev. reg. NM: Takeover; screenplay. By Paul B. 

0098958. compilation, arr. 6 additions. 6 Jeff Farrell, Jr. 1S5 p. e Paul B. Farrell, 

The Adventures of Garbageman and Smelly. flarkle; 19Bay76; D098973. Jr.; 1itKay76; Dn98989. 
Death, back to back. By Wilbur James 

Thomas. 1 v. C W. James Thomas; DD9897U. DD98990. 

28Apr76; DD98958. It's good to have you back, Ulster Hyperdrive. By Jane Rebecca narlowe. 

Diloggia; a musical comedy. Book 6 lyrics Sheets (13 p.) in folder. e Jane Rebecca 

DU98959. by Robert P. Uolf. H2 p. Book 6 lyrics narloue; 1ill!ay76; DU98990. 

Quicksand; a play in two parts. By only. 6 Robert P. Holf; 19nay76; 

CleBen' A. Tamraz. 130 p. Prev. reg. DU9e97a . DU98991. 

3Jul75, 0095185. NH: revisions 6 Heaven help U.S. Book by Leonard 

additions. P Clement A. Tamraz; 13Bay76; DU98975. Lasner, lyrics S m Barry E. Hack. 1 v. 

DU98959. Hallelujah, the prophesy fulfilled. By C Barry E. Hack 6 Leonard lasner; 

James A. Peddy. 2 v. Includes music. 1U«ay76; 009899 1. 
D098960. From the Book of Isaiah, chap. 53. Appl. 

Kinnie Waaner; a screenplay. By Charles au : Rafcrd Paul F: . Peddy. C Ped-Vil Sap 0098992. 

Hagner. 1U p. C Charles Hagner; Publishing; 16Apr76: P098975. «e all kill ants. Written by Sharon 

13aay76; 0098960. Marqare-: Suddy. 29 p. t S»-aron nargare' 

0098976. Ruddy; mHay76; D098992. 
DU98961. Billy's shoes. 3 p. Appl. au : Edwina 

The Abductors. Original screenplay by V. Norrinqton. C Eduina V. Norrington; DU98993. 

Nicholas Spanos, original story by William 19May76; D096976. " Nothing is as it seems; a screenplay. 

Grefe. Sheets (85 p.) C Film Artists By Virginia Dale Birdsall. sheets (101 

Corporation: 13Hay76: 0098961. DU98977. p.) e G. Birdsall; llinay76; DU98993. 

My hands are stuck! 1 p. Appl. au : 

D098962. Eduina V. Norrington. Edwina V. DU9899U. 

The Everlasting shell. By Ruth E. Norrington; 19nay76; D098977. Deliver us from evil. By Maroaret 

Stephens. 76 p. C Ruth E. Stephens; Brennan Gardiner. 72 p. e nargo Erennar 

13!1ay76; 0098962. 0098978. Gardiner: 1unay76; D09899H. 

The Perfect ploy. Hriters: Alia 

D098963. Schatoff C Franklyn Scott. Sheets (106 0098995. 

whodunit. By Scott Alan Galassini. 13 p.) 6 Alia Schatoff 6 Franklyn Scott; Heart in two; screenplay. By Ellen 

p. e Scott Alan Galassini; 13Hay76: 18nay76: D098978. Gaslow (Ellen Gaslou Schachter) . 121 p. 

D098963. e Ellen Gaslou Schachter; UF6b76: 

DU98979. D098995. 
DD9896U. Faust; original screenplay. By Arlene 

Piedras Negras; screenplay. By Richard M. Giblin. 125 p. Prev. pub. 1972; prev. 

L. Curilla. 125 p. From an original reg. 197U, 0089611. NH: dramatization 6 

story. Prev. reg. 18Feb76, DD97859 E additions. e Arlene H. Giblin: 17Hay76; 

others. NM: revisions E additions. 0U98979. 

e Richard 1. Curilla; 13nay76; DD9896U. D098997. 

0098980. The Fletcher oirls; a mo»ion plc*ur 

D098965. China Kama; a comedy in two acts. By shooting scrip*. By Gail Ruff. 77 p 

What is reasonable? By Thomas Neely chin Y. Lee. lOit p. C C. Y. Lee; e Gail Ruff; 17May76; D098997. 
Locke. 1 v. e Thomas Neely Locke; 1H»1ay76; 0098980. 
13Hay76; 0098965. 

0098966. The Final hour; a new mystery play. By 

Who me? yes me! By Joseph L. Seaurioht. Richard lortz. 82 p. Based on characters 
1 V. e Joseph L. Seauright; 13nay76; created by Lucy Freeman in her novel. The 

0098966. Dream, e Richard Lortz; litMay76; 0098999. 

0U98981. The Temporary resident; a play. By Joh r 

D098967. MacNicholas. Sheets (83 p.) © John 

Morton and Lester; a musical in t uo 0098982. MacNicholas; 17Hay76; DU98999. 
acts. By Robert A. Taft. 1 v. 3 songs The Great Madison County robbery: a 

prev. rea. 2Bar73, £0389762 6 others. NM: screenplay. By Carl DeSantis 6 Phyllis O090OOO. 

revisions. 6 Robert A. Taft; 13May76: PeSantis. 130 p. O Carl DeSan*is £ The House of Mirth. By Edith Wharton, 

D098967. Phyllis DeSantis; 1i(May76; 0098982. adapted by Joachim F. Tillinaer. 1 v. 

Prev. reg. 26Jan76, 0097512.' NM: 

0098968. D098983. adaptation, dramatization E additicns. 

Diamond Jim. By Robert Wuhl. Sheets. God; a play in one act. By Herbert B. e John Tillinger; 17Mav76; DD99000. 
e Eobert Huhl; 13May76; 0098968. Jones. Sheets (25 p.) C Herbert B. 

Jones; litMay76; D098983. Dogaooi. 

D098969. Nearly all there; a neu play. Bv len-i.' 

Slash of the knife. 3y Frank Henen- D09898a. R. Pearlstein. 1 v. Prev. rea. 70c*75, 

lotter 6 John Charles Witek. 17 p. Ontil somebody wants us. By Arthur Mark D096378. NM: revisions. e Lennis p. 

e Prank Henenlotter B John Witek; Graham. 57 p. t Arthur M. Graham; Pearlstein: 17May76; DU99001. 
13May76; D098969. 1«May76; D09898<4. 


D098970. 0098985. Gerda; an opera of "-he North. Poem bv 

No medals for Joey. Sheets (61 p.) Seventh floor! sixth floor; for live Madeline Mason, libretto E m Dudley Class 

e Dove Productions, Ltd.; 13May76; radio theatre. By Arthur Mark Graham. 12 E Madeline Mason. u v. e Dudley Glass E 

0098970. p. e Arthur M. Graham; 1i(May76; Madeline Mason; 17May76; 0099002. 



No nons 

lense. By 

Amechi Niokan 

ma. 10- 

p. e Ame 

Chi Njokan 

ma; 17Hay76; 



Last w 
Denet z. 

inter. 131 p- Appl. 
e William w. Gille** 

;, Jr. 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Oftlce record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any adciitional records that may exist. 


DU99003. D099020. DII99015. 

notions; a play In three acts. By Marc The Golden pear tree; a musical, moral cloud cuckoo U; a play wl'h music. Py 

Sohr. 137 p. C dare Rohr: nnayVe; fantasy. By Gaylord J. Hoftiezer, Donna Malcolm H. Stilson. 109 p. Based or. 

DU990O3. Crlbari S Clifford L. Stafford. 1 v. Aristophanes' The Birds. C Malcolm P. 

Eased on an original story by Gaylord J. stilson; 26nay''6; 0099035. 
DU9900«. Hoftiezer. C Gaylord J. Hoftiezer: 

Ghostly reflections; an historical 17nay76; DU99020. DU99036. 

comedy ir three acts. By Elizabeth Engle. Turmoils at Professor Ming's mans'cr: ^r 

7? p. O Elizabeth (Beth) Engle; 1"May76; DD99021. original production. Urit'er. by The 

D0990014. The Emperor's new clothes. 3U p. Appl. Fesearch Council of the Euddha's Universal 

au: Claire Jones 6 Bob Varga. C Claire Church, ill p. Euddha's Oniversal 

DU99005. Jones S Bob Varga; 17nay76; DU99021. Church; 25May76; DU99036. 

Five kernels of corn; a Thanksgiving 

play. By Gordon K. Cameron. 15 p. Based DD99022. DU99037. 

on an account by Mary Lowe in the book by what every woman really wants; a play in f Tangled web we weave? An oriclral 

Schauffler, entitled Thanksgiving. one act. By Harvey Shahan. 52 p. production. Written by The Research 

C Gordon K. Cameron; 17May76; DU99005. e Harvey Shahan; 17nay76; DU99022. Council of the Buddha's Oniversal Church. 

50 p. Includes music. C Euddha's 

D099006. DU99023. Universal Church; 25May76; DU9903''. 

Showtime; a new musical. Book by John Inkblot man; a play in three acts. By 

H. Saul, 3rd, lyrics F, m Steve Randcy. 35 Daniel 1. Lang. 57 p. 6 Daniel L. Lang; DU9903e. 

p. Book only. John w. Saul, 3ra; 17Hay76; D099023. The Reality of happiness; an orioinal 

17aay76; DD99006. production. Written by The Research 

DU9902U. Council of 'he Buddha's Universal Church. 

DU99007. The Last fare; a play in two acts. By 53 p. e Buddha's Oniversal Church; 

The Gentleman from the cane; a three-act James Donald O'Brien. Sheets (112 p.) 25May76; DU99038. 
musical drama. By Dolly Brian Leighton, e James D. O'Brien; 17nay76; D0990214. 

pseud, of Sara Alice Leighton. 90 p. DU99039. 

Dolly B. Leighton; 17May76; DD99007. DU99025. Professor Ming's mansion; an orioinal 

Homerica; a trilogy or sexual libe- production. Written by The Research 

D09900B. ration. By Paul Stephen Lim. 110 p. Council of the Buddha's Oniversal Church. 

Warner and Sarah Peterson undergo one of 6 Paul Stephen Lim; 17nay76; DU99025. «8 p. Includes music. e Buddha's 

the mightier travails of existence. By Universal Church; 25Nay76; D099039. 
Kenneth L. Shaw. 20 p. 6 Kenneth I. DU99026. 

Shaw; 17aay76; DU99008. Maude and the baby. By Barbara DU990I10. 

Friedman, pseud, of Patricia Ann Vives. A People saved. By Michael Smolinski. 

D099009. 20 p. C Patricia Ann Vives; 1Jun76; 11 p. C Michael Smolinski; 26Mav7P; 

Uarner and Sarah Peterson face some DU99026. DO990U0. 
dilemmas of modern living. By Kenneth L. 

Shaw. 30 p. e Kenneth L. Shaw; 17May76; DD99027. DO990U1. 

DU99009. The Day of revenge. 92 p. Appl. au: The Money man; screenplay. Ey Tad Z. 

Sh.oichi Kosugi 6 James E. Leahy, Jr. Danielewski. 162 p. Eased on the novel 

D099010. e Shoichi Kosugi 6 James E. Leahy, Jr.; by Louis Gainsborough. 6 Tad Z. 

Mountain blood. By Thomas Robert 27May76; D099027. Danielewski; 2UMay76; DD990m . 
Gidwitz. 116 p. C Tom Gidwitz: 17May76; 

DU99010. DU99028. DD990II2. 

The Road to Oz. Dialogue adapted by Write a happy marriage. By William A. 

D099011. Alan Denton, lyrics by Alan Denton 6 Mary Murray, Uth. 25 p. William A. Murray, 

The Hay up; a series. Sheets (f9 p.) Ann Fellows, m George W. Fellows. 2 v. tth; 18May76; DD990U2. 
Appl. au : Richard P. Milner, Jr. (Rick Based on the story of the same title by L. 

Milner) S Rick Milner: 17May76; Frank Baum. C George W. B Mary Ann DU990U3. 

D099011. Fellows 6 Alan Denton; 2UMay76; DU99028. Illiad of the moon; a play. By Edward 

Hally, pseud, of Edward H. Harms. 1 v. 

DU99012. DU99029. t Edward H. Harms; 18May76; DU99003. 

Living legend: an original story 5 Zarathustra; a tragic rock opera in 

screenplay. By Jeffrey Rubin S Michael three acts. By Christopher Anthony Dlt990UU. 

Lefkowitz. 107 p. e Michael Lefkowitz 6 Cameron. Sheets (149 p.) Book 6 lyrics A Ballad of Chew Chase. By Mary 

Jeffrey Rubin: 17May76; DU99012. only. Loosely adapted from Friedrich H. Elizabeth S. Clare! 10 p. « Elizabeth S. 

Nietzsche's Thus spake Zarathustra. Clare (Mrs. William F. Clare, 3rd): 

D099013. e Christopher Anthony Cameron; 2UMay76; 18May76; DU990UU. 

The Fortune hunters: a screenplay. By DU99029. 

Edward S. Kctkin 6 Frank Feldhammer. SU DD990a5. 

p. e Edward S. Kotkin S Frank Feldhammer; D099030. The Of f-of f-broadway melody of 19''e: a 

17May76; DB99013. Kings acts--a moment for Benjamin; or, musical revue. Ey Richard Fried. 1 v. 

One sono for all. 89 p. Includes music. Prev. reg. 13Mar72, 0082897. NM : 

DU9901it. Appl. au: Susan Lynn Nelson Fernandini. additions £ revisions. C Richard Fried; 

Cockfight. By Susan H. Boyd. 18 p. 6 Susan Lynn Nelson Fernandini; 27May76; 18May76; DU990i)5. 
9 Susan H. Boyd; 17May76; 0099011. D099030. 


OU99015. DU99031. The Name of the game is Ben; a play in 

Dream weather; a one act play. By Tarheel tales theatre; or. Jack and three acts. By Dennis Bcln'yre. 1 v. 

Thomas Belinoski. Sheets (39 p.) other tales. Adapted by Thomas Frank Prev. reg. 6Sep6f., DU66B36. NM : 

Thomas Belinoski; 17May76; D099015. Behm. 30 p. Stories prev. pub. 1913 in additions. e Dennis Bclntyre; 18May76; 

The Jack tales 6 1918 in Grandfather DU99016. 
DU99016. tales. NM: dramatization. 6 Tom Behm; 

Just 30 minutes. By T. C. Hpham. 19 p. 13May76: DO99031. D099017. 

C T. C. Dpham; 17May76; Dn99016. The Vision. 1 v. Apnl. au: Steven le^ 

DD99032. Fry. 6 S'even Lee Fry;' 18May76; 

D099017. Rasputin; a play in two acts. By Manuel 0099017. 

A Couple nights ago; or. Add a little Martin. 12 p. 6 Manuel Martin; 26May76; 

essence. By Brad Buck. 179 p. e Erad DU99032. D09°0U8. 

Buck; 17May76: D099017. The Anoel lives amona us; a drama i- 

D099033. three acts. By Leslie Joanne, pseud, of 

DU99018. Now, at last! A musical play. By Leslie Joanne Wilfinger. 56 p. C Leslie 

The Last past; a screenplay. By Kevin Charles A. Frederic, pseud, of Andre Joanne Wilfinaer; 18May76: DD99018. 
Dougherty. 112 p. C Kevin Dougherty: Cesgagne. 182 p. Book E lyrics only. 

17Bay76: D099018. C Charles A. Frederic; 27Hay76; D099033. D099019. 

Ghetto— 1999; a metaphysics play. By 

D"99019- DU99031. John Willie Williams. 21 p. C John 

Angela; an original screenplay. Ey El Solar; estampa musical. 18 p. Book (Ajala) Williams; 18May76; DU99019. 
Patrick H. Bee. 1 v. C Patrick V. Nee; 6 lyrics only. Appl. au: Jorge L. Bos. 

17May76; DD99019. C Jorge L. Eos; 25May76: DO99031. D099050. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Ofllce record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any acJditional records that may exist. 


DU99050 (cor.) additions 6 revisions. e Barbara DU99080. 

Harry Truman in peace and war; original Danielson; 19Bay76: DU99065. The Faith healer. By Ann Harsor.. Bi p. 

teleplay. By George Ash Haaptman. 181 p. e Ann Harson; 2inav7fi; DU99080. 

■5 George Ash Hauptman: 18(lay76: D099050. DD99066. 

Jacques, le fatalis*e; opera d'aptes DU99081. 

DU99051. Diderot en 3 actes. Adaptation: Mary Pratt, 1982; or. Stars and cars, 1982. 

The Kindness of strangers; screenplay. Henry, musigue: Georges Rperghis. 3 v. An American pop opera. 12 p. Appl. au: 

By Barry lane. 75 p. 6 Barry lane; NH : music 6 adaptation. C Editions Paul Alber. O Paul Alber; 21«ay76; 

18Bay76; D099051. Salabert; 28Bay76; D099066. DU99081. 

DU99052. DU99067. DH99082. 

Mango; a ore-act play. By Elyse Nass. Of by for; a Bicentennial A Black reward; a play. By Gabrielle 

10 p. e Elyse Nass; 18nay76; DD99052. musical. Book by Charles M. Gallagher, Strasun. 1 v. e Gabrielle Etrasun; 

lyrics 6 ip Kenne- h C. Blekicki. 1 v. 21Kay76; DU99082. 

D099053. C Charles H. Gallagher 6 Kenneth C. 

Zebras in blue nigh-gowns; a play in ore Blekicki; 20Bay76; DU99067. 0099083. 

act. By Elyse Nass. 15 p. 6 Elyse Nass; The Ball game; a play. By Tom Thomas. 

18Bay76; 0099053. 0099068. 122 p. C Tom Thomas; 21Bay7fi; 0095083. 

Por las calles de Sar Juan; zarzuela en 

009905U. 3 actos. Letra y musica de Carmen laura DU990flH. 

Bowery boheme; a jazz drama with actors, Perez-Porrat a . 2 v. e Carmen laura A Ouake a- -he wake. By louis A. 

singers, dancers 6 musicians. Text by Perez-Porra ta ; 20Pay76; D099068. DiGangi. 1 1 p. © Louis A. DiGangi ; 

Katarina Hallin 6 Iain Hhltecross, m 2iBay76; D0990eu. 

Heikki Sarmanto. 2 v. 6 Iain C. D099069. 

WhitecroES, Katarina Hallin £ Heikki Eat of me, I am the savior; a screen- D0990S5. 

Sarmanto; 19Bay76; 0099051. play. By Arnold Kemp £ Steven Rappoport. An Crches-ra in search of a conductor; 

Sheets (235 p.) 6 Arnold Kemp £ Steven satire in four movements. By John 

D099055. Rappoport; 20Bay76; 0099059. Horthington Gibson. m p. C John 

A Fable entitled: The Squirrel's tale. worthinqton Gibson; 21Bay76; 0099085. 

By John R. Carroll. 5 p. Prev. pub. 0099070. 

19711. KB: dramatization £ addition. The Hell programmed fiend. Created by 0099086. 

8 John R. Carroll; 19Bay76; D099055. Ronald B. Van iiostrand, written by Robert "Sunshine" the happy-go-lucky sea otter. 

Ray. 213 p. Appl. au: Associated Crea-ed by William Curtis Fobbins, Jr., 

0099056. Producers, Inc. Prev. reg. 1U0ct75, written by Robert L. Lewton. 77 p. 

Sinbad! A fantasy. By Charles Edward D096397. NB: revisions £ additions. e Cinema Tech Product icrs; 2itBay76; 

Pogue, Jr. 1 v. e Charles Edward Pogue, « Associated Producers, Inc. £ Ronald W. 0099086. 

Jr.; 19Bay76; D099056. Van Nostrand; 20Bay76; D099070. 


D099057. DD99071. Neon rainbow; a musical play. By Jo'-n 

Gotta move; script. By Faye E. Head, m Cinderella everafter. Script by Andrea K. Walton. 129 p. t John K. Walton; 

Charlotte Ellen Williams. 1 v. 6 Faye E. L. Edwards, m Arnold Jcres. 1 v. Book £ 2UBay76; D0990B7. 

Head S Charlotte Ellen Williams; 19May76; lyrics only. 6 Andrea L. Edwards £ Arnold 

DU99057. Jones; 20Bay76; 0099071. 0099088. 

Death of a soldier. By Franco Ferrucc- , 

0099058. D099072. translated by Ann Ounnigan. 79 p. 
Beauty and the beast. w S m Allyson Three sisters. By Anton Chekhov, C Franco Ferrucci; 2UHay76; D099088. 

Drake Visser. Sheets (68 p.) 6 Allyson translated by Bichael Heim. 1 v. Appl. 

Drake visser; 19Bay76: 0099058. au : Center Theatre Group of Los Angeles. ro99089. 

Prev. pub. 1901. NB: translation. The Cows; a play. By Greaory Bruce 

0099059. e Center Theatre Group of Los Angeles; Hoenstine. 25 p. Includes ' music. 
Three years at Newman; a musical 20Bay7e; DD99072. C Gregory Bruce Hoenstine; 2UBay76; 

entertainment. Written by Vaun S-ein 0099089. 

Raymond, score by Biles Paul Shore. DD99073. 

Sheets. Vaun Stein Raymond E Biles Paul The Return of the Crimson Pirate; an D0990O0. 

Shore; 19Hay76; 0099059. original screenplay. By Alfred Palmieri. Grogan's snatch. By Elliot Shoenman. 

69 p. e Alfred Palmieri; 20Bay7e: 96 p. C Elliot Shoenman; 2'tMav76; 

D099060. D099073. D099090. 

Suite America; a musical celebration. 

Book by Liam Sullivan, lyrics £ m Gary D09907U. C099091. 

Young S Ed Cardinali. Sheets. Book £ Eleanor; a new one-character play. By The Viking reunion. By Sevmour Gecrge 

lyrics only. 6 Liam Sullivan; 19May76; Arlene Stadd. Sheets (36 p.) Prev. reg. Heller. 12'?. e Seymour Georoe Heller; 

D099060. Nov. 1975, DD96860. NK: additions £ 21Bay76; DU99091. 

revisions. C Arlene Stadd; 21Bay76; 

D099061. D099071. 0099002. 

The Man who laughs: screenplay. Ey Rampant paranoia on parade. Sheets. 

Barry Lane. 82 p. Based on the novel by 0099075. Includes music. Appl. au : David 

Victor Hugo. 6 Barry Lare; 19«ay76; Our heritage. By Esther Mathilde Hirschberg. C David Hirschberc; 21Bay76; 

DU99061. Claussen Bohnsen. 8 p. 6 Esther Claussen P099092. 

Bohnsen; 21Bay76; 0099075. 

D099062. 0099093. 

The Secret of circum terrum; a radio D099076. Children of the mad messiah; an original 

play. By James Buess £ Thomas J. By Zeus! A musical comedy. Book £ screenplay. By Gabrielle Barron. 11"" p. 

Zimmerman. 11 p. 9 Thomas J. Zimmerman £ lyrics by Downs Matthews, m H. Theo in folder. e Gabrielle Barron; 21Bay7f; 

James Buess; 19Bay76; D099062. Fanidi. 2 v. 6 Theo Fanidi £ Downs 0099093. 

Matthews; 21Bay76; D099076. 

0099063. D099091. 

Bore bread and the circus: play in one 0099077. The Man who killed the Buddha; a pley. 

act. By Louis Rivers. 50 p. 8 louis Empty rooms. By Barbara Allan Hite. 1 By Martin A. Epstein. 51 p. 6 Bar-in '. 

Rivers; 19nay76; 0099063. v. 6 Barbara Allan Hite; 21Bay76; Epstein; 21Bay76; 0099091. 


0099061. P099095. 

Batrix; a play in two acts. By David 0099078. She rock; a contemporary nativity play. 

Olysses Clarke, pseud, of David G. Clarke. Sailboat; a play in two acts. By By Elizabeth Wilson Huqhes. 38 p. 

1 V. e David Olysses Clarke; 19flay76; Barbara Allan Hite. 1 v. § Barbara Allan P Elizabeth Wilson Hughes; 2UMay76; 

0099061. Hite; 21May76; 0099078. DO99095. 

0099065. DD99079. D099096. 

Benjamin's bottle; a musical play for Scooter, Maxine and Stanley sing! 7 p. Tour de force; a play. By Barry 

children. Book, lyrics £ m Barbara Appl. au: Anthony B. Orbano (Tony) 6 Tony Dinerman. 19 p. C Barry Dinerman; 

Danielson. 2 v. Prev. reg. 16Jan75, Orbano and Company, Inc.; 21«ay76; 21May76; D099096. 

D093062 £ song. The Best one to be is you, 0099079. 

prev. reg. 7Apr76, E0663099. NB: D099097. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Oftice recor(d pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any aiiditional records that may exist. 


DU99097 (con.) for Bacney in 2 acts. By Elizabeth levin. D099130. 

acts. By Stanley Taikeff. 39 p. 36 p. NB : additional dramatic material. The Day nobody died; an original story. 

O Stanley Taikeff; 2'4nay76: D099097. C Elizabeth Levin; 1Unay76: D099113. By Pichard Fehr. UO p. C Pichard Fet.r: 

25nay76: DU99130. 
DU99098. DU9911U. 

All in a day's work. 110 p. Appl. au : Duck don't be no fool. By Haurice Da99131. 

Boy S. Gunzturg 6 Delia C. Gunzbura. Kitchen E Donald Lee Griffin. 151 p. Some time from now; one-act play. Bv 

O Ecy S. Gurzburg 6 Delia C. Gunzburg; C naurice Kitchen £ Donald L. Griffin; Samuel A. Uilliams. 39 p. C Samm 

2U»ay76; DD99098. 211Nay76; DD9911U. Silliaos; 25>1ay76; DD99131. 

DD99099. 0099115. DD99132. 

The Children of the night; an original Poet! Poet! They've made you a prince! 1''76 here ue come; a play. Written ly 

motion picture drama. By Sbbie Derrick. The Surface equilibrium with cannot be Lynn D. Halt. 11 p. C Lynn D. Halt; 

Sheets (129 p.) O Abbie Herrick; achieved without destruction. Art follows 26nay76; DD99132. 
2t[lay76; DU99099. reality. A trilogy of plays. By Daryl 

Chin. 1 V. (Art trilogy) O Daryl Chin; D099133. 

DD99100. 27nay76; DD99115. The Bonded three. Bv Norma Mortimer. 

The Junkie; a six scene drama of the 57 p. C Norma Mortimer; 2enay76; 

life of the drug addict. 8 v. Appl. au: DD99116. 0099133. 
Alfredo Francisco Garcia. C Alfredo Island of the crazies. 3 v. 6 sheets. 

Francisco Garcia; 2iinay76; DU99100. Appl. au: James Foley. James Foley; D09913U. 

1iinay76: DD99116. Granny's Christmas caper; or, TV-e 

0099101. Spoiled affair. By Betty Jo Dovd. 1 v. 

Due: dc die. By Lorna C. Littleway. 20 0099117. Includes music. C Betty Jo Dowd; 

p. C Lorna C. Littleway; 2iinay76; Hammurabi. By Ralph Carl Bluemke. 1 v. 26nay76; DD9913U. 
D099101. e Ralph Carl Bluemke; 20Bay76; D099117. 


0099 102. DD99118. Where's Christmas? Ey Betty Jo Dowd. i 

Wid the stuff I use. By Lorna C. Peas and beans; a play. Written by the v. Includes music. C Betty Jo Dowd; 

Littleway. 37 p. Lorna C. littleway; Dance/Drama Workshop, Convent of the 26Bay76; 0099135. 
2Haay76; DD99102. Sacred Heart, director: Carla Blank Peed. 

28 p. Appl. states all new except Yam 0D99136. 

0099103. song. C Carla Blank Peed; 28Bay76: Left under the el; a play. By Pichard 

Breaded chops; an unromantic love story. DU99118. Alan Strausser. 69 p. 6 Pichard Alan 

By Lorna C. Littleway. 15 p. lorna C. Strausser; 26Bay76; DD9913e. 
Littleway: 2UBay76; DO99103. D099119. 

The Casebook of Bax Fosenblatt. By DU99137. 

DU9910U. Bi*chell A. Gladstein 6 David S. Wolin. 1 Chat. By Jerry Lee Podoers. 9 p. 

The Case of the missing zeeta; a fun v. C David Wolin E Bitchell Gladstein; 6 Jerry lee Fodgers; 26Bay76: 009913"". 
play about American Greek speech for Greek 12Bay76; D099119. 

Americans and everybody else. Ey Helen 0099136. 

Cominos. 21 p. e Helen Cominos E George D099120. Pavane for a dead princess: K a' a Hari; 

Cominos: 2UBay76; D09910U. Stories of America, from discovery to orioinal screenplay. Ey Charles Proser E 

revolution. By Glenn c. Cotham. 1 v. Fa ch el Singer. 236 p. C Charles Prcser E 

D099105. e Glenn C. Cotham; 18Hay76; D099120. Pachel Singer; 26Hay76; DD99138. 

T'aint necessarily so. By Sarah I. 

Belton. 10 p. e Sarah L. Belton; 0099121. D099139. 

2ilBay76; 0099105. Laura; a play. By Fred Rosebury. 1 v. The Bicentennial blues. 1 v. Add. t- : 

C Fred Rosebury; 20Apr76; D099121. Bagel bypass. Includes music. Appl. au : 

D099106. Virginia Barie Tygesen. C Virginia Bar" e 

The Lark ascending. By Pasquale DD99122. Tygesen; 26Bay76; 0099139. 
Russoniello. 15 p. 6 Pasguale Ens- Showdown at the Blue Boon Hotel; a 

soniello; 2UBay76; 0099106. comedy. By Arthur P. Carter. 1 v. 0099110. 

e Arthur P. Carter; 26Bay76; D099122. Puby. Book E lyrics by Hichael Irndon, 

D099107. m Reese Allen. 67 p. in folder. Book F 

The Second biggest tipper in the world; D099123. lyrics only. e Bichael Linden; 26Bay''f; 

a play in two acts. By Bernard Byers. The Biddle ages; a comedy in two acts. 00991140. 
118 p. Prev. reg. 7Apr76, 98515. MB: new By Albert E. Gurney, Jr. 1 v. ©A. E. 

1st scene E revisions. 6 Bernard flyers; Gurney, Jr.; 25Bay76: DD99123. D099iai. 

2ilBay76; D099107. Supplement to Cook's voyage. By Jean 

Doggiai. Girandoux, translated by Travis Eogard E 

0099103. Southwest of Eden; a comedy. By Henry James T. Norwood, Uth. 35 p. NB: 

Horace Greeley recollects; a play. By P. Salerno. 214 p. Based on Bark Twain's translation. C Travis Eogard B James T. 

H. L. Eishel 6 Richard L. Neale. 50 p. The Ban wto corrupted Hadleyburg. NB : Korwccd, 4th; 26Hay76; 0099111. 
C B. L. Eishel E Richard L. Neale; additions 5 revisions. 6 Henry F. 

24Bay76: 0099108. Salerno; 25nay76; D09912U. 0099112. 

Orphans in concer*; an orioinal 

0099109. 0099125. screenplay. By Roy Teicher E Pichard 

The Providers; an original screenplay. Zen boogie; a play with music. Book by Posenstock. 105 p. P Pichard Posenstock 

Sheets (126 p.) Appl- au: William J. J. Barry a.k.a. Joseph J. Brancato, E Eoy Teicher; 26Bay76; DD99112. 
Hitchcock. C William B. Hitchcock; lyrics 6 m Peppy Castro. 71 p. Book 6 

21Bay76; 0099109. lyrics only. 6 J. J. Barry £ Peppy 0099113. 

Castro; 25Bay76; D099125. Grab the ring: a new musical. Book £ 

D099110. lyrics by Larry w. Heimgar'ner, m Rodney 

The Haunted girl; an opera for children, DD9S126. H. Oakes. 2 v. 6 Larry W. Reimoartner F. 

in one act. Libretto by John Cliffcrd, m So nice, they named it twice. By Neil Rodney H. Oakes; 26«ay76: 0099113. 
John H. Pozdro. 113 p. 9 John «. Fozdro Harris. 1 v. Prev. reg. 3Hay71, no. 

£ John Clifford; 22Apr76; 0099110. 90320. NB: additions B editorial 0099111. 

revision. Neil Harris; 25Bay76; The Winds will reach us all the saire; a 

0099111. 0099126. folk song soap opera. By Oak Acorn, 

Gershwin: A revue based on the lives of pseud, of Christopher N.'peinier. 21 p. 

George and Ira Gershwin. By Gather 0099127. C Oak Acorn (Christopher N. Reinier); 

BacCallum. 12 p. C Gather BacCallum; Tents; a play. Ey N. Borris. 91 p. 27Bay76; ro99111. 
3Jun76; 0099111. C N. Borris; 25Bay76; 0099127. 


D099112. 0099128. The Woman who played God; an original 

Global village- Script by Anthony C. London loo; a one-act monologue for diva screenplay. By David F. Durstcn. 133 p. 

Cannon £ Adolfas Hekas. 57 p. C Anthony with pills. By Stephen Holt. 10 p. Prev. reg. 31Aug72, 0081590. NB: 

C. Cannon £ Adolfas rekas; 2Jun76; Stephen Holt; 25nay76; D099128. additions B edrtorial revisions. C tavid 

DU99112. E. Durston; 26Bay76: BD99115. 


0099113. Men; a one-act play. By Stephen Holt. D099116. 

The Last days of Barney Gruber; a play 17 p. 6 Stephen Holt; 25Bay76; D099129. La Perichole. Libretto in French by 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any ad(Jitional records tliat may exist. 


D0991U6 (con.) DU99163. DU99ieO. 

Henri fleilhac £ ludovic Halevy, translated The Boy in the box. By Benjamin Nobody knovs the trouble I've seen. 

by Michael Feingcld 5 Pichard Pearltan, m Soldstein, m Philip Naman wort h. 35 p. Britten ty lee H. Bade a.k.a. leola B. 

Jacques Offenbach. 1 v. English. NM : Book 6 lyrics only. Prev. reg. Sept. Wade. 8 p. 6 Lee H. Wade a.k.a. leola H. 

translation. C Michael Feingold E Fichard 1973, DU86613. NM: additions. C Benjamin Wade; 1Jun76; D099180. 

Pearlnan; 26nay76; 0099116. and Pot, Inc.; iJun76; DU99163. 

DU90 1P1. 

DU991t7. DIJ9916U. M^rry Chris'mas; original television 

Op against the wall; a senseless. Lay me out; a film script. By Andrea D. script. By Frede n. Haney. ^0 p. (Good 

slightly melodramatic dialogue abou* Hairston. Sheets (96 p.) 6 Andrea D. times) 6 Frede n. Haney; 1Jun76; 

eternity in three parts. By Conrad E. Hairston S James C. Emery; 4Jun76; D0991B1. 
Davidson. 12 p.. S Conrad E. Davidson; 0099161. 

27Mav76: 0099117. DU99182. 

D099165. The Lady and the troop. Episode 1. 

D099118. A Dream of a woman's child waitino on Written by Patrick J. Daly 6 Mary El 

The Grevstone conspiracy; original summer; a one act play. Writing by Gerber. 1 v. Patrick J. Daly E Mary "1 

screenplay. By Allan Montaine. 101 p. Alvanico DeJuliat, pseud, of Henry Lee Gerber; lJun76: D099182. 
C Allan Mor.taine; 27May76; D09911B. Marvel. 5 p. 6 Henry Lee Marvel a.k.a. 

Alvanico DeJulian; 1Jun76; D099165. DD99183. 

D099119. ^o*: one, sin one. By Gibson, pseud, c* 

The Crooner; a musical play in twc acts. 0099166. James Gibson Jordan. I"" p. 6 James 

By Scot' Martin. 1 v. 6 Scott Margin; Amazing grace; an exploration. By Theo Gibson Jordan; 1Jun76; DU99183. 
27May76; 0099119. B. Collins. 10 p. C Theo E. Collins; 

1Jun76; DU99166. 0099181. 

D099 150. '^^^ ^°^ of the oxen yoke. Conceived E 

Don't know how; a play in three acts. D099167. writ':en by Leo Comorau. 55 p. (Medical 

By Laura Middleton. 51 p. 6 Laura "Bully" boy! 4 play. By Jerome Alden, center) Leo Comorau; 12Spr76; 

Middleton; 27nay76; 0099150. pseud, of Jerome Lakefish. 1 v. NM: D099181. 

dramatization, revision S additions. 

D099151. e Jerome Alden; 21May76; D099167. 0099185. 

Fever. Written by Celine laFreniere. The Scarlet letter; a drama. By Estelle 

98 p. e Celine LaFreniere; 27«ay7£; OD99168. Bitchie. Sheets in folder. Suggested by 

DU99151. The Condemned cage; a one act play. By Hawthorne's novel. NM : dramatization E 

Enrique Ortiz. 23 p. e Enrique Oritz; additions. e Estelle Bitchie; 1Jun7e; 

D099152. 28nay76; DD99168. DU99185. 

Fever. Written by Celine LaFreniere. 

92 p. Prev. reg. NH: additions £ 0099169. D099186. 

revisions. t Celine laFreniere; 27May76; That man Jefferson. By David Cupp E Mother of counties; an historical drama. 

DU99152. William Martin. Sheets. t. Heritage Written by James E. Vaughn E Wanda lee 

Repertory Theatre; 1Jun76; D099169. Vaughn. 32 p. C Jim E Wanda Lee Vaughn; 

D099153. 1Jun76; 0099186. 

Heroin. Sheets (115 p.) Appl. ao: Al 0099170. 

Grover Armstrong. P Al Grover Armstrong; Suddenly, next summer. By William E. D099187. 

27May76; D099153. Knight. 23 p. t, William E. Knight; The Ventriloquist; a one man musical 

1Jun76; D099170. comedy. Conceived E written by Eddie 

D099151. Garson. 1 v. 6 Eddie Garson; 20Apr"'6; 

Piano bar; script. By Bob Fremont. 1 DU99171. C099187. 
v. Includes music, fl Fob Fremont E Doris while the carvinal lasts. By Poxanne 

Billens; 28May7e; D099151. Shafer. Sheets (5 p.) 9 Foxanne Shafer; 0099188. 

1Jan76; DCJ99171. The Fun form factory; a pilot television 

DU99155. scrip* for preschool children. Ey T^OIras 

A Matter of life and death. By Elaine DU99172. J. Cortese, 2nd. 1 p. 6 Thomas J. 

Shore. 110 p. Prev. reg. 280ct75, Income tax, ghetto style; original Cortese, 2nd; 27nay76; 0099188. 
DD96563. NM: additions. 6 Elaine Shore; television script. By Frede M. Haney. 32 

28May76; D099155. p. (Good times) P Frede M. Haney; 0099189. 

1Jan76; 0099172. Boberta; or. The lady godfather. A play 

D099156. in tvree ac*s. By Thor Drheim. 1 v. 

Boondoagle and me. By Paul Curtis 0099173. Prev. reg. as Charley's child, 18Dec75, 

Powell. 'l6 p. e Paul Curtis Powell; Joshua's knoll. By John E. Famiglie*ti. 0097276. NM: additions E revisions. 

23May76; 0099156. Sheets (71 p.) in folder. B John B. t Thcr Urheim; 3Jun76; D099189. 

Fanigliet'i; lJun76; 0099173. 

0099157. DU9O190. 

Divorce lawyer; screenplay. By Enid D099171. The Seminarian; a screenplay. Written 

Rudd. 88 p. e Enid Eudd ; 28nay76: Close to home. No. 2. 1 v. Appl. au: by Neal K. lekwa. 303 p. t Keal K. 

D099157. Charles E. Beachley, 3rd. Prev. reg. lekwa; 1Jun76; D099190. 

23Feb76, 0097929. NM: revisions. 

D099158. e Charles Edward Beachley, 3rd; 1Jun76; DU99191. 

■''ech. Bv James B. Jacks. 162 p. Prev. D099171. Wes- Tennessee; screenplay. Py Fichard 

reg. 1975.' NM: additions E revisions. A- wieland, Jr. Sheets (119 p.) 

e James P. Jacks; 28May76; DU99158. 0099175. e Bichard A. wieland, Jr.; 1Jun76; 

Time present, time past; a play. By 0099 191. 

0099159. Bess Alexander, pseud, of Ross Alexander 

That old time religion. By Judith Hack. 1 v. S Ross Alexander; 1Jnn76; D099192. 

Bask*n. 150 p. Prev. reg. 17!)ar75, 0099175. Sanctum; screenplay. Ey P. Howard 

0093936. NH: additions 6 editorial Colley. Sheets (70 p.) e P. Howard 

revision. 6 Judith Raskin; 28May7>i; D099176. Colley; 2Jun76; D099192. 
DU99159. Echo and narcissus; a play. By Bruce 

Serlen. 10 1 p. C Bruce Serlen; lJun76; 0099193. 

0099160. D099176. Torn twig. By Ava Jacobs. 86 p. e Ava 
Daisy, daisy! 10 p. Appl. au: Alma J. Jacobs; 2Jun76; D099193. 

Greenbaum, Ferdinand J. Gerber B John 0099177. 

Giacone. 6 Queens Botanical Garden To be continued. By Dale L. Easier. 11 0099191. 

Socie'v. Inc.; 27nay76; 0099160. p. C Dale L. Easier; 1Jun76; 0099177. Flipping ou* . By Carl Tiktm. 71 p. 

e carl Tik*in; 2Jun76; D099191. 

0099161. D099178. 

My world is a ghetto. Written by Henry like feelings tendered; a drama. By Dit99195. 

L. Jackson. 8 pi e Henry L. Jackscn; Frank Shiras. 1 v. 6 Frank Shiras; "-he Insanity of Mary Girard; a play i' 

2Jun76: DU99161. 1Jun76; 0099178. one act. The Carlisle Commission. By 

lanie Douglas Pobertson. 1 v. (Amerxc = 

D099162. 0099179. '7 6) Lanie Douglas Pobertson; 2Jur"'6; 

Bumsville, O.S.A. Written by Henry L. The Hiohborn kinsman; a play about Edgar 0U99195. 
Jackson, preamble by Otis Jackson. 38 p. Allen Poe. By Barry M. Burkhalter. 30 p. 
e Henry L. Jackson: 2Jun76; D099162. a Barry M. Burkhal'er; lJun76: D099179. 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

D099196 - DD992112 


JAN. - JUN. 19 


From the menoirs of Pontius Pilate; a 
■onologue 6 eight dialogues. By Eric 
Bentley. 69 p^ O Eric Ber.tley: 2Jun76: 


The Prophecy. By Marrka Iden. 80 p. 
narrka Yden: 2Jur76; D099197. 


Pricks like you we fragged: a play in 

one act. By Sol Newman. 5 p. C Scl 

Newaan; 2Jun76; Dti9°198. 


Louis say: a play in one act- By Sol 
Dewnan. 8 p. C Sol Sewman; 2Jun76: 


Get the bugs out of my dugas; a play in 
one act. By Sol Newman. 6 p. f Scl 
Newman: 2Jun76: DU99200. 


You're net young and beautiful, you're 
dead, Noam Chomsky; a play in one act. By 
Sol Newman. 6 p. 6 Sol Newman: 2Jun76; 


Boil primed for lancing: One thing I 
know. Six Pack Joe ain't on snow or me, 
that's for sure; a play in one act- By 
Sol Newman. 7 p. S Sol Newman; 2Jun76; 


The Traffic court is a movable feast; a 
one act play. By Sol Newman. 3 p. 8 Sol 
Newman; 2Jun76; DD99203- 


Haven and hope; an original scrip*. Pt. 
1. By Charlotte Goodman. 16 p. 

Charlotte Goodman; 2Jun76: DD99201I. 


Stepping back; a play. By Michael 
Warner a.k-a- Hichael Seiner. 1 v- 
e Bichael Uarner; 2Jun76; DD99205. 


Bring alono laughter; screenplay. By 
Blanche Banalis. 132 p. From the novel 
by Rilla Logan. Appl. au; Bladin 
Zarubica. Pre v. pub. 10Jar.U7, A977U. NM: 
dramatic material £ dialogue. 6 nladin 
Zarubica; 2Jun76: D099206. 


The Price of our children. By Alan 
Stolzer. 101 p. C Alan Stolzer; 2Jun76; 


In all His mighty hand; a musical play 
in three acts. Lyrics by Martin H. 
Goldman, m leanore Mendelsohn. Sheets. 
Based on the Books of Exodus, Leviticus, 
Numbers E Deuteronomy. e Marty Goldman 6 
Leanie Mendelsohn; 2Jun76; D099208. 


The Sit-up set-up. No jogging during 
yoga. The Confession. By Bruce Serlen- 

1 V- (Gym plays, 1-3) D Bruce Serlen; 
3Jun76; DD99209- 


So place to go- By Bivram Kinekus, 
pseud, of Marvin Kenik. 1 v. e Marvin 
Kenik; 3Jun76; D099210. 


His life and hard times; a musical 
comedy in two acts. By Gary Steven Corday 
6 Gary James Rivera. Sheets. C Gary 
Steven Corday € Gary James Pivera; 
3Jun76; D099211. 


A Second bite on the cherry; a play. By 
Jack Siegel. 1 v. Jack Siegel; 
3Jiin76: DU99212. 


Another face; a screenplay. By Oavid 
Stone Richard Block. Sheets (87 p.) 
C David stone 5 Richard Block; 3Jun76: 


Arthur's stratagem; a play in one act. 
By Douglas Derek Boome, pseud, of Douglas 
Boome Erapringham. 15 p. Douglas Foome 
Empringham; 3Jun76; D09921U. 


Mayday. By Hichael Jay Hikes. 95 p. 
C Michael Jay Hikes; 3Jun76; D099215. 


M is for the million things. By Ina 
Bradley. 1 v. 6 Ina Bradley: 3Jun76: 


The Legend of Frankie Snow. By David B. 
Bogard. 103 p. Q David B, Bogard; 
3Jun76; D099217. 


The Prisoner of Trowbridge Island; a 
screenplay. By Larry Allan Duhart. 195 
p. C Larry Duhart: 3Jun76; D099218. 


Great expectations; a musical. Book E 
lyrics by Charles F. Plumer, lyrics f. m H. 
Robert Waghorn. H v. Based on the novel 
by Charles Dickens. NM: dramatization, 
lyrics E music. e Charles Plumer B Fobert 
Haghorn; 8Jun76; D099219. 


Isabliek; or. The Trouble with 
Cleavesburg- A one act comic ballad 
operetta in two scenes. Hritten by Dale 
A. Bugos. «2 p. Book E lyrics only. 
e Dale A. Bugos; 3Jun76; D099220. 


The Little Red Hen. Script: Charlotte 
Donovan, lyrics B m Martha Ann McCoy. 9 
p. e Martha Ann McCoy B Charlotte 
Donovan; 9Jun76; DD99221. 


Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde; a play in 
two acts. By Charles V. Peters. i v. 
Adapted from the novel by Robert Louis 
Stevenson. P Charles V. Peters; 27May76; 


Options; teleplay. By Hillian Lee 
Forshay. 71 p. C Willi am Lee Forshay; 
■tJun76; D099223. 


The Seven month siege of Claire. By 
Frederick Charles Perry. 1 v. 6 F. c. 
Perry; «Jun76; D09922U. 


A Day after the fair; a play. By James 
Purdy. Sheets (50 p.) in folder. C James 
Purdy; UJun76; 0099225. 


Stage blood. By Charles Ludlam. Sheets 
(U1 p.) C Charles ludlam; 4Jun76; 


Little Cathy of old Cheyenne; or. Born 
too soon for women's lib. By Halter L. 
Staley. 26 p. O Halter 1. Staley; 
l4Jun76; D099227. 


The Chameleons; an original script for a 
motion picture. By Kevin Michael Irvine. 


The Jericho Road. Ey Mark James Herold. 
131 p. o Mark James Merold; UJu'i7£ ; 


Tall Tom and venerable John; a play in 
celebration of 200 years of independence. 
By Richard Lloyd. Sh6e»s (50 p.) 
e Pichard Lloyd; UJun76; DO99230. 


Fide, Isaac, ride; an original 
screenplay. By Pamela Douglas. 2nd 
draft. 113 p. e Pamela Douolas; UJi;n76: 


Poor Richard's revue; a Bicen*- ernial 
entertainment for young audiences. 
Hritt=n by Nancy Be'-h Palloon 6 Michael 
Masses, addi*ional lyrics by Stark Smi"-, 
m HacRae Cook. 25 p. Book E lyrics only, 
e Nancy Beth Palloon B Michael Kassee; 
UJun76: 0099232. 


Oueen Margaret of England. Compiled E 
edited by Robert Alonzc Potter. Revised 
Mar. 1976. Sheets. Drawn from the thre= 
par*s of Henry 6th, by Hilliam Shakes- 
peare. NM: abridgement, revision B 
additions. 8 Robert Alonzo Potter: 
HJur76; D099233. 


The Boar's Head Tavern. By Paymord 
Mitchell Edmonds. 28 p. Hith scenes from 
Billiam Shakespeare's A Midsummer's nigh' 
dream, E others. 6 Mitchell Fdmords; 
ltJur.76: D09923«. 


The Caper. U9 p. Appl. au: Jon 0. 
Kinsev. 6 Jon 0. Kinsey; u Jun7e ; 


Small changes: a play in two acts. Bv 
Shane Davis, pseud, of Michael Davis. 
Sheets (57 p.) e Shane Davis; UJur76; 


The Hacker; a motion picture shoc-irg 
script. By George Downs. 161 p. 
e Gecrge Downs; 1Jun76: D099237. 


The Lady and the troop. Episode ro. 2. 
Hritten by Patrick J. Ealy E Mary El 
Gerber. 1 v. e Patrick J. Daly B Mary Fi 
Gerber; UJun76; D099238. 

DO 992 39. 

Cinderella; an opera in seven scenes. 
By Lurrine Burgess E Harold V. Johnsor. i 
V. C Harold V. Johnson E lurrine Eura=ss; 
UJun76; 0099239. 


In our very midst; a one-act play. By 
Gregory Robert Williams. 20 p. c'Grecrorv 
Rober* Hilliams; 7Jun76; 0099210. 


Exxon retailer convention, 1976. Book: 
Ed Nayor, lyrics B m Claiborne F. 
Eichardson. Sheets. Add. ti: Fxxon 
retailer convention show, 1976. 
C Claiborne (Claibe) F. Richardson E Fd 
Nayor; ajun76; DD992U1. 


God and the Devil, Jack and Tor; a 
pageant in three acts B service of wcrs^ ip 
for Orange Presbytery's observance of th*^ 
Bicentennial, American Revolution. By 
Dwyn Mecklin Mounger. 35 p. C Pwyn 
Mecklin Mounoer; 5Apr76; 0099212. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particulai" 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


D099203. D099260. 0099278 

Do they have turkeys in Africa? A Marie. By Eugene F. Dwyer. Sheets (51 At least *here wa= you Written bv 

comedy in tvc acts. By Neil D. Kan-row. p.) e Eugene F. Dwyer; 7Jun76; DD99260. Frances Dianne Trubia 70 d e France. 

1 V. e Neil D. Kantrow, Allan Pepper E pianne Trub^a; 9Jur 7f ■ 0099278 "'"=^- 

Stanley Snadowsky; 21Nay76: DU99213. D099261. ituca, -jjur /t . Duyy^/B. 

The Kraken. By Edward 1. Husto. 15 p. D099279. 

°''^9^'">- Prev. reg. 310ec71, DU92262. NPl: Down on the lowe- landira Bv Ma-v 

The Gang's all here; screenplay. By additions S revisions. e Edward L. Musto; Furlong. Sheets .'" I nc ludes' ii.u=^c f Ba-v 

Michael P. Romano. 116 p. Add. ti: BJun76; D099261. Furlonq- 9Jun76' 0^99279 " 

Meatballs. NM : addit ionr. 6 Michael P. iiong. ajun/o, UU992/9. 

Romano; 3Jun76; 0099211. D099262. Dn992eO. 

'^'"'S'^l'^y McCarthy's monocle. By Maxire Counselor- orioinal sto-v E sceeDnlav 

™"f^- „ , ,,. . Fleischman. 1v. 6 Maxine Fleischman; By S tepher " H. Shagan. 136' p! A pp' 'a „ • " 

Fudqe. By Eugene Ruffini. Sheets (116 8Jun76; DD99262. C^randinha Productions Ire emnlovet f.- 

p.) e Eugene Ruffini; 8Jun76; D099215. hi'e 6 Cirandinha Producti^nsrinc!- 

„„oQ,„£ D099263. 9Jur76; D099280. 

""^gsie. Buffoon; a coisedy. By Barbara Alderson 

The Crocodile; a satire for theatre or (Barbara Best) 1 v. e Barbara Alderson 

televisioi. By David Mazer. 71 p. From 8Jun76; 0099263. 
the Russian story by Fyodor Dostoevsky. 

e oavid Mazer; 8aun76; 0099216. 0099261. ^^r . 1 T'i gZ^7^^ ^::^^C^ 

Fine print; a new comedy. By Charles V. 9Jun76; D099281. 

D099217. Peters. 1 v. 6 Charles V. Peters; 

God bless Harry; a musical farce. By 8Jun76; 0099261. ' 0099262 

Craig Impink. 1 v. Book 6 lyrics only. The H^me f^'res- a play Bv Charle 

ff Craig Impink; 7Jun76; 0099217. D099265. Jurrist. 1 v! C Charles Jur-ist- 

The Pussycat street. By Leah K. 10Jun76; 0099282. 

"099218. Indelman. Sheets. Includes mus-ic. 

Hero! By Robert F. Moss 6 Barbara e Leah K. Indelman; 8Jun76; D099265 


Lightning strikes twice! A stage plav 

■ By George Charles Groskri'z, 


120 p. e Robert F. Moss 6 Barbara Bui 

Bauer; 7Jun76; D099218. 00992 

The Brave little tailor. By Leah K. 
""59219. Indelman. Sheets. 8 Leah K. Indelman; 

Boccaccio; operetta in three acts. 8Jun76; 0099266. 
Libretto by F. Zell f. E. Gen 

al. De Jose Corrales. 

C Jose Corrales; 10Jun76; 0099283. 


Shortcut; a screenplay. By James C. 

Paul Le Plane; 10Jur76; DD99285. 

*.j..^_^v^u uj .. L.-=j.^ o £1. oeiiet:, new Morel 122 p € James C Hrrpl • 

English translation E revision: Joh-. 0U99267. 10Jun76; D099281 

Barker, m Franz Von Suppe. 96 p. Book B Sweet dreams; an original musical comedy 

lyrics only. Pre v. reg. NM: translation for children. Book, lyrics S m Sherri 0099285 

?T!;p76-^''nn9q?iQ°^^* Weinberger, ltd.; Anne Heller. 1 v. Book £ Iryics only. Murder, no. By Paul le El 

7Jun76; 0099219. C Sherri Anne Heller; 30Jun76; D099267. 

0099250. D099268. 

Gilgamesh; a play. By Boss Alexander, Cinderella, 1976; a collaborative ""The^l'a.m ramble- a one-ac* Dlay 

pseud, of Boss Alexander Hack. 1 v. adaptation. By Jerry Chase, Tony McGrath Marcia N. Savin. 18 p. e Harc-^a N 

e Poss Alexander: 7jun76; DO99250. E Abbey McGrath. 17 p. e Jerry Chase- Savin; 10Jun76: D099286. " ' 

Tony McGrath S Abbey KcGrath; 21Jun76; 

""59251. 0099268. 0099287 

Daddy, go away! A one-act play. By B^. ij I ^on " marry you how car i 

Nicholas C. Kalomeris. 1v. C Nicholas DD99269. divorce you' By Joan vl?";k (Joan V 

C. Kalomeris; 7Jun76; D099251. Dandelion Depot; a children's TV shew. Kouwenhoven)' Sheets (109 p.) ' 6 Jol^ 

„„..,,, Script no. 1. By Sandy Klee- Phillips. 1 Kouwenhoven; 10Jun76; D099287. 

""59252. V. J Sandy Klee-Phillips ; 23Jun76; 

Amy and Srdy. Conceived E written by D099269. 0099288 

Jack Hammer, pseud, of Earl S Burroughs. Fi rst 'reckonin g: The Celebration. 

'jlo.MlllV ?^ ^^^^'^U ??? ''-''''■ "T?^°: . . ......._ _„_. . second reckoning? Bridge game. Third 

rkoning: Ordeal. By Gertru 

Jack Hammer: 7jur76; DD99252. One niaht a week--a domestic affair. 

Luftig. 131 p. e Don Luftig; ' 1 v. "(Reckonings)' e' GertrLde 

"""" """"-■'" 10Jun76; 0099288. 

""59253. 16Jun76; 'd099270: 

Bikey, Jockey and Leroy. By Gordon B 
Watkins. 130 p. C Gordon R. Hatkirs; 0099271. 


7Jun76; 0099253. The Queen of Hearts; a comedy in one The B;ven ; a drama for television ba sed 

I,no925n l"^: l^ "^"''^ ''11^"' P^'^"''- °' ^^1"^" "n *^« letters E writings of Edgar Allan 

.!" ;,^ T„- K . n ■,, ,-u .. Howland. 15 p. e Maude Allen, pen name Poe. sheets (108 p.) Appl. au: Maurice 

T„,3h. By David Libman. 27 of Ellen Howland; 9Jun7e; 0099271. Gandy. e Maurice Gandy; 10Jur76- 

e David Libman; 7Jun76; 00992^1 


""55255. Hadassah faces a crisis. By Helen E. D099290. 

P.' l'r...lTT.dVllu.V,jntl.r.\'- " "?,i^.?;, '' ^- » "^^"- ^- »"^^^ "-^^= ._-^^.5^-y °! \?""'^ -^ ^0" they saved 

Hall; 7Jun76; 0099255. DU99272. ' ' ' snow white. By Alan A. Ver Schur 

Sheets (36 p.) in folder. NM: revis: 
e Al Ver Schure; 10Jun76; DO99290. 

""59256. ^ DD99273. 

listening? A two act musical Binnie lives. By Judith Eosenblum. 67 


apor trails. By Cy Ca 

drama. By Esther L. Seales. 12 p. Book p. e Judi'h Rosenblum; 9jun76; 0099273. 

only. e Esther L. Seales; 7Jun76; 

™'""- ""55271. LindrBo^reri!- 30%^' r\lnS^ 

.„.„,,. Oavid and Goliath; a Biblical musical. 10Jun76; 0099291. 

I l^ A * ^°°'^' lyrics E m Beatrice Bolf. 1 v. 

A Blend of elements: a play in one act. 6 Beatrice Holf; 9Jun76; 0099271. 0099292 

Z^7 ^^- D^;9?57.» -- 0099275. ps^"- r^indr ^^1 Jl V. ?. Tlinda 

n„qQ,=ifl Bubkis. Written by Murray Schisgal as Borrell; 10Jun76; 0099292. 

It .^ employee of The Arlinaton Branch, Ltd. 27 

The Adventures of Akila Jamila, the p. c The Arlington Branch, Ltd.; 9Jun76; D099293. 

beautiful black princess and the five DU99275. Somethina better down the line Pv Cv 

9T-r?ediy^vfn;; '^^^^^^11^1^- .g.76. ^U^^d:^l^^^.^l^^^l,^l/ 

Brothers. By Henry Stembridge. 113 p. 
C Henry Stembridge; 9Jun76; D099276. 0099251. 


hist°ory.'' By-Thomas M"Donfon'°"'22"!:' DD99277. Borreil""""2 p"" e'linda' Borrell ■ 

Book F. Ivrir-c nnl v H Th„„,, . n„.-i.. <■ „^ ,_ _...._. . Borreii. iz p. Linda Borrell, 

Book E lyrics only. 8 Thomas M. Donlon E The Meetina. By David A. Litteral 

Robert J. Biko; 7Jun76: 0099259. p. David A. Litteral E Ca 

Driftwood. By Cy Carr, pseud, of lind 
rrell. 1 2 p. 
10Jun76; 0099291. 

Litteral; 9Jnn76; 0099277. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


D099295. DU99311. DU99328. 

The Shaft of love; a soap-opera comedy. James P. Beckwourth; a movie script. By Author! author ! An evening with sholci 

By Charles John Dizerzo. 1 v. C Charles Jeff Hengesbaugh 6 Jane Race. Sheets (101 Aleichem. By Evelyn Pudie (Evelyn Pud'e 

John rizenzo; lOJun^e; D099295. p.) O Jeff Hengesbaugh E Jane Pace; Bernauer) 6 Christie Oscar DeCarlo, lyrics 

iqjun76; DU99311. by Evelyn Pudie Bernauer, m Ben Bcisman. 

D099296. Sheets. Ben Keisioan, Evelyn Pudie 

Hetaiorphosis. By Charles John Dizenzo. DD99312. Bernauer 6 Christie Oscar DeCarlo; 

1 V. A dramatization of the Kafka story. Hostages: a three act play. By Leslie 1UJunT6; 0099328. 
Charles John Dizenzo; 10Jun76: nercer Heidt. 1 v. C leslie nercer 

DU99296. Heidt; 10Jun76; DU99312. DU99329. 

The Revelation; a shootina script for a- 

D099297. 0099313. animated motion pic'ure. Ill p. Appl. 

The Ballad of Fangless BcRattle. Book t The Law school accident. By Cyril B. au: Robert Valente. Robert Valente; 

lyrics by Jure Barbour (June Barbour Berry. 1 v. C Cyril B. Berry; 1UJun76; 1«Jut^76; DU99329. 
aescia) , m John Balamos. 2 v. C June DD99313. 

Barbour Bescia; 11Jan76; D099297. D099330. 

DU9931"t. Rip Van winkle, the man who slept 

0099298. Try to remember. By Bark L. Genrich E through the American Fevolution. Adapted 
Creation. By Christophver Poze. 19 p. Robert Opdycke. 1 v. (BASH) C Bark L. by Bichele L. Vacca. 55 p. Based on the 

Christophver Poze; 11Jun76: DD99298. Genrich £ Robert Opdycke; 1UJun76; s'ory by Washington Irving. NB: 

D0993m. dramatization 6 additions. C Bichele 1. 

0099299. Vacca; 15Jun76; D099330. 
The Lost Colony revisited; one-act play, 0D99315. 

three scenes. By Barren Eugene Shull. Twisted angel. By Patricia Anne Kle. 0099331. 

Sheets (30 p.) © Warren E. Shull; 32 p. e Patricia Anne Kle; mjun76: Oh listen, my children, and you shall 

11Jun76: 0099299. 0099315. hear cf the flea in Paul Pevere's horse's 

ear; an original play. By Sharon Annette 

0099300. 0D99316. Cole. 31 p. Sharon A. Cole; nBar76: 
Looking fcr Jesus; play. By Dorothy J. The Prey of madness; a one act play in D099331. 

Brooks. 15 p. Prev. reg. 20Sep7U, three scenes. By Roberta Jean Parry 

D091750. SB: additions. e Dorothy J. (Roberta Jean Parry Anastasiow) sheets DU99332. 

Brooks: 11Jun76: D099300. (92 p.) C Roberta Parry Anastasiow; The Emperor's new clothes: an orialnal 

1iUun76; 0D99316. adaptation. By Sharon Annette Cole.' :-i 

DO9930 1. p. From the story by Hans Christian 

Home on the range; screenplay. Bv Chris DU99317. Andersen. O Sharon A. Cole; 10Jun76: 

Conkling. 100 p. C Theatre and cinematic Triptych; a mystery play. By David D099332. 
Arts Department, Brigham Young Oniversity, Hir.ds Bynatt. Sheets (8 2 p.) O David 

Tad Danielewski, co-ordinator; njun76: Hinds Bynatt; iajun76: 0099317. 0099333. 

0099301. A Fine summer night; a play. Ev Bichael 

D099318. Shurtleff. 1 v. e Bichael Shurtieff; 

0099302. Dreyfus; a play in three acts. By David 7Jun76; 0099333. 
Cloud 9. By Nancy Heikin. 1 v. Horton Bills. 121 p. C David Bills; 

Includes music. e Nancy Heikin; 11Jun76; lUJunVe; 0099318. 0099334. 

0099302. The Next man. By Bort Fine, Alan 

DU99319. Trustman K Richard Sarafian. 130 p. 

D099303. Radio waves. By Larry 0. Dennis. 63 p. Based on a story by Bartin Bragman. Apol. 

The Crowd in the kitchen. By Hannah 6 Larry D. Dennis: 1«Jun76; 0099319. au: Artists Entertainment Complex, Inc.' 

Sampson. 26 p. C Hannah Sampson; e Artists Entertainment Complex, Inc.; 

11Jun76; DO99303. DU99320. 9Jun7e; 0099331. 

Booftop; a play in two acts. By Bichael 

009930U. Weholt. Sheets (119 p.) 6 Bichael D099335. 

wish: a play in three acts. By Stanley weholt: 1ilJun76; 0099320. The Wahoo rally. By Robert P. Judy. 

Joseph Eidelman. Sheets (66 p.) 116 p. C Robert R. Judy; 8Jun76; 

Stanley Joseph Eidelman: 1«Jun76; 0099321. DU99335. 
D09930U. The Prodigal. By Richard Earl Heatwole. 

1 V. e Dick Heatwole; 1UJun76; D099321. 0099336. 

0099305. The British are coming! ♦he British are 
The Legend of Harriet Tubman; a musical 0099322. coming! A musical. By Warren L. Frost E 

in two acts. By Lillian Ban. 1 v. Book Friends come in all colors: play. By David' J. Karr. 1 v. Eased on G. B. 

£ lyrics only. Prev. reg. 23Feb76, Angela Wang £ Alice Wang. 1 v. 6 Angela Shaw's Devil's disciple. Prev. reg. 1?ui. 

DU97911. NB: addition of second act. Wang £ Alice Wang; 1UJun76; D099322. NB: additional text £ music. 6 David J. 

e Lillian Barr; 1itJun76: D099305. Karr E Warren L. Frost; 7jun76: ro99-3e. 


0099306. Doctor, doctor; a musical farce. Book 0099337. 

A Decision; an Easter related drama by Harriet Peagh (Harriet Dexter), lyrics 5BPIC presents -heater, simplified 

suitable for use with music as a cantata. 6 m Baurice Keller, pseud, of Baurice poetry lessons, simplified sculpting 

By Charles Henry Redding. 1 v. 6 C. H. Kregal. 1 v. Freely adapted from The course; one act play. 5 p. Appl. au: 

Redding: 1KJun76: D099306. Imaginary invalid, by Boliere. Prev. reg. Pilar Antonio Sanchez. 6 Pilar Antonio 

15Dec75, D097139. NB: musical score £ Sanchez: 19Bav''6: 0099337. 

0099307. lyrics. 6 Harriet Dexter E Baurice 

San Francisco frolic; script for a Keller; iajun76; DU99323. D099338. 

playlet. By Jonathon Quist, pseud, of Last take, no script, your cue. By 

William Dorsey Blake. Sheets (30 p.) 0099324. Lenora W. Cave. 30 p. e lenora Cave; 

C William Dorsey Blake; 1UJun76; Philly-Joe; a feature film script. By 11Jun76; DD99338. 
0099307. Lester Berman B Paul Hastings Wilson. 175 

p. e Lester Berman £ Paul Hastings 0099339. 

DU99308. Wilson; 14Jun76; 0U99324. Next of skin; a one act comedy. By 

Hold that pose! Script for a playlet. Cortland C. Smith. 1 v. e Cortland C. 

By Jonathon Ouist, pseud, of William D099325. Smi*h; 7Jun76: 0099339. 
Dorsey Blake. Sheets (41 p.) e William The Olympians and the astronauts; a play 

Dorsey Blake; 14Jun76; D099308. in two scenes. By John Ashworth E 0099340. 

Adrienne Ashworth. 1 v. C John E chicken soup; an orialnal screenplay. 

0099309. Adrienne Ashworth; 1ttJun76; 0099325. By Steve Brand E David Fallen. 185 p. 

Campus orgy: script for a playlet. By C S-eve Brand B David Fallon; 6Ju'-76: 

Jonathon Quist, pseud, of William Dcrsey D099326. D099340. 
Blake. sheets (32 p.) C William Dcrsey The Envoy: a screenplay for animation. 

Blake: 14Jur.76: D099309. By Richard Delia Costa. Sheets (94 p.) DU99341. 

O Richard Delia Costa; 14Jun76; D099326. The Glowing of such fire. By Cyn*Ha ;. . 

D099310. Rodriguez Badendvck, with Bare Gingold. 

The visitors. By Ross J. LaBanna. D099327. 320 p. C c. A. 'f. Badendyck; 25Jun76: 

Sheets. Includes music. C Pose J. Deja vu. Conceived E written by Leo D099341. 
LaBanna; 10Jun76: D099310. Comorau. 169 p. English. Leo Comorau; 

14Jun76; D099327. 

Tliese entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DU993»2. 0099357. DU9937I4. 

Sneakers. By Eonald Irving Lazar. 29 Bindow game; a short opera. By Cecil Oklahoaa, n. S. A. ; a historical pagean* 

p. e Eonald Irvina lazar; 26Apr76; Bentz. U7 p. Based on Playing with fire, wi*h original music. Book C lyrics by 

DU99302. by Guy De naupassant. C Cecil Bentz; Stanley W. Hoig, m Bobert K. Eillon. 

9Jun76; DU99357. Eevision Mar. 1, 1976. 3 v. 6 S'an Ho: 

D099313. E Pobert Dillon; 16Jun76; Dr9937il. 

Heart and soul; a musical fantasy of Da99358. 

black folklore. By leslie David Perry. S Gargoyle's view. By Gerard T. Kane. DU99375. 

106 p. Book £ lyrics only. NM: Sheets in folder. e Gerard T. Kane; The Inquiry; a play. By Elaine Barnar 

adaptation 5 additions. Q Leslie David 15Jun76; DD99358. sheets (39 p.) e Elaine Barnard; 

Perry; lltJun76; DD993U3. 16Jun76; DU99375. 


DD993im. The Last march. By Faye S. Schwartz. 1 D1199376. 

There is talk; in ■■ parts. By Bonnie v. 6 Faye S. Schwartz; 15Jun76: City life; a one-a 

Sosnowsky. tO p. Add. ti: A character DU99359. Nass. 10 p. 6 Elys 

recital of poetry and songs. Book f. DU99376. 
lyrics only. 6 Bonnie Sosnowsky; DU99360. 

11Jun76; 00993114. ' Eidolon. By faye S. Schwartz. 1 v. DU99377. 

e Faye S. Schwartz; 15Jun76; DU99360. The Story of Ethel and Julius Posenbera. 

D0993145. Wri'ten by Nina Serrano, Judith H. Binder 

Slouching towards Be*hel. 16 p. S D099361. E Paul Richards. 27 p. © Judith Binder, 

sheets (7 p.) Add. ti: The High Mire Swamp; or. The Artist. By Edward Nina Serrano E Paul Richards; 16Jun76; 

Radio Choir presents Slouching towards Nickerson Randall. Sheets (109 p.) in DU99377. 
Bethel. Appl. au : Kevin Aspell, Doug folder. C Edward Nlckerson Randall; 

Ferrari, Ray Hanna 6 Larry Hansen. 15Jun76; DU99361. DU99378. 

a Kevin Aspell, Doua Ferrari, Ray Hanna E The way prison life is. Bv Benry A. 

Larry Hansen a.k.a. The High wire Radio DU99362. Cleare. 38 p. e Henry A. Clears; 

Choir; llJun76; DD993it5. I don ' » want to be a crocodile; a play 16Jun76; DU99378. 

in two acts. By E. Ivy Fischer. 1 v. 

DU993146. C E. Ivy Fischer; 15Jun76; DU99362. DIJ99379. 

The Plumber wins a million; or. Pipe The Easter Bunny has been fired (no 

dream. A 60-minute play for television. D099363. replacement has been found) By Bruce Eva"- 

By nary Joan Eattay. 50 p. Harv Joan True Glick; a screenplay. Written by nirken. 25 p. C Bruce nirken; 16Jur76; 

Battay; 11Jun76; DU993t6. (larvin Goldman. 58 p. fi Marvin Goldman; DU99379. 

15Jur76; DD99363. 

0099317. DU99380. 

How shall we sing? A musical play in 0099361. Babtle-on, babble-on; a musical spoof c 

two acts. By Faymord H. Harder B Eleanor The Cellar; an original screenplay. By Dorothy Fontana's Journey to Babel. 

L. Harder. 116 p. E sheets. O Raymond W. Jay wheeler. Sheets (103 p.) { Jay Written by Dus»v Lee, pseud, of Lauren Ie-> 

Harder Z Eleanor L. Harder: 11Jun76; Wheeler; 15Jun76; D099361. Jones. It p. Book E lyrics only. 

0099347. p rusty Lee; 16Jun76; 0099380. 

C0993 65. 

D099318. Love on the cusp; a comedy in two acts. D099381. 

The Bomb; a screenplay. By Barry Edward By Roger Karshner. 1 v. 6 Roger Subway token to Venus. 21 p. Appl. au: 

Downes. Rev. draft. 181 p. C Barry Karshner; 15Jun76; 0099365. Richard D. Hestlake. 6 Richard C. 

Edward Downes; 11Jun76; D099318. Westlake; 16Jun76; D099381. 


D099319. Temporary duty. By Eugene Ferraro. 73 D099382. 

The Guv from Harlem; screenplay of a p. e Euaene Ferraro; 15Jun76; DD99366. Double the pleasure. By Jona'hor Quist, 

motion picture. 3y Gardenia Martinez. '8 ' pseud, of William Dorsey Blake. 36 p. 

p. e Gardenia Martinez; 11Jun76; D0993S7. (5 William Dorsev Blake; 16Jun76; 

D099319. Wheels across America; an original D099382. 

screenplay. By G. Kenreth Shuey B Richard 

D099350. Stahl. 115 p. 6 Ken Shuey E Rich Stahl; 0099383. 

The Day 'he SLA met God. By John 15Jun76: 0099367. Comfort. By Richard Neil Barron. 110 

Russell Stevens. 36 p. G J. R. Stevens; p. Prev. reg. 7Apr75, 0093961. NB: 

8Jun76: DO99350. 0099368. revision. S Richard N. Barron; 16Jur76; 

Lonely hearts. Written by David George 0099383. 
D099351. Sweigert. 13 p. 6 David George Sweigert; 

The Fountain princess. By Violet K. 16Jun76; DU99368. 0099381. 

Jones. 1 V. Includes music. 6 Viclet K. The Seventh son; screenplay. 65 p. 

Jones; 13»ay76; 0099351. D095369. Add. 'i: A Voyage of vengeance. Appl. au: 

Remember those poker playing monkeys; Charles Henry Sanson. e Charles Henry 

D099352. screenplay. By Joseph Jacoby. 118 p. Sanson; 16Jun76; DD993S1. 

Lever leverage. By Dennis E. Noble. 16 e Joseph Jacoby; 16Jun76; 0099369. 

p. (Machines that move the world) 0099385. 

e Dennis E. Noble; 3May76; D099352. D099370. A Lovely time in the age of miracles; a 

By the numbersl A television comedy. short play for the people. By Kenne'h I. 

D099 353. By William T. Bode. 60 p. Includes Evans. 9 p. Add. ti: A Lovely day in •■h" 

wheel wield. By Dennis E. Noble. 11 p. music. t- William T. Bode; 16Jun76; a-je of miracles. € Kenne'h 1. Fvans ; 

(Machines that move the world) Add. ti: 0099370. 17Jun76; D0993B5. 
The Wheel and axle. sj Dennis E. Notle; 

3nay76; 0099353. 0099371. 0099386. 

Doctor B. S. Black; a musical comedy. Am 1 my brother's keeper? By Nelson C. 

D099351. Book, lyrics B m Carlton H. Holette, 2nd 6 Wright, Jr., friends in collaboration: 

Screw drive. By Dennis E. Noble. 11 p. Barbara J. Holette, lyrics 6 m Charles Kur* Baker E Nelson Richardson. 92 p. 

(Machines that move the world) B Dennis Manr. 1 v. Prev. rea. 26Jul73, D087721; t. Nelson C. Wrigh-, Jr.; njur76; 

E. Noble; 3nay76; D099351. prev. pub. llApr70, DP7757. NM: revision ro99386. 

E additions. e Carlton «. Holette, 2nd, 

D099355. Barbara J. Holette B Charles Mann; 0099387. 

Pesurrection; a pulpi*- drama. Book, 16Jun76; 0099371. Nathan. By Paul N. Hooper. Sheets (HO 

lyrics S m Bryan Jeffery Leech, arr. p.) Frev. reg. 2Jan73, 0085671. NH : 

Roland Tabell. 1 v. e Bryan Jeffery 0099372. revisions. i5 Paul N. Hooper; 17Jun76; 

Leech 6 Roland Tabell; 19May76; D099355. Tilden; dramatic composition. By Pierre 0099387. 

Delattre, Louis Allen Catching E Halter 
0099356. Davis. 52 p. 6 Pierre Delattre, Lou 

Session; original story E screenplay. Ca'ching £ Walter Davis; 16Jun76; 

By Joseph Brooks. 117 p. Prev. reg. 0099373. 

7Apr75, D093920. NH : revisions 6 

additions. 6 The Light and Sound Company, D099373. 

Inc.; 2Sep76; D099356. O.E.O. By Paul Fecher. Sheets (37 p 

in folder. (MASH) S Paul Fecher; 
16Jun76: D099373. 





ve a] 

nd take; a 







. 106 p. 

e H. 









e Fa 

bulous sal. 


a V 



These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a partict.lar 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information ahor.t any additional records that may exist. 


DU99339 (con.) CU99«06. DU99123. 

anthology. By Herbert E. Boulton. U5 p. Suddenly, uurJer! Uritten by Johr Wartcd; a play 

O Herbert E. Boulton; njun76; DUS9389. Joseph Marshall. 69 p. C John Joseph John Barbaro; 

ttarshall: 18Jun76; DU99it06. 

DU99390. DtJ99U2u. 

Renockolus. The Used car. The DoggilO?. Play; a play. 

Hospital, and others. By Lloyd Austin Hoods; a play. By Lynn Andrew Bischak. C John Barbaro; 
winters. 12 v. C Llovd Austin winters; 11 p. C Lynn Andrew Bischak; 18Jun76; 

17Jun76; DU99390. 0099107. 0099125. 

Job; a play. By John Earbaro. 8 p. 

DU99391. DU99008. C John Barbaro; 21Jun76; PU99125. 

Street city; an American film opera- Aphra Behn: playwright; a play "both 

Story, screenplay, lyrics E m Chris Feed ancient 6 modern" for 11 women in three DU99126. 

Pruett. 2 V. O Chris Feed Pruett; acts. By Joanne E. Gates. 118 p. I remember Sam. By Pichard laChapellp. 

17Jun"'6; DD99391. ? Joanne E. Gates; 18Jun76; 0099108. 2 v. Includes music. C Pichard 

Lachapelle; 21Jun76; CD9°126. 

0099392. 0099109. 

Possessed; a screenplay. By Courtney Gedanie. By Dan Balaban. 12U p. e Dan 0099127. 

Burr. 33 p. C Courtney Burr; 17Jun76; Balaban; 18Jun76; D099109. Reverend Girrard, S. J.; a play in threo 

D099 392. acts. By Joseph John Jablonski. Sheets 

0099110. (17 p.) e Joseph John Jablonski; 

0099393. The Day that never was. By Curtis T. 21Jun76: 0099127. 
Life is like a musical comedy: songs by Olson 6 Pichard E. Hiller. 1 v. Includes 

Georoe M. Cohan. Conceived S directed by music. 6 Curt Olson S Pichard E. Miller; D099128. 

John n. Allison. 8 p. Book only, e Jack 21Jun76; 0099110. wlll-o' -the-wi sp; an orioinal screen- 
Allison; 17Jun76; 0099393. play. By William Brian Lowry. S'-eets 

0099111. (Ill p.) C William Brian Lowry; ZUun""?; 
0099391. The Eye; a play for television. By Lynn DU99128. 

High above the hill. Written by Gary Humphrey Elliott. 51 p. 9 Lynn H. 

Frederick Flaniaan. 11 p. 6 Gary Elliott; 21Jun76; 0099111. 0099129. 

Frederick Flanigan; 17Jun76; 0099391. Kost valuable Dlay. By Nafhew P. 

0099112. Cutugno. 1 v. e. Hatthew P. Cutuaro; 
0099395. The Legend of Marie Laveau; an original 21Jun76; DU99129. 

The Howard Hughes/CIA mystery ship. By screenplay. By Janet B. Gardner 6 Lora K. 

Carl B. Belfor. 110 p. 6 Carl B. Eelfor; Myers. 89 p. 6 Lora K. Myers S Janet H. D099130. 

17Jun76; 0099395. Gardner; 21Jun7e; DU99112. Class of '88. Shee':s. f.ppl. au : 

Jacqulyn B. Singleton, Jacqul. C Jacaulvr 

D099396. 0099113. Benita Singleton; 9Jun76; DU99130. 

Wharton; a Bicentennial pageant. By Full moon. By Norman Krasna. 1 v. 

Horton Foote. 17 p. e Horton Foote; 6 Norman Krasna; 21Jun76; DD99113. 0099131. 

17Jun76; 0099396. A Velvet place; play. By Martha Mar-:<; 

D099111. O'Connell 6 Sharon Ann ftarks. 1 v. 

0099397. What you don't know won't hurt you; a C Martha Marie O'Connell f. Sharon Ann 

The Last voyage of Captain Purple. By flay in two acts. 129 p. Appl. au: Starks; 29Jun76: 0099131. 
Charles Henry Pascoe. 1 v. Includes Eugene Reynolds. 8 Eugene Reynolds; 

music. e Charles Pascoe; 17Jun76; 21Jun76; DD99111. 009=132. 

0099397. Songs at twilight; libret+o. By Maureen 

Dward, m George Kent. Sheets (62 p.l 

0099398. God the Father. By Emmett Peabody, libretto only. 6 Maureen Howard: •'Jur''f 
Behind the lavender curtain. By Pichard pseud, of Michael T. Brown. 17 p. 0099 

Earl Ballard. Sheets (91 p.) 
Ballard; 17jun76: 0099398. 


God th 

e Fa 


By Ei 

imett Pe 

abody , 

pseud, o 

f Mi 


T. Brown. 



§ Emmett 








' 29. 


Claudia Ha' 



Hatch St 


s) 1 

V. 8 







Hatch) ; 




Dmplex; screenplay. By 
David Lee Hewit":. 113 p. Add. ti: 
Nightmare at Favensbreuck, Q David Lee 
Hewitt: 17Jun76; D099399. 

D099100. Peguiem; a screenplay. By S. M. 

Couleurs sans danger. By Michael Edwin Nechetsky. 91 p. e S. M. Nechetsky; 

Roberts S Winston Tangiers, pseud, cf 21Jun76; D099117. 

Winston Tono. 123 p. Add. 
free from poison. English. 
6 Winston Tangiers; 17Jun76 

:i: Colors 

e Mai Foberts 




.0, my hero. By Di 


62 p. C Oaryl Wi 


; 0099118. 


The Gc 

lid watch; 3 ac» 

play. By 



, pseud. 

of Tana 



e Lee Ch 






rella. Snow-Whit 

e and the 




Red Pidi 

no Hood, c 



Book E 

lyrics b 

y" David Oi 



f David 

S. Goldb 

erg, i. Her 




in folde 

r. (Twelv 




fairy ta 

les) Add. 

ti : 

Twelve m 

usical E 

.lays for 



e Henry 

Tobias t 

pany: 6Jt; 



!dy in five 

The Kir 

ig's Road; a Pevolutiona: 

e Ronald 


Book, lyrics E m Harry 


71 p. e Harry T. Kau' 




The Plains of Abraham: an historical D099135. 

drama in 1 acts. By William Hermanns. DD99119. Crispin and the sixteenth act; 

118 p. Prev. reg. 19Mar10, 70115. NM: The Egyptian hat. By Joseph Francis musical. By Lucia Victor, pseud, 

revisions E additions. 6 William Brown. Sheets (257 p.) 6 Joseph Francis B. Dudley. 1 v. Book E lyrics c 

Hermanns; 17Jun76; DO99101. Brown; 21Jun76; 0099119. C Lucia Victor; 25nay76; 009913 

D099102. DD99120. D09 

Devil's due; a Faustian c 
acts. By Ronald Garbin. 1 
Garbin: 18Jun76; 0099102. 


Seachange. By Andrew silver S June 0099121. 

Comollo. 61 p. Andrew silver E June Red Fox/second hangin'; a story for four 

Comollo; 18Jun76; 0099103. tellers. By Don H. Baker E Dudley Cocke. 

1 V. e Don H. baker £ Dudley Cocke: 
D099101. 21Jun76; 0099121. 

Chalmers and Davis. By Steven Hart. 0099138. 

Sheets (35 p.) O Steven Hart; 18Jun76; D099122. Look at what the world is coming to: a 

0099101. Buster; a memory play in three acts. By play in 2 acts. By Ralph Levitskv. 62 p. 

Holbrook Thayer Ashton, 2nd. 1 v. C Ralph levitsky; 22Jun76; D099138. 

D099105. e Holbrook Thayer Ashton; 21Jun76; 

A Cry in wilderness. By Massood S. 0099122. 0099139. 

Gilani. 1 v. C Massood S. Gilani; Fought, bought and paid for! Pv T eonarij 

18Jun76; 0099105. Poggiali. 11 p. C Leonard Poagiali; 

22Jun76; DD99139. 

G. P. 


a play in < 

:wo ac 


David Berry. 

1 V. Prev. 




NM: : 

revisions B 



e David 






Trio in A flat. By Thoi 

.as Mi 



56 p. 

e Thomas Michael 



; 0099 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


D"59uao. DU991I57. jare* Cooper. 1 v. e Susarie Sirolfton, 

Uinona. Librettist: Perry Hilliams, The Plague. By Michael Rove. Sheets Helene Marshall & Janet Cooper; 2iijurT6; 

composer: Alberto Bimboni. Sheets. (79 p.) e Michael Fowe; 23Jun76; DM99ina. 

e uinona Bimboni; 22.1un76; DU99m4C. DU99it57. 


D"9°iini. DU99"t58. Happy dollar; a ne« musical. Book by 

The Escape artists; screenplay. Ey ComjDOdus; a play in five acts. By David Icon Falk, lyrics by John latouc'-e, n 

Sheila Quilter. 59 p. 6 Sheila Ou'lter; W. Childs, Jr. Sheets (137 p.) e David Hilliam Frioil. 1 v. Book 6 lyrics only. 

22Jun76; D099'(U1. W. Childs, Jr.; 23Jun76; DU99U58. 6 Lee Falk; 21Jun76; DD99U7'?. 

DU99I)U2. DD99«59. DII99U76. 

SPUSCOn. By Barcia H. Edwards. 1 v. Alice in hunterland; or. Play i* by ear. One man and three women; or. The Ba- who 

Add. ti: The Society 'o Protec* the United Screenplay. By Lacy J. Thomas a.k.a. Joan was lookina for the truth. Criginal 

Ann Sumner. 98 p. Lacy J. Thomas script G dialogues by Alfred Brardler. M 

a.k.a. Joan Ann Sumner; 23Jun76; p. R Alfred Brandler; 2UJur,76; Dn9Qu^(;. 
DU99I4 59. 

DU99tt3. D099U77. 

The Power of the tongue; a children's DU99a60. Pig sill. Written by Frank Deford. 

play. By Sydney Taylor. 1 v. Includes Pational living. By Pichard ohanesian. Sheets (123 p.) in folder. e Frank 

music. 6 Sydney Taylor; 22Jun76; 1 v. 6 Pichard ohanesian; 23Jun76; Deford; 2UJun76; 0099177. 
DU99HU3. DD99H60. 


DU99U141I. DU99U61. The Knoll. Can't ge» a job. who kille.' 

The Bedroom. By Marjorie H. Appleman 1 D.C., District of Cuckoo; a weekly Lenny Bruce? Ey Pobert Valente. 1 v. 

V. Prev. reg. 1969, DU75136. NM: satire for television. Pilot episode. (Three by Robert Valence) © Robert 

revisions 6 additions. C M. H. Appleman; Created 6 written by Thomas J. Perez. 1 Valente; 25Jun76; DU99t78. 
23Jun76: DD99411U. v. Thomas J. Perez; 23Jun76; DU99U61. 


DU99U1I5. DU991t62. Flowers and household aods. Ey Momoko 

Crosscurrents; or. The Joy of rape. By Lee and her singing and dancing dog. By Iko. Sheets (8U p.) e Momoko Iko; 

Marjorie H. Appleman. 1 v. e M. H. Marie LeBoeuf. 21 p. e Marie LeBoeuf; 25Jun76; DU99U79. 
Appleman; 23Jun76; DD994U5. 23Jun76; 0099162. 


00991146. DU99163. Cruel and unusual punishment; an 

The Wooden soldiers march; a children's Pan; a play. By David Hamet. 105 p. excessively violent farce. By David A. 

play. By Dana Victor Byman. 37 p. 6 David Mamet; 23Jun76; DU99163. Washburn, 3rd. 20 p. 6 David A. 

© Dana Victor Uyman; 23Jun76; DU9S116. Hashburn, 3rd; 25Jun76; DD99180. 


D099117. Jimmy Brown; a contemporary musical D1199181. 

Trial by force; an original screenplay. production. By John J. O'Connor, Jr. 2 Simple solutions; musical script. Ey 

By William lorimer Wheatley. Sheets (68 v. B John J. O'Connor, Jr.; 23Jun76; Jefferson Johnson Irvin, Jr. S Thomas 

p.) a William Lorimer aheatley; 23Jun76; DU99161. Clifford Ball. 2 v. e Jefferson Johnsc- 

DU99117. Irvin, Jr. 6 Thomas Clifford Rail; 

DU99165. 25Jun76; DU99181. 
D099118. Those Salem girls; a musical comedy. By 

The Cliff. 131 p. Appl. au: Alan Ina Bradley. 1 v. e Ina Bradley; 0099162. 

Stanke S Patrick Gossage. e Jacgues 27May76; DD99165. The Revised virgin. By Mary Weikert. 2 

Lemoine; 23Jun76; DU99118. v. t nary Weikert; 25Jun76; 0099182. 


D099119. Alice; abbreviated 1 act version. Set 0099183. 

A Vase of flowers. By Nan Meyer. 5 p. in meter £ rhyme by Blanche Thebom. 11 p. Lincoln. By Michael p. Piccards. 13^ 

ei Nan Meyer; 23Jun76; D099119. Based on Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis p. e Michael P. Piccards; 25Jun76; 

Carroll, pseud. NM : editing S additions. 0099183. 

0099150. e Blanche Thebom; 16Jun76; 0099166. 

The Hat trick. By David Kino. 20 p. 0099181. 

e ravid King; 17Jun76; 0099150. 0099167. Sundown; a messenger play in --wo ac*s. 

Season of persuasion; a comedy in three Bv Evan Seymour. Sheets (66 p.) e Evar 

D099151. acts. By Ethel Gibby Flamma. 191 p. Seymcur; 28Jun76; 0099181. 

A Dragon called Gondolia ; an original e Ethel Gibby Flamma; 16Jun76; 0099167. 

play. Created by Dana Victor Wyman. 38 0099185. 

p. From stories by the students of Bay 0099168. The Book of Strang: an evocation; a plav 

view Elemantary School. O Dana vic-or The Ondressing of a nude. Bv William for radio. By Edwin Gladding Furrows. 16 

Hyman; 23Jun76: 0099151. Andrews. 1 v. § William Andrews; p. f Edwin Gladding Burrows; 28Jun7e; 

1Jun76; C099168. 0099185. 

Fat city; original screenplay. P*. 1. 0099169. 0099186. 

By Pober* I. Blecker. 131 p. e Pobert I. Killer's chase; original screenplay. By How does your father dance? By Gregory 

Blecker; 23Jun76; D099152. Fred Mintz. 80 p. Fred Mintz f- Dean Way. Sheets. e Gregg Way; 28Jun76; 

Cinephile, Inc.; 11Jun76; DB99169. D099186. 

Maggie Harmon! Maggie Harmon! By 0099170. DD99187. 

Jonathon Quist, pseud, of William Dctsey Aesop and company; the fabled musical. The Kids. Written by Enr'on Wetanson 6 

Blake. Sheets (37 p.) C William Dorsev Book 6 lyrics by Jay Jeffries, m Jason Michael Vines. 99 p. 6 Louis Perairo; 

Blake; 23Jun76; D099153. McAuliffe. 1 v. 6 Jay Jeffries 6 Jason 2SJun76; 0099187. 

McAuliffe; 21Jur76; 0099170. 

0099151. 0099188. 

You call 'his living? By Walter Kent, 0099171. A War of popes; a three-act historical 

pseud, of Walter Sprinaer. 108 p. Pelotari; a screenplay. By Edward drama in verse. By Brian L. Leo. 18 p. 

e Walter Springer, whose pseud, is Walter Joseph Arnone. sheets (111 p.) © Ed t Brian I. Leo; 28Jun76; 0099188. 
Kent; 23Jun76; DogoiSI. Arnone; 21Jun76; D099171. 


0099155. DD99172. Waitino for Fred. By Nilo Manfredini. 
, Horror on South Elm; a screenplay. By Buds and Suds. By Mary steelsmi'h. 25 5 p. 6 Nilo Manfredini; 28Jun76 ; 
Larry Gene Evans. Sheets (70 p.) e Larry p. 6 Mary Steelsmith; 21Jun76; D099172. 0099189. 

G. Evans; 23Jun76; D099155. 

009 9173. 00 99190. 

0099156. The Modern artist. Ey Harold Campbell Tea and dystrophy. Ey Nilo Manfrediri. 
Swifty Pride and the Kid; a screenplay. Morris. Sheets (65 p.) 6 Harold Campbell 9 p. 6 Nilo Manfredini; 28Jun7f; 

By Kenne*h Stephen Pressman. Sheets (167 Morris; 21Jun76; DU99173. 0099190. 

p.) e Kenneth Pressman; 23Jun76; 

0099156. 0099171. 0099191. 

The Haqic horn. Book 6 lyrics: Susanne Fonzie goes to Nashville. Writ'en by 
Singleton E Helene Marshall, lyrics E m 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Blood money; an orial 

nal Ecr< 

Jerry Sar.giuliano. 88 

p. e Ji 

Sangiuliano; 28Juii76; 



Opening doors, 16 p. 


L. Brown. C Kenneth L. 




The Reconciliation; script. 
Neyors. 52 p. Harry Neyei 


By Harry 

; 2 9,1 UT- 71 


llama mama; a two-aci 
Sppl. an: Charles Howai 
Howard Hitts; 29Jun76; 

: play. 58 p. 

:d nitts. C Char 

; D099526. 


A New 

way to pay old 
1 V. C Marilyi 

• Sevei 

By naril 



DU99091 (con.) DU99508. D09952U. 

Karla Brustad. 21 p. C nrs. Wesley 0. you won't find fame in a two-bit town; a Prom night. By Katherine L. Hasell. 6 

Brustad; 28Jun76; D099«91. play for children. By Duane Thomas p. C Katherine 1. Hasell; 29Jun76; 

Bowers. Sheets (29 p.) C Duane Thomas DU9952U. 

DU99U92. Bowers; 1Jul76; D099508. 

Merlin, myself and the barnyard picnic; 
screenplay. By Larry B. Williams 6 James DD99509. 

L. Stephenson. 1 v. C Larry B. Williams Bite the lyre; a musical. Score by 

6 James L. Stephenson; 28Jun76; DU99U92. Thomas J. Camp, 3rd, m John Stewart. 2 v. 

Loosely based on the Orpheus e Eurydlce 
0099193. myth. C Charles River Creative Arts 

Late summer and idyllic; a play in two Program B Thomas J. Camp, 3rd: 8Jur76; 

parts. By Philip Kagdalany. 1 v. prev. 0099509. 

reg. as Idyllic, 2ilApr72. NM: revisions. 
Philip naadalany; 28Jun76; 0099193. 0099510. 

History: a play in two acts. By Martin 
Kaplan 6 John Hunt. 172 p. C John Hunt 6 
y. By Martin Kaplan; 17Jun76; 0099510. 


Donalbain; a play. By James Robert D09952S. 

Cichantk. 39 p. e James Robert Cichantk; Eecca; a musical, 

enneth 21Apr76; DD99511. 1 v. O Wendy Kesse] 

:n76; 0099526. 


The Amoeba and the Oedipus complex: a D099529. 

D099U96. comedy in three acts. By Joan Fox Haber. Oncle San is dead; a musical traaedy. 

Funny as hell. By Larry Sakin, Jr. 1 1 v. C Joan Fox Haber; 6Jul76; D099512. Book 6 lyrics by Edith Fragnlto Jester, 

V. C Larry Sakin, Jr.; 28Jun76; book, lyrics 6 m Robert William Jester. 

0099196. DD99513. Sheets in folder, e Robert W. Jester t 

Variety fliaht; a musical. Book E Edith F. Jester; 29Jun76: 0099529. 

DU99197. lyrics by Annie M. Taylor, French lyrics 

Custer; a play. By Richard G. Ploetz. by Jean-Claude Simoneau. 1i" 

Sheets (122 p.) in folder. Richard G. lyrics only. 6 Annie M. Ta 

Ploetz; 28Jun76; DD99U97. D099513. 

D099198. D099511. 

At liberty; a situation comedy for A Sea of white horses; a 

television. By Marvin Goldstein. 23 p. acts. By Peter Dee. 68 p. 

C Marvin Goldstein; 28Jun76; D099198. 8Jul76; DD99511. 

DD99199. 0099515. 

Fred, a star is reborn! A screenplay. Indian River; original hi; 

By Paul B. Farrell, Jr. 7 p. e Paul B. paaeant. By Mona G. Oaviss 

Farrell, Jr.; 28Jun76: DD99199. Holmes. 1 v. 6 Mona G. Da 

Holmes; 28Jun76: 0099515. 

The Bog flower. By Peter Adrian Grove. 0099516. 

9 p. e Peter Adrian Grove; 28Jun76; The Nation builder; a true story. DU99533. 

D099500. Written by Harold Abramson. 151 p. A Shaky Shangri-La: a three-ac* play. 

e Harold Abramsor; 21Jun76; 0099516. By Anna C. Hunger. Sheets (127 p.) 

D099501. e Anna c. Hunger; 30Jun76; D099533. 

Time-piece; a one-act play. By Peter 0099517. 

Adrian Grove. Sheets (15 p.) 6 Peter Everybody in tfe pool; a teleplay. By D099531. 

Adrian Grove; 28Jun76: D0995C1. Andrew wilk. 21 p. Appl. au: Edwin The Duality of daf fodowndillies. Ey 

Friend £ Jack Tarnenbaum. e Edwin Friend Daryl D. Allen. 55 p. C Oaryl 0. Alle- 

0099502. 6 Jack Tannenbaum; 23Feb7e; DD99517. 30Jun76: D099531. 
The Statue: oriainal story S screenplay. 

Written by Neal k". Lekwa. 169 p. S Neal 0099518. D099E35. 

K. Lekwa; 28Jun76; 0099502. Ci'izen Tom Paine; a play in two acts. The Bureau of international lovemakina 

By Howard Fast. 1 v. C Howard Fast; By Henry G. Williams. 10 p. C Henry g'. 

0099503. 18Jun76; DD99518. Williams; 30Jun76: DD99535. 
Nuthin to lose. By Jim Wilhoite. 52 p. 

C Full circle Production; 28Jun76; 0099519. 

0099503. Miracle in the ghetto; a play. 

Rebecca J. Grantham. 1 v. e 
DD99501. Grantham: 21Jun76; 0099519. 

Death of a romantic; a play. By Bruce 

rlen; 28Jun76; DD99520. 

Pilgrim: a play with music. 
William Key. Sheets (82 p.) 
DD99505. 7Jun76; DO99520. 

Big Willie and the street racers; 
screenplay. By Eric P. Jones 6 Roland 0099521. 

Jefferson. 127 p. C Eric P. Jones; It's getting sundown; an original story Alexandra. Story E oriainal screen 

28Jun76: D099505. 6 screenplay. By Cuinn Hurley. 80 p. bv Louis Trocciola. 1 p.' 6 Louis 

e (Juinn Hurley; 29Jun76; 0099521. Trocciola: 30Jun76; 0099538. 


Down to the sea in shifts, the story of 0099522. D099539. 

a faultless situation: or. Delight in D. The Eternal triangle; variations on a Masterminds, Inc. An orioinal 

harbour: or. No drought about it. Britten hackneyed theme. Arr. for the stage by N. screenplay. Bv Robin Daniel Skynner, 
by Tom Staples, Kate Foster E Sheila N. Evreinov, trar.slated by Christopher pseud, of Daniel skinner. 58 p. C F 

Bricher. 23 p. O Laramie County Collins. 16 p. NM : translation of Daniel Skynner (Daniel Skinner): 30J 

Community College: 28Jun76: D0995C6. Russian manuscript. C Christopher DD99539. 

Collins; 29Jun76: 0099522. 
D099507. D099510. 

In place of Arturo Grotowski. Sheets 0099523. What peaches, what penumbras! Bv C 

(11 p.) Appl. au: Donald J. Young. Appl. A Meaningful relationship; a comedy in Judah Sklar. 1 v. C Daniel Judah'sk 

states all new except prev. pub. poems E two acts. By Donald F. Flynn. 2nd draft. 30Jun76; D099510. 

excerpt from prev. pub. play. C Donald J. 1 v. 6 Donald R. Flynn E Charlotte J. 
Young: 1JU176: 0099507. Flynn; 29Jun76; DD99523. D099511. 

10 p. Book E 


lylor; 9Jul76; 

Hey Monkeyman; a screenplay of 19 

scenes. By Eileen M. Stephets. 19 

folder, e Eileen M. S*ephers: 29Ju; 


play in two 

e Peter Dee; 


The Pleasure party; a comedy in *'- 

acts. By Lee Jacobson . 1 v. C lee 

Jacobson; 30Jun76; 0099531. 


;on E Ada K. 


ivisson 6 Ada M. 

Travelin" by train; a children's 

instructional film. By John W. Cohe^ 

p. e John Cohen: 30Jun76; 0099532 


'. By 

The Yellow helmet. 

Ey Lisa Crenelle, 

Jebecca J. 

pseud, of Elizabeth L. 

Munroe. Sheets 

p.) e Lisa Crenelle; 

30Jun76: D0995: 

DO 9 95 37. 

By Thomas 

TWO philosophers; ar 

i orioinal screer 

: Tom Key; 

play. By Harvey Narci 

senfeld. 6 p. 

e Harvey Narcisenf eld ; 

30Jun76; D099 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


D11995I41 (CO-..) B623221. P623713. 

acts. By Leonard Stadd. 103 p. The Case of the red thumb. By Alfred The Crime of Sylvester Ponnard. By 

e Leonard Stadd; 30Jun76; DU9g5m. Bester. (Nick Carter, master detective) Jerome Lawrence e Robert E. Lee. 

e lODectB; D17719. The Conde Nast (Favorite stories) NM : dramatization fc 

DU995it2. Publications, Inc. (PUH); 5Jan76; radio. e 250c<-ii8: D16880. Jerome 

The Hystericus case of the mysterious R623221 . Lawrence S Robert E. Lee (A); 1ilJa-i76; 

case; a comedy of horrors. By Helen P. R623713. 
Avery. 52 p. Eased on the ?tory, Ihe S623222. 

Mysterious chest, by Howard Pyle. e Helen The Uncaged terror. By Edward J. E62371II. 

P. Avery: 30Jun76 ; 00995142. Adamson. (The Shadow) 6 lODecUB; The Bysterv of Room 323. By Jerome 

D17720. The Conde Nast Publications, Inc. Lawrence S pibert E. Lee. (Favorite 

""935H3. (PWH) ; 5Jan76; E623222. stories) 250ctU8; D16881. Jerome 

Abraham and Isaac: the akedah. By James Lawrence 5 Robert E. Lee (A) ; 1i|Jan76: 

E. Faulconer. 19 p. e James E. E623223. R623711I. 
Faulconer: 30Jun76; DU995M3. The wig makers of Doom Street. By Frank 

Kane. (The Shadow) lODecUS; D17721. R62H0ei. 

D1I9951H1. The Conde Nast Publications, Inc. (PHH): X marks the spot; a mystery-comedy in 

Daughters of liberty. By Dcnna 5Jan76; B623223. three acts. By Samuel French, employer 

Wilshire. 1 v. 6 Donna uilshire; for hire of George Van Edgar, pseud, of 

30Jun76: D0995mt. R623221. James Reach. 6 26NovUfi: D173811. Samuel 

The Laughing dead. By Peter Barry. French, Inc. (PHH): 12Jan76; R62U051. 
DU995115. (The Shadow) e lODecUS; D17722. The 

Hake it look like an accident. By Conde Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH); R62H052. 

Charles lu*z. 1 v. C Charles Lutz; 5aan76: R62322«. Go West, young man! A comedy in "-hree 

30Jur76; DU99515. acts. By Samuel French, employer for hir" 

R623188. of John Rand, pseud, of James Peach. 

DU995U6. The Other cheek; a play in three acts. f 12NcvU8; D173e7. Samuel French, Inc. 

Wall. Prize. Redemption. A Trilogy of By Donald Joseph Bevan 5 Edmund Trzcinski. (PWH): 12Jan76; R62U052. 
one act plays. By Vincent Viaggio. e 26Janil8; D12571. Donald J. Bevan f. 

Sheets in folder. C Vincent viaggio; Edmund Trzcinski (A); 1ilJan76; R623ue8. F62U053. 

30Jun76; DU995U6. Imagination; a comedy in three acts. Ey 

8623^90. Samuel French) employer for hire of Bruce' 

Loaded with medals; a play in three Abbott, pseud, of James Beach. e 12NovU8; 

acts. By Donald Joseph Bevan 6 Edmund D17390. Samuel French, Inc. (PWH); 

B Trzcinski. O 22Sep'48; D16683. Donald J. 12Jan76; B62U053. 
Bevan f. Edmund Trzcinski (A) ; li(Jar76; 

E623490. Bfi2U05i4. 


No soap! A farce in three ac*-s. Ey 

A Dream of love. By William Carles B6236im. Samuel French, employer for hire of Tf c 

Williams. C ISSepUS; 018956. Florence Desire. By Pablo Picasso, Bernard Sutton, pseud, of James Peach. 6 IDecUS; 

H. Williams (W); 22rec75; E622262. Frechtman, translator. e27octH8; D1"'393. Samuel French, Inc. (PWH); 

D18657. Philosophical Library, Inc. 12Jan76; R62')05ii. 
3622295. (PWK); 21Jan76; R6236HU. 

The visitant. By nuriel Cecilia Bean. B62U055. 

e 26Dec'47: 012066. Muriel Bean (A); B623706. Eiahteen in June; a comedy of youth in 

5Dec75: R622295. Inside a kid's head. By Jerome Lawrence three acts. By Samuel French, employer 

S Pobert E. Lee. (Favorite stories) for hire of Hilda Manning, pseud, of James 

5622296. a 250ctil8; D16867. Jerome Lawrence f. Reach. e aDeci48; rl7H82. Samuel Fre-ch , 

Modern miracle. By Muriel Cecilia Bean. Robert E. Lee (A); 1"4Jan76; R623706. Inc. (PHH); 12Jan76; R62ilO'=5. 
>) 29Dec<t7; D12078. Muriel Bean (A); 

5Dec75; R622296. B623707. R62II056. 

Casey at the bat. By Jerome Lawrence t Enter comedy; a surmise in one act. By 

B622297. Robert E. Lee. (Favorite stories) NM: Norman Holland. « 10F=bU8; P16666. 

The Girl came back. By Muriel Cecilia dramatization for radio. 6 25Oct08; Norman Holland (A) ; 12Jan76: F62il05f . 
Vernon Bean. S 7JanU8; 012283. Muriel 016868. Jerome Lawrence 6 Robert E. lee 

Bean (A); 50ec75 ; R622297. (A); 1«Jan76; F623707. R62i(057. 

The Cricket on the hearth; a fairy-^-ale 

3622298. R623708. of home in three chirps. Ey Helen Jerome. 

Poor man's wife. By Muriel Cecilia Doctor Heidegger's experiment. By Ac'ing ed. Dramatized from ''he Li"le 

Vernon Bean. 2Jan«8; 012533. Muriel Jerome Lawrence E Robert E. Lee. story, by Charles Dickens. e fFebUB; 

Bean (A); 5Dec75 ; F62229a. (Favorite stories) NM: dramatization for 018358. Frederick J. D. Bakeham (NK of 

radic. if 250ctil8; 016869. Jerome Helen Jerome); 12Jan76; P62H057. 
R622589. Lawrence 6 Robert E. Lee (A); 1itJar76; 

Detective story. Ey Sidney s. Kingsley P623708. B62U3I45. 

e, Madge Evans Kingsley. O 200ctt8; distant land; a play in one-act. 3y 

016812. Sidney S. Kingsley £ Madge Evans R623709. Stanley Eichards. e 6DecU8; D17I187. 

Kingsley (A); 2Jan76: E622589. The Diamond lens. By Jerome Lawrence E Stanley Richards (A); 20Jan76; Re2i43a5. 

Robert E. Lee. (Favorite stories) NM: 

R622851). adaptation for radio. 6 250ct«8; D16870. P62ilHil«. 

Try and get it. By William Hazlett Jerome Lawrence f. Robert E. Lee (A); The Gentleman from Athens; a plav it 

Upson. f 27DecU8; 0177140. Marjory Upson 1UJan76; R623709. 'hree acts. By Emmet Lavery. e 290ctii8: 

(W);*7Jan76; B62285U. D17101. Emmet Lavery (A); 22Jan76; 

B623710. F621IUU14. 
R623218. The Man from yesterday. By Jerore 

Evil in the house. Ey Frank Kane. (The Lawrence 6 Pobert E. Lee. (Favorite R62aui45. 

Shadow) 9 lODecUS; 017713. The Conde stories) 6 250ctU8: D16871. Jerome The Hallams; a plav in three acts. By 

Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH); 5Jar76; Lawrence E Robert E. Lee (A); lilJan76; Pose Franken (Rose Franken Heloney) 

R623213. R623710. e 9NovU8; D17282. Pose Franken (A); 

22Jan76: R62'4mi5. 
8623219. R623711. 

Tr.e Case of the frightened grandfather. Bartleby, the scrivener. By Jerome B62tl'4i46. 

Ey Jim Parsons E Ernest Kinoy. (Nick Lawrence E Robert E. lee. (Favorite Home was never like this; a rousiro 

Career, master detecrive) e lODecUe; stories) NM: radio dramatization. modern farce in three acts. By Nat 

D177m. The Conde Nast Publications, Inc. e 250ct«8; D16878. Jerome Lawrence E Lakely, pseud, of Wilbur Praun. 

(PWH); 5Jan76: B623219. Robert E. Lee (A); li4Jan76; E623711. e 12Novil8: D17388. Samuel French, Inc. 

(PWH) : 22Jan76: E621414116. 
R623220. P623712. 

The Case of the bloodstained alibi. By Journey to Bethlehem. By Jerome R62UUa7. 

Jim Parsons. (Nick Carter, master Lawrence £ Pobert E. Lee. (Favorite The Secret of Pat Pending; a modern 

detec-ive) 6 lODecUS; D17715. The conde stories) 250ct18; P16879. Jerome whimsical comedy in 'hree ac»s. Bv 

Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH); 5Jan76; Lawrence 6 Robert E. Lee (A); 1i4Jan76; William Abel Mccreary E Marcaret McCrearv. 

B623220. B623712. C 26Novite; D17389. William Abel McCrearv 

(A) ; 22Jan76; P62UU147. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


The Sabbath o' ♦he 

talors. By Pe-er 

Barry. (The Shadow) 

C 19Janl49: ri8062. 

The Conde Nast Public 

aticr.E, Ire. (PUH) ; 

29JarT6; 8625666. 


The Lady's no 

t foi 

: burning: 

a cor.edv. 

By Christophpr 


ei 21Rpr H? 

1; D1H252. 

Christopher Fry 

(») ; 

; 26Jan-'6; 


Ff 25695. 

Berologues; 6 


•ches. Ey 


Jefferson Farjei 

C UFebue; 


Joseph Jeffersoi 

n Fa: 

:jeon (A) : 

28Jan7e : 



R62UUUa. R6250e8. R625f67. 

The Stuffed shirt; a genuinely amusing Gloria mundi; a coiaedy in 3 acts. By The Disciple of death. By Edward 

comedy in three acts. By Jethro Jenkins, Arthur Maxwell Folgner. O 6Apri48; Adanson. (The Shadow) C 19JanU9: 

pseud, of Wilbur Eraun. O 26Ncvi48: D13812. Eirily Donick (E) : 2Feb76; D18061. The Conde Nast Publications 

Dn392. Samuel French, Inc. (PWH) : E625088. (PWH) : 29Jan76; P625667. 
22Jan76: 6624141*8. 

E62U'1U9. Interlude: a one act play. By Arthur 

Der Oeffentliche Anklaeger; Schauspiel Maxwell Folgner. eAprUS; D13813. 

in drel Akten. By Fritz Bochwaelder. Eaily Donick (E) ; 2Feb76: R625089. 

C 27naya8: D15163. Fritz Hochwaelder 
(A); 22Jan76: R62ttUU9. B625090. 

The Nascent Communist; a one act play. E6:5669. 

P6245U1. By Arthur Maxwell Folgner. O 2Julil8: Population 31,000; play in three acts. 

Lincoln takes a wife. By Earl Hobson D15U58. Emily Donick (E) ; 2Feb76: By Ronald Alexander. C 25May't8; D150U1. 

Smith. Revision. IMar^S; D1331I9. R625090. Ronald Alexander (A); 2Feb76; F6256fi9. 
Earl Hobson Smith (A); 23Jan76: B62ii5U1. 

R625091. R625670. 

B62145112. Virtus vincit; a play in 2 acts. By Under wraps; comedy in two acts. Ey 

Old Smoky. By Earl Hobson Smith. Arthur Maxwell Folgner. 2Julil8: Ronald Alexander. C 26MayUe: D15055. 

C laarUS; D13350. Earl Hobson Smi^h (A); d:5UE9. Emily Donick (E) ; 2Peb76: Ronald Alexander (A); 2Feb76; F625670. 
23Jan76; F62"t5u2. Re25091. 

H62II51I3. B625092. 

David Crockett. By Earl Hobson Smith. Rewarded endeavor; a play in 2 acts. 

C 2Aprit8; D1376U. Earl Hobson Smith (A) ; Arthur Maxwell Folgner. O 2JulU8; 
23Jan76; 8621543. D15U60. Emily Donick (E) ; 2Feb76: 


Princess Elizabeth. By Jennette Dowlir.g F625iao. 
Letton. 6AugU8; D15891. Jennet'e Everyman today. By Balder Sorell. 

Dowling letton (A): 26Jan76; R62U56W. C 250cta8; D16953. Walter Sorell (A); 

3Feb76; B6251110. 

R62«700. F625696. 

The Victory of the cross; a passion play R625657. A Piccadilly daffodil; six song sceres 

in three scenes. By day Creagh-Her ry. The Case of the counterfeit corpse. By as performed at the Windmill Theatre, 

C lOFebtS; D13875. Dorothy Marten (E) ; Jim Parsons. (Nick Car'er, master London. Written 5 composed by Dorothy 

21Jan76; R6214700. detective) P itJan«9; 017792. The Conde la*imer, piano arr anoemen's by Harold 

Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH); 29Jan76; Dyer. C DFebUS; D13E07. Dorothy la-iue 

B62U701. P625657. ;a); 28Jan76; P625696. 

Portrait in black; a play in three acts. 

Ey Ivan Goff i Ben Roberts. 6 16Febi48; R625659. R625716. 

D13972. Ivan Goff 6 Ben Roberts (A); The Case of the disappearing bandit. By The American passion play. By Delmar 

21Jan76; B62it701. Jim Parsons. (Nick Carter, master Duane Darrah. NM: additions E revisions. 

dttective) ilJanil9; D17793. The Ccnde t 7Feb«B; DP1553. Peoples Bank of 

E62U"'U2. Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH); 29Jan76; Bloomington B Marion Cloud, co-trustees c 

We've come from the city. Text 6 m R625659. the Estate of Delmar D. Earrah (PPB) : 

Herbert Haufrecht. 6 29MarU8; 011012. 27Jan76; B625716. 
MCA Music, a division of MCA, Inc. (PHH); R625660. 

19Jan76; R621712. The Case of the dying stamps. By Alfred R625B61. 

Bester. (Nick Carter, master detective) I' Invitation au chateau; comedie en ■= 

R621993. e 1Jan19; P17791. The Conde Nast actes. Ey Jean Anouilh. t 1Spr18; 

The House of the world. By Nila Mack. Publications, Inc. (PWH); 29Jan76; 017121. Jean Anouilh (A); 6Feb76; 

(Let's pretend) 22Jan19; D18108. CBS, R625660. E625861. 
Inc. (PWH): 30Jan76; B621998. 

R6256f1. R625862. 

The Head of doom. By Frank Kane. (The Ardele; ou. La Marguerite. Farce en 1 

Shadow) C 1Jan19; D17795. The Conde ac<:e. By Jean Anouilh. e 27Jani9; 

Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH); 29Jan76; D18518. Jean Anouilh (A); 6Feb76; 

E625661. F625B62. 

R625000. H625662. R625896. 

Dick whittington and his cat. By Nila The Lost dead. By Peter Barry. (The On the square; a revue in -wo acts. w 

Mack. (Let's pretend) C 22Jan19; Shadow) C 1Jan19; 017796. The Conde Leo Ccrday, m Leon Carr. C 10Feb19; 

D18110. CBS, Inc. (PWH); 30Jan76; Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH): 29Jan76; D18788. Leon Carr (A): 12Feb76; 

R625000. E625662. B625896. 

R625663. R625908. 

Murder marked merry Christmas. By Frank Gardenias and sand; a three aC play 

Kane. (The Shadow) 6 1Jan19: 017797. (comedy drama) in 16 scenes. By Margaret 

The Conde Nast Publications, Ire. (PWH); Barbrick Purcell. 6 190ct18; D1"'096. 

29Jan76: R625663. Maroaret Barbrick Purcell (A); 12Fe):76; 

B625002. B625908. 

Gigi and the magic rino. By Nila Mack. R625661. 

(Let's pretend) O 22Jani9: D18112. CBS, The Case of the 500 witnesses. By Jim B626005. 

Inc. (PWH); 30Jan76: R625002. Parsons. (Nick Carter, master detective) lions after slumber. By Jay Bennett. 

e 19Jan19; D18058. The Conde Nast C 3Hay18: 011312. Jav Eenne»t (A): 

R625037. Publications, Inc. (PHH) ; 29Jan76: 26Feb76; R626005. 

The Little hut. By Andre Boussin. Add. R625661. 

ti: Le Petite hut'e. 30Dec18: D18512. R626008. 

Andre Bousin (sic) (A); 26Jan76: R625665. Summer and smoke. Ey Tennessee 

R625027. The Case of the disappearing doctor. By Williams. 6 17Novia: 018707. Tennessee 

Walter J. McGraw. (Nick Carter, master Williams (A); 19Feb76; R626008. 
B625086. detective) P 19Jan19; 018059. The Conde 

La Peine capitale. By Claude-Andre Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH) ; 29Jan76; R62f 009. 

' ' '" ' -Andre R625665. American blues; five short plays. By 

Tennessee Williams. C 16Nov18: D172''9. 

R625666. Tennessee Williams (A) ; i9Feb76; 

Death and the crown of Odalph. By Peter R626009. 
is Barry. (The shadow) C 19Jan19; D18060. 

18; The Conde Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH); R62f050. 

rancine 29Jan76: B625666. Mister Roberts. By Joshua Loqan S 

Thomas Heggen. C 18Mai18; 013170. 


Orakestail. By Nila Hack. 

(Let 's 

pretend) C 22Jan19: D18109. 

CBS, 1 

(PWH); 30Jan76; R621999. 




By N: 

Lla Mack. 









; R625001. 

Puget. e 
Puget (A) 

; 23Jar76; 

D18508. Clau. 
; R625086. 


Faure (w) 

de siege: sp* 
By Albert C; 
Madame Alber' 
; 23Jan76: 

;ctacle i 
; Camus, 

en ti 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recor(d pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 











ca ] 

m Helen 


m Pobert 


D189111 . 




The Yo 
e lnat«9 

iUth who learned 
By Nila Mack. 
: Die881. CBS 

, ln( 

shiver and 
•s p-etend) 
:. (P«H) : 


The En 

(Le»'s p 


e inar 

By V 

Lla Mack. 


8626316 - 8628669 DFAMfii; AND HOPKS PREPARED FOB OBAl DEIIVEPY JAi:. - JUN. 1?Tf 

R626050 (con.) H627101. P6282eil. 

Joshua locian (A) E T. 0. Heagen (UK); The Kcuse of the ravens. By Fe'er The Beagar's opera. Lyric? 6 m John 

27Feb76; 8626050. Barry. (The Shadow) © 10FebU9; D18856. Gay, realization of m E arr. Benjam-'n 

The Conde Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH); Britten, vocal score: Arthur Oldham. NM : 

S6263U6. 26Feb76: K627101. realiza-ion of music, arr. 6 vccal score. 

The Bid was four hearts. By Tinothy C 1lnar«9; D19127. Benjamin Brit'en 6 

(lulvey. C 16JunU8; D15893. National 8627102. Arthur Oldham (A); 15nar76; P62328U. 
Broadcasting Ccirpar.y, Inc. (PHH) ; The Case of the man who married murder. 

23Feb76; R62631)6. By Jim Parsons. (Nick Carter, master 8628288. 

detective) e 10FebU9: D18857. The Conde The Conquest of the Grand Canyon. By 

86263U7. Nast Publications, Inc. (P«K); 26Feb7f: Irve ■'unick E Bobert Lewis Shayon. 

Lona distance. By Harry Junkin. R627102. f 27jan«9; Dieiit2. CBS, Inc. (PWH); 

C SJuiuS; D16073. National Broadcasting 18Feb76: 8628288. 
Company, Inc. .(FWK); 23Feb76: 8626317.' 8627103. 

The Case of the blind witness. By Jim 8^28322. 

P6263U8. Parsons. (Nick Carter, master detective) Willow patterr; a Chinese legend in one 

Marriage in distress. By Louis Kazam. 9 10Fet09: 018853. The Conde Nast aC. Bv Eric Millings. C IBaylB; 

e 23Sepi48: D16153. "ational Broadcasting Publications, Inc. (PWH); 26Feb76; 015811.' Eric uiHings (A); 22Bar7f; 

Company, Inc. (PWH); ?3Feb76; 8626318. 8627103. R628322. 

5626319. B6271CU. 8628323. 

Whistle, daughter, whistle. By Ernest The Case of the corpse named Smith. By Mister Bell's creation; a comedy in one 

Kinoy. e 3Jan19: D17999. National Jim Parsons. (Nick Carter, master act. By Stanlev Richards. t 26MavU8: 

Broadcastino Company, Inc. (PWH); detective) 6 10Feb19: 018859. The Conde 015865. S'anley Bichards (S); 22Mar76; 

23Feb76: 8626319. Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH) ; 26Feb7f ; P628323. 


8626350. 8628622. 

Freedom is a home-made thing. By Louis 8627108. ""humbelina. By Nila Mack. (Let's 

Hazam. 17Jan19; C18137. National Overlaid; a comedy. By Pobertson pretfnd) 9 1«ar19; 018880. CBS, Inc. 

Broadcasting Company, Inc. (PWH); Davies. C IMarlS; OF1079. Bobertson (PWH); 10Mar76; 8628622. 
23Feb76; 8626350. Davies (A) ; 9Feb76: P627108. 

R626351. 8627109. 

The Ban who knew Carver. By Morten Heat lightning; a play in one act. B 

Wishengrad. (The Eternal light) Bobert Francis Carroll. C 22Bar18; 

e 11Feb19; 019252. National Broadcastino D13511. Robert Francis Carroll (A) ; 
Company, Inc. (PWH); 23reb76; 8626351. 9Feb76; 8627109. 

By Jean Cocteau. C 150ec18; Heir to the throne; a play in one act 

luard Dermit (E); 10Mar76; By Bobert Francis Carroll. 6 23Bar18: Inc. (PWH); 10Bar76; 8628621. 
D13561. Bobert Francis Carroll (A); 

9Feb76; 8627110. 8628625. 

Colonel Johnson eats the love apple. pv 

1 me ; a musical play based on 8627111. Bicajah Wren 6 Robert lewis Shayon. (You 

rtoon, Tippie. Book, lyrics C captain Plume presents; a comedy in are there) @ 11Bar19; Cl°079. CBS, I- c. 

las (Helen Thomas Van Campen), three acts. By Lee Bertram, pseud, of (PWH); 19Bar76; P628625. 
>mas. Text only. C 25jan19; Leona Gosman Beinherz, S Nettie Myra 

^ry Van Campen (Wr); 26Jan76; Chipman. 16 9Har18: 013686. Nettie Pyra F628626. 

Chipman (A); 9Feb76; R627111. ' The Trial of John Peter 7enger. By Lrvf 

Turick 6 Bobert Lewis Shayon. (You are 

8627112. there) 11Mar19; D1908'0. CBS, Inc. 

■grinder. By Jacob Bentkover. The Happiest years; a comedy in three (PWH); 19Mar76: 8628626. 
.b Bentkover (A) ; acts. By Thomas Luther Coley C William 

George Foerick. 6 23Apr18; 011571. 8628627. 

Thomas Luther Coley 6 William George The Battle of Hastings. By Michael 

B626993. Roerick (A); 9Feb76; B627112. sklar E Bobert Lewis Shayon. (You are 

In the summer house. By Jane Auer there) 6 11Mar19; D19081. CB=, Inc. 

Bowles. 17May18; D011721. Paul Bowles 8627521. (PWH); 19Bar76; 8628627. 
(Wr) ; 1Bar76; 8626993. William Shakespeare. By Philip Harding 

Jordan. NB : dialogue changes 6 additions 8628628. 

P627012. to text. (■ 3Mayie; 011289. Philip The Fall of Savonarola. By Henry Wals^. 

Through a glass, darkly; a play in one Harding Jordan (A); 5Bar76; 8627521. (You are there) 6 11Bar19; 019082. CBS, 

act. By Stanley Richards. 6 25Sepie; ' Inc. (PWH); 19Bar76; E628628. 
D16519. S'anley Richards (A) ; 11Fet76; R627525. 

R627012. Neglected wives; a 3 act farce comedy. 8628629. 

By Jack George Stennino. e 25Bari8; The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson. By 

8627051. D13598. Jack Stenning (S); 5Bar76; Irve Tunick. (You are there) e 11Har19; 

The flake's progress; opera. Act 1. w R627525. D190P3. CBS, Inc. (PWH); 19Mar76; 

W. H. Auden 6 Chester Kallman, m Igcr B628629. 
Stravinsky. 6 23Feb19; 018957. Vera Oe R627526. 

Bosset Stravinsky (K) , Theodore Stra- Huckleberry Pirn. By Frank M. whiting £ 8628630. 

vinsky, Soulima Stravinsky 6 Bilene Corinne Pickert. 31Jan19; D19063. Alexander the Great seeks mas'ery of '■'"e 

Stravinsky Marion (C) ; 25Feb76; F627051. Anchorage Press, Inc. (PWH); 5Bar76; world. By Michael Sklar E Fobert lewis 

R627526. Shayon. (You are there) C 1lnar19; 

R627099. C19081. CBS, Inc. (PWH); 19Har76; 

The Half dead corpse. By Edward J. R6277'1. P628630. 
Adamson. (The Shadow) C 10Feb19; Murder on the Nile; a play in three 

D18853. The Conde Nast Publications, Inc. aCs. By Agatha Christie. B 25Barie; P628631. 

(PWH); 26F6b76; F627098. 020113. Max Edgar Mallowan (Wr); 1Mar76; The Betrayal of Toussaint I'Cuver'ure. 

P627711. Bv Joseph Liss. (You are there) 

8627099. e 11Bar19; 019078. CBS, Inc. (PWH); 

The Case of the bad Samaritan. By Jim R627832. 19Bar76; P628631. 
Parsons. (Nick Carter, master detective) Once in a lovetime; an original musical 

e 10Feb19; 018851. The Conde Nast comedy for television. Book: Alber* G. 8628650. 

Publications, Inc. (PBH); 26Feb76: Biller, v Back David, m Max Showalter. The loud Patrick. By Bu'h McKenney 

B627099. Text only. CI 9Mar19; 019133. Mack David (Pu*h McKenney Bransten) 6 Richard 

(A): 10Mar76; 8627832. Bransten. e 26Apr18; C11251. Eileen F. 

R627100. Bransten (C of Buth McKenney Bransten); 

Dea'-h and the double cross. By Frank R628111. 22Mar76; 8628650. 
Kane. (The Shadow) e 10Feb19; 018855. Westbrook Pegler' s Capone. By Lewis 

The Conde Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH); Graham. C 26Apr18; 011777. Lewis Graham 8628569. 

26Feb76; E627100. (A); 15Mar76; R628111. Ladies depart; a play in one act. By 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


B628669 (cor..) B629065. C 12SUC7U8: 016517. Edmund Kelly Blyh 

Evan John, pseud, of Evan John SinpEOn. Star of peace. By Her.ry Denker. (The (E): 2Unar76; B62916U. 

C 2nar08: D13932. Evan John Simpson (A); Greatest story ever told, no. 91) 

23Feb76: F628669. C 7JanU9; D179147. Henry Denker (A); R629165. 

25nar76; R629065. Peter Penguin and the bullseyes; a pl=!y 

R628670. for children in one act. Ey I. Barcour- 

Happy birthday; a plav in two acts. By R629066. Hilliacis. C 28SepHe: D17017. Eduurd 

Anita Loos. C 12'layU8;' D1U6U9. Anita Give us this day. By Henry Denker. Kelly Blyth (E); ?i4nar76; R629165. 

Loos (A) : 19(lar76: R628670. (The Greatest story ever told, no. 92) 

e llJanU": D17985. Henry Denker (A) ; P629166. 

R628671. 25!1ar76: P629066. All over the ''own; a play in 'l:ree ac's. 

Peacocks and ivory: a costume play in By P. F. Delderfield. C 29JunU8; D15790. 

one act. By Thoias Baden Morris. 5629067. Bay E. Delderfield («) : 12Apr76; 

C ISAprOS: D15095. Thomas Baden norris Boy with courage. By Henry Denker. 8629166. 

(A); 19Bar76: E628671. (The Greatest story ever told, no. 93) 

e 1ilJani49; DlSOUq. Henry Denker (A); R629167. 

E628672. 25nar76; P629067. Peace comes to Peckham; a comedy Ir. 

Ruby; a play in three acts. By three acts. By R. F. Celderfield. 

Katherine Albert 6 Dale Eunson . R629068. C InayUS; D16667. Bay E. Delderfield 

C 26rayU8: D1U979. Dale Eunson (A): The House in darkness. By Henry Denker. (H) ; 12Apr76: E629167. 

19Bar76; R628672. (The Grea'est story ever told, no. 9U) 

e 22Jan«9; D18107. Henry Denker (A) ; R629235. 

K6287117. 25Bar76; R629068. Key to the ci^y. Ey Robert Riley 

The Duenna; or. Betrothal in a Crutcher, employee for hire of 2. Dayne 

monastery. Libretto for an opera by R629069. Griffin. C 10JanU9; 017973. Hetro- 

Seraei Prokofieff. By Jean Karsaviiia. The Fioure at the door. By Henry Gold uyn-Bayer , Inc. (P«fl); 13Spr76: 

15Bay"8: 011726. Jean Karsavina (A) ; Denker. (The Greatest story ever told, R629235. 

22Bar76; R6287it7. no. 95) C 31Jan19: 0181U1. Henry Denker 

(A); 25Bar76; F629069. F629327. 

R628718. The Diving fool. Ey Laurence v. 

The Duenna. Ey Jear. Karsavina 6 nira R629070. Griswcld. 29BarU8: D13607. Laurence 

Bendelson, composer: Sergei Prokofieff. The Good Samaritan. By Henry Denker. V. Grisvold (A) : 26Bar76; P629327. 

e 27Haya8; 015161. Jean Karsavina (A) ; (The Greatest story ever told, no. 96) 

22Bar76: 8628718. 6 9Feb19: D18118. Herry Oenker (A); R629370. 

25l1ar76: R629070. Flick, the little fire engine. Ey Ber- 

S628856. Reisfeld. 190c»18; 016816. Eert 

Butterflies and balsam; a one-act play R629071. Reisfeld (A); 26nar76: E629370. 

for women. By Florence Clay Knox. Journey to Tiberias. By Henry Denker. 

C 7AprU8; D13879. Florence Clay Krox (The Greatest story ever told, no. 97) R629371. 

(A); 15H3r76; E628856. 6 17Feb19; D18712. Henry Denker (A) ; The Hiracle of the music shcp. By Bert 

25Bar76: B629071. Reisfeld. S 15NOV18: D17169. Eert 

B628939. Reisfeld (A); 26Bar76; Pf 293^1. 

The winds of Carbajal. By David E629072. 

Bobinson a.k.a. Budd Robinson. C 1Jun18; This is my commandment. By Henry B629382. 

D15176. David Robinson a.k.a. Budd Denker. (The Greatest story ever told, when the wind blows. Ey Joseph Hayes. 

Robinson (A); 22Bar76: R628989. no. 99) t 2Bar1S; 018821. Henry Denker C 6Bayi8; 011122. Joseph Hayes (P): 

(A); 25Har76; R629072. 12Apr76: E629382. 


Two blind mice. Ey Samuel Spewack. R629073. R629383. 

e 110ct18; 016730. Bella Spewack (t); The Prodigal son. By Henry Oenker. The Glass slipper: a fairytale with 

22aar76: P628993. (The Greatest story ever told, no. 98) music. By Herbert Par jeon & Eleanor 

e 21Feb19; D18891. Henry Oenker (A); Eariecn, m Clifton Parker. Acting ed. 

R629058. 25nar76: E629073. Text S lyrics only. C 1Feb18: 016557. 

The Pursued. By Henrv Denker. (The Joan Ear jeon (FPW of Herbert far jeon): 

Greatest story ever told, no. 81) R629071. 21Jan76; R629383. 

f 15NOV18; 017137. Henry Denker (A); Moment of decision. By Henry Denker. 

25flar76: F629058. (The Greatest story ever told, no. 100) 

q 8Mar19; 018996. Henry Oenker (A); 
R629059. 25Mar76; B629071. 

The Reward is great. By Henry Oenker. 
(The Greatest story ever told, no. 85) R629075. 

C 19!)ov18: 017226. Henry Denker ( S) ; The Salt of the earth. By Henry Denker. 

25Bar76; R629059. (The Greatest story ever told, no. 101) 

C nnar19; D19070. Henry Denker (A); 
B629060. 25Bar76; B629075. 

A Blade from Damascus. By Henry renker. 
(The Greatest story ever told, no. 86) R629076. 

e 29NOV18; 017331. Henry Denker (A); One thing thou lackest. By Henty 

25Bar76; P629060. Oenker. (The Greatest story ever told, 

no. 102) e 17Bar19: 019156. Henry 
E629061. Denker (A); 25aar76; B629076. 

A Child in the house. By Henry Denker. 
(The Greatest story ever told, no. 87) R629105. 

C 3Dec18: 017111. Henry Oenker (A); Oedipus Bex; opera- oratorio in 2 acts 

25aar76: R£29061. after Sophocles. By Igor Stravinsky S 

Jean Cocteau, text mis en Latin par J. 
R629062. Oanielou, English translation by E. E. 

where thieves break through. By Henry Cummings. KB: revision of music 6 English 

Denker. (The Greatest story ever tcld, translation. 6 18nar19; 019162. Vera De 

no. 88) e lUDecie; 017557. Henry Denker Bosset Stravinsky ( W) , Theodore Stra- 
(A) ; 25Bar76; R629062. vinsky, Soulima Stravinsky E Kilene 

Stravinsky Baricn (C) ; 22Bar76; F629105. 
E629063. B630073. 

Let your light shine. By Henry Oenker. B629163. TVe Case of the perfect crime. By J-'ir 

(The Greatest story ever told, no. 89) The Frog prince; a play for children in Parsons. (Nick Carter, master detective) 

C 280ec18; 017759. Henry Oenker (f); one act. By E. Harcourt Williams. 6 3nar19; 018851. Thie Conde Nast 

25Bar76; R629063. C 12Augie; D16513. Edmund Kellv Blyth Publications, Inc. (PWH) ; 31Bar76; 

(I); 2lnar76: F629163. F630073. 


Unto you 'his day. By Henry Denker. Re29161. F630071. 

(The Greatest story ever told, no. "0) Briar Pose; a play for children in one The Case of the killer in the dark. By 

C 30Dec18; 017789. Henry Denker (A); ac-: . By E. Harccurt Williams. Based on Alfred Bester. (Nick Carter, master 

25Mar76: E62906U. the story of The Sleeping Beauty. de'ect-i ve) C 3Mar19: D18852. The Conde 



Troubled island; an opera 

in 3 ac^s. 1 


Grant Still, librett 

by langsto' 


Libretto only. 

e 3 



George Houston 


(E of 


Hughes) ; 31Bai 




The Ca 

se of the deadly 

' tor. 

ch bearer. 1 

Jim Pars 

ons E Norman A. 


els. (Nick 


master detective) « 



The Conde Nast 


ications. In 


31Bar76: F630070. 



u the avenoer. 

Ey F 

eter Parry. 

(The Sha 

dou) e 3BarU9; 

018819. The 

Conde Na 

st Publications, 

, Inc 

. (PWH); 




The Tr 

ail of the kni f ( 

?r . 

Bv Peter 


(The Shadow) C 


19; 018850. 

The Ccnd 

e Nast Publicat: 


Inc. (PWH) ; 



These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recor(i pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


The Ca 

se of the 1 

.i vi na 


3. By 



(Nick Car 

■ter, " 



9 25Mar« 

9; L1923e. 





ions. Inc. 


; 31ni 




The Big ace. Py 





a 25flara9; 

D19891t. The C ci 


nasi PublicationE, 


(PWH) ; 





The Pi 

ng of Mahla 


e. By 



(The Shadov 

'! f. 


3; D19895 

The Cond 

le Kast Fub] 

ons, Ii 

nc. (PWH) ; 




F63007U (cor.) E630282. Jean Giraudoux, English version ty Maurice 

Nast Publications, Inc. (P«H); 31Har76; The Eierald in the nugget. By TrerCIe E J. Valency. © 7AprU8; DltOTB. Maur' ce 

B63007U. Bernard Dougall. (Challenge of the Yukon, J. Valency (A); 15«ar76; Ff30772. 

radio program 590, December 20, 19i)8) 
E630075. e 27DecU8; D18319. Linda Seifert f. E630775. 

collectors of death. By Frank Kane. Penelope D. lind (c of Bernard Dougall); The New colonv; a play in ♦hree acts. 

(The Shadow) 3 IlKarU"; D1909a. The 6Spr76: F6302fl2. ' Bv luigi Pirandello, translated by Part? 

Conde Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH) ; Abba Millikin. C 19JanU9; D180814. Ba--? 

31Bar76: B630075. E630283. Abba Billikin (A); 151<ar7(;; F6307T3. 

The nan with the red coa*. By Trendle 6 
E630076. Bernard Dougall. (challenge of the Yukon, E630916. 

Unto death do us part. By Edward J. radio program 591, December 22, 19U8) Little Jo. By John Donald Pobb. 

Adamson. (The Shadow) C n«arU9: 8 27DecU8; P18320. Linda Seifert C libretto. e 25Auall8; D16U50. John 

D19099. The Conde Nast Publications, Inc. Penelope D. Lird (C of Bernard Dougall); Donald Eobb (A); 12Apr76: Ff3091fi. 

(PWH); 31>!ar76; F630076. 6Apr7e; F63C283. 

B630077. B63028H. Mister Pompous and the pussy-cat; a pi av 

The Case of the would-be crook. By Injun devil. By Trendle £ Bernard for children in three acts. By Cicely 

Alfred Bester. (Nick Carter, master Dougall. (Challenge of the Yukon, radio Nary Hamilton (C . B. Hammill), m C arr. 

detective) ( 11HarU9; D19100. The Conde program 592, December 27, 19148) Kate Coa*es. C 27Mavtl8; DlSeOt. 

Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH); 31Plar76; 6 27DecU8; D18321. Linda Seifert E National Westnins* er ' Bank, l<-d. (E o' C. 

R630077. Penelope D. Lind (C of Bernard Douaall); M. Hammill); 13Apr76; B631173. 

6Apr76; F63028"*. 
B630078. F63m«. 

The Case of the bronze dragon. By Jim B630285. The Shoemakers of Syracuse; a play in 

Parsons. (Nick Carter, master detective) The Boose Biver murder. By Trendle E one act. By John Edward Hoare. C IWayUn; 

e 25flaril9; D19237. The Conde Nast Bernard Dougall. (Challenge of the Yukon, D15811. J. F. M. Hoare (E) ; 13fpr76; 

Publications, Inc. (PWH); 3lnat76: radio program 605, January 26, 19it9) E63in«. 

B630078. C 31Janll9; D18590. Linda Seifert E 

Penelope D. Lind (C of Bernard Dougall); B631233. 

6Apr76; F630285. The Empty coffin. Bv Trendle 6 Douaall 

a.k.a. Bernard Dougall". (The Challenge cf 
B630286. the Yukon, radio program 601, April 20, 

Lost Biver ambush. By Trendle E Bernard 19UO) 10AprU9; 019683. Linda Eeifer* 
Dougall. (Challenge of the Yukon, radio 6 Penelope D. Lind (C of Bernard Dougall) ; 

program 606, January 28, 1919) e 31Jani49; 15Apr76; E631233. 
D1B591. Linda Seifert E Penelope D. lind 
(C of Bernard Dougall); 6Spr76; E630286. E631262. 

The Trail of the werewolf. By Trendle E 
E630287. Dougall a.k.a. Bernard Dougall. (The 

Pogue's proaress. By Trendle S Bernard Challenge of the Yukon, radio program 639, 

Dougall. (Challenge of the Yukon, radio Apr; 1 13, 19U9) e 18AprH9; D19680. 

program 610, February 7, 1919) 6 31Janil9; Lirda Seifer* E Penelope r. Lird (C of 
D1859H. Linda Seifert 6 Penelope D. Lind Bernard Couoall); 19Apr76; B6312f2. 

(C cf Bernard Dougall); 6Apr76; B630287. 

B6 3 1380. 

Night train. by Trendle £ Bernard 
Dougall. (The Lone Eanger, radio prccram 
B630225. 25111-1739, February 28, 1949) 6 17Feii«9; 

Little Tommy Tinkle, the little bell who D19032. Linda Seifert E Penelope D. Lind 
found a big job; an original children's (C of Bernard Dougall); 6Apr76; B630288. 

operetta. Book by Vernor Bowen, lyrics by 
Edward Lane, m John Jacob Loeb. e 5AprH9; B630289. 

D19652. Frances Lane Krebs (W ) , Gary B. The Busic hall murder. By Trendle £ 

Lane £ Harriet N. Lane (C) ; 5Apr76; Bernard Dougall. (challenge of the Yukon, 

R630225. radio proaram 621, Barch 1, 19U9) 

C lnari;9;' D19053. Linda Seifert E 
R630226. Penelope C. Lind (C of Bernard Dougall); 

Little Tommy Tinkle, the little bell who 6Apr76; E630289. 
found a big job; an original children's 
operetta. Book by Vernon Bowen, lyrics by E630290. 

Edward Lane, m John Jacob loeb. C 5AprH9; The Coward. By Trendle S Bernard 

D19652. Janet P. Loeb (W), David J. Loeb Dougall. (Challenge of the Yukon, raflio 

£ Pet?r A. Loeb (C) ; 5Apr76; F630226. program 613, February IK, 1909) 

e 17FebU9; 019060. Linda Seifert E Bran'. 6 21Apr«9; D196U9. Tamari 

B630270. Penelope D. lind (c of Bernard Douaall); Fitelberg (H) £ Neil Brant (J); 2: 

The Paragon. By Boland Pertwee E 6Apr76; F630290. B631570. 

Michael Pertwee. C 18Feb«9; D1901t. 

Kitty Pertwee (W of Boland Pertwee) E P630291. E631599. 

Michael Pertwee (A); 26tpr76; B63C270. Doublecross Creek. By Trendle E Bernard little Johnny Strike Out; a basel 

Dougall. (Challenge of the Yukon, radio story with sonas for boys and girl; 

E630279. program 6114, February 16, 19U9) Story, lyrics £ m John Jacob Loeb. 

Don Mike and Estrellita. By Trendle E e 17FebH9; D19061. Linda Seifert E e 20PprU9; D1962U. Janet F. Lceb 

Bernard Dougall. (The Lone Eanger, radio Penelope D. Lind (C of Bernard Dougall); David J. loeb E Peter A. loeb (C) ; 

procram 2393-1718, January 10, 19U9) 6Apr76; P630291. 21Apr76; F631599. 

e itJani49; D181H6. Linda Seifert B 

Penelope D. Lind (c of Bernard Dougall) ; B630292. 

6Apr76; E630279. Letters to a killer. By Trendle B 

Bernard Dougall. (Challenge of the Yukor 
radio program 630, March 25, 19149) 
a 147. By Trendle £ Bernard « 22Mari49; D19366. Linda Seifert £ 

(Challenoe of the Yukon, radio Penelope D. Lind (C of Bernard Douaall) ; 

596, January 5, 19149) g l4Janl49; 6Apr76; F630292. 

Linda Seifert 6 Penelope D. Lind 
(C of Bernard Dougall); 6.ilpr76; B63028O. E630771. 

Truant in Park Lane; a comedy in three 
R6302ei. acts. By James Parish. e ISJunOS; 

Skaaway patrol. By Trendle E Bernard D15813. Midland Bank Trust Company, ltd. 

Dougall. (Challenoe of the Yukon, radio (1); 15nar76: B630771. 

program 603, January 21, 19149) 6 1ilJani49; 
D19166. Linda Seifert 6 Penelope D. Lind B630772. 

(C of Bernard Dougall); 6Apr76; B630281. Intermezzo; a comedy in three acts. Bj 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information abotit any additional records that may exist. 


a comedy 

in three 



Peter BlacI 

<more. e 



Peter Blackmore (A) ; 


.; F631 



The storn 

1. Badio 

adapt at ic 

,v. by 


1 Miner. 

B!.sed on 

St Of 

of the same title bj 

■ BcKnight 

: Malmar 

e 12Apr09; 


CES, Tnc 

:. (PWH) 

26Apr76; P631i4ie. 


Miss Liberty. By 

Bobert Fm 

imet She 


S ll4Aprl49; 



■ Sherwo 


(W) ; 16Ap: 

:76; B631 



The Silly chick; a 

; children 

'E oper 

a. m 

£ arr. Jer; 

;y Fitelbc 

■rg, text 

by Neil 






The Batt 
world, pt. 
Inc. (PWH) 

le of Asia. By Michael Sklar. 
the Great seeks mastery of 'h 
2) e 25Sprl49; D197014. CBS, 

; 27Apr76; E6318I45. 


Mutiny i 
world, pt. 
Inc. (PWH) 

n India. By Michael Sklar. 
the Great seeks mastery of th 
3) e 25AprU9; D19705. CBS, 

; 27Apr76; B63ieiie. 


The Exec 
Bv Joseph 

ution of Mary, Oueen of Scots. 
Liss 6 Bobert I. shayon. 


?ina a 


with orgar sor 

■OS. By C-ar: 

Ba ye Sch 

mer*2. c 23AprU8: 




schaertz (A); 






?s wi'h the Snl 

"h's; or. 

Seeina ♦ 

he OSf. and overseas 

. By Charles 

Paye Sch 

imertz. C 30AprU8; 




Schuertz (A); 




Name i 

t for cash; a telen 

■isior. stud- 


home, in 


8 outdoor area 

s participa 


quiz. E 

ly Charles Baye Schn 

e 12rayU 

8: 1 

31H656. Charl? 

•E Baye Scht 


(A); 7n 


; P632II0U. 



Twm Barium : a mu 
Author S composer: 
Tex' only. C lONo 
levittan (A); 160 


play in 
Jur (Cy) 



The Case of 
Alfred Bester. 


genial gamblei 
lick Carter, ma 

r.^ Py 


R6318U7 (cor.) Samuel French, Inc. (PUH); 12Apr76; P632226. 

25Apr'i9: D19707. CBS, Inc. (PWH); P631971. Minnesota. Author S composer: Clif'crd 

27Apr76; P6318I47. Pavmond Sakry. C 15BarU9; D19189. Cliff 

Fe31972. P. Sakry (A) : 6Bay76; P632226. 

B6318Ue. Feudin'; a hillbilly comedy in one act. 

Napoleon returns from Elba. By Irve By Samuel French, employer for hire of P6322E5. 

Tunick S Robert Louis Shayon. c'25Apr49: Bilbur Eraur.. C 17DecU8; D18093. Samuel The Ticklish acroba 

D19709. CBS, Inc. (PWH); 27Spr76: French, Inc. (PHH) ; 12Apr76; E631972. C 2BAprU9: D19796. 

E6318U8. 7nay7e; P632255. 

R6318149. South Pacific. n Richard Podgers, w 

The Signing of the Hagr.a Charta. By Oscar Hammersteir. , 2r.d. Text only. 

Henry Walsh £ Robert Lewis Shayon. C 2Bayi49: D19879. Dorothy Hammerstein 

C 26Rpr<l9; 019745. CBS, Inc. (PWH); (W) , Alice H. Bathias, William Hammer- 

27Spr76; S6318U9. stein, James B. Hammersteir (C) ; 3Bay76: 


The Battle of Gettysburg. By Bicajah Rio2093. 

Wren 6 Robert Lewis Shayon. 26AprU9; The Bear trap. By Trendle £ Dougall 

D197U6. CBS, Ir.c. (PSH) ; 27Apr76; a.k.a. Bernard Dougall. (The Challenge o 

S631850. the Yukon, radio program 6U3, April 25, 

19K9) e 2NayU9; D19999. Linda Seifert 
E631851. Penelope D. Lird (C of Bernard Dougall): 

Aladdin and the wonderful lamp. Ey Nila 3B3y76: P632093. 
Back. 26Spril9; D197U7. CBS, Inc. 
(PWH): 27Apr76; P631851. R63209U. 

Fire in the sky. By Trendle G Douaall 
R631852. a.k.a. Bernard Dougall. (The Challenge o 

The Leprachaun. By Nila Back. the Yukon, radio program 6145, April 29, 

C 26Aprtl9: D197U8. CBS, Inc. (PWH): 19Ug) C 2nayit9: D2000 1. Linda Seifert 

27Apr76; P63ie52. Penelope D. lind (C of Bernard Dougall): 

3Bay76: E63209t. Time will tell; or. Life saved ty 30 

R631853. seconds. By Charles Baye Schnertz. 

The Six swans. By Nila Back. B632111. 6 26fiay«8: D1U991. Charles Baye Schm 

26AprU9: D197H9. CBS, Inc. (PWH); The Life of Riley. Proaram C-36. By (A) ; 7Bay76: B632U05. 

27ipr76: B631853. Irving Brecher. 6 lUBayUS: D1it639. 

Irving Brecher (A); 3Bay76; E632111. 

How six traveled through the world. By R632112. 

Nila Back. C 26April9; D19750. CBS, Inc. The Life of Piley. Proaram C-37. By 

(PWH): 27Apr76: P63185U. Irving Precher. C 21BayU8: D1U79U. 

Irving Brecher (A): 3«av76: E632112. 

The Snow Queen. By Nila Back. Ee32n3. 

C 26Apr')9; D19751. CBS, Inc. (PWH); The Life of Piley. Program c-39. By 

27Apr76: R631855. Irvint; Brecher. C 7Juniie: D15122. detective) e 5AprU9; D19896. The Conde 

Irvine Brecher (A); 3Bay76: R632113. Nast Publications, Inc. (PWR) ; 3Bay7f: 

H631856. " E63201I8. 

The Enchanted frog. By Nila Back. E63211it. 

C 26AprU9: D19752. CBS, Inc. (PWH): The Life of Eiley. Prooram C-"tO. By R632'4il9. 

27Apr76: P63ie56. Irving Brecher. 6 llJunUS; D15177. The Darkcliff terror. Ey Frank Kane. 

Irving Brecher (A): 3Bay76: P632lm. ("he Shadow) C SAprt?; D19897. The 

R621857. Conde Nast Publications, Ire. (PWH): 

Heavenly music. By Nila Back. R632115. 3Bay76; P632UU9. 

O 26ipr49; D19753. CBS, Inc. (PWH): The Life of Piley. Proaram C-38. By 

27ipr76: E631657. Irving Brecher. C IDJunn'S; D15218. P632U50. 

Irving Brecher (A): 3Kav76: F632115. The Case of 'he lady arsenal. By Alfred 

E631858. ' Bester. (Nick Carter, master detec'ive) 

Bop o" By Thumb. By Nila Back. R632116. e 5Apri49: D19898. The Conde Nast 

9 26Aprit9: D1975U. CBS, Inc. (PWH); The Life of Riley. Program c-ui. By Publications, Inc. (PWH); 3Bay76: 

27Apr76: E63185S. Irving Brecher. 6 22Jun18; D1528«. F632U50. 

Irving Brecher (A): 3nav76: E632116. 
R631859. E6321I51. 

The Little mermaid. By Nila Back. R632n7. The Case of death in the dark. By Jir 

26April9; D19755. CBS, Inc. (PWH); The Life of Piley. Program C-U2. By Parsons. (Nick Carter, master detective) 

274pr76: R631859. Irving Brecher. C 28Jun08: D15363. 6 27AprU9; D19899. The Conde Nast 

Irving Brecher (A); 3Bay76: P63:i17. Publications, Inc. (PWH); 3Bay76; 

R63188a. P632U51. 

Dodsworth; play in three acts. By R632n8. 

Sinclair Lewis 6 Sidney Howard. Pev. The Life of Filey. Program C-a3. By R632U52. 

acting ed. C 8NovU8; D17235. Helville Irving Brecher. C 2Jul'tB: D15U7e. The Case of the cupid killer. By Alfrei- 

H. Cane (E) ; lUKay76: R63188U. Irving Brecher (A); 3Bav76; R632118. Bester. (Nick Carter, master detec- ive) 

C 27AprU9; D19900. The Conde Nast 
R631969. P632n9. Publications, Inc. (PWP); 3Bay76; 

Are you kidding? A richly amusing farce The Life of Riley. Program C-UU. Ey R6321452. 

in three acts. By Samuel French, employer Irving Brecher. 17sepU8: D16390. 

for hire of Pussell Drake, pseud, of Irving Brecher (P.) ; 3Bay76: E632n9. E632U53. 

Wilbur Braun. C SODecte; D179514. Samuel The Case of Barvelous Babel. By Alfred 

French, Inc. (PWH): 12Apr76; F631969. E632212. Bester. (Nick Carter, master detec ive) 

Light up the sky. By Boss Hart. C 27AprU9; D19901. The Conde Nast 

R631970. e 3Baril9: D191I12. Catherine Carlisle Publications, Inc. (PWH); 3«ay76; 

Who would a-murdering go? A suspen- Hart (W) ; 5Bay7b; E632212. B6321E3. 

sefilled mvstery comedy in three acts. By 

Samuel French, employer for hire of Walter E632216. E632U514. 

Blake, pseud, of Wilbur Braun. 1Cecil8; Town house; three act play. By Gertrude Creature of darkness. By Edward J. 

018097. Samuel French, Inc. (PWH); Tonkonogy (Gertrude Tonkonoay Priedbero) Adamson. (The Shadow) C 2"AprU9; 

12Apr76: R631970. Oramatiza'ion of Town house stories by D19902. The Conde Nast Publications, Inc. 

John Cheever, pub. in New Yorker magazine. (PWH) : 3Bay76: R632U5a. 

B631971. NB: dramatization. 8 18BayU8; Diii626. 

An Apple for the teacher: a schoolroom Gertrude Tonkonogy Friedberg (A): 6Bay76; P6321455. 

comedy in one act. By Samuel French, B632216. Death and the Easter bonnet. Py Peter 

eiployer for hire of Percy Forst, pseud. Barry. (The Shadow) e 27AprU9: D1990U. 

of Wilbur Braun. C 9Decit8: D18092. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recorcJ pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information ahout any aciditional recor(ds that may exist. 


S632U55 (ccr. ) Penelope D. lind (C of Bernard Dougall); Joy Arderson. 6 ISJurUS; D15807. Joy 

The Conde Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH); 13nay76; R632953. Anderson (A); 1<)May76; R63383it. 

3l1ay76; 56321455. „£,,o,c 

B633120. R633835. 

j,^3,f5. The Million dollar deadline. By Trendle Eing down the curtain. Ar.y complaint 

Dea-h'o<' a salesman. By Arthur waller. 6 Bernard Dougall. (The Challenae ot the The lady-bulldog breed, and others. By 

C 3nayil9 D19965. Arthur Miller (A); Yukon, 650) e 13Hayi»9: D20006. Unda Douglas Furber . ^^ (The^ Fav-— ' » =- -<= 'i-" 
7May76; R632653. 

Seifert E Penelope D. Lind (C of Bernard stars) C 21Jun'l8: D15797. B. L. Furbet 

Dougall): lltMay76; F633120. (C) ; 19May76; R633835. 


Middlebury parade. By William Hazlett R633121. 

Opson. Sev. version of Try and get it. The Skull in the stone. By Trendle 

a 6Mavit9; nl9917. rarjorie Upson (K) ; Bernard Dougall. (The Challenge of tl 

10Hay76: R632676. Yukon, 657) C 13nayil9; D20013. Lir( 

Seifert 6 Penelope D. lind (C of Bern, 

R6327U3. Dougall); lUMay76; R633121. 

Displaced persons; a play in one act. 

By O'sula Bloom (Ursula Bloom Robinson) R633122. 

e 3Sepit8: D17019. Crsula Bloom Robinson King of the county. By Trendle C 

(A): 10«ay76; E6327U3. Bernard Dougall. (The lone Banger, 

25143-1768) C 13Mayl49; D20026. Lind. 

R63271414 Seifert 6 Penelope D. lind (C of Bernard 

College kniahts; a comedy in three acts. Douaall); •!i4May76; E633122. R63383e. 

By John Band, 'pseud, o' James Reach. ■'hf foii to Bunnymede; an 

e 31Deca8; D17957. Samuel French, Inc. R63314114. play m three acts. By Hart 


Polly in 'he par) 

i. The Pira'es and 

•■t e 

ladies. Sukie has 

an air, and o-hers. 


Mabel Maughfling. 

(Five mime plays) 

e 22Junl48; D15799. 

Mabel Maughfling 

(f ): 

19May76; R633836. 


Hey, Mill! Hill! 

A play in one act. 


John Hone. e 29jui 

TUB; E15801. Jo'-n 


(A) ; 19l1ay76; P6 


(PWH) ; 10«ay76; F6327UU. 

: Eric e 2Juni48; 015808. Martin Holii 

e 2UMayl49; 19nay76; P633838. 


R6327115. D20323. Benjamin Britten t Eric Crozier 

The Spirit is »illino: a comedy in three (A); 26May76; E633i)1U. R633839. 
acts. Bv jamet, Eeacli.' 6 5Jani49; D17958. -he Strawhatt ers' case; a mystery-drarra 

Samuel Fr'-nch, Inc. (PWH); 10Hay76; 36331436. in three acts. By Rosemary Foster 

No one knows how; a play in three acts. (Rosemary Foster Martin) E Bill Notle. 

By Luigi Pirandello, translated from the f BJunaS; D15863. Rosemary Foster Mar-ii 

Italian by Marta Abba (Marta Abba (A) ; 19May76: F633e39. 
The House on the lake; a melodramatic Millikin) Add. ti: Non si sa come. KM: 

comedy in th'ee acts. By James Peach. translation. e 1Apr«9; D19331. Marta R6339S5. 

t 8Mari49- D19089. Samuel French, Inc. Abba Millikin (A); 12r.pr76; E633143C. Out of dust. By Lynn Eigqs. 6 19Apraa: 

(PWH); 10May76: P6327146. D19609. lee (5. Eiggs 6 Joe V. Piaos (NK); 

' ' ' B633U37. 27May76: R633985. 

E6327U7. The Traitor; a play in two acts. By 

Whateve- goes up; a comedy in three Herman Wouk. C 7Apra9: D191455. Herman F633986. 

acts. By T-iooas Sut'on, pseud, of James Wouk (A) ; 12Spr76; P6331437. This strange night. By John McGreevey. 

Reach e 2«arU9; D19091. Samuel French, C lOSep^S; D16365. John McGreevey (A); 

Inc. (PWH); 'OHay-'S; R6327ll7. P6331499. 2TMay76; F633986. 

Bravo! A play in three acts. By Edna 

E632801 Ferbei t George s. Kaufman. g 2i4Sep'4e; R6339e7. 

Th" Poof 'ell in; a one-act hillbilly 016122. Harriet F. Pilpel (E of Edna The Perfect date. By Rilla Carlisle, 

pan'omime. By Ned Albe'-t, pseud, of Ferber) 6 Anne Kaufman Schneider (C of pseud, of Anne Coulter Martens. 

Wilbur Braun. e 29Ap-U9: D200814. Samuel George S. Kaufman); 20Bay-'b: P6331499. C 17sep18; 0161427. Anno Coulter Marte-s 

French, inc. (PWH); 7nay76; E632801. (pseud. : Pilla Car lisle) (A); 27May7P; 

P633586. P633987. 
B632802. Have you got the time? By Marjorie 

My =hadow; a one-act farcical pantomime. Marie Alexander (Marjorie Marie Alexander P633988. 
Bv Wilbur Braun. C 29Apr'49; D20083. Brinkworth) e 16Jur.i4e; D15235. Marjorie Susie the siren. By Jane Kendall, 

Samuel French, Inc. (PWH) ; 7May76; Marie Alexander, now: Marjorie Alexander pseud, of Anne Coulter Martens. 

0632802 Erinkworth (A) ; 2i4May76: E6335S6, f 20S6pi48; D161428. Anne Coulter Martens 

(pseud.: Jane Kendall) (A); 27May76; 

R632803. R633828. B633988. 

A Month of Tuesdays; ar exciting E Fluffy; a comedy in one act. By Neil 

amusing fa'-ce in three acts. By Orville Forbes Grant. 6 2Juni48; D15B00. Neil R63?9a9. 

Snapp, pseud, of Wilbur Braun. 8 20Apri49; Forbes Grant (A) ; 19May76; R633828. Meet me in Saint Louis; dramatized from 

D20079. Samuel French, Inc. (FWB) ; Sally Benson's bock. Ey Perry Clark, 

7l1ay76; P632803. P6338.29. pseud, of Christopher Sergei. C 9Novi4e. 

The Housekeeper; a comedy in one act. D17231. Christopher Sergei (pseud.: Ferr; 

56328014. By Neil Forbes Grant. C18Junl48: P15802. Clark) (A); 27May76; R633989. 

Confidentially; a captivating comedy for Neil Forbes Grant (A); 19May76; B633829. 

an all-female cast in one act.' Bv Peggy B633990. 

Fernway, pseud, of Wilbur Braun. E633830. One foo' in heaven. Ey Anne Coulter 

S IOMa-149- D19088. Samuel French, Inc. The Lean vears; a comedy in one act. By «ar*ens. Based upon the book by Hartzell 

(PWH)- 7!1av76- R632aoi4. Neil Forbes Grant, e 18Juni48: D15803. Spence. 6 13Decil8; 019872. Anne Coul';- 

Neil Forbes Grant (A); l°May76; P633830. Martens (A); 27May76; R633990. 

Just one big happv family!; an P633831. R6314020. 

invigorating modern comedy in three acts. Sales lady; a comedy in one act. By Virtue' 

By Edi-h Loring, pseud, of Wilbur Braun. Neil Forbes Grant. B ISJunIS; D15810. 6 2Augil8; 

e 17Feba9; D19086. Samuel French, Inc. Neil Forbes Grant (A); 19May76; P633831. 28May76; P6314020. 

(PWH) ; 7May76: R632805. 

R633832. B6314031. 
E632819. Honevmoon couple; a play in one act. By Green grow the shamrocks; a dramat-c 

The Model bride; an operetta in two Neil Forbes Grant. 8 280cttt8; D17396. musical composition. By Daniel Frankl 

acts. By Harold B. Allen 6 Don Wilson. Neil Forbes Grant (A); 19May76; Pf33832. Douoherty. Text only. 6 11Mayi49; 

d 28April9: 0200614. Edward B. Marks Music D19937. sabina J. Miller E Edward J. 

Corporation (PWH); 28May76; P632819. 3633833. Miller (E); 1Jun76; E63140ji. 

Elopement " . -- -. -■-..- 


The Rising wind. By Leon Martin 
Gilbert. e 2i4Juni48; D1532U. Lee Gilbe 
(A); 10May76; B632870. 


country. The Marriage bureau, and others. 
By Evelyn Goshawk. (The Elopement and 
other mimes) 8 22Junil8; D15796. Evelyn 
Goshawk (A): 19May76; R6338 33. 


The Case of the frightened child. By 
Trendle 6 Bernard Dougall. (The Challenge 
of *he Yukon, radio program 659, June 1, 
1919) e 31MayU9; 0203114. Linda Seifert 


Belief train. Ey Trendle E Bernard 


The Bed Campbells; a play for women in a 

E Penelope 0. lind (C of Bernard Dougall) : 
1Jun76; R6314032. 

Dougall. (The Lone Banger, 2171-1696) 

prologue, three acts E an epilogue. By 

e 12Mayi49; 019998. Linda Seifert E 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particiUar 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information abotit any adciitional records that may exist. 

R63U222 - B635785 



The Gypsy baron. By Thonas Martin 6 
Ruth Bartin, co-translators. Libretto. 
(Id: revised translation. 3inayU9; 
D20282. Thomas llartin 8 Ruth Bartir (A) ; 
2Jan76: R63U222. 


The Assassination of Julius Caesar. By 
Sigmund Biller. (You are there) 
e 2'IBayil9; D20129. CBS, Inc. (PBH); 
2Jun76; 8631225. 


The Death of Bontez'jma. By Bichael 
Sklar 6 Robert Shayon. (You are there) 
C 2ll(layU9: D20130. CBS, Inc. (PBH); 
2Jun76; R6311226. 


The Impoachment of Supreme Court Justice 
Samuel chase. By Irve Tunick. (You are 
there) C 2UBayit9; D20131. CBS, Inc. 
(PWH) : 2Jur.76: R63ll227. 


Lexington, Concord and Merriam's Corner. 
By Howard aerrill 6 Robert Shayon. (You 
are there) e 2ir!ayi49; D20132. CBS, Inc. 
(PBH) ; 2Jun76; R63U228. 


Lady from Edinburgh; a comedy in two 
acts. By Aimee Constance Stuart £ I. 
Arthur Rose. C 16Augii8; D19177. Ian 
Rose (C) ; 9Jun76; R63U261. 


The Adventures of Daniel Boone: 
recording script. By Tom Glazer. 
e 1Jur.U9: D2nnia. Tom Glazer (A); 
2Jur.76: RfiSHWSS. 


Annie get your gun; a musical comedy in 
two acts. By Herbert Fields e Dorothy 
Fields, lyrics £ m Irving Berlin. Text 
only. O HBayilD: D190G8. David Lahm 6 
Eliza Oprava (C of Dorothy Fields) ; 
15Jun76; R63"m51. 


A Burma girl a-waitin". By Alfred 
Spencer Geer. 6 6JulU8; D15U87. Alfred 
Spencer Geer (A); 3Jun76; E63mt60. 


End of dreaming; a play in three acts. 

By Edwin Augustus Peeples. 6 lejunUS; 

D15255. Edwin Augustus Peeples (A) ; 

3Jun76; 56311461. 


The Case of the canyon holdup. By 
Trendle SBernard Dougall. (The Challenae 
of the Yukon, 660) 6 3Juni49; D204C5. 
Linda Seifert 6 Penelope D. Lind (C of 
Bernard Dougall) ; '4Jun76; R634U68. 


The Delicate age; a comedy in two parts 
6 eiaht scenes. By Borris Ebenstein. 
C 3SepU8: D16226. Borris Ebenstein (A) ; 
llJun76; R634U99. 


Boondust; a comedy in three acts. By 
Borris Ebenstein. 3SepU8; D16227. 
Borris Ebenstein (A); Ujun76 ; PfBUSOO. 


The Delicate age; a comedy in three 
acts. By Morris Ebenstein. Fev. version. 
3SepU8; D16228. Borris Ebenstein (A) ; 
«Jun76; Re3i4501. 


Sisyphus in Brooklyn; a play in three 
acts. By Morris Ebenstein. 3SepU8; 
D16229. Bnrris Ebenstein (A); '4Ju376; 


The Case of the yellow ribbon. By 
Trendle 6 Bernard Dougall. (The Challenge 
of the Yukon, 662) 6Jun49; D20407. 
Linda Seifert E Penelope D. Lind (C of 
Bernard Dougall); 8Jun76; R634617. 


The Reluctant virgin; a comedy with 
music. By Baurice J. Valency. Text only. 
NB: revisions & additions. C 24Jun48; 
D15328. Baurice J. Valency (A); 9Jun76; 


Detective story. By Sidney s. Kingsley 
S Madge Evans Kirgsley. NB: rev. version. 
2SBar49; D19523. Sidney s. Kinasley 6 
Badge Evans Kingsley (A) ; 9Jun76; 


The Hick from Hicksville; a full-of-fun 
comedy in 3 acts. By Ned Albert, pseud. 
of Wilbur Braun, employee for hire of 
Samuel French. 6 17May49; 020104. 
Samuel French, Inc. (PWH) ; 10Jun76; 


Big brother; a comedy in 3 acts. By 
James Reach, employee for hire of Samuel 
Vrencii. C 17Bay49; 120105. Samuel 
French, Inc. (PWH) ; 10Jun76; R634796. 


Heat lightning; a play in 1 act. By 
Robert Francis Carroll. O 31Bay49; 
D20332. Pobert Francis Carroll (A) ; 
10Jun76; E634797. 


Good-time Charlie; a comedy in 3 acts. 
By Bruce Abbott, pseud, of James Reach, 
'employee for hire of Samuel French. 
e 31May49; C20333. Samuel French, Inc. 
(PWH); 10Jur76: P634798. 


The Bin broadcast; a collection of 10 
plays for amateur radio. By Winston 
Weathers. 6 4Nov48; D17126. Winston 
Weathers (A) ; 16Jun76; S635027. 


Oedipus Pex; opera- oratorio in 2 acts 
after Sophocles. By Igor Strawinsky (i.e. 
Stravinsky) e Jean Cocteau, English 
translation by E. E. Cummings. Nn : 
revision of music £ English translation. 
e 18«ar49; D19162. Nancy T. Andrews (C 
of E. E. Cummings); 24Jun7e; E635063. 


Fugue in F Diner; a 1 act play. By 
William Dorsey Blake. C 24Nov48; D17296. 
William Dorsey Blake (A) ; 28Jun76; 


Nightmare. By William Dorsey Blake. 
e 24NOV48; D17297. William Dorsey Blake 
(A); 28Jun76; 5635067, 


Bister Thina; a play for children in 3 
acts with 8 scenes. By Bary Coyle Chase, 
e 6flay49; D19919. Bary Coyle Chase (A); 
7Jun76: E635096. 


People are like numbers. By Board of 
Christian Education of the Presbyterian 
Church in the D.S.A. 30Aug48; D16819. 
The Westminster Press (PWH) ; 14Jun76; 
R 63 52 40. 


Record run. By Trendle 6 Bernard 
Dougall. (The Lone Banger, radio program 
2560-1785, June 15, 1949) C 17Jun49; 
D20547. Linda Seifert E Penelope D. lind 


No halo for Julie; a new 3 ac comedy 
drama. By Clay Franklin, pseud, of 
Claytcn Franklin Hensinger. C 2Jul48; 
D15465. Clayton Franklin Hensinger (A); 
24Jun76; E635487, 

56 35 486, 

Even his enemy; a play in 1 act. Ey 
Paul Abelman E Gertrude Macauley. 
C 15JU148; D16539. Paul Abelman (A); 
1JU176; 5635488. 


Christ on trial; or. Trial of Jesus. By 
Louis Hadley Evans, Sr. C 8Apr49; 
D19487. Louis Hadley Evans, Sr. (A); 
2JU176: R635570. 


The Little sweep. Scene 3. Libret'o: 
Eric Crozier, m Benjamin Britten. Piano B 
vocal score. e 25Jun4g; D20584. 
Benjamin Britten £ Eric Crozier (A) ; 
28Jun76; R6357e5. 

: U. S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE : 1977 O - 237-361 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

ISSN 0041-7858 

Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third Series 
Volume 30, Parts 3—4, Number 2 

Dramas and 

Works Prepared for 

Oral Delivery 

July— December 


J- ^ ^ ^ 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not retlect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

Catalog of Copyright Entries 
Third Series 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect die complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

ISSN 0041-7858 

Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third Series 
Volume 30, Parts 3-4, Number 2 

Dramas and 

Works Prepared for 

Oral Delivery 



Y * 

^ ^ ^ S 


These entries alone may not reflect the complete C;opyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

Libvaiy of Congress card no. 6-35347. 

This number identifies the Library of Congress 
printed card for the complete series of the Catalog of 
Copyright Entries. 

ISSN 0041-7858 Key title: Catalog of copyright 
entries. Third series. Parts 3-4. Dramas and works 
prepared for oral delivery. 

For sale by the Superintendent of Doctunents, 
U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 
20402. Price of this part is given on page vi. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


is published by authority of sections 210 and 21 1 
of Title 17 of the United States Code. Section 210 
provides in part: "The current catalog of copy- 
right entries and the index volumes herein pro- 
vided for shall be admitted in any court as prima 
facie evidence of the facts stated therein as regards 
any copyright registration." 

Orders, payable in advance, for all parts of the 
Catalog of Copyright Entries should be sent to the 
Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government 
Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402. Orders 
may be placed for individual issues, as subscrip- 
tions for one or more parts, or for the complete 
Catalog for periods of one, two, or three years. 
All orders should state clearly the title and the 
inclusive dates of the part wanted; checks or 
money orders should be made payable to the 
Superintendent of Documents. 

The Copyright Office welcomes inquiries, sug- 
gestions, and comments on the content and 
organization of the Catalog. Such communica- 

tions should be addressed to the Chief of the 
Cataloging Division, Copyright Office, Library 
of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20559. 

The record of each copyright registration listed 
in the Catalog includes a description of the work 
copyrighted and data relating to the copyright 
claim (the name of the copyright claimant as 
given in the application for registration, the copy- 
right date, the copyright registration number, 
etc.). For each registration listed, except for 
renewals, there has been deposited a copy or 
copies of the work in accordance with the pro- 
visions contained in sections 12, 13, 14, or 215 
of Title 1 7 of the United States Code. 

Each part listed in the following table records 
registrations in the class or classes indicated 
by the alphabetical symbols. The Second and 
third letters, if any, that follow the initial letter 
are added by the Copyright Office for the purpose 
of statistical analysis. Their significance is as 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete (lopyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

F Published foreign works. In the case of books and 

periodicals, it designates works manufactured out- 
side the United States (except those registered for 
ad interim copyright). In all other classes to 
which it applies, it designates works first published 
outside the United States, the authors of which 
are neither citizens nor domiciliaries of the 
United States. (AF, EF) 

I Books and periodicals registered for ad interim copy- 

right. (AI, BI) 

Price per 
Part 1 Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials 

and Contributions to Periodicals $10. 00 

A Books 

BB Contributions to periodicals 

R Renewal registrations 

Part 2 Periodicals 3. 00 

B Periodicals 

R Renewal registrations 

Parts 3-4 Dramas and Works Prepared for Oral 

Delivery 3. 00 

C Lectures and other works prepared for 

oral delivery 
D Dramatic or dramatico-musical works 

R Renewal registrations 

Part 5 Music 10. 00 

E Musical compositions 

R Renewal registrations 

Part 6 Maps and Adases 3. 00 

F Maps 

R Renewal registrations 

Published works of foreign origin registered under 
the waiver-of-fee provision (section 215 of Title 17 
of the United States Code). (BIO, GFO) 

Domestic published works in classes for which 
registration is possible for either published or un- 
published works. (EP, JP) 

Unpublished works in classes for which registration 
is possible for either published or unpublished 
works. (DU, EU) 

Price per 
Parts 7-1 1 A Works of Art, Reproductions of Works 
of Art, Scientific and Technical Drawings, 
Photographic Works, Prints and Pictorial lUus- 

tradons $3. 00 

G Works of art and models or designs for 

works of art 
H Reproductions of works of art 

I Drawings or sculptural works of a scientific 

or technical character 
J Photographs 

K Prints r-.nd pictorial illustrations 

R Renewal registrations 

Part IIB Commercial Prints and Labels 

(Annual issue) 5. 00 
KK Commercial prints and labels 
R Renewal registrations 

Parts 12-13 Motion Pictures 3. 00 

L Motion-picture photoplays 

M Motion pictures other than photoplays 

R Renewal registrations 

Part 14 Sound recordings 5 . 00 

N Sound recordings 

Subscription price: Complete Catalog for the year 
$75.00; $18.75 additional for foreign mailing. 
Orders, accompanied by remittances, should be 
addressed to the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. 
Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

Table of Contents 


Index ■ . . 1 

Current Registrations . . . . • 96 

Renewal Registrations 176 


P.\RTS 3-4 list all registrations made in classes C 
and D for the period co\ered by this issue. An index 
of names and titles associated with the work is fol- 
lowed by the main entries, listed in order by regis- 
tration number. Filing of the index is letter by letter, 
except in the case of inverted names which are filed 
up to the comma or parenthesis, after which letter 
by letter filing is resumed. Entries beginning with 
numbers which are not spelled out are filed at the 
end in numerical sequence- 

The main entries include, when applicable, the 
follo\ving information derived from the work and 

1 ) Title, followed by subtitle and/or descrip- 
tive statements. The authorship of the work 
is included in this statement, with the nature 
of authorship (if available). 

2) Edition statement. 

3 ) Country of publication for works registered 
as foreign or as ad interim \vorks. 

4) Label name and number for registered 
sound recordings. 

5) Physical description of the deposit. 

6) Series statement. 

7) Additional titles associated with the regis- 
tered work such as variant titles, alternative 
titles, translated titles, etc. 

8) Notes; information is given here which 
serves to supplement the data that is given 
elsewhere in the entry in order to describe 
a work more accurately or identify it more 

9) Statement that the registered work is pub- 
lished in or as part of another work, or is 
bound with another independent work. 

10) Names of authors given in the application 
which do not appear elsewhere in the entry. 

1 1 ) Statement of those materials contained in 
the registered work on which copyright is 
not claimed, when so stated in the 

12) Information contained in the application 
which relates to the registration of an earlier 
version of the work. 

1 3 ) Brief statement of the new matter on which 
copyright is claimed when so stated in the 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyriglit Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

14) Copyright symbol © or ®. 

15) A statement of limitation of claim if the 
application or notice on the work explicitly 
limits the claim. 

16) Name of the copyright claimant. 

1 7 ) Date of publication for published works ; for 
unpublished works the date on \vhich the 
last of all items required to complete reg- 
istration (i.e., copy, application, and fee) 
\vas received in the Copyright Office. 
18) Registration number. 

For published works, whenever it is necessary to 
indicate a variation between the information given 
in the application and in the copy of the work with 
respect to the claimant's name or the date of pub- 
lication, the data from the application is given first, 
followed by the phiase "in notice" and the data 

given in the work; e.g., © John Doe; 10Jul76 (in 
notice: 1975). 

For rene\val registrations the original date of 
publication and registration number precede the 
name of the claimant of the renewal registration. 
Following the name of the renewal claimant is a 
statement in parentheses, usually abbreviated, giv- 
ing the basis of the renewal claim as supplied by 
the application; e.g., "John Doe (A)" indicates 
that John Doe has made renewal claim as author. 

Works deposited in connection with current 
copyright registrations may be selected for inclu- 
sion in the collections of the Library of Congress. 
Library of Congress printed cards are available for 
many of the publishedworks so selected. Orders for 
such cards or inquiries concerning them should be 
addressed to the Catalog Distribution Service 
Division, Building No. 159, Navy Yard Annex, 
Washington, D.C., 20541. 

Registrations July-December 1976 

Class C — Lectures and other works pre- 
pared for oral delivery . 
Class D — Domestic published dramatic and 
dramatico-musical works . 
Foreign published dramatic and 

dramatico-musical works . 
Unpublished dramatic and dra- 
matico-musical works . 

1. 139 




These figures represent the number of registra- 
tions for dramas and works prepared for oral 
delivery for July-December 1976, but do not neces- 
sarily represent the exact number of entries in this 
issue of the Catalog of Copyright Entries. Registra- 
tion figures for other classes of material may be 
found in the respective parts. 

Total 3, 761 

Renewals: Classes C and D 461 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertainingto a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

Abbreviations and Symbols 

The followine list includes abbreviations and 


new matter 

symbols used 

in this catalog with specific copy- 



right or biblic 

)graphic meanings. 


nouveau, nouvelle 




author (s) 




accepted alternative designa- 


copyright symbol for sound re- 

tion of 



also known as 


proprietor of copyright in a 



work copyrighted by a cor- 


Administrator(s) cum testa- 

porate body otherwise than 

mento annexo 

as assignee or licensee of the 


;.a. Administrator (s) de bonis non 

individual author 

cum testamento annexo 


proprietor of copyright in a 



composite work 


approximate, approximately 


proprietor of copyright in a 


arranged, arrangement, ar- 

posthumous work 

ranged by 


proprietor of copyright in a 


author (s) 

work made for hire 




previous, previously 







priv. print. 

privately printed 


black and white 




Band (German) 


part, parts 






copyright symbol 


published, publishing 


child or children of the de- 

R, (R) 

renewal registration 

ceased author 


registered, registration 






chapter (s) 


revolutions per minute 










doing business as 




executor (s) of the author 




edition, editor 










tome, tomo 



T., Th. 

Teil, Theil 




trading as 




illustration (s) 


inches per second 




title (s) 
title page 


music, music by 

v., vol. 

volume, volumes 




words, words by 


next of kin of the deceased 


widow of the author 



widower of the author 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

"T" - AES 


DU101730 0175 

The $39 «an. 

DP1013l> 0126 

tba dsbl. 

DD101527 0171 

Abandoned at Cooper's 
DO1O0930 0158 

Abbott, Betty Robensteln. 
C3it825 0105 

Abbott, Charles. 

DD100535 0150 

Abbott, Nina. 

B637758 0177 

Abbott, s. 

C35075 0110 

C35076 0110 

ABC/Danhill, Music, Inc. 

C3I173II 0103 

C31I789 OlOtt 

Abegg, Carl Juliaa. 

R639557 0178 

Abegg, Carlo Gialio. 

SEE Abegg, Carl Juliua. 

Abegg, Carl Julius. 

SEE Abegg, Carl Jul) ua. 

Abe Lincoln at Nen Salem. 
C35055 0109 

Abecg, Gil. 

SEE Aberg, Gilbert s. 

Abecg, Gilbert s. 

D0100931 0158 


DD99723 0133 


DD100189 0112 

Abilene rrall. 

R6U9818 0186 

Abookira, Koreen. 

D0100169 01U2 

About nldnight. 

00101188 0163 

Abrahan, Henry David. 

Dn1O0255 01U14 

AbrahaiD3en, Aron. 

C30lt96 0097 

Abrahansen, Doris. 

C3ail96 0097 

Abraiovitz, James. 

DD100211t 01143 

Abramovitz, Jim. 

SEE Abramouitz, James. 

AbraB*3 journey. 

D0100189 0112 

Absorption spectroscopy. 

C3U635 0100 


D0101757 0175 

Accardo, Ralph. 

0099780 013U 


Accessibility, cost and 
na&agement of health care; 
responsibilities toward 
C3«lt78 0097 

The Accommodating suitor. 
E638200 0176 

Accounts recel»able — valnable 
C3U711 0102 

Ace High Eddie and Cowboy Sam 
take Las Vegas. 
D0100713 0153 

Achard, Harcel. 

R618057 0185 

Achilles' death. 

DD100010 0139 

ACIR's sore spots. 

C31I992 0108 

Ackerian, Killiam L. 

D0100759 0150 

Ackerson, James Neal. 

DU100305 01U5 


SEE The American College of 
Obstetricians and 

Acorns in moondust. 

00100990 0159 

Acosta, Ralph Xavier. 

D0100062 0108 

Acosta, R. X. 

SEE Acosta, Ralph Xavier. 

"Acres of diamonds" (greener 
pastures) at your bank. 
C30987 0108 

"Acres of diamonds" (greener 
pastures) at your S and L 
C30990 0108 

"Acres of diamonds" (greener 
pastures) at your store. 
C309814 0108 

Acrylic enamel refinishlng. 
C35077 0110 

Acrylic lacquer refinishlng. 
C35080 0110 

Acting By Children Produc- 
tions, Inc. 
00100180 0102 

Action planning program 
C35236 0113 

Action timetable. 

C35156 0112 

Active realization. 

C35150 0112 

An Actor repairs. 

D0100313 0105 

Adair, Thomas n. 

R638101 0177 


D01D0173 0102 

Adams, Carolyn Ethel. 

DD101250 0165 


Adams, Edward H. 

D0100923 0158 

Adams, Florence 0' Neill. 

D0100077 01U0 

Adams, Henry. 

DP10003 0123 

Adams, Jeffrey. 

SEE Adams, J. Jeffrey. 

Adams, J. Jeffrey. 

DD101023 0160 

Adams, Joseph Lauren. 

D0101102 0162 

Adams, Julias .J. 

DO10125O 0165 

Adams, Hary. 

DP10253 0128 

Adams, Hichael S. 

00100181 0102 

Adams, Hichael S. 

SEE Bojingles Productions. 

Adams, Nike. 

SEE Adams, nichael S. 

Adams, Olive Arnold. 

DO1O1250 0165 

Adams, Tom. 

SEE Dleck, Thomas A. 

Adams, «. Royce, Jr. 

C35028 0109 

C35029 0109 

C35032 0109 

C35033 0109 

C35038 0109 

C35000 0109 

C35001 0109 

C35002 0109 

C350U3 0109 

D0100077 0100 

The Adams in Eden. 

R636588 0176 

Adam und Eva. 

DFO-2189 0121 

Adayr, Frederic. 

D0101270 0165 

Addinsell, Richard. 

R637759 0177 

Addison Hesley Publlshirg 
Company, Inc. 

C35207 0113 

C3520e 0113 

Addition and subtraction 
skills for whole numbers 
C35207 0113 

An Address of welcome. 

C35207 0113 

Address to the American Jewish 
committee (1965) 
C30978 0108 

Adell, Ilunga. 

DP10023 0123 

A Dleu vat. 

R607090 0165 

Adirondack/DuBalres, Ltd. 
DD10151U 0170 

JDL. - DEC. 1976 

Adli, Vern. 

DD101520 0171 

Adjusting the water form 

roller pressure on the 1250 


C35068 0118 

Ad-Korp, Inc. 

C30717 0102 

Adler, Cherry. 

D0100306 0106 

D0100307 0106 

D0100822 0156 

Adler, Sol. 

C30910 0106 

Adlowitz, Stewart 11. 

DD101031 0160 

Adolescent gynecology. 

C30010 0096 

Adolph Hitler wasn't cutesy. 
DD100015 0139 

The Adopted moon. 

D0100355 0106 

Adoue, Francoise Plazanet. 
R639999 0180 


DD100016 0101 

Advanced management techniques 
for women. 
C35296 0115 

The Adventure of Mister Chi^g 
and Al. 
D099730 0133 

The Adventures of Alphonse on 
the lam. 
DU101500 OT'O 

The Adventures of Ber-Hur. 
D099963 0138 

The Adventures of Captain 
narbles and his Acting 
D099590 0''3n 

The Adventures of Cleaver and 
Bhizjam on the Isle of 
DD100126 0101 

The Adventures of Ganymede 
Jones on the outskirts of 
DD101750 0175 

The Adventures of Gertie. 
R6oe229 01B5 

The Adventures of Noch 
D099685 0132 

The Adventures of Red and Roy. 
C35006 010° 

The Adventures of ♦he Wizard 
and the Rainbow Kid. 
D0100000 0107 

The Advertising gerlus? 

00101700 0175 

Aegean fable. 

R638069 0178 

The Aerie. 

DU101010 0160 


DF2208 0120 

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work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

4PP - ALL 

The ifflruatlon. 

C35362 0116 

4ffir»atl7e action. 

DD100795 0155 

iffirmatlTe self-developaent. 
C3455II 0099 

african story. 

R6II1863 0182 

The afrindi aspect. 

DO1007»i4 0151 

The Afro-American children's 
D0100687 0153 

after a fashion. 

S637181 0177 

After hoars, 


The Afternoon. 

DO10O635 0152 

An Afternoon In space. 

D0101092 0161 

After the ball. 

DD9968U 0132 

after the clown. 

DDIOOOOli 0139 

After the fog lifts. 

R61t5728 0183 

After the island. 

00100294 01114 

The Agent and "OSHa" 

034710 0102 

The Age of chivalry and 
legends of Charlemagne. 
DD101101 0162 

agg, Ernest Balfoar. 

R638744 0178 

E638747 0178 

Agg, Howard. 

E638744 0178 

R638747 0178 

Agg, John Balfour. 

?63e744 0178 

E6387^7 0178 

aggie wins her point. 

B649B30 0186 


C35215 0113 

Aging in art: tapping a new 
resource in gerontology. 
C3S312 0115 

The Agony and the Bistasy. 
00100230 0143 

The Agreement. 

DP10097 0125 

Agri-business and natural 
C35267 0114 

Aguilera-aalta, Demetrio. 
DD99556 0129 

Aguitre De nendez, Aida. 

DD101582 0172 

Agustin, Luis, Jr. 

D0101776 0176 



SEE American Institute of 
Biological Sciences. 

Ain't nothin" but a hou- 
D0100094 0140 


SEE Aeschylus. 

Aix, Alto, pseud. 

SEE Trigallez, Adrian Louis 

Ajaye, Franklyn, 2nd. 

C34648 0101 

C34649 0101 

C34650 0101 

C346S1 0101 

C34652 0101 

C34653 0101 

C34654 0101 

C34679. 0101 

C34680 0101 

C346B1 0101 

C34682 0101 

Alastar Basic Company. 

C34734 0103 

C34789 0104 

Alber, Paul. 

DU100455 0148 

DD101380 0167 

Albert, Allan. 

DD100513 0149 

D0101310 01C6 

Albert, Rollin'. 

SEE albert, Carolyn F. 

Alcoholism: symptoms and 
C34882 0106 

aifieri, Richard. 

DO100275 0m4 

D0101356 0167 

Ali Baba and the Forty 
E638740 0178 

Alice, Hary, pseud. 

SEE Smith, Mary Alice. 

Alice's adventures in 
E637759 0177 

Alice through the looking 
DP10122 0125 

Ali in the sky — a fable on its 
way to becoming a legend. 
D0101688 0174 

JDL. - DEC. 1976 

Allen, Jin. 

SEE Allen, James P. 

Allen, Louis A. 

C34764 0103 

Allen (Louis A.) Associates, 

C34926 0107 

C34927 0107 

C35236 0113 

Allen, Robert. 

C35538 0120 

Allen, Robert, pseud. 

SEE Eosenfarb, Robert B. 

Allen, Roy, pseud. 
SEE Goetz, Austin. 

Allen, Terry. 

DD100909 0158 

Allen action planning program 
C35236 0113 

The Allenville incident. 

DD101212 0164 

Allied health sciences: 
mathematics, module 1. 
C35516 0119 

Allied health sciences: 
mathematics, module 2. 
C35515 0119 

Allied health sciences: 
mathematics, module 3. 
C35520 0119 

Allied health sciences: 
mathematics, module 4. 
C35518 0119 

Allied health sciences: 
mathematics, module 5. 
C35519 0119 

Allied health sciences: 
mathematics, module 6. 
C35514 0119 

Allied health sciences: 
mathematics, module 8. 
C35517 0119 

All 1 ever wanted in the 
DD100836 0156 

All in the family. 

DP10031 0123 

DP10032 0123 

DP10033 0123 

DP10034 0123 

DP10035 0123 

All in the game. 

DD100935 0158 

Allium cepa. 

D099785 0134 

Allnan, John, 

D0100331 0145 

All of OS. 

C34801 0104 

All of us together. 

C34801 0104 

An Allowance of love. 

D0101579 0172 

Allred, Carol. 

DD101406 0168 

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work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

iLL - ANA 


DEC. 1976 

Allcod, Jan. 

SEE Allrod, Janice Lynn. 

Allcod, Janice Lynn. 

D0100571 0150 

All's veil that ends well. 
DD99592 0130 

All the king's horses. 

00100184 01112 

All this freedom talk. 

DP100611 012U 

All young couples. 

DU100999 0159 

Alaost men. 

D0101663 0173 

Alphabetical order. 

DPO-2177 0120 

Alpha-Onega Players. 

D0100520 011*9 

Altair Productions. 

DU100S99 0153 

Alter, Siaone Bernette. 

DD100578 0150 

Altered states of avareness. 
C35111 0111 

Alvin, Rayaond. 

DU101567 0171 

Alwaise, Francis D. 

R6it5710 0183 


DD100615 0151 


DD101156 0163 

Les Anants eternels d' Avignon: 
Petrarch and Laura. 
D0101035 0160 

Amazon's workshop. 

D0100353 01116 

Ambler, Samuel Clinton. 

C311970 0108 

Anbrosino, Salvatore V, 

00101522 0171 

Ambush at sundown. 

R6lt9863 0187 

America: a two-hundred year 
D099760 0133 

America In rebellion. 

C31I503 0096 

America Is a bald eagle eating 
at HcDonald's. 
D0100666 0152 

America, land that we love. 
D010051I1 0150 

American Bankers Association. 

C3a655 0101 

C3lt656 0101 

C311657 0101 

C311658 0101 

C3U659 0101 

C3U660 0101 

C31I661 0101 

C3a662 0101 

C311663 0101 

C3lt66U 0101 

C3lt665 0101 

C3lt666 0101 

C3'1667 0101 

C311663 0101 

C311669 0101 

C31I670 0101 

C31I671 0101 

American Bankers Association 
speech service. 

C3it655 0101 

C311656 0101 

C31t657 0101 

C314658 0101 

C31t659 0101 

C3lt660 0101 

C314661 0101 

C3II662 01D1 

C31(663 0101 

031)664 0101 

C34665 0101 

C34666 0101 

C34667 0101 

C34668 0101 

C34669 0101 

C34670 0101 

C34671 0101 

American Beauty Rose. 

DP10051 0124 

The American Bicentennial, 

C34745 0103 

fin American book of the dead. 

00101463 0169 

American cameos. 

DD100821 0156 

American chemical Society. 

C34435 0096 

C34436 0096 

C34520 0098 

C34521 0098 

C34646 0101 

C34647 0101 

C34676 0101 

C34677 0101 

C34735 0103 

C34736 0103 

C34837 0105 

C34838 0105 

C34839 0105 

C34840 0105 

C34907 0106 

C34908 0106 

C34995 0108 

C34996 O108 

C35058 0109 

C35059 0109 

C35209 0113 

C35210 0113 

C35305 0115 

C35306 0115 

C35307 0115 

C35308 0115 

American cities. 

C35216 0113 

The American College. 

SEE American College of Life 
Underwriters, Bryn nawr, 

American College, Bryn Mawc, 

C34750 0103 

C34888 0106 

C35304 0115 

The American College of Life 
Dnderwriters, Bryn Bawr, pa. 

C34428 0096 

C34429 0096 

C34430 0096 

C34431 0096 

C34432 0096 

C35096 0110 

The American College of 
Obstetricians and Gyne- 

C34407 0096 

C34408 0096 

C34409 0096 

C34410 0096 

The American Dietetic 

C34a02 0104 

C34997 0108 

C3508S 0110 

C35086 0110 

C35239 0113 

The American Dietetic 

Association. Department of 

C34790 0104 

C34791 0104 

C34802 0104 

C34997 0108 

C35239 0113 

The American eagle soars. 

00101350 0167 

The American education. 

DP10200 0127 

American Family Cancer Plan, 
Inc. American Learning 

C35267 0114 

C35268 0114 

C35269 0114 

C35270 0114 

C35271 0114 

C35272 0114 

C35273 0114 

C35274 0114 

C35275 0114 

C35276 0114 

C35277 0114 

C35278 0114 

C35279 0114 

C35280 0114 

C35281 0114 

C35282 0114 

C35283 0114 

C35284 0114 

C35285 0114 

C35286 0114 

C352B7 0114 

C3528B 0114 

C35289 0114 

The American flag. 

C35338 0115 

American frontier. 

0099682 0132 

American grit. 

D099682 0132 

American hot dog. 

00101628 0173 

American hustle. 

D099682 0132 

American Institute of 
Biological Sciences. 

C34603 0100 

C34604 0100 

C34605 01O0 

C34606 0100 

C34607 0100 

C34608 0100 

C34609 0100 

C34610 0100 

C34611 0100 

C34612 0100 

C34613 0100 

C34614 0100 

C34615 0100 

C34616 0100 

C34617 0100 

C34618 0100 

C34619 0100 

C34620 0100 

C34621 0100 

C34622 0100 

C34623 0100 

C34624 0100 

C34625 0100 

C34626 0100 

C34627 0100 

C34628 0100 

C34629 0100 

C34630 0100 

C34631 0100 

C34632 0100 

C34633 0100 

C34634 0100 

C34635 ;... 0100 

C34636 0101 

C34637 0101 

C34638 0101 

C34639 0101 

C34640 0101 

C34641 0101 

C34642 0101 

American labor movement. 

C34587 0099 

American Learning systems, a 
division of American Family 
Cancer Plan, Inc. 
SEE American Family Cancer 
Plan, Inc. American 
Learning Systems. 

American scene. 

D099682 0132 

American Scouts explore 
C34444 0096 

American Society of Chartered 
Life Dnderwriters. 

C34169 0096 

C34824 0104 

The American Society of 
Hechanlcal Engineers. 
C34900 0106 

America's cities. 

C35216 0113 

America's superstars. 

C34925 0107 

America, the beautiful. 

C34753 0103 

America, the musical. 

DD100642 0152 

America! The new promised 
land! (a hymn to freedom) 
D099975 0138 


D0101773 0176 

Ames, Karol Chaloner. 

00100242 0143 

Ami, Hiriam Bat-. 

SEE Bat-Ami, Miriam. 

Ami, Shoop Bat-. 

SEE Bat-Ami, tllriam. 

Amsterdam, Hel. 

SEE Amsterdam, Helvin 

Amsterdam, Helvin Laurence. 
D0100006 0139 

An an si . 

00101252 0165 


D0101057 0161 

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work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

iSC - IRO 

The Anchorage Press, Inc. 
OP9981 0122 

Ancient grudges. 

D0101152 0163 

The ancomoc factor, 

D0101383 0168 

andergassen, Eugen. 

DFO-2172 0120 

andecsen, Hans Christian. 

0099832 0135 

DD99881 0136 

DO1OO502 01U9 

andersoa, Alan. 

RSasose oi85 

Anderson, Alston. 

001011)98 0170 

Anderson, B. s. 

SEE AQderson, Buford Samael. 

Anderson, Bnford Samuel. 

C3a913 0106 

Anderson, George B. 

R639688 0178 

Anderson, Gilda. 

R6I18058 0185 

Anderson, Resper. 

B6II8058 0185 

Anderson, Howard. 

DP9931 0121 

Anderson, Joy. 

00100072 0110 

Anderson, Haxwell. 

R6U6212 0181 

8618058 0185 

Anderson, Qnentin. 

R618058 0185 

Anderson, Hillie. 

C31816 0101 

The Anderson Avenue ast- 
DD100378 0116 

AND gates on a digital 
C35372 0116 

And now Higuel. 

0099919 0137 

Andrews Seyser: syobol of new 
C31767 0103 

And the band played on. 

00101132 0169 

And the crier rang the bell. 
00100016 0139 

And the word becaae flesh. 
DD101732 0175 

And who are you? 

00101183 0170 

Andy's antics. 

R610587 0181 

Angel, Esther Jo. 

OP10108 0125 

Angelina Bray, a Potomac River 
fringe benefit girl. 
00100191 0119 


The Angels. 

00100138 0118 

00101358 0167 

Anglin, 0. Avia. 

SEE Anglin, Davia H. 

animals are passing from our 
DU99599 0130 

anstett. Bob. 

SEE Anstett, Robert 

Anthony, Richard, pseud. 
SEE alfieri, Richard. 

Anthony, Trent, pseud. 
SEE Ddovlck, Ed. 

anusklewicz, J. Michael. 
SEE Anusltlewicz, James 

apostolic Foraation Center for 
Christian Renew-all, Inc. 

C31519 0099 

C35175 0112 

apothecaries, metric, and 
household conversions, 
C35511 0119 

Appell, Don. 

0099661 0131 

00100886 0157 

R639207 0178 

H639208 0178 

Application of an aseptic 
C35117 0117 

An Application of Piaget to 
language therapy: a child's 
play is serious work. 
C31531 0098 


C35091 0110 

C35092 0110 

Applying for your social 
security number. 
C35160 0118 

Appointment control in a 
dental office. 
C35107 0117 

An Approach to the Book of 
C35065 0110 

JDL. - DEC. 1976 

archie and the computer, 

DP10031 0123 

Archie and the editorial. 
DP10031 0123 

Archie in the hospital. 

DP10033 0123 

Arcipreste de Talavera. 

D0100823 0156 

Arcuri, James. 

00100025 0139 

00101321 0166 

are you coming out, or not? 
D099581 0130 

are you coming out tonight? 
00100139 0111 

arizona to Montana through the 
Rocky Mountains: impressions 
of the Rocky Mountains. 
C35011 0108 

arlecchino undone. 

D099970 0138 


D099561 0129 

00101181 0163 

Armel, Joseph. 

0P10129 0126 

Armenian mirror-spectator, 
Apr. 17, 1976. 
DP9912 0121 

The Armory. 

D0101117 0168 

Arms and the man. 

DP10087 0125 

Armstead, Dolores Bassett-. 
SEE Bassett-Armstead, 

arnholm, Ronald, 

C30U16 0096 

arnold, John. 

0099593 0130 

Arnold and Washington. 

D0100332 0115 

arobateau. Red Ilsa. 

DP1C177 0127 

DP10266 0129 

aronson, Hichael H, 

00100250 0111 

around Essei County. 

R636595 0176 

around the corner from the 
Hhite House. 
D0101595,,. 0172 

Around the world the Creative 
way--Athens, Istanbul, 
Kabul, Delhi, Bangkok. 
C31959 0107 

Around the world the Creative 
way — Auckland, Fiji, 
C35173 0112 

Around the world the Creative 
way--Bermuda, Rabat, Rome. 
C31880 0106 

Around the world the Creative 
way--Kuala Lumpur, 
Singapore, Ball, Sydney. 
C31972 0108 

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work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information ahout any additional records that may exist. 

tRR - B»C 


JDl. - DEC. 1976 

AcredoDdo, Araando. 

DU10063II 0152 

Arrington, John N. 

DP10178 0127 

The Arrival. 

D0100783 0155 

Act Craft Play CoBpaay. 

R6II05BS 0181 

R6II0S36 0161 

Ii6<l0587 0161 

B6II0589 0181 

B6lt0590 0161 

R6'10592 0181 

861)0590 0181 

Arthur Snslc. 

C3II821 OIQIt 

C3U971 0108 

Articulation and tone- 
production on the classic 

c3«eo6 oioa 

Artists Entertainment Conplex, 
00101280 0165 

Acvey, ferna. 

DD99639 0131 

Asaa, Richard. 

DP10190 0127 

Asbrand, Karin. 

B605700 0183 

B6U5739 0183 

Asbrand, Brs. Karl H, 
SEE Asbrand, Karin. 

the Ascension. 

D0100932 0158 

Aseptic handwashing. 

C35m2 0117 

Ashby, Sylvia, 

D0101030 0169 

Asher, Sandra Penichel. 

DP102311 0128 

Ashley, Gisela. 

B639782 0179 

Ashley, John. 

C30891 0106 

Ashton, ainifred. 

B637759 0177 

Asian Anericana. 

DD101275 0165 

As if there were no toaorrow. 
Dn99e»6 0135 

As long as they breath. 

DD101755 0175 


00100351 0106 

Aspects of selective vision: a 
visual graoaac and syntax. 
C3U006 0096 

Aspell, Kevin. 

D0100005 0107 

DD100876 0157 

Assignaent Berlin. 

DD101095 0170 

Astor, Jon. 

D099899 0136 

Astor, Jon. 

SEE The Astor Corporation, 

The Astor Corporation, Inc. 

DD99706 0132 

0099899 0136 

The Astounding agreeaent. 
D01C0902 0157 

Astral vision Fila Coapany 
presents I 
DOIOIOai 0169 

Astral world. 

D0100001 0138 

The Astronaut's toothache. 
DD100583 0151 


DD101582 0172 

At Buzzard's Bay a sparrow 
DU100987 0159 

At hoae with Ben Franklin. 
C30966 0107 

At hoae with Rossini. 

DO101O65 0169 

St hoae with the Lincolns. 
D0101605 0172 

AtKin, Mary Gage. 

DD101681I 0170 


DD99779 0130 

Atlantis 2. 

DD101535 0171 

Atoaic absorption spect- 
C3a62« 0100 

The Attack of the baloney 
DD99812 0135 

Attack of the sewer people. 
D0101022 0168 

Atwater, Patricia C. 

DP9980 0122 

Audett, Patricia Marie, 

D0100232 0103 

Audio International, Inc. 
Granophone Music Coapany. 
C3<t757 0103 

Audio journal review-general 

C311931 0107 

C30932 0107 

C35211 0113 

C35290 0110 

C35295 0115 

C35a92 0119 

C35093 0119 

Audiology: an audio journal 
for continuing education, 
vol. 1, no. 9. 
C30795 0100 

Audiology: an audio journal 
for continuing education, 
vol. 1, no. 10, Oct. 1976. 
C31t930 0107 

Audio Theraputics, Inc. 

C3»630 0105 

Audio visual program, pt, 1-2. 
C31590 0099 

The Audition. 

DD101205 0160 

D0101607 0173 

Auditory training and 
C30930 0107 


DD99680 0132 

Auer, Elizabeth. 

00100778 0155 

D0101358 0167 

Auerbach, Budolph. 

DD100300 0105 

Auerbach, Rudy, 

SEE Auerbach, Budolph. 

Augustin, Elaer A, 

C30605 0101 

Aunt Nina's golden machine. 
D099902 0136 

Aupres de aa blonde. 

R608057 0185 

Aurandt, Paul Harvey, 

C30090 0097 

C30091 0097 

C30092 0097 

C30II93 0097 

C30090 0097 

C30a95 0097 


DFO-2170 0120 

Aurelius, Seville, pseud. 

SEE Evans, Neville Aurelius. 

Austin, Florence Hadley. 

D0101039 0160 

Austin, Odee, 

D0101039 0160 

The Australian Ballet 
DD101010 0160 

Eine Auswahl von Schauspielen. 
DFO-2172 0120 


D0101083 0161 

Auto body repair--job 
C35007 0118 

Auto aechanics — job oppor- 
C35006 0118 

automotive technology, AT 
C35075 0110 

Automotive technology, AT 
C35070 0110 

Automotive technology, AT 
C35073 0110 

ftuto Tape Tours of Atlanta, 

C35533 0120 

C35530 0120 

Autumn drive, 

DP10206 0127 

Autumn harvest, 

D0101157 0163 

Au-Vid, Inc, 

C35131 0111 

C35132 0111 

C35133 0111 

C35130 0111 

C35135 0111 

C35136 0111 

C35137 0111 

C3513e 0111 

C35139 0111 

C35100 0111 

C35101 0111 

C35102 0111 

Avakian-Bishop, Anne, 

DP99U2 0121 

Avat Corporation, 

C35050 0109 

The Avenue as it used to be, 
DD100155 0102 

Averill, Esther C, 

B607102 0185 

Averill, Lawrence, 

Re07102 0185 

Avery, Henry, 

D0100535 0150 

Avery, Hilllam S. 

030865 0105 

Ave sin rumbo, 

DU100725 0150 

Avis, Glorya, 

00100250 0100 


DO1O1063 0161 

Awaiting the arrival of the 
DD100783 0155 


C35099 0119 

Ayana, pseud. 

SEE Elliott-Cherry, Eleanor 

Ayer, Ethan, 

D0101377 0167 

Ayres, Stanlelgh, 

C30873 0106 

B, Rev,, pseua, 

SEE Eisner, Betty Grover. 

Baba yaga and the little girl 
with the kind heart, 
DD10OO65 0100 

Babcock, Frank E, 

D0101309 0167 

Babe, Thomas J,, Jr, 

D0101010 0168 


DD101389 0168 

Babies with big heads, 

C30681 0101 


DD101086 0170 

Baby Bear's first roommate. 
DD99753 0133 

Bachrach, Judy, 

DD100300 0105 

Backer, Donald, 

00100688 01=^ 

Backheras, Kathryn Anne, 

D099569 0129 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records diat may exist. 


JDL. - DEC. 1976 

Backheras, Kathy. 

SEE Backherns, Kathryn Anne. 

The Back lash. 

D0100I12* 0117 

The Back to Life Gronp. 

DO101671 01711 

The Back to life show. 

D0101671 01711 

Badani, Richard rhomas. 

C31I597 0100 

Bad day at Dry Creek. 

00101319 0167 

A Bad day at Gopher's Breath. 
DP9975 0122 

Baden, Gary Hayne. 

C34553 0099 

Badendyak, Cynthia A. R. 

D0101685 0171( 

Badge of friendship, 

R6K9837 0186 

Bad lack. 

0099736 0133 

Bad music. 

DO100683 0153 

Baggett, Robert Aubrey, Jr. 
DD9996H 0138 

Bagwell, Hendy. 

C35171 0112 

Bahati, Amirh. 

DU99659 0131 

Bailey, Linda Parris-. 

SEE Parris-Bailey, Linda, 

Bailey, Todd R. 

D0997911 01311 

Bailyn, Bernard. 

C3<1835 0105 

C31tB81 0106 


DP10201 0127 

Baker, Allan Ray. 

D0101737 0175 

Baker, Dorothy Christine. 

D0100028 0139 

DO100029 0139 

Baker, Elliott. 

001004311 0117 

Baker, Lynn S. 

DD101525 0171 

Baker, aarian H. 

0099920 0137 

Baker, Ruth Tyndall. 

00995^8 0129 

D0100531 0150 

Baker (Baiter H.) Company. 

DP9995 0122 

DP9996 0122 

DP9997 0122 

DP9998 0122 

DP10052 0121 

DP10053 01211 

DPlOOSU 01211 

nP10055 01211 

tPlOOSe 01211 

DP10057 012a 

DP10058 012U 

DP10059 012U 

DP10060 01211 

Baker's end. 

DD1013811 0168 

Baker Street Productions. 

C31168lt 0102 

Duiooami OIUU 

Balaban, Dan. 

DD99826 0135 

Balance of power. 

DP10133 0126 

DU100095 01U0 

Baldwin, Eliot, pseud. 
SEE Campbell, Marilyn B. 

Baldy's Saloon. 

D0100703 0153 

Bale, Greg, 

SEE Bale, Gregory James, 

Bale, Gregory James. 

C31I552 0099 

Ball, John K, 

D01016115 0173 

Ball, Sherwood E, 


The Ballad of Bad Dander. 
D0101177 0163 

The Ballad of Billy Bugle. 
DU99927 0137 

Ballooning unlimited, 

C311588 0099 


DU1012111 016U 

The Ballroom, 

00101242 0165 

Bamman, Henry A. 

C35208 0113 

Bananas do have seeds, 

DP10012 0123 


DD101132 0162 

Banking and the older 
C31I662 0101 

The Banking industry, 

C35285 0114 

Bank orientation, 

C35276 0114 

C35285 0114 

Bank rupture, 

DU101277 0165 

Banks, Dasal, 

00101293 0166 

Bank structure, 

C35276 0114 

Banov, Bob, 

SEE Banov, Robert. 

Banov, Robert. 

DD101395 0168 

Banta, David A, 

C34ei5 0104 

Banta, Mary Engler, 

C35240 0113 

Baptism of the Holy Spirit, 
C35186 0112 

Barat, Jean-Claude, 

B639998 0180 

Barbara died and the puapkins 
are gone! 
DD101168 0163 

La Barberia, 

D099797 0134 

The Barber of Seville, 

DP10082 0125 

Barbie, Richard Alan. 

D0100128 0141 

Barboe, Hadeline Takacs. 

C34925 0107 

Barchilon, John. 

00100561 0150 

Barclays Bank Trust Company, 
Ltd. , London. 

R636824 0177 

R646553 0184 

The Bard and the pander, 

D0101458 0169 

Bardisa, Danny, 

D0101392 0168 


D0100B49 0156 

Barfield, Child, Barry, Lucas 
and Sons. 
R636719 0177 

Bargas, Saint John, 

C34803 0104 

Baribault, Paul Edward, 

D0100272 0144 

Barna, LaRay n, 

C34798 0104 

Barnaby Sweet, 

DD100153 0142 

Barnes, Aubrey Louis. 

DD100059 0140 

Barnes, Jake, pseud. 
SEE Hetzger, Radley. 

Barnes, Linda Appelblatt, 

DP10015 0123 

DD99955 0138 

Barnes, Bark Justice, pseud, 
SEE Barnes, Aubrey Louis, 

Barnett, Bill, 

SEE Barnett, William, 

Barnett, Bllliam. 

DD101599 0172 

Barnstorming Billy Bowden and 
his movie machine. 
DD101703 0174 

The Barn, the morning of April 
19, 1775. 
DD100907 0158 

Barnum, Berritt B. 

R638141 0177 

The Barnyard quartet, 

00100686 0153 

The Baron, 

DO100637 0152 

Baron, Cash N, , pseud. 
SEE Baron, Neil B, 

Baron, Neil B. 

D0100251 0144 

Barr, Byron E. 

R645743 0184 

Barr, Isabel H, 

R645738 0183 

A Barrel of money, 

R649850 0187 

Barrett, Christopher, 
SEE Flaff, Arthur S, 


DD100792 0155 

Barretto, Manuel, 

DD101647 0173 

Barretto, Manuel Lefty. 

D0100719 0153 

Barretto, Melanie s. 

D0100719 0153 

DD101647 0173 

Barrie, Sir James Matthew. 
0099688 0132 


D099818 0135 

Barron, Barbara A. 

00100521 014° 


D0101187 0163 

Barry, Bob, 

D0100221 0143 

DU100227 0143 

DD101539 0171 

Barry, Ellen S, 

R639811 0179 

Barry, Peter, 

E639690 0178 

Barry, Philip, 

B639811 0179 

Barry's books, 

DD101100 0162 

Barsha, Henry, 

B645320 0183 

Bartlett, Debi, 

DD101615 0172 

Bartlett, Dick, 

SEE Bartlett, Richard. 

Bartlett, Richard. 

DD99767 0134 

Barwell, Peggy. 

R641567 0182 

Barwise, Barton A. 

C35120 0111 

Basalo, R, J. 

SEE Basalo, Rodulfo Jose. 

Basalo, Rodulfo Jose. 

00100720 0154 

D0101660 0173 

The Basement, 

00100567 0150 

Basic flat pen, 

C35392 0117 

Basic operating instructions 
for the number 507-PBX 
DO100144 0141 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DEC. 1976 

Basic paste-up. 

035035 0117 

The Basic problen in pink 
D0100800 0155 

Basic spelling patterns. 
C35036 0109 

Basic study skills 2. 

C3550» 0119 

Basic study skills 3. 

035196 0119 

BaskerTllles Investments, Ltd. 
DP10106 0125 

Bass, George Houston. 

C3I1582 0099 

Bassett-ArDstead, Dolores. 

Dnionou 0167 

La Bataille de La Nouvelle 
DD998»it 0135 

Bat-Ami, Hiriam. 

DD101576 0172 

Bat-Ami, Shoop. 

SEE Bat-Ami, Biriaa. 

Bateman, Lane. 

DP991I6 0121 

Batson, George. 

R636320 0176 

E638151 0178 

R6U0735 0181 

Batten, Barton, Durstine and 
Osborn, Inc. 

C30920 0106 

031921 0107 

C31913 0107 

C31911 0107 

The Battle is God's, the 
victory is yours! 
DP101712 0171 

The Battle of New Orleans. 
D099811 0135 

The Battle of Valley Forge. 
D0100057 0110 

Battle of Yorktonn. 

C31818 0101 

Bauchet, Jean. 

DD99937 0137 

Baukin, Larry Jon. 

D099956 0138 

Bawer, Bruce. 

SEE Bawer, Theodore Bruce. 

Bawer, Theodore Bruce. 

DD100712 0151 

Bazala, Jerri. 

D099818 0135 

Bazelon, David L. 

C31771 0103 

The Beach story. 

DP10220 0128 

Beale, Gary A. 

031901 0106 

Beale, 3aye B. 

C31901 0106 

Bear Blue. 

035192 0112 

Beard of bronze, house of 
D0101501 0170 

Eeasley, James K. 

C35181 0112 

DU101771 0176 


R6398ie 0179 

R639851 0179 

R639852 0179 

R639853 0179 

R639855 0179 

R639857 0179 

R63985e 0179 

R639861 0179 

R639865 0179 

8639870 0179 

R639875 0180 

R639877 0180 

8639881 0180 

Re39881 0180 

R639885 0180 

E639887 0180 

R639890 0180 

R639891 0180 

R639895 0180 

E639896 0180 

R639901 0180 

E610715 0181 

R610719 0181 

R619798 0185 

R619803 0185 

E619807 0185 

H619811 0185 

R619817 0186 

E619823 0186 

R619825 0186 

R619827 0186 

E619830 0186 

R619832 0186 

E619835 0186 

R619837 0186 

R619839 0186 

R619811 0186 

E619813 0186 

E619851 ,. 0187 

R609856 0187 

R619857 0187 

R619858 0187 

R619861 0187 

Beaulieu, Patricia Ann. 

035251 0111 

Beaumarchais, Pierre-Augustin 
Oaron De. 
DP10082 0125 

A Beautiful dream. 

C31596 0100 

Beautiful dreamer. 

DO 10 1566 0171 

Beautiful for spacious skies: 
a Bicentennial celebration 
of Thanksgiving and of our 
religious heritage. 
D0100669 0152 

The Beaux strategem. 

00100161 0118 

Be black, brother, be black, 
C31652 0101 

Because of their unbelief. 
B611052 0182 

Beck, Fran. 

SEE Beck, Frances. 

Beck, Frances. 

C3S537 0120 

Beck, Howard Lionel. 

00101571 0172 

Beck, Janka Guzova. 

031515 0099 

Beck, John. 

H611637 0183 

Becker, Arthur. 

D0100733 0151 

Becker, Benjamin B. 

031793 0101 

Beckett, Samuel. 

DP10175 0127 

Becoming a fulfilled voman. 
035022 0109 

Becoming a uoman. 

DD99613 0131 

The Bed. 

DD99966 0138 

Bed and bard. 

DP10098 0125 

Bedenken nnd Anregunaen. 

031161 0097 

The Bedwinner. 

DFO-2162 0120 

The Bee and the caterpillar. 
DD100388 0116 

Beebee, Tom. 

DD100857 0156 

Beechhold, Henry F. 

D0101750 0175 

The Beehive. 

DD100116 0117 

The Beeler Gang. 

R619859 0187 

Beeman, Oaren Lee Greger. 
DD101680 0171 


DD101192 0161 


D0101193 0161 

Beeson, Richard. 

SEE Johnson, Richard Beeson. 

Beethoven's ghost. 

DD100266 0111 

Before the throne. 

E610752 0181 

The Beggar. 

DD100636 0152 

Begin again. 

DD100106 0111 

The Beginning of tine and 
031981 0108 

Begone, Begonia. 

DP10123 0125 

The Begonia and the bygones. 
DD101758 0175 

Behar, Robert N. 

D0101656 0173 

Be her pal. 

031912 0106 

Behind closed doors. 

D0100789 0155 

Behind every great man. 

D0100186 0112 

Behner, Richard E. 

035300 0115 

Behrman, David. 

R618057 0185 

Behrman, Elza. 

R618057 0185 

Behrman, S. N. 

R618057 0185 

Beim, Norman. 

D0101093 0161 

Being beglrnlng. 

DD100113 0111 

Being good — being bad. 

035223 0113 

Being healthy. 

C35315 0115 

Being kind. 

035222 0113 

Bejna, Barbara. 

D0100361 0116 

Bel ami (Regiebuch) 

R613397 0182 

Belford, Raymond E. 

D0101336 0167 

Belgrade, David. 

E611618 0183 

R611619 0183 

Bell, Benny, pseud. 

SEE Samberg, Benjamin. 

Bell, David H. 

DD101026 0160 

Bell, Ronald Eugene. 

D0100967 0159 

Bell and Howell company. 

C31536 0098 

031537 0098 

C31873 0106 

031871 0106 

C35368 0116 

Bell, book and candle. 

R611191 0182 

La Belle Helene. 

0099611 0131 

Bellovin, Harvey. 

D0100020 0139 

Bells 'n' bones. 

031999 0108 

The Belt buckle. 

R619858 OIS-" 


0099911 0137 

Belwin-nills Publishing 

DP10016 0123 

DP10018 0123 

DP10019 0123 

Ben Abdallah, Hohammed. 

DD101728 0175 

The Ben Balloon Safari Show. 
D0101097 0162 

Benbarnaby's different animal 
D0101570 0171 

Bender, Harvey. 

D0100077 0110 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

BEN - Bin 

Bendlg, Jeffrey Joseph. 

0099952 0137 

The Bend in the river. 

DD100519 01U9 

Benedetto, Vincent. 

D099673 0132 

Benedict, David B. 

DPl02lt3 0128 

Benedict, Kathy Lynn. 

D010038S 011)6 

& Ben Franklin miniature. 
0099588 0130 


0099963 0138 

Beni, GiDi. 

SEE B3ni, James J. 

Beni, James J. 

00101965 0169 

Benjamin Franklin flies his 
DD101302 0166 

Bennet, Bert s. 

R638050 0177 

Bennett, Barry, psead. 

SEE Blander, Barry Bennett. 

Bennett, Gordon C. 

00100337 0145 

DD100U67 01U8 

Bennick, Hngh Richard. 

B61t5721 0183 

Benson, E. F. 

E6«11196 0182 

Benson, Lynne. 

0099584 0130 

Bent birds. 

OD101629 0173 

Bentkover, Jacob. 

D0100S11 0151 

Bentley, Eric. 

00101166 0163 

Bentley, Eric Rnssell. 

B637071 0177 

Bentley, Baja Tschernjakou. 
R637071 0177 

Bentley, Robert Leland. 

0099810 0131 

Benton-Linn Conncil on 
Alcohol, Inc. 
DP10010 0123 

Berenburg, Ben Ross, 

0099605 0130 

Beresford, Hugh. 

R6l(5729 0183 

Berg, cherney R. 

8644082 0183 

Berg, Gertrude, 

R644082 0183 

Berg, Lewis w. 

R6440B2 0183 

Berg, Ralph R. 

00101348 0167 

Bergan, James G. 

C34802 0104 


Bergen Center for Child 
Development, Inc. 
C35008 0106 

Berndt, R. F. 

DP10056 0124 

DP10057 0124 

srnier, Barbara. 

0U101168 0163 

D0101169 0163 

Bernstein, George. 
SEE Gruber, George 

Bernstein, Henri. 

SEE Bernstein, Henry. 

Bert, Norman Allen. 

0U101238 0164 

00101555 0171 

The Best plays of 1974-1975. 

OP10150 0126 

DP10151 0126 

The Betrayal and the 
R644055 0182 


C34860 0105 

DP10127 0125 

Between God and the Devil: a 
tale of John Brown, 
DO101184 0163 

Bible course: Getting better 
acguainted with your Bible 
C34799 0104 

Bibolet, R. H., pseud. 
SEE Kelly, Tim. 

The Bicentennial: a second 
C34422 0096 

Bicentennial blues (ain't it 
C34589 0099 

JOL. - DEC. 1976 

The Big band era medley. 

C35249 0113 

The Big bang. 

00101647 0173 

Big Bill Landls. 

R639896 0180 

Big boom at Castle Doom. 

OP10080 0124 

The Big D and me, 

00100199 0143 

The Big drive. 

R639892 0180 

A Blgfoot journal. 

00101558 0171 

The Biggest practical joke 5n 
the world. 
00100913 0158 

The Biggest thief in town. 
B641561 0182 

Big "J." 

DD100215 0143 

The Big knife. 

R642195 0182 

Bignami, Lou. 

SEE Bignami, Louis V. 

Bignami, Louis V. 

00100184 0142 

Big narcissus. 

D0101537 0171 

Big Plum Enterprises. 

00100642 0152 

A Big prize in a little size. 
DD99820 0135 

Big Red. 

00100679 0153 

The Big sniff. 

C34946 0107 

The Big tree. 

DD101024 0160 

Bigwood, James flitchell. 

C34552 0099 

Bigwood, Jim. 

SEE Bigwood, James Hitchell. 

Bihary, David J. 

C35005 0108 

The Bijou dream. 

D0100182 0142 

Bilby's doll, 

0P1001B 0123 

The Bilking of Lord Bil- 
geworthy . 
DP10079 0124 

Billie Bo. 

D0101257 0165 

Billy Bubbles. 

C34819 0104 

Billy Budd. 

S638204 0178 

Billy Hill yodeling course. 
C34961 0107 

Blmonte, Richard Irpinio. 
R639168 0178 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particulai" 
work. Contact tlie U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DEC. 1976 

BiDacy nanbers. 

C35II27 0117 

Blaky Rudlch and the two-speed 
DU99751 0133 

Biodegradable polyners. 

C35059 0109 

Biography, Aaerican woaen. 
D0100072 OIHO 

Bio-Kuslc, psychic power, and 
huian evolatioD. 
C35005 0108 

Bionlc Doian. 

DO101229 016U 

Birch, R. k. 

SEE Birch, Robert Arthur. 

Birch, Robert Arthur. 

D099559 0129 

Bird, Stewart. 

DU99678 0132 

Birdie's nysterions treasure. 
D010133« 0167 

Birdsall, Elizabeth nontague. 
SEE Burdick, Elizabeth 
HODtague Birdsall. 

Blrdwell, Lloyd v., Jr. 

DD101a77 0170 

Birdwing Husic. 

00101631 0173 

Birnkrant, Saouel. 

DP10116 0125 

DP10260 0129 

The Birth. 

DU10039U 0147 

The Birthday express. 

00100403 0147 

The Birthday aan. 

Doioooe4 0140 

The Birth of JasoQ. 

D0101149 0163 

The Birth of Jesus Christ. 
DP10181 0127 

Birth of Pinocchio. 

DD100960 0159 

The Birth of the black church 
in America. 
D099755 0133 

Bischak, Lynn Andrew. 

D099561 0129 

D0101587 0174 

Bishop, Anne Avakian-. 

SEE A7akian-fiishop, Anne. 

Bishop, Anne Bruyere. 

D099925 0137 


DD100500 0149 

Blvona, Francesco. 

DP10182 0127 

Blzzle, Judy. 

DD99710 0132 

Blacher, Boris. 

DPO-2183 0121 

Black, Jack. 

SEE Black, John. 

Black, John. 

DD100355 0146 

Black, Stephen. 

DP10163 0126 

Black, Billia« Electric-, 
SEE James, Ian Ellis. 

The Black box. 

E639873 0179 

Black Elk speaks. 

DP10104 0125 

Black family soap opera. 

DD100863 0157 

The Black Gang. 

B639870 0179 

Black hell. 

D099556 0129 

Blackjack and Smltty. 

DP10273 0129 

The Black Russian. 

DU101435 0169 

Black viewpoints on the 
D0100806 0155 

Black virus. 

D0100518 0149 

Black women on the move. 

D0101606 0172 

Blalcher, Fred B, 

C34411 0096 

Blair, Craig E. 

D0101009 0160 

Blair, Linda. 

00101615 0172 

Blake, Elizabeth. 

DP10263 0129 

Blake, Leila. 

00101152 .0163 

Blake, iilliam Dorsey. 

D099637 0131 

D0100491 0149 

D0100713 0153 

D0100817 0156 

D0101006 0160 

D0101205 0164 

D0101462 0169 

Blander, Barry Bennett. 

DU101474 0169 

Blankenship, Catherine. 

D0101401 0168 

Blankenship, nark. 

DP10078 0124 

Blees, Robert. 

D0100465 0148 

Blencowe, Margaret. 

DD101389 0168 

The Blight of a household. 
D0100791 0155 

The Blind goddess. 

R639780 0179 


DU100253 0144 

Block, Doris B. 

SEE Hiddleton, Doris E. 

Blooquist, David B. 

D0100295 0145 

Blomqulst, David Kels. 

D0100642 0152 

Blood is thicker than money. 
DD101113 0162 

Blood relations. 

D099597 0130 

D0100342 0145 

D0100551 0150 

Bloom, George. 

DP10034 0123 

Bloom In Bloomingdales. 

C34510....; 0098 

Bloom in late bloom. 

C34510 0098 


DP9952 0121 


00100595 0151 


D0100165 0142 


R639776 0179 

The Blueberry youth (and his 
search for truth) 
D099884 0136 

The Bluebird's birthday party. 
DD99955 0136 

Blue diamond. 

D0100205 0143 

Blue Star, Johnny, pseud. 
SEE Shulnan, Richard A. 

Blumenfeld, Bobert. 

DD99657 0131 

Blumenthal, Shlrlee. 

D0100364 0146 

Blunck, Joachim. 

DD100812 0155 

The Blunderbuss. 

D0100879 0157 

Blushing Rosabelle, 

DD99647 0131 

The Board of Cooperative 
Educational Services of 
Nassau County. 
SEE Nassau County, NY. 
Board of Cooperative 
Educational Services. 

Boat Insurance. 

C34517 0098 

Bobby Fortune. 

D099604 0130 

Bobrick, Sam. 

DD100245 0144 

Bode, Hilllam T. 

00101560 0171 

Bodson, Jeanne. 

DD101003 0160 

Body language. 

C35152 0112 

Boehnlein, Frank. 

D099928 0137 

Boeke, Richard F. 

DP9960 0121 

Bogard, Travis H. 

0099893 0136 

Bogle, Donald. 

00101364 0167 

Bogner, Harry. 

R643727 0182 

Bogue, Luclle. 

DP10194 012'' 

Boguse, Alan Arthur. 

D0100741 0154 

La Boheme. 

D0100645 0152 

Bohlin, James. 

D0100729 0154 

The Boiling marriage of Biste 
Corn Fish Read and Biss 
Guinea Corn Dumplin. 
DD100292 0144 

Bojingles Productions. 

C35490 0119 

D01001B1 0142 

Bolivar's dream. 

DD100675 0153 

Bolt, Jeannette J. 

C34449 0096 

Bolte, Carl E. , Jr. 

DP10063 C124 

Bombs and bacon. 

00101220 0164 

Bonander, Pussel A. 

D0100537 0150 

Bonander, Pussell A. 

SEE Bonander, Eussel A. 

Bond, Denis. 

DFO-2186 0121 

Bond, Frances c. 

D099703 0132 

Bond, Raleigh. 

DD99916 0137 

DD100322 0145 

The Bondage of Salome. 

DD100217 0143 

Bondy, Duane. 

DD100444 0148 

Bondy, Renee. 

D0100444 0148 

Bonoard, Thomas G. 

C34832 0105 

Bonnett, Bary Frances. 

00100126 0141 

Boogieoan's picnic. 

00101484 0170 

Bookkeeper training. 

C34877 0106 

Book of Abraham. 

C35065 0110 

The Book of Jonah. 

D0100116 0141 

The Book of Bel. 

DD100543 0150 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Book pabllshlng today. Its 
probleBS and bow school 
librarians can cope. 
C3imi*1 0096 

Boone, Judith E. 

C3U502 0098 

Boosey and Hawkes Music 
Publishers, Ltd. 

DFO-2175 0120 

DPO-2188 0121 

Booth, (Irs. E. T. 

SEE Booth, Virginia Saffold. 

Booth, Harriet Evans. 

C35529 0119 

Booth, Virginia Saffold. 

00101094 0161 

The Booty. 

00100425 01147 

Bora, Jleiander. 

D0101D30 0160 

Border-Bountain Press. 

DP10118 0125 

BorishaQsky, Elliot. 

D099902 0136 

DH100224 0143 

Born fenale. 

DP10027 0123 

Born to be hanged. 

DD99727 0133 

Boschl, Lorraine. 

0D99923 0137 

Bosley, Dolores J. 

D0100B20 0156 

"The Boss" at your bank. 

C34985 0108 

"The Boss" at your S and L 
034988 0108 

"The Boss" at your store, 
C34991 0108 

Boss man. 

D0100470 0148 

The Boss of Cedar Bend, 

R649799 0185 

Boston, Arnold. 

00101749 0175 

Boston, Betty. 

DO 101749 0175 

Boston, Doc. 

SEE Boston, Arnold. 

Boston, Mississippi. 

C34754 0103 

Boston Pea Party. 

D099735 0133 

The Boston Tea Party, too. 
0099962 0138 

Bosuell, James. 

00100726 0154 

Bouchard, Larry D. 

D0100669 0152 

Bouchet, idolphe Du. 

SEE Oa Bouchet, Rdolphe. 

Bouchet, Jacques Du. 

SEE Du Bouchet, Jacques. 


Boudousse, Lucien. 

R640002 0180 

Le Bourgeois gentilhoaiBe. 
00101182 0163 

Bovasso, Julie. 

DP9974 0122 

The Bowling alley press 
DO100818 0156 

Boykin, Ellgah, Jr. 

00100687 0153 

DD100806 0155 

00101552 0171 

Boyle, Donald E. 

DD100542 0150 

DU101051 0161 

Bradford, Larry J. 

C34533 0098 

C34534 0098 

C34795 0104 

C34796 0104 

C34909 0106 

C34910 0106 

C34930 0107 

Brandt, Anstin, pseud. 
SEE Collins, Patricia, 

Brannum, Hugh, 

R642929 0182 

E6a2930 0182 

R649415 0185 

B649416 0185 

E649417 0185 

R649418 0185 

Brathwaite, Flavia Elisa, 
00100082 0140 

Braun, Wilbur, 

B63819B 0178 

E638199 0178 

Braverman, Carole, 

SEE Feng, Carole Braverman, 

Breaking up is hard to do, 

DP10058 0124 

00100693 0153 

Break of day arising. 

DD100452 0148 

Break the music code, 

C34862 0105 

The Break-through. 

DD99809 0134 

00101510 0170 

Brecht, Bertolt. 

E637071 0177 

Breitel, Jacqueline. 

SEE Marchand, Jacqueline 

Brelwick, Tvonne Marie 
C35129 0111 

JOL, - DEC. 1976 

Brenner, Daniel Josef. 

0099549 0129 

Brian, Gill, pseud. 

SEE Gillespie, Bryant «. 

Briar Rose. 

R643363 0182 

Brigham. Young Oniversity, 
Provo, OT. Theatre and 
Cinematic Arts Department. 
D0101406 0168 

Bright, Charles E. 

DP10079 0124 

DP10241 0128 

Brill, Michael. 

D0101379 0167 

Bring on the minstrels. 

D0100099 0141 

The Brink of greatness. 

D0101246 0165 

Bristol, John Franklin. 

DD99630 0131 

Bristol, Lamont. 

00101299 0166 

Brlstow, Allen P, 

C3tt497 0097 

C34922 0107 

The British are coming! the 
British are coming! 
0099758 0133 

Britten, Benjamin, 

E638183 0178 

Britton, Dorothy G. 

DFO-2175 0120 

Britton, Leroy, 

DD100586 0151 

Broadman Press. 

DP10049 0124 

DP10078 0124 


00101477 0170 

Broadway babies, 

D0101151 0163 

Broadway musical, 

DD100630 0152 

Brodie, Leo, 

DD100729 0154 

Brodnitz, Friedrich s. 

C34909 0106 

Brody, Alan. 

D0100570 0150 

Brody, Herbert. 

D099782 0134 

Brody, Paula. 

D0100570 0150 

Brody's law, 

DU100900 0157 

Broege, Jane E, 

D0100953 0158 

Brogan, Mary Margaret, 

D0100700 0153 

Brogan's gang, 

R649814 018£ 

Broken heart mended. 

C34976 0108 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

8R0 - BJR 

BcoDte« Eally Jaoe. 

DP2244 0120 

Brookledge Music Coupany. 
0311421 0096 

BrooklyQ rhythn, 

D01001127 01117 

Brooks, Charles Davla, Bed. 
C3lt817 01014 

Brooks, Jack. 

DD10017B 01142 

Brooks, Jack 0. 

DU998914 0136 

& BroOB for the bride. 

86363214 0176 

Bropby, Alice a. 

DP10253 0129 

Brother Francis, 

D099917 0137 

Brother of dragons, coipanion 
of owls. 
00100670 0152 


DD101299 0166 

Brothers, George, pseud. 
SEE Kabota, George. 

Brown, Albert 0. 

B6«5752 01814 

Brown, Arthur A. 

DD99608 0130 

Brown, E. H. 

SEE Brown, Ema Bargaret. 

Brown, Erna Hargaret. 

D0101»29 0169 

Brown, Eroe Bargaret. 

SEE Brown, Ema Margaret. 

Brown, George D., Jr. 

C314537 0098 

Brown, Gerald L. 

C314013 0096 

Brown, Joseph Francis. 

DD10119a 01614 

DD101210 01614 

Brown, Kathleen. 

00101329 0166 

Brown, Louis, Jr. 

DD100B22 0156 

Brown, Margaret wise. 

B6117806 0185 

Brown, Bary Annette. 

DD100836 0156 

Brown, S. F. 

SEE Brown, Hilton P., Jr. 

Brown, ailton F. , Jr. 

D0101658 0173 

Brown, Bancy H. 

D0100601 0151 

DD101373 0167 

Brown, Phyllis T. 

C341802 0104 

Brown, Prince a. 

DD100732 01514 

Brown, Roger Dale. 

D0100108 01141 


Browne, Christopher S. 

D099619 0130 

D09998B 0138 

D01013146 0167 

Bruce, James, psead. 
SEE Hess, Janes Bruce. 

Bruce, Hrs. Rayne. 
SEE Bruce, Barbara, 

Bruggie, Vivian Biller. 

R614571114 01611 

R6115761 01811 

Brnner, Jim. 

SEE Bruner, James P. 

Brussell, Judith Ellen. 

D0101707 0171) 

001017145 0175 

Bruyere-Bishop, Anne. 

SEE Bishop, Anne Bruyere, 

Bugg, Jacqueline c. 

Bngg, Robert. 

Buhrer, Suzanne. 

Bulflnch, Thotias. 

Bull, Scott. 

Bullins, Ed. 

Bullock, Halter. 


The Bunkhouse trap. 

Bunny and Grump, 

Buongiorno, Antonio. 

Barattl, Jackie. 

Burbank, Don Leslie. 

Burbank, Kathlyn F. 

. . 0107 

Bordick, Elizabeth Bontac 
Bird sail. 
R6115732 C 

Bureau of Business Practi 
C35367 C 

Burkett, Brs. J. C. 
SEE Burkett, Bary Lou 

Burkett, Bary Lou Cooke. 

The Bubble. 

Burkhard, Paul. 

Baccl, Beverly &nn. 

Burkhard & Co. , Verlag, 

Buddy Poppy. 

Burleigh, Robert. 

Buehl, Daniel E. 

Burnette, Billy Joe, 


Buescher, David G. 

Burnette, Clinton Boss. 

Baess Janes 


Borningham, Kin R. 

Buffalo gal. 

Barns, J. Laing, Jr. 

The Bug. 

Burns, Helba G. 



JOL. - DEC. 1976 

Burns, Robert Allen. 

00100031 0139 

Burns, Stan. 

00100191 01142 

Burr, Pamela. 

D0100053 oiao 

Burroughs, Earl S. 

DD99833 0135 

Burrows, Dale. 

D0100755 0151 

Burton, Joe, 

DU100I428 01147 

Burton, Patricia. 

C314797 01014 

Busen, Karl B. 

C3lmU0 0096 

Bush, Josef. 

DD100507 01149 

Bushwhacker's feud, 

R6U9838 01B6 

Buss stopp, 

00100085 01140 

The BUS stop, 

DD99977 0138 

Bustad, Art. 

D01011t15 0168 

Bustad, Corinne, 

DD1011415 0168 

00101479 0170 

Busy bodies. 

DD100566 0150 

But it's very inconveniert. 
DD100856 0156 

Butler, David A. 

DD101174 0163 

But listen, 

DP10144 0126 

Butsch, Charlotte, 

C314587 0099 

Button busters. 

R6115756 0184 


DP10069 0124 

Buying your own home: should 
you or shouldn't you? 
C34656 0101 

Buzby, Kenneth K, 

OD100374 0146 

Byer, Lavenia Cristal, 

SEE Byer, Lavinla Cristal, 

Byer, Lavinla Cristal, 

D0100730 0154 

By hook or by crook. 

D0100681 0153 

By moonlight, 

DD100971 0159 

By reason of insanity. 

00101609 0172 

Byrne, 0, 

SEE Byrne, David A, 

Byrne, David A, 

DD101288 0166 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete (^.opyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

BYT - CiR 


JDL. - DEC. 1976 

By the beautiful sea. 

E6lt5758 018U 

By the liaht of the moon. 
Dnl0O36li 01«6 

The Cabinet of Doctor 
D01009U2 0158 

Cable, John. 

C3«57tt 0099 

C31I576 0099 

Cabot, Annette. 

D010020U 0113 

The Cabot barn. 

D0100907 0158 

The Cabot' E barn. 

DD100907 0158 

Cacciotti, Pat. 

D099901 0136 

Caddy convert. 

DD101556 0171 

Caesar, Danni Morrison-, 
SEE riorrison, Daniel. 

Caesar crosses the Rubicon, 
86371138 0177 

The CageblrdE. 

DFO-2180 0120 

Caggiano, Rosemary. 

DP10068 012U 

Calllol, Pierrette. 

R617D89 0185 

A Cake for Skinner. 

E6149809 0185 

Calabrese, Ralph L. 

C3lt901 0106 


C35016 0109 

Calicchio, David J. 

Dn99617 0130 

DD100150 01U2 

CaliendD, Cheryl. 

DD100102 0111 

California dreamin'. 

DD100298 0115 

California gold. 

D0101218 0161 

The Call. 

DD100556 0150 

Call back yesterday. 

8638200 0178 

Callejas, Miguel A. Fernandez. 
SEE Fernandez Callejas, 
aiguel A. 

Callen, Bertram M. 

D0101211 0161 

The Call-of-destiny. 

00101317 0166 

Calvert, Robin L. 

DU100706 0153 

Cameron, Ben, pseud. 

SEE Goldenberg, Ben Cameron. 

Caieron, Jean. 

SEE Shepherd, Jean Cameron. 


00100705 0153 

Caalin, Richard J. 

C35063 0110 

C352tt9 0113 

II Cammino invisibile. 

E639557 0178 

Camoletti, Hare. 

DD101082 0170 


C35081 0110 

C35082 0110 

C35083 0110 


DD101573 0172 

Caupbell, Belle. 

C311595 0100 

C3«596 0100 

Campbell, Bob. 

00100509 0119 

Campbell, Caroline Rest. 

DD100259 omu 

Campbell, Douglas R. 

DD100891 0157 

Campbell, Marilyn B. 

DD100398 0117 

Campbell, Milton. 

C34829 0105 

Campbell, Robert. 

C31733 0103 

DD100683 0153 

D0100807 0155 

Campbell, Robert Dale. 

C311713 0102 

Campione, Michael J. 

C3519« 0112 

Caapodonico, James. 

DD100632 0152 

Campton, David. 

DFO-2180 O120 

DFO-2181 0121 

Canaanland Music (a division 
of Bord Music, Inc.) 
SEE Bora Music, Inc. 
Canaanland Music. 

The Canary. 

D0100891 0157 

Cancel the five numbers. 

R6lt9831 0186 

Cancer and immunotherapy. 
C31676 0101 

Candles (candles of illusion) 
DU99691 0132 

Candles of illusion. 

0099691 0132 

The "Can do" package. 

C31672 0101 

Canel, Pausto. 

D0101033 0160 

Cangey, Dick. 

DD101115 0168 

Cantaloupe, Fred E. 

00100153 one 

DD100577 0150 

Canterbury tales. 

D0101105 0162 

The Cantervllle ghost. 

DP10237 0126 

00100667 0152 

Canticle for goats. 

DD101313 0167 

Cantor, David. 

DD101158 0169 

Cantu, E. 

SEE Cantu, Eeynaldo Dennis. 

Cantu, Eeynaldo Dennis. 

D099911 0137 

Can two walk together: a study 
of marriage. 
R636328 0176 

Can you help me? 

C35127 0111 

Can you imagine? 

C35321 0115 

Canzada and the boyi.. 

D0100117 0111 

Cap and bells. 

C35068 0110 

Caparros, Eay J. 

C35119 0111 

Cape Meares: a town meeting. 
DO100272 0111 

The Caper. 

DD99922 0137 


C31153 0097 


DD99766 0131 

Caporuscio, Amerigo, Jr. 

DD99789 0131 

Cappi, Guido. 

D0100012 0139 

Capsule of blood. 

DO100176 0112 

Captain Marbles and his Acting 
Squad present "Something 
special. " 
DD99589 0130 

The Capture of John Bilkes 
E637137 0177 

Capybaras in a cauliflower 
DO 10 02 18 0111 


D0100696 0153 

Car chase. 

C31996 0108 

Cardiac arrest. 

DO100888 0157 

Career advancement. 

C35288 0111 

A Career for Totiorrow. 

C35267 0111 

C35268 0111 

C35269 0111 

C35270 0111 

C35271 0111 

C35272 0111 

C35273 0111 

C35271 0111 

C35275 0111 

C35277 0111 

C35278 0111 

C35279 0111 

C35280 0111 

C35281 0111 

C35282 0111 

C35283 0111 

C35281 0111 

C35286 0111 

C35287 0111 

C35288 0111 

C35289 0111 

Careers in banking. 

C31657 0101 

Careers in music. 

C3in7 0096 

Careers that help people, 2. 
C35318 0116 

Caregiver training for child 
C31871 0106 

Careless . 

DO100509 0119 

Care of microtome. 

C31625 0100 

Carey, Etta. 

DD101133 0169 

Carey, Jock, pseud. 
SEE Casasus, Jock. 

carhartt, Peter. 

8638150 0177 

Caringi, Eudy. 

DD100086 0110 

carllle, Clancy. 

DD101177 0163 

Carlo Goldoni's The Mistress 
of the Inn. 
D099617 0130 


D0100265 0111 

Carlos, Paul Gus. 

D0101518 0170 

Carlson, 8. C. 

SEE Carlson, Richard 

Carlson, Richard Carroll. 
00100916 0158 

Carlson, Roberta, 

D0100079 0110 


DD101280 0165 

Carman, Pobert. 

C3ie91 0106 

C3ie95 0106 

C31898 0106 

Carman, Robert A. 

C35028 0109 

C35029 0109 

C35032 0109 

C35033 0109 

C35038 0109 

C35010 0109 

C35011 0109 

C35012 0109 

C35013 0109 

Carnation Company. 

C31720 0102 

Carnival discount. 

D0101556 0171 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



JDL. - DEC. 1976 

Carnival ride. 

C3500C1 0108 

Carol aod the snovdevlls. 
D0100680 0153 

CaroD De Beauaarcbais, 
SEE Beaanarchais, pierre- 
Aagustin Caron De. 

Carousel Productions, Inc. 

C3ii87e 0106 

C3»877 0106 

C3"t878 0106 

C314879 0106 

DD100B31 0156 

Carpenter, L. Eae. 

SEE Carpenter, Lynn Bae. 

Carpenter, Lynn Rae. 

C3«966 0107 

Carpenter, Sandra. 

DO100363 01116 

Carpentar, Sandy. 

SEE Cirpenter, Sandra, 

Carr, Larry Robert. 

Da100192 01142 

Carr, Laurence. 

SEE Carr, Larry Robert. 

Carra, Lucille. 

D0100287 OIUH 

Carriage trade. 

DD101078 0161 

Carroll, John R. 

DP10055 OTZI 

DPIOlm 0126 

Carroll, Lewis, psead. 
SEE Dodgson, Charles 

Carroll, Thomas K. 

DD100267 Olltt 

Carroll, Tom. 

SEE Carroll, Thonas R. 

Carson County. 

DP10265 0129 

Carstens, Catherine Wilkinson. 
DO10O373 0146 

Carte blanche. 

0010061(3 0152 

Carter, Arnold. 

C31183» 0105 

Carter, Arthur Philip. 

R6118003 0185 

Carter, A. Bayne. 

DU100»90 0149 

Carter, Conrad. 

R638739 0178 

Carter, James. 

00100862 0157 

DD100863 0157 

Carter, James Scott. 

D0100237 0143 

Carter, Brs. B. B. C. 

R638739 0178 

Carter, Nick. 

SEE Carter, Arnold. 

Carter, Scott. 

0099947 0137 

D0100S09 0149 

Carter, Scott. 

SEE carter, James Scott. 

Carter, Thomas s., Jr. 

D0101090 0161 

Carter, Hayne. 

SEE Carter, A. Bayne. 

Carter's le»er pals. 

D0101402 0168 


C34649 0101 

Casablanca, thankya. 

DP10242 0128 

Casasus, Jock. 

DD100445 0148 

Casavant, Marcia. 

C34554 0099 

A Case against nuclear power: 
on the proposed Palo Verde 
nuclear generating station. 
C34511 0098 

Casella, Hary. 

DD101073 0161 

The Case of Doctor Lopez. 
1)647911 0185 

A Case of Ham. 

DD101745 0175 

The Case of Redrus's revenge. 
00101612 0172 

A Case of the happies. 

D0100259 0144 

The Case of the seven sinister 
B639688 0178 

The Case of the troubled 
R639689 0178 

Casey, Gene. 

D0100930 0158 

Casey, Jan. 

D0100930 0158 

Cassatt, Rob, 

SEE Cassatt, Robert E. A. 

Cassatt, Robert £. A. 

D0101235 0164 

Cassette-a-month 1, 1976. 
C35086 0110 

Cassette-a-aonth 2, 1976. 
C35085 0110 

Cassette-a-Bonth 4, Apr. 1976, 
C34791 0104 

Cassette-a-month 5, nay 1976. 
C34790 0104 

Cassette-a-month 6, 1976. 
C34B02 0104 

Cassette-a-month 7, 1976. 
C34997 0106 

Cassette-a-month 8, 1976. 
C35239 0113 

Cassettes for English for 
business: marketing. 
C34911 0106 

Castagna, Oscar A. 

D0100682 0153 

Castagna, Richard £. 

D0100647 0152 

The Castle at Coromantine. 
DD101344 0167 

Castle rising. 

D0100691.. 0153 

Casual labor. 

DD99808 0134 

The Cat. 

D0101155 0163 

Catalano, Steven Joseph. 

DD99962 0138 

Catalano, Thelma P. 

DD99711 0132 

DO100432..' 0147 

The Cat and the canary. 

D0100022 0139 


SEE Catching, Louis Allen. 

Catching, Lou. 

SEE catching, Louis Allen. 

Catching, Louis Allen. 

DP10162 0126 

Cates, Bill. 

DP10049 0124 

Catinella, Joseph. 

D099859 0136 

Cat's cradle. 

D0101691 0174 

Cat's play. 

00101631 0173 

The Cattle buyer. 

B649854 0187 

Caught in the act. 

DD100835 0156 

Causal analysis and the legal 
C35512 0119 

A Cavalcade of sketches from 
the 50's through the 70's. 
D0100629 0152 

Cavallaro, Michael John. 

D099621 0130 

Cavern of the jewels. 

DP10029 0123 

Les Caves du Vatican, 

D099969 0138 

C.B. alert. 

D099660 0131 

C. B. Charlie rides again. 
D0100240 0143 

C.B. Christmas miracle. 

C34707 0102 

CBS, Inc. 

R636275 0176 

R636276 0176 

R637436 0177 

E637437 0177 

R637438 0177 

F637996 0177 

R637997 0177 

E638129 0177 

R638130 0177 

R645765 0184 

R645766 0184 

F645767 0184 

E645768., 0184 

R645769 0184 

E645770 0184 

R645771 0184 

R645772 0184 

R645773 0184 

R645774 0184 

R645775 0184 

R645776 0184 

F645777 0184 

R645778 0184 

B645779 0184 

Cecil super rooster. 

DD100211 0143 

Cecil the super rooster ard 
all his friends. 
DD100211 0143 

Cedarwood Publishing Company, 

C34e71 0105 

C35087 Ono 

C35290 0114 

The Celebration. 

DD99757 0133 

Celebrity raceway. 

C34864 0105 

Celles gu'on aime. 

R638376 0178 

Cellino, naria Elena Spadaro. 
D0100218 0103 

Celotto, Diane Lynn. 

C35247 0113 

The Centennial of Wagner's 
"Ring": its music, myth and 
C35233 0113 

Centering on the I.B.M. 
composer . 
C35451 0118 

Centerpoint, Conrad, pseud. 
SEE Spigner, Herbert R. 

Center Theatre Group of Los 
DD100065 0140 

Central America: a regional 
C35336 0115 

Central fixation: a study of 
visual process in the form 
of a musical lecture. 
C35250 0113 

Ceraso, Christopher. 

D099970 0138 

Cercasi genio per la Grande 
DD101069 0161 

Ceres 2. 

D0101584 0172 

Cernos, Robert P. 

DD101397 0168 

Cernuschi, Alberto c. 

D0101399 0168 

D0101400 0168 

Ceroy, JoBe Joseph Alois. 
D0100924 0158 

Certo, Peter J. 

D0101503 0170 

chadwicke, Alice, pseud, 
SEE Braun, Bilbur. 

chained to freedom. 

D099804 0134 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



DEC. 1976 

The Chairman. 

DFO-2181 0120 

Chairaan of the board. 

DD100187 01112 

Challenge for tomorrow. 

C3I16«» 0101 

Challenge of the century, 
prograo no. 1. 
D0100902 0157 

Challenge of the century, 
prograa no. 2. 
D0100903 0157 

Challenge of the century, 
program no. 3. 
DD100911 0158 

Challenge of the century, 
program no. u. 
D0100901 0157 

Challenge of the century, 
program no. 5. 
00100912 0158 

Challenge of the circle. 

D0100083 0110 

Chamberlain, Bart. 

SEE Chamberlain, Barton 

Chamberlain, Barton Lynn. 
DD101273 0165 

Chamberlain, Dane. 

DB101270 0165 

Chamberlain, Laurence E. 

DP9991 0122 

Chaiberlin, Ana. 

SEE Chamberlln, Elizabeth 

Chamberlln, Elizabeth Ann. 
DD1010I16 0160 


C34993 0108 

Champagne, Hichael. 

D0100750 0151 

A Chance for tomorrow. 

D0100156 0112 

A Chance meeting. 

0099631 0132 

Chance on a ghost. 

DD101550 0171 

A Change of heart. 

R638196 0178 

Change of mind. 

DP10155 0126 

The Changing seasons. 

C35316 0116 

DDIOIO'8 0160 

Chapman, Perry Reiniger. 

DP10066 0121 

Chapman, Robert Harris. 

E638201 0178 

chappell and Company, Inc. 

C31522 0096 

C31523 0098 

Chapters in American history 
for and about children. 
C35529 0119 

Char, Rene. 

8639996 0180 

Charles River Creative Arts 
Program, Dover, MA. 
DD101668 0171 

Charlie and the chocolate 
DP10261 0129 

The Charlottetown conference. 
DD100903 0157 

Charlton, Douglas w. 

C31962 0107 

The Charwoman's daughter. 
R636101 0176 


00100919 0158 

Chase, Arthur c. 

DP1C061 0121 

Chase, Merlin. 

C35303 0115 

Chaucer, Geoffrey. 

DP10221 0128 

DU101105 0162 

Chavez, Pablo G. 

DP9991 0122 

Chavez, Paul. 

SEE Chavez, Pablo G. 

Cheap thrills. 

DU100689 0153 

Checking accounts. 

C35258 0111 

Checking out. 

D0100375 0116 

Check out. 

DU101556 0171 

Cheek to cheek. 

DD101217 0161 


D0101016 0168 

Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich. 

DP10019 0123 

DP10115 0125 

D(I99657... 0131 

00100299 0115 

DD101236 0161 

Chellson, Elizabeth. 

0099817 0135 

00101191 0163 

Chelmou, Scott. 

D0100761 0151 

Chemicals in the environment. 
C35307 0115 

Chempump installation, 

application and operation, 

pt. 2. 

C35179 0112 

Cheng, FuDing. 

D0100529 0119 

Chepiga, Michael J. 

D099793 0131 

D0100038 0139 

Cherchez la femme. 

DD100191 0112 


D099765 0131 

Cherry, Eleanor Anne Elliott-. 
SEE Elliott-Cherry, Eleanor 

Cherubinl, Luigi. 

R639781 0179 

Chester, Dewey Edward. 

DD101130 0169 

Chest pains. 

DD101121 0162 

Chicago, crime and crash. 
00101163 0163 

Chicago stories of Cyrus 
DD99681 0132 

Chicago with feeling. 

D0100019 0139 

Chlesa, Mary Tibaldi. 

E639557 0178 

The Child. 

DD101500 0170 

Childbirth in a feminist 
C31759 0103 

Child of fire. 

D0100110 0117 

Children everywhere. 

C35195 0119 

Children of Israel. 

DD100970 0159 

Children of the land. 

DU100530 0150 

A Children's evening with Carl 
DD99611 0130 

Children's Hospital Medical 
Center, Oakland, CA. 
Children's Trauma Center. 

C35252 0111 

C35253 0111 

Children's Trauma Center, 
Children's Hospital Medical 
SEE children's Hospital 

Medical Center, Oakland, 
CA. Children's Trr.v.jia 

Childs, Christopher. 

C35513 0119 


DD101019 0161 

The chiltern hundreds. 

R611571 0182 


DD101699 0171 

Chlnn, John Clarence. 

DD101777 0176 

Chlpman, Myra. 

SEE Chipman, Nettle Myra. 

chipman. Nettle Myra. 

E636327 0176 

Chipmunk heaven: a tale of the 
00101113 0168 


D099916 0137 

The Chisholm Trail. 

R610750 0181 

Chisolm, Peggy. 

D0100075 0110 

Choctaw Pass. 

R689801 0185 

Choke and survive. 

C35195 0112 

Chong, Thomas, 

C31501 0098 

C31916 0107 

C31917 0107 

C35017 0109 

C35018 0109 

C35019 0109 

C35050 0109 

Choose sooner death. 

B636510 0176 

Choose your own. 

R619156 0185 

Choosy Chester and the great 
snack race. 
DO100671 0152 

Chope, J. E. 

DP10227 0128 

Chopin, Frederic. 

D099920 0137 

Choreography of The Berry 
D0101010 0160 

christensen, Tom. 

DD101868 0171 

The Christian Science Board of 

C31530 0098 

C31531 0098 

C31532 0098 

C31678 0101 

C31791 0101 

C31B72 0105 

A Christian Science lecture 
entitled: Commitment to the 
C31530 0098 

A Christian Science lecture 
entitled: Deathless life. 
C31531 0098 

A Christian Science lecture 
entitled: Drift or direction 
in life? 
C31532 0098 

A Christian Science lecture 
entitled: The Science of 
God's law. 
C31791 0101 

Christie, Madge. 

D0101657 0173 

A Christmas carol. 

D0101128 0168 

A Christmas carol in Harlem. 
D0100283 0111 

Christmas collage. 

C35303 0115 

Christmas comes to Sandy. 
R639S95 0180 

The Christmas conspiracy. 
D0101557 0171 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


christias don't aean nothin' 
to Dobod; bat kids. 
00100911 01S8 

ft Christnas full of surprises. 
DP10100 0125 

Chrlstnas Is now. 

DP10250 0128 

Chrlstias love. 

D010n«6 0169 

Chrlstaas shopping. 

D0101057 0161 

Chrlstnas story. 

DD100107 01111 

DOIOODOa 0118 

4 Christmas story-Jesas is 
D0100»»8 0148 

Christmas — t%o thousand fifty 
DP10186 0127 

Chcistnas, way, way out! 

DP10071 0121 

The Christaas wish. 

C35tt90 0119 

Christmas— 2050 4.D. 

OP101B6 0127 

Christnec, Gilbert. 

DD100061 OHIO 

D0100062 0140 

Christopher, Jay. 

DP10203 0127 

DP10261I 0129 

Christopher, Hary Rnne. 

DO101619 0173 

Christy Adamo. 

R639168 0178 

The Chronicles of the great 
Hor'west, chap. 12. 
00101372 0167 

Church, David Sanson. 

DD1013II2 0167 

The Churkendoose. 

DD99605 0130 

The Cigarette man. 

D0100295 01H5 

Cime tempestose. 

DF22«il 0120 

cimorell, Randi Lynn. 

DD100175 01112 

Cinderella Brown. 

D0101322 0166 

Cinder, tell-it. 

DD1OO073.... , 0140 

Cindy Bella. 

D0100185 0142 

Cine-nark division, Krebs 
Prodncttons, Inc. 
SEE Krebs Productions, Inc. 

Clnematografische Commer- 

DU100956 0159 

D0100957 0159 

D0100958 0159 

DD100959 0159 

D0100960 0159 

D0100961 0159 


Cloffi, R. 

SEE Cioffi, Ronald. 

DP9930 0121 

Clarence Day's Life with 
R640555 0181 

Clark, Bob. 

SEE Clark, Robert N. 

Clark, Ed. 

SEE Clark, Walter Edward, 

Clark, Perry, pseud. 

SEE Sergei, Christopher. 

Clark, H. Edward. 

SEE Clark, Baiter Eiward, 

Clarke, John E. 

D0100679 0153 

D0100680 0153 

00101028 0160 

Clarke, Jonathon, psead. 
SEE Clarke, John E. 

Clarke, Pat. 

SEE Clarke, Patricia. 

Claudel, Paul. 

R639997 0180 

R644510 0183 

Claudel, Pierre. 

8639997 0180 

R644510 0183 

Clay (Benn) International, 
DO101352 0167 

JOL. - DEC. 1976 

Clay, Buriel, 2nd. 

D0101701 0174 

Clay, Clarence. 

D099611 0130 

Clay, Stanley. 

DO101027 0160 

Claydon, Howard John Franklin, 
D099766 0134 

Clayton, Bob, pseud. 
SEE Clapsadle, Robert. 

Cleanliness is next to 
00101269 0165 

Clear sky, pure light: an 
evening with Henry David 
C35513 0119 

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne. 

DD100871 0157 

DD101577 0172 

Clementine — my darling. 

DD101244 '.. 0165 

Clements, Colin, 

E644953 0183 

E644954 0183 

Clements, Florence Ryerson. 

R644952 0183 

R644953 0183 

R6«4954 0183 

Clements, Panl William. 

D0101261 0165 


D0101685 0174 


DO 101 124 0162 

Climate and food. 

C35306 0115 

Clinton, Edward. 

DP10199 0127 


C34861 0105 

DP10128 0126 


00100277 0144 

Cloney, Rosemary, 

0099695 0132 

Clork, Barry, 

R644637 0183 

The Close-down set-up of Emma. 

DP10205 0127 

D0100044 0139 

A Closer look at borrowino. 
C34670 0101 


C35153 0112 

Cloud- coo- coo- land. 

D099616 0130 

Cloudcroft Films, Inc. 

DD100942 0158 

Clouds over Echota. 

00101363 0167 

CLO cassette/review program, 
no. BS 302. 
C34432 0096 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DEC. 1976 

CLO cassette/review program, 
no. H3 30U. 
C3mi31 0096 

CLD cassette/review program, 
no. HS 306. 
C31tlt30 0096 

CLO cassette/review program, 
no. HS 307. 
C353D1 0115 

CLD cassette/review program, 
no. HS 308. 
C3U1429 0096 

CLD cassette/review program, 
no. HS 310. 
C3«it28 0096 


001009211 0158 

C'mon in! the water's floe! 
C35203 0113 

loberg, Wallace H., Jr. 

D010D135 0111 

Cobra in the closet. 

D0100117 OIUI 

Cobarn, D. L. 

SEE Cobarn, Donald Lee. 

Coburn, Donald Lee. 

DD101662 0173 

Cochran, Nancy Lou. 

DD101196 0161 

Cockadoodle dandy. 

R638147 0177 

Cockrum, Kathleen Joy. 

DD1011155 0169 

The Cocktail hour. 

00100565 0150 

Cocteau, Jean. 

DP10013 0123 

R638321 0178 

Code name; Mister vim. 

DD9962U 0131 

Cohan, Bartln. 

DP10033 0123 

Cohen, Joel a. 

D0100593 0151 

Cohen, Harcia Fan. 

C31t828 0105 

Cohn (Robert L.) Inc. 

C34772 0103 

Coitus interruptus. 

DO100226 0143 

Coker, Beatrice Ross. 

Dnl011125 0168 

Coker, Bebe Ross. 

SEE coker, Beatrice Ross. 

Colarlk, Edvard. 

DD101265 0165 

Colasuonno, anthony. 

DD101397 0168 

Colbert, Curt. 

SEE Colbert, Curtis Prank. 

Colbert, Hrs. Curt. 
SEE Colbert, Lenda P. 

Colbert, Curtis Frank. 

0099821 0135 

Colbert, Lenda P. 

DD99821 0135 

Cold cuts. 

D099622 0130 

Cold tea. 

00101613 0172 

Cold warrior. 

DU101626 0173 

Cole, Bea. 

SEE Rooblcek, Bea Cole. 

Cole, Henry, pseud. 
SEE Kleene, Paul E. 

Colgrass, Michael. 

DP10198 0127 

A Collage/collision of images 
from the works of William 
DD100692 0153 

Collage to montage. 

D0101121 0162 

Collected tapes and notes of a 
tarot reader. 
C35121 0111 

The Collection. 

DD99760 0133 

B Collection from The 
Unmasking of the mirror. 
C31172 0097 

Collector's item. 

E615757 0181 


C31653 0101 

College business mathematics: 
an audio-tutorial approach, 
C31873 0106 

College girls. 

C31938 0107 

College is terrific. 

E615759 0181 

Collier, Christopher. 

DP10096 0125 

00100115 0117 

Collier, Eugenia Williams. 
D0100581 0151 

Collier, James Lincoln. 

DP10096 0125 

D0100115 0117 

Collier, Louis «. 

DD100209 0113 

Colligan, Lee. 

DP10071 0121 

DP10075 0121 

Collin, Louis Jacques Marie. 

R63837S 0178 

R638376 0178 

Collins, Dorothy J. 

D099991 0138 

Collins, Kathleen c. 

DU99912 0137 

Collins, Patricia. 

D0100579 0150 

Colodny, Lester. 

DP9973 0122 


DU99766 0131 

Colon, Bert. 

C31511 0098 


C31121 0096 


D0101079 0161 

colors 1963-1981. 

D0100557.... 0150 

Colter, Cyrus. 

DU99681 0132 

Columbia Pictures Industries, 
R611637 0183 

Comber, William J. 

R639778 0179 

Combustion and infra-red 
C35073 0110 

Come along with me. 

C31801 0101 

Come back little comrades. 
D0101087 0161 

Come back. Little Sheba. 

E611193 0182 

Come back to the 5 and dime 
Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean. 
D0101513 0170 

ft Comedy revue, 

C31169 0097 

Come in out of the rain. 

D0101578 0172 

Come, let us reason together. 
C31168 0097 

Come on, Americans. 

C31821 0101 

Come on in this house, it's 
going to rain. 
D0100550 0150 

Come softly the voices. 

DD100152 0112 

Come with me. 

DD99703 0132 

Coming back--or never leaving. 
C35368 0116 

Comings and goings. 

D0100150 0112 

Coming, Walter? 

DD99932 0137 

Commencement exercise. 

DD99918 0137 

Commentary script for the 
American Bicentennial Grand 
Parade, Washington, DC. 
C31167 0097 

Commerce Clearing House, Inc. 

C31525 0098 

C31526 0098 

C31527 0098 

C31528 0098 

C31529 0098 

C31737 0103 

C31792 0101 

C31793 0101 

C31929 0107 

C35009 0108 

C35193 0112 

C35291 0111 

C35292 0111 

C35293 0111 

Commercial relations with the 
six east European countries. 
C31889 0106 

Commitment to the Christ. 
C31530 0098 

The Committee. 

DD100097 0110 

Commoner, Barry. 

C31723 0102 

Common fractions and decimal 
C35516 0119 

The Common ground of problems. 
C31506 0098 

Commonly misunderstoes? words. 
C35010 0109 

A Common past. 

D0100263 0111 

Common scents. 

D0101525 0171 

Common sense job development 
C31112 0096 


C31831 0105 

Communicate what you think. 
C3183U 0105 

Communications and media. 
C35269 0111 

Communication Skills 

C35091 0110 

C35092 0110 

C35093 0110 

Communicative disorders: an 
audio journal for continuirg 
education, vol, 01, no. 06, 
June 1976. 
C31533 0098 

Communicative disorders: an 
audio journal for continu'.ng 
education, vol. 01, no. 07, 
July 1976. 
C31531 0098 

Communicative disorders: an 
audio journal for continuing 
education, vol. 1, no. 8, 
Aug. 1976. 
C31796 0101 

Communicative disorders: an 
audio journal for continuing 
education, vol. 01, no. 09, 
Sept. 1976. 
C31910 0106 

Communicative disorders: an 
audio journal for continuing 
education, vol. 1, no. 10, 
Oct, 1976. 
C31909 0106 

The Conmnnity and how it 
C35508 0119 

Comollo, June, 

00101287 0166 

Comorau, Leo. 

DD100792 0155 

A Company of friends. 

D099831 0135 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 



JDL. - DEC. 1976 


D01OO276 0114 

Le Coipleie de Phlleion. 

8600002 0180 

Coaplez numbers. 

0317714 0103 

Coapllcited consonaat 

C35035 0109 

C35039 0109 

Coiplicated vowels. 

C35030 0109 

C35031 0109 

C35037 0109 

Composers of the month. 

C35536 0120 

Composite sho«. 

C3a56U 0099 


C35128 0111 


DP10030 0123 

Comrade Goddess. 

00101711 0175 

Comunale, Carmine Louis. 

DD10039U 0117 

Comunale, Louis. 

SEE C^munale, Carmine Louis 

Concept Center, 

SEE Livingston, Peter H. 

Concepts in science, 

C35325 0115 

C35310 0115 

Concierto del descubrimiento, 
C3 52 99 0115 

Condon, Arnold. 

C31535 0096 

Condon, Gregg. 

C31535 0098 


DD10077U 0155 

Confederation day. 

DD100912 0158 

The Confederation debate. 
D0100901 0157 


C31851 0105 


DP10028 0123 

Confessions of Hartha Rae. 
DD101365 0167 

The Confidence-man. 

D0100010 0139 

Conf ide--Personal Counseling 
Services, Inc. 
C31858 0105 

Confrontation with a lady. 
D0101208 0161 

Congenital defects of the 
esophagus, stomach and 
accessory organs, 
C35131 0111 

Congenital defects of the 
intestines and rectum, 
C35132 0111 

Connor, David, pseud, 
SEE Blomquist, David B, 

Consolidated Marketing 
Productions, Inc. 
C31950 0107 

Constantine, Paul, pseud, 
SEE Tassopulos, Gus, 

Constructing and cutting a mat 
C35100 0117 

Consultation; principles and 
C31790 0101 

Consumer and homemaking 
C35279 0111 

Contes, Carol T. 

C35113 0111 

C35111 0111 

The Continuing adventures of 
Hax Russian, 
D0101760 0175 

The Continuing adventures of 
the wizard and the Rainbow 
D0100101 0117 

Contract negotiations for 
management control. 
C31175 0097 

Contro-clusive magnetism: an 
alternative in pest control. 
C35211 0113 

The Conversion of Gatemouth 
C31789 0101 

Cook, Joann H, 

C35252 0111 

C35253 0111 

Cooke, Chris Hamel-, 
SEE Hamel-Cooke, Chris 

DD101722 0175 

Corley, R, L, 

C35191 0119 

Cornish, Roger N, 

DP10201 0127 

DP10206 012'' 

DP10208 0127 

On Coro Che chlede la luce, 
D0101771 0176 

Corporate matters. 

DD101110 0162 


DD100513 0119 

Correspondents* course. 

DFO-2178 0120 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved 
Archangel Bichael, October 
09, 1952, Santa Fe, Hew 
C31692 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved 
Casseopla, October 23, 1952, 
Chicago, Illinois, 
C31706 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved 
Cyclopea, October 21, 1952, 
Chicago, Illinois, 
C31705 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Helios, 
September 25, 1952, Shasta 
Springs, California. 
C31695 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved 
Hercules, September 23, 
1952, Shasta Springs, 
C31697 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Jesns, 
October 30, 1952, Chicago, 
C31702 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved K-17, 
October 28, 1952, Chicago, 
C31703 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Lady 
Baster Nada, September 21, 
1952, Shasta Springs, 
C31689 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Lord 
Baltreya, September 26, 
1952, Shasta Springs, 
C31691 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved nary, 
October 22, 1952, Chicago, 
C31688 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Hary, 
September 22, 1952, Shasta 
Springs, California. 
C31687 0102 

Corley, Bob. 

SEE Corley, R, L. 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Quan 
Yin, September 20, 1952, 
Shastj Springs, California. 
C3U690 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Sanat 
Kamara, October 11, 1952, 
Ouray, Colorado. 
C3II701 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Sanat 
Kmoara, October 27, 1952, 
Chicago, Illinois, 
C3a70lt 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Venus, 
September 27, 1952, Shasta 
Springs, California. 
C31t693 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Beloved Vesta, 
September 21, 1952, Shasta 
Springs, California. 
C31I696 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Goddess of 
Liberty, October 20, 1952, 
Chicago, Illinois. 
C31I699 0102 

Correspondirg to the recorded 
dictation by Goddess of 
Light, October 21, 1952, 
Chicago, Illinois. 
C3U698 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Great Cosmic 
ingel, September 19, 1952, 
Shasta Springs, California. 
C3U691 0102 

Corresponding to the recorded 
dictation by Great Divine 
Director, October 13, 1952, 
Denver, Colorado. 
C31t7O0 0102 

Corrin, Dean. 

DD100615 0151 

S Corruptible innocence. 

DD100532 0150 

Corso, Joseph J., Jr. 

D010087« 0157 

Cory, John Russell, 

D099938 0137 

Cory, Robert n. 

DD101202 0161 

00101203 0164 

Cos, Constance. 

DFO-2179 0120 

Cosentirjo, Nicholas. 

DDIOOttO 01«8 

Cose, tempi, luoghi. 

DU101070 0161 

Cosgrove, D. 

SEE Cosgrove, Diana B. 

Cosgrove, Diana H. 

D0100017 0139 

D0100283 Olua 


DD101613 0172 

Coss, Eva. 

DD101352 0167 


Costello, Kevin, psend. 

SEE McCann, Gerald ftloyslus. 

Cottonpicker and Cuddlecup. 
C351491 0119 

cottrell, Susan C. 

DPlOItt 0126 

Cough up America. 

00100876 0157 

Could reincarnation be a 
DU100H20 01117 

Counterfeiter's cave. 

E639683 0180 

The Counterfeit rose. 

DP9938 0121 

Countess Maritza. 

R6371t04 0177 


DU100751 0151t 

Country rainboM. 

D099652 0131 

Country Sun Publishing 
C3«962 0107 

Country wife. 


The Count that counts. 

DD100368 01U6 

Coup d'etat. 

DU100157 01112 

Couser, Billlam Alexander. 
DU100979 0159 

Covalt, Blaine. 

DU100297 011)5 

Cove, Michael. 

DD10008U 01110 

The Coward. 

R639855 0179 

Coward, Noel. 

R636821t 0177 

R6U6553 01811 

Cowart, C. J. 

DU100228 01U3 

Cowen, Dan. 

SEE Cowen, Daniel J. 

Cowen, Daniel J. 

DU101383 0168 

Cowen, Lenore Coffee, 

R6365B8 0176 

Cowen, Hilliain Joyce. 

R6365e8 0176 

Cowles, C. F. 

SEE Cowles, Charles F. 

Cowles, Charles F. 

DD99995 0138 

Cowtown special, O.S.A. 

D099719 0133 

Cox, Carroll Jo. 

C3il768 0103 

Cox, Charles B. 

D010101I5 0160 

Cdx, Chuck. 

SEE Cox, Charles B. 


Cox, Constance. 

R638203 0178 

Coxe, Louis Osborne. 

E6382011 0178 

Coyne, Joseph Arthur. 

DD100226 01U3 

Coyne of the realm. 

Doiooim oim 

Coyote, Peter. 

D01O16O11 0172 

Coyote Buslc, division of Open 
End Husic. 

SEE Open End Basic. Coyote 

Coyote's tall. 

DDIOiaSS 0170 

Cozzo, Charles Joseph. 

DD1D10112 0160 

Cozzo, Joseph. 

SEE Cozzo, Charles Joseph. 

Crabapple jelly. 

D099728. 0133 

Crabtree, John B. 

D0100016 0139 

DD100308 OmS 

Crabtree, Paul Joyce. 

DD100396 01117 

Craig's wife. 

S6«2835 0182 

Cramer, Heinz Von. 

R6371I29 0177 

Crane, Burton. 

R6«5737 0183 

Crane, Lor. 

DP10107 0125 

Crane, Stephen. 

DD100807 0155 

Crane Company. 

C35179 0112 

C35180 0112 

Crane Company. Chempump 

C35179 0112 

C35180 0112 

Crank, Doris B. 

C3H535 0098 


DD101072 0161 

craven, Richard. 

R6«3221t 0182 

Craven, »es. 

SEE Craven, Besley. 

Craven, Wesley, 

DD99597 0130 

D01003lt2 01U5 

DD100551 0150 

Crawford, Harry. 

SEE Crawford, James Harry. 

Crawford, H. Vance. 

D0100865 0157 

Crawford, James Harry. 

DD101620 0173 

Crawford, J. H. 

SEE Crawford, James Harry. 

JDL. - DEC. 1976 

Crazy Horse. 

D0101727 0175 

The Crazy paper caper. 

DP1021I6 0128 

Created egual. 

E638152 0178 

Creative World Travel. 

C3II880 oioe 

C31I959 0107 

C31t972 0108 

C35173 0112 

Creative writing for the trade 
C352U2 0113 

Creativity and the cat. 

D0100328 01145 

Credit card roulette. 

C311903 0106 

Credit for agriculture. 

C3lt669 0101 

Credit — use it, don't abuse 
034671 0101 

The creepy castle hassle. 
DP10092 0125 


C31l73lt 0103 

Cribari, Donna. 

DD101221 01611 

Crimes and dreams. 

00101128 0162 


00101681 01711 

Criss cross. 

C35069 0110 

Critoph, Gerald E. 

DD100980 0159 

Crlvella, James V. 

DD100035 0139 

00100047 0139 

The Crock of gold. 

D0101094 0161 

Cromer, Bissy. 

SEE Cromer, Sara Kathryn. 

Cromer, Sara Kathryn. 

DD9961U 0130 

Croom, Emily Anne. 

DD99982 0138 

The Crooner. 

D0101475 0169 

The Cross of Bonaventure. 
DP10211 0127 

The Cross of Seester Badlock. 
DP10211 0127 


C3I4411 0096 

Crouse, Anna E. 

E640555 0181 

Crouse, Lindsay Ann. 

R640555 0181 

Crouse, Russel. 

E640555 0181 

Crouse, Timothy. 

E640555 0181 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

CRO - D»P 

CroM, Jonathan S. 

00101116 0163 

The Crov and the pitcher. 
0099775 0131 

Ccowell, Ja»es LeRoy. 

0010131-2 0166 

Crowley, Dale P. 

DD100109 0111 

The Croclfillon. 

C31513 0098 

Cruising to an F. 

C31651 0101 

The Crasbs from the table. 
R611057 0182 

Crusp, Dale. 

00101371 0167 

crutchfieia, George. 

C311S91 0099 

Cry for help. 

DP10127 0125 

Cry froB a high place. 

DD100136 0111 

Cry, the beloved conntry. 

R616212 0181 

S618058 0185 

Cry vengeance! 

00100315 0116 

CST Prodnctions. 

DD101161 0163 

Cukier, Daniel S. 

C35539 0120 

cullington, Elizabeth. 

D0101167 0169 

Cullington, Liz. 

SEE Calllngton, Elizabeth. 


D0100501 0119 

CuBoings, Rayaond P. 

0099886 0136 

CunninghaB, Bill. 

C31722 0102 

Cannynghan, Phyllis. 

0099703 0132 

CUOBO, Jaaes. 

DD100919 0158 

Curci, Edizioni. 

DF2211 0120 

The Corioos history of 
DP10171 0127 

Currency instability in ten 
Bajor Industrialized 
natlojs, 1960-1973. 
C31500 0098 

Current therapeutic Bethods 
for articulation disorders. 
C31796 0101 

CurriculuB design for hospital 
Blddl? Banagenent. 
C35200 0112 

Currier, Brad. 

SEE Currier, Bradley R. 

currier, Bradley R. 

00101152 0169 


Curtis, Grace BeBis, 

C31531 0096 

C31791 0101 

Curtis, Bllllam Knox. 

00100818 0156 

Cutting mounting board with a 
paper cutter. 
C35399 0117 

Cyrano De Bergerac. 

0099683 0132 

00101515 0170 

Czupor, Z. James. 

SEE Czupor, Zoltan James 

Daily life behind barbed wire 
the world War 2 incar- 
ceration of Japanese 
Americans at Gila Rivers, 
C31811 0105 

Dale, stainton, pseud. 
SEE Lumb, Geoffrey. 

Daly, Patrick J. 

D099827 0135 

D099828 0135 

0099829 0135 

Damaging evidence: refracted 

00100188 0119 

Damn everything but the 
D099629 0131 

JOL. - DEC. 1976 

Dance on a cracked edge. 
0P9911 0121 

A Dancer's dream in a day. 
00101121 0162 


D0101212 0165 

Dandola, John. 

D0100690 0153 

D'Andrea, Paul. 

00100516 0119 

D'Andrea, William R. 

D099762 0131 

Dane, Clemence, pseud. 
SEE Ashton, Winifred. 

Dangerous decision. 

R638195 0178 

Dangerous Nan HcGrew. 

R638151 0178 


D099982 0138 

Daniel, Barbara Kay. 

00101708 0171 

Daniel, James Ethridge. 

C31513 0098 

Daniel and El Diablo. 

R639889 0180 

Danielewski, Tad, 

00101106 0168 

Daniell, Sky, pseud. 
SEE Skinner, Daniel. 

Daniels, June. 

SEE Frledenberg, June. 

Danielson, Barbara. 

DP9961 0122 

O'Anna, Joseph. 

D0100636 0152 

Danny the Dragon in The 
Bystery of the missing 
00100153 0118 

Dan 0' Halley . 

00100127 0111 

Dante ilighieri. 

00101517 0170 

Dantes, Ligia. 

C35176 0112 

Dante's Joynte. 

DP9966 0122 

Danto, Bruce. 

C3U860 0105 

Danz, Cassandra. 

DD101512 0''70 

Danziger, Dennis. 

00100231 0113 

00101663 0173 

Daphne Dellacorte is dead! 
00100793 0155 

Dap Sugar sillie, pseud. 
SEE Anderson, Blllle. 

Dap Sugar Willie from North 
Phllly live. 
C31816 0101 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Darbon, Leslie, 

DFO-2178 0120 

Darbonne, Rodger Lee. 

DD100118 01U1 

Dark harbor. 

DD100803 0155 

Dark Horse, psead. 
SEE Bryant, L. H. 

J Dark night of the soul. 
DO100306 01U5 

Dark song for Ainie. 

D0101020 0160 


DP9951 0121 

D'Aaria, Gemma. 

SEE Houston, Gesma D'Anria. 

Dauser, Donna Ckova. 

C35121 0111 

Davenport, Bill. 

DP100411 0121 

David, 3cott, psead. 
SEE Chelmow, Scott. 

David and Cherie. 

D0100775 0155 

David and Goliath. 

Dn100829 0156 

Davidov, Mike. 

DD1000511 OltO 

Davids, Hollace. 

001011111 0169 

Davids, Paul. 

D0101113 0169 

DOIOimi 0169 

Davidson, Conrad Eugene. 

DD1001B6 0119 

Davidson, Doug. 

SEE Davidson, Douglass S. 

Davidson, Douglass S. 

D01001B1 0112 

Davidson, Jez. 

D0100965 0159 

Davidson, Billiam F. 

DP10137 0126 

David's violin. 

DD1003B1 0116 

Davie, Alice D. 

C35255 0111 

Davles, oluen Bo«en-. 

SEE Bowen-Davles, olwen. 


SEE Davis, Walter. 

Davis, Anthony Darnell. 

00100083 0110 

Davis, Charles strout, Jr. 
00100315 0156 

Davis, Chisholm O'Dell. 

D0101173 0169 

Davis, Elizabeth Blood. 

DD100815 0156 

Davis, Franklin n., Jr. 

DO100931 0158 


Davis, Peter Allen. 

DD99602 0130 

DD101683 0171 

Davis, Shane. 

SEE Davis, nlchael. 

Davis, Tad. 

SEE Davis, Thomas Allen. 

Davis, Tony. 

SEE Davis, Anthony Darnell. 

The Day the circus comes to 
DD100396 0117 

The Day the President called, 
and called, and called. 
DP10052 0121 

D. Boon, 1776: war has two 
DP9979 0122 

Dead center. 

DO100382 0116 

DD100539 0150 

Deafenbaugh, H. Delong. 
SEE Deafenbaugh, Melody 

Days in the life of Queen 
D0100813 0156 

The Death of our bubble- gum 
DO100273 0111 

JOL. - DEC. 1976 

The Death of Tarelkin. 

D0100591 0151 

Death's freedom's death. 

DD99930 0137 

Death Street. 

D0101316 0166 

Death- wish. 

DP9988 0122 

Death wish, an inquiry 
C31510 0098 

Death with dignity. 

D0101311 0167 

De Boaumarchais, Pierre- 
Augustln Caron. 
SEE Beaumarchais, Plerre- 
Augustin Caron De. 

Las Deblles potencias. 

D099711 0133 

DeBuvltz, Ed. 

SEE DeBuvltz, Edward J. 

DeBuvltz, Edward J. 

D0101097 0162 

A Decent birth, a happy 
R638029 0177 

The Decision. 

DP10096 0125 

Decision making for career 
C35090 0110 

Deck, Sylvia Cirone. 

DD100671 0152 

Declaration of vision. 

C31583 0099 

DeCosta, Doris E. , pseud. 
SEE Pearson, Doris E. 

Deegan, Robert Emmett. 

DP10071 0121 

Deep desire. 

C35165 0112 

The Deep six. 

E619536 0185 

The Defeat of the horseless 
DD100337 0115 


DOIOOOSe 0139 

De Gaetano, Michael A. 

D0100262 0111 

De Gastyne, Serge. 

DD100650 0152 

De Gree, Melvin. 

D0100961 0159 

De Hartog, Jan. 

SEE Hartog, Jan De. 

Delss, Joseph Jay. 

DD99618 0131 

De Jong, Meindert. 

DOIOOm 0117 

De Koven, David. 

R615320 0183 

Delano, Daniel. 

D0101626 0173 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


DEC. 1976 


SEE Delattre, Pierre. 

Delattre, Pierre. 

DP101S2 0126 

Delegate of destruction. 
Dn1007U6 0151 

DeLeBos, Loais. 

DD100326 01U5 

De Letraz, Hadame J. 

SEE Letraz, Siaone Peignlet 


De Letraz, Jean. 

SEE Latraz, Jean De. 

Delicado, Francisco. 

00100823 0156 


DU100162 0142 


DD101106 0162 

Delaslons of pover. 

DD101082 0161 

Del Vecchio, Thomas. 

00100797 0155 

Del Vlllard, Sylvia. 

SEE Villard, Sylvia Del. 

Deiain il fera Jour. 

R639998 0180 

DeBarco, John Victor. 

DD99551 0129 

De Hatteo, Donna. 

DO101282 0165 

De Medina, Fernando Diez. 
SEE Diez De Hedina, 

De Mendez, Aida Aguirre. 

SEE Aguirre De aeadez, Aida. 

Demerod, Lou. 

D0100252 01«l» 

The Denlse of Bax Diamond. 
DU998140 0135 

Dealinger, Keith. 

C3H1198 0097 

Demlinger, Sandor R. 

0311(98 0097 


OP10003 0123 

Democracy and Esther. 

DP10003 0123 

De aontherlant, Henry. 

SEE nontherlant, Henry De, 

De morturi. 

D0101269 0165 

Dempster, Denise. 

DP10161 0126 

De Basset, Alfred. 

SEE Busset, Alfred De. 

Denker, Benry. 

R6I111052 0132 

E6'ta053 0182 

B6lta05lt 0182 

S6"tl)055 0182 

R6U«056 0182 

R6ltll057 0182 

R6411058 0182 

a6«l»059 0182 

ReiUOeO 0182 

RStlOei 0182 

R6itil062 0182 

R6UU0e3 0182 

R61IM0611 0183 

Denny, Frances English. 

C3«765 0103 

Denny, James B. 

D0101538 0171 

Denny, Jim. 

SEE Denny, James B. 

Denny, Ron. 

D0996C1 0130 

Dennys, Joyce. 

SEE Evans, Joyce Dennys. 

Dental payment. 

C35379 0116 

Dentlnger, John A., Jr. 

DD101757 0175 

Dentler, Hary Ann. 

DU10062U 0151 


D0101290 0166 

Depression: symptoms and 
C31t883 0106 

DePue, Wallace E. 

D0100210 01H3 


D0100290 OIUU 

Derge, Peter. 

DD10021I3 0143 

Derman, Lou. 

DPiOOau 012<l 

Dermit, Edouard. 

E638321 0178 

La Derniere nuit. 

0099900 0136 

Oe Eojas Zorrilla, Francisco. 
SEE Rojas Zorrilla, 
Francisco De. 

De Santa, Carol, pseud. 
SEE Sanders, Carol. 

Descend to the top, 

DD100602 0151 

A Design for playing bingo on 
the television. 
C31I5U2 0098 

The Desperate desperadoes at 
Coyote Gulch. 
DP10228 0128 

A Desperate stand. 

B639868 0179 

Dessler, Harold z. 

D0101327 0166 

Oestiny/iceepers of the dream. 
D099650 0131 

Destra, James. 

DD100156 011)2 

Details, Details. 

DP9973 0122 

Detective story. 

E6<t5573 0183 

Detective Straight and the 
shape capers. 
00100183 0119 


C31576 0099 

De Tessleres, Judith. 

D0100219 0113 

De Tessleres Notion Picture 
Investment Company, 
DD100219 0113 

Det«eiler, Lotte Lenya. 

R6ie058 0185 

Detweiler, Lotte Lenya Beill. 
R616212 0181 

Deutsch, Helen, 

DU101071 0161 

Develop and dry lithographic 
C35187 0119 

The Developer, 

D0101012 0160 


C35110 0111 

Development of home and office 
from the 11th century to 
C35302 0115 

Oe verdugo a verdogo, 

D0101053 0161 

The Devil's clock, 

DD101115 0169 

Devil's disciple, 

D099687 0132 

Devin, Bary c, 

C31512 0098 

Devin, B, C, 

SEE Devin, Bary c, 

Dewayne, Hatt and shelly, 
D0101121 0162 

De Young, Bob, 

SEE De Young, Robert Allen, 

De Young, Robert Allen, 

00101387 0168 

Diablero Enterprises, Ltd, 
00101115 0163 

Diagnostic procedures, 

C35110 0111 

Dialect cuttings for auditions 
for uomen, 
8637758 0177 


00100950 0158 

Diamond, Eric w, 

D0101151 0163 

Diamond, Victor 0. 

C31602 0100 

Diamond in the rough. 

00100521 0119 

Dianich, Corinne. 

DD99671 0132 

Diary of a madman. 

00100192 0112 

Dlas, Anthony. 

SEE Dlas, Antonio H, 

Dlas, Antonio H, 

0U101558 OT'1 

01 Carlo, Peter Brono, 

D0101516 0171 

Dickason, Albert, 

00101098 » 0162 

Dickens, Charles. 

0099615 0130 

00101128 0168 

D0101709 0171 

Dickey, R, p, 

0099836 0135 

Dickinson, Emily. 

C31933 0107 

Dick Tracy. 

00101612 0172 

Dictation by Beloved Archangel 
Bichael, October 09, 1952, 
Santa Fe, Ne« Beiico. 
C31692 0102 

Dictation by Beloved 

Casseopia, October 23, 1952, 

Chicago, Illinois. 

C31706 0102 

Dictation by Beloved Cyclopea, 
October 21, 1952, Chicago, 
C31705 0102 

Dictation by Beloved Helios, 
September 25, 1952, Shasta 
Springs, California, 
C31695 0102 

Dictation by Beloved Hercules, 
September 21, 1952, Shasta 
Springs, California. 
C30697 0102 

Dictation by Beloved Jesus, 
October 30, 1952, Chicago, 
C31702 0102 

Dictation by Beloved K-17, 
October 28, 1952, Chicago, 
C31703 0102 

Dictation by Beloved Lady 
Baster Nada, September 21, 
1952, Shasta Springs, 
C31689 0102 

Dictation by Beloved Lord 
Maitreya, September 26, 
1952, Shasta Springs, 
C31691 0102 

Dictation by Beloved Bary, 
October 22, 1952, Chicago, 
C31688 0102 

Dictation by Beloved Bary, 
September 22, 1952, Shasta 
Springs, California. 
C31687 0102 

Dictation by Beloved Quan YJn, 
September 20, 1952, Shasta 
Springs, California. 
C31690 0102 

Dictation by Beloved Sanat 
Kumara, October 11, 1952, 
Ooray, Colorado. 
C31701 0102 

These entries alone may not reflect tlie complete (Copyright Ofllce record pertaining to a particular 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 

Die - DON 

Dictation by Beloved sanat 
Kunara, October 27, 1952, 
Chicago, Illinois. 
C31170U 0102 

Dictation by Beloved Tenus, 
September 27, 1952, Shasta 
Springs, California. 
C31I693 0102 

Dictation by Beloved Vesta, 
September 2"*, 1952, Shasta 
Springs, California. 
C311696 0102 

Dictation by Goddess of 
Liberty, October 20, 1952, 
Chicago, Illinois. 
C34699 0102 

Dictation by Goddess of Light. 
October 21, 1952, Chicago, 
C3it698 0102 

Dictation by Great Cosmic 
ingel, September 19, 1952, 
Shasta Springs, California. 
034691 0102 

Dictation by Great Divine 
Director, October 13, 1952, 
Denver, Colorado. 
C3U700 0102 

Didisbeim, Frank. 

C3I1982 0108 

Dieck, Thomas A. 

Dn100833 0156 

Diez De Medina, Fernando. 
D0101368 0167 

Differential assembly and 
C3S076 0110 

DiGiorglo, Sylvia. 

D0100716 0153 

The Digital garbageman. 

DD100335 01115 

Dilemma at Dripping Creek. 
D010121HI 0165 

Dillon, Irene. 

C35019 0109 

Dinartino, Nick. 

D099779 013l» 

A Dime a dance. 

D099852 0135 


D0100309 01U5 

Dlnda, John J. 

DP9991 0122 

Dinerman, Harris. 

DD100699 0153 

Diode introdoctlon. 

C351426 0117 

Dios, Wolfgang Y. 

D099976 0138 

Diploma mill. 

DD99915 0137 

The Director. 

DD100952 0158 

Dirk Billlna's donnfall. 

R6«9835 0186 

Dirt and hard rock. 

0099810 0131 


Disassemble and assemble a 
starter motor. 
C3511141 0118 

Disch, Tom. 

DOIOOueu 0118 

DU100630 0152 

The Disc of life and other 
D(J100189 01U2 

Disney, Stanley E. 

DD99700 0132 

00101269 0165 

Disorders of the accessory 
C35135 0111 

Disorders of the colon and 
C35137 0111 

Disorders of the small 
C35136 0111 

Disorders of the stomach and 
C3513it 0111 

Distar reading 1: an 
Instructional system. 
C35011 0108 

The Distilled Spirits and 
Tobacco Company. 
D0101207 016U 

The Divine purposes of 
C3«580 0099 

Divorce and remarriage. 

C35262 Oim 

"Doc" Eandall's ole medicine 
C3U96U 0107 

Doc Spellbinder's traveling 
medicine show. 
0099791 0131 

Doctor Anthony's holy healing 
DD100729 0151 

Doctor Henry Vallera, 

veterinarian, episode no. 


0099592 0130 

Dodgson, Charles Latwidge. 

0P10122 0125 

R638712 0178 

JDL. - DEC. 1976 

Dog flea alley. 

00101719 0175 

Dog in the manger. 

00101270 0165 

A Dog named Deuce. 

P619862 0187 


DP9957 0121 

00100618 0152 

Dolfoss, Charles B., 3rd. 
C35218 0113 

Dolfuss-Foot and CompaT^y. 
C35218 0113 

Dolfuss-Eoot and Company, 
professional manufacturers 
representatives: «e deliver 
C35218 0113 

Dollars and nonsense. 

E615763 0181 

The Dollars and sense of time 

C35061 0109 

C35062 0110 

D'Olloqui, Valentine. 

D099616 0130 

The Dolores show. 

D0100303 0115 

Oomeno, Loyola. 

D0101311 0166 

Domestic symphony. 

E638199 0178 

Dominican Fathers, New lork. 
R615710 0183 


C35183 0112 


R617089 0185 

Don, Carl, pseud. 

SEE Goldman, Kalman. 

Donahue, Daniel. 

D099862 0136 

Donahue, Thomas Rquiras. 

00100573 0150 

Donald, Prlscilla. 

DO1O0138 0111 

Donlon, G. R. 

SEE Donlon, Gerard A. 

Donlon, Gerard A. 

00101690 0171 

Donnelly, Euth. 

DD99708 0132 

Donnelly, Billiam G. 

DP10091 0125 

DD100723 0151 

D0100721 0151 

Donohue, Amy, sister. 

C35511 0120 

Do not be what you see. 

D0101122 0162 

Donovan, Edward J. 

C31111 0096 

Don Pasquale. 

0099871 0136 

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a partictilar 
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist. 


Don Quixote froB Korea, 

D0996»9 0131 

Don't call ne Junior. 

R6'(5721 0183 

Don't go away nad. 

11638030 0177 

Don't look too good nor talk 
too wise. 
D0100690 0153 

Don't nane it after me. 

D0101172 0163 

Don't pack in the driveway, 
DD101232 0161 

Don't rock the waterbed, 

DP10091 0125 

Don't SBOke dope, fry your 
hair I 
C3«6«8 0101 

Don't saoke the dope, fry your 
C346I48 0101 

Don't switch your witches, 
DP10089 0126 

Don't tread on me, 

D099835 0135 

Dooley, John fi. 

00101260 0165 


DD1015?Il 0171 

Doran, J. B. 

SEE Doran, Joyce Bain, 

Doran, Joyce Bain, 

D0101122 0162 

Doret, Diana S, 

D0100202 0113 

Domes, Edith Eouard, 

8610001 0180 

Domes, Roger, 

B6110001 0180 

Doro, Edward, 

D099907 0137 

Dorr, Donald, 

DP10057 012U 

Dorset Historical Society (VT) 
DD101351 0167 


C35517 0119 

Double entendre, 

D099990 0138 

Double feature, 

D0100577 0150 

Double nasquerade, 

E6IJ9361 0187 


D099722 0133 

The Double slug killer, 

B639690 0178 

Double take, 

D099603 0130 

Double trouble.