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Full text of "Catalog of officers, graduates and non graduates of Smith college, Northampton, Mass. 1875-1910"

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3 o 7 




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in 2007 with funding from 

IVIicrosoft Corporation 






Northampton, Mass. 




Preface 3 

Abbreviations 5 

Trustees 7 

Officers of instruction and ad- 
ministration 7 

Alumnae association officers. ... 20 

Class secretaries 21 

Alumnae association branches 

and local clubs 21 

Alumnae association amended 

constitution 22 

Plan for nomination of alumnae 

trustees 25 

Plan for the alumnae council ... 26 

Academic graduates 28 

1879, 1880 28 

1881 29 

1882 30 

1883 32 

1884 34 

1886 '.'A<\ — \ : 36: 

1886 ►.:-..... s.V ^8:' 

1887 ....,.,...,-....40 

1888 A\ .;. •*..*. :', :. •. '. ..; • 1 42 

1889 '..*..'.. '45' 


1890 47 

1891 60 

1892 53 

1893 57 

1894 62 

1895 68 

1896 75 

1897 81 

1898 89 

1899 95 

1900 103 

1901 112 

1902 123 

1903 131 

1904 140 

1905 149 

1906 155 

1907 162 

1908 171 

; : 1909 179 

: ',.1910 187 

Music and art graduates and 

' /npngraduates 196 

index 281 


IN 1905 the first biographical catalog was issued by the Alumnae 
association, to supplant for that year the Annual register, 
which has been issued since 1890 and contains an alphabetic 
list of graduates of the college with dates and addresses, together 
with an incomplete list of former nongraduate students who are 
associate members of the Alumnae association. 

According to a vote of the association the biographical catalog 
is to be issued quinquennially, and the current edition of 1910 
includes the contents of the former catalog and in addition the 
graduates and nongfaduates of the classes from 1906 to 1910. 
As before, a complete list of all former students, both graduates 
and nongraduates, has been attempted, with as much personal 
data as might be of general interest and historical value, together 
with a list of all trustees, teachers and other officers. 

A list of the Alumnae association officers since its organization 
in 1881, the class secretaries, the branch associations and local 
clubs, the constitution of the Alumnae association, and the plans 
for nomination of alumnae trustees and alumnae council will be 
found in the contents of this issue. A separate leaflet sent to mem- 
bers only contains current information regarding the Alumnae 

In May, blanks were sent to all former living students and 
every clue followed that might lead to their discovery. By the 
first of July about 2,000 had not returned the blanks, and a postal 
request was sent to each one which reduced ver}?- considerably 
the number of those from whom no direct information was received. 
In these cases the items recorded were obtained from other sources, 
such as the Alumnae quarterly, class secretaries, class books and 
even newspaper items, and are indicated by f after the address. 
When no information has been received to supplement the items 
of the former catalog the entry is followed by %. When no infor- 
mation was obtained of a student after she left college the place 
from which she entered is given. 

There have been 7,025 students at Smith college. Of these 
4,547 received the degrees of B.A, B.L. or B.S. and are eligible to 
membership in the Alumnae association. Of the 2,478 who have 



not received academic degrees those who completed a course of not 
less than one year in the academic department or who are gradu- 
ates of the schools of music or of art may be admitted to associate 
membership by vote of the executive committee. 
Names have been divided into two groups : 

1. Alumnae arranged by classes, each student being entered 
under the year in which she received her degree ; 

2. Students who have not received academic degrees, arranged 
in alphabetic order, the period of time in college being given. 

Names are given in the form used while in college with later 
or other forms in brackets. Permanent addresses have been given 
wherever possible. The precedent of the college catalog has been 
followed in the omission of the word Mass. from the addresses. 
All other states are given, except in the case of New York City, 
which is written simply New York. At the end of each class is 
given the number in the class and the number dead. 

In smaller type are the additional degrees, a statement of study 
pursued after leaving Smith, occupations other than study, fol- 
lowed by personal items of marriage and children. Membership 
in societies is included when the societies are educational in the 
technical sense or professional and cover a national or international 
field. The index includes all names which appear in the catalog 
except those of children. 

The bibliographical items have been added to the list in the 
hands of Miss Nina E. Browne. It is hoped that this list may be 
issued later as a separate publication. 

The committee regrets that owing to the large number of stu- 
dents it was found impracticable to publish all the items given on 
the blanks, but they will be kept on file at the general secretary's 
office in Northampton for future reference. 

In order that the records for the next issue of the catalog 
may be as accurate as possible, all corrections, additions or omis- 
sions should be reported to Miss Florence Homer Snow, general 
secretary, 184 Elm Street, Northampton. 

Caroline Hungerford Mills 82 
Caroline Williams Brewster 96 
Helen Bruce Story 00 
Florence Homer Snow 04 


Names of life members are in heavy type; nonmembers are shown by 
superior n after surname; others in class lists are annual members. In 
alphabetic list a before names indicates associate members. 


associate member Alum- 

nae assn 


, Amer. board of com- 

missioners for foreign 



Association of collegiate 







American Hbrary asso- 



alumna, — ae 
























bachelor of library sci- 







child, children 


chemistry, chemical 














doctor of osteopathy 


education, — al 








express (co) 












history, — ical 

















mat, med. 

materia medica 


mathematics, — al 




medical, medicine 






month, — s 




not member of Alumnae 





New England 


natural history society 


National educational 



philology, — ^ical 


philosophy, — ic, — al 














psychology,— ic, — al 







Smith college 



Woman's board of for- 

tion for Christian 

eign missions 



year, — s 




Young men's Christian 







Young women's Chris- 
tian association 











used with names 
of streets 












Information obtained at 



second hand 


University of the State 


No information received 

of New York 


last issue 


Hon. Charles H. Allen ll.d. 02— 
Osmyn Baker 71-72 

Ruth Bowles Baldwin b.a. 06 — 
See also under class 87 and Ofl&cers of in- 
William H. Baldwin jr m.a. 98-05 
Rev. Phillips Brooks d.d. 73-78 
Rev. Marion Le Roy Burton ph.d. 
D.D. 10 — 
See also under Officers of instruction 

Hon. Charles N. Clark m.a. 94— 
John B. Clark ph.d. ll.d. 98 — 

See also under Officers of instruction 

Elizabeth Lawrence Clarke ma. 

See also under class 83 

Kate Morris Cone ph.d. 89-94 

See also under class 79 

Anna L. Dawes 89-96 

Honorary member of Alumnae association 

Mary Duguid Dey b.a. 96-02 

See also under class 84 

Hon. James B. Dill ll.d. 06-10 
Charles E. Forbes ll.d. 71 
Laura D. Gill m.a. d.c.l. 08 — 

See also under class 81 

Rev. Arthur L. Gillett d.d. 00 — 
Hon. Edward B. Gillett 71-99 
Rev. John M. Greene d.d. 71 — 

Charlotte C. Gulliver m.a. 95-01 

See also under class 83 
Justina Robinson Hill m.a. 00-06 

See also under class 80 

Hon. George W. Hubbard 71-88 

Rev. William R. Huntington d.d. 

Rt. Rev. William Lawrence d.d. 


Hon. Samuel W. McCall ll.d. 04 — 

Helen Shute Moulton b.a. 02-05 
See also under class 87 and Officers of in- 

Hon. Birdsey G. Northrop ll.d. 

Alice Peloubet Norton m.a. 05-08 

See also under class 82 
Lucia Clapp Noyes m.a. 07 — 

See also under class 81 

Rev. Edwards A. Park d.d. 71-00 
Rev. Andrew P. Peabody d.d. ll.d. 

Julius H. Seelye d.d. ll.d. 71-96 

Rev. L. Clark Seelye d.d. ll.d. 73-10 
See also under Officers of instruction 

Hon. Samuel T. Spaulding 71-78 

Helen Rand Thayer b.a. 01-07 
See also under class 84 

Charlotte Cheever Tucker b.a. 89-95 

See also under class 81 

WiUiam S. Tyler d.d. ll.d. 71-98 
Rt. Rev. Alexander H. Vinton d.d. 

Rodney Wallace 78-03 
Hon. William B. Washburn ll.d. 

Hon. Joseph White ll.d. 71-91 
A. Lyman Williston m.a. 77 — 
Rev. Robert M. Woods m.a. 77-09 

Hon. George W. Hubbard 71-88 
Hon. Charles N. Clark m.a. 88 — 


compiled from official circulars, giving highest title recorded, sub- 

Rev. Marion Le Roy Burton ph.d. d.d. president, 10 — 

Rev. L. Clark Seelye d.d. ll.d. president, 73-10, president emeritus 10 — 

Ellen W. Abbott, in charge Washburn house 81-82 

Herbert Vaughan Abbott b.a. associate professor, English language and lit- 
erature 05 — 
Mrs Rose G. Abbott, in charge Dewey house 05-10 
Lilian Emily Abell b.m. assistant, music 05-07 


Adela W. Adams, instructor, gymnastics 90-91 

Herbert Baxter Adams m.a. ph.d. professor, history 78-81 

Bessie Ely Amerman b.a. assistant registrar Ag-D 06 

See also under class 06 

►Agnes Maria Armstrong b.a. assistant librarian 09 — 

See also under class 00 
Victoria Charlotte Bagier, assistant, French 06-07 

Caroline Isabel Baker b.l. m.a. instructor, English language and literature 02 — 

See also under class 93 
Elizabeth Bishop Ballard b.a. assistant registrar 08-09 

See also under class 07 

Louise Barber b.l. assistant, astronomy 02-03 

See also under class 99 

Amy Louise Barbour b.a. ph.d. instructor, Greek 01 — 

See also under class 91 
Luliona May Barker m.a. fellow, physics 07-08 

See also under class 06 
Charlotte C. Bamum b.a. astronomy 89-90 

Lucy Lord Barrangon b.a. reader, history of art 08 — 

See also under class 00 
Mrs Anna M. Barrows, in charge Wesley house 00-01 
Anne Ide Barrows b.l. m.a. instructor, zoology 99-04 

See also under class 97 

Bertha J. Bartelmann, instructor, German 93-97 
John Spencer Bassett ph.d. professor, history 06 — 
Emma Bates b.m. associate professor, music 04 — 

See also under Music and art graduates and nongraduates 

Mary Louise Bates, painting and drawing 84-88 
Mary A. Bemis, assistant, gymnastics 97-99 
Augusta Bender, German 91-92 
Suzan Rose Benedict m.a. instructor, mathematics 06 — 

See also under class 95 

Mary Lathrop Benton b.a. professor, Latin 97 — 

Elizabeth Berenson, assistant, gymnastics 99-06 

Senda Berenson, director of physical training 92 — 

Amy AUemand Bernardy d.l. associate professor, Italian 02-09 

Margarete Bernkopf , instructor, German 98-09 

Mrs Elizabeth J. Berry, in charge Tyler house 98-09 

Harriet Williams Bigelow b.a. ph.d. associate professor, astronomy 96 — 

See also under class 93 

Hannah Louisa Billings b.a. assistant, physics 06 — 

See also imder class 05 
Mabel Bishop m.a. fellow, zoology 07-09 

See also under class 08 

Armanella Jane Black, assistant, French 07-08 
Frederick Blair, music 05-07 

Sue Avis Blake m.a. assistant, physics 00-02, 03-04 
Grace Eliza Blanchard m.a. fellow, history 08-09 

See also under class 98 

Laura Adella Bliss m.a. a. cm. associate professor, music 04 — 
Benjamin C. Blodgett, mus.d. director of Music school 78-0^ 
• Fanny Borden b.a. b.l.s. associate librarian 03-06 
Louise Both-Hendricksen, French 80-87 


Caroline Brown Bourland b.a. ph.d. associate professor, French and Spanish 
See also under class 93 
Marjorie Bouve, assistant, gymnastics 06-07 

See also under Music and art graduates and nongraduates 

Ruth Standish Bowles b.a, assistant, English 88-89 

See also under class 87 and Trustees 
Harriet Ann Boyd m.a. instructor, Greek 00-06 

See also under class 92 

Stella Stevens Bradford b.a. m.d. assistant, English literature 96-98, examin- 
ing physician 06-09 
See also under class 93 

Margaret Bradshaw ph.d. instructor, English language and literature 02 — 

John Everett Brady ph.d. professor, Latin 88 — 

Laura C. Brant m.a. assistant, physics 09 — 

Mary J. Brewster b.s. m.d. college physician, professor, physiology and anat- 
omy 96-06 

Bertha Phelps Brooks b.a. assistant registrar Ja-Je 07 

See also under class 05 

Edith Imogene Brown b.a. assistant, astronomy 03-04 

See also under class 00 
Grace Adelle Bruce b.a. assistant, chemistry 91-94 

See also under class 91 
Alice H. Bruere b.s. assistant, physics 00-01 

Frances Crosby Buffington b.l, instructor, Spanish Ja-Je 08 

See also under class 01 
• Edith May Burrage b.a. assistant librarian 08 — 

See also under class 99 
Mrs Helen Merwin Burrell, in charge Tyler house Ap 10 — . 

Alice Dacre Butterfield m.a. fellow, chemistry 05-06 

See also under class 03 
Mary E. Byrd ph.d. professor, astronomy 87-06 
Mary Augusta Camp m.d. associate physician 97-06 
Salone di Campello d.l. Italian 01-02 

Rodericka Canfield b.l. resident nurse 06-09, in charge Tenney house 06-08 
in charge Infirmary 08-09 

See also under class 03 
Edward J. Canning, head gardener' 94 — 
Bessie T. Capen, chemistry 77-80 

Herbert DeWitt Carrington ph.d. instructor, German 08 — 
Earnest Cary ph.d. instructor, Latin 08-10 

Julia Harwood Cavemo m.a. professor, Greek !,93 — 

See also under class 87 
Fanny Chamberlayne, elocution 80-81 
J. Wells Champney, professor, drawing and painting 77-80 
Jean Emily Chandler b.a. assistant registrar 09 — 

See also under class 08 

Louisa Sewall Cheever m.a. associate professor, English language and lit- 
erature 00 — 
See also under class 90 
Grace D. Chester b.s. instructor, botany 90-96 
Agnes Chamberlin Childs m.a. assistant, physics 04-06 

See also under class 01 

Alice Louise Childs b.l. assistant registrar 01-07 
See also under class 96 


Emma Chinard, instructor, French 08-09 

Helen Ashhurst Choate m.a. fellow, botany 08-09, assistant, botany 09 — 
See also under class 04 

Bertha Elfreda Christiansen b.a. assistant registrar 09 — 
See also under class 07 

Alfred Vance Churchill m.a. professor, art 05 — 
Rev. John W. Churchill m.a. lecturer, elocution 77-80 
Agnes Grace Clancy b.a. reader, psychology 09 — 

See also under class 08 
Grace Lucretia Clapp m.a. fellow, botany 06-07 
See also under class 05 

Annetta Isabel Clark b.a. assistant registrar 07-09, president's secretary 09 — 

See also under class 04 

John B. Clark m.a. ph.d. ll.d. professor, history and political science 81-93 

See also under Trustees 

Josephine Adelaide Clark b.a. librarian 07 — 
See also under class SO 

Laura Sophronia Clark m.a. instructor, chemistry 07 — 

Mrs Mary Morris Clark, in charge Washburn house 04-07 

William H. Clark, assistant professor, music 77-78 

John M. Clarke m.a. professor, geology and mineralogy 81-83, lecturer 84-85 

Josiah W. Clarke, Latin and Greek 75-77 

Rachael Chadsey Clarke m.a. assistant, English 81-83 

See also under class 81 

Samuel Fessenden Clarke ph.d. lecturer, botany and physiography 81 
Harriet Redfield Cobb m.a. associate professor, mathematics 95 — 

See also under class 89 

Louis Adolphe Coerne, associate professor, music 03-04 

Agnes Cointat, assistant, French 97-99 

Harriet C. Colburn, gymnastics 89-90 

Juha N. CoUes m.a. assistant, physics 97-00 
See also under class 00 

Ellen Parmelee Cook b.s. associate professor, chemistry 90 — 

See also under class 93 

Mary Merrow Cook, assistant, German 08 — 

William L. Cowles m.a. Latin 89-94 

S. Louise Coy, mathematics 76-78 

Regina K. Crandall b.a. assistant, history 96-99 
See also under class 90 

Mrs Mary S. Craven, in charge Hatfield house 95-99 

James W. Crook ph.d. professor, sociology and economics 02-03 

Edward P. Crowell m.a. d.d. lecturer, Latin literature 78-81, 88-89 

John F. Crowell litt.d. economics and sociology 95-97 

Mary Beach Curtis b.a. instructor, elocution 09 — 

See also under class 01 

Mary C. Curtis, in charge Dickinson house 00-01 

Eleanor Philbrook Cushing m.a. professor, mathematics 81 — 

See also under class 79 

Jane Delia Cushing b.a. assistant, English and rhetoric 90-94 

See also under class 89 

Anna Alice Cutler m.a. ph.d. professor, philosophy 93 — 
See also under class 85 


M. Elizabeth J. Czarnomska m.a. professor, English literature 88-04 

See also under class 04 

Esther Ellen Dale, instructor, music 09 — 

Gertrude Damon, instructor, music 08-10 

Mary B. Damon b.a. m.d. college physician, physiology 93-94 

Mrs Fanny A. Dart, in charge Hubbard house 79-84 

Clara Willoughby Davidson m.a. fellow, Biblical literature 07-08 

See also under class 05 

Thomas Davidson lecturer, Greek sculpture 86-87 

Emma Jane Dean b.a. assistant, English 87-88 
See also under class 85 

Bernice Walker Dearborn m.a. fellow, English 06-07 

See also under class 06 

Louise Delpit, associate professor, French 08 — 

Alfred Pearce Dennis ph.d. associate professor, history 98-07 

Mrs Isabel E. Devereux, in charge Lawrence house 99—06 

Amy Eliot Dickerman b.a. assistant, English 05-06 
See also under class 00 

Rev. Samuel W. Dike ll.d. sociology 92-93 

Grace Boorman Dowling ph.b. assistant, English 99-02 
See also under Music and art graduates and nongraduates 

Delphine Duval, French 87-01, in charge Tenney house 95-06 
Nora Gertrude Dyar b.l. assistant, elocution 99-04 

See also under class 97 

Mary Eastman b.a. registrar 01 — 

See also under class 86 

Ella Elizabeth Eaton m.a. assistant, physics and chemistry 81-90 

See also under class 80 

Isabel Eaton b.l. m.a. assistant, English 89-90 

See also under class 88 

Ernst Otto Eckelmann b.l. instructor, German 03-05 

Sophia Hennion Eckerson m.a. fellow, botany 05-06, assistant botany 06-09 

See also under class 05 
Clara Morse Eisenbrey, instructor, gymnastics 06 — 
Mrs Ella Louise Elder, in charge Infirmary 09-10 
Ethel Elliott b.a. assistant, elocution 04-07 
Mary Ellis, rhetoric 83-84 

Charles Franklin Emerick ph.d. professor, economics and sociology 99 — 
Benjamin K. Emerson m.a. ph.d. professor, geology 78 — 

Charlotte Frelinghuysen Emerson b.s. assistant, geology 01-03 
See also under class 95 

William C. Esty m.a. professor, astronomy 78-81 

Herbert E. Everett ph.d. lecturer, history of art 00-05 

Anne Magill Fauntleroy, in charge Baldwin house 08-10 

Bessie Fearey, assistant, gymnastics 01-06 

Samuel A. Fiske m.a. m.d. lecturer, physiology and hygiene 77-82 

Ellen Mary Fitz b.a. assistant, music 06-08 

Mary Fosdick, in charge Washburn house 78-80 

Mary Louise Foster b.a. instructor, chemistry 08 — 
See also under class 91 

Martha E. French, mathematics 79-81 


Mary Adeline Frost m.a. assistant, German 93-97 

See also under class 90 

Louise Stetson Fuller m.a. fellow, history 06-07, reader, history 07 — 

See also under class 04 

Mary Breese Fuller m.a. instructor, history 00 — 

See also under class 94 

William Francis Ganong ph.d. professor, botany 94 — 

Harry Norman Gardiner m.a. professor, philosophy 84 — 

Henrietta Gardiner m.a. instructor, English language and literature 04-05 

Charles E. Garman m.a. professor, psychology 84-85, lecturer, ethics and 

philosophy 85-86, 91-92 
Mrs Jeannette S. Garrison, in charge Hatfield house 99 — 
Rev. John F. Genung ph.d. professor, EngHsh literature 87-88 
Eloise Gerry m.a. fellow, botany 09-10 
Mrs S. D. Gilbert, in charge Morris house 92-94 
Florence Gilman m.d. college physician 09 — 
Else Glokke, assistant, German 06-08 

William H. Goodyear m.a. architecture, sculpture and painting 92-93 
Mary Etta Gorham b.a. registrar 90-95 

See also under class 79 

Florence Alden Gragg ph.d. instructor, Latin 09 — 

Rev. Elihu Grant d.b. ph.d. associate professor, Biblical literature 07 — 

William Dodge Gray ph.d. instructor, history and archaeology 07 — 

Rev. Edwin A. Grosvenor m.a. history 92-94 

Walter David Depue Hadzsits ph.d. associate professor, Latin 04-10 

Sarah Hook Hamilton, instructor, music 06 — 

Elizabeth Deering Hanscom ph.d. professor, EngHsh language and literature 

Flora E. Harpham m.a. assistant, astronomy 93-96 

Julia Gertrude Harrington b.a. assistant, Latin 05-09 
See also under class 04 

Mary Ann Hastings, mathematics 75-76 

Annah Putnam Hazen b.l. m.s. assistant, zoology 00-03 
See also under class 95 

Charles Downer Hazen ph.d. professor, history 94 — 

Klara Hechtenberg, assistant, German and French 96-99 

Edward Bancroft Hedges, music 09 — 

Aida Agnes Heine m.a. fellow, geology 03-05, instructor, geology 05 — 

See also tinder class 03 

Heloise E. Hersey b.a. Anglo Saxon, English language and literature 78-84 
Fanny C. Hesse, in charge Hatfield house 82-93 
John C. Hildt ph.d, instructor, history 06 — 

Emma Pauline Hirth b.a. secretary to Faculty committee on recommenda- 
tions 08-09 

See also under class 05 

Sophie Knowlton Hiss b.a. b.l.s. assistant librarian 07-08 
See also under class 04 

Jessie A. Holmes b.s. assistant, physics 01-04 
Rebecca Wilder Holmes, associate professor, music 03 — 
Frederick R. Honey, lecturer, perspective 84-03 
Jennie K. Hoover, Latin 85-86 

Mrs Rose McK. Hotchkiss, in charge Washburn house 96-04 
Jeanne Houssais, assistant, French 01-02 

Elsie B. Howe m.d. college physician, physiology and anatomy 94-96 
Mrs Mary K. Howes, in charge Washburn house 07 — 

Grace A. Hubbard ma. associate professor English language and literature 
See also under class 87 

Evelyn W. Hugh an, secretary to president 92-93 

Sarah W. Humphrey, history 77-78 

Agnes Hunt b.a. ph.d. instructor, history 06 — 
See also under class 97 

Lucy D. Hunt, gymnastics 77-82 

Mary Frelinghuysen Hurlburt m.a. assistant, physics 04-07 

Louise Hyde ph.b. m.a. fellow, English 09-10 
See also under class 10 

James H. Hyslop m.a. professor, psychology 85-86 

Paule Imbrecq, instructor, French 09 — 

Florence Jackson b.s. m.a. assistant, chemistry 94-97 
See also under class 93 

Mary Lois James m.a. fellow, zoology 05-06, assistant zoology 06-07 

See also under class 04 

Anna Spalding Jenkins b.a. assistant, Latin 95-97 

See also under class 90 

Jessie Marie Jepson b.a. assistant, elocution 07-08 

Lucia Belle Johnson b.a. secretary to Faculty committee on recommenda 
tions 09 — 

See also under class 06 

Lulu Broadbent Joslin m.a. assistant, physics 07-09 

See also under Music and art graduates and nongraduates 

Mary Augusta Jordan l.h.d. professor, English language and literature 84 — 
See also under class 10 

Climena Lyman Judd b.a. assistant registrar 04 — 

See also under class 97 

Marie F. Kapp m.a. professor, German 80 — 
See also under class 04 

Mrs Caroline L. Kasson, in charge Stoddard house 94-99, Wesley house 99-00 

Elsie Herndon Keams b.a. assistant, elocution 08-09 
See also xmder class 06 

Annie Prindle Kellogg b.a. secretary 93-09 

See also under class 88 

Sara Delano Kellogg b.a. librarian 93-96 
See also under class 81 

Harry Welton Kidder b.a. music 08-09 

Eleanor Rosannah Kimball m.a. assistant, zoology 05-06 

Everett Kimball ph.d. associate professor, history 04 — 

Franklin King, superintendent of buildings 92 — 

Frederick A. King m.a. instructor, English literature 98-99 

Elizabeth Kemper Adams pb.d. associate professor, philosophy and education 05- 

William Francis Ganong ph.d. professor, botany 94 — 

Harry Norman Gardiner m.a. professor, philosophy 84 — 

Henrietta Gardiner m.a. instructor, English language and literature 04-05 

Charles E. Garman m.a. professor, psychology 84-85, lecturer, ethics and 

philosophy 85-86, 91-92 
Mrs Jeannette S. Garrison, in charge Hatfield house 99 — 
Rev. John F. Genung ph.d. professor, EngHsh literature 87-88 
Eloise Gerry m.a. fellow, botany 09—10 
Mrs S. D. Gilbert, in charge Morris house 92-94 
Florence Gilman m.d. college physician 09 — 
Else Glokke, assistant, German 06-08 
William H. Goodyear m.a. architecture, sculpture and painting 92-93 

Mary Etta Gorham b.a. registrar 90-95 

See also under class 79 
Florence Alden Gragg ph.d. instructor, Latin 09 — 

Rev. Elihu Grant d.b. ph.d. associate professor, Biblical literature 07 — 
William Dodge Gray ph.d. instructor, history and archaeology 07 — 
Rev. Edwin A. Grosvenor m.a. history 92-94 

Walter David Depue Hadzsits ph.d. associate professor, Latin 04-10 
Sarah Hook Hamilton, instructor, music 06 — 
Elizabeth Deering Hanscom ph.d. professor, English language and literature 

Flora E. Harpham m.a. assistant, astronomy 93-96 

Julia Gertrude Harrington b.a. assistant, Latin 05-09 

See also under class 04 
Mary Ann Hastings, mathematics 75-76 

Annah Putnam Hazen b.l. m.s. assistant, zoology 00-03 

See also under class 95 
Charles Downer Hazen ph.d. professor, history 94 — 
Klara Hechtenberg, assistant, German and French 96-99 
Edward Bancroft Hedges, music 09 — 

Aida Agnes Heine m.a. fellow, geology 03-05, instructor, geology 05 — 

See also under class 03 
Heloise E. Hersey b.a. Anglo Saxon, English language and literature 78-84 
Fanny C. Hesse, in charge Hatfield house 82-93 
John C. Hildt ph.d. instructor, history 06 — 

Emma Pauline Hirth b.a. secretary to Faculty committee on recommenda- 
tions 08-09 

See also under class 05 
Sophie Knowlton Hiss b.a. b.l.s. assistant librarian 07-08 

See also under class 04 
Jessie A. Holmes b.s. assistant, physics 01-04 
Rebecca Wilder Holmes, associate professor, music 03 — 
Frederick R. Honey, lecturer, perspective 84-03 
Jennie K. Hoover, Latin 85-86 


Mrs Elizabeth J. Hopkins, in charge Dewey house 75-90 

Mary Murray Hopkins b.a. instructor, astronomy 06 — 
See also under class 99 

Ruth Hoppin, biology and botany 81-84 

Goldie Printis Horton m.a. fellow, mathematics 09-10 
See also under class 10 

Mrs Rose McK. Hotchkiss, in charge Washburn house 96-04 
Jeanne Houssais, assistant, French 01-02 

Elsie B. Howe m.d. college physician, physiology and anatomy 94-96 
Mrs Mary K. Howes, in charge Washburn house 07 — 

Grace A. Hubbard m.a. associate professor English language and literature 
See also under class 87 

Evelyn W. Hughan, secretary to president 92-93 

Sarah W. Humphrey, history 77-78 

Agnes Hunt b.a. ph.d. instructor, history 06 — 
See also under class 97 

Lucy D. Hunt, gymnastics 77-82 

Mary Frelinghuysen Hurlburt m.a. assistant, physics 04-07 

Louise Hyde ph.b. m.a. fellow, English 09-10 
See also vmder class 10 

James H. Hyslop m.a. professor, psychology 85-86 

Paule Imbrecq, instructor, French 09 — 

Florence Jackson b.s. m.a. assistant, chemistry 94-97 
See also under class 93 

Mary Lois James m.a. fellow, zoology 05-06, assistant zoology 06-07 

See also under class 04 

Anna Spalding Jenkins b.a. assistant, Latin 95-97 

See also under class 90 

Jessie Marie Jepson b.a. assistant, elocution 07-08 

Lucia Belle Johnson b.a. secretary to Faculty committee on recommenda 
tions 09 — 

See also under 06 

Lulu Broadbent Joslin m.a. assistant, physics 07-09 

See also under Music and art graduates and nongraduates 

Mary Augusta Jordan l.h.d. professor, EngKsh language and literature 84 — 
See also under class 10 

Climena Lyman Judd b.a. assistant registrar 04 — 

See also under class 97 

Marie F. Kapp m.a. professor, German 80 — 

See also under class 04 

Mrs Caroline L. Kasson, in charge Stoddard house 94-99, Wesley house 99-00 

Elsie Herndon Keams b.a. assistant, elocution 08-09 
See also under class 06 

Annie Prindle Kellogg b.a. secretary 93-09 
See also under class 88 

Sara Delano Kellogg b.a. librarian 93-96 
See also under class 81 , 

Harry Welton Kidder b.a. music 08-09 

Eleanor Rosannah Kimball m.a. assistant, zoology 05-06 

Everett Kimball ph.d. associate professor, history 04 — 

Franklin King, superintendent of buildings 92 — 

Frederick A. King m.a. instructor, English literature 98-99 


Mary Fake Knox b.a. registrar and secretary 96-01 

See also under class 85 
Alice Kuhn, assistant, French 02-03 

Helen Belden Kuhn b.l. m.a. reader, history 00-07 

See also under class 97 
James Lalor, professor, music 78-80 
Mrs Anna B. Lathrop, in charge Stoddard house 85-94 

Clara Welles Lathrop, instructor, art 06-07 

See also under Music and art graduates and nongraduates 
Susanne Lathrop, assistant, drawing and painting 98-99 

See also under Music and art graduates and nongraduates 
Katharine Alberta W. Layton ph.d. instructor, German 09 — 

Jennette Lee b.a. professor, English language and literature 01 — 

See also under class 86. Perry Jennette B. (Airs Gerald Stanley Lee) 
Otto Eduard Lessing ph.d. instructor, German 02-03 

Elizabeth Dike Lewis b.l. m.a. assistant, rhetoric 98-99 
See also under class 95 

Helen Louise Lewis, assistant, gymnastics 07 — 

Margaret Lewis m.a. assistant, zoology 94-95 
See also under class 93 

Mary Delia Lewis m.a. instructor, EngHsh language and literature 06-08, 09 — 

See also under class 94 
Arthur Livingston ph.d. instructor, Italian 08-09 
Emily PauUne Locke b.l. m.a. assistant, botany 03-05 

See also under class 00 
Susan A. Longwell, English and Saxon literature 84-87 

Eleanor Louisa Lord m.a. ph.d. instructor, history 90-94 
See also under class 87 

Eliza H. Lord, mathematics 78-79 

AHce H. Luce ph.d. assistant, rhetoric 96-97 

Clara Julia Lynch b.a. reader, zoology 09-10 
See also under class 03 

Florence M. Lyon b.a. assistant, botany 99-01 
Louise Whiting Lyon b.a. librarian 96 — 

See also under class 92 

Mrs Emily T. Mabon, in charge Wallace house 07-10 

Mrs Lizzie Putnam McCandlish, in charge Hubbard house 09 — 

Mrs Grace E. Mcllvene, in charge Infirmary 98-05, in charge Sunnyside 05 — 

Theresa Booth Maley, assistant, gymnastics 09 — 

Winifred A. Manatt b.a. assistant, German 99-00 

Elizabeth Ellen Mann b.a. head cataloger 07 — 

See also under class 95 

Harriet Goodrich Martin b.a. reader, EngHsh Hterature 01-03 
See also under class 99 

Elizabeth Spaulding Mason b.a. associate professor, chemistry 96 — 

See also under class 87 

Grace Whiting Mason b.a. reader, English literature 03-04 

See also under class 02 

Richard H. Mather m.a. d.d. lecturer, German literature and art 78-79, 81-82, 

Lina H. Mauldre, French 92-94 

Lola Maverick b.a. assistant, mathematics 01-02 
See also under class 97 

Ernst Heinrich Mensel ph.d. professor, Germanic languages and literatures 1 — 


Anna Elizabeth Miller ph.b. instructor, German 99 — 

Marie Murkland m.a. fellow, philosophy 07-08 

See also under class 06 

Mrs Abby R. Neill, in charge Morris house 05-08 

Rev. H. Humphrey Neill, professor, English literature 87-90 

Anna Grace Newell m.a. instructor, zoology 04-05, 07 — 

See also under class 00 

John H. Niemeyer m.a. professor, drawing and painting 81-86 

Marion Agnes Niles m.a. fellow, music 08-10 

See also under class 07 
Emily Norcross m.a. associate professor, Latin 89-04 
Pearl Adeline Norris, assistant, gymnastics 07-09 
Mary Isabel Northway b.a. assistant, physics 02-03 
Mrs Mary A. Ogden, in charge Dickinson house 04 — 
Florence Farnham Olmsted, instructor, music 07 — 
Robert E. S Olmsted b.a. professor, music 07 — 
Mrs Anna M. O'Neill, in charge Dickinson house 94-04 
Gertrude Orvis, assistant, French 03-07 
Louisa Ostrom, in charge Washburn house 83-87 

Florence Eva Paine b.a. demonstrator, astronomy 09 — 

See also under class 09 
Annie S. Peck m.a. Latin 86-87 
Frederick B. Peck b.a. assistant, geology 93-94 
Ludella L. Peck m.a. professor, elocution 82 — 

See also under class 04 

Jennie May Peers m.a. fellow, music 05-06, instructor, music 07 — 

See also under class 05 

Adeline Pelissier, instructor, French 95 — 

Mary Ruth Perkins b.a. president's secretary 08-09 

See also under class 00 

Ethel Perrin, gymnastics 04-05 

Cornelia Tyler Perry, in charge Clarke house 08 — 

Ralph Barton Perry ph.d. instructor, philosophy 00-02 

Moses Stuart Phelps m.a. ph.d. professor, philosophy 78-83 

Arthur Henry Pierce ph.d. professor, psychology 00 — 

John H. Pillsbury m.a. professor, biology 84-92 

Frances Bell Pinkerton, in charge Wesley and Haven houses 01 — 

Margaret Rebecca Piper b.l. m.a. fellow, English 09-10 

See also under class 01 

AHce Portere-Baur b.a. instructor, French 07 — 

Harry H. Powers m.a. economics and sociology 93-95 

Grace Tyler Pratt b.a. assistant, English language and literature 09-Ja 10 

See also under class 92 


Mary Fake Knox b.a, registrar and secretary 96-01 
See also under class 85 

Carl Frederick Augustus Lange ph.d. associate professor, German 05 — 

Katharine Alberta W. Layton ph.d. instructor, German 09 — 

Jennette Lee b.a. professor, English language and literature 01 — 
See also under class 86. Perry Jennette B. (Airs Gerald Stanley Lee) 

Otto Eduard Lessing ph.d. instructor, German 02-03 

Elizabeth Dike Lewis b.l. m.a. assistant, rhetoric 98-99 
See also under class 95 

Helen Louise Lewis, assistant, gymnastics 07 — 

Margaret Lewis m.a. assistant, zoology 94-95 
See also under class 93 

Mary Delia Lewis m.a. instructor, English language and literature 06-08, 09 — 

See also under class 94 
Arthur Livingston ph.d. instructor, Italian 08-09 

Emily Pauline Locke b.l. m.a. assistant, botany 03-05 

See also under class 00 
Susan A. Longwell, English and Saxon literature 84-87 

Eleanor Louisa Lord m.a. ph.d. instructor, history 90-94 
See also under class 87 

Eliza H. Lord, mathematics 78-79 

Alice H. Luce ph.d. assistant, rhetoric 96-97 

Clara Tulia Lynch b.a. reader, zoology 09-10 

See also under class 03 
Florence M. Lyon b.a. assistant, botany 99-01 
Louise Whiting Lyon b.a. librarian 96 — 

See also under class 92 

Mrs Emily T. Mabon, in charge Wallace house 07-10 

Mrs Lizzie Putnam McCandlish, in charge Hubbard house 09 — 

Mrs Grace E. Mcllvene, in charge Infirmary 98-05, in charge Sunnyside 05 — 

Theresa Booth Maley, assistant, gymnastics 09 — 

Winifred A. Manatt b.a. assistant, German 99-00 

Elizabeth Ellen Mann b.a. head cataloger 07 — 

See also under class 95 

Harriet Goodrich Martin b.a. reader, English literature 01-03 
See also under class 99 

Elizabeth Spaulding Mason b.a. associate professor, chemistry 96 — 

See also under class 87 

Grace Whiting Mason b.a. reader, English literature 03-04 

See also under class 02 

Richard H. Mather m.a. d.d. lecturer, German literature and art 78-79, 81-82, 

Lina H. Mauldre, French 92-94 

Lola Maverick b.a. assistant, mathematics 01-02 
See also under class 97 

Ernst Heinrich Mensel ph.d. professor, Germanic languages and literatures 01 — 


Anna EKzabeth Miller ph.b. instructor, German 99 — 

Etta Laura Miller b.l. m.a. assistant, English literature 94-97 

See also under class 92 
Silas Reed Mills, associate professor, music 99-07 
Ina Annette Milroy ph.d. assistant, physics 06-08 

Caroline Tilden Mitchell b.l. m.a. instructor, history 02-04 

See also under class 97 
Wilson Townsend Moog, instructor, music 08 — 
Henry L. Moore ph.d. professor, economics and sociology 97-02 
Georgianna A. Morrill ph.d. instructor, English 99-01 
Marie Murkland m.a. fellow, philosophy 07-08 

See also under class 06 

Mrs Abby R. Neill, in charge Morris house 05-08 

Rev. H. Humphrey Neill, professor, English literature 87-90 

Anna Grace Newell m.a. instructor, zoology 04-05, 07 — 

See also under class 00 
John H. Niemeyer m.a. professor, drawing and painting 81-86 

Marion Agnes Niles m.a. fellow, music 08-10 
See also under class 07 

Emily Norcross m.a. associate professor, Latin 89-04 
Pearl Adeline Norris, assistant, gymnastics 07-09 
Mary Isabel Northway b.a. assistant, physics 02-03 
Mrs Mary A. Ogden, in charge Dickinson house 04 — 
Florence Farnham Olmsted, instructor, music 07 — 
Robert E. S. Olmsted b.a. professor, music 07 — 
Mrs Anna M. O'Neill, in charge Dickinson house 94-04 
Gertrude Orvis, assistant, French 03-07 
Louisa Ostrom, in charge Washburn house 83-87 
Florence Eva Paine b.a. demonstrator, astronomy 09 — 

See also under class 09 
Annie S. Peck m.a. Latin 86-87 
Frederick B. Peck b.a. assistant, geology 93-94 
Ludella L. Peck m.a. professor, elocution 82 — 

See also under class 04 

Jennie May Peers m.a. fellow, music 05-06, instructor, music 07 — 

See also under class 05 
Adeline Pelissier, instructor, French 95 — 

Mary Ruth Perkins b.a. president's secretary 08-09 

See also under class 00 
Ethel Perrin, gymnastics 04-05 
Cornelia Tyler Perry, in charge Clarke house 08 — 
Ralph Barton Perry ph.d. instructor, philosophy 00-02 
Moses Stuart Phelps m.a. ph.d. professor, philosophy 78-83 
Arthur Henry Pierce ph.d. professor, psychology 00 — 
John H. Pillsbury m.a. professor, biology 84-92 
Frances Bell Pinkerton, in charge Wesley and Haven houses 01 — 
Margaret Rebecca Piper b.l. m.a. fellow, English 09-10 

See also under class 01 

Alice Portere-Baur b.a. instructor, French 07 — 
Harry H. Powers m.a. economics and sociology 93-95 

Grace Tyler Pratt b.a. assistant, English language and literature 09-Ja 10 
See also under class 92 


Waldo Selden Pratt m.a. mus.d. lecturer, history and science of music 97-08 
Grace Alma Preston m.d. college physician, anatomy and physiology 87-93 

See also under class 82 

Kate E. Prince, music 77-78 

Alvara Proctor b.a. demonstrator, physics 08-09 

See also iinder class 07 

Ethel Dench Puffer b.a. instructor, mathematics 92-95 

See also under class 91 

Louise Radzinski, French 87-92 

Susan Miller Rambo b.a. assistant, mathematics Ja 08 — 

See also under class 05 

Grace Potter Reynolds m.a. assistant, chemistry 05-06 

See also under class 04 

Mrs Caroline Wilding Rhein, in charge Morris house 08 — 
Mrs Eliza B. Rice, in charge Albright house 00 — 
Eliza O'B. Rice, instructor, German 97-01 
Mrs E. B. Richards, in charge Hatfield house 77-82 
Marian Edwards Richards m.a. fellow, philosophy 01-02 

See also under class 99 

Mary Lilias Richardson m.a. instructor, Latin 04 — 

See also under class 94 

Chalfant Robinson ph.d. associate professor, history 04-06 

Clara J. Robinson, in charge Dewey house 97-98 

Mrs Esther T. Robinson, in charge Chapin house 03 — 

Mrs Eva E. Robinson, in charge Washburn house 87-96 

Grace V. Robinson, secretary 90-91 

Mrs Sarah A. K. Robinson, in charge Wallace house 89-07 

Mary Josephine Rogers b.a. demonstrator, zoology 06-08 

See also under class 05 

Margaret Rooke, instructor, Italian 09 — 

Elihu Root m.a. ph.d. professor, physics 77-78 

Pauline Root m.d. college physician, in charge Tenney house 06-09 

Mrs Harriet W. Rosseter, in charge Dewey house 90-05 

Louise W. Rosseter, instructor, gymnastics 97 — 

Frances Rousmaniere ph.d. instructor, philosophy 08-10 

Olive Rumsey b.l. m.a. instructor, English language and literature 01-07 

See also under class 93 

Florence Rena Sabin b.s. m.d. assistant, zoology 95-96 

See also under class 93 

Myra Melissa Sampson ph.b. demonstrator, zoology 09 — 

Kate A. Sanborn, English literature 80-83 

Frank K. Sanders ph.d. Biblical literature 92-93 

Gertrude C. Schmidt b.l. assistant, German 01-02 

Emma Maria Scholl ph.d. instructor, German 06-10 

Mary Augusta Scott ph.d. professor, English language and literature 97 — 

Mrs Sara L. Scudder, in charge Hatfield house 93-95 

Susan Russell Seaver b.a. fellow, physics 05-06 

See also under class 01 

Harriet Chapin Seelye b.a. registrar and secretary 95-96, assistant, German 

See also under class 88 


Helen Winifred Shute b.a. assistant, German 87-93 

See also under class 87 and Trustees 

Mary Appleton Shute b.a. assistant, Greek 88-93 
See also under class 87 

St George Leakin Sioussat ph.d. instructor, history 99-04 

Henry Dike Sleeper f.a.g.o. professor, music 03 — 

Bertha Wolcott Slocomb b.m. instructor, music 07 — 

See also under Music and art graduates and nongraduates. Wolcott Bertha Maria (Mrs 
Charles Slocomb) 

Charles Sprague Smith m.a. lecturer, modern literature 87-88, Spanish litera- 
ture 92-93 
Edward R. Smith m.a. art 80-81 
Frances Curtis Smith b.a. assistant, French 99-00 

See also under class 96 

Frances Grace Smith m.a. ph.d. instructor, botany 00-03, 05 — 

See also under class 93 

Grace Angeline Smith b.s. assistant, botany 96-99 

See also under class 94 

William G. Smith m.a. ph.d. psychology, ethics 95-00 
E. Hershey Sneath ph.d. ethics 92-93 
JuHa Warner Snow ph.d. associate professor, botany 01 — 
Edith Louise Spencer m.a. fellow, botany 07-08 

See also under class 02 

Pauline Sperry m.a. fellow, music and mathematics 07-08, assistant, mathe- 
matics 08 — 

See also under class 06 

Louis C. Stanton, music 78-79 

E. Harriet Stanwood, Latin 78-79 

John Tappan Stoddard m.a. ph.d. professor, physics 78-80, chemistry 80 — 

Jessie Mae Stokely m.a. fellow, history 08-10 

See also under class 09 

Charlotte Sackett Stone b.l. assistant, rhetoric 94-95 
See also under class 93 

Edwin Bruce Story f.c.m. associate professor, music 79-09 

Helen Bruce Story m.a. reader. Biblical literature 01 — 
See also under class 00 

Beulah Strong, instructor, art 07 — 

Caroline Louise Sumner b.a. instructor, Latin 07-08 

See also under class 90 
Sarah Taber, assistant, chemistry 80-81 

See also under Music and art graduates and nongraduates 

Mrs Mary G. Tallant, in charge Morris house 94-05 

Albert Taylor, music 07-08 

Maud Taylor m.d. assistant examining physician"09 — 

Mary E. Tenny, French and history 79-80 

Mrs Emily Hitchcock Terry, in charge Hubbard house 84-09 

Harriet Wadsworth Terry b.l. assistant, EngHsh 99-02 

See also imder class 96 

Elizabeth Harrington Tetlow b.a. instructor, English language and literature 

Mary Vining Thayer b.a. assistant, physics 91-92 

See also under class 90 
David P. Todd m.a. professor, astronomy 81-87 
Valentine Tournier, assistant, French 94-97 


D wight W. Try on m.a. director, art school 86 — 
Frances Maria Tyler b.a. assistant, English 91-94 

See also under class 84 

Frederick W. Tyler, instructor, Latin 87-88 

Henry M. Tyler m.a. d.d. professor, Greek 77 — 

John M. Tyler m.a. professor, biology 79-81 

Alexander T. Van Laer, art 05-06 

Mrs Grace C. Van Vleck, in charge Lawrence house 06 — 

Jennie Thomas Vennilye b.s. assistant, astronomy 01-02 

See also under class 97 
Sophie Vernet-Wanston, instructor, French 07-08 
George Clifford Vieh, professor, music 09 — 

Berthe Vincens m.a. professor, French 00 — 

See also under class 10 
Margaret Hamilton Wagenhals m.a. fellow, English 06-07 

See also under class 03 
Gertrude Annie Walker b.a. m.d. gymnastics 86-89 

See also under class 85 

Louise B. Wallace b.a. assistant, zoology 96-99 

Madeleine Wallin ph.m. assistant, history 94-96 

See also under Music and art graduates and nongraduates 
Lucy Hunt Warner b.a. demonstrator, astronomy 06-07 

See also under class 99 
Frank Allan Waterman ph.d. professor, physics 97 — 

Grace Blair Watkinson m.a. ph.d. assistant, zoology 08-09 

See also under class 02 
Essie Josephine Watson m.a. assistant, English and Anglo Saxon 83-87 

See also under class 82 
Grace Watson, instructor, gymnastics 91-92 
Mary Eunice Wead b.a. reference librarian 06 — 

See also under class 02 

George N. Webber d.d. professor, philosophy 83-84, lecturer, ethics 84-91 

Mary Crowell Welles b.a. ph.d. instructor, Greek 99-01 

See also imder class 83 
Ella F. Wellman, elocution 81-82 

Georgia Laura White ph.d. associate professor, economics 03 — 
Maria Whitney, French and German 77-80 

Helen Isabel Whiton m.a. ph.d. assistant, Enghsh literature 98-02 
See also under class 94 

Isabel Caldwell Wight b.l. assistant librarian 06-09 

See also under class 03 

Inez Whipple Wilder ph.b. m.a. instructor, zoology 02 — 

See also under class 04. Whipple Inez L. (Mrs Harris H. Wilder) 
Harris Hawthorne Wilder ph.d. professor, zoology 92 — 
Clara Belle Williams b.a. assistant, elocution 08 — 
Harriet J. Williams, Latin 79-85 
Helen Isabelle WilHams, instructor, French 97 — 
James M. Williams b.a. b.d. instructor, economics 02-03 
Mary Ella Williams, instructor, music 09 — 
Mary Rogers Williams, instructor, drawing and painting 88-06 
Caleb T. Winchester d.l.h. lecturer, Shakspere's plays 92-93 
Charlotte Augusta Wolcott b.a. assistant registrar 02-04 

See also under class 86 


Irving Francis Wood m.a. b.d. ph.d. professor, Biblical literature 93 — 

Lucia E. Wood b.a. assistant, rhetoric 95-98 

Ruth Goulding Wood ph.d. associate professor, mathematics 02 — 

See also vinder class 98 
Georgiana Smith Woodbury b.a. in charge Tyler house 09-10 

See also under class 85 

Mrs Louise Webster Woodruff, in charge Lawrence house 92-99, Haven house 

Mary Caroline Woodruff, assistant registrar 93-02 

See also under Music and art graduates and nongraduates 
Katharine Shepherd Woodward b.a. instructor, English language and litera- 
ture 06 — 

See also under class 85 
Elizabeth A. Wright, assistant, gymnastics 92-97 
Mrs Jeanette I. Wright, in charge Washburn house 80-81 
Mary V. Young ph.d. instructor, French and Italian 99-01 





Eleanor P. Gushing 81-83 
Charlotte B. Cheever 83-85 
Amelia L. Owen 85-87 
Charlotte C. GulHver 87-91 
Mary E. Duguid 91-95 


Elizabeth B. Cheever 95-99 
Lucia Clapp Noyes 99-03 
Kate Morris Cone 03-05 
Martha Wilson 05-09 
Elizabeth Lawrence Clarke 09- 

Amelia L. Owen 81-83 
J. Justina Robinson 81-84 
Kate E. Morris 83-85 
Mary S. Locke 84-86 
Margarette M. Osgood 85-87 
Mary L. Mason 86-88 
Clara French 87-89 
Grace A. Preston 88-90 
Elizabeth C. Lawrence 89-91 
Elizabeth B. Cheever 90-92 
Louise A. Husted 91-93 
Alice Gale Jones 92-94 
Helen Holmes 93-95 
CaroHne S. Austin 94-96 
Grace A. Bruce 95-97 
Grace A. Hubbard 96-98 


Ruth Bowles Baldwin 97-99 

Charlotte S. Stone 98-99 

Mary B. Whiton 99-00 

Gertrude Gane 99-00 

Ellen Holt 00-02 

Mary Frost Sawyer 00-03 

Anna Gilmour de Forest 02-04 

Eleanor E. Cutler 03-05 

Cornelia R. Trowbridge 04-06 

Mary F. Knox 05-07 

♦Charlotte Wilkinson Bragdon 06- 

Dec. 07 
Sara Duryea Hazen Ja-Je 08 
Florence Lord King 07-09 
Caroline Hungerford Mills 08-10 
Anne W. Safford 09- 
Ruth B. Johnson 10- 


Mary S. Loclce 81-84 
Mary B. Daniels 84-88 
Helen C. Rand 88-92 
Netta Wetherbee Higbee 92-94 
Julia H. Cavemo 94-96 
Abbie W. Covel 96-00 

Eleanor H. Nichols 00-01 
Margaret Kennard (Mrs Woodworth) 

Ellen T. Emerson 06-10 
Elizabeth F. Whitney 10- 


S. Alice Brown 81-05 

Mary H. A. Mather elected 85 but did not serve 

Abbie W. Covel 05-07 

Ethel Hale Freeman 07- 

i* Deceased 



Charlotte Cheever Tucker 89-95 
Kate Morris Cone 89-94 
Anna L. Dawes 89-96 
Elizabeth Lawrence Clarke 94-00 
Charlotte C. Gulliver 95-01 
Mary Duguid Dey 96-02 
Justina Robinson Hill 00-06 

Alumnae Trustees 

Helen Rand Thayer 01-07 
Helen Shute Moulton 02-05 
Alice Peloubet Norton 05-08 
Ruth Bowles Baldwin 06- 
Lucia Clapp Noyes 07- 
Laura Drake Gill 08- 


1879 Mrs Kate Morris Cone 

1880 Mrs Netta Wetherbee Higbee 

1881 Mrs Anna Hoyt Washburn 

1882 Miss Mary Gulliver 

1883 Miss Charlotte Chester Gulliver 

1884 Miss Caroline Belle Sergeant 

1885 Miss Ruth Baker Franklin 

1886 Miss Mary Adele Allen 

1887 Mrs Celeste Hough Drury 

1888 Miss Florence Kate Bailey 

1889 Miss Lucy EUis Allen 

1890 Miss Mary V. Thayer 

1891 Miss Catherine Augusta Dole 

1892 Mrs Katherine Haven Upton 

1893 Mrs Harriet Holden Oldham 

1894 Miss Edith Alice Harkness 

1895 Miss Bessey Borden 

1896 Mrs Eleanor Bush Woods 

1897 Miss Lucy Stoddard 

1898 Miss EHsabeth Bates Thacher 

1899 Mrs Edith Kelly Davis 

1900 Miss Amy EHot Dickerman 

1901 Mrs Elizabeth McGrew Kim- 


1902 Miss Mary Pardee Allison 

1903 Miss Grace Pierpont Fuller 

1904 Miss Muriel Sturgis Haynes 

1905 Miss Marie Lois Donohoe 

1906 Miss Fannie Furman 

1907 Miss Virginia Jeffrey Smith 

1908 Mrs Helen Hills Hills 

1909 Miss Eunice Denison Reming- 


1910 Miss Dorothy Waterman 

Branches of the Alumnae association exist in the following cities and dis- 
tricts (the list is given in the order of organization) : 

Boston, Mass. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Chicago, 111. Cincinnati, O. 

Western Massachusetts St Paul and Minneapolis, Minn. 

New York City St Louis, Mo. 

Worcester, Mass. Rhode Island 

Syracuse, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. 

Hartford, Ct. Colorado 

Fitchburg, Mass. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Southern California 

The following places maintain local clubs: 
Cleveland, O. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Detroit, Mich. Gloucester, Mass. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

The clubs of Washington, D. C. and Franklin County, Mass. have been 



Article 1 Name and Object 

This society shall be called the Alumnae Association of Smith 
College. Its objects shall be to further the well-being of the col- 
lege and its graduates by increasing the interest of members in 
the college and in each other. 

Article 2 Members 

§ 1 The association shall have three classes of members, viz: 
active, associate and honorary. 

§ 2 Any graduate of the college may become an active member 
by signing the constitution. 

§ 3 Any person who has completed satisfactorily a course of 
not less than one year in the academic department of the college, 
or who is a graduate of the schools of music or of art, may be ad- 
mitted to associate membership, by vote of the executive com- 
mittee, after the class with which she entered shall have been 

The privileges and obligations of active and associate members 
shall be the same, except that associate members shall not vote nor 
be eligible to office. 

§ 4 Any person having a collegiate course of four years (at 
least two years of it at Smith College) may become an honorary 
member of the society at the unanimous request of her class and 
by a three-fourths vote of the association. 

Any person taking a higher degree than b.a. at the college may 
be made an honorary member of the society. 

Honorary members shall be entitled to attend the social and 
open meetings of the association. 

Article 3 Officers 
The officers of the society shall be a president, two vicepresi- 
dents (first and second in the order of their election), a secretary, 
and a treasurer. These officers shall constitute an executive com- 
mittee. The president of each class shall be ex officio the vice- 
president of the association, but not a member of the executive 


Article 4 Duties of Officers 

The duties of the president, vicepresident, and secretary shall 
be those commonly appertaining to these offices. The treasurer 
shall receive the funds of the association, and disburse them at the 
discretion of four of the executive committee. The annual report 
shall be examined by an auditor appointed by the executive com- 
mittee. The executive committee shall look to the general interests 
of the society. 

Article 5 Executive Committee 

The executive committee shall have charge of all arrangements 
of meetings, and shall have power to fill any vacancies arising 
among its officers for the remainder of the term. 

Article 6 Elections and Terms 

The officers shall be chosen by ballot at the regular annual 
meeting of the association, and they shall serve two years. For 
election of them, a three-fourths vote of members present shall be 

The treasurer shall hold office for five years. (By amendment.) 

Article 7 Meetings 

The regular annual meeting shall be held during commencement 
week. In addition to this, special meetings may be called at any 
time by the executive committee, and shall be so called at the re- 
quest in writing of ten members. (See by-law 3.) 

Article 8 Amendments 

This constitution may be amended at any time provided notice 
of the proposed amendment with a printed ballot be sent to each 
member of the association with the call for the annual meeting 
issued at least a month previous thereto, and two- thirds of all the 
returns received by the secretary before the date of the annual 
meeting favor the amendment. (By amendment June, 1910.) 


1 Every member of the association shall pay $1 annually to 
defray contingent expenses. Any alumna may become a life mem- 
ber of the association by a single payment of $30. 


The annual fee shall become due on June 15 of each year, and 
the membership of each alumna shall date from June 15 of the year 
in which she shall sign the constitution. 

The annual fee of $1 may be remitted sub silentio by the presi- 
dent and treasurer when they deem it advisable. 

2 After the first election no one shall be eligible for the office 
of president who has not been a member of the association at 
least three years. (By amendment June, 1909.) 

3 Notice of each meeting shall be sent to each member by 
the secretary, in writing, at least two weeks before the time ap- 
pointed for the meeting. 

The minutes of each annual meeting, embodying the substance 
of all reports, shall be printed with the annual register, and sent 
to each member of the association as early in the year as possible. 
(By amendment June, 1909.) 

4 Committees for various purposes not defined in the preceding 
articles or by-laws may be appointed at the discretion of the as- 

Such committees shall have at their disposal the money raised 
for their respective purposes. 

5 No graduate shall be entitled to vote in this association until 
one year after her graduation. 

6 Any local Smith College club analogous in object to the gen- 
eral association may be registered as a branch of the Alumnae 
association by complying with the following requirements: 

(1) A club shall have at least twenty-five (25) members who are 
no longer undergraduate students of the college. 

(2) Graduate members of each club who are members of the 
general association shall elect from their number three who shall 
serve as trustee electors in accordance with the provisions outlined 
in the plan for nomination of alumnae trustees, as published in the 
annual register. Only graduate members who are members of the 
general association shall vote in the nomination of candidates for 
alumnae trustee and in all other matters pertaining directly to the 
Alumnae association. In all other matters, including the election 
of and service as alumnae councillor, the privileges and obligations 
of graduates and of nongraduates may be the same. (By amend- 
ment June, 1910.) 


(3) Officers, electors and councillors of all local associations 
for the ensuing year shall be elected after May first and their names 
must be in the hands of the secretary of the Alumnae association 
before November -first. 

(4) Branch associations shall make their own by-laws govern- 
ing all points except those hereby specified. (By amendment 
June, 1909.) 


Adopted June 19, 1900 

1 Each branch or local association shall choose, at each annual 
meeting, or a special meeting called for the purpose, one elector 
to serve for three years; except that, at the first election, three must 
be chosen to serve for three years, two years, and one year respec- 
tively, in accordance with the number of their votes. (By amend- 
ment June, 1910.) 

2 The duties of the electors shall be: (a) To present at a meeting 
of their branch or local association, which meeting must be held 
not later than December 30, the names of not more than five nor 
less than three candidates for each vacancy in the number of the 
alumnae trustees, {b) To forward to the secretary of the Alumnae 
association, before January 1, the names of two candidates in the 
order of their choice, (c) To forward to the secretary of the 
Alumnae association at the same time a statement of the year of 
graduation from Smith of each candidate, degrees received by her, 
positions of trust or responsibility held, the branch or branches 
proposing her and such other facts as may, in the judgment of the 
committee, be useful to the voters. 

3 Graduates of Smith College of not less than ten years' standing 
are eligible as trustees, with the exception of members of the col- 
lege faculty. 

4 Only voting members of the association, whose annual dues 
are paid or have been remitted by the president and treasurer, are 
entitled to vote for a nominee. 

5 The officers of the Alumnae association, consisting of the 
president, two vicepresidents, the secretary, and the treasurer 
shall constitute a nominating committee, whose duty it shall be, 
on or before December 1 of each year, to ask from each of the 


branches and local alumnae associations, through its electors, 
the names of two candidates in the order of their choice ; and on or 
before March 1 of the same year, to select from the list thus obtained 
and to present to the members qualified to vote, the names of not 
more than five nor less than three candidates for each vacancy in 
the number of the alumnae trustees. With these names there shall 
be sent a statement of each candidate's qualifications for office. 
The candidate or, in the event of there being more than one vacancy 
to be filled, the candidates receiving the highest number of votes 
shall be announced as the choice of the alumnae at the annual 
meeting of the association, and presented for election to the board 
of trustees at their June session. In the case of a tie, only the two 
names receiving the same number of votes shall be sent back to the 
electors for the final ballot. 

6 A majority of the nominating committee or a committee 
of at least three appointed by said committee, whose chairman 
must be a member of the nominating committee, shall act as polling 
committee to count the ballots. (By amendment June, 1906.) 

7 All other business pertaining to the nomination of alumnae 
trustees, not herein specified, shall be conducted by the nominating 
committee here designated. 

The candidates nominated by the Alumnae association and 
elected by the board of trustees hold their positions as representa- 
tives of the association on the board for a period of three years. 

Adopted June 19, 1906 

1 The alumnae trustees during their term of office and for a 
period of the three years at the close of their term, the officers of 
the Alumnae association, one delegate from each registered local 
association or club having a membership of at least twenty-five and 
an additional delegate from each association or club having a mem- 
bership of more than one hundred, shall constitute an Alumnae 

2 A committee of five from said council, consisting of the presi- 
dent and secretary of the Alumnae association (the latter to serve 


as secretary to the council), one alumna trustee, chosen by the 
three alumnae trustees, and two other members of the council, 
chosen by the president of the Alumnae association, shall meet at 
the college in January each year to confer with the president, the 
faculty and the undergraduates in regard to efficient lines of service 
open to the Alumnae association, — a report of the conference to be 
sent to each member of said council within two months of the 
meeting. (By amendment June, 1908.) 

3 The said Alumnae council shall meet in Northampton within 
a week before commencement to act on the report of the above 
committee and prepare recommendations to be submitted to the 
Alumnae association at its annual meeting. 

4 The Alumnae association shall bear the entire expense of the 
January conference, and the expenses of the ex-trustees for the 
June conference; the expenses of other members of the council 
shall be met by them individually or by their local associations. 






Adkins"' Mary b.a. (Mrs Edward 
Miles Brown) Milford Del.t 

m. 25 Ap 82 

Bonney^ Mary Herrick b.a. (Mrs 
Frederic Eustace Smith) 
1410 Adams st. Saginaw W.S. 

teacher 79-80; m. 20 Jl 80; ch. Clinton 
Alexander b. 6 Jl 81, Leigh Williard 
b. 8 My 86 d. 19 N 86, Sidney Bonney 
b. 23 O 93 

Gushing Eleanor Philbrook b.a. 
76 Elm st, Northampton 

M.A. 82; teacher Bath Me. high sch. 79-80, 
Miss Bangs' sch. New Haven Ct. 80-81, 
(math.) Smith 81-83, head (math, dept) 
83 — ; pres. Smith alum, assn 81-83 

Gorham Mary Etta b.a. (Mrs James 
Freeman Bush) Greenfield 

teacher 8 yr; registrar Smith 90-95, sec. 
Wellesley 95-97; m. 2 Je 97 

Gulliver Julia Henrietta b.a. 

Rockford college Rockford 111. 

Ph.D. 88, OflBcier d'Academie 09; head 
(philos. dept) Rockford col. 90-02; pres. 
Rockford col. 02 — ; mem. Amer. philos. 
assn. Religious educ. assn 

♦Leonard Henrietta b.a. 

d. 21 Ap 92 

Morris Kate Eugenia b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Morris Cone) 
Hartford Vt. 

Ph.D. 82 ; student (medieval hist.) Harvard 
annex 79-82; on exec. com. Smith gym- 
nasium fund 88; alum. trus. 89-94; vice- 
pres. alum, assn 83-85, pres. 03-05; m. 
16 F 84; ch. Margaret Morris b. 6 D 89 
d. 4 Ja 90, Morris Huntington b. 1 D 90 
(Dartmouth 13), Alice Weston b. 12 D 92 
(Smith 13) ; mem. A.C.A, Amer. hist. see. 

Osborne AUce Cook b.a. (Mrs Frank 
Sumner Atwood) 
10 Monroe st. Salem 
teacher Peabody Mass. high sch. 83-84; m. 
8 84; mem. A.C.A. 

Palmer Anna Louise b.a. (Mrs Alex- 
ander Williams) Cohasset 
m. 28 My 85 (husband d. 08); ch. Louisa 
Folsom b. 87 (Radcliffe 09), Alexander 
b. 89, Anna Elizabeth and Robert Pearce 
b. 94 (Robert Pearce d. 07) 

Warner Harriet Blanche b.a. (Mrs 

Charles Skeele Palmer) 

23 Park pi. Newtonville 
student (German hist.) Leipzig 92-93; 
teacher (classics) Holyoke high sch. 82-86; 
m. 30 S 86; ch. Helen Warner b. 2 S 87, 
Leigh Warner b. 1 Ag 90, Winifred Warner 
b. 18 My 96 

Whiton Mary Bartlett b.a. 

Riverdale av. and W. 252d st. 
New York 

teacher Newark N. J. high sch. 81-83, 
Packer collegiate inst. Brooklyn 83-90; 
assoc. prin. Nat. cathedral sch. 00-06; 
prin. Miss Bangs and Miss Whiton's sch. 
New York 90-00, 06—; vicepres. Smith 
alum, assn 99-00; mem. A.C.A. 

Total 11-*1 


Clark Josephine Adelaide b.a. 
6 West st. Northampton 
student N. Y. state lib. sch. 88-89 ; teacher 
Greenfield Mass. and Rutland Vt. 80-88; 
lib. asst Gray herbarium, Harvard 90-91, 
botanical bibliographer and asst libn U. S. 
dept of agric. 91-00, chief libn 01-07; libn 
Smith 07 — ; mem. A.C.A, A.L.A. 

DevoU Ida Eugenia b.a. (Mrs Charles 

Austin French) 

47 Winter st. Boston 
m. 16 S 85 
Eaton Ella Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs Adam 

Capen Gill) 

Cornell Heights Ithaca N. Y. 

M.A. 83; student (chem, physics) Smith 
81-83; teacher Prospect Hill sch. Green- 
field Mass. 80-81, asst (chem, physics) 
Smith 81-90; m. 2 O 96 

Locke Mary Stoughton b.a. 
M.A. 92, M.A. 92 (hist.) RadclifFe; teacher 
Boston sch. 80-82, New Bedford Mass. 
82-83, Boston Latin sch, 83-85, Baltimore 
Md. 85-90, private sch. Boston 93 — ; sec. 
Smith alum, assn 81-84, vicepres. 84-86; 
mem. Amer. hist, soc, 

Robinson Jennie Justina b.a. (Mrs 
Robert Thomas Hill) 
Plymouth Inn Northampton 
M.A, 87; student (hist, economics) Cornell 
84-85; teacher 80-84; vicepres. Smith 
aliun. assn 81-84; alum. trus. 00-06; 
mem. Washington D. C. board of educ ; m. 
28 D 87; ch. Justina Hamilton b. 1 O 93. 

Seymour May b,a. 

Lake Placid club Essex co. N. Y. 

student Columbia col. sch. of lib. economy 
87, 88-89 ; teacher St Louis Mo. 81-82, Engle- 
wood N. J. 82-86; classifier and cataloger 
Osterhout free lib. Wilkesbarre Pa. 87-88, 
cataloger Colvunbia col. lib. 88-89, classifier 
N. Y. state lib. 89-91, education libn N. Y. 
state lib. 91-06; mem. A.C.A, A.L.A. 

Tate Emma b.a. (Mrs James Monroe 
Hastings) Owego, Tioga co. N.Y. 
teacher Newton N. J. 80-81, Medway Mass. 
81-82, New Salem 82-84, Owego 84-90; m. 
3 S 90; ch. Helen Lucile b. 16 D 91 d. 12 
Mr 09, Mary b. 2 Ja 93 d. 15 S 93, Rebecca 
b. 18 Ap 98 d. 8 My 98, Constance b. 14 Mr 
96, Marjory b. 21 Jl 00, Barbara b. 11 Ja 03 




Tuxbury Helen b.a. 

1808 Spruce st. Philadelphia Pa. 
M.A. 83; student (science) Mass. inst. of 
tech. 80-81, (political economy) Univ. of 
Pa. 87, (botany) Harvard summer sch. 98 ; 
teacher Prospect Hill sch. Greenfield Mass. 
81-87, Chestnut Hill Philadelphia 87-88, 
Mrs Shaw's sch. Boston 88-89, Philadelphia 
89-94, prin. Raymond acad. Camden N. J. 
94-98, teacher Miss Hay ward's sch. Phila- 
delphia 98-99, Miss Hill's sch. for girls 99 — ; 
mem. A.C.A, 

Wetherbee Netta EHzabeth b.a. (Mrs 

Edwin Wilbur Higbee) 

6 West St. Northampton 
teacher Winchester Mass. high sch. 82-84, 
prin, Maplewood inst. Pittsfield 84-85, 
assoc. prin. private sch. Rutland Vt. 85-86 ; 
sec. Smith alum, assn 92-94; m. 11 My 86 
ch. Earl Van Vliet b. 1 Ag 93 

Total 9 

Barnard Mary Amelia b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick Hayward Daniell) 
60 View St. Franklin N. H. 
m. 20 Je 89 ; ch. William Barnard b. 1 Ap 
90, Marguerite b. 27 Ap 92 (Smith 14) 

Brown Sarah Alice b.a. 

66 Marlborough st. Boston 
student (physics) Mass. inst. of tech. 81-82, 
85-86; private tutor 81-82; teacher Miss 
Rideout's sch. Brookline 82-83, teacher and 
student in Europe 83-85; visiting teacher 
(science) private sch. Boston and Brookline 
85-87 ; prin. classical sch. for girls 87— ; treas. 
Smith alum, assn 81-05; mem. A.C.A, 
N.E.A, Amer. hist. soc. 

Bryant Martha Jane b.a. (Mrs James 
Hussey Gary) Florence 

teacher 81-83; stenographer 85-95; tutor 
99-04; supervisor Hill inst. Florence 04-08; 
m. 8 O 83; ch. Alice (Mrs James Andrew 
Newlands) b. 16 Ag 84 (B.A. 06 Smith); 
mem. Esperanto assn of N. Amer. 

Cheever Charlotte Barrell b.a. (Mrs 
William Jewett Tucker) 
Occom ridge Hanover N. H. 

pres. Smith alum, assn 83-85; alum. trus. 
89-95; m. 23 Je 87; ch. Elizabeth Wash- 
burn b. 4 Je 89 (Smith 12); stepch. Alice 
Lester (Mrs Frank Haigh Dixon) (B.A. 95 
Smith), Margaret (Mrs Nelson Pierce 
Brown) (Smith 97-00) ; mem. A.C.A. 

Clapp Lucia Maria b.s. (Mrs William 

11 St John St. Jamaica Plain 
M.A. 93 Brown; student (chem, zoology) 
Brown univ. 91-93; teacher 82-94; pres. 
Smith alum, assn 99-03, alum. trus. 07 — ; 
m. 4 S 94; ch. William 3d b. 16 D 96, 
George Clapp b. 25 N 98 ; mem. A.C. A. 

Clarke Rachael Chadsey b.a. 
566 15th St. Des Moines la. 

M.A. 83; student (Eng, philos.) Smith 
81-83; asst (Eng.) Smith 81-83, teacher 
Mrs Shaw's sch. Boston 83-84, prin. Miss 
Clarke's sch. Des Moines 86 — 

Dibble Mary Frances b.a. (Mrs 
Everett Smith) 
1533 18th av. Seattle Wash. 

teacher 81-88; m. 3 Jl 88; ch. Harold Vin- 
cent b. 19 Mr 90 (B.A. 12 Yale), Everett b. 
11 S 92, Irving Dibble b. 30 Ja 97; mem. 

Dunton Harriette Mandana b.a. 
(Mrs Edward Dana) 
26 Madison st. Rutland Vt. 

m. 19 O 81 ; ch. Marion b. 12 Jl 82 (B.A. 04 

Smith), Constance b. 17 Ja 94 

Ensign Mary Louise b.a. (Mrs Fred- 
erick Ward Catlin) 
285 Henry st. Brooklyn Heights 
Brooklyn N. Y. 
M.A. 84; student (Anglo Saxon) Columbia 
83-84, (lit.) Paris 84-85, (art) Julien's 
acadt^rnie Paris, Mimich, Rome 85-93, (lit.) 
Jena 91; writer 95—; m. 23 O 82; ch. 
Randolph b. 6 D 87 (B.A. 08 Princeton, 
LL.B. 10 N. Y. univ. law sch.) 

Gill Laura [Drake] b.a. 
264 Boylston st. Boston 
M.A. 85, D.C.L. 07 Univ. of the South; 
student Smith 81-89, Leipzig 90-92, Lucerne 
92, Sorbonne Paris 92-93; teacher (math.) 
Capen sch. Northampton 81-89, 93-98: 
director Red Cross nurses 98, director of 
Cuban orphan soc. Havana Cuba 99-01, 
dean Barnard col. 01-08; volunteer educ. 
work Washington D. C. 08-10, trus. Clarke 
sch. for deaf Northampton 93 — , N. Y. 
infirmary for women and children 03 — , 
Smith alum. trus. 08 — ; organizer appoint- 
ment bureau Boston 10 — ; mem. A.C.A, N. 

*Gray Emma Cutting Bent b.a. 
d. 2 S 89 

Guyer Carrie [Caroline] Clarkson b.a. 
155 W. 97th St. New York 

student (Eng, Latin) Columbia 02-06; 
teacher private sch. Philadelphia 81-92, 
prin. Washington D. C. 92-98, private 
teacher 98-05; libn 98-05; teacher N. Y. high 
sch. 05 — ; supt Christian Herald children's 
fresh air home Nyack N. Y. summer of 07, 
head girls house Tribune fresh air home 
Ardsley N. Y. summer of 09 

Haven Laura Belle b.a. (Mrs Alfred 
Coester) 1081 Park pi. Brook- 
lyn N. Y.t 

teacher ; m. 7 Jl 98 

♦Heard Sarah Webster b.a. 
d. 30 S 96 Wayland 

Hoyt Anna Marilla b.a. (Mrs George 
Hamlin Washburn) 
377 Marlborough st. Boston 

teacher private sch. New Haven Ct. 81-83, 
Auburn N. Y. 83-84, Rochester N. Y. 
84-86, New Haven Ct. 86-87; m. 22 S 87; 
ch. Anna Loraineb.7 Ag 88 (B.A. 10 Smith), 
George Edward b. 27 F 91, Arthur Hoyt 
b. 18 Mr 93, Alfred Hamlin b. 14 Mr 95, 
Frances Washburn b. 29 Jl 99 d. 9 Mr 00; 
mem. A.C.A. 




Huntington Eliza Prentiss b.a. 

37 Winchester road Newton 

asat Harvard lib. 82-97, Fogg art museiun 
Harvard Ja 06—; mem. A.C.A. 

Kellogg Sarah Delano b.a. 

11 Arnold av. Northampton 

teacher 82-90; libn Smith 93-96; asst libn 
Clarke lib. 98— 

*Lathe Mary Agnes b.a. 

M.A. 94 Chicago univ; d. 20 D 01 Boston 

♦Lewis Frances Wright b.a. 

preceptress R. I. state normal sch. 81-89, 
teacher Government Indian sch. 89-90, pre- 
ceptress Little Falls N. Y. acad. 90-91, 
teacher Los Angeles Cal. high sch. 92, pre- 
ceptress Redlands Cal. high sch. 92-96; 
d. S 08 Long Beach Cal. 

Miner Affa Sophia b.a. (Mrs Charles 

Augustus Tuttle) 

606 W. Wabash av. Crawfords- 

ville Ind. 
teacher Ware Mass. high sch. 82-86; m. 6 
Ja 91 ; ch. Miner Worthington b. 31 Mr 93 
(Wabash col. 13), EUzabeth Mary Affa b. 
11 D98 

Owen Amelia Lucy b.a. (Mrs James 
167 McDonough st. BrooklynJ 

teacher 81-01 ; vicepres. Smith alum, assn 
81-83, pres. 85-87; m. 3 Jl 01; ch. Martha 
b. 7 O 05 

Pearson Helen Sleeper b.a. 

17 Elliott av. Bryn Mawr Pa. 

M.A. 83; student (math.) Bryn Mawr 
91-98; teacher prep. sch. 82-91, (math.) 
Miss Baldwin's sch. Bryn Mawr 92-06, 
Miss Wright's sch. Bryn Mawr 06-10 

Pratt Harriet Maria b.a. (Mrs F. P. 
Barton) North Sudbury J 

Proctor Mary Adaline b.a. 

38 Peabody pi. Franklin N. H. 
private tutor 82-95; sec. Franklin board of 
educ. 92-06, trus. Proctor acad. Andover 
N. H. 09— 

♦Saunderson Laura Maria b.a. (Mrs 
F. B. Hines) 
M.A. 85; d. 27 F 94 Metropolis 111. 

Taylor Isabella Gibson b.a. 
55 Wolcott St. Le Roy N. Y. 

teacher St Catharine's Hall Augusta Me. 
82-85, private sch. Boston 89-04 

Willmer Amy b.a. (Mrs Charles 

Knight Rogers) 

Craneton, Bickley Kent England 
teacher Montclair N. J. high sch. 81-82, 
Miss Seymour's sch. 83-84; m. 24 S 89; 
ch. Lesley Knight b. 12 S 90, Langdon 
WUlmer b. 24 N 91, Agnes Wheeler b. 28 
Ja 94, Eric Malcolm b. 15 Ag 02 

Total 27-*5 

Alden^ Mary EUzabeth b.a. 

103 Montague st. Brooklyn N. Y.t 
M.A. 85; student (Greek, Eng.) Smith 82-83 

Allen Annie Elizabeth b.a. 
263 Harvard st. Cambridge 
student (sanitary chem.) Mass. inst. of tech. 
93-94; teacher (math.) Miss Hersey's sch. 
Boston 83-84, (sanitary science) by corre- 
spondence 87-97; mem. A.C.A. 

♦Ayres Edith Jane b.a. (Mrs Myron 
W. Howe) 
m. 12 Ag 96; d. F 99 Hadley 

Blanchard Grace b.a. Concord N. H. 
libn Concord pub. lib. 95 — ; mem. A.L.A. 

Brooks Esther Clara Herrick b.a. 
25 Brimmer st. BostonJ 
M.D. 86 Univ. of Mich. 

Brown Fanny Chamberlain b.a. 
(Mrs William George Langworthy 

435 N. 25th st. Lincoln Neb. 
M.A. 85; student (hist, political economy) 
Oxford 89-90, Chicago univ. 92-94, honor- 
ary fellow (political science) Chicago univ. 
93-94; teacher Winchester 111. high sch. 
82-83, Lindenwood col. St Charles Mo. 
83-84, Harmon sem. Berkeley Cal. 84-85, St 
Louis Mo. high sch. 85-89, 90-92, teacher 
and lecturer Univ. of Neb. 97-99, 02-07; 
m. 94; ch. Edward Isaac b. 1 F 99; mem. 

Browne Nina Eliza b.a. 
44 Pinckney st. Boston 
M.A. 85, B.L.S. 91 Univ. of State of N. Y; 
student (lit.) Smith 82-83, Columbia lib. 
sch. 87-89 ; teacher 84-87, lib. asst Colum- 
bia lib. 88-89. N. Y. state lib. 89-92, libn 
Library bureau 93-96, sec. A.L.A. publish- 
ing board 96-09 ; mem. A.C.A, A.L.A. 

Clark Sophia Cook b.a. 

52 Crescent st. Northampton 
M.A. 86: student Smith 97-98; teacher 
Carroll 111. 83-85, (German) Bumham sch. 

♦Daniels'* Mary Bryant b.a. 

vicepres. Smith alum, assn 84-88 ; miss'y 
under A.B.C.F.M. 89-09; d. 8 Jl 09 Osaka 

♦Eastman** Maria Rebecca b.a. 

d. 88 
♦Gardner Ada Grant b.a. (Mrs Jo- 
seph Flanders Fielden) 
teacher 82-86; m. 4 My 86; ch. Paul b. 
7 F 87, Margaret b. 8 Ap 88, Laura b. 14 
Ja 90, Andrew Gardner b. 28 O 91, Clarence 
Barnard b. 22 Ag 94, Ruth Elizabeth b. 
30 O 97, Robert Duncan b. 10 N 02; d. 
21 Mr 08 

Goodwin" Clara Kenrick b.a. 
Franklin N. H.f 
teacher Nichols acad. Dudley Mass, Wash- 
ington D. C. high sch. 

Greene Grace Miller b.a. (Mrs Ste- 
phen Cutter Clark) 
49 S. Euclid av. Pasadena Cal. 

M.A. 85; student (Greek) Smith 84-85; 

teacher (Greek, Latin) classical sch. for 

boys Pasadena 89-10; m. 22 Ag 85; ch. 

Grace Eveleth b. 8 D 86, Julia Adeline b. 

7 Mr 89 (Smith 06-08), Stephen Cutter jr 

b. 6 Ac 92 ; mem. A.C. A. 




GruUiver Mary b.a. 

150 Elm St. Northampton 
M.A. 89; grad. Museum of fine arts sch. 
Boston 85; student Museum of fine arts 
86-87; teacher Burnham sch. 88-98; artist 
Paris and Holland 98-03, New York and 
Northampton 03 — 

Hammond** Mary Grace b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Henry Northrop) 
279 Lincoln road Brooklyn N. Y. 
office asst 82-87 ; m. 28 D 87 (husband d. 
26 My 08) ; oh. Mary Grace b. 17 O 88 d. 
13 F 92, Eleanore Hammond b. 19 D 89 
(B.A. 09 Smith), William Nelson b. 6 D 96 

Hungerford Caroline Marsh b.a, 
• (Mrs Silas Reed Mills) 

Room 1030, 294 Washington st. 

M.A. 84; student (Eng, philos.) Smith 82- 
83; teacher (Eng, Amer. lit.) Capen sch. 
Ja 08 — ; vicepres. Smith alum, assn 08-10; 
m. 8 D 85 ; ch. Frances Hungerford b. 20 
D 86 (B.A. 09 Smith), Charlotte Hungerford 
b. 3 Ag 91 

Jackson Annie Brown b.a. 
6 Quincy st. North Adams 
M.A. 85; student Columbia col. lib. sch. 
87-88; pres. board of trus. North Adams 
pub, lib. 96 — ; mem. A.L.A. 

King Fanny b.a. 

4824 Lake av. Chicago 111. 
M.A. 86; student John Marshall law sch. 
02-03; private teacher 85-98, Calumet high 
sch. Chicago 99-02, Englewood high sen. 

Larrison" Eleanor Rose b.a. 

148 Chestnut st. Rochester N. Y.f 

M.A. 88 Cornell; student (Eng. lit.) Cornell 
86-87; teacher (Eng.) La,sell sem. Auburn- 
dale Mass. 82-86, Buffalo N. Y. sem. 87-88, 
Chicago high sch. 88-07 

Luck Emma Josephine b.a, (Mrs 

George Lord) 

Winchester Tenn.J 
M.D. 88 Woman's med. col. of Philadelphia; 
m, 86; ch. Marv Ellen b. 87 d. 88, Grace 
b. 93 d. 94, Marjorie b. 95 

McClellan Katherine Elizabeth b.a. 
44 State st. Northampton 

prin. private sch. 82-83, instructor (Latin, 
Eng.) Miss Moses' sch. New York 83-84, 
private tutor 84-90; photographer 92 — 

McKee [Stitt]"' Isabel Dinwiddie b.a. 
(Mrs William Henry Hidden jr) 
3 Potter park Cambridge 
student (Latin) Cornell 86; teacher 
(French, German) Staunton Va. 90-93, 
(French, German, Latin) Adelphi acad. 
Brooklyn N. Y. 96-98, Miss Drumm's sch. 
New Vork 99; m. 20 My 99 

♦McKeown Ella Maranda b.a. (Mrs 
John A. Wright) 
ch, Adeline Ford b. 30 Ja 94, John Aubrey 
b, 7 S 95; d, 8 S 95 

Milligan** Josephine Ewing b.a. 
Jacksonville 111. 
M.A. 85, M.D. 89 Woman's med. col. of 
N. Y. infirmary; teacher Illinois sch. for 
deaf 4 yr; practising physician; mem. 
Amer. med. assn 

Peabody Susan Perkins b.a. 
Machias Me. 
student (hist, Eng.) Cornell 93-94; teacher 
Vinton la. 83-91, St Cloud Minn, normal 
sch. 91-93, Brooklyn N. Y. high sch. 94 — 

Pellett^ Sarah Frances b.a. 

Chicago university Chicago 111. 

M.A. Cornell 91; student (Latin, Greek) 
Cornell 90-91 ; teacher La Porte Ind, 82-84, 
(hist, Greek) Elmira col. 84-90, 91-92, 
reader (Latin) Chicago univ. 92-94, 02 — , 
Binghamton N. Y. 94-02, instructor 
(Latin) Univ. high sch. 03 — ; mem, Amer. 
philol. assn 

Peloubet Mary Alice b.a. (Mrs Lewis 

Mills Norton) 

Chicago university Chicago 111. 
M.A. 97; student Boston normal sch. of 
household arts 95-96, Mass. inst. of tech, 
95-97, Chicago univ. 04; teacher Brookline 
Mass. 96-00, Chicago inst. 00-01, asst prof, 
(home economics) Sch. of educ. Chicago 
tmiv. 01-04, asst prof, (household adminis- 
tration) Chicago univ. 04 — .director Chau- 
tauqua sch. of domestic science 99 — ; m. 
6 Je 83 (husband d. 26 Ap 93) ; ch. Margaret 
b. 18 Je 84 (B.A. 06 Smith), John Foote 
b. 23 Je 85 (B.S. 06 Mass. inst. of tech.), 
Grace Peloubet b. 13 F 87 (B.A. 07 Chicago 
univ.), Louise Chabrier b. 17 O 88 (Ph.B. 09 
Chicago univ.), Lewis Mills b. 20 Jl 92; 
mem. A.C.A, Amer. chem. soc, N.E.A. 

*Pettibone Mary Cordelia b.a. (Mrs 
James Barber) 
d. 30 Jl 86 

*Preston Grace Alma b.a. 

M.A. 89, M.D. 86 Boston univ. sch. of med, 
M.D. 90 Woman's med. col. of N. Y. infirm- 
ary; physician and teacher (anatomy, 
physiol.) Smith 87-94; vicepres. alum, 
assn 88-90 ; d. 20 Mr 96 Pasadena Cal. 

*Riggs"^ Maria Louise b.a. 

d. 23 Je 97 

Smith Theodate Louise b.a. 
Clark university Worcester 

M.A. 84, Ph.D. 96 Yale; student (psych, 
Eng, German) Smith 83-84, 86, Yale 93-95, 
Harvard summer sch. 94, Clark univ. 95-96, 
Roman catholic univ. 96-97, Cornell F-Je 
00 ; teacher Gardiner Me. high sch. 82-Ja 84, 
Brooklyn Heights sem. 84-86, Mt Vernon 
sem.Washington D. C. 86-93, 96-98. research 
asst to Pres. Hall, Clark univ. 02-09; in 
charge lib. dept and research work chil- 
dren's inst. Clark univ. 09 — ; mem. A.C.A, 
N.E.A, Amer. psych, assn 

*Snell Harriet Margaret b.a. 

M.A. 84; student (psych, philos.) Zarich 
85-86; d. 16 Ag 07 
Soule Haidee Hobart b.a. (MrS 
Henry Edmund Bothfeld) 
101 Tremont st. Boston 

m. 18 Je 85; ch. Haidee b. 13 Ap 86,*Theo- 
dore b. 23 My 88, Helen b. 29 S 93, Henry 
Soule b. 16 F 95 




Tucker Abbie [Abby] Elizabeth b.a. 
84 Elm St. Northampton 
M.A. 97; student (astron, math.) Smith 
94-97; teacher (Greek) Burnham sch. 82-83, 
Lewiston Pa. acad. 83-84, asst Smith col. 
observatory 93-03, computer 03-06; mem. 
British astron. soc. 

Vinton Maria Mitchell b.a. 

15 Halsted pi. East Orange N. J. 
M.A. 86, M.D. 86 Woman's med. col. of 
N. Y. infirmary; student Cornell 82-83, 
European med. study Dresden and Vienna 
96; interne post-graduate hospital New 
York 86-87; instructor physical diagnosis 
Woman's med. col. N. Y. infirmary 87-89; 
dispensary physician 87-93 ; med. inspector 
New York health dept 98-10; med. ex- 
aminer New York Tribune fresh air fund 
92-08, St Vincent de Paul fresh air fund 
soc. 98-10, lecturer New York dept of educ. 
00-04; mem. Amer. med. assn 
Watson Essie [Esther] Josephine b.a. 

1 1 Union st. Greenfield 
M.A. 83 Cornell; student (EngO Cornell 
82-83, (North European lang.) Gottingen 
87-89, (French) Tours France summer of 
95; asst (Eng.) Smith 83-87; prof, (lang.) 
R. I. state col. 92 — ; mem. A.C.A. 
Wright EHzabeth Boleyn [BuUen] 

B.A. (Mrs Azel Farnsworth Hatch) 

75 West St. Northampton 
teacher 84-04; in charge White Lodge 
Northampton 07-10; m. 26 Je 94 (husband 
d. 28 N 06); oh. Azel Farnsworth jr b. 
8 Jl 96, stepch. Alice Venilia (Mrs James 
A. Nelson) (Smith 00-04), Helen (Mrs 
J. F. Cheney) (Smith 01-02) 

Total 37-*9 

Aldrich Annette Rowland b.a. 
Freeport Me. 
class of 82; teacher Freeport high sch. 
82-83, West End inst. New Haven Ct. 
83-86; libn Bartol lib. Freeport 03— 
Anthony Mary Stuart b.a. 
1455 Beacon st. Brookline 
student (Latin) Harvard simimer sch. 98; 
teacher (classics) Dover N. H. high sch. 
85-86, Bradford acad. 86-01, Miss Porter's 
sch. Farmington Ct. 02-03, Quincy mansion 
sch. Wollaston Mass. 05-10 
Brooks Frona Marie b.a. (Mrs Mor- 
gan Brooks) Urbana 111. 
M.A. 93; student (Eng, French, philos, 
economics) Harvard annex 84-86; m. 24 
Ap 88; ch. Henry Morgan b. 2 S 89 (student 
at Harvard), Charles Franklin b. 2 My 91 
(student at Harvard), Frances b. 7 N 93, 
Frederick Augustus b. 1 My 95, Roger 
b. 22 D 96, Edith b. 11 Ja 99, Frona Mar- 
guerite b. 18 Ja 01, Dorothy Prescott b. 
11 D05; mem. A.C.A. 
Bush Sally b.a. Salem Ore. 
Clark Mary Annie b.a. (Mrs Emlyn 
Valentine Mitchell) 
14 Charter Oak pi. Hartford Ct.J 
m. 25 O 83 ; ch. Jean b. 28 Ap 86, Ruth b. 
13 S 88, Edwin Valentine b. 24 Ap 90, 
Blanche b. 6 N 91 

Converse Clara Adra b.a. 

Soshinjo Gakko, Kamagawa, 

Yokohama Cit)^ Japan 
teacher (Greek, Latin, rnetoric) Vermont 
acad. 84-90, prin. Soshinjo Gakko, Yoko- 
hama 90 — 

Daniels Susan Elizabeth b.a. 
Grafton Vt. 
student Munich conservatory of music 
86-88; teacher New York 90-91 

Dickinson" Evelina [Eveline] b.a. 
State hospital Morristown Pa. 
M.A. 91 Stanford, M.D. 07 Woman's med. 
col. of Pa; teacher St Louis 83-86, Mills 
col. 87-89, Stanford 90-91, 98-Q3; physician 

Eames Ella Florence b.a. (Mrs Ed- 
ward Everett Wood jr) 
309 Elm St. Northampton 
m. 8 S 85; ch. Henry Eames b. 11 Mr 94, 
George Wight b. 16 Ja 00 d. 28 My 01 

Fine Jean Gurney b.a. (Mrs Charles 
Barzillai Spahr) 38 Stockton st. 
Princeton N. J. 
teacher Clinton Ky. col. 83-85, Brearley 
sch. New York 85-89; head College settle- 
ment New York 89-92 ; m. 5 Jl 92 (hus- 
band d. 30 Ag 04) ; ch. Margaret b. 10 Ap 
93 (Smith 14), Elizabeth Fine b. 17 Ag 94, 
Mary Burchard b. 31 Ag 96, Jean Gurney 
b. 12 N 99, Helen Thayer b. 31 Ag 02 

Forman Evelyn Jean b.a. (Mrs Alex- 
ander E. (jlerihew) 
2305 Park av. Minneapolis Minn. 

m. 9 N 86; ch. Catharine Forman b. S 86 

(Smith 06-08) 

Gifford Alice EHza b.a. 
Palmyra N. Y. 
student (lit, lang.) Berlin, Zurich 92-93; 
preceptress high sch. Newark N. J. 84-89, 
Watkins N. Y. high sch. 89-90; teacher 
Orange N. J. high sch. 90-91; preceptress 
Genesee Wesleyan sem. Lima N. Y. 91-92; 
teacher (German) Platteville Wis. state 
normal sch. 93-00 

Gilmore" Evelyn Langdon b.a. 
2 Vine st. Gardiner Me. 

teacher Gardiner private sch. 84-85, Har- 
court pi. sem. Gambler O. 93-96; cataloger 
Me. state lib. 96-97, Gardiner Me, Bradford 
Mass, Lewiston Me. 98-06, libn Lewiston 
pub. lib. 06 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Gleason^ Clara Belle b.a. 

59 Washington st. Hudson 
teacher Hudson high sch. 83-93, 06-10; 
prin. Belvedere Hall sch. Hudson 94-06 

Gulliver Charlotte Chester b.a. 

Norwich Town Ct.f 
teacher Norwich free acad. 85, 88-01, 02—. 
Miss Porter's sch. Farmington Ct. 01-02; 
pres. Smith alum, assn 87-91; alum. trus. 
95-01; mem. A.C.A. 
Haire« Anna Roberta b.a. 

21 Lake Shore drive Chicago 111. 
teacher Eau Claire Wis, Duluth Minn, 
Chicago 111. 




Hall^ Mira Hinsdale b.a. 
teacher Ware Mass. 93-98, prin. private sch. 
Pittsfield 98— 

Harris Henrietta Clark [Clarke] b.a. 
(Mrs William Allen Harris) 
1104 Worthington st. Springfield 
m. 10 O 83; ch. Henrietta Corson b. 6 Mr 

85 (B.A. 09 Smith), William Allen jr b.9 Je 

86 (B.S. 10 Yale), Chesley Gardner b. 23 
Je 89 (Yale 12), Hart Lester b. 9 N 91 
(Smith 13), Daniel Lester 2d b. 16 Je 94, 
Ambia b. 23 Jl 98, Harriet Octavia b. 
26 My 02 

Harrison" Florence Marguerite b.a. 
(Mrs Frank Bridge Forman) 
3450 Irving av. S. Minneapolis 

m. 4 Ja 88 (husband d. 10 Jl 05) 

Hilliard Caroline Elizabeth b.a. 
student (science) Teachers col. 90-92, (bot- 
any) Barnard 04-05; teacher Westboro 
Mass. 83-84, Harvard 84-85, Teachers col. 
86-88, Brearley sch. and Miss Spence's sch. 
for giris New York 88-08 

Hine Edith Caroline b.a. 
61 Dwight St. Dedham 
lib. worker 84-88, cataloger Boston pub. 
lib. 84-86 

Lawrence EHzabeth Crocker b.a. 
(Mrs Samuel Fessenden Clarke) 
Willi amst own 
M.A. 89; student (botany, govt, hist.) 
Radcliffe 83-84, 85-88, (botany) Boston 
80C. of natural hist. 87, Boston normal sch. 
of gymnastics diploma 91; chairman Smith 
gymnasium fund com. 87-92, vicepres. 
alum, assn 89-91, pres. 09 — , alum. trus. 
94-00. chairman alum. $100,000 fund com. 
01-02, rep. of Smith in the Assn for main- 
taining the Amer. women's table at the 
zoological station at Naples 00 — ; m. 5 Ap 
92; ch. Elizabeth Lawrence b. 3 S 93; 
mem. A.C.A, sec. treas. 01 — 

Leach Edith b.a. 

710 Crescent st. Brockton 
teacher 83-87 

Machado" Salom^ Amelia b.a. (Mrs 
Minton Warren) 
105 Irving st. Cambridge 
m. 29 D 85 ; ch. Minton Machado b. 7 Ag 88 
(B.A. 10 Harvard), Francisca Machado 
b. 3 Ap 91 

Marsh Carrie Amelia b.a. 
19 Main st. Amherst 

teacher Bridgeport Ct. 84-85, Greenfield 
Mass. 85-88, New York 88-89, Palmer Mass. 
92-94, Eng. high sch. Somerville 94-09, 
Amherst high sch. 09-10 

Mather Mary H. Askew b.a. 

1212 Gilpin av. Wilmington Del. 
mem. A.C.A. 

Miller Alice Mason b.a. (Mrs Russell 

1334 Asbury av. Evanston 111. 
teacher Miss Rice's sch. for girls Chicago 
90-92; m. 3 Ap 93; ch. Helen b. 28 Ap 94, 
Sarah b. 12 My 96, Anna Winslow b. 4 F 98 
d. 11 F 98, Winslow b. 23 Ja 99, Russell 
b. 2 Ag 00 d. 11 Ag 00, John Russell b. 
1 DOl 

Morse^ Anna Louisa b.a. 

32 Franklin st. Hempstead N. Y. 

Osgood Margarette Manton b.a. 

(Mrs Albert Wellman Hitchcock) 

5 Barton sq. Salem 
private tutor 83-84, 86-91 ; vicepres. Smith 
alum, assn 85-87; m. 17 D 91 (husband 
d. 9 Ap 07) ; ch. Harriet b. 18 S 92, Katha- 
rine b. 6 Je 95, Margaret Fiske b. 17 Ap 98 

Palmer Clara Frances b.a. 
292 Chicopee st. Chicopee 
teacher Mrs Quincy Shaw's sch. Boston 
83-85, Chicopee Falls high sch. 85-86, 
Englewood N. J. inst. 86-89, Miss Dana's 
sch. Morristown N. J. 90-91, Chicopee high 
sch. 91 — ; trus. Chicopee lib. 04 — 

Parker" JuUa Frances b.a. (Mrs 

Edward Heywood Sawin) 

101 Vernon st. Gardner 

teacher Berwick acad. South Berwick Me. 

83-84, Springfield Mass. high sch. 84-88; 

m. 22 F 90; ch. Edward Putnam b. 14 S 96 

Payne"' Ella b.a. (Mrs Arthur George 
Hamlin) De Land Fla.J 

teacher 84-85 ; m. 18 O 83 ; ch. Royal Payne 
b. 26 Ag 84 (Stetson univ. 06), Lillian b. 
24 D 85 (Stetson univ. 08), Ethel b. 4 N 87 
Arthur G. b 19 Jl 89 d. 25 Ja 94 

Poore Harriet Paul b.a. 
9 Durham st. Bostont 
teacher Dover N. H. 87-91, Newton Mass. 
high sch. 91-05 

Smith Lucy Hannah b.a. 

83 Sumner st. Newton Centerf 
teacher (Greek) Burnham sch. 83-84 

Snow Florence b.a. (Mrs Edgar Solo- 
mon Shumway) 
472 E. 18th St. Brooklyn N. Y. 

M.A. 88 ; teacher Worcester high sch. 83-90 ; 
m. 18 Je 90; ch. Waldo b. 8 My 91 (Am- 
herst 11), Lowell b. 22 F 94 (Amherst 14), 
Conrad b. 25 Ap 95. Eric b. 26 Ja 97, 
Bayard b. 18 Ja 98 d. 20 Ja 98 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Story" Frances Rebecca b.a. (Mrs 
Frank Asbury Hutchins) 
16 Cuyler st. Palmyra N. Y. 
preceptress in sch. 83-85; m. 19 Ag 85 (hus- 
band d. 10 Ap 08) ; ch. Hazel Story b. 9 D 
87 d. 26 Je 03, Ruth Evelyn b. 25 S 89 
(Syracuse 11), Margaret Ida b. 24 O 93, 
Mosher Story b. 24 Ja 96, Francis Irving 
b. 16 Ja 99, Frank Asbury b. 8 F 01 




Tilden Laura Bugbee b.a. 
86 West St. Keene N. H. 
prin. private sch. Keene 83-06, private 
teacher 06 — 
Tilton Annie Eugenia b.a. 
45 Highland st. Cambridge 
student (botany) Radcliffe 90-91 
Waldron Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs Alfred 
Hathaway Jones) 
88 Sumner st. MaldenJ 
teacher 84-85; m. 25 D 85; ch. Hazen 
Worcester b. 11 My 87, Dana Weeman b. 
22 My 89 

Ward'* Alice b.a. (Mrs Bailey) 
D.N.C. 09 Col. of nature cure; student 
(anatomy, physiol, chem, natixral dietetics) 
Col. of nature cure Chicago; author and 
lecturer 84-06; asst editor Nature cure 
magazine 09; inventor and manufacturer 10 

Welles Mary Crowell b.a. 
Newington Ct. 
Ph.D. 04 Yale; student Leipzig and Athens 
92-93, (classical philol.) Yale 98-99, 01-02, 
Columbia 02-03, Harvard 04; teacher 
(classics) high sch. Danielson Ct. 84-85, 
New Britain 86-89. Washington D. C. 89-92, 
asst prof. (Greek) Woman's col. Balti- 
more Md. 93-98, instructor (Greek) Smith 
99-01, Hartford high sch. 04-07, sec. Con- 
sumers' league of Ct. 07 — ; mem. Amer. 
philol. assn, Amer. archaeol. inst. 

White Mary Avery b.a. 

319 Tappan st. Brookline 
M.A. 88; student Smith Ap-Je 88; teacher 
private classes (Eng. lit.) 87-95; in business 
Brookline, Sunshine laundry 98 — 

Willard Abby Gregory b.a. 

Colchester Ct. 
teacher Colchester 87-88, 89-96 ; mem. A.C. A. 
Willard Charlotte Richards b.a. 

Amer. school for girls Marsovan 

Turkey in AsiaJ 

teacher Lasell sem. 83-85, Clinton col. Clin- 
ton Ky. 85-86, Cambridge Mass. 86-87, 
Carleton col. Northfield Minn. 87-95, Mar- 
sovan 95-99, 01 — 
Williams"^ Cora May b.a. 

Newark N. Y.% 
Wolcott Clara Gertrude b.a. 

30 E. Haverhill st. LawrenceJ 
Woodward Ida Minette b.a. (Mrs 
' Elmer Clark Tracy) 

27 E. 126th St. New York 
teacher 83-88; m. 19 F 89 
Woodward Minnie Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Houston Haskell) 
22 Lincoln av. Norwich Ct. 
teacher 84-95; m. 6 S 99 

Yale Gertrude b.a. (Mrs Godfrey 

321 Pleasant st. Maiden 
trus. Maiden hospital 95 — , Home for aged 
persons 05—; m. 9 N 86 

Total 49 


Allis Annie Amelia b.a. (Mrs Henry 
Mace Pavne) 
Southold. Long Island N. Y. 

student (chem.) Harvard summer sch. 96; 
asst Medway Mass. high sch. 84-85, prof. 
(Greek, Latin, German) Woman's col. 
Frederick Md. 85-86, (Greek, Latin, math.) 
Irving col. Mechanicsburg Pa. 88-92, 
(German) Glenwood inst. Matawan N. J. 
92-93, prin. Southold acad. 94-95, prof, 
(ancient lang.) Home inst. Tarrytown on 
Hudson N. Y. 95-96, (German, math.) 
Allen town Pa. col. for women 96-97, vice 
prin. Stewartstown Pa. collegiate inst. 99-02 ; 
m. 17 Ag 97; ch. Helen Mace b. 16 Ag 01 
Allis Fannie Augusta b.a. 

student Harvard simamer sch. 94, Hartford 
sch. of religious pedagogy 03-04; teacher 
Frederic City Md. female sem. 85-86, Lehi 
City Utah acad. 88-89, prof. (mod. lang, 
lit.) Lebanon Valley Pa. col. 95-97, Temple 
Grove sem. Saratoga Springs N.Y. 97-98 

Austin Jennie Maude b.a. 

50 Renner av. Newark N. T. 

teacher Rye N. Y. 84-85, Buffalo N. Y. 85- 
98, private sch. New York 00-06, Green- 
wich Ct. 06-10 

Barton" Mary Louisa b.a. 

1270 S. El Molino av. Pasadena 

teacher (piano) Attleboro Mass. 84-86, 
87-96, Wells col. Aurora N. Y. 86-87, West- 
field N. J. 96-01 

Brooks Anne Smith b.a. 
145 Clifton St. Maiden 

teacher (Latin) Maiden high sch. 89-10 

Clark" Clara May b.a. 

149 Elm St. Northampton 

student (geol, biol.) Smith 85-86,(geol.) 
Harvard summer sen. 89, Mass. inst. of 
tech. 89-90, Hartford theol. sem. 98-99, 
Library summer sch. 06 ; substitute teacher 
Northampton and Hadley 84, 87, private 
teacher Northampton 88-89, 90-93; lib. 
asst Forbes lib. 95-98 ; settlement worker 
Christodora house New York 99-01, church 
mission worker 01-04; libn Bible teachers 
training sch. 04-10 

Clark Ella Cleveland b.a. 

400 S. Los Robles av. Pasadena 

student (French) Amherst summer sch. 87, 
88. 91; teacher 87-89, tutor Smith 89-91. 
93-00, 01-02, substitute teacher fall of 92 
Marlborough sch. Los Angeles Cal; mem. 

Cloiigh" Marion Belmont b.a. (Mrs 

W. C. Burdett) 

67 Orchard st. Leominsterf 
ch. Ruth Evelyn (B.A. 09 Smith) 
Connely" Bertha Lillian b.a. 

Wynnefield Philadelphia Pa. 
M.D. 97 Woman's med. col. of Pa; student 
Zurich univ. 92-93; practising physician 
Denver Col. 99-01, conductor med. clinics 
Woman's med col. hospital Philadelphia 04 




Cox Martha Lyman b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Sohier Bryant) Cohasset 

m. 1 S 87 ; ch. Mary Cleveland b. 20 Je 88, 
Elizabeth Sohier b. 13 Ag 90, Alice tie Ver- 
mandois b. 15 My 92, Julia Cox b. 25 Je 93, 
Gladys b. 16 D 94, William Sohier jr b. 
8 D96 

Crowell« Mary Savage b.a. (Mrs 
Lyman Bowers Frieze jr) 
76 Clinton av. New Brighton, 
Staten Island N. Y. 
m. 1 Je 86; ch. Savage Crowell b. 7 F 91, 
Lyman b. and d. 17 D 92, Lyman Bowers 3d 
b. 23 Mr 94, Mary Hartstene b. 1 S 98, 
Edward Beach Crowell b. 14 Mr 04, Betsy 
Slade b. 16 Je 06 
Delano^ Sally Haskell b.a. 

401 W. 118th St. New York J 

teacher Winchester Mass. 85-94, Philadel- 
phia 94-97, Wadleigh high sch. New York 

Duguid Mary Evelyn b.a. (Mrs 
Donald Dey) 
201 De Witt road Syracuse N. Y. 

pres. Smith alum, assn 91-95, alum. trus. 
96-02, delegate fr. Smith to 450th anniver- 
sary of Glasgow univ. 01 ; m. 18 Ja 94; ch. 
Harriet Duguid b. 30 O 94; mem. A.C.A. 

Dunn Kate Clark b.a. (Mrs William 


403 Marshall st. Syracuse N. Y. 
m. 13 D 87; mem. A.C.A. 
Fisk Nina Perry b.a. (Mrs Francis 

Ulshaeffer Paris) 

124 E. 72d St. New York 

m. 7 Je 92 ; ch. Irving b. 29 Ap 93, Harriet 
Bininger b. 14 S 94, Nina Perry b. 24 Mr 98, 
Margaret Gracie b. 27 S 00 

* French Clara b.a. 

M.A. 88 Cornell; vicepres. Smith alum. 
assn 87-89 ; d. O 88 

Gladden Alice b.a. 

631 E. Town st. Columbus O. 

teacher (Latin, math.) Smead sch. Toledo 
O. 84-85, (hist, Eng.) Columbus high sch. 
86-99, Columbus univ. sch. 99-03, co-prin. 
Columbus sch. for girls 04-10 

Heywood Lucy Florence b.a. (Mrs 
John H olden) 
98 Neptune av. New Rochelle 

N. Y. 

student (pedagogy) Teachers col. 91-92; 
teacher Sandwich Mass. high sch. 88-89; 
m. 22 N 92; ch. Heywood b. 24 D 93, 
Arthur Ballou b. 16 O 97 d. 30 D 97, Con- 
stance b. 5 D 99 
Hillman" Harriet Louisa b.a. 
89 Bridge st. Northampton^ 

teacher Delaware Water Gap Pa. 84-85, 
Spencer Mass. 85-91, Beverly 92-98 

Jameson Katharine Strong b.a. (Mrs 
Edward Miller Greene) 
45 Chestnut st. Boston 

teacher Miss Dana's sch. Morristown N. J. 
84-85, Bradford Pa. high sch. 85-86, Rye 
N. Y. sem. 86-91; m. 15 O 91; ch. Katha- 
rine Elizabeth b. 1 F 94, Helen b. 5 Ja 00 

Kelsey Louise Hoyt b.a. 

128 W. 11th St. New York 

M.A. 87; student (math.) Smith 87, (peda- 
gogy) Columbia 99-00; teacher New York 

King** Mary Emma b.a. (Mrs Julius 

29 Oread st. Worcester 
m. 85 

Mason Mary Lyman b.a. 

The Normandie Columbus O. 

M.A. 92 Cornell (Greek and comparative 
philol.); tutor Boston, teacher Mrs 
Sewall's sch. for girls Indianapolis 86, 
Boston private sch. 88-89, Colimibus O. 
central high sch. 92-01, 02-10; vicepres. 
Smith alum, assn 86-88 

Mead Lydia Abigail b.a. 

30 W. 55th St. New YorkJ 

student (physics) Harvard summer sch. 02 ; 
teacher Claremont N. H. 84-87, Caldwell col. 
Danville Kv. 93-94, Buffalo N. Y. 94-99, 
South Kingston R. I. 00-02, Providence 
02-04, Brantwood hall, South Orange N. J. 

Mehan Alida Mary b.a. (Mrs William 
5 Warner st. Dorchester 

teacher Sandwich Mass. high sch. 84-88; 
supervisor of sch. Thomaston Me. 89-91; 
m, 25 O 92; ch. Frances Alida b. 17 Ja 95. 
Anna Parker b. 8 Ap 96, Florence Ethelda 
b. 10 S 98 

Merriam Bessie [Betsey] Greene b.a. 
937 Park pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

M.A. 92 Cornell; student (hist.) Cornell 
91-92; teacher Providence R. I. high sch. 
84-91, Brooklyn girls high sch. 93-10 

Morse Jennie Cora b.a. (Mrs Edgar 

Burr Smith) 

44 Green st. Brattleboro Vt. 
private tutor; m. 27 Je 95; ch. Janette 
Leonora b. 28 Ja 97, Edgar Burr b. 14 Ap 00 

Paddock" Ida Imogene b.a. (Mrs 
C. M. Rice) 
1515 E. 2d St. Duluth Minn.J 

Quirk" Anna Maria b.a. (Mrs Dennis 
1046 Bergen st. Brooklyn N. Y.f 

Rand Helen Chadwick b.a. (Mrs 
Lucius Harrison Thayer) 
664 State st. Portsmouth N. H. 

student (Eng. hist.) Newnham col. Cam- 
bridge 86-87; settlement worker; sec. 
Smith alum, assn 88-92; alum. trus. 01-07; 
m. 29 Je 92; ch. Dorothy Goldthwait b. 
28 Ag 93, Lucius Ellsworth b. 19 Je 96, 
Sherman Rand b. 28 S 04; mem. A.C.A, 
Amer. acad. of political science 

Richardson Carrie Lavinia b.a. 
165 W. Main St. Ilion N. Y. 

M.A. 86; student (biol, physics) Smith 
84-85; teacher Elmira N. V. free acad. 
86-88; treas. board of trus. Ilion pub. lib. 
92-95; mem. A.C.A. 




Richardson Jennie May b.a. 
155 W. Main st. Ilion N. Y. 

M.D. 92 Woman's med. col. of N. Y. infirm- 
ary; student Woman's med. col. 89-92, 
interne hospital 92-93; teacher Ilion 84-86, 
South Norwalk Ct. 86-88; practising physi- 
cian New York 92-00 

♦Rogers** Mary Grace b.a. (Mrs C. P. 

d. 20 Ja 10 Newark N. J. 

Rose** Marion Elizabeth b.a, 
49 Chatham st. Worcester 
teacher Worcester Eng. high sch. 92 — 

Scudder Vida Button b.a. 
250 Newbury st. Boston 

M.A. 88: student (Eng. lit.) Oxford 84-85, 
(French lit.) Univ. of Paris 92-93, instructor 
and assoc. prof. (Eng. lit.) Wellesley 88 — 

Sergeant Caroline Belle b.a. 
4 Hawthorn road Brookline 

teacher 85-99; mem. A.C.A. 

Sheldon Helen Mary b.a. 

Fort Ann, Washington co. N. Y. 
M.A. 92 Cornell; student (music) N. E. 
conservatory Boston 85-86, (Eng. lit, 
lang.) Cornell 91-92; teacher (Eng.) Lasell 
sem. Auburndale Mass. 86-88, Norfolk Va. 
col. 88-91, private sch. Providence R. I. 
92-95, head (Eng. dept) Lake View high 
sch. Chicago 97-10 

Skilton Ida Galpin b.a. (Mrs Robert 

Harrison Cornish) 

38 St Luke's pi. Montclair N. J. 
teacher Norfolk Cft. classical sch. 84-86, 
Wallingford high sch. 86-88; m. 16 Ag 
88; ch. Margaret Beach b. 4 S 89 (student 
Mt Holyoke), Ruth Harrison b. 7 N 91, 
Robert Sanford b. 9 My 94 

Stevens Mary Louisa b.a. 
26 Dexter st. Maiden 
teacher Maiden high sch. 89 — 

Tiemann Elsie Claire b.a. 

East Putnam av. Greenwich Ct. 

business stenographer IH yr, private aec. 
11^ yr 

Trafton** Mary Adelaide b.a. 
40 June st. Fall RiverJ 
teacher Fall River high sch. 

Tyler Frances Maria b.a. 

440 E. 57th St. New York 
teacher Lake Erie sem. Painesville O, 
Elizabeth N. J, Newark N. J, asst (Eng.) 
Smith 91-94; worker Philadelphia col. 
settlement 94-95, Manhattan working girls 
soc. New York 01-10 

Whitten Helen Frances b.a. 
283 Beach "t. Holyoke 
teacher West Winsted Ct. 85-87 

Total 43-*2 


Aldrich Mary Louise b.a. (Mrs Edgar 
Judson Rich) Winchester 

teacher Durfee high sch. Fall River Mass. 
86-88 ; m. 23 N 93 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Brewster" Katharine Grant b.a. 
Box 418 Derby Ct.J 

Browning Sarah Perry b.a. 
29 Otis St. Norwich Ct. 

student (art) Adelphi acad. Brooklyn 85-86, 
Norwich free acad. 90-92; resident director 
Roxbury house settlement, Roxbury Mass. 
00-06; Christian science practitioner 07 — 

Calkins Mary Whiton b.a. 
22 Bellevue st. Newton 

M.A. 87, Litt.D. 09 Coliunbia; student 
Harvard annex 86-87, 90-91, Harvard grad. 
sch. 90-91, 93-95, passed Ph.D. exam. 95, 
(Greek) Leipzig 86-87, (psych, philos.) 
Berlin and Oxford 02 ; tutor and instruc- 
tor (Greek) Wellesley 87-90, instructor 
(psychol, philos.) 91-94, assoc. prof. 94-97, 
prof. 97 — ; mem. A.C.A, Amer. psychol. 
assn, Amer. philos. assn 

Capen Annie [Anne] b.a. 

51 Highland av. Haverhill 

student (lit, French) Cornell 86-87; tutor, 
asst editor, newspaper correspondent 

Cheever Elizabeth Bancroft b.a. 
(Mrs Leonard Wheeler) 
12 Chestnut st. Worcester 

vicepres. Smith alimi. assn 90-92, pres. 
95-99; m. 23 N 97; ch. Bancroft Cheever 
b. 6 Je 99, Leonard jr b. 20 Jl 01, Eunice 
b. 25 S 03, Nathaniel b. 20 Je 06 

*Clark Annie Louise b.a. 

d. 27 O 90 Northampton 

Clough Nathalie Duley b.a. 
16 Church st. Gloucester 
teacher Miss Low's sch. Stamford Ct. 89-94, 
Gloucester high sch. 08 — 

Crocker Augusta Percival b.a. (Mrs 

James Varnum Turner) Hyannis 

teacher 85-90; m. 30 D 90 (husband d. 6 


Crouse« Martha Parsons b.a. (Mrs 
Thomas Parsons) 
215 Alexander st. Rochester N. Y. 

m. (1) 15 S 87 (Dr Robert W. Greene d. 
28 O 92), (2) 4 My 95 (Dr Thomas Parsons) ; 
ch. Martha Kingsley b. 1 O 96 d. 18 Ja 97, 
Thomas Crouse b. 22 O 97 

Cutler Anna Alice b.a. 

Smith college Northampton 
M.A. 89, Ph.D. 96 Yale; student (philos.) 
Yale 89-90, 93-96, Yale scholarship 93-95; 
teacher New Haven private sch. 85-87, 
tutor 89-92, head (philos. dept) Rockford 
col. 92-93, instructor (logic) Smith 93-95, 
(Eng.) 97-99, (philos.) 99-02, assoc. prof, 
(philos.) 02-05, prof. 05—; mem. A.C.A, 
Amer. philos. assn 




Dean Emma Jane b.a. (Mrs Walter 
Dean Hutchins) Needham 

asst (Eng.) Smith 87-88; teacher private 
sch, Boston 98-03, private teacher 03 — ; 
m. 9 Ap 89; ch. Harold Dean b, 6 Ap 94, 
Phihp Messer b. 2 F 96 

Fletcher" Mabel b.a. Exeter N. H. 

Franklin Ruth Barker b.a. 
78 Spring St. Newport R. I. 
M.A. 86 Cornell; student (Greek, Latin, 
classical archaeol.) Cornell 85-86, Chicago 
univ. summers of 98, 99, Brown univ. 02-03 ; 
instructor (Greek, ancient hist.) Rogers 
high sch. Newport 89 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Gould" Jennie Etta b.a. (Mrs George 


459 Merrimac st. Oakland Cal.J 
teacher 85-89; m. 19 D 89; ch. Albert 
Gould b. 18 N 90. George Harold b. 10 S 97 

Greene" Anna Edith b.a. (Mrs 
Charles A. Steams) 
116 Clay St. Pawtucket R. I. 
m. 22 O 89 

♦Greenough" Jeanie Grace b.a. (Mrs 
Lyndon S. Crawford) 
m. 13 O 86; d. 5 F 88 Brusa Turkey 

Haines" Mabel b.a. (Mrs John Bliss 
59 Dexter st. Maiden 

m. 1 Je 86 

Hallock Nellie Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 
Alfred Tennyson Livingston) 
Jamestown N. Y. 
m. 2lJe 99; ch. Clara EUzabeth b. 5 My 00 

Hamilton Caroline Frances b.a. 
Aintab Turkey 

M.D. 88 Woman's med. col. of N. Y. infirm- 
ary for women and children ; student N. Y, 
med. sch. 10 ; asst physician N. Y. infant 
asylum 88-89, resident physician 90-91, 
instructor Woman's med. col. 88-92, 
dispensing physician 89-92, mem. med. staff 
Aintab hospital 92 — 

Hardy Mary Chapman b.a. 
23 Maple st. Arlington 

student (economics) Radcliffe 98-99, (hist, 
of art, pedagogy) Berlin univ. O 02-F 03; 
teacher Washington D. C. 85-86, Arlington 
86-87, Clinton Ky. col. 88-90, Dedham 
Mass. 90-91, Cambridge Latin sch. 91 — ; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Hay" Isabel Bancroft b.a. 

47 Deering st. Portland Me. J 

M.A. 89; teacher Portland Me. 89-98 

♦Hayward Grace b.a. 

d. 23 F 91 

♦Hobart Bessie Jewett b.a. 
d. S85 

Hungerford" Charlotte Elizabeth 
B.A. (Mrs WilUam H. Zantzinger) 
215 W. 106th St. New York 

m. 3 Ap 99; ch. John Sheaff b. 19 S 01, 
William Hungerford b. 13 D 03 d. 10 O 04 

Johnson Mary Augusta b.l. (Mrs 
Charles Louis Olds) Marco Fla. 

class of 84; M.A. 88, M.D. 92 Woman's med. 
col. of Pa, H.M. 94 Philadelphia post-grad, 
sch. of homoeopathies; student (biol, 
physiol.) Newnham col. Cambridge 86-87, 
Bryn Mawr 87, 88-89, (med.) Woman's 
med. col. of Pa. 89-92, (homoeopathic 
philos. and mat. med.) Phila. post-grad, 
sch. of homoeopathies 92-94; teacher 
(natural hist.) Hampton Va. 85-86; resi- 
dent physician Phila. col. settlement 92-94, 
med. practitioner 92-99 ; instructor (homoe- 
opathic philos.) and asst in dispensary 
Phila. post-grad. sch. of homoeopathies 
94-95; m. 28 My 94; ch. Orida b. 18 Ag 96. 
Saloma b. 12 F 99, Rosalie b. 8 O 01 ; mem. 

Knox Mary Fake b.a. (Mrs Morris 

Lyon Buchwalter) 

3315 Reading road Cincinnati O. 
student Gottingen 86-88; teacher New 
York 88-96; registrar Smith 96-01, Barnard 
col. 01-04, prin. Knox sch. for girls Lake- 
wood N. J. 04-09; vicepres. Smith alum, 
assn 05-07; m. 22 Jl 09; stepch. Margaret 
Louise Buchwalter (Mrs Harry B. Martin) 
(B.L. 03 Smith) ; mem. A.C.A. 

♦Lawrence Marion b.a. 

d. 5 S 99 

McCloud Lucy Carter b.a. 

186 South St. Northampton 

student Sprague correspondence sch. of 
law 00-05; teacher Glen wood sem. West 
Brattleboro Vt. 85-86, substitute teacher 
Smith acad. Hatfield summer of 95; clerk 
Registry of deeds Northampton 95-05, asst 
registrar of deeds 05 — , admitted to bar 05 

McFarland" Clara Mandana b.a. 
(Mrs John Howard Hobbs) 
3 Summit pi. Utica N. Y. 
m. 10 Ja 86 ; ch. Harold Wade b. 9 Ja 87 
(B.A. 09 Amherst), Helen Louise b. 23 N 03 

Mead Anna Leocadie b.a. (Mrs 
George Barstow Lee) 
Box 889 Douglas Ariz. 

m. 15 Ap 89; ch. Charles Shepard b. 14 My 
92, Stephen Mead b. 14 N 95 

Natt Josephine Agnes b.a. 

4004 Spruce st. Philadelphia Pa. 
teacher Plainfield N. J. 85-88, Boston 88-89. 
Agnes Irwin sch. Philadelphia 90 — 

Nye" Caroline Huckins b.a. 

c/o Perrier Merced & cie 59 rue 
de Provence Paris Francef 

O'Brion Virgie Inez b.a. (Mrs Edwin 
Augustus Merrill) 
3124 5th av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 

teacher 85-87; m. 25 Je 95; ch. Lewis 
Edwin b. 22 F 97 

Parsons Amie [Amelia] Olmstead b.a. 
(Mrs E. Hayward Ferry) 
26 W. 56th St. New York 

m. 14 F 89; ch. Harriet b. 8 My 91 




Ray Anna Chapin b.a. 

Tremont, West Haven Ct. 

M.A. 88; novelist and writer of juvenile 
fiction 89 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Spring Jennie Sweetser b.a. 
1 1 Cleveland st. Cambridge 

teacher Wellesley high sch. 85-86, Cam- 
bridge Latin sch. 86-My 10 

Stetson" Clara b.a. (Mrs Allen Gates 
Clark) North Amherst 

teacher Scranton Pa. 85-88, Walton N. Y. 
88-89 ; m. 3 Jl 89 ; ch. Katharine b. 23 Jl 90, 
Doris b. 14 S 91 (Smith 13), Franklin b. 30 
Je 93, Margaret Twitchell b. 30 O 95, Clara 
Louise b. 6 My 98 

Tait Flora Chapman b.a. (Mrs Oliver 
Austin Phelps) 

2536 14th St. N. W. Washington 
D. C. 
m. 23 S 03 

Talcott" Elizabeth Hannah [Hannah 
Elizabeth] b.a, Elmwood Ct. 

student (Eng, lit, hist.) Oxford 94-95, 
(Latin) Chicago imiv. 01-02, (pedagogy) 
Teachers col. 99; teacher secondary sen. 
86-94, prin. private sch. 96-98, instructor 
(Latin) Wadleigh high sch. New York 

♦Taylor" Lucy Burgess b.a. (Mrs 
Preston F. McNair) 
m. 3 S 90; d. 11 Ap 91 

Walker" Gertrude Annie b.a. 

1524 Locust St. Philadelphia Pa. 
M.D. 92 Woman's med. col. of Pa; interne 
N. E. hospital for women 92-93; teacher 
(gymnastics) Smith 86-89, clinical prof, 
(ophthalmology) Woman's med. col. of Pa. 
97-05 ; practising specialist (ophthalmology) 
93 — ; mem. A.C.A, Amer. med. assn, 
Amer. acad. of med. 

*Whitcomb" Carrie May b.a. 
d. 5 Jl 93 

Woodbury Georgiana Smith b.a. 
21 Washington st, Gloucester 
student (Eng.) Radcliffe, teacher; in charge 
Tyler house 09-Ap 10 

Woodward Kate [Katharine] Shep- 
herd b.a. Damariscotta Me. 

teacher (Eng.) Brooklyn Heights sem. 

■ (Eng. lit.) Mt Holyoke 

89-90, teacher (Eng.) New York 90-92, 

85-89, lecturer (Eng, 

pnn. Brooklyn Heights sem. 92-03, asst 
prin. Highcliffe hall Park Hill N. Y. 03-06 ; 
mstructor (Eng.) Smith 06 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Total 46-* 7 

Allen Mary Adele b.a. 
206 Pine st. Holyoke 
student (Greek, archaeol.) Yale 96-03; 
teacher Holyoke high sch. 86-91, (Greek) 
Minneapolis Minn. 91-92, New Haven Ct. 
high sch. 92-05, head (hist, dept) Holyoke 
high sch. 05-09, head (classical dept) 09 — ; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Anderson** Jessie McMillan b.a. (Mrs 
Robert Savage Chase) 
River road West Newbury 

teacher The Cedars sch. Washington D. C. 
86-90, Holman-Dickerman sch. Chicago 
90-92, Miss Pratt's sch. Chicago 92-93, 
Mrs Ball's sch. St Louis Mo. 97-99; m. 
15 S 97; ch. Elizabeth Le Baron b. 14 Ap 
03, Charles Chaimcey and Josephine Lever- 
ett b. 4 My 08 d. 6 My 08 

Baker Mary Chamberlain b.a. (Mrs 
Edgar Alexander Fisher) 

25 Elm St. Worcester 

teacher St Mary's sch. Concord N. H. 
86-F 93; m 14 F 93; mem. A.C.A. 

Bradburv" Alice Emerson b.a. (Mrs 
Frank Dunham Lewis) 
Riverside Cal. 

teacher private sch. Bridgeton N. J. 86-87, 
Washington D. C. high sch. 87-94; m. 
13 S 94; ch. John Clark b. 22 N 95, Howard 
Bradbury b. 18 Ap 00, Robert Emerson 
b. 14 Ag 01; mem. A.C.A. 

Bradbury" Marion b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam B. Hovey) 
29 Lancaster st. Cambridge 

teacher Cambridge Latin sch. 87-91; m. 
1 D 91; ch. Leon Bradbury b. 31 Ag 92, 
Grace b. 12 N 93, Edith b. 2 Jl 01 

Bradley Emma Louise b.a. 
485 Westford st. Lowell 

student (French, Eng, German) Amherst 
summer sch. 94, Alliance frangaise, Paris 
summer of 96, 09, Alliance franfaise, St 
Malo France summer of 09 ; teacher Lowell 
high sch. 89-10; mem. Mod. lang. assn, 
Alliance frangaise 

Carter Mary Abigail b.l. (Mrs George 
Martin Duncan) 
299 Edwards st. New Haven Ct. 

student (German, French) Europe 86-88; 
teacher Ilion N. Y. high sch. 88-89; m. 
29 Ag 89 

*Chase Bertha Antoinette b.a. (Mrs 
E. G. Lancaster) 

M.A. 88; d. 17 S 99 Colorado Springs Col. 

Conant Jennie Frances b.a. 

26 Prospect st. Melrose 

M.A. 96 Radcliffe; student (botany, zool- 
ogy) Radcliffe 90-96 ; tutor 89 — , instructor 
Teachers sch. of science Boston 01 — 

Corns Sarah Ann b.a. 

102 Prospect st. Massillon O. 

Davis Ellen Rich b.l. (Mrs Walter 
Childs Wood) 

1276 Pacific st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
m. 8 D 92; ch. Eleanor Childs b. 12 Ja 96 

Dole Sarah Elizabeth [Sara L.] b.a. 

2008 La Salle av. Los Angeles Cal. 

student (hist.) Univ. of Cal. summer sch. 

04, 08 ; teacher Southern Cal. high sch ; 

mem. Amer. hist. sec. 




Duncan** Margaretta b.a. (Mrs 
Garret H. Demarest) 
Fair Lawn, Bergen co, N. J. 

m. 16 My 89 

Eastman Bessie [Elizabeth] b.a. 

student (Eng.) Yale 93-94 1 teacher Rock- 
ford col. 86-98, prin. Michigan sem. Kala- 
mazoo Mich. 98-00, New York private sch, 
01-02, dean Wilson col. Chambersburg Pa. 
02-03, dean Pa. col. for women, Pittsburg 
Pa. 03-05 

Eastman Mary b.a. 

Smith college Northampton 

attended lectures Univ. of Leipzig 92-93; 
teacher Washington D. C. high sch. 86-91, 
instructor (Eng. lit.) Wellesley 94-96, 
registrar Smith 01 — 

Freeland** Elizabeth King b.a. (Mrs 
Frank Irving Curtis) 
310 E. Harrison st. Seattle Wash. 

m. 29 My 88; ch. Florence Freeland b. 16 
Ap 89 (B.A. 10 Smith), Ralph Irving b. 14 
N 90 (Washington state col. 13), Elizabeth 
Long b. 1 O 92, Burton Freeland b. 2 N 95, 
Frank Lewis b. 18 Jl 00, William Long b. 26 
Ag 08; mem. A.C.A. 

Fuller Jessie Ginevra b.a. (Mrs James 

Cameron Duncan) 

168 Walnut st. CHnton 
teacher 86-88; m. 10 Ap 88; ch. Robert 
Fuller b. 26 N 89, James Cameron jr b. 
14 Jl 93 

♦Gaylord Edith Edwards b.a. 

M.A. 89; d. 23 D 95 Easthampton 

Gooding Edith b.a. 

12 College st. Brockport N. Y. 
teacher Batavia N. Y. 87-88, New Britain 
Ct. state normal sch. 88-89, prin. classical 
sch. Canandaigua N. Y. 92-03, prin. Brock- 
port classical sch. 

Goodnow*^ Anna Marion b.a. 
Wellesley J 

teacher private sch. Northampton Mass, 
Wilmington Del. 

Goodwin" Frances Cullis b.a. 
50 Maple st. Aubumdalet 

M.A. 94 Radcliffe 

♦Gould Grace Evelyn b.a. (Mrs J. F. 
m. 86 ; d. 92 

Haggett Kate Estelle b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur Forbush Warren) 

teacher 87-89; m. 30 O 89; ch. Helena 

Clark b. 27 F 92 

Hemenway Sarah Gross b.a. (Mrs 
Louis Bell) 

32 Sylvan av. West Newton 
teacher Buffalo N. Y. sem. 89-91; m. 2 D 
93 ; ch. Louis Hemenway b. 17 S 94 

Hill»» Harriet [Hattie] Bell b.a. (Mrs 
Luther Forrester Elliott) 
23 Franklin st. Watertown 
m. 23 Jl 89 ; ch. Esther Jaquith b. 23' Ag 94, 
Luther Hill b. 24 D 95, Fannie Eleanor b. 
14 Ag 97 

Howes Abigail [Abby] Christina b.a. 
68 Charles st. Dorchester 

student (Eng.) Oxford 91-93; teacher 
Woonsocket R. I. 86-89, East Boston 89-91, 
Girls Latin sch. Boston 

Hulbert« Ella Gertrude b.a. (Mrs 
Edgar Blaisdell Wylie) 
South Dennis 

M.A. 03 Chicago univ; student (New 
testament Greek, Hebrew) Chicago univ. 
01-03; dean of women Wheaton col. 86-88, 
prin. (woman's dept) Bible inst. Chicago 
88-89, prin. Bible training sch. Northfield 
Mass. 89-91, prof. (Biblical lit.) Whitman 
col. Walla Walla Wash. 04-10; m. 91 
(husband d. 01) ; ch. Margaret b. 92, adopted 
ch. Samuel b. 94, adopted 98 

Htirlburt" Katherine Maria b.a. 
Wethersfield Ct. 
student New Britain Ct. state normal sch. 
86-87, (physiol. psych.) Clark univ. 92-93, 
(philos. of educ, sociology, ethics) Colum- 
bia 04-05; teacher (math.) New Britain Ct. 
state normal sch. 86-87, (Latin, astron.) New 
Haven Ct. 87-89, prin. pedagogical dept 
Indiana imiv. 89-91, Holyoke city training 
sch. for teachers 91-96, Buffalo city training 
sch. for teachers 96-02, head worker Alta 
social settlement Cleveland O. 02-03, prin. 
New York pub. sch. recreation center 
No. 141 05— 

Kyle Helen Sherwood b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Russell Piatt) 
1104 Dempster st. Evanston 111. 

teacher private sch. Burlington Vt. 86-87, 
Spring Valley Minn. pub. grammar sch. 88, 
private sch. Clifton Springs N. Y. 88-90, 
private sch. Shelbyville Ky. 90-95; m. 
27 Ag 95; ch. Theodora b. 17 S 96. Henry 
Russell b. 22 N 97, William Nichols b. 18 
D 01 d. 5 N 09, Sherwood Kellogg b. 29 

Parsons" Harriet [Hattie] Louisa 
B.A. (Mrs George Herbert Wells) 
815 Broad st. Augusta Ga.J 

m. 10 Ag 87; ch. Louise b. 25 S 89, Hattie 
Marguerite b. 3 S 91, George Bertram b. 
23 Ja 02 

Peirce Leona May b.a. 

247 Union st. SpringfieldJ 
M.A. 93, Ph.D. 99 Yale; student Cornell 
89-90, Cambridge Eng. 91-92, Cornell 93-94. 
Clark imiv. 94-98, Yale 98-99; teacher 
Springfield collegiate inst. 86-89, Mt Her- 
mon sch. 89-90; mem. Springfield sch. 
board 05-08 

Perkins^ Sarah Huntington b.a. 
3095 Telegraph av. Berkeley Cal. 




Perry" Jennette Barbour b.a. (Mrs 
Gerald Stanley Lee) 
88 High St. Northampton 
instructor (math.) Wheaton acad. Boston 
86-87, (Eng, philos.) Grant collegiate inst. 
Chicago 87-90, (Eng.) Vassar 90-93, prof. 
(Eng.) Western Reserve univ, col. for 
women 93-96, instructor (Eng.) Smith 
01-04, prof. 04 — ; m. Je 96; ch. Geraldine 
b. Ap 97 

Ray Bertha Cornwall b.a. (Mrs Ed- 
ward Aveiy Harriman) 
72 Edgehill road New Haven Ct. 
student (Eng.) Oxford 92-93; m. 31 Ag 97 

Risley" Harriet Eliza b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Lewis Foote) 
18 Devereux st. Marblehead 
student (German) Germany 89-90; teacher 
Holyoke high sch. 87, 87-88, Clinton Ky. col. 
89; m. 91 

Rosebrooks Mary Edith b.a. (Mrs 
Delmer Runkle) 
96 Classic st. Hoosick Falls N. Y. 

m. 18 O 98 
Ruble" Zulema Alice b.a. 

Graham hall Minneapolis Minn. 
M.A. 97 Coates col. Terre Haute Ind; 
teacher (Greek, Latin) private sch. Cleve- 
land O. 87-92, Cincinnati O. 92-93, Coates 
col. 93-96, Stanley hall Minneapolis 96-98, 
Grinnell la. acad. 98, prin. Graham hall 
1900 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Russell Annie Maria b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Francis Marble) 
4 Marble st. Worcester 
M.A. 95 ; teacher Worcester high sch. 87-90, 
lecturer (lit.) before clubs and private 
classes; m. 18 N 90; adopted ch. Paul 
Francis b. 11 D 06; mem. A.C.A. 

Seelye Henrietta Hurd b.a. 

1463 Maple av. Evanston 111. 
student art sch. 91-93, grad. art 93; teacher 
Pleasant Site Ala. 87, tutor 88-90, tutor 
and companion 90-91 

Slade Abby Maria Bennett b.a. 
68 Barnes st. Providence R. I. 
teacher Scranton Pa. 86-87, Providence 
Eng. high sch. 87 — 

Smith Florence b.a. (Mrs Charles 

Sumner Hoyt) 

28 Fulton St. Auburn N. Y. 
teacher 86-87; m. 16 Je 87 (husband d. 28 
Ja 03); ch. Ruth b. 30 Jl 90 d. 17 Ag 91, 
Winifred b. 5 F 93, Stephen Charles b. 18 
Ja 96, Eleanor b. 28 Mr 00 

Spaulding^ Nellie [Helen] Bailey b.a. 
1440 Clarkson av. Denver Col. J 

student (French) Paris 00, La ChStre s. 1. 
Loir 95, Maison f ranf aise 97 ; teacher Glou- 
cester 92-96, Denver 98-05 

Stebbins** Mary Granger b.l. (Mrs 
Charles Brewster Atwater) 
250 Sumner av. Springfield 
m. 19 Ja 92; ch. Sylvia b. 2 N 94 

(Eng.) Yale 93-94; 
ua Mo. 87-93, WeUea- 

Tuckerman Florence Sophia b.a. 
19 Lincoln av. Youngstown O. 

student (psych.) Cornell, fellow Amer. sch. 
for classical studies, Athens 93-94, student 
Yale summer sch. 05; teacher New Lyme 
O. 86-93, Raym sch. Youngstown O. 94-96, 
97-04, Pittsburg Pa. 96-97; mem. A.C.A, 
Archaeol. inst. of Amer. 

Waite Alice Vinton b.a. 

Wellesley college Wellesley 

M.A. 94; student (F ' " • 
teacher (Eng.) St Loius 
ley 96— 

White^ Harriet May b.a. (Mrs Her- 
bert A. Blake) 
87 Grove st. Providence R. I.J 

M.A. 94 Brown; teacher Providence high 
sch. 86-97 ; m. 95 ; adopted ch. Christine 

Wolcott^ Charlotte Augusta b.a. 
(Mrs Charles Francis Bates) 
1401 Frankhn st. Denver Col. 
asst registrar Smith 02-03; m. 5 Ja 04; 
ch. Roger b. 28 D 04 

Wright Lucy Fitts b.a. (Mrs Dana 


10 Henshaw av. Northampton 
m. 29 Je 87 ; ch. Dorothy b. 2 Je 88 (Smith 
11), Elizabeth b. 1 Ap 91, Dana Edmund 
b. 15 S 98, Chauncey Wright b. 23 My 04 

Total 48-*3 


Bodman Rosa Maria b.a. 
Maple lodge Rutland 

private teacher 87-88, teacher Miss Brack- 
ett's sch. for girls New York 88-89, 
Misses Ely's sch. Brooklyn 89-92, prin. 
private sch. for girls Brookljoi 92-03 ; 
matron and proprietress sanatorium Rut- 
land 09-10 

Bowles Ruth Standish b.a. (Mrs 
William Henry Baldwin jr) 
144 E. 65th St. New York 

asst (Eng.) Smith 88-89; vicepres. alum, 
assn 97-99; alum. trus. 06 — ;: m. 30 O 89 
(husband d. Ja 05); ch. Ruth Standish 
b. 8 Ag 90 (Smith 12), William H. b. 17 
S 91, Mary Chaffee b. 19 F 96 d. 22 Mr 97 

Brown Mabel b.a. 

1533 Chalkstone av. Providence 
R. I. 

teacher Providence 87, Chicago 88-90, Paw- 
tucket R. I. 91, Burlington Vt. 92, Cumber- 
land R. I. 93-97, R. I. normal sch. 97-00; 
lib. worker R. I. normal sch. 97-00; reporter 
00-02; private sec. 07-10 

Carter Jessie b.a. (Mrs Alden Perley 

White) 3 Federal court Salem 

teacher 88-95; m. 96; ch. Carter b. 98, 

Barbara b. 99, Nancy Perley b. 00, Emily 

Alden b. 07 




Caverno Julia Harwood b.a. 
8 West St. Northampton 
M.A. 90; teacher Grant collegiate inat. 
Chicago 87-93, instructor and assoc. prof. 
(Greek) Smith 93-05, prof, 05 — ; sec. alum, 
assn 94-96: mem. A.C.A, Amer. archaeol. 
inst, Amer. philol. assn 

Clark Hannah Belle b.a. (Mrs Am- 
brose Vincent Powell) 
6227 Washington av. Chicago 111. 

Ph.D. 97 Chicago univ; student (sociology, 
sanitary science) Chicago univ. 93-Ja 97; 
asst Dearborn sem. 87-93, 94-99, assoc. 
prof, (sociology) and dean of women Univ. 
of W. Va. 99-02, dean of women Knox col. 
02-03, asst (economics, sociology) Mt Hol- 
yoke 04-05, special lecturer (sanitary 
science) Wellesley 05; m. S 05; mem. 
A.C.A, Amer. sociological soc. 

Crew Caroline Ladd b.a. 

903 Tatnall st. Wilmington Del. 
student (Eng.) Leipzig and Zurich 92-93; 
teacher Baird col. Clinton Mo. 87-89, Wil- 
mington Friends' sch. 89-92, 93-10 

Day Carrie Elizabeth b.a. 
280 Newbury st. Boston { 

Day Harriet Greene b.a. (Mrs Charles 
R. Hansel) 
71 Elm St. Hartford Ct. 

m. (1) 17 O 88 (Henry Eurotas Hastings 
d. 96) (2) 17 F 98 (Charles R. Hansel) ; oh. 
Robert Day Hastings, Henry P. Hastings, 
R. Cleveland Hastings, Lawrence Hunger- 
ford Hansel, Harriet Day Hansel 

Fay Lillian Watkins b.a. 

881 Hampshire st. Holyoke 

M.A. 94; student (mod. philos.) Smith 
93-94; teacher (Eng.) Miss Mackie's private 
sch. Newburgh on Hudson N. Y. 87-91, 
head (Eng. dept) and first asst prin. Hol- 
yoke high sch, 91-10; mem. N.E.A. 

Foskett Mary Page b.a. (Mrs George 
Copeland Boswell) 
642 Broad st. Meriden Ct. 
teacher Ct. state normal sch. 87-89; m, 
3 My 92 (husband d. 10 Mr 10) ; ch. Eliza- 
beth Phelps b. 13 D 94 

Gale Alice b.l. (Mrs David Percy 
2005 3d av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 

vicepres. Smith alum, assn 92-94; m. 
13 My 90 ; ch. David Gale b. 5 My 91, Anna 
b. 10 D 93, Helen Holmes b. 14 S 96 

Gamwell Helen Lincoln b.a. (Mrs 
William S. Ely) 
237 East av. Rochester N. Y.J 
m. Jl 94 

Giles Anne Harper b.a. 

2237 Michigan av. Chicago 111. J 

class of 82 

Gill Bessie Faunce b.a. 

26 Prospect st. Northampton 

Btudent (astron.) Smith 87-88; teacher and 
assoc. prin. Miss Capen's sch. 

Hager" Mary Earle b.a. 
Monticello Minn, 
teacher 87-Ag 96, bookkeeper 96-10 

Holmes Helen b.a. Kingston J 

vicepres. Smith alum, assn 93-95 

Hough Celeste Frances b.a, (Mrs 
Samuel Dwight Drury) 
66 Paradise road Northampton 
m. 8 N 87 ; ch. Marian b. 6 D 90 (Smith 13), 
Elliot Dwight b. 17 Jl 93, Alden Monteith 
b. 18 Ja 95, Irene b. 30 O 96, Winthrop 
Stuart b. 17 N 02 

♦Hubbard"^ Alice J. b.a. 

Hubbard Grace Amanda b.a. 
Barnard college New York 

M.A. 93 Cornell; student (Eng, philos.) 
Cornell 91-92, Sorbonne Paris 98-99, (Eng.) 
Columbia 04-06; teacher and assoc. prof. 
(Eng.) Smith 92-05, Barnard 05-10; vice- 
pres. Smith alum, assn 96-98; mem. A.C.A, 
Mod. lang. assn 

Hubbell^ Clara Marvin b.a. 

416 W. 118th St. New York J 

student (Eng.) Yale 98-01; teacher Am- 
herst Mass. 89-90, Lake Charles La. 91-97, 
private sch. New York 03-05, Ogontz 
sch. 05 

James Grace Fairchild b.a. (Mrs W. 
C. Adams) 
Glen Cove, Long Island N. Y.f 

James Grace Fidelia b.a. (Mrs John 

Westfield Gillette) Hudson N. Y, 

m. 31 O 88; ch. Helen Field b. 19 D 89 

(class baby), John Westfield jr b. 26 Ag 92 

Leavens"^ Sarah Hall b.a. 

138 Laurel Hill av. Norwich Ct. 
teacher Norwich free acad. 

Lord Eleanor Louisa b.a. 
46 Auburn st. Maiden 
M.A. 90, Ph.D. 98 Bryn Mawr; student 
(hist, economics) Bryn Mawr 89-90, 95-96, 
(hist.) Cambridge Eng. 94-95, fellow Bryn 
Mawr 89-90, 95-96, European fellow 
Woman's educ. assn of Boston 94-95; 
teacher Maiden Mass. 87-89, instructor 
(hist.) Smith 90-94, assoc. prof. Woman's 
col. Baltimore Md. 96-03, prof. 03 — ; 
mem. joint faculty (teachers courses) 
Johns Hopkins and Goucher col. 09-10; 
mem. A.C.A, Amer. hist, assn, Amer. acad. 
of political and social science 

Luce" Maud Lilian b.a. (Mrs Charles 
Colman Hunt) 
49 South C St. Tacoma Wash. 

teacher Rochester Minn, high sch. Ja 89-90; 
m. 30 Ap 94; ch. Louise Luce b. 14 Ag 96, 
Frances Clarke b. 18 N 06; mem. A.C.A. 

Mason Elizabeth Spaulding b.a. 
53 Crescent st. Northampton 

student (chem.) Mass. inst. of tech. 89-90, 
91-93; teacher Hingham Mass. 88, Yonkers 
N. Y. 90-91, private asst of Mrs R. H. 
Richards Mass. inst. of tech. 93-96, instruc- 
tor (chem.) Smith 96 — ; mem. A.C.A. 




Parker** Emma Harriet b.s. 

63 Harvard st. NewtonvilleJ 

student (physics, chem.) Bryn Mawr 92-95, 
fellow (cnem.) 93-94; teacher (science) 
Newburyport Mass. 87-92, instructor 
(chem.) Wellesley 95-97, teacher (science) 
New Bedford 97-00, (chem.) Newton high 
sch. 00-05 

Pinkerton"^ Elizabeth Downing b.a. 
(Mrs John Stump Webster) 
Belcamp, Harford co. Md. 

student Johns Hopkins training sch. for 
nurses; asst supt hospital North Adams 
Mass, Holyoke; m. 2 Jl 03; ch. Ann 
Stimip b. 19 N 05, John Pinkerton b. 14 
My 08 

Reed Clara Melinda b.a. 

64 Court St. Westfield 

teacher Westfield high sch. 89-90; mem. 

Shaw** Adele Marie b.a. 
c/o Mr Albert J. Shaw 
11 Pine St. New York 

teacher Bishopthorpe Foimtain Hill, Beth- 
lehem Pa. 87-88, tutor 88-89, teacher Miss 
Reynolds' sch. New York 89-93. Dr Sachs' 
sch. New York 93-94, Brooklyn girls high 
sch. 94-00, 01-03; on staff of World's Work 

Shute Helen Winifred b.a. (Mrs War- 
ren Joseph Moulton) 
25 4th St. Bangor Me. 

fellow (Teutonic phflol.) Brjoi Mawr 93-94; 
student 94-95 (German, philol, psj^ch, old 
and middle Eng.) Gottingen 95-98, instruc- 
tor (German) Smith 87-93; alum. trus. 
02-05; m. 21 Je 00 

Shute Mae [Mary] Appleton b.a. 
(Mrs Charles Snow Thayer) 
64 Gillett St. Hartford Ct. 
B.M. 88; student (Greek) Yale 93-95, 
(Greek archaeol.) Gottingen 96-98; student 
(archaeol.) Amer. sch. of classical studies, 
Athens 02-03, instructor (Greek) Smith 
88-93; m. 28 D 04; mem. Amer. archaeol. 

Upham^ Emma [Emily] Clark b.a. 
c/o Col. Charles L. Upham 

M.D. 95 Woman's med. col. of Pa; student 
(med.) Zurich 98-99, Vienna 99-00 

Van Kirk Annie [Anne] Dravo b.a. 

Mt Sinai hospital 1 E. 100th st. 

New Yorkf 
student (nursing) Presbyterian hospital. 
Sch. for nurses New York; professional 

Walker Emma Elizabeth b.a. 
165 Madison av. New York 

M.D. 98 Johns Hopkins med. sch ; student 
Johns Hopkins med. sch. 94-98; teacher 
87-94, clinical asst Hospital for ruptured 
and crippled 98 — ; physician and lecturer; 
mem. Amer. med. assn, Amer. soc. sanitary 
and moral prophylaxis, Amer. assn for 
advancement of science 

Walton Mary Alice b.a. 

Wellesley college Wellesley 
Ph.D. 92 Cornell; student (Greek, Latin 
lit, archaeol.) Cornell 90-92, (compara- 
tive philol. and archaeol.) Leipzig 92-93, 
(archaeol.) Amer. sch. of clas.sical studies, 
Athens 95-96, Radcliffe 98-00, Amer. sch. 
of classical studies, Rome 03-04, McGraw 
fellow (Greek) Cornell 91-92, A.C.A. Euro- 
pean fellow 92-93; teacher (classics) Mrs 
Thorpe's sch. for girls Worcester Mass. 
88-90, Dr Sachs' sch. for girls New York 
93-95, instructor and assoc. prof. (Latin, 
archaeol.) Wellesley 96 — ; mem. A.C.A, 
Amer. archaeol. inst, Amer. philol. soc. 

Williams"' Clara Louise b.s. 
60 Lorraine st. Hartford Ct. 

student (biol.) Smith 88-89; teacher (draw- 
ing) Hartford high sch. 95-97, supervisor of 
drawing Hartford pub. grammar sch. 89-10 

Williams Florence Adelaide b.a. 
19 Arch St. Providence R. L 

student (Bible) Chicago univ; teacher 
Providence Eng. high sch. 87-10 

WoodhuU Marianna b.a. 

c/o Com Exchange bank, 113th 
St. and Broadway New York 
student under prof, at Oxford and Trinity 
col. Dublin 92-;93, Columbia 98-06 ; teacher 
(lit, art criticism) Morristown N. J. sem. 
87-89, Mt Vernon sem. Washington D. C. 
90-92, Dr Sachs' sch. for girls New York 
93—; mem. A.C.A. 

Woodruff"^ Martha Charlieana b.a, 
79 West St. Northampton 
teacher Woodstock Ct. 87-88, Southbridge 
Mass. 88-89, Denver Col. 90-91; stenog- 
rapher and bookkeeper Denver 93-94 

Total 41-*1 


Austin Caroline Sprague b.a. 
Merriam park St Paul Minn, 
teacher St Paul high sch. 88 — ; vicepres. 
Smith alum, assn 94-96; mem. A.C.A 

Bailey Kate Florence b.a. 
Claremont N. H. 

student (Eng.) Harvard siunmer sch. 94, 
(Eng. hist.) Radcliffe 99-00; teacher 
Stevens high sch. Claremont 89-91, 92-94, 
96-99, 00-03, Somerville Mass. high sch. 

Barton Minnie [Minerva] May b.a. 
(Mrs Thomas Heermans Foote) 
1270 S. El Molino av. Pasadena 

m. 14 Je 93 

Benson^ Sarah Louise b.a. 

6 Oak St. Brattleboro Vt.f 
Blaisdell Daisy Luana b.a. 

198 Grove st. Chicopee FallsJ 

M.A. 94; student Charlotten Schule and 
Victoria Lyceum, Berlin 92-93, Berlin univ. 
99-00 ; teacher Pulaski N. Y. 89-90, Spring- 
field Mass. 91-92, 94-96, Oberlin col. 98-99, 
Univ. of 111. 00-06 




Boardman** Hamette Holland b.a. 
(Mrs Myron Hubbard Hunt) 
200 N. Grand av. Pasadena Cal. 
m. 30 My 93; ch. William Montague b. 24 
My 94 d. 3 F 95, Charles Boardman b. 4 D 
96, Harriet b. 27 Jl 98, Myron Hubbard jr 
b. 13 F 00, Robert Nichols b. 19 My 06 

Brown Adelaide b.a. 

16th av. and Lake st. San Fran- 
cisco Cal. 

M.D. 92 Cooper med. col. San Francisco* 
interne N. E. hospital Boston 92-93, clinical 
student Germany 93-94, (surgery) Johns 
Hopkins 98 ; physician San Francisco 94 — , 
obstetrician Alexander maternity hospital 
99 — : mem. Amer. assn of med. health 

commissioners, Amer. med. 
acad. of med. 

assn, Amer. 

Burrington"^ Grace Alice b.a. 

Carter Anna Louise b.a. (Mrs Walter 
Booth Adams) Syrian protestant 
college Beiriit Syria 

m. 15 Ag 95; ch. Edwin Carter b. 30 Ag 96, 

Frederic Henry b. 23 S 02 

Chamberlain Jennie b.a. (Mrs Henry 
Hallock Hosford) Crete Neb. 

asst prin. Rock Rapids la. high sch. 88-89, 
teacher Minneapolis North side high sch. 89, 
St Paul branch high sch. 90-92, instructor 
(Greek, Latin) Doane col. Crete 95-96, 
(piano) sch. of music 00-03, (Eng. lit.) 08, 
house supervisor Univ. of Neb. Home 
economics hall Ja 09-My 10; m. 25 Ag 92; 
ch. Caroline Austin b. 6 Jl 93, Herbert 
Chamberlain b. 3 N 94, Donald Mason b. 21 
D 96, Hallock Clifton b. 4 N 99 ; mem. A.C. A. 

Chase Mabelle b.a. 

The Prescott, Everett 
teacher Columbia inst. Tenn. 89-91, Everett 
high sch. 92 — ; mem. Amer. hist. soc. 

Church Cornelia Chapell b.a. 

432 Chamber of Commerce bldg 
Pasadena Cal. 

C.S.B. 02 Mass. metaphys. col; student 
(med.) Johns Hopkins med. sch. 93-96, 
Mass. metaphys. col. Boston 02; worker 
New York col. settlement 89-90; teacher 
Classical private sch. for girls Pasadena 
90-93; Christian science practitioner 96 — 

Churchyard Grace b.l. (Mrs Seward 
Adams Simons) 

1107 Buena Vista st. South Pasa- 
dena Cal. 

m. 5 S 88; ch. Seward Churchyard b. 25 

O 89 (Harvard 11) 

De Vol Mary Frances b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Craig Wilcox) 
629 N. Dubuque st. Iowa City la. 

teacher Glens Falls N. Y. acad. 88-89, 
Hornell N. Y. high sch. 89-93, Omaha Neb. 
high sch. 93-95 ; m. 1 Jl 95 ; ch. Eloise De 
Vol b. 24 Ap 96 d. 28 Je 99, Albert Craig 
b. 14 O 98 

Doty [Helen] Harriet Parkes b.a. 
(Mrs Walter Wray) 
Santa Ana Cal. 

m. 24 Je 07 

Du Bois Lilian b.l. (Mrs Harry 
Kreider Wheeler) 
Baldwin Park, Los Angeles co. 

student (vocal music) ; visiting governess ; 
professional concert and choir singer New 
York 91-97; m. 21 Jl 09 

Dwight"^ Marion McGregor b.l. 

c/o Brown Shipley & co. 

123 Pall Mall S. W. London Eng. 
teacher (hist.) GUman sch. Cambridge 
Mass. 93-00 

Eaton Isabel b.l. 

33 Central park W. New York 

M.A. 98 Colmnbia; student (sociology, 
economics, educ.) Columbia 97-98; Col. 
settlements assn Dutton fellow 93-94, 
96-97; teacher Mt Vernon sem. Washing- 
ton D. C. 88-89, asst (Eng.) Smith 89-90, 
New York pub. sch. 98-03; settlement 
worker 03-10; sec. Soc. for ethical culture 
New York 03— 

Edwards" Anna Williams b.a. (Mrs 
George Edwin Coleman) 

21 Aspinwall road Dorchester 

teacher Erie Pa. S-D 88, Ipswich Mass. 
D 88-90, Hyde Park 90-96, Brockton Ja 
96-98; private teacher Dorchester 99-08; 
m. 28 Je 98; ch. Catherine Edwards b. 11 
Ap 00, Dorothea Edwards b. 6 Ja 02, 
Priscilla Edwards b. 18 S 03 d. 23 Ap 04 

Everett Martha Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Elliott St John) 
32 S. 21st St. Philadelphia Pa. 
m. 26 Je 88; ch. Everett b. 27 Mr 89, 
(B.A. 10 Harvard), Harold b. 25 Jl 92 
(Harvard 14), Lyman b. 8 My 99 d. 26 F 00, 
Prescott Keyes b. 8 My 99 d. 24 F 00; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Gardner" Anna Warren b.a. 

22 Wolcott road Lynn 

teacher North Wales Pa. 89-90, Cornwall 
Ct. 90-91, Falmouth Mass. 92-10 

*Guild Lora Elsine b.a. 

d. 23 Je 95 Roxbury 

Hardy"^ Fannie Pearson b.a. (Mrs 
Jacob Andre asen Eckstorm) 
173 Wilson st. Brewer Me. 

supt of sch. B:ewer Me. 89-91 ; reader of 
scientific mss. in office of D. C. Heath & co. 
Boston 91-92; m. 24 O 93 (husband d. 
23 D 99) ; ch. Katherine Hardy b. 9 S 94 
d. 21 My 02, Paul Frederick b. 18 My 96 

Hawker [Haake]"^ Annah Dora b.a. 
48 Laurel st. AtholJ 




Husted" Louise Akerly b.a. (Mrs 
Eugene Church) 

1320 N. Yakima av. Tacoma 

M.D. 93 Woman's med. col. of N. Y. in- 
firmary; student Woman's med. col. 90-93, 
interne N. E. hospital Roxbury Mass. My 
94-Ja 95, house surgeon Ja-My 95, house 
physician New York infant asylum Jl 95- 
Ja 96, New York board of health mercantile 
inspector 96-F 98, visitor New York juvenile 
asylum My 98-0 01 ; vicepres. Smith alum, 
assn 91-93; m. 24 O 01; ch. Anna Edsall 
b. 11 F 03, Louise Husted b. 3 Ag 04, Mar- 
garet b. 9 Je 07; mem. A.C.A. 
Jameson Caroline Cogswell b.a. 
45 Chestnut st. Boston 

teacher (math.) Bradford Mass. acad. 
88-02, Ogontz Pa. sch. 02-10 

Kellogg Annie Prindle b.a. 
142 S. Cedar av. Oberlin O. 
sec. Smith 93-08, Oberlin conservatory of 
music 09 — 

Kelly Jane Downes b.a. (Mrs Wal- 
lace Clement Sabine) 
481 Beacon st. BostonJ 

M.D. 94 Northwestern univ. Woman's med. 
sch; student Johns Hopkins med. sch. 
94-95; teacher 89-90; practising physician 
95 — ; m. 22 Ag 00; ch. Janet b. 23 O 03 
Kennedy" Leila Mantha b.a. (Mrs 

Martin J. Hutchens) 

Clarendon Hills 111. 

preceptress Waterville N. Y. acad. 88-89; 
m. 31 D 97; ch. Helena Fuller b. 23 S 02, 
John Kennedy b. 9 Ag 05 

Leonard Florence b.a. 

4243 Walnut st. Philadelphia Pa. J 

student (music) Berlin 91-92; teacher 
(music) Philadelphia 88-99 

Lincoln Helen Stoddard b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur Fairbanks Stone) 
Hyllcrest St Johnsbury Vt. 
m. 1 Ja 90; ch. Edith Lincoln b. 9 O 91, 
Harold Fairbanks b. 29 Je 94 d. 17 Ag 95, 
Robert Lincoln b. 10 Je 96, Eleanor Fair- 
banks b. 25 Mr 04, Laura Helen b. 13 My 10 

♦Lord Mary Caroline b.a. 

d. 15 O 99 Cleveland O. 
Lyman"^ Frances Pease (Mrs Oren 
Clark Burt) EasthamptonJ 

m. 29 Ag 88 ; ch. Olive Christine b. 5 S 89, 
Margaret Allen b. 1 O 90, Dorothy Lyman 
b. 2 O 92, Catherine b. 27 F 94, EUzabeth 
Grant b. 7 Je 97, Constance Curtis b. 10 
Ag 00, Oren Clark b. O 01, Stanley Lyman 
b. 30 S 03, Frances b. 14 Mr 05 
Nichols May Louise b.a. 

Miss Porter's school Farmington 

M.A. 98; fellow Amer. sch. of classical 
studies, Athens 97-98, Hoppin memorial 
fellow Amer. sch. Athens 98-99; teacher 
(classics) Concord Mass. high sch. 91-97, 
(Greek, Greek archaeol.) Vassar 99-01, 
(Greek, hist, of art) Miss Porter's sch. 
Farmington 01 — ; mem. Amer. archaeol. 

Packard^ Grace Sophronia b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Erwin Andelfinger) 
645 Marcy av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher 90-96; m. 25 Ja 97 

Parker Lizzie Southgate b.a. (Mrs 
Lee Sullivan McCoUester) 
655 John R st. Detroit Mich, 
m. 1 My 89; ch. Parker b. 5 S 90 (Tufts 11), 
Catharine b. 4 Jl 93 (Smith 14), Donald 
Lee b. 29 Jl 96 d. US 96; mem. A.C.A. 

Plack Martha Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 

G. E. Fisher) 

15 Windermere av. Landsdowne 

ch. Constance b. 10 Ag 91, Isabel Mardorf 
b. 22 Jl 93 d. 3 Je 94, Rachel Clark b. 17 
Ap 95, Douglas Alan b. 9 Ap 97, Louis 
Plack b. 2 Je 00 

Rayner Mary B aimer b.a. (Mrs 
William Chase Holbrook) Waban 
teacher Norfolk Va. high sch. 88-89, Chico- 
pee Mass. high sch. 90-99 ; m. 26 Je 06 

Robinson" Alice b.a. (Mrs Daniel W. 
MacMillan) Whitings N. J.J 

Seelye Harriet Chapin b.a. (Mrs 
Rush Rhees) 
440 University av. Rochester N. Y. 

sec. Smith 90-91, registrar 9.5-96, asst 
(German) 97-98; m. 6 Jl 99; ch. Morgan 
John b. 15 Je 00, Henrietta Seelye b. 1 F 
04, Rush jr b. 19 Mr 05 

Shevelson" Rachel b.a. (Mrs Joseph 
Griswold Deane) 
200 W. 79th St. New YorkJ 

teacher 88-91 ; m. 5 Jl 94 

Skilton" Alice Thomas b.a. 

Pennsylvania college for women, 
Pittsburg Pa. 

M.A. 06; student (German) Berlin 92-94, 
Chicago univ. 96-97, Harvard summer sch. 
98, Jena 00, Gottingen 00; teacher Salem 
N. J. 88-90, Asheville N. C. 90-91, Cornwall 
Ct. 91-92, Berlin 92-94, Boston 94-95, 
Painesville O. 95-96, instructor Pa. col. 
for women 97 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Sykes Alice May b.a. (Mrs Frank 

Sherman Meara) 

400 West End av. New Yorkf 
m. 9 D 97; ch. Storrs d. 7 F 01, Adelaide 
b. 1 Mr 03 

♦Thompson Mary Frances b.a. 

class of 82; d. 26 S 89 
*Twitchell Susie Helen b.a. 

d. 21 S 95 Keene N. H. 

Ventres Adelaide Brainerd b.a. 
424 W. 119th St. New York 

student (Latin) Columbia 04-05, 07-08, 
summer sch. 05-07; teacher Seven Gables, 
Bridgeton N. J. 88-93, Wilson col. 93-04. 
Eastern district high sch. 08-09, Normal 
col. 09-10; mem. A.C.A. 

Wentworth Ellen Lang b.a. 
2 Lincoln st. Exeter N. H. 




♦Wilcoxen Jennie Sarah b.l. 

Ph.B. 99 N. Y. state normal col; d. 6 D 03 
Seneca Falls N. Y. Total 48-*5 


Abbot Ella Caroline b.a. (Mrs Arthur 

Silas Wilder) 

Sterling Junction 
prin. Brewer Me. high sch. 89-91, substitute 
(chem.) Mt Holyoke 91, prin. Peterboro 
N. H. high sch. 91-95, asst (Eng, mod. 
lang.) Sanborn sem. Kingston N. H. 95-96, 
prin. Sterling Mass. high sch. 96-98; m. 
9 Ag 98 ; ch. Florence Caroline b. 3 Ag 99, 
Katharine Abbot b. 9 Ag 01, Frank Harris 
b. 26 Ap 03, Edwin Arthur b. 13 Mr 06, 
Anna Hale b. 14 Ja 09 

Allen Lucy Ellis b.a. 

35 Webster st. West Newton 

teacher Allen Bros, private sch. 90-00; 
lecturer (art, hist.) 00-04; prin. the Misses 
Allen sch. 04 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Atwater Elsie Welling b.a. 

232 Jefferson av. Brooklyn N. Y. 
M.A. 96 Univ. City of New York; student 
Univ. City of New York 94-96 

Blinn"^ Harriet Louise b.a. 

17 Westminster st. Pittsfield 

teacher Coxsackie N. Y. high sch. 89-90, 
Pittsfield high sch. 90-10 

Blodgett Grace Allen b.a. (Mrs 
Ralph Holland Seelye) 
73 Chestnut st. Springfield 
M.A. 94; m. 14 N 95; ch. Barbara b. 97, 
Rebecca b. 00, Samuel Clark b. 03 

Bond" Mary Dyer b.a. (Mrs Wilbur 
Edward Barnard) 
48 Vernon st. West Medford 

m. 2 S 89 

Buell" Gertrude Frances b.a. (Mrs 
Hiram Edmund Decker) 
2107 Alabama st. Indianapolis 

teacher 89-97; m. 6 O 97 

Buswell Alice Maude [Maud] b.a. 
(Mrs Harvey Parker Towle) 
453 Marlboro st. Boston 
m. 14 D 98; ch. Charles Buswell b. 17 N 
00 d. 20 N 00, Elizabeth b. 10 S 02, 
Caroline b. 15 Mr 06 
Carr Agnes b.a. 

21 Bullard st. Dorchester 

teacher Englewood N. J. 89-98, Boston 
99-00, (Latin) Morris high sch. New York 
Cobb Harriet Redfield b.a. 

2 Denniston pi. Northampton 

M.A. 91; student Smith 90-91; teacher 
Burritt sch. Baton Rouge La. 89-90, 
Bartholomew Eng. and classical sch. Cin- 
cinnati O. 91-95; asst, instructor, assoc. 
prof, (math.) Smith 95 — 

Colgan"' Mary Ella b.a. 

The Delano Indianapolis Ind.f 

student (French) Sorbonne Paris 90-91; 
teacher Indianapolis classical sch. 94-05 

CuUinan" Catherine b.a. (Mrs J. E. 
455 State st. Bridgeport Ct.f 

Cushing Jane Delia b.a. 
Dobbs Ferry N. Y. 

tutor W. L. Cushing's sch. Dobbs Ferry 
89-90, 94-99, asst (Eng.) Smith 90-94, 
teacher (Latin, Greek) Miss Master's sch. 
Dobbs Ferry 99-00, 04-06, asst prin. 06 — , 
teacher Miss Beard's sch. Orange N. J. 

♦Deane"^ Harriet Robinson b.a. 

Doane Caroline Ida b.a. (Mrs Robert 
Frank Miner) 
R. F. D. Wallingford Ct. 

M.A. 03 (chem, physics) Brown; teacher 
Sanderson acad. Ashfield Mass. 89-92, 
North Attleboro high sch. 93-98, prin. 
Shrewsbury high sch. 99-02, Lewis high 
sch. Southington Ct. 03-05, Wallingford 
high sch. 05-06; m. 18 O 06; ch. Robert 
Tyler b. 12 Je 08 

Fletcher Mabel b.a. 

Mt Sinai hospital 5th av. and 
100th St. New Yorkt 
registered nurse New York 

Gale Anna b.l. (Mrs Clarkson Lind- 


1920 Stevens av. Minneapolis 

teacher Minneapolis 93-95; m. 11 D 95; 
ch. Ella b. 3 O 96, Alice Gale b. 30 Ag 98, 
Charlotte b. 24 Jl 00, Alfred Damon b. 
20 Ja 04 

Gaylord Mary Foster b.a. (Mrs 
William Henry Frick) 
559 West End av. New York 

teacher Mrs Cornegys and Miss Bell's sch. 
Philadelphia 89-91, St Mary's hall Bur- 
lington N. J. 92-97, prin. private sch. for 
girls New York 

sch. 01- 

-01, teacher St Agatha 
; m. 16 Je 06; mem. A.C.A. 

Gere Mary Elizabeth b.a. 
75 High st. Northampton 
student (domestic science) Pratt inst. 96-97; 
director (domestic dept) "The Western" 
Oxford O. 93-95, Lake Erie col. Painesville 
98-00; teacher (household science) North- 
field sem. 00-03 

Gilmour Anna Catharine b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Pelouze de Forest) 
150 W. 47th St. New York 

vicepres. Smith alum., assn 02-04; m. 6 D 

Goodwin Maria [May] Amelia b.a. 
(Mrs PhiHp William Avirett) 
949 Park pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher high sch. Old Town Me. 91, Batavia 
N. Y. 91-92, Dunkirk 93-94, Portsmouth 
N. H. 98-00, Asbury Park N. J. 00-04, 
Flushing N. Y. 04-07, (German) Brooklyn 
07—; m. 22 My 94 (husband d. 31 Jl 02); 
ch. William Goodwin b. 5 F 95 





Gray" Nellie b.a. (Mrs Walter Har- 
ris Young) Southington Ct.J 
student (chem.) Smith 90-91; teacher 
Northampton high sch. 89-93; m. 27 Je 93; 
ch. Harold Eugene b. 6 Je 95, Edward 
Sheldon b. 25 .la 97 

Hazen Emily b.a. 

236 Auburn st. Aubumdale 

teacher Newton Mass. high sch. 94-04, 
private tutor 06 — 

Hinds^ Ellen Maria b.a. 

103 Governor st. Providence R. I. 

general sec. Y. W. C. A. Providence 94-01 ; 
cataloger foreign med. worka Cambridge 
Mass. pub. lib. 02-04; geneial sec. Y. W. 
C. A. HaverhUl 04-08 

Hopkins Martha Austin b.l. 
80 Winthrop road Brookline 
mem. A.C.A. 

Johnson Alice Robbins b.a. (Mrs 
William Abbott Clark) 
94 Crescent st. NorthamptonJ 

student (lang.) Germany 91-92; teacher 
Brookfield Mass. 92-93, Denver Col. 93-96; 
m. 30 S 97 ; ch. Alan Robbins b. 16 F 00, 
Marion Johnson b. 24 Mr 03 

Lovejoy^ Margaret Waldo b.a. (Mrs 
Robert Green Walker Butters) 
83 Main st. Haverhill 

teacher Haverhill high sch. 92-03; m. 23 

Loveland'* Helen Isabella b.a. 

Morningside college Sioux City la. t 

student England 02-03; preceptress Upper 
Iowa vmiv. Fayette la; teacher Morning- 
side col. 

Mason Mary Arlina b.a. 

830 Lake st. Newark N. J. 
asst sec. Smith alum, assn 01-07; mem. 

Moore" Julia Harrison b.l. 

c/o H. H. Hanna 1522 N. Penn st. 
Indianapolis Ind.J 

Newland" Sarah Luella b.a. (Mrs 
William Joseph Rushmore) Ware 
asst Ware high sch. 89-93; m. 5 Jl 94; ch. 
Muriel Morris b. 16 My 95 (class baby) 

Paine Elizabeth Elmore b.s. (Mrs 
Francis Leseure Palmer) 
Faribault Minn. 

student (pedagogy) Oshkosh Wis. normal 
sch. 90-91; teacher Milwaukee col. 91-93; 
m. 1 O 95; ch. Georgiana Paine b. 20 Ja 00; 
Theodore Paine b. 19 N 06 

Peirce Eliza Metcalf b.a. 

507 Broadway Providence R. I. 

M.A. 99 Brown; student (Eng, philos.) 
Brown 95-99 ; teacher Bishop Hopkins hall 
Burlington Vt. Ja 90-93, Palmer Mass. high 
sch. Ja 94-95, Providence high sch. 95-10; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Reed'* Theodora Williams b.a. (Mrs 
James William Drysdale) 
28 Chestnut st. WestfieldJ 
grad. art 90; m. 27 Je 92 (husband d. 10 
Ap 03); ch. Donald b. 10 O 93, Roderick 
Reed b. 18 S 95, Alexander b. 17 Ja 99, 
James William b. 23 Mr 01 

Rich^ Ruby Lucy b.a. Fairhaven| 

Scribner Ella b.a. (Mrs Sheldon 


Wilson park, Tarrytown N. Y. 
m. 9 My 96; ch. Stephen b. 20 Jl 00, James 
Scribner b. 8 O 03 

Seaver'* Florence White b.a. (Mrs 
George Albert Slocomb) 
769 Main st. Worcester 
asst North Easton Mass. high sch. 90-93; 
m. 10 Jl 95 

Sebring Emma Goodeve b.a. 
559 West End av. New York 

M.A. 94 Columbia, diploma 94 Teachers 
col; student Europe 90-91, (psych, hist, of 
educ, general method) Teachers col. 92-94, 
(psych, philos.) Columbia 93-94; fellow 
(sociology, educ.) Columbia 97-98; teacher 
girls sch. 91-92, instructor 94-96, assoc. 
prof, (psych, hist, of educ.) Teachers col. 
94-97, prin. St Agatha sch. New York 98 — 

Seelye Anna Hawley b.a. (Mrs Ben- 
jamin Kendall Emerson) 

m. 4 S 01 ; ch. Elizabeth James b. 1 Mr 03; 
sicpch. Charlotte Frelinghuysen (Mrs A. W. 
Hitchcock) (B.S. 95 Smith), Malleville 
Wheelock (B.A. 08 Smith) 

Taylor^ AHce Stanley b.a. (Mrs 
Philip W. Ayres) 
Franconia N. H.J 
m. 8 Ag 99 ; ch. Ruth b. Ja 02 

Thayer Mary Sprague b.a. 
1 E. Silver st. Westfield 
teacher (Eng.) "The Elms" Springfield 
Mass. 92-94 

Tilton Mary Susan b.a. Laconia N. H. 

Trow" Mary Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 
Frank Ellsworth Spaulding) 
95 Highland av. Newtonvifle 
student Germany 91-92; teacher Morgan 
sch. Clinton Ct. 89-91, Cortland N. Y. 
normal sch. 92-95; m. 17 O 95; ch. Francis 
Trow b. 23 N 96, William Ellsworth b. 5 
F 98, Mary b. 16 Ap 99, Catherine b. 21 

White Grace Grosvenor b.a. 
319 Tappan st. Brookline 

student (botany) Harvard summer sch. 93 ; 
teacher (Latin, botany) Northfield sem. 
89-94; proprietor Sunshine laundry Brook- 
line 98 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Whitfield" Inez Harrington b.l. 
16 John St. IlionN. Y.J 
teacher New York 91-00 

Total 45-*l 





Allen Adaline White b.a. (Mrs Frank 
Forest Davidson) Aubumdale 

teacher Baltimore Md. 90-92, Bridgeport Ct. 
92-93, Lasell sem. Auburndale 93-Ja 96; 
mem. Newton sch. board 07 — ; m. 6 O 97; 
ch. Frank Forest jr b. 21 O 99, Allen b. 
4 Ag 01, stepch. Mary Richmond b. 20 D 85 
(B.A. 08 Smith), Louise Allen b. 19 Je 88, 
Myrtis Forest b. 17 D 91; mem. A.C.A. 

Barton Alice b.l. (Mrs Edward Law- 
yer Burchard) Freeport 111. 

m. 3 O 93; ch Marion Barton b. 8 Jl 95 

Booth Minnie Day b.a. 

172 Beacon st. Hartford Ct. 

teacher Elmira N. Y. 91-92, private sch, 
Hartford 92— 

Bowen Fanny Corey b.a. 
187 Rock St. Fall River 

Brayton Nancy Jarrette Bowers b.a. 
(Mrs James Madison Morton jr) 
130 Underwood st. Fall River 

student (classics) Girton col. Cambridge 
90-91; m. 10 Je 96: ch. James Madison 
3d b. 10 Je 97 d. 14 My 08, Brayton b. 24 
O 98, Sarah b. 29 S 02, Hugh b. 10 S 06 

Brown Clara May b.l. (Mrs Frederick 
Anthony Killmer) 
287 Glen st. Glens Falls N. Y. 

m. 2 Je 94; ch. Margaret Maria b. 6 Je 97 

Bufkin Mary Lee b.l. (Mrs Wilmot 
R. Jones) 
Forest av. Ben Avon Pa. 

student (Eng. lit.) Chicago univ. 95; 
teacher (Eng, Latin) Aurora 111. high sch. 
90-91, (Eng, hist.) Lyons Township high 
sch. La Grange 91-93, 94-95, prof. (Eng. lit.) 
Milwaukee-Downer col. 95-00; m. 9 O 00; 
ch. Wilmot Rufus jr b. 5 My 02; mem. 
A.C.A, N.E.A. 

Bumham" Jessica [Jessie] Emma b.l. 
(Mrs John Frankhn Downing) 
520 E. Armour blvd Kansas City 

m. 30 Mr 98; ch. Jean Burnham b. 12 Je 00, 
Jessie b. 14 Ap 05; mem. Amer. archaeol. 

Carpenter Mary Frances b.l. 

21 E. Wilson st. Madison Wis. 

student (Hebrew) Univ. of Wis. 95-97, 
honorary fellow (Hebrew) 98; libn Superior 
Wis. normal sch. 98-03, reviser lib. sch. 
Madison 07 — ; mem. A.L.A. 

Cate Carrie Quincy b.a. 
18 Holten st. Dan vers 

teacher (Latin, Eng, German) St Mary's 
sch. Concord N. H. 92, 94-96, head (French 
and German dept) Danvers high sch. 06-10; 
mem. Mod. lang. assn 

Cheever Louisa Sewall b.a. 

Chapin house Smith college 
M.A. 97 Columbia; student (Latin) Colum- 
bia 94-95, 95-96, (German) Gottingen 98, 
Oxford 07 ; teacher Brearley sch. New York 
92-95, instructor (Eng.) Smith 00-06, 07-09, 
assoc. prof. 09 — ; mem. Mod. lang. assn 

Crandall Regina Katherine b.a. 
^ Low bldgs Bryn Mawr Pa.| 

Ph.D. 02 Chicago univ; student Chicago 
univ. 93-96, 99-00, fellow (hist.) 94-96; 
teacher Morristown N. J. 90-92, Chicago 111. 
92-94, asst (hist.) Smith 90-99, instructor 
(hist.) Wellesley 00-01, reader (Eng.) Bryn 
Mawr 03 — 

Cravath EUzabeth Northway b.a. 
(Mrs Herbert. Adolphus Miller) 
Olivet college OH vet Mich. 

M.A. 01 Vanderbilt univ; student (Ger- 
man, Latin, Eng.) Vanderbilt univ. 99-01; 
teacher (French, Eng, hist.) Decatur 111. 
high sch. 93-96, Duluth Minn, high sch. 
96-98; m. 22 Ag 03; adopted ch. Gustova 
b. 25 Ja 09 

Crew Winona Bell b.a. (Mrs William 
F. Wickersham) 
Westtown Pa. 

teacher private sch. Salem N. J. 90-92, 
Friends' select sch. Philadelphia 92-06; 
m. 26 Je 06 ; ch. Wilfred H. b. 4 F 08 

Day Harriet Burr b.a. (Mrs Charles 
SterHng Wyckoff) 
155 Lincoln road Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher Priscilla Braislin sch. Bordentown 
N. J. 90-93, Miss Mittelberger's sch. Cleve- 
land O. 93-95, Meriden Ct. high sch. 95-97 ; 
m. 15 Mr 97; ch. Charles Sterling jr b. 
8 My 06 

Dodge CaroHne Louise b.a. 

244 5th av. Council Bluffs la.f 

LL.B 96 N. Y. univ. law sch; student 
Boston univ. law sch. 92-93, N. Y. imiv. 
law sch. 95-98; practising lawyer 96 — 

Elmer Edith b.l. (Mrs Albert Nor- 
ton Wood) 
c/o Navy dept Washington D. C. 

writer; m. 24 Je 93; ch, Horace Elmer b. 
22 O 94 d. 18 Jl 98, Charles Thurston Elmer 
b. 14 S 96, Horace Nixon Ehner b. 6 F 01; 
mem. Amer. soc. for psychical research 

Farley^ Sarah Matilda b.a. 
342 W. 67th St. Chicago 111. 

teacher Rockford 111. high sch. 90-95, La 
Grange high sch. 95-07, Englewood high 
sch. Chicago 07 — 

Foley" Margaret Baker b.l. 

Hartford pub. library Hartford 

student Europe 90-92, N. Y. state lib. sch. 
0.5-07; teacher New York 93-01 




Folsom"^ Helen Christian b.a. (Mrs 
Edgar Warren Swift) 
231 Belmont st. WollastonJ 
teacher 90-00; m. 30 Je 97; ch. Virginia 
Louise b. 20 Ja 01 

Forrest Virginia b.a. (Mrs Victor 
Nathan Lucia) 
43 Dryad's Green Northampton 

teacher (Latin, Greek) Mrs Cady's sch. 
New Haven Ct. 90-96; sec. Capen sch. 
Northampton 96 — ; m. 17 Je 96 

♦Frost Mary Adeline b.a. 

M.A. 95; instructor (German) Smith 93-97; 
d. 16 Mr 99 Palatka Fla. 

Hard wick Rose Standish b.a. 
45 Elm St. Northampton 
M.A. 09; student (physics, chem.) Mass. 
inst. of tech. 91-92, (physics) Harvard sum- 
mer sch. 91, (chem.) S8, (hist, teaching of 
math.) 04, (philos, math.) Smith 05-06; 
teacher Groton Mass. high sch. 90-91, 
private sch. Boston 91-95, Cambridge 
Latin sch. 95-10, Burnham sch. 10 — ; mem. 

Hoblitt" Margaret Smith b.a. 

1016 A av. E. Cedar Rapids la.f 
Holt Ellen b.l. Lake Forest 111. 

student Bible teachers training sch. New 
York fall 04, pres. Y. W. C. A. house settle- 
ment Chicago 99-02, vicepres. 02-10; vice- 
pres. Smith alum, assn 00-02; mem. 
Homans Susan Manning b.l. (Mrs 

Henry VoUmer) 

Huntington N. Y. 
teacher Evanston 111. pub. sch. 90-92, Dr 
Sachs' sch. for girls New York 92-06; far- 
mer 07—; m. 24 N 96 (husband d. F 99) 
Huffman" Mary Lucy b.a. (Mrs 

Thomas Davis Healy) 

923 First av. S. Fort Dodge la. 

B.S. and B.A. 89 and M.A. 92 Parsons col. 
Fairfield la; teacher (Eng, Latin) Fort 
Dodge high sch. 91-97, prin. 97-98; m. 
16 Je 98 (husband d. 15 Ja 09); ch. Hiatt 
Huffman b. 16 Jl 01, Elizabeth b. 4 N 02, 
Thomas Davis jr b. 27 Ap 04 

James"^ Gertrude b.l. (Mrs Warren 

Eveleth Derby) 

Chestnut st. Englewood N. J. 
m. 3 Ap 94; ch. Eveleth (dau.) b. 20 Mr 95, 
Gertrude Fairchild b. 13 O 96, Dorothea 
b. 23 Mr 00 

Jameson"- Lilian b.a. 

28 Eliot St. Jamaica Plain 
*Janes Mary Olmstead b.a. (Mrs 

P. E. Seabrook) 

d. 28 S 96 Priceora Ga. 
Jenkins Anna Spalding b.a. 

Girls high school Brooklyn N. Y. 

M.A. 97; student Amer. sch. of classical 
studies, Rome 97-98; teacher (French, 
German) Univ. of Northwest Morningside 
la. 90-92, (Latin) Sioux City la. high sch. 
92-95, asst (Latin) Smith 95-97, teacher 
(Latin) Brooklyn girls high sch. 98 — 

Kellogg"^ Flora Arvilla b.a. (Mrs 
William Russell Jones) 
805 18th St. Harrisburg Pa. 

m. 23 My 94 

Kelsey" Florence b.a. (Mrs Samuel 
Pingree French) 
West Lebanon N. H. 

student Germany 90-91; teacher (lang.) 
Montpelier Vt. high sch. 92-95, preceptress 
Oahu col. Honolulu H. I. 95-00; m. 12 Ap 
00; ch. Harold Campbell b. 31 Mr 01, Helen 
Elizabeth b. 26 My 02, Dorothea Foster 
b. 13 Ap 05 

Lathrop Anna Bartow b.l. (Mrs 
Carleton Greene) 
117 Vose av. South Orange N. J. 

student Buffalo N. Y. sch. of pedagogy; 
teacher 91-01 ; m. 27 Je 01 

Lyman Rose Clarissa b.a. 

197 Main st. Easthampton 

student (Latin, French) Sorbonne, College 
de France, Paris 96-97, (French) Columbia 
02-03, 08-09; teacher North Wales Pa. 
acad. 90-91, Hopkins acad. Hadley Mass. 
91-93, Northampton high sch. 93-96, tutor 
(French) Smith 98-99, teacher Morris high 
sch. New York 99-08, Capen sch. North- 
ampton 09-10 

Perry Jennie May b a. (Mrs Charles 

Henry Earle) 

940 Grattan st. Los Angeles Cal.f 
teacher 90-92; m. 13 O 92; ch. Marsden 
Perry b. 8 Jl 99 

Phelps Minna Belle b.a. 

21 Mitchell st. Norwich N. Y. 

student (Greek) Univ. City of New York 
05-09, (Latin) 09-10; teacher Elmira N. Y. 
free acad. 91-04, East Orange N. J. high sch. 
04 — ; mem. Amer. archaeol. inst. 

Phillips Maud b.a. (Mrs Oswald Speir) 
2731 Dwight way Berkeley Cal.f 
student (domestic science) Pratt inst. 90-91, 
Teachers col. 03-04; m. 6 91; ch. Oswald 
b. 13 Jl 92, Maud Phillips b. 20 Ag 93, God- 
frey de Burras b. 20 Mr 00, Mary Cranford 
b. 15 Ag09 

Port^ Mary Alice b.a. 

7 Banbury road Oxford England 

student (Greek, Latin, educ.) Columbia 
99-00, (Greek, Latin) Europe 03-04; prin. 
Mattoon 111. high sch. 90-92. teacher (clas- 
sics) and asst prin. All Saints' sch. Sioux 
Falls S. Da. 92-96, 10—, head mistress 
Lakeville Ct. sch. 97-99, prin. Wright sem. 
Tacoma Wash. 00-03, preceptress Irving 
col. Mechanicsburg Pa. 05-06, State normal 
sch. Bloomsbury Pa. 07-10 

Presbrey Florence Natalie b.a. 
5 Harrison st. Taunton 

bookkeeper, typewriter 

Rand Jessie Sophia b.a. (Mrsfjoel 
Ernest Goldthwait) 
Brush hill road Hyde Park 

m. 16 My 94; ch. Joel Addison b. 2 Jl 95, 
Margaret Rand b. 24 Ag 99, Vincent Bow- 
ditch b. 3 Jl 02 




Robinson Mary Clement b.l. 
44 Thatcher st. Bangor Me. 

governess Bermuda 90-92; teacher (Eng, 
Latin) Bangor high sch. 92 — 

Rogers Miriam Nancy Shelton b.a. 
(Mrs Charles Albert Perkins) 
338 W. 56th St. New York 

M.A. 92 Cornell; student (Greek, compara- 
tive philol.) Columbia 90-91, Yale 93-94, 
Berlin univ. 94-95. Heidelberg vmiv. 95-96, 
Munich vmiv. 96-97 ; m. 27 N 03 ; ch, Albert 
Rogers b. 27 Ag 04 

Royce Sarah Grace b.a. 

Wadleigh high school, 114th st. 
and 7th av. New York 

M.A. 02 Columbia; student (Greek) Cornell 
summer 95, (Greek, Latin, archaeol, educ.) 
Columbia 01-07; teacher high sch. Middle- 
town N. Y. 90-92. Danville Ky. 93-94, Bing- 
hamton N. Y. 94-01, Wadleigh high sch. 
New York 02—; mem. A.C.A. 

* Scripture Helen Richards b.a. 

teacher Brooklyn 91-96; d. 30 Ag 06 

Seabury Maria Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 
Edward Buckingham Guthrie) 
562 W. Ferry st. Buffalo N. Y. 

teacher Halifax N. S. ladies col. 90-92, 
Miss Dana's sch. Morristown N. J. 93-98, 
St Margaret's sch. Buffalo N. Y. 99, 03; 
m. 5 Ag 03 ; ch. Edward Hosmer b. 21Je 04, 
Anne b. 11 S 07 d. 15 F 09; mem. A.C.A. 

Seelye^ Finette Scott b.l. 

400 W. 115th St. New York 

student Univ. City of New York women's 
law class 98-99, (anatomy, physiol.) 
Women's homoeopathic med. col. 99-00, 
(physics, chem, biol.) Barnard 00- Ja 01 

Sherrill Elizabeth Middleton b.a. 
(Mrs Charles Foster Kent) 
406 Humphrey st. New Haven Ct. J 

m. 9 Jl 95 ; ch. Samuel Sherrill b. 19 Ag 97, 

Wilham Beckwith b. 29 Ja 04 

Sherrill Ruth Dakin b.a. 
CUfton Springs N. Y. 

Pd.B. 92 N. Y. state normal col; teacher 
Warren O. 92-95; clerical worker State nor- 
mal col. Albany 95-96 ; critic teacher State 
normal col. 96-97; head teacher Froebel sch. 
Providence R. I. 97-98, teacher Irvington 
N. Y. 98-99, instructor Grange pi. sch. Can- 
andaigua N. Y. 99-03, head teacher 03-06, 
instructor (science) Miss Porter's sch. 
Farmington Ct. 07 — 

♦Smith Bertha Blanche b.a. (Mrs 
Alfred Mason Amadon) 
m. 12 O 99; d. 21 My 01 Dorchester 

Sprague"^ Leonora Woodruff b.l. 
Burnt Hills N. Y. 

teacher private sch. Logansport Ind. 90-93, 
Amsterdam N. Y. 93-96, Misses Hebb's sch. 
Wilmington Del. 96-10 

Strickland** Frances Bradley b.a. 
Lexington J 

Sumner Caroline Louise b.a. 

Elmhurst school R. F. D. 6 Con- 
nersville Ind. 

student (archaeol, topography, epigraphy) 
Amer. sch. of classical studies, Rome 08-09 ; 
teacher (Greek, Eng.) Titusville Pa. high 
sch. 90-95, tutor and substitute (Latin) 
Smith 97-04, instructor 07-08, (Greek, 
Latin, hist.) Miss Wheeler's sch. Providence 
R. J. 04-07, co-prin. Elmhurst sch. 09—; 
meih. A.C.A. 

Taylor^ Mabel Miranda b.a. 
215 Norfolk st. Roxburyf 

student Amherst summer sch; teacher 
Montpelier Vt. 90-92, Brockton Mass. 92-93, 
Farmmgton N. H. 93-96, Salem Mass. 96, 
Lynn 97-00, Dorchester high sch. 00-05, 
Bishop's sch. San Diego Cal. 09 — 

Thayer Mary Vining b.a. 

fellow (physics) Smith 90-91; asst (physics) 
91-92, teacher (science) Gilman sch. Cam- 
bridge Mass. 92-95 

Thomson Lucy Doolittle b.a. 
B.S. 96 Mass. inst. of tech; teacher private 
sch. Newark N. J. 91-92; architectural 
draftsman Springfield Mass, Boston, Provi- 
dence R. I, New York 96 — 

*Tombs^ Nettie Adelle b.a. 

♦Walston Louise b.l. (Mrs Percival 

student Art students league 90-91; m. 23 
S 91 ; ch. Dorothy Bronwyn b. 7 Ag 92, 
Robert Walston b. 13 My 94, Mavis b. 22 
Ja 97, Howard b. 23 F 99 d. 13 Ag 99; 
d. 21 Ja 05 Summit N. J. 

Wiggin Pauline Gertrude b.l. (Mrs 
William Jackson Leonard) 
36 University driveway Morgan- 
town W. Va. 
M.A. 95 Radcliffe, B.L.S. 02 N. Y. state lib. 
sch; student (Eng.) Radcliffe 94-95, N. Y. 
state lib. sch. 00-02; instructor (Eng.) 
Vassar 95-97, Wellesley 97-99; lib. asst in 
charge hist, division N. Y. state lib. 01-02, 
libn Univ. of W. Va. 02-07; m. 5 S 06; ch. 
William Wiggin b. 30 Ap 08 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Willard Mary Frances b.a. 
1526 Fargo av. Chicago 111. 

student (Latin, Eng.) Chicago univ. 95-98; 
teacher (Eng, Latin) Chicago West division 
high sch. 90-95, head (Eng. dept) Marshall 
high sch. 95-00, prin. Tennyson grammar 
sch. 00-08, Burley grammar sch, Burley 
evening sch. 08 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Wonson Alice Manton b.a. (Mrs 
George Dana Sanders) 
50 Pleasant st. Waterville Me. 

m. 8 Mr 05 

Woodruff" Agnes Lloyd b.a. (Mrs 

Frederic Blake Holder) 

89 State st. Boston 
m. 17 Je 91; ch. Edith W. b. 26 Je 92, 
Agnes W. b. 3 Ja 95 




Wyckoff Anna Statesir b.a. 

95 Clinton av. Jamaica N. Y. 

teacher (music) New York 94-10 

Total 63-*6 

Abbot Florence Hale b.l. 

Newton Nervine, 1660 Wash- 
ington St. West Newton 

M.D. 97 Woman's med. col. of N. Y. infirm- 
ary; student Woman's med. col. of N. Y. 
infirmary 93-97; teacher Pembroke N. H. 
acad. 91-92, governess Bermuda Islands 
92-93 5 resident physician Woman's hospital 
of Philadelphia 97-98, asst physician Med- 
field Mass. insane hospital 98-03, Taunton 
insane hospital 03-08, Worcester state hospi- 
tal 08-10, Newton Nervine West Newton 
10 — ; mem. Amer. med. assn, Amer. med. 
psych, soc, A.C.A. 

Aikens" Mary Lydia b.s. (Mrs C. V. 
Davis) Bryngolan, Claremont, 
Cape Colony South Africaf 
Allen Grace Weston b.l. (Mrs Fred- 
erick Steams HoUis) 
90 Erie av. Newton Highlands 
governess White Plains N. Y. 92-95, 
teacher high sch. Norwalk Ct. 95-98, New 
Haven 98-00, Newton Mass. 00-01- m. 
7 Ag 01 ; oh. Frederick Allen b. 22 D 02, 
Eleanor Weston b. 3 Ap 05, Walter b. 30 

Ames Grace Edith b.l. 

Women's univ, club, Madison av. 
and 29th st. New York 
teacher and tutor New York 91 — ; mem. 

Baird Mary Ellen b.a. (Mrs Robert 

298 Bryant st. Buffalo N. Y. 
ch. Henry Baird b. 23 F 94, Laura Frances 
b. 12 N 96 
Barbour Amy Louise b.a. 

Lawrence house Northampton 

Ph.D. 02 Yale; scholar (classics) Yale, 
96-97, 99-00, fellow 00-01 ; instructor EUza- 
beth col. [\Iarietta col.J Marietta O. 91-96, 
teacher (Latin) Hartford Ct. high sch. 
97-98, Beacon sch. 98-99, instructor (Greek) 
Smith 01 — ; mem. Amer. philol. assn, 
Amer. archaeol. inst. 

♦Barrett Laura Stoughton b.l. 

d. 16 D 93 Rutland Vt. 
Billings Anna Hunt b.l. 

State normal school, San Diego 


Ph.D. 98 Yale; student (Eng. lit.) Yale 95- 
98; teacher Univ. of S. Cal. 92-94, River- 
side Cal. 94-95, Redlands 98-99, Long 
Beach 02-03, State normal sch. San 
Diego 04 — 

Bogue" Stella Margaret b.a. (Mrs 
Andrew Thomson Campbell) 
271 Midland av. Montclair N. J. 

LL.B. 98 N. Y. univ; m. 98 (husband d. 
24 Ja 08) ; ch. Avis b. 7 My 99, Catharine 
b. 16 N 01 

Booth** Mary Martyn b.a. 

New Britain Ct.f 
Bowman Blanche Wetherell b.a. 
(Mrs Edward Goodrich Watkins) 
141 Chestnut st. Gardner 

teacher Norfolk Va. col. 91-92, Rockford 

col. 92-96, Bristol Ct. 96-97, Chelsea Mass. 

97-99; m. 12 S 99; ch. Helen Bowman b. 

2 Ag 00, Paul and Paulina b. 4 N 01 d. 

4 N 01, 7 N 01, Jessica Goodrich b. 14 Mr 

03, Curtis Gardner b. 14 Ap 06 

*Brown« Emma Elizabeth b.a. 

M.A. 95 Brown ; teacher R. I. normal sch. 
91-04, Brooklyn training sch. 04 

Brown^ Harriet Langdon b.l. (Mrs 

Herbert Henry Darling) 

22 Keiffer st. BrookHne 
m. 5 S 94; ch. Blake b. 14 O 95, Adelaide 
Brown b. 17 N 98 d. 30 D 06, Henry Herbert 
jr b. 16 My 00 

Brown Mary Belle b.l. (Mrs John 

Slosson Harding) 

150 S. FrankUn st. Wilkesbarre 

m. 25 Ja 99; ch. Elizabeth Wheeler b. 26 
Je 00, John Slosson jr b. 27 Ja 05 

Bruce Grace Adelle b.a. 

128 W. nth St. New York 

student (chem.) Smith 91-94, (pedagogy) 
Colimibia 02-03, (math.^ Cornell summer 
of 03; asst (chem.) Smith 91-94, teacher 
(math.) Chelsea Mass. high sch. 94-97, Wad- 
leigh high sch. New York 97-98, head (math, 
dept) 98 — ; vicepres. Smith alum, assn 
95-97; mem. N.E.A, 

♦Cadwallader Edith Warner b.s. 
(Mrs Thomas Reid Crowder) 
M.D. 00 Woman's med. col. of Pa; student 
Woman's med. col. of Pa. 96-00, Vienna 
univ. 02-03; teacher Titusville Pa. 94-96, 
asst resident physician Woman's hospital 
Philadelphia 00-02, prof. Woman's med. col. 

Chapman" Carita Atwill b.a. (Mrs 

Robert MacDougall) 

Aqueduct av. University Heights 

New York 
student Radclifife 91-92, Berlin univ. 95-96; 
teacher 93-98; m. 23 Je 98; ch. Marjorie 
b. 24 Je 99, Robert Gordon b. 6 Jl 00, Con- 
stance b. 21 O 08 

Churchyard Mary b.l. 

169 Mariner st. Buffalo N. Y. 
Clark" Edith Ethelyn b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Robert SHgh) 
31 S. Prospect st. Grand Rapids 
m. 1 F 05; ch. Charles Robert jr b. 8 Ja 06, 
Gertrude Ethelyn b. 2 Ap 10 

Clute" AHce b.l. (Mrs William Gros- 

venor Ely jr) 

Avon road Schenectady N. Y.J 

m. Je 97; ch. William Grosvenor 3d b. 23 
My 98, Lloyd Clute b. 22 Ap 00, Robert 
Grosvenor b. 17 My 04 




Comins Ellen [Nellie] Maria b.a. 
(Mrs Hobart Karl Whitaker) 
130 Federal st. Salem 

teacher Amherst Mass. high sch. 91-94, 
Chelsea 94-96 ; m. 24 D 96 ; ch. Karl Comins 
b. 24 Ag 03 d. 10 S 03; Ellis Hobart b. 
2 D09 

De Normandie"^ Sara Yardley b.a. 
Dan vers t 

Dole Catherine Augusta b.a. 
Lebanon N. H. 
teacher Lebanon high sch. 97 — 

Dwight^ Bertha Woolsey b.l. (Mrs 
Charies Buckingham Cole) 
371 Upper Mountain av. Upper 
Montcfair N. J. 

student (French) Sorbonne, Paris 93-94; 
teacher Miss Nurse's sch. Cincinnati O. 
91-92; m. 30 Je 96; ch. Lois Dwight b. 
17 O 02, Charles Woolsey b. 8 F 06 

Fairbanks" Lucy b.l. (Mrs James 
Church Alvord) 

student Bible inst. Chicago 93-94; home 
miss'y worker Waterford Vt. 94-96, Boston 
city miss'y soc; m. 8 Je 98; ch. Henry 
Fairbanks b. 99 d. 15 Ap 99 

Foster Mary Louise b.a. 

42 Kensington av. Northampton 

student (chem, biol.) Mass. inst. of tech. 
91-93, (bacteriology) Colimibia col. of 
physicians and surgeons 07-08; teacher 
(chem.) Boston pub. sch. 91-96, asst re- 
search lab. (physiol, chem.) New York 
99-01, 04-07, on scientific staff of chem. 
works Maywood N. J. 01-04, prof, (chem.) 
Woman's med. col. New York 04-05, in- 
structor (biochem.) Smith 08 — 

Franklin" Charlotte Graves b.s. 
68 Warrenton st. Boston 

Fuller Susy [Susan] Gertrude b.a. 
(Mrs John Joseph Albright) 
730 W. Ferry st. Buffalo N. Y.f 
tutor Buffalo 91-95; m. 97; ch. John 
Joseph b. 97, Elizabeth b. 98, Fuller b. 
00, Nancy b. 05, Susie b. 08 ; mem. A.C. A. 

Garland Olive Rosamond b.a. 
277 Broadway New YorkJ 
LL.B. 92 N. Y. univ. law sch ; attorney and 
coimsellor at law New York 

Granger" Edith b.a. (Mrs William 
Hawkes) Fulton, Sonoma co.Cal. 
with A. C. McClurg & co. Chicago 93-05; 
m. 26 My 07 

Greene Helen French b.a. 
31 Pearl st. Boston 

B.A. 96 Radcliffe, M.A. 01 Smith; student 
(hist, economics) Radcliffe 95-96, (philos.) 
Columbia Ja-Je 06; head worker Hartley 
house settlement New York 97-05, social 
sec. Manhattan trade sch. for girls New 
York 06-07 ; in limch room business Boston 

Gulliver Eunice Henrietta b.l. 
Norwich Town Ct. 

private teacher 94-02, teacher Norwich free 
acad. 02 — ; mem. A.C. A. 

Hastings" Medora [Dora Loomis] b.a. 

Hewitt" Helen Witter b.a. 

Willi amstown 
Hill Ellen Elizabeth b.l. 

Yonkers N. Y.J 
Hinkley Marion b.l. 

711 N. Madison st. Rome N. Y. 

student Woman's med. col. of N. Y. infirm- 
ary 96-97 ; teacher Hudson N. Y. high sch. 
92, Dr Sachs' sch. for girls New York 92 

Keyes Bertha Anna b.a. 

169 Mariner st. Buffalo N. Y. 
tutor Buffalo 92-00, teacher Franklin sch. 
Buffalo 00-10; mem. A.C. A. 

Lamprey" Eva Blanche b.a. 
The Castle, Tarrjrtown N. Y. 

teacher Willard hall Danvers Mass. 91-96, 
Prospect hill sch. Greenfield 96-01, Hudson 
River inst. Claverack N. Y. 01-02, prin. 
Derby acad. Hingham Mass. 02-03, Howard 
sem. West Bridgewater 03-06, The Castle 
Tarrytown 07 — 

Lang^ Mary Susan b.a. (Mrs George 
Morris S trout) 
327 E. 18th St. Flatbush N. Y. 

teacher Athol Mass. high sch. 91-93; m. 
20 Jl 93; ch. Alan Lang b. 3 Mr 95, Richard 
Lee b. 14 Mr 98 

Lauriat Susette [Susanne] Foster b.l. 
(Mrs Alfred Church Lane) 
1775 Massachusetts av. Cam- 
m. 15 Ap 96; ch. Lauriat b. 14 N 98, 
Frederic Chapin b. 23 N 00, Harriet Page 
b. 2 Jl 04 

♦Lord Helen Augusta b.a. 

M.D. 96 Woman's med. col. of Pa; d. 
28 Mr 00 

♦Mead Katherine Lois b.l. 

d. 5 F 06 New York 

Meigs Katharine Hedges b.a. 

Eastern district high school 

Brooklyn N. Y. 
M.A. 02 Columbia; student (educ.) 
Teachers col. 00-01, (biol.) Columbia 01-02 ; 
teacher (botany) Long Branch N. J. high 
sch. 03, Indiana normal sch. 04-05, Wash- 
ington sem. 06-07, Eastern district high 
sch. Brooklyn 08 — ; mem. Amer. assn for 
advancement of science 

Ordway"' Fanny Blanche b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur Coquelin Kastler) 
3125 Chestnut st. New Orleans 

m. 13 D 97 ; ch. Arthur Ordway b. 14 Ja 99, 
Ruth Ordway b. 18 Ja 00, Elizabeth Ord- 
way b. 9 S 03. John Ordway b. 16 D 04, 
Ordway b. 30 Ja 09 




Osgood Alice Florella b.a. (Mrs Staf- 
ford Fox Thomas) 
2824 Linden court Chicago 111. 

teacher Lake View high sch. Chicago 94-07 ; 

m. 2 S 09 

♦Paul" Florence Helen b.a. (Mrs 
Homer Blaikie Grant) 

teacher 91-04; m. 9 Ag 04; d. 06 

Peck Carolyn b.a. (Mrs Henry Brad- 
ford Boardman) 
Lowell road Schenectady N. Y. 

m. 24 Ap 95; ch. Ronald Peck b. 18 Jl 99, 
William Edward b. 31 O 05, Mary Davia 
b. 12 S 09 d. S 09 

Peirce« Helen b.a. (Mrs Charles 
357 Allen st. Hudson N. Y. 

m. 23 N 93 
Perkins" Isabel Effie b.l. 

511 W. 122d St. New York 

editor School physiology journal 94-96, head 
(editorial dept) Silver, Burdett & co. 97 — 

Phillips" Mary Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Elihu Russell Houghton) 
The Comstock school, 31 W. 
46th St. New Yorkf 

student (pedagogy) Teachers col. 96-99; 

m. 6 O 91 ; ch. Lyman Phillips b. 7 My 93, 

Augustus Sherrill b. 15 Ja 98, Russell Lee 

Roux b. 22 F 02 

Piatt Eloise Clara b.l. (Mrs Edward 

Grenville Benedict) 

301 W. 91st St. New York 
m. 15 Ap 03; son b. and d. 06, son b. and 
d. 10 
Pratt Lucy Adelaide b.a. (Mrs 

Charles Lancaster Short) 

47 Sever st. Worcester 
student (child study) Worcester state nor- 
mal sch. 92-93; m. 9 Ja 96; ch. Lyman 
Pratt b. 5 Ag 97, Mary Gardiner Howard 
b. 6 F 00, Charles Lyman b. 23 Je 01 

Puffer Ethel Dench b.a. (Mrs Ben- 
jamin Alfred Howes) 
617 W. 113th St. New Yorkf 

Ph.D. 02 Radchffe; student Berlin univ. 
95-96, Freiburg univ. 96-97. Rad cliff e 97-98. 
fellow A.C.A. 97-98; teacher Keene N. H. 
91-92, asst and instructor (math.) Smith 
92-95, teacher Boston 97-04, asst (psych.) 
Radcliffe 98-08, instructor (philos.) Welles- 
ley 00-08, instructor (psych.) Simmons col. 
04-08; m. J108 

Rand Grace b.a. (Mrs Benjamin 
Eldridge Page) 
845 Buena av. Chicago 111. 

teacher private sch. Kansas City 91-92, 
(math.) Chicago high sch. 92-93, head (math, 
dept) Lake View high sch. 93-07; m. 25 
Je 01 ; ch. Robert Rand b. 15 My 09 
Raymond Mary Elizabeth b.s. 

Goodrich house 368 St Clair st. 

Cleveland O.J 

B.A. 95 Radcliffe, M.A. 96 Smith; student 
Radcliffe 94-95, Berlin univ. 97-98; teacher 
Portland Me. 91-93, Hathaway-Brown sch. 
Cleveland 98-06 

Rice Helen Rebecca b.a. (Mrs 
Fredrick Dale Barker) 
29 N. Perry st. Dayton O. 
m. 3 Je 96 ; ch. Marshall Luther b. 28 Ap 97, 
Elsie b. 23 Jl 98, Ruth b. 21 O 99 d. 11 S 00, 
Vernon Judson b. 1 D 01, Fredrick Agnew 
b. 12 Ag 04 

Robinson Annie Florence b.a. (Mrs 
Herbert Walter Wright) 
111 Florida st. Springfield 
m. 4 O 92 ; ch. Helen Daphne b. 4 N 93 

Rogerson Frances Rice b.l. (Mrs 
Francis Cochrane) 
Hudson N. Y.J 

m. 30 O 02; ch. Cornelia Rogerson b. 6 
Rounds" Katharine Elizabeth b.s. 

Plymouth N. H.f 
Sabin Mary Sophia b.a. 

East side high school Denver Col. 
M. A. 07 Denver univ; teacher East side 
high sch. 91 — 

Sawin" Laura Etta b.a. (Mrs Charles 
Edward Tilley) 
8 Elton St. Providence R. I. 

B.M. 92; teacher (music) Robbins sch. 
Norfolk Ct. 92-95; m. 10 Jl 95; ch. 
Laurence Edward b. 2 Ja 99, Winthrop 
Sawin b. 7 Jl 02; mem. A.C.A. 

Severens" Mabel b.l. (Mrs James 
Bird Balch) 

405 Stuart st. Kalamazoo Mich.f 
m. 7 S 97 
Sherman Ellen Burns b.l. 
110 Mill St. Springfield 
tutor and writer New York, Worcester 
Mass. and Boston 

Sherwood Alice Holman b.a. 
Mill hill Southport Ct. 
grad. Ct. training sch. for nurses New Haven 
Ct. 96; nurse 97-01 

Simmons" Adeline Gertrude b.a. 
319 Marlboro st. Boston 
teacher high sch. Milford Mass. 91-93, 
Chelsea 93-05, Dorchester 05-08, Boston 
girls Latin sch. 08 — 

Skinner Lillian Marchant b.a. 
Westfield N. Y. 
M.A. 08 Univ. of Pa; student (economics) 
London tmiv. 00-01, fellow (sociology) 
Univ. of Pa. 07-08 ; resident College settle- 
ment New York 93-94; teacher Minneapolis 
Minn. 94-95, Oxford N. Y. acad. 95-97, 
(hist.) Bryn Mawr prep. sch. Baltimore Md. 
98-00, in charge of work of Octavia Hill 
assn in Phila. (management of tenement 
houses) 01-05, resident Col. settlement 
Phila. 01-05; special agent U. S. congres- 
sional immigration commission 08-09 

Smith May Manning b.a. 

83 Sumner st. Newton Center 
teacher St Catherine's hall Augusta Me. 
91-93, private teacher 93-94, Oxford O. col. 
94, Miss Mackie's sch. Newburgh N. Y. 
94-95, Boston girls high sch. 95 — ; mem. 




Sterne Alice Louie [Lillianne Mary 
Agnes Elsberg] b.a. (Mrs John 
Milton Gittemian) 
116 C St. N. E. Washington D. C. 
M.A. 96 Columbia, LL.B. 10 Washington 
col. of law; grad. scholar Yale divinity sch. 
97-98, student (Eng.) British Museum 93-95, 
(pedagogics) Col. of preceptors London 
93-95, (sociology, economics, pedagogics) 
Columbia 95-97, Washington col. of law 
06-10; prof. (Anglo Saxon, Eng. lit.) 
Woman's col. London; magazine writer 
and lecturer ; chairman Volunteer com. on 
free lectures appointed by board of educ. 
of District of Columbia 04 — ; m. 14 Ap 98; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Stetson Jennie b.a. (Mrs Everett 

Anthony Bowen) 

m. 2 Jl 95 ; oh. Maurice Stetson b. 9 Je 96, 
Richard Greene b. 5 Ap 00, Virginia b. 31 
Ag 02, Jeanette b. 12 Ag 04, Carolyn b. 4 
My 08 

Taylor Caro Gushing b.l. (Mrs Or- 
ville H. Martin) 

40th and McGee sts. Kansas City 

Trowbridge Cornelia Rogers b.a. 
c/o James R. Trowbridge 389 5th 
av. New York 

M.A. 09 Columbia; student (classics, 
archaeol.) Amer. sch. of classical studies, 
Rome 02-03, Columbia 05-09; teacher 
Withington sch. Evanston 111. 91-93, Kirk- 
land sch. Chicago 93-02, asst prin. Detroit 
sem. 03-05, Briarcliff Manor N. Y. 05-07, 
New York normal col. 09 — ; vicepres. 
Smith alum, assn 04-06 

Wallace Janet Monroe b.a. 

2420 Harney st. Omaha Neb. 

teacher (Eng, Latin) Omaha high sch. 
95-00, (geog, hist, of commerce and eco- 
nomics) 00-10; mem. Nat. geog. soc, Amer. 
economics assn 

Weston Grace b.a. 

276 Franklin st. Newton 

teacher Wakefield Mass. 92-93, Somerville 
94; trus. Amer. col. for girls Constantinople 

Wheeler Lucia Anna b.a. 

State asylum, Wernersville Pa. 
M.D. 98 Woman's med. col. of Pa; interne 
Woman's hospital of Philadelphia 98-99; 
teacher Friends' sch. Providence R. I. 92-94, 
Friends' select sch. Philadelphia 94-96; 
private practising physician 99-06, asst 
physician state asylum Wernersville 06 — 

Wilcox" Carra Emma b.l. 
5 Walton st. Dorchester 

student Paris 00, Harvard summer sch. 
03; teacher high sch. Osleawa Ont. 94-96, 
Provincetown Mass. 96-99, 00-02, Lee 
02-03, Cohoes N. Y. 03-06, West Orange 
N. J. 06-10 

Wilder Matilda Sewell b.a. (Mrs 
Maro Spalding Brooks) 
51 Gorham av. Brookline 
teacher Canton Mass. high sch. 91-95; m. 
2 Jl 95; ch. Ruth Wilder b. 7 Jl 99, Rosa- 
mond Spalding b. 14 My 04 d. 12 My 06 

Williams Elizabeth Sprague b.s. 
95 Rivington st. New York 
M.A. 96 Columbia; student (sociology, 
hist, economics) Columbia 95-96, (sociol- 
ogy) Barnard 98-99; fellow (sociology) 
Barnard 96-97 ; head worker Col. settlement 
New York 98— 

Wilson Mary Elizabeth b.l. 

2538 Channing way Berkeley Cal. 

M.L. 96 Univ. of Cal;] student (Eng.) Univ. 
of Cal. 94-95 ; teacher (Eng.) Miss Murison's 
sch. San Francisco 95-96, Miss Head's sch. 
Berkeley 07-09, prin. 09-10; mem. A.C.A. 

Wood Mabel b.l. (Mrs Frederick 
Trevor Hill) Irvington N. Y. 

student (music) Barnard 99-00; m. 22 O 
95; ch. Edward Trevor b. 1 Ja 01 

Total 79-*6 


Adams Helena Belle b.a. (Mrs Fred- 
erick James Eugene Woodbridge) 
Montrose N. Y.f 
m. 25 Je 95 ; ch. Frederick James b. 18 My 
00, John Arven b. 19 N 03 

Arnold Abby Noyes b.a. 

325 Adams st. North Abingtonf 

M.A. 98 Radcliffe; student (Latin, Greek, 
Eng, pedagogy) Radcliffe 96-98; teacher 
Attleboro Mass. high sch. 92-95, Abington 
high sch. 95-96, Boston girls high sch. 98 — 

Austin Martha b.s. (Mrs Isaac King 

1410 M St. N. W. Washington 
D. C. 

B.s. 92, M.A. 10, Ph.D. 98 Yale; stu- 
dent (chem.) Yale 96-00; scholar 97-98, 
fellow 98-99; teacher (science) 92-96, 
01-04; at R. I. experiment station 00-01; 
research worker (chem.) 04 — ; chemist 
Bureau of standards Washington 08 — ; m. 
27Je04; mem. A.C.A. 

Ayres** Winifred b.a. (Mrs Theodore 
Sherwood Hope) 
352 W. 117th St. New YorkJ 
M.A. 95 (philos.); student Woman's law 
class of N. Y. imiv. 92-93 ; m. 3 Je 97 ; ch. 
Winifred Louise b. 13 Je 02, Theodore Sher- 
wood b. 7 O 03 

Barker^ Florence Marion b.a. (Mrs 
William Otis Came) 
623 Georgia av. Bristol Tenn. 
m. 28 Ap 97 ; ch. Mary b. 5 S 06 

Barton" Anna Eliza b.l. 

499 Stephenson st. Freeport 111. 
student Chicago xmiv, Univ. of Wis. 




Bingham Mary Homer b.a. 

1125 W. 21st St. Los Angeles Cal. 

settlement worker 94 — ; asst probation 
officer juvenile court Los Angeles co. 10 — 

Boyd" Harriet Ann b.a. (Mrs C. H. 


Univ. of Wis. Madison Wis.f 
M.A. 01; student Amer. sch. of classical 
studies. Athens 96-99, fellow 98-99, fellow 
Agnes Hoppin memorial Bryn Mawr 99-00; 
teacher (classics) Henderson N. C. 92-93, 
Wilmington Del. 93-96, instructor (Greek 
archaeol.) Smith 00-06; excavator at Kar- 
ousi Crete My-Je 00, director excavations 
for Amer. exploration soc. Gourmia Crete, 
seasons of 01, 03, 04 

Bridges Eliza Wadsworth [McMe- 
chan] B.A. 

906 Tremont bldg Boston 
LL.B. 00 Boston univ; student Boston 
univ. law sch. 97-00; teacher Bernardston 
Mass. 93-94; admitted to Mass. bar S 00, 
lawyer South Framingham and Boston 00 — 

Brown Edith Baker b.a. 
60 Pinckney st. BostonJ 
student (Eng. composition) Radcliffe 92-93 

Brown" Sarah Elizabeth b.l. 

720 W. Quartz st. Butte Mon.J 
teacher Lake Geneva Wis. 92-00, Butte 
high sch. 00-05 

Burritt" Marion Tilden b.l. 

Lawrence park Bronxville N. Y.J 
student (Eng, comparative lit.) Columbia 

Charles'* Pauline Margaret b.l. 
448 Elm St. Chicago 111. J 

Clark Edith Lucia b.a. (Mrs William 
Clement Maynard) 
4112 Spruce st. Philadelphia Pa. 

M.A. 94; student (zoology) Smith 92-94; 
teacher (science) Philadelphia 94-99, 08 — ; 
m. 11 O 99 (husband d. 23 My 07); ch. 
Donald Clement b. 6 N 00 d. 10 N 00, 
Harold Bright b. 18 O 02, Dorothy Hope 
b. 26 Je 05 d. 5 D 08 

CooUdge Cora Helen b.l. 
26 Holt St. Fitchburg 
student (German) Gottingen summer of 96, 
(Eng.) Chicago univ. summer of 97; 
teacher high sch. Athol Mass. 93-95, Fitch- 
burg 95-98, Hartford Ct. 98-00; lecturer 
00-04; preceptress Gushing acad. Ashburn- 
ham Mass. 04-06; dean Pa. col. for women 
Pittsburg 06 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Crehore** Mary Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick Bedell) 
Cornell heights Ithaca N. Y.f 

m. 1 Jl 96; ch. (dau.) b. 13 O 97 

Curtis"^ Elnora Whitman b.a. 
Bigelow hill Worcester 
M.A. 08 and Ph.D. 10 Clark univ. 

Cushman** Ruth Oilman b.l. (Mrs 
William Gardner Anthony) 
103 S. Angell st. Providence R. I. 

m. ] 7 F 96 ; ch. Emily Cushman b. and d. 

7 Aa 97, Alice b. 6 S 99, Henry Cushman 

b. 7 Mr 04 

Cutler Eleanor Evelyn b.a. (Mrs 
Leonard Mayhew Daggett) 
60 Wall St. New Haven Ct. 

student (Greek) Yale 92-95, (Eng.) 96-98; 

teacher New Haven 92-05; vicepres. 

Smith alum, assn 03-05 ; m. 1 7 F 06 ; mem. 


Cutler Jane Ruth b.a. 
70 Pearl st. Somerville 

student (physics) Harvard summer sch. 94, 
(chem, biol.) Mass. inst. of tech. 95-96; 
teacher (science) Claremont N. H. 93-94, 
Winchester Mass. 94-95 

DeLand Helen Parce b.l. 
Fairport N. Y. 
teacher Stetson univ. DeLand Fla. 94-96, 
Medina N. Y. high sch. 96-99, in business 

Dennen" Grace Atherton b.a. 

Hoover and Adams sts. Los 
Angeles Cal. J 

M.A. 95 

♦Drew Marion b.a. 

student Newnham col. Cambridge 92-93; 
d. 1 Ag 03 Marlboro N. H. 

Fisher Elizabeth Campbell b.l. (Mrs 

Howard Clay) 

Old Godley lane, Godley, HaHfax 

student (art) Boston art museiun 92-93, 
Cowles art sch. 94-95, New York sch. of art 
05-08; portrait and landscape painter; m. 
20 Ap 09; ch. Howard Fisher b. 6 My 10 

Folsom Martha Thayer b.a. (Mrs 

Lucius Elliot Marple) 

1106 First av. W. Seattle Wash, 
teacher private sch. Baltimore Md. 93-99, 
Boston 00-02; tutor Vt. 02-04; m. 16 Ag 
04; ch. Warren Hilliard b. 17 My 05, Elliot 
Folsom b. 12 F 08, Catharine b. 14 My 09; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Francis Vida Hunt b.l. 

Bellevue-Stratford, Philadelphia 

director gymnasivun Friends' sch. Phila- 
delphia 93-96; civic and philanthropic 
worker 95-05 

Gilbert Clara Culver b.a. 

1243 N. State st. Chicago 111. 

Goodrich Anna [Annie] Mason b.a. 
Hampton inst. Hampton Va. 
teacher Southbridge Mass. nigh sch. 92-95, 
Paterson N. J. high sch. 95-00, Hampton 
inst. 00 — 

Goodwin Sarah Storer b.l. 

teacher Gilman sch. Cambridge Mass. 92-94, 
95-98, head of sch. 98-01, prin. girls sch. 
Milton Mass. acad. 01 — ; mem. N.E.A. 




Haven Katherine Lillian b.a. (Mrs 
Irving Hawkes Upton) 
20 Park View st. Grove hall, 

teacher Portsmouth N. H. high sch. 92-93; 
m. 27 D 93; ch. Elizabeth Haven b. 12 D 97 

Hawks" Emma Beatrice b.a. 

941 S St. N. W. Washington D. C. 
student N. Y. state lib. sch. 93- Ap 94; asst 
Forbes lib. Northampton 94-95, cataloger 
U. S. dept of agric. 95-07, asst lib. Jl 07—; 
mem. A.L.A. 

Hedrick" Ellen [A.] b.a. 

Yale univ. library, New Haven 

student N. Y. state lib. sch. 02-F 03; com- 
puter U. S. nautical almanac office 93-98, 
cataloger U. S. geol. survey lib. Washington 
D. C, libn Yale lib. 

Henshaw Mary Dana b.a. 

23 High St. Brattleboro Vt. 

teacher Ivy hall Bridgeton N. J. 92-97, 
Brattleboro high sch. 98-04, 06-10, Green- 
field Mass. high sch. 04-06 

Hungerford" Katherine b.a. (Mrs 
John Frederick Herman) 
609 S. Story st. Boone la. J 

m. 4 N 96; ch. Dorothea Hungerford b. 8 
Ja 98, Edward Hungerford b. 31 Je 00, 
Frederick John b. 8 Ag 03 

Jacobs** Harriet Ethel b.l. 

Stephens college Columbia Mo. J 

Johnson'^ Helen Augusta b.a. 
28 Union st. Auburn Me. J 

Jordan Mary Adela b.a. 

33 Plymouth st. Montclair N. T. 

teacher private sch. Old Point Comfort Va. 
94-96, Providence R. I. 96-02, Boston 02-08, 
prin. Kimberley sch. Montclair 09 — ; mem. 

Keeler Katherine b.l. 

15 Seminary av. Auburn N. Y.f 

M.A. 04; student (Eng. lit.) Oxford 01-02; 
assoc. prof. (Eng.) Wells col. 

Kerruish Miriam Gertrude b.a. 
(Mrs Charles Willard Stage) 
3304 Carnegie av. Cleveland O. 

M.D. 95 Wooster; student Wooster med. 
dept 92-95; physician 95-03; interne 
Cleveland general hospital 95-96 ; asst prof. 
Wooster med. der)t 96-02; visiting physi- 
cian Cleveland city hospital 00-02; m. 27 
Ag 03; ch. Charles Willard jr b. 19 Je 04, 
William Sheldon b. 14 Ap 06, Edward 
Whitney b. 27 Mr 08; mem. A.C.A. 

*Kilbon Amelia Jeannette b.a. 

d. 4 Mr 97 Lee 

Kimball Martha Smith b.a. 

Union st. and South road Ports- 
mouth N. H. 

director Greffort chib vacation sch. 09, 10; 
I. A.C.A. 

Langworthy Jessie Qessica] Linnell 


Greenwich, Washington co. N. Y. 

teacher Perkins inst. Soutli Boston 92 — 

Lathrop Emily Blackwell b.a. (Mrs 
Raymond Calldns) 

25 Storer st. Portland Me. 

student Biiffalo N. Y. sch. of pedagogy 
96-98; teacher De Lancy sch. for girls 
Geneva N. Y. 92-93, St Margaret's sch. 
Buffalo 93-95, Franklin sch. 97-99; volim- 
teer social worker 01-10; m. 14 S 99 

Learoyd Elizabeth [Abbott] b.l. 
(Mrs Addison Alvord Ewing) 
116 W. Washington av. Madison 

teacher 92-96; m. 1 S 96 

Lyon Louise Whiting b.a. 

27 Crescent st. Northampton 

libn Smith 96 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

MacDougaJl Margaret b.l. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Watts Carr) Roanoke Va.J 

m. 16 F 97; ch. Eva Sabine b. 21 N 97, 
George Watson and Alice Robertson b. 3 
O 99, Dougald MacDougall b. 1 Ap 01 

Mansfield Christine Tillson b.l. (Mrs 
Henry Cole) 
24 Court St. Dedham 

student (hist.) Radcliffe 96-97; teacher 
Belmont Mass. high sch. 93-97, Dedham 
high sch. 98-02; m. 21 O 03; ch. Catherine 
b. 24 S 04, Preston Mansfield b. 26 F 08 

May Florence Emeline b.a. 
(Mrs William Foster Rice) 
178 School St. Roxbury 
teacher Buffalo N. Y. sem. 92-95, Fitchburg 
Mass. high sch. 95-99; m. 8 Ag 99; ch. 
William Foster jr b. 30 N 00, Winthrop 
Huntington b. 12 O 03 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Merrick Mary Frances b.a. 

26 Prospect st. Northampton 

student (French) 93-95, Sorbonne col. 
of France, Paris 97-98 ; in charge private 
sch. South Britain Ct. 92-93, teacher 
(French) Miss Burbank's sch. Hartford 
95-96, (French, German) Mt Holyoke 96- 
97, (French) Capen sch. Northampton 98 — 

Miller Etta Laura b.l. 

627 Franklin st. Napa Cal. 
M.A. 97; student (philos, Eng. lit.) Smith 
94-95, 96-97, (philol.) Stanford univ. 97-99, 
(Ital. renaissance, German Kunst Lieder) 
Munich univ. 04-05; teacher (Eng. lit.) 
Napa col. 92-93, asst prin. Napa pub. sch. 
93-94, asst (Eng. lit.) Smith 94-97, head 
(Eng. dept) Denver univ. 99-10; mem. 

Mitchell Eliza Lamb b.a. 
FrankUn Pa. 

Morse" Anna Lomse b.a. 
B. L. S. 97 N. Y. state lib. sch; student N. Y. 
state lib. sch. 95- Ja 96, 96-98; asst 97-00, 
libn Reuben McMillan free lib. Yoimgstown 
O. 02 — ; mem. A.L.A. 




Morse Blanche Leonard b.a. 
22 Dale av. Gloucester 

student Amy M. Sacker sch. of decorative 
design 04-06; interior decorator Boston 
07 — ; asst Sacker sch. 06-07, asst (design) 
Simmons col. 07-09, instructor (design) and 
lecturer (interior decoration) 09 — 

Morse** Elizabeth Warner b.a. (Mrs 
Hermon Martin Freeman) 
54 S. Valley road Orange N. J.t 

m. 29 Je 98; ch. Eleanor Morse b. 9 F 03 

Nichols Rosa Aurelia b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Lincoln Reed) 
35 Riverview road Brighton 
teacher private sch. Salem N. J. 92-93, asst 
Hudson Mass. high sch. 94-96, Hoboken 
N. J. high sch. 96-97; m. 29 D 97; ch. 
Constance Tyler b. 2 N 98, Emily b. 31 D 
00, Lucy Adelaide b. 31 Ja 05 ; mem. A.C. A. 

Nixon Mary Stites b.l. 

20 Corso Regina Elena, Florence 

art editor Chicago Inter Ocean 96-98 ; prin. 
Florentine sch. for girls 02 — 

♦Parsons Martha Celina b.a. 

student Cambridge Mass. training sch. 92- 
93; proofreader Houghton, Mifflin & co. 
93-95, clerk census bureau Washington 
00-02; d. 25 O 05 

Percy Blanche Rebekah b.s. (Mrs 
Victor Maxon Allen) 
Petersburg N. Y. 

m. 3 O 94; ch. Percival Maxon b. 24 Jl 95, 
Mary Emma b. 21 Ap 00 

Pratt Elsie Fay b.a. (Mrs Edwin 
Oakes Jordan) c/o Chicago uni- 
versity Chicago 111. 

student (philol, anatomy) Chicago univ..94- 

95; m. 16 Je 93; ch. Henry Donaldson b. 

5 Je 97, Edwin Oakes jr b. 2 N 02, Lucia 

Elizabeth b. 16 N 06 

Pratt"- Grace Tyler b.a. 

Latin high school Somerville 
M.A. 01 Brown; teacher Shelbyville Ky. 
92-94, high sch. WelUngton 94-96, Whitman 
Mass. 96-97, Pawtucket R. I. 97-01, Somer- 
ville 01, asst (Eng.) Smith 09-Ja 10 

Rankin Mary Poland b.l. (Mrs G. 
Philip Wardner) 
25 Carruth st. Ashmont Boston 

m. 11 O 94; ch. Isabel b. 20 Ag 95, Eliza- 
beth b. 16 Jl 97, Philip b. 23 Ap 02, Lois 
b. 26 O 07 

Richards^ Martha Billings b.a. 
Ferguson Mo. 

teacher Unionville Ct. 92-96, Hartford 
98-02, St Louis Mo. 02 — 

Rogers Maria Adams b.l. 

177 State st. Portland Me.f 

Rosenkrans Lillian Margaret b.a. 
Washington seminary Washing- 
ton Pa. 
teacher private sch. Belvidere N. J. 92-93, 
state normal sch. East Stroudsburg Pa. 
93-95, tutor Newton N. J. 95-97, prin. Eng. 
and classical sch. Newton 97-08, Wash- 
ington sem. 08 — 

Rowley Helen Antoinette b.a. 
Mt Ida school Newton 
teacher North Brookfield Mass. high sch. 
92-95, Walton-Wellesley sch. Philadelphia 
95-97; tutor 97-98; teacher St . Timothy's 
Catonsville Md. 98-03, Wahiut lane sch. 
Germantown Pa. 03-04, acting prin. Miss 
Leslie Newgall's sch. New York 04-06, 
Misses Rayson's sch. 06-08, prin. Mt Ida 
sch. 08 — 

Saflford Anne Williston b.l. 

41 Remsen st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
tutor 92-95; teacher Bodman private sch. 
Brooklyn 95-05, Brearley annex New York 
05-08, Miss Spence's sch. 09 — ; vice- 
pres. Smith alum, assn 09 — 

*Searle" Edith Lucelia b.a. 
d. 23 F 95 

Seaver Etta Anne b.a. Scituate 

teacher North Easton Mass. 93-97, Somer- 
ville 98-03; private tutor 

Shepard Lillian Estella b.a. (Mrs 
Herbert O. Bowers) 
Manchester Ct. 
m. 12 My 97; ch. Sherwood Griswold b. 
2 Je 99, Raymond Ridgway b. 24 Ag 03 

Shipman^ Carolyn Josephine b.l. 

(Mrs Whipple) 

Madison av. and 29th st. New York 
B.A. 95 RadcliflFe, M.A. 96 Smith; student 
(cosmology, metaphys, psych.) Radcliflfe 
94-95; teacher (Eng.) 92-94, 96-99; editor 
Bibliographer 02-03; bibliographer and 
literary worker 99 — ; m. 24 O 05 (Frank 
Bristol Whipple) 

Smith Bertha Linton b.l. (Mrs 
Frederick Edward Stone) 
Wilmington Del. 
m. 1 Je 96 ; ch. George b. 2 Mr 97, Linton 
b. 9 Mr 99, Roger b. 28 Ap 03 

Steele Caroline Lounsbury b.l. 

1808 Spruce st. Philadelphia Pa. 

teacher Miss Emerson's sch. Boston 93-95, 
(Eng.) Miss Hills' sch. for girls Philadel- 
phia 95 — 

Stoddard"^ May Baldwin b.l. (Mrs 
George Dallas Yeomans) 
"The Marigolds" Cedarhurst, 
Long Island N. Y. 

student (lit.) Radcliffe 1 yr, Berlin; m. 

2 O 95; ch. Isabel Stevenson b. 1 96. 

Bruce Baldwin b. 25 Jl 98 d. 31 Mr 99, 

May Baldwin Stoddard b. 13 Je 02, Annis 

Southworth b. 5 Mr 04 

Swift" Eliza Robinson b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur Lambert Chute) 
350 Marlborough st. Boston 

m. 26 S 99; ch. Richard b. 14 O 00, Mary 

b. 3 O 03, OUver b. S 07 




Taylor Anna May b.a. 

4 Summer st. Easthampton 

Ereceptresa Schoharie acad. 93-94, asst 
igh sch. Clyde N. Y. 96-00, Springville 
N. Y. 01-03, Butler Ind. 03-04, Ansonia 
Ct. 04-05, Mamaroneck N. Y. 05-06. prin. 

Tew Susan Dinsmore b.a. 

Newcomb college New Orleans 

Ph.D. 95 Yale; student (Greek, Latin, San- 
scrit) Yale 92-95; teacher Stanton col. 
Natchez Miss. 97-99, Versailles Ky. 99-00, 
Gambier O. 00-02, prof. (Greek) H. Sophie 
Newcomb memorial col. New Orleans 02 — 
Tryon Emma Celine b.l. 

36 Hammersley av. Poughkeepsie 
N. Y. 

teacher Batavia N. Y. high sch. 92-Ja 99, 
asst primary sch. Mr-Je 99, 99-Mr 01; 
nurse and companion 03 — 

Tyler Lena Louise b.l. (Mrs Corne- 
lius Thurston Chase) 
Central congregational church 
m. 10 Je 03; ch. Cornelius Thurston b. 20 
Ap 04, Elizabeth Waity b. 10 Je 06, Carolyn 
Louise b. 3 Ap 09 

Underwood" Elizabeth Scofield b.a. 

Stamford Ct.J 

Walbridge" Wilhelmina von Colson 

B.L. (Mrs Wilder Stoddard Buf- 

fum) "Fairfields," Newfane N. Y. 

m. 24 Je 97 ; ch. Margaret Van Vryling b. 29 

My 98, Anne Walbridge b. 3 Jl 99, Charles 

Walbridge b. 14 D 00, Sampson Wilder b. 

21 N 02, Mary Tower b. 18 Ap 07 

Webster Laura Angeline b.a. 

Grace settlement 417 E. 13th st. 
New York 

student N. Y. training sch. for deaconesses 
01-02; deaconess Grace church New York 
Weidman" Hannah Belle b.a. (Mrs 
Sidney Morrow Hamilton) 
1022 Mellon st. Pittsburg Pa. 

teacher (Latin) Pittsburg central high sch. 
94-01 ; m. 1 Ja 01 ; ch. Gladys May b. 25 
D 01, James Bruce b. 2 My 04, Sidney jr 
b. 13 S 05 
Wheeler** Blanche Emily b.l. (Mrs 
Emile Francis Williams) 
12 Reservoir st. Cambridge 

student Amer. sch. for classical studies 
Rome 99; teacher Miss Wheeler's sch. 
Providence R. I. 92-04; m. 7 Je 04; mem. 
Amer. archaeol. inst. 

Wild" Laura Huldah b.a. 

Lake Erie college Painesville O. 

B.D. 96 Hartford theol. sem; sec. Y. W. 
C. A. Lincoln Neb. 96-97, nat. sec. 97-00, 
sec. Toledo O. 00-01 ; licensed 97, ordained 
01 minister Congregational church, pastor 
Congregational church Lincoln Neb. 01- 
05; prof, (biblical lit. J Doane col. Crete 
Neb. 05-10, teacher at large Univ. of Neb, 
prof. Lake Erie col. Painesville 10 — 

Williams" Helen Rachel b.a. 
teacher Canton high sch. 95-10 

Wolcott Helen Libby b.a. 
Wethersfield Ct. 
teacher Hartford 92 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Total 86-*4 


Adams" Ella Maria b.a. (Mrs Lellan 
Judson Tuck) 

35 Lyon st. Pawtucket R. I. 
teacher Pawtucket high sch. 93-00; m. 24 
Ap 00; ch. Ruth Bishop b. 26 F 03, Mar- 
jorie b. 30 My 07 

Adams Martha Rumery b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick Haile Stebbins) 
204 N. Main st. Springfield 

teacher Westbrook sem. 93-94, Springfield 

high sch. 94-02; m. 12 N 02 

Alvord" Alice Whitney b.a. 

21 Northampton st. Easthampton 

teacher Bethel Vt. 95-96, 97-99, White 
River Junction 96-97, (Eng.) Easthampton 
high sch. 01-10 

Ayer" Frances May b.l. (Mrs Harry 
Herbert Tebbetts) 
c/o War dept Washington D. C. 
teacher 95-00; m. 14 Ag 00; ch. Dorothy 
b. 15 O 06 

Baker Caroline Isabel b.l. 

194 Salisbury st, Worcester 
M.A. 02 Radcliffe; student (Eng.) Radcliffe; 
teacher Franklin acad. Malone N. Y, 
Worcester classical high sch, instructor 
(Eng.) Smith 02— 

Barrows" Harriet Louise b.a. 
7 Pearl st. pi. Springfield f 
teacher Worcester 93-96 ; substitute Spring- 

♦Barry" Florence Stuart b.a. 

student (Eng, economics) Northwestern 
univ ; teacher Milwaukee col. 93-94, Evan- 
Bton 111. 94-00, New Trier township high 
Bch. 111. 02-05; d. N 07 

Bigelow Harriet Williams b.a. 

Smith college observatory North- 

Ph.D. 04 Univ. of Mich; student (astron, 
physics) Univ. of Mich; teacher Canan- 
daigua N. Y. 94-96, asst (astron.) Smith 
96-01, instructor 04-06, assoc. prof. 06 — ; 
mem. Amer. astron. and astrophysical soc, 
Amer. assn for advancemient of science 

*Blackstone" Martha Blackwell b.l. 

teacher Springfield Mass. pub. sch. 04- 
10; d. 31 Mr 10 Springfield 




Bourland^ Caroline Brown b.a. 
1301 Knoxville av. Peoria 111. 
Ph.D. 02 Bryn Mawr; student (Spanish, 
French, Old French, Italian) Bryn Mawr 
98-00, 01-02, fellow (romance lang.) 98-99, 
Mary E. Garret European fellow 00-01; 
teacher Pueblo Col. 93-94, Oak Park 111. 
95-96, Peoria 96-97, instructor and assoc. 
prof. (French, Spanish) Smith 02 — ; mem. 
Amer. hispanic soc. 

Bradbury Ellen Brooks b.a. (Mrs 

Russell Brittingham) 

123 Washington st. East Orange 

student (Latin) Harvard summer sch. 97, 
(Eng, educ. methods) Columbia 98-99; 
teacher Norfolk Va. 93-97, Westfield N. J. 
97-98, Mary Brigham inst. Paterson 98-01; 
m. 18 Je 02 ; ch. Russell b. 29 D 04, Emily 
Bradbury b. 28 Ap 08 
Bradford Stella Stevens b.a. 

11 Plymouth st. Montclair N. J. 
M.D. 02 Cornell; student (sociology) Univ. 
of New York 93-94, (lit.) Gottingen 95, 
(med.) Col. of N. Y. infirmary for women 
and children 98-99, Cornell 99-02; teacher 
Montclair N. J. 93-94, EUzabeth 95-96, asst 
(Eng. lit.) Smith 96-98, examining physi- 
cian 06-09; interne Worcester memorial 
hospital 02-03, clinical asst Gouverneur 
dispensary New York 03-06, school inspec- 
tor 04-06, 09-10, physician Mountainside 
hospital 04-10, Ramapo Hills sanatorium 
09-10; mem. Amer. medical assn 
♦Buckingham** Grace Hammersley 

B.L. (Mrs John Charles Campbell) 
m. 10 S 95; ch. Stuart Wallace b. 4 My 97 
d. 14 Je 97; d. 20 Mr 05 Demorest Ga. 
♦Burgess" Mary Ellen b.l. (Mrs Louis 

A. Goodenough) 
teacher 93-01; m. My 01 (husband d. Ag 
04) ; ch. Louis Burgess b. 7 Ja 03; d. 24 Ja 
Busbey** Winifred Grace b.l. (Mrs 

John Mills Mayhew) 

1521 D St. Lincoln Neb. 
teacher (Eng. lit.) 95-97; m. 6 Je 99; ch. 
Alice Dorothy b. 26 D 00 d. 7 Ja 01, Wini- 
fred Busbey b. 1 N 02, Ruth Harvey and 
Katharine MUls b. 19 D 08 

Campbell Jenny [Jennie] Isabel b.a. 
Durham road Wallingford Ct. 
student (classics, pedagogy) Yale 00; 
teacher Orange high sch. 93-94, Wallingford 
high sch. 94-00 

♦Carson Ethel Daggett b.l. 

d. 26 S 93 
Carter Edith Hovey b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Sumner Babcock) 
24 Henry av. Pittsfield 
teacher North Wales Pa. acad. 93-94, 
(Latin, French) Willimantic Ct. high sch. 
95-98; m. 14 Je 99 (husband d. 13 Jl 02); 
ch. Sumner Hovey b. 15 My 02 

Clark Abigail Williams b.a. 

1200 Commonwealth av. Allston 

teacher Chappaqua N. Y. 1 yr, sec. to 
Rev. Edward Everett Hale 99-09 

Cook Anna Emeline b.l. (Mrs Arthur 
Louis Rice) 
514 Central av. Wilmette 111. 

m. 29 Je 93; ch. Kingsley Louis b. 24 Ag 

98, Elizabeth B. b. 23 Ja 05 

Cook Ellen Parmelee b.s. 

Albright house Northampton 
M.A. 06 Columbia; student (chem.) Berlin 
univ. 96-97, Columbia 05-06; teacher pri- 
vate sch. Brooklyn 89-90, asst and instruc- 
tor (chem.) Smith 90-06, assoc. prof. 
06 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Cook"- Mary Augusta b.a. 
teacher Southampton Mass. 93-94, North 
Wales Pa. 94-95, Castleton Vt. 95-96, Fitch- 
burg Mass. 96-97, Hadley acad. 00 — 

CorHss** Florence Haskell b.s. (Mrs 
Thomas William Lamont) 
Englewood N. J. 
M.A. 98 Columbia; student (philos.) Colum- 
bia; m. 31 O 95; ch. Thomas 2d b. 30 Ja 

99, Corliss b. 28 Mr 02, Austin b. 25 F 05, 
Eleanor Allen b. 10 

Darling^ Frances b.a. (Mrs Edward 


Hope church Holland Mich, 
teacher 94-98; m. 27 S 00; ch. Henry Dar- 
ling b. 18 N 01 

Davis Ina Forest b.a. (Mrs Stephen 
Hunt Burgoyne) 
Great Neck, Long Island N. Y. 
m. 26 O 09 

Dorr^ Cora Louise b.l. (Mrs Frank 

Hay den Miller) 

417 W. 120th St. New York J 
tutor 97-00; m. 18 Je 01; ch. Marjorie b. 
13 Jl 02, Harold Dorr b. 3 O 04 

Dow" Marion Durant b.l. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Colby Eaton) 
714 Congress st. Portland Me. 
m. 16 My 96; ch. Annette Hammond b. 
13 Mr 98 

DuBois Mary Susan b.a. 
Randolph Vt. 
teacher high sch. Randolph 94-F 00, 02-08, 
prin. Richmond 00-01, asst Burlington 01-02 

Dwight JuHa Strong Lyman b.a. 
c/o Brown Shipley & co. 123 Pall 
Mall S. W. London England 

grad. art 93, grad. Museum of fine arts sch. 
Boston 04; student Art students league 
New York 94-95, in Europe 06-10; teacher 
Providence R. I. 93-94 

Eaton" Mary Field b.a. (Mrs Erdman 

B. Foth) 

119 Midland av. Montclair N. J. 
m. 13 S 93; ch. EUzabeth b. 10 S 00, 
Frederick Eaton b. 16 Jl 02, Charles Eaton 
b. 7 Mr 07 



Estes Jean Louisa b.l. (Mrs Marr) 
986 Plymouth av. Fall River 

student (dramatic art, elocution, physical 
culture^ Emerson sch. Boston 93-94; asst 
prin. Slade grammar sch. Fall River 94-95, 
teacher Durfee high sch. 95-97, (elocution, 
physical culture) Y. W. C. A. Honolulu 
H. I. 01 ; m. (Walter Erwin Marr) 22 Ja 98; 
ch. Harold Estes b. 27 O 98, Walter Ling 
b. 27 Je 02 d. 1 Je 05, Carolyn b. 15 D 03 

Fay Mary Caroline b.l. (Mrs Judson 

Leonard Merrick) 

225 Walnut st. Holyoke 
m. 6 My 03; ch. Joseph Leonard b. 29 Ja 04, 
Florence Fay b. 25 O 09 

Field** Elizabeth Peck b.l. (Mrs Jud- 
son Leon Field) Oak Park 111. 
m. 24 S 98 

Field Grace Bowers b.a. (Mrs George 
Edward Spottiswoode) 
197 Berkeley av. Orange N. J. 
m. 20 Je 00; ch. George 2d b. 5 O 01, 
Eleanor b. 10 S 06, Harriet Field b, 6 Ap 08 

Flagg Gertrude Eusebia b.a. 
48 Green st. Northampton 

M.A. 01 ; teacher Canton O. 95-96, Hadley 
Mass. 96-97, Brattleboro Vt. 97-98 ; official 
tutor (math.) Smith 

Gaylord Joanna Lanman b.a. 

c/o W. S. Gaylord, 15 Waldron 
av. Summit N. J. 
teacher private sch. Prospect Hill sch. 
Newark N. J. 07— 

Goodrich Mary Ida b.a. 

8 Ridge road Concord N. H. 

student Europe 02-04, Berlin and Paris 
08-09; teacher (Greek) high sch. Bellows 
Falls Vt. 93-96, (Greek, French, Latin) 
Littleton N. H. 96-99, (French, German) 
New Haven Ct. 05-08 

♦Grant** Jessie [Janet] Clara b.l. (Mrs 
William Adams Mackenzie) 
m. 3 O 00; d. 24 Je 02 

Greene Mary Seymour b.l. (Mrs 

Charles Grin Patch) 

c/o Security Trust co. Detroit 

m. 25 Je 96 ; ch. Charles Orin jr b. 22 Ag 
97 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Hagar Mary Lyon b.l. 

337 College st. Burlington Vt. 
private teacher Newburg N, Y. 94-95, 
tutor Biu-lington 

Hall Ruth Bartlett b.l. 
Guilford Ct. 
asst prin. Chester Vt. high sch. 94-95, 

Erivate sch. Fairfield Ct. 95-96, Newtown 
igh sch. 97-98, Staples high sch. Westport 

Hamilton Mary Emma b.l. 

240 W. Highland av. Redlands 
teaeher Neensh Wis. high soh. 93-95 

Hartwell" Maude [Maud] Appleton 


High school Dorchester 
student (Eng.) Radcliffe 00-01, Alliance 
fran?aise Paris and Univ. of Grenoble 
France summer of 04; teacher Brookline 
Mass. high sch. 93-D 03, Dorchester high 
sch. D 03— 

Harwood** Mary Emma b.a. 

22 Washington st. Rutland Vt. 
student (Latin) Columbia 02-03, summers 
of 08-09; teacher Rutland Vt. high sch. 
93-00, private sch. in middle west 00-02, 
head (Latin dept) Girls Latin sch. 03 — 

Holden Harriet Eleanor b.s. (Mrs 

John Elliott Oldham) 

16 Livermore road Wellesley Hills 
m. 5 D 94; ch. Margaret Anna b. 2 My 96 
(class baby) ; mem. A,C.A. 

Howe Jennie b.a. (Mrs William Erety 

Shoemaker) Bridgeton N. J. 

m. 7 Je 99 ; ch, Jane Howe b. 2 Mr 03, Esther 

Stone b. 23 My 05, William Howe b. 19 S 

06, Horace Brewster b. 15 F 08 

Hudson" Harriet Louise b.a. c/o C. 
M. Clark publishing co. 211 Tre- 
mont St. Boston 

journalist 93-05 

Jackson Florence b.s. 

1808 Spruce st. Philadelphia Pa. 
M.A. 02; student (chem.) Barnard 97-99, 
(municipal govt) Univ. of Pa. 09-10; 
teacher private sch. Baltimore Md. 93-94, 
asst (chem.) Smith 94-97, teacher (math.) 
Newark N. J. high sch. 97-99, instructor 
(chem.) Wellesley 99-08, assoc. prin. Miss 
Hill's sch. Philadelphia 08 — ; mem. Amer. 
chem. soc, Amer. assn for advancement of 

Jacobs Etta Luella b.a. 

3 Brown av. St Albans Vt.f 

Jeffrey Florence b.l. (Mrs William 

Wilson Carlile) 

Walnut Ford, Reynoldsburg O. 
m. 2 Je 96 ; ch. Eleanor Jeffrey b. Jl 97 d. 
98, Dorothea b. O 00, Janet Jeffrey b. 09 

Johnson Anna Louise b.s. 

104 Marengo park Springfield 

diploma 98 Spnngfield kindergarten normal 
training sch; kindergartner Springfield 

Kelly** Susan Maria b.a. Bradford 

teacher high sch. Hyannis Mass. 93-Ja 94, 
Salem Ja-Je 94, Attleboro 94-97; private 
tutor Haverhill 97-09; prin. Classical day 
sch. for girls Haverhill 09 — 

Knox Susan Varick b.l. 

58 Bayard st. New Brunswick 




Lamson Marion Helena b.a. (Mrs 

Robert Earie Matthews) 

Hemet Cal. 
teacher Dedham Mass. 93-94; tutor Boston 
94^01, Colorado Springs Col. 01-02, Prescott 
Ariz. 02-04; writer, newspaper correspond- 
ent; m. 3 S 06 (husband d. 28 Ap 08); ch. 
Robert Marion b. 13 F 08 d. 14 F 08 

Landon Grace b.l. (Mrs Walter 

Josiah Rickey) 

1005 W. Washington st. South 

Bend Ind. 
m. 27 Je 01; ch. Elizabeth Lawrence b. 
26 Ap 03, Emily Pierce b. 11 Ap 05, George 
Warren b. 6 Je 07, Jane Flint b. 1 S 09 

Landon Mary b.l. 

736 Union st. Schenectady N. Y. 

Lane Grace b.a, (Mrs Otis L. Beards- 

619 La Salle av. Chicago Ill.t 
teacher Chicago 

Leggett" Blanche Chipman b.a. 
Erasmus hall, Flatbush, Brook- 
lyn N. Y. 
student (French, French hist.) Western 
Reserve univ. 04, (Spanish, French, pho- 
netics) Chicago univ; teacher Miss Mittle- 
berger's sch. Cleveland O. 94, Cleveland 
South high sch. 94-07, Erasmus hall high 
sch. Brooklyn 07 — 

Lewis" Margaret b.a. (Mrs Winfield 

Scott Nickerson) 

517 Essex av. S. E. Minneapolis 

M.A. 96 Radcliffe; asst (zoology) Smith 
94-95 ; practising physician ; m. 3 S 97 

Libby" Blanche Edith b.l. (Mrs 
Alfred Lucius Chase) 
147 Weston st. Waltham 
student (music) 93-95; m. 24 Je 97; ch. 
Beth b. 16 D 01 

Lyman Virginia Dummer b.s. 
67 Dwight pi. Englewood N. J. 
teacher Englewood 6 yr 

McConway Anne b.a. (Mrs Allen 
Wilson McEldowney) 
408 Maple av. Edgewood Park Pa. 

m. 17 S 94; ch. Alison b. 7 N 96, dau. b. 30 
O 00 d. 1 N 00, William McConway b. 5 Jl 
02, Jane b. 28 F 07; mem. A.C.A. 

May" Margarita Britton b.l. 

1540 Leavenworth st. San Fran- 
cisco Cal.f 
M.L. 95 Univ. of Cal. 

Mills Harriet Chidsey b.a. (Mrs Rob- 
ert Charles Cooley) 
344 St James av. Springfield 
teacher private sch, Montclair N. J. 93-94, 
New York 94-96; m. 28 Ja 97; ch. Charles 
Byron b. 24 My 01, Rebecca Mooers b. 10 

Morris Anne [Annie] Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Roland Eugene Stevens) 
Hartford Vt. 

m. 7 N 00; ch. Robert Morris b. 14 S 04, 

Philip Roland b. 1 Mr 09 

Murkland" Charlotte Marie b.a. 
55 Walnut st. New Bedford 

student (psych, pedagogy) Harrington nor- 
mal and training sch. 94-95, (Eng.) Rad- 
cliffe 04-05 ; teacher New Bedford pub. sch. 
95-98, (Eng.) and supervisor practice sch. 
for State normal sch. Lowell 98-10 

Norris Charlotte b.a. 

225 Walnut st. Holyoke 
teacher Andover Mass. 95-98, Holyoke 

Parker Grace Bursley b.a. (Mrs John 
Crocker Makepeace) 
High st. Wareham 

teacher Sudbury Mass. high sch. Mr 94-98, 
prin. 98-Ap 99: m. 12 Jl 99; ch. Maurice 
Bursley b. 29 D 06 

♦Phelps Martha Emma b.a. 
d. 28 F 04 

Poole" Harriet [Hallie] Schoedde b.a. 

Lafayette high school Buffalo 

N. Y. 
M.A. 97 Cornell; student (math.) Cornell 
95-97; teacher Buffalo central high sch. 
93-95, Nichols sch. 01-03, Lafayette high 
sch. 03 — ; computer U. S. coast and 
geodetic survey Ag 02 

Port Irma Genette b.a. (Mrs Robert 
Francis Cheney) 
St Mark's vicarage Southboro 

student (Eng. lit, Anglo-Saxon) Wellesley 
96-97; teacher (Latin, math.) Sayre inst. 
Lexington Ky. 93-94, (math.) Reading 
Mass. high sch. 94-95, (Eng.) Natick high 
sch. 95-97, (Latin, Greek) Jamaica normal 
and training sch. 97-01 ; m. 25 S 01 

Pratt Laura Melancia b.l. (Mrs S. 
Bartow Strang) 
4335 Clay st. Denver Col. 

teacher (Eng, German) Pueblo Col. high 
sch. 94-99 ; m. 8 Je 99 ; ch. Stephen Bartow 
b. 19 Ja 01, Herbert Lee Pratt b. 31 Mr 03, 
Francis Luqueer b. 26 D 04 d. 16 S 06, 
Arthur Luqueer b. 9 Ja 07, Elizabeth b. 
16 D08 

Procter Adeline Winthrop b.a. 
84 Prospect st. Gloucester 

Putnam Helen Langley b.l. (Mrs 

James Kingsley Blake) 

58 Huntington st. New Haven Ct. 
in charge (Eng. dept) New Haven state 
normal sch. 93-97; m. 6 N 97; ch. Eunice 
Putnam b. 19 Ap 04, EUzabeth Kingsley 
b. 9 Je 06 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Randall" Bertha Thatcher b.l. 
Carnegie library Pittsburg Pa. 

B.L.S. 03 Univ. of 111; student (library 
science) Univ. of 111. 01-03; instructor 
Univ. of 111. lib. sch. 03-04, asst cataloger 
Carnegie lib. Pittsburg 04 — ; mem. A.L.A. 




Richardson" Edith Maria b.a. 
teacher (Greek, Latin) high sch. Milford 
Mass. 93-97, (Greek, hist.) Leominster 
97-01, (Latin) Haverhill 01— 

Richardson" Mary Lincoln b.l. 

(Mrs John Reid) 

183 Main st. Franklin 
music 93-96 ; m. 14 F 00 ; ch. Lincoln b. 30 

Rumsey Olive b.l. Westfield, Chau- 
tauqua CO. N. Y. 
M.A. 96; student (Eng.) Yale 95-96; 
instructor (Eng.) Rockford col. 87-89, 
91-95, 96-99, Wellesley 99-01, Smith 01-05 
Sabin Florence Rena b.s. Johns Hop- 
kins medical school Baltimore 
M.D. 00 Johns Hopkins; student (med.) 
Johns Hopkins 96-00, fellow (anatomy) 
Baltimore assn for advancement of univ. 
educ. for women, Johns Hopkins 01-02; 
teacher Denver Col. 93-95, asst (zoology) 
Smith 95-96; interne Johns Hopkins 00-01; 
asst instructor and assoc. (anatomy) Johns 
Hopkins 02-05, assoc. prof. 05 — ; mem. 
A.C.A, Amer. assn of anatomists, Amer. 
assn for advancement of science 
Sanford" Adelaide Benton b.l. 
(Mrs Ashley Kingsley Hardy) 
Hanover N. H. 

instructor (German) Boardman high sch. 
New Haven Ct. 94-00; m. 24 Je 02 
*Sanford" Mabel Warren b.l. (Mrs 

Malcolm Niell MacLaren) 
journalist 93-03; m. 7 O 03; d. 16 S 04 
Scovill Florence May b.l. 

464 E. 19th St. Brooklyn N. Y.f 
student (Eng.) Yale 93-94; teacher Mont- 
pelier Vt. 94-96, Westfield N. J. 96-97, 
Brooklyn 98-04 

Shepard"^ Bertha Maria b.l. 
25 Norfolk st. Hartford Ct. 

foreign student 04 — ; teacher (mod. lang.) 
high sch. Auburn Neb. 93-94, Trinidad Col. 
94-95, Norfolk Mass. 01-02, Brooklyn Ct, 
Southbridge Mass. 

Shepard Clara Alida b.a. 

46 Prospect st. East Orange N. J. 

teacher (Greek, Latin) Park classical sch. 
New York 93-94, Golden hill sem. Bridge- 
port Ct. 94-95, East Orange N. J. 95-97, 
Barrington high sch. Newark 97 — 
*Sherrill« CeciUa Adelaide b.a. 

student N. Y. state lib. sch. 96-98; asst 
Utica N. Y. pub. lib. 93-97, Worcester 
Mass. free pub. lib. 98-99; d. 2 F 03 New 
Hartford N. Y. 

*Shoemaker Mary Erety b.l. 

philanthropic worker, state sec. Christian 
Endeavor soc. 1 yr; d. 22 F 02 Bridgeton 

Short Mabel Amanda b.a. 
3 Warland st. Cambridge 
student (chem.) Harvard summer sch. 94, 
(art) Boston 99-02, (music) 07-10; teacher 
Oak Park 111. 94-95, Brattleboro Vt. 95-98, 
Cambridge high sch. 04 — 

Smith" Bertha Chester b.a. (Mrs 
James Hiram Fassett) 
Nashua N. H. 
teacher Nyack N. Y. acad. 93-95, Nashua 
high sch. 95-97; m. 23 Je 97; ch. James 
Adams b. 3 Je 04 

Smith** Florence Virginia b.l. (Mrs 
Wilhelm Griepenkerl) 
Tiburon, Marin co. Cal. 
m. 07; ch. Edward Clarence S. b. 08 

Smith Frances Grace b.a. 

20 Marengo park Springfield 

M.A. 99, Ph.D. 06 Chicago univ; student 
Westfield normal sch. 94-95, (botany, 
zoology) Smith 97-99, Woods Hole stun- 
mer sch. 99, 03. (botany) Chicago univ. 
03-05 ; teacher (classics) Warren Mass. high 
sch. 95-97, asst (botany) Smith 00-03. 
instructor 05 — ; mem. A.C.A, Amer. assn 
for advancement of science, Nat. geog. soc. 

Soule Elizabeth [Bessie] Nye b.l. 
82 Walnut park Newton 

Sparks Mary Estella b.l. 

2173 Bedford av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

student (hist, of lit.) Leipzig univ. 98-99; 
teacher Holyoke Mass. 94-97, Rome N. Y. 
00-03, Brooklyn 03— 

Stevens Grace Mildred b.a. (Mrs 
John Leslie Wright) 
1734 Beacon st. Waban 

substitute teacher Concord Mass. high sch. 
Ap-Je 94, teacher Wakefield high sch. 
94-98; m. 30 Ag 98; ch. Wynna b. 9 N 99 

Stone Charlotte Sackett b.l. (Mrs 
William Dugald MacDougall) 
815 James st. Syracuse N. Y.| 

asst (rhetoric) Smith 94-95; vicepres. 
Smith alum, assn 98-99; m. 22 D 98; ch. 
Charlotte Stone b. 12 Ja 01, Zilla b. 27 Jl 02 

Stone Myra Josephine b.a. 
27 Waverley av. Newton 

private tutor (French, German) Boston and 

Strong Julia Worthington b.a. 

50 Washington av. Northampton 

student (hist.) Chicago univ. Ja-Je 04; 
teacher high sch. Greenport Long Island 
93-94, Hubbardston Mass. 94-95, Athol 
95-Ja 04, Mansfield O. 04-05, Springfield 
Mass. central high sch. 05-06, technical 
high sch. 06-10 

Strong Maud Evelyn b.a. 

52 North st. Northampton 
teacher (Latin, math.) Monson Mass. acad. 
93-96, (math.) Worcester Eng. high sch 
97-98, tutor Northampton 98 — 

Taft« Edith Lockwood b.l. (Mrs. 
Egisto Fabbei Chauncey) 
Mt Kisco N. Y.t 

deaconess Church of Epiphany New York 
97-99, St George's church 99-03; m. 20 




Tapley" Elizabeth Pierce b.l. 
12 Nelson st. Dover N. H.f 

teacher 94-96 

Taylor Julia Randell b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Allen Linsley) 

m. 94; ch. Catherine Taylor b. 99 

Tewksbury" Mary Weston b.a. 
(Mrs James Dickson) 
Randolph Vt. 

Thompson Bertha Mary b.l. (Mrs 
Guy Manning Kerr) 
Arkansas Valley Smelter, Amer. 
Smelting & Refining co. Lead- 
ville Col. 

m. 5 Ap 99 ; ch. John Jay Hicks b. 18 Je 02 

Thompson** Frances Ellis b.a. 

94 Hawley st. Northampton 

student (French) Paris 02-03, summer of 
08; teacher high sch. Saginaw Mich. 95-00, 
Scranton Pa. 00-01, Northampton 03-06, 
Springfield 07-09 

Twining Edith de Gueldry b.a. 
(Mrs Frederic William Stevens) 
45 Madison av. Morristown N. J. 

teacher Morristown 1 yr; m. 9 S 03; ch. 

Barbara L. b. 11 Ja 06, Alice de Gueldry 

b. 21 My 08 

♦Twitchell Gertrude Marble b.l. 

d. 3 Ja 04 Colorado Springs Col. 

Vanderbeek Mary Courtland b.a. 

(Mrs J. Edward Giles) 

156 5th av. New York 
M.A. 02 Univ. of Mich; student (Latin, 
Roman political antiquities, pedagogy) 
Univ. of Mich. 01-02; teacher Englewood 
N. J. 93-98; m. 18 Je 03; ch. Marian 
Bunton b. 9 Ag 09 

Ward Grace b.a, 

243 Foster st. Lowell 
teacher Lowell high sch. 95-Ap 10 

Waring Mary Kimberley b.a. 

68 Lloyd road Montclair N. J. 

teacher Montclair high sch. 94-99, Miss 
Wheeler's sch. Providence R. I. 01-06, 
prin. private sch. for girls Montclair 06-10 

Watterson Roberta Franc b.l. (Mrs 
Emil Diebitsch) 
Nutley N. J. 

Ph.M. 95 New York univ; student (Eng. 
lit.) New York univ. 94-95; libn South 
Orange N. J. 97-04, branch libn Brooklyn 
pub. lib. 04-06; m. 21 Ap 06; ch. John 
Norton b. 20 N 09 d. 21 N 09 

Weeks Imogene b.l. 

95 S. Mountain av. Montclair 

student (pedagogy) Teachers col. 93-94; 
teacher (Eng, Latin) Montclair high sch. 
94-97, 98-04, acting viceprin. 04-05, 
teacher (Latin) Milton Mass. acad. 07-10 

Wheeler Frances b.a. (Mrs James 
6 Forest av. Worcester 

teacher Worcester classical high sch. 94-03 ; 
m. 23 Jl 03; ch. James jr b. 11 My 06, 
Helen b. 17 Je 07 

Whitman Helen Hobart b.l. (Mrs 
Kenzie Wallace Walker) 
c/o Capt. K. W. Walker, Pay- 
master, Fort Sam Houston, Tex. 

m. 17 O 95; ch. Augustine Whitman b. 

4 Ag 96 d. 21 Ag 99, Dorothy Whitman b. 

27 OOO 

Whitman** Mabel b.l. 
Sunset av. Amherst 
teacher Chicago pub. sch. 93-97, 99-01, 
Madison inst. Richmond Ky. 97-My 99, 
Girton sch. Winnetka 111. 01-02, assoc. prin. 

Williams" Bessie Hastings b.a. 
(Mrs Archibald Heber Lewis) 
7706 Piatt av. Cleveland O. 
student (biol.) Mass. inst. tech. 94, Leipzig 
univ. 95 ; substitute teacher and tutor New 
York and Brooklyn 93-94, teacher (science) 
Miss Sheldon's sch. Providence R. I. 
94-95, Prof. Button's training class Brook- 
line Mass. 98, Brqokline high sch. 98, head 
(science dept) Miss Mittleberger's sch.lfor 
girls Cleveland 99-01; m. 29 Ag 01; ch. 
Percy Williams b. 16 F 03, Frances Kiloh 
b. 30 Ap 06, Gilbert Hastings b. 10 Mr 08 

Williston Agnes Louise b.l. 
Pomfret Center Ct. 

governess Bayou Sara La. 93-94, teacher 
(German) Elmhurst 111. 94-95, Beloit Wis. 
high sch. 95; tutor 

Williston" Elizabeth b.l. (Mrs 
Herbert Spencer BuUard) 
21 Marshall st. Hartford Ct. 
m. 14 F 06; mem. A.C.A. 

Woollen" Maria b.a. (Mrs Harlow 
181 Claremont av. New Yorkf 

student (Eng. lit.) Stanford 93-94, (hist.) 
Columbia 03-04 ; teacher Indianapolis 94-03; 

Wyatt" Mabel Preston b.l. (Mrs 
I Harry Benjamin Jepson) 
245 East Rock road New 
Haven Ct. 
m. 1 Ag 95 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Total 118-*11 


Allen Sarah Theodosia b.a. (Mrs 
Philip Reynolds Leavenworth) 
Normal school Castleton Vt. 

asst Castleton normal sch. 94-95, matron 
97 — ; teacher Adams Mass. high sch. 
95-96, Fitchburg high sch. 96-97 ; m. 6 O 97 




Andrews Katharine Hannah b.s. 
(Mrs John Jay Healy) 
503 Barry av. Chicago 111. 

student (pedagogy) Chicago univ. 97-98; 
teacher 94-00; m. 21 Je 00; ch. Lois 
Andrews b. 14 Jl 01, Allan b. 17 Mr 03, 
Helen Lambert b. 19 Jl 04, Winston b. 11 
N 07; mem. A.C.A. 

Atwood Alice Chapman b.l. (Mrs 
George Chandler Coit) 
19 Hillside av. Winchester 
student (hist, Eng.) Radcliffe 94-96; m. 
7 Je 99; mem. A.C.A. 

Balch Mary Elizabeth b.l. (Mrs 
Allen Winchester Jackson) 
202 Brattle st. Cambridge 

student (kindergarten) New Britain Ct. 
state normal sch. 95; m. 26 Mr 00; ch. 
Harriet b. 22 S 03, Edmund b. 2 Jl 06 

Bancroft Frances Marsh b.l. (Mrs 
William Joseph Long) 
Noroton hill Stamford Ct. 

teacher Mrs Stearns' private sch. for girls 
Amherst Mass. fall 94, Abbot acad. Andover 
95-00; m. 5 S 00; ch. Lois Bancroft b. 15 
D 01, Frances Kittredge b. 12 My 05, 
Brian Bancroft b. 17 Mr 07 

Bawden Sarah Elizabeth [Elisabeth] 


Creed av. Queens, Long Island 
N. Y. 

student (science of educ, Eng.) Columbia 
summer of 00 ; private tutor 94-96 ; teacher 
Bayonne N. J. high sch. 96-05, (Eng, 
music) Manual training high sch. Brook- 
lyn 05— 

Bealin" Nella Ellery b.a. 

c/o Mrs O. S. Gaither 4455 Cham- 
plain av. Chicago IlLf 

Brown Inez b.l. 

135 East terrace Chattanooga 

Brown Ophelia Sanger b.l. 
teacher Nashua N. H. Mr 96-97, Proctor 
acad. Andover N. H. 97-98 

Browne** Frances Eliza b.a. 

Erasmus hall high school Brook- 
lyn N. Y.t 

teacher (French) Drury acad. North Adams 

Browne"' Helen Swale b.a. 
Geneva 111. 

student (decorative design) Chicago art 
inst. 99-00 

Burrington Venila Spaulding b.l. 

(Mrs George William Colson) 

95 Geneva av. Grove Hall 


student (Eng, French, Latin) Framingham 

Mass. normal sch. 01-02, scholar College 

settlements assn ; teacher and settlement 

worker 03; sec. Intermunicipal assn for 

household research Boston 05-07; asst 

manager Eastern teachers agency Boston 

07-08; m. 18 Je 08; mem. A.C.A. 

Chandler Frances Woods b.l. 

Box 198 EnfieldJ 
Chapman Elizabeth Kimball b.a. 

Bethel Me. 

asst (prep, dept) Tabor la. col. 94-95, 
Fargo N. D. col. 95-96, asst prin. high sch. 
Henderson Me. 96-98, prin. Pekin 111. 
98-01, St Peter Minn. 01-03, Jamestown 
N. D. 03-04, preceptress Phillips acad. 
New Rockford 04 — ; mem. N.E.A. 

Chapman Marguerite Elisabeth b.a. 
1461 W. 25th St. Cleveland O. 
private teacher 95-99, Hathaway-Brown 
sch. Cleveland 99-09 

Clark Mary Barnard b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Henry Putnam) 
E. 603 Nora av. Spokane Wash. 

student Univ. of Minn; m. 18 Je 01; ch. 
Martha Clark b. 5 O 03, Henry b. 6 Jl 05 

Colclazer Helen Mary b.l. 

Hinsdale IlLf 
Covel Abbie Walker b.a. 

617 Commonwealth av. Boston 
sec. Smith alum, assn 96-00, treas. 05-07; 
mem. A.C.A. 
Coyle Susan Edmond b.a. 

1326 19th St. Washington D. C. 

student (structural botany, Amer. lit.) Yale 
96, (hist, Eng.) Bryn Mawr 02-03; teacher 
(Eng, Latin) St Mary's inst. Dallas Tex. 
96-97, (science) Westfield N. J. high sch. 
Ja-Je 98, (Latin, Eng, hist.) Portland Ore. 
acad. 98-02, 03-04, (Eng, hist.) Friends' sch. 
Baltimore Md. 05-06, (hist.) Miss Madeira's 
sch. Washington D. C. 06— 

*Cranston Augustine Louise b.a. 

d. 25 My 97 Newport Del. 

Davis"' Mary Isabella b.l. (Mrs 

Stanley Carleton) 

231 N. Kenilworth av. Oak 

Park 111. 
m. 11 Je 95; ch. Gilbert Davis b. 23 N 01 
Devin Ethel Wyatt b.a. 

172 Central av. Dover N. H. 

teacher Wheaton sem. Norton Mass. 96-98, 
St Mary's sch. Concord N. H. 98-10 

Dickerman Elizabeth Street b.a. 
140 Cottage st. New Haven Ct. 

Ph.D. 96 Yale; student (math.) Yale 
94-99; teacher (math.) New Haven 97-02, 
Greenwich acad. 02-03, substitute head 
(math, dept) Western Reserve univ. Col. 
for women 06-07, teacher (math.) Ingleside 
sch. New Milford Ct. 07-10; mem. A.C.A, 
Amer. assn for advancement of science 

Dunbar" Olivia Howard b.l. 

53 Washington sq. S. New York 

writer of fiction, editor and writer for news- 
papers and magazines 

Dustin Anne Rogers b.a. (Mrs New- 
ton Samuel Bacon) 
1688 Massachusetts av. Cam- 

m. 6 N 02; ch. Margaret b. 11 My 04, 

Roger Dustin b. 9 Je 07 




Eastman Mary Bentley b.a. (Mrs 
Harry Weston Whittemore) 
Tufts college 

asst Berlin N. H. high sch. 94-96, Millbury 
Mass, high sch. 96-00; m. 11 Jl 00; ch. 
Rodney Eastman b. 20 S 04 

Etheridge Fanny Sarah b.l. (Mrs 
John MacGregor Grant) 
65 Broadway New York 

student (psych.)' Chicago xmiv. 96, (lib. 
science) 98-00; m. 13 D 00; ch. James 
Henry Etheridge b. 17 Je 02, Clinton Fur- 
bish b. 10 My 04 

♦Evans** Laura Livingston b.a. 
(Mrs Henry Francis Jordan) 
teacher 96-03; m. 2 S 03; d. Jl 06 

Fairbanks'* Charlotte b.a. 
St Johnsbury Vt. 
Ph.D. 96 Yale, M.T>. 02 Woman's med. col. 
of Pa; fellow (chem.) Bryn Mawr 96-97; 
instructor (chem.) Wellesley 97-99; physi- 
cian Philadelphia Pa. 02-08, St Johnsbury 

French Marian Leslie b.a. (Mrs Her- 
bert James Chambers) 
111 Archer av. Mt Vernon N. Y.J 

m. 22 F 00; ch. Adelaide French b. 9 Mr 01 

Frost Mary Pepperell b.a. (Mrs James 
Cowan Sawyer) 
210 S. Main st. Andover 
teacher Wheaton sem. Norton Mass. 95-96 ; 
vicepres. Smith alum, assn 00-03; m. 10 
Je 97; ch. George Frost b. 25 Je 02, Charles 
Henry 2d b. 20 O 06 

Fuller Mary Breese b.a. 

Smith college Northampton 

M.A. 99; student (hist.) Oxford Eng. 97-98; 
newspaper worker Springfield Republican 
summer of 94, 95, Congregationaliat sum- 
mer of 99; teacher Drury col, fall of 94, 
Erivate sch. Kansas City Mo. 95-97, St 
-ouis 97-99, Boston 99, instructor (hiat.) 
Smith 00 — ; mem. Amer. hist, assn 

Gale Marion b.l. 

68 S. 11th St. Minneapolis Minn, 
teacher Minneapolis high sch. 

Gane Gertrude b.s. 

114 E. Walton pi. Chicago 111. 
B.Mus. 06 Columbia sch. of music Chicago; 
student (music) Berlin 00-01, Chicago 04- 
07 ; teacher (science) Kirkland sch. Chicago 
95-00, director (music dept) Girton sen. 
Winnetka 111. 06 — ; vicepres. Smith alum, 
assn 99-00; mem. A.C.A. 

Graves" Katherine Olive b.l. (Mrs 
L. White Busbey) 
2336 Massachusetts av. Washing- 
ton D. C.t 

m. 10 Je 96; ch. Leroy White b. 97, Horace 

Carleton b. 99 
Greenough Clara Mary b.a. 
173^ Federal st. Greenfield 

M.D. 99 Northwestern imiv; student 

med. Northwestern imiv. 95-99; ph3raician; 

med. inspector Greenfield sen. 08-10. 

Leyden 09-10 

Hammond Juliet b.l. 

724 Union av. Litchfield 111. 
student (geol, philos, municipal govt) 
Univ. of la. 97-98, New York svunmer sch. of 
philanthropy 04, Chicago univ. spring and 
summer of 10; agent in training S. W. 
district of Federated charities Baltimore 
Md. Ja-Je 04, D 04-My 05, agent My 
05-09; mem. A.C.A. 

Harkness Edith Alice b.l. 

1923 Orrington av. Evanston 111, 

Hartwell Mary Ann b.l. 

941 S St. N. W. Washington D. C. 
asst Forbes lib. Northampton 94-96, cata- 
loger-in-charge office supt of documents 
Washington 96 — ; mem. A.C.A, A.L.A, 
Nat. geog. 80C. 

Herrick" Ada Elizabeth b.a. 
17 Jackson st. Springfield 

Hubbard Alice Clark b.l. 

Women's university club Madi- 
son av. and 29th st. New York 

B.S. 10 Teachers ^col; student (fine arts) 
Teachers col. 05-07, 09-10; asst head 
worker col, settlement Philadelphia 00-01, 
New York 01-05; teacher (art) Washing- 
ton D. C. 07-09; mem. A.C.A. 

Humphrey Mary King b.l. (Mrs 
Burton A. Adams) 
41 Irvington st. Springfield 

miss'y worker Bible soc. Chicago 95-96; 

teacher (science) Talledega Ala. col. 96-01 ; 

m. 31 D 01 ; ch. Margaret Humphrey b. 27 

O 04, Dorothy Wright b. 16 Mr 06 

Johnson Eleanor Hope b.a. 
37 Madison av. New York 

settlement worker Hull house 97, Hartley 
house 99; school visitor Farmington Ct. 
01-04; chairman local sch. board 8th 
district New York 08 — ; mem. Amer. 
economic assn 

Johnstone Mary Margaret Sewall b.a. 

1703 Jackson blvd Chicago 111. 

M.D. 99 Northwestern univ; cUnical asst 

Rush med. sch. 07 — ; mem. A.C.A, Amer. 

med. assn, Amer. med. editors assn 

Jones" Ellen Permelia b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Clay Sanders jr) 
Claremont N. H. 
teacher 94-00; district sec. Boston asso- 
ciated charities 01-04; m. 7 My 04; ch. 
Elizabeth b. 6 Ag 05 

Kimball" Martha Hayward b.l. 
teacher Littleton grammar sch. 94-96, 
Ware 7th grade 95-98, prin. 96-98, (lit, 
hist.) high sch. 98-04; newspaper corres- 




King Florence Maud b.a. 

17 Kensington av. Northampton 
student (science, Greek) Smith 95-96; 
teacher Science Hill Shelbvville Ky. 94-95, 
Hinsdale N. H. high sch. 96-05, substitute 
teacher Hawley grammar sch. Northamp- 
ton 06-07. tutor and substitute teacher pub. 
sch. 07-10 

Lamb Lucy Inez b.l. 

6 Arlington av. Holyoke 
teacher Cumberland high sch. Valley Falls 
R. I. 95-98, Easthampton Mass. high sch. 
99-10; mem. A.C.A. 

Lambert" Helen Bordman b.l. 
(Mrs C. W. Gallup) 
68 Cherry st. North Adams J 
Lane Grace Grover b.l. (Mrs John 
Hastings Quint) 
Brunswick Me. 
teacher Yarmouth Me. 95-96, Falmouth 
Mass. 96-03; m. 29 S 03; ch. Elizabeth 
Sargent b. 23 O 04 

Leach Alice Lydia b.a. (Mrs Edwin 
Cumberland Sharp) 
176 Macon st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
teacher Brearley Annex New York 96-00; 
m. 11 D 02; ch. Kenneth Alexander b. 17 
Ag 04, Donald Leach b. 7 Ja 06 

Learned Agnes Wakefield b.a. (Mrs 
Percy Millard Dawson) 
12 Arlington st. Cambridge 
student Marme biol. lab. Woods Hole 96, 
(nursing) Mass. general hospital Boston 
97-99; teacher private sch. St Louis 94-97, 
Phillips sch. 99-00; m. 8 Ap 01; ch. Emily 
b. 18 Jl 02, Helen b. 13 My 04, Margaret 
b. 1 O 06, Ruth b. 1 S 09; mem. A.C.A. 

Leigh ton Emma Elizabeth b.l. 
(Mrs Harry Arthur Miller) 
Bald wins ville 

student Ingalls memorial lib. Rindge 
N. H. 95-96; libn 95-04; teacher Rindge 
pub. sch. 94-03 ; m. 03 ; ch. Eunice Leighton 
b. 9 F 06 d. 19 Jl 06, Maurice Arthur b. 26 

Lewis Mary Delia b.a. 

Smith college Northampton 

M.A. 09 Univ. of Mich; student Dresden 
98-99, (rhetoric) Univ. of Mich. 08-09; 
teacher Stamford Ct. 94-98, Dresden 98-99, 
(Eng.) Kemper hall Kenosha Wis. 99-04, 
head (Eng. dept) Pa. col. for women 
Pittsburg 04-08, mstructor (Eng.) Smith 
06-08, 09—, asst (rhetoric) Univ. of Mich. 

*Lips Minerva Ella b.l. 

d. 8 Ja 96 Springfield 

Lockwood Jeanne Julia b.a. (Mrs 
Amos Burt Thompson) 
1962 E. 84th st. Cleveland O. 
m. 6 Ap 98; ch. Lockwood b. 4 Jl 01, Ruth 
Lockwood b. 5 Jl 05 

Lyall" Bertha b.l. 

The Lancashire, 353 W. 86th st. 
New York 

Lynch Caroline [Carrie] Vinia b.a. 

217 Norfolk st. Dorchester Center 

M.A. 08 Olumbia; student (Eng, peda- 
gogy) Radcliffe 96-97, (Greek, Latin, 
archaeol.) 07-09, (archaeol.) Amer. sch. of 
classical studies Rome 04-05, (Greek, 
Latin, archaeol.) Columbia 06-07; asst 
(Greek, Latin) West Upton Mass. high sch, 
97-98, demonstrator (art, cla.ssical archaeol.) 
Bryn Mawr 09-10; mem. Amer. archaeol. 

Lynch" Katharine Gertrude b.a. 
605 Academy av. Providence 
R. Lt 

M.A. 99 Brown 

McMahan Una b.a. (Mrs Frank 
Edgerton Harkness) 
6016 Stony Island av. Chicago 111. 
student (Greek, archaeol.) Chicago univ. 
95-99, 01-02, 05-07, (Egyptian) Bryn Mawr 
08-09; demonstrator (hist, of art, classical 
archaeol.) Bryn Mawr 07-08, demonstrator 
and reader 08-09; m. 19 O 09; mem. Amer. 
archaeol. inst. 

Mansfield Elizabeth Langley b.l. 
13386 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 
trus. Y. W. C. A. Cleveland 7 yr 

Mason Martha b.a. 

Waltham new church school 

student (Eng, pedagogy) Radcliffe 95-97; 
teacher Brooklme Mass. 95-97, Paterson 
N. J. 97-99, New Church sch. Waltham 
99 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Merriman** Mabel Lilian b.s. 

M.A. 01 Radcliffe; student (biol.) Chicago 
univ. 96-97, Marine biol. lab. Woods Hole 
summer of 99, (botany) Radcliffe 01-02; 
teacher Pasadena Cal. 94-95, asst Echo Mt 
observatory Pasadena 95-96 , teacher Elgin 
111. high sch. 97-98, Dorchester Mass. high 
sch. 02-05, New York normal high sch. 
06-09, instructor New York normal col. 

Moon Elizabeth Laetitia b.a. (Mrs 

Henry S. Conard) 

Grinnell la. 
M.A. 97, Ph.D. 99 Chicago univ; student 
(comparative religions) Ecole des Hautes 
Etudes, Sorbonne, Paris 96-97, (comp. 
religion, sociology) Chicago univ. 98-99; 
teacher Westtown Pa. boarding sch. 95-96, 
non-resident reader (comp. religion) Chi- 
cago univ. 02-10; m. 13 Ap 00; ch. Eliza- 
beth Moon b. 2 My 03, Caroline b. 06 d, 
Rebecca b. 09 

Moore** Mabel Reynolds b a. (Mrs 
Eliot White) 
138 E. 94th St. New York 

teacher (math.) Springfield Mass. high sch. 
95-96; m. 6 Ap 04; ch. Maiu-ice Brewster 
b. 16 Je 05, Shirley Prence (dau.) b. 28 




Noyes Bertha Lizette b.l. (Mrs 
Oscar Lundgren Stevens) 
70 Elm St. Andoverf 
student Radcliffe 00 ; teacher Ashbumham 
Mass. 1 yr; m. 1 O 04 

Oakes Julia Anna b.l. (Mrs Here- 
ward Burbridge) 
Woodstock Vt. 

teacher 95-98; m. 14 D 98; ch. Edwin 

Oakes b. 6 Jl 01 

Odell^ Lillian Atherton b.a. 
Greenland N. H. 
teacher Presque Isle Me. high sch. 95-96, 
Morgan sch. Portsmouth N. H. 97-98, 
private teacher Portsmouth 98-05; libn 
Greenland pub. lib. 09-10 

Paul Anne Marie b.l. 
La Crosse Wis. 

Peck Teresina b.l. (Mrs Wilfrid 
Asa Rowell) 

743 College st. Beloit Wis. 
student (Latm) Yale 95; teacher private 
sch. New Haven Ct. 95-97, private teacher 
(hist, of art, Italian) New Haven, Bridge- 
port 95-98, 99-06; m. 5 Je 07; ch. Teresina 
b. 13 Ja 09; mem. A.C.A. 

Perkins Helen b.a. 

72 Westland av. Boston 
student (zoology, German) Radcliffe 95-97 ; 
asst to foreign sec. of Amer. Baptist foreign 
mission soc. 91-96; mem. A.C.A. 

Pickering Minnie Maud b.a. 
23 Ormond st. Mattapan 
student (Greek) Smith 94-95; teacher 
(Greek, Latin) Moulton col. Toronto Can. 
97-01, New York 01-02, Allen sch. West 
Newton Mass. 03-07, private sch. Boston 

Pierce** Harriet Edith b.l. 

243 Adelaide av. Providence R. I. 

M.A. 04 Brown; student (German, hist, of 
art) Brown 99-04; head (German dept) 
Providence high sch. 94^05 

Piatt" Ada Susan b.l. (Mrs James 

Dewey Benedict) 

86 Williams st. Burlington Vt. 
m. 14 F 01 ; ch. Stuart b. 18 D 05, Martha 
Buckham b. 16 Ap 07 

Piatt Clara Boardman b.l. (Mrs 
Israel Arthur Herrick) 
3654 Blaisdell av. Minneapolis 

curator N. H. S. Worcester Mass. 94-95; 
teacher Nyack N. Y. 95-96, private teacher 
Dresden Germany 96-98; m. 4 Jl 99; ch. 
Helen Piatt b. 26 Ja 02 

Pratt Sarah [Marie] b.a. 

2168 S. Salina st. Syracuse N. Y. 
M.A. 09 Columbia; student (Eng.) Colum- 
bia 04; teacher high sch. Bingham ton 
N. Y. 94-96, Watertown 96-98. asst prin. 
Schenectady 98-06, head (Eng. dept) 
Springfield Mass. 06 — ; mem. Mod. lang. 

Prouty Mabel Lucretia b.l. (Mrs 
Arthur Mills Johnson) 
Corcoran Manor Mt Vernon N. Y. 

m. 11 Je 95 
Rice Lillian Ballance b.l. (Mrs Wil- 
son Chase) 
c/o War dept Washington D. C. 

teacher Tempe Ariz, territorial normal sch; 

m. (1) 2 S 96 (Daniel Rufus Brigham d. 19 

F 02), (2)20 Agio (Wilson Chase); ch. 

Daniel Morgan Brigham b. 8 My 99, Caroline 

Rice Brigham b. 1 Mr 01 

Richardson" Belle b.a. (Mrs Cam- 
eron Johnson) 
210 N. Plum St. Richmond Va. 

settlement worker Chicago 94-97, miss'y 
Kobe Japan 98-05, mission worker Va. 06 — ; 
m. 31 D 97 

Richardson Marv Lilias b.a. 
234 Third st. Troy N. Y. 

M.A. 03 Radcliffe; student (Latin, Greek) 
Radcliffe 02-03; teacher Keble sch. 
Syracuse N. Y. 95-99, 01-02, St Mary's, 
Garden City N. Y. 00-01, Brockport N. Y. 
state normal sch. 03-04, asst (Latin) Smith 
04-06, instructor 06 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Ripley"^ Winifred Helen b.a. (Mrs 

F. M. DeForest) 

Houston vschool Spokane Wash.f 
Robbins" Alice Emily b.l. 

26 Jones st. New York 

student (economics) London sch. of econom- 
ics 01-02; teacher Malone N. Y. acad. 
94-96, Plattsburg N. Y. state normal sch. 
96-98 ; social worker Warren Goddard house 
New York 98-01, head worker Lawrence 
house Baltimore Md. 02-08, investigator of 
settlements Russell Sage foundation 08-10 
Ruger Harriet Marsh b.a. (Mrs 
Francis James Longdon) 
South blvd DeLand Fla. 

state miss'y Christian woman's board of 
missions Fla. 08 — ; m. 6 My 02; stepch. 
Francis Morton b. 7 Ag 92 

Rugg Harriet Alice b.s. 

84 Grove av. Leominster 

student Fitchburg state normal sch. 97-98 ; 
asst Leominster high sch. 96-97, teacher 
(math, science) Howard sem. West Bridge- 
water 98-03, Marlboro high sch. 03 — ; mem. 
Amer. geog. soc. 

Sanford Stella DeLand b.a. (Mrs 
Charles David Brown) 
95 Westminster road Rochester 
N. Y. 

student Chicago kindergarten inst. 95, St 
Andrew's kindergarten training sch. Roches- 
ter N. Y. 96-97; kindergartner Akron O, 
Detroit Mich. 97-02; m. 15 F 02; ch. Mar- 
garet Sanford b. 22 Ja 03, Katharine San- 
ford b. 18 S 05, Priscilla Sanford b. 15 Je 09 ; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Say ward Mary Edith b.a. 
49 Chatham st. Worcester 

student Bridgewater Mass. normal sch. 
94-95, (mycology, entomology) Cornell 05- 
06; teacher Worcester Eng. high sch. 95-10 




Schermerhorn Rena b.l. (Mrs Arthur 

Bacon Breese) 

310 James st. Syracuse N. Y.f 
m. 2 Je 03; ch. Romenia Schermerhorn b. 

Scott Mary Stuart b.l. 

1212 Locust St. Dubuque la. 
Searl" Mabel Darrow b.l. (Mrs 
William Ward Damon) 
Pelham Manor N. Y. 
m. 11 Je 96; ch. Mabel Marie b. 25 Mr 98, 
Muriel Ford b. 2 Je 01 

Seelye Mabel b.a. (Mrs James Wil- 
son Bixler) 
27 Broad st. New London Ct. 

m. 7 S 98; ch. Elizabeth Seelye b. 29 O 99, 

James Wilson b. 6 O 02 

Smiths Abigail May b.a. 

127 Chestnut st. Holyokef 
Smith Alice Abigail b.l. (Mrs Arthur 

D wight Dana) 

135 Argyle road Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher Miss Mittleberger's sch. for girls 
Cleveland O. 94-97; m.9Je97; ch. William 
Dale b. 14 Mr 99, Arthur Dwight jr b. 

10 Ag 02 

Smith" Grace b.l. (Mrs Warren 
Austin Adams) 

Dartmouth college Hanover N. 

teacher 95-96 ; m. 2 S 96 ; ch. Austin Lock- 
wood b. 27 Ag 97, Henry b. 15 Je 04 

Smith Grace Angeline b.s. (Mrs Matt 
Bushnell Jones) 
111 Parker st. Newton Center 
student (botany) Yale 94-95; teacher 
(science) St Mary's col. Dallas Tex. 95-96, 
asst (botany) Smith 96-99; m. 12 S 99; 
ch. Walter Leland b. 11 Je 02, Catharine 
Bushnell b. 22 N 03, Matt Bushnell jr 
b. 30 N 06 
Swett Edith Josephine b.a. 

577 Westfield av. Westfield N. J. 
teacher Lewiston Me. 95-96, Lancaster 
Mass. 96-03, 04-05, Westfield 06— 
Thompson" Caroline [Carrie] Lee 
Hualani b.a. (Mrs David Morri- 
Casilla 933 Valparaiso Chili S. A. J 

professor (Eng.) Liceo de Ninas Valparaiso 
95-96; m. 20 Ap 97; ch. Frank Stewart b. 

11 Mr04d. 4N04 

Wakelin Elizabeth Newell b.l. (Mrs 
Wilbur Marshall Urban) 
71 Vernon st. Hartford Ct. 

student (millinery, cooking) Drexel inst. 

Philadelphia 95-96; m. 27 Jl 96; ch. Lis- 

beth Marshall b. 16 D 97, Isabel Wakelin 

b. 1 N 03 
Walton Mabel Lilian b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam H. Wanamaker) 
The Rittenhouse Philadelphia Pa. t 

M.A. 02 Univ. of Pa; teacher 94-05; m. 

6 J105 

Warburton"^ Cora Isabel b.l. (Mrs 
Theodore Frederic Hussa) 
68 Eppirt St. East Orange N. J. 

teacher (Eng, Latin) Bergen sch. for girls 
Jersey City 94-95, 95-96, (Eng, hist.) 
Wellesley sch. Philadelphia 96-97, head 
(Eng. dept) Miss Dana's sch. for girls 
Morristown N. J. 97-01; m. 26 Je 01; ch. 
Richard Warren b. 3 D 02 d. 8 Mr 03, 
Althea b. 8 F 04 d. 12 Je 09, Theodore 
Frederick jr b. 30 Jl 09 
Ware'* Katharine b.l. (Mrs George 

Milton Smith) 

c/o Geo. Q. Hill co. A and Summer 

sts. Boston 
teacher Hartford Ct. 94-95; housekeeper 
in private family Brookline Mass. 95-96; 
office worker for editor New England Maga- 
zine Boston 96-97; housekeeper Denison 
house col. settlement 97-98; northern sec. 
for Atlanta univ. 04-06, executive sec. N. 
Y. pub. educ. assn 06-07, social worker 
Boston pub. sch. 07-09; m. 15 Je 98; 
ch. Alice Holdship b. 27 Mr 99, Edmund 
Ware b. 10 D 00, George Milton b. 10 Mr 02 

Watters Bertha Alice b.a. (Mrs John 

Lee Tildsley) 

1 Windsor terrace Yonkers N. Y. 
student (hist, of philos.) Univ. of Halle 
Germany 96-97, (German lit.) Berlin imiv. 
97-98; m. 24 Je 96; ch. Jane b. 24 Ap 97 
(class baby), John Lee jr b. 2 Ja 99, Mar- 
garet b. 27 D 01, Kathleen b. 19 Jl 04 

Wenham Grace Putnam b.l. (Mrs 
Wilbur Saunders Crowell) 
Forest Cliff drive Lakewood O. 
M.A. 96 Western Reserve univ; student 
(Eng, German, philos.) Western Reserve 
univ. 95-96; asst (Eng.) 95-96; private 
tutor 94-95; teacher (Eng. lit, rhetoric, 
hist.) Miss Mittleberger's sch. Cleveland O. 
96-01 ; m. 11 F 02 ; ch. Jean b. 15 D 07 
Wheeler EHzabeth Anna b.l. (Mrs 
Frank Allen Hubbard) 
157 High St. Taunton 

student Bridgewater Mass. normal sch. 
94-95; teacher Taunton high sch. 95-96; 
m. 30 Je 96; ch. Eloise Barrett b. 29 D 97, 
Jennie Elizabeth b. 23 Ja 99, Helen Wheeler 
b. 24 N 01, Edward Reed b. 7 F 05, Allen 
b. 31 Ja 08 d. 6 F 08, Leonard b. 19 Ja 10 
Whiten Helen Isabel b.a. 

65 W. 127th St. New York 
M.A. 97 and Ph.D. 98 Columbia- stu- 
student and scholar (mod. lang.) Columbia 
95-98; tutor and teacher Brearley annex 
New York 94-96; asst (Eng. lit.) Smith 
98-02, teacher Mrs Scoville's sch. for girls 
New York 04-10 
Wilder** Bertha Frances b.l. 

♦Wilkinson Charlotte Coffyn b.l. 

(Mrs Claude Bragdon) 
M.A. 97; fellow (economics) Smith 95-96; 
teacher 94-95; asst head worker Hartley 
house settlement New York 97-98; sec. 
and pub. lecturer Nat. league of working 
women's clubs 98-01; vicepres. Smith 
alum, assn 06-Ja 08; m. 3 N04; d. Ja 08 




Willard Eliza [Elisa] May b.a. 

Carnegie library Pittsburg Pa. 
student N. Y. state lib. sch. 94-95 ; reference 
Ubn Carnegie lib. Pittsburg 95 — ; mem. 
A.C.A, A.L.A. 

Williams" Sarah Holbrook b.a. 

Walnut St. Brooklinel 
Wood Alice Dewey b.l. 

Fort Plain NY. 

teacher Oxford N. Y. acad. 94-96, Allegheny 
Pa. 98; asst sec. N. E. conservatory of 
music Boston 04-06; manager Railway 
educ. assn Syracuse N. Y. 08, Boston 09 

Woolson Lillian b.a. (Mrs Harrv 
Hay ward) Newark Del. 

student Europe 00; teacher 94-97; m. 7 
8 97; ch. Mary Frances b. 11 Je 05 

Wyman Helen Lydia b.a. 

49 Roxbury st. Keene N. H. 
teacher (Greek, Latin) Keene high sch. 

Total lll-*4 


Aldrich Amey Owen b.l. 
142 E. 33d St. New York 

M.A. 98 Brown; student (Eng, pedagogy) 
Brown 96-98; teacher (Eng.) Providence 
R. I. high sch. 95-02 

Allen Anna [Annie] Kittredge b.l. 
(Mrs Seaver Burton Buck) 
Berkshire school Sheffield 
m. 6 S 00; ch. Caroline b. 12 F 06 
Allen Anna [Anne] Mabel b.l. (Mrs 
Fred Lincoln Ward) 
116 Florida st. Springfield 
m. 20 Je 05; stepch. Marjone Willard b. 
16 Ag 90, MUdred Johnson b. 23 Mr 94 

Allen Bertha b.l. (Mrs George Wood 


c/o Navy dept Washington D. C. 
student (Eng.) Radcliffe 95-96; teacher 
and lecturer Lowell Mass. 96-98; m. 25 O 00 

Allen** Bertha Bolivia b.a. (Mrs 
Jonathan Hiller Holmes) 

teacher Drury col. Springfield Mo. 95-97, 
Hosmer hall St Loub 97-02, Misses Gra- 
ham's sch. New York 02-03, 04-07, Dana 
hall Wellesley Mass. 03-04; m. 6 Jl 07 

Ayres Marjorie b.l. (Mrs Albert Starr 

1936 Orrington av. Evanston 111. 
m. 18 Ap 96; ch. Marshall Ayres b. 26 N 01, 
Albert Leonard b. 6 O 03, Marjorie Starr 
. A.C.A, Soc. for psychical 

b. 5 Ap 08; 

Bannon Charlotte b.l. 
Portsmouth O.f 
teacher (Latin) Portsmouth high sch. 96-02 

Bardeen Bertha Foote b.a. 

1109 E. Genesee st. Syracuse N.Y. 
Bsst manager School bulletin teachers 
agency Syracuse 95 — 

Beard Emma Burlew b.l. 
Fayetteville N. Y. 
student (domestic science) Pratt inst. 00-02; 
resident worker College settlement New 
York 00-03; mem. A.C.A. 

Beecher Mabel Louise b.a. 

226 Lawrence st. New Haven Ct. 
student New Haven free pub. lib. 97-98; 
oataloger and children's libn 98-01; mem. 

Benedict Susan [Suzan] Rose b.s 
80 E. Seminary st. Norwalk O- 
M.A. 06 Columbia; student (math.) Coliun- 
bia 05-06; teacher (mathO Norwalk high 
sch. 95-05, asst (math.) Smith 06-07, in- 
structor 07 — 

Bennett^ Bertha Lee b.l. (Mrs 

83 Washington pi. New York J 
student Buffalo univ. 95-96 ; teacher 95-97 ; 
m. 25 N 96 (Lindsay Denison) 

♦Bigelow Laura Gertrude b.l. 

d. 31 D 97 Utica N. Y. 

Borden Bessey b.l. 

618 Rock St. Fall River 
Bourland Elsie Parsons b.l. (Mrs 
William Tabor Abbott) 
152 Monroe st. Chicago 111. 
student France and Germany 99-01; 
teacher (French, German) Oak Park III. 96- 
97, Peoria 97-99, 01-04; m. 28 Je 05 

Bowers Mary Alice b.l. (Mrs Robert 

William Hall) 

152 S. Linden st. Bethlehem Pa. 
M.A. 98 Radcliffe, Ph.D. 09 Univ. of Pa; 
student (zoology, botany) Radcliffe 96-98, 
Smith 98-99, (histology) Mass. inst. of tech. 
00-01, (zoology, physiol.) Univ. of Pa. 
05-07; Bennett fellow Univ. of Pa. 06-07; 
demonstrator (zoology, botany) Smith 98- 
99, instructor (zoology) Wellesley 99-08; 
m. 4 Ag 08 

Braley" Caroline [Carolvn] b.l. 
4 Pearl st. St Johnsbury Vt.J 

Bray Josephine Compton b.a. 

98 Professors' row Tufts college 
student Cowles art sch. and Museum of fine 
arts Boston 95-96, (German) Berlin 96-97, 
(fine arts) Tufts 05-06, (Eng, music, art) 
London vmiv. 06-07, (Italian) Florence 07- 
08, (parchment illuminating) 08; teacher 
(Eng, German) Quincy mansion sch. for 
girls Wollaston Mass. 97-05, (Latin) 
Windermere Eng. 07; private tutor 05-06, 
09-10; mem. Advisory board for women 

Bryant Caroline Amelia b.l. 
Hotel Sterling Cincinnati O. 

Cahee Gertrude Marie b.a. (Mrs 
Merritt D arrow Chittenden) 
306 Main st. Burlington Vt.f 

m. 14 Ag 01; ch. Elizabeth Florence b. 4 





Carpenter** Eloise Cameron b.a. 

(Mrs Robert Wickham) 

Schuylerville Saratoga co. N. Y.f 

Chase Edith b.l. (Mrs William 

Alonzo Newton) West Northfieldf 

adopted 1 Ap 03 Barbara Raymond Chase 

b. 20 Ap 02 

♦Churchill Lillian b.l. 
d. 31 Ja 00 Waterbury Ct. 

Clark Mary Webster b.a. (Mrs 
Charles William Jackson) 
808 Walker av. Greensboro N. C. 
cataloger Amherst col. lib. 97-98, Harvard 
lib. 98-02, McGill univ. lib. Montreal 02-03, 
Lib. of Congress Washington 03-06; m. 20 
S 06; ch. Ruth Webster b. 2 Jl 08 

Cond6"' Bertha b.a. 

541 Lexington av. New Yorkf 
Conro** Ruth Dexter b.a. (Mrs 
Wendell Phillips Elkins) 
North wood Centre N. H. 
teacher Bath N. H. 96-98, Peterboro spring 
of 98; m. 6 Je 99; ch. Enoch b. and d. 31 
O 01, Kimball Conro b. 24 Ja 03, Hervey 
Bertrand b. 13 Ag 05 

Crowell Jennie Caroline b.a. 
21 Amity st. Amherst 
teacher (Latm) Mrs. Stearns' sch. for girls 
Amherst 95-96, private tutor (Latin, Ger- 
man) 99-09 

Cummings Mabel Homer b.a. 
16 Kennard road Brookline 
teacher Chestnut hill sch. Brookline 95-01, 
02-08, prin. (prep, dept) Volkmann sch. 
Boston 08-09, assoc. prin. Classical sch. for 
girls 09-10; mem. A.C.A, Nat. geog. soo. 

Curtis Frances Florida b.a. (Mrs 
Fred Ober Fish) 
13 Fenwick road Winchester 

tutor Sheffield Pa. 97-98; teacher Skow- 
hegan Me. high sch. 98-99 ; m. 4 O 99 : ch. 
Maxwell b. 16 Ja 01, Frederick b. 20 Jl 03 

Davis Mary Emily b.a. (Mrs Erving 
Yale WooUey) 
157 Eugenie st. Chicago 111. 
teacher Pawtucket R. I. high sch. F-Je 97 ; 
m. 12 O 97; ch. Paul b. 16 Mr 02, Mary 
Emily b. 8 My 06 

Denham** Mary Harriet b.a. (Mrs 
Robert L. Lovelace) 
11 Blaine av. Worcester 
asst Upton Mass. high sch. 95-96, Ware 
high sch. 96-D 98; m. 16 F 99; ch. Marion 
Denham b. 1 S 04 

Dixon** Margaret Elizabeth b.l. 

653 Dwight st. Holyokef 
Dustin Nette [Nita Ford] b.l. 

Brushton N. Y. 

teacher (£ng, German) Franklin acad. 
Malone N. Y. 96-D 99, Batavia N. Y. state 
sch. for blind N 02— 

Dutton Martha Sweet b.l. 

61 Hancock st. Aubumdale 

Eaton" Mary Emma b.a. 
Wilton Me. 
asst Johnston normal sch. 95-96, North 
Attleboro Mass. high sch. 96-02, Wilton 
acad. 02-10 

Eggleston Isabella b.a. (Mrs Walter 
Allen Fitch) 
203 Lefferts av. Richmond Hill 

N. Y. 

Emerson Charlotte Frelinghuysen 
B.s. (Mrs Albert White Hitch- 

Verona N. J. 
student N. Y. sch. of applied design for 
women 96-97; asst (geol.) Smith 01-03; 
m. 7 Jl 03 

Estabrook** Millicent Barrett b.a. 

8 Lagrange st. Worcester 

Fairbank Rose b.a. (Mrs Lester 

Hayes Beals) 

Wai. Satara district, Indiat 
M.D. 00 Johns Hopkins sch. of med; medi- 
cal miss'y 00 — ; m. 27 S 05 

Field Bertha Frances b.s. 

21 Highland av. Greenfield 
student (botany) Smith 96-98. 99-00; 
teacher (math.*) Capen sch. Northampton 

Fifield Ethel Frances b.a. (Mrs Law- 
rence Ralston Brooks) 
18 S. Broadway Yonkers N. Y. 

B.S. 00 Mass. inst. of tech; student (archi- 
tecture) Mass. inst. of tech. 96-00; teacher 
Salem Mass. pub. sch. 95-96; lecturer 
(house building and furnishing) Sch. of 
housekeeping Boston 00-02, women's clubs 
00-04; m. 31 Ag 04; ch. Shirley (dau.) b. 
7 Jl 06, Caroline Robinson b. 11 N 07; mem. 
A.C.A, Amer. home economics assn 

Finney Clara Belle b.l. (Mrs William 
Burgett Carver) 

151 Front st. Binghamton N. Y. 
teacher (math.) Binghamton high sch. 96- 
07; m. 4 F 08; mem. A.C.A. 

Fisk** Elizabeth Samantha b.a- 

9 Waldo St. Holyoke 

B.M. 97; student (music) Smith 95-97; pri- 
vate tutor Woodstock Vt, Homellsvill* 
N. Y, Philadelphia Pa. 97-09 

Fowler Jessie Agnes b.s. 
teacher Oxford Mass. 95-97, Abington 97-04, 
Durango Mex. 04-05, Ala. 05-06, Walling- 
ford Ct. 06-10 

Fuller Caroline Macomber b.l. 
c/o John Crosby esq. Security 
bank bldg Minneapolis Minn.f 

Fulton Blanche Dorothea [Dorothy] 

1066 Baymiller st. Cincinnati O. 
xnem. A.C.A. 




Gardner Anna Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Clay Van Note) 
Atlantic Highlands N. J. 
student (Latin, Roman archaeol.) Colum- 
bia O OO-Mr 01 ; teacher Red Bank N. J. 
96-97, Atlantic Highlands 97-00; m. 18 
N 02; ch. William Henry b. 9 Mr 06 

Garrison Katherine McKim b.a. 
(Mrs Charles Dyer Norton) 
1925 F St. Washington D. C. 
m. 23 O 97 ; ch. Garrison b. 9 O 00, Lucia 
Garrison b. 4 Ja 01, Charles McKim b. 6 

Giflord Maud Lena b.a. 

75 Blossom st. Fitchburg 
student (Latin) Harvard summer sch. 99, 
(voice training) 03,^ (Roman hist, archaeol, 
math.) Chicago univ. summer of 01. teacher 
West Bridgewater Mass. 96-98, Fitchburg 
high sch. 98— 

Goodrich Helen Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Harry De Witt De Groat) 
39 N. Pine av. Albany N. Y. 
teacher West Nyack N. Y. 95-96, Miss 
Graves' sch. Paterson N. J. 96-97, Granger 
pi. sch. Canandaigua N. Y. 97-99; m. 27 
Je 99: ch. Helen Stiles b. 2 D 00, Mary 
Adelaide b. 21 O 05, De Witt Goodrich b. 
14 Mr 09 

Goodwin Maria Bangs b.a. 
141 Clifton St. Maiden 

student Chandler shorthand sch. Boston 03 ; 
teacher high sch. Gilmanton Iron Works 
N. H. 95-Ja 96, White River Junction Vt. 
Ja-Je 96, Needham Mass. Ja 97-01, North 
Adams (business dept) 01 — 

Gunn»» Pearl Adair b.a. (Mrs Ben- 
jamin Severance Winchester) 
93 Bowdoin st. Newton High- 

teacher Whitman col. Walla Walla Wash. 
95-97, Puget Sound acad. Snohombh Wash. 
98-99; m. 31 Ag 97; ch. Margaret b. 29 Jl 
98, Katharine b. 16 Jl 00, Pauline b. 3 Mr 
04, AUce b. 26 Jl 07 

Hamilton" Caroline Elvira b.a. 
Chestnut hill Greenfield 
teacher Arms acad. Shelburne Falls Mass. 
95-01, Greenfield high sch. 01-10 

Hamilton" Helen May b.a. 
Greenwich N. Y.J 
student N. Y. state normal col. 96 ; teacher 
Norwich N. Y. 97-99, New York 00-01, 03-04 

Harrington" Anna Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Nathan Williams Green) 
8 N. Ashland st. Worcester 

teacher Bellows Falls Vt. high sch. 95-98, 
(Eng.) Worcester high sch. 98-01; m. 16 
. Mr 01 ; ch. Thomas Dudley b. 18 Mr 02, 
John Harrington b. 30 Ap 06 

Hawkes Edith May b.l. 

46 Forest park av. Springfield 
private tutor 95-97; sec. Springfield high 
ich. 97— 

Hazen Annah Putnam b.l. 

68 Washington sq. New York 
M.S. 97 Dartmouth; student (biol.) Dart- 
mouth 95-96, Bryn Mawr 97-99, Woods 
Hole Mass; fellow (V)iol.) Bryn Mawr 98- 
99; teacher (science) Quincy 111. 96-97, 
Plymouth N. H. state normal sch. 99-00, 
asst. (zoology) Smith 00-03, (biol.) Wad- 
leigh high sch. New York 03-09, Eastern 
district high sch. 09 — 

Heald Lucy Daisy b.a. 

15 Wendell st. Cambridge 

M.A. 98 Columbia; teacher Bellows Falls 
Vt. high sch, Springfield Mass. high sch, 
Brookline granimar sch, Mt Holyoke, 
Cambridge evening sch. 

Hinckley Mercy Adeline b.a. 
38 Warren av. Wobum 
teacher (mod. hist, Eng. lit, Greek, Greek 
hist.) Wobum high sch. 98-05 

Hinckley Rose b.a. 

54 Prospect st. Northampton^ 

student Smith 95-02 

H olden Eleanor Gilbert b.a. (Mrs 
Joseph Ingelfinger) 
Hohestr. 38 Dresden Germany f 
m. D 07 

Howes Alice Derfla b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam French Collins) 
107 Park st. East Orange N. J. 

Pd.B. 96 N. Y. state normal col; student 
N. Y. state normal col. 95-96; teacher 
(Eng.) Utica N. Y. free acad. 96-Ap 00; 
literary editor Utica Observer F 02 — , edi- 
tor home page Newark Evening News Mr 
08 — ; m. 22 My 00; ch. William Howes 
b. 27 Ap 08 

Humphrey Martha King b.a. 

Rowland hall Salt Lake City 
teacher (math.) Salt Lake City 95 — 

Hunt Sara b.a. (Mrs Albert Lucien 
181 Walnut st. Manchester N. H. 

teacher (Eng, math, German) Manchester 
high sch. 95-04; m. 28 F 05; ch. Elizabeth 
Louise b. 12 D 06, Mary Hunt b. 24 Mr 08 

Hurd Mabel b.l. (Mrs Allan Herbert 
Glenshaw, Allegheny co. Pa. 

Ph.D. 02 Columbia; student (sociology, 
political economy, hist.) Columbia 96-01; 
teacher (hist, Eng.) Cortland N. Y. state 
normal sch. 95-96, (Eng, sociology) Dr 
Sachs' sch. for girls New York 00-01; lec- 
turer (sociology) Brooklyn inst. of arts and 
sciences 99-01, Woman's municipal league. 
New York 99-01; m. 21 D 01; ch. Hurd 
Curtiss b. 1 Ja 03, Edward Francis b. 1 Jl 
04, Merrill Hosmer b. 27 N 05 

Hurlbut Elizabeth Judson b.a. 

1554 Dearborn av. Chicago 111. 
teacher Chicago 95-02 




Hyde Margaret Ellen b.a. 

364 St Paul's av. Tompkinsville 
N. Y. 

student (pedagogy) Cortland N. Y. state 
normal sch. 97-98; teacher Rockville Ct. 
high sch. 95-97, Goshen N. Y. high sch. 
98-99, pub. sch. Morristown N. J. 99-03, 
New York 03— 

♦lies Constance Hurford b.l. 
d. 15 Mr 03 Clifton Springs N. Y. 

Inman" Edith Loraine b.l. 
7 Pak St. Worcester 

Jackson Mary Craig-Essie b.a. 

4 Elmwood terrace Swampscott 
substitute teacher Salem and Swampscott 
Sch. and private tutor 95-00, teacher private 
sch. 00-05 

Kendall Lydia Williams b.a. (Mrs 


Willi amsyille Vt. 

student (institution management) Amer. 
sch. of home economics Chicago 09; 
teacher (Greek, Latin) Lasell sem. Norfolk 
Va. 95, teacher and tutor Boston 97-98, 
tutor Bristol R, I. 04-05; housekeeper 
Stamford Ct. 06, Elizabeth Peabody house 
Boston 07-08 ; sec. Edinburgh Scotland 06- 
07, Burlington Vt. 09, Allston Mass. 09-10; 
m. 1 Je 99 (Frederick A. Foster) ; ch. Ken- 
dall Wilson b. 31 Mr 00 

Kinsley Maud b.a. (Mrs Edwin 
Leigh Findley) 
7108 Hough av. Cleveland O. 

teacher Wilford sch. Baltimore Md. 95-97, 
Lawrence N. Y. sch. 97-99, De Lancey sch. 
for girls Geneva N. Y. fall of 99, Chestnut 
Hill Mass. sch. 01-02; m. 20 Ag 02; ch. 
Winthrop Leigh b. 18 My 06 d. 25 D 09 

Kinsman Rebecca Nichols b.l. (Mrs 
Frederick C. Munroe) 
6 Carpenter st. Salem 
student (Eng.) Radcliffe 95-96; teacher 

Erivate sch. Portsmouth N. H. 97-98, Salem 
igh sch. 98-00, Miss Winsor's private sch. 
Boston 00-05; m. 11 Jl 05; ch. Mary Kins- 
man b. 11 Ap07 

Kitchel Anna Sheldon b.a. (Mrs 
John Archibald Bole) 
39 Elmhurst av. Elnihurst Long 
Island N. Y. 

student (German lit.) Victoria Lyceum, 
Berlin 97-98, (educ.) Cornell summer of 00; 
asst (German) Athol Mass. high sch. 95-97, 
Eastern district high sch. Brooklyn 99-05; 
m. 6 Jl 05; ch. John Archibald jr b. 06, 
James Renwick b. 07, Albert Cleaver b. 08 

Lambert Helen Margaret b.l. 
283 Pawtucket st. Lowell 

teacher (physics) Rogers hall Lowell 96-97, 
(chem.) high sch. 97-10; mem. N.E.A. 

LaMonte Helen Dean b.l. 
Westover Middlebury Ct.f 

teacher Grand Rapids Mich. 95-96, St 
Margaret's sch. Waterbury Ct. 96-05 

Lang Edna Frances b.a. (Mrs Arthur 
Ernest Hale) Bradford Vt. 

asst Lisbon N. H. high sch. 92-93. Hard- 
wick Mass. high sch. 95-99; m. 28 Je 99; 
ch. Robert Lang b. 13 Ja 02, Henry Hol- 
brook b. 7 F 03, Lawrence Southard b. 2 
Ap 08 

Lathrop" Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Morris Golden jr) 
99 Park st. East Orange N. J. 

teacher (Latin, hist.) Norwich N. Y. high 
sch. 96-99, Christ church sch. South Ambov 
N. J. 99-00, New York high sch. 00-04; m. 
O 04 

Lennon** Alice Louise b.l. 
Brockport N. Y. 
student (biol.) Cornell 00-01; teacher 
(science) Brockport state normal sch. 96-04, 
educ. director Harlem Y. W. C. A. New 
York 04-10 

Lewis Elizabeth Dike b.l. (Mrs Clive 


44 Highland st. New Haven Ct. 
M.A. 98; student (French lit, hist.) Sor- 
bonne, Paris 95-96, (hist.) Columbia 01-02 ; 
asst (Eng.) Smith 98-99, teacher (French 
hist.) Brearley sch. New York 01-02; lec- 
turer (mod. European political hist.) PoHti- 
cal science club New York 03; m. 30 Je 04; 
ch. Margaret b. 5 O 05, Sibyl b. 14 Mr 08 d. 
18 Mr 08, Ellen b. 5 S 09; mem. A.C.A. 

Lewis Katherine b.a. (Mrs Lyman 

Richard Bradley) 

436 Asylum st. Hartford Ct. 
student (Latin, Eng. lit.) Cornell 96-97; 
teacher 95-96; m. 1 D 97; ch. Lyman 
Richard jr b. 20 O 98, William Lewis b. 25 
Mr 07, Margaret Elizabeth b. 20 Ap 09 

Lewis Mary Pratt b.l. 
Collinsville Ct. 

teacher private sch. Cornwall Ct. 96, 
Beacon sch. Hartford 96-05, Collinsville 
high sch. 05-10 

Long Margaret b.a. 

1434 Glenarm st. Denver Col. 
M.D. 03 Johns Hopkins; exteme N. Y. 
infirmary for women and children 03-04, 

Loomis** Medora Eva b.a. (Mrs 
Patrick A. Ray) 
3603 Broadway New Yorkf 

student (French lit.) New York univ. 99-00, 
Les Mivounier NeuiUy sur Seine prfes Paris 
95-96; teacher (French) Waltham Mass. 
96-97, East Orange N. J. 97-00, Hartford 
Ct. 00-01, New York 01-05; m. 19 Jl 05 

Lord Florence b.l. (Mrs Landreth 
Hezekiah King) 
323 W. 90th St. New York 

vicepres. Smith alum, assn 07-09; m. 9 
N 99; ch. Helen b. 22 F 03, Ruth Rodney 
b. 19 D 06; mem. A.C.A. 




Lowell Annette Marion b.a. (Mrs 
Ashley Horace Thorndike) 
c/o (Columbia univ. New York 
m. 21 Je 99; ch. Marian Lowell b. 1 Je 01, 
Edward Lowell b. 31 My 04 d. 10 Je 04, 
Eleanor b. 9 Ja 06 d. 19 Ja 07, Ashley b. 
16 Jl 09 

McKinney Ida Ethelyn b.l. 

190 N. Perry st. TitusvillelPa. 

Madison Augusta'^Morris b.s. (Mrs 
William Franklin Keim) 
25 Roseville av. Newark N. J. 

M.D. 99 Women's med. col. of N. Y. in- 
finnary; student 95-99; interne N. E. hos- 
pital for women and children Boston 99-00, 
physician Newark N. J. 00 — ; m. 25 N 03; 
ch. Dorothy Madbon b. 6 O 04, Mary 
Evelyn b. 19 Ag 06, William Franklin jr 
b. 5 Mr 10 

Mann Elizabeth Ellen b.a. 
12 Prospect st. Florence? 

student Teachers col. 95-96, Columbia lib. 
99-00; teacher high sch. Plainfield N. J. 
97, Lakewood 97-98, Rutherford 98-99; 
cataloger Columbia lib. 00-05, reference libn 
05-07, head cataloger Smith 07 — mem. 

Mann Kristine b.a. 

251 W. 100th St. New York 

M.A. 01 Univ. of Mich; student Harvard 
summer sch. 98, Berlin imiv. 99, (philos, 
Eng.) Univ. of Mich. 00-01, Columbia 05-06, 
(med.) Cornell 09-10; asst editor 96-98, 
teacher (science) Dearborn-Morgan sch. 
Orange N. J. 98-99, (Eng.) Willard sch. 
Berlin 99-00, asst Univ. of Mich. 00-01, 
instructor Vassar 01-05, Brearley sch. New 
York 07-09 

Mark Pauline b.l. 
Herkimer N. Y.t 

Marsh Sara Brayton b.a. (Mrs John 


164 W. Harter st. Germantown 

student (German, political econ.) Berlin 
95-97; settlement worker New York 97-99; 
m. 27 S 00; ch. John BraytonSb.,14 Myi08 

Martin Alice Lorinde b.a. 

St Louis av. Clayton Mo. , 
teacher Miss Low's sch. Stamford Ct. 95-96, 
Mary inst. St Louis 96-07, private teacher 
(physical culture, dancing) 

Melcher Mary Merwin b.l. 

Library of Congress Washington 
D. C. 
student Pratt inst. lib. sch. 96-97 ; cataloger 
N. Y. soc. lib. 97-00, Lib. of Congress 00—; 
' mem. A.L.A. 

Melius** Pauline Charlotte b.a. 

162 Fort Pleasant av. Springfield 
teacher (classics, math.) high sch. East 
Bridgewater Mass. 95-96, Abmgton 96-01, 
Springfield 01-02, Pahuer 06-10; private 
tutor 02-06 

Moore Anna Lewis b.a. 
M.A. 00 Columbia; student (hist.) C!olimi- 
bia 99-00; teacher (hist.) private sch. Great 
Barrington Mass. 95-97, Framingham high 
sch. 97-04, State normal sch. 04-10; mem. 
Amer. hist. soc. 

Mott Edith Stewart b.l. (Mrs Her- 
bert E. Davis) 
21 Hillcrest road Glen Ridge N. J. 

m. 9 Ja 00 ; ch. Dorothy b. 23 O 00, Stewart 
Mott b. 22 F 05 

Nichols Eleanor Hunnewell b.l. (Mrs 
Henry Orlando Marcy jr) 
140 Sargent st. Newton 

sec. Smith afiun. assn 00-N 01 ; m. 15 My 09 

Ormsbee Caroline WyckofiF b.l. 
Brandon Vt. 

student (German, art) Dresden 96, (music) 
Boston 01, 02, Dr Weir Mitchell's sch. of 
massage, Orthopaedic hospital Philadelphia 
05, (nursing) Mary Fletcher hospital Burl- 
ington Vt. 08, Amer. sch. of home science 
Chicago 10; private teacher (German) 98 

O'Toole" Sarah Lauretta b.l. 

Paine Mabel Antoinette b.a. 

316 Fairview av. Chicopee 

cert. 01 (Latin) Harvard summer sch; 
asst (French, Greek, Latin) West Spring- 
field Mass. high sch. 95-99, Chicopee hign 
sch. 99-05 

Paret Anna Elizabeth b.s. (Mrs 
Bradley Moore Davis) 
c/o Mr William G. Paret 
364 Church lane Germantown Pa. 
teacher Miss Hills' sch. for girls Philadel- 
phia 95-04, 05-08 ; m. 22 S 08 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Parsons Clara Burt b.a. 

College pi. Williamstown 
Parsons" Susan Morse b.a. 

79 Mt Pleasant av. Gloucester 

teacher high sch. Gloucester 95-96, Marble- 
head 96-97, Peabody 97-99, Framingham 
99-04, Watertown 04-10 

Paun»> Isabella Frances b.a. (Mrs 
Harland Holmes Ryder) 

m. 19 Ag 96 ; ch. Wilson Coombs b. 24 O 02, 
Margaret Holmes b. 1 Je 07 

Peck»» Theona Clare [Claire] b.a. 
(Mrs William Johnson Harris) 
118 Elm St. Montclair N. J. 
grad. (art) 96; student (art) Smith 95-97, 
Art students league New York 97-98; 
teacher (art) Capen sch. 98-03; illustrator: 
m. 24 S 03 
Pratt Elsie Seelye b.l. 

1434 Glenarm st. Denver Col. 

M.D. 04 Univ. of Mich; student Univ. of 
Mich. 99-00, 01-04; teacher Pueblo Col. 
high sch. 95-99, Kalamazoo Mich, high sch. 
00-01 ; interne N. E. hospital Boston 04-05, 
asst (histology, embryology) Denver and 
Gross col. of med. 09-10; phvsician 06 — ; 
mem. A.C.A, Amer. med. assn 




Prentice** Adelle Emarette b.a. (Mrs 

Harry Northup Dean) 

Dalton Pa. 
m. 30 D 96 ; ch. Prentice Northup b. 28 N 
97, George Edgar b. 17 N 00 

Preston Adelaide Belle b.l. 
Ivy hall Bridgeton N. J. 
teacher Morgan sch. Portsmouth N. H. 
95-96, Hillman col. Clinton Miss. 96-99. 
Leache Wood sem. Norfolk Va. 00-05, St 
Katharine's sch. Davenport la. 05-09, Ivy 
hall Bridgeton 09 — 

Puffer Laura Dana b.a. (Mrs Ray- 
mond Beveridge Morgan) 
41 B St. N. W. Washington D. C. 

M.A. 99 Radcliffe; student (math, music) 
Radcliffe 98-00, 04-05, (math.) Univ. of 
Neb. 02-03, RadcUffe alum, scholar 99-00, 
Univ. of Neb. teaching fellow 02-03 ; teacher 
Brookline Mass. pub. sch. 95-96, North- 
ampton high sch. Ap 97-98, Miss Barstow'a 
sch. Kansas City Mo. 00-02, instructor 
(math.) Univ. of Neb. 03-07; m. 4 Ap 08 

Raynolds** Kate Saxton b.a. (Mrs 

Dudley Stuart Dean) Cohasset 

m. 12 D 01 ; ch. Joshua Raynolds b. 2 Je 05, 

Daniel Evans b. 18 S 06, Barbara b. 7 Mr 09 

Reed Dorothy Mabel b.l. (Mrs 
Charles Elwood Mendenhall) 
23 Mendota court Madison Wis.f 

M.D. 00 Johns Hopkins; student (chem, 
physics) Mass. inst. of tech. 95-96, fellow 
(pathology) Johns Hopkins 01-02 ; resident 
house physician Johns Hopkins 00-01, house 
physician N. J. infirmary for women and 
children 02, resident physician Babies' hos- 
pital New York 03-05; m. 14 F 06 

Richards Alice Maud b.l. 

Gardiner Me. 
asst teacher Gardiner high sch. 97 — , 
teacher Camp Merryweather, North Bel- 
grade summers 00 — 
Richards Jean Marie b.l. 

Winchell hall Syracuse university 

Syracuse N. Y.f 
student Syracuse univ. 95-97 ; teacher Syra- 
cuse univ. 95-03, professor (Eng.) 03-05 

Royer» AUou Whitfield b.a. (Mrs 
William Thompson) 
1221 Lincoln av. Denver Col. 

m. 1 N 99; ch. Henry Royer b. 6 S 04 
Schleier Emma Gertrude b.l. 
Briarcliff Manor N. Y. 
student (Eng.) Columbia 97-98, N. Y. univ. 
97-98 (one term), music student; teacher 
Englewood N. J. 96-97 

Shaver Ella Schuyler b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Bowler Phelps) 
1030 Madison av. Albany N. Y. 
teacher Middleburg N. Y. high sch. 95-97; 
m. 8 Ap 01 ; ch. Eleanor Blanche b. and d. 
19 F 02, Alice Louise and William Bowler 
jr b. 31 Ag 05, Charles Henry b. 12 N 07 

Simonds Gertrude Estelle b.l. 

42 North av. Haverhill 

teacher Haverhill high sch. 07-10 

Smith Cora Amelia b.a. 
947 W. 8th St. Erie Pa. 

student (zoology, chem.) Chicago univ. 97- 
98; teacher Springfield Mass. high sch. 
95-97, Erie high sch. 98 — ; mem. Amer. 
nature study soc. 

Smith" Edna Cuyler b.s. (Mrs Hugh 
J. O'Brien) 

710 German Insurance bldg Roch- 
ester N. Y.t 
m. 15 Jl 03; ch. John Cuyler b. 24 J104 
Smith Iva Valeria b.a. (Mrs Joseph 
Henry Fairbrook) 
1859 Chatauqua blvd university 
park Portland Ore. 
teacher Marblehead Mass. high sch. My-Je 
96, Millbury high sch. 96-98, private teacher 
(piano) Worcester 99-Mr 08; m. 2 My 08: 
ch. Warren Seelye b. 19 D 09 

Smith** Nellie Gertrude b.a. 

664 Worthington st. Springfield 

teacher Hazardville Ct, Springfield, South 
Hadley, Thompsonville Ct. 

Smyth** Mary Winslow b.l. 

New Haven Ct.J 
M.A. 05; student (Eng.) Yale 03-06 
Spalter" Florence May b.l. 

Keene N. H.J 

teacher (Eng.) Keene high sch. 95-05 

Spann Anna Hester b.a. 

952 N. Delaware st. Indianapolis 

Sprague« Ina Mabel b.a. (Mrs Freder- 
ick John Nelson) 
414 Millbury av. Worcester 

teacher Webster Mass. high sch. 95-98, 

Worcester Eng. high sch. 98-99; m. 14 D 

"" ' lussellg* " " ~' - 

. „ b. 1 

I ; ch. Russell Sprague b. 26 My 01, Gladys 
Sprague b. 12 P 03, Forrest Sprague b. 

Stone Mary Chandler b.l. 
9 Catherine st. Worcester 

teacher Tazewell Va. 95-Ja 96, Templeton 
Mass. Ap 98-99, New York Mr-S 00, 
Shrewsbury Mass. 01-07, Ponce Porto Rico 

Swett Carolyn Patten b.l. 
345 W. 70th St. New York 

student (cryptogamic botany) Lowell 
teachers course Mass. inst. of tech, 00-01, 
(French) Radcliffe; teacher (biol.) Medford 
Mass. high sch. 95-Mr 03, Bryant high ech. 
New York Mr 03— 

Taintor Amey Talbot b.l. (Mrs 
Charles Eli Bronson) 
4050 Aspen st. Philadelphia Pa. 

M.A. 96 Columbia; student (Latin, hist, 
philol.) Columbia; private teacher; m. 23 
N 98; ch. Katharine Taintor b. 11 O 99, 
Margaret Talbot b. 5 Je 01, Charles Atwater 
b. 21 S 05, Talbot de Peyster b. 23 O 09 

♦Thorp" Mary Kenniston b.l. (Mrs 
Frederick H. Law) 
m. 30 Je 96; ch. John Thorp b. 23 Ag 98; 
d. 23 N 07 Brooklyn N. Y. 




Tower" Ruth Nichols b.a. 

158 Pleasant^st. South Weymouth 

student Amherst lib. sch. summer of 03; 
teacher Weymouth high sch. 95-97 ; mana- 
ger advertising dept Stetson shoe co. Wey- 
mouth 99-01; libn Fogg lib. South Wey- 
mouth 00 — ; mem. A.L.A. 

Tucker Alice Lester b.a. (Mrs Frank 
Haigh Dixon) 
Hanover N. H. 
teacher Hampton inst. Va. 96-98; m. 17 Ap 
00; ch. William Tucker b. 20 Ja 03, Caro- 
line Moorhouse b. 9 Ag 09 

Tucker Helen Augusta b.a. 
M.A. 07 Columbia; student (hist, sociol- 
ogy, social econonay) Columbia U5-07, New 
York sch. of philanthropy 05-06, fellow 
06-07; teacher Hampton mst. Va. 96-99, 
Cambridge Mass. 99, Brooklyn 00-02, 
Wilkesbarre Pa. 03-04; investigator U. S. 
bureau of labor 07-09 

Tyler Amelia Whiting b.a. 

44 Prospect st. Northampton 
student (lib. science) Clark univ. lib. 09-10 
Van Name Theodora b.a. 

121 High St. New Haven Ct. 
♦Vanderhoof Hattie [Harriet] Luella 

B.L. (Mrs Ernest Eldred Floyd) 

M.A. 97; student Smith 95-97; tutor (hist.) 
Smith 95-04, (German) 95-99, instructor 
private sch. Boston 99-01; m. 24 Ja 00; 
d. 17 O 09 

Ward Frances Hibbard b.l. (Mrs 
Henry Ewing Hale) 
770 West End av. New York 

teacher Univ. sch. for girls Chicago 97-98; 
m. 13 S 00; ch. Mary Folsom b. 18 Mr 02, 
Henry Ewing 3d b. 12 O 06, Anna Williams 
b. 3 Mr 09 

Warner Bessie Sarah b.a. 

38 Congdon st. Providence R. I. 

M.A. 03 Brown; student (educ, psych, 
Eng, Latin) Brown 96-97, 00-01, 02-03; 
teacher Providence classical high sch. 96-98, 
(Latin) Hope st. high sch. 98 — ; mem. 

Warren Ruth Annette b.a. 

234 Longmeadow st. Springfield 

M.A. 00 Columbia; student (Latin, Greek, 
archaeol.) Columbia 98-00; teacher West 
Bridgewater Mass. 96-97, 98-99, Finch sch. 
New York 01-03, Nat. cathedral sch. Wash- 
ington D. C. 03-06, St Margaret's sch. 
Buffalo N. Y. 06-09 

Washburn Emily b.a. (Mrs Alvin 

Warren Bancroft) 

23 Elm St. Gardner 
teacher Gardner high sch. 96-01 ; m. 21 Ag 
00; ch. Raymond Washburn b. 13 O 01, 
Pilchard b. 22 O 05 

Webber Charlotte b.a. (Mrs Clinton 

Edward Bell) 

13 Avon pi. Springfield 
teacher (Eng.J Rye N. Y. sem. 96-99; m. 
14 F 00; ch. Lucie McMillan b. 7 D 01 

Wells Marguerite Milton b.l. 

230 Oak Grove st. Minneapolis 


Wheeler Alice Mann b.l. (Mrs Amos 
Peck Hawley) 

10 Ridgewood pi. Springfield 
m. 11 N 02 

Whittington Amy b.l. (Mrs George 
Mahon Eggleston) 
c/o Coleman & Whittington 
31 State St. Boston 
m. 3 N 96 

Wilder Constance Perley b.a. 
53 Fairmont av. Newton 
M.A. 01 Radcliffe; student (philos.) Rad- 
cliffe 96-97, 00-01; mem. A.C.A. 

Wilkin Josephine Dunlap b.a. 
Fayetteville N. Y. 

student (math.) New York univ. 97, Har- 
vard summer sch. 02; teacher Miss Dana's 
sch. Morristown N. J. 95-96, (math.) 
Jamaica high sch. New York 96 — 

Williams Mary Louise b.l. 

1216 Hinman av. Evanston 111. 

student (hist.) Northwestern univ. 03-04; 
teacher (math.) high sch. Evanston 95-96, 
97-98, Hudson Wis. 98-01, Winona Minn. 
Ja. 01-02, instructor (hist.) Northwestern 
acad. Evanston 03-04, Eau Claire Wis. high 
sch. 05— 

Williston Constance Bigelow b.l. 
15 Berkeley st. Cambridge 
student (Latin) Radcliffe 96-97; teacher 
(science, math.) Townsend Mass. high sch. 
95-96, Berkeley sch. Cambridge Mr 96-05, 
prin. 05 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Wilson Martha b.l. 

1450 Dearborn av. Chicago 111. 
mem. A.C.A. 

Witham Rose Adelaide b.a. 

15 Westport av. Kansas City Mo. 

student (Eng.) Radcliffe 96-98, Brown 01- 
02; teacher (Eng.) Fitchburg Mass. high 
sch. 95-96, Somerville Latin sch. 96-01, 
Providence R. I. classical sch. 01-05; asst 
editor Educ. dept Houghton Mifflin & co. 
Boston 05-07; assoc. prin. Miss Barstow's 
sch. Kansas City 07 — 

Wolcott" Grace Comins b.a. (Mrs 
Francis Wright Duryea) 
38 W. 11th St. New York 

m. 27 Je 95; ch. Wright b. 14 F 96, Wolcott 

b. 3 Jl 97 d. 24 My 00 

Woodberry Laura Goodwin b.s. 
28 Bartlett st. Beverly 

teacher Boston 97-00; worker in office of 
associated charities Boston 00-03, registrar 

Wright Martha Leola b.a. 

144 South St. Northampton 
asst Ware Mass. high sch. 95-00, (hist.) 
Northampton high sch. 02 — 




♦Wuichet" Frances b.l. (Mrs Milton 
H. Mathews) 
instructor (science) Dayton high sch. 95-07 ; 
m- 26 Je 07 ; (L 16 N 07 Dayton O. 

Total lo4-*G 


Abbott Helen Louise b.a. 

258 Main st. Kasthampton 
teacher Douglass sem. Waterford Me. 96-97, 
tutor (French) Smith 97-Mr 98. teacher 
high sch. Montague Mass. Mr 98-03, Barre 
Vt. S-N 03, Rye N. Y. N 03-05, Burnham 
sch. Northampton 05 — 

Adams Isabel Fay b.a. (Mrs Frank 
Stanton Deland) 
31 Lakeville pi. Jamaica Plain 

m. 27 Ap 04; ch. Eleanor Cochran b. 12 F 
06, Rachel Kenilworth b. 20 O 09 

Bacon Mabel Ginevra b.a. (Mrs 
Philip Franklin Ripley) 
7 Abbott St. Andover 

student (music) Smith 96-98; teacher Smith 

acad. Hatfield Mass. 96-99, Abbott acad. 

Andover 99-03; m. 28 O 03; ch. Susan 

Bacon b. 31 My 09 
Baker Marian Towne b.a. (Mrs 
Walter Lloyd) 
1 Walden pi. Montclair N. J.J 

student Columbia 01-02 ; m. 23 O 02 ; ch. 

Herbert Marshall 2d b. 26 My 04 
Ballou Catherine [Katharine] Wal- 
lace b.a. 
21 Pleasant st. Clinton 

student (Eng, chem, pedagogy) Radcliffe 

96-97; teacher (Eng, Greek) Clint(m high 

sch. 00 — 

Barlow Alpha Winifred b.s. 

89 Bristol st. New Haven Ct. 
student (Biblical lit.) Yale 07-08, 09—; 
teacher (Eng.) Williams memorial inst. 
New London Ct. 96-98, 00-02, (botany) 
Norwich free acad. Ap-Je 00, New Haven 
high sch. 02-04; mem. A.C.A. 
Bartlett^ Isabella Hunter b.l. (Mrs 
George Tracy Bunker) 
108 Waiola av. La Grange 111. 
teacher (Eng.) 99-02; m. 17 D 02; ch. 
George Tracy jr b. 7 My 04, Isabella Blanche 
b. 26 Je 08 

Bartlett^ Lucy Pierce b.a. (Mrs 
William Lorison Walsh) 

student Clark univ. summer sch. 99; asst 
North Brookfield high sch. 97-01, asst prin. 
and special teacher (Eng. hist.) Chestnut st. 
grammar sch. Snringfield Mass. 02-06; m. 
14 F 07; ch. Daniel Higgins b. and d. 10 
Ap 08, Warren Bartlett b. 21 D 09 
Bates Clara Whitmore b.l. (Mrs 

Howard Clarke) 

17 Ridgeview av. White Plains 

N. Y. 

m. 10 F 98; ch. Muriel Whitmore b. 5 Ja 
00, twins d. in infancy, Norman Rhoades 
b. 1 D 03 

Betts Emily Julia b.l. (Mrs Horace 
Arthur Loomis) 

1263 Pacific st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
m. 3 F 04 (husband d. 30 Je 08) 
Bigelow Lucy May b.a. Amherst 

teacher Mrs Stearns' sch. for girls Amherst 

Blackinton Alice Anna b.l. 

69 High St. North Attleboro 
*Blair** Alice Amelia b.l. (Mrs 

Morris Bradley Butler) 
d. D09 

Boone Charlotte Keach b.l. (Mrs 
Louis Palmer Slade) 
122 Grape st. Chicopee 

asst prin. Borden sch. Fall River Mass. 
96-00; m. 2 Ap 01 ; ch. Virginia b. 13 F 03, 
Benjamin b. 11 Ap 05, John Milton b. 17 

xMy 07 

Branch Caroline Ferre b.a. (Mrs 
Edward PhiHp Massonneau) 
48 Meadow st. Florence 
teacher (Eng.) New York 96-98; managing 
housekeeper Dickinson hospital Northamp- 
ton 05-07 ; m. 27 S 98 (husband d. 13 O 04) ; 
ch. Carol Branch b. 9 Ja 03 

Brewster Caroline Williams b.a. 
18 Sotith St. Northampton 

student (science) Columbia 05-07; teacher 
Louisville Ky. 96-97, Las Vegas N. M. 97- 
00, Allegheny Pa. 00-02; computer (astron. 
dept) Columbia 02-05; teacher MacDuflSe 
sch. Springfield 07 — 

Burnham Clara Avery b.l. 

2117 Independence blvd Kansas 

City Mo. 
director Y. W. C. A. Kansas City 07—, 
vicepres. 07-09; mem. A.C.A. 

Burns Janet Mary b.l. 

442 Summit av. St Paul Minn. 

student Chicago kindergarten col. 97-00; 
kindergartner private sch. St Paul 02-07, 
teacher (music) 05-10; mem. A.C.A. 

Bush Eleanor Howard b.l. (Mrs 

Robert Archey Woods) 

16 Bond St. Boston 
student (economics) Radclifife, (economics, 
hist,) Columbia; district sec. Associated 
chanties Boston 97-01, settlement worker 
South End house 02—; m. 18 S 02 

Butler Frances Isabel b.l. 

c/o W. S. James, 60 Glenwood av. 

East Orange N. J. 
substitute teacher Brooklyn N. Y. girls 
high sch. 97-98 

Calef Mabel Stanley b.a. (Mrs Charles 
Rollin Allen jr) 
Box 252 Barre Vt. 

student (French) Franco-English guild 
Paris 99-00; teacher Millis Mass. 97-98, 
Providence R. I. classical high sch. 00-02; 
m. 9 N 04; ch. Stanley Calef b. 28 S 05, 
Lucy Emma b. 11 Jl 07; mem. A.C.A. 




Campbell Sarah Ethel b.a. 
277 High St. Orange N. J. 
teacher private sch, Ja 97-99, 06-07, tutor 
00-06, 07-10 

Carpenter Mary Maude b.l. (Mrs 
William Dudley Murphy jr) 
1299 Hillcrest av. Pasadena Cal. 

m. 25 Ap 00; ch, Judson Carpenter b. 28 


Casler Lotta Alice b.a. 

246 W. Main st. Little Falls N. Y. 
student (Latin) Johns Hopkins 10 (^ yr); 
teacher (Latin, Greek) Little Falls high sen. 

Chase Marion Abbott b.l. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Henry Howard) 
243 Summer st. Maiden 
m. 27 O 97; ch. Frances Perley b. 11 My 03, 
Katharine Loring b. 9 D 08 

Childs Alice Louise b.l. 

9 Westland st. Worcester 

teacher Templeton Mass. high sch. 96-Mr 
98; asst regbtrar Smith 01-S 07; mem. 

Clark Flora Clapp b.a. (Mrs George 
Wesley Winchester) 
717 Walk hill st. Mattapan Boston 

teacher Maiden Mass. Ja 98-Je 99; m. 
28 S 99 ; ch. Barbara b. 27 Je 00 

Clark" Genevra Fuller b.a. 
teacher (Latin) Willard hall Danvers Mass. 
96-99, Palmer high sch. 99-01, 04— 

Coe Margaret Alice b.l. 
■^.^,, Durham N. H.J 

Collin Grace Lathrop b.l. 

2880 Broadway New Yorkf 

M.A. 99 Columbia 

Cook Eva Lendell b.a. (Mrs Mal- 
colm Day Rudd) Lakeville Ct. 

teacher Adams Mass. high sch. Ap 97-0 99, 
Lakeville O 99-03; m. 26 Ag 03; ch. 
Richard Malcolm b. 23 Mr 05, Roswell 
Hopkins b. 6 O 06, Alexander HoUey b. 
30 Mr 09 

Crane** Laura Vernon b.l. (Mrs 

Thomas Foljambe Burgess) 

Scarsdale Westchester co. N. Y. 

teacher private sch. St Louis Mo. 98-99; 

m. 7 Je 00 ; ch. Alexander Crane b. 10 Je 03, 

Thomas Foljambe jr b. 17 N 06 ' 

Curr" Anna Murray Yule b.l. (Mrs 
Roland Beavan Woodward) 
46 Vick park, av. B Rochester 
N. Y. 
m. 25 Ag 03; ch. Roland Beavan jr b. 24 
Js 05, Anne Murray b. 3 Ag 06, John 
Randolph b. 26 N 09 

Curtis Carlene Mabelle b.l. (Mrs 
John Ellsworth Blunt jr) 
1570 Ashland av. Evanston 111. 
m. 4 Je 98; ch. Curtis Ellsworth b. 3 F 99, 
John Ellsworth 3d b. 14 S 00, Carleton 
b. 27 Ag 05, Carlene Lucretia b. 14 My 

Curtiss Maude Somers b.l. 
407 Perry av. Peoria 111. 
student (Eng. comp.) Chicago univ. 99-00 

Cutter EUzabeth Reeve b.l. (Mrs 
Dwight Whitney Morrow) 
Englewood N. J. 

student (French, lit.) Sorbonne, Paris 99- 
00; teacher Miss Mittleberger's sch. Cleve- 
land O. 01-03; m. 16 Je 03; ch. Elisabeth 
Reeve b. 17 Mr 04, Anne Spencer b. 22 Je 
06, Dwight Whitney jr b. 28 N 08 

Daniels Lucy Adaline b.l. (Mrs Levi 

Stevens Doane) 

906 Grove st. Jacksonville 111. 
teacher (French) Jacksonville female acad. 
97-98; m. 20 Je 01; ch. Lucy Caroline b. 
5 My 06 

Day Alice Henrietta b.a. 

20 Summit st. Batavia N. Y.J 
LL.B. 01 Buffalo univ; attorney at law 

Day** Anna Barnes b.l. (Mrs Per Lee 


141 E. Main st. Massillon O. 
m. 27 S 00; ch. Katherine Day b. 21 S 01, 
Helen Zerbe b. 8 D 05, Anne Barnes b. 
26 S08 

Dike Alice Norton b.l. 

113 Hancock st. Auburndale 

student (physics) Harvard summer sch. 96, 
Mass. inst. of tech. 00-01, (domestic science) 
Sch. of housekeeping 00-01, Simmons col. 
01-02; teacher Exeter N. H. 96-00, Sch. of 
housekeeping Boston 01-02, (household 
economics) Simmons col. 02 — 

Duckworth Ellen Burrows b.a. (Mrs 
Edward Warren Trull) 
736 Andover road Lowell 

teacher (Eng.) Lowell high sch. 97-98; m. 
29 D 98; ch. Ellenor Thorndike b. 6 Je 07 

Dugan Edith May b.a. Montague 

student (French) Beirut Syria; teacher 
high sch. Brimfield Mass. 96-98, South Man- 
chester Ct. 98-00, Waltham Mass. 01-02, 
Salem 02-07, Chicopee 07— 

Durand Mabel Edna b.l. (Mrs Frank 

Woodworth Pine) 

911 High St. Pottstown Pa. 
m. Jl 01 ; ch. James Cone b. 18 My 04, Calin 
Durand b. 27 D 05, Harriet b. 15 Ja 09 

Duryea Sara Sefton b.l. (Mrs Charles 

Downer Hazen) 

164 Elm St. Northampton 
vicepres. Smith alum, assn JarJe 08; m. 
26 Je 01 : ch. Frances Duryea b. 4 N 02 
d. 5 N 02 




Dustin Litz b.l. (Mrs Aloney Lyman 
Rust) Brushton N. Y. 

teacher (Latin) Franklin acad. Malone 
N. Y. Ja 98-02; m. 19 O 04; ch. Phyllis b. 
3 Jl 06, Gordon Aloney b. 27 Ap 08 

Eaton Emma Florence b.a. 
328 Main st. WakefieldJ 

Ellis" Mary Elizabeth b.a. 
30 Dow St. Portland Me. 
private teacher 99-07, 09-10, teacher private 
sch. 07, high sch. 08 

Estabrook** Jane Dodge b.l. (Mrs 
Arthur Woolsey Ewell) 
90 Park av. Worcester 

Fassett" Anne Morrill b.l. 

c/o Capt. Fassett, War dept 
Washington D. C. 
teacher Nahant Mass. 96-97, private sch. 
Chicago 97-02^ Hamlin sch. San Francisco 
Cal. 03-05, private teacher Japan 06-07 

Foote Isabella South worth b.l. (Mrs 
Walter Samuel Pinkham) 
111 Warren av. WoUaston 
teacher Simsbury Ct. 96-97, Brookline 
Mass. 97-98, Woodward inst. Quincy 98-00; 
m. 16 Jl 00; ch. Marjorie b. 6 O 02, Alden 
Stone b. 1 S 03, Doris b. 13 Ag 04 

Foote Susan Emily b.l. (Mrs Gros- 

venor Hyde Backus) 

Beech road and Palisade av. 

Englewood N. J.f 
M.A. 04; student (economics, sociology, 
pedagogy) Columbia; college settlement 
worker; m. 30 Je 04 

Fowler Jeannette Elizabeth b.l. 

(Mrs Clarence James Geer) 

5663 Colombo st. Pittsburg Pa. 

teacher (Eng, German) Wayne Pa. high 

sch. 97-98; m. 19 O 98; ch. Janet Fowler 

b. 25 Mr 05 

Gay Florence Webster b.a. 
35 School St. Andover 
student (hist.) Harvard summer sch. 01; 
teacher Abbot acad. Andover Mass. 99-01, 
tutor 97— 

Gay" Laura Shepard b.s. 
Seneca Falls N. Y. 

teacher (math.) Athol Mass. 96-97, Medina 
N. Y. high sch. 99-02, Jamaica N. Y. state 
normal sch. 02-06, high sch. 06 — 

Giles** Mabel b.l. 

Chapman st. San Jos6 Cal.f 

Gilman Julia Ellen b.l. (Mrs Walter 
Haven Clark) 
38 Willard st. Hartford Ct. 

m. 26 Je 02; ch. Eleanor Mary b. 6 Mr 04 

Goodman Mary Alm6e b.l. 

834 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 

Hale Martha Davis b.s. (Mrs William 

Wright Harts) 

Linda Vista Nashville Tenn. 
student (Greek, Egyptian archaeol, medi- 
eval hist.) Chicago imiv. 96-98; m. 27 O 
98; ch. Mary Hale b. 8 D 99, Clement 
Bates EUery b. 31 Jl 04, WUliam Wright 
jr b. 22 Ap 06 

Hall Frances Shedd b.l. (Mrs Samuel 

160 Bank st. Burlington Vt. 
m. 19 Jl 98; ch. Samuel jr b. 4 Je 99, 
George Hall b. 19 My 01, Margaret b. 28 
Mr 03, Norman Fiske b. 10 My 07 

Hammond" Claire Forbes b.a. (Mrs 
Herbert Wilbur Rand) 

8 Avon pi. Cambridge 

teacher (science, Eng.) Detroit sem. 96-00; 
m. 27 D 00; ch. Henry Forbes b. 13 Je 02, 
Dorothy Garrison b. 7 F 04, Wilbur Brown- 
ing b. 15 D 04 d. Mr 05 

Hardy** Mary Rust b.s. (Mrs Henry 
H. Folsom) 

103 Central st. Somerville 
teacher (math.) Dover N. H. high sch. 
96-98; m. 7 S 98 

Hastings Alice Irene b.a. 

1 Wachusett st. Worcester 

private tutor 

Hawes Mary Corintha b.l. 

229 Winter st. Fall River 
Hazen" Mabel Gibson b.a. 
student Bridgewater Mass. normal sch. 
96-97; teacher (Latin, Greek) Newport 
N. H. high sch. 97-01, (Latin) Coshocton 
O. 01-05, Lee Mass. 06-10 

Herrick Bertha Frances b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick Merwin Lloyd) 
Peekskill N. Y. 

m. 6 Je 01 (husband d. 13 My 05) 

Hills Eva Louise b.a. (Mrs Lucius 

Root Eastman jr) 

359 Upper Mountain av. Upper 

Montclair N. J. 
M.A. 00 Radcliffe; student (philos, hist.) 
Radcliffe 98-00; tutor Brooklyn N. Y. 
96-F 98, Boston 01-Ja 02, teacher Riverside 
sch. New York 00-01; m. 14 Je 05; ch. 
Margaret Hills b. 30 Mr 07, John Hills b. 
30 Ja 10; mem. A.C.A. 

Hoisington Nancy Lyman b.l. 
Moores Pa. 

student Framingham Mass. normal sch. 96- 
97; teacher McLean sem. Simsbury Ct. 

Howe Edith Helen b.l. (Mrs Charles 
Watton Sawbridge) 

9 Hampstead Hill gardens, 
Hampstead, London N. W. Eng.t 

m. 16 Jl 03 

Humphrey Harriette Zephine b.l. 
Dor " 




Hutchings Alice Marie b.l. 

1519 N. Bouvier st. Philadel- 
phia Pa. 
M.A. 99 Cornell; student (Latin, mod. 
European hist.) Cornell 98-99; teacher 
(Latin) Detroit Mich. 96-98, Dansville N. Y. 
99-00, Philadelphia girls high sch. 00— 

Irons^ Helen Hathaway [Hatheway] 
B.L. Assonet 

student (lit.) Radcliffe 00-01 ; teacher high 
sch. Weymouth Mass. 96-99, Newton 03-05, 
Fall lliver 07-10 

Jackson Marietta Annie [Anne] b.a. 
20 Thames st. New London Ct. 
teacher (German, Greek) Williams memorial 
inst. New London 96 — 

Jenkins Caroline Augusta b.a. 
c/o Dr W. E. Blaine 
teacher 96-04, Staten Island acad. New 
Brighton N. Y. 04-05 

Jones Frances Eaton b.a. 

345 W. 70th St. New York 
teacher (Eng.) Fitchbiirg Mass. high sch. 
97-98, Medford Mass. high sch. 98-01, 
(Latin, Greek) Detroit Mich. sem. 01-03, 
(Eng.) Bryant high sch. New York 06 — 

Keller Maria Louise b.l. (Mrs Charles 
Arthur Horton) Belfast Me. 

m. 14 Ja 04; ch. Arthur Trowbridge b. 1 
D 04, Holten Wood b. 29 Mr 06 

Keyes Maria Augusta b.a. (Mrs 

Walter Mooers) 

9 Jason st. Arlington 
m. 29 O 96 
Kimball" Florence Blanche b.a. 

(Mrs Joseph Warren Phelan) 

60 Brooks st. West Medfordf 

student Boston normal sch. 96-97 ; teacher 
97-01; m. 11 Ag 00; ch. John Kimball b. 
19 My 02 
King Elizabeth b.l. 

c/o King & Dexter co. Portland 

Landers** Mabel Edward b.l. (Mrs 

John Mason Ross) 

Prescott Ariz, 
student (Eng, pedagogy) Univ. of Cal. 98- 
99; m. 27 F 04; ch, Hugh Landers b. 14 S 
06, Lydia Goodwin b. 26 Ap 08 

Learned Harriet Palmer b.l. (Mrs 

Albert Ernst Taussig) 

3519 Washington av. St Louis 

teacher private sch. St Louis 97-98, 00-01, 
02-03, Omaha Neb. 99-00; m. 15 Je 03; 
ch. Joseph Bondi b. 3 O 04, Barrett Learned 
b. 30 My 06, Lucelia Wakefield b. 7 S 08, 
Mary Cvmo b. 12 N 09; mem. A.C.A. 
Leeds Edith May b.a. (Mrs Arthur 

Hurd Bannon) 

Portsmouth O. 
m. 4 D 03 ; ch. Katharine b. 3 Ap 05 

Lillibridge Grace Rie b.a. (Mrs 
Waterman Spaulding Chapman 
79 Monmouth st. Springfield 

diploma 01 Alliance franfaise; student 
Alliance frangaise, Paris Jl-Ag 01, Sorbonne 
et College de France 01-02; teacher (Latin, 
French, German) Rockville Ct. high sch. 
96-98, (Latin, French) Springfield central 
high sch. 98-01, (French) 02-08; research 
worker (science) Iceland summer of 09, 10 ; 
m. 7 Jl 08; mem. Allismce franjaise 

Lloyd Anna Mary b.l. (Mrs William 
Brewster Hunt) 
Chai Kyung Korea 
m. 20 S 06; ch. Lloyd b. 11 Ag 07, Mar- 
garet Elizabeth b. 23 Je 09 

Lord Eliza Nelson b.a. (Mrs Charles 

Arthur Jaquith) 

Gates academy Neligh Neb. 
teacher high sch. Paterson N. J. 96-99, 
East Woodstock Ct. 99-02, South Windsor 
02-08, preceptress and teacher (Eng, 
normal training) Gates acad. 08 — ; m. 
3 J199 

Lyman Ethel b.a. 

42 High St. GreenfieldJ 

Lyman Grace Greenleaf b.a. 

18 Hamilton terrace New York 

M.A. 99; student (botany, zoology) Smith 
96-97, Woods Hole Mass. summer of 97; 
teacher Holyoke 98-99, Morris high sch. 
New York 99-04, Barnard sch. for giiis 
04-07, Training sch. for teachers 07-10 

McCalmont Constance Plumer b.l. 
(Mrs Herbert Sydney Humphrey) 
Kalamazoo Mich. J 
m. 21 Ap 97; ch. dau. b. 15 F 98, Margaret 
McCalmont b. 20 Mr 00 

McDonald" Clara Bird b.l. 

217 W. Armour blvd Kansas 
City Mo. 
mem. A.C.A. 

McDuffee Alice Louise b.l. 

1012 W. Main st. Kalamazoo 

M.A. 98 Kalamazoo; student (hist, lit.) 
Kalamazoo col. Empire dramatic sch. New 
York 07-08 ; dramatic reader 

McLeod Maude EHzabeth b.l. (Mrs 
Jonas Hastings Brooks) 
Bovnton av. St Johnsbury Vt. 
si McLeod b. 27 F 


ch. Samuel 


Manson Margaret b.a. (Mrs Harry 

CHfford Holcomb) 

31 Dwight St. New Haven Ct. 
m. 14 D 98 (husband d. 17 D 06); ch. 
Esther b. 25 S 00 d. 27 My 01, Sherman 
b. 22 Ag 02 




Marsh" Genevieve Lottie b.a. 

Technical high school Washington 
D. C. 

M.A. 04 Univ. of Neb; student (Anglo 
Saxon) Harvard summer sch. 98, scholar 
(Amer. hist.) Univ. of Neb. 02-04; teacher 
(Eng, hist.) Thornton acad. Saco Me. 96-02, 
(Eng, music) and chairman (Eng. dept) 
Lincoln Neb. high sch. 03-09, (Eng.) Mont- 
clair N. J. 09, (Eng, hist.) Technical high 
sch. Washington 10 — 

Marshall" Elisabeth Adamson b.a. 
(Mrs Clifton Howard Dwinnell) 
67 Berkeley st. West Newtonf 

m. 2 Je 02; ch. Sabina Adamson b. 11 Ag 
03, Clifton Howard b. 11 S 05, Marshall 
b. 27 S 07 

Mathison Clara Clifford Sherman b.a. 
(Mrs Arthur Jesse Skinner) 
The St James Springfield 

student (French) Paris and Switzerland 98: 

m. 29 My 00 

Minor Harriet May b.a. 

Deposit, Broome co. N. Y. 

teacher Susquehanna Pa. 96-97, Redbank 
N. J. high sch. 97-02, Naugatuck Ct. high 
sch. 04-10 

Mitchell" Charlotte Johnson b.l. 

(Mrs Frank Joseph Daniel) 

614 University av. Syracuse N. Y. 

teacher Syracuse high sch. 97-03; m. 27 

Je 03; ch. Cuthbert Francis b. 27 Ag 05, 

Maude Mitchell b. 26 Ja 09 

Mitchell" Mary Belle b.l. (Mrs Ralph 


426 Main st. Winchester 
m. 22 O 04; ch. Robert Mitchell b. 20 Ap 
07, Henry Mitchell b. 7 Ap 09 

Morey Charlotte Frances b.l. 

119 2d St. Troy N. Y. 
Myrick Hannah Glidden b.a. 

26 Sumner st. Dorchester 

M.D. 00 Johns Hopkins; student (med.) 
Johns Hopkins 96-00 ; interne N. E. hospi- 
tal for women and children 00-01, attending 
physician N. E. hospital, physician Dor- 
chester 04 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Nealley" Caroline Belle b.a. (Mrs 
Harry Miller) 
152 E. 92d St. New Yorkf 
O'Donnell" Sarah Catherine b.l. 

4004 Prairie av. Chicago IlLJ 
O'Neill Helen McFarlan b.l. 

3029 Queen lane Germantown Pa. 
student (zoology) Gottingen Jl-Ag 96, Frei- 
burg 96-F 98, Naples Mr-Ap 98; teacher 
(Gernian) Montclair high sch. 98-05, Phila- 
delphia 05 — 

Paine Lucy Theodora [Theodora 
Lucy] B.A. Troy Pa. 

student (art) Smith 91-92, 96-97, N. Y. 
training sch. for deaconesses 00-02 ; deacon- 
ess Christ church (episcopal) Cincinnati 02- 
05, miss'y Soochow China 05 — 

Paine" Mary Louise b.a (Mrs John 
Harold Gould) Wareham 

teacher North Wales Pa. 98, Van Norman 
inst. New York 00, private sch. Portland 
Me. 03; m. 27 S 04 

Parrish Mary Matilda b.a. 

Naples N. Y. 
teacher Naples N. Y. high sch. 96-97, Free- 
hold N. J. high sch. 99-00, private sch. Gor- 
ham N. Y. 08-09 

Perry Josephine b.l. (Mrs Elias 
Hull Porter) 
166 Vernon st. Worcester 

m. 6 Je 07; ch. Robert Day b. 17 O 08. 
Bertha b. 16 F 10 

Pierce" Alice Reeve b.a. 

243 Adelaide av. Providence R. I. 
M.A. 01 Brown; student CEng, French, 
German) Brown 00-01; teacher Fall River 
Mass. 96-97, Providence 97-99, Taunton 
Mass. 01-02, Greenfield 02-03, Mansfield 03- 
04, Braintree 04-06, Springfield 06-08, 
Passaic N. J. 08 — 

Poland" Mary Reed b.l. (Mrs Robert 


40 Griggs road Brookline 
m. 18 Je 01 ; ch. Josephine Poland b. 9 Je 
02, Robert jr b. 1 S 05 

Pope Georgia Washington b.l. (Mrs 
Henry B. Sawyer) 
26 Edgehill road Brookhne 

student (fine arts) Berlin univ. 96-97, (hist.) 

Sorbonne, Paris 97-98, (music) Europe; m. 

28 Ap 06; ch. Henry B. jr b. 16 Ap 07, 

Avery b. 24 N 09 

Post Mary Helen b.l. 

50 S. 6th St. San Jos6 Cal. 

student (Latin) Stanford 96-99, (Eng.) 99- 
00; teacher (Latin, Eng.) Washburn sch. 
San Jos^ 96-02, high sch. 02-08, head (Eng. 
dept) 08—; mem. A.C.A. 

Powell Amy Elmira b.a. (Mrs Charles 
H. J. Bliss) 

862 Gramercy pi. Los Angeles Cal. 
teacher 89-96; m. 31 D 96 

Read Elizabeth Fisher b.l. 

Swarthmore college Swarthmore 

M.A. 99 Columbia; student (Eng, German) 
Columbia 98-99, 00-01, University scholar 
(Eng. lang, and lit.) Univ. of Pa. 09-10; 
teacher Swarthmore col. 08 — 

Reed" Mabel Florence b.l. 
469 Highland av. Maiden 
student N. Y. state lib. sch. 96-97 ; cataloger 
Y. M. C. A. lib. New York 98-00, Mechanics' 
lib. 00-02; stenographer electrical testing 
lab ; indexer Stone & Webster Boston 06 — 

Richardson" Carrie Anna b.a. (Mrs 
Herman Babson) Lafayette Ind. 
m. 17 Je 97 




Roberts Ila Belle b.a. (Mrs Adolph 
Benedict Schneider) 
1794 Crawford road Cleveland O. 

student (music) Boston 96-00; teacher 
vocal music and choir singer Springfield 
Mass, Brooklyn N. Y. 98-06; m. 12 D 06 

Rockwell" Edith Antoinette b.l. 
281 Crown st. New Haven Ct. 
student (Eng.) Yale 99-01; teacher Sioux 
Falls S. D. 96-97, Wallingford Ct. 00-01, 
New York high sch. 06-10 

♦Rodman** Marv Mitchell b.l. 

d. 19 N 99 Waterbury Ct. 

Rogers Abby Mary b.l. (Mrs Alpheus 

John Goddard) 

Globe av. Freeport 111. 
m. 10 Je 97; ch. Katherine b. 16 O 00, 
John b. 19 Je 02 

Rose Alice Louisa [Louise] b.a. 
615 W. 144th St, New York 
asst Forbes lib. 98-Ag 03, New York pub. 
lib. Mr 04-05, branch libn Queensborough 
lib. Nelson branch 05-Ag 06, libn Dept of 
educ, bureau of pub. lectures Ag 06-F 08, 
indexer Pub. service com. F 08-Mr 09, libn 
Inst, of musical art circulating lib. Mr 09 — ; 
mem. A.L.A. 

Russel^ Elizabeth b.l. 

222 Park st. Jacksonville lU.t 

Sessions" Catherine Drummond b.l. 
teacher Gowanda N. Y. 96-97, Phillipsburg 
N. J. 98-02, Uxbridge 02-04 

Shaw" Elizabeth Emma b.a. 
1471 Beacon st. Brookline 
Ch.B. 04 Boston univ. sch. of med, M.D. 
05; student (med.) Vienna univ. hospital 
05-06; Miner fellow (bid.) Tufts 96-97; 
teacher Franklin Mass. high sch. 98. Miss 
Armstrong's sch. Cincinnati O. 99-01, in- 
structor (obstetrics) Boston univ. med. sch. 
09 — ; general med. practitioner Brookline 
07 — , mem. maternity dept staff Mass. 
homoeopathic hospital Boston 08 — 

Sibley Jennie Clare b.a. 

520 N. Franklin av. Austin, 
Chicago 111. 
teacher high sch. Lexington 111. 96-98, River 
Forest 98-99, Austin. Chicago 99-10 

Smith Amelia Dominique b.l. (Mrs 
Charles A. Ruggles) 
730 W. Broadway Butte Mon.f 

Smith Florence Van Duzer b.a. 
20 Hawthorn road Brookline 
student (lit.) Radcliffe 96-97 ; teacher Volk- 
mann private sch. Boston 01-06, Miss 
McClintock's sch. for girls 08-09, Miss Win- 
sor's sch. for girls 09-10; tutor 06-08 

Smith Frances Curtis b.a. 
Wallingford Ct.t 
teacher New Haven 96-97, (French) Mt 
Holyoke 97-99, Smith 99-00 

Smith** Katherine Henrietta b.l. 
612 Bryson st. Youngstown O. 
teacher (Latin) Rayen high sch. Yovmgs- 
town 08-10 

Smith Mary Louise b.l. 

Auburn hotel Mt Auburn, Cin- 
cinnati O.f 
student (Eng.) Harvard summer sch. 01; 
teacher Middletown N. Y. 96-97, South Ber- 
wick Me. 97-01, Marion Mass. 01-05 

Snow Caroline [Carolyn] Louise b.l. 
(Mrs Irving Seaward Merrell) 
524 W. Onondaga st. Syracuse 
N. Y. 

m. 4 Ja 99; ch. Seward Snow b. 7 N 99, 
Mary Antoinette b. 16 S 01, Harriet Powers 
b. 1 F06; mem. AC. A. 

Stewart Florence b.l. (Mrs Charles 
A. Anderson) 

64 S. Arlington av. East Orange 

m. 19 Ap 00; ch. Charles Stewart b. 2 Mr 
01 d. 10 S 01, Alan Stewart b. 5 N 02, 
Carolyn b. 23 F 06 d. 8 F 08, Margaret 
b. 3 Ag 07 

Stone Elisabeth Wolcott b.l. 
40 Allen pi. Hartford Ct. 
teacher (biol.) Hartford high sch. 96-10 

Storrs Mary Ballou b.a. (Mrs Adolph 
Ernest Ivershoff ) 
teacher Ware high sch. 98-00; m. 26 Ap 10 

Teasdale** Harriet Bramwell b.a. 

(Mrs Charles Ramsdell Lingley) 

15 E. Wheelock st. Hanover N. H. 

teacher West Tisbury Mass. 96-97, West- 

boro 98-99, Barre high sch. 99-05, Scranton 

Pa. 05-07; m. 29 Ag 07^ 

Terry Harriet Wads worth b.l. 
1 Temple court Knoxville Tenn. 

student (Greek, hist, German) Univ. of 
Tenn. 97-98, 04-05, (Anglo Saxon, Gothic) 
Smith 98-99; teacher Miss Croaier's sch. 
Knoxville 96-98, reader (Eng.) Smith 99-00, 
asst Smith 00-02, teacher (Eng.) Courtland 
sch. Bridgeport Ct. 02-03; etlitor Summer 
sch. of South press bureau Knoxville 03; 
clerk U. S. pension office Knoxville 07 — 

Thatcher Anna Susannah b.l. 

36 N. Arlington av. East Orange 

teacher private sch. Aurora 111. 96-98, 
instructor (French) Mt Holyoke 99-01, 
head (German dept) East Orange high sch. 

Thomas'* Marian Maria b.l. 

677 Washington st. Brookline 
teacher Brookline 99 — 

Thomdike" Carolyn Augusta b.l. 
112 Newbury st. Bostonf 




Ullrich Lena b.l. (Mrs Spencer 


1119 E. Monroe st. Bloomington 

teacher (algebra, physical geog.) Decatur 
111. high sch; m. 27 D 01; ch. Spencer ir 
b. 15 N 04 d. 29 N 04 

Van Hovenberg Katherine b.s. (Mrs 
Harold Winthrop Brown) 
38 Silver st. Dover N. H. 

teacher (math.) Eau Claire Wis. high sch. 

96-99; m. 15 Je 99 

Walker Edith Francis b.l. 

15 Chestnut st. New Bedford 

Warren Ethel Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Marcus Allen Coolidge) 
164 Blossom st. Fitchburg 

asst (biol.) Wells col. 96-98; m. 1 O 98; ch. 
Louise b. 28 My 01, Judith b. 18 Ja 04, 
Helen b. 7 F 06 

Washburn Sophia Clarke b.s. (Mrs 
Frank Elliot Bateman) 
163 Highland av. Somerville 
m. 10 Mr 97; ch. Lois K. b. 25 Ap 98, Leon 
W. b. 25 F 00, Sylvia b. 5 Je 02 
Watters" Theodora [Dorothy] b.a. 
435 W. 123d St. New York 
student N. Y. normal sch. of physical educ. 
02-04 ; teacher Washington Irving high sch. 
New York 
Webb Miriam Worrell b.l. 

1407 Rodney St. Wilmington Del. 

tutor 96-10 

Wheeler Edith Helen b.a. (Mrs 
Edward Pearson Ripley) 
M.A. 02 Radcliflfe; student (zoology, educ.) 
Radcliffe 01-02; teacher high sch. Weston 
96-98, Brockton Ja 99-01, Lynn 02-03 ; libn 
Arnold arboretum Jamaica Plain 03-D 04, 
cataloger Harvard lib. D 04- Jl 09; m. 4 Ag 
09; mem. A.C.A, N.E.A. 
Wheeler" Mary Abbie b.a. (Mrs 
John Edmonds Spencer) 
Harper av. Drexel Hill, Dela- 
ware CO. Pa. 

teacher Northbridge Mass. grammar sch. 
96-98, asst preceptress Friends' sch. Provi- 
dence R. I. 98-00, preceptress 00-05; m. 
30 Ag 05; ch. Edmonds Wheeler b. 27 

Williams Kate Mallory b.l. (Mrs 
Henry Perkins Moseley) 
South Pasadena Cal. 
m. 30 Je 03 
Wing Caroline Roberta b.a. 
412 State st. Bangor Me. 
Young Annie Horton b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Rogers Copeland) 
Guild road Dedham 
teacher Bellows sch. Portland Me. 96-98, 
Bellows sch. Boston 98-99; m. 10 O 99; 
ch. Elizabeth Abbot b. 6 Ap 08 

Total 149-*2 


Arnold Julia Isabel b.l. 
115 Park st. Braintree 
student (pedagogy) Brookline Mass. train- 
ing class 00, Simmons col. sch. for social 
workers 08; social extension agent Wom- 
en's educ. and industrial union Boston 05 — , 
registrar 06-07, asst director appointment 
bureau 08 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Atwater Helen Woodard b.l. 
Middletown Ct. 
editorial expert nutrition investigations 
U. S. dept of agric. office of experiment 
stations Middletown and Washington D. C. 
05-10 ; mem. Amer. assn of home economics 

Baldwin Belle Gertrude b.a. (Mrs 
Jay Robert McCoU) 
9 Gladstone av. Detroit Mich.f 

teacher Olivet col. 98-99; m. 3 Ja 00; ch. 
Jennette Baldwin b. 26 Je 04 

Baldwin Rachel b.l. 

501 N. 6th St. Burlington la. 

student (lib. science) Pratt inst. Brooklyn 
N. Y. 07-08; asst children's room Tomp- 
kins sq. branch New York pub. lib. Ag 08, 
Jl-S 09 

Barnard Lois Elizabeth b.l. (Mrs 
Thomas McElderry Vickers) 
212 Wayne st. Syracuse N. Y. 
m. 19 N 01; mem. A.C.A. 

Barrows Anne Ide b.l. (Mrs Walter 
Clark Seelye) 
66 William st. Worcester 
M.A. 00; student (zoology) Brown 97, 
Marine biol. lab. Woods Hole 98, Munich 
univ. 02, Stazione zoologica Naples 03, 
scholar of Assn for maintaining Amer. 
women's table. Zoological station, Naples 
Ja-Je 03; teacher (geog.) Miss Bowen's sch. 
Providence R. I. fall of 97, substitute asst 
(zoology) Smith F-Je 98, asst 99-02, in- 
structor 02- Ap 04, asst physiol. lab. Boston 
univ. med. sch. 98-99 ; trustee Bancroft sch. 
Worcester; m. 14 Je 04; ch. Arthur b. 27 
Ap 05, Edwin Barrows b. 22 F 07, Harriet 
Armington b. 28 My 08; mem. AC. A. 

Barrows Mary Eleanor b.a. (Mrs 
Frank Irwin) 

78 Alexander st. Princeton N. J. 
student (Eng.) Chicago univ. 98, (philos.) 
Oberlin col. 00-01, (Eng.) Yale 04-05; 
teacher Dearborn sem. Chicago 97-99, 
instructor (Eng.) Oberlin col. 01-05; m. 
20 N 05; ch. Eleanor b. 22 Ag 06, Mary 
b. and d. 29 Ag 07, John Henry b. 7 Jl 09, 
Charlotte Martin b. 15 Jl 10 

Bissell Mary Eleanor b.l. 
95 Ann st. Hartford Ct. 
mem. A.C.A. 

Blaikie LilHas Stone b.l. (Mrs Her- 
bert Lloyd Thomas) 
The Donaldson. Harrisburg Pa. 

teacher (math, Latin) Miss Brown's sch. 

New York 97-98, The Institute Columbia 

Tenn. 98-00, Harrisburg high sch. 00-10; 

m. 25 Je 10 




Blair^ Abbie [Abigail] Florence b.l. 
(Mrs Llewelyn Owen) 
138 High St. Peoria 111. 
teacher (Latin) Peoria high sch. 97-99, 
00-05; m. 31 O 05; ch. Richard Blair b. 10 
Je 07 d. 16 Je 07, David Blair b. 27 Jl 08 

*Blake« Edith b.a. 

d. 4 Ag 03 Long Lake N, Y. 

Blake« Lucy Edith b.a. 

650 Grove st. Newton Lower 

student (Greek, German) Harvard summer 
sch. 00, (French) 06, 09, (French, Eng.) 
Smith 03; teacher Sandwich Mass. 97-98, 
Jlonroe 98-00, prin. high sch. Bolton 00-02, 
Shirley 02-03, asst Chatham 03-04, Woods- 
ville N. H. 04-06, (mod. lang.) Sanborn sem, 
Kingston 06 — 

Bogue" Bertha b.l. (Mrs James 
Ewing Bennett) 

5333 Lexington av. Chicago 111. 
m. 8 Ap 03 

Bolster** May Morrill b.l. (Mrs 
Richard Sears Twitchell) 
231 Rawson road Brookline 

student (domestic science) Sch. of house- 
keeping Boston 01-02; Mass. inst. of tech, 
Sorbonne, Paris 03-04; teacher Upton Mass. 
98-99 ; asst supt food dept Women's educ. 
and industrial union Boston Ag 02-F 03; 
m. 4 O 10 

Boss Helen b.l. (Mrs Frederic Rus- 
sell Cummings) 
17 N. State st. Concord N. H. 
m. 7 Je 05 (husband d. 8 Ag 08); ch. 
Carolyn b. 17 Ag 06 

Bradford Cornelia b.l. (Mrs J. Allyn 
105 Orange road Montclair N. J. 

sec. 98-00; lecturer and student New York 
with settlement work Jersey City; m. 30 
Je 10 

Branch" Anna Hempstead b.a. 
Hempstead house New London 

student Amer. acad. of dramatic art; 
writer; director New London playgrounds 

Breckenridge Grace Edith b.l. (Mrs 
Joseph Baker Fisk jr) 
853 Virginia st. Toledo O. 

m. 12 S 06; ch. Clarissa Breckenridge b. 

Brooks" Grace Leonard b.a. (Mrs 
Frank Boltin Heathman) 
1022 Grand av. Dayton O.J 
teacher 98-99; m. 14 N 99; ch. George 
Wambaugh 2d b. 30 N 00, Brooks b. 21 F 04 

Brown Helen b.l. 

140 Washington st. Hartford Ct. 
student (music, art) 

Brown" Ruth Gray b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Herbert Page) 
Station A, R. F. D. 5 Columbus O 

m. 14 Je 98; ch. Robert Guthrie b. 7 Jl 01, 
Gilman Gray b. 12 Ag 04, Dorothy b. 27 
Ap 09; mem. A.C.A. 

Browne Grace Ethelwyn b.l. (Mrs 
Clyde Washburn Broomell) 
Broomellcroft, Sharon Heights 

student N. E. conservatory of music Boston 
02-04, grad. 04; teacher (hist, Eng.) Wal- 
tham Mass. church sch. 98-99; choir direc- 
tor and church soloist D 02-D 03, 06 — ; 
asst editor New church league journal 02- 
08, 09-10; m. 21 Mr 05; ch. Myron Henry 
b. 27 F 06 

Bushee Florence Fannie b.a. (Mrs 
Jean George Theobald) 
250 County st. Attleboro 

mem. Attleboro sch. board 03-10; m. 5 D 
00; ch. Norman Charles b. 14 Jl 09 

Bushee Mary Elmer b.a. (Mrs James 
Hope Arthur) 

24 Medway st. Providence R. I.f 
m. 29 N 99 

Carhart Anna Georgine b.a. 
211 W. 56th St. New York 

student (French) Geneva Switzerland univ. 
00-01 ; parish visitor Broadway Tabernacle 
church 05 — 

Casler Anna Delia b.l. 
Little Falls N. Y. 

teacher (Eng, civics, hist.) Little Falls high 
sch. 98-01, prin. Normal and collegiate inst. 
Asheville N. C. 01-05; gen. sec. Y. W. C. A. 
Washington D. C. 05, executive sec. terri- 
torial com. Y. W. C. A. for Va, N. C. and 
S. C, Charlotte N. C. 06— 

Caverno Dorothea Ruth b.a. 
8 West St. Northampton 

teacher (Eng, German) Fort Dodge la. 
high sch. G7-98, Burnham sch. Northamp- 
tion 99 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Clarke^ Florence Rolston b.l. 
Ironton 0.| 

Cloyd"^ Genevieve b.a. 

Normal college New York 

student Columbia 09 — ; teacher (Eng.) 
Boonton N. J. pub. sch. 97-99, (Latin, 
Greek) Blair acad. Blairstown 99-07, (Latin) 
Normal col. high sch. dept*07 — « 

Coe*Margaret Elmer b.a. 
42 W. 52d St. New J York t 
M.A. 02 Columbia] 

Cole" Julia Elizabeth b.l. (Mrs 
Daniel J. Fleming) Lahore-India 
student (theol, philos.) Chicago univ. 00; 
sec. C. E. soc. for foreign missions Chicago 
98-00, state sec. Y. W. C. A. 111. 01-04; m. 
9 Ag 04; ch. Elizabeth Cole b. 06, Edward 
McClung b. 31 My 09 




Comstock Ada Louise b.l. 
Moorhead Minn. 
M.A. 99 Columbia; student (educ, Eng.) 
Moorhead state normal sch. 97-98, Colximbia 
98-99, Sorbonne, Paris 03-04, 3 mo; asst 
Univ. of Minn. 99-01, instructor 01-03, 
asst prof. 04-09, prof. 09-10, dean of 
women 07-08; mem. A.C.A. 

Conklin Viola Percy b.a. 
265 Henry st. New York 

asat agent New York Charity organization 
soc. 05-07, sec. and treas. Henry st. settle- 
ment 07 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Covel Ina Frances b.l. 

279 Walnut st. Fall River 
mem. A.C.A. 

Cox« Margaret Griswold b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick Amaziah Wright) 
144 Westminster road 
Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher Harlem inst. New York primary 
grade Ja-Je 98; m. 17 Ag 98; ch. Walter 
Boardman b. 3 Jl 99, Helen Morton b. 4 
O 04, Margaret Fredericka b. 30 D 09 

Crane Katharine Priest b.l. 
Mt SterHng 111. 

M.A. 07 Columbia; student Bible teachers 
training sch. New York 03-05, (hist, semit- 
ics) Columbia 04-07, (hist. French) 09; 
student sec. Y. W. C. A. New York and 
N. E. sch. and col. 99-03; mem. Amer. 
hist. soc. 

Cutler Harriet Isabelle b.l. (Mrs 

Everett Nexsen Blanke) 

68 Sound View drive Greenwich Ct. 

m. 15 D 97; ch. Donald Cutler b. 11 O 98, 

Waldron Everett b. 11 O 03, Barbara b. 

.30 Ja 09 

Cutler Martha Hill b.a. 

34 Gramercy park New York 

student (art) New York sch. of applied de- 
sign 97-01, fellow 01; painter of plates for 
Yerkes 16th century rug book 00-04, editor 
interior decoration Harper's bazar 04 — , 
writer on interior decoration; interior 

Darling Ida May b.l. (Mrs Bernard 
L. Engelke) 
5906 S. Park av. Chicago 111. 

teacher (Eng.) Wendell Phillips high sch. 
Chicago 97-05; m. 16 S 05; ch. Elizabeth 
b. 3F09; mem. A.C.A. 

Day Florence b.a. (Mrs Joseph Ross 
1316 Park av. Baltimore Md. 

m. 16 My 99; ch. William Edwards b. 25 
O 00, Donald Day and Theodore Dwight b. 
2 O03 

Dodge Ellen b.l. (Mrs Edgar Hunter 

104 S. 34th St. Omaha Neb. 
m. 4 Je 02 ; ch. Eleanor b. 7 Je 04, Margaret 
b. 5 My 07, Hunter Lockwood b. 20 N 08; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Doolittle" Clara Sterling b.l. (Mrs 
Harry Robert Parsons) 
Fort Sumner N. M. 

student (pedagogy, Eng.) Chicago univ. 
97-98; teacher (Eng.) Wendell Phillips 
high sch. Chicago 111. 97-01; m. 11 My 01; 
ch. William Sterling b. 26 N 01, Clarissa 
Matteson b. 13 Jl 03, Critchell b. 9 Jl 08 

Drake** Frances Hobbs b.a. (Mrs 
Edward Armington Sammis) 
60 Grove st. Stamford Ct. 

student (Eng. lit.) Yale 04-05, (genetic 
psych.) 05-06; teacher East Billerica Mass. 
pub. sch. 97-98, preceptress Power's inst. 
Bernardston 98-99, asst high sch. Holbrook 
99-01, Rochester N. H. 01-02, New Britain 
Ct. 02-N 03. Stamford N 03-08; m. 12 Ag 
08; ch. Charles Freeman b. 28 Jl 09 

Dunton Edith Kellogg b.a. 

15 Washington st. Rutland Vt. 
student (Eng.) Smith 99-Ap 00; teacher 
(Eng.) Rutland 97-99, Burlington la. 00-01, 
Oak Park 111. 01-03; in office of Dial Chicago 
111. 07— 

Dustan Grace Nichols b.a. (Mrs 
Joseph Scott Rawson) 
6842 Paschall av. West Philadel- 
phia Pa. 

teacher 97-99; m. 26 Mr 01; ch. David b. 

28 O 04, Richard Dustan b. 15 Ja 06 

Dustin Florence b.a. (Mrs Allen 
Stanley Burnham) 
1 Beauport av. Gloucester 

m. 4 O 05; ch. Lucille b. 25 Ag 07, Grace 

Dustin b. 21 Je09 

Dyar Nora Gertrude b.l. (Mrs Floris 
Wilhelm Riihle von Lilienstern 
ter Meulen) 
36 Bennington st. Newton 

student Curry school of expression Boston 
97-98, Nat. acad. of dramatic art 02-03; 
teacher Boston 98, asst (elocution) Smith 
99-02, instructor 02-04; m. 17 Ap 09 

♦Emerson"' Emilie Elizabeth b.a. 
(Mrs George R. Montgomery) 
sonb. 25 Ap03; d. 1 My 03 
Fallows Alice Katharine b.a. 
c/o Edward H. Fallows, 
30 Church st. New York 
Farrington" Mabel Idell b.s. 
Mondovi Wis. J 
student Univ. of Wis. 99-00 ; teacher Mon- 
dovi 98-99, Prescott 00-03, prin. Arlington 
Minn. 03-04, Hixton Wis. 04^05 

Fisher Alice Evelyn b.a. 

46 Lincoln st. Hyde Parkf 

teacher Pittsfield Mass. 97-99, Rumford 
Falls Me. 99-02, Dover N. H. high sch. 02-04 

Flershem Albertine Whitney b.s. 
(Mrs Joseph Loring Valentine) 
2824 Sheridan road Chicago 111. 

m. 29 Ap 05 ; ch. John Wadsworth b. 6 Ag 





Footed Ethelwyn b.a. (Mrs James 
Stark Bennett) 
646 St John av. Pasadena Cal. 

M.A. 00 Northwestern univ; student 
(zoology) Northwestern univ. 98-00, (physi- 
ology) Univ. of Cal. summer sch. 01, 03-04; 
teacher (science) Ferry hall Lake Forest III. 
Ja 99-00, instructor (biol.) Pomona col. 
Claremont Cal. 01-03; m. 8 O 07; ch. 
Louise b. 19 O 08, Carolyn b. 30 Mr 10 

Forbes** Lillian Albertina Gordon 
B.A. (Mrs Charles Albert Loring 

28 McKnight st. Springfield 
teacher 97-99; m. 24 Ap 00 

Foster Jennie Groendyke b.l. 
332 W. 72d St. New York 

Fuller Mae Rawson b.a. (Mrs John 

McCoUum Curran) 

Winnetka 111. 
m. 11 S 01; ch. Frances Fuller b. 21 Je 02, 
Katherine McCoUum b. 8 Ag 04, Rita b. 7 
Mr 06, John Davidson b. 30 Jl 08; mem. 

Galacar^ Laura Josephine b.l. 
100 School St. Springfield 

student (domestic science) Teachers col. 04 

Gates Alice Lincoln b.l. (Mrs G. 

Tracy Hubbard) 

151 High St. Middletown Ct. 

teacher (French, German) Middletown high 

sch. 97-99; m. 11 O 99; ch. Elizabeth 

Portia b. 21 F 01, Gaston Tryon b. 18 F 03 

Gemmel'* Marion b.l. 

228 Linwood av. Buffalo N. Y. 

teacher (botany, zoology) Masten park 
high sch. Buffalo 97-01, 02— 

Gilbert Lucia Fessenden b.l. 
Malone N. Y.J 

M.A. 00 Columbia; student Columbia and 
Teachers col. 99-00 ; teacher South Orange 
N. J. 00-03, Potsdam N. Y. state normal 
sch. 03-04 

Gold Harriet Margaretta b.a. (Mrs 
Herbert Julius Armstrong) 
11337 Crescent av. Morgan Park 

private teacher 98-00; m. 15 O 01; ch. 
Allan Herbert b. 7 S 02, Margaret Constance 
b. 28 Jl 04, Robert Mason b. 27 Ja 08 

Goodhind Cora Mabel b.a. 
Unionville Ct. 

Goodrich Julia Irene b.a. 

Station for Experimental Evolu- 
tion, Cold Spring Harbor Long 
Island N. Y. 

teacher Brattleboro Vt. 99-00, prin. Higga- 
num Ct. pub. sch. 01-03, private teacher 
Bement 111. 03-04, master's asst Brvn 
Mawr Pa. 04-05; business sec. Station for 
experimental evolution Carnegie inst. 06 — : 
mem. Amer. assn for advancement ot 

Goodwin Alice Phelps b.l. (Mrs J. 

Walter Schirmer) 

Box 130 Needham 
student Berlin univ. 98-99; grad. Mass. 
homoeopathic hospital training sch. for 
nurses Boston Mr 03, post-grad, course 
Boston floating hospital summer of 04; 
head nurse Med. mission Boston 06, 07 
supt of nurses Boston floating hospital 07t 
08; m. 24 S 08 

Greenwood Grace b.a. (Mrs Cleve- 
land Watrous) 
53 Beech st. East Orange N. J. 

student Sch. of exptession Boston 99-00; 

m. 1 Ja 01 ; ch. Cicely b. 13 N 04, Jeannette 

b. 12 Ja 08 

Hale Franc b.l. (Mrs Ernest de Wolfe 


1224 N. Pennsylvania st. 

Indianapolis Ind. 
m. 21 Je 99; ch. Jeannette b. 4 Ap 02, 
Elizabeth b. 7 Ja 04 

Hallock Harriet Prentice b.a. (Mrs 

Thomas Waterman Moore) 

540 11th St. Huntington W. Va. 

m. 28 Je 99; ch. Joseph Hallock b. 7 Jl 02, 

Thomas Waterman jr b. 20 D 06, Harriet 

b. 18 S 08 d. 3 Je 09; mem. AC. A, N.E.A. 

Hallock Josephine b.l. 

540 11th St. Huntington W. Va. 
student (hist, lit.) KOnigliche technische 
Hochschule Hannover Germany N 07-Mr 
08; mem. A.C.A. 

Hammerslough Elsa Sachs ba. (Mrs 
Milton Charles Herrmann) 
60 W. 49th St. New Yorkf 
m. 12 My 04 

Hammerslough Gertrude Eleanor 
b.l. (Mrs Jerome Alexander) 
235 W. 102d St. New York 

tutor and settlement worker Hartley house 

and Recreation rooms New York 98-03 : m. 

7 Ap 03; ch. Eleanor Gertrude b. 1 Jl 04, 

Dorothy Sylvia b. 12 D 07 

Harris** Gertrude Bertha b.l. 
244 Main st. Homell N. Y.f 

Harris** Mabel Austin b.a. (Mrs 
Stanwood Merton Rose) 
Machias Me.f 

student (music) Chicago 98-99, N. E. con- 
servatory Boston 03 ; teacher (music, Eng.) 
Houlton Me. 99-03, supt (music) pub. sch. 
and vocaJ teacher Houlton 03-05; m. 28 
Je 06; ch. Alison b. 15 S 08, Herbert Harris 
b. 28 S 09 

Hersom Mabel Lord b.l. (Mrs Rufus 

Horton Jones) 

106 Pine st. Portland Me. 
teacher (German, Eng.) Brewster free acad. 
Wolfeboro N. H. 00-01; m. 23 Je 06 (hus- 
band d. 20 Ag 07); ch. Rufus Horton b. 
23 Jl 07 




Hewitt Mary Cornwall b.a. (Mrs 
Sydney Knox Mitchell) 
877 Elm St. New Haven Ct: 

Ph.D. 01 Yale; student (hist.). Yale 97-01; 

teacher Lake Erie col. Painesville O. 06-09 ; 

m. 1 S 09 

Hickey" Lucy Agnes b.a. 
reporter, society editor, city editor Holyoke 
Evening Telegram, business manager 10 — 

Hill Ruth B.L. (Mrs John BuUard 
615 Oakwood blvd Chicago 111. 

student (Eng.) Chicago univ. 97-98; teacher 
(hist.) University sch. for girb Chicago 
F 03-04; m. 26 S 05 

Hobbs Elizabeth Kittredge b.a. 
North Berwick Me. 

Holmes" Abby Bradley b.a. 

436 Washington av. Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

student (Eng, math.) Cornell summer of 
01; asst prin. Canton Pa. high sch. 98-01, 
asst (Eng.) Brooklyn girls high sch. 02-10, 
teacher Brooklyn evening high sch. 01-05, 
general asst 05-09, teacher New York 
evening high sch. 09-10 

Holton" Susan May b.l. 

311 N. 33d St. Philadelphia Pa.f 
teacher Philadelphia 98-02, (Eng.) Cincin- 
nati O. 02-04 

Hough" Jean Winifred b.a. 
Lebanon N. H. 
teacher Rockland Me. 98-00, Rutland Vt. 
00-03, St Johnsbury Vt. acad. 03-10 

Hough" Mary Elizabeth b.a. 
Lebanon N. H. 
student Alliance frangaise Paris and Berlin 
99-00, (German) Univ. of Pa. 02-03; 
teacher (French, German) Colby acad. New 
London N. H. 97-99, Overbrook sch. Phila- 
delphia Pa. 02-04, (French) New Britain 
Ct. high sch. 05-08, asst prin. Williams 
memorial inst. New London Ct. 08-10 

Hunt Agnes b.a. 
Manchester N. H. 
Ph.D. 00 Yale; student (hist.) Yale 97-00; 
instructor (hist.) Col. for women Western 
Reserve univ. 00-03, Wells col. 03-04, assoc. 
prof. 04-05, instructor Smith 07 — ; mem. 
Amer. hist. soc. 

Hunt Lucy Olcott b.l. 

185 Beacon st. Hartford Ct. 

teacher Hartford pub. evening sch. 00-02, 
Steams sch. 02-04, tutor 02-05, private 
teacher 08 — 

Huntington Ruth b.l. 

206 Broadway Norwich Ct. 

student (manual training) Teachers col. 
02-04' teacher (manual training) Kama- 
hamaha sch. Honolulu H. I. 04-07, Oahu 
col. 07-08 

Hurtt" Ella Mae b.s. 

Holmes road Pittsfield 
student Berlin vmiv. 03-05 ; teacher Pough- 
keepsie N. Y. 97-F 98, Miss Hall's sch. 
Pittsfield 98-03. 05-10 

Jeffrey Agnes b.a. (Mrs Frederick 


1440 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 
m. 23 N 98; ch. Marion b. 27 F 00, Joseph 
Jeffrey b. 11 My 03, Elizabeth b. 20 O 04; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Jenkins" Ruth Dutilh b.l. (Mrs 

Robert Moore Jenkins) 

Scottswood road Riverside 111. 
student (French, German) Chicago univ. 
00-01 ; m. 24 Mr 08 

Johnson Florence Merriam b.l. 
129 E. 17th St. New York 

district nurse New York 02-03, Montclair 
04-05, resident nurse New York hospital 
05-08, in charge Cornell univ. med. dis- 
pensary New York 09 — 

Johnson Mary Hooker b.l. 

420 W. 116th St. New York 
student (Eng, pedagogy) Wesley an 97-98, 
Yale 99-00, N, Y. univ. 02-03; teacher 
(Eng.) Middletown Ct. high sch. 97-00, 
Utica N. Y. free acad. 00-02, Washington 
Irving high sch. New York 02 — 

Jones Marcia Esterbrook b.l. (Mrs 

John Bellamy Taylor) 

7 Adams road Schenectady N. Y. 

m. 10 Je 03; ch. Jerome Jones b. 11 Ap 04, 

George Wales b. 19 Jl 06 d. 6 Ap 08, Telford 

b. 24 F 08 

Jones Marian Hastings b.l. 

722 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 
student (pedagogy^ N. Y. imiv. 98-99; 
teacher girls boarding sch. Ossining on 
Hudson N. Y. 98-00, private sch. Hartford 
00-02, lady prin. 02-04; miss'y New York 
04-09, pastor Staffordville Ct. cong^rega- 
tional church 10 — 

Judd Climena Lyman b.a. 

238 Northampton st. Holyoke 
clerk insurance office 97-Ja 04, asst registrar 
Smith Ja 04— 

Judd Jessie Axtell b.a. 
Bellows Falls Vt. 

teacher, asst prin. Bellows Falls high sch. 

Keeney EHzabeth b.l. (Mrs Lewis 

Edward Gordon) 

948 Asylum av. Hartford Ct.t 
m. 5 Je 00; ch. George Keeney b. 23 Ag 01, 
Elizabeth b. 24 Ag 03 

Keith Florence Elizabeth b.a. 
24 Beaver st. Worcester 

student Clark col. summer course; teacher 
Brookfield Mass. high sch. 97-98, (Eng.) 
Worcester high sch. 98 — 



Kelley Grace Marten b.l. (Mrs Henry 

Allen Tenney) 

363 River av. Patchogue Long 

Island N. Y. 
teacher (Eng, elocution) St Gabriel's sch. 
Peekskill N. Y. 97-98, Plainfield N. J. sem. 
99-00, Mrs Hartman's sch. for girls New 
York 00-02, teacher in charge Miss Eaton 
and Miss Wilson's sch. New York 02-06; 
m. 29 S 06; ch. Martena b. 2 My 08, Eileen 
b. 8 O 10 

Kennedy" Grace b.l. (Mrs Henry 
Phelps Corwith) 

717 Seminary st. Rockford 111. 
m. 20 Je 07 

Kent" Cora May b.a. (Mrs Wallace 
Cameron jr) 
101 Willard av. Bloomfield N. J. 

teacher South Deerfield Mass. 97-98, Tarry- 
town N. Y. high sch. N 99-F 01, Chestnut 
St. grammar sch. Springfield Mass. Mr 01- 
05; m. 24 Jl 05; ch. William Wallace 2d 
b. 22 O 07, James Kent b. 3 N 09 

Kimball" Grace Clarke b.l. (Mrs 
Lyman William Griswold) 
17 Crescent st. Greenfield 
m. 8 Je 99; ch. Emily Kimball b. 9 My 00, 
Grace Pynchon and Theophilus b. 8 Je 03 

Kirkland Bertha Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Wilson Sheldon Dakin) 
10 Pomeroy terrace Northampton 

student Sauveur summer sch. of lang. Am- 
herst Mass. 98, (French) Alliance franf aise, 
Paris summer of 01; teacher (French) 
Leicester acad. 98-99, Manchester high sch. 
99-00, New Britain Ct. high sch. 00-02, 
supervisor (French) Springfield pub. sch. 
03-04, teacher Dumaguete P. I. secondary 
sch. 04; m. 9 Je 04; ch. Louise Parsons b. 
11 D 05, Irene Sheldon b. 2 Mr 09 

Knapp Florence b.l. (Mrs John 
Hanna Yocum) 

16 Hawthorne av. East Orange 
m. 11 Ap 00; ch. Margaret b. 29 O 03 

EInapp Genevieve b.l. (Mrs Guthrie 
Cynwyd Montgomery co. Pa. 

student (design) St Louis Mo. sch. of fine 
arts 01-03; m. 10 Je 05; ch. Frances 
Shackelford b. 12 My 06, Andrew Ellicott 
b. 2 Ap 09 d. 3 Ap 09 

Knowlton" Ada Carrie [Caroline] 
B.L. (Mrs Oswald Chew) 
Radnor Pa. 
teacher (music) 02-08 ; m. 3 Je 08 

Kuhn" Helen Belden b.l. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Newberry Palmer) 
The Arborway, Forest Hills 
M.A. 06; reader (hist.) Smith 00-07; m. 
31 Jl 09; ch. Stephen Billings 2d b. 8 Jl 10 

Lahm Katherine Hamilton b.l. (Mrs 

Frank Parker) 

43 Williams st. Burlington Vt. 
student (sociology, political economy) Chi- 
cago imiv. 97-Mr 98; m. 20 N 06; ch. 
Katherine Lahm b. 23 O 08 

Lang« Bertha Elizabeth b.l. (Mrs 

Alfred Martin Gieseler) 

Alexandria Minn, 
teacher (Eng, German) Mass. 97-00, Men. 
00-02, Minn. 02-04; m. 14 Je 04; ch. 
Eleanor Lang b. 21 Ag 09 

Leighton Grace Barry b.a. 
21 Parker st. Melrose 
bookkeeper Melrose nat. bank 03 — 
Locke tt"^ Jessie Walston b.l. 

23 rue Le Verrier Paris France 

student (French) Sorbonne, Paris 08-10; 
teacher (Eng.) Decatur 111. high sch. 97-01, 
Spokane Wash, high sch. 02-05 

Lootz Emma b.a. (Mrs William 
Gage Erving) 

922 Farragut sq. Washington 
D. C. 

M.D. 02 Johns Hopkins; student (physics, 
chem.) Mass. inst. of tech. 97-98; physician 
Boston 02-04, Washington 04 — ; m. 19 
S 03; ch. Selma b. S 06, Henry W. b. Ag 
09; mem. A.C.A. 

Lord Alice Tullis b.l. (Mrs Edgerton 

863 Park av. New York 
m. 23 Ap 02 ; ch. Alice Edgerton b. 24 O 07 

Lormore Ellen Frances b.l, (Mrs 
Le Roy Partridge Guion) 
1819 N. Cascade av. Colorado 
Springs Col. 

m. 12 Ap 98; ch. Adelaide Lormore b. 25 

Ag 00; mem. A.C.A. 

Low Florence b.a. (Mrs Harlan Page 
1 Pickering st. Salem 

m. 25 N 02; ch. Harlan Low b. 1 N 03, Seth 
Low b. 30 Mr 06, Katherine b. 12 S 09 

Lyman Laura Agnes b.a. (Mrs 
Austin Rice) 
16 Wave av. Wakefield 
m. 19 Jl 99 
Lyon Grace Taylor b.a. 

68 Church st. Chicopee Falls 
teacher Chicopee high sch. 97-02 
Mc Williams Anna Louisa b.l. 

Odell 111. J 
Maltby Edith Frances b.a. 

112 Elm St. Northampton 
Mathews Grace Elisabeth b.l. (Mrs 
Herbert Shaw Philbrick) 
509 Rollins st. Columbia Mo. 
student (hist.) Chicago univ. Ja-Je 98; dean 
of women Colby col. 99-02; teacher Wal- 
tham Mass. 03- Ap 04; m. 23 Je 04; ch. 
Benjamin Mathews b. 24 N 05, Shailer 
Mathews b. 11 My 08; mem. A.C.A. 




Maverick Lola b.a. (Mrs William 

Bross Lloyd) Winnetka 111. 

asst (math.) Smith 01-02; m. 1 N 02; ch. 

Jessie Bross b. 14 F 04, Mary Maverick b. 

9 Je 06, William Bross jr b. 12 S 08 

Maynard Alice Adelaide b.l. (Mrs 
Charles Madeira) 
Stony Creek Ct. 
m. 29 N 06 ; mem. A.C.A. 
Melluish« Edith Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 
David Davis) 100 5 E. Jefferson st. 
Bloomington 111. 
m. 28 S 99; ch. George Perrin b. 12 S 00, 
David b. 29 Je 06 

Merrill Mary Perley b.l. (Mrs Charles 
Stedman Macfarland) 
37 Bay view av. South Norwalk 

student (hist, Latin) Bridgewater normal 
sch. 98-99, (German) Germany 00-01; 
teacher Fisk univ. Nashville Tenn. 99-00, 
01-02, tutor; m. 9 Mr 04; ch, Charles Sted- 
man jr b. 7 F 05, Lucia Merrill b. 1 Ja 08, 
James Merrill b. 8 O 09 

Mills Elizabeth Tiffany b.a. 

184 Gibbs st. Newton Center 

student Wheelock kindergarten training 
sch. 08-09; teacher Denison house 97-98, 
other missions, Wheelock sch. 09-10 

Mitchell Carrie [CaroHne] Tilden b.l. 
(Mrs George Wood Bacon) 
23 W. 67th St. New York 
M.A. 99 Columbia; student (hist, educ.) 
Columbia 98-99; teacher St Cloud Minn, 
high sch. 97-98, Mt Vernon N. Y. high sch. 
99-01, Erasmus hall high sch. Brooklyn 
01-02, instructor (hist.) Smith 02-04; m. 1 
Je 04; ch. Elizabeth Mitchell b. 30 Mr 05; 
mem. Amer. hist. soc. 

Montague Edith Florence b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Wellington White) 
177 Sisson av. Hartford Ct. 

teacher private sch. for girls Quebec Can. 
97-98, Rockville Ct. high sch. 98-00, 
Hartford pub. high sch. 00-02; m. 15 O 02; 
ch. Montague b. 27 N 03 

Montague Lucy Wales b.l. 

504 Walnut st. Chattanooga 

Morris Harriet b.a. 

223 Mercantile pi. Los Angeles 

student Amer. acad. of dramatic art New 
York 98-99, (drama, playwriting) Univ. of 
Cal. 01-02; proprietor Copper kettle tea 
room Los Angeles 08 — 

Morse" Stella May b.l. (Mrs George 

Edward Hamilton) 

Santa Clara Cal. 
m. 7 Je 05 ; ch. Edward Morse b. 7 Ag 06, 
Robert Henry b. 12 D 08 

Noble" Edith Moulton b.l. 

190 Clifford st. Providence R. I. J 

Otis" Frances Louise b.l. 

c/o W. A. Otis, Winnetka 111. 

Page Grace Maria b.a. (Mrs Moody- 
bell Stephen Bennett) 
295 Laurel st. Manchester N. H. 

teacher Manchester high sch. Ja 99-02, 
07-08, tutor 02—; m. 24 S 02; ch. Frances 
Augusta b. 23 Jl 03 

Parent" Ora Winnifred b.l. 
teacher Orleans Mass. 98-99, Hardwick 99- 
02, Hudson 02-04, Framingham 04-05 

Patch Harriet Eliza b.l. (Mrs George 
Whittemore Woodbury) 
East Gloucester 
M.A. 07 Columbia; student (comparative 
lit, German) Columbia 04-07; teacher 
Gloucester high sch. 98-99; m. 29 Je 08 

Peloubet" Harriet Louise b.l. 

132 Woodland road Auburndale 

student hand bookbinding Boston 

Perkins Anna Katherine b.a. (Mrs 
Robert Cushman Clark) 
17 Green st. Brattleboro Vt. 
student (Eng.) Hyannis summer sch. 98, 
Harvard summer sch. 05; teacher East 
Walpole Mass. 98-99, Norwood 99-01, 
Charlemont high sch. 01-02, Brattleboro 
Vt. acad. 02-04, high sch. 04-08; m. 23 

Phillips Clara Hunt b.l. (Mrs How- 
ard Lewis Rogers) 
35 AUerton st. Brookline 
m. 22 Ja 07; ch. Caroline Cranford b. 18 
O 07, Dorothy b. 2 N 08, Thomas Nickerson 
b. 18 Mr 10 

Piper Florence Emily b.l. (Mrs 

Moses Anthony Winch) 

East Temple ton 
student Westfield normal sch. 98; teacher 
Ashburnham Mass, Colebrook N. H, Orono 
Me. 98-02; m. 6 My 08 

Porter Emma Ernestine b.l. 

137 Langley road Newton Center 

student (German hist, lit.)*Berlin univ. N 
00-Mr 01 ; private teacher(German, French) ; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Rand Margaret b.a. 

Lasell seminary Auburndale 
student (psych.) Harvard summer sch. 05; 
teacher Newton Mass. high sch. 02-03, 
Lasell sem. 04 — 

Redfern Elisabeth Goodwin b.l 
(Mrs Daniel Clement Dennett) 
7 Washington st. Winchester 

student (biol.) Mass. inst. tech. 99, (philos.) 

Radcliffe 02-03, (chem.) Simmons col. 04-05; 

teacher (zoology, botany, Latin) Amer. col. 

for girls Constantinople 99-02 ; m. 15 D 06 ; 

ch. Daniel Clement jr b. 16 Ja 10 




Rice'* Josephine Bell b.a, (Mrs 
Charles Worthington Tingley) 
c/o Continental oil co. 
Pueblo Col. 
m. 6 Je 00; ch. Mary Elizabeth b. 8 O 02 

♦Richards Irma Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Rodney A. Knapp) 
teacher North Attleboro high soh: d. 12 

Ripley Frances Payson b.l. (Mrs 
Nelson Wolcott Willard) 
Riverside 111. 
m. 20 Je 05; ch. Allan Harding b. 6 Ja 07, 
Mary Frances b. 28 Ja 09 d. 26 A& 10 

Rockwell Mary Watkinson b.l. (Mrs 
Edward Smith Cole) 
133 Bellevue av. Upper Mont- 
clair N. J. 

student (romance lang.) Chicago univ. 00- 
01; teacher and dean of women R. I. col. 
Kingston 97-00; m. 26 Je 01; ch. John 
Rockwell b. 16 My 02, Elizabeth Shaw b. 
9 F 05 d. N 05. Edward Shaw b. 7 Ja 08 

Rogers" Louise b.l. 

194 Clinton st. Brooklyn N. Y.f 
Russell Lucia b.l. 

6 George st. Greenfield 

Sewall Josephine Devereux b.l. 
(Mrs Benjamin Kendall Emer- 
son jr) 
56 William st. Worcester 

occasional resident Christodora house New 
York 99-04; m. 1 O 03; ch. Sewall b. 13 
O 04, Kendall b. 1 Mr 07 

Seymour" Frances Barrows b.a. 
(Mrs Hiram Richard Hulse) 
101 Lawrence st. New York 
m. 20 Mr 03; ch. Mary b. 3 Mr 04, Frederick 
Seymour b. 11 F 06 

Shepard Mary Ellen b.l. (Mrs Clar- 
ence Edward Clough) 
19 Shaw St. Lebanon N. H. 
m. 21 S 97; ch. Dorothy b. 2 S 98, Shepard 
Bancroft b. 6 D 01. Nathaniel Paul b. 30 
S 06. Barbara May b. 11 Mr 10 

Simons" Harriet Winter b.a. (Mrs 

Solon Goodridge Gray) 

901 Fairmount av. St Paul Minn, 
m. 7 Ag 99; ch. Dorothy b. 13 Ap 04, Solon 
Goodridge jr^b. 22 Ag 09 

Sligh»* Edith Conover b.a. (Mrs 
Milton Cheney Miller) 
376 Kane pi. Milwaukee Wis. 
m. 26 N 04 

Smith Louise Kirkhuff b.a. 

1266 Amsterdam av. New York 

M.A. 08 Columbia; student (Latin, Greek) 
Columbia 06-08; teacher Susquehanna Pa. 
98-00, Dansville N. Y. 00-06, New York 
normal ool. 08-10 

Smith" Mary Alice b.a. 

La Crosse public library La 
Crosse Wis. 

student N. Y. state lib. sch. 00-02; asst 
libn Worcester Mass. pub. lib. 97-00, N. Y. 
state lib. My 01-Ag 03, Carnegie free lib. 
Duquesne Pa. Ag 03-Jl 04. La Crosse pub. 
lib. Ag 04 — ; mem. A.L.A. 

Smith Mary Bartlett b.a. 

22 Abbott road Wellesley Hills 

student (biol.) Smithsonian inst. Washing- 
ton D. C. 4 mo. in 97-98, Framingham Mass. 
normal sch. 99-00, (institutional manage- 
ment) Simmons col. Boston 04-05; teacher 
(Eng, geometry) private sch. Media Pa. 
98-99, North Andover Mass. high sch. 00-02, 
Prospect Hill sch. Greenfield 02-03; statis- 
tician (commercial, financial, industrial 
conditions in U. S.) with firm of Roger W. 
Babson Wellesley Hills 07— 

Stoddard Lucy b.a. 

22 W. 68th St. New York 
M.A. 02 N. Y. univ; student (Eng, Egypt- 
ology) N. Y. univ. 97-98, 01-02, 03-04, 
(astron.) Smith 02-03 

Strong Bertha Fairfax b.a. 
mem. A.C.A. 

Sturtevanf* Julia Bemis b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Wolcott Merriam) 
31 High St. Greenfield 
m. 5 S 00; ch. Warren Sturtevant b. 11 3 
01, Charles Wolcott jr b. 22 Ja 03, Julia 
Elizabeth b. 29 Ag 05 

Tallant Alice Weld b.a. 

1807 Spruce st. Philadelphia Pa. 

M.D. 02 Johns Hopkins; student (physics) 
Mass. inst. of tech. 97-98, (med.) Johns Hop- 
kins 98-02, (pathology) Harvard summer 
sch. 00; teacher Miss Brown's sch. Boston 
97-98; interne N. E. hospital 02-03, asst 
(dispensary) physician 04-05, med. exami- 
ner for gymnasium Bates col. 03-05, prof, 
(obstetrics) and obstetrician-in-chief Wo- 
man's med. col. of Pa. 05 — , physician 
Girls house of refuge Philadelphia 06 — ; 
mem. Amer. med. assn, Amer. acad. of med. 

Taylor Edith b.l. 

9412 Lamont av. Cleveland O.f 

Thayer Bertha Burton b.a. (Mrs 
Eugene William Lyman) 
Bangor theological seminary 
Bangor Me. 
student (German hist, and lit, hist, of art) 
Halle-Wittenberg xmiv. Germany 99-00; 
m. 1 Je 99 

Titsworth Susan Sayre b.a. 

c/o G. V. D. Titsworth, 100 Wil- 
liam St. New Yorkt 

M.A. 03 Columbia; student (hist, Eng. 
lit.) Colimibia 01-03; teacher Milwaukee 
Wis. 98-01 




Townsend Therina b.l. (Mrs Everett 
Larkin Barnard) 
Rochelle park New Rochelle 

N. Y. 

m. 1 Je 01; ch. Lucy b. 8 Mr 03, Louise 
Townsend b. 6 My 05 

Tredick Helen Folsom b.a. 
36 Alpine st. Maiden 
Bachelor's diploma 10 Teachers col; stu- 
dent (biol.) Chicago univ. 01-02, (educ, 
botany) Teachers col. 09 — ; teacher (sci- 
ence) Franklin N. H. 99-00, Univ. sch. for 
girls Chicago 00-02, Robinson sem. Exeter 
' N. H. 02-09, asst (biol.) Brooklyn girls 
high sch. 10 — ; mem. A.C.A, Amer. nature 
study soc. 

Vermilye Jennie Thomas b.s. 

Lydecker st. Englewocxi N. J. 
asst (astron.) Smith 01-02 

Voorhees Elizabeth Anna b.a. (Mrs 
E. Arthur Robinson) 
20 Fern st. Aubumdale 
m. 28 O 03 

Ward** Florence b.s. (Mrs J. Con- 
verse Blagden) 

m. 04 

Ward Mary Kingsbury b.a. (Mrs 
Morton Dexter Dunning) 
Doshisha, Kyoto Japan 
teacher (math.) Taunton Mass. high sch. 
S-D 97; m. 26 Jl 99; ch. Ward Westbrook 
b. 14 My 01 d. 29 N 02, Dorothy Wood- 
worth b. 4 F 04, Allan Lombard b. 5 Jl 05, 
Harriet Westbrook and Marv Kingsbury 
b. 10 O 06, Albert Ward and Alice b. 5 O 08 

Ware Mary Lillian (Mrs John Wat- 
rous Knight) 
1031 Michigan av. Evanston 111. 

m. My 99; ch. John Richard Watroiis b. 
11 Mr 00, Edward Ware b. 20 D 01, Eliza- 
beth Louise b. 07 d. 08, Margaret Mather 
b. 08 

Warner Ethel Susie b.a. (Mrs Charles 
Merton Phinney) Huntington 
m. 30 Ag 05 

Wells Mary Byrd b.a. 

139 E. 7th St. Plainfield N. J. 
private tutor 97-03; teacher (hist.) Hart- 
ridge sch. Plainfield 03-10 

White Charlotte Florence b.l. (Mrs 
John Gardner Talcott) 
Talcottville Ct. 
m. 7 Je 05 ; ch. John Gardner jr b. 26 F 08 

Whiting Florence May b.l. (Mrs 
Chester Metcalf Grover) 
580 Huron av. Cambridge 

student (Eng.) Columbia summer sch. 01; 
teacher Lyndon hall sch. Poughkeepsie 
N. Y. 98-02, Springfield Mass. central high 
sch. 02-05; m. 2 Ag 05; ch. Richard Whit- 
ing b. 14 Ja 07, Beatrice b. 23 O 09 

Whiting Grace b.a. (Mrs David 
Eaton Mitchell) 

6211 Kentucky av. Pittsburg Pa. 
student Berlin univ. 98-99, (music) Florence 
and Paris 1 yr; m. 2 D 03; ch. George 
Whiting b. 17 Ag 06, David Eaton jr b. 
20 Jl 09 

Wiard Grace Louise b.l. (Mrs Archer 
Everett Young) Oxford O. 

B.M. 98; student (music) Smith 97-98; 
teacher (piano) New Britain Ct. 98-03; m. 
1 S 03; ch. Everett b. 8 O 05, Mary Louise 
b. 4 Jl 08, James Russell b. 21 F 10 

Wilkinson Katharine May b.l. 
129 E. 76th St. New York 

private tutor New York 97-99; teacher 
Goodyear-Burlingame sch. Syracuse N. Y. 
99-04, Miss Chapin's sch. New York 04 — 

Williams Edith Cadwallader b.a. 
Western Springs 111. 

student (domestic economy) Sears inat. 
Chicago 09-10 

Wilson Pearl Adelaide b.l. (Mrs 
Garrett Chatfield Pier) 
Belle Haven, Greenwich Ct. 

m. 25 Je 02; ch. Garrett Wilson b. 23 Ja 
04 d. 4 My 09, Eleanor Adelaide b. 11 S 06, 
Beatrice b. 23 D 07 

Winship Charlotte Elizabeth b.l. 
227 Mountain av. Maiden 

Woodruff" Anna Beardsley b.l. 
15 Fort St. Auburn N. Y. 

Woodward Helen Clifton b.l. 

2015 Wyoming av. Washington 
D. C. 

Worden Bertha Anna b.l. 

30 Abbott St. Hoosick Falls N. Y. 

teacher (Eng.) Hoosick Falls high sch. 00 — 

Total 180-*3 

Ahem" Katharine Cecilia b.a. 

192 Farmington av. Hartford Ct.J 

M.A. 99 Univ. of N. C. 

Anderson Florence Judd b.l. (Mrs 
Fred Macdonald Gilbert) 
239 New York av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

student sec. Amer. com. Y. W. C. A. Ja-Ap 
99, general sec. Schenectady N. Y. 99-My 
00; m, 21 SOI 

*Arnold" Ethel Hall b.a. (Mrs 
Harold Bartlett Fobes) 
m. 5 Je 01 ; ch. Arnold Dwight; d. 12 F 02 
Portland Me. 

Banks Mary Fletcher b.a. (Mrs 
Herbert Marples) Ridgefield Ct. 
teacher Brooklyn N. Y. 98-00; m. 26 Ap 
00; ch. Eleanor b. 12 Jl 01. Alan b. 27 D 02, 
Robert b. 27 My 05, Herbert Fletcher b. 
4 Mr 08 




Barnard Ruth Colbum b.a. (Mrs 
Alexander Bowler) 
57 Cedar st. Worcester 
m. 5 O 05; ch. Ruth Colbuni b. 4 S 07 

Baumgarten Alma b.a. 

4310a Maryland av. St Lotiis 
mem. A.C.A. 

Bingham" Jennie Belle b.a. (Mrs 
Fred Forest Dowlin) 
140 Pleasant st. North Adams 

m. 14 S 98 (husband d. 10 Ap 10) ; ch. Fred 
Forest jr b. 13 Je 99, Merle Bingham b. 
7 N 01 d. 5 Ja 02, Glyndore Marshall (son) 
b. 31 Jl 03, Winfred Masoon (son) b. 22 Ja 

Blanchard Grace Eliza b.a. 
482 Main st. Fitchburg 

M. A. 09 ; student Harvard summer sch. 01 ; 
fellow (hist.) Smith 08-09; teacher Fitch- 
burg high sch. 98-08, New Rochelle N. Y. 
high sch. 09-10 

Breckenridge Maud b.l. 

2022 E. 69th st. Cleveland O. 

student (music, French) New York and 

♦Bridges Frances Antoinette b.a. 
(Mrs George H. Atkinson) 

teacher Philadelphia 98-99; state student 
sec. Y. W. C. A. southern states 00-02, 
student sec. Amer. com. federated with 
world's student Christian federation 03-05; 
d. 9 Je 06 

Briggs Belle Florence b.a. (Mrs 
Elmer Gerrish Bridgham) Lenox 

teacher Owego N. Y. high sch. 98-03; m. 
25 D 02; ch. Willard Plympton b. 23 My 

07, Janet Louise b. 9 O 09 

Brooks Annie Mabel b.a. 
443 School St. Athol 

M.A. 02 Columbia; student (educ, Sanskrit) 
Columbia; teacher (Latin) Woodstock Ct. 
acad. 98-00, Horace Mann sch. New York 
02-03, Kent pi. sch. Summit N. J. 03 — 

Brooks" Mabel Frances b.a. 
14 Stebbins st. Springfield 

student (Eng.) Columbia summer sch. 07, 

08, 09; teacher high sch. CoUinsville Ct. 
98-01, Thomaston 01-06, Gardner Mass. 

Brown Cellissa b.l. (Mrs Joseph 
Arnold Norcross) 
421 St Ronan st. New Haven Ct. 

m. 27 My 02 ; ch. Arnold Brown b. 07 

Brown Mattie Ireson b.l. (Mrs 
Charles Louis Fincke) 
166 Clinton st. Brooklyn N. Y, 

m. 25 Ap 01 (husband d. 19 Mr 06); ch. 
Charles Louis b. 5 Mr 02, Margaret Epes b. 
12 Ap 04 

Budlong Jessie Valentine b.l. 

189 Governor st. Providence R I. 

student (lit.) Brown 09; mem. A.C.A. 

Burch Cara Van Cott b.l. 

640 Madison av. New York 
Byles*» Emma Axtell b.a. (Mrs 
Allan Cowperthwait) 
Hydewood park Plainfield N. J. 
m. 17 Ja 03; ch. Marian Axtell b. 27 Mr 05, 
Eleanor Hunter b. 24 Je 10 

Champion" Florence Augusta b.l. 
(Mrs Rodney Wiley Roundy) 
249 Wethersfield av. Hartford Ct. 

teacher Boxwood boarding sch. Old Lyme 

Ct. 99-01, pub. sch. 01-03; m. 22 Je 04; 

ch. Paul Ruthven b. 21 Ap 05, Rodney 

Wiley jr b. 5 S 08 

Chapin Clara Maria b.a. (Mrs Henry 
Arthur Phelps) 
Clinchport, Scott co. Va.t 
m. 28 D 99; ch. Henry Arthur b. 6 Ap 04 

Chapman** Marion Elise b.a. (Mrs 
George Jacobus) 
92 Gates av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher (math.) Hanover Mass. high sch. 
fall of 99; m. 20 Je 01; ch. Katharine 
Louise b. 23 Jl 02, Margaret Atherton b. 
13 Ap 05 

Chase Nellie Gertrude b.l. 
16 Prescott st. Newtonville 

M.A. 05 Cornell; student (Eng, hist.) Cor- 
nell 04-05; sec. Wheaton sem. Norton 
Mass. 01-02: teacher Natick grammar sch. 
02-03, East Bridgewater grammar and high 
sch. 03-04. (Eng.) Wheaton sem. 05-09, in- 
structor (Eng.) Wells col. Aurora N. Y. 09 — 

*Clapp Esther Fanny b.a. 

d. 30 Mr 00 Florence 

Clarke Alice b.a. Easthampton 

student (physics, botany) Smith 01-03; 
teacher Chevy Chase sch. 99-00, Albany 
acad. for girls 03-08, Wilkesbarre inst. 

Clark Edith Lyman b.a. (Mrs 
David Scott Low) Easthampton 
m. 20 S 06 

Clark" Josephine Maud b.l. (Mrs 
Cari Edwin Ward) 
64 Chestnut st. Waltham 

teacher Waltham pub. sch; cataloger; m. 
7 04 

Clark Mary lola b.l. (Mrs Albert 
James Brown) Northbridge 

teacher Whitinsville Mass. 98-00, Gardner 
00-01; m. 14 Ag 01; ch. Audrey Hancock 
b. 6 F 03, Katherine lola b. 21 My 05 

*Coburn Grace Eleanor b.l. (Mrs 
Burton C. Mossman) 
teacher 98-99; d. 29 My 09 

Collins Rejoyce Ballance b.l. (Mrs 
Charles Maclay Booth) 
510 Alameda st. Vallejo Cal. 

student (U. S. hist.) Bradley poly tech. inst. 

Peoria 111. fall of 98; teacher Peoria 111. 

pub. sch. 99-00, San Antonio Tex. acad. 

for boys 00-01, Girls collegiate inst. Los 

Angeles Cal. 03-04; m. 4 Ap 10 




*Comey Effie Marion b.l. (Mrs 
Daniel Edgar Manson) 
m. 18 O 99; ch. Marion b. 4 Ap 01, John T. 
2db. 18 My 04; d. N 07 

Comstock Frances Eloise b.l. (Mrs 
Copeland Morton) 
10 E. Preston st, Baltimore Md. 

m. 06; ch. Copeland jr b. 7 Mr 10 

Cornell^ Helen Gray b.l. (Mrs How- 
ard Dean French) 
Hyde Park hotel Chicago 111. 

m. 3 O 01 ; ch. Paul Cornell b. 27 Ap 04 

Cowperthwait Agnes Shepard b.l. 
(Mrs Herbert Lincoln Houghton) 
26 Hancock st. Lexington^ 

student (nursing) Boston homoeopathic hos- 
pital F 01-Jl 02; m. 30 Ag 02; ch. Herbert 
Lincoln b. 23 Ag 03 

Coyle Georgianna Dunn b.l. (Mrs 
Louis Harrison Hall) 
Box 135 New Canaan Ct.f 

student (pedagogy) Columbia 99-00; 
teacher 98-05 ; m. 7 S 05 

Craighead Ethel b.l. 

c/o Martin Dennis, 29 James st. 

Newark N. J.f 
M.A. 02 Columbia; teacher Hampton Va. 

Dailey"^ Frances Douglass b.l. (Mrs 
Ernest Phelps Johnson) 
2514 S. 10th St. Omaha Neb. 

teacher Council Bluffs la. high sch. 98-06 ; 

m. 25 Je 06; mem. A.C.A. 

Daskam Josephine Dodge b.a. (Mrs 
Selden Bacon) 
Beech Hill, Pleasantville station 

N. Y. 

author; m. 25 Jl 03; ch. Anne b. 28 S 04, 
Deborah b. 11 D 06, Selden 2d b. 10 S 09 

♦Dickinson Ethel May b.l. (Mrs 
Edward William Beattie jr) 
student (French) Radclifife; m. 1 Ja 00; 
ch. Edward William 3d b. 6 N 09; d. 10 

Dillon"^ Mae [May] Lucile b.a. (Mrs 
Lemuel Ray Carter) 
5041 McPherson av. St Louis 

teacher Mary inst. St Louis 00-03; m. 
21 O 03; ch. Elizabeth McMillan b. 27 Jl 04, 
Mary Dillon and Margaret I;Ouise b. 20 N 06 

Drake" Stella Dorothy b.l. 
37 Fairfield st. Boston 
student (lit, hist.) Chicago univ; teacher 
(Eng. lit, hist.) Suffield Ct. acad. 04-06, 
Dedham Mass. high sch. 07-08, substitute 
teacher high sch. near Boston 

Dresser" Angle Mary b.a. (Mrs 
John Silas Cole jr) 
107 E. Euclid av. Detroit Mich. 

teacher Pittsfield Mass, Huntington, Brain- 
tree, Norwalk Ct. S 98-D 03; m. 1 Je 04; 
ch. Kenneth Winston b. 20 Ap 06 

Duncan** Alice Boorum b.s. (Mrs 

MacGregor Jenkins) 

Farm st. Dover 
m. 2 Je 04 
Duncan" Ruth Harland b.s. (Mrs 

John Duff) 

7 Greenough av. Jamaica Plain 

student (music) ; m. 4 Ja 08 

Esterbrook Edith Marsh b.a. 
Brattleboro Vt. 

student Bryant & Stratton business col. 
00-Mr 01; sec. for A. P. Kidder Mr-JeOl, 
Estey Organ co. D 01-Mr 02, sec. and libn 
(biol. dept) Mass. inst. of tech. O 02 — 
Fairchild Nellie Rebecca b.l. 

175 Governor st. Providence R. I. 

in business Providence 02-10 ; mem. A.C. A. 

Farwell Catherine Arvilla b.a. (Mrs 
Edgar Rhuel Hyde) 
47 Main st. Middletown Ct. 
asst Turners Falls Mass. high sch. 98-01 ; 
m. 6 My 02 ; ch. Caroline Farwell b. 17 F 03. 
Alice Putnam b. 20 N 04 d. 23 Ap 06, Helen 
Elizabeth b. 21 F 10 
Fast Louise [Louisa] Kimball b.a. 
115 N. Sandusky st. Tiffin O. 

student (French, Geraian) Heidelberg univ. 
98-99; libn Tiffin pub. lib. 99-10; mem. 
A.C.A, A.L.A. 

Finch Delia Maria b.l. 

200 Main st. Easthampton 

student (French, German, lit.) Geneva univ. 
02-03, Jena summer sch. 09; teacher Ash- 
land Mass. high sch. 99-00, tutor Dedham 
01-02, teacher Stamford Ct. high sch. 03 — 

Fisher^ Emma Catharine b.s. 

teacher Sterling Mass. Trumbull Ct. 00-01, 
Auburn Mass. 02-03, West Granville 03-04, 
Westport N. H. 04-07, Winchester 07-10 

♦Foster^ Leila Lincoln b.l. 

d. 13 My 04 Spartanburg S. C. 

Fowler Mary Pickering b.a. 

35 Burroughs st. Jamaica PlainJ 
Franklin Laura Isabella Porteus b.a. 

Kirkwood Mo. 
student St Louis Mo. sch. of fine arts 98-03 
French Marion Ellen b.l. (Mrs 

Francis Nelson Hawley) 

122 Cambridge st. Winchester 

teacher private sch. Winchester 98-99; 
m. 8 S 03; ch. Ferdinand French and Rus- 
sell b. 28 Mr 07 

♦Gibson Alice Edith b.a. 

student (zoology, educ.) Radcliffe 98-00, 
(botany, zoology) Marine biol. lab. 97, 
00-01,03; teacher (biol.) Braintree Mass. 
02- Mr 03, Medford Mr 03-05; d. 7 My 05 

Gould Nelle Julia b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Cross Vivash) Bayonne N. J. 

M.A. 01 Columbia; student (pedagogy, 
Latin, Eng.) (Columbia 00-01; teacher 
North Wales Pa. 98-00, Lake Mohegan 
N. Y. 01-02 ; m. 17 O 07 ; ch. Eileen b. 13 N 




Gower Ethel Margaret b.a. 

559 Orange st. New Haven Ct. 

M.A. 01 Univ. of Minn; student (Greek, 
philos, Eng.) Univ. of Minn. 00-01 ; teacher 
(Eng.) Howard eem. West Bridgewater 
Mass. Ap 02-03, private sch. New Haven 
05-06; mem. A.C.A. 

Graham" Bertha Ellen b.a. 

199 Elm St. West Haven Ct.t 

Gnimbine Agnes Emeline b.a. (Mrs 
Albert Jay Nock) 
144 E. Walnut st. Titusville Pa. 

m. 25 Ap 00; ch. Samuel Albert b. 17 F 01, 
Francis Jay b. 13 My 05 

Hall« Anne Hibbard b.a. (Mrs Paul 
Putnam Gaylord) 
14182 Euclid av. East Cleveland O. 

teacher (Latin, German) and asst prin. 
Rockville Ct. high sch. 98-01 ; m. 6 Jl 01 ; 
ch. Warner Russel b. 19 Mv 03, Gregory 
Hall b. 19 Je 05, Marjory b. 16 Ja 09 

Hammond" Elisabeth Penn b.a. 

(Mrs Winthrop Fillebrown) 


m. 16 O 01 ; ch. Thomas b. 27 O 02, Sarah 

Abbey b. 10 Mr 05, Elizabeth W. b. 22 Ag 

06, Helen b. 27 My 08. WUliam P. b. 8 S 09 

Hams" Helen Sophia b.l. (Mrs 
Chester F. Williams) 
12 Claflin st. Milford 

m. 18 Ap 06 

Harrison Louise b.l. 

4256 Maryland av. St Louis Mo. 

Harter Cornelia Sherman b.l. (Mrs 
William Dexter Stiger) 
Hewlett, Long Island N. Y. 
m. 26 N 04 

Hazen Louise Coleman b.a. 

68 Washington sq. New York 

student (astron, physics) Univ. of Pa. 
00-01 (math, physics) Dartmouth summer 
sch. 02. (math.) Univ. of Tex. 02-03; 
teacher Wilder Vt. 98-00, Tillotson col. 
Austin Tex. 01-03, Castleton Vt. state nor- 
mal sch. 03-04, New York high sch. 06 — 

Heidrich Bertha Estelle b.l. (Mrs 
William Smith Miles) 
125 Crescent av. Peoria 111. 
m. 7 Je 04; ch. William Smith jr b. 27 F 10 

Higgins Louise Marie b.l. (Mrs 
Harry Russell Tarbox) 
1178 Dean st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
m. 6 Jl 04; ch. Elizabeth Lemont b. 8 Jl 05, 
Margaret Morse b. 3 My 07 

Holmes Leila Strobridge b.l. (Mrs 
Dudley Landon Vaill) 
Winsted (station A) Ct. 

m. 28 Je 00; ch. Mary b. 21 O 02, Charles 
Beecher b. 1 Jl 04, Theodore b. 19 S 05, 
Dudley Landon jr b. 22 Ja 07, Holmes b. 
20 Ag 09 d. 30 O 09 

Hoy^ Mary Elizabeth b.l. 
Chicago Ill.t 

♦Hyde" Jessie Litchfield b.l. 

teacher East Machias Me. 98-00, Palmer 
Mass. 01- 04; d. 25 S 05 Southbridge 

♦Jackson Alice b.s. 

teacher New York and Brooklyn 98-99; sec. 
Girls club Greenfield Mass. 99-01, resident 
Christodora house New York 01-02, general 
sec. S.C.A.C.W. 02-04, organizer clubs for 
factory girls Ludlow Mass. 04-05; d. 13 D 

Jackson Maud AUiott b.s. (Mrs 
Charles Wesley Hulst) 
Englewood N. J. 

teacher Dwight sch. Englewood; m. 30 Je 

Johnson" Elizabeth b.a. 

145 Highland av. Somerville 
teacher Northboro Mass. 99-00, Nashua 
N. H, Winchester, Foxboro Mass, Hope- 
dale grammar sch. 

JoUey** Josephine Fisk b.a. (Mrs 

Clinton Burr Goodrich) 

Guantdnamo Cuba 
teacher Newark N. J. grade and high sch. 
98-04; m. 29 Je 04; ch. Irene Burr b. 23 Ag 

Joslin Mary Reed b.l. 

46 Burroughs st. Jamaica Plain 

student (educ.) Radcliffe 98-99; private 
tutor 99-03; stenographer Boston Ja 05 — , 
Research dept Women's educ. and indus- 
trial union Ja 07-Ag 08, with A. P. 
Schmidt, music publisher, Ag 08 — ; mem. 

Kendrick" Mary Pearson b.a. 

981 Madison av. New Yorkf 
Kennard Margaret b.l. (Mrs Arthur 

Vernon Woodworth) 

30 Chestnut st. Boston 

sec. Smith alum, assn 01-06; m. 14 O 03: 
ch. Kennard b. 5 Ap 05, Alfred Skinner 2d 
b. 10 Ag 07; mem. A.C.A. 
Kimball Edith Amanda b.l. (Mrs 
Robert Burrill Metcalf) 
10 Wild wood St. Winchester 

m. 5 Ja 99; ch. Robert Kimball b. 21 N 99 

Kimball Myrtle Lydia b.l. (Mrs 
Allan Hoyt Wilde) 
58 Mountain av. Maiden 
m. 23 My 00; ch. Nelson Kimball b. 9 Ap 
01, Elisabeth Hoyt b. 23 Ag 03, Alfred Allan 
b. 29 Ja 06 

Knight Sarah Winifred b.l. (Mrs 
Lewis Henry Thornton) 
421 N. Main st. Wellsville'N. Y. 
m. 7 O 03; ch. James b. 12 Ag 04 

Knowlton^ Mabel b. l. (Mrs Robert 
Henderson Strong) 
407 Clay st. Portland Ore. 
student (music) Chicago 00-04; teacher 
and student Mrs Gulick's sch. Biarritz 
winter of 00; teacher (music) Rockford 
col. 04-05; m. 1 F 10 




Large Mabel Bailey B. A. (Mrs Henry 
Titus Tones) Whitehouse N. J. 
m. 18 S 02 

Lathrop" Mary Helen b.a. (Mrs 
Ben Barrere Nelson) 
The Ridgeway, Avondale Cin- 
cinnati O. 

student Cincinnati normal sch. 98-F 99; 
teacher Miller private sch. Cincinnati 4 yr, 
Univ. private sch. 3 yr; m. 2 F 07; ch. 
Lathrop Barrere b. 25 D 08 

Lewis Helen Tumor b.l, (Mrs 
George Bennett Wilson) 
1002 Main st. Racine Wis. 
m. 6 Ap 08 

Lillie Florence b.l. (Mrs Frank 
Elisha Wheeler) 
162 Fort Pleasant av. Springfield 

editor for Webster's dictionary, Merriam co. 
Sprinfrfield O 98-00. F-Ag 02, Ja-Jl 03; 
teacher (En«.) Ware high sch. S-D 01, 
(hist.) Springfield high sch. 03-06; m. 31 

Lovejoy^ Deborah Eliza b.a. 
23 Garden st. Cambridge 

teacher Wilson acad. Angelica N. Y. 98-01, 
North Brookfield Mass. high sch. 01-02, 
Lincoln memorial imiv. Cumberland Gap 
Tenn. 02-05, Atlanta Ga. univ. 05-06, 
(Latin) Dilworth hall Pittsburg Pa. 06-10 

MacAlister" Julia Clyde b.l. 

4031 Walnut st. Philadelphia Pa. 

student (domestic science) Drexel inst. 
Philadelphia 98-99, 00 

McFadden Elizabeth Apthorp b.l. 
7 Ware st. Cambridge 

student (dramatic technique) Radcliffe 
08-09; cataloger Cincinnati pub. lib. 01-05; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Mack" Isabella b.a. (Mrs Charles 
E. Patton) 

Ko Chow, vii* Canton Chinaf 
M.D. 03 Woman's med. col. of Pa; student 
Woman's med. col. of Pa. 99-03; resident 
physician Woman's hospital Philadelphia 

Mackay Susan Haslett b.l. 
289 Tappan st. Brookline 

cataloger Boston puh lib. 99-08 ;J private 
sec. Boston 08— 

McWilliams Mary b.a. (Mrs John 

Porter Marsh 

y B.A. 

5546 Woodlawn av. Chicago 111. 

m. 16 D 02; ch. John McWilliams b. 3 F 
04, Lafayette McWilliams b. 26 D 06 

Martin Agnes Eulalie b.a. (Mrs 
Jerome Zerbe Bayliss) 
Box 46 Bessemer, Gogebic co. 
m. 21 Ja 03; ch. Jerome Zerbe Martin b. 

Martin Cora Minerva b.a. 

35 Arlington st. Chicopee Falls 
teacher Randolph Vt. high sen. 00; asst 
postmaster Chicopee Falls 01 — 

Mason Edna Harbour b.l. 
li-iSuffield Ct. 

Melius^ Lilla Marion b.l."''' (Mrs 
Maurice Woodbum Dickey) 
6 Hartwell st. Roxbury 
newspaper correspondent and editor with 
Springfield Union; m. 20D07; ch. Robert 
Melius b. 29 O 09 

Merrill"^ Florence b.a. 

212 W. Arrellago st. Santa Bar- 
bara Cal.f 
student (household economics) Simmons 
col; teacher Northern state normal and 
industrial sch. Aberdeen S. D. 03-05 

Milne Ruth Parsons b.a. 
5 Elk St. Albany N. Y. 

Montgomery Esther Wells b.l. (Mrs 
Matthew Finlay Carrott) 
1617 Hampshire st. Quincy 111. 

m. 10 N 03; ch. Montgomery Browning b. 
21 Jl 04, James Worthington b. 19 Jl 07 

Morris Julia Catharine b.s. (Mrs 
Nellis Barnes Foster) 
69 E. 54th St. New York 
student (chem, Eng.) Yale 00; teacher 
Utica N. Y. 99-01, Newton N. J. 02, em- 
ployed by Century pub. co. 03-04; m. 26 O 

Morrow Carol b.a. (Mrs Lyndon 
Rutan Connett) 
Port Washington Long Island 

N. Y. 

student N. Y. univ. sch. of pedagogy 
98-99; teacher (primary work) Mis* 
Beard's sch. Orange N. J. 00-03; m. 12 O 
03; ch. Margaret b. 10 Jl 04, Sophia b. 

Motter Ellen Inslee b.l. 

303 N. 8th St. St Joseph Mo. 

teacher (hist.) St Joseph high sch. 00 — 
MuUally Elizabeth Keith b.a. 

Burnham school Northampton 
• teacher (Latin, Greek) Ivy hall Bridgeton 

N. J. 98-00, Vail-Deane sch. Elizabeth 

00-04, Burnham sch. 04— 

Nute^ Mabel Lavinia b.a. 

The Ramblers, Monsey N. Y. 

student Boston xmiv. med. sch. 98-99 

O'Malley Alice Josephine b.a. 

269 Calle Bambang Manila P. I.f 

teacher Lawrence Mass. high sch. 98-01; 
Worcester high sch. 01-05 

Osgood** Frances May b.a. (Mrs 
Edward Steinhauer Baumann) 
Hubbard Woods 111. 

student (Eng. lit.) Radcliffe 98-99, (aes- 
thetics, pedagogy) Berlin univ. 02-03; m. 
2 S 07; ch. Edward Osgood and James 
Osgood b. 2 Je 08 




Padgham Estella Elizabeth b.l. 
65 Ames av. Rutherford N. J. 
student (theol.) Meadville theol. sem. 99— 
01; unitarian minister Perry la. 01-N 04, 
Rutherford N. J. D 04— 

Parker Frances Adeline b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick George Farquhar) 
m. 9 O 02 

Paul Eleanor Frances b.a. 
teacher Rogers hall Lowell Mass. 98-02 

Peck" Julia Esther b.a. (Mrs Fred- 
erick Anthony Strong) 
North Woodbury Ct. 

asst prin. Mitchell high sch. North Wood- 
bury 99, 00; m. D 03; ch. Frank Peck 
b. 8 04 

Pickett Julia b.a, 

911 Park av. New Yorkf 

instructor (Eng.) Columbus O. 98-01, Lake 
Forest univ. Lake Forest 111. 02-05 

Pickett Mary b.a. Cheshire Ct. 

student (French) Paris 03-04, summer of 
08; head (French dept) Mills col. Cal. 
98-02, instructor (botany) 98-00, (French) 
Ferry hall Lake Forest 111. 04 — 

Potter" Mary Lamb b.a. (Mrs 
Joseph Ayres Elder) 
68 Williams st. New London Ct. 

asst New London pub. lib. 99-02 ; m. 25 D 
02 ; ch. Thomas Potter b, 21Ja 05, Freeman 
b. 5 Ag 06 

Read Marion Pugh b.l. 

646 West End av. New York 

student (German, Eng.) Columbia 00-01 

♦Reed" Florence Munroe b.l. (Mrs 
Albert Newell Cryan) 
teacher 98-03; m. 19 My 04; d. Ja 08 
Rice" Mabel Agnes b.a. 

118 Bradford st. Pittsfield 

teacher (science) Pittsfield high sch. 

Richmond Gertrude Caroline b.l. 
(Mrs William Daniel Turck) 
10323 Kempton av. Cleveland O. 

teacher Adams Mass. training sch. 98-99, 
asst prin. Liberty st. sch. 99-F 00, teacher 
Washington Irving high sch. Tarrytown 
N. Y. F 00-04; m. 12 Je 05 
Ricker AHce Belle b.a. (Mrs John 
Everett Keach) 
Forest service Missoula Mon. 

teacher Westbrook sem. Portland Me. 
98-00, Windham high sch. Willimantic 
Ct. 00-07; m. 28 D 07; ch. John Ricker 
b. 24Je09; mem. A.C.A. 

Rose Helen Cromwell b.l. 

74 Bridge st. Northampton 

student (German, Eng.) RadcHffe 98-99 

Schlesinger Clara b.l. (Mrs Oscar 
Johnson Friedman) 
186 Michigan av. Chicago 111. 
m. 12 Ag 02; ch. William Jacob b. 5 O 03, 
Katherine Becker b. 22 Mr 07 

Seism" Josephine b.a. 

425 Quincy av. Scranton Pa. 

teacher Misses Hickok's sch. Morristown 
N. J. 99-00, Miss Baird's sch. Norwalk Ct. 
02-03, Park sch. Rutherford N. J. 

Scott Vera Charlotte b.l. (Mrs 
James Stewart Cushman) 
26 E. 95th St. New York 
m. 15 O 01 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Seelye Henrietta Sheldon b.a. 
Round hill Northampton 

grad. art 98 

Shepard" Frances Emelyn [Emeline] 
B.A. (Mrs Merrill Furbush Childs) 
99 Davis st. Greenfield 

teacher Deerfield acad. 98-99, Wrentham 
99-00; m. 18Je01 

Smith Lucy Cornelia b.l. (Mrs 
Edwin Burgin) 
139 Chesnut st. Holyoke 
m. 10 Jl 00 (husband d. 30 Ja 06); ch. 
Lucy May b. 30 N 02, Edwina b. 26 Mr 06 

Streeter Stella Georgiana b.l. 

M.A. 03 Columbia; student (educ, biol.) 
Teachers col. 02-03, (zoology) Barnard 
02-03, (protozoology) Columbia 07-08; 
teacher (science) high sch. Kempstead 
N. Y. 99-02, (biol.) Trenton N. J. 04-07, 
Jersey City 07-10; mem. Amer. assn for 
advancement of science 

Swan Ysabel b.l. 

Round hill Northampton 

Tarbell" Leona Estelle b.l. (Mrs 
Benjamin Carroll Crangle) 
1964 Penn av. S. Minneapolis 
student (kindergarten) Sch. of pedagogy 
Chicago summer of 00; asst kindergarten 
director Winona Minn. pub. sch. 00-05, 
director 05-06, instructor (intermediate 
dept) Lady Jane Grey sch. Binghamton 
N. Y. 06-07; m. 11 N 08 

Tarbox Elizabeth Dearborn b.l. 

(Mrs John Wheeler Lumbard) 

76 Waller av. White Plains N. Y. 

m. 21 Jl 03 ; ch. Elizabeth Wheeler b. 13 My 

06, Katherine Russell b. 5 My 08 

Thacher Elisabeth Bates b.a. 
69 Alleghany st. Roxbury 
mem. A.C.A. 

Todd AHce Adele b.l. 

82 Munroe st. Somerville 

M.A. 10 Boston univ; student (Eng. lit.) 
Radclifife 99-00, Boston univ. 07-10; 
teacher Somerville 98-99, high sch. Ded- 
ham 01-04, Springvale Me. 04-05, Quincy 
Mass. 05 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Tucker Ruth Estabrook b.a. (Mrs 
Anson Ely Morse) 
223 4th St. Marietta O. 
m. 21 Je 05; ch. Richard Ely b. 26 Jl 09 




Twining" Alice Kinsley b.a. (Mrs 
Eliot Watrous) 
3 Huntington st. New Haven Ct.f 

m. 4 My 04 

Wadleigh"^ Edna Blanche b.a. 
East Berkshire Vt. 

student (chem.) Harvard summer sch. 99, 
(physics) Johns Hopkins uiiiv. 03; teacher 
(Latin, Greek) Knickerbocker hall Indian- 
apolis Ind. 99-00, (math, science) Hannah 
More acad. Reisterstown Md. 00-08 

Waldo Cora b.l. (Mrs Pierce Butler) 
2224 Milan st. New Orleans La. 

student (hist, Eng.) Univ. of Tex. 00-01; 
teacher private sch. Philadelphia 98-00, 
instructor (Eng.) Univ. of Tex. 00-02; 
m. 25 Je 02 ; ch. Virginia Waldo b. 19 O 03, 
Pierce jr b. 16 N 05, Mary Frances Harrison 
b. 3 F 09 

Wheeler Lucia Mae B.s. (Mrs Joseph 
A. Hall) 

2513 Auburn av. Cincinnati O. 
m. 1 Ja 01 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Wheeler" Lucy May b.a. (Mrs James 
Franklin Brown jr) 
North Stonington Ct. 

m. 29 N 99; ch. Dorothy Wheeler b. 23 N 

00, Elizabeth Stanton b. 24 S 02, James 
Franklin 3d b. 15 D 06, Sarah Ann b. 9 My 

White" Charlotte Helen b.l. (Mrs 
George Walton Roberts) 
San Juan P. R. 
teacher New Rochelle N. Y. 98-00, San 
Juan 00-02 ; m. 5 O 02 ; ch. George White 
b. 10 D 03 d. 8 Ag 04, James White b. 
4 Mr 05, Helen May b. 13 My 07 

White" Ruth Dickinson b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur Hulbert Benton) 
119 Maple av. Troy N. Y. 

m. 27 S 98 

WiUiams" Harriet Atwood b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Anthony De Rose) 
11 School St. Northampton 

teacher Commercial col. Northampton 
99—; m. 23 JI 04; ch. Louise b. 18 Air 06, 
Charles Nathan b. 1 1 S 07 

Wing Adeline Flint b.l. 

412 State st. Bangor Me. 
Winsor Harriet Bartlett b.l. 

175 Forest Park av. Springfield 

Ptudent (lib. economy) Snringfield lib. F-N 
00; lib. asst City lib. assn Si )ringfield 00-07 

Wood Ruth Goulding b.l. 
Crescent st. Northampton 

Ph.D. 01 Yale; student (math.) Yale 98- 

01, fellow 99-01, Gottingen univ. 08-09; 
instructor (math.) Mt Holyoke 01-02, 
Smith 02-09, assoc. prof. 09—; mem. 
Amer. math. soc. 

Woodberry Ethel Morton b.a. 
56 Parsons st. West Newton 

student (hist.) Harvard summer sch. 03; 
tutor and substitute teacher; hi inventory 

Woodman Esther b.a. 

808 S. Main st. Geneva N. Y. 

student (Shakspere) Radcliffe 98-99 

Wright Christina Cameron b.l. 
20 Linden st. Fitchburg 

teacher Hitchcock free acad. Brimfield Mass. 
98-03, Washington D. C. central high sch. 

Total 144-*11 


Abbot"^ Helen Munro b.l. 

1210 Maple av. Zanesville O. 

student (hist, Eng. lit.) Univ. of Pa. 09-10; 
teacher St Mary's sch. Garden City N. Y. 

Adams"^ Mary Dean b.l. 

50 Chelmsford st. Lowellf 

student Berlin univ. 01-03; teacher Bristo 
sch. 03-04; worker Travelers aid soc. 
New York l}/i yr; investigator Inter- 
municipal research com, N. Y. state com. 
of immigration, Sch. luncheon com. 

Adler^ Carolyn b.a. (Mrs Alvin 
Henry Lauer) 

554 Hale av. Avondale Cincinnati 

m. 2 Je 04; ch. Henry Adler b. 8 Ag 05, 
Esther b. 23 Ja 07, Robert Alvin b. 3 My 10 

Aitkin Isobel Graham b.l. (Mrs 
Holland Thompson) 
102 Waverley pi. New York 

student (music) Northampton 99-00, New 
York 01-03; tutor New York 03-05; m. 
19 Ag 05 ; ch. Laurence b. 14 Ag 08 

Allen Abby Louise b.a. (Mrs John 
Nicholson Eaton) 
35 Lenox st. West Newton 

m. 17 Je 03 ; ch. Janet Nicholson b. 6?Ag 04, 
Alice Allen b. 14 Jl 07 

Ames Blanche b .l. (Mrs Oakes Ames) 
"Borderland" North Easton 

grad. art 99; m. 15 My 00; ch. Pauline'b. 
21 O 01, Oliver b. 22 My 03, Amyas b. 15 Je 
06, Evelyn b. 8 Ja 10 

Andrew Helen Merrell b.l. (Mrs 
Isaac Patch) East Gloucester 
m. 27D01: ch. Helen Andrew b. 10 D 03, 
Marian b 15 Ap 09 

Austin"^ Clara Mellona b.a. (Mrs 
Guy Monroe Winslow) 
145 Woodland road Auburndale 

instructor (Eng.) Lasell sem.*Auburndale 
00-03; m. 10 Je 03; ch. Richard Austin 
b. 20 S 08, Marjorie b. 17 N 09 

Ballou Marie Louise b.l, 

16 Harris av. Woonsocket R. LJ 

student Sch. of housekeeping Boston 1 yr 

Barber" CarroUe b.l. (Mrs Lincoln 
646 S. Madison av. Pasadena Calf 

general sec. S.C.A.C.W. 01-02; m. 27 Ag 
00; ch. Lincoln b. 16 O 07 




Barber Louise b.l. 

519 Oakland av. Pasadena CaL 
asst (astron.) Smith 02-03 

Barkwill** Margaret Childs b.a. (Mrs 
Samuel Karl Johns) 
10082 Republic court Cleveland 

m. 20 O 03: ch. Samuel Charles b. 20 Ap 06 

Barlow Lola Delphine b.s. (Mrs 
Joseph Augustus Derby) 
120 Huntington st. New Haven 

m. 3 O 00; ch. John Barlow b. 13 Jl 02, 

Rachel b. 7 Je 05 

Bates" Edith Wright b.l. (Mrs 
Arthur Martin Clapp) 
The Kenson, 10 Chestnut st. 
m. 25 O 05 

Bates" Ellen Coalter b.l. 

3522 Washington av. St Louis 

Ph.M. 05 Chicago univ. 

Beane" Elizabeth Silsbee b.a. 

private teacher Newburyport Mass. 99-04 

Beane" Nellie Bailey [Bayley] b.a. 
Attica N. Y. 

class of 98 

Bedell" Elizabeth Caroline b.l. 

20 N. Mountain av. Montclair 

student (music) 99-00, (cooking) Teachers 
col. 01-02 

Bell Caroline Stowell b.a. (Mrs 

David Foster) 

45 Oriole st. West Roxbury 
m. 9 O 01 ; ch. Mary Paddock b. 8 O 02, 
Rachel b. 10 My 04, Caroline Stowell b. 
7 DOS 

Bell Mary White b.l. 

65 Bartlet st. Andover 

Benham" Cora May b.l. (Mrs James 
Mitchell Neff) 
100 State St. Chicago Ill.t 

m. 24 N 02 

Bixby Alice Martin b.l. 
45 Summer st. SalemJ 

Bixby Mabel Symonds b.l. (Mrs 
WiUiam Everett Hoyt) 
17 Roslyn st. Salem 

m. 21 Je 10 

Blair Margene b.a. 

34 Floral av. Binghamton N. Y. 

student (pedagogy) N. Y. state normal col. 
99-00; teacher Germantown N. Y. 01-02, 
5th grade Hudson 02-04, (Eng.) Lestershire 
high sch. 04 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Bliss Harriet Chalmers b.l. 
404 W. 115th St. New York 

clerk Century co. 99; reader Century maga- 
zine 02— 

Booth" Myra Budlong b.l. 

36 School St. Pawtucket R. I. 

teacher Lonsdale R. I. grammar sch. 99-01. 
Garden st. grammar sch. Pawtucket 01-05, 
high sch. 05 — 

Boynton" Carolyn Adelia b.l. 

33 Beacon st. Florence 

teacher Allen normal sch. Thomasville Ga. 
99-00, (Eng, hist.) Bedford Pa. high sch. 
01-04, Albany Ore. col. 04-05, The Dalles 
Ore. high sch. 05-08, Nashua N. H. high 
sch. F 09-10 

Brackett Georgianna May b.l. (Mrs 
Frank Campbell King) 
Leavenworth Kan. 

m. 16 Ap 02 ; ch. Edward Brackett b. 27 Mr 
03 d. 18 Jl 03, Rachel Hadley b. 27 Ap 04, 
Kate Loraine b. 30 Mr 07 

Burrage Edith May b.a. 

34 Harrison av. Northampton 

student Simmons col. lib. sch. 03-04; 
apprentice Ivancaster Mass. lib. O 02-S 03, 
lib. organizer Bolton pub. lib. Jl 04- Ja 05, 
Wellesley pub. lib. Ag 05-O 06, Harvard 
med. sch. Ja-S 07, asst libn Clark univ. lib. 
07-O 08, Smith O 08—; mem. A.L.A. 

Buzzell Edith Virginia b.a. (Mrs 
Harry Frank Cameron) 
Central Village 

student North Adams Mass. normal sch. 
spring of 02 ; teacher Amherst high sch. 99, 
Lee Me. normal sch. 00, (Eng.) St Hilda's 
industrial sch. Morristown N. J. 01, prin. 
Charlemont Mass. grammar sch. 02, Byfield 
grammar sch. 03-04, teacher (Eng.) Cebu, 
Cebii, Philippine Islands 04 — ; m. 18 F 05; 
ch. Anne b. 11 Ja 06, Virginia b. 14 S 07 

Capelle Mabel b.a. (Mrs Edward 
Betts Brisley) 
215 Poplar av. Wayne Pa. 

m. 9 F 04 (husband d. 8 Ja 08) ; ch. Louise 
Post b. 6 S 05, Margaret Capelle b. 3 Jl 08 

Carpenter" Winifred Gillett b.a. 
140 Millville av. Naugatuck Ct. 

teacher, prin. Amer. sch. Ponce P. R. 99- 
02, (hist.) State st. grammar sch. Spring- 
field Mass. 02-05, Penn charter sch. Phila- 
delphia 05-08, New Rochelle N. Y. high 
sch. 08— 

Chamberlain [Chamberlin] Louise 
b.l. (Mrs Charles Jackson War- 
ren) 18 Broadway New York 

m. 23 S 02 ; ch. Charles Jackson jr b. 12 N 
05. Edward Chamberlin b. 26 D 07 

Chamberlin" Mary Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Arthur James Folsom) 
Forest Grove Ore.f 

M.A. 08 Marietta col; teacher (German, 
Eng, hist.) Marietta col. 00-02; m. 11 O 02; 
ch. Joseph Chamberlin b. 13 F 04, Mary 
Juliette b. 07 




Chapin Grace Porter b.l. 

150 Meeting st. Providence R. I. 

I. A.C.A. 

♦Chase Allace Corbett b.l. 

d. 5 Je 00 Randolph Vt. 

Cheney Emily Grace b.l. 
South Manchester Ct. 

Childs Mary Chaffin b.l. 

48 Richardson st. Newton 

student (music) 99 — 

Chittenden Edith Russell b.a. 

83 Trumbull st. New Haven Ct. 

teacher (German) St Mary col. Raleigh 
N. C. 04-05 

Choate Miriam Foster b.a. 

18 Pierrepont st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

M.A. 02 Columbia; student (political 
science) Columbia 00-02); teacher (hist.) 
Greenwich Ct. acad. 03-09, Brooklyn 
heights sem. 09 — 

Churchill Gertrude Holbrook b.l. 

(Mrs William Alonzo Whitney) 

91 Orchard st. Methuen 
asst botanical lab. Smith 98-99; teacher 
(science) New Britain Ct. 99-00, in charge 
(primary dept) Fauntleroy hall sch. Rox- 
bury Mass. F-Je 00, instructor (nature 
study) Newton Center vacation sch. Jl-Ag 
00; substitute libn Boston pub. lib. O 00-S 
01, libn and sec. Evening inst. of Y. M. C. 
A. 01-D 08, sec. D 08-D 09; m. 22 D 09 

Clark Helen May b.l. (Mrs William 
F: B. Leavitt) 
Essex Fells N. J. 

teacher North Brookfield Mass. 99-00, 
Middlebury Vt. 01; settlement worker 
Brooklyn N. Y. 01-02; companion and sec; 
m. 6 Ag 07 

Clough'* Etta Louise b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Hatch Merritt) 
413 Cumberland st. Lebanon Pa.f 

m. 1 My 01 ; ch. William Hatch jr b. 5 Mr 

03 d. 7 My 04 

Cobum Harriet b.l. 

275 Andover st. Lowell 
teacher (hist, Eng.) Rogers hall sch. Lowell 
Ja 00-07 

Coe Miriam Storrs b.s. 

42 W. 52d St. New York 

student (physics) Barnard 99-00, (zoology) 
Columbia.02-03, 04^06 

Cook" Elizabeth Christine b.a. 

83 Pomeroy terrace Northampton 

M.A. 02 Columbia; student (Eng, educ.) 
Columbia 01-02, 08-10; head (Eng. dept) 
Asbury Park N. ,J. high sch. 03-08, asst 
(Eng.) Barnard 09-10; mem. N.E.A. 

Crandon" Laura Bishop b.a. 

366 Commonwealth av. Boston 
teacher Chelsea high sch. 99-02, Springfield 
high sch. 

Cranston Bertha b.a. (Mrs Edward 
Mendinhall Philips) 
19th and Monroe sts. Wilming- 
ton Del. 

m. 1 D 99; ch. Augustine Louise b. 15 O 00, 
Bertha Cranston b. 27 Ag 02, Edward Men- 
dinhall b. 22 F 04, Ethel Warner b. 4 Ag 06, 
John Cranston b. 4 F 10 

Craven" Gertrude b.l. Roxbury Ct.f 
teacher Orange N. J. 99-01, Yonkers 01-03 

Darling" Ethel Maria b.a. 
Thompson ville Ct. 

R.N. 04 Presbyterian hospital; student 
training sch. for nurses Presbyterian hos- 
pital New York 01-04; private nurse New 
York 04— 

Demond Helen Keyes b.l. (Mrs 
Albert Robinson) 
11 Warren st. Peabody 
tutor (French, algebra) 99-01; m. 25 S 01 

Dering" Charlotte Ray b.a. (Mrs 
Ernest Streetor Barkwill) 
8912 Cedar av. Cleveland O. 

m. 8 Je 03; ch. Charles Bering b. 9 Ag 06 

Dodge" Anna Marion b.a. 
Bndgewater Vt.f 

teacher West Woodstock Vt. district sch. 
99-00, high sch. Proctor 00-01, Alexandria 
Bay N. Y. 01-04, preceptress 06-08, 
teacher North Tonawanda 05-06, Crook- 
ston Minn. 08-09, Mansfield Ore. 09 — 

Dow Florence Estelle b.l. (Mrs 

Dana Estes) 

23 Englewood av. Brookline 
m. 1 N 00; ch. Elizabeth McLellan b. 20 Mr 
06, Dana jr b. 6 Mr 10 

Drury Miriam b.l. 

17 Fairview st. Newton 

student Miss Wheelock's kindergarten 
training sch. Boston 99-01 

Duggan" Mary Elizabeth b.a. 
17 Lorraine st. Hartford Ct. 

teacher New Britain Ct. 00-02, Hartford 

Eastman Emma b.l. (Mrs Edward 
Rawson Godfrey) 
172 Kenduskeag av. Bangor Me. 

m. 22 F 05; ch. Mary Elizabeth b. 14 N 05, 
Edward Rawson jr b. 19 N 07 

Eastman" Fanny Mears b.a. 
North Amherst 

teacher Chaseville sch. Dudley Mass. 99-00, 
Millbury high sch. 00-02. "Franklin sch. 
Medford 02— 

Eaton Clarace Goldner b.l. (Mrs 
Thomas FrankHn Gait) 
5030 Kensington av. St Louis 

student (Eng.) Radcliffe 00-F 02; m. 1 Ja 
03; ch. Clarace Eaton b. 19 S 03, JVances 
Franklin b. 15 O 06, Thomas Franklin 
b. 29 Jl 08 




Ellis Edith Almira b.l. (Mrs Her- 
bert Eugene Getchel) 
51 Prospect st. Woonsocket R. I. 
m. 7 Je 05; ch. Martha b. 25 Ap 06, Joan b. 

Fairbank Mary Darling b.a. 
teacher Mrs Piatt's sch. Utica N. Y. 99-00, 
Pratt inst. high sch. Brooklyn 00-01, 
Bergen sch. for girls Jersey City N. J. 01- 
03; miss'y under W. U. M. S. of New York, 
Jhansi U. P. India 

Fort^" Eva Sophie b.a. 

37 Maynard st. Springfield 

M.A. 08 Radcliffe; student Geneva univ. 
Switzerland, Alliance fran^aise Paris sum- 
mer of 02, (French, German, hist, lit.) 
Radcliffe 07-08; official tutor (French) 
Smith 99-02; teacher (French, German) 
Hackettstown N. J. 02-03; head (French 
dept) Nat. park sem. Forest Glen Md. 03- 
07, instructor (col. dept) N. Y. normal col. 
08 — ; mem. Alliance f ranfaise 

Frame Virginia Woodson b.l. (Mrs 
J. William Church) 
Richmond Va. 

student (Eng. extension course) Univ. of 
Cal. 01, (Eng.) Columbia 05, (illustration) 
New York art league; teacher (Eng, hist.) 
Belmont Cal. 02-04; tator New York; 
writer for magazines, on staff of Theatre 
Magazine; m. 14 O 08; ch. Elizabeth 
Courtenay b. 10 F 10; mem. Amer. drama- 
tists soc. 

Fraser" Annie Elizabeth b.l. 

1426 N. Pennsylvania st. In- 
dianapolis Ind. 

Ganong" Susan Brittain b.s. 

Netherwood, Rothesay N. B. 

teacher Halifax ladies col. 99-03, prin. 
Netherwood sch. for girls Rothesay 03 — 

Oilman Ethel Sears b.a. 
9 Baldwin st. Newton 

Goldsmith Gertrude Brown b.a. 
12 Lincoln st. Manchester 

student (psj'^ch, pedagogy, biol, lit.) 
Salem Mass. state normal sch. 99-00; 
teacher Salem state normal sch. Mr 00 — 

Goldthwait Eleanor Rand b.l. 

Goodnow Mary Edith b.l. (Mrs 
Roland Rogers Cutler) 
1140 Pleasant st. Bridgewater 

m. 24 Je 08; ch. Isadore Goodnow b. 21 Ap 

Goodwin Sarah Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 
Austin Nichols Botsford) 
Newtown Ct. 

M.A. 01 Brown; student (Greek, Latin, 
German) Brown 99-01; teacher high sch. 
Newtown, Braraford, Danbury, Peace 
Dale R. I. 03-10; m. 19 Ap 10 

Goodyear"^ Anna Lyman b.l. 
North Haven Ct. 

teacher and prin. North Haven grammar 
sch. 01-02, teacher Booth prep. sch. New 
Haven 03-05; private tutor (Latin, French, 

Greenman Mary b.a. (Mrs Edward 
Strong Worcester) 
122 Union st. Norwich Ct. 
student Marine biol. lab. Woods Hole Mass. 
summer of 99; m. 12 O 09; mem. A.C.A. 

Gunderson Lily Elnora b.l. 

c/o Joseph H. Wallace & co. 
5 Beekman st. New York 

student (educ.) Clark univ. 00-01, (com- 
mercial course) Drexel inst. Philadelphia 
S-D 05, (industrial engineering) New York 
univ. 07-08, (German, Spanish) Stern sch. 

sch. 99-02, Holyoke high sch. 02-06; 

fjrivate sec. and general office manager 
or J. H. Wallace & co. industrial engineers 

Hall Edith Hayward b.a. 
Woodstock Ct.t 

Ph.D. 07 Bryn Mawr; student (Greek) 
Bryn Mawr 00-03 ; Mary E. Garrett fellow 
01-02, Agnes Hoppin scholar (archaeol.) 
Amer. sch. of classical studies Athens 03- 
05; teacher Woodstock acad. 99-00, Miss 
Shipley's sch. Brvn Mawr Pa. 00-04, in- 
structor Mt Holyoke 08-10 

Hall Ehzabeth Newcomb b.l. (Mrs 
Judson Scott Todd) 
45 W. 50th St. New York 
m. 14 My 08; ch. Judson Scott jr 

Hall" Flora Belle b.a. (Mrs Lewis 
Eugene Graves) 
64 Grove st. NorthamjDton 

teacher Lincoln sch. New Britain Ct. 99-02 ; 
m. 11 Je 02; ch. Margaret Webler b. 19 Mr 

Harris^ Bertha Marie b.l. (Mrs 
Ross Carleton Cornish) 
5030 Schuvler st. Germantown 

teacher (hist, Eng.) Racine Wis. high sch. 
02-04; m. 21 J104 

Harter Amanda Moore b.l. (Mrs 

James Underbill Fogle) 

982 N. Cleveland av. Canton O. 
m. 17 Ap 01; ch. Elizabeth b. 6 Jl 02, 
James Underbill jr b. 30 S 05, WUliam 
Lewis b. 6 Ap 08 

Hasbrouck Gertrude Marie b.a. 
117 State St. Bristol R. I. 

student (vocal music) Providence R, I. 
01-02, 03-04, (hist, of art) 03-04, (house- 
hold economics) Amer. sch. of household 
economics Chicago 04-05 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Hastings Bertha Almenia b.a. 

substitute and private teacher 99-05, 
teacher (Latin) Piedmont col. Demorest 
la. 05 — , preceptress 06-08 




Hastings'^ Ethel Deane b.a. (Mrs 
James Lewis Todd) 
265 Chicopee st. Chicopee 

m. 25 Je 02 ; ch. Norman Hastings b. 7 Mr 

Hayes" Hope Beatrice b.l. (Mrs 
Howard Harland Chase) 
R. F. D. 3 Nashua N. H. 
teacher Pittsfield Mass. 00-01, Newton 
Center 01-03, Pelham N. H. pub. sch. 
03-05; m. 24D06 M 

Hazard** Grace Walcott b.l. (Mrs 
Roscoe Piatt Conkling) 
Catskill N. Y. 

student (physical geog.) Harvard summer 
sch. 99, (music, lang.) Heidelberg univ. 
02-03, Paris 03-04; tutor South Wood- 
stock Ct. 99-01; teacher (Eng. Latin, 
Greek) Graham sch. New York 01-02; 
writer; m. 18 S 05; ch. Elsa b. 2 F 09 

♦Heath" Lucie Florena b.l. 
d. 3 S 00 St Paul Minn. 

Hill Alice Wilbur b.l. (Mrs Fred- 
erick A. W. Drinkwater) 
The Woodlands, Llangollen North 
m. 24 Je 07 

Hills Caroline Cheney b.l. (Mrs 
John Weston Allen) 
28 Lakewood road Newton High- 

m. 12 Je 01 ; ch. Helen §pencer b. 8 Ap 02 

Grace Weston b. 5 N 05 

Hills Jane Reed b.l. (Mrs Guy 
Erastus Beardsley) 
153 Oxford st. Hartford Ct. 

student (pub. finance) Wesleyan univ. 99- 
00; m. 2 D 03; ch. John Hills b. 27 O 04, 
Guy Erastus jr b. 12 O 06, Roxanne b. 
18 My 10 

Hitchcock Florence Weller b.a. (Mrs 
John M. James) 
192 Beech st. Holyokef 
m. 9 O 01 ; ch. Elizabeth Adele b. 8 Mr 09 

Hoag:Mary Stirling b.a. (Mrs Nel- 
son Kingsland Moody) 
c/o Prairie oil and gas co. 
Independence Kan. 

m. 22 N 06 

Hollinger Georgie Anna b.l. 

3532 Central st. Kansas City Mo.f 

teacher Kansas City grammar sch. 

Homer Ruth Louise b.l. (Mrs 

George Franklin Allen) 

Munro park and Lake shore 

Toronto Can. 
m. 20 S 00; ch. Louise Hart b. 8 My 07, 
Ruth b. 10 Ja 09 

Hopkins Mary Murray b.a. 

350 Washington av. Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

student (physics) Columbia summer sch. 
07, (chem.) 09; teacher (math, Latin) 
Miss Richey's private sch. Bay Ridge N. Y. 
99-03, (math.) Adelphi acad. spring of 04, 
(music, cooking) Sch. settlement Brooklyn 
02-06, asst (astron.) Smith 06-08, instruc- 
tor 08 — ; mem. British astron. assn, Amer. 
astron. and astrophysical soc. 

Huntington" Ruth Marian b.s. (Mrs 

Max Brodel) 

707 N. CarroUton av. Baltimore 

fellow (zoology) Smith 99-00 ;_ teacher 
(med. illustration) Johns Hopkins univ. 
O 00-D 02; m. 31 D 02; ch. Elizabeth 
Huntington b. 9 O 03, Ruth Warner b. 

23 Ap 05 d. 1 Je 08, Carl Huntington b. 
7 Je08 

Isola Margherita b.l. (Mrs Charles 
Gilman Hyde) 

2579 Buena Vista way Berkeley 

student (biol.) Radcliffe 99-00; m. 21 My 
01 ; ch. Margherita b. 24 Ag 02, Helen b. 

24 D 05, Katharine Dickey b. 15 Mr 10 

James"^ Ethel b.a. (Mrs Edward 
Albert Quin) 
226 Gates av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

grad. art; student (art) Pratt inst. Brook- 
lyn 01 ; m. 6 D 04; son and dau. d. at birth 

Judson"^ Mary Eunice b.a. 

13 High St. Thomaston Ct.t 

teacher East Orange N. J. 02-05 

Keith Roberta McGee b.l. (Mrs 
John Dawson Howe) 
3619 Walnut st. Kansas City Mo.f 
m. 23 Ja 07 
Keller^ Helen Rex b.l. 

235 Forest Hills st. Jamaica Plainf 
student N. Y. state lib. sch. 99-01; asst 
Boston pub. lib. 01-02, cataloger la. state 
lib. Des Moines la. 02-05, asst. Rosenberg 
lib. Galveston Tex. 05, Utica pub. lib. 05- 
Jl 06, asst libn and instructor Drexel inst. 
lib. sch. Philadelphia 07-09, cataloger 
Columbia lib. 09 — 

Kelly Edith Amanda b.a. (Mrs 
Frank Parker Davis) 
1235 Judson av. Evanston 111. 

student (geol, mineralogy) Radcliffe 00-01 ; 
m. 28 O 03; ch. Frank Parker jr b. 14 Ap 
05, Amanda Bernice b. 5 N 06 

Kennard Mary b.a. (Mrs George 
Cranch Scott) Framingham 

m. 1 Je 05; ch. Henry Bruce b. and d. 
9 F 06, Mary Adams b. 2 S 08 

Ketchum Florence b.l. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Rogers Westerfield) 
480 Park st. Upper Montclair 

m. 15 O 01; ch. Elizabeth b. 20 Ag 02, 
Jean b. 22 F 05 




Keyes" Mary Willard b.l. 
The Ark, Jaffrey N. H. 

teacher Miss Markham's sch. Cambridge 
Mass. 99-00, Spuyten Duyvil 01-02, Miss 
Hoover's sch. Paterson N. J. 02-05, Abbot 
hiU sch. Wilton N. H. 07-09, Mrs von 
Mach's sch. Boston 09-10 

Kimball Alice b.l. 

16 Montague st. Providence R. I. 
mem. A.C.A. 

King Marjorie b.l. (Mrs William 
Stewart Oilman) 
1721 Pearl st. Sioux City la. 

m. 6 Je 00; ch. Florence King b, 7 My 01, 
Daniel Trimble b. 9 Mr 04, Henry King b. 
27 My 07 

Klock Eunice Pearl b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick Uhlmann Dunning) 
165 Main st. Oneida N. Y. 

m. 7 Ag 07; ch. Alma Louise b. 16 My 08 

Knox** Alice Adelaide b.a. 
Upper Montclair N. J. 

M.A. 06 Columbia; student (botany) 
Columbia 03-06; tutor Northampton Mass. 
00-01, New York 02-03; teacher Morris- 
town N. J. 01-02, asst (botany) Barnard 
03-05, Bronx Garden 05-06. (botany dept) 
Carnegie inst. Washington D. C. 06-07. 
private sch. Lakewood N. J. 07-09, head 
private sch. Upper Montclair 09 — ; mem. 
Amer. assn for advancement of science 

Kotzschmar" Dorothea b.l. (Mrs 
Arthur Wilhelm Heinrich Sachsse) 
370 W. 118th St. New York 

M.A. 09 Columbia: student (German hist, 
and lit.) Berlin imiv. summers 00, 02, 04, 
Columbia 07-09; teacher (German) Port- 
land Me. high sch. 01-06, New York normal 
col. high sch. 07-09, head (German dept) 
09—; m. 2S06 

Lane** Harriet Belle b.l. (Mrs 
Ralph Bemis Oibbs) 
c/o Library bureau, 316 Broad- 
way New York 
m. 1 D 07 

Lang" Isoline Louise b.l. 

Graham hall Minneapolis Minn.t 

teacher Wayne Pa. 00-03, Pittsbxu-g 03-05, 
Graham hall sch. 07 — 

Leonard" Lois Angie b.l. Cheshire 

student (French) Nancy France My-S 01, 
(German) Hannover Germany 05-07; 
teacher Windsor Ct. high sch. 99-00, 
Miss Barbour's sch. Hartford 00-01, special 
teacher (French) New Bedford Mass. pub. 
sch. 01-05 

Lincoln" Alice Velma b l. 

43 Pleasant st. Brunswick Me. 


Lincoln Kate Leland b.s. (Mrs 
Robert Brastow Porter) 
4 Day st. North Easton 

teacher Beverly Mass. high sch. 99-00, 
Wakefield high sch. 01-02, Miss Winsor's 
8ch. for girls Boston 02-03, Bellow's sch. 
03-05; m. 1 Je 05 

Lindquist" Lilly b.a. 

606 Cookman av. Asbury Park 

teacher Ypsilanti Mich, high sch. 4 yr, 
Canada 3 yr, Calumet Mich. 1 yr. 

Lyman Mary Alice b.l. (Mrs 

Nathaniel Lewis Goodrich) 

University library Austin Tex. 

B.L.S. 05 N. Y. state lib. sch; student 

N. Y. state lib. sch. 99-01; asst traveling 

lib. division 01-08; m. 30 Jl 08 

Lynch" Alice Allen b.a. (Mrs George 
PauU Alexander) 
362 W. 3d St. Mansfield O 
m. 26 D 07; ch. Ruth Paull b. 12 Ja 09 

McAuley Millie Gordon b.l. 
Windsor Locks Ct. 

teacher primary grades Warehouse Point 
Ct. 02-04, (U. S. hist.) New Britain gram- 
mar sch. 04^ — 

McClintock" Alice b.l. (Mrs Charles 
Andrew Graham) 
925 Logan av. Denver Col. 

m. 6 D 04; ch. Elizabeth b. 2 .Ta 06, Charles 
Andrew jr b. 10 .Ja 08; mem. A.C.A. 

Makepeace" Helen Eva b.a. (Mrs 
Ralph Stayner Lillie) 
Biological hall, Univ. of Pa. 
Philadelphia Pa.f 

teacher Norwalk Ct. 00-01, Miss Keller's 
sch. New York 01-04; m. 2 Je 06; ch. 
Frank Rattray 2d b. 08 

Marcy Annie Maude b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Melvis Crooks) 
m. 25 S 01; ch. Elizabeth Foster b. 11 Jl 
02, Grosvenor Marcy b. 2 Mr 04 

Martin Harriet Goodrich b.a. 
9 W. Silver st. Westfield 

teacher (Eng.) Spencer Mass. high sch. 
99-01, reader (Eng. lit.) Smith 01-03, 
asst (Eng.) Monmouth 111. col. 03-04, 
teacher Portsmouth N. H. high sch. 06-07, 
Highland Park 111. high sch. 07-10 

♦May Margaret Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 
Andrew Henshaw Ward) 
m. 3 Jl 99; ch. Margaret Henshaw b. 11 
Ag 00. Faith b. 21 N 02, Elizabeth Walcott 
b. 18Ag04; d.07 

Merchant Helen Bumham b.a. 

34 Pleasant st. Gloucester 

Merrill" Bertha Alice b.l. 
39 Abbott st. Lawrencet 

Merrill Ella Patten b.l. 

35 S. Oxford st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher Plymouth N. H. state normal sch. 
99-02, Farmington Me. state normal sch. 
02-04, (science) Brooklyn training sch. for 
teachers 04 — 




Mitchell Nellie Louise b.l. 

722 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 

teacher private sch. New Bedford Mass. 
99-00 ; tutor St Paul Minn. 00-01 ; teacher 
Colby acad. New London N. H. 01-02, 
sec. Hartford state board of educ. 02 — 

Mohr** Marie [Mary] Angeline b.l. 
(Mrs Henry Cornwall Hays) 
Bonner Springs Kan. 

m. 14 Je 06; ch. Helen Mohr b. 27 My 07, 
Eleanor Sarah b. 29 Mr 10 

Montgomery" Georgina Gardiner b.l. 
4 Ferguson pi. Holyoke 

M.A. Columbia (romance lang and lit.); 
teacher (French) Washington Irving high 
sch. for girls New York 

Moore" Alice Gertrude b.l. (Mrs 
Richard Winslow Nutter) 
162 NewbuiT st. Brockton 

teacher (Eng, French, German) Lewis 
high sch. Southington Ct. 99-02, Brockton 
high sch. 02-04; m. 4 Ja 05; ch. Richard 
Winslow jr b. 11 Ap 06, Albert Moore b. 

Mossman" Grace Ethel b.l. (Mrs 
Walter Fairbanks Sawyer) 
67 Prichard st. Fitchburg 
m. 27 Je 00 ; ch. Walter Fairbanks jr b. 23 
D 02, Helen Mossman b. 22 N 07 

Moulton" Susy Pressey b.a. 
10 Mall St. Salemt 
teacher (French, German) Powder Point 
sch. for boys Duxbury Mass. 09-10 

Mynter Agnes b.a. 

566 Delaware av. Buffalo N. Y. 

student (piano) Copenhagen Denmark 
Ja 02-F 0.3; teacher (music) Ap 03 — ; 
translator Danish and Swedish songs 

Nelson" Mary Blanchard b.a. 
West Actonf 
teacher West Acton 99-01, Littleton 01-07, 
Somerville spring of 08 — 

Palmer" Leila Madge b.a. 

48 Irving pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

fellow (Latin, Greek, psych, pedagogy^ 
Columbia 00-01; teacher (Latin, Greek) 
Packer inst. Brooklyn 01 — 

Parry Frances Camp b.a. 

900 Lincoln av. N. S. Pittsburg Pa. 

teacher (Eng.) Hollidaysburg Pa. sem. 
99-00, 01-02, Pittsburg high sch. 02-06, Alle- 
gheny prep. sch. 08-10; worker for annual 
exhibition (fine arts dept) Carnegie inst. 
06-07; mem. A.C.A. 
Patton Helen Hepburn b.l. (Mrs 
Lucius Hart Beers) 
120 E. 39th St. New York 
m. 28 Ap 03; ch. Henry Newell b. 13 Ag 05 

Perkins Alice Choate b.a. (Mrs 
Osborne Leach) 
417 Maple st. Danvers 

teacher Waynflete sch. Portland Me. Ja 
00-01, tutor and substitute teacher Salem 
Mass. high sch. 01-Ap 02; agent in training 
Associated charities Boston Ja-S 03; 
m. 11 N 03; ch. Harriet Peabody b. 1 D 04, 
Anthony Osborne b. 13 Ap 06, Lawrence 
Roberts b. 21 Jl 07 

Phelps Ruth Shepard b.l. 

2323 Park av. Minneapolis Minn. 

M.A. 10 Columbia; student (Eng.) Univ. 
of Minn. 99-01, (romance lang. and lit.) 
C!olumbia 08-10; writer; mem. A.C.A. 

Porter Annah Goldthwait b.l. 
155 Ocean st. LynnJ 

teacher Lynn 

Pulsifer Mary Oilman b.l. 
150 Babcock st. Brookline 
student (French) Sorbonne, Paris 99-00, 
(constitutional hist, of Eng, Chaucer) 
Univ. col, of London autumn of 00; teacher 
Commonwealth av. sch. Boston 03 — ; 
mem. A.C.A. 
Putnam Margaret Ross b.l. (Mrs 
William Dixon Lilly) 
1307 Bolton st. Baltimore Md. 

student Woods Hole Mass. biol. lab. sum- 
mer of 99 ; teacher Brooklyn and Baltimore 
99-06; m. 4 S 06; |ch. Katherine Wethered 
b. 14 Jl 08 

Putney" Edith Nichols b.a. 

335 E. 17th St. Brooklyn N. Y.f 
Putney Ellen Clement b.a. (Mrs 

Walter O. Lane) 

55 Cliff St. Burlington Vt. 

teacher Murdock high sch. Winchendon 00-01, private sch. Burlmgton 01-03; 
m. 8 Je 03 ; ch. Mary Phillips b. 4 Ap 04 

Rand Edith Edwina b.a. 

700 West End av. New York 

M.A. 02 Columbia; student (botany, 
zoology, nature study) Teachers col. 01-02 
fellow (zoology, botany) Smith 99-00 
(zoology) Woods Hole Mass. summer of 00, 
(botany) summer of 01; teacher St 
Agatha's sch. New York 00-01; Horace 
Mann high sch. New York 02-07; editor 
^ (ed uc. dept) D. Appleton co. Ja 09-10 jwdii 

Ray Elizabeth Chesson b.a. 
249 Walnut st. Holyoke 

grad. 01 Drexel inst. lib. sch; student 
(Eng. and Araer. lit.) Smith 99-00, Drexel 
inst. lib. sch. Philadelphia 00-01: asst 
Forbes lib. Northampton 99-00, Holyoke 
pub. lib. 02— 

Read Carolyn Howe b.a. 

The Knickerbocker, 255 W. 97th 
St. New York 

instructor (Latin, hist.) Albany N. Y. acad. 
for girls 01-05, mem. board of adminis- 
tration Nat. park sem. Forest Glen Md. 
05-06, instructor (Latin, hist.) Columbia 
sch. Rochester N. Y. 06-08, (Latin, Greek) 
Miss Knox's sch. Briarcliff Manor 08-10, 
Charlton sch. New York 10 — 

Reeves^ Bertha Butler b.a. 

25 N. Pearl st. Bridgeton N. J. 

grad. art 99; student N. Y. state lib. son. 
06-07; teacher Ivy hall Bridgeton N. J. 
01-02, (Eng.) Harcourt pi. sem. Gambler O. 
02-06 ; cataloger Colgate univ. lib. Hamil- 
ton N. Y. 07— 

Rice" Frances Electa b.a. Berlin 

teacher (math, science) Hanover Mass. 
high sch. Ja-Je 00. Stafford Springs Ct. 
high sch. 00-04, Science hill sch. Shelby- 
ville Ky. 04-05, Hudson Mass. high sch. 06 — 




Richards'* Marian Edwards b.a. 
227 Edwards st. New Haven Ct. 
M.A. 03; student (psych.) Yale fall of 99; 
fellow (philos.) Smith 01-02; teacher 
Miss Johnstone's private sch. New Haven 

Ridenour Ethel Baker b.l. 

1416 E. 8th St. Kansas City Mo. 

Ripley"^ Nettie Melville b.a. (Mrs 
John T. HoUis) Hinghamf 

m. 3 O 06 

Roberts Janet Waring b.l. (Mrs 
Alexander Everett Hunt jr) 
1 W. 89th St. New York 

m. 14 Ap 09; ch. Janet b. 28 F 10 

Ross Adeline Rebecca b.l. 
18 S. Main st. Rutland Vt. 

grad. 07 Church training and deaconess 
house Philadelphia; student (lib. work) 
Rutland free lib. 02, Episcopal hospital 
Philadelphia summers 06, 07; teacher 
Rutland 99-01; asst libn Rutland free 
lib. 08-09; miss'y (imder Episcopal church 
board of missions) to Shoshone Indians, 
Wind River reservation, Fort Washakie, 
Wyo. F 10— 

Russell^ Alice Symmes b.l. (Mrs 
Alfred Hitchcock Hildreth) 
12 Chestnut st. Winchester 
m. 6 Je 05; ch. Richard Russell b, 21 Mr 09 

Santee" Eloise Bentley b.a. 
65 Main st. Homell N. Y.f 

student Berlin 02-03; teacher (German) 
high sch. Homell 3 yr, Plainfield N. J. 
1 yr, Brooklyn 4 yr 

Sargeant Ida Frances b.l. (Mrs 
John George Meidenbauer) 
2222 Main st. Buffalo N. Y. 
m. 4 Je 02 

Shepherd Ella Bradley b.a. 
17 Conant av. Gloucester 

Silsbee" Margaret Burnet b.s. (Mrs 

Frank E. Wade) 

313 Highland av. Syracuse N. Y. 
teacher (math, science) Kirkland sch. 
Chicago 99-02, Kennedy sch. 02-03, Mac- 
Duffie sch. Springfield Mass. 03-Mr 04; m. 
4 Je 04; ch. Anna Silsbee b. 2 O 07, 
William b. 13 O 08 

Sinclair Lucy Evelyn b.l. (Mrs 
George Almon Kingsley) 
1925 Irving av. S. Minneapolis 
m. 27 Je 06 

Slocum" Caroline Fonda b.l. 
Ill N. Front st. Milton Pa. 

Smith** Mary Alice b.a. (Mrs Robert 
Gurdon Livermore) Brookfield 

teacher North Brookfield and Asbury Park 
N. J. 99-00, Brookfield high sch. 00-02; 
m. 2 S 02 ; ch. John Winthrop b. 7 D 03 

Smith Rita Creighton b.a. 
Thomaston Me. 

student (Eng. hist.) Oxford Eng. Ja-Jef02 

Somers"' Marion Strong b.l. (Mrs 
Arthur Chamberlin Wise) 
m. 9 O 02 

South worth Mary b.a. (Mrs Herbert 
Frith Williams) 
Monroeville, Huron co. O. 

teacher Norwich N. Y. high sch. 99-01, 
Harcourt pi. sem. Gambier O. 01-03; m. 
25 Je 03; ch. Albert Frith b. 27 F 06 

Spencer Ella Briggs b.l. 
654 Dwight st. Holyoke 

student Germany summer of 10; settle- 
ment worker Brooklyn 99-00; teacher 
(Eng, German) Drurj' high sch. North 
Adams Mass. 01-10 

Springer"^ Ada b.l. 

105 E. 15th St. New York 

student New York sch. of applied design for 
women 00-02 

Stanton Emily Irish b.a. (Mrs 
Oliver Sheppard Picher) 
210 Sergeant av. Joplin Mo. 

m. 12 N 03; ch. Oliver Stanton b. 16 Ja 05, 
Charlotte Emily b. 29 My 09 

Steele Elizabeth Sumner b.l. (Mrs 
William Frederick Koelker) 
1710 Cherry st. Toledo O. 
M.A. 08 Univ. of Wis; student (Eng. lit.) 
Wesleyan univ. 00-01, Univ. of Wis. 07-08; 
m. 19 Je 09 

Stetson^ Jane Witter b.l. (Mrs 
David Webster Beaman) 

8 Anthony st. New Bedford 

teacher (Eng. lit.) Mattapoisett Mass. 
grammar and high sch. 99-01, (lit, French) 
New Bedford evening high sch. 99-00; 
m. 25 Je 02; ch. Edmund Stetson b. and 
d. 10 D 07, Ellen b. and d. 9 Je 09 

Stockton" Harriet Sarah b.l. (Mrs 
Maulsby Kimball) 
103 Linwood av. Buffalo N. Y. 

m. 18 S 01 ; ch. Charles Stockton b. 17 Ag 
02, Maulsby b. 20 My 04, Emily Nelson 
b. 2 F 09 

Strickland Ruth Louise b.l. 
282 State st. Carthage N. Y. 

substitute sec. Home culture clubs North- 
ampton 02-03, asst sec. S-D 03 

Tiemann Edith Winifred b.a. 

67 Midwood st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Tobey Grace Baxter b.a. (Mrs 

Raymond Lynn Winchell) 

6513 Lexington av. Chicago 111. 
m. 9 Ap 08 
Tomlinson Edith b.a.^. (Mrs Richard 

Gorham Badger) 

9 Sparhawk st. Brightonf 

m. 6 Je 00; ch. Richard Gorham jr b. 
25 Je 01, Dorothy b. 19 Mr 04 




♦Tomlinson Emilie Curtiss b.s. (Mrs 
Henry Stedman Hitchcock) 
teacher Bethlehem Ct. fall of 99, Mitchell 
high sch. Woodbury 00-05 ; m. 30 Ag 05 ; 
ch. Stedman Tomlinson b. 9 Jl 06, Curtiss 
Summers b. 18 Ag 07; d. 16 Je 10 

Torr" Mary Dykeman b.a. 

1115 Broadway Logansport Ind. 

teacher (math.) Logansport high sch. 99- 
04, 05-10, Mich. 04-05 

Towne" Anna Mae b.a. Gardner 

trained nurse 

Tufts Lucy Runey b.a. (Mrs Frank 
Preston Bascom) 
15 Winter Hill circle Winter Hillf 

m. 24 Ap 00; ch. Sally Adams b. 25 D 03, 
Carlton Hawkins b. 19 Ap 05, Nathan 
Tufts b. 1 N 06, Frances b. 9 O 08 

Ufford" Mabelle Morris b.l. 
165 Madison av. New Yorkf 

M.A. 04 Columbia; student (Eng.) Yale 
99-02, Columbia 02-04; teacher New 
Haven high sch. 3 yr, head (Eng. dept) 
St Agatha sch. New York 

Vance" Martha Tenney b.l. (Mrs 
Robert Fife Drabble) 
Prospect hill, Easthampton 

student (normal training course) Clark 
sch. for the deaf Northampton 99-00; 
oral teacher Little Rock Ark. deaf-mute 
inst. 00-02; asst Clark lib. Northampton 
D 02-F 06; m. 11 Je 02; ch. George Vance 
b. 5 My 06 

Warner Elizabeth b.l. (Mrs J. 
Spencer Voorhees) - 
Hees heights Lakeville Ct.f 

student (household economics) Simmons 
col. 03-04; m. 14 SOS 

Warner Lucy Hunt b.a. 

14 Green st. Northampton 

student (physical geog.) Harvard summer 
sch. 01, (projective geometry) Smith 06-07; 
demonstrator (astron.) and official tutor 
(math, astron.) Smith 99-00; teacher 
(math, science) Northampton high sch. 
00-03, (math.) Howard sem. West Bridge- 
water 03-06, prin. Howard high sch. 04-06, 
demonstrator (astron.) Smith 06-07, 
teacher (math.) Springfield technical high 
sch. 07 — 

Webb Ethel Moulton b.a. 

10 Lincoln st. Brunswick Me. 
West Ethel Hebard b.l. (Mrs Ferdi- 
nand Quincy Blanchard) 
92 Sussex av. East Orange N. J. 
m. 19 Je 01; ch. Edward Richmond b. 12 

Westinghouse Harriet Anna b.l. 
(Mrs Charles Waterman Stone) 
18 State St. Schenectady N. Y.f 
m. 4 S 02; ch. Clara W. b. 30 Je 03, Mar- 
garet Beals b. 05 

Wheeler" Frances Elizabeth b.a. 

teacher Northbridge Mass. pub. sch. 99-01, 
Moses Brown sch. Providence R. I. 01-10 

White Maude^Lucy b.a. 

312 Woodward av. Kalamazoo 

M.A. 06 Columbia; student (German lang. 
and ht.) Berlin univ. 01-02, (Eng. lit.) 
Columbia 05-06; teacher (Eng, German) 
high sch. Oconto Wis. 99-00, Maryville 
Mo. 02-04, Helena Mon. 06-08, Ottumwa 
la. 10 

Whitman Sarah Nason b.a. 

12 Central st. West Roxbury 

student (Eng.) summer courses Oxford 
Eng. 01; teacher Rhineland sch. Pough- 
keepsie N. Y. 99-00, Harvard Cuban sum- 
mer sch. 00, McLean sem. Simsbury Ct. 
00-01, Hyde Park Mass. high sch. 01-02, 
private teacher Boston 02-10 

Wiggin Deborah Allen b.l. (Mrs 
Frank Wentworth Plummer) 
334 Pleasant st. Maiden 

teacher Millis Mass, high-grammar sch. 
99-00; m. 11 F 03; ch. Richard Went- 
worth b. 11 Mr 04, John Allen b. 20 Mr 07, 
Elizabeth Wiggin b. 3 Ap 10 

Wilcox Florence Edna b.l. 
25 Everett st. Melrose 

student (nursing) Mass. general hospita 
01-02, Adams nervine asylum Jamaica 
Plain Mass. 03-04; teacher and tutor Pine- 
hurst N. C. 00-01; supt of nurses Spar- 
hawk sanatorium Burlington Vt. Ja-Jl 05; 
in employ of Boston Associated charities 

Wilkinson** Margaret Ewing b.l. 
(Mrs Charles Tousley Malcolm- 

923 Airdrie pi. Chicago 111. 
m. 22 N 05; ch. Charles Tousley b. 16 Ag 06 

Wilson" Jane b.a. 

Box 428 Orford, Grafton co. 

N. H. 

teacher Miss EUett's private sch. Rich- 
mond Va. 99-00, high sch. Harvard Mass. 
01-05, Bridgewater 05-06, Salem 06-08 

Woodruff Helen Lucy b.l. 
Mt Carmel Ct. 
mem. A.C.A. 

Workman Mabel Hyde b.a. (Mrs 
Herman Samuel Lovejoy) 
Branford Ct. 

teacher Windsor Ct. high sch. O 00-04; 

m. 18 Je 04; ch. Paul Workman b. 21 N 05 

Total 193-*4 


Adams Pamelia Skilton b.l. 
90 Longwood av. Brookline 

Albright Ruth b.l. (Mrs Evan 
762 W. Ferry st. Buffalo N. Y. 

m. 21 Ap 04; ch. Mary b. 25 Ag 06, Evan jr 
b. 22 F 08 




Armstrong Agnes Maria b.a. 

Smith college library Northamp- 

Pd.B. 02 Albany fnormal col; private 
teacher 00-03; asst libn Forbes lib. North- 
ampton 03-05, John Crerar lib. Chicago 
06-07, Lutheran theol. lib. Philadelphia 
07-09, Univ. of 111, summer of 09, Smith 
09 — ; mem. A.L.A. 

Baldwin Ella Mabel b.l. (Mrs 
George Frank Root) 
22 3d St. Newport Vt. 

m. 24 F 03; ch. Howard Stockwell b. 30 Ag 

Barber Alfa Curtis b.a. (Mrs Arthur 
Beecher Calkins) 
11 Granite st. New London Ct. 

student (domestic science) Simmons col. 
1 yr; m. 9 N 04 

Barker^ Katherine Devereux b.a. 

10 Church st. Wobum 

teacher (Greek, Eng.) Woburn high sch. 

Barnes Harriet Lycinthia b.l. Mrs 
Harold Irving Pratt) 
232 Clinton av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

m. 29 Ag 01 ; ch. Harold Irving b. 8 F 04, 
Eleanor b. 08 

Barse" Stella Louise b.a. (Mrs 
George Campbell Cole) 
620 Frisco bld^ St Louis Mo. 

m. 12 D 04; ch. Lucia Barse 

Barton** Katharine Louise b.l. 

Bates Elsie Wright b.a. (Mrs Al- 
bert Edward Saunders) 

11 King St. Westfield 

student (p«ych.) Yale 1 yr; teacher 
Woodstock acad. 00-03, Milford high sch. 
03-08; m. 17 O 08; ch. Lucy Bates b. 8 O 09 

Beers Keturah Sherman b.a. (Mrs 
Woodward Holmes) 
5445 Cornell av. Chicago 111. 

teacher (vocal music) Groff-Bryant inst. 
Chicago 06-07; m. 21 Ag 07; ch. Julianna 
b. 6 My 08 

Bentley Meta Ellis b.a. 

1443 Union st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Bigelow Emily Marguerite b.a. (Mrs 
Clifton Sawyer Emery) 
73 Pleasant st. Marlboro 

m. 7 My 02; ch. George Edward b. 18 Ap 
04, Helen Bigelow b. 24 Jl 05 

Blodgett Mary Emma b.l. 

2626 Lake View av. Chicago 111. 
Bragg Agnes Wingate b.l. 

91 Grove st. Bangor Me. 
Brigham Katharine b.l. (Mrs Philip 

Reginald Fox) 

28 W. Wilson st. Madison Wis. 

asst libn Milwaukee "Wis. pub. lib. 01-02; 
m. 29 O 02 ; ch. Anna b. 13 Ja 04, Philip 3d 
b. 8 Ja 09 

Brooks Florence b.l. (Mrs Edward 
Scribner Cobb) 
Karasumaru Dori, Kyoto Japan 

student (domestic science) Teachers col. 
03-04; teacher (science) 00-01; sec. New 
York 01-04; miss'y A. B. C. F. M. Niigata 
Japan 04-05, 06-08, Tokyo 05-06, Kyoto 
08—; m. 27 S 04: ch. William Brooks b. 
13 Je 06, Edward Scribner jr b. 27 D 07 

Brown"^ Aneita Doty b.a. 
162 W. 76th St. New York 

student Woods Hole Mass, Columbia; 
teacher Ir\'ing sch. New York 00 — 

Brown Edith Imogene b.a. 

student (math.) Cornell summer of 09; 
teacher (science, math.) Rutland Mass. 
high sch. 00-02, 9th grades Melrose 02-03, 
asst (astron.) Smith 03-04, teacher (math.) 
Rockland Me. high sch. 04-05, Warwick 
R. I. high sch. 05— 

Brown"^ Henrietta Thomson b.a. 
406 Connecticut st. Buffalo N. Y.J 

private sec. 

Brown" Ruth Porter b.a. (Mrs Har- 
man Newell) 
Claremont N. H. 

m. 1 1 Je 03 

Brown Sara Maude b.a. HudsonJ 

teacher Nahant Mass. 00-01, Revere 01-03, 
Everett high sch. 03-05 

Buffum Ethel Vryling b.l. (Mrs 
Harrison Beecher McGraw) 
1912 E. 70th St. Cleveland O. 

Burroughs" Mabel b.l. (Mrs Ross 
Warren Sanderson) 
1346 Edward st. Lakewood O.J 

theme reader Oberlin acad. 00-01; teacher 
Oberlin high sch. 01-02, MLss Shipley's sch. 
02-04, head (German and hist, dept) Bran- 
wood hall South Orange N. J. 04-05; m. 12 

Butler Irene Livingston b.l. (Mrs 
William Scott James) 
60 Glenwood av. East Orange 

m. 21 .la 03; ch. William Scott jr b. 5 My 

♦Byrne^ Madalene Marie b.a. 

d. 2 Ag 00 Syracuse N. Y. 

Carver" Mabel b.l. (Mrs Edwin 
Carlos Baker) 
New Hartford, Oneida co. N. Y. 

teacher (German, Eng, gymnastics) Miss 
Phelps' collegiate sch. Columbus O. Ja 04- 

05, Miss Childs' private sch. Binghamton 
N. Y. 05-F06; m. 14 Je 06 

Chandler Ada May b.a. Amherst 

asst paymaster Nonotuck silk co. 01-02; 
libn Meekins lib. Williamsburg Mass. 03- 

06, cataloger East Aurora N. Y. 06-07, head 
cataloger Forbes lib. Northampton 07-09, 
cataloger Springfield lib. 09-10, Mass. agric. 
col. lib. Amherst 10 — 




Chase^ Madeline Melissa b.l. 
614 N. 7th St. St Joseph Mo. 

student (music) 

Conant M ary Sybil b . a . Sunderland 

student and teacher Commercial col. 
Northampton 02-03; teacher (commercial 
courses) Bloomfield N. J. high sch. 

Cook" Sara Josephine b.a. 
Hollev N. Y. 

student (German) Germany 05-06: teacher 
(Latin, German) Chatham N. Y. high sch. 

Coolidge Helen b.l. 

4752 Kimbark av. Chicago 111. 

teacher Ross Boyesen sch. 01-04 

Cox" Frances Maria b.l. (Mrs Ray- 
mond Porter Tarr) 
614 North I st. Tacoma Wash. 

teacher (Eng. lit.) Holyoke Mass. high sch. 

00-03; m. 1 S 03; ch. Raymond Porter jr 

b. 16 S 04, Emily Howard b. 18 F 07; mem. 


Cromwell Otelia b.a. 

1815 13th St. Washington D. C. 
M. A. 10 Columbia; student (Eng.) Colum- 
bia summers 07, 08, 09, (German) Nahren- 
dorf lochterschule, Rostock Germany 05; 
teacher Washington pub. sch. 

Cummings Frances Walkley b.a. 
Plantsville Ct. 

private sec. to mission study sec. Student 
volunteer movement New York 00-04, 
head (review division) tenement house 
dept New York Jl 04-lOii! 

Day** Lucy Elizabeth b.a. Hopedale 

substitute teacher Hopedale high sch. 06, 
asst 10; libn Hopedale town lib. 09-10 

Deane Mary Louise b.a. 
East Windsor Hill Ct. 

teacher East Hartford Ct. 00-01, Maynard 
Mass. 01-02, Essex Vt. classical inst. 02-03, 
Easthampton Mass. high sch. 03-05, 
Brattleboro Vt. high sch. 05-09, Brunot 
hall Spokane Wash. 09 — 

Delabarre« Cora Estella b.l. (Mrs 
Raymond Wright Hunter) 
22 Orchard st. Greenfield 

m. 25 S 01 ; ch. Louise Delabarre b, 15 My 
06, John Patterson b. 14 Mr 08 

Dickerman Amy Eliot b.a. 

140 Cottage st. New Haven Ct. 

student (piano, harmony) Yale music sch. 
00-01, (Eng.) Yale summer sch. 05 ; teacher 
(I^atin, Eng.) Misses Shipley's sch. Bryn 
Mawr Pa. 02-05, asst (Eng.) Smith 05-06; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Dillon Harriet Martha b.l. 
20 Pleasant st. Hudson 

student (German) Dartmouth summer of 
09, Univ. of Greifswald Germany summer 
of 10; teacher Epping N. H. 00, Monson 
Mass. 00-01, Butler grammar sch. Groton 
01-02, Ayer grammar sch. 03-05, (German, 
hist.) Hudson high sch. 05 — 

Dole Miriam Drummond b.l. 

122 Court St. Bangor Me. 
Dot)^** Madeleine Zabriskie b.l. 

5 Nassau st. New Yorkf 

LL.B. N. Y. univ. law sch; teacher Miss 
Haskell's sch. Boston 

Dowling^ Cora Inis b.l. 

Elmwood, Nunda N. Y. 
Dunham Grace b.a. (Mrs James 

Artemas Gould) 

2515 Irving av. S. Minneapolis 

student Munson shorthand inst. Ja-Je 04; 
stenographer and invoice clerk P. B. Mann 
grain commission; m. 9 Je 06; ch. Elenor 
Renwick b. 2 Jl 09 

Dwight Adelaide Susan b.l. 

Talas, Cesarea, Turkey in Asia 

teacher Morrisville Vt. acad. 00-02 ; miss'y 
of A. B. C. F. M. Talas girls boarding sch. 
02-10; substitute teacher Newark N. J. 
pub. sch. Ja-Ap 07 

Edgcomb Jennie Florence b.a. 

69 Storrs av. Braintree 
Eggleston" Charlotte b.a. 

34 Central av. Tompkinsville, 

Staten Island N. Y. 

secondary diploma 05 Teachers col; stu- 
dent (math.) Columbia 00-01, 04-05; 
teacher Newtown high sch. Elmhvu"st L. I. 

Eldred» Stella Rennie b.l. 
Gardner 111. J 

teacher Thornton township high sch. Har- 
vey 111. 00-02, (hist.) Bloomington high sch. 

Ellis Martha Elizabeth b.l. (Mrs 
George Freeman Parmenter) 
3 Center pi. Waterville Me. 

m. 26 N 03; ch. Ellis Freeman b. 6 Ja 05 

Elwell" Edith Madeleine b.a. (Mrs 
Edward James Rouse) 
21 Hawthorne st. Maiden 

teacher Collinsville Ct. high sch. 00-01, 
Springfield Mass. grammar sch. 01-02, 
business col. 02-04, Westfield high sch. 
04-05, New Britain Ct. high sch. 05-08; m. 
12 Ag 08 

Emerson Edith Wellington b.l. 
320 Walnut av. Roxbury 

B.A. 01 Radcliffe 


Emery" Emma Darling b.l. 
Elmer Fred Murch) 
55 Adams st. Winter Hill 

m. 27 N 06 ; ch. Donald Emery b. 1 N 08 

Fischer Faith Avery b.a. (Mrs 
Nicholas Leveric Johnson) 
Batavia 111. 
instructor (math, Latin) Brooks sch. 
Chicago 00-01, (Latin, Greek) Brownell 
hall Omaha Neb. 03-04; m. 16 Ag 04; ch. 
Avery Fischer b. 3 Ap 06, Nicola Dorothy 
b. 28 F 08, Marjorie Louise b. 16 F 10 




Fish** Ethel Norcross b.l. (Mrs 
Stanley Hall Eldridge) 
Slocum road Lexingtonf 
Fletcher" Katharine Ogden b.a. 
student N. H. state normal sch. 00-01; 
teacher Plymouth N. H. high sch. 00-02, 
Stetson high sch. Randolph Mass. 02-05, 
Hyde Park high sch. 05-06, Newton high 
sen. Newtonville 06 — 

Fletcher^ Laurel Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Newton Booth Tarkington) 
c/o Fletcher nat. bank Indian- 
apolis Ind. 
m. 18 Je 02; ch. Laurel Louise b. 11 F 06 

Foster Annie Louisa Ardagh b.l. 
(Mrs D. A. Murray) 
22 Kawaguchi, Osaka Japanf 

Presbyterian miss'y 02 — 

Foster Eva CorneUa b.l. (Mrs 
Walter Leiseuring Righter) 
825 First pi. Plainfield N. J. 

m. 24 Ap 02; ch. Volney Foster b. 0.3, 
Gertrude Foster b. 05 d. 06, Brewster b. 08 

Foster Minnie Winchell b.a. 

46 Capen st. Hartford 
Freeman"^ Mabel Loring b.l. 

9 Ripley st. WorcesterJ 

placer of manuscripts with publishers New 
York 01-04 

Gage Mary Agnes b.l. (Mrs Albert 
Henry Greenwood) 

39 Capen st. Hartford Ct. 

m. 12 Ap 04; ch. James 2d b. 2 S 08 

Gager" Helen b.l. (Mrs John 
Quincy Brown) 

c/o J. Q. Brown, Oakland trac- 
tion CO. Oakland Cal. 

m. 7 O 02; ch. Katharine b. 11 O 03 d. 

26 Mr 07, Ann Rogers b. 15 S 08, John 

Quincy jr b. 19 Mr 10 

Gallert Aimee Paula b.a. (Mrs 
Walter S. Heilborn) 
619 W. 136th St. New Yorkf 

Garretson^ Etta Booth b.a. (Mrs 
Ulysses L. Leonhauser) 

40 N. 7th av. Rockaway Park 

N. Y. 

student Chicago univ. grad. sch. of Eng. 
00-01 ; sec. Pratt inst. 01-02, head of educ. 
and social work (welfare dept) Nat. cash 
register CO. Dayton O. 02-04; m. Je 04; ch. 
Paul b. 22 Je 05 

Gilchrist" Martha Dalzell b.l. (Mrs 
Maurice Franfois Bayard) 
4401 McPherson av. St Louis 
m. 26 Ap 05 

Gladwin Gertrude Ella b.a. 

1931 Orrington av. Evanston 111. 

Glennie Ella Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Henry E. Riexinger) 
204 Richmond av. Buffalo N. Y. 

asst Ballston Spa N. Y. high sch. 00-02, 
head (Latin and Greek dept) Hornell high 
sch. 02-04, asst (Latin, Eng.) Brockport 
state normal and training sch. 04-08; m. 
30 Je 08 

Goodsell" Eliza Jane b.a. (Mrs Joel 
Foster Selleck jr) 
92 Van Houten av. Passaic N. J.f 
ch. Jc ■ 

teacher (German) Courtland sch 
Foster 3d b. 4 N 09 


Goodwin Harriet Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Cleaveland Floyd) 
1398 Beacon st. Brookline 

m. 10 


*Gould Cornelia Brownell b.a. 
Fred Towsley Murphy) 
m. 8Ag04; d. 6 D 07 

Gray Julia Marguerite b.l. 

1532 Spruce pi. Minneapolis Minn. 

Greene Julia Adaline b.a. (Mrs 
Frank Sherman Bonney) 
93 Mt Pleasant st. New Bedford 

teacher Hinsdale 111. 00-03, Springfield 
Mass. 03-My 06 ; m. 24 Jl 06 ; ch. Elizabeth 
and Edgar Greene b. 15 Ap 08 

Grier" Caroline King b.a. (Mrs Her- 
bert Brotherson Jamison) 
210 Callender av. Peoria Ill.f 

m. 1 O 01 ; ch. Herbert Woodward b. 28 D 

Griggs Katharine Charlotte b.a. 
Middlebury Ct. 

teacher Wissahicken Heights sch. Phila- 
delphia 00-02, St Margaret's sch. Water- 
bury Ct. 02-06, 08-09, Westover sch. 
Middlebury 09-10 

GroesbeckBertha Wendell B.A. (Mrs 
Clayton Kendall Haskell) 
Soldiers home, Bath N. Y. 

m. 7 Je 05; ch. Katharine Ide b. 23 S 06, 
Anson Groesbeck and Henry b. 11 Mr 08 

Hancock Mary Elizabeth b.l. 
1412 Elk St. FrankHn Pa. 

Harris Minnie Mildred b.a. (Mrs 
Frank Louis Taylor) 
5543 East End av. Chicago 111. 
m. 9 Ap 02 

Hartsuff Mabel Winifred b.a. (Mrs 
Luther Stephen Trowbridge jr) 
Grosse Point Mich. 

m. 10 N 03; ch. Albert Hartsuff b. 20 S 04, 
Luther Stephen 3d b. 6 N 09 

Haskins Anna Catherine b.a. 
547 State st. Meadville Pa. 
teacher (math.) Walnut Lane sch. German- 
town Pa. 06-09 




Henry Gertrude Mead b.a. (Mrs 
Edwin Bradley Mead) 
2543 Piedmont av. Berkeley Cal. 

m. 13 F 02; ch. Eleanor b. 30 N 02 (class 
baby), Ruth b. 28 Je 07 

Heywood" Clara Emily b.l. (Mrs 

Charles Ernest Scott) 

Tsingtau Chinaf 
student (German and Italian art) Munich 
univ. 00-01 ; state sec. Y. W. C. A. Mass. 
02-03, Y. W. C. A. worker Holyoke 02-03, 
asst sec. Springfield branch W. B. F, M. 
01-03; m. 9S03 

Hincks Annie [Anne] Perry b.a. 
183 Main st. Andover 

Hoegh Alma b.l. (Mrs Frederic 
Murray Ayres) 

1606 N. Delaware st. Indianapo- 
lis Ind. 

m. 11 My 04; ch. Lyman Hoegh b. 5 Jl 08 

Holden" Ruth Madeline b.l. 
66 W. 83d St. New York 

student (parliamentary law) Berkeley 
lyceum 01 

HoUis Edith Gray b.l. (Mrs Harold 

Marshall Curtiss) 

94 Congress st. Milford 
m. 3 .Je 03; ch. Robert HoUis b. 14 S 04, 
Mary Gray b. 28 Ap 09 

Holt" Lucinda Mary-Belle b.l. (Mrs 
Leon Valentine Walker) 
3 Walker st. Portland Me. 

M.D. 04 Tufts; asst (anatomy) Tufts col. 
med. sch. 01-04; m. 28 F 08; ch. Dorothy 
Page b. 13 Ag 09 

Howe" Frances Cruft b.l. (Mrs 
Herbert Leonard Sutton) 
c/o Amer. tube & stamping co. 
Bridgeport Ct. 

m. 24 D 02; ch. Frances Field b. 5 N 03, 
Sally b. 3 My 08 

Hoye Aloysia Mary b.a. (Mrs Gil- 
bert Franklin Davis) Windsor Vt. 

B.A. 01 Radcliffe; student (zoology, chem, 
botany) Radcliffe 00-01; teacher (Eng, 
hist.) Dover N. H. high sch. 01-04; m. 

Huffman Harriet Foley b.l. (Mrs 
Clarence Crossman Miller) 
10 Lagrange st. Winchester 

m. 7 Je 05 ; ch. Robert Huffman b. 8 My 06 

Hyde" Sylvia Sage b.a. (Baronne 

Camille Eynard) 

Chateau de Combertault par Ste 

Marie la Blanche, Cote d'Or 

m. 12 O 05; ch. Camille Gabriel Antoine 
b. 16 Je 08, Suzanne Marie Antoinette b. 

Janney Helen Mary b.l. (Mrs 

Charles Merritt Case) 

2118 Pillsbury av. Minneapolis 

m. 28 My 02 ; ch. Benton Janney b. 13 Mr 
0.3, Charles Merritt jr b. 24 S 05, George 
Price 2d b. 12 F 10 

Jones" Marie Emilie M. b.l. (Mrs 
Lane Johnson) 
531 Yankee road Middletown O. 

m. 26 Ap 05; ch. Lane jr b. 6 Mr 06, 
Marion Michel b. 1 Jl 08 

Kerr Mina Mahala b.a. 

Milwaukee-Downer college Mil- 
waukee Wis. 

Ph.D. 09 Univ. of Pa; student (Eng. lit, 
philol, philos.) Univ. of Pa. 06-09, univ. 
scholar 06-07, Moore fellow 07-08, Bennett 
fellow 08-09; head (Eng. dept) Woman's 
col. Frederick Md. 00-06, Cornell col. Mt 
Vernon la. 09-10, dean Milwaukee-Downer 
col. 10— 

Kerruish Helen Constance b.l. 
3812 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 

student Cleveland normal sch. 01-02; 
mem. A.C.A. 

King" Caroline b.l. (Mrs Alexander 
Davis Jenney) 
5 Brattle road Syracuse N. Y. 

m. 2 N 03; ch. John Lord King b. 8 S 04, 
Alexander Davis, Cornelia 

Kingman Cornelia Amey b.a. 

212 Benefit st. Providence R. L 
Kingsley Fanny Hubbard b.a. 

12 Leyfred terrace Springfield 

teacher (Greek, Latin) high sch. Palmer 
Mass. 01-04, Newburyport 04-09, New 
Bedford 09— 

Kirkley Ella b.l. 

1105 Jefferson av. Toledo O. 

private tutor and teacher private sch. 
Toledo 01-10 

Kneeland Clara Louise b.a. 
304 Park av. Worcester 

teacher (Eng.) Albert Lea Minn. col. and 
I)rep. sch. 00-02, Worcester south high sch. 
03-04. (Latin, Greek) 04-- 

Ladd Mary Everett b.l. 
Lancaster N. H. 

Lauter Carolyn b.a. (Mrs Fred 
Paddock Robinson) 
3854 W^ashington blvd Indian- 
apolis Ind. 

student Indianapolis normal sch. 00-01 ; 
teacher pub. sch. 01-05; m. 12 Je 06; ch. 
Fred Paddock b. 12 S 08 

Leavens Faith Robinson b.l. 
202 Broadway Norwich Ct. 

student Norwich art sch. 00-02, 06-08; 
instructor (drawing, hist, of art) Flushing 
N. Y. sem. 02-05, (free hand drawing, de- 
sign) Norwich free acad, Norwich art sch. 




♦Leeming^ Winifred Claxton b.l. 
(Mrs Karl Max Vogel) 
m.5O03; d. 14 My 08 

Leese Alida King b.a. (Mrs Seth 
Minot Milliken) 
951 Madison av. New York 

m. 5 O 07; ch. Alida Donnell b. 3 N 08 

Levi Anna Beatrice b.l. (Mrs 
Thomas William Wilson) 
548 Franklin st. Buffalo N. Y. 

m. 18 S 05 

Lewis Ora Mabelle b.a. 
South LancasterJ 

student Cornell med. col. 03-05 

Locke Emily Pauline b.l. 
2 Irving st. Watertown 

M.A. 02 Columbia; student (botany) Smith 
00-01, fbiol.) Teachers col. 01-02; asst 
(botany) Smith 03-05, teacher (science) 
private sch. 05-07, asst (botany) Wellesley 

Loheed'* Bertha Miriam b.a. 

12 Clifton av.(Campello) Brockton 

teacher (Eng.) high sch. 01 — 

Loomis Clara Denison b.a. 

223 Bluff Yokohama Japan 

M.A. 01 Columbia; student (Greek, hist, 
nhilos.) Columbia, Union sem. 00-01 ; prin. 
Kyoritsu Jo Gakko girls sch. 01 — 

Lord"^ Lucy Eloise b.a. (Mrs Emile 
4 Sanderson av. Northampton 

student (Greek archaeol, mod. Greek) 
Smith 00-01 ; head (Greek and philos. dept) 
Baptist univ. for women Raleigh N. C 
01-03; tutor Smith, New York; substitute 
teacher Northampton high sch. 04-08; 
reader (hist, of art) Smith 08 — ; m. 27 D 
02 ; ch. Maurice b. 22 N 03, Eloise b. 16 Ja 

Lord Mary Tate b.a. 

4857 Greenwood av. Chicago 111. 
Lyman Katharine Hart b.l. 

700 Oneida bldg Minneapolis 

mem. A.C.A. 
Lyman" Margaret Hyde b.a. 

841 Judson av. Evanston 111. 

student (botany, chem.) Northwestern 
univ. 04-05; teacher Brooks private sch. 
for girls Chicago 111. 00-01 
Lynch Frances Henrietta b.a. 
420 S. Market st. Canton O.t 

student Western Reserve lib. sch. 04-05 

♦Mabie" Lorraine Trivett b.l. 

d. 23 S 06 
Mahony" Emogene b.l. 

273 E. State St. Columbus O. 

grad. Detroit training sch. of expression 
Detroit Mich. 01, cert. Academic de Neu- 
chStel 08; student London, Paris 03, 
(archaeol.) Amer. classical sch. Rome 07-08; 
dramatic trainer private sch, settlements, 
churches, reader for clubs, hospitals; mem. 

Malone Mary Stapler b.a. 

507 Washington st. Wilmington 
Maloney" Alice May b.a. 

Mann Olive Louise b.a. (Mrs Frank 
Homer Brundage) 
11 C St. S. E. Washington D. C. 
B.L.S. 02 N. Y. state lib. sch; cataloger 
Lib. of Congress Washington D. C. 02-05, 
Columbia 07-08; m. 25 Ag 08; ch. Laura 
Ashley b. 8 O 09 

Marmon Caroline b.l. 

970 N Delaware st. Indian- 
apolis Ind. 

Marsh'* Charlotte Lowry b.a. (Mrs 
Martin Mercillian Post) 
3 Franconia st. Worcester 

teacher (Eng.) Washington Pa. sem. 00-04; 
m. 12 Ag 04; ch. Philip Malcolm b. 8 O 06 

Meier Elizabeth Porter b.l. (Mrs 
William Valentine Schevill) 
44 W. 77th St. New York 

teacher Miss Keller's sch. for girls New 
York 02-03; m. 1 Je 05; ch. William Ed- 
ward b. 2 Jl 06 

Mellen Virginia Walker b.l. (Mrs 
Albert Savage Hutchinson) 
69 Allerton road Newton High- 
m. 1 O 04; ch. Virginia Walker b. 10 F 08 

Merrill^ Margaret Ellen b.l. (Mrs 
Thomas H. Ward) 
32 Willard av. Springfieldf 

preceptress Me. central inst. Pittsfield Me. 

01-02; teacher Portland high sch. 02-05; 

m. 1 S 06 

Merritt" Ann Gordon b.l. 
350 Main st. Danbury Ct.J 

Milham** Mabel b.l. (Mrs Charles 

Kirkland Roys) 

Wei Hsien, Shantung China 
nat. traveling sec. Student volunteer move- 
ment for foreign missions 00-02, sec. Y. W. 
C. A. of N. Y. & N. J. 02-03. of Minn. 03-04; 
m. 28 Je 04; ch. Elizabeth b. 28 N 05, 
Carolyn b. 15 N 08 d. 19 Ap 10, Mary b. 
30 Ap 10 

Mitchell Leslie b.l. (Mrs Otto 
Arthur Poirier) Virginia Minn, 
m. 20 Ap 10 
Monfort** Marguerite Morehead b.l. 
(Mrs Leonard Bartow Simrall) 
920 Foraker av. Cincinnati O. 
m. 27 O 03 

Monson" Edith Dale b.l. 

150 Grove st. New Haven Ct. 

student Art students league 02-04; teacher 
Miss Johnstone's sch. New Haven Ct. 00-02; 
in charge Fresh air playground New York 
summer of 03 




Moore" Grace Harlow b.l. 
76 Elm St. Worcester 

asst Worcester free pub. lib. 02 — 

Morris" Margaret Cecilia b.s. 

226 Houghton st. North AdamsJ 

teacher (math.) Drury high sch. 00-01 

Morrison" Annie Stevens b.a. 
411 Canal st. Lawrence J 

Morse Mildred b.l. (Mrs Ernest 
Perley Bartlett) 
5239 Kimbark av. Chicago 111. 

asst Sutton Mass. high sch. 05-06, Clinton 
high sch. 06-07 ; m. 6 N 07 

Morton" Alice b.l. (Mrs Harry H. 

49 Vandeventer pi. St Louis Mo.f 

Munroe Lucy Adelaide b.l. (Mrs 
Charles Franklin Poor jr) 
c/o B. C. Pratt & co. 425 Main st. 
teacher (Eng.) Worcester classical high sch. 
01-Ap09; m. 16 Je 09 

Newell Anna Grace b.a. 

Morris house Northampton 

M.A. 08; student (invertebrate zoology) 
Leipzig univ. 07, Marine biol. station Naples 
spring of 07, Smith 07-08, (systematic en- 
tomology) Cornell summer of 08, 09 ; substi- 
tute teacher (zoology) Smith 03 (2d semes- 
ter), spring of 04, asst 04-05, 07-09, in- 
structor 09 — ; worker under Carnegie foun- 
dation North Amer. de.sert lab. Tucson 
Ariz, summer of 10; mem. Amer. ento- 
mological soc. 

Ober Helen b.l. 

55 Weston st. Waltham 

teacher Hanover Mass. 00, North Attleboro 
01, (Eng.) Waltham high sch. 02-10 

Palmer Edna Louise b.l. 

64 Summer st. St Johnsbury Vt. 

student (German) Harv'ard summer sch. 
01. (French) L' Institut Rudy, Paris 06-07, 
(German) Berlitz sch. Munich and Heidel- 
berg 06-07 ; asst high sch. Northboro Mass. 
00-01, teacher (French, German) Walling- 
ford Ct. 01-06, South Orange N. J. 07-09. 
head (French dept) Mt Vernon N. Y. 

Parker Grace b.l. 

325 S. Union st. Burlington Vt. 

student (sec. course) Simmons col. 06-07; 
clerk (editorial dept) A. B. C. F. M. Boston 

Paton Julia Bayles b.a. 

50 Forest st. Hartford Ct. 

student (biol, nhysiol.) Yale 08-10; in- 
structor (biol, chem.) Brattleboro Vt. high 
sch. 00-02, prof, (biol.) Amer. col. for girls 
Constantinople 02-06, head (biol. dept) 
New Haven high sch. 06-10; mem. A.C.A. 

Paxton Leonora Merrill b.l. 

506 N. Main st. Princeton Ind.J 

Peirce Florence Ethel b.l. (Mrs How- 
ard Harlan Paige Wright) 
18 Harrison st. Winchester 

m. 24 D 04 

Perkins Florence Gertrude b.a. 
Lebanon N. H. 

teacher (math, Greek) Lebanon high sch. 
00-04, Braintree Mass. high sch. 04-06, 
(math.) Somerville Latin sch. 06-10 

Perkins Mabel Kingsley b.a. 
265 Elm St. Northampton 

student (botany, zoology) Smith 00-01; 
demonstrator (botany) 00-01; teacher 
South Deerfield Mass. pub. sch. 02-04, 
Northampton center grammar sch. 04-06, 
commercial col. 09 — ; sec. Amer. sch. 
Mexico City Mex. 07-08 

Perkins Marion Alice b.s. 

526 W. 114th St. New Yorkf 
Perkins Mary Ruth b.a. 

Hampton N. H. 

clerk Christian endeavor office Boston 
N 00-D 02, private sec. Je 06-Ag 08, Pres- 
byterian board of home missions New York 
Ja 03-My 06, sec. Smith 08-S 09, Occidental 
col. Los Angeles Cal. 09 — 

Persons Phebe Tomkins b.l. (Mrs 
George Gilmore Scott) 
899 Valley road Montclair Heights 

student Marine biol. lab. 01; resident 
worker settlement of the Church of sea and 
land New York summers 00-02; substitute 
teacher New York pub. sch. 00, teacher 
South Orange N. J. high sch. 01 ; m. 17 S 02 ; 
ch. Robert Townley b. 18 Je 04, Richard 
Persons b. 09 

Pickett** Beatrice b.a. 

2216N. Charles st. Baltimore Md.f 

teacher Mills col. Cal. 01-02, Syracuse N. Y. 
02-03, Eastern 111. state normal sch. 
Charleston 111. 03-05 

Pope^ Edith Gray b.a. (Mrs Milton 
Carter Holt) Jennings La. 

student (music), Moody Bible inst. Chicago 
O Oo-F 06; m. 2 O 06; ch. Mary Alice b. 
24 Ja 08 

Potter Helen b.a. 

855 West End av. New York 

LL.B. 08 New York univ; student (law) 
New York univ. 06-08; cashier and book- 
keeper 01-04, lawyer in office of Goodale & 
Hanson New York N 08 — 

Prager Ida Marguerite b.l. (Mrs 
Max Mitchell) 
64 Wallingford road Brightonf 

student (German, French) Berlin and Paris 
00-01; m. 6 Ag 02; ch. Bertha Hannah b. 
23 Ag 03 

Puffer" Kate Fairbanks b.a. 
45 Irving st. Cambridge 

Ph.D. 09 Radcliffe; student (psych, educ.) 
Radcliffe 0,'>-09, fellow 07-08; teacher 
Rogers hall Lowell Mass. 00-03, Boston 
03-04, (psj'ch.) Keene N. H. normal sch. 






Quirk» Nelle Faragher b.a. 

1920 Vine pi. Minneapolis Minn.J 
Ram age Edith Mary b.l. (Mrs 

Lawson Ramage) 

Monroe Bridge 

student (lang, art) Munich univ. 00-01; 
m. 12 Je 06; ch. Lawson Paterson b. 19 Ja 
09, Alexander b. 31 Ja 10 d. 1 F 10 

♦Ramsey Anna Laura b.l. 

d. 7 Ap 03 Cairo Egypt 

Randall Maude Beatrice b.a. 
16 Rutland st. Hudson 

teacher Worthington Mass. Mr-Je 01, Berk- 
ley 01-Ap 02, Lincoln acad. New Castle 
Me. Ap 02-Je 04, Turners Falls Mass. high 
sch. 04-08, Newburyport high sch. 08 — 

Read^ Mary Alice b.l. (Mrs H. 
Kibbe Brooks) Swanton Vt. 

teacher Bellows Falls Vt. high sch. 05-06; 
m. 15 Ja 08; ch. Dorothy b. 4 .Ja 09, dau. 
b. 2 Mr 10 

Reid Edith May b.l. 

612 W. 137th St. New York 

substitute teacher Berkeley inst. 01-02, 
Halsted sch. Yonkers N. Y. 05-06; private 
tutor Brooklyn 02-05, 08-09, BriarclifF 
Manor 06-08; teacher lliverdale sch. 09-10 

Revell Elizabeth b.l. (Mrs George 
B. McCallum) 

21 Henshaw av. NorthamptonJ 
m. 11 Ap 01 ; ch. Revell b. 30 D 02 

Richards"^ Helen Dorothy b.a. 
35 Hillside av. Montclair N. J. 
teacher Miss Hills' sch. for girls Philadel- 
phia 00-02 

Robotham" Georgia Isabel b.l. 

66 Windham St. Willimantic Ct. 

teacher (commercial course) Willimantic 
high sch. 06-10 

Rogers" Bessie [Elizabeth] Storrs b.a. 
187 Lawrence st. New Haven Ct. 

teacher (Latin) Balliol sch. Utica N. Y. 
00-01, Miss Johnstone's sch. New Haven 
01-10, (Latin, Eng.) prep. sch. New York 
10 — ; mem. A.C.A. 
Ross"^ Harriet Mumford b.l, 

Cambridge Springs Pa. 
Russell"^ Grace Louise b.l. (Mrs 

Harry Bartley Arnold) 

1584 Hawthorne park Columbus 


teacher New York collegiate inst. 06-08; 
asst directress Amer. art students club 
Paris 08-09; m. 26 My 10 

♦Salmon Cornelia b.a. 

student (illustration) Boston 02-03; d. 11 S 

Sanderson Sarah Watson b.l. (Mrs 
William Dunham Vanderbilt) 
420 W. 118th St. New York 

asst (lang dept.) R. I. col. of agric. and 
mech. arts 00-03; private sec. to Mrs Levi P. 
Morton New York 03-06; m. 8 O 07; ch. 
Sanderson b. 12 Mr 09 

Sanford" Bertha b.a. (Mrs Welton 
Stanford jr) 
Albany road Schenectady N. Y. 

chancellor's cert. 01 New York univ. law 
sch, grad. nurse's diploma 04 Sibley 
memorial hospital Washington D. C, grad. 
04 Lucy Webb Hayes Nat. training sch. 
for missionaries and deaconesses; conse- 
crated deaconess M. E. church Ap 04, field 
deaconess and evangelist Nat. training sch. 
04-06; m. 23O06 

Sargent Loucasta Frances b.a. 
127 Prospect av. Revere 

M.A. 02; teacher (science) Revere high sch. 
02-04; mem. (cost dept) Revere rubber 
CO. 05-10 

Sayles Mary Buell b.a. 

160 Waverley pi. New York 

fellow Col. settlement assn 01-02; settle- 
ment worker Whittier house Jersey City 
N. J. 00-01, inspector N. Y. tenement house 
dept 02-06, mem. of staff Bureau of munici- 
pal research New York 07 — 

Scott" Fanny b.l. (Mrs Edward A. 
/ 211 Rose St. La Porte Ind. 

student (French lit. and hist.) Villa Du- 
pont sch. Paris 04-05; m. 2 Ap 10 

Shaw" Clara Louise b.a. (Mrs How- 
ard T. Walsh) 
1257 Jackson st. Oakland Cal.f 

teacher Wareham Mass. 00-01, North 
Scituate 01-02, North Chelmsford high 
sch. 04-05 

Shaw Sybil b.a. (Mrs Eliott Franks- 
ford Trull) Woburn 

m. 4 4e 02 ; ch. Deborah b. 13 My 07 

Shedd Laura Abbie b.l. 

4515 Drexel blvd Chicago 111. J 
Sheldon Edith Dudley b.a. 

Girard college Philadelphia Pa. 

normal student (domestic science) Drexel 
inst. Philadelphia 01-03, (bacteriology) 
Univ. of Pa. 03-05; director (domestic 
science dept) Bureau manual training and 
industrial sch. Philadelphia 04-05, instruc- 
tor (cookery) Drexel inst. 05-06 ; volunteer 
worker Y. W. C. A. 08-10; mem. A.C.A. 

Shepardson Florence Ethelyn b.a. 
R. F. D. 2 Athol 

student (Eng. lit.) summer of 07; teacher 
Charlemont Mass. grammar sch. 00-Ja 01, 
Williamsburg high sch. 01-03, Northamp- 
ton high sch. 03-05, Corning N. Y. free acad. 

Sherman Clara Eliza b.a. 

; 248 County st. New BedfordJ 

j student Harrington normal training sch. 
00-01, Sorbonne Paris 04-05; teacher New 
Bedford 00-04 

Slocum Agnes Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 
Maurice Bigelow Biscoe) 
320 Humboldt st. Denver Col. 

asst prin. Abbot acad. An<lover Mass. 
02-06; m. 24 N 06; ch. Jonathan b. 17 F 
08, William Slocum b. 22 Ap 09 




Smith Anna Jaffray b.l. (Mrs Mau- 
rice Phillip Gould) 
616 W. 116th St. New York 

student Jenny Hunter kindergarten train- 
ing sch. 03-04; kindergartner Hamilton 
Grange sch. New York 04-05 ; m. 10 Je 06 ; 
ch. Lucie Culver b. 20 S 07, Sidney Byron 
b. 28 N 09 

Smith" Bertha Isabel b.a. (Mrs 
Clement Fessenden Merrill) 
Mauch Chunk Pa. 

m. 12 My 08; ch. William Fessenden 3d 
b. 26 Mr 09 

Smith" Elizabeth Hight b.a. 

Agric. experiment station, Univ. 
of Cal. Berkeley Cal. 

M.S. 05 Mass. agric. col; student (plant 
pathology, entomology) Mass. agric. col. 
00-F 01, 01-Ja 02, D 04-05; asst (botany) 
Mt Holyoke spring of 01, teacher (math, 
science) Torrington Ct. high sch. Ja 02-03, 
Spencer Mass. high sch. 03-D 04, asst 
(plant pathology) Univ. of Cal. Jl 05 — 

Smith Evelyn Wilson b.l. 

167 S. Mountain av. Montclair 

Smith Marion Hinsdale b.a. (Mrs 
Ernest Lvnwood Smith) Hadley 

m. 9 O 06; ch. Rufus Gaylord b. 5 F 08, 
Elizabeth b. 19 O 09 

Stevens" Helen Burnham b.l. 
161 Main st. Stoneham 

student (French, lit. and hist.) Sorbonne, 
Paris 04-05, 08-09, (German) Marburg univ. 
spring of 05; teacher Melrose Mass. grade 
sch. 02-04, (French, German) Fort Edward 
collegiate inst. 05-08, (French) Misses 
Hebb's sch. Wilmington Del. 09 — 

Stevenson" Mabel b.a. 

Library pi. Oakmont Pa. 

Story Helen Bruce b.a. 

47 Dryads green Northampton 

M.A. 04; student Bridgewater normal sch. 
00-01; reader (Biblical lit.) Smith 01—, 
tutor (hist.) 04 — ; substitute teacher 
Northampton high sch. 07 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Stout Helen Ruth b.l. (Mrs William 
Church Griswold) 
Fort Oglethorpe Ga. 

m. 14 Ap 02 

Sweeney" Cora Elizabeth b.a. 
15 Westfield st. MittineagueJ 

instructor (Greek, Latin art) Springfield 
Mass. high sch. 

Symonds" Edith [Sedgwick] b.l. 
(Mrs Gordon Aiken Ramsay) 
Glencoe 111. 

m. 14 N 01; ch. Gordon Aiken jr b. 20 N 
02, Robert Scott b. 2 Ap 05, Kenneth Sy- 
monds b. 9 D 06 

Taggart Mary Waterworth b.l. 
319 W. 75th St. New York 

Taylor" Carrie Wayland b.l. (Mrs 
Newell Simmons Ferry) 
4220 Washington blvd St Louis 

m. O05 
Thayer" Lucy Clarke b.a. 
South Hadley 

private student (zoology) 04-05, student 
(chem.) Harvard summer sch. 06, (physiol.) 
■ Woods Hole Mass. marine biol. lab. sum- 
mer of 08; teacher (biol.) high sch. Monroe 
Mass. 00-01, Chester 01-03, Amherst 03-05, 
Medford 05-10 

Torrey Annie Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Robert Gregory Williams) 

m. 8 O 02 ; ch. Elizabeth Torrey b. 8 S 03, 
Ruth Felton b. 9 Ja 05 

Trask Mary Ellery b.a. (Mrs Paul 
Henry Loomis) 
147 Pineywoods av. Springfield 

m. 18 N 03; dau. Ellery Trask b. 8 Ag 04 

True" Marion Grace b.a. (Mrs Ralph 
Bissell Redfern) 
3 Summit av. Winchester 

m. 17 S 02; ch. Katherine True b. 1 D 04, 
Charles Edward b. 25 D 08 

Tryner Ethel Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Robert Houston McCurdy) 
1451 E. 52d St. Chicago 111. 
m. 1 D 08 

Tufts Alice Jenney b.l. 

58 Selkirk road Brooklinef 
Underwood" Etta May b.a. 

1230 Amsterdam av. New York J 

teacher Newark N. J. 00-01, Buffalo sem. 
and Elmwood sch. 01-03, Ethical culture 
sch. New York 03-05 

Vanderbilt Margaret b.l. 

Chestnut st. Englewood N. J. 

Walton Mary Esther b.a. (Mrs 
Rufus Herbert Wilkinson) 
85 Broadway Youngstown O. 

m. 4 O 04; ch. Richard b. 30 Je 10 

Ward Helen Ashton b.a. (Mrs Paul 
Theodore BHss Ward) 
135 Forest st. Medford 

teacher North Andover Mass. high sch. 
02-03; m. 16 Je 04; ch. Theodore Samuel 
b. 1 Ag 05, John Langdon b. 6 Ap 08, Helen 
Storer b. 1 D 09 

Ward" [Rossie Grace] Grace Faulk- 
ner 210 Ocean st. Lynnf 

M.A. 05 Radcliffe; student (hist, econom- 
ics) Radchffe 04-05; teacher (Eng, hist.) 
Grand Haven Mich. 00-01, Ridgefield Ct. 
02, Ashby Mass. 03-04 

Weaver" Mary Alice b.a. 
142 Allen st. Springfield 

teacher Deerfield Mass. 01, Atkinson N. H. 
acad. 01-03, Natick Mass. high sch. 03-08, 
Arlington high sch. 08-09, Springfield 
technical high 09-10 



Weston Julia Carolyn b.l. Dalton 
Wheeler^ Mabel Eager b.l. (Mrs 
Albert Leisenring Watson) 
637 Monroe av. Scranton Pa.f 
m. 9 Ja 02 ; ch. Albert Leisenring b. 12 S 05 

Whitcomb'* Ethel Winifred b.a. 
2 Belmont st. Lowell 

student I^owell training sch. for teachers 
00-01; teacher Highland grammar sch. 
01-02, high sch. 02-10 

Whitcomb Mary Sheaf er b.l. (Mrs 
Alden Hyde Clark) 
c/o Whitcomb & co. 16 State st. 

student Boston dispensary course 02, (Bib- 
lical courses) Union theol. sem. 02-03; 
asst Brookline Mass. pub. lib. 00-02; resi- 
dent worker Union settlement New York 
02-03; miss'y A. B. C. F. M. Vadala and 
Ahmednagar India 04 — ; m. 14 My 04; 
ch. Mary Lawrence b. 27 N 05, John Alden 
b. 27 Ag 07 

White" Florence Cora b.l, 

154 Winthrop st. Medford Hill- 

teacher South Berwick Me. acad. spring of 
02 ; sec. Jean White publishing house Ja 04- 
My 09 

White Frances Mary b.a. 
Walton N. Y. 

teacher (Eng.) Walton high sch. 04-08 

Whitin Florence b.l. (Mrs Theoph- 
ilus Parsons) 
Hempstead. Long Island N. Y. 

m. 4 Je 02; ch. Theophilus jr b. 17 Ag 03. 
Paul Whitin b. 26 Ja 05, Charles Chauncey 
b. 3 Ja 07 

Whitney Elizabeth Fay b.l. 

800 Whitney av. New Haven Ct. 

farmer Columbia Ct. 09 — : mem. A.C.A. 

Whitney Florence Allen b.l. (Mrs 
Harry Emerson Fosdick) 
14 Trinity pi. Montclair N. J. 

m. 16 Ag 04 

Wilder Ena Vinal b.l. Convent N. J.t 
Wilder Mary Clement b.l. (Mrs 

Everett E. Kent) 

42 Waterston road Newton 
m. 9 N 05; ch. Francis Wilder b. 7 Ag 09 

Wiley" Mary Elinor b.a. (Mrs Fred- 
erick Daniels Thayer) Dudley J 

teacher 00-02 ; m. 25 Je 02 

Winchester" Emma Jane b.a. 

The Linden 427 Main st. Hart- 
ford Ct. 

Winkler" Marion Wolcott b.l. (Mrs 
Walter Vernon Brem) 
Colon hospital, Cristobal, Canal 

student Johns Hopkins hospital sch. for 
nurses 03-05; m. 3 Ag 05; ch. Phyllis b. 
29 Je 06 d. 11 Jl 06, Laura b. 3 S 07, Gwen- 
dolyn b. 18 O 08 

Wood" Elizabeth [M.] b.l. (Mrs 
John Edward Hays) 
Johnstown N. Y. 
m. 9 Ja 01 

Wright Helen Ethel b.a. 

230 Oneida st Milwaukee Wis. 

teacher Rochester Wis. acad. 02-04, Mil- 
waukee south division high sch, 04 — 

Wurster" Carolyn Schubert [Shu- 
bert] B.A. (Mrs Ralph Irving 
Perry) Short Hills N. J. 

m. 31 O 05; ch. Frederick Wurster and 
Cornelius b. 07 

Total 219-*6 

Advanced degrees 

*Colles Julia Nelson m.a. 

B.A. 97 Wellesley; student Columbia 00- 
03; asst (physics) Smith 97-00. Barnard 
01-My03; honorary mem. Alum, assn; d. 
24 My 03 


Allen May Alice b.a. 

Capen school Northampton 
Ph.D. 08 Yale; student (Greek, Latin, San- 
scrit) Yale 01-03, grad. scholar 02-03, fellow 
07-08; teacher (Greek, Latin) Woman's col. 
Frederick Md. 03-05, New Haven Ct. high 
sch. 05-06, Capen sch. Northampton 09 — ; 
mem. Amer. oriental soc. 

Allison Ethel b.a. 

37 Prospect st. Fitchburg 

teacher (Greek, Latin) Springfield Mass. 
internat. col. 01-02, Amesbury high sch. 

Almirall Nina Louise b.l. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Royall) Raleigh N. C. 
m. 21 O 07 
Arms Caroline Holt b.l. 

2 School St. Bellows Falls Vt.J 
Ashley" Marion Livia b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick William Ahlborn) 
72 Sullivan st. Wilkesbarre Pa. 
m. 9 Je 09 

Ashworth Annie May b.a. (Mrs 
Franklin Wakefield Fish) 
Tucson Ariz. 

teacher (Eng.) Monticello N. Y. high sch. 
01-03, Joliet 111. 03-04, head (Eng. dept) 
high sch. 04-05, teacher Univ. of Ariz. 
Tucson 05-07; m. 19 S 07; ch. Frankhn 
Ashworth b. 27 Jl 09 

AuU Mary Wilson b.l. (Mrs Elisha 

431 Linden av. Highland Park 
m. 2 Je 06 ; ch. Elisha jr b. 23 S 07 

Austin Jessie Mabel b.a. 

42 Center st. New London Ct. 

teacher (Eng.) Williams memorial inst. 
New London 02 — 




Ayers™ Nellie Brownell b.l. (Mrs 
Willard Hayes Garrett) 
Baldwin Kan. 

m. 12 S 01; ch. Helen Fowler b. 19 D 02, 
John Willard b, 19 Ag 05, Richard Burgess 
b. 7 S 08 

Barnes^ Harriet Anna b.l. 

992 Beacon st. Newton CenterJ 
Barrett Mary Franklin b.l. 

19 Elm St. Bloorafield N. J. 

M.A. 05 Columbia; student (botany) 
Columbia 01-02, 03-F 04, (botany, physics, 
chem, educ.) 04-05, (botany) Woods Hole 
Mass. marine biol. lab. summer of 02, 
Cornel] summer of 05, New York botanical 
garden summer of 09; asst libn Jarvie 
memorial lib. Bloomfield N. J. 02-F 03; 
teacher Verona N. J. high sch. F-Je 04, 
Randolph-Pond sch. New York 05-06, 
instructor (botany) Wellesley 06-08, assoc. 
instructor (nature study) Montclair N. J. 
state normal sch. 08 — ; mem. Amer. 
nature study soc. 

Barstow" Mary Mason b.l. (Mrs 
Henry Hoadly Guernsey) 
Ebensburg, Cambria co. Pa. 
m. 17 Ap 06 ; ch. Mary Barstow b. 29 O 09 

Bartholomew** Jennette Benton b.l. 
(Mrs Wilson Robotham) 
Unionville Ct. 
m. 31 D 03; ch. William Francis b. 10 Ja 
05. Allan Case b. 17 Je 07 

Batchelder Alice Lizzie b.a. 

62 South St. Portsmouth N. H. 

general sec. Y. W. C. A. Univ. of Ind. 02-03, 
Univ. of Tex. 05-06. WUmington Del. 08-09, 
Lowell Mass. 09—; state sec. Y. W. C. A. 
of Mo. 03-05, of Tex. 06-08 

Bellows Mary Howland b.l. 
Walpole N. H. 

asst Walpole high sch. 04-06 ; lecturer clubs 
and private classes 08-10 

Benedict" Bertha b.l. 

The Lorington 1 W. 10th st. New 
Billings Marian Caroline b.a. 
68 Main st. Hatfield 
teacher Springfield Mass. pub. sch. 01-02, 
(lang.) Smith acad. Hadley 02-07, 08-10, 
Warren high sch. 07-08 

Birdseye Miriam b.a. 

1 Liberty st. New York 

diploma (domestic science) 07 Pratt inst; 
student (sociology, chem. of nutrition) 
Columbia summer sch. 09; teacher (do- 
mestic science) Hebrew technical sch. for 
girls New York 07-09, Simmons col. 09-10, 
asst (household economy) Univ. of New 
Zealand, Dunedin 10 — ; mem. Amer. home 
economics assn 

♦Blodgett Sara Elizabeth b.l. 

d. 6 Mr 07 

Bolster^ Julia Agnes b.l. (Mrs 
Frank A. Ferris jr) 

2 Warren pi. Montclair N. J. 
m. 24 Ap 06 ; ch. Mary b. 30 Mr 08 

Bradley Ethyl Haskell b.a. 

Baker and Washington sts. Glou- 

student Sch. of housekeeping Boston 01-02 

Brannon Alice Margaret b.l. 

611 Southbridge st. Worcester 

teacher Northfield sem. D 01-02, Phillips- 
ton Mass. O 02-03, asst prin. Haverhill 
N. H. acad. 03-D 06; bookkeeper Ja 06 — 

Brewer" Mabel Arva b.a. (Mrs 
Reuben Paul Higgins) 
48 Church st. Cortland N. Y. 

m. 28 O 08 

Brimson^ MaryTHunt b.a. (Mrs 

Fred Allen Grow) 

528 W. 62d St. Chicago lU.t 
Brocklebank" Ethel Susan b.a. 

3 Taft St. Fitchburg 

student Fitchburg normal sch. 01-02, 
(shorthand, typewriting) Burdett col. 08; 
teacher Leominster Mass. high sch. 01-02, 
New Britain Ct. grammar sch. S-D 02, prin. 
Shirley Mass. high sch. 04-05, teacher 
Fitchburg grammar sch. 05; clerk State 
house Boston 06-08, stenographer Charles- 
town state prison 08 — 

Brown Elisabeth Scribner b.a. (Mrs 
Hiram Austin Stearns) 
681 Union st. Manchester N. H. 

teacher French-Amer. col. Springfield Maas. 
01-02; clerk State house Boston Ja 03-My 
08; m. 20 Ap09 

Brown Helen Everton b.l. 

270 Farmington av. Hartford Ct. 

M.A. 10; student (hist.) Hartford theol. 
sem. 01-03; private sec. to minister 06 — ; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Brown'^ Mildred Tenney b.a. (Mrs 
Edward Ernest Pearce) 
Candle Alaskaf 
teacher Brunot hall Spokane Wash, St 
Mary's sch. Knoxville 111; m. 2 O 09 

Buffington Frances Crosby b.l. 
Manila P. I. 
teacher Philippine Islands 01-04, super- 
visor primary sch. districts of Ermita and 
Malate 04-05, prin. Normal inst. for native 
teachers Manila 04-05; tutor Boston 07; 
instructor (Spanish) Smith Ja-Je 08, 
teacher settlement training sch. Manila 

Buflum Annie Maria b.a. 
Walpole N. H. 

asst Walpole high sch. 01-06; mem. Nat. 
geog. soc. 

Burbank" Edith b.s. (Mrs Hazen 
Leroy Farr) 
West Chesterfield N. H. 

teacher Fairmont sem. Washington D. C. 
01-02, Wright oral sch. for the deaf New 
York 02-06; m. 20 Ag 07; ch. Roland 
Hazen b. 25 S 09 

Byles Florence Laura b.a. 
Titusville Pa. 




Cable Lucy Leffingwell b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Wolf Bikl6) 
The Clinton Philadelphia Pa. 

class of 98; reader of manuscripts for 
McClure 02, Collier's weekly 02-03, Holt, 
A. Wessels co. 04-05, reader and editorial 
worker Ladies home journal Jl 05-07, 
reader Holt, Stockes, T. Y. Crowell 08-09, 
editorial proof reader and manuscript 
reader Doubledav Page & co. Mr 09-10; m. 

Caldwell Mary Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Stanley Wilson Merrell) 
2462 Observatory road East Wal- 
nut Hills Cincinnati O. 
m. 27 Ap 05; ch. Alice b. 14 Jl 06 

Calhoun"^ Corinne Harmon b.l. (Mrs 
William Holder Gray jr) 

m. 8 O 02 ; ch. William Calhoun b. 29 Ag 03, 
Charles Chauncey b. 21 Ag 06 

/arle Katherine Elizabeth b.l. 

2807 Stevens av. Minneapolis 

student (French and German lit, hist, of 
art) Sorbonne and Ecole du Louvre 01-02, 
(drawing) Julian's studio 01-02 

Chapin" Edna Gertrude b.a. 
33 Lincoln st. Chicopee Falls 

student (normal commercial course) Bay 
Path inst. 02; teacher high sch. Lewiston 
Me. 02-03, Danielson Ct. 03-06, Andover 
Mass. 06-10 

Chamley Constance b.a. 
261 Beacon st. Boston 

teacher (Eng.) Brearley sch. New York 
01-07, Mis.s Chapin's sch. 07-09 

Chesnutt Ethel Perry b.a. (Mrs 
Edward Christopher Williams) 
c/o Prof. Edward C. Williams, 
Prin. M st. high school, Washing- 
ton D. C. 

teacher Tuskegee inst. 01-Mv 02; m. 26 N 
02; ch. Charles W. Chesnutt b. 28 S 03 

Childs Agnes Chamberlin b.a. (Mrs 
Benjamin Barrett Hinckley) 
Barrett pi. Northanipton 

M.A. 05; student (phvsics) Clark univ. 
02-04, senior scholar (physics) Clark univ. 
03-04; lab. asst (physics) Newton high sch. 
01-02, asst Smith 04-06; m. 15 Ja 07; ch. 
Henry Rose b. 19 N 07, Frances b. 13 Ag 09 

*Childs EtheHnd Thorpe b.a. (Mrs 
Walter Alden Dyer) 

m. 26 S 03; d. 10 Mr 04 Brooklyn N. Y. 

Chrysler" Josephine Lee b.a. 

Moravian seminary Bethlehem 

student (Latin) Syracuse'^univ. summer 
sch. 04, (hist, of educ.) I>ehigh univ. 09-10; 
teacher (Latin, Eng.) Moravian sem. 01-10 

Clifford Dora Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Everett Monroe) 
43 Winthrop av. Wollaston 

m. 20 Ja 09 

Clough" Blanche Emeline b.a. 
(Mrs Leander Morton Farring- 
ton) 102 Florence av. Arlington 
m. 15 Je04 

Cobb Ethel Swan b.a. (Mrs William 

Percy Arnold) 

125 Adams st. North Abington 
m. 1 Ja 02 ; ch. Malcolm Porter b. 29 My 03, 
Dwight Cobb b. 31 My 05, William Percy 
jrb. 11 Ag09 

Coburn" Helen b.l. (Mrs Horace N 
1415 Prospect av. Plainfield N. J 

m. 17 Ap 09; ch. Mary V. b. 3 My 10 

Coggeshall Mary Bancroft b.a. 
Pleasantville N. Y. 

student (architecture) New York sch. of 
applied design for women 04-07; designer 
Tiffany studios New York F 08-Ag 09, 
interior decorator New York D 09 — 

Collins Edna White b.l. 

The Cornwall, 921 E. 13th av. 
Denver Col. 

instructor (Eng.) Denver univ. 09-10 ; mem. 

Comstock" Ethel Young b.l. (Mrs 
John Cloyes Bridgman) 
118 W. River st. Wilkesbarre Pa. 

student Wilkesbarre city hospital nurses 
training sch. 03-05 ; m. 7 Je 05 ; ch. John C. 
jr and David C. b. 27 My 06 

Comstock^ Harriet EHzabeth b.l. 
(Mrs Edward Livingston Rob- 
320 Farmer st. Syracuse N. Y. 

teacher Keble sch. Syracuse 03-04, Good- 
year-Burlingame sch. 04-06; m. 3 Je 08; 
ch. Edward Livingston jr b. 1 O 09 

Criley^ Martha b.l. 

Lexington hotel Chicago lU.f 

Critcherson** Mary Elizabeth b.a. 
(Mrs Benjamin H. Miller) 
Kennedy house 4423 W. 43d st. 
New York 
resident Hale house settlement 02-05, 
supt South end vacation sch. summers 
03-04, visitor Chapel of divine providence 
New York 05-06, head worker Kennedy 
house settlement 06-O 10; m. 26 My 10 

CroU" Elsie Lydia b.l. 

3733 Walnut st. Philadelphia Pa.f 

Crowell Minerva Evelyn b.a. 
East Dennist 




Cummings Alice Sylvia b.a. (Mrs 
Gardner Kirk Hudson) 
24 Pay son st. Fitchburgt 
m. 30 Je 03 

Curtis Mary Beach b.a. 

24 S. Maple av. East Orange N. J. 

student (voice) 03, Nat. conservatory 
dramatic art summer sch. 05, 05-06; gen- 
eral asst Courtland sch. Bridgeport Ct. 
02-03, private teacher (elocution) East 
Orange 03-04, teacher Pratt inst. Brooklyn 
04-07, Knox sch. Lakewood N. J. 05-09, 
Miss Jacobs' sch. New York 06-07, Hart- 
ridge sch. Plainfield N. J. 06-08, Mrs Dow's 
sch. Briarclift Manor N. Y. 07-09, Hebrew 
technical sch. New York summer of 09, 
instructor Smith 09 — 

Davidson" Eleanor Schureman b.a. 
(Mrs Howell North White) 
The Hill school Pottstown Pa. 

m. 27 Jl 07 

Day Daisy Toles b.a. 
West Hartford Ct. 

student (pedagogy) Columbia summer sch. 
03; teacher Williamsburg Ky. acad. 01-02, 
Miss Metcalfe's sch. Tarrytown N. Y. 03-04, 
(German, math.) Caldwell N, J. high sch. 
04-09. (German) Plainfield high sch. 09— 

De Forest Charlotte Burgis b.a. 
Kobe college Kobe Japan 

M.A. 07; student (zoology) Cold Spring 
lab. Cold Spring L. 1. summer of 02, course 
mission study Sendai Ja 05; asst supt 
Walker miss'y home Auburndale Mass. 
02-Ag 03, miss'y N 03-04; teacher (Eng, 
Bible) Kobe col. for giils 05 — , acting prin. 
Ja 10— 

De Forest Sarah Lydia b.a. (Mrs 
William Bacon Pettus) 
120 Szechnen road Shanghai 

traveling sec. Student volunteer movement 
01-Mr 02; companion Providence R. I. 02- 
03; girls club worker Madison sq. church 
house 03-Mv 04; teacher Northfield sem. 
04-05 ; m. 13 Je 05 ; ch. John De Forest b, 
1 My 09 

De Long Ethel Marguerite b.a. 

1209 Park av. Indianapolis Ind. 

teacher Springfield Mass. high sch. 01-05, 
(Eng.) Indianapolis manual training high 
sch. 05-10; housekeeper Vacation house 
for working women Allertoh Mass. summer 
of 04 

DeRocheniont Marie B.A. Maynardf 

teacher Somersworth N. H. high sch. 02-05 

Dewey Mildred Winslow b.a. (Mrs 
Willis Chenery Hay) 
Van Buren Me. 

sec. Horace Mann sch. New York 01-02; 
resident Music sch. settlement New York 
08-09; m. 27N09 
Dike Elizabeth Anderson b.l. 

113 Hancock st. Auburndale 

M.A. 08 Radcliffe; student (Eng, munici- 
pal govt) Radcliffe 07-08; teacher (French, 
Eng.) Kimball union acad. Meriden N. H. 
01-04, Holyoke Mass. high sch. 04-07, Miss 
Hake's private sch. for girls Rochester 
N. Y. 08-10, Miss Winsor's sch. Boston 10 — 

Dillon"^ Katherine Louise b.l. 
20 Myrtle av. FitchburgJ 
student (Latin, Eng.) Columbia 03-05; 
teacher (Latin, Eng.) Plainfield N. J. 02-04 

Dooly" Eleanor Frances b.l. (Mrs 
Ernest Bamberger) 
Salt Lake City Utaht 

m. 11 N 03; ch. Ruth Eleanor b. 21 O 04 

Douglass Alice Maud b.a. 
Little Falls N. Y. 

B.P. 02 N. Y. state normal col; teacher 
(Eng.) Anniston Ala. 03-04, Little Falls 
high sch. 04-05, Holland Patent 07-10 

Droste Louise Charlotte b.a. 

28 S. Mountain av. Montclair 
Du Bois" Anne Lamson b.a. (Mrs 
Clarence West Hodges) 
132 Parkwood blvd Schenectady 
N. Y. 
libn Kimball pub. lib. Randolph Vt. My 03- 
Jl 07: m. 13 O 07; ch. Charles DuBois 
and Albert Randolph b. 5 Mr 09, Clarence 
West jr b. 19 F 10; mem. A.L.A. 
Duckworth Alice France b.a. (Mrs 
Gardner Whitman Pearson) 
69 CHtheroe st. Lowell 

teacher (Eng, math.) Lowell high sch. 02- 
04; m. 28 Je 04; ch. Whitman b. 8 Jl 06, 
Sarah Hill b. 20 Ja 09 

Duggan Ellen Hedican b.l. (Mrs 
Theobald Mathew Connor) 
22 Kensington av. Northampton 

teacher Wethersfield av. sch. Hartford Ct. 
02-06; m. 21 Ag 06; ch. Neil Anthony b. 
27 Ag 07, Margaret b. 1 S 10 

Duncan Annie Holbrook b.l. 

297 Jefferson av. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Durkee Emma West b.l. 

East Patchogue N. Y. 

student (metalwork, jewelry) Columbia 
spring of 10 

Ellsworth Lucy Morris b.l. (Mrs 
George Mason Creevey) 
40 E. 63d St. New York 

m. 5 S 01; ch. Carlotta b. 13 S 02 (class 
baby), Kennedy b. 13 Jl 05 

Emerson Ellen Tucker b.l. 
Lowell road Concord 

M.A. 04; student (botany) Radcliffe 01-02; 
fellow (zoology) Sniith 03-04; teacher priv- 
ate sch. 01-03; social worker Mass. general 
hospital Boston 06 — ; sec. Smith alum, 
assn 06-10; mem. A.C.A. 
Emerson Jennie [Jane] Little b.l. 
(Mrs Thomas McMuUen) 
261 Garfield pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

student (pedagogy) Teachers col. 03; 
teacher Prospect Heights sch. for boys 
04-06; m. 26S06 
Fales Leal May b.l. (Mrs Percy 

Newell Hall) 

9 Woronoco av. Westfield 

teacher Turners Falls high sch. 01-02; m. 
31 D 02; ch. John Lowell b. 24 Ja 04, 
Howard Fales b. 19 Ja 06, Jean b. 2 N 08 




Fassett Mary Adams b.a. (Mrs 
Samuel James Sutherland) 
c/o War dept Washington D. C. 
m. 29 Je 05 

Fawcett Edna Hague b.l. 

1348 Euclid st. Washington D. C. 

student (botany) Barnard 02-03, research 
worker (botany) botanical gardens Bronx 
park N. Y. 04-05; fellow Woods Hole Mass. 
summer of 01 ; teacher Springfield Mass. 

?ub. Bch. 01-02, Miss Keller's sch. New 
ork 02-05; scientific asst Bureau of 
Elant industry Dept of agric. Washington 

Fayenveather Ruth b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Edward Brooks) 
c/o Northwestern university 
Evanston 111. 
student (sec. course) Simmons col. 04-05; 
private sec. to surgeon-in-chief Johns Hop- 
kins hospital 06-10 

Fellows Marguerite b.l. (Mrs Fred- 
eric G. Melcher) 
14 Oxford road Newton Center 

m. Je 10 

Ferris Amy b.l. 

Russell terrace Montclair N. T. 

diploma in design 07 New York sch. of art; 
student St Luke's training sch. for nurses 
02, (design) Vienna summer of 07 ; interior 
decorator New York D 08 — 

Fisher Mary Balberine b.a. 

122 W. Franklin st. Baltimore 

teacher Edgeworth sch. 

Fisher" Sara Lawrence b.a. 

215 N. Washington st. North 

teacher Melrose Mass. high sch. 02-N 06, 
Winthrop high sch. N 06-09 

Flower" Olive b.a. Oxford O. 

teacher Oxford col. 01 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Foley** Edna Lois b.l. 

158 Adams st. Chicago 111. 

R.N. 05 Hartford Ct. hospital training sch. 
for nurses; head nurse Hartford hospital 
04-05, Albany childs hospital 05-06, Boston 
childrens hospital 06-07, supervising nurse 
Chicago tuberculosis inst. 09 — ; mem. 

Ford Mildred Elm b.a. (Mrs Frank 
Macmillan Cobb) 
11302 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 
m. 3Je08; mem. A.C.A. 

♦Forepaugh Edith b.a. 

teacher private sch. St Paul Minn. 01-02, 
Central high sch. 02-03, Mrs Backus' sch. 
for girls 04-05; d. 4 D 08 

Forsyth" Anne Louise b.l. 
Claremont N. H.t 
teacher (French, Eng.) Poughkeepsie N. Y. 
03-04, Stevens high sch. 04-05 

Fosdick Nellie b.a. 

98 Pleasant st. Fitchburg 

libn Fitchburg high sch. 04-08 

Foster Claire Pearl b.a. (Mrs Frank 

John Rahe) 

2318 Fairfield av. Fort Wayne 

m. 26 O 05 
Gaines" Ruth Louise b.a. 

47 Claremont av. New York 

student (lit. criticism, Eng. lit, versiGca- 
tion) Yale 01-02; asst editor and reader 
Rand McNally & co. Chicago 02-03, asst 
(Eng. dept) Nat. cathedral sch. Washing- 
ton D. C. 04-05 

Gane Marjory b.l. 

114 E. Walton pi. Chicago 111. 

student (Eng, Dante) Chicago vmiv. 04-05; 

Garejr" Pauline Marie b.a. 

9 Bigelow St. Cambridgef 
Garrison Fanny b.a. 

17 Fairview terrace West Newton 

grad. Boston normal sch. of gymnastics 03; 
instructor (gymnastics) Briarcliff sch. 
Briarcliff Manor N, Y. 03-05, Miss Knox's 
sch. for girls 05-07 

Gates^ Ethel b.s. 

1203 Merchants loan & trust 
bldg Chicago 111. 

student (zoology) Northwestern univ. 02; 
asst (zoology) Northwestern univ. 02; 
teacher (math, sciences) Dayton O. 02-03; 
sec. 04-05 

Gere Laura Ella b.a. 

122 Shonnard st. Syracuse N. Y. 

asst Michigamme Mich, high sch. 01-02, 
teacher Jenner's sch. for boys Syracuse 
02-03, (geometry, German) Batavia high 
sch. 03-F 07, Syracuse technical high sch. 
F07— ; mem. A.C.A. 

Gilchrist** Agnes Hastings b.a. (Mrs 
John Sayle Watterson) 
1955 E. 93d st. Cleveland O. 

m. 23 O 02; ch. John Sayle jr b. 18 S 03, 
David Gilchrist b. 21 O 05 

Godfrey** Ethel b.l. (Mrs Herbert 
Richardson Loud) 
c/o Mrs Laura Godfrey "Fern 
Ledge" Bangor Me. 

M.A. 09 Univ. of Me; attended lectures 
(hist, lit.) Sorbonne and College de France 
01-02, (lit.) Jena univ. 07-08, (hist, lit.) 
Univ. of Me. 09; m. 3 Ag 09; ch. Laura b. 
29 Ap 10 

Grant** Edith Annie b.l. 
4 Nonotuck av. Chicopee 

student Westfield normal sch. 02-03; 
teacher N. J. 01-02, Springfield Mass. pub. 
sch. 03-07; asst postmaster Chicopee 07- 
08; asst (commercial course) Oxford high 
sch. 10 

Greene** Esther FoUansbee b.l. 
Peace Dale R. I.J 




Grumbine Lucy Coates b.l. 

144 E. Walnut st. Titusville Pa. 

diploma 09 Drexel inst. lib. sch. Philadel- 
phia; libn Benson memorial lib. Titusville 
N 09 — ; mem. A.L.A. 

♦Hall Gertrude Fiske b.l. (Mrs 
Joseph Nelson Hood) 

student (singing) 02-05; m. 26 D 08; ch. 
Andrew WUliam 4th b. 2 F 09 ; d. 25 F 09 

Hammond Edna Elizabeth b.a. 
37 Park st. Adams 
teacher high sch. Wihnington Vt. 01-07, 
Hanover Mass. 07-08, Claremont N. H. 

Harris Harriet Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Sylvester Judd Beach) 
20 Myrtle st. Augusta Me. 


Harsha Helen Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Edwin Morgan Sherman) 
1139 Forest av. Evanston 111. 

m. 24 Ja 05; ch. Barbara b. 24 Ap 07, 
Elizabeth Harriet b. 29 Je 08 

Hawkins" Ethel Wallace b.l. 

teacher Miss Hall's sch. for girb Pittsfield 

Hedden Mabel b.l. (Mrs Harry 
Peck Havell) 
52 Hedden pi. East Orange N. J. 

m. 29 Mr 10 

Heidrich Mathilda Louelle b.a. (Mrs 
Theodore Herbert Page) 
109 Crescent av. Peoria 111. 

m. 9 F 04; ch. Frances Louise b. 11 O 08 

Higbie Mariana b.l. (Mrs George 
30 Milford av. Newark N. J. 

m. 21N04; ch. George jr b. 8 Ja 06, Mary 
Thornton b. 29 N 08 

Hinkley Florence b.a. (Mrs Philip 
723 Main st. Westbrook Me. 

teacher (math.) Miss White's sch, for girls 
Portland Me. 04-07, St Gabriel's sch. 
Peekskill N. Y. 07-08; m. 21 N 08; ch. 
Philip jr b. 25 Ag 09 

Hitchcock^ Annie [Anna] Stella b.l. 
Bethany Ct. 

teacher Reed's Ferry N. H. Ja 02-03, Brim- 
field Mass. 03-07, Utica N. Y. 07-10 

♦Holbrook" Marion Goodhue b.l. 

student (hist, lit.) Columbia; d. 23 N 04 
New York 

Homer" Florence Mary b.a. 
428 W. First st. Dayton O.f 

grad. Boston normal sch; teacher grammar 
sch. Boston 03-05 

Hood'* Susan Mabel b.a. (Mrs 
George Waldo Emerson) 
49 Sparhawk st. Amesbury 

private governess Great Falls Mon. 01-02; 
teacher (Latin, Greek) Amesbury high sch. 
02-03; m. 5 O 04; ch. Edward Everett b. 
2 S 05, Elizabeth Capen b. 22 N 06, Miriam 
b. 30 Je 09 

Hosick« Lou Hinckley b.l. 

1222 Lake av. Wilmette IlLf 

Hotchkiss Eleanor Benedict b.l. 
(Mrs Roderick Potter) 
109 Ashland av. Buffalo N. Y. 

m. 1 Jl 05 ; ch. Mary Frances b. 26 Mr 07 

Howard" Ethel Barstow b.a. 
25 Crawford st. Roxburyt 

book decorator and illustrator 02 — 

Howes Helen Zabriskie b.l. (Mrs 
Charles Bemis Gleason) 
Waterston road Newton 

m. 3 O 06 ; ch. John Howes b. 6 Ag 08 

Howey Martha Melissa b.l. 

163 Gibson st. Canandaigua N. Y. 
teacher (Eng, hist.) Ogontz Pa. sch. 01-04, 
(lit.) Abbot acad. Andover Mass. 04-10 

Hull Belsita Maud b.l. (Mrs Loren 

Henry Rockwell) 

23 Windermere pi. Rockville, 

Long Island N. Y.f 
teacher Philippine Islands 01-03; m. 16 Ja 

Hull Rosamond B.L. 

40 Appleton av. Pittsfield 

Hunt Shirley May b.a. 

Southampton Long Island N. Y. 

student (zoology) Radchffe 01-F 02; stu- 
dent teacher (Latin) Somerville Mass. high 
sch. F-Je 02, teacher (biol.) Northfield sem. 

Hunter Mary Seelye b.a. 

268 State st. Albany N. Y. 

student (household economics) Amer. sch. 
of household economics Chicago 

Hurlburf* Edith Laurana b.l. 
Somers Ct. 

kindergartner New Britain Ct. Ja 03-08, 
Winsted Ja 09-10 

Irvin** Grace Edna b.s. 
El Monte Cal.f 

student (German, zoology) Univ. of 111. 
summer of 02; teacher Bristol Vt. 01, Elm- 
wood 111. 02, Rushville Til. 02-03, Ely Minn, 
high sch. 03-05, Lindenwood col. St Charles 
Mo. 05-09, Westlake sch. for girls Los 
Angeles Cal. 09-10, (math, chem.) El Monte 
high sch. 10 — 

Jennings" Mary Fosdick b.a. 
57 Garfield av. Detroit Mich 
mem. A.C.A. 




Johnson Hannah Gould b.l. (Mrs 
Sanford Stoddard) 
35 Milne st. Bridgeport Ct. 
m. 30 Je 03; ch. Johnson b. 25 S 04, Good- 
win b. 23 D 07 

Jones" Amy Stetson b.a. (Mrs How- 
ard Crosby Rice) 
30 Oak St. Brattleboro Vt. 
m. 21 My 02 ; ch. Howard Crosby b, 24 O 04 

JuHand Clara Cornelia b.a. (Mrs 
R. D. Van Valkenburgh) 
1602 Jefferson av. Scranton Pa.f 
m. 6 S 05 

Kerr Jane Mercer b.a. 

462 Rebecca st. Pittsburg Pa. 

teacher Westminster-Neville sch. for girls 
06 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Kimball Alice b.a. 

110 E. 29th St. New York 

student (domestic science) Teachers col. 
03-04; settlement worker Church of the 
sea N. Y. 01-03, St Mark's parish house 
01-03; tutor 

Elimball Jessamine b.a. (Mrs Ed- 
ward Elliott Draper) 
183 6th av. Lansingburg N. Y. 
m. 6 O 02 ; ch. Richard Elliott b. 19 Je 09 

Kimball Louise [Louisa] Bleecker 
B.A. 110 E. 29th St. New York 

student (domestic science) Teachers col. 
03-04; settlement worker Church of the sea 
N. Y. 01-03, St Mark's parish house 01-03; 

King^ Bertha Pratt b.a. 

King Crawford classical sch. 
Terre Haute Ind. 

teacher Barber memorial sem. Anniston 
Ala. 2 yr, prin. private col. prep. sch. Terre 
Haute 06 — 

King Genevieve b.l. 

1898 Broadway San Francisco 

Kitchel Helen West b.a. (Mrs Ralph 

Peabody Daniells) 

857 Virginia st. Toledo O. 

teacher (hist, Eng.) Beloit Wis. 02-03, 
(Eng.) Milwaukee south division high sch. 
03-05 ; m. 10 Je 05 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Knowlton^ Clara Myers b.l. (Mrs 
Frederick H. Strong) 
250 King st. Portland Ore. 
teacher (hist.) Rosemary hall Greenwich 
Ct. 04-05; m. 10 O 05; ch. Dexter Knowl- 
ton b. 21 S 07 

♦Kriegsmann Eva Helena b.l. (Mrs 
William Richard Pritchard) 

m. Ag 03; ch. Edward Kriegsmann b. 11 S 
04; d. 23 F 06 Charleston S. C. 

Lane"^ Ethel b.l. (Mrs Wellington 
Smith jr) Lee 

m. 17 D 02 ; ch. Elizabeth Lane b. 10 Ap 04, 
Wellington 3d b. 2 S 05 

Larmonth"^ Grace King b.l. (Mrs 
Clarence B. Snow) 
567 W. 149th St. New Yorkf 

teacher (Latin) Jamestown N. Y. high sch. 
01-02. tutor 02-04 

Laskey™ Edith De Blois b.l. (Mrs 
James Edgar Parker) 
2 Gregory st. Marblehead 
teacher Marblehead high sch. 03-10; m. 8 
O 10 , 

Leavens Delia Dickson b.a. 
Tun^chou, Peking China 
fresh air worker summers 02, 03; teacher 
Saluda N. C. sem. 03-06, Pleasant Hill 
Tenn. acad. 07-09; Smith col. miss'y Tung- 
chou 09 — 

Leese"^ Dorcas Floyd b.l. (Mrs 
Richard Mather Boardman) 
915 Madison av. Plainfield N. J. 

class of 00 ; m. 2 Je 06 ; ch. Eleanor With- 
ington b. 8 Jl 07, Richard Mather jr b. 2 Je 

Lent^ Rosamond Roberta b.l. 
80 Riverside drive New Yorkf 

teacher St Mary's sch. New York 02-04 

Lewis Mary Bell [Belle] b.a. 
32 Harvard av. Brookline 
mem. A.C.A. 

Lips"- Frances Pauline b.l. (Mrs 
William Andrew Harshaw) 
11440 Juniper road Cleveland O. 

tutor and teacher 01-04; m. 22 Mr 04; ch. 
Beatrice Caroline b. 26 My 05, Kathryn 
Jeanette b. 1 F 07 

Locke^ Alison Neal b.l. 

217 W. Ashley st. Jackson- 
ville Fla. 

Lockhart" Mary Annette b.a. (Mrs 
Francis Daniel Pastorius) 
720 N. Cascade av. Colorado 
Springs Col.t 

m. 14 Mr 03 

Logan Julia b.l. 

79 Deer Hill av. Danbury Ct.f 

pres. Willoughby house settlement 03-05 

Lord Grace Ethel b.l. (Mrs George 
Avery Porter) 
8 Cumberland st. Boston 

teacher (biol.) Somerville Mass. Eng. high 
sch. 02-04; m. 9 D 08 

Lord Laura Woolsey b.l. (Mrs 
Robert Leighton Scales) 
36 Pinckney st. Bostonf 

Lusk" Ruth Alida b.a. (Mrs Walter 
Reeve Ramsey) 

214 S. Grotto st. St Paul Minn, 
student (lit, hist, of art) Berlin vmiv. 07-08; 
, m. 19 Ap 02 




McGrew Elizabeth Lore b.s. (Mrs 
Everett Kimball) 
319 Elm St. Northampton 

M.A. 05; student (physiol, zoology) 
Western reserve univ. 01-02; fellow (zool- 
ogy) Smith 04-05; anatomical draughts- 
man with surgeons Cleveland O. 05-06; 
m. 18 Je 06; ch. McGrew b. 12 Mr 07, 
Everett jr b. 4 N 09 

Mack^ Rebecca Robins b.l. 

c/o El Paso tin mining & smelt- 
ing CO. El Paso Tex. 

teacher (singing, grade studies) Foulke & 
Long inst. Eden Pa. Ap 06-Ag 07, (Latin, 
German, math.) Miss Roney's sch. for girls 
Bala O 07-09 

MacLeod" Christine Isabel b.a. (Mrs 
Edward G. Chase) Albion R. I.f 

Martin"^ Anne Louise b.l, 

3639 Grand blvd Chicago 111. 

student (lit.) Chicago univ. 01-02, (music, 

Mason Georgia Anna b.a. (Mrs Ed- 
ward Orne Damon jr) 
Care Lighthouse board Washing- 
ton D. C.t 
m. 2 O 01 

Mead Mabel Converse b.l. 

1078 Madison av. New York 
Meyer" Louise b.l. (Mrs Frederic 


4259 Drexel blvd Chicago 111. 
m. 29 D 03 
Mills Nona Burnett b.a. (Mrs James 

Graham Hardy) 


m. 22 D 05 

Miner Maude Emma b.a. 

165 W. 10th St. New York 

M.A. 06 Columbia; student (Amer. t, 
sociology) Columbia 05-D 06, New \ >ri-. 
sch. of philanthropy S-D 06; prof, (math.) 
Woman's col. Frederick Md. 01-04 (hist.) 
04-05; probation officer New York city 
magistrates courts 07-09, sec. New York 
probation assn 09-10 

Mitchell" Julia Post b.l. 

430 W. 118th St. New York 

M.A. 04 Columbia; student (lit, lang.) 
Columbia 03-Ja 07, 08 — ; teacher Miss 
Sutphen's sch. Morristown N. J. and tutor 
Summit 01-03, instructor (Eng.) Vassar 
Ja 07-08 

Moore Margaret King b.l. 

856 W. State st. Jacksonville 111. 

instructor (German) Blackburn col. Carlin- 
ville 111. 02-05, (German, Eng. lit.) West- 
minster col. Salt Lake City Utah 05-07, 
preceptress and assoc. prof. (mod. lang.) 
Macalister col. St Paul Minn. 07-08, pre- 
ceptress Salt Lake City collegiate inst. 08 — 
Moore Mary Winifred b.l. 
275 Bay st. Springfield 
student (pedagogy) Columbia summer of 
01. (hist, of Eng. Ht.) Teachers col. 07; 
teacher New York pub. sch. 02-10 

Morgan Helen Van Deren b.l. (Mrs 
Tom Wynyard Bellhouse) 
Highland Park lU.f 
m. 1 O 08 

Morron Jean McLean b.a. 

305 N. Jefferson av. Peoria 111. 

instructor Peoria high sch. 01-04; mem. 
A.C.A, Alliance franjaise 

Muir Margaret Purdum b.l. 

329 Nelson av. St Paul Minn. 

teacher (hist.) St Paul mechanic arts high 
sch. 01-03, 08-10, (Eng.) summer high sch. 
09, 10; mem. A.C.A. 

MuUally^ Mary Clare b.a. 
Pelham Manor N. Y. 

teacher Vail-Deane sch. Elizabeth N.y.'Ol- 

05, Ivy hall Bridgeton N. J. 05-06 

Norris Clara Maud b.a. 

283 Clifton st. Maiden 

M.A. 02 Boston univ; teacher (Eng.) 
Newburyport Mass. high sch. 03-07, Mai- 
den high sch. 07-10; mem. A.C.A.^N.E.A. 

Oakes Methyl Gertrude b.a. (Mrs 
John Gorham Palfrey) 
88 Beacon st. Boston 

m. 3 O 05; ch. Margaret Germaine b. 7rO 

06, Elizabeth Rowland b. 14 Ja 09 

Page Marguerite Cutler b.a. -; (Mrs 
Walter Albert Hersey) 
5 Maple pi. Wellesley Hills 

m. 5 Ap 04; ch. Winthrop Page b. 15|Mr 06, 
Francis Prescott b. 1 D 07 

Palmer EmeHne b.l. (Mrs George 
B. Spaulding jr) Stonington Ct. 

resident Christodora settlement New York 
05-08; m. 2S09 

Palmer" Florence Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Boyce Walter Godsoe) 
77 Erie av. Newton Highlands 

teacher Me. central inst. Pittsneld Me. 01- 
02, Fairfield high sch. 02-04, asst Natick 
Mass. grammar sch. 04-06, Newton gram- 
mar sch. 06-09 ; m. 9 O 09 

Parsons" Helen Maud Nelson b.a. 

teacher East Bridgewater Mass. 01-03, 
Northampton high sch. 03-05 

Patton" Agnes b.l. (Mrs Schuyler 
Colfax Woodhull) 
Security bank bldg Minneapolis 
m. 24 Je 05; ch. Agnes Patton 2d b. 26 8 

07, Caroline Vroom b. 29 Jl 09 

Peck Margaret Edna b.a. Mrs 
Alfred Dunton Edwards) 
706 Highland av. Elgin III. 
m. 14 O 09 

Peters Grace Rarey b.a. 

891 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 

M.A. 03; fellow (philos.) Smith 02-03; 
teacher (hist.) Columbus east high sch. 
04-06,07-10; mem. A.C.A. 




Piper" Margaret Rebecca b.l. 
446 Main st. Fitchburg 
M.A. 10-, fellow (Eng.) Smith 09-10; head 
(EnK. dept) Windsor Vt. high sch. 03-07, 
Hillsboro N. H. 08-09, Washington Pa. 
sem. 10 — 

Pooke*» Florence Augusta b.a. 
22 Winnemay st. Natick 

Pooke" Helen Custer b.a. / 

22 Winnemay st. Natick 

Pope Amy Stoughton b.l. (Mrs 
George Wynn Shirk) 
Cornwall on Hudson N. Y. 

private sec. New York 01-02, 03-04; teacher 

grivate sch. 02-03; m. 30 N 04; ch. Mary 
[elena b. 22 Ag 05, Amy b. 3 Je 08 d. 4 Je 

Porter" Clementine Bums b.a. 
Littleton N. H.J 

Prescott" Maude b.l. Salina Kan.J 

Putnam-Cramer Antoinette b.a. 
322 Lawrence av. Westfield N. J. 

visiting tutor 01-09 

Reed Clara Everett b.a. 
West Brookfield 

teacher (French, hist.) Warren Mass. high 
sch. 01-02, (Latin, French, German) Wick- 
ford R. I. high sch. 02— 

Rice Helen Hajnvard b.a. 
12 Prichard st. Fitchburg 

Richardson" Alice b.a. 
213 Branch st. Lowell 

teacher (math.) Lowell high sch. 04-10 

Richardson Bertha June b.a. |(Mrs 
William Palmer Lucas) 
261 Beacon st. Boston 

student (biol, economics) Barnard 02-03, 
Mary Lowell Stone fellow New York 03-04; 
teacher (biol.) Cleveland O. central high 
sch. 01-02; writer and lecturer New York 
04-05; teacher (hist.) Brearley sch. 05-09; 
m. 11 S 09; mem. A.C.A. 

Riddle Gertrude Frieda b.l. (Mrs 
Eben Trask Bradbury) 
6143 Westminster pi. St Louis 

m. 1 Je 08; ch. Eleanor Riddle b. 8 Ap 09; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Rising Katherine Bosworth b.l. 
(Mrs Sherman Lockwood Coy) 
Cloquet Minn, 
m. 12 Je 06; ch. Edward Dwight b. 19 Jl 08 

Roberts Gertrude b.l. (Mrs Hervey 
J. Sherer) 

22 Pennock terrace Lansdowne 

student Moorhead Minn, state normal sch. 
92-93. (Eng. lit.) Univ. of Pa; teacher 
(Eng.) Friends' select sch. Philadelphia 01- 
09; m. 18Ag09 

Rowell Persis Eastman b.a. 
451 29th St. Des Moines la.J 

teacher (Eng, hist.) South Berwick Me. 
acad. 01-02 

Rumbold" Caroline Thomas b.l. 
6903 Von Versen av. St Louis Mo. 

M.A. 03 Washington univ. Dr. olc. publ. 07 
K. B. Ludwig-Maximilian's imiv; student 
(chem, botany) Washington univ, (plant 
pathology, forestry) Munich univ; scien- 
tific asst Bureau of plant industry U. S. 
dept of agric. Miss, valley lab, St Louis 
02-05, asst (botany) Univ. of Mo. 08-10; 
mem. A.C.A, Amer. assn for advancement 
of science 

Sanborn Anna Louise b.a. 

710 Stowell av. Milwaukee Wis. 

teacher (Eng.) high sch. Beloit Wis. 01- 
Mr 02, (Eng, physical geog.) Milwaukee 
06-F 10, (Eng.) Portland Ore. F-Je 10 

Sanborn** May True b.a. 
96 Forest av. Bangor Me. 

student (piano) Boston 05 — 

Saunders Caroline Rhoda b.l. (Mrs 
Albert William Lindeke) 
345 Summit av. St Paul Minn. 

m. 20 N 06 

Sayles Mary Helen b.a. (Mrs Har- 
riot Van Deventer Moore) 

Hamilton av. Englewood N. J 

m. 25 N 03; ch. Charles Sayles b. 8 N 
Frances Tuttle b. 3 N 08 


Saj^ward** Mary Amsden b.a. (Mrs 
Horace Freeman Bates) 
144 Winthrop av. WoUaston 

teacher 6th grade Crouch sch. Quincy Mass. 
01-03; m. 23 Ja 04; ch. Mary Amsden b. 

Schauffler Clara Elizabeth b.a. 

2862 Marion av. Bedford Park 

New York 
diploma (domestic science) 04 Teachers 
col; teacher (domestic science) New York 
pub sch. 04 — 

Seaver Susan Russell b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Latimer Seaver) 
83 Van Winkle st. Dorchester 

fellow (physics) Smith 05-06; instructor 
(physics) Wells col. Aurora N. Y. 01-05 

See Lillian Randolph b.l. 

Elwood av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 

Sexton** Marie Louise b.a. (Mrs 
William Arthur Gregory) 
49 Chamber of commerce Minne- 
apolis Minn. J 

m. 10 My 02 

Sharp Marion Louise b.a. 

12 Fairbanks st. Brookline 

teacher (Eng.) Gloucester Mass. high sch. 
01-06, Oxford sch. Maiden 06-07, North 
Attleboro high sch. 07-08 




Shattuck Helen Barnes b.a. 

17 Orange st. Nashua N.IH. 

lib. asst Forbes lib. Northampton Mass. 
01-03, head cataloger 05-07, cataloger 
Springfield pub. lib. 02-03, lib. organizer 04, 
head cataloger Univ. of Minn. 07-09, libn 
Univ. of Vt. 09 — ; mem. A.L.A. 

Sheldon Janet Somerville b.l. (Mrs 
George Wadsworth Gordon) 
318 Hamilton st. Evanston 111. 

m. 25 Ap 05 ; ch. George Sheldon b. 16 F 06, 
Janet Reid b. 21 S 07 

Sherman" Martha Elizabeth b.l. 
(Mrs John Edward Dixon) 

18 Berwyn st. Orange N. J. 

m. 5 O 05 ; ch. John Sherman b. 26 Jl 07 

Shipman** Jennie Spaulding b.a. 
Bellows Falls Vt. 

teacher Bellows Falls high sch. 01-06, 
Joliet 111. high sch. 06-10 

Shoemaker" Helen b.a. (Mrs Samuel 
Lewis Elmer) 
188 Hawthorne st. Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

m. 3 Ag 04; ch. Lucia M. b. 26 My 06, 
Mary Erety b. 16 Je 08, S. Lewis jr b. 3 N 

Slade Ruth Eleanor b.l. 

68 Barnes st. Providence R. I. 

student (educ.) Brown 01-02; student 
teacher Hope st. high sch. 01-02; mem. 

Smith Helen Parmenter b.a. 
Abbeville S. C f 

teacher (math.) Orange Mass. high sch. 

Smith" Irene Lathrop b.l. (Mrs 
Paul Compton) 

6248 Kensington av. St Loiiis 

kindergartner normal course St Louis pub. 
sch. 01-03; sec. and hostess Temple of 
fraternity World's fair 03-04; m. 4Ja05; 
ch. Paulme and Josephine Lathrop b. 13 D 

Smith" Mary Lawrence b.a. (Mrs 
Russell Eugene Dexter) 
152 Van Dyke av. Detroit Mich. 

m. 24 O 05 ; ch. IDoris b. 24 Mr 09 

Smith" Rosa b.a. (Mrs William 
FoUansbee Bull) 

304 Beechwood av. Bridgeport 

student New York sch. of applied design 
04-06 ; m. 19 Jl 06; ch. Marjorie b. 15 O 07, 
Frances b. 28 Mr 09 

Smyth Florence Josephine b.l.' (Mrs 
Harry Campbell Reynolds) 
Passaic av. Passaic N. J. 

m. 21 Ap 03; ch. Margaret b. 6 O 08 

Sprague Clara Dwight b.a. (Mrs 
Harte Cooke) 
10 Jefferson st. Auburn N. Y. 

Pd.B. 02 Albany normal col; teacher 
Auburn N. Y. central grammar sch. 02-04, 
(Eng.) Granger pi. sch. Canandaigua N. Y. 
04-06, Roland Park sch. Baltimore Md. 
06-07 ; m. 12 S 07 ; ch. Warren b. 31 My 08, 
Catherine b. 17 N 09 

Spring Mary Louise b.l. (Mrs Paul 
Williams Cleveland) 
604 Lee st. Evanston 111. 
m. 4 D 09 

Stephens" Enola Genevieve b.a. 
(Mrs Arthur William Callender) 
26 Forest st. Torrington Ct. 
m. 23 D 05 

Stetson" Ethel Prescott b.l. (Mrs 
Norman Williams Bingham) 
12 Putnam st. West Newton 

m. 23 F 04; ch. Katharine Stetson b. 12 Je 
05, Elizabeth b. 29 Ap 09 

Stettauer" Frances b.l. (Mrs Rob- 
ert C. Schaffner) 
2026 Prairie av. Chicago 111. J 
m. 18 O 04 

Stoddard" Sylvia Churchill b.a. (Mrs 
Louis Henry Butterworth) 
North Brookfieldt 
m. 9 S 03 

Stone" Sarah Cleonice b.l. 

teacher Wells River Vt. 02-03, Alstead 
N. H. 03, Leyden, Turners Falls Mass. 
03-04; office asst Worcester 04-05 

Stratton Helen Florence b.a. 
46 Highland av. Fitchburg 
libn and sec. 01-03; teacher (Eng. lit.) 
Fitchburg high sch. 03-09; private tutor 
summer of 09 

Strong Marie Louise b.a. 
69 Western av. Westfield 

teacher Westfield pub. sch. 01-06, Wal- 
tham 06-07, Springfield 07 — 

Stuart Marie b.a. (Mrs Richard 
Elbert Edwards) 
Menominee Mich.f 

m. 11 O 04; ch. Richard Arthur 2d b. 
14 My 09 

Sullivan" Julia Elizabeth b.a. 
139 W. 90th St. New YorkJ 

student (educ.) Columbia summer of 01; 
teacher New York pub. sch. 

Sumner Bertha Cleora b l. 

1 Harrington av. Worcester^ 
Sutton" Marian b.a. 

63 Federal st. Springfield 

in business 

Swasey Lena Lewis b.a. (Mrs Artley 
Beeber Parson) 
40 Boylston av. Providence R. I. 

m. 27 Ja 09 




Taylor Amy Ethel b.l. 

Bedford st. Lexington 
Thayer" Laura Stiles b.a. (Mrs 

Morris Stanley Neal) 

CoUinsville Ct. 

teacher (science) CoUinsville high sch. 01- 
03, substitute teacher and supt of grades 
08-09: m. 27 Ag 03; ch. William Thayer 
b. 17 D 09 

Thomson Anna Speck b.s. 
Thomson, Clark co. Ky. 

student (physiol.) Barnard, (pedagogy) 
Teachers col. O 05-F 06, (chem.) George 
Washington univ. 08-09 ; asst head worker 
Hartley house New York Ag-O 05; clerk 
Teachers col. O-D 05; teacher New York 
collegiate inst. D 05-06, (science) Miss 
Mittleberger's sch. Cleveland O. 06-08, 
(science, math.) Fairmont .sem. Washing- 
ton D. C. 08—; mem. A.C.A. 

Thome Anna Valentine b.l. 

77 High St. Yonkers N. Y. 
Tilden Edith Selina b.s. 

55 White st. Milton 


Titcomb Miriam b.l. 

1 66 Stone st. Augusta Me. 

student (Eng. lit.) Radcliffe 09-10; teacher 
(Eng.) Abbot acad. Andover Mass. 06-08, 
(math.) Augusta high sch. 08-09, Miss 
May's sch. Boston 09 — 

Tomlinson Ruth b.a. (Mrs J. Warner 


1353 North av. Elizabeth N. J.f 
Trowbridge Miriam Augusta b.a. 

(Mrs John Barker) 

30 Taylor st. Pittsfield 

tutor; m. 8 Je 05; ch. John jr b. 18 Mr 06, 
Nancy Trowbridge b. 3 Je 09 

Van Home" Mabel Pauline b.a. (Mrs 
Leon Elmer Woodman) 
Orono Me. 

teacher Glen Ridge N. J. high sch, 01-02, 
Nashua N. H. high sch. 02-08; m. 8 S 08; 
ch. Eugene Harvey b. 18 O 09 

Viele Grace b.l. 

200 Porter av. Buffalo N. Y. 

diploma 02 Buffalo state normal sch ; 
teacher (Eng, hist.) Buffalo state normal 
sch. 02-06, 07— 

Vinal Leslie Thorning b.a. 
9 Aldersey st. SomervilleJ 

student (geol.) Mass. inst. of tech. 04-05; 
associated charity worker 

Vrooman« Beatrice b.a. 

328 Boulevard terrace Oakland 

Waymoth Ida Josephine b.a. 

258 South St. Fitchburg 

student Fitchburg state normal sch. 01-02; 
teacher Leominster high sch. 01-02, Fitch- 
burg high sch; clerk in office of paper 

Weil Gertrude b.l. 

200 Chestnut st. Goldsboro N. C. 

mem. joint com. Dept of sch. patrons of 
N.E.A; mem.A.C.A. 

Whittelsey Dolly Louise b.l. 
216 E. 3d St. Mishawaka Ind. 
private tutor Providence R. I, substitute 
teacher Barre Vt. high sch, Brimfield Mass, 
acad, Providence R. I, teacher evening 
grammar sch. 01-07 

Wi^ns** Inez Lbuise b.a. 
Warsaw N. Y. 

M.A. 07 Cornell; student (Eng, French, 
German) 06-07, 09-10; teacher (Eng, 
French, German) Suffield Ct. lit. inst. 01- 
02, Syracuse N. Y. 03. (Eng, Greek) 
Oneonta 03, 04, (Eng.) Albra high sch. 04-05 

Wilder Margaret Guild b.a. 
53 Fairmont av. Newton 

student (household economics) Simmons 
col. 03-04, Boston normal sch. 05-06; 
teacher Boston pub. elementary sch. 06-09 

Wilson Elizabeth Sophia b.a. 

739 Park av. CoUingswood N. J. 

asst (chem. lab.) Friends' select sch. Phila- 
delphia 01-02; substitute tutor; teacher 
(math, physics) Brown col. prep. sch. 
Philadelphia Mr 05-10 
Wilson" Jean Shaw b.a. 

230 S. Fairmount av. Pittsburg 

teacher (Eng.) Monmouth 111. col. 01-03, 
Miss Gleim's col. prep. sch. Pittsburg 03-04, 
Allegheny high sch. 0.5-10 

Wilson" Ruth b.a. (Mrs George 
M. B. Hawley) 
473 S. Main st. Geneva N. Y. 

m. 15 Je 04 
Winants Ona Lorene b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Patterson Borland) 
431 Scarritt bldg Kansas City 

m. 27 Ap 04; mem. A.C.A. 
Witmer Helen b.l. 

2900 Grand av. Des Moines la.J 
Woodward Sarah NicoU b.a. (Mrs 

Cameron Farquhar McRae) 

Amer. church mission Shanghai 


prin. intermediate dept Lynden hall sch. 
Poughkeepsie N. Y. 01-03 

Worthen Louise Wilcox b.s. 

11 Webster av. Hanover N. H. 

fellow Boston sch. of housekeeping ; teacher 
(math, science) Albany N. Y. girls acad. 
01-03, (physics, chem.) Mt Hermon boys 
sch. 03-04; asst chemist Groton & Knight 
leather co. Worcester Mass. Ap 04 — 

Wright Alice b.a. 

230 Oneida st. Milwaukee Wis. 
Yeaw" Fannie Josephine b.a. 

Hope Valley R. I. 

teacher (Eng, hist, French) Hope Valley 
high sch. 01-06, (hist.) Torrington Ct. 06-10 




Zink Grace Matilda b.a. (Mrs Edgar 
Mason Smead) 
41 South St. Union City Pa. 

m. 6 F 07 ; ch. Margaret Elizabeth b. 7 My 

Total 256-*6 


Agard" Florence Edna b.a. (Mrs 
Harry Jaynes Babcock) 
650 Belmont st. Portland Ore. 

student New Britain Ct. normal sch; teacher 
(Latin, math.) Westport Ct. high sch. 03- 
04; m. 30 Ag 04; ch, Elizabeth Browning 
b. 7 O 07 

Aldrich Marion b.s. (Mrs Nathaniel 

4917 Berlin av. St Louis Mo. 
m. 9 Ja 09 

AUen"^ Clara Harrington b.a. 
175 Somerset av. Winthrop 
teacher Boston pub. sch. 03-10 

Allison Mary Pardee b.a. 

212 N. 6th St. AUentown Pa. 

sec. AUentown 03 — 

Altheimer Selma Eisenstadt b.l, 
4349 Westminster pi. St Louis 

Bancroft Mary Louise b.a. 

MiUbrook Inn MiUbrook N. Y. 

M.A. 07 Columbia; student (hist.) Colum- 
bia 06-07 ; teacher (hist.) Gilbert sch. Win- 
sted Ct. 03-06, Bennett sch. Millbrook 07— 

Barber" Annie Mildred b.a. 
29 Wall St. Wallingford Ct. 

student (household economics) Simmons 
col. 02-03; settlement worker Neighbor- 
hood house New York 03-05; asst man- 
ager lunch rooms Women's educ. and in- 
dustrial union Boston 05 — 

Barlow" Achsa [Achsah] Leona b.l. 
89 Bristol st. New Haven Ct. 

student Art students league New York, 
Castelluchio's and Lucien Simon's studios 
Paris; painter 

Barnes Blanche Elizabeth b.l. 
52 Woodland st. Worcester}" 

asst prin. Oxford Me. high sch. 02-04, sub- 
stitute Worcester high sch. 04-05 

Barnes Ethel b.l. (Mrs Edward 

Burns jr) 

860 Prospect pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 
m. 2 D 05; ch. Ruth b. 10 O 06, Janet b. 
24 Jl 08 

Barta May Wallace b.a. (Mrs Kel- 
logg Birdseye) 
351 Egmont av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 

student (German) Radcliffe 02-03; teacher 
Miss Brown's sch. Winchester Mass. 02-03, 
Miss Winsor's sch. Boston 03-06; m. 12 O 
06; ch, Elinor b. 5 S 07 d. 6 S 07, Jean b. 
15 Ap 09 

Benedict^ Ruth Allen b.l. 
11 Haviland st. Bostonf 

clerk subscription dept The Congregationalist 

Berenson Rachel b.a. (Mrs Ralph 
Barton Perry) 
104 Lake View av. Cambridge 

M.A. 04 Radcliffe; student (Greek, 
archaeol.) Radcliffe 02-04, Amer. sch. or 
classical studies Athens 04-05, (Greek) 
Newnham col, Cambridge summer of 04; 
m, 15 Ag 05; ch, Ralph Barton jr b. 29 

Berry Katherine Fiske b.a. 

28 Trowbridge road Worcester 

student New York sch. of art 2 mo. 09; 
mem. A.C.A, Nat. geog. soc. 

Betts Ethel Keeler b,a. (Mrs Walter 
B. Barnhisel) 
Coulee City Wash. 

student Albany N. Y. law sch. 05-06; ch, 
Betty b. 5 Ja 09 

Birch" Ethel H. b.l. (Mrs Warren 
Hale Horton) 
Devil's Lake N. D. 

m. 5 S 05 ; ch, Warren Birch b, 26 F 09 

Bissell Blanche Watson b,a, 

750 Jefferson av, Detroit Mich. 

Blanch ard Edith b.l. 

38 School St. Montpelier Vt. 

kindergarten diploma 04 Teachers col; 
kindergartner Poughkeepsie N. Y. 04-05. 
New York 05-07, Asbury Park N. J, 08— 

Bliss** Anna Maria b.a. 
10 Park St. Florence 

asst postmaster Florence Je^ 02-F 06, supt 
Florence station post pflfice F 06 — 

Bliss« Ethel May b.a. (Mrs Albert 
Leverett Woodworth) 
69 Pineywoods av, Springfield 

m, 2 Jl 03; ch, Kingsley Bliss b, 14 F 05 

Bohannan"^ Mary MacDonald b.a. 
Indianola and 16th avs. Colum- 
bus O.J 

Bonfoey" Emma Comstock b.a. 
Essex Ct.t 

teacher Newington Ct. grammar sch. 02-03, 
Edgartown Mass. high sch. 03-04, Everett 
high sch. 04-05, (hist.) MiddletownjC t.^06— 

Bradford" Flora Belle b.l, 
84 N. Main st. Florence 

teacher Huntington Mass. 03-05, prin. 
Higganum Ct. 05-06, Hardwick Mass. 06-10 

Bradley** Louise Cannon b.a. (Mrs 
Hermann Schaeffer) 
1287 Chapel st. New Haven Ct.f 

Brainerd Jessie Johnson b.a. 
Orwell Vt, 
teacher pub. sch. 02-03, Capen sch. North- 
ampton 03-10 




Brannick** Catherine Elizabeth b.a. 

Bright" Florence Jessie b.l. 

310 Elm St. New Haven Ct.J 
Brown" Edith Warner b.l. (Mrs 

Charles H. Brown jr) 

41 Saybrook pi. Buffalo 

m. 18 S 07 

Brown Laura Alice b.l. 

141 Lancaster av. BufiPalo N. Y.J 
Brun6" [Bruna] Eda von Leska b.l. 

205 Montgomery st. West Pitt- 
ston Pa. 

teacher (Latin, Eng.) Highcliffe hall 
Yonkers N. Y. 03-04; actress 05 — 

Bryant Helen Winifred b.a. 

272 Lewis av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

student (pedagogy) Adelphi col. 02, (Eng.) 
Teachers col. 09-10; teacher Mrs Winslow's 
private sch. New York 02-03, Adelphi acad. 

05, Bloomsburg Pa. normal sch. 05-09 

Burke Adelaide Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Theodore Horace Jameson) 
33 Hancock st. Rochester N. Y. 

settlement worker Rochester 03-04; teacher 
(Eng.) East high sch. F 04-08; m. 21 Ap 09 

Burton** Ednah Hall b.a. 

206 Randolph av. Peoria 111. J 
Canedy Ruth Barbara b.a. (Mrs 

Philip Bardwell Hadley) 
Kingston R. L 

student (Germanic philol.) Heidelberg 
O 02-F 04; teacher (German) Francis W. 
Parker sch. Chicago 04-F 05, Misses Gra- 
ham's sch. New York O 06-07; m. 16 My 
08; ch. Jarvis Bardwell b. 13 Jl 09 

Cass*» Annie Amelia b.a. (Mrs 
Harvey Sherman Crouse) 
3625 Paseo Kansas City Mo 

m. 27 Ap 07; ch. Edward Cass b. 25 O 08, 
Frances Cass b. 14 F 10; mem. A.C.A. 

Champion^ Gertrude Louise b.a. 
(Mrs Grove Frederic Ekins) 

teacher Kimball union acad. Meriden N. H. 
Ja 03-04, Wheaton sem. Norton Mass. 05-06 ; 
m. 11 Jl 06; ch. Robert Champion b. 4 My 
08, Margaret Lass b. 28 My 09 

Chase Ethel Withington b.a. 
80 4th av. New York 

private sec. 03, asst treas. McConike A 
Hubbell mfg. co. New York Ja 04 — 

Chesnutt Helen Maria b.a. 

9719 Lamont av. N. W. Cleve- 
land O. 

teacher (Eng.) Baltimore Md. high sch. O 
01-Mr 02, substitute teacher Cleveland O. 
central high sch. 02-04, teacher (biol.) 04- 

06, (Latin, math.) 06 — 

Chew^ Ruth Ethel b.l. 

203 S. Oxford st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher Bridgeton N. J. 05 


Childs Carolyn Helfenstein b.a. 
48 Richardson st. Newton 

student (nursing) Newton hospital 06-09: 
asst in charge operating room and surgical 
wards Newton hospital D 09-F 10; private 
nurse Mr 10 — 
Claflin Edith Lilian b.a. 

144 Pleasant st. Attleboro 

student (German) Weimar Germany 08-09; 
asst Rutland Mass. high sch. 02-03, Attle- 
boro high sch. 03-08, 09— 

Clark^ Anne Maud b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Sumner Joy) 
Bristol Ct. 
m. 30 S 08 
Clark Helen Isabel b.a. (Mrs Frank 
Blake Hopewell) 
9 Billings park NewtonJ 
m. 1 Je 04 

Clexton Florence Emeline b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur Cleveland Hall) 
Gambler O. 

student (music) ; m. Je 07 (husband d. 10) 

Coburn'* Avis Josephine b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Whittier Churchill) 
3d and Beacon sts. Lowell 

grad. Lowell training sch. 03; teacher 
Oxford sch. for boys Chicago 04, Lowell 
high sch. 05-07; m. 30 O 07; ch. Charles 
Whittier jr b. 10 O 09 

Cobum Mary Hilton b.a. (Mrs 
Stirling Murray Rust) 
Leesburg Va. 

grad. Lowelltraining sch. 03; teacher (hist, 
Eng.) Joliet 111. high sch. 04-07; m. 8 8 
08; ch. Alice Coburn b. 25 Jl 09 

Coe Anne Harriet b.l. 

Durham N. H.J 
Collins Annie Olivia b.a. 

18 CHnton av. Cortland N. Y. 

teacher (Eng.) Cortland high sch. 04-06, 
Binghamton N. Y. high sch. 06-07, Geneseo 
normal sch. 07-10 

♦Cooke Lucy Ethel b.a. 

d. 13 O 03 Watertown Ct. 

Coulter Mabel Post b.a. (Mrs Albert 
West Lafayette Ind. 

student (modern lang.) Purdue univ; 
m. 13 Je 07 
Cox Sybil Lavinia b.a. 

c/o E. B. Barrows Brattleboro 


student (music) Boston 07-08 ; sec. to prin. 
Emma Willard sch. Troy N. Y. ,04-05; 
teacher (Eng, math.) Prospect hill sch. 
Greenfield Mass. 05-07, substitute teacher 
(Eng, hist.) Wheaton sem. Norton 09, 
head (Eng. dept) Laurel sch. Cleveland O. 

Crandall Leona b.a. (Mrs Orville 
Reed Hagen) 
493 Broadway Paterson N. J. 

teacher Emma Willard sch. Troy N. Y. 
02-03; tutor 03-05; m. ISJeOS 




Cranska Annie Louise b.l. (Mrs 
William Austin Hill) 
801 Goodrich av. St Paul Minn. 

m. 29 Je 04; ch. Margaret Linihan b. 28 Jl 
06, Ruth Albro b. 31 D 08 

Cruikshank Alice Dorothy b.a. 
119 W. 106th St. New York 

student N. Y. state lib. sch. 03-04; cataloger 
Reform club lib. New York 04-05, Columbia 
lib. 05-07, 08-09 

Curtis" Alice Louise b.l. (Mrs 


61 Imlay st. Hartford Ct.t 
Davidson" Adeline Theresa b.l. 

Huntington N. Y. 

teacher Madison N. J. 02, Stamford Ct. 
03-04, Mary Washington col. Norfolk Va. 
04-05, Morristown N. J. high sch. 08-10 

Davis" Clara [Carter] Louise b.a. 
(Mrs Gerald Mahony) 
Hubbard Woods 111. 
m. 8 N 07 

Davis" Julia Anna b.s. (Mrs Clifton 
Frank Richmond) 
44 Washington av. Northampton 

teacher (science) Barre Mass. high sch. 
02-03. Bumham sch. Northampton 03-04. 
Palmer high sch. 04-N 07, Lawrence high 
sch. N 07-09; m. 30 Je 09 

Davis Lucy May b.a. (Mrs Walter 
Edwin Rice) 

916 Queen Anne av. Seattle 

sec. Boston; m. 19 N 09 

Demond Anna Louise b.a. 
8 Beacon st. Warren 

Dewey Lucia Coyle b.a. (Mrs Fred- 
erick C. Woermann) 
Sheffield 111. 

m. 9 N 04; ch. Catherine Dewey b. 29 D 05 

Dewing" Winifred Woodford b.l. 
518 W. Main st. Kalamazoo 

Dill" Hope B.A. (Mrs Joseph Har- 
rison Raney) Coalinga Cal.f 

B.E. Shippensburg normal sch; teacher 
Woman's col. Frederick Md. 02-03, Chelton 
Hills sch. Wyncote Pa. 03-05 

Dowling Florence Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Fred George Olp) Nunda N. Y. 

m. 27 S 05 ; ch. Harriet Dowling b. 30 D 06, 
Katharine Elizabeth b. 29 O 09 
Drake" Harriet Frances b.l. 

432 Marquette bldg Chicago Ill.| 

student (sewmg, cooking) Chicago sch. of 
domestic arts and sciences 

Dunton Emily Morgan b.l. 
HoUis, Long Island N. Y. 

student Jamaica N. Y. normal sch. 02-03; 
teacher Borough of Queens New York 03-10 

Durkee" Helen Winslow b.l. 
50 W. 45th St. New Yorkf 

Duryee Alice b.a. Amoy China 

miss'y under Board of foreign missions 
Reformed church in Amer. Amoy 03 — 

Eastwood Alice Laura b.a. 

122 Clifton av. Louisville Ky. 


Edwardes Ethel lone b.a. (Mrs C. 
Wesley Fryhofer) 
109 Mountain View av. Nutley 

I. 90r 


Egbert Alice Edith b.a. (Mrs James 
Cox Howell) 
Cornwall on Hudson N. Y. 

m. 1 1 O 06 ; ch. Beatrice b. 8 O 07, Margaiet 
Randolph b. 24 N 08 

Elder" Marjorie Louise b.a. (Mrs 
George Stanley Stevenson) 
14 College av. Waterville Me. 

m. 24 Je 05; ch. Elizabeth Elder b. 5 Ja 09 

Ely Edith Goodhue b.a. 
120 E. Espanola st. 
Springs Col.f 


Emerson Jennie Foster b.a. (Mrs 
A. E. Bumham) 
873 High St. Central Falls R. I. 

student (educ.) Brown 08-09; substitute 
teacher high sch. Weymouth Mass. 02-03, 
teacher Contoocook N. H. 03-04, Ashby 
Mass. 04-06, Barrington R. I. 06-10; m. 

Ernsf* Clara Louise b.a. 
75 Center st. Dorchester 

teacher (math.) Univ. prep. sch. Boston 

Fales" Edith Elizabeth b.l. 

4407 Spruce st. Philadelphia Pa. 
student (hist.) Univ. of Pa. 04-05; teacher 
(hist.) Brown prep. sch. Philadelphia 03-10 

Farrell" Agnes b.a. 

69 E. Mohawk st. Oswego N. Y. 

Femald Ethel Frances b.a. 

104 W. Emerson st. Melrose 

Ferriss Margery b.a. (Mrs Nathaniel 
Meacon Semple) 
Normandy Mo. 

matron N. Y. working giils holiday house 
Miller's Place L. I. summers 06, 07; teacher 
(calisthenics. Greek) Mary inst. St Louis 
Mo. 07-09; m. 6N09 

Fogarty^ Catherine Elizabeth b.a. 
194 Canner st. New Haven Ct.f 

Freeman Ethel Hale b.l. 

258 Mt Vernon st. West Newton 

student Boston museum of fine arts sch. 
02-05, 06-07, (copying) Florence D 08; 
professional coach Wellesley Shakspeare 
soc. 05, 07, 08; treas. Smith alum, assn 
07 — ; mem. A.C.A. 




French Edna Bradstreet b.a. 

190 Ellsworth av. New Haven Ct. 

teacher Pomfret Ct. rural sch. 04-05, 
Cheshire high sch. 05-06, Collins ville 
grammar sch. 06-07, New Haven grammar 
sch. 07-10; mem. A.C.A. 

French Ruth Hawthorne b.l. 
75 Concord st. Nashua N. H. 

B.S. 10 Teachers col; student (domestic 
science) Teachers col. 09-10 

Gaillard Marion Louise b.a. 

Harris bldg New London Ct. 

teacher Tillotson col. Austin Tex. 02-03, 
Worcester Mass. high sch. 03 — ; mem. 

Gardiner Frances Mary b.a, 
Norwalk O. 

M.A. 07 Western reserve univ; student 
(Eng. lit, philos.) Col. for women Western 
reserve univ; asst (Eng.) Col. for women 
F 06-07, instructor (Eng. lit.) Wilson col. 

Gardner Mary Abbe b.l. (Mrs Wil- 
liam France Anderson) 
507 Oakwood blvd Chicago 111. 

m. 19 O 04; ch. William David Lee b. 

15 Ag 07, Robert Gardner b. 10 Ja 10 

Gay Jessie Aline b.l. Sharon Ct.J 
Gerrish Clara Arabella b.l. (Mrs 
Donald McLean Barstow) 
675 Congress st. Portland Me. 

grad. Gilbert normal sch. of dancing Boston 
09 ; teacher in private family 07-08, (danc- 
ing) Boston 09-10; m. 30 Jl 04 (husband 
d. 9 Je 06) 

Gilson Marjary Lawrence b.a. 

Free public Ubrary Newark N. J. 
student N. Y. state lib. sch. 03-05; head 
(sch. dept) Newaik lib. 05-08, (art dept) 
08-10; asst sec. Newark museum assn 
09-10; mem. A. L. A. 

Gleason" Caroline Teller b.a. (Mrs 
Thomas S. Larkin) 
313 Laurens st. Clean N. Y. 

m. 9 S 03; ch. Margaret Gleason b. 13 D 05 

Glover Mary Wales b.a. 

550 Center st. Newtonf 
Goss Stella Elizabeth b.a. 

937 Lexington av. Avondale, 

Cincinnati O. 

teacher Miller sch. 02-04, (Eng, lit.) 09-10 

Green'* Ethel Aurelia b.l. (Mrs 
John B5n"on Dixon) 
Puyallup Wash. 

teacher (music) Westfield N. J. 02-04, Cran- 
f ord pub. sch. 04-06 ; m. 3 Je 06 

Hadd Eugenie Celine Irene b.l. 
503 W. 122d St. New York 

student (pedagogy) Westfield normal sch. 
02-03; teacher New York pub. sch. 04 — 

Hancox" Edith b.l. 

27 Pearl st. Springfield 
in charge Albert Hancox estate 

Harter Katherine b.a. (Mrs Henry 
Morgan Alexander) 
Fairmound blvd ^Shaker heights, 
Cleveland O. 

m. 22 O 07 ; ch. Mary b. 2618 08 

Hayes Lucretia Caroline b.a. (Mrs 
Norman Burt Sherry) 
Beman park Troy N. Y. 
m. 26 S 08; ch. EHzabeth b. 20 Ap 10; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Heinemann** Ida [Eda] Gertrude b.l. 
564 Franklin st. Buffalo N. Y. 

Henderson Nellie Frances DuBois 
B.A. (Mrs Dewey J. Carter) 
512 5th St. Brooklyn N. Y. 
m. 19 S 08 

Hewes Carrie Madeleine b.a. 
Porter road AndoverJ 

Holbrooke Lilian b.a. Northboro 

teacher South Hadley Falls Mass. grammar 
sch. 03-04, asst Milford Ct. high sch. 04-08, 
head teacher 08-10 

Holden Bertha Haynes b.a. (Mrs 
Louis Atwell Olney) 
118 Riverside st. Lowell 

m. 24 Je 03 ; ch. Margaret I.ucia b. 24 Jl 04, 
Edna Elizabeth b. 10 S 05, Richard Holden 
b. 7 D 09 

Holman Margaret b.a. Southport Ct. 

student Berlin univ. 06-07; official tutor 
/(Greek) Smith 02-03, head (Greek dept) 
, / Pa. col. for women Pittsburg Pa. 03-06, 
V (Greek and Latin dept) Tudor hall Indian- 
apolis Ind, (Greek and art hist, dept) 
Carleton col. Northfield Minn. 08-10 

Holmes"- Katharine Wheeler b.a. 
115 Park st. Newton J 

Howe Mary Reed b.l. 

c/o Dr E W. Taylor 457 Marl- 
\ / boro St. Boston 

\ / student (French lit, hist.) Sorbonne, Paris 
'. 02-03, (French lit.) Radcliffe 04-05; teacher 

(French) Dr Sachs' sch. for girls New York 


Hull Blanche Wyckoff b.l. 

Allen court Kalamazoo Mich. J 

Hull LilHan Preston b.a. 

91 N. Main st. Newark, Wayne 
CO. N. Y. 

teacher Prospect Hill sch. Greenfield Mass. 
Ja-Je 04, Corning N. Y. high sch. 06-07. 
Great Falls Mon. high sch. 08-10 

Huntington Emily Douglas b.a. 
(Mrs Ernest Monroe Harwood) 
254 Ocean av. New London Ct. 

student Y. W. C. A. sec. training inst. Mil- 
waukee Wis. Jl-Ag 02 ; asst sec. Y. W. C. A. 
Binghamton N. Y. 02-S 03, general sec. 
Passaic N. J. 03-S 05, traveling sec. Tenn. 
and Ky. N 05-07; m. 17 O 07; ch. Ernest 
Monroe jr b. 30 Jl 08 




Hurlbutt Ida Mae b.a. 

Butler pi. Northampton 
teacher (science) Northampton high sch. 

Hurley™ Grace Loretta b.l. (Mrs 
Thomas Francis Walsh) 
466 Colorado av. Bridgeport Ct. 

teacher (German) Meriden Ct. nigh sch. 
02-04, Bridgeport high sch. 04-08 ; m. 20 Jl 

Ingraham" Clara Martha b.l. 
56 Mapledell st. Springfield 

student (pedagogy, psych.) Westfield nor- 
mal sch. 02-03; teacher Springfield pub. 
sch. 03-08, Holyoke high sch. 08-10 

Irving"^ Louise Henderson b.l. 

Henderson av. New Brighton 

N. Y. 

M.A. 06 Columbia; student (sociology, 
hist.) Columbia 04-05, (hist.) 05-06; mem. 

♦Johnson Edith Taber b.l. (Mrs 
Henry Davis Bushnell) 

ch. Edith Johnson b. 16 My 04; d. 17 My 04 
Pittsburg Pa. 

Jones™ Constance Newcomb b.a. 

722 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 


Jouett Jean Gertrude b.a. (Mrs 
Alexander Maxwell Blackburn) 
Elizabeth N. J. 

m. 10 S 03; ch. Alexander Maxwell jr b. 

Kelley Helen Esther b.l. (Mrs 
Chauncey Hunter Marsh) 
34 Essex av. Orange N. J. 

student (Eng, sociology) Columbia 02-03; 
teacher (Eng, lit, hist.) Montrose high sch. 
South Orange 03-04; m. 17 N 04; ch. 
Chauncey Hunter jr b. 11 O 05 

Kent Ruth Josephine b.a. 

744 Benefit st. Pawtucket R. I. 
mem. A.C.A. 

Kidder" Alice Frothingham b.a. 
(Mrs Morton Chase Tuttle) 
22 Chestnut terrace Newton 

ch. Cornelia b. 13 Jl 09 

Knapp Louise b.a. (Mrs Walter 

4310a Maryland av. St Louis Mo. 
m. 20 S 10 

Lamson Josephine Roland b.a. (Mrs 
Leslie Freeman Gates) 

723 8th St. Wilmette 111. 
m. 21 D 03 

Laporte" Anna Marie b.a. 
157 Brown av. Holyoke 
Btudent (German) Hamburg Germany 06, 
(French) Paris 06; teacher (French) 
Middletown Ct. high sch. 02-03, Holyoke 
high sch. 03-10, official tutor Mt Holyoke 
02-08, 10; assoc. editor L'Americain pub- 
lished in Springfield ; mem. Alliance fran^aise 

Leavitt Elizabeth b.l. (Mrs Morti- 
mer Yale Ferris) 
Ticonderoga N. Y. 
m. 14 F 05 ; ch. Mary b. 6 F 06 

Lewis^ Edith Labaree b.a. 

c/o McClure's magazine, 44 E. 
23d St. New York 

editorial worker Century dictionary 03-06, 
Barnes publishing co. 06, McClure's maga- 
zine 06-10 

Lobdell Edith White b.a. (Mrs 
William W. Pusey 2d) 
1020 Rodney st. Wilmington 

m. 20 O 04 

Long^ Pauline Adele b.a. 

20 Livingston av. New Bruns- 
wick N. J.J 
*Lusch"^ Margaret Virginia b.l. (Mrs 
Charles D. Allen jr) 
m. 20 S 04; ch. Virginia Silsbee b. 3 O 05; 
d. 29 Jl 09 

Lyle"^ Clara Holmes b.a. (Mrs Ed- 
ward Herbert) 

149 N. Howard av. Austin sta- 
tion Chicago 111. 

sec. to head mistress Bryn Mawr sch. Balti- 
more Md. 06-07; m. 15 O 07; ch. Robert 
Beverley b. 29 Mr 09 

Mabury Eloise b.l. 

919 W. 28th St. Los Angeles Cal 
McClelland^ Myra b.a. Tabor la. 
McClintock Anna Colton b.l. 

925 Logan av. Denver Col. 
MacDonnell" Mary Eulalia b.a. 

12 Clinton av. Holyoke 

substitute teacher Holyoke pub. sch. 02-03, 
student teacher Springfield business sch. 
Ag 03-My 04, teacher (commercial course) 
South Hadley Falls high sch. 05-08; book- 
keeper Columbian photo paper co. Westfield 
My 04-Ap 05, Bennett paper box co. 
Springfield 08-Jl 09, private bookkeeper 

MacDougall Grace Agnes b.a. 
26 Meadow st. North Adams 

teacher (lang.) Cincinnatus N. Y. 02-03, 
(Latin) Tongaloo Miss. univ. 03 — 

McMahon"^ Agnes Loretto b.a. 
25 Holyoke st. Easthampton 

teacher (math.) New Britain Ct. grammar 
sch. 02— 

Macniel" Elizabeth Hamlin b.a. 
(Mrs Charles M. Olmsted) 
Carnegie solar observatory office 
Pasadena Cal.f 
Mann Caroline Elizabeth b.l. (Mrs 
Charles Edward Faulkner jr) 
140 W. Elmwood pi. Minneapolis 
teacher Miss Childs' prep. sch. Binghamton 
N. Y. 03-05; m. 24 O 05; ch. Marion b. Jl 
06, Edward Coryell b. F 08 




Manning Beatrice Austin b.l. (Mrs 

Clarke Irving Oliver) 

108 Chestnut st. Albany N. Y. 
m. 18 Ja 10 
Manning" Helen Powers b.l. (Mrs 

Pliny Sexton Riggs) 

302 Monterey av. Pelham Heights 

N. Y. 

m. 16 S 05; ch. Caroline b. 7 S 07 
Marshall Sabina b.l. 

67 Berkeley st. West Newton 

student Sch. of civics and philanthropy 
05-06, (economics) Munich univ. 08; 
settlement worker Chicago commons Ja 06- 

07, director and sec. League for protection 
of immigrant girls N 07-My 08, worker 
Denison house O 09-Ja 10, Je-Ag 10, South 
Chicago settlement F-My 10 

Mason Grace Whiting b.a. (Mrs 
Percy Sacret Young) 
830 Lake st. Newark N. J. 

teacher (Eng.) Chestnut Hill Mass. sch. 

02-03, reader (Eng. lit.) Smith 03-04; m. 

7 D 04; ch. Albert Mason b. 19 N 05 d. 21J1 

08, Percy Sacret jr b. 12 Ap 07, Dorothy 
b. 15 S 08, George Wooldridge b. 20 My 10 

Mellen Maude Ellis b.a. (Mrs Allen 
H. Nelson) 

c/o A. H. Nelson 66 5th av. 
New York 

teacher Fair Haven Vt. high sch. Ap-Je 03, 
Middlebury high sch. 03-05, Miss Dana's 
sch. Morristown N. J. 05-06; m. 1 Ja 07; 
ch. Alice Ellen b. 13 O 07, Mary Elizabeth 
b. 5 My 09 

Merrill"^ Grace Evelyn b.l. 

39 Abbott St. Lawrencet 
Minor Ursula b.a. (Mrs Henry Burr) 

3942 Oak st. Kansas City Mo. 

m. 1 S 03; ch. John Minor b. 24 N 07; 
mem. A.C.A. 
Montgomery Beatrice b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Baldwin Goddard) 
3506 SuUivan av. St Louis Mo. 

M.A. 05 Stanford univ; student (Eng, 
pedagogy) Stanford univ. 03-05; teacher 
(Eng, Latin, German) Red Oak la. high 
sch. 02-03, tutor (Eng.) Stanford 03-04, 
teacher (Eng.) Mills col. Cal. 05-06, Denton 
Tex. col. of industrial arts 06-08; m. 23 Je 

Moore" Virginia Elizabeth b.a. 

921 Holmes st. Kansas City Mo.J 

Morris" Elizabeth b.a. 

266 Houghton st. North Adams 

teacher (Eng, hist.) Mechanics ville N. Y. 
high sch. 02-05 

Neal Bessie [Elizabeth] Louisa b.a. 
310 Hanover st. Manchester N. H. 

teacher Wilton N. H. 02-04, asst Bristol 
Ct. high sch. 04-05, Manchester high sch. 
Nelson Lillie Harper b.l. 

9 Prospect park W. Brooklyn 
N. Y. 

Newcomb Edith'Turner b.l. 

31 Vauxhall st. New London Ct. 
Nickerson" Lulu Alva b.l. 


teacher Vineyard Haven Mass. 02-03, Pena- 
cook N. H. 03-04, Canton Mass. 04-05 

Orne Lucy D wight b.l. (Mrs James 
Walker Heacock) Mather av. 
Wyncote Pa. 

teacher (Eng, hist.) Chelton hills sch. 

Wyncote 02-03; m. 30 S 05; ch. James 

Walker jr b. 9 Mr 07 

Osborne" Grace Theresa b.l. (Mrs 
Edward C. Hayes) Acton 

m. 27 Ap 03; ch. Katharine b. 26 F 04, 
Donald Osborne b. 5 Je 07 

Osgood Ellen Louise b.a. 

17 Myrtle av. Plainfield N. J. 

teacher Scotch Plains N. J. pub, sch. 03-05, 
(hist.) Bayonne high sch. 05 — ; mem. 
Amer. hist. soc. 

Osgood Ethel Lewis b.l. 

39 Hi^h St. Brattleboro Vt. 

student Alliance franjaise Paris summer of 
05; tutor (French, German) 02-03; teacher 
(French, German) Lebanon N. H. high sch. 
03-04, Brattleboro Vt. high sch. 04-05, 
(French) Trenton N. J. state normal and 
model sch. 05 — 

Otis" Emma Heywood b.a. (Mrs 
John Wilson) 17 Broadway Ban- 
gor Me. 

m. 2 D 03; ch. Caroline b. 26 Jl 05, John 

Otis b. 4 D 07 

Parsons" Anna Mae b.a. (Mrs 
Virgil H. Voorhis) DeLand Fla. 

m. 29 Ag 06; ch. Joseph Manlius b. 9 N 09 

Parsons Carpline [Carrie] Esther b.l. 
26 Church st. Gloucester 

class of 98; student Radcliffe 01-02; 
teacher (French, German) Gloucester high 
sch. 98-99, 06 — , Miss Erstein's mod. sch. 
of lang. Boston 99-01, Dan vers high sch. 

Patton" Constance Saltonstall b.a. 
45 S. Walnut st. East Orange 

sec. St Timothy's ach. Catonsville Md. 
02-03; teacher (hist.) Springside sch. 
Chestnut Hill Pa. 03-05, East Orange high 
sch. 06-10 

Paxton" Laura Jerauld b.l. 

Princeton Ind. 
Pearsall'* Annie May b.a. 

Oxford Chenango co. N. J.f 

tutor 03; teacher and vice prin. Verona 
N. J. high sch. 03-05 

Pease Helen Christine b.a. 

Peck Julia Emily b.l. 

180 Lewis st. Lynn 

kindergarten diploma 04 Teachers col; 
private kindergartner Montpelier Vt. 04-06 




Peirce Maida b.a. (Mrs Maurice 
Harrison Steams) 
602 Union trust bldg Providence 
R. I. 

teacher New York high sch. 04, 05, private 
sch. 06; m. 7 F 07; ch. Gordon Peirce b. 
24 DOS 

Perkins Louise Childs b.a. 

45 N. Main st. Rutland Vt. 

Pettengill Hulda Elizabeth b.a. 
33 Franklin st. Rumford Me. 

Phillips Mary Hilliard b.a. 

218 Union av. Framingham 

Platt« Edith Grace b.l. (Mrs Henry- 
Theodore Ferriss) 
725 Clarendon av. St Louis Mo. 

in charge of music Assn house settlement 
Chicago O-D 02; teacher (dramatic ex- 
pression) Brownell hall Omaha Neb. 03-05, 
(Eng, hist.) Univ. sch. for girls Chicago 
05-08; m. 14 N 08; ch. Anne Chittenden 
b. 18 O 09 

Porteous** Helena Wenberg b.a. 
(Mrs Burwell Morgan Crosth- 
Pelham Manor N. Y. 

m. 10 Jl 02; ch. Helena Porteous b. 16 O 03, 
Burwellb. llSOSd. 8D08 

Porter May Victoria b.a. 

171 North St. Auburn N. Y.J 

Potter Faith b.a. (Mrs Hugh Hous- 
ton Craigie Weed) 
2242 Red Bud av. St Louis Mo. 

m. 27 D 09 

Prentiss Bertha Helen b.a. 
207 Elm St. Holyoke 

Prentiss Henrietta b.a. 

111^ W. 84th St. New York 

M.S. 07 Univ. of la; student (biol.) Univ. 
of la. 05-07, scholar 06-07; teacher (read- 
ing, elocution) Bloomsburg Pa. state nor- 
mal sch. 02-05, instructor (Latin) Univ. of 
la. 05-06, (biol.) Adelphi acad. Brooklyn 
07-08, (zoology) New York normal col. 08- 

Pugsley" Marie b.l. (Mrs Albert 
Eaton Lombard) 
3832 Wdrwick blvd Kansas City 

m. 23 S 03; ch. Marie b. 4 Ag 04, Albert 
Eaton jr b. 07 

Putnam^ Louise Priest b.a. (Mrs 
E. B. Heisler) 

364 Catherine st. Salt Lake City 

nurse St Luke's hospital New York; m. 
6 09 

Richards Sara Franklin b.l. 
234 West av. Bridgeport Ct. 

Riggs" Martha Warner b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur D. Truax) 
141 Broadway New York 

m. 24 N 03 ; ch. Margaret E. b. 25 Ag 04 

Ripley Jennie [Jane] Stanley b.a. 

296 Wethersfield av. Hartford 

Rogers^ Laura Mary b.l. 

Bennington Vt. 

teacher (Eng.) high sch. Bennington Vt. 
02-04, Gardner Mass. 05, Peabody 06-07, 
Bradford acad. 07-09, Beverly high sch. 

Ryan« Anna Arabella b.a. 

1400 Marion st. Denver Col. 
teacher Wolcott sch. Denver 02-10; mem. 
Amer. archaeol. inst. 

Santee" Winifred Elizabeth b.a. 
65 Main st. Hornell N. Y.J 

Sargent" Lydia Parrott b.a. (Mrs 
Walter Oliver Lee) 
44 Gloucester st. Boston 

m. 1 N 07 

Sater"^ Maroe b.a. (Mrs Field Scott) 
c/o Judge J. E. Sater Columbus 

student (biol.) Univ. of O. 02-03; m. 29 D 
04; ch. Marcia b. 12 O 06 

Schaff" Sarah Swift b.l. 

44 Burroughs st. Jamaica Plain 

student (drama) Eadcliffe 08-09; teacher 
(Eng. lit.) St Margaret's sch. Waterbury 
Ct. 02-03, Miss Creech's sch. Boston 09-10 

Secrest" Bernice Wood b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur Bovard Pyke) 
1197 Andrews av. Cleveland O. 

teacher (math.) Tuscola 111. high sch. 02-03, 
Chillicothe O. high sch. 03-05; m. 6 Ja 04; 
ch. John Secrest b. 31 D 04 

Shattuck Maude Alice b.a. 
124 Winter st. Norwood 

Smith"^ Florence Evelyn b.a. (Mrs 
John Myers Bireley) 
223 Pine av. Hollywood Cal. 

teacher (Latin, Eng.) Huntington hall sch. 
Los Angeles Cal. 05-08; m. S 07; ch. Paul 
Duncan b. F 09 

Smith Julia Warren b.a. 

225 S. Willard st. Burlington Vt. 
Smith Mary Gove b.l. 

108 Summer st. Waltham 

diploma 04 New Haven Y. W. C. A. course 
in nursing; fellow Smith and Col. settle- 
ments assn. 04-05; asst worker Lowell 
house social settlement New Haven Ct. 
03-04, resident fellow Denison house Boston 

Smith Nanna Antonia b.s. (Mrs 
Frederick Addison Warner) 
2700 Capital av. Sacramento Cal. 

bookkeeper and private sec ; m. 12 My 09 ; 
ch. Elizabeth b. 6 My 10 




Smith Susan Dow b.a. Clinton 

teacher private sch. Lancaster Mass. 02-04, 
sec. to supt of sch. Clinton 04-08, teacher 
high sch, 08 — 

Souther Edith Eustace b.l. 

6118 Westminster pi. St Loms 

student (hist, lit.) Cornell summer sch. 09; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Spencer Edith Louise b.a. 
91 Brighton av. AUston 
M.A. 08; student (botany) Marine biol. 
lab. Woods Hole Mass. summer of 02, 06; 
fellow Smith 07-08 ; teacher Hancock N. H. 
village sch. 02-03, Belmont Mass. grammar 
sch. 03-05, (science, Eng.) Amherst high 
sch. 05-07, Westfield high sch, 08-10 

Stout Edla Lansing b.l. (Mrs 
Thomas McBlain Steele) 
90 Avon St. New Haven Ct. 

teacher (Eng,) St Margaret's sch. Water- 
bury Ct, 04-07; m. 10 S 07; mem. A.C.A. 

Straight Persis Rosamond b.a. 
114 South av. Bradford Pa. 

M.D. 06 Johns Hopkins med. sch; prac- 
tising physician Bradford 06 — , non- 
resident pathologist Bradford hospital 

Stratton Ethel Marion b.l. (Mrs 
George Waldo Pettengill) 
Ardenacre Rumford Me. 
m. 14 Je 05 ; ch. George Waldo jr b, 6 Mr 06 

Tallcott Ida Belle b.a. 

345 Center st. Nutley N. J. 

M.A. 03 Syracuse imiv ; student ( pedagogy, 
Latin, sociology) Syracuse univ, 02-03; 
instructor (Latin) Poughkeepsie N. Y. 
high sch. 03-05, head (Latin dept) 05-09, 
Nutley 09-10 
Terhune Marion b.a. 

157 Mountain av. N. Montclair 

teacher Delancey sch. New York O 03-My 
04, Montclair pub, sch, 06-10 

Thalheimer Ethel Seymour b.a. 

936 Marion av. Cincinnati O. 
Tifft" Henrietta Hawtin b.s. (Mrs 

Tames Frank Underwood) 

Poplar Mon. 

m. 26 Je 02; ch. Ethel Tiflft b. 5 S 03, 
Frances Ruth b, 1 Ag 05, Henrietta Marion 
b. 16 O 06, Dorothy b. 11 D 08 

Tolar» Virginia Bell b.l. (Mrs Rob- 
ert Edward Henry) 
c/o Hallowell & Henry 52 Beaver 
St. New Yorkt 
m. 26 O 04 

Treat^i Ethel Eddy b.l. 

FitzwiUiam Depot N, H. 

teacher (Eng,) Marlboro N. H. high sch. 
03-06. Hingham Mass, high sch, 07-10 
Truesdell^ Ada Fannie b.a. 

1910 Dupont av. S. Minneapolis 
Htudent Univ. of Minn. 

Tubby Gertrude Ogden b.s. 

202 Bellevue av. Upper Mont- 
clair N. J, 

private sec. to Edward Howard Griggs 
02-07, special private sec. to Dr James H. 
Hyslop 07; private editor and pubhsher 
07-10, managing editor Smith alumnae 
quarterly 09-10 

Tuttle Berenice Rachel b.a. 

2 Nickwackett st. Rutland Vt. 

proofreader Tuttle co, Rutland Ag 02-Je 08 ; 
editorial asst Amer. soc. mechanical en- 
gineers New York Ag 08 — 

Valentine Frances Wadsworth b.l. 
47 Bowdoin av. Dorchester 

student Mass. agric. col. Ja-Mr 10; social 
worker Boston 05-07, special agent U. S. 
bureau of labor Washington D. C. O 08-O 
09 ; farmer 10 — 

Vanderbilt Edith Wheeler b.l. (Mrs 
William Carrell Diamond) 
54 Morningside drive New York 

m. 10 O 06; ch. Doris Vanderbilt b. 15 Je 

08, Louise Ranney b. 23 Ag 09 

Vanderbilt Louise Dunham b.a. 

Chestnut st. Englewood N. J. 
♦Van Noorden Deborah b.a. 

d. 29 D 07 
Van Tuyl« Ella Blodgett b.l. 

Beecher apartments N. Grand 
blvd East Detroit Mich. 

teacher Detroit pub. sch. 02-03, (Eng, 
hist,) Detroit sem, 03-08, (Eng, math.) 
high sch, 09-10 

Vibberts Augusta Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Ernest Williams Pelton) 
New Britain Ct, 

teacher New Britain pub. sch. 03-06, 
Hartford pub, sch, 06-08; m. 6 Ap 09 

Vogdes^ Anna Louise b.a. (Mrs 
William Ramsay) 
1126 Foulkrod st. Frankford Pa. 
m. 15 Je 04; ch. Wayne Vogdes b. 20 Ja 10 
Wadsworth Jessie Gertrude b.l. 
c/o Dr Herbert R. Moody Col- 
lege of the City of New York 
New York 
mem. A.CA, 
Walbridge Helen Isabel b.a. 

302 W. 8th St. Plainfield N. J. 
teacher Hartridge sch, Plainfield 04-05 
Walker Helen Duer b,a. 

1617 Green st. Philadelphia Pa. 

student New York sch, of philanthropy 
03-04, Univ. of Pa, 06-07 ; worker and asst 
sec. Brooklyn bureau of charities 03-04, 
agent Phila, soc, for organizing charity 
04-07, district supt 08, editor Saturday 
evening post 08 — 

Wallace"^ Mary Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Arthur Pierce Robinson) 
1229 Candler bldg Atlanta Ga. 

private tutor Cortland N. Y, 03-07; m. 
19 Je 07: ch. Ellen Emeline b. 11 My 08, 
John Wallace b. 16 Ag 09 




Warfield Alice Bertha b.a. 
11 Chapin pi. Hartford Ct. 

teacher New Britain Ct. state normal train- 
ing sch. 04-10 

Warnick Elizabeth Anna b.a. (Mrs 
Nathan Carleton Phillips) 
Washington st. Gloucester^ 

m. 31 My 04 

Warren Clara Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Eugene Bradford Bumsted) 
Riverside hotel Reno Nev. 
m. 27 Ap 04; ch. Eleanor b. 26 Jl 05 

Watkins" Susan b.l. (Mrs Clarke 
Milligen Rosecrantz) 
490 Marshall st. Milwaukee Wis.f 

m. 6 Ap 04; ch. John Opdyke b. 22 Ap 05 

Watkinson Grace Blair b.a. 

888 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 

M.A. 05, Ph.D. 08 Zurich; student Marine 
bid. lab. Woods Hole Mass. 02, (biol.) 
Albert Ludwig univ. Freiburg Germany 
03-04, Leipzig univ. 05-07, Zurich univ. 
07-08; fellow American women's table 
Naples 06-07; asst (zoology) Smith 08-09; 
mem. A.C.A, Amer. soc. of zoologists 

Wead Mary Eunice b.a. 

c/o 167 Patent office Washington 

D. C. 
student N. Y. state lib. sch. 02-03; asst 
Lib. of Congress Ja 04-Ap 06, reference libn 
Smith 06— 

Weil Selma b.l. (Mrs Ludwig Eise- 
mann) 11 Keswick st. Boston 

m. 14 Ap 03; ch. Philip b. 11 Mr 04, Ruth 
b. 12 Ag 05, Charles W. b. 1 N 08; mem. 

Welles Margaret b.a. (Mrs Roy 
Newton Pierson) 
1801 James av. S. Minneapolis 
m. 20 Je 08 ; ch. Newton Welles b. 23 Jl 09 

Wells Edith May b.a. 

3302 Baring st. Philadelphia Pa. 

M.A. 06; student (sociology, economics) 
Smith 04-06; resident Light house settle- 
ment Phila. 02-04; general sec. S.C.A.C.W. 
04-06, traveling student sec. Y. W. C. A. for 
N. E. 06-09, sec. Student volunteer move- 
ment New York 09-10, sec. Y. W. C. A. Pek- 
ing China 10 — 

West Louise Bronson b.l. 

91 Crocus pi. St Paul Minn, 
student (Eng. drama) Radcliffe 03-04, 
(sec. course) Simmons col. 05-Ap 06; teacher 
(Eng.) St Paul high sch. 08-Ap 09 

Westcott" Laura Johnson b.a. 

151 N. Elm wood av. Oak Park 

teacher Highland Park 111. 02-03, Ottawa 
high sch. 03-04, 111. woman's col. Jackson- 
ville 04-05, Amer. sch. City of Mexico 05-06, 
Erin. Amer. high sch. 07, teacher Rockland 
[ass. high sch. 07-08, Boston elem. sch. 

Whitin Elizabeth Klock b.l. (Mrs 
Lawrence Murray Keeler) 
m. 1 Je 05 ; ch. Marston Whitin b. 28 Ap 06 
d. 8 F 07, Murray Whitin b. 18 N 08 

Wicker Lucy Southworth b.a. 
599 West End av. New York 

Woodbury Louise b.l. 
51 Baltimore st. Lynn 

Woodbury^ Mary b.a. (Mrs Tasker 
388 Clinton st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher (Eng.) Bergen sch. for girls Jersey 
City N. J. 02-03, Montclair high sch. 03-05; 
m. 29 My 09 

*Woolley^ Edith Sanford b.a. 
d. 09 Chicago 111. 

Young Dorothy Amy b.a. 
830 Lake st. Newark N. J. 

tutor 02-03; teacher Miss Hoover's sch. 
Paterson N. J. 03-05, Brearley sch. New 

York 05— 

Total 231-*5 


♦Aldrich Gladys Franksford b.a. 
(Mrs George Amasa Hutchins) 

teacher Amesbury Mass. high sch. 03-05, 
Brockton high sch. 05-06; m. 30 Je 09; 
ch. Morton Aldrich b. 6 My 10; d. 13 My 10 

Allen" Helen Eva b.a. (Mrs Harry 
Edward Barlow) 
167 Main st. Amherst 

student (economics) Smith 05 ; m. 30 O 09 

Allen Myra Leonard b.l. 
East Freetown 

B.S. 07 Simmons col ; student (sec. course) 
Simmons col. 03-04; private sec. to nat. 
director Bureau of scientific temperance 
investigation 04, managing sec. Allegheny 
Pa. prep. sch. 05-07, sec. Miss Sayward's 
sch. Overbrook Pa. 08 — 

Ames Jessie b.l. R. F. D. 1 Lowell 

Bailey "^ Lucia Matilda b.a. (Mrs 
Robert Farwell Bliss) 
Montpelier Vt. 

m. 7 Jl 03; ch. Ella Belle (class baby) b. 
28 My 04, Albert Chandler b. 28 O 05, 
Arthur Farwell b. 4 D 08 

Bailey Marcia Curtis b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick Gaylord Marsh) 
584 Chestnut st. Waban 

m. 18 O 05; ch. Robert Brewster b. 14 D 06 

Baker Ruth Stephens b.a. 
Fremont st. Plymouth J 

student (German) Bonn Germany 04-05 

Barbouf" Ellen Gray b.l. (Mrs 
Walter Ashley Glines) 
16 Calle San Francisco, San Juan 
P. R. 




Bartle Virginia b.l. 

Railway exchange bldg Chicago 

Bates Mary Ethel b.l. Webster 
Bean Caroline van Hook b.l. 

c/o Dr Bean 1 Madison av. 
New Yorkf 
special correspondent Enterprise newspaper 
assn Cleveland O. 

Becker" Eva May b.l. (Mrs Jesse 
Everett Shippee) 
34 Irving st. Worcester 
m. 10 S 10 

Beechei** Gertrude Roxana b.a. 
(Mrs Charles Francis Park jr) 
Englewood N. J. 
m. 22 09 

Beecher" Sara Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 
David Heydom Ray) 
2273 Creston av. New York 

M.A. cert. 06 Yale; student (German) Yale 
05-07, Germany 05-06; teacher New 
Haven Ct. high sch. 03-04, Meriden high 
sch. 04-05; m. 25 Je 08; ch. David H. jr 
b, 1 Ap 10 

♦Bingham" Sarah Louise b.a. 

<L 29 O 09 

Blanch ard Alice Arabella b.l. 
38 School St. Montpelier Vt. 

student N. Y. state lib. sch. O-D 03, Ja-Je 
05, Carnegie lib. training sch. for children's 
libns Pittsburg Pa. 05-06; head (chil- 
dren's dept) Seattle Wash. pub. lib. 06- 
Ag 08, (sch. dept) 10—, Newark N. J. 
free pub. lib. Ja-S 09; mem. A.L.A. 

Bogue** Anna Tefft b.a. 

836 Union st. Brooklyn N. Y.J 

Boies Bessie b.a. 

210 E. 17th St. New York 
M.A. 08 Chicago univ; student (hist.) 
Chicago univ. 06-08, fellow 07-08; head 
(hist, dept) Lake Erie col. Painesville O. 
03-06, oflEice sec. City com. Nat. board 
Y. W. C. A. 09-10; mem. Amer. hist. soc. 

Booker Myrtie [Myrta] May b.a. ^ 
(Mrs Clement Franklin Robinson) 
30 Bramhall st. Portland Me. 
m. 15 O 08 

Bookwalter" Alice b.a. (Mrs Arthur 
Allen Ward) Tellippalai Ceylon 

asst sec. Y. W. C. A. Indianapolis Ind. 
03-04, general sec. Bar Harbor Me. 04-06; 
m. 16 O 06 ; ch. Lewis Book waiter b. 5 .Ta 09 

Bowman AHce Bertha b.l. (Mrs 
Ira Tapper Hawk) Adel la. 

teacher (Eng. German) New Haven Ct. 
high sch. 03-D 05 ; m. 3 Ja 06 

Bradford Clara Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Binnie Morison) 
8 Melrose pi. Montclair N. J. 
teacher (botany) Montclair high sch. 03-09; 
m. 110 09 

Bradley" Lillian Alice b.l. (Mrs 
Hercules W. Geromanos) 
5 Main st. park Maiden 
m. 28 Je 06 ; ch. Helen b. 22 Ap 07 

Breckenridge Alice Hannah b.a. 
67 Church st. Ware 
teacher Meriden Ct. high sch. 03-04, Ja 05 — , 
Winchester N. H. high sch. 04-Ja 05 

Breckinridge Lucy Hayes b.a. 

Care Maj. Gen. J. C. Breckin- 
ridge War dept Washington D. Ct 

Brigham Maude Flora b.a. 

47 Sycamore st. Winter Hill 

teacher Winchester N. H. high sch. 03-04; 
stenographer with Fish, Richardson, Her- 
rick & Heave lawyers Boston 

Broadhead Helen Elizabeth b.a. 
(Mrs Henry Cowles Smith) 
c/o Acme steel goods co. 151 
Lafayette st. New York 

m. 27 Je 06 

♦Brockway Bessie Norton b.a. 

Erincipal's sec. Second north sch. 03-05; d. 
► 07 

Buchwalter" Margaret Louise b.l. 
(Mrs Harrie Brenneman Martin) 
740 N. Limestone st. Springfield 

m. 4 Ap 07; ch. Oscar Thaddeus 2d b. 27 

Bumham Mary Dorothea b.a. (Mrs 
William Raddin Pond) 
57 N. Main st. Rutland Vt. 

tutor Burnham sch. Northampton 04-06; 
m. 27 Je 06; ch. William Raddin jr b. 
11 My 07, Mary Burnham b. 2 Ja 09 

Butterfield Alice b.a. Brattleboro Vt. 

M.A. 08; fellow (chem.) Smith 05-06; 
teacher (science, math.) CoUinsville Ct. 
high sch. 03-04, (science) Brattleboro high 
sch, 04-05, Bradford Mass. acad. 06-10, 
head (science dept) Pa. col. for women 
Pittsburg 10— 

Byrne Maie Bernadette b.l. (Mrs 
/ Thomas Henry Bennett) 

507 Beverly road Brooklyn N. Y. 

student (French lit.) College Lafayette, 
I Paris 05-06 ; m. 4 O 06 ; ch. Thomas Henry 
jr b. 4 O 07, John Byrne b. 16 Ja 09 

Canfield" Rodericka b.l. (Mrs 
Louis Fonstall Baker) 
811 Beverly road Brooklyn N. Y. 

student Brooklyn hospital training sch. 
for nurses 03-06; resident nurse Smith 05- 
09; m. 19 Je09i 

Carbeny" Jennie b.a. 

7 Sunnyside st. Hyde Park 

teacher Braintree Mass. 05-07, Salem 07 — 

Carpenter" Roma Blanche b.a. (Mrs 
N. D. Goodhue) 
2231 E. 3d St. Dayton O.f 




Carson" Katherine' Waller b.a. 

1705 W. Clinch av. Knoxville 

Carter Helen Richmond b.l. (Mrs 

Herbert Hewitt) 

651 Moss av. Peoria Ill.f 
teacher (music) ; m. 29 O 06 

Clark Alice Benson b.l. 

36 Summer st. Dover N. H. 

student (stenography) Dover business col. 04 

Clark" Harriet Sumner b.l. 
Shannock R. I. 

♦Clark" Margaret Holmes b.l. 
d. llSOGi 

Clarke" Edith Culbertson b.l. (Mrs 
Carl Hayes Lund) 
757 9th St. Douglas Ariz, 
m. 05 

Clement Fannie Fletcher b.a. 
275 Warren st. Roxbury 

student Boston city hospital training sch. 
for nurses 04-06, Boston lying-in hospital 
Jl-D 07 ; private nurse 08 — 

Cochrane" Theresa Jean b.l. (Mrs 
Horace White Armstrong) 
1003 Hinman av. Evanston 111. 
m. 30 Je 08 ; ch. Frank H. 2d b. 6 Ap 10 

Collin Harriet Beebee b.a. (Mrs 
Carroll Duff Knapp) 
Fayetteville N. Y. 

teacher (Eng, hist.) Fayetteville high sch. 
0.3-09; m. 2 S 09; mem.A.C.A 

Conant Esther b.l. 

1937 Dorchester av. Dorchester 

student Sargent sch. for physical culture 
Cambridge Mass. 03-04; teacher (gymnas- 
tics) Waltham new church sch. 05-07, 08-09 ; 
mem. Nat. geog. soc. 

Conant Marion Masury b.a. (Mrs 
Isaac Newton Damon) 
10 Beacon st. Fitchburg 

teacher (Eng.) Rothesay Can. 03-04, Shir- 
ley Mass. 04-05; m. 21 Je 05; ch. Roger 
Conant b. 4 Ag 06. Elizabeth Procter b. 
13 Ag 09 

Cook Margaret Cooper b.s. 
514 Fulton St. Troy N. Y. 

private sec. to treas. of W. & L. E. Gurley 
CO. Troy 04 — , advertising manager 06 — ; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Cowan Elaine b.a. 

Maple heights Pittsburg E. E. 

Creelman Helen [McBeth] b.l. (Mrs 
John Jonathan Jackson) 
N. Main st. High Point N. C. 
m. 1 Je 09 

Cunningham" Nellie b.a. 

Dewey hotel Washington D. C. 

Curtis Gertrude Freeman b.a. (Mrs 
Alvah Kittredge Todd) 
23 Strathmore road Brookline 

teacher White Plains N. Y. grammar sch. 
04-05, (biol.) high sch. 05-08; m. 3 Je 09 

Curtis" Mary Isabel b.l. 

1031 50th St. Chicago 111. 

student (Eng.) Chicago univ. 04 

Davison Helen Williams b.a. (Mrs 
Herdman Fitzgerald Cleland) 
teacher (hist, lit.) New Britain state nor- 
mal sch. N 04-Ja 05, 05-Ja 06. 06-Ja 07,,S-D 
08 ; m. 10 

Dervin" Teresa Rose b.a. 
127 Oak St. Clinton 

libn (children's dept) Bigelow pub. lib. 
Clinton Jl 03-Jl 07; asst (Eng, Latin) 
high sch. 07 — 

Doane Jessie b.a. 

15 Euclid av. Summit N. J. 

Dow" Ada Florence b.a. 
Littleton N. H. 

student (French) ?dcGill summer sch. 10; 
teacher (French, math.) Littleton high sch. 
03-10, Northampton Mass. high sch. 10 — 

Drake Edith Allen b.a. (Mrs Walter 
Lloyd Hyde) 

328 N. Main st. Canton 111. 
teacher Canton high sch. 04-08; m. 21 O 08; 
ch. George Allen b. 20 S 09 

Drew Emily Fuller b.a. Kingston 

teacher 03-04, substitute teacher 04-09; 
private sec. 04; asst libn 09-10 

Dunn" Annie Elizabeth b.a. 
41 Arlington st. Fitchburg 

student Fitchburg normal sch. S-D 03 ; 
teacher high sch. Skowhegan Me. Ja-Je 04, 
Hudson Mass. 04-06, Fitchburg 06-10 

Dunton Florence Prouty b.l. 
204 Main st. Spencer 
student (music) 

Durflinger" Florence Imogene b.a. 
London O.J 

Dutton Maude Barrows b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick Lynch) 
13 E. 124th St. New York 

lit. editor Christian work and evangelist 
JalO— ; m. 12 Ap 09 

Dyer Lora Genevieve b.s. Plainfield 

teacher Arms acad. Shelburne Falls Mass. 
03-04, South Manchester Ct. high sch. 04- 
06: private sec. Boston 07-08, sec. to pres. 
Atlanta Ga. univ. 08-10 

Eaton Annie Thaxter b.a. 
1 Sprague pi. Albany N. Y. 

B.L.8, 06 N. Y. state lib. sch; student 
N. Y. state lib. sch. 03-04, 05-06: Ubn 
Pruyn lib. Albany 06 — ; mem. A.L.A. 




Ellis** Annie Jones b.a. (Mrs George 
Enyard Cubberly) 
201 N. Sycamore st. Richmond 

student (pedagogy, philos.) Teachers col; 
m. 4 Ag 08 ; ch. George Ellis b. 30 My 09 

Erwin" Blanche b.a. Malone N. Y. 

asst high sch. Burlington N. J. 03-Ja 04, 
Saranac Lake N. Y. F 04-05, head (math, 
dept) North Tonawanda 05-06, asst L. I. 
07-08, Franklin N. H. 09-10 

Evans Marion b.a. (Mrs Edward 
Stanwood jr) Wellesley 

m. 15 Je 07 ; ch. Edward 3d b. 2 O 08 

Everett** Edith Mary b.l. 
Champlain N. Y. 
Pd.B. 05 N. Y. state normal col; teacher 
(Eng.) Albany N. Y. high sch. 05-08, Eras- 
mus hall high sch. Brooklyn 08 — 

Fabens Marguerite Adelaide b.l. 
(Mrs CHfford Lakin-Smith) 
184 Hagley road, Edgbaston, 
Birmingham England 
m. 3 Je 08; ch. Charles de Guernsey b. 23 
Fairbanks Marion b.a. (Mrs Chaun- 
cey Allen Adams) 
Irasburg Vt. 

asst Fairbanks museum St Johnsbury Vt. 
06-08; m. 31 DOS 
Fessenden Alice Grosvenor b.a. 
32 Forest st. Stamford Ct. 

substitute teacher Stamford pub. sch. 

Field" Georgie Louise b.a. 
1149 12th St. Boulder Col. 

M.A. 09 Univ. of Col; teacher Clarke sch. 
for the deaf Northampton Mass. 03-06, 
07-08, Boulder col. 09-10 
Fisher Edith b.a. 

1019 East av. Elmira N. Y. 

student (botany) Chicago univ. 03-04 

Fiske** Mavida b.l. Grafton 

student (piano) Tucker pianoforte sch. 
Worcester Mass. 03-04, Faelten sch. Boston 
09; director of music Claremont col. 
Hickory N. C. 04-05, St Mary's Md. sem. 
05-08, teacher (piano) Potter col. Bowling 
Green Ky. 08, (piano, violin) Hollins Va. 
inst. 09-10 

Folsom Bertha Carrie b.a. (Mrs 
Roy Lothair Mann) 
118 Ash St. Manchester N. H. 

student Bridgewater Mass. normal sch. 03- 
04; teacher Medfield high sch. 05, 06, Man- 
chester N. H. 07, 08; m. 21 O 08 
Frank Klara Elisabeth b.a. (Mrs 
George Abram Smith) 
39 Linwood av. Newton N. J. 

teacher (Eng, math.) Eng. and classical sch. 
Newton 03-05; m. 10 O 05; ch. George 
Abram jrib. 6 S 07 

Freeman Louise b.a. (Mrs John H. 
Stone) 153 Linden st. Everettf 
student Boston art museum 03-05 ; ch. John 
Freeman b. 4 My 09 

Freeman Paulina b.a. 

153 Linden st. Everett 
Frost Elizabeth Rollins b.l. 
119 Locust St. Dover N. H. 
student N. Y. state lib. sch. 03-04; asst 
Dover pub. lib, cataloger Buffalo N. Y. 
pub. lib. 05-Ap 06, asst Carnegie lib. Pitts- 
burg Pa. My 06-D 09, reference libn Bron- 
son lib. Waterbury Ct. O 10— 

Fuller** Carolyn Malbone b.a. (Mrs 
Louis A. Wheeler) 
215 Union av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 

teacher Chelsea Vt. acad. 03-04, Hacken- 
sack N. J, White Plains N. Y; m. 18 Je 08 

Fuller Grace Pierpont b.a. 

28 Summer st. West Haven Ct. 

student (shorthand, typewriting) Childa 
Butler business col. New Haven Ct. 03-04, 
New York sch. of philanthropy summer of 
09; asst Publication office Hampton inst. 
Va. 04-06, sec. Col. settlement New York 
08 — ; editor Smith alumnae quarterly 09- 

Furbush Maude Louise b.a. 
69 Horton st. Le wist on Me. 

teacher Ivy hall Bridgeton N. J. 03-04, 
Auburn Me. high sch. 04 — 

Gerould Theodora Annette b.a. 
Box 180 Milton N. H. 

asst teacher Milton N. H. high sch. 03 — 

Gesner^ Sara Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Louis Leland Robbins jr) 
72 Highland av. Nyack N. Y. 
m. 2 O 06 

Gilbert Grace b.a. (Mrs Carroll F. 
1601 E. First st. Duluth Minn. 

m. 25 Je 06 

Gilfillan Rebecca Janet b.l. (Mrs 
Edward Strong Avery) 
20 E. 83d St. New York 
m. F09 
Goodspeed Helen Jane b.a. 
Pearl hill Fitchburg 
teacher Sterling Mass, New Ipswich N. H, 
East Alstead 04-07, asst Belchertown Mass. 
high sch. 07-10 

Gordon"^ Grace b.a, (Mrs Thomas 
Baker Young) 
Wilmington Del. 

teacher Marshall sem. Oak Lane Pa. 04-05, 
head (Eng. dept) Girton sch. Winnetka 111. 
06, Alcott sch. Lake Forest 07-08 ; m. 16 Jl 
08; ch. Sibyl Gordon b. 9 Jl 09 
Grant Stephanie b.a. 

1 Tuckerman st. Worcester 

J.B. 08 Boston univ. law sch; lawyer Bos- 
ton and Worcester 

Gray" Marjorie b.l. 

1078 Boylston st. Boston 

B.S. 10 Simmons col; student (sec. course) 
Simmons col. 08-09, (music) 03-06; director 
of music Claremont col. Hickory N. C. 07; 
sec. to treas. and bursar Atlanta Ga. univ. 




Greene^ Rina Maude b.a. 
78 Day st. Fitchburg 

student (German drama) Harvard 07; 
teacher Meriden N. H. 03-04, (Eng.) Fitch- 
burg high sch. 04 — 

Greenough Elizabeth Jean b.a. 
teacher 03 — 

Grier" Isabel Hooker b.a. (Mrs 
William Alexander Jack) 
204 Callender av. Peoria 111. 

teacher Peoria grammar sch. 03-06; m. 
Griffith Mabel Emma b.a. 
51 Oneida st. Utica N. Y. 

student Carnegie lib. training sch. for chil- 
dren's libns Pittsburg Pa. 03-04, Chicago 
sec. training sch. 08; children's libn Reid 
memorial lib. Passaic N. J. 04-07; sec. 
Y. W. C. A. Sunbury Pa. My 08-10; miss'y 
under Presbyterian mission board Allahabad 
U. P. India 10— 

Haberstroh"- Mabel Juliet b.l. (Mrs 
Charies Neal Hargraves) 
16 Nelson pi. South Framingham 

m. 28 S 04; ch. Carleton Haberstroh b. 05 
d. 07, Julian Thurston b. 4 Ja 07 

Hager Laura Winifred b.a. 
South Deerfield 

student Bridgewater Mass. state normal 
sch. 03-04, Northampton commercial col. 
10 ; teacher 4 yr 

Hammond May b.a. 

222 Elm St. Northampton 
Hardy Blanche Guy b.a. (Mrs 

Moritz Schlick) 

Caspar-Theyssstr. 9 Griinewald 

bei Berlin Germanyt 
teacher (Eng.) Cushing acad. Ashbumham 

Haskins Alice Crane b.a. (Mrs 
Deane Bret Swingle) 
713 Grand av. S. Bozeman Mon. 
scientific asst Lab. of plant pathology 
U. S. dept of agric. Washington D. C. 03-06 ; 
m. 26 Jl 06 ; ch. Edith Louise b. 10 S 07. 
Florence Miriam b. 28 Mr 09 d. 10 My 09, 
Elinor Ruth b. 17 Ap 10 

Hastings^ Delia Almira b.a. Palmer 

teacher (science, math.) Rockville Ct. high 
sch, 03-04, Braintree Mass. 04-05, Freeport 
L. I. 05-07, Louisville Ky. 08— 
Hastings'* Fanny b.a. 

Bermuda Islands 
Hastings'* Lucy Webb b.l. (Mrs 
William Nicolls Horsfall) 
Royal naval hospital Bermuda 
m. 22 D 09 
Hatch Helen Hamilton b.l. 

53 Westboume terrace Brook- 

student (great world epics course) Brown 
univ; private tutor 03-05, private teacher 
(19th cent, poetry) 03-04 

Heine Aida Agnes b.a. 

12 Munroe st. Northampton 
M.A. 05; fellow (geol.) Smith 03-05; asst 
(geol.) Smith 05-08, instructor 08— 

Hickok Mary Whiting b.l. 

567 St Paul St. BurHngton Vt. 
Hill Edith Naomi b.a. 

312 N. Euclid av. Oak Park 111. 

student (Eng, hist.) Columbia 08-10 

Hill Helen Fairbanks b.a. 
10 Astor St. Lowell 
teacher (Latin, Greek, hist.) Wykeham 
Rise Washington Ct. 03-06, St Gabriel's 
sch. Peekskill N. Y. 06-09, (Latin, Greek) 
Rogers hall sch. Lowell 09 — 

Hill Mabel Anna b.a. 

14 Chestnut st. Albany N. Y. 

teacher (Latin) Cook acad. Montour Falls 
N. Y. 04-07; examiner State educ. dept 
Albany O 09—; mem. A.C.A. 
Hill Susan Leland b.l. 

18 Ripley st. WorcesterJ 

student Worcester art museum sch. 04-05 

Holden" Anna Charlotte b.a. 

56 High St. Springfield 
Howe Florence Harriet b.l. 

Box 631 Concord 
Hurlburt Maude Ella b.a. (Mrs 

Walter B. Rine) 

Underwood Wash, 
teacher (Latin, German) Hvunboldt la. col. 
04-05; m. 1N05 
Hutchinson" Ethel b.a. 

7 Fairfax st. Dorchester Center 

student (kindergarten) Boston normal sch. 
07-08; kindergartner Boston 08-10; mem. 
N. E. A. 
Irwin** Elisabeth Antoinette b.a. 
95 Rivington st. New York 

student summer sch. of philanthropy 03; 
instructor outdoor playground Seward Park 
N. Y. 03-04; worker Col. settlement New 
York 04-05, 09-10; journalist 05-09 
Jack Elizabeth b.a. 

652 Moss av. Peoria 111. 

teacher Peoria pub. sch. 03-06 

Johnson** Alice Eline Theodore b.l. 

1417 N. Hoyne av. Chicago lU.f 
Johnson Bertha Louise b.a. 

2257 Murray Hill road Cleveland 


teacher Lowell Mass. 03-Ap 04, Spiingfield 
Ap-Je 04, Taunton 04-06, Bristol Ct. 06-08, 
Hartford pub. high sch. 08 — 

Johnson Beulah Winn b.a. (Mrs 
Herbert Mack Parker) 
119 Devens road Swampscott 

m. 12 Ap 07; ch. Nancy Wynne b. 15 D 09 

Kaiser" Ella Boynton b.l. (Mrs 
William Massey Carruth) 
Clinton N. Y. 

teacher (Latin) Elyria O. high sch. 05-07; 

m. 3 S 07 




Keep!Ethel Savory b.a. (Mrs Frank 
Davis Lay ton) 
64 Cone st. Hartford Ct. 

teacher South Norwalk Ct. graded sch. 03- 
04, prin. North center sch. Norwalk 04-05, 
teacher (botanv) Indiana normal sch, 
asst prin. Federal hill sch. Bristol Ct. 06-07; 
m. 3 O 07 

Keniston Sarah Thomdike b.l. (Mrs 

Walter Mack Clark) 

Port Angeles Wash, 
teacher Livingston park sem. Rochester 
N. Y. 04-05, Plymouth N. H. high sch. 
05-08; m. 20O09 

Kennedy Susan Pratt b.a. (Mrs 
Francis William Tully) 
Alwington road Chestnut Hill 

m. 18 Ap 06; ch. Susan b. 11 Ja 07, Francis 
William jr b. 3 My 08, Sidney Kennedy 
b. 2 D 09 

King^ Elsie Maud b.a. 

High school, Santa Cruz Cal-t 
student Bridgewater state normal sch. 03- 
04; teacher New York sch. 04-05 

Kinsman Rose Adele b.l. t (Mrs 
Arthur Francis Bassett) 
155 Bay st. Springfield 
m. 26 S 06 

Kitchel Anna Theresa b.a. 

297 Ogden av. Milwaukee Wis.J 
teacher Milwaukee high sch. 04-05 

Knight Bessie Adele b.a. 

3322 Calumet av. Chicago 111. 

Knox Katherine b.l. (Mrs James 
Garfield Covey) 
107 S. Main st. Coudersport Pa. 

m. 6 S 05; ch. John Knox b. 25 Ag 06, 
Elizabeth Ashley b. 30 Ja 08 

Kreinheder^ Charlotte Louise b.a. 
24 St James pi. Buffalo N. Y. 
teacher (hist.) Buffalo central high sch. 03 — 

Larabie Mary Ann b.a. 
Deer Lodge Mon.| 

Lauferty** LiHan Eliel b.a. 

98 Westbourne terrace Brookline 

Lauriat^ Blanche b.l. (Mrs Benja- 
min Clement Lancy) 
86 Corey road Brooklinef 
m. 17 O 05 

Lawrence Frances Temple b.a. 
North Brookfield 

teacher Warren Mass. 03-04, Putnam Ct. 
04-05, asst prin. grammar sch. and teacher 
(hist.) 06 ; mem. A.C. A. 

Leavens Alice Emily b.a. 

32 Rockview st. Jamaica Plain 

student Sloyd training sch. Boston 03-04, 
(kindergarten) Boston normal sch. 04-05; 
kindergartner Boston 05-10 

Legate Grace Howe b.a. (Mrs 
Harold L. Olmsted) 
183 Bryant st. Buffalo N. Y. 

student (piano) N. E. conservatory of 
music Boston 03-10; teacher (music); 
m. 28 Je 10 

Little" Esther Louise b.a. 

107 York av. Towanda Pa. 

teacher Miss Kearney's sch. for boys New 
York 03-04, (Eng.) Perth Amboy N. J. 
high sch. 07-Ja 09 ; 'settlement worker Light 
house settlement Philadelphia 06, 09-10 

Lockhart Marie Roberta b.l. (Mrs 
George Gottlieb Merry) 
531 Massachusetts av. Buffalo 
N. Y. 
m. 10 O 07; ch. Hilda Roberta b. 20 My 10 

Lunt Margaret Sargent b.a. 
120 Hutchings st. Roxbury 

student Boston normal sch. 03-04, (Eng. 
lit.) Radcliffe O 08-F 09; teacher Comins 
grammar sch. Boston 05 — 

Lutz Nellie b.a. 

3337 Lafayette av. St Louis Mo. 

Lynch** Clara Julia b.l. 

420 N. Market st. Canton O.f 

reader (zoology) Smith 09-10 

Lyon Georgia Elizabeth b.a. 

297 Broadway Chicopee Falls 

teacher Natick Mass. grammar sch. 04-05, 
high sch. 05-08, Springfield 08— 

McAfee Helen Flora b.a. 

Amer. college for girls Constan- 
tinople Turkey 
student (Eng. lit.) Yale 08-09; teacher 
(Eng.) New Haven Ct. 03-09, assoc. prof. 
Amer. col. for girls 09 — 

McCarroU Jennie Frances b.l. (Mrs 
F. Boyd Edwards) 
22 Tremont pi. Orange N. J.f 
m. 24 My 04 

McClench Marion Hill b.a. 

112 Sumner av. Springfield 

McCutchen Margaret Wilson b.a. 
21 Rockview av. Plainfield N. J. 

McDougall Nettie b.l. (Mrs Clar- 
ence Powell Scofield) 
428 S. Stone av. La Grange 111. 
m. 1 Je 08 

McDowell Clara b.a. (Mrs Glenn 
539 E. State st. Sharon Pa. 

bank clerk Sharon 05-08; m. 19 Ag 09 

Maclntyre" Ida Whitcomb b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick William Spring) 
c/o Mrs R. F. Wright, 1569 Bea- 
con St. Brookline 
m. 20 Ap 07 (husband d. 15 Ap 10) 




Mack Marion Allen b.l. (Mrs 
Charles Arthur Sheffeld) 
103 High St. Florence 

m. 6 Ap 04; ch. Emily Hill b. 14 F 09 

MacKenzie" Catherine b.a. 

10 Rhode Island av. Newport 
R. I. 

settlement worker Little Italy neighbor- 
hood house Brooklyn 06-08, head worker 

Macomber" Bertha May b.a. 
300 Elm St. Northampton 

on staff Northampton GazeUe Ag 05-F 08; 
teacher (commercial course) South Hadley 
Falls Mass. high sch. 08-09; sec. Teachers 
col. Ja 10 — 

Malley" Grace Beatrice b.a. 
19 Margaret st. Springfieldf 

teacher New York 

Manley"^ Ruth Emma b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur Everett Healey) 
655 High St. Denver Col. 

prin. Ashburnham Mass. grammar sch. 03- 
04; teacher (Eng.) Pollock-Stephens inst. 
Birmingham Ala. 04-05; m. 25 S 05; ch. 
Harriet Manley b. 12 D 06, Charles Marshall 
b. 23 N 08 

Mark« Bessie b.l. Herkimer N. Y.t 
Marsh Anna Harris b.a. 
Boonton N. J. 

teacher (science) Kemper hall Kenosha Wis. 
03-07, Putnam hall Poughkeepsie N. Y. 
07-10, Washington Pa. sem. 10 — 

Marsh" Caroline Elizabeth b.a. 
317 Cornelia st. Boonton N. T. 

teacher Boonton pub. sch. 03-08, New York 
pub. sch. 08-09, (Eng.) Boonton high sch. 

Marsh Winifred b.l. (Mrs Theodore 

W. Whittelsey) 

c/o Rubber regenerating co. Mish- 

awaka Ind. 
m. 18 S 05; ch. Theodore jr b. 26 S 06, 
Anne b. 6 S 08 ; mem. A. C. A. 

Mathews** Sarah Elizabeth b.a. 
Lidgerwood N. D.f 

Matthews Laura Adelaide b.a. 

46 South St. Portsmouth N. H. 

student Hyannis Mass. normal sch. summer 
of 03, Harvard simimer sch. 08; teacher 
(math.) Plympton Mass. 03-Ap 04, Ports- 
mouth high sch. Ap 04 — 

Miller** Emma Esther b.l. 
Port Deposit Md. 

student (pedagogy) Univ. of Pa. 05-06, 
(Eng.) Columbia 10; teacher (Eng.) 
George sch. Pa. 06-10 

Moore** Rena Pauline b.a. (Mrs 
William Frarer Marshall) 
251 W. 129th St. New Yorkf 

Mulvihill** Catharine Margaret b.l. 
1198 Pacific St. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Murphy Alice b.a. 

Killam's Point, Short Beach 
P. O. Ct. 

teacher Branf ord Ct. high sch. 04-05 

Murray Annie May b.a. 

c/o Col. C. H. Murray Columbus 
Barracks O. 

student Pittsburg Pa. training sch. for chil- 
dren's libns 08-09; asst children's libn 
Carnegie lib. Pittsburg Mr-Ag 09, F-My 10; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Newell Madeleine b.a. 

20 Percy road Lexington 
Newhall Loella b.l. 

343 Chatham st. Lynn 
M.A. 10 Boston univ; student (PVench, 
German, lit.) Boston imiv; asst Stow 
Mass. high sch. 03-05, Proctor Vt. high sch, 

Norton Ada Isabel b.a. 

86 Edwards st. Hartford Ct. 

teacher private sch. Hartford 03-05, New 
York 06-07; private sec. New York 07-10 

Nowell Mary Ethel b.l. 

180 Belmont av. Fall RiverJ 
Oiler** Marie b.l. Boonton N. J. 

student (zoology) Marine biol. lab. Woods 
Hole summer of 03 ; teacher Halifax N. S. 

young ladies col. 03-04, Kohut sch. New 

Yc ■ 


D. C. 09-Ja 10 

fork 04-05, Benjamin sch. for girls 05-09, 
Chevy Chase sch. for girls Washington 

Owsley** Edna Byrne b.a. 

408 E. Erie st. Chicago IlLJ 

Packard Maybelle Rosamond b.a. 
(Mrs WiUiam Jefferson New- 
comb) 4 Prospect av. Greenfield 

teacher (Eng, Latin) Poughkeepsie N. Y. 
high sch. 03-06; m. 30 O 06: ch. Elsie 
Lydia b. and d. 10 Ap 08, Elizabeth b. 9 N 

Packard Stella Emily b.l. 

368 Lake st. Oak Park l\\.% 

vacation sch. worker New York svunmer of 
03, settlement worker fall of 03 

Page** Alice b.a. Hyde Park Vt. 

Parker** Carlotta b.a. (Mrs Arthur 

Honeyman) Ilwaco Wash. 

m. 12 O 08; ch. Barbara Ritchie b. 4 Ap 10 

Parker Lucy Persis b.a. 
Milton academy Milton 

teacher (hist, math.) Milton acad. 04-10 

Phillips Clara Holmes b.a. 

49 Northampton av. Springfield 

teacher Springfield 05-10 

Pool Sarah Ethel b.a. 

72 Johnson st. LynnJ 
Porter** Eva Augusta b.l. 

25 High St. Northampton 

student (lit.) Harvard summer sch. 08: 
teacher (Eng.) St Gabriel's sch. Peekskill 
N. Y. 03-09, Mt Ida sch. for girls Newton 
Mass. 09 — 




Post Laura b.l. 

16 Newbury st. Boston 

student Boston normal sch. of gymnastics 
03-05; asst (physical training) Smith 05- 
06, substitute D 06-Ja 07, instructor 
Laurens sch. Boston 07-08, Radcliflfe 08-09 ; 
mem. Amer. physical educ. assn 

Potts** Beulah Josephine b.a. (Mrs 
Thomas M. Montgomery) 
1630 Neil av. Columbus O.f 
teacher (Eng.) Shell Rock la. high sch. Ja- 
Je 04, Columbus 04-05 

Prescott Helen Marguerite b.a. (Mrs 
John Morgan Olmsted) 
185 Bryant st. Buffalo N. Y. 
m. 24 O 03; ch. Janet b. 20 S 04, Prescott 
Seymour b. 17 Ap 08, John Morgan jr b. 
7F10; mem. A.C.A. 

Purtill Frances Margaret b.a. (Mrs 
Richard Prout Stapleton) 
The Rutland 365 Appleton st. 

teacher (French, Eng.) Marlboro Mass. 
high sch. 03- Ap 07 ; m. 2 Je 09 

Putnam Beatrice b.l. 

62 AUston st. West Medford 

Putnam" Eleanor Chester b.a. (Mrs 
John Knox Bodel) 
Great Falls Mon. 
student (voice) New York 04-05; teacher 
(Latin) St Gabriel's sch. Peekskill N. Y. 
03-04, (vocal music) Salt Lake City Utah 
05-06; m. 29 Ag06; ch. John Knox jr b. 
6 Ag 07, Eleanor Adelia b. 7 D 09 

Rankin'* Isabel Poland b.l. 

516 Commonwealth av. Boston 

Reed" Ahna Ethel b.l. (Mrs Ralph 
Holyoke Whitney) 
1100 Beacon st. Brookline 

student (lang, hist.) Bridgewater Mass. 
state normal sch. 03-04; m. 21 F 05; ch. 
Katharine Bates b. 5 N 06, DorLs Heath b. 
28 Jl 09 

Reed Almeda Frances b.l. (Mrs 
William Choate Hardy) 
124 Pleasant st. Fitchburg 

nurse Mass. general hospital Ag 03-Ja 04; 
teacher Brooklyn Ct. Ja 04-05 

Ripley^ Florence Emily b.a. (Mrs 
Grenville Norcott Willis) 
124 Oxford st. North Cambridge 

m. 8 Ag 08 

Robinson" Helen b.l. (Mrs Robert 
Sinclair Riker) 

12 Davis st. Binghamton N. Y. 
m. 21 Je 05; ch. Louise Hobart b. 23 Ja 10 

Rumsey Florence Maria b.a. 
Himeji Japanf 

student (pedagogy) Dartmouth summer 
sch. Jl-Ag 04; teacher (math, hist.) Arms 
acad. Shelbume Falls Mass. 03-04 

Russell Elizabeth Lincoln b.l. 
37 Arch st. New Bedford 

student (domestic science) Teachers col. 
03-05; teacher (domestic science) Hartley 
house New York 05-06, pub. sch. 07-10 

Safford Margarita b.l. 

100 Chestnut st. West Newton 

student (hist.) Radcliffe 03-04; teacher 
Misses Allen's sch. for girls West Newton 

St John^ Edith Douise b.a. (Mrs 
John WiUiam Smith) 
1820 E. 65th St. Cleveland O. 

teacher (math.) Bowling Green O. high sch. 
03-06; m. 27 D 06; ch. Frederick Whit- 
more b. 28 N 09 

Sampson Elizabeth Seaver b.a. (Mrs 

Paul Chester Peterson) 

Box 298 Duxbury 
teacher (hist, Eng.) St Albans Vt. high 
sch. 03-04, (math.) Partridge acad. Dux- 
bury 05-07; m. 24O07 

Sanbom"^ Pearl Smith b.a. (Mrs 
Joseph Waldo Bond) 
Laconia N. H.f 

J. B. 08 Boston univ. 

Scoville"^ Ella Josephine b.a. (Mrs 
Lotiis S. Treadwell) 
96 S. Swan av. Albany N. Y. 

m. 12 Je 07 

Shattuck Lois Mitchell b.l. (Mrs 
Harry Frederick Allen) 
54 Bond st. Norwood 
m. 2 O 06 

Shattuck Louise Morrill b.l. (Mrs 
William Wallace Adams jr) 
228 W. Rittenhouse st. German- 
town Pa. 

m. 4 N 07 ; ch. Janet b. 22 S 08 

Shoemaker Vesta Vetura b.a. 

109 S. Lincoln av. Massillon O. 

teacher (hist.) Massillon high sch. 07-10 

Skinner" Maud Melina b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick Thompson Dow) 
3428 Cliff road Birmingham Ala. 
m. 2 D 08 
Smith Alice May b.l. (Mrs Charles 
Fisher Hepburn) 
1403 Harmon pi. Minneapolis 
m. 9 N 04 

Smith"^ Bridget Katharine b.a. 
117 Stackpole st. Lowell 

student teacher Lowell training sch. for 
teachers 03-04; teacher practice sch. Lowell 
state normal sch. 04-07, 08-10 

Smith Leolyn Seaver b.a. (Mrs 
James Daniel Beard) 
25 Grove av. Shelton Ct. 

m. 24 N 04 (husband d. 7 D 06) ; ch. Leolyn 

Seaver b. 26 Ja 06 




Smith" Marion Moffit b.a. (Mrs 
Reuben Moflfat Lusch) 
136 Liberty st. New York 
m. 30 Je 03; ch. Arden Moffit b. 17 Ap 05 

♦Snook Helen b.l. 

d. My 07 

Springs Ellen [M.] b.a. 
Franklinville N. Y.f 

Steele" Edla Sperry b.l. (Mrs James 
Graham Cnalfant) 
5722 Kentucky av. Pittsburg Pa. 

teacher (math.) Winchester sch. Pittsburg 
03-09; m. 24N09 

Sterling Emma Hawley b.l. (Mrs 
Wilfrid Halsted Sherrill) 
75 Washington st. Poughkeep- 
sie N. Y. 
m. 18 F 08 ; ch. Sterling b. 8 My 09 

♦Stevens Ernesta Marion b.a. (Mrs 
Spencer Carleton) 

m. 22 Ag 03 ; ch. Baldwin b. 10 O 04, Ernest 
b. 07; d. 31 My 10 

Stevens Ruth Hartwell b.l. 

20 Circuit av. Newton Highlands 

student Sloyd training sch. Boston 03-04; 
teacher (sloyd) Industrial sch. for crippled 
and deformed ch. Boston 04 — ■ 

Stewart Ena Susie b.a. 
R. F. D. 2 Athol 

teacher Williamsburg Mass. high sch. 03-04, 
Shelton Ct. high sch. 04-05, Newton N. J. 

Stewart" Fannie Resor b.l. 

2348 Auburn av. Cincinnati O. 

Stiles Elizabeth Catharine b.l. (Mrs 
Emory Scott Land) 
149 Willow St. Brooklyn N. Y. 
m. 15 Ap 09 

Stockbridge" Rachel Soule b.a, 
Freeport Me. 

teacher Freet>ort high sch. 03-05, Franklin- 
ville N. Y. 05-06, Southboro Mass. 07-09, 
Uxbridge 09-10 

Stout Helen Louise b.l. 

The Arnold-Thomas school 
3560 Broadway Kansas City Mo. 
on staff New York Tribune 03-05 

Strongs Elizabeth b.l. (Mrs Warren 
Sherman Hayden) 
706 Citizens bldg Cleveland O. 

m. 18 Ap 06 ; ch. Sherman Strong b. 9 F 08 

Suffren Edith de Charny b.s. (Mrs 
Thomas D. Pitts) 
2432 N. Charles st. Baltimore 

with Harper bros. New York 03-05 

Talmage" Irma b.a. 

315 N. Main st. Mt Gilead O.J 

Thacher Margaret Williams b.a. 
69 Alleghany st. Roxbury 

student Boston sch. for social workers 2 yr, 
Russell Sage foundation fellow (social re- 
search) 1 yr; mem. A.C.A. 

Tindall" Kate b.a. (Mrs Edwin 
Francis Samuels) 
Maryland trust bldg Baltimore 

teacher (math.) Washington D. C. central 
high sch. 03-07; m. 20 Je 07; ch. Lloyd b. 
12 Ag08d. 11O09 

Torrey EHzabeth Whittier b.a. 
180 Harvard st. Dorchester 
teacher Southern home sch. Washington 
D. C. and Baltimore Md. .Ta 04-05, Suffield 
Ct. lit. inst. 05-F 06, Curtis Peabody sch. 
Boston 06-07, 08, 09— 

Treat Anna Bigelow b.a. 

670 Astor st. Milwaukee Wis. 
teacher private sch. Milwaukee 03-10; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Trull^ Bertha Preston b.a. 
629 Main st. Woburn 

asst Woburn pub. lib. 06-07, asst libn 
Mass. inst. of tech. Boston 07 — ; mem. 

TuUock Florence Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick DeWolf Bolman) 
624 S. Broadway Leavenworth 

m. 24 O 06; ch. Katherine Southwick b. 

11 F08 

Tuttle Annie Dyer b.a. 

706 Irving av. Syracuse N. Y. 

student (botany) Syracuse univ. 03; 
teacher private sch. 04-05 

Viles^ EHzabeth Hubbard b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur Andrews McBride) 
Amer. mission, BycuUa, Bombay 
student Bible teachers training sch. New 
York 06-07; sec. Y. W. C. A. Waltham 
Mass. 04, Passaic N. J. 05-06, foreign 
miss'y A. B. C. F. M. 07—; m. 17 F 09; 
ch. Elizabeth Baldwin b. 30 D 09 

Wagenhals Margaret Hamilton b.a. 
216 E. Wayne st. Fort Wayne 
M.A. 07; fellow (Eng.) Smith 06-07 

Waldo Lula b.a. 

201 Westmoreland av. Houston 

teacher Misses Waldo's sch. 03-05 

Ward" EHza Anne b.a. Brookfield 

prin. Fiskdale Mass. grammar sch. 03-04, 
teacher Southboro grammar sch. 04-05, 
Brockton, Southbridge, Lewiston Mon. 

Warner Alice Willard b.a. (Mrs 
Horatio Arnold Hamilton) 
227 S. Main st. West Hartford Ct. 

m. 8 O 07; ch. Erskine E. b. 14 S 08 




Warren Ella b a. 

204 Randolph av. Peoria 111. 
teacher Franklin grammar sch. Peoria fall 
of 05, 06-07 

Webber Alice Mary b.a. (Mrs Frank 
Plimpton Scofield) 
18 Vernon st. Newton 
m. 3 O 04; ch. Mary b. 13 O 06, Elizabeth 

b. 7 S 09 

Weeden Marie Louise b.l. (Mrs 
William Speight Langford) 
21 Shoimard pi. Yonkers N. Y. 

teacher 03-04; m. 16 N 04; ch. Margaret 
Weeden b. 14 Mr 06, Mary Hazard b. 18 Je 

Westwood" Elizabeth Howard b.a. 
95 Rivington st. New Yorkf 

assoc. editor Mvn^ey'a magazine 03-05 

Whipple Bertha Kingsbury b.a. 
Fitzwilliam Depot N. H. 

Wight« Isabel Caldwell b.l. (Mrs 
Frank Kollock Mitchell) 

7 Woodlawn av. Wellesley Hills 

student Simmons col. lib. sch. 03-04; pri- 
vate cataloger summer of 04, 05-06, asst 
libn Perkins inst. for the blind Boston 04- 
05, Smith 06-09; m. 18 O 09 

Wilbur Florence b.l. 

131 Niagara St. Providence R. I. J 

student Bridgewater Mass. state normal 
sch. 03-04; teacher New Britain Ct. high 
sch. 04-05 

Wilson** Mabel Cynthia b.l. 
Palatka Fla. 

Woodbur)^^ Laura Brown b.l. 
51 Baltimore st. Lynn 

Wyman Edith Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Edwin Rolfe) 
104 Atlantic av. Swampscott 

m. 30 Ja 06; ch. Maurice Wyman b. 12 Mr 

ns Alta B.A. (Mrs Jesse J. Vine- 

8 W. 37th St. Kansas City Mo. 

student Sorbonne, Paris, Berlin univ; 
m. 8 F 07; ch. James Gibson b. 28 Ap 09; 

Total 240-*6 

mem. A.C.A. 


Abbott Constance Lavinia b.a. 
32 Broadway New York 

Abbott Harriet Parsons b.a. 
42 West St. Northampton 

Alden** Florence Delia b.l. 
37 EUiott St. Springfield 
student Boston normal sch. of gymnastics; 
gymnasium director Univ. of Mo. 06-08, 
Northfield Mass. sem. 09. Y. W. C. A. Omaha 
Neb. 09-10; mem. A.C.A. 

Allen Frances b.l. 

26 Westmoreland pi. St Louis 

M.A. 05 Washington univ; student (philos, 
pedagogy) Washington imiv. 04-05 

Armstrong Emma Dow b.a. (Mrs 
Herbert H. Oakes) 
14 Overlook av. Orange N. J. 

m. 10 D 08; ch. Virginia Armstrong b. 13 S 

Backus jean Wallace b.a. (Mrs 
Archibald N. Dawson) 
1459 Mars av. Lakewood O. 
m. 10 

Bancroft Mary Ethel b.a. 
Abbot academy Andover 

student (Amer. lit.) Yale 05; teacher New 
Haven Ct. high sch. 04-08; Abbot acad. 08- 

Bardwell" Ruby Irene b.a. (Mrs 
Albert Joseph Chidester) 
Simsbury Ct. 

teacher Smith acad. Hatfield Mass. 07-08; 

m. 30 Je 09 

Barklev Mabel Merwyn b.a. 
81 i'inckney st. Boston 

teacher (math.) Hamilton inst. New York, 
Brooklyn Heights sera. 04-07 ; social worker 
Sea Breeze fresh air home summer of 06, 
Nurses settlement New York 07, Mass. 
general hospital Boston 08, Carney hospital 
09, social service sec. Berkeley infirmary 

Barnard Elizabeth Finley b.a. (Mrs 

Gilbert Henry Stewart) 

c/o Capt. G. H. Stewart U. S. A. 

Ordnance office Washington D.C.f 
Barnes^ Alice Maria b.a. 

West BrookfieldJ 
teacher Hanover Mass. high sch. 

Barrett Alice Gertrude b.a. 
35 Forbes av. Northampton 

student Faelten school of piano Boston 09- 

Bartlett Florence Dibell b.l. 
2720 Prairie av. Chicago 111 

Beaupr6 Olive Kennon b.l. (Mrs 
Harry Edward Miller) 
246 S. Lincoln av. Aurora 111. 

teacher (Eng.) East Aurora high sch. 04-06; 
m. 2 O 07 

Behr ^Catherine b.l. (Mrs Herbert 
Lucien Minshall) Marietta O. 
m. 22 S 08 

Benedict"^ Myrtis b.a. 

115 Adams st. North Abington 

teacher (commercial course) Abington high 
sch. 04-10 

Bennett Mildred Waldron b.a. 

Monticello N. Y. 
Benson Bessie Pendleton b.a. 

73 Court St. Bangor Me. 




Bent" Mary Emily b.l. (Mrs Robert 
Smith Conklin) Framingham 

m. 25 Je 10 

Berry^ Mary Lillian b.a. 

c/o Rear-Admiral A. G. Berry 
U. S. N. Navy dept Washington 
D. C. 

student (music) New York, (design) Hop- 
kins inst. of art San Francisco Cal. N 09- 
My 10 

Biddlecome'* Elizabeth b.a. 
Newport N. H. 

teacher (Eng.) high sch. Webster 04-06, 
Melrose 06-07, Brockton 07-10 

Bond Edith Howell b.l. (Mrs Law- 
rence Augustus Howard) 
Highland court Hartford Ct. 

prin. Makapala pub. sch. Kohala H. I. 


Boutwell Alice Bradford b.a. (Mrs 
George Norman Pease) 
784 Pettygrove st. Portland Ore. 

R.N. 08 Presbyterian hospital New York; 
head nurse Presbyterian hospital 08-09; 
m. 1 Ja 10 

Bowley Flora Juliet b.l. 

Women's university club Madison 
av. and 29th st. New York 

professional dramatic worker 04-08 ; student 

(philos.) 08-10 

♦Brackett Ellen Augusta b.a. 

d. iMr 08 New York 

Brainerd Heloise b.a, 

c/o Internat. bureau of American 
Republics Washington D. C. 

stenographer, chief clerk and translator 

law office Mexico City Mex. 05-Mr 09; 

private sec. Internat. bureau of American 

Republics Mr 09— 

Breyman" Edna Cranston b.a. 
582 Myrtle st. Portland Ore. 

Brown^ Mabel Robinson b.a. 

Brown Maude Hooker b.l. (Mrs 
Raymond Mazeine) 
2 Sherman court New Britain Ct. 
m. 6 Je 06 ; ch. Graham Brown b. 8 My 07 

Brush" Ella Mead b.l. D anbury Ct. 

pupil asst Forbes lib. Northampton sum- 
mer of 04, student (shorthand, typewriting) 
Danbury high sch. 04 ; clerk and libn State 
normal training sch. D 04 — 

Bulkley Harriet Collins b.a. 
Litchfield Ct. 
prin. Madison Ct. high sch. 06-10 

Burleigh Clara Matilda b.a. 
South Berwick Me. 
teacher Monson acad. 04-06. Marlborough 
sch. Los Angeles Cal. 06-08, Robinson sem. 
Exeter N. H. 08-10 

Bumham Sophia Lord b.a. (Mrs 
William Read Westcott) 
12 S. Broadway Irvington on 
Hudson N. Y. 

cert. 07 Women's law class New York univ; 
m. 29 D 08; ch. Sophia Bumham 2d b. 
13 N 09 

Butler Harriet Rosetta b.a. (Mrs 
Walter E. Crittenden) 
104 Howe St. New Haven Ct. 
m. 10 O 08; ch. David Benton b. 18 D 09 

Camp Edith Caroline b.l. 

98 Woodlawn terrace Waterbury 

Carleton Bertha b a. (Mrs Wilbur 
Abbott Welch) 
29 Washington av. South Nyack 

N. Y. 

m. 28 Je 04; ch. Oliver Loveland b. 26 Ap 
05 d. 8 O 05. David b. 7 Ja 07 

Casey Ella Josephine b.l. Lee 

student (phifos, Eng, French) Trinity col. 
Washington D. C. 04-05; teacher Lee 05- '^ 
Ja 06, Je 06-10 

Chambers Marv Ballard b.a. (Mrs 
Philip Donald Folwell) 
2006 Spring Garden st. Philadel- 
phia Pa. 

m. 12 O 04; ch. Nathan T. jr b. 7 Jl 06, 

Mary Kemble b. 10 F 08 

Chapin Anne McClallan b.a. 
290 State st. Springfield 

Chapin Leslie b.l. 

20 Maple st. Springfield 

Childs^ Helen Sears b.a. (Mrs 

Frank Learoyd Boy den) 

teacher Catherine Aiken sch. Stamford Ct. 
04, Deerfield 05-06; m. 27 Je 07; ch. John 
Gary b. 22 D 09 

Choate Helen Ashhurst b.a. 
Greenwich Ct. 
M.A. 09; fellow (botany) Smith 08-09; 
teacher Greenwich acad. 05-06, asst 
(botany) Smith 09— 

Cilley Helen b.l. (Mrs Eugene 
Charles Alder) 
478 Washington av. Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

student Amherst summer lib. sch. 05; libn 
Phillips Exeter acad. 05-06; m. 3 Jl 06; 
ch. Bradbury Cilley b. 17 Mr 09 

Clapp Marion Lazell b.a. 

67 Winchester st. Brookline 

Clark Annetta Isabel b.a. 

6 Hatfield st. Northampton 
student (stenography) Springfield Mass 
business sch. 04-05; teacher (commercia 
course) Perth Amboy N. J. high sch. 05-07 
asst registrar Smith 07-09: sec. 09 — 




Clark Florence Jeannette b.a. 

7 Atlantic st. LynnJ 
Clark Miriam Belden b.a. 

90 Maple st. Northanipton 

Christian science practitioner Jl 04 — 

Colbum^ Mary Peabody b.a. 

c/o Miss Anne Bogue Pittsford 

M. A. 10 Columbia; student (pedadogy, 
Eng.) Columbia 09-10; teacher Burr and 
Burton sem. Manchester Vt. 04-07, Haver- 
hill Mass. high sch. 07-08, Gardner 08-09, 
Wadleigh high sch. New York 10— 

Comer Mary b.l. (Mrs Mills Bee 


26 Gaston st. E. Savannah Ga. 
m. 11 Jl 07; ch. Mary b. 15 Ag 08, Remer 
Young (son) b. 10 Mr 10 

Comey Gertrude Julietta b.l. 

13 Midland st. Worcester 
Conant Marie Bassett b.a. (Mrs 

Nathaniel Wales Faxon) 


m. 22 S 05 ; ch. Nathaniel Conant b. 12 F 08, 
William Otis 2d b. 19 O 10 

Cotter" JuUa Theresa b.a. 

384 E. 18th St. Flatbush N. Y.f 
teacher (elocution) 

Crafts Florence Kate b.a. 
Bradford Vt. 

teacher (Eng, Latin) McGav/ normal inst. 
Reeds Ferry N. H. 05-06, Austin Tex. 06-07, 
Lexington Ky. 07-09, (Eng.) Avon N. Y. 
high sch. 09-10 

Crawford Leslie Stafford b.a. (Mrs 
John Gale Hun) 

132 Mercer st. Princeton N. J. 

jnry van Dyke; m. 26 Je 
06; ch. Leslie Crawford b. 21 O 07, Eliza- 

private sec. to Henry van Dyke; 

beth Gale b. 9 Jl 09 
Creighton^ Emilie b.a. (Mrs Albert 
Trowbridge Gould) 
4 Avon St. Cambridge 
m. 23 D 09 
Crossett Ruth Lewis b.a. (Mrs 
Russell Appleton) 
31 Hereford st. Boston 

student Boston cooking sch. 04-05 ; m. 29 O 
Cumming Mary Emma b.a. (now 
Mary Cumming Humstone) 
213 Hancock st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Cuseck Ellen Frances b.a. (Mrs 
James T. Connolly) 
142 State st. Newburyport 
m. 29 Je 04; ch. Ruth Eleanore b. 8 F 07, 
Helen b. 19 F 09 

Cushing Edna b.a. 

50 Munn av. East Orange N. J. 
Dana Elizabeth Mabel b.a. 

17 Harrington av. Worcester 

Dana Marion b.a. 

26 Madison st. Rutland Vt. 

teacher Brandon Vt. high sch. 06-08, Rut- 
land high sch. 08-10 

Davenport Sarah Bertha b.a. 
437 Main st. Greenfield 

teacher Hampstead N. H. high sch. 04-05, 
Conway Mass. high sch. 09 — 

Davis Corinne Woodward b.a. (Mrs 
Leonard Gansevoort Bradley) 
1732 E. First St. Duluth Minn. 

m. 18 O 05; ch. Mary Ten Eyck b. 19 N 08, 
Leonard Gansevoort jr b. 28 Mr 10 

Davis"^ Fannie Stearns b.a. 
116 South St. Pittsfield 

student (music) Boston; teacher (Eng.) 
Kemper hall Kenosha Wis. 06-07 

Day Hazel Sanderson b.a. (Mrs 
George Willis Pike) 
5 Madison av. Springfield 

m. 20 O 04 

Dean Agnes Louise b.a. 

106 E. 24th St. Minneapolis Minn. 

Denham^ Annie Turton b.a. (Mrs 
Charles William Pimper) 
Primrose, Chevy Chase Md. 

grad. Washington normal ach. 05; teacher 
Washington D. C. pub. sch. 05-Ja 07; m. 
9 Ja 07; ch. Charles William jr b. 20 My 08 

Dill Emma Hansell b.a. (Mrs 
Gordon Grand) 
39 Hampton terrace Orange N. J. 

student (women's business law) N. Y. univ. 
law sch. 06-07 ; m. 14 Ja 09 

Dinsmore Mabel Lee b.a. 

225 W. 109th St. New Yorkf 
Douglas" Gertrude Elizabeth b.a. 

104 Vernon st. Gardner 

M.A. 07 Cornell; student (botany) Cornell 
05-06, summer of 06; teacher Pa. inst. for 
the deaf Mount Airy 04-05, Newark N. Y. 
high sch. D 06-08, Randolph-Macon wo- 
man's col. Lynchburg Ya. 09-10 

Dunlop Hannah b.a. (Mrs Barrett 

Clendenin Andrews) 

Lawrence park Bronxville N. Y. 
m. 18 Je 06 
Duryee Margaret Elmendorf b.a. 

139 E. 36th St. New YorkJ 
Dutcher Mary Stranahan b.a. (Mrs 

Otis Swan Carroll) 

39 Pierrepont st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

director Little Italy settlement Brooklyn; 
m. 16 N 10 

Ehrich Lilian Ida b.a. (Mrs Charles 

A. Riegelman) 

22 Melrose pi. Montclair N. J. 
student Barnard 02-03, Columbia 04-05; 
m. 14 Ap 06 ; ch. Carol b. 23 S 09 

Emerson Marguerite Eliza b.a. 
395 Broadway Cambridge 




England" Josephine Winifred b.a. 
(Mrs F. Howard Covey) 
Great Neck Lon^ Island N. Y. 

prin. daily vacation bible sch. New York 
summers of 03, 04, 05, 06; teacher Mrs 
Mead's sch. for girls Norwalk Ct. 04-05; 
tutor Alder Creek N. Y. 05-06; settlement 
worker Christodora house New York 06-08 ; 
investigator for Nat. child labor com. sum- 
mer of 07; prin. private sch. Great Neck 
08-10; m. 16 Je 08 

Estabrook Margaret Clarissa b.a. 
29 Longwood av. Brookline 

diploma 05 Boston normal sch; teacher 

Evans" Louise b.a. 

Hyde Park hotel Chicago Ill.t 

Field Mary Bates b.a. 

85 Montview st. West Roxbury 

Fowler Ernestine b.a. (Mrs William 
Harold Adamson) 
100 Ridge st. Glens Falls N. Y. 

m. 29 Ap 08; ch. Ernestine b. 12 Ap 10 

Fuller Louise Stetson b.a. 
150 Elm St. Northampton 

M.A. 05 Columbia; student Columbia (hist, 
economics, educ.) 04-05, fellow (hist.) Smith 
06-07; reader (hist.) Smith 07 — ; mem. 
Amer. hist, soc, Nat. geog. soc. 

Garrison Eleanor b.l. 

45 Percy road Lexington 
M.A. 06 Radcliffe; asst Agassiz museum 

Gauthier Carrie Addie b.a. 

47 Connecticut blvd East Hart- 
ford Ct. 

student New York sch. of philanthropy 
summer of 06; teacher 04-06; visitor Pa. 
soc. to protect children from cruelty Phila- 
delphia 06-07, Charity organization soc. 
Hartford Ct. Jl 07-.Ja 08; probation officer 
Hartford city police court Ja 08 — 

Geballe PauHne I. b.a. 
Salamanca N. Y.f 
teacher Honest Hill N. Y. district sch. 

Gilbert" Emily Lindsley b.l. 

c/o Judge Gilbert Portland Ore.f 

Gilligan** Annie Louise b.a. 
72 Pearl st. Holyoke 
teacher (hist.) Holyoke high sch. 04 — 

Gilman Margaret Ellsworth b.a. 
327 FrankHn st. Newton 

B.S. 07 Simmons col; student Simmons 
col. lib. sch. 04-05; asst libn Milton Mass. 
pub. hb. 05— 

Glazier" Laura Estella b.a. 

3 Summer st. Hartford Ct.J 

teacher private sch. Hartford 04-05 

Goode Edith Jeannette b.a. 

1714.. N St. N..W. Washington 
D. C. 

Goodwin Carrie [Carolyn] Maria b.l. 
(Mrs Lawrence G. Brubaker) 
Eugene Ore.f 
m. 28 S 09 

Graefe Elizabeth Theresa b.l. 

1225 Columbus av. Sandusky O. 

Greenhalgh Grace Lenore b.a. (Mrs 
Walter A. Eversman) 
124 Prescott st. Toledo O. 
m. 25 Je 10 

Gregory Anne Chapman b.a. 
237 Walnut av. Roxbury 

Gross« Dorothea b.a. (Mrs Arthur 
F. Ells) 
42 Holmes av. Waterbury Ct.f 

Hall Helen Annette b.a. 

8 Summit av. Winchester 

teacher Collegiate inst. Paterson N. J. 06, 
Laconia N. H. high sch. 08 

Hamilton Mary b.a. 

35 Fruit st. Worcester 

student Worcester art museum sch. 07-10 

Hamlin Margaret Ruth Pomeroy b.a. 
116 Main st. Easthampton 

Harlow Grace Evelyn b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Willard Bray) 
Chicopee Falls 

asst libn Clarke lib. Northampton Mr 06-10; 
m. 14 S 10; mem. A.C.A. 

Harrington Julia Gertrude b.a. 

official tutor (Latin) Smith 04-05, aast 05- 

Harris Elsie Milne b.l. (Mrs Harvey 
R. Durbin) Cement Tex. 

m. 16 O 06; ch. Gilbert Harris b. 10 Ag 07, 
Dorothy Milne b. 27 D 08 

Haworth^ Grace Elizabeth b.l. (Mrs 
Abraham Malcolm Kershaw) 
Laurel ville O. 

teacher Kearny sch. New York 04-05, 
Nutley N. J. sch. inc. 05-09 ; m. 26 O 09 

Haynes Muriel Sturgis b.l. 
Augusta Me. 
mem. A.C.A. 

Hazen Ethel Augusta b.a. (Mrs 
Walter Huston Lillard) 

student (zoology) Dartmouth summer sch. 

04; asst to Pres. Tucker's sec. Dartmouth 

05-06; m. 5 S 07; ch. Walter Huston jr 

b. 14 Jl 08 

Hendrick Ruby Edna b.a. (Mrs 
Warren T. Newcomb) 
451 E. 4th St. Brooklyn N. Y. 

student Paris univ. 99-00, N. Y. state lib. 
sch. N 04-Mr 05 ; m. 20 O 08 




Henry Eugenia May b.a. 
Oxford, Warren co. N. J. 
B.L.S. 06 N. Y. state lib. scli; student 
N. Y. state lib. sch. 04-06 ; asat libn Clark 
univ. 06-07, libn Attleboro Mass. pub. lib. 
07 — ; mem. A.L.A. 

Higgins" Olive Chapin b.l. (Mrs 
Lewis Isaac Prouty) 
1806 Beacon st. Brookline 

student (Eng.) Radcliffe 07; m. 12 Je 07; 
ch. Jane Chapin b. 20 O 09 

Hildreth Ellen Elizabeth b.a. 
6 Linnaean st. Cambridge 

Hiss Sophie Knowlton b.a. 

107 Lancaster st. Albany N. Y. 
B.L.S. 06 N. Y. state lib. sch; student 
N. Y. state lib. sch. 04-06; asst cataloger 
N. Y. state lib. 06-07, asst libn Smith 07- 
08, reviser of cataloging Rochester N. Y. 
theol. sera, summer of 08, catalog libn 
Cleveland O. pub. lib. 08 — ; mem. A.L.A. 

Hixon Maria Louise b.a. (Mrs 

Harvey Field Newhall) 

51 Nahant st. Lynn 
m. 6 D 06 
Hollow ay Metta Josephine b.a. (Mrs 

Edward Cairns) 

384 Welling st. Richmond Hill 

Long Island N. Y. 
m. 15 Je 07; ch. Elizabeth Josephine b. 
25 Ap 09 

Hotchkiss Margaret Linton b.l. 
(Mrs Raymond Eugene Streit) 
57 Willow St. Brooklyn N. Y. 

m. 11 Ja 06 ; ch. Margaret Linton b. 2 Mr 07, 

William Hotchkiss b. 18 N 09 

Howe Lora Agnes b.a. (Mrs William 
Lane Robinson) Mt Vernon O. 
m. 12 S 10 

Howes"^ Caroline Bradford b.a. 

student (art) Museum of fine arts Boston 

Hudson" Anna Sophia b.l, (Mrs 
Linus Worthington Bagg) 
76 Elizabeth av. Newark N. J. 
m. 23 O 07 

Irving Charlotte Bertha Augusta 


102 Henderson av. New Brighton, 
Staten Island N. Y. 

student (medieval hist, hist, of educ.) 
Coltunbia 06-07, New York sch. of philan- 
thropy summer of 08; mem. New York 
visiting com. State charities aid assn 07 — 

Jackson Elizabeth Robinson b.l. 

1101 Washington st. Wilmington 

James Mary Lois b.a. 

607 E. Genesee st. Syracuse N. Y. 

M.A. 06; scholar (zoology) Woods Hole 
Mass. summer of 04, fellow Smith 05-08; 
asst Smith 06-07 


Johnson Hilda Sherman b.a. (Mrs 
Ernest Truslow) 
Short Hills N. J. 
m. 11 S 06; ch. Ann b. 1 My 08 

Johnson^ Phila Borden b.a. (Mrs 
Lawrence Burroughs Burck) 
665 Wilshire pi. Los Angeles Cal. 

m. 6 S 05; ch. Gail Johnson (son) b. 20 S 06, 
Barbara b. 1 My 08, Lawrence Burroughs 
jr b. 22 Mr 10 

♦Johnson Ruth Anne b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Clinton Newell) 

m, 12 .11 04; d. U5 

Jones Alice Martin b.a. 

69 N. Pine av. Albany N. Y. 

teacher Ogontz sch. Pa. 04-06, Girls classi- 
cal sch. Pasadena Cal. 06-08, Wilmington 
high sch. 08-10 

Jones Eleanor Poor b.a. 
225 Mill St. Haverhill 

Jouett Priscilla [Pearl] b.a. 
21 Forest st Cambridge 

student Simmons col. lib. sch. 04-05 

Keeney Flora Strong b.a. 
932 Beach st. FUnt Mich. 

teacher Flint high sch. 

29 N. Benton av. Helena Mon.J 

student (French, German) Paris 04-05 

Kemlo Elizabeth Wilson b.a. 
151 W. 93d St. New York 

teacher (French, math.) Poughkeepsie 
N. Y. high sch. 04-07, (French, Eng.) 
Misses Anable's sem. New Brunswick N. J. 
07-10; church visitor and pastor's asst 
Lenox av. collegiate church New York 10 — 

Ketcham Anna Marie b.a. 

1806 H St. N. W. Washington 
D. C. 

D.O. 07 Phila. col. of osteopathy; practis- 
ing physician 07 — ; mem. Amer. osteo- 
pathic assn. 

Keys Adele b.l. 

42 W. 38th St. New York 

grad. Warren sch. for lip reading and articu- 

Kidder" Edith Maynard b.a. (Mrs 
Ripley Lyman Dana) 
34 Westboume road Newton 
m. 4 Je 08 

Kimberly Msiry Emma b.a. (Mrs 
Elbert Walker Shirk) 
1318 16th St. Bedford Ind. 

m. 7 Mr 05 
Kincaid** Anna Douglas b.a. 

Hatton Grange, Albemarle co. 

student Univ. of Cal. 01-03, N. Y. state 
lib. sch. 04-Mr 05 




Kingsbury Edith Wheeler b.a. (Mrs 
William Harry Watson) 
69 School St. Keene N. H. 

teacher Keene high sch. 05-08; m. 23 Jl 08; 

ch. Frederick Kingsbury b. 1 1 My 09 

Knox Addie Louise b.l. (Mrs 
Leverett Dale Bristol) 
897 Goodrich ay. St Paul Minn. 

teacher first grade primary Miss Wheeler's 
sch. Hartford Ct. 04-06; m. 27 Je 07; ch. 
Corabelle b. 2.5 Ap 08; mem. A.C.A. 

Knox Gertrude Emma b.a. 

10 Watchung av. Upper Mont- 
clair N. J. 
student (pedagogy) Teachers col. 03-04; 
teacher elementary dept Knox sch. Lake- 
wood N. J. 04-08, private teacher New York 
09, asst Miss Knox's sch. Upper Montclair 

Lake Margaret Randolph b.l. 
1708 Ridge av. Evanston III. 

Lane Martha Grace b.a. 

15 Piedmont st. Worcester 

teacher (ancient and modem lang, Eng.) 
Leland and Gray sem. Townshend ,Vt. 04- 
06, (Greek, Latin) Leland univ. New 
Orleans La. 06-10 

Leatherbee Margaret Rhodes b.a. 
(Mrs Clifford H. Kendal) 
617 W. 152d St. New York 

student (domestic science) Simmons col. 
04-05; teacher (cooking) Miss Winsor's sch. 
Boston 06-08; m. 28 N 08; ch, Robert 
Leatherbee b. 1 F 10 

Levy Elsa Katherine b.l. 

1110 Grand av. Milwaukee Wis. 

mem. A.C.A. 

Lockey Frances Lord b.a. 
69 West St. Leominster 

student Fitchburg normal sch; teacher 
(Latin) Leominster high sch. 05 — 

London Lucie Smith b.l. (Mrs 
Hansen Moore) 

2412 Western av. Los Angeles 
m. 2 Ja 07 

Lothrop Alice Gertrude b.a. (Mrs 
Frederic Foster Lincoln) 
Woonsocket R. L 

student (sec. course) Simmons col. 06; 
m. 11 Mr 09 

Lovett" Florance Emilie b.a. (Mrs 
Walter Frank Bathricle) 
61 Shurtleff st. Chelsea 

teacher Prattville training sch. 04-05, 
Beverly high sch. S-D 05; m. 16 D 06 

Lupton Belle Corwin b.l. (Mrs Otis 
Grey Pike) Riverhead N. Y.f 

m. 22 Je 10 

Lyman** Helen b.a. 

42 High St. Greenfield 

Mabie Helen Rockwell b l. 

3 Fernwood road Summit N. J. 
McBride"' Maud Walker b.a. 

305 Merrick av. Detroit Mich. 

teacher Fayetteville W. Va. acad. high sch, 
04-05, (Eng.) Detroit Mich, high sch. 06-10; 
mem. A.C.A. 

MacCarthy Alice Mary b.a. 

83 N. Main st. North Brookfield 

teacher (math.) Reading Pa. girls high sch. 

McCluney Mildred b.a. 

4427 Westminster pi. St Louis 

McKeighan Mabel b.a. (Mrs James 


179 E. Chestnut st. Chicago 111. 

m. 24 Ap 05 

McKelvey Katherine Isabella b.a. 
(Mrs Charles Frederick Owsley) 
Torfoot, Youngstown O. 

m. 7 S 05; ch. Katherine b, 12 8 06, Richard 
Poyntz b. 13 F 08, Charles Henry 2d b. 14 

Mansfield Anna Carter b.a. 
31 Avon St. Wakefield 
teacher Wakefield 04-07, Waltham 07-10 

Marble Helen Chase b.a. 
28 Cedar st. Worcester 

Mason Elizabeth Washburn b.a. 
(Mrs Frank Clarence Howland) 
160 S. Union st. Akron O. 
m. 7 Je 06; ch. Elizabeth May b. 7 My 07 

Mason Margaret Mary b.a. (Mrs 
John Haire) Fort Dodge la. 

teacher (Latin) high sch; m. 10 Ap 07; 
ch. George Mason b. 29 D 08 

Mead Annie Kimball b.a. (Mrs 
Thomas Jasper Hammond) 
233 Elm St. Northampton 

m. 26 Ap 05 

Meding Elsie Ad^le b.a. 
Paterson N. J.f 

teacher (German) 

Mendell Margaret Beauvais b.l. 

(Mrs Coert Du Bois) 

c/o U. S. forest service Sansalito 

m. 2 Ag 10; mem. A.C.A. 
Merchant Abby Shute b.a. 


on Munsey editorial board 04-06, editor 
Craftsman 09, Smith & Street publications 

Mills Ruth Alice b.a. 

126 Apple ton av. Pittsfield 
teacher Pittsfield high sch. 06-10 
Mitchell Edith Jane b.a. (Mrs Ed- 
ward Allen Olds jr) 
Lawrence park Bronxville N. Y. 
m. 10 O 08; ch. Edward Allen 3d b. 14 N 09 




Monaghan" Helen Cecelia b.a. (Mrs 
P. F. McDonough) 
19 Murray st. New Britain Ct. 
teacher (Latin, German) Bristol Ct. high 
sch. 04-08; m. 23 S 08 

Moore^ Annie Crayton b.a. 
198 Beech st. Holyoke 
teacher Williamsburg Mass. 04-06, New 
York pub. sch. 06-10 

Mosher" Delia Evelyn b.a. 

918 W. 80th St. Los Angeles Cal. 

teacher San Pedro Cal. high sch. 06-09 

Nash Margaret b.a. 

2330 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 

teacher (hist, Eng.) St Helen's hall Port- 
land Ore. 05-08, Hathaway-Brown sch. 
Cleveland 09 — 

Nesmith Florence b.s. 

Andover road Lowell 
Newton Alice b.l. (Mrs Fred Hinch- 

liff) 487 Adams st. Chicago lU.t 
Nichols Margaret Foster b.l. (Mrs 

Poyntell Caldclaugh Staley) 

613 13th St. Altoona Pa. 

asst Salvation army kindergarten New 
York 06-07; m. 25 Ap 08; ch. Poyntell 
Caldclaugh jr b. 11 Mr 10 

Norris Grace May b.a. 
283 Clifton st. Maiden 
student (violin); private tutor; mem. 

Northrop" Jessie Eastman b.a. (Mrs 
Marion Cragg Walston) 
5 Crescent court, Wellington 
crescent Winnipeg Can. 

student (lit, French) Univ. of Minn. 05; 
teacher (Eng, Latin) Flandreau S. D. 06, 
Argyle Minn. 07; m. 12 Ap 09 

Oakman"^ Fanny Davenport b.l. 
(Mrs Crosby B. Spinney) 
141 Magnolia terrace Springfieldf 

teacher (Latin, German) Susquehanna 

collegiate inst. Towanda Pa. 

Olds" Edna Allen b.a. (Mrs Frank- 
lin Barber Pease) Guilford Me. 

m. 20 Je 06; ch. Allen Franklin b. 14 N 08 

O'Loughlin" Anne Loretta b.a. 
124 High St. WilHmantic Ct. 

teacher Hartford Ct. south sch. 04 — 

Paige Marion Bancroft b.l. (Mrs 
Eugene Walter Leake) 
155 Belmont av. Jersey City N.J. 

m. 6 O 06 ; ch. Constance b. 29 Ja 08 

Parker Elisabeth Abbott b.a. 

238 N. Main st. Concord N. H. 
Parker" Fanny Little b.a. 

933 Westminster st. Washington 

D. C. 

B.S. 07 Simmons col; student Simmons 
col. lib. sch. 04-05, (shorthand) Comer's 
commercial col. 06; lib. asst U. S. dept 
of agric. lib. Washington D. C. Jl 06— 

Partenheimer Louise Schuler b.a. 
8 Leonard st. Greenfield 

teacher Greenfield high sch; asst Danbury 
lib. 05-07, Chicopee lib. 07-10, Greenfield 
lib. My 10— 

Peabody Helen b.l. (Mrs Roscoe 

Harris Goodell) 

1400 Judson av. Evanston Ill.f 
Peck" Mary Langford b.a. 

6 WiUard pi. Hudson N. Y. 
Ferine" Mary Lucinda b.a. (Mrs 

Fred Latimer Hadsel) Oxford O. 

teacher (Eng. lit.) Oxford col. 04-05, Albion 
Mich, high sch. 05-10; m. 7 Ap 10 

Peters" Florence May b.a. 

891 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 

student (domestic science) Univ. of O. 
07-08; mem. A.C.A. 

Plaisted" Helen Florence b.a. 

40 Vinal av. SomervilleJ 
Pomeroy Dorothy Emma b.l. (Mrs 

Benjamin DeLong Hilton) 

Weedsport N Y. 

studetit (kindergarten) Cortland N. Y. 
normal sch. 04-Mr 05; m. 10 S 07; ch. 
Lindsay Pomeroy b. 21 Jl 08, Katharine 
DeLong b. 16 Ja 10 

Pond Mary Hattie b.a. (Mrs Mat- 
thew Albert Hunter) 
10 Larch av. Troy N. Y.f 

student (French, German) Europe 

Porter Ethel Maude b.a. 

374 Main st. Cumberland Mills 

Prince Nellie Judith b.a. (Mrs 
Everett Herbert Baker) 
Wilmington Vt. 

teacher Wilmington Vt. intermediate sch. 
04-D 05; m. 20 F 06; ch. Herbert Everett 
b. 8 Jl 07, Winthrop Prince b. 1 Mr 10 

Prouty Marion Rice b.l. (Mrs Albert 
Van Voast Bensen jr) 
15 W. 8th St. New York 

student Simmons col. 06-07; teacher Miss 
Brown's sch. Boston 07-09; m. 8 O 10 

Purves Elinor Kennedy b.a. 
Princeton N. J. 

teacher Misses Tewksbury's sch. Briarcliff 
Manor N. Y. 06-07, Brearley sch. New York 
07-08, (hist.) Miss Fine's sch. Princeton 
N. J. 08-10 

Pusey Mary Hunter b.a. 
28 W. 33d St. New York 

sec. Armstrong assn New York My 09 — 

Quigley Ellen Barrett b.l. (Mrs 
Sanford Sawin) Elsmere Del.t 

teacher Miss Sellers primary sch. Wilming- 
ton Del. 

Rand Winifred b.a. 

54 Gainsboro st. Bostonf 




Reynolds Grace Potter b.a. 
98 Bedford st. Stamford Ct. 

M.A. 05 Columbia; student (chem, phy- 
sics) Columbia 04-05, (chem, physics, 
math.) Bryn Mawr 08-10, resident fellow 
08-09; asst (chem.) Smith 05-06, Barnard 

Rising Rachael Emilie [Emily] b.l. 
(Mrs Harold Hopkins Woods) 
298 Union st. Springfield 
m. 31 O 06 

Robe Bertha Augusta b.l. (Mrs 
William Eltinge Conklin) 
391 Central park W. New York 

m. 19 My 10 

Robinson Katharine b.l. (Mrs Sam- 
uel Copp McCluney) 
4728 McPherson av. St Louis Mo. 

m. 17 My 05; ch. Katharine b. 17 D 06, 
Samuel Copp jr b. 9 D 09 

Robson Alice b.a. 

135 Federal st. Salem 

Rogers^ Anna Frances b.a. Rochdale 

teacher (PVench) Oxford Mass. high sch. 
04-06, Marlboro high sch. 07-10 

Rowell Clara Alice b.l. 
70 Methuen st. Lowell 

Russ Anna b.a. 

327 Prescott av. Scranton Pa. 

private tutor 04-05; teacher (German, 
Eng.) Scranton technical high sch. 05 — 

Sanderson Essie [Esther] Josephine 
B.A. 11 Union st. Greenfield 

teacher (Eng, hist, Latin) St John Bap- 
tist sch. New York 04-07, private teacher 
Greenfield 07-08; general sec. S. C. A. C. W. 
Smith 08 — 

Sawtelle Margaret Elizabeth b.a. 
18 Marshall st. Watertown 
student (French) Paris 05, (physics) Wel- 
lesley 09-10; teacher Miss Slater's sch. 
Lancaster Pa. 04-08, asst (physics) Wellesley 

Scales Elizabeth Cayme b.a. 

840 Kenesaw terrace Chicago IlLf 

Schenck" Ella Louise b.a. 

The Normandie Omaha Neb.| 

Seward^ Christine b.a. 

416 Main st. Orange N. J. 

teacher Miss Spining's sch. South Orange 
N. J. 08-10 

Sherman Cathleen Alberta b.a. 
Castleton Vt.J 

Small AUana Butler b.a. 
Cherryfield Me. 
teacher (Eng.) Poughkeepsie N. Y. high 
sch. 04-07, Asbury Park N. J. high sch. 

Smith Lucy b.a. Leicester 

teacher Hanson Mass. grammar sch. 04-05, 
special teacher (Eng.) grade 4 San Juan 
P. R. 05-06. for all native teachers 06-07; 
editorial worker Bureau of plant industry 
U. S. dept of agric. Washington D. C. 07-10 

Smith Phoebe Cook B.L. (Mrs Henry 
Warner Pierpont) 
312 N. 21st St. Omaha Neb.f 
Smith Sybil Laura b.a. 

129 Woodland av. Gardner 
student (chem, physiol.) Columbia summer 
sch. 06, 09 ; head (science dept) Capen sch. 
Northampton 04 — 

Snow Florence Homer b.a. 
184 Elm St. Northampton 

sec. (biol. dept and general lib.) Mass. inst. of 
tech. Ja 05-Ag 07 ; general sec. Smith alum, 
assn Northamptor* 07 — 

Souther^ Marguerite b.l. 

3 Revere st. Jamaica Plain 

Southworth Elisabeth Shepard b.a. 
(Mrs John Smith Harrison) 
Harcourt cottage Gambier O. 

student (chem, physics) Gottingen 04-05; 
tutor Gambier 05-07; m. 27 Je 07; ch. 
William Ogden d. 12 Mr 09, Ada Deane 
b. 3 Je 10 

Stanton Natalie b.l. (Mrs Sidney 
Robinson Kennedy) 
15 Clark st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
m. 15 N 06 

Stein Amy Esther b.a. (Mrs Jonas 
1727 Bolton st. Baltimore Md.f 

ch. EHzabeth (class baby) 
Stern Edna Levi b.a. 

428 State st. Schenectady N. Y. 

Pd.B. 05 State normal col. Albany; teacher 
Chatham N. Y. high sch. 05-07, Pough- 
keepsie high sch. 07-08 

Swan"^ Ethel French b.a. 

88 Woodland av. Gardner 

student Boston normal sch. 04-05; teacher 
Gardner high sch. 

Telling Elisabeth Irma b.l. 

2120 Lincoln park W. Chicago 

Thompson Nellie Emma b.a. 


teacher (Latin) Southbridge high sch. 04- 
07, Augusta Me. high sch. 07-10 

Thresher Bertha Louise b.a. 

teacher pub. sch. Easthampton Mass. 04-05, 
06-07, Waltham 07-09, Brookline 09-10; 
mem. N.E.A. 

Thurber Candace b.a. 

49 Sidney pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

student (comparative lit.) Columbia 1 yr; 
teacher (Eng.) Miss Townsend's sch. 
Newark N. J. 10; asst sec. Columbia 10 — ; 
1. A.C.A. 




Trull Evelyn b.a. (Mrs Edgar Asa 
218 S. Mountain av. Montclair 

N. T. 

I. 28 Jf 

m. 28 Je 05; ch. Helen b. 1 Je 07 d. 4 Je 07, 
John Trull b. 28 S 08 

Turner" Mary Ramsey b.a. 
314 5th St. Marietta O. 

Upham Dorothy Quincy b.l. (Mrs 
Thomas Wayland Vaughan) 
1721 Riggs pi. Washin^on D. C. 

m. 22 Mr 09 

Vaile Florence Isabella b.a. 

435 N. Grove av. Oak Park lU.J 


Vaille" Edith Wolcott b.s. (Mrs 
Otis Weeks) 

c/o Utah copper co, Bingham 
Canyon Utali 
ch. Frederick Vaille b. 18 Ap 08, Eleanor 
b. 6 Ja 10 

van Dyke Brooke b.a. (Mrs Hamil- 
ton Gibson) 

Berkshire school Sheffield 
m. 30 Je 08; ch. William Hamilton 3d b. 20 
Ap 10 

Van Kleeck Mary Abby b.a. 

39^ Washington sq. New York 

student (sociology, econ.) Columbia 05-07; 
Smith and Col. settlements assn fellow New 
York 05-07; sec. Sea Breeze fresh air home 
of N. Y. assn for improving condition of 
poor summer of 04; industrial sec. Alliance 
employment bureau New York 07-09; sec. 
Com. on women's work Russell Sagefoimda- 
tion New York 09 — ; mem. A.C.A , Amer. 
econ. assn 

Varney Annie Katharine b.a. 
South Berwick Me. 
teacher (Latin, French) York Me. high sch. 
06-09, (Latin) Berwick acad. 09-10 

vom Baur Edith b.l. (Mrs LaRue 

Van Hook) 

618 W. 114th St. New York 
sec. Charity organization New York 04-05; 
asst editor New Idea magazine 05-07, 
editor 07-08; journalist Berlm 08-09; m. 
14 Je 10 

Waite" Mary Alice b.a. 
105 Elm St. Worcester 

teacher Upton Mass. high sch, Worcester 
classical high sch. 08-10 

Waldo Virginia b.a. 

201 Westmoreland av. Houston 

teacher Misses Waldo's sch. Houston 04-10 

Walker Hope Newell b.a. (Mrs John 
Sheldon Barnes) 
1512 Harlem av. Rockford 111. 

m. 28 F 07 

Ware Olive b.a. 

16 University hall Cambridge 

student (sec. course) Simmons col. 06-07; 

Erivate teacher Cadiz Spain 04-05; asst 
ead worker Hartford Ct. social settlement 
05-06; sec. to Prof. W. C. Sabine Harvard 

Warren Blanche Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Alfred Edward Alton) 
500 N. Georee st. Rome N. Y. 

m. 3 Ap 06; ch. Jean Warren b. 12 My 08 

Watson Margaret b.a. (Mrs Thomas 

2 Margin st. Westerly R. I.f 
ch. Frances b. 17 Ja 10 

Wells Dorothea b.a. 

45 Hunnewell av. Newton 

private sec. Boston and Brookline Ja 05- 
Ag 07; asst registrar Wellesley 07-08, 
sec. to dean Wellesley 08 — 

Wemple Harriet Leona b.a. (Mrs 
McCormick Smetters) 
Butte Mon. 

m. 26 My 09 

Winchester Una Marie b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Childs Wamock) 
14 Taylor st. Holyoke 

m. 11 O 05; ch. Eunice Winchester b. 22 

N 07, Winchester b. 14 S 09 « - 

Works Marion Stella b.a. 

973 N. Main st. Rockford Ill.J 

Wright Ahce Berry b.a. (Mrs Frank 
Henry Teagle) 
8418 EucHd av. Cleveland O. 

m. 6 Je 06; ch. John 2d b. 10 Mr 07, Helen 
Wright b. 10 My 09 

Wright Alice Morgan b.a. 

393 State st. Albany N. Y.f 
student (clay modeling) Art students league 
New York 04-05, Ecole des beaux arts 
Paris 09-10 

Wright Annie May b.l. (Mrs James 
Albert Munroe) 
97 University road Brookline 
student (music, Italian) W. L. Whitney 
sch. of music; m. 2 Je 08 ■■ ' 

Total 241-*2 

Advanced Degrees 
Czarnomska M. Elizabeth J. m.a. 
Wilson col. Chambersburg Pa. 
prof. (Eng. lit.) Smith 88-04; honorary mem. 
Alum, assn 

Kapp Marie F. m.a. 

43 Franklin st. Northampton 

prof. (German) Smith 80 — ; honorary mem. 
Alum, assn 

Peck Ludella L. m.a. 

Smith college Northampton 
prof, (elocution) Smith 82 — ; honorary mem 
Alum, assn 




Whipple Inez Luanne m.a. (Mrs 
Harris Hawthorne Wilder) 
72 Dryads green Northampton 

Ph.B. 00 Brown; student Smith 00-04; 
asst and instructor (zoology) 02 — 


Abbot Helen Barbara b.a. (Mrs 
Roger Dearborn Lapham) 
Seattle Wash. 

m. 30 O 07; ch. Lewis Abbot b. 7 Mr 09, 

Carol b. llJe 10 

Adler"' Eleanor Henriette b.a. 
152 W. 77th St. New York 

student (educ, math.) Teachers col, (Enj?. 
lit.) Columbia 06-07, fellow Sch. of phil- 
anthropy Bureau of social research 07-08, 
09-10; worker Col. settlement New York 

Alden Annie Morse b.a. Camden Me. 

Babcock Elizabeth Theodora b.a. 
(Mrs Dwight Phelps Cruikshank jr) 
312 Nelson st. Ottawa Can. 

teacher Morrisville N. Y. high sch. 05-06; 
m. 14 Je 06; ch. Donald Babcock b. 16 

Baine Helen Winifred b.a. (Mrs 
Deming W. Isaacson) 
Hot Springs ranch Pool via Ben- 
son Ariz, 
m. 18 Jl lo; 

Bannard Florence Spears b.a. (Mrs 
Francis Adams jr) 
Winnetka 111. 
m. 25 S 09 

Barclay" Inez Hunter b.a. 

30 Hawley terrace Yonkers N. Y. 

teacher Shippen sch. for girls Lancaster Pa. 
05-09, San Luis sch. Colorado Springs Col. 

Beattie Grace May b.a. (Mrs Charles 
Edward Hardies) 
290 Guy Park av. Amsterdam 

N. Y. 

m. 21 O 08 
Beebe" Katherine Martin b.a. 
4 Franklin terrace Hyde Park 
teacher Plainfield N. J. 06-10 

Bemis" Florence Louise b.a. 

teacher Arms acad. Shelbume Falls Mass. 
05-06, Miss Dana's sch. Morristown N. J. 

Bigelow Ruth Tracy b.a. (Mrs John 
Watson Christie) 
1362 E. Long st. Columbus O. 

m. 28 Jl 09; ch. Catharine b. 12 Jl 10 
Billings Hannah Louisa b.a. Hatfield 

teacher Newton Mass. high sch. 05-06, 
demonstrator (physics) Smith 06-08, asst 

Blodgett Ruth Robinson b.a. 
35 Williams st. Brookline 

Bourland" Julia Preston b.a. (Mrs 
George Arthur Clark) Peoria 111. 

teacher (biol.) Bradley polytechnic inst. 
Peoiia 05-06; m. 5 O 06; ch. Dorothy 
Preston b. 14 Ap 08 

Bradley^ Alma Christy b.a. (Mrs 
John Harland Rush) 
2298 Murray Hill road Cleveland 

teacher (vocal culture, dramatic interpre- 
tation, athletics) Hathawav-Brown sch. 
Cleveland O; m. 8 S 08; ch. Jane b. 18 

Bragg Florence Margaret b.a. (Mrs 
Edward Stetson Paine) 
Box 117 San Juan P. R. 
m. 12 S 07: ch. Edward Bragg b. 14 O 09 

Brimson" Alice Worthington [Smith] 
b.a. 426 W. 62d st. Chicago 111. 

Brooks Bertha Phelps b.a. (Mrs 
Oren Elisha Parks) 
111 N. Elm St. Westfield 

student Springfield Mass. business sch. 
05-06; teacher Springfield Mass. business 
sch. S-D 06 ; asst registrar Smith Ja-Je 07 ; 
teacher (commercial course) Hyde Park 
Mass. high sch. 07-N 09; m. 29 D 09 

Brooks Ethel Wallace b.a. (Mrs 
Harold Cheney) Pembroke N. H. 

m. 14 S 07; ch. Helen b. 16 My 08 

Brown Eleanor Hinkley b.a. (Mrs 
Warren Appleton Whitney) 
8 Trowbridge road Worcester 

teacher Kimball sch. Worcester 07-08; m. 
22 Ar» 09 ; ch. George Clarkson 2d b. 28 S 10 

Brown" Grace Adella b.a. 

939 Washington st. Newtonville 

clerk Newton treasurer's office Ag 06 — 

Bruce Lucy Helen b.a. (Mrs James 
Loomis) Granby Ct.f 

Brumley Joan Duane b.a. (Mrs 
William Orchard Cooper) 
180 Central av. East Orange N. J. 
m. 21 O 09 

BuUis Ruth Nancy b.a. (Mrs Gil- 
bert Greene Dickerman) 
55 Kent road Duluth Minn. 

sec. Kenwood inst. Chicago 05-06; m. 19 
D 06; ch. Charles Edwin b. 20 O 07, Kent 
b. 15 Ja 09; mem. A.C.A. 

Bumham Ella Kellogg b.a. 

2117 Independence blvd Kansas 
City Mo. 

Bumham Marv Cxenevieve b.a. 
932 E. 50th St. Chicago 111. 




Burpee Ethel Theodate b.a. 
Lakeport N. H. 

teacher Newbury Vt. hiRh sch. 05-06, La- 
conia N. H. pub. sch. 06-07, prin. Bristol 
high sch. 07-10 

Campbell^ Mary Alice b.a. 

289 Arlington av. Jersey City N.J. 
M.A. 09 Columbia. M.E. 09 Teachers col; 
student (sociology) Columbia 07, 09, (educ.) 
Teachers col. 08-09; teacher New York 
juvenile farm sch. summer of 05, Hasbrouck 
inst. Jersey City N. J. 05-10, teacher (na- 
ture study) and camp councilor Winona 
Fields camp Holderness N. H. summers 07, 
08, 09; mem. Amer. nature study soc. 

Capen Julie Edna b.a. (Mrs John 
Henry Lapham) 
17 Battery pi. New York 
m. 7 O 08; ch. John b. 17 O 09 

CatHn'* Evelyn Esta b.a. (Mrs 
Christian Grolzinger) Rowley 

teacher Hill N. H. grammarjsch. spring of 
06; m. 4S 07 

Chapin Edith b.a. 

102 Pond St. Natick 

Chase Charlotte Goldsmith b.a. 

205 Quincy st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
asst (Eng.) Brooklyn girls high sch. 

Chick Mabel b.a. 

347 Beacon st. Boston 
mem. A.C.A. 

Childs" Julia b.a. (Mrs Charles 
Tamlin Brimson) 
1114 Armour blvd Kansas City 
m. 7O08 

Childs Muriel Worthington b.a. 
(Mrs Walter A. Dyer) 
65 Greenwich st. Hempstead 

N. Y. 

private tutor New York 05-07; m. 1 Je 07 

Clapp" Grace Lucretia b.a. 
Windsor Locks Ct. 

M.A. 07; student (botany) Smith 05-06, 
fellow 06-07, student (botany) Chicago univ. 
07-09, fellow 09-10 

Clark Clara Sherman b.a. 
619 Pleasant st. Belmont 

Clark Hilda Goulding b.a. 
2 Oliver st. Salem 
pastor's asst Tabernacle church 



Clark Mary Paddock b.a. 

Samuel Bass Elbert) 

Yerington Nev. 
M. Di. 08 la state teachers col; teacher 
Des Moines la. grammar sch. 08-09, (hist, 
math.) North high sch. 09-10; m. 14 Ap 10 

Clarke** Elizabeth Dunton b.a. (Mrs 
Robert Longfellow Williams) 
30 Waban Hill road Chestnut 

Christian science practitioner Boston 07 — ; 
m. 23 Ap 09; ch. Myrtle b. 20 xMr 10 

Clarke Helen b.a. 

33 Washington st. Newton 
Clarke"^ [Clark] Katharine b.a. (Mrs 

Frederick Hill) 

36 Clark st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
m. 17 O 08 
Clay" Martha Elliot b.a. 

160 S. Union st. Grand Rapids 

Coe Elizabeth Hamilton b.a. 

26 Richards st. Worcester 

teacher Oxford Mass. high sch. 06-08, prep, 
sch. Worcester 08 — 

Colby" Helen Louise b.a. 

578 E. Broadway South Boston 

teacher (hist.) New Britain Ct. 05-08, (hist, 
Eng.) Cohasset Mass. 08 — 

ColUer Amy Evelyn b.a. (Mrs James 

McDowell Patterson) 

66 Parkway Chelsea 
m. 29 My 07 
Collin Louise Park b.a. (Mrs Henry 

Ernst Haws) 

143 E. 7th St. Plainfield N. J. 

teacher (Latin, hist.) St Louis Mich, high 
sch. 05-06, (Latin) Ehnira N. Y. free 
acad. 06-08; m. 14 O 09 

Coney Ruth Eaton b.a. (Mrs Alex- 
ander Vinton Roe) 

2 W. 86th St. New York 

student (German) Teachers col. 05-06; 
teacher Dearborn-Morgan sch. Orange N. ,1. 
07-08; m. 10 F 09; ch. NataUe McDean b. 
24 Ja 10 

Cook Ruth Anna b.a. 

52 Saratoga av. Cohoes N. Y. 

Pd.B. 07 N. Y. state normal col; student 
(collegiate course) N. Y. state normal col. 
06-07; teacher N. Y. state normal col. 07 — 

Creevey" EHzabeth Hale b.a. 

215 W. Jersey st. Elizabeth N. J. 
Curtis Alice Johnson b.a. (Mrs 

Frank Erastus Mansfield) 

3 High St. Camden Me. 
m. 19 N 07 

Danforth"^ Alice Foster b.a. 

163 Westminster st. Springfield 
teacher (Latin, math.) Worthington Mass. 
high-grammar sch. 06-07, Huntington high 
sch. 07-10 

Darling Mary Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Ernest Thompson Hethrington) 
Bradford Vt. 
teacher Brandon high sch. 05-07, Newbury 
grammar sch. 08-09 ; m. 26 Ja 10 




Davidson Clara Willoughby b.a. 
Pleasantville Venango co. Pa. 
M.A. 08; fellow (Biblical lit.) Smith 07-08; 
student (biblical lit, hist.) Chicago univ. 
divinity sch. 08-09 ; mem. A.C. A, Religious 
educ. assn 

Day Alice Wilder b.a. 

139 Mt Vernon st. Fitchburg 

teacher (German, Latin) Chelton Hills sch. 
Wyncote Pa. 05-06, (German) Fitchburg 
high sch. 08-10 

Day Edna Frances b.a. (Mrs George 
Hubbard Blakeslee) 
24 Richards st. Worcester 
m. 30 Mr 10 

De La Vergne Katharine b.a. (Mrs 
Archibald Ewing Stevenson) 
9 E. 39th St. New York 
m. 27 Ap 10 

Dice Elizabeth Lind b.a. 

19 W. 2d St. Portsmouth O. 

student Weimar German v; teacher (Ger- 
man, Latin) Portsmouth high sch. 06-10 

Dodge" Louise b.a. (Mrs Chester 
Leland Whitaker) 
103 Union av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 
diploma 06 Boston normal sch; substitute 
teacher Boston normal sch. Mr-Je 06; 
m. 14 O 07 

Donohoe Marie Lois b.a. 
28 Johnson st. Lynn 

Donovan"^ Grace Dorothy b.a. 
256 Branch st. Lowell 
student Lowell training sch. 05-06; teacher 
Lowell pub. sch. 

Donovan" Marianna Louise b.a. 
256 Branch st. Lowell 

student Lowell state normal sch. 05-06; 
teacher George junior Republic, Freeville 
N. Y. 06-08 

Eckerson Sophia Hennion b.a. 

170 Stevens av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 
M.A. 07; fellow (botany) Smith 05-06, 
student Chicago univ. 09 — ; demonstrator 
Smith 06-08, asst 08-09; mem. A.C.A. 

Emerson Ella May b.a. Winchester 
teacher Winchester 07 — 

Emerson Emily Sophia b.a. 
Hanover N. H. 

private sec. to dean of Dartmouth 

Erwin Myra b.a. 

295 McKinley av. Salem O. 

Evans" Alice b.a. 

1739 Washington blvd Chicago 

Fairchild Kate Kellogg b.a. 

2200 First av. S. Minneapolis 

Farman" Nell Day b.a. 

30 Cross St. Jamestown N. Y. 

teacher private sch. Jamestown 06-08, 
high sch. 09-10 

Ferrell** Abigail Lucy b.a. 

32 Tudor st. Chelsea 
Fisher Florence Lyon b.a. 

Lyons Falls Lewis co. N. Y. 
Flather Beatrice Grace b.a. 

269 Main st. Nashua N. H. 
Forest Katherine b.a. 

846 7th av. New Yorkf 
Frank" Marion Benney b.a. 

7 Thane st. Dorchesterf 
Freeman Elizabeth (Mrs Edwin 

Hoyt Peirce) 

57 Richmond av. Worcester 
m. 26 S 07; ch. EUzabeth b. 2 Ag08, Louise 
b. 13 My 10 

FuUerton"- Pauline Valentine b.a. 

41 Park row New Yorkf 
Gallagher Ruth Everett b.a. 

34 Russell st. Milton 
Gary Marion b.a. 

94 Grove st. Rutland Vt. 
tutor 05-07; asst Killington nat. bank 
svunmers 06-09 

Gay Ingovar b.a. 

434 2d av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 

clerk New London Ct. savings bank 06-10 

Gill Isabella Rachel b.a. 

228 W. Logan sq. Philadelphia 

M.A. 07 Univ. of Pa; student (Eng. lit, 
Eng. philol, philos.) Univ. of Pa. 05—; 
teacher (Eng.) Philadelphia evening high 
sch. for women 05-07, asst (geog.) Phila. 
normal sch. 07 — 

Gray" Jessie Callam b.a. 

121 N. Linden av. E. E. Pitts- 
burg Pa. 

student (music, German) Leipzig Ja-Ag 06 

Green" Susan Allen b.a. 
20 Elm St. Worcester 
M.A. 06 Chicago vmiv; student (botany) 
Woods Hole Mass. marine lab. summer Oi6, 
(botany, zoology, physiol, chem.) Chicago 
univ. 05-06, summers 07, 08; head (biol. 
dept) Maryville Tenn. col. 06 — 

Gross Helen Clarissa b.a. 

840 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 
Guilfoil" Rose Veronica b.a. 

76 Pleasant st. Northamptonf 
Hackett Bertha b.a. 

74 Highland av. Newtonville 
Hall Lucy Pond b.a. 

135 Hildreth st. Lowell 
teacher Newport Vt. high sch. 05-08, 
Rochester N. H. high sch. Ja-Ap 10 




Harding Linda b.a. Derby Line Vt. 

teacher Stanstead col. Rock Island 111. 
S-D 06, Kingsthorpe.sch. Hamilton Ont. 
Ja-Je 09 

Harris"^ Verna Rogene b.a. 

1316 Judson av. Evanston III. 

teachers cert. 06 Amer. conservatory of 
music; student (music, piano) Amer. con- 
servatory of music Chicago 05-06; tutor 
and teacher (piano) 09-10 

Hastings Mary Wilhelmina b.a. 
(Mrs Herbert Edwin Bradley) 
6425 Jackson av. Chicago Ill.t 
m. Je 10 

Hastings" Myra b.a. Hanover N. H. 

teacher Littleton Mass. high sch. 05-07, 
Hanover high sch. 07 — 

Hill Pansy Alice b.a (Mrs Herbert 
Russell Morss) 

75 Seminary av. Rahway N. J. 

teacher Varney grammar sch. Manchester 
N. H. 05-06, Pierce sch. North Attleboro 
Mass. 06-07; m. 4 My 08 

Hirth Emma Pauline b.a. 

76 Jefferson st. Hartford Ct. 

teacher (German) Hartford high sch. 06- 
Ja 07 ; sec. to Faculty com. on recommenda- 
tions Smith 08-09 

Holden Alice Margaret b.a. 
17 Beeching st. Worcester 

sec. Dept of econ. and Division of hist, and 
political science Harvard 06 — 

Hollister" Mary Lois b.a. 

382 West av. Rochester N. Y. 
Hooker Evelyn Russell b.a. 

3639 Reading road Cincinnati O. 
Hopkins Alice Lucile b.a. 

23 Lancaster st. Cambridge 

student Boston normal sch. 05-06, Simmons 
col. Ub. sch. 07-D8; teacher Winchester 
Mass. grammar and high sch. 06-07; asst 
libn Radclifle OS- 
Hyde Marietta Adelaide b.a. 
St Johnsville N. Y. 

teacher high sch. Hornell N. Y. 05-07, 
Lorain O. 07-09, Cleveland 09-10 

Irwin Kathrvn [Katherine] Louise 
B.A. 83' Yale st. Bridgeport Ct. 

teacher Lauralton hall Milford Ct. 06-08, 
Bridgeport high sch. 08-10 

Jackson Adeline Louise b.a. 

125 S. Grove st. East Orange N. J. 
Jenks Mildred Dean b.a. 

1 Center st. Adamsf 
Johnson** Alice Hannah b.a 

Mountain st. Worcester 

teacher 05 — , (math.) Worcester south high 
sch. 08 — 

Johnson Florence Edna b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur Nelson Collins) 
Austin Minn. 
m. 24 O 08; ch. Elizabeth Mead b. 15 Ar 09 

Johnson Marcia Pratt b.a. 
Box 42 Orlando Fla. 
private tutor 05-07, teacher (Greek, nlath.) 
Cathedral sch. for girls Orlando D 07- 
My 09, vice prin. 09-My 10 

Johnson Ruth Baird b a. 

1324 E. Broad st. Columbus O 

King" Annie Marion b.a. (Mrs David 
Cowan Caesar) 

10 Gardiner st. Newport R. I. 
m. 21 Jl 09 

Kingsley Louise b.a. 

Brooklyn Windham co. Ct. 

student (pedagogy) Columbia summer sch. 
07; teacher Washington 05-06, 09 — , 
Garrison on Hudson N. Y. 06-08, New 
York 08-09 

Kitchell Harriet Tyrrell b.a. 
48 Church st. Bethlehem Pa. 

student (physical training, dancing) Co- 
lumbia summer of 08 ; private tutor 06-08 ; 
teacher (physical training) Bishopthorpe 
.sch. South Bethlehem 08-09 

Kurtz Lucy b.a. (Mrs Charles Al- 
fred Barnett) 
Union st. Glenbrook Ct. 

m. 2 D 05; ch. Nancy Catherine b. 27 S 06 

Laughney** Elsie Allen b.a. 
9 Durham st. Boston 

agent Boston children's aid soc. 05 — 

Lauter Sara b.a. 

608 E. 13th St. Indianapolis Ind. 

Lawlor Alice Teresa b.a. (Mrs John 
P. Kirby) 
336 Springfield st. Chicopee 

teacher McAlister Okla; m. 12 S 00; ch. 
Teresa Mary b. 17 N 07 

Lincoln Nancy Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Leonard Wheeler Newell) 

teacher (hist, algebra) Milford N. H. high 
sch. 05-06, Fairhaven Mass. high sch. 06-07; 
m. 10 D 07 

Lockwood" Margery b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Henry Le Massena) 
Glen Ridge N. J. 
m. 18 My 09 

Lord Florence b.a. 

5450 Cornell av. Chicago 111. 

Lothrop Margaret Mulford b.a. 

Lovell" Bertha Chace b.a. 
654 High St. Fall River 
teacher (Eng.) Searles high sch. Great 
Barrington Mass. 05-07; mem. A.C.A. 

Macdonald Lucy Esther b.a. 

91 Mercer st. Princeton N. J.f 




Mansfield Bertha Dalrymple b.a. 
(Mrs William Edward Chamber- 
lain) 13 Garfield av. Medford 
teacher Miss Kearney's sch. for boys New 
York 05-06; m. 12 My 08 

Mason Elsie Leonard b.a. (Mrs 

Alger Wheeler Powell) 

Ghent N. Y. 
m. 20 D 05 : ch. Charles Mason b. 16 O 06, 
Elizabeth Marcia b. 8 Je 10 

Maxson Ruth Potter b.a. 

661 W. 7th St. Plainfield N. J. 

Mayer Elsa Sarah b.a. 

156 W. 86th St. New York 

student (econ.) Sch. of philanthropy 08 

Megie^ Dagmar Louise b.a. (Mrs 
George William Ross) 
Boonton N. J.f 
m. 23 O 09 

Moulton Elizabeth Morrison b.a. 
(Mrs John Routt Reigart) 
Nashwauk Minn, 
teacher Polo 111. 05-06, Ishpeming Mich. 
06-07, Duluth Minn. 07-Ja 09; ni. 27 F 09 

Murray Jessie b.a. 

c/o Col. C. H. Murray Columbus 
Barracks O. 
mem. A.C.A. 

Myers Alice b.a. 

1301 Center st. Newton Center 

Nisbet Agnes Emma b.a. (Mrs 
Alfred W. Mellowes) 
Belle vue av. Dayton O. 
m. 8 Je 09 

North Marguerite Field b.a. 

604 Chapel st. New Haven Ct. 

mem. Alliance fran^aise 

Norwell Helen Hunter b.a. 
5 Abbott St. Nashua N. H. 

teacher (Eng.) Nashua high sch. 06-07. 
08-Mr 10 

Noyes Katherine^-Cole b.a. (Mrs 
Donald Roderick McLennan) 
920 Lincoln park blvd Chicago 
111. ^ 

m. 14 F 06; ch. Jane b. 25 D 06, Donald 
Roderick jr b. 28 F 08 

Ober Alice May b.a. Nashua N. H. 

M.A. 07 Columbia; student (educ, domes- 
tic science) Columbia 05-07 ; teacher (cook- 
ing) elementary sch. New York 07 — ; mem. 
Amer. home economics assn 

O'Malley Elizabeth Gertrude b.a. 

269 Calle Bambang. Manila P. I.f 
Osgood^ Leslie b.a. 

29 Faulkner st. Maiden 
student (Bible, sociology) Sec. training 
inst. Chicago 07; extension and industrial 
sec. Y. W. C. A. Camden N. J. 07— 

Page^ Bertha Benson b.a. (Mrs 
Carl Williams Smith) 
217 Vaughan st. Portland Me. 
teacher Old Town high sch. 05-06, asst 
prin. Israel Putnam sch. Putnam Ct. 06-07, 
Woodstock Ct. acad. 07-08; m. 29 My 09 

Peers Jennie May b.a. 

62 Fair st. Wallingford Ct. 

M.A. 07; fellow (piano, theory) Smith 
05-06; teacher (music) Ken Mar col. 
Hagerstown Md. 06-07, instructor Smith 

Perr)^" Edith Jane b.a. 

35 Rutger st. Utica N. Y. 
Pd.B. 09 N. Y. state normal col; teacher 
Castleton N. Y. high sch. 05-07, Miss 
Kearney's sch. New York 07-08, Tuxedo 
Park N. Y. high sch. 09-10 

Perry" Helen Jeannette b.a. 
322 30th av. Seattle Wash.f 

teacher (Eng.) Tokyo col. Tokyo Japan 

Perry Marjorie b.a. 

1140 Grant st. Denver Col. 

Perry^ Mary Alice b.a. (Mrs How- 
ard Rogers Whitney) 
c/o Southern Pacific & Mo. R. R. 
St Louis Mo. 
m. 12 O 09 

Phelps Mary Austin b.a. (Mrs 
George Clark Guild) 
10 Manhattan hall Springfield 

teacher (German, hiat.) Hon^ale Pa. high 
sch. 05-06; m. 3 O 06 

Pond Jean Baird b.a. (Mrs Frank 
Weslev Wentworth) 
2531 Etna st. Berkeley CaL 

M.A. 06 Chicago univ; student (hist, Eng. 

lit.) Chicago univ; teacher (Latin) Stevan 

sch. Chicago 05-06 ; m. 16 Je 10 

Pooke" Marion Louise b.a. 
22 Winnemay st. Natick 
diploma 08 Mass. normal art sch, diploma 
10 Boston Museum of fine arts sch. 

Pratt Helen Bradford b.a. 

67 Fisher av. Newton Highlands 
settlement worker Brooklyn 05-06 ; teacher 
Jonesport Me. 06-07, private sch. Merrimac 
Mass. 07-08; private tutor Upperville Va. 

Protheroe Robina b.a. (Mrs Willis 
Glover Townes) 
Port Chester N. Y. 

student (Italian) Rome; m. 5 Ag 08 

Rambo Susan Miller b.a. 

331 Bushkill st. Easton Pa. 
student (math.) Columbia S-D 07; teacher 
(math.) Hoosick Falls N. Y. high sch. 05-07, 
asst Smith Ja 08 — 

Redington" Ruth Hayes b.a. (Mrs 
Harold Thomas Griswold) 
1232 Ridge av. Evanston 111. 
student (violin) Chicago musical col. 06-07 , 
(musical theory) Northwestern musical col. 
09; m. 17 O 08 




Reed" Helen Elizabeth b.a. 
Box 412 Brewster N. Y. 
student Inst, of miLsical art New York 08 — 

Rees Sarah Tinsley b.a. 

42 Highland st. Hartford Ct. 

student New York training sch. for dea- 
conesses fall of 09 — 

Rice" Lucy Fay b.a. Berlin 

asst Fairholme Amherst Mass. 05-06, 
Hampden Me. acad. 06-08; preceptress 
Burr and Burton sem. Manchester Vt. 08 — 

Rice Marion McCune b.a. 

30 Oak St. Brattleboro Vt.f 

grad. (nursing) Pa. hospital Ja 10; private 
nurse Philadelphia 

Richardson Ellen Terese b.a. 

51 E. 78th St. New Yorkf 
Ripley Bessie Whitney b.a. (Mrs 

Bryant Mower Harroun) 

Mansfield O. 
m. 15 Jl 08 

Roberts Edith Adelaide b.a. 
Dover N. H. 
student (zoology) Woods Hole Mass. biol. 
lab. summer of 05, (botany) Chicago univ. 
07; teacher Framingham Mass. high sch. 
06, Shawnee Okla. high sch. 08, 09, Mt 
Holyoke 10 — 

Robinson Helen Dunford b.a. 

77 Mt Pleasant av. Gloucester 

substitute teacher (German, Latin) Mt 
Hermon sch. for boys F-Ag 08, teacher 
Newburyport Mass. high sch. F 09 — 

Rogers Helen b.a. 

127 Spring st. Rochester N. Y. 

Rogers" Mary Josephine b.a. 

20 Robinwood av. Jamaica Plain 

demonstrator (zoology) Smith 06-08, teacher 
(science) Franklin sch. Boston 08-10, South 
Boston high sch. 10 — 

Root** Frances [Fannie Antoinette] 

441 S. 43d St. Philadelphia Pa. 
mem. A.C.A, 

Rosenberg Elsie Josephine b.a. 
2134 E. 79th st. Cleveland O. 

Rosenkrans" Edna Lillian b.a. 
East Stroudsburg Pa. 
head (Eng. dept) East Stroudsburg state 
normal sch. 05-10 

Rumsey Marian Elizabeth b.a. 

4346 Westminster pi. St Louis 

Sanger^ Katherine Day b.a. 

55 Lenox av. East Orange N. J. 

Srivate teacher (piano), substitute teacher 
[isses Metcalf's sch. Tarrytown N. Y, 
teacher (Eng.) Park Ridge N. J. 10 

Scheither Mary Sophia b.a. 
R. F. D. 1 Millington N. J. 

Scofield Genevieve Hall b.a. (Mrs 
Robert Lincoln Barrows) 
Johns av. Bayside Long Island 

m. 11 F09 
Shadd Harriette Parke b.a. 

901 R St. Washington D. C.f 
Shedd Helen May b.a. 

4515 Drexel blvd Chicago Ill.f 

Shepard"^ Hazel Belle b.a. 

Rockville Ct.f 

Shoemaker Lucile b.a. 

109 S. Lincoln av. Massillon O. 

student (Eng.) Chicago imiv. 08; teacher 
(Eng.) Loraine O. high sch. 05-07, Univ. 
sch. for girls Chicago 08-09. (Latin) Hath- 
away-Brown sch. Cleveland O. 09-10 

Shores Iva Isabelle b.a. (Mrs 
Charles F. Worcester) Townsendf 
m. 6 Ap fi9 

Smith Edith Roberta b.a. 

11603 Kinsman road Cleveland 

student (hist.) Western reserve univ. 05-06 

Smiths Fannie May b.a. 
Warsaw N. Y. 

student N. Y. state lib. sch. 06-07; chil- 
dren's libn Brooklyn pub. lib. 07-Ap 09, 
first asst Reuben McMillan free lib. Youngs- 
town O. Ja 10 — 

Smith Martha Jeannette b.a. 
North Haven Ct. 

Smucker Grace Acheson b.a. 

5937 Overbrook av. Philadelphia 
student (lit.) Bryn Mawr 06 

Sperry^ Edith de Forest b.a. 
Derby Ct.f 

Springer^ Beatrice Congdon b.a. 
(Mrs Harold Douglas Church) 
The Plaza Detroit Mich. 

Stanburg Bertha Anna Hovey b.a. 
Forest port N. Y. 

teacher (math.) GloversAalle N. Y. high 
sch. 06-09, (Latin, math.) Utica free acad. 

Stanton Marjorie Howes b.a. 

110 Coming st. Beverly 

asst libn Beverly pub. lib. 05 — 

Starr Susie Belle b.a. (Mrs Robert 
Wilson Kelso) 
Blake and Clover sts. Belmont 

teacher Peoria 111. high sch. 05-09; m. 19 Je 
09 ; ch. Jean b. 4 Ap 10 

Stevens Josephine Flint b.a. (Mrs 
John Ayer) 

34 Floral st. Newton Highlands 
m. 24 Je 09 




Streator Anne Bugher b.a. 

1940 E. 73d St. Cleveland O. 
Terrien Mary Louise b.a. 

5 Prospect st. Nashua N. H. 

private tutor 

Titsworth Ethel Lucile b.a. 

109 W. 5th St. Plainfield N. J. 
Tower Lucie Aline b.a. (Mrs Robert 

W. Chandler) 

40 Commonwealth av. Bostonf 
Tower Susea Bates b.a. (Mrs Percy 

Leet) Bridgeport Ct.f 

Trafton^ Lillian May b.a. Alfred Me. 
Tyler Emma Bickford b.a. (Mrs 

Louis Roussy Leonard) 

618 W. 114th St. New York 

student (French lit, lang. and hist.) Sor- 
bonne Paris N 05-My 06 ; m. 20 Ag 08 

Valentine Blanche Mary b.a. 

Windermere hotel 56th st. and 

Cornell av. Chicago 111. 
Vaughn^ Sara Jane b.a. (Mrs Jesse 

Alveo Millard) Oneonta N. Y. 
m. 30 S OS 
Voetsch" Rose b.a. (Mrs George 

Andrew Markle) 

217 Main st. Greenfield 
teacher 05-08; m. 2 Je 09 

Wagenhals Katherine Hamilton b.a. 
216 E. Wayne st. Fort Wayne 

student Art students league New York 
06-08, New York sch. of art 08-09 ; designer 
The Herter looms New York Jl 09— 

Webster Laura Josephine b.a. 
Orangeburg S. C. 

Pd.B. 07 N. Y, state normal col; fellow 
(hist.) Smith 10 — ; teacher (hist.) Asheville 
N. C. high sch. 07-10 

Wellington Alice Webster b.a. 

370 Meridian st. East Bostonf 
Wells Beulah b.a. 

133 Aldine st. Rochester N. Y. 

teacher Rochester business inst. 05-06, 
(Eng.) West high sch. 06-10 
Wemple Mary Edith b.a. 

Waverly 111. 
Wheeler Alice Moore b.a. 

92 E. Genesee st. Auburn N. Y. 

Pd.B. 06 N. Y. state normal col; instruc- 
tor (hist.) Plattsburg N. Y. normal sch. 
06-07, (Eng, Greek) Auburn high sch. 08— 

Wilson^ Jane b.a. 

6 Johnston park Bostonf 
Wing Katharine McKie b.a. 

Fort Edward N. Y. 
Woodbury^ Marion Willard b.a. 

692 Cambridge st. AUston 

Wright Helen b.a. 

^o Cleveland tool and supply co. 

Columbus road Cleveland O. 
teacher (Eng, Latin, math.) St John 
Baptist sch. New York 05-07, (math.) 
Hamilton inst. for girls New York 07-09, 
(math.) Dwight sch, for girls Englewood 
N. J. 09— 

Wright Lora b.a. (Mrs George Bas- 
sett Williams) 
535 Clara av. St Louis Mo. 

M.A. 08 Univ. of 111; student (Amer. 
hist.) Univ. of 111; teacher (Eng.) Spring- 
field 111. high sch. Ja-Je 06 ; m. 23 S 08 

Young Ethel Fanning b.a. 

Huntington, Long Island N. Y. 
Total 199 
Advanced Degrees 
Dickinson Louise m.a. Amherst 

B.S. 93 Mt Holyoke col. 


Abbott Mary Lucille b.a. 

1480 Elm St. Manchester N. H. 
Adamson Ethelwynne May b.a. 

7 Pine st. Glens Falls N. Y. 

B.S. 08 Columbia; student (domestic 

science) Teachers col. 06-08; dietitian 

Newport R. I. hospital 08-09, Dept pub. 
charities New York 09 — 

Agard^ Lilla Sumner b.a. 
Tolland Ct. 
teacher high sch. Naples N. Y, Wethers- 
field Ct, Great Neck L. I. 

Ahem^ Agnes Madeleine b.a. 

192 Farmington av. Hartford Ct. 
Alford Helena Bassett b.a. 

16 Center st. Winsted Ct. 

student New York pub. lib. training class 
07-Jl 08; asst instructor New York pub. 
lib. training class Jl 08-Jl 09; asst libn 
Riverside branch New York pub. lib. 09 — 

Allen Marjorie Stephens b.a. (Mrs 
Otto Henry Seiffert) Moline 111. 

student (theory of music) Amer. conserva- 
tory of music 06-08, 09-10; m. 20 Ja 10 

Amerman Bessie Ely b.a. 

c/o William P. Sutphen 185 
Liberty st. Bloomfield N. J. 

student (nursing) Orange N. J. memorial 
hospital 09 — ; asst registrar Smith Ag-D 
06; stenographer Stonywold sanatorium 
Lake Kushaqua N. Y. 07-Ap 08; nurse 
Loomis N. Y. sanatorium Ap-Ag 08, Stony- 
wold sanatorium N 08-Mr 09 

Arnold^ Elizabeth Parker b.a. (Mrs 

Arthur Robin) 

Lansdown house Wqodford Green 

Essex Englandf 
Atkins Bertha Myers b.a. 

1502 Centennial av. Philadelphia 

student (music); teacher (piano) 09-10 




Ayers Julia Caswell b.a. 

734 University st. Walla Walla 
Bangs Ruth Lincoln b.a. (Mrs 
Marcus Arnold Rhodes) 
2 Necomb pi. Taunton 
teacher Deerfield acad. 06-08; m. 1 S 08; 
ch. Louisa Bassett b. 12 F 10 

Barclay Jessie Caroline b.a. 

30 Hawley terrace Yonkers N. Y. 

teacher Miss Eastman's sch. Washington 
D. C. 06-08 ; sec. to dean of women Colorado 
col. 08 — 

Barker Alice Whiting b.a. (Mrs 
Harlan Hoge Ballard jr) 
7 Mt Vernon terrace Newton- 

teacher (hbt, Eng. lit, psych.) St Mar- 
garet's sch. Waterbury Ct. 06-08; m. 18 

Barker" Helen Almira b.a. 

433 Broadway Somerville 
Barker Luliona May b.a. 

16 Reservoir st. Worcester 

M.A. 08; lab. asst (physics) Newtonville 
Mass. high sch. 06-07; fellow (physics^ 
Smith 07-08; teacher (physics, math.) 
Ridgewood N. J. high sch. 08-10 

Barrett** Lillian Foster b.a. 
Dresser st. Newport R. I. 

teacher Calhoun-Chamberlain sch. Spring 
Lake N. J. 07-09 

Bartlett Sarah Ripley b.a. 
9 Stow St. Concord 

B.S. 08 Simmons col ; student (lib. course) 
Simmons col. 07; asst libn Bangor Me. 
pub. Hb. 07 — 

Battles Edith Howard b.a. 
428 N. Main st. Brockton 

student Bridgewater Mass. normal sch; 

teacher (hist, French, Latin) Walpole high 

sch. 07-10 
Baumann Nettie Anna b.a. 

530 Hawthorne pi. Chicago 111. 
Bennett Marion b.a. Tyngsboro 

student (cooking) Simmons col. 07-08 

Bent Amelia Guild b.a. 

75 Ashford st. AUston 
Berry Harriette Esselstyn b.a. 

115 Warren st. Hudson N. Y.f 
Beye Marian b.a. (Mrs Charles 

Hovey Hurlbut) 

1311 Wesley av. Evanston 111. 

teacher (Eng.) Port Huron Mich, high sch. 
F-Je 07, La Salle-Peru high sch. La Salle 
111. 07-Ap 08, assoc. prof. (Eng.) Oshkosh 
Wis. state normal sch. Ap 08-Je 09; m. 16 

Bickel Mary Stevenson b.a. (Mrs 
Wilson McBride Connell) 
A and 9th sts. Oakmont Pa. 
libn Children's home lib. dept Carnegie 
lib. Pittsburg Pa. 08; m. 24 S 09 

Bigelow** Marie Louise b.a. (Mrs 
James Carl Connell) 
9 E. Oneida st. Baldwinsville 
N. Y. 
m. 9 S 09 

Bishop Lola Lorraine b.a. 

1911 Center av. Bay City Mich, 
substitute teacher (French, hist.) Bay City 
high sch. D 09-F 10, teacher 10— 

Bodine Louise Warden b.a. 
Villanova Pa. 

Bookwalter" Grace b.a. 

207 S. 7th St. Hiawatha Kan. 
teacher Mt Ida sch. Newton Mass. 04-06; 
settlement worker Denison house Boston 08 

Boyd Blanche Ruth b.a. 

5i Weymouth st. Fitchburgt 

Breene" Vila Luella b.a. 

37 Continental av. Springfield 
teacher Chester N. Y. high sch. 06-07, 
Hornell high sch. 07-08, 111. woman's col. 
Jacksonville 111. 08-10 

Bridges Margaret Dickson b.a. 
Conklin Broome co. N. Y. 

teacher Conklin district sch. 06-07, River- 
side district sch. 07-08, substitute teacher 
Miss Childs' private sch. Binghamton 08 

Brown Nellie Manville b.a. 

574 Algoma st. Oshkosh Wis. 
mem. A.C.A. 

Burnham Odilee Gertrude b.a. 
501 Main st. Saco Me. 
instructor (Latin) Thornton acad. Saoo 

Cary Alice b.a. (Mrs James Andrew 
80 Pearl st. Middletown Ct. 

student (bacteriology) Wesleyan 07-08, 
(French) 08-09; asst chemist Ct. state 
board of health lab. Middletown 06-07, asst 
bacteriologist 07-08; m. 21 O 08 

Gary Hazel b.a. (Mrs Charles Henry 
Kerr) Southbridge 

teacher (Eng, hist.) Forestville N. Y. high 
sch. 06-07, (Eng, physiol, botany) Niagara 
Falls high sch. 07-08; m. 15 N 09 

Chapin« Mary Comfort b.a. (Mrs 
Albert Samuel Davis) 
Poplar St. and E. 3d av. Roselle 

m. 26 Je 08 
Clark Emma Irene b.a. Groton 

teacher Miss Friend's sch. Groton 06-08 

Cook Emeline Lucy b.a. 

810 Main st. Torrington Ct.f 
Cook" Hazel Margaret b.a. 

380 Riverside drive New York 

student (Latin) Columbia 09-10; teacher 
Ivy haU Bridgeton N. J. 06-09 




Cooley^ Clara Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Stuart Matthews Campbell) 

36 High St. Northampton 

head C French dept) Northampton high sch. 
spring of 07 ; m. 28 Ap 09 

Coolidge^ Susan Lois b.a. 

37 Seyms st. Hartford Ct.f 
Cooper Gertrude May b.a. 

4 Akron st. Roxbury 
Cox Virginia Roberts b.a. (Mrs 

Rockwell Smith Brank) 

25 Oglethorpe av. W. Savannah 

m. 29 S 08; ch. Ruth Ann b. 23 Ja 10 
Crosby" Anna Katharine b.a. 

7 Grove st. West Somerville 

teacher Springfield Vt. 06-07, Bellows Falls 

Crozer" Laura Esther b.a. 

1943 Dwight way Berkeley Cal. 
Damon" Elsie Gushing b.a. 

14 Beacon st. Fitchburg 
Davis Josephine Elizabeth b.a. 

(5 London st. Worcester 

teacher (botany) Worcester classical high 
sch. 06-10; mem. Nat. geog. soc. 

Davis Margaret EHza b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Edward Ide) 
476 Brookside av. Redlands Cal. 

sec. Redlands associated charities 10 — ; 
m. 9 F 07; ch. George Henry b. 7 Ja 09 

Day Louise Van Ness b.a. 
West Hartford Ct. 

student (vocal music) 06-07, (Eng.) Cornell 
summer sch. 10; teacher (Latin, math.) 
Windsor Ct. high sch. 07-08, (Eng.) West 
Hartford high sch. 08 — 

Dearborn Bernice Walker b.a. 
107 Cedar st. Springfield 

M.A. 07; fellow (Eng.) Smith 06-07; 
teacher (Eng.) Forest park sch. Springfield 

Denison Rosamond b.a. 

1006 Olive St. Montclair Col. 

teacher Wolfe hall girls episcopal sch. Den- 
ver Col. 07, Denver pub. high sch. 08-10; 
mem. N. E. A. 

Dixon Elizabeth Marguerite b.a. 
241 Franklin pi. Flushing N. Y. 
teacher (Eng. lit, Latin, Greek) Finch sch. 
New York 06-09, (Eng, Latm, algebra, 
physics) Keller sch. New York 09-10 

Dodd Marian Elza b.a. 
Glen Ridge N. J. 

libri Columbia 07-08, libn and sec. Nat. 
vigilance com. for suppression of white 
slave traffic 08 — 

Dodge Charlotte Peabody b.a. 

1808 Punahou st. Honolulu H. I. 

asst (science, math, hist.) Oahu col. Hono- 
lulu 06-09, instructor (hist.) 09-10 

Dunham Ella Mosher b.a. (Mrs 
Lawrence Lewis Moore) 
Redlands Cal. 
m. 1 D 09 

Dunne Olive Henderson b.a. 

159 Washington st. Newton 
Dunton Mary Baxter b.a. 

15 Washington st. Rutland Vt.f 
Elliott" Lucy MacMillan b.a. 

47 Penna av. Binghamton N. Y.f 
Ellis Edith Zeruiah b.a. (Mrs Henry 

A. Wentworth) 

158 Auburn st. Auburndale 
m. 6 O 08 

Ellis Louise b.a. (Mrs Fritz W. 
Baldwin jr) 
94 Babcock st. Brooklinef 

Ellis Marian b.a. (Mrs Oscar Bowen 
Gilbert) 1 South st. Concord N. H. 
m. 4 My 10 

Enright" Anna Hyland b.a. 

249 Pearl st. BurHngton Vt. 
Faulkner Ahce b.a. Norwellf 

Fellows Helen b.a. 

142 Homer st. Newton Center 
Fillebrown Helen Thomas b.a. 

Finch Ruth Stella b.a. 

200 Main st. Easthampton 

student (physiol, math.) Cornell summer 
of 09; teacher (math, science) Lewis high 
sch.^Southington Ct. 06-07, East Pro\adence 
R. I. high sch. 07-F 08, Springfield Mass. 
central high sch. F 08 — 

Flagg Edith Mabelle b.a. Littleton 

student (lib. science) Simmons col. 07-08; 
teacher Hollis N. PL 06-07; asst libn 
Webster branch New York pub. lib. 08 — 

Flather Ruth Patience b.a. (Mrs 
Wallace Noble MacBriar) 
141 Montgomery av. Cynwyd Pa. 
m. 16 Je 08 

Fletcher Ruth Morrison b.a (Mrs 
William Coleman Common) 
14 Henshaw av. Northampton 

teacher (French) Watertown N. Y. high 
sch. 06-08, (French, German, hist.) Nether- 
wood sch. for girls Rothesay N. B. Can. 
08-09; m. 29 Je 09 

Flint" Georgiana Elizabeth b.a. 
147 Sycamore st. Winter Hillf 

Ford Mignonne b.a. Titusville Pa. 

student (sec. course) Simmons col. 09-10 

Foster Alice Harrison b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick Halsey McCuUoch) 
336 E. Berry st. Fort Wayne Ind. 
m. 16 O 07; ch. Margaret Willieon b 6 S 08 




Foster Margaret Harlow b.a. (Mrs 
Metcalf W inthrop Melcher) 
77 Lakewood road Newton High- 

class of 05; student (cooking) Simmons 
col. 06-07, 07; m. 8 O 08; ch. Elizabeth b. 

Fox Eleanor Beatrice b.a. 

61 Grove st. New Haven Ct. 

teacher New Hartford Ct. high sch. 08-09, 
Branford high sch. 09-10 

Furbush Edith Mildred b.a. 
69 Horton st. Lewiston Me. 

teacher Mechanic Falls Me. high sch. 06-07, 
Edward Little high sch. Auburn 07-08, 
Milton Mass. high sch. 08 — 

Furman Fannie b.a. 

254 Alexander st. Rochester N. Y. 
Gager" Katharine b.a. 

67 Hoffman av. Columbus O. 

teacher Garden City N. Y. pub. sch. 09-10 

Gallup Mary Eloise b.a. (Mrs John 

Hynds Weidman) 

Marcellus N. Y. 
m. 28 Ap 09; ch. Emily Gallup b. 16 Jl 10; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Gardner Charlotte Riggs b.a. (Mrs 
Sumner T. McCall) 
1022 Sheridan road Evanston IlLf 

Gates^ Hazel Merritt b.a. 

360 Pearl st. Burlington Vt. 

Gleason** Ethel Maria b.a. (Mrs 
Robert Roy McGeorge) 
797 Potomac av. Buffalo N. Y. 
m. 6 O 09 

Goes Hazel Josephine b.a. (Mrs 
Maxfield Cook) 
1662 W. 103d St. Chicago 111. 

m. 30 Je 08; ch. John Goes b. 31 D 09 

Gray Agnes Russell b.a. (Mrs Fred 
B. Skinner) Greene N. Y. 

substitute libn Moore memorial lib. Greene 
06 — ; m. 18 My 09; mem. Amer. sch. of 
home economics 

Hall Linda b.a. 

35 High St. South Norwalk Ct. 

M.A. 09 Columbia; student (Eng.) Colum- 
bia, (educ, pedagogy) Teachers col; 
teacher (math.) Miss Baird's sem. Norwalk 
06-08, (Eng, hist.) Norwalk high sch. 09 — 

Hallock Clara Dougrey b.a. 
Washingtonville N. Y.f 

Hammond Ethel b.a. 

222 Elm St. Northampton 
teacher (math.) Science hill sch. Shelby- 
ville Ky. 06-07; asst demonstrator (astron.) 
Smith 07-F 09 

Harrison Florence Louise b.a. 

The Virginia Minneapolis Minn.f 
teacher Rogers hall Lowell Mass. 

Hastings Anna Lucre ti a b.a. 
Rohersville Md. 

Hatch" Margaret Hamilton b.a. 
53 Westbourne terrace Brookline 

student (shorthand, typewriting) Simmons 
col. 08-09; teacher Warren R. I. 06-08; 
private sec. Boston N 10 — 

Higbee" Alice Frances b.a. 

c/o Edward W. Higbee Newport 
R. I. 

teacher (Eng.) Col. of sisters of Bethany, 
Topeka Kan. 06-09, (Eng, Latin) Misses 
Eastman's sch. Washington D. C. 09 — 

Hildebrand Alice Lyon b.a. 

46 Allen pi. Hartford Ct. 
Hinman Caroline Borden b.a. 

189 Summit av. Summit N. J. 
Holman Ruth Colburn b.a. 

Southport Ct. 

private tutor Brooklyn N. Y. 07-10 

Holmes Mary Frances b.a. (Mrs 
Clyde Leslie Eastman) 
c/o War dept Washington D. C. 
m. 2 Je 08 

Hurley^ Margretta Mary b.a. 
195 West av. Bridgeport Ct. 

teacher Bridgeport high sch. 07-10 

Hutchins Margaret b.a. 

Univ. of 111. library Urbana 111. 

B.L.S. 08 Univ. of 111; student Univ. of 
111. lib. sch. 06-08; reference asst Univ. of 
111. lib. 08—; mem. A.L.A. 

Johnson Lucia Belle b.a. 

2257 Murray Hill road Cleveland 

private tutor Frankfort Ky. 06-07; school- 
room decorator and collector of material for 
course of picture studies Horace K. Turner 
art CO. Boston Jl 07-Jl 09; sec. to Faculty 
com. on recommendations Smith Ja 10 — 

Johnston^ Edith Gilmore b.a. 

165 Vose av. South Orange N. J.f 

Kauffmann Barbara b.a. 

1525 16th St. N. W. Washington 
D. C. 

Kearns Elsie Hemdon b.a. 

830 President st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
student Amer. acad. of dramatic arts New 
York 06-08; asst (elocution) Smith 08-09; 
actress, mem. New theatre co. New York 

Keeler Marion Holmes b.a. 

120 Dudley av. Westfield N. J. 

Kennedy Claire Louise b.a. 
216 Townsend st. Roxbury 

Kent Mabel Watson b.a. 

134 Pleasant st. Worcester 

student (sec. course) Simmons col. 07-08; 
sec. to Dr Bailey, Harvard 08— 




Kerwin" Alice Maud b.a. 

516 E. Forest av. Neenah Wis.f 
Kinsman Mary Cassandra b.a. 

10 Cross St. Montclair N. J. 

teacher Kimberly sch. Montclair 06-10 

Kittredge Mary b.a. 

90 Rosedale st. Rochester N. Y. 
teacher Mechanics inst. Rochester 07-08, 
Mary inst. St Louis Mo. 08 — 

Klein Elsie Margaret b.a. (Mrs 
Girard B. Rosenblatt) 
The Leonard, Butte Mon. 
m. 22 S 09 

Kuhfuss Gertrude b.a. 

18 Clark st. Easthampton 
teacher Campbell sch. Windsor Ct. 06-08, 
Westbrook Me. high sch. 08-10 

Lane Josephine Augusta b.a. 
108 Florida st. Springfield 

instructor (hist, Greek) Putnam high sch. 
06-07, teacher State st. grammar sch. 07-10 

Larmonth Helen Mar b.a. 

401 E. 6th St. Jamestown N. Y.f 
Leitch Harriet Elizabeth b.a. 

265 Maple av. Edgewood Park 


student N. Y. state lib. sch. 09-10; sub- 
stitute teacher Niles O. pub. and high sch. 
07, 08-09; mem. A.L.A. 

Lindman Alice Mae b.a. (Mrs 
Trevor Owen Hammond) 
5052 Washington av. Chicago 
m. 15 Mr 09 

Loomis Emma Rebecca b.a. 

114 W. 4th St. Mt Vernon N. Y. 

teacher Rose Mary hall Greenwich Ct. 07, 
prin. Garden City sch. Garden City N. Y. 

♦Loud Alice Chapman b.a. 

d. 11 My 08 
Lowe" Annie Margaret b.a. (Mrs 

Edgar William Connell) 

619 Stewart st. Shamokin Pa.f 
cBee Mary Vardrine b.a. 

Ashley hall 172 Rutledge av. 

Charleston S. C. 
M.A. 08 Columbia; student (hist, educ.) 
Columbia 07-08, (German) Jena univ. sum- 
mer sch. 08; teacher (math, hist.) Fair- 
mount sch. for girls Monteagle Tenn. 06-07; 
mem. Board of managers Jacob Riis set- 
tlement New York 08-09 ; prin. Ashley hall 
sch. for girls Charleston 09 — ; mem. Amer. 
geog. soc. 

McCall Ruth b.a. 

Myopia road Winchester 

McCord" Agnes Armitage [Roose- 
velt] b.a. (Mrs Thaddeus Hay- 
ward Brindley) 
LaCrosse Wis. 
m. 14 D 09 

McCurrach»» Mary Kerr b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur Lowell Keiser) 
856 Carroll st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
m. 08; ch. Janet Chaplin b. 29 Ag 09 

McKay*^ Carrie Carswell b.a. 
Addison Steuben co. N. Y. 

preceptress Cincinnatus N. Y. high sch. 07, 
teacher (Latin, math.) Dodgeville high sch. 
08, 09 

MacLachlan Mary Winifred b.a. 
47 Watson st. Detroit Mich. 

instructor (math.) Detroit eastern high 
sch. 08 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

MacRobert Edna Allan b.a. (Mrs 

Willard Vaughan Morse) 

Seaford Del. 
m. 2 N 07 
Maher^ Amy Grace b.a. 

1808 Jefferson st. Toledo O. 
Manker Margaret Mabel b.a. (Mrs 

W. H. C. Carhart) 

6053 Monroe av. Chicago 111. 
Mann Florence b.a. (Mrs H. A. Spoehr) 

3742 Pine Grove av. Chicago 111. 

settlement worker Henry Booth house 
Chicago 07-08; teacher Lake View inst. 
08-09, Univ. sch. for girls 09-10; m. 17 D 10 

Mann Lois Elizabeth b.a. 

189 Marrett st. Cumberland Mills 
station Westbrook Me. 

asst Gorham Me. high sch. 06-10 

Manning Frances Gleason b.a. 

41 Clark road Brookline 
Marble Anna Theresa b.a. 

28 Cedar st. Worcester 

teacher Miss Stiles' sch. Paterson N. J. 
08-09, Whitinsville 09-10 
Martin Anna May b.a. 

11 Bradley st. Bristol Ct.f 
Mason Janet De Witt b.a. 

222 Garfield pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

asst resident worker Sch. settlement 
Brooklyn 08-09, resident Holy Trinity 
guild house Ja 10 
Maxon Margaret Gansevoort b.a. 
(Mrs Warren Fales Draper) 
c/o Asst Surgeon W. F. Draper, 
U. S. pub health & marine hospi- 
tal service Washington D. C. 

student Boston children's hospital training 
sch. 08-09; m. 6 Ap 10 
Mead Abby Gray b.a. 

101 Park St. East Orange N. J. 

teacher (hist, critics) West Orange high 
sch. 07-10 

Melcher Lucy Harwood b a. 

asst North Brookfield Mass. high sch. 06-07, 
New Britain Ct. high sch. 07 — 

Merrick Lulu b.a. 

505 Kenwood av. Austin Minn.f 




Merrifield Ethel Janet b.a, 

89 Washington av. Batavia 111. 

Merrill Ida Nancy b.a. 

56 Sparhawk st. Amesburyt 

Mihalovitch Elsie Fletcher b.a, (Mrs 
Adolph Friedman) 
34 Richard terrace Grand Rapids 
m. 29 Je 08 

Millard J. Blanche b.a. 

Ill S. West St, Kalamazoo Mich. 

Mitchell"^ Alice Townsend b.a. 
Herkimer N. Y.f 

Mitchell Catharine Adams b.a. 
Riverside 111. 

Mitchell Myra Agnes b.a. 
Hingham Center 

worker Organized charity 

Monson"^ Ethel Percy b.a. 

160 Grove st. New Haven Ct. 

teacher Stratford Ct. high sch. 06-07, Miss 
Glendinning's sch. New Haven 08-09, 
Misses Thomas' sch. Memphis Tenn. 09-10 

Mooney Aline b.a. (Mrs William 
Vernon Ryder) 

67 Pomeroy terrace Northampton 
m. 9 O 07 

Moore Edith b.a. 

2101 Blaisdell av. Minneapolis 
mem. A.C.A. 

Moore Ethel Parsons b.a. 

teacher Island Pond Vt. 06-07, Bradstreet 

Moore Helen Perrin b.a. (Mrs 
Aaron Clark Bagg) 
72 Fairfield av. Holyoke 
m. 1 Je 09 

Muhleman Harriet Pettes b.a. 

20 Mitchell pi. East Orange N. T. 

teacher (Eng, hist.) Miss Baldwin's sch. 
East Orange 06-07, Newton high sch. 07-10 

Murkland Marie b.a. 
East Middlebury Vt. 
M.A. 07 Middlebury col, M.A. 08 Smith; 
student (Greek drama, ethics) Middlebury 
col. 06-07, fellow (Greek philos.) Smith 
07-08; teacher Dana hall Wellesley Mass. 
08-09, (Eng.) Brewster free acad. Wolfe- 
boro N. H. 09-10 

Mussaeus Marie Guenther b.a. 
Limeton, Warren co. Va. 
student (romance lang.) Yale 06-08, Co- 
lumbia 09-10; teacher (French, German) 
New Haven Ct. high sch. 06-08, Asbury 
Park N. J. high sch. 08-09, (German) Ely 
sch. Greenwich Ct. 09-10, (French, German) 
Springfield Mass. technical high sch. 10 — 

Nelson Christine Louise b.a. 
West Suffield Ct. 

t«acher (Latin, German) Brantwood hall 
Bronxville N. Y, 06-10 

Newcomb Clara Winifred b.a. 

31 Vauxhall st. New London Ct, 
teacher (Eng, hist,) Williams memorial 
inst. New London 08-10 

Newhall Addie May b,a, 

37 CloverhiU pi. Montclair N. T. 

teacher (Latin, math. hLst.) Swanton Vt. 
high sch. 06-07, (Latin, hist.) lavingston 
park sem. Rochester N. Y. 07-10 

Norton Margaret b.a. 

6737 Monroe av. Chicago III. 

student Univ. of 111. lib. sch. 06-07; worker 
Chicago univ. press Je 07-Ja 08, classifier 
Louisville Ky. free pub. lib. F 08 — 

Parker Florence Addie b.a. 

194 Forest st. Cumberland Mills 

Parker Mabel Lavina b.a. 


student (piano) Boston Ap 08-S 09 ; teacher 
nub. sch. 06-07, tutor and governess Co- 
hasset Mass. and Boston 07-Ap 08, teacher 
(piano) Dunstable Ap 08-S 09, Nashua 
N. H. 09— 

Pierce Gladys Paige b.a. 

88 Federal st. Greenfield 
Piollet"^ Emilie Victorine b.a. (Mrs 

Ray Spear) 

c/o Navy dept Washington D. C. 
m. 22 F 10 
Pol Frances May b.a. 

215 French st. Bangor Me. 

M.A, 09 Univ. of Me; student (Eng.) 
Columbia 06-07, (Eng, hist, Spanish) 
Univ. of Me. 07-09; teacher St .John Bap- 
tist sch. New York 06-07, PleasantviUe 
N. Y. 09-10 

Pomeroy Helen Jackson b.a. 

24 Reynolds terrace Orange N. J. 
Porter^ Clara Fisher b.a. 

24 Union st. Montclair N. J. 
sec. Montclair high sch. 06-07; teacher 
Kimberly sch, 07-09; social worker New 
York 09-10 

Porter Esther Baker b.a. 

85 Porter pi. Montclair N. J. 
Prince Melinda Crosby b.a. (Mrs 

David Robert Smith) 

St Regis apartments 5806 Howe 

St. Pittsburg Pa. 
m. 4 S 06 
Puffer^ Louisa WalHs b.a. 

49 Irving st. Cambridge 

student (lit.) Radcliffe 08-09 

Putnam" Helen Edna b.a. (Mrs 
Robert Tilden Kingsbury) 
110 Court St. Keene N, H. 
m. 18 Je 10 




Randall Phoebe Ward b.a. 
Hartford Ct. 
student (shorthand) Chicago correspon- 
dence sch. 07, Olmstead's shorthand sch. 
&-D 07, O-D 08; teacher Warwick R I. 
fall of 06, prin. East Hartford Ct. grammar 
sch. spring of 07, teacher Vernon Center 
fall of 08; private sec. Hartford Ja 09 — 

Raymond Alice Gilbert b.a. 
101 W. 85th St. New York 

tutor New York 1 yr, substitute teacher 1 yr 

Reed Bertha May b.a. 

60 Woodland st. Worcester 
Reynolds Marion Susan b.a. 

34 Newbury st. Brockton 

student (piano) Boston, (lit.) Boston univ. 

Richardson Margaret b.a. 

28 Rockland st. Wellesley Hills 
Roberts Alma Elizabeth b.a. 

206 N. Dithridge st. Pittsburg 

substitute teacher and tutor 

Roberts^ Elizabeth Louise b.a. 

Waupaca Wis. 
Robinson Fannie Harlow b.a. 

142 Hammond st. Bangor Me. 

teacher (Latin, math.) Bangor high sch. 

Robinson Marion Fulton b.a. 

51 Court St. Dedham 
Rockwell Frances Sherman b.a. 

1541 Central av. IndianapoHs 

Rockwood Melinda Wheeler b.a. 

c/o Mr E. P. Earle Montclair N.J. 
Root Florence Kellogg b.a. 

18 Franklin st. Northampton 

official tutor (Latin) Smith 06-10 

Root Mary Elizabeth b.a. 

121 South St. Bennington Vt.f 

Ryals"- Louise Marshall b.a. (Mrs 
Carlos Cravioto) 

c/o Alfonso Cravioto, 6a Pino 
233, Mexico D. F.f 
m. 11 F 08 

Scharps" Hannah De Rothschild 


256 W. 94th St. New Yorkf 
Schureman Mary Osbom b.a. (Mrs 

George Frank Imig) 

1223 N. 6th St. Sheboygan Wis. 
m. 3 Jl 07 

Searle Esther Scott b.a. (Mrs Al- 
bert Harvey Shoup) 
433 W. Otterman st. Greensburg 

m. 21 Je 06; ch. Albert Harvey jr b. 30 
Mr 07 

Sears" Martha Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Harold H. Phillips) 
121 Berkeley av. Bloomfield 

teacher Sussex N. J. high sch. 06-09; m. 
11 Ag09 

Sergent Nellie Barney b.a. 
Cooperstown N. Y. 

Pd.B. 07 N. Y. normal col; • teacher West- 
port N. Y. 07-09, Warwick 09-10 

Shaw Marcia Holmes b.a. (Mrs 
Waldo Francis Glidden) 
17 Forest st. Cambridge 
m. 5 Mr 10 

Shedd Minnie Louise b.a. 
106 Florida st. Springfield 

private tutor 06-Ap 09, substitute teacher 
Rockville Ct. high sch. Ap-Je 09, teacher 
Stafford Springs high sch, 09-10 

Sibley Theo Delia b.a. (Mrs Roger 

Nelson Squire) 

88 Hancock st. Brooklyn^N, Y. 
m. 20 Je 08 ; ch. Sibley b. 15 Ag 09 
Skidmore" Maud Whipple b.a. 

Riverhead Suffolk co. N. Y.f 
Sloan Jeanne Grace Cuddy b.a. 

Clarion Pa.f 

student (Spanish) Porto Rico 06-07; 
teacher govt sch. Anasco P. R. 06-07, 09-10, 
tutor in private family 07-08, teacher 
Ridgewood N. J. high sch. 08-09 

Smith Mary Cynthia b.a. 

2433 Girard av. S. Minneapolis 

student (Eng.) Univ. of Minn. 08-Ja 09; 
instructor (Eng.) high sch. Park River 
N. D. 07-08, Flandreau S. D. Ja-Je 09, 
prin. 09-10 

Smith'^ Olive Mae b.a. 

39 Hunter st. Glens Falls N. Y.f 
Pd. B. 07 Albany normal col. 

Smythe Alice Ring b.a. 

242 E. Gay St. Columbus O. 

teacher Miss Livingston's sch. Kingston 
N. Y. 06-08, Portland sch. Portland Me. 
fall of 09, Brownell hall Omaha Neb. 09-10 

Smythe Evelyn Bosworth b.a. 
The Rectory Falmouth 

Spalding Ethel May b.a. 
Woodstock Ct. 

alum. sec. Purdue univ. 06-07; teacher 
L'oUinsville Ct. high sch. 07-08, (hist.) 
Norwich free acad. 08-10 

Sperry Pauline b.a. 

32 Bedford terrace Northampton 
M.A. 08; fellow (music, math.) Smith 
07-08; teacher (math.) Hamilton inst. for 
girls New York 06-07, asst Smith 08-10 

Stemberger Florence Regina b.a. 
(Mrs Henrv Vivian Bisbee) 
46 Babcock st. Brookline 
student (Eng.) Smith >4 yr; m. 2 Mr 10 




Stone Margaret b.a. 

Cornwall on Hudson N. Y. 
Streeter Mary Adelaide Roxana b.a. 


teacher Long Branch N. J. 06-07, Sound 
Beach Ct. 07-08, Worcester Mass. 08-10 

Sweef* Martha Louise b.a. 
58 Watson pi. Utica N. Y. 
student N. Y. state lib. sch. 06-07; asst 
Flower memorial lib. Watertown N. Y. 
07-08, Utica pub. lib. 08-10 

Tanner" Susan Lucinda b.a. 
56 Walnut st. Winsted Ct. 

teacher Winsted 07-10 

Taylor Gertrude b.a. 

Edwardsville Kan. 
Tearse" Helen Horton b.a. 

275 Harriet st. Winona Minn. 

teacher (Eng, hist.) Dodge Center Minn. 1 
yr, (Eng.) Winona high sch. 09-10 

Thomas Julia Benner b.a. 

Spellman terrace Rutland Vt. 

teacher Burlington Vt. high sch. 06-Ja 07, 
substitute teacher Rutland high sch. 08-09, 
teacher 09-10 

Thornton Mary Louise b.a. 
Bedford Ind. 

student (vocal music) New York 08-09, 
(vocal music, lang.) Whitney intemat. sch. 
of music Boston 09-10 

Thrasher" Mertice Parker b.a. 

prin. Chestnut st. sch. Gardner 1 yr, 
Charlestown N. H. high sch. 3 yr 

Trask Ethel Mina b.a. (Mrs Walter 
O. Knight) 
Forest Hill av. East Cleveland 


Treadwell Grace Rich b.a. (Mrs 

Edward Johnson) 

54 Warren av. Woburn 
teacher Peabody Mass. grammar sch. 07- 
08; m. 30 Je 08 

Tritch Mary Gail b.a. 

859 S. Main st. Findlay O. 
head (Latin dept) Findlay bigh sch. Ja 

Vallentine"^ Jessie b.a. (Mrs Charles 
Thayer) South Hadleyt 

Walther"- Lucy b.a. 

The Lenox Buffalo N. Y.t 
Warfield Grace Elizabeth b.a. 
11 Chapin pi. Hartford Ct. 
teacher New Britain Ct. state normal sch. 
Warren Bessie Leland b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Herbert Skelton) 
50 Hyde st. Newton Highlands 
m. 3 Je 07; ch. Edgar Warren b. 20 S 08 
Warren Helen Goulding b.a. 
H olden 

Waters Genevieve b.a. 
Woodstock Ct. 
teacher (Latin) Glastonbury Ct. high sch. 

WeilVJosephine Marie b.a. 
2 W. 89th St. New York 

student New York sch. of art 09-10 

Wells Edna Bowen b.a. 
470 Exchange st. Athol 

teacher Barre Mass. grammar sch. 06-07, 
asst Greenfield high sch. 07-10 

Wham Mary b.a. 

/ McMillan hall Washington univ. 

St Louis Mo. 

student (French) I'lnstitut St Germain 

and Sorbonne, Paris 06-07; teacher (French) 

Mary inst. St Louis F 08 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Wheeler Mary Alice b.a. 

2110 14th St. N. W. Washington 
D. C 

teacher Cheyney Pa. training sch. 06-07, 
summers 06, 07, Washington D. C. normal 
sch. 07-08, M St. high sch. 08 — 

Wiggin Mary Isabelle b.a. 

Wytheville Va. 
Wiggin Mildred b.a. 

24 Crawford st. Roxbury 

visitor and . volunteer worker Associated 
charities Boston 

Wilson Anna Mary b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
li am Reynolds Dickinson) 
1605 Marquette bldg Chicago 111. 

m. 15 Je 08; ch. Martha b. 6 S 09 

Wilson Mary Sherman b.a. 

439 County st. New Bedford 

teacher Friends' acad. New Bedford 06 — 

Total 221-*1 


Adams"^ Mary b.a. 

8 Wendell st. Cambridge 

teacher Miss Creech's sch. Boston 09-10 

Adsit Marie Clifton b.a. 

Voorheesville N. Y.f 
Allen Jessie Reed b.a. (Mrs Robert 

Cole Knapp) 

772 Park av. New York 
m. 26 F 08 
Allison Catherine De Puy b.a. 

16 Paradise road Northampton 

in training Clarke sch. for the deaf North- 
ampton 08-09; teacher Roger Askam sch. 
White Plains N. Y. 07-08, Clarke sch. 09— 

Angell^ Bertha b.a. Sidney N. Y. 

head (Eng. dept) Waverly N. Y. 08-10 
Archibald" Rosamond Mansfield b.a. 

Wolfville Nova Scotiaf 
Arnold Helen Wallace b.a. 

325 Adams st. North Abingtonf 




Baine Ethel Mildred b.a. 

1921 E. 97th St. Cleveland|0. 
Baker" Eva b.a. 

1728 Columbia road Washington 

D. C.t 
Ballard Elizabeth Bishop b.a. 

247 South St. Pittsfield 

asst registrar Smith 08-09 

Barber Helen Mary b.a. 

91 Atwater av. Derby Ct. 
Barrows Marguerite b.a. 

East Lansing Mich. 

teacher (Eng, chem.) Keyport N, J. 07-08; 
clerk Automobile bureau sec. of state's 
office Columbus O. 09-10 

Bartholomew Ethel May b.a. (Mrs 
James Douglas Kirkpatrick) 
41 Pleasant st. New Haven Ct. 

social worker Col. settlement home Mt 
Ivy N. J. summer of 07, resident Col. set- 
tlement New York 07-08, kindergartner 
Sea Breeze fresh air home summers 08, 09, 
asst Bloomingdale guild settlement New 
York fall of 08; m. 1 S 09 

Bates Leonora b.a. 

4 Grand st. Somersworth N. H. 
Bathgate Mabel Agnes b.a. (Mrs 

Robert E. Hall) 

Dover Me. 

Blaikie" Mary Kerr b.a. 

The Donaldson Harrisburg Pa. 
Blanchard" Gertrude Helena b.a. 

192 Pearl st. Gardner 

teacher Hancock N. H. district sch. fall of 
07, Boxboro Mass. spring of 08, prin. Jef- 
fersonville Vt. high and grammar sch. 08- 
09, teacher Spelman sem. Atlanta Ga. 09-10 

Bowden Emma Bartoll b.a. (Mrs 
George Newton Proctor jr) 
10 Beals st. Brookline 
m. 9 S 08; oh. George Newton 3d b. 10 N 09 

Bradbury" Pearle Lord b.a. 
Saco Me. 

Bradbury Winifred Parry b.a. 

20 Lexington st. Dover N. H. 
Brander Edith Elizabeth b.a. 

470 10th St. Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher (Eng.) Woodbridge N. J. high sch. 

Britton"^ Jasmine Marie b.a. 
Catalla Alaska 

student Carnegie lib. training sch. for chil- 
dren's libns Pittsburg Pa. 09-10; teacher 
govt sch. Catalla 08-09; asst Carnegie lib. 
Pittsburg 09-10 

Broadhurst Ruth Lavinia b.a. 

320 Greene av. Brooklyn N. Y. 
M.A. 08 Columbia: student (hist.) Colum- 
bia 07-08; teacher Brooklyn pub. sch. 09-10 

Brodrick Isabel b.a. (Mrs D. Mer- 

ton Rust) 

70 Washington av. .Northampton 
tutor Capen sch. 08-10; m. N 08; ch. 
Susan Brodrick b. Ag 09 

Bugbee Lura Alice b.a. (Mrs Mar- 
shall B. Cummings) 
230 Loomis st. Burlington Vt. 

asst Orange Mass. high sch. 07-09, prin. 

Hartford Vt. grammar sch. 09-10; m. Ag 


Bull Helen Roberts b.a. Kent Ct. 

teacher South Windsor Ct. 07-08, Middle- 
town 08-09; asst Brooklyn pub. lib. 

Burnett Mary Alice b.a. (Mrs Wil- 
liam Cleveland) 

287 E. Main st. Spartanburg S. C. 
m. 10 

Burns Avis Adella b.a. (Mrs Harry 
Ernest Fisher) Ayer 

m. 15 F 10 

Bushee Grace Lydia b.a. Attleborof 

Buss Margaret b.a. 

21 Royal st. Medford 

Buttrick Sibyl Andrews b.a. 
120 Hemenway st. Boston 

Buxton Grace Agnes b.a. 

246 S. Main st. Woonsocket R. I.t 

Campbell Mary Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 
Everett Leander Ford) Attleboro 

teacher high sch. Bridgton Me. 07-08, 
Attleboro Mass. 08-09, Fairhaven 09-10; 
m, 10 

Carpenter Ada Esther b.a. 

38 Prospect av. Binghamton 
N. Y. 

teacher Lady Jane Grey sch. Binghamton 
Ja 08—; mem. A.C.A. 

Carpenter Bertha Eleanor b.a. 

424 N. Negley av. Pittsburg Pa. 

Carr Marion Codding b.a. (Mrs P. B. 

3206 Prospect av. Cleveland O. 
m. 10 

Catherwood Hazel Hartwell b.a. 
Hoopeston Ill.f 

Chiville Eva Harriet b.a. 

3449 Elaine pi. Chicago 111. 

tutor in private family Hubbard Woods 
111. 07-08, teacher (Eng. German) Centralia 
high sch. 08-09 

Christiansen" Bertha Elfrida b.a. 
teacher Lake Clear Junction N. Y. 07-08, 
preceptress Livingston Manor sch. 08-09; 
asst registrar Smith 09 — 




Churchill Anna Qtiincy b.a. 
32 Percival st. Dorchestert 

M.A. 10 Rad cliff e; student (zoology) Rad- 
cliffe 08-10, (corrective gymnastics) Boston 
normal sch. of gymnastics 09, Germany 10; 
asst Boston children's hospital clinic 09 

Clark« Eleanor Billings b.a. 
90 Maple st. Northampton 

stndent North Adams Mass. normal sch. 10; 
teacher Russel 07-09 

Cobb Helen Field b.a. (Mrs Charles 
Ridgaway Bragdon) 
1231 Asbury av. Evanston 111. 

m. 16 Je 09; ch. Florence EUzabeth b. 14 
Mr 10 

Coe Margaret Duryee b.a. (Mrs 
Clinton HamUn Blake jr) 
Brayton st. Englewood N. J. 

substitute teacher prep. sch. 07-08; m. 10 

Je 08 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Cohen Ethel Harrison b.a. 
184 High St. Orange N. J.f 

Collins Ada Fae b.a. 

c/o Dr A. N. Collins Austin 

worker Associated charities Boston Jl-Ag 
07, Cambridge neighborhood house 07-Jl 
09, director Providence R. I. course of 
salemanship for saleswomen 09-10; mem. 

Collins Katherine Estelle b.a. 
18 CUnton av. Cortland N. Y. 
teacher (Eng.) Watertown N. Y. high sch. 

Comstock Marjorie Stuart b.a. 

76 Humboldt av. Providence 

Cowing Ruth b.a. (Mrs George 

Tressler Scott) 

Hampton inst. Hampton Va. 

m. 27 Ap 09; ch. Margaret Tressler b. 28 
My 10 

Crosby Helen Ames b.a. (Mrs Robert 
Cairns Dobson) Rutland 

m. 29 Ap 09; ch. Barbara b. 23 Ag 10 

Cruden« Gertrude b.a. 

292 Garfield pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 
student (domestic art) Teachers col. 07-08 

Curry Ethel Gertrude b.a. (Mrs 
Goodwin Beach) 
54 Woodland st. Hartford Ct.f 

Curtis Helen Very b.a. 
986 6th av. New York 

Curtis** Margaret b.a. 

61 Trumbull st. New Haven Ct.f 

Curts Cordelia Ruth b.a. 

184 E. Pearl st. Coldwater Mich. 

teacher (Coldwater high sch. 07-09, Colorado 
Springs Col. 09-10 

Dana Marian Alexander b.a. (Mrs 
William H. Mason) 
417 Clinton terrace Easton Pa. 

m. 29 Ja 08; ch. Elizabeth Montgomery 
(class baby) b. 15 Mr 09 

Daniels Elinor Lothrop b.a. 
73 E. 127th St. New York 

student New York sch. of philanthropy 
summer of 08; teacher (math.) Miss Low's 
sch. Stamford Ct. 07-09, Hamilton inst. 
for girls New York 09-10 

Davis Dorothy Wendell b.a. 
79 Vernon st. Hartford Ct. 

Dean" Amelia Blanche b.a. 
71 Fairfield av. Holyoke 

Dean Helen Margery b.a. (Mrs 
Fred Macon Bog an) 
c/o A. J. Dean 106 E. 24th st. 
Minneapolis Minn. 

student (Eng. lit.) Univ. of Minn. 07-08; 
m. 12 O 09 

De Forest Louise Hyde b.a. 
Cornwall Ct. 

student A. Y. Cornell summer sch. of music 
08, Btookfield summer sch. of music 09; 
head (music dept) New Windsor Md. col. 
S-D 08, teacher and jirin. private day sch. 
Cornwall Ja 09— 

Dibble Clara May b.a. 
South Norwalk Ct. 

head (hist, dept) Windham high sch. Wil- 
limantic Ct. 07 — 

Dickson Louie Eleanor b.a. 

52 Summit av. Jersey City N. J. 

Dow Ethel Robinson b.a. 
46 Warren av. Woburn 

Dow" Helen Katherine b.a. 

Acushnet station New Bedford 

student (Latin, Greek) Chicago univ. 10; 
teacher (Latin, hist.) Oak Bluffs Mass. high 
sch. 07-08, prin. 09-10, teacher (Latin, 
math.) Baylor col. Belton Tex. 08-09 

Duffee Gladys Smith b.a. 
Center Marshfield 

teacher Chelsea Mass. high sch. 07-08 

Duffey Cherrie Edna b.a. 
57 King st. Northampton 

teacher Weston Vt. high sch. Ja 08-09, 
Bumham sch. Northampton 09-10 

Dupuy Helen Agnes b.a. 

4526 N. Paulina st. Chicago 111. 

landscape gardener with O. C. Simonds & 
CO. Chicago 07 — 

Eddy Mary BiUings b.a. 

22 Lancaster st. Albany N. Y. 
Pd.B. 09 N. Y. state normal col. 

Edmands Marian Elizabeth b.a. 
38 Devon road Chestnut Hill 




Edson Suzane Grace b.a, 
Ludlow Vt. 

student Columbia lib. training sch. 07-Ap 
08; cataloger Teachera col. Ap-Jl 08, asst 
Fletcher memorial lib. Ludlow Jl 08-Ja 09, 
cataloger Army war col. Washington D. C. 
Ja 09 — ; mem. A.L.A. 

Elliott Virginia Marie b.a. 

6126 East End blvd Chicago 111. 

student (Eng.) Chicago univ; teacher 
Mrs Starrett's sch. for girls Chicago 07-09 

Evans Dorothy b.a. (Mrs L. F. 

1045 S. Negley av. Pittsburg Pa. 
m. 10 

Fagnant Anna Marie b.a. 
\ - 91 Howard st. Springfield 

\/ student (French) Univ. of Grenoble, France, 
Sorbonne, College de France, Ecole des 
Chartes, Paris 07-10 

Failing Ernestine b.a. 

617 Johnson st. Portland Ore.f 
Felt Marion b.a. 

6 Federal court Salem 

Felton Fannie Ethel b.a. 

35 Chapman st. Greenfield 

student (stenography) Northampton com- 
mercial col. 10 

FoUett Harriet Hopkins b.a. 
Marietta O.f 

Foot"^ Mary Alice b.a. (Mrs James 


73 Bradford st. Pittsfield 
teacher Weston Vt. high sch. 07-Ja 08; m. 
31 Mr 08; ch. James jr b. 11 Ap 09 

Forbes Louise Holt b.a. (Mrs Ed- 
ward Granville Nellis) 
144 E. 22d St. New York 

teacher New York pub. sch. N 07-My 08; 
m. 1 O 08; son b. and d. 10 Ag 09 

Frankenstein Katherine Dixon b.a. 
140 W. Broad st. Westerly R. I. 

teacher Littleton N. H. Ap-Je 09, North- 
field sem. 09 — 

Friedmann Ernestine Louise b.a. 
1487 E. 10th St. Brooklyn N. Y. 

extension sec. Y. W. C. A. Jersey City N. J. 
07-08, industrial sec. Colgate & co. 08-10, 
territorial sec. for N. Y, N. J. & N. E. 10— 

♦Gallagher Edith Charters b.a. 
d. 7 My 08 

Gasche Miriam Louise b.a. 
Dresden O.t 

Geddes Laura Casey b.a. 

2105 Putnam st. Toledo O. 

mem. A.C.A. 
Gillette Alletta Maria b.a. 

815 Nebraska st. Sioux City la, 
instructor (Eng.) Morningside col. Sioux 
City OS- 

Goodman Alice Edith b.a. (Mrs 
Thomas Byron Gilchrist) 
261 89th St. Bay Ridge, Brook- 
lyn N. Y. 

m. 14 S 09 

Goodman Mary Isabelle b.a. (Mrs 
Russel Carson) 

20 Coolidge av. Glens Falls N. Y. 
m. 10 

Gove Lydia Pinkham b.a. 

254 Lafayette st. Salem 
Gray Edith b.a. 

121 N. Linden av. Pittsburg Pa. 
teacher Miss Fulton's sch. for girls Pitta- 
burg 09-10 

Greene Alice Cummings b.a. 

128 E. North av. Atlanta Ga. 
mem. A.C.A. 
Greene Elizabeth Alice b.a. 

Warwick R. L 

teacher Medway Mass. 07-08, Peabody 

Gruber Agatha Elizabeth b.a. 
314 W. 92d St. New Yorkf 
student (German, French, Italian) Columbia 
09-Ja 10, (music) Vienna 10; teacher (sing- 
ing) Miss De Lancey's prep. sch. New 
York 07-08 

Haire Mildred Moore b.a. 

22 Front st. Houghton Mich.f 
Hale Mary Kimball b.a. 

Newbury Vt. 
Hamilton Jane Steele b.a. (Mrs Lu- 

cien Wilcox) 

1810 Ridgewood terrace Cedar 

Rapids la. 
m. 10 

Hardy Mary Frances b.a. 

10 Livermore road Wellesley 
student (Latin) Harvard summer sch. 09; 
teacher Ivy hall Bridgeton N. J. 07-09, 
Miss Hall's sch. Pittsfield 09 — 

Harris Sophie Oliver b.a. (Mrs 
Rodman Armitage Nichols) 
51 Clitheroe st. Lowell 
m. 29 Mr 10 

Hasson Helen Arlene b.a. (Mrs 

Thomas Strother Scott) 

Valdez Alaska 
student (hist, educ.) Univ. of Wash. 07-08; 
asst prin. Valdez pub. sch. 08-09; m. 24 
Ag 09; ch. Mary Hasson b. 13 Ag 10 

Hawley Mary Frances b.a. 

718 S. Crouse av. Syracuse N. Y. 

Hayden" Ruth Sara b.a. 

50 Madison av. Springfield 

teacher (French) Montgomery Ala. girls 
high sch. 08, 09, Newton technical high 
sch. Newtonville Mass. 10 — 




Hayden Viola Pauline b.a. 
Bedford Springs 

student (bookbinding) 

Hill Louise Carter b.a. 

1910 Stevens av. Minneapolis 

Hilliard Carrie Gertrude b.a. (Mrs 

Alva Morrison Dow) 

87 Middle st. Braintree 
m. 23 Je 09 

Hilton Mary b.a. 

191 Congress st. Bradford Pa. 
private sec. 23^$ yr 

Hinkley Helen Hartwell b.a. 
723 Main st. Westbrook Me. 

Holder" Julia Montrose b.a. 

302 Washington st. Bloomington 

student (German) 111. Wesleyan col. 06; 
teacher Bloomington high sch. 07-10 

Hollow ay Anna Lyne b.a. 

182 E. High St. Lexington Ky. 

Holmes Mabel b.a. 

135 Kenmore pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Hooper Christine Maxwell b.a. (Mrs 
George Arthur Mahl) 
4 Amherst st. Rochester N. Y. 

teacher (French, German) Rochester east 
side high sch. 07-08; m. 15 Ag 08 

Hopson Myra Haxtun b.a. 
West Mountain, Kent Ct. 

student (vocal music) Waterloo N. H. 
summers 08, 09, Brookline F-Ap 10 

Howe Esther May b.a. (Mrs John 
5724 Monroe av. Chicago 111. 

student Sch. of expression Boston 07-08; 
instructor (public speaking) Massillon O. 
high sch. 08-10; m. 10 

Howe Nathalie b.a. 

149 W. 93d St. New York 

Huggins Edna Pearl b.a. (Mrs Carl 
J. Norton) 
12 N. 3d St. North Yakima Wash.f 

Humphrey** Beatrice Isabel b.a. 
(Mrs John R. Milligan) 
7210 Hough av. Cleveland O. 
m. 21 S 09 

Humphreys Ethel b.a. Andover 

Hunter^ Grace b.a. 

481 Franklin st. Buffalo N. Y. 
asst Buffalo pub. lib. 08 — 

Huntley^ Kate Eleanor b.a. 

10 Broad st. Oneida N. Y.f 
Hurlbut Olive Ruth b.a. 

627 W. 66th St. Chicago IlLf 

Jackson Florence Alberta b.a. 

Western military academy Upper 

Alton 111. 
Jackson Georgiana Alice b.a. 

125 S. Grove st. East Orange'N. J. 
James Eloise Prindle b.a. 

1 Prindle av. Ansonia Ct. 

teacher (Eng, science) Stratford high sch. 

Jellerson Louise b.a. 

21 Kimball terrace Newtonville 
Kaster Estelle Clarissa b.a. 
Rimersburg Clarion co. Pa. 
asst (Eng, German) Woman's col. Fred- 
erick Md. Ja-Je 08, teacher (Eng, Latin) 
Atlantic Highlands N. J. high sch. 08-F 09, 
head (Eng. dept) Latrobe Pa. high sch 
Keefer" Mary Belle b.a. 
Box 184 Windsor Ct. 

teacher Covington Ky. pub. sch. 07-Ja 08 

Keener Mabel Ruth b.a. 

164 McKean st. Kittanning Pa. 
Kent Helen French b.a. 

744 Benefit st. Pawtucket R. I. 
Kenyon" Ethel Belle b.a. (Mrs John 

Carleton Loomis) 

92 SterUng st. Hartford Ct. 

m. 8 O 07; ch. Lyman Kenyon b. 12 N 08 

Kern Mary Murison b.a. (Mrs Paul 
William Tutt) 
120 E. Union st. Macon Mo. 

m. 14 Ja 09; ch. Elizabeth Alexandria b. 17 
Ji 10 

Ketchum Helen Anna b.a. 

514 W. Main st. North Adams 

teacher Oxford sch. Maiden Mass. 07-08, 
Proctorsville Vt. high sch. 08-09, Ludlow 
Mass. high sch. 09-10 

Kimball Emily b.a. 

110 E. 29th St. New York 

student (vocal music); factory extension 

Knapp AHce Alden b.a. (Mrs 
Gordon MacDougall Taylor) 
543 Clay av. Scranton Pa. 
m. 7 Jl 09 

Koch Mabel Anna b.a. 

539 Oakdale av. Chicago 111. 

teacher (Latin, German) Maine high sch. 
Des Plaines 111. Ja 08-10 

Kriegsmann Anna Katrina b.a. 
27 Wendell av. Schenectady N. Y. 
teacher (hbt, biol.) Scotia N. Y. high sch. 

Legate"^ Marion Hunt b.a. 

210 J^ High St. Newburyport 

Lehman Louise Catherine b.a. 
4742 Grand blvd Chicago 111. 




Lewis" Millicent Vaughan b.a. 
Irvington on Hudson N. Y. 
teacher MacKenzie sch. Dobbs Ferry N. Y. 
Lindsay Edna b.a. 

238 E. 18th St. Brooklyn N. Y. 
mem. A.C.A. 
Lindsay Isabel Gray b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Frederic Helmholz) 
1449 Dearborn av. Chicago 111. 
m. 30 D 07; ch. Lindsay b. 11 N 09 
Linthicum Eda b.a. 

1315 Forest av. Evanston 111. 
Little Eleanor Johnson b.a. 
215 High St. Newburyport 
student (Eng.) Radcliffe 09-10; teacher 
(Eng.) Newburyport high sch. 08-09 

Lotze Hazel Catherine b.a. 
Vermilion S. D. 

instructor Carthage S.D. high sch. 07-08, 
Springfield state normal sch. 08-09, Mitchell 
high sch. 09-10 

Lytle Sophie Ridgely b.a. 

125 W. 136th St. New Yorkf 
Mabie" Carmen Crittenden b.a. 

125 Riverside drive New Yorkf 
McCaskie Florence Agnes b.a. 

10 Chestnut st. East Orange N. J.f 
McCredie Margaret Jane b.a. 
722 Douglas av. Elgin 111. 
McDougall^ Rebecca Vedder b.a. 

302 Summer st. Buffalo N. Y.f 
McElroy" Alice b.a. 

131 S. Lake av. Albany N. Y. 
Pd. B. 08 N. Y. state normal col ; student 
(kindergarten) N. Y. state normal col. 07- 
08; kindergartner Overbrook Pa. sch. for 
the blind 08-09 

McElroy^ Edith b.a. (Mrs WilUam 
Henry Gardiner jr) 
131 S. Lake av. Albany N. Y. 

substitute teacher Albany high sch. Ja- 
Mr 09; m. 2 Je 09; mem. A.C.A. 
McPherson Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs Ray- 
mond Garfield Wright) 
903 Boylston st. Seattle Wash. 
m. 10 
Major Lilian Dyott b.a. 

939 Sterling pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Mann Harriette Daniell b.a. 
46 Elm St. Worcester 
sec; mem. A.C.A. 
Manross Marion Roberta b.a. 

352 Willow St. New Haven Ct.f 
Markley Eileen Hughes b.a. 

52 W. 94th St. New Yorkf 
Maxcy Helen Bartlett b.a. 
Gardiner Me. 
M.A. 09 Radcliffe; student (Eng.) Rad- 
cUffe 08-09 

May Anna b.a. 

65 Mt Vernon st. Oshkosh Wis. 

lib. apprentice Oshkosh pub. lib. F 10 — ; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Mayer Hortense Lucille b.a. (Mrs 
Walter A. Hirsch) 
111 Broadway New York 
m. 9 F 09 

Merritt Florence Mabel b.a. 

12 Lincoln av. St Albans Vt. 
teacher (Eng, hist.) St Albans grammar 
sch. 08 — 

Miller Jeanne Marie b.a. 

511 Gladstone blvd Kansas City 

Miller Kathleen Amy b.a. 

511 Gladstone blvd Kansas City 

Miller May Irene b.a. 

197 Summer st. Stamford Ct. 

Mills Blanche Ethel b.a. 
34 Howard st. Pittsfield 

teacher (Latin, Eng.) River head N. Y. 
high sch. 07-10 

Montgomery Elizabeth Mason b.a. 
Frankfort Ky. 

Moodey Helen Chapin b.a. 

603 Watchung av. Plainfield 

teacher Akeley hall Grand Haven Mich. 
08-09, Miss Richmond's sch. Cranford N. J. 

Moorhead Bessie b.a. (Mrs Allen 
Bevins Reed) 

c/o Navy dept Washington D. C. 
m. 25 S 09 

Morrill Frances Ursula b.a. 
80 Snow St. Fitchburg 
teacher Leominster Mass. high sch. 07 — 

Murphey Carobel b.a. 
Box 445 Tucson Ariz. 

student (Eng.) Univ. of Ariz. 09-10; teacher 
Tucson sch. 07-10; society editor Tucson 
Citizen 09-10 

Murphy Harriett Frances b.a. (Mrs 
Jack Finncane) 
Clover St. Brighton N. Y. 

m. 21 Ap 09 

Nichols Bertha Richards b.a. (Mrs 
Chester Holbrook Brown) 
Pomfret Center Ct. 

m. 2 Jl 07; ch. Carlton Nichols b. 28 Ap 10 

Niles" Louisa Frances b.a. (Mrs 
Samuel Elverton Gates) 
c/o General electric co. Portland 

m. 25 Jl 08; ch. Charles Sneath Niles b. 23 





Niles Marion Agnes b.a. 

c/o Old Colony trust co. Temple 
pi. Boston 

M.A. 10; student (music) Berlin 07-08, 
fellow Smith 08-10 

Norris Mabel Etta b.a. 

118 S. Mt Vernon av. Prescott 
student (sociology) Columbia 07-08, fellow 
Smith and Col. settlements assn 07-08; 
resident Music sch. settlement New York 

Noyes Mary b.a. 

90 Remsen st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

O'Brien Agnes Mary b.a. 

1159 Lake av. Rochester N. Y.f 

Oliver Jessie Stevens b.a. (Mrs Chal- 
mers Smith) 

16 Lochiel apartments Niagara 
Falls N. Y. 

teacher (biol, hist.) Niagara Falls high sch. 
08-10; m. 10 

Ormsbee Mary Royce b.a. 

435 Macon st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

newspaper writer and investigator 07-10 

Owen Emily Pratt b.a. 

614 State st. Madison Wis. 

M.A. 10 Univ. of Wis; student (Spanish, 
French, Portuguese) Univ. of Wis. 09-10 

Park Julia Lyman b.a. 

25 Sherwood pi. Englewood N. J. 

asst primary teacher Dwight sch. for girls 
Englewood 07-10 

Parsons" Ethel Earle b.a. 

344 Bridge st. Northamptonf 
Paton Margaret Young b.a. 

423 Prospect st. New Haven Ct. 

teacher Winchester sch. New Haven 07-08, 
(math.) high sch. 08-10; mem. A.C.A. 

Penhallow Susan Mabelle b.a. 

73 Washington st. New London 

Perry Edna McCloud b.a. 
Reedsburg Wis. 

B.M. 10 Amer. conservatory Chicago; asst 
(music) Brookings S. D. state col. 08-09, 
instructor (piano) Amer. conservatory 

Peters Mary Louise b.a. 

891 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 

student (domestic science, sociology) Univ. 
of O. 07-08; mem. A.C.A. 

Pitman Margareth Arnold b.a. 
97 Williams st. Providence R. I. 
M.A. 10 Radcliffe; student (Eng.) Rad- 
cliffe 08-09, (German) Pembroke 09-10; 
primary teacher W. C. T. U. settlement 
Hindman Ky. 07-08 ; mem. A.C.A. 

Place Bertha Louise b.a. 

109 First av. Gloversville N. Y. 

Porter Madeline b.a. 

129 Pleasant st. Arlington 
Potter Ethel Annie b.a. 

Cazenovia N. Y. 

teacher Canaan Ct. high sch. 08-10 

Potts'* Mary b.a. 

1021 N. Lawrence av. Wichita 

Powers Josephine b.a. 

25 Whittlesey av. New Haven 


student (hist.) Yale 09-10; teacher (hist.) 
New Haven high sch. 08-10; mem. A.C.A. 

Pratt Mary Brooks b.a. 

Elkhart Ind. 
Pratt Ruth Edma b.a. (Mrs Andrew 

Ivory Keener) 

2010 K St. University pi. Lincoln 

Prichard Elsie Hammond b.a. 

40 Nahant st. Lynn 
Proctor Alvara [Rawson] b.a. 

Brownell hall Omaha Neb. 

asst prin. Erie 111. high sch. 07-08, demon- 
strator (physics) Smith 08-09, teacher 
Brownell hall Omaha 09-10 

Rath von Mary Louise b.a. 
1333 Pine st. Boulder Col. 

teacher Miss Wolcott's sch. Denver Col. 
08-10; mem. A.C.A. 

Read Helen b.a. 

313 Park lane Des Moines la. 

Reed Helen Ainsworth b.a. (Mrs 
Charles E. Bartlett) 
2018 Spring Garden st. Philadel- 
phia Pa. 

student (household economics) Simmons 
col. 07-My 08; m. 10 

Reid Dora Allan b.a. 

Kinnear apartments Seattle 
Reynolds Anna Earll b.a. 

1620 Grant st. Denver Col. 
mem. A.C.A. 
Reynolds Neva N. b.a. (Mrs William 
J. Minsch) 

148 First st. New Brighton Staten 
Island N. Y. 
m. 10 
Rhodes Isabella Knox b.a. 

c/o Cleveland public library 
Cleveland O. 
B.L.S. 10 N. Y. state lib. sch; asst N. Y. 
state lib. 08-Jl 10; mem. A.L.A. 
Richmond Myrtle Leila b.a. 

2255 S. Fillmore Denver Col. 

M.A. 08 Denver imiv; teacher (math.) 
Denver imiv. prep, dept 07-09, Denver 
imiv. 09-10; asst to dean 08-10; mem. 




Roberts^ Alice Ward b.a. (Mrs 
William Roberts Colby jr) 
2222 Crescent drive Interiaken, 
Seattle Wash, 
m. 18 Je 08; ch. Elizabeth Roberts b. 7 

Roberts Margaret Oborn b.a. (Mrs 
Herbert W. Sanborn) 
306 Main st. Waupaca Wis.t 

Roberts Marie Darrah b.a. 

206 W. Dithridge st. Pittsburg Pa. 
teacher Claysville Pa. high sch. Ja 09-My 10 

Robinson Regina Muriel b.a. (Mrs 
George Houston Burr) 
103 Pond St. Natick 

director New York vacation playground 
summer of 07 ; primary teacher Irving sch. 
for boys New York 07-09, private tutor 
08-09; m. 22 Je 09 

Rodenbach Katrina Macy b.a. 
56 Terrace av. Naugatuck Ct. 

Rosenberg Lucille Estelle b.a. 
14 W. 88th St. New Yorkf 

Roura Katharine Fancher b.a. 

244 Jefferson av. Brooklyn N. Y. 
student (hist, of educ, pedagogy) Teachers 
col. fall of 07, (sociology) Sch. of philan- 
thropy summer of 08; visitor New York 
charity organization 08-09 

Rusk Katharine Gaul b.a. 

2000 E. Baltimore st. Baltimore 

Russell Helen Lois b.a. 

Care Morgan Harjes & co. 31 

blvd Haussmann Paris France 

Sanborn Lulu Morley b.a. 

420 N. Jefferson av. Saginaw 
teacher Ironwood Mich, fall of 08 

Savage Marion b.a. 

Bend o* the Road Plainfield N. J.f 

Schauffler Julia Dorothea b.a. (Mrs 
Robert George Higinbotham) 
63 Fremont st. Bridgeport Ct. 

student Bible teachers training sch. New 
York S-D 07 ; substitute teacher New York 
D 07-Je 09; m. 11 Ja 10 

Schlesinger Mae b.a. (Mrs Henry 
M. Butzel) 

36 Marston court Detroit Mich, 
m. 26 N 07 

Schricker^ Florence Hilda b.a. 
505 Maiden av. Seattle Wash. 

teacher La Conner Wash, high sch. Mr 08- 
09, Seattle high sch. 09 — 

Senior Clara b.a. 

2220 Frances lane Cincinnati O. 

Sewell Mabel Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 
Leigh Cilley Turner) 
109 Lexington av. Syracuse N. Y. 
m. 15 S 09; mem. A.C.A. 

Sexton Leola Logan b.a. 

1439 La Salle av. Chicago 111. 
Sheibley Mabel Matilda b.a. 

260 W. Pomfret st. Carlisle Pa. 
teacher (Latin, Eng.) AUentown Pa. col. 
for women 07-08, head (Eng. dept) 08-10 

Sheldon Sarah Meech b.a. 

1129 37th St. Seattle Wash.f 
Sherman" Hope b.a. 

37 Royal st. Medford 

substitute teacher Medford pub. sch. 07- 
O 08; scientific asst Carnegie nutrition 
lab. Roxbvuy O 08 — 

Shu art Christine b.a. 

27 Mulberry st. Springfield 

Sikes Ruth Lathrop b.a. 

c/o S. R. Sikes co. 915 Washing- 
ton av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 

Simon Carolyn b.a. 

65 Holden st. North Adamsf 

Smith" Bertha Wilson b.a. 
76 Mt Vernon st. Fitchburg 

grad. Boston Y. W. C. A. sch. of domestic 
science 10; teacher (domestic science) 

Smith Harriet Lewis b.a. (Mrs 
Wilfrid Ernest Playfair) 
The Algonquin, 5 10th av. East 
Vancouver B. C. 

reporter Boston Herald Jl-D 07; m. 24 
Je 08 ; ch. Portia Elizabeth b. 14 N 09 

Smith Marion Bemardine b.a. 

507 S. University st. Normal 111. 

Smith Valborg Sophia [Sophie] b.a. 
(Mrs George Sheldon Adams) 
Yankton S. D. 

student (dramatic reading, elocution); 
dramatic coach for sch; m. 10 N 10 

Smith Virginia Jeffrey b.a. 

123 Troup St. Rochester N. Y. 

Spencer Helen Louise b.a. 

Box 68 East Bridgewaterf 
Sternberger Elsie b.a. 
Idaho Springs Col. 
student (piano) Fox-Buonamici sch. Boston 
07-08, Ap 09-Mr 10 

Stocks Violet b.a. 

141 Parkview av. Lowell 

teacher (math.) Science Hill sch. Shelby- 
ville Ky. 07-08, Lowell evening high sch. 

Stockwell^ Louisa Maria b.a. (Mrs 
George Bradford Neumann) 
Chengtu West China 
teacher mission sch. 10; m. 14 Jl 08 





Stratton** Helen Anna b.a. 

133 Chenango st. Binghamton 

N. Y. 

teacher 07-08; libn 08 — 

Strobhar Nettie Boyd b.a. 
River Bank Beverly N. J. 

student (German lit.) Berlin univ. 07-08 

Tate Helen Hays b.a. 

138 N. Main st. Gloversville N. Y. 
Taylor Frances b.a. 

106 Wendell av. Pittsfield 
teacher 2d grade Ocean Grove N. J. pub. 
sch. 07-08, substitute teacher Pittsfield 
pub. sch. 08-10 

Taylor Mildred Rebecca b.a. 

1306 Broome st. Wilmington 

Thomdike Myra Darling b.a. (Mrs 

Ralph Edson Tibbetts) 

c/o J. T. Robinson & Son 377 

Broadway New York 

editor (woman's dept) Boston Herald 
Jl 07-08; m. 13 Je 08; ch. Mary Isbeil b. 
4 Je 10 

Thorne Louise Ophelia b.a. 
1 Tower pi. Yonkers N. Y. 

teacher Cresson Pa. 07-10 

Tolman Olive b.a. 

18 Catherine st. Worcester 

instructor (classics) Monson Mass. acad. 

Tower Beatrice b.a. 

18 Myrtle av. Auburndale 
Townsend Edna Ballard b.a. 

R. F. D. 5 Augusta Me. 
Townshend Grace Margaret b.a. 

(Mrs Earl Partridge) 

923 Summit av. Minneapolis 

m. 30 D 09 
Trafton" Eleanor Somes b.a. 

672 Broadway South Boston 
Treadwell Helen Adams b.a. (Mrs 

Howard Sargent Wilkinson) 

319 Boston st. Lynn 
m. 9 O 07 
Tucker Carolyn Virginia b.a. 

60 South St. Waref 
Tuthill Stella Weston b.a. 

1106 Lake Shore drive Chicago 

Varney Alice Marguerite b.a. 

8 W. Concord st. Dover N. H.f 
Vaughan Agnes Gleason b.a. 

30 Sever st. Worcester 
Viets Marion Tufts b.a. 

155 Hunnewell av. Newton 

teacher Orthopaedic hospital White Plains 
N. Y. 08—; mem. A.C.A. 

♦Vincent Marie b.a. 
d. 17 S 09 

Walters Edith'Alice^B.A. 

Wyoming IlLf 
Welch Jeanne tte b.a. (Mrs Henry 

Strong Denison) 

1450 Washington av. Denver 

m. 19 Ag 09 

Wheeler" Leola ,b.a. Avilla Mo. 

diploma 08 Emerson col. of oratory; head 
(expression dept) Webb City Mo. high sch. 

White Bessie Matilda b.a. 

140 Prospect st. Ridgewood N. J. 

industrial sec. Y. W. C. A. Passaic N. J. 

Wilds Sophie Emeline b.a. 

Middlebury Vt. 
Willard« Ethel Adelaide b.a. (Mrs 

Henry Francis Eddy) 

6042 B Kingsbury blvd St Louis 


teacher Utuado P. II. pub. sch. 07-08, 
Leicester Mass. acad. 08-09 ; m. 5 O 09 

Willis Hope b.a. 
\ / 1861 Mintwood pi. Washington 
/ D. C. 

student (philos.) Sorbonne Paris 07-08 

Winslow Dorothy Scott b.a. 

2628 Hampden court Chicago 111. 

student Chicago art inst. 09-10 

Winward Leonora Eugene b.a. 

605 Highland av. Fall Riverf 
Wolle Helen Seiberiing b.a. 

144 E. Market st Akron O. 
Wood Edna Bulkley b.a. 

20 Forest Hill av. East Cleveland 


children's libn Cleveland pub. lib. 09-10 

*Wood" Laura Aline b.a. 
d. Ag 08 

Woodruff Marguerite Louise b.a. 
(Mrs George Starkweather Fow- 

33 Lincoln st. Glen Ridge N. J. 
m. 6 Ap 10 

Woods Katharine b.a. (Mrs Ed- 
ward Norman Lacey) 
15 Jason st. Ariington 

student Mass. general hospital nurses train- 
ing sch. Boston 07-D 09; m. 7 My 10 

Woolf Lucy Ethel b.a. 

918 Prudential bldg Atlanta Ga. 
teacher Atlanta girls high sch. 07-10 

Woolverton Ethel b a. (Mrs Fred- 
erick Hanover Cone) 
50 W. 45th St. New York 
m. 08 




Young Elizabeth Laird b.a. 

796 Bergen av. Jersey City N. J, 
Total 268-*3 


Abbott Harriette Frances b.a. 
6 Franklin st. Watertown 
teacher (Eng, hist.) Keene N. H. high sch. 
08-09, (Eng.) St Mary's sch. Peekskill 
N. Y. 09-10 

Adams Anna Brooks b.a. (Mrs 
Elvin Clement Taylor) 

9 Temple st. Springfield 
m. 6 N 09 

Adams"^ Ruth b.a. 

10 Central st. Concord Junction 

teacher Ipswich Mass. high sch. 

Allen Hazel Laberta b.a. 

21 Winter st. Boston 
Allen Sadie Dora b a. Terryville Ct. 
AUmond Mary Helen b.a. 

600 Harvard av. N. Seattle Wash. 

Andrews^ Helen Hirst b.a. 
Fenton Mich, 
teacher Fenton 09, Manistee 10 

Appleton Helen Lincoln b.a. 

146 Joralemon st. Brooklyn N. Y. f 

Averill Mary Halsey b.a. 

176 S. Parsons av. Flushing N. Y. 

teacher (Eng.) Homestead sch. Flushing 
Mr-Je 09, 09-10 

Ayer Eugenia b.a. (Mrs Oliver 
Frost Cutts) 
1425 Grand av. Seattle Wash. 

student (music) Boston 08-09 ; m. 30 Je 09 ; 
ch. Jeannette b. 13 Mr 10 

Baker Mary Tryphosa b.a 

c/o H. N. Baker 11 Boylston 
terrace West Medford 

membership sec. Women's educ. and in- 
dustrial union Boston Ap-D 09; asst 
registrar Simmons col. D 09 — 

Barber Katherine Dew alt b.a. 
333 S. Market st. Canton O. 

Barney Ida b.a. 

346 Whitney av. New Haven Ct. 
student (math.) Yale 08-10; mem. A.C.A. 

Barr Helen b.a. 

9 Amherst st. Nashua N. H. 

Bartle Ruth b.a. 

Railway exchange bldg Chicago 111. 

Batson Allison Blanche b.a. 
69 South St. Northampton 

teacher (commercial dept) Hmgham Mass. 
high sch. 08-09, (sec. dept) Rockford col. 

Batterson Florence b.a. (Mrs David 
A. Dowsett) 

c/o Mrs R. P. Crawford 5 Max- 
well St. Sullivan Ind.f 

Beane Katherine Edna b.a. 
Newington N. H. 

teacher Netherwood Rothesay N. B. 

Beasley Martha Mabel b.a. (Mrs 
George Albert Hill jr) 
50 Riverdale st. West Springfield 

m. 18 F 09 

Bliss Elizabeth Howe b.a. 

100 Main st. Worcester 

teacher (Eng.) Watertown N. Y. high sch.. 
08-10, (Eng, Latin) East Orange" N. J. 
high sch. 10 — 

B liven Emma Alma b.a. 

4 Beech terrace Yonkers N. Y. 

teacher Sch. of Good Shepherd Asbury Park 
N. J. 08-09, (Eng, hist, Latin, algebra) 
Misses Metcalf's sch. Tarry town N. Y. 09-10 

Boardman Mabel b.a. 

367 W. 6th av. Columbus O. 

art-craft worker 

Bosart Dora Ellen b.a. 

4704 E. Washington st. Indiana- 
polis Ind. 

B owne Ethel Middlebrook b.a ( Mrs 
Harold Chessman Keith) 
1383 Main st. Brocktonf 
m. 12 Ap 10 

Boyle Florence McCollough b.a. 
648 Champlain st. Detroit Mich. 

teacher Terre Haute Ind. classical sch. 08-09, 
St Gabriel's sch. Peekskill N. Y, 09-10 

Boynton Frances Clark b.a. 
33 Beacon st. Florence 

student (German, math.) Smith 08; teacher 
Faulkton S. D. Ja 10— 

Boynton Josephine Anna b a. 

101 Livingston av. Lowellf 

Brackett Caroline Russell b.a. (Mrs 
Robert Erastus Blakeslee) 
63 Kenwood av. Newton Center 

m. 7 Ja 09; ch. Robert Willard b. 14 Ja 10 

Bradley Kate b.a. (Mrs Burritt 
Samuel Lacy) 
The Arno Dubuque la. 
m. 19 D 08; ch, Benjamin Marvin b. 14 F 10 

Bright Margaret b.a. (Mrs Edwin 
H. Parkhurst) 
2436 Norfolk road Cleveland O. 

teacher (expression) Hathaway-Brown sch. 
Cleveland 08-09; m. 30 Ap 10 

Briley Beatrice Annie b.a. 

1893 Pacific st. Brooklyn N. Y.f 

teacher Berkeley inst. Brooklyn 08-09, 
Girls high sch. 09-10 




Brown Annie Grertrude b.a. (Mrs 
Hazen Fancher Simpson) 
The Knoll Peekskill N. Y. 
M.A. 09; student (math, German) Smith 
08-09; m. 2 N09 

Brownlee Edith b.a. 

312 8th av. Spokane Wash.f 
Burpee Carolyn May b.a. 

219 Harvard st. Brookline 

♦Burroughs Ethel b.a. 

d. 18 My 08 
Burton Flora Emma b.a. 
55 Garfield st. Cambridge 

settlement worker Cambridge neighbor- 
hood house 08-09 

Butler Gertrude Mary b.a. 

205 Haverhill st. Lawrence 
private teacher and tutor 
Butler Grace Marjorie b.a. 

927 Michigan av. Niagara Falls 

N. Y. 

instructor (drawing) Niagara Falls high 
sch. 09, De Veaux sch. 10 

Butler Mary Elizabeth b.a. 
2 Green lane Worcester 

teacher (French, Latin) Newtown Ct. high 
sch. 08-09, substitute teacher Worcester 
high sch. 09-10 

Camp Dorothy Hale b.a. 

214 Clinton st. Watertown N. Y. 
Campbell Martha Alice b.a. (Mrs 

Max Meyer) 16 Bell st. Chicopee 

student (French lang. and art) Alliance 
fran^aise, Paris; asst West Hartford Ct. 
grammar sch. 08-09; clerk Mass. mutual 
life insurance co. Springfield 09-10 

Carsley Fannie Belle b.a. 

Bridgton Me.f 
Carswell Harriet Townsend b.a. 

128 S. 19th St. Philadelphia Pa.f 
Cary Bessie Ella b.a. 

149 East av. Lockport N. Y.f 
Chandler Jean Emily b.a. 

30 Kensington av. Northampton 

sec. to registrar Margaret Morrison Carnegie 
sch. for women Pittsburg Pa. 08-09, asst 
registrar Smith 09 — 

Chase Mary Louise b.a. 

311 Lafayette av. Brooklyn 
teacher (science) Science Hill sch. Shelby- 
ville Ky. 08-10 
Childs Harriet Evelyn b.a. 

teacher Manchester Vt. 08-10 

Christian Grace b.a. 

404 N. Alabama st. Indianapolis 

Churchyard Constance b.a. 

1555 Niagara st. Buffalo N. Y. 

head (Eng. dept) Perry N. Y. high sch. 

Clancy Agnes Grace [Williams] b.a. 
South Egremont 
teacher (Eng.) St Mary's sch. Memphis 
Tenn. 08-09, reader (psych.) Smith 09-10 

Clary Frances Ward b.a. (Mrs Silas 
221 Gates av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher Williamsburg Mass. high sch. 08- 
09; m. 2 O09 

Coale Mary Arabella b.a. 
Glen Ridge N. J. 

student (organ) Montclair N. J; teacher 
Miss Keller's sch. New York N 08-09, 
(Eng, music) Hamilton sch. for girls New 
York 09 — ; mem. Amer. guild of organists 

Conant Beatrice b.a. 

11 Sheffield road Winchester 

teacher Middletown Ct. high sch. 08-09; 
asst dressmaking establishment 09-10 

Copp Emily Avery b.a. Groton Ct. 


Corbett Clara Louise b.a. (Mrs 
Denison Shoemaker Phelps) 

43 Main st. Binghamton N. Y. 
m. 2 Je 09 

Coursen Aline Toppin b.a. 

194 Roseville av. Newark N. J. 

Cowperthwaite Edith Adele b.a. 
249 Kimball av. Westfield N. J. 

Crow Martha Worrell b.a. 

2112 Spring Garden st. Philadel- 
phia Pa. 

student (math.) Univ. of Pa. 09-10 ; teacher 
(science, math.) Milford Del. high sch. 
08-09, (physics) Philadelphia high sch. for 
girls 09-10 

Cumston Charlotte b.a. 

18 Monmouth court Brookline 
Curtis Lena Riley b.a. 

986 5th av. New York 
Cutter Edna b.a. 

694 Mammoth road Dracut 

market gardener 08-10 

Dauchy Katharine b.a. 

870 Carroll st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Davidson Helen Buffum b.a. (Mrs 

Bartlett Walton) 

Park av. Wakefield 

teacher Newport Vt. high sch. 08-Ja 10; 
m. 30 Ap 10 
Davidson Mary Richmond b.a. 

teacher Misses Allen's sch. West Newton 
Mass. 08-10 

Dixon Florence b.a. 

241 Franklin pi. Flushing N. Y. 
Doris Mary Monica b.a. 

44 Berkeley st. Somerville 
Dorr Marion Harvey b.a. 

249 Lake av. Newton Highlands 




Doughty Antoinette Varick b.a. 

170 Engle st. Englewood N. J. 
Dow Mary Windsor b.a. 

Broad st. Claremont N. H.f 
Dudley Rose b.a. Georgetown Ky. 
Dunbar Ruth b.a. 

43 Center st. Brookline 
Dunn Mary Louise b.a. (Mrs Frank 

Douglas Spaulding) 

98 College st. Burlington Vt. 
m. 1 Je 10 

Dyar Gladys Eleanor b.a. 

376 W. 5th St. Winona Minn.f 
Edgar Louise b.a. 

19 Monroe pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

student (hist, of math.) Teachers col. 08- 
09; mem. A.C.A. 

Edge Florence Matilda b.a. 

148 W. 121st St. New Yorkf 
Edwards Margaret MacLaren b.a, 
1721 Santa Barbara st. Santa 
Barbara Cal. 
Eliot Mary b.a. 

48 Gordon av. Hyde Park 
kindergartner Miss Fisher's sch. Boston 

Eliot Ruth Forbes b.a, 

209 Church st. New Haven Ct. 

student N. Y. state lib. sch. 09-10 

Ellsworth Helen Clare b.a. 
362 Main st. Athol 

student (piano) Northampton 08-10 
Emerson Josephine Burt b.a, 
Mascoma N. H, 

teacher (math.) Middlebury Vt. high sch. 

Emerson Malleville Wheelock b.a. 

Enright Elizabeth Evelyn b.a. 
249 Pearl st. BurHngton Vt. 
asst George Junior republic high sch. 
Freeville N. Y. Ja-Je 09, Highgate Vt. high 
sch. Mr-Je 10 

*Evans'^ Winifred Margaret b.a. 
d. 1 Ap 08 

Everett Amy King b.a, 

c/o E, H. Everett co, Newark O. 
Falding Phyllis b,a, 

c/o F. J, Falding 55 Broadway 

New York 

teacher Bristol Ct, high sch. 08-09, teacher 
and tutor Manor son. Larchmont N, Y. 

Farman Mary Catharine b.a. 

30 Cross St. Jamestown N. Y.f 
Farrill Ethel Alyne b.a. 

260 Park pi. Kenosha Wis. 
teacher (Eng.) Kenosha high sch, F 10 — 

Fenton" Josephine Agnes b.a. 

27 Suffolk St. Holyoket 
Fitzgerald Eleanor Elizabeth b.a. 
124 Washington st. Hempstead 
Long Island N. Y. 
teacher Garden City 1>. I. pub. sch. 08-09, 
(French, German) Hempstea<i high sck. 

Fitzgerald Irene b.a. 

124 Washington st. Hempstead 
Long Island N. Y. 

teacher Bible vacation sch. New York sum- 
mer of 08, Amityville L. I. 08-09, Garden 
City pub. sch. 09-10, (dancing) 09-Ap 10, 
tutor (Latin) Jl-S 09 

Forcier May b.a. 

57 Liberty st. Meriden Ct. 

teacher (lang.) Litchfield Ct. high sch. 08 — 

Ford Clara Ray b.a. 

Huntington Long Island N. Y. 

diploma for organ course 10 New York inst. 
of musical art; private teacher (piano, 
theory of music) 

Foster Vesta Raven b.a, (Mrs 
Harold E. Board) 
1614 Oak av. Evanston 111. 
m. 23 O 09 

Freeman Mary Dudley b.a. 

208 Golden hill Bridgeport Ct.f 

French Amy Hayes b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur Percy Hosford) 
29 Walton st. Dorchester 

m. 21 Je 10 

Friend Alice Hinman b.a. (Mrs 
Philip H. Mitchell) 
19 Creighton st. Providence R. I. 

m. 30 My 10 

Fuller Eunice b.a. 

170 Prospect st. Providence R. I. 

editor with Silver Burdett & co. 09-10 

Gallagher Amy b.a. 

346 Walnut av. Roxbury 

Gara Edith Austin b.a. 

143 Merion av. Narbeth Pa. 

Gates Theoda Elizabeth b.a. 
107 South St. Auburn N. Y. 

teacher (hist, science) St Mary's hall 
Burlington N. J. 08-10 

Gilchrist Lucy Con vers b.a. 
Suffern N. Y. 
mem, A.C.A. 

Gilmore Gladys Chase b.a. 
21 Park pi. Newtonville 

student Emerson col. of oratory summer of 
08; teacher (biol, elocution) Oneonta 
N. Y. high sch. 08-09, (Eng.) Newton Mass. 
technical high sch. 09-10 

Gleason Ellen Harris b.a. 
83 Elm St. Jamaica Plain 




Gloeckler Christine Alma b.a. (Mrs 
Edwin O. Greifenhagen) 
823 Wellington av. Chicago 111. 

m. 7 Ja 09; ch. Ruth Christine b. 3 O 09 

Goodridge Elinor Moody b.a. 

1705 Massachusetts av. Cam- 

student Miss Backer's sch. of design Boston 
08 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Goodsell Marguerite b.a. 

7 Mitchell pi. East Orange N. T. 

teacher (French, German) Atlantic High- 
lands N. J. high sch. 08-09, Gloversville 
N. Y, high sch. Ag 09— 

Graves" Eva Wing b.a. 
student (teachers commercial course) Bay 
Path inst. Springfield 08-09; teacher Dan- 
bury Ct. high sch. 09-10 

Grey Florence Aurelia b.a. (Mrs 
Everett Francis Dodge) 
5 Chatham st. East Lynn 

m. 10 S 08; ch. Eleanor b. 24 Jl 09 

Harris Helen Fancher b.a. (Mrs 
Norman Leslie Snow) 
1342 Watchung av. Plainfield 

m. 5 Je 09 
Harvey Florence Gertrude b.a. 

658 Greene av. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Haws Florence Adelaide b.a. 

53 South St. Stamford Ct.f 
Henry Marjorie Louise b.a. 
62 Clark road Brookline 
teacher Miss Haskell and Miss Dean's sch. 
Boston 09-10 

Henry Ruth Whipple b.a. Amherst 

teacher Snell sem. Berkeley Cal. 09-10 

Hibberd Helen Laura b.a. 

509 W. Washington st. South 
Bend Ind. 

teacher (Eng, Latin) South Bend high sch. 

Hill Adalene Rogers b.a. 
34 Elm St. Oshkosh Wis. 
student (elocution) 08-09; dramatic reader 
and teacher (elocution) Oshkosh 09-10 

Hills Helen Margaret b.a. (Mrs James 
Mandly Hills) 

135 Prospect park W. Brooklyn 
N. Y. 
m. 18 O 10; mem. A.C.A. 

Hinman Katharine Duble b.a. 
189 Summit av. Summit N. J. 

Hodgdon Nancy Plumer b.a. 
18 Wellington st. Arlington 

student Burdett business col. Boston 08-09 

Holbrook Anna Laura b.a. 

162 Belmont av. Jersey City N. J. 
teacher Nutley sch. Nutley N. J. 09-10 

Holman Edith b.a. 

953 E. 10th St. Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher (math, German) PauJsboro N. J. 
high sch. 08-09 ; clerical asst to prin, Rich- 
mond Hill high sch. New York 09-Jl 10 

Holmes Fanny Randolph b.a. 
90 High St. Orange N. J. 

teacher (Eng, French, Latin) Moriah N. Y. 
F-Je 09, (French) Waynflete sch. Port- 
land Me. 09-10 

Hubbard Ethel May b.a. 

138 N. Gifford st. Elgin 111. 
student Chicago sch. of physical educ. 09-10 ; 
editorial worker 08-09; teacher summer 
sch. of Chicago sch. of physical educ. Sau- 
gatuck Mich. 10 

Hughes Clara Louise b.a. 

1527 6th av. Spokane Wash. 
Hyndman Helen Whitten b.a. 

14 S. Church st. Schenectady 

N. Y. 

mem. A.C.A. 
James Edith Marion b.a. 
146 Webster st. Maiden 

teacher (Eng, French, math, science) Col- 
linsville Ct. high sch. 08-10 

Jenkins Minnie Ethel b.a. 

84 Riverside drive Binghamton 

N. Y. 
Joerder Hazel b.a. 

5536 Cates av. St Louis Mo. 

Johnson"^ Dora Lucille b.a. 

instructor (Eng.) Starkley sem. Lakemont 
N. Y. 08-09, prm. North Uxbridge gram- 
mar sch. 09-10 

Jones Mabel Elizabeth b.a. 

49 Columbus st. Newton High- 

Jones Perrie b.a. Wabash Minn. 

asst Rushford Minn, high sch. 08-09 

Judge Mabel Estelle b.a. 
20 Orne st. Worcester 
teacher (French, Latin) Black River acad. 
Ludlow Vt. 08 — , preceptress 09 — 

Keenan Mary Veronica b.a. 
7 Sackett st. Westfield 
teacher (Latin, hist.) Pulaski N. Y. high 
sch. 09-10 

Keene Annie Florence b.a (Mrs 

Neil Dow Stanley) 

206 Adams st. North Abingtonf 
m. 12 Jl 09 
Kellogg Grace b.a. 

51 Addington road Brookline 

teacher (Eng.) Newton technical high sch. 
Newtonville Mass. 08-09, under A. B. C. 
F. M. Gedik Pasha sch. Constantinople 

Kenyon Dorothy b.a. 

321 W. 82d St. New York 




Kerr Katherine Clara b.a. 

1105 Boylston av. N. Seattle Wash.t 
Keyes Louise b.a. 

2225 Lake of Isles blvd Minnea- 
polis Minn, 
teacher Sedro Wash. 08-09, Sumner 09-10 

Kilboume" Edna Frances b.a. 

Sheridan Wyo.f 
King" Margaret Josephine b.a. 

19 Powel av. Newport R. I. 
Kingsbury Maybelle Gifford b.a. 

79 Taber av. Providence R. I. 

private tutor; mem. A.C.A. 

Kingsley Margaret Appleton b.a. 
1229 Judson av. Evanston 111. 

M.A. 10 Columbia; student (botany) Co- 
lumbia 08-10; asst (botany) Barnard 

Kissock May Sutherland b.a. 
79 Wall St. New York 

student (hygiene, physical educ.) Wellesley 

Kraffert" Jeannette Chase b.a. (Mrs 
George Moody Hume) 
509 Putnam st. Marietta O.f 

m. 5 Ja 10 

Kummer Hannah Olive b.a. 
1790 E. 90th St. Cleveland O. 

special instructor (German) Cleveland pub. 

Larmour Victoria Amanda b.a. 
336 Bridge st. Northampton 
student (Eng, Gothic) 09-F 10; teacher 
(Eng.) GoessTiiann sch. Amherst Mass. 08-09, 
asst Mitchell high sch. Woodbury Ct. F- 
Je 10 

Lenhart Laura Edna b.a. 

3316 N. 28th st. Tacoma Wash. 

student Good Samaritan hospital training 
sch. for nurses Portland Ore. My 09 — 

Lewis Marjory b.a. 

Cold Spring Harbor Long Island 

N. Y. 

Libbey Vivian Betsey b.a. 

281 Harvard st. Cambridgef 

Libby Edith Frances b.a. (Mrs 
Frank Smith Benson) 
Auburn Me. 
m. 19 N 08 

Linke Edith Adelaide b.a. 

49 Cornell av. Yonkers N. Y. 

teacher Halsted sch. Yonkers 08-10 

Lisman Charlotte Josephine b.a. 
165 Park av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 

Little Margaret b.a. 

49 Spring St. Somervillef 

Locke Gladys b.a. 

48 Garden pi. Brooklyn N. Y.f 

Lytle Harriett Jackson b.a. (Mrs 

Harry Charles Bonney) Barre 

m. 28 Ag 09 ; ch. Katherine Alice b. 9 My 10 

McCall Laura Margaret b.a. (Mrs 

Robert Miles Northup) 

Malone N. Y. 
teacher (hist.) Malone high sch. 08-10; m. 
11 Ag 10 

McCardell Edna May b.a. 

148 N. Potomac st. Hagerstown 

McCluney Ethel b.a. (Mrs Cyrus 

Henry Loutrel) 

239 W. Harter st. Germantown 

m. 15 D 08; ch. Harriet b. 20 Ja 10 
McLennan Marion b.a. 

303 Green st. Syracuse N. Y. 
McMahon Gertrude Elizabeth b.a. 

606 State st. Bridgeport Ct. 

teacher Stamford Ct. high sch. Ja-Je 09 

Mahoney Ida May b.a. 

24 Adams st. Easthampton 

instructor Winona Minn. sem. 08-09, 
teacher Easthampton 09-10 

Malone'* Eleanor Quayle b.a. 
5012 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 

Mann Myrtle Margaret b.a. 
34 St Stephen st. Boston 

M.A. 10 Radcliffe; student (Germanic 
philol.) Radcliffe 09-10; teacher Hyde 
grammar sch. Newton Mass. 08-09 

Manning Ethelwyn b.a. 

182 N. Grove st. East Orange 

Mansfield Hilda Brownell b.a. 

368 Hancock st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher (hist.) Ingleside sch. New Milford 
Ct. 09-10 

Meier Clara Edna b.a. 
Ridgefield Ct. 

Meisenhelder Mary Elizabeth b.a. 

3718 Locust St. Philadelphia Pa. 
Merriam Alice Caroline b.a. 

181 Washington st. Middletown 


Mills Margaret Adelia b.a. 

225 E. 37th st. Des Moines la.f 

Mitchell Besse Edith b.a. 

Southbury Ct.f 
Moody Madge Edna b.a. (Mrs 

Gordon M. Howe) 

249 Gates av. Brooklyn N. Y. 
m. 6 O 09 

Moore Gretchen b.a. 

The Peppers Redlands Cal. 




Morgan Nannie Louise b.a. 

202 E. Locust St. Bloomington 

Morse Minnie Catherine b.a. 

Hartford Vt.t 
Munro Ruth Elizabeth b.a, 

10 Avery st. Westfield 

teacher Guilford Ct. high sch. 08-10 

Murdock Dora McChesney b.a. 

11 Montgomery pi. Brooklyn 
N. Y.t 

Myers Miriam Alma b.a. (Mrs 
Bernard Westermann) 
108 Yamamoto Dori, Nichome, 
Kobe Japant 

m. 11 Je 10 

Newton Edna Florence b.a. 

107 Field Point road Greenwich 

O'Connell Grace Claudine b.a. 

Middlebury Vt.f 
O'Donnel Ruth Leigh b.a. (Mrs 

Chester White Graves) 

Byng Inlet, Ontario Can. 

m. 18 Je 10 

Olmstead Miriam Parmerton b.a. 
Taftsville Vt. 

student (comparative anatomy) Freiburg 
univ. Germany 08-09; tutor 09-10 

Onglev Lucy Evelyn b.a. 

425 W. 114th St. New Yorkf 
Oppen Lucy von Hiddessen b.a. 

8 Summer st. Stonehamt 
Opper Sophia Burr b.a. 

Stamford Ct.t 
O'Shea Elizabeth Mary b.a. 

252 Pleasant st. Laconia N. H.f 

Page Ethel Sumner b.a. 

222 Riverside drive New York 

Parker Elizabeth b.a. 

221 12th St. Portland Ore. 

Parker Helen Eugenia b.a. 
225 Pleasant st. Winthrop 

teacher (Eng. hist.) Holbrook Mass. high 
sch. 08-09 

Parker"' Lucile b.a. 

221 12th St. Portland Ore. 

Parker Ruth b.a. 

1 Cedar st. Bath Me. 

asst Buckfield Me. high sch. Ja 09-10; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Parsons Mary Prescott b.a. 
Bay City Mich, 
teacher (French) Brewster free acad. 
Wolfeboro N. H. 08-09; libn Mt Hermon 
Mass. sch. lib. 09 — 

Patten Glenn Alda b.a. (Mrs Rush 
Pohr Crawford) 
5 Maxwell st. Sullivan Ind. 
m. 20 O 09 

Pattison Florence Helen b.a. 

1425 Jackson blvd Chicago 111. 
Payne Lewella b.a. (Mrs Garnett 


303 Jackson st. Georgetown Ky. 

student (music) Chautauqua N. Y. summer 
of 09; instructor (music) Georgetown col. 
08-10; m. 21 D 09 

Perkins Jessica Faxon b.a. 
3 Florence pi. Troy N. Y. 
teacher Lansingburg N. Y. high sch. 08-10 

Pomeroy Laura Holmes b.a. 

13 Spring St. Hartford Ct. 
Price Eva Alfrieda b.a. 

536 W. 113th St. New York 
Prince Florence Louise b.a. (Mrs 

George Levick Street jr) 

Midlothian road Forest Hill 

Richmond Va. 
m. 14 Ap 09; ch. Elizabeth Lovejoy b. 
17 Ap 10 

Provost Jane Birtwell b.a. 

1226 Walnut st. Chester Pa. 

Purmort Jean Crete b.a. 

S. Park lane Des Moines la.f 

Rae Mabel b.a. 

1068 Dean st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

teacher Vacation Bible sch. New York sum- 
mer of 08 ; social worker on staff of Bureau 
of mimicipal research Ag 08 — 

Rankin Margaret Clark b.a. 
69 Center st. Brookline 

Ranney Orlana b.a. 

84 Congress st. Fitchburg 

practice teacher Fitchburg high sch. 08-09, 
teacher (Eng.) Brattleboro Vt. high sch. 

Raymond Lucy Emma b.a. 

2239 Calumet av. Chicago lU.t 
Rea Rhoda Olive b.a. 

420 E. Charles st. Muncie Ind.f 

Reed Faith Hamilton b.a. 
West Brookfield 

teacher N. Kingstown high sch. Wickford 

R. I. OS- 
Reed Helen Winsor b.a. 

60 Woodland st. Worcester! 

Reed Julia Goodspeed b.a. 
90 Somerset st. Belmont 

Reeve Ada Belle b.a. 
10 Lincoln av. Salem 
asat Unadilla N. Y. high sch. 08-09, Corn- 
ing high sch. 09-10 




Reynolds Bertha Capen b.a. 

teacher (prep, dept) Atlanta Ga. iiniv. 09 — 

Ribbel** Helen Gwendolyn b.a. (Mrs 

John C. Pullman) 

c/o War dept Washington D. C.t 
m. 20 O 09 
Rice Margaret Corey b.a. 

12 Prichard st. Fitchburg 
Richardson Frances Marion b.a. 

51 Page road Newtonville 

student Miss Fisher's kindergarten training 
sch. Boston 08-10; kindergartner New 
York 10— 

Ricker Alice Lillian b.a. 

34 Summer st. St Johnsbury Vt. 
Riker Eleanor Hunter b.a. 

Ill Cleveland st. Orange N. J. 
Riker Elsie Shaw b.a. 

Ill Cleveland st. Orange N. J. 
Ripley Ethelind Howe b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Snow Giles) 
2210 15th St. Troy N. Y. 
teacher Miss Sowden's private sch. Melrose 
Mass. S-D 08, prin. private sch. Ja 09-10; 
m. Je 10 

Rooney Blanche Marion b a. 
20 W. Concord st. Dover 
asst Newmarket N. H. high sch. 08-09, 
Newport Vt. acad. 09-10 

Rude Irene Fidelia b.a. Huntington 

asst prin. Plainville Ct. grammar sch. 08-10 

Rue Mabel b.a. 

1914 W. 9th av. Spokane Wash. 

mem. A.C.A. 
Russell Anna b.a. 1 Mall st. Salem 

sec. Greenfield girls club 08- Jl 10 

Sawtelle Amy Leslie b.a. 

18 Marshall st. Watertown 

student (hygiene and physicial training) 
Wellesley 09; asst supt (lunch dept) 
Women's educ. and industrial union Boston 
N 08-Jl 09, S 09 

Sayles Virginia Irene b.a. 

134 Appleton av. Pittsfield 
teacher Redfield sch. Pittsfield 08-09, high 
sch. 09-10 

Sayward Margaret Elise b.a. 
69 Monadnock st. Dorchester 

student (homemaking) Garland sch. Boston 

Schell Edna Louise b.a. 
1 W. 102d St. New York 
mem. A.C.A. 

Seaman Louise Pauline b.a. 
606 5th St. Catasauqua Pa. 

Seeber Elizabeth b.a. 
Canajoharie N. Y. 
teacher East Orange N. J. high sch. 08-10 

Shaffer Lucy Kennedy b.a. 

Clinton Springs av. Avondale 
Cincinnati O.t 

Sheldon Florence Calista b.a. (Mrs 
Frederick D. Downs) 
265 Division st. Ansonia Ct. 
teacher Fort Ann N. Y. 08-09; m. 1 Je 10 

Sherman Jessie Belle b.a. 

175 Eagle st. North Adamsf 

Simpson Sarah Hull Jenkins b.a. 
952 Lexington av. New York 

Sinclair Edith b.a. (Mrs Philip 
Northrop Miller) 

314 Scotland road South Orange 

m. 17 D 09 

Sjostrom Marie Elizabeth b.a. 

Sutton Manor, New Rochelle 
N. Y.t 

Smith Alta b.a. (Mrs EUiott Rug- 
gles Corbett) 
293 6th St. Portland Ore. 

head (hist, and Eng. dept) St Helen's hall 
Portland 08-09; m. 1 S 09 

Smith Charlotte Jewell b.a. 
R. F. D. 4 Aurora 111. 

student (hist.) Chicago univ. summer of 10; 
asst prin. Mellette high sch. 08-09, instruc- 
tor (hist, German) Marshall high sch. 09 — ; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Smith Helen Porter b.a. 
Abbeville S. C.f 

Smith Mary Byers b.a. 
Box 273 Andover 

Smith Myrtle [Eve] b.a. 

2324 Emerson av. S. Minneapolis 


Smith Olga Lucile b.a. 
110 Cliff av. Shelton Ct.f 

Squire Anna Louise b.a. 

6053 Winthrop av. Chicago 111. 

Squire Marjorie b.a. 

The Remington pi. IHon N. Y.t 

Stahl Alice Emeline b.a. (Mrs 
Daniel Criss Seltzer) Belle vue O. 
m. 5 Je 09 

Staples^ Abigail Rosilla b.a. 
270 North st. Springfield 

teacher Wilmington high sen. 08 — 

Steen Margaret Hallock b.a. 

218 S. 44th St. Philadelphia Pa. 
official tutor Miss Hill's sch. for girls Philar' 
delphia 08-09, teacher (Eng.) 09-10 




Stevens** Louise Frances b.a. (Mrs 
Arthur Alexis Bryant) 
c/o Mrs Stevens Mahwah N. J. 

asst (physiol. dept) Amer. museum of 
natural history New York 08-09, agent 
Dept of child hygiene (educ. section) Rus- 
sell Sage foundation Ap 09 — ; m. D 08 

Stoddard Grace Margaret b.a. (Mrs 
C. Hadlai Hull) 

16 Summit av. New London Ct. 
m. 5 N 08; ch. Henrietta b. 10 O 09 
Stone Esther Atherton b.a. Ayer 

asst Clark univ. lib. Worcester Mass. 08- 
09; clerk insurance office Ayer 09 — 

Stone Helena b.a. 

176 W. 105th St. New York 
asst Metropolitan museimi of art lib. New 
York 08-09 

Strout Ethel Eulalie b.a. 
10 Claflin road Brookline 

student Perry kindergarten normal sch. 
Boston 09— 

Studebaker Adriana Louise b.a. 
529 W. Washington av. South 
Bend Ind. 

teacher (math.) South Bend high sch. 08-10 

Sumner Amie May Rand b.a. 
Canton Junction 
student (vocal music) 08 — 

Suter Eliza b.a. Emerson Neb.f 

Swain Rachel b.a. 

15 Merlin st. Dorchester Center 

conveyancing clerk with Swain, Carpenter 
& Nay Boston OS- 
Swift Frances Damon b.a. 

2320 E. First st. Duluth Minn, 
mem. A.C.A. 

Terry Edna Roselle b.a. 
East Brookfield 

teacher Whitehall N. Y. high sch. 08-10, 
Gl(jversville 10 — 

Thomas Ella Louise b.a. 
R. F. D. Blackstone 

teacher Woonsocket R. I. 08-10; mem. 

Thomas Florence Lewis b.a. 

c/o Mrs R. N. Lansing 656 Wood- 
land park Chicago 111. 

Thomas Rena Jenks b.a. 
R. F. D. Blackstone 

student Lowell Mass. training sch. for 
teachers 08-09; teacher Woonsocket R. I. 
09-10; mem. A.C.A. 

Thompson Elizabeth Hardy b.a. 
Raymond N. H. 

assoc. prin. Conant high sch. East Jaffrey 
N. H. 08-09, instructor (math.) Sanborn 
sem. Kingston 09-10 

Thompson Nina Edgerton b.a. 
114 E. Main st. Meriden Ct. 

Thomson Jane Eldridge b.a. 
1832 Carr st. St Louis Mo. 

asst West Green Bay Wis. high sch. 08-09: 
asst supt children's memorial hospital 
Chicago N 09-F 10; director Self -culture 
hall St Louis 10 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Thuman Jane Ellis b.a. 

56 S. 6th St. New Bedford 

children's libn New Bedford 10 

Tilton Mabel Frances b.a. 
49 Beech st. Norwood 
mem. A.C.A, Amer. dramatic guild 

Tomlin Maude Somerville b.a. 
47 High St. Florence 

teacher Sheffield high sch. 08-10 

Topping Ella Rachel b.a. 

240 Randolph av. Peoria 111. 

Topping Margaret Atkinson b.a. 
(Mrs George W. Tourtellot) 
6 E. 52d St. Kansas City Mo 
m. 21 Je 10 

Towne Mildred b.a. (Mrs Francis 
Foster Powell) 

University ranch, Stevensville 

teacher Vacation Bible sch. New York sum- 
mer of 08, (Eng, civil govt, ethics)*New 
London Ct. manual training sch. 08-09, 
(Eng.) Springfield central high sch. 09- 
F 10; m. 12 F 10 

Tumey Sara May b.a. 
East Brookfield 

teacher (math, French) Fonda N. Y. high 
sch. 08-09, (math, Eng.) Kearny N. J. high 
sch. 09-10 

Ufford** Helen Harriet b.a. 

504 Winchester av. New Haven 

Vanneman Caroline Kerr b.a. 

Havre de Grace Md. 

Vamey Mildred Eva b.a. 

Box 314 Floral Park Long Island 

N. Y. 

student Eastman-Gaines business sch. 08- 
09; office asst with United holding co. 
Bellerose L. I. 09— 

Vaughan Ruth b.a. 

30 Sever st. Worcester 

Waite Marjory Ismene B.A. (Mrs 
Crowell Clarinton Hall jr) 
Dover Me. 
m. 27 S 10 

Walton" Alice Jeannette b.a. (Mrs 
Harry M. Wheeler) Wakefield 
m. Je 10 
Warren Mary Hodgson b.a. 
24 Leonard st. Fall River 

teacher Rutland high sch. D 08-09, 
Stetson high sch. Randolph 09-10 




Watkins Mabel b.a. (Mrs John 
Eddy Austin) 

639 E. 5th St. Chattanooga Tenn. 
m. 14 O 08 

Watkins Mary b.a. (Mrs Robert 
C. Cubbon) 

1310 St Charles st. Birmingham 
m. 8 F 10 
Webster Margaret b.a. 

425 William st. East Orange N. J. 
extension sec. Y. W. C. A. Newark N. J. 
Ja 10— 

Webster Ruth Emily b.a. 
25 Summer st. Haverhill 

teacher evening sch. 08-10 

Weed Martha Gladys b.a. 

2849 Prospect av. S. E. Cleveland 


Welsh Clara May b.a. 

Denison house 93 Tyler st. Boston 

fellow Smith and Col. settlements assn 
08-09; asst boys' worker Denison house 

Whitcomb Helen May b.a. 
2 Belmont st. Lowell 

student Lowell training sch. for teachers 
09-10; asst in writing Turner course of 
picture study and schoolroom decoration 
Boston 08-09 

Whitman Edith b.a. 

105 S. Main st. Middleboro 
Wicks Helen Davis b.a. 

Huntington Long Island N. Y. 

M.A. 09 Columbia; student (hist, educ.) 
Coliunbia 08-09; teacher Brooklyn girls 
high sch. F 10— 

Wicks Ruth Egert b.a. 

124 Jewett av. Buffalo N. Y. 
Wiggin Charlotte Monroe b.a. 

Litchfield Ct. 

teacher Miss Glendinning's sch. New Haven 
Ct. 09-10 

Wiggins" Carrie Elva b.a. 

Warsaw N. Y.f 
Wiggins Mabel Emma b.a. 

Warsaw N. Y.f 
Wight Gwendolen Ross b.a. 

22 Florence av. Wellesley Hills 
substitute teacher Wellesley fall of 08 

Willis Edna b.a. 

47 Wheatland av. Dorchester 

student (commercial course) 08-09 ; teacher 
(commercial course) Oldtown Me. high sch. 

Wilson Mildred Wilcox b.a. 

640 N. 32d St. Philadelphia Pa.f 
Wingate Gladys Isabel b.a. 

43 Granite st. Nashua N. H. 
teacher Deerfield Mass. acad. 08-10 

Winward Helen Buffinton b.a. 

715 Madison st. Fall River 
Wolfs Marie Leonie b.a. 

915 S. 16th St. Newark N. J. 

M.A. 10 Columbia; student (political 
science, hist.) Columbia 08-10 

Wood Gladys b.a. 

Main and Franklin sts. Greenfield 
Woodward Carrie Belle b.a. 

151 Williamson av. Bloomfield 


teacher Northport N. Y. high sch. 08-09 

Woodward Ruth Margaret b a. 

135 Lloyd av. Providence R. I.f 
Young Mary Louise b.a. (Mrs Owen 

A. Locke) 

5633 Julian av. St Louis Mo.f 

m. 4 S 09 
Zabriskie Orlena Adeline b.a. (Mrs 
Herbert Scoville) 
56 W. 55th St. New York 
m. 23 o 09 Total 298-*2 

Advanced Degrees 

Bishop Mabel m.a. Bridgeport Ct. 
B.A. 05 Wellesley; fellow Smith 07-09 


Abbott Ellis b.a. 

313 Lincoln av. Goshen Ind. 

student (normal course) Goshen col. sum- 
mer of 09 

Alexander Margaret Jean b.a. 
713 Irving av. Syracuse N. Y. 

student (violin) Syracuse imiv. 09-10 

AUaman Mary Katharine b.a. 
705 Superior av. Dayton O. 

Allen Florence Cardwell b.a. 

836 Prospect pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Allen Maude Bernice b.a. 

17 William st. Gouvemeur N. Y. 

Allison Ehzabeth Shand b.a. 

16 Paradise road Northampton 

student Northampton commercial col. and 
Springfield business sch. 09-10 

Alsop Elizabeth Febiger b.a. 

96 Remsen st. Brooklyn N, Y. 

student (music) New York 

Alyea Martha Brinkerhoff b.a. 

397 Orient way Rutherford N. J. 

teacher (Latin, German) Glens Falls N. Y. 
acad. 09-10 

Ambrose Cora Janet b.a. 
Park Hill Yonkers N. Y. 

Andersen Sigrid Christina Amalia 

B.A. 67 Lynde st. Gardner 

teacher Bridgton Me. high sch. fall of 09 




Anderson Carol b.a. 

184 Gibbs st. Newton Center 

student (dressmaking) Newton technical 
high sch. 09-10 

Andrews Helen Rhoda B.A. (Mrs 
Frederick C. Minkler) 
Nichol av. New Brunswick N. J. 
m. 11 O 10 

Apgar Mildred Higgins b.a. 

375 W. State st. Trenton N. J. 
Balch Gratia Dean b.a. 

South park St Johnsbury Vt. 
Ballard Lucy Bishop b.a. 

247 South St. Pittsfield 
Bartlett Levantia White b.a. 

West Hartford Ct.f 
Basnett Bertha b.a. 

1127 Park st. Jacksonville Fla. 
Baumann Frances Margaret b.a. 

630 Hawthorne pi. Chicago 111. 
Beardsley Elizabeth Coley b.a. 

165 Minerva st. Derby Ct. 
Bickford Frances Henrietta b.a. 

Shelton Ct. 

asst (Eng, hist.) Wesleyan acad. Wilbra- 
ham Mass. 09-10 

Blake Sarah Augusta b.a. 

Hampton N. H. 
Blandin Ethel Irene b.a. 

42 Round hill Northampton 

teacher Collinsville Ct. high sch. 09-10 

Block Anna Christina b.a. 
469 Moss av. Peoria 111. 

Bodenschatz Rubina Lina b.a. 
210 Maple av. Oak Park IlLf 

Booth Vera Douglas b.a. (Mrs 
Halsey Raymond Philbrick) 
207 Beech wood av. Bridgeport Ct. 
m. 5 O 09 

Bowen Ethel Mills b.a. 

813 Main st. East Aurora N. Y. 

private teacher (music) 09-10 

Bowes Jessie Reeves b.a. 

100 Beechdale road Roland Park 


Bowles Mary b.a. 

1015 Leeland av. Houston Tex. 

Brower Gladys b.a. 

41 Kenyon st. Hartford Ct. 

Brunet Elizabeth Marion b.a. 
11 Moreland st. Roxbury 

Brush Elizabeth Parnham b.a. 
945 11th St. Boulder Col. 

student (hist, comparative lit.) Univ. of 
Col. 09-10; asst (hist.) Univ. of Col. 09-10 

Bryan Elizabeth Ewing b.a. 

1330 18th St. Washington D. C. 
Bryant Pearl Edna b.a. 

323 10th St. Honesdale Pa. 
Bryant Sheila b.a. 

41 Prospect av. Montclair N. J. 
Budd Helen Ridgway b.a. 

89 Park st Orange N. J.f 
Bull Vera Lillian b.a. 

219 Pleasant st. Bennington Vt. 
Burch Eleanor b.a. 

423 W. 3d St. Dubuque la. 
Burdett Ruth Evelyn b.a. 

67 Orchard st. Leominster 

teacher Chester Mass. high sch. Ja-Je 10 

Burge Hazel Delavan b.a. 

739 N. Center st. Stockton Cal. 
Bussard Gertrude Elise b.a. 

Watertown N. Y. 

teacher (Eng.) Watertown high sch. 09-10, 
head (Eng. dept) 10 — 

Byers Harriet Gertrude b.a. 

461 Linwood av. Buffalo N. Y 
Carpenter Marion Geneva b.a. 

Topsham Me. 
asst Topsham high sch. 09-10 

Carr^ Marjorie Leigh b.a. 

2045 E. 100th St. Cleveland O.f 
Casavant Gertrude Jessie b.a. 
78 Oak St. Gardner 
student Tucker pianoforte sch. Worcester 
Mass. 09-10 

Chapman Elizabeth b.a. 

69 Caroline st. Ogdensburg N. Y. 
teacher Ogdensburg acad. 09-10 

Chase Jessie Churchill b.a. 

25 Prospect av. Catskill N. Y. 
Clark Elizabeth Spader b.a. 

Matawan Monmouth co. N. J. 
Clark Emily Lucretia b.a. 

Pulaski N. Y. 
Clark Ruth Swan b.a, 

245 Beech st. Holyoke 
teacher Bethel Ct. high sch. 09-10 

Cole Lucy Brooks b.a. 

275 Union st. Springfield 
Comstock Louise Howard b.a. 

76 Humboldt av. Providence 

R. I.t 
Crandall Anna Elizabeth b.a. 

183 Pawling av. Troy N. Y. 

substitute teacher Troy high sch. 09-10 

Crim Annie Johnston b.a. 

241 Genesee st. Utica N. Y. 
teacher (Eng, Latin, German) Mohawk 
N. Y. high sch. 09-10 




Crim Erma Jane b.a. 
JordanviUe N. Y.t 
Crocker Vesta Leach b.a. 

161 Highland st. Brockton 
Croston Rose Elaine b.a. 

83 Emerson st. Haverhill 

substitute teacher 

Cull Florence Estey b.a. 

Cambridge N. Y. 
Daggett Ethel Augusta b.a. 

Whitehouse N. J. 
Damon Estella Louise b.a. (Mrs 

Raymond A. Warner) 

Nash hill Williamsburg 

teacher (Latin, French, Eng.) and asst 
prin. Williamsburg high sch. 09-10; m. 27 
Jl 10 

Dana Helen b a. (Mrs James 
Battles Draper) 
Stillwater av. Old Town Me.f 
m. 17 Je 09 
Dana Helen Trask b.a. 

395 Spring st. Portland Me. 
Darling Laura Keene b.a. 

110 E. River st. Hyde Park 
substitute teacher Hyde Fark 09-10 

Davis Emily Porter b.a. Agawam 

Davis Lydia b.a. 

162 Glenmary av. Clifton Cin- 
cinnati O. 

Dempsey Leah Boylan b.a. 
32 Stout St. Rochester N. Y. 

teacher (Eng, hist.) Watertown N. Y. high 
sch. 09-10 

Deshon Marjorie b.a. 

Army and Navy hospital Hot 
Springs Ark. 

Detmold Amy b.a. 

245 W. 127th St. New York 

Dickinson Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 
Charles Henry Bowker) 
59 Henshaw av. Northampton 
m. 18 Ag 09 

Dietrich Ruth Lucile b.a. 

163 Stratford road Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

pastor's asst Flatbush congregational 
church Brooklyn 

Dodge Margaret Nutter b.a. 

State and High sts. Newburyport 

Dole Julia Lenore b.a. 

1104 Michigan av. Evanston 111. 

Donnell Dorothy b.a. 
West Brookfield 

teacher Calhoun-Chamberlain sch. Spring 
Lake N. J. 09-10 

Douglass Hazel Ives b.a. 

23 Ann st. Little Falls N. Y. 
kindergartner Stony Point union sch. 09-10 

Draper Charlotte Hartley b.a. 

Canton Corner 
Dunbar Helen Lincoln, b.a. 

43 Center st. Brookline 

student Miss Sacker's sch. of design Boston 
09-10; teacher (German, French) Brookline 
high sch. Ap 10 — 

Dunbar Helen Otis b.a. 
Canton Junction 

student Maltby shorthand sch. 09- Ap 10; 
stenographer with R. H. Stearns & co. 
Boston Ap-Jl 10, sec. to headmaster Allen 
sch. West Newton Jl 10 

Dunn Agnes Maud b.a. 

191 Walnut st. Holyoke 
Eddy Marjorie Kneeland b.a. 

507 University av. Syracuse 
Egerton Esther b.a. 

37 Crystal st. Newton Center 
teacher (Latin, hist.) Jacob Tome inst. 
girls high sch. Port Deposit Md; mem. 

Ellis Mary Lunette b.a. 
East Longmeadow 
actuarial worker with life insurance co. 09 — 

Elmendorf Louise Frelinghuysen b.a. 

69 Albany st. New Brunswick 

N. J.t 
Emmons Lorena Bates b.a. 

9th and Market sts. Wilmington 

Federer Alice b.a. 

7 N. Munn av. East Orange N. T. 

teacher (German, music) Misses Metcalf's 
sch. Tarrytown N. Y. 09-10 

Fillmore Mabel Noyes b.a. 
41 High St. Newburyport 

Fiske Fanny Howe b.a. Huntingtonf 
Flannery Margaret b.a. 

2416 Blaisdell av. Minneapolis 

Fobes Olive Northrop b.a. 

3 Chandler st. Lexin^on 

trustee and asst Maverick dispensary East 
Boston Mass. N 09 — ; mem. A.C.A. 

Forbes Florence Dorothy b.a. 

236 Dartmouth st. Rochester 

N. Y. 
Forbes Vivien Jean b.a. 

235 Dartmouth st. Rochester 

N. Y. 

student (domestic art) Mechanics inst. 
Rochester 09 — 

Foster Sheila b.a. 

76 Temple av. Winthrop 




French Louise Hewitt b.a. 
Hartford Vt. 
teacher White River Junction Vt. grammar 
8ch. 09-10 

Fuller Bessie Graham b.a. 

159 Highland av. Somerville 
student Chandler commercial col. Je-D 09; 
sec.,;ilWomen'8 educ. and industrial union 

Gardiner Lucy Agnes b.a. 

The Oaks Norwalk O. 
Garrett Caroline Elizabeth b.a. 

29 Kingsbury pi. St Louis Mo.f 
Gauld Isabella Rebecca b.a. 

252 King st. Portland Ore.f 
Gerrans Gertrude b.a. 

513 Delaware av. Buffalo N. Y. 
Gerry Annie Irene b.a. 

146 Worcester st. Bostonf 
Gesell Margaret Elizabeth b.a. 

Tomahawk Wis. 

substitute teacher 

Gibson Helen b.a. 

Bigelow road West Newton 
Gilbert -Gertrude Martha b.a. 

Dorset Vt. 
student N. Y. state lib. sch. 09-10 

Gilbert Harriet Elizabeth b.a. 

65 Dryads green Northampton 
teacher Saluda N. C. sem. 09-10 

Giles Louise b.a. 

23 WalHs St. Beverly 
teacher (Eng.) Oak Grove sem. Vassalboro 
Me. 09-10 

Giles Ruth Marion b.a. 
East Brownfield Me. 

Jreceptress Bridgewater Me. classical acad. 
a-Je 10 

Gleason Mary Eliza b.a. 
64 High St. Northampton 

student Northampton commercial col. 09- 
My 10; sec. Hampshire branch Mass. soc. 
for prevention of cruelty to children 
My 10— 

Goldthwaite Bertha Louise b.a. 
1 Wyoming pi. Maiden 
industrial sec. Y. W. C. A. Lowell Mass. 
09- Ja 10, student worker Trinity church 
Boston Ja-Je 10 

Gormley Belle Budd b.a. 

41-43 State st. Chicago 111. 

student (lib. course) Simmons col. 09-10 

Gragg" Julia Alice b.a. 

153 Hartwell st. Monterey Cal. 

Grandin Mabel b.a. Tidioute Pa. 

Greenhalgh Margaret Elizabeth b.a. 
117 Plant av. Webster Groves 

Gribbel Idella Louise b.a. 

Wyncote Pa.f 
Gross Elizabeth Hayden b.a. 

Windham N. H. 

teacher Chester Ct. 

Gross Irene Treat b.a. 
Windham N. H. 

teacher Bridgewater high sch. 09-10 

Gruening Martha b.a. 

36 E. 57th St. New Yorkf 
Gubbins^ Genevra Ethel b.a. 

16 8th av. Brooklyn N. Y.t 

Gunn Elizabeth Annabelle b.a. 
1253 St Nicholas av. New York 

teacher Children's aid soc. sch. 09-F 10, 
Five Points house of industry Valhalla 
N. Y. F 10— 

Hackett Sarah Balch b.a. 

74 Highland av. Newtonville 
office asst to dean Wellesley Ap 10 — 

Hager Edith Rey b.a. 

2116 W. Grand av. Des Moines 

Hague Florence Amelia b.a. 

106 N. 9th St. Newark N. J. 
Hall Katharine Elsie b.a. 

506 S. Eastern av. Joliet 111. 

Hallock Eula b.a. 

3609 Broadway New York 

designer and private sec. 

Hanson Alice Marion b.a. 

20 Maplewood terrace White 
River Junction Vt. 

Harris Helen Osborne b.a. 
270 Maple st. Springfield 

Harris Henrietta Corson b.a. 

1104 Worthington st. Springfield 

student (botany) Smith 09 

Harris Rachel Dearborn b.a. 
67 Lincoln st. Worcester 
mem. A.C.A. 

Harwood Anne Penfield b.a. 
515 Meade st. Appleton Wis. 

student (Eng.) Lawrence col. Appleton 
09-10; teacher (Eng.) Appleton high sch. 

Hatch Edith Hodgen b.a. 

Hotel Beardsley Champaign 111. 

Hatch" Marguerite Southmayd b.a. 
Havemeyer pi. Greenwich Ct. 

Hatfield Margaret b.a. 

108 Cherry st. West Newton 

Haver Jessie Rehwoldt b.a. 

2029 Elizabeth st. Pueblo Col. 
asst real estate office Pueblo Ag 09 — 




Hay Louise Catharine b.a. 

15 Old terrace Bellows Falls Vt. 

tutor Milton Mass. acad. 09-10 

Haydock Alma Estelle b.a. 

173 Orange road Montclair N. J. 
Hays Elizabeth b.a. 

14 Washington terrace St Louis 

Hazeltine Grace Adelaide b.a. 

Warren Pa. 
Headden Margaret b.a. 

120 W. Magnolia st. Fort Collins 


instructor (Latin) Pueblo Col. high sch. 
Henley Ruth b.a. 

423 Rockdale av. Cincinnati O.f 
Hennion Louise Morrow b.a. 

366 Van Houten st. Paterson 


Hepburn Clara Elizabeth b.a. 

Freehold N. J. 
Herrick Percy Ruth b.a. 

124 Union av. Peekskill N. Y. 
Herrington Isabel b.a. 

1266 Lafayette st. Denver Col. 
Hill Josephine Alberta b.a. 

293 Main st. West Springfield 
Hill Mildred b.a. 

150 Archer av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 
student (domestic science) Teachers col. 
N 09-Ja 10 

Hoiles Bee Seymour b.a. 

324 N. 4th St. Greenville 111. 

student Johns Hopkins hospital training 
sch. for nurses Ag 09 — 

Holland Susie Warren b.a. 

2215 Vermont av. Los Angeles 

instructor Anne Arundel acad. Millersville 
Md. 08-09, private tutor Los Angeles 09-10 

Homer Dora b.a. 

169 Forest st. Medford 
Honigman Edith Lloyd b.a. 

204 W. 86th St. New York 
Home Catherine Josephine b.a. 

340 Walnut av. Roxbury 

Hough Marjorie Hamilton b.a. 
9 Union pi. Newton N. J. 

Howe Rose Anne b.a. 

416 Woodard av. Kalamazoo 

instructor (Eng.) Purcell Okla. high sch. 

Hubbard Olive Houghton b.a. 
teacher Sanderson acad. Ashfield 09-10 

Hume" Marguerite b.a. 

Alexander court Portland Ore. 
Jacobs Maude Eugenia b.a. 

Downer court Dorchester 
Jarvis Edith Lillian b.a. 

1111 Dean st. Brooklyn N. Y.f 
Jenks Jessica Estelle b.a. Adams 
Johnson Grace Eleonora b.a. 

695 Massachusetts av. Bostonf 
Johnston Angeline b.a. 

18 Franklin st. Northampton 
prin. Barre Mass. grammar sch. 09-10 

Johnston Mary Gertrude b.a. 

323 Rochester st. Fulton N. Y. 
Kaltenbach Alice Winifred b.a. 

Park Hill Yonkers N. Y. 
Keith Clara May b.a. 

1219 Main st. (Campello station) 
student (piano) Boston; private teacher 
(music) Campello 09-10 

Kilbom" Helen Marie b.a. 

1109 Ohio av. Sidney O. 
Kilbum Alice Rebecca b.a. 

Malone N. Y. 
Kilpatrick Lulu Evelyn b.a. 
Tabor la. 
teacher (Eng, hist.) West Side la. high 
sch. 09-10, prof. (Eng.) Denison la. high 
sch. 10 — 

Kimball Rosamond b.a. 

St Cloud Orange N. J. 
Lane Annie Leighton b.a. 


student (piano) N. E. conservatory of 
music Boston 09-10 

Lane Mildred Hansell b.a. 

61 Carpenter st. Germantown'^Pa. 
Langford Alice Gertrude b.a. 

35 Ridge st. Fall River 

student (educ.) Brown 3^ yr; director 
Class for adult blind Fall River 09-10 
Langmade Eloise Thornton b.a. 
East Aurora N. Y. 

preceptress Sloan N. Y. union sch. 09-10 
Law Helen Margaret b.a. 

30 Marlborough av. Providence 

Lawrence** Lulu Nell b.a. 

North Lubec Me.f 
Lee Mabel Holman b.a. (Mrs Percy 

Orrin Dorr) 

248 Pearl st. Springfield 

m. 27 S 09 
Leonard Leola Baird b.a. 
Mt Vernon 111. 
student (Eng.) Chicago univ. fall of 09 




Lewis Ethel Oviatt b.a. 

Box 402 Great Neck Long Island 
N. Y. 
Linton Eleanor Acheson b.a. 

400 E. Maiden st. Washington Pa. 
student (zoology) Marine biol. lao. Wooda 
Hole Mass. summers 09, 10, Washington 
and Jefferson col. Washington 09-10; asst 
Washington sem. 09-10 

Little Rachel Thayer b.a. 

8 College st. Brunswick Me. 
tutor; mem. A.L.A. 
Lotze Marie Louise b.a. 
Vermilion S. D. 
student (hist, violin) Univ. of S. D; in- 
structor (hist.) Univ. of S, D. Ja 10 — 

Lowe Anne Elizabeth b.a. 

1822 Washington blvd Chicago 

Lowrey Ruth b.a. 

Essex N. Y. 

M.A. 10 Columbia; student (hist, Eng.) 
Colimibia 09-10 

Lytle Florence Rebekah b.a. 

125 W. 136th St. New Yorkt 
McBumie Edith Norton b.a. 

259 W. Wabasha st. Winona 

McCarthy Anna Ursula b.a. 

200 King St. Northampton 
teacher (piano) 
McConnell Edna Bertha b.a. 

The Ridge Suffem N. Y. 
MacDonald Mary Elizabeth b.a. 

Shelton Ct. 

teacher (hist.) Shelton high sch. 09-10 
MacDuffie Jean Challis b.a. 
182 Central st. Springfield 
teacher (Ene, Latin) MacDuffie sch. 
Springfield 09-10; mem. A.C.A. 

McElwain Mabel Louise b.a. 

196 Spring st. Amsterdam N, Y. 

McLaurin Dorothy b.a. 

108 FrankHn av. Mt Vernon 
N. Y. 

student (Eng.) Colvmibia 09-10 
McMechan Erin Theresa b.a. 

610 Rock St. Little Rock Ark.f 

McMurray^ Susie Genevieve b.a. 
Hoosick Falls N. Y. 

teacher (hist, German, math.) Hunt me- 
morial sch. Freeville N. Y. 09-10 

McNay Luella Gallagher b.a. 

604 N. West st. Waynesburg Pa. 
M.A. 10 Waynesburg col; teacher (Latin) 
Waynesburg col. 10 

Magee Ruth Agnes b.a. 

2237 Putnam st. Toledo O. 

Mann Eleanor Cartwright b.a. 

339 Elmwood av. Buffalo N. Y. 
Marks Mary Helen b.a. Tidioute Pa. 
Marshall** Eleanor b.a. 

Bradford N. H. 

student (physics) Univ. of Pa. 09-10: 
teacher Pa. inst. for instruction of blind 
Overbrook Pa, 09-10 

Martin Emilie Frances b.a. 

130 Grace Church st. Port Chester 

N. Y. 
Mason Susan Hurlbut b.a. 

214 8th av. Spokane Wash. 
Massey Lucretia Derby b.a. 

Mayo Ella Caroline b.a. 

24 Winter st. Orange 
teacher Miss Hills' sch. Augusta Ga. 09-10 

Mead" Marion Elizabeth b.a. 

511 Indian Field road Greenwich 

Meakin Florence Eleand b.a. 

141 Amity st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
student (piano) 09-10 
Merrill Alice Frances b.a. 

Shelbume Falls 

/ student Marburg univ. Germany summer 
• of 10; teacher (German) Mt Ida sch. New- 
ton Mass. 

Merritt" Edith Lillian b.a. 

16 Kenwood terrace Springfield 
student Springfield business sch. 09-10 
Miller Grace Emma b.a. 

677 Chestnut st. Wabanf 
Milliken Louise Caroline b.a. 

107 University road Brookline 
student (piano) Boston; private tutor 
(German, hist, math.) Brookline 09-10 

Mills Frances Hungerford b.a. 
Husum, Klickitat co. Wash. 

teacher Husimi pub. sch. 10 — 
Miner Dorothy b.a. 

62 Oak St. Hyde Park 

Mitchell Anne Coe b.a. 

Madison av. Montclair N. J.f 

Mitchell Elsie Bell b.a. 

1020 8th av. New Brighton Pa. 

Monroe Lenore Moore b.a. 

909 Harrison st. Topeka Kan. 

Moseley Elizabeth Lee b.a. 

16 Beaumont st. Dorchester 

Mulligan Mary b.a. 

37 Warren st. Salem 

Mulvihill Honora Elizabeth b.a. 
1112 Noble av. Bridgeport Ct. 
teacher Bridgeport high sch. 




Nash Ethel Scott b.a. 
44 Pleasant st. Amherst 

student Northampton commercial col. 

Nethercut Mary Bell b.a. 
Lake Geneva Wis. 

teacher (hist.) Lake Geneva high sch. 09 — 

Newell Josephine Gushing b.a. 
Port Deposit Md. 
teacher Miss Roney's sch. Bala Pa. 09-10 

Newhall Blanche Annie b.a. 

7 Sparhawk st. Brighton 
Niles Bertha Eliza b.a. 

314 Lenox st. New Haven Gt. 
mem. A.C.A. 

Noonan Marie Elizabeth b.a. 

647 3d St. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Northrop Eleanore Hammond b.a. 

279 Lincoln road Brooklyn N. Y. 

asst prin. Stroudsburg Pa. high sch. 09-10 

Norton Dorothy Dewey b.a. (Mrs 
Harold Conant Payson) 
68 Neal st. Portland Me. 
m. 10 

O'Donnell Alice Elizabeth b.a. 

68 Fairfield av. Holyokef 
O'Malley Hannah Katherine b.a. 

269 Calle Bambang, Manila P. I.f 
Orr Susan Florantine b.a. (Mrs 

Alfred Houghton Abbott) 

Melton manor Buffalo N. Y. 
m. 22 S 09 

Osgood Lilla May b.a. 

7 Oak St. Greenfield 
Paine Florence Eva b.a. 

White River Junction Vt. 

demonstrator (astron.) Smith 09-10 

Painter Margaret b.a. 

341 Summer st. Stamford Ct. 

teacher (Eng.) Stamford high sch. 09 — 

Palmer Mary Learned b.a. 

Winterton Sullivan co. N. Y. 
Parsons Pearl Frances b.a. (Mrs 

William Heaman Stevens) 

Sandy Hook Ct. 
m. 14 O 09 

Partridge Delia Morgan b.a. 

Andover Gt.f 
Payne Hazel Laura b.a. 

Florence Wis.f 
Perry Jeanne Hannah b.a. 

c/o Alvan W. Perry 20 Nassau 

St. New York 

student (zoology) Pratt inst. summer of 09, 
(botany) Columbia 10 — ; head (science 
dept) Oakwood sem. Union Springs N. Y. 

Pfaff" Gladys Barbara b.a. 
57 Ohio St. Bangor Me. 

teacherlWhitefield N. H. high sch. 09-10 

Pickering Eleanor b.a. 

1200 Elmwood av. Evanston 111. 
Pierce Alice Marjorie b.a. 

474 Massachusetts av. Boston 

teacher (hist.) MacDuflBe sch. Springfield 

Putnam Louise Day b.a. 

c/o William T. Day 414 West- 
minster av. Elizabeth N. J. 

Ralston Gladys b.a. 

724 Wall St. Joplin Mo.f 

Reed Marcia b.a. Roxbury Me 

Remington Eunice Denison b.a. 

132 Clinton st. Watertown N. Y. 
Reno Anne Evans b.a. 

27 EucHd av. Bellevue Pa. 

asst prin. Georgetown Del. S-D 09 

Rice Ethel Hume b.a. 

628 N. Tejon st. Colorado Springs 

Richardson Grace Kyle b.a. 

44 Marshall st. Newton Center 
Richardson Jean [Jeanne] Scott b.a. 

123 Dean road Brookline 
Ridell Helen Catharine b.a. 

Oakland av. Sharon Pa.f 
Ringwalt Dorothy Rutgers b.a. 

2025 St Mary's av. Omaha Neb. 

teacher St Mary's sch. Peekskill N. Y. 

Robinson Julia Augusta b.a. 

37 E. 71st St. New Yorkf 
Robinson Lois deMoss b.a. 

220 Canner st. New Haven Ct. 
mem. A.C.A. 
Sawin Josephine Lyman b.a. 

41 N. Main st. Florence 

teacher (math.) Portland Ct. high sch. 
F 10— 

Schnurr Mabel Alice b.a. 

314 8th av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

instructor (art, natural science) Frostburg 
Md. state normal sch. 09-10 

Schoonover Elisabeth Hirst b.a. 
Matteawan N. Y. 
teacher (math, science) Miss Adams' 
private sch. Charleston W. Va. 09-10 

Schwarz Gertrude Florence b.a. 
1065 Pearl st. Denver Col. 
student (sanitary science) Mass. inst. o 
tech. 09-10 

ScoUay Elinor Gertrude b.a. 

The Essex 34th and Chestnut sts. 
Philadelphia Pa. 




Scott Sarah Edith b.a. (Mrs Rus- 
sell William Magna) 
229 Chestnut st. Holyoke 
author and short story writer for maga- 
zines; m. 28 Mr 10 

Scoville Florence Olive b.a. 
Riverside 111. 

student (German) Berlin univ. 09-Mr 10 

Seiler Grace Viola b.a. 

30 E. Lincoln st. Shamokin Pa. 

substitute teacher 

Severance Millie Alice b.a. 

302 Stevens st. Lowell 
Sewall Katharine Mussey b.a. 
fcr" 24 Oread st. Worcester 
private teacher (music) Worcester 

Seymour Helen b.a. 

55 Prospect st. East Orange N. J. . 
Shaffer Annie Bakewell b.a. | 

Clinton Springs av. Avondale \ 

Cincinnati O.f 
Sheldon Carol Louisa b.a. 

Fort Ann N. Y. 
teacher Fort Ann Ag 09-10 

Sheldon Flora May b.a. 
\^? Middleport N. Y. 

teacher Cincinnatus N. Y. Ja-Je 10 

Simons Eloise Frances b.a. 
419 W. 144th St. New York 

Sims Sara Beaufort b.a. 

129 W. Hampton av. Spartan- 
burg S. C. 

Smith Charlotte Archibald b.a. 
3 Easterly av. Auburn N. Y. 
teacher St John Baptist sch. New York 

Smith Dorothy Cowgill b.a. 
Berkley Md. 

Smith Grace Evelyn b.a. 
20 Preston st. Maiden 

Smith Marion Rice b.a. 
Bradley av. Meriden Ct. 

Spear Helen Mahlon b.a. 

6 Williams st. Newark Wayne co. 
N. Y. 

asst prin. Walden N. Y. high sch. 09-10 
Spofford Grace Harriet b.a. 
36 Arlington st. Haverhill 
private teacher (piano) 

Stapleton Julia Leah b.a. 
Assumption 111. 
teacher (science) Assumption high sch. Ja- 
Je 10 

Steams Georgia Harris b.a. 
Alfred Me.f 

/ student (French) Paris Je 10 — 

Stedman Mary Hilda b.a. 

804 Park av. South Bend Ind. 
Steffen Elizabeth Goehring b.a. 

3519 California av. Pittsburg 

N. S. Pa. 
Steiner Grace b.a. 

194 10th St. Milwaukee Wis. 

mem. A.C.A. 

Stevens Frances Osgood b.a. 

161 Main st. Stoneham 
Stevens Mary Bumham b.a. 

161 Main st. Stoneham 
Stevenson Helen Virginia b.a. 

5825 Douglas av. Pittsburg Pa. 
Stevenson Mary Goodman b.a. 

128 Pomeroy av. Pittsfield 
Stewart Grace Donald b.a. 

Wayne sq. Beaver Pa. 

student (French, Spanish) Paris 09-10 

Stone Mabel Eleanor b.a. 

1370 Dean st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

student Y. W. C. A. nat. training sch. 10 — 

Struble Phoebe Olive b.a. (Mrs 

Louis A. Dalrymple) 

43 Linnwood av. Newton N. J. 
m. 1 S 09 
Swift Lucy Esther b.a. 

575 Delaware av. Buffalo N. Y. 
Taylor Margaret b.a. 

294 Walnut st. Brookline 
Thomas Helen Stillwell b.a. 

459 Gaston av. Dallas Tex. 

teacher Dallas pub. sch. 09-10 

Thompson Elizabeth May b.a. 

2708 Highland av. Birmingham 

student Columbia 10 — 

Thompson Jessie Bartlett b.a. 
Monticello, Sullivan co. N. Y. 
asst Philadelphia, New York high sch. 09-10 

Thomburg^ Myra Haldeman b.a. 

Thomburg Pa.f 
Tilson Bess Gladys b.a. 

Marshall N. C.f 
True Edna Miriam b.a. 

6338 Kenmore av. Chicago 111. 

Tuthill" Margaret Hall b.a. 
248 W. 60th pi. Chicago 111. 
teacher Massachusetts Mich. pub. sch. 09- 
F 10, (math.) Univ. sch. for gu-ls F-Je 10 

Twichell Sarah Edna b.a. 
North Collins N. Y. 

teacher Keyport N. J. high sch. 09-10 

Tyler Elizabeth Steams b.a. 
8 Tyler pi Amherstf 




Underhill Merta b.a. 

294 Main st. West Haven Ct. 

teacher (Eng, hist.) Hawley Pa. high sch. 

Underbill Norma b.a. 

294 Main st. West Haven Ct. 
teacher (Eng, hist.) West Haven high sch. 

Underwood Rosamond b.a. 

72 South St. Auburn N. Y 
Updike Etbel b.a. (Mrs Josepb 

Nicbolas Magna) 

248 Clark st. Holyoke 

m. 28 Je 10 
Upton Eleanor Stuart b.a. 

Ladd observatory Providence 

R. I. 
M.A. 10 Brown; student (economics, so- 
cial science, Eng, art) Brown 09-10 ; mem. 

Varick Katharine Romeyn b.a. 
Park Hill Yonkers N. Y. 

student New York sch. of fine and applied 

Vaughan Hilda Estelle b.a. 
Wolfville N. S. 
teacher (academic course) Hampton Va. 
inst. 09-10 

Venard Isabel b.a. 

1088 Massachusetts av. North 

teacher Goffstown N. H. 09-10 
Walther Mabel Josephine b.a. 

208 S. 64th av. Oak Park 111. 
Waters Alice Evelin b.a. 

Pultneyville, Wayne co. N. Y. 

student (German, hist, educ.) Univ. of 
Mich. 09-10 

Wead Katharine Howes b.a. 

c/o 167 Patent office Washing- 
ton D. C. 

student Carnegie lib. training sch. for chil- 
dren's libns Pittsburg Pa. 09-10 

Webber Harriet b.a. 

145 Langley road Newton Center 
Weber Eva Martha b.a. 

496 5th St. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Wells" Marie a b.a. 

98 Port Watson st. Cortland 

N. Y.t 
Weston Irma Delight b.a. 

102 Sunset av. Dayton O. 
Wheeler Jane Barker b.a. 

305 Elmwood av. Buffalo N. Y. 
Wheelock Annie Atchinson b.a. 

settlement worker Worcester 
Whitaker Anna b.a. 

219 Spruce st. San Francisco Cal. 

Whitney Josephine Learning b.a. 
(Mrs Boyd Nixon) 
139 Parkside drive Berkeley Cal. 
m. 14 Ap 10 

Whittelsey Anna Horton b.a. 
40 Park st. West Roxbury 

prin. Bath N. H, high sch. 09-10 
Wiggin Annie [Anne] b.a. 
Litchfield Ct. 
sec. (women's work) People's inst. North- 
ampton 09-10 

Williams May Adeline b.a 

138 Walnut st. East Aurora N. Y. 
student (Latin) Buffalo N. Y. state normal 
col. 09-10 

Williams Winifred b.a. 

359 Wyoming av. Kingston Pa. 

settlement worker Y. W. C. A. 

Wing Helen Savory b.a. 

193 Quincy st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Winslow Virginia b.a. 

710 County st. New Bedford 
Winthrop" Louise Cummings b.a. 

2301 Portland av. Minneapolis 

Wintringham Frances Manning b.a. 

168 Hicks St. Brooklyn N. Y. 
student New York art students league 09-10 
Wood Elizabeth Marshall b.a. 

Maysville Ky.f 
Woodruff Alice Ruth b.a. 

Mt Carmel Ct. 
Woodruff Dorothy b.a. 

15 Fort St. Auburn N. Y. 
Worrick Ada Alice b.a. TuUy 

Wright Elizabeth May b.a. (Mrs 
Henry Herbert Murdock jr) 
610 Rugby road Schenectady N. Y. 

m. 11 S 09; mem. A.C.A. 
Young Willie Ramsay b.a. 

901 S. Try on st. Charlotte N. C.f 
Zulich Maida Morton b.a. 

1304 N. Alabama st. Indianapolis 

Total 322 

Advanced Degrees 
Stokely Jessie Mae m.a. 
Newport Tenn. 
B.A. Virginia inst; fellow (hist.) Smith 


Ackermann Elfriede Marie b.a. 
1908 Eddy st. Chicago 111. 

Alcott Helen b.a. 

124 2d av. Upper Troy N. Y. 




Alexander Mary b.a. 

5304 Maple av. St Louis Mo. 
Allen Helen Gertrude b.a. 

17 Pelham terrace Arlington 
Ailing Grace Caroline b.a. 

Tyler City Ct. 
Anderson Norma MacLeod b.a. 

3 E. 78th St. New York 
Andrus Ida Bourne b.a. 

Hudson terrace Yonkers N. Y. 
Armstrong Jane Buckingham b.a. 

102 W. Liberty st. Rome N. Y. 
Ashworth Lillian Frances b.a. 

835 Hanover st. Fall River 
Atwater Lucretia May b.a. 

195 Carew st. Springfield 
Ayers Ethel Benedict b.a. 

Verona N. Y. 
Bailey Louise Morse b.a. 

39 E. Broadway Gardner 
Baker Alice Wardell b.a. 

R. F. D. 45 C Savannah Ga. 

Baker Wilma C. b.a. 

211 New York block Seattle 

Baldwin Mildred Sidney b.a. 

311 Perry av. Peoria 111. 
Baldwin Ruth b.a. 

56 Valentine st. West Newton 
Ball Madeline Robinson b.a. 

41 Henshaw av. Northampton 
Barber Bernice b.a. 

2311 Pillsbury av. Minneapolis 

Barker Martha b.a. 

360 Monroe av. Rochester N. Y. 
Barns Eva b.a. 

54 Elm St. Westerly R. I. 
Barry Gertrude Martha b.a. 

55 Brighton st. Rochester N. Y. 
Bartlett Francesca b.a. 

Springville N. Y. 
Bartlett Virginia Evans b.a. 

1083 Delaware av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Bates Helen Clementina b.a. 
295 12th St. Portland Ore. 

Baxter Mildred Ernestine b.a. 
15 Rutger st. Utica N. Y. 

Beebe Marcia b.a. 

263 Foster st. Melrose 

Belden Dorothy b.a. 

29 High St. Northampton 

Bennett Addie Imogene b.a. 

Danforth Me. 
Bennett Dolly Chaplin b.a. 

Bridgton Me. 
Bennett Katherine b.a. 

19 W. 107th St. New York City 
Benson Eleanor Perry b.a. 

46 Washington sq. Salem 
Bergen Mary Disbrow b.a. 

44 West End av. Haddonfield 

Bergen Mildred Adiene b.a. 

Freeport N. Y. 
Bigelow Helen b.a. 

69 Cedar st. Worcester 
Blodgett Anna Elizabeth b.a. 

85 Walnut Hill road Orange 
Bodine Bertha b.a. 

6 Atkinson st. Bellows Falls Vt. 
Bogart Nell Stevens b.a. 

Glenwood la. 
Booth Marion Elizabeth b.a. 

Hotel Majestic Philadelphia Pa. 
Bowman Katherine b.a. 

815 E. High St. Springfield Ohio 
Bracken Opal May b.a. 

403 W. Pleasant st. Corry Pa. 
Bradford EHse Lord b.a. 

52 Arlington pi. Buffalo N. Y. 

Bradley Helen Osgood b.a. 
21 Richards st. Worcester 

Bradley Lucile Katharine b.a. 
Berlin Ct. 

Brewster Mary Bunce b.a. 
Warehouse Point Ct. 

Briggs Grace Catharine b.a. 
Industry N. Y. 

Briley Elsie Nora b.a. 

1893 Pacific st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Brockway Alice b.a. 

10 Sycamore st. Worcester 

Brown Elinor Garretson b.a. 

125 S. Bridge st. Somerville N. J. 

Brown Elizabeth b.a. 

43 Hawthorne pi. Montclair N. J. 

Browning Katharine Clark b.a. 
Llewellyn park Orange N. J. 

Browning Marjorie Lathrop b.a. 

29 Lincoln av. Norwich Ct. 
Brumaghim Marguerite EUsworthB.A. 

34 N. Pine av. Albany N. Y. 




Buckley Harriet Frederica b.a. 

35 Prospect st. Waterbury Ct. 
Bunnell Edna Maria b.a. 

396 2d av. S. St Cloud Minn. 
Burgess Chariotte Barkley b.a. 

84 Watchung av. Montclair N. J. 
Burieigh Anita Merithew b.a. 

South Berwick Me. 
Bume Caroline Stinson b.a. 

Huntington N. Y. 
Burnham Grace Emma b.a. 

1039 Mapleton av. Boulder Col. 
Bush Selma IngersoU b.a. 

1142 E St. San Bernardino Cal. 
Bushnell Maude Edna b.a. 

Rockville Center Long Island 

N. Y. 
Calkins Susan Frenche b.a. 

1014 S. 49th St. Philadelphia Pa. 
Camp Hilda Mary b.a. 

98 Woodlawn terrace Water- 
bury Ct. 
Canning Evelyn Isabel b.a. 

7 College lane Northampton 
Carson Edith Nancy b.a. 

3 Pearl st. Glens Falls N. Y. 
Carter Agnes Ruth b.a. 

4300 Parkblvd Minneapolis Minn. 
Carter Phebe b.a. 

11 Piatt pi. Scranton Pa. 
Cavanagh Mary Margaret b.a. 

Passaic av. Passaic N. J. 
Chandler Eloise Ruggles b.a. 

Bay and North sts. Manchester 

N. H. 
Chandler Gertrude Burbank b.a. 

1618 Calhoun pi. Minneapolis 

Chapin Gertrude b.a. 

96 S. Fullerton av. Montclair N. J. 
Childs Bret a Willis b.a. 

9 Westland st. Worcester 
Clark Amy Faith b.a. 

3343 N. 20th st. Philadelphia Pa. 
Clay Miriam Elliott b.a. 

160 S. Union st. Grand Rapids 

Cockle Kathleen b.a. 

135 Randolph av. Peoria 111. 
Cole Beulah Virginia b.a. 

Brewster N. Y. 
Coleman Edith b.a. 

1318 Linden st. Scranton Pa. 

Coleman Florence Hoyt b.a. 

Newington N. H. 
Crane Cassie Louise b.a. 

R. F. D. Groton Ct. 
Crane Esther b.a. 

424 N. Main st. Kenton O. 
Craven Inez Helena b.a. 

1414 E. Howell st. Seattle Wash. 
Craven Virginia Coryell b.a. 

Mattituck Long Island N. Y. 
Cray Marguerite b.a. 

2304 Pillsbury av. Minneapolis 

Crozier Harriet Sneaden b.a. 

9 Upland road Brookline 
Crozier Marion Augusta b.a. 

9 Upland road Brookline 
Curtis Florence Freeland b.a. 

310 E. Harrison st. Seattle Wash. 
Curtis Louise Hadley b.a. 

52 Lewis av. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Cushman Margaret Adams b.a. 

Monson • 

Cutter Edith Louise b.a. 

2040 E. 79th st. Cleveland O. 
Dauchy Margaret b.a. 

870 Carroll st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Davidson Elizabeth Matilda b.a. 

South Berwick Me. 
Davis Letty Lucile b.a. 

Box 573 Hopedale 
Day Alice Fairbanks b.a. 

179 Pleasant st. Worcester 
Decker Elizabeth Cordelia b.a. 

269 Hempstead st. New London 

de Long Helen Bray b.a. 

44 Munroe st. Northampton 

Denman Helen Charlotte b.a. 

96 Maplewood terrace Springfield 

Dexter Florence Jeannette b.a. 
200 Trowbridge st. St Johns Mich. 

Dieter Margaret Albertina b.a. 
Mill st. Northampton 

Donnell Rachel Eleanor b.a. 
West Brookfield 

Drew Katharine van Valkenburgh 


709 Douglas av. Minneapolis 

Dugan Ethel Rae b.a. 

66 N. Vine st. Hazelton Pa. 




Dwight Marion Edith b.a. 

31 Mt Morris park W. New York 
Dyer Winifred Henderson b.a. 

659 E. 3d South st. Salt Lake 

City Utah 
Eddy Elizabeth b.a. 

18 Grant av. Auburn N. Y. 
Evans Ada Lesure b.a. (Mrs Almon 

Dyer Howes) 

481 Laurel av. St Paul Minn, 
m. 18 Je 10 
Evans Helen Barbour b.a. 

17 Munroe st. Northampton 
Fairbanks Dorothy b.a. 

St Johnsbury Vt. 
Fellows Margaret AUine b.a. 

44 Holyoke st. Florence 
Fennell Guinevere b.a. 

908 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 
Ferrin Abbe Frances b.a. 

6 West 91st St. New York 
Field Juanita Emily b.a. 

Beriin Ct. 
Filer (jrace Lillian b.a. 

Killingly Ct. 
Finkbine Anna b.a. 

2929 Grand av. Des Moines la. 
Frank Sonah Marian b.a. 

1962 New Jersey st. Los Angeles 

Eraser Marjorie b.a. 

2928 Washington blvd Chicago 

Frawley Josephine Elizabeth b.a. 

3227 W. 22d av Denver Col. 
Frederickson Marion Emma b.a. 

22 E. Gilman st. Madison Wis. 
Fuller Edna May b.a. 

Springville N. Y. 
Fuller Florence b.a. 

736 Dayton av. St Paul Minn. 
Garnett Anne b.a. 

619 N. 3d av. Phoenix Ariz. 
Gates Louise Knapp b.a. 

107 South St. Auburn N. Y. 
Geesaman Mary Ellen b.a. 

1902 Park av. Minneapolis Minn. 
Gibson Edna Theresa b.a. 

9 Burt pi. Bellows Falls Vt. 
Gibson Genevieve Marguerite b.a. 

405 Northampton st. Holyoke 
Gifford Helen Sturtevant b.a. 

2 Smith St. New Bedford 

Gilbert Margaret Loring b.a. 

Dorset Vt. 
Gill Edith Upham b.a. 

Cameron nill Chattanooga Tenn. 
Gillis Margaret Church b.a. 

56 FrankUn st. Ogdensburg N. Y. 
Graham Christine Alexander b.a. 

5145 Lindell av. St Louis Mo. 
Graham Laura May b.a. 

405 Broadway Pueblo Col. 
Grant Florence Anthine b.a. 

291 Prospect st. Willimantic Ct. 
Gray Elaine Payne b.a. 

16 Columbia st. Cohoes N. Y. 
Greenhood Marion Charlotte b.a. 

330 Walnut av. Roxbury 
Gregory EUzabeth Stone b.a. 

1334 48th St. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Griffin Anna Maria b.a. 

N. Main st. South Hadley Falls 
Griffin Josie Magdalene b.a. 

N. Main st. South Hadley Falls 
Hafey Eileen Cecilia b.a. 

88 Beacon av. Holyoke 
Ham Bemice Barker b.a. 

64 Horton st. Lewiston Me. 

Hamilton Maude Lines b.a. 

65 Pleasant st. Meriden Ct. 

Hammond Maud Bernice b.a. 
Berwick Me. 

Hann Winifred Tr avers b.a. 

700 Springfield av. Summit N. J. 

Harding Elizabeth Boyd b.a. 
Whitehall N. Y. 

Hart Margaret b.a. 

131 Maple av. Webster Groves 

Harwood Mary Louisa b.a. Barre 

Hasey Alice Mabel b.a. 

Harvard chambers Minneapolis 

Hastings Elsie Hayford b.a. 

772 Humphrey st. Swampscott 

Hauxhurst Florence Clark b.a. 
205 N. Walnut st. Bay City Mich 

Havens Mabel Fielder b.a. 
Toms River N.J. 

Hawley Gertrude Morgan b.a. 
1909 7th av. Troy N. Y. 

Haynes Margery b.a. 

1027 Mechanic st. Emporia Kan. 




Hazen Fanny Vose b.a. 

Hanover N. H. 
Hedden Gertrude Searing b.a. 

20 N. Walnut st. East Orange 

Hedges Harriet Heloise b.a. 

c/o John R. Hedges, Galveston 

News, Galveston Tex. 
Hemphill Helen Elma b.a. 

5 Courtlandt st. Westerly R. I. 
Henderson Charlotte Avery b.a. 

22 Meigs st. Rochester N. Y. 
Hibberd Harriett Baldwin b.a. 

330 Main st. Owego, Tioga co. 

N. Y. 
Hoblit Norma Abigail b.a. 

Carlinville 111. 
Holliday Ida Rebecca b.a. 

5137 W^ashington blvd St Louis 

Holmes Florence Isabel b.a. 

78 N. Allen st. Albany N. Y. 
Hopwood Florence Elizabeth b.a. 

1912 Emerson av. S. Minneapolis 

Howe Alice Gardner b.a. 

97 W. Chestnut st. Wakefield 
Howland Marion b.a. 

108 Eliot av. West Newton 

Hoyt Annette Ladd b.a. 

Colby & Abbott bldg Milwaukee 

Hoyt Irene Emma b.a. 

18 Balding av. Poughkeepsie 
N. Y. 

Hubbs Katharine Schuyler b.a. 
223 Market st. Amsterdam N. Y. 

Huntington Margaret b.a. 

141 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 

Hutchinson Eleanor Butler b.a. 
650 Center st. Newton 

IngersoU Mildred b.a. 

911 N. Church st. Rockford 111. 

Inglehart Dorothv Gladys b.a. 

327 Ten Evck st. Watertown 
N. Y. 

Ireland Leah b.a. 

228 N. Perry st. Johnstown N. Y. 

Jackson Edith Bertha b.a. 
Lyons N. Y. 

Jackson Elizabeth Higgle b.a. 
De Pere Wis. 

Jacot Alice Blanche b.a. 

210 Ward av. Tompkins ville 

N. Y. 
Jameson Elizabeth Woodworth b.a. 

196 N. Jefferson st. New Castle 

Jeffers Helen b.a. 

604 Chestnut st. Leavenworth 

Jenison Eva b.a. 

82 Lancaster st. Albany N. Y. 
Jenkins Katherine Eleanor b.a. 

629 High St. Keokuk la. 
Johnston Muriel b.a. 

184 Sheldon st. Grand Rapids 


Johnstone Frances Adelaide b.a. 

Jones Helen Swift b.a. 

434 Washington av. Brooklyn 

N. Y. 
Jones Mildred Katherine b.a. 

4 Eagle st. Utica N. Y. 
Keith Kate b.a. 

6421 Kentucky av. Pittsburg Pa. 
Keizer Josephine b.a. 

3227 Central st. Kansas City Mo. 
Kelso Effie Marguerite b.a. 

45 Suburban av. Stamford Ct. 
Kendall Annis b.a. 

317 Nesmith st. Lowell 
Kilborne Mary Allerton b.a. 

47 High St. Orange N. J. 
Kimball Celia Allen b.a. 

93 Atlantic av. Swampscott 
Kimball Marv Frank b.a. 

5309 Westminster st. Pittsburg 

King Helen Cushman b.a. 

47 Francis st. Maiden 
King Katharine b.a. 

2400 Stevens av. Minneapolis 

King Mary Chase b.a. 

1425 Eutaw pi. Baltimore Md. 
Kneeland Mary Margaret b.a. 

c/o Miss Jessie K. Watson 201 

W. 79th St. Hotel Lucerne New 


Landy Lillian Mary b.a. 
Hotel Puritan Boston 

Lawrence Edith Collin b.a. 
Grove park Ashe ville N. C. 




Legate Laura Fisher b.a. 

2103^ High St. Newburyport 
Le Gro Alice Blanche b.a. 

Leighton Ruth b.a. 

177 Holland st. Syracuse N. Y. 
Leland Leslie b.a. 

10 Elm St. Concord 
Leonard Ruth b.a Wareham 

Le Veque Pearl Evelyn b.a. 

113 W. Ohio St. Marquette Mich. 
Lewis Leila Gordon b.a. 

Ill Mohawk st. Cohoes N. Y. 
Lincoln Marion Buck b.a. 

208 Canner st. New Haven Ct. 
Litchfield Ruby b.a. 

9 South St. Southbridge 
Loney Frances Speck b.a. 

1621 John av. Superior Wis. 
Luce Mary Elizabeth b.a. (Mrs 

Joseph H. Hughes) 

215 Pocahontas st. Dallas Tex. 
m. 27 S 10 

Lucey Margaret Mary b.a. 

18 Gothic St. Northampton 

Luitwieler Helen b.a 

24 Duncklee st. Newton High- 
Lyons Mary Beatrice b.a. 

4 Prichard st. Fitchburg 
McClintock Gertrude Valerie b.a. 

1313 Fillmore st. Topeka Kan. 
MacCoU Laura Ditto b.a. 

Caledonia N. Y. 
MacDonald Mildred Louise b.a. 

335 W. Main st. North Adams 
McGuire Alice Browne b.a. 

3310 Washington blvd Chicago 

McGuire Grace Browne b.a. 

3310 Washington blvd Chicago 


MacLam Grace Ruth b.a. 
Ryegate Vt. 

McMuUin Sally Jane b.a. 
Watertown N. Y. 

Mann Frances Joseph a Eddy b.a. 
34 St Stephen st. Boston 

Manning Edith Magdalene b.a. 
26 Beacon Hill av. Lynn 

Marden Louise Estelle b.a. 
83 Boston st. Somerville 

Marsh H^l^ne Alicia b.a. 

317 Cornelia st. Boonton N. J. 
Martin Florence Marian b.a. 

23 Maple st. White River Junc- 
tion Vt. 
Martin Mary Etta Louise b.a. 

547 Gorham st. Lowell 
Means Elinor Haven b.a. 

Middlebury Vt. 
Means Margaret Appleton b.a. 

Middlebury Vt. 
Mendum Gladys b.a. 

848 Beacon st. Boston 
Metcalf Winifred Christina L. b.a. 

Clinton N. Y. 
Milham Gertrude Ethel b.a. 

R. 5 Kalamazoo Mich. 
Miller Helena Franklin b.a. 

624 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 
Miller Irma Lois b.a. 

424 E. Penn st. Hoopeston 111. 
Miller Margaret Elizabeth b.a. 

5631 Woodlawn av. Chicago 111. 

Milliken Annaymar b.a. 

Washington st. Eastport Me. 

Miner Editha b.a. 

43 Crawford st. Roxbury 

Mitchell Ruth Hobby b.a. 

508 First av. S. St Cloud Minn. 

Moehring Edna Chipman b.a. 
205 Quincy st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Montgomery Caroline Louise b.a. 
Windsor Locks Ct. 

Montgomery Elise Shattuck b.a. 
Frankfort Ky. 

Moulton Gladys Ellsworth b.a. 
Greenland Depot N. H. 

Murray Florence Grace b.a. 

50 Church st. Cortland N. Y. 

Newell Helen b.a. 

28 Portsmouth terrace Rochester 
N. Y. 

Newhall Carrie Wright b.a. 

37 Cloverhill pi. Montclair N. J. 

Nichols Elizabeth Frances b.a. 
894 Clinton av. Bridgeport Ct. 

Ninomiya Tei b.a. 

20 Hiyoshimachi, Kyobashiku, 
Tokyo Japan 

Norris Margaret b.a. 
La MoiUe 111. 




Nowlan Nellie Waymouth b.a. 

38 Deering av. Portland Me. 
O'Donnel Jean Rhea b.a. 

82 Linwood av. Buffalo N. Y. 
O'Meara Alice Stephanie b.a. 

585 Beacon st. Boston 
Otman Alice May b.a. 

410 N. Glen Oak av. Peoria 111. 
Owen Mildred Van der Velde b.a. 

335 Spring st. Portland Me. 
Park Caroline Doremus b.a. 

Englewood N. J. 
Park Margaret Marion b.a. 

4 Clinton av. St Johnsbury Vt. 
Parmelee Mabel Lainhart b.a. 

128 Main st. Owego, Tioga co. 

N. Y. 
Parry Phoebe Mae b.a. 

1039 N. Lawrence av. Wichita 

Paton Clara Marie b.a. 

73 Idlewood av. East Cleveland 

Patton Marion Keep b.a. 

225 N. Grove av. Oak Park 111. 
Peet Azalia Emma b.a. 

Webster N. Y. 
Peirce Virginia b.a. (Mrs George 

H. Wood) 

121 N. Main st. Dayton O. 
m. Je 10 

Perkins Emelie Munson b.a. 

45 N. Main st. Rutland Vt. 
Perkins Jane Holmes b.a. 

Manchester Vt. 
Perkins Ruth Shattuck b.a. 

Manchester Vt. 

Perry Mildred Rudd b.a. 
Reedsburg Wis. 

Peterson Mary b.a. Manila P. I. 

Pettingell Laura Keziah b.a. 
16 Spring St. Newburyport 

Pfluke Ona Emily b.a. 

20 Summit pi. Utica N. Y. 

Pigeon Anne Gardner b.a. 

139 Trenton st. East Boston 

Pike Kate Stevens b.a. 

3 Adams st. East port Me. 

Pillsbury Maude Alice b.a. 
430 Ransom st. Ripon Wis. 

Porter Esther Frances b.a. 
25 High St. Northampton 

Post Jessie Wells b.a. 

162 Ross St. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Powers Florence May b.a. 

17 Stone road Worcester 
Powers Nellie Bernadette b.a. 

Box 101 Lenox 
Pye Olive Fawcett b.a. 

240 Rutgers st. Rochester N. Y. 
Quimby Aldan a Ripley b.a. 

278 W. 86th St. New York 
Rawls Ann Elizabeth b.a. 

309 Lafayette av. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Rees Helen Newton b.a. 

324 W. 9th St. Erie Pa. 
Reilly Mary Louise b.a. 

65 Alton St. Brockton 
Riall Jessie Lee b.a. 

Walnut av. Rognee heights 

Baltimore Md. 
Richards Marion Stevens b.a. 

Falmouth Me. 
Ridg^ay Wilma b.a. 

669 Graceland av. Chicago 111. 

Riker Edith Caroline b.a. 

Ill Cleveland st. Orange N. J. 
Riley Mary Frances b.a. 

17 Highland av. Holyoke 
Roberts Bessie Knight b.a. 

106 S. 10th av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 
Roberts Edna Alice b.a. 

Stites Idaho 
Roberts Marjorie Estabrook b.a. 

1704 Knox av. S. Minneapolis 

Robinson Gertrude Ludlam b.a. 

Carthage N. Y. 
Roe Frances b.a. Augusta N. J. 
Root Annabel Abbott b.a. 

5911 Dibble av. N. E. Cleveland 

Rost Martha Erminie b.a. 

222 28th St. Milwaukee Wis. 
Rothholz Alma Sophia b.a. 

2108 Bolton st. Baltimore Md. 

Russell Gladys Elizabeth b.a. 

17 Noble St. Somersworth N. H. 

Ryder Evelyn Louise b.a. 

Sawyer Mildred b.a. 

Rye Beach N. H. 
Scaiefe Ethel May b.a. 

788 Ferry st. Eugene Ore. 




Schenck Sarah Johnson b.a. 

Princeton N. J. 
Schlesinger Alma Carrol b.a. 

222 Ogden av. Milwaukee Wis. 
Schmitz Anna Louise b.a. 

R. F. D. 3 Waterbury Ct. 
Scott Marguerite b.a. 

65 IngersoU grove Springfield 
Scott Mary Blanchard b.a. 

56 Bayard lane Princeton N. J. 
Seeley Muriel b.a. 

32 Kennard road Brookline 
Seymour Olive Louise b.a. 

Elmwood Ct. 
Sharp Annabel Hitchcock b.a. 

Vermilion O. 
Shaw Carolyn Louise b.a. 

Ovid Mich. 
Sherman Helen Louise b.a. 

613 Birchard av. Fremont O. 
Sigafus Anna Emily b.a. 

30 N. 6th St. Stroudsburg Pa. 
Simmons Marjorie Elliott b.a. 

912 Jefferson st. Wilmington Del. 
Simon Janet b.a. 

65 Holden st. North Adams 
Siviter Frances Pierpont b.a. 

122 Dithridge st. Pittsburg Pa. 
Skinner Bertha Louise b.a. 

South Swansea 
Skinner Elizabeth b.a. Dunedin Fla. 
Smart Elizabeth Allen b.a. 

Cambridge N. Y. 
Smith Anne Dawson b.a. 

75 Brunswick st. Rochester N. Y. 
Smith Esther Ann b.a. 

294 Central park W. New York 
Smith Esther Margaret b.a. 

610 Wood St. Wilkinsburg Pa. 
Smith Mrs Gertrude Cochrane b.a. 

14 Inwood pi. Buffalo N. Y. 

94-95, 06-10; student Buffalo training sch. 
for teachers 97, Sloyd training sch. Boston 
01 ; teacher Buffalo 98-00, Springfield 02- 
04; m. 14 Ja 05 (William Alley Smith) 
Smith Hortense Eugenie b.a. 

827 Washington st. Hoboken 
Smith Marjorie Dearborn b.a. 

951 Iranistan av. Bridgeport Ct. 
Smith Maude Ketchum b.a. 

Woodstock N. B. Can. 
Smith Winifred Barbara b.a. 

806 W. Ferry st. Buffalo N. Y. 

Soule Ardra b.a. Hingham 

Sperry Henrietta b.a. 

32 Bedford terrace Northampton 
Staples Mary Anne b.a. 

803 Main st. Stroudsburg Pa. 
Steen Mary Henry b.a. 

218 S. 44th St. Philadelphia Pa. 
Stevens Katherine b.a. 

Main st. Deep River Ct. 
Stimson Ethel b.a. 

280 Harvard st. Cambridge 
Stimson Yeoli b.a. 

Elkader la. 
Streibich Anna Adele b.a. 

620 2d av. Peoria HI. 
Sullivan Jessie Laurel b.a. 

434 Tecumsah av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 
Sullivan Viola Marvin b.a. 

64 Fletcher st. Winchester 
Sweeney Elsie Irwin b.a. 

608 E. 5th St. Columbus Ind. 
Swett Portia Mansfield b.a. 

33 Maple st. Ashland O. 
Talbot Marjorie b.a. 

31 Hutchings st. Roxbury 
Taylor Susan Eleanor b.a. 

18-20 Front st. Rochester N. Y. 
Tebbetts Eva Cedelia b.a. 

Berwick Me. 
Thieme Clara Jeannette b.a. 

810 W. Berry st. Fort Wayne Ind. 
Thomas Marion b.a. 

Spellman terrace Rutland Vt. 

Thompson Caroline b.a. 

124 Union av. Saratoga Springs 

N. Y. 

Thornton Edith b.a. 

103 Clay st. Pawtucket R. I. 

Tuttle Ruth Elizabeth b.a. 

43 Beaumont st. Dorchester 

Urquhart Vera Beryl b.a. 

3928 Russell av. St Louis Mo. 
Valentine Juliet Estelle b.a. 

Coldspring Harbor Long Island 

N. Y. 
Valentine Marjorie b.a. 

4342 Ellis av. Chicago 111. 

Van Deusen Mabel b.a. 

401 S. Chester av. Pasadena Cal. 
Van Deventer Gladys Remsen b.a. 

234 W. 101st St. New York 




van Emden Clara Eva b.a. 

545 W. 111th St. New York 
Van Wagenen Louisa Goddard b.a. 

151 S. 4th St. Fulton N. Y. 
Wait Annar Marie b.a. 

Jessup av. 172d st. New York 
Waite Jennie Gertrude b.a. 

105 Elm St. Worcester 
Wallburg Amy Barbara b.a. 

54 Dale st. Boston 
Walters Helen Mary b.a. 

Wyoming 111. 
Ward Florence b.a. 

1024 Madison av. Albany N. Y. 
Washburn Anna Loraine b.a. 

377 Marlboro st. Boston 
Washburn Martha Wilcox b.a. 

1112 6th St. S. E. Minneapolis 

Waterman Dorothy b.a. 

162 State st. Albany N. Y. 
Watson Constance b.a. 

511 8th St. S. Fargo N. D. 
Watson Olive Beatrice b.a. 

1731 Park av. Racine Wis. 
Webster Marion Cecile b.a. 

Chester N. H. 
Wells Katherine Sturtevant b.a. 

69 Garland st. Chelsea 
Wells Marjorie b.a. 

3753 Ellis av. Chicago 111. 
Wesby Maude Earle b.a. 

9 Home st. Worcester 
West Mary Jackson b.a. 

Wilmington O. 
Whitin Katharine Leland b.a. 

Whitman Elaine Sheffield b.a. 

109 Walnut av. Boston 
Whitney Ednah Augusta b.a. 

10 Sanborn av. Somerville 

Whiton Helen King b.a. 

71 Williams st. New London Ct. 
Wilds Elizabeth Piatt b.a. 

Middlebury Vt. 
Willetts Edith Holmes b.a. 

210 Prospect st. Waterbury Ct. 
Williams Mildred Claire b.a. 

16 E. State st. Albion N. Y. 
Wilmot Marion Elsie b.a. 

134 Summit av. Redlands Cal. 
Wilson Ethel Somers b.a. 

834 Myrtle av. Bridgeport Ct. 
Wilson Gertrude Elizabeth b.a. 

1302 Pacific st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Winans Mary Grumman b.a. 

Mowen st. Princeton N. J. 
Woolson Maud Genevieve b.a. 

42 5th St. Wellington 
Wright Carrie Delia b.a. 

Colchester Vt. 
Wright Elizabeth Curtis b.a. 

808 Myrtle av. Bridgeport Ct. 
Yeaw Rua Louise b.a. 

3 School St. Brattleboro Vt. 

Total 372 

Advanced Degrees 

Horton Goldie Printis m.a. 
Quanah Tex. 

B.A. 08 Univ. of Tex; fellow (math.) 
Smith 09-10 

Hyde Louise m.a. Marietta O. 

Ph.B. 05 Marietta col; fellow (Eng.) 
Smith 09-10 

Jensen Estelle Louise m.a. 
Minneapolis Minn. 
B.A. 09 Univ. of Mmn. 

Jordan Mary Augusta l.h.d. 
Smith college Northampton 

B.A. 76 and M.A. 78 Vassar; prof. (Eng. 
Smith 84— 

Vincens Berthe m.a. 

Smith college Northampton 

prof. (French) Smith 00— 




aAbbot Lucy Kebler (Mrs Julian 
Abbot Cameron) Westford 

88-F90; m. 22Je93: ch, Alexander Abbot 
b. 5 Ag 95, Eleanor Abbot b. 21J1 99, Mar- 
jory b. 8 Jl 01 

Abbott Helen Alford (Mrs Lawrence 
Allen) 348 Congress st. Boston 

04-06; m. 18 Ja 08; ch. Lawrence jr b. 
28 Ag 09 

Abell Annabel (Mrs James Phinney 
1212 Oakley pi. St Louis Mo.f 

95-97; m. 22 D 02; ch. Annabel b. 12 Je 04 

Abell Julia Lorana 

49 Elm St. Oneonta N. Y. 
88-Mr 89, 89-Ja 91; B.S. 09 Teachers col; 
teacher Cooperstown N. Y. 01-02, Gilberts- 
ville high sch. 02-08, Paterson N. J. high 
Bch. 09-10 

Abell Katharine Fullager 

429 Central av. Dunkirk N. Y.t 


Abell Lilian Emily b.m. 02 
78 Maple st. Bristol Ct. 

music 00-02; student (music) 02-05-; asst 
(music) Smith 05-07, teacher St Mary's col. 
Dallas Tex. 08-10 

♦Adams Ada Margaret (Mrs John T. 

80-82; m. 30 D 85; ch. Ada Margaret b. 
30 Je 89, Raymond Adams b. 14 Mr 93; d. 
21 My 93 

Adams Esther Virginia 

2110 E. Superior st. Duluth Minn. 


Adams Isabel Cary (Mrs Gardner 


2075 E. 81st St. Cleveland O. 
97-99 ; m. 24 Je 03 ; ch. Antoinette b. 22 Ap 

Adams Margaret Van Deusen 

602 Lamar st. Fort Worth Tex. 

Adams Sarah Alvira 

13714 Euclid av. East Cleveland 

8-D 90, Ja-Je 93; B.A. 96 Western Reserve; 
student (law) 98-99; asst (Eng.) Western 
Reserve 97-99, teacher (Eng.) East Cleve- 
land high sch. 04-05 

Adler Eugenia (Mrs Martin Cohen) 
34 E. 68th St. New York 

95-97, S-N 97; m. 3 Je08 

Agard Mary Chastina 
South Hadley 

S-D 80, Ja-Ap 82; teacher East Hartford 
Ct. 99-04, New Hartford 04-06, 07-08, 
Unionville 08-10 

oAikins Ida Dredge (Mrs Rhys 
Dakers Fairbairn) 
633 Huron st. Toronto Ont. i 

92-93; student Toronto univ. 93-94, Ar- 
mour inst. lib. sch. 95-96, libn St Louis Mo. 
pub. lib. summer^ of 96; Winona Minn, 
state normal sch. 98-00; m. 9 Je 00; ch. 
Rhys Aikins b. 16 Ap 01, Beatrice Helen 
b. 29 Je 02, Margaret Eleanor b. 17 My 06 

Ainslie Mary 

425 Maple av. Oak Park 111. 

Aitkin Edith [Desir^e] 

45 Pearl st. Thompsonville Ct. 

art 87-89; student Amherst lib. summer sch. 
90, New York art students league 95-96; 
libn Enfield Ct. pub. lib. 97 — ; lecturer Ct. 
state board of educ. 06-07 

Albert Mary 


Alpine N. J. 

Alden Mabel Wallace (Mrs Carl 
Headly Lebkuecher) 
37 Johnson av. Newark N. J. 

94- Ap 96; m. 2 Ja 02; ch. Ruth b. 12 My 
04, Carl Headly jr b. 26 Ap 06, Julius A. 
b. 3 D 08 

Aldrich Helen Bursley 

700 Irving blvd Chicago Ill.f 


Aldrich May [Mary] Moore 
Henry Marlin) 


New Haven Ct. 

26 O 87; ch. 


911 Townsend av. 

81-86; teacher 86-87; 
Janet Ripley b. 2 O 95 

Alexander Maud 

609 Union st. Schenectady N. Y.f 

97-N 98, 99-Ja 00 

Allen Annie Elizabeth 

162 Underwood st. Fall River 


Allen Clementine Mae (Mrs Dana 

Barry Somes) 

242 Appleton av. Pittsfield 
04-06; grad. Miss Fisher's kindergarten 
sch. Boston 09; m. 1 Je 09; ch. Nancy 
Allen b. 2 Jl 10 

Allen Etta Adele ent. fr. Merrick 

81-D 82 

Allen Harriet Harrison N. Y. 

02-05 ; student (drawing) New York sch. of 
applied design 06-09, (miniature painting) 
New York art students league 09-10 

♦Allen Harriet Bigelow (Mrs Thomas 
L. Comstock) 

art 89-92; grad. art 92; d. 28 N 10 



Allen Izetta Laura (Mrs Albert 
26 Ridge wood terrace Springfield 

80-82, fall of 83; teacher 83-84 ; m.25N84; 
ch. Ralph Allen b. 26 O 85, Philip Chauncey 
b. 25 Ja 88, Chauncey Allen b. 26 F 93, 
Robert Royal b. 4 Je 96, Albert Edward 
b. 8 Jl 99 

Allen Kitty C. [Clara Channing] 
150 Elm St. Northamptont 

art 81-82 

Allen Mabel (Mrs William Washburn 
Sleeper) Wellesley 

79-Ap 82 ; teacher (drawing, music) Samo- 
kor, Bulgaria 82-87, (philos.) Dana Hall sch. 
Wellesley 04—; m. 8 Je 82; ch. James 
Taylor b. 14 S 83 (B.A. 08 Amherst), Char- 
lotte May b. 5 D 85 d. 15 Je 88, William 
Allen b. 8 Ag 87 (B.A. 09 Amherst), Miriam 
Bell b. 17 S 89 d. 16 Ap 90, Helen Jay b. 
2 Ag 92, Frank MacDonald b. 12 Jl 94 

Allen Marion Greenfield 

music 93-95 

♦Allen Matilda Louise 


Almy Beatrice Hyde 

East Brookfieldt 

Almy Mabel Clare (Mrs Elias R. B. 
410 N. Cayuga st. Ithaca N. Y. 

B.A. 00 and M.A. 04 Cornell; in- 


structor (French) Univ. prep. sch. Ithaca 
N. Y. 01-03, Friends' select sch. Washington 
D. C. 04-08; m. 17 Je08 

oAmes Edith Theodora (Mrs Ray- 
mond Moreau Crosby) 
12 Chestnut st. Boston 

94-97; m. 25Je00 

Anderson Alta 

Long Branch N. J.f 


oAnderson Grace Estey 
Cambridge N. Y. 

90-92; student (hist.) Harvard summer 
sch. 09, (psych, hist, Eng.) Coliunbia 09-10; 
teacher Cambridge 92-93, Harmon sch. for 
girls Ottawa Can. 93-97, 99-04, Fort Ed- 
ward N. Y. inst. 05-08, Miss Beard's sch. 
Orange N. J. 09 — 

Andrews Agnes (Mrs Thomas W. 

c/o Mrs Andrews, 51 Vernon st. 
96-97; prin. Longwood sch. Brookline 99- 
05; m. 2 J108 
Andrews Esther Town Shelton Ct. 

98-00; student (art) New York and Europe 
00—; (artist) Washington D. C. 09-10, New 
York 10— 

Andrus Jessie Fish (Mrs Charles 
Herbert Hewins) 
803 Park pi. Hampton Va. 

89-90; teacher Hampton normal and agric. 
inst. 90-95; m. 5 Je95 

Anthony Grace Julia 
ent. fr. Brownsville Vt. 


Anthony Mary Vernon 
498 June st. Fall River 

96-97; teacher (music) 

aArey Cora Belle (Mrs William 
Willard Wright) 
24 Montague st. Worcesterf 
90-91 ; teacher 91-96 ; m, 17 Je 96 

Arms Harriet Elizabeth 
South Deerfield 

77-80 ; bookkeeper 88-- 

♦Arms Minnie Lincoln 

music 84-86 

Amstein Natalie 

4410 Westminster pi. St Louis Mo. 


Arundel Ellen Veronica 
89 Newton st. Lawrencef 


Arvine Marion Ross (Mrs Joseph 
226 W. 113th St. New YorkJ 

91-93; M.D. 00 Eclectic med. col. New 
York; student Eclectic med. col. 96-00; 
physician ; m. 29 Je 03 

Askew Mary Maud (Mrs C. A. White- 
2000 E. 73d St. Kansas City Mo.f 

94-N 95 
Ashoff Lillian Miller 

1916 Hancock st. Philadelphia Pa.f 

oAtherton Helen Hoitt b.m. 02 
State college, Center co. Pa. 

music 99-02; student (music) Smith 09-Js 
10; instructor (music) Pa. state col. 03 — 

Atkinson Winifred (Mrs Percy Ham- 
ilton McKay) 

95 Kitano cho, 4 ch5me Kobe 
music 92-95; teacher (music) Sherman 
Tex. 95-96, Japan 96; m. 7 O 99; ch. Percy 
Aluri«i b. 24 N 00, Cuthbert Guernsey b. 

♦Atwater Lucy Frances (Mrs Lyman 
Horace Blake) 

art 83-85; m. 2 Jl 95 (husband d. 12 O 00); 
d. 10 Ja 08 

aAtwater Margaret Clarke (Mrs Gil- 
bert Norris Jones) 
Wellesley Hills 

art 82-86, grad. art 86; student (drawing 
and painting) Paris 89; teacher 86-88; 
m. 5 S 93; ch. Margaret Norris b. 28 Ap 94 

Atwater Margaret Willard (Mrs 
Richmond Dana Moot) 
1373 Union st. Schenectady N. Y. 

S-D 06, 07-08; m. 7 Mr 10 




Atwood Came [Caroline] Mabel (Mrs 
Edgar Alfred Gillinder) 
1923 Park av. Philadelphia Pa. 

music 91-94; m. 23 Jej97 

Atwood Eliza Weld (Mrsi Nathan 
David Thompson jr) 
c/o Thompson publishing co. 
619 Harvester bldg Chicago 111. 

98-00; m. 3 O 05; ch. Elizabeth Atwood 
b. 16 Ja 07 

Austin Ethelyn Maude (Mrs Ben- 
jamin Emmons Gage) 
901 Oakwood av. Wihnette 111. 

04-05; student (vocal training) Columbia 
sch. of music 06-08; church singer; m. 
19 Je 09 

Averill jDorothy 

134' Madison av. Flushing N. Y. 

06-07; private sec. NewiYork My 09-10 jj 

Avery Florence Olcott 

Pasadena apartments Jefferson 
av. Detroit Mich.f 


Avery Harriette Lester (Mrs Harvey 
Bartlett Gaul) 
14184 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 

05-06; student (piano) Cleveland 06, 
(French) Paris 09-10; m. 13 Je 08 

Avery Josephine Yeamans (Mrs 
Joseph D. Bates) 
Westfield st. West Springfield 

art 01-02; m. 1 O 02; ch. Joseph D. 

Avery Mary Evelyn (Mrs Henry 
Thomas Dobson) 
196 Huntington av. Bostont 

88-89;im. 10 Je.91 

Avery Nellie Jane (Mrs Walter 
Wheaton Augur) 
47 Eliot St. Detroit Mich. 

78-81; m. 2 JI 84 (husband d. Ap 05); ch. 
Margaret Avery b. 18 Ap 85 (Bryn Mawr), 
Wheaton b. 18 Jl 88 (Yale 09), Ellen Adair 
b. 8 D 91, Newell Averyjb. 2 D»97 

Avery Sybil Louise 

198 Beech st. Holyoket 

music 93-96 ; teacher (music) 

Ayres Katherine May [Murray] (Mrs 
David Percy Williams) 
1313 N. New Jersey st. Indian- 
apolis Ind. 

S-D 97, music F 98-99; m. 24 Je 03; ch. 
Helen Ayres b. 9 Jl 04, John Gillespie 2d b. 

4 S 06, David Percy jr b. 19 Ja 08 

Babcock Lila Pry or (Mrs Edwin He- 
man Janes) 
185 Brookfield st. Cleveland 04 

96-97; m. 14 D 98; ch. Lester Babcock b. 

5 Jl 99, Edwin Babcock b. 22 F 01 

Back Delia [Mary Adella] (Mrs 
Frank Manly Readio) Florence 

music 88-91, 92-93; m. 24 O 93; ch. 
Dorothy b. 26 O 94, Roger Frank b. 17 8 
96, Philip Adna b. 18 D 97, Marian Adella 
b. 19 D 01 

Backwell Grace Loring (Mrs Arthur 
Bradford Harlow) 
97 Appleton st. Atlantic 

art 98-99 ; commercial artist Boston 07-10 ; 
m. 2 Ja 99; ch. Doris Adams b. 01 

Bacon Caroline A. Wood (Mrs Wil- 
liam F. Atkinson) 
616 3d St. Brooklyn N. Y. 

02-03 ; m. 9 Ap 08 ; ch. Jean Bacon b. 15 F 

Bacon Emily Josephine (Mrs Ed- 
ward Martin Wheatley) 
142 Fisher av. White Plains N. Y. 

00-02; m. 25 Je 03; ch. Edward Bacon b. 
16 N 05 

Baer Minette Camille 

Bransford apartments Salt Lake 
City Utah 


Bagg Laura Street (Mrs Charles T. 
Sewall) Washington D. C.J 

music 88-90 

Bagg Louise (Mrs Charles Crosier) 
Hartford Ct.f 

art 87-88 

Bailey Alice Neal Machias Me.f 

06-D 08 

Bailey Annie Louise 

99 Pearl st. Springfield 

84-85; teacher 3 yr; editorial worker on 
Wehater'8 Dictionary 03-09 

Bailey Clara Cecilia Glendale O. 


♦Bailey Helen Minerva 

91-92; d. 30Je92 

Bailey Sara May 

Sage pi. Ithaca N. Y. 
06-07; B.A. 09 Cornell; teacher Girls col- 
legiate lower sch. Los Angeles Cal. 09-10 

Bainbridge Elizabeth Grace (Mrs 
Orlow Henry Boies) 
1215 Hopkinton av. Woodhaven 
N. Y. 

85-86; editorial proofreader with J. B. 
Alden 87-92; m. 12 O 92; ch. Henry Bain- 
bridge b. 14 N 94, Charles D wight b. 8 Mr 97 

Baker Alice Haydon 

633 Decatur st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

S-D 96; student (art) 

Baker Eleanor Bell 

529 E. 29th st. Paterson N. J. 

02-D 03 

Baker Emma Stewart 
ent. fr. Elizabeth N. J. 



Baker Mabel Anne 
ent. fr. Rutland Vt. 


Baker Maryr Ashby (Mrs Francis 
James Mitchell) 
16 Forest st. New Haven Ct. 
S-D99; m.07 

aBaker Mary Josephine (Mrs Wil- 
liam Hurd Miller) Seaford Del. 

OO-Ap 01, F-Je 02; m. 21 F 03; ch. William 
Baker b. 13 O 04 

Baldwin Louise ent. fr. Oak Park 111. 

music 99-00 

Baldwin Margaret Wood (Mrs Albert 
N. Brown) Hempstead N. Y.t 

98-Ja 00 

Ball Gertrude Ada (Mrs John How- 
ard Willis) 
1430 Arch st. Berkeley Cal. 

91-93; teacher Brookfield Mass. 94-95, 
West Brookfield 95-98, Warren 98-99, prin. 
Palmer lEcrammar sch. 99-04, teacher Hart- 
ford Ct. 04-06; m. 10 O 06 

Ball Mabel Eugenia (Mrs Walter 
Briggs Hill) 
606 E. 3d St. East Liverpool O. 

88-D 89; m. 6 D 93; ch. Roland Everett 
b. 1 F 95, Eleanor Louise b. 23 Je 01. Dan 
Harrington b. 1 N 03, Mabel Katherme b. 

Ball Mina (Mrs William Rodney 
Marsh) Brandon Vt. 

89-91; teacher Rutland Vt. Ja-Je 94, 
Brandon 94-97; m. 28 S 97; ch. William 
BaU b. 10 S 99 d. 23 O 99, Margaret Ball 
b. 21 F 03, Edwin BaU b. 23 N 04, Elizabeth 
Shattuck b. 6 O 08 

Ball Sarah Walker 

122 Florida st. Springfield 

01-03; teacher Chester Ct. 09-10 

Ballard Mary Griswold (Mrs Howard 

11 N. Moimtain av. Montclair 


aBancroft Antoinette Louise (Mrs 
Wilson Howard Pierce) 
219 Columbia blvd Waterbury 

83-Ap 86; student (German, French, hist, 
philos.) Bryn Mawr 88; m. 7 My 89; ch. 
Catharine Wilson b. 28 F 90 (Smith 12), 
Elbridge Bancroft b. 12 F 92 (Yale 13) 

Banker Carrie Elizabeth 
234 5th av. Troy N. Y. 

04-05; grad. Miss Wheelock's kindergarten 
training sch. 07; teacher Clifton N. J. 07- 
08, Schenectady N. Y. 09 — ; playgroimd 
director Pittsburg Pa. summer of 07, Troy 
N. Y. summers of 08, 09, 10i?1! :?^?,:S^r^^ .'-f 

Barber Mary Saxton (Mrs jI Ralph 
667 Downing st. Denver Col. 

95-97; m. 30 D 02; ch. Helen b. 29 N 03, 
Mary b. 12 N 06 

♦Barbour Edna Louise (Mrs Henry 
Babcock Ambler) 
89-90; teacher 92-93; m. 27 S 94; d. 21 Jl 

Bardeen Beatrice (Mrs David Hast- 
ings Atwater) 
514 Lake av. Rochester N. Y.l 

93-95; m. 6Ap04 

Barker Beatrice Jane 

85 Elliott St. SpringfieldJ 

Barker Edith Anna 

East Rochester N. H.t 

90-92; M.D. 97 Woman's med. col. of Pa; 
student (pathology) .Johns Hopkins med. 
col. 97-98; pathologbt Delaware state 
hospital 98-99, Norristown state hospital 

aBarker Grace Sylvia 

38 Alden av. New Haven Ct.f 

98-00; student Colorado col. 02-03; sec. 
Adirondack cottage sanitarium Saranac 
Lake N. Y. 00-01; teacher (French) Gor- 
don acad. Salt Lake City Utah 03-05 

aBamard Florence 

1437 Beacon st. Brookline 
94-96; teacher Westford Mass. 99-00, asst 
prin. Brookline pub. sch. 01 — 

Barnes Alice Edna (Mrs Wallace 
Everett Richmond) 
142 Laconic av. Great Barrington 

art 93-97; grad. art 97; m. 11 Jl 00; ch. 
Wallace Everett jr b. 18 S 01, Eleanor 
Barnes b. 17 Je 04 

Barnes Anna Frances (Mrs Oliver 
Perry Hussey) 
3 Hall av. Nashua N. H. 

96-99; m. 19 Ap 04- ch. Oliver Webster 
b. 18 S 06 d. 28 S 06. Olive Frances b. 11 Ag 

Barnes Elizabeth Melleste (Mrs 
Charles Blackwell Eads) 
309 N. 16th St. Fort Smith Ark. 

92-93; m. 8 Ap 96; ch. William Martin b. 
26 O 97, Adeline Barnes b. 31 O 99, Frances 
Louise b. 26 Ap 01 

oBames Eugenia Marie (Mrs Arthur 
WilUam Chippendale) 
63 Montana st. North Adams 

87-89; m. 8 Mr 92; ch. Elizabeth Burton 
b. 19 O 93, Burton Whitham b. 3 Ap 95 

Barnes Mary Elizabeth (Mrs George 
Ostrumi Forbes) 
841 N. Main st. Rockford Hl.f 

95-97; m. 12 Ap 99; ch. John Alexander 
b. 9 F 00, Constance b. 27 Ap 04 

Barnes Unade (Mrs Howard Arnold 
Seckerson) Woodbury Ct. 

04-05; m. 7Ap09 

Bamett Edithi - 

253 St Ronan st. New Haven Ct.J 




Barnett Frances [Fanny] Estella 
2750 14th St. Washington D. C. 

88-89; B.A. 92 Univ. of Mich; teacher 
Western Reserve acad. Hudson O. 93-94 

Bamhart Nora Elizabeth (Mrs Emile 
Jerome Fermier) 
37 Canal st. Grand Rapids Mich. 

94-95; magazine writer; m. 8 Je 05; ch. 
Florence Elizabeth b. 8 Ap 09 

Barr Eva (Mrs C. W. Underwood) 
43 Norwood av. Buffalo N. Y.J 


Barrett Elizabeth Louise (Mrs David 
A. Baldwin) Concord 

96-99; m. 3 Je 06; ch. James Barrett b. 5 

Barrett Helen Jeannette (Mrs Thom- 
as Dean Beattie) 
Box 105 Dover N. J. 

92-93; m. 7 Je 00; ch. Eloise b. 15 Mr 01, 
Helen Jeannette b. 17 N 05, Thomas Dean 
jr b. 24 My 07 

Barrett Lefe Gertrude 

ent. fr. West Stockbridge 

art 88-90 

Barrett Minnie Lincoln (Mrs Charles 
W. Whiting) 
93 South St. Northampton 

art 82-83; teacher (painting) 83-90; m. 
21 My 90; ch. Howard J. b. 12 My 91 

Barri Alice Hamilton 

346 Maple st. Springfieldf 

art 89-91 ; grad. art 91 

Barrows Alice Earle (Mrs Robert 
True Fowler) 
53 Wren st. West Roxbury 

96-N 99; m. 24 My 00; ch. Elizabeth Bar- 
rows b. 18 Mr 05, John Strong 2d b. 1 Ja 08 

Barrows Katharine Moore 

78 Alexander st. Princeton N. J. 
96-F 97 

Barry Bessie [Elizabeth] Maria 

Art village Southampton Long 
Island N. Y.f 

aBarry Edith Herman (Mrs Roland 
Coolidge Withington) 
6 Biltmore st. Jamaica Plain 

96-D 97, 98-99; m. 18 Je 02; ch. Herman 

Lincoln b. 7 D 03 

Barry Inez Angeline 

331 4th St. Marietta O. 

02-D 03 

Barry Mildred Lydia (Mrs Arthur 
Edward Lott) 

5707 Washington av. Chicago 111. 
art 02-03; student New York sch. of ap- 
plied design for women 03-05, New York 
guild of arts and crafts 05-07; interior 
ecorator New York 06-09 ; m. 6 N 09 

Bartlett Grace Leone (Mrs Horace 
Fox) 18 Green st. Bath Me.t 

87-88; student Boston normal sch. of 
cookery 93, Mass. inst. of tech. 96 ; teacher 
(cooking) Boston 94, supt (domestic sci- 
ence) Adams nervine asylum 95-96; m, 
6 Ag 96; ch. Ruth Bartlett b. 22 D 99 

Bartlett Mary Inez (Mrs Edwin Clar- 
ence Fisher) Sunapee N. H. 

91-93; m. 16 N 98 
Bartlett Sarah Estelle 

Winfield, Herkimer co. N. Y. 

Bartley Elizabeth Mary 

196 Elm St. Northampton^ 

music 93-97 ; teacher (music) organist 

Bartley Helen Preston 

115 Williams st. Burlington Vt. 
81-N 84; teacher Bradford Mass. high sch. 
95 ; private tutor 

Barton Mary Catherine 

57 Forest st. Hartford Ct. 

87-D 89 

Bartow Grace ent. fr. Cleveland O. 


Batcheller Nellie Isabelle (Mrs Al- 
dace Walker Newton) 
Wallingford, Rutland co. Vt.t 
98-My99; m. 27 D 00 

Bates Abigail Wilson 
Windham Ct. 

Bates Clara Louise (Mrs Earle Cook 
721 Pleasant st. Worcester 

music 92-93; m. 15 Mr 98; ch. Timothy 
Earle 2d b. 17 S 03, Philip Bates b. 7 N 04 

aBates Emma b.m. 83 
239 Pine st. Holyoke 
79-81, music 81-85, 89-90; student KuUak 
conservatory of music 93-94; teacher 
(piano, theorv) Mt Holyoke 92-93, (piano) 
Smith 92-93, 95-96, 04-06, assoc. prof. 06— 

Bates Lou Rena (Mrs Donald F. 
1134 Clark av. Evanston lU.t 


Battin Nancy Maus 
ent. fr. Omaha Neb. 

95-F 96 

Bauer Olive Mary 
Kensington Ct. 
90-N 91; teacher Tongaloo Miss. univ. 

Bauman May (Mrs Dexter Leete 
122 Elm St. Meriden Ct. 

91-93; student Yale; teacher New Haven 
Ct. grammar sch. 93-03, high sch. 03-08; 
m. 3 N 08; ch. Welles Leete b. 28 Ag 09 



Beach Marion Drake 

137 S. Mountain av. Montclair 


music S-D 84 

Beardsley Alice Taylor 

102 South St. Auburn N. Y. 


Beatty Helen Margaret 

Richland lane Pittsburg Pa. 

03-05; asst to director Pittsburg art inst. 

Beck Mayme Ethel 

ent. fr. Indianapolis Ind. 


Becker Helen 

5132 East End av. Chicago 111. 

oBecker Pauline Otillia [Ottilie] 
5870 Cabann6 av. St Louis Mo. 

01-03; student Univ. of Mo. 

oBedell Eleanor Dorothy 

45 Prospect st. Somersworth N. H. 
aBeers Calista Elizabeth (Mrs An- 
drew Lincoln Winton) 
136 Canner st. New Haven Ct. 
85-88; m. 12 S 88; ch. Robert Prince b. 
18 Je 89 (Ph. B. 09 Yale), Lewis Bennett 
b. 22 Ap 93 (student Yale) ; mem. A.C.A. 
Beers Elizabeth Clerc 

65 York sq. New Haven Ct. 

96-98; tutor 

♦Beetle Elizabeth Clifford (Mrs Al- 
bert M. Freeman) 
S-D 93; m.20Je94; d.24Je99 

Beers Eloise Gately (Mrs Frank 
Cheney Farley) 
550 Park av. New York 

02-05; m. 30N09 
Beggs Mary Gertrude 
Ashland 111. 
S-D 07 
iiBelden Louise Mary (Mrs William 
Cameron Hill) 
62 N. Front st. Sunbury Pa. 

02-N 05; m. 9 Mr 09 
Bell Alice Lyon 

65 Bartlet st. Andover 


Bell Edith Josephine b.m. 98 (Mrs 
Frederick Robertson Griffin) 
The Travancore Cedar av. Mon- 
treal Canada 
music 95-98; m. 9 O 01; ch. Cynthia b. 3 
O 02, Frederic Robertson jr b. 4 O 06 

Beman Florence Spencer 

5502 East End av. Chicago 111. 

Bement Helen 

287 Union st. Springfield 

music 81-84 and parts of 84-87, 88-90; 
teacher (piano, harmony) 

Benedict Dorothy Foster (Mrs J. 
Barrett Campbell) 
6 Sands st. Waterbury Ct.t 


Benedict Elizabeth [Bessie] (Mrs Wil- 
liam Henry McGraw) 
59 Greenbush st. Cortland N. Y. 

99-00; m. 30 Jl 02; ch. Harvey Benedict 
b. 20 Je 04 

Benedict Florence 

115 Adams st. North Abington 

05-06; sec. to editors of Congregationaliat 
Boston Jl 09 — 

Benedict Mabel Irene 

95 N. Broadway Yonkers N. Y. 

99-F 02 

Benjamin Edith Sarah [Sara] (Mrs 
Fred L. Nichols) 
Cincinnatus N. Y. 

80-82; m. 11 Ja87 

Bennett Elizabeth Chenault (Mrs 
Evan McCord) 
1802 17th St. Seattle Wash.f 


♦Bennett Esther [Freeland] 

92-93, 94-95; student Chicago univ. 93-94, 
95-96; teacher and student (elocution), 
professional reader ; d. Jl 02 

Bennett Flora Lestina 

R. R. 4, West Brattleboro Vt.t 


Bennitt Alice Earl 

500 Eastern av. Joliet 111. 


Benson Mary Eva Skaneateles N. Y. 

97-99; Ph.B. 07 Syracuse univ; teacher 
Skaneateles high sch. F 03-06, Watertown 
high sch. 07-09 

Benson Myra Cornelia 

4224 ^^. Mason av. Tacoma Wash. 


Benson Sarah Lorella 

Oak St. Brattleboro Vt.f 


♦Bent Gertrude 

05-D08; d. 23 DOS 

Benton Mary (Mrs W. N. Suter) 
Newcastle N. H.f 

art 87-88 

Bevin Lucy Arnold 
Westchester Ct.t 

Ol-D 02 

Beyer Edith Mary 
Grinnell la.t 


Bickford Mae Elizabeth 
31 S. Goodman st. 

N. Y. 




Bigelow Jessie Elizabeth 
83-85; teacher Claremont N. H. high sch. 
86-89, Gloucester Mass. high sch. 90-98, 
(classical dept) Mt Hermon sch. 02-09, 
Amer, sch. of classical studies Rome and 
Athens 09 — 

Bigham Lilian Marion 
ent. fr. Northampton 


♦Billings Emily Gertrude 

music 83-85: teacher (music); d. F 94 
Kedlands Cal. 

Billings Mary Andrus 
music 88-91; student (piano^ Virgil sch. of 
music New York 00-03 ; teacner and organ- 
ist Conway 

Binford Jessie Florence 

110 N. 2d av. Marshallton la.t 

96-97; B.A. 00 Rockford col; resident 
Hull house Jl 04-05 

aBingham Helen Eliza 
Littleton N. H. 


Bingham Jessie May (Mrs Mark R. 

1123 E. 45th St. Chicago 111. 
94-95; music 95-96; m. 31 D 96; ch. Jean 
Elizabeth b. 23 D 98, Marion H. b. 22 Je 01, 
Dorothy Jessie b. 5 O 05 

Bingham Katherine (Mrs Frederick 
Thomas Walsh) 
12 Valentine st. West Newton 

91-My 93; m. 28 S 98; ch. Bingham b. and 
d. 27 S 00, Isabella Woods b. 5 D 02, 
Thomas Bingham b. 7 Ag 04, Frederick 
Bingham b. 30 D 06 

Bingham May [Mary] Holbrook (Mrs 
Harry Walton Kidder) 
10 Orchard st. Amherst 

music 94-96 ; student (kindergarten) West- 
field normal sch. 96-98, grad. 98; kinder- 
gartner Saratoga Springs N. Y. 98-99; 
matron Pratt health cottage Amherst 02- 
04; m. 2 My 99; ch. Elizabeth b. 25 Mr 04, 
Dorothea b. 14 D 09 

Birmingham Beatrice 

104 W. 70th St. New York 

06-08; student Nat. acad. of design New 
York 08-09 ; painter, modeler 

aBisbee Annie [Anna] Bartlett 

83 S. Hamilton st. Poughkeepsie 

N. Y. 


a*Bisbee Mary Otis 

76-78; d. 14Ja04 
Bishop Julia Lewis 

276 Mill Hill av. Bridgeport Ct. 

99-01 ; student New Haven normal sch. of 
gymnastics 02-04, grad. 04; teacher (physi- 
cal training) Bryn Mawr 04-06, director and 
instructor Stamiord Ct. pub. sch. 06-08 

Bixby Ada Perry (Mrs Robert P. 
2424 E. 2d st. Los Angeles CaLf 

87-89; ch. Earle Bixby b. 11 F 03, dau. b. 07 

oBlackwell Adah 

c/o C. H. Blackwell 521 Lumber 
exchange Seattle Wash. 


Blackwell Anna Marian (Mrs Charles 
Francis Dorr Belden) 
5 Clement circle Cambridge 

02-03; m. 26 My 08; ch. Elizabeth b. 20 D 

*Blackwell Charlotte Mirick (Mrs 
Franklin Elliott Tuttle) 
88-Ap 89; m. 25 Ag 89; d. 9 Je 91 Hadley 

Blaine Nettie Tripp 
Ludington Mich. J 
94-96, S-D 97; Ph.B. 99 ComeU 

Blair Margaret Amidon 

Richmond court Brookline 
art 05-07; student Worcester Mass. art 
museum sch. of design 07-09, student and 
worker in jewelry 09-10, student (design) 
Museum of fine arts Boston 10 

Blake Anna Reeder 

ent. fr. Piermont N. Y. 


Blake Charlotte Rogers 

57 N. 7th St. Newark N. J.t 


♦Blake Constance Hayes (Mrs James 
William Toumey) 
86-87; m. 17 Je 97; ch. James William jr 
b. 14S00; d. 20 Ja04 

Blake Isabel Dora 

169 Columbia Heights Brooklyn 

N. Y.t 


Blake Jennie Maria (Mrs Arthur 
Stoddard Johnson) Nahant 

85-87; B.A. 91 Radcliffe; m. 17 Ap 95; 
ch. Mary Stoddard b. 3 Mr 96, Arthur 
Stoddard jr b. 11 My 99, Alice Blake b. 
21 F 01 d. 25 F 01, George Blake b. 18 Je 02 

Blakeney Mae Miller (Mrs E. M. 

Park and Warring sts. Berkeley 

music 89-90 

♦Blanchard Ada Jennie (Mrs Fred A. 
86-89; teacher Drew sem. Mt Carmel N. Y, 

Blanchard Alice Tessier 
ent. fr. Worcester 




Blanchard Cora Emma (Mrs Jesse 
Fowler Smith) 
5 Locust court East Hartford Ct. 

96-97; bookkeeper Hartford 97-99; m. 
8 N 99; ch. Dorothy Blanchard b. 30 Jl 00, 
Florence Bennett b. 18 N 05, Eleanor 
Edwards b. 17 My 08 

Blanchard Florence Adelia 
ent. fr. Whitman 


Blanchard Helen Train (Mrs Ben- 
jamin Famham Smith) 
5 Academy lane Concord 
88-89 ; grad. Sch. of design Museum of fine 
arts Boston; m. 19 N 02; ch. Eric Park- 
man b. 23 Mr 10 

Blanchard Mary Goddard (Mrs 
Frank Fay Marshall) 

80-82 ; m. 82 ; son b. 83 

Blanchard Mina Ethel (Mrs Fred- 
erick Lee Brooke) 
208 N. Scoville av. Oak Park 111. 
99-02; m. 14 Ap 03; ch. Wilfred Lee b. 14 
Ja 04, Lois Blanchard b. 24 Ja 08 

oBliss Annie Louise (Mrs Bliss Perry) 
5 Clement circle Cambridge 
83-86 ; m. 7 Ag 88 ; ch. Constance Gardner 
b. 8 Ap 91, Margaret Smedley b. 13 O 93, 
Arthur Bliss b. 2 Jl 98 

Bliss Helen Rockwell b.m. 91 (Mrs 
John Henry Gray) 
412 Walnut st. Minneapolis Minn. 

music 88-91; student (music) Berlin 91-92; 
teacher (music) Smith 92-93; m. 14 Je 94; 
ch. James Bliss b. 23 Ag 98, Evelyn b. 22 F 

Block Helen Sylvester (Mrs WilUam 
Augustus Whittlesey) 
30 Wendell av. Pittsfieldf 
02-03; m. 10 O 07 

Blodgett Mattie Bacon t(Mrs Robert 

Manning Palmer) 

814 Minor av. Seattle Wash. 

music 86-90; teacher (piano) 95-08; m. 25 
Jl 93; ch. Kimball Blodgett b. 23 S 94 

Blumenthal Harriet Ryder (Mrs 

Jacob Schoenfeld) 

98 Edwards st. Hartford Ct.f 
00-D 01; teacher Glastonbury Ct. 02-03, 
Hartford 03-05 

Blunt Eugenia 

323 5th av. Clinton la. 


Blyth Kathryn (Mrs James Thomas 
Haxton pi. Salt Lake City Utah 

97-98; student (vocal music) New York, 
Chicago ; m. 16 N 99 ; ch. Kathryn Isabelle 
b. 22 Ap 03 

Bobo Brieta (Mrs Burt Tompkins 
4246 Drexel blvd Chicago IlLf 

97-98; Ph.B. 02 Chicago univ; m. 6 O 03; 
ch. John Bobo b. 6 O 04, Ella Florence b. 08 

Bodle Myrtie [Myrtle] Lucilla (Mrs 
Joseph Franklin Roe) 
1 Front St. Binghamton N. Y. 

music 95-96 

Bodman Clara Philena 

123 Elm St. Northampton 
music 80-86 
Boland Loretta Agnes (Mrs James 

Angell Hardman) 

c/o North Adams Transcript 

North Adams 

music 01-02; student (kindergarten) North 
Adams normal sch. 04-06; teacher South 
Deerfield Mass. 07, 08; m. 28 S OS; ch. 
James Angell jr b. 11 O 09 

*Bond Helen Augusta 

94-N95; d. N 95 
Bonsall Mary AUegra 

663 McKinley av. Salem O. 


Bookwalter Lulu Gertrude 

207 S. 7th St. Hiawatha Kan. 

04-05; governess New York 08-10; miss'y 
under A. B. C. F. M. Uduvil Ceylon 10— 

Boorum Caroline Mather (Mrs Ed- 
win E. Jackson jr) 
424 Clinton av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

83-84; m. 25 Ja93 

Booth Lucy Hariot 

Elmhurst, Queens co. N. Y.% 


Booth Mary Woodford 

111 W. Wabasha st. Winona Minn. 

98-00; student (household economics) 
Simmons col. 08; teacher 00-01, (cooking, 
sewing) Austin Minn, high sch. 09 — 

Bosworth Henrietta Yale Lee J 

OO-D 01 

Bosworth Mary Evelyn (Mrs Hins- 
dale Smith jr) 
95 Buckingham st. Springfieldf 

90-92; m. 11 N 00; ch. Hinsdale b. 18 S 01 

Bosworth Susie Belle (Mrs George 
Leslie Munn) Easthanipton 

84-Ja 87; correspondent Hampshire Gazette 
Mr 05—; m. 30 N 87; ch. Edwin Bosworth 
b. 30 Jl 88, Leslie Searle b. 18 Ap 91 ; mem. 
Nat. geog. soc. 

Bouv6 Marjorie 

Longwood and Sewall avs. Brook- 

S-D 97; grad. Boston normal Bch. of gson- 
nastics; asat (gymnastics) Smith 06-07, 
teacher East Boston 08 — 

Bouv6 Stella 

10 Summit av. Wakefield 
music 96-98 ; teacher (music) 



Bowen Julia Anna Cheshire 

79-81 ; teacher Weston 1 yr 

Bowen Lena Mae 
43 Gates st. LowellJ 

98-Ja 01, Ja-Je 02; student (vocal music); 
teacher Lowell evening high sch. 04-05 

Bowen Marion Plummer (Mrs Archi- 
bald Deming Davis) 
418 First st. Lakewood N. J.f 
97-98; m. 14 Je 06 

Bowler Mabel Gertrude 
ent. fr. Los Angeles Cal. 


Bowns Felice Meiiuez 

Shore road and 9 2d st. Brooklyn 
N. Y. 

97-F 00 
Boyd Elizabeth Ellen (Mrs Harry 
Francis Marshall) 
73 Bracewell av. North Adams 

music 91-92; m. 24 Je 03; oh. Harry Boyd 
b. 12 My 04, Francis Nathan b, 5 Ja 07 

Boyd Emma E. (Mrs Frank P. Cobb) 
Grove st. Chicopee Falls 

music 84-86 

Boyd Jean Hunter (Mrs George 
Cheeseman Lake) 
Academy av. Mt Lebanon Pa.f 


Boyd Mary (Mrs Oscar Lichtenstein) 
171 W. 71st St. New Yorkf 


Boynton Bertha Ella (Mrs John 
Albert Hainer) 
49 Arch st. Providence R. I.t 
89-90; m. 23 Jl 91; ch. Bernice Edson b. 
21 D96 
Boynton Bessie [Elizabeth] Bell (Mrs 
Everett Lee Millard) 
Sycamore pi. Highland Park IlL 
00-02; m. 17 Je 08; ch. Everett Lee jr b. 
Boynton Ethel Corinne (Mrs Wil- 
liam Bayard Meikle) 
24th and Farnam sts. Omaha 

94-96; m. (1) (Mr Lerned); ch. Isabelle b. 
1 S 97, Morris Boynton b. 18 Mr 00; m. (2) 
4 Ja 09 (William Bayard Meikle) 

Boynton Helen Agnes b.m. 05 
St Johnsbury Vt. 

music 02-05; teacher and concert violinist 
Acadia sem. 06, Boston 07-10 

aBoynton Lilian Farrand 

934 Genesee av. Saginaw Mich. 

06-08; student Univ. of Mich. 08— 

Brace Emma (Mrs Henry Herbert 

Wistar institute of anatomy Phila- 
delphia Pa. 
77-78; m. 6Ap07 

Bradford Anna Herbert (Mrs Ray 
Spencer Hubbard) 
2106 Washington st. South Brain- 

96-97, 98-00: student Chandler normal sch. 
of shorthand Boston, Hyannis normal sch. 
00; teacher (Eng, shorthand) high sch. 
Fairhaven 00-02, Brockton 02-03, Wey- 
mouth 03-04, Chelsea 04-05; m. 29 Je 05; 
ch. Bradford Spencer b. 17 D 06, Martin 
Cooper b. 4 N 09 

Bradley Carol Hiester 

Box 155 Parral Chihuahua Mex. 

04-06; student (painting) Philadelphia art 
sch. 06-08; artist and newspaper reporter 

aBradley Elizabeth (Mrs Eugene 

Richards Lewis) 

Locust St. Dubuque la. 
96-98; m. 16 Je 04; ch. William Bradley 
b. 30 Ag 06. Elizabeth b. 12 Ja 08, Jane b. 
25 F 10 

Bradley Ethel (Mrs Prentiss Camell) 
495 State st. Albany N. Y.J 

98-D 00 ; m. 8 O 03 ; ch. Prentiss b. 10 Jl 04 

Bradley Marguerite Hull 

190 Blatchley av. New Haven Ct. 
02-04; student (music), Yale music sch. 

Brady Frances Cecilia 

N. Main st. Canandaigua N. Y. 

06-07 ; student Rochester univ. 09 — 

Bragaw Mary Otis Hunting (Mrs 
Charles Perley Tinker) 
188 Wadsworth av. New Yorkf 

89-90; m. 21 Je 92; ch. Anna Morgan b. 
2 F 95, George Frederick b. 5 F 02 

Brainard Florence Atwater 

41 Main st. South Hadley Fallsf 


♦Bramley Grace Wilcox (Mrs Edwin 
/ Lynch Matthews) 

, S-D 85; B.A. 86 and M.A. 94 Syracuse 
univ; student (comparative philol.) Zflrich 
univ. 92-93; teacher 86-95- m. 24 Je 95; 
ch. Margaret b. 25 Ap 96, Eleanor b. 17 Mr 
00, Helen Grannis b. 1 Je 01, Spencer 
Bramley b. 04; d. 04 

oBranch Mary Lucy 

1038 Pennsylvania av. Charleston 
on Kanawha W. Va. 

01-02; teacher Charleston high sch. 03 — 
Brannigan Minnie Anna 
12 Pleasant st. Ware 

94-95 ; teacher Ware 95 — 

Braun Olive Mae Loraine O.f 

art 05-06 

Brayton Emma Louise 
Delhi, Delaware co. la. 
81-82; B.A. 81 Lenox col, LL.B. 83 State 
univ. of la; treasurer sch. district Delhi 



Breed Marian Keene (Mrs Grant 
Merrill Palmer) Weston 

89-90; m. 29 O 91; ch, Marian Breed b. 
11 D 92, Sanford Denison b. 1 Mr 95, Con- 
stance b. 14 O 96, Grant Merrill jr b. 8 Ag 00 

aBrenz Frieda Christine (Mrs Harry- 
Brigs Kyle) 
545 W. 141st St. New York 

03-04; m. 23 N 04; ch. Robert James b. 

21 O05 

Brett Maude Runyon 
ent. fr. Jersey City N. J. 
Brewster Anna Gertrude 
/ 18 South St. Northampton 

^ art 89-94; grad. art 93; student (Eng.) 
Oxford univ. 06-07 ; asst Clarke lib, North- 
ampton 94-95; asst editor the Symposium 
and the Letter 96-97 ; supervisor (drawing) 
and asst high sch. Brewster Mass. 98-Mr 99, 
teacher (Eng.) Nashua N. H. Ap 99-06, 
Northampton Mass. 07 — 

Bridgman Nellie Sands 
ent. fr. Cleveland O. 
music 85-87 

aBriggs Clarissa Abbot 

361 Harvard st. Cambridge 


Briggs Lena Walker (Mrs John Ed- 
wards Porter) 
50 Flint St. SomervilleJ 

90-F 91, Ja 94-Je 95; m. 27 O 97; ch. Ran- 
dall Edwards b. 30 Ag 98 

Brigham Ethel Percy 

c/o National bank of the republic 

5467 Jefferson st. Chicago Ill.t 
Bright Julia Wylie (Mrs Max E. 


500 Lockwood st. Astoria Long 

Island N. Y. 

99-01; private stenographer; m. 20 F 10 
Brill Edith 

471 Laurel av. St Paul Minn. 

95-97; teacher St Paul 01-02, (intermedi- 
ate dept) Mrs Backer's sch. for girls 04-06, 

oBritt Constance Whitworth (Mrs 
David S. Barmore) 
1533 Arlington st. Los Angeles 
05-07; m. 3 Je08 

Brooks Ellen Rosette 

432 Ridgewood av. Minneapolis 

06-08; grad. Minneapolis kindergarten 
normal sch. 10 

aBrooks Lucy Bagg (Mrs Edwin C. 


226 Pine st. Holyoke 
music 84-88; m. 9 O 90; ch. Richard 
Mather b. 7 Ap 93 (Cornell 14), Catharine 
b. 24 My 96, Helen Brooks b. 18 Ap 99 

Brooks Ruby Miriam (Mrs Henry- 
Gilbert Ely) Worthington 

89- Ap 90; teacher Riverdale sch. West 
Springfield Mass. Ap 90- Ap 92; m. 19 S 
93; ch. Miriam b. 27 Jl 94, Rachel b. 28 N 

Brown Abby Kirtland (Mrs Edward 
50 Edgell St. Gardner! 

music 87-90 

♦Brown Ellen [Nellie] (Mrs Harry S. 
88-89; m. 23 S 95; ch. Herbert Spencer b. 
27 Ag 97, Mabel Louise b. 23 Ag 99; d. 
21 S04 

Brown Harriet Irene 

172 Prospect st. East Orange N.J. 

99-01 ; student (painting) 01 — 
Brown Katharine Louise 
ent. fr. Brooklyn N. Y. 


Brown Myrtie Belle (Mrs Charles 
Higgins McNeil) 

1025 Bryn Mawr av. Chicago 111. 
05-06; m. 12 Je07 

Brown Rachel 

63 Institution av. Newton Center 
05-Ap 06; nurse Newton hospital Newton 
Lower Falls Mass. 

Brown Ruth (Mrs Frederick Edge- 
comb Godfrey) 
29 Glendale st. Everett 

01-04; m. 3 O 05; ch. Elizabeth b. 9 F 08, 

James Brown b. 19 S 09 

Browne Maude Lenore 

3654 Belle view Kansas City Mo. 
06-08; B.A. 10 Univ. of Kan. 

Brush Jessie Kendall 
Huntington N. Y.J 

00-F 02; diploma 03 Woman's law class 
N. Y. univ; student (elocution) 03-04 

Brush May [Mary] Elizabeth 
506 Court St. Fremont O.J 

96-Ap 98 

Buck Grace Robertson (Mrs Tyler 
Abbott Stevens) 
Elmhurst, North Wilmington 

00-D 01; student (secretarial course) Sim- 
mons col. 02-03; private sec. 03-04; m. 
26 Ap 05 

*Bulkeley Grace Isabel 

music 93-94; d. 16 J195 

Bulkley Louise Jeannette (Mrs Har- 
old Kountze) 

c/o Colorado national bank Den- 
ver Col. 

03-05; m. 22 Ap08 
BuUen Anne Stanwood (Mrs Albert 
Gage) 33 Summer st. HaverhillJ 




♦Bullen Charlotte Packard 
80-D 82 

♦Bunting Blanche Gertrude 

02-03; d. Mr 04 Dickinson hospital North- 

Burbeck Bertha May 

60 Warren av. Woburn 

98-00 ; in business Woburn 

Burchard Caroline Lelia (Mrs Fred- 
erick Wells Swannell) 
317 Indiana av. Kankakee 111. 

04-D05; m. 12 My 08 

Burchard Frances Margaret 
ent. fr. Vermilion S. D. 

music 93-94 
Burke Ada Ethel 

219 Cornell road Portland Ore. 

Burke Elsie 

Ravine road Plainfield N. J. 


Burleigh Charlotte Russell (Mrs Ed- 
mund Swalm Boyer) 
Somersworth N. H. 
music 82-83; m. 2 O 84; ch. Francis Bur- 
leigh b. 12 D 85 (B.A. 07 Dartmouth), 
William Edward b. 13 Mr 90 (Amherst 11) 

Burleigh Inez Hampdent 

80-81, 87-88; teacher 
Burleigh Louise Dickerson 
South Berwick Me.f 


Burley Anna (Mrs Leon Herbert 
Thompson) Wales 

91-93; teacher Wales pub. sch. 93-00, 02- 
09; m. 27 Ag 00; ch. Francis Burley b. 

oBumette Clara Jean b.m. 95 (Mrs 
Oliver Winchester Adams) 
9 Taylor st. Holyoke 

music 91-95; teacher (music) 95-97; m. 
31 Mr 97; ch. Christine Elaine b. 18 Ap 98, 
Robert Bumette b. 24 Jl 01, Benjamin 
Winchester b. 26 Je 03 d. 5 Mr 05, Bumette 
Cranford b. 27 My 06 

Bumham Ella Wonson 

15 Western av. Gloucester 

96-97; diploma 01 Alliance frangaise Paris; 
teacher high sch. Gloucester 00-01, 10, 
Marlboro 07, Newburyport 08-09 

Bumham Mary Elizabeth Lyon 
St Louis Mo.t 

art 84-86 

Bumham Mary Eunice Lord (Mrs 
Frederick Prescott Bowden) 
56 Vinton st. Melrose 

music 90-92 ; m. 26 O 99 ; ch. Bumham b. 
22 S 00, Mary Eunice b. 6 Ja 02, James 
Goodwin 2d b. 19 F 05, Frederick Prescott 
jr b. 10 O 08 

Bumham Mary Wesley (Mrs Na- 
thaniel Sherburne Kaime) 
Mission Canon Santa Barbara Cal. 
93-D 95; m. 28 My 96; ch. Margaret Sever- 
ance b. 15 Je 97 d. 1 D 07 

Bums Isabella Sutherland 

417 Spring st. Jamestown N. Y.J 

97-98; student N. Y. state lib. sch. summer 
course 03; lib. organizer 

Burr Gertrude Leland (Mrs John 
Ash worth O'Neil) 
15 Netherlands road Brookline 

99-00; B.A. 06 Boston univ; teacher Fair- 
mount sch. Hyde Park Mass. 1 yr; m. 
8 Je 10 

Burrows Florence Elizabeth 
3618 Euclid av. Cleveland O.J 

Burrv Jerusha Caroline 

4862 Washington av. Chicago IlLf 
98-Ap 99 

Burt Anna Welsh 

ent. fr. Bridgeton N, J. 

Burt Daisy French (Mrs Rufus Win- 
field Scott) 
181 Christopher st. Montclair N. J.f 

98-99, music 99-00 ; m. 25 F 02 

oBurt Elizabeth Clarke (Mrs James 
Lester Procter) 

2838 Grand av. Milwaukee Wis. 
96-98; m. 3 S 00; ch. Alonzo Burt b. 24 Je 

Burt Mabel Lawrence 
ent. fr. Bridgeton N. J. 

Burton Alice Calbraith (Mrs John E. 
31 S. Prospect st. Massillon O.f 


Busey Virginia Richards 

307 W. Elm St. Urbana 111. 

02-03; worker organized charity 

Bush Eugenia ent. fr. Salem Ore. 


Bush Lola Maude (Mrs Edwin J. 
264 W. 139th St. New YorkJ 

music 94-95 ; m. 6 O 97 

aBushee Grace Worthington (Mrs 
Leonard Worcester) 
277 Main st. East Orange N. J.f 

98-00; student Amherst col. lib. sch. sum- 
mer 02 ; lib. asst Mass. inst. of tech. 02-04 

Bushnell Marjorie (Mrs Albert Sid- 
ney Brooks) 
c/o War dept Washington D. C. 

00-02 ; m. 1 Ja 03 ; ch. Albert Sidney jr b. 
31 O 03, Adra b. 5 Ja 06 d. 16 O 09 



•'Butler Florence Agnes (Mrs John 
91-92; m. 5 O 98; d. 18 N 01 

Butler Frances Josephine 
75 Cabot St. Beverly- 
art 91-92; student Cowles art sch. Boston 
94-96, W. M. Chase art sch. New York 97- 
99, (decorative design) Boston 01-04; 
decorative designer and metal and jewelry 
worker Boston 

Butler Frances Louise 
ent. fr. Clean N. Y. 

music 85-86i: 

Butleri Harriet Perkins (Mrs George 
Frederic Minns) 

c/o Butler Bros. Minneapolis 

96-97; grad. Miss Wheelock's kindergarten 
training sch. 00; m. 2 Je 06; oh. Mary 
Butler b. 16 Mr 07, John Woodard b. 19 F 

Butler Katherine James 
20 Elm St. Brooklinet 

01-02; grad. Sargent sch. of gymnastics; 
teacher Schenectady N. Y. high sch. 

* Butler Mary Elizabeth 

00-02; d. 24 N 05 Sandusky O. 

Butler Mary Lucretia (Mrs Harold 
Clifford Pomeroy) Sunderland 
S-D 00; teacher Methuen Mass. 03-04, 
Saluda N. C. 04-05 ; m. 25 S 05 
♦Butler Sarah Minot 

music 80-81; d. 21 Ap 09 Northampton 
Butterfield Frances Amanda 
403 Polk St. Moscow Idaho 

06-07; B.A. 09 Univ. of Wis. 
Butterfield Myrtie Alice 
; Easthampton 

\ 01-05; student Inst, of musical art New 

y York 05-07, with Harold Bauer Paris sum- 

mer of 09; teacher (piano) Settlement 
music sch. New York spring of 06, (piano, 
harmony, music hist.) Kee Mar col. Hagers- 
town Md. 07-08, Judson col. Marion Ala. 
08-09, head (music dept) Collegiate inst. 
Fort Edward N. Y. 09-10 

Buxton Esther Wallace 

141 South St. Morristown N. J.f 

93-95; foreign misa'y 99-01; teacher Mor- 
ristown 03-05 

Bybee Mary Addison (Mrs Walter 
Louis MiUiken) 
1614 N. Penn st. Indianapolis Ind. 

art 86-88, grad. art 89; m. 15 O 90; ch. 
Robert Addison b. 2 S 91, Arthur b. 5 Mr 
04, Mary Louise b. 30 Ja 06 

Byxbee Edith Sumner 

ent. fr. East Oakland Cal. 


Cable Louise Bartlett (Mrs James 
Alfred Chard) 
17 Melrose pi. Montclair N. J.f 

art 88-90; m. 7 D 94; ch. George Cable b. 
26 Ap 96, Evelyn b. 13 O 98, Dorothea 
Stewart b. 11 Jl 04 

Cable Mary Boardman (Mrs Alfred 
Lewis Prince Dennis) 
University of Wisconsin Madison 

music 91-93; student Training sch. for Chris- 
tian workers 97-98; m. 7 Je 99; ch. Mary 
Elizabeth b. 13 Ap 00, Louise Cable b. 25 

Cairns Edith (Mrs Lucius Irving 


The Sulgrave 571 W. 139th st. 

New York 
95-96; teacher (piano) Plainfield N. J. 98-07; 
m. 8 Je 07 

*Caldwell Lura 

04-05; d.2J109 

Calhoun Flora Jane 

46 Trumbull st. New Haven Ct.f 


Callahan Lilian Jeanette 

357 Madison av. Albany N. Y.f 


Campbell Louise Porter 

c/o J. L. Campbell 702 Old South 
bldg Bostonf 

93-95; student (decorative art) Lowell Mass. 
textile sch. 00-03; teacher Lowell evening 
sch; designer 

Campbell Mary Burton (Mrs Love- 
land Munson) Manchester Vt. 

80-81; m. 4 My 82 

Canedy Grace Emma (Mrs Frederic 
Allison Tupper) 
7 Menlo st. Brighton 

89-91; m. 5S92 

Capen Louise 

26 Prospect st. Northampton 

art 86-02; grad. art 91 

Carey [Cary] Henrietta Woodworth 
(Mrs Shepard Brown Palmer) 
70 Prospect st. Norwich Ct. 

96-98; B. S. 02 Teachers col; m. 6 O 03; 
ch. Sybil Cary b. 1 O 04, Clara Elizabeth 
b. 21 N 07 

Carhart Rose 

521 Monroe st. Ann Arbor Mich. 


Carleton Abbie Harriet 
Williamstown Vt.f 

75-Ap 76 

Carleton Alice Bowker 
ent. fr. Middleboro 


Carleton Ethel Winsor (Mrs John 
Coldovey Gabel) 

117 W. Washington lane German- 
town Pa. 

95-97; student Amherst lib. summer sch. 98, 
Drexel inst. lib. sch. 98-99; cataloger Univ. 
of Pa. Ub. 99; m. 2 O 00; ch. John Carleton 
b. 13 S 01, Charles Knox b. 15 Ap 05 



♦Carleton Mabel Lillian (Mrs Edwin 
Bryant Nichols) 

90-92; student (French philol.) Univ. of 
Leipsic 97-98; m. 27 Je 97; d. 26 N. 05 
Gambler O. 

Carlisle Alice Lucretia Goshen Ct. 

art 00-01 

Carlson Hilma Cecilia 
West Brookfieldt 


Carpenter Alice Caroline 
1 Perrin road Brooklinef 

93-94; student (psych.) Harvard summer 
sch. 97, Miss Garland's kindergarten train- 
ing sch. 97-99, Barnard 01-02; settlement 
worker 98-01 

Carpenter Alice Maude (Mrs Eugene 
Clapp) Sedgwick Me.f 

music 91-94 

♦Carpenter Edith (Mrs Bond Thomas) 
82-D 83; m. 13 O 86; d. 14 My 01 New York 

Carpenter Elizabeth Louise 
ent. fr. Oberlin O. 

Carpenter Mabel Sara (Mrs William 
Howard Richardson) 
78 Lancaster terrace Brookline 

99-00; B.A. 03 Cincinnati univ; fellow 
(hist.) Cincinnati univ; m. 2 N 04; ch. 
James Clement b. 06, Frances Arnold b. 09 

Carpenter Mary Louise 

140 Millville av. Naugatuck Ct. 

92-D 95; teacher 95-97 

oCarr Rebecca Dickinson (Mrs Ed- 
ward Josiah Stone) 
1017 Worthington st. Springfield 

99-D 02; m. 31 My 06; ch. Lewis Carr 

b. 9 D 09 

Carrington Grace Brinton (Mrs Albert 
Henry Marvin) 
1334 A St. N. W. Washington D. C. 

90-Ja 93; m. 1 My 93 (husband d. 29 Jl 09) ; 
ch. Charles Carrington b. 28 D 94, Andrew 
Jerrold b. 18 Ja 97 

Carrington Mary Belle 

2710 Vestry av. Cleveland O. 

Carroll Margaret Ethel 

8 Girton pi. Rochester N. Y. 

06-07, 08-09; student Rochester univ. 07-08 

*Carruthers Winifred Lee (Mrs Juan 
Elmo Bumette) 

music 95-96; m. 10 N 97; ch. Hayes Ivan 
b. 17 Mr 99 d. 22 O 99, Marshall Lee b. 
30 Mr 02; d. 9 Ag 04 

aCarter Clara Louise (Mrs John Wood- 
man Higgins) 
184 Highland st. Worcester 

00-02; m. 17 Ja 06 

Carter Elinor Lawton (Mrs John 
Anderson Lord) Gorham Me. 

95-96; B.A. 99 Radcliflfe; teacher private 
sch. Brookline Mass. 00-02, Nobk and 
Greenough's sch. Boston 02-03; m. 23 Je 03; 
ch. John Anderson jr b. 18 Ag 04, William 
Walcott b. 1 N 06, Elinor Carter b. 22 S 08 

Carter Helen Gertrude ChicopeeJ 

music 90-94 

Carter Jessie Stuart (Mrs Henry Tol- 
man jr) 845 feoylston st. Boston 

99-01 ; student Radcliffe S-D 01; m. 5 N 02; 
ch. Leshe Sears (dau.) b. 27 Ag 03 

Carter Louise Hoyt (Mrs Walter 


56 Gates av. Montclair N. J. 
96-98; m. 22 O 02; ch. Walter Lawrence b. 
20 S 03, John Frederick b. 21 O 05, Mary b. 
19 My 08 

cCartwright Annie (Mrs Albert Gard- 
ner Brock) 36 Liberty st. Nantucket 
77-80; teacher 80-86; m. 19 O 86; ch. 
William Cartwright b. 9 My 89, Mary b. 
27 91 

aCary Lucia [Beecher] 

63 W. 4th St. Dunkirk N. Y. 


aCase Cyrena Allen (Mrs Howard 
42 Ashland av. Buffalo N. Y. 

03-05; m. 27 Mr 06; ch. Martha b. 17 Ja 
07, Howard b. 21 O 08 

Case Elizabeth Lois (Mrs John E. Lind) 
3617 Lake av. Chicago Ill.t 

90-92; student (kindergarten) Chicago Froe- 
bel assn 94-96, Chicago kindergarten col. 96- 
97; kindergartner 6 yr, director private sch. 
5yr; m. 5 S 05 

Case Myra Wilcox Canton Center Ct. 

95-97, 98-99 

Cassoday Bertha May (Mrs Carl 

Alfred Johnson) 

142 E. Gilman st. Madison Wis. J 
89-90; m. 7 Je 94; ch. John Cassoday b. 
20 My 95, Ruth Ellsworth b. 28 N 97 

Cavanagh Catherine Agnes 

1460 Asbury av. Evanston 111. 
S-D 03; nursery governess Boston and 
Evanston 04-07, Ja-Jl 10; sec. 111. Industrial 
sch. for girls 07- Ap 08; settlement worker 
Lake Bluff 111. Jl-0 09, Chicago 09-Ja 10 

aChamberlain Elizabeth Mary (Mrs 
Charles H. Porter) 
123 Avon St. New Haven Ct.f 

♦Chamberlain Emily (Mrs Albert 
Stanburrough Cook) 
85-86; m. 1 Je 86; ch. Mildred Emily b. 
9 Ja 91, Sidney Albert b. 1 JI 92; d. 31 D 



Chamberlin Caroline 

106 Plant av. Webster Groves Mo. 

97-99; B.A. 01 Washington univ, M.A. 08 
Columbia; student (hist.) Teachers col. 08; 
teacher St Louis Mo. pub. sch. 04-08, (Latin, 
hist.) Mrs Hazen's sch. Pelham Manor N. Y. 

Chamberlin Harriet Adams 

106 Plant av. Webster Groves Mo. 

00-02; student Washington univ. 1 yr; tutor; 
teacher Mary inst. St Louis Mo. 07 — 

Chambers Catharine DeWitt 
Port Jefferson N. Y. 


Chambers Charlotte Warner (Mrs 
Maynard E. Wright) 
4025 Hillside av. Oakland Cal.f 

95-97; m. Je03; ch. Muirson b. D 06, Eliza- 
beth b. My 09 

Chambers Marguerite Eleanor (Mrs 

619 Eastern parkway Brooklyn 
N. Y.t 

aChandler [Abbie] Belle Orange 

84-86; student N. E. conservatory of music 
Boston 2 yr 

Chanler Laura [Astor] Newport R. I. J 

art S-D 03 

Channing Helen McCurdy 
34 Park pi. New Yorkf 


Chapin Anne Harriet (Mrs W. F. 
215 Linden st. Holyokef 

art 90-92 

Chapin Elizabeth 

290 State st. Springfield 


Chapin Isabel Stillman 
38 Phillips St. Andover 
S-D 96 

Chapin May (Mrs Charles B. Wilbar) 
21 Hancock av. Newton Center 
music 87-88; m. Je94; ch. Esther b. 96 d. 

Chapman Etta Corlies 

29 Girard ay. Hartford Ct. 

95-Ja97; clerk insurance offices; tutor 

Chapman Mrs H. C. 
ent. fr. Williamsburg 
music 90-91 

aChapman Katharine Forrest (Mrs 
Harold William Crowell) 
866 2d av. Detroit Mich. 

98-00; B.A. 02 Univ. of Mich; m. Je 05; 
ch. Emily Ross b. 23 Ap 06, Richard Collier 
Stephen b. 18 Je 07, David Chapman b. 
20 F.IO 

Chapman Marian Carter (Mrs Samuel 
Grant Shartle) 
c/o War dept Washington D. C. 

music 95-96; m. 28 O 03 

Chapman Vera Estelle 

229 Chestnut st. Holyoke 
art 05-06; designer; teacher (art) 

Chappell Marion Ida 

312 Comstock av. Syracuse N. Y. 


Charlock Laura Stillson 

94 Decatur st. Brooklyn N. Y.f 

*Chase Isabella Preble 

98-Mr 01; d. 28 Mr 01 Northampton 

Chase Lucy Maria [Mariah] (Mrs 
Theophilus N. Glover) 
311 Lafayette av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

85-87; student Teachers col; grad. West- 
field normal sch. 90; asst high sch. Nutley 
N. J. 91-93, Easthampton Mass. 94-98, 
prin. Rutherford N. J. 98-08; m. 6 Ag 08 

Chase Mary ent. fr. West Newbury 
music 87-88 

aChase Mary Hoadly (Mrs Walter 
Appleton Lane) 
173 School St. Milton 

97-99; m. 9J101 

aCheever Ellen Tyler (Mrs George 
Ichabod Rockwood) 
340 May st. Worcester 
78-81; m. 13 N 90 

Chenery Mary Parsons (Mrs William 
Lester Salmon) Turners Falls 

music 85-86; supervisor (music) Montague 
Mass. pub. sch. 90-92; m. 4 My 93; ch. 
Dana Chenery b. 24 S 95, Mary Lucretia b. 
7 Ag 97, Isaac Chenery b. 3 My 03 

Chevalier Margaret 

33 Summit road Medfordf 
03-fall of 05 

Chickering Frances Elizabeth 

The Portner 15th and U sts. Wash- 
ington D. C.J 


Child Grace Annie 

17 Grove st. Putnam Ct. 

94-96; student Pratt inst. lib. sch. 96-97; 
reference libn Hartford Ct. pub. lib. 97-02, 
libn Derby pub. lib. 02-10; mem. A.L.A. 

Choate Mary Lillian Lebanon N. H.J 


Christian Caroline Mary (Mrs Edward 
H. Hewitt) 

126 E. Franklin av. Minneapolis 
94-96; m. 18 Ap 00 

Chrysler Mabel 

45 State st. Watertown N. Y.t 



aChurch Edith Weare (Mrs Edward 
Hart Mackay) 
92 Walnut st. Clinton 

98-00; grad. Clinton hospital training sch. 
for nurses 03; nurse 03-04: m. 18 Je 04; 
ch. Miriam E. b. 22 My 07, Edward H. jr b. 
7 Mr 09 

Claflin Sue Esther 

266 N. Jackson st. Atlanta Ga.f 


aClancy Laura Elizabeth (Mrs Fred- 
erick Willis McQuigg) 
1142 Lawrence av. Chicago 111. 

96-98; m. 17 My 05; ch. Cornelius Clancy 

b. 27 F 09 

aClapp Bessie Louise MontagueJ 

85- Ap 88; stenographer 90-98, bookkeeper 
Greenfield Mass. 98-05 

Clapp Harriet Elizabeth (Mrs Albert 
Morton Kelton) 
27 Edgell St. Gardner 

91-92; teacher Petersham Mass, Plainfield, 
Athol; m. 17 Ag 98; ch. Lucelia b. 26 F 02, 
Lawrence Clapp b. 23 Jl 05 

Clapp Hattie Ellen Easthamptont 

music 83-86 

Clapp Nellie Mae 

Fort St. Easthampton 
96-97; Ubn Forbes lib. Northampton 02 — 
Clark Abigail Hinsdale 

107 Bay st. Springfield 

music 86-87; teacher (music), organist 

*Clark Bertha Evangeline 

88-91; d. Je92 

Clark Carrie Louise 

218 Elm St. Northamptonf 

music 83-85 

Clark Clara Elizabeth ent. fr. Buckland 


aClark Ellen Pamela (Mrs William 
Austin Trow) Sherburne N.Y. 

83-85; m. 26 Mv 92; ch. William Clark b. 
11 D 94, Donald Oilman b. 24 Je 98 

Clark Emma Hubbard 

81 Willoughby st. Brooklyn N. Y.f 

art 82-84 

Clark Estelle Osborn 

826 Clark st. Highland Park 111. 
07-08; B.A. 09 Northwestern univ; student 
(French) Northwestern univ. 09-10 

Clark Ethel Birdseye ent. fr. Derby Ct. 


Clark Gwenn Marie 

c/o Dr D wight Clark Bvanston Ill.f 

Clark Jane Lucy 

113 Main st. Easthampton 
Clark Julia Adeline 

49 S. Euclid av. Pasadena Cal. 

06- Ja 09; teacher Classical sch. for girls 
Pasadena 09-10; student training sch. for 
deaconesses Los Angeles Ap 10 — 

Clark Julia B. ent. fr. Hadley 

music 95-96 

Clark Lavinia Rumsey 

c/o G. Ray Clark 2445 Humboldt 
av. S. Minneapolis Minn.f 


aClark Lena Eliza (Mrs Paul Revere 

Bridgman) 99 Church st. Ware 

92-93; music 93-94; m. 18 S 95; ch. Clark 

b. 27 Mr 97, Eleanor Pauline b. 9 Mr 04, 

Barbara b. 24 Jl 05 , 

Clark Lucy Mason 

9 St James park Los Angeles Cal. 


Clark Mary Anna (Mrs Harry Le Val- 
ley Belden) 
20 Coolidge st. Brookline 

79-81; m. 26 Je 89; ch. George Clark b. 
13 Ag 99 

Clark Mary Sophia 
ent. fr. Northampton 

music 90-91 
aClark Sara Stock well 
Park hotel Dallas Tex. 

Clarke Alfreda Dudley 

56 Linden av. Norwich Ct.f 


Clarke Ellen WilHston Norwich Vt. 

81-D 83 
Clarke Martha Reynolds (Mrs Leonard 
Worcester Williams) 
28 Gorham st. Cambridgef 

91-93; B.A. 95 Brown, M.A. 96 Columbia; 
fellow (botany) Barnard 95-96; m. 9 Mr 04 

Clarke Mary Reynolds Gardner^ 

79-80; student N, Y. state lib. sch. 01-Ap 02, 
02- Ap 04; head children's dept Worcester 
free pub. lib. Ap-Jl 02, libn Levi Heywood 
memorial lib. Gardner My 04-05 

Clement Alice Wilson 

275 Warren st. Roxbury 
02-03; student Simmons col, Colorado col; 
teacher (cooking) Oklahoma City Okla. 
07-08. (domestic science) Boston pub. sch. 

aClerihew Catharine Forman 

2305 Park av. MinneapoHs Minn. 


Clizbe Ruth Ellen (Mrs Arthur Gard- 
ner Merriam) 
668 Oakland av. Pasadena Cal. 

art 82-83; m. 1 F 87; ch. Dorothy Jane 
b. 10 Je 89 d. 9 N 89, Robert CU«be b. 29 My 
91, Thirza Rowley b. 16 Ag 93 

Cloud Mary Teresa 

606 S. Marengo av. Pasadena Cal.t 


Clough Alta Louise (Mrs William A. 
Denison) Arcade N. Y. 

79-81, 82-83; student N. E. conservatory of 
music Boston 83-86; m. 16 Ag 86; ch. Isabel 
b. 94, Margaret b. 97 



Clough Anna Grace (Mrs George 
Hugh Kemater) 
245 St James av. Springfield 

90-92; m. 2 My 94 

Clough Mabelle Beatrice 
67 Orchard st. Leominster 

82-83, art 83-86; grad. art86; artist 

Coakley Elizabeth Tew (Mrs Emil 
Arthur Becker jr) 
55 Saybrook pi. BufiEalo N. Y.f 
97-99; m. 8O03; ch. Elizabeth b. 8 D 04 

*Coatsworth Jane Electa 

86-87; student Radcliffe; d. My 99 Bay 
Beach, Ontario Canada 

Cobb Mary Esther b.m. 88 

2 Denniston pi. Northampton 
music 84-88 

Cobb Myra Elizabeth 
Schoolcraft Mich. 
06-Ja 07, Ja-Je 09; student (kindergarten) 
Kalamazoo Mich, state normal sch. 

Cochran Elizabeth Bockius (Mrs Wil- 
liam Egerton Bliss) 
1085 Broad st. Meriden Ct. 

94-97; m. 5Je02 

Cochran Julia Andrew 

107 E. Marshall st. Ithaca N. Y.f 
music 95-96; Ph.B. 00 Cornell; student 
Cornell 98-00, (psych.) 00-01; libn Forbes 
lib. Northampton 96-98 

Coe Carrie Elizabeth 

120 Harvard st. Springfield 

music 93-94; grad. Tapley normal training 
sch. 95; teacher Springfield pub. sch. 96 — 

Coffin Elizabeth Marshall (Mrs Wat- 
son P. Gilbert) 
1261 Pacific St. Brooklyn N. Y.J 


*Coggshall Saba Drake 

99-01; d. 26 O 01 Northampton 

Cohen Ruth Josephine 

3023 Lydia av. Kansas City 'Mo. 


Coit Nettie May (Mrs Herbert Edwin 
549 Riverside drive New York 

92-Ja 96; m. 8 Jl 96; ch. John Ballard b. 17 
Mr 98. Elizabeth Stanley b. 21 My 03 

Colby Julia Cornelius 

855 Center st. Newton Center 


Colby Mary Gardner (Mrs Yandell 
4(X) Prospect st. New Haven Ct. 

00-02; m. 2 Ap 03; ch. Malcolm Colby b. 
13 Mr 04, Sylvia b. 16 Mr 08 

Collar Mary Sibyl (Mrs Pinckney 
20 Percival st. Dorchester 

91-93; B.A. 95 Radcliffe; student (Eng.) 
Radcliffe 96-97; teacher (Eng, French, 
Latin) Stanton col. Natchez Miss. 95-96, 
Miss Haskell's sch. Boston 01-02, private 
teacher; m. 30 Je 96; ch. William Collar 
b. 16 Jl 99, Carolyn Averill b. 24 F 01, 
Elisabeth Ridgeway b. 06 d. 07, Frances 
Lodge b. 07, John Pinckney b. 09 

Collin Sadie [Sarah] Louise 
Fayetteville N. Y. 


Collins Henrietta Merriam (Mrs 
Arthur Norman Gibb) 
R. F. D. 1 Ithaca N. Y. 

93-95; m. Je 97; ch. John Collins b. 16 Je 
99, Mary Murison b. 28 O 00 

Collins Mary Gould ent. f r. Westfield 

art 83-84 

Colman Elizabeth Woodman (Mrs 
William T. Foster jr) 
144 Pleasant st. Arlington! 

95-97; student Radcliffe 

Colt Mary Laura (Mrs Sidney Coo- 
lidge) Concord 

84-85; m. 3 Ag 90; ch. Mary Lowell, Sid- 
ney, Edmund Jefferson, Thomas Bucking- 
ham, John Lowell, Helen, Francis Lowell, 

*Colton Cora Leyman (Mrs S. Ray 
85-86; m. 15 Jl 90; ch. Margaret Lyman b. 
19S95; d. S03 

Colton Gertrude Graham (Mrs Fred- 
erick William Ridley) 
Calumet Mich. 

95-96; m. 3 D 01; ch. Marjorie Colton b. 

22 S 02, Ellen Elizabeth b. 30 Ja 05, Gertrude 

Cartwell b. 12 Ja 10 

Comey Annie Louise (Mrs Everett G. 
1431 State st. New Orleans La. J 


Comings Harriet Adele (Mrs Carl 

WiUiam Wangerien) 

10523 Orville av. Cleveland O. 
99-00; B.A. 03 Oberiin; student (piano) 
Oberlin conservatory of music 04-05, Western 
Reserve univ. lib. sch. 06; libn Cleveland 
07, Oberlin col. 08-09; m. 22 Ja 10 

Comstock Elizabeth 
ent. fr. Detroit Mich. 


Comstock Lorraine (Mrs Harold Ches- 
ter Evarts) 
3009 Dewey av. Omaha Neb. 

04-05; m. 19 O 09; ch. Barbara b. 28 Ag 10 

Conant Bertha Adams Tryon N. Ct 

88-89, Ja 90-91 




Conant Harriet Wheeler (Mrs George 
Homer Spalding) 
19 Astor St. LoweU 

95-96; m. 30 Ja 02; ch. Elizabeth b. 26 

Cond6 Kathrina Clute (Mrs Theodore 
Ely Knowlton) Watertown N. Y. 

98-N 99; m. 12 8 01; ch. Katharine Cond^ 
b. 24 D 05, David Cond6 b. 8 F 10 

•Conro Susan Arzelia 

91-92; d. Ap. 01 

Conrow Helen Claire (Mrs Henry 
Bowring Thurston) 
131 Maple st. Flatbush Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

00- Ja 02; m. 22 Ap OS; ch. Jeannette Held 
b. 31 O 09 

♦Conwell Agnes Elizabeth 

music 96-97 

Cook Delia [Delano] 

75 Bridge st. Northampton^ 

art 85-87; student (art) Berlin 87-88; private 

Cook Fannie Antoinette Hadley 

music 84-86 

Cook Florence (Mrs Frank Yuba Gil- 
bert) 148 Park st. Portland Me. 

00- Ap 01; m. 19 Ap 06; ch. Frances b. 
29 Ap 07 

Cook Katharine Beals 

1144 Park av. San Jos6 Cal. 
92-94; private sec. Engineer publishing co. 
Chicago 05 

aCook Mabell Melissa \ 

18 Hartwell st. Fitchburg \ 

82-83; M.D. 87 Woman's med. col. of N. Y. 
infirmary; house physician post grad. hos- 
pital 84-85. N. Y. infant asylum 87-88; prac- 
tising physician 

Cooke Leila Anna (Mrs George Bryant 
Maxwell) Stirling City Cal. J 

99-00; m. 12 8 04 

aCookman Gertrude Morris (Mrs 
Harper Silliman) 
34 Gramercy park New York 

04-06; m. 10 O 06; ch. Henry Harper b. 
12 8 07 

Cooley Caroline [Carrie] Rebecca (Mrs 
Arthur Allan Adams) 
78 Westminster st. Springfield 

91-92; grad. Miss Twichell's kindergarten 
training sch. 99; kindergartner Springfield 
pub. sch. 99-02; m. 22 O 02; ch. Elisabeth 
Cooley b. 2 O 03, Eleanor b. 23 D 05 

Cooley Clara White 

The Ingleside Tacoma Wash. 

music 87-92; A.C.M. 92 Amer. col. musi- 
cians; student (piano) Berlin 96-97; director 
Pacific univ. music sch. Forest Grove Ore. 
93-96, 97-00; head (piano dept) Whitworth 
col. Tacoma 00-04; private teacher 04-10 

Coonley Laura Amelia 

ent. fr. Chateaugay N. Y. 


Coonley Lura Sally 

ent. fr. Chateaugay N. Y. 


Cooper Caroline Ella Pittsfield 

89-90; student Kansas city medical col. 
93-94, Teachers col. 98 — ; teacher (science) 
private sch. Kansas City Mo. 91-97, (science 
and math.) Randolph-Pond sch. New York 
97-05; tutor to psychasthenics New York 
and Paris 05-10; mem. Intemat. guild Col. 
of France 

Cooper Mary Louise 

92 S. FuUerton av. Montclair N. T. 

music 86-87; student (music) New York; 
private teacher (piano) New York and 

Copeland Mary Emma (Mrs John 
Capen Kemater) 
30 Berkeley st. Springfield 

89-90, art 90-92; m. 5 8 94; ch. Margaret 
Capen b. 19 Jl 96, Elizabeth b. 24 Je 99 

oCopp Laura Remick 
Box 177 Loda Ill.t 

01-02; student, teacher (music) 

Corey Emma (Mrs William Augustus 
Allen) Corey road Marlboro 

93-95; m. 11 Mr 97; ch. John Goodyear 

♦Cornell AHce 

92-93; B.A. Wooster univ; d. Ja 04 Los 
Angeles Cal. 

aCorser Theresa Isabel 
/ 196 Chestnut st. HolyokeJ 
/ 89-94; grad. (art) 93; student (art) L'acad- 

4mie JuUan, Paris; teacher (art) Holyoke 

high sch. 02-Ja 04 

Cotter Lucia Hosmer Ansonia Ct. 

S-D 77 

Cottrell Cora Mabel (Mrs Oscar Stan- 
ard Bass) Maiden 

80-82; m. 18 Je 85; ch. Mary Emaline b. 
7 Je 86, Gerald b. 4 Ja 89, Helen b. 20 Mr 93 

Covel Florence 

617 Ck>mmonwealth av. Boston! 


Covell Carrie Langdon 

27 W. 88th St. New Yorkt 

art 85-88 

Cowan Irene (Mrs Watson Marshall) 
724 Maryland av. Pittsburg Pa. 

00-02; probation oflBcer Allegheny co. Pa. 
juvenile court Mr 05-My 09; m. 5 O 09; ch. 
Edward Cowan b. 11 Jl 10 

Cox Edith (Mrs Howard Wurts Page) 
717 Locust St. Philadelphia Pa. 
86-87; m. 12 Ap 94; ch. Samuel Davis jr 
b. 27 My 95, Edith Nelson b. 11 My 97, 
Evelyn Byrd b. 16 O 98, Mary Cox b. 21 Mr 



aCoy Jennie [Jane] Evelyn (Mrs Louis 
Derr) 83 Center st. Brookline 

87-88; teacher Gushing acad. Aahburnham 
Mass. 91-92; m. 7 Je 93; ch. Thomaa 
Sieger b. 10 Je 96 

Coyle Anna [Annie] Stuart (Mrs Paul 
Myron Goodrich) 
18 Cherry st. North Adams 

90- Ap 92; teacher North Adams grammar 
sch. 94-96, Normal practice sch. 96-99, 
private sch. Philadelphia 99-02; m. 8 O 03; 
ch. Mary Paul b. 24 S 08 

aCraig Jean Maria 

5540 Avondale pi. Pittsburg Pa. 

78-79; teacher (Latin, Eng.) Pittsburg cen- 
tral high sch. 81-86, Chicago high sch. 95-96, 
Erep. sch. Pittsburg 97-02; private tutor, 
scturer (current events) 03-10 

oCrandall Augusta (Mrs Robert G. 


c/o W. E. Cramer 1022 Lexington 

av. New York 
84-85; teacher Delhi N. Y. acad. 85-88; 
visitor N. Y. assn for improving condition 
of poor 98-99, supt Protective service club; 
m. 89 

Crane Bertha Marie (Mrs Andrew 
Jenks Borden) 
1327 Leavenworth st. San Francisco 

94-96; teacher 96-97; m. 4Je97; ch. Vivien 
Adelaide b. 5 Ja 99, Beatrice b. 9 Jl 01 

Crapon Cora Geneva 

105 Beacon av. Providence R. I. 
90-91; student R. I. normal sch. 93, (Ger- 
man) European sch. of lang. Providence 2 
yr. Biblical inst. Brown univ. 03-05; teacher 
Providence pub. sch. 94 — 

Crary Marion A. (Mrs Raymond V. 


263 Cumberland st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
00-01; m. 29S08 
Crawford Sara Letitia (Mrs William 

Fisher Dana) Carthage Ind.f 

99-00; diploma 99 Pa. col. of music Mead- 
villePa; m. 24 S 03 

flCrawley Melita 

72 Gardner st. AUstonf 

00-02; private sec. 

Cresswell Marion Helen 
Edgewater Park N. J. 


Criley Katherine May 

Coates house Kansas City Mo. J 


♦Crittenden Daisy Laura (Mrs Edward 

music 89-91; ch. Roland, Dorothy; d. 
30 Jl 05 

Crittenden Lottie Rosabel 
Shelbume Fallst 

music 91-92; grad. N. E. conservatory of 
music; instructor (music) Gushing acad. 
Ashburnham Mass. 02-05 

Crocker Avice Webber 
32 Lee st. Cambridge 

98-Mr 99 

Crocker Bertha Hyannis 

85-86; student Springfield Mass. normal 
training sch. 93-94; teacher Springfield pub. 
sch. 94-07 

Crocker Ella Adell (Mrs D. P. Aber- 
crombie jr) High st. Turners Fallsf 

music 94-97 

Crofoot Sara Elizabeth 

43 Caleb pi. Pontiac Mich. 


Cross Jane [Jennie] Parthenia (Mrs 
Joel Frank Trull) 
38 South St. Biddeford Me. 

89-91; reader and teacher (voice culture); 
m. 24 D 94 

Crossley Ida Louise 

97 Arlington av. East Orange N. J.f 

art 98-99 

Crouse Julia Munson (Mrs Horace 
Milton Houser) 
578 E. Market st. Akron O. 
S-D 85; m. 12 F 96; ch. George Grouse b. 

12 Mr 98, Martha Parsons b. 16 Ja 02 

aCrowe Catherine Elizabeth (Mrs 
Melvin Tilden Holbrook) 
68 Meny Mount road Quincy 

0.3-D 04; m. 15 Ag 06; ch. Dorothy b. 

13 Jl 07 

aCrowell Delia Susan 
473 June st. Fall River 


Crowley Lilian Beatrice 
610 Lowell St. Lawrencet 


Cruikshank Maud Mary 
30 W. 126th St. New York 

98-99; student New York sch. of applied 
design for women 99-01 

Cullinan Ellen Elizabeth 

455 State st. Bridgeport Ct.J 
S-D 91 

aCummings Lillian De Puy (Mrs 

Charles N. Fitts) 

12 Bedford terrace Northampton! 
87-88; m. 3 O 88; ch. Donald Gummmgs b. 
6 Ap 91, Gharles Norman b. 19 Ag 95, 
Gordon Butler b. 29 S 00, Lillian Jean b. 
10 03 d. 10 

Cummins Anne (Mrs Roger Goodwin 
Culbertson) Warland Wyo. 

OO-FOl; m. 7S09 

Cunningham Marie Garvin (Mrs John 

Stuart Hopkins) 

1009 S. First st. Evansville Ind. 
01-03; m. 2 Je 06; ch. Susan Garvin b. 
24 My 07 



aCunningham Marion Hobart (Mrs 
James Delamater Freeman) 
16 Washington av. Northampton 

77-80; teacher Montclair N. J. pub. sch. 
80-81, private sch. Rochester N. Y. 81-83, 
Montclair 84-89; m. 10 D 89 (husband d. 
4 Mr 05) ; ch. Marion Delamater b. 5 D 91 
(Smith 14), Janet Horatia b. 8 JI 94 

Curran Mary Eleanor 

138 E. 40th St. New York 

02-D 04; B.A. 08 Barnard; teacher Misa 
Hartridge's sch. Plainfield N. J. 08-09, 
Miss Chapin's sch. New York 09-10 

Currier Clare Stennis 
3 East av. Ithaca N. Y. 

04-05; student (domestic economy) Cornell 

Currier Florence (Mrs Romeo Gould) 
Hanover N. H. 

95-96; m. 15 O 04; ch. Dorrance Carrier 
(son) b. 6 F 06 

Currier Helen Winifred 
6 Chestnut st. Chelseaf 


Currier Mary Mehetabel 
ent. fr. Wentworth N. H. 

Curtis Cora Belle ent. fr. Batavia N. Y. 

music 81-82 
Curtis Mabel 

370 Plantation st. Worcester 

93-94; manager greenhouse 

aCushman Hattie Frances 

music 82-83 


Cushman Lena Nina (Mrs Carl Her- 
man Carroll) 

c/o Mrs J. E. Cushman 31 School 
St. Burlington Vt. 

05-06; m. 7 My 08; ch. Richard Cushman 

b. 16 Mr 09 

Cutler Emila Pomeroy 
ent. fr. Amherst 

music 95-96 

Cutler Ermina Augusta (Mrs Norman 
37 Everett st. Newport R. I. 

art 98-99; student Mass. normal art sch. 
99-02; supervisor (drawing) Uxbridge and 
Whitinsville Mass. 03-04, Newport 04-05; 
m. 26 S 05 

Cutler Henrietta Estella (Mrs Ray- 
mond Dodge) 
107 Lawn av. Middletown Ct. 

92-93; teacher 95-98; m. 18 Ag 97 

Cutler Lucy Jane (Mrs Harry Whiting 
19 Highland av. Greenfieldf 

music 84-85; church organist; m. 24 N 85; 
ch. Henry Cutler b. 4 O 86, Earle Nahum 
Whiting b. 21 O 88, Evelyn b. 10 Je 93 

Cutter Susan Maria 

The Montgomery, N. Capitol and 

M sts. Washington D. C. 
90-91; diploma 97 Albany N. Y. state 
normal col; teacher (hist, algebra, Eng.) 
North Plainfield N. J. 91-96, (zoology, 
physiol.) Montclair 97-10 

Daggett Blanche Attleboro Fallst 

97-99; student Boston normal sch. of cook- 
ery; teacher (cookery) 03-04 

Dailey Ada Mary 

219 Turley av. Council Bluffs la.f 

Ol-Ap 02; teacher Council Bluffs pub. sch. 

Damon Emma Josephine (Mrs Robert 

Thomas Simison) 

34 Washington av. Northampton 
art 99-01; student Northampton commer- 
cial col. Mr-Jl 02; stenographer 02-06; m. 
18 Je 06; ch. Barbara Damon b. 22 S 07, 
Lalia Barnes b. 10 F 09 

Damon Inez Field b.m. 03 
Manchester N. H. 
music 00-03; student (music) Boston; 
grad. Inst, of music pedagogy; supervisor 
(music) and teacher Walpole Mass. and 
Chicopee pub. sch. 04-05, director (music) 
state normal sch. Moorhead Minn. 05-07, 
Newpaltz N. Y. 07-10, Univ. of Ga. Athens 
Ga. 10— 

Damon Lois (Mrs Percy Holmes 


Chicago university Chicago 111. 
94-95; teacher Smith acad. St Louis Mo. 
96-02; m. 11 O 02; ch. Holmes b. 15 Ag 06, 
Damon b. 27 S 08 

Damon Lucilla Simpson (Mrs Harry 

Sargent Oilman) 

149 Newbury st. Boston 
art 98-00; student (design) Boston museum 
of fine arts 00-02; m. 19 O 04 

*Dana Mary (Mrs Franklin Lumbard 

82-83; m. 4 Je 85 (husband d. 12 Ja 92); 
d. 18 Ja 92 

Dane Ada Warren (Mrs Clarence 
Norman Lovell) 
87 Wyoming av. Melrose 

91-92; m. 16 Je 03; ch. Sally b. 26 Ag 04, 
Norman Dana b. 27 F 08 

Daniell Elizabeth Dwight 
Madison Ct.f 

art 98-99 

Danielson Clara Maud 

c/o Richard Saltonstall Chestnut 


Dann Editha Lewis 

1298 Bryden road Columbus O.t 

94-96; student Ann Arbor Mich. 96-97; 
teacher (Eng.) Germany 



Darling Corinne Martin (Mrs Ralph 
Hamilton Chambers) 
65 Sanford av. Flushing N. Y. 

94-95; m. 27 My 96; ch. Corinne Martin 
b. 29 Mr 05. Robert Hamilton b. 17 F 09 

Darling Mary Sheddon (Mrs Henry 
112 MilHgan pi. South Orange N. J.f 


♦Darrah Edna Clare 


Darrin Helen Mary (Mrs Charles Ed- 
ward Robertson) 
2221 Kenmore av. Chicago 111. J 
98- Ap 99, Ap-Je 00; m. 30 Je 03; ch. Del- 
mar b. 31 Jl 04 

Darrin Katharine Eliza Addison N. Y. 
96-98; B.A. 06 Columbia; student Teachers 
col; teacher Addison 98-02, Columbia sch. 
Rochester 06-07, Miss Rounds' sch. Brooklyn 

d'Autremont Antoinette (Mrs Oliver 
S. Andresen) 
2609 E. 5th St. Duluth Minn. 
00-01; m. 6 Ja 09: ch. Karl d'Autremont 
b. 4 Ja 10 

•Davenport Ruth 
05-06; d. 26 Ag 06 

Davis Bertha May (Mrs Herman 
David Bone) Wells River Vt. 

art 98-99; teacher Tarrytown N. Y. 03-04, 
in private family Easton Pa. 04-06; m. 
25 D 05: ch. Charlotte Davis b. 12 O 06. 
Harriett Eleanor b. 13 O 09 

Davis Edith Harriman (Mrs Frederick 
WiUiam Shontell) 
320 Amherst st. Manchester N. H. 

93-94; m. 20O03 

Davis Edna 

149 E. 2d St. Portsmouth O. 

8-D 93, Ja-D 95 

Davis Ethel Hyde (Mrs Roy A. 


6 Belvidere av. Worcester 
95-97; m. 6 Je 06; ch. Lawrence Bigelow 
b. 16 Mr 07, Sarah Elizabeth b. 15 Ag 09 

Davis Ethel May 

828 Pennsylvania st. Denver Col. 

Davis Grace Gilbert (Mrs Walter 
34 Lenox road Brooklyn N. Y. 

art 85-89; grad. art 89; m. 28 Ap 97; ch. 
Theodore Davis b. 19 Ap 98, Ellen b. 5 S 99, 
Elizabeth b. 14 Mr 02 

aDavis Helen Louise (Mrs Harry L. 
Burgess) 27 Gardner st. Worcester 

art 91-95, 98-99; grad. art 95; teacher 
(drawing) 95-98, 01-05; m. 8 S 98 (husband 
d. 25 Ag 05) 

Davis Henrietta (Mrs Raymond West 


1611 Franklin park S. Columbus O. 
06-08; m, 28 D 08; ch. Edward Mortimer 
b. 16 O 09 

Davis Lizzie Mabel 

ent. fr. East Somerville 


Davis Maude Belmont 

c/o State board of control St Paul 


91-94; student (shorthand and typewriting) 
Hartford Ct. 98-Ap 99; teacher St Johns- 
bury Vt. acad. 99-02; stenographer Ja 04 — 

Davis May Lamson (Mrs George 
Marshall Rice) 
260 Logan av. Denver Col. J 

S-D 85, S-D 87; m. 18 Jl 03 

Davis Prudence Augusta 

91 Eastern promenade Portland 



Davison Helen Leavitt (Mrs Byron 
James Lambert) 
5 Fairchild st. Iowa City la. 

00-01; student la. state normal sch. 01-02; 
m. 8 N 02; ch. James Leavitt b. 19 Mr 04, 
Robert Davison b. 19 My 05, Mary Louise 
b. 18 Ap 08 

Davison Jeannette Bonner 

Hotel Glencoe Cincinnati 04 

OO-Mr 01 

Davison Mary Lucinda 
ent. fr. Owego N. Y. 

music 91-92 

♦Davison Suvia (Mrs Lewis B. Paton) 

85-D 86; m. 30 D 96; ch. Suvia Lanice b. 
24Ap98; d. 20 Mr 04 Syria 

Dawson Clara Eliza [Elizabeth] b.m. 89 
(Mrs Ferdinand Albert Hauslein) ! 
48 Fry st. Denton Tex. j / 

music 84-89; student (music) Berlin 89-92, [y 
(Germanic lang. and lit.) Yale 92-93; m. 
7 S 92; ch. John Dawson b. 18 Ap 93, 
Lucien b. 4 Jl 94, Florence Homer b. 3 N 
96, Lydia Helen b. 2 Je 01, Leland Yorke 
b. 25 F 04, Cynthia De Robert b. 28 My 07, 
Francesca Finer b. 19 O 09 

Day Alice Jerome (Mrs Harry Tiffany 
Cole) Catskill N. Y.f 

97-N 98 

Day Charlotte May [Mary] (Mrs 
Martin M. Dolan) 
47 Main st. S. Glens Falls N. Y. 

97-98; m. 00; ch. Clarence Robert b. 14 Ap 
04, Margaret Day b. 23 Jl 06 

Day Edith May (Mrs Samuel Harm- 
stead Chubb) 

c/o Miss D. T. Day, West Hart- 
ford Ct. 

97-D 98; teacher Bordentown N. J. 00-01, 
Suffield Ct. 01-02, West Hartford 03-06, 
08-09; m. 17 Je 10 



Day Jessie Ann (Mrs George Sloan 
4 Pearl st. Glens Falls N. Y.f 

music 86-88; ch. Mary Rosamund b. 26 F 01 

Day Mary Alma (Mrs Erasmus Val- 

chester Manson) 

The Stafford 8 Garden pi. Brooklyn 

N. Y. 
91-92; business correspondent Bond inst. 
of mercantile training 

Daykin Martha Annette 

2914 W. 14th St. Cleveland O. 


Dayton Mary Thompson (Mrs William 
Alison Huntley) Oregon City Ore. J 
87-88; m. 93; ch. Louise b. 12 Ag 94, 
William Dayton b. 25 Ap 00 

Dean Eliza Wilson 

39 Harvard st. Brockton 

00-02; student Oberlin conservatory of 
music 07, Lowell training center 09, Univ. 
of S. D. Vermilion S. D. 09-10; sec. Y. W. C. 
A. Univ. of S. D. 09-10 

oDean Elizabeth Lippencott 

Winding way Avondale, Cincinnati 

99-D 02 

Dean Frances (Mrs John Frederick 
Kuster) 21 Washington sq. Salem t 
02-03. 04-05; m. 18 O 09 

Deane Kate Bell (Mrs Alfred E. 
Stearns) 6 Chapel st. AndoverJ 

art 91-93; m. 29 Ag 00; ch. (2) 

De Cora Angel (Mrs William Henry 
Dietz) Carlisle col. Carlisle Pa. 

art 92-96; grad. art 96; student (art) 
Drexel inst. Philadelphia 96-99, Cowles art 
sch. Boston 99-00, Museum of fine arts 
00-03; illustrator New York 03-06; in- 
structor (art) Indian sch. Carlisle 06-10; 
m. 07 

Deering Ethel Miriam Saco Me. 


Deering Rozella (Mrs William Francis 

43 Mason st. Biddeford Me. 
99-01; m. 31 D 03; ch. Dorothy Amelia 
b. 9 D 09 

*De Golyer Nellie Louise (Mrs Walker 
art 81-85; d. Las Vegas N. M. 

de la Barre Louise 

2525 Park av. Minneapolis Minn. 

06-07; student Univ. of Minn. 07 — 

Dement Nonie Eleanor 

6131 Woodlawn av. Chicago 111. 

96- Ap 98; student Chicago univ; teacher 
Mrs Starrett's sch. for girls Chicago 00-01 

Denham Ruth Millicent 

Manor house Washington D. C. 

05-06; B.A. 10 George Washington univ. 

Denison Eunice Dunbar (Mrs John 

Roland Spring) 

7 Hall av. Nashua N. H. 
music 94-96; m. 18 Je 02; ch. John Denison 
b. 1 Ja 04, Elizabeth CaroUne b. 7 Mr 06 

Denison Isabel Noyes Groton Ct.J 

96-98; libn Bill memorial lib. Groton 00-04 

aDenison Kate [M.] 

26 Elm St. Oneonta N. Y.f 

90-91; teacher NewiJaltz N. Y. 91-95, One- 
onta normal sch. 95-05 

Denman Martha Luella (Mrs Albert S. 


aDerby Alice Hubbard (Mrs Henry 
Rosemann Lang) 
60 Trumbull st. New Haven Ct. 

81-D82; m. 29Ag01 

De Ridder Belle (Mrs George H. Ames) 
ent. fr. Schuylerville N. Y. 

*De Riemer Alice 


d'Este Elise 380 Essex st. Salemf 


Dewey Grace Mortimer (Mrs John A. 

29 Harrison av. Northampton! 
music 91-92; m. 26 O 92; ch. Donald 
Dewey b. 21 Jl 93, Helen b. 17 S 95, Mor- 
timer Dewey b. 31 My 99, Wendell Dewey 
b. 2 Ap 01 

Dewey Mary 

51 Hollenbeck av. Great Barrington 


Dewey Sarah Stanley 
/ 51 Hollenbeck av. Great Barrington 

/ 87-88; student (music) Berlin 01-07; teacher 
/ (piano) Mrs Backus' sch. for girls St Paul 
Minn. 07-09 

Dick Mabel Eleanor Lake Forest 111. 


Dick Mary Irene 

189 S. Professor st. Oberlin O. 

01-02; B.A. 03 OberUn col; asst (gymnas- 
tics) Oberlin 07-08, teacher (physical train- 
ing) 08-10 

Dickinson Bessie Marsh (Mrs Harry 
Howard Clutia) Amherst 

00-02; m. 21S04; ch. Elizabeth Dickinson 
b. 26 Je 05 

Dickinson Martha Gilbert (Mrs 
Bianchi) Amherstf 

music 85-90 

Diehl Grace Chandler 

511 Hazel av. Highland Park 111. 


aDike Florence Blanchard (Mrs James 

Bronson Reynolds) 

151 Central park W. New York 
81-83; m. 98 



Dill Helen Brooks 

83 Harrison st. East Orange N. J.f 


Dillon Josephine 

684 Benton blvd Los Angeles Cal. 

06-07; B.A. 08 Stanford univ; actress 
Belasco stock oo. Los Angeles 09-10 

Dimick Esther 

13 Russell av. Watertown 
98-00; B.A. 02 RadclifTe; student Radcliflfe 
02-03; teacher Bennington Vt. high sch. 
04-Ja 05, Lee Mass. high sch. Ja-Je 05 

aDivine Jeannette (Mrs Chester 
Young) Napanoch N. Y. 

97-98; m. 26 N 01; ch. George Chandler 
b. 11J105 

Dixon Elizabeth Susan 

476 Main st. Winona Minn. 
93-95; B.S. 06 Columbia; teacher 8t James 
Minn. 97-99, Winona high sch. 99-04, 06-09. 
Tacoma Wash. 09-10 

Doane Marion Evans 

16 Rockland st. Roxburyt 


Dobbin Margaret Hill Fairport N. Y. 

03-04; student New York sch. of applied 
design 04-06; teacher (drawing) Niagara 
Falls N. Y. 09-10 

Dodge Louise Vamum 
ent. fr. Shelburne 


•Dodge Margaret Augusta 

86-87; Ph.B. 90 Boston univ; writer; d. 
20 D 98 Boston 

Dodge Mar)^ Elvira 

96 Washington av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

art 83-84; student (stenography) Bryant 
and Stratton business col. Brooklyn 88; 
teacher pub. sch. Acworth N. H, Greenwich 
Mass, Chicopee, Royalston 84-88; sten- 
ographer New York Ja 88-S 00, Brooklyn 

Dole Mary Mitchell 

2008 Lasalle av. Los Angeles Cal. 

89-90, 91-93; teacher Los Angeles poly- 
technic high sch. 

Donohoe Ellen Beatrix 
28 Johnson st. Lynn 


Douglas Helen Lea (Mrs E. A. 
37a Madison st. Brooklyn N. Y.f 

99-My 01 

Douglas Maude Harris (Mrs James 
c/o Senator Hopkins Aurora Ill.f 


Douglas Nellie Woods (Mrs Frank 
Adams Ellis) 
1649 Arapahoe st. Denver Col. 

87-Mr 88; student (Eng, German, French) 
Bryn Mawr F-Je 00; teacher Pittsburg Pa. 
88-89; tutor 99-06; m. 7 F 06 

Douglass Kate Sherrill 

Box 121 Long Beach Cal.f 

95-D 96 

Dow Alberta Gallatin (Mrs Fletcher 
Goodwill) Jamestown N. Y. 

97-98; m. 10 O 07; ch. Eleanor Dow b. 7 Ag 
08, Charlotte b. 6 S 10 

Dow Alice Minerva (Mrs Thomas W. 
5830 Washington av. Chicago 111. J 

87-89; m. Ap 92; ch. Brent Dow b. 6 F 93 

Dowling Grace Boorman 

Eastern district high sch. Brooklyn 
N. Y.t 
90-92; Ph.B. 99 Cornell; student Cornell 
98-99; teacher Cuba N. Y. 94-95, Glens Falls 
95-98, asst (Eng.) Smith 99-02, Brooklyn 

Downing Nellie (Mrs Edwin Warner 
38 Girard st. Rochester N. Y. 

96-97; m. 9S03 

Drake Nima Hodsdon (Mrs Arthur 

Vale Casselman) 

731 N. 4th St. Reading Pa. 
00-My 02; m. 26 Jl 05; ch. Louise Climena 
b. 9 Ja 08 

Drake Persis Phillips 

36 Holbrook st. Jamaica Plain 

80-83: student (botany) Harvard summer 
sch. 88; teacher Quincy Mass. 83-87, Rox- 
bury high sch. Boston 87-08, head (Latin 
dept) 08— 

Dryer Clare Mary (Mrs James Lip- 
pincott Wick jr) 
119 Parkview av. Youngstown O. 

03-04; m. 16 My 08; ch. Perry Dryer b. 
21 Ap 09 d. 10 My 09 

aDuBois Yettie Antoinette (Mrs Wil- 
liam Darling Ballantine) 
c/o Voorman co. 110 Market st. 
San Francisco Cal. 

99-00; m. 22 Je 03; ch. Gilbert DuBois b. 
8 My 04, Viola b. 25 Ap 05, Elisabeth b. 
17 Jl 10 

Dudley Ellen (Mrs Robert Wallace) 
127 Mulberry st. Springfieldf 

art 96-97 

Duell Mary Louise (Mrs Otto Kean) 
West Point N. Y.f 


Duffee Doris Center Marshfield 

06-F 07, 07-08; teacher Prattville training 
sch. 09-10 

oDuguid Harriet Eliza (Mrs George 
Loveless Amerman) 
Shadowside, Marcellus N. Y. 

84- Ap 86, art 86-88; grad. (art) 88; m. 26 
Ap 98; ch. Henry Duguid b. 24 Ag 00, 
Peter van Buren b. 24 Ja 05 

*Duncan Mabel Ticknor 

89-92; d. Je02 



Dunham Jennie Rainsford (Mrs How- 
ard M. Richards) 
Howard st. West Bridgewater 

05-06; teacher (hist, Latin) Howard sem. 
West Bridgewater; m. 10 

Dunkerson Louise (Mrs Samuel Lowry 
Orr) 903 First st. Evansville Ind. 

96-98; m. 25 Mr 03; ch. Samuel b. 23 N 06, 
Laura Kendrick b. 19 D 09 
Dunmore Clara Treadway (Mrs George 

I. Hovey) 

Deansboro Oneida co. N. Y. 
Ol-Ja 03; executive sec. Y. W. C. A. for 
N. Y. and N. J. 08-Jl 09; m. 12Ag09 

Dunn Katherine 

Round hill Springfield 

art 93-94 

*Dunton Ada Lamira (Mrs Carroll 
Baldwin Ross) 

79-82; m. 85; ch. Paul Dunton b. 8 Ag 89, 
Adelaide Dunton b. 17 O 91; d. 29 Ja 92 

Dunton Miriam Munson (Mrs Charles 
Albert Simpson) 
24 Madison st. Rutland Vt. 

art 82-83; student N. E. conservatory of 
music 84, (art) Mrs Corey's sch. of applied 
design New York; m. 27 Ap 86 

Dupee Helen 

486 Dearborn av. Chicago Ill.t 


Durand Ruth (Mrs William Mather 
Lewis) Lake Forest 111. 

02-03; m. 20 D 06; ch. Sarah Durand 
b. 28 D 07 

Durgin Florence (Mrs Martin L. C. 

3 Culvert st. Glens Falls N. Y. 
95-97; student Chicago univ. 97-98; m. 
4 O 05; ch. Martha Alice b. 5 Mr 08 d. 
12 Mr 08 

Dutton Lillian 

411 W. 114th St. New York 

02-04; student (music) 

*Dwight Alice Evelyn 

S-D 79; student Springfield Mass. training 
sch; teacher pub. sch; d. 13 S 00 
Dwight Annie Waterman (Sister An- 
nette) 17 Louisburg sq. Boston^ 
music 81-83 

Dyer Josephine Tyler (Mrs Robert 
Hoit Johnston) 
26 Floral st. St Paul Minn, 
music 89-90; student (vocal music) Berlin; 
professional singer New York 5 yr, Minneap- 
olis and St Paul 8 jt; m. 9 F 98 
oEager Louise 

201 W. 55th St. New York 

80-81, 82-85 

Eames Harriet Murdock (Mrs Arthur 

James Lauder) Jacksonville Ill.t 

97-99; m. 1 My 02 (husband d.); ch. 

Caroline Abigail b. 23 Ap 03, Ellen Joyce 

b. 29 J« 07 

Eastman Alice Alvera (Mrs Silas Irv- 
ing Keeler) Central S. C. 

art 88-89; teacher; m. 31 My 94; ch. 
Alice Hazel b. 1 Mr 95, Gordon Eastman 
b. 10 N 97, Waldo Forrest b. 27 O 99, Paul 
Irving b. 28 S 01, Ruth Evelina b. 22 Ag 04, 
Louise Margaret b. 07 

Eastman Lucy Hays 

418 E. 15th St. N. Portland Ore.f 

Ol-D 02; Christian Science practitioner 
St Paul Minn. 05-08, Portland 08-10 

Easton Ruth 

225 37th St. Des Moines la.f 


Eaton Alberta Louise b.m. 01 
Stafford Springs Ct.f 

music 99-01 

Eaton Ethelwyn (Mrs Charles Francis 
Read) Geneva 111. J 

96-97; B.A.01 Beloit; m. 16 D 02 

Eaton George May Lancaster N. H.J 

97-99, 00-01 

Eaton Helen Maria (Mrs Franklin O. 
18 Woronoco av. Westfield 

S-D 80; teacher 5 yr; m. 13 Ja 86; ch. 
Florence R. b. 14 O 88, Lucile F. b. 21 Je 93, 
Mary L. b. 15 Ap 96 

Eaton Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Albert 
Marquis Beckwith) South Sudbury 

98-D 99; teacher South Sudbury 01-03, 
Sudbury 03-07; m. 5 N 07; ch. Elizabeth 

Eaton Mary Laurette 
ent. fr. Weymouth 


Eddy Caroline Simmons (Mrs Walter 
Alexis Hosley) 
145 Clarendon st. Springfieldf 

95-F97; m. 23 N 04 

Eddy Jessica Louise 

ent. fr. Middlebury Vt. 


*Edgerly Louise Graves 


Edgerly Marion Cooper (Mrs Alex- 
ander Harvey Bill) 
21 Chauncy st. Cambridge 

music 96-97; m. 12 Ap 99; ch. Elizabeth 

Harvey b. 3 Ap 00, Margaret Wendell b. 

9 Je 01, Mary Frances b. 13 F 03, Catherine 

Marion b. 26 Je 05 

Edgerton Lillian ent. fr. St Louis Mo. 

music 82-83 

aEdson Julia Harris (Mrs Harry B. 
Davis) Bay View av. Plymouthf 

S-N 98, 99-00; stenographer; m. 27 O 06 

©Edwards Adelaide Frances Dyer (Mrs 
Frederick Newton Kneeland) 
8 Paradise road Northampton 
75-76; teacher Southampton high sch. 76-77; 
CoUinsville Ct. high sch, Plainfield acad. 
78-79; m. 9 D 79; ch. Mary Frances b. 
2 Ja 82, Robert Shepherd b. 26 Ap 83 (Am- 
herst 05, Harvard law sch. 08), Dorria b. 
6 D 89 d. 6 My 91 



Edwards Florence Madaline 

1709 State st. Santa Barbara Cal. 

Edwards Grace Judson Westhampton 

96-97; student Oberlin kindergarten train- 
ing sch. 97-99; teacher Amherst Mass. 
99-03, Springfield 03-05, Newton 05-10 

Edwards Harriet Smith (Mrs Harry 
Walter Foster) 
423 4th av. Newark N. J. 

91-93; student (kindergarten) Teachers col. 
93-95; private kindergartner Newark 95-99; 
m. 25 Ja 00; ch. Dudley Edwards b. 12 D 
00, Margaret Edwards b. 14 Ag 02, Eleanor 
Pierpont b. 22 F 04, Harry Lincoln b. 12 F 06, 
Ralph Hamilton b. 3 N 07 d. 27 Mr 09 

Edwards Helen Louise 
Cass St. La Crosse Wis.f 


Edwards Nellie Eliza (Mrs Frank 
Snyder) Binghamton N. Y.J 


Eells Emma Louise (Mrs John Schu- 
fret Kelley) 
62 Henry st. Binghamton N. Y. 

96-97; m. 21 Ag 02; ch. EHzabeth St John 
b. 06, John Eells b, 09 

Elden Mary Philbrick (Mrs Shailer 
5736 Woodlawn av. Chicago 111. 

81-82; m. 16 Jl 90; ch. Robert Elden b. 
17 Ap 94, Helen b. 19 O 98, Mary b. 3 Mr 03 

♦Elder Mary Katharine 

Eldredge Julia Ortentia 
ent. fr. Middlebury Vt. 

EUingwood Louie Hooke (Mrs Daniel 

Owens Swan) 

305 Nesmith st. Lowellf 
OO-Ap 01; m. 19 F 06; ch. Janet and 
Virginia b. 30 D 10 

Elliot Nellie Grant (Mrs Eben Win- 
throp Freeman) 
42 Highland st. Portland Me. 

81-83; m. 16 N 92; ch. Sylvia b. 29 Mr 94, 
Elliot b. 26 F 96, Elizabeth Moor b. 9 Jl 99, 
Francis Pike b. 17 F 01 

Elliott Alice Washburn (Mrs Thomas 
Anthony Brown) 
429 N. 8th St. Quincy 111. 

92-93; m. 6 O 96; ch. AUce Delia b. 22 Ja 
98, Ruth Adams b. 6 Je 00 

Elliott Elizabeth Jane ent. fr. Ashby 


Elliott Elsie Cady (Mrs Archiland 
Allen Roff) 
96 Saratoga av. Cohoes N. Y. 

02-04; m. 11 O 05; ch. Virginia Helena 
b. 10 Jl 06 d. 8 O 07 

Elliott Fannie Nunn Henderson Ky.t 


Ellis Anna Hale 

276 Washington st. Braintree 

01-02; B.S. Simmons col. 

Ellis Flora Eames 

6 Church st. Putnam Ct. 

02-04; grad. (kindergarten normal dept) 
Ethical culture sch. New York; kindergart- 

Ellis Grace ent. fr. New York 


Ellis Myrtle Eva (Mrs George Bryant 
206 Washington st. Keene N. H. 

95-96; m. 20 My 97; ch. Mary b. 15 F 98, 
Ellis b. 6 Je 00, Morris Henry b. 8 F 04, 
Margaret b. 30 O 05 

♦EUwood Mary Patience (Mrs John H. 

81-82; m. 1 O 84; ch. James Ellwood b. 23 
N 87, Harriet Louise b. 28 F 95; d. 20 D 03 

cElmer Blanche Annie Davis (Mrs 
Andrew Pierson Hoover) 
117 Trenton st. Melrosef 


Ely Elsie Lucile 

201 E. Henry st. Savannah Ga.f 


Emerson Abbie Belle 
ent. fr. Pittsfield N. H. 

fall of 04 

*Emerson Louise Ruth (Mrs Herman 

95-96; m. 10 O 99; d. 3 Ja 02 

Emerson Mary 



aEmerson Maud Lenore (Mrs Clarke 
Gushing Fitts) 
15 Oak St. Brattleboro Vt. 

89-91; teacher high sch. 92-95, Mystic Ct. 
and New York 96-01; m. 30 Je 03; iCh. 
Osmer Gushing b. 21 O 05 

Emmons Harriet Sara 

6 S. State st. Concord N. H. 
98-00; teacher Concord 01 — , prin. granunar 
sch. 05 — 

Emory Carrie Jane 

138 Spring st. Springfield 

music 81-84 

Endicott Annie Blake 

17 Lafayette av. Chelsea t 


England Edith Jackson (Mrs Henry 
Millard Wood) 
5813 Lathrop pi. College Hill O. 

01-02; m. 13Je07 

Entwistle Antoinette (Mrs George 
Metcalf Daniels) SaxonvilleJ 

89-Ap 91; m. 20 S 99; ch. Elizabeth Ent- 
wistle b. 10 Jl 00 



Eppendorf Lina 

161 Mariner st. Buffalo N. Y.f 

78- Ja 79; student (painting) with Abbott 
Thayer, Metropolitan sch. of art, (design) 
Cooper union New York, embroidery for in- 
terior decoration 83-87; teacher (embroidery 
and design) Pratt inst. 88-91, designer rooms 
N. Y. assn artists 92, head (domestic art) 
Armour inst. 93-94; settlement worker 95-96 

Eschenburg Elizabeth 

1725 De la Vina st. Santa Barbara 
98-N 99 

Eshbaugh Mary Genevieve 
Montclair N. J.J 

Estes Florence Elva 

18 Laurel av. Auburn Me. 

03- Ja 04; student Lewiston Me. normal 
training sch. 07 

Evans Abbie Ayres 
ent. fr. Delaware O. 

art 81-82 

Evans Alice Robinson (Mrs William 
Grey Miller) 
169 E. Lincoln av. New Castle Pa. 

art 89-90; M.D. 98 Woman's med. col. of Pa; 
■tudent (med.) Philadelphia 00, hospital 
resident 98-99; practising physician Youngs- 
town O. 99-00, Pittsburg Pa. 00-07; m. 
14 F 08; mem. Amer. med. assn 

Evans Bemice ent. fr. New York 


Evans Helena Cherry Easthampton 

art 84-93; grad. (art) 88; student (art) New 
York; superyisor (drawing) Easthampton 

pub. sch. 


Everhard Ethel Rebecca (Mrs Charles 
A. Schmettan) 
627 W. Woodruff av. Toledo O.J 

88-90; m. 30J195 

Fairbanks Alice Russell (Mrs William 
Alexander Frye) RoyalstonJ 

90-91; teacher; m. 10 Jl 99; ch. Richard 
Fairbanks b. 7 S 00 

•Fairbanks Almira Taylor 
82-83; d. 03 

Fairfield Mabel Edna (Mrs James 
Edward Kershaw jr) 
4 Ducharme av. Willimansett 

95-97; student Bellevue training sch. for 
nurses 97-00; nurse 99-01; m. 28 Ag 01; 
ch. Elizabeth Fairfield b. 5 Jl 02 d. 5 F 09, 
James Douglas b. 3 Mr 04, Ruth Agnes b. 

Falconer Helen 

Fales Katharine Mildred (Mrs Rob- 
bins Battell Stoeckel) Norfolk Ct. 

murao 89-90, 92-95; organist and teacher 
(music) Norfolk Jl 95 — ; m. 9 N 05 

ent. fr. Chicago 111. 

Farmer Edith Hosmer (Mrs Edward 
Rutledge Lowndes) Cavite P. I.J 
music 88-89; m. 9 N 92; ch. Hazel Louise 
b. 11 D 93, Edward Rutledge b. 1 D 01 

*Farquhar Sarah Elizabeth 
94-96; d. 20 O 98 Newton 

Farr Flora Anna (Mrs Thomas Judson 
Morrow) 231 Oak st. Holyoke 

art 89-90; m. 29 S 91 ; ch. Marjory Heapeler 
b. 15 Mr 95, Isabel b. 26 D 97 

Farrar Caroline Frances 
597 Dudley st. Bostont 

music 85-88; teacher (music) Columbia 
Tenn. 88-89, Amherst Mass. 90-91 

*Farrar Sarah Brainard 

8-N88; d. 11 N 88 
Farrington Mrs Margaret Vere 
187 State st. Augusta Me. 

85-86; m. 30 D 90 (Rev. William Farrand 
Livingston); ch. Robert Royce b. 29 D 93 
d. 16 My 94, Margaret b. 28 Ap 95 

Fassett Alice Elizabeth 

c/o Capt. Fassett War dept Wash- 
ington D. Ct 

Faulkner Bessie Kellogg 

10 Winslow St. Plymouth^ 
S-D 99; grad. Wheelock kindergarten train- 
ing sch. Boston; teacher Kingston 03-05 

Fay Clara Evangeline (Mrs Arthur 
Gray Doane) 
59 West St. Northampton 

art 95-98, 98-99; grad. (art) 98; teacher 
(drawing) 99-01; m. 3 O 01; ch. Philip 
Strong b. 21 Je 02 

Fay Edith Marion (Mrs Eugene Frost 
HilUker) Box 145 Derby Ct. 

06-08; teacher Shelton Ct. 8th grade; m. 
20 Jl 10 

Fay Gertrude (Mrs Marcus Lothrop) 
1718 H W. Genesee st. Syracuse 
N. Y.t 

art 02-05 

Fay Grace Louisa (Mrs Edward 
WilHam Whalen) 
25 Summer st. Northampton 

06-07; m. 11 Jl 07; ch. Edward Fay b. 
29 My 08 

Fay Julia Elizabeth 

47 Spring st. Keene N. H.| 

00-F 01 ; student (music) 01-05 

aFay Julia Pike b.m. 00 (Mrs Charles 
D. Heywood) 254 Oak st. Holyoke 

music 96-00; teacher (music) Holyoke; 
m. 4 F 08 

Faye Georgina Ransom ent. fr. Boston 

art 86-87 
Felch Emma Laura (Mrs George 
Durward) 17 Wyman st. Wobum 

96-D 98; teacher Woburn pub. sch. 90-01; 
m. 15 Ag 01; ch. Laura Elizabeth b. 29 Ag 



Fellows May Fanny [Fannie] 
17 Franklin st. Greenfield 
art 90-93; indexer of records Registry of 
deeds Franklin co. Ag 94-Ag 96, clerk Pro- 
bate office and Courts office 97 — 

Ferguson Marion (Mrs Robert H. 
Riverside av. Saugatuck Ct.f 


Femald Mary 

6 Woodbine st. Worcester! 

94-Ap 95 

flFerris Ada Josephine (Mrs Benjamin 
Franklin Liggett) 
Roselands, Visalia Cal. 

art 83-84; in business Chicago 96; m. (1) 
20 O 86 (Henry James Sprague d. 9 N 89) ; 
ch. Henry Ferris b. 17 Je 88; m. (2) 8 O 02 
(B. F. Liggett) 

Ferris Bertha May (Mrs Hiram 

Eugene Todd) 

306 Ellis St. Peoria 111. 
96-Ap 98, 98-Mr 99; teacher Peoria 99-00; 
m. 10 S 00; ch. Sarah Gerard b. 25 Jl 05, 
Harriet Asenath b. 25 Jl 08 

Ferris Dorothy Latham 


Carthage Ill.t 

Ferry Mrs Edward M. (Isabelle Herr- 
mann) 143 East St. Easthamptonf 

art 82-93. 03-05; grad. art 86; student (art) 
Julian's studio Paris 95; supervisor (draw- 
ing) Holyoke Mass. 87-02, 04-05; ch. Win- 
throp Herrmann 

Fiedler Clara Gertrude (Mrs Charlton 
Augustus Newborn) 
506 Pontotac av. Memphis Tenn. 

02-03; m. 11 D 07; ch. Eugenia b. 24 O 09 

Field Charlotte Hamilton 

804 Main st. Jackson Mich.f 


Field Leila Alberta 
East Hampton Ct.J 

96-98; Ph.B. 01 Wesleyan; teacher 02-04 

Field Mabel Hichborn 

18 Evergreen pi. East Orange N. J.f 

91-92: artist New York artisan inst. 92-96 

oField Maude Elizabeth Hillsboro 

92-94; student (normal course) Boston cook- 
ing sch. Ja-Je 98; teacher Leyden Mass. 
94-96, Stamford Ct. 96-97, (cooking) New 
Haven grammar sch. 98-04 

Field Myra Stebbins (Mrs William 
Emrich Walker) Hillsboro 

97-99; student Simmons col. 09-F 10; 
housekeeper Miss Spence's sch. New York 
10—; m. 19 Jl 04 (husband d. 30 N 08); 
ch. Caroline Putnam b. 21 Ag 05 

*Finch Edith 
music 84-85 

Findley Grace Helen (Mrs C. A. Vogt) 
1800 E. 84th St. Cleveland O.f 


Fiscus Margaret Elizabeth 

501 Franklin av. Wilkinsburg sta- 
tion Pittsburg Pa. 


Fish Elizabeth Rowe (Mrs Alexander 
James Campbell) 
16 Nathan Hale st. New London Ct. 

98-99; student Vassar 99-01, Amer. inst. of 
applied music 01-02; teacher (music) D 
01-04; m, 3 Ag 04; ch. Alexander Fish b. 
24 Mr 06, Henry Cook b. 6 My 07, Elizabeth 
Covington b. 8 Jl 08 

Fish Lavarah Dwinel (Mrs Percy 
Allen Wheaton) 
80 School St. Manchester 

98-99; student Vassar 99-Mr 00, 00-01, 
Wellington training sch. Cambridge Mass. 
Ja 04-Ap 05; teacher Lackawanna sch. 
Scranton Pa. 01-03. asst prin. Manchester 
grammar sch. Ap 05- Ap 07; m. 15 Je 07; 
ch. Lara Tappan b. 2 My 08, Alice Lyndon 
b. 19 Ag 09 

Fisher Addle Meserve (Mrs Edward 
Marsh) 150 Court st. Dedham 

95-D 97; m. 9 O 01; ch. Francis Marsh 2d 
b. 16 Ja 03 

Fisher Annie Augusta (Mrs Otis 
Stafford Johnson) 

24 San Rafael st. Colorado Springs 

music 82-83; m. 28 O 86; ch. Stafford 
Fisher b. 15 O 88, Richard Newhall b. 13 

Fisher Edith Winifred Woods Hole 

97-98; student (design) Eric Pape sch. of art 
Boston 00-02, (interior decoration and design) 
Sch. of industrial art Phila. 02-04, 07, Paris 
08-09; teacher 98-99, tutor 99-00; decorator 
and designer 00-04, with Chapman decora- 
tive CO. Phila. 03 — , with Kaufmann Bros. 
Pittsburg Pa. 05-06 

Fisher Katherine Ferguson (Mrs Hiram 
Emery Miller) 65 Atkins av. Lynn 

art 97-98; m. 22 Je 04; ch. Josiah Stedman 
b. 26 O 08 

Fisher Mary Emma (Mrs George 
Chapman Bosson jr) 
Hotel Bellevue Beacon st. Boston 
84-85; m. 14 D 87; mem. Nat. geog. soc. 

Fisher Mary Preston b.m. 85 (Mrs 
Edward Parsons Seymour) 

music 80-85; teacher (music); m. 7 Jl 85; 
adopted ch. Arthur Lockhart b. 28 Ag 91, 
Mary Ester b. 12 O 96 

Fiske Ida Mabel ent. fr. Montclair N. J. 

aFitch Laura Forbes (Mrs Charles 
McQuiston) Croton Falls N. Y. 
79-81; student (law) 82; m. 13 Je 89 (hus- 
band d. 15 S 00) ; ch. Marjory Fitch b. 10 
Mr 91 (Smith 13), Charles Henry Fitch b. 27 
Mr 97 

♦Fitzgerald Cora Belle 

89-F 91; d. 31 Ag 98 




Fitzgerald Mabel Louise (Mrs Charles 
Tompkins st. Cortland N. Y.f 

97-D 00; m. 9 O 02; ch. Helen Ardell b. 18 
S 06, Charlotte Rouse b. 20 Mr 09 

Flagg Lenora Enid 

Sunot and Park avs. San ]os6 Cal. 

06-08; B.A. 10 Stanford 

Flanders Mary Eliza (Mrs Joseph 
Horton Howard) 
119 Pleasant st. Holyoke 

music 83-86; m. 24 O 01 (husband d. 10 
My 07) ; teacher (music) , organist 

Fletcher Elizabeth LeBaron Amherst 

art 90-92 

Fletcher Mary 

383 Spring st. Portland Me. 


aFlynt Ella Eudocia (Mrs William 
Child Dewey) 
240 Union st. Springfield 

79-80; m. 3 83; ch. Alonzo Nelson b. 17 
N 86 (Ph.B. 09 Yale), Eudocia Flynt b. 15 
Ja 90, Dorothy Palmer b. 3 Ap 91 

aFoley Edna (Mrs Clay Vamer San- 

129 Wyoming av. Cincinnati O. 
95-97; m. 6 Ap 99; ch. Louis Angus b. 14 
F 00, Stephanie b. 15 N 02, Clay Woodman 
b. 8 Mr 04 

Foote Mary Ellen Port Henry N. Y. 

78-79, 80-81; music 87-88; student (kinder- 
garten) Teachers col. 

Forbes Clara Belle (Mrs Alfred Gaither 


718 Elberon av. Cincinnati O. 
95-96; m. 10 D 01; ch Mildred b. 16 O 04, 
Edward Randall b. 6 F 08 

Forbes Elizabeth Cornelia 

453 S. Gray st. Webster Groves Mo. 

06-07; B.A. 10 Washington univ. 

Forbes Esther Bradford 

Prospect St. Torrington Ct.f 

S-D 97; student (Latin, hist.) Teachers col. 
08-10; teacher Torrington high sch. 

Forbes Ethel Louise 

1768 E. 90th St. Cleveland O.f 


Forbes Grace Mucia 

1812 Chicago av. Evanston IlLf 

97-98; grad. Chicago kindergarten col. 05 

Force Marian Forsyth 

Lorraine av. and Park st. Upper 
Montclair N. J.t 
S-D 98 

Ford Elisabeth Valentine (Mrs Walter 
Lawrence Bacon) 

The Essex 34th and Chestnut sts. 
Philadelphia Pa. 
03-05; m. 14 My 10 

Ford Florence Stella 

357 Washington av. Brooklyn 

N. Y.t 

Ford Helene Lillian Lebanon N. H. 
06-07; student Valparaiso univ. 09 — ; 
teacher Lebanon pub. sch. 07-09, asst (hist.) 
Valparaiso univ. D 09 — 

Forrest Edith 

Faunce house Northampton 

art 89-91, 02-05; g^ad. art 03; teacher (art, 
hist.) Tilton N. H. sem. 91-94, Mrs. Cady's 
sch. New Haven Ct. 95, teacher (art) and 
preceptress Montpelier Vt. sem. 97-02, asst 
lady-in-charge Faunce house Miss Capen's 
ech. 02-10 

Fosdick Lucy (Mrs Charles S. Minot) 
227 Marlboro st. BostonJ 
77-81 ; honorary mem. of Alum, assn 

Fosdick Sarah Woodbury 
51 Brattle st. Cambridge 

77-79, 80-82, honorary mem. of Alum, assn 

Foskett Emma Kellogg 

642 Broad st. Meriden Ct. 

87-88; student (hist.) Chicago univ. 07-09; 
teacher Wallingford Ct. high sch. 93-94, 
Meriden high sch. 94 — ; mem. Amer. hist, 

Foss Harriet Campbell 
ent. fr. Noroton Ct. 


Foss Ida Clift ent. fr. Noroton Ct. 


Foss Ruth Brewster (Mrs Leslie Le 
, Roy Brewer) 

\ / 667 Main st. East Hartford Ct. 

\ / S-D 97; student Berlin; teacher (math.) 
/ Miss Butts' sch. Norwich Ct. 01-02; m. 19 
O 04; ch. PhvUis Josephine b. 25 Ag 07, 
Rowland Slade'b. 17 S 10 

flFoster Alice May (Mrs Edward Wil- 
lard Blodgett) 
9 Walnut st. South Framingham 

95-98; m. 21Je00; ch. Eleanore b. 6 Ag 01, 
Bettina b. 16 D 03, Alice b. 15 N 07 

aFoster Eleanor (Mrs Robert Lansing) 
146 Mullin st. Watertown N. Y. 

85-86; m. 15 Ja 90 

Foster Esther Perley 

160 Coyle st. Woodfords Me. 

S-D 00; teacher Portland Me. 

Foster Gertrude 

317 Chestnut st. Lansing Mich. 

art 02-03; student Chicago art inst. 09-10 

Foster Lucy Chapman (Mrs Harry 
Cabot Weare) 
23 Trowbridge av. Newtonvillef 

96-98; m. 28 O 03; ch. Harry Cabot b. 18 
Ag 04 

Foster Olive Grant 
Stafford Springs Ct. 

art 98-99; student New York sch. of art 
99-Ja 01; miniature painter 01-05 



flFowle Josephine Russell 
10 Swan St. Arlington t 

95-96; student Radcliffe 9G-97, Brookline 
Mass. training scb. for teachers 97-98, (short- 
hand) Hickox sch. Boston 99-00; public ste- 

*Fowle Julia Henrietta 
music 80-81 

Fowler Esther Brigham 

American mission Sholapur India 

art 82-84; teacher Mechanicsville N. Y. 
acad. 85; libn Westfield Mass. athenaeum 
90-93; miss'y N 93— 

aFowler Florence Strong (Mrs Edward 
Mix Bradley) 
309 Edwards st. New Haven Ct. 

94-95; m. 23 Ap 96; ch. Edward Holbrook 
b. 4 My 97, Marian b. 19 Je 00 d. 17 Jl 00, 
Margaret b. 25 N 01, Donald Fowler b. 5 
D 05 

Fox Grace Madeline (Mrs James 
Monroe Smith) 
185 Stone st. Watertown N. Y. 

S 87-Ap 88; m. 27 F 93; ch. Walter Fox 
b. 6 O 95 

Fox Helen Augusta (Mrs Warner 
Thompson) Albion N. Y.J 


Fox Pauline Saxton (Mrs John Stevens 
Murdock) Westbrook Ct. 

art 88-89; m. 6 N 91; ch. Paul Fox b. 17 

Frank Minna 

1407 Eutaw pi. Baltimore Md.f 


Fraser Violet 

2928 Washington blvd Chicago 111. 


aFreeman Florence Mabel (Mrs George 
Harpell Storm) 
311W. 85th St. New York 

96-98; m. 11 F 04 

Freeman Julia Rawson (Mrs Clifford 
H. Belden) 
30 Broad st. New London Ct.f 

01-03; m. 14 Mr 08; ch. Eugene Seaberry 
b. 11 Ja 10 

French Helen Burnham 

75 Concord st. Nashua N. H. 


♦French Isabella 

84-86; d. 92 

French Margaret (Mrs William Ray 
50 Elmhurst road NewtonJ 

99-01; m. 7N03 

♦French Mary 


French Mary Helen (Mrs Claude Adel- 
bert Freligh) 
6 Abbott St. Nashua N. H. 

88-89; m. 26 O 92; ch. Helen Elizabeth b. 
8 My 96 

French Maude Civilla (Mrs William 
Hudson Englesby) 
395 College st. Burlington Vt. 

95-96; student (physical culture) Dr Sav- 
age's sch. New York 97-99; teacher (physi- 
cal culture) New York settlements 98-99; 
m. 25 O 99; ch. Hudson French b. 9 O 00 

♦Fried rich Florence 

music 87-88; student (med.) Eclectic col. 
New York 95-98; d. 28 Mr 98 

Frisbee Junia Catharine 
Fredonia N. Y.t 


Frye Gertrude Harrison 
ent. fr. Belfast Me. 

art 81-82 

Fuller Elizabeth Tate 

ent. fr. Phillipsburg N. J. 
Fuller Josephine Estelle 
North Adamsf 

93-94; teacher North Adams high sch. 

a Fuller Mary Alice (Mrs Charles 01m- 
268 W. First st. Fulton N. Y. 

91-N 92; tutor Cambridge Mass. 93, 97-99; 
m. 2 My 99; ch. Alan Carlisle b. and d. 
30 Ag 06 

Fuller Mildred Janet 
ent. fr. Chicopee Falls 

music 03-04 

Fuller Violet (Mrs Augustus Tack) 

art 89-^0 

♦Fulton Florence Ernestine 

05-07; d. 07 

Gabriel Fannie Esther 

147 Vine st. Hartford Ct. 

86-88; teacher 88-94 

aGale Helen E. (Mrs Samuel Chase 


416 Elm St. Westfield N. J. 

02-D 03, 04-My 05; m. 27 F 08; ch. 
Samuel Chase jr b. 13 Ja 09, William Gale 
b. 19 Mr 10 

Gale Sarah May ent. f r. Lynn 


rtGallaudet Grace Worden (Mrs Wil- 
liam Baxter Palmer Closson) 
82-83; student Wheelock kindergarten train- 
ing sch. Boston 96-98, Phoebe A. Hearst 
kindergarten col. Washington 03-04, diploma 
04; teacher private sch. Washington D. C. 
83-87, Boston pub. kindergarten 98-03, Gar- 
land kindergarten training sch. 01-03, Gallau- 
det col. Washington D. C. 05-07; m. (1) 20 
My 93 (Francis Lockwood Kendall d. 22 N 
93). (2) 20 Ap 07 (W. B. P. Closson) 



Gait Elizabeth Irma (Mrs Edgar Aiken) 
Carlyle Ill.t 


oGamage [Margaret] Thurlo (Mrs 
Harry Mortimer Specht) 
464 Riverside drive New York 

00-N 02, 03-04; ch. dau. 

Gamwell Olive Wells (Mrs Arthur 
Price Weeden) 
83 Brown st. Providence R. I. 

art 89-90, 91-92; m. 10 Je 96 

Gardiner Laura Alexander (Mrs John 
G. Whytlaw) Cranford N. J.f, 


Gardner Alida 

218 De Kalb sq. Philadelphia Pa. 

music 91-92; libn Univ. of Pa. lib. 

Gardner Fannie Elizabeth (Mrs Wil- 
liam R. Hill) 

46 Calle B Vedado, Havana CubaJ 

79-N 80; m. 16 N 81; ch. Edward Dexter 
b. 23 Mr 84 d. 27 D 84, Lucy Gardner b. 9 
O 85 d. 17 D 89, Hazel Gardner b. 3 My 91 

Gardner Mary Alice 

Manor farm Manor roads W. New 
Brighton N. Y.f 

95-F 96; dramatic reader 

Gardner Sara Morgan (Mrs William 
Bruce Brown) 

47 Garfield av. Hinsdale 111. 

OO-F 02; m. 2 D 05; ch. Gardner b. 16 8 
06, Elizabeth Macdugal b. 10 Jl 09 

Garland Katherine Morrison (Mrs 
Percival Madden Vilas) 
1778 Humbolt av. S. Minneapolis 
muaic 93-95; m. 20 D 97; ch. William 
Howard b. 11 My 00 

♦Garrison Marjorie 

04-05; d. 20 Jl 05 

Gaylord Dema EasthamptonJ 

music 91-94; asst Forbes lib. Northampton 
95-97, 00-05 

Gaylord Ella Cropper (Mrs E. H. Beals) 
499 Bird av. Buffalo N. Y. 
00-01, 02-03; teacher Pa. 1 yr; m. 5 S 07 

Geer Elizabeth Raymond (Baroness 
Adolf Wilhelm von Urff) 
Diedenhofen Germany 
98-99; m. 6 D 05; ch. Harrison Adolf b. 
3 S 06 

♦George Ruth Wilcox 

99-00; d. 15 Ja 06 

German Grace Miller 

121 N. 13th St. Allentown Pa.t 


Gibbs Minnie Dwight (Mrs Robert 
Rombout White) 
341 W. .51st St. New York 

music 87-90; teacher (music); m. 7 Je 92; 
ch. Robert Rombout Jr b. 16 Mr 96 

Giberson Belle 

333 A av. W. Cedar Rapids la. 

04-05; student Coe col. Cedar Rapids 05-07, 
(kindergarten) Harrison sch. 07-08; asst 
08-09; accompanist 09-10 

Gibson Mary Lucile 

2934 Tracy av. Kansas City Mo. 

02-03; asst curator Western gallery of art 
Kansas City 05 — 

Giddings Lena Marsh 
Great Barrington 
00-01; music 01-02; teacher (sewing, bas- 
ketry) 08-10 

Gifford Marguerite (Mrs Marshall 
/ Davis) 2 Orland av. Portland Me. 

/ 97-99; student Switzerland 99-01; m. 1 
/ Mr 05; ch. Gifford b. 11 Je 06, John Fred- 
erick b. 11 Jl 07, Kingsbury Hale b. 5 Ag 08 

Gile Miriam Richards 

121 N. Tejon st. Colorado Springs 

06-08; student Colorado col. 

GilfiUan Rose Marion 

75 Kensington av. Northampton 

music 97-01; accompanist and voice coach 
Worcester Mass. 01-03, New York 03-06, 
07—, Paris 06-07 

Gill Irene Eslette (Mrs George W. 
435 Greene av. Brooklyn N. Y.J 

86-87; m. 3 Ag 93; ch. Mary Claypole b. 
17 Ag 94 

Gillan Ada Blanche (Mrs James M. 
Munyon jr) 
372 Broadway Flushing N. Y.f 

music 05-06 

♦Gilligan Mary Genevieve 

95-97; d. 11 Ja 99 Holyoke 

Gillis Emma Kinsman O. 

S-D 93; B.A. 94 Oberlin, M.A. 97 Radcliffe; 
student Oberlin 90-94, Radcliffe 96-97; 
teacher (Eng.) Oxford O. 95-96, West Bridge- 
water Mass. 99-04 

Gilman Carrie Selby (Mrs Charles 
Edward Carey) Glenwood la. 

97-98; student Chicago univ. 1 yr; m. 23 O 
00; ch. Margaret b. 17 Jl 01 

Gilman Frances Chandler (Mrs Albert 
G. Duncan) 

c/o Henry G. Gilman 38 Summer 
St. Haverhillt 

music 82-84 

Gilpin Mary Elizabeth Adele (Mrs 
Samuel Howard McCain) 
Kittanning Pa.f 


Gilson Isabel Clethra (Mrs James I. 
25 Beacon st. Fitchburg 

99-F 01; diploma 02 Boston cooking sch. 

Girdler Lydia Louise Beverly 




Girvan Jessie Sprague (Mrs Morgan 
Bidleman Garlock) 
41 Watson pi. Utica N. Y. 
01-02; m. 10 S 07; ch. Sprague Girvan b. 
21 8 08 

Glover Willie Flower 

316 Broadway Vincennes Ind. 


Godfrey Vera May 

91 Chambers st. New York 

04-06; student (domestic science) Teachers 
col. 09— 

Goodale Dora Read 

Redding, Fairfield co. Ct.f 

art 87-90; grad. art 90 

Goodale Rose Sterling (Mrs Reding- 
ton Dayton) 
40 Elmwood av. South Norwalk 

88-D 89; ch. James, Theodore 

Goodell Katharine Abigail 
ent. fr. Denver Col. 
95-F 96 

Goodell Mary Evelyn (Mrs Wesley 
Harper Trippett) 
437 Summit av. Redlands Cal.J 
78-79; teacher 81-85; m. 19 Je 86 

Goodenow Rae Lillian 

308 St Albans st. St Paul Minn.f 

Goodhue Frances ent. fr. Chicago 111. 


•Goodrich Harriet May 
92-93; d. 95 

Goodrich Jennie Aurinda 
106 Summer st. Fitchburg 

78-79; teacher Fitchburg 80— 

aGoodsell Evelin Middlebrook (Mrs 
Edward Austin Jennings) 
158 Brooklawn av. Bridgeport Ct. 

97-99; m. 27 S 06; ch. Susan Middlebrook 
b. 6 N 07 

Goodwin Elizabeth Lord 
North Berwick Me. 

02-03; B.A. 07 Boston univ. 

Goodwin Jane Marette Sharon Ct.f 


Goodwin Louise Annette Eno (Mrs 
David Crafts) 
3 Pomeroy terrace Northampton! 


Goodwin Mary Corinth Sharon Ct.f 


cGorham Anna Kellogg 
50 West St. Northampton 

Gorham Jennie Sophia (Mrs Edgar L. 

1028 Main st. LongmeadowJ 
music 85-89; m. 13 My 91; ch. Arthur 
Gorham b, 14 Ja 93, Olive Ames b. 24 F 96, 
Theodore b. 27 Je 96, Stetson b. 16 My 98 
d. 10 Ja 99, Gorham b. 2 S 01 

Gorrill Addie Walker 

Rancho Canada Larga y Verde, 
San Buena Ventura, Ventura co. 


Gorrill Carrie Walker 

Rancho Canada Larga y Verde, 
San Buena Ventura, Ventura co. 


Gould Bertha 

1931 16th St. Washington D. Ct 

music 94-97; supervisor (music) Vergennes 
Vt. pub. sch. 03-04, private sec. 04-05 

Gould Ellen Frances 

86 Firglade av. Springfield 

98-0 00; editorial asst Merriam co. Spring- 
field 06- Ag 09; bank asat 09 — 

aGould Elsie (Mrs Harry Wells Ry- 
56 Oak Ridge av. Summit N. J. 

95-97; m. 5 My 03; ch. Frances Gould b. 8 
Je 04, Charles Dewitt b. 7 O 06, Merlin 
Treadwell b. 9 N 08 

Gould Florence Louise 
ent. fr. Portland Me. 
S-D 99 

Gower Katy Helen (Mrs Charles 
Harrison Hatch) 
99 Delaware av. Detroit Mich. 

84-85; B.A. 88 Univ. of Mich; teacher88-93; 
m. 4 Ja 94; ch. John Gower b. 10 My 97 d. 
4 F 98; Melville Harrison b. 25 N 98, Alfred 
Gower b. 20 F 01 

Grable Katharine Lee 

3261 Farman st. Omaha Neb. 


Grant Frances Etheridge (Mrs Z. G. 
Shadow Lawn Kenosha Wis. 

S-D 90 

Grant Mariella (Mrs William Adams 
- Mackenzie jr) 
1 Brattle road Syracuse N. Y, 

96- Ap 97; m. 1 N 04 

Graves Bertha Louise (Mrs Arthur 


Watson St. Marbleheadf 
music 97-99; student vocal music; church 
soloist; m. Je07; ch. Katharine b. Jl 08 

Graves Edith ^ May (Mrs Bert H. 

101 West St. Northampton 
art 98-01: m. 31 Jl 07 



Graves Minnie Reba (Mrs Robert L. 
Belden) Bradstreetf 

97-98; ch. Anna Hunt b. 06, Laura Eaton 
b. Ja 09 
Gray Elizabeth Emma (Mrs Louis 
Seymour Caswell) Cynwyd Pa. 

art 00-02; m. 10 Je 03 
Gray Florence Templeton 
Hinsdale N. H.J 


•Gray Mabelle Retta (Mrs Frederic 
Delaskey Freeman) 

99-00; d. 24 Ja 06 

Gray Mary 

600 N. 7th St. Kansas City Kan.f 

Gray Ruth 

600 N. 7th St. Kansas City Kan.f 


Greeley Netta May Leedsf 

music 90-93 

Green Carolyne Marie 
ent. fr. St Louis Mo. 


Green Lena Ella (Mrs E. M. Hum- 
8 Bush St. Westfieldt 

music 85-86 
Greenbaum Eleanore Dorothy 
4504 Drexel blvd Chicago 111. 

music 03-05 

Greene Anna Maria Woodstock Vt. 

86-87; teacher high sch. Brattleboro Vt. 
88-89, Springfield Vt. 89-90, Middleboro 
Mass. 91-93, preceptress Pembroke N. H. 
acad. 96-07, asst Bennington Vt. high sch. 

Greene Cora Louise 

17 Tirrell st. Worcester 


*Greene Marguerite Cleveland (Mrs 
Harold Clark) 

music 89-90; student (music) Oberlin col. 
1 yr; teacher Honolulu H. L Ag 94- Je 96; 
m. 31 D 96; ch. 2 sons, dau; d. 3 Je 08 
Toronto Canada 

Greenhalge Harriet Nesmith (Mrs 
Laurin Hovey Martin) 
Huntington st. Lowellf 

97-98; m. 19 S 04; ch. Isabel Grace b. 26 
J] 10 

Greenland Katharine Hayward 
315 Oak St. Syracuse N. Y.t 

art 98-99, music 99-00; illustrator 

Greeno Dorothy ent. fr. Milford O. 

S-D 00 
Greenough Beulah (Mrs Thornton 
Sherburne Hardy) 
30 Court St. Westfield 

art 93-94; student Boston normal art sch. 
94-96, (art) Paris 96-98, London 98-99; m. 
12 S 00; ch. Gelaton b. 9 JI 01, Evelyn b. 
28 O 02 

Greenwood Ruth Frances (Mrs Augus- 
tus Smith Cleaves) 
65 School St. Gardner 

music 93- Ja 95; m, 17 O 00; ch. Alice Green- 
wood b. 14 N 02, Leighton Greenwood b. 20 
Je 04, Charles Shipley b. 31 My 07 

Griebel Gertrude Maria (Mrs Francis 
Joel Canedy) Shelburne Falls 

S-O 85, 87-88; trained nurse; m. 30 Mr 98; 
step ch. Grace Emma (Mrs Frederic A. 
Tupper) (Smith 89-91), Ruth Barbara (Mrs 
Philip B. Hadley) (B.A. 02 Smith) 

Griffith Roberta Francina 

2412 South Ingleside Cincinnati 0.1 

S-D 99 

Griggs Anna Cornelia (Mrs Paul K. 

c/o Niles-Bement-Pond co. Ill 
Broadway New York 

04-05; student (domestic science) Columbia 
09-10; m. 30 D 08 

Grimshaw Grace 

479 Ellison st. Paterson N. J. 

04-05; student Paterson normal sch. 06-08; 
teacher Paterson 08-10 

Griswold Alice Caroline 

2317 Pleasant av. Minneapolis 
art 86-87 

Griswold Louise Darling (Mrs Arthur 
Anderson Brooks) 
53 Mt Vernon st. Boston^ 
79-81; m. 6 Je 89 

Griswold Vivian (Mrs Frank Lincoln 


210 W. 107th St. New York 

96-97; m. 17 Je 03; ch. Elizabeth b. 12 My 
04, Frank Griswold b. 7 Ja 10 

Grosvenor Louise Payson 
ent. fr. Pomfret Center Ct. 

S-D 97 

Grout Mary Taft 

48 Waldo St. Pawtucket R. I. J 

97-98; student Bridgewater normal sch. 
04-05; teacher Bath N. H. 00-01, South 
Royalston Mass. 01-02, Amherst 02-04 

Gund Elizabeth (Mrs J. H. Firestone) 
34 Locust St. Freeport lU.t 

93-94; (husband d.) 

aGutmann Gertrude Louise (Mrs 
William Colver Hill) 
68 Monmouth st. Springfield 

art S-D 87, S-D 88; m. 25 N 08 

Hackstaff Mai Elmendorf (Mrs Walker) 
7 E. 54th St. New Yorkf 


aHadley Ethel Marion b.m. 05 
Malone N. Y. 
music 02-05; student (music) Vienna 06-07; 
teacher 07 — 




Hadley Mary Soule (Mrs Walter 
Summerhayes Case) 
79 Hamilton pi. New Yorkf 

04-08; m. 25 SOS 

Haight Elinor Church 
ent. fr. New York 
art 00-01 

aHaines Mary Caroline (Mrs Sherrod 
205 Sigourney st. Hartford Ct. 

music 81-83; m. 6 D 93; ch. Sherrod jr b. 
8 Ja 95 d. 10 Ag 96, Theodate Haines b. 
4 My 96, George b. 21 Ag 97, Lawrence 
Litchfield b. 25 Je 01 

Hale Addie Deborah 
St Johnsbury Vt.t 


*Hale Mary Oilman 

84-85; d. 93 

aHall Alice Evangeline (Mrs Herbert 
Eugene Walter) 
53 Arlington av. Providence R. I. 

90-93; teacher biol. station Cold Spring 
Harbor N. Y. 06-10; m. 25 Ag 96 

Hall Amey Ellen (Mrs George Ses- 
sions Case) 

17864 Lake road Lake wood O. 
04-05; m. 4 D 06; ch. George Sessions jr 
b. 4 D 07 

Hall Anna Bond (Mrs William Roberts 
Gait) Newburgh N. Y. 

art 87-88; m. 3 Je 91; ch. Eleanor Hall b. 
29 Mr 01 

Hall Anne Richardson 
St Joseph Mo.t 


Hall Elizabeth Fambro 
Rio Piedras P. R. 

96-98; student Columbia summer sch; 
teacher normal sch. Rio Piedras 02-08, 09 — , 
Internat. inst. for girls Madrid 08-09 

aHall Florence Louise (Mrs Frank J. 


39 Glenbrook road Stamford Ct. 
94-F 97; m. 29 S 97; ch. Beatrice b. 25 Je 
98, Hamilton Hall b. 9 Je 00, Louise b. 17 

Hall Louise Marion 

101 Wendell av. Pittsfield 
music 92-95; sec. Pittsfield 95-03, Westfield 
03-06; governess Westfield 06 — 

Hall Mary Lee Morrisville Vt, 

art 85-86; student Wellesley 

Hall Sarah Mabel (Mrs Charles True 
Walter) R.F.D. 1 Lyndon Vt. 

84-85; m. 9 Je 86; ch. Dorothy Charlotte 
b. 27 Ap 89 (Brown 12), Elizabeth Gregory 
b. 4 Jl 91. Edward Hall b. 24 S 99, Alice 
Amelia b. 2 D 07 

Hall Sybel Imogene (Mrs Charles 
Henry Haskins) North Amherst 

90-91; teacher Hatfield Mass. 91-93; m. 
18 O 93; ch. Ellsworth Henry b. 21 Ag 94 
d. 15 F 07, Harold Arthur b. 2 Ap 98, Philip 
Hall b. 12 Je 01 

Hall Theresa Corbett (Mrs Lyman 

Van Wickle Brown) 

Riverside Cal. 
91-93; m. 10 S 96; ch. Charlotte Hall b. 
17 F 04, Sara Barbara b. 9 Ja 07. Pauline 
b. 10 Ag 98 d. 15 Ag 98 

cHamilton Caroline Fidelia 
29 Ashley st. Hartford Ct. 

90-92; teacher Hartford high sch. 94-95, 
East Hartford high sch. 95-03; sec. North- 
west sch. Hartford 06 — 

Hamilton Edith 

35 Fruit st. Worcesterf 

95-97; B.A. 04 Radcliffe; teacher (Eng.) St 
Agnes sch. Albany N. Y. 04-05, Dana hall 

Hamilton Ethel (Mrs Otto T. Post) 
107 Mifflin av. Wilkinsburg Pa.f 

97-98; m. Jl 10 

Hamilton Irene (Mrs James Herbert 
Young) Vernon court Newtonf 
01-03; m. 29 O 09 

Hamilton Lillian 

45 Bank st. West Somervillef 


Hamilton Mary Frances [Frances M.l 
(Mrs John Cousalus) 
Greenwich N. Y.J 

music 91-93; diploma (manual training) 03 
Teachers col; supervisor Long Branch pub. 
sch. 03-05; m, 25 D 95; ch. Helen Hamil- 
ton b. 2 N 96 

Hammett Elizabeth 

18 Rhode Island av. Newport R. I. 

90-91; prin. Fall River training sch. 91-96, 
Calvert sch. Newport R. I. 97-09, Mumford 
sch. 09-10 

Hammond Maud 

222 Elm St. Northampton 


*Hampton Helen 

art 90-92; d. 25 N 09 Redlands Cal. 

cHancock Edna May (Mrs Leonidas 


c/o Chas. Beck co. 609 Chestnut st. 

Philadelphia Pa. 
96-98; m. 24 F 09 
Hand Ruth Boies 

505 Jefferson av. Scranton Pa. 

04-05, art 05-06; student New York art 
students league 09-10 

Hanna Annie (Mrs Robert AuU Wil- 
son) Lexington Mo. 

79-My 80, S-D 80; student (design) Central 
col. Lexington, (Eng, Bible) Chicago univ. 
08; teacher 81-82, (needlework) Central col. 
06-07, 09-10; m. 27 My 85; ch. Robert 
Whipple b. 23 D 89 



iHanna Edith Joyce 

3932 McGee st. Kansas City Mo. 

97-99; student (hiat, lit.) Sorbonne. Paris 
07-08; teacher Kansas city high sch. 09— 

Hanrahan Kate (Mrs Daniel William 

171 Francis av. Pittsfield 
music 86-88 

Harber Mary Louise (Mrs Louis 

Oscar Eddy) 

406 E. Washington st. Bloomington 

S-D 06; m. 11 N 08; ch. Marion King b. 
7 N 09 

Harding Hattie [Harriet] 
104 East St. Pittsfield 


Harding Isabel 104 East st. Pittsfield 


Harding Mary (Mrs Joseph William 
49 Mountain View av. Orange N. J. 

art 88-90 

Hardy Grace Maud (Mrs William 
Tilden Gilbert) 
23 Harvard st. Somerville 

89-90; m. 03 (husband d. 08) 

Hargreaves Martha Blanche 
Lincoln Neb.t 

S-D 00 

aHaring Mary Elma (Mrs Harry 
Eldredge King) 
1 Bronson pi. Toledo O.J 

79-80; m. 12 Je 83; ch. Harry Swayne b. 
10 N 84 (Cornell 06), Margaret Haring b. 
80 D 86, James Ernest b. 19 Jl 91, Grace 
b. 9 O 94 

Harkness Sarah Ellen (Mrs John R. 
55 Lake st. Cooperstown N. Y. 

99-00; student (music) Oberlin conservatory 
01-03; teacher (muaic) Iowa state col. for 
the blind Vinton la. 03-04, Binghamton 
N. Y. 04-09; m. 16 O 09 

Harlow Marian Josephine (Mrs Arthur 
Benjamin Enos) 
39 S. Goodman st. Rochester N. Y. 

music 94-96; m. 26 S 06; ch. Marian b. 5 
Mr 08, Carolyn b. 6 Ag 09 

Harman Elsie 

505 8th St. Plainfield N. J. 


Harmon Irene 

1732 Clifton pi. Minneapolis Minn.J 
Ja 91-Je 92 

Harper Jennie Mildred 
ent. fr. Bellefonte Pa. 


aHarriman Mary 

5 Maple av. Windsor Ct. 

99-01 ; student Church training and deacon- 
ess house Philadelphia 05-07; instructor 
(Latin, Greek) Windsor 03-05; miss'y to 
Indians, Minn; asst St Mark's church New 
York 09— 

Harrington Emma Caroline 

212 Court St. Binghamton N. Y. 

S-D 93 

Harris Anna Marian 

62 Myrtle av. Montclair N. J.J 

98-Mr 99 

Harris Clara Elizabeth (Mrs James 

Tazewell Akers) 

414 Johnson av. Lexington Ky. 
79-0 80; teacher (music) Caledonia Mo. 
82-85; supervisor Richmond Ky. high sch. 
01-05; teacher Lexington pub. sch. 06 — ; 
m. 25 D 85 (husband d. 10 Ag 01); ch. 
Arthur Kellogg b. 6 N 86, Mary Elizabeth 
b. 13 Ap 88 (B.A. 09 Univ. of Ky.), Susan 
Grey b. 3 Ap 89 (B.A. 09 Univ. of Ky.), John 
Tazewell b. 16 O 90, Herbert Harris b. 25 

Harris Marion Chaplin 
ent. fr. Cambridge 

music 88-89 

aHarris Mary Capen b.m. 00 
16 Claflin st. Milford 


Harris Rhoda 

244 Main st. Hornell N. Y. 

92-Ja 93 

Harrison Frances Dake 

1402 Ballinger st. Fort Worth Tex. 

06-D 07 

Harrison Olive Glasgow Mo. 


aHarshaw Helen Elizabeth (Mrs 
Davis Hawley jr) 
10 Idlewood av. Cleveland O. 

05-07; m. 24 Mr 08 

aHart Edith Maria (Mrs Fred A. Hol- 
114 Linden st. New Haven Ct. 

92-93; m. 28 O OS 

Hart Helen Marguerite 

2204 Grand av. Minneapolis Minn. 

90-93; grad. Leland Powers sen. Boston 05; 
teacher and producer of plays 

Harte May Agnes [Jerome] (Mrs 
Bertram Stanley Bosman) 
Lyndhaven, Johnson park Buffalo 

N. Y. 

01-03; teacher (Eng.) Lafayette high ich. 
Buffalo 03-10; m. 30 Je 10 

Hartwell Blanche (Mrs Frank L. 
842 Main st. Walthamf 




Harvey Josephine (Mrs George S. 

Capelle jr) 

1321 Gilpin av. Wilmington Del. 
96-98; m. 18 S 02; ch. Harold Dunlap b. 
23 N 05 

Harwood Carolyne Paul 

143 W. 87th St. New Yorkf 

81-83, 84-86 

Harwood Edith May (Mrs Lewis K. 
Conant) Box 507 Medfieldf 

music 99-00 

Hasbrouck Elizabeth (Mrs Joseph 
Randolph Nutt) 
1828 E. 65th st. Cleveland O. 

98-00; m. 27 N 07; ch. Joseph Randolph 
jr b. 15 Je 09 

Hasey Marion Louise 

34 Market st. Campello, Brocktont 

99-00; bookkeeper 00-05 

Haskell Evelyn Belle (Mrs Warren K. 
W. Main st. Norwich Ct.f 

81-84; m. Je 89 

Haskins Mary Louise 

713 Grand av. S. Bozeman Mon. 

93-95; teacher Grafton Vt. 98-00; sec. to 
supt of sch. Northampton 05-07; stenog- 
rapher Mon. agric. experiment station 10 — 

Hastings Caroline Ella (Mrs Robert 
Ashton Lawrence) 
28 Via Geno Capponi Florence 
art 85-88; m. 93 (husband d. S 05) 

Hastings Florence Ellen South Berlin 

03-05, 06-07. music Ja-Je 06 

Hastings Phebe Daisy Palmer! 

97-D 98 

Hastings Stella Montclair N. J.t 

00-01; teacher Pottersville N. J. 03-04, Ber- 
nardsville N. J. 04-05 

flHatch Alice Venelia (Mrs James A. 

c/o J. A. Nelson, 60 Wall st. New 

00- Ap 02, 02-04; m. 2 Ja 06 

Hatch Edna ent. fr. Springfield 

03-04 ^ ^ 

Hatch Helen (Mrs John Tyrrell 
Cheney) Winnetka 111. 

01-02; m. 4 My 07; ch. Grace b. 21 Ji 08, 
Deborah b. 12 Mr 10 

Hatch Mary Emily (Mrs Franklin 
Seamans Springstead) 
611 West av. Rochester N. Y. 

02-03; preceptress Atlanta N. Y. high sch. 
01-02; m. 31 D 03; ch. Mary Celestia b. 31 
D 06, Grace Caroline b. 15 My 10 

Hauser Jeannette Shepard 
ent. fr. Evanston 111. 

art 85-86 

Haven Eloise 

5009 Washington av. Chicago 111. 

04-05; student Chicago art inst. 05-09; 
instructor (juvenile dept) 07-08 

Hawke Mabel Mears Calistoga Cal. 


Hawkins Emma Jean b.m. 97 
Malone N. Y.t 
93-97; student N. Y. state lib. sch. 00-02; 
cataloger Bryn Mawr lib. 02-03, libn Eau 
Claire Wis. pub. lib. 03-05 

Hawley Alberta Waldo 

30 Champion av. Fond du Lac Wis. 

06-07; B.A. 09 Univ. of Mich; teacher 
Grants Pass Ore. high sch. 09-10 

Hawley Grace Evelyn (Mrs George 
Lora Dunham) 
4 North St. Brattleboro Vt. 
art 88-89; m. 2 Jl 89; ch. Evelyn Hawley 
b. 30 Jl 95, Marion Hawley b. 2 Mr 99 

Hayden Maud Louise 

26 Bristol st. Springfield 

music 94-95; teacher (piano) 

Haydn Ruth Evelyn (Mrs F. W. 

31 Windermere st. Cleveland O. 

99-00; B.L. Western Reserve univ; m. 
O06; ch. Elisabeth Haydn b. 8 S 07 

Hayes Clara Louise (Mrs Frederick 
Austin Robinson) 
556 Cass av. Detroit Mich. 

78-80; student (music) Boston 85-87; m. 
20 My 88; ch. Frederick Hayes b. 24 Ag 
98, Marian Louise b. 16 Ag 01 

Hayes Millicent Gay (Mrs Francis 
Harold Dike) 
S-D 89 

Ha3rward Susan Lydia (Mrs Karl J. 
919 Capitol av. Indianapolis Ind. 

96-97; m. 14 Je 00 

Haywood Leona (Mrs Roy Elder 


2023 W. Alabama st. Indianapolis 

00-02; m. 26 O 04; ch. Mary Anne b. 27 
D 06 

Hazard Louise Holyoke 

Grace church rectory Manchester 
N. H. 

97-98, art 98-00; student Simmons col. lib. 
sch. 08; asat Manchester city lib. 09, asst 
cataloger univ. lib. Ann Arbor Mich. 10 — ; 
mem. A.L.A. 

Hazen Maria Frances (Mrs William 
Dickinson Woolson) 
Springfield Vt.t 

n 87-89; m. 14 My 91; ch. Ruth Irene b. 25 
My 94, Kenneth Hazen b. 18 Je 97, Eric 
Amasa b. 7 N 98 



Hazlehurst Rachel Kimberly (Mrs 
Robert Pettit) 
1021 Greenwood blvd Evanston 111. 

01-02; m. 7 Je 05 

Heade Mary Clark (Mrs Thomas C. 
214 S. 8th St. Monmouth lU. 

S-D 95; m. 23 O 00; ch. Thomas Clark b. 
31 Mr 02, Margaret Heade b. 12 S 03, 
Martha Barnett b. 5 Ag 07 

Headley Grace Edna (Mrs Norval 
Rogers Daugherty) 
5818 Douglass av. Pittsburg Pa. 

02-03; B.A. 01 Waynesburg col; m. 12 
D 05; ch. William Robert b. 22 Ja 08 

Heald Anna Jennie [Jennie A.] (Mrs 
Albert Clark Hill) 
14 Chestnut st. Albany N. Y. 

78-79: m. 20 Ag 79; ch. MTabel Amia b. 22 
S 81 (B.A. 03 Smith) 

Heasley Gertrude May Emlenton Pa. 


Hechelraan Lucy Otelia (Mrs Leonard 
Kent Guiler) 
1417 Wightman st. Pittsburg Pa. 

98-00; m. 2 Je 06; ch. Emma Elizabeth 
b. 26 D 09 

Hedge Sara Woodbury (Mrs Cort- , 
landt Godwin) Englewood N. J. 

88-Ap99; m. 30Ja01; ch. Charles Gorham 
Hedge b. 2 D 01, Doris b. 10 N 02, Priscilla 
Lothrop b. 16 My 09 

Hedges Abbie May (Mrs Frank Tall- 
f madge) 

1570 Hawthorn park Columbus O. 

8-N 77; B.A. 77 Pa. col. for women; m. 
1 O 79; ch. Trafford Brasee b. 28 Jl 80 (Ohio 
state univ.), Harold Hedges b. 5 N 83 d. 12 
Mr 08 

Hedges Gertrude May (Mrs Frederick 
S. Alstrom) 
22 Hall St. Springfieldt 

music 84-85; m. 91; ch. Camilla G. b. 1 
F 93, Edwin H. b. 16 Ag 95 

Hemenway Edith Alice 



Henderson Helen Beatty (Mrs George 
Stabler Butler) 
76 Lexington av. Columbus O. 

97-99; m. 4 O 02; ch. John Henderson b. 
22 Je 04, George Chapman b. 23 O 06 

Hendrick Mary Elizabeth 



Hendrie Frances 

741 Washington st. Denver Col.t 

Henry Esther Maria 

ent. fr. North Bennington Vt. 

S-D 79 

Henry Mary Frances 

2181 S. Columbine st. University 
Park, Denver Col. 

01-03; B.A. 05 Colorado col; student Den- 
ver univ. 08; teacher Lander Wyo. high 
sch. 08-10 

Herlihy Elizabeth Cecilia (Mrs Thomas 
Forbes av. Northampton! 

art 97-98 

Herr Helen Hoffman 

30 Emory st. Jersey City N. J. 

04-05; student kindergarten normal course 
Ethical culture sch. New York 08-10 

Herrick Harriet Bradstreet (Mrs Ed- 
ward Pay son Bradstreet) 
Winter pi. Cincinnati O.t 
78-D 80; m. 7 Ag 83; ch. Marjora Herrick 
b. 26 S 84, Edward Payson b. 16 D 87, Anna 
Dolabella b. 11 S 89 

aHerrick Harriet Fidelia (Mrs Charles 
Francis Carter) Hartford Ct. 

80-Ja83; m. 28 My 84; ch. Thomas Walker 
b. 20 Jl 89, Dwight Herrick b. 16 F 91, Lyon 
b. 21 F 92, Frederick Dewhurst b. 10 Ap 97 

Herrick Isabel St Clair 
7 Logan st. Lawrence 


Herrick Margaret 

45 E. Schiller st. Chicago 111. 

/ 07-08; student Florentine sch. for girls Flor- 
ence Italy 1 yr 

•Herrmann Rose Sylphina 

87-88; student Bryn Mawr col. 97-99; 
teacher Brj'n Mawr 95-97, Dana hall Wel- 
lesley 99-02; d. 6 S 02 

Heublein Alice (Mrs Percy Martin) 
The Spring, Kenilworth England 

98-00; m. 30 Jl 02; ch. John Gilbert b. 27 
D 05, Helen Moore b. 16 N 07 

Hibbard Mary Grace (Mrs Edward 
William Schauffler) 
3835 Wyandotte st. Kansas City 

87-88; student (nursing); teacher (music); 
m. 15 F 98 

Hickey Elizabeth Martha 
43 Pine st. Florence 

music 93-96; teacher (music) and organist 
Florence 90 — 

Hickok Kate Morton 

567 St Paul St. Burlington Vt. 


Hidden Mary Belle 

61 Dana st. Cambridge 
, 78-80, Ja-Je 81; student Conservatory of 
/ music Karlsruhe Germany 92-93; teacher 
(singing) Boston and Cambridge 00 — 

Higbie Geraldine Winifred (Mrs P. 
Bowditch Palmer) 
4645 Greenwood av. Chicago Ill.t 




Higgins Alice Gertrude 

130 State st. Newburyport 


Higgins Eliza Rosalie 
ent. fr. Westhampton 


Hildreth Hazel Ambler 
Herkimer N. Y. 

04-06: teacher elementary sch. near Herkimer 

Hilger Clara Douglas (Mrs Romer 

c/o Messrs Cox and co. 16 Charing 
Cross London England 

99-D 00; m. 16 D 07; ch. Charles Romer b. 
30 Je 09 

flHill Ginevra May [Mary Genevra] 
B.M. 90 Williamsburg 

music 86-90; teacher (music); in grain 

aHill Henrietta Chrisinda 
: 44 Henry av. Pittsfield 

98-00; teacher Winchester Ct. 00-01, West 
Stockbridge Mass. 01-02. Pittsfield high 
sch. OS- 
Hill Mary Abigail [Abbie] (Mrs Frank 
Danforth Lewis) Groton 

Ap 88-D 89; teacher Chester Vt. 92-94, 
Lenox Mass. 94-98; m. 10 N 98; ch. Law- 
rence Hill b. 23 N 99. Mary b. 15 O 01 Eliz- 
abeth b. 4 O 03, John Thornton b. 6 Mr 07 

Hillard Fanny Seymour (Mrs George 
Lounes Morris) Bryn Mawr Pa. 
92-94; B.A. 99 Radcliffe; teacher Hampton 
Va. inst. 94-96, St Margaret's sch. Water- 
burv Ct. 99-02; m. 22 My 02; ch. Theodore 
Hollingsworth b. 30 Ja 08, E. Brewster Hil- 
lard b. 7 F 09 

flHillard Helen Lindsley 
265 Henry st. New YorkJ 

music 84-87; student Training sch. for 
nurses S. R. Smith infirmaiy Staten Island 
N. Y. 97-01, Sloane maternity hospital and 
Foundling hospital New York 01; teacher 
(music) Rockford 111. sem. 88-91, visiting 
nurse Nurses settlement New York 03-05 

*Hills Alma Elizabeth 

music 04- Ap 05; student N. E. conservatory 
of music Boston 03-06, 09-10; teacher 
(music) Industrial inst. and col. Columbus 
Miss. 06-09; d. Ja 11 Haydenvillei.,,; 

Hills Susan Clapp AmherstJ 


Hilt Ada (Mrs Julian Leonard Street) 
305 W. 80th St. New YorkJ 

98-99; m. 13 Ja 00; ch. Julian Leonard b. 
26 02 

Hilt Susie Edna 


Hine Mary Helen 

ent. fr. Painesville O. 


ent. fr. New York 

Hinman Frances Eleanor 

146 Madison av. New Yorkt 


Hirscheimer Elsa (Mrs Edward J. 
1497 E. 107th St. Cleveland O. 

05-07; m. 23 Je 09; ch. Frances Elsa b. 8 
S 10 

Hislop Annie Balfour (Mrs Gurdon 
Spicer AUyn) 
33 Broad st. New London Ct. 

S-D 98; m. 3 Ap 07; ch. James Hislop b. 
2 Je08 

Hitchcock Lucy Clark Amherstt 

art 80-81, 86-87, 89-90; grad. art 90 

*Hoadley Mrs George A. 

music 83-85, 86-87 

Hoagland Ruth Fisher 

812 N. Corona st. Colorado Springs 


Hobbey Louise Winslow 

Cragwold, Valley road Milton 


Hodge Alice Mary 

134 Ash St. Walthamt 

93-95; B.A. 97 Boston univ; asot Winchester 
N. H. 98-00, Wareham Mass. high sch. 00-06 

Hodges Agnes Susannah 
ent. fr. Plainville Ct. 


Hodgman Mary Belle (Mrs Stephen 
Eugene BuzzeU) 

Brandon hall 1501 Beacon st. 

music 94-96; m. 8 N 99 

HoflFman Marion 

South Hadley Falls 

music 05-07; student (music) Berlin 10; 

aHogan Gertrude 

1024 King st. Lacrosse Wis.f 


Hogan Lulu [Lucy Mary] 

1024 King st. Lacrosse Wis.f 

music 88-90 

Holbrook Grace (Mrs John Adolphus 
2221 Kenmore av. Chicago Ill.f 

99-00; m. 3 D 02 

aHolbrook Margaret Chalmers (Mrs 
John Kirkland Clark) 
746 St Nicholas av. New York 

96-98; m. 16 Je 03; ch. Ann© Holbrook b. 
19 Ap 04; John Kirkland jr b. 12 Ap 06, 
Marion Holbrook b. 7 O 09 

Holbrook Mary Georgia 
ent. fr. Collinsville Ct. 





Holbrook Virginia (Mrs Ernst Dick) 
Basle Switzerland 
91-93; B.A. 95 Radcliffe; student Franco- 
English guild Paris, Sorbonne 00-01 ; teacher 
Miss Ingals' sch. Cambridge Mass. 03-05, 
Miss Alice Brown's sch. Boston 0&-06; m. 
9 Ap 06; ch. Elizabeth b. 7 N 07 

Holden Charlotte Cheney (Mrs David 
Williams MacMorran) 
2323 Military st. Port Huron Mich. 

96-97; m. 16 D 99; ch. Charlotte Cheney 
b. 11 D 00, Henry Gordon b. 13 Ag 03 

Holden Natalie Frances (Mrs Joseph 
Lovejoy) Hingham 

99-00; m. 4 O 05; ch. Joseph jr b. 15 Ag 06, 
John Moulton b. 5 F 09 

Holdship Alice (Mrs Edward Twichell 
Atlanta university Atlanta Ga. 

91-92; organizer and sec. Tenement im- 
provement CO. 04-05; m. 30 Je 05; ch. Alex- 
ander Holdship b. Ag 06, Henry Holdship 
b. Jl 08 

HoUister Emeline Ivison (Mrs Charles 
Park) 354 Allen st. Hudson N. Y. 

86-88; m. 20 O 91; ch. Eleanor Holliater 
(Smith 14), Katrina, Gratia Buell 

Holman Edith Estelle 
ent. fr. Leominster 


©Holmes Emma Charlotte (Mrs An- 
thony Konrad Johnson) 
1378 Beacon st. Brookline 

89-90; m. 24 Je 96 

Holmes Esther Reynolds 



Holmes Helen Phoebe 
ent. f r. Seattle Wash. 

music 97-98 

Holmes May Salona 

Isolation hospital Worcester 
90-92; M.D. 95 woman's med. col. of N. Y. 
infirmary; student (psych.) Clark univ. 
05-06; house officer Washburn memorial 
hospital Worcester 95-96, supt and resident 
physician Worcester isolation hospital 96—; 
mem. Amer. home economics assn, Amer. 
hospital assn, Amer. med. assn 

Homans Nannie 

169 E. 62d St. New Yorkf 

S-N 79, art 87-88; portrait painter 

Hood Grace Winifred 

16 Preston road Somerville 

06-N 08; sec. to exec, director of Boston 
chamber of commerce 09-Ja 10, sec. to Prof. 
W. M. Cole, Harvard Mr-My 10; substitute 
sec. to dean of grad. sch. of arts and sciences 
Harvard My 10— 

Hooker Ellen 

4422 Chestnut st. Philadelphia Pa.t 


Hoover Helen Marie 

1816 Linwood blvd Kansas City 

music 01-02 

Hopkins Mildred (Mrs Horatio Chis- 
225 E. Center st. Marion O.J 

86-87; m. 5 Je 95; ch. Avis b. 16 D 96 

Hopkins Theodora Crosby 
ent. fr. Canandaigua N. Y. 

music 84-85 

*Home Evelyn 


IHorton Margaret Armstrong 

1 ; 598 Summit av. St Paul Minn.f 

V 05-07; student (violin) Berhn 10 

^osford Emma Sophia 

i Huntington Chambers Boston 

; , music 80-84; student London and Paria; 
teacher (singing) Wellesley 97-02, Boston 

Hosmer Edith Tracy 

350 Salem st. WobumJ 

96-D 00; teacher 

Hotaling Mary Aurelia (Mrs Henry 

Payne Bigelow) 

Baldwinsville N. Y. 
music 86-87; m. 4 F 91 (husband d. 30 S 
08); ch. Mildred Elizabeth b. 31 Mr 93 

Hough Mrs T. E. 

83 Prospect st. Cambridgef 

music 84-86 

Howard Ella Stanley Haydenvillef 

music 93-96 

♦Howard Myra Lee (Mrs Kirke Hart 

86-87; m. 18 Je 90; d. 30 Je 08 Redlands 

Howe Fannie Bliss (Mrs Alfred Wil- 
liam Mucklow) 
137 High St. Hartford Ct. 

95-96; m. 5 Mr 02; ch. Brereton Harmon 
b. 29 Ja 03, Lucian Howe b. 17 Ja 05, Francis 
Alfred b. 13 N 08 

Howell Adalove Keokuk la. 


Howell Helen Treat (Mrs James Ray- 
mond Windsor) 
3024 Ingersol av. Des Moines la.f 

99-00; m. 30 O 01; ch. James Harvey b. 6 

Howland Agnes 

art 82-Ja 84 

Catskill N. Y. 

aHowland Elisabeth Collamore (Mrs 
Charles Sumner Millet) 
281 Spring st. Brockton 
88-89; m. 12 Ag 91; ch. Mariesta b. 3 Jl 92 
d. 13 Jl 07, Lucia b. 26 Mr 99, John Howland 
b. 4 Mr 01, Elisabeth Frederica b. 17 Ap 03, 
Mary By ram b. 23 O 04, Ruth Dodge b. 11 
N 06. Charles Sumner jr b. 22 Jl 08 



Hoysradt Jessie 

Allen St. Hudson N. Y4 


Hoyt Ida [May] (Mrs John Littlefield 
Tilton) Indianola la. 

89-90; m. 4 S 90; ch. Besse Swinburne b. 
15 Je 91 (Simpson col. 13) 

Hubbard Julia Louise 

23 Kenwood park Springfield 

art 88-95; grad. art 92 

Hubbard Katherine Dean 

606 S. Broad st. Mankato Minn. 


Hubbell Louise (Mrs Joseph B. Cotton) 
2309 E. First st. Duluth Minn.f 

S-N 97; m. 00 

Hubbell Mary Charlotte 

Bretton hall, Broadway and 86th 
St. New York 


Hudson Alice Brown (Mrs William 
Chalmers Covert) 
436 Oakwood blvd Chicago 111. 

music 85-86; teacher LaPorte Ind. 88, 
Toronto Can. 88-89; m. 14 My 90; ch. 
Katharine b. 14 Ja 93, Hudson b. 7 Je 94, 
Seward Austin b. 30 O 03 

Hufnagle Alice 

ent. fr. Norristown Pa. 
music 96-97 

Huggins Mary Augusta (Mrs David B. 
4 Westmoreland pi. Pasadena Cal. 

78-79; m. 13 S 82; ch. Cecil Huggins b. 25 
Ap 84 (B.A. 05 Princeton), Elizabeth b. 26 
Ja 86 d. 4 D 90, Sidney David b. 12 Jl 90 
(Princeton 12), Clarence James b. 10 Ja 94 

^Hughes Amy Madeline 
915 Beacon st. Boston 

Hughes Margaret Anne 
7 Hughes St. Adams 

• 96-98; teacher Adams 98-Mr 07, New York 
Mr 07— 

Hulbert Frances (Mrs Charles Ed- 
ward White) Fairport N. Y. 

90-91; grad. 96 med. course Umv. of Mich; 
practising physcian 96 — ; m. 27 Ag 00; ch. 
Frances Louise b. 13 N 06, Charles Hulbert 
b. 13 S 09 

Hull Florence 


Sandusky O.f 

Hull Une (Mrs Francis Edward 
1616 Cullom av. Chicago 111. 

95-D 96; m. 12 O 97; ch. John Havens Day- 
ton b. 8 JI 98, Une Hull b. 15 Jl 00 

Hultman Julia Eugenie 

175 Lincoln st. Worcesterf 


Hume Katharine Miller (Mrs O. D. 
15 S. Duncan st. Fayetteville Ark. 

music 98-99; tutor 02-06; teacher Kuling 
sch. Central China 06-07; m. 7 F 07 

Humphrey Alice Caroline 

77 Warren st. Concord N. H. 

92-94; teacher (Latin, Greek, hist.) St 
Mary's sch. Concord Ja 95 — 

Humphreys Sarah Blake (Mrs Chester 
700 Graceland av. Chicago lU.t 

88-90; m. 2 Je 98; ch. Catharine Elizabeth 
b. 7 Mr 01 

Hunt Maude Jennie 

music 93-94 

ent. f r. Orange 

Hunter Bertha Lillian 

Hillside Wynnefield Philadelphia 

04-05; student (design) Philadelphia arta 
and crafts league 05-08 

Hurd Ella Morgan (Mrs Frederick T. 

2606 Severence st. Los Angeles 


Hurlburt Hortense (Mrs Stillman Scott 
Meservey) Fort Dodge la.t 

00-02; m. 12 O 04 

Husted Mary Irving 

118W. 73dst. NewYorkJ 

art 87-91; grad. art 91; B.S. 03 Columbia; 
art student studios of William Chase etc; 
art instructor Orange N. J. 94-95, New York 
94-05; art lecturer 

Hutchings Leda TumbuU 

Plaza hotel Minneapolis Minn.f 


oHutchings Margaret Jean 

123 Prospect st. Stamford Ct. 
03-05, 06-07; substitute teacher Stamford 
pub. sch. 08— 

Hutchinson Juliet Perrott (Mrs Wil- 
liam Todd) 

c/o E. L. Hutchinson, Emerson Saw 
works Beaver Falls Pa.f 


Hutchinson Rachel (Mrs Frederick 
Chaffee Thrall) 
420 E. College st. Oberlin O. 

98-99, OO-Ol; m. 13 S 04 

aHutchinson Rosa Elizabeth 
Linden av. Englewood N. J. 


Hyde Alice Charles 

380 Commonwealth av. Boston 

91-92; student (music) 6 yr, Boston univ, 
(horticulture and landscape gardening) Low- 
thorpe Groton 




Hyde Florence Anna (Mrs Jordan) 
Peekskill on Hudson N. Y.f 

art 94-95 

cHyde Grace Palmer (Mrs Frederic 
Smith Ricker) Berwick Me. 

93-95; m. 14 S 04; ch. Carolyn Hyde b. 
3 J106 

Illingworth Rhea (Mrs Charies Ster- 
ling Jernigan) Sparta Ga. 
04-05; m. 6 Ja 09 

Ingals Melissa Rachel (Mrs Clarehce 
Lyon Fisher) Lyons Falls N. Y. 

01-02; assoc. of science Chicago univ, cert. 
Chicago sch. of domestic science; m. 21 F 
07; ch. Clarence Ingals b. 21 Ag 09 

Ingersoll Laura Perkins (Mrs Charles 
William McKinnon) 
Main st. Lancaster N. H. 

art 00-01; maker of col. flags and banners; 
m. 11 Jl 10 

Ingham Julia Olney 

"Mangroville" Paget Bermuda 

art 03-04 

*Inglis Agnes Claire 

98-00; student (mod.) Univ. of Mich. 01-02; 
d. 3 F 02 

; Ingram Elizabeth Frances Wakefield 

88-89; student (French) Boston 94, (art) 
Europe 08; teacher Wakefield 97— 

Ingram Lucy [Belle] (Mrs George Ray- 
mond Topliff ) 
57 Cypress st. Brookline 

90-91; student (Eng.) Columbia; teacher 
high sch. Everett, Somerville, head (Eng. 
dept) Brookline; m. 3 Ap 09 

Irwin Abbie Alice 

ent. fr. Northampton 
music 80-81 

Irwin Ida Riddle (Mrs Arthur Bacon 
981 Central av. Plainfield N. J. 

91-92; m. 8 N 00; ch. Lewis Irwin b. 27 
My 03, Katharine b. 1 Jl 04 

Jackson Alice Helen 

69 Atkinson st. Bellows Falls Vt. 

music 88-89; student Amer. inst. Boston 
89-91; supervisor (music) Bellows Falls Vt. 
89—, Claremont N. H. 92-94, Newport N. H. 
97-02, 05-10, Keene 01-04, Saxton's River 
Vt, Charlestown N. H. 00— 

*Jackson Edna Earle 

95-96; d. 99 

Jackson Elizabeth Massey 
Wilmington Del.f 

Jackson Elvenia Josephine 
ent. fr. San Francisco Cal. 


Jackson Emma Lillian 
ent. fr. Wilmington Del. 


Jackson Mary Louise 

112 S. 5th St. Goshen Ind.f 


Jacobs Alice Walton (Mrs Arthur 
Eugene Whitmore) 
605W. 111th St. New York 

90-91; m. 20 O 09 

Jacobs Clara Belle (Mrs Louis Emory 


154 N. Hartford Ct. 
03-06; m. 24 D 06; ch. Arthur Merrick b. 
30 Ja 08 

James Alice (Mrs George Rossen) 

132 Lorraine av. Upper Montclair 

83-84; m. (1) 20 F 89 (George Martin d. 7 
Ja 90) ; ch. Elizabeth Patterson b. 13 D 89; 
m. (2) 24 Ap 01 (George Rossen) ; ch. George 
jr b. 9 My 02, Mary James b. 10 Ag 03 

ajames Alice Meribah (Mrs William 
Shewell Ellis) Moylan Pa. 

96-D 97; m. 18 O 99; ch. Frances Edith b. 
28 Ag 02 

James Mary Marjorie (Mrs Samuel 
Ritter Wilkinson) Tacoma Wash. 
05-07; m. 9 O 07; ch. Samuel James b. 27 

James Maud Williamsburgt 

art 83-84 

Jameson Mary 

5316 Cornell av. Chicago 111. 

78-80; student Chicago acad. of design 75- 
77, 80-81; teacher Bloomimgton 111. 82-83; 
supervisor (drawing) Wisconsin sch. for the 
deaf Delavan Wis. 84-87, Nebraska sch. for 
the deaf Omaha Neb. 87-88, Chicago III. 
pub. sch. 88-02 

Jarvis Helen (Mrs William F. Farley) 
144 Hammond st. Waltham 


Jayne Eleanor [Ferguson] (Mrs Clar- 
ence Edward Breckenridge) 
1476 Page st. San Francisco Cal.J 

97-99; m. 19 F 03; ch. George Jayne b. 7 

Jenckes Clara Hunt 

47 Spring St. Woonsocket R. I. 

83-84; teacher Woonsocket pub. sch. 

ojenkins Edith Daisy (Mrs William 
Archibald Logan) 
Rio vista, Grand av. Keokuk la. J 

96-97; Ph.B. 01 (kindergarten) Chicago 
univ; m. 7 Ap 01 (husband d. 6 S 05); ch. 
William b. O 03 

ajenkins Jeannie Cooper 
Boonton N. J. 

00-My 02; teacher Cedartown Ga. D-Mr 04; 
tutor in private family Montclair N. J. 04- 
05, Northampton 05-06; teacher Burnham 
sch. Northampton 06 — 



♦Jenner Mary Sophronia (Mrs Clayton 
Clifford Wagner) 

88-90; m. 2 S 91; ch. Florence Adelia b. 
6 Ja 94, Chrystine Jenner b. 13 O 96; d. 17 

Jenness Ella Gertrude (Mrs George 
Barrows Washburn) 
Kendallshome, Butman road Lowell 

94-95; m. 15 O 98; ch. Gertrude Cecilia b. 
11 Ja 00, Kendall Jenness b. 7 F 01 d. 29 S 
07, Catherine Barrows b. 19 O 02 

Jepson Clara Louise 

245 East Rock road New Haven Ct. 

94-D 96; mem. A.C.A, Alliance fran^aise 

ajoel Julia Maria (Mrs Herbert Wil- 
liam Conn) 
167 High St. Middletown Ct. 

77-79, 80-81; teacher 83-85; m. 5 Ag 85; 
ch. Harold Joel b. 29 My 86 (Ph.B. 08 Wes- 
leyan), Bertha Viola b. 30 Mr 91 (Smith 14) 

Johnson Agnes Letournier 
28 Waverley st. EverettJ 

95-97; asst Parlin memorial lib. Everett 

Johnson Caroline 

15 Russell pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 


Johnson Florence Warner 

39 E. Manning st. Providence R. I. 


Johnson Grace Estelle (Mrs Irving 

Robert Williams) 

22 Waller av. Ossining N. Y. 
S-N 91; m. 19 O 97; ch. Robert Irving b. 
30 N 98. Brewster Hallock b. 12 O 07 d. 11 

Johnson Julia Etta Hadleyf 

93-95, 96-97 

Johnson Lizzie Frances [Elizabeth 
Francis] (Mrs Oliver Huckel) 
1515 Linden av. Baltimore Md. 

80-81; m. 7 Ja 02; ch. Oliver Wentworth 
b. 30 Ap 03, Haldam Johnson b. 20 Mr 05 

•Johnson Marion Phillips 

94-N 97; d. 22 Je 99 

Johnson Mary Sherman 

Maple hill Newington Ct.f 

music 95-97 

Johnson Pauline Dustin 

128W. nth St. New York 

06-07; B.A. 09 Barnard 

Johnson Ray Lucille (Mrs Henry B. 
345 Westlake av. Los Angeles Cal.f 


Johnston Laura Maynard (Mrs Frank 
Loren Davis) 

212 Lorraine av. Upper Montclair 

88-90; m. 19 D 94; ch. Robert Johnston b. 
26 S 96, Katharine b. 23 Jl 98. Anna Medora 
b. 14 N 99 

Jones Alice Hall (Mrs Abraham Lewis 
Bank of Hawaii Honolulu H. I. 

99-00; m. 26Ap06; ch. Marion b. 20 Ja 07, 
Dudley Cushman b. 26 Mr 09 

Jones Avis Sessions 

625 N. Cascade av. Colorado 
Springs Col.f 

Jones Connie Springs 

ent. fr. Charlotte N. C. 

music 91-92 

Jones Edith Louise 

1301 Ogden st. Denver Col.f 

98-D 00 

Jones Eleanor Genevra 
15 James st. Greenfield 


ajones Ethel Hannah 

138 S. Main av. Scranton Pa. 
06-08; student (dressmaking) Pratt inat- 

Jones Grace Eleanor 

267 North st. Buffalo N. Y.f 


ojones Grace Lilian (Mrs Clarence 
Adolphus Backer) 
54 Bellevue av. Melrose 

84-85; m. 27 My 97 

Jones Mabel Emma (Mrs George 
Ambrose Keith) 
428 Main st. Keene N. H. 

94-95, 96-97; teacher Keene grammer sch. 
97-05; m. 11 D 07 

Jones Mary Frances 

219 S. Cleveland av. Canton O. 


*Jordan Anne Mansfield 

88-90; grad. Ogontz 91; d. 13 My 07 

* Jordan Mary Wood 

music 86-87; d. Pasadena Cal. 

Joslin Lulu Broadbent 
7 Grove st. Attleboro 

00-N 01; B.A. 05 and M.A. 06 Brown; re- 
search asst (physics) Brown 05-07, asat 
Smith 07-09, instructor Goucher col. 09 — ; 
mem. Amer. physical soc. 

Judd Lillian Estelle (Mrs William E. 
2929 W. 14th St. Cleveland O. 

04-06; m. 24 Je 08; ch. Ruth Judd b. 13 

Judson Alice Cleveland (Mrs Gordon 
Jennings Laing) 
Chicago univ. Chicago 111. 

98-99; m. 22 Ag 03 

Kalish Bertha ent. fr. New York 


Kane Gertrude Euretta 

644 Woodward av. Detroit Mich. 




Kane Mary Teresa 

176 Prospect st. Northamptont 

86-87; stenographer and bookkeeper 

Keator Ruth Frisbee (Mrs Ralph 
Samuel Ives) 
Roxbury Delaware co. N. Y. 

03-05; m. 24 N 08; ch. Charles Keator b. 
13 O 09 

Keeler Katharine Marvin (Mrs Aubrey 

Trull Barnes) 

1701 National av. Rockford 111. 
95-97; m. 1 Je 98; ch. Barbara Trull b. 27 
Keene Edith Gerry (Mrs Edward 

Chamberlin Bradlee) 

134 Elmwood road Swampscott 
93-94; teacher; m. 1 D 06; ch. Susan Bart- 
lett b. 7 Ja 08, Sarah Goddard b. 6 F 09 

aKeith Liilie Hall (Mrs Eldon Bradford 
Keith) 36 South st. Campello 

98-F 01; m. 20 My 03; ch. son b. 20 Mr 04 
d. 25 Mr 04, George Eldon b. 8 N 05, Eldon 
Bradford jr b. 23 N 08 

Keith Virginia ent. fr. Chicago 111. 


Kellam Grace Willard 

348 Humphrey st. New Haven Ct. 


*Kelley Margaret Dana 

S-0 05; d. O 05 

Kelly Amy Ruth ent. fr. Sandusky O. 


Kelsey Hattie Gertrude (Mrs Howard 
David Gordon) Hazardville Ct.J 
art 88-F 89; m. 2 O 95; ch. John Stuart b. 
29 Mr 01, Alexander Dorward b. 19 F 04 

Kelton Louise Wilkeson 

586 E. Town st. Columbus O. 


Kendal Leslie Brigham 
ent. fr. New York 


Kendall Avis Elizabeth (Mrs Edward 
Wallace Packard) 

218 N. Fremont av. Los Angeles 

97-99; student Northampton commercial 
col. 00-01; bookkeeper Northampton 03-04; 
m. 31 Ag 04 

Kendrick Helen (Mrs Ellis Peterson) 
4 Einhorn road Worcester 

98-00; m. 27 Mr 01; ch. Ellis jr b. 22 O 04 

Kendrick Mary Lucy 
North Brookfield 

Keniston Elizabeth Howe (Mrs Ken- 
nedy Furlong Rubert) 
212 Main st. Owego, Tioga co. N. Y. 

96-98; teacher Plymouth N. H. 98-99, 
Augusta Me. 99-00; m. 18 Ja 02; ch. Eliza- 
beth Thorndike b. 17 Je 03, Janet Burnett 
b. 16 Ja 05 d. 3 S 06, Kennedy Furlong b. 
21 D 06, son b. and d. 25 Ag 07 

aKennard Helen May (Mrs William 
Atkins MacKenzie) 
684 Broad st. Meriden Ct. 
music 94-97; grad. music 97; student and 
teacher (music), choir soloist Meriden, New 
Haven, Bristol; m. 5 O 05; ch. Helen Mary 
b. 7 Je 07 

Kennedy Bessie Marion b.m. 96 (Mrs 
Elliott) Berkeley Cal.f 

92-96; m. 24 D 98 (Edward S. ElUott) 

Kennedy Carolina Cook 

1907 E. 3d St. Duluth Minn. 


Kenyon Florence Meachem (Mrs Dana 
Cheney Hyde) 
22 Brattle road Syracuse N. Y. 

99- Ja 02; student (music) Syracuse univ. 
02-04; m. 16 N 04; ch. Georgia Kenyon b. 
9 Ap 06 

Kerr Florence 

184 Summit av. St Paul Minn.f 

Ketcham Eleanor 

ent. fr. Indianapolis Ind. 


Ketcham Lilla Elizabeth 
ent. fr. Indianapolis Ind. 

music 91-92 

Ketchum Mary ent. fr. New York 

Keyes Bertha Evelyth 

6 Adams st. Winter Hill, Somerville 


Keyes Eva Beulah 

ent. fr. Oneonta N. Y. 


Keyes Lucy Belle 

56 High St. Springfield 


Keyes Maud Vivian 

9 Madison st. Hartford Ct. 

98-01; student New Britain normal sch. 01- 
02; teacher Englewood N. J. 02-03, Hart- 
ford 03-06, Horace Mann sch. New York 
06 — ; mem. N.E.A. 

Kidder Anna Laura 

12 Orchard st. Amherst 

music 84-93; student Vassar, New York; 
asst (harmony) Smith 94-05, Capen sch. 
Northampton 94 — 

Kidder Kate [Katherine] Weltha (Mrs 
Amory Francis Gale) 
1620 3d av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 

81-83; teacher (Eng.) Minneapolis central 
high sch. 85-05; m. 22 Ag 05 

aKidder Mabel Agnes (Mrs George 
Lord Selden) 
8 Jackson court Lawrence 

music 82-84; m, 8 D 92; ch. James Kirtland 
b. 1 Ja 94, Katharine Elizabeth b. 19 Mr 95, 
Marion Adelaide b. 26 D 97, Edward Gillette 
b. 24 Je 00 



K[ilbon Caroline Eunice 
41 Orleans St. Springfield 

88-89; student (manual training) Teachers 
col. summer of 03; teacher (manual train- 
ing) private sch. 90-Ja 94, Springfield pub. 
sch. Ja 94 — 

Killius Elsa Susanna 

8309 Detroit av. Cleveland O. 

98-99; art 99-00 

Kimberly Lulu Manville (Mrs Clinton 
James Curtis) 
2555 E. Ocean av. Long Beach Cal. 

96-97; m. 17 Ap 01; ch. Caleb Camp b. 10 
F 02, John Kimberly b. 14 Mr 05, Helen 
Kimberly b. 15 Je 09 

Kincaid Fay 

195 Calle Herran Manila P. I.f 


King Effie Bokewell 

817 Bidwell st. Pittsburg Pa.f 


IQng Hazel 

1898 Broadway San Francisco Cal. 


King Mary Schermerhom 
Winnetka 111. 


King Myra Dorothy 
ent. fr. Chicago 111. 

♦Kingman Sarah Norton 
art 85-86; d. 5 N 88 

Kingsley Delia Elmina 

R. F. D. 57 Easthamptont 
98-99; student Weatfield state normal sch. 
99-01, New Haven Ct. normal sch. 'of gym- 
nastics 08-09; teacher Easthampton pub. 
sch. 01-04, North Amherst 04-06, Housa- 
tonic 06-07, Seymour Ct. 07-08, supervisor 
(gymnastics) Lansdowne Pa. 09-10 

Kinne Margretta Oliver 

410 E. Genesee st. Syracuse N. Y. 

00-Ja 01, 01-02 

Kinney Mary Amelia (Mrs Chester 
Odiorne Swain) Bronxville N. Y. 

00-02; m. 12 Je 07 

Kirkley Florence 

1105 Jefferson av. Toledo O. 

02-03; student (physical educ.) Teachers 
col. 07-09; asst Toledo pub. sch. 09-10 

Kistler Alice May 

1100 E. 7th av. Denver Col.f 


Kittredge Hattie 

muaio 88-90 

ent. fr. Westfield 

Kittredge Minnie 

FishkiU on Hudson N. Y.f 

art 85-86 

Kittredge Rose Frances (Mrs Charles 
Henry Cronise) 
1635 Bath st. Santa Barbara Cal. 

92-93; m. 19 O 99; ch. Margaret Lowrie b. 
7 F 04, Dorothy Stewart b. 11 D 08 

Klock Martha Frances Oneida N. Y. 

86-87; B.A. 97 Chicago; student (Eng. lit.) 
Columbia 98-99; teacher New York 98-99; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Knapp Ida (Mrs Frederick Kammerer) 
51 E. 66th St. New York 

83-85; m. 23 Mr 07 
Knight Alice Easthampton 

music 86-88; student (stenography, type- 
writing) Northampton commercial col. 04-06 

ICnowles Jane Sherrill 

148 Lancaster st. Albany N. Y. 


*Kjiowles Margaret Babcock 

music 86-87; d. Ja 02 
Kohn Eva 

5122 Westminster pi. St Louis Mo.f 


Kohn Gertrude (Mrs Magnus S. Haas) 
1828 E. 81st St. Cleveland O. 
01-03; m. 9 D 08 

aKohn Lucille 

5122 Westminster pi. St Louis Mo. 


Kramer Helen (Mrs Lawrence R. Ack) 
817 Walnut st. Cincinnati O. 

ICreigsmann Mary Elizabeth 

27 Wendell av. Schenectady N. Y. 

Ol-F 04; kindergartner 09-10 
Krinbill Carrie Bright 

48 E. 77th St. Chicago IlLf 

Krohn Caroline Bertha (Mrs I. G. 
Levy) Del Prado hotel Chicago 111,} 

Kruesi Emilie [Emily] Margaret (Mrs 
Wayne Ramsay Brown) 
9 Sunnyside road, Scotia, Schenec- 
tady N. Y. 

96-97; m. 9 Ap 01; ch. Anna Kruesi b. 11 
Jl 02, Emily Margaret b. 19 Ja 05, Claire 
Kruesi b. 5 N 10 

Kuechle Ada Everett (Mrs Edward 
Parks Hall) 
304 E. 43d St. Kansas City Mo. 

97-00; m. 18 Ag 08 

Kyle Julia [Whittemore] 
63 Otis St. Newtonville 

music 87-88; stenographer Boston 92-96, 
Wellesley col. 96-02, private sec. to PreB. 
Hazard 02-10 

flLacey Caroline Elvira 
Jason terrace Arlingtonf 
musio 80-81; teacher (music) 



Lacey Hattie [Harriet] Louise 
Jason terrace Arlingtonf 

music 82-83; student Mass. normal art sch. 
89-92; teacher (drawing) Framingham nor- 
mal sch. 89-91, 96-99 

Lachmund Alice 

3862 Russell av. St Louis Met 


LaDame Mary North Adamst 


Laflin Mary Frances (Mrs Robert H. 
43 Western View st. Springfieldf 

music 86-89 

Laing Kate 

ent. fr. Schuylerville N. Y. 


aLa Monte Annie Isabel (Mrs M. 
Marsden Griswold jr) 
63 Columbus st. Newton Highlands 

87-90; teacher Rye sem. 90-97; m. 16 S 97; 
ch. La Monte b. 27 S 98, Marion Ruth b. 2 
Ag 03, Katharine b. 17 O 06 d. 6 Ag 07 

La Monte [Lamonte] Lucy (Mrs John 
Palmer Gavit) 

c/o Associated press Washington 
D. C. 

86-87; student Froebel-Pestalozzi kinder- 
garten training sch. Chicago 96-98, (Eng. i 
lit.) Chicago univ, Sch. of household eco- 
nomics Chicago; teacher Froebel-Pestalozzi 
sch; settlement worker Chicago Commons 
95-00; m. 8 My 90; ch. Joseph Lamont b. 
8 D 98, Lamont b. 4 Ja 01 d. 4 Jl 01 

Lancaster Pearl Anna (Mrs W. A. 
Rodgers) Georgetown Ky.f 

S-D 87; asst editor Georgetown news 00- 
04; manager and proprietor Lancaster hotel f 
04-05; m. (1) 28 Mr 88 (David Mills Dodge 
d. 9 Ap 99) ; ch. George Lancaster b. 17 My 
90, Linda b. Ap 92; m. (2) (W. A. Rodgers) 

Landen Hattie May (Mrs H. N. Mc- 

6621 Stokes st. Germantown Pa.f 
music 87-88 

Lane Ednah Carolyn (Mrs Oliver E. 
Yale) Freeport L. 1.% 

art F 99- Je 00; m. 19 N 02; ch. John Lane 
b. 3 Mr 04 

Lane Mrs Edward Biiiney (Esther 
1020 Center st. Jamaica Plain 

music S-N 88; m. 29 My 88; ch. Spencer 
Bridgman b. 28 S 89, Arthur Binney b. 16 
N 91, Robert Bridgman b. 27 F 98, Edward 
Gordon b. 25 My 04 

Lane Florence Bosworth (Mrs Joseph 
Manley) Marietta O. 

92-93; m. 26 Je 01; ch. Edward b. 8 Ap 04, 
Lucia b. 6 F 07 

Lane Lottie Rachelle 

409 A St. N. E. Washington D. C.t 


Lane Lucia Daggett 

ent. fr. West Derby Vt. 
S-D 86 

*Langdon Camilla Louise 


Lapham Alice Maud 

c/o Miss A. L. Gooding 60 Haw- 
thorne pi. Chicago Ill.t 

85-86; student Univ. of Mich. 86-87, F 93- 
Je 94, N. Y. state lib. sch. 91-92, summer of 

Larabie Elizabeth Deer Lodge Mon.t 
01-02 ^ * 

Latham Jean 

c/o E. C. Latham 8 Reade st. New 


Lathe Martha Leonard 
Vernon court Newtonf 
86-88; social and philanthropic worker 

Lathrop Bessie Stebbins 

81 Bridge st. Northampton 

nausic 80-82; student (wood carving, de- 
sign) Pa. sch. of industrial art; teacher 
(wood carving) Clarke sch. for the deaf 
Northampton 86 — 

*Lathrop Clara Welles 

, art 82-88; grad. (art) 86; student Art stu- 
. / dents league New York, Paris, Pratt inst; 
teacher Northampton, Springfield, Pitts- 
field, instructor Smith 06-07; d. 15 Je 07 

Lathrop Josephine Sherburne N. Y. 

95-My 96 

aLathrop Susie [Susanne] 

81 Bridge st. Northampton 
/ art 82-89; grad. (art) 86; student Philadel- 
^ phia acad. of fine arts, Julian's acad. Paris; 
teacher Clarke sch. for the deaf, Burnham 
sch. Northampton 

*Latimer Mary Pelton 


Lauder Ellen Lydia 

628 Knoxville av. Peoria lU.f 


Laundon Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Mel- 
vin Blake Johnson) 
Euclid heights Cleveland O.t 
music 81-83; m. 30 Ag 87; ch. David Laun- 
don b. 27 Je 88, Arthur Ernest b. 15 Ja 90, 
Malcolm Blake b. 11 D 97 

Lawrence Caroline 

ent. fr. Saratoga N. Y. 

art 83-85 

Lawrence Gladys 

166 W. 88th St. New York 

03- Ja 06; student (music) 

Lawrence Hattie Alice 
ent. fr. Haydenville 
music 94-95 



Leach Gertrude Emily (Mrs Edwin 
Loomis Robinson) 
5436 Vernon av. St Louis Mo.J 

music 93-96; student N. E. conservatory of 
music 97-98; teacher (music) 96-01; m. 30 
Jl 01; ch. Albert Leach b. 25 S 02 

Leach Margaret North BrookfieldJ 

96-98. 99-00; libn North Brookfield free pub. 
Ub. 01-04 

Leach Martha Henrietta (Mrs John 
Meeker Fisk) 

Bloomington and Dubuque sts. 
Iowa City la. 

6-97; student Oswego N. Y. normal sch. 
98-99; teacher 97-98; m. 5 Je 00; ch. Henry 
Leach b. 27 Mr 01, Charlotte b. 18 D 03 

Leavitt Caroline Grace (Mrs Thomas 
Cascaden jr) 
1022 W. 4th St. Waterloo la. 

music S-D 94; m. 10 Mr 96; ch. Mary b. 
15 F 00. Caroline b. 2 Je 05 

Lee Bertha (Mrs William S. Royce) 
226 Oneida st. Fulton N. Y.f 
S-D 85 

Lee Ida 

143 E. Haverhill st. Lawrence 


Leggett Louise Randall 

8 S. Allen st. Albany N. Y.f 


Lehman Lois Partridge Redlands Cal. 

06-07; student Bryn Mawr 

Lentell Annie [Anne] Judson (Mrs 
Melvin Herbert Pingree) 
Buxton, Baltimore co. Md. 

art 93, 94, 95-97; grad. art 97; m. 31 D 01; 
ch. Margaret Lunette b. 22 Mr 03 d. 17 Ja 
05. Hope Annette b. 16 Je 06 

Lentell Mary Althea Amherst 

89-90, Ap-Je 92; grad. 98 Buffalo free kinder- 
garten assn training sch; kindergartner 
Amherst 98-99. 09-10, Holyoke 00-05, State 
col. Pa. 05-06, Baltimore Md. 06-08 

Leonard Annie Louise [Anne] (Mrs 

Jacques Loeb) 

2616 Virginia st. Berkeley Cal.J 
79-82. music 82; Ph.D. 90 Zurich; m. 6 O 
90; ch. Leonard Benedict b. 91, Gertrude 
and Annie b. and d. 92, Robert Frederick b. 
95, Anne Louise b. 02 

Leonard Edith Richmond 

329 Franklin pi. Plainfield N. J.J 
S-D 86 

♦Leonard Emily Roxanna (Mrs S. L. 
music 81-83; d. 22 D 01 

Leonard Mary Adeline (Mrs Frank 
Barker) ent. fr. West Newton 


Leonard Norma Mabel (Mrs George 
Erwin Bartlett) Richmond Vt. 

88-89; m. 30 Je 91; ch. Miriam Evelyn b. 
19 Ap 92, Lois Lydia b. 27 Ag 98, Leonard 
Stephen b. 12 D 99, Frank Edgar b. 25 Je 04 

LeRoy Cornelia 

362 Commonwealth av. Boston 

OO-D 01; student Simmons col. 07-08, Sch. 
for social workers Boston 08-09; fellow 
(research dept) 09-10; mem. Amer. sociolog- 
ical soc. 

*Lester Grace Darling (Mrs Paul Ed- 
ward Seabrook) 

78-80; m. 7 N 90; d. Mr 92 

Levensaler Eliza Kellogg (Mrs Ed- 
ward Dillingham Carleton) 
Thomaston Me. 

93-F 97, Ja-Mr 98; m. 14 Je 04; ch. Sarah 
Henrietta b. 26 Ap 07 

Lewis Anna Eleanor Gunnison Col.t 


Lewis Eva May 

2026 Cornell road Cleveland O.f 

97-My 99 

Lewis Grace MiUard (Mrs Stuart 
509 Terrace av. Milwaukee Wis. 

97-99; m. 29 O 02; ch. Rosemary b. 16 F 04, 
Katherine b. D 05, Stuart b. N 09 

oLewis Maria Anna 

5741 Elmer st. Pittsburg Pa.f 

83-85; teacher (biol.) Pittsburg high sch. 

Lewis Mary Sinton (Mrs John David 

c/o Hasler, Leitch & co. Norfolk I 

93-Ap 95; student France and Germany, 
(Eng, German, philos.) Columbia; edi- 
torial worker with Encyclopaedia Britannica; 
mem. of firm of Daly, Montgomery <fe Lewis 
New York 04-05; m. 17 O 07 

Lewisson Sarah McCalmont (Mrs 
George Hayes) 
c/o General electric co. Boston 

01-03; m. 28 O 05; ch. George McCalmont 
b. 14 O 06 d. 6 D 06 

Libby Ella Frost 

music 84-85 

ent. fr. Saco Me. 

Liesemer Lulu Agatha 

708 S. 12th St. Ann Arbor Mich.f 


Lillie Alice Mercedes 

34 Cornell st. Springfield 

S-D 98 

Limburger Edna Lucy (Mrs Henry L. 
254 W. 82d St. New York 

94-96; m. 5 Ja 03; ch. Ruth Ther^se b. 24 
N 03, John A. b. 24 Ag 06 



Lincoln Florence Belle (Mrs Albert H. 

Hotel Marie Antoinette Broadway 
and 66th st. New York 
98-D 99; m. 11 Ja 06 

Lincoln Helen Celestia (Mrs Robert 
Brewer Newell) 
10 Sherman st. Hartford Ct. 

00-02; student (muaic); m. 17 D 07; ch. 
Katharine Lincoln b. 10 N 08 

Lindsay Susan Maria (Mrs Charles 
Henry Alderman) 
301 Dickinson st. Springfield 

91-92; prin. Wapping Ct. high sch. 94-98, 
teacher Wheeler private sch. North Ston- 
ington Ct. 98-01; m. 23 O 01; ch. Clifford 
Lindsay b. 5 Ag 02, Margaret Emily b. 18 
Ag 04, Ruth b. 25 O 05 d. 20 D 05, Ralph 
Daniel b. 6 Ap 08 

Lindsey Claire Waynesburg Pa. 


Lindsey Grace Emeline (Mrs Alfred E. 

487 Belmont av. Springfieldf 

Linehan Mary Lessey 

64 Buckingham st. Hartford Ct-t 
80-81; teacher Meriden Ct. 90-92, Hartford 

Lingard Olga Annisquam 

04-05; student (music, dancing) 

Little Edna Elizabeth [Elisabeth] (Mrs 

Charles Ross Taggart) 

Newbury Vt. 
91-Mr 94; m. 4 Mr 96; ch. Louise and 
Evelyn b. 22 F 97 (Louise d. 22 F 97), Mir- 
iam b. 26 My 99, Ross Divoll b. and d. 13 
O 00, Elisabeth b. 17 Mr 07 

Little Lucy (Mrs Chester Abbe) 
81 Main st. Westfieldf 
music 87-88 

Little Nettie Knox (Mrs Frank Emory 
114 School St. Concord N. H.t 

83-86; m. 20 Je 94; ch. Anne b. 16 Mr 00 

Livermore Kate [Katherine] Ella 
(Mrs Eugene Lincoln Camp) 
Sangerfield N. Y. 

88-89; student Miss Wheelock's kinder- 
garten training sch. Boston 98-00; kinder- 
gartner St Margaret's sch. Buffalo N, Y. 
00-06; m. 16 Je 10 

♦Lloyd Edith Josephine (Mrs Charles 
Ailing Tuttle) 
93-94; m. 21 N 01; d. 9 N 07 

Lobdell Ethel (Mrs Frederic C. Sea- 
1605 Broome st. Wilmington Del. 

02-04; m. 4 Ap 08 (husband d. 17 Ja 10); 
ch. Esther b. 6 Je 09 

Locke Emma Bates 

Waterville Oneida co. N. Y. 

Locke Ethel Upham (Mrs Joseph 
Francis Nutting) 
16 Willowwood St. Dorchester J 
95-96; m. 3 S 02; ch. Ruth Fisher b. 15 

Locke Susan Agnes 
Somersworth N. H.f 


Lockett Grace Greenwood (Mrs Roy 
H. Brown) 
23 rue Le Verrier Paris France 

93-94; student Cornell; m. 99 

Logan Agnes Allison 

222 Salisbury st. WorcesterJ 
98-Ja 99; B.A. 03 Boston univ; teacher 
(business dept) Peters high sch. Southboro 


Logan Eva Isabel (Mrs James Wool- 
son Huiskamp) 
726 N. 8th St. Keokuk la. 

00-01; m. 29 Je 03; ch. James Woolson jr 
b. 23 N 05 

Logan Janette (Mrs Charles Pelton 
640 West End av. New York 

01-02; m. (1) 2 My 05 (Howard Green 
Bayles), (2) 16 Je 08 (C. P. Jacobs) 

Logan Jennie Belle 

1064 Iranistan av. Bridgeport Ct. 
music 05-06; student Virgil piano sch. New 
York 07-08; teacher Bridgeport pub. sch. 
06-07, private teacher (music) 07-10 

Lombard Julia Winifred (Mrs Galen 
Moses Harris) 
1044 Washington st. Bath Me.f 


Longfellow Anne Sewall B5rfield 

02-03; stenographer Boston 
Longfellow Bertha Wales 
Machias Me. 
94-96; student Wheelock kindergarten train- 
ing sch. 97-99, Brookline training sch. 99-00; 
teacher pub. sch. Machias Me. 00-01, Shel- 
burne Mass. and Sharon 01-02, (music) 
Machias 08— 

Longfellow Ethel Carol 

02-03; stenographer Boston 


Longstreet Edith 

ent. fr. Auburn N. Y. 

music 96-97 

Longyear [Abby] Elsa Beecher (Mrs 
Alton True Roberts) 
Marquette Mich. 
00-01; student Radcliffe 02, Whitney in- 
ternat. sch. for vocalists Boston and Flor- 
ence Italy 04-06, Inst, of musical art New 
York 06-08; concert singer 07-08; teacher 
Marquette 09-10; m. 18 N 08; ch. Horace 
Noyea b. 22 S 09 



Longyear Helen McGraw 
The Terrace Brookline 

04-05; B.S. 09 Mass. inst. of tech; interior 
decorator New York; mem. Amer. assn for 
advancement of science, Nat. geog. soc. 

Loomis Laura Wesley 

25 Kensington av. Northampton 

music 86-88. 92-94 

Loomis Martha ent. fr. Westfield 

music 87-88 

Lord Clara Gertrude 

4 Sanderson av. Northampton 

music 84-92; student (organ) 92-93, 94-95, 
(piano) 93-94; private teacher (piano), 
cnurch organist, concert pianist and accom- 
panist Northampton 96-10 

Lord Clara Steele (Mrs William E. 
Pratt) 4367 Lake av. Chicago 111. 
95-97; m. 20 Je 01; ch. EUzabeth b. 14 My 
04, Eleanor b. N 07 

*Lord Delia Elizabeth (Mrs Carleton 
A. Fletcher) 
97-99; m. 8O01; d. 20 Jl 03 

Lord Grace (Mrs Arthur Latimer 
Brandegee) Farmington Ct. 

music 88-92; student (violin) Boston; pri- 
vate teacher Amherst Mass, Northampton 
94-00, teacher Meredith col. Raleigh N. C. 
03-04; m. 7 D 05 

Lord Inez Clark 

City hospital Boston| 
86-88; student Boston city hospital training 
sch. for nurses 94-96, 98-99; teacher 89-93; 
head nurse Boston city hospital 96-00, asst 
Bupt of nurses 00-04, matron Relief station 

*Lord Kate Kimball 
01-02; student Waltham Mass, training 
sch. for nurses; d. Ja 09 Waltham 

Loring Ruth Dingley 

13 Sacramento st. Cambridge 

87-89; B.A. 99 Radcliffe; teacher Groton 
Mass. high sch. 93-95, North Brookfield 
high sch. 95-97, Mrs von Mach's sch. Boston 

Lothrop Anna Maria 

ent. fr. Mellenville N. Y. 

music 80-81 

Lothrop Grace Bemice 

Morse av. Woonsocket R. I. 

music 01-03 

Love Edith (Mrs Charles Edward 
51 Griswold st. Meriden Ct. 

music 83-85; m. 20 Ja 91; ch. Marion Love 
b. 7 S 92, Gertrude b. 24 D 93, Hervey b. 
16 Jl 97, Robert Maxwell b. 3 O 03 

Love Grace Mabel (Mrs Harris Wal- 
ton Baker) 
108 Harvard st. Springfieldf 


Love Ida Lucille 

ent. fr. Rochester N. Y. 


Lovell Edith Buflum 

654 High St. Fall River 


Lowell Edith Allen 

19 Crescent st. Greenfield 

91-92; student Art students league New- 
York 93-95, Nat. acad. of design summer of 
00, Ipswich summer sch. of design; super- 
visor (drawing) Greenfield pub. sch. 95, 
teacher Prospect Hill sch. 97-04; worker 
arts and crafts 00 — , portrait photographer 

Lowry Helen [Nellie] Beatrice (Mrs 
Percy Hagerman) 
Colorado Springs Col. 

92-93; m. 22 Ja 96; ch. Lowry b. 29 D 96, 
Eleanor b. 22 D 02, Anne b. 12 S 04 

Luce Adella Matilda ent. fr. Marion 


aLunt Nellie (Mrs Rawson Fuller Wat- 
360 Marion st. Denver Col. 

97-99; m. 1 Jl 01; ch. Polla Rawson b. 7 


Lunt Olive Ann Meservey 
ent. fr. Boston 
art 02-03 

Luscher Julia Gordon 

47 Church st. Oshkosh Wis. 
06-Ja 08; student Univ. of Wis. 

aLyall Katharine [Kitty] Earl (Mrs 
Oliver Boutwell Merrill) 
9 Tulip St. Summit N. J. 
90-91; m. 3 Ja 01; ch. Lyall b. 18 Ja 02, 
Oliver Boutwell jr b. 13 N 03, Earl Whitte- 
more b. 10 Ag 05 
Lyman Alice 

1810 Chicago av. Minneapolis Minn. 


Lyman Alice Theresa (Mrs Frederick 
Bayard Clark) 
The California Washington D. Ct 


Lyman Florence 

81 Winthrop st. Augusta Me. 

05-07; student (music) Inst, of musical art 09 
Lyman Mary Elizabeth EasthamptonJ 
81-83; teacher Maiden high sch. 

Lyman Pearl Perry (Mrs John Bran- 
ning Soule) East Otis 

05-06; teacher pub. sch. South wick Mass. 
06-07, Blandford 07, Otis 08-09; m. 17 Je 
09; ch. John Branning jr b. 28 Ja 10 

Lynch Maria Louise (Mrs David Wass 
Campbell 2d) Cherryfield Me.t 

00-02; m. 30 Je 03; ch. Elizabeth Lewis b. 
7 Je 04 

Lynde Mary Finney West Brookfieldf 


Lyon Edith Estelle (Mrs Clement 
1319 S. 52d St. Philadelphia Pa. 

mumo 06-97; m. 1 Je 05 



Lyon Margaret Currier 

169 Congdon st. Providence R. I. 

04-08; B.A. 09 Brown; student Brown 09- 
10; teaching fellow (hist.) 09-10; teacher 
(hist.) Hope st, high sch. Providence 09-10 

Mabury Eugenia Beatrice 

919 W. 28th St. Los Angeles Cal.f 


MacAlister Agnes Helen 

4031 Walnut st. Philadelphia Pa. 

music 93-96; student Drexel inst. lib. sch. 
04-06, grad. 06; cataloger Philadelphia 

McAvoy Grace Elizabeth (Mrs Louis 
Burnham Lincoln) 
13 Spring St. Willimantic Ct. 

94-96; m. 10 D 01; ch. Helen Burnham b. 
25 S 02, George Melvin b. 21 Je 04, Robert 
James b. 26 D 07, Edith Grace b. 2 F 09 

MacCabe Edith Magdalen 
25 Logan st. Auburn N. Y. 


McCandless Margaretta 

5056 Westminister pi. St Louis Mo. 

04-06; student (music) New York 

McCarthy Ella Maria [Ellen Mary] 
29 Linden st. Springfieldf 
music 88-91 

McCarthy Mary 

1827 5th av. Troy N. Y.f 


McChesney Edith Downing (Mrs 
Charles Ellsworth Pennock) 
402 Allen st. Syracuse N. Y. 

93-D 95; m. 31 Ja 05; ch. Robert Spantor 
b. 31 D 06, John Ellsworth b. 1 Je 10 d. 5 
Je 10 

McClellan Mary 

ent. fr. North Hatfield 

music 84-85 

McClench Cora Christine 
112 Sumner av. Springfield 


McClure Anna Margaret (Mrs Web- 
ster Marshall Samuel jr) 
The Durham Cleveland O.t 

98-D 99; m. 6 Je 03 

McCobb Callie Talbot 
ent. fr. Rockport Me. 

music 94-96 

McConnell Eula Vandercook (Mrs 
Albert Otto Baumann) 
Woodland farm Clyde O. 

00-01; ch. William McC. b. 12 My 09 

McConnell Kathryn Charlotte (Mrs 
Frederick Orr Ludlow) 
95 Prospect st. Madison N. J. 

01-02: music S-D 03; m. 21 N 08 

McConnell Marguerite (Mrs William 
Lynn Wilson) 

1620 Niles av. St Joseph Mich. 
00-01; m. 22 S 06; ch. Eleanor b. 7 S 09 

McConway Laura (Mrs Homer Ros- 
well Scoville) Torrington Ct.t 

art 88-93, grad. 92; student (art) 93-96- m. 
29 My 95; ch. Margaret b. 23 Ap 96, Eliza- 
beth b. 28 S 99, Lawrence b. 27 Ag 03 

McDonald Margaret (Mrs Robert 

1920 Pillsbury av. Minneapolis 

MacDonald Mary Edna 

1225 Michigan av. Evanston 111. 
04-05; grad. (music) Northwestern univ. 10 

McDonald Maud Anna EasthamptonJ 

art 03-04 

McEvoy Mary Gertrude 

31 Nursery av. North Brookfield 

05-07; teacher West Brookfield grammar 
sch. 07-08, 3d grade Brookfield 08-09, high 
sch. 09 — ; mem. N.E.A. 

McGaughey Clara [Carrie] Vene (Mrs 
Henry Leslie Morris) 
268 S. Main st. Wallingford Ct. 
94-96; m. 7 Je 99 

McGaughey Juliet Daisy 

261 Center st. Wallingford Ct.t 

96-My 97, F-Je 98 

Mcintosh Helen Ecob (Mrs Archibald 
Victor Galbraith) 
Middlesex school Concord 

97-Mr 00; student Garland kindergarten 
training sch. 02-04; asst Froebel sch. New- 
ton Center Mass. 04-05; m. 29 Je 05; ch. 
Frederic Mcintosh b. 2 My 07 

McKillip Laura Brown (Mrs Harry 

Mahlon London) 

153 S. Union st. Burlington Vt. 
05-06; m. 16 O 07; ch. William McKillip 
b. 29 Jl lS 

♦McKnight Alice 

art 91-92 

McLachlan Nellie Gumey (Mrs Hard- 
ing) 95 Tudor st. Chelseaf 

01-02; student Boston normal sch. of gym- 
nastics 02-04; instructor (physical training 
and out-of-door sports) Birmingham Pa. 

McLellan Mary Butters (Mrs Wilson 
56 Webster st. Haverhill 

01-03; B.A. 06 Univ. of 111; student Bridge- 
water Mass. state normal sch; teacher Eng. 
inst. Santiago de Chile 06-08; children's 
Ubn Springfield Mass. 08-10; m. 04; mem. 

McLennan Edith Leavens 
Fayetteville N. Y. 
05-08; Ph.B. Syracuse univ. 

MacMillan Frances ent. fr. Wooster O. 




Macnaughtan Rosetta Dewart (Mrs 
William Hall Chadwell) 
202 N. 5th St. Newark N. J. 

99- Ap 01; teacher Duluth Minn. 01-03; m. 
1 O 03; ch. Margaret Willard b. 29 D 07 

McPherson Jeannette (Mrs Charles 
Harlow Raymond) 
Rosehill house Lawrenceville N. J. 

98-99, 00-01; m. 23 Je 04; ch. Jean b. 17 
D 05, Charles Harlow b. 5 JI 09 

Maddison Mary Louise (Mrs Edward 
Muscoe Garnett) 
1156 First av. Salt Lake City Utah 

04-05; m. 23 Ag 05; ch. Mary Jane b. 25 

Malley Margaret Cecilia [Crandall] 
Haverstraw N. Y. 

Malone Alma 

1249 York st. Denver Col.f 


Maloy Agnes Catherine 

5th av. S. St Cloud Minn.f 

Maltbie Annie Louise Granby Ct.J 
94-96; student N. Y. state lib. sch. 99-01; 
cataloger Ct. state lib. 01-04 

Mann Clausine (Mrs Perry Robinson 
MacNeille) Summit N. J. 

90-D93; B. A. 99 Chicago; student Harvard 
summer sch. 06; teacher Dearborn Morgan 
sch. Orange N. J. 94-98, 99-06. prin. 03-06; 
m. 14 Jl 06; ch. Holbrook Mann b. 11 My 07 

Mann Dorothea Lawrence 
8 Woodland road Maiden 
05-06; B.A. 09 Wellesley; student Welles- 
ley 09-10 

Mann Edith Belle 

ent. fr. Easthampton 


Mannheimer Estelle 

1620 Michigan av. Chicago Ill.t 


Manning Caroline Thayer (Mrs Edwin 
Hunt Whitehill) 
12 Chester st. Watertown 

86-87; teacher Andover Mass. pub. sch. 
87-89; m. 20 Ag 89; ch. Gladys Marion b. 
29 Je 95, Ruth Manning b. 9 Ag 03 

Manning Florence Elizabeth 
559 Center st. Newton 
02-03; grad. Wheelock kindergarten train- 
ing sch. 05; kindergartner Newton pub. 
ech. 05 — 

Mansfield Mabelle Gardner 
31 Avon St. Wakefield t 

aManson Virginia 

610 5th St. Wausau Wis. 


Marcley Jessica Louise 

Massachusetts state sanatorium 

00-01 ; B.A. 05 Boston univ. 

*Marden Helen 

05-Ap 09; d. 29 Ap 09 

Marsan Gertrude Olivine 
ent. fr. Bondsville 

Marsh Susan Preston (Mrs Charles 
Gurdon Bill) West Hartford Ct.| 

93-94; m. 10 Je 96; ch. Dorothy b. 23 Mr 
99, Ruth Emily b. 30 D 01 

Marshall Anne McDowall 
Metropolis IlLf 


Marshall Eleanor Eltinge 

1336 I St. N. W. Washington D. C. 

Ol-F 02; private sec. Amer. civic assn 

^Marshall Jessica Smith 

2605 Greysolon road Duluth Minn. 

Marshall Mary Estella 
ent. fr. Brooklyn N. Y. 


*Martin Ada Belle 


Martin Alice Garrett (Mrs Frederick 
Abbott Weymouth) 
719 C St. Sparrows Point Md. 

05-06; m. 15 D 09 

Martin Helen Sands (Mrs Olver C. 
1409 8th av. Beaver Falls Pa. 

S-N 02; m. 29 O 07 

Martin [Irwin-Martin] Jeanne Clarke 
262 W. 83d St. New York M 

music 80-81; worker (philanthropic, educ, 
municipal, miss'y) New York 

*Martin Mary Archer 

03-06; d. 7 Mr 06 Clifton Springs N. Y. 
Marvin Anna Humphreys 
208 W. 9th St. Erie Pa. 


Marvin Elizabeth (Mrs Frank S. 
1917 E. 90th St. ClevelandiO. 

90-92; m. 21 My 96 

Marvin Elizabeth Eliot 
88 Perry st. BrooklineJ 
Mason Grace Elizabeth 

102 W. Clinton av. Johnstown^N.iiY. 
Mason Mary Elizabeth 
ent. fr. Sioux City la. 


Mastin Theo 

3500 Main st. Kansas City Mo.t 




Mather AUie Skeel [Alice] (Mrs Wil- 
liston Walker) 
281 Edwards st. New Haven Ct. 

S-D 80, 81-82; m. 1 Je 86; ch. Amelia b. 
21 Ag 94, Elizabeth b. 9 Ag 02 

Mather Lucy Olcott 

747 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 

84-86; teacher (math.) Hartford high sch. 

•Mathews Elizabeth Collins 

78-79; d. Waterville Me. 

Matthews Bessie Louise 

The Uplands Brockport N. Y. 
03-04; student Woman's ool. Baltimore Md, 
Univ. of Minn. 

Matthews Edith Pearl (Mrs Raymond 
Louis Tisdell) 
162 Main st. West Springfield 

music 05-06; student Inst, of music pedagogy 
Northampton 06-07; teacher Monroe Bridge 
08, West SpringSeld 09; m. 20 Mr 09 

Maverick Lucy Madison 

324 Ogden st. San Antonio Tex.f 

02-04; student (design, illustrating) Chicago 
and New York 

Maxam Ruth Princeton Ind. 


May Maria Campbell 

65 Mt Vernon st. Oshkosh Wis. 


aMay Sara Wheeler (Mrs Edward 
Parker Lawton) 
3 Collins av. Troy N. Y. 

88-90; grad. Kindergarten normal dept 
Ethical culture sch. New York 91; kinder- 

fartner Troy N.Y. 91-93; m. 11 O 93; ch. 
Idward Parker jr b. 22 Jl 94, Katharine May 
b. 24 S 99 d. 8 Je 05, Allan b. 22 Ja 07 

Maynard Alice Elizabeth b.m. 00 (Mrs 
Allyn D. Phelps) Northboro 

music 96-00; student Summer sch. of music 
Boston 05; teacher (music) Wilton N. H. 
pub. sch. 05-06; m. 9 O 06; ch. Mary Eliza- 
beth b. 3 D 07 

Maynard Florence 

4717 Windsor av. West Philadel- 
phia Pa. 

art 86-87; student Cowles art sch. Boston, 
Art students league New York; photogra- 
pher Philadelphia 06 — 

Maynard Harriet Adelaide 
ent. fr. Hamilton N. Y. 

S-D 95 

Maynard Maude Pauline (Mrs George 
William Phypers) 
812 Park bldg Cleveland O. 

96-97; m. 1 S 00; ch. June Greenwood b. 
25 Je 01, Paul George b. 24 Ja 03, Fordham 
Sutcliffe b. 14 Ag 05, Thurlow Adams b. 28 
Ja 08 

aMayo Emily Stebbins (Mrs William 
Peter Schell) 
64 State st. Seneca Falls N. Y. 

00-02; m. 12 O 04 

oMays Ruth Emma (Mrs J. Hartley 


4630 5th av. Pittsburg Pa. 
92-95; m. 10 Je 96; ch. Ilartley Kirkland 
b. 13 My 97, Ruth Anna b. 31 O 00, Lucy 
Eloise b. 26 Ja 05, Katharine Eliza b. 1 F 10 

Mead Marian Adams 

1682 Sheridan road Chicago lU.J 

S-D 86; student Chicago univ. 93 

Mead Mary Louise (Mrs John Red- 
wood) Ruxton Md.f 


♦Mead Sara Elizabeth 

79-82; teacher; d. Medina N. Y. 

aMead Stella Baham 

25 Granite st. New London Ct. 


aMeisel Clara [Eveline] (Mrs Harvey 
Safford Bush) Greenville Mich. 

89- Ja 91; m. 2 Je 92; ch. Emily T. b. 28 
Ap 96, Christian Harmon b. 4 Jl 01 

Melden Margaret 

123 Sumner st. Newton Center 

02-04; teacher Miss. 06-09 

Mellen Lily [Elizabeth] Rollins (Mrs 
Samuel Colgate Hodge) 
288 Bellevue av. Trenton N. J. 

art 81-86; grad. 86; m. 12 My 96; ch. 

Bayard b. and d. 4 D 97 

Mellor Erma Delia (Mrs John Albert 
Goodrich) Pasadena Cal. 

91-93; m. 7 Jl 96; ch. Charles Mellor b. 16 
Je 97, Whitney Field b. 6 D 00 

Mellor Ethel Louise Plymouthf 


Mercereau Grace Edith (Mrs A. L. 
Van Osdel) Fulton Ill.t 

81-83; m. 25 Je 95; ch. Esther Mercereau 
b. 4 Jl 00 

Merriam Florence Augusta (Mrs Ver- 
non Bailey) 

1834 Kalorama road Washington 
D. C. 

82-86; student (Eng, biol, sociology) Stan- 
ford univ. 93-94; m. 16 D 99; mem. Amer. 
ornithologists union 

Merriam Louise Angele (Mrs George 
Way) ent. fr. New York 


Merrick Fannie Gray (Mrs William 
B. Norton) 
216 Homer st. Newton Center^ 


Merrick Mrs O. H. 

207 Fisher av. Brooklinef 
music 85-86 



Merrill Florence May 

107 E. Emerson st. Melrose 


Merrill Georgiana (Mrs Edward Tall- 
madge Root) 

141 Chester av. Providence R. I. 
90-92; m. 21 F 93; ch. Edward Merrill b. 
4 Ja 95, Winthrop Hagaman b. 21 S 01 

Merrill Katharine Emily (Mrs Wil- 
liam Walters Pope) 
104 Arch St. Akron O. 
99- Ap 01; m. 15 Je 05 

Mersereau Edith Almira 
Portville N. Y.J 
99-01 ; teacher (voice and piano) 

Merz Elsie 

143 Littleton av. Newark N. J. 

02-fall of 03 

Meserve Alice Louise (Mrs Walter 
Poland Rankin) 
34 Carruth st. Dorchester 
96-98; m. 8 My 01; ch. Marjorie b. 3 My 03, 
Andrew Meserve and Walter Meserve b. 19 
My 05, Kenneth Meserve b. 9 Mr 08 

Metcalf Bertha Alice (Mrs John Frank- 
lin Strickler) 
322 Main st. Evanston 111. J 

Ol-O 02; student Northwestern univ. 03-04; 

m. 17 Ag 04; ch. Elizabeth Metcalf b. 25 


Metcalf Kate Lora 

1023 Maple av. Evanston Ill.t 


Meyer Anna Rebecca 

555 Bedford av. Brooklyn N. Y.J 


Meyer Jeannette 


Meysenburg Alice Virginia (Mrs Lee 
Wallace Van Cleave) 
4732 Westminster pi. St Louis Mo. 

00-01; m. 21 My 02; ch. Eugene Wallace b. 
25 My 09 

Michael Clara 

741 Delaware av. Buffalo N. Y.t 


Milius Evelyn 

4642 Lindell blvd St Louis Mo. 


Milk Margaret Loduska 

91 Church st. Hoosick Falls N. Y. 

06-D 09; student Simmons col. 

Milk Mary Sherwood (Mrs Hubert 
Crampton Barton) 
5307 Lexington av. Chicago 111. 

06-09; m. 10 Mr 09; ch. Hubert Crampton 
Jr b. 12 Ja 10 


Millard Blanche Blackinton (Mrs 
Ralph Emerson Stevens) 
133 W. Main st. Marlboro 

94-95; student (art); designer and decora- 
tor; m. 7 F 00; ch. Ralph Emerson b. 16 N 
00, Charles Richmond b. 29 Mr 02, Henry 
Millard b. 30 Jl 03 

Miller Edna May (Mrs Halbert Brush 

637 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 
02-03; m. 23 Je 08 

Miller Grace 

127 Park av. West Springfield 
92-93; asst Springfield city lib. 98 — ; mem. 

Miller Grace Dickinson (Mrs William 
Wilson Herrick) Amherstt 

93-D 94; m. 4 Ag 97 

*Miller Harriet Louise 
91-93; d. Ap 93 

♦Miller Helen Lyman (Mrs Edwin 
White Moore) 
76-77; grad. Northwestern univ. 80; m. 90; 
ch. Alice b. 23 Ja 91 (Smith 12), Robert 
Grier b. 30 O 95; d. 99 

Miller Jennie 

137 N. Maple st. Florencef 

music 87-88 
aMiller Josephine Denison (Mrs Harry 
Louis Reed) 
25 W. 104th St. New York 

94-96; contralto soloist 96 — ; m. 17 Ap 00 

Miller Margaret (Mrs Elisha Hilliard 


146 Kenyon st. Hartford Ct. 
93-95; student Pratt inst. 1 yr; teacher 
(manual training) Stamford Ct. 95-96, New 
York pub. sch. 96-99; m. 4 Je 01; ch. Stan- 
ley Miller b. 10 My 02, Ford Hilliard b. 8 

aMiller Marion French 

677 Chestnut st. Wabanf 

aMiller Mary [M.] 

11 Park St. Easthampton 


Miller Mary Mann Glendale Cal.J 

88-89; teacher, writer 

Miller Maude Gertrude (Mrs Samuel 
Andrews Everett) 
309 Wayland av. Providence R. I. 
92-93; m. 30 Je 97; ch. Dorothy b. 22 Je 07 

aMillett Mabel Rosa (Mrs Alfred 

Bangs Carhart) 

7 Lawson road Winchester 
92-94, S-D 95; m. 2 D 03; ch. Laurence 
Millett b. 7 Ag 06 

Millington Helen Esther (Mrs James 
Elwyn Welch) 

604 W. Dominick st. Rome N. Y.f 
oft-Ja oe 



Mills Alice Mountfort 
17 Park vale Brookline 
80-D 82; teacher (music) 

Mills Marguerite 

1302 Topeka av. Topeka Kan. 

08-09; B.A. 10 Washburn col. 

Mindeleff Natalia Victoroona (Mrs 

Henry E. Rockwell) 

Dunbarton court Washington D. C. 
06-07; libn State dept 08, cataloger U. S. nat. 
museum lib. 08-09, Biol, survey U. S. dept of 
agric. 09-10; m. 14 S 10 

Miner Frances Manwaring (Mrs 

Charles Burr Graves) 

66 Franklin st. New London Ct. 
86-87; m. 10 S 91; ch. Addison Miner b. 8 
JI 94 d. 12 Ap 02. Elizabeth Waterman b. 16 

Minich Percy Viola (Mrs Percy Robert 
Carpenter) Kendrick pi. Amherst 
03- Ja 05; m. 24 N 06; ch. Percy D wight b. 

Mitchell Anna Ames Webstert 


Mitchell May Louise Wayne Neb.t 

05-Ja 06 

Mix Mary Jacob (Mrs Henry Dater 
Barber) Polo IlLf 

78-79; m. 21 F 84 (husband d. 26 O 96); 
ch. Henry Mix b. 1 N 86 d. 12 F 91, Lucie 
Relief b. 1 N 90 (Smith 12), Mary Clarissa 
b. 28 My 92 

Moffett Bessie Tuttle (Mrs Harry 
Stevens Baldwin) Littleton N. H.J 

95-96; teacher 96-99; stenographer 99-02; 
m. 2 S 02; ch. Sarah b. 14 S 04 

Montague [Bertha] Fanny Stockbridge 

(Mrs Joshua Morse jr) 

c/o Theo Ruggles Kitson, Park 

lane Quincy 
art 88-89; student Boston art museum, 
Paris 06-07; illustrator; lecturer; m. 30 
My 02; ch. Pauline Agassiz b. 27 O 07 

*Montague Ida Virginia (Mrs Albert 
Day Russ) 

music 94-96; teacher (music) and organist 
Sunderland Mass; m. 2 S 96; d. 13 D 02 

Montgomery Anne (Mrs Charles B. 
19 2d St. Frankfort Ky.f 


*Montgomery Lizzie (Mrs Fred B. 

79-81; m. Jl 83; ch. Robert Montgomery 
b. 19 Ag 84; d. 19 Mr 86 

aMoody Cornelia Chapin 

32 Round hill Northampton 
art 86-90, 01-02; grad. (art) 90 

Moore Alice Edith LeMars la. 

97-98; B.A. 07 Univ. of la; teacher (Ger- 
man) LeMars high sch. 08; social worker 
Brooklyn 09 — 

Moore Alice Katharine 
275 Bay st. Springfield 

Ol-Mr 03; asst Springfield city lib. 09— 

aMoore Anna [Anne] Wells 

15 Columbia st. Hartford Ct. 


Moore Bessie (Mrs William Copeland 
53 Waller av. White Plains N. Y. 

95-96; B.A. 99 Boston univ; state and spe- 
cial student sec. Y.W.C.A. D 99-My 02; m. 
1 N 02; ch. William Francis b. 1 S 09 

Moore Ethel ent. fr. Clayton N. J. 

Moore Lilian Ad^le ent. fr. Cambridge 


Moran Anna Louise Easthamptont 

art 99-00 

Morehouse Katherine Allynne 

1226 Vermilion st. Danville 111. 


Moreland Carrie Hampton 
Pittsburg Pa.t 
art 82-83 

aMorey Jennie Jasper 

904 S. Ohio St. Sedalia Mo. 


Morgan Clara Ethel (Mrs Cliflford N. 

28 Crescent court, 127th st. and 
Claremont av. New Yorkf 

art 97- Ja 99; student New York art sch. 


Morgan Marion Sherman (Mrs Wil- 
liam F. Pierce) Wheaton 111. 


Morgenthaler Rosalina Berk (Mrs 
Willard Alan Phares) 
181st and Wabash avs. Wichita 

OO-D 01; student Chicago univ, Cincinnati 
col. of music; m. Je 06; ch. Elise 

aMorgenthau Florence Jessie (Mrs 
Joseph Herbert Wise) 
159 W. 85th St. New York 

01-03; B.A. 07 Barnard; m. 23 Ap 06; ch. 
Janet b. 13 S 08; mem. A.C.A. 

Morrill Rhea (Mrs George B. Carpen- 
149 Lincoln park blvd Chicago lU.f 


Morris Elizabeth (Mrs Elmer Norman 
2232 E. First st. Duluth Minn.f 

Morris Eva Millward 

Gardner road Nottingham O.f 
01-03; student Cleveland lib. sch. 10— 



aMorris Grace Elizabeth (Mrs Edgar 
Webb Bassick) 
1171 Fairfield av. Bridgeport Ct. 

93-95; m. 18 Mv 97; ch. Elizabeth Morris 
b. 29 Ap 98, Edgar Webb jr b. 15 F 03 

Morrison Alice Southworth Braintree 

97-99; teacher Attleboro Mass. 01-04, Hope- 
dale 04-05, Brookline 

Morse Anna Augusta (Mrs Granville 
Joseph Walker) 
15 Ware st. Cambridge 

79-80; teacher Natick Mass. pub. sch. 81- 
83; m. 21 Ap 86 (husband d. 21 Ag 88); 
ch. Alliston Dudley b. 28 F 87 (B.A. 09 

Morse Anna Gertrude 
, 21 St James pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

art 90-92; student Art students league New- 
York, Julian acad. Paris; teacher (art) 
Leominster Mass. pub. sch. 98-99, art di- 
rector Louisiana state normal sch. 99-02, 
instructor (art) Adelphi col. Brooklyn 02 — 

Morse Belle Thayer 
West Randolph Vt.f 


Morse Katharine Duncan Amherst 


oMorse Lillian Kimball b.m. 93 
32 Myrtle st. Melrose 

89-93; teacher (music) Acadia sem. Wolf- 
ville N. S. 04-06, director (music) Westbrook 
sem. Portland Me. 06 — 

Morse Lucy Douglas 
94 Court St. Westfield 


Mountain Effie Annolia May 
ent. fr. Easthampton 

Mowat Olive (Mrs Alexander A. Eu- 
779 West av. Buffalo N. Y.J 

98-99; m. 30 Ap 00 (husband d. 12 O 03); 
ch. Alexis A. b. 21 Jl 01 

Mowry Alice Angell 
music 96-97 

Mowry Jeanette Low 

162 Academy av. Providence R. I. J 

92-93; teacher Providence 93-00, Smith- 
field 00-01, 0.3-04, Barrington 01-03 

Moynihan Marie [Mae, Mary] Agnes 

art 00-04 

Mueller Anna Christine 

39 N. First st. Meriden Ct. 

music 04-06; teacher (music) 

Mulholland Mary Estelle 
ent. fr. Brockport N. Y. 



aMunroe Bertha Nichols (Mrs Arthur 
Linwood Parker) 
43 Warren av. Woburn 

98-00; teacher 00-02; m. 6 Ap 03 

Munson Maud Antoinette 
20 Thorn st. Sewickley Pa. 

81-83; B.A. 95 Wellesley; student Swain 
sch. New Bedford Mass. 87-93; teacher 
(Eng, Latin) Friends' acad. New Bedford 
87-94, (Latin) Andover 95-00, prin. Stuart 
sch. Sewickley 00 — 

Murlless Eloise Gertrude (Mrs Wal- 
lace Johnson) Holyokef 


Murphy Elsie Bogardus 
ent. fr. Green Bay Wis. 


Murphy Jane Sewall 

1023 High St. Bath Me. 


Murphy Ritta Sampson (Mrs Joseph 
Livingston Pitman) 
52 High St. Springfield 

art 98-00; student New York sch. of applied 
design for women 02-04, scholar 03-04; m. 

Murray Katharine Stanley 
196 Main st. Greenfield 

music 91-92 

aMyers Edith Cook 

Kentmere lodge, Moylan, Dela- 
ware CO. Pa. 

02-04; substitute teacher and tutor Kenneth 
Square Pa. and Princeton N. J. 05-06, sub- 
stitute teacher Friends* sch. London Grove 
06-07, teacher Friends' sch. Philadelphia 

aMyers Lotta Wright 

60 W. 76th St. New York 
85-87; M.D. 97 Woman's med. col. of N. Y. 
infirmary; student (dermatology) General 
hospital clinic Vienna 03; teacher 91-93; 
physician New York 97 — ; mem. Amer. 
med. assn 

Nagel Edith Clara 

140 North St. Buffalo N. Y.% 

Naramore Elfrida Marguerite 
ent. fr. Leeds 
music 80-82 

Nash Gertrude Stuart (Mrs John 
Whiteman Locke) 
626 Pleasant st. Belmont 

Ol-Ja 03; grad. State normal sch. Hyannis 
Mass. 06; teacher 06-09; m. 19 Ag 08; ch. 
William Nash b. 28 Je 09 

Nason Mabel Frances (Mrs George 
Nye jr) 
37 Dartmouth terrace Springfield 

84-86; m. 4 Je 90 (husband d. 19 Ap 07); 
ch. Robert Nason b. 3 Je 92 (Harvard 14) 



Neagle Grace Mary 
ent. fr. Lubec Me. 


Nelles Margaret Alexander 
ent. fr. Bay City Mich, 
music 84-85 

aNelson Elizabeth Gertrude 

27 Lakeville pi. Jamaica Plain 

99-00; clerk Boston pauper inst. dept, Oflace 
of trustees Boston infirmary dept 03 — 

Nelson Mabel Esther 

ent. fr. North Peoria 111. 

S-D 97 

Nelson Sarah Moody (Mrs Robert 
Andrew Frey) 
496 S. Madison av. Pasadena Cal.f 

81-82; diploma (nurse) New York hospital; 
m. 5 F 91 (husband d. Ap 03); ch. Philip 
Fairfax b. 8 Jl 96 d. 30 O 96, Margaret Julia 
Elizabeth b. 24 My 00 

♦Nettleton Mary Eliza 
S-D 77; d. 78 

Newberry Winifred Eells 

2097 E. 46th St. Cleveland O. 

99, 00-02 
aNewcomb Florence Mabel (Mrs Wil- 
liam A. Mather) Adams N. Y.t 
00-01 ; m. 25 D 01 

Newcomb Marion ent. fr. Boston 

music 93-95 

Newcomb Virginia Short Hills N. J. 

92-93; B.A. 00 Barnard, M.A. 02 Columbia; 
student College de France, Sorbonne 96-97, 
(Roman lang. and lit.) Columbia 00-02; 
stenographer 93-94; teacher (mod. lang.) 
New Bedford Mass. 94-95, Quincy 95-96, 
Randolf-Pond sch. New York 00-02, Short 
Hills 02 — ; reader Col. entrance examination 

Newell Grace Lestina 

500 E. Gansevoort st. Little Falls 

N. Y. 

98-01; church organist 

Newell Margaret Farrington 
McLean hospital Waverlyl 
88-90; libn 

Newhall Harriot Bennett 

372 Waltham st. West Newtonf 

92-93; grad. Museum of fine arts Boston 97; 
teacher Brookline Mass. 97-00, Miss Win- 
sor's sch. Boston 00-05 

aNewton Mary Elizabeth b.m. 93 
(Mrs Harry Alonzo Gushing) 
127 W. 58th St. New Yorkf 

90-93; student (music) 93-03; m. 16 S 99 

Neyland Mary EUzabeth (Mrs George 
Evans Cullinan) 
540 W. 146th St. New Yorkf 

Ol-My 02; asst Williamstown Mass. high 
sch. 02-05; m. 13 O 05 

Nichols Agnes Blanche (Mrs Hill) 
1254 Stebbins av. New YorkJ 


Nichols Bertha Abigail [Abby] (Mrs 
Horace Greeley Bissell) 
East Greenwich R. I. 
91-92; Ph.B. 95 Brown; m.05; mem.A.C.A. 

Nichols Fanny Augusta (Mrs Edward 
55 Fruit st. Worcesterf 

art 89-91; grad. art 92 

aNichols Helen Christine (Mrs Harry 

Alexander Smith) 

639 Prospect av. Hartford Ct. 
88-90; m. 24 D 90; ch. James Nichols b. 
2 O 91, Harriet Helen b. 6 Ja 96, Malcolm 
Keith b. 18 F 01 

Nichols Lucy Gardiner 

209 Robinson st. Syracuse N. Y. 
97-98; sec. Syracuse technical high sch. 

Nichols Minnie Louise 

586 CHnton av. Bridgeport Ct.t 
06-08 ^ 

Nicholson Carrie 

4643 Woodlawn av. Chicago 111. 
06-08; student Chicago univ. 09 — 

Nickerson Ethel Susan 
ent. fr. Holyoke 

music 03-04 

Nicoll Martha Sunderland 
ent. fr. Lincoln 111. 


Niles Marion Harris Wellesley Farmst 


Nixon Bertha Duffield (Mrs George 
de Tamowsky) 
4221 Kenmore av. Chicago 111. 

92-93; student (singing, lang, dramatic ex- 
pression) 93-02; m. 3 S 02; ch. Alexis b. 28 
Ag 04, Olga b. 27 Ja 09 

Noble Estelle 

389 Decatur st. Brooklyn N. Y.f 


Noble Julia Shepard 

118 Union st. Westfield 
90-93; student (kindergarten) Westfield 
normal sch. 93-94; private kindergartner 
Northampton 94-95, Westfield 95-98, public 
sch. 98 — 

Noble Mary Riggs 

706 N. Nevada av. Colorado 
Springs Col. or N.I.S.M. Ludhiana 
Punjab India 
91-92; B.A. 96 Colorado col, D.O. 99, B.I.O, 
Denver Col, M.D. 01 Woman's med. col. of 
Pa ; resident interne Woman's hospital of Phil- 
adelphia 01-02, lecturer N.I.S.M. 03-08; 
prin. sch. 07-08; med. miss'y 04 — ; mem. 
Amer. acad. of med. 

Nolan Theresa Mary ent. fr. Hatfield 


Noonan Margaret Agnes 

59 Leyfred terrace Springfield 

art 86-90; grad. art 90; artist 



NordhoflE Amy Davis 

c/o Miss Mary Albert, Alpine N. J.f 


*Nordhoff Evelyn Hunter 

art 82-83 

aNormander Minnie [Mary] Agnes 
(Mrs George Ellsworth Spicer) 
Carthage, Jefferson co. N. Y.J 
81-82; m. 5 Je 88; ch. Margaret N. b. 26 F 
90 d. 31 JI 90, Edna M. b. 21 F 91, Norma 
A. b. 22 Ag 99 d. 24 O 99 

Norris Gertrude Louise (Mrs Edward 

1024 Beretania st. Honolulu H. 14 
96-99; m. 00; ch. Harold b. 7 Ap 01, Ger- 
trude b. 03 

oNorth Georgia Lincoln (Mrs Arthur 
Whittier Ayer) 

3403 Gray's Ferry road Philadel- 
phia Pa. 

87-89; m. 28 Je 93; ch. Esther Newell b. 7 
My 94, Marjorie Whittier b. 27 N 96 

Norton Agnes Bonnell 
ent. fr. Elizabeth N. J. 


Norton Grace Peloubet 

5737 Monroe av. Chicago 111. 
05-06; B.A. 07 Chicago; teacher Girls 
house of refuge Philadelphia Pa. 08-09. Lor- 
ing sch. Chicago 09-10 

Norton Maud Mary (Mrs Tolman) 
Newark Valley N. Y.f 


Noxon Anne Gray 

62 Livingston st. Brooklyn N. Y-t 


Noyes Emily Haskell (Mrs William 
Ferguson Dalrymple) 
1785 Emerson av. Duluth Minn.f 
97-00; m. 2Ja01; ch. Katherine b. 25 O 01 

Noyes Grace Richardson (Mrs Leon 


Noyes Katharine Chamberlain 

283 Alexander st. Rochester N. Y. 

Ol-Ja 03 

Nutting Grace Lavinia (Mrs Philip 
Hooper Moore) 
Bridgewater N. S. 

98-D 99; student Dresden conservatory of 
music 00; m. 2 Je 02; ch. Marion Hooper b. 
25 D 03, Arietta Duryea b. 27 O 05. Lee 
Philip b. 1 N 07 d. 19 O 09 

Oakes Margaret Maude (Mrs J. L. 
Bixby jr) ArUngton Heightsf 


Oakman Anna Cadle Exeter N. H.f 

music 89-90 

O'Bleness Mame [Mary] (Mrs Fred 
Morris Hutchinson) 
Park pi. Athens O. 

02-03; Btudent Univ. of O; m. 12 S 06 

aO'Brien AHce Geraldine b.m. 02 
942 State st. Springfield 
music 99-02, 04-05; organist and teacher 

aO'Brien Louise Carver 

93 Brockton av. Abington 


O'Donoghue Daisy (Mrs George F. 
28 Grinnell st. Greenfield 

90-92; bookkeeper 93-97; stenographer 97- 
04; m. 6 F 05; ch. Eustace Ira b. 26 Ja 06, 
George Lloyd b. 7 My 08 

Ogden Katherine Carlotta (Mrs Fran- 
cis Martin Savage) 
112 Eastern av. Joliet 111. 

98-D 99; m. 27 D 05 

flOlcott Helen Knox New Canaan'^Ct. 
97-99; student (silk designing) New York 
Bch. of applied design 99-02; designer 

oOlin Ethel Christina (Mrs William 
Lee Corbin) 

Wells college Aurora N. Y. 
98-99; m. 15 D 04 

Olmsted Frances Elizabeth (Mrs Fred- 
erick Vance Doty) Geneseo N.vY. 

87-88. art 88-89; m. 14 Ja 92 

aOlyphant Ruth 

Dwight pi. Englewood N. J. 


O'Neil Edith [Mary] (Mrs William 
Willard Boyd) 
4470 Westminster pi. St Louis Mo.f 

02-03; m. O 07; ch. WilUam Willard b. 08, 
Catherine b. 10 

*0'Neil Margaret Anne 

89-90; d. 99 

Orcutt Gertrude Maria (Mrs Sidney 
B. Hibbard) 
205 Webster av. Providence R. I.f 

music 87-90 

*Ordway Mary Elizabeth 

77-78; d. 78 

Orr Matilda Kidder AmherstJ 

music 92-94 

Orrick Christine (Mrs William Chad- 
wick Fordyce) 

19 Washington terrace St Louis 

91-93; B.A. 99 Bryn Mawr; teacher 99-02; 
m. 16 Je 02; ch. William Chad wick b. 2 

Osbom Marguerite Campbell (Mrs 
Henry William Clausen) 
4434 Lake av. Chicago 111. 

03-05; m. 6 Je 08; ch. Julia Henrietta b. 
11 My 09 

oOsbom Mary Louise 

850 Genesee st. Utica N. Y. 

06-0 09 




Osborne Elizabeth (Mrs Schuyler Carl 

Wells) LeRoy N. Y. 

01-03; m. 20Je04; ch. Elizabeth b. 5 N 07, 

Schuyler Carl jr b. 23 Mr 09, Osborne b. 6 

Mr 10 

Osborne Elizabeth Calef 
6 Park pi. Newark N. J.J 
98-99 -^ 

Osgood Lucy Jennette (Mrs William 
Orville Mendenhall) 
204 College av. Richmond Ind. 

97-99; B.A. 01 Chicago; teacher (Eng, 
hist.) Wilmington col. 02-04, Lockport N. Y. 
high sch. 05-07; m. 22 Je 07 

Ostram Helen Margaret 

20th av. E. and 3d st. Duluth Minn. 


Ott Miriam EHzabeth (Mrs David 
Curtiss Munson) 

c/o D. C. Munson 34 Nassau st. 
New York 

05-07; m. 24 Mr 10 

Ottenheimer Alice Clare 
ent. fr. Peoria 111. 


Owen Mary Elizabeth Hodges 
ent. fr. Middletown Ct. 
8-D 94 

Ozier Margaret Lucille Mansfield O.t 


Packard Caroline Etta 
ent. fr. Wakefield 

aPackard Nellie Sanford (Mrs James 
Augustus Webb jr) 
Wyndehurst Madison N. J. 

81-82; student (German, French, music) 
Gottingen, (German) Switzerland 83-84; 
trus. Madison pub. lib. 99 — ; m. 2 D 85 
(husband d. 6 Ap 87) 

Packer Elsie Farrell 
High St. Greenfieldt 

Paddock Isabel Monteith 

14 Park st. St Johnsbury Vt.J 

music Ap 91-92; asst Fairbanks museum of 
natural science St Johnsbury 97-05 

Page Katherine Bell [Kittie Belle] 
24 9th East st. Salt Lake City 


Paige Alma Stella 

241 Mentor av. Painesville O. 

music 86-87 

aPaine Elizabeth Knight 
Foxcroft Me. 

95-97; student (French) Boston 1 yr; head 
(Eng. and French dept) Foxcroft acad. 7 J 
yr, prin. South Acton Mass. grammar sch. 

Paine Florence Augusta (Mrs George 

Rapall Noyes) 

2249 College av. Berkeley Cal. 
93-0 95; B.L.S. 00 N. Y. state Ub. sch; 
student Univ. of Cal; asst N. Y. state lib. 
98-02; m. 31 Jl 02 

Palmer Isabella Frances (Mrs John 
H. Bartholf) 
84 Prescott st. Cambridgef 

83-85; teacher 89-90; m. 18 D 90; ch. John 
Charles Palmer b."26 O 91 

Palmes Nannie Gertrude (Mrs Ed- 
mund Burke McClanahan) 
714 Genesee st. Waukegan 111. 

78-80; m. 11 O 88; ch. George Palmes b. 

5 Je90 

Park Christiana Maria, Townshend Vt.t 

96-98; prin. Brattleboro private sch. Brattle- 
boro Vt. 98-05 

Park Sophia Breck 

ent. fr. Brecksville O. 

music 84-85 

Parker Elizabeth Hance (Mrs Charles 
Francis Chase) 
241 W. Main st. New Britain Ct. 

92-93; m. 20 Je 94; ch. Eugene Parker b. 
95, Helen Carlton b. 97 

Parker Hattie [Harriet] Eliza 
Madura South India 

85-87; M.D. 90 Woman's med. col. of N. Y. 
infirmary; interne N. E. hospital Boston 90- 
91, Paris 91-93, practising physician 93-95, 
med. miss'y under A.B.C.F.M. 95 — ; med. 
oflScer in charge Amer. mission hospital for 
women and children Madura 97 — 

Parker Helen Livingston (Mrs Joseph 
Ambrose Hall) 
178 Tappan st. Brookline 

96-97; m. 2 Je 04 

Parker Lelia Clarissa (Mrs George 
Sturges) Coronado Cal. 

97-98; m. 31 O 06 

Parker Louise Lang ent. fr. Lowell 


Parker Mary Emma Pownal Vt.t 


Parker Nellie Edgerton (Mrs Eliot 

24 Conway st. Greenfield 
79-80; m. 17 O 85 

Parkes Irene Edna 

51 Lincoln av. Chicago Ill.f 

Parks Jessie Ellis (Mrs John Perkins 


31 N. Beacon st. Hartford Ct. 
music 81-82; m. 18 Ap 88; ch. Raymond 
Parks b. 19 Je 89 (Amherst 10) 

Parrish Margaret Louise Naples N. Y. 

90-92; student (lang.) Cornell summer sch. 
02; supt of farm 92 — ; asst prin. NaplM 
high sch. 92-01, Waterloo high sch. 01-05 



Parsons Belle Martina 

175 Sigoumey st. Hartford Ct. 

90-91; teacher Hartford 92-95 

Parsons Eleanor Ray (Mrs Roy Ev- 
erett Tomlinson) 
41 Union st. Montclair N. J. 

00-F 02; m. 25 D 05; ch. Harriet b. 3 Ag 09 

Parsons Harriet Eddy (Mrs Arthur 
Curtis James) 
92 Park av. New YorkJ 

music 88-90; m. 23 Ap 90 

Parsons [Augusta] Lulu [Maria] 
art 86-87; student (art) Mexico 00-02, 
(stenography) Springfield evening sch. 03- 
07; in employ of Brownstein Newark & 
Lewis Los Angeles Cal. Mr 01-S 02, Century 
mfg CO. Springfield N 02 — 

Parsons Minnie 

Round hill Northampton 

music 83-84 

Parsons Sarah Lowell (Mrs Ralph W. 
23 Ridgeview av. White Plains 

N. Y. 

art 85-86 
Paschall Ann Dixon 

406 S. Broad st. Philadelphia Pa. 

96-97; sec. 97— 

Passmore Charlotte Weller 

410 Clifton av. Minneapolis Minn. 
05-O 08 

Patten Juliet Craik 

2212 R St. N. W. Washington 

D. C. 
98-F 00; botanical artist; mem. Amer. assn 
for advancement of science 

Patterson Florence Ball 

1735 New Hampshire av. Washing- 
ton D. Ct 

art 00- Ja 01 

Patterson Harriette Whitney 
Laconia N. H. 

95-97; student Miss Wheeler's kindergarten 
training class Providence R. I. 97-99; kin- 
dergartner Froebel sch. Providence 99-01, 
Pittsburg Pa. 01-03, Riverside alliance kin- 
dergarten Cambridge Mass. 03-05; teacher 
N. H. sch. for feeble minded Laconia 05 — 

Patterson Isabelle (Mrs Gregg Custis 
1332 15th St. Washington D. C. 

S-D 97; m. 4 O 06; ch. Gregg Custis jr b. 
26 D 07 

Patterson Margaret Martin 
ent. fr. Beaver Falls Pa. 


Patterson Sara 

635 N. Pennsylvania st. Indian- 
apolis Ind.t 
03-05; B.A. Butler col; teacher Greenfield 
Ind. 07-09 

Paun Grace Irving 

R. F. D. 1 Box 8 Lakeville 


Payne Florence Isabel (Mrs Franklin) 

art 89-90 

Payne Mary Kate [Katharine] (Mrs 
Warren Graham Partridge) 
309 Halket st. Pittsburg Pa. 

79-80; student Colgate univ. 80-82; m. 12 
S 82; ch. Phillips Payne b. 2 Jl 83 (Pa. state 
col. 07) d. 16 Ag 07, Margaret b. 9 Ag 84 d. 
18 Ag 84, Warren Graham b. 1 Ap 92 d. 20 
F 93, Donald Payne b. 5 F 00 

Peabody Ellen Machias Me.| 

art 81-82 

Peabody Rachel (Mrs Frank Frazer) 
214 Greenwood blvd Evanston Ill.t 

01-02; m. 2 F 05 

Pearl Alice Field (Mrs William H. 
127 Somerset st. Bangor Me. 

music 93-94; student Miss Garland's train- 
ing sch. for kindergartners 98-99; director 
kindergarten Bangor 00-01; m. 17 Je 02; 
ch. Eleanor Field b. 11 S 05, Charles Pearl 
b. 7 O 08 

Pearson Ellen Gertrude (Mrs Freder- 
ick Grey Burnham) Lyme N. H.t 

89-0 90; nurse Training sch. for nursei 
Lowell general hospital 94; m. 95; ch. 
Gertrude Mary b. 96 

Pease Helen Maude (Mrs Harvey 
Winfield Miller) 
230 15th av. Columbus O. 

98-00; m. 23 Je 04 

Pease Kathryn 

511 Belmont av. Chicago 111. 


Pease Nettie [Jeannette] Aurelia (Mrs 
Oren Barron Smith) Phoenix B. C. 
93-94; grad. Boston normal sch. of gym- 
nastics 97; private teacher (gymnastics) 
Spencer Mass; m. 21 S 04; ch. Marion b. 

1 Ag 05, Beatrice b. 27 Ap 10 

Peberdy Blanche Mellen > . 

288 Exchange st. New Haven Ct. / 

04-05; student Wesley an univ. 05-06, Paris \/ 

06-07; tutor New Haven Ct. 07-08; clerk 
and libn Yale forestry sch. 09 — 

Peck Katherine (Mrs Mahlon Ogden 

2223 Pleasant av. Minneapolis 

02-04; m. 9 Mr 09; ch. Mary Frances b. 

2 Je 10 

Peck Sally Perry 

7 Shimo Ishibiki cho Kanagawa ^ 
Japan / 

art 89-94; grad. (art) 92; student Pari* ^ 
95-96; teacher (art) Irving col. Mechan- 
icsburg Pa. 94-95, South Bethlehem 96-98, 
Wesleyan acad. Wilbraham Mass. 98-00, Girli 
uch. Kyoto Japan 01-10, Kanagawa 10 — 




Peirce Annie Calder 
ent. fr. New Bedford 

Pendleton Edith May St George 

c/o Miss M. A. Lowell 19 Front st. 
Schenectady N. Y. 

03-04; teacher Schenectady 05- Ap 10, Miss 
Porter's sch. Springfield Mass. 10 — 

Percy Ada Lieber 

194 Aspinwall av. Brookline 
01-03; student Sch. for social workers Boston 

Perkins Adelaide French 

73 Institution av. Newton CenterJ 


Perkins Edith (Mrs Thomas Tileston 


Hammond st. Chestnut Hill 
86-88; m. 24 O 89; ch. Thomas Tileston jr 
b. 7 Ag 90, Eleanor b. 25 Ap 97, Francis Tiles- 
ton b. llJe 02 

Perkins Ella Augusta (Mrs Alfred 
Fuller Howe Pillsbury) 
1176 Worthington st. Springfield 

80-82; m. 20 O 87; ch. Alfred Perkins b. 
27 O 90 (Williams 14), Anna b. 7 My 92 
(Smith 14) 

Perkins Fanny R. (Mrs George Negley 

Reed) 501 W. 2d st. Oil City Pa.J 

78-79; teacher; m. O 86; ch. Frederick L. 

b. 88, Kenton Chickering b. 91, Truman 

Perkins b. 98 

Perkins Sara Maude (Mrs Milton 
Gorham Sturgis) Seattle Wash. 

92-94; student N. E. conservatory of music 
Boston, Leipzig 96-97; teacher (music); m. 
19 O 04; ch. Isabel Andr6 b. 07, Milton 
Gorham jr b. 09 

Perrin Luella (Mrs Elwood White) 
1506 E. Ferry st. Lafayette Ind. 

00-02; student and teacher Mrs Scoville's 
sch. for girls New York 05-07; m. 24 S 10 

Perry Emmeline Potter 
ent. fr. Laprairie Canada 


Perry Leonora 

ent. fr. Summit N. J. 


Perry Lucy Ware 

37 Norman st. Salem 
79-80; student Pratt Inst. lib. sch. 98-01; 
Ubn 01-03 

Peters Helen Eliza (Mrs Samuel Mar- 
tin Richardson) 
656 Jewett av. West New Brighton 

N. Y. 

97-99; m. 18 O 06 

Peterson Helen Penelope b.m. 93 
Norton Kan. J 
music 89-93; student (music) Boston, Chi- 
cago, Paris 

Peterson M. Louise 

Interlaken, Seneca co. N. Y.J 
95-97; primary teacher Interlaken 00-04 

Pettengill Annie Tyner 

330 Clinton road Brookline 
00-01; art 01-03 

Pettengill Mary Louise 

330 Clinton road Brooklinef 


Pettit Grace Amelia 

248 Park pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 


*Phelps Jeannette Eliza 

06- Ap 07; d. 7 Ap 07 

Philip Charlotte Ailing 
ent. fr. Hudson N. Y. 

PhilHps Alice Bertina (Mrs Gardner 
294 Governor st. Providence R. I-t 

97-98; m. 6 Ap 04 

Phillips Lillian Azubah 

State normal school Fitchburg 

92-95; grad. Mass. normal art sch. 03; stu- 
dent Fitchburg state normal sch. 97, Mass. 
normal art sch. 99-04, Columbia summer 
sch. 05; teacher Fitchburg 98-99, (art) 
Georgetown Mass. 01-03, Keene N. H. 03, 
supervisor (drawing) Groveland Mass. 03, 
Woonsocket R. I. 04-05; director (manual 
training) Fitchburg state normal sch. 06 — ; 
mem. Nat. soc. for promotion of Indus, eduo. 

Phillips Lura Madeleine 

5503 Cornell av. Chicago 111. 


Phillips Maria (Mrs Joseph Perry) 
176 Highland av. Worcester^ 

Phillips Martha Cranford 
29 W. 46th St. New Yorkf 
86-88; teacher (art) Comstock sch. New 

aPhillips Nella Sumner (Mrs William 
Herbert Shuart) 
27 Mulberry st. Springfield 

78-80; m. 7 F 84; ch. Christine b. 11 D 84 
(B.A. 07 Smith), John Denton b. 16 N 94, 
Katharine Barrett b. 20 Je 99 

Pickering Alice Colbath (Mrs Carl F. 
A. MorSe) 379 Lafayette st. Salem 
98-99; m. 12 Je 01 

Pierce Martha Ann South Deerfield 
81-83; teacher Deerfield 84-86, Wallingford 
Ct. 86-94, Brockton Mass. 96-99, South Deer- 
field 09— 

Pike Edith May [Mary] (Mrs Freder- 
ick Ezekiel Bissell) 
87 Fenelon pi. Dubuque la. 
98-Mr 99; m. 19 My 08; ch. Frederick 
Ezekiel jr b. 11 Ja 10 



Pinkham Lucy Emery (Mrs Charles 
Amos Burnham) 
12 King's Beach terrace Lynn 

03-04; m. 7 Je 05; ch. Jennie Pinkham b. 
06, Lyndon Barker b. 09 

*Piper Mabel Elizabeth 

84-85; d. 16 O 85 

Pitkin Sarah Eliza (Mrs Roy Sedg- 
wick Barker) 
31 Phillips St. Providence R. I. 

music 88-89, 91-92; m. 15 N 93 

Pitman Helen [Choate] 

Rosemary farm Wallingford Ct. 

*Pitman Mary Talbot 
86-88; teacher New York; d. 22 Ag 09 

♦Place Addie De Velle (Mrs Wendell 
Green Brownson) 
music 88-89; m. 21 Ap 97; ch. Alfred Gard- 
ner b. 15 Ap 99; d. 12 Ap 04 

Plaisted Helen Florence 

Appleton St. Waterville Me.J 


*Pomeroy Rachel Merrick 
92-93; d. 7 F 95 

Pond Anna West ent. fr. Athol 


Pond Louise Carolyn (Mrs Ogden 

Jewell) Moorhead Miss.t 

86-88; B.A. 90 Oberlin; student (Eng.) Rad- 

cliffe S-D 97, (sociology, Eng.) Chicago univ. 

99-00; teacher 91-02; m. 10 D 03 

Poole Ethel Love (Mrs Graton S. 
Brand) 55 Elm st. Montclair N. T. 
00-01; m. 4 Je 08; ch. Marianna Love d. 
8 Ap 09 

aPoore Alice (Mrs Charles Luff 
Favinger) 54 Crescent av. Maiden 

00-02; teacher (Latin) Jacob Tome inst. 
Port Deposit Md. N 05-Ja 09; m. 25 D 09 

Pope Florence Whipple 
music 91-92 


Porter AUie Williams 

c/o Dr H. M. Quimby Worcesterf 
music 84-85; teacher (music) and organist 
Winchester Va, North Adams Mass. 

Porter Elva Lois 

ent. fr. Bloomington N. Y. 

Porter Gertrude Ellen (Mrs William 

Herman Hall) 

American college Beirlit Syria 
92-94; m. 13 Ag 02; ch. Harry Hepburn b. 
23 D 03, Rachel b. 19 Jl 05, Harvey Porter 
b. 16 N 09 

*Porter Jeanne Perry 

87-90, music 8-D 90; teacher (music); asst 
North Adams pub. lib. 92-00; d. 30 Ap 05 

Porter Nellie Brown (Mrs George F. 

Piper) Bedford! 

music 80-81; teacher 82-87, 00-03; m. (1) 

5 S 87 (William D. Harris d. 3 O 92), (2) 23 

Ag 98 (G. F. Piper) 

Porter Nelly Louise 

171 North St. Auburn N. Y. 
98-00; student (music) New York; teacher 
(piano) Auburn 03 — 

Porter Susan Abigail (Mrs G. Fred 
Ball) 48 Grove st. North Attleboro 
85-87; asst postmaster North Attleboro 
88-08; m. 17 S 08 

Potter Helen Wilson 

88 Harvard av. Brookline 


Potter Margaret (Mrs Ellis Adams) 
Hampton terrace Orange N. J.f 
S-D 00 

Powell Gertrude Reed (Mrs Dudley 

Henry Morris) 

161 W. 87th St. New York 
music 02-03; m. 23 Jl 07; ch. Elinor Reed 
b. 4 O 08 

Powell Katherine Day (Mrs Ralph 
Archibald Smith) 
610 Seneca av. McAlister Okla. 

music 04-05; m. 12 O 05; ch. Walter Harold 
b. 29 My 07, Ralph Archibald jr b. 21 Je 10 

Prairie Etta Louise ent. fr. Adams 


Pratt Ada Louise (Mrs Walter Earl 

Austin) 25 Congress st. Greenfield^ 

art 91-92; student Mass. normal art sch. 92- 

93, 94-95; supervisor (drawing) 95-97; m. 

24 Ag 97; ch. Helen L. b. 13 Je 98, Mildred 
E. b. 8 F 00, Esther M. b. 17 My 02 

cPratt Amy Louise 

South (Glastonbury Ct. 


Pratt Edith Louise Talledega Ala.t 

art 89-90, music 90-92 

Pratt Emma Johnson (Mrs Henry 
Jones Blakeslee) 
603 S. Grouse av. Syracuse N. Y. 

music 95-98; teacher (music) and organist 
Hartford Ct. 98-05; m. 6 Je 05; ch. Heaton 
Pratt b. 6 S 07 

Pratt Florence Livingston 
7 Oak St. Brattleboro Vt.J 

95-Ja 96 

aPratt Helen Folsom (Mrs Ernest 
Blaney Dane) 
Roughwood, Chestnut Hill 
86-88; m. 8 O 03; ch. Ernest Blaney jr b. 

25 O 05, Edward b. 24 F 07 

Prentiss Mary Ellen 

577 W. Ferry st. Buffalo N. Y. 
music 89-90, 90-92 

*Presbrey Laura Edith 
89-S 91; d. 91 




Prescott Alice Keith (Mrs Russell 
Cutler Low) 41 Spear st. Quincyf 
97-98; m. 8 Je 09 

aPrew Lina Marie b.m. 95 (Mrs 
George Arthur Savoy) 
238 Elm St. Holyoke 

94-95; m. 28 Ag 95; ch. John Arthur Guil- 
mant b. 7 Ap 97, George Prew b. 31 My 99, 
Harolde James b. 24 D 00, Paul Richard b. 
27 F 03 

Price Katharine Detwiler (Mrs Wil- 
liam N. Hubble) 
60 Mulberry st. SpringfieldJ 

88-89; m. 31 D 91; ch. Helen Jackson b. 6 
Ap 93, Katharine Price b. 26 My 97 d. 1 D 
99, William Bradford b. 20 S 02 

Priebe Florence Theresa (Mrs Harrison 
Hudson Simpson) 
Minouk Woodford co. 111. 

aPrindle Julia Imogene 

19 Massasoit st. Northampton 

music 93-94, 95-97; cert. fr. Music sch; stu- 
dent Oberlin conservatory of music 94-95 

Pritz Mildred Caroline (Mrs Carl 
Meyer) 125 Monroe st. Chicago 111. 
98-99; m. 20 Je 05; ch. Martha Pritz b. 15 

Procter Mabel Davis (Mrs James C. 

3945 Walnut st. Kansas City Mo.J 
music 96-98; m. 29 O 02 

Proctor Marion Wrentham 

97-98; grad. Framingham training sch. for 
nurses 02; worker See. for helping destitute 
mothers and infants Boston Mr 10 — 

Proulx Lilian Irene 

26 Main st. Hatfieldf 

art 01-02, music 02-04 

Prouty Ellen Smith (Mrs Frank A. 
56 Wachusett st. Worcesterf 

music 86-89 

Puffer Estella [Stella] Cornelia (Mrs 
Charles Mortimer Arnold) 

97-99; teacher Southwick 05-08; m. 26 My 
09; ch. Mary Louise b. 13 Mr 10 d. 8 Ap 10 

Puffer Florence Lynne Ashland Wis.f 

98-Mr 99; student (vocal music) New York, 
Chicago 111, Paris 

Purves Rebekah Sellers (Mrs William 
Park Armstrong) 
Library pi. Princeton N. J. 

01-04; m. 8 D 04; ch. Rebekah Purves b. 
7 Ap 06, William Park b. 31 My 07, George 
Purves b. 9 O 08 

Putnam Ethel Appleton (Mrs John 
Hart Lewis) Minot N. D. 

92-93; student Radcliffe 94-97; m. 29 Ap 
03; ch. Frederic Ward Putnam b. 14 S 08, 
Esther Putnam b. 8 Ap 10 

Putney Carrie Maria (Mrs George H, 

4514 N. Hermitage av. Ravens- 
wood, Chicago Ill.f 

88-91; m. 5 My 92; ch. Sara b. 2 S 93 

aPutney Mary Phillips (Mrs Lyman 
Parsons Wood) Bedford Hills N. Y. 

90-91, music 91-92; m. 8 Je 93; ch. Ellen 
Putney b. 29 S 94, Lois Parsons b. 23 Mr 
96, Charles Clement b. 5 Ag 97 

Quigley Bessie Xjroves (Mrs Henry 

Robinson Fothergill) 

Liberty st. Girard O.f 
95-96; m. 27 97; ch. Elizabeth b. 24 F 99, 
Henry Robinson b. 24 Ag 03 

Rafsky Martha Hyman 
5 Cardington st. Roxbury 

05-06; tutor Roxbury 08-09 

Ramsdell Emma Augusta (Mrs Jo- 
seph Gilbert Hastings) Warren 
88-89; m. 26 N 95; ch. Elizabeth Stock- 
bridge b. 17 O 96 

Ramsey Lida Crawford (Mrs William 
C. Sherwood) 
135 Watchung av. Montclair N. J.f 


Ramsey Ruth (Mrs John Vipond 
24 Bowne av. Flushing N. Y. 

87-88; m. 16 Ap 95; ch. Margaret Lawrence 
Lindsley b. 26 Ag 98, Muriel Emilv Vipond 
b. 29 N 02, John Vipond jr b. 6 Jl 08 

♦Rand Helen Abigail (Mrs Fred A. 
90-91; m. 28 S 92; ch. Henry Rand b. 11 
Je 94 d. 9 Ag 95, Nelson Emery b. 16 My 96; 
d. 13 Je 96 

Rand Mary (Mrs Edward Cushing 

Box 69 R. F. D. 2 Santa Rosa Cal. 
music 94-95; m. 28 Je 99 

Rankin Emma (Mrs Barber) 
Springfield IlLf 

99-F 00 

Ranney Kate Eunice (Mrs. C. B. 
Gardner) Raynham 

music 81-85 
Ransom Alia Burtis 

1515 W. 25th St. Minneapolis 

01-03; student Northern state normal eoh. 

Ransom Laura Elma (Mrs Darius 


R. F. D. 1 Portsmouth N. H. 
92-94; teacher 95-98; m. 5 98; ch. Harold 
Ransom b. 8 Jl 02 

Ratcliff Margaret Gertrude 

737 N. Kenil worth av. Oak Park 
06-07; B.A. 09 Drury col. Springfield Mo. 



Rathbun Mary Elizabeth 

S-D 93 

Ray Julia Lincoln (Mrs James Park- 
hill Andrews) 
1055 Prospect av. Hartford Ct. 

music 83-87; m. 27 Ag 95 

Raymond Lillian Arnold 

10 Roseland st. Cambridgef 

Read Georgia Willis 

646 West End av. New York 

99-My 01 

Rederich Elinor Josephine (Mrs Al- 
bert Orin Wakefield) 
823 Jones st. Sioux City la. J 

95-97; m. 5 N 03 

*Redfern Clara Stanley 

97-Mr 01; d. 30 Mr 01 Swampacott 

Reeve Katharine Mary 

788 Lawrence st. Appleton Wis. 

93-94; B.A. 96 Lawrence col. Appleton; 
student (Icindergarten) Armour inst. 96-98, 
(music) Boston 99-00, Sherwood music sch. 
04; director (kindergarten) Appleton 98-99, 
00-02, teacher (music) pub. sch. 04-06 

Reeves Florence 

103 Claremont av. Montclair N. J. 

97-D 98; grad. (kindergarten dept) Pratt 
inst. 01 ; kindergartner New York pub. sch. 
01-02, Montclair pub. sch. 02-10 

Reid Alice 

22 Strathallan 
N. Y. 

87-8pring of 91 

Reid Anna [Anne] Eugenia (Mrs 

Richard Browning Kent) 

Faribault Minn. 
94-Ap 96; m. 20 F 06; ch. Anne Reid b. 31 

Reid Grace (Mrs William Raymond 
27 N. Grand av. Pasadena Cal.f 

music 89-90 

Reid Mary 

612 W. 137th St. New York 

park Rochester 

Rex May 

ent. fr. Creston Pa. 

Reynard Edith EHzabeth 
413 Rock St. Fall River 

music 82-83 

Reynolds Harriet Lyman 
Greenwich Ct. 

90-91; teacher Greenwich 91-05 

Reynolds Judith ent. fr. Bedford Pa. 

music 04-07 

Rice Caroline Montgomery 

2053^ N. Madison av. Peoria 111. 

93-F 95; Ph.B. 06 Chicago univ; student 
Chicago 06; teacher Denver Col, (Eng.) 
Peoria high sch. 06— 

Rice Emma Ida ent. fr. Rindge N. H. 

music 80-83 
Rice Laura 

2304 Crawford st. Houston Tex.f 


Rice Lucy Adelaide 

920 Cathedral st. Baltimore Md.f 

Rice Mary Katrine (Mrs William 
Thompson Sedgwick) 
Mass. inst. of tech. BostonJ 

79-D 80; m. 29 D 81 

Rich Ahce Elizabeth (Mrs Eleazer 
Cate) 11 Oak st. Belmont 

89-90; teacher Fall River Mass. 90-96; m. 
17 Je 97; ch. Allan Miles b. 14 Ap 99, Doro- 
thea b. 4 Je 02, Robert Maxwell b. 12 Ja 07 

Rich Mary Adelia (Mrs Ezra Francis 
Locke) Woods Hole 

80-81; m. 17 Ag 84; ch. Esther Adams 
(Mrs G. H. B. Foote) b. 18 D 90, Evelyn 
Proctor b. 4 N 99 

Richards Maude Idylle 
Arona pi. Easton Pa. J 

art 03-04 

aRichardson Agnes Bell (Mrs Louis 

Tyler Hill) 

317 Franklin st. Sparta Wis. 
90-92; teacher Emma Willard sch. Troy 
N. Y. 92-95; m. 14 N 01; ch. Margaret 
Johnston b. 16 Ja 05, Elizabeth b. 23 My 07, 
Richard Ira b. 18 Je 09 

Richardson Alice Balmaine (Mrs Philip 
2912 Troost av. Kansas City Mo.f 


Richardson Alice Maude 
8 Glengarry Winchesterf 
S-D 81 

Richardson Augusta Hortense 
Castine Me. 
S-D 06; student Teachers col; teacher 

Richardson Constance Henrietta (Mrs 
William Arthur Kemper) 
c/o Butte Land and investment 
CO. Butte Mon. 

02-04; m. 2 Ap 08 

Richardson Dorothea (Mrs Dudley 
Bragdon) Clayton Mo.f 


Richardson Jennie Mabel 
233 West St. Leominster 

87-89; asst Ansonia Ct. high sch. 90-08 



Richardson Lilian Louise (Mrs Lucian 
Herbert Shepherd) 
155 W. Main st. Ilion N. Y. 
85-86; student Vassar 87-89; m. 7 S 99 
(husband d. 25 Ja 03); ch. Thomas Rich- 
ardson b. 10 F 01 

Richardson Maria Jane (Mrs George 
L. Pollock) 
318 Perry Payne bldg Cleveland O.f 

97-98; m. 4 My 07; ch. Jane Willis b. 23 
8 08 

Richardson Vesta Eloise (Mrs Brain- 

erd Taylor) 

c/o War dept Washington D. C. 
98-99; student (Eng.) Radcliffe 99-00; m. 
5 Mr 02; ch. Brainerd Richardson b. 5 Ja 

Richey Guida Hoen 

5555 Cabann6 av. St Louis Mo.f 

Richolson Edna Lucile 

1456 Jackson blvd Chicago 111. 

music 00-01; student Nat. conservatory of 
music 01-06; concert pianist 06-10 

Rickard Annie ent. fr. Chicago 111. 


Ricker Lillias Carrie Wells River Vt.f 


Ricks Mary Helena 
ent. fr. Massillon O. 


aRiddle Clara Margaretha (Mrs Ed- 
ward A. Morse jr) 
5926 Gates av. St Louis Mo. 

03-D 05; m. 16 O 06; ch. Mary Frieda b. 

2 Ja 10 

Riddle Edna Mary 

Blackmore Birge) 

5076 Westminster pi. St Louis Mo. 
98-00; m. 30 O 05; ch. Barbara Riddle b. 
12 Ag 07. Frederica Riddle b. 12 S 09 

aRiker Ida Elizabeth 

Harrodsburg Ky. 

music 81-83, Ap-Je 87 

Riley Martha Bird (Mrs Charles Bid- 
well Hitchcock) 
321 Long hill Springfield 

art 95-99; grad. art 99; m. 10 Jl 01; ch. 
John Emerson b. 6 Ap 03 

oRipley Anna Lyman (Mrs Clarence 

Eugene Ordway) 

371 Main st. Winchester 
98-My 01; m. 8 Ap 02; ch. John Ripley b. 
3 Ag 03, Dorothy b. 7 Ag 04, Marjorie b. 11 

Ripley Florence Woodbury (Mrs 
Harry Snow Parsons) 
156 Newbury st. Boston 

01-02; student (German, Eng.) Boston univ. 
02-03; m. 28 S 09 

RitzwoUer Hazel Kate (Mrs William 
4530 Michigan av. Chicago lU.f 


aRix Mary Louise (Mrs Herbert For- 
144 W. Dudley av. Westfield N. J. 

90-Mr 92, Ap-D 93; B.A. 04 Columbia; 
teacher Lebanon N. H. high sch. 94-96, Lyn- 
don hall sch. 00-02; m. 27 S 04; ch. Elisa- 
beth Fay b. 4 Ag 06 

Robbins Jane Elizabeth 
Wethersfield Ct. 

79-80; M.D. 90 Woman's med. col. of N .Y. 
infirmary; interne 90-91; teacher Clinton 
col. 82-87; head worker New York col. set- 
tlement 92-95, Normal col. alum, house, 
exec. sec. Pub. educ. assn 

Robbins Katherine Chester 
Wethersfield Ct. 

81-82, 83-84 

Roberts Harriet Gertrude 
4900 Ellis av. Chicago IlLf 


oRobertson Jennie Maria (Mrs George 
H. Babbitt) Bellows Falls Vt. 

84-D 85; m. 18 Mv 87; ch. Frances Robert- 
son b. 23 Mr 88, Donald George b. 5 N 91, 
Virginia b. 25 O 03 

Robinson Eliza Angenette 

Plymouth Inn Northampton 

music 86-87 

Robinson Emma Frances 
ent. fr. Bristol R. I. 


Robinson Emma Jane Cook 
, 77 Mt Pleasant av. Gloucester 
(Mrs Arthur / 95-98; student (German) Sch. of modem 
^ languages Boston 00-01, Berlin 03; teacher 
Gloucester 03-04, Bancroft sch. Worcester 

Robinson Florence Alice 

23 N. Main st. Middleboro 
89-90; asst libn Middleboro pub. lib. 

Robinson Harriet Marcia (Mrs Ed- 
ward Payson Clapp) 
210 Pleasant st. Worcester 
85-87; m. 21 S 96 (husband d. 29 Mr 06) 

Robinson Margaret Arnold 
ent. fr. Brooklyn N. Y. 

music 80-81 

*Robinson Marian 

81-82; student Columbia col. sch. of Ub. 
economy 88-89; d. 13 S 99 Brunswick Ga. 

Robinson Marion Emma 

22 Putnam st. Houlton Me. 
05-06; teacher Houlton pub. sch. 07-10 

Robinson Marjorie Chase 
269 French st. Bangor Me. 
04-06; stenographer Bangor 09-10 



Robinson Mary Calcina 

99 Harvard st. Dorchester 
03-04; B.A. 07 Radcliffe; teacher 

Robinson Winifred Emma 
St Thomas Ontario Can.f 

05-06; student Training sch. for nurses 
Johns Hopkins hospital Baltimore Md. 

oRobinson Winnifred Harriet (Mrs 

Ralph W. Rymer) 

628 Quincy av. Scranton Pa. 
97-98; m. 30 N 03; ch. Dana Robinson 
(dau.) b. 5 Mr 05 

Robinson Myrtie May (Mrs Walter 
Grey Preston) 
101 S. 34th St. Omaha Neb. 
95-97; m. 30J101; ch. Walter Grey jr 

Rockwell Florence Ward Montague 

85-87; teacher Montague high sch. 90-00 

Rockwell Jessamine (Mrs Henry Kit- 
tredge Norton) 
540 S. Euclid av. Pasadena Cal. 

art 00-01 ; student Hartford Ct. art sch. 02-04, 
Mass. normal art sch. 04; m. 15 Je 09 

Rogan Lizzie Florence 
112 Green St. Atholt 

89-92; grad. art 92; supervisor (drawing) 
Athol 97-05, Amherst 03-05 

aRogers Anna [Annie] (Mrs Charles D. 
Knowlton) 574 Warren st. BostonJ 

90-F 92; m. 6 Je 95; ch. Vianna Rogers b. 
13 D 96, Priscilla b. 5 O 98, Isabel b. 21 Mr 
01, Louisa b. 23 N 02 

Rogers Charlotte Woodman 

30 Melville av. Dorchester Center 


Rogers Ethel (Mrs Leartus G. Owen) 
Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind. 
music 93-95; m. 21 My 10 

aRogers Gertrude Huntington 
South Manchester Ct. 

Rogers Harriet Clara 

4534 Perry st. Chicago 111. 

/ music 80-81; student (music) Berlin 87-89; 
teacher (music). Centralizing sch. of music 
Chicago 06 — 

Rogers Julia McCord 

596 Summit av. St Paul Minn, 
music 98-99 

Rogers Madelaine Guild 
44 High St. Brookline 

Rogers Mary Letitia (Mrs Allen Bar- 
rows Doggett) 

283 Marlborough road Flatbush, 
Brooklyn N. Y.f 
82-Ap 83; m. 26 F 85; ch. Allen Barrows 
b. 23 O 87, Marvin Rogers b. 7 N 89 d. 15 
Ja 00, Eunice Williams b. 20 Je 91, David 
Livingstone b. 23 Ag 93 

Rogers Mary Susana 

222 W. Colfax av. Denver Col. 
03-D 05; student Boston normal sch. of 
gymnastics; teacher Baldwin sch. Bryn 
Mawr Pa. 

Rogers Sarah Philena 

37 Prospect st. New Britain Ct.t 

Rolfe Fanny Dennett (Mrs Cole) 
ent. fr. Concord 

music 88-89 

Rood Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Frank 

Bennett) Highland Park Mich.t 

music 88-89; teacher (music); m. 5 F 90; 

ch. Martha Rood b. 31 Ja 91, Beulah Rood 

b. 9 Ap 95 

Rosan Elizabeth Strong 

Farragut road Plainfield N. J. 

00-01 ; asst to Alice Boughton photographer 
03-Jl 10; private sec. 10— 

Rose Grace Beatson 

c/o John C. Rose 628 Equitable 
bldg Baltimore Md.t 


oRoseboom Evelyn May (Mrs Charles 
H. Meachem) 
532 Barry av. Chicago 111. 

91-93; student (music); m. 24 D 95; ch. 
William Roseboom b. 11 O 97 

Rosebrooks Clara Belle (Mrs John F. 
Dinkel) Irvington N. Y.t 

music 80-81 
Rosenfeld Bertha May 

310 W. 94th St. New Yorkf 
99-01; B.L. 03 Western Reserve univ; stu- 
dent Col. for women 01-03 

Ross Cora ent. fr. Iowa City la. 

Ross Edith (Mrs Charles G. Braley) 
St Johnsbury Vt.t 


Ross Ellen Rosina (Mrs Eugene S. 
59 Washington st. Newburyport 

S-D 82; (husband d.) ; ch. Ross b. 29 Ag 92 
(Mass. inst. of tech. 14) 

Ross Florence Emily 

Waltham hospital Waltham 

99-01; student Waltham training sch. for 
nurses 01-05; head (operating room) 06, 
asst matron and matron 07 — 

Ross Mabel (Mrs Richard Harold 
96 Magnolia terrace Springfield 

97- Ja 99; student (art) Drexel inst. 02; 
special teacher Springfield 02-03; m. 9 S 
03; ch. Ross Franklin b. 27 N 04, Rosemary 
b. 6 Ap 07 

cRothschild Irma Florine (Mrs George 
Walter Bowers Bartlett) 
141 Bedford Court mansions Bed- 
ford sq. London W. C. Eng. 
00-02; m. 4O09 



Rounds Anna Boynton 

510 Whalley av. New Haven Ct. 

03-D 05; student and teacher (piano); 
newspaper worker New Haven 

Roundy Ruth Smith (Mrs John Stet- 
son AUen) Walpole 

93- Ap 94; B.A. 97 Brown; teacher Walpole 
high sch. 97-99, Monson acad. 99-01; m. 21 
S 04; ch. Phoebe Roundy b. 2 O 05 d. 3 
*Rowe Annie Lincoln 

art 85-88; d. 98 
Rowe Vera Gordon (Mrs Horace B. 
109 Elm St. Hartford Ct.t 

97-99; m. 11 O 02; ch. Henry Gordon b. 7 
Mr 04 

♦Rowley Lottie Eloise 

music 89-92; d. Je 92 

♦Rowley Mabel Estella 

music 95-98; d. 2 D 04 

Rugge Helen (Mrs John Sutherland 
Stuart) Glens Falls N. Y.f 

86-88; ch. Sutherland Rugge 

Rugge Marie Lydia (Mrs Charles B. 
71 Ridge st. Glens Falls N. Y.f 

art 86-87 

aRushmore Ellen Riley 

429 Park av. Plainfield N. J. 

93-96; B.A. 03 Barnard, M.A. 10 Columbia; 
student (domestic science) Drexel inst. 96- 
98; instructor (domestic science) Mich, 
agric. col. 98-99; dietitian State hospital 
Kings Park N. Y. 99-04, specialist (domestic 
science) Brooklyn manual training high sch. 
04 — ; mem. Amer. home economics assn 

Russel Ellen Cabot Jackson (Mrs 
George W. W. Houghton) 
169 Glenwood av. Yonkers N. Y.t 
83-85; m. 3 Je 86 

Russell Helen Hale 

ent. fr. East Medway 

Russell Pauline 

55 Jason st. Arlington! 

aRust Annie [Anne] Marinda 
113 E. Main st. Meriden Ct. 
art 93-96; grad. art 96; student Yale sch. 
of fine arts 96-97; lib. asst 00-04; kinder- 
gartner 05-08; artist 

Ryals Elizabeth Cabell (Mrs Herman 
Renner Blickle) 

5434 Dunmoyle av. Pittsburg Pa. 
00-01; m. 26 Je06 

Ryder Winifred Mary 
148 Main st. Andover 

91-92; Ph.B. 97 Oberlin; teacher high sch. 
Madison O. 97-05, Middletown 05-06, Day- 
ton 0&-10 

Ryle Margaret Rix (Mrs Frederick 
Oakley Fayerweather) 
606 E. 27th St. Paterson N. J. 

04-Ja 06; m. 16 O 07; ch. Margaret Eliaa- 
beth b. 10 F 09 

Sabin Mary Asenath (Mrs Fred Keeler 
Houston) Rockford 111. 

91-92; B.A. 96 Rockford col; fellow Univ. 
of Wis. 96-97, Chicago univ. 99; sec. and 
instructor Rockfor<J col. 97-98, 99-00, prof, 
(home economics) Iowa state col. Ames la. 
00-03; m. 4 Ag 04; ch. Helen Sabin b. 6 Je 

Safford Abbie Rebecca (Mrs George 
. ' Henry Norris) 
\ / 566 Van Buren st. Milwaukee Wis. 

V 95-97; student Germany 97-99; tutor 99- 
01; m. (1) 21 Ag 01 (Joseph Walter Parker 
d. 25 Mr 06); ch. Joseph Henry b. 12 D 02; 
m. (2) 23 Ap 10 (G. H. Norris) 

aSafiford Helen 

41 Remsen st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
78-80; student (Eng.) Teachers col. 99-01; 
teacher Chappaqua N. Y. Mt inst. 84-85, 
private sch. Summit N. J. 85-86, Elkhart Ind. 
high sch. 87-89, Brearley sch. New York 91 — 

♦Safford Marv Bigelow 

82-83; d. 23 Ag 83 

aSalsich Isabel Pearl (Mrs Earle 
Edwin Conway) 
48 Windsor road Waban 
01-02; m. 27 Je 03; ch. Virginia b. 31 Ag 
04, Janet b. 1 Mr 07 

oSamek Blanche 

567 W. 113th St. New York 

05-07; B.A. 09 Barnard 

Samson Edith 

119 Wobum St. West Medford 

86-87; head clerk (collecting dept) city of 
Medford 01-04, business manager and teacher 
(household decoration) Mt Vernon sem. 
Washington D. C. 03-09; prin. Lakewood 
sch. for girls Lakewood N. J. 09 — 

Sanders Mabel Waugh (Mrs Walter 
Murdock Howell) 
44 St Luke's pi. Montclair N. J. 

00- Ap 01, Ja-Je 02; m. 10 Ap 09 

Sanderson Eva Maria (Mrs Leslie 
Parsons Strong) 
37 Ware st. Cleveland O.J 

92-N 94; m. 1 Jl 96; ch. Ralph Leonard b. 
23 Ap 97, Kenneth Bowman b. 6 S 99 

Sanderson Mary Elizabeth (Mrs 
George McClellan) 
North Hatfieldt 

music 80-81 

Sands Helen Elizabeth 
Montclair N. J.J 



Sanford Martha Cobb 

2 Nicholas pi. New Yorkf 
92-94; teacher 96-01; editorial worker 02- 
03, assoc. ed. with Silver Burdett 04-05 

Sanner Elizabeth [Bessie] Virginia 
(Mrs WilHam Bert Clark) 
345 S. Union st. Decatur 111. 

98-01; m. 5 Jl 05 

Sargent Grace Chamberlin (Mrs 
Arthur Dumper) 
85 W. Main st. Norwalk O.t 

96-D 97; m. 2 Je 03; ch. Arthur Sargent b. 
28 Mr 04 

aSargent Mary Alvira (Mrs Fred 
Morril Hanson) 
366 Central st. Saugus 

OO-N 01; m. 06; ch. Frederick William b. 

Saunders Jessie Eliza (Mrs Johnson) 
73 Tremont st. Hartford Ct. 

86-88; m. 05 (Louis Sherman Johnson); 
ch. Harold b. 6 Ja 06 

Sawyer Amy Wentworth (Mrs Harry 
Morgan Ayres) 
519 W. 121st St. New York 

98-99; student (kindergarten) 02; m. 6 Je 
05; ch. Ann Wentworth b. 16 My 06, Mary 
Wilcox b. 4 D 09 

Sawyer Blanche Larabee 

ent. fr. Cherry Valley N. Y. 


*Sawyer Eleanor Florence 

81-83, 85-86 

Sawyer Frederica (Mrs Stafford d'Oyly 
Noble) Elmira N. Y.f 

97-98; m. 24 O 06; ch. Phyllis d'Oyly b. 8 
Ag 08 d. Ag 09 

Sawyer Louise 

Forest av. Bangor Me.f 


aSayles Carrie Eliza (Mrs Robert 
Pryde Heron) 
12 Faxton st. Utica N. Y. 

87-89; m. 22 O 95; ch. Marjorie Janet b. 21 
S 96 d. 10 My 03, Donald Savles b. 9 Ap 00, 
Dorothy Genet b. 29 Ag 05, Robert James b. 
23 Je 07 

Sayles Ethel MillburyJ 


Sayles Madeline (Mrs Harold S. How- 
land) Montclair N. J. 
98- Ap 99; m. 31 Mr 02 

Schadee Louisa Augusta (Mrs I. B. 
Eltinge) Melrose Park Pa.f 

music 95-96 

Schaffner Halle Josephine 

4819 Greenwood av. Chicago 111. 

06-08; student Chicago univ. 
Schickle Mary Dorothea 

40 Carroll st. Poughkeepsie N. Y. 


Schiffer Elizabeth Westeen (Mrs 
George Gorham Groat) 
Delaware O. 

94-96; Pd.B. 98 State normal col. Albany 
N. Y; teacher Rensselaer N. Y, Wilmington 
Del, Port Deposit Md. 3 yr; m. 18 Je 02 

Schlesinger Eugenie 

2805 Michigan av. Chicago lU.J 


Schlesinger Rachel Cohen (Mrs Frank 
Henry Neely) 
70 Madison av. Atlanta Ga. 

03-Mr 04; m. 4 F 08; ch. Rachel Eve b, 13 

*Schmid Emilie Johanne (Mrs Alex- 
ander Brough) 
86-88; m. 11 N 96; ch. John Alexander b. 
4 O 97; d. 30 O 02 

Schmid Louise Caroline 

100 Elmgrove av. Providence R. I. 

Schnierle Sarah Elizabeth 

549 Oakland av. Kansas City Kan.f 


*Schofield EHzabeth Horton (Mrs 
Mark Graham Magnuson) 

Ol-Ja 02; m. 06; d. 3 Jl 07 St Paul Minn. 

Scholey Edith Madeline (Mrs Clarence 
Alvin Hartman) 

3208 Highland av. Kansas City 

01-02; m. 28 N 07; ch. George Scholey 
Lannel b. 5 My 09, John Clarence b. 9 S 10 

Schott Elizabeth Christine 
200 W. 107th St. New York 

95- Ja 98; stenographer, private sec. 

Schreuder Anna Ellen (Mrs William 
C. P. Rhoades) 
400 Putnam av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

art 84-88; grad. art 88; teacher Pa. 88-89, 
Staunton Va. 89-91; m. 16 F 92; ch. Wil- 
liam Schreuder b. 5 Jl 93, Harold Hall b. 19 

Schulte Helen Lillian Fargo (Mrs 
Albert Seward Tenney) 
Seattle Wash.f 


aSchwab Helen Hannah (Mrs Max 
10628 Ashburn av. Cleveland O. 

95-98; B.A. 99 Washington univ; m. 06; 
ch. Louis M. b. 22 Mr 08 

Schwab Ida Amy 

2416 E. 40th St. Cleveland O. 

02-03; B.A. 07 Western reserve univ; stu- 
dent Univ. of Southern Cal. 10 

aSchwab Lenore Ella (Mrs Morris 
Alfred Black) 
1864 E. 89th st. Cleveland O. 

91-93; m. 21 Mr 99; ch. Herman b. 1 S 00 



Scofield Grace Louise (Mrs George A. 

692 Washington st. Brightont 
99-FOO; m. 26Ap04 

Scollay Anna Lane 

The Essex 34th and Chestnut sts. 

Philadelphia Pa. 
05-07; novice AH Saints sisterhood of Epis- 
copal church Baltimore Md. Jl 08 — 

Scott Alys Puffer (Mrs James S. 
121 Madison av. New Yorkf 

S-D 94; m. Ag 05 

*aScott Jennie Louise (Mrs Frank 
Milne Richardson) 
79-80; m. 6 O 85 (husband d. 17 F 03); ch. 
Jean b. 1 D 86 

Scott Katie [Catherine] May (Mrs 
William Thomas Francis) 
169 Westminster st. Springfieldt 

music 91-My 92; teacher (music); m. 14 
Je 92; ch. Beatrice Irene b. 10 My 02 

Scott Mary Blanchard 

c/o Col. H. L. Scott War dept 
Washington D. C. 
04-D 06; asst libn West Point N. Y. N 08- 

Scotten Marion Clark (Mrs Harold 
Hunter Emmons) 
1085 W. Fort st. Detroit Mich. 

04-05; student (music) Paris 05-08; teacher 
Normal collegiate inst. Asheville N. C. 08-09; 
m. 10 F 10 

Scribner Florence Vietta (Mrs Am- 
brose Richard Gorsline) 
184 Fulton av. Rochester N. Y. 
art 82-83; m. 7 N 83 

Scripture Bertha Lincoln 

86-88; B.A. 97 Radcliffe; student Radcliffe 
90-92, 95-97; teacher Lincoln high sch. 
92-94, Miss Baker's sch. BrookUne 95-97; 
Col. settlement worker Denison house 97 — ; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Scripture Emma Bradford (Mrs Mar- 
shall) 554 Fletcher st. Lowell 
88-91; m. 31 O 94 (William Starkweather 
Marshall) ; ch. Pauline Fiske b. 21 F 96 

Seager Olive 

7 Lakeview park Rochester N. Y. 


Searl Irlavere Jane (Mrs William Lin- 
coln Bamum) 

312 Highland av. Syracuse N. Y. 
88-90; m.8S92; ch. Dwight Searl b. IIJI 93 

Searle Annie Pier (Mrs Harold Hauser 
377 Genesee st. Utica N. Y. 

06-08; m. 19 Je 09 

Searle Katharine 

41 Concord av. CambridgeJ 

95-96; B.A. 01 Radcli£Fe 

Sears Hannah May 

83 West St. Northampton 

music 83-86; teacher; supt Virginia day 
nursery New York 

Sears Lilian Blanche 

83 West St. Northampton^ 
art 98-00 

Seavey Marion Webster 
10 5th St. Dover N. H. 
05-06; student N. E. conservatory of music 
Boston 08-10 

Sedgwick Elizabeth Fenton (Mrs 
Charles Herbert) Delroy Mich.f 

S-D 89 

Sedgwick Rose Emery (Mrs Edward 

Douglas Keith) 

Inst, for the deaf and the blind 

Berkeley Cal. 
86-87; teacher Cal. inst. for deaf and blind 
87-D93; m. 30 D 93; ch. Madeline Farring- 
ton b. 8 Ag 95, Rose Sedgwick b. 2 S 96 

oSeelye Abigail Taylor b.m. 89 (Mrs 
Charles Locke Scudder) 
209 Beacon st. Boston 
85-89; m. 5 S 95; ch. Evarts Seelye b. 5 S 
96. Hilda Chapin b. 7 F 99 

*Seelye Elizabeth James (Mrs James 
Wilson Bixler) 
80-81; m. 4 Ag 91; ch. Julius Seelye b. 4 
Ap94; d. 10 Ap94 

Sessions Hannah Sargent 
109 Elm St. Northampton 
05-07; B.A. 10 Radcliffe 

aSeward Katharine b.m. 99 (Mrs John 
Somers DeHart jr) 
12 Essex St. East Orange N. J. 

95-97, music 97-99; student (music) New 
York; soloist; m. 16 Ap 00; ch. Seward b. 
24 My 01, Kimber b. 14 Jl 04 

Seymour Clara Louise (Mrs Harry 
Ramsay Van Voast) 
Union st. and Waverly pi. Schen- 
ectady N. Y. 
77-78, 79-80; m. 2 Je 97; ch. Elizabeth Sey- 
mour b. 6 Je 98, Albert Lewis b. 25 D 99 d. 
28 D 00, Julia Westervelt b. 20 Je 02 
Seymour Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Charles 
Otto Lovell) 

Riverton park Watertown 
80-81; m. 14 Je 84; ch. Marjorie b. 4 Ap 85 
Seymour Mary Hyde b.m. 99 
79 Elm St. Northampton 
music 95-99 
Shanks Sophie Miriam (Mrs Evan 
Taylor Sage) Moscow Idaho 

05-06; student Chicago univ. 06-08, Pitts- 
burg univ, Univ. of Idaho; libn (classical 
dept) Chicago univ. 06-08; m. 25 Ag 09 

Shaw Florence Inez ent. fr. Amherst 

music 03-04 
*Shaw Inez Linwood 
95-96: d. 96 



Shaw Louise Cuyler 

16 Sacramento st. Cambridge 


Shaw [Bertha] Mabel (Mrs Cavour S. 
Langdon) Mimieapolis Minn.t 

87-88; m. 93; ch. (2) 

*Shearer Blanche 

92-93; B.L. 96 Univ. of Wis; teacher; d. 6 

Shearer Hallie Irene 
ent. fr. Springfield 


Shearn Edith Gardner (Mrs Warner 
Oland) Williamstownf 

art 90-91 

Sheldon Millie Turner Southampton^ 

Shepard Alice Lee 

ent. fr. Minneapolis Minn. 

Shepard Anna North (Mrs Noah Corn- 
well Rogers) 
19 E. 56th St. New York 
85-D 87; m. 18 F 91; ch. Florence Shepard 
b. 4 F 92, Grace Burnham b. 26 Mr 93, Anna 
Cornwell b. 8 Ag 94, Cornwell b. 12 My 98 

Shepard Bertha May 
8 Ash St. Danvers 
04-06; substitute Danvers pub. sch. 07-09; 
proofreader Peabody 10 

Shepard Lena May Greenfieldt 

music 92-93 

Shepard Louise (Mrs Harold Dunbar 
Ft Mansfield, Watch Hill R. I.J 

94-D 95; Ph.B. 99 Univ. of Mich; m. 4 F 
03; ch. Frances Shepard b. 22 F 04 

Shepherd Ruth Elizabeth 

948 N. 30th St. Billings Mon. 

Sherman Annie Dean (Mrs Butcher) 
Shepherd and Avon sts. Cam- 

Sherrett Margaret 

ent. fr. Hiawatha Kan. 

Sherman Clara Louise (Mrs Ralph 
Lancaster Smith) 
5648 Cabann6 av. St Louis Mo. 

OO-D 02; m. 20 Ja 04 
Sherman Eva Emily Newhall (Mrs 
William Everett Darling) 
147 High St. Athol 

art 93-97; grad. art 97; teacher (art) In- 
dependence la. 97-99; m. 99; ch. Elizabeth 
Sherman b. 01, Agnes Eugenia b. 04 

Sherman Mary Independence la.f 


Sherman Mary French (Mrs Charles 
78 Beech st. East Orange N. J.t 


aSherrill Charlotte Foote (Mrs John 
Devereux Keman jr) 
561 W. 147th St. New York 

94-95; student Presbyterian hospital train- 
ing sch. for nurses 02-05; head nurse Presby- 
terian hospital, visiting nurse Charity organ- 
ization soc; m. 4 S 07; ch. Charlotte Stew- 
art b. 4 Jl 08, Rosemary Devereux b. 10 N 09 

Sherrill Grace [Munger] 

6 Oxford road New Hartford N. Y. 
art 90-93; asst libn Utica N. Y. pub. lib. 

Sherwood Sarah Emily 

28 N. Church st. Cortland N. Y. 
06-08; student Cortland state normal sch; 
teacher Cortland pub. sch. 09 — 

*Sherwood Tirzah Love joy (Mrs 
Arthur Beebe Chapin) 
91-92; m. 25N96; d. 22 D 01 

Shevlin Florence Hall (Mrs David 
Darrow Tenney) 

2112 Pillsbury av. Minneapolis 


Shimer Mabelle Hannum (Mrs Oscar 
Wasgatt) 31 Beacon st. Boston J 

98-99, music 99-01 

Shipman Angela Cosio 

147 Eraser av. Ocean Park Cal. 

04-06; student (kindergarten) Los Angeles 
state normal sch. D 08-Mr 10 

Shipman Florence Laura 
Montpelier Vt.f 

02-03; student Sargent sch. of physical 
training 03-05; teacher (gymnastics) Toms 
River N. J. 05-06, Walpole Mass. and Nor- 
wood 06-07, Paluma settlement Honolulu 
H. I. 08-10 

Shoemaker Harriet Louisa (Mrs Leon- 

idas A. Suggs) 

414 W. Broadway Fort Worth Tex.f 
87-88; m. 29 N 99; ch. Mary Erety b. 16 
S 00, Katherine Sherrill b. 15 N 02 

Shook Anna JuHa (Mrs A. Edward 
Belmont av. Youngstown O.t 


Short Anne Gleason (Mrs Ferdinand 

Beach) 235 W. 75th st. New Yorkt 

84-86; m. 9 O 93; ch. F. Clifton b. 23 Ag 

94. Marion b. 31 Ag 96, Eleanor b. 16 D 97, 

Elizabeth b. 29 Jl 03 

Short Mabelle Naomi 

1535 Gilpin st. Denver Col. 


Shuart Gertrude (Mrs William Nelson 
The Hamilton Syracuse N. Y. 

78-79: m. 12 O 97 



Shuart Stella 

208 East av. Rochester N. Y. 

78-79; teacher (domestic science) Rochester 
96-97, 99-00 

Sibley Edith Aurilla 
95 Church st. Ware 

00-Ap 01 

Sigsbee Anna Lockwood (Mrs Sumner 
Ely Wetmore Kittelle) 
2229 California st. Washington 
D. C. 

89-90; m. 22 Mr 97; ch. Anna Louise b. 28 
Ja 98, Elsa Sigsbee b. 20 S 01 d. 28 O 02, 
Mary Sigsbee b. 12 S 03, Sumner Sigsbee b. 
22 Je 10 

Sill Mary Mulinor 

335 W. 46th St. New Yorkf 


Simis Grace Elizabeth (Mrs Warren 
Armour Villa park Bronxville N. Y. 


Simon Clara Louise 

4168 W. Pine blvd St Louis Mo. 


Simons Clara Lee (Mrs Alfred Dal- 
rymple Warren) Grafton 

music 91-96; m. 28 JI 96; ch. Mary Dilling- 
ham b. 28 F 98, Shearman Alfred b. 21 Je 00 

Simpson Alice Maysie 
72 Claremont av. 
Arlington Heightst 
S-O 97, 98-99 

Simpson Kate Ludelia 
ent. fr. Newark N. Y. 

Sinclair Marjorie [Rowley] 
Pasadena Cal. 

music and art 01-03; student Throop poly- 
technic inst. Pasadena 03-04; (music) 03 — 

Singleton Tassel (Mrs Robert Hamil- 
ton Fay) LeedsJ 

93-96; teacher (piano) 93-97; m. 27 O 97; 
ch. Arthur Nelson b. 26 My 98, Ruth Frances 
b. 29 D 99, Mildred Elnora b. 19 Jl 03 

Skinner Ellen Henrietta 

644 Lucas av. Los Angeles Cal.f 

06-D 09 

Skinner Susie Mae [May] (Mrs Robert 

Bates Raymond) 

31 Fairmount av. East Weymouth 
98-00; m. 5 S 06; ch. Bessie Helen b. 20 

Slade Agnes Angel (Mrs C. Walter 
254 Culver road Rochester N. Y.f 

art 93-95; m. (1) (Mr Slade), (2) (C. W. 

Slaght Ethelwyn Rebecca (Mrs John 
Stanford univ. Palo Alto Cal.f 

87-88, 91-92, music 86-87 

Slason Celia Frances 

Box 37 R. F. D. Pasadena CaLf 

84- Je 85; teacher; post office asst 

Smart Mrs J. L. 

25 Dick St. Winchester! 
art 86-87 

Smith Agnes 

Fair Haven heights New Haven 


Smith Anna Gertrude 

178 Thompson st. Springfield 

music 05-06 

aSmith Antoinette Julia (Mrs George 
Albert Angle) Belvidere N. J. 

83-85; m. 18 N 91; ch. Gertrude Depue b. 

22 F 93, Richard Smith b. 18 Ag 95 

Smith Bertha Elizabeth (Mrs Samuel 
Johnson Walker) 
670 Lincoln park blvd Chicago 111. 

89-90; m. 9 My 94; ch. Samuel Johnson b. 

23 F 95, Helen Louise b. 22 Mr 96 

aSmith Bertha Harriet (Mrs Charles 
Lincoln Taylor) 
17 Columbia st. Hartford Ct. 

91-92; teacher (math.) Hartford high sch. 
93-F 98; m. 19 Ap 98; ch. Charles Lincoln jr 
b. 27 Ja 01, Elizabeth Bradley b. 17 Ap 03, 
James Allwood b. 10 Ag 05 

♦Smith Bertha May 

S-N 93; d. 25 Ap 00 Lansingburg N. Y. 

Smith Bertha Melora 

55 Williston road Brookline 
95-97; student Radcliffe 97-99 

Smith Bessie Dora [Dora Bessie] (Mrs 

Sidney Joseph Warner) 

1825 Girard av. S. Minneapolis 

85-88; m. 30 Je 92; ch. Harriet Leigh b. 19 

Smith Caroline Frances [Fanny] 
5120 Hibbard av. Chicago 111. 

89-90; M.D. 93 Hahnemann med. col. Chi- 

Smith Clara Inwood (Mrs Robert P. 

404 Washington av. South Bend 

80-82; m. 19 D 88 

Smith Clara Janet Augusta Groton 

78-80; sec. 88—, Charlestown Mass. high 
sch. 10— 

Smith Edith Frances CoUinwood O.f 



Smith Edith Maria (Mrs Francis Os- 
wald Dorsey) 

1211 N. New Jersey st. Indian- 
apolis Ind. 
97-99; m. 15 O 02 

cSmith Eleuthera du Pont (Mrs James 
Donald M'Calmont) 
1519 Liberty st. Franklin Pa. 

92-95; m. 18 S 95; ch. Eleuthera Piumer b. 
2 S 96, Margaret Elizabeth b. 6 Mr 99, Rachel 
Piumer b. 9 My 02 

Smith Elizabeth [Elisabeth] (Mrs Har- 
vey Gerould Hatch) Laporte Ind. 

art 90-91; student Boston art museum, 
Cowles art sch. Spreads art acad. Chicago; 
teacher and supervisor (drawing, painting) 
Montague Mass. pub. sch. 93-94, Natick 99, 
Ben Adhem social settlement Boston 96-98, 
Lake Forest 111. 00-02, Winnetka 00-03; m. 
29 Je 03; ch. Evelyn b. 07, laadore b. 09 

Smith Emeline Cavarly 

144 WilHams st. New London Ct. 


Smith Emily Pauline 

5467 Washington av. Chicago Ill.f 

Smith Emily Payne 

48 Stimson pi. Detroit Mich.f 

98-Mr 99 

Smith Etta Lucy (Mrs Almon C. Bar- 
rell) Meadowdale Bronxville N. Y.f 

00-02; B.S. 04 Teachers col; in charge 
(kindergarten dept) Brooklyn Heights sem. 
04-05; m. 13 F 06 

Smith Flora Ella 

ent. fr. Birmingham Ct. 

Smith Frances Louise (Mrs George 
LeRoy French) 
19 Glengarry Winchester 

music 89-91, 92-93; m. 14 Ja 92 

Smith Georgena May (Mrs Frederic 
Francis Hammond) 
91 Main st. Binghamton N. Y. 

94-N 96; m. 20 Je 99; ch. Francis Payson 
b. 14 My 02, Donna Marie b. 13 S 05 

Smith Gertrude Lilla (Mrs Jackson) 
c/o Dr Jackson Atlanta Ga.f 

art 92-94 

Smith Grace Content b.m. 93 (Mrs 
Fred Smith Cooley) 
603 S. Central st. Bozeman Mon. 

music 89-93; m. 4 O 93; ch. Esther Belle 
b. 26 Jl 94, George Atherton b. 12 F 96, 
Elizabeth Content b. 19 Je 99, Caroline 
Priscilla b. 13 F 02, 2 dau. 

Smith Harriet Ella 

The Aberdeen St Paul Minn.f 

96-97; student (sociology) Univ. of Minn; 
re.sident Little Italy neighborhood house 
Brooklyn N. Y. 04-05 

Smith Harriet May (Mrs Frank Her- 
bert Snow) 
42 Conway st. Greenfield 

art 88; m. 17 My 93; ch. Barbara Louise b. 
4 8 95 d. 18 Mr 96, Thomas Lathrop b. 13 
Jl 00, Frederick Holton b. 30 Ap 10 

Smith Harriette Emma (Mrs George 
Ross Le Sauvage) 
186 Bay 26th st. Bensonhurst 
L. I. 

music 93-95; student (harmony) Mt Hol- 
yoke 98-99; m. 5 F 02 

Smith Helen Herndon 
ent. fr. Chicago 111. 


Smith Helen Marie 

2722 W. 14th St. Cleveland O.f 


Smith Helen Pitner Normal Ill.t 


Smith Ida May 

160 Spring st. Springfield 
98-99; bookkeeper 02— 

Smith June Keith (Mrs Bigney) 
Winnetka IlLf 


Smith Katherine Madge 
116 Oak av. Ithaca N. Y. 

05-07; B.A. 09 Cornell 

Smith Laura Elizabeth 
542 School St. Atholf 

fall of 04 

Smith Lois Bulkley 

55 S. Mountain av. Montclair N. J. 

Smith Mabel Maria 

108 Vernon st. Waltham 

Ol-Mr 02; student Posse normal sch. of 
gymnastics Boston 03-04; teacher Mias 
Carroll's sch. West Newton 06-09 

Smith Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs John 
Maxwell Clark) North Hadleyf 
96- Ja 97, Ja 98-99; m. 3 N 10 

Smith Mary Shannon Lee 

music 88-90; B.A. 04 Stanford; student 
Harvard summer sch. 00-02, 10, Radcliffe 
01-03, Stanford 03-04; teacher (hist, Eng.) 
Lee 96-01, Springfield 05-08, prof, (hist.) 
Meredith col. Raleigh N. C. 08 — ; mem. 
Amer. hist. soc. 

Smith Mary Whitall (Mrs Bernhard 
9 Tatti Settignano, Florence Italyt 

81-83; student Harvard annex 84-85; m. 

(1) 3 S 85 (B. F. C. Costelloe d. 98); ch. 
Rachael b. 4 Je 87, Karin b. 10 Mr 89; m. 

(2) 27 D 99 (Bernhard Berenson) 

Smith Minnie Allen 
ent. fr. Middlefield 



Smith Myra b.m. 00 
ent. fr. Seattle Wash. 

music 97-00 

Smith Nellie Himt (Mrs Edwin L. 
931 Maple av. Evanston Ill.t 

music 80-82 

flSmith Ruth Antoinette (Mrs Wil- 
liam Stuart Lee Hawkins) 
231 Springfield st. Chicopee 

art 92-96; grad. art 96; m. 20 Ja 97; ch. 

Ruth Elliott b. 3 N 98, Margaret Alcott b. 

11 My 01 

Smith Sophia Granger (Mrs DeWitt 
C. Shaw) 

396 St James av. Springfieldj 
music 84-87, 93-94 

♦Smith Theodosia Weld 
96-97; d. 17 Jl 97 

Smucker Sara Melick (Mrs Frederick 


52 Wynnstay gardens, Kensington 

West London Englandf 
03-D 05; m. 21 N 06; ch. Elizabeth b. 5 

Smythe Arta (Mrs Oliver Norton Diall) 
The Genesee Lockport N. Y.f 
S-D 00; Ph.B. 00 De Pauw univ; m. 26 N 

Snow Alice Deane (Mrs Charles D. 

Sherman Sq. hotel Broadway and 
70th St. New Yorkf 
music 83-84 

Snow Bertha Frances 

609 Central av. Dover N. H. 


Snow Maria Foster 

ent. fr. Providence • 

music 94-95 

aSnyder Laura Bell (Mrs Levi H. 

7 Halsted st. Newton N. J. 
95-96; m. 7 O 03 

Soper Mabel Browning 

State normal school Bridgewater 
art 84-85; student Boston art museum 89, 
Salem normal sob. 00, Harvard summer sch. 
00, Ipswich Mass. summer sch. 02; director 
(drawing and manual training) Wellesley 
Mass. 00-10, Bridgewater state normal sch. 

Soule Edna Washington (Mrs John 
Alvin Lawson Odde jr) 
156 Hancock st. Cambridget 

96-97; student Radcliffe 1 yr; m. 18 S 01 

Soule Laura Louise (Mrs Albert Stokes 
148 Brattle st. Cambridge 

93-95; m. 2 Ap 96; ch. Lawrence Soule b. 
14 N 02. Suzanne b. 8 Ja 07 

Soule Margaret Howard (Mrs Garry 

deNeuville Hough) 

542 County st. New Bedford 
81- Ap 82, 84-F 85; student (normal course) 
Swain sch. New Bedford; m. 25 O 88; ch. 
Dorris Soule b. 27 Jl 89 (B.A. 09 Wellesley), 
Hilda b. 31 Ag 90, Katharine b. 26 Ap 94, 
Garry de Neuville jr b. 27 Jl 97 

Soule Sarah Elizabeth Freeport Me. 

S-D 00; grad. Lasell sem. 03 
aSpalding Alice Eliza 

1003 Pierce st. Sioux City la. 

95-97; student Amherst lib. sch. 97; asst 
microscopist Bureau of animal industry 
Dept of agric. Sioux City 98-00 

Spalding Josephine Mabel 
ent. fr. Lawrence 

Spann Louise Marguerite (Mrs Berk- 
ley Wilson Duck) 
1609 Talbott av. Indianapolis Ind. 
96-97; m. 18 O 05; ch. Alice Duck b. and 
d. Je 08, Dorothy Anne b. 13 S 09 

Sparrow Mabel Sylvia (Mrs George 
H. Davenport) Orleans^ 

85-D 87, S-D 88; m. 20 Mr 02; ch. Dean 
Sparrow b. 1 O 04 

Spaulding Mary Clarke 
306 Main st. Melrose 


Spaulding Sylvia Sanders (Mrs John 

Lockwood Videtto) 

Ann Arbor Mich. J 
75-76, 77-78; Ph.B. 00 and M.A. 03 Univ. of 
Mich; teacher 81-82, 04-05; m. 14 F 83 
(husband d. 26 Jl 95) 

Spelman Marion (Mrs Frederick Edgar 
Walker) Short Hills N. J. 

93-N 94; m. 20 Ap 98; step ch. Frederick b. 
1 My 96, ch. Thomas Dixon b. 22 My 00, 
Anne b. 28 Jl 02, William Spelman b. 27 Ja 
04, Marion b. 23 Ag 08 

Spencer Alice Isabelle 
ent. fr. Helena Mon. 


Spencer Bertha Elizabeth 
40 Church st. Ware 
06-07; student (domestic science) Simmons 
col. 07-09 

*Spencer Carrie Elizabeth 

music 86-87; teacher (music); d. 30 Ja 07 

Spencer Helen Mattocks (Mrs A. M. 
Miller jr) 
2104 E. Superior st. Duluth Minn.f 


*Sperry Gertrude Rossiter (Mrs How- 
ard Clark French) 

96-98; m. 1 Je 98; ch. Marvin Marcy, John 
Rossiter; d. 21 F 10 Boston 

Sperry Linnie Leora (Mrs Albert H. 
Wales) Lanark Ill.t 

art 89-90 



Spining Harriet Monfort 
South Orange N. J. 

91-93; student Newark normal sch. 97-98, 
Metropolitan col. of music 3 yr, Columbia 
09 — ; teacher (vocal music) 94-97, kinder- 
gartner South Orange 97-04, prin. private 
sch. 04 — ; trus. Trenton state girls reform 
sch, trus. and sec. South Orange pub. lib. 

Springer Helen (Mrs J. F. Fairbaim) 
' 35 Irving pi. Buffalo N. Y.f 

98-00; student (German) Berlin 2 yr, (Ital- 
ian, voice) Italy 

Springer Mildred 

Children's hospital Boston 

04-06; student Simmons col. F-Je 08, Chil- 
dren's hospital nurses training sch. N 07 — 

Squire Elizabeth 

203 Story st. Council Bluffs la. 

95-98; editorial worker 

Starbuck Anna Lydia (Mrs Frederick 
G. Fielding) 
130 Ridge st. Glens Falls N. Y. 

86-87; ch. Richard, Katherine 

Stark Harriet Bostwick 

1945 Estrella av. Los Angeles Cal.t 

Starks Grace Evalynn 
ent. fr. Racine Wis. 


*Starr Sarah Lamson 

music 85-86 

Stearns Jean Pyott 

Spring haven Fontana Wis. 


Stearns Lucy Stephenson (Mrs Pier- 
son Douglass Keys) Glendale O. 

04-06; m. 9 Ap 07 

Stearns Marion Landers (Mrs Merton 
Elkanah Grush) 

4316 Hazel av. Buena Park Chicago 

06-D 08; m. 15 Je 10 
*Stebbins Josephine Maria 


Steele Grace Maria (Mrs Parsons) 
ent. fr. Northampton 

music 89-90 

Steele Lillie Campbell (Mrs Moody) 
Painesville 0.% 
art 80-81 

Stegen Charlotte Stafford 
Nyack-on-Hudson N. Y.f 


Stein Lenore Irene (Mrs Ralph Adrian 
2397 E. 40th st. Cleveland O. 

01-03; B.A. 05 Western Reserve univ; m. 
22 Je 08; ch. Mabel Adrian b. 2 S 09 
Stephens Havena Tilden 

117 E. 6th St. Jamestown N. Y. 


Stephens Martha Blades Winchestert 


©Stephens Minnie Florence (Mrs Frank 
G. Allen) Allendale MoHne Ill.t 

79-80; music 80-81; ch. Marjorie Stephens 
(Mrs Otto Plenry Seiffert) (B.A. 06 Smith) 

Sternberger Elizabeth Mary 
Jackson O. 

03-D 04 

aStetson Ella [Eleanor] Carleton (Mrs 
Charles Sumner Tappan) 
79-82; m. 16 Je 85; ch. Paul b. 4 D 86 (Har- 
vard 09) 

Stetson Harriet Swan Bridgewaterf 
♦Stetson May (Mrs E. L. Gardiner) 

music 91-95; d. 28 Ag 01 

Stevens Bella Horton (Mrs Charles 
L. Culver) Eusenada Mexico! 

art 85-86 

Stevens CaroHne Anna (Mrs Benjamin 
Ralph Cram) Mt Vernon Me. 

91-92; m. 2 S 96 

Stevens Edna Leona (Mrs James Mil- 
ton Sheldon) Glencoe 111. 

98-00; B.A. 02 Chicago univ; student 
(French) Univ. of Ind. 06-08; m. 2 S 03; ch. 
James Milton jr b. 11 Je 09 

Stevens Emma Augusta Clinton Ct.J 

93- Ja 96; teacher Morgan sch. 00-05 

Stevens Gail (Mrs Carr) 
Grand Rapids Mich.f 


Stevens Grace Mildred 
North Sudbury 
music 94-96; teacher Porto Rico 99-07, 

cStevens Julia West 
1 Park St. Lowell 
97-98, 99-F 00 

Stevens Maria Tyler (Mrs William 
Henry Fox) 
195 Howard st. Burlington Vt. 

98-99; m. 3O01; ch. Lorenzo Stevens b. 4 
Ag 02, Richard Bowers b. 14 Ja 04, Made- 
Une b. 23 N 05, Priscilla b. 29 Je 07 

Stevens Mary Katherine Cecile 

43 Macculloch av. Morristown 


music 02-04 

Stevenson Mary Frances 
ent. fr. Hubbard O. 


Stevenson Sarah 

463 Elm St. Chicago IlLf 

98-Mr 00 

Stewart Esther Cocilla 
ent. fr. Cleveland O. 



Stewart Luella Wilson 

305 Greene av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

99-00; grad. Packer inst. 01; student Barnard 
00-01, business col. 03-04, Teachers col. 09-10; 
libn Brooklyn 01-03, 04-05, law indexer New 
York 03-04; business manager magazine 
Presbyterian board of foreign missions 05-06, 
typewriter copjdst Brooklyn register's office 
06—; m. 3 Ag 04 (C. M. S. Bennett) 

Stiles Lucy Goddard 

4041 Madison av. Chicago 111. 
♦Stillings Charlotte Melville (Mrs 

Isaac Hill) 

95-D 98; student Sch. of housekeeping 02, 
Simmons col. 04, Vincent hospital; m. 2 Je 
09; ch. Kenison b. 6 My 10; d. 16 My 10 

aStillings Mary Walker 

42 Pleasant st. Concord N. H. 

95-97, 98-F 99 

♦Stillwell Sara Richmond 


Stirling Grace Heathcote 
ent. fr. Buffalo N. Y. 

Stockton AHce Louise (Mrs William 
Charles Quarles) 
676 Franklin pi. Milwaukee Wis. 

95-96; m. 25 O 02; ch. Caroline Stockton 
b. 2 Je 04, Alice Bannard b. 29 Ja 06 

Stockwell Edith Carter 

5413 Tacoma st. Germantown Pa. 

83-D 85; teacher Northampton pub. sch. 

Stoddard Florence Huldah 
136 Main st. Camden N. Y. 


Stone Elizabeth Hodges (Mrs Jon- 
athan T. Hart) Berlin Ct.f 

Stone Gertrude Dunton (Mrs Chester 
Tapley Porter) 
850 Main st. Worcester 

00-02; m. 29 Je 09 

Stone June Elizabeth 

207 Bridge st. Northampton 
06-08; sec. 

Stone Lee Mabelle ent. fr. Ipswich 


Stone Lilla Emma (Mrs Josiah Waite 
128 Bridge st. Northampton 

99-01; sec; m. 14 S 04; ch. Josiah Waite jr 
b. 6 N 05 

Stone Zilla Rhoda (Mrs Joseph Cool- 
idge Palmer) 

505 E. Fayette st. Syracuse N. Y. 
01-03; m. 6 My 09 

Stork Amy Lynch 

134 Main st. Andover 

98- Ja 99; student Boston normal !^ch. of 

gymnastics 03-05; asst physical director 

Andover pub. sch. 05-07, private teacher 
rdancing) 05-07, 09-10 

Storm Emily Zilphar (Mrs Myron 


18 Bloomfield st. Dorchester| 
music 91-93; m. 24 D 95; ch. Myron b. 12 
S 97, Walter S. b. 14 S 98, Katharine M. b. 
28 Jl 01 

Storm Mary Payne (Mrs George 
Henry FHnt) 
101 Tonawanda st. Dorchester 

music 91-94; m. 17 Je 96: ch. Caroline 
Emilv b. 10 My 02, Philip Ephraim b. 20 

Storrs Frances Louise 

117 Front st. Owego N. Y. 

*Storrs Jennie Laurie 

84-88; d. 7 F 91 

Story Kate B. (Mrs John Hildreth) 
429 Northampton st. Holyoke 
music 81-82; m. 13 Je 83; ch. Ellison Story 
b. 17 Jl 84 (M.A. 06 Amherst, Union theol. 
sem. 09), Kate Wood b. 16 Ja 86 d. 10 F 96, 
Richard Bruce b. 19 Ap 89 d. 31 Jl 01, Charles 
Hanson b. 31 Ja 91 d. 9 Ap 91, Fannie b. 2 

Story Marion Barnes 

47 Dryads green Northampton 
92-D 93; student Bishop memorial training 
sch. Pittsfield 96-98, West end nursery Boa- 
ton 98-99, Boston floating hospital summer 
of 06; supt Infants hospital Boston 06-07, 
head nurse Boston floating hospital 08 

Stoughton Edna 

357 Washington av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

05-08, art 05-06; private sec. 
Stratton Lena Sophia 

Prospect St. Greenfieldf 

art 89-93; grad. art 93 

Strawn Myra Hartshorn (Mrs Ken- 
neth Hartshorn) 
6035 Drexel av. Chicago IlLf 


Street Esther Davenport 

617 Elm St. New Haven Ct.f 

97-Mr 99 

Strickland Edith Amanda 
40 Lincoln av, Amherstf 

83-85; teacher Springfield Mass. 

Strickland Mabel Emeline 

84 Round hill Northampton! 

S-D 86, S-D 87 

Strong Cornelia Boardman (Mrs Ed- 
win F. Porter) 
50 Washington av. Northampton! 

art 88-89 



Strong Estelle Norman (Mrs Frank 
Augustus Coles) 

178 S. Main st. Middletown Ct. 
art 96-98; m. 30 O 01; ch. Roswell Strong 
b. 23 Je 04, Marion b. 13 Ap 08, Elizabeth b. 
9 D 09 
aStrong Florence Davol (Mrs Charles 
Oscar Wright) Ridge wood N. J. 
99-D 01; m. 25 Je 02; ch. Charles Conwell 
b. 20 Ap 03, Roberts Johnson b. 27 Jl 09 

Strong Gertrude Helen (Mrs Robinson 
Lyman Vaill) Ardmore Pa. 

89-90; m. 15 O 02 

Strong Isabel Lawrence WabanJ 

88-90; grad. Mass. general hospital 95, 
Queen Charlotte's lying-in hospital 96; in- 
structor of attendants Mass. emergency and 
hygienic assn 97-03; supt District nursing 
asan Columbus O. 03-04 

*Strout Annie Elizabeth 

83-D 84; d. 87 
Strout Katie Fisher (Mrs Karl August 
Stritter) Locust park Nahant 

02- Ap 03, Ap-Je 04; m. 18 Je 08 

Studley Rachel Mary 

2157 E. 46th st. Cleveland O. 
96-98, S-N 99; stock broker 03-04; sec. 
Cleveland high sch. of commerce 09-10 

Sturdy Florence AUeda (Mrs Roswell 


731 High St. North Attleboro 
98-99; m. 1 D 03: ch. John Roswell b. 6 
D 06, Elizabeth b. 28 Ag 09 

Sturges Caroline Margaret 
ent. fr. Oak Park 111. 


Stursburg Nellie Bertha (Mrs Mann)| 


Sturtevant Florence Mellen 

411 Sigourney st. Hartford Ct. 
93-F 96; teacher (music) 

Stutson Nellie Taylor (Mrs William 
A. Croft jr) Brookfieldf 

84-85; student (music) Boston; asst high 
8ch, instructor (music), Brookfield 93-98; 
m. 99; ch. William A. 3d b. Ag 04 

Stutz Josephine Rebecca 

/c/o J. C. Stutz Homoeopathic 
/ hospital Pittsburg Pa. 
/ art 03-04; student New York sch. of art 06, 

Germany 07; teacher Pittsburg 06-07 

Sullivan Edith ent. fr. St Paul Minn. 

music 88-90 

Sutton Caroline [Carrie] Hicks (Mrs 
Charles Louis Kirschner) 
94 Prospect st. New Haven Ct. 

90-91; m. 22 Ag 98; ch. Leonard Owen b. 
4 My 04 

Swan Almira French 

1058 Adams st. Dorchester 


Swan Mary Annie 

ent. f r. Shelburne Falls 
music 95-97 

Swanton Diana Jane (Mrs George 
Elias Alter) Springdale Pa. 

00-01; m. 11 S 02; ch. Georgia b. 23 Ap 03 
d. 24 Ap 03, Diana b. 23 Ap 03 d. 26 Ap 03, 
Kathleen Elisabeth b. 9 Ja 05, Helen Martha 
b. 15 Mr 07 
Swasey Marion Brooks (Mrs Gurry 
Ellsworth Huggins) 
46 Union st. Montclair N. J. 
96-97, F-Je 98, 0-N 99; student (piano) 
Boston 00-05; teacher (music) 00-07; m. 
10 Je 07 
Swayze Mary Camilla 

765 High St. Newark N. J.f 

80-81; student N. Y. state lib. sch. 87-88; 

Swazey Hellen Clark (Mrs Edmund 
Hamilton Sears) 
Mary institute St Louis Mo. J 

81-83; m. 95 

Swift Grace Fuller (Mrs Albert Wil- 
liam Strong) 

2324 Pillsbury av. Minneapolis 
96-97; m. 22 F 98; ch. I.ucian Swift b. 4 
Ja 99, Robert Swift b. 10 Mr 02 d. 5 Je 02, 
Elizabeth Grace b. 25 Ag 03, Albert William 
2d b. 14 N 06 
Sylvester Edith Eunice 

866 Beacon st. Newton Centerf 

96-97; in business Boston 

Symmes Frances Newton (Mrs James 

Adams Allen) 

2016 Pine st. Holyokef 
85-86; teacher CUfton O. 4 yr, Cincinnati 
O. 2 vr, tutor Florida 2 yr, teacher Kenwood 
inst. 9 yr; m. 6 Je 08 

*Taber Sarah 

76-79; asst (chem.) Smith 80-81; d. Paris 

Taft Alice Louise (Mrs Joseph Steb- 
bins Bryant) 
415 Beacon st. Bostonf 

90-91; m. 26 Ap 99; ch. Warren Taft b. 8 
Mr 00 

Taft Anna Gleason 

4 Franconia st. Worcester 
90-92; teacher Worcester primary sch. 95 — 
Taft Katharine Hoxie 

4 Franconia st. Worcester 

90-92; grad. New Britain Ct. normal sch. 
97; kindergartner Worcester pub. sch. 97- 
00, 01 — , private sch. 00-01 

Taft Kitty Upson 

Brunot hall 2209 Pacific av. Spo- 
kane Wash. 
art 84-86; student Hartford art sch. 86-87, 
private studios Boston 87-88, Chicago inst. 
summer sch. 98, Portland Ore. summer sch. 
99; teacher (art) Pittsfield Mass. 89-91, 
private studio Portland Ore. 91-97, teacher 
(art) Brunot hall sch. Spokane 98 — 



Taft Susan Hayward (Mrs Courtney 
86 Upton av. Providence R. I. 

art 87-88; student (art) Providence, Paris 
88-90; teacher (drawing) Mrs Reed'a sch. 
New York 93-94; m. 1 Ag 94; ch. Chauncy 
Taft b. 95, Robert Courtney b. 97, Henry 
Gordon Taft b. 99, John b. 02, George Taft 
b. 06, Courtney b. 09 

aTaggart Alice 

319 W. 75th St. New York 

97-Ja 01 

Taggart Esther Mary 
Manchester N. H. 


Taggart Lucy Martha 

810 N. Capitol av. Indianapolis 

S-D 98; student (art); painter 
Taintor Mabel Grace (Mrs William 
Henry Cameron) 
19 Columbus park New Rochelle 

N. Y.t 

95-97; lib. asst 98-03; m. 6 Je 03; ch. Wil- 
Uam Taintor b. 8 Ap 04 

Tait Georgia Belle 

666 N. Chestnut st. Springfieldf 


Talcott Minna ent. fr. Springfield 

art 84-93; grad. art 91 

Talmage Hilda 

10917 Magnolia drive Cleveland O. 

aTannahill Sallie Belle 
Englewood N. T. 
00-Mr 03; student {fine arts) Teachers col. 
04-07; instructor (art) Teachers col. 06 — , 
Miss Spence's sch. New York 09-10 

aTappan Sarah Crapo (Mrs Richard 
Coe) 57 Highland st. Hyde Park 

92-94; teacher Providence R. I. 01-02, Bos- 
ton 02-03, Cambridge 04—; m. (1) 9 O 95 
(G. B. Carter d. 11 S 96), (2) 30 Mr 07 (Rich- 
ard Coe) 

Tarbox Anabel Rachel (Mrs Harold 
Wood) Middletown N. Y.f 


Taussig Charlotte Edith 

3501 Lafayette av. St Louis Mo. 


Taylor Agnes Louise 
ent. fr. Worcester 

Taylor Cornelia Charlotte 

5024 Walton av. Philadelphia Pa. J 
97-00; teacher colored mission sch. Mont- 
gomery Ala. 02-03; tutor 

aTaylor Elizabeth Davenport 

85-86; d. 4Ag88 

Taylor Frances Elizabeth (Mrs Thomas 
J. George) Englewood N. J.J 

95-96; lib. asst 4 yr; m. 17 Je 02; ch, Eliza- 
beth b. 2 Je 04 

Taylor Harriet Caroline 
R. F. D. Westont 


Taylor Helen Demarest (Mrs George 
Wallace Carr) Ravinia 111. 

95-96; student Pestalozzi-Froebel kinder- 
garten training sch. Chicago 97-99; kinder- 
gartner 99-03; sec. and settlement worker 
Chicago Commons 03-05; m. 2 My 06 

Taylor Isabella Peddie (Mrs James 
Edward Reynolds) 
3 Orchard st. Southbridge 

92-93; teacher Birmingham Ala. 93-94, 
Southbridge 96-03; m. 25 D 05; ch. Paul 
Edward b. 24 Jl 09 

Taylor Jennie [Jane] Davenport (Mrs 
Frank Julius Warner) 
99 Church st. Chicopee Falls 

music 88-94; teacher (music); organist; 
m. 22 Ap 96 

Taylor Louise 

ent. fr. Amsterdam N. Y. 
Taylor Martha Skinner (Mrs Harold 
Pitne}'' Brown) Montclair N. J. 

79-D 80; m. 20 D 83; ch. Clarence Fayette 
b. 27 S 88 (B.A. 09 Williams) 

Taylor Sarah Hale (Mrs John E. M. 

47 Mendum st. Roslindalef 

Teahan Mary Agnes Louise 
81 Nonotuck st. Holyoket 


Tearse Cornelia Pierce (Mrs William 
Lott Miller) 
Kenwood Helena Mon. 

96-97; organist 00-02; m. 22 O 01; ch. 
Archibald Tearse b. 10 Ag 02, Margaret 
Josephine b. 25 N 05, Stewart Warwick b. 
16 O 07 

Teasdale Florence Edna 
26 Summer st. Westboro 

02-04; student Worcester business inst; 
teacher (commercial branches) Warner 
N. H, Portsmouth, Beverly Mass. 

Temple Elizabeth 

Richmond court Beacon st. Brook- 
98-01; tutor 

aTenney Mary Alice 
The Eliot Roxbury 

78-80; teacher 80-93; with Houghton, Mifflin 
& CO. 93-97; cataloger Boston pub. lib. 97 — 

Terry Bime (Mrs Frank Allen West) 
El Pinal Stockton Cal. 
00-D 01; m. 19 Ja 04; ch. Winifred Bumey 
b. 7 My 07 



Tewksbury Carrie Irene (Mrs Joseph 
Walter Raymond) Randolph Vt. 
93-95; m. 8 Ag 01 

Thacher Mary Rachel (Mrs Leon 
Hayes Denison) 
3434 Main st. Kansas City Mo. 

98-99; m. 15 Jl 09 

Thaxter Louise Godfrey (Mrs George 
Shipman Payson) 
30 Mellen st. Portland Me. 

79-80; m. 12 O 82; ch. Harold Conant b. 17 
D 86 (Williams 08), Edward b. 10 Mr 91 

Thayer Florence Edmund 
ent. fr. Worcester 

Thayer Luna [Allis] (Mrs Charles 
Sanford Tillson) 
113 Main st. Amherst 

music 92-96; teacher (music) and organist 
96—; m. 8 S 97; ch. Charles Richard b. 22 

Thayer Marion Adelaide (Mrs Wil- 
Ham T. Farley) Tarrytown N. Y.J 


Thayer Mary Weston Rockford Ill.f 


*Thomas Eva Marion 

91-N 93; d. 4 D 93 

Thomas Grace Mae 

2177 W. 24th St. Los Angeles Cal.f 

07-Ja 08 

Thompson Anna [Annie] Maynard 
(Mrs Elliot Cowdin Lambert) 
597 Chestnut st. Manchester N. H. 

85-87; teacher (music) Willimantic Ct, 
Putnam 88-89; m, 16 Ja 95: ch. Mary Eaton 
b. 26 O 98, Edward Wilberforce b. 4 Jl 03 

Thompson Carrie Anna 

34 Harrison av. Northampton 

music 80-81, 88-90 

Thompson Ceora Wilson (Mrs Fred- 
erick Bernhard Hufnagel) 
531 N. Negley av. Pittsburg Pa. 

05-07; m. 18 Je 10 

Thompson Effie Louise 

1745 Orrington av. Evanston IlLf 

Thompson Ellen 

ent. fr. Schenevus N. Y. 

Thompson Helen 

music 80-84 ; teacher Burnham sch. North- 
ampton, head mistress 09 — 

Thomson Clara Locke Andover| 

Ol-Ja 02, art Ja 02-Ja 03 

Thomson Mary Hanna 
ent. fr. New York 

Thomson Mary Louise 

99 Hudson blvd Bayonne City 


Thorburn Virginia 

240 W. 76th St. New Yorkf 


Thorndike Elizabeth (Mrs Caleb Mills 


Culebra Canal Zone Panama 
S-D 87; m. 27 O 91; ch. Thorndike b. 3 O 
92 (Harvard 14) 

aThyng Annie Vivien Revere 

00-02; student Boston univ. 02-03; sec. 
D. C. Heath co. 04-08 

Tibbets Jane Nason 

31 Prospect st. Somersworth N. H. 

06-07; student business col. Mr 09-10 

Tibbetts Bertha Belle 

Box 404 Rensselaer N. Y. 

art 02-03 

aTillinghast Mary Elmer b.m. 99 (Mrs 
Frederick Holmes Paine) 
285 Quincy st. Brooklyn N. Y.J 

music 95-99; m. 11 Jl 00; ch. Frederick b. 
. 21 Je 01 

*Timmerman [Zimmerman] Charlotte 
art 89-90, 90-91; asst Newberry lib. Chicago; 
d. 27 Ap 93 Chicago 111. 

Tinker Grace Emeline (Mrs Ozora 
Stearns Davis) 
20 N. Ashland blvd Chicago 111. 

94-96; m. 17 N 96; ch. Rejoyce b. and d. 
5 N 98, Elizabeth Caroline b. 26 Jl 03, Alex- 
ander Henry b. 15 F 06, Wilfred Grenfell b. 
1 Ap 10 

Tinkham Rebecca Warren (Mrs Stuart 
Warren Cramer) Charlotte N. C.J 

91-My 93; m. 28 Ja 02; ch. George Bennett 
b. 15 Ag 03 

Tirrell Ada Maria 

ent. fr. West Cummington 
Tobin Mary Agnes 

76 Commonwealth av. Boston 

04-05; B.A. 09 Radcliffe 

Todd Emma (Mrs John Warren Hart- 
well) 213 W. 22d St. New YorkJ 

81-83; m. 11 O 93 

Todd Marjory Caroline 

85 Willow St. Brooklyn N. Y. 
06-07; student (French) Teachers col. 09-10 

Toms Bernice Clarissa Marion la. 
06-Mr 07; teacher (Latin) Marion high sch. 

Tooker Marion Farwell 

263 Dearborn av. Chicago Ill.f 
96-97; student Art inst. Chicago 99, 00, 
01-02, Art students league New York 04-06, 
Paris 10 



Topliff Susan Caroline (Mrs Archi- 
bald Hunt Davis) 
1220 Peachtree road Atlanta Ga. 

82-84; student Oberlin conservatory of 
music; m. 3 S 89; ch. Archibald b. 13 Jl 90 
(Ga. sch. of tech, 10), John Toplifif b. 15 Je 
93, Noah Knowles b. 20 F 04 

Torr Grace Rolston 

12 Clement av. Peabody 

S-D 89; grad. Salem Mass. normal sch. 92; 
teacher pub. sch. Peabody; nat. sec. Young 
people's religious union of the Unitarian 
churches 06 — 

Towar Lila (Mrs William Taylor 
Irons) Lincoln Neb. 

99-00; m. 28Je04; ch. Virginia b. 8 N 05 

Tower Eva Lillian East Northfieldf 

85-86; teacher Gardner Mass. 87-88, Wal- 
tham 88-92, Milwaukee col. 92-94, prin. 
Montague Mass high. sch. 94 

Tower Mabel Gertrude 

294 Commonwealth av. Bostonf 


Towle Ethel Ward Hillsboro N. H.f 


aTowne Marion (Mrs Claudius Curtiss 
7 W. Seneca st. Buffalo N. Y. 

96-97, music 97-98; m. 15 D 04; ch. Horace 
Towne b. 20 N 08 

*Towne Mercy [Mertie] Adelaide (Mrs 
Charles Revell Holden) 

90-91; m. 12 D 93; ch. William Henry 
Towne b. 15 Ap 95; d. 15 D 97 

Townley Gertrude 

500 N. 7th St. Terra Haute Ind. 

03-04; grad. Ind. state normal sch. 05; 
teacher King-Crawford classical sch, Terre 
Haute 06-07, pub. sch. 07-10 

Townley Grace 

500 N. 7th St. Terre Haute Ind. 

03-04; teacher pub. sch. Terre Haute 06-08, 
Elwood 08-09, Muncie 09— 

Townley Margaret (Mrs Charles F. 
Milliken) Canandaigua N. Y.f 

87-88; m. 18 Je 95 

Townsend Katherine Seward (Mrs 
Roger Leavitt) Cedar Falls la. 

90-92; B.D. la. state normal sch; m. 21 Je 
92; ch. Roger Townsend b, 13 Jl 94, Edward 
Townsend b, 8 Ag 97, Mary Louise b. 8 Je 
01, Charles b. 5 S 02, Catherine b. 9 Jl 03 d. 
14 Jl 03, Ruth 

Trask Elizabeth Haywood 

845 Pennsylvania av. Denver Col. 

Treat AUce Eddy FitzwiUiam N. H.f 

96-97; student Radcliffe, Univ. of Cal; prin. 
Troy N. H. high sch. 02-05 

Treat Grace Diana 

11448 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 

02-D 03 

aTruesdale Sarah Helen 

Hotel Radisson Minneapolis Minn. 


Trull Mary Rozel 

18 W. Cedar st. Boston 


Trumbull Mary Fitch 

c/o Dr John Trumbull Valparaiso 
ChiU S. A.t 

art 02-04 

Tryner Alice Freeman (Mrs Rowland 
Watkins Evans) 
1412 N. Main st. Bloomington 111. 

88- Ja 90; m. 9 O 94; ch. George Tryner b. 
13 Ja 98, John Watkins b. 27 S 01 

Tucker Alice Pendleton 
ent. fr. Cleveland O. 

aTucker Ethelyn Maria 

44 Judkins st. Newtonville 

90-Ja 93; asst Forbes lib. Northampton 97, 
Harvard col. lib. 97-04, Arnold arboretum 
lib. 04— 

*Tucker Helen Bradley (Mrs Joseph 

92-94; teacher Monson Mass. acad. 94-96; 
m. 29 Jl 96; ch. Marion Tucker b. 27 Je 97, 
Hilda Josephine b. 21 Ja 02; d. 22 N 06 

ent. fr. Boston 

Tucker Mabel 

music 92-95 

Tucker Margaret (Mrs Nelson Pierce 
Brown) 186 Linden st. Everett 

97-98; music 98-00; m. 11 Je 03; ch. Char- 
lotte Rogers b. 23 Ja 05, Eleanor b. 6 Jl 07 

aTucker Marion La Verne Monson 

00-02; teacher Monson pub. sch. 03-04 

Tuckerman Corinne Marie (Mrs Clar- 
ence Emir Allen) 
929 First av. Salt Lake City Utah 

75-77; m. 27 N 78; ch. Esther Tuckerman 
b. 28 D 80 (B.A. 00 Western Reserve univ.), 
Helen Anderson b. 10 Ap 81 (B.A. 02 West- 
ern Reserve univ.), Florence Ellinwood b. 
23 Mr 84 (B.S. Grand River inst.), Kate b. 
25 S 88 d, Elizabeth b. 23 N 90, Clarence 
Emir jr b. 18 N 92, John Alban b. 20 O 95; 
mem. A.C.A. 

aTuckerman Lillian Ellinwood (Mrs 

Henry Bellows Roberts) 

Box 595 Tucson Ariz. 
76-77, 78-80; m. 14 O 80; ch. Robert Tuck- 
erman b, 17 Ja 82 (B.A. 01 Yale), Elizabeth 
Ellinwood b. 17 Jl 83 (B.A. 05 Western Re- 
serve univ.), Emir Allen b. 17 Mr 85, Dorothy 
b. 14 S 87 

Tufts Amy Louisa Lancaster! 

00-01; student Clinton hospital training 
sch. 05; nurse Corey hill hospital Brookline 



Tufts Mary Jane (Mrs George Ed- 
ward Richardson) 
104 Summer st. Waltham 

00-01; student Clinton hospital training 
sch, 03-06; m. 2 Mr 07; ch. Charles Henry 
3d b. 28 Ag 08 

*Tupper Helen Mary (Mrs Charles 
Sumner Murkland) 
80-81; m. 30 Jl 84; ch. Marie b. 14 D 86 
(B.A. 06 Smith); d. 6 My 10 Wolfeboro 
N. H. 

aTumer Catherine (Mrs Arthur Glad- 
stone Minshall) 
95 Round hill Northampton 

art 86-90; grad. art 90; m. 27 Ag 96; ch. 
Hilda Clary b. 10 F 01; William Turner b. 
4 Ja 09 

Turner Edith May (Mrs Chaloner 
Schley) Colorado Springs Col.f 

music 87-88; m. (1) 8 Ag 93 (William C. 
Daniels), (2) (Chaloner Schley) 

Turner Hope 

314 5th St. Marietta O. 

Turner Marie (Mrs Cook) 
Colorado Springs Col.f 
art 87-88; m. 19 Ap 93 (Edward M. Cook) 

Tuttle Alice Smith 

ent. fr. Canandaigua N. Y. 


Tutton Frances Adelaide (Mrs Oliver 
M. Harvey) Livingston Mon.f 

94-D 95 

Twichell Julia Curtis (Mrs Howard 

Ogden Wood) 

880 St Mark's av. Brooklyn N. Y.t 
88-90; m. 26 Ap 92; ch. Helen Ogden b. 17 
F 93, Howard Ogden b. 2 Ag 94 

Tyler Eva Sessions 

Crescent av. Chelseaf 

Tyler Florence Lamed 

9 Leamington road Brookline 


Tyler Mrs Henry Mather 

44 Prospect st. Northamptonf 

music 80-81 

aTyler Mary Elizabeth 

357 W. 118th St. New York 

77-80, music 83-84; student (music) Leipzig 
91-92; teacher Lake Erie col. Painesville O. 
81-83, 92-97; assoc. prin. private sch. New- 
ark N. J. 97-01 

Uihlein Ella 

2041 Erving pi. Chicago IlLf 

Ullrich Luetta (Mrs Henry Andrews 

45 Edge hill road New Haven Ct. 

88-D 89, D 90-91; teacher 94-96; m. 18 Ag 
96; ch. John Henry b. 17 My 97, Eleanor 
b. 9 Mr 02 

Underhill Florence Winn 
ent. fr. Winchester 

music 91-92 

Underwood Anna 

10 Stephens st. Belleville N. J. 

03-04; BA. 09 Barnard; tutor 09-10; in- 
structor (Eng, hiat.) Tuckerton N. J. high 
sch. 10 

*Underwood Caroline Blanding 

06-My 09; d. My 09 

Underwood Mary [Man] Louise 
172 Chestnut st. Holyoke 


aUnderwood Mary Louise (Mrs Charles 
Herbert Daniels) 
47 Pearl st. South Framingham 

81-83; m. 28 My 84; ch. Margarette b. 28 
Ja 89 (Mt Holyoke 11), Agnes Carter b. 28 
S 91 (Mt Holyoke 14) 

*Upson Grace (Mrs Robert A. Mahan) 

82-Ja 84; teacher 84-89; m. 19 S 89; ch. 
Julia Whittlesey b. 90, Louise Whitlow b, 
93, Robert Laurance b. 99 d. 00 

*Umer Eloise Stettinius (Mrs Edward 
A. Foote) 
92-N 93; m. 28 D 99; d. 17 Ag 00 

Utley Elinor Maebelle 

201 Capen st. Hartford Ct.f 


Vaeth Hilda Louise (Mrs Henry 
Hewitt 3d) 
The Hillcrest Tacoma Wash.f 


aVaill Mary Breck (Mrs Daniel Tal- 
mage) 65 W. 70th st. New YorkJ 

78-80; m. 1 N 82; ch. Rockwell Dwight b. 
3 D 83 

Vale Florence (Mrs Edward Salmon) 
618 Church st. Beloit Wis. 

98-99; m. 20 S 99; ch. Nellita Elizabeth b. 
29 Je 01, Charles Edward b. 20 O 09 d. 27 

Van Ausdal Mary (Mrs William Benja- 
min Iddings) 
9 Stratford av. Dayton O. 

79-82; m. 15 Ap 03 

Van Demark Louise Johnson 

121 E. Seneca st. Ithaca N. Y.t 
music 89-90 

*Van Denbergh Eliza Phillips 
89-90; teacher; d. 12 D 92 

Van Iderstine Alice 

163 CHnton av. Brooklyn N. Y.f 

music 93-95 

*Vanier Jessie Amanda 


Van Nortwick Martha (Mrs Frank E. 
Holbrook) Appleton Wis. 

98-99; m. 14 O 05; ch. John Van Nortwick 
b. 11 D 06, Marj' Elisabeth b. 21 O 09 



Van Orsdale Mabel Craig 
Belmont N. Y.f 


Van Slyke Dorothy Louise 
ent. fr. Kalamazoo Mich. 

Van Wagner Katharine 
ent. fr. Northampton 

music 92-94 

Van Wagner Olive 

ent. fr. Northampton 
music 94-95 

Vary Grace Elizabeth (Mrs Paul Eliot 
51 Mason st. Newark N. Y. 

06-07; m. 8 O 09 
Veeder Jessie Budington 

4842 Vincennes av. Chicago 111. 

*Vennum Margaret Effie (Mrs John 
R. Hedges) 
82-Je 84; m. 30 D 83; ch. Miriam b. 23 S 
87, Heloise b. 24 O 89 

Viles Susie Frances (Mrs Gerard 
Emory Morgan) 

6 Club road Roland park Balti- 
more Md.t 

S-D81; m. 88; ch. Gerard b. O 89 
Vogel Katherine Augusta 

841 Franklin av. Columbus O.t 

Vonnegut Ella Nanette (Mrs Kerfoot 
Stuart) Indianapolis Ind.f 


Voorhees Mabel 

88 North st. Auburn N. Y. 

02-03; stenographer 06-08; instructor 
Teachers training sch. 09-10 

Vrooman Rachel (Mrs William Ed- 
ward Colby) 
2901 Channing way Berkeley Cal. 

91-92; B.L. 95 and B.LL. 98 Univ. of Cal; 
vice prin. Winters high sch. 98-00; teacher 
Oakland high sch. 00-01; m. 18 O 02; ch. 
Henry Vrooman b. 2 F 05, Gilbert Winslow 
b. 14 Mr 07 

Wadsworth Mary Gilney (Mrs Wil- 
liam Alsop Bowes jr) 
603 W. 138th St. New York 

00-02; m. 2 O 09 

Waite Alice DoUoff (Mrs William 
Stanton Brayton) 
574 Springdale av. East Orange 
N. J.t 

music 95-96; student Vassar 97-98; con- 
cert whistler and magazine writer; m. 3 My 
98; ch. Charles Lucien b. 9 Je 00, Dolloff b. 
12 F 02, William Stanton b. 31 Mr 03 d. 7 

Waite Constance Eliza (Mrs Fred- 
erick Thomas Rouse) 
706 Lawrence st. Appleton Wis. J 
87-88; m. 26 S 88; ch. Hafiock b. 91, Wini- 
fred b. 95, Mary Waite b. 96 

Waite Jessie Evelyn 
ent. fr. Oswego N. Y. 
music 86-87 

Walbridge Isabel Elizabeth 
ent. fr. Amherst 

music 91-92 

Waldo Grace Margaret (Mrs Stephen 
George Jessop) Petoskey Mich. 

88-89; student Mich, state normal col. sum- 
mer sch; teacher Fort Wayne Ind. 89-95, 
Petoskey 05-10; m. 8 O 95 (husband d. 30 
D 03) ; ch. Stephen Waldo b. 11 F 98, Grace 
b. 4 Ap 02 

oWales Mary Helen (Mrs Willis How- 
ard Butler) 
7 Paradise road Northampton 

93-F 96; m. 21 D 98; ch. Barbara Louise b. 
21 Je 00; Virginia b. 11 Ap 09 

Walker Alice Malvina 
40 Berkeley st. Boston 

93-95; teacher N. H, Mass. 95-98, 01-05; 
settlement worker New York 98-01; asst 
supt Y. W. C. A. Boston 05 — 

Walker Cara Louise b.m. 98 
19 Round hill Northampton 

94-98; teacher Sheffield Mass. 01-02; tutor 

Walker Dora Haines 

76 Court St. Exeter N. H.t 

S-D 95; proprietor dept store 96-03, clerk 
03, asst cashier savings bank 03-05 

Walker Lois Emma 

48 Prescott st. Clinton 

90-91; private teacher 91-96, teacher pub. 
sch. South Chelmsford Mass, 96-97, Lan- 
caster 97 — 

Walker Marguerite Morehead (Mrs 
Oliver Henry Wallop) 
Canyon ranch Big Horn Wyo.f 


Walker Mary Malvina [Manning] 
11 Crescent st. Northampton 
music 82-84; teacher Burnham sch. 82 — 

Walker Maud Jane (Mrs Stuart 


88 Manet road Chestnut Hill 
95-96; m. 17S06; ch, Jane b.„5 O 07, Catha- 
rine b. 30 My 09 

Walley Alice Louise 
ent. fr. Auburn N. Y. 

83-84, 87-88 



Wallin Madeleine (Mrs George Gush- 
ing Sikes) 

61 N. Gentral av. Austin Ghicago 

88-90; B.L. 92 Univ. of Minn, Ph.M. 93 
Chicago univ; fellow (political science) 
Chicago univ. 92-94; student (domeatic 
science) Armour inst. 96-97; asst (hist.) 
Smith 94-96; m. 6 F 97; ch. Alfred Wallin 
b. 8 Ag 98, Eleanor Shepard b. 28 My 03; 
mem. A.C.A. 

Walradt Ella Marie 

ent. fr. Theresa N. Y. 

Walters Sarah Ann (Mrs Herbert 
Miller) Danville lU.f 


Walton Lily 

2197 Grand view av. Cedar heights, 
Cleveland O. 

90-91; student (kindergarten) Pratt inst. 
99-01; kindergartner Bar Harbor Me. 01- 
02; sec. kindergarten dept Pratt inst. 03-06 

Walton Virginia Florence 

ent. fr. Alexandria Bay N. Y. 

music 84-87 

aWard Julia Jennings Marseilles 111. 

Ward Lily Emily (Mrs William C. 
Godfrey) Dixon 111. 

89-91; m. 13 O 98; ch. Katherine Duggan 
b. 26 Jl 99. William Ward b. 10 S 03, George 
Dexter b. 13 N 04, Mary Reid b. 13 Je 08 

Ward Mary Louise (Mrs Albert Haw- 
ley Prentiss) 
115 Russell av. Buffalo N. Y. 

91-92; teacher 92-94; church singer 92-95, 
99-00, 05-10: m. 27 Je 95; ch. Spencer Ward 
b. 5 Ag 96, Ruth b. 21 O 98, Nelson Hawley 
b. 25 F 01 

Ware Eloise Morrison 

5900 Cabann6 pi. St Louis Mo. 


Ware Louise Stevens (Mrs Walter 
674 Rust St. Chicago 111. 

05-07; m. 15 Jl 08; ch. Henry Charles b. 
9 N 09 

Ware Mary Augusta (Mrs F. E. Look) 
403 E. 12th St. Brooklyn N. Y.f 

music 88-92; grad. art 92 

Wamcke Alice Louise 

310 First av. Elizabeth N. J. 

03-F 04 

Warner Alice Elizabeth 

43 Holmes road Pittsfieldt 


*Warner Lottie [Charlotte] Jane 

93-94; teacher; d. 16 Jl 01 

Warner Mabel Armine (Mrs Frank 

Hamilton Metcalf) 

212 Linden st. Holyoke 
art 89-90, music 90-91; m. 23 My 94; ch. 
Katharine Lewis b. 10 F 95 

Warner Mary Annette (Mrs Henry 
Edwards Wright) Williamsburg 

art 87-93; m. 94 

Warner Sara Acland 

S. Mountain road Pittsfieldf 

81-82, 83-84 

Warnick Catherine (Mrs Joseph Lin- 

ville Hall) 

20 Granite st. Gloucester! 
93-95; m. 11 My 98; ch. Marion Warnick 
b. 10 F 01 

aWarren Anna Grace 

215 St Clair st. Portland Ore. 


Warren Helen Maria (Mrs Henri 
Michel Auger) 
1 Ray St. Jamaica N. Y. 

music 88-91, 91-92; student Harvard sum- 
mer sch. 02, 03; teacher Brooklyn inst. 03- 
05; tutor (Eng.); m. 5 Ja 93 

Warren Jennie Priscilla 
ent. fr. Newark N. Y. 


Warren Mildred Howell (Mrs G. J. 

322 Main st. Cumberland Mills 


Washburn Clara Spencer (Mrs James 
Calhoun Deane) 
451 Main st. Greenfield 
78-80; m. 19 F 95 

Washburn May [Mary] Nightingale 
451 Main st. Greenfield 

78-80, art 82-89^90-92; grad. art 89; student 
Art students league New York 93 

Waskiewicz Katherine ent. fr. Hadley 

art 04-05 

Waterman Alice Augusta (Mrs Frank 
Herbert Thayer) 
395 Marlboro st. Boston 

92-94; m. 5 D 01; ch. Louise b. 29 D 04, 
Richard Waterman b. 11 Ag 06, Robert 
Blanchard b. 19 Jl 08 

Waterman Anna Charlotte (Mrs Ir- 
ving Murray Scott) 
397 Missouri st. San Francisco 

art 87-90; grad. art 90; m. 29 S 91 

Waterman Clara Theresa 

302 Wisconsin av. Oak Park Ill.t 

00-02; lib. student Scoville inst, 02-03; asst 
Oak Park pub. lib. 03-04, Booklovers lib. and 
Tabard Inn Ub. Chicago 111. 04-05 



Waterman Martha [Patty] Lee (Mrs 
James S. Clark) 
101 Court St. Westfield 

art 88-89; m. 9 O 89 (husband d. 20 D 08) 

Waters Grace Lydia (Mrs George 
Holcomb Bartholomew) 
80 Oxford St. Hartford Ct. 
00-02; m. 4 Ap 04 

Watling Lilian Lucile 

ent. fr. Ypsilanti Mich. 
Ja-Je 92 

Watson Effie ent. fr. Pittsburg Pa. 


Watson Helen Sarah Old Fort O. 

03-04; B.A. 07 Western Reserve univ; mem. 

aWatson Josephine Guthrie 

20 Everett av. Ossining N. Y. 

96-Mr 98 

Watson NeUie Jane (Mrs Frank Hewitt 

Percy) 981 High st. Bath Me. 

81-82; m. 3 Je 85; ch. Sewall Watson b. 

18 Jl 86 (Bowdoin 07), Anna Goodyear b. 

9 Je 88, Carol Clifford b. 21 Ap 96 

Watterson Ada (Mrs Robert Meeras 
3 Fuller pi. Cambridge 

91-93; B.A. 98 Barnard, M.A. 00 Columbia; 
student Columbia 98-02, Harvard summer 
sch. 06; asst (botany, zoology) Barnard 98- 
02; tutor (biol.) Teachers col. 02-05; in- 
structor (nature study) Columbia summer 
sch. 04, 05; m. 15 S 05; ch. Roberta Watter- 
son b. 19 S 07 
Watterson Helen Mary 

2138 Euclid av. Cleveland O.J 

89- Ja 91 

Watts Anna Mabel (Mrs Marcus G. 
521 Franklin av. Wilkinsburg Pa. 

04-06; teacher Pittsburg Pa. pub. sch. 06- 
Ap 08; m. 26 Ap 08 

Weathered Mary Glover 
ent. fr. Northampton 


Webb Nanette Boyd 

204 S. 4th St. Fulton N. Y. 


Webb Stella Henrietta 

R. F. D. Bellows Falls Vt. 

98-00; teacher grammar sch. Putney Vt. 

02-03, Shoreham 03-05, Greenfield Mass. 10 

Webber Lucy (Mrs William Northrup 


19 Hill St. Berkeley sq. W. London 


83-84; m. 12 My 94 

Webster Amy Stuart (Mrs Ferdinand 
McKeige jr) 
44 Stuyvesant av. Newark N. J. 

01- Ja 02, 02-D 03; m. 1 Je 04; ch. Edward 
Ellesmere b. 14 D05, Eleanor Webster b. 27 
Mr 07 

Webster Mary Sampson Geneva O.J 

88-89; student Chicago univ, Columbia; 
teacher West Bay City Mich. 99, Geneva 
high sch. 01-05; supervisor (Eng.) Geneva 
pub. sch. 

Webster Sarah Barber 
New Britain Ct.| 
97-98, 99-01 

Weed Alice Loraine 

2849 Prospect av. S. E. Cleveland 


99-Ja 01 

Weed Hettie Barbara Noroton Ct. 
S-D 06 

Weeks Katherine Hare (Mrs George 
T. Bodine) 
118 Pelham road Germantown Pa.f 


Weeks Kittie [Katharine] Ellen (Mrs 
Ronald Ketchum Brown) 
2004 5th av. New Yorkf 

84-87; private teacher (music) New York 
95-10; m. 4 Je 10 

Weideman Elsa Louise 

Waldmere, Lake av. Cleveland O.t 


Weideman Pearl Laura (Mrs William 
1473 Cohasset av. Lakewood O.f 


Weil Hannah EHse (Mrs Louis Werth- 
6137 Westminster pi. St Louis Mo. 

03-D 04; m. 2Ja07; ch. Louis b. 11 D 08 
Weil Lily Regina 

2 W. 89th St. New Yorkf 


aWeil Margaret Adelaide (Mrs A. J. 
243 W. 98th St. New York 

96-N 99; m. 29 O 00; ch. Louise Adelaide 
b. 5 Ap 04 

Weiler Edith Henrietta (Mrs Alfred 
1322 Wood St. Williamsburg Pa. 

98-Mr 99; m. 17 D 03; ch. Alfred jr b. 22 
Mr 07 

*Weiser Minnie Isabel 

music 81-84 

Welch Anna Eliza (Mrs Frank Her- 
bert Warner) 
2 Cristy st. Worcester 

83-85; teacher pub. sch. Turners Falls Mass. 
87, Winfield Kan. 87-88, Milbury Mass. 88- 
89, Worcester 89-90; m. 29 J 191; ch. Harold 
Welch b. and d. 92, Donald Herbert b. 93, 
PhiUp Augustus b. 94, Alice Elisabeth b. 98 
Welch Catharine Galbraith 
1 Union sq. New York 
S-D 01; student Barnard 03; writer London 
03-07, New York 07 — , New York represen- 
tative Curtis, Brown and Massie, lit. agents 



Welch Flora Emma (Mrs William 
Franklin Draper jr) 
McLean hospital Waverleyf 


Welch Mary Frances Gowanda N. Y. 

music 90-91, 91-93 
Welles Marguerite Fitch 

Northport Long Island N. Y. 
S-D 02; B.A. 06 Adelphi col. 

♦Wellington Helen Maria (Mrs Robert 

80-82, music 82-83; m. 30 Ap 89 (husband 
d. 4 Jl 02); ch. Arthur Wellington b. 26 My 
92; d. 31 My 92 

Wellman Florence Maude 
Brattleboro Vt. 
95-96; student Westfield normal sch. 99-01; 
teacher Westfield 00-02, Brattleboro 02-08; 
supervisor graded sch. 08-10 

Wells Alice Short Hills N. J. 

music and art 00-01 

Wells Anna [Anne] Jonas 

2109 Blaisdell av. Minneapolis 



aWells Anna Sophia (Mrs Horace 
738 West End av. New York 

91-93; student (piano) Syracuse univ. New 
York; teacher (piano) and organist Fayette- 
ville N. Y. 93-00, New York 02—; m. 26 S 
00 (husband d. 15 O 01) 

Wells Florence Dudley (Mrs Charles 
Goodrich Ireys) 
42 Willow St. Minneapolis Minn. 


Wells Grace Harriet 

316 Glen st. Glens Falls N. Y. 


Wells Louise Belden (Mrs Edward C. 
431 Appleton av. Holyoke 


Wertheimer Dora (Mrs Carl E. Pritz) 
342 Rockdale av. Avondale Cin- 
cinnati O. 

04-05; m. 21 O 07 

Wertheimer Teresa Clare 

4207 Grand blvd Chicago 111. 

05-06; student Chicago univ. 06-07, (music) 

aWeston Alice Dexter 

14 Wendell st. Cambridge 

03-Mr 06, Ja-Je 07; proofreader and editor 
Lawyers cooperative pub. co. Rochester 
N. Y. Ag 10— 

aWetherbee Marjorie 
266 Pine st. Fall River 

99-01; libn Fall River pub. lib. 05 — 

Whedon Frances Elizabeth 
72 E. Elm St. Chicago 111. 


Wheeler Ethel (Mrs Wardell) 
Chattanooga Tenn.t 


Wheeler Mabel Sarah (Mrs Bailey) 
274 Washington av. Brooklyn 

N. Y.J 

79-81; m. D 86 (John Preston Bailey) 

Wheeler Mary Louise 

ent. fr. East Orange N. J. 


aWheeler Maude Ella (Mrs J. Chester 
4115 Izard st. Omaha Neb. 

02-04; m. IJl 05; ch. J. Chester jr b. 15 D 
06, Wheeler b. 3 D 08 

Wheelock Anna [Annie] Isabel (Mrs 
Charles Frederic Nixon) 
227 West St. Leominster 

87-89; m. 8 My 90; ch. George Frederic b. 
5 Mr 93 

aWheelock Irene Taft (Mrs George 
Harold Gilpatric) Putnam Ct. 

99-01; m. 19 O 05; ch. Rhoda Taft b. 31 
Jl 06, George Harold jr b. 16 My 09 

*Wheelwright Jane Coombs (Mrs 
David Clarence Torrey) 

86-87; m. (1) 88 (Elmer Lincoln Cummings) ; 
ch. Kenneth Weld b. 10 F 89, Lincoln b. 6 
Ja 90; m. (2) 92 (D. C. Torrey) ; ch. Norman 
Lewis b. 6 N 94, William Wheelright b. 6 
My 98; d. 23 F 08 

Whelden Annie (Mrs Frederick Wil- 
liams Dunbar) 

372 Mountain av. Upper Mont- 
clair N. J. 
S-D 88, Ja-Je 90; m. 20 S 92; ch. Dorothy 
Whelden b. 6 O 93, Josephine Isadore b. 5 
Jl 97 d. 19 Ap 05 

Whelen Acelie Thorbecke 
ent. fr. New York 


aWhidden Eleanor 

71 Lancaster terrace Brookline 

Whipple Elizabeth Judd (Mrs Henri 
Ferdinand Nicolean) 
20 Belmont st. Portland Me. 

97-98; student Bellows sch. Boston 98-99, 
Boston normal sch. of gymnastics 00-02; 
teacher (gymnastics) Boston 02-03, Portland 
Me. 03-05; m. 4 Je 07; ch. Henry Le Brec 
b. 8 Je 09 

Whipple Grace Adelaide (Mrs Marcus 

135 Winthrop av. Wollaston 
art 94-97; m. 17 S 00 



Whipple Mary Hoyt 

786 State st. Springfield 
art 88-96; grad. art 91; artist Northampton 
and Springfield 

Whitaker Cynthia Hobart (Mrs James 
Hayden Tufts) 
Chicago university Chicago IlLf 

86-88: teacher private sch. Englewood N. J. 
88-90, Amherst Mass, high sch. 90-91; m. 
25 Ag 91 ; ch. Irene b. 17 N 93, James Warren 
b. 11 Ap 95 

Whitcomb Marguerite Avis 

1133 Center st. Jamaica Plainf 

White Genevieve 

6335 Sheridan road Overbrook 


White Isabel May 

125 Oak St. Hartford Ct.f 

White Lily Palmer 

ent. fr. Philadelphia Pa. 

*White Lucy Sophia (Mrs Frank Her- 
bert Palmer) 
78-80; m. 6 JI 80; ch. Herbert Hall b. 20 
Jl 84 (Amherst 07), Allison Cleaveland b. 15 
Jl 87, Helen and Gladys b. 11 889 (Smith 12) 

White Marion Ballantyne , 

716 W. University av. Champaign 
88-89; Ph.B. 93 Univ. of Mich, M.A. 06 
niv. of Wis; student Munich univ. 99-00, 
niv. of Wis. summer sch. 04, 05, 06, (math.) 
Chicago univ. 08-10, fellow 09-10; teacher 
(math.) Peoria 111. high sch. 95-99, instructor 
Univ. of 111. 01-08; head Bucher hall Chicago 
univ. summer of 09 

White Nellie Maria 

213 Chestnut st. Holyoket 
81-82; teacher Worcester Mass. 82-91, St 
Louis Mo. 91-94, Brooklyn N. Y. girls high 
sch. 94-04 

White Patti Louise 

ent. fr. South Deerfield 

Whitehill Clara Agnes 

Oldtown North Attleboro 

87-N 89; student Medical mission Boston 
09 — ; nurse 96-09; head of house Colorado 
col. 00-01; governess 01-08 

Whitmarsh Helen Elizabeth 

11125 Bellflower av. Cleveland O.t 

Whitney Anne Farnam (Mrs Thomas 
McElrath Debevoise) Summit N. J. 
92-93; student Yale art sch. 94-97; m. 6 D 
98; ch. Eli Whitney b. 14 D 99, Katherine 
Price b. 18 Je 01 

Whitney Emma Seiler 
ent. fr. Wallingford Pa. 

music 93-94 

Whitney Jessie Dunn (Mrs Arthur 
Burgess Larchar) Old Town Me. 

88-89; teacher Wareham Mass. high sch. 
91-97; m. Ag 97; ch. Arthur Whitney b. 13 
Ja 03, Katherine Whitney b. 05 

Whitney Mabel 

933 Main st. Waltham 

94- Ja 96; grad. Boston Museum of fine arts 
sch. 09 

Whitney Margaret Olive (Mrs Wil- 
liam Fleming Chapman) 
255 W. 92d St. New York 
art 84-88; grad. art 88; m. 3 S 90; ch. Paul 
Whitney b. 2 S 94, Mary Eleanor b. 10 N 97 

Whitney Nettie Louise 

568 Farmington av. Hartford Ct. 


Whitten Anna Luella 
283 Beech st. Holyoke 


Whittier Charlotte Maude 
ent. fr. Manchester N. H. 
art 84-85 

Whittlesey Susie [Susan] Tilden (Mrs 
Cornelius Boardman Tyler) 
525 W. 7th St. Plainfield N. J. 

02-04; m. 29 D 08 

Wicks Grace Elizabeth (Mrs Fred R. 

124 Jewett av. Bufifalo N. Y. 
06-Ja 07; m. 4 F 07; ch. William Wicks b. 
14 N 07 

aWilbur Anna Elizabeth (Mrs George 
B. Kelley) 
6910 Perry st. Chicago Ill.f 

99-00; teacher (piano) sem. conservatory of 
music 02-04, Troy conservatory of music 

Wilcox Elizabeth Kenyon (Mrs Francis 
Raymond Haley) Wolfville N. S.J 

90-91; m. 28 S 93; ch. Francis Bissell b. 14 
O 98 d. Ja 99, Harriet Elizabeth b. 13 Ja 00 

Wilcox Frances Sophia (Mrs George 

Lewis Curtis) 

402 6th av. Clinton la. 
96-98; m. 16 My 00; ch. Elizabeth Wilcox 
b. 19 Ja 02, George Martin 2d b. 7 Ag 05, 
Dorothea b. 14 My 10 

Wilcox Mary Elizabeth 

5 Walton st. Dorchesterf 
Wilcox May [Mary] Isabel 

2 Lowell av. Newtonville 


Wilcox Vera May (Mrs Carlton Butler 
Sinclair st. Janesville Wis.f 


Wilde Alice Elizabeth (Mrs Wylie 
Charles Bums) Maldenf 

88-90; m. 19 Ja 92; ch. Marjorie Wilde b. 
11 O 92 



Wilder May Estelle (Mrs Arthur 
Whitfield Huguley) 
852 Beacon st. Bostonf 

00-02; m. 14F07 
Wiley Bertha May (Mrs Norman John 


608 Congress st. Portland Me. J 
00-My 01 ; in. 29 Je 01 ; ch. Dorothy Cather- 
ine and Mabel Matilda b. 14 Ag 03 

Wiley Vonia [Vonie] Ames (Mrs Don- 
ald Pierson Douglas) Colfax IlLf 
90-92; B.L.S. 03 Univ. of 111; asat libn Seat- 
tle Wash. 03- Ap 04; m. 8 Je 04 (husband d. 
24 S 08) ; ch. Eleanor b. 7 S 06 d. 31 D 07 

Wilkie Mary Sophia 
ent. fr. Auburn N. Y. 

oWilkinson Elizabeth [Bessie] George 
(Mrs Albert Edward Miller) 
213 Blaker st. Marquette Mich. 
90-93; m. 11 N 96; ch. James Albert b. 9 
Mr 02, Edwin Wilkinson b. 15 Ap 05 

Will Blanca 

26 Portsmouth terrace Rochester 

N. Y. 

art 00-02; student (art) Karlsruhe, Dresden 
02-03, New York 03 

Willard Mary Randle (Mrs Edwin 
Bradford Cragin) 
10 W. 50th St. New York 
S-D 84; m. 23 My 89; ch. Miriam Willard 
b. 30 S 90 (Smith 12), Alice Gregory b. 18 
N 93, Edwin Bradford jr b. 23 Ap 00 

Willcox Katharine Elizabeth (Mrs 
Raymond Montague Gaylord) 
266 Everett st. New Haven Ct. 

93-My 94; m. 30 N 04 

Willey Helen Orpha Derby Ct.J 


Williams AHce Luella (Mrs Edward 
Nelson Osborne) 

2327 Pillsbury av. Minneapolis 

86-87; m. 22 N 99; ch. Willis Williams b. 
14 Ap 01, Edward Nelson b. 16 Ag 03 

Williams Florence Minnie [White] 
932 E. 46th st. Chicago 111. 

06-07; student Chicago acad. of fine arts Ja 
08- Ap 10; designer 

Williams Grace Dean 
6 James st. Greenfield 

music 91-93 

Williams Julia Rebbecca (Mrs George 
W. Raff jr) 

7th St. Traverse City Mich. 
08-09; m. 5 Ja 10 

Williams Lura May 
ent. fr. Hartford Ct. 
art 94-96 

Williams Octavia Emily (Mrs Bowen 
Tufts) Hayes av. Lexington 

06-07; m. 07 

Williams Stella 

307 Alden av. New Haven Ct. 

93-94; student Pratt inst. lib. sch. 97, (nurs- 
ing) in hospitals; Ubn Young men's inst 
New Haven 94-97; church worker Trinity 
deaconess house New Haven 99-06; private 
nurse 08 — 

Williams Susan Conover 
ent. fr. Bloomfield N. J. 
S-D 85 

Williamson Emeline Estelle 
ent. fr. Brooklyn N. Y. 


aWillis Edith Charlotte 

103 Prospect av. Champaign 111. 

art 01-05, grad. (art) 05 

Williston Lucy (Mrs Charles Merrick 
36 Forest st. Hartford Ct.J 

art 87-92; grad. art 92; m. 24 O 94; ch. 
Lyman Williston b. 17 N 97, Sarah b. 8 D 
99, Esther b, 22 Mr 02 

Willson Inez Ora 

1051 First St. Huntington Ind. 


Wilson Abigail Frances 
77 Andover st. Peabody 


Wilson Bertha Elizabeth 
22 7th av. Lowellf 

Wilson Blanche Dolores 

95 Princeton st. Springfield 

music 96-97; student Springfield normal 
kindergarten training sch. 01-03; kinder- 
gartner Northampton pub. sch. 03-08, Ossin- 
ing N. Y. 08-09, WaUingford Ct. 09-10 

Wilson Carrie [Caroline] Ellen (Mrs 
Thomas P. Alder) 
East Saginaw Mich.f 

music 87-88 

Wilson Edith Doris (Mrs James 
O'Neill Bruen) 
930 Highland av. Chanute Kan.f 

03-Ja 05; m. 9 N 05; ch. Mary Elizabeth b. 

Wilson Ella May 

ent. fr. New Castle Pa. 


aWilson Flora Emeline (Mrs George 
Abijah Clark) 
231 Cabot St. Holyoke 

79-81, music 82-84; prin. private sch. Hol- 
yoke 87-92; m. 17 My 93 (husband d. 2 My 
02); ch. Robert Wilson b. 19 Je 94, Paul 
Winthrop b. 13 Ap 96, Frederick Hale b. 12 
O 97, step ch. John Gilman b. 21 O 85, Ruth 
Swan b. 8 O 87 (B.A. 09 Smith), Rachel 
Louise b. 8 O 87, Marion Elizabeth b. 24 Je 
89 (Smith 12), George Arthur b. 16 F 91 



Wilson Frances (Mrs Charles Sumner 

c/o Bureau of census Washington 
D. C. 

89-90, 91-93; teacher private sch. Quincy 
Mass. 95-97, (Eng.) Washington D. C. high 
sch. 00-02; m. 15 D 97 

Wilson Grace Brown 

3196 Pacific av. San Francisco Cal. 


Wilson Grace Evelyn (Mrs Frank 
Herbert Jordan) 
57 High St. South Portland Me.f 

music 95-96; m. 27 Je 07; ch. Amelia Eliza- 
beth b. 8 O 09 

*Wilson Hattie Ella (Mrs George Tay- 
lor Lincoln) 
82-83; m. 24 Je 86; ch. Edward Wilson b. 
4 N 88, Marjorie b. 23 F 90 (Smith 13) 

Wilson Jennie Blanche 

16 Oxford St. Cambridge 

Ja 82-Mr 83, music 84-86; grad. Sargent 
normal sch. 89; student Harvard summer 
sch. 89-92; instructor Harvard summer sch. 
92 — , asst instructor Sargent normal sch. 90- 
94, supt 94 — ; mem. Amer. physical educ. 

Wilson Jessie Campbell 

219 Harvard st. Brookline 


Wilson Mary Duncan (Mrs Owen 

1318 N. New Jersey st. Indianapo- 
lis Ind. 

*o Wilson Nellie Frances 


Wilson Sarah (Mrs James L. Floyd) 
1237 N. New Jersey st. Indiana- 
polis Ind.f 

97-98; m. 15 Ja 02 

Wilson Sophia Agnes 
ent. fr. Springfield 

music 94-96 

Winchester Florida Morse (Mrs Austin 
B riant Goodyear) 
5 Laurel st. Holyokef 

art 96-99; grad. art 99; m. 27 Je 00; ch. 
Adelle Winchester b. 5 F 03 

*Wingate Grace Agnes 

S-D 82; d. 17 N 98 

Wingfield Caroline Gibson (Mrs Ar- 
thur P. Baldwin) 
531 Riverside drive New Yorkt 

Ja-Mr 77 

Winslow Susie [Susan] Ellen (Mrs 
Edmund H. Sawyer) 
244 Walcott st. Pawtucket R. I. 

music 80-81 ; m. 13 F 89; ch. Winslow Brew- 
ster b. 13 Ja 91, Harold Edmund b. 14 Je 94, 
Douglas Bement b. 21 Ag 97 

Winsor Mary Pickard 
95 Beacon st. Bostonf 

79-80; student (zoology) Mass. inst. of tech. 
88-90; teacher Winchester Mass. 80-86, 
Boston 86-04 

Winton Lucy Patten (Mrs Samuel 
Herbert McVitty) Salem Va. 

99-00; m. 12 S 05; ch. Edward Winton b. 
7 Je06 

Wintter Cora Nanette 

313 Seaview av. Bridgeport Ct.f 


aWitherspoon Miriam Frances 
35 Pearl st. Worcester 

80-81, 82-83; student Radcliffe 92-93; 
teacher Maiden Mass. grammar sch. 85-86, 
Everett high sch. 86-92; asst Associated 
charities Boston 93-94, genera! sec. Asso- 
ciated charities Worcester D 94 — 

oWittke Henrietta Wray (Mrs Lee 
Schoonover Roberts) 
Embree crescent Westfield N. J. 

93-96; m. 7 Ja 03 

Wolcott Bertha Maria b.m. 96 (Mrs 
Charles Slocomb) 
16 Highland av. Greenfield 

music 92-96; teacher (music) and organist 
Greenfield 96—, instructor Smith 07 — ; 
m. Je 10 

Wolf Emeline Kooser 


Wood Emily Sibley 

827 St Mark's av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

81-N 83 

Wood Estella Albra (Mrs George Cur- 
tis Martin) 

c/o U. S. geological survey Wash- 
ington D. Ct 
99-01; m. 12 N 03; ch. William Eusebiua 

Wood Georgia (Mrs Harry Leroy 
Pangborn) 48 Wall st. New York 

92-93; m. 3 O 94; ch. Mary Candace b. 13 
Ag 07, Edgar William b. 25 F 09 

aWood Grace Winifred 
Box 208 North Grafton 

91-93; asst Worcester free pub. lib. 93 — 

Wood Julia Francis 

7 E. 38th St. Kansas City Mo. 

97-99; teacher 09-10 

Wood Lucy (Mrs John Collier) 
Sparkill, Rockland co. N. Y.f 

03-06; ch. Charles b. 10 

Wood Mary Ethel 

48 Winchester st. Brookline 

98-99; teacher Brookline pub. sch. 02 — ; 
lecturer and children's story teller 

aWood Mina Emily [Emma] 
333 Elm St. Northampton 
music 80-85 



Woodfin Alice Townsend Rutland Vt.f 

Woodruff Eleanor Fraley 
Rockford 111. 

Ja 91-92; B.A. 03 Rockford col. 

aWoodruff Gladys (Mrs Allan Ed- 
ward Goodhue) 
5012 Madison av. Chicago 111. 

02-04; student Chicago Sloyd sch. 04-05; 
teacher (manual training) Harvey III. gram- 
mar sch. 05-06; m. 2 Je 06 

Woodruff Harriet Estelle (Mrs Victor 
J. Slocum) 
30 Huntington av. Boston 

music 85-86; director H. E. Woodruff col. 
of music Boston 

Woodruff Mary Alvira (Mrs John 
Charles Breaker) 
296 Main st. Northampton 

84-86, S-D 87; teacher (Eng.) Northamp- 
ton high sch. 88-02; m. 12 Je 07 

Woodruff Mary Caroline (Mrs Charles 
G. Slack) 412 4th st. Marietta O. 

art 92-93; asst registrar Smith 93-02; m. 
5 Ap 02; ch. Charles Goddard jr b. 6 D 03 
d. 18 Ap 04 

Woods Mary Lowe (Mrs Edward 
Church Orvis) 
Manchester-in-the-Mountains Vt. 

79-80; m. 9 O 83; ch. Edna b. 18 O 84 (B.A. 
05 Wellesley, M.A. 08 Columbia), Sarah 
Whitin b. 30 Ja 89 (Univ. of Vt. 12) 

Woodward Martha Gaunt 
ent. fr. Orange N. J. 

music 84-85 

Woodward Mary Jane 
ent. fr. Keene N. H. 

music 86-87 

Woodward Ruth Allen 
5 Bluff av. Fitchburgt 


Woodworth Amy Atwater 

96 N. Broadway White Plains N. Y. 

96-97; student Sch. of applied design for 
women New York 98-00; designer and 

Works Isabel (Mrs Richard Horace 
821 H. W. Hellman bldg Los An- 

S-N 04; m. 26 S 05; ch. Isabel Works b. 3 

Worthen Edris True 

329 N. Tryon st. Charlotte N. C. 

03-04; B.A. Presbyterian col. for women 
Charlotte N. C. 

Worthen Mabel Zora (Mrs Tohn R. 
184 N. 17th St. East Orange N. J. 

03-spring of 05; m. 28 Ap 08; ch. John R. 
jr b. 22 My 09, Elizabeth Virginia b. 6 S 10 

Worthington Mary [Mazy] Hallas 
(Mrs William Rex Penrose) 
78 Oxford st. Hartford Ct. 
96-F 97; m. 11 D 01; ch. Helen b. 26 S 02 
d. 15 My 03, Nathalie Worthington b. 24 
Mr 07 

Woy Mary Elizabeth 

2831 Gaylord st. Denver Col. 

06-07; B.A. 07 and M.A. 08