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Medical Lib baby 

8 THE Fenway 


" nr- 

«. ♦ 

'' '.t 












This catalogue is being sent to each of the 8,300 living 
members of the Fraternity in accordance with the generous 
offer of Henry W. Austin of Chicago^ now President of the 
Fraternity, to meet any deficit that might occur if the plan of 
general circularization were carried out. Fortunately the 
voluntary subscriptions of many of the members will dis- 
tribute the expense so that it will not be borne by Mr. Austin 

It was decided to make the book of pocket size, printed 
in clear (though necessarily somewhat small) type on thin 
paper and bound with flexible covers, in order to attain the 
maximum of usefulness. In addition to the list of members 
by Chafxters (giving the delegation, address and occupation), 
with alphabetical index and geo^aphical index, the book 
contains much summarized information regarding the Fra- 
ternity and its history in form available for reference. This 
is the fifteenth catalogue issued by the Fraternity since it 
was founded eighty-three years ago and contains the names 
of 11,952 initiates (of whom 3,644 are deceased) to the close 
of the academic year 1914-1915. 

Since July, 1907, the Fraternity has had its oflSces and 
headquarters at the Alpha Delta Phi Club of the City of 
New York, a picture of which appears at the beginning of 
this volume. The Executive Council holds its meetings at 
the Club and transacts its business from it. Any member 
of the Fraternity whose class has been graduated can be 
proposed for membership in the organization. At the present 
time the roll of the Club includes about a thousand names, 
representing all the chapters. It is an attractive modem 
clubhouse with over fifty bedrooms, erected in 1907, and pro- 
vides a suitable place where the graduates and undergraduates 
may be brought into closer touch with one another and with 
the Fraternity. 



The Fraternity asks the active interest of- all members 
of Alpha Delta Phi in maintaining the card index from which 
this catalogue was compiled, the accuracy of which wus 
attained through efficient assistance in the Fraternity office. 
Notices of deaths or of changes or of misstatements of address 
should be sent to the Alpha Delta Phi, 136 West Forty-fourth 
Street, New York City. 

Those who have had the responsibility for the publication 
of this volimie are deeply grateful to the many members who 
have assisted them in their work. 

Nbw York, September 15, 1915. 


Intboduotobt MATiva: PAoa 

Prrfaoe v 

Ldflt of Chapters vii 

Address List of Active Chapters viii 

Historical Sketch ix 

List of Conventions zvii 

Officers of the Fraternity xix 

Charter of the Executive Council xxi 

Officers of the Executive Council xzii 

Chronolocy xxiii 

Numerical Summary xxv 

Abbreviations xxvi 

Roll bt Chaptbbs: 

Hamilton 1 

Miami 16 

Urban 22 

Columbia 23 

Yale 32 

Amherst 69 

Brunonian 89 

Harvard 103 

Geneva 121 

Hudson 127 

Bowdoin 138 

Dartmouth 153 

Peninsular 172 

Rochester 187 

Alabama 199 

Williams 201 

Manhattan 213 

Middletown 225 

Kenyon 240 

Union 249 

Cumberland 259 

Cornell 280 

PhiKwpa 272 

Johns Hopkins 283 

Minnesota 289 

Toronto 294 

Chicago 300 

MoGifl 305 

Wisconsin 311 

California 315 

Illinois 319 

Alphabstical Indbx 323 

Gboobaphical Indbx 435 


Adobnda 536 



1. Hamilton Chapter, Hamilton College, Clinton. N. Y., 1832- 

2. * Miami Cliapter. Miami University. Oxford. Ohio. 1833-1873 

8. 4 Urban Chapter, f New Vork University. New York. N. Y.. 1835-1839 

4. Columbia Chapter. Columbia University, New York, N. Y.. 183d-1840. 

5. Yale Chapter. Yale College. New Haven. Conn.. 1836-1873. 1888- 

6. Amherst Chapter, Amherst College, Amherst, Mass., 1836- 

7. Brunonian Chapter, Brown University, Providence, R. I., 1836-1841, 

8. * Harvard Chapter, Harvard College. Cambridge. Mass.. 1837-1865, 

9. * Geneva Chapter^obart College, Geneva. N. Y., 1840-1876 

10. Hudson Chapter, Western Reserve University. Cleveland, O., 1841- 

11. Bowdoin Chapter, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me., 1841- 

12. Dartmouth Chapter, Dartmouth College. Hanover. N. H. 1846- 

13. Peninsular Chapter. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.. 1846- 

14. Rochester Chapter. University of Rochester, Rochester. N.Y.. 1850- 

15. * Alabama Chapter, University of Alabama. Tuscaloosa. Ala.. 1850- 

16. Williams Chapter, Williams College, Williamstown, Mass., 1851- 

17. * Manhattan Chapter. College of the City of New York, New York. 

N. Y.. 1855-1913 

18. Middletown Chapter, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., 1856- 

19. Kenyon Chapter, Kenyon College, Gambier, O., 1858- 

20. Union Chapter, Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., 1859- 

21. * Cumberland Chapter, Cumberland University. Lebanon, Tenn.. 

22. Cornell Chapter. Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., 1869- 

23. Phi Kappa Chapter, Trinity College. Hartford, Conn. 1877- 

24. Johns Hopkins Chapter, Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, Md.. 

25. Minnesota Chapter, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn.. 

26. Toronto Chapter, University of Toronto. Toronto, Ont., Can.. 1893- 

27. Chicago Chapter, University of Chicago, Chicago, 111., 1896- 

28. McGill Chapter, McGill University. Montreal, P. 9.. Can.. 1897- 

29. Wisconsin Chapter, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., 1902- 

30. California Chapter, University of California, Berkeley, Cal., 1908- 

ley, L 

31. Illinois Chapter, University of Illinois, Champaign, 111., 1911- 

Total Chapters 31 

Inactive 7 

Active Chapters 24 

* Inactive. 

t Formerly known as the University of the City of New York. 

• ■ 



Hamilton Clintan, N. Y. 

Columbia 614 West 118th St., New York, N. Y. 

Yale 911 Yale Station, New Haven, Conn. 

Amherst Amherst, Mass. 

Brunonian 64 College Street, Providence, R. I. 

Hudson 2021 Cornell Road, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Bowdoin 22S Maine Street, Brunswiok, Me. 

Dartmouth Hanover, N. H. 

Peninsular 556 So. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Rochester 67 Prince Street, Rtochester, N. Y. 

Williams Williamstown, Mass. 

Middletown Middletown, Conn. 

Kenyon Gambler, Ohio. 

Union Schenectady, New York 

Cornell 777 Stewart Ave., Ithaca, N.Y. 

Phi Kappa 122 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn. 

Johns Hopkins.*. 220 W. Monimient Street, Baltimore, Md. 

Minnesota 1725 University Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Toronto 56 Lowther Ave., Toronto, Canada. 

Chicago 5747 University Ave., Chicago, 111. 

MoGill 12S MoTavish Street, Montreal, Canada. 

Wisconsin 640 Henry St., North, Madison, Wis. 

California 2400 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, Cal. 

Ulinois 206 £. Green Street. Champaign, 111. 



The Fraternity was founded at Hamilton CoUese in 1S32 
by Samuel Eells. of the class of '32. When Mr. EeUs entered 
college in 1827 tnere were two literarv societies at Hamilton, 
the Phoenix and the Philopeuthian, between which a bitter 
and active rivalry existed. He joined the Philopeuthian, 
to escape importunity and persecution but the struggle for 
supremacy became so desperate and the means of persuasion 
so unscrupulous that he determined to form a new society. 
In a history of the foundation of the Fraternity, Mr. EeUs 
says: ''The effect of this state of things on the character of 
the students was deplorable. It seem^ to chill all the noble 
and generous affections of the youthful spirit and destroyed 
or corrupted the very elements of honorable and manly 
character. It was a contemplation of these and similar evils 
that first suggested to me the idea of establishing a society 
of a higher nature, and more comprehensive and better prin- 
ciples; one that should combine all the advantages of a 
imion for intellectual and literary purposes and at the same 
time maintain the integrity of youthful character and culti- 
vate those finer feelings which the college society extinguished 
or enfeebled. The new association first must exclude that 
jealousy and angry competition and secondly must be built 
on a more comprehensive scale providing for every variety 
of taste and talent, and thirdly it must be national and um- 
versal in its adaptations so as not merely to cultivate a taste 
for literature or furnish the mind with knowledge; but with 
a true philosophical spirit looking to the entire man so as 
to develop his whole being, — ^ moral, social and intellectual." 

The attempt to establish a chapter of K A at Hanulton in 
1830 and the establishment of a chapter of 2) ^ there in 1831 
probably suggested to Mr. EeUs some of the details in the 
development of his carefully considered plan. 

The Fraternity was judiciously extended, the first chapters, 
being established either by the founders of the parent chapter, 



or those closely associated with them. It was the pioneer 
fraternity in eleven colleges and the second or third in eight 
others. As it sought students of decided literary tastes, it 
soon acquired a distinctive literary character. 

It may not be inappropriate to notice the extent of the 
fraternity system at the time Miami, the first Western chapter, 
was established in 1833. K A the pioneer of the system had 
two chapters; viz., at Union and WilHams. A ^ and ^ f 
were still local societies at Union, while S * had two chapters, 
viz., at Union and Hamilton. In other words, the system 
Was then confined to two States, New York and Massachu- 
setts, and to three colleges. Union, Hamilton and Williams, 
when the founder of A A * boldly planted its second chapter, 
at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, beyond the Alleghanies, 
in what was then emphatically the " West." Ohio was there- 
fore the third state and Miami the fourth institution to serve 
as a home to the fraternities. The act of A A $ in establish- 
ing its second chapter at Miami was important in its results, 
as it led to the foundation of the three national fraternities, 
B e n, * A e and S X, forming a Miami Triad as K A, A ^, 
and 2 * had formed a Union Triad. 

There are 24 active and 7 inactive chapters; 8,308 living 
and 3,644 deceased members, a total of 11,952. 

The Hamilton chapter in 1882 erected the " Samuel Eells 
Memorial Hall," a handsome stone building, in honor of 
the founder, which has since served as the hall of the chapter. 
The Miami chapter was established by the personal efforts 
of Mr. EelJs; this chapter died at the suspension of the Uni- 
versity in 1873 and has not since been revived. In 1838 it 
admitted some five members from Cincinnati and for some 
years it was supposed that a chapter had been established 
there but none were chartered. After four years of existence 
the Urban chapter was withdrawn in 1839 at the request of 
its own members to avoid the initiation of lower classmen in 
opposition to a rival society. The Columbia chapter was 
the first at that college and grew so strong immediately after 
its establishment that its prosperity incited the envy of the 
non-fratemitv men and its members surrendered its charter 
in 1840 to allay th€ resulting dissensions in the college. In 
1881 the chapter was revived, nine other fraternities having 


meanwhile established chapters there. The last two chapters 
named were mainly instrumental in the establishment of 
the chapter at Yale. 

The Yale chapter enjoyed a prosperous career down to 
1869. It then began to decline, and this, in connection with 
the opposition to the system in Yale, at that time, by which 
only the Juniors were eligible to membership in the general 
fraternities, led to the surrender of its charter in 1873. It 
was revived in 1888 as a four-year society, but in 1895 yielded 
to the pressure of local college sentiment and became a 
"junior'* society. Since the abolition of the local sophomore 
societies in 1903, it, and the other general academic fraternities 
at Yale have initiated members from the three upper classes. 
It now possesses a fine stone hall. The Amherst chapter 
was formed from a local society called I 11 K in 1836 and was 
the first national fraternity at the college. During its earliest 
years, its membership was confined to the upper classmen. 
In 1845, in response to a demand that the faculty be permitted 
to inspect its constitution and records, the chapter offered 
to ana did admit to membership the president of the college, 
averting the opposition of the college authorities. 

The Brunoman chapter was suspended in 1838 on account 
of the prejudice against initiating lower classmen. It was 
revived in 1851. The Harvard chapter was estabhshed on 
a literary basis, its earliest members being the editors of the 
college monthly. It ceased to exist with the graduation of 
the class of 1865 on account of the existing opposition to the 
secret societies and was succeeded by the "A. D. Club." 
The chapter was revived in 1879 and again withdrawn in 
1907 at the instance of its own members, who found it 
difficult to fulfill their obligations to the fraternity and at 
the same time conform to the customs of the Club system 
at Harvard. The members formed the "Fly Club." 

The charter of the Geneva chapter was withdrawn in 1876, 
at its own request, on account of the dechne in the number of 
eligible students in attendance at that time. The Hudson^ 
chapter, founded by Samuel Eells and named after the town 
in which the university was formerly located, was the first 
one established at Western Reserve. The Dartmouth chapter 
sprang from a local society called T a 6 , which originated in 


1842. The Peninsular chapter was the third chapter organ*- 
ized at Ann Arbor, and passed through all the vicissitudes 
of the conflict between the faculty and the students, known 
as the "fraternity war." The chapter at Rochester was 
originally at Colgate (then Madison) University where it 
existed, however, less than a year. Soon after its establish- 
ment a large number of the professors and students left 
Madison and went to Rochester, where they established the 
University of Rochester. A majority of the new chapter 
located at the new seat of learning under the name of the 
Empire chapter, which was changed to Rochester in 1870. 

The Alabama chapter was killed by anti-fraternity laws in 
1857. Under the advice of its graduate members a chapter 
was founded at Cumberland University in 1857, where it 
was killed by the war. The Manhattan chapter was estab- 
Ushed at what was then called the New York Free Academy. 
For many years it maintained a summer camp at Lake George 
called "Camp Manhattan." It became inactive in 1913. 
The Middletown chapter was formed from two societies at 
Wesleyan, one called the Betrian, organized in 1849, and 
another called the Lebanian, organized in 1854. 

The Union chapter was derived from a local society called 
the "Fraternal Societv," founded in 1833, and the Phi Kappa 
chapter from a similar society at Trinity, whose name it 
bears. The younger chapters were formed mainly from local 
societies organized for the expressed purpose of obtaining 
charters. The Wisconsin chapter was a local called # P By 
CaUfomia $ Z A and Illinois n ^. 

Twenty of the chs^pters own their own houses and the other 
four, viz., Hudson, Johns Hopkins, California and Illinois, 
have raised funds and expect to purchase or build houses 

The alumni have formed graduate associations at Cincin- 
nati, Cleveland, Chicago, New York, Albany, Buffalo. San 
Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Baltimore, Philadelphia, 
Boston, Washington and elsewhere. At New York City 
they maintain a club, composed exclusively of graduate 
members of the fratemitv and which owns a fine modem 
club house, eight stories high, erected in 1907 at 136 West 
44th Street, near the heart of the city. The house and fur- 


nishings represent a total investment of about $800,000. The 
club has about 1000 members, has been in operation for 25 
years and is the center of all the activities of tne Fraternity. 

Clarence A. Seward, Geneva, '48, when president of the 
fraternity in 1897, founded the three Seward Scholarships 
the total endowment of which now amounts to $25,000. One 
is always held by a member of the Hamilton chapter; the 
second and third are held for four years by members of the 
other chapters in rotation. 

The government of the Fraternity was for many years 
in an unsettled condition, various expedients having been 
adopted and thrown aside, after trying in vain to umte the 
feature of entire independence in the chapters with strength 
and aggressiveness in the policy of the Society as a whole. 
The problem was solved to the satisfaction of the Fraternity 
in 1879, by the formation of a corporation by a special act 
of the New York Legislature, called Thb Exbcuttvb Council 
OF THB Alpha Delta Phi Fratebnitt. This consists of 
four general officers of the fraternity ex-officio, of nine members 
at large, the terms of three of whom expire each year, and 
of one representative for each inactive chapter (all elected 
by the annual convention), and of two representatives elected 
by each active chapter; it is intended that those elected by 
the active chapters shall reside in or near New York City. 
This Council transacts business through an executive com- 
mittee of nine members. The actions of the Council are 
subject to review by the annual conventions. 

During the past few years much has been accomplished 
in unifymg the fratemitjr, broadening and developms its 
field of usefulness and making the administration of its ^airs 
more progressive and efficient. Each chapter is visited 
each year by delegates from some other chapter and itself 
visits a third cluster, the schedule being rearranged annu- 
ally. In 1911 the Council established the position of travel- 
ing secretary as a graduate institution to be supported entirely 
by the alumni, and since then the Amherst Fund of $10,000, 
the Williams Fund of $10,000. and several individual gifts 
have been contributed toward the permanent endowment 
of the work. 
. Conventions of the Fraternity have been held as follows; 


Utica, N. Y., 1836, 1876, 1892; New York, 1837, 1841, 1857, 
1868, 1882, 1888, 1893, 1895, 1899, 1905, 1907, 1911; New 
Haven, Conn., 1839, 1845, 1847, 1856, 1869, 1889, 1910; 
Clinton, N. Y., 1854; Amherst, Mass., 1850, 1860, 1912; 
Geneva, N. Y., 1853, 1867; Cambridge, Mass., 1855; Wil- 
liamstown, Mass., 1858, 1877, 1914; Oxford, Ohio, 1859; 
Schenectady, N. Y., 1863, 1909; Rochester, N. Y., 1864, 
1880, 1890; Providence, R. I., 1865, 1875, 1881, 1897; Cleve- 
land, Ohio, 1866, 1883, 1894; Portland, Maine, 1870, 1906; 
Middletown, Conn., 1871, 1878, 1884; Ann Arbor, Mich., 
1872, 1885, 1896; Ithaca, N. Y., 1873, 1886; Albany, N. Y., 
1874; Hartford, Conn., 1879. 1900; Boston, 1887; Baltimore, 
1891: Toronto, 1898; Buffalo, N. Y., 1901; Washington, 
D. C., 1902; Montreal, 1903; Chicago, 1904; Minneapohs, 
1908; Madison, Wis., 1913; San Francisco, 1915. 

The catalogue of the Fraternity was first issued in 1837 
at New York, and contained the names of the members of 
eight chapters, arranged alphabetically by chapters. The 
next four editions, published at New Haven in 1840 and 1845, 
at Cambridge in 1851, and at Boston in 1854, contained the 
names of the members arranged in one general alphabetical 
Ust. The succeeding editions, pubUshed at CoAcord, N. H., 
in 1857, New Haven, 1860, New York, 1865, Utica, N. Y,, 
1870, and Albany, N. Y., 1876, have the names arranged by 
chapters in the approximate order of their establishment. 
The semi-centennial edition of the catalogue was edited by 
a committee, and was published at Boston in 1882. It was 
a fine piece of work, complete in its information and ample 
in its details. It contained much historical information, 
kinship tables, a bibliography, a complete mihtary record of 
those members who served in the Civil War, and various sta*- 
tistical tabk«. A supplement was issued in 1889. In 1899 
another edition was published with even ampler details than: 
the edition of 1882. In 1909 and 1915 condensed catalogues, 
without biographical detail, were published by the Executive 

Song books have been published at New Haven in 1855; 
at New York in 1859; Albany, N. Y., in 1864; Geneva, N. Y., 
in 1869; Amherst, Mass., in 1875, and New York, 1896, 1904 
and 1912. The last two give the music as well as the words . 


There are several pieces of instrumental music bearing the 
name of the fraternity. The official journal of the fraternity 
was called the Star and Crescent^ and was published at New 
York City. A trial number was issued in May, 1880, and 
the publication of the first volume commenced in October 
of that year. It was a handsomely printed quarterly journal 
of quarto size, with a cover in the fraternity colors. With 
the beginning of the fourth volume in November, 1883, it 
was reduced to an octavo, and continued until the end of 
Volume V in July, 1885, when it ceased to exist. It was 
well managed and contained many articles of general interest. 

The original badge of the fraternity is an oblong slab with 
rounded comers, displaying on a field of black enamel a 
white crescent bearing the letters * *A A ♦; " above the crescent 
is a green star with a gold center, and below is the date '* 1832'' 
in gold. On the back are engraved a monument with crossed 
sword and spear. This badge was partly superseded for some 
years by a jeweled crescent displaying the letters " A A * " 
holding a star between its horns, which was at first 
used as a graduate symbol only. In 1912 the fraternity 
adopted a standard slab badge and restricted the wearing of 
its insignia to the standard badge in the case of undergrad- 
uates and to a badge or pendant by graduates. The colors 
of the Fraternity are emerald green and white, with gold 
and black as subsidiary. Its gems are the emerald and pearl, 
its flower is the Uiy-of-the-valley. 

Among the alumni of Alpha Delta Phi are the following: 
Ex-President Theodore Roosevelt, Secretary of State William 
R. Day, Secretary of the Treasury Charles S. Fairchild, Secre- 
tary of the Interior James R. Garfield. 

-U. S. Senators: William B. Allison. George E. Pugh, 
Adonijah S. Welch, Phineas W. Hitchcock, Watson G. Squire 
and Joseph V. Quarles. 

Foreign Ministers or Ambassadors: To Great Britain, 
James Russell Lowell and Joseph H. Choate; to France, 
Edward F. Noyes; to Austria, John Jay; to Greece, J. Mere- 
dith Read; to the Hague, William E. Quimby; to Germany, 
Edwin F. Uhl; to Turkey, Horace Maynard; to Brazil, 
Irving B. Dubley. 

Justices of the Supreme Court: Samuel Blatchford, Geo. 


ShiraSy Jr., Henry B. Brown, William R. Day, Oliver Wendell 

Presidents of Colleges: Eliot of Harvard, Dwight of Yale. 
Stille of Pennsylvania^ Gilman of Johns Hopkins, Darling of 
Hamilton, Gates and Harris of Amherst, Gameld of Williams, 
Chamberlain of Bowdoin, Dodge of Colgate, Raymond of 
Union, Rhees of Rochester, Orten of Ohio State University, 
Wheeler of the University of California, Pynchon of Trinity, 
Hall of Clark, Raymond and Taylor of Vassar, Backus of 
Packer, Hutchins of Michigan, Rogers and Harris of North* 
western. Hunt of Dennison, and Dwight and Stone, Deans 
of the Columbia Law School. 

Governors of States: Chamberlain of Maine, Willard of 
Indiana, Roosevelt and Whitman of New York, Noyes. 
Demson and Smith of Ohio, Maynard of Tennessee and 
Hubbard of Connecticut. 

Lawyers: James C. Carter, Joseph H. Choate, William G. 
Choate, Clarence A. Seward, Everett P. Wheeler, Edward M. 
Shei)ard and Francis Lynde Stetson. 

Divines: Richard S. Storrs, Joseph P. Thompson, O. B. 
Frothingham, Abbott E. Kittredge, E. Winchester Donald, 
and the following bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church: 
Aves, Brewer. Brooks, Coxe, Burgess, Gnswold, Harris, 
Huntington, Johnson, Kendrick, Lyman, Stevens, Watson, 
Wells, White and Whitehead. 

Authors: James Russell Lowell, Edward Everett Hale, 
Donald G. Mitchell, George WiUiam Curtis, Charles Francis 
Adams, Horace H. Fumess, Arlo Bates, Moses Coit Tyler, 
Alfred B. Street, Francis Parkman, Hamilton W. Mabie, 
Owen Wister, John Codman Ropes, Prof. Francis A. March. 

Daniel Huntington in art; RusseU Sturgis, WiUiam R. 
Ware and A. D. F. Hamhn in architecture; Manton Marble, 
WiUiam Elroy Cmiiis, George W. SmaUey^ Talcott WiUiams, 
Edward Stanwood, WiUiam Hayes Ward m joumaliiun. 

Benjamin M. Harrod, engineer; Charles W. StUes, zoolog^t: 
Dr. Walter Wynaan, Surgeon General U. S. Marine Hospital 
Service and hygienist, are eminent scientists in the govern* 
ment service. 




■b ri: ^ 

Oennk, N. Y 

v. siA' a 


;;.■.■.■.■■; iiiw.-::: 

;; a 'i 


lafhr ■" 

:; ii s 




M^12. S8S 

::::;|S S: | 

!!!::|m^ a. s»i 

;::;;:SS 5: ft 






New York City (6l8t) May 

aeveland, O (62nd) May 

New York City (63rd) May 

Ann Arbor, and Detroit, Mich (64th) Apnl 

Providence, R. I (65th) May 

Toronto, Ont (66th) February 

New York City (67th) May 

Hartford, Conn (68th) May 

Buffalo, N. Y (69th) May 

Washington, D. C (70th) May 

Montreal, P. Q (71st) February 

Chicago, 111 (72nd) 

New York City (73rd) 

Portland, Me (74th) 

New York City. (75th) 

Minneapolis, Minn (76th) 

Schenectady, N. Y (77th) 

.... April 


. . . .April 
, February 
, February 

New Haven, Conn (78th) March 

New York City (79th) February 

Springfield, and Amherst, Mass (80th) February 

Madison, Wis (81st) February 

Williamstown, and Pittsfield, Mass (82nd) '. February 

Berkeley, and San Francisco, Cal (83rd) September 




, 1894 


, 1895 








, 1899 


. 1900 




, 1902 





























*Samuel Eells. Hm. -32 1832-1836 

* Charies KUbourn. Hm. -33 1836-1837 

* Seth Tryon WUbur. Hm. -36 1837-1839 

* Samuel Eells. Hm. -32 1839-1842 

* GUes Mumfoid Hillyer. Ck>l. -36 1843-1845 

* William Hemy Goodrich. Yale -43 1845-1847 

* Theodore William Dwight, Hm. -40 1847-1850 

* Hemy Noble Day, Hud. -28 1850-1853 

* Alexander Spaulding, Hm. -46 1853-1854 

* Frederic Dan Huntmgton. Am. -39 1854-1855 

* Joseph Parrish Thompson, Yale -38 1855-1856 

* Richard Salter Storrs, Am. -39 1856-1860 

* Theodore William Dwight, Hm. -40 1860-1865 

* Edward North. Hm. -41 1865-1868 

* Joshua Lawrence Chamberiain, Bdn. -52 1868-1871 

* WiUiam Slocum Groesbeck, Mi. -34 1871-1872 

* Moses Coit Tyler, P. -56, Yale -57 1872-1873 

* Lewis Collins, Un. -53 1873-1876 

* John Jay, Col. -36 1876-1883 

* Phillips Brooks, Hvd. -55 1883-1885 

Joseph Hod»B8 Choate, Hvd. -52 1885-1888 

* Edward Everett Hale, Hvd. -39 1888-1890 

* Clarence Armstrong Seward, G. -48 1890-1897 

* Charles Ezra Sprague, Un. -60 1897-1898 

* James Coolidge Carter, Hvd. -50 1898-1900 

* Elijah Winchester Donald, Am. -69 1900-1901 

* Charles Eara Sprague, Un. -60 1901-1903 

Hamilton Wright Mabie, Wms. -67 1903-1906 

Talcott WiUiams, Am. -73 1906-1908 

Francis Lynde Stetson, Wms. -67 1908-1910 

Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Bm. -75 1910-1912 

Harry Bums Hutchins, Mid. -70, P. -71 1912-1914 

Henry Warren Austin, Wms. -88 1914- 



Collin Armstrong, Wms. -76, Am. -77 1904-1908 

Frederick James Eugene Woodbridge, Am. -89 . . .1908-1911 

Henry Warren Austin, Wms. -88 1911-1914 

Joseph Edward Raycroft, Ch. -96 1914- 




* ErasmuB Darwin Hudson, Jr. Man. -64 1879-1882 

* John A. DeRemer, Un. -57 1882-1885 

* WnUam Talcott, Wmi. -65 1885-1888 

* Robert SoheU Rudd, Hm. -79 1888-1894 

* Alfred Lee Manierre, Col. -83 1894-1896 

* Charles Esra Sprague, Un. -60 1896-1901 

Henry James Hemmens, Hm. -87 1901-1904 

Robert Alexander Gunn, McG. -94 1904-1909 

Bhepard Ashman Morgan. Wms. -06 1909-1911 

John Clarkson Jay, Jr., Wms. -01 1911-1912 

Hunter Sylvester Marston, Bm. -08 1912-1915 

Ralph Palmer Merritt, Cal. -07 1915- 



Cbaptbb 245 

Air Act to incorporate The Exeeutive Council of the Alpha Delta Phi 
Fraternity, and to provide ifor the organisation of miboidinate ohi^pters. 

Paaeed May 5. 1879. 

The PeopU cf the State of New York, repreeenUd in Senate and Aeeembly* 
do enact ae foUowe: 

SxcTzoN 1. John Jay, Theodore 'W. Dwight. Algernon S. Sullivan, 
Eraamua Darwin Hudson, Jr., Edward Morse Shepard and Francis Lynde 
Stetson, all of the city of New York, and all persons who are now or may 
hereafter become associated with tiiem or their successors, are hereby 
constituted and created a body politic and corporate by the name and title 
of "The Executive Council of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity," and as 
such shall have perpetual succession, and shall be capable of suing and 
being sued in all courts of record and elsewhere, and of taking by gift, 
bequest, devise or purchase, as well as of holding, granting and conveying 
property, real, personal or mixed, to an amount not exceedmg one hundred 
thousand dollars; to have and use a common seal and break and alter the 
same at pleasure; and also to provide for the organisation of such chapters 
as it may see fit under such nues, by-laws and regulations as the said The 
Executive Council may establish, and with such powers as it shall give, 
consistent with this act and not in conflict with the laws of this State. 

i 2. The objects of such corporation shall be to promote morality, 
learning;, benevolence and social cultitre among the members of the said 
fratermty, and to take charge of its pro{>erty and business interests. 

i 3. The said The Executive Council shall have power to make from 
time to time such by-laws, rules and regulations as it may deem proper as 
to the members, names and duties of its officers or trustees, and as to the 
time and manner of their election and their term of office; and also as to 
the mode of acquiring and of losing membership in the corporation hereby 
created; and also as to the mode of conducting the business and the affairs 
of the said corporation; and generally as to all matters within the objects 
hereinbefore stated, and not in conflict with the laws of this State. 

i 4. In case the said The Executive Council shall provide for the giving 
of a bond or obligation by any officer, member or subordinate chapter 
thereof, the same may be made to the said "The Executive Council of 
the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity." 

{ 5. The principal office of the said The Executive Council shall be in 
the city of New York; and it shall be the duty of such council in the month 
of January, in each year, to file a statement of its officers in the office of the 
clerk of the city and county of New York; and actions against the cor- 
poration hereby constituted may be commenced by the service of the 
summons upon any one of the persons mentioned in the statement so filed 
last, before the beginning of such action. 

{ 6. This shall be deemed and held a general act, and shall take effect 




* Theodore WUliam Dwight, Hm. -40 1880-1881 

George Jones Peet, K. -66 1881-1882 

Francis Lynde Stetson, Wms. -67 1882-1886 

* Edward Morse Shepard, Man. -69 1886-1889 

* Benjamin Whiting Franklin, G. -71 1889^1893 

George Jones Peet, K. -65 X893-1896 

* William Brewster Clark, Am. -76 1895-1897 

Jefferson Clark, Mid.-67, Am. -67 1897-1898 

* Benjamin Whiting Franklin, G. -71 1898-1900 

Collin Armstrong, Wms. -76, Am. -77 1900-1902 

Charles Elihu Quimby, D. -74 1902-1904 

WiUiam Day Leonard, Mid. -78 1904-1906 

Frederick John Eugene Woodbridge, Am. -«9 .... 1906-1908 

Silas Wright Dunnmg, P. -60 1908-1910 

Wm. Ives Washburn, Am. -76 19X0-1912 

Louis Frederic Dodd, Man. -94 1912-1914 

* James Monroe Hunt, R. -80 1914^1915 

Harold Irving Pratt, Am. -00 191&- 

Henry Lynde Sprague, Cor. -73 1880-1882 

* William Birch Rankine, G. -77, Un. -77 1882-1886 

* Alfred Lee Manierre, Col. -83 1886-1893 

Charles Franc Goddard, Col. -87 1893-1897 

Henry James Hemmens, Hm. -87 1897-1901 

Carl R. Ganter, K. -99 1901- 

* Arthur Brown Graves, Wms. -58 1880-1882 

Henry Lynde Sprague, Cor. -73 1882-1887 

Jacob Van Vechten Olcott, Man. -76 1887-1893 

Nelson Stanley Spencer, Man. -75 1893-1908 

Harold Irving Pratt, Am. -00 1908-1914 

Louis Frederic Dodd, Man. -94 1914- 

Traveling Secretariea : 

W. Fairfield Peterson Cor. 11 1911-1913 

Duncan Langdon Brn. 13 1913-1916 

George Dawson Howell, Jr PK. 6 ........ 1916- 



Fraternity founded by Samuel Eells January, 1832 

Skeleton Badge first adopted July 3, 1833 

Miami Chapter, first established by Samuel Eells, initiated 

at Cincinnati October, 1833 

Miami Chapter, first announced meeting held Fall of 1836 

Urban Chapter, Charter issued July 28, 1835; initiated December 24, 1835 

Columbia Chapter, first meeting held June 16, 1836 

Yale Chapter organized Jime, 1836 

First Convention held, Utica, N. Y July 27-8, 1836 

Amherst Chapter established, initiated {circa) September 18, 1836 

Brunonian Chapter established, initiated Autumn, 1836 

Harvard Chapter established, initiated March 29, 1837 

Urban Chapter suspends active functions 1839 

Coltmibia Chapter suspends active functions 1840 

Geneva Chapter established, initiated March 23, 1840 

Hudson Chapter, established by Samuel Eells July 1, 1841 

Bowdoin Chapter established, mitiated October, 1841 

Dartmouth Chapter established, Charter February 24 March, 1846 

Peninsular Chapter established, Charter June 12 August 5, 1846 

Rochester (Empire) established at Madison University. . .Winter, 1849-50 

Alabama Chapter established, initiated 1850 

Brunonian Chapter reestablished, initiated April 15, 1851 

WUliams Chapter established, initiated July 1, 1851 

Manhattan Chapter established, initiated July 9, 1855 

Middletown Chapter established, initiated July 31, 1856 | 

Alabama Chapter suspends active functions Spring term, 1857 

Quartei^Centennial Convention at New York June 27-8, 1857 

Kenyon Chapter established, initiated November 14, 1858 

Union Chapter established, Charter June 14 July 16, 1859 

Cumberland Chapter, initiated December, 1857, recognized 1859 

Cumberland Chapter suspends active functions 1861 

Harvard Chapter suspends active functions 1865 

Cornell Chapter established, initiated March 19, 1869 

Yale Chapter surrendered Charter Spring term 

Miami Chapter suspends active functions June 

Greneva Chapter suspends active functions May 

Phi Kappa Chapter established, initiated December 20 

Harvard Chapter reestablished, initiated February 3 

Columbia Chapter reestablished, initiated May 18 

Semi-Centennial Convention May 16-18, 

Yale Chapter reestablished, initiated January 27 

Johns Hopkins Chapter established, initiated May 6 

Minnesota Chapter established, initiated February 22 

Toronto Chapter established, initiated June 10 

Chicago Chapter established, initiated March 20 

McGiU Chapter established, initiated May 11 

Seward Scholarship Fund established December 7 

Wisconsin Chapter established, initiated June 20 

Harvard Chapter suspends active functions April 19 




75th Amuveraaiy ConTontion April 18-19, 1907 

Permanent Fratemitsr Office opened June 1, 1907 

California Chapter eetabliahed, initiated August 15, 1906 

Office of Traveling Secretary established September 1, 1911 

Illinois Chm>ter established, initiated January 13, 1912 

Amherst Fund established Febraary 23, 1912 

Standard Badge adopted February 23, 1912 

Manhattan Chapter suspends active functions May 15, 1913 

Williams Fund established February 21, 1914 

llH aO CO <-< CO ^ iH ^ M (H iH ^^f-4 





•x e<« CO a» t- Q CO 00 M lO O «0 CO t- o IQ t« b« 

r^ lo ^ lo e« a «8 e« lo :f ^ S !>« 00 as •<• CO o 
^ ^^coe$TO ^eoeiiHiHiHiHiHiH 

> r« op r4 09(09 

a to 




"^ 6o6x ooclSsSS&ooraQpci^SS^^io^oe^SSSSeoS^S^ 
•41 "«»''* ^$1 es|9r«^t>«iHC0 35t«>Q-4i a>"^»oc<ieo con^^»^^»^ 









cool t«^e^m<HiHel^cle4 e^e^i^'-t^ ihi-i 

^• *Q ^ €9 (9 •-* <6 1^ •-* OQ €i !9 ^9 1^ '-I c^ OQ C9 00 ^ t- «D 
e9«H t«co<HeoiHiHf-4e)^iH ^^i>^ 


fH-4 rtlH 04 iHlH 

IH ,-11-4 


















70 * 




Acct Accountant 

Adv Advertising 

Agr Agriculture 

Arch Architecture 

Aud Auditor 

Bldr Builder 

C. Eng Civil Engineer 

Chem Chemist 

D. G Dry Goods 

Dipl Diplomatic Service 

Drf t Draftsman 

Ed Education 

Edit Editorial 

E. Eng Elec. Engineer 

Exptr Exporter 

Fin Financial (Stocks, Bonds, Investments) 

Gteol Geology 

Govt Government 

Imptr Importer 

Ins Insurance 

Joum Journalism 

Lib Library Work 

M. C Member of Congress 

M. Eng Mechanical Engmeer 

Mer Merchant 

Merc. Mercantile 

Met. Eng Metallurgical Engineer 

Mfg. or Mfr Manufacturing or Manufacturer 

Mgr Manager 

Min. Eng Mining Engineer 

M. P Member of Parliament 

Pub Publishing 

R. Est .Real Estate 

Ret Retired 

R.R Railroad 

Ry Railway 

Transp Transportation 



Hamilton Hm. 

Miami Mi. 

Urban Urb. 

Columbia Col. 

Yale Y. 

Amherst Am. 

Brunonian Bm. 

Harvard Hvd. 

Geneva G. 

Hudson Hud. 

Bowdoin Bdn. 

Dartmouth D. 

Peninsular P. 

Rochester R. 

Alabama Ala. 


Williams Wms. 

Manhattan Man. 

Middletown Mid. 

Kenyon K. 

Union Un. 

Cumberland Cum. 

Cornell Cor. 

Phi Kappa PK. 

Johns Hopkins JH. 

Minnesota Min. 

Toronto Tor. 

Chicago Ch. 

McGiU McG. 

Wisconsin Wis. 

Cfdifomia Cal. 


Note. — The number opposite a name in the Alphabetical or Geo- 
graphical List refers to the page on which that name appears in the Chapter 

For final changes, see "Addenda" page 537. 

* Indicates deceased members. 





* EsUiS, Samuel, died 1842 Cinofamati, O. 

* Latham, Lorenio, died 1860 New Orleane, La. 

* Unduwooo, John CurtiM, died 1873 Richmond, Va. 

* WiLLiAMB, Othniel Samuel, died 1880 Clinton, N.Y. 


* Aykbt, Prof. Charles, died 1888 Clinton, N.Y. 

* Catun, Prof. Maroua, died 1849 Clinton, N.Y. 

* Handt, Edward Parker, died 1843 Utioa, N.Y. 

* Kn<BOUBN, Charles, died 1894 Charlea City, la. 

* Moiuw, OUver Andrew, died 1870 New York, N.Y. 

* Pabsonb, Lorenio, died 1868 Weetfield, N.Y. 

* Root, Prof. Oren, died 1886 Clinton, N.Y. 

* Stobbs, Rev. Henry Lemuel, died 1862 Yonken, N.Y. 


* Adams, Melville Morris, died 1884 Pompey, N.Y. 

* CoB, Hervey Leicester, died 1883 Le Roy, N.Y. 

* HiMCKUT, John Ooddard, died 1868 Westfleld, N.Y. 

* Smith, Rev. John Finley, died 1843 Clinton, N.Y. 

* Spbncbb, Hamilton, died 1801 Bloomington, 111. 


* BBinnDTT, Nathaniel, died 1886 San Francisco, Cal. 

* Cob, Frederick Augustus, died 1870 Yonkers, N.Y. 

* CoMSTOCK, Calvert, died 1876 Rome. N.Y. 

* Mandsvillb, Rev. Henrv, died 1858 Mobile, Ala. 

* MiLUBB, Anson Stowe, died 1891 Santa Cms, Cal. 

* Platt, James Aucustus, died 1899 Dolgeville, Wis. 

* PoMBBOT, Rev. Lemuel Strong, died 1879 Junius, N.Y. 

* Wbioht, Thomas, died 1867 Chioaco, HI. 


* Abams, Thomas Parker, died 1836 Waterford, N.Y. 

* Baoo. Dr. Moses Mears, died 1900 Utica» N.Y. 

* Clabx. William Henry, died Detroit. Mich. 

* HuMTiKOTON, Daniel, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

* Kbbp, John Martin, died 1861 Beloit. Wis. 

* MoBSB, James Otis, died 1883 Englewood, N.J. 

* WiLBUB, Seth Tryon, died 1838 New York, N.Y. 

HAMILTON 1837-42 


* Fbaser, Philip, died 1876 Jacksonville, Fla. 

* GiLBSBT, George Yates, died 1888 Gilbertsville, N.Y. 

* GiLLAM, Rev. Cornelius Willett, died 1853 Rochester, N.Y. 

* Haolkt, Amos Kinney, died 1901 New York, N.Y. 

* Lyman, Rev. Theodore Benedict, died 1893 Raleigh, N.C. 

* Raymond, John Howard, died 1878 Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 


* Bebbe, Rev. Samuel John Mills, died 1873 Nebraska, City, Neb. 

* Ely, Heman B., died 1856 New Orleans, La. 

* Hastings, Rev. Parsons Clark, died 1892 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Lanqforo, George, Jr., died 1840 Marsh^, Mich. 

* Lathrop. John Milton, died 183V .^ ^. .Sherburne, N.Y. 

* MiLLEB, Charles Dudley, died 1896 Geneva, N.Y. 

* PoBTBB. Rev. Lansing, died 1902 , Auburn, N.Y. 

* Pbatt, Rev. John Wesley, died 1896 Lansingville, N.Y, 

* Putnam, James Osborne, died 1903 • Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Smith, Rev. Levi Ward, died 1863 . Germantown, Pa. 

* Taylob, James Wickes, died 1893 Winnipeg, Can. 

* Undbbwood, George, died 1869 Auburn, N.Y. 

* Van Norman, Daniel Cummings, died 1886 New York, N.Y. 


* Adams, Ira, died 1847 ". . .^ New Orleans, La. 

* Adams, Rev. Seymour Webster, died 1864 Cleveland, O. 

* Gbidlby. Rev. Amos Delos, died 1876 Clinton, N.Y. 

* Hastinos, Dr. Panet Marshall, died 1898 New Rochelle, N.Y. 

* Jebomb, Rev. Charles, died 1873 Clinton, N.Y. 

* Lyndb, Charles James, died 1841 Milwau^> te. Wis. 

* Lyndb, William Pitt, died 1885 ♦ Milwaukee, Wis. 

* RicB, Charles S., died 1843 New Orleans, La. 

* WiNSLOW, Rev. Horace, died 1905. . , Weatogue, Conn. 


* Bbioham, Henry Augustus, died 1870 West Troy, N.Y. 

* DwiOHT, Theodore William, died 1892 New YoA, N.Y. 

* ScoFiELD, Hon. Glenni William, died 1891 -. Warren, Pa. 

* Shebwood, Joseph Sackett, died 1841 : *... . Aiibum, N.Y. 


* Bacon, William Johnson, died 1889 Utica, N.Y. 

* NOBTH, Prof. Edward, died 1903 Clinton, N.Y. 

* Peck, Rev. Linus Mead, died 1847 Casenovia, N.Y. 


* FBO0T, Thomas Gold, died 1880 Evanston, 111. 

* Halbbbt, Norton Asa, died 1890 Midland Park, N.J. 

* Kbndrick, Cotton Mather, died 1849 Hamilttm, N.Y. 

* Otis, Rev. Stephen Franklin, died 1846 De Ruyter, N.Y. 

* Pabsons, Charles Ashbel, died 1882 Seneca Falls. N.Y. 

* PoMEBOY, Theodore Medad, died 1905 Auburn, N.Y. 

1842-48 HAMILTON 

* ToRRANCx, Jared Sidney, died 1872 Passaic, N.J. 

* WiiXABD, Hon. Ashbel Parsons, died 1860 Indianapolis, Ind. 


* Dextbb, Andrew, died 

* Gbidlby, Frederic, died 1876 Buffalo. N.Y. 

* Love. Rev. William De Loss, died 1908 St. Paul, Minn. 

* Richardson, Robert Mark, died 1902 Syracuse, N.Y. 

* Street, Alfred Billings, died 1881 Albany, N.Y. 

^Thompson, Henry Hunn, died Passaic, N.J. 


* Crane, Rev. Edwin Hall, died 1854 Gawar, Persia 

* Eelub, Rev. James, died 1886 Cincinnati, O. 

* Haven, Rev. Loren Eaton, died 1849 Waterville, N.Y. 

* Hubbard, Harvey, died 1849 Norwich, N.Y. 

* Jackson, George William, died 1869 Wytheville, Va. 

* Jerome, Ira Newton, died 1864 Iowa City, la. 

* Rbxford, John De Witt, died 1895 Janesville. Wis. 

* RoBBBTB, Albert Backus, died 1891 Bessemer, Ala. 

* Sanfobd. Richard Kin^bury, died 1896 Brooklyn. N.Y. 

* Satlbs, John, died 1897 Abilene, Tez. 


Case, Everett (Retired) .* Jenkintown, Pa. 

* CowLEs, George Washington, died 1901 Clyde, N.Y. 

* Danieub, John Horton, died 1913 Minneapolis, Minn. 

* Ely, Sumner Stow, died 1910 Girard, Pa. 

* Pabsons, Theodore Stuart, died 1884 Henderson, Kv. 

* Rathbun, George Oscar, died 1898 Auburn, N.Y. 


* Bbistol, Henry Pratt, died 1864 Clinton, N.Y. 

* CoMAN, Levi Parsons, died 1889 Newark. O. 

* Langford, DeWitt, died 1906 Vernon, N.Y. 

* Love, Samuel Gurley, died 1893 Jamestown, N.Y. 

* Spauldino. Alexander, died 1896 New York, N.Y. 


* Morgan. Rev. Homer Bartlett, died 1866 Smyrna, Turkey 

* Robinson, William Wiltshire, died 1850 Penn Yan, N.Y. 

* Sfbigos, John Thomas, died 1888 Utica, N.Y. 

* SuTPHEN, Rev. Joseph Wfdworth, died 1852 Marsovan, Turkey 

* Undebwood, Amos, Jr., died 1907 Phelps, N.Y. 


* Allen, Rev. Nathan, died 1864 Utica, N.Y. 

* AvEBT. Joseph Strong, died 1896 Clinton. N.Y. 

* Bennett, Samuel Allen, died 1860 St. Louis. Mo. 

* Eelub, Dan Parmelee. died 1903 Cleveland, O. 

* Ely. Dr. Benjamin Cornwall, died 1904 Girard, Pa. 

4, Milleb, Henry Giles, died 1899 Chicago. lU. 

HAMILTON 1848~«4 

* NoBTH, Rev. Josiah Wilcox, died 1882 Middletown, Conn. 

* Oeton, Prof. Edward (Francis Baxter), died 1899 Columbus, O. 

* Sheldon, Edward Austin, died 1897 Oswego, N.Y. 


* Brigham, Lewis Alexander, died 1885 Jersey City, N.J. 

* Campbell, Rev. Archibald Henry, died 1910 Harvey, III. 

♦Ellinwood, Rev. Francis Fields, died 1908 New York, N.Y. 

*lBrARDiNEB, Jamcs Solomon, died 1880 Whitestown, N.Y. 

* Kimball, Martin Luther, died 1891 Berlin, Wis. 

* Lewis, Rev. Welcome, died 1900 Coventry, N.Y. 

* Morse, Rev. Andrew Bigelow, died 1914 Santa Barbara, Cal. 

* Sakdebs, Randolph De Forest, died 1854 St. Louis, Mo. 

* Tennet, Alvan, died 1885 Brooklyn, N.Y. 


* Cabbuth, Uri, died 1875 Vineland, N.J. 

* Hopper, Rev. Alexander MacGregor, died 1889 Adams, N.Y. 

* Hubbabd, Rev. Joseph Welton, died 1907 Mt. Vernon, la. 

* Jones, Rev. Commodore Perry, died 1863 Unadilla Centre, N.Y. 

Lee, Dr. Charles Mortimer Fulton, N.Y. 

MuMBBUE, William Bement 

* Notes, Dr. James Oscar, died 1872 New Orleans, La. 

Snow, Benjamin Bradford (Ret.) 267 Alexander St. Rochester, N.Y. 

* Stow, William Walter, died 1895 San Francisco, Cal. 


* Catlin, Benjamin Rush, died 1913 Washington, D.C. 

* Cleveland, Rev. William Neal, died 1906 Chaumont, N.Y. 

* Hawley, Martin, died 1888 Baltimore. Md. 

* Hudson, Rev. Thomas Boyd, died 1912 Skaneateles, N.Y. 

* Kimball, Dr. Walter Scott, died 1899 Lakewood, N.J. 

* La Gbange, James Benjamin Olmstead, died 1876 . . .Binghamton, N.Y. 

* Pabmblbe, David Little, died 1865 Aurora, N.Y.. 


Babtlett, Rev. William Alvin 1025 Park Ave. Utica, N.Y* 

* BuQK, Edward Howard, died 1861 Maiden, N.Y* 

* HuMpHBEY, Rev. Frederic, died 1908 Havre-de-Grace, Md* 

Mebwin, Hon. Milton Hervey (Law.) 412 Rutger St. Utica, N.Y* 

* MiLLBB, Samuel Franklm, died 1892 North Franklin. N.Y- 

* Williams, Prof. Samuel Gardiner, died 1900 Ithaca, N.Y. 


Beach, Myron Hawley (Law.) Chicago, III. 

* GiLFiLLAN, Charles Duncan, died 1902 St. Paul, Minn. 

Sheldon, Prof. Rufus (Ret.) 215 Bartlett Ave. Pittsfield, Mass. 


* BoTNTON, William Nathan, died 1S96 '. . Talladega, Ala. 

BuNDT, Charles Smith 1422 Irving St. N.W. Washington, D.C. 

1064^9 HAMILTON 

* LiNDSBMAN, Charles, died 1907 Clarinda, la. 

* Lyman, Henry Franklin, died 1867 Cortlandville, N.Y. 

* Morgan .Edward Christopher, died 1857 Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Williams, Joseph Loomis, died 1858 Hamburg, N.Y. 


* AvBBT, Theodore, died 1907 Utica, N.Y. 

Chappsll, Jordan Romans Windsor, Mo. 

* Hart, Rev. WiUiam. died 1895 Auburn, N.Y. 

* Pratt, Seth Parsons, died 1888 Norfolk, Va. 

* Prindlb, Joseph Addison, died 1905 Apalachian, N.Y. 

* Shuman, Andrew, died 1890 Evanston, III. 

* SncRBS, Schuyler Bliss, died 1889 Cooperstown, N.Y. 

* Taylor, Sylvenus Aldrich, died 1853 Ottawa, Kan. 

Ward, Milan Lester (Ret.) 703 Poplar St. Ottawa, Kan. 


* Burlingamb, Eli, died 1857 Pillar Point, N.Y. 

* CowLBS, Isaac Augustus, died 1854 Bynxixiae, N.Y. 

* CuRRAN. Edward, died 1894 Utica, N.Y. 

* DuTTON, Van Buien, died 1865 New York, N.Y. 

* Head, Franklin Hervey, died 1914 Maplewood, N.H. 

* HoRBACH, George Lobmgier, died 1857 Omaha, Neb. 

* McMaster, Rev. Ariel, died 1903 Pompey, N.Y. 

* Moore, Richard Channing, died 1867 St. Ix>uis, Mo. 

* Stewart, James, died 1914 Ottumwa, S.D. 


* Fbrrin, Charles Merril, died 1855 Wateftown, N.Y. 

* Gilbert, Benjamin Davis, died 1907 Clayville, N.Y. 

* Johnson, Rev. Herrick, died 1913 Philadelphia, Pa. 

Robinson, Rev. Charles Edward (Ret.) Pelham Manor, N.Y. 

* Robinson, William Mason, died 1914 Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Skinneb, Rev. James Avery 796 E. 166th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Van Dxjyn, Dr. Augustus Coe, died 1907 Chicago, 111. 

Wallace, Hon. William James (Ret.) , . . 6 Elk St. Albany, N.Y. 

* WiLLARO, Erastus, died 1858 Indianapolis, Ind. 


* Adams, Seymour Fenton, died Cleveland, O. 

* Cole, Charles Blackmer, died 1865 Waukon, la. 

Crane, Rev. Cephas Bennett 162 Lakeview Ave. Cambridge, Mass. 

* Johnson, Eli (^rahame, died 1856 Chaumont, N.Y. 

NoRTHRUP, Ansel Judd (Law.) 207 Green St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

* ScoviLLE, Frederick, died 1905 Fort Scott, Kan. 

* Sbward, Frederick Dwight, died 1859 Yonkers, N.Y. 

* Thorpe, Rev. Wallace Walter, died Lestershire, N.Y. 

Webb, Rev. William Henry Pultney St. Geneva, N.Y. 

* Wilson, Maj. Oliver Morris, died 1907 Independence, Mo. 


* Goodwin, William Bacon, died 1900 Waterville, N.Y. 

* Hall. Prof. Isaac HoUister, died 1896 New York, N.Y. 

6 HAMILTON 1069-66 

* LoRiNO, Hector V(oltaire), died 1912 Louisville, Ky. 

MoBRON, Rev. John Herschell 305 North Jefferson Ave. Peoriat III. 

* Paine, Prof. John Alsop, died 1912 .Tarrytown, N.Y. 

* Roys, George Edward, died 1870 Lyons. N.Y. 

Wriqht, Daniel Webster (Law.) Bowling Green, Ky . 


Beach, William Harrison (Ret.) Seneca Falls, N.Y. 

* Bbookinb, Arba, died 1897 Chicago, III. 

* Hale, Francis Edward, died 1888 Indianapolis, Ind. 

* NoBTHRUP, Milton Harlow, died 1906 Syracuse, N.Y. 


* BioBLOW, Horace Porter^ died 1902 Waterville, N.Y. 

* Danforth, Arthur Curtiss, died 1862 New York, N.Y. 

* Davis, Charles Mortimer, died 1868 Utica, N.Y. 

* Newell, William Whiting, died 1894 Paris, France 

* Rots, Charles Henry, died 1890 Lyons, N.Y. 


Brooks, Samuel Thomas 

* CuRRAN, Henry Hastings, died 1864 Utica, N.Y. 

Davis, Robert Howe (Ret.) 226 Windermere Ave. Wayne, Pa. 

* Grant, Rev. Henry Martyn, died 1902 Charleston, S.C. 

* HiGLEY, Warren, died 1911 New York, N.Y. 

Mitchell, Jethro Greene -. 


* Bacon, WiUiam Kirkland, died 1862 Utica, N.Y. 

* Fo /LBR, Horace Webster, died 1888 New York, N.Y. 

* Harding, Lyman, Jr., died 1894 St. Louis, N.Y. 

Hopkins, Rev. Stephen Grosvenor 


* Btttler, Henry Alanson, died 1870 Clayville, N.Y. 

* Cobb, Willard Adams, died 1900. . , Lockport, N.Y. 

* Curran, Philip Clinton, died 1877 Utica, N.Y. 

* Fisher, William Hubbell, died 1909 Cincinnati, O. 

Gardner, Theodore Faxton 

* King. John Curtiss, died 1865 Port Byron, N.Y. 

* McIntosh, Robert Wesley, died 1868 Vernon, N.Y. 

* Minor, Payson Hungerford, died 1888 Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Plant, Frank WUliam, died 1914 Joliet, 111. 

* Simmons, Rev. Henry Martyn, died 1905 Minneapolis, Minn. 

Tompkins, Henry (Law.) 156 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. 


* Adams. Silas Hobart, died 1870 Rochester, N.Y. 

* HicoK, John Henry, died 1896 Flint, Mich. 

* Phillips, Albert, died 1909 Amherst, Mass 

186&-70 HAMILTON 


* Campbell, Augustus Scott, died 1898 Highland Park, HI* 

* Cunningham, Haines Drake, died 1890 Albany, N.Y* 

* Hbmpstkad, Lewis Reybum, died 1871 Galena, 111* 

* Hollbt, John Milton, died 1914 La Croese, Wis* 

* Hopkins, Prof. Abel Grosvenor, died 1899 Clinton, N.Y. 

HuNTiNOTON, Chester (Cons. Eng.) 12 Stockton St. Princeton, N.J* 

* Kniort, Seztus Hungerford, died 1865 Westfield, NiY* 

* Mbbritt, Charles Wesley, died 1901 East Aurora, N.Y* 

* MiLLABD, Charles Sterling, died 1894 Indianapolis, Ind* 

* Skinnbb, Charles Patterson, died 1899 Ottawa, Kan. 

* Spkncxb, William Henry, died 1877 San Mateo, Fla. 


Babosb, George Elias (Ins.) .421 W. 10th St. Erie, Pa. 

Bbebd. Rev. David Riddle (Prof.) 123 Dithridge St. Pittsburg. Pa. 

Bbown, Edwin Jerome (Law.) 17 Stone St. Oneida, N.Y. 

FiaHBB, Rev. Samuel Jackson 5611 Kentucky Ave. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Halbkt, NiooU 308 N. Cayuga St. Ithaca, N.Y. 

HuBBxaji, George Woloott (Law.) 346 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

* Lton, (Chester Jennings, died 1898 New York, N.Y. 

Waooonbb, George Henry 


BiGKLOW, Rev. Dana Williams 410 State St. Utica, N.Y. 

* Canhbld, Frederick Winston, died 1865 Syracuse, N.Y. 

Coxb, Hon. Alfred Conkling (Judge) 112 E. 56th St. New York, N.Y. 

Danibls, Henry Everett Case 34 Charlotte Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

* Egkbt, Charles Gardner, died 1902 Ogdensburg, N.Y. 

* MiLLEB, Martin Rumsey, died 1905 Tanytown, N.Y. 

* WiLLABD, James Hasleton, died 1901 Bedford, Ind. 


Baog, Samuel Farwell (Ins.) 251 River St. Troy, N.Y. 

* Barbows, Rev. Charles Densmore, died 1900 Clinton, N.Y. 

* Fitch, Thomas Warner, died 1914 Summit, N.J. 

* Hallidat, Samuel Dimiont, died 1907 Ithaca, N.Y. 

* Jerome, Rev. Theodore Charles, died 1886 Wolfborough, N. H. 

* MiLLBR. Roswell, died 1913 New York, N.Y. 

North, Simon Newton Dexter (Statistician) 

2 Jackson Place Washington, D.C. 


Abbott, Thomas Alden (Mfr.) 487 Ashland Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

* Baolbt, Frank Herbert, died 1878 Tarrytown. N.Y. 

* Churchill, Frederick Burchard, died 1885 New York, N.Y. 

Edwards, Rev. Maurice Dwight 423 Laurel Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

* Frkeman, Howard, died 1870 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Giles, Clarence Marion (Acct.) 28 Vreeland Ave. Paterson, N.J. 

Underwood, Jonathan Piatt (Timber) 

332 So. Michigan Ave. Chicago, III. 

8 HAMILTON 1870-76 

* Van Ostrand, WiUiam Haines, died 1907 Newfield, N.Y. 

Wood, Dr. Halsey Lathrop 210 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 


Bennett, Hon. James Levi 

Bbigham, Johnson (Lib.) Iowa State Library, Des Moines, la. 

Daniels, Franc Burchard (Express) 

2112 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Hopkins, Hon. Woolsey Rogers Auburn, N.Y. 

* Kendall, Rev. Frederick Gridley, died 1881 New York, N.Y. 

* Reed, Rev. William, died 1909 Verona, N.Y. 


Bailbt, Julius Irvine 

Brandt, Prof. Hermann (IJarr George Clinton, N.Y. 

* Gridlet» Charles Chapin, died 1872 Chicago, 111. 

Hopkins, John Hampden (Law.) 316 Oxford St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Jbwett, Jay Hamilton Harrisburg, Ore. 

North, Edward Simeon Clinton, N.Y. 

NoRTHRUP. Dr. William Perry 67 B. 79th St. New York, N.Y. 


Huntington, Samuel Van Vechten (Mfg.) .69 E. 78th St. New York, N.Y. 
Mathews, Edward David Utica, N.Y. 

* Porter, Lansing Lee, died 1908 Evanston, 111. 

* Skinner. John Arthur, died 1903 Westfield, N.Y. 


Chester, Rev. Carlos Tracy (Ret.) Lebanon, Pa. 

Eells, Charles Parmelee (Law.) 2415 Pierce St. San Francisco, Cal. 

Paine, Dr. N(athaniel) Emmons, 1650 Washington St. West Newton, Mass. 
Rogers, Hon. Henry Wade, Dean, Law School 

Yale tJniversity, New Haven, Conn. 


* Gardner, Dr. Henry Dwight (Williams), died 1883 Vernon, N.Y. 

Lewis, William Ebenezer (Law.) 406 Rutger St. Utica, N.Y. 

* Stone, Dr. William Gleason, died 1909 Saranac Lake, N.Y. 


* Chase, Nicholas DuBois, died 1902 Easton, Pa. 

Davis, Frank Fillmore (Law.) 35 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

Dbt, John Richard Steele (Govt.) Clarendon, Va. 

Eells, Howard Parmelee (R. Est.) Euclid Hgts. Cleveland, O. 

Johnson, Dr. Richard W. (Ret.) . . .2717 Kenwood Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 
RoBBiNS. George Sidney 

* Spriggs, William Thomas, died 1877 Utica, N.Y. 

1877-^ HAMILTON 9 


Butler, Dr. Glentworth Reeve 2261 Gates Ave. Brooklvn, N.Y. 

Febdon, William Browmee, Neb. 

* Hawlbt, Dr. John Sanger, died 1912 New Haven, Conn. 

BxKD, Rev. David Allen (Ret.) Edgewood Gardens, Springfield, Mass. 


Cabt, Walter 184 Delaware Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Crittbkdbn, William Bacon, died 1900 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Painb. Dr. Howard Simmons 148 Ridge St. Glens Fails, N.Y. 

YouNo, Charles Oliver Port Jervis, N.Y. 


* Allen, Rev. Theodore Hand, died 1912 Peoria, HI. 

Bbnnbtt, James MiUer (Surveyor) . .Finleyville, Washington Gounty, Pa. 
Cabteb, Rev. William Smith 924 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

* DwiQHT, Dr. Francis JEdwin, died 1885 . '...'....'. . . . . . . . .ciinton, N.Y. 

Gorton, (jeorge Vamum Utica, N.Y. 

* RuDD, Robert Schell, died 1903 New York, N.Y. 

* Walker, Dr. Delavan Edward, died 1904 Ilion, N.Y. 


* Church, Dr. George Taylor, died 1907 Waterville, N.Y. 

* Gardiner, Charles Alexander, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

Heacock, Seth Grosvenor (Hon.) Ilion, N.Y. 

Klock, Percy Lincoln (Law.) 149 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

*Millabd, William Josiah, died 1915 Utica, N.Y. 


Otto. John (R. Est.) 202 Pearl St. Buffalo. N.Y. 


Bbattt, Alva John 

Caldbr, Frederick Manwell (Law.) 223 Rut^r St. Utica, N.Y. 

Houghton, Daniel Clay 1319 Sixth Ave. East Oakland, Cal. 

Jones, Harry Orlando 

* Minor, Worthington Cogswell, died 1903 Buffalo, N.Y. 


* Avert, Charles Herbert, died 1912 Chicago, HI. 

Avert, William Henry Minneapolis, Minn. 

Bush, William Theodore Lowville, N.Y. 

Frabbr, Rev. Greorge Kenneth Northville, N.Y. 

Hot, William Alexander (Law.) 45 WiUiam St. New York, N.Y. 

Martin, Rev. Clement Graham 318 Manning Blvd. Albany, N.Y. 

* Nash, Edgar Whitman, died 1885 Albany, N.Y. 


* Avert, Edward Woodbridge, died 1910 Chicago, 111. 

* Barrows, Robert Belden, died 1899 Cold Springs, N.Y. 

10 HAMILTON 1884r-91 

I I , • ■ — — " ■ — ^ — ^^^^^^— ■ 

Black, Rev. James Thompson 200 Seyburn Are.» Detroit, Mich. 

Chittxnden, Granville Ingraham 

200 Ernest Cranmer Bids. Denver, Ck>lo. 

* Gardiner, Andrew Leishman, died 1910 New York, N.Y. 

* Miller, Rev. William Porteus, died 1904 Dayton. O. 

Paine, Dr. Clarence Mann 381 Piedmont Ave. Atlanta, Ga. 


Allen, Frank Douglas (Law.) 165 Bway. New York, N.Y- 

BuRRiLL, Samuel Potter (Journ.) 60 Harper St. Rochester, N.Y. 

FoRf>, Dr. Charles Milton (Prof.) 469 W. 140th St. New York, N.Y. 

Mbrwin, Rev. Milton Knapp Nunda, N.Y. 

Russell, Dr. William George 42 W. 36 St. New York, N.Y. 


Arnold, Benjamin Walworth (Lumber) 465 State St. Albany, N.Y. 

Jarvis, Ira Steers (Farmer) Hartwick Seminary, N.Y. 

Leavenworth, Hudson Parke Winsted, Conn. 

McMillan, Rev. Arthur Chase 207 Warburton Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. 

ToLLBS, Brainard (Law.) Ho-Ho-Kos, N.J. 


Eells, Rev. James Utica, N.Y. 

Hemmens, Henry James (Law.) 50 WaU St. New York, N.Y. 

*Rhodb8, Arthur Ernest, died 1911 Cold Brook, N.Y. 

Walker, Rev. Charles Hardy 609 3rd Ave. North, Troy, N.Y. 


Allen, Frederick Lathrop (Law.) 55 Cedar St. New York, N.Y. 

* Chase, George Howard, died 1887 . . ^ New York, N.Y. 

Ellinwood, Dr. Francis Field 55 Lafayette St. Utica, N.Y. 

* Hastings, Charles Edgar, died 1904 Austin, Tex. 


Brandt, Schuyler Coe (Mfr.) 312 N. Ridgeland Ave. Oak Park, 111. 

Knowlson, Walter Sherman (Ed.) Erasmus Hall H.S., Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Leland, Rev. Dean Richmond 1315 So. 21st St. Lincoln, Neb. 

Perkins, Rev. !FVederick St. Johnsville, N.Y. 


Benton, James Robert Clinton, N.Y, 

Burton, Dr. James 483 So. Marengo St., Pasadena, Cal. 

Gibson, Dr. Walter Campbell 258 Genesee St. Utica, N.Y. 

RuDD, Joseph (Law.) Bristol Road, Clinton, N.Y. 

Seavet, James Arthur (JournO 130 W. 93rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Sharp, Prof. Clayton Halsey (E. Eng.) . . 118 Fisher Ave. White Plains, N.Y. 

* Stevens, Edward Lawrence, died 1914 New York, N.Y. 


Adams, Samuel Hopkins (Author) 32 Chedell PI. Auburn, N.Y. 

Hathaway, Frank Boardman Rochelle, 111. 

Osborne, Henry Piatt (Pub.) 70 College St. Clinton, N.Y. 

1892-03 HAMILTON 11 


Chester, Dr. Thomas Weston 143 Tremont St. Hartford, Conn. 

Martin, John Parker (Court Reporter) . ,278 Park Hill Ave. Yonkers. N.Y. 

OwBN, Rev. Thomas Newton Bristol, R.I. 

WiLLABD, Corliss Fay (Mfr.) 1608 Washinston Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 


Cadwalladsr, Starr Marshall Building^Cleveland, O. 

* Church, Charles Taylor, died 1013 Hoboken, N.J. 

La Rus, Charles (Law.) 132 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

Ralbtbn, Fred Henry (Adv.) Bronxville, N.Y. 

* Woolworth, Dr. Earle Eugene, died 1903 Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Hates, Harold Fayette (Fin.) 301 Mein St. Rochester, N.Y. 

KiNQ, Rev. Walter Alonzo 410 State St. Marion, O. 

Miller, Samuel Jacob Nwth Franklin, N.Y. 

* Shitblino, Ambrose Francis, died 1002 Chicago, 111. 

Stevens. Robert Clark (M. Engr.) 454 W. 11th St. Ene, Pa. 


Chahbers, William Wallace 

Greenwood. Isaac John 27 West 67 St. New York, N.Y. 

* Mtbbs, John Henry, Jr., died 1895 Ilion. N.Y. 

OsBORN, George Washington Westfiela, N.J. 

Petersen, Rev. Anthony Nicholas Scarborough, N.Y. 

Wright, Clarence Stewart Jamaica, L.I., N.Y. 


Holmes. Frank Win|( (Law.) 1267 President St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Lebgh, George Lewis 42 No. Ashland Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 


Bbardblbt, Hulbert Ten Eyck 84 William St., New York N.Y. 

Hopkins, Winthrop Haight (Clerk) 4335 Vlncennes Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Kbsslbr, Alfred Lee (Cattle) Brandt, Pa. 

McGrbgor, Rev. Robert Gardner, 219 North Avenue, New Rochelle, N.Y. 

PoMBROT, Theodore Medad (Fin.) EUicott Sq. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Williams. Dr. Irving Dewey 293 Ontral Pk. W. New York, N.Y. 


Allen, William Loyal (Law.) 21 Park St. Malone, N.Y. 

Booth, Rev. Henry Kendall 2222 East Second St. Long Beach, Cal. 

BuTLBR, Stanley Locke 418 Central Park West, New York, N.Y . 

Elmobb, Elmore F. (Banking) 

c/o Merchants National Bank. Plattsburg, N.Y. 
HoLLET, John Milton 405 Main St. La Croase, Wis. 

* NOBLB, Edward John, died 1902 Brooklyn. N.Y. 

Rbbo, Dr. Edward North. 415 Oregon Ave. Santa Moniea. Cal. 

12 HAMILTON 1899-1906 


HxTL, Ernst Oscar 9014 So. Robey St. Chicago, 111. 

Merwin, James Hervey (Law.) 412 Rutger St. Utica, N.Y. 

Stone, Ralph Walter (Geol.) . .2739 Macomb St. N. W. Washington, D.C. 
Stone, Rev. Warren Sage 138 So. Fitshugh St. Rochester, N.Y. 


FxBHKR, Clarence Lyon (Timber> Lyons Falls, Lewis County, N.Y. 

* Miller, Henry Cook, died 1905 Bath, N.Y. 

Steinbr, Rev. Walter L Mount Kisco, N.Y. 

Taylor, Harry Earl (R. Est.) Waldwick, N.J. 

Waddell, Robert Shannon (C. Eng.) 

c/o The North Western Fuel Co. St. Paul, Minn. 
. Wilkinson, William John (Dean) Washington College, Tenn. 


Castle, Samuel Northrup (Engr.) . . Davenport Neck, New Rochelle, N.Y. 

HicOK, Edward Matthews (Mfg.) 437 Waiola Ave. La Grange, 111. 

Johnston, John Emery (Mfr.) Port Leyden, N.Y. 

Skinner, Herrick Johnson (Law.) 796 E. 166th St. New York. N.Y. 

Speh, Edwin Jay (Tel.) 26 Benejset St. Chestnut Hill, Pa. 


Butler, Robert Vermilye 360 Genesee St. Utica, N.Y. 

Hawlet, Dewey Tanner (Ed.) 149 Clerk St. Jersey City, N.J. 

Jenks, Maurice Lemotte 208 So. LaSaUe St. Chicago, 111. 

Lake, Ralph Emerson (Fin.) 192 Hawley St. Binghamton, N.Y. 

Moody, Edwin H. (Law.) 69 Walnut St. Binghamton, N.Y. 

Reed, George Stephens (Law.) Lowville, Lewis Co., N.Y. 


Allbright, Rev. Manley Fifield . 346 No. Kensington Ave. La Grange. 111. 

Arthur, Alfred Karl (Coal) Lowville, N.Y. 

BuROESs, Theodore Herbert (Law.) 60 Church St. New York, N.Y. 

Croft, Frank De Lancey (Law.) 6 Chestnut Street, Binghamton, N.Y. 

Hunter, Joel Du Bois 931 Hinman Ave. Evanston, 111. 

Lake, D(avid) Harry (Fin.) 

c/o Ford & EnoB, Wilder Bldg. Rochester, N.Y. 

Smelzer, Crosby Tracy (Mfg.) 17 So. Menard St. Chicago, 111. 

Waddell, Carroll Johnson (Fin.) Harris Forbes & Co. Phila. Pa. 


Brandt, Frederick Flandreau (Law.) 55 Odar St. New York, N.Y. 

Hbyl, Louis (Grocer) 88 E. Front St. Dunkirk, N.Y. 

Strickland, John Lyle (Hdw.) Carthage, N.Y. 

WiCKB, Rev. Robert Russell 231 Oak St. Holyoke, Mass. 


Beach, Frank Cuyler (Ed.) The Taft School, Watertown, Conn. 

Humphery, Oliver (Fin.) 27 William St. New York, N.Y. 

1006-11 HAMILTON IS 

r • ■■ ■ .1. .1 I .1 I I ■ I ■ ^■■■■■ ■ ■ I ■ I . ■ . I ^ ■ I ■ 

Mkrrick, Albert Hamilton (Merc.) 1066 5th Street, San Diego, Cal. 

Mills, Frederick Peter (Mfg.) 34 State St. Mt. Morrw, N.Y. 

MuNOER, Henry Jairus (Auditor) Ill Hajrwood Ave. Orange, N.J. 

Richardson, Russell (Ed.) 5821 Dorchester Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Schwab, Arthur John 78 Riverside Drive, Binghamton, N.Y, 

Speh, Herman Anthony. . .o/o Beman Organ Co., Inc., Binghamton, N.Y. 


Clark, John Diirant (Tel.) 71 South James St. Carthage, N.Y. 

Easton, Frederick Shaw, Jr. (Contr.) Albion Hotel, Potsdam, N.Y. 

Heacock, Grosvenor Walker (Oil) 105 West St. Ilion, N.Y. 

Warburton, George Robert Ill Broadway, New York, N.Y. 


Allen, Joseph Strong (Elec. Engr.) 5344 Harper Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Clark, Earl Mosher (Mfg.) 136 W. 44 St. New York, N.Y. 

HoYT, E. Willis Ward (Sales.) 639 Oliver Bldg. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Scott, Lester Francis 70 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. 


Baxter, Frederick Herbert (Auto.) 910 W. Market St. Lima, O. 

Hemmenb, Herbert Rawlings 1529 Howard Ave. Utica, N.Y. 

HoLLET, Alexander Hamilton 208 So. LaSalle St. Chicago, 111. 

HoLLEY, Horace King (Banking) 230 N. 8th St. La Crosse, Wis. 

Holmes, Marcellus Bailey (Adv.) 1045 Sterling PI. Bklyn. N.Y. 

Pratt, Ray Gofif (Lumber) Jarvis Street, Binghamton, N.Y. 

Simmons, William Bush (Importer) 320 So. Franklin St. Chicago, 111. 

Weekes, Ernest Joseph Watertown, N.Y. 

White, Clarence Edwin (Engr.) . , 74 Chapel St. Albany, N.Y. 


Blodgbtt, Dr. Clements Winfield 207 Clarendon St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

Butler, John Milton Knox Hat Mfg. Co. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Richardson, Norman Dayton Pub. Serv. Com. New York, N.Y. 

RuDD, Robert Barnes (Ed.) Hanover, N.H. 

Stone, Chester Tilton L. I. College Hospital, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Welch, Philip Henry 682 E. Broad St., Columbus, O. 

Wilcox, William Jenkins (Law.) 1112 Linden St. Scranton, Pa. 


DouNCB, Harry Esty (Writer) ^204 Marshall St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

McAneny, Harold Dillaway c/o Penn. R. R. Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mix, Arthur Jackson Clinton, N .Y. 

Titus, Rexford Walker (Law.) 46 North St. Binghamton, N.Y. 

Wills, David (Law.) 954 Boulevard, Astoria, L.I., N.Y. 


Bell, Walter Allen (Lumber) 26 Jay Street, Ogdensburg, N.Y. 

CosTON, Carl Herbert (Banking) Lytton, Sac County, la. 

Daly, Clarence Joseph (Ins.) 901 E. idth Ave. Denver, Colo. 

Gouge, Greorge Frederick (Adv.) 66 Pinehurst Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Ralstbn, Brown Van Namee Lowville, N.Y» 

U HAMILTON 1911-17 

RicsABDBON, Raymond Spencer Dayan Street, Lowville, N.Y. 


Bell, George Allen Bangor, Me. 

Bebnabd, Arthur Bernard (Tanning) ... .68 Amsterdam St. Newark, N.J. 

Boone, Hugh (Fin.) Lima, Ohio. 

Eells, James (Mfg.) 412 Rutger Street, Utica, N.Y. 

Wallace, Albert Haines 726 Garland Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 

YouNO, Russell Addison (Grocery) . .21 Linden Place, New Roohelle, N.Y. 


North, Dexter (Chem.) 2 Jackson Place, Washington, D.C. 

Peck, Prof. Walter Edwin 321 East Bowman Street, Wooster. O. 

Roberts, Ernest House (Auto.) No. Main Street, Turin, N.Y. 

Stone, Donald Edward (Mfg.) Mexico, N.Y. 

TowNSEND, Elbert John (Ins.) 74 W. Main Street, Le Roy, N.Y* 

Trout, Thomas Wilbur (Hdw.) 434 Forest Ave. Oak Park, 111. 


Babnet, James Edward (Fin.) 115 Wmthrop Street, Watertown, N.Y. 

Calder. John Walcott (Sales.) 1107 Summit Place, Utica, N.Y. 

Jones, Harry Clinton Southampton, Mass. 

McMillan, John Baylies (Ins.) 15 Clarendon Bldg. Utica« N.Y. 

Robinson, Albert Sidney. Underwriters' Assn., Syracuse, N.Y. 

Walkeb, George Warren 609 Third Ave. North, Troy, N.Y. 

Wbaveb, John Van Alstyne, Jr 1618 Ashland Block, Chicago, HI. 


Adams, Mso'on Whitlock 15 Milk Street, Boston, Mass. 

Caldeb, IVederick Holbrook 14 Genesee Court, Utica, N.Y. 

Chase, William Byer 1814 Sunset Ave. Utica, N.Y. 

Kino, Karl Burnett 227 Scott St., Warren, O. 

King, Paul Larnard (Sales.) Homewood Ave. Warren, O. 

Little, William Hobart 107 York Avenue, Towanda, Pa. 

Mackat, Kenneth Tait (Imptr.) . . . Beechmont Park, New Rochelle, N.Y. 


Baldwin, Franklin Mosher 116 Harrison Street, East Orange, N.J. 

Banks, Harold Albert 298 Main Street, East Orange, N.J. 

CovEBT, Hudson 4108 Grand Blvd. Chicago, HI. 

Deckeb, Lewis Robertson (Lit.) 721 Powers Bldg. Rochester, N.Y. 

Eells, Milton Merwin 412 Rutger Street, Utica, N.Y. 

HiooiNS, Wilfred Rowell 3328 Portland Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

McMillan, George Scholefield 207 Warburton Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. 

Nichols, Louis Heyl 62 Tioga Street, Buffalo, N.Y. 

Stone, Philip Waldron Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y* 

* WooDBUFF, Cjreorge Norman, died 1914 Mezioo, N.y! 


Adams, John Robert 15 Milk Street, Boston, Mass. 

Fbaseb, Carlyle Monticello, N.y! 

1917-18 HAMILTON 16 

Fbsnch, CarloB Hayden 94 Waahlii^toii Avenue. Seymour, Conn. 

Lbonasd, Charles Albert RocheUe Park, New Rochelle. N.Y. 

Mabtin, Hugh Webb (Adv.) 318 South Manning Blvd. Albany, N.Y. 

Mabundalb, Stephen, Jr 237 So. 10th Street, La Crosse, Wis. 

Pbtbbssn, Reno Henry. 000 East 64th Street, Chicago, HI. 


Bull, Walter Dean 26 Burling Lane, New Roohelle, N.Y. 

Kjbllt, Joseph Reed 301 East 68th Street, New York, N.Y. 

Knowlbs, Paul Hawthorne Taylors Lane, Mamaroneok, N.Y. 

Otto, John, 2nd 168 College Street, Buffalo, N.Y. 

Pbck, Charles Eugene, Jr 7 Park Place, Ashtabula, O. 

Van Aukbn, George Lord 1147 Main Street, La Crosse, Wis. 

16 1881-39 



* Bishop, Prof. Robert Hamaton, died 1890 Oxford, O. 


* Grossbsck, Herman J., died 1849 Covington, Ky . 

* Groebbeck, William Slocum, died 1897 Cincimiati, O. 

* Pabkeb, Samuel W., died 1859 Comiersville, Ind. 


* Dbnnibon, William, died 1882 Columbus, O. 

* Harris, Horatio J., died 1859 Vicksburg, Miss. 

* Moffat, Prof. James Clement, died 1890 Princeton, N.J. 

* MoLONT, Prof. Daniel, died 1852 Cincinnati, O. 


* Fletcher, Albert Munroe, died 1840 Cincinnati, O. 

* Lancaster, Hugh, died 1841 Hamilton, O. 

* McCoy, John, died 1904 Independence, Mo. 

* Olds, Chauncey Newell, died 1890 Columbus, O. 

* Smith, Dr., Samuel Mitchell, died 1874 Columbus, O. 

* Stoddard, Prof. Orange Nash, died 1892 Wooster, O. 

* Telford, Prof. Charles Loomis,.died 1849 Cincinnati, O. 

* Temple, John Baylor, died 1886 Louisville, Ky. 


* Duncan, Robert, died 186- Fayette, Miss. 

* Parsons, Charles McLellan, died 1895 Columbus, O. 

* Reber, Samuel, died 1879 St. Louis, Mo. 

* Smith, Rev. Robert Calendar, died 1874 Macon, Ga. 


* DuBOSE, Virgin Milton, died 1852 Dallas Co. Ala. 

* John, Samud J., died 1853 Eaton, O. 

* Lowe, John Gilbert, died 1892 Dayton, O. 

* Reid, Hugh Thompson, died 1874 Keokuk, la. 


* BiRNBT, William, died 1907 Washington, D.C. 

* Bxttleb, Jacob, died 1874 Muscatine, la. 

* EwiNG, Philemon Beecher, died 1896 Lancaster, O . 

* Gboesbeck, John B., died 1879 Cincinnati, O. 

1839H16 MIAMI 17 

* Habt, Jamea H., died 1867 Piqtia, O. 

* Hoi/r, Robert Stephens, died 1867 Yasoo City, Miss. 

* McCk)T, Samuel Finley, died 1898 Chillicothe, O. 

* MiLLBB. Joaeph, died 1862 Chillicothe, O. 

* MooRB, WiUiam Alexander, died 1884 Midway, Kv. 

* Paqb, Henry Folaom, died 1891 Circleville, O. 

* Swan, George, died 1839 Columbus, O. 


* Babb, John, died 1850 Columbus, 0> 

* Bblvillb, Dr. William W., died 1871 Woodbridge, Cal- 

* CoNOVBB, Wilbur, died 1881 Dayton, O- 

* Elliott, Prof. Charles, died 1892 Eaaton, Pa- 

* PuGH, George Ellis, died 1876 Cincinnati, O' 

* Steblb, Robert Wilbur, died 1891 Dayton, O. 


* Andrew, Dr. George La£Ferty, died 1911 La Porte, Ind. 

* Bishop, Rev. John Mason, died 1890 Oxford, O. 

* JoNBS, Charles August, died 1866 New Orleans, La. 

* Vancb, Calvin Fletcher, died 1903 Memphis, Tenn. 


* Abmob, Dr. Samuel Glasgow, died 1885 Brooklyn. N.Y. 

* Bbtan, Charles A, died Columbus, O. 

* CoNOYBB, Obadiah Miller, died 1884 Madison, Wis. 

* Gbbbn. Moses Peed, died 1870 Hannibal, Mo. 

* HiBBBN, James Samuel, died 1877 Indianapolis, Ind. 

* iDDiNCMSt Daniel Wilkinson, died 1888 Dayton, O. 

* McCbba, Adam, died 1893 Circlevine, O. 

* Mendenhall, E. T., died Wilcox Co. Ala. 

* PoBTis, Benjamin Person, died 1878 Cuba Station, Ala. 

* Shiel, George Knox, died 1893 Salem, Ore. 

* Van Aubdal, Isaac, died 1900 Dayton, O. 


* Babnbs, Charles, died 1870 Madison, Ind • 

* Chalfant, Lafayette Washington, died 1847 Felicity, O- 

* Haibe, Thomas, died 1846 Cincinnati, O. 

* HoBB, Versalius, died 1885 Urbana, O. 

* Keblt, Dr. George Washington, died 1888 Oxford, O. 

* MooBE, William Bennett, died 1904 Washington, D.C. 

* Walkeb, Silas Bailey, died 1873 Sidney, O. 


* Bbown, Dr. Marcus A., died 1848 Circleville, Q. 

* Bbush, Charles D. L., died 1844 Cincinnati, O. 

* Gallaoheb, William Davis, died 1871 Cincinnati, O. 


* BuBBOWES, William Schenck, died 1872 Franklin, O. 

* ErFiMGBB, Robert Patterson, died 1899 Peru, Ind. 

18 MIAMI 1846-«6 

* Goods, James Samuel, died 1891 Sprio^eld, O. 

* KiBKPATRicK, James Douglas, died 1899 Society Hill, S.C. 

* SuiiLXTAN, Algernon Sydney, died 1887 New York, N.Y. 

* Wright, Dr. Thomas Lee, died 1893 Bellefontaine, O. 


* Clabk, James, died 1882 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* McGuiRB, Rev. Henry L., died 1853 Cincinnati, O. 

* James, Charles Pinckney, died 1859 Richmond, Ind. 


* BoNHAM, Rev. James Clinton, died 1899 Westport, Mo. 

* BuBROWES, Thomas Ashton, died 1889 Springfield, O. 

* Mato, Herman Boseman, died 1856 Philadelphia, P&. 

* Oliver, Melanchthon Wade, died 1900 Cincinnati, O. 

Stewart, Charles 123 N. 2d St. Easton, Pa. 


* Hume, Alexander F., died 1907 Hamilton, O. 

* Kalb, Rev. George Lewis, died 1912 Bellefontaine, O. 


* Anderson, Richard Clough, died 1878 Dayton, O. 

* Bonner, Samuel Alexander, died 1894 Greensburg, Ind. 


* Perkins, James H., died 1858 Cincinnati, O. 

* VooRHis, Robert Stevenson, died 1896 St. Louis, Mo. 


* Heron, Samuel, died 1860 Connersville, Ind. 

* PuGH, Jordan Anthony, died 1849 Cincinnati, O. 


* Dennt, Rev. Harmar (Charles), died 1908 Woodstock, Md. 

* Satler, Milton, died 1892 Cincinnati, O. 

* Swing, Rev. David, died 1894 Chicago, 111. 


* Brookes, Rev. James Hall, died 1897 St. Louis, Mo. 

* Chambers, Andrew Gowdy, died 1891 Freehold, N.J. 

* Morgan, Rev. Pollard McCormick, died 1872 Pittsburg, Pa. 


* CoRTELTOU, Rev. Thomas Foster, died 1888 Montgomery, O. 

* HussET, Rev. John, died 1888 Lafayette, Ind. 

KiLLEN, Rev. John Thomas Barnesville, Minn. 


BoNBAM, Lazarus Noble (Ret.) R. F. D. No. 2, Oxford, O. 

* Hairb, Rev. John Pursel. died 1914 Chicago, 111. 

186e-«8 MIAMI 19 


* HuBSXT, Dr. LutelluB, died 1005 Lookland, O. 

* McCluko, Rev. John Newton, died 1806 Sprincfield, Mo. 

* Strain, Rev. David Jaokson, died 1806 Virginia. III. 

* Tatlob, William, died 1911 Storma, O. 


DttnIiAP, Dr. Archibald Stewart Chattanooga, Tenn. 

* MANmNG, Lewis Drake, died 1809 Batavia, O. 

* Olxvxb, Warner Svmmes, died 1874 Cincinnati, O. 

* Paqb, William Wilmer, died 1807 Portland, Ore. 

* Satler, Nelson, died 1907 Cincinnati, O. 

* Thornton, Joseph Lyle, died 1006 Middletown. O. 


* Brainard, Gideon Reed, died 1001 Springfield, 111 . 

* Dewst, James Stoddard, died 1804 Detroit, Mich. 

* Gut, Rev. Ekiward Alexander, died 1013 Jacksonville, Fla. 

Moors, Robert (C. Eng.) 61 Vandeventer PI. St. Louis, Mo. 

* Parker, Tudor Homer, died 1861 Covington, Ky. 

* ScHMELTzxR, William Valentine, died 1866 New Orleans, La. 

* Snow, Rev. Joseph Crocker, died 1001 Newtonville, Mass. 

* Steele, Samuel Frank, died Hillsboro, O. 

Ward, Edgar Melville 61 West 10th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Wbaklbt, Herbert Henry, died 1006 Dayton, O. 


* McDonald. Duncan, died 1882 Urbana, O. 

McDonald, Rev. James Smith Corte Mluiera, Cal. 


* Cbisshan, Rev. Georpe Thomas, died 1005 Long Beach, Cal. 

* Dewet, Elijah Francis, died 1893 Big Rapids, Mich. 

Parkbr, Arthur Boyd Downey, Cal. 

* Pence, Abram Morris, died 1905 Chicago, 111. 

* Satlbb, John Riner, died 1914 Cincinnati, O. 

* Spbncxr, Rev. Francis Asbury, died 1904 Columbus, O. 

Thomas, Walter Scott (Ret.) 328 Grant St. Troy, O. 

* Webb, John Andrews, died 1906 Austin, Tex. 

Wright, Prof. Cyrus Mansfield 434 West 7th St. Cmcinnati, O. 


* Cloppeb, Edward Nicholas, died 1881 Houston, Tex. 

CoMLT, William Judkins (Chemial) 2647 Broadway, New York. N.Y. 

* Gut, David Wade, died 1002 Oxford, O. 

Marshall, Thomas B 218 Grove St. Sidney, O. 

Mato, Archibald 


* Brown, James Polk, died 1876 Dayton, O. 

* Dauohbbtt, Aquilla John, died 1001 Peoria, lU. 

20 . MIAMI 1862-^9 

* Dewebsb, Thomas Lewis, died 1860 Trojr, O. 

* GzBB, Albert Henry, died 1894 Cincinnati, O. 

* OiJ>s, William WoodruflF, died 1863 C3olumbu8, O. 

* Peck, Hon. Hiram David, died 1914 Cincinnati, O. 

* Thomas, William Irving, died 1866 Troy, O. 


Brooks, Dr. Theodore Darwin Piqua, O. 

* McGrbqor, James Wilson, died 1902 Palatka, Fla. 

Snow, David Bassett (Law.) Ottawa, 111. 


Gut, William Evans (Ret.) 10 Portland Place, St. Louis, Mo. 

* Mato, John Wesley, died 1873 Nacogdoches, Tex. 

* Powell, Frank Stuart, died 1903 St. Louis, Mo. 

Wilson, Hon. Moses Fleming Cincinnati, O. 


Johnson, Rev. Henry Clay Hudson, O. 

MoNTOOMERT, Clark Bates Cincinnati, O. 

* Stewart, James E., died 1889 '. Springfield, O. 


Barrere, Carlisle Union Nat. Bank Bldg. 0>lumbus, O. 

Scott, Samuel Parsons Hillsboro, O. 

* Wood, Rev. Charles Seely, died 1912 Urbana, O. 


Bishop, George Spencer -. Oxford, O. 

BURROWES, Stephen Ashton (Ret.) . .963 Magnolia Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 

* Clark, James Hardy, died 1869 Trenton, N.J. 

* Platter, Rev. James Edward, died 1883 Winfield, Kan. 

Thomas, Alfred Addison (Law.) ... 110 Limited Brethren Bldg. Dayton, O. 
Wright, Amos Willets 171 W. 8l8t St. New York, N.Y. 


Ankenet, Albert R. F. D. No. 10, Xenia, O. 

* Blynn, William G., died 1892 Oberlin, O. 

* Brooks, James Eugene, died 1904 Cambridge, City, Ind. 

* Byrkbtt, Abijah Rajrmond, died 1914 White Salmon, Wash. 

HiBBEN, Joseph Matthews (Mer.) Hillsboro, JE). 

Johnston, Rev. John Boyd 318 First Ave. Rock Falls, III. 

* McLain, Alvan Leander, died 1871 Springfield, O. 

McLain, Dr. James Lafouse West Chester, Pa. 


* Baldwin, Anson Sherwood, died 1904 North Platte, Neb. 

Brooks, Frank Stuart (Draftsman) 82 No. 22nd St. Columbus, O. 

Smith, Kirby (Law.) E. Main St. Hillsboro, O. 

* Smith, Samuel Mitchell, Jr., died 1878 Columbus, O. 

* Spencer, Charles Stetson, died 1867 Cincinnati. O. 

1870-76 MIAMI 21 


McFabland, James Milliken Topeka, Kan. 

McKiTRicK, Rev. Eben S 1232 N. Los Robles Ave. Pasadena, Cal. 

* McMakbn, Joseph J., died 1907 Hamilton, O. 

RoBT, John Boyd (Ret.) 1431 W. Adams St. Los An^ee, Cal. 

UsTxcK, Dr. Harlan Page Boise City, Idaho 


Baksr, James Soott Battle Creek, Mich. 

BiBHOP, Robert Hamilton (Cattleman) Mankato, Kan. 

Martin, Edmn Campbell (Editor). .815 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. 

MooBE, Rev. David Ross Bond Hill, O. 

Shiras, James Oliver 166 Overlook St. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

Stanton, Robert Brewster (Eng.) . . . .700 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. 
ZiBGLER, Dr. James Patterson Mount Joy, Lancaster Co. Pa. 


Ankenet, Horace (Farmer) R. F. D. No. 7, Xenia, O. 

* BiBHOP, Sylvester Lyons, died 1900 Oxford, O. 

Earnhart, Moees Branson (Law.) 1437 Bryden Road, Columbus, O. 

GrOWDT, Rev. George Edwin Lebanon, O. 


CoppocK, Francis Marion (Law.) 1360 Locust St. Cincinnati, O. 

Hughes, Harry Webster c/o Fifth, Third Nat. Bank, Cincinnati, O. 

* McAi4^N, William Barkelow, died 1880 Cincinnati, O. 


Brown, Thomas Gordon (Journ.) 235 No. 6th St. Coshocton, O. 

DiCKBON, Parker (Law.) Alta Bldg. Cincinnati, O. 

* QAXiLOWAT, John Smith, died 1873 Columbus, O. 

Irvin, Horace A Dayton, O. 

* Jeffbrtb, James Oscar, died 1892 Dayton, O. 

Watt, Rev. John Camithers Bahaihonda, Cuba, W. I. 


* Baker, John Taylor, died 1874 Greensburg, 111. 

Campbell, Harry H. (Mfr.) 118 So. 5th St. Ironton, O. 

Hbnrt, Rev. Harry Houston Main St. Bath, Pa. 

Morrison, Rev. Robert Big Run, Pa. 

Sntdbr, Balfour Columbus, O. 


Clatpool, Newton Hotel Beaconsfield, Brookline, Mass. 

Galigher, Joseph Ellis (Eng.) . . Galigher Mach. Co. Salt Lake City, Utah 
McLaren, John Piatt (Farmer) Glendale, Hamilton Co. O. 

22 18S(H89 



* Baiijbt, Alexander Hamilton, died 1874 Rome, N.T. 

* CoNOEB, I>r. David, died 1873 New York, N.Y. 

* HuGHSON, Frederick, died 1906 FishkiU, N.Y. 

* KsLLOGG, Rev. Robert Ransom, died 1866 Milford, Pa. 


* DoD, Rev. William Armstrons, died 1872 Princeton, N.J. 

* Evans. Rev. James Samuel, died 1885 Setauket, N.Y. 

* HuimNGTON, Daniel, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

* Van Nostrand, Abiathar Rhoads, died 1865 Mound City, 111. 


* Baxeb, William Edgar, died 1846 New York, N.Y. 

* Howard, Elias Harold, died Eureka. Cal. 

* Vbbbbtck, Cornelius, died 183- New York, N.Y. 

* Watson, Rev. Alfred Augustin, (tied 1905 Wilmington, N.C. 


* CoxE, Rev. Arthur Cleveland, died 1896 Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Goldsmith, Rev. Benjamin Moore, died 1885 Bellona, N.Y. 

* Gbiswold, George (Catlin), died 1884 Dresden, Germany. 

* MiLNOB, Charles Edward, died 1877 New York, N.Y. 

* Pattebson. Rev. Stephen, died 1853 Vicksburg, Miss. 

* Van Nostband. Prof. Jacob, died 1879 New York. N.Y. 


* CoxE. Rev. Samuel Hanson, died 1895 Utica, N.Y. 

* Cbamkr. WiUiam Edward, died 1905 Milwaukee. Wis. 

* Lathbop. Mills Ely. died 1891 Boonton, N.J. 

* LniAN, Rev. Dwight Edwards, ^ed 1893 Govanstown, Md. 

* SxKLKT. Rev. Raymond Hoyt. died 1885 Haverhill, Mass. 

* Stbad, Rev. Benjamin Franklin, died 1879 Astoria. N.Y. 

* TowNSXND, Emory, died 1878 Lakeport, Cal. 

1886-40 88 



* HiLLTBB. Giles Mumfoid, died 1871 New York. N.Y. 

* HoBABT, Rev. John Henry, died 1889 Fishkill. N.Y. 

* Jay, John, died 1894 New York, N.Y. 

* McVicKAR, Rev. Henry, died 1847 New York. N.Y. 

* Ward. Henry, Jr.. died 1840 New York, N.Y. 

* Waters, George Gilfert, died 1876 New York. N.Y. 

* Wbbd. Harvey Augustus, died 1872 New York. N.Y. 


* Aldis, Rev. Charles, died 1878 Detroit, Mich. 

* Blatchford, Hon. Samuel, died 1893 New York, N.Y. 

* Chittbndbn, Nathaniel William, died 1885 New York, N.Y. 

* FssBBNDXN, Henry Partridge, died 1867 Orange, N.J. 

* Ha;<sxt, Anthony, died 1879 Yonkers, N.Y. 

* LsooKTT. William Henry, died 1882. New York, N.Y. 

* MacMullsn. John, died 1896 New York, N.Y. 

* Tucker, Rev. John Ireland, died 1895 Troy, N.Y. 

* Vandxrbilt, John, Jr., died 1877 Flatbush, N.Y 

* Whitlock, Samuel H.. died 1866 New York. N.Y. 


* Kibbam. Benjamin Tredwell, died 1907 New York, N.Y. 

* RoMAiNE, Benjamin, Jr., died 1841 New York, N.Y. 

* Strong, George Temfdeton, died 1876 New York, N.Y. 

* Ward. Francis Marion, died 1847 New Orleans, La. 

* Ward, Henry HaU, died 1872 New York, N.Y. 


* Brown, James C. Roosevelt, died 1864 New York, N.Y. 

* Cornell, George James, died 1857 New York, N.Y. 

* Fowler, James Walker, died 1904 Newburgh, N.Y. 

* HuoRSON. Frederick, died 1906 FishkiU, N.Y. 

* Lord. Daniel DeForest, died 1894 New York, N.Y. 

* Walbh. James William, died 1872 New York. N.Y. 


* Botsb, Gerard Smith, died 1841 New York, N.Y. 

* Clark, James Farley, died New York, N.Y. 

* Jones, Alfred George, died 1868 New York, N.Y. 

* Lewis, John, died 

* Ltman, Rev. Dwight Edwards, died 1893 Govanstown, Md. 

* Rogers. Rev. Ebeneser Piatt, died 1881 Montolair. N.J. 

24 COLUMBIA 1881-B8 


* Pattkbson. Hon. Edward, died 1910 New York, N. Y- 


Rambaut, Thomas Daniel (Law.) 27 William St. New York, N.Y. 

* Smith, Dr. Job Lewis. Jr., died 1884 New York, N.Y. 


Gkbenb, Edward Rowland (Law.) 15 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 


Abeel, George Howard (Banking) Ironwood, Mich. 

Htd, Albert Fillmore Morristown, N.J. 

* Manierre, Alfred Lee, died 1911 New York, N.Y. 

Weed, Walter Harvey (Min. Geol.) 29 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 


CnsHMAN, Joseph Wood 240 West 23rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Fitch, Josiah Huntington 729 E. 168th St. New York, N.Y. 

Sullivan, George Hammond (Law.) 49 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 


* Bishop. WUliam Collins, died 1887 New York. N.Y. 

* CoNGAR. Horace Newton, Jr., died 1898 Newark," N.J. 

* Crowell, Charles Burton, died 1902 Cedar Rapids. la. 

Leonard, Jesse Hoyt (R. Est.) 1 Leonard PI. Albany, N.Y. 

Merrill, Frederick James Hamilton (Min. Eng.) 

631 Higgins Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal. 


Chambers, Hilary Ranald 36 W. 71st St. New York, N.Y. 

CoNANT, Henry Dunning (Smelting) HubbeU, Mich. 

* Guernsey, Joseph Reynolds, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

* Knox, De Witt, died 1898 New York, N.Y. 

Lee. Robert Ferine (Law.) 62 E. 63rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Fatterson. Edward Liddon (Law.) 71 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Peck, Staunton Bloodgood c/o Link Belt Co. Phila.. Pa, 

Porter, H. Hobart 62 William St. New York, N.Y. 


GoDDARD, Charles Franc (Law.) 182 W. 88th St. New York, N.Y. 

Lawton, William Hubbard (Acct.) 230 Windermere Ave. Wayne, Pa. 

LuQUER, Prof. Lea Mcllvaine 321 W. 80th St. New York, N.Y. 

LusK, Prof. Graham 27 E. 72nd St. New York, N.Y. 

* Rutherford, Lewis Hopkins, died 1906 Mapimi, Durango, Mex. 

ScHiEFFBLiN, William Jay (Chemist) 6 E. 66th St. New York, N.Y. 

Staunton, John Armitage, Jr. (Priest) Sagada, P.I. 


* Bratbnahl, Dr. Gustav Weber, died 1895 New York, N.Y. 

* Ely. Henry Bidwell, died 1911 Redlands, Cal. 

1888-^8 COLUMBIA 

EwiNO, Hampton Denman (Law.) ... .27 Belinont Terrace, YoDkera, N.Y. 

Faibchild, Jarvis Rose (Pub.) 100 Washington Sq. New York. N.Y. 

Reamer, Lawrence Crawford 170 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

Robinson, Seth Banister 1 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Sill, Prof. Henry Augustus 5 East Ave. Ithaca, N.Y. 

TuTTLE, Dr. George Marvine 4917 Maryland Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 


Bbight, Edward, Jr Gottingen, Germany 

DoNNELL, Gustavus Trask (Fin.) 15 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

Elt, Dr. Leonard Wheeler Lane Hospital, San Francisco, Cal. 

J0HN60N, Remsen (Law.) 187 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

LuQUER, Thatcher Taylor Payne (Cons. Eng.) 

Bedford, Westchester Co.. N.Y. 

MoNTOOMBRT, Rev. Archibald Eglinton Tenafly, N.J. 

MoNTOOMSRT, John Seymour (Law.) Riverside, Conn. 

Pem^n, Henry Colden (Arch.) 8 W. 38th St. New York, N.Y. 

ScHROEDER, James Langdon (Arch.) 12 W. 31st St. New York, N.Y. 

Thachbr, Thomas Worcester (Shoes) 86 Lincoln St., Boston, Mass. 


Bradlet, Stephen Rowe (Mfg.) Nyack, N.Y. 

* Gould, Edward Ludlow, died 1903 Yonkers, N.Y. 

Hewlett, James Munroe 345 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Hicks, George Jewett, died 1891 New Brighton, N.Y. 

Shipman, Rev. Herbert 3 East 46th St. New York, N.Y. 

WooDiN, William Hartman (Mfg.) 127 E. 69th St. New York, N.Y. 


Blossom, Francis (C. Eng.) 52 William St. New York, N.Y. 

Lanothorn, Jacob Stinman (C. Eng.) 185 82nd St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Lee, Samuel Van Wyck (Law.) 52 E. 63rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Metcalfe, George Washmgton (Mining) Kennett, Cal. 

Nbeser, John Gaspard 247 6th Ave. New York, N.Y, 

* Pdtkam, John Farr, died 1893 Salt Lake City, Utah 

* Soxtthard, George Carroll, died 1903 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Taylor, Dwight Wilcox (Mfg.) 500 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 


AsHWORTH, Rev. Robert Archibald 684 Marshall St. Milwaukee, Wis* 

CowiNQ, Rufus Billings, Jr. (Law.) 49 Wall St. New York, N.Y- 

Hewlett, Arthur Thomas (Decorating) . . .68 Remson St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

McKinlay, James Buell (Fin.). 30 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

Pierce, Frederick Emery (C. Eng.) 36 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

* Robertson, Benjamin Joseph, Jr., died New York, N.Y. 

* ScHiEFFBLiN, Samucl Bradhurst, Jr., died 1889 New York, N.Y. 

Sill, Rev. James Burgess Shelby, N.C. 

Smith, Rev. Everett Pepperell 518 N. 8th St. Boise, Idaho 

Van Ingen, Dudley Arthur Spring Valley, N.Y. 


Applegate, Robert Carey 30 Elm St. Morristown, N.J. 

Brookfibld, Henry Morgan (Glass) 2 Rector St. New York, N.Y. 

26 COLUMBIA 1893-97 

* DoNNXLL, William Ballou, died 1906 New York. N.Y. 

Faulkhkr, Capt. Albert Urmy c/o Adjt. Gen. U. S. A., Wash.. D.C. 

* Flaog, Mortimer Kennedy, died 1908 New York, N.Y. 

Taintob, Starr (Mfg.) 220 Fairfield Ave. Stamford, Conn. 

* Taintob, William Noycs, died 1898 New York. N.Y. 

* Tbsat. Sidney HubbeU, died 1903 New York, N.Y. 

Whtland. William Philip 454 Ft. Washington Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Zabbiskib. Dr. Fred Templeton, died 1905 New York. N.Y. 


Grace. Joseph Peter Great Neck, L.I. 

* Hewlett, Charles Russell, died 1913 New York. N.Y. 

* HnJ>BETH. Philip Redington Mudge, died 1898 New York, N.Y. 

Knapp. Rev. Shepherd 8 Institute Road, Worcester, Mass. 

Locke, Campbell (Law.) 120 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

* McCalmont, James Donald, died 1912 Franklin, Pa. 

Reed, Horatio Roop (Adv.) 201 Leonia Ave. Leonia, N.J. 

Sherman, (herald Fitzgerald (Mining) Bisbee, Aris. 

Sill, Rev. Frederick Herbert Kent School, Kent, CJonn. 

Smith. Clarence Bishop (Law.) 150 E. 63rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Smith, Wilson Fitch (C. Eng.) 12 Crane Ave. White Plains, N.Y. 

Tompkins. John Almy, 2nd 20 W. 43rd St. New York. N.Y. 


Bates, Thomas Towar (Banking) 80 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Capbn, Frederick Mortimer (Law.) 46 W. 34th St. New York, N.Y. 

Cbowell, William Beers 1044 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Palmer, George Quintard (Mfg.) IE. 73rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Parish, Edward Codman (Law.) 62 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Sbifman. Raymond Gold 

c/o PariSfc Allen & Co., 45 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Slatback, William Abbott 

Sturgis, Edward Barney (Min. Eng.) Pleasantville, N.Y. 

Sturgis, Lyman Barney Pleasantville, N.Y. 

Sutton, Frank (Cons. Eng.) Babylon, L.I. 


Carter, Gale Hogeboom 332 Pine St. San Francisco. Cal. 

Clark, Allan Jay (Metallurgist) Lead, S.D. 

Fearing, Joseph Lea (Paper) 7 South Dearborn St. Chicago, lU. 

Hays, William Henry (Fin.) 71 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

* McLanb. Paul, died 1897 Laredo. Tex. 


Abmstead, Henry Howell (Min. Eng.) ... .32 W. 40th St. New York, N.Y. 

Bates, Putnam Asbury (Cons. Eng.) Convent, N.J. 

Clark, Charles Martin 346 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Knox, Newton Booth. .689 Salisbury House, London Wall, E. C, England 

Palmer, Francis Fletcher (Fin.) 40 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Perkins, Seymour 45 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

PRBSSPRICH, Reginald William (Banker) Rye, N.Y. 

Putnam, Albert William (Law.) 32 Liberty St, New York, N.Y. 

1898-1902 COLUMBIA 27 


Beldbn. William Allen (Fin.) 66 Broadwav, New York, N.Y. 

Edwards, Allen Fulton (Ry.) 212 Seminole Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Fearing, William Henry Union Club, New York, N.Y. 

Hudson, Darwin Shaw (C. Eng.) 157 Franklin St. Astoria, N.Y. 

LoNOACRB, Orleans, Jr. (Mining) Box 271, Joplin, Mo. 

Pecx, Thomas Bloodgood (Fin.) 24 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

Striker, George Henry 84 Lexington Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Stmmes, William Bittle, Jr. (Law.) 55 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Williams, John Townsend, Jr. (Eng.) . . 18 Gramercy Pk. New York, N.Y. 


Carpenter, Henry Cannon (Eng.) 2 W, 86th St. New York, N.Y. 

Henderson, Henry Howison Steubenville, O. 

Pier, Garrett Chatfield (Author) 118 Riverside Dr. New York, N.Y. 

ScHROBDER, Henry (E. Eng.) 20 £. 6dth St. New York, N.Y. 

* Van Waqenbn, Hubert, Jr., died 1915 New York, N.Y. 


Botbsbn, Hjahnar Hjorth (Law.) 49 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Brown. Caxton 74 Cortlandt St. New York, N.Y. 

* BxjLLARD, Frederic Lewis, died 1914 New York, N.Y^ 

CowFBRTHWAiT, Frederic Nichols. . . .43 Exchange Place, New York, N.Y. 

CuRRAN, Ross Ambler 1798 Broadway, San Fk'ancisco, Cal. 

Edwards, James Alexander (Law.) 32 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Grace, WiUiam Russell, Jr 7 Hanover 8q. New York, N.Y. 

* Hbnne, Christopher, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

Howe, Joseph Parkhurst (Law.) 2 Rector St. New York, N.Y. 

Knapp, James Rintoul (Law.) 44 W. 44th St. New York. N.Y. 

* Lbfpbrts, Franklin Baker, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

MouLTON, Robert Hurt (Writer) 

Room "L," Board of Trade, Chicago, 111. 

Nelson, Francis Augustus (Arch.) 15 W. 38th St. New York, N.Y. 

Raymond, Dr. Edward Holman, Jr 542 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

White, Thomas Gilbert (Artist) 

The Players, 16 Gramercy Pk. New York, N.Y. 


Bruce, Edward Bright (Law.) Manila, P.I. 

Cornell, Russell Todd (Min. Eng.) 67 W. 83rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Grace, Walter Henry 40 Beaufort Gardens, London, Eng. 

PicHER, Oliver Sheppard Joplin, Moi 

Smith, Charles Hoyt (Ins.) , 444 Broadway, Albany, N.Y. 


Armstbad, Daniel Macpherson c/o Ingersol-Rand Co. Butt«, Mont. 

Brown, Stanley (E. Eng.) 114 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Carter, Jarvis Pomeroy (Law.) 1134 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

CoLiB, Dr. Edward Martin, Jr 265 W. 81st St. New York, N.Y. 

CowiNO, Percy Foote (E. Eng.) 49 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Falconbr, Bruce McLean (Law.) 701 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

28 COLUMBIA 1902-06 

JoHZiBOK, Homer Sturtevant (Mfg.) 360 Holden Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

KxLLT. John Jerome (Fin.) 119 E. 70th St. New York, N.Y. 

McClurx, Arthur Jones 22 W. 49th St. New York, N.Y. 

PowEBS. Walter Hayward (E. En«.) 46 W. 34th St. New York, N.Y. 

Stbbbxigh. Robert Lefferts (Cons.) 410 W. 34th St. New York, N.Y. 


Abbott, Qinton Gilbert (Metal.) 32 C^liff St. New York, N.Y. 

Bates, John Grenville (Fin.) Ck)nvent, N.J. 

BoTESEN, Algernon (Aviator) Royal Aero CSub, London, Eng. 

* Coffin, Ralston Roberts, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

CoLiE, Dayton (Arch.) * 28 Webster Place, Orange, N.J. 

COBNBLL, Irwin Hewlett (Lead) 201 W. 55th St. New York, N.Y. 

Eablb, Victor Montagne (R. Est.) 200 W. 72nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Hendrickson, Charles Le Roy (Fin.) . .23 Cathedral Ave. Garden City, L.I. 

Landers, William Herbert (Mining) New Almaden, Cal. 

Lefferts, Barent (R. Est.) 936 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

LocKwooD, Andrew Fletcher, .c/o W. and A. Fletcher Co., Hoboken, N.J. 

Mo£n, Lechanch4 (Eng.) 46 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Murpht, J. Leo (C. Eng.) 23 E. 83rd St. New York, N.Y. 


BovET, John Masters (Law.) 45 Cedar St. New York, N.Y. 

Bubnham, Ralph French (Orange Grower) Box 589, Riverside, Cal. 

Eakin, Alexander (Ins.) 421 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Stow, Sherman Hollister (Ranching) R No. 2, Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Tatlqr, Nelson Salathiel Mills (Lumber) 

1119 Delaware Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 
Tyler, Ernest Franklin (Decorator) ... .15 West 38th St. New York, N.Y. 
Van Waqenen, Edward (E. Eng.) 

48 Markwood Rd. Forest Hills, L.I., N.Y. 
von Bernuth, Rudolph Ludwig (Law.) .... 15 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 
Young, Charles Oliver, Jr Port Jervis, N.Y. 


Cornell, Milton Longacre (Mfg.) 601 W. 26th St. New York, N.Y. 

Crane, Theodore (Arch.) 324 Lexington Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Fitzgerald, Frank Thomas (Law.) 670 W. 183rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Pece, Howard Morrell (Arch.) 48 E. 75th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Prall, John Goldsmith, died 1907 Elmhurst, L. I., N.Y. 

Wallower, Frank Carmany (Min. Eng.) Webb City, Mo. 

Warrin, Richard Halstead (Arch.) Cooperstown, N.Y. 


Carter, Douglas Skelton (Eng.) 

c/o Ingersoll-Rand Co., 32 Oliver St. Boston, Mass. 
Evans, Alfred Winter Reefton, New Zealand 

* Grace, Cecil Stanley, died 1910 New York, N.Y. 

Heceer, John McKeon 44 W. 37th St. New York, N.Y. 

Landers, Marsden H 923 Greene Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Merritt. John Israel (M. Eng.) 17 Battery PI. New York, N.Y. 

Stinson. Joseph Whitla 490 Riverside Drive. New York, N.Y. 

190^10 COLUMBIA . 29 

Van Sicklbn, Matthew c/o C. T. Roe, 44 Pine St. New York, N.Y. 

WiLLABD, Paul Day (Eng.) Rood Bldg. Hibbing, Minn. 


Atwatsb, Huntington Clark (C. Eng.) 

191 Claremont Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Condon, Martin Joseph, Jr Exchange Bldg. Memphis, Tenn. 

DoTT, Oliver Keese Tuinica Sugar Co. Tuiniea, Cuba 

McCltob, Walter Cecil (Fin.) 22 W. 49th St. New York, N.Y. 

Marsh, Robert, Jr. (Eng.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Pebbins, Harold 820 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. 

RoLUNB, Adolph Christie (Fin.) 754 Carroll St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Stabbucx, William David Lent (M. Eng.) Bezley, Columbus, O. 

WooDWABD, Orator Francis (Capitalist) . . .962 East Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 


Bebomann, Rudolph Charles (Sales) 19 £. 126th St. New York, N.Y. 

Gbaham, Horace Reynolds Rancaqua, Chili 

Lbpfbbts, Marshall Cliflford, Jr. (Mfg.) 

30 Washington Place, New York, N.Y. 

Palmbb, Harold (Fin.) 1 WaU St. New York, N.Y. 

Shibas, George Bartram (Sales) 346 Carroll St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Watson, Everett Vail (Farming) The Magnolias, Beacon, N.Y. 

WiNSLOW, William Sprague (Chem. Eng.) 

53 Hamilton Terrace, New York, N.Y. 


Fabbington, Thayer Boowell (Eng.) 26 S. 18th St. Columbus, O. 

KxMBEL, William Anthony (Decorator) 

190 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 

Knapp, Harold Owen (Eng.) Crockett, Cal. 

Locke, Preston Erie 

McCouN, Frederic Hewlett (Law.) 39 W. 84th St. New York, N.Y. 

Mead, Charles Barry 261 W. 89th St. New York, N.Y. 

MiUiABO, Barton (Merchant) Omaha Grain Exchange, Omaha, Neb. 

MucxLOw, Wilfred Barber McGill, Nev. 

Rhodes, Lovell The Alvard, East Orange, N.J. 

Sandbbs, Benton 62 W. 83rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Sloan, Harold Stevenson 19 Davis Ave. East Orange, N.J. 

Tatlob, Harold Williams 100 E. 17th St. New York. N.Y. 


Babcocx, Theodore Stoddard (C. Eng.) Pelham Manor, N.Y. 

CooFEB, Dr. Frederick Sturgis 405 E. Gambier St. Mt. Vernon, O. 

Duncan, McKee (Eng.) 998 Prospect Ave. Pelham Manor, N.Y. 

Haines, Franklin Mifflin (R. Est.) 536 W. 111th St. New York, N.Y. 

Johnston, Clarence Howard, Jr. (Arch.) . .11 Crocus Hill, St. Paul, Minn. 

Klepbtko, Ernest (Min. Eng.) 80 Maiden Lane, New York, N.Y. 

Rockwood, N. Otis (Law.) 49 Prospect Ave. Montclair, N.J. 

Stephenson, Ray. Williams (Banking) 55 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

TalIiANT, John Drury Rancaqua, Chili 

Waitt, Weymer Hinkley (R. Est.) 165 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

COLUMBIA 1911-14 


Eddison, William Barton (M. Eng.) 74 Broadway, Irviocton, N.Y. 

Gatch, Nelson Bumes (Mininjs) . . .5266 Westminster Place, St. Louis, Mo. 

Kbubmmeh, Adolph Wilhelm Clauathal, Germany. 

Naixob. Henry Kodley (Banking) 34 E. 32nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Nbwtgk, Edmund 941 14th Ave. S. £. Minneapolis, Minn. 

PHILUP8, Edward Somerville Jaffray, Jr. (Arch.) 

336 W. 7l8t St. New York. N.Y. 

PowEBS, Lansing Woodruff (Mfg.) 600 Fifth Ave. New York. N.Y. 

Ransom, Rastus Seneca, Jr. (Mimng Eng.) (Solden, Col. 

RiLKT. Wella littiefield (M. Eng.) 126 W. 02nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Tatlob, Stevenson Pierce (M. Eng.) 123 W. 86th St. New York. N.Y. 


Babcogk, Hemy Stoddard Pelham Manor. N.Y. 

BuLLWiNKBL. Edward John (Fin.) 317 W. 93rd St. New York, N.Y. 

DoNNBLLT, Alfred Eugene (R. Est.) 106 Magnolia Ave. Daytona, Fla. 

KxMP, James Taylor 211 West 139th St. New York, N.Y. 

RiLKT, Dr. Henry Alsop 126 W. 92nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Root, William Raymond 248 Jefferson Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Wbigbt, Rowland Gregory c/o The Otis Steel Co. Cleveland, O. 


Ball, David Spencer Spu}rten Duyvil, N.Y. 

Campbell, William Montgomery (Chem.) 

643 W. 14l8t St. New York, N.Y. 

Gahagan, Andrew Jesse 49 W. 66th St. New York, N.Y. 

Haines. Dallas Way 320 West 102nd St. New York. N.Y. 

RiGGS, Lieut-Ck>m. Roland Rogers (Ret.) . . 12 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Rocs, William Fredrich 801 Hudson St. Hoboken, N.J. 

TiTtJS, Randolph Page ((5ovt.) 308 B. Capitol St. Washington, D.C. 

Watson, Thomas Henderson, Jr. (Law.) .268 W. 93rd St. New York, N.Y. 


CoLQUHOXTN, Capt. William Wallace . . 31 Femdale, Tunbridge WeUs, Eng. 

Dickinson, Herbert Codwise (Coal) Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y. 

Dotlb, William Leonard Hunt (M. Eng.) 66 Whitney Place, Buffalo, N.Y. 

FosTBB, Daniel Pritchard 69 Evergreen Ave. East Orange, N.J. 

Johnson, James Wendell 146 West 7th St. Oswego, N.Y. 

Kbug, Charles Steinway 614 West 113th St. New York, N.Y. 

McNuLTT, Donald Staaxt (Banking) . . .614 W. 113th St. New York, N.Y. 

Macdonald, Francis 610 West 113th St. New York, N.Y. 

Milleb, Harold James 762 Westminster Road, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Riley, Morgan Thomas 126 West 02nd St. New York, N.Y. 

SMTth, Henry Godfrey (Banking) 600 West 161st St. New York, N.Y. 

Tatlob, Leonard Graeme 2043 E. 88th St. Cleveland. O. 

Tbacbt, John (Arch.) 20 WiUett St. Albamr, N.Y. 

West, William Laurence 849 St. Nicholas Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Wood. WiUiam Halsey (Draftsman) 2 West 47th St. New York, N.Y. 

1916-18 COLUMBIA 81 


Alvord, Donald Barnum (R. Est.) Clearwater, Florida 

Bbadt, Francia Loyd 614 West 113th St. New York, N.Y. 

Braiblik, WiUiam Donald 556 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Chubch, John Root 1417 Leavenworth St. Manhattan, Kansas 

Clabx, Edward Buroham 187 Keap St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Dhullabd, Alfred Bennett 380 Riverside Drive. New York, N.Y. 

Gbahah, Sterling Edward 138 East 37th St. New York, N.Y. 

Johnston, William Sherman 542 West 112th St. New York, N.Y. 

Kbmp, Philip Kittredge 211 West 139th St. New York, N.Y. 

Norton, Alwin Wood Lawrence, L. I., N.Y. 

Wood. Alexander Hemsley 614 West 113th St. New York, N.Y. 


Atwood, Kimball Chase, Jr Oradell, N.J. 

Brown. Addison Box 65, Davis, Cal. 

Fairchild, Hoxie Mab 133 West 11th St. New York, N .Y. 

GiLLBTT, WiUiam Van Kirk (Adv.) . .606 West 122nd St. New York. N.Y. 

HAkiiiTON. Arthur Gould 177 E. 64th St. New York, N.Y. 

HANiiON. Joseph Thomas 1401 Mt. Royal Ave. Baltimore, Md. 

Luck, Courtlandt 167 West 72nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Randall, Bradley Pelham Manor, N.Y. 

VoLLMXR. David Wilbert 887 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Dbnison, Archibald Campbell 460 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 

Earlk. Edward Mead 410 West 115th St. New York, N.Y. 

Elt, George William, 2nd 829 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. 

KuR, David 430 West 119th St. New York, N.Y. 

Langthorm, Jacob Stinman, Jr 185 82nd St. Brooklsm, N.Y. 

Lbh. Homer Riddle 551 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. 

MoNROB, Henry Clay 144 West 104th St. New York. N.Y. 

von Bkrnuth, Anton Frederick Whitestone, N.Y. 


DoNNBLL, Richard Robinson 317 West 107th St. New York, N.Y. 

Kalt, Harold Leslie 124 East 64th St. New York, N.Y. 

ScHMSLZBL, James Henry, Jr 18 West 56th St. New York, N.Y. 

32 1830-89 



* LooMis, Prof. Eliaa, died 1889 New Haven, Conn. 

* Palmer, Rev. Ray, died 1887 Newark, N.J. 


* Clat, CassiuB Marcellua, died 1903 White HaU, Ky. 


* Bacot, Dr. Henry Harramond, died 1882 Society Hill, S.C. 

* Baqq, Dr. Moses Mears, died 1900 Utica, N.Y. 

* Clarke, Rev. Walter, died 1871 Bufifalo, N.Y. 

* Cob, Frederick Augustus, died 1870 Yonkers, N.Y. 

* Gilbert, George Yates, died 1888 Gilbertsville, N.Y. 

* Goodrich, Rev. Chauncey, died 1868 New Haven, Conn. 

* Sparks, William Alexander, died 1849 Venice, Italy 

* Wilbur, Seth Tryon, died 1838 New York, N.Y. 


* Bartlett, Dr. John Knowlton, died 1889 Milwaukee, Wis. 

* Claxton, Rev. Robert Bethell, died 1882 West Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Fleming, William Stuart, died 1896 Columbia, Tenn. 

* Ltnde, Charles James, died 1841 Milwaukee, Wis. 

* Ltnde, William Pitt, died 1885 Milwaukee, Wis. 

* McChain, Rev. James, died 1869 Abingdon, Va. 

♦Peck, Whitman, died 1894 New Haven, Conn. 

* Peck, William Ball, died 1850 Keokuk, la. Name changed to Telford 

* Ribeibo, Carlos Fernando, died 1889 Alcantara, Brazil 

* Stoddard, David Tappan, died 1857 Oroomia, Persia 

* Talcott, Thomas Grosvenor, died 1870 Hartford, Conn. 

* Telford, William F., died 1850 Keokuk, la. 

* Thompson, Rev. Joseph Parrish, died 1879 Berlin, Germany 

* Varnum, Joseph Bradley, died 1874 New York, N.Y. 

* Walker, Joseph Knox, died 1863 Memphis, Tenn. 


* Cutler, Rev. Rufus Putnam, died 1877 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* GwYNNB, Abraham Evan, died 1855 Cincinnati, O. 

* Hubbard, Richard Dudle3^, died 1884 Hartford, Conn. 

* Ltnde, Watts Sherman, died 1841 Homer, N.Y. 

* Macdonouoh, Augustus Rodney, died 1907 New York, N.Y. 

* Merwin, Rev. Samuel John MUls, died 1888 Wilton, Conn. 

* NoRRia, Rev. William Herbert, died 1880 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Putnam, James Osborne, died 1903 Buffalo, N.Y. 

1839-48 TALE 88 

* Sherwood, John D., died 1891 Englewood, N.J. 

* Smith, Rev. Levi Ward, died 1863 Germantown, Pa. 

* SriLLi, Charles Janeway, died 1899 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Tarbox, Increase Niles, died 1888 West Newton, Mass. 

* Whitney, Prof. Josiah Dwight. died 1896 Cambridge, Mass. 

* Williams, William Perkins, died 1841 New London, Conn. 


* Chatjvenet, Prof. William, died 1870 St. Louis, Mo. 

* FewSmith. Prof. Joseph, died 1888 Newark, N.J. 

* FisK, Stuart Wilkins, died 1862 Natchea, Miss. 

* March, Rev. Daniel, died 1909 Wobum, Mass. 

* Perkins, John, died 1885 Sweet Springs, W. Va. 

* Perkins, William, died 1854 Tensas Parish, La. 

* Richards, George, died 1870 Bridgeport, Conn. 

* Shoemaker, Lasarus Denison, died 1893 Wilkes Barre, Pa. 


* Bushnell, Jackson Jones, died 1873 Beloit, Wis. 

* DE Si. PoMPEio Ascenco, died 1879 Alcantara, Brasil 

* Eldridqe, Rev. Azariah, died 1888 Yarmouthport, Mass. 

* Emerson, Prof. Joseph, died 1900 Beloit, Wis. 

* EusTis, Rev. William Tappan, died 1888 Springfield, Mass. 

* Gillett, August Canfield, died 1856 W^ashington, D.C. 

* Helfenstein, Charles Philip, died 1900 Shamokin, Pa. 

* Learned, WiUiam Law, died 1904 Albany, N.Y. 

* Mitchell, Donald Grant, died 1908 New Haven, Conn. 

* Northrop, Birdsey Grant, died 1898 Clinton, Conn. 

* Yarnall, Rev. Thomas Coffin, died Philadelphia, Pa. 


* Benton, Rev. Joseph Augustine, died 1892 Oakland, Cal. 

* Brown, Joseph Venner, died 1893 Conneaut, O. 

* Clapp, Rev. Alexander Huntington, died 1899 New York, N.Y. 

* Grbadt, Rev. William Postell, died 1882 Tuccoa City, Ga. 

* Halsey, Jacob Stephen, died 1853 New Orleans, La. 

* Hennen, William Davison, died 1883 New York, N.Y. 

* HiESTER, Isaac Ellmaker, died 1871 Lancaster, Pa. 

* HuGQiNS, Rev. William Sidney, died 1862 Kalamasoo, Mich. 

* Larned, Sylvester, died 1893 Detroit, Mich. 

* MacWhorter, Rev. Alexander, died 1880 New Haven, Conn. 

* Mulford, Samuel Buel, died 1863 Marysville. Cal. 

* Perkins. Jacob, died 1859 Cleveland, O. 

* Peters, Hon. John Andrew, died 1904 Bangor, Me. 

* Wakefield, Rev. Leander Elmer, died 1865 Monticello, Minn. 

* Welch, Henry Kirke White, died 1870 Hartford, Conn. 


* AiKMAN, Rev. Robert, died 1900 Madison, N.J. 

* Brandegee, Rev. John Jacob, died 1864 Utica, N.Y. 

* Ely, David Judson, died 1905 Rochester. N.Y. 

* Ely, Isaac Mills, died 1880 Chenango Forks, N.Y. 

84 YALE 1843-46 

* Goodrich. Rev. William Henry, died 1874 Cleveland, O. 

* Hall, Rev. Gordon, died 1879 Northampton, Mass. 

* HuNTiNQTON, John Myers, died 1864 Chicago, Dl. 

* Kbasbet, Anthony Quinton, died 1896 Newark, N.J. 

* Kelloqg, Sanforcf Brown, died 1893 St. Louis, Mo. 

* KiNQSLET, William Lathrop, died 1896 New Haven, Conn. 

* NouBSE, John Frederic, died 1854 Boston, Mass. 

* RoBB, John Hunter, died 1864 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Shobter, Eli Sims, died 1879 Eufala, Ala. 

* Skinner, John Warburton, died 1889 Yonkera, N.Y. 

* Weeks, Dr. Henry Astor, died 1891 New York, N.Y. 


* BuBL, Dr. Henry Wadham, died 1893 Litchfield, Conn. 

* Camp, Rev. Charles Whittlesey, died 1902 Sierra Madre, Cal. 

* CoiT, Rev. John Townsend, died 1863 Rochester, N.Y. 

* Cunningham, James Linton, died 1847 Fayetteville, Ga. 

* Doolittle, Oswin Hart, died 1851 North Haven, Conn. 

* Dulles, John Welsh, died 1887 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Duncan, Henry Postlethwaite, died 1879 New York, N.Y. 

* FiSK, Robert Farris, died 1863 Washington, D.C. 

* Ltnde, Charles Rollin, died 1894 Princeton, N.J. 

* McLeod, Rev. John, died 1901 Eastbourne, Eng. 

Maison, Rev. Charles Augustus Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Smith, Dr. Howard, died 1892 New Orleans, La. 

* Smith, William, died 1850 Sacramento, Cal. 

* White, Hon. Jonathan, died ■ Brockton, Mass. 

* Wilson, Archelaus, died 1862 New York, N.Y. 


* Biqelow, William Au^stus, died 1846 Staten Island, N.Y. 

* Bricksll, James Noaille, died 1877 New Orleans, La. 

* Chester, Charles Thomas, died 1880 Englewood, N.J. 

* Conner, Lemuel Parker, died 1891 Convent, La. 

* Conner, William Gustine, died 1863 Natchez, Miss. 

Davis, Rev. Thomas Kirbjr 810 Beall Ave. Wooster, O. 

* Elt, Jonathan Sturges, died 1898 New York, N.Y. 

* Gould, James Gardner, died 1854 Aufi:usta, Ga. 

* Harding, Rev. John Wheeler, died 1896 Lonmieadow, Mass. 

* Htdb, Alvan Pinney, died 1894 Hartford, Conn. 

* Ives, Francis, died 1895 Bridgeport, Conn. 

* Kennedy, Thomas, died 1849 Baltimore, Md. 

* Metcalfe, Dr. Orrick, died 1898 Natches, Miss. 

* Olmstead, Edward, died 1898 Wilton, Conn. 

* Rankin, Robert, died 1869 San Francisco, Cal. 

* Taylor, Richard, died 1879 * New Orleans, La. 


* Capron, WiUiam Banfield, died 1876 MAnA Madura, Ind. 

* Carroll, Samuel Sterling, died 1908 Baltimore, Md. 

* Cochran, Robert, died 1880 White Plains, N.Y. 

* Dwiqht, James McLaren Breed, died 1897 New Haven, Conn. 

* Eakin, William Spencer, died 1880 Groton, Conn. 

184^-49 YALE 86 

* Gat, Ziba. died 1902 North Chelmsford, Mass. 

* Habrison, Henry Baldwin, died 1901 New Haven, Conn. 

Hill, Rev. George Edwards 218 E. 15th St. Indianapolis, Ind. 

* Jackson, JefiFerson Franklin, died 1862 Montgomery, Ala. 

* Johnson, Rev. Edwin, died 1883 New York, N.Y. 

* Kellogg, Stephen Wright, died 1904 Waterbury, Conn. 

* KiNGSBUBT, Hon. Frederick John, died 1910 Waterbury, Conn. 

* Linton, Stephen Duncan, died 1867 Natches, Miss. 

* Phinney, Elihu, died 1892 Cooperstown, N.Y. 

* Reid, Jared, died 1886 Hartfoid, Conn. 

* Steele, Henry Thornton, died 1890 Chicago, 111. 

* Talcott, John Butler, died 1905 New Britain, Conn. 

* Tkask, Charles fiooper, died 1905 New York, N.Y. 


* Bacon, Benjamin Wisner, died 1848 New Haven, Conn* 

* Bla£B, Charles Thompson, died 1897 Berkeley, Cal* 

* Bhace, Henry (Martyn), died 1901 New York, N.Y- 

* GuNTON, William, died 1854 Washington, D.C* 

* HoDOES, Francis Louis, died 1853 Geneva, N.Y- 

* Hyde, Rev. Nathaniel Alden, died 1901 Ludlow, Vt- 

* Mills, Alfred, died 1913 Morristown, N.J- 

* MtJNN, John, died 1850 Springfield, Mass* 

* NicsoLS, Charles Augustus, died 1877 Providence, R.I- 

* Plant, Alfred, died 1907 St. Louis, Mo. 

* RoBBiNS, George Appleton, died 1895 New Yoric, N.Y. 

* Sanford, Charles Frederick, died 1881 New York, N.Y. 

Smith, John Donnell 505 Park Ave. Baltimore, Md. 

* Wildman, Hon. Horatio, died 1909 Sandusky, O. 


* Abbe, Rev. Frederick Randolph, died 1889 Dorchester, Mass. 

* AiTCHisoN, William, died 1850 Shanghai, China 

Blake, Hon. Henry Taylor 361 Temple St. New Haven, Conn. 

* Calhoun, Hon. David Samuel, died 1912 Hartford, Conn. 

* CoNDiT, Charles, died 1877 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Emebson, Samuel, died 1908 Charlottesville, Va. 

* HiLLABD, Elias Brewster, died 1895 Farmington, Conn. 

* LiPPiNcoTT, Edward, died Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Mesick, Richard Smith, died 1893 San Francisco, Cal. 

* Newton, Isaac Sprague, died 1889 Norwich, N.Y, 

* Plimpton, Franklyn Lafayette, died 1849 Sturbridge. Mass. 

* Shipman, Hon. Nathaniel, died 1906 Hartford, Conn. 

* Tyleb, Edwin, died 1868 Michigan Bluffs, Cal. 


* Atleb, John Light, died 1885 Lancaster, Pa. 

* BouBNE, Rev. Shearjashub, died 1900 New York, N.Y. 

* Chandler, William George, died 1862 Mobile, Ala. 

* CoNNEB, Henry Legrande, died 1876 Natches, Miss. 

DwiGHT, Rev. Timothy (Ex. Pres.) . . 56 Hillhouse Ave. New Haven, Conn. 

* FiSK, Rev. Franklin Woodbury, died 1901 Chioago, HI. 

86 YALE 1849-62 

* Galpxn. Philip Oleason, died Berkeley* Cal. 

* Goodrich, CSarles Rush, died 1855 Flushing, N.Y. 

* KiBBT, Jacob Brown, died 1860 Brownville, N.Y. 

* Lton, Aaron, died 1858 Sturbridce. Mass. 

MoBBiB. Rev. Edward Dafydd 339 East Town St. Ck>lumbu8, O. 

* PSTBBS, Hu^ Florian, died 1856 Cheshire, Ck)nn. 

* Pools, Wilham Frederick, died 1894 Evanston, 111. 

* RoCKWSLL, John, died 1909 Santa Barbara, Cal. 

* Walxkr, Rev. Augustus, died 1866 Diarbekir, Turkey 

* Wabino, Charles Bill, died 1854 New York, N.Y. 

* WwsBB, Erastus Hay, died 1872 York, Pa. 


* Bacok, Rev. Leonard Woolsey, died 1907 Assonet, Mass. 

* Bentlbt, Edward Warren, died 1886 Ellenville, N.Y. 

* Bliss. Robert, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

* Chass, Henry, died 1904 Calais, Me. 

Chsavxns, Dr. Henry Martyn (Ret.) R. F. D. No. 8, Columbia, Mo. 

* CoNDiT, Albert Pierson, died 1901 West Orange, N.J. 

Dechbbt, Henry Martyn (Law.) 3930 Walnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Fabnham, WiUiam Thompson, died 1893 New York, N.Y. 

* Fbost, George Lombard, died 1879 Dodgeville, Wis. 

Hbndricx, Leonard Addison c/o Mrs. M. E. Sinclair, Lakewood, N.J. 

* Jbbomb, Edward Miles, died 1891 New Haven, C^nn. 

* Lamb, Richard, died 1852 Norfolk, Va. 

"f MuLFOBD, Dr. Sylvanus Sanford, died 1896 New York, N.Y. 

* NxwTON, Hubert Anson, died 1896 New Haven, Conn. 

RoBXBTS, Hon. Ellis Henry (Lit.) 1236 Kemble St. Utica, N.Y. 

* Tatlob, Charles A., died New Orleans, La. 

* TuppBB, Rev. Henry Martyn, died 1900 Ormond, Fla. 

* Wilcox, James Andrews, died 1891 Columbus, O. 


* Baxb, Rev. Charles Alfred, died 1863 Norristown, Pa. 

Bbdimgbb, Rev: Everett Wade Anchorage, Ky. 

* Bbman, Henry DeWitt. died 1891 Sparta, Ga. 

CuBTis, Geoige Edward 

* Dana. WUham Buck, died 1910 New York, N.Y. 

* DowMix, Timothy Campbell, died 1875 Delavan, Wis. 

* Evans. Prof. Evan Wilhelm, died 1874 Ithaca, N.Y. 

* Habt, Dr. Byron, died 1864 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Hastings, George Granbeny, died 1873 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* HuGBBS, George Reginald Heber, died Chicago, 111. 

* McCall. Rev. Salmon, died 1889 East Haddam, Conn. 

Mabshall, Robert Morris Washington, Ky. 

* MoBSB, Bennett Warner, died 1910 Unadilla, N.Y. 

* PoTWiN, Rev. Thomas Stoughton, died 1896 Hartford, Conn. 

* Wbitnbt, Emerson Cogswell, died 1851 Winchendon, Mass. 


* BioxLOW, David Skinner, died 1905 Westchester, Conn. 

* ChapiNi Lebeus Cornelius, died 1885 Kalamasoo, Mich. 

1862-64 YALE 37 


Ckapo, Hon. William Wallace (Law.) 

81 Hawthorne St. New Bedford, Mass. 

* Day. Robert Elijah, died 1894 Hartford, Conn. 

* DwiOHT, Dr. Henry Edwin, died 1908 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* DwiGHT, Rev. James Harrison, died 1872 Englewood, N.J. 

* GiLMAN, Daniel Coit, died 1908 Baltimore, Md. 

* Gould, Rev. Archibald Falconer, died 1863 St. Augustine, fla. 

* Houghton, Edward, died 1910 Lancaster, Mass. 

* Lton, Marcus, died 1899 Ithaca, N.Y. 

* McNeii^ Henry Watson, died 1862 Seneca Falls, N.Y. 

* Mabmaduke, Vincent, died 1904 St. Louis, Mo. 

* Redwood, William Henry, died 1878 Mobile, Ala. 

* Rowland, William Leonard, died 1900 Rockford, 111. 

* Satpord, Rev. George Blagden, died 1895 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Santord, Henry Seymour, died 1901 New Milford, Conn. 

* Sill, George Griswold, died 1907 Hartford, Conn. 

* Stanlst, William, died 1893 Great Barrington, Mass. 

* Stobbs, Dr. Melancthon, died 1900 Hartford, Comi. 

Wilcox, George Augustus (Law. Ret.) Oakledge, Madison, Conn. 


* Babr, Benjamin Franklin, died 1875 Lancaster, Pa« 

Baldwin, (jeorge William Union Club, Boston, Mass* 

* Babtlbtt, Rev. William Frederick Vincent, died 1903. . .Lexington, Ky. 
Bbnnxstt, Henry Silliman Petersham, Mass. 

* Billings, Edward Coke, died 1893 New Orleans, La. 

* Clabk, Rev. Edson Lyman, died 1912 Dalton, Mass. 

* Cobb, Rev. Oliver Ellsworth, died 1891 Tarrytown, N.Y. 

* Dickson, Prof. Edward Robbinson, died Mobile, Ala. 

* Empson, Daniel Reily, died 1857 Cincinnati, O. 

* Gilbert, Rev. William Thacher, died 1904 New Milford, Conn. 

* Glbason. Rev. William Henry, died 1892 Hudson, N.Y. 

* Goddabd, Delano Alexander, died 1882 Boston, Mass. 

* Gbout, Alfred, died .1866 Boston, Mass. 

* Hamii/ton, James, died 1861 Memphis, Tenn. 

* N1CHOI4AB, Thomas Ftather, died 1870 Louisville, Ky. 

* Sbtmoub, Hon. Edward Woodruff, died 1892 Litchfield, Conn. 

Shibas, Hon. George, Jr. (Law.) Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Smai^lbt, George Washburn c/o The London Times, London, Eng. 

* SwiNNBT, Rev. James Oswald, died 1899 Glasgow, Mo. 

* Tabbox, Luther Groulding, died 1878 Nashville. Tenn. 

* ToBET, Salathiel Harrison, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

* Townbend, Charles, died 1877 Buffalo. N.Y. 

* Twining, Rev. Kinsley, died 1901 Morristown, N.J. 

* Waldbn, Edward, died 1854 Buffalo, N.Y. 

Whiton, James Morris (Edit.) 65 West 127th St. New York, N.Y. 


Albxandbb, Dr. Charles Tripler c/o War Dept. Washington, D.C. 

* Babbbtt, Dr. Charles Henry, died 1869 Detroit, Mich. 

* Blackman, Samuel Curtis, died 1864 New Haven, Conn. 

Brown, Rev. Horatio Woodward R. D. No. 10, Wooster, O. 

* CuTLEB, Carroll, died 1894 Hudson, O. 

38 YALE 1864-66 

* Du Bois, Edward Cornelius, died 1903 Lima. Peru 

* DuPEE, Charles Analdo, died 1902 Chicago, III. 

* DwiGHT, Prof. William Buck, died 1906 Poughkeepsie. N.Y . 

Fenn, Rev. William Henry Portland, .Me . 

* Habris, Jacob Brown, died 1875 Boston, Mass. 

* HoRTON, Henry, died 1865 Syracuse, N.Y. 

* Keese, Richard Lawrence, died 1854 New Haven, Conn. 

* Lee, Luther Maxwell, died 1869 Meadville, Miss. 

* Melot, William Augustus, died 1905 Washington, D.C. 

NoRRis, William Henry (Law.). 1716 Dupont Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. 

* Pardee, Charles Hezekiah, died 1906 Pensacola, Fla. 

* Perrt, Edward Aylsworth, died 1889 Pensacola, Fla. 

* Plunkett, William Robinson, died 1903 Pittsfield, Mass. 

* Potter, Leander Hubbell, died 1879 Galesburg, 111. 

* PuRNBLL, Charles Thomas, died 1866 McNutt, Miss. 

* RiTCH, Thomas Gardiner, died 1907 New York, N.Y . 

* Sanders, Dr. John Chapin, died 1906 Cleveland, O. 

Shackelford, Rev. John Cockerille Miami, Mo . 

* Smith, Nathaniel, died 1877 Woodbury, Conn. 

* Taylor, Robert Eveleigh, died 1896 Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

* Walker, Samuel, died 1881 Tallahassee, Fla. 


* Alexander, General William DeWitt, died 1913 Honolulu, Hawaii 

* Avert, William Ledyard, died 1898 Cincinnati, O. 

* Bishop, Addin Lewis, died 1863 New Haven, Conn. 

* Causey, WiUiam Frederic, died 1902 Milford, Del. 

* Christie, Cornelius, died 1908 ^Leonia, N.J. 

* Cobb, Rev. Henry Nitchie, died 1910 New York, N.Y. 

* EwiNQ, Martin Baum, died 1909 Cincinnati, O. 

* Fitch, Nathan Thomas, died Chicago, 111. 

GiLMAN, William C. (Law.) . . . .380 Washington St. Norwich Town, Conn. 

* Howard, Rev. Hiram Lowell, died 1901 Worcester, Maas. 

Lathrop, Francis Gumming 1512 Grata St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Miller, Alfred Boliver, died 1913 New Haven, Conn . 

* Padelford, George Taft Parthenope, died 1861 Savannah, Ga. 

* Palmer, Rev. Charles Ray, died 1914 New Haven, Conn. 

* Piatt, John Henry, died 1907 New York, N.Y. 

* Pratt, George, died 1908 Monrovia, Cal. 

* St0abt, George, died 1863 Sherman, Conn . 

* Taylor, Rev. William Howell, died 1914 Summerville, S.C . 

* Woodbbidqe, Rev. William Reed, died 1911 Gilbertsville, N.Y . 

* Woodward, Stanley (Trott), died 1906 Wilkes Barre, Pa. 

* Wyman, William Cutler, died 1912 Boston, Mass. 


* Brown, Hon. Henry Billings, died 1913 Washington, D.C. 

* Brown, John Mason, died 1890 Louisville, Ky. 

* BuLKELEY, Charles Edwin, died 1864 Hartford, Conn. 

* CoNDiT, Stephen, died 1898 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Du Bois, Rev. Hasbrouck, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

1866-^68 YALE 39 

* Dunham, George Gary, died 1903 Middletown, Gonn. 

* FiNLAT, Luke William, died 1908 Memphia, Tenii. 

Gay, Julius (Banker) Farmington, Gonn. 

Harris, Rev. William James (Ret.) 10 Locust St. Nashua, N.H. 

* Hodge. Dr. Frank, died 1909 Hudson. O. 

* KiNZER. Roland, died 1806 Lancaster, Pa. 

MoNTEiTH. John (Author) 117 Scotland Rd. South Orange, N.J. 

* Moore. Eugene Pope, died 1904 Louisville, Ky . 

* MoREHEAD, John, died 1873 Frankfort, Ky . 

* Morse, Sidney Edwards, died 1908 New York, N.Y . 

* Richardson, David Plunket, died 1904 Angelica, N.Y. 

* St. John, George Buckingham, died 1902 Norwalk, Gonn. 

* Shaw, Donald Douglas, died 1859 Hamden, N.Y. 

* Sticknet, John Buffington, died 1882 St. Augustine, Fla. 


Adams, Whittlesey (Ins.) 135 North Park Ave. Warren, O. 

Beard, Rev. Augustus Field Norwalk, Gonn. 

f Burnet, Jacob Staats, died 1910 Gincinnati, O . 

* Ghristman, Joseph Alonzo, died 1888 Evansburg, Ky. 

* Ghurch, Frederick Nathaniel, died 1859. . . .' Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Deforest, Rev. Henry Swift, died 1896 Talladega, Ala. 

DoAR, Dr. Stephen Decatur Oak St. McGIellanvifle, S.G. 

DosTER, Gen. William Emil Bethlehem, Pa. 

DonoLASft, Rev. Solomon Johnson. . . .454 Orchard St. New Haven, Gonn. 

* Dye, Rev. Gharles Brookway, died 1907 Springfield, Mass. 

* Evans, Edward John, died 1880 York, Pa. 

* Forrest, Rev. Douglas French, died 1902 Ashland, Va. 

* Fuller, Edward Thurston, died 1859 Huntington, N.Y. 

Galt, Asariah T. (Law.) 1432 Dearborn Ave. Ghicago, HI. 

* HiCKOx, Volney, died 1898 Springfidd, 111. 

* HoDOE, Lyman Davis, died 1899 Mt. Vernon, Wash. 

Huntington, Rev. Henry Strong 222 Highland St. Milton, Mass. 

* Janin, Edward, died 1891 Washington, D.G. 

* Ltles, Dennis Bruce, died 1874 Pascataway, Md . 

* Mbrwin, Almon Baxter, died 1907 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Nolen, George Augustus, died 1875 Washington, D.G. 

* Porter, David Gustavus, died 1905 Waterbury, Ck)nn. 

* Sandys, Edwin Francis, died 1875 Pittsfield, Mass. 

* ScoviLLE, Rev. Samuel, died 1902 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Seely, Henry Maurice, died 1894 Honesdale, Pa. 

Sbibold, John Schultes (Army, Ret.) . .1385 Ghapel St. New Haven, Gonn. 
Seymour, Rev. Storrs Ozias Litchfield, Gonn. 

* Smith, WUder, died 1891 Rockford, 111. 

* Trowbridge, Gen. Luther Stephen, died 1912 Detroit, Mich. 

* Tyler, Prof. Moses Coit, died 1900 Ithaca, N.Y. 

* Wells, Nathan Dana, died 1902 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Wheeler, Prof. Arthur Martin 86 Trumbull St. New Haven. Gonn. 


* Anderson, Volney Stamps, died 1894 Rocky Bar, Ida. 

* Bealb, Robert Marshall, died 1866 Washington, D.G. 

40 TALE 18ll»-69 

* Bbown, Oriando. died 1891 Frankfort, Ky. 

* BuBKUET, Georse Bibb, died 1863 Frankfort. Ky. 

* Davis, John Muton, died 1905 Fayette, Ala. 

* DEifBursKi, Louis, died 1886 Philadelphia, Pa. 

FiusBiB, William Russell (Govt.) . 1401 Gerard St. N. W. Washington.D.C. 
Gallawat, Robert Macy (Banker) 68 E. 55th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Hbwitt, Frederic Charles, died 1908 Owego, N.Y. 

* Jones, Augustus Tiimer, died 1909 Brockton, Mass. 

* MacDowell, William Allen, died 1907 Uniontown, Pa. 

* More, Elawson Carry, died 1902 St. Louis, Mo. 

Neide, Gen. Horace Union League Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Noble, Rev. Frederick Alphonso (Author) 1414 Forrest Ave. Evanston, 111. 

* Ogden, Dewees, died 1863 New York, N.Y . 

* Pbnnt, Dr. Benjamin Franklin, died 1873 Greenville, Miss. 

* Pbatt, Electus Abijah, died 1910 Washmgton, D.C. 

* Pbatt, Henry Andrews, died 1896 Gloversville, N.Y. 

* RiCHABDS, Channing, died 1896 Glendale, O. 

Scott, Eben Greenough (Law.) 324 So. Franklin St. Wilkes Barre. Pa. 

* Smith, Haydn Kellogg, died 1913 Oak Park, 111. 

* Steele, Hon. William Henry, died 1911 Altmar, N.Y. 

WooDBUVF, Charles Homblpwer (Law.) Litchfield, Conn. 


* Bbistol, Louis Henry, died 1910 New Haven, Conn. 

* Cabpenteb, Robert John, died 1879 New York, N.Y. 

* Cabbadinb, Leonard Wilkinson, died 1914 Fayette, Miss . 

CooPEB, Prof. Joseph Aldrich Edinboro, Pa. 

* FisHEB, Rev. George Whitefield, died 1884 New Haven, Conn. 

* FoOTE, Edwin Bancroft, died New York, N.Y. 

* Hall, Rev. WUliam Kittredge, died 1906 Newburgh, N.Y. 

* Hannahs, Diodate Oishman, died 1862 New York, N.Y . 

* Habtwell, Samuel Slawson, died 1883 Unionville, N.Y. 

* Hatch, Charles Henry, died 1888 New York, N.Y. 

* Howe, Rev. Elijah Franklin, died 1887 Newtonville, Mass . 

Hubbard, Rev. James Mascarene 502 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Newhall, Horatio Cheever 

Reed, Edwin Van Rensselaer 

* Rice, Rev. William Henry, died 1911 Bethlehem, Pa . 

* Riddle, John Wallace, died 1863 Philadelphia, Pa . 

* Roberts, William Jay, died 1870 New Milford, Conn . 

* Slat, John Onins, died 1872 Chestertown, Md. 

Slinolxttf, Charles Bohn Townsontown, Md . 

* Spraque, Albert Arnold, died 1915 Chicago, 111. 

* Stiles, William Augustus, died 1897 New York, N.Y. 

Tatttm, Joseph Tabor Los Angeles, Cal. 

* Taylor, Alfred Judd, died 1901 New York, N.Y . 

Wbinbebqeb, Prof. John Shelley Collegeville, Pa . 

* Wella, Rev. Thomas Bucklin, died 1891 Minneapolis, Minn. 

* Wheeleb, Charles Mortimer, died 1863 Canandaigua, N.Y . 

Wilcox, Rev. Asher Henry 45 Williams St. Norwich, Conn. 

* Wood, Arthur Burr, died 1895 Washington, D.C. 

Wbight, Prof. Arthur Williams New Haven, Conn. 

1860-61 YALE 41 


* Abnold, George Waterman, died 1862 Gentreville, R.I. 

Babnm, Dr. Edwin Randolph 513 Franklin St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Babnes. Rev. Henry Elbert, died 1910 Brookline. Mass. 

* Beach, Dr. Ferdinand, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

* Bbbbs, Dr. George Lewis, died 1896 Topeka, Kan. 

* Bbadlbt. William Edward, died 1905 Frankfort, Ky. 

BuNCB. Charles Henry (C. Eng.) P. O. Box 307 Hartford, Conn. 

* Catlin. George Lynde, died 1896 Patmson, N.J. 

* Champion, Henry, died 1867 Mankato, Minn. 

* CoxAON, Dr. Frederic Henry, died 1912 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Dayis, Hon. Lowndes Henry Huntsvilla, Ala. 

Dunham. Rev. Samuel 35 North St. Binghamton, N.Y. 

* FuBBisR, Rev. Edward Brown, died Bath, N.Y. 

* Gniwns, Rev. G^rge Hermon, died 1894 Sralngfield, Mass. 

HioaiNB, Rev. Lucius Hopkins West Hartford, Conn. 

* JOHNBTON, Rev. William Curtis, died 1862 Grsensburg, Ky. 

* Kbbsb, Sidmon Thome, died 1880 Jersey City, N.J. 

* Kinosbttbt. Rev. Oliver Addison, died 1914 Memphis, Tenn. 

Lbach, Orlando (Ret.) Avon, Mass. 

* Pbnninoton, William, died 1912 Paterson, N.J. 

* Schnbzdbb, James Henry, died 1864 Bridgewater, Mass. 

SiOLAB, Henry Ward (Edit, writer) 29 Pearl St. New York. N.Y. 

Wabbbn, Samuel Reed 14 Grant PI. Washington. D.C. 


* Babton, Rev. John Wait, died 1866 Stratford, Conn. 

* BoNNBT, George Bernard, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

* Bbadlbt, Franklin Seymour, died 1908 New Haven, Conn. 

Bbown, Hubert Sanford 11 rue Scribe, Paris, France 

^ CI.ABK, William Bardwell^ died 1864 Granby, Mass. 

* CoNVBBS, Ebeneier Buckingham, died 1905 Englewood, N.J. 

Db Fobbst, Moulton (Law.) Wetmore. Kan. 

* Dblp, George, died 1909 Philadelphia, Pa. 

DuBFBB, Henryjlees (Law.) 52 Main St. Palmyra, N.Y. 

Eavbs, David William Lewiston, Ida. 

^ Eddt, Rev. Clarence, died 1891 South Denver, Colo . 

* Flint, Joseph Nelson, died 1907 San Raphael, Cal. 

* GooDALL, (ieorge Brett, died 1894 Berlcel^, Cal. 

* HrrcHCOcx, Samuel Whittemore . died 1891 Nice, France 

* Htdb, Prof. James Nevins, died 1910 Chicago, 111. 

* Johnson, Henry Horton, died 1892 New Haven. Conn. 

JoNBS, Frederick 183 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Kinnbt, John Coddington. died 1891 Hartford, Conn. 

KiTCHBL, Harvey Sheldon (Ed.) So. Bethlehem, Pa. 

* Mbbchant. Henry Smith, died 1867 Nassau, N.Y. 

Mbbwin, Rev. Nathan Tibbals Milford, Conn. 

Pbck. Prof. Tracy 38 Howe St. New Haven, Conn. 

* Post, Henry AicQure, died St. Louis, Mo. 

* Pratt, James Pepper, died 1864 Logansport, Ind. 

* Robinson, Charles, died 1869 Beaufort, S.C. 

* Schmvckbb, Dr. Francis Ritter, died 1902 Reading, Pa. 

Sheldon, Prof. Winthrop Dudley (Ret.) 3312 Hamilton St. Philadelphia,Pa. 

48 YALE 1861-63 

* Stoceino, Gilbert Miles, died 1865 Waterbury, Conn. 

* TowLB, Greorge Makepeace, died 1893 Boston, Mass. 

* Wjuaamb, Ralph Olmstead, died 1908 New Haven, Conn. 

Wynkoop, Rev. Theodore Stephen 

c/o The Princeton Bank, Princeton, N.J. 


* Adams, Albert Egerton, died 1896 Chicago, III . 

* Alexander, Ira Rush, died 1863 Lewiston, Pa. 

Allino, John Wesley (Tel. Ins.) 30 Mansfield St. New Haven, Conn. 

* Beard, Dr. George Miller, died 1883 New York, N. Y. 

Chabb, Rev. James Balloch Russell, la. 

* Db Forest, Rev. Heman Packard, died 1914 Lexington, Mass. 

* Ellis, John Palmer, died 1904 St. Louis, Mo. 

* Ely, Prof. Charles Wright, died 1912 '.Washington, D.C. 

* Fbrrell, Joseph Lybrand, died 1904 Germantown, Pa. 

Hall, Elliot C. (Ret.) 127 Forest Ave. Jamestown, N.Y. 

* Johnson, John Wesley, died 1898 Eugene City, Ore. 

Johnston, Prof. Henry Phelps 221 W. 49th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Jttdd, Hon. Albert Francis, died 1900 Honolulu, Hawaii 

Jtjdson, Charles Nichols 40 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

* KiMPTON, Hiram HoUister, died 1885 Ticonderoga, N.Y. 

* Maltzbbrgbr, Harrison, died 1893 Reading^ Pa. 

* MuLXEY, Marion Francis, died 1889 Portland, Ore. 

Randolph, Joseph Fitz (Law.) .... 42 West 44th St. New York, N. Y. 

* Sterling, Francis Norton, died 1862 Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

* Stone, Edward Collins, died 1878 Hartford, Conn. 

* Thayer, Henry Wolcott, died 1867 Newark, N.J. 

* Thurston, Rev. Thomas Gairdner, died 1884 Hickory, N.C. 

* Treadwbll, Levi Penfield, died 1913 New York. N.Y. 

* Welch, Pierce Noble, died 1909 New Haven, Conn. 


* Binqham, Rev. Egbert Byron, died 1891 Rockville, Conn. 

* Blakebleb, Gen. Erastus, died 1908 Brookline, Mass. 

* Blatchlby, Charles CarroU, died 1887 New Haven, Conn. 

* Bloom, Harvey Harris, died 1864 Norwich, N.Y. 

Booth. Prof. Edward Munson 921 FuUerton Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Bttmbtead, Rev. Horace 91 St. Paul St. Brookline, Mass. 

* Eldridob, John Marshall, died 1865 Jersey City, N.J. 

* Fowler, Horace Webster, died 1888 New York, N.Y. 

Francis, Rev. Cyrus West (Ret.) 63 Sargeant St. Hartford, Conn. 

Glasgow, Col. Edward Brodie 405 Main St. Worcester, Mass. 

* KiNOSBXTRY, Rev. Howard, died 1878 Amherst, Mass. 

* Marcy, Dwight, died 1887 RockviUe, Conn. 

Mitchell, James Buchanan (Ret.) . . Garland Hotel, Redondo Beach, Cal. 

* Parmlbe. Uriah Nelson, died 1865 Guilford, Conn. 

* Peck, John Hyde, died 1911 Madison, Conn. 

Sheldon, Dr. Cnarles Stuart 251 Langdon St. Madison, Wis. 

* Smyth, Walter Herbert, died 1863 Guilford, Conn. 

* Sumner, Rev. Charles Edward, died 1902 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

1863-66 YALE 43 

- — ^- 

TuTTLB, Moses Hubbard Hoquiam, Wash. 

* Wabs, Edmund Asa, died 1885 Atlanta, Qa. 

* Waterman, Rev. Henry Barsillai, died 1903 Oak Park, 111. 

Whitehsad, Rt. Rev. Cortiandt 4868 Ellsworth Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 


* Austin. William MorriB, died 1838 Camp Concordia, Tex. 

Bell, Edward Wells (farmer) East Hampton, Conn. 

* Benjamin, Rev. George Wnitefield. died 1893 Middletown, Conn. 

* Booth, Charles Edward, died 1870 New York, N.Y, 

* CoBTBLYou. Dr. Peter Rouse, died 1902 Marietta, Ga. 

* Cbane. Timothy Farrar, died 1866 Southbridge, Mass. 

Dabuno. Samuel Carter 1001 Pemberton BIdg. Boston, Mass. 

Dibble, Dr. Orson Gregory (Ret.) Pompey, Onondaga Ck>., N.Y. 

Gibbon. Dr. Charles D. T. (Ins.) 100 William St. New York, N.Y. 

Gibson. Edmund Trowbridge Hastings (Ret.) Belgrade, Me. 

* Gbegobt, Rev. Lewis, died 1911 1230 L. St. Lincoln. Neb. 

Gbiffino, Hon. Timothy Miller (Law.) 40 Main St. Riverhead, N.Y. 

* Hitchcock, Greorge Nicholas, died 1907 San Diego, Cal. 

* HoLDBN, Daniel Judson, died 1903 New York, N.Y. 

HooKEB, Thomas (LawO 309 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

* Lapham, Hon. David Ciilbert, died 1914 Canandaigua, N.Y. 

Lewis, Dr. George Frederic (Box 763) Stanford University, Cal. 

* LTBiAN, David Brainerd, died 1914 Chicago, 111. 

PiEBSON, Stephen Ck>ndit (C. Eng.) 32 Lincoln St. Meriden, Conn. 

* RocKWOOD, Prof. Charles Greene, Jr., died 1913 Princeton, N.J. 

Sattbbthwaite, Dr. Thomas Edward 7 E. 80th St. New York, N.Y. 

Sbmple, Edward Humphrey 4411 Westminster PI. St. Louis, Mo. 

Stbbling. John WiUiam 66 Wall St. New York, N.Y, 

SriLLi, Dr. Henry Mandeville 

Wbscott, Clarence Lincoln (Law.) . . .243 West 75th St. New York, N.Y. 
Whittblsbt, Rev. Charles Mills 

142 Gardonhurst Ave. Upper Montdair, N.J. 
Williams, Rev. Edward Moore (Ret.) .' Northfield, Minn. 

* Wtnkoop, Dr. CJerardus Hilles, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 


* Anthony, Charles Douglas, died 1865 Gouvemeur, N.Y. 

* Babbows, Dr. Arthur Arnold, died 1908 Hackensack, N.J. 

* Bissbll, Josiah Hooker, died 1901 Chicago, 111. 

* Bbown, Rev. Thomas Jefferson, died 1904 Utica, N.Y. 

* Bulklby, Tusar, died 1867 Catskill, N.Y. 

Chittenden, Simeon Baldwin (Law.) ... .92 William St. New York, N.Y. 

Chubchill, Henry (Fruit Grower) . ; R. F. D. No. 1, Miami, Fla. 

CoNVEBSE, Everett Howard (Ret.) ... .112 Milwaukee Ave. Bethel, Conn. 

* EwBLL, Rev. John Louis, died 1910 Washington, D.C. 

* FoBSYTH, William Lee, died 1877 Pittsburgh. Pa. 

* GiLBBBT, Ljrman De Huff, died 1914 Harrisburg, Pa. 

Gbbooby, Dr. James Glynn 5 West Ave. Norwalk, Conn. 

* KiTTBEDQE, Fraucis William, died 1913 .BostOD, Mass. 

44 YALE 1865-66 

Lbland, Hon. Gyrus Austin Eldorado, Kan. 

Lbonabd, Dr. Charles Henry 11 Beacon Aye. Proyidence, R.I. 

* McCbxabt, Henry Clay, died 1869 Sacramento, Gal. 

* McLban, Rey. Allan, died 1882 Litchfield. Conn. 

Man, E!dward Augustus Sarmiento (Law.) 

1 Montgomexv St. Jersey City, N.J. 
MsBBZLL, Payson 100 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

* Nbwbold, Michael Taylor, died 1890 Jersey City, N.J. 

* Norton, James Sagar, died 1896 .Chicago, HI. 

•SHRBya, Stacy Biddle. died 1897 Brooklsni, N.Y. 

Smith, Prof. Charles Henry 284 Orange St. New Hayen, Conn. 

* Smith, Walter Buchanan, died 1875 Philadelphia, Pa. 

SrocKiNa. William (Lit. Wk.) 220 East Grand Blyd. Detroit, Mich. 

* Taintor, Hon. Henry Ellsworth, died 1904 Hartford, Conn. 

* WiTTBB. WilHam CUtus, died 1914 New York, N.Y. 

Wood, John Brandegee 700 So. Burlington St. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wright, Edward Marshall Kansas City, Mo. 


* Abbott, Lewis Lowe, died New York, N.Y . 

* Andbbson, Alexander Dwight, died 1901 Washington, D.C. 

Bbnnbtt, Hon. Edward Brown (Law.) ... .67 Collins St. Hartford, Conn. 

* Bbnnbtt, William Henry, died 1908 Minneapolis, Minn. 

BowBN, Rey. Marcellus Bible House, Constantinople, Turkey 

Casb, Albertson (Law.) Main St. Southcdd, N.Y. 

CASWBiiL, Edward Alexis (Ret.) New Yoric, N.Y. 

* Chapman, Dr. Sherman Hartwell, died 1903 New Hayen, Conn. 

* Chatfibld, Charles Conyerse, died 1876 Boston, Mass. 

* CoLB, Hamilton, died 1889 New York, N.Y. 

CoLiiiN, Charles Ayeiy (Law.) 5 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

* Cornwall, James Hewlett, died 1910 Patterson, N.Y. 

CowLES, James L 810 Colorado Bldg. Washington, D.C. 

CRBByBT, John Kennedy (Law.) 60 Wall St. New York, N.Y . 

DoDOB, Frederic Neyins (Customs)'. 608 E. 28th St. Paterson, N.J. 

Garrbtson, Rey. Ferdinand Van Deryeer Franconia, N.H. 

* Gormlt, Edward Curtiss, died 1880 London, Eng. 

GRAyBS, Rey. James Taylor (Ret.) 5707 Blackstone Aye. Chicago, lU. 

* Hall, John Manning, died 1905 New Hayen, Conn . 

* Hbiblbr, Charles C]k)melius, died 1907 Philadelphia, Pa. 

.* Hbislbr, Egbert Dushane, died 1872 Newark. Del. 

HiNCKS, Eklward Young (Ed.) 58 Washington Aye. Cambridge, Mass. 

JUDBON, Frederick Newton (Law.) . .3733 Washington Aye. St. Louis, Mo. 

Lamfman, Rey. Lewis Ciloxsackie, N.Y. 

Lbwib, Leslie Chicago, 111. 

MacKinlat, Thomas E. (Law.) 5251 Winthrop Aye. Chicago, 111. 

Pibbson, Rey. Isaac 294 Washington St. Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Post, Dr. Abner Boston. Mass. 

* Sacxbtt, Darius Parmalee, died New Hartford, N.Y. 

* St. John, Dr. Samuel Benedict, died 1909 Hartford, Conn. 

* Smtth, Richard Edward, died 1868 Guilford, Conn. 

Thompson, Frederick Stanley. . .New Hayen Hospital, New Hayen, Conn. 

* Whitnht, Rey. Henry Otis, died 1870 Elko, Ney. 

867-68 YALE 46 


Ai^KN, Cornelius Lansing Matteawan, N.Y. 

* AiiiiXM, Hon. James Monroe, died San Franoisco, Cal. 

* AUiTK, Dr. Thomas, died 1882 Hartford, Conn. 

Bau>win, Frank L. (Law. Ret.) 410 £. Main St. Massillon, O. 

Bbkchbb, Eugene Francis New York, N.Y. 

* BiGLBB, Casper Shrom, died 1905 Harrisburg, Pa. 

* Brainsrd, George Cotton, died 1912 New York, N.Y. 

Bbucb, Wallace Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* BuTTSBUXLo, Edwin Stone, died 1897 South Montrose, Pa. 

* Cannon, Charles Kinsey, died 1909 Hoboken, N.J. 

* Cabtwriqht, Hon. Jacob Andrew, died 1909 Nashville. Tenn . 

* Chtttendbn, Henry Abel, died 1900 Berkeley, Cal. 

* Clarks, Elbert Willett, died 1882 PainesviUe, O. 

CoifSTOCK, Strong (Ed.) Wilton, Conn. 

* Dat, Bev. Theodore Lansing, died 1885 Sazonville, Mass. 

DeFobjbst, Hon. Robert Elliot Bridgeport, Conn. 

DoDD, Rev. Ira Seymour Riverdale-on-Hudson, N.Y. 

Fi«ANDBB8, James Greeley Milwaukee, Wis. 

* Gambls, James Matthew, died 1888 Williamsport, Pa. 

* Greenwood, Thomas, died 1894 New York, N.Y. 

Haboino, Wilder Bennett (Ret. Ed.) Southwick, Mass. 

Habtbhobn, Rev. Joseph William . . 54 Kensington St. New Haven, Conn. 

Httlst, Nelson Powell Milwaukee, Wis. 

Jenninqs, Charles Buckeley (Ed.) 60 Vauxhall St. New London, Conn . 

Kbblkb. Samuel (Law.) Ridgefield, Conn. 

* Landis, Henry Gardner, died 1886 Columbus, O. 

Mabks, Constant Roberts (Law.) 1205 Douglass St. Sioux City^Ia. 

* Mabr, George Henry, died Kenosha, Wis. 

* Shxij>on, George Preston, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

* Showai/tbb, Hon. John William, died 1898 Chicago, 111. 

* Skebls, Frank Lewis, died 1891 Coldwater, Mich. 

Trump, Frank Jersey Shore, Pa. 

* Wii^oN, Francis Henry; died 1910 Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Bbckwith, Rev. Isbon Thaddeus (Ret.). Highland Court, Hartford, Conn. 

* BoABDMAN, Herbert, died 1876 Trumansburg, N.Y. 

* Bowman, John Wemple, died 1871 Johnstown, N.Y. 

Bbadfobd, Hon. Edward Green Federal Bldg. Wilmington, Del. 

* Chapman, Timothy Pitkin, died 1875 Bridgeport, Conn. 

* Cooper, Horace Stevens, died 1907 Nashville, Tenn. 

Cbameb, Frank '. 8 Ritchie PI. Chicago, 111. 

* DbFobest, Rev. John Kinne Hyde, died 1911 Sendai, Japan 

DB Kat, Charles Augustus 413 W. 23rd St. New York, N.Y. 

* DuBANT, Rev. William, died 1914 Wellesley, Mass. 

EsTT, Albert Henry Brookline, Mass. 

Evans, Barton Darlington (Govt.) 30 No. 2nd St. Harrisburg, Pa. 

* Febbt, William Henry, died 19()0 Lakeside, Cal* 

Gbbenx, Joseph Warren (Law.) 115 WUlow St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

46 YALE 1868-^9 

* Hall, Ira Cole, died 1908 Interlaken, N.Y. 

* Holmes. Francis Hunt, died 1881 Williamsburg, Mass. 

Hums, Rev. Robert Allen Ahmednagar, India 

* Lawbenci:, Rev. Edward Alexander, died 1893 Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

* Lewis, George Hennr, died 1913 Des Moines, la. 

* MacGregob, Rev. Donald, died 1910 Troy. N.Y. 

* Mead, Edward Spencer, died 1894 New York, N.Y. 

Means, David McGregor (Law.) Middlebury, Vt . 

Parbt, Rev. Samuel 204 E. Main St. Somerville, N.J . 

* Pabsons, William, died 1908 Portland, Ore. 

Pierce, Thomas Wilson West Chester, Pa . 

Rawson. Prof. Edward Kirk (U. S. N.) .2137 LeRoy PI. Washington, D.C. 
RoBBiNB, Thomas Hamlin (C. Eng.) 

241 No. Franklin St. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

* Russell, Julius William, died 1900 Burlington. Vt. 

* Shelton. William Roumage, died 1911 Bridgeport, Conn. 

* Stowell, Calvin Daniel, died 1901 Ithaca, N.Y. 

* Tweedy, Samuel, died 1910 Danbury, Conn. 

* Washburn, Henry Lucius, died 1901 New York, N.Y. 

Welles, Rev. Thos. Clayton Grant Ave. Torresdale, Philadelphia. Fa. 

Williams, Roger Butler (Mfg.) 306 N. Cayuga St. Ithaca, N.Y. 

* Wilson, John Howard, died 1906 Natick, Mass. 

* WoLCOTT, Douglas Dousman, died 1899 Milwaukee, Wis . 


Alger, William Gaul 44 Pine St. New York, N.Y. 

* Anderson, Thomas Corwin, died Side View, Ky. 

* Audenried, William Wallace, died 1888 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Bartow, Alfred, died 1902 Chadron, Neb. 

Beers, Prof. Henry Augustin 65 York Sq. New Haven, Conn. 

* Belknap, William Richardson, died 1914 Louisville, Ky. 

* Bemis, Louis Sylvester, died 1900 New York, N.Y. 

Cameron, Alexander 15 Dey St. New York, N.Y. 

* Cameron, Angus, died Rochester, N.Y . 

Canbdt, Rev. Charles Forbes New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Carman, Nelson G. (Law. Ret.) 54 Pierrepont St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Cook, Walter 3 W. 29th St. New York, N.Y. 

Gilbert, James Horn Atlanta, Ga. 

Gross, Charles E. (Law.) 750 Main St. Hartford, Conn. 

* Herrick, Charles Brown, died 1896 Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

HiLLHousB, John Ten Broeck 23 Broad St. New York. N.Y. 

* Hotchkiss, Dr. William Henry, died 1907 New Haven, Conn. 

* Hull, Charles Amelius, died 1913 • Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Hutchinson, Ely Israel Concord, Cal. 

* Jones, Beverly, died 1881 Pittsburg, Pa. 

Lee, William Henry Lawrence (Law.) . . .107 W. 54th St. New York, N.Y. 

Sedgwick, George Stanley Chelsea, London, Eng. 

Shirley, Rev. Arthur 47 Warwick Ave. Stratford, Conn. 

Terry, Henry Taylor (Law.) 316 W. 97th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Traynham, John Hendrick, died 1900 Austin, Tex. 

* Waite, Edward Tinker, died 1889 Toledo, O. 

1870-72 YALE 47 


Allis, Frederick (Law.) 113 Amity St. Flushing, N.Y. 

Bbttb, William James (Ed.) Lindale Rd. Stamford, Conn. 

Burton, William Eights Waterford, N.Y. 

* Cabpbnter, Zachary Taylor, died 1891 Washington, D.C. 

Chadwick, Charles Noyes (Water Com.) . . Municipal Bldg. New York, N.Y. 
FiERo, Joshua MUton 100 William St. New York, N.Y. 

* Griffith, Daniel Jones, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

Heald, Charles Mercer (Transp.) 173 Bidwell Parkway Buflfalo, N.Y. 

Jenkins, George Walker Morristown, N.J. 

Jewbtt, Prof. Frank Fanning 73 South Professor St. Oberlin, O. 

* Keep, Frederick Augustus, died 1892 Pasadena, Cal. 

LiNDSLBT, Philip 944 Trinity Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Logan, Algernon Sidney Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Martin, Henry Elisha, died 1898 Steven's Point. Wis. 

Morrow, Dr. Samuel Roseburgh 48 Lancaster St. Albany. N.Y. 

Nicholson, Hon. John Reed Dover, Del. 

Phelps, Carrington (Law., Farmer) No. Colebrook, Conn. 

* Plater, Thomas Tresevant, died 1896 Pueblo, Colo. 

* RiLBT, Henry Augustus, died 1892 New York, N.Y. 

* Ross, John Alexander, died 1901 Kansas City, Mo. 

RussBLL, James Matson (Agr.) 262 Mt. Airy Ave. Pans, Ky. 

Sands, James Henry (Farmer) Standfordville, N.Y. 

ScAiFB, Lauriston Livmgston (Law.) 19 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

Stmb, Frederick James 132 Park Ave. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

* Trumbull, Perry, died 1902 Chicago, 111. 

* Tyler, Prof. Morris Franklin, died 1907 New Haven, Conn. 

WoRDiN, Dr. Nathaniel Eugene (Law.) . 213 Ck>urtland St. Bridgeport, Conn. 


* Board, Charles Howell, died 1871 Edenville, N.Y. 

Bradstrbbt, Albert Port«r (Law.) Thomaston, Conn. 

CooNLBT, Dr. Edgar David Port Richmond, N.Y. 

* Curtis, Albert Wakefield, died 1907 Spencer, Mass. 

* Dudley, Charles Benjamin, died 1909 Altoona, Pa. 

Janvier, Allen Egbert (Mining) Independence, Inyo Co., Cal. 

PoPB, Rev. Howard Walter 153 Institute PI. Chicago, III. 

* RiGOS, Rev. Warner Bradley, died 1906 Austin, Tex. 

Sherman, Prof. Lucius Adelno 1234 J St. Lincoln, Neb. 

TowNSBND, William (Law.) 4 Howard Ave. Utica, N.Y. 


Beldino, Edgar Frost (Ret.) Fairhaven, Mass. 

* Bbtts, Alsop Lockwood. died 1869 Stamford, Conn. 

* Boucher, Nelson Francis, died 1910 Bismarck, N.D. 

* Brown, Frank Thurston, died 1909 Norwich, Conn. 

Brown, John ICnox (Law.) Fairbanks, Alaska 

* Clapjp. Rev. Howard Saxtone. died 1898 < . . .Philadelphia, Pa. 

* CtJRRT. Dr. Albert Marshall, died 1909 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Dubois. Frederic William, died 1870 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

48 YALE 1872-74 

* French, Charles, died 1869 New Haven. Conn. 

Hall, Willard Preble Kansas City, Mo. 

How, Dr. Benjamin L. (Ret.) 212 Arrellaga St. Santa Barbara, Gal. 

Kbndbick, Greene West Haven, Conn. 

* Kendbick, John, died 1895 Bridgeport, Conn. 

Martin, Rev. George Edward 82 Central St. Auburndale, Mass. 

* O'Brien, Robert Wetmore, died 1870 Minneapolis, Minn. 

Robinson, Rev. Willard Haskell Chicago, 111. 

Root, Frank Douglas .7 W. 43rd St. New York, N.Y. 

* Sandford, William Fiske, died 1907 St. Louis, Mo. 

ScHELL, Francis 21 E. 62nd St. New York, N.Y. 

* Sherwood, Charles, died 1904 Bridgeport, Conn. 

Smith, Frank Sullivan (Law.) Angelica, Alleghany Co., N.Y. 

Stearns, Prof. Charles Cimimings Claremont, Cal. 

ToTMAN, Dr. David Maydole 912 E. Genesee St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

Wescott, Hon. John Wesley Camden, N.J. 

* White, Clement Brooke, died 1881 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* WiLLCOX, David (Johnson Halsted), died 1907 New York, N.Y. 


Beebe, Prof. William 262 Bradley St. New Haven, Conn. 

BiGELOw, Charles Emerson (Pub. Util.). .261 W. 72nd St. New York.N.Y. 

* Browning, Prof. William Webb, died 1900 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Buckingham, Ebenezer Hartwell, died 1877 Omaha, Neb. 

* CowLES, Edward Sheffield, died 1883 Farmington, Conn. 

Denslow, Rev. Herbert McKenzie (Ed.) . .2 Chelsea Sq. New York, N.Y. 

Elder, Samuel James (Law.) Pemberton Bldg. Boston, Mass. 

GoDDARD, Rev. John Calvin Salisbury, Conn. 

Hale, Frank Thurston Chicago, 111. 

* JoHNEs, Edward Rodolph, died 1903 New York, N.Y. 

* Lewis, Eugene Howard, died New York, N.Y. 

McIntxre, Hon. Albert Washington Everett, Wash. 

Macomb, Brig. <3en. Montgomery Meigs 

1271 New Hampshire Ave. Washington* D.C. 
MouNTJOY, Plato (Examiner) . . .Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. 

* Reynolds, Andrew James, died 1910 Ouray, Colo. 

* Sanfobd, Dr. Isaac Reed, died 1892 West Cornwall, Conn. 

Shaw, John Ekin (R. Estate) 6410 Beacon St. Pittsburg, Pa. 

* Smith, Robert Hallam, died 1876 Jacksonville, Fla. 

* Stewart, Seth Thayer, died 1913 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Strong, Hon. Henry A. (Law.) 112 Mohawk St. Cohoes, N.Y. 

* Sutherland, Dr. Douglass Rudd, died 1896 Morris, Minn. 

* Wald, Gustavus Henry, died 1902 Cincinnati, O. 

Webster, Hon. Frederick Charles Missoula, Mont. 

Winters, James M Indianapolis, Ind. 

Wright, Hamilton Mercer (Judge) «, . « ^. , ,. , 

c/o Jas. Donnelly, Shearer Bldg. Bay City, Mich. 


Bbadstreet, Dr. Edward Thomas Meriden, Conn. 

Butler, John Ammi Milwaukee, Wis. 

CoFUN, William Anderson Jennerstown, Pa. 

1874-90 YALB 49 

Gordon, William Lucien Mount Aiiv, O. 

* Iyxs, Charles, died 1883 New Haven, Conn. 

* MacDonald, John Vinatti, died 1901 Rocheiter. Pa. 

Spatjlding, Rev. Wayland 627 W. 121st St. New York. N.Y. 

Stonx, George Woodward (Law.) 120 Hosea Ave. Cinoinnati, O. 

* Swallow, Dr. Edward Emerson, died 1887 Waltham, Mass. 

Tennbt, Levi Sanderson (Law.) 26 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Vandbbbubgh, Henry Sutnerland 

* Whiitbuobb, Arthur Dexter, died 1915 Utica, N.Y. 

Wilcox, Prof. Andey Buffalo, N.Y. 

Zachbr, Edmund (Iaw.) 219 Exchange Bldg. New Haven. Conn. 


* Farrinqton, Dr. Edward Sherman, died 1896 New York, N.Y. 

* Franklin, Hervey Richards, died 1906 Yonkers, N.Y. 

Gallup, Asa Oran (Promoter) 60 Main St. Oneida, N.Y. 

Harter, Eu^ne Wendell (Ed.) 121 Marlborough Rd. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Platt. Harrison Gray (Law.) Piatt Bldg. Portland, Ore. 

Steiner, Bernard Christian (Lib.) .... 1308 No. Eutaw St. Baltimore, Md. 
Stevens, Henry Ebeneser, Jr. (R. Est.) . . 255 W. 90th St. New York, N.Y. 


Bradner, Rev. Lester (Ed.) 281 Fourth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Ensign, Joseph Ralph Simsbury, Conn. 

Kent, Prof. Charles Foster 415 Humphrey St. New Haven, Conn. 

Little, Rev. Arthur M 308 Perry Ave. Peoria, 111. 

Platt, Robert Treat (Law.) 653 Johnson St. Portland, Ore, 

Pond, Samuel Newman (Pat. Law.) . 1232 Monadnock Block, Chicago, 111. 

Rbbd, Rev. Haigr Lathrop (Prof.) 134 North St. Auburn, N.Y. 

ScREViLL, Prof. Ferdinand Chicago University, Chicago, lU. 

Smith, Herbert Augustine (Forest Serv.) . . 1528 "P" St. Washington, D.C. 
Williams, Howard Hunter (Law.) 31 Nassau St. New York. N.Y. 


Bedell, Prof. Frederick Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 

Bishop, Herbert Morton (R. Est.) 601 W. 113th St. New York, N.Y. 

Brooks, Dr. Frank Terry Rock Ridge, Greenwich, Conn. 

Crane, R. D. (Highways) 2102 Regent PI. Flatbush, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

CsEHORE, Prof, ^bert Cuidung 409 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N.Y. 

Fowler, Prof. Henry Thatcher 127 Lloyd Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Obibwold, Marvin Elihu (Mfg.) 255 W. 10th St. Erie, Pa. 

JoBLiN.Dr. Elliot Proctor 81 Bay State Rd. Boston, Mass. 

LusK, Dr. WiUiam Chittenden 47 E. 34th St. New York, N.Y. 

Morse, (Prof.) Sidney Nelson 214 Main St. Easthampton, Mass. 

MuNOER, Harry Loomis Dajnton, O. 

Robinson, Frederick William (Bank) . . .505 W. 149th St. New York, N.Y. 
W»TB. William (l«w.) 1302 Commonwealth Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. 




pas Charles, died 1891 Elmira, N.Y- 

ici« Theodore New Haven, Conn- 

ler (fed.) Lakeville, Conn. 

Hippolyte 2089 Cornell Road, Cleveland, O. 

de Lacy, died 1910 Plainfield, N.J. 

Andrew (Lumber) Hamburg, N.Y. 

Franklin (Mfg.) 16 West Gist St. New York, N.Y. 

iBON, A/an (Gold) 165 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

ru8 Dean (Ranching) Route 5, Phoenix, Ariz. 

icis Williams Broadway, Cape Vincent, N.Y. 

William Nevin, died 1891 Pueblo, Colo. 

JY, Rev. Clifford Gray 115 North Duke St. Lancaster, Pa. 

White, Henry Crofuf'(Law.) 49 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Williams, Dr. Henry Lane 1313 5th St. S. £. Minneapolis, Minn. 


Baluet, Andrew Jackson (Law.) Railway Exchange, Seattle, Wash. 

Haskell, William Stockbridge (Law.) . . Woolworth Bldg. New York, N.Y. 

HoYT, Willard Evans (College Treas.) Williamstown, Mass. 

Knowles, George Gray 8 Regent St. London, S. W., Eng. 

Luce, Rev. Henry Winters (Mis.) . . Tsinan Fu, Shantung Province, China 
Manson, Daniel Edgar 292 Clinton Rd. Brookline, Mass. 

* Mabshall, Elliott, died 1914 Montclair, N.J. 

Mabvin, Hon. L. P. Waldo (Judge) ... .36 Woodland St. Hartford, Conn. 
Rockefelleb, William Goodsell (Ret.) . . . .26 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

TucKEB, Frederick Deming (Fin.) Security Bldg. St. Louis, Mo. 

Wheeleb, James Everett (Law.) 42 Church St. New Haven, Conn. 


Allen, Lafon (Law.) 1304 Lincoln Bank Bldg. Louisville, Ky . 

Beebb, George Palmer Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Bbiqgs, (George) Justus, died Providence, R.I. 

Eddt, Charles Brown 62 Cedar St. New York, N.Y. 

Gatchel, Francis Edwin (Photo. Sup.) . . 406 W. Jefferson St. Louisville, Ky. 

HoDQE, Benjamin (Oranges) Redlands, Cat. 

Holbbook, Richard Thayer (Ed.) Ardmore, Pa. 

LOBD, Arthur Power 62 Cedar St. New York, N.Y. 

SxTTPHEN, Dr. Carlyle Edgar 31 Roseville Ave. Newark, N.J. 

Thomson, Herbert Gordon 165 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Ttleb, Rev. Corydon Curtiss 

207 E. Graver's Lane, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Pa. 

Wabnock, John Dorrance (Ed.) 711 High St. Pottst^wn, Pa. 

Whbelock, Webster (Fin.) 807 Fairmount Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

Wilcox, Walter Dwight (Timber Lands) 1526 N. H. Ave. Washington, D.C. 
Williams, Edward Mason (Paint) . . .10916 Magnolia Drive, Cleveland, O. 


Buck, Albert Henry (Ins.) Homewood Apts. Baltimore, Md. 

Cooke, Joseph Piatt Honolulu, H.I. 

1894-96 YALE 61 

CxTKTXB, CUntoB James (Transp.) 2335 E. Ooean Ave. Lonjt Beach, Cal. 

Holmes, Ralph Winthrop (Fin.) 66 Monroe PI. Winsted, Conn. 

Jones, Lawrence B. (Law.) 39 No. Franklin St. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

MosMAN, Oliver Clayton (Law.) 3615 Holmes St. Kansas City, Mo. 

O'Day, Daniel (Oil) Rye, N.Y. 

* Rtan, Albert Thorpe, died 1910 Wallace, Ida. . 

Sallmon, Rev. William Henry Locust Valley, L. I., N.Y. 

* SifiTH, Dr. Letchworth, died 1909 Louisville, Ky. 

Thomas, Edward Russell 17 W. 67th St. New York, N.Y. 

Todd, William (R. Est.) 12 North 8th St. Richmond, Va. 

Van Sltck, George Finch 

c/o Finch, Van Slydc & McConville, St. Paul, Minn. 
WooDBUFF, William Wallace, Jr. (Mer.) Knoxville, Tenn. 


Adams, Daniel Crouse (Fin.) 2 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Cabson, William (Banking) 94 S. Paint St. Chillicothe, O. 

* Cook, Cliflford Semple, died 1903 Sharon, Pa. 

DxBEvoiSB, Thomas McEhrath 62 Cedar St. New York, N.Y. 

Dbapbb, Dr. James Avery 1016 Washington St. Wilmington, Del. 

Jacobus, George (Ed.) 92 Gates Ave. Brookljrn, N.Y. 

Ketsbb, William, Jr. (R. Est.) 912 Keyser Bldg. Baltimore, Md. 

KiNQBLET, Charles (Pub.) Chatterton Parkway, White Plains, N.Y. 

Ladd, Dr. Louis Williams Cleveland, O. 

MacGbboor, John, Jr. (Law.) o/o Rowfant Club, Cleveland, O. 

Thomas, Rev. George Herbert 

St. Paul's Church, Dorchester Ave. & 50th St. Chicago, III. 

Thomas, Hermann (Telephone) 212 W. Washington St. Chicago, 111. 

Thomson, William De Forest Bridgewater, Mass. 


Alvobd, Samuel Morgan (Ed.) 254 Ashley St. Hartford, Conn. 

Bacon, Leonard Beaimiont (Lftw.) 

15 Rochester Savings Bank Bldg. Rochester, N.Y. 
Ballantxne, James A. (Law.) 586 Monadnock Bldg. San Francisco, Cal. 

Bbrdan, Prof. John Mullin 71 Edgehill Rd. New Haven, Conn. 

Bbastow, Lewis Ladd (Adv.) 143 W. Main St. PlainviUe, Conn. 

Bbookfieud, James Hanford Babvlon, N.Y. 

BniST, Dr. George Lamb 3 Hancock St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Clark, Thomas Benton Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Clark. Hon. Walter Haven (Law.) 50 State St. Hartford. Conn. 

Cochran, Alexander Smith 10 £. 45th St. New York, N.Y. 

Dodqe, Guy Phelps Milk Gap, Eastbourne, Sussex, Eng. 

Douglass, John H. (Law.) 16 Vandeventer PI. St. Louis, Mo. 

Drown, WiUard Newell (Law.) . .2812 Washington St. San Francisco, Cal. 

FiTKHUGH, Carroll Hamilton 807 Ridge Ave. Allegheny, Pa. 

Griggs, Maitland (Fuller) 32 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Hollistbr, George Clay (Fin.) Quidcer Ridge, New Rochelle, N.Y . 

Hollister, Dr. John C c/o Geo. C. Hollister, 7 Wall St. New York, N.Y . 

* LooMis, Horace Arthur, died 1908 Rochester, N.Y. 

Perkins, Prof. Heni^ Augustus (E. Eng.) . . 83 Gillett St. Hartford, Conn . 
Sawter, James Demson 30 Church St. New York, N.Y. 

I, Nmlhaniel W. (!•») N. Y„ N. H. A H. R. R. Provideno 

EWUTBEB, Williara Judd, Ji G5I Harvutl Blvd. Lob ADgela . 

uiT. DouelsB BW Lyond^te Ave. Pittabunth. Ps. 

IPBOH, Arthur Ripley (]na,)...]0S3 FumingtoD Ave. Hutfoid, Conn. 

iBLi, Howlmd (l«w.) 8* Slate St. Borton, Mas 

Bbubeh, Michael Muirsy (Fia.) . , .Sunnyfields Fum, Newport. R. 

roil, ThomM Oaylord (l*w.) Walwka, Il_, 

I, Frank Edwinl (Mfg.) 7 Brattle Hd. Symijiae, N.Y, 


. .20 E. E2iid St. Nev York, N.' 
. _. . . _ ^^ g Wftlpde, Mai 

■..died 1SB7 New York, N.Y- 

ISSOMariae Baak Bldi, Buffalo, N.Y- 

.) B07 Ridge Ava.Tittaburgh, Ps- 

i-on-HadKB, N.Y- 

2 Rector at. New York. N.Y- 

U WaU 8t. New York, N.Y. 

Yals Univ. New Haven. Coui' 

. .3800 Lindel! Blvd. 8t. Louia, Mo- 

Charlotte, N.C- 

Tennsy Block, Madison. Wifc 

GooDwiK, Walter Llppincotl (R. Eat.) 783 Main Si 

llppincotl (R. . -_- 

IB. Charles E. (R. Est.) IT E. 24th St. Mini 

Jcnn, Albert Francis (Uw.) 622 Judd St. 

Kkitob, Dr. Hany Maybam Roxbury, N.Y. 

Kent, Albert Emmett IBaiiking) Bl Westland Ave. Butoa, ~ ' 

KiBB, Albert Boardman (Law.) 49 Wall St. Now York, 

KiTCHSL, Coraelius Potter (Law.) 13 Cedar St, New York, . _. 

LlFHAU. Henry Geocee (Shoea) 271 Clinton Rd. Brookline. Man. 

Lediabu, Heory 676 Jefierwm Ave, Detroit. Mioh. 

MicBride. Thamas (Mfg. Act.) ... 227 Morria Ave. Grand Rapida.Mich- 

MDapm. Dr. Fred Towsley Euelid Ave. Kingahighway, St. Louis, Mo. 

PiRiE, Rev. Hervey Coke 15 Park Ave. Athid, Maas- 

Patpehbon. Stewart (Orchardiat) Medfopd. Oro. 

RnssEL, Theodora Frederic PotleviUe, Pa. 

eiwrOK, Jarnea Putnam Rutland. Vt. 

• SiMPBOK, Jtunea Hervey, disd 1909 New York, N.Y. 

SuTTH, Nathan Aver (Law.) 60 Broadway, New York. N.Y, 

* Tbomfbon, Benjamin Franklin Carver, disd 1899 Chlcaco. lU. 

WHEEiwHiaHT. Dt. Joeeph Slorar, 2od . . 615 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 
WiuoH. Worrall (Law.) 900 Leary Bldg. Seattle, Wasb- 


u Douilas (Law.) 1029 Garfield BIdg. Gleaville, O. 

x.,._. 206 So. Proapect St. Burlington. Vt. 

, 30 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Bbooes. James Coffinberry (Law.) 929 GarBeld BIdg. Cleveland, O. 

BoTLEB, Henry Emerson 25 Broad St- New York. N.Y. 

• Bnu. Dallas (ToDiuni, died IBOe FittM>ur^. Pa. 

1698-M TALE 

CkDWAUiBm, Botmm (Law.) Olympto Club, Bu Fnncim, Cml 

Cboabt. RAyraond Monbu. ..^ ^ YftrmDuthport, Man 

nrca, Aahtwl Punwles 32 Nunu St, Nev York, N.Y 

OiuTwiH, Robart Thompun (Fruit) JeuBBD. Fli 

QiT, Robert Hiiryey (Lbw.) K WbII St. New York, N.Y 

OooDwiH, ChuitMA. (Lew.) S4 SouborouEh St. H&rtford, Cona 

•Hat. AdelbertSlone, died 1901 WMhiiulon, D.C 

Hmn. Robert S. (Law.) . I33S MuuchuKtu Ave. N. W. Wuhinglon. DC 

Jacuon, etuBrt WeUg (liu.) 80 Mudeu Lune, New York, N.Y 

KiHQ, Edwin BuTTUH <Sd.) Btuyveunt Schoo], Wurenton. Vm 

•LlDIABO, Auputug CviBeU. died 1399 Detroit, Mlob 

•Ltiun, Pkul Heucy. died ISSe La Gruise, lit 

MoObaw, Dr. Thoodore AleiandeP 73 Cms St. Detroit, Mich. 

.... >...,-..... J..., qjg,!) Peoobsoot Bldg, Detroit, Mich. 

Ulertonary) .^inkiaai. Chin* 

333 Pelhamdale Ave. Pelham. N.Y. 

.e/o J. B. Williame Co. GlMtoobury, Conn. 

198 YpeUanti. Mirh. 

u. .. .1302 Fruit Ave. Albuquentue, N. M. 
780 Prw^ct St. New Haven, Cobb. 

.*.'.'.'.. .301 Pioepeet St. New 

2e8 Mai&on Ave. N._., 

) 129 Church St. New Haven, Conn. 

la) 801 Caoal Rd. Clev ■ " ~ 

. ,124CliotDn St. WaU 

...27 William »t. Nen 

68 Sherman Ave. Glen Ridge, N.J. 

BoiBE, Edward Bajdwin (Law.) 71 Broadway, New Yi^, N.Y. 

Bowuta, Heniy Thornton (Fruit) Cbsrlotteayille, V». 

BBAmH. Chariea A. (car nhaels) . . . 10803 Maanalia Drive, Cleveland, O. 

BncUHaBAU. B. McLean (Law.) Watertown. Conn. 

Cr.AU, John Kirkland (Law.) 16 6l. Nicholaa PI. New York, N.Y. 

COHHIB, Chulea Horan, Jr Rye. N.Y. 

CoHHMR, Wiiliam Boudinot Bedford, On. 

DAT. Dwi^t Huntincton (For, Misa.) .... 158 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y 

Dbwbt. Harry Manford (Ina.) Live Oak St. Roekport, Tex. 

DODOa. Clarence Phelpe (Pub.) Colorado ^irinD. (Mo. 

ETAm. Berne HolbrooV Pittcburgh. Pa 

EvANB. John IcwiB(Law.). .701 Commercial Truat Bld(. Philadelpbia, Pa 

GooDTBAB. Anion Cooper (Lumber) 180 Bryant St. Butlalo, N.Y 

GoBBAA Frederick AuguBtue, Jr. (Banker) 

Michigan Truit Co. Grand Rapids. Mieh. 
Ghiswold, WiUiani Edward Schenck (Law.)., 37 Wail St. New York, N.Y, 

Hewitt, Thomai Denison 122 Remsen St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

KniNAN, George Angelo (Law,) 303 £lt»beth St, Utica. N.Y, 

"■ " El Pl«lon (fiankingl Aberdeen, Waah. 

Tj,_i.._ ..870 Laurel St. Hulford, Conn. 

S4 YALE 1899-1900 

Lkwis, Everson Howard (Law.) 516 Dillaye Bldj^. Syracuse, N.Y. 

IiOOMis, Robert Payson (Mer.) 789 St. Marks Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

MoROAN, Herbert. Morean (Adv.) . . .4246 Westminster PI. St. Louis, Mo. 
O'Fallon, Howard Lawrence (Contr.) . . . .4543 Berlin Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

Palmer, Dr. Joseph Coolidge 947 James St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

Parks, Francis Robert (Ins.) Crafts Rd. Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Parmblbb, Edward Spencer 71 Elm St. New Haven, Conn. 

Powers, Charles Alonzo (E. Contr.) 2142 Euclid Ave. Cleveland. O. 

Smith, George Henry (Pub.) 123 Summit St. Cedar Grove, N.J. 

Spence, Thomas Henry (Law.) 107 Prospect Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Stewart, William Keirifoot Indianapolis, Ind. 

Sweet, Carroll Fuller (Lumber) Kent Hills, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Wallace, Harry Brookings 4976 Berlin Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

Wear, Joseph Walker .St. Louis, Mo. 

Wellman, Guy (Law.) 1330 Marine Bank Bldg. Buffalo, N.Y. 


Adams, Frederick Baldwin (Banking) 55 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Brock, John Penn (Iron & Steel) Lebanon, Pa. 

Bronson, Exekiel Stoddard New Haven, Conn. 

Brooks, Charles Stephen 715 Superior Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Camp, Stuart Brown (Hdw.) Winsted, C!lonn. 

Clarke, William Rockwell (Banker) . . .U. S. Trust Co. Kansas City, Mo. 

Draper, Clare Hill (Mfr.) Adin St. Hopedale, Mass. 

Ellerbb, Chris. P. (Law.) 3rd Nat. Bank Bldg. St. Louis, Mo. 

Ellsworth, Henry EMwards (Mfg.) Simsbury, Conn. 

Francis, David Rowland, Jr. (Fin.) 214 No. 4th St. St. Louis, Mo. 

Greene, Edward Belden (Banker) . . 10831 Magnolia Drive, Cleveland, O. 

Hartwell, Dr. John Bryant 260 Clarenden St. Boston, Mass. 

Hill, Edward Bufifum (Aud.) 147 Canton Ave. Milton, Mass. 

Hopkins, John Morgan (Ed.) Lake Placid, N.Y. 

HuBBELL, George Wolcott, Jr. (Law.) . .128 East 34th St. New York, N.Y. 

Johnson, Bascom (Law.) 45 Burns St. Forest Hills Gardens, N.Y. 

Johnson, Owen McMahon 16 Gramercy Pk. New York, N.Y. 

Kittle, Allen Irving (Law.) 14 Montgomery St. San Francisco, Cal. 

KuMLER, Preston (Law.) 203 So. Dearborn St. Chicago, 111. 

McBridb, Malcolm Lee Cleveland, O. 

McCoRMiCK, Joseph Medill Tribime Bldg. Chicago, HI. 

McCoRMicK, Robert Hall, Jr 145 La Salle St. Chicago, HI. 

Nbwcombb, Albert (Paper) 105 E. 53rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Oglebay, Crispin (Foundry) 3928 Prospect Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Park, Dr. Edwardis Albert Johns Hopkins Univ. Baltimore, Md. 

Rockefeller, Percy A. (Fin.) Greenwich, Conn. 

Russell, Robert (Law.) 4201 Ellis Ave. Chicago, III. 

ScswBPPB, Richard Jewett (R. Est.) . .610 Gramercy PI. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Setmour, William Edward Middletown, N.Y. 

Smith, David Stanley (Ed.) 755 Whitney Ave. New Haven, Conn. 

Swan, Thomas Walter (Law.) 203 So. Dearborn St. Chicago, 111. 

TwiTCHBLL, Reuben Carter (Mfg.) 93 Forest St. New Britain, Conn. 

Vandbr Veer, Dr. Albert, Jr 116 East 68th St. New York, N.Y. 

VoGBLER, Dr. William Jerome 403 Palisade Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. 

* Williams. William Biddle, died 1908 Philadelphia, Pa. 

1901-02 YALE W 


AiiLBN, Arthur Dwifi^t Belknap Hdw. A Mfg. Co. Glenview, Ky. 

AuJBN, Charlea Willis (Hdw.)... .Second & Washington St. Louisville, Ky. 

Blossom, Dudley Stuart 2121 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Bbown, Edwin Hewitt (Mfr.) Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

BncKiNOHAM, Charles Benedict Watertown, Conn. 

Btxbs. Eben McBurney Allegheny, Pa. 

Cambbon, Alexander, Jr. ^Iron) 15 Dey St. New York, N.Y. 

Cablislb, James Mandeville Washington, D.C. 

CiiABK, George M. (Furniture) 473 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Coxb. Alfred Conkling. Jr. (Law.) 15 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

CuBTiss, Henry Stiles (Fin.) 2443 Prospect Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Eblls, John Shepard (Fin.) 84 No. 21st St. Portland, Ore. 

Fulton, Lewis Edwards 150 Hillside Ave. Waterbury, Conn. 

Gbiffiths, Arthur Llewellyn (Author) .... 149 TVemont St. Boston, Mass. 

HoBD, John Huntington (Fin.) 1929 £. 75th St. Cleveland, O. 

HoTSBAi>T, Warren J. (Banking) 

c/o Guaranty Trust Co. 140 Bway, New York, N.Y. 

JuDD, Rev. Henry Piatt 2162 Atherton Rd. Honolulu, H.I. 

KiNQSLBT, Ranulph 94 Neptune Park, New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Mason, Frederick G. (Mfg.) 144 Buckingham St. Waterbury, Conn. 

Mbbbiman. Dr. Merritt Heminway 42 W. 71st St. New York, N.Y. 

Mills, James Layng (Mfr.) 103 West 56th St. New York, N.Y. 

MooDT, Rev. Paul Dwight St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

NxviNS, Russell Hubbard (Ed.) St. George's School, Newport, R.I. 

Nbwpobt, Reece Marshall (R. Est.) . . . .217 Summit Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

Pattebson, Joseph Medill Libertyville, 111. 

PoTTEB, Clarkson (Fin.) 408 Olive St. St. Louis, Mo. 

Reynolds, George Vogdes (Law.) 4239 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. 

Spibb. Lester Morgan 213 Glen St. Glens Falls, N.Y. 

SncKNEY, William Arthur (Fin.) 412 Olive St. St. Louis, Mo. 

Thoicas, Arthur Abbot (Law.) 49 Westminster St. Providence, R.I. 

Thoicas, Leonard Moorehead (Music) 12 E. 87th St. New York, N.Y . 

TwiTCHELL, Burton Parker (Ed.) Nordhoff, Cal. 

Twining, Kinsley (Law.) South St. Morristown, N.J. 

Wattles, William Prime (Eng.) 

Model Farm, Penrose Ferry Rd. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wbab, James Hutchinson 307 N. 4th St. St. Louis, Mo. 

WooLSET, Con'^ers B. (Cotton) .... .7 Breese HiU Plantation, Aiken, S.C. 
Woolset, Theodore Salisbury, Jr. (For. Serv.) Albuquerque, N.M. 


AbbotTp Gardner (Law.) 1935 East 75th St. Cleveland, O. 

♦ Baeb, Charles Seiser, died 1906 Lancaster, Pa. 

Bbckwith, Laurance Baldwin (Fin.) 2336 Scottwood Ave. Toledo, O. 

Bubball, John Booth (Mfg.) 16 Church St. Waterbury, Conn. 

Cabpbnteb, George Boone 149 Plymouth PI. Chjcago, 111. 

Osittbndbn, Simeon B., Jr. (Cement) .1500 Consumers Bld^. Chicago, 111. 

Day, William Edwards (Fin.) 1640 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Easthan, Frank Manson Boise, Ida. 

Easton, Edward, Jr. (Law.) 148 State St. Albany, N.Y. 

Fox. Lytleton (Lew.) ^ 136 East 72nd St. New York, N.Y. 

66 YALE 1902-08 

Oabnsbt, William Smith. Jr. (Sugar) 304 8. 35th St. Billings, Mont . 

Garvan, John Stephen 230 Farmington Ave. Hartford, Conn. 

Goodwin, James Lester (Mfr.) 880 Ac^um Ave. Hartford, Conn. 

Gould, Charles 30 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Granbbby, Edwin Carleton (Fin.) 166 William St, New York. N.Y . 

GxTXBNSBY, Raymond G. (Law.) . .75 So. Hamilton St. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

HxATON, Laurent (Elec. Ltg.) 117 Monhagen Ave. Middletown, N.Y. 

HswxTT, Ainslie (Interior Dec.) 958 3rd Ave. Louisville, Ky. 

James, D. L 1114 Grand Ave. Kansas City, Mo. 

Jeffbbson, Flo^d Welman (Cotton) Short Hills, N.J. 

JoHNSTOK, Xieslie Morgan 235 Water St. Clearfield, Pa. 

Lancastbb, Merritt Proctor (Sales.) .65 So. Raymond Ave. Pasadena, Cal. 

Low, Ethelbert Ide (Law.) 38 E. 64th St. New York. N.Y. 

Mead, Henry Sargent (Paper) 412 W. 1st St. Dayton, O. 

Mbteb, Charles Conrad Transit Ave. Louisville, Ky. 

MoRisoK, Binnie (Fin.) 44 Melrose PI. Montclair, N.J. 

Nbvins, Frank Wells (Mfr.) Chambers St. Bayside, L. I., N.Y. 

NoBTON, Robert Castle (Mfg.) 7301 Euclid Ave. Cleveland. O. 

* PicKANDS, Jay Morse, died 1913 Cleveland, O. 

PoTTBB, Roderick (R. Est.) 50 Cleveland Ave. BuflFalo, N.Y. 

Richardson, Milo Barnum, Jr Lime Rock, (Doim. 

Smith, Keith (An*.) Linwood, UtaJh 

Sturgbs, Rush (Law.) 49 Westminster St. Providence, R.I. 

Taylor, Rev. Alan McLean 22 Whitney Pk. Boston, Mass. 

Wbab, Arthur Yancey ! St. Louis, Mo. 

Willing, Mark Skinner (Law.) 53 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, 111. 


Blount, William Alexander, Jr (Law.) Seamorge St. Pansacola, Fla. 

BoouB, Samuel Russell (Contr.) Glacier. B.C. 

Clark, Harold Terry (Law.) 1899 East 82nd St. Cleveland, O. 

Clement, Allen Thomas 55 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Cochran, GifFord Alexander (Mfr.) Yonkers, N.Y. 

Conant, George Kimball 1301 No. 6th St. St. Louis, Mo. 

Draper, Trusten Polk . .c/o Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. Youngstown, O. 

Ellsworth, Bradford Hart49dide, N.Y. 

Evans, John Kuhn McKeesport, Pa. 

Farnum, Peter E. (Ins.) 122 East 82nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Fulton, William Shirley Waterbury, Conn. 

Goodwin, Francis Spencer (R. Est.) . . . 103 Woodland St. Hartford, Conn. 

Granniss, Robert Andrew, Jr. (R. Est.) Morris Plains, N.J. 

Green, C. Douglass (Fin.) 30 Pine St. New York, N.Y. 

Hamlin, Chauncey Jerome Snyder, Erie Co. N.Y. 

Hazard, Rowland (Mfr.) Peace Dale, R.I. 

Hewitt, Brower (Wire) 290 Willow St. New Haven, Conn. 

KiRTLAND, Lucian Swift Poland, O. 

Leonard, George Everson (Law.) ... .40 Nassau Blvd. Garden City, N.Y. 

Lewis, Dudley Payne (Law.) 244 Spring St. New York, N.Y, 

McCoRMiCK, Robert Rutherford Tribune Bldg. Chicago, 111. 

MooRB, Frank Wood (Ed.) 4 Nelson St. Auburn. N.Y. 

MuNSON, Walter S 1016 Bruckerhoff Ave. Utica, N.Y. 

OsTBY, Erling Cornelius 118 Richmond St. Providence, R.I. 

Plummer, Howard Albert (Fin.) , 37 WaU St. New York, N.Y. 

ieOH>4 TALE 

Pomm, Henry (FinO • 408 Olii 

■ IUthouu, Junn ffUliun, died 1911 

RoBiKKH, J. RnndDlph (Mfa.) V 

Stadtobh. Bandolpli <L»w.) 72S No. 

• SmjjTiM, WbImt, dUd IWtt 

Trouab. JoHph BiDirn (Ens.) 132 Eut 19Ui 

TowHanHB, EdwMrf PenyTBiofcer) M7 Bro«lwi 

Vahdbb Pobl, Samuel Oakley (Fio.) 

Vah Dyib, DouglBW (Law.) 44 Proopeot A 

'WiDiiiu., CuToU Johuon (Fin.) . . . Harru Forbn A ( 
WUHIHDTOH, GewoB AuEiutiH (U».}. . .27 WilliUD 

Wbttcoub. Edwin ReynoUi (Fumer) 

WuTi. Honard Ban (Bran Mfg.) 46 KeUou B 

WiLUB, Orion Jamei (^lei.) 3rd Nat. Bask 

WiHo, Wilaoa Gordon 37S Benefit 

,IM.) ... 


Aoaui. Chailei Edvaid (Bankei 
Allbk, Arthur Williana (I11..I . 
Aki>abbov, Christopher Mi 
Ahnold, itaninvi fF« ■ 

• Bauiwih, Frederick , 

Bann, Charlea Edward (Books) 

BuMJirr. Fernando Moreno (Contr.) . . 

Bdib, David (HeatUu) 

Bbaut, James Cai (Fin.) 

Btibs, John Fiederio 

Chafih, Cari MattiaoD (Edit.) 


DalioH. WiUiam Francil (Mer.) 

FlBX» AusufltuB Ktohey ............. 

F»K, Chaile* Wilbur 

HiBTWEUn Everett Smith (Mfg.) . . . 

Houiu. Joe^ih Home Bi 

JoHEs, Oliver LivinoBton, Jr 

K»Li,i, Asa Rathbome 

1.ANE. Georgo ThompBoa (Adv.) Yale Ouh, New York. 

Lbvis, Alfred Huntintlon 7 12 Jamee Bt. Syracuse. 

McCain, Charlea Simoaton (Banket) 2223 Stale St. Little Roak, 

MlTOBaii, Waiiam Ledyard (Mt(.' " ' ■"■-■■ 

MOOBB IAD. John Aleton Sbarpaburc Sta. Pittaburg, I 

""■'""■■■ ....SlChurchSl. Waterbury, Col 

Albert (Adv.) .'..'.'.'.'.'.'. '^«OJth A,ve._ New York, Nt! 

C. (B> 

Olkstbd,' John'(Mfg.) ■.'.'...."......",",. ..122 Windsor Ave. Buffalo, N. Y. 

PiBKB, George Elton (Law.) -flO Wall St. New York, N. Y. 

Scott, Basil 24S Tompkuu Ave. New Brighton, N. Y. 

eTODWitt.L, George Stuart, Jr. (Acct.| . .420 West 121rt St. Now York, N. Y. 
TitEH, Leonard Sanford (Wire) P. O. Boi 13, Nc " 

vey (ForgiBe8).,150 Hamilton Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y, 

.j 1033 Nicholas Bldg.Tolf"- " 

WiNBLOW, Burmkie (Fin.) 146 Cold Sprini 8t. New Hh 

BOH, Justice (Lawj 1033 Nicholas 

— -T, Bumskie (Fin.) 146 Cold Sprini 8t. N( 

t, Gairard Bigelow (Law.) 1608 No. SUte 5l 

58 YALE 190&H)6 

- ^ 


Armstbonq, Horace White Clark St. Bridge, Chicago, 111' 

Baxter, Hamilton 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. Washin^on, D.C* 

BsNTLET, John Eldridse McMinnville, Tenn* 

Bloomer, James Ralph (Mining) 30 West 44th St. New York, N.Y* 

Brooks, Edward Little (Prmting) 1895 East 93rd St. Cleveland. O- 

Brown, McCleane (Iron and Steel).. 635 Ridge Ave. N. S. Pittsburgh, Fa* 

* Bhuff, Harold, died 1911 New York. N.Y- 

Champion. William Julius (Sales.) 20 Fern St. Aubumdale, Mass* 

CoLiB, Runjron (Law.) 109 Prospect St. East Orange, N.J. 

Day, Frederick Huntington 1620 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, Ind. 

DB LA Vbronb, Chester Rhoades (Ranching) . . . Glenbow, Alberta, Canada 

DoDOB, Henry Grofif (Law.) Overlook Rd. Cleveland, O. 

Edwards, George Holmes (Silverware).. .276 Park Ave. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Ellsworth, John Stoughton 725 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Fallows, Charles Samuel (Law.) 30 Church St. New York, N.Y. 

Hanson, Willis Tracy, Jr 20 Union Ave. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Hare, Morin Scott (Sales.) 1904 Spruce St. Philaddphia, Pa. 

Hbminoway, Roy Willet (Canner) Auburn, N.Y. 

Howard, Morton Albertson Yonkers, N.Y. 

HuoHBS, Berrien 1200 Grant Ave. Denver, Col. 

JuDD, Charles Sheldon c/o Forest Service, Portland, Ore. 

Kennedy, John Russell (Medicines) 12 South 6th St. Reading, Pa. 

KiRKHAM, Edward HoUiston, Mass. 

Lathrop, John Hiram (Law.) 4033 Walnut St. Kansas (Dity, Mo. 

La Vakb, Dr. Rae Thornton. .4129 Linden Hill Blvd. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Little, Edward Stephen c/o Little Lumber Co. St. Louis, Mo. 

Meier, Duncan Ivers (Wire) 6457 Cecil Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

Reid, Archibald (Iron) 120 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Richardson, Gardner (Joum.) Woodstock, Conn. 

Rickcords, Francis Stuiley (Law.) 1500 Dearborn Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Roberts, John Taylor 36 Pearl St. Hartford, Conn. 

Spaldino, Edward Elbridge (Fin.) 62 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Stillman, Walter Negley (Banker) 60 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Sweet, Rev. Sidney Edward 20 Boyd Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 

Thomas, Ralph HUl 640 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Whitbhousb, Sheldon (Diplomat). .Knickerbocker Club, New York, N.Y. 
WiSHABD, Dwight Milton Minneapolis, Minn. 


Addoms, Mortimer C^ark, Jr. (Banking) 

Union League Club, New York, N.Y. 

Aldrich, Richard S. (Law.) Warwick, R.I. 

Andrews, Austin Warrington c/o Cleveland Trust Co. Cleveland, O. 

Brooks. Chester Kingsley (M. Eng.) . .7706 Piatt Ave. S. E. Cleveland, O. 

Dart, Joseph, Jr. (Auto.) Oakwood, Dayton, O. 

DousMAN, Louis de V Montana Mortgage Co. Billinas, Mont. 

Downing. Frank Collins (Ins.) New England Nat. Bank. Kansas City, Mo. 
DusTiN, Edward Farnsworth (Adv.) . .412 Farmington Ave. Hartford. Conn. 

Ferry. Rev. Horace Farwell Lake Forest, 111. 

FiiLD, Samuel. Jr. (Coal) 817 Berkeley Ave. Trenton. N.J. 

1906-07 YALB 69 

FiTZPATBicK, Benjamin (Adv.) 712 East 47th St. Kansas City, Mo. 

Flamdxbb, Roger Yale (Law.) 800 Pabst Bldg. Milwaukee, Wis. 

FuNN, A. Rex (Lumber) Columbia Bank Bldg. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fulton, Irving Kent (Farming) Salisbury, Conn. 

Goodwin, Howard 158 N. Beacon St. Hartford, Conn. 

Greene, A. Crawford (Law.) 

1107 Merchants Exchange Bldg. San Francinco, Cal. 

GuRLSY, Rev. Melville Brooks 257 Harvey St. Germantown, Pa. 

Habris, William Hugh (Banking) 1219 Linden Ave. Baltimore, Md. 

Heckbhsb, Gustav Maurice 622 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Hoyt, Lydig. 28 E. 36th St. New York. N.Y. 

* Johnson, William Kurtz, died 1909 Washington, D.C. 

KocHERSPEBGER, Edmund Stanley (Law.) 

286 Belmont St. Watertown, Mass. 

McClintoce, Wilson Shaw (Mfg.) 6423 Fifth Ave. Pittsburgh. Pa. 

MooRB, Barrington (Forestry) 40 East 83rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Newberry. John Strong 2097 E. 46th St. Cleveland, O. 

O'Brien, Frank (Ed.) Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. 

Ralston, Henry Gould (R. Est.) Lawyers' Bldg Miami, Fla. 

Rowland, Rufus Story 444 Steele Ave. rla'nfield, N.J. 

Shisvlin, Thomas Leonard 2205 Park Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Smith, Bruce Donald (Banker) 50 So. La Salle St. Chicago, 111. 

Stevenson, John Archibald (Banker) 52 Cedar St. Chicago, HI. 

Struby, George Berger (Law.) 1600 Ogden St. Denver, Colo. 

TwicHELL, Rev. Joseph Hooker Milford, N.H, 

Weeks, Kenneth Ellmgham 23 College St. New Haven, Conn. 

Whitcomb, Hennr Franklin, Jr. (Ry.) . . . .265 Martin St. Milwaukee, Wis. 

White, Edwin (Fin.) 394 Holly Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

White, Philip Trumbull Brooklyn, Conn. 

WiCKWiRB, Jere Raymond (Artbt) 130 West 57th St. New York, N.Y. 

Wolfe, Russell (Law.) 40 Wall St. New York. N.Y. 


Baog, Dr. Edward Parsons, Jr 69 Locust St. Holyoke, Mass. 

BoARDMAN, Philip Waldron 40 W. 53d St. New York, N.Y. 

Bristol, Ernest Milford (Transp.) . . 11 Whitson St. Forest Hills, L.I., N.Y. 

Brown, Alexander Cushing (Mf r.) 1625 Hasel Drive, Cleveland, O. 

Carter, Winthrop Lakey (Paper) 28 Concord St. Nashua, N.H. 

Chase. Ralph Waldo 389 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

CovBY, Leland Church (Fin.) 2436 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Crane, Joseph Graham 35 W. 1st St. Dayton, O. 

Cunningham, James 124 East 55th St. New York, N.Y. 

CuBTisa, Charles Gould (Mfg.) Curtiss Bldg. Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Daniels, Forrest Leonard, died 1908 Saranac Lake, N.Y. 

Dean, Franklin A., Jr. (Law.) 7 So. Dearborn St. Chicago, 111. 

Driggs, Theodore Ives (Pin Mfr.) Waterbury, Conn. 

Francis, Tarlton Turner 214 N. 4th St. St. Louis, Mo. 

Goodwin, Philip Lippincott (Arch.) 11 W. 54th St. New York, N.Y. 

Halcomb, Charles Herbert, Jr Woodmere, L. I., N.Y. 

Hart, Edward Henry (Law.) Interstate Commerce Com., Wash, D. C. 

Hartwell, Mortimer Hall (R. Est.) University Club, Portland, Ore. 

Hill, Charles 1 West Ave. Norwalk, Conn. 

60 YALE 1907-08 

HowBSBT, T^nUiam Irving (Banker) 

28 W. Monument St. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Knox, Hugh Smith (Law) 657 Morewood Ave. Pittabur^, Pa. 

McCoBMiCK, Chauncey Brooks (Foundry) 

414 Railway Exchange Bldg. Chicago, HI. 
McKnight, Sumner Thomas (R. Est.) 2200 Park Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Maddox, Rufus Sherrell Doucett, Texas 

Mathxb, Amasa Stone (Iron) 10723 E. Boulevard, Cleveland, O. 

MiTCHBLL, James Lynn (Banking) 776 Lincoln Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

Olds, Irving Sands (Law.) 14 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Olivkr, Charles (Steel) 1516 Termon Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Phippb. Howard 1063 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Rbvell, Fleming Hewett, Jr 158 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

RooHB, Howard Le Chevalier 177 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Shbtfibld, Henry (Law.) 4803 Prospect Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Sloanb, Malcolm Douglas 2 W. 52d St. New York. N.Y. 

Stimbon, Hemy Bartlett (Law.) 260 W. 76th St. New York, N.Y. 

Sullivan, William George 1545 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Thouas, Gaylord (Pub.) 607 Rush St. Chicago. 111. 

Tract, Ernest Bell 3058 Washington Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. 

ViNCBNT. Arthur HiU (Lumber) .... c/o Arthur Hill & Co. Saginaw, Mich. 
Whbblbb, Cortlandt Stuyvesant (Sales.) . . . .273 Genesee St. Utica, N.Y. 


Alvobd. Danforth Fletcher (Knives) Station A. Winsted, Conn. 

Andbbws. William McClure c/o Lake Erie Limestone Co. Youngstown, O. 

Bakbwell. Donald Campbell (Steel) Sewickley, Pa. 

Baldwin. Samuel Alexander (Sugar) 

c/o Alexander & Baldwin, Honolulu, H.I. 

Baldwin, Simeon 35 Manhattan Place, Los Angeles, Ci^. 

Babby, James Corbett (Contr.) 15 Amherst St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Bbbobb, George Reis Bart (Law.).. .5453 Albermarle Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Bbadlbt, Jonathan Sawyer (Tobacco) Dover, N.H. 

Clbmbnt, Waldo Park, Jr 30 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Collins, Philip Hamilton (R. Est.).. .11414 Mayfield Road, Cleveland, O. 

CoNNBB, Richard Lord Jones Rye, N.Y. 

Dahl, I^rof. George 612 Yale Station, New Haven, Conn. 

Db Witt, Rev. William Andrew 160 Temple St. New Haven, Conn. 

Dudlbt, Prescott 1619 Indiana Ave. Chicago, 111. 

FiBLD, John Elliott (Brass) 38 Jackson St. Ansonia, Conn. 

Gammell, William, Jr. (Cotton) 170 Hope St. Providence, R.I. 

Gbbenb, Donald (R. Est.) Phoenix, Aris. 

* Gbiswold, Dwi^ht Torrey, died 1908 Erie, Pa. 

Hbminqwat, Louis Lee (Banking) . 156 E. Rock Road, New Haven, Conn. 
HoLLiDAT, Samuel Newton (Adv.) . . 5187 Washington Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 
HousuM, Charles Robert (Playwright) 

2269 Coventry Rd. Cleveland H^., O. 
JoNBs, Clarence Drummond (Engines).. .2nd and Utah Sts. St. Louis, Mo. 

Lbbtb, Rev. William Rockwell Fen-chow-fu, Shansi, China 

LuTHBR, Charles Fisher (Fin.) 64 Canton Ave. Milton, Mass. 

MoHLMAN, Albert John Brielle, N. J. 

Moore, Paul (Law.) Hollow Hill Farm, Convent, N.J. 

MuBPHT, Frederic Timothy (Law.) 404 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

190aH>9 ^ YALE 61 ' 

Obowat, Samuel Gilman 523 Portland Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

OvsKALXi, Sidney Roliins (Law.) 

New Bank of Commerce Bldg. St. Louis, Mo. 

PiGOTT, John Thomas (Law.) Forum Bldg. Sacramento, Cal. 

Porter, Dr. Donald Wallace 92 Pleasant St. Brookline, Mass. 

Rbiobluth, Ray John (Mer.) 121 W. Main St. Middletown, N.Y. 

SsTMOUR, Prof. Charles 127 Everit St. New Haven, Conn. 

Sheldon, Archie McDaniels 1344 Dearborn Ave. Chicago, III. 

Stewart, Donald Barton (Cotton Goods) .62 Pierrepont St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Thachbr, Thomas Anthony (Law.) 

Merchant's Exchange Bldg. San Francisco, Cal. 

TufiflBT, Moore Caldwell (Pub.) Salina, Pa. 

Wbbb, Henry Walter 829 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Whitbhiui, Arthur Murray (Fin.) 90 South St. Newburgh, N.Y. 


Baoon, Leonard (Ed.) 2247 Piedmont Ave. Berkeley, Cal. 

Beers, Henry Augustin, Jr. (Adv.) 65 York Sq. New Haven, Conn. 

Bboqs, Lawrence Dilworth Bryn Ma^vr, Pa. 

Bellamy, Frederick Wilder (Law.) 22 Orange St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Blodobt, Francis Malbone (Fin.) 

o/o Spencer. Trask & Co. 43 Exchange PI. New York, N.Y. 

Cole, Harry Frederick (Mtg.) 189 High St. Newburyport, Mass. 

Converse, Paul Howard Mc(}regor (Fin.) 127 Cutter Bldg. Rochester, N.Y. 

Crane, Jeflferson Patterson 36 So. Je£ferson St. Dayton, O. 

CuRTiss, Geoffrey 

Donnellt, William M. (Law.) 1702 Ford Bldg. Detroit, Mich. 

Dribcoll, Arthur Gotzian 312 Summit Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

Dykman, Jackson Annan (Law.) 177 Montague St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Eastman, Thomas Collyer (Banker) 4 E. 70th St. New York, N.Y. 

Eddy, Elford Welles (Fin.) New Britain, Conn. 

Gates, Dr. Frederick Lamont 66 So. Mountain Ave. Montclair, N.J. 

GoDCHAUX, Leon, Jr. (Clothing) Box 226, New Orleans, La. 

Hannah, Miles Carrington Tyringham, Mass. 

Howard, Charles Wadsworth (Printing) . . .66 Worth St. New York, N.Y. 

Kbator, Samuel Jerman, Jr 583 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 

Kitchbl, Allan Farrand (Chemist) Sound Beach, Conn. 

LiOHTNER, Drake (Mfg.) 318 Summit Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

Little, John Joseph 6024 Washington Terrace, St. Louis, Mo. 

LooMiB, Alfred L. (Law.) Tuxedo Park, N.Y. 

McCall, Sydney Clement (R. Est.) 1 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Mbnqbl, Omrles Christopher, Jr 1425 Third St. Louisville, Ky. 

Murray, Francis Wisner, Jr. (Banking) . .32 W. 39th St. New York, N.Y. 

Olmstbad, Francis Howard 128 W. 72nd St. New York, N.Y. 

pEiRca, Reginald Carman MacKnight The Essex, New York, N.Y. 

Phelan, Sidney Marcellus, Jr c/o Graham Paper Co. St. Louis, Mo. 

Reynolds, Donald Louis. .Toledo Savings Bank and Trust Co. Toledo, O. 
Sheppard, Eustace Morrow (Stationery) 5568 Wilkins Ave. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Smtth, Huntington, Jr 421 Olive St. St. Louis, Mo. 

Spxtzer, Roland Adelbert (Fin.) Spitser Bldg. Toldeo, O. 

Stokes, Horace Winston (Writer) 443 4th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

TAFT,jWilliam Howard 2nd (Farming) Gregory, Texas . 

• 62 YALE ♦ 1909-10 

Trudbau, Dr. Francis Berger Saranao Lake, N.Y. 

Walker, Melvin Harvey, Jr Westboro, Mass. 

Wardwbll, Joseph Bradford Stamford, Comi. 

Watrous, Francis Melzar (Law.) 136 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Webb, William Seward, Jr 74 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Whitehousb, Norman Ogden Ridgewood, Mt. Kisco, N.Y. 


Baker, Howard Clifton (Gold Ref.) 91 Page St. Providence, R.I. 

Barnes, Thomas Sloane (Ranching) I^ineville, Ore. 

Bliss, Byron George (Realty) 201 Lathrop Bldg. Kansas City, Mo. 

Bretz, Harold Brewster (Sales.) 460 Centre St. Newton, Mass. 

Clement, Robert (Banking) Rutland, Vt. 

Clow, Kent Sarver (Mfg.) 534 So. Franklin St. Chicago, 111. 

Crispbll, Reuben Bernard (Law.) 136 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Dennis, Kilboum Smith (Ins.) 1144 So. Third St. Louisville, Ky. 

Drew, Frederick Morris, Jr. (Banking) 2 Mott St. Ansonia, Conn. 

Elt, David Jay (Law.) 30 East 60th St. New York, N.Y. 

Ewen, John Meiggs, Jr. (Law.) Univ. Club, 76 E. Monroe St. Chicago, 111. 

Eyre, Wilson Lear (Telephone) Pelham Rd. New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Fbrousson, Arthur Robertson (Edit.) 75 Northern Ave. New York, N.Y. 
Field, (jleorge Baldwin (Shoes) . . .43 Beach Bluff Ave. Beach Blu£F, Mass. 

Ford, John Willard (Law.) 547 Wick Ave. Youngstown, O. 

Fours, Edwin Louis (Banking) Boca Grande, Fla. 

Glover, Charles Carroll, Jr. (Banker) Westover, Sta. A. Wash. D.C. 

Greeley, Carlos Stockwell 3703 West Pine St. St. Louis, Mo. 

Griffith, Millen (Fin.) 1804 Octavia St. San Francisco, CaJ. 

Hall, Lyle Gillis (Baiter) Ridgewayt Pa. 

Hay, Wellington Burt 205 W. 57th St. New York, N.Y. 

Heard, Drayton (Law.) 4745 Bayard St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

HiNE, Lyman Northrup (Cotton Oil) 27 Beaver St. New York, N.Y. 

Lowe, George Hale, Jr. (Leather) East Weymouth, Mass. 

McRee, James Fergus 11 Hortense PI. St. Louis, Mo. 

Machette, James Harold (Paper) Brunswick, Me. 

Morse, Erwin Albert (Transp.) Pier 32, N. R. New York, N.Y. 

Nelson, Frank Thayer (Law.) 1737 Jefferson Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Phelps, Richardson (Fin.) 2323 Park Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Price, Charles Baird 1358 Third Ave. Louisville, Ky. 

Richardson, George (Packer) 4041 Indiana Ave. Chibago, lU. 

Roberts, Edward Constant (Ins.) 1110 Prospect Ave. Hartford, Conn. 

Roberts, Edward Llewellyn, Jr. (Lumber) 

2nd and Spurgeon Sts. Santa Ana, Cal. 

Roberts, Philip (Law.) 63 Washington St. Hartford, (I^onn. 

Roome, Reginald (Law.) 101 E. 57th St. New York, N.Y. 

ScuDDER, Dr. Frank Dyekman St. Luke's Hospital, New York, N.Y. 

Sew ALL, Arthur (Bankmg) 1142 Washington St. Bath, Me. 

Seymour, Edward Palmer (Adv.) . . 110 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 

SwoRDB, Albert Day (Ins.) 100 Madison Ave. Morristown, N.J. 

UR-auHART, John Edwin, Jr The Semet Solvay Co. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Wackbr, Frederick Glade (Steel) 2342 Scottwood Ave. Toledo, O. 

WooDiORD, Walter Emerson, Jr. (D.G.) .317 W. 105th St. New York, N .Y. 

1911-12 YALE 68 


Abbott, Gary (Banking) 720 E. 18th St. Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Bacon, Benjamin Selden (Law.) 244 Edwards St. New Haven, Conn. 

Baker, David Sherman (Adv.) Greenwich, Conn. 

Banks, James Lenox, Jr. (Law.) 19 East 92nd St. New York, N. Y. 

BuRGBSB, George Garden City. L.I., N.Y. 

* Coleman, Ralph Elliott, died 1910 Saranac Lake, N.Y. 

Ckandall, Francis William (Mfg.) Westfield, New York 

Dana, James Dwight (Law.) 24 Hillhouse Ave. New Haven, Conn. 

Dabr, George Webster (Ins.) 1038 "J" St. Fresno, Cal. 

Deming. Robert Champion (Ed.) 245 Bradley St. New Haven, Conn. 

Dempsey, John Bourne (Law.) Lake Shore Blvd. Cleveland, O. 

Eckstein, Frederick (Adv.) 25 East 30th St. New York, N.Y. 

Evans, Rowland, Jr. (Ins.) Haverford, Pa. 

FoLsoM, Henry Lloyd (Fire-arms) Llewellyn Park, Orange, N.J. 

GiLLis, Ansel Whiting (Ed.) Mt. Pleasant, la. 

Grant, Havens (Law.) 17 West 9th St. New York, N.Y. 

Hall, Richard Ware (Banking) 3224 Famam St. Omaha, Neb. 

Harbah, Edward 27 E. 64th St. New York, N.Y. 

Habtwell, Arthur Mowry 110 Willow St. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hincks, Carroll C. (Law.) c/o Watrous and Day, New Haven, Conn. 

HoLCOMBE, John Marshall, Jr. (Ins.) 79 Spring St. Hartford, <!;onn. 

HoTCHKiss, Edward Gillette (Banking) Millerton, N.Y. 

HuBBABD, Allen (Law.) 157 East 81st St. New York, N.Y. 

Jeffery, Reuben, Jr. (Law.) Norwich, N.Y. 

Kino, Richard Ransom (Ins.) 670 Main St. Hartford, Conn. 

KnTBEDGB, Francis William (Law.) 532 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Labremobe, Thomas Armitage (Law.) 324 West 103 St. New York. N.Y. 

LeBlanc, Kenneth (S. S. Trans.) 1236 First St. New Orleans, La. 

Lombardi, Cornelius Ennis (Law.) 141 E. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Low, Abbot Augustus (D. G.) 43 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

LucHABS, Robert Barrie (Pub.) .315 Upper Mountain Ave. Montclair, N.J. 

MoBRiLL, Edward Thomas (Banking) 6 East 67th St. New York, N.Y. 

Morris, Effingham Buckley, Jr. (Law.) Ardmore, Pa. 

MuRFEY, Alfred Armstrong (Sales.) 1852 E. lOlst St. Cleveland, O. 

PiGOTT, William Trigg, Jr. Lieut. (U. S. A.) Texas City, Texas 

RuMBEY, Joseph Francke (Oil) . .301 S. Clompress St. Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Sargent, Richard Collier (HdwO . . . 133 Mansfield St. New Haven, Conn. 
Shapleigh. Alexander Wessel (Hdw.) . . .3636 Delmar Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

SouLB, Leslie (Paper) 46 Concord St. Nashua, N.H. 

TAYX.OB, George Hamlet (Sales.) 47 Wellington Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Tebry, John Taylor, Jr. (Fin.) 115 East 63rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Watebs, James Webster (Dairy) 45 Richmond Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Woollby, Edgar Montillion Hotel Iroquois, Buffalo, N.Y. 


Booth, Edward Townsend (Farmer) Bemardsville, N.J. 

Caldwell, John Hugus (Law.) 630 So. 20th St. Omaha, Neb. 

Campbell, Jasper Adams, Jr. (Law.) 146 Central Park W. New York, N.Y. 

Clark, Willis Kellogg (Fin.) University Club, Portland, Ore. 

Day, Frederic Lansing 35 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

Dickinson, Jacob McGavock, Jr. (Law.) The Temple 8(X), Chicago, 111. 

64 YALE 1912-18 

Flaqg, William Francis 36 Pine St. New York, N.Y. 

Francis, Sidney (Ins.) 214 N. 4th St. St. Louis, Mo. 

GiFFORD, Stanley Easton (Law.) 3017 W. Grand Blvd. Detroit, Mich. 

Glover, Samuel (Sales.) Fairfield, Conn. 

GooDHART, Arthur Lehman (Law.) 21 West 81st St. New York, N.Y. 

Harris, Stanley Gale (Banking) Box 755, Chicago, 111. 

Hart, Mervin Stanley (Hdw.) Vine St. New Britain, Conn. 

Hartley, Cavour (R. Est.) Duluth. Minn. 

HosKiNS, Arthur Corbitt (Joum.) 

Westmoreland Hotel, Maryland Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

Kebler, Ralph (Lumber) Strawberry Hill, Stamford, CDonn. 

King, H. MacFarlane (Fruit) Stamford, Conn. 

Knioht, Francis McMaster (Ed.) 1326 Asbury Ave. Evanston, 111. 

Lb Boutillibr, Martin (Law.) 140 E. 36th St. New York, N.Y. 

Lines, H. Stevens (Sales.) 21 Washington St. Newark, N.J. 

Lines, William Samuel, Jr Hartford, Conn. 

Mead, Edwin Heniy Scotland Rd. So. Orange, N.J. 

Mead, George Gordon c/o Nelson B. Mead, Greenwich, Conn. 

Morgan, Denison (Farmer) 324 York St. New Haven, Ck>nn. 

MuLLiNS, Frederic Parsons Salem, O. 

Murphy; Vincent Bernard (Mer.) 122 Main St. E., Rochester, N.Y. 

Orthwein, Percy J. (Adv.) 15 Portland PI. St. Louis, Mo. 

Partridge, Theodore Dwight (Law.) 19-6th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Perry, Henry Eldridge (R. R.) 27 W. St. Joe St. Indianapolb, Ind. 

Perry, Henry TenEyck 212 Lancaster St. Albany, N.Y. 

Peters, Thomas McClure (Mining) 33 West 49th St. New York, N.Y. 

Phillips, Richard Henry (Law.) . . .191 Farmington Ave. Hartford, Conn. 

Pricb, Andrew (Banker) Hoge Building, Seattle, Wash. 

RowE, Stanley Melville (Rubber) 

789 N. Crescent Ave. Avondale, Cincinnati, O. 

Smith, Sumner (Farmer) Lincoln, Mass. 

Thomasson, Eugene Morgan (Mfg.) 324 McCallie Ave. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Tomlinson, Daniel Grant 46 W. 57th St. New York, N.Y. 

Tubes, Chapin Filkins Burlingame, Cal. 

Tweedy, Temple Haydn (For.) . . .3416 13th St. N. W. Washington, D.C. 

TwoMBLY, Edward Bancroft (Law.) Hobart Ave. Summit, N.J. 

Winterbotham, John Riissell (Fin.) 226 LaSalle St. Chicago, 111. 


Abbot, E. Robertson 1212 Washington BIdg. Los Angeles, Cal. 

AcHBLis, Johnfrita (Merchant) 38 E. 26th St. New York, N.Y. 

Alford, William John, Jr 157 River Road, Bogota, N.J. 

Allen, Douglass Marshall 2060 Auburn Ave. Mt. Auburn, Cinn. O, 

Baker, Charles Wentworth Reading Road, Cinn. O. 

Bartlbtt, Albert L., Jr. (Fin.) Bartlett Bros. St. Joseph, Mo. 

Beard, Alexander Humphrey (Nickel) . . .118 W. 67th St. New York, N.Y. 

BoNNELL, Charles Arms 626 Wick Ave. Youngstown, O. 

Brown, Joseph Epes Jr. (Pub.) 123 Remsen St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Campbell, Arthur Bradley Yale Club, New York, N.Y. 

Campbell, William Lyman (R. R.) 

214 Ridgewood Rd. Roland Park, Baltimore, Md. 

Clifford, Berthoud (El. Mfg.) 4415 W. Pine Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. 

Cooper, James Fenimore Jr. (Law.) 96 Western Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

CoRDiEB, Auguste Julien (Mfg.) 49 E. 52nd St. New York, N.Y. 

i913-U YALE 66 

Cramkb, Ambrose Coghill (R. Est.) Rathmore, Lake Forest, HI. 

Crawpobd, Albert Beecher (Ins.) 760 N. Crescent Ave. Cincinnati, O. 

CuMMiNO, Howard Theodore (Acct.) 224 Vassar St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Dbibcoll, Robert (Law.) 312 Summit Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

Eddt, Stanley Robbins (Sales.) 327 W. Main St. New Britain, onn. 

Fbost, Russell, Jr So. Norwalk, Conn. 

GiiXASON, Charles Billings Bronxville, N.Y. 

GoBOON, Hamlin (Stationers) 84 Hudson Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

HAiiii/roN. Carl William Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

HoTT, Oliver Corse (Leather) Noroton Hill, Stamford, Conn. 

HuNTBR, John Stafford (St«el) 229 Crug St. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Kbeck. Shepard (Banking) 17 East 70th St. New York, N.Y. 

Lanb, Mortimer Bliss (Research) 49 E. 62nd St. New York, N.Y. 

LiLLiBBiDOB, Harrison (Law.) 426 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. 

LoBD, Edward Crary Cedarhurst, L. I. New York 

Newson, Horace Dorsey (Arch.) 116 E. 63d St. New York, N.Y. 

PsTKBa, Bryan Forman (Mfr.) 124 Bay St. E., Savannah, Ga. 

RusHMORB, Murray (Importer) 624 Stelle Ave. Plainfield, N.J. 

Tytus. William Griffith Ewing (Cycles).. 638 So. Main St. Middletown. O. 

Wainwbight, Stuyvesant, Jr Rye, N. Y. 

Walbbb, Joseph Richmond (Wool6ns).. .108 Upland Rd. Brookline, Mass. 

Wabbbn, Henry Pitt, Jr. (Fin.^ 314 State St. Albany, N.Y. 

Whipplb, Frank Augustus (Ed.) Hampton Institute. Hampton, Va. 

WooLVEBTON, William Henderson 180 West 69th St. New York, N.Y. 


Babcock. Perrin Lathrop (Oil) 309 McBride St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

Bakewbll, Benjamin Page 6629 6th Ave. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Babtlbtt, Edward Lewis Roland Park, Baltimore, Md. 

Bebbb, Dwight Sawyer (Ry.) 719 Lodi St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

BiBBOP, Julian Tomlinson 1327 18th St.. Washington, D.C. 

Blacxbubn, Frederick George 206 Lexington Ave. Pittsburg, Pa. 

CiiAPF, Kenneth Herbert (Steel) 2 S. Oakland Ave. Sharon, Pa. 

C14ABX, Edward Ford (Steel) 12 Washington Ave. Warren, O. 

Cobb, Willard Howard (Ed.) 1231 Asbury Ave. Evanston, 111. 

C^BNiSH. Percy Gillete, Jr Albuquerque, N. M. 

Dodob, Stuart Phelps (Joum.) Colorado Sprmgs, C^lo. 

Evans, Allen, Jr Haverford, Pa. 

l^OBD, Cyrus Clark (Banking) .11014 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Hehingwat, Donald Hart (Banking) . .327 Temple St. New Haven, Conn. 

* Hoffman, John Lewis, died 1912 Radnor, Pa. 

HoLDBN, WaUaoe Dale (Ed.) 1604 N. Vermilion St. DanviUe, lU. 

HouBBB, Stephen Douglas Barlow (Joum.) 4646 W. Pine St. St. Louis, Mo. 

HowABD, James Wainwright 1 Delavan Terrace, Yonkers, N.Y. 

Jackbon, Gerard Livingston .c/o Edison Co. 41 Park Row, New York, N.Y. 

King, Rufus Frederick (Silks) .139 Lexington Ave. New York, N.Y. 

LocKWOQD, Herbert Humphrey Pasadena, Cal. 

LoBD, George deForest (Law.) 383 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

McGovBBN, Coleman Benedict (Fin.) 326 West 76th St. New York, N.Y. 

McHbnby, James Howard (R. R.) HE. Chase St. Baltimore, Md. 

Mabkb, Lawrence Mandeville (Banking) . . .89 Willow St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Mabtino, Henry Adam (Law.) .' Portsmouth, O. 

Nbwbbbbt, Barnes 1224 Ford Building, Detroit, Mich. 

66 YALE 1914-16 

Newberrt, Phelps. 1224 Ford Building, Detroit, Mich. 

NoYss, Newbold 1239 Vermont Ave. Washington, D.C. 

Phelps, Carter (Banking) 147 West 74th St. New York, N.Y. 

Reed, Nathaniel Clark Findlay Apts. Calgary, Can. 

Root, Paul Crawford (Mfg.) 1803 Ambler Blvd. Cleveland, O. 

Russell, William Patton (Arch.) Airwensville, Pa. 

Saunders, Arnold C. (Coal) 7404 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Schieffelin, William Jay, Jr. (Chemist) .5 East 66th St. New York, N.Y. 

Semlbr, Ralph Borgfeldt 

Spencer. Egbert Hughes (Sales.) 109 Wade St. Highland Park, 111. 

TiMPERLEY, Fred George (Ed.) c/o C. P. Bassett, Summit, N.J. 

ToLLES, King 1783 Crawford Rd. Cleveland, O. 

Tower, Geoffrey (Farmer) 228 S. 7th St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Whitbhill, Albert Edwin (Oil) 90 South St. Newburgh, N.Y . 


Alkbr, Carroll Booth Great Neck, Long Island, N.Y. 

Baker, Norman Dean 350 Olney St. Providence, R.I. 

Barrell, John Witbeck Lake Forest, 111. 

Bartlett, Valentine Crouse 224 W. Huron St. Chicago, 111. 

BisBELL, Clarence Alexander 31 Temple Ave. Winthrop, Mass. 

Brooks, Winthrop HoUey 51 West 62nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Brown, Harvey Huntington, Jr 2727 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Brown, Larned Fridley Sioux City, la. 

Burns, Walter John, Jr 163 No. 19th St., Portland, Ore. 

Byrnes, Clifford Hamilton No. Cohassett, Mass. 

Castle, Karrick Moulton 44 Lindale St. Stamford, Conn. 

Cox, Raymond Edwin 143 Kingston St. Boston, Mass. 

DoGOETT, John Locke, Jr 1600 Riverside Ave. Jacksonville, Fla. 

Easton, Jason Clark 1306 Cass St. La Crosse, Wis. 

EoGLESTON, Laurence Adams (Ins.) 

230 Security Bank Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Flynn, Streeter Blanton 2633 Conn. Ave. Washington, D.C. 

Gamble, Robert Howard Haverford, Pa. 

GiBB, John Richmond Glen Cove, L. I., N.Y. 

Haight, Gilbert Pierce .828 Broadway, Seattle, Wash. 

Harrison, Charles Abbott 131 Riverside Dr. New York, N.Y. 

HARSTRdM, Carl Eric 26 Prospect Ave. Norwalk, Conn. 

Hatch, Horace McKinlay 66 East 65th St. New York, N.Y. 

Herman, John Crull 2026 N. Front St. Harrisburg, Pa. 

Hunter, Robert 2212 Locust St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jerome, Edward Columbus Greensboro, N. C. 

Marache, Herbert 912 President St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Morse, Anthony Greenlawn, L.I. N. Y. 

Moseley, James Alexander, Jr 66 Douglas Rd. Glen Ridge, N.J. 

Offutt, Casper Yost 140 N. 39th St. Omaha, Neb. 

Pope, David Marquis Geneva, lU. 

RiOBY, Henry Black 240 W. Park Ave. Mansfield, O. 

RoBB, John Donald 1600 Chicago Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Smith, Abiel Leonard 411 No. 9th St. St. Joseph, Mo. 

Smith, Charles Cloyes 362 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 

Stackpole, Edward James, Jr 1826 No. Front St. Harrisburg, Pa. 

1916-17 YALE 67 

Stimson, Charles Ewing Pasadena, Cal. 

Thaw, William (Aviator) Morewood PI. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Williams, Frederick Foster Baltimore, Md. 

WiLMBB, Richard Hooker 2101 R St. Washington, D.C. 


Atterbubt, Kirby 5642 Kenwood Ave. Chicago, 111. 

BowDEN, William McEchron 31 Maple St. Glens Falls, N.Y. 

Buck, Howard Swaaey 5733 University Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Clabk, Philip Jerome 1618 Forest Ave. Avondale, Cincinnati, O. 

DovEimuBHLB, George Henry 616 Arlington PI. Chicago, 111. 

Eddy, Charles Parker 92 AtWood St. Hartford, Conn. 

Embbson, Edward Waldo 189 N. Perry St. Titusville, Pa. 

Enbioht, Thomas William Amesbury, Mass. 

Faoan, Charles Aloysius, Jr 736 N. Highland Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gardner, William Hamilton, 2nd Snyder, N.Y. 

Goodhue, Charles Prentice 157 E. 34th St. New York, N.Y. 

GooDLETT, John Garth 9 East 45th St. Kansas City, Mo. 

Gurnet, William Henry 312 Summer St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Hapoood, Thomas Emerson 30 Walbridge Rd. Hartford, Conn. 

Hopkins, John Llowe 25 Grand St. Oneonta, NT.Y. 

Jbwett, Robert James 313 Summer St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Kallman, William Loomis 242 Garfield Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 

Kerb, James 680 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Lee, Robert Edward 30 Summer St. New Britain, Conn. 

Lewis, Charles Thomas, Jr 2209 Robinwood Ave. Toledo, O. 

Llotd, Laurence Magee *. . . .387 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

McCoNNELL, Hugh 61 Crescent St. Northampton, Mass. 

McLane, Allan, Jr Garrison, Md. 

McLennan, John Harbison 1500 Third Ave. Louisville, Ky. 

Maniebbe, Cyrus Edson 1507 Dearborn Pkwy. Chicago, 111. 

MiLLEB, Sidney Trowbridge 524 Jefferson Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

OsaooD, James Whitman The Lehigh, Washington, D.C. 

Paul, Dean Castleman Oak Lawn, Washington, D.C. 

Pennbt, Norman 64 Hodge Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Pebby, Hoyt Ogden Southport, Conn. 

Phenix, Paul Stetson 1 Thomas St. Portland, Me. 

RiOKETTS, Langdon Laws 2927 Reading Rd. Cincinnati, O. 

Robe, Philip Livingston 43 Concord St. Hartford, Conn. 

Russell, Ernest Frederick Box 176, White Plains, N.Y. 

Smith, John William .246 Broadway, Youngstown, O. 

Symington, James Mansfield. 114 E. 64th St. New York, N. Y. 

Tbevob, George Schieffelin 28 East 52nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Walsh, Lauriston i 44 E. Ist St. Coming, N. Y. 

Washbubn, Ira Hedges 14 Front St. Haverstraw, N.Y. 

Welch, Brian Kennicott 929 Buena Vista St. South Pasadena, Cal. 

White, Richard Joseph Brady, Texas 

WiLLABD, Daniel, Jr 206 Goodwood Gardens, Baltimore, Md. 

Williams, Lawrence George 60 Oakland PI. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Wood, Howard Ogden, Jr 831 St. Mark's Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Babtlbtt, Edward Randolph 1 Bartlett St. Maiden, Mass. 

68 YALE 1917 

Bybnu, Robert Horatio 14 Clinton Ave. Maplewood, N.J. 

Cabi/ton, Thomas Jackson, Jr 220 Oglethorpe Ave. E., Savannah, Ga. 

Clawson, Hamilton Phelps 1109 Delaware Ave. Bu£Falo, N.Y. 

CoxB, Campbell Roberts 32 E. 64th St. New York, N.Y. 

Ely, William Newbold, Jr Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Estill, Charles William Winchester, Tenn. 

FuLiiEB, Roswell Hayes 362 Hawthorne Lane, Winnetka, 111. 

Gaines, Francis Schleiter 115 N. 32nd Ave. Omaha, Neb. 

GiFFORD, Isaac Collier GifiFord PI. Hudson, N.Y. 

Goss, William Middlebrook .'.90 Pine St. Waterbury, Conn. 

Grant, Frederic James 134 Woodlawn Ave. Zanesville, O. 

Hardin, Louis Samuel 855 S. 7th St. Charleston, 111. 

LooRAM, Lucien Appleby Davenport Neck, New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Offutt, Jarvis Jenness 140 N. 37th St. Omaha, Neb. 

Overton, John Williams Nashville, Tenn. 

Scott, Hugh 31 Westmoreland PI. St. Louis, Mo. 

Shepard, Charles Clarke, Jr Hyde Park Hot«l, Chicago, lU. 

Spencer, Dumaresq 109 Wade St. Highland Park, III. 

Stewart, Robert Henry, Jr 3707 Gaston Ave. Dallas, Texas 

Stillman, George Holzer 1713 East Superior St. Duluth, Minn. 

Treadway, Heaton Ives Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, Mass. 

Underbill, Hermon Leonard Owego, Tioga Co. N.Y. 

Walker, Samuel Johnson, 3rd 670 Lincoln Parkway, Chicago, lU. 

Weeter, John Lloyd Bransford Apts. Salt Lake City, Utah 

Weyerhaeuser, Frederick King . c/o Weyerhaeuser & Co. St. Paul, Minn. 

Wilson, Harold Reed Clarion, Pa. 

York, Holcomb 600 Prospect St. New Haven, Conn. 

182^39 69 



* Wabd, Rev. James Waaon, died 1873 New York, N.Y. 


* BiSECHBB, Rev. Henry Ward, died 1887 Brooklyn, N.Y. 


* Hitchcock, Rev. Roewell Dwight, died 1887 New York, N.Y. 

* Wells, WUliam Harvey, died 1885 Chicago, 111. 


* Barboub, Lucian, died 1880 Indianopolis, Ind. 

* Bliss, Rev. Edwin Elisha, died 1802 Constantinople, Turkey 

* LiVERMORE, Rev. Aaron Russell, died 1892 New Haven, Conn. 

* Lord, Rev. Nathan Lynda, died 1897 Rochester, Ind. 

* MoNTOOMERT, Rev. ^ezander, died 1859 Beloit, Wis. 

* Morris, George Bliss, died 1872 Springfield, Mass. 

* Peckham, Rev. Joseph, died 1884 Kingston, Mass. 

'*' Reed, Dr. William Barrett, died 1846 Amherst, Mass. 

* Rice, Rev. Daniel, died 1889 Minneapolis, Minn. 

'*' Rockwell, Rev. Joel Edson, died 1882 Stapleton, N.Y. 

'*' Smith, Curtis Benjamin Minor, died 1877 Pittsburgh, Pa. 

* Williams, Prof. Henry Warren, died 1877 Pittsburgh, Pa. 


* Emerson, Charles, died 1846 Pittsford, N.Y. 

'*' Griswold, Whiting, died 1874 Greenfield, Mass. 

* McKiNSTRT, Rev. John Alexander, died 1889 Painesville, O. 

* March, Rev. Daniel, died 1909 Wobum, Mass. 

* Marshall, Jonathan Bryant, died 1861 Milford, Conn. 

* Matnard, Hon. Horace, died 1882 Knoxville, Tenn. 

* Phelps, Rev. Austin, died 1890 Andover, Mass. 

* Smith, Charles Fuller, died 1863 San Francisco, Cal. 

* Thater, James Smith, died 1881 New York, N.Y. 

'*' Washburn, Dr. Charles EUery, died 1865 Fredonia, N.Y. 


* Bancroft, Rev. James Henry, died 1844 Boston, Mass. 

* Clapp, Rev. Dexter, died 1868 Salem, Mass. 

* GiLLETT, Edward Bates, died 1899 Westfield, Mass. 

* GoLDTHWAiT, William (Jolton, died 1882 Longmeadow, Mass. 

* Hewit, Rev. Augustine Fnncis, died 1897 New York, N.Y. 

'*' Huntington, Rt. Rev. Frederick Dan, died 1904 Syracuse, N.Y. 


TO AMHERST 1889-44 

* Hutchinson, Rev. Horace, died 1846 Burlington, la. 

* Prbbton, James Willard, died 1892 Boston, Mass. 

* Pbics, Samuel Harrison, died 1884 Lewisburg, W. Va. 

* Shepardson, Rev. Daniel, died 1899 Granville, O. 

* Spaulding, Samuel Thompson, died 1877 Northampton, Mass. 

* Stobbs, Rev. Richard Salter, died 1900 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* SuMNEB, George, Jr., died 1852 Detroit, Mich. 


* Abnell, David Reeve, died 1862 Nashville, Tenn. 

* Cbockbtt, George Kimball, died 1879 Springfield, Mass. 

* Delano, Charles, died 1883 Northampton, Mass. 

* Jewett, Rev. George Baker, died 1886 Salem, Mass. 

* Sfoffobd, Henry Martin, died 1880 New Orleans, La. 


* Bond, Ephraim Ward, died 1891 Springfield, Mass. 

* CoBUBN, Edwin, died 1867 Chicago, 111. 

* Druby, Leander Muzsy, died 1898 Canandaigua, N.Y. 

* HowLAND, Rev. William Ware, died 1892 Oodoville, Ceylon 

* Hutchinson, Dr. Prosper Kimball, died 1872 Rice City, R. I. 

* Newlin, Rev. Ellis James, died 1885 Perth Amboy, N.J. 

* Whipple, Rev. WiUiam Ward, died 1889 Yonkers, N.Y. 

* WiTHiNGTON, William Sherburne, died 1841 Medway, Mass. 


* Armsbt, Rev. Lauren, died 1904 Council Grove, Kan. 

* Dablinq, Rev. Heniy, died 1891 Clinton, N.Y. 

* Fiske, Rev. Daniel Taggart, died 1903 Newburyport, Mass. 

* Hatwabd, Charles Capen, died 1886 Boston, Mass. 

* Humphbet, Henry Martyn, died 1841 Amherst, Mass. 

* Smith, Vincent Henry, died 1868 Columbus, Pa. 

* Wilson, Andrew, died 1878 Montgomery, N.Y. 


* Cook, Roswell Dickinson, died 1842 Hadley, Mass* 

* Humphbet, Rev. Zephaniah Moore, died 1881 Cincinnati, O* 

* LiNNELL, Nathan Seabury, died 1843 Amherst, Mass* 

* ToBBBY, Rev. David, died 1894 Cazenovia, N. Y* 

* Wilson, Rev. Thaddeus, died 1904 Spring Lake, N. J* 


* Adams, Rev. George Moulton, died 1906 Aubumdale, Mass. 

* Aldbn, Rev. Edmund Kimball, died 1896 Bost-on, Mass. 

* Dickinson, Rev. Richard Salter Storrs, died 1856 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Dudley, Rev. John Langdon, died 1894 Lake Mills, Wis. 

* Hammond, Charles, died 1878 Monson, Mass. 

* Huntting, Rev. Samuel, died 1878 East Hampton, N.Y. 

* Kimball, David Mather, died 1857 Kingston, N.Y. 

* Linnell, Dr. Jonathan Edwards, died 1899 Norwich, Conn. 

* Stone, Henry Dwight, died 1869 Worcester, Mass. 

* Wbight, Russell Medad, died 1904 Castleton, Vt. 

184&~60 AMHBRST 71 


* Bbanbcombb, Charles Henry, died 1901 Denver, Colo. 

* Bbigham, Jerome Ripley, died 1897 Milwaukee, Wis. 

* Hitchcock, Prof. Edward, died 1864 Amherst, Mass. 

* Leabksd. Samuel Julius, died 1892 Lake Forest, 111. 

* Mabch, Prof. Francis Andrew, died 1911 Easton, Pa. 

* Mobsb, Rev. Jason, died 1861 Brimfield, Mass. 

* Nbwhall, Rev. George HarrisoBj died 1853 Walpole, Mass. 

* Packabd, Rev. Abel Kingman, died 1903 Santiago, Cal. 

* Sanford, Baalis, died 1875 Boston, Mass. 

* Stockbridge, Henry Smith, died 1895 Baltimore, Md. 

Wtman, Henry Nehemiah 


* Bbooke, Edwin Atlee, died Bradford, Pa. 

* Field, Rev. Levi Alpheus, died 1859 Marlborough, Mass. 

* HowLAND, William, died 1880 Lynn, Mass. 

* Humfhbbt, Leonard, died 1850 Amherst, Mass. 

* Plimpton, Rev. Salem Marsh, died 1866 Chelsea, Vt. 

* Stobbs, Rev. Henry Martyn, died 1894 Orange, N.J. 

* Woodman, Dr. George Sullivan, died 1906 Cambridge, Mass. 


* Billings, Rev. Richard Salter, died 1888 Ridgebury, Coim. 

* Bbouohton, Rev. Nathaniel Hooper, died 1866 . .East Bridgewater, Mass. 

* Fleming, Louis Isidore, died 1888 Jacksonville, Fla. 

* Stowe, Rev. Timothy, died 1866 New Bedford, Mass. 


* Dickinson, Rev. William Cowper, died 1899 Evanston, 111. 

* FisKE, Rev. Samuel, died 1864 Madison, Conn. 

* Homes, Francis, died 1907 Hancock, N.H. 

* Jambs, Daniel Willis, died 1907 New York, N.Y. 

*MiLLEB, Prof. Samuel Fisher, died 1870 Amherst, Mass. 

* Spbncbb, John Laurens, died 1851 Amherst, Mass. 

* Tatlob, Horace Willard, died 1898 Kenosha, Wis. 


* Embbson, John Milton, died 1869 New York, N. Y. 

* French, Theodore Francis, died 1865 Amherst, Mass. 

* Habbinqton, Thomas Ballard, died 1861 Westchester, N.Y. 

* Hitchcock, Prof. Edward, died 1911 Amherst, Mass. 

* Woodbbidgb, John, died 1900 Chicago, 111. 


* Dickinson, William Austin, died 1896 Amherst, Mass. 

* Gould, Rev. Geoi^ Henry, died 1899 Worcester, Mass. 

Habot, Hon. Jacob Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii 

* Howland, George, died 1892 Chicago, 111. 

* Shattuck, Eliiah Carter, died 1899 Berlin, Mass. 

* Thompson, John Howland, died 1891 Chicago, 111. 


72 AMHERST 1851-66 


* Chapin, Rev. Lucius Delison, died 1892 Chicago, HI. 

* Curtis, Joseph Seaver, died 1878 Green Bay, Wis. 

* Darling, Edward Parry, died 1889 Wilkes Barre, P a. 

* Fowler, Charles Chauncey, died l896 New York, N. Y. 

* Lyon, Walter Huntington, died 1853 Brookfield, Mass. 

* Richards, Dr. James Austin, died 1859 New Haven, Conn. 

* Sanford, John Eliot, died 1907 Taunton, Mass. 

* Smith, Bentley Howard, died 1909 Reading, Pa. 

* Stebbins, Rev. Milan Cyrus, died 1889 Cornwall, Vt. 

* Within GTON, Nathan Noyes, died 1914 Newburyiwrt, Mass. 


* Burgess, Dr. Ebenezer George, died 1877 Dedham, Mass. 

* Chapin, Rev. Franklin Perry, died 1909 Campello, Mass. 

Cheavens, Dr. Henry Martyn R. F. D. No. 8, Columbia, Mo. 

* Goodrich, Hon. William Winton, died 1906 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Hannaford, David Osheal, died 1861 Suffolk, Va. 

* Harrington, Brainerd Timothy, died 1901 Westchester, N.Y. 

* Root, Henry Dwight, died 1855 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Train, Gorham, died 1900 Boston, Mass. 


* Boltwood, Henry Leonidas, died 1906 Evanston, HI* 

* Breed, Dr. Bowman Bigelow, died 1873 Lynn, Mass. 

* Crowell, Prof. Edward Payson, died 1911 Amherst, Mass. 

* Goodrich, Rev. George Dickinson, died 1870 East Windsor, Conn. 

Greene, Rev. John Morton, 198 Central Ave.Winter Hill, Somerville, Mass. 
Hamilton, Rev. John Alexander 84 Raymond St. Cambridge, Mass. 

* Storbs, Prof. Richard Salter, died 1884 Longmeadow, Mass. 


* Emmons, Rev. Henry Vaughan, died 1912 Northboro, Mass. 

* Fowler, William Worthington, died 1871 Durham, Conn. 

* Pease, Rev. Edmund Morris, died 1906 Claremont, Cal. 

Pettibone, Ira Welch 2470 N. 42nd Ave. Chicago, 111. 

* Saville, Dr. Henry Martyn, died 1881 New York, N. Y. 

* Smith, Rev. Horace Payson, died 1877 Tuscumbia, Ala. 

* Underhill, Rev. John Winn, died 1862 North Amherst, Mass. 


* BoARDMAN, Rev. Joscph, died 1913 Plymouth, N.H* 

* Brown, Samuel Edward, died 1891 Hempstead, N.Y* 

Buck, Rev. Charles Wentworth 2 Worcester St. Belmont, Mass- 

* Choatb, Rufus, Jr., died 1866 Dorchester, Mass* 

* Denison, George, died 1896 St. Louis, Mo* 

* Derby, Dr. Hasket, died 1914 Mattapan, Mass* 

* Dickinson, Rev. William Eastman, died 1905 Amherst, Mass- 

FiBKE, Rev. Asa Severance 57 Audubon PI. New Orleans, La- 

Graves, John Long (Ret.) 8 Chestnut St. Boston, Mass- 

* Kelbey, Henry Sylvester, died 1913 Chicago," 111- 

1856HI9 AMHERST 78 


* Babton, Rev. Walter, died 1896 Hyde Park, Maaa. 

* CoPELAND, George Warren, died 18Q2 Maiden, Mas8. 

Gay, Edward (Ret.) Maiden, Mass. 

* Graves. Thaddeus, died 1912 Hatfield, Mass. 

E[iTCHCOCK, Prof. Charles Henry Honolulu, H.I. 

Rice, Stillman 60 Sumner St. Gloucester, Mass. 

* Stiles, Franklin Osgood, died 1857 Middletown, Mass. 

* Thompson, Rev. iimherst Lord, died 1860 Oroomiah, Persia 

Ward, William Hayes (Ret.) South Berwick, Me . 

Wilder, William Franklin (Ret.) The Cairo, Washington, D.C. 


* Abbe, William ^lanson, died 1892 New Bedford, Mass. 

BiCKNELL, Thomas Williams (Author). . .207 Doyle Ave. Providence, R.I. 

* Brackbtt, Rev. Gilbert Robbins, died 1902 Charleston. S.C. 

* Breed, Daniel Henry, died 1855 Lynn, Mass. 

* Burt, Francis, died 1863 Westhampton, Mass. 

Crawford, Rev. William Milwaukee St. Clinton, Wis. 

Frisbie, Rev. Alvah Lillie 1111 7th St. Des Moines, la. 

Kimball, Rev. Joseph 15 North Ave. Haverhill, Mass. 

* Lane, Rev. James Pillsbury, died 1889 Hyde Park, Mass. 

* Northrop, Rev. Henry Davenport, died 1909 Yonkers, N.Y. 

* Palmer, James Henry, died 1886 Jacksonville, 111. 

* Pepper, Rev. George Dana Boardman, died 1913 Waterville, Me. 

* Pratt, Rev. Theodore Constantine, died 1914 Candia, N.H. 

Stevens, Rev. Henry Augustus 4 Harvard PI. Brighton, Mass. 


* Bishop, Rev. George Sayles, died 1914 East Orange, N.J. 

Clarke, Rev. Joseph Bourne 1114 St. John's PI. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Delano, Henry Giles, died 1859 Sunderland, Mass. 

* Fuller, Dr. Horace Smith, died 1910 .Hartford, Conn. 

Grosvenor, George Sumner (Law.) Hotel de Russie, Geneva, Swita. 

* Hutchinson, Henry Elijah, died 1914 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Jones, Augustus Turner, died 1909 Brockton, Mass. 

* Priest, Sylvanus Chickering, died 1858 Lancaster, Mass. 

* Rowland, Rev. Lyman Sibley, died 1904 Lee, Mass. 


* Barrows, Rev. William Henry, died 1902 Vernon Centre, Conn* 

* Beattib, David, died 1892 Englewood, N.J- 

* Claflin, James Fitzgerald, died 1891 Chicago, 111* 

* French, James Paulus, died 1867 Rahway, N.J* 

* Goddard, William Henry, died 1908 Sioux Falls. S.D- 

* Lewis, Thomas Augustus, died 1865 Ware, Mass* 

Marcy, Dr. Alexander Riverton, N. J- 

* Pierce, Ed^ ard Willard, died 1871 New Orleans, La- 

* Ward, John Lord Hayes, died 1859 Abington, Mass- 




Barbows, Rev. John Otis 237 W. Town St. Norwich, Conn. 

Dickinson, Rev. Comeliiu Evarts 326 4th St. Marietta, O. 

* Holmes, Rev. Henry Martyn, died 1907 Provincetown, Mass. 

LiTTUB, Rev. George Obadiah (Prof.) . 1363 Ck>Iumbia Rd. Washington, D.C. 

* Little, Rev. Joseph Brewster, died 1910 Indianapolis, Ind. 

* Pettibone, Benjamin Welch, died 1907 Winchester, Conn. 

* Shepabd, Edward Olcott, died 1903 Newburyport, Mass. 

TowEB, Rev. Francis Emory 164 Western Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

* Wabd, Rev. James Wilson, Jr., died 1875 Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 

* Williams, Rev. Horace Robbins, d:ed 1906 Terre Haute, Ind. 


* AvEBT, Prof. John, died 1887 Brunswick, Me. 

CoMSTOCK, Edward (Lumber) 202 So. George St. Rome, N.Y. 

Cbawforo, Rev. Sidney Wayland, Mass. 

Habdt, Asa S. (Ret.) 11 Oakley PI. Grand* Rapids, Mich. 

* Lewis, Rev. James, died 1899 Joliet, IlL 

* Paine, Charles Gooddell Goddard. died 1892 Chicago, HI. 

* Sandfobd, Elliot, died 1897 New York, N.Y. 

* Watte, Prof. George White, died 1908 Tallapoosa, Ga. 

* Warneb, Aaron Edwards, died 1884 Boston, Mass. 


Allen, Washington Irving 17 Habted St. Newton, N.J. 

Faibbanks, Rev. Francis Joel Royalston, Mass. 

* Habbinoton, Samuel, died 1899 Boston, Mass. 

* Lewis, Dr. Zachariah Edwards, died 1910 New York, N.Y. 

* McGlathebt, Rev. William, died 1911 Norristown, Pa. 

* Matnabd, Edward, died 1868 Turk's Island, West Indies 

* Reed, George Milton, died 1911 Boston, Mass. 

* Shepabd, Dr. Luther Dimmick, died 1911 Boston, Mass. 

* Stone, Timothy Porter, died 1864 Lafayette, Ind. 

* ToMBON, Truman, died 1866 Amherst, Mass. 


* Babton, Homer RoUin, died 1863 Granby, Mass. 

* BiLLiNOS, Dr. Charles Morris, died 1906 Nadiiua, la. 

* Bbigham, Don Ferdinand, died 1888 Hartford, Conn. 

* Habbis, Austin, died 1899 East Machias, Me. 

* HowLAND, Walter Morton, died 1911 Amherst, Mass. 

McManus, Parker Whittlesey (Ret.). 3rd St. and Tel. Rd. Davenport, la. 

* MoNTELius, William Piper, died 1865 Mifflinburg, Pa. 

Robbins, Edward Combs (Tools) 227 West Gate Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

Stanton, Rev. George Francis 26 Somerset St. Boston, Mass. 

Titus, Joseph Augustus (Law.) 438 Main St. Worcester, Mass. 

* Wells, Rev. George Huntington, died 1897 Minneapolis, Minn. 

* WiLDEB, Joseph Eels, died 1864 Waltham, Mass. 


* Bond, Nelson Freeman, died 1899 Fitchburg, Mass. 

Cbane, Whiting Sanfoid 92 Perry St. Detroit, Mich. 

1864-^7 AMHBRST 76 

* Habbinqton, Nathan, died 1890 Toledo, O. 

* Howell, Luther Clark, died 1866 Hayneville, Ala. 

* Ibwin, David AlluBon, died 1001 Orchard Lake, Mich. 

* Pabk, Dr. Ebenezer Burgess, died 1914 Chanute, Kan. 

* Pbatt, Rev. Georjse Harlow, died 1914 Sutton, Mass. 

* Stone, William Pierce, died 1862 Amesbury, Mass. 

Stobbs, Henry Edward (Law.) 308 W. Ist St. Los Angeles, Cal. 

* Towns, Rev. Edward Southworth, died 1893 Anacostia, D. C. 

* Whiting, William Hammond, died 1874 St. Albans, Vt. 


* Abbott, Asa George, died 1870 St. Louis, Mo. 

Babkeb, James Lawrence Shore Acres, Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Bishop, James Lord (Law .) 14 Wall St. New York, N. Y. 

* Clapp, Alfred Dwight, died 1863 Deerfield, Mass. 

* CooLEY, Dr. Orrin, died 1877 Chicago, 111. 

Emebbon, Prof. Benjamin Kendall. .21 Northampton Rd. Amherst, Mass. 
Gbat, George Dickman (Mer.) 768 10th St. Oakland. Cal. 

* Mabch, Dr. Daniel, Jr., diea 1897 Winchester, Mass. 

* Rockwell, Dr. Francis Warren, died 1889 Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Sawteb, Rev. Joseph Henry 28 Park St. Easthampton, Mass. 

* Satlob, Francis Hoffman, died 1906 Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thbesheb, Prof. Almon Underwood 1078 Almond St. Riverside, Cal. 


* Blake, Maurice Benaiah, died 1886 San Francisco, Cal. 

* Bbatton, Rev. George, died 1873 Newark, N.J. 

CooLET, Noah Saxton Windsor Locks, Conn. 

Cowan, Rev. Peres Dickinson 33 Mountain Ave. Summit, N.J. 

Dike, Samuel Johnson 134 E. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Faibbanks, Joseph Whitcomb, died 1903 Amherst, Mass. 

* Fbench, Dr. Jolm, died 1879 Kansas City, Mo. 

* Gaoe, Nehemiah Hutchinson, died 1866 Hudson, N.H. 

Habbis, George (Ex. Coll. Pres.) 65 Central Pk. W., New York, N.Y. 

* LiPPiTT, Hon. Andrew Clark, died New London, Conn. 

* Neill, Prof. Heman Humphrey, died 1904 Amherst, Mass. 

* NoYES, Rev. Stephen Dutton, died 1894 Kingston, N.Y. 

* Smith, Rev. Thomas Snell, died 1900 Easthampton, Mass. 

* Williams, Hickley Wright, died 1864 Goshen, Mass. 


* Bbayton, Dr. Edmund CuUen, died 1876 Whitestown, N.Y. 

BuBGESB, Prof. John William 353 W. 67th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Bubnette, Francis Ellsworth, died 1912 .Putnam Conn. 

* Bubnham, Rev. Michael, died 1905 Denver, Colo. 

Clabk, Jefferson (Law.) 823 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Flichtneb, Rev. George Frederick, died 1906 Ipswich, M8|SS. 

Mabch, Rev. Frederic William Beirut, Syria. 

* Pabk, Rev. Charles Ware, died 1895 Pittsfield, Mass. 

Peckham, Prof. William Clark Adelphi College, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Stokes, James Fraaer, died 1891 Knoxville, Tenn. 

White, Rev. William Prescott . . .923 Witherspoon Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. 

76 AMHERST I86«~T1 


Ball. William Creighton (Edit.) 1138 S. 5th St. Terre Haut«, Ind. 

* Brooks, Dr. Chanes Grosvenor, died 1855 East Boston. Mass. 

Buchanan, Abner Thomas (City Serv.).6110 Dorchester Ave. Chicago, 111. 

* CoBNiSH, Aaron Spooner, died 1902 Boston, Mass. 

Hamilton, Rev. Henry Harrison. . . .45 Banks St. West Somerville, Mass. 
Rockwell, Hon. Francis W. (Law.) ... 75 Appleton Ave. Pittsfield, Mass . 
WiLLLAMS, Rev. John Healy Redlands, Cal. 

* Wood, Isaac Willard, died 1850 Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Yob, Lucien Gumey Highland Park, 111. 


* Donald, Rev. Elijah Winchester, died 1904 Ipswich, Mass. 

* Goodman, Richard, died 1911 Lenox, Mass. 

HoBBiB, William Roscoe (Paper) Battenville (Greenwich), N.Y. 

Labned, Stephen Holmes (Fin.) Swarthmore, Pa. 

Lewis, Francis Draper (Law.) 934 Land Title Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Matthews, Henry Martyn 4305 No. Springfield Ave. Chicago, 111. 

* Pbatt, Charles Ransom, died 1907 Elmira, N.Y. 

* Richardson, Prof. Henry BuUard, died 1896 Amherst, Mass. 

Richardson, John KendaU Well^ey Hills, Mass. 

* Stokes, William Campbell, died 1869 Lebanon, Tenn. 

Tennet, Rev. Albert Francis. 1374 Pelhamdale Ave. Pelham Manor, N.Y. 


Choate, Rev. Washington Spring St. "Eaaex, Mass. 

* Dane, Myron Benjamin, died 1870 East Whately, Mass. 

Dixon, Brandt Van Blarcom (Coll. Pres.) 

1220 Washington Ave. New Orleans, La. 
Graves, Samuel Lawrence 37 Atlantic Ave. Fitchburg, Mass. 

* Lyon, Appleton Park, died 1901 Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

March. Charles Augustus (Pension' Dpt.) Washington, D.C. 

* Miller, Albert Barnes, died 1871 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Wyman, Dr. Walter, died 1911 Washington, D.C. 


* Blanchard, Rev. Joseph N., died 1912 Madison, N.J. 

Bliss, Edwin Munsell Bureau of Census, Washington, D.C. 

Brownell, Charles Henry (Banker) Peru, Ind. 

Brownell, William Crary (Author) 597 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Butler, Samuel Patterson (Journ.) Sorrento, Lake Co. Fla. 

Chickerinq, William Henry (Law.) . . . 234 Mountain Ave. Piedmont, Cal. 

* Hall, George Cyril, died 1907 Pasadena, Cal. 

* Haskell, Pliny Nelson, died 1884 Chicago, 111. 

Knapf, Greorge S. (Mfr.) 115 So. Kensington Ave. La Grange, 111. 

* Martin, Edward Konigmacher, died 1913 Yonkers, N.Y. 

Morse, Leonard 47 Farmington Ave. Hartford, Conn. 

* Osbobne, Theodore Moodv, died 1899 Salem, Mass. 

Rockwell, Robert CampbeU Pittsfield, Mass 

* Stokes, Harry Shelby, died 1875 Lebanon, Tenn * 

1872-76 AMHBRST 77 


BuBLET, Clarence Augustus (Law.) 848 N. Dearborn St. Chicago, HI. 

* Chubgh, George Everett, died 1913 Providence, R.I. 

* Fbench, S(don Tenney, died 1908 Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hall, Dr. Gordon Robert 164 Clinton St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

HoLBBOOK, Rev. David Leverett Spring Valley, Wis. 

McElhinnet, Hon. John W. (Judge) . . .404 Henderson Ave. Clayton, Mo. 

Paine, Dr. Albert George 382 No. Euclid Ave. Pasadena, Cal. 

Paine, Lyman May (LawO 4224 Langley Ave. Chicago, 111. 

SiEBEBT, Charles Albert (Fin.) 607 W. 65th St. Chicago, 111. 

Spattldinq, Timothy Gridley Northampton, Mass. 

Thompson, Rev. Albert Henry Raymond, N.H. 


* Bbadlet, Rev. Leverett, died 1902 Philadelphia, Pa; 

Damon, Francis William (Ed.) P. O. Box 586, Honolulu, Hawaii 

* Davis, Rev. William Vail Wilson, died 1910 Pittsfield, Mass. 

Hall, Prof. Lyman Beecher Haverf ord, Pa. 

Hatwabd, James (Law.) Missouri Lincoln Trust Co. St. Louis, Mo. 

Heap, Arnold (Law.) 1838 Washington Blvd. Chicago, 111. 

Hobbie, Dr. John Remington North Adams, Mass. 

HoTT, James Humphrey Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

NoBBis, Rev. Kingsley Flavel Middleton, Mass. 

Pabsons, John 1228 Corona St. Denver, Colo. 

Williams, Elijah Hawley * Aurora, Mo. 

Williams, Prof. Talcott (Joum.) 423 W. 117th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Woodbbidgb, John, died Davenport, la. 


Dablinq, Charles Ross (I^w.) 43 Tremont St. Boston, Mass* 

Dow, Dr. Frank Fowler 429 Park Ave. Rochester, N.Y- 

* Elt, Alfred, died 1914 New York, N.Y- 

GiLLETT, Hon. Frederick H. (M. C.) 500 Main St. Springfield, Mass. 

Leland, Dr. George Adams 354 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. 

LoBiNO, Dr. Robert P 19 Crescent Terrace, Newton Centre, Mass. 

Matnabd, James (Law.) Knoxville, Tenn. 

Meabs, Prof. Leverett Williamstown, Mass. 

* Smith, Prof. Charles Sprague, died 1910 New York, N.Y. 


Bbooks, Dr. Stephen Driver 543 Wilcox Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal* 

Buffum, Charles Albert (Ed.) 210 Main St. Easthampton, Mass* 

* Ely, Rev. William Brewster, died 1880 Reading, Mass* 

Hamlin. Prof. Alfred D. F Columbia Univ. New York, N.Y- 

* RjBEVES, Rev. Thomas Alonzo, died 1907 Rockaway, N.J* 

ScoviLLB, Rev. Frank Churchill Greenwich, N.Y. 

Skbele, Rev. Arthur Fessenden Monrovia, Cal* 

Tbad, Rev. Edward Sampson 407 Boulevard, Atlantic, Mass. 


* Bateman. Prof. CliflFord Rush, died 1883 New York, N.Y. 

Bbecbeb, Herbert Foote (Mariner) Port Townsend, Wash. 

78 AMHERST 1876-80 

- - - T -I 

* BowLBB, Rev. Frank, died 1904 Westfield, Mass. 

BoTDKN, Arthur Clarke (Ed.) 68 Sununer St. Bridgewater, Mass. 

Clabk. Rev. Robert Bruce 2 West 129th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Clabk, Dr. WiUiam Brewster, died 1912 New York, N.Y. 

* Kimball, Frank Famum, died 1896 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Paullin, Heniy 

Smith, Edward Robinson Columbia Univ. Library, New York, N.Y. 

Stbbandt, Rev. William Henry 101 Hoosick St. Trov, N.Y. 

Washbubn, William Ives (Law.) 149 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Williams, William H. (Lumber) 499 Castle St. Geneva, N.Y. 


Abmstbong, Collin (Adv.) 116 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Blake, Lucien Ira (Cons. Eng.) Submarine Signal (Do. Boston, Mass. 

Eddt, Thomas James Somerville, Mass. 

Gray, Joseph Converse (Law.) 18 TVemont St. Boston, Mass. 

Pbatt, William Orrin (Ed.) 70 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Sai/ter, Prof. Sumner (Music) 135 Main St. Williamstown, Mass. 

* Sanford, Dr. Abbott, died 1893 Everett, Mass. 

* Smith, Benjamin Eli, died 1913 New York. N.Y. 

ToBET, Rev. Rufus B. (Charities) 75 Linooln Ave. Wollaston, Mass. 

Weeden, William Orme 4130 Walnut St. Kansas City, Mo. 


Babbott, Frank Lusk (Ret.) 149 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Bliss, Rev. William Dwight Porter 80 Bible House, New York, N.Y. 

* Crittenden, William Bacon, died 1900 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Hitchcock, Dr. Edward, Jr. (Charities) State House, Boston, Mass. 

Ladd, William Mead (Bajiker) 3rd & Washington Sts. Portland, Gre. 

Mobsman, Walter Bemis 140 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. 

* Plummbr, Henry Irving, died 1874 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Sanders, Dr. Orren Burnham, died 1913 Boston, Mass. 

Sleeper, Rev. William Washburn 15 Hampden St. Wellesley, Mass. 

Wellman, Arthur Holbrook (Law.) 50 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

Whitney, Henry Martyn (Mer.) Piikoi, Honolulu, Hawaii 

* Williams, Prof. Gieorge Huntington, died 1894 Baltimore, Md. 

Wright, Charles Handel (Rubber) TiJlmadge, O. 


Carson, Rev. Frank Martin 18 Lafayette PI. Greenwich, Conn. 

Chapin, George Mooar (Adv.) 412 St. James Bldg. Jacksonville, Fla. 

FoLQER, Henry Clay (Oil) 26 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

GooLD, Charles Burton (Ed.) Albany Academy, Albany, N.Y. 

* Gordon, Heniy Evarts, died 1909 Iowa City, la. 

Kelly, Arthur Willard (Edit.) 91 Central St. Aubumdale, Mass. 

Pratt, Charles Millard Clinton Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Sargent, William Arthur (Law.) 136 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Thurston, Huram E. (Bank.) Mechanics Natl. Bank, Providence, R.I. 


Aldbn, Edmund Kimball (Ed.) 365 Hancock St. Brooklyn. N.Y. 

BisBEE, Joseph Bartlett Bellows FaUs, Vt. 

Bliss, Dr. Frederick Jones American College, Beirut, Syria 

1880-84 AMHERST 79 

OxUiBrr, Prof. Arthur Lincoln Id Marshall St. Hartford, Conn. 

BowABD, Prof. Charles Samuel North Berkeley, Cal. 

Lamb, Rev. Charles Stoddard 067 Boulevard, West Hartford, Conn. 

MiLLixxN, Arthur Norris (Law.) 801 Sears Bldg. Boston, Mass. 

Packabd, Frank Edwutls (Ins.) 15 E. Chestnut St. Campello, Mass. 

Stebbins, Frank Edward (Pat. Law.) 

612 F. Street, N. W. Washington. D.C. 
Wabbsn, Prof. Frederick Morris. . . .117 Yale Station, New Haven, Conn. 


CBTTTBiroBN, Walter Hayden (Law.) 96 Willow St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Fiflxa, Dr. George Foster 26 £. Washington St. Chicago, 111. 

* Hzi^roN, (jeorge Porter, died 1009 Albany, N.Y. 

HiTCHOOOx, Bradford Washburn (Law.) 165 £. Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

KxMP, Prof. James Furman 211 W. 139th St. New York, N.Y. 

Ladd, Charles Elliott (Lumber) Carleton, Ore. 

* Bakd, Edward GiUett, died 1888 Melbourne^ Australia 

Smart, Rev. Isaac Chipman 71 So. Willard St. Burlmgton, Vt. 

* Thttbbton, Thatcher Thayer, died 1911 Providence, R.I. 

Wackbrhaosn, Philip Mayer (Mfg.) 1211 Main St. Racine, Wis. 


Bancbovt, Frederic (Historian) . . . .Metropolitan CSub, Washington, D.C. 

BLATCHroBD, Paul (Sec.) 333 No. Euclid Ave. Oak Park, III. 

Buss, Rev. Howard S. (Pres.) Sjrian Protestant College, Beirut, Syria 

Grbbnib, Rev. Frederick William 60 Crescent St. Middletown, Conn. 

MajJi, Rev. Charles Smith 11 Plvmouth St. Montclair, N J. 

Pebbt, Joseph Hartshorn (Ed.) 276 Highland St. Worcester, Mass. 

WiUiiAMB, John Camp Miller Rd. Morristown, N.J. 


BoTDSN, Wallace Clarke (Ed.) 91 Hillside Ave. West Newton, Mass. 

* Claflin, William, died 1902 Lombard, lU. 

CiiAPP, Rev. Walter Clayton Ill Pine St. Danville, Pa. 

FiBU>, Walter Taylor (Edit.) 2301 Prairie Ave. Chicago. 111. 

Hamilton, Charles Woodman (Paper) .291 Prospect Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Mabsh, Frank Ballard 129 Lafayette St. New York, N.Y. 

Rab, Dr. Alexander 117 Henry St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Rhbbs, Pres. (Benjamin) Rush Rochester Univ. Rochester, N.Y. 

Spbout, William Bradford 30 Court St. Boston, Mass. 

Walkbb, Prof. Williston 281 Edwards St. New Haven, Conn. 


Alvobd, Alfred Ely (R. Est.) 79 Milk St. Boston, Mass. 

* Applbton, Samuel Edwards, died 1911 Maybeury, W. Va. 

Child, Charles Jesse Richmond, Mo. 

Clabk, Prof. William Bullock Johns Hopkins Univ. Baltimore, Md. 

* Dickinson, Edward, died 1898 Amherst, Mass. 

* FiSKB, Arthur Severance, died 1891 New Haven, Conn. 

Gabdnbr, Dr. William 207 E. Harrison St. Kirksville, Mo. 

Goodwin, Rev. Frank Judson 416 Boulevard, Westfield, N.J. 

KiNNBT, Hon. W. P. (Judge) . . . 1423 N Tejon St. Colorado Springs, Ck>la 

so AMHERST 1884-88 

Wesdkn, Rev. Chazies Foster 18 Esmond St. Boston, Mass. 

Wheelbb, Willard Hayden 2 Maiden Lcuie, New York, N.Y. 


Ames, Hon. Herbert Brown (M. P.) 26 Ontario Ave. Montreal, Can. 

Best, James B. (I^ib.) Herald BIdg. Everett, Wash. 

CuTLEB, Sanford L3rman (Ed.) . . 103 West Tremont Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Gabdner, Prof. George Enos, died 1907 Boston, Mass. 

Gladden, Frederick C 150 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

Gleason, Dr. W. Stanton 143 Grand St. Newburgh, N.Y. 

Lamb, William George 85 No. Main St. So. Hadley Falls, Mass. 

Pbbnticb, Esra Parmalee (Law.) 5 West 53rd St. New York, N.Y. 

* Tucker, Edwin Benjamin, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

* Waitb, Henry Morrison, died 1885 Ravenna, O. 


* Clabk, Alfred Hastings, died 1887 Northampton, Mass. 

CoATES, Hallam Freer Alliance, O. 

Delababbb, Prof. Edmund Burke 9 Arlington Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Fallows, Edward Huntington (Law.) 30 Church St. New York, N.Y. 

Fbench, Charles Brown (R. Est.) 32 W. Washington St. Chicago, 111. 

Lindsay, (Jeorge Walter (Mach.) 78 Reed St. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Mabble, Charles Francis (Mfr.) 4 Marble St. Worcester, Mass. 

Smith, Theodore Trinidad, Colo. 

Tbeadwat, Hon. Allen Towner (M. C.) Stockbridge, Mass. 

Wood, Ira Couch (Law.) 112 W. Adams St. Chicago, 111. 

Wood, Dr. Walter Childs New Canaan, Conn. 


Alvobd, Andrew Porter 12 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Bliss, William Tyler c/o The Mail, New York, N.Y. 

Chapin, Wallace Torry (Shipping) 30 Irving Place, New York, N.Y . 

* Hunt, John Savage, died 1911 Utioa, N.Y. 

* Kiddbb, William Magee, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

Mills, Frank Smith Shoreacres Farm, Province Lake, N.H. 

Pbatt, Frederic B. (Ed.) 229 Clinton Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Smith, Dr. Bryant o/o lowana Farms, Davenport, la. 

* Thompson, Frederick Miner, died 1887 Brattleboro, Vt. 

Willabd, Thomas Clifton (Law.) 383 The Arcade Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

Wood, Howard Ogden (Law.) 63 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 


Allen, Addison (Law.) 300 Central Pk. W., New York, N.Y. 

Austin, Harmon 1601 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Bliss, Dr. Charles L 1363 Columbus Rd. Washington, D.C . 

Bbewster, William Lewis (City Serv.) 808 Lovejoy St. Portland, Ore. 

Coombs, Prof. Zelotes Wood 32 Richards St. Worcester, Mass . 

Hastings, Dr. Robert Worthington 45 Kilsyth Rd. Brookline, Mass. 

Huntington, Prof. Ellery Channing Hamilton, N.Y. 

* Hyde, George Merriam, died 1899 New York, N.Y. 

Little, Rev. Dr. Arthur M 308 Perry Ave. Peoria, 111. 

Millbb. John Hamilton 958 Marion Ave. Cincinnati, O. 

18W-92 AMHERST 81 

* Pbentici:, Pierrepont laham, died 1890 Duluth, Minn. 

Sessions, Robert a. (Furnaces) 7101 £. 4th St. Duluth, Minn. 

Skexle, IVof . Walter Fbher (Music) 136 E. Ave. 55, Los Angeles, Cal. 


Allen, Glenn Sevienne 616 W. Main St. Kalamaioo, Mich* 

* BuRB, Charles Wolcott, died 1902 Boston, Mass. 

Chancellor, Prof. William Estabrook 804 Beall Ave. Wooster, O* 

French. Stuart Whitney (Copper) Douglas, Arii. 

Hitchcock, Dr. John Sawyer. . .26 Washington Ave. Northampton, Mass. 

James, Arthur Curtiss 09 John St. New York, N.Y. 

Wadhams, Ralph H. (Law.) 275 So. Franklin St. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Wilson, Howard (Fin.) 17 Broad St. New York.N.Y. 

WooDBRiDGE, Prof Frederick J. E Montrose, Westchester Co. N.Y. 


* Corning, Henry Royce, died 1892 Cleveland, O. 

Delabarre, Dr. Frank Alexander 5^ Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

DuFFEY, Edwin Cortland, N.Y. 

Gates, Rev. Herbert Wright 121 No. Fitshugh St. Rochester, N.Y. 

* JoTNER, Dr. George Bertram, died 1897 Chicago, III. 

Kelly, Rev. Edward Parker Belchertown, Mass. 

Kyburq, George Wilson (Mach.) 70 Randolph St. Springfield, Mass. 

McGlabhan, Archibald A. (Law.) 55 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Taft, George Chapin (Ins.) 294 Macon St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Whitman, Hon. Cnarles Seymour (Governor) Albany, N.Y. 

Williams, Stalham Leon (Law.) 1026 Elmwood Ave. Wilmette, 111. 


Blatchford, Edward Williams 230 N. Clinton St. Chicago, 111. 

BuRRiLL, Rev. Arthur Sumner Greorgetown, Mass. 

Clark, Allen Lincoln 2421 Evans St. Omaha, Neb. 

Ck>WLES, Rev. Alton H 360 Ashland Ave. BufiFalo, N.Y. 

Gane, Henry Stewart (Rancher) Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Hammond, Howard Dexter (Law.) 175 Remsen St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Lyall, Herbert James (Law.) 31 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

Northrup, Edwin Fitch (Physicist) Princeton, N.J. 

Reeves, Prof. Jesse SiddsJl 902 Baldwin Ave. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Walker, Albert Hiram (Law.) 50 East 34th St. New York, N.Y. 

Walker, Frederick Bryant R. F. D. Granby, Conn. 


Chard, James Alfred (MerO 54 Melrose PI. Montclair, N.J. 

Cox, Erskine Haiard (M. Eng.) Lower Argyle, Nova Scotia 

DiNGLEY, Bret Harte Auburn, N.Y. 

* GooDELL, Robert Wood, died 1897 Houghton, Mich. 

GooDELL, Ruf us Talmage Houghton, Mich. 

Hildreth, Charles Elbridge 32 May St. Worcester, Mass. 

Hildrbth, Walter H Clensus Bureau, Washington, D.C. 

Lounsbery, George Hoyt (Mfg.) 500 So. Clinton St. Chicago, 111. 

Northrup, Prof. Elliott Judd 1715 Calhoun St. New Orleans, La. 

WiLLiBTONt Robert L. (Coll. Treas.) . .23 Round Hill, Northampton, Mass. 

AMHERST ia9S-97 


* BiGELOW, Dr. Horace, died 1901 New York, N.Y. 

* Gane, Frederick Mather, died 1911 Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Hamilton, George Langford Magnolia, Mass. 

HoDODON, Clarence Robert (Fin.) 178 Main St. Spencer, Mass. 

Pkatt, George D. (Ed.) Glen Cove, L. I.. N.Y. 

Raub, Prof. William Longstretb 675 No. Academy St. Galesburg, 111. 

Reed, Rev. Lewis Thurston 335 Rugby Rd. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Talcott, William Ariel, Jr., died 1898 Watch Hill, R.I. 

* Wood, Clarence David, died 1901 Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Backus, Grosvenor Hyde (Law.) 15 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

Brown, Warren Day 79 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Chase, William Bunton (Joum.) 150 W. 105th St. New York, N.Y. 

Evans, Rev. Edward Russell 41 L^ron St. Pawtucket R.I. 

Hates, Harold Fayette (Fin.) 301 Meigs St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Hows, Dr. Walter Clarke 303 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Kidder, Pancoast (Ins.) 100 State St. Albany, N.Y. 

Notes, Henry Taylor (Buttons) Rochester, N.Y. 

Stone, Harlan Fiske (Law.) 49 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Wood, Willis Delano (Banking) 447 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 


Armstrong, Landgren 1404 So. Geddes St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

Barnes, Aubrey T. (Mfr.) 1701 National Ave. Rockford, lU. 

Belden, Frank Milton 272 Clinton Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

French, Rev. Howard Dean 1136 W. State St. Jacksonville, lU. 

Haven, Rev. Sherman Willard Sangerfield N.Y. 

Mundt, Edward Kendall (Produce) 368 Haverhill St. Reading, Mass. 

Post, Augustus 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Pratt, Herbert Lee (Oil) 26 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Seblte, Dr. Walter Clark 66 William St. Worcester, Mass. 

Tibbetts, Albert Murray (Books) 109 Meridan St. Melrose, Mass. 

WiLUSTON, Harry Stoddard (El. Mfg.) 143 Nahant St. Lynn, Mass. 


Barker, Harry Learned El Centro, Cal. 

Chase, Aurin Moody (Mfg.) 508 University Place, Syracuse, N.Y. 

Gates, Merrill Edwards, Jr. (Law.) Mount Kisco, N.Y. 

Habkness, Frank Edgerton (Law.) 72 W. Adams St. Chicago, 111. 

Kimball, William Eugene (Banker) 5 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

* Milne, William Edwards, died 1913 New York. N.Y. 

* Montague, Albert Ira, died 1914 Sunderland. Mass. 

Moulson, George De Witt (Cotton), 596 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 

Pratt, John Teele (Law.) HE. 61st St. New York, N.Y. 

WiTHBRBT, Edwin Chaplin Orchard Rd. Solvay, N.Y. 


Backus, Rev. Alexander Hamilton 135 Richmond St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Blake, Edmund Mortimer (Eng.) 1898 Beacon St. Brookline, Mass. 

1897-1901 AMHERST 

BuTLSB, Rev. George Manley 16 ABhland St. Medford, Mi 

Emebson, Dr. Benjamin Kendall, Jr 56 William St. Worcester, Mi 

Qatss, Rev. Carl Martel 106 Waahington St. Wellealey Hilla, Mass. 

Gatks, Rev. William Bishop. . . .Arcvle A Glenwood Rds. Brookl^, N.Y. 

Jackson, Jerome Paul (Arch.) 2300 First Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

McEvoT, Thomas Jefferson (Edit.) 100 Lafayette Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Maxwsll, John Rogers, Jr. (Cement) Villa Nova, Pa. 

Richmond, Gerald Martin (Fin.) 632 Groevenor Bldg. Providence, R.I. 


* Allan, Frederick Mansfield, died 1003 Montdair, N.J. 

BissELL, John Clark (Ed.). 300 Linwood Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Blatchford, Eliphalet Huntington, died 1005 Winnetka, 111. 

Blossom, Frederick Augustus (Charities).. .16 St. Paul St. Baltimore, Md. 

Clkws, Henry (Art.) 145 E. 10th St. New York, N.Y. 

DwiGHT, Harry Griswold 

Kimball, Dr. Charles Denny 40 E. 41st St. New York, N.Y. 

Ltall. Earl Harvey (Arch.) 334 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Ottbrson, Arthur Leader (Fin.) 1333 Evergreen Ave. Plainfield, N.J. 

Thomas, Dr. Harold Edgel 748 Buena Ave. Chicago, 111. 


Db Witt, Charles Irwin 203 Windsor Rd. Waban, Mass. 

Embbson, Edward Hopkins (M. Eng.) . . 18 Gramercy Pk. New York, N.Y. 

HuTCHiNB, Dr. Henry Talbot 522 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. 

Kelloqg, Dr. Henry Kirke White Norwalk, Conn. 

LocKB, Edward Garfield (Agr.) 71 Main St. Waterville, N.Y. 

MiLBS, Rnfus E. (Ed.) Worthington, O. 

Miller, Dr. Robert Talbott 1226 Murrayhill Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

* Taft, Arthur Reed, died 1004 Barrington, N.S. 


Bbown, Donald Winchester (R. Est.) 18 E. 4l8t St. New York, N.Y. 

Butler, Charles Edward Randolph Bridge, Chicago, 111. 

Crannell, Ralph Monroe 6823 Thomas Blvd. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Eastman, George Phelps (Marble) 505 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

GoDDARD, Prof. Harold Clarke 3 Whittier Place, Swarthmore, Pa. 

CiRant, Robert Lyman 26 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Kimball, Dr. Cleaveland Cady 103 East 20th St. New York, N.Y. 

Pratt, Harold I. (Fin.) 26 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Robinson, Henry K 804 New Bank of Com. Bldg. St. Louis, Mo. 


Bishop, Maitland L. (Clerk) 422 California Terrace, Pasadena, Cal. 

Cubtenius, Alfred Edward Kalamasoo, Mich. 

DoDOE, Rev. Rowland Backus Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 

Fabbell, Maurice L. (Banker) 44 Exchange Place, New York, N.Y. 

* GoDFBET, John Lawrence, died 1000 Northampton, Mass. 

Gbant, Louis Newton (Bricks) 311 So. William St. Goldsboro, N.C. 

McIlvaine, George H. (Mdse.) . .112 Green Bay Rd. Hubbard Woods, 111. 
MoBSE, Charles L. (Banker) 5 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

84 AMHERST 1901-05 

Phiixips, John Frank (Law.) Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y. 

RusHMORE, William Riley 429 Park Ave. Plainfield, N.J. 

Vandbbbilt, John Leonard (R. Est.) 14 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 


Blossom, Harold Hill (Arch.) 488 Washington St. Dedham, Mass. 

Chard, Standish (Law.) Sunderland, Mass. 

Ells, Arthur Fairbanks (Law.) 137 Tower Rd. Waterbury, Conn. 

GiESE, Henry William (D. G.) 140 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. 

Kelloqg, Ansell Marshall 472 Kenilworth PI. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Maxwell, Henry Lascelles 30 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

Matnabd, Robert Washburn (D. G.) 140 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. 

Nelson, James Augustus (Lanr.) ... .47 Marlborough Rd. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Sautter, Edward IV^derick. 1421 Locust St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Van Siclen, Matthew (Min. Eng.) 44 Pine St. New York. N.Y. 


Atwood, Albert William (Writer) 272 Nassau St. Princeton, N.J. 

* Bell, Robert Walter, Jr., died 1908 New York, N.Y. 

Darbt, Arthur B. (Ins.) 45 John St. New York, N.Y. 

Hates, Joseph W. (Ed.) . Faculty Exchange, Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

Lake, D. Harry c/o Ford A Enos Wilder Bldg. Rochester, N.Y. 

Longman, Edward George (Films) 327 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Rhodes, Marcus Arnold (Mfr.) 12 Porter St. Taimton, Mass. 

Stearns, Foster Waterman (Lib.) The Hemenway, Boston, Mass. 

Tbad, Donald Graves (Lumber) 467 60th St. Oakland, Cal. 

Tead, Stanley Hovey (Cotton) 121 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 


Babtlett, Donald Lord 69 Montgomery St. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

Bishop, Merrill (Law.) 634 Third St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Dow, Fayette B. (Law.) Interstate Commerce (Jom. Washington, D.C. 

Dow, Leland Brown (Fm.) 510 Houston St. Kansas City, Mo. 

GooLD, Rev. Edgar Hunt Raleigh, N.C. 

Hildreth, Dr. Robert Dudley 19 Holland Ave. Westfield, Mass. 

Howard, Henry Remington (Law.) . . .18 Rockingham St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Pratt, Alvord (Fire Engines) 338 W. 4th St. Cincinnati. O. 

Putnam, Hobart Hayes (Iron Pipe). 720 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 

Richardson, Henry Stephen (Fruit) Cocoanut Grove, Fla. 

RuPLEY, Howard Reeve 96 (harden St. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 


Baldwin, Rev. Frita Walter, Jr 3 CJopley St. Brookline, Mass. 

* Chandler, Willis Derwin, died 1911 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

CoGQESHALL, Hsrold Frederic Sante Fe, N.M. 

Ellis, George WiUiam (Mfr.) Green St. Monson, Mass. 

FuEss, Claude Moore (Ed.) 183 Main St. Andover, Mass. 

HussET, Elisha Frank (Bldg.) . . .1111 Plymouth Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Rathbun, William Tompkins (Sales). . .601 W. 177th St. New York, N.Y. 

Richabdbon, George Warren 2108 Penn. Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. 

VAN Etten, Edwin Jan (Priest) 213 W. 7l8t St. New York, N.Y. 

Wing, Richard Deland (Pianos) 229 Quincy St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

1006r^ AMHERST 85 


Blatchfobd, Nathaniel Hopkins, Jr Barrett Mfg. Co. Cleveland, O. 

Bbewbteb, Kinsman (Law.) Lyman Bldg. Springfield, Maaei. 

Davenport, William Rufus (Mach.) 59 Winthrop St. Taunton, Mass. 

Delabarrb, Everett Merrill (Mfg.) .... 224 Albany St. Cambridge, Mass. 

Dewar, Jolm Innes Vancouver, B.C. , Can. 

Draper, Ernest Gallaudet (Creosote). 61 Prospect Pk. W., Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Fox, Dr. George Henry 89 Main St. Binghamton, N.Y. 

Harris, George, Jr. (Musician) 65 Central Pk. W., New York, N.Y. 

VAN Etten, Dr. Royal Cornelius 213 W. 71st St. New York, N.Y. 

Wbbsteb, William Harvey (Copper) 1048 10th St. Douglas, Aria. 


Barton, Bruce (Edit.) 52 E. 19t^ St. New York, N.Y. 

Chapin, Warren Storrs (Adv.) 77 Worthington St. Springfield, Mass. 

Dennis, Dr. Edward Parker 221 W. 9th St. Erie, Pa. 

Meyer, Otto Cleveland (Mer.) 246 W. 5th St. Erie, Pa. 

Nash, Carl Blossom (Adv.) 102 Parkside Drive, Peoria, 111. 

Rand, Albert Edward (Ed.) 134 Lloyd Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Stiles, Harry Herbert (Mfg.) 1802 4th St. Jackson, Mich. 

Walbbidqe, Merrell P. (Drugs) 4389 McPherson Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

Webb, Paul (Ins.) Whitney Ave. Hamden, Conn. 

Wilson, Claude Thomas (C. Eng.) 1295 Pacific St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Abbott, Donald Beardsley (Law.) 165 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

BiRDSAiiL, Wilfred Thomas (Eng.) . . .44 N. FuUerton Ave. Montdair, N.J. 

Bonnet, Holbrook 69 W. 14th St. Atlanta, Ga. 

EiiLia, Dwight Warren Monson, Mass. 

GooDELL, Frank Rufus (Rubber) 170 WoodrufiF Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Hamlin, Marston Lovell (Chemist) . .316 Wood worth Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. 

JoNBB, Hildeburn (Mfg.) North Court St. Cirdeville, O. 

NiLES, Charles W., Jr. (Rubber) 142 Duane St. New York, N.Y. 

Read, Fayette Francis 31 Plimpton St. Walpole, Mass. 

Washburn, William Ives, Jr. (Writer) .11 Gramercy Pk. New York, N.Y. 


BiQELOW, Mason Huntington (Law.) 52 William St. New York, N.Y. 

Chapin, Robert Crins (Jeweler) 150 Meeting St. Providence, R.I. 

Clarke, Rev. Merrill Fowler 1241 Olmatead Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Emerson, George Stone (Knives) Walnut St. Walden, N.Y. 

Hall, Gordon R. (Adv.) 11 W. Walton Place, Chicago, 111. 

Lane, Rev. Stoddard West Hartford, Conn. 

McVauqh, Keith Fry (Cotton) 506 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Nash, Percival D. (Adv.) Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. 

Pratt, Theodore (Oil) 26 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Ratner, Charles B c/o Stand. Oil Co. Singapore, Straits Settlements 

Rose, Arthur (Brushes) 316 Clinton Place, River Forest, 111. 

Smith, Harold Lyman (Chemist) 45 Huntington Ave. Norwich, Conn. 

Wriqht, William Henry (Ed.) New York Tribune, New York, N.Y. 

86 AMHERST 1910-18 


Amos, LindBay Cline (Banking) 136 W. 44th St. New York. N. Y. 

Babton, Charles WiUiam (PubO 6607 Randolph St. Oak Pk. 111. 

BisBBE, Joseph Bartlett, Jr. (Mfg.) . .9 Gar^eld Place, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

Blatchford, John (Chem. Eng.) 333 No. Euclid Ave. Oak Park, 111. 

Clark, Evans (Ed.) 44 Washington St. Princeton, N.J. 

* DiBBUB, Edmund Drinan Barry, died 1908 St. .Paul, Minn. 

Hall, Bartow H. (Law.) . .Mining Exchange Bldg. Colorado Springe, Colo. 
Jewbtt, Charles Harvey (Med.) . . . 137 Main St. No., Canandaigua, N.Y. 

Laod, Dr. William Sargent Portland, Ore. 

Morrison, Stuart Ten Broeck (Law.) Red Hook, N.Y. 

Shoop, Max (LawO 31 University PI. New York, N.Y. 

Smith, Rajonond Fiske (Bread) 2827 W. Superior St. Duluth. Minn. 

West, William Taylor, Jr. (Sales.) Roselle, N.J. 


BoBB, Victor C. Vaughan (Autos.) 57 Canfield St. W., Detroit, Mich. 

Brown, Selden King (Farmer) R. F. D. Scottsville. N.Y. 

Chapin, Chester Fisher (Adv.) 96 So. Fullerton Ave. Montclair, N.J. 

Connor, Wayne Everett (Oranges) Ronnoc Grove, New Smyrna, Fla. 

CBirrENDEN, Edmund Kearsley (Adv.) . . 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Davenport, Everett Banfield 63 Winthrop St. Taunton, Mass. 

Lee, Dr. Lyndon E 126 So. Ist Ave. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

Marsh, Edward Henry (Eng.) 326 Clermont Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Pratt, Morris, died 1910 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Prince, Stanley Hodgdon Box 192, Virginia, Minn. 

Rayner, Harold Marvin c/o Adjt. Cen., U.S.A. Washington, D.C. 

Roberts, Harold Carrier 106 Eagle St. Utica, N.Y. 

Roberts, Laurence Winston (Autos.) 106 Eagle St. Utica, N.Y. 

ScHOENTHALER, Warrch S. (Sales.) . . . 203 Monadnock Block, Chicago, lU. 

Seelte, Laurens Hickok North Conway, N.H. 

Walbridge, Arthur Hess (M. Eng.) . . 107 S. Fitzhugh St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Wilson, Leonard Hodges 215 Washington Ave. San Bernardino, Cal. 

ZwEYGARTT, Henry Jacob (Fin.) 125 Beacon St. Hartford, Conn. 


Barton, Frederick Bushnell (Adv.) 62 East 19th St. New York, N.Y. 

Brouqhton, John N. (Sales.) 7 Lakeville PI. Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

Crandall, Harold W 502 W. 113th St. New York, N.Y. 

Jones, Lloyd (Med.) Circleville, O. 

Miller, Spencer, Jr 217 Turrell Ave. So. Orange, N.J. 

Olds, Leland 600 West 122nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Rathbun, Benjamin (El. Cranes) 323 WiUiam St. Elmira. N.Y. 

Tead, Ordw^ (Soc. Worker) 20 Union Park, Boston, Mass. 

Whiteman, Harold Bartlett (Eng.) .Railway & Light Co. Nashville, Tenn. 


AvERiLL, Otis (Fin.) 612 W. 115th St. New York, N.Y. 

Babbott, Frank Lusk, Jr 149 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

CoATBB, John Locke 26 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Cross, Raymond Witherspoon 232 Seneca Parkway, Rochester, N.Y. 

1919-16 AMHERST 87 

Ei^T, Dwisht Caryl (Banker) 236 Weak 8th St. Erie, Pa. 

EsTABBOOK, Benjamin Wilde 270 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Maes. 

Greene, Theodore Ainsworth (See.) . . .60 Crescent St. Middletown, Conn. 
Ladd, Charles Thornton (flour) . .o/o Ladd A TUton Bank. Portland, Ore. 

LiTTLEJOHN, Hush Warwick (Sales.) 207 Broadway, Flushing, N.Y. 

MoBBiB, Albert Millard (Minmg) 43 Livingston Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. 

Olds, George Daniel, Jr 140 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. 

SwANTON, Hobart Pond (Banking) 25 State St. Rochester. N.Y. 

Ubquhabt, Douglas (Paper) Ashfield, Mass. 

Wiu>BB, Harry Converse (Mfg.) Malone, N.Y. 


AvEBiLL, Norman W. (Arch.) 612 W. 116th St. New York. N.Y. 

BuTLBB, Earle Dudley (Ins.) 190 High St. Middletown, Conn. 

Gbeene. Walter Farrar Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, Syria 

Livingstone, Colin (Acct.) 718 King's Court, Portland, Ore. 

MiLUBB, Tilford Wentworth (Ins.) 68 Imlay St. Hartford, Conn. 

Mills. Charles Morris 11 Plymouth St. Montclair, N.J. 

OuTWATiOB, John Ogden Riverdale-on-Hudson, N.Y. 

Setmour. Marlor Boardman (Ins.) 358 Laurel St. Hartford, Conn. 

YouNQ, Roswell Philip (D. G.) 140 Tremont St. Boston. Mass. 


AoABD, Walter Raymond Austin, Tex. 

Cady. Arnold (D. G.) 237 W. 11th St. New York, N.Y. 

Cady. Fenimore Amherst, Mass. 

Cbaio. James Wallace. 69 Mt. Vernon St. Boston, Mass. 

Cboss. John Theodore 340 Genesee St. Utioa, N.Y. 

Cutler, David Sanford 103 W. Tremont Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Day, Chester Sessions, 2nd (Bags) . 737 Pine Ave. W., Montreal, ^ue. Can. 

Gaus, John Merriman 1131 Summit PI. Utica, N.Y. 

Kamm, Walker WiUis (Fin.) 488 Main St. Portland, Ore. 

Pbatt, Richardson 241 Clinton Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Ralbton. Arthur Edward 222 Leland Ave. Plainfield, N.J. 

Reed, Kenneth Samuel (Hdw.) 753 Upper Drive, Portland, Ore. 

Robinson, Richard Alexander, 3rd 1435 Fourth Ave. Louisville, Ky. 

Tbad, Phillips (Actor) Atlantic, Mass. 

Webstbb, Leslie Tillotson 11 Adams St. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 


Ashley, Thomas Williams Deerfield, Mass. 

AviRETT, William Goodwin 1023 CarroU St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Balmos, Harry Leroy 228 Claremont Ave. Montclair, N.J. 

BixLEB, Julius Seelye 27 Broad St. New London, Conn. 

Brown, Charles Henry 54 W. Lake St. Chicago, 111. 

Cady, Lowell Mass. Inst, of Tech. Boston, Mass. 

DouoLAB, Lewis Williams Douglas, Aris. 

Gillett, Robert Swift 16 Marshall St. Hartford, Conn. 

Kamm. Philip Schuyler (Banking) 215 14th St. Portland, Ore. 

Lane. George Homer 967 Boulevard, West Hartford. Conn. 

Rbdfield, Humphrey Fuller The Highlands, Washington, D.C. 

Rider, Stuart Williams 2212 Commonwealth Ave. Aubumdale, Mass. 

Tow, William Howard 12 East 127th St. New York, N.Y. 

AMHERST 1916-18 

Wksdkh, Charles Foster, Jr 18 Esmond St. Dorchester. Mass. 

Whstbtonb, Lambert F 500 W. Chelten Ave. Germantown, Pa. 


Cbaio, David Bankin, Jr 69 Mt. Vernon St. Boston, Mass. 

Fraker, Walter Porter 45 Kent Rd. Duluth. Minn. 

Lbmcke, Norman Rohde 14 Van Nest PL New York, N.Y. 

Lestbade, Paul Crandall (Mfg.) 24 S. Angell St. Providence, R.I. 

Lewis, Cyril Blackmore 415 N. Huron St. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Nelligan, Thomas Hayes 11 Sunset Ave. Amherst, Mass. 

Pbttee, Herbert Bachellor 96 Taber Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Rauschenbusch, Hilmar 4 Portsmouth Terrace, Rochester, N.Y. 

ScHMiD, Herbert William 100 Elmgrove Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Stark, Whitney Williams 46 Cambridge PI. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Bemis, Raymond Guilford 156 Babcock St. BrookUne, Mass. 

Cross, Gorham Lamont 340 Genesee St. Utica, N.Y. 

Ellinwood, Ralph Everett P. O. Box 1069, Bisbee, Aris. 

Evans, James Baxter 953 Bryden Rd. Columbus, O. 

Ladd, Henry Andrews Box 1190, Portland, Ore. 

Meiklejohn, James Stuart 86 Brook St. Pawtucket, R.I. 

MoBEHonsE, Andrew Richmond Oakwoods. Wilkes Co. N.C. 

Morehouse, Edward Ward 213 Pine St. Springfield, Mass. 

Rogers, William Garland 148 Carew St. Springfield, Mass. 

Saunders, Allan Frederic Pratt Cottage, Amherst, Mass. 

Traver, Clarence Hoffman Red Hook, N.Y. 

Warren. James Carey 46 Mansfield St. New Haven, Conn. 

Young, Clifford John 457 Maple Ave. Elmira, N.Y. 

1837-61 89 



* Dallam, James William, died 1847 Matagorda, Tex. 

* Fish. Erasmus Darwin, died 1846 Thornton, N.H. 

* NoYBa, Edwin, died 1888 Waterville, Me. 

* PBCK, George Washington, died 1859 Boston, Mass. 

* RsDiKQ, Rev. Charles William, died 1890 Beverly Farms, Mass. 


* AiffSB, William Shaw, died 1840 Providence, R.I 

* Bowers, Rev. Charles Manning, died 1907 Clinton, Mass 

* Bbadlkt, Prof. Charles Smith, died 1888 Providence, R.I 

* CoLBURN, Rev. Alfred, died 1892 Worcester, Mass 

* Howard, Esra Williams, died 1869 Providence, R.I 

* JsNCKBs, Thomas AUen, died 1875 Cumberland, R.I 

* LoTHROp, George Van Ness, died 1897 Detroit, Mich 

* Morton, Hon. Marcus, died 1891 Andover, Mass 

* Whitaksr, Henry Clay, died 1887 Baltimore, Md 


* Glover, Samuel, Jr., died 1842 Cambridge, Mass. 

* HoppiN, Francis Edwin, died 1868 Providence, R.I. 

* Packard, George Washington, died 1842 Providence, R.I. 

* Potter, James Brown Mason, died 1900 Kingston, R.I. 

* Samson, Rev. George Whitefield, died 1896 New York, N.Y. 

* Wilson, Dr. William Thomas, died 1852 Baltimore, Md. 


* Curtis, Rev. J^ames Burrill, died 1895 Folkestone, England 

* Dodge, Rev. Ebenezer, died 1890 Hamilton, N.Y. 

* Lincoln, Rev. Heman, died 1887 Newton Centre, Mass. 

* Morton, Nathaniel, died 1856 Taunton, Mass. 

* Payne, Abraham, died 1886 Providence, R.I. 


* Brooks, Rev. Kendall, died 1898 Alma, Mich. 

* Coffin, Frederick William, died 1884 Edgartown, Mass. 

* Frieze, Prof. Henry Simmons, died 1889 Ann Arbor, Mich. 

* Hall, Rev. Richard Clarence, died 1897 Baltimore, Md. 

* Shbpardson, Rev. Daniel^ died 1899 Granville, O. 

* Wilson, Rev. Franklin, died 1896 Baltimore, Md. 


* Bates, Samuel Penniman, died 1902 Meadville, Pa. 

* Staples, Hamilton Barclay, died 1891 Worcester, Mass. 

* Williams, Asa Messer, died 1859 Northampton, Mass. 

90 BRUNONIAN 1862-67 


* Brooks, Prof. Samuel, died 1911 Ann Arbor, Mich* 

* Moore, Nathan Wheaton, died 1913 Point Arena, Cal. 

* Pbrrt, Elijah, died 1889 '. Rolla, Mo. 


* Bradford, Dr. Frank Standish, died 1900 Morristown, N.J. 

* Bright, Osbom Edward, died 1892 New York, N.Y. 

* Caswell, Dr. Edward Thompeon, died 1887 Providence, R.I. 

* McAllister, Rev. Francis Marion, died 1895 Elizabeth, N.J. 


* Allen, Henry Augustus, died 1891 Hardin, 111. 

* Bramam, Rev. Benjamin, died 1889 Norton, Mass. 

* Cheney, F^ank Woodbridge, died 1909 So. Manchester, Conn. 

* Curtis, George William, died 1892 W. New Brighton, N.Y. 

Davis, Benjamin Franklin 

* HiLLMAN, Walter, died 1894 Qinton, Miss. 

* Slater, Horatio Nelson, died 1899 Magnolia, Mass. 

* Vernon, John Winthrop, died 1902 Providence, R.I. 

* Vernon, Thomas, died 1887 Providence, R.I. 


* Abbot, Nathan Miller Wheaton, died 1853 Warren, R.I. 

* Andrews, David Allen, died 1893 Washington, D.C. 

Chapin, William Waterman 80 Benefit St. Providence, R.I. 

* HoppiN, Dr. Cortland, died 1876 Providence, R.I. 

Long, Joseph Darwin (Law.) 1753 Orchid St. Hollywood, Cal. 

* Morgan, Morris Barker, died 1874 New Orleans, La. 

* Pains, George Burgess, died 1858 Providence, R.I. 

* Plumb, Rev. Albert Hale, died 1907 Boston, Mass. 

* Williams, Henry Dudley, died 1907 Brookline, Mass. 


* Alden, Col. Charles Henry, died 1906 Washington, D.C. 

* Cutts, James Madison, died 1903 Washington, D.C. 

* EwiNG, Thomas, died 1896 New York, N.Y. 

* GoFF, Charles Bradford, died 1898 Providence, R.I. 


* Britton, Alexander Thompson, died 1899 Washington, D.C. 

* Childs, Charles Henry, Jr., died 1886 Providence, R.I. 

Eastman, Samuel Coffin ^Law.) Concord, N.H. 

* Gladding, Charles William, died 1854 Providence, R.I. 

Goodwin, Rev. Daniel East Greenwich, R.I. 

Hapgood, Charles H c/o Coliunbia Conserve Co. IndianapoltB, Ind. 

* Smith, Benjamin Hale, died 1880 Gloucester, Mass. 

* Woodburt, Rev. Augustus, died 1895 Concord, N.H. 

1868-64 BRUNONIAN 91 


* Chapman, Robert Boyle, died 1894 Providence, R.I. 

* CoLBT, Charles Lewis, died 1896 New York, N.Y. 

* Faxon, Albert Eugene, died 1899 New York, N.Y. 

* Harris, Samuel Turner, died 1901 Norwood, O. 

MoiK RT, William Augustus (Ret.) 17 Riverside Sq. Hyde Park, Mass. 

* Pattkn, Joseph Hurlbut, died 1874 Providence, R.I. 

* Read, Hon. John Meredith, died 1896 , Paris, France 


JuDSON, Dr. Adoniram Brown 53 Washington Sq. New York, N.Y. 

* JuDSON, Elnathan, died 1897 Worcester, Mass. 

Kbbn, Dr. William Williams 1729 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

* PoiNiEB, Samuel Thane, died 1909 Spartanburg, S.C. 

FORTBR, Dr. George Loring. 372 State St. Bridgeport, Conn. 

* Potter, Rev. Walter McDuffie, died 1866 Cranston, R.I. 

* Pratt, Joseph Porter, died 1863 Lawrence, Mass. 


Bicknell, Thomas Williams (Author) . . . 207 Doyle Ave. Providence, R.I. 

'*' Duncan, Rev. Samuel* White, died 1898 Brookline, Mass. 

'*' Gordon, Rev. Adoniram Judson, died 1895 Boston, Mass. 

Pond, Francis MetcaLf 255 Hope St. Providence, R.I. 

Porter, Henry Kirke (Locomotives) Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Bice, Howard Malcolm (Ed.) 272 Benefit St. Providence, R.I. 


'^'Barker, Prof. Isaac Bowen, died 1875 Cambridge, Mass. 

* Caswell, Adm. Thomas Thompson, died 1913 Annapolis, Md. 

* Chamberlain, Edward Dyer, died 1858 Boston, Mass. 

* Drown, Albert Newell, died 1910 San Francisco, Cal. 

* Stevens, Rev. Eklward Oliver, died 1910 Moulmein, Burma 

Trull, Dr. Washington Benson 18 W. Odar St. Boston, Mass. 


Brown, Thomas Frederic Daytona, Fla. 

CoLBT, Rev. Henry Francis 340 West First St. Dayton, O. 

* Mbllbn, Joshua, died 1890 Wayland, Mass. 

* Remington, James Henry, died 1899 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Thurston, John.Deshon, died 1909 Providence, R.I. 


* Bradley, Joseph Manton, died 1879 Providence, R.I. 

* Brayton, (Sen. Charles Ray. died 1910 Providence, R.I. 

* DwiGHT, Gamaliel Lyman, died 1875 Providence, R.I. 

* Greene, William Albert, died 1861 Frostburg, Md. 


* AxTELL, Prof. Seth Jones, died 1910 Kalamasoo, Mich. 

* Hammond, Dr. Henry Louis, died 1910 Killingly, Conn. 

* Lakbll, Charles Thurber, died 1880 Sazton's River, Vt. 

92 BRUNONIAN 1864-70 

MiKEB, Henry Bradley Sumner St. Dorchester P. O. Boston, Mass. 

* WiLiiABO, Horace Mann, died 1907 WoUaston, Mass. 


* Bbown, Zephaniah, died 1911 Providence, R.I. 

Deminq, Rev. Miner Rudd Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass. 

* JuDSON, Rev. Edward, died 1914 New York, N.Y. 

Pbrce, Warren Richmond Providence, R.I. 

* Spink, Hon. Joseph Edwin, died 1910 Providence, R.I. 

* Williams, William Henry, died 1901 New York. N.Y. 

* Witter, William Clitus. died 1914 New York. N.Y. 


BuLLABD, Dr. Herbert Cutler (Fruit) . . . .Santa Barbara, Isle of Pine, W.I. 

* MusTiN, Dr. John Burton, died 1871 Philadelphia, Pa. 

PiDQB, Rev. John Bartholomew Gough.2027 Wallace St. Philadelphia, Pa. 
PoBTER, Rev. Emery Huntington 5 BeUevue Court, Newport, R.I. 

* Thttrston, Rev. Charles Abraham Gardner, died 1907 . . . Chdsea, Mass. 

* Warbbn, Prof. Laban Edwards, died 1905 Littleton, Mass. 


* Arnold, Albert Allin, died 1882 Cranston, R.I. 

* CoGGESHALL, Rev. Freebom, died 1876 Oxford, England 

* Cole, Daniel, died 1869 Walpole, Mass. 

* Duncan, George Willis, died 1884 Haverhill, Mass. 

DuRFEB, Edgar Greene (Mfr.) 29 Keene St. Providence, R.I. 

* GoFF, Francb Shubael, died 1907 Providence, R.I. 

Osgood, Eklward Louis 221 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 


Bennett, Dr. William Henry 1837 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bliss, Francis Edward 21 Holland Park, London, W., England 

Lyon, Rev. William Henry 353 Walnut St. Brookline, Mass. 

Mason, Eugene Waterman (Cotton) . . 149 Waterman St. Providence, R.I. 

Poland, Prof. William Carey 53 Uoyd Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Smith, Iram Nelson (PYobate) 122 Highland Ave. Fall River, Mass. 


* Baker, Osgood Carney, died 1867 Providence, R.I. 

Freeborn, Frank Wilton (Ret.) 279 Halsey ^t. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

HuLiNo, Ray Greene (Ret.) 17 Hurlbut St. Cambridge, Mass. 

Hutchinson, John Skinner 856 Park PI. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Morgan, Rev. Dura Pratt, died 1892 New London, K.H. 


* Burgess, Rev. Thomas, died 1898 Matteawan, N.Y. 

* Ely, Joseph Cady, died 1897 Providence, R.I. 

English, Prof. John Mahan Bradford Court, Newton Centre, Mass. 

* Greene, Henry Franklin, died 1867 Providence, R.I. 

Morrow, Dr. Samuel Roseburgh 48 Lancaster St. Albany, N.Y. 

* Williams, Prof. Alonso, died 1901 Providence, R.I. 

1871-76 BRUNONIAN 98 


« BowBBS, Arthur Forster, died 1905 New York. N.Y. 

Bbown, Rice Arnold (Ret.) 167 W. 76th St. New York, N.Y. 

* MuanN, William Finn, died 1878 Philadelphia, Pa. 


Barnbtt, Rev. Francis Walter Newtown, Conn. 

* Bknnktt, Rev. Albert Arnold, died 1909 Yokohama. Japan 

Cbans, Jofluiua Ekldy (Lib.) Public Libraiy, Taunton, Maaa. 

Dban, Arthur Denorvan (Law.) 327 Washington Ave. Scranton, Pa. 

* Gouu>, Rev. Edwin Walter, died 1886 Cornwall, England 

Mason, Rev. John Henry Montserrat Rd. Beverly, Mass. 

Skaman, Charles John (Ins.) 31 Knowles Ave. CSevdand, O. 


BuBOESS, Rt. Rev. Frederick Garden City, L. I. N.Y. 


Andsbson, Rev. Thomas Davis. . .2 Wellington Terrace, Brookline, Mass. 
Babcock, Rev. Edward WUcox 142 Eighth St. Troy, N.Y. 

* Cabb, Frof. Philip Henrv, died 1892 Santa Barbara, Cal. 

HoTT, James Humphrey (Law.) Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

HuBD, William Lambert (Steel Tubes) . . . .P. O. Box 1016, Pittsburgh, Pa. . 

* Leach, James Edward, died 1908 Boston, Mass. 

Mathewbon, Dr. Charles Brenton Plainfield, N.J. 

Pbnnzman, Prof. Henry Mixter Berea College, Berea, Ky. 

Whitman, Prof. Frank Perkins 2079 Adelbert Rd. Cleveland, O. 


Baker, Benjamin 15 Westminster St. Providence, R.I. 

* Baker, David Sherman, died 1906 Providence, R.I. 

BoBSON, Albert Davis (Law.) 27 Hereford St. Boston, Mass. 

Field, Dr. Charles Elmer 191 Prospect St. Brockton, Mass. 

Greene, William Chaoe 44 Alumni Ave. Providence, R.I. 

* TAiiBOT, Rev. Charles Remington, died 1892 Wrentham, Mass. 

* Toucan, Rev. Robert Francis, died 1892 South Gardner, Mass. 

Whbelbr, Benjamin Ide (Pres.) . . .University of California, Berkeley, Cal. 


Aldrich, Henry Leprelate (Cotton) ... .37 Weyboaset St. Providence, R.L 

Chapin, Dr. Charles Value 84 Keene St. Providence, R.I. 

Collins, Clarkson Abel (Law.) 22 Vesey St. New York, N.Y. 

CoMBTOCK, Richard Borden (Law.) . . .76 Humboldt Ave. Providence, R.I. 

* Greene, Percival Bailey, died 1875 Providence, R.I. 

Hazard, Rowland Gibson (Mfg.) Peace Dale, R.I. 

* Lincoln, Allan Heman, died 1873 Newton Centre, Mass. 

Parkhurst, Hon. Judge Christopher Francis 

Supreme Court House, Providence, R.I. 

* Steele, Benjamin Wheeler, died 1891 Colorado Springs, Colo. 

* WiLBUB, Roswell Everett, died 1876 Somerset, Mass. 

94 BRUNONIAN 1877-82 


Aldrich, Charles Talbot (Ck)tton) 37 Weybosset Bt. Providenoe, R.I. 

* Ballou, Walter Irving, died 1903 WoonBoekst, R.I. 

Capbon, Dr. Franklin Pierce 118 AngeU St. Providenoe, R.I. 

* Hall, William Clifton, died 1874 Westerly, R.I. 

* Peck, Walter Asa, died 1901 Providence, R.I. 

Sheffield, Hon. William Paine (Law.) 223 Thames St. Newport, R.I. 


Collins, Abel Chalkley (Law.) Great Barrinf^n, Mass. 

Cross, John A. (Banking) Turk's Head Bldg. Providence, R.I. 

* Harris, Frank, died 1908 .Boston, Maas. 

HoTT, Elton Celina Elec. Lt. A Pr. Co. Celina, Texas 

Kino, Ralph (Realty) 22 East 47th St. New York, N.Y. 

Pendleton, Rev. Charles Henry 781 Bryson St. Youngstown, O. 

WiNSLOw, Isaac Oscar (Ed.) 50 Elton St. Providence, R.I. 


BuFFUM, William Potter 28 Greenough PI. Newport, R.I. 

Greene, Edward Pike 25 Parade St. Providence, R.I. 

Harknbss, Prof. Albert Granger .7 Cooke St. Providence, R.I. 

* Malcolm, George Ide, died 1910 New York, N.Y. 

TiLLiNGHAST, William Richmond (Law.) . . .15 Westminster St. Prov., R.I. 


* Bennett, Edmund Neville, died 1881 Taunton, Mass. 

Chafbe, Zechariah (Foundry) 5 Cooke St. Providence, R.I. 

Clarke, Prescott Orloff (Arch.) 219 Blackstone Blvd. Providence, R.I. 

* GooDSPEED. Prof. George Stephen, died 1905 Chicago, HI. 

Keen, Herbert Ide (Eng.T 732 Salisbury House, London, Eng. 

Kinney, Harry Wintroad R. 805 Traction Bldg. Cincinnati, O. 

* Slade, David Foster, died 1914 Fall River, Mass. 

Smith, Hon. Samuel Watson, Jr. (Law.) . 1805 Madison Rd. Cincinnati, O. 


Baker, Hon. William Cotter 15 Westminster St. Providence, R.I. 

Barker, Benjamin, Jr 49 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Gladding, John Russell 30 Stimson Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Hazard, Frederick Rowland (Mfg.) Orchard Rd. Solvay, N.Y. 

* Ladd, Prof. William Coffin, died 1908 Bryn Mawr. Pa. 

* Taft, Edward Williams, died 1882 Pawtucket, R.I. 


Bogert, WiUiam Benezet 1818 Sheridan Rd. Evanston, 111. 

Borden, Simeon (Court Clerk) 39 Highland Ave. Fall River, Mass. 

Greene, John Stimson 110 So. 9th St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hovet, Pres. George Rice Virginia Union University, Richmond, Va. 

* Merrill, Winfield George, died 1898 Lawrence, Mass . 

* PoMEROT, Dr. WiUiam Henry, died 1914 Springfield, Mass. 

Swain, Edward Allen Pomfret Centre, Conn. 

1883-88 BRUNONIAlf M 


Barksb, Abram (Fin.) 204 Benefit St. Providence, R.I. 

DsxTiiR, Lewis (Cotton) 1889 Elm St. Manchester, N.H. 

Dtbe, Elisha, Jr. (Law.) 37 W. 66th St. New York. N.Y. 

* Obebne, Samuel Stuart, died 1894 Providenoe, R.I. 

LsoNARD, Charles Melvine 181 Essex St. Boston, Mass. 


* BuBB, Rev. Everett Doughty, died 1907 Rozbury. Mass. 

* Fabksworth, Claude Joseph, died 1912 Providenoe, R.I. 

Howard, Albert Harris (Cables) . . 64 Victoria St. London, S. W., England 

* KiNQ, Charles Gregory, Jr., died 1911 Cleveland, O. 

* Voas, Josiah Howe, died 1908 Newton Highlands, Mass. 

White, Allan Temple Winchendon, Mass. 


AL.SXANDEB, Harry Olin (Fin.) 53 State St. Boston, Mass. 

* Brown, John Nicholas, died 1900 New York, N.Y. 

Clarkb, Elam Lewis (Law.) 218 Washington St. Waukegan, 111. 

Day, Dr. Frank Leslie 72 Waterman St. Providence, R.I. 

Dbxtjbr, Charles Owen (Cotton) 350 Union St. New Bedford, Mass. 

Mauran, Frank (R. Est.) 239 Land Title Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Richmond, Knight Cheney (Eng.) 41 Cooke St. Providenoe, R.I. 

Tapt, Orray (Cotton) P. O. Box 1003, Providenoe, R.I. 

Warrbn, Andrew McCorrie 123 Pall Mall, London, S. W., England 


Beattie, William Henry. . 784 High St. Fall River, Mass. 

* Brown, Harold, died 19(X)' Providenoe, R.I. 

Dblabarre, Prof. Edmund Burke 9 Arlington Ave. Providenoe. R.I. 

Kellet, Solon Chester (Screw Mfg.) 854 Main St. Stamford, Conn. 

Ladd, Isaac Giflford 83 Brown St. Providenoe, R.I. 

* NiCHOiiAi, John Edward, died 1896 New York, N.Y. 

Potter, Prof. Albert Knight 212 Waterman St. Providence, R.I. 

Potter, RiUph Goddard (Ins.) 614 University Ave. Syracuse, N.Y. 


* BuRDicK, Henry Livingston, died Helena, Mont. 

Colby, Gardner East Orange. N.J. 

Dbxter, George Owen (Cotton) 20 Main St. E., Le Roy, N.Y. 

Smith, Joseph Cooke Champ4ry, Valais, Switserland 

WAiiXER, Hon. Joseph (Law.) 108 Upland Rd. Brookline, Mass. 

White, Frank Denison Rutland, Vt. 


* Blake, Eli Whitney, Jr., died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

Brown, Hon. George Samson (Law.) Reno, Nev. 

Brownbll, Francis Herbert (Law.) Henry Blvd. Seattle, Wash. 

CooKB, Charles Doughty (Mfg.) 377 12th Ave. Paterson, N.J. 

Gordon, Ernest (Author) 182 W. Brookline St. Boston, Mass. 

HouBB,. Morris WUUam (Mer.) 14 Euclid Ave. Providence, R.I. 

96 BRUNONIAN 1888-94 

Taft, Robert R. (Eng.) P. O. Box 1003, Providence, R.I. 

WooLLBT, Rey. Erving Yale . N. La. Salle St. A W. Chicago Ave. Chicago.Ill . 


CoLBT, Louis St. Clair (Fin.) 2211 Broadway, New York. N.Y. 

PoBTEB, George (Farmer) .Highland Farm, Langdon, N.H. 

Rathbun, Edward Harris (Mach.) ....'... .Harris Ave. Woonsocket, R.I. 

Rice, Herbert Ambrose (Law.) 158 Medway St. Providence, R.I. 

Wabbbk, George Eddy (Coal) 148 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 


BLOOMFIEL.D, Rcv. Gcorge John Wilmington, Mass. 

Bbown, Hon. Thomas Edwin, Jr. (Law.) .27 William St. New York. N.Y. 
Ely, William Grosvenor (Constr. Eng.) . . 114 Lenox Rd. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Gbant, Dr. Harry Linwood 10 Weybosset St. Providence, R.I. 

HovET, Frederick Howard (Fin.) Ill Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

PoBTEB, James Benton 1425 Spruce St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

* White, Elliot Famsworth, died 1896 Summit, N.J. 


CoLBT, Arthur Hutchins (Coal) Fair Haven, N.J. 

* Edwards, Seeber, died 1914 Providence, R.I. 

HiNCKLET, Frank Leonard (Law.) 49 Westminster St. Providence, R.I. 

Knowles, Rev. Charles Edward Flushing, N.Y. 

Mendbnhall, Abram Cyrus Evanston, 111. 

Thomas, Rev. Leo Boone 229 Willett Ave. Port Chester, N.Y. 

Walker, (jeorge (Trustee) 96 Montvale Rd. Newton Centre, Mass. 


Brown, Theodore Shotwell 31 High St. New Britain, Conn. 

Ltndset, Dr. John Hathaway 151 Rock St. Fall River, Mass. 

MuNQER, Prof. Edmund Bingham (Music) . 846 W. State St. Jacksonville, 111. 

PiBCB, James Aldrch (Law.) Turk's Head BIdg. Providence, R.I. 

Smith, Dr. William H«»niy 10 Gloucester St. Boston, Mass. 

Taft, Harrison Southwick (Contracting) .... Central Bldg. Seattle, Wash. 


Chacb. Arnold Buffum, Jr., c/o Green, Hinckley A Allen, Providence, R.I. 

CusHMAN, Robert (Pat. Law.) 95 Milk St. Boston. Mass. 

Dbxteb, Rev. Smith Owen 17 Elm St. Concord, Mass. 

GoFF, Robert Remington (Ed.) 114 Winter St. Fall River, Mass. 

* Needham, Harry Beach, died 1915 New York, N.Y. 

Richards, Herbert Augustus, Jr. (Ins.) 59 John St. New York, N.Y. 

Sharpe, Lucian 130 Angell St. Providence, R.I. 

Weeks, Edward Henry (Banker) 54 Irving Ave. Providence, R.I. 

* Williams, Frederick Crosby, died 1894 Colorado Springs, Colo. 


Field, Harold Crins (Tools) 156 Blackstone Blvd. Providence, R. I. 

*HiNCKLBT, William Pitt, aied 1894 Providence, R. I. 

Nash, Edgar Smiley (Engraving) Wyncote, Pa. 

1894-99 BRUNONIAN 97 

RicHABDBON, Rev. Willard Samuel 824 President St. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Sharps, Henry Dexter (Mach. Tools) . . . .87 Prospect St. Providence, R.I. 
Staplks, Francis Hamilton (Lumber) ... 16 Institute Rd. Worcester, Mass. 
SuMKBB, Howard E. (Coal) 300 Salisbury St. Worcester, Mass. 

* Taft, Foster Williams, died 1900 Schenectady, N.Y. 


Caot, Prof. Walter Guyton 77 High St. Middletown, Conn. 

CooPEB, Henry Elliot (Banker) 701 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Duncan, Samuel White (Ins.) 169 Freeman St. Brookline, Mass. 

McDonald, Dr. William, Jr Blackstone Blvd. Providence, R.I. 

Packard, Alpheus Appleton 212 No. Goodman St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Sharp, Prof. Dallas Lore Cushing St. Hingham, Mass. 

* Sumner, Roy Walter, died 1901 Worcester, Mass. 

Whitman, Hobart Augustus (Envelopes) 17 Sagamore Rd. Worcester, Mass. 


* Andrews, Guy Ashton, died Lincoln, Neb* 

Chace, Malcolm Greene 97 Angell St. Providence, R.I« 

Dbnison, Leon Hayes (R. Est.) 217 Glendale BIdg. Kansas City, Mo- 

HiNCKLBT, George Clarke (Yams) 37 Manning St. Providence, R.I* 

HoTT, Dr. Daniel Mansfield 3604 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jones, William Augustine (Pub.)..lll Lincoln St. Newton Highlands, Mass. 

Lanq, Dr. Herbert Bowman 1 Woodbridge St. South Hadley, Mass. 

Stone, Allison (Fin.) 242 Cypress St. Providence, R.I. 


CoLBT, Everett Essex Bldg. Newark, N.J. 

Collins, Prof. Elijah William Bagster Montrose, N.Y. 

Dashiell, Lefferts Mason (Ed.) Lakewood, N.J. 

* McClavb, Archibald, died 1900 New York. N.Y. 

MoxoM, Dr. Philip Wilfred Travers 1807 Ditmas Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Owen, Charles Dexter, Jr Beacon Mfg. Co. Providence, R.I. 

Richards, Francis BuUard (Alkali) Niagara Falls, N.Y. 

Rockefeller, John Davison, Jr. (Capitalist) 

10 W. 64th St. New York, N.Y. 


Arnold, Frederick William Jr. (Law.) . . . 159 Waterman St. Providence, R.I* 
Barrows, Dr. Albert Armington Providence, R.I* 

* Bradley, Charles, Jr., died 1910 Pittsburgh, Pa* 

Cady, William Hamlin (Chemist) 127 Power St. Providence. R.I* 

CoRNETT, Gardner (Gauges) 220 Camden St. Boston, Mass. 

MooRE, Capt. Jairus Alpheus c/o Adjt. Gen. U.S.A., Washington, D. C* 

Steere, Thomas EUwood (Cameras) . . .84 Waterman St. Providence, R.I* 

Taft, Franklin Keith (Com. Mer.) 39 Leonard St. New York, N.Y* 

Whiting, Borden Durfee (Law.) Essex Bldg. Newark, NJ. 


Atwatbr, Dr. David Hastings 350 Glenwood Ave. Rochester, N.Y* 

BiQBLOW, Warren (Law.) 44 Pine St. New York, N.Y* 

96 BRUKONIAN 189^1903 

Campbell, James Winthrop 

c/o F. N. Maodonald, Wliittrid«e PI. Summit. N.J. 

FoflTEB, Hany Cady Richmond Hill, N.Y. 

Habtwell, Joseph Charles (Fire Ext.) . .300 Morris Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Heath, Ralph Everett (Oil) 601 N. Painter Ave. Whittier. Cal. 

Hill, Daniel Augustine (Adv.) Boatmen's Bank Bldg, St. Louis, Mo. 

Hill. Swing, Jr. (Adv.) Boatmen's Bank Bldg. St. Louis, Mo. 

Hunt. Irving Owen (Law.) 152 Irving Ave. Providence. R.I. 

Sage, John Davis (Ins.) 2912 Vernon PI. CHncinnati. O. 


Blackibton, Andrew Hooton (Promoter) 

149 California St. San Francisco, Cal. 

BucKLiN. Harris Howard (Mfg.) 100 Angell St. Providence, R.I. 

Cole, Joseph Steams Amer. Tel. & Tel. Co. Kansas City, Mo. 

CooPEB, George Saunders (Law.) 64 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

HowLAND, Daniel (Farmer) East Greenwich, R.I. 

Mangam, William D. (Mining) 227 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Mason, Dr. Howard Harris 134 East 74th St. New York, N.Y. 

Slocum, Dr. Arthur Ltwgford 


Greene, Bartlett (Rubber) 5136 Newhall St. Germantown, Pa. 

Gross, Edward Tudor (R. Est.) 170 Westminster St. Providence, R.I. 

Hart, Henry Clay (Law.) 57 University Ave. Providence, R.I. 

HoTT, Charles Sherman . . Harlan & Hollingaworth Corp. Wilmington, Del. 

Stebrb. Robert Wing (Cotton) 84 Waterman St. Providence, R.I. 

Thurston, Frederick Harris 

TiNGUE, William James, Jr. (Mer.) 118 East 25th St. New York, N.Y. 

Wyman, Arthur Crawford 25 Highland Ave. Newtonville, Mass. 


Barstow, John Palmer (Stoves) 124 Morris Ave. Providence, R.I. 

BuRQEss, Rev. Thomas 44 Bangor St. Augusta, Me. 

Craig. Frederick Phillips (R. Eat.) Short Hills, N.J. 

CuBHMAN, Albert Henry (Mfg) 69 W. Lake St. Chicago, 111. 

Goldsborough, Henderson Weir Mill Plain Rd. Fairfield, Conn. 

Hood. Francis (George Pentoga, Mich. 

Lincoln, Kirke Porter (Sales.) Union Bank Bldg. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

LiTTLEFiELD, Jamcs Bancroft (Law.) . . 109 Arlington Ave. Providence, R.I. 
Mbtcalf, Henry Knight (Ins.) 32 Maple St. Braintree, Mass. 


Aldrich. Robert Wickford.R.I. 

Baker, Harvey Almy (Law.) 252 Bowen St. Providence, R.I. 

BovEY, Wakeman 

Cadt, John Hutchins (Arch.) 127 Power St. Providence, R.I. 

Cobb, Harry Moses c/o C. E. Cobb, Denmark, Me. 

Hall, George Batcheller (Com. Mer.) Seattle, Wash. 

Phillips, Waiter Enos (Gauges) 12 Inman St. Cambridge, Mass. 

RuPLEY, Howard Reeve (Telephones) 36 Lancaster St. Albany, N.Y. 

1908-08 BRUNONIAN M 

Sattsblsb, William Benjamin (Rancher) Wetmore, Colo. 

Walwobth, George Roberta 931 Centre St. Newton Centre* Mi 


Benjamin Edward Merrill (Printing) 303 East 7th St. Plainfielda. N.J. 

Booth, HUliard (Playwright) Brevard, N.C. 

Booth. Thomas Sidney (Paper) 4700 Grand Blvd. Chicago, 111. 

BovBT, John M. (Law.) 46 Cedar St. New Yoric, N.Y. 

D« Wolf, Harold, Dr 

Hunt, Stephen Foster (Tools) 152 Irving Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Mason, Ralph Edward 34 Mawney St. Providence* R.I. 

Mktcalf, Houghton (Coal) 27 Weybosset St. Providence, R.I. 


Arnold, Rev. Harold Greene 54 Kenneth St. West Roxbury, Mass. 

BuLLOcx, Cxeorge Burroughs (Cotton) 141 Milk St. Boston, Mass. 

FouLDEB, James Roy (Locomotives) . . . 103 Waverly PI. Schenectady, N.Y. 
GuEBNSET, Louis Gilderslceve (Edit.) . 3115 Raymond Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hott, Colgate, Jr. (Fin.) 56 Wall St. New York. N.Y. 

Wells, Herbert Comstock (Banker) Kingston, R.I. 


Ames, Stephen Brownell (Ins.) Griggs Ave. Milton, Mass. 

Bakeb, Benjamin Charles 343 Thayer St. Providence, R.I. 

Bbown, Aylsworth (Law.) 36 Barnes St. Providence, R.I. 

BuBGESs, Dr. Alexander Manllus 102 Waterman St. Providence, R.I. 

Chase, Dr. Peter Pineo 102 Waterman St. Providence, R.I. 

Cobb, Alfred Preston Blast Brownfield, Me. 

CooPBB, Gerald Arthur (Dyers) Pomfret St. Providence, R.L 

GuBBNSBT, Homer Wilson (R. Est.) 

75 South Hamilton St. Poughkeepeie, N.Y. 

Mebcbb, Charles Douglass (Pub.) Sylvan Rd. Sharon, Mass. 

Owen, Evan Buoklin Beacon Mfg. Co. New York, N.Y. 

Peck, Edwin Roberts (Thread) 42 Sidney PL Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Austin, Dr. Richard Sisson 62 Dwight St. Brookline, Mass. 

Bbanch, Claude Raymond (Law.) 158 Bowen St. Providence, R.I. 

Chateb, Zechariah, Jr. (Law.) 120 Hope St. Providence, R.I. 

Clabk, Homer Metcalf (Adv.) 45 Manchester PI. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Eddy, Lloyd Champlin (Ed.) Barrington Centre, R.I. 

FowLEB, Charles, Jr. (Ship Broker) 2508 Broadway, Galveston, Tex. 


Benjamin, Judson Everett Plainfield, N.J. 

Bitting, William Charks, Jr. (Fm.) 206 Ladede Bldg. St. Louis, Mo. 

Bullock, Earie Caipenter (Cotton Oil). . .28 Pittman St. Providence, R.L 

Chapin, Howard Mfllar (Libr.) 103 Keene St. Providence, R.I. 

CoBB, Haven Alton (Mining) Unsan. Korea 

Collins, C::Uurkson Abel, Jr. (Adv.) 661 Tremont Ave. Westfield, N.J. 

Gbbbnb, Christopher Albwt (Fruit) Ivy Depot, Albermarle 0>., Va. 

La Beaume, Edmond Irving (Adv.) .Hercules Powder Co. Wilmington, DeL 

100 BRUNONIAN 1008-12 

LirruDnuLD, Henry Willis (Mfg.) 50 Allen St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Mabbton, Hunter 8. (Banker) 24 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

Obmsbbs, Rev. Roland Cuthbert 053 East 156th St. New York, N.Y. 

Sammib, Norman Lewis (Iron) . . .Pembroke PI. Kew Gardens, L. I., N.Y. 
VnRNON, Joseph Angier (Min. £ng.) 7 Cottage St. Newport, R.I. 


BuDLONG, Fred Reed ((Dotton) 189 Governor St. Providence, R.L 

BuFTUM, Dr. William Pott«r, Jr 159 Waterman St. Providence, R.I. 

Chatkb, Henry Shaipe Builders Iron Foimdry, Providence, R.I. 

CocBOFT, Lieut. Reginald Bifield. . . . Adjt. Gen., U.S.A. Washington, D.C. 
GooDBPUBD, Thomas Harper (Ed.) .University of California, Berkeley, Cal. 

Habknbss, Albert (Arch.) 103 East 86th St. New York, N.Y. 

LiTTLEFiSLD, Ivoiy (Law.) 115 Williams St. Providence, R.I. 

Mebcsr, James Matthias 35 Benevolent St. Providence, R.I. 

Poland, Albert Harkness (Banking) . 64 Charles Field St. Providence, R.I. 
Smith, Harry Frederic, Jr. (Imptr,) . . 1293 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 
Wblls, John Hazard (Banking) Kingston, R.I. 


Abebcbombib, Daniel Webster, Jr. (Ins.) . . . 176 Federal St. Boston, Mass. 

Babus, Maxwell (Law.) 5 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

* Collins, Eliot Loomis, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

KsNT, William H. (Jeweler) 9 Benevolent St. Providence, R.I. 

Mason, Dr. Edward Halton, Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, P. Q., Can. 

Mbbcbb, Keith (Sprinklers) 128 MoTavish St. Montreal, P. Q., Can. 

Raqubt, Carl R. (Steel) 249 Blaine Av6. Detroit, Mich. 

Tabkb, Howard Alfred (Ed.) The Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, C:k>nn. 

ToBiN, Donald Malcolm Swanton, Vt. 

Walkbb, Laurence S. (Ins.) 21 Jay St. Albany, N.Y. 


Bakbb, David Sherman (Adv.) Greenwich, (Donn. 

Babxbb, Harold Oakley 246 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. 

DoTT, Charles Harold 332 Summer St. Stamford, Conn. 

DoTT, Frank Willard, Jr 

Haokbman, B. Hurwood (Fin.) 201 Lathrop Bldg. Kansas City, Mo. 

Mabston. Edgar Jean (Mer.) 432 Fourth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

SissoN, Charles Peck (Law.) 458 Hope St. Providence, R.I. 

SiBBON, Russell Eyre (Acct.) 458 Hope St. Providence, R.I. 

Smith, Brenton Greene (M.Eng.) . . . 1293 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 


Andbbwb, Ryland Benjamin (Oil) 39 Pleasant St. Leominster, Mass. 

BuBQBBS, (jeorge Sargent (Ins.) 465 Congress St. Portland. Me- 

Cbacx, Henry Richmond, Jr. (Sales.) .... 133 Brown St. Providence, R.I. 

Clabx, Walter Irving (OU) Independence, Kan. 

CoLLZNB. Sheldon Chalkley (Paper). 454 Main St. Great Barrington, Mass. 

Elmb, James 0>melius, Jr. (SUk) 12 Midland Ave. East Orange, N J. 

Lanqoon, George Woodward, Jr. (Mfg.) . . .21 Green St. Brookline, MasB. 

Mumfobo, Nicholas Van Slyok 60 Humboldt Ave. Providence, R.I 

PBMDLrroN, Wyman (Sales.) 105 Keene St. Providence, R.^* 

1912-16 BRUNONIAN 101 

Wallacx, Albert Haines Garland Hotel, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wilson, Richard Bartley (Law.) 228 Madison Ave. Youngstown, O. 

ZallAb, Rhodes Walter (Ins.) 1311 Temple PI. St. Louis, Mo. 


* BuFFtTM, Marmaduke Ck>pe. died 1013 Newport, R.I. 

Cbum, Ralph Brinokerhoff 47 CarroU St. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

Hull, Norman Bieelow 1441 Logan St. Denver, Colo. 

Lakqdon, Duncan 21 Green St. Brookline, Mass. 

MXTOALF, Georc^ Tuoker (Adv.) Benevolent St. Providence, R.I. 

Rouse, John Evans 1248 Columbine St. Denver, Ck>lo. 

Tabkr, Norman Stephen 383 Hope St. Providence, R.I. 

Waivton, £klward Strawn 344 Arlington St. Youngstown, O. 

Wilson, James Taylor (Sales.) 228 Madison Ave. Youngstown, O. 


Braman, Hunnewell (Farmer) Washington, Conn> 

FiSHBB, William Norman ^ . 124 Prospect St. Gloucester, Mass* 

Hasard, Frederick Rowland, Jr Box 2, Syracuse, N.Y* 

Lord, Robert Mendon 34 Cushing St. Providence, R.I* 

MacDowbll, Elmer George (Oil) Linwood, N.Y* 

Mbtcalt, John Tucker U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md* 

Poland, Reginald 53 Lloyd Ave. Providence, R.I. 

RooBBS, Morgan Witter (Jeweler) 35 Orchard Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Sawin, Melvin Eugene (Sales.) 136 W 44th St. New York, N. Y. 

Smith, Raymond L. (Eng.) Solvay Club, Syracuse, N.Y. 

Walkbb, Earl Hammond (Chemist) Solvay Club, Syracuse, N.Y. 


Abbott, John Blair 5449 Maple Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

Cleog, Charles Myron 225 Madison Ave. Youngstown, O. 

Crum, Raymond Racmamwey Farm, New Hackensack, N.Y. 

DiKB, Donald 112 W. Emerson St. Melrose, Mass. 

Donnan, William Day (Banker) 39 East Main St. Le Roy, N.Y. 

Grbene, Joseph Irving 22 South Ave. Beacon, N.Y. 

Knowlbs, CarroU Wilson Mamaroneck, N.Y. 

McLaughlin, Rowland Haxard 5609 Woodlawn Ave. Chicago, 111. 

MacLeod, dktlin Gordon 290 Irving Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Sheffield, William Paine, Jr Miantonomi Ave. Newport, R.I. 

SwBENT, Louis Morenci 30 Hammersley Ave. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

Wilson, Harold Leslie 228 Madison Ave. Youngstown, O. 


Clakk, William James (Rubber) 87 No. 4th St. Columbus, O. 

Dresser, Richard 91 Groto Ave. Providence, R.I. 

KiNNBT, Charles Russell Y. M. C. A. Cambridge, Mass. 

Metcalf, Paul Barney Wickford, R.I. 

Rowland, Walter £klward '.819 Ohio Ave. Youngstown, O. 

RuBBBLL, Paul Lewis Bloomingdale Hospital, White Plains, N.Y. 

Schoonmabbb, Earle Winslow 273 Grafton Ave. Newark, N.J. 

102 BRUNONUN 1917-18 


Cabpbnteb, Gilbert Congdon 233 Medway St. Providence, R.I. 

Dillon, Asahel Stultz 210 Broadway, Youngstown, O. 

Hamilton, Robert Warren 228 Waterman St. Providence, R.I. 

HOMEB, Arthur Bartlett 270 Blackstone Blvd. Providence, R.I. 

Kbllet, Solon Chester, Jr 854 Main St. Stamford, Conn. 

Shbahan, Harvey Wickford.R.I. 

ToBSLMANN, Gustave Henry, Jr 640 Clinton Ave. Newark, N.J. 

Wabd, Raymond Belcher 636 Highland Ave. Newark, N.J. 

Williamson, George Albro 639 Clifton Ave. Newark, NJ. 


Allsopp, Howard Horace .67 Harrison PI. Iisrington, N.J. 

Ames, Robert Johnson 16 Pleasant St. Cortland, N.Y. 

Beauvais, Octave Peterson 7 Ringgold St. Boston, Mass. 

Chafee, John Sharpe 6 Cooke St. Providence, R.I. 

Edwabds, Charles Gumey 27 Stimson Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Langdon, Chauncey Taft 86 Upton Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Lanpheb, Henry Coe 43 Wildwpod Terrace, Glen Ridge, N.J. 

McLbod, Kenneth Brodie 290 Irving Ave. Providence, R.I. 

SiSfiON, William Eyre 458 Hope St. Providence, R.I. 

1837-41 108 



* Bacon, Dr. John, ied 1881 Boston, Mass. 

* Davis, Dr. William Augustus, died 1808 Winchester, Va. 

* Eu8Ti8, Dr. John Fenwick, died 1844 Charleston, S.C. 

* Haus, Horatio (Emmons), died 1896 Clinton, Ont. Can. 

* Hatward, Charles, died 1838 Boston, MaM. 

* HiLDRSTH, Samuel Tenney, died 1839 Gloucester, MaM. 

* WaxEiiSR, Charles Steams, died 1843 Lincoln, MaM. 

* WuLiiiAMS, Henry, died 1901 Boston, Mass. 


* CooLiDaB, Rev. James Ivers Trecothick, died 1913. . . .Cambridge, Mass. 

* Eusns, Henry Lawrenoe, died 1885 Cambridge, Mass. 

* Hale, Prof. Nathan, died 1871 Boston, Mara . 

* Kino, Rufus, died 1891 Cincinnati, O. 

* LippiTT, George Warren, died 1891 Vienna, Austria 

* LowsLL, James Russell, died 1891 Cambridge, Mass. 

* ScATEB, Charles Woodman, died 1873 Dover, N. H. 


* Adams, John Clark, died 1874 New York, N.Y. 

* Dawbs, Rev. Thomas, died 1904 Brewster, Mass. 

* Elxot, Samuel, died 1898 Boston, MaM. 

* Evans, Prof. EUicott, died 1891 Clinton, N.Y. 

'*' Guild, Samuel Eliot, died 1862 Boston, MaM. 

* Hale, Rev. Edward Everett, died 1909. Roxbury, MaM. 

* King, James Gore, died 1867 New York, N.Y. 

* Longfellow, Rev. Samuel, died 1892 Cambridge, MaM. 

* LoRiNO, Caleb William, died 1897 Prides Crossing, MaM. 

* Washburn, Alexander Calvin, died 1905 Norwood, MaM. 


* Crafts, William Augustus, died 1906 Roxbury, MaM. 

* Heath, Dr. John Francis, died 1862 Petersburg, Va. 

* Henck, John Benjamin, died 1903 Montecito, Cal. 

* Kino, Archibald Gracie, died 1897 Weehawken, N.J. 

* Peirson, Dr. Edward Brooks, died 1874 Salem, MaM. 

* Russell, William Goodwin, died 1896 Boston, MaM. 

* Shaw, Rev. Joseph Coolidge, died 1851 Boston, Mass. 

* White, Rev. William Orne, died 1910 Brookline, MaM. 


* Blodgbtt, James, died 1877 Lexin^n, MaM« 

* Clarke, Prof. Edward Hammond, died 1877 Cambridge, MaM. 

104 HARVARD 1M1~46 

* Donaldson, Samuel Camillus, died 1898 Baltimore* Md. 

* Hablow, Dr. Edwin Augustus Warren, died 1902 Wollaston, Maas. 

* Hoffman, Wickham, died 1900 Washington, D.C. 

* Parker, Francis Edward, died 1886 Boston, Mass. 

* RoTCH, Francis Morgan, died 1863 Morris. N.Y. 

* Sedowiok, Charles. Jr., died 1841 Lenox, Mass. 

* Simmons, Charles Francis, died 1862 Concord, Mass. 


* Datis, William Thomas, died 1907 Plymouth. Mass. 

* Haykn, Horace Appleton, died 1843 Portsmouth, N.H. 

* Herbert, Bushrod Washington, died 1888 Mt. Vernon, Va. 

* Jaques. Prof. David Randolph, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

* Johnson, Rev. Samuel, died 1882 North Andover, Mass. 

* La Beaume, Chauvet Edmund, died 1858 St. Louis, Mo. 

* Merrill, James Cushing, died 1869. Boston, Mass. 

* Phillips, Stephen Henry, died 1897 Salem, Mass. 

* Swan, Prof. Richard Wenman, died 1889 GrinneH, la. 


* Cobb, Moses Gill, died 1903 San Francisco, CaL 

* Emert, John Abbot, died 1842 Springfield, Mass. 

* Frothinoham, Octavius Brooks, died 1895 Boston, Mass. 

* Lowell, Hon. John, died 1897 Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

* Russell, Hon. Thomas Hastings, died 1912 Boston, Mass. 

* Sbdowick, Henrv Dwight, died 1903 Southbridge, Mass. 

* Ware, Henry, died 1885 Cambridge, Mass. 

* Webb, Seth, died 1862 Scituate. Mi 


* Clarke, James Gordon, died 1906 Nice, France 

* Hale, George Silsbee, died 1897 Boston, Mass. 

* Hartwell, Shattock, died 1899 Littleton, Mass. 

* Johnson, Henry Augustin, died 1909 Boston, Mass. 

* Parkman. George Francis, died 1908 Boston, Mass. 

* Perrt, Horatio Justus, died 1891 Madrid, Spain 

* Sears, Philip Howes, died 1898 Boston, Mass. 

* Snow, Charles Henry Boylston, died 1875 Fitchburg, Mass. 

* Whitcomb, Charles Adams, died 1851 San Francisco, Cal. 


* Emerson, George Samuel, died 1848 Boston, Maas. 

* Force, Gen. Manning Ferguson, died 1899 .Soldiers' Home, O. 

* Glover, Charles Henry, died 1885 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Greenwood, Francis William, died 1847 Boston, Maas. 

* Porter, Peter Augustus, died 1864 Niagara Falls, N.Y. 

* Prinole, Edward J., died 1899 San Francisco, Cal. 

* Reynolds, Dr. John Phillips, died 1909 Boston, Mass. 

SouLE, Dr. Nicholas Emery (Ret.) Exeter, N.H. 


* Buss, William David, died 1886 ^etaluma, Cal. 

1846-60 HARVARD 106 

* FAtTUKNm, Francis Auguotua, died 1879 Keeae, N.H. 

* LiAK>, Prof. George Martin, died 1897 Cambridget Maw. 

* Rodman, Thomaa R., died 1905 New Bedford, Maas. 

* RoPM, Rev. WiUiam Ladd. died 1912 Andover, Mass. 

* SoTTUD, Augustus Lord, died 1887 Boston, Mass. 


* Buaa, Col. Alexander, died 1896 Washington, D.C* 

* Edoabton, John Marahall, died 1847 Shirley, Mass. 

* Fbuton, John Brooks, died 1877 San Francisco, Cal* 

* ELLanxNO, Chester, died 1875 St. Louis, Mo> 

* Hemshaw, Andrew Isbell, died 1850 Clarke Co. Ala* 

* LxA, James McCiyment, died 1895 Philadelphia, Pa* 

* Lows, Rev. Charles, died 1874 Exeter, N.H. 

* MuNROS, Charles WiUiam, died 1901 Cambridge, Mass. 

* Phillips, George William, died 1898 New York, N. Y. 

* Savaos, James Woodruff, died 1890 Omaha, Neb. 

* TuTANT, Rev. Francis, died 1908 Cambridge, Mass. 


* Ama, Nathan, died 1865 Saugus, Mass. 

* Chasb, Prof. Thomas, died 1892 Haverford CoUege, Pa. 

* Clabkk, Thomas Curtis, died 1901 New York, N.Y. 

* Davsnpobt, Edwin, died 1895 Chelsea, Mass. 

* Hau}, Alexander, died 1860 Boston, Mass. 

* HoLiCAK, Henzy Whltoomb, died 1853 Boston, Mass. 

* LoBiNO, Gen. Charles Greely, died 1902 Boston, Mass. 

* Sakosb, Simon Greenleaf, died 1913 Orange, N.J. 

* Stbbbins, Rev. Horatio, died 1902 San Francisco, Cal. 

* TtTFANT, George Peabody, died 1886 Baltimore, Md. 

* YoTTMO. Ephraun Wood, died 1892 Prairie du Sao, Wis. 


* Choatb, Charles Francis, died 1911 Boston, Mass. 

* Embbson, Francis Buckmin^ter, died 1867 Boston, Mass. 

* FoLLBN, Charles Christopher, died 1872 Boston, Mass. 

* Grat, George, died 1860 Sanguoit, N.Y. 

* HowiiAND, Francis, died 1895 New York, N.Y. 

* K1BK1.AKD, John Lothrop. died 1860 Utica, N.Y. 

* LoTHBOP, Thornton Kirkland, died 1913 Boston, Mass. 

* OiiivBB, Prof. James Edward, died 1895 Ithaca, N.Y. 

* PxBBOB, James, died 1853 Brookline, Mass. 

* Rhbtt, Robert Barnwell, died 1905 Huntsville, Ala. 

* Smith, Samuel Abbott, died 1865 . . «. Arlington, Mass. 

* Stuabt, Rev. Julius Walker, died 1856 Beaufort, S.C. 

* Whipplk, Augustus Warren, died 1852 Northborough, Mass. 


* Cabb, Joseph Prevost, died 1906 Windsor, Can. 

* Cabtbb, James Coolidge, died 1892 New York, N.Y. 

* FuiiLBB, Robert Barnwell, died 1895 Beaufort, S C. 

* HAiiK, Charles, died 1882 Roxbuiy, Mass . 

106 HARVARD 1850-5S 

* Hbbsbt, Hemy Edaon, died 1803 Hinsham, Mass. 

* HoBB8« George Miller« died 1012 Rozbury, MaoB. 

King, John Austin, Tex. 

* KthVmaw, Samuel, died 1003. , Florence. Ala. 

* NoBUi, John, died 1000 Boston. MaoB. 

* Thateb. William Sydney, died 1864 New York. N.Y. 

* Wabs. Loammi Goodenow, died 1801 Buriinston. Vt. 

* Wn.TiiAMH, Benjamin Payson. died 1856 Rozbury, Mass. 

WiujAMB, Frederic Dickinson Fenway Studios, Boston, Mass. 


* Alubn, Prof. William Francis, died 1880 Madison, Wis. 

* BnAoroRD. Rev. George, died 1859 Duxbury, Mass. 

* Bbadust, William Csar, died 1908 Brattleboro, Vt. 

* CHAiLLjfi, Dr. Stanford Emerson, died 1911 New Orleans, La. 

* Dunbar. Prof. Charles Franklin, died 1000 Cambridise, Mass. 

* Gbat. Joseph Howard, died 1898 Elisabeth, N.J. 

* HaIjL. Rev. Edward Henry, died 1912 Cambridge, Mass. 

* Langdbll, Prof. Christopher Columbus, died 1906 Cambridge. Mass. 

* Mbad, John Noyes, died 1850 Brattleboro, Vt. 

* Shattuck. George Otis, died 1897 Boston. Mass. 

* Wxmbob, Dr. Frederick, died 1880 Winchester. Mass. 


Choatb. Hon. Joseph Hodges (Law.) 8 E. 63d St. New York. N.Y. 

Choatb. Hon. William Gardner (Law.) .240 Christian St. WaUingford. Conn. 

* CoouDOE, Hon. Horace Hopkins, died Boston, Mass. 

* CuBTiB. Thomas James, died Tunbridge WeUs, England 

* McKiM , William Duncan, died 1863 Baltimore, Md. 

* NoBBiB, George Walter, died 1857 Milwaukee. Wis. 

* That|!R, Prof. James Bradley, died 1902 Cambridge, Mass. 

* THOimDiKB. Samuel Lothrop, died 1011 Boston, Mass. 

* Wabe, Darwin Erastus, died 1897 Boston, Mass. 

Ware, Prof. William Robert Milton, Mass. 

* Waring, William Henry, died 1890 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* WxiiLiAMSON, William Cross, died 1003 Boston, Mass. 


* Ammidown, Edward Holmes, died 1009 Seattle, Wash. 

* Cutler, Prof. Elbridge Jefferson, died 1870 Cambridge, Mass. 

* DuTTON, Rev. Ormond Horace, died 1868 New York. N.Y. 

* DwiGHT. Wilder, died 1862 Boston, Mass. 

Eliot, Charles William (Ret. Univ. Pres.) 

17 Fresh Pond Pkwy. Cambridge, Mass. 

* Gttild, Rev. Edward Chipman, died 1899 Boston, Mass. 

* Hill, Prof. Adams Sherman, died ■■ Boston. Mass. 

* HowLAND, Edward, died 1890 New Yoric, N.Y. 

* Johnson, Charles Everett, died 1910 Denver. Colo. 

* Kbnball, Joshua, died Cambridge, Mass. 

Ltman, Arthur Theodore (Mfg.) P. O. 1717, Boston, Mass. 

Shaw, Samuel Savage (Law.) 49 Mt. Vernon St. Boston, Mi 

1854-67 HARVARD 107 


BekiLETf Rev. Benjamin HoUoway (Ret.) 28 Eliot St. Jamaioa Plain, Maaa. 

* Bancboft, John Chandler, died 1001 Boatcm, Maaa. 

* Blight, Atherton, died 1009 Newport, R.I. 

* FoRBTJSH, Edward William, died 1880 Boaton, Maaa. 

I'uBinBBa, Horace Howard Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Hall. Richard Fitch, died 1911 Troy, N.Y. 

* LowBLL, Charlea Ruaaell, died 1864 Boston, Maaa. 

* PoTTBB, Rev. William James, died 1893 New Bedford, Mass. 

Putnam, George. . . * 49 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

* THOBin>iKB, Dr. William, died 1887 Milwaukee, Wia. 

* Wadleigh, Rev. Albra, died 1873 Germantown, Pa. 

Wbbstbb, Et. Joseph Rowe 87 Hancock St. No. Lezing^n, Maaa. 


* Bablow, Gen. Francis Channing, died 1896 New York, N.Y. 

* Blakb, Samuel Parkman, died 1904 Boston, Maas. 

* Bbookb, Rev. Phillips, died 1893 Boston, Maas. 

* Chasb, Charles Augustus, died 1911 Worcester, Maas. 

* Clapp, Channing, died 1904 Boston, Mass. 

* Dalton, Dr. Edward Barry, died 1872 New York, N.Y. 

HiGGiNSON, Henry Lee (Banker). 44 State St. Boston, Maas. 

LTiiAN, Benjamin Smith (Min. Eng.) .... 708 Locust St. Philadeli^ia, Pa. 
Mitchbll, Hon. James Tyndale 1722 Chestnut St. Philad^phia, Pa. 

* Mobton, Edwin, died 19(X) Morges, Canton Vaud, Switseiland 

Sanbobn, Franklin Benjamin Ck>ncoTd, Maaa. 

Sawybb, (xeorge Carleton 94 Brattle St. Cambridge, Mass. 

* Tilbston, John Boies, died 1898 Mattapan, Mass, 


* Adams, Charles Francis, died 1915 Boston, Mass. 

Bancbopt, Geor^te 3, me Louis Vivent, Agen, France 

* Bubbage, Wilham Wirt, died 1901 Boston, Mass. 

* Embbson, Thomas, died 1903 Wobum, Mass. 

* Fullbb, Hon. William Eddy, died Taunton, Mass. 

* Gabdneb, John Edward, died 1899 Exeter, N.H. 

* Habbod, Benjamin Morgan, died New Orleans, La. 

* HoLTOKE, George Osgood, died 1907 W. New Brighton, N.Y. 

* KiNNicuTT, Thomas, died 1882 Worcester, Mass. 

* Pebkins, Stephen George, died 1862 Boston, Mass. 

Smith, Prof. Jeremiah 4 Berkeley St. Cambridge, Mass. 

* Weld, Richard Harding, died 1908 Boston, Mass. 

* WiLDEB, Hon. Daniel Webster, died Hiawatha, Kan. 


* Blake, Stanton, died 1889 Brookline, Mass. 

Bbooks, Shepherd 92 Beacon St. Boston,' Mass. 

* Dtbb, Esra, died 1887 Swissvale, Pa. 

* Hale, Joseph Augustine, died 1867 Boston, Mass. 

* Haven, Franklin, died 1908 Boston, Maas. 

106 HARVARD 1867-62 

* HiOGiNBON, James Jackson, died 1011 New York, N.Y. 

* Lincoln, Solomon, died 1907 : Boston, Mass. 

Mat, Rev. Joseph Hotel Gladstone, Philadelphia, Pa. 

^ Pbbkinb, James Amory. died 1863 Boston, Mass. 

* RopBB, John Codman, died. 1890 Boston, Mass. 

* SowDON, Arthur John Clark, died Boston, Mass. 

* Wblls, Samuel, died 1903 Boston, Mass. 


* BuBT, Dr. John Otis, died 1894 Syracuse, N.Y. 

* CiiiLiBT, Prof. Jonathim Longfellow, died 1903 Cincinnati, O. 

* Davis, James Clarke, died 1905 Bdkton, Mass. 

* Fbost. Henry Walker, died 1891 Boston, Mass. 

Hall, James Stevenson Troy, N.Y. 

* Havbn, Dr. Alfred Houston, died 1896 Portsmouth, N.H. 

* Milton, William Frederick, died 1905 Pittsfield, Mass. 

MuBDOCK. Seth Miller (Lawj 33 Garden PI. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Poster, Rev. Edward Griffin, died 1000. Liexington, Mass. 

* Shoret, Frank Howard, died 1862 Dedham, Mass. 

* TOPPAN, Robert Noxon, died 1901 Cambridge, Mass. 


Morse, John Torrey 16 Fairfield St. Boston, Mass. 

Weld, Qen. Stephen Minot 89 State St. Boston, Mass. 


Brabhear, Herman Francis (Law:) 646 College Ave. Wooster, O* 

* BtTLLARD, John Lincoln, died 1899 Short Hills N.J' 

* Emmons, Samuel Franklin, died Washington, D.C. 

* Farrar, Henry Weld, died 1881 Chicago, HI. 

* Gholson, William Yates, died 1862. Cincinnati. 0« 

* Hallowell, Norwood Penrose, died 1914 West Medford, Mass* 

Holmes, Hon. Oliver Wendell . . . U. S. Supreme Court, Washington, D.C> 

* Lamb, Charles Duncan, died 1871 Boston, Mass. 

* Lawrence, Dr. Frank William, died 1903 Longwood. Mass. 

* Leavitt, Thomas Joseph, died 1863 Wobum. Msss. 

* LoRiNO, Dr. Edward Greely, died 1888 New York, N.Y. 

* Robeson, Thomas Rodman, died 1863 Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

* Vanderpoel, James McBride, died 1860 New York, N.Y. 


* Amort, Arthur, died 1911 Boston, Mass. 

* BoTDBN, Charles, died 1881 Boston, Mass. 

* Curtis, Dr. Thomas Buckminster, died 1881 Boston, Mass. 

* Gardner, Francis Lowell, died 1861 Boston, Msss. 

* Grafton, James Ingersoll, died 1865 New York, N.Y. 

Grinnell, Rev. Charles Edward (Law.) ... 15 Millmont St. Boston, Mass. 

* Hazbltinb. Mayo Williamson, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

Jeffries, Henry tlpham Hong Kong, China 

* Kbiqhlbr, John Checkley, died Baltimore, Md. 

* Kbr, William Henry, died 1902 Natohes, Miss. 

* LABomasm, John Witherspoon, died 1896 New Orleans, La. 

1862H» HARVARD 109 

* MoBuBinDT, Hennr Horton, died 1875 Rozbury, Maas. 

* Masom, Herbert CowpUnd, died 1884 Boston, Mmb. 

* MiFFXiiN, Benjamin Crowninahield, died 1880 Bo8ton» MaM. 

* Patson, Gilbert Ruaaell, died 1891 Watertown. Mats. 

* PoBTXR, Dr. Charles Bumham. died 1909 Boeton, Maas. 

* QmNCT, Dr. Henry Parker, died 1899 Dedham, Mass. 

RsAD, John 56 Appleton St. Cambridne, Mass. 

* Ropxs, Henry, died 1893 Boston, Mass. 


* Amobt, Charles Walter, died 1913. ; Boston, Mass. 

* Amobt. Dr. Robert, died 1910 Boston, Mass. 

Bqit» Edward Darley c/o R. A. Boit, 40 Kilby St. Boston, Mass. 

* Bbown, John Murray, died 1908 Belmont, Maas. 

Embbsom, Charles (Ret.) Soutbold, N.Y. 

FAiBomuD, Charles Stebbins (Farmer) Caseaovia, N.Y. 

* Fbbnoh, John Davis Williams, died 1900 Boston, Mass. 

* Gbbbnottoh, William, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

Grbw, Edward Sturcis 185 Marlborough St. Boston, Maas. 

HiooiNSON, Francis Lee 274 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

jACxaoN, Charles Cabot 19 Congress St. Boston, Maas. 

* KiLBBBTH, James Truesdell, died 1897 New York, N.Y. 

* Lawrbnck, Rev. Arthur, died 1909 Stockbridge, Mass. 

* LdLNcoLN, Arthur, died 1902 Boston, Mass. 

* LoBiNQ, Francis Caleb, died 1888 Boston, Mass. 

Mabon, Dr. Amos Lawrence 265 Clarendon St. Boston, Mass. 

Pkabcb, James Lewis (Ins.) 212 Commerce Bldg. Kansas City, Mo. 

WABBBif, Dr. John Collins 68 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 


* Bbllowb, Rev. Russell Nevins, died New York, N.Y. 

* BxNNBT, Prof. John, died Middletown, Conn. 

* BifaH, Rev. Frank Leonard, died 1893 Lenoir, N.C. 

CoDiCAN, Richard Ck>ttage Ave. W. Roxbury, Mass. 

CooswBLL, Dr. Edward Russell 61 Kirkland St. Cambridge. Mass. 

* Davis, Constant Freeman, died 1867 Cambridge, Mass. 

* Dbbbt, Dr. Richard Henry, died 1907 New York, N.Y. 

* Dillon, John Alvares, died 1902 East Orange, N.J. 

* Hbogbs, Jamea NevUle, died 1863 CircleviUe, O. 

* Mbconkbt, Richard Jones, died 1873 West Chester, Pa. 

Olnbt, Peter Butler (Law,) 68 WiUiam St. New York. N.Y. 

* Pbbkins, Robert Shaw, died 1873 Boston, Mass. 

Read, Charles Coolidge 31 State St. Boston. Mass. 

Robbbon, William Rotch Springfield, Mass, 

SEoawicK, Arthur Cjeorge 52 William St. New York, N.Y. 

* Wallbt, William Phillips, died 1891 Boston, Mass. 


BANCBorr, Robert Hale (Ret.) .....' : .249 Beaoon St. Boston, Maas. 

* Blight, (3eorge, died 1877 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Craswick, Dr. James Rand, died 1905 Boston, Mass. 

OavciBt Horatio Greenough (Banker).. 179 Marlborough St. Boston, Mass. 
« DoBB, Walter Henry, died 1880 Boston, Mass. 

110 HARVARD 186^-81 

* Grebnouoh, Alfred, died 1884 Boston, Mass. 

* HoLMBS, Jabes Silas, died 1884 Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

HuNNBWBLL, Walter 87 MUk St. Boston, Mass. 

Mifflin, George Harrison 85 Marlborough St. Boston, Mass. 

* Nbwbll, Robert Ralston, died 1883 Cambridge, Mass. 

* Rand, Rev. Charles Arthur, died 1884 Haverhdl, Mass. 

* TucKBB (William), Lawrence, died ~ Boston, Mass. 

* WiLiiiAifs, Henry Bigelow, died Boston, Mass. 


Cabbt, Arthur Astor (Soc. Worker) . . . Fellowship House, Waltham, Mass. 

* Evans, Glendower, died 1886 Boston, Mass. 

Hale, Rev. Edward 5 Circuit Rd. Chestnut Hill P. O., Mass. 

* Heabd, John, Jr. died, 1895 Boston, Mass. 

Mebcbb, Henry Chapman Doylestown, Pa. 

* Pbbkins, Edward CliflFord, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

Taussig, Prof. Francis William 2 Scott St. Cambridge, Mass. 

TowNSBND, John Joseph (Law.) Union Club, New York, N.Y. 


* Chapin, Henry Bainbridge, died 1910 Boston, Mass. 

* GiLBBBT, Samuel Cotton, died 1885 Milwaukee, Wis. 

* Guild, Henry Eliot, died 1887 Roslindale, Mass. 

Hale, Arthur (Ry.), 30 Veeey St. New York, N.Y. 

* Mabch, Charles Dudley, died 1887 Staatsburg-on-Hudson, N.Y. 

* Opdtbb, Leonard Eckstein, died 1914 New Yor :, N.Y. 

* Pbllbw (William), George, died 1892 New York, N.Y. 

QuiNCT, Hon. Josiah 53 State St. Boston, Mass. 

* Rhbtt, Walter Horton, died 1893 Atlanta, Ga. 

RooBBVELT, Hon. Theodore Oyster Bay, N.Y. 

TowNSBND, Howard (Law.) 15 East 86th St. New York, N.Y. 

Washburn. Charles Grenfill 42 Elm St. Worcester, Mass. 

Welling, Richard Ward Greene 2 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 


Adams, Joseph Henry (Law) 120 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Bebbt, Walter Van Rensselaer Colorado Bldg. Washington, D. C. 

BuBDBTT, George Albert (Music) . 21 Grey Cliff Rd. Newton Centre, Mass. 
Coolidob, Charles Allerton (Arch.) .... 82 Marlborough St. Boston, Mass. 

EvABTS, Rev. Prescott 19 Follen St. Cambridge, Mass. 

Hawkins, Eugene Dexter (Law.) 20 Exchange PI. New York, N.Y. 

* Jameson, Arthur Orcutt, died 1881 East Medway, Mass. 

Lane, Gardiner Martin 44 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Ludlow, James Bettner (Law.) 45 (Z)edar St. New York, N.Y. 

MiTCHBLL, Dr. John Kearsley 1730 Spruce St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

* MoBOAN, Prof. Morris Hicky, died 1910 Cambridge, Mass. 

Reynolds, Dr. Edward 321 Dartmouth St. Boston, Mass. 

Spbaqub, Carleton Buffalo, N.Y. 

Stubgis, Richard CHipston 120 Boylston St. Boston, Mass. 

Sutbb, Rev. John Wallace Winchester, Mf 

1881-^ HARVARD 111 


Baldwin, Charles Adolph Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Bradlet, Richards Merry (R. Est.) 60 State St. Boston, Mass. 

* BiTLLABO, John Eliot, died 1896 Sydney, Australia 

CoDiiAN, Rt. Rev. Robert 143 State St. Portland, Me. 

DiCKBT, Charles Denston (Banker) 69 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

* Gabdnkb, Joseph Peabody, died 1886 Boston, Mass. 

* GoDDABD, Frederic Norton, died 1905 New York, N.Y. 

* Manning, William Hobbs, died 1889 Cambridge, Mass. 

Paine, Robert Treat. 2d (Fin.) 60 State St. Boston, Mass. 

SEDawicK, Henry Dwight 120 E. 22d St. New York, N.Y. 

Stetson, Eliot Dawes (Law.) 81 Cottage St. New Bedford, Mass. 

Stone, Frederic Mather 706 Sears Bldg. Boston, Mass. 

Stobbr, John Humphreys (Trustee) 16 State St. Boston, Mass. 

* TowNSBND, Stephen Van Rensselaer, died 1901 New York, N.Y. 

TucKBRMAN, Gustavus (Civic Sec.) . 5815 Pennsylvania Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

Wabino, Guy (Mer.) Winthrop, Met-how Valley, Wash. 

Warner, Hennr Eldrid^e (Law) 84 State St. Boston, Mass. 

* Washburn, Rev. Philip Moen, died 1898 Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Webb, John Sidney (Law.) . . . 1617 Massachusetts Ave. Washington, D.C. 

Wendell, Evert Jansen (Ret.) 15 W. 38th St. New York, N.Y. 

Wister, Owen (Author) 1004 West End Trust Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. 


Binnet, Horace c/o Morgan, Harjes A Co. Paris, France 

Brackett, Dr. Jeffrey Richardson 41 Marlborough St. Boston, Mass. 

BuBBAQE, George Dixwell Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

* Cabot, Edward Twisleton, died 1893 Brookline, Mass. 

Cabot, Henry Bromfield Brookline, Mass. 

* Chapman, Henry Grafton, died New York, N.Y. 

CoouDGB, Joseph Randolph, Jr. (Arch.) 89 Stat« St. Boston, Mass. 

Crapo, Henxy Howland (Law.^ 81 Hawthorne St. New Bedford, Mass. 

Endicott, William Crowninshield 71 Ames Bldg. Boston, Mass. 

Hale, Prof. Edward Everett Union College, Schenectady, N.Y. 

Lee, Joseph (Soc. Worker) 101 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. 

* Lowell, George Emerson, died 1884. Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Ltman, Arthur 60 State St. Boston, Mass. 

NicHOLa, Frederick 2 Joy St. Boston, Mass. 

Wabrbn, Edward Perry Old Gorham Rd. Westbrook, Me. 


BoNBAL, Leigh (Law.) 18 E. Mt. Vernon PI. Baltimore, Md. 

* Butler, Dr. Allan Macy, died 1888 Scarsdale, N.Y. 

Chafican, John Jay 60 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

* Clark, Dr. Franklin Haven, died Detroit, Mich. 

CooLiDOE, John Gardner American Embassy, Paris, France 

CooLiDOB, Thomas Jefferson 64 Ames Bldg. Boston, Mass. 

Crocker, Rev. William Tufta 143 E. 35th St. New York, N.Y. 

Curtis, Allen 33 Exchange Bldg, Boston, Mas?. 

Eliot, Rev. Samuel Atkins 25 Reservoir St. Cambridge, Mass. 

Gardner, William Amory Groton, Mass. 

Guild, Charles Eliot 27 Kilby St. Boston, Masa^ 

McCago, Louis Butlw 18 E. 84th St. New York, N.Y. 

112 HARVARD 1884-86 

* Makdell, Henry Fauntleroy, died Pateraon, N.J. 

MiNTURN, Robert Sliaw (Law.) 109 E. 21at St. New York, N.Y. 

MtTiiFORD, William Woolsey 2 Rector St. New York, N.Y. 

Obbornb, Thomas Mott (Warden) 34 Dill St. Auburn, N.Y. 

PiiUMBCBR, Thomaa Rodman (Farmer) Dartmouth, Maas. 

Sexton, Lawrence Eugene (Law.) 34 Pine St. New York, N.Y. 

Stubqis, William Codman (Scientist) Colorado Sprin09, Colo. 

Warren, Fiske (Mfg.) Eildonshiel St. Harvard, Mass. 

Wtbth, Stuart Philadelphia, Pa. 


* Baldwin, William Henry, Jr., died 1905 Washington, D.C. 

* Bradford, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr., died 1888 Dorchester, Mass. 

CowDiN, Winthrop (Farmer) Mt. Kisco, N.Y. 

CoxE, Henry Brinton, Jr Philadelphia, Pa. 

Delano, Frederic Adrian (Govt.) . . 1128 16th St. N. W. Washington, D.C. 

Draper, Dr. William Kinnicutt 121 E. 36th St. New York, N.Y. 

Dunham, Dr. Theodore 48 E. 63d St. New York, N.Y. 

* FiSK, Jamea Lyman, died 1893 Cambridge. Mass. 

* Gardiner, Prof. Johq Hayes, died Cambridge. Mass. 

* HoMANS, William Partnelee, died 1910 New York, N.Y. 

* HoTT, Alfred WiUiam, died 1911 New York, N.Y. 

Johnson, Arthur Stoddard (Trustee) 

253 Commonwealth Ave. Boston. Mass. 

* Noble, John Hawks, died 1904 Cambridge. Mass. 

Paulding, James Kirke 133 West 11th St. New York, N.Y. 

* SiifPKXNS, John, died 1898 Yarmouthport, Mass. 

Stobeb, Dr. Malcolm 302 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Storbow, James Jackson 44 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Tatlob, Frederick Spaulding Somerset Club, Boston, Mass. 

Thater, Ernest Lawrence 656 Main St. Worcester, Mass. 

Tbask, William Ropes (Law.) 40 State St. Boston, Mass. 


Abbot, Henry Ward (Artist) Old (Ik>lony Trust Co. Boston, Mass. 

Allen, William Lothrop Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Austin, Francis Boylston 102 North St. Boston, Mass. 

* Babnbs, William Sanford, died 1910 San Francisco, Cal. 

Bradley, John Dorr (R. Est.) ....... .247 Monadnock Block, Chicago, HI. 

Codman, Edmund Dwight Boston, Mass. 

Frost, Frank Ravenel (Law.) 3 Water St. Charleston, S.C. 

Frothinoham, Rev. Paul Revere 294 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Gardner, Hon. Augustus Peabody 22 (Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

* Lincoln, Lowell. Jr., died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

* Longfellow, Richard King, died 1914 Boston* Mass. 

Mason, Alan Gregory 5 St. James Ave. Boston, Mass. 

* Minot, Charles Henry, Jr., died 1887 Boston, Mass. 

Parker, Francis Stanley ^Coal) 50 (Dongress St. Boston, Mass. 

* Pbabodt, George Lee, died Boston, Mass. 

Sedgwick, Rev. Theodore 103 E. 2l8t St. New York, N.Y. 

Weston, Robert Dickson (Law.) ... 6 Fayerweather St. Cambridge, Maas. 
WxNTHR0i>, GrenviUe Lindall (Ret.) Groton PlaoOi Iienoz, Mi 

1887r^ HARVAItD 118 


Babtol. Dr. John Washburn 1 Chestnut St. Boston. Masik 

Bbbnoui, Henry Gaw (Banker) 415 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

BvcK. Henry Augustus (Pub.) 18 £. 41st St. New York, N.Y. 

Cambbgn. James McCormick Harrisburg, Pa. 

CooLiooB, Prof. Archibald Cary Randolph Hall. Cambridge* Maok 

* CooLiDQB, Dr. Frederic Shurtleff. died 1915 Pittsfield, Mass. 

*' Cox, Benjamin Francis, died 1894 , Boston, Mass. 

DB Gbbbdobtf, Carl August 25 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

Endicott, William, Jr 115 Devonshire St. Boston, Mass. 

* FisKB, Robert Francis, died 1901 Milton, Mass. 

Flbtchbb, Prof. Jefferson Butler Columbia Univ. New York, N.Y. 

* Heckscheb, Maurice, died 1905 Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hbbbok, William Collins United Bank Bldg. Cincinnati, O. 

Kbtes, Henry Wilder (Farmer) North HaverhiU, N.H. 

Russell, James Savage 31 State St. Boston, Mass. 


Adams, Charles Francis, 2nd 50 SUte St. Boston, Mass. 

Allen, William Sylvester Greenfield, Mass. 

Anderson, Hon, Lara (Dipl.) .2118 Massachusetts Ave. Washington, D.C. 

* Bbownb, Thomas Qumcy, Jr., died 1914 Morristown, NJT. 

Btttlsb, Arthur Pierce (Ed.) ....... Morristown School, Morristown, N.J. 

Choatb, Charles Francis, Jr. (Law.) Main St. Southboro, Mass. 

CoDMAN, Stephen Russell Hurd 31 Beacon St. Boston. Mass. 

Cbockbb, Kendall Fox 55 Gamett St. Fitchbiurg. Mass. 

Daniels, William P. (Banker) Ill Devonshire St. Boston, Mass. 

DB GsBSDOBFF, George B. (Arch.) 163 E. 80th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Hale, Herbert Dudley, died 1908 New York, N.Y. 

Hallowbll, James Mott (Law.) .... Reservoir Ave. Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

HoLDBN, Albert Fairchild 2 Plain Dealer Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

HoNOBi, Lockwood 68 Cedar St. Chicago, 111. 

Lent, (3eorge H. (Capitalist) 2229 Washington St. San Francisco. Cal< 

Plummeb, Henry Merrihew (Farmer) . . . Potomska Rd. Dartmouth, Mass. 

I^UBDON, John Rogers Marblehead, Mass. 

Rbtnoldb, John Earle (Law.) The Terrace, Meadville, Pa.. 

Sedgwick, John Hunter Concord, Mass. 

Snow, Daniel Kimball Boston. Mass. 

Spaulding, William Stuart 60 (Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

Thayer, Ezra Ripley Boston, Mass. 

* WiNBLOW, Nathan Howard, died 1901 Buffalo, N.Y. 

Woodman, Francis Call Morristown School, Morristown, N.J. 


Balch, John (Telephone) 162 Adams St. Milton, Mass. 

Bttbr, Allston Chestnut Hill, Mass.. 

* CoDMAN, Philip, died 1896 Brookline. Mass. 

Davis, John TUden, Jr St. Louis, Mo. 

Gray, Gerald HuU 6 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Hathaway, Thomas Schuyler 385 County St. New Bedford, Mass. 

Kbybs, George Thomas (Mfr.) E. Pepperell, Mass. 

* Mackay, Walter Wise, died 1896. . . . i Eniaewood, N.J. 

114 HARVARD 1889-91 

Maibs, George Hope (Mining) IE. 51st St. New York, N. Y. 

Mabyik, James Meehan Cambridge, Mass. 

Mkeksb, Henry Eugene (Coal) 143 Liberty St. New York. N. Y. 

Pebkins, Robert Forbes Framingham, Mass. 

Skabs, Joseph Hamblen 35 W. 32nd St. New York, N.Y. 

SroBBOW, Edward Cabot 53 State St. Boston. Mass. 

TAII.EB, Thomas Suffem 21 W. 5l8t St. New York, N.Y. 

Wku>. Bernard Coffin (Mer.) 131 State St. Boston. Mass. 

WsniORB. Charles Delevan 16 E. 47th St. New York, N.Y. 


Babs. James Cummings (R. R. Sup.) 84 State St. Boston. Mass. 

BxGEiiOW, Ernest Abraham 120 E. 56th St. New York, N.Y. 

Blaoden. George (Banker) 18 E. 36th St. New York, N.Y. 

Chai<fant, Henry Pittsburgh Qub, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Cbshobb, Charles Lemuel 155 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

* Daub, Winthrop Herrick. died 1895 Boston. Mass. 

Faibbank. Kellogg 135 Adams St. Chicago, 111. 

Fbsssndbn, Russell Green (Banker) 50 State St. Boston, Mass. 

HuNMBWBLL, Hollis Horatio (Trustee) 87 Milk St. Boston. Mass. 

Hutchinson, Dr. James Pemberton 133 S. 22nd St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

LocKWOOD, Hamilton de Forest 70 Kilby St. Boston. Mass. 

* McCoy, James Chester, died 1907 Orange, N.J. 

* Matthbws, Constant Siouthworth, died 1893 Boston, Mass. 

MuMFOBD, Norman Winthrop Milbum, N.J, 

Mteb. Rev. Walden Concord. N.H. 

Post, Waldron Kintzing (Law.) 16 Exchange Place. New York, N.Y. 

Slocitm, Thomas Williams (Mer.) 11 Thomas St. New York, N.Y. 

Ttson, Russell (R. Est.) 247 Monadnock Blk. Chicago, 111. 

Wheelbb, Charles Philadelphia. Pa. 


Atkinson. Robert Whitman (Musician) Heath Hill. Brookline. Mass. 

Bishop, Heber Reginald Mt. Kisco, N.Y. 

Bishop, James Cunningham 33 Pine St. New York, N.Y. 

Blanchabd, John Adams (Law.) 925 Boylston St. Boston, Mass. 

Bbooks, Lawrence Groton, Mass. 

Bubnbtt, John Torrey Boston, Mass. 

Clabk, Robert Jones (R. Est.) 50 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

CoBNiNG, Henry Wick (Mfg.) Standard Sew. Mach. Co. CJleveland, O. 

Cbosbt, Stephen Van Rensselaer 50 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

Cttmnock, Arthur James P. O. Box 180 Rye, N.Y. 

* Emebson. Ralph Lincoln, died 1899 Milton, Mass. 

GoLDTHWAiTE, (jeorge Tarleton Univ. CJlub, New York, N.Y. 

Lamb. George Nichols (Mer.) 79 Pitt St. Sydney, N.S.W. Australia. 

*LoNGSTBETH, Joseph, died Kenora, W. Va. 

Lowbll, James Arnold (Law.) 38 Equitable Bldg. Boston, Mass. 

LtTCB, Matthew 283 Summer St. Boston, Mass. 

Mabinbb. John Watkins (Realty) 133 Mason St. Milwaukee. Wis. 

Nichols, Arthur Boylston Wayland, Mass. 

Pabkeb. Samuel Dunn Readville, Mass. 

Pbbxiss, Thomas Ndson (Law.) 60 State St. Boston, Mass. 

1891-94 HARVARD 116 

Randol, William Merwin Broadmoor. Ccdorado Springs, Colo. 

Shaw, Quinoy Adams 12 Ashburton PI. Boston, Mass. 

* Wbnobll, Jacob, Jr., died 1911 New York, N.Y. 

WiixiAMB* Moses, Jr Boston, Mass. 


Cabpentbb, Samuel Emlen Ridgefield, Conn. 

*' Chknst, Charles Paine, died 1907 Boston, Mass. 

Cummin, Dr. John White .9 Massachusetts Ave. Boston, Mass. 

DuANB, William North 60 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Htamb, Chapman Henry (Banker) . . .403 Hennen Bldg. New Orleans, La. 

Jomn, Ehr. Daniel Fiske 195 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Mackat, James Mears 27 E. Ohio St. Chicago, lU. 

PowBBS, John Craig (Banker) 700 East Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Rantouii, Neal 50 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

SAiyroNSTALL, Robert (Trustee) 30 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Spaux«dino, John Taylor 50 Ck>ngreas St. Boston, Mass. 

* Thompson, Lewis Sabin, died 1909 Boston, Mass. 

Wadsworth, Oliver Fairfield (Ins.) 104 Third Ave. N., Great Falls, Mont. 


BABTLinrr, Edwin Bartlett 232 Stote St. Albany, N.Y. 

Bi^QDEN, Dexter (Broker) 18 £. 36th St. New York, N.Y. 

BvAjLB, Francis Stanton Les Rochers, C^> Martin, A. M. France 

BXM.KB, George Baty Iienoz, Mass. 

Bbown. PhUip Turner 27 W. 43rd St. New York, N.Y. 

* BuBQKSS, George Ebeneier, died 1902 Prouts Neck, Me. 

Chsw, Samuel (LawO Cliveden St. Germantown, Pa. 

CuMMiNas, Charles Kimball (Arch.) 8 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Davis, Samuel C Security Bldg. St. Louis, Mo. 

EARiiX, Daniel Osbom 22 Lenox St. Worcester, Mass. 

FAiiK, Clarenoe Rudolph (Steel) 419 Terrace Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 

FiSK, Otis Daniell (Mfg.) 131 State St. Boston, Mass. 

F^OTHiNOHAM, Louis Adams (Law.) Barristers Hall, Boston, Mass. 

LiviNoaTON. Edward 17 E. 74th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Magoun, George Butler, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

Manchbstbr, Percival (R. R.) 37 W. Van Buren St. Chicago, III. 

Pabxbb, John Harleston (Aron.) 110 State St. Boston, Mass. 

RoBB, Nathaniel Thayer (Mach.) 123 Pall Mall, London, England 

Tbapfobd, Bernard Walton Milton, Mass. 

* Vail, David Righter, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

WiLOBB, James Austin (Planter) Honolulu, Hawaii 


Bacon, Louis (Banker) 15 Marlboro St. Boston, Mass. 

Bbalb, RusseU Bowditch Christ Church, New Zealand 

Bishop, Francis Cunningham 15 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

Bbbckbnbidob, John Cabell 32 Nassau St. New York N.Y. 

DvPBB, William Arthur (Wool) 262 Summer St. Boston, Mass. 

Gabdnbb, Philip (Mer.) 63 State St. Boston, Mass. 

GuDDBN, Joseph Warren (0>al) 174 Marlboro St. Boston, Mass. 

Ledyard Box 66, Radnor, Pa. 

116 HARVARD 1894-97 

Kbllooo* Georee Caroar PUttelburK, N.Y. 

Lawbence, Townsend <Fin.) 47 Lawrenoe St. Fliuhing, N.Y. 

Lbb, Gieorge Cabot, Jr 44 State St. Boston, Mass. 

LowBLL, James Burnett 10 Wall St. New York* N.Y. 

Powers, Walter Webster Rochester, N.Y. 

Saltonstall, Hon. Endicott Peabody <Law.) Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Thompson, James Madison 20 W • Madison St. Baltimore, Md. 

Waters, Bertram Gordon (Ins.) 70 Kilby St. Boston, Mass. 

Wbtmorb, Albert Lansing (Art.) Warren, Pa. 


Briggs, Walter Motherwell (Copper) Dedham, Mass. 

Cabsatt, Robert Kelso Rosemount, Pa. 

* CuMMiNOS, Francis Hathawa^^. died 1897 Boston, Mass. 

Emmons, Robert W. 2nd (Banking) 91 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Faibbank, Wallace 23 Washington 8q. No. New York, N.Y. 

Grew, Randolph Clark 27 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Haywabd, Nathan c/o The Bell Tele. Co. Philadelphia, Pa, 

Johnston, Morris Leidy 1636 Prairie Ave. Chicago* 111. 

Lawton, Sydney Allen 24 Broad St. N»w York, N.Y. 

Mann, Samuel Vernon, Jr. (Fin.) 38 Wall St. New Y6rk, N.Y. 

Moss, Robert Townsend Woodward . . .' 

MuBCHiB, Guy (LawO 77 Franklin St. Boston, Masa. 

Richardson, Henrv H. (R. Est.) Cottage St. Brookline, Masa. 

Shaw, Robert Grould, 2nd Newton Centre, Mass. 

Staokpolb, Joseph Lewis (Law.) . . > 84 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Whitesidb, Alexander (Law.) 30 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Wbbnn, Robert Duffield (Fin.) 24 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 


BiiAODBN, Linzee (Fin.) Ill Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Brbwer, Arthur Harris Guadidaiara, Mexioo 

Brewer, Charles 40 State St. Boston, Mass. 

CowDiN, Elliot Channinis Mt. Kisco, N.Y. 

t^AiBCHiLD, John Cummings 59 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

Fennessy, Edward H. (Mer.) 772 Broad St. Meriden, Conn. 

Hamlbn, Paul Mascarene (R. Est.) 60 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Hbckschbr, Stevens Land Title Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Morris, Dave Hennen (R. R.) 19 E. 70th St. New York, N.Y. 

RooBRS, WiUiam Bowditch Dedham, Mass. 

Townsbnd, Ralph Milboume 1301 Walnut St. Philaddphia, Pa. 

Williams, Ralph Blake (Trustee) 55 Kilby St. Boston, Masa. 

WoRDEN, John Lorimer 10 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 


Bliss, Cornelius Newton, Jr 117 Duane St. New York, N.Y. 

* Burnett, Joseph, died 1909 Boston, Mass. 

Fenno, Edward Nicoll. Jr 450 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Godfrey, Henry Fletcher Old Westbuiy, L.I. N.Y. 

* HoLLisTBR, Stanley, died 1898 Santa Barbara, Cal. 

HowB, Henry Wainwririit 24 Thomas St. New York. N.Y. 

Mbadb, Alfred P., Jr. (C. ^ng.) 14^9 Webster St^ N.W. Washington, D.C. 

1897-1900 HARVARD 117 

Palmbb, Honoie 721 Peoples Gu Bldg. Chicago, 111. 

RiCKBTBON, John Howiand 936 Ricfge St. N.S. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

RuMBiLL, Chester Chapin 87 Milk St. Boston, Mass. 

* ScHTTM, Herbert, died 1900 New York, N.Y. 

Stevenson, Robert Hooper, Jr. (Wool) 116 Federal St. Boston, Mass. 

Street, Arthur Frederic 23 So. William St. New York, N.Y. 

Walsh, Edward De Witt 615 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Wbiohtinqton, Edgar N. (Gas Co.) 24 West St. Boston, Mass. 


Adams, Henry, 2nd (Trustee) 84 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Bonvi, Geoinge Winthrop 8 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

Bi7L.i>, Charles Caldwell San Mateo, Cal. 

Bttboess. Edward Guver. Jr. (Farmer) . . .27 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Cabot, Norman Winslow 60 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Emmet, Grenville Temple (Law.) Katonah, Westchester Co. N.Y. 

GooDBiCH, David Marvin 60 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Habpbb, Fletcher (Farmer) Millbrook, Dutchess Co. N.Y. 

Ibvin, Effingham Townsend 272 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Kbnnbtt, John Durand Bryson Apts. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Palmbb, Potter, Jr. (R. Est.) 721 Peoples Gas Bldg. Chicago, 111. 

Scull, Guy Hamilton 27 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

VON Utasst, George (Pub.) Cedarhurst, L.I., N.Y. 

Walkbb, Alexander Stewart 128 E. 37th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Wheelbb, Stuart Wadsworth, died 1898 Philadelphia, Pa. 


Abams, Arthur Boston, Mass. 

* AvxBiLL, James Geor^, died 1904 Rochester, N.Y. 

BOABDMAN, Edwin A. (Fin.) 60 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Bbice, John Francis (Inventor) 60 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Fabust, John Wells (Law.) 84 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Fobbes, Joseph Dunderdale 39 E. 51st St. New York, N.Y. 

Lawton, ames Marsland Tuscan, Aris. 

Litchfield, Edward Hubert (Law.) 44 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

McDuririE, Charles H. (Fin.) P. O. Box 2934 Boston, Mass, 

McEjttrick, Ralph (D. G.) 911 Washington Ave. St. Louis, Mb. 

Mills, Samuel Frederic Metropolitan Club, New York, N.Y. 

Phillips, Dr. John Charles (Naturalist) Wenham, Mass. 

RicHABOSON, Frederic Leopold William Brookline, Mass. 

Thompson, George Washington (Fin.) . . . .969 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Wabb, Leonard Everett, died 1914 New X'ork, N.Y. 


BiDDLB, Nicholas. 23 W. 26th St. New York, N.Y. 

BoABDMAN, Richard De Blois 158 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Bbown, Lewis Blanchard 250 W. 54th St. New York. N.Y. 

* BuBDEN, William Annstead Moale, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

Btbd, Francis Otway Edlow, Va. 

* CHn4>8, Frederic Robbins, died 1907 New York, N.Y. 

Davis, Dwight Filley 16 Portland PI. St. Louis, Mo. 

Gliddbn. lokn Montfichet, Jr Newcastle, Me. 

118 HARVARD ltO(H)4 

Hatc.^i, Cyril Henry 10 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

HiooiNSON, Francis Lee, Jr. (Banker) 44 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Jat, Augustus, Jr 319 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

PoBTBB, AuguiBtus G. (Fin.) 127 Bu£Falo Ave. Niagara Falls, N.Y. 

Saltonbtall, John Lee dO St-ate St. Boston, Mass. 

Wabd. Holcombe South Orange, N.J. 


Bltthe, Hugh (Fin.) The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 

Dalt, Charles Dudley c/o Adjt. Gren., U.S.A. Washington, D.C. 

Davis, Charles Claflin (Law.) 42 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

* Dudley, William Mayo, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

Endicotf, Laurence (Paper) 909 Western Ave. Seattle, Wash. 

Greene, Warwick Boston, Mass. 

Jones, Hugh McKittrick Clayton, Mo. 

Kendall, Isaac Wistar (Banker) 126 E. 79th St. New York, N.Y. 

King, Van Rensselaer Choate (R. R.) . 1806 Princess St. Wilmington, N.C. 

Perrt. Henry Pierrepont 17 E. 55th St. New York, N.Y. 

Shaw, Munson Gallaudet 76 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

* Talbot, Olin Duer, died 1898 Brookline, Mass. 

VANDBRBiin', William K., Jr. (R.R.) . .Grand Cen. Term. New York, N.Y. 
Wheeler, Alexander Hamilton Lincolnshire, £ng. 


Bradlet, Joseph Gardner (Law.) Clay, W. Va. 

Brownbll, Morris Rugbies (Law.) 2 Fort St. Fairhaven, Mass. 

Grew, Joseph Clark (DipM 185 Marlborough St. Boston, Mass. 

HoLLiNoswoBTH, Amos (M.fg.) 49 Federal St. Boston, Mass. 

Kendall, Edward Hale Babsrlon, L.I. N.Y. 

MoBBiB, Caspar Wistar 2052 Locust St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Platt, Charles, 3rd Walnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wabe, Storer Preble 35 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

White, Loomis Lawrence 11 Pine St. New York, N.Y. 


Babton, George Sumner 24 Sever St. Worcester, Mass. 

BoABDMAN, Gerald Dorr (Banker) 8 Westlake Ave. Auburn, N.Y. 

Bbown, Archibald Manning Stony Brook, L.I. N.Y. 

BuBQESS, Herbert Rodney (Carbon) 1943 E. 82nd St. Cleveland, O. 

GoDFBBT, William Simpson The Bourse, Philadelphia, Pa. 

LiTOHPiBLD, Bayard Sands (R. Est.) 44 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Rotch, Arthur Grinnell 89 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Waller, Stewart 137 E. 35th St. New York, N.Y. 


Bailbt, Curtis Patterson (Rancher) Sisters, Crook Co. Ore. 

Bell, Edward Union Club, New York, N.Y. 

Bbadlet, Charles Burnet 18 James St. Newark, N.J. 

Bbown, Lsthrop (Farmer) St. James, N.Y. 

DE Rram, Henry Casimir, 2nd Cold Spring, N.Y. 

LoBiLLABD, Pierre, Jr Tuxedo, N.Y. 

1904H)6 HARVARD 119 

Lowest, Jenner .326 Genesee St. Uiica, N.T. 

MuBDOOK, Uriel Atwood 

o/o August Belmont & Co. 43 Ezchance PI. New York, N.Y. 

Peabodt, Harold <8oo. Work.) 302 Berkeley St. Boston. Maas. 

RoossvEi/r, Franklin D. (Govt.) Hyde Park, Dutoheat Co. N.Y. 

SouvHEH. Trietam Burgee (Banking) 40 WaU St. New York, N.Y. 

WiNaroN, Gustavua Owen 936 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 


BiQELOw, Cleveland (Law.) Cohaiset, Maas. 

Bbadlbt, Walter Hinckley (Mfg.) 20 Brimmer St. Boston. Mass. 

DB Rbam, Frederic Foster 24 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

EoAN, Henry Chandler c/o Egan Orchard dk). Medford, Ore. 

EuEXNS, William Mclntire Ashbourne, Pa. 

Habding, Albert Ellis, Jr <>>hasBet, Mass. 

HiNCKLET, Samuel Neilson (Banker) 25 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

HovET, Edward Clarence, Jr. (Fin.) 15 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

HuMPHEBTS, Richard Duane 220 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Mills, Philip Overton (Mer.) 27 West 43rd St. New York, N.Y. 

OVESOK, Rurmond Hansen (Law.) Turnpike Rd. Southboro, Mass. 

Pbbntice, Bemon Sheldon 116 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Ttlbb, George Frederick Elkins Park, Philadelphia, Pa. 

* WiLLiAMBON, George, died 1014 London, England 


Bradlet, James Donald Cameron (Chemicals) Southboro, Mass. 

Cabot, Samuel, Jr 109 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. 

DouGBEBTT, Thomas Harvey, Jr. . . .Schoolhouse Lane, Germantown, Pa. 

Habbisok, William Frasier Oreland, Pa. 

Heckscheb, Robert V. (Poet) . .c/o West End Trust Co. Philadelphia. Pa. 

HiKCKLBT, Julian (Author) Cedarhurst, L.I., N.Y. 

Hollinoswobth, Valentine (Paper) 135 Newbury St. Boston, Mass. 

Kino, Le Roy Newport, R.I. 

Newhall, Daniel Allerton (Coal) Eagles Rd. Strafford. Pa. 

Pbeston, Stuart Duncan (Law.) 1167 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Sloak, Lieut. Thomas Donaldson. . .Adjt. Gen., U.S.A. Washington, D.C. 


* Bradlet, Robert Stowe, Jr., died 1907 Boston, Mass. 

* Fansbawe, E. Leighton, died 1905 San Francisco, Cal. 

Lakaban, William W. (Banker) .206 Goodwood Gardens, Roland Pk. Md. 

LowEBT, Stewart Samuel (Ins.) University Club, San Francisco, Cal. 

RooBEVEur, James Alfred 25 E. 30th St. New York, N.Y. 

SoBTWELL, Daniel Richard (Trustee) 53 State St. Boston, Mass. 

VooBBEES, Theodore Coert (Steel) Elkins Park, Pa. 

Wbite, John Campbell (Dipl.) 1624 Crescent PI. Washington, D.C. 

White, Richard Stockton (Farmer) Old Gulph Rd. Narberth, Pa. 


BoTEB, Philip 10 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Bbadlbt. Robert Ballantine 18 James St. Newark, N.J. 

120 HARVARD 1908 

- - - I 

Bbown. Charles Stelle, Jr. 14 Wall St. New Yoric. N.T. 

Brown, John Whiteside Highland Park, III. 

* Clabx, George Newhall, died 1006 CEestnut Hill, Pa. 

DflBPABD, Clement Lyndon, Jr 49 W. 57th St. New York, N.Y. 

Ebtin, Spenoer (Law.) Edgemont, Delaware Co. Pa. 

HowB, George (Arch.) 1001 Provident Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. 

JCbmblb, Francis Walker Union League Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Kino, Frederic Rhinelander 20 £. 84th St. New York, N.Y. 

LoRiLLABD, Griswold Tuxedo, N.Y. 

Nkwhall, Morton Lewis (R. R. Sup.) 1421 Chestnut St. Phila. Pa. 

OftATiviA, Jos6 Victor, Jr. (Fin.) 15 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

PsLL, aarence Cecil (En^. Sales.) 169 E. 64th St. New York, N.Y. 

Wbndsll, John Wheelwright • Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

White, Lawrence Grant (Arch.) St. James, L.I. N.Y, 

Whitney, James ScoUay (Mfg.) 320 Devonshire St. Boston, Mass. 

1818HM 111 



* Halb. Rev. Benjamin, died 1863 Newburyport, Man. 


* DooLZTTUB, Jamea Rood, died 1897 Racine, Wis. 


* Spbncsb, Dr. Thomas Rudi, died 1872 New Yorlc, N. Y. 


* Platt, Rev. Charles Henry, died 1869 Binghamton, N.Y. 

* WHiTiNa, John Nicholas, died. 1886 New York, N.Y. 


* ATRAXjiiT, Rev. Walter, died 1882 Geneva, N.Y. 

* Ck>TB8, Augustus Brown, died 1875 Chicago, 111. 


* Johnson, Waiiam Clarkson, died 1893 New York. N.Y. 

* PiuATT, Rev. George Lewis, died 1900 Great Barrington, Mass. 

* Stbwabt, Dr. Morse, died 1906 Detroit, Mich. 


* Bago. Egbert, died 1885 Utiea, N.Y. 

* Bbabdslbt, Arthur M.. died 1906 Utioa, N.Y. 

* CooKB, Rev. Joshua, died 1908 Iiewiston, N.Y. 

* Dox, Edward Rees, died 1862 Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Gardxnbr, Rev. Frederick, died 1889 Middletown^ Conn. 

* Gibson, Rev. William Thomas, died 1896 Utica, N.Y. 

* McCoiiLUM, Isaiah Horton, died 1903 Duluth, Minn. 


* BsLLOWB, Martin Luther, died 1887 !n Gwynedd, Pa. 

* DB Lancbt, Edward Floyd, died 1905 Mamaroneok, N.Y. 

* FiTZBUOH. William Addison, died 1874 Casenovia, N.Y. 

* Matson, Rev. WiUiam Agur. died 1904 Riohmond Hill, N.Y. 

* Wadb. Nicholas King, died 1899 Santa Barbara, Cal. 


* CooPBB. Paul Fenimore, died 1895 Albany, N.Y. 

* TtrrruB, Charles Albion, died 188!8 Oakland, Cal. 

182 GENEVA 184S-62 


* HoBTON, Alexander, died 1904 New York, N.Y. 

* RocHESTBB, Rev. Thomas Fortescue, died 1887 Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Skaats, Bartholomew, died 1895 New York, N.Y. 

* Wbllbs, Dr. Samuel Russell, died 1900 Waterloo, N.Y. 


* AvBBiLL, James Watson, died 1878 New York, N.Y. 

* CoLBMAN, William, died 1861 York, Pa. 

* Eldbed, Nicholas Boon Spink, died 1878 Auburn, N.Y. 

* Gbiswold, Dr. Matthew, died 1896 Benton, Cal. 


* HoBTOM, Henry Beach, died Oak Park, HI. 

* Lawbencb, Richard Henry, died 1906 Baltimore, Md. 

* ToBBBT, Samuel Holden, died 1887 Geneva, N.Y. 

* Whittlksbt, Frederick Augustus, died 1905 Rochester, N.Y. 


* Bankhkad, Henry Careyi died 189% Bayonne, N.J. 

* Kibbt, Jacob Brown, died 1860 Brown^olle, N.Y. 

* Maples, Rev. Carlton Peters, died 1879 Pomeroy, O. 

* Pabke, Rev. Robert Nathan, died 1907 Pittsburgh, Pa. 

* Sbwabd, Clarence Armstrong, ied 1897 New York, N.Y. 

* Smith, Dr. George Hand, died 1892 South Kensdngton, Eng. 


* Backus, Dr. Asel, died 1902 Rochester, N.Y* 

* Cbaiibbblain, Frank, died 1910 Albany, N.Y* 

* CXiABKB, Edward Payson, died 1853 Franklin, N.Y* 

* Gallaqhbb, George James, died 1889 Geneva, N.Y* 

* HoBTON, George Murray, died 1859 Geneva, N.Y* 

* Salisbxtbt, Samuel Wilder, died 1901 Independence, Mo* 

* Suthebland, John Lansing, died 1901 New York, N.Y* 


* AvEBT, Edward Henry, died 1908 Auburn, N.Y. 

* Chubch, Dr. William Henry, died 1866 Belvidere, N.Y. 

* Watson, Rev. George William, died 1900 Iowa City, la. 

* Welles, Rt. Rev. Edward Randolph, died 1888 Milwaukee, Wis. 


* De Zbno, Edward Cutbush, died 1911 New York, N.Y. 

* Pbtbbs, Dr. De Witt Clinton, died 1876 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Webstbb, Horace, Jr., died 1865 Shanghai, China 

* Whbblbb, Prof. Albert Sproull, died 1905. New Haven, Conn. 


* Habxson, Richard Morley, died 1895 Flushing, N.Y. 

* Hawlbt, Dr. Augustine Boyer, died 1878 Red Wing, Minn. 

1862-69 GENEVA 128 

* Mbbcbb, Dr. John Lansing Doz, died 1898 New York, N.Y. 

* SwABT. John Haigh, died 1891 Philadelphia, Pa. 


* HozB, Noah Ashley, died 1854 Penn Yan, N.Y. 

* Wilkinson. William Henry, died 1902 Southwick, Mass. 


* Goodwin, Frederick Collins, died Chicago, III. 

* MizNKB, Thomas Wickham, died 1909 Detroit, Mich. 

* NiSBKT, William, died 1864 Auburn, N.Y. 

* Ogoen. Meredith Ludlow, died 1864 Waddington, N.Y. 

* Rbmington, Charles RoUin, died 1913 Watertown, N.Y. 


* Beabdslet, Charles Henry, died 1859 EHmira, N.Y. 

* BiBDBALL, Samuel, died 1890 Waterloo, N.Y. 

* BowBN, Prof. Charles Ap- Arthur, died 1866. . .St. Catherines. Ont. Can. 

* Jbwbtt, Prof. Edward Hartt. died 1907 New York, N.Y. 

* Knapp, Thomas Loomis, died 1868 New Berlin, N.Y. 

* Spalding, Rev. Erastus Wooster, died 1902 New Decatur, Ala. 

* Stubgbs, Wilson, died 1867 Waverly. N.Y. 


Abmstbono, James (Law.) 27 Cedar St. New York, N.Y. 

* Hatbb, Hennr, died 1859 Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Hbwitt, Prof. Charles Nathaniel, died 1910 Red Wing, Minn. 

LoBD, George Perry (Ret.) Seneca St. Dundee, N.Y. 

* Sbavbb, William HuU, died 1866 New York, N.Y. 


Folwbll. Prof. William Watts 1020 Fifth St. S.E. Minneapolis, Minn. 

* Pabkbb, Hon. Charles Edward, died 1909 Owego, N.Y. 

RooEBS, Rev. Alexander Hamilton Hamilton, N.Y. 

* TiNKHAM, Dr. James Hervey, died 1879 Owego, N.Y. 


* Catebno, John Sullivan, died 1866 ^ Lockport, N.Y. 

* Chase, Rev. Greorge Leonard, died 1883 Faribault, Minn. 

Gbovb, Hon. Wm. Evans. .226 Lafayette Ave. N.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

* Pattbbson, Rev. (Seorge Herbert, died 1908 Roxbuiy, Mass. 

* Pattbbson, Philo Mark, died 1882 Detroit, Mich. 

Staunton, Rev. John Armitage .14 Cottage PI. Utica, N.Y. 

Van Antwbbp, Rev. William Henry 


* Lbb, George Frederick, died 1874 Buffalo, N.Y. 

* MoiTBTT, Rev. William Henry, died 1890 Newton, N. J. 

* MoBGAN, Horace Hills, died 1893 St. Louis, Mo. 

* Pbabball, Luther Burr, died 1896 Hooper's Valley, N.Y. 

Tatlob. Hugh Woodruff. 230 West Park St. Stockton, Cal. 

124 GENEVA i86fr-e6 

Vail. Prof. Chaa. Delamater (Ret.) " Fair Fidd," Geneva, N.Y. 

Warnick, John Knill Amsterdam, N.Y. 

* Wheeleb, John Tyler, died 1873 Concord, N.H. 


* Bainbridgb, Mahlon, ied 1876 Qreeley, Colo. 

* Cavbbno, Daniel Henry, died 1867 Lockport, N.Y. 

* Hale, Dr. Josiah Little, died 1903. BrookUne, Mass. 

HuTF, Augustus Caesar Hector, N.Y. 

* Miller, Dr. William Gourlay, died 1868 Lewiston, N.Y. 

* Whitney, George, died 1899. Binghamton, N.Y. 


Duff, Rev. Robert Murray 239 E. 62nd St. New York, N.Y- 

* FoLWBLL, Dr. Mahlon Bainbridge, died 1895 Bu£Falo, N.Y. 

* HoDOKiNSON, Edmund Wellington, died 1875 .• Portland, Ore. 

* Hough, Alfred Barton, died 1893 Leadviile, Colo. 

* Ogden, Rev. Charles Talcott, died 1911 Wiscasset, Me. 


* Cabsok, William Orton, died 1862 Geneva, N.Y. 

Dunham, Rev. Francis Sutherland Albion, N.Y. 

* Ellis, John Palmer, died 1904 St. Louis, Mo. 

* FoLWELL, Asa Gray, died 1903 Farmer, N.Y. 

* Macomb, Dr. Edward, died 1873 New York, N.Y. 

Schutleb, Charles Brother 25 East Park St. Newark, N.J. 

* WooDWABD, Benjamin Weston, died 1892 Brooklyn, N. Y. 

* Woodwobth, WiUiam, died 1869 Lodi, N.Y. 


* Allen, Rev. Henry John Whitehouse, died 1901 Glen Loch, Pa. 

* Anderson, William Henry Harrison, died 1911 Baltimore, Md. 

Brewer, Rt. Rev. Leigh Richmond 608 Monroe Ave. Helena, Mont. 

* Brooks, George Gordon, died 1912 New York, N.Y. 

* Conger, Edward AUis. died 1906 Cleveland, O. 

Smith, Sutherland Douglas 24 State St. New York, N.Y. 

* Van Schaack, Cornelius, died 1884. ; Chicago. 111. 


* Delano. Franoia Ralph, died 1892 Niagara Falls, N.Y. 

JacoAus, Charles North View Farm, Waukesha, Wis. 

* LocKWOOD, Rev. Henry Roswell, died 1005 Syracuse, N.Y. 

* PiNCKNEif. Theodore Hawks, died 1866 Phelps, N.Y. 

* Smith, William Penn, died 1864 Phelps, N.Y. 


CoiT, James Milnor (Research) Konrad Strasse, 4, Munich, Bavaria 

* Davis, Henry ^;>rong, died 1901 Stamford, Conn. 

* Drinxbb, Robert Morton, died 1898 New York, N.Y. 

* Olin, Rev. Russell Asa, died 1892 Watertown, N.Y. 

* Wells, Dr. Charles Leonard, died 1898 . . . r Minnei^polis, Minn. 

166^7S GENEVA 186 


Bbioos, George (Ins.) 131 State St. Montpelier, Vt. 

Chapman, Thad. M. (Lumber) Middlebuzy, Vt. 

CoovBAUQHj Rev. Frank Clarence 414 Mahoning St. Hibbing, Minn. 

* RoM» Anthony Jamea Blanchard. died 1900 Eflsez, N.Y. 


Bridgb, Dr. Horatio 12 Myrtle St., Augusta, Me. 

Foot, Robert Ebeneier 1449 Josephine St. Denver, Colo. 

SofrrHGATB, Rev. Edward 309 Shepard St. Washington, D.C. 


BosTwicx, Edward Breck 5'Stowe Ave, Middletown, Conn. 

* Foot, Thomas, died 1872 Geneva, N.Y. 

* (jObdon, John Sawyer Kimball, died 1894 Woodside, N.J. 

* Van Voast, Rev. James, died 1876 Johnstown, N.Y. 


* Allbn, Rev. Charles Nelson, died 1880 (jeneva, N.Y. 

* CuBVBLAND, Rev. William Joshua, died 1910 Edcondido, Cal. 

* Halb, James Tramr, died 1877 New York, N.Y, 

* HuTTON. Prof. Hobart, died 1896 Norbeck, Md. 

* Stubdbvant, Charles Huston, died 1891 Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

* YouNGLOVB, John Morehead, died 1896 Bowling Green, Ky. 


* BiTBDXcK, Edward Hamilton, died 1905 Sjrracuse, N.Y* 

Jackson, Anson Blake New York Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn* 

* Kbllbt, Dr. Armon Frank, died Bennett, Colo* 

North, Rev. Walter 230 Bryant St. Buffalo, N.Y* 

ScHUxyrB, Rev. Bernard 345 West 85th St. New York, N.Y- 

Smith, Rev. Charles Henry 470 Swan St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Wood. Dr. Halsey Lathrop 210 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 


Babkbb, Frederick William (Banker) 215 Park Ave. Syracuse, N.Y. 

* Casb, Dr. Guy Buttolph, died 1904 Cleveland, O. 

* Ck>XB, Dr. Ernest Cleveland, died 1882 Baltimore, Md. 

* Foot. William, died 1870 Geneva, N.Y. 

* Franklin, Benjamin Whiting, died 1915 New York, N.Y. 

* Halb, George Natt, died 1885 Bellefonte, Pa. 

Hughbs. Rev. William Mortimer Morristown, N.J. 


* Idb. Hon. Appleton Jewett, died 1908 Columbus, O. 


* Bbllows, George Powis, died 1891 Geneva, N.Y. 

Braodon, Rev. Charles Axthur Prosser, Wash. 

* CoMSTOCK. Henry Stiles, died 1901 Reading, Pa. 

126 GENEVA I87a-a0 

* CoNGBB. William Perez, died 1887 Chicago, III. 

* DAf, George Herbert, died 1907 Hartford. Conn. 

HuBBABD, Frank Coe (Law.) 825 Park 8t. Coliunbus, O. 


Gibson, John Graham (Law.) 25 Plant St. Utica, N.Y. 

* ToRRET, Dr. Hiram Augustus, died 1002 Toronto, Can. 


Bancroft, Edward Harold 214 Ouachita Ave. Hot Springs, Ark. 

* Barto, Frederick Dumont, died 1005 Tacoma, Wash. 

Clarkb, Richard Torris Columbus, O. 

CoNQBR, Chilion Paul 277 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Hampton, Rev. William Henderson 53 S. 3rd St. Ironton, O. 

* HuLSB, Jonas Turney, died 1881 Cirdeville, O. 

Jones, Dr. Howard Park PI. Cirdeville, O. 


CoxB, Reginald Cleveland (Artist) . . 1926 Seventh Ave. W. Seattle, Wash. 

* Rankinb, WiUiam Birch, died 1005 Niagara Falls, N.Y. 


Bowes, Harrison Hancock '. .409 Paxton Block, Omaha, Neb. 


* Ross, Henry Howard, died 1882 Essex, N.Y. 


* CoNQBR, George Field, ied 1891 Olympia, Wash. 

ia2a-44 187 



* Day, Rer. Henry Noble» died 1890 New Haven, Conn. 

* Ebllb, Timothy Dwight. died 1876 Cleveland, O. 


* LooMis, Prof. Eliaa, died 1889 New Haven, Conn. 


* St. John, Prof. Samuel, died 1876 New York, N.Y. 

* Sbtmoub, Prof. Nathan Perkins, died 1891 New Haven, Conn. 


*' NooNKT, James, died 1895 Chester, Mass. 


* Ltman, Darius, died 1892 Washington. D.C. 


* HcACOCK, Rev. Groevenor William, died 1877 Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Kbnt, Charles, died 1888 Toledo. O. 

* TATiiOR, Rev. Horace Sedgwick, died 1871 Mandapasalie, India 

* Wmoht, Rev. Samuel, died 1862 Toledo, O. 


* Babber, Walter Sessions, died 1845 Harwinton, Conn. 

* Bbistol, George Carmi. died 1841 Farmington, III. 

* Buckingham, Jerome, died 1902 Newark, O. 

* Patch, Rev. Rufus, died 1891 Sumner, Wash. 

* WiiiLiAMS. Dr. Henry Warren, died 1893 Batavia. 111. 


Hudson, Rev. Charles Frederic, died 1867 Haddonfield, N.J. 

* Swift, Hon. Henry Adoniram, died 1869 St. Peter, Minn. 


* Leonahd, Cuylar. died 1859 Sandusky, O. 

* NuTTXNG, Rev. Rufus, died 1898 Carlinville, 111. 

* St. John, Rufus Hawley, died 1847 Warsaw, 111. 

* SsBLTS. Rev. Samud Taylor, died 1902 Easthampton. Mass. 


* CoBDLBT, Rev. Christopher Minta, died 1866 Lawrence, Mass. 

* Goodwin, Homer, died 1896 Sandusky. O. 



* Curtis, Rev. Eleroy, died 1886 Cleveland. O. 

* Sanders, William Davis, died 1897 Jaokaonville, Dl. 


* Burton, Rev. Nathan Smyth, died 1909 Ann Arbor, Mich. 

* Harmon, Dr. Julian, died 1903 Warren, O. 

* Kennedt, Rev. William Sloan, died 1861 Cincinnati. O. 

* Scott, Rev. Joseph Higley, died 1879 Metropolis, HI. 

* Taylor, Rev. Cornelius Hector, died 1875 Cinoinaati. O. 


* Lord, Rev. Nathan Lynde, died 1868 New York, N.Y. 

* Manning, Dr. John, died 1906 Youngstown, O. 


* Chbsteb, Rev. Erastus, died 1870 Qeveland, O. 

* HuLBURD, Hilard Reese, died 1880 New York, N.Y. 

* Read, Matthew Canfield, died 1902 Hudson, O* 

* Sawyer, Joel Swain, died 1875 Chatfield, Mmn< 

* Sturges, Stephen Buckingham, died 1897 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Wilson, Rev. Levi Bodley, died 1900 Del Norte, Colo. 

* Wilson, Tunis Van Houten, died 1849 Plymouth, O. 


* Kkrr.'^v. James Witherspoon, died 1901 Brandon, Miss. 

LooMis, Kev. Samuel 

c/o Leverett M. Loomis, Cal. Aoad. of Sciences, San Francisco, Cal. 

* Samson, Almon, died 1907 Benton Harbor, Mich. 


* Barrows, Prof. Nathan, died 1900 Winter Park, Fla. 

* Benton, Horace, died 1910 Cleveland, O. 

* Bissbll, Leavitt Field, died 1907 , . . . .New York, N.Y. 

*,Dbmpsey, Rev. William, died 1864 Medina, O. 

* FooTB, Lucius Harwood, died 1913 San Francisco, Cal. 

* Gates, Lorenso, died 1873 Gatesville, Kan. 

* ScuDDER, Rev. Ezekiel Carman, <JUed ^896 San Antonio, Tex. 

ScuoDER, Rev. J« W..Palmaner, No. Anot Dist. Madras Presidency, India 


* Austin, William Samuel, died 1865 Memphis, Tenn. 

* Hunt, George Washington, died 1888 Chicago, HI. 

* Hunt, Moms, died 1858! , Lawrence, Kun, 

* OviATT, Virgil Loub, died 1852 , Richfield. O. 


* Foster, Horace Burnham, died 1909 Hudson, O. 

* Gregory, Edwin Smith, die^ 1893 Hudson, O. 

* McCoNAua lY, Nathaniel, died 1911 New York, N.Y. 

1852-62 HUDSON 129 

* PiBBCK, Rev. George Barron, died 1802 Pleaaanton. Mich. 

* Spxnceb, Almon, died 1896 Clinton, B.C. 

* WCI.UAM8, Russell Mortimer, died 892 White Clottd, Kan. 


* Bbooks, David Wheelock, died 1800 Detroit. Mich. 

* Lton. Rev. Amsi Babbitt, died 1890 Chadron, Neb. 


* Allibok, Hon. William Boyd, died 1908 Dubuque, la. 

* AKMaTRONO, Thomas Henry, died 1891 Albert Lea, Minn. 

* Sandsbs, Dr. John Chapin, died 1906 Cleveland, Ov 

* Wilson, Rev. James, died 1860 Ruggles, O. 


* NxjTTiNa, Rev. William Jarvis Gregg, died 1879 St. Clair, Mo. 


* Chambbblain, Rev. Jacob, died 1908.Coonoor, Madras Presidency, India 


* Haines, Dr. Elwood Potts, died 1877 Elyria, O. 


* Andbisws, WiUiam Whiting, died 1897 Qeveland. Q. 

* Cabpentbr, Gilbert Saltonstall. died 1904 Washington, D.C* 

* Ohbistt, George Harvey, died Sewickley, Pa* 

* Day, Henry Mills, died 1901 New York. N.Y- 

* HAMiin?ON, Frank Brown, died 1891 Fort Adams. R.I* 

HioLXT, Brainard Spencer 615 Clyde St. Younmtown, O. 

* McLain, Thomas JefFerson, died 1903 Warren, O. 


ADAJtfs. Edward Francis (Joum.) 954 Asbbury St. San Frapcisco, Cal. 

* Williamson, Samuel Cheney, died 1883 Akron. O. 


* Babbows, Prof. Allen Campbell, died 1908 .Columbus, O. 

* Clark, Horace John, died 1914 Cleveland, O. 

DiMOCK, David Lyourgus 

Tbrby, Ira Cole (Planter) Monroe, La^ 

* Wattbbson. Edward Sayle, died 1872 Warrensville, O. 

* Wbbbeb, Edwin Lester, died 1880 Worthington, Ind. 

* WiiiUAMS, William George, died 1905 San Francisco, Cal. 


Clabk, Charles Enoch (Farmer) Warrensburg, Mo. 

Stuabt, Edward Whittlesey (Law.) 24 Fir St. Akron, O. 

* Williams, Charles Tudor, died 1914 Cleveland, O. 

* WoiiOOCT, Simon Perkins, died 1901. Kent, O. 

130 HUDSON i8eS-70 


* DoooB, Emmet Denio, died 1882 Akron, O. 

Elliott, Rev. John Calvin Silver Spring, Md. 

* Habvbt, William Henry, died 1887. Cleveland, O. 

* Hutchinson, Merrill Nathaniel, died 1896 Burlington, Vt. 

* Strong, Sidney, died 1886 Youngstown, O. 

* Wattbbson, Henry Robert, died 1865 Warrensville, O. 

* Wright, Reginald Heber, died 1902 Akron. O. 


* Eddy, Samuel Mansfield, died 1891 Cleveland, O. 

Ladd, Prof. George Trumbull 204 Prospect St. New Haven, Conn. 

LeBoutillibb, Rev. George Thomas ScottsviUe, Monroe Co. N.Y. 

Fob, Charles Edgar (R. Est.) 1943 East 82nd St. Cleveland, O. 

* Setmoub, Chanes, died 1913 Knoxville, Tenn. 

* Williams, Edward Porter, died 1903 Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Williams, Rev. Richard Lloyd. .6255 El Cajon Ave. East San Diego, Cal. 


* Caruthebs, Elmore Perry, died 1876 Little lock. Ark. 

* Sackbtt, Darius Parmalee, died — ^ New Hartford, N.Y. 

* Shbdd, James George, died 1896 Danville, 111' 

* Smith, Harry Elias, died — ^ Kansas City, Kan. 


*. Harvby, Henry Allyn, died 1881 Cleveland, O. 

* Osbornb, Ralph, died 1882 Toledo, O. 

* Tallbian, Albert Peter, died 1904 Wheeling, W. Va. 


* Curtiss, stiles Henry, died 1899 Cleveland, O- 

* Ellsworth, Elijah Arthur, died 1865 Hudson, O. 

* Harvbt, Edward Hooker, died 1907 Cleveland, O. 

Mbrrick, William Russell (Aud.) 251 Arlington St. Youngstown, O. 

* OviATT, James Schuyler, died 1890 Cleveland, O. 


House, Rev. John Henry (Ed.) Salonica, Greece 

* Mack, Andrew Jackson, died 1895 Mansfield, O. 

Morrill, Frank Forrest (Banking) . . . .209 High St. Newburyport, Mass. 

* Perkins, Prof. William Rufus, died 1895 Erie, Pa. 

* Wilson, Rev. Amsi, died 1892 East Springfield, Pa. 


Hunker, Andrew Holland (Ins.) Toledo, O. 

MooRB, Dr. James White 


* Cabuthbrs, Charles Clark, died 1870 Tallmadge, O. 

* CoFTBT, John Charles, died 1898 Cleveluid, O. 

* Habbington, Charles Fredoriok, died 1871 Warrm, O. 

1870-77 HUDSON 181 

* H^McaUi. Pliny Nelson, died 1884 Chicago. 111. 

* Pbbkuo, Thomaa Kineman, died 1887 Sharon* Pa. 

* SuTiiouB, Prof. Thomaa Day, died 1907 New Haven, Ck>nn. 

Smith, Prof. Charles Josiah R. D. 1, Box 242 Geneva, O. 

* TowNSHSND, James Haushton, died 1888 Stillwater, Minn. 

* Wick, Myron Converse, died 1910 Yoiin^town, O. 

* YouNQ, Frank Ira, died 1888 Toledo, O. 


Baldwin, WiUiam Henry 1415 2l8t St. Washincton. D.C 

Cttbtib, Henry Melville (Ret.) Dublin, O. 

* Cttbtib, William Eleroy, died 1911 Washington, D.C. 

HousB, Dr. Charles Francis 145 North State St. Painesville. O. 

Jbwstt, Jay Hamilton Harrisburg, Ore. 

* Tallman, Chavles Huston, died 1888 Bridgeport, O. 

Trusbdaljb, Charles Robinson 742 Bryson St. Youngstown, O. 

Wright, George Mitchell 411 Everett Bldg. Akron, O. 


* Anids, Warner, died 1910 Youngstown, O. 

BoNNSLL, Martyn 2112 £. 46th St. Cleveland O. 

HoTT, James Humphrey Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 


CuiocnvGW, Perley Martin 

Gatbb, Charles Alexander 612 No. Prospect St. Massillon, O. 

RussBLL, Charles Mirick (Mfg.) 600 E. Main St. Massillon, O. 

Smtth, Hon. James Davis (Judge) BurUngton, la. 

Stbvhkb. Rev. William Coit (Ed.) 3129 22nd Ave. Oakland, Cal. 

* WiLBom, William McClure, died 1898 Chicago, 111. 


^bbtt, William Howard Cleveland, O. 

Carby, Aflhbel Salem, O. 

Smttbb, Rev. George Franklin Gambler, O. 


* Btlbs, Matthew Hale, died 1899 Bradford, Pa. 

CusBiNO, William E. (Law.) . .635 Society for Savings Bids. Cleveland, O. 

* Drown, Herman Beverly, died 1907 ElTicottville, N.Y. 

* Kino, Israel Holly, died 1896 Deming, N.M. 

Maxwbll, John S. (Law.) 510 Caswell BMg. MUwaukee, Wis. 

* Shumwat, George Walter, died 1887 Glenville, O. 


* Coon. George Washington, died 1901 Van Wert, O. 

Gibson, William Tyndafi (Law.) 1039 Poland Ave. Youngstown, O. 

Perkins, Jacob Bishop Blaokatone Bldg. Cleveland , O. 

Whiting, Julius (Law.) 206 Tuscarawas St. W., Canton, O. 


* CoRNBLii, George Herbert, died 1885 Youngstown, O, 

132 HUDSON 1877-86 

Dburt, Myron Maynard Evanston, HI. 

* Stinafp, William Clark, died 1882 Collamer, O. 

Wright, Charles Handel (Tires) Tallmadge, O. 


Dawson, Dr. Lewis Reeves 208 Cobb Bldg. Seattle, Wash. 

McLaim, Frank David (Edit.) 1518 South 53rd St. Philadelphia. Pa. 


Ely. Charles Theodore Elyria, O. 

Fitch, James Gurdon Socorro. N.M. 

* Harrinqton. Frank Wales, died 1893 Warren, O. 

Palmer, Prof. Arthur Hubbell 221 Everit St. New Haven. Conn. 

Parks, Sheldon (Law.) 1519 Williamson Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

* Taylor, Hallet Kilbourn, died 1912. Warren. O. 


King, Prof. William George 828 W. Park St. Butte City, Mont. 


Bates, Henry Clarence (Ed.) 305 Southwest St. Bellevue, O. 

* Campbell, James Dalgleish, died 1885 Youngstown, O. 

Gates, Frederic Hayes (Adv.) 1915 East 84th St. Cleveland, O. 

* Shaw, Charles Allison, died 1892 Canton, O. 


Jones, Frank Herbert (Law.) Bay City, Tex. 

* WooDBRiDGB, Robert McCurdy. died 1899 Aspen, Colo. 


Ambler. Ralph Steele (Law.) Canton, O. 

Barber, Arthur Wellesley Cleveland, O. 

Day, Charles Francis (Law.) Ravenna, O. 

Foster, Burton Parks R. F. D. 1, Belleair, Fla. 

* Howard, Rev. Burt Est«8, died 1913 Berkeley, Cal. 

LooMis, Harrv Erastus 1905 New Eng. Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

Walker, Arthur Henry (Linotype Mach.) .... 188 Fleet St. London, Eng. 
Wbtmobb, Claude (Author) Clay & Washington Sts. Kirkwood. Mo. 


Booth, Charles Herbert (Mfg.) 606 Wick Ave. Youngstown, O. 

OoE, Sage (Mfg.) 232 E. 42nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Moore, Samuel Wallace (Law.) . . .National Bank Bldg. Kansas City, Mo. 
Patton, John Beecher (Sales.) 

c/o P. K. Wilson & Son, 130 6th Ave. New York. N.Y. 
Schuyler, Hamilton 

* SwARTz, Dr. Douglas Arnold, died 1913 South Whitley, Ind. 


* Crowl, Albert Mortimer Harman, died 1910 Lorain, O. 

f Dbmino, Frederick Bigelow, died 1885 Cleveland, O. 

188f-98 HUDSON 183 

Fours, George Edwin (Fin.) 530 Greenleaf Ave. Wilmette. 111. 

* Waits, Henry Morrison, died 1885 Ravenna, O. 


BuirroN, WiUiam Meriam (OU) 72 W. Adams St. Chicago. 111. 

CoATES, Hallam Freer Alliance, O. 

Dat, David Barnes (Law.) Canton, O. 

Dewabt, Rev. William Herbert 54 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Pabkb, Horace Ford (Law.) 802 Engineers' Bldg. Cleveiamd, O. 

* Saudbbs. Esra Chapin. died 1892 Chicago* 111. 

SWABTS, Ulysses Grant (OU) 329 Sheridan Ave. Whiting, Ind. 


Bau>wxn, Frank Lemuel 39 Spring St. Youngstown O. 

EwALD, Daniel Ephraim 1211 Ave. N. Brooklsrn, N.Y. 

FoKO, George Whitmarsh (Mfg.) 3148 Superior Ave. Cleveland, O. 


CowiiBS, Rev. Alton House (Mfr.) 360 Ashland Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

CbowIj, Samuel Hiram (Law.) 411 Hammond Bldg. Detroit, Mich. 

Robinson, (jeorge Henry 161 N. Chestnut St. Ravenna, O. 

ScHUYUBB, William Thaeher 

* Thaybb, Dr. Joseph Masiury, died 1896 Cleveland, O. 


Bbabdbles, Henry Curtis (Ed.) Asheville School, Asheville, N.C. 

Crowl, Harry Bert (Oil) 830 Second Ave. Detroit. Mich. 


Colbt, Bambridge (Law.) 32 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

Parks, Beaumont (Oil) 401 Oliver St. Whiting, Ind. 

Whitman. Hon. Charles Seymour (Governor) Albany, N.Y. 


Hatden, Charles Robertson 1950 E. 73rd St. Cleveland, O. 

Housb, Everett Jay East Scarborough Rd. Warrens ville. O. 


* Kerruibh, WiUiam Davis, died 1904 Cleveland, O. 

Sampsbll Gail Mansfield. O. 

Sanders, Franklyn Brownell (R. Est.) . .2541 Prospect Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Smith. Edward Sell (Chemist) 219 Market St. Warren, O. 

Staoe, Charles Willard (Law.) 1443 East 3rd St. Cleveland. O. 


HiLii, William Meriden (Law.) 222 Walnut St., E. Liverpool, O. 

Petrib, Rev. Edward Clarence 26 Church St. Cooperstowu,, N.Y. 

Seymour, Frederick Horr 

o/o Quaker Oats, Ltd. 11 & 12 Finsbury Sq. London, E. C. Eng. 

184 HUDSON 1894-1900 


BiERCE, George William (Artist) 10312 Wilbur Ave. Cleveland, O- 

CoiiiiACOTT, Harry Richards (R. Est.) 412 S. State St. Painesville, O. 

* Jones. Dr. Arthur Willis, died 1903 Bellevue, O. 

McGowAN. Roland Thomson (Banking) 1940 E. S3d St. Cleveland, O. 


Barber, Edward Parsons Calle 61, No. 471, Merida, Yucatan, Mez. 

Breckenridoe, Benjamin Terry (R. R.) 126 Main St. EvansviUe, Ind. 

Ltnch, Dr. Frank W 104 So. Michigan Bird. Chicago. lU. 

Oaklet, Harry Beecher (Sales.) .... 1600 Railway Exchange, Chicago, 111. 


Bole, Benjamin Patterson (Law.) Plain Dealer Bldg. Cleveland. O. 

Colby, Arthur Warren (Mer.) 335 Main St. Painesville.O. 

Laundon, Mortimer Hamlin Cleveland, O. 

Meade, Lieut. William Gale c/o War Department, Washington, D.C. 

Wick:ham, Benjamin Breckenridge (Law.) 

917 Williamson Bldg. Cleveland, O. 


Bishop, Albert Bert 2068 W. 14th St. Cleveland, O. 

Kimball, Robert Eugene (Mfg.) 1893 East 90th St. Cleveland, O. 

* McGiffert, Joseph Carleton, died 1895 Ashtabula, O. 

Owen, Frank Percival (Banking) 21 Eastham St. East Cleveland, O. 

Sanders, Hon. Fielder (Judge) 1720 E. 21st St. Cleveland, O. 

Wbnham, John Knowles, (Glass) 1075 Forest Clifi Drive, Lakewood, O. 


McInttbb, Milton D 1267 Lakeland Ave. Lakewood. O. 

MuBCH, Mavnard Hale (fin.) . .1120 Forest Rd. Clifton Pk. Cleveland, O. 
Peck, Joseph Ray 725 Argyle Rd. Brooklyn. N.Y. 

* Setmoub. Robert Henry, died 1898 Elwood, Ind. 


Embrt. Jo Tuttle (Pub.) 70 Sherman Ave. Glen Ridge, N. J. 

Ford. Carl Boughton (Law.) 718 Williamson Bldg. Cleveland. O. 

Jones, Dr. Nathaniel Moore 515 New England Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

Meacham, Roland Thomas (Fin.) 15102 Clifton Blvd;. Lakewood, O. 

Smart, James Harrow (Ins.) Williamson Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

Squire, Mark Peny (Fin.) Hotel Plaxa, Detroit, Mich. 

Sturqes, Hale (Printmg) 154 Park Ave. W., Mansfield, O. 

WicKHAM, Romeyn Dudley (Law.) 237 Benedict Ave. Norwalk, O. 


Bourne, John Knowles 

CoMSTOCK, Dwight (Ins.) Metuchen, N.J. 

Drtden, Drury Frederick (Copper) Ck>pperhill, Tenn. 

* Egbert, Theodore Baker, died Buffalo, N.Y. 

FoLsoM, Arthur Hanna 11 E. 33d St. New York, N.Y. 

HuTCBiNS, Francis Sessions (Law.) 27 Pine St. New York, N.Y. 

190(My7 HUDSON 189 

Kellt. George Harrington (Art.) 1898 E. 73rd St. Cleveland, O. 

Kraiobb, Hon. Samuel Edmund (Judge) . . . 1861 E. 90th St. Cleveland, O. 

Laub, William John (Law.) Second National Bank Bldg, Akron, O. 

Smith, Huntington (Ry. £ng.) 2064 £. 102nd St. Cleveland, O. 


Allkn, Karl CampbeU 365 FranUin Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Baxteb. Edwin Childfl (Banking) 24 Elsinore St. East Cleveland. O. 

C0X4X, Tbomaa James 1906 E. 105th St. Cleveland, O. 

FiTCB, Ralph GroBvenor Lancashire Rd. Cleveland Hgts. O. 

King, Clifford MarshaU (C. Eng.) 119 Boalt St. Sandusky. O. 


Bowman, Edgar Siillman 226 Euclid Ave. CTleveland, O. 

Embbson, John (Plavwri^t) .130 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Weavbb, Roydon E!dward 


E18BNBBBT, Dr. Arthur Bradley St. Lukes Hospital, New York, N.Y. 

Gammsl, Robert Edward (Pub.) 12047 Lake Ave. Lakewood, O. 

Meybb, Albert Wise (Candy) 6 Keswick 6t. Boston, Mass. 

Wallacb, Fred Sumpter (Realty) . . 13701 Kinsman Rd. 8.E. Cleveland, O. 


Emebt, Ralph Stevens (Steel) 7121 Upland St. Pittsburgh. Pa. 

McAbthx7B, Arthur Fraw (Furniture) 

2263 Grandview Ave. Cleveland Heights, O. 

Mabch, Forest Oliver (Fin.) 33 W. Slst St. New York. N.Y. 

Pbbntice, Noyes Billings (Pur. Agt.) 

c/o Pickands, Mather & Co. Cleveland, O. 

Pboctob, Ralph Roecoe Fremont, O. 

YouMO, James Herbert Joplin, Mo. 


HT7BBBI.L, Frank (Adv.) Huron Rd. cor. E. 7th St. Qevdand, O* 

MiLLEB, Dr. William Theodore 1869 E. 79th St. Cleveland, O- 

Seagbavb, Philip Wallace 2134 E. 100th St. Cleveland. O* 


Gbbbnman, Carleton Marshall 3(X) W. Main St. Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Gbund, Henry Lang (Paint.) 1950 E. 90th St. Cleveland, O. 

KoLLAB. Dr. Joseph Blaine 1846 E. 55th St. Cleveland. O. 

Lano, Francis Allen Horton 22 Clarence Ave. Lakewood, O. 

Laubscheb, Gustav George (Ed.) . . . 1783 W. 32d St. N.W. Cleveland, O. 

Mbteb, John Houser Cleveland, O. 

QuAYLE. Herbert Allen (Law.) 2029 East 80th St. Cleveland, O- 


Cobnbll, Arnold Elliott (Edit.) 1257 Belle Ave. Lakewood, O. 

Lee, Arthur Malachi, Jr 

RADCLivrs, Everett Edward (Sales.) 8009 Carnegie Ave. Cleveland^ O. 

IM HUDSON 1908-13 


BABNE'h', Harley Brainarxl 3465 W. 26th St. Cleveland, O. 

Drapbb, Charles Herbert (Mfg.) 3603 East 82nd St. Cleveland, O. 

Hbdley, George S. (Sew. Mach.) 3882 W. Slst St. Cleveland, O. 

Kbllbt, WiUiam Willard 2719 E. 87th St. Cleveland, O. 

Mabch, Harold Wales (Refining) Washington, Pa. 


Bauder, George Tyrrell (Law.) 625 Williamson Bldg. d^eveland, O. 

BR0NNER, Ford Whitman (Law.) 11033 Euclid Ave. (Cleveland, O. 

Ely, Samuel Prescott (Fin.) 3328 Euclid Ave. Cleveland. O. 

Emebt. Fred Hartwell (Fin.) Suite 46, The Haddam, Cleveland. O. 

King. Lucian Loomis (Adv.) 98 Cbllege St. Akron* O. 

Lamb, Judson Paul (Law.) 18140 Qifton Rd. Lakewood. O. 

ScHAFEB, Alonso William (Sales.) 1466 £. 115th St. Cleveland, O. 

SiDLO, Thomas Leo (Pub. Serv.) . . .12415 Forest Grove Ave. Cleveland, O. 
Stewabt. Paul M. (Agr.) East Cleveland. O. 


Clabk. Reuben De Blois 607 E. 124th St. N.E. Cleveland, O. 

Gbbbnwood, Walter Percival (R. Est.) . 606 Williamson Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

Hawkins, Harold Smith 2066 E. 77th St. Cleveland. O. 

NiEMO, Lech Thaddeus (Law.) 1245 Nebraska Ave. Toledo, O. 

Smart, Samuel Kenneth 1619 Conway Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

Weaver, Paul Herman Dayton, O . 

White, Earle Euclaire (R. Est.) 1768 Middlehurst Rd. Cleveland, O. 


Gaines, Harold Edward 1069 Leader News Bldg. Cleveland. O. 

Grasbblli, Edward Fairmount Blvd. Cleveland, O. 

Hale, Ralph Plum (Sales.) .67 Front St. Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Partridge, Charles Weston (Sales.) 1725 Wilson Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Roberts, Reuben (Ins.) 808 Park Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

WiLMOT. Irving Boynton (Ry. Eng.) 3878 W. 36th St. Cleveland. O. 


DnsTiN, Alfred Alton (Law.).. 1125 National Realty Bldg. Tacoma, Wash. 

Hubbell, J. Leslie (Adv.) 17205 Clifton Blvd. Lakewood, O. 

MacCamant. James Earl (Chmaware) 321 Gnait St. E. Liverpool, O. 

PoMXROT. Cleve Hale (Fin.) 1973 E. Slst St. Cleveland. O. 

Wilson, Parker Fellows (Steel) 1918 East 73rd St. Cleveland, O. 

WucHTER, George Thomas (Tire Sales.) Wadsworth, O. 


Bates, Stanlee Theodore (Sales.) 11500 Mayfield Rd. Cleveland, O. 

CoLEGROVE, Ernest Leighton 10524 Elgin Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Dunbar, Wallace George (Adv.) 8701 Carnegie Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Sadler, Russell K 12926 Clifton Blvd. Cleveland, O. 

Tage, Richard Earl 2134 Cornell Rd. Cleveland, O. 

Wadb. Harry Knox 1974 East 116th St. Cleveland. O. 

1911-18 HUDSON 1S7 


Akebs, Albert McKay (Mfr.)-.1493 Rydalmount St. Cleveland Heights, O. 
BnsLii, Rurmond Smith (Steel). .2865 Hampshire Rd. Cleveland Heights, O, 

Fbxttsb, Lester Frank 1754 East 27th St. Cleveland, O. 

Gaoeb, Adelbert Foster 55 Beersford Rd., E. Cleveland O. 

HopKiNSON, Clifford Warris (Ins.) 4718 Franklin Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Kruo, Frank Joseph (Iron) 1849 East 75th St. Cleveland, O. 

Patne, Randolph Rogers 10510 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O . 

Unkefeb, Earl Audubon (Bldr.) Minerva, O. 


Bbetlet, Ray Wynant (Matches) 253 Broad St. Wadsworth, O. 

CiiABK, MiUs Gomberg Bensonia, Mich. 

Hatcher, Harry Tuthill (Sales.) 1860 E. 87th St. Cleveland, O. 

Hates, Ralph Alfonse 423 So. Wiley St. Crestline, O. 

Miller, Glenn Gifford 1103 Center St. Ashland, O. 

Rogers, Howard Henry 8607 Detroit Ave. Cleveland. O. 


Boone, Howard Alton Cleveland, O. 

Jones, Ralph Wickham Bay City, Tex. 

MacKinnan, Reginald 890 Third Ave. Grand Rapids. Wis. 

MxsKELL, James Bernard 7511 Rutledge Ave. Clevdand, O. 

Porter, Herbert Wilber 11217 Beliflower Rd. N.E. Cleveland, O. 

Sherman, Harris Gray, Jr. (Steel) 2200 Prospect Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Spraoxts, Leonard Ford 2025 E. 69th St. Cleveland, O. 

Taylor, Clarence Minor 1008 Taylor Rd. Cleveland, O. 


Carr, Leslie Cakes 2nd (Banking) 9347 Hough Ct. Oeveland. O. 

Climo, George Frederick, Jr 8520 Cam^e St. Cleveland, O. 

Dbnaplb, Edward Charles 6616 Bridge Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Gainbb, Paul Lorin 2134 Cornell Rd. Cleveland, O. 

Whitaker, Alfred Andrew 9417 Hough Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Wise. Harry Wright 10510 EucUd Ave. Cleveland, O. 


GsART, John Donald 1921 E. 101st St. Cleveland, O. 

Hahn, Harry Chamberlain 1839 E. 87th St. Cleveland, O. 

Porter, D'Arcy Hoodless 11217 Beliflower Rd. N.E. Cleveland, O. 

Sttrimplb, Theodore Lawrence 1543 East Blvd. Cleveland, O. 

Young. Wallace Clark 1934 E. 84th St. Cleveland, O. 

138 1834-43 



* Smith, Rev. Henry Boyuton, died 1877 New York.N.Y. 


* CuTXiSB, John Lewis, died 1002 Quitman, Ga. 

* FiBLD, 1 ev. George Warren, died 1900 Bangor, Me. 

* FiBKB. Rev. John Orr. died 1893 Bath. Me. 


* Palmer, Dr. Gideon Stinson, died 1891 Washington, D. C. 


* FuUiKB, Benjamin Apthorp Gould, died 1885 Brooldine, Mass. 

* GooD>7iN, Ichabod, died 1869 Washington, D. C. 


* Kelloog, Rev. Elijah, died 1901 North Harpswell, Me. 

* Upham, Dr. Albert Gallatin, died 1847 Boston. Mass. 


* iNGALLe, Henry, died 1896 Wiscasset, Me. 

* Ladd, Rev. Francis Dudley, died 1862 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Magoun, Rev. George Frederic, died 1896 Grinnell, la. 


* BooDT, Henry Hill, died 1912 New York. N.Y. 

* Clark, John Craig, died 1873 New York, N.Y. 

* Gabdini», Rev. frederic, died 1889 Middletown, Conn. 

* Htdb, Rev. William Lyman, died 1896 Jamestown, N. Y. 

* Pagb, Dr. Jesse William, died 1888 Bath, Me. 

* Trabk, Samuel, died 1897 Portland, Me. 

* Wells, George (Washington), died 1893 Arlington, Colo. 


* Craij, Rev. Wheelock, died 1868 New Bedford, Mass. 

* Dane, Joseph, died 1884 Kennebunk, Me. 

* Goodwin, William Augustus, died 1896 Portland, Me. 

* Little, Rev. George Barker, died 1860 West Newton, Mass. 

* Means, Rev. John Oliver, died 1883 Rozbury, Mass. 

* Paybon, George, died 1893 Chicago, III. 

* TiTooMB, Joseph, died 1891 Kennebunk, Me. 

1844r'fi0 BOWDOIN 199 


* Bradbubt, Henry Knight, died 1876 HoUis, Me. 

* Ckaio, Bev. Henry Kinsman, died 1002 Falmouth, Mass. 

* FARNHjUf, William Henry, died 1872 Selma. Ala. 

* FoLBOM, Rev. George DeForest. died 1895 San Franoiaco, Cal. 

* Pai^msb, Joshua Sears, died 1803 Portland, Me. 

* Swan, Dr. Charles Edward, died 1908 Calais, Me. 

* SwAZBT, Rev. Arthur, died 1887 Chicago, 111. 

* Tappan, Winthrop, died 1897 Bound Brook, N.J. 

* Williams, Horace, died 1894 Clinton, la. 


* Butler, Moses Morris, died 1879. Portland, Me. 

* Deerinq, James Henry, died 1899 San Francisco, Cal. 

* KiNGBBURT, George Henry, died 1899 Boston. Mass. 

* Skeelb, Rev. John Parker, died 1881 East Bloomfield. N.Y. 


* Deanb, Frederick Au^tus, died 1867 San Francisco, Cal. 

* Hanbcom, James William, died 1847 Saoo, Me. 

* Merrill, Rev. Donatus, died 1853 Bunker Hill, 111. 

* Morse, MoSes Leland, died 1875 Boston, Mass. 

* Snow, Rev. Benjamin Galen, died 1880 Brewer, Me. 

* Talbot, Thomas Hammond, died 1907 Brookline. Mass. 

* Waterman, John Anderson, died 1893 Gorham, Me. 


* BooDT, Alvin, died 1858 Hudson, Wis. 

* JoBDAN, Rev. Ebeneser Stevens, died 1890 Browi^eld, Me. 

* Means, Rev. George Jarvis, died 1879 HoweUs, N.Y. 

* Merrill, Dr. Frank Benjamin, died 1899 Alfred, Me. 

* Neil, Henry Baker, died 1912 Tie Siding, Wyo. 

* VosB, Frank, died 1875 Denver, Colo. 


* Rich, Rev. Thomas Hill, died 1893 Lewiston, Me. 

* Sewall, Rev. Jotham Bradbury, died 1913 Brookline, Mass. 

* Stanton, Prof. Benjamin, died 1874 Schenectady, N.Y. 


* Greene, Charles Franklin Henry, died 1875 Athens, Me. 

* HooLE, James Lowe, died 1901 Mobile, Ala. 

* Palmer, Rev. Edward Stanton, died 1908 Binghamton, N.Y. 

* Stanley, John Thomas, died 1868 Chapel Hill, Tex. 


* Bell, William Nelson Nailing, died 1862 Dresden, Tenn. 

* Buck, Dr. Samuel Preble, died 1003 West Woolwich, Me. 

* Gardner, Hon. William Sewall, died 1888 Newton, Mass. 

* Sewall, Prof. John Smith, died 1911 Ban^r, Me. 

* Snsll, George Harvey, died 1858 Umty, Me. 

140 BOWDOIN 1851-67 


* Bbown, Philip Henry, died 1893 Portland, Me. 

* Mabshall, William Martin Luther, died 1863 Baltimore, Md. 

* OwiiN, William Henry, died 1903 .Washington, D.C. 

* Tebbbts, Gilbert Carr, died 1867 Lisbon, Me. 

* Wabe, Joseph Ashnr, died 1874 Washington, D.C. 


* Chambeblain, Gen. Joshua Lawrence, died 1914 .Brunswick, Me. 

* Chbsley, Charles (Usher), died 1909 Washington, D.C. 

* HowABD, Joseph Dana, died 1872 New York, N.Y. 

* May, John Walker, died 1899 Auburn, Me. 


* CuMMiNGS, Dr. Ralph Wardlaw, died 1880 San Francisco, Cal. 

* KiDDEB, Rev. James Holwell, died 1911 Owego, N.Y. 

* McKeen, Dr. Joseph, Jr., died 1881 Topsham, Me. 


* Deane, John Frederic, died 1872 New Orleans, La. 

* Gbeeley, Council, died Chicago, 111. 

* SiMONDS, John Wesley, died 1885 Vermillion, S.D. 

* Stetson, John Glidden, died 1908 Boston, Mass. 

* Wilson, Franklin Augustus, died 1911 Bangor, Me. 


* Gabdneb, Samuel Spring, died 1899 Washington, D.C. 

* WiNGATE, John, died 1881 St, Louis, Mo. 


* Ambbose, Rev. Thomas Lyford, died 1864r Ossipee, N.H. 

* Bbown, James Olcott, died 1864 Portland, Me. 

Cbaig, Virgil Lafayette Capitol Hotel, Jamestown, K.D. 

* LoBiNG. Prentiss, died 1905 Portland, Me. 

Moses, Galen Clapp (Mfg.) 1009 Washington St. Bath, Me. 


* Bbastow, Prof. Lewis Orsmond, died New Haven, Conn. 

* CHAMBEBiiAiN, Horaoc Beriah, died 1861 Bangor, Me. 

* Chapman, Edward Thurston, died 1864 Unity, Me. 

Cob, Dr. Thomas Upham (Fin.) Court St. Bangor, Me. 

* HowABD, Rev. Henry Ripley, died 1895 Tullahoma, Tenn. 

Moses, Dr. Thomas Freeman (Ret.) . . . .Worcester Lane, Waltham, Mass. 
Pond, Benjamin Wisner (Ret.). ..1887 Newton St. N.W. Washington, D.C. 

* RoBBiNS, Nathaniel Augustus, died 1913 Washington, D.C. 

* Stanley, Gustavus Augustus, died 1884 Pensaoola, Fla. 

Stbwabt, Rev. Samuel Barrett (Ret.) Ballston Spa, N.Y. 

* Stockxn, Abner Chase, died 1901 Boston, Mass. 

1868-64 BOWDOIN 141 


* Clbavm, Nathan, died 1892 Portland, Me. 

* Deerino, Rufus Washburn, died 1898 Washington, D.C. 

* Phillips, John Wyman, died 1903 Orrington, Me. 

Sew ALL, Rev. Frank 1618 Riggs PI. Washington, D.C. 


Andbbson, John Dnguid Gray, Me. 

* Chambbrlaik, Rev. John Calhoun, died 1867 Castine, Me. 

* Jackson, George Newton, died 1879 Chicago, 111. 

Kino, Rev. Hen|T^ Melville 8 Gushing St. Providence, R.I. 

* King, Samuel Henry, died 1861 Augusta, Me. 

Ladd, Rev. Horatio Oliver 63 Middletown St. Jamaica, N. Y. 

* Sabine, Francis Wallingford, died 1864 Bangor, Me. 

* WsBSTEB, George, died 1902 Bangor, Me. 

* Weeks, John William, died 1892 Butler, Pa. 


* Applbton, John Francis, died 1870 Bangor, Me. 

* Bbown, John Marshall, died 1907 Portland, Me. 

* Emery, George Barrett, died 1898 Portland, Mo. 

* Thompson, Jacob Hale, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

Webster, Francis WiUard Colville, Stevens Co. Wash. 


* Applbton, Edward Larke, died 1868 Bangor.Me. 

* FooG. Dr. Edmund Eastman, died 1887 Buxton Centre, Me. 

* Hunt, Dr. Charles Oliver, died 1909 Portland, Me. 

* Rich, John, died 1863 Farmingdale, Me. 

Stanwood, Edward (Edit.) 76 High St. Brookline, Mass. 


* Cochran. Melville Augustus, died 1904 -. . .Jacksonville, Fla* 

* Donnell, William Ellingwood, died 1894 New York, N.Y- 

* Hunt, Dr. Henry Hastings, died 1804 Portland, Me. 

* Mark, George Adams, died 1887 Washington, D.C> 

* Starbird, Dr. Isaac Warren, died 1907 Chelsea, Mass. 


* Bates, Joseph Clement, died 1913 Alameda, Cal. 

* Wood, Nathan Henry, died 1884 Windham, Me. 


Applbton, Frederick Hunt (Law.) 26 Fifth St. Bangor, Me. 

* Caswbll, Samuel Shannon, died 1870 Stra£ford, N.H. 

* Emebt, Henry Brown, died 1880 Bangor, Me. 

LiBBT, Augustus Frost (Ret.) 80 Prospect St. Summit, N.J. 

LiBBT, Charles Freeman (Law.) 605 Congress St. Portland, Me. 

* LiBBY, Frank WiUard, died 1887 Portland. Me. 

* McKbbn. James, died 1911 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Maxwell. James Henry, died 1865 Saco, Me. 

142 BOWDOIN 1864-71 

Bobbins, Charles Augustus 307 Main St. East Orange, N.J. 

* Whitb, Thomas Herbert, died 1911 Bangor, Me. 


* Easton, Rev. David Augustus, died 1894 Cambridge, Mass. 

* FuLLEB, Dr. Charles, died 1909 Somervifle, Mass. 

Gatchbll, Gen. Prince Albert 25th and Maxwell Sts. Cheyenne, Wyo. 

* Sabiol, Juan Bautista, died 1864 Havana, Cuba. 

Shbpabd, Thomas 505 Broadway. Winter HiU, Bomerville, Mass. 

* Smith, Horatio Fox, died 1864 Gorham, Me. 


* Chapman, Prof. Henry Leland, died Brunswick, Me, 

Gebbish, Prof. Frederic Henry (Med.) 676 Congress St. Portland, Me. 

HiNKLET, Charles King (Ret.) Gorham, Me. 

Kelly, Rev. George WiUiam (Ret.).. .508 Washington Ave. Portland, Me. 

* Webstbb, Dr. Charles Edwin, died 1892 Portland, Me. 

* Wright, Albert, died 1888 Healdsburg, Cal. 


Eaton, Benjamin Briarly Chicago, 111. 

^ Hubbabd, Geoive Fraoklin, died 1868 Winterport, Me. 

* Hutchinson. Winfield Scott, died 1911 Boston. Mass. 

Mbrriman, Richard Greenleaf Norfolk. Cal. 

* Wilson. Joseph Colbum. died 1890 Orono, Me. 


* Burns, Dr. Joseph Scribner, died 1913 Ashmont, Mass. 

* Chapman. Charles Jarvis. died 1898 Portland. Me. 

* Foster, Dr. George Winslow, died 1904 Bangor, Me. 

Hinklet. John Adams (Lib.) Gorham, Me. 

Mabon, John Rogers 384 Hammond St. Bangor, Me. 

* Shepard. Dr. William Francis, died 1902 Bangor, Me. 

Sturois, Dr. John Irving New Gloucester, Me. 


* Dike, James, died 1886 Greensboro, N.C. 

Eaton, Thomas Henry (Banker) 185 Middle St. Portland, Me. 

FooG, Frederic Augustine (Farming) 285 Summit Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

Mosher, George Frank (Ilet.) 107 Howland St. Boston, Mass. 

* Psrlbt, Willard Humphrey, died 1873 Detroit, Mich. 


* Barnard, Henry Darling, died 1877 Buoksport, Me. 

* Brown, Frank Mason, (Bed 1889 Cheppeta, Colo. 

Page. Caleb A. (Ed.) Methueo, Mass. 

* Sprigg. Samuel, died 1892 San Franeisoo, Cal. 

Wekon, Dr. Edward Burbank 300 E. 33rd St. Chioago. HI. 


Batlet, Rev. Frank Tappan 1320 E. 12th Ave. Denver, Colo. 

Brown, Col. Edward Thomas (Ret.) Paris, Oxford County, Me. 

1871-76 BOWDOIN 148 

Dbnnvtt, Dr. William Sawyer 8 E. 49th St. New York, N.Y. 

Gabland, Dr. Qeorse Minot 227 Newbury St. Boston, Mass. 

* Pattbd, WiUiam Sullivan, died 1911 Minneapolis, Minn. 

Fbndbiaom, Edward Waldo (Law.) 1100 Jefferson Are. Detroit, Mich. 

* Sakdfobd, William Fiske, died 1897 St. Louis, Mo. 

* Shepabd, Charles Lord, died 1900 Boston, Mass. 


Gross, Samuel Lane (Law.) 206 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Habbib, Herbert 10 Henry St. Portland, Me. 

* HiNCKS, John Lewis Rich, died 1886 Aucusta, Me. 

* Ibbland, Frank Pierce, died 1902 Nebraska City, Neb. 

Spauldinq, Dr. Frank Wood* Clifton Springs, N.Y. 


* Blakx, William Augustine, died 1875 Bangor, Me. 

Dbebino, Dr. Benjamin Tappan 131 Ave. de ViUien, Paris, France 

* Pbblbt, Dr. Harry Otis, died 1913 Washington, D.C. 

Rbbd, Dr. William Gilman 38 Hamilton St. Southbridge, Mass. 

Robinson, Dr. Daniel Arthtur 142 Hammond St. Bangor, Me. 

* Robinson, Prof. Franklin Clement, died 1910 Brunswick, Me. 

* Watbbhousi:, Frank Shepard, died 1905 Limerick, Me. 

Whitnkt, Frederick E. (Law.) 532 15th St. Oakland, Cal. 

WiLBON, Rev. Frederick Arthur Andorer, Mass. 


CoLB, Rev. Samuel Valentine (Pres.) .. . .Wheaton Collie, Norton, Mass. 
Emebt, Hannibal Hamlin (Law.^ 88 Park St. Portland, Me. 

* Kimball, Charles Frederick, died 1909 Chicago, lU. 

Kimball, Dr. L(evi) Houghton 15 Elm Hill Ave. Rozbury, Mass. 

Simpson, Hon. Judge Thomas Charles.. . .97 High St. Newburyport, Mass. 
Whits, Henry Gfu^iner Gardiner, Me. 


Cabtbb, Seth May (Law.) 17 Laurel'Ave. Auburn, Me. 

* McQuillan, George Fulton, died 1914 Portland, Me. 

* Patten, Horace Reed, died 1876 Portland, Me. 

PxTLSiPEB, Dr. Woodbury (Lib.) . . 1627 Hobart St. N.W. Washington, DC. 

* Rice, Dr. William Edgar, dieid Bath, Me. 

RoQBBS, Rev. Joseph McKeen 1130 Oakland Ave. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Sabobnt, Prof. Dudley Allen Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 

Stanwood, Dr. Robert Given (Ret.) Anson, Me. 


Bates, Prof. Arlo 4 Otis PI. Boston, Mass. 

Jameson, Charles Davis c/o Mrs. Julia A. Jameson, Bangor, Me. 

* Kimball, Edward Hazen, died 1902 Bath, Me. 

Patne, Dr. John Howard 352 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. 

Robinson, Walter AuKustine (Ed.) 36 Jason St. Arlington, Mass. 

Sbwall, Joseph Ellis (Ret.) 1071 Washington St. Bath, Me. 

* Soutbeb* Williams, died 1908 Crawford, Neb. 

144 BOWDOIN 1877-« 


Blake, Edward Harweu-d Bangor, Me. 

Brown. Nathan Clifford 218 Middle St. Portland, Me. 

Chapman, John Eliphas (Trustee) .... 58 Hammond St. Cambridge, Mass. 

HoLBROOK, Rev. George Arthur 2900 5th Ave. Troy, N.\ . 

Sanborn, Willett Herbert (Ed.) Buena Vista, Va. 

WiQQiN, Henry Dwight (Lumber) . > 89 State St. Boston, Mass. 


Fessenoen, Stephen Deblois (Dept. Agr.) 

507 E. Graham St. Bloomington, 111. 

* Garland, Otis Ward, died 1877 ? Gloucester, Mass. 

* PuRiNGTON, George Colby, died 1909 Farmington, Me. 

Sleeper, Rev. William Washburn 15 Hampden St. Wellesley, Mass. 


Hastings, Edward Ellis (Law.) . : Fryeburg, Me. 

* Stearns, Seward Smith, died 1899 Norway, Me. 


Dane, Walter Lee (Law.) Kennebunk, Me. 

Emerson, Dr. Nathaniel Waldo 118 Forest Hills St. Boston, Mass. 

* Gilbert, Roswell Chase, died 1887 Salmon Falls, N.H. 

* GouLDiNO, Franklin, died 1913 Los Angeles, Cal. 

Martin, William Pierce Lexington, Mass. 

PuRiNGTON, Frank Orrin (Law.) 46 Pleasant St. Mechanic Falls, Me. 

RiLET, Thomas H. (Banker) 46 Pleasant St. Brunswick, Me. 


Chamberlain, Harold W. (Elec.) . 1925 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. 

Cole, Rev. William Isaac Wheaton College, Norton, Mass. 

Cutler, Rev. Charles Herrick 12 Moffatt Rd. Waban, Mass. 

Dike, Dr. John 112 W. Emerson St. Melrose, Mass. 

* Gregg, Artemus Fisher, died 1879 Buckfield, Me. 

* Hathaway, Horace Burleigh, died 1888 Augusta, Me. 

* Hitchcock, Dr. Alfred, died 1900 Farmington, Me. 

Merrill, Ferdinand B. (C. Eng.) Yarmouthville, Me. 

TowLE, Hon. William Warren (Iaw.) 10 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. 


* Jbwbtt, Edward Rountree, died 1899 Chicago, 111. 

Mason, Wallace Edward (Ed.) 251 Mara St. Keene, N. H. 

Merryman, William Curtis ((J. Eng.).. 537 W. 149th St. New York, N. Y. 
Moody, Prof. William Albion 60 Federal St. Brunswick, Me. 

* Stinchfield, Charles Eben, died 1882 Patten, Me. 


* Gibson, Dr. Arthur Collis, died 1904 Ban^r, Me. 

Hutchins, Prof. Charles Clifford Brunswick, Me. 

Packard, Dr. Edward Albert 908 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

* Pearson, William Stacey, died 1890 Minneapolis, Minn. 

188^-89 BOWDOIN 146 

RnsBBLL, Arthur Joseph (Writer) 1717 Irving Ave. So.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

* Sew ALL, Benson, died 1887 Bangor, Me. 

Ststbon, Charles Henry (Ed.) 8th Ave. and Bway. Nashville, Tenn. 


Child, Sampson Reed (Law.) . 816 Lumber Exch. Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Phinnet, Horace Coleman (R. Est.) . . . 1133 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

ToBBEY, Prof. Charles Cutler 101 Bishop St. New Haven, Conn. 

ToRRBT, Joseph Northwestern Rubber Co. Liverpool, Eng. 

Walker, Sherman W. (Florist) 1»4 E. 33rd St. Portland, Ore. 

Waterman, John Anderson (Law.) . Gorham, Me. 

Watson, William Preston (Pub.) Kingfield, Me. 


* Dteb, Orlando, died 1883 Topsham, Me. 

French, Ralph Spofford (Fin.) Los Angeles, CaL 

GooDENOw, Dr. Daniel 24 Main St. Maynard, Mass. 

Neallby, William Pope (Coal) Bangor, Me. 

PuBRiNGTON, Marshall H. (Banking) . 515 Cumberland Ave. Portland, Me. 

* Tabr, Charles Henry, died 1887 Brunswick, Me. 

Thomas, Eugene (Law.) Topsham, Me. 


Davis, Prof. Charles A Bur. of Mines, Washington, D.C. 

Davis, John Herbert (Fin.) 317 Main St. Bangor, Me. 

* Dike, Dr. Thomas Worcester, died 1009 Newtonville, Mass. 

* TuTTLE, Charles Whitoomb, died Ckrfusa, Cal. 


Goodwin, Prof. Charles Jaques 118 Church St. Bethlehem, Pa. 

Little, Edward Toi)pan (Customs) 115 W. 115th St. New York, N.Y. 

Pabsons, George Winfield (Ed.) 2 Cross St. Medford, Mass. 

Perkins, Arthur Wellesley 21 High St. Farmington, Me. 

Sew ALL, Rev. Oliver Dana 239 Main St. Great Barrington, Mass. 

ToRRBY, Elliot Bouton (Art.) 164 E. 63rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Varnby, Leander BrookiB 107 Devon St. Roxbury, Mass. 

Verrill, Charles Henry (Statistics).. . .Dept. of Labor, Washington, D.C. 


Ayeb, Dr. Thomas Herbert 9 High St. Westboro, Mass. 

* Barrett, Edgar Stanley, died 1888 Sumner, Me. 

Barrows, John Stuart (Joum.) 08 Gainsborough St. Boston, Mass. 

Bradvord, Dr. William Herbert 208 State St. Portland, Me. 

Woodman, Willanl Woodbury (Ed.) 7 Stevens St. Feabody, Mass. 


Carroll, Bernard Chauncy (Tele.) . .306 Shreve Bldg. San Francisco, Cal. 

* Hayes, George William, died 1894 Lewiston, Me. 

Libby, Ferdinand Joshua East Douglas, Mass. 

Robib, William Pitt Fessenden (Trustee) Gorham, Me. 

Shibley, Eklward Newton (Lumber) 

2733 Woodburn Ave. Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, O. 
Watts, Prof. Oliver Patterson 114 Spooner St. Madison, Wis. 

146 BOWDOIN 1890-94 


* Bbigob, Ernest Everett, died 1889 Aubunit Me. 

CoNAMT, Dr. Edgar Frank Stedman Bidg. Denver, Colo. 

Dennett, Frank Emory (Law.) 3315 Cly bourn St. Milwaukee, Wis. 

* Gates, Frank McAll» died 1890 Free Town, Africa 

Grbelbt, Willian Horace (Pub.) 29 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

* MooDY, John Marshall Washburn, died 1892 New York, N.Y. 

MoBSB, Frank Purinton (Ed.) I^vere, Mass. 

Ridley, Albert Sidney 45 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Royal, Herbert Clarence 136 Main St. Auburn, Me. 

Smith, Prof. Warren Rufus 509 Fairoaks Ave. Oak Park, HI. 

Spinney, Hon. Elvington P. (Judge) Main St. North Berwick, Me. 


Chapman, Henry Smith (Edit.) 3 Salisbury St. Winchester, Mass. 

Cboswell, Thomas Rich (R. Est.) . . . .404 Grant Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Foss, Warren Leavitt Stockton, Cal. 

Jasvis, Henry Whiting (Law.) 640 Tremont Bldg. Boston, Mass. 

Jordan, Ivory C. (Law.) . .Kanawha Valley Bank Bldg. Chazieston, W. Va. 

McDonald, Rev. Alexander P Bar Harbor, Me. 

MacDonald, Rev. Angus Martin 37 Hancock St. Bar Harbor, Me. 

Mallett, Wilbert Grant (Ed.) Farmington, Me. 

MiNOTT, Charles Vincent, Jr. (Shipping) Phippsburg, Me. 

* Packard, George Harris, died 1894 Boston, Mass. 

Rounds, John Mordough Strong, ^e. 

Thompson, Edward Abner (Ed.) 82 Brook St. Brixton, Mass. 


* GuMMER, Fred Vincent, died 19(X) Brunswick, Mo. 

Kimball, Harry Woods (Ins.) 89 Erie Ave. Newton, Mass. 

* LiNSCOTT, Prof. Henry Farrar, died 1902 Chapel Hill, N.C. 

Merriman, James David (Law.) 2 Rector St. New York, N.Y. 

Wathen, Rev. John Moss Highland Ave. Somerville, Mass. 


Baldwin, Dr. Sanford Oscar 28 High St. Framingham, Mass . 

Emery, Dr. Harry Smith 721 Stevens Ave. Portland, Me. 

* Hutchinson, Albert Savage, died 1913 Boston, Mass. 

Jones, Albert Marshall (Pub.) 212 Summer St. Boston, Mass. 

* Savaqb, Charles Hale, died 1896 Auburn, Me. 

Shaw, Frederidc Milton (Stoves) 2345 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Shaw. PhUip Morton 15 William St. New York. N.Y. 


Brioos, Frank Ellsworth (Ed.) Newcastle, Me. 

Chapman, Rev. Trelawney Clarendale, Jr Main St. Bethel, Me. 

Currier, Dr. William Eugene 87 Merriam Ave. Leominster, Mass. 

DbMott, Rev. George Colby 61 Summit Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 

LiBBY, Rev. Frederick Joseph .... Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, N.H. 

Ross, Howard Andrew Exeter, N.H. 

Stxbs, Emery Howe (Law.) 49 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

1896-99 BOWDOIN 147 


Badokb, Ahner Anderson (£d.) 87 Waihincton St. LongBranoh, N.J. 

KxMBALL,^>r. Walter Soott Abbott. . .632 Waafaington Ave. Portland, Me. 

Knowlton. Dr. John Greenleaf Whittier 78 Front St. Exeter, N.H. 

Lord, Dr. Chartee Edward Dimmock 

* RiDLXT, Edward Turner, died 1899 Topsham. Me. 

RoBEBTS, Joseph Banks (Law.) 2 Rector St. New York, N.Y. 

Shaw, Joseph Thompson 16 William St. New York, N.Y. 

Small, Fred Ossian (Law.) 214 W. Commercial St. Springfield, Mo. 

Small, Harlan Page (Law.) 47 Dorchester St. Springfield, Mass. 


BuBNHAM, James Libby (Joum.) 723 East 28th St. Paterson. N.J. 

CoBURN, Henry Wheeler (Farmer) Weld, Me. 

Knight, Charles Arnold (Law.) 191 Water St. Gardiner, Me. 

Lbighton, Ralph Webster (Law.) 36 Melville St. Augusta. Me. 

Ltpobd, Earle Howard (Druggist) 33-35 Main St. Berlin, N. H. 

Obdwat, George Theodore 60 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

* Peabson, Jeremiah Evarts, died 1893 Brunswick, Me. 


Bbett, George Monroe (Ed.) 404 West 116th St. New York, N.Y. 

Davis, Rev. Earl Clement 45 Linden St. Pittsfield, Mass. 

Eastman, Dr. Clark Barker 437 West 124th St. New York, N.Y. 

Elliot, Daniel Weston (Decorator) 8 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Haoab, Robert Sidney (Law.) 17 Cunningham Bldg. Joplin, Mo. 

Lord, Harry Dimmock Saco, Me. 

ViNiNO, Eugene Conrad (Ed.) Concord Rd. Billerica, Mass. 

White, William Frye (Law.) 35 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 


Hunt, Dr. Arthur Leroy Washington, D.C. 

Kniqht, Harry Clifford (Telephone) ... .114 Court St. New Haven, Conn. 

Moui/roN, Dr. Charles Day 114 Park Ave. East Orange, N. J. 

Pennell, Dwi|;ht Richard (Fin.) 84 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Pebkins, Elbridge Gerry 

Sabgent, Walter Joseph 23 Somerset St. Brewer, Me. 

Smith, R«v. Oliver Dow 116 Main St. Houlton, Me. 

Stanwood, Edweu-d, Jr Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

White, Alfred Benson (Law.) 85 Devonshire St. Boston, Mass. 


Cram, Archer Parris (Law.) Mahwah, N.J. 

Kahabl, Edgar (Ed.) 60 Court St. New Bedford, Mass. 

Lbavitt. Leon Brooks (Fin.) 64 Pearl St. Hartford, Conn. 

Libby, Willard True (Paper) Turner's Falls, Mass. 

♦ Philoon, Byron Strickland, died 1900 Auburn, Me. 

Smith, Ralph Gardner (Law.) Hillsborough, N.H. 

ToPLiFF, Samuel (Law.) 35 No. Dearborn St. Chicago, 111. 

Webster, Hanson Hart (Edit.) Rowell Ave. Marblehead, Mass. 

White, Wallace H., Jr. (Law.) 449 Main St. Lewiston, Me. 

148 BOWDOIN 190(M)4 


Chapman, Robert Franklin (Grain) 58 Neal St. Pc»iiand, Me. 

Edwards, Robert Seaver (Eng.) ..537 Railway Exch. Bldg. Porlland, Ore. 

♦ Habrib, Samuel Pope, died 1908 Portland, Me. 

Jordan, Ernest Leon 163 Winter'St. Auburn, Me. 

McCarty, Harry Clinton •. Federal Trade Com. Washington, D.C. 

Pearson, Joseph Cleaveland Bur. of Standards, Washington, D.C. 

Webber, James Plaisted Exeter, N.H. 


Fuller, Dr. Edwin Motley 808 High St. Bath, Me. 

GKBasoN, John, Jr. (Metallurgy) 233 24th St. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Griffiths, Arthur Llewellyn (Author) 149 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. 

MiLLiKEN, Dr. Harris James 16 Central St. Bangor, Me. 

Quinn, Dr. Hugh Francis ,. Bangor, Me. 

White, John Humphrey (C. Eng.) dO Drummond St. Auburn, Me. 


Barker, Ben. (Ins.) 40 Exchange St. Portland, Me. 

* Hayes, Edmund, died 1913 Farmington, Me. 

Hunt, Dr. Harrison Joseph 150 State St. Bangor, Me. 

RoLFE, Charles Edgar, 2nd (Adv.) . . 17th and Filbert Sts. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Stanwood, Dr. Frederic Arthur. 342 Washington St. Wellesley HiUs, Mass. 

Stone, Ralph Bushnell West liafayette, Ind. 

Webb, Dr. Harold Randall 409 Massachusetts Ave. Arlington, Mass. 


Beedy. Carroll L. (Law.) Fidelity Bldg. Portland, Me. 

Conners, Charles Patrick Bangor, Me. 

DuNLAP, Edward Augustus (Ins.) 87 Arlington St. Haverhill, Mass. 

Gould, Daniel Israel (Law.) 3 Fairmount Park, W. Bangor, Me. 

Harris, Philip Talbot U. S. Forest Service, Tacoma, Wash. 

Holt, Albert Perry (Sales.) 80 West St. Braintree, Mass. 

MuNRO, Dr. Daniel Colin 332 Genesee St. Utica, N.Y. 

Riley, Thomas Harrison, Jr. (Joum.) 48 Pleasant St. Brunswick, Me. 

Robinson, Clement Franklin (Law.) 85 Exchange St. Portland, Me. 

White, Thomas Carter (Ins.) 165 Main St. Lewiston, Me. 


CoAN, William Frederick (Pub.) . . .34 Erie Ave. Newton Highlands, Mass. 

Cram, Prof. Marshall Perley 83 Federal St. Brunswick, Me. 

Emerson, Rev. Chester Burge 20 Blaine Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Frost, John William (Law.) 66 Montague St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Griffin, Howard Cousens (Ed.) 233 No. Craig St. Pittsburgh, Pa, 

Hathaway, Eugene Pablo Durant 

1807 Newton St. N.W. Washington, D.C. 

Packard, Cyrus Franklin (Mfg.) Lewiston, Me. 

PuRiNOTON, George Colby 54 Burnham St. Waverly, Mass. 

Sbxton, Walter Howard (Ed.) 22 Monmouth St. Springfield, Mass. 

190M>8 BOWDOIN 149 


Brbit, #Dhn Hall c/o Int. Banking Corp. Peking, China 

Finn, James Gregory (Law.) 62 Stratford Rd. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

FosTSR, Dr. George Adams 1005 " K " St. Sacramento, Cal. 

MucfH, Rupert MacConnell (S. S. Trans.) 

266 Elmwood Ave. East Orange, N.J. 
Philoon, Lieut. Wallace Copeland . . Adjt. Gen., U.S.A. Washington, D.C. 

PiPBR, John Thomas Riley, Me. 

RiLBT, John Winchell (Ins.) 48} Pleasant St. Brunswick, Me. 

Sanborn, Walter Martin (Law.) 283 Water St. Augusta, Me. 

Tucker, Dr. George Everett 86 Federal St. Salem, Mass. 

Whitb, Donald Cameron (Grain) 171 College St. Lcwiston, Me. 


Bartlbtt, James Austin Maiden, Mass. 

Chapman, Philip F. (Law.) 375 Spring St. Portland, Me. 

Chiij>s, Harry Leslie (Clothier) 80 Elm St. Lewiston, Me. 

GuMBEit, Lester (Cotton) 2320 Prytania St. New Orleans, La. 

HoDOSON, Robert John, Jr. (D. G.) 420 Church St. Evanston, 111. 

Perry, Elmer (Law.) 120 Exchange St. Portland, Me 

Piper, Fred Eklgecomb Richards (Ins.).. .42 Falmouth St. Belmont, Mass. 
WiNCHEiiii, John Patten, Jr. (Tele.) 395 Main St. East Orange, N.J. 


Allbn, Neal Woodside 19 Craigie St. Portland, Me. 

BowBR, George Allen 69 Western Promenade, Auburn, Me. 

Chandler, Dr. Harold Beckles 34i Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Coons, Rev. LeRoy Wilson 50 Columbia Park, Haverhill, Mass. 

HoPBWBLL, Henry Chase 89 Franklin St. Boston, Mass. 

Johnson, Romilly 109 Nahant St. Lynn, Mass. 

Kimball, Phillips (Dredging) Grey Birch Tcr. Newtonville, Mass. 

Leydon, John William (Ed.) 15 Rockport Rd. Worcester, Mass. 

RoBiNBON, Dwight Stillwell (Powder) Washburn, Wis. 

Small, Ralph Millard Richmond, Me. 

Spbakb, William Eugene 720 "A" St. S.E. Washington, D.C. 

Winchell, Thomas R. (Lumber) 62 Norfolk Rd. Arlington, Mass. 


Crowley, William Robert 60 Clark St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Ellis, Harvey Anderson (Rubber) 321 W. 94th St. New York, N.Y. 

Grboson, Bowdoin Nealley (Arch.) 29 St. Botolph St. Boston, Mass. 

McGraw, Barnard James Exeter, N.H. 

* Morrison, John Franklin, died 1907 Medford, Mass. 

Morse, Benjamin Wyman (S. S.) 942 Washington St. Bath, Me. 

MuDGETT, John Eugene Remick (Arch.). . .101 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Robinson, Arthur Lincoln (Law.) 85 Exchange St. Portland, Me. 

Sanborn, Edward Talbot Port Gamble, Wash. 

Stanwood, Dr. Harold William Rumf ord, Me. 

Thomas, Frank Howard (Spools) 142 North Main St. Brewer, Me. 

160 BOWDOIN 1909-12 


BowBB, Claude Oliver (Wool) 37 Fern St. Auburn, Me. 

Fi8K, Anthony H 419 West 115th St. New York, N.Y. 

HiNKUDT, Harry Farrer 916 Prospect PL Brooklyn, N.Y. 

HnQH¥», Arthur Wilder (El. Mfg.) 394 Riverway St. Boston, Mass. 

Johnson, Edwin William (Ed.) 49 Prince St. Pawtuoket, R.I. 

Merrill, Raymond Earle (Lumber) 11 Main St. Conway, N.H. 

Rich, Irving Lockhart 106 Exchange St. Portland, Me. 

Thaxter, Roger L. (Grain) 95 Pine St. Portland, Me. 


Babbitt, George Hutchinson (Adv.) 451 Broadway, Albany, N.Y. 

BoYNTON, Chester Alden (Lumber) North Whitefidd, Me. 

Chapman, Harrison Ceu'ter (Canner) 10 Clifford St. Portland, Me. 

Clifford, John David, Jr. (Law.) 138 Lisbon St. Lewiston, Me. 

Larrabbb, Fred Henry (Sales) 341 So. Homan Ave. Chicago, 111. 

McMillan, William Duncan 544 Boswell Ave. Norwich, Conn. 

MacLaughlin, Harry Buddington (Pub.). . 100 Wash. Sq. New York, N.Y. 

MoRss, Philip Brayt-on Damascus, Va. 

MoRSB, Robert DiUingham (Pub.) 

9 St. Martins St. Leicester Sq. London, W.C. Eng. 

Nui/rr. William Bridgham (Ed.) 65 Sherman St. Portland, Me. 

Robinson, Warren Eastman (Ed.) 36 Jason St. Arlington, Mass. 

Stephens, Prof. Winston Bryant Hamilton, N.Y. 

Warren, Herbert Everett (Ed.) 15 Forest St. Keene, N.H. 


Babbitt, John Henry (Sales.) 451 Broadway, Albany, N.Y. 

Caldwell, Wilbur (^hamberlin (Ins.) . . 5226 Blackstone Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Clifford, William Henry Lewiflton, Me. 

Donnelly, Frank Thomas (Drills) 381 Main St. Bangor, Me. 

Gibson, Algernon Tuttle (Sales) 2550 Pacific Ave. San Francisco, Gal. 

Gibson, Dr. Arthur CoUis San Francisco, Cal. 

Hastings, Hugh Warren Fryeburg, Me. 

Kellogg, Chester Elijah (Ed.) Gulph Rd. Biyn Mawr, Pa. 

Parkman, Lawrence Pratt (Paper) 319 Woodfords St. Portland, Me. 

Pierce, Stanley Woodward (S. S. Trans.) . .8 Bridge St. New York. N.Y. 

Purington, Frank Humphrey (Ed.) Mechanic Falls, Me. 

Robinson, Dr. Harrison Leonard 142 Hammond St. Bangor, Me. 

Weatherill, Edward Hacker (Grocer).. .62 Norfolk Rd. Arlington, Mass. 

White, Harold Sewell Lewiston, Me. 

White, Joseph Curtis (Law.) 169 Broadway, Bangor, Me. 


Abhby, Harold Charles Lewis (Sprinklers) . . 11 Loudon St. Worcester, Mass. 

Bailey, Charles Olin. Jr. (Law.) 309 N. Duluth Ave. Sioux Falls, S.D. 

GiLLiN, James McKinnon (Law.) 119 Pine St. Bangor, Me. 

Grant, Dr. Alton Levioount, Jr 81 College St. Lewiston, Me. 

MoRSS, Edward Lon^worth (Pub.) 29 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Purington, Ellison Smullen 46 Pleasant St. Mechanic Falls, Me. 

Sullivan, John Joseph, Jr. (Paper) 205 State St. Hartford. Conn. 

White, Heman Ashmead (Fin.) 169 Broadway, Bangor, Me. 

19ia-17 BOWDOIN 161 


Bull, Charles Roy Montioello, Me. 

Child6, John S. (Paper Boxes) 119 Pine St. Lewiston, Me. 

Hazblton, Philip Thobum (Ins.) 392 Congress St. Portland, Me. 

LuAviTT, Verd Russell (Fin.) Wilton, Me. 

Philoon, James Everett 69 Summer St. Auburn, Me. 

Sbwall, Donald Swanton 1127 Washington St. Bath, Me. 

Smith, Lawrence Willey (Rubber) 31 Sherman St. Portland, Me. 

Ttrrrta. Curtis (Sales.) 2560 Pacific Ave. San Francisco, Cal. 

WiooiM. Frederic Shaw (Mfg.) Somersworth, N. H. 

WzNSLOw, Dr. Everett Stevens 195 Main St. Waterville, Me. 


Eaton, George Franklin 103 Fourth St. Bangor, Me. 

Mason, Wallace Edward. Jr 251 Main St. Keene, N.H. 

Pbatt, Arthur Llewellyn (Rubber) 15 Bath St. Bath.Me. 

Thompson, Earle Spaulding (Ins.) 624 High St. Bath, Me. 

Towlk, Philip Innes (Ed.) 81 Lincoln St. ftaco. Me. 

Ubquhabt, Douglas Ashfield, Mass. 

Wbathbbill, Robert Thomas (Lumber).. 62 Norfolk Rd. Arlington, Mass. 


Card, Philip Livingstone 25 Falmouth St. Portland Me. 

DuNTON, Robert Manson 16 Court St. Bath, Me. 

Ltnch, Frederick James 1491 Cambridge St. Cambridge, Mass. 

MacWilliams, George Arthur 29 Madison St. Bangor, Me. 

Rambat, Kenneth Elmer 93 Lyndhurst St. Dorchester, Mass. 

Smith, Philip Sydney Leicester, Mass. 

Vbbbill, Harold Everett 831 Congress St. Portland, Me. 

WasT, Samuel 85 Porter St. Somerville, Mass. 


Bamtord, Wellington Arthtur Houlton, Me. 

Haqbrman, Coy Lawrence Houlton, Me. 

Haogbtt, Amos Bartlett 58 Pearl St. Bath, Me. 

LiTTLB, Edward Robert 15 Potter St. Brunswick, Me. 

NoBLB, Lew Maurice Phillips, Me. 

RoBiB, John Waterman Gorhsjn, Me. 

Stuart, Richard Hills Nemport, Me. 

Wbathbbill, Philip Francis Bnmswick, Me. 

Whitb, Donald Sherman 109 E. Pratt St. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Woodman, Willard Paine 7 Stevens St. Peabody, Mass. 


BiNOHAM, Charles 30 W. 21st St. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Brown, Sydney MaoGillvary Webster, Mass. 

Mabtbll, Judson Gordon 96 Rogers Ave. Somerville, Mass. 

OoLB, Gilbert Eugene Cambridge Apts. Indianapolis, Ind. 

PiKB, Carleton Maxwell Lubec, Me. 

RiCKABD, Forbes, Jr 2449 E. 14 Ave. Denver, Colo. 

Trub, Daniel Waterman 113 Vaughan St. Portland, Me. 

Whitb, Hal Saunders 109 E. Pratt St. Indianapoliia, Ind. 

152 BOWDOIN 1918 


AsHET, Roy John Warren 11 Loudon St. Woroester, Maas. 

EowAJios, John Richard, Jr Navy Yard, Charleston, S.C. 

Gray, Alfred Shirley 231 Woodforda St. Portland, Me. 

LsTDON, Heu'old Wilson 15 Rockport Rd. Worcester, Mass. 

Macintosh, James Pepper 2173 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, Ind. 

MoBBisoN, John Mackey 211 W. State St. Boise, Ida. 

STANiiST, Everett Luscomb 136 Granite Ave. East Milton, Mass. 

Thomas. John White 322 Main St. Evanston, 111. 

Woodman, Karl Ayer 7 Stevens St. Peabody, Mass. 

YouNQ, Herman Arthur 179 lomn St. Peabody, Mass. 


1826-17 153 



* Chase, Hon. Salmon Portland, died 1873 Cincinnati, O. 


* Duncan. William Henry, died 1883 Hanover, N.H. 


* Phippb, Abner Jones, died 1886 Lewiaton, Me. 

* Stevens, Rt. Rev. WiUiam Bacon, died 1887 Philadelphia, Pa. 


* Clabke, Ranslure Weld, died 1899 Homellsville, N.Y. 


* Caveblt, Zachariah Boody, died 1862 •. Lowell, Mass. 


* Babtlett, Henry Snow, died 1863 Lyndon, Vt. 

* Bi^NCHARD, Amos Adams, died 1892 Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Chase, Rufus Dudley, died 1891 Orange, Mass. 

* CoLBT, Robert (Lake), died 1904 New York, N.Y. 

* Harris, Broughton Davis, died 1891 Brattleboro, Vt. 

* NiLES, WiUiam Watson, died 1900 New York, N.Y. 

* Palmer, George Harrison, died 1900 Acushnet, Mass. 

* Smith, William Henry Leland, died 1889 Dorchester, Mass. 


* Anoell, George Thomdike, died 1909 Boston, Mass. 

Barstow, Dr. Josiah Whitney (Ret.) . . 146 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Cavis, Joseph Mills, died 1892 Stockton, Cal. 

* Marshall, Arthur Ward, died 1904 Metuchen, N.J. 

* Sarqent, Rev. Roger Moses, died 1906 Wichita, Kan. 

* Smith, Isaac WiUiam, died 1898 Manchester, N.H. 

* Weeks, Asa, died 1895 Washington, D.C. 


* Chase, Dr. Barton Walker, died 1898 Detroit, Mich. 

* Cutler, Rev. Lyman, died 1856 Newton, Mass. 

* DoBB, John Clark, died 1900 Chicago, lU. 

* Houston, Rev. Hiram, died 1900 Washington, D.C. 

* Johnson, Luther, died 1862 Bradford, Mass. 

* Moses, Benjamin Franklin, died 1905 Atlanta, Ga. 

154 DARTM OUTH 1847-53 

* Paul, John, died 1903 Newport, N.H. 

* Sawtkr, Rev. Artemus Wyman, died 1907 Wolfville, N.8. 

* Taylor, Stephen Gale, died 1884 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Tknnbt, George, died 1880 Hartford, Vt. 

* Underbill, George Richard, died 1855 Pensacola, Fla. 


* AoAMB, Hon. Austin, died 1890 Dubuque, la. 

* Clarkb, Isaac Lewis, died 1863 Waukegan, 111. 

* CoQSWXLL, William Strong, died 1848 Gilmanton, N.H. 

* Dean, Benjamin Willey, died 1863 Grafton, Vt. 

* Hutchinson, Rev. Charles, died 1903 New Albany, Ind. 

* Miller, Oliver, died 1892 Annapolis, Md. 

* MuBSET, Rev. Charles Frederick, died 1903 Cincinnati, O. 

* White, Rev. Pliny Holton, died 1869 Coventry, Vt. 

* WiQQiN, Edwin Ruthven, died 1894 Boston, Mass. 


* Carr. Robert William, died 1864 Hebron, Me. 

* Chapin, Charles Henry, died 1899 St. Louis, Mo. 

* Cram, DeWitt Clinton, died 1903 Dubuque, la. 

* Hill, David Clark, died 1864 Farmington, N.H. 

* Richardson, Dr. William Henry Harrison, died 1874 Corinth, Vt. 

* Swain, William Fellows, died 1902 Houston, Tex. 


* Clarke, Francis Erasmus, died 1900 Waukegan, 111. 

* Grant, William Cutting, died 1887 Chicago, lU. 

* Hitchcock, Charles, died 1881 Chicago. lU. 

* Hood, Gilbert Edwin, died 1904 Lawrence, Mass. 

* Lord, Nathan, died 1885 Cincinnati, O. 

* Putnam, Prof. Daniel, died 1906 YjMilanti, Mich. 

* QuiMBT, Prof. Elihu Thayer, died 1890 Hanover, N.H. 

* Rollins, Edward Ashton, died 1885 Philadelphia. Pa. 

* Ross, Hon. Jonathan, died 1903 St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

* Shoret, Daniel Lewis, died 1899 Chicago, 111. 

* WiLLARD, Charles Wesley, died 1880 Montpelier. Vt. 


* Fairbanks, Lorenso Sayles, died 1897 Boston, Mass. 

* Gardiner, Rev. George Warren, died 1895 New London, N.H. 

* Johnson, Osgood, died 1857 Andover, Mass. 

* Ladd, John Johnson, died 1889 Staunton, Va. 

* Mows, James Franklin, died 1868 Belleville, Ha. 

* Ordwat. Daniel Henry, died 1854 Hampstead, N.H. 

* Whitman, James, died New York, N.Y. 


* Crosby, Dr. Alpheus Benning, died 1877 New York, N.Y. 

* Farnswortb, Jonathan Brewer, died 1913 Windsor, Vt. 

* Howard, William Wallace, died 1864 Woodstock, Vt. 

* Kendall, John, died 1861 Washington, D.C. 

1853-57 DARTMOUTH 156 

* MoRBiBON, Nathan Jackson, died 1007 Wichita, Kan. 

* Paskbb, Prof. Isaac Augustus, died Galesburg, 111. 

* Pebbin, Henry Martyn, died 1896 St. Johns, Mich. 

* Washbubn, John Seth, died 1880 New York. N.Y. 

* Wight, John Fletcher, died 1908 Shelbyville. Ky. 

* YotJNQ, Prof. Charles Auguslibs, died 1908 Hanover, N.H. 


* Ai^LABD, John Winslow, died 1905 MiKord, Mass. 

Cavbbno, Rev. Charles Lombard, 111. 

* Chabx/ton, Edward Asro, died 1896 Brodhead, Wis. 

* Colx^amobb, Dr. George Anthony, died 1903 Toledo, O. 

Hali<, Daniel 55 Summer St. Dover, N.H. 

* Hbbbxck, William Augustus, died 1885 Cambridge, Mass. 

* Mathbs, Edwin Nathaniel, died 1863 Portsmouth, N.H. 

* Rbxd, J^didiah Harris, died 1899 Dorchester, Mass. 

* Smith, John Adams, died 1853 Thetford, Vt. 

* TwoMBi^T, Horatio Nelson, died 1896 New Yoric, N.Y. 

* WooDWOBTH, Prof. Horatio Bliss, died 1906 Grand Forks, N.D. 


Bond, Samuel Robert (Law.) 13 Iowa Circle, Washington, D.C. 

* Chabb, Edward Henry, died 1908 Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

* Dow, William Dexter, died 1902 Wilmington, Del. 

* HowB, Richard, died 1863 Shelbume, N.H. 

* Lado, William Spencer, died 1891 Lancaster, N.H. 

* Mabstok, Samuel Sherburne, died 1867 Ossipee Centre, N.H. 

Pbestox, Sylvester S. (Ret.) . .943 New Hampshire Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 

* Robinson, Frank(lin) Marvin, died 1885 Dubuque, la. 

* Tatlob, Jacob Edwin, died 1868 Charleston, 111. 


* Babtlbtt, Creorge Washington, died 1873 Greenfield, Mass. 

* Clabkb, Prof. Ambrose Wayland, died 1871 Concord, N. H. 

* Coffin, Abraham Burbank, died 1907 Winchester, Mass. 

* Cutcheon, Sullivan M., died 1900 Detroit, Mich. 

* CiTTLBB, Ilev. (John) Calvin, died 1907 Aubumdale, Mass. 

* Davis, Mark, died 1865 Townsend, Mass. 

Dteb, Asro (Law.) 711 Upper Second St. Evansville, Ind. 

* Febbis, Rev. Leonard Zenas, died 1910 Rumford, R.I. 

* Fulleb, Hon. William Eddy, died 1911 Taunton, Mass. 

Gage, John Cutter 3700 E. 9th St. Kansas City, Mo. 

* Hinckley, Lyman Gillett, died 1887 Chelsea, Vt. 

* Howe, Joseph Wilkins, died 1907 New York, N.Y. 

* Putnam, Arthur Alwyn, died 1910 Uxbridge. Mass. 

* Thbabheb, Charles Woodbury, died 1901 Springfield, Mo. 


* CiABX, Dr. John Howe, died 1913 Amherst, N.H. 

* FoLUBTTB, Dr. John Atwood, died 1914 East Kingston, N.H. 

GooDHUS, Rev. Henry Anthony Brattleboro, Vt. 

Hale, Hon. John Cushman (Law.) 11333 Bellflower Rd. Cleveland, O. 


* Haselton, Moees Kittredge, died 1863 Exeter, N.H. 

* HoRNE, George Edward, died 1896 New York, N.Y. 

* Mabsh, Ivory White Richardson, died 1868 Newport, R.I. 

* NoYBS, Hon. Edward FoUansbee, died 1890 Cincinnati, O. 

Parkeb, Ezra Knight (Law.) 48 Cu8|om House St. Providence, R.I. 

* Richardson, Hon. James Bailey, died Boston, Mass. 

* Richmond, Warren Elias, died 1862 Chicago, 111. 

Wright, Rev. William Burnet (Author). .244 Richmond Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 


* Chadwick, Harrison Everett, died 1911 Haverhill, Mass. 

* Clarke, John Theodore, died 1904 Southbridge, Mass. 

* Dascomb, Rev. Alfred Brooks, died 1894 Westminster, Vt. 

* Emery, George Washington, died 1909 Marshfield, Mass. 

* Gibson, Walter, died 1898 Boston, Mass. 

Glbason, Samuel Mills Thetford Centre, Vt. 

* Heath, Willard Spaulding, died 1861 Groton, N.H. 

* Hutchinson, Henry Elijwi, died 1914 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Kimball, William Frederick Durant, died 1865 Kickapoo, Tex. 

* Shoret, Frank Howard, died 1862 Dedham, Mass. 

* Thompson, Charles Oliver, died 1885 Worcester, Mass. 


Baker, Fisher Ames (Law.) 2 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

* Carleton, Isaac Newton, died 1902 Bradford, Mass. 

* Carroll, Charles Whiting, died 1862 Dedham, Mass. 

* Conner, Dr. Fhineas Sanborn, died 1909 : . . . .Cincinnati, O. 

CowLES, Dr. Edward 8 Sever St. Plymouth, Mass. 

* French, Scott, died 1863 Pittsfield, N.H. 

* Gaqe, Alfred Payson, died 1903 Arlington, Mass. 

* HosFORD, Dr. Charles, died 1877 Fairhaven, Mass. 

* MooDT, Charles Dummer, died 1894 St. Louis, Mo' 

NiLEs, William (Ret.) 313 Rose St. La Porte, Ind. 

* Notes, Samuel Aiken, died 1900 New York, N.Y. 

* RuGOLBs, Prof. Edward Rush, died 1897 Hanover, N.H. 

* Sanderson, Rev. James Augustus, died 1889 Plymouth, Mass. 


* Bancroft, Rev. Cecil Franklin Patch, died 1901 Andover, Mass. 

* Caldwell, David Augiistine, died 1886. . . '. New Bedford, Mass. 

* Caverno, Daniel Henry, died 1867 Lockport, N.Y. 

* Chase, Frederic, died 1890 Hanover, N.H. 

* Hayes, John WUliam, died 1902 Kenosha, Wis. 

* How, Prof. Lyman Bartlett, died 1893 Manchester, N.H. 

* Hudson, Frederick Van Houten, died 1903 Hartford, Conn. 

Middleton, Ralph Izard 28 Lamboll St. Charleston, S.C. 

Patterson, Gen. Joab Nelson (Ret.) 35 Penacook St. Concord, N.H. 

* Pearsall, Luther Burr, died 1896 Hoo^r's Valley, N.Y. 

* Savage, Edward, died Minneapolis, Minn. 

* Thompson, Rev. William Augustus, died 1875 Hartford, Conn. 

Westgatb, Earle Webster (Ret.) R. R. No. 8, Manhattan, Kan. 

* Wheeler, Charles, died 1896 Boston, Mass. 

* Wilcox, George, died 1907 New York, N.Y. 

1861-M DARTMOUTH 157 


* Dow, Rev. William Wallace, died 1912 PoHsmouth, N.H* 

Glbason, Rev. George L High St. Topsfield, Maas* 

* Kimball, Nathaniel Tenney, died 1901 Bradford, Mass* 

Moors, H«iry Kingsbury (Law.) P. O. Box 911, Tonopah, Nev* 

* OurasT, John Palmer, died 1886 Wickford, R.I- 

* Phblps, Edwin, died 1894 San Francisco, Cal* 


AiiLEN, James Franklin (Ekl.) Rookville, Md. 

* Bajlbt, William Frederick, died 1870 East Jaffrey, N.H. 

* BouTBLLB, Prof. David Emery, died 1871 Tully, N.Y. 

* Cbanb, Amos Waters, died 1910 East Toledo, O. 

Hubbard, Groevenor 8. (Law.) 117 W. 66th St. New York, N.Y. 

Lakb, Arthur S. (R. Est.) Shenandoah, la. 

McLbram, Benjamin San Diego, Cal. 

* Palmbb, Rev. Charles Myron, died 1899 Sharon, Vt. 

« PoTTBB, Alvah Kunball, died 1910 East Concord, N.H. 

Sanborn, John Jay 310 Indiana Ave. Washington, D.C. 

8TBVBN8, John Sanborn Peoria, 111. 

* Tatlob, George Harvey, died 1881 Amsterdam, N.Y. 


Abbott, Dr. Amos Wilson 1717 1st Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. 

* Albxandeb, Samuel Judson, died 1863 Concord, N.H. 

Blake, Barton Fisk Merion Station, Pa. 

* Bradlbt, David Emery, died 1902. . . .' Chicago, 111. 

Flaog, WiUiam Lapham (Law.) 114 W. 82nd St. New York, N.Y. 

* Foster, Dr. Addison Howard, died 1006 Chicago, 111. 

GooDELLE. William Prevost (Law.) 1(X)4 James St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

* GooowiLLiE, Thomas, died 1888 Vernon, Vt. 

Johnson, Jesse (Law.) Hotel St. George, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Pierce, Dr. Gardner Carpenter, died 1900 Ashland, Mass. 

Rand, Stephen Navy Department, Washington, D.C. 

* Spbncbr, Frank Austin, died 1911 Washington, D.C. 

« Westgatb, HoUis Smith, died 1898 Westgate, Kan. 


* Austin, Daniel, died 1863 Chicago, 111. 

* Babtlbtt, Samuel Newton, died 1864 Townsend, Mass. 

Caldwell, Dr. Charles .3339 Calumet Ave. Chicago, 111. 

* Charles, Albert Priest, died 1889 Seymour, Ind. 

Fitch, Calvin Webster. St. Louis, Mo. 

* FosTEB, John Luther, died 1890 Lidtion, N.H. 

Gibson, John Tyler (Ed.) Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

* Heisel, John Henry, died 1906 Cleveland, O. 

HiLDRBTH, Dr. John Lewis 66 Fletcher St. Winchester, Mass. 

HOBBB, Rear Adm. Ichabod Goodwin Sunnyside PL Newport, R.I. 

* Howe, Elias Wilkins, died 1908 West Medford, Mass. 

* Johnson, Ekiward Francis, died 1896 Marlborough, Mass. 

Kimball, Charles Webster 950 E. 4th St. Pomona, Cal. 

* Kimball, Leonard S., died 1861 Lowell, Mass. 


* Mkrbill, Charles Amos, died 1907 Worcester, Mass. 

RowB, Dr. George Howard Malcolm (Ret.) 11 Ivy St. Boston. Mass. 

Websteb, Dr. John Calvin 5615 Winthrop Ave. Chicago, 111. 


* Adams, Charles True, died 1877 Newton, Mass. 

* BoDGB, James Henry, died 1893 Newton Centre, Mass. 

Britton, George Washington Newport, N.H. 

* Chase, Walter Wells, died 1874. New York, N.Y. 

* Conner, John Sanborn, died 1911 .Cincinnati, O. 

CusHMAN, Rev. Henry Irving 26 Pitman St. Providence, R.I. 

* Drake, Frank James, died 1891 Manchester, N.H. 

Kimball, Richard (Law.) .Kimball's Bend, Bosque Go. Tex. 

* MoDiGA, Frank Banvard, died 1909 Chicago, 111. 

Wilcox, Leonard (Law.) 105 No. 7th St. St. Louis, Mo. 


* Abbott, Joshua Plummer, died Antioeh,Cal. 

* Abbott, Lewis Lowe, died ■ New York, N.Y. 

Chickerino, George Eldward Lawrence, Mass. 

* HosFORD, Schiller, died 1912 Moiine, III. 

* Kbllet, EkLward Augustus, died 1872 Boston, Mass. 

* Kinqslet, Dr. Eugene Peck, died 1914 Boise, Idaho 

Merrill, Chester Wright (Law.) 1833 Josephine St. Cincinnati, O. 

* Neal, Joseph Perkins, died 1871 Hanover, N.H. 

Otib, Waldemer (Law.) .390 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Pierce, John Metcalf Rockland, Mass. 

Spalding, Dr. James Alfred 627 Congress St. Portland. Me. 

* Stackpole, George Dallas, died 1902 Portland, Ore. 

Whittemorb, Henry (Ed.) State St. Framingham, Mass. 


Abbott,. Dr. Alfred Weils Laoonia, N.H. 

Mather, Frederic Gregory (Author) . .164 Fairfield Ave. Stamford, CJonn. 

* MoBHER, George Abijah, died 1913 Amityville, N.Y. 

Obqood, Edward Louis 221 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Skinner, John Augustus 

Thomas, Alfred Addison (Law.).. .1110 United Brethren Bldg. Dayton, O. 

* WiLLARD, James Richard, died 1902 Chicago, 111. 

Wilson, Albert Gallatin Dajrton, O. 

Wrioht, Amos WUets 171 W. 81st St. New York, N.Y. 


* Anderson, David Allen, died 1907 North Adams, Maai. 

* BxTRBANK, Arthur Marcus, died 1899 Winchester, N.H. 

* Chandler, Prof. Charles Henry, died Smithville, N.H. 

* Cochran, Frederic Gove, died 1901 Clayton, Mo. 

Coox, Asa Brown Petersburg, Va. 

* Curtis, Erskine Chamberlin, died 1883 St. Louis. Mo. 

EmBrson, Prof. Charles Franklin (Ret.) Hanover, N.H. 

* Hale, Charles Goodwin, died 1888 Chicago, 111. 

HnoHBB, Rev. James Alexander Dupee .... 14 Brookline St. Nashua, N.H. 
Smith, Dr. Edwin Everett Norwalk, Conn. 

186»~72 DARTMOUTH 169 


* Bradley, William Johiuoii, died 1875 Fryeburg, Me. 

* CuBBiEB, Edward Hallam, died 1874 Bt. Louia, Mo. 

Dbaxii, James McEwen (Pub.) 37 Fairfield Bt. Boston, Mass. 

* FoLTz, Dr. Jacob Francis, died 1890 Boston. Mass. 

* Gebbt, Dr. Edwin Peabody, died 1911 Jamaica Plain. Mass. 

* Griffin, John White, died 1878 Leavenworth. Kan. 

* HiLAND. Frank, died 1879 Manchester. N.H. 

* HoDOMAN, Edwin Ruthven Hill, died 1900 Boseman. Mont. 

JoNBs, Dr. Frederic William New Ipswich, N.H. 

McNiTTT. Dr. Hiram Eugene 202 3rd Ave. S. E. Aberdeen, S.D. 

* Means, James, died 1895 Chicago, 111. 

MooBB, Dr. James White 

* Pabkbb, Joseph Beniamin, died 1905 Nashua, N.H. 

* PHiiiLiPfl, Sidney Atwood, died 1912 South Framingham, Mass. 

* Pratt, Henry Foster, died 1866 Winchester, N.H. 

* Wood, Samuel Edward, died 1894 Kingston, N.Y. 


BoiiENins, Dr. Robert MiUer 46 S. Queen St. Lancaster, Pa* 

Bbown, Rev. Francis 80 Claremont Ave. New York, N.Y* 

Chbnbt, James Wm., Sr. (Lib.) . .818 Taylor St. N. W. Washington, D.C* 
Colgate, William Hoyt (Rancher) 

c/o James B. Colgate & Ck>. 36 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

EDOELii, Georse Stephen 192 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Habdt, John Henry Court House, Boston, Mass. 

Flitmmer, Albert Love 

* Smith, (Eustice) Ballard, died 1900 New York. N.Y. 

Wilson, Newton H. (Law.) 29 E. Superior St. Duluth, Minn. 

Worcbstbb, Franklin (Mfg.) Hollis, N.H. 


Abbott. Albert Armstrong (Farming) Northfield, Minn. 

Adam M( Melvin Ohio Boston, Mass. 

* CoNAi«T, Chartes Henry, died 1910 Lowell, Mass. 

Davis, Dr. George Eugene 332 Haight St. San Francisco, Cal. 

French, William Wesley (Law.) .... 207 Washington St. Gloucester, Mass. 

* Greenwood, Frank Eugene, died 1905 Newport, O. 

Hbrbebt, John (Law.) 19 Milk St. Boston, Mass. 

Hill, Charles E. (Law.) 712 Keyser Bldg. Baltimore, Md. 

Mabtin, Edwin Canrpbell (Edit.) . . .815 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Martin, Thomas (Henry), died 1899 Mclndoes. Vt. 

Mason, James Brackett St. Helena. Cal. 

* Merrill, Edward Annis, died 1914 Concord. N.H. 

Osgood, Albert Augustus (Law.) 1800 Main St. Parsons, Kan. 

* Reed, Dr. Andrew Fairfield, died 1910 Arlington, Mass. 


* Evans, William Webster, died 1912 Chicago, 111. 

Farmer, Lewis Grieve (Law.) 10 Kenmore St. Boston, Mass. 

Fowler, William Plumer (Law.) 18 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. 

« Gould, Fk«d Harvey, died 1909 Concord, N.H. 

160 DARTMOUTH 1872-76 

* Jabvis, Dr. WiUiam died 1910 Claremont, N.H. 

Lake, Albert Emerson Murdock, Neb. 

Savagb, James Francis (Court Clerk) 99 Eleventh St. Lowell, Masa. 

SiiiVEB, Dr. Henry Mann 11 East 43rd St. New York, N.Y. 

* Spauldinq, Alfred Byron, died 1881 Hillsborough Bridge, N.H. 

Welch, Robert William 

WiLUAMS George Fred. (Law.) 15 State St. Boston, Masa. 


* Baxter, Albert Franklin, died 1914 Tilton, N.H. 

BiQBLOW, (jeorge Dexter Boston, Mass. 

Bradley, Prof. Charles Frederick (Ret.) .90 Mt. Vernon St. Boston, Mass. 

* Bradley Frank Albert, died 1889 Chicago, 111. 

Clark, Isaiah Raymond Boston, Mass. 

Dillingham, Rev. Pitt 178 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. 

DuKLAP, Rev. (jieorge Harlan Ashby, Mass. 

* FiTTS, George Henry, died 1909 Cohoes, N.Y. 

Griffinq, Douglas Carr 

* Guthrie, WUliam, died 1890 Albany, N.Y. 

* Thayer, Frederick Albert, died 1883 Westboro, Mass. 

WiLLODGHBY, Jamcs H. (Telephone) 7 Park Ave. Winchester, Mass. 

WiswALL, Rev. Alexander Uxbridge, Mass. 


Allen, Fred Lyman (Sales.) 36 Highland Ave. Bangor, Me. 

* Brackett, Daniel, died Wayland, Mass. 

Brainerd, Dr. Henry Green 1661 Orange St. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Dickson, Parker (Law.) . .Flat 9, Alta Bldg. 4th & Sycamore Sts. Cinn. O. 

* Eaton, Albert, died 1908 North Temescal. Cal. 

* Gates, Charles Otis, died 1906 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Lee, George William, died 1884 Des Moines, la, 

Newton, Rev. Albert Francis Dunstable, Mass. 

QuiMBY, Dr. Charles Elihu 278 West 86th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Savage, Charles Wesley, died 1890 Lowell, Masa. 

* Taylor, Prof. Arthur Fairbanks, died 1883 Cleveland, O. 

* Webster, Hon. Daniel Frederick, died 1896 "VVaterbury, Conn. 


* Crafts, Frederick Henry, died 1913 Rochester. N.Y. 

* Emery, Charles Woodman, died 1904 Canterbury, N.H. 

* EsTEY, Alvin Page, died 1876 Manchester, N.H. 

Hatch, Dr. Charles Andrew Newark, O. 

Hough, Henry Herbert Dover, N.H. 

* Rice, Truman Bishop Ransom, died 1912 Holyoke, Mass. 

Richards, Jarvis (Rancher) 1655 Sherman St. Denver, Col. 

Slafter, Theodore Shorey (Artist) Peach St. Walpole, Mass. 

Smith, Henry Warren Troy, N.Y. 

Stevens, Henry Webflter Concord, N.H. 

* Wiggin, Samuel Bradley, died 1889 New York, N.Y. 


Abbott, Rev. Justin Edwards 120 Hobart Ave. Summit, N.J. 

Barton, Prof. Herbert Jewett West Hill St. Champaign, 111. 

1876-80 DARTMOUTH 181 

Gate, Rev. Carter E 21 Allen Ave. Pawtucket, R.I. 

Ci<ABK, Lot Curran San Fraacisco, Cal. 

£]LT, Prof. Richard Theodore Madison, Wis. 

FuNT, Thomas (£kl.) Dunbarton Rd. Concord, N.H. 

Frost, Wfdter Clarence (Fin.) US E. Caramillo 8t. Colorado Sprinjss, Col. 

Habdison, Frank Herbert (Ins.) 54 Abbot Rd. Wellesley, Mass. 

McCuTCHBON, Frank Moses (Ed.) 6 Dexter Row, Charlestown, Mass. 

PiPEB, Dr. Henry Hildreth 411 High St. West Medford, Mass. 

Rydeb, Herbert Daniel (Law.) Bellows Falls, Vt. 

* Thompson, Samuel Arthur, died 1877 Nashua, N.H. 

Tbipp, George Henry (Lib.) Fairhaven, Mass. 


* Atkinson, George Elwynn, died 1880 Hudson, Mass. 

CooPEB, Prof. Charles Hermaace Mankato, Minn. 

* Day, Charles Lombard, died 1879 GrinneU, la. 

Fabnswobth, Fred Winslow (Ins.) 155 Elm Ave. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

* Hammond, Dr. Charles Bartlett, died Nashua, N.H. 

* Sanborn, Albert Parker, died 1876 Lake Village, N.H. 

Saundbrson, Prof. George William 1146 23rd Ave. N., Seattle, Wash. 

Temple, Dr. William Franklin 499 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

* Walkeb, Herbert Hart, died 1907 New York, N.Y. 


Andrews. Addison Fletcher (Music) 39 W. 32nd St, New York, N.Y. 

Cohen, Lewis (Art.) 27 West 67th St. New York, N.Y. 

Dbwsy. Henry Sweetser 896 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

* Henry, James Wheaton, died 1911 Los Angeles, Cal. 

* Howe, Charles Henry Webster, died 1881 Hanover, N-H. 

Maxson, Dr. Orrin Prescott Stuart, Fla. 

Newcomb, Alvah Stryker (Law.) 218 Lancaster St. Albany, N.Y. 

* NoBGBoss, Albert Francis, died 1893 Rockport, Mass. 

* Ray, William Henry, died 1889 (Jhicago, III. 

Sanbobn, Edwin Webster (Law.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Sawyeb, Alfred P 45 Merrimack St. Lowell, Mass. 

Stevens. Charles M 201 8th Ave. S. E. Aberdeen, S.D. 

Sully. Wilberforce (Law.) 375 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 


Cohen. Hon. William Nathan (Law.) 515 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

CoNANT, Prof. Levi Leonard 254 Salisbury St. Worcester, Mass. 

* CoNANT, Osmyn Perkins, died 1910 New York, N.Y. 

Debby. Ladoit 205 No. 4th St. Marshalltown, la. 

Houqh, Hon. Charles Merrill (Judge) P. O. Bldg. New York, N.Y. 

Kilbubn, David Pittsburg^. Pa. 

Pboctor, Thomas William (Law.) 15 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

* Smith, Joseph Richardson, died 1896 Boston, Mass. 

* Spaldino, Dr. Alfred M., died 1910 New York, N.Y. 

Willabd. Ashton Rollins (Author) .43 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. 


Haywood, Frank Morse Kansas City, Mo. 

* Mitchell, Prof. George Otis, died San Francisco, Cal. 

162 DARTMOUTH 1880>84 

MooRB, Edwin Gould Belinont, N.H. 

Pebry, Samuel S. (Ins.) 81 State St. Boston, Maas. 

RiPLBT, Dr. Frederick Jerome 956 Belmont St. Brockton, Mass. 

Smith, William I. Clarke (Ed.) St. Luke's School, Wayne, Pa. 

Spring, Arthur Langdon (Law.) 73 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. 

* Sprinq, Dr. Clarence Walter, died 1906 Fitchburg, Mass. 


Aldrich, George T. (Law.) 16 Cedar PI. Yonkera'. N.Y. 

* CoL£, Hulbert Erastus, died 1881 Park Rapids, Mixm. 

DswBY, Dr. Charles Gipson 44 Alban St. Dorchester Centre, Mass. 

Graham, George Washington (Joum.) .... 678 Tate Ave. Memphis, Tenn. 

Kimball, Ephraim Gardner (Ed.) Wallach School, Washington, D.C. 

Lane, Francis Ransome Manchester, N.H. 

Trowbridge, Dr. Edward Henry 835 Main St. Worcester, Mass. 


Bartlbtt, Rev. William Alfred 168 Third St. Lowell. Mass. 

Chandler, Joseph Gilmore (Adv.) Monitor Office, Concord, N.H. 

Cook, Rev. Lyman Demerritt Corinth, N.H. 

LvQUES, Herbert Llewellyn (Law.) 123 Lafayette Ave. Passaic, N.J. 

Pease, Frank Alvin (Law.) 297 Grove St. Fall River, Mass. 

QniMBY, William Perry Gettysburg, Pa. 

Rice, Arthur F. (Coal) Flatiron Bldg. New York, N.Y. 

Smith, Dr. Herbert Llewellyn 9 Auburn St. Nassau, N.H. 

Strong, Rev. William Ellsworth 14 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

Thompson, Dr. John Franklin 211 State St. Portland, Me. 

* TiRRELL, Arthur Wells, died 1891 West Cummington, Mass. 

Whiting, William Clark Mwose, Mass. 


Balch, Ernest Berkeley 

Barstow, Rev. John 53 Irving PI. New York, N.Y. 

Blake, George Frank 120 Boylston St. Boston, Mass. 

* CoLsoN, Prof. James Major, died 1909 Dinwiddle, Va. 

CusHMAN, William Edward R. F. D. No. 2, Middleboro, Mass. 

Field, Walter Taylor (Writer) 2301 Prairie Ave. Chiea^, 111. 

Gates, Rev. Owen Hamilton Andover, Aiass. 

Hamilton, Charles W. (Mfg.) 291 Prospect Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 

McCrillis, John (Law.) Main St. Newport, N.H. 

Maxwell, Arthur Aaron (R. R.) . . . 257 St. Ronan St. New Haven, Conn. 

NiLBs, William White (Law.) 11 WaU St. New York, N.Y. 

Oakes, Dr. Charles Weston Williamsbrid^, N.Y. 

Rogers, John Williams San Antonio, Tex. 

Wells, Travis De Shon 


Douglass, Frank Middleton Lincoln Bids. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Eldridob, Charles H 145 La SfOle St .Chicago, HI. 

Elliot, Rev. Arthur Montgomery Port Jefferson, N.Y. 

Hill, Josiah French c/o Lee, Higginson A 0>. Boston, Mass. 

Hinckley, John Hoxie 101 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. 

HiNCKUDY, Lewis Elmer Carleton Reno, Nevada 

1884-88 DARTMOUTH 168 

Jbnks, Rev. Arthur Whipple 176 9th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Lai>d. Fletcher, died 1903 Lancaster, N.H. 

NBTTurroM. Fred Henry 

* NuTT, Hon. Alfred Edward, died 1908 Tuceon, Arix. 

* Sabobnt» William Ervin, died 1910 New Bradford, Ma«. 


Bbioos. Alton JEUliott (Fruit) 9 Crescent Ave. Chelsea, Mass. 

Chellis. Frank Otis (Law.) 4 Pleasant St. Newport, N.H. 

Clabkb, Elam Lewis (Law.) 218 Washington St. Waukegan. 111. 

Cbagin, William Nelson Bedford. Mass. 

Good ENOW, Dr. Daniel 24 Main St. Maynard, Mass. 

Washbubn, Hon. Nathan (Judge) Middleboro, Mass. 

WmppiiE, Prof. Frank L«wi9 62 Cherry St. Lynn, Mass. 


Bbowk, Robert Oilman 62 London Wall, London, England 

BuRNHAU, Henry Hasmes (Ed.) Sanford, Me. 

Chase, Arthur Horace (Law.) 10 Tahanto St. Concord, N.H. 

Jenks, Chancellor Livingston (Law.) 1217 Ridge Ave. Evanston, 111. 

Johnson, Frank Verner (Law.) 171 West 7l8t St. New York, N.Y. 

OsBOBNE, Walter Franklin Eastern Point Rd. East Gloucester, Mass. 

* Richardson, John Lincoln, died 

Sampson, Walter (Ed.) 79 Pearl St. Middleboro, Mass. 

Smith, Dr. Henry Onslow Hudson. N.H. 

Stetson, George W. (Law.) Middleboro, Mass. 

TucKEB, John Prentice 70 Kilby St. Boston, Mass. 


Babtlett, Rev. Samuel Colcord Ck>leraine, Mass. 

* Bates, Edward Steams, died 1887 Walpole, N.H. 

Blakbt, John M. (Banker) 13 Abbott St. Nashua, N.H. 

CnsHMAN, Henry Otis (Law.) 63 State St. Boston, Mass. 

H0WI.AND. Fred Arthur (Ins.) 120 State St. Montpelier, Vt. 

Johnson, Stanley Edwards HE. 44 th St. New York. N.Y. 

* Notes, Edward Proctor, died 1899 Cincinnati, O. 

Phillips. Herbert Clyde , Richmond Hill. N.Y. 

Pike, Albert Hilton Epping, N.H. 

* Smith, Sklney Mitchell, died 1897 Claremont, N.H. 

Wallace, James Bums (Law.) Canaan. N.H. 


BtTBNHAM, Atherton Smith Apponaug, R.I. 

Gillette, Bennie Barton (Music) .... 128 Huntington Ave. Boston, Mass. 

Glbason. Chauncey (Farming) East Broadway, Haverhill, Mass. 

Johnston, Walter A. (Law.) 1414 Euclid St. N. W. Washin^on. D.C. 

Kellbt, John William Portsmouth, N.H. 

Retnolds, Dr. Henry Herbert 17 Morton St. Malone, N.Y. 

Shobt, Wallace Clark (R. Est.) Malone. N.Y. 

* Smith, Walker Herbert, died Littieton, N.H. 

Whitb. Luther Clark (lime) Windsor, Vt. 

164 DARTMOUTH 1889-93 


Blaib, Henry Patterson (Law.) 801 Colorado Bldg. Washington. D.C. 

CuBTiB, Chester Bickford (Ed.) 6106 McPherson Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

CusHifAN. Charles Parker Osaka, Japan 

EUiis, Benjamin Franklin 1441 Nelson Ave. Chicago. lU. 

Flaog, James Chester (Ed.) Danforth School, Framingham. Mass. 

Hitchcock, Gleorge Hiram (Fin.) Washington Court House. O. 

* Nbwton, William Morrison, died 1890 Charlestown, Mass. 

Philbrick, Frank William Brookline, Mass. 

Thompson. Josiah Griswold Graves . 501 14th St. N. W. Washington, D.C. 
Whbat, Alfred Adams (Law) 32 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 


BoTNTON, Dr. Perry Sanborn 230 W. 78th St. New York, N.Y. 

Fassbtt, James H. (Ed.) 14 Abbott St. Nashua, N.H. 

Habdt, Charles Augustus (Grain) 34 Gray St. Arlington, Mass. 

Hilton, Henry Hoyt (Pub.) 2301 Prairie Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Montoomeby, Clarence Elwood Portsmouth, N,H. 

NuTT, Howard Evans (Banker) 606 Greenleaf Ave. Glencoe, lU. 

Perkins, Thomas Allen (Law.) Mills Bldg. San Francisco, Cal. 

Rbtnoldb, Hon. James Burton (Political) 

Wilkins Bldg. Washington, D.C. 

Safford, Dr. Victor U. S. Immigration Station, Boston. Mass. 

Shirley, Edward Newton (Lumber) 

2733 Woodburn Ave. Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, O. 


Bailby, Dr. William Thomas (Dir.). .Boston Athletic Assn. Boston. Mass. 

Banfil. Rev. Frank Milton South Bend. Ind. 

Burbank, Eugene Damon (Pub.) 2301 Prairie Ave. Chicago, IlL 

Campbell, Louis Joseph Everett, Wash. 

Cobb, Walter D. (TelO • -49 Greenbrier St. Dorchester Dist. Boston, Mass. 

Cook, James Albert (Ed.) 75 Maine St. Brunswick, Me. 

Heath, Dr. Albert Cheney 339 Lowery Bldg. St. Paul, Minn. 

HoLTON, Heniy Sylvester (Ed.) 146 Tuscola Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Ladd, Rev. William Palmer Middletown, Conn. 

Procter, John Harvey Milford, N.H. 

Smith, Charles Manley Rutland, Vt. 

Smith, Daniel Leon (Law.) 54 Devonshire St. Boston, Mass. 

* Thompson, Lawrence, diedll894 Shanghai, China 


Brown, Forrest (Ed.) Market St. Amesbury, Mass. 

Coon, Dr. George Bailey .East Walpole, Mass. 

Cbowley, John Heni/ 3041 N St. Washington, D.C. 

HiLDBETH, John Lewis, Jr. (C. Eng.) 25 Margaret St. Bayonne, N.J. 

Manson, Dr. Charles Albert 42 Davis Ave. New Roehelle, N.Y. 

Stbong, Arthur Mitchell (Pub.).. 1368 Ck>mmonweaIth Ave. Boston, Mass. 


* Allen, Alger Vincent, died 1896 Roxbury, Mass. 

Abmold, Arthur Daniel (Ed.) 308 Paulison Ave. Passaic, N.J. 

1893-97 DARTMOUTH 16S 

BoTTTXLUB, George Williamfl Nashua, N.H. 

Chaxdubb, Frederic Nathan (Law.) 9 Kendriok St. Lawrence, Mass. 

MoKat, Clarence Wright (Law.) 206 Rutgers St. Rochester, N.Y. 

* Pbck, Hamr Mayo, died 1914 Glens Falls, N.Y. 

RuNNBLLS, Iredenc Daniel (Law.) Nashua, N.H. 


BuBNAP, Robert Lord 135 Adams St. Chicago, 111. 

CoLBT, Don Claremont, N.H. 

C:k>LBT, Ira Grordon CHaremont, N.H. 

CuBTis, Alvah Herman Morrill (Ed.) . . .329 Orange St. Manchester, N.H. 

Dnrrr, (jeorge Ernest (Wodens) 5 Claremont St. Worcester, Mass. 

Ham, Ernest Guv (Ed.) Randolph. Vt. 

Habdt, Prof. Ashley ICingsley 4 Clement Rd. Hanover, N.H. 

Jbnks, Prof. Paul Rockwell 41 Mitchell St. Flushing, N.Y. 

NoBBiB, Alfred Edson (Tanning) 197 Park Ave. Orange, N.J. 

RoixiNB, Fitshugh Smith Alameda, Cal. 

RoLUNS, Rev. Walter Huntington. . . 1621 N. Hillside Ave. Wichita, Kan. 

* SArroBD, Edward Hart, died 1904 Kittery, Me. 


Adaub, Edward Francis 709 Pemberton Bldg. Boston, Mass. 

* Campbbll, Robert AivvU, died 1897 Boulder, Colo. 

Pollard, Dr. Charles WhitOBy 2962 Pacific St. Omaha, Neb. 

Ratnbb, Robert Lyle 310 E. 23rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Wight, William Addison c/o S. A. Wood A Co. So. Boston, Mass. 


* Andrbws, Guy Ashton, died Lincoln, Neb. 

* Chabe, Walter Wells, died 

DuTFT, Walter Fred (Mach.) Franklin. N.H. 

Eaton, Frederick Benjamin 

Gat, Dr. William Madison Deer Island, Boston, Mass. 

Ham, Edward Randolph (Ed.) 4730 Kenwood Ave. Chicago. 111. 

McCubdt, Henry Perkins 

NoRRis, (Seorge Crordon Union Trust Bldg. Harrisburg. Pa. 

Randall, William Joseph Chelsea, Mass. 

RicHABDB, Guy Channing (Law.) 2 Quincy Pk. Beverly, Mass. 

Wbbton, Dr. Charles Albert 24 Harvard St. Springfield, Mass. 

Young, Philip (Banker) 50 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 


Balch, William Hoyt (C. Eng.) 46 Green St. Hudson, Mass. 

Blxtnt, Harry Harmon (Cotton) 26 Kinsley St. Nashua, N.H. 

C^eslbt, Roscoe H. (Mfg.) 11 Everett St. Cambridge, Mass. 

CoNLON, James 202 Elm St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Habdt, Heniy Wheeler (Law.) 123 Main St. Kingston, Mass. 

Hendbbson, Rev. John Russell Princeton, Minn. 

Hoi/r, Hermon, Jr. (Law.) 209 Washington St. Boston, Mass. 

Jameb, Ralph Henry 

Mabkn, Raymond Earle 44 Pine St. New York, N.Y. 

Malonbt, David Joseph 34 School St. Boston, Mass. 

166 DARTMOUTH 1897-1902 

MoRRiUi, Albert Henry (Law.) Provident Bank Bldg. Cincinnati, O. 

Shattuck, Prof. Harold Bemis. . . .122 W. Beaver Ave. State College, Pa. 
Tabob, Dr. Edward Orlando .172 Shaw St. Lowell, Mass. 


* Belknap, Dr. James I^man, died 1911 Boston, Mass. 

Chandler, Carl Henry (Treas. Dept.) Box 1651, Boston, Mass. 

Hatch, Leslie Adanis Orange, N.J. 

* McCall, Charles Nicholas, died 1911 Randolph, Vt« 

Midi>li:ton, William Howard (Aud.) 217 Cutler Bldg. Rochester, N.Y. 

MouLTON, Sherman Roberts (Law,) 188 Main St. Burlington, Vt. 

Patterson, Allen Bouton (Forestry) Hot Springs, Tulare Co. Cal. 

Swift, Prof. Fletcher Harper Uniy. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. 


Abbott, Alson Morgan (Pin.) 1 Myrtle Ave. Plainfield, N.J. 

BlfiN^ZET, Louis Paul (Ed.) 1409 Madison St. La Crosse, Wis. 

Cavanaqh, Francis William 124 Belmont St. Worcester, Mass. 

Collar, Herbert Coe (Lib.) Grosvenor Library, Buffalo, N.Y. 

Corey, Guy Edminston (Law.) 464 Middle St. Portsmouth, N.H. 

Greenwood, Albert H. (Cons. Eng.) 

9 Grandview Terrace, Hartford, Conn. 

Kirk, Harold Bruce 4229 Oakenwald Ave. Chioago, HI. 

Oakes, Luther Stevens (C. Eng.) . . . .801 Globe- Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. 
EisLEY, Charles Ingraham (Flour) .... Sunnyside Ave. Pleaaantville, N.Y. 

* Wood, John Hutchinson, died Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Barton, Prof. Ralph Martin Lombard Ck>llege, Galesburg, Hi* 

BoYLB, Charles John (Adv.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y- 

* Conner, Phineas Sanbom, Jr., died 1905 Cincinnati, 0» 

MouLTON, Horace Freeman (Tel.) . . .302 West 102nd St. New York, N.Y- 

Murray, Lindley Zaohariah (Law.) 220 Broadway, New York, N.Y- 

Stickney, Dr. William Hi Center St. Rutland, Vt. 

ToNQ, Dr. George William 602 4th St. Brooklyn. N.Y. 

Virgin, Arthur R. (Banker) ... Chateau Frontehac, Sherbrooke, P. Q. Can. 
Wentworth, Joseph (Law.) 48 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 


Barnard, James Arthur (Hdw.) 72 No. Allen St. Albany, N.Y. 

CROWBLI4, Mortimer Le^gett 318 No. Pine Ave. Chicago, HI. 

Haskell, Frederick White (Wire) 18 Auburn St. Worcester, Mass. 

Hathaway, Harold Preble ^ . . Marblehead, Maas. 

McIntyre, James Bradford (Hdw.) 2lBt & Gratiot Sts. St. Louis, Mq. 

PlNQREE, (ieorge Elmer 463 West St. New York, N.Y. 

Remsen, Thomas Richard (Eng.) 283 Jefferson Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Sibley, Harold Thomdike c/o International Trust Co. Denver, Colo. 

Ward, Richard (Mfg.) 241 Jackson St. Lawrence, Maas. 


Adams, Almon Edgar .783 So. Uth St. Newark, N.J. 

Bradley, Frederick Oliver 1109 Ingraham St. Los Angeleag Cal. 

1902H>6 DARTMOUTH 167 

Brown, Prof. Julius Arthur , Hanover, N.H. 

Easson, James (Tubing) Beaver Rd. Ambridge, Pa. 

Fox, Philip (Astronomer) Dearborn Observato^, Evanston, III. 

Hiuu, Dr. Laurence Richardson 2625 So. Cramet St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

HowABO. William. Jr. (Law.) 1136 Sterling PI. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

HmrriNGTON, Dr. James Lincoln 8 Gloucester St. Boston, Mass. 

Kennbdt, Mortimer Bailey (R. Est.) 200 S. Garfield Are. Peoria, III. 

LiTTiiS, William Oliver Baketel (Drugs) . . .£2 E. Concord St. Dover, N.H. 

MacKinnon, Allen Parmalee Winchester, Mass. 

MandeL), Eugene David 1 No. State St. Chicago, 111. 

Nkwman, Sewall Edwin (R. Est.) 9 Cliff St. Winchester. Mass. 

Peckham, Reuben 115 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 


BsADLBT, David Emery (Fin.) Harvard Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal. 

CoHBN, Arthur Joseph (Law.) 61 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Cbowbll, John (Ed.) 330 Chicago Ave. Oak Park, 111. 

Gaqb, George Harman Lawrence, Mass. 

Hausuann, Daniel Andrew (Dept. Labor). .39 Central Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

Murphy, Sherman Arnold (Law.) 13 Woodlawn Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

Pibbpont, Hemy Warner (R. Est.) 5212 Webster St. Omaha, Neb. 

Skinnbb, Azro Karl (Soc. Work) 24 Beaver St. Keene, N.H. 

Smith, Albert Edward 16 1st St. Troy, N.Y. 

Smith, Sherman (Eng.) c/o Grand Trunk Ry. Melville. Sas. Canada 

SwENSON, Omar Stephen (Granite) 14 Auburn St. Concord, N.H. 

Webb, Charles Alfred (Sec.) Montpelier, Vt. 

Wentwobth, John Paul (Stoves) 2050 Lafayette Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 


Belknap, John (Min. Eng.) Copley Sq. Hotel, Boston, Mass. 

Grat, Prof. William Rensselaer 9 N. Park St. Hanover, N.H. 

KiRKER, John Henry (Ins.) 165 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Pblket, William Charles (City Serv.) . . . 165 Medway St. Providence, R.I. 

Perbt, Lewis' Irving No. Billerica, Mass. 

Rock, Mathew (Mer.) 315 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Root, Raymond Richmond 36 Bromfield St. Boston, Mass. 

Russell, Walter Hall (Timber) : .Ruttan Bldg. Port Arthur, Ont. 

Saben, William Morton (Copper) Box 459, Bisbee, Aria. 

Satlbs, Arthur Earle Uxbridge, Mass. 


Dillon, Walter Sydney (Boilers) 20 Myrtle Ave. Fitchburg, Mass. 

Gaob, Daniel N. (Ins.) 29 Gerard St. Hartford, Conn. 

Gilbert, Edgar (Chem.) . . ^ 6 Wyanoke St. White Plains, N.Y. 

Gilman, Joseph Taylor 9 Lawson Rd. Winchester, Mass. 

Knibbs, John William, Jr 1609 Glenden St. Denver, Colo. 

Mabtin, Paris (Law.) Boise City Nat. Bank Bldg. Boise, Idaho 

Mbbbiam, James Robert. (Joum.) Garden City, L. I., N.Y. 

Reed, Horatio Munroe (Ins.) 136 W. 44th St. New York» N.Y. 

Rbid, Croorge Stickle 

Apt. 51, Hacienda Las Vegas, Santa Marta, Colombia, S.A. 

Smttb, Howard Ernest Newburjrport, Mass. 

Wabd, Harold Edward R. F. D. No. 1» West Kennebunk, Me. 

168 DARTMOUTH 1906-09 


* CoBUBN, Harry Warner, Jr., died 1913 Montpelier, Vt. 

DowNBT, John Euatis (Ins.) 5 Brown Terrace, Jamaica Plain, Maas. 

* KBNDAiiL, Henry Sibley, died 1904 Seattle, Wash. 

KiNGSBXTBT, John Howard 117 So. Lake Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

RussBLL, Louis Webster 429 Hebert St. Port Arthur, Ont. 

Smith, Watson Burchard (C. Eng.) 2211 St. Mary's Ave. Omaha, Neb. 

Waring, Dwight Stowe Fall River, Mass. 

Whittemore, Harvey Foss (Florist) . . . .Worcester Lane, Waltham, Mass. 
Wood, Harlan W. (Telephone) 1501 Chapline St. Wheeling, W.Va. 


Cotter, Michael Augustine Dorchester, Mass. 

CusHMAN, Norman L. (Sales.) 7 Ridgefield Rd. Winchester, Mass. 

Dana, Edward Swan Woodstock, Vt. 

Greenwood, Ivan A. (R. Est.) 1787 Radnor Rd. Cleveland Hgts. O. 

Grimes, William AugustiisCCaterer) 1085 Boylston St. Boston, Mass. 

* Hooper, Henry Judson, died 1904 Exeter, N.H. 

Jamison, George Harold (Lumber) Oelwein, la. 

Kimball, William Rice (Eng.) 623 No. Grove Ave. Oak Park, HI. 

Lubbrqeb, Charles Frederick (Law.).. .1848 Third Ave. Cedar Rapids, la. 

Pblrbn, Harry J. (Ry.) Eade Hotel, Concord, N.H. 

Reillt, James Crowley (Law.) 137 Hovey St. Lowell, Mass. 

WooDWORTH, Charles Parker (Lumber) 39 Rumford St. Concord, N.H. 


Clark, John Alexander (Banker) 1 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Frothinqham, Donald Y. (Author) 5448 East View Pa.'k, Chicago, 111. 

Hilton, Howard Hoyt (Banking) 6327 Woodlawn Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Lowe, George Blaine (Hdw.) 1819 East 82nd St. Cleveland, O. 

Marion, Gardner Sparhawk (Lumber) 140 Carter St. Chelsea, Mass. 

Melville, Chester Warren 1560 Beacon St. Brookline, Mass. 

Richardson, Joseph Leland 24 Alaska St. Boston, Mass. 

Riley, Cornelius Augustine (R. R.) 3902 Cass St. Omaha, Neb. 

RuQO, Robert Billings (Fin.) 11 Abbotsford St. Roxbury, Mass. 

Shaw, Arthur Briggs Mass. Gen. Hospital, Boston, Mass. 

Shipley, George EUiott Y. M. C. A. Bide. Oak Park, 111. 

* Smith, Porter MacDougall, died 1909 Northampton, Mass. 

Snow, Harold Hanson (Hdw.) 16 Cleveland Ave. Braintree, Mass. 


Bailey, Theodore Mead (Law.) Sioux Falls, S.D. 

Daniels, Mitchell T. (Furniture) 427 No. Haael St. Danville, HI. 

Fishbr, Dr. Hart Ellis 3554 Southport Ave. Chicago, 111. 

FoLLANBBEE, Merrill M. (Law.) 335 Moraine Rd. Highland Pk. 111. 

Rose, Arthur Oak Park. 111. 

Ryan, Charles Diller Springfield, 111. 

SWENSON, John Arthur (Granit«) 11 Ridge Rd. (Jonoord, N.H. 

TiRRELL, Herbert Leroy (Hotel) Main St. Plymouth, N.H. 

Whitcomb, Henry Bassett (Shoes) 17 South St. Campetlo, Maas. 

Williams, Frank Birtwistle (Cotton) . . . .308 Locust St. Fall River, Mass. 

1910-13 DARTMOUTH 169 


BARmrr, Floyd Fairman (Sales.) 332 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, HI. 

DowNST, Joseph Elliott (Ins.) 44 Washington Pk. Newtonville, Mass. 

Fat, Charles Jackson (Reporter) 74 Train 8t. Boston, Mass. 

Framx, James 2 Clinton St. White Plains, N.Y. 

Hbdoes, Horace Gabriel (R* Est.) 1211 2nd Ave. Cedar Rapids, la. 

HuNTEs, Harry Holland (Lumber) 1118 White Bldg. Seattle, Wash. 

Knox, Thomas Start (Banking) Jackson, Minn^ 

McPhsrson, John Vanderveer 377 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

NicoL, Killian Van Renesalaer (Grain) . . . 1119 Judson Ave. Ehraoston, 111. 

Rbbd, Henry Ransford (Sec.) 20 Maple St. Arlington, Mass. 

Shattuck, Edmund James (Ink Mfg.) Norwood, Mass. 

Smith, Sheldon Bainbridge (Law.) 16 First St. Troy, N.Y. 

Thompson, Raymond Whiton (Hdw.) 42 N. Main St. Concord, N.H. 

Woodcock, Robert Lindsay (Mer.).. . .80 S. Washington St. Hinsdale, III. 


BicKNBiiL, Harry Monroe (Fin.) 105 So. La Salle Street, Chicago, HI. 

Btbns, Harry Ryan 1020 E. Broad St. Columbus, O. 

* DALI.A8, Walford Lindsay, died 1911 Chicago. IlL 

Gbbknwood. Walter P. (R. Est.) 506 Williamson Bldg. Cleveland. O. 

Hall, Louis Phillips, Jr 1530 Hill St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Kbouqh, Austin (Jampbell (Law.) 640 Tremont Bldg. Boston, Mass. 

Leach, George Thatcher (Fin.) 105 So. La Salle St. Chicago, 111. 

Mc(]iONAQLB, Joseph Sargent (Live Stock) Hamilton, Mont. 

NoBRis, John Oscar (See.) R. 215, 55 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Ralstbn, Brown Van Namee (Sales.) LowviUe, N.Y. 

Reillt, Walter Benedict Lowdl, Mass. 

TuRNSR, Bxvant Rawson (Trader) ... .30 Winchester St. Brookline, Mass. 
Wabrbn, Charles C, Jr. (Banking) . . 136 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 
Waterhoubi, Harry Freeman So. Framingham, Mass. 


Chubch, Harold Paty 34 Cieorge St. Providence, R.I. 

Erwin, James Robinson (Law.) 87 Linden Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 

Fm Patbick, James King (Lumber) 34 Centre Ave. Belmont, Mass. 

Gkatibs, Warren Edwin 10 Vine St. Amesbury, Mass* 

Obr. Caleb Worley, Jr 412 Broadwav, Piqua, O. 

Randbbson, John E. H. (Contractor) .... 755 Madison Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

Stubtbvant, RoUin HiUs (Grain) 112 South 36th St. Omaha, Neb. 

SwENSON, Criiy Andrew (Granite) 340 N. State St. CJoncord, N.H. 

Tbbwin, Harold Rector 1024 Second Ave. E., C^ar Rapids, la. 

Whitman, Richard Parsons 1362 Main St. Brockton, Mass. 


Bbnnbtt, Ray Loyd Artesion, S.D. 

McClabt, George Brewer 126 Home Ave. Oak Park, 111. 

McCJlabt, Harvey Clark (Banking) . .Cor. 3rd A Mam St. Manrville, Mo. 

McClabt, Horace Prescott, Jr. (Banking) Windsor, Vt. 

MiLLAB, Ronald (Joum.) c/o Roc^ Moimtain News, Denver, (^olo. 

Nolan, Walter Harvey (Ins.) 15 Mountain Ave. Somerville, Mnss. 

176 DARTMOUTH 1918-17 

Obton, Franklin Cleveland (Telephone) Macon, HI. 

Tuck, SomerviUe Pinkey, Jr Baltimore, Md. 

Watkbman, Charles Dana 616 Kirkwood Blvd. Davenport, la. 


Batchbldeb, Joseph Henry (Adv.) 312 Parkside Dr. Peoria, HI. 

BoQOB, George Arthiir (Auto.) Lakeland Ave. Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Davison, Norman Hewitt 113 Fifth Ave. Chambersburg, Pa. 

GiiiEB, Edmund Newman 5 Summit Ave. Winchester, Mass. 

* GiLLis, Arthur Edwin, died 1914 Manchester, N.H. 

Hands, William Charles, Jr 485 E. 17th St. Brooklyn. N.Y. 

HowBLL, Spencer Acklin .2120 Scottwood Ave. Toledo, O. 

KOELSCH, Henry August, Jr. . 838 Sixth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Llbwblltn, Frank Albert (Grain) 5625 Kenwood Ave. Chicago, HI. 

PicKBN, Marshall WooUey (C. En9.)..467 West 141st St. New York, N.Y. 

Sheldon, Samuel De Witt PiUsbury Flour Mills, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Tuck, Alexander J. M...c/o New Trust Co. 26 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

Williams, James Russell (Elec.) 1250 Main St. Quincy, HI. 

WuLPi, James Meinrad (Furniture) .237 S. Euclid Ave. Oak Park, HL 


BxTBNHAM, Silas Henry, Jr. (Banking) 2115 S. 24th St. Lincoln, Neb. 

Child, Fred Sheffield 156 Coeur d'Alene St. Spokane, Wash. 

Fbothinqhau, Robert, Jr 10 West 70th St. New York, N.Y. 

Fbothinoham, Ruy Stuart White Plains, N.Y. 

Hall, Richard Neville 1530 Hill St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Heist, John Alden 617 N. Pine Ave. Chicago, III. 

Lbonabo, Arthur Holmes, Jr. 20 Sylvan Ave. West Newton, Mass. 

MiLMORB, Norville Livingston < . < . .2 Rogers Ave. SomerviUe, Mass. 

Mullin, John Meylert 960 Madison Ave. Albany, N.Y, 

Rector, Voyle Dixon 3431 Hawthorne Ave. Omaha, Neb. 

RoHBS, Franklin Herman 523 West 141st St. New York, N.Y. 

Wanqbr, Walter F 607 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

WiNTBBs, Nove McCullou^ ^ 1807 Jersey St. Quincy, HI. 


Andrews, Fletcher Reed The Belnord Apts. New York, N.Y. 

Bbownb, Augustiis Page (Adv.) 405 Wolcott St. Aubumdale. Mass. 

BuTLBR, John Ben. Jr Fort Dodge, la. 

pBXTBT, Chester 44 Hawks St. Lowell, Mass. 

Gibson, Harold Frederick 147 Linden Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

GouoH, WiUiam Alfred Reginald 313 Franklin PI. Plainfield, N.J. 

McClabt, Andrew Bishop Windsor, Vt. 

Rectob, Grearold Vergil 3431 Hawthorne Ave. Omaha, Neb. 

Sully, Spencer Edwards 375 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Sully, Wilberforce, Jr 375 Park Ave. New York, N.Y, 


Allison, George Homer 17 Beaver St. Worcester, Mass. 

Brownb, Kingsbury Guild 405 Wolcott St. Auburndale, Mass. 

DuRKBB, James Taylor 346 Seventh Ave. La Granm, 111. 

Graves, Arnold Landon £. 515 16th Ave. Spokane, Wash. 

1917-18 DARTMOUTH 171 

. ■ p ■ ■ ■ • « , ■ ■ ■ 

How, Burton Lenox 1317 Michigan Ave. LaPorte, Ind. 

Jknks, Herbert Chancellor 1217 Ridge Ave. Evamton. 111. 

Lbighton, Frederic William 6518 Kimbark Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Ltnch, Ralph Pittsburg St. Greensbura, Pa. 

McCabtht, Earl Roach 2124 W. 5th Ave. Spokane, Wash. 

Painb, Robert Gordon 152 Harvaid St. Brookline, Mass. 

Pkbson, Jamee Armand 310 Lenawee St. Lansing, Mich. 

Rbadk, Leonard James 71 King Ave. Weehawken, N J'. 

8axAj>inb. John Walter, Jr 113 Abbott Rd. Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Tbfft, Lionel Victor 511 Parkside Dr. Peoria, HI. 

Thixlbchbb, Karl Leavitt 43 Thomdyke St. Brookline. Mass. 


AisHTON, Richard Andrew 1710 Wesley Ave. Evanston, 111. 

Booth. Edmund Hendershot 451^ St. ft Bedford Ave. Omaha, Neb. 

CoLiB, Frederic Runyon 109 Prospect St. E. Orange, N.J. 

KiRKPATRXCK, Nathaniel WiUard, Jr 408 W. 2nd St. Dayton, O. 

LsB, Lewis Hughes 5043 Washington St. St. Louis, Mo. 

LbFbvbb, Jay Chestnut St. New Palts. N.Y. 

Pboctob. Thomas White 23 Hammond St. Chestnut Hill. Mass. 

Richmond, Edward Guernsey 74 E. Main St. Fredonia, N.Y. 

Sntdbb, Jay Donald 79 Central Ave. Mariner's Harbor, N.Y. 

Stobbs, John Whitmore 360 Farraington Ave. Hartford, Conn. 

Young, Everett Townsend 934 Paulding St. PeekskiU, N.Y* 

172 1846-«1 




* Clark, Charles Alexander, died 1854 Freeport, HI. 

* FiBH. Edmund, died 1904 Hillsboro, 111. 


* ANDB0U8, George Pomeroy, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

* M1TGHXI4L, James Sheldon, died 1848 Greenwich, O. 

* Smith, Winfield, died 1899 Milwaukee. Wis. 

* WsLCH, Adonijah Strong, died 1889 Ames, la. 

* Whittsmobb, James Olin, died 1889 Ovid, Mich. 


* Haiij, Samuel Shaler. died 1865 East Hampton, Conn. 

PALMBB, Rev. Theodoric Romeyn Nationid City, Cal. 


* Du B018, Alfred, died 1909 Nevada City, Cal. 

* DurFiBLD, Divie Bethune, died 1891 Detroit, Mich. 

* Duncan, James Arioeto, died 1850 Kalamasoo, Mich. 

* HouQHTON, Jacob, died 1894 Detroit, Mich. 

* Mabsh, Dr. Wells Ransom, died 1874 Chicago, 111. 


* Andbbws, Dr. Edmund, died 1904. Chicago, HI. 

* DoNBLBON, Rev. Park Shattuck, died 1882 Lima. O. 

* Goodwin, William Justus, died 1866 Fort lancoln, Tex. 

* HuTCHiNS, John Baxter, died 1891 Ionia. Mich. 

* Johnson, Dr. Hosmer Allen, died 1891 Chicago, 111. 

* KiNGSLBT, Calvin Schloatt, died 1900 Idaho City, Idaho 

* Mat, General Dwight, died 1880 Kalamasoo, Mich. 

* PiLCHBB, Rev. Elijah Holmes, died 1887 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* TxNDALii, Rev. George Phillips, died 1894 Sacramento, Cal. 


* F18KB, Rev. Lewis Ransom, died 1901 Albion, Mich. 

* TiNDALL, James White, died 1849 Tecumseh, Mich. 

1861 I 

* Bancboft, Rev. Joseph Webb, died 1903 Hastings, Mich. 

* Cadt, Chauncy Marvin, died 1889 Atlanta, Ga. 

* CooLBT, Rev. Elias, died 1899 Marshall, Mich. 

* Kbozib, Dr. Robert Clark, died 1902 Lansing, Mioh. 

* Stout, Byron Gray, died 1896 Pontiac, Mioh. 

1862-68 PENINSULAR 178 


* Batu. Junes Hale, died 1901 Brooklviit N.Y. 

* Baxtxb, Witter Johnston, died 1889 Jonesville, Mich. 

* Bbak. Prof. Sidney Alfred^ died 1863 Waukesha. Wis. 

* Bban, Walker Lindaley. died 1862 Milwaukee, Wis. 

* Bkckbr, Chariee Walter, died 1851 Ann Arbor, Mich. 

* HzNMAN, Rev. Charles Titus, died 1854 Chicago, 111. 

Ons, Alfred Gideon ! Atchison, Kan. 

* Tavt, Rev. Sylvenus Adon, died 1902 Alameda, Cal. 

* Tatlob, Dr. Martyn. died 1906 Sciotoville, O. 

* Tbowbbzdob, Rev. TUlman Conklin, died 1888 Aintab, Turkey 


* Bbckkb, John Fillmore, died 1855 Ann Arbor, Mioh. 

* Habt, Benjamin Elias, died 1850 Lansing, Mich. 

* Habt, Danforth Alvin, died 1853 Lapeer, Mioh. 

* Hubbbll. Hon. Jay Abel, died 1900 Houghton, Mich. 

* TozBB, Chfuies Warren, died 1905 Michigan Bluff, Cal. 


* Blackwood, Arthur, died 1858 , Northville, Mich. 

* ChandIiBB. France, died 1894 St. Louis, Mo. 

* Chandlbb, William, died 1868 Cleveland, O. 

EvAXS, Edward Payson Aibling, Bavaria, Germany 

* Stbong, Gen. Henry, died 1911 Chicago, 111. 

* Wood, Daniel Leonurd, died 1903 Indianapolis, Ind. 


* Eldbbdok, James B(ruce), died 1901 Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

* Hbwett, Charles, died 1894 Knightstown, Ind. 

* Mabtin, Alexander, died 1902 Columbia, Mo. 

* WiuJTB, Edwin, died 1896 Washington, D.C. 


* Bbookb, Datus Chase, died 1901 West New Brighton, N.Y. 

Ci<ABK, Prof . John Emory (Ret.).. 193 Long Meadow St. Springfield, Mass. 

* GiBBS, Mason, died 1886 Homer, Mich. 

* Rbtnolds, Milton William, died 1890 Edmond, Okla. 

* Ttlbb, Rev. Moses Coit, died 1900 Ithaca, N.Y. 


* EsTABBOOK. Joseph, died 1894 Olivet, Mich. 

* James, Lewis Whitney, died 1910 Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 

* Landon, George McQuo®n> died 1912 Monroe, Mich. 

RiCHABDB, Prof. John Flint, Mich. 

* SiiiL, Rev. John Mahelm Berry, died 1901 Detroit, Mioh. 

* Wight, Edwin Buckminster, died 1912 Portland, Ore. 


« Gbavbs, John, died 1902 Detroit, Mich. 

* HoBNBB, Prof. John Wesley, died 1874 Lawrence, Kan. 

174 PENINSULAR 1858-^2 

LiTTLKJOHN, Rev. Waloott Hacklffir.. .R. F. D. No. 4, Battle Creek, Mich. 

* Miller, Charles RoUin. died 1908 Adrian, Mioh. 

* MooRB, Robert Starr, died 1902 ChiUicothe, Mo. 

* QuiNBY, Hon. William Emory, died 1908 Detroit. Mich. 

* Stark, Rev. James Worthington, died 1909 Bloomfield, la. 

* Walker, Edward Carey, died 1894 Detroit, Mich. 

* Williams, Fitch Reed, died 1904 Elk Rapids, Mich. 

' 1869 

* Cart, James Richardson, died 1906 Nelighi Neb. 

* CooLET, Hon. Thomas Molntyre, died 1898 Ann Arbor, Mich. 

* Hankinson, Charles Bird, died 1867 Woodstock, Ont. 

Hathaway, Rodney Jay Bedford, O. 

McGraw, Edward Walker (Law.) 929 Chestnut St. Oakland. Cal. 

McGraw, Dr. llieodore Andrews 1710 Jefferson Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

* Martin, Prof. Solomon Claiborne, died 1906 St. Lotris, Mo. 

•Otis, Ephraim AUen, died 1913 .Chicaro, HI. 

* Parsons, Orrin, died 1906 Saline, Mich. 

* Walker, Charles Irish, died 1895 Detroit, Mich. 

* Wilkinson, Albert Hamilton, died 1911 Detroit, Mich. 


Carkener. Stuart (Law.) Oil Commerce Bldg. Kansas City, Mo. 

•Dunning, Silas Wright (Ret.) . . 420 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 

* Gould, George Henry, died 1905 Palestine, Tex. 

* Green, Sullivan Dexter, died 1889 Berlin Falls, N. H. 

* Zacharias, Alien William Howard, died 1862 Monroe, Mich. 


Barnum, William Henry (Law.) Riverside, III. 

* Beaver, Prof. Goodwin Stoddard, died 1865 Albion, Mich. 

Blair, Benjamin Franklin (Law.) . .246 Washington Ave. Glen Ridge, N.J. 

* Curtis, Prof. Allen Jeremiah, died 1871 Ann Arbor, Mich. 

* CuTCHEON, Gen. Byron M., died 1908 Grand Rapids, Mich. 

* Denison, Charles Halbert, died 1912 New York, N. Y. 

* Jackson, Edward Seymour, died 1910 Scranton, Pa. 

Landon, Dr. Henry Bishop 413 N. Farragut St. Bay City, Mich. 

* Merrill, Henry Dwight, died 1906 Florence, Cal. 

* Nichols, Erasmus Darwin, died 1860 Ann Arbor, Mich. 

* Post, Hoyt, died 1912 Detroit, Mich. 

* Post, Dr. James Alexis, died 1913 Detroit, Mioh. 

* Stocking, Charles Henry, died 1881 Freeport, 111. 

Utlbt, Henry Munson (Lib.) 195 Charlotte Ave. Detroit, Mieh. 


* Baker, Rienzi Hiram, died 1906 Adrian, Mich. 

Burt, Hiram Austin 

* Chandler, Charles, died 1905 Grand Itapids, Mich. 

Clark, Edward Gavion 1 State St. Chicago, 111. 

Fay, Prof. Edward Allen 3 Kendall Green, Washington, D.C. 

* Follbtt, Harmon Dewey, died 1885 Brainerd, Minn. 

GooDBXLL, James Henry (Edit.) 156 East 80th St. New Ywk, N.Y. 

1862-67 PENINSULAR 176 

* HuMT, Dr. Charles Morae. died 1805 Washington, D.C. 

* Stubobs, David Brainard, died 1910 San Bernardino, Cal. 

* Uhl, Edwin Fuller, died 1901 Grand Rapids, Mich. 


AuBBOSB, James Clement 

* Farr, Lincoln Tibbals, died 1904 Oakland. Cal. 

Harboun, Dr. William Smith P. O. Box 129, Santa Fe, N.M. 

* Hbndbickb, Frank, died 1862 Ypsilanti, Mioh. 

* PowEBs, Stephen, died 1904 Jacksonville, Fla. 

* Shbricak, George, died 1877 New York, N.Y. 

* Slawsok, Edward Reed, died 1881 Bay City, Mioh. 

Yost, Casper E. (Telephones) 140 No. 39th St. Omaha, Neb. 


* Albbb, George Sumner, died 1898 Oshkosh, Wis. 

Babnhabt, Levant William 

HiTGHCX>CK, William Douglas (Ins.) Alpena, Mich. 

* KiDD, James Harvey, died 1913 Ionia, Mich. 

* MooBB, William Channing, died 1866 Medina, Mich. 

Rowlbt, Henry Kirk Galveston, Tex. 

* Sbcth, Henry Daniel, died 1909 Appleton, Wis. 

* Town, John Dempster, died 1910 Grand Rapids, Mich. 

* WixAixsoN, James Milton, died 1898 Marquette, Mich. 


* Austin, Henry Root, died 1913 Monroe, Mich . 

CAMPBBLii, Proi. Gabriel Hanover, N.H. 

Dtjdlbt, Hon. Charles Ashman (Judge) . . . 1026 Ninth St. Des Moines, la. 

* GooDSBu:,, Charles Morgan, died 1888 New York, N.Y. 

* Harmon, George William, died 1914 Detroit, Mich. 

* McLban, Samuel Russell, died 1865 Greenville, Kv. 

* Philups, Delos, died 1887 Kalamasoo, Mich. 

* Smith, Alfred Nathan, died 1863 Adrian. Mich. 

* Vincent, Rev. Samuel, died 1910 , . . . Plymouth, England 

* Williams, Charles Gilmore, died 1871 Chicago, 111. 


* Becker, Frederick Walter, died 1910 Chicago, 111. 

* Dabrow, Prof. Eleaser, died 1872 Ann Arbor, >fich. 

* Dickinson, Oliver Partridge, died 1904 Chicago, 111. 

Grant, Emory Levi (Lumber) Kenosha, Wis. 

Larmouth, James Thompson Jamestown, N.Y. 

* Qtjarlbs, Joseph Very, died 1911 Milwaukee, Wis. 

Rexford, Edgar Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Simmons, Frea Julien (Grain) 83 Watson St. Detroit, Mich. 

Washburn, Rev. William Wallace 37 Ferris Ave. Highland Pk., Mich. 

* White, George Snow, died 1908 Jackson, Mich. 


* DbWitt, Moses TaUevrand, died 1895 » Chicago, 111. 

EnwABDSf George Fairehild « Minneapolis, Minn. 

176 PENINSULAR 1887-72 

* Williams, Schuyler Hodges, died 1866 Owosso, Mich. 

Woodman, Greorge Bliss Philadelphia, Pa. 


* Chapin, James Hayden, died 1873 Detroit, Mich. 

DuBKBB, Henry Rogers 115 Dearborn St. Chicago, 111* 

* Fbbbman, Prof. John Charles, died 1911 Madison, Wis. 

* Jenkb, Roselle Nichols, died 1868 Keokuk, la. 

* LoBD, Henry William, Jr., died 1883 Detroit, Mich. 

Ltman, Francis Henry (Ret.) 432 Park Ave. Kenosha, Wis. 

* Pattbngill, Prof. Albert Henderson, died 1906 Ann Arbor, Midi. 

* Quables, Charles, died 1908 Milwaukee, Wis. 


* Cocker, William Johnson, died 1901 Adrian, Mich. 

* Johns, Hon. William Corwin, died 1914 Decatur, 111. 

Taylor, Edwin (Farmer) Edwardsville, Kan. 

* Waterloo, Stanley, died 1913 Chicago, III. 

* Wells, William Henry, died 1890 Philadelphia, Pa. 


Campbell, Oscar James (Law.) 1932 East 101st St. Cleveland, O. 

Day, Hon. William R. (Judge) 1301 Clifton St. Washington, D.C. 

* Fbaron, Robert Newton, died 1910 Ironton, O. 

Fleming, Edwin Buffalo, N. Y. 

Le Fbvrb, Hon. Owen E. (Judge) 1311 Colorado Bldg. Denver, Colo. 

Maltman, John Scott 316 Laughlin Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal. 

* Noble, Alfred, died 1914 New York, N.Y. 

Thayer, Hon. Rufus Hildreth (Judge) ... 32 Orange St. Nantucket, Mass. 

* Tweedy, James Fisher, died 1914 New York, N.Y. 


Crittenden, Frank Arthur 

* Gilbert, Rev. Frank Brown, died 1880 Marianna, Fla. 

* HoLBROOK, Giles John, died 1903 Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

HuTCHiNS, Pres. Harry Burns 508 Monroe St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

* Montrose, Henry Watson, died 1897 Galena, 111. 

Pedrick, Isaac Harwood (Ret.) . . .374 No. Raymond Ave. Pasadena, Cal. 
Phillips, Horace (Ins.) 536 Elliott St. Kewanee, 111. 

* Phinney, Rufus Emerson, died 1884 Monroe, Mich. 

* PicARD, Frederic Julius, died 1900 Ck^umbus, O. 

* Warden, James Avery Satterlee, died 1906 Boston, Mass. 

Wilkinson, Charles Melvin (Law.). .1603 Dime Bank Bldg. Detroit, Mioh. 


* Beatty, Charles Tupper, died 1910 Pittsburg, Pa. 

* CooLBY, Edgar Arthur, died 1914 Bay City, Mich. 

Geddes, Frederick Lyman (Law.) 2116 Parkwood Ave. Toledo, O. 

* Herdman, Dr. William James, died 1904 Ann Arbor, Mich. 

McGrath, Rev. Joseph McDonald 223 W. 7th St. Cincinnati, O. 

* Milnbr, Dr. Samuel George, died 1907 Grand Rapids, Mieh. 

Pendleton, Edward Waldo (Law.) . . . .1100 Jefferson Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

1872-77 PENINSULAR 17T 

Rbxford, Dwight Carver (Law.) 764 Casa Ave. Detrcrft, Mioh. 

Smith, Barton (Law.) 406 Woodni£f Ave. Toledo, O. 

* TuBNBB, Charles Kinf^, died 1880 Kalamasoo, Mich. 

* VooBHBiB, George Philemon, died 1912 Toledo, O. 


BuBT, Horace Greeley 

CocKBB, Henry Reed (Fruit) R. R. 2, Lawton, Mich. 

* Febdon, Edwin Jacob, died 1881 Detroit, Mich. 

FiiBMZNO, Hon. Rufus Consular Service, Washington, D.C. 

GAiiLOWAT, Elias Durfee (Lumber) HoweU, Mich. 

* Keei^bb, Charles Butler, died 1907 Spokane, Wash. 

* King, Charles Edward, died 1913 Ypsilanti, Mich. 

* PattengiijL, Judson Gregory, died 1908 Ann Arbor, Mioh. 

* Peblbt, Dr. Harry Otis (Col.), died 1903 Washington, D.C. 

WiUiZAMS, William Brown (Law.) Lapeer, Mich. 

Wilson, Charles Scotto 


* Fiske, Louis Ross, died 1895 Marine City, Mich. 

LuNGREN, Charles Marshall Bayonne, N.J. 

Matthews, Don Alonso (Telephone) 507 8. 31st St. Omaha, Neb. 

RoGBBS, Hon. Henry Waae (Dean, Law School) 

Yale University, New Haven, Conn. 

Smith, Wilbert Wesley. , Northfield, Miss. 

Wabnbb, James Dickmson. 


Clabk, Charles Alexander (R. R.) 96 Virginia Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

* Eaton, James Clement, died 1881 Tecumseh, Mich. 

HuTCHiNS, Eugene Ralph The Gt. Northern, Chicago, 111. 

Laible, Edwin Forrest (Drills) 667 Bedford St. Sandwich, Ont. Can. 

Upham, Horace Aionso Jaques (Law.) . . .825 Lake Drive, Milwaukee, Wis. 


Babbt, Edmund Drinan (Law.).. 229 So. Orange Grove Ave. Pasadena, Cal. 

* BiiAiB, Charles Austin, died 1912 Lansing, Mich. 

Bbown, Clarence Shepard (Law.) Easton, Md. 

BuELii, Frederick Rice (Mach.) 303 E. Morrison St. Portland, Ore. 

* FoBMAN, Fred Lee, died 1903 Denver, Colo. 

Ilslet, James Keeler (Banking) 575 Astor St. Milwaukee, Wis. 

REYNOXii>B, John Henry (Law.) 346 Broadway, Paterson, N.J. 

Stevens, Albert Clark (Edit.) 80 So. Clinton St. East Orange, N.J. 

Van Pbi/t, Dr. Charles Lee 1819 Jefferson St. Toldeo, O. 


Cabpentbb, William (Law.) 55 Feck St. Muskegon, Mich. 

* Febdon, (jgden Winner, died 1881 Ann Arbor, Mich. 

* Fbbbib. William Barton, died 1879 Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Fbbdbbick, Dr. Carlton Cassius, died 1911 Buffalo, N.Y. 

HuMTBB, Thomas Martin (Writer) 724 East 18th Ave. Denver, Colo. 

Latham, Ortive (Sales.) 2137 Horton St. Toledo, O. 


178 PENINSULAR 1877-83 

LswiB, Milo (Law.) Greenville, Mich. 

* Stact, Hon. James Alonao, died 1881 Adrian, Mich. 

Stsarnb, Frederick Kimball Detroit, Mich. 

Stsphsnson, Dr. Abram Mills Adrian, Mich. 


BuTT8» Prof. William Henry 919 Oakland Ave. Ann Arbor, Mich- 

Johnson, William Claflin (Auto.) 974 Jefferson Ave. Detroit, Mich> 

Mtrick, Henry Pierce Milwaukee, Wis. 

NoBLS, Thomas Henry (Ret.) Qrosse Isle, Mich. 

Van Paiix, Evert , 


Bond, Josiah (Mining) Toluachi Mine, Alto, Santa Crui Ck>. Aris. 

* Brown, James Padelford, died 1913 Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ganson, C. Van Cleve (Law.) . 60 College Ave. N. E. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

* Mbad, BVank Day, died 1913 Escanaba, Mich. 

NoRRis, Mark (Law.) 29 Prospect St. N. E. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

TwESDY, John Hubbard, Jr 320 Wells Bldg. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Whitb, Enoch Clark Lapeer, Mich. 


Bancroft, Richard Bavard (Druggist).. .Ouachita Ave. Hot Springs, Ark. 

* Mtrick, Frederick Clemens, died 1881 Detroit. Mich. 

Rbkd, Frank Freemont (Law.) Riverside, Di. 

Washburn, William D. (Law.) New York Life Bldg. Chicago, 111. 

WiLLARD, John Haven (Fin.) 2942 Indiana Ave. Chicago HI. 


* Boughton, Frank Pardee, died 190& Battle Oeek, Mich. 

* Bowman, Edward Harvey, died 1889 Chicago, 111. 

Daniels, George Brown (Lumber) 

320 Fulton St. S. E. Grand Rapids. Mich. 

Fox, Duane Edwin (Law.) 1611 21st St. Washington, D.C. 

Goodrich, Charles Watson Plande las Hayas, Est. Vera Cms, Mex. 

Gravbs, Dr. Schuyler Colfax.. 532 Lafayette Ave. S. E. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Mason, Adolph B. (Perfumery) Box 184, San Diego, Cal. 

RoBBiNS, Frank Carle (Mfg.) 2083 East 96th St. Cleveland, O. 

Terry, Frank T. (Fin.) 714 Astor St. Milwaukee, Wis. 


Graham, William Herbert Kankakee, 111 . 

* Ilslbt, Charles Edward, died 1891 Chicago, 111. 

McEwAN, William Hunter (Lumber) . . . 1302 University St. Seattle, Wash. 
McLaughlin, Prof. Andrew Cunningham 

5609 Woodlawn Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Martin, William Elmore (Lumber) 511 S. 40th St. Omaha, Neb. 

TiNSMAN, Charles Watson (Sales.) 1227 Volland St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 


* Brioram, WiUard Irving Tyler, died 1904 Chicago, 111. 

CoMSTOOK, John Jooiah (Hdw.) 58 W. Lake St. Chicago, IIL 

1888-^ PENINSULAR 179 

*» Gkat, Ralph, died 1910 Cleveland, O. 

Hinsdale, Norman D. (Sales.) 646 £. 11th St. Oakland, Cal. 

RoHB, Reinhardt Manitowoc, Wis. 

TiNSMAN, Homer Ellsworth (Law.) .First National Bank Bldg. Chicago, 111. 


FBRotTsoN, Rev. Charles Edwin (Law.). 15 Gramercy Pk. New York, N.Y. 

* Jbbomb, Thomas Spencer, died 1914 Capri, Italy 

Savidge, William (Banker) Spring LtJce, Mich. 

Williams, Arthur Henry (Law.) Erie Co. Bank Bldg. Buffalo, N.Y. 


CuTCHEON, Franklin W. M. (Law.) 24 Broad St. New York. N.Y. 

Gbosvenor, Ebeneser Oliver Monroe, Mich. 

* Hawlbt, Samuel Frederick, died 1902 Chicago, 111. 

Lee, Greorge Waith (Rancher) * .Omak, Wash. 

Slocum, James Edward (R. Est.) 40 N. Deabom St. Chicago, 111. 

Wheelock, Harry B. (Arch.) 64 W. Randolph St. Chicago, 111. 


Lewis, Cyrus Bentley (Ret.) 2140 W. 20th St. Los Angeles, Cal. 

McEwAN, Alexander Fraser 1409 Madison St. Seatue, Wash. 

MiDDLBTON, Albert Westbrook (Lumber) . Ill W. 3rd St. Aberdeen, Wash. 
MoNTOOMBRT, Henry Ernest (Lumber) 

Court ftnd Wilkeson Sts. Buffalo, N.Y. 


CiTTLBR, Dwight 1165 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Danfobth, William Edgar (Banker) 466 Franklin St. Buffalo. N.Y. 

Latimer, William (jeorge (Fin.) 321 Second Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Lewis, Arthur Lee (Ore) 241 So. Kenwood Ave. Olendale, Cal. 

* Mitchell, Rev. William, died 1908 Jacksonville, 111. 

TowKBBND, Larmon Gteorge (Lumber) Libby, Mont. 

* Van Dbvbnter, Thomas Lenox, died 1894 Knoxville, Tenn. 


Carpenter, Joseph Eugene (Lumber) . 300 Clifton Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

* Cloket, Dr. Andrew Allison, died 1899 Louisville, Ky. 

Crowl, Samuel Hiram (Law.)- 411 Hammond Bldg. Detroit, Mich. 

Derbt, John Norman (Mach.) Post Rd. Port Chester, N.Y. 

EwALD, Daniel Ephraim (Law.) 1211 Ave. "N" Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Harvbt, Dr. Lutner Samuel. . . P. O. Box 1349, Obrapia 33, Havana, Cuba 

McCreert, Hon. Fenton Reuben (Ret.) 526 Beach St. Flint, Mich. 

Mann, Morgan McMorries (Law.) 24 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

Wheeler, Charles Partridge Three Rivers, Mich. 

Williams, Dr. Herbert Upham 24 High St. Buffalo, N.Y. 


BouRLAND, Prof. Benjamin Parsons Adelbert College, Cleveland, O. 

Day, Robert Henry (Law.) Massillon, O. 

* Gamble, George Telphord, died 1913 Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Howard, Francis George . . . .926 Security Bank Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. 

180 PENINSULAR 1889-98 

Nichols, John Alden 13104 Forrest Hill Ave. Cleveland, O. 

* Pabfbt, William Wetrier, died 1887 Golden, Colo. 

Tallby, Dr. James Ely 218 So. 20th St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thobnham, Jesse Simeon Brownsville, Tex. 

YouNQ, Henry Martin. Interstate Trust and Banking Co. New Orleans, La. 


Bates, Dean Henry Moore (Law.) (Dean) Cambridge Rd. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Garbison, Charles B F. R. D. 2, Sewickley, Pa. 

Gay, Prof. Edwin Francis (Dean) 57 Francis Ave. Cambridge, Mass. 

GnirriN, William Wickware 

Harbis, William Pickett 1761 Jefferson Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Mann, Walter Leeman (Ins.) 95 William St. New York, N.Y. 

Van Dbvkntibb, Horace (Law.) 045 Temple Ave. Knoxville, Tenn. 


Crosby, James Mosely (Ins.) Kent Hills, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Donaldson, Robert Stuart (Ins.) Ohio Bldg. Toledo, O. 

Lamb, Chauncey Robert (Lumber) .... 199 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, HI. 

McGraw, Thomas Arthur 1759 Jefiferson Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

MuNN, Loyal Levi (Mfg.) 263 Stephenson St. Freeport. lU. 

Smith. Rev. Herbert Scott 1859 Mintwood PI. Washington, D.C. 

Wilkinson. Thomas Lee (Cons. Eng.) 407 Boston Bldg. Denver. Colo. 


Cabson, Prof. Lewis Clinton 212 Blaine Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Dabbow, Eleazer Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, O. 

Eabp, John Kirkpatrick (Lumber) 112 W. 1st St. Oil City, Pa. 

Fbbbis, James Edward Cleveland, O. 

Lamb, Garret Eugene (Lumber) Wilson Bldg. Clinton, la. 

McGbaw, Stanley Dickinson (Fin.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

McMoBBAN, David W 2323 Military St. Port Huron. Mich. 

PoBTEB, Frederic Sherman (Law.) 2068 Cornell Rd. Cleveland. O. 

Rew, George Campbell (Mfg.) 4100 Fillmore St. Chicago. 111. 

* RooEBS, Ashley Colt, died 1897 Asusa, Cal. 

Smith, Dr. Richard Root 135 Madison Ave. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Van Deventeb, Hugh Flournoy 903 Temple Ave. Knoxville, Tenn. 

Warden, Dr. Carl Cleghorn Ann Arbor, Mich. 


* Andbews, William Holmes, died 1905 Geneva, N.Y. 

Geobgb, Ransom Gardner (Fin.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Gbaves, Frank Pliny (Law.) The Brambles, Lake Forest, 111. 

* Habbis, Samuel Smith, died 1906 Detroit, Mich. 

Holland, Rev. James Steedman 103 Elm St. Yonkers, N.Y. 

Holland, Rev. Thomas Bond 139 St. Johns PI. Brookljoi, N.Y. 

Howes, George Erasmus, Jr. . . New York Life Insurance Co. Seattle, Wash. 

LooMis, John Cooper Tiffin. O. 

Mattbbon, Charles Dickerman (Banker) 

Capital Bank Bldg. St. Paul, Minn. 
Quibk. Daniel Laoe, Jr. (Banker) 206 No. Huron St. Ypoilanti. Mioh. 

1S94-98 PENINSULAR 181 


CADwaxiL, George Jason (Mfg.) 210 Summer St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Robinson, Benjamin Clapp (Ry.) .314 Madison Ave. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Ward, William Bullock (I^w.) 38 So. Dearborn St. Chicago, lU. 

WnJCXBSON, Frederick Doolittle (Mining) > 

513 Stambaugh Bldg. Youngstown, O. 
WOBDSN, Harry Fralick (Zinc) 600 Orleans St. Chicago, lU. 


BouBLAND, Norman T. (Fin.) 41 So. La Salle St. Chicago, III. 

BouBLAND, Dr. Philip Daggett Lake Linden. Mich» 

CoNBAD, Charles Henry (Mer.) 3940 Lake Park Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Graybs, McDowell (Cons. Eng.) 949 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, CaK 

* LbFayoub, David, died 1910 Detroit, Mich. 

Pbbkins, William H. (Fin.) . . c/o Michigan Trust Co. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Smith, Hal Horace (I^wO 48 Davenport St. Detroit, Mich. 

Stevens, Robert Clark (Eng.) 454 W. 11th St. Erie, Pa. 

White, Stewart Edward (Author) 

2220 Santa Barbara St. Santa Barbara, Cal. 


Babton, Henry Shepard (Distillery) Owensboro, Ky. 

GooDEiiL, Horatio Stuart (Mer.) Houghton, Mich. 

Nichols, Harry Gilbert Corunna, Mich. 

Petbib, Frank Henry Alma, Mich. 

TiLiiOTSON, John Beach 143 W. 86th St. New York, N.Y. 

Van Deventbb, Christopher (Cons. Eng.) . 38 S. Dearborn St. Chicago, 111. 
Van Deventbb, Fayette Floumoy (Vehicles) 

862 Temple Ave. Knozville, Tenn. 

* Wbsbbls, Dr. Francis Henry, died 1908 Winona, Mich. 


BouBLAND, Dr. Robert Collyer Brown Bldg. Rockford, 111. 

Field, Freeman (Mfg.) 8314 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Herdman, Hany Patterson (Missionary) Kijabee, British East Africa 

HoLBBOOK, Prof. Evans 719 E. University Ave. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Phinnbt, Charles Johnson Monroe, Mich. 

* Smith, Arthur Maurice, died 1908 Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Tagoabt, Ralph Cone (Arch.) 791 Myrtle Ave. Albany, N.Y. 


Gbben, Charles Coy (Banker) 42 Marshall St. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Gbobsbbck, Clarence Edward (Elec.) . . . Kearns Bldg. Salt Lake City, Utah 

Habbis, Julian Hartwell 177 Seminole Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

HiLDNEB, Rev. Ernest Gotthold 

* Shibts, George Curtis, died 1906 Chicago, 111. 

WooDBUPV, Greorge Augustus (Sugar) Burley, Idaho 

WoBDEN, Eugene Charles (Edit.) 783 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Wbiqht, Orestes Humphrey (Farmer) R. D. 3, Freeport, 111. 

182 PENINSULAR 1899-1908 


Bishop, Roswell Fairchild (Orchardist) Hollister, Cal. 

Heath, Ferry Kimball Paris Avenue, Qrand Rapida, Mich. 

JoNBB, Eugene Berkey (Mfg.) .... 245 Madison Ave. Grand RapidB, Mich. 
Methsany. Benjamin Bradford (Fin.) . 5760 28th Ave. N. E. Seattle, Waah. 
Sherman, (jeorge Edwards (Furniture) . . . 1358 East 47th St. Chicago, HI. 

Skinnbb, Fred Hart Battle Creek, Mich. 

Smith, Harry Alfred 

Snow, Muir Burtenshaw (Drills) 216 Seybum Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Stone, Dr. Willard John 2444 Scottwood Ave. Toledo, O. 

WBSSBL8, Daniel John (Mer.) Winona, Mich. 

Wbiqht, Charles Augustus (Copper) 

Calumet State Bank Bldg. Calumet, Mich. 


Baxter, Frederic Lockwood The Meadows, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Ford, Carl Boughton (Law.) 718 Williamson Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

George, Austin, Jr Red Wing, Minn. 

Groesbeck, Arthur Burtis 1907^ 4th Ave. Rock Island, m. 

Hatch, Fraiik Arthur (Oanes) Montour Falls, N. Y. 

McKeiqhan, Robert Cutler (Storage) 126 Nebraska Ave. Toledo, O. 

* PiNGREE, Hazen Stuart, Jr., died 1010 Detroit, Mich. 

Stmonb, James Shirley (Spices) 1028 Hoyt Ave. Saginaw, Mich. 

Woodworth, Roy C. (Ins.) 240 E. 35th St. Kansas City, Mo. 


Anderson, Norman Kendall (Law.) 

1056 1st National Bank Bld^. Chicago, 111. 

Eddt, Schuyler Beauclere (Ins.) 14 Fort St. Springfield, Mass. 

Lockwood, Closson Lyman, Jr. (Lumber) 

429 Washington St. Grand Rapids, Mioh. 

Mbtheant, Richard Rolliston, Jr. (R. R.) Cambridge, O. 

Nichols, Giles Benton (Farmer) Slocum, Muskegon County, Mich. 

OsBORN, Donald Cornell (Law.). . 1019 Kalamazoo Ave. Kalamasoo. Mioh. 

Sudlow, George Egbert , 

Whitcomb, George Granville Streator, 111. 

Williams, Harrison Gaylor Lapeer, Mich. 

Williams, William Kirkwood (Law.) 17 Buhl Block, Detroit, Mich. 


BouDEMAN, Donald Oemst , 

Gardener, Allen Wynand (Fruit) Columbia, Isle of Pines, W.I. 

Kbnnedt, Mortimer Bailey (R. Est.) 200 S. Garfield Ave. Peoria, 111. 

* Smith, Clifford Charles, died 1899 Toledo, O, 

* Snow, Neil Worthington, died 1914 Detroit, Mich. 

WoRDBN, George Adelbert (M. Eng.) 76 Rowena St. Detroit, Mich. 


Barnes, Lambert Edgar (Sales.) 220 Huron St. YpsQanti, Mioh. 

Dean, Mason L. (Fuel) 1009 Scarritt Bldg. Kansas City, Mo. 

Hbckbr, Christian Henry Detroit Lumber (>>. Detroit, Mioh. 

Hdtchinb, Hany Crocker (Eng.) 221 Eastern Pkwy. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Klkbns, Herman C. (Contractor) 821 Moos Aye. Peoria, 111. 

McMahon, Donald James o/o Stearns Lumber Co. Odanah, Wis. 

MoNTAaua, Robert Smith (Sugar) Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 

RaijSton, Harris Phelps 2302 Pnrtania St. New Orleazis, La. 

Robinson, John Sherman (Law.) College Club, Seattle, Wash. 

RocsssAU, Ian Jacques c/o D. J. Wessels, Winona, Mich. 

SiciTH, Laurence Worthington (Law.) 328 W. Main St. Ionia, Mich. 

Taqgabt, James M. (Eng.) 10 Jefferson St. Port Washington, N. Y. 


Gardknbb, Lieut. Frederick Arthur 

U. S. Marine Corps, Washington, D.C. 

McCoT, Gerald (Lumber) 304 Paris Ave. Grand Rapids, Mich. ' 

PiSRCB, Matthew Griswold (Adv.) 6448 Eabt View Park, Chicago. 111. 

Plummbb, Harry Alonao Hawks Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Staoeb, John Miokle (Law.) 1108 W. 3rd St. Sterling, HI. 

Wbbsbls, Dr. Andrew Benjamin Shelden St. Hough ton, Mich. 


Gamp, Ralph 

Gbbsham, Frank Spencer Cotton Exchange Bldg. Galveston, Tex. 

KiDSTON. Ross Howland (Grain) 635 Post^ Tel. Bldg, Chicago, 111. 

Owbns, Temple Hubert (Fin.) 55 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Sadleb, Charles Webb, Jr Wayne St. Sandusky, O. 

Sadleb, Gieorge Marsh Wayne St. Sandusky, O. 

Wabb, Walter (Steel) 1553 Fulton St. Chicago, 111. 


Davis, John R Mexico City, Mexico 

Fox, Dr. George Henry 89 Main St. Binghamton, N.Y. 

Gbobos, Ralph Wadhams. Ill Normal St. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Hbndbib, William (Mach.) Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. 

HoDOBN, John Thompson c/o John T. Byrne, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Pbatt, Joseph M. (Fm.) ; .324 So. Catherine Ave. La Grange, 111. 

RocKWBLL, Emory S. (Mfg.) 1833 Seward St. Chicago, 111. 

RnssBiiL, Walter Hidl (Lumber) . . . .Ruttan Bldg. Port Arthur, Out. Can. 

Salmon, Maynard H. (Elec.) 202 W. Water St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

* Snow, Frank Edward, Jr., died 1905 Detroit, Mich. 

Uhl, Marshall Mortimer (Law.) "Waldheim," Grand Rapids, Mich. 

YooBHBxs, Paul Darius (Ins.) 408 Rockingham St. Toledo, O. 


Allbn, Herbert Dunning 1115 N. Sutter St. Stockton, Cal. 

Babti<btt, Harry Skinner (Mfg.) 40 E. Lafayette Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

BotraHTON, Robert Lee (Farmer) R. D. No. 6, North Yakima, Wash. 

CuBTis, Claude Clayton 147 Milk St. Boston, Mass. 

Hbwpon, WiUiam May (Sales.) 2901 Collingwood Ave. Toledo, O. 

Sadler, Ebenezer Bradford 

Whipple, Charles John 7217 Oglesby Ave. Chicago, III. 

Williams, Wisner 421 Home Ave. Oak Park, III. 

Wilson. Justice (Law.) 1033 Nicholas Bldg. Toledo, O. 

184 PENINSULAR 190a-ll 


Aiken Thomas Nedey (Acct.) 5764 Howe St. Pittflburdi, Pa. 

Baxter, Frederick H. (Auto.) 910 W. Market St. Lima, O. 

Clark, John Jerome (Adv.) 401 E. Ohio St. Chicago, 111. 

DB Nancredb, Hemr Walstane Ann Arbor, Mich. 

DucKETT, Alfred Clayton (£1. Cars) 2435 Blaisdell Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Fox, Frank Houghton (Law.) 

Washington Loan and Trust Bldg. Washington, D.C. 

Johnson, Waldo Macdonald 974 Jefferson Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Lubbers, John Albert (Mfg.) 514 Melrose Court, CHinton, la. 

Metheant, John Milton (Aud.). .432 E. Pleasant St. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Nichols, ESliott Slocum (R. Est.) 205 Van Dyke Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Palmer, Carl Pelton (Tires) . .515 Pleasant St. S. E. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Post, Hoyt, Jr. (R. Est.) .' 228 So. Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Shelly, Charles Sumner (R. Est.) 1860 Parkwood Ave. Toledo, O. 

Smith, Karl Beebe Courtlandt 285 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Thornbitroh, Charles Astor (Mfg.) Bowling Green, O. 

White, Enoch Thomas (Mer.) Lapeer, Mich. 

Williams, Samuel Raymond (Law.) .... 515 Jefferson Ave. Detroit, Mich. 


Bailet, Theodore Mead (Law.) Sioux Falls, S.D. 

Banta, Thomas Ambrose 358 So. Division St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Barnard, Lewis 855 Owen St. Saginaw, Mich. 

Baxter, Howard Francis 630 Fountain St. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Mills, Francis Charlton, Jr Cleveland Metalcraft Co. Cleveland, O. 

Pattengill, Victor Romaine 618 Ottawa St. Lansing, Mich. 

Rtan, Charles Diller Springfield, Hi. 

Stmons, John Walter, Jr. (Mdse.) . . . .312 Bearinger Bldg. Saginaw, Mich. 


BowEN, Edgar Woodbury c/o D. M. Ferry & Co. Detroit, Mich. 

Bowen, Julian Perry c/o D. M. Ferry & CJo. Detroit, Mich. 

CoLOROvB, Lawrence Edwin Hastings, Mich. 

Fletcher, Frank Barron Brasos Apt. No. 2, El Paso, Tex. 

Geer, William Arthur (Law.) 665 Jefferson Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Humphrey, Harold Eastment (Mfg.) Ansonia Hotel, New York, N.Y. 

Rathbun, Earl Henry 140 Brdadway, New York, N.Y. 

Thompson, William Dolliville Jackson, Mich. 

Van Bergen, Frederick Schoelett (M. Eng.) 

1527 Linden Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 
WicKBS, Arthur Hamilton (Sales.) 324 No. Jefferson Ave. Saginaw, Mich. 


Bearse, Theodore Hallett (Ry. Sup.) La Grange, HI. 

Gamble, Hugh S. (Law.) Sioux Falls, S.D. 

Hall, Louis Phillips, Jr. (Arch.) 1530 Hill St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

TowNB, George Lewis (R. Est.) 420 Polk Bldg. Des Moines, la. 

Wanty, Thomas Cooley (Furniture) 

405 Washington St. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

WniPPLE/Walter Gerould (Sales.) 4746 Kenwood Ave. Cnicago, HI. 

WicKES, Harvey Randall Saginaw, Mich. 



AujBN, Ralph Merriman (Farmer) R. F. D. No. 3, Jackson, Mich. 

BowxM, Charles Clark 2d (Idb.) 1145 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Chbistopbxb, Harold Graves (Realty) 

459 St. James BIdg. Jacksonville. Fla. 

DXAK. Charles Alfred. Jr 59 Willis Ave. W., Detroit. Mich. 

£lt, William Harvey Johnson (Law.) Rutherf oid, N.J. 

Fox, Newton Kennedy (Law.) 1611 2l8t St. Washington, D.C. 

Hatxs, John Charlton Clinton, la. 

liEwiB, John Barden (Law.) 308 W. Cass St. Greenville, Mich. 

McELWjaN, Clement Stephen (Edit.) 1 Savoy Ckmrt, Lansing, Mich. 

'*' Mbad. Alyrick Day, died 1915 Escanaba, Mich. 

RiOBDAN, Francis Leo CR. Est.) 606 Hibernian Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Williams, Charles S. (C. Eng.) 641 W. Oliver St. Owosso, Mich. 


DucKBTT, William Ward (Books) 260 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

FooTB, Marshall Warren 1600 Railway Exchange, Chicago, 111. 

Mead, Theodore Snow (Pub.) 110 So. Dearborn St. Chicago. III. 

Offices, Robert Ambl^ (Sugar) 1805 11th Ave. Gredey, CkAo, 

Peck, Fred Ti»rlor( Mgr.) Hotel Ck>dy, Grand Rapids. Mich. 

QuAiNTANCB, John Milton 319 Auburn St. Rockford, 111. 

Reed. Allen Martin Riverside, HI. 

Thomson, George Campbell (Law.) 

400 College St. S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

WicKBS, Edward Bailey 900 Owen Ave. Saginaw, Mich. 

Wilson, Howard William (Fin.) 815 Gaylord St. Denver, Colo. 

DiBXEMA, Willis Alcott (Sales.) 

9()i2 Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Chicago, 111. 

DucKBTT, John Hardin 417 East Huron St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Habvbt, Albert Sargent 320 No. Washington Ave. Saginaw, Mich. 

MacKinnon, Donald Theodore 788 Piedmont Ave. Atlanta, Ga. 

Mancoubt, Augustus Lester 720 Jefferson Ave. E. Detroit, Mich. 

Mills, Carroll Oawford 327 So. Duluth Ave. Sioux Falls, S.D. 

Pattbnoill, Craig Lemuel 430 Townsend St. Lansing, Mich. 

Pontius, Miller Hall 365 Main St. Circleville, O. 

YospBR, Richard Holmes 329 East Main St. Ionia, Mich. 


C^HASB, William Byer 1814 Sunset Ave. Utica, N.Y. 

Ely, Leon Abbett 230 Meadow Rd. Rutherford, N.J. 

Gbinnbll, Henry Lawtence 45 N. College Ave. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Hall, Richard NelviUe 1530 Hill St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Kbiser, Horton Pomeroy, O. 

McElwain, John Millard 228 Chestnut St. N. Lansing, Mich. 

* Peck, Samuel Henry, Jr., died 1912 Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Bobbins, Hunter Savidge 20 5th St. Grand Haven, Mich. 

Smith, William Alden, Jr Robinson Rd. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

* TowNB, Blanchard Sears, died 1912 Des Moines, la. 

WnBZBXTBQ, Donald Belknap Robinson Rd. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

186 PENINSULAR 1910-18 


BuNDSR, Theodore Knapp 221 Union Ave. S. E. Grand Rapida, Mieh. 

BowKN, Paul Murray 1145 Woodward Ave. Detroit* Mich. 

Eabtman, Ashley Loton 1098 Genesee Ave. Sannaw. Mich. 

* Goods, Walton Mills, died 1013 Fort Sheridan. 111. 

Handt. Gilbert Vernet 1000 Centre Ave. Bay City, Mich. 

KsLLSB, Theodore Prince 1007 Greenwood Blvd. Evanston, 111. 

McMuLLBN, Don Bartlett 228 Cass St. Cadillac. Mich. 

McNamara, Thomas Richard 409 Normal Ave. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

Obb, Howard Alvin Court and Union Sts. Circleville, O. 

Smith, Harold Lewis 317 The Leaminjston, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Thomson, Roderick Buchanan 418 Stimson St. Cadillac, Mich. 


Adams, Theodore Wright 1421 Hill St. Ann Arbor. Mich. 

Babnes, Harold Osborne 5424 Kenmore Ave. Chicago, III. 

BxTBRows, Julian Sage 1013 N. Michigan Ave. Saginaw, Mich. 

Cabpbnteb, Rolla Louis 109 Seward Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

FxTZOBBALD, Harold Alvin 627 Harrison St. flint, Mich. 

Fbanzhbim, William Alfred 404 So. Front St. Wheelmg, W.Va. 

Gbbbnb, Harold Raymond 521 S. Mary St. Escanaba, Mich. 

Hbckbb, Edwin Webbster " Tannenheim," Century. Fla. 

McMartin. Thomas Bowen 230 29th St. Milwaukee. Wis. 

MiDDLBTON, Edward Anderson Ill W. Third St. Aberdeen, Wash. 

Patbrson, Hamilton Hector 194 Chicago Blvd. Detroit, Mich. 

RoBBiNS. John Clapp 2083 E. 96th St. Cleveland, O. 

SxiNNEB, Clarence Oramel 426 W. Ottawa St. Lansing, Mich. 

Smith, Delos Grosvenor 229 E. Washington St. Ionia, Mich. 

Thompson, Frank Barton Anchorage, Ky. 

TowNB, Nathan Clarence 854 18th St. Des Moines, la. 

Watson, Seth William 120 Summer St. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Webkbs, Robert William 4647 Maiden St. Chicago, UL 

Williams, William Wright 905 Olivia St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 


HowB, Noble Hogue 325 Home Ave. Oak Park, 111. 

Inqham, Hepburn 1044 19th St. Des Moines, la. 

Loutit, William Robertson. . . . .333 Washington St. Grand Haven, Mich. 

NoBTON, James Stephens 1831 3rd Ave. Louisville, Ky. 

Thompson, James Pitkin Anchorage Ky. 

Walters, William 120 N. Front St. Wheeling, W.Va. 

Warren, Cyrus James 923 7th St. Rapid City, S.D. 

Wilson, John Sanford 2600 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, Cal. 

WiNSLOw, Rollin Robbins 1203 Lake Blvd. St. Joseph, Mich. 

1841^-56 187 



* Ketbeb. Rev. Charles, died 1877. . » Wakefield, Maas. 


* Brand, George Byron, died 1871 Rochester, N.Y. 

* Freeman, Rev. Andrew Longyear, died 1902 Canandaigua, N.Y. 

* Hedden, Rev. William Dunlop, died 1890 East Orange, N.J. 

* Spencer, James Edmunds, died 1880 Rochester, N.Y. 


* Carpenter, Prof. Stephen Haakins, died 1878 Madison, Wis. 

* Chace, Rev. George Sheppard, died 1871 Rochester. N.Y. 

* Savage, James Manning, died 1864 Waynesborou^n, Ga. 

* ScHOFiELD, Rev. James Vanpelt.died 1898 St. Louis, Mo. 

* Smith. Rev. J(ohn) Byington. died 1911 Fayetteville, N.Y. 

* Tatt, Rev. Sylvenus Adon, died 1902 Alameda, Cal. 

* Webster, Simon Perry, died 1888 Lockport, N.Y. 


* Christopher, James Wallace, died 1907. New York, N.Y. 

* Goodbpeed, Rev. Ed^ar Johnson, died 1881 Columbia, S.C. 

* Sage, Edwin Oren, died 1904 Rochester, N.Y. 

Thomas, Prof. Jesse Burgess (Preacher) 27 Clinton St. Brooklyn, N.Y* 


* Bailbt, Hon. Joseph Mead, died 1895 Freeport, 111. 

* Fbnn, Robert Hughes, died 1913 Pittston, Pa. 

* Robinson, Prof. Norman, died 1904 Orlando, Fla. 

* Snowdbn, Hoyes lioyd, died. 1903. Montreal, Can. 


* Brown, Rev. Milton .Adapis, died 185$ Palmyra, N.Y. 

* Ellis, Sylvenus Adon, died 1896 Rochester, N.Y. 

* Faoon, Rev. William Thomas, died 1907 Amsterdam, N.Y. 

Marble, Manton (Malone) ^^ Bedford, N.Y. 

* Strong, Henry, died 1911 ^ . , . ^ Chicago. 111. 


Dewet, Dr. Bernard Montgomery Nashua, la. 

Dter, Hon. Azro (Law.) , . .711 Upper Second St. Evansville, Ind. 

* Ferris, Rev. Leonard Zenas, died 1910 Rumford, R.I. 

* Jot, Edmund Lewis, died 1892 Newark, N.J. 

* Mbrriss, William Ludemay, died 1854 Homer, N.Y. 

188 ROCHESTER 1868-63 

* MooBB, William Henry, died 1852 Rochester, N.Y. 

* Smith, Henry Walworth, died 1873 New York, N.Y. 

* Van Duzbb, Ira Damon, died 1909 Roxbury, Mass. 


Sheldon, Isaac Esleeck, died 1898 New York, N.Y. 


* Abbott, Willard, died 1907 Cleveland, O. 

* Bishop, Rev. George Sayles, died 1914 E. Orange, N.J. 

Obane, Rev. Cephas Bemiett 162 Lakeview Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 

Stoddabd, William Osbom (Author) Central Ave. Madison, N.J. 

* Stbonq, Myron Hopkins, died 1886 Yonkers, N.Y. 


Clarke, John Caldwell Calhoun (Author) Upper Alton, 111* 

* FoLSOM, Oscar, died 1876 Buffalo, N.Y- 

* GoDDABD. William Henry, died 1908 Morgan Park. HI- 

* Griffith, Rev. John Herbert, died 1896 Owego, N.Y* 

* Macombbb, Hon. Francis Allen, died 1893 Rochester, N.Y- 

Rathbons, Arthur Barker (Ret.) Main St. Oakfield, N.Y* 


Derr, Franklin Christopher (Ins.) 15 E. Market St. Danville, Pa. 

MuNDT, Ezekiel Wilson (Lib.) 121 College PI. Syracuse, N.Y. 

* Peters, Dr. Joseph Augustus, died 1886 New York, N.Y. 

* Saqe, Rev. Adoniram Judson, died 1902 Cincinnati, O. 

* Sheppard, Rev. Theodore Warren, died 1892 Providence, R.I. 

Smith, Rev. Charles Edward Fredonia, N.Y. 


Comfort, Rev. Milton Bookstaver Angola, Erie Co. N.Y. 

Leonard, Oliver B 21 Albert St. Plainfield, N.J. 

Mackwood, Robert 76 Taylor St. Rochester, N.Y. 

* Mason, Alonzo Truman, died 1872 Greenwich, N.Y. 

* MooRB, Walter Burritt, died 1907 New York, N.Y. 

* Robinson, Prof. Otis Hall, died 1912 Rochester, N.Y. 

Shaw, Rev. Augustus Chesterman. Wdlsboro, Pa. 


* Allin, (jeorge Albert, died 1911 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Clark, Charles Gould, died 1887 Troy. N.Y. 

* Johnson, Prof. Elias Henry, died 1906 Chester, Pa. 

Leonard, Rev. William James. 98 St. James Ave. Boston, Mass. 

* Pancost, Edwin Henry, died 1865. Rochester, N.Y. 

* West, John Henry, died 1868 Williamsburg, N.Y. 


.* Crobbt, Moreau Stephen, died 1893 Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Crouch, Wesley Osbom House, Rochester. N.Y. 

GooDBPBBD, Rev. Thomas Wakefield (Ed.) 5630 Kimbark Ave. Chicago, 111. 

* PiBRca, Edward Henry, died 1904 Brookline, Mass. 

1868-69 ROCHESTER 189 

'* Tbton, John Forbes, died 1884 Dowasiao, Mich. 

* WiNQ, David, died 1897 Canandaigua, N.Y. 


* Backub, Tniman Jay, died 1908 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* BoBusT, Henry Clay, died 1890 Bradford, Pa. 

'*' Brooking, John Hurrell, died 1867 Dunda«, Ont., Can. 

Davis, George FranciB (R. Est.) 331 So. York St. Elmhurst, 111. 

* Dickinson, William Henry, died 1883 Chester, Pa. 

* GayiiObd, Leonard Jarvis, died 1889 Rochester, N.Y. 

* Hbllings, Rev. William Potts, died 1911 Buffalo, N.Y. 

LuDiiAM, George P 640 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* PoTTKB, Dr. Milton Grosvenor, died 1878 Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Taylor. Albert Judson, died 1870 St. Paul, Minn. 


Bishop, James Lord (Law.) 14 Wall St. New York. N.Y. 

* BiasKUi, Joeiah Hooker, died 1901 Chicago, 111. 

'*' DooLiTTLB, James Reuben, died 1889 Chicago, 111. 

* G1.A8S, Charles James, died 1897 Syracuse, N.Y. 

Sbbppabd, Joseph Holcomb 

Wbbnn. Charles Duffield 1235 No. State St. Chicago, 111. 


CoiT, Rev. Albert 521 Columbus Ave. Syracuse, N.Y. 

'*' Kbbnet, James Fruiklin, died 1907 Chicago, 111. 

Parkbb, Rev. Alonso Ketcham University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

* PiBBSONS, Dr. Amandon Manley, died 1903 New York, N.Y. 

* Thomas, Dr. Oscar Frederic, died 1910 Lakeland, Minn. 

Todd. Rev. Adam Henry 196 South Greenwood Ave. Pasadena, Cal. 


* BiBSBLL. Willard Parker, died 1878 Richmond, Va. 

* Chbnbt, James Edward, Jr. died 1886 Rochester, N.Y. 

* Hunt, Edward Taylor, died 1891 New York, N.Y. 

* Sattbblbb, Eugene (Hudnut), died 1910 Rochester, N.Y. 

* Stbllb, Rev. William Henry, died 1903 New York, N.Y. 

* Stbonq. Horace Lapham, died 1873 La Grange, N.Y. 


* Capbn, Frank Sunmer, died 1900 New Palts, N.Y. 

* CoUB, Onoken Willard, died 1910 Brunswick, Ga. 

Davis, William Henry (R. Est. and Fin.) . . 19 Fosdick Bldg. Cincinnati, O. 
Huntinqton, Frank (Dept. Agr.) . .1808 "S" St. N. W. Washington, D.C. 

* MiiiLEB, Rev. Henry Thaddeus. died 1904 Quincy, 111. 

* MiiiNB. William James, died 1914 Albany, N.Y. 

MoBBT, Prof. William Carey 94 Oxford St. Rochester, N.Y. 

TatIjOB. Rev. Dr. James Monroe (Ex. Coll. Pres.) . . . . Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 


Fowlbb,' Isaac Dubois Cedar Rapids, la. 

Glass. Edgar Patterson (Law.) 307 Garfield Ave. Syracuse, N.Y. 

190 ROCHESTER 1860-75 

Kbitdall, Horace Fidelio 505 Snow Bldg. SyraMsuse, N.Y. 

Ratmokd, Alonzo Clayton (Law.) 25 Willia Ave. E., Detroit, Mieh. 

Taylor, Zachary Philo 


* BuBLL, Byron Winfield, died 1875 Rochester, N.Y. 

* FowLEB, Rev. John Kennedy, died 1908 La Crosee, Wis. 

Gatss, Hon. Merrill Edwards 1309 R. I. Ave. Washington, D.C. 

* Kbllooo, Milo GiflFord, died 1909 Chicago, 111. 

Tatlob, Charles Herbert 26 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 


* Bishop, Franklin Backus, died 1894 Rochester, N.Y. 

Capwbll, Rev. Charles Albert 1415 Owen Ave. Racine, Wis. 

Embbson, Henry Pendexter (Ed.) 122 College St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

HuBBBLL, Hon. Widter Sage (Law.) 1209 East Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

* Hull, Rev. Robert Bruce, died 1914 Brooklyn, N.Yi 


FosDicK, Frank Sheldon (Ed.) 463 Bird Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Fbbnch, Solon Tenney, died 1908 Los Angeles, Cal. 

HuDNUT, James Monroe (Ins.) : . . . .346 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

* HuDNUTT, Rev. Isaiah Burroughs, died 1913 Boaa, Ala. 

* Stbwabt, Rev. David Fay, died 1879 Hamilton, Minn. 

* Wabben, Charles Mortimer, died 1879 Chicago, HI, 


Bakbr, James Edward (Banker) 2507 Ontral Ave. Alameda, Cal. 

Ellison, Frank Thompson (Realty) Brighton Sta. Rochester, N.Y. 

* Hunt, Ebenezer Warren, died 1913 Omaha, Neb. 

NoBTON, Prof. A(sahel) Wellington (Ed.) .2203 Como Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

Olds, Prof. George Daniel (Dean) Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. 

Pabsons, Clifford Walsworth 191 Edison St. Detroit, Mich. 

* Yboican, Gieorge Francis, died 1902 Rochester, N.Y. 


Adams, Rev. John Quincy (Lib.) 82 North St. Auburn, N.Y. 

Bishop, L. Jesse P. (Law.) 605 W. 156 St. New York, N.Y. 

Dox, Rev. Rutger 3236 N. 16th St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

* LooMis, Prof. Eugene Sanford, died 1879 Potsdam, N.Y. 

Ratmond, (jeorge Herbert (Telephone) . . .420 Ashland Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 
Whelan, Ralph (Law.) Minneapolis, Minn. 


Adamb, Hon. Edward LeGrand 

c/o U. S. Consular Service, Washington, D.C. 

Bbown, Rev. Thomas Edwin 31 High St. New Britain, Conn. 

Campbbll, Rev. John P Baltimore, Md. 

Fassett, Hon. Jacob Sloat (Capitalist) "Strathmont," Elmira, N.Y. 

* Fbbbman. Prof. Spencer Hedden, died 1886 Cleveland, O. 

* HiBaHFiBLD, Marcus, died 1907 Rochester, N.Y. 

* MiLNB, John Morgan, died 1895 Geneseo. N.Y. • 

187^-80 ROCHESTER 191 

RowLBT, Rev. Francia Harold Brookline, Mass. 

* Stbarns, Dr. George Raynolds, died 1913 Buffalo. N.Y. 

Whits, Rev. James WUliam Sheboygan. Wia. 


* Adamb, Dr. Charles Wisner, died 1899 Kansas City, Mo. 

Bellamy, Francis. Everybody's Magazine, New York, N.Y. 

Bavis, Frank Fillmore (Law.) 35 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

* Hunt, Rev. Horace Holmes, died 1897 Fairport, N.Y. 

* Sherman, Dr. Fletcher Joshua, died 1877 Lyons. N.Y. 

Wamblet. William Hall 

* Wilcox, Fred Potter, died 1912 Grand Rapids, Mich. 


* Bishop, Charles White, died 1882 New York, N.Y. 

* Bbownell. Dr. William Gideon, died 1914 Caledonia, N.Y. 

Campbell, Rev. Frederic Beaver Falls, Lewis Co. N.Y. 

Dabbow, Dr. Charles Erastus 216 East Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Gates, Fred Taylor 66 So. Mountain Ave. Montclair, N.J. 

* Hair, Luther Madison, died 1899 Rochester, N.Y. 

Harrison, Henry (Grain) 84 South Ave. Brockport, N.Y. 

Smith, Hon. Walter Locke Elmira, N.Y. 

Smith, Rev. Wilton Merle 29 W. 64th St. New York, N.Y. 

* WoBK, Charles Perley, died 1908 Rochester, N.Y. / 


Chapik, George Mooar 412 St. James Bldg. Jacksonville, Fla. 

Davis, Dr. Guman Robinson Macdonald, W.Va. 

* Db Bell, Edwarti Truman, died 1882 Coventry, N.Y. 

Harvet, Rev. Ransom (Ed.) La Grange, Mo. 

MiNOT, Morton (Fin.) Brockport, N.Y. 

Taylor, Electus B. L c/o Ches. & Potomac Tel. Co. Richmond, Va. 

Wilbur, Charles Smith 


Abbott, John Beach (Law.) 26 Wadsworth St. Geneseo, N.Y. 

BowBN, Lem Warner (Seeds) 1145 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Bbown, Hon. Selden Stanley (Co. Surrogate) 

Brown Ave. & Maple St. ScottsviUe, N.Y. 

* HiB8Hn>u>. Moses, died 1910 East Orange, N.J. 

Lbisenrinq, Olin D Navy Dept. Washington, D.C. 

Qlin, Hiram Behnah 

Simpson, William Wayland (Sales.) 66 So. Clinton St. Albion, N.Y. 


Bailet, Charles Oliti (Law.) 309 No. Duluth Ave. Sioux Falls, S.D. 

Bly, Myron TuthlH (Law.) 817 Ins. Bldg. Rochester, N.Y. 

* Goodrich, William Poole, died Warren, N.H. 

Grioqs, Edward Stanley (Orcharding) Prosser, Wash. 

* Hunt, James Monroe, died 1914 Yonkers, N.Y. 

"ti MABorr, Lemuel Barrows, died 1896. Rochester, N.Y. 

192 ROCHESTER 1881-87 


Babcock, Dr. Robert Albany, N.Y. 

* DxwET, Thomas Emmet, died 1906 Topeka. Kan. 

Drake, Harry Trevor (Ranching) . . . .325 Gilfillan Block, St. Paul, Minn. 
Hayes, Hiram Wallace ..St. Louis, Mo. 

* IsBBLL, Herve, died 1911 Buffalo, N.Y. 

Le Seur, Dr. John Wesley Batavia, N.Y. 

Smith, Prof. Charles Wion (Fruit) Holley, Orleans Co. N.Y. 

Stevens, Rev. Sumner Wynne Williamstown, Mass. 


Adams, George Byron (Law.) 75 Second St. Geneseo, N.Y. 

Clement, Arthur Galette (Ed.) 403 Hamilton St. Albany, N.Y. 

Hull, John Mclntyre (Law.) 124 Lexington Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

* PuLVBR, Arthur Wadsworth, died 1904 Chicago, 111. 


Andrew, Dr. Fred Delmar Sodus, N.Y. 

Gates, Prof. Lewis Edwards Washington, D.C. 

MuNN, George Ladd (Law.) University Club, Seattle, Wash. 

Peltz, Hamilton (Writer) . . .c/o The New York Herald, New York, N.Y. 

TooLEY, Arthur « Monroe Ave. Brockport, N.Y. 

Vary, Calvin Pardee Hull (Banker) 12 Williams St. Newark, N.Y. 

Wood, Cyrus J. (Law.) 1475 Gregory St. Chicago, Dl. 


Decker, George Palmer (Law.) 721 Powers Bldg. Rochester, N.Y. 

Fabsbtt, Henry Lewis Elmira, N.Y. 

HoDGMAN, Pres. Thomas Morey Macalester College, St. Paul, Minn. 

Hunt, Rev. Emory William (Sec. For. Miss.) . . . Ford Bldg. Boston, Mass. 
Kinney, Hon. William P 1423 N. Tejon St. Colorado Springs, Colo. 


* Bailey, Joseph Mead, Jr., died 1891 Sioux Falls, S.D. 

Baker, William L. (Banker) 1031 So. PhUlips Ave. Sioux Falls, S.D. 

HubbbUi, Rev. WiUiam N 605 W. 156th St. New York, N.Y. 

Macomber, William (Law.) 24 Anderson PI. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Wilson, WUliam Henry (Law.) 811 Westford St. Lowell, Mass. 


Akeley, Lewis E. (Dean of Eng.) Univ. of S. Dak. Vermillion, S.D. 

BoYNTON, Rev. Charles Homer (Prof.) 129 Engle St. Englewood, N J. 

HiRSHPiELD, Harry 

Lewis, James Taylor (Law.) 41 Prospect Dr. Yonkers, N.Y. 

Menzie, Herbert James Rochester, N.Y. 

Scott, Prof. William Amasa (Director) .Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. 

Storbr, Dr. Frank Beecher Holley, N.Y. 

Tifft. William Carleton (Ins.) 24 George St. Cohoes. N.Y. 


* Crocker, Edwin M., died 1914 Byron, N.Y. 

1887-93 ROCHESTER 193 

Dow, George Churchill (Chairs) 415 Ashland Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

HowK, Dr. Loron Whitney 774 Main St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Jambson, Henry Allen 

MacVicar, Jolm George (Ed.) 20 Lloyd Rd. Montclair, N.J. 

Olcott, Ralph Thrall (Pub.) 38 Mason St. Rochester, N.Y. 

PsASB. Henry (Ed.) 165 E. Walnut St. Titusville, Pa. 


BoTNTON, George Edward (Ed.) 466 East 18th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Ebnsberger, Prof. Millard C Univ. of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y. 

Frail, Elmer George (Ed.) 601 W. 7th St. Erie, Pa. 

RoH, Dr. Carl Friedrich Garrison, Neb. 

WiLLCox, William R. (Law.) 635 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 


Brown, Roscoe Conkling Ensign (Journ.) . . . 164 Hicks St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Cracb, Benjamin Brow (Law.) 7 Argyle St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Lawrencb, Prof. Henry Edmund 69 Dartmouth St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Macombbb, Francis Selden 27 Portsmouth Terrace, Rochester, N.Y. 

Palmbr, Walter Truman (Ins.) 98 Honeyoye St. Shingle House, Pa. 


* Db Land, Harlan Page, died 1903 De Land, Fla. 

Hunt, Garrett Bratt City Hall, Spokane, Wash. 

Kino, Frederick Alwin (JEid.) 360 Thrall Ave. Cincinnati, O. 

Reed, Herbert GrifSn (Farmer) R. F. D. 58, Bergen, N.Y. 

Robinson, Allan (Gold) 60 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 


Andrews, Henry Victor (Edit.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Bradstrebt, Howard 216 Madison St. New York, N.Y. 

Clark, Charles Johnson (Farmer) Fairport, N.Y. 

Duncan, Albert Greene (Cotton) 77 Franklin St. Boston, Mass. 

Gilbert, Clinton Wallace (Edit.) 21 West 184th St. New York, N.Y. 

HooxBB. Elon Huntington (Eng.) 40 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Middlbton, Prof. Arthur Renwick Purdue Univ. Lafayette, Ind. 

Pbrrin, WiUiam Andrew Hamburg, N.Y. 

Sawtbr, Rev. Louis Joseph 1975 Post St. San Francisco, Cal. 


* Abbll, Fred Husted, died 1907 Rochester, N.Y. 

BowERMAN, George Franklin Public Library, Washington, D.C. 

Db Groat, Dr. Herman K 387 Lafayette Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

O'Hbrn, Joseph P. (Ed.) 37 So. Washington St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Taylor, Dr. John Mortimer 214 8th Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Babstow, Rev. Henry Hayden 53 Melrose St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Fabbl, Frederick C c/o The American Oak Leathra Co. Cincinnati, O. 

HiLER, Henry Edward (Banking) 4 Park Ave. Brockport, N.Y. 

NuTB, Arthur Cain (Ed.) Church St. Union City, Tenn. 

Satagb. Prof. Charles Winfred 310 Reamer PI. Oberlin, O. 


194 ROCHESTER 1893-99 

Spencbb, Nelson Elwood (Law.) 115 Strong St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Taylob, Horace Frederick (Lumber) 600 Lafayette Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 



Hooker, Harry .Mix (Contr.) 13 Carthage Rd. Rochester, N.Y. 

Notes, Henry Taylor (Button Mfg.) Rochester, N.Y. 

Richardson, Rev. Willard S , .824 President St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Allen, Rev. Frederick William Interlaken, N.Y. 

BissELL, John Clark (Ed.) 390 Linwood Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Farrand, William Fitch, died 1897 Beaumont, Tex. 

Freeman, Albert Thomas c/o J. B. Stetson A Co. Philadelphia, Pa. 

♦ Lewis, Irving Merritt, died 1893 Akron, N.Y. 

Smith, Edward Payson (Ed.) 242 Bryant St. North TonawanUa, N.Y. 

Wheeler, Dr. Richard Kimble 1614 Military St. Port Huron, Mich. 


Buxton, Thurlow Weed (Eleo.) 360 Pearl St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Cardus, Arthur Lisle 

Cabet, George Henry (Agr.) Fowlerville, Livingston Co. N.Y. 

Huntington, Rev. George Briggs 800 Ford Bldg. Boston, Mass. 

Olds, Nathaniel Shurtleff (Adv.) 45 E. 17th St. New York, N.Y. 

Ward, Albert (Artist) Forest Lawn, N.Y. 


Bishop, Edwin P. (Contr.) 442 Cutler Bldg. Rochester, N.Y. 

Bly, Dr. Perry Amidon 1460 South Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Gray, Prof. Howard Levi 17 Conaat Hail, Cambridge* Mass. 

HiRSHFiELD, Edward 

Hooker, Paul (C. Eng.) 1915 N. Front St. Harrisburg, Pa. 

Mills, Irving Judson (City Eng.) 117 14th St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Phillips, Raymond George (Apples) 40 Hort-ense St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Steitz, Carl Nelson (Ins.) 815 Wilder Bldg. Rochester, N.Y. 

Tenny, Rev. Charles Buckley (Ed.) 30 Tsukiji St. Tokyo, Jap 



Anderson, Norman Kendall (Law.) 

1056 First Nat.Bank Bldg. Chicago, HI. 

Atwatbr, Edward Congdon (Mfg.) 401 E. JMwn St. Batavia, N.Y. 

Brownleb. Raymond Bedell (Ed.) Elm St. Woodmere, L.I., N.Y. 

Jebsup, John Colgate, Jr. (C. Eng.) Hamburg, N.Y. 

Pbrrin, Dr. William 626 Main St. W. Rochester. N.Y. 


Atwood, Edward Snow 16 Seneca Pkway. Rochester, N.Y. 

Gaqb. Prof. Otis Amsden 121 W^ Gilman St. Madison, Wis. 

Simmons, Arthur Curtis (Fruit) Walker, N.Y. 

* TuHOLSKi, Paul Alexander, died 1900 New York, N.Y. 

Wbbt, Herbert Seely (Ed.) 63 Hancock St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Whitbhbad,. Thomas Fayette .Roeser, Man. Canada 

1900-06 ROCHESTER 196 


Cornell, Rev. Douglas Hawley 243 Hasel Ave. Glencoe, 111. 

FiBLD, Rev. Justin Davis 1091 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

GiLB&RT, Edgar Lathrop, Jr Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Mandbville, William Newman (Ed.) Delano, Minn. 

Notes, Selden Goodwin Cantonville, Md. 

Shblp, Leon (Law.) Ill Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Steubbwald, Fred (Mer.) Newark, N.Y. 

Weld, Lewis Hart (Ed.) 601 W. Center St. Medina, N.Y. 

Whitman, Homer 29 Sugar St. Niagara Falls, N.Y. 


Db Mallie, James Martin (Auto Sup.) . . .55 W. 93rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Glass, Joseph Jessup (Law.) 102 Park St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

GoLDTHWAiT, Howard Mills (Sales.) 1909 Chase Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Hooker, Horace Willard (Elec. Chem.) . .27 Sugar St. Niagara Falls, N.Y. 

Johnson, Oscar Kenneth (Eklit.) White Park, So. Weymouth, Mass. 

Macon, Charles Frederic (Customs) 711 Ave. J, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

MouLSON, Charles Edward (M. Eng.) . .76 Dartmouth St. Rochester, N.Y. 


Braqdon, Arthur Delove Prosser, Wash. 

Brown, D. Walter (Telephone) 163 Vassar St. Rochester, N.Y. 

DiLDiNE, William H 37 Bowman St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Hates, Prof. Joseph W.. Faculty Exchange, Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

Morris, Harvey F. (Adv.) Hickey-Freeman Co. Rochester, N.Y. 

Nbinbr, Edward Jacob (Paper Boxes) 1011 Liberty St. Erie, Pa. 

Perrin, Charles Norton (Lumber) Union St. Hamburg, N.Y. 

Raines, Eugene (Law.) 8 Amherst PL Rochester, N.Y. 

* Reniff, Harold Wayne, died Ben Avon, Pa. 

SwARTOUT, Norman Lee (Playwright) 24 Blackburn Rd. Summit, N.J. 

Tennt, Lloyd Stanley (Fruit) Orlando, Fla. 


Barker, Robert Jay (E\ec. Sup.) . . 017 Chamber of Com. Rochester, N.Y. 

Mason, Clyde Fraxiklin (Farmer) Williamson, N.Y. 

Bias, Azariah Boody (Ed.) 334 West Ave. Rochester, N Y. 

Smith, Garret (Pub. Health) 95 Troup St. Rochester, N.Y. 

♦ Snow, Frank Lamont, died 1905 Rochester, N.Y. 


Barker, Orrin (Law.) 360 Monroe Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Chadwick, Prof. George Halcott 181 Pearl St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Dow, Leland Brown (Fin.) 610 Houston St. Kansas City, Mo. 

Gove, Samuel Millman c/o The Bell Telephone Co. Rochester, N.Y. 

HowK, Dr. Horace John Wilton, Saratoga Co. N.Y. 

Pebt, Mortimer Silas (Lumber) 282 North Broad St. Norwich, N.Y. 


Fat, Jay Wharton Rochester, N.Y. 

Gilbbrt, Chester Garfield Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C. 

196 ROCHESTER 190^-10 

Halbert, Rev. Le Roy Belmont, N.Y. 

Hbllingb, Dana Boardman Buffalo, N.Y. 

Jackson, Harry Comiah Fort Plain, N.Y. 

Page, Howard C c/o Standard Oil Co. of N.Y. Haiphonc, Indo-China 

Week, Frederick (Lumber) 2218 Morcum Ave. Los Angelea, Cal. 

Wbtmobb, Dwight Seagar Rochester, N.Y. 

Williams, Burr Fiske (Ed.) .... 119 Laburnum Crescent, Rochester, N.Y. 


Allen, Dr. Howard Walrath 101 Birr St. Rochester, N.Y. 

BowERman, Edwin Roy (Eng.) 57 So. Main St. Fairport, N.Y. 

Cbaiqie, Chester Frederic (Sales.) 14 High St. Boston, Mass. 

Fisher, Edgar Jacob (Ed.) Robert College, Constantinople, Turkey 

Foster. William Rice (Ed.) 434 So. Goodman St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Hall, Leigh B. (Optictd Goods) . . 223 Rosewood Terrace, Rochester, N.Y. 

RoAPES, William C. (Floors) 672 St. Catherine St. W. Montreal, P.Q. 

St. John, Ancel (Ed.) 53 Queen St. Worcester, Mass. 

Taylor, Herbert Raymond (Printer).. 310 Kenwood Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 


Bancroft, Wilbur Wilcox (Mgr.) Sanitary Can Co. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Babss, Prof. Howard Phillips. Oregon Agri. College, Corvallis, Ore. 

Harmon, Ralph Elmer (Ed.) Peddie Institute, Hi^tstown, N.J. 

Jbssup, Elon Huntington (Adv.) 87 Groton St. Forest Hills, L.I., N.Y. 

Palmer, Carl Griff Ill So. Union St. Rochester. N.Y. 

Reid, Wallace Robert (Floors).. 2 15 Robinson St. North Tonawanda, N.Y. 
Smith, Hugh Alexander, Jr. (Optical Goods) 

984 Harvard St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Walkinshaw, Robert John North Tonawanda, N.Y. 

WiNSLOw, John (Prod. Eng.) 206 Quarry St. Ithaca, N.Y. 


Akerlt, Harold Edward (Kodaks) 5 Culver Rd. Rochester, N.Y. 

Barker, Hiram Leonard, Jr. (Farmer) Spencerport, N.Y. 

Barss, Harold de Blois Univ. HospitiU, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Chapin, Delwin D. Jr Coudersport, Pa. 

Hart, Curtis Dannals 14 Sumner Park, Rochester, N.Y. 

Marsh, Charles D Victor, N.Y. 

PRTOR, Dean Todd (Mer.) 590 Maplewood Blvd. Rochester, N.Y. 

pRTOR, Warrant QUustrator) Scotch Plains, N.J. 

Stmonds, Archie Wilcox (Ea.) Southold, N.Y. 


BowN, Carlton Fellows (Law.) 19 Elwood Bldg. Rochester, N.Y. 

Fowler, Rajonond J. (Sales.) .Ridgeway Ave. A Daisy St. Rochester, N.Y. 
Harman, Samuel Park (Buttons) . . .430 So. Goodman St. Rochester, N.Y. 

HoLCOMBB, Alonso Barton (Paper) West Brighton, Monroe Co. N.Y. 

Taylor, Raymond A. (Instruments). . . .516 Arnett Blvd. Rochester, N.Y. 


Barbs, Alden Forrest Oregon Agri. College, Ck>rvallis, Ore. 

Batxlb, Rev. John (jeorge 330 E. 5th St. Fremont, Neb. 

1910-18 ROCHESTER 107 

Crouch, Milton Edwin (C. Eng.) .... 66 Lowther Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

GoTT, Francia HastinoB (Arch.) 272 Alexander St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Kbnton, Rev. RandaU Alanaon Irondequoit, N.Y. 

Lb Seub, Dr. Horace Hutchins, Batavia, N.Y. 

Lewis, Donald McNaughton (Elec.) 22 E. Main St. Avon. N.Y. 

Lewis, Raymond Bassett (Ins.) 379 Wellington Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

* SissoN, Oliver Dean, died 1907 Caledonia, N.Y. 

TATiiOB, George Hamlet (Sales.) 47 Wellington Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Yallancb, William R. (Law.) 65 Prince St. Rochester, N.Y, 


DuoAN, William Edward, Jr. (Army) 600 Culver Rd. Rochester, N.Y* 

Foster, John Murray 4 Leonard St. Dansville, N.Y< 

Gray, Leon Crawford (Carbon) 670 Univ. Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Hall, Walter Bert Cherry CJreek, N.Y. 

Lander, Raymond Alfred Saginaw Power Co. Saginaw, Mich. 

Lbgrknibr, Giles Philip, Jr. (Ins.) 45 Kilby St. Boston, Mass. 

MooDT, Lieut. Frank Hudson. . . c/o Adjt. Gen. U. S. A. Washington, D.C. 

Newhall, Frederick Augustus (Ed.) 05 Prince St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Parcb, Yale (R. Est.) East Rochester. N.Y. 

Parkin, Abraham Jackson 73 Clinton St. Bloomfield, N.J. 

Price, Frederick W; (Agr. Instru.)..c/o Lindsay Bros. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Remington, Thomas Howard (Law.) . . 27 Reservoir Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Rbuinckton, WiUiam Brodie 27 Reservoir Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Stewart, Hugh Wilson 42 Prince St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Warner, Frederick Leighton (Mfg.) 18 Arcrle St. Rochester, N.Y. 

WooLSBT, John Homer (Med.) Ocean view Dr. Oakland, Cal. 


BuBCH, Frederick William 

CoNKLiN, William Dunn (Edit.) 435 W. 119th St. New York. N.Y. 

Harris, Carl Thorbum (Med.) Spencerport, N.Y. 

Kenton, Harry Norman (Ed.) 475 Oxford St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Long, Graydon 323 Jefferson Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Mason, Henry Archibold 397 Seneca Pkwy. Ilbchester, N.Y. 

SwBTiiAND, Benjamin Brocious (Lumber) Mills, Pa. 

Waldron, Albert Whitney c/o Adjt. Gen. U. 8. A. Washington, D.C. 


Bacon, Howard Ellston (M. Eng.) . . .334 University Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Bbaven, Paul Webley 637 North Trafton St. Tacoma, Wash. 

Caulkins, Edward Dana (Y. M. C. A.).. 318 W. 57th St. New York, N.Y. 

FouLDS, Hamilton Jolley (Buttons) 174 Fulton Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Gttbrinot, George Washington (Med.).. 284 Campbell St. Rochester, N.Y. 
Kenneuj, Carlyle Lamberton (Ed.).. 443 Wellington Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Macdonald, George Alan (Joiim.) 67 f^nce St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Price, Ernest Batson ^Govt.) American Legation, Peking, China 

Spinning, James Martm (Ed.) 225 Kenwood Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Stewart, Milroy Neil York, Livingston Co. N.Y. 

WoLGAax, William Carl (Ed.) Getsville, Erie Co. N.Y. 

WooDAMS, William Bert (Coal & Feed) . . .783 South Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

198 ROCHESTER 1914^18 


Bishop, Girald Cyrus (Cameras) 65 Prince St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Blt, Halton Davis (Law.) 817 Insurance Bldg. Rochester, N.Y. 

Dbcker, Lewis Robertson (Writer) .... 721 Powers Bldg. Rochester, N.Y. 

Lb Boutillier, Sidney Pierre (Ed.) Soottsville, N.Y. 

Lb Rot, Howard Sanderson (Charities) 907 Irving St. Olean, N.Y. 

Lbwis, Dr. Howard Fowler 379 Wellington Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Penny, Carl Park 136 W. 44th St. New York. N.Y. 

SwARTHOUT, Harold Slayton 305 Parsells Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Wilkinson, MacNaughton (Med.) C^arkson, N.Y. 


Barrt, Robert Francis 189 Harvard St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Decker, Alfred Mills 23 Adams St. Brockport, N.Y. 

Hamn, Leland Dwella 475 Oxford St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Long. William Edwin 323 Jefferson Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Penrose, Guy Rowland 495 Euclid Ave. Akron, O. 

WoLTBRS, Charles Frederick, Jr 58 Rowley St. Rochester, N.Y. 

WooDAMS, Wilbur (George 783 South Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 


Adsit, Sidney Charles 72 Flower City Park, Rochester, N.Y. 

Chamberlin, Martin Townsend South Livonia, N.Y. 

Gayton, John Avard Gowanda, N.Y. 

Hawks, Charles H. Jr 488 Meigs St. Rochester, N.Y. 

McNair, Hugh Torbert R. F. D. 2, Dansville, N.Y. 

Mentlet, George Leslie 25 Center St. Gowanda, N.Y. 

Miller, Arthur Merkle 60 Shepard St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Patchen, Andrew Robert 209 Exchange St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Pryor, WiUard 156 Gorsline St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Richmond, Kenneth Calvin 114 Tremont St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Williamson, Herbert Charles 2(X) Birr St. Rochester, N.Y. 


DuoAN, Harold Brownell 500 Culver Rd. Rochester, N.Y. 

Matson, Randall Willis 23 Lake View Pk. Rochester, N.Y. 

Morrow, Glenn dTook Duke Centre, Pa. 

Rbminqton, John Warner 27 Reservoir Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Saubr, Milton Adam 65 Hickory St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Taylor, Roscoe LaugUin 599 Monroe Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Williams, Russell Bates 44 Holley St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Willis, CSeorge Wilcox 82 Lenox St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Witney, Edwin Herbert 5419 B. Sansom St. Philadelphia, Pa. 


CowLBS, Harold Ellery 3 Milburn St. Rochester, N.Y. 

LbRoy, Claire Hayden 917 Irving St. Olean, N.Y. 

McKelvey, Fred Elwood 1302 Lake Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

Meinhard, Edward John 228 Birr St. Rochester, N.Y. 

Menzib, Robert J Church St. Caledonia, N.Y. 

Ogdbn, Eklward Mikels 75 Dartmouth St. Rochester, N.Y. 

1860-56 199 



* Bttgbee, Thomas Francis, died 1859 Montgomery, Ala. 

* CusHMAN. Rev. George Francis, died 1800 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Gates, William Theodore, died La Grange, Tex. 

* Mebiwethsb, Dr. John Samuel, died 1879 Eutaw, Ala. 


* GiiABSEUi, John Henry Hobart, died 1853 Mobile, Ala. 

* Hebndon, Robert Edward, died 1856 Greene Co. Ala. 

* McDow, Dr. John Ramsay, died 1864 Fayette Co. Tex. 

* Peck, Roscoe, died 1854 Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

* Phabb, ^hraim Alexander, died 1869 Camden, Ala. 

* Wynne, William Appling, died 1869 Greensboro, Ala. 


* Celapuan, William Smith, died 1881 Los Angeles, Cal. 

* Chilton, Thomas George, died 1860 Montgomery, Ala. 

* Clopton, James Osgood Andrew, died 1863 Tuskegee, Ala. 

GxTNTEB, William Adams 606 Clayton St. Montgomery, Ala. 

* Shabp, Gen. Jacob Himt«r, died 1907 Penn, Miss. 


* Bishop, John Webster, died 1900 Talladega, Ala. 

* Bbadfobd, Taul, died 1883 Talladega, Ala. 

* CocHBANE, William Tennel, died 1860 Pickens Co. Ala. 

* Cubby, BurweU Jordan, died Huntsville, Ala. 

* FiSHEB, Col. Lorenzo Clark, died 1906 Galveston, Tex. 

* FiTZPATBicK, James Madison, died 1852 Autauga Co. Ala. 

* Winn, Walter Emmett, died 1864 Demopolis, Ala. 


Beabd, Rev. Thomas Jefferson The Ridgely Apts. Birmingham, Ala. 

* Benson, Dr. William Henry, died 1888 Philadelphia, Pa. 

Clabk, Joseph Pickens Eutaw, Ala. 

CoBBS, Rev. Richard Hooker Greensboro, Ala. 

Habdie, Joseph (Ret.) 810 Beacon St. Los Angeles, Cal. 

* MiMS, William Jemison, died 1892 Birmingham, Ala. 

* Peck, Henry St. John, died 1853 Tuscmoosa, Ala. 

* WooDBUFF, Daniel Webster, died 1893 . . . . ■ Savannah, Ga. 


* Blakey, James Churchill, died 1893 Tuskegee, Ala. 

* Bbyan, Charles Joseph, died 1903 Tuskegee, Ala. 

* NoTT, Dr. James Deas, died 1863 Mobile, Ala. 

200 ALABAMA 1866-50 

* Pbqubs, Samuel Wilds, died 1900 Safford, Ala. 

SoMBBViLZiX, Hon. Henderson Middleton (Judicial) 

271 Central Pk. W. New York, N.Y. 

* Winn, Dr. Henry Jasper, died Clarendon, Tex. 


* Bbtant, Jacob, died 1864 Clarke Co. Ala. 

* Carpenter, Samuel Thompson, died 1864 Eutaw, Ala. 

HuTTONLRev. Cornelius Marion P. O. Box 106, Polytechnic, Tex. 

* Ndtt, Henry^ Jimius, died 1862 Mobile, Ala. 

* Withers, William fVederick, died 1865 Tuscaloosa, Ala. 


* Battle, Junius Kincaid, died 1860 Tuskegee, Ala. 

* Dawson, Reginald Heber, died 1906 Selma, Ala. 

* Griffin, John Randolph, died 1873 Bdlevutt, La. 

* Mock, Benjamin, died 1890 Columbia, 8.C. 

* Spiva, Lemuel Gaston, died 1862 Selma, Ala. 

* Steele, John James, died : Mobile, Ala. 

'*' Thornton, Dr. Joseph Bacon, died 1862 Eufaula, Ala. 


'*' Chilton, William Parish, died 1892 Montgomery, Ala. 

* Harris, Rt. Rev. Samuel Smith, died 1888 Detroit, Mich. 

* HoQAN, William Inge, died 1864 Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

MORRisBBTT, Fraucis Strother (Farmer) Newbem. Ala. 

1861-66 201 



* CI.ABKS, Qeorge EUery, died 1898 Falmouth, Maaa. 

* DuNNiNQ, Seth Mooar, died 1892 Chicago. 111. 

GooDALB, Samuel Buahnell (R. Est.) 1133 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

* M114LS, James Kellogg, died 1874 Davenport, la. 

* MooAB, Rev. George, died 1004 Oakland, Cal. 

* Newman, Rev. Charles, died 1874 Lanesboro, Mass. 

* Templb, Hon. Jackson, died 1902 Santa Rosa, Cal. 

* WiixiAMS, Samuel, died 1881 San Francisco, Cal. 


* Batchxdubb, Rev. John Stockman, died 1884 Auburn, Me. 

* Dickinson, John Woodbridge, died 1901 Newt-onviUe, Mass. 

* HAZBiyriNa, Rev. Henry Martyn, died 1899 Jamestown, N.Y. 

* Lbwis, Hiram LaMotte, died 1900 Hancock, Mass. 

* PsRBT, Prof. Arthur Latham, died 1905 Williamstown, Mass. 

* Pkbbt, Charles, died 1890 Robinson, Cok>. 


* Bates, Erastus Newton, died 1898 Detroit, Mich. 

* CiiABKB, James Lawrence, died 1863 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Gabonbb, Rev. Theodore Adolphus, died 1880 Faribault, Minn. 

**■ GiLSON, Prof. Charles Franklin, died 1881 Williamstown, Mass. 

* MiiJ<iGAN, Prof. Harvey William, died 1902 Jacksonville, 111. 

* WAiyrsBS, Charles Augustus, died 1877 WiUiamstown, Mass. 

* Williamson, Rev. Dr. Robert Henry, died 1884 Chillicothe, Mo. 


* Ames, Dr. George Latham, died 1869 Niles, Mich. 

* Bliss, Rev. Charles Robinson, died 1901 Boston, Mass. 

Dkwet, James Richard Lake Bluff, Lake Co. 111. 

* Grout, Rev. Henry Martyn, died 1886 Boston, Mass. 

* Hudson, Edward Payson, died 1880 New York, N.Y. 

* KiTTBBDQB, Rcv. Abbott Eliot, died 1912 New York, N.Y. 

* MuBDOCX, HoUis Read, died 1891 Stillwater, Minn. 


* Haibb, Rev. John Pursel, died 1914 Chicago, HI. 

* Hitchcock, Phineas Warriner, died 1881 Omaha, Neb. 

* HooKBB, Dr. Edward Jerome, died 1858 South Hadley, Mass. 

* Jemison, Charles, died 1912 New York, N.Y. 

* MiNBB, Henry Elrwin, died 1863 Manchester, Vt. 

208 WILLIAMS 1856<«1 

Nbttlbton, William Alfred (Ret. Mfg.) Stockbridge. Mass. 

* Snow, Rev. Cjrrus Austin, died 1878 Lampasas, Tex. 


'*' LiAPHAM, Oliver Keese, died 1904 Lansdowne, Pa. 

* Mitchell, Robert Jay, died 1900 Sheldon, N.D. 

* Nbwcomb, Prof. George Benton, died 1895 New York, N.Y. 

* Rapalje, Dr. WiUiam Van Voorhis, died 1872 Newtown, N.Y. 

Whittieb, Rev. Charles . . . : 57 Fairmount St. Lowell, Mass. 


* Chamberlain, Valentine Burt, died 1893 New Britain, Conn. 

Db Bevoisb, Rev. Gabriel Havens Main St., WalpOle, N.H. 

* Goodrich, Rev. George Dickinson, died 1870 East Windsor, Conn. 

* Habdinq, William Greenough, died 1908 Pittsfield, Mass. 

* Hooker, Rev. Elias Cornelius, died 1873 Stockbridge, Mass. 

* HuTCHiNS, Dr. Alexander, died 1906 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Stbvbns, Hon. Homer Bemis, died 1903 Westfield, Mass. 

* Wells, Nathan Dana, died 1902 Brooklyn, N.Y. 


* Ames, Rev. John Griffith, died Washington. D.C. 

Beckwith, George Henry Station D, Baltimore, Md. 

* Dbwet, Hon. Justin, died 1900 Springfield, Mass. 

* Graves, Arthur Brown, died 1903 New York, N.Y. 

* Lee, Benjamin Franklin, died (bet. 1909-12) New York, N.Y. 

* Ltman, Dr. Henry Munson, died 1904 Chicago, 111. 

* Parsons, Benjamin Franklin, died 1907 Hawkinsville, Ga. 

* Pblton, William TUden, died 1880 New York, N.Y. 

* Porter, Rev. Edward Griffin, died 1900 Lexington, Mass. 

* Putnam, Joseph Robie, died 1910 Chicago, HI. 


* Antes, Dr. Robert Hayes, died Geneseo, III. 

James, Dr. John Wells 1495 Pacific St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Morgan, Horace Mills, died 1893 St. Louis, Mo. 

* RoYCE, Clark Esek King, died 1897 New York, N.Y. 


* Antes, Dr. Henry Taylor, died 1899 Geneseo, 111. 

* DiMMicK, William Francis, died 1865 Falmouth, Mass. 

Greenouqh, James Camithers (Ret. Ed.).. .30 Court St. Westfield, Mass. 

* Hooker, Rev. Edward Trumbull, died 1886 West Salem, Wis. 

Jenkins, Dr. Charles Weston 39 Via Romana, Florence, Italy 

* JuDD. David Wright, died 1888 New York, N. Y. 

* Newkirk, Rev. Shirlock Andrews, died 1863 Oswego, N.Y. 

Otis, John Grant (Ret.) 1504 Adams St. Topeka, Kan. 

* Wrioht, Cxeorge McElwain, died 1870 San Francisco, Gal. 


* Hastings, Dr. Benjamin Franklin, died 1901 Whitman, Mass. 

Nichols, Edward Payson (Ret. Mfg.) Lexington, Mass. 

1861-67 WILLIAMS 208 

* Sanders, George Anthony, died 1909 Springfield, 111. 

Stone, Dr. James Farrar •. . . 1431 Mt. Vernon St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

TuppEB, James Brainerd Taylor (Treas. Dept.) 

1316 19th St. Washington, D.C. 

* Wbiqht, Ebenexer. died 1900 Chicago, 111. 


* Bbioham, Edward Dexter, died 1859 Saugus, Mass. 

DsNisoN, Rev. John Henry Williamstown, Mass. 

* Fitch, Horace Benjamin, died 1887 Auburn, N.Y. 

* Mather, Benjamin Franklin, died Albany, N.Y. 

* Mills, Prof. George Franklin, died 1914 Amherst, Mass. 

Mitchell, Frederick William (Govt.) 

The Savoy, 2804 14th St. N. W. Washington, D.C. 
Nason, Rev. Charles Pinckney H 4516 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Wells, Samuel Edgar, died 1876 Chicago, 111. 


Atwood, Edward Stanley Wat«r Witch Club, Highlands, N.J. 

* Baldwin, Rev. Charles Hume, died 1900 Des Moines, la. 

* Mitchell, Dr. Joseph Sidney, died 1898 Chicago, 111. 

Swift, William Henry Pittsfield, Mass. 

* Treat, Dr. Alfred Otis, died 1880 Boston, Mass. 

* Treat, Rev. Charles Russell, died 1899 New York, N.Y. 


* Bissell, Charles Rollin, died 1861 Southampton, Mass. 

* Gardner, Charles, died 1913 Louisville, Ky. 

* Kingsbury, Rev. Charles Augustus, died 1893 Redwood, Ced. 


* Benedict, Samuel Seward, died 1906 Benedict, Kan. 

* Hawlbt, John Woodbridge, died 1881 Chicago, El. 

* HoLwiLL, George Towner Goodrich, died 1888 Shanghai, China 

* Oakman, Richard Nickerson, died 1907 Greenfield, Mass. 

* Spoor, Charles Talmadge Fairchild, died 1891 Coxsackie, N.Y. 

* Talcott, William, died 1893 » Paterson, N.J. 

Wtman, Dr. Edmond Lewis Manchester Centre, Vt. 


* Biqelow, Prof. John Milton, died 1913 Albany, N.Y. 

Kline, Virgil Polk 2733 E. Overlook Rd. Cleveland, O. 


Hall, Rev. G. Stanley (Pres.) Clark University, Worcester, Mass. 

* Hand, Rev. Frederick Augustus, died 1880 Boston, Mass. 

Harman, Henry Augtistus (County Clerk) .... 137 Grove St. Rutland, Vt. 

Mabie, Hamilton Wright (Edit.) Summit, N.J. 

Stetson, Francis Lynde (Law.) 15 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

* West, Charles Sherwood, died 1887 Plainfield, N.J. 

204 WILLIAMS 1868-74 

1868 . 

* Brooks, Walter Denison, died 1877 Boston, Mass. 

Cook, Francis Edmiston 3433 Bell Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

Fkll, Issacher Price .^ 

* Hall, Osee Matson, died 1914 Red Wing, Minn. 

* La Grange, Washington, died 1883 Albany, N.Y. 

Leb, Rev. Hamilton Haywud, Cal. 

* Rice, Edward Walter, died 1902 Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

Ross, Jasper Stansbury Oneida, O. 

West, Jonn Kingsbury (R. Est.) Detroit, Minn. 


Chapin, Hon. Alfred Clark (Ret.) 192 Broadway. New York, N.Y. 

Cole, Edward Harman 407 Court St. Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 

Whitehead, Rev. Joseph Henry Ridgewood, N.J. 


* Bailbt, Samuel Stephens, died 1887 No'rwalk, Conn. 

Brooks, Thomas Hope (Ret.) 4312 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Johnson, Rt. Rev. Joseph Horsfall. . . .523 So. Olive St. Los Angeles, Cal. 

* Keene, Harry, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

* Mygatt, Lemuel Carrington, died 1910 New York, N.Y. 

* Parmelbe, Morton Shattuck, died 1897 Malone, N.Y. 

Storm, Azariah Smith (Tea Mer.) 18 Bloomfield St. Dorchester, Mass. 


Doty, Charles Winchester (Glass Mfg.) 103 Second St. Jeannette, Pa. 

GiBBS, Herbert Russell (Ed.) .55 Judkins St. NewtonviUe, Mass. 

Hooker, Charles Hall 19 Rockland St. Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

* Wells, John Quincy, died 1889 Riverside, 111. 


Anablb, Frederick Samuel 53 State St. Boston, Mass. 

* French, Solon Tenney, died 1908 Los Angeles, Cal. 

Homer, Joseph Warren (Ins.) 143 Washington St. Brookline, Mass. 

* Tttttle, William Henry Harrison, died 1912 Arlington, Mass. 

West, Dr. Frank E .'. . . 184 Joralemon St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Bond, Arthur Thomas (Adv.) 20 Central St. Boston, Mass. 

Chamberlain, Robert Meech <Law.) 124 Bagg St. Detroit, Mich. 

* Crocker, Frederick Williams, died 1886 St. Paul, Minn. 

EMERSON,'Dr. George Winfield, Kan. 

Mat, Charles (Law.) 32 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

Wheeler, Hon. Charles Barker 305 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Witte, Melchior Conrad Gerhard (Ret.) Clinton, C]k>nn. 


Allen, Dr. Louis E Acton, Mass. 

Barnhart, John Higgins (Ret.) 119 E. Broadway, Logansport, Ind. 

1874-81 WILLIAMS 

Campbell, David (Law.) Pittsfield, Mass. 

M0BBI8ON, Frank W. (Banker) . 1247 N. New Jersey St. Indianapolis, Ind. 


FiNNBY, Elmer Edson 

WooBTEB, Edward Bickneil 1 Englewood PI. Albany, N.Y. 


Abmstbono, Collin (Adv.) 115 Broadway, New York, N.Y* 

Babkbr, Dr. Harry Asahel 26 Buell St. Burlington, Vt. 

* Collin, Dr. Roswell Park, died 1891 New York, N.Y. 

* Lanb, John Peck, died 1893 Pittsfield, Mass. 

Rankin, Rev. John Joseph 1748 Capouse Ave. Scranton, Pa. 


Adam, William Lawrence (Banker) 22 North St. Pittsfield, Mass. 

DoDGB, Samuel Douglas (Law.) Overlook Rd. (Cleveland, O. 

* GiLBBBT, Robert Washburn, died 1892 GilbertsviUe, N.Y. 

McLaren, John Piatt (Farmer) Glendale, Hamilton Co. O. 

Pekeins, Jacob Bishop Blackstone Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

WiTTB, Henry Parker (Ck>al) Morristown, N.J. 


* Adbiance, James Ruthven, died 1879 Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

Bates, George Anthony Springfield, Ul. 

Bbown, William Lewis New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Mills, Rev. Carlton Putnam Winchester, Mass. 

* RusaBLL, Lansing, died Cleveland, O. 


Atwateb, Dr. James BUlings Westfield, Mass. 

Down, Dr. Charles North 127 W. 72nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Hankin, Prof. Walter Mead 5 Evelyn PI. Princeton, N.J. 

Sbtmotjb, Julius Hubbell (Law.) 304 W. 86th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Stevens, Henry William, died 1891 New York, N.Y. 


Hempstead, William Gardner (Farmer) R. F. D. 3, Knox, Ind. 

* Laplin, Arthur King, died 1908 Paris, France 

Matz, Hermann Lewis (Brick) 1312 Ritchie PI. Chicago, 111. 

Peck, Thomas Dowse (Cotton) Warrenton, N.C. 

* Warben, Lansing, died 1901 Milwaukee, Wis. 


Bassett, Rev. Austin Bradley (Prof.) 65 Forest St. Hartford, Conn* 

Demond, Charles Mason (Law.) 

The Iowa, 13th & "O" Sts. Washmgton. D.C. 

* Kino, Henry William, Jr., died 1888 Omaha, Neb. 

* Vandebpoel, Augustus Hall, died 1911 New York. N.Y. 

206 WILLIAMS 1882-88 


BuELL, Alfred Ely c/o W. W. Seymour, Tacoma, Wash. 

Matz, Rudolph 134 So. La Salle St. Chicago, 111. 

* Perkins, Joseph, died 1914 Cleveland, O. 

Seymoub, Edmund (Fin.) 45 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 


Adriance, Rev. Harris Ely En^dewood, N. J. 

BoTT, Joseph Warner (Ret. Mfg.) Shelbume, Vt. 

BRATENAHii, Rev. George Carl Fitch . . . Woodard Bldg. Washington, D.C. 

* Crowell, Edward Roby, died 1896 Chicago. 111. 

Day, Charles Francis (Law.) Ravenna, O. 

Holmes, Rev. Samuel Van Vranken 140 North St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Lansing, Abram Winne (R. Est.) 240 N. Mohawk St. Cohoes, N.Y. 

Walker, Arthur Henry (Linotype Mach.) .... 188 Fleet St. London, Eng. 


Colt, James Denison (Law.) 53 State St. Boston, Mass. 

* Gardiner, Leonard Yeumans, died 1890 Amsterdam, N.Y. 

Hall, Herbert Oakey (R. Est.) 41 Union Sq. New York, N.Y. 

King, Francis (Motor Trucks) 110 Orchard St. Alma, Mich. 

Seymour, William Wolcott (Banker) Tacoma Bldg. Tacoma, Wash. 

* Squier, Frederick Clifford, died 1893. New York, N.Y. 

* Trowbridge, Dr. Grosvenor Reuben, died 1908 Buffalo, N.Y. 


Down, Arthur Dudley (R. Est.) 16 State St. Boston, Mass. 

Garfield, Harry Augustus (Pres.) . Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. 

Garfield, Hon James Rudolph Cleveland, O. 

Man, Edward (Ret. Law.) Cassodux, North Stonington, Conn. 

Palmer, Clinton 

* Rockwell, Donnell, died 1915 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Warren, Bentley Wirt (Law.) 30 State St. Boston, Mass. 

% 1886 

DoDD, William Silliman Hampton, Va. 

Joy, Edmund Steele (Law.) 738 Broad St. Newark, N.J. 

Lasell, Josiah Manning (Mfg.) Whitinsville, Mass. 

Taft, Theodore Munger (Law.) 15 William St. New York, N.Y. 

Tyng, Stephen Higginson (R. Est.) 41 Union Sq. New York, N.Y. 


Allen, Joseph Morgan (Law.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Baldwin, Charles Marvin (R. Est.).. 322 Lexington Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Cole, Irving Tomlinson (Law.) 408 Boston Block, Seattle, Wash. 

Lewis, Lorsui Lodowick, Jr. (Law.) 1093 Delaware Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 


Austin, Hon. Henry Warren (Banker) 217 Lake St. Oak Pk. 111. 

* Bates, Albert Louis, died 1888 Riverside, 111. 

Francis, Lewis Witherbee (Iron Ore) 2 Rector St. New York, N.Y. 

1888-M WILLIAMS 207 

Rathbonb, Albert (Law.) 64 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Tappan, Walter Houae (Banker) 65 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

* Thateb, Dr. Joseph Marsury, died 1896 Cleveland. O. 

* Ttng, Sewell Tappan, died 1913 New York, N.Y. 

Van GisaoN, Davicl Eugene (C^iv. Serv.) . Hall of Records, Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Johnston, David Stuart 546 Third Ave. Lansingburgh, N.Y. 

KissAM, William Adams (Mining) 16 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

Sabin, Stewart Barbour 637 74th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Sandbbs, Walter Lee, died 1888 Springfield, 111. 


Bennett, Rev. William Russell Park PI. Morristown, N.J. 

Colby, Bainbridge (Law.) 32 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

Denison, Rev. John Hopkins Williamstown, Mass. 

FoSTEB, William Lytle 669 Oak St. Cincinnati, O. 

Fbancis, Arthur Wheeler (R. Est.) 119 East 66th St. New York, N.Y. 

Jenkins, MacGregor (Pub.) 3 Park St. Boston, Mass. 

* McKbnzib, Charles Gray, died 1889 New York, N.Y. 

Taft, Rev. Arthur Nelson 10 Pelham PI. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Whitman, Hon. Charles Seymour (Governor) Albany, N.Y. 


Choatb, George Brookline, Mass. 

Gbaves, RufuB Riker 176 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Holmes, Dr. Edwin Palisade Ave. Englewood, N.J. 

ScHAFF, Harrison Hale (Law.) 209 Washington St. Boston, Mass. 


HoTALiNQ, Earl Holbrook Baldwinsville, N.Y. 

HoTT, Willard Evans (Coll. Treas.) Williamstown, Mass. 

Ludlow, Henry Shattuck Troy, N.Y. 

Meabs, Dr. Edward Norris Kirk 44 Doyan St. Lowville, N.Y. 

RoGEBSON, James Charles (Fin.) 16 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

TowNEB, Henry Augustus (Banking) . 210 Prospect Ave. Highland Pk. Ul. 


Edwabds, William Leonard (Law.) 108 E. 38th St. New York, N.Y. 

Gabfibld, Abram (Arch.) 916 Garfield Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

Gabfibld, Irvin McDowell 127 Marlborough St. Boston, Mass. 

GoDDABD, Herbert At water (Exptr.) 739 Montrose Blvd. Chicago, 111. 

Manning, Robert Adams (Banker) 66 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

Mills, Franklin HubbeU (Law.) 901 Lexington Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Sutton, Woodruff, Jr Babylon, L. I., N.Y. 


HuTCHiNS, Dr. Charles Pelton Stone Ridge, N.Y. 

* Lee, James Gore King, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

* White, Eugene Richard, died 1906 Buffalo, N.Y. 

208 WILLIAMS 1896-1900 


Allen, Jerome Ripley (Arch.) 101 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Bent, Felton (Steel Broker]| Haverford, Pa. 

* Brown, James Jay Jr., died 1896 Omaha, Neb. 

* Patterson, Stuart Forbes, died 1910 New York, N.Y. 

* Rawle, Francis William, died 1911 Philadelphia, Pa. 

Riley, Henry Drinker Strafford, Pa. 

RuDD, Rev. Arthur Belding 520 W. Church St. Ehnira, N.Y. 

Sweet, £Ilnathan 89 Fourth Ave. Portland, Ore. 


CowEN, Thomas Bigelow 289 Ogden Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 

DxTRAND, William Charles Waters (Adv.) Pompton Lakes, N.J. 

Patterson, Dr. Henry Stuart 130 East 62nd St. Now York, N.Y. 

* Root, Robert Wells, died 1910 New Haven, Conn. 

* Thomas, Charles Brooks, died 1902 Topeka, Kan. 


Bates, Henry Comstock 

Blake, Cevedra D. (Iron) 1301 N. 6th St. St. Louis, Mo. 

James, Philip Lyman Deerpath, Lake Forest, III. 

Watson, Edward Ashley (Banking) . . Bradford Rd. Wellesley Hills, Mass. 


Bradley, William Czar (Banking) North Broadway, Nyack, N.Y. 

* Pennoyer, Horace Nathaniel, died 1894 Portland, Ore. 

Perry, Lewis (Ed.) Phillips-Exeter Acad. Exeter, N.H. 


Carpenter, Fred H. (Lumber) . . 838 McKnight Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hall, Joseph Ambrose (Fin.) 178 Tappan St. Brooldine, Mass. 

Howard, Lewis Edward (Fin.) 4413 Oakenwald Ave. Chicago, lU. 

JoHNOTON, Harold Eddy (Iron) 546 Third Ave. North Troy, N.Y. 

Sherry, Norman Burt (Mer.) 2016 Fifteenth St. Troy, N.Y. 


Baldwin, Dr. Charles Hume 282 Genesee St. Utioa, N.Y. 

Black, R. Clifford (Jeweler) 594 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Butler, Dudley (Ins.) 340 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Cornell, Rev. Douglas Hawley 243 Hazel Ave. Glencoe. 111. 

Dibble, Condit W. (Banking) . . .Massachusetts Ave. North Adams, Mass. 

Green, Griswold Troy Club, Troy. N.Y. 

Hopkins, Albert (OU) 260 W. 67th St. New York, N.Y. 

Hutchins, Francis Sessions (Law.) 27 Pine St. New York, N.Y. 

Jenkins, Austin Dickmson (Arch.) 39 S. La Sidle St. Chicago, Hi. 

Mtqatt, Kenneth (R. Est.) 1 West 34th St. New York, N.Y. 

Patterson, Arthur Coxe (Law.) . . v 27 William St. New York, N.Y. 

Sbavbr, Robert Chauncey 15 Congress St. Boston, Mass. 

VosE, George A. (Pianos) 1010 Massachusetts Ave. Boston, Mass. 

Williams, Josiah R. Jr 615 Com. Trust Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wilson, John P. Jr. <Law.) 1605 Marquette Bldg. Chicago, HI. 

1901-06 WILLIAMS 209 


BsMT, Quincv (Steel) Sparrows Point, Md. 

Bbttsh, Dunbar Chaplin 192 Summit Ave. Sunmiit, N.J. 

Fitch, Ralph Groevenor Lanoashier Rd. Cleveland Hgts. O. 

Jat, John Clarkson, Jr. (Steel) 1421 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ltdeckbr, Stanley Hessler Rd. Cleveland, O. 

Nason, Albert Warren 129 Dartmouth Terrace, Springfield, Mass. 


Cole, Thomas James 1906 East 105th St. Cleveland, O. 

Little, George Thurston (Firearms) 299 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

PiCKARD, Jesse 30 East 42nd St. New York, N.Y. 

1903 • 

BiGBLOw, Thomas 305 Prospect Av., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bbadlet, Joseph Manton 170 Waterman St. I^ovidence, R.I. 

Hopkins, Henry, Jr. (Law.) 2 Rector St. New York. N.Y. 

Little, Rev. Robert Rice New Castle, Pa. 

Satleb, Arthur Everett (Bldr.) 647 Mjnrtle Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

Sbbcomb, Albert Adams 5 N. Wabash Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Skilton', Stephen Henry, Jr 944 Beacon St. Brookline, Mass. 

SiOTH, G. Kirkham (Ins.) 209 Lewis Bldg. Portland, Ore. 


Clabkb, Bertrand Rockwell (Banker) . .3632 Walnut St. Kansas City, Mo. 

Heermance, Prof. Radclifife 114 Broadmead St. Princeton, N.J. 

Johnston. Rev. Robert 320 Market St. Bethlehem, Pa. 

Lewis, Edmund Vaughan (Mer.) 788 6th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Bobbins, Louis Leiand (Adv.) 72 Highland Ave. Nyack, N.Y. 

Saunders, Edmund James (Ed.) 45 Oakridge Ave. Summit, N.J. 

Warner, Harold Remsen c/o Sprague, Warner & Co. Chicago, III. 

Watson, Richard Gould (Packer) . 

20 Carlisle Mansions, Victoria St. London, S. W. Eng. 


Chace, Edward Gould (Cotton) Brattleboro, Vt. 

Dblafield, Tallmadge Percival Kinney Park, New Brighton, N.Y. 

Grand, Gordon (Law.) 39 Hampton Terrace, East Orange, N.J. 

Hanford, Dr. John Munn 123 East 62nd St. New York, N.Y. 

McCartt, John Joseph (Ins.) Cor. Pine & Market St. Corning, N.Y. 

RuNTON, Charles, Jr. (Law.) 87 Locust Hill Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. 

Sercomb, Henry Hiland 832 Phillips St. South Haven, Mich. 


Barton, Kimber Lewis, Jr. (Shoes) . . . 306 West 8th St. Kansas City, Mo. 

BixBT, Henry Dike 46th St. & 2nd Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

CowPBBTHWAiT, Arthur N. (Furniture).. 2222 Third Ave. New York, N.Y. 

MoBGAN, Shepard Ashman (City Fin.) 829 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

RoBBiNB, Francis LeBaron, Jr. (Law.)..l Lexington Ave. New York, N.Y. 
SiQTH, Floyd Reeves (Jeweler) 7 Maiden Lane, New York, N.Y. 

210 WILLIAMS 1907-11 


Benjamin, Park, Jr 270 W. 73d St. New York, N.Y. 

HoTNE, Eugene Maday (Fin.) 3369 Cidumet Ave. Chicago, Dl. 

Johnson, Reginald Davis (Arch.) . . 1050 So. Madison Ave. Pasadena, Cal. 
Lapham, John Henry (Oil) 

c/o The Texas Co. 17 Battery PI. New York, N.Y. 
McPherbon, Walter Scott. . . .Amer. Hawaiian S. S. Co. Los Angeles, Cal. 

RuDD, Tracey Allen (Ins.) 60 State St. Boston, Maaa. 

Smith. Dr. Ferdinand Montgomery 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Taylob, Gilbert P 214 W. 110th St. New York, N.Y. 

Wheeler, Thomas Rochester (Law.) 146 Anderson PI. Buffalo, N.Y. 


Atwatbr, Eliot (Fin.) « 136 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Braot, Richard Melorum (Farmer) Rapidan, Va. 

GiiiLETT, Eara Kendall (Pub.) Pelham Manor, N.Y. 

Habman, Richard Jerome (Banking) Manchester C])entre, Vt. 

Mtgatt, Gerald (Journ.) 136 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Reed, Alexander Gebhart (Fin.) 531 Ludlow Arcade, Dayton, O. 

Slattbry, William Ernest 2335 15th St. Troy, N.Y. 

Williams, Thomdike Deland (Lumber) Haverford, Pa. 

Wood, Stanley Willis (Capt.) 56 Lowther Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 


Brown, Clarence Fayette (Mfg.).. 173 Summit Ave. Upper Montdair, N.J. 

* HoRMEL, Charles Bonnifield, died 1912 New York, N.Y. 

Kline, Virgil Polk, Jr Pittsburgh Athletic Ass'n, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Matz, Carl Dusenbury (Law.) 134 S. La Salle St. Chicago. III. 

Perkins, Ralph (R. Est.) 40 Blackstone Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

Wadsworth, Charles Desmond 80 (^ntre St. Brookline, Mass. 

Wilcox, Harold Hinton (Mfg.) 8 Westover Rd. Montclair, N.J. 


Ahlstrom, Carl Ferdinand. Jr 509 East 182nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Bishop, Frederick Samuel (Paper) Bardstown Rd. Louisville, Ky. 

DouBLBDAT, FcHx Austin Doty Locust Valley, L.I., N.Y. 

Dunning, Clifford Alexander (Ins.) 123 Williams St. New York, N.Y. 

Kellbt, Arthur Livingston, Jr. (Fabrics) . 70 Stimson Ave. Providence, R.I. 

Lewis, Wilfred Vaughan Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y. 

Ralston, Robert W. (R. Est.) Lawyers Bldg. Miami, Fla. 

Richards, Marcus Dimmitt H. F. Bar Ranch, Buffalo, Wyo. 

Stevens, Beatty (Adv.) 49 Lexington Ave. Columbus, O. 

Taylor, Fred Hurlburt (Steel Wire) 

1413 Pennsylvania Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Templeton. Stuart John (Law.) 6641 Washington Blvd. Oak Park, HI. 

Van Sicklen, John 325 So. Union St. Burlington, Vt. 


Garfield, James (Law.) Williamstown, Mass. 

Gilmore, Robert William (Law.) 136 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Kimball, Earle Piggott, died 1910 Clearwater, Fla. 

1911-16 WILLIAMS 211 

RiDEB. Philip Cree. . .c/o W. W. Halaey & Co. The Rookeiy. Chicago. Dl. 
RiDBB, Whitney Jason 

c/o A. L. Mills, Fort Smith A Western R.R. Fort Smith, Ark. 

Stewabt. William Donald Garrison, Md. 

Van Schaack, Robert Cornelius (Oil) 1137 Sherman St. Denver, Colo. 

YouNQ, Russell Addison (Grocer) 21 Linden PI. New Rochelle, N.Y. 


GiFFOBD, Benedict 345 Allen St. Hudson, N.Y. 

Hemming, Olyn Da£Fan (Banking). .1815 Wood Ave. Ck>lorado Springs. Colo. 

Matz, John Dusenbunr 1312 Ritchie PI. Chicago. 111. 

Shons, (Charles Howell (Ed.) Lawrenceville, N.J. 

Valiant. John (Ins.) 38 Myrtle Ave. Plainfield, N.J. 

Wallace, Kenneth Buchanan (Med.). .54 West 120th St. New York, N.Y. 
Williams, Clarence Stuart Alexander (Textiles) 

340 Genesee St. Utica, N.Y. 


Abbott, Frank Prouty (Law.) Goshen, Ind. 

Blair, Francis Preston 2122 LeRoy PI. Washington, D.C. 

Dearborn, Henry (S.S. Trans.) Rye, N.Y. 

Ebllt, Donald Malcolm 1303 Columbus Ave. Sandusky, O. 

Lasell, Josiah 2nd (Mfg.) HiU St. Whitinsville, Mass. 

Lewis, Loran Lodowick 3rd 25 Erie Co. Bank BIdg. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Lewis, Richard Vaughan, Jr Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y. 

Merrill, F. Arnold c/o Amer. Hawaiian S. S. Co. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Mtgatt, Francis Stetson (Sales.) 257 West 97th St. New York, N.Y. 

ViBTOR, Frederick Albert (Pianos) 128 West 79th St. New York, N.Y. 


Adbiance, Edwin Holmes Palisade Ave. Englewood, N.J. 

Adriance, Harris Ely, Jr Palisade Ave. En^ewood, N.J. 

Ainslie, Rutherford Oakes 140 No. East Ave. Oak Park, 111. 

Chambeblain, Rodman Wright (Sales.) . . 179 Vine St. New Britain, Conn. 

Garfield, Mason Wiliiamstown, Mass. 

Gillette, John Westfield, Jr. (Poultry) 601 Union St. Hudson, N.Y. 

Hunter, John B 845 Ridge Ave. Evanston, 111. 

Kellet, George Fuller R. I. Textile Co. Pawtucket, R.I. 

Lincoln, Edward Converse (Banking) ... .92 Maple St. Springfield, Mass. 

PusHEE, George Horton (Brushes) Church St. Weston, Mass. 

Rogers, John Stanton Pipe Stave Hill Farm, West Newbury, Mass. 

Walker, Richmond 108 Upland Rd. Brookline, Mass. 

Wallace, George Newman (Adv.) 64 West 120th St. New York, N.Y. 


Abbott, John Hascall R. F. D. No. 1, Goshen, Ind. 

Crawford, Douglas Cumbrae Kent School, Kent, Conn. 

Day, Wolffram Franklin 120 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Eells, Howard Parmelee, Jr Overlook Rd. Euclid Hgts. Cleveland, O. 

Garfield, John Newell (Steel Wire) West Mentor, Lake Co. O. 

(jrARRETT, John Wily 2nd 29 Kingsbury PI. St. Louis, Mo. 

Gilgbb, Lewis Chapman 157 W. Main St. Norwalk, O. 

212 WILLIAMS 1916-18 

Kimball, Stuart English (Orcharding) . . R. F. D. No. 2, Hood River, Ore. 

MacNameb, Frank Angelo, Jr 690 Madison Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

MiCBLBB, Gordon Hunt 96 Maple Ave. Greenwich, Conn. 

Slattbrt, Thomas August 2335 15th St. Troy. N.Y. 


dbWindt, Delano Winnetka, 111. 

FiNLAY, George Dick, Jr 153 Union St. Montdair, N.J. 

Gabfibld, James Abram West Mentor, Lake Co. O. 

GiLLBTT. William VanKirk (Adv.) 606 W. 122nd St. New York, N.Y. 

KiNQ, Henry William 110 Orchard St. Alma, Mich. 

Ladd, John Lippitt 81 Brown St. Providence, R.I. 

Smith, Kenneth G Winnetka, 111. 

WiLLABD, George Gale 6018 Jackson Park Ave. Chicago, lU. 


Cook, Reginald Aldrich 249 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Eells, Samuel Overlook Rd. Euclid Hgts. Cleveland, O. 

Garfxbld, Stanton WiUiamstown, Mass. 

Lbbming, John Howland 217 Summer St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Lewis, Arthur Vaughan Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y. 

McKblvt, Charles Lockhart 5th and College Aves. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Smith, Irving, Jr 234 Central Park W. New York, N.Y. 

ViBTOR, Carl William 128 West 79th St. New York, N.Y. 


DwiQHT, Henry Williams 14 Appian Way, Cambridge, Mass. 

Lbbminq, Joseph 217 Summer St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Matz, Charles Henderson 1005 Sheridan Rd. Hubbard Woods, 111. 

Maytham, Thomas Edward 387 Breckenridge St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Obb, John Henry, Jr 11 Hawth6m St. Worcester, Mass. 

Redfibld, Edward Griswold 648 Asylum Ave. Hartford, Conn. 

Sawyer, David Pascal 1850 E. 63rd St. Cleveland, O. 

Tynq, Sewell Tappan Engle St. Englewood, N.J. 

Van Schaack, John Jay 20 Sycamore Rd. Hartford, Conn. 

Wilson, Edward Webster, Jr HE. 68th St. New York, N.Y. 

18ia~68 213 



* Webster, Prof. Horace, died 1871 New York, N.Y. 


* Barton. Prof. John Graeff, died 1877 New York, N.Y. 


* Kimball, Prof. (Rodney) Glentworth, died 1900 Brooklyn, N.Y. 


* Abel, William Henry, died 1890 New York, N.Y. 

Baldwin, Simeon 322 Lexington Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Batles, Rev. Lewis Ck>ndict, died 1864 San Francisco, Cal. 

* Church, Elihu Dwight, died 1908 New York, N.Y. 

* Fernandez, Luis (Dr.J, died New York, N.Y. 

* Lee, Benjamin Franklin, died New York, N.Y. 

Mason, Rev. Francis Asbury (Ret.) 

c/o Methodist Book Concern, 150 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Mason, Prof. James Weir, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

* Post, Rev. Henry Albertson, died 1861 Warrenisburg, N.Y. 

* Sbarlb, Dr. Dayton Wycoflf, died 1899 New York, N.Y. 


* Pratt, Charles Henry, died 1912 Forest Grove, Ore. 

* Rising, Rev. Franklin Samuel, died 1868 Virginia City, Nev. 

* Sturois, Russell, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

* Van BuRBN, James Lyman, died 1866 New York, N.Y. 

Wheeler, Everett Pepperrell (Law.) 27 William St. New York, N.Y. 


Abbe, Prof. Cleveland The Weather Bureau, Wash. D.C. 

** Bloomfield, Smith, died 1874 Alexandria, Minn. 

* Fanning, David Green, died 1901 Flushing, N.Y. 

* Hawes, Dr. George Ellas, died 1880 Montclair, N.J. 

* Kitchel, Charles Henry, died 1892 New York, N.Y. 

** Roberts, Rev. John Sinclair, died 1900 Morris Plains, N.Y. 

Werner, Prof. Adolph. .College of the City of New York, New York, N.Y, 


* Blakelt, Matthew James, died 1858 New York, N.Y. 

* Hallock, Dr. William Kingsland, died New York, N.Y. 

* KBTCHrM, Alexander Phoenix, died 1905 New York, N.Y. 

* Pullman, J(ohn) Wesley, died 1912 Wyncote, Pa. 

214 MANHATTAN 1868-64 

* Sandb, Walter Seabury, died 1885 Parkeraburg, W.Va. 

* Sloan, Henry King, died 1861 New York, N.Y. 


* Appelton, Rev. John Perrin, died 1904 East Orange, N.J. 

* Ireland, Oscar Brown, died 1914 Springfield, Mass. 

* Mabtin, Dr. B(enjaniin) E(Uis), died 1909 New York. N.Y. 

Seaman, James Alfred (Law.) 164 Sterling PI. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* WooDBUFF, Dr. Lockwood De Forrest, died 1876 New Yoric, N.Y. 


* Balch, Rev. Charles Leland, died 1872 Janesville, Wis. 

* DwiOHT, Rev. Melatiah Everett, died 1907 New York, N.Y. 

* Ellsworth, William, died 1903 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

HoBART, Frederick (Edit.) 98 Beech St. Flushing. N.Y. 

* Keith, Charles Clarence Tracy, died 1864 New York, N.Y. 

* Knox, Charles McLean, died 1894 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Robert, Frederick, died 1912 Saratoga, N.Y. 

* Tbemain, Gen. Henry Edwin, died 1910 New York, N.Y. 

White, Henry Kirke (Law.) 601 So. 11th St. St. Joseph. Mo. 

* Young, Albert, died 1895 New York, N.Y. 

* Young, Edward Francis, died 1863 Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Barnum, Joseph Benson Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hyde, Edwin Francis (Banker) 36 W. 58th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Kimball, WiUiam CargiU, died 1890 New York, N.Y. 

* Mitchell, Rowland Greene, died 1906 New Yprk, N.Y. 

* Pullman, James Heniy, died 1866 New York, N.Y. 

* Slade, Frederick Jarvis, died 1891 Trenton, N.J. 


* Roberts. Prof. Charles, died 1907 Pasadena, Cal. 

* Smith, Alfred Dodge, died 1913 New York. N.Y. 

* Trippe, James Matthews, died 1872 Orange, N.J. 


* Crosby, Henry Ashton, died New York, N.Y. 

Dwight, John Elihu (Soda Mfg.) . . 33 Mt. Morris Park, W., New York, N.Y. 

* Ellsworth, Washington White, died 1912 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Grinnbll, Henry Walton Punta Rasa, Fla. 

* Morse, Gilbert Livingstone, died 1891 '. Yonkers, N.Y. 

* O'Connor, Charles Henry, died New York, N.Y. 

Owen, Edward Livingston 71 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Slauson, William James San Francisco, Cal. 

* Sturois, Appleton, died 1900 New York, N.Y. 


* Bull, William Lanman, died 1914 New York, N.Y. 

Demarest, George Francis 459 Green Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Dodge, Frederic Nevins 608 E. 28th St. Paterson, N.J. 

* Greenwood, Richard Booth, died Brooklyn, N.Y. 

1864-68 MANHATTAN 216 

* Habtt, Clinton Jones, died 1910 New York, N.Y. 

* Hudson, Dr. Eraamus Darwin, died 1887 New York, N.Y. 

Mayeb, George Frederick (Acct.) 1306 E. Union St. Seattle, Wash. 

* Patterson, Albert Mansfield, died 1896 Geneva, N.Y. 

Patterson, Seely Benedict (Iron) Robesonia, Pa. 

* Swebtbxr, Samuel, died 1902 East Orange, N.J. 


* Cbosbt, John Player, died 1876 New York, N.Y. 

* GiLMAN, Daniel Trimble, died 1911 Sioux City, la- 

* Greenwood, William, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

** Hawbs, Dr. John Bromham, died 1914 Montdair, N.J. 

Hitchcock, Dr. Urban Gillespie 153 Academy St. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

Jencks, Francis Mankin (Law.) 100 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

* Kennedy, Archibald Duncan, died 1865 VaU's Mills, N.Y. 

Knapp, John Augustus (Min. Eng.) .... 11 Echo Ave. New Rochelle, N.Y. 

* Lane. William Henry, died 1911 Flushing, L.I.. N.Y. 

Murray, William Maitland .'. . . Mt. '^^mon, N.Y. 

* Stuboib, Edward, died 1864 New York, N.Y. 

* Tracy, Charles Edward, died 1896 New York, N.Y. 

Van Arsdale, WiUiam Henry Hotel Windemere, Chicago, 111. 


EuRicH, Ernst Ferdinand 144 Union St. Montclair, N.J. 

* KissAM, Dr. William Avmar, died 1877 New York, N.Y. 

* KNOWxm>N, Danford Bfenry, died 1894 New York, N.Y. 

* Newton, Henry, died 1877 New York, N.Y. 

SotrTTBR, Charles Broughton (Ret.) Cedar Rapids, la. 

Werner, Ernest (Broker) 36 E. 73d St. New York, N.Y. 


Chapman, Henry Fowler 260 Convent Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Hiscox, Rev. Charles Edward, died 1901 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

** Howell, John Hubbard, died 1906 Grand Narrows, N.S. 

* Kbtchxtm, Daniel Phoenix, died 1877 New York, N.Y. 

Nutting, Lucius Henry (R. R.) 366 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Patterson, Franklin Bayard 429 W. 136th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Seaman, Samuel Edmund, died 1904 New York, N.Y. 

* Shepard, Lorenio Brigham, died 1868 New York, N.Y. 

* Smith, William Allen, died 1899 New York, N.Y. 

* Stephens, George, died 1882 Dubuque, la. 

Talmadqb, Henry P. (Banker) 62 William St. New York, N.Y. 


* BoswoRTH, Joseph Solace, died 1901 New York, N.Y. 

BowKER, Richard Rogers. 298 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Chambers, Rev. Theodore Freylinghuysen Ford Ave. Dover, N.J. 

Delafield, Albert (Law.) Greenport, L.I., N.Y. 

* Hamlin, Frederick Hinman, died 1884 New York, N.Y. 

Knowlton, Miner Rockwell Bridgeport, Conn. 

* McMaster, Robert Bach, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

* Rankin, Dr. Francis Huntington, died 1896 Newport, R.I. 

216 MANHATTAN 186a-74 

* Williams, Henry Johnson, died 1865 New York, N.Y. 

* WooDroRD, Franklin Emerson, died 1005 New York, N.Y. 


* Baker, George Augiistus, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

HiBcox, Rev. Edwin T Boston City Club, Boston, Mass. 

* Olcott, Neilson, died 1914 New York, N.Y. 

Pattebson, Henry Turner Point Loma, Cal. 

* PiBTTUs, Dr. James Thomas, died 1896 New York. N.Y. 

* Shbpard, Edward Morse, died 1911 New York, N.Y. 

Van Schaick, Stephen Wilson 642 W. 114th St. New York, N.Y. 

Wilds, Howard Payson 29 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Wing, Frank Luman (Pianos) 9th Ave. and 13th St. New York, N.Y. 


McAdam, Graham 17 E. 184th St. New York, N.Y. 

Mills, Abbott Lawrence Chicago, HI. 

* MooRB, John SidmAn, died 1869 New York, N.Y. 

Nkttlbton, Charles H. (Gas) Drawer " L," Derby, Conn. 


Anderson, Dr. Frank 1628 19th St. N. W. Washington, D.C- 

* Edwards, Wheeler de Forest, died 

Fulton, William Edwards (Foundry).. 160 Hillside Ave. Waterbury, Conn. 

* McAndrew, Shirley, died 1890 Tarragona, Spain 

* Sherman, Roger Minott, died 1905 Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

* Smith, Herbert Edgar, died 1904 Middletown, Conn. 

* YouNQ, Daniel Kissam, died 1911 Philadelphia, Pa. 


Douglas, William Harris (Exptr.) 317 W. 76th St. New York, N.Y- 

Faulkner, Edward Daniels 35 E. 17th St. New York, N.Y* 

LiAWTON, Newbury Davenport New Roohelle, N.Y* 

RuSTON, Rev. William Otis (Prof.) 560 Delhi St. Dubuque, Ia« 

* Woodward, James Lawrence, died 1886 Bergen Point, N.J. 


Church, William Sylvester Berlin, Germany 

CoLiB, Edward Martin (Law.) 109 Prospect St. East Orange, N.J. 

* Hamlin, Walter Ashley, died 1889 New York, N.Y. 

Hart, Coleridge Allen 35 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

* Jones, Lynds Eugene, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

Miller, Henry Clifford 9 Beekman St. New York, N.Y. 

Olcott, Eben Erskine (S.S. Trans.). .Desbrosses St. Pier, New York, N.Y. 

Redington, Henry Williams 

What, Edward Marshall (Storage) 530 W. Gray St. Elmira, N.Y. 


Dix, Warren Rogers (Law.) 1046 East Jersey St. Elisabeth, N. J. 

Dowd, Heman 37 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

* Dwioht, Henry Butler, died 1898 New York, N.Y. 

Jenkins, William Porter Larchmont, N.Y. 

1874r^79 MANHATTAN 217 

LiYiNGSTON, George (Valves) JobBtown, Burlington Co. N.J. 

Man, Henry Hubbell (Law.) 37 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* SwEKBY, Richard Leland, died 1907 New York, N.Y. 

TiFPANT, Dexter Oliver 234 Central Park, W., New York, N.Y, 


* Bakeb, Charles Milnor, died 1895 New York, N.Y. 

Hemcksn, (Seorge David (Fin.) 22 W. 82nd St. New York, N.Y, 

Jeremiah, George (Ins.) 80 Maiden Lane New York, N.Y. 

Larremorb, Wilbur (Law. and Edit.) . .324 West 103rd St. New York, N.Y. 

McAndrew, Aeneas (Eng. Ret.) Nordhoff, Cal. 

McNabt, Spencer Gill Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Mebsiteb, Gieorge Nichols, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

* Newton, Harrie Gates, died 1910 Coronado, Cal. 

Spencer, Nelson Stanley (Law.) 27 William St. New York, N.Y. 


DwiQHT, Edmund 56 Maiden Lane, New York, N.Y. 

D WIGHT, Rev. Franklin Butler (Ret.).. "The Holt," Convent Station, N.J. 

Henderson, Edward (bairns 62 William St. New York, N.Y. 

Hbnbt, Charles Israel (Mer.) 21 State St. New York, N.Y. 

** Hopper, Dr. John Ward, died 1890 Hackensack, N.J. 

O1.COTT, Hon. Jacob Van Vechten (Law.) . 80 Maiden Lane, New York, N.Y. 

* Philip, Albert (Julien), died 1900 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Smith, James McGregor 32 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

* Smyth, Rev. George Blood, died 1911 Berkeley, Cal. 


Down, Joseph (Com. Mer.) 78 Franklin St. New York, N.Y. 

Drttmmond, Isaac Wsrman 436 W. 22nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Eagle, Clarence Henry (Printer) Port Washington, L.I., N.Y. 

Gilbert, Frank Henry 64 Leonard St. New York, N.Y. 

* Ruber, Emil Andrew, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

Hunter, Rev. David Moore 395 Columbia St. Adams, Mass. 

Lawrence, Newbold Trotter (R. Est.)... .84 William St. New York, N.Y. 
Sheparo, Charles Seymour 55 Duane St. New York, N.Y. 

* Wilson, Rev. Charles Howard, died 1897 New York, N.Y. 


Campbell, William John (Law.) 543 W. 14l3t. St. New York, N.Y. 

Cohen, Eugene Yancey Palisade, N.J. 

* Devlin, Dr. Robert John, died 1912 New York, N.Y. 

* Hawes, Dr. Arthur Franklin, died 1893 Montclair, N.J. 

* Smith, William Wickham, died 1912 New York, N.Y. 


Chambers, John Freylinghuysen 176 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

* MvuroRD, William Adam Frederick Pents, died 1888. . .New York, N.Y. 
PATTBBflON, Charles Howard (Charities) . . 1824 Valence St. New Orleans, La. 

Powers, Fredmck Alden (Customs) Chambers St. Bayside, N.Y. 

Weeks, Hon. Bartow Sumter (Justice).. 51 Chambers St. New York, N.Y. 

218 MANHATTAN 1880-84 


DouBLEDAY, Edwin Snow (Acct.) . .342 Forest Park Ave. Springfield, Mass. 

Hill, William Charles (Adv.) Linden, N.J. 

Keim, George Henry (Mfg.) 1109 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Rice, Edwin Thomas (Law.) 69 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Stuart, Lincoln Alexander 221 W. 131st St. New York, N.Y. 

Tucker, Frank (Banker) 346 Fourth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Vass, Alfred Edward (Candles) 131 Quincy St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Brown, Edgar K. (Law.) . .c/o Clifford B. Harmon & Ck). New York, N.Y. 

Clapp, Rev. Walter Clayton Ill Pine St. Danville, Pa. 

Cowl, Maurice (Priest) 4625 Springfield Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Giles, Rev. William Warren East Orange, N.J. 

LocKwooD, Dr. George Roe 18 E. 52nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Martin, Rev. Daniel Hofman 650 W. 170th St. New York, N.Y. 

Olcott, William Morrow Knox (Law.) . . . 170 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 
Richardson, Dr. Charles H 336 Lexington Ave. New York, N.Y. 


Abbel, George Howard Ironwood, Mich. 

* Harlano, Henry, died 1905 London, England 

Man, Edward (Law.) . Cossadux, North Stonington, Conn. 

Rachau, William Howard (Fin.) 42 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

* Sinclair, James Drummond, died 1888 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Tuttle, George William, died 1881 New York, N.Y. 


Brown, Ronald K. (Law.) 320 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Cauldwell, Leslie Giffen 58 W. 57th St. New York, N.Y. 

Fitch, Josiah Huntington 729 E. 168th St. New York, N.Y. 

Hyde, John Ellsworth (Yacht Supplies).. .1202 Hudson St. Hoboken, N.J. 

Lane, John Albert (Law.) 320 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

MoTT, Prof. Lewis Freeman 172 W. 79th St. New York, N.Y. 

PuRDY, Theodore Martindale ^ Short Hills, N.J. 

* Shaler, Ira Alexander, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

SiDMAN, Edgar Nelson (R. Est.) 200 W. 71st St. New York, N.Y. 

* Tucker, Edwin Benjamin, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 


Bayles, Francis Seguine (Ins.) 130 Greenwood Ave. Madison* N.J. 

Bourne, Edgar Ketchum 

Brown, Dr. Ralph David Parsons Grand Bay, Ala. 

Chambers, Hilary Ranald 35 W. 7l8t St. New York, N.Y. 

* Hildreth, Russell Wadsworth, died 1895 New York, N.Y. 

Lane, James Warren St. James, N.Y. 

Lane, Ralph 120 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Newell, Edward Jackson (Ins. Broker) . . .31 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

* Reed, WiUiam Henry, died 1904 New York, N.Y. 

Slayback, Edward Fields (Fin.) Glen Ridge, N.J. 

Smith, Theodore Eugene (Ed.) Hamilton Bldg. Akron, O. 

Vobburoh, Myndert Allison 149 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

1886-B9 MANHATTAN 819 


Debevoiss, George Edward (Mfg.) 162 E. 38th St. New York, N.Y. 

Decker, William Frederick Greenwich, Conn. 

HiLDBBTH, Percy Steams 15 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

KiBDLB, Alfred Watts 116 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

McCrbbbt, Dr. Forbes Robert 123 E. 40th St. New York, N.Y. 

Nelson, Edmund Young (Ret.) Piermont, Rockland Co. N.Y. 

Savin, Willianj Morgan (Fin.) 52 Broadway. New York, N.Y. 

* Smith, Charles Wilson, died 1900 Dallas, Tex. 

* Smith, Judson Newman, died 1899 Saranac Lake, N.Y. 


* Cox, Jennings Stockton, died 1913 Havana, Cuba 

Dean, Prof. Bashford (Curator Met. Mus.) . . . Riverdale-on-Hudson, N.Y. 
DoNNBLL, Harry Ellingwood (Arch.). 317 West 107th St. New York, N.Y. 

Pbbkins, Dr. EdwardWhite 210 W. 13l8t St. New York, N.Y. 

Pbtrasch, Carl Schurs 141 Broadwur, New York, N.Y. 

PooB, Prof. Charles Lane 35 East 69th St. New York, N.Y. 

Reamer, Lawrence Crawford c/o The Sun, New York, N.Y. 

* Thomas, William Clark, died 1909 Clinton, Mass. 

Wbndt, Frederick William (SUk Mfg.) . .27 West 91st St. New York, N.Y. 
Zbreqa di Zebbga, Dr. Louis Augustus. 616 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 


* Bbown, Louis, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

Gbiffith, Harry Burroughs Deadwood, 8.D. 

Johns, William Hingston (Adv.) 381 4th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Requa, Robert Russell (Ed.) 246 King St. Port Chester, N.Y. 

Thornall, Clarence Eugene (Law.) 50 Church St. New York, N.Y. 

WooTTON, Dr. Herbert Wright 319 Lexington Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Wright, Theodore Anthony, died 1889 New York, N.Y. 

Young, S. Marsh (Eng.) 220 W. 69th St. New York, N.Y. 


Bell, Rev. John Henry • 768 Greene Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Macdonald, Dr. John Mahon Prospect St. Belleville, N.J. 

MtJLLBR, Reuben (Ins.) 963 E. 156th St. New York, N.Y. 

Parmlt, Prof. Charles Howard 524 W. 114th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Perham, Frederic Elliott, died 1905 New York, N.Y. 

Pltbr, George Gregg (Ins.) Arrott Bldg. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Telpord, William Lander (Legal) Bogert Pi. Westwood, N.J. 


* Currier, Edwin Bradley, died 1907 New York, N.Y. 

Curry, John Pinkerton (Mfg.) Riverside, Conn. 

Devlin, Samuel Barr (Mfg. Chem.) 156 W. 13th St. New York, N.Y. 

Morse, Prof. Livingston Burrill 

College City of New York, New York, N.Y. 

* Plyeb, Charles Herbert, died 1904 New York, N.Y. 

Poor, Frank Ballou Empire Bldg. Seattle, Wash. 

Smith, Arthur (Law.) 175 East 64th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Thobne, William Lincoln, died 1900 Yonkers. N.Y. 

220 MANHATTAN 1890-94 


DoRBmrs, Arthur lispenard (Elec. Mfg.).. 30 Church St. New York, N.Y. 

* Fish, Gilbert Austin, died 1887 New York. N.Y. 

Risk, T. Francis Yonkers, N.Y. 

RoGBBS, Clarence De Witt 141 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Sladb, Prescott 30 Church St. New York, N.Y. 

Small, Eugene Walter 30 Church St. New York, N.Y. 


* Bailet, Edward Clifford, died 1907 Pasadena. Cal. 

* DoDD, Charles Goodhue, died 1914 New York, N.Y. 

FoBO, Sherman Willard (Acct.) Madison, N.J. 

Hackbtt, James Keteltas (Actoi^Mgr.) . . 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 
HuLBUBD, David Wendell (Law.). .826 Witherspoon Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. 

LippiNCOTT, Harold Edward (Law.) 35 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

Man, Arthur (R. Est.) 66 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Morrison, Dr. William Howe 167 W. 9l8t St. New York, N.Y. 

Russell, Dr. Worthington Seaton (Prof.) 

461 Ft. Washington Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Smith, Henry Atterbury (Arch.) 1181 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Smtth, Francis (Law.) 46 East 64th St. New York, N.Y. 

Van Vleck, Edgar Wakeman Morristown, N J*. 


Chapman, Dr. Robert Fendall 121 W. 120th St. New York, N.Y. 

Craft, Warren Moore 16 Dey St. New York, N.Y. 

Eable, Thornton (Law.) 38 Park Row, New York, N.Y. 

Greene, Marshall Winslow (Mica) 74 Passaic Ave. Summit, N.J. 

McIntyrb, John Gardiner 303 W. 74th St. New York, N.Y. 

McInttrb. WUbur 303 W. 74th St. New York, N.Y. 

SioEL, Frans (Law.) 897 Crotona Park, N., New York, N.Y. 

Trimble, Roswell Delmage (Eng. and Contr.) 

c/o Winston & Co. Richmond, Va. 

1893 • 

DuER, Edward Rush (Fin.) 43 Exchange Pi. New York, N.Y. 

Glioden, Walter S 13 Center St. Bath, Me. 

Locke, Campbell (Law.) 120 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Mbars, Edward Carpentier (Banker) 668 Everett St. Portland, Ore. 

Pope, John Russell .627 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Robebt, Raymond Abel (Sales.) 880 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Thompson, Robert William (Law.) 52 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Tbeat, Edwin Cuyler (Pub.) 241 W. 23rd St. New York, N.Y. 

TucKEB, Fits-Henry Faye (Arch.) 8 West 40th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Wagnbb, Edward Conrad, died 1913 New York, N.Y. 


Burnett, Dr. Henry Winans 120 Waterman St. Providence, R.I. 

DoDD, Louis Frederic (Law.) 52 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

DuBAND. William Charles Waters (Adv.) Pompton Lakes, N. J. 

* Gbyeb, Dr. Harold Carl, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

1894-1900 MANHATTAN 221 

KiLMBB, Dr. Theron Wendell 165 W. 85th St. New York, N.Y. 

SxMONSON, George Henry Ft. E. 100th St. New York, N.Y. 


Allmuth, Frank A. (Govt.) 834 13th St. N. W. Washington, D.C. 

Andebson, Arthur Carter (Govt.) 1070 Warfield Ave. Oakland, Cal. 

GuBTis, Harry Joseph Cedarhxirst, L.I., N.Y. 

Kbowl, Harry Gates. .College of the City of New York, New York, N.Y. 
LiPPiNCOTT, iUrthur Horton. . . .P. O. Box 663, Tarrytown-on-Hudaon, N.Y. 
MacAdam, Dr. Edward Wallace 17 E. 184th St. New York, N.Y. 

* MoTT, Joshua Mors, died 1894 New York, N.Y. 


Almiuth, Alfred 601 West 164th St. New York, N.Y. 

Bkals, Harry Warren (Adv.) 1724 Ave. H, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Bbinsb, Emil Amandua (Blowers) .. . .489 Central Ave. East Grange, N.J. 

* Coffin, Francis Sherwood, died 1905 New York, N.Y. 

CuBTis, Thomas Adrian 239 W. 139th St. New York, N.Y. 

HowLAND, Charles Francis 1925 7th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Sills, John Stanley (Grocer) N. R. and 37th St. New York, N.Y. 

Smith, Robert Whitehill, Jr. (Pub.) . .Box 75, Brentwood, Suffolk Co. N.Y. 


BiLLO, Otto (Fin.) ^ 158 Ashland Ave. Bloomfield, N.J. 

Bbbitwiebeb, Hubert Frederic (Law.) 

670 Webster Ave. New Rochelle, N.Y. 
Bbinbb, Charles Henry (D. G.) . .66 Brookfield Rd. Upper Montclair, N.J. 

CoLSMAN, William Andrew 859 Lexington Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Habbis, Tudor (Writer) Studio Arcade, BronxviUe, N.Y. 

Jbllinghaus, Dr. Charles Frederic 1161 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

MsBBiTT, (Charles Fowler (Builder) 260 Convent Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Obcdtt, Cevedra Blake 152 W. 105th St. New York. N.Y. 

Whitebidk, Donald G..College of the City of New York, New York, N.Y. 


BiGBLOw, Warren (Law.) 44 Pine St. New York, N.Y. 

HAiiMONn, William Knapp, Jr. (Law.) . . .324 W. 29th St. New York, N.Y. 

Hanson, Arthur Taber 65 Adams St. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

Mabsh, Charles Van Rensselaer (Banking) . .2 Rector St. New York, N.Y. 
Mason, James Warren Teets (Joum.) . . .470 E. 140th St. New York, N.Y. 


Bailbt, Francis Dean 162 E. 71st St. New York, N.Y. 

Dbakbnfield, Bernard Ferdinand, Jr 60 Murray St. New York, N.Y. 

Faitlknbb, Harry Richard 310 W. 97th St. New York, N.Y. 

Smith, Royal Earle 251 W. 127th St. New York, N.Y. 

Tbimmbb, Theodore S. (Coal) 132 Vista PI. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

Whiteside, George Walter (Law.) Laurelton, Bor. of Queens, N.Y. 


Bbbitwiebbb, Theodore John 76 William St. New York, N.Y. 

Bbinbb, Dr. Oscar William Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

222 MANHATTAN 190(M>6 

Clabs, Dr. Franklin Morria 24 West 45th St. New York. N.Y. 

Davidson, Arthur Muller 182 St. Nicholas Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Drbsslbr, William B. (Law.) 14 John St. New York, N.Y. 

FiNKENAUB, William Milne (Ship BldgO 

229 Wardwell Ave. West Brighton, N.Y. 

Kennsdt, Rev. Daniel Rolfe, Jr Lock-box 67, Suffield, Conn. 

Knicksrbockeb, Edwin Van Berghen.34 St. Nicholas PI. New York, N.Y. 

* Taylor. Arthur Noble, died 1905 New York, N.Y. 

Woodruff, Prof. Lorande Loss Yale University, New Haven, C^nn. 


Bateson, Richard Humphreys (Com. Mer.) 

78 Franklin St. New York, N.Y. 

Bloomfield, Howard Weston (Clay Prod.) Metuchen. N.J. 

Burnett, Eugene Rodney (Fin.) 306 Jay St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Henes, Louis George (M. Eng.) 749 Oakland Ave. Oakland, Cal. 

Merrill, Dr. George Adams 931 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

RiCKABT, Hamilton Charles (Law.) 176 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Smith, G(eorge) Waldo, Jr Bayside, L.I., N.Y. 

Squier, Harold Newton (Gas) P. O. 237, Scranton, Pa. 


Bates, William Stephen Boseman, Mont. 

Coleman, Thomas Scallen 859 Lexington Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Edwards, Charles CJordier (Mortgages) . . .59 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Ernst, Frederick Julius 1832 Plimpton Rd. New York. N.Y. 

Smillib, Sheldon (Min. Eng.) Bronxville, N.Y. 

Warren, George Earle (Banker) 20 East 11th St. New York, N.Y. 


Davis, Dr. Thomas Cxeorge 426 East 144th St. New York, N.Y. 

Graham, George Warren 100 William St. New York, N.Y. 

Karsch, Oswald John (Cigars) .New York Athletic Club, New York, N.Y. 

Morrill, Charles Virgin 430 W. 119th St. New York, N.Y. 

Spraque, Talbert Wood 68 William St. New York, N.Y. 

SwEEZY, Larremore Van Velsor (Arch.) . . .181 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 
Tucker, Russell Stuart (Banker) 215 W. 98th St. New York, N.Y. 


Bartlbtt. Edward Everett, Jr. (Fin.) .301 West 91st St. New York, N.Y. 
Bbbitwiesbb, William Philip (Typewriters) 

Lathers PI. New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Clareson, Julian Gu-ard 611 West 158th St. New York. N.Y. 

Deuel, Chester Merritt (Ry.) .... 126 Flower Ave. W., Watertown, N.Y. 

Knickerbocker, Reginald Canning Hartsdale, N.Y. 

Knickerbocker, William Edwin 23 West 129th St. New York, N.Y. 

Miller, Heber Jacob Cannon 2040 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Wise, Frank Lounsbury (Bldg.) 236 W. 101st St. New York, N.Y. 


Curry, Lieut. John Francis. . . .c/o Adjt. Gren. U. S. A. Washington. D.C. 
Fielding, Warren ChenneLs Ill East 177th St. New York. N.Y. 

190^18 MANHATTAN 823 

LiEBEBT, Frederick Washington 673 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

McCbbady, Dr. Robert Lyness, Jr 54 W. 95th St. New York, N.Y. 

Pride, George Huddleston Marbridge Bldg. New York, N.Y. 


Kammbreb, Paul Thomas Jr. (Law.) 157 E. 46th St. New York, N.Y. 

Klein, John Edward 329 Craig St. W., Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

MacLean, Donald Charles. . 1567 Brooklyn Ave. Flatbush, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Miner. Clarence Eugene (Ed.) 662 West 184th St. New York, N.Y. 

Spears, Joseph Aloysius (Ed.) 2069 Arthur Ave. New York, N.Y. 

SuHR, Frederick John (Art. Adv.) 33 Madison St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Hbarn, John Francis 


McAUiisTEB, John Nugent 811 Ritter PI. New York, N.Y. 

Maxim, Frederick Louis 584 W. 183rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Mullen, Francis Aloysius 420 E. 84th St. New York, N.Y. 


De Luca, (3eorge Benjamin (Law.) 701 E. 219th St. New York, N.Y. 

Downing, Willard Robinson Lawn Ave. Stamford, Conn. 

Jellinohaus, Carl Ludwig 1161 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

MacLean. Waldo Bross (Adv.) 543 W. 162nd New York, N.Y. 

Monell. George Roy (Forestry) North Stratford, N.H. 

Ray, Martin Hasset 828 St. Nicholsfi Ave. New York, N.Y. 


Andbbson, Charles Everett 

Baueb, William Frederick (Ed.) 158 N. 17th St. East Orange, N.J. 

Howell, Arthur Kemp (Sales. Eng.) 335 Edith PI. Memphis, Tenn. 

McCbbadt, Donald Manson 64 W. 95th St. New York, N.Y. 

Morris, Frederick Ryerson 71 East 92nd St. New York, N.Y. 


Armstronq, Wilson 326 W. 28th St. New York, N.Y. 

Fbbnbchild, William Henry (£kl.)..RocheUe Heights, New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Kapp, Edwin Mayer (PencUs) 350 W. 122nd St. New York, N.Y. 

* Mbrryman, Alfred Palmer, died 1914 New York, N.Y. 


Bbown, James Winthrop 614 W. 146th St. New York, N.Y. 

Fielding, Franklin Roderick Ill E. 177th St. New York, N.Y. 

Gaffnby, Harry Joseph 1362 Hersohell St. Westchester, N.Y. 

Gahagan, Andrew Jesse 49 West 56th St. New York. N.Y. 

Ragoib. Eugene Carr, Jr 448 St. Nicholas Ave. New York. N.Y. 

Thomas. Edward Clark Oertel 453 W. 155th St. New York. N.Y. 

ToussAiNT. Arthur Frederic Cleveland (Ry. Signals) 

2966 Briggs Ave. New York, N.Y. 

224 MANHATTAN 1913-16 


CoTTBR, Francis James (Missionary) 

c/o Union Theo. Seminary, New York, N.Y. 

DiEUAiDB, Francis Raymond 601 W. 19l8t St. New York, N.Y. 

Penny, Carl Park 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Stitt, Edward Walmsley, Jr 603 W. 179th St. New York, N.Y. 

Walsh, Harold Vandervoort 602 S. Broadway, Yonkers, N.Y. 


CosTELLo, Harold Lester (Ed.) ... 58 Terrace View Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Cbandall, Paul Harroun (Mer.) 326 Centre St. Pocatello, Idaho 

Fischer, George Lincoln (Dept. Agr.) . .305 W. 1234 d St. New York. N.Y. 

Haff, Richard Monroe 296 Hawthorne Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. 

Klenke, Francis Meyer 1166 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Levis, Marshall Morgan (Sales.) 539 West 162nd St. New York, N.Y. 

McNbile, Hector James (Med.) 68 Patched Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Miller, Harold James 752 Westminster Rd. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Perdue, Charles William 558 Main St. E. Orange, N.J. 


AcKERMAN, Herbert Rossiter 467 W. 143rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Bristol, Edward Sherman 167 W. 81st St. New York, N.Y. 

Carter, Arthur Augustus Daniels (Cartoonist) 

467 W. 143rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Cox, Harold Cintra (Ed.) 295 15th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Denblow, Roy Richard 201 W. 130th St. New York, N.Y. 

Harvbt, Maitland Althine 300 W. 142nd St. New York, N.Y. 

McFarland, Donald Chamberlain 64 W. 7lBt New York, N.Y. 

Vandb Vort, Stuart Leo 467 W. 143rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Walsh, Harry John 8502 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Alltn, Francis Lewis, 2nd 1811 Woodhaven Ave. Woodhaven, N.Y. 

Buttbrworth, Horace, Jr. (Music) 747 S. 10th St. Newark, N.J. 

CuBACK, James Raymond 611 Putnam Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Guinness, Ralph Benjamin 1166 £. 18th St. Brooklyn. N.Y. 

1828-6» 286 



* Whbdon, Rev. Daniel Denison. died 1885 New York, N.Y. 


* Mebrill, Rev. John Wesley, died 1900 Concord, N.H* 


* Griffin, John Philander, died 1890 Syracuse, N.Y. 


Roe, William (Law.) Walcott, Wayne Co. N.Y. 

* Round, Rev. John Emory, died 1892 Baltimore, Md. 


* McVoT, Alexander Diego, died 1905 Minden, La. 

* PowBBS, Orville Watson, died 1912 Boston, Mass. 


Brooks, Rev. Charles W(esley} Sandy Creek, N.Y 

* Chapin, Rev. Dr. Solomon, died 1881 Connersville, Ind 

* Comfort, Prof. George Fisk, died 1910 Syracuse, N.Y 

* Ela, Rev. David Hough, died 1907 Hudson, Mass 

* Johnston, Algernon Knox, died 1909 Prince Bay, N.Y 

Rob, Rev. Andrew (Ret.) Marcellus, N.Y 

* Smith, John Wheaton, died 1863 Warren, R.I 


* CopELAND, Rev. Anson Tuller, died 1897 Girard, Pa. 

* Ellis, Joseph Whitcomb, died 1898 Albany, N.Y. 

* Ercanbrack, Thomas Russell, died 1901 Anamosa, la. 

* Gabatt, James Nelson, died 1864 Plymouth, N.Y. 

* Hill, Rev. Arsa, died 1891 Simsbury, Conn. 

* MuNSBLL, Edward Bruce, died 1904 Paris, 111. 

RoMBR, William White Plains, N.Y. 

* Shepard, Rev. Hiram Pliny, died 1905 Forestville, N.Y. 

Staats, Rev. Hennr Taylor 447 N. Raymond Ave. Pasadena, Cal. 

* Tracy, George Hussey, died 1867 Mobile, Ala. 

* Whitney, Rev. George Henry,, died 1913 Plainfield, N.J. 


Allison, Prof. David (Coll. Pres.) 288 Tower Rd. Halifax, N.S. 

* BooTHBY, Asa, died 1913 Westbrook, Me. 

226 MIDDLETOWN 1859-63 

* BucKNAM, Robert Pagan, died 1865 Bangor, Me. 

Davis, Stephen Brooks (Law.) 252 College St. Middletown, Conn. 

* Fuller, Rev. Spencer Riland, died 1870 Watertown, N.Y. 

GiNN, Wesley Curtis (Ret.) 234 No. Sandusky St. Delaware, O. 

* Jackson, Rev. Samuel, died 1914 Melrose Highlands, Mass. 

* Sanborn, Prof. John, died 1902 Fayette, la. 

Smith, Francis Asbury (Law.) Elizabethtown, Essex Ck>. N.Y. 

Squire, Hon. Watson Carvosso Seattle, Wa^. 

* Tarbell, Horace Sumner, died 1904 Providence, R.I. 

* White, Benjamin Horton, died 1904 Clarendon, Tex. 


* Carey, Dr. Elias Riggs, died 1905 Philadelphia, Pa. 

Clarke, Rev. Greorge Ocean Grove, N.J. 

* Gale, Rev. Sylvanus Gale, died 1915 San Jose, Ctd. 

* Sexton, Rev. Hiram Charles, died 1599 Columbus, O. 

* Stiles, Samuel Martin, died 1904 Washington, D.C. 

* Stowbrs, Rev. Charles Nelson, died 1896 Minneapolis, Minn. 

* Stronq, Dr. Sylvester Emory, died 1913 Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 

* Williams, Prof. John Gollicar, died 1914 Holland Pat«nt, N.Y. 


Allen, Alfred Louis 

* Barnhart, Rev. John Wesley, died 1897 Tarrytown, N.Y. 

* Chadwick, Rev. Gustavus Benson, died 1900 Union, Me. 

* Johnston, WUbur Fisk, died 1882 Clifton, N.Y. 

* RiTTENHOusB, Rcv. Aarou, died 1906 •. Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Sntder, Rev. Charles Ridgway, died 1895 Newark, N.J. 

Springer, Prof. Francis Asbury 

Wilder, Rev. Nathan Willis Main St. Wat«rtown, Conn. 


Andrus, Hon. John Emory Yonkers, N.Y. 

Bennett, Rev. Henry Ward 147 John St. Ilion, N.Y. 

* Comfort, William Francis, died 1888 Chemung, N.Y. 

* Ethridqe, Samuel Stephen, died 1900 Des Moines, la. 

* Johnson, Dr. Henry, died 1880 New Bedford, Mass. 

* Landis, Enos Young, died 1910 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Lathrop, Charles Henry, died 1862 Portland, Me. 

Nabrawat, John Wesley 62 Pearson Ave. Toronto, Can. 


Carswell, Robert 30 Adelaide St. E., Toronto, Can. 

* Church, James Augustus, died 1859 Arrington, Me. 

* Fbrnald, Rev. Oliver Haley, died 1903 Dexter, Me. 

* Johnson, Rev. Charles Thurston, died 1893 Winthrop, Mass. 

* Johnson, Melville Morton, died 1892 Clifton, N.Y. 

* Moore, Rev. James Robinson, died 1879 Nicholville, N.Y. 

* Pullman, Rev. Joseph, died 1902 Stamford, Conn. 

* Smith, Rev. Isaac Edward, died 1910 Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

Topham, Joseph Lybrand 

Watkins, Rev. Wilbur Fisk (Ret.) Westport, N.Y. 

1864-^ MIDDLETOWN S27 


* Cbaab, Rev. Benjamin Whittemore, died 1882 Seaford. DeL 

Chubch, Charles W. (Ina.) 17 Ridgewood St. Waterbury, Conn. 

* Mbbriix, Charles Amos, died 1907 Worcester, Mass. 

* RxKD, Rev. John Joseph, died 1011 Brewsters, N.Y. 

Thompson, Rev. George Lewis 975 East 9th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Whbdon, Rev. John Swinburne, died 1892 Ridgefield, (Jonn. 


* Bbach. Rev. Theodore Charles, died 1909 Newcastle, Pa. 

* BBAI.B, Howard Chandler, died 1863. .*. Hudson, Me. 

* Chafin, Albert William, died 1914 Worcester, Mass. 

* Gboves, Andrew Jackson, died 1871 Langhome, Pa, 

Gbovss, James Henry (Govt.) ... 1101 14th St. N. W., Washington, D.C. 
Hamm OKD, Rev. Albert Overton (Ed.) Church St. Hackettstown, N.J. 

* HoLDSN, Benjamin Franklin, died 1899 Napa, Cal. 

* Kristbllbb, Siegfried, died 1883 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

NbwhaijL, Israel Augustus (Ins.) 25 Franklin St. Lynn, Mass. 

Robinson, Dr. William (Eng. and Inventor) 

687 Putnam Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Smitb, Rev. Sidney Ketcham Blue Pomt, N.Y. 

Whitakbb, Rev. Nicholas Tillinghast 63 £hn St. Sazonville, Mass. 

* WiLDEB, Rev. Charles Wesley, died 1901 South Walpole, Mass* 


* Jackson, John Wickliffe, died 1899 Wilmington, Del 

* Lbaht, James, died 1865 Middletown, Conn. 

* Pabkman, Eli Weston, died 1864 Charleston, Me. 

Round, (jreorge Catr (Law.) Manassas, Va. 

■c Stbvbnb, Herbert Joel, died 1903 Wellesley, Mass. 

Wilson, Dr. Alban John Lindenwald, N.J. 

Yageb, Rev. Granville Braintree, Mass. 


BioBLOw, Albert Miron (FarmeiO R. F. D. West Wrentham, Mass. 

Clabk, Jefferson (Law.) 823 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Cunningham, Rev. Edward 640 E. 4th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Elliott, Melville Cox. died 1871 Corinna, Me. 

* Laudbb, Dr. Robert, died 1913 Bridgeport, Conn. 

Sanvobd, Dr. Wilbur Fisk St. Elisabeth's Hospital, Washington, D.C. 

* Stoveb, Joseph William, died 1905 Winthrop, Mass. 

* Wbbks, Augustus Whitney, died 1892 Lowell, Mass. 

* WxLSON, Adams Brock, died 1869 Littleton. N.H. 


* Andbus, Hamlin James, died 1896 Yonkers, N.Y. 

Bealb, Franklin Howard Augusta, Me. 

Dusinbbbbb, Rev. George Blauvelt .... Highwood Sta. New Haven, Conn. 
Flint, Rev. Henry Warren 

* Hammond, Dr. George Hollis, died 1904 Freeport, N.Y. 

Pbincb, Prof. Morris Watson 30 MoMeland Ave. Carlisle, Pa. 

1M MIDDLBTOWN i86d-72 

* Robins, Rev. Joseph Emerson, died 1912 Peterboro, N.H. 

* RuBSSLL, Hon. Julius William, died 1900 Burlington. Vt. 

* Washbttkn. Henry Lucius, died 1901 New York, N.Y. 


Cadt, George F. 

c/o The Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co. Hartford, Conn. 
Crapts, Rev. Wilbur P. (Social Ref.) 

206 Pennsylvania Ave. S. E., Washington, D.C. 

* Davis, Edson Warburton, died 1903 Torringford, Conn. 

* Feabon, Robert Newton, died 1910 Ironton, O. 

* HoLDKN, Samuel Emery, died 1900 Napa, C&l. 

* Jbpson, Prof. Albert Gillett, died 1900 Lebanon, 111. 

Jbrnbgan, Dr. Holmes Mayhew. .375 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. 

* Miller, Rev. David Eugene, died Conoord, N.H. 

Noon, Rev. Alfred Lunenburg, Mass. 

* Richard, Rev. Jonathan Edwards, died 1893 Mt. Glemens, Mich. 

* Tyler, Albert Aurelius, died 1908 Holyoke, Mass. 

* Woodward, Rev. Harvey, died 1902 Northboro, Mass. 


* Barrett, Frank Edward, died 1867 Middletown, Conn. 

* Edgerton, Charles Sherman, died 1913 Albany, N.Y. 

Emerson, Rev. John Hessie (Ret.) Lindenwood Rd. Stoneham, Mass. 

Gallagher, Rev. Charles Wesley Lutherville, Md. 

Hutchins, Harry Bums (Pres.).. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Johnston, William Armour (Dental Supplies) Prince Bay, N.Y. 

Mains, Rev. George Preston 150 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* Merrill, Edward Annis, died 1914 Concord, N.H. 

Roe, Hon. Alfred Seelye (Ed.) 5 Dix St. Worcester, Mass. 

* Thomas, Joseph B., died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

Wilson, Dr. Charles Merrill 15 Park St. Gouverneur, N.Y. 


* Alford, Daniel Stillman, died 1904 Lawrence, Kan. 

BiRDSET, Eldon Benjamin (Law.) 156 High St. Middletown, Conn. 

* Brooks, Byron Alden, died 1911 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Crafts, Albert B. (Law.) , , Providence, R.I. 

* Crafts, Frederick Henry, died 1913 Rochester, N.Y. 

DuNMORE, Watson Thomas (Law.) 501 Rutger St. Utica, N.Y. 

'*' Genung, Charles Amzi, died 1898. Richmond Hill, N.Y. 

Hanc!OCK, Theodore (Law.) 

841 Onondaga County Savings Bank Bldg. Syracuse, N.Y. 

* Lore, Isaiah William, died 1891 New York, N.Y. 

Ransom, Edward Amasa New York Press Qub, New York, N.Y. 

* Sawyer, French Albert, died 1901 Napa, Cal. 

Whitcher, William F. (Pub.) Woodsville, N.H. 


Baker, Delos Richard R. F. D. No. 2, Delaware, O. 

* Beale, Rev. Joseph Henry, died 1913 Boston, Mass. 

* Beeoe, James Madison, died 18S1 Orange, N.J. 

* Kent, SUas Wflliam, died 1913 Casenovia, N.Y. 

lli7fl-76 MIDDLETOWN 

PHlLun, Rev. Watson Lyman New Hayen, Conn. 

* RoxTND, Robert James, died 1910 Ehnira,. N.Y. 

Shat, Allen Rosenc^anse Newton, N.J. 

* YouNO, Charles Wesley, died 1902 Missoula, Mont. 


CoBTON, Herbert Hull (Court Clerk) Scranton, Pa. 

EusTia, Hon. William Henry Com Exchange, Minneapolis, Minn. 

* Foots, Osmimd Cleander Baker, died 1870 Middletown, Conn. 

Eabt, Coleridge Allen (Law.) 35 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

McLaughlin, Kev. CSeo. Asbury Chicago, HI. 

MiTCHBLL, Prof. Hickley Gilbert Tufts College, Mass. 

Palmer, Wilbur Merton (Edit.) 227 Lincoln Rd. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Redhkad, Edwin Richard (Paper) 31 N. Ist St. Fulton, N.Y. 

* Shonk, Gieorge Washington, died 1900 Plymouth, Pa. 

Wkbks, Lyman H. (Historian) 2352 University Ave. New York, N.Y. 


Bbown, Millard Fillmore 

* Emebson, George Russell, died 1912 Watertown, Mass. 

Eusna, Hon. John Edward (Law.).. .1985 Sedgwick Ave. New York, N.Y. 
Gamman, Alfred May (Oil) Cor. 17th St. & Elwood Ave. Tulsa, Okla. 

* KELLooa, Rev. George Newell, died 1909 MorrisviUe, Vt. 

Palmer, Archie Emerson (Ed.) 68 Montague St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Roa, George Mortimer (Edit.) 2149 East 1st St. Long Beach, Cal. 

Sanfobd, Rev. Byram Green R. F. D. 2, Corning, N.Y. 

Shepherd, Rev. Joseph Battell 279 Congress St. Portland, Me. 

* Tallmadgb, Albert Marion, died 1905 Bridgeport, C^onn. 

Tatlob, Rev. Bushrod Shedden. .655 i^uinnipiac Ave. New Haven, Conn« 


Church, Rev. Morris De Veau Mariners Harbor, N.Y. 

Eddt, Ashton Chauncey (R. Est.) 127 Pleasant St. Attleboro, Mass. 

* Griffin, Franklin Harris, died 1911 Flushing, N.Y. 

Hbbrsman, Harry Clay (Water Co.) 718 "J" St. Hoquiam, Wash. 

KBLLoao, William Channing Yonkers, N.Y. 

* Ratmond, Wilbur Samuel, died 1914 Denver, Colo. 

* Skbbl, Clarence Morgan, died 1880 Denver, Colo. 

Skebl, Dr. Franklin Deuel 361 Mott Ave^ New York, N.Y. 

Waldo, Prof. Clarence Abiathar. . .Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. 

* Watebbury, Cyrus Everett, died 1884 Bridgeport, Conn. 


Andbbw, Rev. Joseph I^thian Paterson, N.J. 

BaBton, Herbert Jewett (Ed.) West Hill St. Champaign, 111. 

Blakbman, Rev. Wilbert Celestus 48 Davison Ave. Oceanside, N.Y. 

Catb, Rev. Carter E 21 Allen Ave. Pawtucket, R.I. 

Cox, Rev. William Weston Round Lake, Saratoga Co. N.Y. 

* Gabbmon, Stephen Olin, died 1900 Vineland, N.J. 

* Lyon, Charles Adelbert, died 1892 Binghamton, N.Y. 

* Rbbs, Warren Jarrott> died 1902 Louisville, Ky. 

Shebwood, Rev. Frank Hosevelt 272 West Lawrence St. Albany, N.Y. 

2S0 MIDDLBTOWN 187e-«0 

Tatlob, Levi Le Forest Hayden. Haverhill. Mi 

* WmTNUT, Dr. John William, died 1908 Homer. N.Y. 


* Bowler, Rev. John Atwood, died 1911 Walpole, Mass* 

CoiT, Rev. Olin Burr 230 Portsea Sf. New Haven, Conn* 

COLTBR, Joseph (Com. Mer.) 72 Leonard St. New York, N.Y- 

CooKMAN. George G. (Law.) 335 W. School Lane, Oermantown, Pa* 

Cramb, William Howe Tribune Bldg. New York, N.Y. 

GsRARD, Elwood Stokes (Customs) 208 Carmita Ave. Rutherford, N.J. 

GoBWBT, William Dudley (Ed.) 457 State St. Albany, N.Y. 

Raymond, George Powers (Amusements) . . . 126 Surf St. Ocean Park, Cal. 

* Tbantbr, Watson Worcester, died 1911 Covington, Ky. 


Brown, John Nicholl (Music Pub.) Robertsville, Conn* 

DiLKB, James Boucher (Ed. Ret.) Beverly, N.J* 

Fbbrt, Edward S. (Ins.) 91 William St. New York. N.Y- 

* Jambs, George Watson, died 1911 Wilkcs-Barre, Pa* 

La Bar, Lorenzo Giles (Clerk) 411 Jefferson Ave. Scranton, Pa* 

Lbonabo, William Day (Law.) 165 Broadway, New York. N.Y* 

PoMEROT, Rev. Frank Theodore 32 Church St. Ware, Mass- 

ScoFiBLD, Rev. William Esra 170 Prospect St. Torrington, Conn* 

Stbbbins, Frank E. (Patent Law.) .612 "F" St. N. W., Washington, D.C. 
SucKLBY, Robert Bowne (Law. Ret.) Rhinebeck, N.Y. 

* Walsworth, Cornell Martin, died Cleveland, O. 


Bower, Lahman Forrest (Mfg.) 2327 Grand Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Brown, Seldon Lester (Ed.) Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Bruner, Alfred Cookman (Law.) 201 Locust St. Columbia, Pa. 

CooKMAN, Rev. Frank Simpson Red Hook, Dutchess Co. N.Y. 

* Edot, Bayard Taylor, died 1880 Oouverneur, N.Y. 

* Hann, Augustus Philip, died 1887 Washington. NJ. 

HoAO, Rev. Elbert Clay .'. . . Verbena Ave. Floral Park. N.Y. 

Mann, Albert (Dept. Agr.) "The Imperial," Washington. D.C. 

Miner, Dr. Warren Augustus 21 Si>ring St. Ossining, N.Y. 

Newcomb, Hon. Edward C. (Judge) 302 Harrison Ave. Scranton. Pa. 

* Newhall, Howard Mudge, died 1008 Lynn, Mass. 

Van Dusbn, Rev. Wilmot Woodruff R. F. D. 1, Boise, Idaho. 


Bramhall, Charles Olin 

Cbapin, Charles Sumner Normal School, Montclair, N.J. 

* CRAwroRo, Rev. Robert Stephenson, died 1910 Hunter, N.Y. 

* Freeman, Arthur Midwinter, died 1888 Morristown, N.J. 

Harris, Pres. Abram WinegardHer Northwestern Univ. Evanston. 111. 

Jones. Dr. Charles N. Dixon 1163 Vyse Ave. Ndw York. N.Y. 

* Jones. Rev. Henry (John) Dixon, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

Olmbtbad, Rev. Edwin Bailey Church Ave. Knozville, Tenn. 

YsAOBR. Rev. James Martin. U. S. Marshal Lewiston, Pa. 



« Blair, Samuel Ford, died 1881 Bath. Me. 

Jackson, Frederick A. (Ins.) 1 Rue le Peletier, Paris, France 

Jokes, William Adelbert (Mfg.) .... 107 Glenwood Ave. Ea»t Orange, N.J. 
*ScoTT, John Bell, died 1898 Philadelphia, Pa. 


Chabb, Albert Hunt <Hdw.) 306 Broadway, Norwich, Conn. 

CooKMAN. Rev. William W Moneta, So. CaL 

Gabribl. Charles Van Loon (Law.) 416 W. Main St. Plymouth. Pa. 

Gbbard, Joseph (Ed.) Sherman Way. Owensmouth, Cal. 

Hallbmbbck. Valentme (Ret. Edit.) R. F. D. 1, Cranesville, N.Y, 

HuBsrr. John La Monte 

Peabsall. Dr. William Smith Brimfield. Mass. 

Petit, Douglas Eugene (Banker) 407 Oak St. Syracuse. N.Y. 

Tatlor. Isaac B. A. (City Clerk) 26 Crescent PI. Middletown. N.Y. 

Vandbr Voobt, Cornelius Felch. .• 20 Church St. Paterson, N.J. 


BowBR, Aaron V. (Law.) Scranton, Pa* 

Carson, George Prentice (Univ. Dean) . .264 N. Boulevard, De Land, Fla* 
Coffin, Charles Edmund (Hat Mfg.) . . i . . .61 Hillside Ave. Newark, N.J. 

McCabtht, John 526 Greenwood Blvd. Evanston. 111. 

NiBDRiNGHAUS, Thomas Key St. Louis, Mo. 

O'Neill, Addison D. (Mills & Elev.) 440 Scotland St. Orange, N.J. 

Petty, Prof. Robert Davison (Law.) .890 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Roe. Charles Marinus (Mer.) Connellsville, Pa. 

Smith, Augustus Ledyard (Mfg.) 66 Marshall St. Brookline, Mass. 

* Wood, WiUiam WaUU, died 1891 PhUadelphia, Pa. 


Barnhart, William Heniy (R. Est.) Prudential Bldg. Buffalo. N.Y. 

Ela. J>r. Paul Francis East Douglas, Mass. 

Hatdbn. Herbert Brigham (Ed.) 803 Spruce St. Boulder. Colo. 

* Johnson. Lorenao Nickerson. died 1897 Ann Arbor, Mich. 

La Monte, George Mason New York, N.Y. 

LocxwooD. Lestefr Burchard Chicago, 111. 

Oldham, David James T. (Mfg.) 80 Maiden Lane, New York, N.Y. 

Roe, Cary Andrew (Printing) 67 Locust St. Lockport, N.Y. 

Smith. Franklin Taylor 125 Prospect Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 


Bassbtt, Rev. Edward D Springfield Gardens, N.Y. 

Citrticb, Rev. Saul Ober 54 Pine St. Freeport, L. I,, N.Y. 

Denison, Howard Percy (Patent Law.) . . . .300 Walnut PI. Syracuse, N.Y. 

* Foster, Rev. William Scott, died 1899 Foxvale, Mass. 

* Howard, Frank Siegel, died 1888 Worcester, Mass. 

* Langs, Jacob Christian, died 1898 Scranton, Pa. 

Norton, Rev. Robert Franklyn (Ret.) Fulton St. Lawrence, N.Y. 

Richards, Clinton John (Ed.) 22 Prospect Ave. Northanipton, Mass. 

Thompson, Rev. De Witt Burton 120 Comstock PI. Syracuse, N.Y. 

231 MIDDLETOWn 1889-90 


* Ball, Everett Meacham, died 1888 Beaicia. Cal. 

CoNVBBSB, Julius Carl .Springfield, Mass. 

LiNDEMUTH, Rev. WiUiaiu Henry. 401 Garfield Sq. jPottsvillfi* Pa. 

Lton. Charles Wesley (Ed.) 2410 Clarendon Rd. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Mybrhoff, John Henry, died 1885 Demarest, N.J. 

Scott, Charles, Jr Overbrook, Pa. 

Shbbhan, Jeremiah Malachy . 136 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Smith, Rev. Frederick William The Rectory, Tacoma Pk. D.C. 

Stillwbll, Lewis Buckley (Cons. Eng.) Sixth St. Lakewood, N.J. 

Strout, Rev. Edward Cooke. 14 Mulberry St. Nashua, N.H. 

Wardbll, George Phelps 60 Main Ave. Ocean Grove, N.J. 

* WoosTEB, Walter Albert, died 1915 Rome, N.Y. 


Brbwstbr, William Lewis (City Com.) .... 808 Lovejoy St. Portland, Ore- 

Brunbr, Harry Breneman (Ins-) 226 Cherry St. Columbia, Pa* 

Cobb, Prof. Herbert Edgar Lewis Institute, Chicago, 111. 

* Coons, Henry Buckley, died 189^.. Catskill, N.Y- 

CooPBR, Rev. Rufus Thatcher '...': 67 Bradford St. Sprin^eld, Mass- 

McMtJRRAT, Rev. John 11 Division Ave: Nyack, N.Y* 

Sharpb, Prof. Benjamin F , .4 Church St. Greenwich, N.Y. 

Sl«TH, Odell S. (S.S. Trans.) 1631 16th St. N. W., Washington. D.C. 

Tatlor, Prof. Samuel Newton Groucher College, Baltimore, Md« 


Bbunbr, Dr. William Evans 515 New England Bld^. Cleveland, O. 

Guss, Roland Wilkins (Ed.) 97 Maple St. Middleton, Mass. 

Hammond, Rev. Frederick Hobart L. . .411 Windsor Ave. Hartford, Conn. 
Hawxhurst, Dr. Howard H. . . . 1634 Connecticut Ave. Washington, D.C. 

HuMASON, Thomas Arthur (Ed.) 235 Brooklyn Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Jambs, Arthur Wilson (Ed.) 500 Center St. Chicago, 111. 

Langb, Dr. Frederick W 315 Jefferson Ave. Scranton, Pa. 

Smith, William Barnard (Ed.) 266 South Scott St. Mobile, Ala. 


Clarke, William L. (Ry.) 231 14th St. N. W., Washington, D.C. 

* Davis, Bernard Marcus, died 1893 Bimalo, N.Y. 

* Eaton, Dr. William Bradford, died 1908 Haverford, Pa, 

Johnson, Dr. Orville Edson 123 Winthrop St. Winthrop, Mass. 

Johnson, Percy Lincoln (Mfg.) 48 Alpine St. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Rollins, Frank (Ed.) 400 Irving Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Stilbs, Prof. Charles Wardell .... Hygienic Laboratory, Washington, D.C. 

Tinker, Rev. Charles Perlev 38 Bleeoker St. New York, N.Y. 

Warriner, Willard Ives (Lighting) 10 Clyde St. Jamaica, N.Y, 

Wii^ANB, Ilev. Walter Wesley 573 Farmington Ave. Hartford, Conn. 


Bbll, Rev. Richard Ellsworth 464 East 178th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Coons, Gideon Wales, died 1892 Catskill, N.Y. 

Fuller, Hon. Frederic Ernest (Judge) Fairbanks, Alaska 

1890-94 MIDDLETOWN Ml 

MoNTGOiOBBT, William Andrew PorUand, Ore. 

Opdtks, George Howard (Mfg.) 110 W. 40th St. New York, N.Y. 

PsGK, George Luther (Banker) 145 S. Hyde Pk. Ave. Soranton* Pa. 

Rod, Willis Fenton (War Dept.) 1838 Ontario PL Washington, D.C. 

Smi«h» Rev. Herbert Scott Washington. D.C. 

Thompson. Wilson Wallace (Law.) 277 Broadway, New York. N.Y» 

Whxtnbt^ Mellen Augustus (Mer.) 60 Fairfield St. Springfield, Mass. 

Wood, John Quinby (Dipl.) . . c/o U. S. Consular Serv. Washington, D.C. 


* Abrams, CiJornelius, died 1890 Lawrence, N.Y. 

CouLsroN, Charles Woods (Law.) 800 Lincoln Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Day, Waters Burrows (Banker) 899 Broad St. Newark, N.J. 

Hakoock, Prof. Albert Elmer .Cynwyd, Pa. 

Hopkins, Philip Hallock (Customs) . . . .435 Bainbridge St. Brooklyn. N.Y, 
Langb, Ludwig August Soranton, Pa. 

• LiTTELL. Prof. Frank Bowers. U. S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C. 

NoBLB, Rev. Ehigene Allen Caiiisle. Pa. 

Slatback, Henry Bloodgood 32 Broadway, New Yoilc, N.Y. 

Waonbb, John U. (Ed.) 401 N. Irving Ave. Soranton, Pa. 


Babnhabt, Dr. John H. . .Botanical Gardens, Bronx Pk. New York, N.Y. 

* (Zk>OKMAN, Alfred, died 1898 Williamsport, Pa. 

Davison. George WiUetts (Banker) 64 WaU St. New York. N.Y. 

Habts, Archibald Clinton (Y.M.C.A.) 86 Ck>llege St. Calcutta. India 

Hbndbbson, Rev. Theodore Sommers 150 5th Ave. New York, N.Y, 

* Pibbcs. Jay WiUiam, died 1892 Corry, Pa. 

PxTLiiMAN. John Stephenson (Law.) 983 Broad St. Bridgeport. <Z!onn. 

Ralstbn. Fred H. (Adv.) Bronxville, N.Y. 

TAUBiiTN. Egbert James Newark, N.J. 

Wood, Henry Wisner, Jr Chester. N.Y. 


Andbus. William Loyal Yonkers, N.Y. 

Faulknbb. Ci^t. Albert Urmy Adjt. Gen.. U. 8. A. Washington, D.C. 

Hall, Dr. Fred Smith (Sage Found.) . . 130 East 22nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Johnston, Albert Wheeler (Mining) Ill Broadway, New York, N.Y- 

Lbplbt, Rev. Martin Oliver 215 17th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Squibb, Remington (R. Est.) 558 Empire Bldg. Seattle, Wash. 


Coi/r, Charles Henry (Sales.) 257 Franklin Ave. River Forest, 111. 

Davis, WiUiam Butler (Music) 468 High St. Middletown, Conn. 

Dblano, Charles Wesley (Ed.) 1 Lowell St. Worcester, Mass. 

HOBB, Frank Miller (Pub.) 60 Buckingham St. Springfield, Mass. 

Johnson, Wilbur Clark (Mfg.) The Waverly Co. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Sntdbb, Edgar Charles (Law.) 735 35th Ave. Seattle, Wash. 

Tatlob, William Hill ((Commercial) 675 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N.Y. 

Thompson, John Angus (Law.) 166 Broadway, New York. N.Y. 

TiRBELL, Henry Archelaus (Ed.) 297 Broadway, Norwich, Conn. 

Tbbat, Edwin Cuyler (Pub.) 241 West 23rd St. New York, N.Y* 

ft8< MIDDLETOWN 1896-98 


BuNOB, James Hou^ (Mer.) . . . ' Middletown, Conn. 

Davib, Stephen Brooke, Jr Eaet Las Vegas, N.M. 

* Qarfield, Frank Bradley, died 1893 East Templeton, Mass. 

Oarnxbr, Rev. Horatio Knight 

Nsrr, Rev. Warren Roberts 717 Washington St. Hoboken, N.J. 

* Opdtkb, Samuel Bowman, died 1903 Easton. Pa. 

Peck, Rev. WU^i&i^ Willett 27 Washington Ave. Winthrop, Mass. 

Smith, Ernest Ketcham (Ed.) Ching Hua College, Peking, China 

Squibb, Shirley Seattle, Wash. 


Bristol, Rev. Lucius Moody (Ed.) 156 Prospect St. Providenoe, R.I. 

Brown, Franois Cobb (Law.) Huntington, L, I., N.Y. 

BiXBQWiN, Rev. William Hairy 71 Washington St. Hempstead, N.Y. 

DuLBT, Arthur Urbane (Mer.) 101 Park Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Johnston. Dunbar (Ins.) .43 Montgomery St. Jereey City, NJT. 

LiNDBAT, Walter Thomas (Law.) 261 Broadway. New York. N.Y. 

Morgan, Glenn Watson ,.., Minneapolis. Minn. 

Pullman, Dr. James 155 Reid Ave. Brooldyn, N.Y. 

* Sanford, Gustavus Ulysses, died 1897 Tallmanville, Pa. 

* Smith, Freeman Harris, died 1893 Middletown, Conn. 

Tl^BLL, George Leavitt c/o The Eagle, Brooklsm, N.Y. 


Bennett, Rev. Maiming B 10 Park St. South Manchester, Conn* 

Davis. Newland Evan (Ins.) . . . 155 Mount Vernon St. Middletown, Conn» 

Pruner, Rev. William Barton Islip, L.I., N.Y. 

Rockwell, Charles Landon (Mfg.) ... .43 Danforth Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 

Roe, Frederick William (Ed.) 608 E. Gorham St. Madison, Wis. 

Round, Julian Mills (Ed.) 33 N. Main St. Homer, N.Y. 

Tambltn, Evan Lenn (Law.) 424 Ist St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Thompson, William Alexander 115 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Warriner, Dr. Winsor Whipple Antioch, lU. 

WooLSTON, Paul Livingston (Actuary) 1636 E. 8th Ave. Denver, Cok>. 


BlDNHAM, Dr. Francis Roe 1112 E. Genesee St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

Camp, Mortimer Hart (Law.) 67 Russell St. New Britain, Conn. 

Davison, Alfred Tredwell (Law.) 60 Court St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Frain, Edmund Wilson (Ins.) . . .7957 B. St. Fox Chase, Philadelphia, Pa. 

HuBBELL, De Witt (Banking) 981 Madison Ave. Plainfield, N.J. 

JaCksom, Eben (Banker) .Middletown, Conn. 

* Jackson, Fred Chase, died 1902 Columbus, O. 

Jackson, Robert Fenwick (Ed.) Litchfield, Conn. 

Johnston, Frederick Atkins (Dental Supply) Prince Bay, N.Y. 

* Lewis. Herbert Abram, died 1899 Utioa, N.Y. 

MoNTGOMBBT, Eklward Louis (Ed.) 50 Washington St. Natiok, Mass* 

* Pbppbr, George Henry, died 1895 Millville, N J. 

Robins, George Douglas (Ed.) Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. 

Young, Prof. Archer Everett 122 N. Main St. Oxford, O. 

Young, Arthur £. (Law.) 1508 Park Bldg. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

1899-1903 MIDDLETOWN S85 


Davis, Prof. Herbert Spencer .Gainesville, Fl&i 

HiuL. Peny Chilcb (Litbo.) 121 W. Euclid Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Q'Hanlon, Joseph Tbornley 

PiCKARD. Ward Wilson (Law.) 65 John St. New York. N.Y. 

* Pullman. Joseph Cooke, died 1901 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

RocKWBLL, Charles Francis (Cutlery) 901 Broad St. Meriden, Conn. 

RooiBBS, Burton Cephas (Tel. A Elec.) 1085 Broad St. Meriden, Conn. 

SBSiiDOK, Rev. Warren French 274 High St. Middletown, Conn. 

TowNSBND, John Milton (Ed.) R. F. D. 1, Whitman, Mass. 

WsAVBR, Courtney Manjer (Ins.) . . .208 Center Ave. New Rochelle, N.Y. 
Yalb, Oliver Elixur (Banking) . .701 E. 19th St. Flatbush, Brooklyn, N.Y. 


BBOWmE, Prof. Arthur Wedey 967 East State St. Ithaca, N.Y. 

Davis, Ashton Weymouth (Chemist) Box 1271, Boston, Mass. 

Eldbbdqb, Elliott Minton (D. G.) . . 15 So. Portland Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Foxt Dr. David Austin Clinton* Conn. 

Gabrison, Dr. Philip Eugene 

Bur. of Med. & Surgery, Navy Dept. Washington, D.C. 

Sanford, John Stanley (Acot.) 2212 Santa Clara Ave. Alameda. Cal. 

TiBBELL, Winthrop (Ed.) 29 Linden St. AUston, Mass, 

Tbbat, Frof. Payson Jackson Stanford University, Cal. 

WiiiBOir. Walter B. (R. Est.) 907 Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken, N.J. 


Ambbrsom', Walter Morgan (Law.) 56 Mason St. (^ireenwich, Conn. 

CiiiNB, Rev. Thomas Sparks. 224 Gowen Ave. Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hann, Rev. Edwin Forrest Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hill, Walter Nickerson (Redam. Serv.) Melta, Mont. 

HiRacHFBLD, Robert Lavater (Adv.) . . . .478 E. Main St. Meriden, Conn. 

IvBS, Cleveland Archer (Coal) 3300 1st Ave. So. Seattle, Wash. 

Lanb, Harry Clifford 76 Broad St. Westfield, Mass. 

Mbbbdith, Rev. Benjamin Franklin Glascow, Mont. 

Merbiam, Robert James 100 Colony St. Meriden, Conn. 

Sawtbb, Herbert Holden (Tanning) 320 Jefferson St. Napa. Cal. 


Coopbr, Webb Gardner (Banking) 76 E. Utica St. Oswego, N.Y. 

Habtzbll, Robert Culver 

HoLDBN, Robert Smyth (Banking) 606 Franklin St. Napa, Cal. 

MoNTOOMERT, Thomas Henry (Telephone) ... 15 Dey St. New York, N.Y, 

Thompson, James Voorhees 1018 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, III. 

Thompson, Rev. Samuel Moore Lebanon, Pa. 

WiLLETS, Dr. David G U. S. Public Health Service, Washington, D.C. 


Ames, George Thurston (Photo-Films) . . . .1443 Union St. Brookljrn, N.Y* 

Bristol, Dr. Leverett Dale (Prof.) University, N.D. 

Bbowk, Walter Creighton (Bonds) Colbum Rd. Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Caldbb, William Patterson (Ins.) 288 Sigourney St. Hartford, Conn. 

Cranb, Howard Dickinson (Ins.) .73 Sherman Ave. Newark, N.J. 


Day, Harry Pierson (Law.) 790 Broad St. Newark, N.J. 

DB Maubiac, Rev. Henry de Wolf Lancaster, N.H. 

E8PT» Ridgway Bowers (Law.) 88 So, Franklin St. Wnkes-Barre, Pa. 

NoBTON, Ralph (Law.) 166 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Bbonk, Herbert Bronson (Law.) 2 Rector St. New Yoric, N.Y. 

Stxttsman, Frank Van Haag (Ed.) Hackettstown, N.J. 


Cbameb, Msnron Cady (Law.) University Club, Tacoma, Waah. 

Day, Louis De V. (Ins.) 750 Broad St. Newark, N.J. 

DsiCABSST, Gerald Birch 132 Howe Ave. Passaie, N.J. 

Gabbibon, Charles Heniy (Ed.) Montdair Academy, Montdair, N.J. 

McDoNNBLL, Dr. Patrick Joseph State Bank Bldg. Tonopah, Nev. 

Nbthawat, Charles Weatherwax (Ed.). . .3010 Landis St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
NoBTHAM, Charles Harvey, Jr. (Grain) . .210 Sargeant St. Hartford, Conn. 


Ambs, Dr. James Sidney' Main St. Baboon, L.I., N.Y. 

BxsHOP, Allen Reynolds (Fin.) 27 Grace Court, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Cornell, Minn Suydam (Silverware) . . . 100 Pearl St. Middletown, Conn. 

Cboblbt, Abraham (Acct.) 307 Clifford Ave. Ardmore, Pa. 

Davis, John Mclntyre (Fibre Conduit) Nyack, N.Y. 

Fairchild, Nathan Hayes (Undertaker) . 

873 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Garrison, Dr. Norman Scott ......... 168 Chestnut St. Rutherford, N.J. 

Hancock, Stewart Freeman (Law.) . . . 1528 E. Grenesee St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

MoNTooiiEBT, Hugh Simpsou Portland, Ore. 

* Plumb, Edward Randall, died 1906 Syracuse. N.Y. 

Vail. Burr de Forest (Ed.) 18 Cottage PI. White Plains, N.Y. 


Bbistol, Raymond Wolcott (Arch.) 27 Grace Ck>urt, Brookljm, N.Y. 

Cobb, Alfred Preston (Mer.) East Brownfield, Me. 

CoLB, Ralph Martin (Photo-Prints) Tottenville. S.I., N.Y. 

Hancock, Clarence Eugene (Law.) 1532 E. Grenesee St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

Hanlon, Lieut. Arthur James, .c/o Adit. Gren. U. S. A., Washington, D.C. 

Johnston, William Armour, Jr. (Dental Sup.) Princes Bay, S.I., N.Y. 

Powell, Henry Boardman. Jr. (Adv.) ... 122 Whitfield St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Stbeber, Fernando Ricardo, (Mer.) Tegucigalpa, Honduras, C.A. 

Wade, Hollis Bertram (Sales.) Hanover, N.J. 

Waits, Clifford Le Grande (Ins.) 172 Ashley St. Hartford, Conn. 

Weeks, Lester Reuben (Sales.) 430 Allen St. Syracuse, N.Y. 


Bbebb, Joseph Glair (Organist & Director) New Britain, Conn. 

BowEB, Russell Forrest (Farm Mgr.) Campbell, Va. 

Chamberlain, Herbert Clayton (Pub. & Adv.) . 

103 Voegel Ave. Queens. L.I.. N.Y. 

Cbanb, Dr. Charles George 73 Snerman Ave. Newark, N.J. 

FoBMAN, Rev. Raymond Lalor 188 Amity St. Flushing, N.Y. 

MoClblland, Rev. Clarence Paul 809 South St. PeekakiU, N.Y. 

1907-11 MIDDLETOWH S87 

Pattbn, Rev. Walter i ChApel HHl, N.C. 

■* Ungxb, Raymond Oickioaon, died 1913 Newark. N.J. 


Andebson, Albert Anael (Com Prod.) 17 Battery PI. New York, N.Y. 

CuKTicB. Leon HiUiard (Aect.) 22 Gillespie St. Schenectady. N.Y. 

CuBTicB. Raymond Sconeld (Diplo.) Seoul, Choeen. Japan 

Dat. Dr. John Crane (Dentist) 867 S. 14th St. Newark. NJ. 

DuNMOBS. Russell Goddier (Law.) 4 Fairfax PI. Utica. N.Y. 

Grat. Edward Blvens (Eng.) 65 Lenox Ave. East Oranoe, N.J. 

Hampson, Arthur C. (Tobacco) 1450 Herschell St. Jacksonville, Fla. 

Sntdeb. Frank Kerswill 640 Mansfield PI. Brooklyn. N.Y. 

Ws8T, Randolph Dykeman 


Baiust. Wintfarop Carl (Ins.) 1545 Robinwood Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Bishop, Gilbort Haven (Clerk) Calexico, Cal. 

Cowan, James Franklin Wellesl^ Hills, Mass. 

CumaNQHAM, Logan (C. Eng.) . . 1121 Euolid St. N. W., Washington, D.C. 

Dat, Clarence Mulford (Rollea- Bearings) Box 476, Newark, N.J. 

Jackson. William Leigh Pierce (Banking) 

2515 Webster St. San Francisco, Cal. 
Kent, Sidney Edwin (Law.; R. Est.) 

1229 Massachusetts Ave. Washington, D.C. 

* KiPP, Whitney, died W13 New York, N.Y. 

MacLban, Waldo Bross (Adv.) 543 W. 162nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Maxim, Frederic Louis (Rubber) 584 W. 183rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Sloan. Harold Stevenson (Mfg.) 19 Davis Ave. East Orange. N J. 

Wilcox, Roger Tryon (Poultry) 

Chestnut Ridge Farm, Glen Gardner. N.J. 


Adkinb. Charles Lacey 189 Hoyt St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

BowBB, Harold Morton (Bonds) 396 Broadway, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bbistol, Harlow Butterfield 27 Grace Court, Brookljm, N.Y. 

DiTNifOBB, William Earl New Bedford, Mass. 

GfBBONB, Willis Alexander (Chemist) 24 N. 14th St. Flushing, N.Y. 

Hancb, Rev. Edward Raymond 4623 11th Ave. Brooklyn. N.Y. 

Kbnt, Silas Stanley (C. Eng.) Casenovia, N.Y. 

MoCathban, Rodney Rathbone 

Powell, Samuel (Hdw.) 514 So. 2nd St. Clearfield, Pa. 

Smith, Frank S. (Law.) 408 6th St. N. W., Washington, D.C. 

Stockdalb, Rev. George Mayohin 3087 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Wilson, William Carr^ (Fin.) Short Hills, N.J. 

Wbight, Alfred Redfield (Mfg.) Centrebrook, Conn. ^ 


Cobnell, Elwood North (Silverware) 489 E. 18th St. Brookljm, N.Y. 

Davis, Alexander Keith (Highways) 468 High St. Middletown, Conn. 

Db Bow, Robert Garrett (Contr.) 3620 N. Broad St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Eldbbdgb, Orris Stanley (D. G.) ...... . .366 Clinton Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Fbetz. Rev. Abraham Lincoln Gladstone, N.J. 

SriLHTBLL, Winfred Newton (Tel.) 202 Windermere Ave. Wayne, Pai 

288 MIDDLETOWN 1911-15 

Tbompbok, Ralph Schofield <Soo. Worker) 

120 Comstook PI. SsrraeuBe. N.Y. 
Woodruff. Ailing 82 Dey St. New York, N.Y. 


Bbistox., George Treat (Chemist) 66 Beacon St. Newbnrrii. N.Y. 

BuRMHAM , Fred Waters (Lumber) 1051 W. 8th St. Erie, Pa. 

Ck>iT, Carl Scott 164 Milk St. Boston, Mass. 

Cbswxs, Chester Clarence (Timber) 1462 Oak Aye. Evanston, m. 

Grim, Charles Emerson (Cotton Oil) 132 Hewes St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Jacobs, Henry Strobel (Law.) 1208 13th St. Altoona, Pa. 

Lbibold. Karl Henry Ludwig (Ins.) 975 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Leonard, Henry Virginius 200 W. 78th St. New York. N.Y. 

McClot, Leonard Ernest 401 Homestead Ave. Mount Vernon, N.Y. 

Michael, Virgil Hartman Washington, D.C. 

Pazzbtti, Vincent Joseph Wellesley Eiills, Mass^ 

ScoFiBU), Richard Wetmore (Mfg.) . . 289 Cumberland St. Brooklyn, N»Y. 

VoLLMBR, Edward Couch (Law.) 887 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Wilcox, Clement Baldwin (Paper) 318 Euclid Ave. Westfield, N.J. 

WiNANB. William MiUer. Jr. . , 101 30th St. Wooddiff-on-Hudaon. N.J. 


Bruner, Abram Breneman (Med.) 445 Chestnut St. Columbia, Pa. 

Bruner, Henry Mullison (Law.) 445 Chestnut St. Columbia, Pa. 

Dtkb, Harold De Yoe (Ins.) 761 Harrison St. Syracuse. N.Y. 

Jones, Arthur Ernest 50 Beacon St. Hyde Park, Mass. 

McLarrbn, William Dudley (Aoct.) Osceola Mills, Pa. 

McNeill, Kenneth Fee 958, 5th St. Santa Monica, Cal. 

MuRPHT, John Desmond (Elec. Sup.). 335 Washington St. Norwich, Conn. 

Waloen, Charles Ferris 1144 Bergen St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Wilcox, Earl Cl^ton (Law.) 107 Clinton Ave. Jamaica, N.Y. 

WiNANS, George Washington (Law.) 1348 78th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Bishop, Ralph Chesney (Silverware) Glynd(m, Md. 

EusTis, Edwin Markwick 1985 Sedgwick Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Garton, Russell Irving (Ed.) 246 Gk>dwin Ave. Midland Pk. N.J. 

GopsiLL, Thomas Milbum (Pavements) . 125 Summit Ave. Jersey City,N.J. 

HoLDEN, Robert Porter 530 S. 2nd St. Clearfield, Pa. 

Irvino, Harold Lawrence (Ins.) . . . 772 St. Nicholas Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Morse, Lawrence Beatty (Motors). 408 Lathrop Ave. Boonton, NJ. 

MoRSELL, Hemdon Tudor Franklin Elec. Mfg. Co. Hartford, Conn. 

Peck, Elliott Marshall (Boxes) 184 East Rock Rd. New Haven, Conn. 

RowELL, John Irving (Mfg.) 127 W. Ferry St. Buffalo. N.Y. 

Stevens, William Covert (Agr.) c/o R. Joray, Amenia Union, N.Y. 

SxTTHERLAND, Paul 704A Grecnc Ave. Brooklyn N.Y. 

VAN Benbchoten, Homer Whitney (Govt.) 

1734 17th St. N. W., Washington, D.C. 
Wheeler, Alden Dodge, Jr 50 Grafton St. Newton Center. Mass. 


BrowNi Read Hess 4 Ayres St. Binghamton. N.Y. 


Cabveb, Fred Langheniy (Adv.) 181 So. Virgil St. Lcm Angelefl, Cal. 

Farnum. Waldo Beattis (Med.) 150 East 150th St. New ^rk. N.Y. 

Hkbbbn, Cxeorge Foster 718 Simpson St. Evanston, 111. 

NoBTON, Alwin Wood LAwrenoe, L.I., N.Y. 

Pitt, Louis Wetherbee 12 Main St. Middletown. Ck>nn. 

ScHLAGBB, Charles 76 Riverside Dr. Binghamton, N.Y. 

Thompson, James Adams 10 Oak St. Plattsburg. N.Y. 

VosB, Samuel Norton (Med.) Madison, Me. 

Wilcox, Kenneth Osbom 318 Euclid Ave. Westfield, N.J. 


Austin, Robert Vaughn 169 E. 4th St. Coming, N.Y. 

Beeman, C^rge Whitfield 35 So. Manning Blvd. Albany, N.Y. 

Bbooks, John Lee 26 Wall St. Middletown, Conn. 

Bbxtmeb, Alfred Evans 445 Chestnut St. Ck)lumbia, Pa. 

Cole, Chester Graves Greeley, la. 

Craiq, CSeorge Mansfield 168 Broad St. Middletown, Conn. 

Debtjen, Waldemar Luis (Banking) 150 Park St. Montclair, N.J. 

EusTis, Elmer Tice 1985 Sedgwick Ave. New York, N.Y, 

Flewbllino, Ralph Carlin 130 Mernam Ave. Leominster, Mass. 

HiNOELET, John W 1926 Orrington Ave. Evanston. HI. 

Mobbis, Davis Valentine 7307 Carnegie Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Slocum. Frank Alfred. Jr 8831 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Thompson, William Wallace 158 Dana Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

Waldbn, Donald Morgan 294 Jefferson Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


BoTD, William Rowland 1914 Sheridan Rd. Evanston, HI. 

EUxE, James 36 Magnolia Terrace, Springfield, Mass. 

HopsoN, Edwin Nott, Jr 470 Park Ave. Paterson, N.J. 

Lee, Marshall Grant ..1255 Oak Knoll Ave. Pasadena, Cal. 

Mabtin, Leslie 101 South St. Stamford, Conn. 

NixoN, William G Si W. Commerce St. Bridgeton, N.J. 

Noble, Francis Osbom 826 Union St. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Shanxlin, WiUiam Arnold, Jr 325 High St. Middletown, Conn. 

Smith, Charles Stewart Norton Hill, Stamford, Conn. 

WiGLET, Norman 360 College Ave. Beaver, Pa. 

Williams, Weir (Pianos & Organs) 2233 Orrington Ave. Evanston, III. 


BowEB, Tiahman Van Hennigar 2327 Grand Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bbadbubt, Lester Ray 108 Stillman St. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Fenton, William David, Jr 110 East 16th St. Portland, Ore. 

Habt, Coleridge Wells 231 Washington St. Peekskill. N.Y. 

McCabtht, William Wood 526 Greenwood Blvd. Evanston, 111. 

Manchesteb, Herbert Lindsay 133 North Main St. Attleboro, Mass. 

MuBPBT, Desmond 335 Washington St. Norwich, Conn. 

NiESE, Benedictus Emil 32 Gifford Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 

Pitt, Lester Irving 12 Main St. Middletown, Conn. 

RiCHABOS, Herbert LeVan 424 South Main St. Orange, N.J. 

Thomas, John Wadsworth Hotel Buriei^, Tioonderoga, N.Y. 

Wallace, Sidney Wishart 319 "C" St. N. W. Washington, D.G. 

MO 1889^8 



* Smith, Prof. Hamilton Lanphere, died 1902 Geneva, N.Y. 


* JjAVQ, Prof. Benjamin Locke, died 1884 Ottumwa, la. 


* Stronq, Rev. George AuiKustm. died 1912 Cambridge, Mass. 


* Gaktxr, Rev. Richard Leo, died 1893 Akron, O. 


* Mitchell, Henry Sparrow, died 1914 Norwalk, O. 

Paine, Lewis (Law.) Pomeroy, O. 


* Allan, Dr. George Smith, died 1911 New York, N.Y. 

* Guthrie, Charles Bierce, died 1879 Titusville, Pa. 

Hancock, James Denton (Law.) Hanoock Bldg. Franklin, Pa. 

* Kendrick, Rt. Rev. John Mills, died 1911 Phoenix, Aria. 

* Marshall, William Smedef, died 1912 New York, N.Y. 

* Mato, Edward Hanson, died 1880 Indianapolis, Ind. 

* Rbarden, Timothy Henry, died 1892 San Francisco, Cal. 

* Smith, Robert Clinton, died 1907 Harriaburg, Pa. 


* Chipman, Henry Whitehouse, died 1880 Chicago, 111. 

Harper, John Arunah (Ret.). .5432 Northumberland Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

* NoRRis, John Adams, died 1877 Columbus, O. 

TR^tiBLE, Matthew (Law.) .... 1320 Rhode Island Ave. Washington. D.C. 


* Davis. Ml^Tay, died 1877 San Francisco, Cal. 

* Payne, Albert Bronson, died 1894 Nashville, Tenn. 

* Yen, Rev. Yung Kiung, died 1898 Shanghai, China 


* Allen, Rev. Alexander Viets Griswold, died 1908 Cambridge,' Mass. 

* Doty, Rev. William D'Orville, died 1900 Rochester, N.Y. 

Dunham, Rev. Francis Solomon Albion, N.Y. 

KiTCMiLLBR, Edward Augustus. . . '. Pittebui^, Pa. 

Mann, George Edward (Judge) 1514 Ave. I. Galveston, Tex. 

1802-69 KBHYON 241 

* Obonhtatskha, Dr., died 1907 Toronto, Can. 

* ToNQUB, Rev. Thomas Orkney, died 1900 Washingtoin, D.O. 

* Vamob, John Randolph, died 1898 Marshall, Mo. 


* MendbnhaXjL. Charles Heber, died 1900 Parkersburg. Pa. 

* Patnb. William Po^er. died 1867 Richmond, Ind. 

RocKWBLL, Dr. Alphonso David 370 Sanford Ave. New York. N.Y. 

Shabpb, Bdrar 

* Twtman. Buford. died 1901 Louisville, Ky. 


* Bbowiob, Rev. Percy, died 1901 Roxbury, Mass. 

* Cartbb, Rev. George Galen, died 1904 Hudson, N.Y. 

* Claxton, Robert Bethell, Jr., died 1879 Elmira. N.Y. 

HuBBT, Frank Winfield (Ret.) 26 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

* HvBST, Shrewsbury Dameal, died 1913 Louisville, Ky. 

* MabshaIjL, Col. James Miles, died 1913 JeffersonviUe, Ind. 

MiTCHBLL, Burton Conyers 

* Tatlob, William Watts, died 1913 Cincinnati, O. 

* Watbon, Pliny (Edwin), died 1891 Toledo, O. 


Ball, John Creighton Bowersville, O. 

* BuBB, Charles Edward, died 1903 0)lumbus, O. 

* NoBTON. James Sager, died 1896 Chicago, lU. 

Pbbt, George Jones (Law.) 43 Cedar St. New York, N.Y. 

* WooDWABD, John Kimble, died 1887 Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 


* BowLBB, George Pendleton, died 1878 Clifton, O. 

* Dandbidgb, Dr. Nathaniel Pendleton, died 1910 Cincinnati, O. 

NoBTON, Edmund 


* Chubch, Rev. Edward Bentley, died 1904 San Francisco, Cal. 

* Medabt, Frederick Henry, died 1883 Columbus, O. 

Rbtnoldb, Edward William 

SuvooNQ, Dr. Yung Pian Shanghai, China. 


* Donaldson, WHliam Harrison, died 1903 St. Louisr Mo. 

* Gbbobon, Rev. John, died 1912 Cambridge, Mass. 

* Habt, Henry Clay, died 1897 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* McDonald, John McCorkle, died 1899 Helena, Mont. 

Nicholson, Franklm Shaw (Ret.) N. 2714 Stone St. Spokane, Wash. 

* Whitbsidbs, NevU Pemberton, died 1895 Kansas City, Mo. 

Wilson, Charles Granville (Law.; Banker) 104 Presoott St. Toledo^ O. 

1869 • 

DoBSBT, Walker McCorkle (Bookkeeper) P. O. Box 342, Piqua« O. 

* Hatvbn, Albert, died 1911 Chicago. IH. 


* Lang, Dr. Edward Row, died 1906 Union, Ore. 

LaGGBTT, Chariee Dialma (Law.) 203 S. Main St. Fairfield, la. 

Sadlbb, Charles Webb Sanduaky, O. 

WsTMOBB, Charles Henry (R. Est.) 36 Lexington Ave. Columbus, O. 


* Kbujbt, Dr. Armon Frank, died Bennett, Colo. 

Psvr. Henry Johns (Ret.) 4246 Sheridan Rd. Chioago, HI. 

ScHULTK, Rev. Bernard 345 W. 85th St. New York, N.Y. 

Sroirr, Rev. Charles Tullidge R. F. D. Elkridge, Howard Ck>. Md. 

Wilson, Harry Eugene Dubuque, la. 

Wilson, John Scott (Ins.) 14 Montgomery St. San Franoisoo, Cal. 

* Wilson, Russell Jones, died 1906 San Francisco, Cal. 


Cabtubll, Edson Black (Mfg.) Lancaster, O. 

* Cash, Dr. Guy Buttolph, died 1904 Cleveland, O. 

* Evans, Eli Pinney, died 1908 Columbus, O. 

Hughes, Rev. William Mortimer (Ret.) Morristown, N.J. 

Srowaiavb, Watterson (Law.) Hamilton St. Georgetown, Ey. 

* Smith, Albert Buttles, died 1891 Geneva. N.Y. 


DovGLAB, Hon. Albert (M. C.) Stoneleigh Court, Washington, D.G. 

* Egbbbt, Rev. John Lightner, died 1905 Springfield* Mass. 

HoLiiBS, Raymond (Ins.) 330 California St. San F^tmoisoo, Cal. 

McKiNLBT, John Dewitt Hart (Ed.) Dresden, O. 

Ottb, Frederick Augustus (Steel) 

126 No. Linden Ave. E. E.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
White, Rt. Rev. John Haven 319 W. Colfax Ave. South Bend, Ind. 


* Davibb, Samuel, died 1890 ; . . .Wichita, Kan. 

* KiNNET, Brockway, died 1893 St. Louis, Mo. 

SouTHABO, Greorge Franklin (Banker) 518 W. Pine St. Enid. Okla. 


Cbbigbton, William St. Clair Los Angeles, Cal. 

Floubnot, Richard Clough Anderson (R. Est.) Sioux C^ty, la. 

Ingbaham, Charles Modiset 116 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

&roNE, Dwight (Planter) Goldman, La. 

TuBNBT, Joseph Richard (Jeweler) 109 West Center St. Marion, O. 


* MiLLBB, Joseph Willey. died Chillicothe, O. 

* MOBBxsoN, Frank Hardiek, died 1904 Cranford, N.J. 

O'Fbbball, Dr. Robert Miller .616 N. Wayne St. Piqua, O. 

SntADBB, Peter Wilson Fairhaven, Wash. 

* 1876 

* Mason, Col. Charles Winder, died 1913 Fort McDowell, Cal. 

WiuoN, Dr. Frank Pope. ... .605 Nevada Bank Bldg. Saa Francisco, CaL 

1677-66 KBHYOH 


* Ellis, Charies Bates, died 1906 Grand Forks. N.D. 

♦ Hall, Dr. Lorin, died 1013 Chicago, 111. 

* Mason, John Sanford, Jr., died 1891 Benicia, Cal. 

Faox. Rev. Heniy Deane 373 19th Ave. W., Vancouver, B.C. 


AvE», Rt. Rev. Henry Damerel . . Apartado 151 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mez. 
Wilson, Mountford Samuel (Law.) 

14 Montgomery St. San Francisco, Cat. 


SHOWAurXB, Jackson Whipps G^rgetown, Ky. 


Blaxb, Dp. Firanois Wharton (Sambier, O. 

Bbbbbb, Rev. Asahel Amos 309 North 2nd St. Lehighton, Pa. 

Fbasbb, Rev. Abner Lord 323 Wick Ave. Youngstown, O. 

Mason, George (C. Eng.) 3502 Court St. Catlettsburg, Ky. 

Wood, Thomas Stokely (Law.).. First National Bank Bldg. Duluth, Minn. 


Grbog, Henry Sellers (Hdw.) . . .2128 Girard Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

LivBSAT, Theodore Murdock Columbus, O. 

Paob, Rev. Thomas Carter : North St. Bedford City, Va. 


Brabeb, John Trafford Lancaster, O. 

* DuDLBT, Hon. Irving Bedell, died 1911 Baltimore, Md. 


Edwabds, Rev. Frank Elmer 

♦ Mabpibld, Elliott, died 1911 Cmoinnati, O. 

Wbioht, Dr. Thompson Barrett Altadena, Cal. 


* BoLLES, William Mather, died 1892, '. Portsmouth, O. 

Colb, Chiurles Lawrence (R. R.) 

2214 Emerson Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

• CoNOVBB, Wilbur Garrett, died 1893 Piqua, O. 

DouoLAB, Joshua Herbert .112 Mercer St. Princeton, N.J. 


Mancottbt, Edward May (Coal) . . . 1638 Dime Bank Bldg. Detroit, Mich. 


♦ Bbown, Walter Wood, died 1894 Columbus, O. 

Clembnt, Hugh Barrett (Arch.) 187 Virginia Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

DiTDUBT, Arthur Stanhope (Tax Com.) 581 Proapeot Ave. Milwaukee* Wis. 


FuLLiNOTON, Edward MoMullan (Fib.) . 289 Woodland Ave. Columbus, O. 

* Wardbb, Benjamin Head, died 1897 Springfield, O. 


Dbwabt, Rev. William Herbert 54 Beacon St. Boston. Maas. 

Hancock, Lawrence Perus (Law.) 646 Delaware Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Stbrlinq, Hugh (Stoves) 160 S. Gore Ave. Webster Groves, Mo. 


Dalt, Dr. Harry Carrington Gibsonton, Pa. 

DeviMt, Henry (Jurtis (Law.) 101 N. Main St. Mt. Vernon, O. 

Dudley, Rev. Greorge Fiske . . 1313 Harvard St. N. W.. Washington. D.C. 

* Woo, Robert Chochung, died 1894 Shanghai, China 

Ybn, Points Sih Ching SKajighai, China 

Habbis, Rev. Gibson William Trinity Rectory, Ossining, N.Y. 


BoDiNB, William Budd Land Title Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. 

LoziEB, Harry Abram Groase Pointe Farms, Mich. 

Rambo, Rev. William Edward. . .Christ Church Rectory, Brownsville, Pa. 
Stbblinq, Robert (Eng.) 

Gokifield.O>nsolidated Mines Co, Cxoldfield, Nev. 


Foley, William H. (Banker) . .2 rue de la Croix d'Or, Cjeneva, Switierland 

* Gill, William Robert, died 1897i (Cleveland, O. 

Reeves, Prof. Jesse Siddall 902 Baldwin Ave. Ann Arbor, Mioh. 

WiLKEBSON, Frederick Doolittle (Mining) 

5 13 Stambaugh Bldg. Youngstowni O. 


Ganteb, Ijeo Sanford , ■; . . Munoie, Ind. 

* Lanehabt, Edward L., died 1891 , Belleville, O. 

LooMis, John Cooper Tiffin, O. 

Stamp, Charles Marcus Mt. Vernon, O. 


CoMMiNs, Alexander Hamilton (Law.) 

51 Central Savings & Trust Bldg. Akron. O. 
Sanfobd, CJlay Varner 129 Wyoming Ave. Wyoming, O. 


Baldwin. Charles Fowler (Elec. Eng.) 463 West St. New York, N.Y. 

Bbaddock, Edward Burson (Law.) Little Rock. Ark. 

Bbaddock, Walter David (Granite) 3416 High St. Little Rock, Ark. 

* Sanfobd, Lou Angus, died 1911 Cincinnati, O. 


BuBNvrr, Levi Herr (Steel) 5809 Marlborough Are. Pittsbun^, Pa. 

189e*^1903 KENYON 

Gould, Edward Melville St. Louia, Mo. 

Mat, George Sturgia (Law.) Napoleon, O. 

* MooRB, Dr. Webster Forshey, died Winton Plaoe, O. 

Patb, William (Chemist) 517 Superior Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

SsMPUit Carl Young Coalgate, Okla. 

Wolf, Harry Howe (Ins.) Munoie, Ind. 

Wbioht, Cfasrles Chevrier (Tools) 1427 West 6th St. Cleveland, O. 


CoMMiNS, Augustus James (R. Est.) Cocoanut Grove, Dade Co. Fla. 

* Hendbbson, William Cary, died — * Chicago, 111. 

* KuNST, George Karl, died 1904 Weston, W.Va. 


* Straw, George Alvin, died 1910 Lima, O. 


CoNOBB, Latham H'ubbard (Rubber) 196 Ash St. Akron, O. 

Dbnslow, Dwight Norton (Incubators) . . 260 Douglas Ave. Springfield, O. 
Gamtbb, Carl Ransom (Law.) 136 West 44th St. New York. N. Y. 


Bbakwbll, Harry Sheffield 627 N. Union St. Lincoln. III. 

Huston, Charles Vincent CarroUton, O. 

Olivbb, Cieorge Sheffield (Sprinklers) ... .35 E. Walnut St. Pasadena. Cal. 

Rockwell, David Ladd Canton, O. 

Squibb, Carl Andrew Pheland Bldg. San Francisco. Cal. 


Bbown, William Henry (JFin.) 336 Breading Ave. Ben Avon, Pa. 

Rattlb, William (Chemist) 501 Commercial Bk. Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

Spikoaa, Arthur Vail (C. Eng.) 2328 Tilbury Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 


CuMMiNGS, Wilbur Love (Law.) ! . . . . 813 Hoge Bldg. Seattle, Wash. 

Law, Frederick William (Stockman) Forsyth, Mont. 

Law, Robert Davis Henry, 111. 

Pabsonb, Dwight Lowell Kent, O. 

Pbablbb, Alexander Sankey Latty (Elec. Supplies) 

62 Madison Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Stbwabt, James Garfield 604 Neave Bldg. Cincinnati, O. 

TA2WBB, Brent M 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Wbioht, Howard B. (Steel) c/o Bourne-Fuller Co. Cleveland, O. 


Balcom , Rev. Royal Hunt Jackson, Wyo. 

Cabticbll, Dr. Theodore MithoflF .324 S. Westlake Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 

MOBBiBON, Rev. Cameron Swasey 904 Washington St. Olympia, Wash. 

Wtamt, William Nelson (Fin.) 234 S. La SaUe St. Chicago, lU. 

246 KENYON 1904-10 


BiLUNQSLST, Horace McCook (Law.) Hoge Bldg. Seattle, Wash. 

Qamtbb, Rev. Maxwell 552 West End Are. New York. N.Y. 

Lanodon, Harold Edward (Banking) Edmonds, Wash. 

Maubt, Matthew Fontaine (Pub. Service) 

Wiaaahickon Ave. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Pbabb, Leon Murry (Sales.).. c/o Westinghouse Air Brake 0>. Chicago, 111. 

♦ Potts, Willis Wisden, died 1900 Lisbon, O. 

Rathbonb, John Vallian 810 Lawrence Ave. Chicago, 111. 


Phillips, Clarence Coles (Artist) Sutton Manor, New Rochelle, N.Y. 

QuiNN, William B. (Law.) 3154 Tuscarawas St. W., Canton. O. 

Upson, James William (Coal.) 356 Marion Ave. Mansfield, O. 


Axtbll, Silas Blake (Law.) 18 East 90th St. New York, N.Y. 

Hamilton, James Wallace (Law.) 1127 Came|de Bldg. Pittsbunh, Pa. 

Hamm, Frederick Hess (Ed.) 494 Kimball Place Ave. Columbus, O. 

Mat, Ralph Barnett (Auto.) Cheraw, S.C. 


BoGOB, John Q. (Grain) Union St. Circleville, O. 

* Brooke, John Thomson, died 1907 Quthrie, Okla. 

JuDD, Dr. Charles Chauncey Winsor. . . . 1701 Madison St. Baltimore, Md. 

Rising, Karl Sturgeon (Oil) Lancaster, O. 

Upson, Charles Edward .Mansfield, O. 


BegSs, David Wendell (R. Est.) Harrison Bldg. Coliunbus, O. 

Grund, Henry Lang (Paints) 1950 East 90th St. Cleveland, O. 

LtJTHT, Kenneth Frederic (Pub.) 136 W. 44th St. New Yoric, N.Y. 

Retnolds, Elliott Hudson (Ins.) 1507 East 66th PI. Chicago, III. 

Upson, Frederick Sanders (Sales.) 226 Valeria St. Fresno, Cal. 


AvES, Delano Richard Apartado 151, Guadalajara* Jalisoo, Mex. 

Bacon, Louia Adolph (Chem.) 131 Baldwin Ave. Findlay, O. 

Cabb, Frederick Whitslar 750 Peoples Gas Bldg. Chicago. 111. 

Childs, Clarence Chester (Ath. Coach) . .Hotel Bowles. Bloomington, Ind. 

Clements, Warren 109 North 13th St. Richmond, Ind. 

CoLDEWET, Anthony Weller (Films) Overland Club, Pasadena, Cal. 

Cooper, Dr. Frederick Sturges 405 E. Gambler St. Mt. Veamon, O. 

CoTT, William Woodrow (Elec. Sales.) ... 124 W. 4th St. Los Angeles^ Cal. 
Weldon, Nelson Turney (Supplies) Cirdeville, O. 


Cabtubll, Frederick Austin ..Lancaster, O. 

CoLGBOVE, Lawrence Edwin (Auto.) Hastings, Mich. 

Cbowb, Wellington Harry (Adv.) CiroleYiUe, O. 

1910-15 KENYON 847 

Hann, Paul Viokers (Adv.) 

728 Columbus Savings and Trust BIdg. Columbus, O. 

KiMKKT. Maxk Curtis (Arch.) 17 Gramercy Pk. New York, N.Y. 

Sackvtt, Arthur Lisenby (LawO 5 West Ward St. Springfield. O. 

WiSBMAN, Mark Huntington (Civic Work) 

16 Davis Ave., W. New Brighton, N.Y. 
WtAurr, Ralph Waldo (Sales.) 1377 Madison Pk. Chicago. IlL 


Gardikkb. Dous^as Latimer Norwalk, O. 

GtLLETTs, Raymond Coles (Ins.) 002 Hoge BIdg. Seattle, Wash. 

Henht, James Donald (Canning) W. Franklin Ave. Circleville, O* 

MiLLBPAUOH, Robert Clarkson (Lumber^ 

The Bishop's House, Topeka, Kan. 

MuBFET, Alfred Armstrong (Sales.) 1852 East 101st St. Cleveland, O. 

PfiAKK, Edward Milton (Steel.) 101 Beaver St. Sewiokley, Pa. 

Sandsbson, Everett (Sales.) 2040 Steams Rd. Cleveland, O. 

SiDDALL. King Thornton (Law.) . . .Society for Savings BIdg. Cleveland, O. 


Clxmbnts, John Walter (Vehicles) 109 N. ISth St. Richmond, Ind. 

Corning. Warren SeovilLe. .Plymouth BIdg. Chicago, 111, 

FiNNET. Charles Morton 

PuLVSB, Irving Loveridg. .1800 Commercial Nat. Bank BIdg. Chicago, 111. 
Stallman, Wayne Augustus (Trunks) .... 1689 £. Long St. Columbus, O. 
Watson. Ralph MoKinlay City National Bank, Bismarck, N.D. 


Crawfobd. dan (Law.) Franklin, Pa. 

Glass, Wiley Wiggins (Sales.) 2203 East Main St. Richmond, Ind. 

Habbis, John Edward. Jr. (Sales.) Monarch Paint Co. Cleveland, O. 

Pontixts, Miller Hall (Auto.) 365 E. Main St. Circleville, O. 

Squiebs, John Mattison 1705 Ridge Ave. Evanston, III. 

Wiseman. Robert Cummings 817 S. Limestone St. Springfield, O. 


Gbego. Carter Moore 2128 Girard Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn, 

Gbeoo, Jesse Ashton (Hdw.) . . .2128 Girard Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Habpbb, Donald Hanby (Journ.) The Daily Banner, Mt. Vernon, O. 

Habbis, George Thomas (Sales.) Monarch Paint Co. Cleveland, CX 

Mebbiam, Ralph Steward 28 Davenport St. Detroit, Mich. 

Stuckenbebg, Alfred Leigh (Engines) . . . .4811 Sheridan Rd. Chicago, 111. 


Bailxt. Peroival Clarence 626 Portage Ave. Sault St« Marie, Mich. 

CnSHiNO. Kirke Williams 1930 East 93d St. Cleveland, O. 

Fbxxman, George Willard 121 Lincoln Ave. Marion, O. 

GiLGEB, Lewis Chapman Norwalk, O. 

Pease, Clarke Demorest (Banker) 4738 Broadway, Chicago, 111. 

Snook. Jean Donald Paulding, O. 

Watts, Ellis Carleton (Lumber) . 1308 Douglas Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn. 

24a K£NYon laie-iA 


AxTBLL, Lucien Vespaaian, Jr 18 E. 90th St. Now York, N.Y. 

Davst, Thomas Elliott, Jr 903 Bryden Rd. Columbufl, O. 

Dechant, Frederick Bonner 100 N. 7th St. Richmond, Ind. 

Lewis, Theodore Conrad Stoughton, Wis. 

Tatlob, Alfred Nelson (Banking) c/o H. G. Taylor, Spirit lake, Idaly> 


Cboss, Frederick Reid 155 Montesuma St. Houghton, Mich. 

Doll, Ralph Joseph 206 Fawcett Ct. N. W., Canton, O. 

EcKERLE, Florentme Francis 623 Oakwood Ave. Toledo, O. 

Fbaseb, Hume MacDowell 760 Bryson St. Youngstown, O. 

GiLQER, William Carroll 157 West Main St. Norwalk, O. 

Hamilton, Herbert Sprague Main St. MoArthur. O. 

SoHAFBB. James Atlee 2031 E. 96th St. Cleveland, O. 

Smith, Harold Bunnell Erie St. PainesviUe, O. 


Clark, Charles Harris West Park St. Franklin, Pa. 

CoTT, Warren Haskell . . . , 823 W. Market St. Lima, Ohio 

Gbboo, John William 2128 Girard Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Leonard, William Wood 510 N. Wayne St. Piqua, O. 

Sapp, Allen Dwight 404 N. Main St. Mt. Vernon, O. 

l«4»-«a MS 



* Bbandbbth, George Adlington, died 1898 Sing Sing, N.Y. 


* Adams, William Root, died 1903 Lowville, N.Y. 


* Collins, Lewis, died 1904 Brookljoi, N.Y. 


* Ds Remsb, Johff a., died 1907 Schenectady, N.Y. 

* Thobbttbn, Revr Alexander McAllister, died 1894 Syracuse, N.Y. 


* Baldwin, Charles Edwin, died 1885 Great Bend, Pa. 

* Baldwin, John, died 1872 New York, N.Y. 

* Bbooks, George William, died 1910 Cooperstown, N.Y. 

* Cook, John Darwin Shepard, died 1909 Kansas City, Mo. 

Pbck, Charles Horton (State Botanist) 

10 Lyons Ave. Menands, Albany, N.Y. 
Powbll, Wilson Marcy (Law.) 7 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

* Sbabb, Charles Henry, died 1860 Mechanicsville, N.Y. 


* Bxll, Hon. Joseph, died 1887 Pasadena, Cal. 

* BowsN, Samuel Adams, died 1894 Cooperstown, N.Y. 

* PRUTN, Dr. Peter Van Schaack, died 1891 Kinderhook, N.Y. 

* Rbbd, Colton Joseph, died 1913 North Ssrracuse, N.Y. 

Rice, Rev. Francis Fenelon Montour Falls, N.Y. 

Sawteb, Rev. Everett Reuben 2 Cherry St. Hudson Falls, N.Y. 

* Smith, Henry Louis, died 1914 New York, N.Y. 

* Spbagub, Charles Eara. died 1912 New York, N.Y. 


Adams, Elbridge Root (Ret. Ed.) Vernon, N.Y. 

* Hill, John Lindsay, died 1911 New York, N.Y. 

Tbbbt, Ira Cole (Planter) Monroe, La. 

* Vielb, Rev. James Pattison, died 1906 North Adams, Mass. 

Wilcox, Brig. Gen. Timothy Erastus (Ret.) 

1841 California St. Washington, D.C. 


BoTRWBLL, James Lowe (Ed.) 160 Elm St. Albany, N.Y. 

<•* DsNNis, John Henry, died 1872 Waterfoid, N.Y. 

2S0 UNION 1362-98 

* Hows, Prof. Samuel Burnett, died 1911 Salem, O. 

* Stkyxs, Oliver Penoyar, died 1906 St. Petersburg. Fla. 

* Wbxobt, Benjamin Franklin, died 1905 St. Paul, Minn. 


* Babd, WDliam Penn, died 1891 Reading. Pa. 

Beach, Rev. Seth Curtis 85 Church St. Watertown, Maaa. 

* Beckwith, Henry Nehemiah, died 1863 Chicago. HI. 

* Clabk. Charles Gould, died 1887 Troy. N.Y. 

* EA0TON, Charles Locke, died 1905 New York, N.Y. 

* Stkvkns. George Simmons, died 1901 Catskill, N.Y. 

* Vandkbvbbb, Rev. David Newlands, died 1902 Greenport, N.Y. 


* Dbbtbb, Charles George Albert, died 1861 Hoboken, N.J. 

* Sakbobn, Henn^ Clay, died 1878 Plattsburg, N.Y. 

* Sanbobn, Dr. William Hennr, died 1874 Morristown, N.J. 

Stbong, Hon. Alonzo Paige (Law.) 311 State St. Schenectady, N.Y. 

1368 ^ 

Gbsqg, Dr. Robert Jones 465 18th St. San Diego, Cal. 

* Ltnn. William Barr, died 1887 Carrollton, 111. 

* Robinson, David Codwise, died 1912 Elmira, N.Y, 

* Rockwell, Lewis Henry, died 1909 Albany, N.Y. 

* Russell. Edwin, died 1870 Saratoga Springs. N.Y. 

Satbb, Warren Orover Wabash, Ind. 

Smith, Freling H. (Law.) 67 West 69th St. New York* N.Y. 


Alexandbb, Rev. George. 47 University K. New York. N.Y. 

* Alexandeb, John, di^ 1868 Johnstown, N.Y. 

Bendeb, Matthew (Law Pub.) . . . ■. 108 S. Lake Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

* Cttbtis, Prof. Augustus Elisna, died 1915 Adrian, Mioh. 

* Kbabnt, George Hammeken, died 1907 Washington, D.C. 

* Smith, Daniel Lewis, died MeohanicsviUe, N.Y. 

* Stevens, William Crosby, died 1865 Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

* Waobb. Bamet, died 1883 Hot Springs. Ark. 


Littlbfield, Henry Coombs (Law., Mfg.) . . .P. O. Box 235, Albany, N.Y. 

* LocKwooD, Josepn Alsop, died 1897 Yonkers, N.Y. 

Olnet, Rev. Alfonso Rosolphe 700 6th St. Watervliet, N.Y. 

* Parsons, John Davis, Jr., died 1904 Albany, N.Y. 

Seward. Dr. Frederick Whittlesey ...;..... Goehen, N.Y. 

Stanton, Rev. Horace Coffin Philadelphia, Pa. 


* Harmon, Henry A. died 1912 Detroit, Mich. 

* Hbbbick, Eugene Kincaid, died 1913 Chicago, 111. 

* Kirk, William Valentine, died 1870 NiverviUe, N.Y. 

* McFajuuand, Dr. Arthur Howard, died 1907 Greeley. Colo. 

* Shb^SB, Theodore Robert, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

1^9^70 UNION 861 


* BiscH, Wealey Samuel, didd 1911 Feoaenden, N.D. 

CijAPP, John Henry 

Knapp, Louis Henry (Eng.) 280 Linwood Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

* McLaubt, Dr. William Piatt, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

Thacbsb, Theodore John Ozenbridge Concord, Mioh. 


GtBBs, Albert Leicester 

*Grat, William Fisher, died 1871 Albany, N.Y. 

* LocKWOOD, James Betts, died 1903 White Flams, N.Y. 

« Mapbs, William Edwin, died 1893 Qoshen, N.Y. 

Matsom, Charles Newel (Judge) Olivia, Minn. 

* MsBRiMAN, Friend Fernando, died 19t2 Dunmore, Pa. 

* Smith, Albert, died 1893 Troy, N.Y. 


* BBiaroL, George Worthington, died 1912 De Land, Fla. 

* HoixJBMBACK, Charles Edward, died 1884 Owego, N.Y. 

* JBNKa, William WaUace, died 1903 New York, N.Y. 

WiSNXB, Gabriel W 1168 Murray Hill Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Archibald, B«v. Andrew Webster (Author) 

1181 (Denter St. Newton Centre, Mass. 

Klinb. WiUiam Jay (Pub.) 158 Market St. Amsterdam. N.Y. 

RiDBB, George Clinton (Law.) 708 Washington St. Pekin, 111. 

Thomas, John Melvin (B. Est., Ins.) . . W. 618 Cotta Ave. Spokane, Wash. 
Wood, Daniel Burton Allentown, Pa. 


* Dbxtbb, Newtom^ied 1914 New Haven, Conn. 

* Dttnham, Austin Ward, died 1887 Burlington, Vt. 

Hill, Henry Oscar (Farmer) Derry, N.H. 

* Mapbs, Rev. Eugene Lusette, died 1992 CarliBle. Pa. 

Rxn>D, Hon. WiUiam Piatt (Justice) 373 State St. Albany, N.Y. 

* Stanton, Benjamin Irving, died 1898. St. Paul, Minn. 

1874 • 

Bxckbb, Tracy Chatfield (Law.) 

District Attorney's Office. Los Angeles, Cal. 

* Bubt, Uri, died 1909 LoudonviUe, N.Y. 

* SncKNBY, Milton Whiting, died 1898 Albany, N.Y. 

Thomas, Anson Parsons 108 So. Lake Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

Waldbon, Dr. Henry Adams Grand Ave. Newburgh, N.Y. 


* (?LABKS, Samuel Albert, died 1912 Cohoes, N.Y. 

* Habbis, Frederick, died 1903 Albany, N.Y. 

King, Charles Baker (Law.) 117 His^ St. Peoria, 111. 

MicKB, Henry Rathbone (M<g.) 66 Cayuga St. Seneca Falls, N.Y. 

26S UNION 1875-82 

Raymond. Rev. Andrew Van Vrankwi 268 North St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

TwBBDT, Frank (Topo. Ens.) 3416 13th St. Washington. D.C. 

WoosTBB, Edward Bicknell. 1 Englewood PI. Albany. N.Y. 


* Hill, Erastiu Dudley, died 1910 Schenectady, N.Y- 

* Marsh, Craig Adams, died 1910 Plamfield, N.J* 

* Newman, Wmiam Page, died 1908 Albany, N.Y- 

Nichols. Samuel 

* Smtth. William Henry, died 1893 Albany. N.Y. 

Toll. Frank R. (Bookkeeper) 427 Smith St. Schenectady, N.Y. 


Bassett. Rev. Frederick James ; 166 Prospect St. Providence. R.I. 

* Bendeb, George Curtis, died 1881 Albany, N.Y. 

Brown. William Arthur Alexander (Brewer) 

1042 Dean St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 
HuBBS. Rev. John Brewster Hobart College. Geneva, N.Y. 

* JoHNsrroN, Robert. 2nd, died 1882 Cohoes. N.Y. 

« Rankinb, WiUiam Birch, died 1905 Niagara Falls, N.Y. 


Lanbino, Egbert Peake (Ret.) 250 Saratoga St. Cohoes, N.Y. 

McCbedie. Thomas 34 Clinton Ave. Albany, N.Y. 


Adams, William Piatt (Banker) Red Hook, N.Y. 

Greene, John Franklin (Mfg.) Waterford, N.Y. 

Hutchinson. Edward Lows (Law.) 631 E. Main St. Iicxington, Ky. 

Parsons, John Davis (Mer.) 93 N. Pine Ave. Albany. N.Y. 

* RoPER, William Benjamin, died 18S1 Charleston, S.C. 

Waldron, William Augustus (Ret.) 

406 Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Detroit, Mich. 


* Alexander, Robert Carter, died 1899 New York, N.Y. 

Craiq, Dr. Joseph Davis 12 Ten Broeck St. Albany, N.Y. 

• 1881 

* Kline, Perry H., died 1892 Amsterdam, N.Y. 

Meneelt, George Kimberlv (Mfg.) Antigo. Wis. 

* Rankinb, James Lionel, died 1900 Elisabeth, N.J. 

Schlosser, Rev. Henry Oakville. Conn. 

* Thomas, Howard Lloyd, died 1890 Albany, N.Y. 

Watkins, Rev. Wilbur Fisk, Jr. Mount Washington. Md, 

Williams, William Porter (Mfg.) 1837 Asbury Ave. Evanston, Dl. 


Case. Lee Whitney 730 Union St. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Griswold, Rt. Rev. Sheldon Munson. .426 So. Santa Fe Ave. Sfdina. Kan. 

Van Voabt, James Albert Schenectady, N.Y. 

Watkins, Rev. Schureman Halsted 38 Bleecker St. New York, N.Y. 

188S-^1 UNION 208 


BsMNSTT, Fred Fuller Chicago. III. 

Lambimo, Gillian ver Planck (Fin.) 4114 Kenmore Ave. Chicago, III. 

li^iNSiNO, Dr. Jamea Bumside Wanda Westenrelt Ave. Tenafly, N.J. 

McClellan, Franklin William 207 Seroord PI. Schenectady, N.Y. 

McElwain, Daniel Crippen (Law.) Columbia St. Cohoes, N.Y. 


* Gabksst, Lewis Roger, died 1802 Schenectady, N.Y. 

Pratt, Dr. Henry Zachariah 400 W. 145th St. New York, N.Y. 

TEifPLmoN, Charles Bradford (Law.) 82 State St. Albany, N.Y. 

* TiTUB, Francis Skillman, died 1897 Roslyn, N.Y. 


Cadt, Rev. Putnam 183 Inwood Ave. Upper Montdair, N.J. 

F0WI.BB, Everett (LawO 129 Maiden Lane, Kingston, N.Y. 

* Fbanklik, Richard Whiting, died 1887 Penn Yan, N.Y. 

Langdon, GeoTgfi Woodward (Auto. Sales) . .21 Green St. Brookline, Mass. 


Anols, Edwin Charles (Law., Ret.) 3 Union St. Schenectady, N.Y. 

* FurrcHBR, Dr. Elmer Lewis, died 1911 Eugene, Ore. 

Merrill, Bieniamin 49 Franklin St. Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 

* Vbbdsb, Harman Wortman, died 1900 Schenectady, N.Y. 

WooDBBiDOB» Tyler Reed (Fruit Grower) W. 20th St. Upland, Cal. 


Bennbtt, Rev. Alden Lewis 14 Berkeley PI. Montclair, N.J. 

Burr, John Morris ^ Norwalk, Conn. 

Howe, Mather Oain (Typewriters) 7 Church St. Groton, N.Y. 

Vah Voast, John Charles (Lumber) 1341 Union St. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Vert, Edward Dwyer (C. Eng.) 690 Elmore PI. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Carroll, Rev. Edward Tourtellot 39 Church St. Amsterdam, N.Y. 

* Hanson, Jam^ Howard, died 1912 Amsterdam, N.Y. 

Hbelt, Augustus Vanderoef (Banker) 321 West 8th St. Plain6eld, N.J. 

Peirbon, Ernest Van (Grain Mer.) 62 Main St. Newark, N.Y. 

* Perkins, Edward Jay, died 1898 Amsterdam, N.Y. 


Bennett, Prof. John Ira Union College, Schenectady, N.Y. 

Carroll, Frederick Linus (Law.) 112 So. William St. Johnstown, N.Y. 

Johnson, Clarence (Farmer) R. F. D. 4, Schenectady, N.Y. 

Tbmpleton, Samuel Edgar Albany, N.Y. 

Wright, Dr. Arthur Brownell 124 N. Beacon St. Hartford, Conn. 


Clements, Rev. Robert 120 W. 5th St. Erie, Pa. 

Hull, Arthur Denison (Realty) Bridgeport, Ala. 

* Walker, Thomas Lytle, died 1910 Schenectady, N.Y. 

854 UNION 1898-98 


Dalbt, George Herbert (Joum.) New Brighton, Staten Uand, N.T. 

HowBLL, Fred Baxdwdl Gen'l Eleotrio Co. Schenectady, N.Y. 

* WAiiKBB, James, died 1003 Schenectady, N.Y. 


LippiNCOTT, Warren Bird ." 

PiKS, Emo^ Edward National Fire Ins. Co. Hartford, Conn. 

Raymond, Henry Sumner (Cement) 402 South St. WatenoOk la. 

Wbbbtbr, Edwin Joseph 5 Sumner Park, Rochester, N.Y. 

* Whitino, Charles Selah, died 1880 St. Paul, Mum. 

1894 ^l 

Cassidt, David Demorest, Jr. (Arch.). . . 114 Market St. Amsterdam, N.Y. •• 

Dalet, Edwin Wood 60 Temple Fl. Boston, Mass. 

RicB, Lucius Ck>uens (Banker) , . . .St. Anthony, Idaho 


Babbt, James Frederick (Mgr.) Mohawk Club, Schenectady, N.Y. 

* Clbments, Rev. Harvey, died 1014 Gloversville, N.Y. 

* Crannkll. Clark Winslow, died 1010 New York, N.Y. 

Dat, Clarke 168 Montague St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Jansbn, Dr. Frederick Israel 431 Jud|i;e Bldg. Salt Lake City, Utah 

Johnston, George Albert (Planter) .... 105 Gdmer Ave. Montgomery, Ala. 

* MlLNB, WiUiam Edwards, died 1013 New York. N.Y. 

Pembebton, Howard, 2nd Albany, N.Y. 

ScHBRMBRHOBN, Nicholas Irving 11 N. Church St. Schenectady. N.Y. 

Strbbtbr, Dr. George Linius (Research) Cecil Apt. Baltimore, Md« 

Vandbb Vbbb, Dr. Edgar Albert 28 Eagle St. Albany, N.Y. 

Walkeb, William Edward (R. Est.) 1104 Union St. Schenectady, N.Y* 

Wabnick, Harry Tooker (Mfg.) 215 Union St. Schenectady, N.Y^ 


* Cabboll, John Davis, died 1002 Johnstown, N.Y- 

Cbaveb, Rev. David Howard 118. (Senesee St. Geneva, N.Y- 

Db Gbaff, Howard Alfred (Banking) Broadway. Fonda, N.Y« 

Mbbriman, Dr. George Coe P. O. Box 134, Ijake Como. Pa* 

Tbaveb, Herbert Witnerwax »..,,.... 


Dalet, Charles Stanley (Law.) Stapleton, S.I., N.Y. 

Daniels, George Greely Ogdensburg, N.Y« 

FiBHEB, John Edward 

Johnston, William Allen (Pub.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y, 

McMuLLBN, Dr. Charles Gould 613 State St. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Palmbb, Freeman Packard (Joum.) ... .66 FVanklin St. Ogdensburg, N.Y. 

Robinson, Hubbell (Law.) 273 State St. Schenectady, N.Y. 

WooLLETT, William Lee Albany, N.Y. . 

1898 >1 

HiLDNEB, Rev. Ernest Gotthold , . , . 




HuNTXR, Dexter, Jr \ .^ 

Sheehan, Perley Poore c/o Frank A. Munaey Co. New York, N.Y. 

Stubdbvamt, Frederick Eugene (Joum.) Bisbee, Aris. 

Yates, Capt. Halsey Edward. . c/o The Adjt. Gen. U.S.A. Washington, D.C. 


* Barbt, Lucius Chillson, died 1898 Syracuse, N.Y- 

HiNMAN, Harold Jay (Law.) 452 Broadway, Albany, N.Y. 

Hxtntlet. Robert Marshall (£. Eng.) 

10 Washington Ave. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Miles, Frederick, 2nd Gaylordsville, ConA 

,* SEAMAN, John Edward, Jr., died 1895 Johnstown, N.Y. 

;Btonb, Dr. Willard John 2444 Scott wood Ave. Toledo, O. 

Tuckeb Wentworth (Ins. Broker) 136 W. 44th gt. New York. N.Y. 

[Vandeb Vbbb, Dr. James Newell 28 Eai^e St. Albany, N.Y. 

^BiGHT, Rev. Harrison King (Misuonary.). . 18 Peking Rd. Shanghai, China. 


Lender, Melvin Thomas (Law.) 108 South Lake Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

' cbwabt, Clarence DoniUd (Mfg.) 58 Grove St. Amsterdam, N.Y. 

iStewabt, James Schuyler, died 1911 Amsterdam, N.Y. 


'hebsbobouoh, James Walton (Law.) Ashville, N.C. 

Iline, Gardiner (Pub.) 12 Railroad St. Amsterdam, N.Y. 

^Lbavbnwobtb, Thomas Frederick, died 1914 Fierro, N.M. 

liLUEB, James Wadsworth, Jr. (Sales.).. 4 Nott Terrace, Schenectady, N.Y. 

Fbvins, Russell Hubbard (Ed.) St. George's School, Newport, R.I. 

Taoonbb, Charles Porter (Law. Pub.).. .634 Providence St. Albany, N.Y. 


^LOOMiNODAiiE, Lewis Morgan 78 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. 

~ iAiN. Rev. Henry Laurens 758 E. Clinton St. Frapkfort, Ind. 

rNMAN, Addison Hotaling (Pur. Agt.)..106 Elmer Ave. Schenectady, N.Y. 
roADUcT, Robert Bruce, Jr. (C. Eng.)..39 Bennett Ave. Binghamton, N.Y. 
lOTT, Henry Campbell (E. gng.) . .3 Washington Ave. Schenectady, N.Y. 

' LYMOKD, Arthur Sheldon (Drugs) 8th and P Sts. Lincoln, Neb. 

ItTBSUM, Joseph Milton (Banker) 8 Phoenix Ave. Schenectady. N.Y. 

Tates, Willard Stuart (Lumber) 801 **N" St. Lincoln, Neb. 


>t^DEMAN, Donald Oemst 

Sbeen, John GarSide 510 Union St. Schenectady, N.Y. 

rtTLNAC. James Quinlan (Lumber) 241 State St. Bangor, Me. 

tows, Samuel Burnett (Ed.) 926 Union St. Plainfield, N.J. 

BE, Archibald Allen (Law.) 714 Equitable BIdg. Denver, Colo. 

Iagpablame, George Clymer (Mining) Bamum, W.Va. 


tLLTBB, Herbert Dod (Mfg.) 66 W. Main St. St. Johnsville. N.Y. 

IK, Robert Wilson (SaieB.) 23 Lemuel Ave. Chicopee, Mass. 

^ALMBB, Samuel Dimock (Edit.) 19 Knox St. Ogdensburg, N.Y. 

866 UNION 190^-10 

• 1906 

Alsxakder, George Bunyan 713 Irvine Ave. Syracuae, N.Y. 

Blakb, Frederick Richmond Hill, N.Y. 

Brooks, WUliam Le Roy (Fin.) 326 State St. Albany, N.Y. 

Kino, Eric Ture (C. Eng.) Arrochar, S.I., N.Y. 

Kino, Prof. Morland Union College, Schenectady, N.Y. 

Patton, Frederick Curtia (Lumber) 51 State St. Albany, N.Y. 

Raymond, Morris Thomas (Lumber) 268 North St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

• 1906 

Kino, Warner (C. Eng.) 301 Lafayette Ave. Brooklyn. N.Y. 

* Raymond, Samuel Johnston, died 1914 Buffalo, N.Y. 

ScHENCK, Gilbert van Evera (Law.) . . . 101 B. So. Pine Ave. Albany, N.Y. 
Von Dannenberq, Carl Otto (E. Eng.) 

55 Townsend Ave. Stapletan, S. I., N.Y. 
Waldron, Prof. Charles Newman Union College, Schenectady, N.Y. 


Bradbeer, Earl Croul (Piping) 529 Jefferson Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Colburn, William, Bennett (R. Est.) '. . Grosse Pointe Village, Mich. 

DE Sabla, Theodore de Joly, Jr. (Fin.) . . 136 W. 44th St., New York, N.Y. 

Fairbairn, Edward James (Mfg.) 539 Ashland Ave. Buffalo. N.Y. 

Gardiner, Harold (Forest Eng.) Hadley, Saratoga Co. N.Y. 

Hill, Dudley Toll (Law.. Edit.) 

Benkendaal, Glenville, Schenectady Co. N.Y. 

McClbllan, Willard Andrew (Paper) Ft. Edward, N.Y. 

Thurber, Donald McDonald Dickinson . 578 Jefferson Ave. Detioii, Mich. 
Wadsworth, Mason William (Solicitor) 

420 West 118th St. New York, N.Y. 
WoRMER, Clarkson Crelius, Jr. (R. Est.) 704 Penobscot Bldg. Detroit, Mich. 


Bennett, Lewis Cortright (R. Est.) . . . .5807 Blackstone Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Hildreth, Hiram Thomas Herkimer, N.Y. 

Hildreth, William Dutton (Farmer) Herkimer, N.Y. 

Raymond, Rev. Andrew Van Vranken, Jr. South Wales, N.Y. 

Wright, Joseph Thatcher (Effcy. Eng.). .1626 Linden Drive, Cincinnati, O. 


Faust, John William (Charities) 1736 T St. N. W., Washington, D.C. 

Kblloog, John Davis 28 Brookside Ave. Amsteraakn, N.Y. 

Mead, Charles Lawrence (Adv.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

TAPfccoTT, Ralph Henry (E. Est.) 106 Ardsley Rd. Schenectady, N.Y. 


Dennis, Archibald Reid. . .Gen'l Elec. Co. Rialto Bldg. San Francisco, Cal. 

Hutchens, Horace King (Journ.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Hyde, Strickland Kingston Haokensack, N.J. 

MacGill, Charles Frederick, Jr. (Law.) 14 Divinity Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 
Ransom, Edward Delavan 600 Park PI. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

1910-15 UNlbV 857 

Sbabs, Richard Parsons (E. EngO . ...... 109 Middlesex Rd. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Shepabd, Robert Blanchard (E. Eng.) 

103 Glenwood Blvd. Soheneotady, N.Y. 
Walseb, Rev. Theodore Demarest 119 Mohawk St. Cohoes* N.Y. 


Bbown, Arthur Doran Ogdensburg, N.Y. 

Faust, Otto Alois (Med.) 19 Jay St. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Micks, Ransom Rathbone (Mfg.) Johnston St. Seneca Falls, N.Y. 

Raymond, Paul Clayton (Mfg.) 3210 Withington St. Chicago. 111. 

TiBBouT, Ralph Hayford, Jr. (Mm.) . .680 St. Marks Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Coward, Harry Francis (Mer.) 915 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

DxNKis, Robert Earle (E. Eng.) . . General Electric Co. Schenectady. N.Y. 
Fairbairn. Thomas Stanley Amot (D. G.) . 219 Anderson PI. Buffalo, N.Y, 

FiSHBB, John Lyric (BuQder) 683 W. Delavan Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Hill, Philip Toll (Joum.) 1528 Union St. Schenectady, N.Y. 

HoYT, William Sinn (E. Eng.) 399 Coney Island Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Randsbbon, John Edward Hall (Dredging) .755 Madison Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

Shbpabd, Raymond Dalton (Ins.) 700 Gurney Bldg. Syracuse, N.Y. 

Walseb, Kenneth Eastwood (Law.) 119 Mohawk St. Cohoes, N.Y. 

Wbstcott, Philip Raymond (Mfg.) 11 Green St. Seneca Falls, N.Y. 


Clarkb, John Graham (Adv.) Larch Ave. Begota, N.J. 

HuTCHENB, Don King (Adv.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

KiMBBRLT, Henry.Harold 1618 3rd Ave. Watervliet, N.Y. 

Lowe, Russell EdJaund 350 W. 85th St. New York, N.Y. 

Tbempeb, Van Rensselaer (Acct.) ^ 88 Willett St. Albany. N.Y. 


Db La VBRaNB, Louis du Bois (E. Eng.) 

Alpha Delta Phi House, Schenectady, N.Y. 

Ennib, Thomas Leland Rotterdam Jimction, N.Y. 

EwBNS, Harry Clarkson (Adv.) 136 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Hawlet, Arthur Leopold (Adv.) 136 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Mbneblt, Alfred Cluett (Chimes) 1525 1st Ave. Watervliet, N.Y. 

Wadsworth, George (Ed.) 370 Franklin St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Walworth, Stanley Lincoln (E. Eng.) . . .203 Front St. Binghamton, N.Y. 


Dent, Thomas Ashley, Jr 324 West 103rd St. New York, N.Y. 

Faust, Henry Louis 19 Jay St. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Hanbon, Caeorge Fulford 821 Union St. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Hubbs, Horace Newton 151 C^nesee St. Geneva, N.Y. 

McGarry, Alfred Leo 8403 Carnegie Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Perbons, Henry Z. (Banking) East Aurora, N.Y. 

Wait, William Window 27 Washington Ave. Schenectady, N.Y. 

268 UNION 19ie-18 


Finch, Nathaniel AusustUB, Jr. 775 Bird Ave. Bii£Falo, N.Y. 

Gabrison, Edmund Everett 84 Hishland Ave. Yonkersr N.Y. 

Garrison, Hyatt Maaton 84 Highland Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. 

Hanson, Kenneth Boardman 540 Western Ave. Albany, N.Y. 

Hauknstbin, Paul Alfred 725 W. Ferry St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Landbkth, James Taylor Union College Grounds. Schenectady, N.Y. 

LowKLL, Cornelius Duane. . . .Alpha Delta Phi House, Schenectady, N.Y. 


Lbstbr, Charles Tuck 754 N. Broadway, Saratoga Spring, N.Y. 

Mead, Ashley Clinton 22 Ballston Ave. Scotia, N.Y. 

O'Brien, Charles Joseph .73 Whitney Ave. New Haven, Conn. 


Bowman, Charles Calvin, Jr 100 William St. Pittston, Pa. 

Carey. William Gibson. Jr 4 Ardsley Bd. Schenectady, N.Y. 

EooT, Spencer Brownell The Meadows, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 

Faust, Robert Roy 19 Jay St. Schenectady, N.Y.' 

Fisher, Porter Graham 688 Auburn Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Hale, Maurice Perkins c/o Edward E. Hale, Schenectady, N.Y. 

Lester, Bemadotte Perrin 754 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 

Palmer, Theodore De Cou, Jr 101 Comstock Ave. Syracuse, N.Y. 

186^^1 869 



* Db Witt, Rev. Marcus Bearden, died 1005 Hopkinsville, Ky. 


* Hatnes, Rev. William Andrew, died 1894 Columbia, Temi. 


Abbat, Richard Felix (Planter) Commerce, Tunica Co. Mias. 

Allison, Alexander 615 State St. Knoxville, Tenn. 

* Hiix, George Robert, died 1907 Gallatin. Tenn. 

* Kerb, Richard Thomas, died 1893 Fort Smith, Ark. 

* OoiLvis, John Davidson, died 186- Bellefonte, Ala. 

* PoBTEB, Dr. James William, died 1882 Paris, Tenn. 

* RoDGBBS, Hon. Samuel Andrew, died 1902 Loudon, Tenn. 

ToLBEBT, James Russell R. F. D. No. 3, Clarksville, Ark. 

* Walton, John Bell, died 1906 Tampa, Fla. 


Bralt, John Hyde 

Hall, Joseph Marion 603 N. Anglin St. Cleburne, Tex. 

* LowBT, Daniel Anderson, died 1863 Lynnville, Tenn. 

* McClube, William Logan, died 1870 Rome, Tenn. 


* Baptist, Powhatan Richard, died 1861 Dayton, Ala. 

* Gut, Calvin Von, died 1863 Tuscumbia, Ala. 

* McClain, James Hoeuatt, died 1864 Lebanon, Tenn. 

* Martin, Charles; diea 1864 Lebanon, Tenn. 

Mabtin, Henry Clay (Law.) MunfordviUe, Ky. 

* Stewart, Bcnjamm Decherd, died 1859 Winchester, Tenn. 

* Street, Tho aas Atkins, died 1904 Gunthersville, Ala. 

* Tabb, William Henry, died 1864 Columbus, Miss. 


Lansden, John McMurray (Law.) 315 5th St. Cairo, HI. 

* McCluno, Elliott Spotswood, died 1901 Knoxville, Tenn. 

* McKENBiE^William Garret, died Spring Hill, Tenn. 

* Malonet, Hugh Douglas, died 1902 Warrensburg, Tenn. 

* Ratbubn, John, died 1862 Guntersvule, Ala. 

860 1860-78 



Hakt, Prof. James Morgan 

c/o Columbia Trust Co. 5th Ave. and 34th St. New York, N.Y. 


Bbioham, Johnson (Lib.) Iowa State Library, Des Moines, la. 

Dixon, Brandt Van Blaroom (Ed.) . 1220 Washington Ave. New QrieanSfLa. 

* DouGX^ABs, Edwin, died 1880 St. Louis, Mo. 

* Hallidat, Samuel Dumont, died 1907 Ithaca, N.Y. 

Robs, Morris Morris (Joum.) . . .4014 Washington Blvd. Indianapolis, Ind. 


* Gilbert, Frederick Lee, died 1910 Duluth, Minn. 

Hadlet, Eugene Jacob (Law.) 6 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. 

MacGbbqor, Walter Scott Kingston, N.Y. 

I* Phelps, George Henry, died 1914 Boston, Mass. 

* Seymour, Henry Hale, died 1913 Buffalo, N.Y. 


Allen, Oliver 257 Summer St. Buffalo', N.Y* 

BiBdE, George Kingsley (Mfg.) The Oirde, Buffalo, N.Y- 

* Castle, Thomas, died 1872 Buffalo, N.Y« 

CuLLiNAN, Patrick William (Law.) 333 W. 3rd St. Oswego, N.Y- 

* HuBD, Harvey Judson, died 1901 Elma, N.Y» 

Looms, Chester (Artist) Linden Ave. Eni^ewooa, N.J- 

* Lton, William Workman, died 1908 New York. N.Y- 

Tatlob, Rev. Francis Matthew Sill (Archdeacon) 162 6th St. Erie, Pa. 

* Wells, Henry Graves, died 1878 St. Louis, Mo. 


* Altican, Henry, died 1012 Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Abmb, Warner, died 1910 Younffitown, O. 

* BiBGB, Henry Morton, died 1904 Buffalo, N.Y. 

Caulowell, Andrew Butier (Fruit) 301 Coleman Bldg. Louisville, Ky. 

* Duncan, Dr. William Freese, died 1892 New York, N.Y. 

Finch, James Wells (Law.) Brewster, Putnam Co. N.Y. 

* Gabbioub, Waldemar Otto, died 1888 New York, N.Y. 

* Idb, Hon. Appleton Jewett, died 1908 Columbus, O. 

* Jones, Franklin Hayward, died 1873 Jamestown, N.Y. 

Mannino, Calvin (R. Est.) 720 No. Court St. Ottimiwa, la. 

Pbentiss, Seymour Cromwell (Sales.) 315 5th St. Elvria, O. 

Spbaoxtb, Henry Lynde 15 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

187S-78 CORNELL 261 

Spraouk, William Lyon (Ed.) 580 E. 2l8t St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Whsslbb, Dr. John Thome, died 1908 Chatham, N.Y. 


Fbib0, Louis Koasuth (R. Est.) 156 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Hu8SST» Horace Potter 

* JoBDAO. Elias FauBto Pacheco, died 1001 Sao Paido, Brasil 

Patns, William Thomas (Shipping) 14 Bund, Yokohama, Japan 

Shttfxldt, Dr. Robert Wilson (U.S.A.) (Author) 

3356 18th SU Washington, D.C. 

* Smith, Herbert Robert, died 1898 Boston, Mass. 


Adsxt, Charles Chapin 224 La Salle St. Chicago, HI. 

Abm8, Myron Israel (Mfg.) Youngstown, O. 

Basbos, Luis de Sousa Sao Paulo, Brasil 

GiBBBT, Nicholas Audinet 70 Avenue d'l^na, Paris 16, France 

Hows, Augustus (Arch.) 433 N. Broad St. Elisabeth, N.J. 

PaiiMbb, Charies George (Mfg.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Pabmbubb. William Rayen, died 1883 Cleveland, O. 

* Pbtbbb, Charles Lynds, died 1914 Little Falls, N.Y. 


Bau<abd, Austin (Fin.) 104 5th St. Louisville, "Ky. 

Pabmblbb, James (Carbon) ..The Causeway, Klingle Rd. Washington, D.C 

* RuBPPBLB, Herman Augustus, died 1890 Stanton, Mo. 

Swain, Hadwen 1046 So. Grand Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 


Bbamhai^l, William Ely (LawO 514 Holly Ave. St. PauL Minn. 

GiffObd, William Stewart (Mfg.) Kingsway, London, England 

Mbad, Theodore Luqueer (Orange Grower) Oviedo, Fla. 

MiLFOBD, James Stanley (Adv.) 

c/o The Age, Glenrov, Melbourne, Australia 

Peck, Theodore Barnard (Arch.) 65 Bank St. Waterbury, Conn. 

TiFPAinr, Charles Otis Newtown, Conn. 

* WiNOATB, Henry Anderson, died 1881 Louisville, Ky. 


Bai<labd, Samuel Thurston 912 E. Broadway, Louisville, Ky. 

BoNNBT, Alfred (Farmer) Hopewell Junction, N.Y. 

* CoBLiBS, Franklin Haines, died 1898 Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Maixbtt, Dr. Charles Howard, died 1894 Bath, Me. 

Palmbb, Lynde (Lumber) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Rbbd, Frederic Qinton, died 1887 Salt Lake City, Utah 

Savaob, John Brady, Tex. 

Shbabbb, James Buchanan (R. Est.) 809 Adams St. Bay City, Mich. 

TiFFAmr, Joseph Burr (Art 234 Palisade Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. 

Wakblbt, Artnur Cooper (Law.) . .405 Omaha Nat. Bk. Bldg. Omaha, Neb. 
Yaqbb, Waiard Everett Oneonta. N.Y. 

262 CORNELL 1879-83 


Abbott, William Pratt Lake Charles, La. 

Edwabdb, William Seymour (LawO Charleston-Kanawha, W. Va. 

Gamewell, Rev. Frank Dimlap (Ed.) 

29 N. Szechuen Rd. Shanghai, China 
GiFFOKD, Dr. Harold 420 S. 36th St. Omaha, Neb. 

* HiNKLET, Charles Watson, died 1912 Chicago, HI. 

* Rowland, Edward Cole, died 1911 Washington, D.C. 

Ingbaham. William Shurtleff Bristol, Conn. 

MiLLABD, Alfred (Farmer) Parkdale, Ore. 

Newton, Whitney (Mfg.) 1165 Grant St. Denver, Colo. 

Olmsted, Allen Seymour 289 Summer St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Shearer, Chauncey Hurlbut (Ins.) 1410 Hill St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 


Bonnet, Jerome Rapalje .Arlington, N.J. 

Bradley, Willis Clifford (Mfg.) Marshfield, Ore. 

Curtibs, Dr. Alexander Main 780 W. Ferry St. Buffalo. N.Y. 

Fox, Dr. Walter Howard (Ret.) Hartford, Mich. 

* Habkell, George Frederick, died 1901 Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Manierre. Dr. Charles Edward, died 1904 Chicago, 111. 

MoRRiB, Dr. Robert Tuttle 616 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

RnsBEL. William Channing (Ed.) 2514 So. 20th St. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Williams, Henry Kirk (Pub.) 704 Central Ave. Dunlurk, N.Y. 


Booth, Quentin Woodbury (Mfg.) . ; 105 Lake Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

* Cartwrioht, Robert Henry, died 1899 .• . . . .Rochester, N.Y. 

Hahn, Albert (George Charles (Ret.) Menlo Park, Cal. 

House, Edward Mandle 145 East 35th St. New York, N.Y. 

Parmelee, Robert Murray Peterboro, N.H. 

Saunders, Charles Lockard (R. Est.)..Brandeis Theatre Bldg. Omaha, Neb. 

Shirab, George 3rd (Law., Writer) Washington, D.C. 

SKiNtTER, James Henry (Mer.) 385 Portland Ave. St, Paul, Minn. 

Stambaugh, Henry Hamilton 1051 Belmont Ave. Youngstown, O. 

Tatlor, Oscar Livingstone (Fin.) 48 E. 4th St. St. Paul, Minn. 


Catlin, Frederick Miles (Law.) 680 Fairmont Ave. St. Paul, MUnn. 

CusHiNO, Prof. Henry Piatt. (Geol.) 

Western Reserve University, €!Sevelandv O. 

LucKBT, Rev. Frank Ranney 584 Orange St. New Haven, Conn. 

Lukes, Currie Nelson (Banker) Miles City, Mont. 

* Morton, Oliver Throck, died 1898 Chicago, 111. 

RoBiB, Harry Adams Whitney Point, N. Y. 

Shirab, Winfield Kennedy 434 Diamond St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ybaw. Everett (Pub.) 329 Hartford Rd. So. Orange, N.J. 


Booth, Irving Edward (Mfg.) 108 Brown's Race, Rochester, N.Y. 

Browning, Charles Ross (Mer.) 1261 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

* CuBHiNG, Dr. Edward Fitch, died 1911 CHereUmd, O. 

188S-88 CORNELL 263 

Hadlbt, Frank Osro (Lumber) 705 Olive St. St. Louis, Mo. 

Haldbman, Frank Mackensie 40 Forest Hill Ave. Cleveland, O. 

HoLLOWAY, Edward Morton 725 Federal Bldg. Chicago, 111. 

Howard, William Edson (Ret.) P. O. Box 262, New York, N.Y. 

iNaEBSOLL, (jeorge Talcott Box 704, Salt Lake City, Utah 

* RuNTON, Frank Willits, died 1912 Plainfield, N.J. 

Smith, Delano Eugene (Bookkeeper) . . . .669 2nd Ave. San Francisco, Cal. 
Wabhburn, Frank Sherman Nashville, Tenn. 


BtiRBOws, James Bering (Farmer) Decatur, 111. 

Dann, Clarence Burdette (Mfg.) 204 Canner St. New Haven, Conn. 

Davoli, Joseph Benjamin (Artist) Ogunquit, York Co. Me. 

* Lewis, Dr. George Washington, died 1900 Buffalo, N.Y. 

Robe, Hudson Parmelee (R. Est.) 7 W. 46th St. New York. N.Y. 

* Shalbb, Ira Alexander, died 1902 New York, N.Y. 

Stambauoh, John (Mfg.) Stambaugh Bldg. Youngstown, O. 


Good, Arthur Carroll (Law.) 192 Montague St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Jenkins, Dr. Ralph 1732 Massachusetts Ave. Washington, D.C. 

Mbbwin, Rev. Milton Knapp Nunda, N.Y. 

•* Perkins, Henry Lattimore, died 1903 Erie, Pa. 

Yawobb. John Francis (Law.) 808 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. 


Bakeb, Charies Hinckley (C. Eng., Farmer) Mohegan Lake, N.Y. 

Bakbb, Howard Winfield (Ret.) McKnight Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Chabpiot, Henry Charles (Law.) 26 rue Laffitte, Paris, France 

* CoBifBLL, Esra, died 1902 Ithaca, N.Y. 

HiNMAN, Delon Mark Prince Rupert, Can. 

Howi^AND, Harry Cole (Edit.) 230 W. 105th St. New York, N.Y. 

Raichlb, Frank Godfrey 403 Porter Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Ttlbb (Francis) Edward (Scott) Gilbert, died 1901 New York, N.Y. 


C!k>BNELii, Arthur Leland Albemarle, N.C. 

Hebbard, Will Sterling (Arch.) Grant Bldg. San Diego, Cal. 

Hess, Col. Frank Judson (Mfg.) 245 Plymouth Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

RiCHABDS, George Blackwell (Hdw. Mer.) 

5th and Wyandotte Sts. Kansas City, Mo. 

RoifBB, William Johnston Ithaca, N.Y. 

Smith, Wayland Hyatt 1028 Overton St. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wheeler, Frederic Russell (Ret.) 117 Locust St. Lockport, N.Y. 


Andrews, Frank Mills (Arch.) 25 E. 3rd St. Cincinnati, O. 

* DB Babbos, Bento, died 1908 Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Hendebson, Eliot Middleton 280 Lafayette Ave. Passaic, N.J. 

Leonabd, James Augustus (Eng.) c/o Bangor Power Co. Bangor, Me. 

PsoTTA, Dr. Louis Frederick 641 N. 7th St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Putana, Manuel Maria Bucaramanga, Ck)lombia, S.A. 

264 CORNELL 1888-98 

Rbtnolds, Charles Maxwell (Mer.) . . Bohemian Club, San Francisco, CaL 

Tbbat, Harry Whitney (R. Est.) 1 Highland Drive, Seattle, Wash* . 

Ulrich, Russell ' 


Balch, Allan Christopher (Pub. Util.) . 805 Garland Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Baldwin, Walter Hull (Mfg.) 319 West Ontario St. Chicago. HI. 

CoBNELL, Franklin C. (Cotd) Stewart and South Aves. Ithaca, N.Y. 

* Hbtl, Henry, died 1891 Dunkirk, N.Y. 

KoLB, Augustus Richard (Decorating) 315 Loring Ave. Pelham, N.Y. 

* Lyon, PhUip Schuyler, died 1890 Ithaoa, N.Y. 

Pabkeb, James Southworth Salem, N.Y. 

Pbatt, Dr. John Hahn Manchester, N.Y. 

Thompson, Ebenezer Frank (Druggist).. .103 No. Perry St. Titusville, Pa. 

Van Hbussn, Dr. Richard Fletcher 6 Madison PI. Albany, N.Y. 

WooDWABD, Jabez Milton (Mfg.) 198 Pine St. Lookport, N.Y. 


Allen, Gansevoort Irwm 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Babbeb, Simeon Morgan (Com. Mer.). . 137 East 55th St. New York, N.Y. 

GiFFOBD, Robert Ladd (Eng.) Oak Knoll, Pasadena. Cal. 

Johnson, Frank Clarence (Mfg.) 851 £. High St. Sprinid&eld, O. 

* ToBBT, William Boardman, died 1896 Guayaquil, Eouaidor 

TousET, Benjamin Copeland (Ret.) Clinton Comers, N.Y. 


AvBBELL, Sylvester Gilbert 82 Broadway, New York, N.Y 

* Bailbt, Edward Clifford, died 1907 Pasadena, Cal. 

Easton. Irving Boyd (Lumber) 30 East 42nd St. New York, N.Y. 

Ellbbt. Arthur Edgewater, N.J. 

* Gill, William Robert, died 1897 Cleveland, O. 

Hall, Joseph linville (Eng.) 244 Oliver Bldg. Boston, Mass. 

HooPBB, Maurice (Mfg.) Glen Falls, N.Y. 

KiNNET, Garrett DeForest (Mfg.) 710 Moss Ave. Peoria, HI. 

LoziEB, Harry Abram Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. 

* RoDBiQUEZ, Jose Antonio, died 1904 Asusa, Cal. 

Russell. Charles (Elec. Supplies) 7 Lafayette St. Albany, N.Y. 

Staqq, Louis Rolfe (Mfg.) Foot Pine St. Jersey City, N.J. 


Chubch, Frank Leonard Cocoanut Grove. Fla. 

Ely, William Grosvenor (Construction) . 114 Lenox Rd. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Fullaoab, Guy Kent 347 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

HAiaim)N, John Alan (Law.) 117 Erie Co. Savings Bank Bldg. Buffalo, N.Y. 
Johnson. Charles Chamberlain (Law.) .... 1468 Union St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

McVoT, Martin. Jr 136 West 44th St. New York. N.Y. 

Phillipb, Frederick (C. Eng.) Peterborough, N.H, 

SouTHWOBTH, John Howard Dryden. N.Y. 

Wbiqht, Capt. John Newton. c/o Marine Corps Hdqtrs., Washington, D.C. 


Baldwin. Abram Turnure , . . 102 Randolph St. Detroit, Mich. 

189S-97 CORNELL 206 

BAiiDwnr, Seward (Mfg.) Wsverly. N.Y. 

QuBPHANS, Maloolm Woloott (Law.) Englewooa, N.J. 

Darlxno. Frederick Edgar (Mfg.) 177 Pawling Ave. Troy, N.Y. 

MiLLBB, Theron Butler (LawO 20 E. Broad St. Columbus, O. 

NoBBis, Henry MoOoy. c/o C^nn. Biokford Tool Ck>. OaJdey, Cincinnati, O. 
RuBSSLL, Howard (Miller) . . .430 Security Bank Bldg. Minneapolifl; Minn. 

ScHXTRMAN, Gioorge Wellington (Law.) 96 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Whztb, Rollin Henry (M. Eng.^ .No. Boulevard and See Rd. Cleveland, O. 

* WrrHBRBBS, George Peaee, died 1893 Port Henry, N.Y. 

WooDBBiDQB, ThonuuB Witherbce (Mfg.) 

c/o T. R. Woodbridge, Upland, Cal. 
Young, Hon. William (Judge) 264 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 


Collin, Dwight Ripley (Arch.).. .23 Westchester Ave. White Plains, N.Y. 
Colt, William Leonard (Auto.) ...... .Bway. at 67th St. New York, N.Y. 

Dbhxng, Paul Harvey (Banker) Groese Pointe Farms, Mich. 

Gladdbn, Frederick Cohoon (Law.) 150 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

HooKBB, EloB Huntington (Eng.) 40 Wall St. New York. N.Y. 

Young, Edwin Parson (Law.) 16 N. Main St. Towanda, Pa. 

Young, John Paul (Mfg.) 1610 6th Ave. Youngstown, O. 


Amobl, Capt. Laurence o/o AdJt. Gen. U. S. A. Washington, D.C. 

Bbbbbb, William Parson (Law.) . .First Nat. Bank Bldg. Williamsport, Pa. 
Blatchtobd, Charles Hammond (Law.) ... 38 BramhaU St. Portland, Me. 

INSLBB, Charles Lawrence (M. Eng.) 136 W. 44th St. New York. N.Y. 

McCabboll, Joseph Allen 2108 Ave. "Q," Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Sanbobn, William Brodigan (Warehouse) 

700 Mason St. San Francisco, Cal. 
Whitb, Fred RolUn (Mfg.) 1878 East 75th St. Cleveland, O. 


Fabbl, Frederick Charles Amer. Oak Leather Co, Cincinnati, O. 

Hamxi/ton, Ralph Bergen (M. Eng.) . Bellevue Terrace, St. Catherines, Ont. 

* MiLLEB, Lieut. Louis Gillespie, died 1908 Columbus, O. 

Moblbt, Walter Kelley (Playwrt.) . . . R. F. D. No. 30, Oconomowoc, Wis. 

PiBTBCH, Walter Gray (Adv.) 1722 Ridge Ave. Evanston, 111. 

Whitakbb, Nelson Price Wheeling, W. Va. 

Wood, William Reuben Clark (Artist) 2034 Park Ave. Baltimore, Md. 


Baldwin, Harry Coulter (Lumber) 426 Broad St. Waverly, N.Y. 

Fubbtbb, Louis Agassis (Artist) 201 Wyckofif Ave. Ithaca, N.Y. 

Lton, Newell The White Co. Cleveland, O. 

MiLBS, Alfred Graham Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York, N.Y. 

* Rand, Jasper RaymMid, Jr., died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

Sbwall, Henry Foster, Jr. (Ins.) 1 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Wood, Edward Randolph, Jr 1610 Walnut St. Philadelphia. Pa. 

266 CORNELL 1898-1903 


AiiMT, C. Judflon (Fanner) Chestert Idaho 

AiofON, Jav Ripley (Adv.) 564 Rose Bld«. Cleveland, O. 

CoNABD, Clarence Knight (Eng.) Charlottesville, Va. 

* Inslbb, J. Croas, died 1897 Newark, N.J. 

Sturdevant, Frederick Eugene (Joum.) Biabee, Aris. 

White, Walter Charles (Mfg.) c/o White Co. Cleveland, O. 


Bailbt, Theodore La^ton (Law.) 62 William St. New York, N.Y. 

* CixvBLAND, Frederick Aldrich, died 1914 Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Insleb. Ruasell Gage (M. Eng.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Inblbb, Stephen Dod (Law.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

RuBSBix, Piatt 126 Spring St. Albany, N.Y, 

YouNO, Prof. Charles Van Patten Ithaca, N.Y. 


Bole, Joseph Kirkpatrick 1908 E. 70th St^ Cleveland, O. 

DAUGHAnAY, Carlos Colton (Pub.) 185 E. Chestnut St. Chicago, 111. 

* Little, Hiram Murray, died 1900 Cleveland, O. 

Pattebson, Francis Gordon (Mfg.) 26 West Cedar St. Boston, Mass. 

Smith, Eklward Percy (Mining) Allendale, N.J. 

Smith. Peter (M. Eng.) 192 Elwood Ave. Newark, N.J. 

Teaqlb, Walter Clark (Mer.) Dominion Bank Bldg. Toronto, Can. 

YouNQ, Greorge Harper (Eng.) 93 Main St. Binghamton, N.Y. 


Alvxandbb Edward Renick (Law.) 246 E. 105th St. Cleveland, O. 

Bbown, Wallace Macdontdd (Imp.) 124 Lincoln PI. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Cbobb, Charles Wood (M. En^.) 185 East Grand Blvd. Detroit, Mich. 

* GoDFBET, John Lawrence, died 1900 Northampton, Mass. 

Little, Tully Bascom Citiaens 'B\dg^. Cleveland, O. 

Lton, Layton Steams (Mer.) 3rd & Pine Sts. Williamsport, Pa. 

McCuBDT, Philip Rhodes 1404 W. 3rd St. Cleveland, O. 

SoiTTHABD, George Lee Enid, Okla. 

Williams, Roger Butler, Jr. (R. R.) Cayuga Hghts. Ithaca, N.Y. 


Bole. Allen (Ins.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Bowman, Edgar StiUman 226 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Bbown, Douglas Kiimear (Imp.) River View Manor, Hastings, N.Y. 

CooPEB, Thomas Keener 1404 Missouri Trust Bldg. St. Louis, Mo. 

Johnston, Harold Eddy (Mfg.) 546 3rd Ave., North Troy, N.Y. 

Smith, Amzi 118 Halston Ave. Johnson City, Tenn. 

Teagle, Frank Henry (M. Eng.) 8418 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Wabb, Ralph 5492 Cornell Ave. Cliicago, HI. 


Bbidlbb, Joseph Arthur (Mfg.) 1106 Monroe Bldg. Chicago, HI. 

Bbookb, Everett Watson (Mfg.) 6209 Berlin Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

190a-07 CORNELL 267 

HowLAND, Frank Clarence 115 So. Union St. Akron, O. 

PATTEBSON, John Johnston 5202 Blackstone Ave. Chicago, 111. 

♦ Pkatt, Ransom, died 1906 Elmira, N.Y. 

Rton, Robert (Milling) Elkland, Pa. 

Thatbb, Samuel George (Farmer) 1286 East Ave. Rochester, N.Y. 

TucKKB. William Winton (Coal) 1518 So. State St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

WooDWABD, Winsor French (Mfg.) Crescent Rd. Wyncote, Pa. 


Batnb, George Henry (M. Eng.) 561 W. 14l8t St. New York, N.Y. 

Brewster, Alfred Alexander (Mfg.) West Market St. Akron, O. 

Brown, Charies Macdonald (Telephone) Prince (3eorge, B.C. 

Climo, Arthur Harold (Mfg.) 2029 East 88th St. Cleveland, O. 

Glover, Charles NicoU (Mfg.) Washingtonville, N.Y. 

Inblee, Ralph Hamilton (Eng.) Newton, N.J. 

King, Clifford Marshall. , Sandusky, O. 

MouLSON, Charles Edward (M. Eng.) . .76 Dartmouth St. Rochester, N.Y. 

RoBT, Harold Paige 2144 Oliver Bldg. Pittsburg^, Pa. 

VAN LdBEN Sbls, Maurits C.C. (Rancher) . . . Vorden, Sacramento Co. Cal. 

VoRiB, WiUiam Slade (Mfg.) 108 S. Union St. Akron, O. 

Whittlesey, William Augustus (Eloe.) Crofut St. Pittsfield, Mass. 


BiLLwxLLEB, Charlcs Jamee, Jr 69 Greene St. New York, N.Y. 

Bbimkbbhoff, Charles Fuller. Jr.. .Grand Ontral Term. New York, N.Y. 
Chambers, Norman Campbell (Sales. Eng.) 

Ill Broadway, New York. N.Y. 

Crousb, Jay Lansing (Banking) 623 Oak St. Syracuse, N.Y. 

DoDOB, Clarence Bntton (Auto Sup.) . . 1018 S.. Main St. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Gallaheb, DeWitt (Ins.) 1102 Kanawha St. Charleston. W.Va. 

Newton, Wilbur (Lumber) 4th & Court Sts. Pueblo, Colo. 

Vail. George Ira (R. Est.) 2197 Harcourt Dr. Cleveland, O. 

Wallacb, Frederick Ashby 136 W. Wayne Ave. Wayne, Pa. 


BiQLBR, William (Mfg.) Qearfield, Pa. 

Cairns, Edward (Pub.) 358 N. Fullerton Ave. Upper Montolair, N.J. 

Grbbhaic, Frank Spencer (Mfg.) . .Cotton Exchange Pldg. Galveston, Tex. 

Hallidat, Morris Samuel (LawO 510 E. Seneca St. Ithaca, N.Y. 

Johnson, George Tewksbury (M. Eng.) 

135 S. Garfield Ave. Columbus, O. 

Rowland, Hany Shepard (Fin.) 77 Park St. Montdair, N.J. 

SoicEBYiLLB, John Snape (Mer.) 35 W. Kinzie St. Chicago, 111. 


Benedict, Julius Thompson (Adv.) 1321 E. 52nd St. Chicago, 111. 

Bradlet, Alva (R. Est.) 2114 Elandon Dr. Cleveland Heights, O. 

CRAwroRD, Willard John, Jr. (R. Est.) 

2301 Stillman Rd. Cleveland Heights, O. 

Eells, Dan Parmelee (Mfg.) 536 Astor St. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hollo WAY, Arthur Power (Mfg.) 1423 Euclid Ave. Steubenville, O. 

Hutchins, Carleton Brown (Tunber) 2216 Pratt Blvd. Chicago, 111. 

268 CORNELL 1907-11 

Mabtxn, Paris (Law.) Boiae City Nat. Bank Bldg. Boise, Idaho 

NxwTON, James Quigg (Fin.) 350 Humboldt St. Denver, OJo. 

Putnam, Henry Sibley (Mfg.) 644 Palmwood Ave. Toledo, O. 

ScHUBMAN, Robert (Mfg.) 357 Market St. San Francisco, CaL 

Stinchfusld, Charles, Jr. (Timber) Penobscot Bldg. Detroit, Mich. 

Wallowxb, Edgar Zollinger 336 High St. Lockport, N.Y. 


BiLLWXLLiR, Ernest Oswald (Eng.) 242 East Main St. Stockton, Cal. 

Bradlbt, Charles Iieininger (R. Est.) 706 Marion Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

* FocKE, George Cleveland, died 1909 Galveston, Tex. 

GooDSPEED, Charles Bamett (Mfg.) 

619 Railway Exchange Bldg. Chicago. HL 

* HoLLOWAY, Robert Tifft, died 1914 Montclair, N J. 

Rockwell, Archie Gordon (Auto.) 5000 Dorchester Ave. Chicago, lU. 

Taylob, Donald West (Ins.) 48 E. 4th St. St. Paul, Minn. 

Ware, Robert Rea (Mfg.) 1353 W. Fulton St. Chicago. 111. 

Wbnham, Russell Pelton (Farmer) Painesville, O. 


Beogs, David Wendell (R. Est.) Harrison Bldg. Columbus, O. 

Bbown, Lloyd Heman (Mfg.) 1500 N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo. 

3B0WN, Melville Gilfillan (Telephone) Prinise Goorae, B.C. 

Cobb. Richard Henry (Mfg.) 1962 East 79th St. Clevdaad, O. 

Gabdneb, Fred Eugene (Law.) 329 11th St. Roefaelle. HL 

Hall, Gilbert Phelps (Arch.) 61 Cedar St. Chicago, HI. 

Habobbavbb, Robert Cattle (Eng.) ... .53 Leioester Court, Detroit, Mioh. 

Johnson, John Thomas, Jr, (Mfg.) 702 E. Market St. Akron, O. 

Obahood, George Hurlbut (Mininj^ . . .2130 E. C^olfax Ave. Denver, Cok>. 
Rockwell, Theodore Griffith (Ins.) ... 175 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, HI. 
Stanton, Robert Brewster, Jr. (Mfg.) . . . .P. O. Box 311, New York, N.Y. 


BoBDEN, Rolden Lee 963 Menlo Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Clay, Terry Pitkin 6407 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Crane, Ralph Pettibone. 310 E. Bridge St. Austin, Mum. 

Fabbinoton, Thomas Hinohman (Eng.) Gwego, Tioni Co. N.Y. 

Gbay, Donald Stuart (Oil) 136 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Kipp, Whitney, died 1913 .New York, N.Y. 

May, Charles (3ulbertson (Ed.) 5501 2l8t St. N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

* MxLLABD, Samuel Brown, died 1908 Omaha, Neb. 

Petbbs, Albert William R. F. D. 1, Hood River, Ore. 

Saylb. Walter Chester (Mfg.) 2077 East 93rd St. Qeveland, O. 

Stanton, Harold Oliver General Electric Co. Erie, Pa. 


AvEBiLL,Willard Gushing, Jr Beaumont, Tex. 

BiGLEB, Harry Frederick, Jr Clearfield, Pa. 

Bole, David Clark (Pin.) 1926 E. 79th St. Cleveland, O. 

Bole, Hamilton Biggar (Steel) 8205 Eiiolid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

Divine, Charles Harding Binghamton, N.Y. 

1911-15 CORNELL 269 

Hawkins, Harold 2066 E. 77th St. Cleveland, O. 

McClain, Edward Lee, Jr. (Rancher) Hood River, Ore. 

O'Hara, Benjamin Harriaon 136 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Packaso, William Guthrie (Mfg.) Oxford, Chenango Co. N.Y. 

Pbtebson, W. Fairfield Woodadale, Whe^ing, W.Va. 


C^onNSB, Silas Hilton, Jr. (Farmer) Bloomingdale, III* 

Dbvlin, Erie Edwin (Auto.) , 112 Highland Ave. Cynwyd, Pa- 

DiSTUBB, Walter George (Constr.) 2905 N. Calvert St. Baltmiore, Md* 

JoHNBON, Allan Chalfant (Mfg.) 277 E. Mill St. Akron, O- 

Lawbencb, Harry Jay, Jr. (Auto.) . . . .Montgomery Inn, Bryn Mawr, Pa* 

Plamomi>on, Chiu-Ies Ambrose, Jr 82 Astor St. Chicago, 111. 

Shivebick, Robert Arthur 4046 Washington Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. 

Smith, Larratt Worthington (Lumber) ' 

70 South 12th St. Minneapolis, Minn 

Tappan, W. Hubert (Sales.) c/o Eclipse Stove Co. Mansfield, O. 

TowNSSND, Alfred Elliott (Mfg.) 115 Edgewood Rd. Ardmore, Pa. 


Cambbon, James Alexander (Eng.) Box 14, Holden, W.Va. 

Gabd, Leonard Meade 671 W. Feny St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

KoBBEB, Albert, Jr. (ClJontractor) 103 Lincoln PI. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Krogstad, Robert Bacon (Law.) 1524 K St. N. W. Washington, D.C. 

McNeab, George Hummer, Jr. (Eng.) Petaluma, Cal. 

Mankt, Walter Roy (Sales.) Larchmont, N.Y. 

Mebbtman, Louis McLane (Farmer) .... Cockeysville, Baltimore Co. Md. 

MiLi<EB,. Ransom Gurden, Jr. (Coal) 1940 E. 82nd St. Cleveland, O. 

Nevimb, Roger Griswold (Rubber) 1160 W. Exchange St. Akron, O. 

QcauBMAit, Greorge Munro Stahlman Bldg. Nashville, Tenn. 

SroirrBNBtrBGH, Lyndon Everett (Ins.) 93 Halsey St. Newark, N.J. 

Weixes, Theodore Ladd, Jr. (C. Eng.) 385 River St. Kingston, Pa. 


Albxandbb, Donald (Sales.) 1034 Garfield Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

Bakeb, Leslie David* (Farmer) Mohegan Lake, N.Y. 

Grand, Warren D. . .Can. Conn. Cotton Mills Ltd. Sherbrooke, P.Q. Can. 

Hinxlet, (Serald Watson 704 Central Ave. Dunkirk, N.Y. 

Hollow AT, Heniy Franklin, Jr. 

223 Upper Mountain Ave. Montclair, N.J. 

Johnson, Charles Bissell (Mfg.) 56 Rowena St. Detroit, Mich. 

Mason, Lowell, 2nd (Fm.) 207 W. 56th St. New York, N.Y. 

Mubfet, Latham Warner 4208 Prospect Ave.. Cleveland, O. 

Pabsons, Russell Cleveland (Builder) 343 Bridge St. Springfield, Mass. 

Pattbbson, Benjamin, Jr. (Sales.) 

Ansel Rd. & Wade Pk. Aves. Cleveland, O. 
Sullivan, Donald Faser (Contractor) . . . 179 Iroquois Ave. Detroit, Mich. 
Sullivan, Edward Dunbar (Contractor) . 179 Iroquois Ave. Detroit, Mich. 


Gabfield, John Newell (Mfg.) West Mentor, Lake Co. O. 

Hanbahan, Edward M., Jr 18 Front St. Binghamton, N.Y. 

CORHELL ltl»-19 

MiCDC, nUary Herbert (Eng,) 1612 21st St. N. W^ W^a^jUm, D.C. 

MiujotD, Alfnd, it Hood Rhrer. Ore. 

McLVOKD, Allen 144 & 2Dd Ave. Mi. VenKU. N.Y- 

ScHLAOBB, Chatiea 76 Rhrefaide Dr. BioAamtaa, N.T. 

Shkbbt, Alden Biadfofd 203 Biver St. Tro!^. N.T. 

fiTAMBAVOB, John, Jr. 621 Wick Ave. Toung^toim. O. 

Thukbeb. Hemy Thomaa 491 St. Paul Ave. Detroit. Mich. 

Vajt Wnruc, Edcar Bishop 272 McDoooogfa St. BnioUyn. N.T. 


Beckwitb. Cluulea Leach 534 Tomer St. AOentown. Fa. 

BrcKWELL. George Dapr6 1824 E. «7th St. deveUnd, O. 

Clakkb, Charles Frederick. 1325 Astor St. Chicaco. Dl. 

CooKB. Everett Brownell. , 377 12th Ave. Ptiteraon, N J. 

Labsibo, Charles Treadway Westervidt Ave. Teoafly, N J. 

Labsibo. Sanford Green Westervelt Ave. Teoafly. N J. 

Ltob. Lowell Thayer 209 N. Lan« Ave. Pittabuish. Pa. 

Mioou. Benjamin HaU 1612 21st St. WaahingUm. D.C. 

MiLLABD, Hugh Ezra U. S. National Bank. Omaha, Neb. 

PuBGS, Edward Earle 30 E. Percy Ave. Detroit. Mich. 

Sthattab. Abram Gaar 105 LaSalle St. 8., Chicago, 111. 

Taylor, Gilbert Morris 529 Portland Ave. St. Paul. Minn. 

TowAB, Frank Jonas. Jr 54 Ferry St. E.. Detroit. Mich. 

Vab Wibklb. Allan Foster 272 McDonough St. Brooklyn, N.T. 

ViSEL. David Roy Staniah Arms, Columbia Hts. Brooklyn, N.T. 


Allbbiqht, John Glover 4937 Dorchester Ave. Chicago. HI. 

Brown, Kenneth Colton Bronham. Hinsdale. HI. 

DbWitt, John Colorado Springs. Cok>. 

Eastman, William Henry 1038 Genesee Ave. Saginaw, Mich. 

Foss, Frank Kent 4626 Lake Park Ave. Chicago. 111. 

Franzhxim, Lawrence Woodward (Sales.). 1126 Main St. Wheeling. W.Va. 

Franzhxim, William Alfred 404 S. Front St. Wheeling. W.Va. 

Harrison, Allrich Scheper. . Min Wax Co. 18 E. 4l8t St. New Tork, N.T. 

Kelly, Friedrich Hejm 1406 Eutaw PI. Baltimore, Md. 

LiKLY, Henry Kenneth 95 Merriman St. Rochester, N.T. 

O'CoNNELL, Geoffrey Maurice 104 Overlook Rd. Ithaca, N.T. 

HcHURMAN, Jacob Gould, Jr 41 East Ave. Ithaca, N.T. 

Shblton, Frederic William 3612 Harvey St. Omaha, Neb. 

Slattbry, Thomas August 2335 15th St. Troy, N.T. 

Smith, Elwyn Laurence 652 W. Onondaga St. Syracuse, N.T. 

Tappan, Alan Prescott 308 W. Park Ave. Mansfield, O. 

Van Clbve, Herman Bregy 9 Rockledge Rd. Montclair, N.J. 

WiBQAND, Charles Oliver 501 Clara Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 


Bailxy, Cliflford Sherwood 116 Dearborn PI. Ithaca, N.T. 

Blancrard, Merrill 1112 Hinman Ave. Evanston, 111. 

Bliss, Rodney Moore 1070 E. 99th St. Cleveland. O. 

Dixon, Wesley Moon 204 S. Sooville Ave. Oak Park, Hi. 

1918 CORNELL 271 

Dodge, Frederick Perkins 2529 Monroe St. Toledo, O. 

Eabtwick, Joseph Iiees 1109 DeKalb St. Norristown, Pa. 

Gabdxer, Kenneth Huntington 2961 K. Woodland Rd. Cleveland, O. 

GiLLiBB, Frederick Montague 6931 Euclid Ave. Chicago, III. 

Johnson, William Elliott 1616 Hinman Ave. Evanston, 111. 

Micou, Creswell MacMurray 1612 21st St. Washington, D.C. 

MiLLABD, Joseph Hopkins 123 N. 39th St. Omaha, Neb. 

Norton, William Kenneth 3328 Harvey St. Omaha. Neb. 

Shivbbick, Francis Tobey 1310 Madison Park, Chicago, 111. 

Wbllbs, John Weaver 385 River St. Kingston, Pa. 

Yeaw, Albin 329 Hartford Rd. South Orange, N.J. 

272 1837-i6 



* CoNKLiN, Henry Hewitt, died 1884 Fond du Lao, Wis. 

* Jbwett, Dr. Fliny Adama, died 1884 New Haven, Conn. 


* GooDWTN, William Stephen, died 1883 Hickaford, Va. 


* Inoersoll, Hon. Colin Macrae, died 1903 New Haven, Conn. 

* &roRM, Cornelius, died 1882 San Francisco, Cal. 


* Mallett, Dr. William Peter, died Chapel Hill, N.C. 


* Church, Dr. Samuel Porter, died 1914 Ithaca, N.Y. 

* Pynchon, Prof. Thomas Ruggles, died 1904 New Haven, Conn. 


* Brainard, Dr. Edwin Whittlesey, died 1881 Branford, Conn. 

* Gebr, Rev. George Jarvis, died 1886 New York, N.Y. 

* Hall, Dr. George Rogers, died 1899 Milton, Mass. 

* Olmbtead, Rev. Henry, died 1882 Branford, Conn. 

* Warner, Rev. Abraham Joseph, died 1907 Angelica, N.Y. 


* CooKE, Oliver Dudley, died 1895 Charlestown, W.Va. 

* Prescott, Rev. Oliver Sherman, died 1903 New Haven, Conn. 

* Wadbworth, Louis Fenn, died 1908 Plainfield, N.J. 


* Capron, Rev. Alexander, died 1890 Jersey Ci^, N.J. 

* Chipman, George Colfax, died 1893 Washmgton, D.C. 

* Crane, Thaddeus, died 1903 Somers, N.Y. 

* Fowler, Samuel; died 1895 New Orleans, La. 

* Palmer, Rev. Noble, died 1903 St. Paul, Minn. 


* Flaqq, Rev. Jared Bradley, died 1899 New York^N.Y. 

* Hooff, James Lawrence, died 1887 Charlestown, W.Va. 

* Yale, Hiram Augustus, died 1887 Meriden, Conn. 

1847-66 PHI KAPPA 278 


* Hills, Bey. George Morgan, died 1890 Burlington, N.J. 

* MoBSS, John Rudd, died 1885 Rahway, N.J. 

* SiSTABB, Charles Gabriel, died 1809 New York, N.Y. 


* Flaoo, Rev. Edward Octaviiu, died New York, N.Y. 

* Jabvis, Richard William Hart, died 1903 Hartford. Conn. 

* MiDDLBBBOoK, Louis Nathaniel, died 1908 Bridgeport, Conn. 

« Pbabodt, Francis Bolles, died 1908 Chicago, 111. 

* Pbtbbs, William Cowper, died 1895 Boston, Mass. 

* l^nHBON, Rev. Levi Burt, died 1897 Old Mission, Mich. 


* Whbaton, Chazies, died 1906 Aurora, III. 


HuNTiNOTON, Rev. John Taylor 17 Clinton St. Hartford, Conn. 


* Bbainabd, Rev. John, died 1909 Auburn, N.Y. 

* CaoBBY; Darius Georcs, died 1897 Orange, N.J. 


* Booth, Thomas Rogenh died ■ ■ ■ ■ Bethlehem, Pa. 

* Chasb, Rev. Francis, died 1904 Soarsdale, N.Y. 

* Dbanb, Heniy Martyn, died 1908 Armour, N.C. 


* Andbbws, Robert, died — — Bast Orange, N.J. 

Bowman, James Pirrie (Planter) ^ St. FrancesviUe, La. 

* Hbnshaw, Charles Henrv, died 1910 Providence, R.I. 

* WzLLjAMSi Erastus Winslow, died 1888 ; Yantic« Coon. 


BoABDMAN. William Jarvis (Ret.) . . .1801 P St. N. W., Washington, D.C. 

* Williams, Rev. James Heniy, died 1888 New York, N.Y. 


* Jacobs, Edward Coleman, died 1879 Corrine, Utah 

« PsBBTMAjf, Rev. Edward Griffith, died 1888 Baltimore* Md. 

* Pbxston, Jacob Alexander, died 1904 Baltimore, Md. 

* Tbact, Elisha, died 1913 New York, N.Y. 


* FiSHEB, Rhoads, died 1912 .Austin, Tex. 

* HuBBBLL, John Henry, died 1895 Beverly, O. 

* Ives, Rev. Angus Morison, died 1880 Tuokaboe, N.Y. 

274 Pm KAPPA 1868-70 


Abmstbono, D. MaitUnd (Stamed Glan) .58 W. 10th St. New York, N.T. 

* Hates. Dr. William WiUiamB. died 1901 San Luis Obispo, Cal. 


* HoLCOMB, Bankson Taylor, died 1912 New Castle, Del. 

* Leavbb, Henry Knight, died 1901 Washington, D.C. 

Maddox, Williun Thomas Alexandria, La. 


* Graham, Hamilton Claverhouse, died 1900 Selma, Ala. 

HoLLBY, Rev. William Welles 453 Main St. HackensfMsk, N.J. 


* James, Coley, died 1892 Thomaston, Conn. 


* CHBTsnE, Dr. Thomas Mackaness Ludlow, died 1914 Rye, N.Y. 


HuNnNOTON, Col. Robert Watkinson Univenity, Va. 


* Pitts, Charles Hall, died 1887 Baltimore. Md. 


Gbiswold, Benjamin Howell (Ret.) 1433 Park Ave. Baltimore, Md. 

* HoopBB, George GrafSin, died 1903 Baltimore, Md. 

SuuuiVAN, Felix Robertson (Ins.) 1728 N. Calvert St. Baltimore, Md. 


* HuNTiKGTON, Dr. Henry Kent, died 1897 New York, N.Y. 

Thubman, Allen William 513 £. Rich St. Columbus, O. 


* Kbnnbdt, Frank, died 1885 Hagerstown, Md. 

Potts, Rev. Francis Henry Hastings, Minn. 


Chbshibb, Rt. Rev. Joseph Blount Ravenscroft, Raleigh, N.C. 


* BixBY, Robert Forsyth, died 1900 New York, N.Y- 

Bbtant, Percy Shelley (Law.) 1122 Main St. East Hartford, Conn* 

CooKB, George Lewis (Law.) 34 Somerset St. Providence, R.I. 

* Kibkland, James, died 1882 Albany, N.Y. 

Whitlock, Rev. Harlow Ruggles Rockrille, Conn. 

1871-78 PHI KAPPA 276 


GoBDON, Rev. Thomas Henry 437 S. Olden St. Trenton, N.J. 


Belunqer, Edward Bohun (Ed.) Walterboro, S.C. 

* BiTXTON, Jarvifl Barry, died 1899 Wilkesborough, N.C. 

* Elliott, James Habersham, died Lester, Miss. 

Graham, Rev. John 343 S. Beech St. Richmond Hill, L.I., N.Y. 

Pebbt, Rev. Josiah Bedon 

Sntdsr, Dr. Edgar 

Warner, Hon. Donald Ticknor (Law.) Salisbury, Conn. 


Buxton, John Cameron (Law.) 520 Summit St. Winston-Salem, N.C. 


orge Jarvis, died 1905. . 
* GiLMORB, Dr. Amojd Plumer, died 1906. ... ........... ... Chicago, 111. 

* CoE, George Jarvis, died 1905 Plamfield, N.J. 

Plumer, Iiewis M. (Law.) St. Nicholas Bldg. Pittsburgh, Pa* 

Smtth, Hon. James Davis (Judge) Burlington, la. 

Whalby, Rev. Percival Hanahim 165 Ashley Ave. Charleston, S.C. 


Brtan, Washington 3 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

Clarke, Arthur French (Sales.) 5 Druce St. Brookline, Mass. 

* Norton, Rev. George Herbert, died 1881 Ausable Forks, N.Y. 

* Sartwbllb, Rev. William Dinsmore, died 1897 Dublin, Tex. 


* FooTB, Charles Edgar, died 1893 Phoenix, Aris. 

HiBSTBR, Isaac 138 N. 5th St. Reading, Pa. 

PoRTBR, Rev. Theodore Atkinson Charleston, S.C. 


Hazlehurst, George Blagden Catonsville, Md. 

HooKBR, Rev. Sidney Douglass (Archdeacon) Helena. Mont. 

* HusKB, Rev. John, died 1915 Newburgn, N.Y. 

Kurtz, Dr. Julian Ellis 20 S. 5th St. Reading, Pa. 


* Blackmer, William Cole, died 1903 Salisbury, N.C. 

* Cbipman, (jreorge Sumner, died 1879 Stamford, Conn. 

Hills, Rev. John Dows 205 Lincoln Ave. Bellevue, Pa. 

* Hunter, Dr. Charles, died 1899 Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Ltman, Augustus Julian (R. Est.) P. O. Box 925, Ashevme, N.C. 

Mock, Leonidas Cowan Asheville, N.C. 

Stewart, Dr. George Taylor 741 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

276 PHI KAPPA 1879-86 


Cambbon , Rev. Jamea Innes Hayes 

Hagar, Walter Calrin Chaunoey HaJl School, Boston, Mass. 

Habdinq, Rt. Rev. Alfred (Bishop) 

Catoedral Close, Mt. St. Alban, Washington, D.C. 
Snow, Alpheus Henry (Law.) 

2013 Massachusetts Ave. N. W., Washington, D.C. 


* Kneblaitd, Oorge, died 1883 New York, N.Y. 

* Stonb, Rev. Morton, died 1905 Taunton, Mass. 

* Stonb, Rev. Stewart, died 1895 Philadelphia, Pa. 


CuBTiflS, Dr. Harlow Clarke (LawO . . . 100 Lincoln Parkwur, Buffalo, N.Y. 
Fbebland, Rev. Charles Wright (U.S.A.). . . War Dept. Washington, D.C. 

HuNnNOTON, Dr. (3eorge Sumner 240 W. 76th St. New York, N.Y. 

Newton, Rev. Edward Pearsons Hyde Park-K>n-Hudson, N.Y. 


Babto, Richard Vemam (Fin.) 657 E. Rich St. Columbus, O. 

Cabtbr, Bernard Moore 1212 Eutaw PI. Baltimore, Md. 

Carteb, Charles Henry 1212 Eutaw PI. Baltimore, Md. 

Coit, Rev. Charles Wheeler Nashotah House, Nashotah, Wis. 

Howell, George Dawson (Law.) 1319 Oliver Bldg. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Watson, Rev. Samuel Newell 23 Ave. de TAlma, Paris, France 


Cabtbb, Hon. John Ridgely (Law.) Baltimore, Md. 

Cowl, Maurice (Priest) 4625 Springfield Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Huntington, John Williams, died 1893 Amantia, Fla. 

KuBTz, Dr. Clarence Morgan Reading, Pa. 

WooDBurr, Frank Dutton 34 Gramercy Pk. New York, N.Y. 


Bbainabd, John Morgan (Law.) 144 South St. Auburn, N.Y. 

Crockeb, Hubert Davis (Law.) . . .'. . . 167 W. Washington St. Chicago, 111. 

Hills, Rev. George Heatncote 3626 Reading Rd. Cincinnati, O. 

Hills, Reginald Shawnee-onrDelaware, Pa. 

Huntington, Rev. Harwood Hot Springs, Va. 

RiCHABDSON, Frank Wood (Mer.) 138 South St. Auburn, N.Y. 


BoABDMAN. William Hennr 3608 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

* CoDMAN, Rev. Archibald, died 1891 Roslindale, Mass. 

* HuMFHBBT, George Frederick, died 1883 » Faribault, Minn. 


* Cambbon, Rev. Lewis, died 1909 S. Orange, N.J. 

jGioODWiN, Rev. James. 28 Garden St. Hartford, Conn. 

1886-98 Pm KAPPA 877 

Hatch. Edward Buckingham 646 Prospect Ave. Hartford, Conn. 

Hats, John MacQurg Beechwood Blvd. Pittsburgh, Pa. 


ApPLSOATii, Rev. Ootavius 1103 Summit PI. Utica, N.Y. 

Cabtbr. Rev. George Calvert The Rectory, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

HAMI.IN, Albert Church 615 W. 110th St. New York, N.Y. 


Babbkb, William "V^att Southboro, Mass. 

Bbownxll, Henry Barnard (Law.) 41 Park Row, New York, N.Y. 

Goodwin, William Brownell Aetna Insurance Co. Columbus, O. 

MoBOAN, Wm. Festus Cooperstown, N.Y. 

Putnam, William Throckmorton (Farmer) Lake Guahman, Wash. 

Stbwabt. Dr. William' John SheafF. . .1430 N St. N. W. Washington, D.C. 
Wabnbb, Malcolm Clark P. O. Box 1183, San Antonio, Tex. 


ScHUTz, Robert Hutchins (Mfg.) 1075 Prospect Ave. Hartford, Oinn. 

Sennktt, Lucien Frank (Ed.) Howe School, Howe, Ind. 

* Yandsrposl, Aaron Melger, died 1894 Hartford, C;k>nn. 


* Cbxbitbbib, Theodore Lathrop, died 1003 Niagara FaDs, N.Y. 

CoLKMAN, Gilbert Fayaon (Author) Nantucket, Mass. 

* Hxm»iN8, Robert HamUton, died 1909 New York, N.Y. 

Littbll, Rev. John Stockton 147 Washington St. Keene, N.H. 

* Ptnchon, Prof. Willian) Harry Chichele, died 1910 

Oyster Bay, L.I., N.Y. 

* Smith, Philip, died 1896 Detroit, Mich. 


* DiNOWAix, Edward Alexander, died 1910 Bay City, Mich. 

Hamlin, George Newell 40 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Lamfson, Dr. Edward Rutledge 175 N. Beacon St. Hartford, (>>nn. 

Plvmb, Rev. John Fields New Milford, Conn. 

Van Schaacx, David (Ins.) 20 Sycamore St. Hartford, Conn. 


Almt, Samson (Lumber) 76 Prospect St. Providence, R.I. 

Cabt, Hennr A 604 West 112th St. New York. N.Y. 

* FuLLBB, Irederic Beecher, died 1896 Chicago, 111. 

KiDDBB, Dr. Hugh 245 W. 54th St. New York, N.Y. 

* Randall, Ernest Davis-, died 1894 Essex, Conn. 


BowxB, Carter Lee (Law.) 503 Carroll Bldg. Baltimore, Md. 

Caetbb, LawBon Averell (Law.) Cooperstown, N.Y. 

* Chubohman, Clarke, died 1898 Ulaymont, Del. 

CvLLBN, James (Mfg.) 2811 Burnet Ave. Cincinnati, O. 

* Dickinson, Ernest Leon, died 1892 Essex, Conn* 

278 PHI KAPPA 1883-99 

LocKWooD, Luke Vincent (Law.) 35 Nassau St. New York, N.Y. 

* Wilson, Rev. George Hewson, died 1900 Sbuthington, Conn. 


Cahtbr, Shirley (Law.) 8 East Biddle St. Baltimore, Md. 

Ide, Horton Gregory City Hall, Boston, Mass. 

Morrison, Rev. Palmer Bennett 

25 Ave. des Champ^-Elysees, Paris, France 

ScHUTZ, Walter Stanley (Law.) 36 Pearl St. Hartford, Conn. 

WssLBT, Perley Raymond (Rubber) 12 Creighton St. Providence, R.I. 


Bribcob, James, Jr Pier 2, Light St. Wharf, Baltimore, Md. 

Churchman, Edward Gilpin (Lumber) 

300 Franklin Bank Bldg. PhUadelphia, Pa. 
Dingwall, Harrie Rens Widkerville, Out. Can. 

♦ Hamlin, Edward Percy, died 1903 New York, N.Y. 

LiTTELL, Rev. Samuel Harrin^^n 

Amer. Mission of the Episo(H>al Church, Hankow, China 
McGann, Rev. John Moore 125 East 26th St. Chicago, HI. 


Dtett, Walter Fairman (Acct.) 32 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Langford, William Spaight C^rand CTentral Term. New York, N.Y. 

Washburn, Dr. Philip Carter .Kings Park, L.I., N.Y. 


Alubn, Henry Woodward 3737 Washington Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

Bbecboft, Edgar Charles (Law.) Pelham Manor, N.Y. 

Grinnell, Henry (Forester) 

c/o Martin, Wright & Rollins, Asheville, N.C. 

Langford, Archibald Morrison (Ed.) 35 W. 96th St. New York, N.Y. 

Moore, Capt. Jarius Alpheus. . .c/o Ad^t. Cxen. U.S.A., Wadiington, D.C. 
Page, Capt. John Henry, Jr.. . .c/o Adjt. Gen. U.SA., Washington, D.C 

Plumer, Samuel, 2nd 170 4th Ave. Pittdburi^i, Pa. 

Starr, Dr. Robert Sythoff 247 Collins St. Hartford, Conn. 


Carter, Julian Stuart 218 E. Lexington St. Baltimore, Md. 

Cook, Rev. Philip St. Mark's Church, San Antonio, Tex. 

Davenport, John Sidney, Jr. (Ins.) Westhampton, Richmond, Va. 

Foot, Edwin Hawley 1005 4th St. Red Wing, Minn. 

Reynolds. Lloyd Gilson (Law.) 110 S. 42nd St. Philadelphia, Pa. 


Glazebrook, Dr. Francis Henry 26 Elm St. Morristown, N.J. 

Hbdrick, Rev. Charles Baker 109 Broad St. Middletown, Conn. 

Kerner, Howard Sinclair Great Barrington, Mass. 

Littell, Dr. Elton Gardiner 149 Park Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. 

Morse, Bryan Killikelly 29 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Onderdonx, Adrian Hermes (Ed.) St. James School, Hagerstown, Md. 

189$-1906 PHI KAPPA 279 

Rich, Rev. Ernest Albert (Archdeacon) Vincel St. Graham, Va. 

RoBBiNS, James (Joum.) c/o The World, New York, N.Y. 


Bradin, James Watson, Jr 17 Battery PI. New York, N.Y. 

* Fox, Roderick Harrison, died Bradford, Pa. 

FuLiiBB, Samuel Richard, Jr. (R. R.) . . 64 Heights Road, Ridgewood, N.J. 

GiiAZEBROOK, Haslett McKim 61 Broad St. Elizabeth, N.J. 

HoRNOR, Harry Archer (E. Eng.) Hamilton Court, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Schwartz, David Louis (Steel) 343 Aubrey Rd. Wynnewood, Pa. 

Sherwood, Rev. Granville Hudson 1818 6th Ave. Rock Island, 111. 


Brown, William Pumell (Ed.) Centreville, Md. 

Walker, James Merryman (Ry.) 194 Clinton St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Wynkoop, Augustus (R. Est.) 7 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 


Braofield, Herbert Stanley 

Clapp, Dr. Fred Raymond 

Steele, Thomas MoBlain (Law.) 121 Church St. New Haven, Conn. 

Wbibel, Richard Nicks (Mfg.) 227 Mitchel Ave. Clairton, Pa. 

White, Rev. Howard Russell 319 Colfax Ave. South Bend, Ind. 


Bradin, Percival Hawtree 2000 Michigan Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Henry, Daniel Murray (Law.) .... 1409 Continental Bldg. Baltimore, Md. 

McKeon, Robert Lincoln (Ins.) 587 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Thomas, Rev. Edmund Crawford. . . .116 Washington St. Hartford, Conn. 
Tucker, William Winton 1518 S. State St. Syracuse, N.Y. 


Denslow, Theodore North (Sales.) 245 Park Ave. Mansfield, O. 

Van Tine, Raymond BrinckerhofF (Sales.) 

305 Empress Bldg. Seattle, Wash. 


Farrow, Malcolm Collins Jr. (Law.) 248 W. Pomiret St. Carlisle, Pa. 

Grady, James Thomas 46 Langdon St. Cambridge, Mass. 

Meredith, Rev. Frederic Charles. 32 Kita Kuruwa Cho, Maebashi, Japan 

Rhodes, Charles Milton (Glass.) 534 Oak St. Columbus, O. 

Wynkoop, C. Barton (R. Est.; Ins.) 16 Plant St. Utica, N.Y. 


Cameron, Ralph Evelyn (Eng.) Lockwood Bldg. Buffalo, N.Y. 

* Fackler, David Morris, died 1906 New York, N.Y. 

* HuBT, Harry, died 1909 Middletown, Conn. 

Hunt, E. Munson (Adv.) Harrison, N.Y. 

Laudbrbubn, Donald Ely (For. Eng.) ... 1 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Maercklein, Burdette (Jrane (Adv.) 213 Laurel St. Hartford, Conn. 

Schwartz, Herman Livingston .(Machinery) Wynnewood, Pa. 

280 Pm KAPPA 1907-11 


Brtant, Percy Carleton 1122 Main St. East Hartford, Conn. 

CuBTiB, Thomas Cook, Jr. (Law.) 44 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

Ds Maubiac, Rev. Henry de Wolf.. . .St. Paul's Rectory, Lancaster, N.EL 

Edwabdb, Henry Bov-d 112 Randolph Ave. Milton, Mass. 

Hbdbick, Frederic Cleveland (R. Est.) 

2403 St. John's Ave. Jacksonville, Fla. 
Light, Dr. William Henry 704 S. Main St. Geneva, N.Y. 


Cross, William Rich (Adv.) .... First National Bank Bids. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Edsall, James Kirtland (Auditor) .2642 Portland Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

HuBBABD, George Whipple (Coal) 101 Canner St. New Haven, Conn. 

Htdk, Ralph de Lanoey (Lumber) 

Wes1aninst«r Trust Bldg. New Westoiinster, B.C. 
MoBGAN, Herman Thomas 

o/o T. W. Morgan, 9 (joodwin St. Hartford, (Z)onn. 
Paob, James Jellis c/o Vacuum Oil Co. Johannesburg, So. Africa 

RANDAiiL, Giles Deshon Kingston, Pa. 

WoLVB, Ralph Reed (Edit.) 14 Sherman St. Hartford. Conn. 


Aleshibb, Joseph Pa^ (U. S. A.) West Point, N.Y. 

Dbppbn, William Christian Shamokin, Pa. 

Eastman, Welles 410 Groveland Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Habt, John Caldwell (Mfg.) 114 Hart St. Taunton, Mass. 

* Pbck, Henry Oliver, died 1912 Pittsfield, Mass. 

Rich, Frank Chase Standard Oil Co. of N. Y. Madras, India 

♦ Willoughby, Keith, died 1907 Buffalo, N.Y. 


Bishop, Frederick Samuel (Mfg.) Bardstown Rd. Louisville, Kv. 

Habmon, Sturges 400 Coleman Bldg. Seattle, Wash. 

Kbdkbt, Frederick Steinfort (Warehouse) 

111 Clifton Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lanqpobd, Edward (Actor) 36 W. 96th St. New York, N.Y. 

Labnbd, Lieut. William Eomimd.c/o Adj. Gen. U.S.A., Washington, D.C. 
Wbight, Richardson Little (Edit.) 31 E. 17th St. New York, N.Y. 


Clabk, Albert (Law.) 83 Franklin St. Lee, Mass. 

Davis, Alexander Keith (Civil Service).. .468 High St. Middletown, Ck>nn. 

Fabbow, Walter Murray 104 N. Shamokin St. Shamokin, Pa. 

Gibson, William Burr (Mfg.) 404 Brandsrwine Ave. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Howxll, Alfred (C:k>al) Cheat Haven, Pa. 

Kbtbs. George Thurman (Civil Service) 79 Wall St. New York, N.Y. 

MoBBis, Thomas Lynn (Law.) 205 S. Evaline St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Rbes, Henry Kollock CIns.) Sapulpa, ()kla. 

Yates, Blinn Francis (Banking) P. O. Box 44, Southbury, Conn. 

1912-16 Pm KAPPA 281 


BARNinrr, Bion 735 Riverside Ave. Jacksonville, Fla. 

BxBD, William Augustus, 4th 493 Prospect Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Blkkckxb, William Hill. Jr. (Mfg.) 240 Laurel St. Hartford, Conn. 

Hbbbick, Paul Fairbanks (Mfg.) 684 State St. Springfield, Mass. 

HowsLL, Charles Hurd (Ed.) St. Mark's School, Soutnboro, Mass. 

Links, William Samuel, Jr 39 Highland St. Hartford, Conn. 

Pbttigrew. Elliott Fielding (Sales.) 162 W. 97th St. New York. N.Y. 

RsDDicK, John Famsley (Adv.) Akron, O. 


Adkinb, Leonard Dawson Aurora St. Easton, Md. 

Barnstt, Joseph Noyes Newtown, Conn. 

Cook, Allan Behrends (Banking) 136 W. 44th St. New York. N.Y. 

CxTBTXs, William Redmond Point Pleasant, N.J. 

Dkppbn, Richard Lawton (Ins.) 240 Laurel St. Hartford, Conn. 

Foot, Robert Montague (Sales.) 616 4th St. Red Wing. Minn. 

Leavsnwobth, Lieut. John Parke (U. S. Army) .Washington. D.C. 

MooRB, John Billow (Coal) Cheat Haven, Pa. 

Thompson, Uldrio, Jr. (M. Eng. & Inventor) . 

136 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 
WiTHiNQTON, Robert Preston (Ins.) . .11 Elmore St. Newton Centre, Mass. 


Adam, Josef (Music) Gumpoldskirchen, Austria 

DK RoNoi, Louis Onderdonk St. James School, Washington Co. Md. 

£ij>EB, George Howard (Telephone) Oakmont, Pa. 

DK RoNoi, Louis^ Onderdonk St. James School, Washington Co. Md. 

(Telephone) Oi " 

Hicks, Ury Albert (Mfg.) 261 Smith St. Hartford, Conn. 

LiSTBB, Aured Brooks. . . .Newton St. & Prospect Ave. Chestnut Hill, Pa. 

LiTTLB, Thomas Wolcott 821 Broad St. Hartfferd, Conn. 

MooRB, James Ashton 57 High St. Geneva, N.Y. 

MosBS, John Shapleigh Garden City, L.I.. N.Y. 

Wroth, Edward Pinkney 1932 West Fayette St. Baltimore, Md. 

YouNQ. Vertrees Delaware Ave. Oakmont, Pa. 


Babnbtt. William Edward (Sales.) Newtown, Conn. 

BissBLL, Randwick Albert Brandon, Vt. 

BoBHM, Charles Herbert- (Ins.) Roland Park, P. O. Baltimore, Md, 

Edbau^, Samuel Harmon 2642 Portland Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

HowBLL, George Dawson, Jr 136 West 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Mbbbill, Stanley Merton 28 Marshall St. Hartford. Conn. 

RiVAB. Dayton Kathan (Sales.) 106 Front St. Schenect-ady, N.Y. 

Shbixbt, Isaac Battin 214 N. Maple Ave. Lansdowne, Pa. 

Witbington^ Charles Coolidge. Southeastern Life Ins. Co. GreenviUe, S.C. 
Young, Philip John, Jr 245 Grant Ave. Nutley, N.J. 


Cabtator, Frederick Barwick 1355 73rd St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Eldeb, Francis Wyatt 5 Club Rd. Roland Pk. Md. 

Habding, Alfred, Jr Bishop's House, Washington, D.C. 

Lambbbt, Frank 321 Augusta Ave. Baltimore, Md. 

282 PHI KAPPA 1916-18 

Lyon, Lowell Thayer 209 N. LaD« Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Martin, Robert Starr Royal Oak, Md. 

1917 . 

Bebkelbt, Otey Robinson 805 New England Bldg. Cleveland, O. 

Hatch, James Watson 646 Prospect Ave. Hartford, Conn. 

Little, Drummond Williamson 821 moad St. Hartford, Conn. 

Macrum, William Wade Oakmont, Pa. 

Pratt, John Humphrey, Jr 465 W. 157th St. New York, N.Y.. 

Sather, Einer 502 Ramsey Ave. Litchfield, Minn. 

Smith, Hugh Montgomery 66 West 50th St. New York, N.Y. 

Stark, Dudley Scott 825 Taylor Ave. Scranton, Pa. 

Weaver, Cornelius Weygandt (R. R.) 

251 W. Harvey St. Gennantown, Pa. 


Barber, George Harmon High St. Cambridge, Md. 

BuRNHAM, John DuBois Keeseville, N.Y. 

Hardino, Paul Curtis. .Cathedral Close, Mt. St. Alban, Washinf^on, D.C. 

Hats, James McFadden 530 Academy Ave. Sewickley, Pa. 

Smtth, Walter Goldsborough 600 West leist St. New York, N.Y. 

Stewart, Murray McGregor, Jr 601 Whitaker St. Savannah, Ga. 

Talbott, Barnett Thomas 1918 Eye St. N. W., Washington, D.C. 

Withinoton, Jamea* Harvey 11 Elmore St. Newton Center, Mass. 

188^91 283 



McPhebson, Prof. John Hanson Th6mas . . 625 Milledge Ave. Athens, Ga. 


DbVries, Rev. William Levering 

3515 Woodley Rd. N. W., Washington, D.C. 

Lanisr, Charles Day (Pub.) Greenwich, Conn. 

Steineb, Bernard Christian (Lib.) 1038 N. Eutaw St. Baltimore, Md. 


Ames, Prof. Joseph Sweetman Charlcote PI. Guilford, Baltimore, Md. 

Blackford, William Steenbergen 

Burton, William Meriam 72 W. Adams St. Chicago, 111. 

Hodges, James Shaler (Govt.) 19 W. 20th St. Baltimore, Md. 

Keattno, Henry Webster St. James School, Hagerstown, Md. 

Morrison, George Clarence Baltimore Trust Co. Baltimore, Md. 

Poor, Prof. Charles Lane 36 East 69th St. New York, N.Y. 

Shipley, Howard Barry Baltimore, Md. 

* Stewart, John, 2nd, died 1903 Ecdeston, Md. 

Stone, John Stone (Cons. Eng.) 34 Gramercy Pk. New York, N.Y. 

White, Julian LeRoy 2400 W. North Ave. Baltimore, Md. 

* Williams, William Knapp, died 1897 Nordhofif , Cal. 


* Ahrbns, Adolph Hall, died 

Ahbbns, Theodor George 

172 Wilhelmshohestrasse, Berlin-Friedenan, Germany 

Ames, Prof. John Griffith, 2nd 1338 Mound Ave. Jacksonville, 111. 

Ames, John McEwen (M. Eng.) 165 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

* BvLLARO, Francis, died 1913 Boston, Mass. 

Freeman, Prof. Clarence Campbell 515 West 3rd St, Lexington, Ky. 

Goodwin, Prof. Charles Jaques 118 Church St. Bethlehem, Pa. 

Keech. Edward Parkin, Jr. (Law.).. .203 Ridgewood Rd. Roland Pk. Md. 
Knower, Prof. Henry McElderry 

Medical College, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, O. 
LiTTLBFiELD, Rcv. Milton Smith 289 Fourth Ave. New York, N.Y. 

* McDonald, John Dawson, died 1898 Boston, Mass. 

Theobald, Samuel, Jr 200 W. Chace St. Baltimore, Md. 

West, Charles Joseph Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Wright^ Dr. James Homer. Massachusetts Greneral Hospitfd, Boston, Mass. 


Brown, ShellmanBaer (Eng.) . Vernon Rd. E. Stenton Ave. Philadelphia.Pa. 

* Conrad, Charles An^elo, died Baltimore, Md. 

HoDGBS, Rowland White Law Bldg. Baltimore, Md. 

284 JOHNS HOPEJNS 1891-96 

Johnson, Charles William Leverett (Fin.) . 009 St. Paul St. Baltimore, Md. 

* Post, John Eugene Howard, died 1912 Baltimore, Md. 

Shabpb, Benjamm Franklin 4 Church St. Greenwich, N.Y. 

Stewart, Charles Morton (Farmer) Ecdeston P. O., Md. 


Brown, Dr. Thomas Richardson 19 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, Md. 

HoLMBS, Dr. Edwin Palisade Ave. Englewood, N.J. 

Jbwbtt, Hugh Judge, Jr. (Fanner) Darlington, Md. 

Johnson, Prof. Theodore Woolsey 55 Franklin St. Annapolis, Md. 

Shoemakbr, Capt. William Rawle. . .U. S. Navy Dept. Washington, D.C. 
Stewart, Gustav LUrman (Mer.).. . .Gay & Lombard Sts. Baltimore, Md. 
Stbwart, Redmond Conyngham (Law.) 

207 N. Calvert St. Baltimore, Md. 


Brown, George Stewart (Govt.) 041 Washington St. New York, N.Y. 

Farrow, Miles (Organist) 

Choir School, St. John the Divine, New York, N.Y. 
MoLiNARD, William Robinson. . . 112 N. Broadway, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Rebvbs, Prof. William Peters Gambler, O. 

Stevbnson, Robert Alston (Ed.) 57 High St. Yonkers, N.Y. 

Thomas, Douglas Hamilton, Jr. (Arch.).. Union Trust Bldg. Baltimore, Md. 
TuRNBULL, Edwin Litchfield (R. Est.) 12 E. Lexington St. Baltimore, Md. 


Adams, Major Edward Maquire .66 Liberty St. New York, N.Y. 

Baxter, Prof. Arthur Henry Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. 

Bliss, Prof. William Julian Albert 

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 
Brush, Prof. Murray Peabody 1019 N. Calvert St. Baltimore, Md. 

* CoRBiN, Matthew Maury, died 1913 Schenectady, N.Y. 

Gresham, Rev. LeRoy 428 E. Main St. Salem, Va. 

Grxswold, Benjamin Howell, Jr. (Banker) 

Edgerole Rd. Roland Pk. Baltimore, Md. 
Jenkins, Michael Ernest Baltimore, Md. 

* KxNNET, Samuel Ward well, died -: — Baltimore, Md. 

Lehr, Louis Charles University Club, Washington, D.C. 

Marshall, Prof. Harry Taylor. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 

Miles, Prof. Louis Wardlaw Princeton, N.J. 

Rebves, Prof. Jesse Siddall 902 Baldwin Ave. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Tompkins, Dr. John Almy, Jr. 

Bureau of Medicine & Surgery, Navy Dept. Washington, D.C. 


Buckler, Dr. Humphrey Warren 806 Cathedral St. Baltimore, Md. 

Gane, Henry Stewart (Rancher) Santa Barbara, Cal. 

KiLVERT, Charles Alexander (Fin.) 17 Exchange St. Providence, R.I. 

* Levering, Joshua, Jr., died 1900 Baltimore, Md. 

Long, Ellis Barcroft (Art.) 

c/o Mrs. John R. Long, "The Albion," Baltimore, Md. 

1895-1900 JOHNS HOPKINS 886 

NOBTHBXTP, Edwin Fitch (Ed.) 

Palmer Physical Laboratory, Princeton Univeraity. Princeton, N.J. 

Phinist, Bowdre 

PLmASAMTs, Dr. J. Hall 806 University Pkwy. Baltimore, Md. 

Smith, VictcMr Edgeworth 

Smith, Robert Marsden B. & O. Railroad, Baltimore, Md. 

Stew AST, William Plunkett 

Williams, Dr. William Whitridge . . 236 Metropolitan Bldg. Denver, Colo. 


Laino, Prof. Gordon Jennings University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

Kino, Dr. John Hendrickson 215 E. Biddle St. Baltimore, Md. 

Thomas, John Hanson (Law.) 1010 St. Paul St. Baltimore. Md. 


Adams, Herbert Henry (Ry.) 

Kansas City Terminal Railway, Kansas City, Mo. 
NisLSON, Edwin Delaplaine (Fin.).. .Stock Exchange Bldg. Baltimore, Md. 

Rbmsbn, Ira Midlonr (Art.) 16 Gramercy Pk. New York, N. Y. 

WARnaLD, Dr. Louis Marshall 203 Ogden Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Williams, Dr. Dudley Baltimore Club, Baltimore, Md. 


Bird, Rev. Andrew Reid 1623 22nd St. N. W., Washington, D.C. 

Bbbnt, Duncan Kenner (Law) .Legal Dept. B. & O. R. R. Baltimore, Md. 

Francis, Dr. William Willoughby University Club, Montreal, Can. 

Garbbtt, Robert Roland Park, Baltimore, Md. 

HoDOEs, Conway Shaler (Law.) Elk Ridge, Howard Co. Md. 

Jbnnbss, Peter 120 Chilton St. Elisabeth, N.J. 

L'Englb, Dr. Edward McCrady (Ret.) 

2756 St. John's Ave. Jacksonville, Fla. 

McIntosh. Daniel Gregg, Jr. (Law.) Rogers Forge, Baltimore Co. Md. 

Robinson, Edward Ayrault 32 South St. Baltimore, Md. 

Smith, Frederick Williamson (C. Eng.). .1116 Citisens Bldg. Cleveland, O. 
Stbarns, Charles Miner (Ed.) 27 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 


Bates, John Savage, Capt. (Ret.) R. F. D. 2, Tucson, Aris. 

Brucb, Edward Skipwith (Mer.) 419 E. Lombard St. Baltimore, Md. 

Haskbll, Dr. Louis Wardlaw, Jr 1521 Peabodv Ave. Memphis, Tenn. 

JuNOBLUTH, Karl, Jr 303 Starks Bldg. Louisville, Ky. 

Jungbluth, Marion (Farmer) 303 Starks Bldg. Louisville, Ky. 

MxTuroRD, Roland Jessup (Ed.) Ridgefield School, Ridgefield, Conn. 

Rbmbbn, Dr. Charles Mallory 800 Peachtree St. Atlanta, Ga. 

Robinson, Dr. G. Canby (Prof.) 

Washington Univ. Med. School, St. Louis, Mo. 


Blackiston, Andrew Hooton 149 California St. San Francisco, Cal. 

Grbbnb, Joseph David (Law.) . 1710 Third National Bank Bldg. Atlanta, Ga. 
Griffin, John Wheeler (Law.) 27 WiUiam St. New York, N.Y. 

286 JOHNS HOPKINS 1900-06 

Hill, John Philip (Law.) 712 Keyser Bldg. Baltimore, Md. 

* Lanieb, Robert Sampson, died 1912 New York, N.Y. 

LooBiB, Samuel Negley ^ 

Mackall, Leonard Leopold (Lit.) 14 Forstweg, Jena, Germany 

Vaughan, Dr. Roger Throop 30 N. Michigan Blvd. Chicago, 111. 


Booker, Prof. John Manning CHiapel Hill, N.C. 

Critchlow, Frank Linley Princeton, N.J. 

Harris, William Hall, Jr. (Law.) ... 31 E. Mt. Vernon PI. Baltimore, Md. 

Labwill, Paul Herbert 

Shippen, Dr. Lloyd Parker 209 W. Monument St. Baltimore, Md. 

VoGELBB, Charles Augustus Winter Towson, Md. 

Williams, Harrison Gaylor Lapeer, Mich. 


Campbell, John Gorsuch (Ed.) St. James School, Hagerstown, Md. 

Crane, Prof. Robert Treat. ... 1417 S. IJniversity Ave. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Hill, Dr. Eben Clayton College Ave. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

Reeves, Edward Duer (Fin.) Westbury, L.I., N.Y. 

Stewart, Stephen Lurman 

1903 ' 

Atkinson, Allmand Blow (Lumber) Sacramento, Cal. 

Babtjeb, Harry Norman (Law.) 16 W. Madison St. Baltimore, Md. 

DocHEZ, Dr. Alphonse Raymond Vivian 

Rockefeller Institute, New York, N.Y. 
Hoffman, Richard Curzon, Jr. (Steel) 

1303 Continental Bldg. Baltimore, Md. 

Iqlehabt, Francis Nash (R. Est.) 14 E. Lexington St. Baltimore, Md. 

Mabshall, Charles Alexander (Law.) . . .Linden St. Woodmere, L.I., N.Y. 
Nelson, John Marbury, Jr. (Lumber) . 1704 MahantongoSt. Pottsville, Pa. 

Pagon, Robinson Cator (Mer.) 13 W. Baltimore St. Baltimore, Md. 

Randall, Dr. Alexander 401 Professional Bldg. Philadelphia, Pa. 

RosEBOBO, Rev. Francis Brown Christ Church, New Haven, (IJonn. 

Snowden, Wilton, Jr. (Law.) . Central Savings Bank Bldg. Baltimore, Md. 
Whiting, George William Carlyle (Contr. Eng.) 

20 East Mt. Vernon PI. Baltimore, Md. 
Yeablet, Alexander, 3rd (Law.) . Builders' Exchange Bldg. Baltimore, Md. 


Bebgland, Dr. John McFarland 4 W. Biddle St. Baltimore, Md. 

BucKLEB, Riggin (Arch.) 529 N. Charles St. Baltimore, Md. 

Habbis, H. Patterson 1 Englewood Rd. Roland Pk. Baltimore, Md. 

Sbmmbs, John Edward, Jr. (Law.) . Charlcote Rd. Guilford, Baltimore, Md. 
Vogeleb, Dr. William Jerome 403 Palisade Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. 


Baetjeb, Dr. Walter Albert 16 W. Madison St. Baltimore, Md. 

Bebnhabd, Carl Lewis Stubbs 

Bowie, Allen Strafford (Law.) 811 Hamilton Terrace, Baltimore, Md. 

BoTCB, W. Graham 215 E. Biddle St. Baltimore, Md. 

190S-12 JOHNS HOPKINS 887 

BoTNTON. Jeaae Lyman (Tel.) 7 Northfield PI. Baltimore. Md. 

Caupbbll, Thomas Gorauch (Law.) Owinga Mills, Md. 

GooDKNOw, Rufus King, Jr. (Mfg.) 2515 Boston St. Baltimore, Md. 

Griswold, Robertson (Law.) 1433 Park Ave. Baltimore, Md. 

Hull, Andrew Wilmer (Draftsman) . . 2904 West Ave. Newport News, Va, 
Jackson, Richard Newton (Lumber Mfg.). 816 Cathedral St. Baltimore, Md. 

MuRKi^ND, Sidney Wallace (Acct.) 12 5f h Ave. New York, N.Y. 

Thorp, Frank Jr. (Lieut.) c/o War Dept. Washington, D.C. 

Wroth, Lawrence C. (Lib. and Edit.).. .215 £. Preston St. Baltimore, Md. 


Barton, Carlyle (Law.) 1213 Fidelity Bldg. Baltimore, Md. 

Crane, John Alden (Lieut.) War Dep't, Washington, D.C. 

French, H. Findlay (Law.) 43 W. Preston St. Baltimore, Md. 

Little, Rev. Robert Rice New Castle, Pa. 

Pbitchard, Rev. H. Ayde Fuller Park, Mt. Kisco, N.Y. 

Stewart, William Donnell Garrison, Md. 

TowLBS, Oliver (Ed.) University of Virginia, Va. 


Bluub, Carlos (Ed.) Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H. 

loLBLHART, Iredell Waddell (Banking) Arundel Apts. Baltimore, Md. 

MacSbbrrt, Richard (R.R.) . 104 Charlcote Rd. Guilford, Baltimore, Md. 
Morrow, Emerson doyd (Ed.) Cloverly Heights, Harrisburg, Pa. 


Albert, Talbot Jones, Jr State Dep't, Washington, D.C. 


Black, John Merryman (Farmer) Cockeysville, Md. 

Hardcastle, Henry Kellogg (Eng.) Lutherville, Md. 

Michael, Dr. William Howard Ferryman, Harford Co. Md. 

Wbbms, Dr. Benjamin Francis, Jr Bellevue Hospital, New York, N.Y. 


Matnard, Julian Hilleary (U.S.N.) . . .307 W. Lanvale St. Baltimore, Md. 
Paxtl, Jolm Gilman D'Arcy (Dipl.) 

Woodlands, Gorsuch Ave. Baltimore, Md. 

Rogers, Richard Hynson Chest«rtown, Md. 

TiLQHMAN, Charles Henry (Met. Eng.) 300 S. 3rd St. Duquesne, Pa. 

Veazey, George Ross- (Law.) 2907 St. Paul St. Baltimore, Md. 

VoGBLBR, August (Adv.) 1506 Eutaw PI. Baltimore, Md. 


Manning, James Russell (Law.) 918 N. Calvert St. Baltimore, Md. 

Martin, Edward Duffield (Law.) 900 St. Paul St. Baltimore, Md. 

Thomas, Henry Briscoe, Jr. (Banking) . 1007 Cathedral St. Baltimore, Md. 


Buckler, Leslie Hepburn (Law.) The Severn, Baltimore, Md. 

Obbr, Beverly (Mfg.) 1101 St. Paul St. Baltimore, Md. 

fi88 JOHNS HOPKINS 1912-18 

Packard, Charles Lee (Eng.) 806 St. Paul St. Baltimore, Md. 

Thomab, George Peter, 3rd (Rubber) . .22 £. Baltimore St. Baltimore, Md. 
TxLOHMAN, Wuliam Domiell (Farmer) Easton, Md. 


Mabshall, Julian Howard (Sales.) Roslyn, Baltimore Co. Md. 

NiUBS, Emory Hamilton 2010 Edgewood St. Baltimore, Md. 

Price, William Armstrong, Jr. (Ed.) 

West Virginia Univ. Morgantown, W.Va. 


■Babroll, Lewin Wethered (Law.) Keyser "BLdg. Baltimore, Md. 

Barton, Alexander Kirkland Roslyn P. O. Baltimore Co. Md. 

Campbxll, Alan Loekhart Owings Mills, Md. 

HoLLTDAT, Guy Tilghmau Orme (R. Est.) 

Swan and Edmondson Aves. Baltimore, Md. 
Yost, John Stevenson Long Melvale, Baltimore Co. Md. 


Branham, John Carter 2200 Eutaw PI. Baltimore, Md. 

Brunb, Frederick William 1033 N. Calvert St. Baltimore, Md. 

Dixon, William Thomas Roland Park, Md. 

Gallowat, James Neville , Berryville, Va. 

Platt, Washington (Chemist) 802 Cathedral St. Baltimore, Md. 


Nelson. Robert William 513 Park Ave. Baltimore, Md. 

Platt, David Ferine 802 Cathedral St. Baltimore, Md. 

Spieker, Edmund Mante 915 Edmondson Ave. Baltimore, Md. 

TiNQEB, Charles Howard 1221 Bolton St. Baltimore, Md. 


Baker, Henry Scott 1816 "Eye" St. Washington. D.C- 

BoTCB. Charles Prevost 217 E. F^eston St. Baltimore, Md. 

France, Robert 219 W. Lanvale St. Baltimore, Md. 

MuDGB, Edmond Tileston, 2nd (Sales.) 1752 Park Ave. Baltimore, Md. 

Pitt, Charles Gordon 200 E. Preston St. Baltunore. Md. 

Smith, Edmund Law Rogers 719 Park Ave. Baltimore, Md. 


Evans, Henzv Cotheal Homewood Apts. Baltimore, Md. 

HoopEB, Arthur Upshur Mt. Washington, Baltimore Co. Md. 

Nelson. Spottswood Page 513 Park Ave. Baltimore, Md. 

1898-1900 S89 



* BiHDSAXx, Dr. Albert Thornton, died 1913 Brooklvn, N.Y. 

* Hahn, Roland Bruce, died 1893 Minneapolis, Minn. 

Wallbb, Robert King (Law.) ^101 Webster Ave. Bronzville. N.Y. 


Hbath, Dr. Albert Cheney 339 Lowry Bldg. St. Paul, Minn. 

Mattsson, Roy Grow Great Falls, Mont. 

* Pratt, Edward Electus, died 1912 Washington, D.C. 


NoRRis, Harriman. . .103 Northern Pacific Railway Bldg. St. Paid, Minn. 

Van Clkvk, George Barnes (AdvO 1790 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Wilkinson, Charles Dean (Min. Eng.) Goldfield, Nev. 


Dat, Reuben Noble 408 Tidane-Newcomb Bldg. New Orleans, La. 

Hjcmpstkad, Clark (Law.)^ 

601 Minnesota Loan A Trust Bldg. MinneiMX>lis, Minn. 
HbwktTi Edwin Hawley (Arch.). 126 E. Franklin Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 


Brill, Hascal Russell, Jr 476 Laurel Ave. St. Paid, Minn. 

Dbwart, Rev. Murray Wilder 7 Yale St. Winchester, Mass. 

GoDDARD, Dr. Nathan Andrew 678 Maryland Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 

HANNAt, Capt. John Robert Rigby.c/o The War Dep't» Washington, D.C. 

Spicrr, Russell Paul (Banking) Willmar, Minn. 

Spratt, Dr. Charles Nelson 302 Reid Comer, Minneapolis, Minn. 


BousFiBLD, Fayette 203 E. 8th St. Aberdeen, Wash. 


Ritzinobr, John Ramsay Fairmont Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

RoBB, Paul Raymond (Sales.) . .4513 Washburn Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 


Carprntbb, Fred Herbert (Lumber) 

838 McKnight Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Dat, Floyd Hamilton (Lumber) . 1319 Whitney Bank Bldg. New Orleans,La. 

FiNDLBT, -Samuel Hansen 216 8. 6th St. Minneai>olis, Minn. 

Hbffblfingbr, Charles Edwin (R. Est.) . 17 E. 24th St. Minneapolis, Minn. 

990 MINNESOTA 1900-06 

Hempstead, Hugh Campbell (Eng.) Simeon, Va. 

KuBiN, Horace Cadwell Webb Publishing Co. St. Paul, Minn. 

Matteson, Maxwell Warren University Club, St. Paul, Minn. 

Page, Charles Tracy (Govt.) P. O. Box 438, Manila, P.I. 

Phelps, Carrington Arah (Farmer) N. Colebrook, C^onn. 

Wbioht, William Henry 2734 N. Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis, Ind. 


* Fobs, James Franklin, died 1905 Fargo, N.D. 

Smith, Paul Sherburne (Fruit Grower) Strathmore, Cal. 

Welles, Dr. Heniy Joumeay 1916 Park Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Weston, William Snow 

Willis, Prof. Hugh Evander (Law.) .426 Union Oil Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal. 
Wood, William Robert (Eng.) 552 Westminster St. St. Paul, Minn. 


* Campbell, Harold Otho, died 1904 Pasadena, Cal. 

DuBAMD, Dr. Jay Isaac 

Fabnsworth, Ezra, Jr. (R. Est.) . . 1026 Van Nuys Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal. 
Fabnsworth, John Jay (R. Est.).. 1026 Van Nuys Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal. 

* Hott, Charles Cameron, died 1902 El Paso, Tex. 

Janes, Alexander Leslie (Law.) 307 Laurel Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

LiND, Norman George (Lumber) Everett, Wash. 

Morris, Charles Statham 

Reed, Frank Elisha (Law.) Hampshire Arms, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Van Bebqen, Robert Evans (Min. Eng.) . 51 N. 15th St. Minneapolis. Minn. 


Chase, Raymond Park (Pub.) .3rd Ave. and Washington Sts. Anoka, Minn. 

* Fuller, Harry Leonard, died 1901 Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hoard, Harold Joseph (C. Eng.) Thompson Falls, Mont. 

Moore, Robert DuPont (Lumber) Fairfax, Wash. 

Williams, James Von (Law.) Marshall, Minn. 


Fish, Horace Porter (C. Eng.).. .2303 3rd Ave. South, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Pratt, Arthur Pierce 339 E. 46th St. New York, N.Y. 


Aldrich, Henry Whitney (Lumber) Mill City, Ore. 

Boqart, John Henry 962 Central Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Brown, Garfield Wflliam 

* Dibble, Walter Gordon, died 1905. St. Paul, Minn. 

Pierce, Joseph Alfred (MfgO 18 S. 8th St. Fargo, N.D. 

Robertson, Dr. Archibald Wright. .Robertson Hospital, Litchfield, Minn. 

Stockton, Charles Murray (Law.) 309 N. W. 3rd St. Faribault, Minn. 

Woodward, Ernest Austin (Grain) Grain Exchange, Winnipeg, Can. 


Bradley, Ralph Dawson (Farm Lands). Board of Trade Bldg. Duluth, Minn. 
DotroAN, Henry Knox (C. Eng.) . . 1932 Aldrich Ave. S. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Elston, Fred Carroll (Law.) 1114 E. 2nd St. Duluth, Minn. 

1906-11 MINNESOTA 291 

HsALY, Leland Edward (R. Eat.) Red I^Uce Falk, Mimi. 

McVey. Rev. Charles Henry Main St. Kennebunk. Me. 

Spooner, Paul Lord (Law.) Morris, Minn. 

Wheklsb, Walter Hall (Eng.) 

c/o Chas. H. Wheeler d; Son, Minneapolis, Minn. 


BiaAckwell, H(iram) Ross (Lumber) Broadview, Mont^ 

Brown, Montreville J. (Jdaw.) Bemidii. Minn. 

Feb, E. Franklin 407 Boyd Bldg. Winnipeg, Man. Can. 

Hall, Edward Samuel (Adv.) 1018 4th St. Red Wing, Minn. 

McRab, Randolph James (Eng.) 68 King St. E., Toronto, Can. 

SwENBON. Edward Francis (Sales.} 365 State St. Albany, N.Y. 

Woodward, Herbert Starr (Banking) Hobson, Mont. 


Cole, Dr. Wallace 1004 Lowry Bldg. St. Paul, Minn. 

* Dibble, Edmund Drinan Barry, died 1908 Amherst, Mass. 

Greqg, Dean Bradish. 480 Holly Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

Jacobson, Robert Clark (Min. Eng.) Kingman, Aris. 

Payne, DeWitt Jennings (Adv.) 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y, 

RoBB, Walter Clarence (Adv.) 1600 Chicago Ave. MinneapoUs, Minn. 

Sanfobd, LeRoy Woodworth (Ins.) 

520 1st Nat.-Soo Line Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Taylor, Donald West (Ins.) 48 E. 4th St. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Van Bebqbn, Frederick Schoelett. . . 1527 Liaden Ave. Minneapolis, Mimi. 


Barnaby, William Ernest (Auto.). . .3201 W. 44th St. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Child, Sherman (Law.) 914 Kenwood Pkway. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hutchison, Clement Johnson 

Merrill, Robert Charles (Banking) Chester, Mont. 

Robertson, Dr, William Phelps. . . .Robertson Hospital, Litchfield, Minn. 

Taylor, Harold George (Sales.) 2628 5th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Vjdal, James Harold • 


Crane, Ralph Pettibone (Lumber) 310 E. Bridge St. Austin, Minn. 

Daniels, Farrington (Ed.) 33 William St. Worcester, Mass. 

Healy, Ralph Lucius (M. Eng.) Juneau, Alaska 

* jAceBSEN, Harry, died 1913 Fergus Falls, Minn. 

\JiM, Lynne Charles (Banking) Romberg, Mont. 


Bill, Charles Dyar .Madeliar Minn. 

Bryant, Stewart Frederick (U.S.N.) c/o Postmaster, New York, N.Y. 
Corcoran, Benjamin Franklin (Sales.) 

2619 Lake of the Isles Blvd. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Klein, Kenneth Oscar (Pub.) . . 2005 Sheridan Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

La Vayea, George L., Jr 2433 Dupont Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

MacGill, Charles Frederick, Jr 14 Divinity Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 

292 MINNESOTA 1911-16 

SwsNBON, Clarence (Sales.) 55 West 52nd St. New York, N.Y. 


Bbtant, Gordon Drayton Spencer (Adv.). 101 5 Marion St. Seattle, Wash. 
Gansslb, Waldorf Louis (Law.) .... 529 Oak St. S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 
McEnabt, Dale Robert (Draftsman) 

2324 Pleasant Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

PtTFFSR, Paul Hubbard (Mer.) Terrace, Mont. 

Spicbr. Raymond Deming (Fm.) Union Bldg. San Diego, Cal. 

WooDWABD, Earl Raymond (Grain). .215 Clifton Ave. Minneapolw, Minn. 


Babnard, Lawrence Dann (Mfg.). 2320 Fremont Ave. S., Minneapolis, Mimi. 

GiESSLER, Dr. Paul William 2739 Irving ^t. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hainss, Allen Kellogg 3135 Locust St. St. Louis, Mo. 

KiNTON, Sidney William( Banking) . First National Bank, Owatonna, Minn. 
Lyman, Henry De !Forest (Mfg.) . . .c/o Freeman Shoe Co. St. Paul, Minn. 

Miller, John McGannon 

Pkavsy, Roger Weld (Banking) Faribault, Minn. 

Skbwis, Francis James (Mer.) .Greenville, la. 

Tatlob, Paul Seavey (Ins.) 2628 Fifth Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Vanstbum, George Arthur 916 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Vat^ohan, Martin Bernard 360 Nelson Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

Wagner, Archibald Frederick (Acct.) 

1712 So. Dupont Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Zbllb, Edgar Frederick (AutoO • 800 Univ. Ave. S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 


Baird, Lsrman Stanton (Eng.) 1030 Marshall St. Minneapolis, Minn. 

BiBRHAN, Alfred Charles (Mining) Detroit, Minn. 

Daniels, Franc Pomeroy (Farmer) Long Lake, Minn. 

Daniels, John Horton 2112 Kenwood Pkwy. Minneapolis, Minn. 

GiPSON, Corwin Elroy (Lumber).. .Leamington Hotel, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lampbrt, Leonard (Lumber) 2443 Pillsbury Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

LovBJOT, James Albee (Sales.) . .2320 Fremont Ave. S. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Reed, George John (Grain) . . .Chamber of Commerce, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Robertson, Carl James Robertson Hospital, Litchfield, Minn. 

TiLLOTSON, Henry Bazber, Jr. (Adv.) 1320 5th St. Minneapolis, Minn. 


Gausewits, Alfred LeRoy .215 Walnut St. S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Keeps, Andrew Percy 1028 7th St. S. £., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Leslie, Fruik Paul 2124 Fremont Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

OsTROM, George Edgar Sawyer House, Stillwater, Minn. 

Pbavbt, Louis Lynne Faribault, Minn. 

Stbllwagbn, Seiforde Michael 909 Logan Ave. N., Minneapolis, Mmn. 


Baxbr, Hany Sar^ffiant 2100 Garfield Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

BiERMAN, Bernard William. Detroit, Minn. 

FxTLLER, Charles Alfred, Jr 736 Dayton Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

Grbiq, William Taber 1565 Laurel Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 




HoBN, Horace Raymond 1140 Grand Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

McCamn, Wilfred 635 Grand Ave. St. Paul, Minn. 

McCuBKHB, Andrew Joseph Litchfield, Minn. 

NBUifsiBB, Frederick Geoi«e v . .1022 N. 3rd St. Stillwater, Minn. 

Shzabbb, Jamee David 1912 Queen Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Shbbman, Erwin Henry 1776 Humboldt Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Uklamd, Sigurd Calhoun Boulevard, Minneapolis, Minn. 


Cabkt, James Bain 307 W. 15fh St. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Danisl, Lewis Morgan 1819 4th St. 8. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hammsr, George Edward Litchfield, Minn. 

Pauikb, C. Fo(i% 401 Fountahi St. Albert Lea, Minn. 

RtTMPr, WiHiam Henry, Jr Faribault, Minn. 

Scott, Benjamin Ives Rochester, Minn. 

Skinmbb, Franklin Trow 604 Water St. Albert Lea, Minn. 

Ubland, Amulf Calhoun Blyd. MinneaiHdis. Minn* 

WiMTBBBLB, William Franklin Primghar, la. 


BuBBiCAK, George Henry Detroit, Minn. 

Hi<3oiirB, Raymond Lawrence . . 3828 Portland Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn, 

McDuTFBB, William Sumner 2540 3rd Ave. S., Minnea|>olis, Minn. 

Mbtcalv, Harold Cottingham Primghar, la. 

Sbdowicx, Malcolm Alonso 2719 Nd^raaka St, Sioux pity, la. 

Bhbabbb, Jonathan Murray 1912 ^een Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Wood, Harold Eaton 3341 PiUsbury Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. 

994 1861^96 



Baksb, Prof. Alfred 81 Madison Ave. Toronto. Ont. Can, 


Faibclouoh, Prof. Henry Rushton 

6 Alvarado Row, Stanford University, Cal. 


Mavob, Prof. James 8 Univ. Crescent, Toronto, Ont. Can. 


Magdonbll, Alexander McLean (Law.) 

35 Prince Arthur Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 
Thorbubn, Dr. James David 329 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Ont. Can. 


O'Bbisn, Arthur Heniy (Law.) 

"The Althelma," Qiosvenor St. Toronto, Can. 


Mali/Och, Dr. William John Ogilvie 9 College St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

* Scott, (Zlharles Duff, died Toronto, ()nt. Can. 


* RzoBDAN, Dr. Bruce Livingstone, died 1914 Toronto, Ont. Can. 


McClivb, Hugh Walter St. Catherines, Ont. Can. 

MaoGillivbat, John Farquhar (Law.) Kenora, Ont. Can. 


JoNxs, Dr. William Warner 41 Avenue Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Lazibb, Ernest Franklin 79 Robinson St. Hamilton, Ont. Can. 

* Robbbtson, Samuel John, died 19()6 Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Whitb, Peter (Law.) Pembroke, Ont. Can. 


Bain, James William (Law.) Forest Hill Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Lanqlst, Prof. Ernest F 11 Whittier St. Cambridge, Mass. 

Moobb, William Henry (Trans.) 15 Cluny Ave. Toronto. Ont. Can. 


Cabboll, William Stewart (Law.) 409 Peach Si. Erie, Pa. 

189ft-id01 TORONTO 295 

Hardt, Arthur Charles Winnett BrockvUle, Ont. Can. 

Stewart, Pr6f . Louis Beaufort 161 Admiral Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Tatlob, Herbert Pay (Banking) . Dundas and Bloor Sts. Toronto, Ont. Can. 


Allan, Arthur Alexander (Mer.) 51 Bay St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Fai<conbbidoe, John Delatre (Law.) . 22 Chestnut Park, Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Garrow, Charles j[Law.) North St. Goderich, Ont. Can. 

GfeABT, Greorge Reginald (Law.) 

"The Alexandra," University Ave. Toronto. Ont. Can. 

GwTN, Dr. Norman Beechy 20 S. 2l8t St. Philaaelphia, Pa. 

Hardt, Dr. Eugene Alexander Patrick. 333 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Ont. Can. 
RiORDAN, Charley Christopher (Mfg.) 

374 Cdte des Neiges Rd. Montreal, Can. 


Andrbwes, Edward. . ! . ; Port Madoc, Wales, Gt. Britain 

Bakbb, Hugh Cossart. ..... .Confederation Life Bldg. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Evans, Harry Murshidl Erakine (Fin.) 

56 Jaapar Ave. Edmonton, Alberta, Can. 

* Fttzgibbons, Richard Grant, died' 1905 Toronto, Ont. Can. 

MuLiiiN, Dr. J. Heiumer. . , 201 S. James St. Hamilton, Ont. Can. 

Scott, Walter Barrett (Law.) Regina, Sask. Can. 


Bain, Lewis Rutherford (Banker) 673 Huron St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Ghaplin, Garnet Wolseley 56 Lowther Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

* Chubch, Ruggles Howiurd, died 1903. .Athol Bryson, Toronto, Ont. Can. 

* CiiARK, Gordon Mortimer, died 1902 Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Lovb, William Donald (Fin.) 364 Main St. Winnipeg. M^. Can. 

Roper, William PercivalJC Eng.) 10 St. John St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

Ross, Donald Aynsley (C. Eng.) 

484 Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man. Can. 


Archibald, Dr. Thomas Dickson ..... 507 College St. T(Ht>nto, Ont. Can. 
Macdonald, William Randolph (Contractor) 

34 South Drive, Toronto, Ont. Can. 
Meredith, John Redmond (Law.).. .45 Binscarth Rd. Toronto* Ont. Can. 
MuLLiN, Dr. Robert Hyndman . . .311, 15th Ave. S. £., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Scarfb, Reginfdd Edward Blake 87 Brant Ave. Brantforcl, Ont. Can. 

Smith, Alexander Henry .Hermant Bldg. 15 Wilton Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 


Beabdmore, Walter Williams (Leather) Acton West, Ont. Can* 

Flintoft* Edward Percy (Law.) Wiiidsor St. Station, Montreal, Can. 

Meredith, William Ralph . ^ London, Ont. Can. 

Ritchie,. John William Pringle (Law.) Bernard Ave. Vernon, B.C, Can. 

RoAF, Jaines Richardson Fernie, B.C. Can* 


Dablin«, Charles Warren 7 Maple Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

g96 TORONTO 1901H)6 

Lakikb, Harold Lister (Law.) 131 Charles SU Hamilton, Ont. Can. 

McGiBBON, Clare Pettit (E. Eng.) . . 124 Jamea St. S., Hamilton, Ont. Can. 

* Macksnsis, Alexander William, died 1007 Toronto, Ont. Can. 

« Spboat, Dr. Robert Doui^as, died 1906 Milton, Ont. Can. 

Thobnh, Stuart Mills (Mining) 

c/o A. K Oster, Jordan and Melinda Sta. Toronto, Ont. Can. 


McFarlamd, George Franklin (Law.) 48 Qlen Rd. Tw^nto, Ont. Can. 

Magbb, Allan Angua. o/o Cook, McMaater & Magee, Montreal, P.Q. Can. 
MuiiLiN, Sidney Archibald, c/o The Bank of Hamiltont Hamilton, Ont. Can. 
RoAF, Dr. Herbect £ldon..44 RoUerwiok Rd. Herdon. Ix>ndon, N.W. Eng. 
RoBBBTSON, Donald Frazer (C. Eng.) 

Dep't of Indian Affairs, Ottawa, Ont. Can. 


For, James Cayillier.c/o Hon. J. J. Foy, Blooj 3t. W.. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

* Gibbon, John Gordon, died 1008. v Denver, CqIol 

Kbbb, Reginald Wilder (Ins.) 122 WeUea St. Toronto. Ont. Can. 


Cbbelman, John Jennings Merchants Bank Bldg. Montreal, Can. 

Gibbons, Greorge Sutton (Law.) London, Ont. Can. 

Mills, Meij. James Edgar Eisquimault, B.C. Can. 

Panton, Dr. Kenneth Douglas. . . .University Club, Vancouver, B.C. Can. 
Panton, Dr. Leonard Arthur Cattanach 

1262 Frederick St. N. Battleford, Sask. Can. 


BoNNBLL, Mossom Burwell (Govt.) 

Patent Branch Dep't of Agriovlture, Ottawa, Ont. Can. 
Coni/THABD, Dr. Howard Henry Grordon 

25 Famham Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

GooDB, Dr. Edward Allan .353 W. 57th St. New York, N.Y. 

Hendbbson, Dr. Ernest Malan S45 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Lttlb, Frederick Hunter 61 Oriole Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

McPhbdban, Dr. William Fletcher. . 161 Bloor St. W., Toronto. Ont. Can. 

* Maclabbn, John Alexander, died 1005 Bamet, B.C. 

* Rtebson, George Crowthw, died 1015. Toronto, Ont, Can. 

Spohk, Dr. Alfred Howard Water St. Penetanguishene, Ont. Can. 

Stbatht, Dr. George Stewart 143 Ck>Uege St. Toronto* Ont. Can. 

Yanbittabt, George Edward (C. Eng.) . 56 liowther Ave. Toronto. Ont. Can. 


Bbabdmobb, Charles Owen. 200 College St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Bbcx, William Frank (Lumber) Penetanguishene, Ont. Can. 

Davidson, Alexander Topp (Law.) . 146 St. George St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

JoNXS, Dr. Reginald Arthur 500 Broadview Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Kbtb. Herbert John Erskine (C. Eng.) Kamloops, B.C. Can*. 

Maclabbn, Charles Henry .202 Frank St. Ottawa, Ont. Can. 

Mttloch, Cawthra 538 Jarvis St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Ross, Kenneth George (C. ^ig.) . . 171 Pirn St. Sault.Ste Marie. Omt. Can. 

1907-11 TORONTO tW 


Fbobt, EUinwood Alden 25 £lin St. Summit. N.J. 

Gabbow, Alan Balfour (C. Eng.) 49 St. Oeorge St. Toronto, Ont. Caa. 

Habmsb, Dr. C(harle8) Gerald 

Jamieson, David Braashaw Durham. Ont. Can. 

Lacknibb, Dr. Harry Mackie 19 Weber St. W.. Berlin. Ont. Can. 

MiLiiiGAN, Gordon Lathrope Brampton. Ont. Can. 

YoUNQ, Alan Vernon (Mfg.) "EdgecMe." Hamilton. Ont. Can. 


Baldwin, Saint George Pentland (Rancher) .Okanagan Miasion, B.C. Can. 

BoTD, Gardiner Moasom. . . . ; Bobcaygeon. Ont. Can. 

CiiABKSON, Edward Guy 71 Avenue Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Laidi^aw, Robert Alexander (Mer.) 65 Yonge St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 


Bbowm, Dr. Alan Gowana 62 Madison Ave. Tcnronto. Ont. Caa. 

* Clabxbon, Hugh, died 1914 Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Clbmbmt. William Pope 51 Benton St. Berlin, Ont. Can. 

Dann. Eyre Frederiok Morton (Eng.) 

P. O. Box 429, Kamloops, B.C. Can. 

Fbobt. Dr. Inglia Folger 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

54 Kathnally Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

McAbthub, ^exander Stuiley {C. Eng.) 

"I Rat 

Spohn, Dr. Philip Douglas. 


BuBNHAM, Sidney Smith 55 Warren Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Clabkb, William Albert Brock, Saak. Can. 

DicxBON, Dr. John Robinson 60 Boswell Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

DouoLAB. John Harvey (Sales.) 59 Maitland St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

FoBSTEB. Dr. Gerald Joseph 84 Queen St. Berlin, Ont. Can. 

Gabbow, John Ure 49 St. George St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

KiNOSTOinD, George Alexander (Eng.) .23 Oriole Gardens, Toronto. Ont. Caa. 

Laibd, Robert Stuart 1600 Railway Exchange Bldg. Cnioago. lU. 

McPhbdban, Dr. Frederick Maurice .... 151 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Can. 

Matthbws, Arnold Colton 89 St. George St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Pbacock, Henry Winfield, Jr. (Sales.).. 306 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rtbbson, James Eric Egerton (Ins.) 66 College St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Whitk, Robert Lindsay .Pembroke, Ont. Caa. 

WzNANB, Wesley William (Fin.) 438 Main St. Winnipeg, Man. Can. 


BxATiT, Percy Wood (Law.) 69 Lowther Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Buchanan. Norman Sinmis 61 Kenwood St. Brookline, Mass. 

* BuBNHAM, Noel George Herbert, died 1913 Toronto, Ont. Can. 

g BOUGH. Milton Edwin (C. Eng.) 56 Xiowther Ave. Toronto, Ont. Caa. 
BBWBT. Harold Arthur " Redwood," Winnipegt Can. 

Fbllowbs, Kenneth Cameron 10 Lowther Ave. Toronto, Out. Can. 

Gibbon, Archibald Hope Hamilton, Ont. Can. 

Macdonald. Lieut. Aronie Walter .... 12 Bedford Rd. Toronto, Oat. Caa. 

B9d TORONTO 1911-16 

Morse, Stanley Cumming (Hdw.) 

883 Grosvenor Ave. Fort Rouge, Winnipeg, Man. Can. 
MOWAT, Arthur Maclaren (Law.) . Edmonton Club, Edmonton, Alberta.Can. 

OtTTERBBiDOE, Leonard Cecil (Law.) 102 Bedford Rd. Toronto, Can. 

Phippen. John Hubert (Law.) University Club, Toronto, Ont. Can. 

VAN NosTRAND, Comelius Innis (Merc.) 

61 Delaware Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 


(3k>ODB, Cephas Whitby 18 Whitney Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Macdonald, Frederick Wyld (Banking) 

127 St. George St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 
Walker, Alfred Alexander (Sales.) . . 99 St. Creorge St. Toronto. Ont. Can. 


.Cochrane, Ogden Dunlap The Rozborough, Ottawa, Can. 

Cotton, Chanes Penner 66 Lowther Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Davidson, William Mortimer 146 St. George St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Galbraith, John Stupart (C. £ng.) . 9 Rowanwood Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Hastings, Victor John 55 Donald St. Winnipeg, Man. Can. 

Hawlet, Harold Albert (C. Eng.) . . 168 Madison Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 


Burnham, Howard Hampden. 55 Warren Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

^URNS, John Lyon (Banking) 

3399 The Crescent, Shaughnessey Heights, Vancouver, B.C. Can. 

* (jrORDON, Walter Leslie Lockhart, died 1915 Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Heaton, Hugh Attrill 185 Balmoral Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Scott, Alexander Gordon Smith's Falls, Ontario, Can. 

Woods, John Robinson (Acct.) . / Avondale Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 


Bird, Henry Irvine 56 Lowther Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

■BouRiNOT, Arthur StaiJey 100 Spadina Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

BtTRDBN, Henry John 494 Avenue Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Clarkson, Maurice Arundel 71 Avenue Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Galbraith, Robert Douglas 57 Prince Arthur Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Gibson, C)olin William (jeorge Hamilton, Ont. Can. 

Kingbfobd, Maurice Rooke 18 St. Joseph St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Macdonsll, Ian McLean 35 Prince Arthur Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Manning, Trevor Reginald 620 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Nellbs, Douglas Alexander Hardy Simooe, Ontario, Can. 

Smith, William Earl Trowbridge St. Meaford, Ont. Can. 

Walker, Harold Coleman. 99 St. George St. Toronto, Ont. Can. 


Cla^k, Christie Thomas 68 Walraer Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

HuGHSON, Hugh McBean 71 Bronson Ave. Ottaw;a, Ont. Can. 

Ormsbt, John Anthony Ninian 

"Knockmore," Forest Hill Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 
•Schwartz, George Bryant 106 Warren Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 



Chandler, Charles Maasey Newcastle, Out. Can. 

Gibson, Franklin Reginala 55 Highlands Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Graham, David Scott , Inglewood, Ont. Can. 

Maclban, Alan Pratt ^ Highland Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Ormbbt, Gerald Yeadon." Knockmore," Forest Hill Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 
Washinoton, Frederic Paul Laurence 

112 Aberdeen Ave. Hamilton, Ont. Can. 


Boyd, Eric Mossom Bobcaygeon, Ont. Can. 

GoniNLOCK, George Roper 37 Walmer Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Harling, Thomas Leslie 106 Springhurst Ave. Toronto, Ont; Can. 

Hudson, Walter Drew 71 Beaty Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Lindsay, Alfred Barr Ill Woodlawn Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

McBban, Kenneth Duncan MiUbrook, Ont. Can. 

900 1890-1901 



GooDSPSBD, Prof. Edgar Johnson. . . . ...5706 Woodlawn Ave. Chicago, HI. 


FLnrr, Prof. Joseph Marshall (Surseon) .320 Temple St. New Haven, Conn. 


Ratcbovt, Dr. Joseph Edward (Ed.) Princeton, N.J. 


Abells, Hairy Delmont (Ed.) Morgan Park, III. 

Adkinbon, Henry Magee (Miner^) Salt Lake City, Utah 

BACHBLLifi. Dr. Cecil V 30 N. Michigan Blvd. Chicago, Dl. 

Linn, Prof. James Weber University of Cfhicago, Chicago, 111. 

Nebl, Carr Baker (Cons. Eng.) Sebastopol, Cal. 

Bbown, Scott (Law.) .University Club, Chicago, 111. 


Nichols, Frederick Day (Fin.) 606 Pioneer Bldg. St. Paiil, Minn. 


Anderson, Norman Kendall (Law.) . 1056 1st Nat. Bank Bldg. Chioago, Dl. 

* Flint, Nott William, died 1896. Chicago, HI. 

Gbant. Forest (Ed.) 6 Whittier St. East Orange, N.J. 

HBBacHBEBGBR, Clarence Bertram (Bkl.) Lake Forest, 111. 

Mbbbifield, Fred (Ed.) 5626 Kimbark Ave. Chicago, 111. 


* BuBROUGHS, Charles Lindsey, died 1902 Washington, la. 

Clabkb, Maurice Gordon (R. Est.) .... 114 Okmulgee St. Okmulgee, Okla. 

Dbbw, Charles Vernon 15 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 

Vaughan, Dr. Roger Throop 30 N. Michigan Blvd. Chicago, 111. 


Eaton, Charles Scribner (Law.) 35 N. Dearborn St. Chicago, 111. 

Gobbbll, Warren (Fin.) 400 The Rookery, Chicago, HI. 

Kbnnbdy, Walter Scott (Edit.) 616 Michigan Ave. Albion, Mich. 

KiBTLBY, Dr. Howard Pendleton. . .823 Boston Bldg. Salt Lake City, Utah 

MlAcQxnsTON, Harvey Malcom (Farming) Bay City, Tex. 

NoBTON, Elliot Saltonstall (Mfg.) 

912 Title Insurance Bldg, Los Angeles, Gal. 
PxTTiTT, Lewis C. (Sales.) 4522 Sheridan Rd. Chicago, Bl. 


Cassbls, Bert James (Mer.) 1019 King St. La Crosse, Wis. 


KxNNSDT, Rex Brenton (Edit.) ., 116 N. Painter krt. Wliittier, Cat. 

MacQvtstoh, Paul Donald (Mere.) 2906 Holmes St. Dallas, Tex. 



Brown, Dr. Edward Vail L&pham .People's Gas BIdg. Chicago, III. 

Fbxnch, Harry Preston Insurance Exchange, Chicago, lU. 

Harpbr, Prof. Samuel Northnip. !'» . . ,.5728 Woodlawn Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Jatnb. William Reynolds (Law.) 612 W. 2nd St. Miiscatina, Ib. 

Maqks. Jerome Pratt (Sheep) Billing, Mont. 

MoLONET, William ArUiur 6225 Champlain Ave. Chicago. 111. 

Smith, Dr. Turner Burton. .Clifton, Aria. 


Biax« Royal WiUiilg (Fin.) 900 Oak St. Wimwtka* III. 

Capps, Stephen Reid. ..:.... ,U. S. Qeologioal Survey, Waahin^on, D.C. 

EiCHiiB, Edward Clayton (Law.) Burlington, la. 

HoBTON, Ferdinand Moseley (Contr.). .6047 Dorchester Ave. Chicago, lU. 

HoBTON, Frank Ogilvie H. F. Bar Ranch, Buffalo, Wyo. 

Kbbb, William R^Aph, Jr. (Steel and Iron) 

5003. Blackstone Ave. Chicago, HI. 
KiBTLBT, Luther LycurgUB (M. Eng.).823 Boston Bldg. Salt Lake City, Utah 
lilcMiuJw, Charles Ralston 

UnioB Bag A Paper Co. Woolwork Bldg. New York, N.Y. 

MsBBinsLD, Rev. Roy Wilson 508 W. 70th St. Chicago, 111. 

MiujBB, Albert Grant (Law.) 6014 Blackstone Ave. Chicago, 111. 

MoiiDMSY, Fiedri<}k Graham (Adv.) 1525 East 65th St. Chicago, 111. 

NuoKOXiB, CUude Carlyle (Mfg.) 413 N. Pearl St. Albatny. N;Y. 

Smith, Henry Cowles Acme St«el Goods Co. New York, N.Y. 


* Backus, Joyn Orlo, died 1906. . . .' Ashland, Ol 

Gbbskwood, Alfred Ward Princeton, IIU 

McHbmbt, Geoive (Banking) Denison, la. 

Sabdam, F^unk Joyce (LumDer^ iHaymond, Wash. 

StbWabt, Adelbert Turner (Mig.) 4d9 Oxford St. London, England 


gi990NBT, Robert More (Law.) 308 Trust Bldg. Rockford, 111. 
[agbb, Wayland Wells Summerhill Farm, Bennington P. O. Neb. 

NoBTON, Strong Vincent (Rubber).. ."Valhalla," Aqueduct Rd. Akron, O. 

* Shbbman, Wmiam James, died 1005 Washington, la. 

Tbbbt, Schuyler Baldwin .6044 Jefferson Ave. Chicago, IlL 


Akdbbws, Barrett (Clendenning) (Pub.) . .Lawrence Park, Bronxville, N.Y. 

Baiubt, Ridph Wittiams (Farmer) Waupaca, Wis. 

Bbnbdict, Juliui Thompson (Adv.) 1321 E. 52nd St. Chicago, Hi. 

* BuTVBBniELD, Edwin DeForeeti died 1912 .Seattle, Wash; 

Cobb, Ralph Sears (Auto.) 

12 Spring Garden, Edgewood Sta. Providence, R.t, 

DiCKHBSON, James Dwight (Law.) 5003 Blackstone Ave. Chicago; HI, 

Hiu,, James Madison. . ...... .U. S. Geological Survey, Washington, D.C. 

fOa CHICAGO Xfm-t9 

J0HN8ON, Arthur Howell (Banking) . . . Lawrence Park W,, Buooxville. N.Y. 

KiBTLET, Charles Arthur 823 Boston Bld«. Salt Lake City, Utah 

McPhebson, Walter Scott. . . .Amer .-Hawaiian S.S. Co. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Norton. Ralph Hubbard (Mfg.) .,. .4831 Lake Park Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Putnam, Henry Sibley (Mfg.) 644 Palmwood Ave. Toledo, O. 


Brown, Lloyd Heman 1500 N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo. 

BrcKiiBT, George Dennis (Pub.) 381 4th Ave. New Ydrk, N.Y. 

ECKBBSOLL, Wuter Herbert (Ed.) c/o Chicago Tribune, Chicago, HI. 

Hill, Melville Archibald 3846 Park Ave. Chicago, HI. 

Knapp, Edward Percy 540 Monadnock Blk. Chicago, 111. 

Linn, Stanley Ross (Rancher) Hull House, Chicago, HI. 

Lton, Sanford Avery (Sales.) 200 Colman Bldg. Seattle, Wash. 

ScHABFi'BB, Ceorge Raymond (Sides.).. ..33 N. Wabash Ave. Chicago, 111. 


BoviE, Arthur Gibbon (Ed.) '.University 6f Chvof^o, Chicago, IH. 

Brown, George Harold Dixon, lU. 

Law, George Warrington 2022 Oak St. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Ransom, James Burtis (R. Est.) , 1455 E. 54th PI. Chicago, 111. 

Richards, Max Lewis (Sales.) 410i S. Stone Ave. La Grange, 111. 

StSHLABACH, Harold Henry (Sales.) P. O. Box 950, Houston, Tex. 

TsMPLBTON, Frank Herbert (Lumber) 

6641 Washmgton Blvd. Oak Park, 111. 
* Tompkins, Brownell Carr, died 1910 .Chicago, lU. 


Carr, Frederick Whitslar (Joum.) 750 People's Gas Bldg. Chicago. HI. 

Qates, Dr. Frederick LamOtit 66 So. Mountain Aye. Montclair, N.J. 

G00D8PEED, Thomas Harper (Ed.) Univ. of California, Berkeley, Cal. 

Harper, Paul Vincent (Law.) .' 5 N. La Salle St. Chicago. IIL 

MiLLEif, Thomas Scott (Bankii^g) .6711 Stewart Ave. Chicago, IlL 

Nevinb, Richard, Jr 

Reed, Horace Gamer (Law.) 29 Plaza Orvantes, Manila, P.I. 

Richards, Marcus Dimmitt H. F. Bar Ranch, Buffalo, Wyo. 

Slater, Howard Avery ....>. .Spokane, Wash. 


Brown, Rush Arthur Sioux Falls, S.D. 

Buckley, Patrick Francis (Pub.) 5448 E. View Pk. Chicago, 111. 

Cleary, M. Ralph 216 S. Scoville St. Oak Park, lU. 

Daniels, MitcheU Thompson (Mfg.) ..... .427 N. Haael St.. DanriUe, lU. 

Hunter, Qairy Holland (Lumber) 1118 White Bldg. Seattle. Wash. 

Kennedy, Burt (Packer) .7114 Lome Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Perkins, Ralph (R.. Est.) 40 Blackstone Bldg. CSeveUnd, O. 

Roe, Ernest Charles (R. Est.) 1227 S. Main 8U Princeton, 111. 

Ross, JamesAllan. (Sales.) 316 Spadina Rd. Toronto. Ont. Can. 

Thomas. Melville Joseph (C. Eng.) 1361 £. OOth St. Chieago. Bl. 

Tucker, Silas Alfred (Rubber) 61 W. Lake St. Chioagp. 111. 

1911-14 CHICAGO 308 


* Bakkb, Robert PoHook, died 1910 Leavenworth, Kan. 

Bbaitt, Elmer Wade (Mfs.) 901 Margate Terrace, Chicago, 111. 

CoMSTOCK, W. PhillipB (Ed.) 4303 Bellefontaine St. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Eabi^b, Samuel Edwin (Mfg.) Rand McNally Bldg. Chicago, 111. 

LttijIB, William Alexander (Auto.) Washington; la. 

OwsK, Roberts Bishop (Ed.) 370 Normal Parkway, Chicago, lU. 

PARDRmos, Lee Wellington 

Parxsr, Harry Fox (Scdes.) 318 Y.M.C.A. Des Moines. la. 

Patchbn, Everett Lyle (Mer.) 6246 Woodlawn Ave. Chicago, 111. 

SHACKBiiVORD. Frank Harris, Jr. (Clerk) . .344 S. Olive St. Los Angeles, Cai. 

Taylor, Edward Templeton (Lumber) Box 265, Terre Haute, Ind. 

TowNSEND, James Elbert (Sales.) 815 Mesa Ave. El Paso, Tex. 

Wbeblbr, Arthur Wellington Sterlrajg, 111. 


ApKiRAL, Donald (Farming) The Dalles, Ore. 

Dtmokd, James Edwin (Farming) Lake Zitrich, 111. 

HoiiMss, Frederick Duncan Electric Mfg. Co. LaFayette, Ind. 

Lttlb, Frank Merle (Auto.) Washington, la* 

MacClintock, Paul .5629 University Ave. Chicago, 111. 

NoRTHRUP, Loraine Bobbins (Adv.) 1370 E. 63rd St. Chicago, 111. 

Oliver, Joseph Doty, Jr. (Mfg.).. 808 W. Washington Ave. So. Bend, Ind. 

Rbddtck, John Famsley (Advi) Akron, O. 

SiMOND, Maynard H)wing (Statistician).. .6026 Kenwood Ave. Chicago, 111. 


Bssiia), Donald Levant. (Law.) Cambridge* Mass. 

Bnc|U»iBT, John Raymond.' Washington, la. 

CASPBiiTBBi Halatead Marvin (Babking) Wyoming, la. 

CHAin>Lia, Kent, .c/o £.>St. Lcmis <:k>tton OU Co. National Stock Yds. 111. 

CvsujnixaiHAUt Howard James 317 E. Main St. Washington, la. 

Kbbfb, Howard Mansfield (Adv.) 3971 Ellis Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Krambb, William Anthony (Sales.) .... :204 S. Harvey Ave. Oak Park, 111. 

Lanb» James Asa (Mining) 5747 University Ave. (jhioago, IIU 

Miller, Maxwell P 5747 University Ave. Chicago. 111. 

Sherman, Roy Forrester Queen City Transfer House, Sioux FaUs, S.0. 


Abboi?, E. Robertson (Law.) 1212 Washington Bldg. Los Angeles, CaL 

Clbart, John Joseph, Jr. (Ins.) 216 S. Sooville Ave. Oak Park, 111. 

Coleman, William Ogden, Jr. (Mer.) 334 Park AVe. River Forest, 111. 

DiCKERSON, WOlard PettiugUl (Farmmg) .6026 Kimbark Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Haroer, Rollin (Adv.) 4940 EUis Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Hill. Frederick Alfred, Jr. (R. Est.) 5638 W. Lake St. Chicago, 111. 

Pbattie, Roderick (Geol.) 7660 Bond Ave. Chicago, 111. 

ScHABFFER, Herman Davis (Sales.) 33 N. Wabash Ave. Chicago, 111. 

ScHLABACH, ArthuT William 5747 University Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Shull, Henry Carlton 1112 Pierce St. Sioux City, la. 

SxMONDy Robert Ewing (Fin.) 6026 Kenwood Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Tbomp8on» Robert Haviland (Law.) . . . .5747 University Ave. Chicago, 111. 

a04 CHICAGO 1915-18 


Bbix. Dennett Dyer 1630 £. Marquitte Rd. Chio«go, 111. 

BoBMAN, Frits Chnatian Sioux Ci(y» la. 

Btsrlt, Frederick Marion Fr^eport, 111. 

Caoi4it Frederick Warville. ...,•» 6029 University Ave* Chieago. IIU 

Eddt, Alfred Kenneth ,3836 Ellis Ave. Chioago, 111. 

Hall, Carlos Twyman Oak Park, lU^ 

HowABD, Harrison Morton ,... .Siovuc City, Ia» 

MVAD» Henry Castle Albert 1537 E. 60th St. Chioago, 111. 

OwBN, WiUian) Bishop, Jr 6329 Woodlawn Ave. CSuoa«o, 111. 

WsLLS, Samuel Webster 013 3rd St. Wauaau, Wis. 


Babton, Robert Shawmut 135 North Saat Ave. Oak Park, 111. 

DoBSBT, George Chadsey 5609 Kenwood Ave. Chicago, HI. 

GkK)DMAN, Wimam Edward : . . , .5753 Woodlawn Ave. Chicago, 111. 

* McLaugblin, David Blair, died 1914 , Chicago, IlL. 

* QwBN, Charles Lorin, Jr., died 1913. ..,..,:..'. .Chicago. 111. 

ScHivBLY, Charles Stocklein. 4761 I9th Ave: N. B., Seattle, Wash. 

ScHTTLL, Laurens Coming. .... ....... 1112 Fierce St. SioUx City, la. 

WiLLABD, George Gale 0018 Jackson Pk. Ave. Chicago, 111. 


Chandleb, Franklyn Kent. 5130 iT^ersity Ave. Chicago, HI. 

Cbofp, Carl Vaughan >: .Western Springs, UU 

Gbat, Arthur 5541 East End Ave. Chicago. 111. 

HoBTON, Eugene Edward ...•>, .5555 East End Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Nichols, Donald Edgar 0626 Harvard Ave. Chicago, 111. 

ScHLABACH, Frank Lyman 431 West 10th St. Oklahoma Ciiy, Okla. 

Stbong, Alfred Ray 1103 Jaokson St. Sioux Gi^, la. 

Tbmplvton, William Mansfield 6641 Wa^imgton Blvd. Oak Park, 111. 

Wax/tbb, Will Hamilton 1507 Hinniaa Ave. Evanston, 111. 

Whbblbb, LeRoy Coe. .' 501 West 3rd St. Sterling, 111. 


AtEXANDBB. Clarence 1039 N. Laurence St. Wichita, Kan. 

Bbattt, Raymond Richard , 336 16th St. Toledo, O. 

DoBMBLASBB, Harry Albnso . .3126 Coleman Road, Kansas City, Mo. 

Gbndbon, Leon Pierre 7 Williston Apt<. Toledo, O* 

Habpbb, Francis Donald *. .5728 Woodlawn Ave. Chicago, lU. 

Labxin, Garrett Francis 4133 W. Jackson Blvd. Ghioago, 111. 

NuvBEN, John, Jr «. 5312 East End Blvd. Ouoago. HI. 

On^BN, John Rowl^d 5821 Dorchester Ave. Qiicago, HI. 

Patton, Clarence Kelzer ....«.* .Spokane Hot«l, Spokane, Wash. 

1873-09 806 



McLsoD, Prof. Clement Henry McGill University, Montreal, Can. 


Gonu>, Charles Henry (Lib.) 294 Peel St. Montreal, Can. 


Adams, Prof. Frank Dawson (Dean) . . . .243 Mountain St. Montreal, Can. 
McLbnnam, Francis 30 Ontario Ave. Montreal, Can. 


Adami, Prof. John George 34 Macgregor St. Montreal, Can. 


CALiiBNDER, Prof . Hugh Longbome 

Royal College of Science, South Kensington, London, Eng. 


HAiJi, Alexander Rives (Law.) power Bldg. Craig St. Montreal, Can. 

KzNOHOBN, Dr. Hugh McLennan 14 Church St. Saranao Lake, N.Y. 

RoBBBTSON, Dr. Andrew Armour 136 Mansfield St. Montreal, Can. 


Jaquats, Homer Morton (Steel) . 645 Grosvenor Ave. Westmount, P.Q. Can. 


Bablow, Dr. Walter Linley 4769 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, Can. 

GuNN, Robert Alexander 707 New York Life Bldg. Chicago, 111. 

Habvby, Dr. Frederick William. .906 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal, Can. 
Ibbland, Rev. (George Drillio Vancouver, B.C. C7an. 


AsKWiTH, William Robert 24 Alexander St. Ottawa, Can. 

Cabtbb, William Frederick 

HoxjDEN, Arthur Ramsay 377 Mountain St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

Wilkin, Francis Alfred 

C. P. R. Construction Dep't, Winnipeg, Man. Can. 


BoTBB, Louis (Joseph Charles Emile) (Advocate) 

438 Strathoona Ave. Westmount, P.Q. Can. 
* Gbamt, Dr. Angus John, died 1906 Haddington, Scotland 

806 McGILL 1896-1901 

HowBLL, Archibald Rennie (Ins.)- • 572 Victoria Ave. Westmoiint, P.Q. Can. 

HowKLL, Dr. William Boyman 620 Grosvenor Ave. Montreal, Can. 

Mitchell, Victor Evelyn 369 Peel St. Montreal, Can. 


Ross, John Kenneth Levison 360 Peel St. Montreal, Can. 


Bayfibld, Dr. Geoffrey Edward Vancouver, B.C. Can. 

Caps,' Edmund Graves Meredi^ Redpath Crescent, Montreal, Can. 

Gracb, Dr. Nathaniel . . . Mt. Pleasant House, Tunbridge Wells, England 

Kennedy, John Keefer c/o Cowan & Parks, Vancouver, B.C. Can. 

Ltnch, Dr. William Warren Sherbrooke, P.Q. Can, 

MgLea, Ernest Hope 

c/o The Northern Electric & Mfg. Co. Montreal, Can. 
Pattsbson, Dr. Robert Urie (Major, U.S.A.) 

2326 19th St. N. W., Washington, D.C. 

Pbtbbs, Dr. Charles Ayre 370 Mountain St. Montreal, Can. 

Reaves, Campbell c/o The John Ini^is Co. Toronto, Ont. Can. 


Colpitts, Walter William 706 Bryant Bldg. Kansas City, Mo. 

Shore, Dr. Allan (Fin.) 206 Security Bldg. Los Angeles. Cal. 

TooKS, Dr. Frederick 368 Mountain St. Montreal, Can. 


Babbbr, Ren^ Raoul Georgetown, Ont. Can. 

Btebs, Archibald Fullarton (Contr.) 

745 Belmont Ave. Westmount, P.Q. Can. 

Haszard, Dr. Charles Frederick Lestock Calgary, Alberta, Can. 

Kay, William Frederic (M. P.) Phillipeburg, P.O. Can. 

McKge, Dr. Samuel Hanford 158 Crescent St. Montreal, Can. 

Macfarlane, Lawrence (Law.) Royal Trust Bldg. Montreal, Can. 

Maclaren, (jeorge McGillivray (Fin.) 

Edmonton C3ub, Edmonton, Alberta, Can. 
Murray, Dr. Leonard Milton. . .69 Spring Garden Rd. Halifax, N.S. Can. 

Ogilvie, Capt. Norman Craik 11 St. Sacrament St. Montretd, Can. 

Osborne, James Ewart Kerr 50 Crescent Rd. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Robertson, Philip William Kathain Don Juan, Manuel, Mex. 

Sands, Henry Hayden 316 W. 84th St. New York, N.Y. 

SiSB, Paul Fleetford 724 Pine Ave. W., Montreal, Can. 


Bayfield, Dr. Thomas Frederick Vancouver, B.C. Cttn. 

Jackson, Dr. (jordcm Frederick Haileyburg, Ont. Can. 

Meagher, John Joseph (Advocate). . .208 Bishop St. Montreal, Ont. Can. 
Mitchell, (jeorge Gooderham 

Manning Arcade, King St. W., Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Sfringlb, Hobart Anderson Walkerville, Ont. 

White. Dc. Ernest Hamilton 20$ Stanley St. Montreal, Can. 

1902-07 McGILL 807 


Btbbs, Dr. John Roddick. St. Albert St. Ste Agathe des Monta, P.Q. Can. 

JoNis, Dr. Newbold Coursolles 48 Wellesley St. Toronto, Ont.'Can. 

Mason, Dr. Edward George 520 Ist St. E., Calgary, Alberta, Can. 


Andebbon, Dr. Charles Willoughby.710 Brockman Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Bbck, Alfred Edward (Lumber) Thessalon, Ont. Can. 

Casqbain, Alexander Chase 83 Durocher St. Montreal, P.O. Can. 

Gaul/t, Major Andrew Hamilton.595 Sherbrooke St. W.MontrecJ, P.Q. Can. 
Habdibtt, Dr. Richard Henry Moore. 154 Metcalfe St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 
HoLMAN, Dr. William Ludlow. . .University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Camkbon, John Alvin 56 Lowther Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Davis, Patrick (Min. Eng.) 688 Riverfront St. Lachine, P.Q. Can. 

Douglas, Dr. Edgar Robie St. Halifax, K.S. Can. 

Gbicb, James Hugh Melbourne, AustriUia 

Kbbb, Dr. Harry Hyland 1742 N St. Washington. D.C. 

Mbakins, Dr. John Campbell 392 Mountain St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

MoBKiaoN, Roy Alexander (Lumber) Fredericton, N.B. Can. 

Pbaslbb, Alexander Sankey Latty ... 62 Madison Ave. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Tatix)B, Reginald Fairman (Min. Eng.) Fort Myres, Fla. 

Whitb, Re^nald Brant Penticton, B.C. Can. 

WiLAON, William Douglas , Hamilton, Ont. Can. 

Wood, Dr. Harry Gardner Rochester, Minn. 


CxTMMiNO, Dr. Alison t. .Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver, B.C. Can. 

Mohb, Dr. Frederick William Chanes 

Cor. Laurier Ave. E. and Friel Sts. Ottawa, Can. 
MTTqKLBSTON, Dr. Harold Struan. . . .167 Stanley St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

Nblles, Dr. Thomas Rensom Biggar Vancouver, B.C. (Ilan. 

PoPB, Charles Alexander (Law.) University Club, Montreal, Can. 

Ritchie, Alan Bruce, 

c/o The Han Mining & Smelting Co. Nelson, B.C. Can. 

RoBXBTSON, Kenneth (George Haileyburg, Ont. Can. 

Robinson, Frederick Gerald 623 8th Ave. W. Calgary, Alberta, Can. 

RoLLAND, Robert (Mfg.) 723 Traders Bank Bldg. Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Whitb, Dr. Percy Gordon 

1007 Merchants' Nat. Bank Bldg. Los Angeles. Cal. 


Bbunhbb, (jodfrey Hugh (Eng.). .Winnington, Northwich, Cheshire, Eng. 

Eajonb, Capt. James Macdonald St. Johns, P.Q. Can. 

Habmbb, Dr. Charles (jerald 

HolObn, Dr. Charles Patrick.. .722 Brunswick St. Fredericton, N.B. Can. 
Johnson, Walter Seely (Law.) . . . .^. , . . .61 Trafalgar Ave. Montreal, Can. 
Vansittabt, Greorge Edward (C. Eng.) 66 Lowther Ave. Toronto, Can. 

Davis, George Houghton Bamet, B.C. Can. 

a08 McGILL 1907-12 

Gamble, CSarke William P. O. Box 810, Viotoria, B.C. Can. 

Hay, Norman Kyle (Eng.) 182 George St. Sydney, N.S. 

Hbwabd, ChiUon Graves (Law.) 802 University St. Montreal, Can. 

McCowxN, Dr. Gerald Roche.. o/o The Admiralty, London, S.W. England 
MoBBOw, Hugh Merwyn.Ci^o Can. Fairbanks Morse Co. Vancouver, B.C. 
* Wilson, Murray James, died 1908 Saranac Ijake, N.Y. 


Andbbson, Sedley Cantrell Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

Bbll, Valentine Hylton Chester, Pa. 

Cabbuthbbs, Kenneth Burpee (Min. £ng.).Annandale, Kingston, Ont. Can. 

Davis, Francis Mercer 205 First Nat. Bank Bldg. Oakland, Cal. 

GwTN, Charles Campbell " Staplehurst," Dundas, Ont. Can. 

Kemp, James Colin (C. Eng.) 430 Wood Ave. Westmount, P.Q. Can. 

Raphael, Gordon Stewart (Lumbw) Bamet, B.C. Can. 


CuBBiB, Dr. Wilfred Alan 18 Tobin St. Halifax, N.S. Can. 

Fjdtbbbstonhaugh, Lieut. Harold Lea 

775 Sherbrooke St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

GoBDON, Maitland Lodduurt 1124 Albemie St. Vancouver, B.C. Can. 

LiNPSAY, Dr. Lionel Mitcheson 455 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, Can. 

LxTMBDBN, Hugh Allan <C. Eng.) Oriliia, Ont. Can. 

WiNSLOW, Ramsford-Hannay (Eng.) .University Club, Vancouver, B.C. Can. 


Baulo, William Alfred Grordon f Pleasant St. Halifax, N.S. Can. 

Bbunton, James Stopford Lauder 130 McTavish St. Montreal, Can. 

O'Callaqhan, Robert Hay Lismore. 

822 Riverdale Ave. Calgary, Alberta, Can. 

Raphael, Howard MacLaren Cainsville, Ont. Can. 

Reopath, Ronald Francis 29 Ontario Ave. Montreal, Can. 

White, James Alexander Gordon . . . . ; Victoria Mines, Ont., Can. 


Andbbson, Johnson Rogerson Standard Ins. Co. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

Ball, Harry Standish Johannesburg, Africa 

Boyd, Gardiner Mossom (Eng.) Bobcaygeon, (>at. Can. 

Boyd, Laurence Chadwick (Lumber) Bobcaygeon, Ont. Can. 

CuMMiNS, Philip Marstan (Mining) Pine St. Magog, P.Q. Can. 

Evans, Alfred James Lawrence (M. Eng.) 

65 St. Ursule St. Quebec, P.Q. Can. 

Gillies, Clyde Campbell Clover Bar, Alberta, Can. 

Hasbbouck, Bernard Nyaols, N.Y. 

MoBKiLL, Francis Edward (C. Eng.) -128 McTavish St. Montreal,P.Q. Can. 

Nbwcombb, Edmund 83 Laurier St. W., Ottawa, C^. 

Pabkbb. Stanley Davidson (C. Eng') • . • 146 Wellington St. Ottawa, Can. 


Babkeb, Lieut. Raymond Inglis Palgrave 

Heustead Hall, Wrentham, Suffolk, England 
Bbabdmobb, Everett QemeAt. ,,,,,,. ,200 Ck>Uege St. Toronto. Ont. Caar 


1912-17 McGILL 809 

BoTD, Thornton Bridgman (Acot.) Boboaygeon, Ont. Can. 

BoTD, Winnett Womibe Bobcaygeon, Ont. Can. 

McLsoD, Clement Kirkland (Chemist) 

MoUill College Observatory* Montreal, P.O. Can. 
MACKiMToeH, Ivan Roderick (Eng.) . 1025 15th Ave. Vancouver, B.C. Can. 

MoRBXSBT, Capt. Thomas Sydney 85 Church Hill, Montreal, Can. 

Scott, William Bridges (Law.) 128 McTavish St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 


Db Gabmo. Philip William 97 St. James St. Kingston. N.Y. 

DB LoTBiMiEBB, Alain de Lotbiniere Joly (Lumber) 

829 University St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 


Chabi^bson, Donald Richard (Banking) . . .2003 Haro St. Vancouver, B.C. 
*<;irBBBMf lieut. Frederick Douf{laa Leach, died 1915. .City of Mexico, Mez. 

Hall, John Smythe (R. R.) Lennoxville, P.O. Can. 

* Hbbden, John Brereton, died 1915 Montreal, P.O. Can. 

Mason, Dr. Edward Halton Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, Can. 

Mills, Arthur Lennox Stanley (Law.) Bishop's Court, Kingston, Ont. Can. 

MoBXiLL, Geoffrev William (Rys.) Lima, Peru, S.A. 

NoTiCAN, Keith Claxton (M. Eng.) . 22 Summerhill Ave. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

Scott, Henry Hutton (Law.) 128 McTavish St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

Stavbbt, Reuben Evart (E. Eng.) . 128 McTavish St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 
Stbatht, Ralph Lee Alexander (E. Eng.) . 5 Selkirk Ave. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

Whitlby, Harry Thomas Cameron Ill Ckx)];)er St. Ottawa. Ont. Can. 

Wbight, Dr. Henry Pultenay 141 Somerset St. Ottawa, Ont. Can. 


Gbbbn, Herbert William 1919 Robson St. Vancouver, B.C. Can. 

Gbbbn, Lieut. John Kay McDonald 

c/o F. W. Green. Apartado 1071, Ci^ of Mexico Mex. 

Lindsay, Lieut. Stanley Bagg 455 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, Can. 

MoBBOW, Lieut. James Curson Macdonald 

o/o Mrs. James Morrow. Halifax, N.S. Can. 
Pabsonb, Lloyd Holman 4251 Dorchester St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 


Allbn, James Stewart Vancouver, B.C. 

Bbbtbam, James Knowles (Capt. Adj.) Dundas. Ont. Can. 

Gabs, Neville Archibald 128 McTavish St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

Hall, Terrenoe Smythe 128 McTavish St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

Hbbdbn, Edward Raymond West 

445 Sherbrooke St. W. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

HiTPOHisoN, Paul Phelps 4331 Western Ave. Westmount, P.Q. Can. 

McLbnnan, Guy Stuart Lancaster, Out. Can. 

McLbnnan, John Harbison 1500 3rd Ave. Louisville, Ky. 

McLboo, Cireorge Donald Carlton Rd. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 


CavbbhiUj, George Rutherford 84 Simpson St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

HvTcaiBON, Keith Ogilvie 354 MacKay St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

810 McGILL 1917-lS 

Mactablanx, Donald Henry 36 Melbourne St. Sherforooke, P.Q. Cwb. 

MoBSB, Erie David Wellington Crescent* Winnipeg, Can* 

O'Hbib, Hugh Bingham 92 Wellington St. S., Hamilton, Ont. Can. 

Pabsons, Eric Allan 4251 Dorchester St. Westmount, P.Q. Can. 

RuTHKBFOBD, William Jackson 

100 C6te St. Antoine Rd. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 

Todd, John Jackson, Jr Hotel Van Rennselaer, New York, N.Y. 

Wabd, Melville Ernest St. Clur 55 South Angell St. Providence, R.I. 


Hutchison, Matthew Howard. 4331 Western Ave. Westmount, P.Q. Can. 
McLbod, George Egerton Stuart ... .101 Burpee Ave. St. John, N.B. Can. 
Smith, Robert Pennington McArthur 

692 Sherbrooke St. Montreal, P.Q. Can. 


Hanson. George Fulford 821 Union St. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Spohn, Henry Gordon Pentaguishene, Ont. Can. 

1897-1904 Sll 



MacGbkoor, Wallaoe Forrest 1422 16th St. Raoine, Wis. 

RooKBS, John Jay 

Rogers Lumber Co. Seourity Bank Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. 


BuBKS, Dr. Rush Leslie Soudan, Minn. 

Gat, Dr, Jlobert James 122 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, III. 

ScHMiDTiiAN, John Christian Manitowoc, Wis. 


EusRSON, John Bolles (Eng.) . . 1493 Syndicate Trust Bldg. St. Louis, Mo. 
Kurtz, Frank Howard (Law.) 1285 Stowell PL Milwaukee, Wis. 


GoDDARD, Herbert I Bowie, Tex. 

Hi^BARD, Carlisle V. (Y. M. C. A.) . .48 Echigo Machi, Dairen, Manchuria 
McCartnbt, Rev. Albert Joseph 4643 Woodlawn Ave. Chicago, 111. 


Babkrausbn, Louis Henry (Contr.) .... 124 N. Adams St. Green Bay, Wis. 

GoDDABB, Frederick Richardson Nekoosa, Wis. 

JumiMt Frederick Arthur (Eng.) Fond du Lao, Wis. 

MoGowANt Fred C. <R. Est.) Deaiy, Idaho 

Nash, James Bertram 005 1st Ave. S., Grand Rapids, Wis. 

TATiiOR, Frederick Dan 


Long, Charies Edwin North Battleford, Sask. Can. 

Lti^an, John Quinton (C. Eng.) 432 Park Ave. Kenosha, Wis. 

MoFFATT, William Francis (Ins.) 305 N. 16th St. Muskogee, Okla. 


BiRGB, Dr. Edward Grant Harvard Med. School, Boston, Mass. 

Hou«BN, Richard Qamlin (Law.) 29 S. La Salle St. Chicago, 111. 


Abbott, Allen Grossman 5012 2l8t St. N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

Kales, JVanois Henry (Arch.) Hong Kong, China 

Nattzngbb, William Kenyon (Mer.) 222 S. 4th St. Lyons, la. 

Wood, Guy Ray (Auto.) 212 Park Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. 

WooLBoaa, Gaius Sibley (Law.) Minot, N.D. 



Bailkt, Ralph Willianus (Farmer) Waupaca, Wis. 

BoALBB, Rionard Allen (Mer.) Oak Park, 111. 

Inbxtbch. Herbert Stark (Mer.) 315 Farwell Ave. Milwaukee, Wia. 

Inbusch, Walter Henry XEag.) 81Q Lake Ave. Wilmette, HL 

Jabobr, Rudolph John (IVuit Grower)^ ^ Villa Ventura, Nestor, Cal. 

Long, Fred Alva (Contr.) 2424 11th Ave. Los Anceles, Cal. 

Plattbr. James Andrew (Banking) 316 Hudson St. Eau (IHaire, Wis. 

Rbbd, Carl Sweetland (Eng.) 624a 3rd St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

* Shbpard, Colin Reed, died 1906 De Fere, Wis. 

Wkscott, Milton Benham (Eng.) .Revelsfoke, B.C. Can. 


BosTBDO, Alfred Gardner (Fin.) .... .SO Englewood Ave. Brookline, Mass. 

Ely, Richard Sterling (Civil Serv.) 205 Prospect Ave. Madison, Wi^ 

KiBTUQT, Luther Lycurgus (M. Eng.) 

823 Boston Bldg. Salt Lake City, Utah 

KiTOwx/rON, Philip Arnold (Ins.) Fairbanks, Alaska 

MoBBiBON, Harry Irwin (Lumber) . . .Portland Lumber Co. Portland, Ore. 

1907 ' , 

Arndt, Reuben Field (Eng.) 370 N. 29th St. Portland, Ore. 

Babkhausen, Heniy C^rge (Coal) . , .,803 S. Quinc^ St. Green Bay, Wis. 

Davis, Dr. Benjamin Franklin 122 S. Mich^an Ave. Chicago, Bl. 

HUo, James Elmer (Ins.) 5036 Blackstohei Ave. (Dlucago, HL 

Inbusch, Charles Edwards 

Leslis, John Woodworth 166 N. La Saile St. Chicago, HI. 

QuABLBS, Charles Bullen (Law.) ..,,..».... 364 Kane PI. Milwaukee, Wis. 

* Shattuck, Charles Doton, died 1905 Medford, Wis. 

SrrBABNd, Edward Wording (Eng.) 2202 Roslyn Ave. Baltimore, Md. 

Undbbwood, Walter Scott 328 N. Grove Ave. Oak Park, Dl. 

Walbridgb, John Solon, Jr. (Arch.) . . . 514 Newton Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Williams, Sidney James (Eng.) 406 Sidney St. Madiscm, Wis. 

Wilson, Ralph Warren (Mfg.) 1540 Main St. Raeahei Wia. 


Reed, James Olin (Contr.) ' 729 Upper Dr. Portland, Ore. 

Stephenson, Willard L. (Mfg.) Goshen, Ind. 

Vosbubgh, Frank Jones (Eng.) 114 d4th St. Milwaukee, Wis. 


BoTD. Stanley ^ayo (Fin.) 208 S. La Salle St. Chioa^, HI. 

DjNET, Eugene Augustus (Mer.) 1000 Wdsterti' Ave. J61iet, 10. 

Febnald, Sydney Wentworth (Coal) .... .402 Eddy AVio. Missoula, Mont. 

Lyman, Francis Josiah .453 Pleasant St. Kenosha, Wis. 

McMillan, William Archibald (Sedes.) .... 531 Lake Dr. Milwaukee, Wis. 
QuABLBS, Henry Capron (Banking) . 938 Cambridge Ave. MiLwaokae, Wii. 

Shbrmam, William Gilbert 691 Hackett Are. Milwaukee, Wis. 

STsrrBN, Dr. I^nnan Allen. '. .621 C^leniKmt St. Antilles Wia. 

Stobb, Frederick Montgomery (C. Eng.) 1541 £. filst St. Chiwgo; lU. 

Wabrsn, Wheeler .P^ O. Box 288^ Zilkh^ Waslk. 

1910-14 WISCONSIN 818 


Babust, Floyd (Salee.) 332 8. MichigaD Ave. Chicago, III. 

BiGKBL, Harold LeRov (Mfg.) 1635 College Ave. Raoine, Wis. 

Bbandbl, Dr. Harry MoPheraon . . . .421 S. Oxford Ave. Los Angeles, CaL 

Fosmi, Harry Llewellyn 186 28th St. Milwaukee, Wis. 

McLsoD, France Chandler 4708 N. Racine St. Chieagp, HI. 

RoBKBTB, Robert R. (Lumber) Fairfax, Wash. 

TuTANT, Earle Edwin (Ry.) 110 Avenue B, Billings, Mont. 


Babb, Lawrence Marshall 

Dtab, Hugh Huntmgton (Sales.) 037 West St. N. W., Cleveland, O. 

Knowlton, Harry Neil Madison, Wis. 

McKkt. Douglas Francis (Banking) 364 Kane PI. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nabh, Qairett Barry University Club, St. Paul, Minn. 

PoTTBB, Edward Jesse (Ins.) 523 (3ermania Bldg. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Sladb, John Lathrop (Drft.) 64 Pine St. Hinsdale, 111. 


CoLSMAN, Robert Earle (Sales.) . . . .424 Morris Ave. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

DsAN, Hasen Stuart (SalesJ 166 N. State St. Chicago, HI. 

Gbankis, Dr. Irving Van Vliet 204 Main St. Menomonie, Wis. 

Jaquith. Allen Fourestier 640 Madison Ave. Elisabeth, N.J. 

Jomss. Louis DeWitt (Mfg.) 018 Lakeside PI. Chicago, 111. 

Lbwis, John Parish (Banking) 423 Webster PI. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nash, Leo 777 S. 1st Ave. Grand Rapids, Wis. 

PicKABO, Arthur Edward The Sangamo Elec. Co. Springfield, HI. 

Wilkinson, Marcus Everts Ashland, Wis. 

Wilson, Lewis Kemper (Ed.) . : 614 Langdon St. Madison, Wis. 


Alton, Robert Leslie (Sales.) 577 Cherry St. Winnetka, lU. 

Cabtlb, Lewis Gould 872 Shepard Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Davis, Homer Allan 427 N. 8th St. La Oosse, Wis. 

* EscH, Paul Herbst, died 1910 La Crosse, Wis. 

Fbbt, Robert Rodgers, Jr. (Sales.) La Grange, 111. 

Gbobgb, Marshall Woods (R. Est.) 1007 E. 43rd St. Chicago, 111. 

Johnson, William Allen (Orchard) Tye River, Va. 

Shba, Edmund Burke Ill Front St. Ashland, Wis. 

Tbistbam, Robert Dix (Mfg.) 511 Lincoln PL, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Watts, Howard Manley (Mer.) 424 Milwaukee St. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Wblsbb, George Brinton, Jr. (M. Eng.) 430 Kane PI. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Wbbnbb, Allan Charles La Oosse, Wis. 

ZoLLNBB, Louis Albert . Care Singer Mfg. (>>. Port of Spain, Trinidad, B.W.I. 


Bassbtt, Norman Douglas (Mer.) 631 Rush St. Chicago, III. 

Bbadish, Ralph Partridge (Bankmg) 717 Cass St. La Crosse, Wis. 

Bbown, Fer(^ Mortimer (Agr.) Harrington, Del. 

Cabpkntbb, Russell Hand 1324 Main St. Racine, Wis. 

Davis, Harold Marvin (Sales.) 427 N. 8th St. La Crosse. Wis. 

814 WISCONSIN 1914-18 

McClabt, Orson Rood (Hortioultitfe) Empire, Mich. 

MiLiiABD, Marland Boyd Markeaon, Wb. 

OSBOBNK, Lloyd Noyes (R. Est.) 3338 Pine St. Omaha, Neb. 

Patnk, Randolph Rogers 10510 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O. 

SAKDBB80N. Edward 136 W. 44th St. New York, N.Y. 

Spbrbt, Carleton Dexter (Edit.) 1725 Wilson Ave. Chicago, lU. 

Thatbb, Charles EUery (Fin.) 1219 N. State St. Chicago, 111. 

Wahl, Robert Christian (Horticulture) Fish Creek, Wis. 


DuLON, Lowell Richards 646 W. 158th St. New York. N.Y. 

HoLLBN, Edwin Stanley . . ^ 529 Hobart St. Eau Chure, Wis. 

HowBLL, Arthur Brandon .8 Knickerbocker Apts. Omaha, Neb. 

HoTT, William Melangthon, 2nd CR< Est.) 

300 Fairview Ave. Winnetka. 111. 

Johnson, Donald Peter 889 Ist Ave. S. Grand Rapids, Wis. 

KiTCHBLXt, Francis Robert 6500 Harvard Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Patnb, Kenneth Wilcox (Joum.) 4700 Sheridan Rd. Chicago, III 

Steabns, Harry Carpenter 826 Lake Ave. Racine, Wis. 

Stubtbtant, Frank Austin (Farmer) R. F. D. 4, Paw Paw, Mich. 


Abbott. John Hascall R. F. D. 1, Goshen, Ind. 

Andebson, Norman Leonard 615 Hackett Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. 

BiCKBL, Jolm Marcher 1635 College Ave. Racine, Wis. 

Cabpentbb, Elbert Hand 1324 Main St. Racine, Wis. 

Leqlbb, Frederic Mills 1615 Hyde Park Blvd. Chicago, 111. 

Lewis, Stevenson Paul 90 Rosemont Rd., E. Cleveland. O. 

Lund, Caii Howard 1805 College Ave. Racine, Wis. 

Nobtr, Reynolds Bacon 832 S. Monroe Ave. Gr^n Bay, Wis. 

Reber, Harry Dale Fremont, Mich. 

Stephenson, Verne Lindsay ^ 422 N. Main St. South Bend, Ind. 

WiCKHAM, James Arthur 333 Oxford Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. 


Babbett. John Walton 168 West St. Freeport, HI. 

BoTD. William Roland 1914 Sheridan Rd. Evanston, 111. 

Bradley, Robert Stevens 1722 " N" St. Washington, D.C. 

Buckley, Joseph Harold 421 W. 2nd St. Washington, la. 

Ely, John Thomas Anderson 205 Prospect Ave. Madison, Wis. 

Fox, Osmon Charles 1021 W. Johnson St. Madison, Wis. 

Johnson, Leland Sylvester Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Miller. David Be<?kwith 1869 B. 79th St. Cleveland, O. 

Wabnbb, Robert Leman 421 E. Everett St. Dixon, HI. 


Shabp. Malcolm Pitman 659 Mendola Court. Madison, Wis. 

190(M» 316 



Cloud, Archibald Jeter (Ed.) 176 Belvedere St. San Francisco, Cal. 

MrLLBB, Clinton Ellis (R. Est.) ^252 W. Washincrton St. Los Angeles, Cal. 
MoBTiMBB, James Daniel 30 Broad St. New York, N.Y. 


Cornish, Harry Louis (Min. Eng.)Ji 2005 Vine St. Berkeley, Cal. 

EoLAND, Eugene Wellington (Law.) 1549 Harrison Blvd. Oakland, Cal. 

TuLLY, Richard Walton (Playwright) Sierra Madre, Cal. 


Allbn, Dr. Frederick Madison 465 E. Holt Ave. Pomona, Cal. 

Baibd, Frank (Metallurgist) 2624 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, Cal. 

EariiE, John Jewett (Law.) 291 Fairmount Ave. Oakland, Cal. 

GoRBiLL, Charles Hatherley 3615 Piedmont Ave. Oakland, Cal. 

Hunt. Reuben Gay (Law.) 362 15th Ave. San Francisco, Cal. 

Vanderbii/t, Newell Fitsgerald (Ed.) 725 5th Ave. San Rafael, Cal. 


FuBiiONG, Herbert William (Agr. Eng.) . Spruce St. Cragmont, Berkeley, Cal. 

KoFORD, James Mossin (Law.) 1636 Milvia St. Berkeley, Cal. 

Lemberoer, Arleigh Francesse (Law.) 68 Post St. San Francisco, Cal. 

McCoLLisTBR, Earl Hamilton (Priest) 37 Center St. Santa Crua, Cal. 

Mini, Lawrence Elressio (Gov't.) Vallego, Cal. 

Reed, Fred Elroy (R. Est.) 48 Rockridge Blvd. Oakland, Cal. 

Woolsst, Audubon James (Law.) 576 66th St. Oakland, Cal. 


Baxter, Edward Howard 651 Mission St. San Francisco, Cal. 

Evans, Prof, Herbert McLean. Johns Hopkins Med. School, Baltimore, Md. 

KoRBEL, Leo V. (Agr.) P. O. Guerneville, Cal. 

Williams, Evan (Law.) 2 Spruce St. San Francisco, Cal. 

Wilson, Raymond Van (Chem.) 2400 Ridge Rd. Berkeley, Cal. 


Baker. Edward Carleton (Dipl.) Dept. of State, Washington, D.C. 

Chandler, Walter William (Banking) Vacavilie, Cal. 

Chenbt, Charles Henry (Atch.) Crocker Bldg. San Francisco, Cal. 

Hacklet, Roy Chester .2217 Channing Way, Berkeley, Cal. 

MnsGROVE, William James (Rancher) Rialto, Cal. 

VAN LOben Sels, James Florent (Farmer) .520 Sycamore St. Oakland, CaL 
Whitton, William Wakefield (M. Eng.) .383 Hawthorne St. Oakland, Cal. 

816 CALIFORNIA 190e~ll 


Babson, Stephen Edwards (Rancher) Clarksburg, Cal. 

BoARDMAN, Dr. Walter Whitney 

Medical School, Stanford Univ. San Francisco, Cal. 

GoDDARD, Dr. Malcolm Butler Bldg. San Francisco, Cal. 

KoFORD, Joseph Sidney 1636 Milvia St. Berkeley, Cal. 

Lows, Edmund Ashbrook (Printg.) 232 16th Ave. San Francisco, Cal. 

Maddox, Morley Moyers (Edit.) 737 N. Willis St. Visalia, Cal. 


KiLUAN. Jonas Edwin (Orange Grower) El Monte, Cal. 

LisssR, Dr. Hans 3899 Washington St. San Francisco, Cal. 

McKannat, Harry Gabriel (Law.) 

5S0 Montgomery St. San Francisco, Cal. 

Mbrrrt, Ralph Palmer 3517 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, Cal. 

O'Connor, Grover (Law.) 414 Kohl Bldg. San Francisco, CaL 

Simpson, Frank. Jr 1032 Ingraham St. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Spbrrt, Willard Egbeit (Rancher) Ceres, Stanislaus Co. Cal. 


Barnicott, John Warren (Fruit) Newcastle, Cal. 

Baxter, Harold Kelsey (Export) 420 Elwood Ave. Oakland, Cal. 

Blaks, Robert Pierpont 2235 Piedmont Way, Berkeley, Cal. 

GoRRnx, Ralph Carlton (Contr.) 3615 Piedmont Ave. Oakland, CaL 

Hums, Samuel James (Theatre) . . . 105 Kirkland Court, Cambridge, Mass. 
Klbbbbrger, Prof. Frank Louis. ...... .University of Cal. Berkeley, Cal. 

* MoRQAN, Charles Guy, died 1910 San Francisco, CaL 

Sbaburt, Almy (Drft.) Fairfax, Cal. 


CouoHRAN, Charles Wiley (Rancher) San Gabriel, Cal. 

Hackubt, Philip Beckwith (Sales.) . . 2200 Los Angeles Ave. Berkeley, Cal. 

HuND, Walter Jacob (Chem.) Ross. Marin Co. CaL 

Paul, Albert Miles (Agr. Eng.) C^. Fruit Bldg. Sacramento, Cal. 

ScHABiTFBB, Jamcs Garfield 1646 Walnut St. Berkeley, Cal. 


Baxter, Dr. Frank Stanley 1831 Myrtle St. Oakland, CaL 

Harding, Wylie (Nurseryman) Box 488, Sacramento, Cal. 

Hatch, Allen Tremain Claremont Ave. Oakland, Cal. 

McGraw. Frederick Virgil (Supplies) 2533 Broadway, Oakland. Cal. 

Miller. Ernest Hendricks (Horticidture) . . .525 N. Court St. Visalia, Cal. 
Pendleton, Cornelius Welles, Jr. (Law.) 

1310 St. Andrews PL Los Angeles, Cal. 

Spbrrt, Austin Willard (C. Eng.) 2328 Webster St. Berkeley, Cal. 

van LObbn Sbls. Justus Jan (Ins.) 2724 Garber St. Berkeley, Cal. 

Wbbstbr, Percy Edward (Ins.) Exposition Bldg. San Fraaoisoo, Cal. 

Whitton, Charles Abel (Eng.) 383 Hawthorne St. Oakland, Cal. 


Catbb, Dudley Jones 315 N. 11th St. Richmond, Ind. 

1911-16 CALIFORNIA 817 

HmrD, Dr» Erwin John Boas, Marin Co. Cal. 

JoBDAKjIUy FrftDoifl (Fin.) 1745 Ellis St. San Franoiaoo, Cal. 

Mii«La, Henry Edmund. Jr. (Sales.) 2313 Durant Ave. Berkeley, Cal. 

Woouun, John Homer 6677 Ocean Dr. Oakland, Cal. 


Allsofp, Qintoo Bonfield (Telephone) 

3425 Sacramento St. San Francisco, Cal. 

Cabaock, DeWitt Qinton 2217 Ellsworth St. Berkeley, Cal. 

MoGbb, Ralph. Campbell U. S. Sub-Treasury, San Francisco, Cal. 

MoNajLBt Esekiel Denman (Grain) , Petaluma, Cal. 

McNbab, George Flummer, Jr. (Eng.) Petaluma, Cal. 

Randau., William Edgar (Civil Serv.)..1720 W. 41st St. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Rankin, John Walker (Law.) University Club, Los Angeles, Cal. 

RiBBBB, Frank 15 Canyon Rd. Berkeley, Cal. 

Smtth, William Harris (C. Eng.) .2509 Hearst Ave. Berkeley, Cal. 


ConoHBAN, Douglas David (R. Est.) San Gabriel, Cal. 

Fbankun, Floyd Atherton (Farmer) R. F. D. 3, Lodi, Cal. 

LbBabon, Clyde Leslie .Valley Ford, Sonoma Co. Cal. 

McCLax.LAND, Harry Charles Woodbridge, San Joaquin Co. Cal. 

O'C^NNOB, Michael John Sutter Creek, Cal. 

ScHABFFBB, John Regal 1646 Walnut St. Berkeley, Cal. 

Stahl, Leslie Waldron 2627 Monmouth Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Stbphbnb, Frederick Dorsey St. Johns College, Oxford. Eng. 

Tatlob, Russell Vernon (Fruit) 421 N. Douty St. Hanford, Cal. 


Bbbck, Henry Cushman (Law.) 168 Santa Rosa Ave. Oakland, Cal. 

Dbnman, Charles Esekiel (Farmer) R. F. D. 1, Petaluma, Cal. 

Eaton, Ralph Monroe 322 E. Flora St. Stockton, Cal. 

Eo^LaosTON, Laurence Adams (Ins.) 

230 Security Bank Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Habbbll, Harrell Jasper (R. Est.) 

Los Angeles Athletic Club, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Howabd, Carl Harold (Farmer) 1118 Laurel St. Berkeley, Cal. 

Maclisb, Deming Gerow (Farmer) Red Bluff, Cal. 

Manubl, Joseph Warren (Lumber & Cattle) . 2413 Dwight St. Berkeley, Cal. 

Moobbbad, Archibald Cedric 1611 Orange Dr. Hollywood, Cal. 

Pabtbidob, Francis Harrington 115 6th St. Petaluma. Cal. 

RObkb, Francis William 2251 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley, Cal. 

Wbbstbb, Frederick Arthur (M. Eng.) . .985 Bay View Ave. Oakland, Cal. 


BoGABDTTB, John Jeremiah (Rancher) 

1519 Northwestern Ave. Hollywood, Cal. 

Caswbll, George Bradford 320 W. Lake Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 

GxiXAM, Frank Everett 2242 13th Ave. Oakland, Cal. 

Hubbabd, William Bonine 5418 Russell Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 

JuDD, Cjreorge Thomas (Drft.) 1149 San Pasqual St. Pasadena, Cal. 

PowBB, Edward James East Auburn, Cal. 

816 CALIFORNU lftl6-18 

SchOn, Robert Augustiu Pratt 2400 Bancroft Way, Berksley, Cal. 

VxsscHBB, Harel Hugo Kraght. 1211 Baker-Detwiler BIdg. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wheeler. Benjamin Webb President's House, Berkeley, Cal. 

Young, Edmund John (Mining) 331 E. Ist St. Long Beach, Cal. 


Cablisle, Donald Thompson 416 Chicago St. Elgin, ID. 

Gat, Thomas Edward 450 Freeport Rd. Sacramento, Cal. 

Hates, Kenneth Aurand Aberdeen, Wa^. 

Howard. Henry Temple 1401 LeRoy Ave. Berkeley, CaL 

Maddox, Dixon Famsworth 601 Encina Ave. Visalia, Cal. 

Page, Richard Channing Moore. .373 19th Ave. W., Vancouver, B.C. Can. 

Wadsworth, Joseph Hilton Altadena, Cal. 

Whitton, John Boardman ^ .383 Hawthorne St. Oakland, Cal. 


Bbeck. Samuel Earl 168 Santa Rosa Ave. Oakland, Cal. 

Burns, John 2710 Durant St. Berkeley, Cal. 

Elibl, Leon Theodore 285 W. Mountain St. Pasadena, Cal. 

Kemper, Warren Runyon 1541 Tripomo St. San Luis Obiaoo, Cal. 

Martens, Richard George K^itfield, Cal. 

* Randolph, Beverly Lambeth, died 1914 Hollywood, Cid. 

Smtth, Robert Lacy 2509 Hearst Ave. Berkeley, Cal. 

Stephens, Gordon Fitshugh 6818 Hawthorne Ave. Hollywood, Cal. 

TtTTTLB, Adolphus Darwin 2550 Pacific Ave. San Francisco. Cal. 


Brooks, Fred Thomas 511 N. Normandie Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Brownlbb, Fred Parke 159 Central Ave. San Francisco, Cal. 

Bull, Donald Cline 1716 Le Roy Ave. Berkeley, Cal. 

Cutter, Curtis Harold 3200 Stockton Ave. Sacramento, Cal. 

Holt, John Ruskin 212 W. Arrellaga St. Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Pischel. Dohrmann Kaspar 1817 California St. San Francisco, Cal. 

Wbllborn, Oiin. 3rd 401 West 3l8t St. Los Angeles, Cal. 

1904r<10 319 



Sbibbl, Kari Bird (Law.) Princeton, HI. 


Marquis, Franklin Wales (Prof.) Ohio State University, Columbus, O. 

Randall, Frank Alfred (C. Eng.) Cambridge, 111. 

Smith, Edwin Raymond (Prof.) North Campus. State College, Pa. 


KuNKLB, Roy Delos Mackinaw, 111. 

McCoT, Charles Brodcs (Law.) . . .603 Central Mtg. Bldg. San Diego. Cal. 

MooRK, Francis Guy (M. Eng.) 368 Union St. Brooklyn. N.Y. 

Rich, Charles Clyde (Arch.) 461 Ainsworth Ave. Portland, Ore. 

Smith. Russell Nellis (Mer.) 510 Wabash Ave. Carthage. 111. 

Stbombsro, Julian Willis (C. Eng.) 342 River St. Chicago. 111. 


Bxcx, James Peter 208 S. LaSalle St. Chicago, 111. 

BIM.CK, William (Prof.) 126 E. Dayton St. Madison, Wis. 

Faroo, Roy Newton (Ed.) 1013 W. Oregon St. Urbana. 111. 

Lfftub, R<^r Frank (Law.) 606 Chalmers St. Champaign. 111. 

Rich, Daniel Homer (Ed.) 249 Roeeville Ave. Newark, N.J. 

Vannbman, Harry Walter (Prof.) 502 N. Dakota St. Vermillion, S.D. 


BusNOBR, Louis (Secy).. Granite City Lime 4e Cement Co. Granite City. 111. 

Carrithkrs. Ira Thomson (Ed.) 22 Scott St. Lake Forest, IlL 

KiSRCH, Walter Washington (Eng.) 2409 C St. Granite City. 111. 

Olmsted, George Chauncey (Mgr.) . Minnesota Radiator Co. Duluth, Minn. 
Smith, Lealie Alden 

c/o Lehigh Portland Cement Co. Young Bldg. AUentown, Pa. 
Van Psttbn, Robert Milton (C. Eng.).. 3604 Riverside Ave. Cleveland, O. 


FosTRR, Joseph Kyle 218 E. 7th St. Mt. Carmel, 111. 

HxRSHBY, Harry Bryant (Law.) 821 Main Cross, Taylorville, lU. 

Phillips, Lawrence Clifford (Agr.) Streator, III. 

Tbomsok. Andrew 2958 E. 81st St. Chicago, 111. 

Tull, Dr. Allison Lee 1527 E. 67th PI. Chicago, in. 

VoSBUROH, Frank Jones 114 34th St. Milwaukee, Wis. 


Baker, Elmer Jerome, Jr. (Edit.) 701 Masonic Temple, Chicago. 111. 

320 ILLINOIS 1910-16 

EiBBNMATSB, Arthur Wesley (Mer. & Contr.) 

c/o Granite City Lime A Cement Co. Granite City, 111. 

McCoBD, Ralph Nichols (R. Est.) 710 £. Front St. Bloomington. IlL 

Pershall, Eaward Estes (Chem. Eng.) 

3248 Waverly PL East St. Louis. HI. 
Plumb, Ermin Fawcett ' 323 E. Mam St. Streator, 111. 


Caldwxll, Will Carleton (Bldg.) 7th Ave. La Grange, lU. 

Camp, Willard Russell (Banking) , . Bement, lU. 

GoDDARD, Henry Houts (Banking) Mt. Carmel, 111. 

LiTTUB, LeRoy Lewis (Joum.) , . .905 S. Wright St. Cham];>aign, 111. 

Randall, Edwin Arthur (C. Eng.) 53 Bluff Ave. La Grange, HI. 

Van Clevb, Arthur Talley (Law.) 713 Milliken Bldg. Decatur, DL 


Inokbsoll, Harold Bennett (Sales.) 614 W. 7l8t St. Chicago, lU. 

Kats, ponald Jackson (Prof.) 344 18th Aye. Columbus, Q. 

McKiM, Wilson Moran .Sterling, lU* 

SviLEB, Otto Erwin (Ed.) 1827 Wesley Ave. JBvanston, HI. 


Cabnet, Ralph Thomas (Lumber) 1346 E. 65th St. Chicago, III. 

Hopkins, Deane (Lumber) < Pocatello, Idaho 

OoLE, Arthur Hook (Journ.) 617 East B St. Belleville, HI. 

PoBTBBriELD, Willard Blaine (Fin.) Fairmount, Hi. 

Pbindlb, Merwin L. (R. Est.) 5908 Normal Blvd. Chicago, HI. 

Rich, Ernest Albert (Law.) .Washington, HI. 

Seilbb, George William (Ed.) .1102 W. 21st St. Boise, Idaho 

Vobbubgh, William Richardson, Jr. (Merc.) 

321 So. Grove Ave. Oak Park, HI. 
Whitney, Charles Earl (C. Eng.) 607 Arrott Bldg. Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Bbeton, John Frederick (Baseball) 1276 W. 72nd St. Chicago, Hi. 

* BuBGEB, Howard Jean, died 1915 Woodstock, Hi. 

Chubchill, James Errol. . M 214 E. 3rd St. Mt. Carmel, HI. 

Field, Roswell Francis 4242. Clarendon Ave. Chi<tego, HI. 

Hopkins, Elliott Budd (Auto).. .709, The 1900 Euclid Blldg. Cleveland, O. 

HosKiNs, William, Jr ' 49 dth AVe. La Grange, HL 

NoBBis, George Byron ^, ..:..... 100 Wood St. Pittsburtfb, Pa. 


Allbn, Paul Glenn .6539 Vale Ave. Chicago, HI* 

CooPEB, Edward Alden 209 6th Ave. La Grange, HI. 

Davis, Harold Eskridge (R. Est.) 5519 Cornell Ave. Chicago, HI. 

Gamble, Clare Curtiss .15 Milwaukee St. Malone, NT. 

Glenn, Murray C)tto Mftgnolia, lU. 

Kellogg, Chester Arthur 1226 E. 46th St. Chicago, HI. 

KiBKLAND, Archibald Farley Cambridge, Hip 

MbAke, Arnold Edward 15 Edgar St. Evansville, lad. 

191IH18 ILLINOIS 821 

Skinnxb. OtiB Ainsworth 402 Willow St. Winnetka. 111. 

Van PmrrBN, Oliver William (CooBtr.) Box 143. Ashland, Ky. 


Carlisls, Donald T 416 Chicago St. Elgin, 111. 

GLOvm. Donald Mitchell 306 W. High St. Urbana, 111. 

Pabb, Harold Lacien 019 W. Green St. Urbana, HI. 

Patkb, Lawrence Edwin (C. Eng.) 43 Wabash Ave. Carthage. HI. 

Skablbs. Donald Kenneth 327 S. Madison Ave. La Grange, 111. 

Whbblock, Loyal Bergen 1040 Hinman Ave. Evanaton, HI. 


Bablkr, Richard Condon 657 Sheridan Rd. Chicago, 111. 

Burton. Clifford Ketcham (Engr.) 411 N. Grove Ave. Oak Park, 111. 

Campbell, Charles Warren Coal City, 111. 

EwBB, Warren Badger 3517 W. Adams St. Chicago, 111. 

FiBBBAUGH, Richard David 402 W. Main St. Robinson. lU. 

Gbavbn. Anker Sverre 1003 9th St. Menomonie, Wis. 

Hall, George Ross .309 S. Scoville St. Oak Park. 111. 

Maclean, lAchlan William Forest Ave. Wilmette, 111. 

Mapes, George Chandler 201 W. Carroll St. Macomb, 111. 

Mabkwabdt, Henry William 392 Ann St. Elgin, 111. 

NxEOLBB, Julien Hequembourg 1227 Altgeld St. Chica;|E0, 111. 

Roos, Edwin George 1918 Withnell Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

Staobr, Frank Mickle 707 1st Ave. Sterling, 111. 

Walsh, William Russell 6707 Sheridan Rd. Chicago, 111. 

Webms, Charles Lee 1651 York St. Quincy, 111. 


Fishbb, Clarence Van Nostran 324 S. Waiola Ave. La Grange, III. 

Hbibt, John Alden 617 N. Pine Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Knioht. Herbert Alfred 304 S. Grove Ave. Oak Park, III. 

Macaulbt, John Blair, Jr 420 Hamilton St. Evanston, 111. 

MooBB, Hiram Wodrich 625 Clinton Ave. Oak Park, 111. 

Phalbn, Robert William 2418 HartseU St. Evanston, 111. 

Valbntinb, George Snow, Jr 2407 Pioneer Rd. Evanston, 111. 

WiLUAifS, Robert Tatman 1250 Main St. Quincy, 111. 




Abbay, R. F., Gum-68 259 

Abbe, C, Man-67 213 

Abbe, F. R., Y-48 35 

Abbe, W. A., Am-67 73 

•Abbot, E. R., Ch-14, Y-13. .64, 303 

Abbot, H. W., Hvd-86 112 

Abbot, N. M. W., Brn-55 90 

Abbott, A. A., D-71 169 

Abbott. A. C, Wi»-04 311 

Abbott, A. G., Am-65 75 

Abbott, A. M., D-99 166 

Abbott, A. W., D-67 158 

Abbott, A. W., D-63 157 

Abbott, C. Y-11 63 

Abbott. C. G., Col-03 28 

Abbott. D. B., Am-08 85 

Abbott, F. P., Wm8-13 211 

Abbott, G., Y-02 55 

Abbott, J. B., R-79 191 

Abbott. J. B.. Brn-15 101 

Abbott, J. E., D-76 160 

Abbott. J. H., Wm8-15, Wi8-16 311 

Abbott, J. P., D-66 158 

Abbott, L. L., Y-66, D-66. .44, 158 

Abbott. T. A., Hm-70 7 

Abbott, W., R-58 188 

Abbott, W. P., Cor-79 262 

Abeel. G. H., Col-83, Man-82 . 218 

Abel, W. H., Man-55 213 

Abell, F. H., R-92 193 

Abells. H. D., Ch-97 300 

Abercrombie, D. W. Jr., Bm-10 100 

Abrams, C, Mid-91 233 

Achelis, J., Y-13 64 

Ackenuan, H. R., Man-^15 244 

Adam. J., PK-14 281 

Adam, W. L., Wms-77 205 

Adami, J. G., McG-84 305 

Adams, A., Hvd-99 117 

Adams, A., D-48 154 

Adams, A. E., Y-62 42 

Adams, A. E., 0-02 166 

Adams, C. E., Y-04 57 

Adams, C. F., Hvd-56 107 

Adams. C. F., 2d, Hvd-88 113 

Adams, C. T., D-66 168 

Adams. C. W., R-76 191 

Adams, D. C, Y-95 51 

Adams, E. F., D-95 165 

Adams, E. F., Hud-60 129 

Adams, E. L., R-75 190 

Adams, E. M., JH-94 284 

Adams, E. R., U11.-6I. 249 

Adams, F. B., Y-00 54 

Adams, F. D., McG-79 305 

Adams, G. B., R-82 192 

Adams, G. M., Am-44 70 

Adams, H. 2d, Hvd-98 117 

Adams, H. H., JH-97 285 

Adams, I., Hm-39 2 

Adams, J. C., Hvd-39 103 

Adams, J. H., Hvd-81 110 

Adams, J. Q., R-74 190 

Adams, J. R., Hm-17 14 

Adams, M. M., Hm-n34 1 

Adams, M. O., D-71 159 

Adams. M. W., Hm-15 14 

Adams, S. F., Hm-58 5 

Adams, 8. H., Hm-91 10 

Adams, 8. H., Hm-65 6 

Adams, S. W., Hm-39 2 

Adams. T. P.. Hm-36 1 

Adams. T. W., P-17 186 

Adams. W., Y-57 39 

Adams, W. P., Un-79 252 

Adams, W. R., Un-51 249 

Addoms, M. C., Jr. Y-06 58 

Adkins, C. L., Mid-10 237 

Adkins. L. D., PK-13 281 

Adkinson. H. M., Ch-97 300 

Admiral, D., Ch-12 303 

Adriance, E. H., Wms-14 211 

Adriance, H. E., Wms-83 206 

Adriance, H. E., Jr., Wms-14. . 211 

Adriance, J. R., Wms-78 205 

Adsit, C. C, Cor-75 261 





Adsit, 8. C, R-16 198 

Agard, W. R., Ain-15 87 

Ahlstrom, C. F., Jr., Wma-10. . 210 

Ahrena, A. H., JH-90 283 

Ahrens, T. G., JH-90 283 

Aiken, T. N., P-08 184 

Aikman, R., Y-43 33 

Ainalie, R. O., Wms-14 211 

Aiahton, R. A., D-18 171 

Aitchiflon, W., Y-48 36 

Akeley, L. E., R-86 192 

Akerly, H. E., R-08. 196 

Akere, A. M., Hud-14 137 

Albee. G. S., P-64 175 

Albert, T. G., JH-08 287 

Alden, C. H., Brn-56 90 

Alden, E. K., Am-44 70 

Alden, E. K., Am-80 78 

Aldifl, C, Col-37 23 

Aldrich, C. T., Bm-77 94 

Aldrich, G. T., D-81 162 

Aldrich, H. L., Bm-76 93 

Aldrich, H. W., Miti-05 290 

Aldrich, R., Brn-03 98 

Aldrich, R. S., Y-06 68 

Aleshire, J. P., PK-09 280 

Alexander, C, Ch-18 304 

Alexander, C. T., Y-54 37 

Alexander, D., Coivl4 269 

Alexander, E. R., Cor-Ol 266 

Alexander, G., Un-66 250 

Alexander, G. B., Un-05 256 

Alexander, H. O., Bm-85 96 

Alexander, I. R., Y-62 42 

Alexander, J., Un-66 250 

Alexander, R. C, Un-80 . . 262 

Alexander, 8. J., D-63 167 

Alexander, W. D., Y-65 38 

Alford, D. 8., Mid'-71 228 

Alford, W. J., Jr., Y-13 64 

Alger, W. G., Y-69 46 

Alker, G. B., Y-15 66 

Allan, A. A., Tor-96 296 

Allan, F. M., Am-98 83 

Allan, G. 8., K-69 240 

Allard, J. W., D-^ 165 

Allbright, J. G., Cor-17. ...... 270 

AUbright, M. F., Hm-03 12 

Allen, A., Am-88 80 

Allen , A. D . , Y-0 1 66 

Allen, A. L., Mid-61 226 

Allen, A. V., D-93 164 

Allen, A. V. G.. K-62 240 

Allen, A. W.. Y-04 67 

Allen, C. L.. Y-67 45 

Allen, C. N.. G-69 125 

Allen. C. W., Y-01 55 

Allen, D. M., Y-13 64 

Allen, F. D., Hm-85 10 

Allen. F. L.. D-74 160 

Allen, F. L., Hm-88 10 

Allen, F.M.,Cal-02...... 315 

Allen, F. W., R-96 194 

Allen, G. I., Cor-90 264 

Allen, G. 8., Am-89 81 

Allen, H. A., Brn-64 90 

Allen, H. D., P-07 183 

Allen, H. J. W., G-63 124 

Allen, H. W., PK-97 278 

Allen, H. W.. R-06 196 

Allen, J. F., D-62 167 

Allen, J. M., Y-67 45 

Allen, J. M., Wmfl-87 206 

Allen, J. R., Wnia-96 208 

Allen, J. 8., McG-16 309 

Allen, J. S., Hm-07 13 

Allen, K. C., Hud-01 135 

Allen, L., Y-93 60 

Allen, L. E., Wms-74 204 

Allen, N., Hm-48 3 

Allen, N. W., Bdn-07 149 

Allen, O., Cor-72 260 

Allen, P. G., IU-15 320 

Allen, R. M., P-12 185 

Allen, T. H., Hm-79 9 

AUen, W. F.. Hvd-51 106 

Allen. W. I.. Am-62 74 

Allen, W. L., Hvd-86 112 

Allen. W. L., Hm-98 11 

Allen, W. 8., Hvd-88 113 

Allin, G. Ay R-62 188 

Ailing, J. W., Y-62 42 

Allia, F.. Y-70 47 

AUison, A.. Cum-68 259 

Allison, D., Mid-59 225 

Allison, G. H., D-17 170 

AUisoli, W. B.. Hud-54 129 

Allmuth, A., Man-96 221 

Allmuth, F. A., Man-95 221 

Allsopp, C. B., Cal-12 317 

Allsopp, H. H., Brn-18 102 

Allter, H. D., Un-04 255 

Allyn. F. L., 2nd, Man-16 224 

Allyn, T., Y-67 45 

Aliny. C. J., Cor-98 266 

Almy, 8., PK-92. 277 

Altman, H., Cor-73 260 

Alton, R. L., Wi»-13 313 





Alvord, A. E., Ain-84 

Alvord, A. P., Am-87 

Alvord, D. B., Col-15 

Alvord, D. F., Y-08 

Alvord, S. M., Y-96 

Ambler, R. &., Hud-83 

Ambrose, J. C, P-63 

Ambrose, T. L., Bdn-56 

Ames, G. L., Wm»*54 

Ames, G. T., Mid-03 

Ames, H. B., Am-85 

Ames, J. G., Wma-58 

Ames, J. G., 2nd., JH-QO 

Ames, J. M., JH-00 

Ames, J. S., Mid-05 

Ames, J. S., JH-89 

Ames, N., Hvd-48 

Ames, R. J., Bmr-18 

Ames, S. B., Bm-K)6 

AmeS; W. 8., Bni-38 

Ammidown, E. H., Hvd-53 

Ammon, J. R., Coi^S 

Amory, A., Hvd-62 

Amory, C. W., Hvd-e3 

Amory, R., Hvd-63 

Amos, L. C., Am-10 

Anable, F. S., Wms-72 

Anderson, A. A., Mid-OS 

Anderson, A. C, Man-05 

Anderson, A. D., Y-66 

Anderson, C. E., Man-10 

Anderson, C. M., Y-04 

Anderson. C. W., McG-03 

Anderson, D. A., D-68 

Anderson, F., Man-71 

Anderson, J. D., Bdn-59 

Anderson, J. R., McG-ll 

Anderson, L., Hvd~88 

Anderson, N. K., R-08, Ch-98, 

P-01 194, 300, 

Anderson, N. L., Wi«-16 

Anderson, R. C, Mi-49 

Anderson, S. C, McG-08 

Anderson, T. C, Y-69 

Anderson, T. D., Bm-74 

Anderson, V. 8., Y-68 

Anderson, W. H. H., G-63. . . . 

Anderson, W. M., Mid-01 

Andrew, F. D., R-83 

Andrew, G. L., Mi-41 

Andrew, J. F., Mid-76 

Andrewes, E. Toi>-97 

Andrews, A. P., D-78 

Andrews, A. W., Y-06 

79 Andrews, B. C, Ch-06 801 

80 Andrews, D. A., Brn-56 90 

31 Andrews, E., P-49 172 

60 Andrews, F. M., Cor-88 263 

61 Andrews, F. R., D-16 170 

132 Andrews, G. A., D-96, Brn-Oe. 97 

176 Andrews, H. V., R-91 193 

140 Andrews, R., PK-53 273 

201 Andrews, R. B., Brn-12 100 

235 Andrews, W. H., P-93 180 

80 Andrews, W. M., Y-08 60 

202 Andrews, W. W., Hud-59 129 

283 Androus, G. P., P-46 172 

283 Andrus, H. J., Mid-68 227 

236 Andrus, J. E., Mid-62 226 

283 Andrus, W. L., Mid-93 233 

105 Angel, L., Cor-95 265 

102 Angell, G. T., I>-*6 163 

99 Angle, E. C., Un-86 263 

89 Ankeney, A., Mi-08 20 

106 Ankeney, H., Mi-72 21 

266 Antes, H. T., Wms-60 202 

108 Antes, R. H., Wm8-69 202 

109 Anthony, C. Dy Y-65 43 

109 Applegate, O., PK-87 277 

86 Applegate, R. C. Col-93 25 

204 Appleton, E. L., Bdn-61 141 

237 Appleton, F. H., Bdn-64 141 

221 Appleton, J. F., Bdn-60 141 

44 Appleton, J. P., Man-59 214 

223 Appleton, 8. E., Am-84 79 

67 Archibald, A. W., Un-72 251 

307 Archibald, T. D., Tor-99 295 

158 Armor, 8. G., Mi-42 17 

216 Arms, M. I., Cor-75 261 

141 Arms, W., Hud-72, Cor-73 . . . . 131 

308 Armsby, L., Am-42 70 

113 Armstead, D. M., Col-02 27 

Armstead, H. H., Col-97 26 

182 Armstrong, C, Wm8-76, Am-77 206 

314 Armstrong, D. M., PK-58 274 

18 Armstrong, H. W., Y-05 68 

308 Armstrong. J., G-56 123 

46 Armstrong, L., Am-95 82 

93 Armstrong, T. H., Hud-64 129 

39 Armstrong, W., Man-11 223 

124 Amdt. R. F., Wis-07 312 

236 Amell, D. R., Am-40 70 

192 Arnold, A. A., Bm-67 92 

17 Arnold, A. D., D-93 164 

229 Arnold, B. W., Hm-86 10 

295 ^Arnold, P. W., Jr., Brn-98 97 

161 Arnold, G. W., Y-60 41 

68 Arnold, H., Y-04 57 





Arnold, H. G., Brn-05 

Arnot, M. C, Y-91 

Arthur, A. K., Hm-03 

Ashey, H. C. L., Bdn-12 

Ashey, R. J. W., Bdn-18 

Ashley, T. W„ Ain-16 

Ashworth, R. A., Col-92 

Afikwith, W. R., McG-95 

Atkinson, A. B., JH-03 

Atkinson, G. E., D-77 

Atkinson, R. W., Hvd-91 

Atlee, J. L., Y-49 

Atterbury, K., Y-16 

Atwater, D. H., Bm-99 

Atwater, E., Wms-OS 

Atwater, E. C, R-98 

Atwater, H. C, Col-07 

Atwater, J. B., Win8-79 

Atwood, A. W., Am-03 

Atwood, E. 8., R-99 

Atwood, E. S., Wms-63 

Atwood, K. C, Jr., Col-16 

Audenried, W. W., Y-69 

Austin, D., D-64 

Austin, F. B., Hvd-86 

Austin, H., Am-88 

Austin, H. R., P-65 

Austin, H. W., Wm8-88 

Austin, R. S., Brn-07 

Austin, R. v., Mid-16 

Austin, W. M., Y-64 

Austin, W. 8., Hud-51 

Averell, S. G., Cor-91 

AveriU, J. G., Hvd-99 

Averill, J. W., G-^6 

AverUl, N. W., Am-14 

Averill, O., Am-13 

AveriU, W. C, Jr., Cor-11 

Avery, C, Hm-33 

Aveiy, C. H., Hm-83 

Avery, E. H., G-50 

Avery, E, W., Hm-84 

Avery, J., Am-61 

Avery, J. 8., Hm-48 

Avery, T., Hm-55 

Avery, W. H., Hm-83 

Avery, W. L., Y-55 

Aves, D. R., K-09 

Aves, H. D., K-78 

Avirett, W. G., Am-16 

Axtell, L. v., Jr., K-16 

AxteU, 8. B., K-06 

Axtell, 8. J., Brn-64 

Ayer, T. H., Bdn-88 

99 Ayrault, W., G-40 121 


12 Babbitt, G. H.. Bdn-10 150 

150 Babbitt. J. H., Bdn-U 150 

152 Babbott, F. L., Am-78 78 

87 Babbott, F. L., Jr., Am-13 86 

26 Babcock, E. W., Bm-74 93 

305 Babcock, H. 8., Col-12 30 

286 Babcock, P. L., Y-14 66 

161 Babcock, R., R-81 192 

114 Babcock, 8. D., Y-97 52 

35 Babcock, T. 8., Col-10 29 

67 Babson, 8. E., Cal-06 316 

97 Bachell6, C. V., Ch-97 300 

210 Backus, A., G-49 122 

194 Backus, A. H., Am-97 82 

29 Backus, G. H., Am-94 82 

205 Backus, J. O., Ch-04 301 

84 Backus, T. J., R-64 189 

194 Bacon, B. 8., Y-11 63 

203 Bacon, B. W., Y-47 35 

31 Bacon, H. E., R-13 197 

46 Bacon, J., Hvd-37 103 

157 Bacon, L., Y-09 61 

112 Bacon, L., Hvd-94 115 

80 Bacon, L. A., K-09 246 

176 Bacon, L. B., Y-96 51 

206 Bacon, L. W., Y-50 36 

99 Bacon, W. J., Hm-41 2 

239 Bacon. W. K., Hm-63 6 

43 Bacot, H. H., Y-37 32 

128 Badger, A. A., Bdn-96 147 

264 Baer, B. F., Y-53 37 

117 Baer, C. A., Y-n51 36 

122 Baer, C. S., Y-02 55 

87 Baetjer, H. N., JH-03 286 

86 Baetjer, W. A., JH-05 286 

268 Bagg, E., G-42 121 

1 Bagg, E. P., Jr., Y-07 59 

9 Bagg, M. M.,Hm-36, Y-37.. 1,32 

122 Bagg, 8. F., Hm-69 7 

9 Bagley, F. H., Hm-70 7 

74 BaUey, A. H., Urb-35 22 

3 Bailey, B. H., Hvd-54 107 

6 Bailey, G. O., R-80 191 

9 Bailey, C. O., Jr., Bdn-12 . 160 

38 Bailey. C. P., Hvd-04 118 

246 Bailey, C. 8., Cor-18 270 

243 Bailey, E. G., Cor-91, Man-91. 264 

87 BaUey, F. D.. Man-99 221 

248 Bailey, J. L, Hm-72 8 

246* Bailey, J. M., R-^ 187 

91 BaUey. J. M., Jr., R-86 192 

146 Bailey. P. C., K-15 247 

C326 3 




Bafley, P. H., Y-97 

Bailey, R. W., Wi8-06; Ch-06. . 

Bailey, 8. S., Wm»-70 

Bailey, T. L., Cor-99 

Bailey. T. M., D-09, P-09. . 168, 

BaUey, W. C, Mid-09 

BaUey, W. F., D-62 

Bailey, W. T., D-91 

Bain, J. W., Tor-94 

Bain, L. R.. Tor-98 

Bainbridge, M., G-«0 

Baird, F., Cal-02 

Baird, L. S., Min-14 

Baker, A., Tor-69 

Baker, B., Bm-75 

Baker, B. C, Bm-06 

Baker, C. H., Cor-86 

Baker, C. M., Man-75 

Baker, C. W., Y-13 

Baker, D. R., Mid-72 

Baker, D. S., Bm-75 

Baker, D. S., Brn-ll, Y-11 . . . 

Baker, E. C, Cal-05 

Baker, E. J., Jr., 111-10 

Baker, F. A., D-59 

Baker, G. A., Man-69 

Baker, H. A., Brn-03 

Baker, H. C, Y-10 

Baker, H. C, Tor-97 

Baker, H. S., Min-16 

Baker, H. S., JH-17 

Baker, H. W., Cot^-86 

Baker, J. E., R-73 

Baker, J. S., Mi-71 

Baker, J. T., Mi-75 

Baker, L. D., Cor-14 

Baker, N. D., Y-15 

Baker, O. C, Brn-69 

Baker, R. H., P-62 

Baker, R. P., Ch-11 

Baker, W. C, Bm-81 

Baker, W. E., Urb-37 

Baker, W. L., R-85 

Bakewell, B. P., Y-14 

Bakewell, D. C, Y-08 

Balch, A. C, Coi:-89 

Balch, C. L., Man-60 

Balch, E. B., D-83 

Balch, J., Hvd-89 

Balch, W. H., D-97 

Balcom, R. H., K-03 

Baldwin, A. D., Y-98 

Baldwin, A. S., Mi-69 

Baldwin, A. T., Cor-93 

62 Baldwin, C. A., Hvd-82 Ill 

301 Baldwin. C. E., Un-59 249 

204 Baldwin, C. F., K-96 244 

266 Baldwin, C. H., Wm8-63 203 

184 Baldwin, C. H., Wms-OO 208 

237 Baldwin, C. M., Wm8-87 206 

157 Baldwin, F. C, Y-04 67 

164 Baldwin, F. L., Y-«7 45 

294 Baldwin, F. L., Hud-87 133 

296 Baldwin, F. M., Hm-16 14 

124 Baldwin, F. W., Jr., Am-05 .... 84 

315 Baldwin, G. W., Y-53 37 

292 Baldwin, H.C., Cor- 97 266 

294 Baldwin, J., Un-59 249 

93 Baldwin, S., Cor-93 265 

99 Baldwin, S., Man-55 213 

263 Baldwin, S., Y-08 60 

217 Baldwin, S. A., Y-08 60 

64 Baldwin, 8. O., Bdn-93 146 

228 Baldwin, St. G. P., Tor-08 297 

93 Baldwin, W. H., Cor-89 264 

100 Baldwin, W. H., Hud-71 131 

315 Baldwin, W. H., Jr., Hvd-85 . . 112 

319 BaU, D. 8., Col-13 30 

156 Ball, E. M., Mid-86 232 

216 Ball, H. 8., McG-11 308 

98 Ball, J, C, K-65 241 

62 Ball, W. C, Am-68 76 

295 Ballard, A., Coi-76 261 

292 Ballard, 8. T., Cor-78 261 

288 Ballentine, J. A., Y-96 61 

263 Balliet, A. J., Y-92 50 

190 Ballou, W. I., Bm-77 94 

21 Balmos, H. L., Am-16 87 

21 Bamford, W. A., Bdn-16 151 

269 Bancroft, C. F. P., D-60 156 

66 Bancroft, E. H., G-75 126 

92 Bancroft, F., Am-82 79 

174 Bancroft, G., Hvd-56 107 

303 Bancroft, J. C, Hvd-54 107 

94 Bancroft, J. H., Am-39 69 

22 Bancroft, J. W., P-51 172 

192 Bancroft, R. B., P-80 178 

65 Bancroft, R. H., Hvd-65 109 

60 Bancroft, W. W., R-07 196 

264 Banfil, F. M., D-91. . . , 164 

214 Bankhead, H. C, G-48 122 

162 Banks, H. A., Hra-16 14 

113 Banks, J. L., Jr., Y-11 63 

165 Banta, T. A., P-09 184 

245 Baptist, P. R., Cum-60 259 

52 Barber, A. W., Hud-83 132 

20 Barber, E. P., Hud-95 134 

264 Barber, G. H., PK-18 282 



^S-o'Sdii :'::': 



™'t "'V-'ib^"*^" 

■■■ ^ 


. ZSB 




Barton, B., Am-07 85 

Barton, C, JH-06 287 

Barton, C. W., Am-10 86 

Barton, F. B., Am-12 83 

Barton, G. 8., Hvd-03 118 

Barton, H. J.. D-76, Mid-76 . . 229 

Barton, H. R., Am-63 74 

Barton, H. 8., P-96 181 

Barton, J. G., Man-31 213 

Barton. J. W., Y-61 41 

Barton, K. L., Jr., Wma-06 209' 

Barton, R. M., D-00 166 

Barton, R. 8., Ch-16 304 

Barton, W., Am-66 73 

Bartow, A., Y-69 46 

Bams, M., Bm-10 100 

Baas. L. M., Y-97 62 

Bassett. A. B.. Wms-Sl 205 

Bassett. E. D., Mid-85 231 

Bassett, F. J., Un-77 262 

Bassett. N. D., Wi»-14 313 

Bassett. 8. E.. Y-98 62 

Batchelder, J. H., D-14 170 

Batchelder, J. 8., Wm&-52 201 

Bateman, C. R., Am-76 77 

Bates, A., Bdn-76 143 

Bates. A. L.. Wm»-88 206 

Bates. E. N.. Wm»-63 201 

Bates. E. 8.. D-87 163 

Bates. G. A., Wms-78 206 

Bates, H. C, Hud-81 132 

Bates, H. C, Wm»-97 208 

Bates. H. M., P-90 180 

Bates, J. C. Bdn-63 141 

Bates. J. Gm Col-03 28 

Bates, J. H.. P-62 173 

Bates, J. 8., JH-99 285 

Bates. P. A., Col-fl7 26 

Bates. 8. P., Bm-^1 89 

Bates. 8. T., Hud-13 136 

Bates, T. T., Ck)l-95 26 

Bates, W. 8.. Man-02 222 

Bateson, R. H., Man-01 222 

Battle, J. K., Ala-58 200 

Batale, J. G.. R-10 196 

Bauer. W. P., Man-10 223 

Bauld, W. A. G., McG-10 308 

Bauder. G. T., Hud-09 136 

Baxter, A. F., D-73 160 

Baxter. A. H., JH-94 284 

Baxter, E. C., Hud-01 135 

Baxter, E. H.. Cal-04 316 

Baxter. F. H., Hm-08, P-08. 13, 184 
Baxter. F. L.. P-00 182 

Baxter. F. 8., Cal-10 316 

Baxter, H., Y-06 58 

Baxter, H. F., P-09 184 

Baxter, H. K., Cal-08 316 

Baxter, W. J., P-52 173 

Bayfield, G. E., McG-98 306 

Bayfield, T. F., McG-01 306 

Bayles, F. 8.. Man-84 218 

Bayles, L. G., Man-56 213 

Bayley, F. T.. Bdn-71 142 

Bayne, G. H.. Coi-04 267 

Beach, F., Y-60 41 

Beach, F. €., Hm-05 12 

Beach, M. H., Hm-63 4 

Beach, 8. C., Un-63 250 

Beach, T. C. Mid-«5 227 

Beach, W. H., Hm-60 6 

Beale. F. H.. Mid-68 227 

Beale, H. G., Mid-65 227 

Beale. J. H.. Mid-72 228 

Beale. R. M.. Y-58 39 

Reals. H. W., Man-^ 221 

Beals. R. B., Hvd-94 115 

Bean. 8. A.. P-62 173 

Bean. W. L.. P-52 173 

Beard. A. F.. Y-57 39 

Beard. A. H.. Y-13 64 

Beard, G. M., Y-62 42 

Beard, T. J.. Ala-55 199 

Beardmore. C. O., Tor-06 296 

Beardmore, E. C., McG-12 308 

Beardmore, W. W., Tor-OO 296 

Beardslee, H. C., Hud-89 133 

Beardsley. A. M., G-42 121 

Beerdsley, C. H., G-55 123 

Beardsley, H. T. E., Hm-97. . . 11 

Bearse, T. H., P-ll.\ 184 

Beattie. D., Am-59 73 

Beiattie, W. H., Bm-86 95 

Beatty, A. J., Hm-82 9 

Beatty, C. T., P-72 176 

Beatty. E. W.. Ch-11 303 

Beatty, P. W.. Tor-11 297 

Beatty, R. R., Ch-18 304 

Beauvais, O. P., Brn-18 102 

Beaven, P. W., R-13 197 

Beaver. G. 8., P-61 174 

Beck, A. E., McG-03 307 

Beck, J. P., 111-07 319 

Beck, W. F., Tor-06 296 

Becker, C. W., P-52 173 

Becker, F. W., P-66 175 

Becker, J. F., P-53 173 

Becker, T. C., Un-74 251 





Beckwith, C. L., Cor-16 

Beckwith, G. H., Wm»-58. . . 

Beckwith, H. N., Un-63 

Beckwith, I. T., Y-68 

Beckwith, L. B., Y-02 


Bedinger, E. W., Y-61 

Beebe, D. S., Y-14 

Beebe, G. P., Y-93 

Beebe, J. C, Mid-07 

Beebe, S. J. M., Hm-38 

Beebe, W., Y-73 

Beeber, W. P., Cor-95 

Beecher, E. F., Y-67 

Beecher, H. F., Am-76 

Beecher, H. W., Am-34 

Beeck, E. E., Y-98 

Beecroft, E. C, PK-97 

Beede, J. M., Mid-72 

Beedy, C. L., Bdn-03 

Beeman, G. W., Mid-16 

Beers, G. L., Y-60 

Beers, H. A., Y-69 

Beers, H. A., Jr., Y-09 

Beggs, D. W., K-08, Cor-09. 

Beggs, L. D., Y-09 

Beidler, J. A., Cor-03 

Belden, F. M., Ain-95 

Belden, W. A., Col-98 

fielding, E. F., Y-72 

Belknap, J., D-04 

Belknap, J. L., D-98 

Belknap, W. R., Y-69 

Bell, A. W., Y-97 

BeU, D. D., Ch-15 

Bell, E., Hvd-04 

BeU, E. W., Y-64 

Bell, G. A., Hm-12 


Bell, J. H., Man-88 

BeU, R. E., Mid-90 

BeU, R. W., Jr., Am-03 

BeU, R. W., Ch-03 

Bell, V. H., McG-08 

BeU, W. A., Hm-11 

Bell, W. N. N., Bdn-50 

BeUamy, F., R-76 

Bellamy, F. W., Y-09 

BeUinger, E. B., PK-72 

Bellows, G. P., G-73 

BeUows. M. L., G-43 

Bellows, R. N., Hvd-64 

Belville, W. W., Mi-40 

Beman. H. D., Y-51 

270 Bemis. L. S., Y-69 46 

202 Bemis. R. G., Am-18 88 

250 Bender, G. C, Un-77 252 

46 Bender, M., Un-66 250 

65 Bender, M. T., Un-00 256 

49 Bender, T. K.. P-16 186 

36 Benedict, J. T., Cor-07, Ch-06. 301 

65 Benedict, S. S., Wms-05 203 

60 B6n6aet, L. P., D-99 166 

236 Benham, F. R.. Mid-98 234 

2 Benjamin, E. M., Bm-04 99 

48 Benjamin, G. W., Y-64 43 

265 Benjamin, J. E., Bm-08 99 

45 Benjamin, P., Jr., WmB-07 210 

77 Bennett, A. A., Brn-72 93 

69 Bennett, A. L., Un-87 253 

62 Bennett, E. B., Y-66 44 

278 Bennett, E. N., Brn-80 94 

228 Bennett, F. F., Un-83 253 

148 Bennett, H. S., Y-n53 37 

239 Bennett, H. W., Mid-62 226 

41 Bennett, J. I.. Un-90 253 

46 Bennett, J. L., Hm-71 8 

61 Bennett, J. M., Hm-79 9 

268 Bennett, L. C, Un-08 256 

61 Bennett, M. B., Mid-97 234 

266 Bennett, N., Hm-36 1 

82 Bennett, R. L., D-13 169 

27 Bennett, S. A., Hm-48 3 

47 Bennett, W. H., Y-66 44 

167 Bennett, W. H., Brn-68 92 

166 Bennett, W. R.. Wm8-90 207 

46 Benson, W. H., Ala-55 199 

52 Bent, F., Wms-96 208 

304 Bent, Q., Wms-Ol 209 

118 Bentley, E. W., Y-50 36 

43 Bentley, J. E., Y-05 68 

14 Benton, H., Hud-50 128 

249 Benton, J. A., Y-42 33 

219 Benton, J. R., Hm^90 10 

232 Berdan, J. M., Y-96 61 

84 Berger, G. R. B., Y-08 60 

301 Bergland, J. M., JH-04 286 

308 Bergmann, R. C, Col-08 29 

13 Berkeley, O. R., PK-17 282 

139 Bernard, A. B., Hm-12 14 

191 Bernhard, C. L. S., JH-05 286 

61 Berry, W. V. R., Hvd-81 110 

275 Bertram, J. K., McG-16 309 

125 Best, J. B., Am-85 80 

121 Betts, A. L., Y-72 47 

109 Betts, W. J.. Y-70 47 

17 Beyer, C. E., Y-04 57 

36 Bickel, H. L., Wis-10 313 





Bickel, J. M., Wis-16 

BickneU. H. M., D-11 

Bicknell, T. W., Am-57, Bm-60. 

Biddle, N., Hvd-OO 

Bjerce, G. W. W., Hud-94 

Bierman, A. C, Min-14 

Bierman, B. W., Min-16 

Bierman, G. H., Min-lS 

Bigtelow. A. M., Mid-67 

Bigelow, C, Hvd-05 

Bigelow. C. E., Y-73 

Bigelow. D. S., Y-52 

Bigelow. D. W., Hm-68 

Bigelow, E. A., Hvd-90 

Bigelow, G. D., D-73 

Bigelow, H., Am-93 

Bigelow, H. P., Hm-61 

Bigelow, J. M., Wma-66 

Bigelow, M. H., Am-09' 

Bigelow, T., Wm8-03 

Bigelow, W., Man-fl8, Brn-«9.. 

Bigelow, W. A., Y-45 

Bigler, C. S., Y-67 

Bigler, H. F., Jr., Cor-11 

Bigler, W., Coi-06 

Bill, C. D., Min-11 

Billings, C. M., Am-63 

Billings, E. C, Y-63 

Billings, R. 8., Am-47 

Billingsley, H. M.. K-04 

Billo, O., Man-97 

Billwiller, C. J., Jr., Cor-05 . . . 

Billwiller, E. O., Coi^S 

Bingham, C, Bdn-17 

Bingham, E. B., Y-63 

Binney, H., Hvd-83 

Binney, J., Hvd-64 

Birch, W. S., Un-69 

Bird, A. R., JH-98 

Bird, H. I., Toi-15 

Bird, W. A., 4th, PK-12 

BirdsaU, A. T., Min-93 

BirdsaU, S., G-65 

Birdsall, W. T., Am-08 

Birdsey, E. B., Mid-71 

Birge, E. G., Wia-03 

Birge, G. K., Cor-72 

Birge, H. M., Cor-73 

Bimey, W., Mi-39 

Bisbee, J. B., Am-80 

Bisbee, J. B., Jr., Am-10 

Bishop, A. B., Hud-97 

Bishop, A. L., Y-65 

Bishop, A. R., Mid-Od 

314 Bbhop, C. W.. R-77 191 

169 Bishop, E. P.. R-97 194 

91 Bishop, F. B., R-71 190 

117 Bishop, F. C, Hvd-94 116 

134 Bishop, F. S., PK-10. Wm»-10. 210 

292 Bishop, G. C, R-14 198 

292 Bishop, G. H., Mid-09 237 

293 Bishop, G. S.. Am-58. R-58. . . 188 

227 Bishop, G. S., Mi-67 20 

119 Bbhop. H. M., Y-90 49 

48 Bishop, H. R., Hvd-91 114 

36 Bishop, J. C, Hvd-«1 114 

7 Bishop. J. L., Am-66. R-66 189 

114 Bishop. J. M., Mi-41 17 

160 Bishop, J. T. G., Y-14 66 

82 Bishop, J. W., Ala-54 199 

6 Bishop, L. J. P., R-74 190 

203 Bishop. M.. Am-04 84 

86 Bishop. M. L., Am-01 83 

209 Bishop, R. C. Mid-14 238 

97 Bishop, R. F.. P-99 182 

34 Bishop, R. H., Mi-31 16 

46 Bishop, R. H., Mi-71 21 

268 Bishop, 8. L., Mi-72 21 

267 Bishop, W. C. Ck)l-85 24 

291 BisseU, C. A., Y-16 66 

74 BisseU, C. R., Wms-64 203 

37 BisseU, J. C, R-95, Am-98 . . 194, 83 
71 BisseU, J. H.,R-65, Y-65. ..43, 189 

246 BisseU, L. F., Hud-60 128 

221 BisseU, R. A., PK-15 281 

267 BisseU, W. P., R-67 189 

268 Bitting, W. C, Jr., Bm-08 99 

151 Bixby, H. D., Wms-06 209 

42 Bixby, R. F., PK-70 274 

111 Bixler, J. S., Am-16 . 87 

109 Black, J. M., JH-09 287 

251 Black, J. T., Hm-84 10 

285 Black, R. C, Wm»-00 208 

298 Black, W., IU-07 319 

281 Blackburn, F, G., Y-14 65 

289 Blackford, W. S., JH-89 283 

123 Blackiston, A. H., JH-00, 

85 Brn-00 285,98 

228 Blackman, S. C, Y^54 37 

311 Blackmer, W. C., PK-78 275 

260 BlackweU, H. R., Min-07 291 

260 Blackwood, A., P-54 173 

16 Blagden, D., Hvd-93 115 

78 Blagden, G., Hvd-90 114 

86 Blagden, L., Hvd-96 116 

134 Blair, B. F., P-61 174 

38 Blair, C. A., P-76 177 

236 Blair, F. P., Wms-13 211 



_. i^.. D-83.. 

C. D,. Win«-B 
C. T., Y-47. . 

. 284 

F., Un-05.. 
F. 8j HTd-fl 

F. W., K-80. . . . 

G. B.. Hvd-93.. 


^, 1-, AID'SJ .,.....,.. OV 

..t, F. M., Y-OB 01 

I Blodsett, C. W.. Rm-W 13 

', Bodgett, J., H»d-41 103 

Boom, H. H., Y~«3 43 

; Bloomet, J. R., Y-OS SS 

• Bloomfi«ld. G. J., Bra-90 96 

. — 1 Bi>onifi<iW,H.W.,MMl-01..., 222 

. lis B oomGeld. S., Man-ST 213 

"- - mingdale, L.M., UiiHB... 26S 

Bm, D. S.p Y-01 SG 

78 B 

. 107 

,„ „. t,'H.'te.. D-97V. - 

siuB. n. n,, iiaD-73 14S Bty. E. D., R-14 198 

Bliksly, M, J., Man-58 213 B y, M. T., R-SO 191 

Blabemui, W. C. Mid-70 229 BIy, P. A., R-9T I9i 

Blakedee. E., Y-63 42 Blynn, W. O.. Mi-68 20 

Blokey. J. C. AlB-M 199 Blythe. H., Hvd-01 118 

Blalcey, J. M., D-«7 183 Boalsr, R. A., Wia-OO 312 

Blmiohard. A. A., D-4S 1S3 Board, C. H^ Y-71 « 

Blanchsrd, J. A., Hrd-91 114 Boaidmwj, E. A„ Hvd-»e 117 

"■ ■lard, J. N., Am-71 78 Boardman, F.. Y-07 S2 

isrd, M„ Cor-18 270 Boardman, G. D., Hvd-08 118 

iford. C. H., Cor-ftS 266 Bonrdmaa, H., Y-eS 41 

BlatcUord, B. H., Am-98 83 Boardmi - ■ -- — 

cMoM. E. W., . 


lm-06.. SS Baa 

a, W. H, FK-86 27B 

BoardniBD, W. J., PK-54,. 

'., Cal-Oa.. 

1-11 . . 

. 31fl 
. 8fl 
. ISS 

. 23 Boardmi 

. 42 Bobb, V, 

. 281 Bod», J, 11-, u—iM ^ , it» 

. 107 Boefim, C. H.. PK-15 281 

. 109 Bodine. W. D., K-BO 244 

. 106 BogardiK, J. J., Csl-IB 31T 

. 02 Bogact, J. H., Min-OE 290 

. 80 Bogert, W. B., Bni-82 94 

. lie Bogga, G. A.. D-14 170 

.201 Bogga. J, G,. K-07. . 

. 89 Bopie. p - " "• 

■i. R.. Y-03 . . 

i.R.,Y-50,,, 3B Bole, B. P., Hud-9«.. 




Boleniiu, R. M., D-70 

BoUes. W. M., K-84 

Boltwood, H. L., Am-63 

Bond, A. T., Wina-73 

Bond, E. W., Am-41 

Bond, N. F., Am-64 

Bond, 8. R., D-56 

Bonham, J. C, Mi-47 

Bonham, L. N., Mi-55 

Bonnell, C. A., Y-13 

Bonnell, M., Hud-72 

Bonnell, M. B., Tor-05 

Bonner, S. A., Mi-49 

Bonney, A., Coi>-78 

Bonney, G. B., Y-61 

Bonney, H., Am-08 

Bonney, J. R., Coi>-80 

Bonsai, L.. Hvd~84 

Boody. A., Bdn-47 

Boody, H. H., Bdn-42 

Booker, J. M., JH-01 

Boone, H., Hm-12 

Boone, H. A., Hud-16 

Booth. C. E., Y-64 

Booth, C. H., Hud-84 

Booth, E. H., D-18 

Booth. E. M.. Y-63 

Booth, E. T.. Y-12 

Booth. H.. Brn-04 

Booth. H. K.. Hm-98 

Booth, I. E., Cor-83 

Booth. Q. W.. Cor-81 

Booth. T. R., PK-52 

Booth, T. S., Bm-04 

Boothby, A., Mid-69 

Borden, R. L., Cor^lO 

Borden, S., Bm-82 

Borman, F. C, Ch-16 

Bodey, H. C, R-64 

Bosson, A. D., Bm-75 

Boatedo, A. G., Wi»-06 

Bostwick, E. B., G-68 

Bosworth, J. S., Man-68. ... . . . 

Bothwell, J. L., Un-62 

Bott, J. W., Wma-8S 

Boucher, N. F., Y-72 

Boudeman, D. O., P-02, Un-03 

Boughton, F. P., P-81 

Boughton, R. L., P-07 

Bourinot, A. 8., Tor-15 

Bourland, B. P., P-89 

Bourland, N. T., P-95 

Bourland, P. D., P-95 

169 Bourland, R. C, P-97 181 

243 Bourne, E. K.. Man-84 218 

72 Bourne, J. K., Hud-00 134 

204 Bourne, 8., Y-49 36 

70 Bousfield, F., Min-«8 289 

178 Boutelle. D. E., D-62 167 

74 BouteUe. G. W., D-93 165 

165 Bouve. G. W., Hvd-98 117 

18 Bov6e. A. G.. Ch-^8 302 

18 Bovey, J. M.. Bm-04. Col-04 . . 28 

64 Bovey, W.. Bm-03 98 

131 Bowden. W. M.. Y-16 67 

296 Bowen, C. A., G-65 123 

18 Bowen, C. C, 2nd, P-12 186 

261 Bowen. E. W., P-10 184 

41 Bowen. J. P., P-10 184 

86 Bowen. L. W.. R-79 191 

262 Bowen, M.. Y-66 44 

111 Bowen, P. M., P-16 186 

139 Bowen, 8. A., Un-60 249 

138 Bower, A. v., Mid-83 231 

286 Bower, C. O., Bdn-09 150 

14 Bower, G. A., Bdn-07 149 

137 Bower, H. M.. Mid-10 237 

43 Bower, L. F., Mid-79 230 

132 Bower, L. V. H., Mid-18 239 

171 Bower, R. F., Mid-07 236 

42 Bowerman, E. R., R-06 196 

63 Bowerman, G. F., R-92 193 

99 Bowers, A. F., Bm-71 93 

11 Bowers, C. M., Bm-38 89 

262 Bowes, H. H.. G-78 126 

262 Bowie. A. 8., JH-06 286 

273 Bowie, C. L., PK-93 277 

99 Bowker, R. R., Man-68 215 

225 Bowler. F., Am-76 78 

268 Bowler, G. P., K-66 241 

94 Bowler, J. A.. Mid-77 230 

304 Bowles, H. T., Y-99 53 

189 Bowman. C. C., Jr., Un-18 258 

93 Bowman, E. H., P-81 178 

312 Bowman, E. 8., Cor-02. 

125 Hud-02 266, 135 

215 Bowman, J. P., PK-53 273 

249 Bowman, J. W., Y-68 45 

206 Sown, C. F., R-09 196 

47 Boyce. C. P., JH-17 288 

255 Boyce, W. G., JH-05 286 

178 Boyd, E. M., Tor-18 299 

183 Boyd, G. M., Tor-08, McG-11. 308 

298 Boyd, L. C, McG-11 308 

179 Boyd, 8. M., Wi8-09 312 

181 Boyd, T. B.. McG-12 309 

181 Boyd. W. R., Wis-17. Mid-17 . 314 





Boyd, W. W., McG-12 309 

Boyden, A. C, Am-76 78 

Boyden, C, Hvd-62 108 

Boyden, W. C, Am-83 79 

Boyer, L. J. C. E., McG-96 ... 305 

Boyer, P., Hvd-08 119 

Boyesen, A., Col-03 28 

Boyesen, H. H., Col-00 27 

Boyle, C. J., D-OO 166 

Boynton , C. A., Bdn-lO 150 

Boynton, C. H., tl-86 192 

Boynton, G. E., R-88 193 

Boynton, J. L., JH-05 287 

Boynton, P. 8., D-90 164 

Boynton, W. N., Hm-54 4 

Boyse, G. S., Col^O 23 

Brace, H. M., Y-47 35 

Brackett, D., D-74 160 

Brackett, G. R., Am-57 73 

Brackett, J. R., Hvd-83 Ill 

Bradbeer, E. C, Un-07 256 

Bradbury, H. K., Bdn-44 139 

Bradbury, L. R., Mid-18. . . . ; . 239 

Braddock, E. B., K-95 244 

Braddock, W. D., K-95 244 

Bradfield, H. S., PK-02 279 

Bradford, E. G., Y-68 45 

Bradford, F. S., Brn-53 90 

Bradford, G., Hvd-51 106 

Bradford, M. L., Jr., Hvd-85. . 112 

Bradford, T., Ala-54 199 

Bradford, W. H., Bdn-88 145 

Bradin, J. W., Jr., PK-00 279 

Bradin, P. H., PK-03 279 

Bradish, R. P., Wis-14 313 

Bradley, A., Cor-07 267 

Bradley, C, Jr., Bm-98 97 

Bradley, C. B., Hvd-04 118 

Bradley, C. F., D-73 160 

Bradley, C. L., Cor-08 268 

Bradley, C. S., Brn-38 89 

Bradley, D. E., D-63 157 

Bradley, D. E., D-03 167 

Bradley, F. A., D-73 160 

Bradley, F. O., D-02 166 

Bradley, F. S., Y-61 41 

Bradley, J. D., Hvd-86 112 

Bradley, J. D. C, Hvd-06 119 

Bradley, J. G., Hvd-02 118 

Bradley, J. M., Bm-63 91 

Bradley, J. M., Wms-03 209 

Bradley, J. S., Y-08 60 

Bradley, L., Am-73 77 

Bradley, R. B., Hvd-08 119 

Bradley, R. D., Mm-06 290 

Bradley, R. M., Hvd-82 Ill 

Bradley, R. S., Wb-17 314 

Bradley, R. S., Jr., Hvd-07. . . . 119 

Bradley, S. R., Col-90 25 

Bradley, W. C, Hvd-51 106 

Bradley, W. C, Wms-98 208 

Bradley, W. C, Cot-W 262 

Bradley, W. E., Y-60 41 

Bradley, W. H.. Hvd-05 119 

Bradley, W. J., r)-69 159 

Bradner, L., Y-89 49 

Bradstreet, A. P., Y-71 47 

Bradstreet, E. T., Y-74 48 

Bradstreet, H., R-91 193 

Brady, F. L., Col-15 31 

Brady, J. C, Y-04 57 

Brady, R. M., Wmfl-08 210 

Bragdon, A. D., R-02 195 

Bragdon, C. A., G-73 125 

Brainard, E. W., PK-42 292 

Brainard, G. R., Mi-58 19 

Brainard, J., PK-51 273 

Brainard, J. M., PK-84 276 

Brainerd, G. C, Y-67 45 

Brainerd, H. G., D-74 160 

Braislin, W. D., Gol-15 31 

Braly, J. H., Cum-59 259 

Braman, B., Bm-54 90 

Braman, H., Brn-14 101 

Bramhall, C. O., Mid-80 230 

BramhaU, W. E., Coi-77 261 

Bramwell, H. S., K-00 245 

Branch, C. R., Brn-07 99 

Brand, G. B., R-51 187 

Brandegee, J. J., Y-43 33 

Brandel, H. M., Wis-10 313 

Brandreth, G. A., Un-48 249 

Brandt, F. F., Hm-04 12 

Brandt, H. C. G., Hm-72 8 

Brandt, S. C, Hm-89 10 

Branham, J. C., JH-15 288 

Branscombe, C. H., Am-45. ... 71 

Brasee, J. T., K-82 243 

Brashear, H. F., Hvd-61 108 

Brastow, L. L.,*Y-96 51 

Brastow, L. O., Bdn-57 140 

Bratenahl, G. C. F., Wm8-83. . 206 

Bratenahl, G. W., Col-88 24 

Brayton, C. A., Y-99 53 

Brayton, C. R., Bm-63 91 

Brayton, E. C, Am-67 75 

Brajrton, G., Am-66 75 

Breck, H. C, Cal-14 317 





Breck, S. E., Cal-17 318 

Breckenridge, B. T., Hud-95. . . 134 
Breckenridge, J. C, Hvd-94 ... 115 

Breed, B. B., Am-53 72 

Breed, D. H., Am-57 73 

Breed, D. R., Hm-67 7 

Breed, D. L., Ch-13 303 

Breitwieser, H. F., Man-97 221 

Breitwieser. T. J., Man-00 221 

Breitwieser, W. P., Man-04. . . . 222 

Brengle, H. G., Hvd-87 113 

Brent, D. K., JH-98 286 

Bresee, A. A, K-80 243 

Breton, J. F., 111-14 320 

Brett, G. M., Bdn-97 147 

Brett. J. H., Bdn-05 149 

Brett, W. H., Hud-74 131 

Breta, H. B., Y-10 62 

Brewer. A. H., Hvd-96 116 

Brewer, C, Hvd-96 116 

Brewer, L. R., G-63 124 

Brewster, A. A., Cor-04 267 

Brewster, K., Am-06 85 

Brewster, W. L., Mid-87, 

Am-88 232,80 

Breyley, R. W., Hud-16 137 

Brice, J. F., Hvd-99 117 

Brickell, J. N., Y-45 34 

Bridge, H., G-67 125 

Briggs, A. E., D-85 163 

Briggs, E. E., Bdn-90 146 

Briggs, F. E., Bdn-94 146 

Briggs, G., G-66 125 

Briggs, J., Y-93 60 

Briggs, W. M., Hvd-95 116 

Brigham, D. F., Ani-63 74 

Brigham, E. D., Wms-62 203 

Brigham, H. A., Hm^O 2 

Brigham, J., Cor-70, Hm-71 . . 260, 8 

Brigham, J. R., Am-45 71 

Brigham, L. A., Hm-49 4 

Brigham, W. I. T., P-83 178 

Bright, E., Jr., Col-89 25 

Bright, O. E., Brn-53 90 

Brill, H. R., Jr., Min-97 289 

Brinckerhoff, C. F., Jr., Cor-05. 267 

Briner, C. H., Man-97 221 

Briner, E. A., Man-96 221 

Briner, O. W., Man-00 221 

Briscoe, J., Jr., PK-95 278 

Bristol, E. M., Y-07 59 

Bristol, E. S., Man-15 224 

Bristol, G. C, Hud-41 127 

Bristol. G. T., Mid-12 238 

Bristol, G. W., Un-71 260 

Bristol, H. B., Mid-10 237 

Bristol, H. P., Hm-46 3 

Bristol, L. D., Mid-03 235 

Bristol, L. H., Y-59 40 

Bristol, L. M., Mid-96 234 

Bristol, R. W., Mid-06 236 

Britton, A. T., Bm-57 90 

Britton, G. W., D-65 158 

Brock, J. P., Y-00 64 

Bronson, E. S., Y-00 64 

Brooke, E, A., Am-46 71 

Brooke, J. T., K-07 246 

Brookes, J. H., Mi-53 18 

Brookfield, F., Y-97 62 

Brookfield, H. M., Col-93 26 

Brookfield, J. H., Y-96 51 

Brooking, J. H., R-64 189 

Brookins, A., Hm-60 6 

Brooks, B. A., Mid-71 228 

Brooks, C. G., Am-«8 76 

Brooks, C. K., Y-06 58 

Brooks, C. S., Y-00 54 

Brooks, C. W., Mid-67 225 

Brooks, D. C., P-56 173 

Brooks, D. W., Hud-53 129 

Brooks, E. L., Y-05 58 

Brooks, E. W., Cor-03 266 

Brooks, F. S., Mi-69 20 

Brooks, F. T., Y-90 49 

Brooks, F. T., Cal-18 318 

Brooks, G. G., G-63 124 

Brooks, G. W., Un-59 249 

Brooks, J. C, Y-98 52 

Brooks, J. E., Mi-68 20 

Brooks, J. L., Mid-16 239 

Brooks, K., Brn-^1 89 

Brooks, L., Hvd-91 114 

Brooks, P., Hvd-55 107 

Brooks, S., Brn-52 90 

Brooks, S., Hvd-57 107 

Brooks, S. D., Am-75 77 

Brooks, S. T., Hm-«2 6 

Brooks, T. D., Mi-63 20 

Brooks, T. H., Wm8-70 204 

Brooks. W. D., Wm8-68 204 

Brooks, W. L. R., Un-05 256 

Brooks, W. H., Y-15 66 

Broughton, J. N., Am-12 86 

Broughton, N. H., Am-47 71 

Brown, A., Bm-06 99 

Brown, A, Col-16 31 

Brown, A. C, Y-07 59 

Brown, A. D., Un-11 257 






A. G., Toi>-09 297 

A. M., Hvd-03 118 

C, Col-00 27 

C. F., Wms-09 210 

C. H., Am-16 87 

C. M., Cor-04 267 

C. S., Jr.,Hvd-08 120 

C. S., P-76 177 

D. K., CoM)2 266 

D. W., Am-00 83 

D. W., R-02 195 

E. H., Y-01 65 

E. J., Hm-67 7 

E. K., Man-81 218 

E. T., Bdn-71 142 

E. V. L., Ch-02 301 

F., D-92 164 

F., D-70 159 

F.C., Mid-96 234 

F. M.,Bdn-70 142 

F. T., Y-91 60 

F. T.,Y-72 47 

G. H., Ch-08 302 

G. S., Bm-88 95 

G. S., JH-93 284 

G. W., Min-05 290 

H., Brn-86 95 

H. B., Y-56 38 

H. H., Jr., Y-15 66 

H. S., Y-61 41 

H. W., Y-64 37 

J. A.. D-02 167 

J. C. R., Col-39 23 

J. E., Jr., Y-13 64 

J. J., Jr., Wms-95 208 

J. K.,Y-72 47 

J. M., Bdn-60 141 

J. M., Y-56 38 

J. M., Hvd-63 109 

J. N., Brn-85 95 

J. N., Mid-78 230 

J. O., Bdn-56 140 

J. P., P-79 178 

J. P., Mi-62 19 

J. V.,Y-42.... 33 

J. W., Hvd~08 120 

J. W., Man-12 223 

K. C., Cor-17 270 

L., Hvd-04 118 

L., Man-87 219 

L. B., Hvd-00 117 

L. F., Y-15 66 

L. H., Ch-07, Cor-09. . 268 
M.. Y-05 68 

Brown, M. A., Mi-44 17 

Brown, M. A., R-55 187 

Brown, M. F., Mid-74 229 

Brown, M. G., Ck)i>-09 268 

Brown, M. J., Min-07 291 

Brown, N. C, Bdn-77 144 

Brown, 0.,Y-58 40 

Brown, P. H., Bdn-51 140 

Brown. P. M., Wi8-14 313 

Brown, P. T., Hvd-93 116 

Brown, R. A., Bm-71 93 

Brown, R. A., Ch-10 302 

Brown, R. C. E., R-89 193 

Brown, R. D. P., Man-84 218 

Brown, R. G., D-86 163 

Brown, R. H., Mid-16 238 

Brown, R. K., Man-83 218 

Brown, 8., Ch-97 300 

Brown, S., Col-02 27 

Brown, S. B., JH-91 283 

Brown, S. E., Am-55 72 

Brown, S. K., Am-11 86 

Brown, S. L., Mid-79 230 

Brown, 8. M., Bdn-17 151 

Brown. 8. S., R-79 191 

Brown. T. E.. R-76 190 

Brown, T. E.. Jr., Bm-90 96 

Brown, T. F.. Brn-62 91 

Brown, T. G., Mi-74 21 

Brown, T. J., Y-65 43 

Brown, T. R., JH-92 284 

Brown, T. S., Bm-92 96 

Brown, W. A. A., Un-77 262 

Brown, W. C, Mid-03 235 

Brown, W. D.. Am-94 82 

Brown, W. H.. K-01 245 

Brown, W. L., Wm-78 205 

Brown, W. M., Cor-Ol 266 

Brown, W. P., PK-01 279 

Brown, W. W.. K-86 243 

Brown. Z., Bm-66 92 

Browne, A. P., D-16 170 

Browne. A. W.. Mid-00 236 

Browne, K. G., D-17 170 

Browne, A. W., Mid-00 236 

Browne, P., K-64 241 

Browne, T. Qm Jr., Hvd-88 113 

Brownell, C. H., Am-71 76 

Brownell, F. H., Bm-88 95 

Brownell, H. B., PK-88 277 

Brownell, M. R., Hvd-02 118 

Brownell, W. C. Am-71 76 

BrowneU, W. G., R-77 191 

Browning, C. R., Gor-83 282 

[336 3 




Browning, W. W., Y-73 48 

Brownlee, F. P., Cal~18 318 

Brownlee, R. B., R-98. ... 194 

Bruoe, E. B., Col-01 27 

Bruoe, E. S., JH-99 285 

Bruoe, W., Y-67 46 

Bruff, H.. Y-05 68 

Brune, F. W., JH-16 288 

BueU. F. R., P-76 177 

BueU. R. S., Hud-14 137 

Buenger, L., 111-08 319 

Bufifum, C. A., Am-76 77 

Buflfum, M. C, Brn-13 101 

Buffum, W. P., Bm-79 94 

Buffum, W. P., Jr., Bm-09 100 

Bupbee, T. F., Ala-50 199 

Bruner, A. B., Mid-13 238 Buwt, G. L., Y-96 61 

Bruner, A. C. Mid-79 230 Bulkeley, C. E., Y-56 38 

Bruner. A. E., Mid-16 239 Bulkley, T., Y-66 43 

Bniner. H. B.. Mid-87 232 Bull, C. C, Hvd-98 117 

Bruner, H. M., Mid-13 238 BuU, C. R., Bdn-13 151 

Bniner, W. E., Mid-88 232 

Brunner, F. W., Hud-09 136 

Bninner, G. H., McG-06 307 

Bninton, J. S. L., McG-10 308 

Bull. D. C, Cal-18 318 

BuU, W. D., Hm-18 15 

BuU, W. L., Man-64 214 

BuUard. F.. JH-90 283 

Brush. C. D. L.. Mi-^ 17 BuUard, F. L., Col-00 27 

Brush, D. C, Wm»-01 209 BuUard, H. C, Brn-66 92 

Brush, M. P., JH-94 284 BuUard, J. E.. Hvd-82 Ill 

Bryan, C. A.. Mi-42 17 BuUard, J. L., Hvd-61 lD8 

Bryan, C. J., Ala-56 .199 BuUock. E. C, Bm-08 99 

Bryan. W., PK-75 276 BuUock, G. B., Brn-05 99 

Bryant, G. D. S., Min-12 292 BuUwinkel, E. J., Ck)I-12 30 

Bryant, J., Ala-57 200 Bumstead, H., Y-63 42 

Bryant, P. C.,PK-07.. 280 Bunce, C. H., Y-60 41 

Bryant, P. S., PK-70 274 Bunce. J. H., Mid-95 234 

Bryant, 8. F., Min-11 291 Bundy, C. 8., Hm-64 4 

Buchanan, A. T., Am-68 76 Burbank, A. M.. D-68 158 

Buchanan, N. 8., Tor-11 297 Burbank, E. D., D-91 164 

Buck. A. H.. Y-94 60 Burden. H. J., Tor-15 298 

Burden. W. A. M.. Hvd-00. ... 117 

Burdett. G. A., Hvd-81 110 

Burdiok, E. H., G-70 126 

Burdick, H. L., Bm-87 96 

Burger, H. J.. IU-14 320 

Buck. C. W., Am-55 72 

Buck, E. H., Hm-52 4 

Buck, H. A, Hvd-87 113 

Buck, H. 8., Y-16 67 

Buck, S. P.. Bdn-50 139 

Buckingham, C. B., Y-01 65 

Buckingham, E. H., Y-73 48 

Buckingham, J., Hud^l 127 Burgess, E, G., Jr., Hvd-98 117 

Buckingham's. M., Y-99 63- Burgess, F., Bm-73 93 

Buckler, H. W., JH-95 284 Burgess, G., Y-11 63 

Buckler, L. H., JH-12 287 Burgess, G. E., Hvd-93 116 

Buckler, R., JK-Oi 286 Burgess, G. S., Bm-12 100 

Buckley, G. D., Ch-07 302 Burgess, H. R., Hvd-03 118 

Buckley, J. H.. Wi8-17 314 Burgess, J. W., Am-67 76 

Burgess, A. M.. Brn'-06 99 

Burgess. E. G., Am-52 .... 72 

Buckley, J. R., Ch-13 303 

Buckley, P. F., Ch-10 302 

BuckUn. H. H.. Bm-00 98 

Bucknam, R. P.. Mid-69 226 

Buckwell, G. D., Cor-16 270 

Burgess, T., Bm-70 92 

Burgess, T., Bm-02 98 

Burgess, T. H., Hm-03 12 

Burgwin, W. H„ Mid-96 234 

Burley. C. A., Am-72 77 

Budlong, F. R., Brn-09 100 Burlingame, E., Hm-56 5 

Buel, H. W., Y-44 34 Bumap, B, L., D-^94 165 

BueU, A. E., Wms-«2 206 Burnet. J. 8., Y-57 39 

BueU. B. W., R-70. . ..;.,.... 190 Burnett, E. R., Man-O^. . , 222 

C337 3 




Burnett. H. W., Man-04 

Burnett. J., Hvd-97 

Burnett. J. T., Hvd-91 

Burnett, L. H., K-96 

Bumette, F. E., Am-67 

Bumham, A. S., D-88 

Burnham, F. W., Mid-12 

Bumham, H. H., D-86 

Bumham. H. H., Tor-14 

Burnham, J. D., PK-18 

Biu'nham, J. L., Bdn-96 

Bumham, M., Am-67 

Burnham, N. G. H., Tor-ll . . . 

Bumham, R. F., Col-04 

Bumham, S. H., Jr., D-15 

Bumham, S. S., Tor-10 

Burnley, G. B., Y-68 

Bums, J., Cal-17 

Bums. J. L., Tor-14 

Bums, J. S., Bdn-68 

Bums, R. L., Wi8-98 

Bums, W. J., Jr., Y-15 

Burr, A., Hvd-89 

Burr, C. E., K-65 

Burr, C. W., Am-89 

Burr, E. D., Brn-84 

Burr. J. M., Un-87 

Burrage, G. D., Hvd-83 

Burrage, W. W., Hvd-56 

Burrall, J. B., Y-02 

Burrill, A. S., Am-91 

Burrill, S. P., Hm-85 

Burroughs, C. L., Ch-99 

Burrowes, S. A., Mi-67 

Burrowes, T. A., Mi^7 

Burrowes, W. S., Mi-45 

Burrows, J. B., Co^-84 

Burrows, J. S., P-17 

Burt, F., Am-57 

Burt, H. A., P-62 

Burt, H. G., P-73 

Burt, J. O., Hvd-58 

Burt, U., Un-74 

Burton. C. K., 111-17, Ch-17. . . 

Burton, J., Hm-90 

Burton, N. S., Hud-46 

Burton, W. E., Y-70 

Burton, W. M., Hud-86, JH-89 

Busch, F. W., R-12 

Bush, F. L., Hvd-64 

Bush, W. T., Hm-83 

Bushnell, J. J., Y-41 

Butler, A. M., Hvd-84 

Butler, A. P., Hvd-88 

220 Butler. C. E., Am-00 83 

116 Butler. D.. Wm»-00 208 

114 Butler. E. D., Am-14 87 

244 Butler, G. M., Am-97 83 

75 Butler, G. R., Hm-77 9 

163 Butler, H. A., Hm-64 6 

238 Butler, H. E., Y-98 52 

163 Butler, J., Mi-39 16 

298 Butler, J. A., Y-74 48 

282 Butler, J. B., Jr., D-16 170 

147 Butler, J. M.. Hm-09 13 

75 Butler, M. M., Bdn-45 139 

297 Butler, R. v., Hm-02 12 

28 Butler, S. L., Hm-98 11 

170 Butler, S. P., Am-71 76 

297 Butterfield, E. DeF., Ch-06. . . 301 
40 Butterfield, E. S., Y-67 45 

318 Butterworth,H., Jr.,Man-16.. 224 

298 Butts, W. H., P-78 178 

142 Buxton, J. B., PK-72 275 

311 Buxton, J. C., PK-73 275 

66 Buxton, T. W., R-96 194 

113 Byerly, F. M., Ch-15 304 

241 Byers. A. F., McG-00 306 

81 Byers, D. C., Y-98 52 

95 Byers, E. M., Y-01 55 

253 Byers, J. F., Y-04 57 

111 Byers, J. R., McG-02 307 

107 Byles, M. H., Hud-75 131 

55 Byrd, F. O., Hvd-00 117 

81 Byrkett, A. R., Mi-68 20 

10 Byrne, H. R., D-11 169 

300 Byme, R. H., Y-17 67 

20 Byrnes, C. H., Y-15 66 



263 Cabot, E. T, Hvd-83 Ill 

186 Cabot, H. B., Hvd-83 Ill 

73 Cabot, N. W., Hvd-^8 117 

174 Cabot, S., Jr., Hvd-06 119 

177 Cadwalader, B. L., Y-98 53 

108 Cadwallader, S., Hm-93 11 

250 CadweU, G. J., P-94 181 

321 Cady, A.. Am-15 87 

10 Cady. C. M.. P-51 172 

128 Cady, F., Am-15 87 

47 Cady, G. F., Mid-69 228 

283 Cady, J. H., Brn-03 98 

197 Cady, L., Am-16 87 

109 Cady, P.. Un-85 253 

9 Cady, W. G., Bm-95 97 

33 Cady, W. H., Bm-98 98 

111 Cairns, E., Coi-06 267 

113 Calder, F. H., Hm-15 14 





Calder, F. M., Hm-82 9 

Calder, J. W., Hm-14 14 

Calder, W. P., Mid-03 236 

Caldwell, C, D-64 157 

CaldweU, D. A., D-60 166 

CaldweU, J. H., Y-12 63 

CaldweU, W. C, Bdn-11 160 

CaldweU, W. C, 111-11 320 

Calhoun, D. S., Y-48 35 

Callender, H. L., McG-85 305 

Cameron, A., Y-69 46 

Cameron, A., Jr., Y-01 55 

Cameron, A., Y-69 46 

Cameron, J. A., McG-04 307 

Cameron. J. A., Cor-13 269 

Cameron, J, I. H., PK-79 276 

Cameron. J. M., Hvd-87 113 

Cameron, L., PK-86 276 

Cameron, R. E., PK-06 279 

Camp, C. W., Y-44 34 

Camp, M. H., Mid-98 234 

Camp, S. B., Y-00 64 

Camp, W. R., IU-11 320 

Campbell, A. B., Y-13 64 

CampbeU, A. H., Hm-49 4 

CampbeU, A. L., J^-IS 288 

CampbeU, A. S., Hm-66 7 

CampbeU, C. W., 111-17 321 

CampbeU, D., Wm8-74 205 

CampbeU, F., R-77 191 

CampbeU, G., P-65 175 

CampbeU, H. G., Jr., Y-97 52 

CampbeU, H. H., Mi-75 21 

CampbeU, H. O., Min-02 290 

CampbeU, J. A., Jr., Y-12 63 

CampbeU, J. D., Hud-81 132 

CampbeU, J. G., JH-02 286 

CampbeU, J. P., R-75 190 

CampbeU, J. W., Brn-99 98 

CampbeU, L. J., D-91 . 164 

CampbeU, O. J., P-70 176 

CampbeU, R. A., D-95 165 

CampbeU, T. G., JH-05 287 

CampbeU, W. J., Man-78 217 

CampbeU, W. L., Y-13 64 

CampbeU, W. M., Col-13 30 

Canedy, C. F., Y-69 46 

Canfield, F. W., Hm-68 7 

Cannon, C. K., Y-67 45 

Cape, E. G. M., McG-98 306 

Capen, F. S., R'68 189 

Capen, F. M., Col-95 26 

Capps, S. R., Ch-03 301 

Capron, A., PK-46 272 

Capron, F. P., Brn-77 94 

Capron, W. B., Y^6 34 

CapweU, C. A., R-71 190 

Card, P. L., Bdn-16 151 

CarduB, A. L., R-96 194 

Carey, A., Hud-74 131 

Carey, A. A., Hvd-79 110 

Carey, E. R., Mid-60 226 

Carey, J. B., Min-17 293 

Carey, W. G., Jr., Un-18 258 

Carkener, S., P-60 174 

Carleton, I. N., D-59 166 

Carlisle, D. T., IU-16, Cal-16. . 321 

Carliale. J. M., Y-01 65 

Carlock, DeW. C, Cal-12 317 

Carman, N. G., Y-69 46 

Carney, R. T., 111-13 320 

Caron», G. P., Mid-83 231 

Carpenter, E. H., Wi8-16 314 

Carpenter, F. H., Wms-99, 

Min-00 208. 289 

Carpenter, G. B., Y-02 55 

Carpenter, G. C, Bm-17 102 

Carpenter, G. S., Hud-59 129 

Carpenter, H. C, Col-99 27 

Carpenter. H. M., Ch-13 303 

Carpenter, J. E., P-88 179 

Carpenter, R. H., Wis-14 313 

Carpenter, R. J., Y-59 40 

Carpenter, R. L., P-17 186 

Carpenter. S. E., Hvd-92 115 

Carpenter, S. H., R-52 187 

Carpenter, S. T., Ala^67 200 

Carpenter, W., P-77 177 

Carpenter, Z. T. , Y-70 47 

Carr, F. W., Ch-09, K-09. .302, 246 

Carr, J. P., Hvd-50 105 

Carr, L. O., 2nd, Hud-17 137 

Carr, R. W., D-50 164 

Carradine, L. W., Y-59 40 

Carrithers, I. T., 111-08 319 

CarroU, B. C, Bdn-89 146 

CarroU, C. W., D-59 156 

CarroU, E. T., Un-89 253 

CarroU, F. L., Un-90 253 

CarroU, J. D., Un-96 254 

CarroU, S. S., Y-46 34 

CarroU, W. 8., Tor-95 294 

Carruth, U., Hm-50 4 

Camithers, K. B., McG-08 *308 

Carson, F. M., Am-79 78 

Carson, L. C, P-92 180 

Carson, W., Y-95 51 

Carson, W. O., G-62 124 

[339 3 

CarsweU ALPHABETICAL Chandler 

CarewcU, R.. Mid-63 226 Catlin. M., Hm-33 1 

Carter. A. A. D., Man-15 224 Cauldwell. A. B., Cor-73 260 

Carter, B. M. . PK-82 276 CauldweU, L. G., Man-83 218 

Carter, C. H., PK-82 276 Caulkins, E. D., R-13 197 

Carter, D. 8.. Col-06 28 Causey, W. F., Y-n55 38 

Carter, G. C, PK-87 277 Cavanagh, F. W., D-»9 166 

Carter, G. G., K-64 241 Caverhill. G. R., McG-17 309 

Carter, G. H., Col-96 26 Caverly, Z. B., D-44 163 

Carter, J. C, Hvd-50 105 Cavemo. C, D-64 155 

Carter, J. P., Col-02 27 Cavemo, D. H., G-60, D-60. . . 156 

Carter. J. R., PK-83 276 Cavemo, J. S.. G-n58 123 

Carter, J. S.,PK-98 278 Cavis, J. M., I>-46 153 

Carter, L. A., PK-93 277 Chaoe, A. B., Jr., Bm-93 96 

Carter, S., PK-94 278 Chace, B. B., R-89 193 

Carter, S. M., Bdn-75 143 Chaoe, E. G., Wms-05 209 

Carter, W. F., McG-95 305 Chace, G. S., R-52 187 

Carter, W. L., Y-07 69 Chace, H. R.. Jr., Brn-12 100 

Carter, W. 8., Hm-79 9 Chace, M. G., Brn-96 97 

Cartmell, E. B., K-71 242 Chadwick, C. N., Y-70 47 

CartmeU, F. A., K-10 246 Chadwick, G. B., Mid-61 226 

Cartmell, T. M., K-03 245 Chadwick, G. H., R-04 195 

Cartwright, J. A., Y-67 46 Chadwick, H. E., D-58 156 

Cartwright, R. H., Coi-81 262 Chadwick, J. R., Hvd-65 109 

Caruthers, C. C, Hud-70 130 Chafee, H. 8., Bm-09 100 

Canithers, E. P., Hud-65 130 Chaflfee, J. 8., Brn-18 102 

Carver, F. L., Mid-15 239 Chaffee, Z., Brn-SO 94 

Gary, H. A., PK-92 277 Chaffee, Z., Jr., Bm-07 99 

Gary, J. R., P-69 174 ChaiUe, S. E., Hvd-51 106 

Gary, W., Hm-78 9 Chalfant, H., Hvd-90 114 

Case, A., Y-66 44 Chalfant, L. W., Mi-43 17 

Case, E., Hm-45 3 Chamberlain, E. D., Bm-61 ... 91 

Case, G. B., G-71, K-71 . . . 126, 242 Chamberlain, F., G-49 122 

Case, L. W., Un-82 252 Chamberlain, H. B., Bdn-57... 140 

Case, P. H., Brn-74 93 Chamberlain, H. C, Mid-07. . . 236 

Casey, G. H., R-96 194 Chamberlain, H. W., Bdn-«1 . . 144 

Casgrain, A. C, McG-03 307 Chamberlain, J., Hud-56 129 

Cassatt, R. K., Hvd-95 116 Chamberlain, J. C, Bdn-59. . . 141 

Cassels, B. J., Ch-01 300 Chamberlain, J. L., Bdn-52 .... 140 

Cassidy, D. D., Jr., Un-94 254 Chamberlain, R. M., Wms-73.. 204 

Castator, F. B., PK-16 281 Chamberlain, R. W., Wm8-14. . 211 

Castle, K. M., Y-15 66 Chamberlain, V. B., Wm8-57. . 202 

Castle, L. G., Wis-lS 313 ChamberUn, M. T., R-16 198 

Castle, 8. N., Hm-01 12 Chambers, A. G., Mi-63 18 

Castle, T., Cor-72 260 Chambers, H. R., Man-84, 

Caswell, E. A., Y-66 44 Col-86 24.218 

CajBweU, E. T., Brn-53 90 Chambers, J. F., Man-79 217 

Caswell, G. B., Cal-15 317 Chambers. N. C, Cor-05 267 

Caswell, 8. 8., Bdn-64 141 Chambers, T. F., Man-68 216 

Caswell, T. T., Brn-61 91 Chambers, W. W., Hm-95 11 

Gate, C. E., D-76, Mid-76. . 161, 229 Champion, H., Y-60 41 

Gates, D. J., Cal-11 316 Champion, W. J., Y-05 68 

Catlin, B. R., Hm-51 4 ChanceUor, W. E., Am-89 81 

Catlin, F. M., Cor-82 262 Chandler, C, P-62 174 

Catlia, G. L., Y-60 41 Chandler, C. H., D-98 166 



Chandler, C. H., I>-68 158 Charles, A. P., D-^ 167 

Chandler, C. M., Tor^l7 299 Charleston, D. R., McG-14 309 

Chandler, F., P-54 173 Charlton, E. A., D-54 166 

Chandler, F. K., Ch-17 304 Charlton, T. J., Jr., Y-17 67 

Chandler, F. N., D-93 165 Charpiot, H. C, Cor>86 263 

Chandler, H.B.,Bdn-07...... 149 Chase, A. H., Mid-^2 231 

Chandler, J. G., D-82 162 Chase, A. H., D-86 163 

Chandler, K., Ch-13 303 Chase, A. M., Am-96 82 

Chandler, W., P-54 173 Chase, B. W., D-47 153 

Chandler, W. D., Am-05 84 Chase, B. W., Mid-64 227 

Chandler, W. G., Y-49 '. 35 Chase, C. A., Hvd-66 107 

Chandler, W. W., Cal-05 315 Chase, E. H., D-65 155 

Chapin, A. C, Wm8-69 204 Chase, F., PK-52 273 

Chapin, A. W., Mid-65 227 Chase, F., D-60 156 

Chapin, C. F., Am-11 86 Chase, G. H., Hm-88 10 

Chapin, C. H.. D-50 154 Chase, G. L., G-58 123 

Chapin, C. M., Y-04 67 Chase, H.,Y-50 36 

Chapin, C. S.. Mid-80 230 Chase, J. B., Y-62 42 

Chapin, C. V., Brn-76 93 Chase, N. D., Hm-76 8 

Chapin, D. D., Jr., R-08 196 Chase, P. P., Bm-06 99 

Chapm, F. P., Am-62 72 Cha»e, R. D., D-45 163 

Chapin, G. M., R-78, Am-79 . . 78 Chase, R. P., Min-03 290 

Chapin, H. B., Hvd-80 110 Chase, R. W., Y-07 59 

Chapin, H. M., Bm-08 99 Chase, S. P., D-26 163 

Chapin, J. H., P-68 176 Chaae, T., Hvd-48 105 

Chapin, L. C, Y-62 36 Chase, W. B., Am-94 82 

Chapin, L. D., Am-61 72 Chaae, W. B., Hm-15 14 

Chapin. R. C, Am-09 86 Chase, W. B., P-16 185 

Chapin, S., Mid-57 225 Chase, W. W., D-66 158 

Chapin, W. S., Am-07 85 Chase, W. W., D-96 166 

Chapin, W. T., Am-87 80 Chatfield, C. C, Y-66 44 

Chapin, W. W., Bm-55 90 Chauvenet, W., Y-40 33 

Chaplin, G. W., Tor-98 295 Cheavens, H. M., Y-50, Am-52 72 

Chapman, C. J., Bdn-68 142 Cheesborough, J. W., Un-01 ... 255 

Chapman, E. T., Bdn-57 140 Chellis, F. O., D-85 163 

Chapman, H. C, Bdn-10 150 Cheney, C. H., Cal-06 315 

Chapman, H. F., Man-67 215 Cheney, C. P., Hvd-92 115 

Chapman, H. G., Hvd-83 Ill Cheney, F. W., Brn-54 90 

Chapman, H, L., Bdn-66 142 Cheney, J. E., Jr., R-67 189 

Chapman, H. S., Bdn-91 146 Cheney, J. W., D-70 159 

Chapman, J. E., Bdn-77 144 Cheritree, T. L., PK-90 277 

Chapman, J. J., Hvd-84 Ill Cheshire, J. B., PK-69 274 

Chapman, P. F., Bdn-06 149 Chesley, C, Bdn-62 140 

Chapman, R. B., Bm-58 91 Chesley, R. H., D-97 165 

Chapman, R. F., Man-92 220 Chester, C. T., Hm-74 8 

Chapman, R. F., Bdn-00 148 Chester, C. T., Y-46 34 

Chapman, S. H., Y-66 44 Chester, E., Hud-48 128 

Chapman, T. C, Jr., Bdn-94 . . 146 Chester, P. L., Hm-79 9 

Chapman, T. M., G-66 126 Chester, T. W., Hm-92 11 

Chapman, T. P.. Y-68 45 Chew, S., Hvd-93 115 

Chapman, W. S., Ala-53 199 Chickering, G. E., D-66 158 

Chappell, J. R., Hm-55 6 Chickering, W. H., Am-71 76 

Chard, J. A, Am-92 81 Child, C. J., Am-84 79 

Chard. S., Am-02 84 Child, F. S., D-15 170 





Child. S., Min-09 291 Clapp 

Child, S. R.. Bdn-84 145 Clapp 

Childs, C. C, K-09 246 Qapp 

ChUds, C. H., Jr., Brn-57 90 Clapp 

Childs, F. R., Hvd-00 117 Clapp 

ChUds, H. L.. Bdn-06 149 Clapp 

Childs, J. S.. Bdn-13 151 Clapp 

ChUton. T. G., Ala-53 199 Clapp 

Chilton, W. P., Ala-59 200 Clapp 

Chipman, G. C, PK-^6 273 Clark 

Chipman, G. S., PK-78 276 Clark 

Chipman, H. W., K-60 240 Clark 

Chittenden, G. I., Hm-84 10 Clark 

Chittenden, H. A„ Y-67 46 Clark 

Chittenden, N. W., Col-37 23 Clark 

Chittenden, S. B., Y-65 43 Clark 

Chittenden, S. B., Jr., Y-02 55 Clark 

Choate, C. F., Hvd^9 105 Clark 

Choat«, C. F., Jr., Hvd-88 113 Clark 

Choate, G., Wm8-91 207 Clark 

Choate, J. H., Hvd-52 106 Clark 

Choate, R., Jr., Am-65 72 Clark 

Choate, W., Am-70 76 Clark 

Choate. W. G., Hvd-62 106 Clark 

Christie, C, Y-55 38 Clark 

Christman, J. A., Y-57 39 Clark 

Christopher, H. G., P-12 185 Clark 

Christopher. J. W.. R-53 187 Clark 

Christy, G. H., Hud-59 129 Clark 

Chrystie, T. M. L., PK-63 274 Clark 

Church, C. T., Hm-93 11 Clark 

Church, C. W., Mid-64 227 Clark 

Church, E. B., K-67 241 Clark 

Church, E. D., Man-55 213 Clark 

Church, F. L., Cor-92 264 Clark 

Church, F. N., Y-57 39 Clark 

Church, G. E., Am-72 77 Clark 

Church, G. T., Hm-80 9 Clark 

Church, H. P., D-12 169 Clark 

Church, J. A., Mid-63 226 Clark 

Church, J. R., Col-15 31 Clark 

Church, M. DeV., Mid-75 229 Clark 

Church, R. H., Tor-98 295 Clark 

Church, S. P., PK-41 272 Clark 

Church, W. H., G-50 122 Clark 

Church, W. S., Man-73 216 Clark 

Churchill, F. B., Hm-70 7 Clark 

ChurchUl, H., Y-65 43 Clark 

Churchill, J. E., 111-14 320 Clark 

Churchman, C, PK-93 277 Clark 

Churchman, E. G., PK-95 278 Clark 

Cilley, J. L., Hvd-58 108 Clark 

Claflin, J. F., Am-59 73 Clark 

Claflin. W., Am-83 79 Clark 

[342 3 

A. D., Am-65 75 

A. H., Y-42 33 

C, Hvd-56 107 

D., Am-39 69 

F. R., PK-02 279 

H. S., Y-72 47 

J. H., Un-69 251 

K. H., Y-14 65 

W. C, Man-81, Am-83. 79 

A., PK-11 280 

A. H., Am-86 80 

A. J., Col-96 26 

A. L., Am-91 81 

C. A., P-45 172 

C. A., P-75 177 

C. E., Hud-62 129 

C. G., R-62. Un-63 .188,260 

C. H., K-18 248 

C. J., R-91 193 

C. M., Col-97 26 

C. T., Tor-16 298 

C. U., Y-97 62 

E., Am-10 86 

E. B., Col-15 31 

E. F., Y-14 65 

E. G., P-62 174 

E. L., Y-53 37 

E. M., Hm-07 13 

F. H., Hvd-84 Ill 

G. M., Y-01 65 

G. M., Tor-98 295 

G. N., Hvd-08 120 

H. J., Hud-61 129 

H. M.,Brn-07 99 

H. T.,Y-03 66 

L R., D-73 160 

J.,Mi-46 18 

J., Mid-67, Am-67. . .227. 75 

J. A.,D-08 168 

J. C, Bdn-42 138 

J. D.,Hm-06 13 

J. E., P-h56 173 

J. F., Col-40 23 

J. H.,Mi-67 20 

J. H., D-67 166 

J. J.,P-08 184 

J. K.,Y-99 63 

J. P., Ala-55. 199 

L. C.,D-76 161 

M. G.,Hud-15 137 

P. J.,Y-16 67 

R. B.,Am-76 78 

R. DeB., Hud-10 136 

R. J., Hvd-91 114 




Clark, R. W., Un-04 255 

Clark, T. B .,Y-96 61 

Clark, W. B., Y-61 41 

Clark. W. B., Am-76 78 

Clark , W. B., Am-84 79 

Clark, W. H., Y-96 61 

Clark, W. H., Hm-36 1 

Clark, W. I., Brn-12 100 

Clark, W. J., Bni-16 101 

Clark. W.K.,Y-12 63 


A. F., PK-75 275 

A. W., D-66 155 

B. R., Wm8-04 209 

C. F., Cor-16 270 

E. H..Hvd-41 103 

E. L., D-86, Brn-85. 163, 95 

E. P., G-49 122 

E. W., Y-67 45 

F. E., D-51 154 

G.. Mid-60 226 

G. E., Wm8-51 201 

I. L., D-48 154 

J. B. , Am-58 73 

J. C. C, R-69 188 

J. G., Hvd-44 104 

J. G., Un-13 257 

J. L., Win»-63 201 

J, T.,D-68 166 

M. F.,Am-09 85 

M. G., Ch-99 300 

P. O.,Brn-80 94 

R. T.,G-75 126 

R. W., D-42 153 

8. A., Un-75 251 

T. C.,Hvd-48 105 

W.,Y-37 32 

W. A., Toi-10 297 

W.L., Mid-89 232 

W. R.,Y-00 54 

Clarkaon, E. G., Tor-08 297 

Clarkflon, H., Tor-09 207 

Clarkaon, J. G., Man-04 222 

Clarkaon, M. A., Tor-15 298 

Claaa, F. M., Man-00 222 

aawaon, H. P., Y-17 68 

Claxton, R. B., Y-38 32 

Claxton, R. B., Jr., K-64 241 

Clay, C. M., Y-32 32 

Clay, T. P., Coi-10 268 

aaypool, N., Mi-76 21 

Cleary, J. J., Jr., Ch-14 303 

Cleary, M. R., Ch-10 302 

Cleaves, N., Bdn^8 141 

Clegg, C. M., Bm-15 101 

Clement, A. G., R-82 192 

Clement, A. T., Y-03 56 

Clement, H. B., K-86 243 

Clement, R., Y-10 62 

Clement, W. P. , Jr. , Y-08 60 

Clement, W. P., Tor-09 297 

Clements, H., Un-95 254 

Clements, J. W., K-12 247 

Clements, R., Un-91 253 

Clements, W., K>09 246 

Clephane, M. W., Cor-93 265 

Cleveland, F. A., Cor-99 266 

Cleveland, W. J., G-69 125 

Cleveland, W. N. , Hm-51 4 

Clews, H., Am-98 83 

CliflFord, B., Y-13 64 

Clifford, J. D., Jr., Bdn-10 150 

Clifford, W. H., Bdn-11 150 

Climo, A. H., Cor-04 267 

Climo, G. F., Jr., Hud-17 137 

Cline, T. S., Mid-01 235 

Clokey, A. A., P-88 179 

Clopper, E. N., Mi-61 19 

Clopton, J. O. A., Ala-53 199 

Cloud, A. J., Cal-00 315 

Clow, K. S., Y-10 62 

Coan, W. F., Bdn-04 148 

Coates, H. F., Am-86, Hud-86. 133 

Coates, J. L., Am-13 86 

Cobb, A. P., Mid-06, Brn-06.. 99 

Cobb, H. A., Bm-08 99 

Cobb, H. E., Mid-87 232 

Cobb, H. M., Bm-03 98 

Cobb, H. N., Y-55 38 

Cobb, M. G., Hvd-43 104 

Cobb, O. E., Y-53 37 

Cobb, R. H., Cor-09 268 

Cobb, R. S., Ch-06 301 

Cobb, W. A., Hm-64 6 

Cobb, W. D., D-91 164 

Cobb, W. H., Y-14 65 

Cobba, R. H., Ala-55 199 

Cobum, E., Am-41 70 

Cobum, H. W., Jr., D-06 168 

Cobum, H. W., Bdn-96 147 

Cochran, A. S., Y-96 51 

Cochran, F. G., D-68 158 

Cochran, G. A., Y-03 56 

Cochran, M. A., Bdn-62 141 

Cochran, R., Y-46 34 

Cochrane, O. D., Tor-13 298 

Cochrane, W. T., Ala-54 199 

Cocker, H. R., P-73 177 

Cocker, W. J., P-69 176 


Cocroft ALPHABETICAL Comstock 

Cocroft, R. B.. Bm-09 100 Cole. H. F., Y-09 61 

Codman, A., PK-85 276 Ck>le, I. T.. Wina-«7 206 

Codman, E. D.. Hvd-86 112 Ck>le, J. 8.. Bm-00 08 

Codman, P., Hvd-89 113 Cole, O. W., R-68 189 

Codman. R., Hvd-64 109 Cole. R. M.. Mid-06 236 

Codman. R., Hvd-82 Ill Cole, 8. V.. Bdn-74 143 

Codman. 8. R. H.. Hvd-«8. ... 113 Cole. T. J.. HMd-01, Wm»-02. . 209 

Coe, F. A.. Hm-35. Y-37 32, 1 Cole, W., Min-08 291 

Coe. G. J.. PK-74 276 Cole, W. I.. Bdn-81 144 

Coe. H. L.. Hm-34 1 Colegrove, E. L., Hud-13 136 

Coe, 8.. Hud-84 132 Coleman, G. P., PK-90 277 

Coe, T. U., Bdn-57 140 Coleman, R. E., Y-11 63 

Coffey, J. C, Hud-70 130 Coleman, R. E., Wifl-12 313 

Coffin. A. B.. D-56 155 Coleman, T. S.. Man-02 222 

Coffin, C. E., Mid-83 231 Coleman. W.. G-46 122 

Coffin. F. 8., Man-96 221 Coleman. W. A.. Man-97 221 

Coffin, F. W., Brn-41 89 Coleman, W. O., Jr., Ch-14. , . . 303 

Coffin, R. R., Col-03 28 Colgate, W. H., D-70 169 

Coffin, W. A., Y-74 48 Colgrove, L. E., K-10, P-10. . . 184 

Coggeshall, F., Bm-67 92 CoUe, D., Col-03 28 

Coggeshall, H. F., Am-05 84 Colie, E. M., Man-73 216 

Cogswell, E. R., Hvd-M 109 Colie, E. M., Jr., Col-02 27 

Cogswell, W. 8., D-48 154 Colie, F. R., D-18 171 

Cohen, A. J., D-03 167 Colie, R., Y-06 58 

Cohen, E. Y., Man-78 217 CoUacott, H. R., Hud-94 134 

Cohen, L., D-78 161 Collamore, G. A., D-64 165 

Cohen, W. N., D-79 161 Collar, H. C, D-99 166 

Coit, A., R-66 189 Collin, C. A., Y-66 44 

Coit, C. 8., Mid-12 238 CoUin, D. R., Cor-94 265 

Coit, C. W., PK-82 276 CoUin, R. P., Wma-76 205 

Coit, J. M., G-65 124 CoUins, A. C, Bm-78 94 

Coit, J. T., Y-44 34 Collins, C. A„ Bm-76 93 

Coit, O. B., Mid-77 230 CoUins, C. A., Jr., Bm-08 99 

Colburn, A., Brn-38 89 CoUins, E. L., Bm-10 100 

Colburn, W. B., Un-07 256 CoUins, E. W. B., Bm-97 97 

Colby, A. H., Brn-91 96 CoUins, L., Un-53 249 

Colby, A. W., Hud-96 134 Collins, P. H., Y-08 60 

Colby, B., Hud-90, Wms-90. . . 207 CoUins, 8. C, Brn-12 100 

Colby, C. L., Bm-58 91 Colpitts, W. W., MoG-99 306 

Colby, D., D-94 165 Colquhoim, W. W., Col-14 30 

Colby, E., Bm-97 97 Colson. J. M., D-83 162 

Colby, G., Bm-87 95 Colt, C. H., Mid-94 233 

Colby, H. F., Bm-62 91 Colt, J. D., Wms-84 206 

Colby, I. G., D-94 166 Colt, W. L., Coi^-94 265 

Colby, L. 8., Bm-89 96 Colter, J., Mid-77 230 

Colby, R. L., D-46 153 Colton, F. H., Y-60 41 

Coldewey, A. W., K-09 246 Coman, L. P., Hm-46 ^^3 

Cole, C. B., Hm-58 6 Comfort, G. F., Mid-57 226 

Cole, C. L., K-84 243 Comfort, M. B., R-61 188 

Cole, C. G., Mid-16 239 Comfort, W. F., Mid-62 226 

Cole, D., Brn-67 92 Comly, W. J., Mi-61 19 

Cole, E. H., Wm»-69 204 Commins, A. H., K-94 244 

Cole, H., Y-66 44 Commins, A. J., K-97 245 

Cole, H. E., D-81 162 Comstock, C, Hm-35 1 



.. a 

Cooley, 0., Aiii-65 

Cooner.W. B., V-99.,;:.: 


Cook. J. D. a, Uii-69 

. 249 

Coroorw., B. F., Min-U-.. 

,. 29 




Cordier, A. J., Y-13 64 

Cordley, C. M., Hud-44 127 

Corey, G. E., D-99 166 

Corlies, F. H., Cor-78 261 

Cornell, A. E., Hud-07 135 

Cornell, A. L., Cor-87 263 

Cornell, D. H., R-00, Wma-00. 208 

Cornell, E., Cor-86 263 

CorneU, E. N., Mid-11 237 

Cornell, F. C, Cor-89 264 

Cornell, G. H., Hud-77 131 

Cornell, G. J., Col-39 23 

Cornell, I. H., Col-03 28 

ComeU, M. L., Col-05 28 

ComeU, M. S.„ Mid-05 236 

Cornell, R. T., Col-01 27 

Comctt, G., Bm-98 97 

Corning, H. R., Am-90 81 

Corning, H. W., Hvd-91 114 

Corning, W. S., K-12 247 

Corniah, A. S., Am-68 76 

Comiah, H. L., Cal-01 315 

Cornish, P. G., Jr., Y-14 65 

Cornwall, J. H., Y-66 44 

Cortelyou, P. R., Y-64 43 

Cortelyou, T. F., Mi-54 18 

Costello, H. L., Man-14 224 

Coston, C. H., Hm-11 13 

Coston, H. H., Mid-73 229 

Cotes, A. B., G-40 121 

Cott, W. H., K-18 248 

Cott, W. W., K-09 246 

Cotter, F. J., Man-13 224 

Cotter, M. A., D-07 168 

Cotton, C. P., Tor-13 298 

Coughran, C. W., Cal-09 316 

Coughran, D. D., Cal-13 317 

Coulston, C. W., Mid-91 233 

Coulthard, H, H. G., Tor-05. . . 296 

Covert, H., Hm-16 14 

Covey, L. C, Y-07 59 

Cowan, J. F., Mid-09 237 

Cowan, P. D., Am-66 75 

Coward, H. F., Un-12 257 

Cowdin, E. C, Hvd-96 116 

Cowdin, W., Hvd-85 112 

Cowen, T. B., Wms-96 208 

Cowing, P. F., Col-02 27 

Cowing, R. B., Jr., Col-92 25 

CowITM., Man-81, PK-83 .218.276 
Cowles, A. H., Hud-88, Am-91. 81 

Cowles, E., D-.59 156 

Cowles, E. S., Y-73 48 

Cowles, G. W., Hm-45 3 

Cowlea, H, E., R-18 

Cowles, I. A., Hm-56 

Cowles, J. L., Y-66 

Cowperthwait, A. N., Wms-06. 
Cowperthwait, F. N., Col-00. . 

Cox, B. F., Hvd-87 

Cox, E. H., Am-92 

Cox, H. C, Man-15 

Cox, J. 8., Man-86 

Cox, R. E., Y-16 

Cox, W. W., Mid-76 

Coxe, A. C, Hm-68 

Coxe, A. p., Jr., Y-01 

Coxe, A. C, Urb-38 

Coxe, C. R., Y-17 

Coxe, E. C, G-71 

Coxe, H. B., Jr., Hvd-85 

Coxe, R. C, G-77 

Coxe, S. H., Urb-39 

Craft, W. M., Man-92 

Crafts, A. B., Mid-71 

Crafts, F. H., Mid-71, D-76. . . 

Crafts, W. A., Hvd-40 

Crafts, W. F., Mid-69 

Cragin, W. N., D-85 

Craig, D. R., Am-17 

Craig, F. P., Brn-02 

Craig, G. M., Mid-16 

Craig, H. K., Bdn-44 

Craig, J. D., Un-80 

Craig, J. W., Am-16 

Craig, V. L., Bdn-56 

Craig, W., Bdn-43 

Craigie, C. F., R-06 

Grain. H. L., Un-02 

Cram. A. P., Bdn-99 

Cram, DeW. C, D-50 

Cram, M. P., Bdn-04 

Cramer, A. C, Y-13 

Cramer, F., Y-68 

Cramer, M. C, Mid-04 

Cramer, W. E., Uib-39 

Crandall, F. W., Y-11 

Crandall, H. W., Am-12 

CrandaU, P. H., Man-14 ...:.. 

Crane, A. W., D-62 

Crane, C. B., R-58, Hm-58. . . . 

Crane, C. G., Mid-07 

Crane, E. H., Hm-44 

Crane, H. D., Mid-03 

Crane, J. A., JH-06 

Crane, J. E., Bm-72 

Crane, J. G., Y-07 

Crane. J. P., Y-09 



























































Creevey, J, K., Y-8B 


^owley^W K'..BdD-^j8 MS 

Creho»,A.C., Y-90.. .. 
Ciehon, C. L., Hvd-M) . . 
Creighton, W. St.C, K-74 

49 Cram, R., Brn-lS... 
lU CnUD, R. B,, Bm- "' 

Lg, A.,MlG-05 307 

ig.H.T., Y-13 ftS 

ipi, C. K., Hvd-B3 115 

Oooker, W. T., Hvd-M. 
Crockett, O. K..Am-10. . 

Croft, F. D., Hm-Oa 

CroU. F. W., Ch-ia 

Cropp,C. V..Ch-17 

Crosby, A. B.. D-S3 

Cnwbi-, D. G.. PK-51... 
Crosby, H. A,, Mu-fl3. . 

Crosby, J. M., P-91 

Crosby, J. P., Man-65. . . 

Crosby, M. S., R-63 

Crosby, B. M.,Y-BS 

Croeby, 8. V.,Hvd-»l... 

Croaley, A_^Mld~05 

Cross, C. W„ Cor-01 

itrier, E, B,, Msn-SI 

. 188 Currier. E.H.,D-flB 

— " ."7. E„Bdn-94., 
A. M.. Y-72 

. S3 Cun„., 

'. 236 Curry' B. j.", AFa- 

. aea Cuny, j. r., mm-ob . . 

. 2i& Curry, J. p., Msn-aa.. 

Cnrtenius ALPHABETICAL Dair 

CurteniuB, A. E., Am-Ol 83 Cutier. D. 8.. Am-15 87 

Curtice, L. H., Mid-08 287 Cutier, E. J., Hvd-53 106 

Curtice, R. S., Mid-08 287 Cutier, J. C„ D-56 165 

Curtice, 8. O., Mid-85 281 Cutier. J. L., Bdn-37 138 

Curtis. A., Hvd-84 Ill Cutier, L., D-47 163 

Curtis, A. E., Uii-66 260 Cutier, R. P.. Y-39 32 

Curtis, A. H. M., D-94 165 Cutler. 8. L., Am-85 80 

Curtis, A. J., P-61 174 Cutter, C. H., Cal-18 318 

Curtis, A. W., Y-71 47 Cutts, J. M., Bm-^6 90 

Curtis, C, Y-04 57 

Curtis, C. B., D-89 164 Dahl. G., Y-08 60 

Curtis, C. C, P-07 183 Daley, C. 8., Un-97 254 

Curtis, C. J., Y-94 51 Daley. E. W., Un-04 264 

Curtis, E., Hud-46 128 Daley, G. H., Un-92 264 

Curtis, E. C, D-68 158 Dallam, J. W., Bm-37 89 

Curtis, G. E., Y-61 86 Dallas, W. L., D-11 169 

Curtis, G. W., Bm-64 90 Dalton, E. B., Hvd-55 107 

Curtis. H. G.. Hvd-66 109 Daly, C. D., Hvd-01 118 

Curtis, H. J., Man-95 221 Daly. C. J., Hm-11 13 

Curtis, H, M., Hud-71 131 Daly, H. C, K-88 244 

Curtis, J. B., Bm-40 89 Dame, W. H.. Hvd-90 114 

Curtis, J. 8., Am-61 72 Damon. F. W., Am-73.; 77 

Curtis, T. A., Man-96 221 Damon, W. F., Y-04 67 

Curtis, T. B., Hvd-62 108 Dana, E. 8., D-07 168 

Curtis, T. C, Jr., PK-07 280 Dana, J. D., Y-11 63 

Curtis, T. J., Hvd-62 106 Dana, W. B., Y-n51 36 

Curtis. W. E., Hud-71 130 Dandridge. N. P., K-66 241 

Curtis, W. R., PK-13 281 Dane, J., Bdn-43 138 

Curtiss, A. M., Cor-80 262 Dane, M. B., Am-70 76 

Curtiss, C. G., Y-07 69 Dane, W. L., Bdn-80 144 

Curtiss, G., Y-09 61 Danforth, A. C, Hm-61 6 

Curtiss, H. C, PK-81 276 Danforth, W. E., P-87 179 

Curtiss, H. 8., Y-01 66 Daniel, L. M., Min-17 293 

Curtiss, 8. H., Hud-67 130 Daniels, F., Min-10 291 

Cusack, J. R., Man-16 224 Daniels. F. B., Hm-71 8 

Gushing, E. F., Cor-83 262 Daniels, F. L., Y-07 59 

Gushing, H. P., Coi-82 262 Daniels, F. P., Min-14 292 

Gushing, K. W., K-16 247 Daniels, G. B., P-81 178 

Gushing, W. E., Hud-75 131 Daniels, G. G., Un-97 264 

Cushman, A. H., Bm-02 98 Daniels, H. E. C, Hm-68 7 

Cushman. C. P., D-89 164 Daniels, J. H., Hm-45 3 

Cushman, G. F., Ala-60 199 Daniels, J. H., Min-14 292 

Cushman, H. I., D-65 168 Daniels, M. T., Ch-10, D-09. . 168 

Cushman, H. O., D-87 163 Daniels, W. P., Hvd-88 113 

Cushman, J. W., Col-84 24 Dann, C. B., Cor-84 263 

Cushman, N. L., D-07 168 Dann, E. F. M., Tor-09 297 

Cushman, R., Brn-93 96 Darby, A. B., Am-03 84 

Cushman, W. E., D-83 162 Darling, C. R., Am-74 77 

Cutcheon, B. M., P-61 174 Darling, C. W., Tor-Ol 295 

Cutcheon, F. W. M., P-85 179 Darting, E. P., Am-51 72 

Cutcheon, 8. M., D-56 165 Darling, F. E., Cor-93 265 

Cutler, C, Y-54 37 Darling, H., Am-42 70 

Cutler, C. H., Bdn-81 144 Darling, 8. C, Y-64 43 

Cutier, D., P-87 179 Darr, G. W., Y-11 63 





Darrow, C. E., R-77 191 

Darrow, E., P-66 175 

Darrow, E., P-92 180 

Dart. J.. Jr., Y-06 68 

Daaoomb, A. B., D-58 166 

DasUeU, L. M., Bm-97 97 

Daughaday, C. C, Ck>r-00 266 

Daugherty, A. J., Mi--62 19 

Davenport. E., Hvd-18 105 

Davenport, E. B., Am-ll 86 

Davenport, J. S., Jr., PK-98. . . 278 

Davenport, W. R., Am-06 86 

Davey, T. E., Jr., K-16 248 

Davidson, A. M., Man-00 222 

Davidson. A. T., Tor-06 296 

Davidson, W. M., Tor-13 298 

Davies, 8.. K-73 242 

Davis, A. K.,PK-11, Mid-11.. 280 

Davis, A. W., Mid-00 235 

Davis, B. F., Bm-54 90 

Davis, B. F.. Wis-07 312 

Davis, B. M.. Mid-89 232 

Davis, C. A., Bdn^86 145 

Davis, C. C, Hvd-01 118 

Davis, C. F., Hvd-64 109 

Davis, C. M., Hm-61 6 

Davis, D. F., Hvd-00 117 

Davis, E. C, Bdn-97 147 

Davis, E. W., Mid-69 228 

Davis, F. F., Hm-76, R-76. . .8, 191 

Davis, F. M., McG-08 308 

Davis, G. E., D-71 159 

Davis, G. F., R-64 189 

Davis, G. H., McG-07 307 

Davis, G. R., R-78 191 

Davis. H. A.. Wis-13 313 

Davis, H. E., IU-15 320 

Davis, H, M., Wis-W 313 

Davis, H. S., G-«5 124 

Davis. H. 8., Mid-09 235 

Davis, J. C. Hvd-58 108 

Davis, J. H., Bdn-86 146 

Davis, J. M., Mid-05 236 

Davis. J. M.. Y-58 40 

Davis, J. R., P-06 183 

Davis, J. T.. Jr., Hvd-89 113 

Davis. L. H., Y-60 41 

Davis, M., D-66 155 

Davis, M.. K-61 240 

Davis, N. E.. Mid-97 234 

Davis, P., McG-04 307 

Davis, R. H., Hm-62 6 

Davis, 8. B., Mid-69 226 

Davis, 8. B.. Jr., Mid-95 234 

Davis, 8. C, Hvd-93 115 

Davis, T. G.. Man-03 222 

Davis, T. K., Y-45 34 

Davis, W. A., Hvd-37 103 

Davis. W. B., Mid-94 233 

Davis, W. H.. R-d8 189 

Davis, W. T., Hvd^2 104 

Davis, W. V. W., Am-73 77 

Davison, A. T., Mid-98 234 

Davison, G. W., Mid-92 233 

Davison, N. H., D-14 170 

Davol. J. B., Cor-84 263 

Dawes, T., Hvd-39 103 

Dawson, L. R., Hud-78 132 

Dawson. R. H., Ala-58 200 

Day. C. Un-95 254 

Day. C. F., Hud-83. Wnis~83. . 206 

Day, C. L., D-77 161 

Day, C. M., Mid-09 237 

Day, C. 8., 2nd, Am-15 87 

Day, D. B., Hud-^ 133 

Day, D. H., Y-99 53 

Day, F. H., Min-00 289 

Day. F. H.. Y-06 58 

Day, F. L., Bm-85 95 

Day, F. L., Y-12 63 

Day, G. H., G-73 126 

Day, H. M., Hud-59 129 

Day, H. N., Hud-28 127 

Day, H. P.. Mid-03 236 

Day. J. C, Mid-08 237 

Day, L. DeV., Mid-04 236 

Day, R. E.. Y-62 37 

Day, R. H., P-89 179 

Day, R. N., Min-96 289 

Day, T. L.. Y-67 45 

Day, W. B., Mid-91 233 

Day, W. E., Y-02 65 

Day, W. F., Wms-15 211 

Day, W. R., P-70 176 

Dean, A. D., Bm-72 93 

Dean. B., Man-86 219 

Dean, B. W., D-48 154 

Dean, C. A., Jr., P-12 185 

Dean, F. A., Jr., Y-07 59 

Dean, H. S.,Wis-12 313 

Dean, M. L., P-03 182 

Deane. F. A., Bdn-46 139 

Deane, J. F., Bdn-54 140 

Dearborn, H., Wm8-13 211 

de Barros. B.. Cor-88 263 

De BeU. E. T., R-78 191 

De Bevoise, G. H., Wm8-57 .... 202 
Debevoise, G. E.. Man-85 219 





Debevoise, T. M., Y-95 51 

De Bow, R.G., Mid-11 237 

Dechant, F. B., K-16 248 

Dechert, H. M., Y-50 36 

Decker, A. M., R-15 198 

Decker, G. P., R-84 192 

Decker, L. R., R-14, Hm-16.198, 14 

Decker, W. F., Man-85 219 

Deering, B. T., Bdn-73 143 

Deering, J. H., Bdn-46 139 

Deering, R. W., Bdn-68 141 

Deetjen, W. L., Mid-16 239 

De Forest, H. P., Y-62 42 

De Forest, H. S., Y-57 39 

De Forest, J. K. H., Y-^ 45 

De Forest, M., Y-61 41 

De Forest, R. E., Y-67 45 

De Garmo, P. W., McG-13 ... 309 

de Gersdorflf, C. A., Hvd-87. . . 113 

de Gersdorff, G. B., Hvd-88. . . 113 

De Graff, H. A., Uii-96 254 

De Groat, H. K., R-92 193 

de Kay, C. A., Y-68 45 

Delabarre, E. B., Am-86, 

Brn-86 80, 95 

Delabarre, E. M. , Am-06 85 

Delabarre, F. A., Am-90 81 

Delafield, A., Man-68 215 

Delafield, T. P., Wmfl-05 209 

de Lancey, E. F., G-43 121 

De Land, H. P., R-90 193 

Delano, C., Am-40 70 

Delano, C. W., Mid-94 233 

Delano, F. A., Hvd-85 112 

Delano, F. R., G-64 124 

Delano, H. G., Am-58 73 

de la Vergne, C. R., Y-05 58 

De la Vergne, L. duB., Un-14 . 257 
de Lotbiniere, A. de L. J., 

McG-13 309 

Delp, G., Y-61 41 

De Luca, G. B., Man-09 223 

De Mallie, J. M., R-01 195 

Demarest, G. B., Mid-04 236 

Demarest, G. F., Man-64 214 

de Mauriac, H. deW., Mid-03, 

PK-07 I.. 236, 280 

Dembinski, L., Y-58 40 

Deming, F. B., Hud-85 132 

Deming, M. R., Brn-65 90 

Deming, P. H., Cor-94 265 

Deming, R. C., Y-11 63 

Demond, C. M., Wms-Sl 205 

DeMott, G. C, Bdn-94 146 

Dempsey. J. B., Y-11 63 

Dempeey. W., Hud-n50 128 

de Nancrede, H. W., P-08 184 

Denaple, E. C., Jr., Hud-17. . . 137 

Denison, A. C., Ck>l-17 31 

Denison, C. H., P-61 174 

Denison, G., Am-55 72 

Denison. H. P.. Mid-85 231 

Denison, J. H., Wms-62 203 

Denison, J. H., Wm»-90 207 

Denison, L. H., Bm-96 97 

Denman, C. E., Cal-14 317 

Dennett, F. E., Bdn-90 146 

Dennett, W. S., Bdn-71 143 

Dennis, A. R., Un-10 256 

Dennis, E. P., Am-07 85 

Dennis, J. H., Un-62 249 

Dennis, K. S., Y-10 62 

Dennis, R. E., Un-12 257 

Dennison, W., Mi-35 16 

Denny, H. C., Mi-62 18 

Denslow, D. N., K-99 245 

Denslow, H. M., Y-73 48 

Denslow, R. R., Man-15 224 

Denslow, T. N., PK-04 279 

Dent, T. A., Jr., Un-15 257 

Deppen, R. L., PK-13 281 

Deppen, W. C., PK-09 280 

Derby, H., Am-55 72 

Derby, J. N., P-88 179 

Derby, L., D-79 161 

Derby, R. H., Hvd-^ 109 

De Remer, J. A., Un-57 249 

De Rham, F. F., Hvd-05 119 

De Rham, H. C, 2nd, Hvd-04. 118 

de Rong^, L. O., PK-14 281 

Derr, F. C., R-60 188 

De Sa, P. A., Y-^1 33 

de Sabla, T. de J., Jr., Un-07. , 256 
Despard, C. L., Jr., Hvd-08. . . 120 

Deuel, C. M., Man-04 222 

Devin, H. C., K-88 244 

Devlin, E. E., Cor-12 269 

Devlin, R. J., Man-78 217 

Devlin, 8. B., Man-89 219 

Devries, W. L., JH-88 283 

Dewar, J. I., Am-06 85 

Dewart, M. W., Min-97 289 

Dewart, W. H., Hud-86, K-87. 244 

Deweese, T. L., Mi-62 20 

Dewey, B. M., R-56 187 

Dewey, C. G., D-81 162 

Dewey, E. F., Mi-60 19 

Dewey, H. M.. Y-99 53 

[350 3 




Dewey, H. 8., D-78. . . 

Dewey, J., Wma-68 

Dewey, J. R., Wm8-54, 
Dewey, J. S., Mi-68. .. 
Dewey, T. E., R-81 






deWindt, D., Wms-16 212 

De Witt, C. I., Am-^9 83 

DeWitt, J., Coi-17 270 

DeWitt, M. B., Cum-56 269 

DeWitt, M. T.. P-67 175 

DeWitt, W. A., Y-08 60 

De Wolf, H., Bni-04 99 

Dexter, A., Hm-43 3 

Dexter, C. O., Brn-85 95 

Dexter. G. O., Brn-87 96 

Dexter, L.. Brn-83 96 

Dexter, N., Un-73 251 

Dexter, S. O., Brn-93 96 

Dey, J. R. S., Hm-76 8 

De Zeng, E. C, G-61 122 

Dibble, C. W., Wme-OO 208 

Dibble, E. D. B., Miii-08, 

Am-10 291,86 

Dibble, O. G., Y-64 " 43 

Dibble, W. G., Min-05 290 

Dickerson, J. D., Ch-06 301 

Dickeraon, W. P., Ch-14 303 

Dickey, C. D., Hvd-82 Ill 

Dickinson, C. E., Am-60 74 

Dickinson, E., Am-84'. 79 

Dickinson, E. L., PK-93 277 

Dickinson, H. C, Col-14 30 

Dickinson, J. M., Jr., Y-12 63 

Dickinson, J. W., Wm&-52 201 

Dickinson, O. P., P-66 175 

Dickinson, R. S. S., Am-44 .... 70 

Dickinson, W. A., Am-50 71 

Dickinson, W. C, Am-48 71 

Dickinson, W. E., Am-55 72 

Dickinson, W. H., R-64 189 

Dickson, E. R.. Y-63 37 

Dickson, J. R., Tor-lO 297 

Dickson, P., Mi-74, D-74. . .21, 160 

Diekema, W. A., P-14 185 

Dieuaide, F. R., Man-13 224 

Dike, D., Brn-15 101 

Dike, J., Bdn-69 142 

Dike, J., Bdn-81 144 

Dike, S. J., Ani-66 75 

Dike, T. W., Bdh-86 145 

Dildine, W. H., R-02 195 

DUks, J. B.. Mid-78 230 

DiUey, A. U., Mid-96 234 

Dillingham, P., D-73 160 

Dillon, A. S., Brn-17 102 

Dillon, J. A., Hvd-64 109 

Dillon, W. S., D-05 167 

Dimmick, W. F., Wms-60 202 

Dimock, D. L., Hud-61 129 

Dinet, E. A., Wis-09 312 

Dingley, B. H., Am-92 81 

Dingwall, E. A., PK-91 277 

Dingwall. H. R., PK-95 278 

Distler, W. G., Cor-12 269 

Divine, C. H., Cor-11 268 

.Dix, W. R., Man-74 216 

Dixon, B. V. B., Cor-70, Am-70 76 

Dixon, W. M., Cor-18 270 

Dixon, W. T., JH-15 288 

Doar, S. D., Y-57 39 

Dochea, A. R. V., JH-03 286 

Dod, W. A., Urb-36 22 

Dodd, C. G., Man-91 220 

Dodd, I. 8., Y-67 45 

Dodd, L. F., Man-94 220 

Dodd, W. S., Wm8-86 206 

Dodge, O. B., Cor-05 267 

Dodge, C. P., Y-99 63 

Dodge, E., Brn-40. . * 89 

Dodge, E. D., Hud-«3 130 

Dodge, F. N., Man-64, Y-66. .. 214 

Dodge, F. P., Cor-18 271 

Dodge, G. P., Y-96 51 

Dodge, H. G., Y-06 58 

Dodge, R. B., Am-01 83 

Dodge, S. D., Wms-77 205 

Dodge, 8. P., Y-14 65 

Doggett, J. L<, Jr., Y-15 66 

Doll, R. J., K-17 248 

Donald, E. W., Am-69 76 

Donaldson, R. 8., Pr91 180 

Donaldson, 8. C, Hvd-41 104 

Donaldson, W. H., K-68 241 

Donelson, P. 8., P-49 172 

Donnan, W. D., Brn-15 101 

Donnell, G. T., Col-89 25 

DonneU, H. E., Man-86 219 

Donnell, R. R., Col-18 31 

Donnell, W. B., Col-93 26 

Donnell, W. E., Bdn-62 141 

Donnelly, A. E., Col-12 30 

Donnelly, F. T., Bdn-11 150 

DonneUy, W. M., Y-09 61 

Doolittle, J. R., R-65 189 

Doolittle, J. R., G-34 121 

Doolittle, O. H., Y-44 34 

Dore, J. C., D-47 153 

Doremus, A. L., Man-90 220 





Domblaser, H. A., Ch-18 

Dorr, W. H., Hvd-65 

Dorsey, G. C, Ch-16 

Dorsey, W. M., K-69 

DoBter, W. E., Y-67 

Doty. C. H., Brn-ll 

Doty, C. W., Wm8-71 

Doty, F. W., Jr., Brn-U 

Doty, O. K., Col-07 

Doty, W. D.. K-62. 

Doubleday, E. S., Man-80 

Doubleday, F. A. D., Wm»-10. 

Dougan, H. K., Min-06 

Dougherty, T. H., Jr., Hvd-06. 

Douglas. A., K-72 

Douglas, E., McG-04 

Douglas, J. H., Tor-10 

Douglas, J. H., K-84 

Douglas, L. W., Am-16 

Douglas, W. H., Man-72 

Douglass, E., Cor-70 

Douglass, F. M., D-84 

Douglass, J. H., Y-96 

Douglass, S. J., Y-67 

Dounce, H. E.t Hm-10 

Dousman, L. deV,, Y-06 

Dovenmuehle, G. H., Y-16 

Dow, F. B., Am-04 

Dow, F. F., Am-74 

Dow, G. C, R-87 

Dow, L. B., Am-04, R-04. . .84, 

Dow, W. D., D-55 

Dow, W. W., D-61 

Dowd, A. D., Wm8-85 

Dowd, C. N., Wm»-79 

Dowd, H., Man-74 

Dowd, J., Man-77 

Downey, J. E., D-06 

Downey, J. E., D-10 

Downie, T. C, Y-51 

Downing, F. C, Y-06 

Downing, W. R., Man-09 

Dox, E. R.,G-42 

Dox, R., R-74 

Doyle, W. L. H., Col-14 

Drake, F. J., D-66 

Drake, G. S., Jr.. Y-97 

Drake, H. T„ R-81 

Drake, J. M., D-69 

Drakenfield, B. F., Jr., Man-99 

Drane, H. M., PK^2 

Draper, A. J., Y-97 

Draper, C. H., Hud-08 

Draper, C. H., Y-00 

304 Draper, E: G., Am-Od 85 

109 Draper, J, A., Y-95 61 

304 Draper, T. P., Y-03 56 

241 Draper. W. K., Hvd-85 112 

39 Dresser, R., Brn-16 101 

100 Dressier, W. B., Man-00 222 

204 Drew, C. V.. Ch-99 300 

100 Dr«w, F. M., Jr., Y-10 62 

29 Dr«wry, H. A., Tor-11 297 

240 Dr«yer, C. G. A.. Un-64 250 

218 Driggs, T. L, Y-07 59 

210 Drinker, R. M., G-66 124 

290 Driscoll, A. G., Y-09 61 

119 Driscoll, R., Y-13 65 

242 Drown, A. N., Bm-61 91 

307 Drown, H. B., Hud-76 131 

297 Drown, W. N.. Y-96 61 

243 DruUard, A. B., Col-16 31 

87 Drummond, I. W., Man-77 217 

216 Drury, C, D-16 170 

260 Drury, L. M., Am-41 70 

162 Drury, M. M., Hud-77 132 

61 Dryden, D. F.. Hud-00 134 

39 Duahe, W. ISL, Hvd-92 115 

13 Du Bois. A., P-48 172 

68 Du Bois, E. C., Y-64 38 

67 Du Bois, H., Y-^6 38 

84 Dubois, F. W., Y-72 47 

77 Dubose, V. M., Mi-38 16 

193 Duckett, A. C'., P-08 184 

195 Duckett, J. H., P-14 .-. 185 

165 Duckett, W. W., P-13 185 

156 Dudley, A. S., K-86 243 

206 Dudley, C. A.. P-65 175 

205 Dudley, C. B., Y-71 47 

216 Dudley, G. F., K-88 244 

217 Dudley, L B., K-82 243 

168 Dudley, J. L., Am-44 70 

169 Dudley, P., Y-08 60 

36 Dudley, W. M., Hvd-01 118 

68 Duer, E. R., Man-93 220 

223 Duff, R. M., G-«l 124 

121 Duffey. E., Am-90 81 

190 Duffield. D. B., P-48 172 

30 Duffy, G. E.. D-94 166 

168 Duffy, W. F., D-96 165 

52 Dugan, H. B., R-17 1^ 

192 Dugan, W. E., Jr., R-11 197 

169 Dulles, J. W., Y-44 34 

221 Dulon, L. R., Wis-15 314 

273 Dunbar, C. F., Hvd-61 106 

52 Dunbar, W. G., Hud-13 136 

136 Duncan, A. G., R-91 193 

54 Duncan, G. W., Bm-67 92 

[352] • 




Duncan, H. P., Y-44 34 

Duncan, J. A., P-48 172 

Duncan, M., Col-10 29 

Duncan, R., Mi-37 16 

Duncan, S. W., Brn-60 91 

Duncan, S. W., Brn-96 97 

Duncan, W. F., Cor-73 260 

Duncan, W. H., D-30 153 

Dunham, A. W., Un-73 251 

Dunham, F. S., G-62, K-62. . . 240 

Dunham, G. C, Y-56 39 

Dunham, S., Y-60 41 

Dunham, T., Hvd-85 112 

Dunlap, A. S., Mi-*7 19 

Dunlap, E. A., Jr., Bdn-03 148 

Dunlap, G. H., D-73 160 

Dunmore. R. G., Mid-08 237 

Dunmore, W. E., Mid-10 237 

Dunmore, W. T., Mid-71 228 

Dimning, C. A.. Wma-lO 210 

Dunning, S. M., Wm8-51 201 

Dunning, S. W.. P-60 174 

Dunton, R. M., Bdn-16 161 

Dupee, C. A., Y-64 38 

Dupee, W. A., Hvd-94 115 

Durand, J. I., Min-02 290 

Durand, W. C. W., Man-94, 

Wms-96 220, 208 

Durant. W., Y-68 45 

Durfee, E. G., Bm-67 92 

Durfee, H. R., Y-61 41 

Durkee, H. R., P-68 176 

Durkee, J. T., D-17 170 

Dusinberre, G. B., Mid-68 227 

DusUn, A. A., Hud-12 136 

Dustin, E. F., Y-06 58 

Dutton. O. H., Hvd-53 106 

Dutton. V. B., Hm-56 6 

Dwight, E.. Man-76 217 

Dwight. F. B., Man-76 217 

Dwight, F. E., Hm-79 9 

Dwight, G. L., Brn-63 91 

Dwight, H. B., Man-74 216 

Dwight. H. B., Y-62 37 

Dwight. H. G., Am-98 83 

Dwight, H. W.. Wm8-18 212 

Dwight. J. E., Man-63 214 

Dwight, J. H., Y-62 37 

Dwight, J. M. B., Y-46 34 

Dwight, M. E., Man-«0 214 

Dwight. T.. Y-49 36 

Dwight, T. W., Hm-40 2 

Dwight. W.. Hvd-63 106 

I>wight. W. B.. Y-64 38 

Dyar, H. H., Wifl-11 313 

Dye, C. B., Y-57 39 

Dyer, A., D-66, R-66 187, 166 

Dyer, E., Jr., Brn-83 96 

Dyer, E., Hvd-67 107 

Dyer, O., Bdn-85 145 

Dyett, W. F., PK-96 278 

Dyke, H. D.. Mid-13 238 

Dykman, J. A., Y-09 61 

Dymond, J. E., Ch-12 303 

Eagle, C. H., Man-77 217 

Eakin, A., Col-04 28 

Eakin, W. S., Y-46 34 

Eakins, J. M., McG-06 307 

Earle. D. O., Hvd-93 115 

Earle, E. M., Col-17 31 

Earle. J. J., Cal-02 315 

Earle, S. E., Ch-11 303 

Earle, T., Man-92 220 

Earle, V. M., Col-03 28 

Eamhart, M. B., Mi-72 21 

Earp, J. K., P-92 180 

Easson, J.. D-02 167 

Eastman. A. L., P-16 186 

Eastman. C. B., Bdn-97 147 

Eastman, F. M., Y-02 56 

Eastman, G. P.. Am-00 83 

Eastman, S. C, Bm-57 90 

Eastman, T. C, Y-09 61 

Eastman, W., PK-09 280 

Eastman, W. H., Cor-17 270 

Easton, C. L., Un-63 250 

Easton, D. A., Bdn-«5 142 

Easton, E., Jr.. Y-02 55 

Easton, F. 8., Jr., Hm-06 13 

Easton, I. B., Cor-91 264 

Easton, J. C, Y-15 66 

Eastwick, J. L., Cor-18 271 

Eaton, A., D-74 160 

Eaton, B. B., Bdn-67 142 

Eaton, C. 8., Ch-00 300 

Eaton, F. B., D-96 165 

Eaton, G. F., Bdn-14 161 

Eaton, J. C, P-76 177 

Eaton, R. M., Cal-14 317 

Eaton. T. H.. Bdn-69 142 

Eaton, W. B., Mid-89 232 

Eaves. D. W., Y-«l 41 

Eckerle, F. F.. K-17 248 

EckersoU, W. H., Ch-07 302 

Eckstein, F., Y-11 63 

Eddison, W. B.. Col-11 30 

Eddy, A. G., Mid-76 229 

[353 3 




Eddy, A. K., Ch-15 

Eddy, B. T., Mid-79 

Eddy, C, Y-61 

Eddy, C. B., Y-93 

Eddy, C.P., Y-16 

, Eddy, E. W., Y-09 

Eddy, L. C, Bm-07 

Eddy, S. B., Un-18 

Eddy, S. B., P-01 

Eddy, S. M., Hud-64 

Eddy, S. R., Y-13 

Eddy, T. J., Ain-77 

Edgarton, J. M., Hvd-47 

EdgeU, G. S., D-70 

Edgerton, C. S., Mid-70 

Edsall, J. K., PK-08 

EdsaU, S. H., PK-16 

Edwards, A. F., Col-98 

Edwards, C. C, Man-02 

Edwards, C. G., Bm-18 

Edwards. F. E., K-83 

Edwards, G. F., P-67 

Edwards, G. H., Y-^5 

Edwards, H. B., PK-^7 

Edwards, J. A., Col-00 

Edwards, J. R., Jr., Bdn-18 . . . 

Edwards, M. D., Hm-70 

Edwards, R. 8., Bdn-OO 

Edwards, S., Bm-91 

Edwards, W. de F., Maii-71 . . . 

Edwards, W. L., Wms-93 

Edwards, W. S., Cor-79 

Eells, C. P., Hin-74 

Eells, D. P., Hm-48 

Eells, D. P., Cor-07 

Eells, H. P., Hm-76 

EeUs, H. P., Jr., Wms-15 

EeUs, J., Hm-44 

Eells, J., Hm-87 

Eells, J., Hm-12 

Eells, J. S., Y-01 

EeUs, M. M., Hm-16 

Eells, 8., Hm-32 

EeUs, 8., Wms-17 

Eells, T. D., Hud-28 

Effinger, R. P., Mi-45 

Egan, H. C, Hvd-05 

Egbert, J. L., K-72 

Egbert, T. B., Hud-00 

Egert, C. G., Hin-68 

Eggleston, L. A., Cal-14, Y-15. 

Eicher, E. C, Ch-03 

Eisenbrey, A. B., Hud-03 

Eisenmayer, A. W., IU-10 

304 Ela, D. H., Mid-57 225 

229 Ela, P. F., Mid-84 231 

41 Elder, F. W., PK-16 281 

50 Elder, G. H., PK-14. . : 281 

67 Elder, 8. J., Y-73 48 

61 Eldred, N. B. 8., G-46 122 

99 Eldredge, E. M., Mid-00 235 

258 Eldredge, J. B., P-56 173 

182 Eldredge, O. 8., Mid-11 237 

130 Eldridge, A., Y-41 33 

65 Eldridge, C. H., I>-84 162 

78 Eldridge. J. M., Y-63 42 

105 Eliel. L. T.. Cal-17 318 

159 Eliot. C. W., Hvd-53 106 

228 Eliot. 8.. Hvd-39 103 

280 Eliot, 8. A., Hvd-84 Ill 

281 Elkins. W. M.. Hvd-05 119 

27 EUerbe. C. P.. Jr.. Y-00 54 

222 Ellery. A., Cor-91 264 

102 EUinwood, F. F.. Hm-49 4 

243 EUinwood, F. F., Hm-«8 10 

175 EUinwood, R. E., Am-18 88 

58 EUiot, A. M., D-84 162 

280 EUiot, D. W., Bdn-97 147 

27 laiiott, C, Mi-40 17 

152 ElUott, J. C., Hud-63 130 

7 EUiott, J. H., PK-72 275 

148 EUiott, M. C, Mid-67 227 

96 EUis, B. F., D-89 164 

216 Ellis, C. B., K-77 243 

207 Ellis, D. W., Am-08 85 

262 EUis, G. W.. Am-05 84 

8 EUis, H. A., Bdn-08 149 

3 EUis, J. P., G-62, Y-62 124, 42 

267 Ellis, J. W., Mid-58 225 

8 EUis, 8. A.. R-55 187 

211 EUison, F. T., R-73 190 

3 Ells. A. F.. Am-02 84 

10 Ellsworth, B., Y-03 56 

14 EUsworth, E. A., Hud-67 130 

65 EUsworth, H. E., Y-00 54 

14 EUsworth, J. 8., Y-05 58 

1 EUsworth. W., Man-60 214 

212 EUsworth. W. W., Maii-6S 214 

127 Elmore, E. F., Hm-^8 11 

17 Elms, J. C., Jr., Brn-12 100 

119 EUton, F. C., Min-06 290 

242 Ely, A, Am-74 77 

134 Ely, B. C., Hm-48 3 

7 Ely, C. T., Hud-79 132 

66 Ely. C. W.. Y'-62 42 

301 Ely, D. C, Am-13 87 

135 Ely, D. J., Y-43 33 

320 Bay, D. J., Y-10 62 





Ely, G. W., 2iid, Col-17 

Ely, H. B., Hm-«8 

Ely, H. B., Col-^88 

Ely, LM..Y-43 

Ely, J. C, BrB-70 

Ely, J. S., Y-45 

Ely. J. T. A., Wi»-17 

Ely, L. A.. P-16 

Ely, L. W., Col-89 

Ely, R. S., Wifl-06 

Ely, R. T., D-76 

Ely, S. P., Hud-09 

Ely, S. S., Hm-46 

Ely, W. B., Am-75 

Ely, W. G., Bni-90, Cor-92. . . 

Ely, W. H. J., P-12 

Ely, W. N., Jr., Y-17 

Emeraon, B. K., Am-65 

Emeraon, B. K., Jr., Am-97. . . 

Emerson, C, Am-38 

Emerson, C, Hvd-63 

Emerson, C. B., Bdn-04 

Emerson* C. F., D-SS 

Emerson, E. H., Am-99 

Emerson, E. W., Y-16 

Emerson, F. B., Hvd-49 

Emerson, G., Wms-73 

Emerson, G. R., Mid-74 

Emerson, G. 8., Hvd-45 

Emerson, G. S., Am-09 

Emerson, H. P., R-71 

Emerson, J., Hud-02 

Emerson, J., Y-41 

Emerson, J. B., Wis-99 

Emerson, J. H., Mid-70 

Emerson, J. M., Am-49 

Emerson, N. W., Bdn-80 

Emerson, R. L., Hyd-91 

Emerson, S., Y-48 

Emerson, T., Hvd-66 

Emery, C. W., D-76 

Emery, F. H., Hud-09 

Emery, G. B., Bdn-60 

Emery, G. W., D-68 

Emery, H, B., Bdn-64 

Emery, H. H., Bdn-74 

Emery, H. S., Bdn-93 

Emery, J. A., Hvd-43 

Emery, J. T., Hud-99 

Emery, R. 8., Hud-04 

Emmet, G. T., Hvd-«8 

Emmons, H. V., Am-54 

Emmons, R. W., 2nd. Hvd-95. 
Emmons, 8. F., Hvd-61 























































Empson, D. R., Y-53 37 

Endicott, L., Hvd-01 118 

Endicott, W., Jr., Hvd-87 113 

Endicott, W. C., Hvd-83 Ill 

English, J. M., Brn- 70 92 

Ennis, T. L., Un-14 257 

Enright, T. W., Y-16 67 

Ensign, J. R., Y-89 49 

Ercanbrack. T. R., Mid-58 226 

Emsberger. M. C., R~88 193 

Ernst, F. J., Man-02 222 

Ervin, 8., Hvd-08 120 

Erwin. J. R., D-12 169 

Esch, P. H., Wis-13 313 

Espy. R. B., Mid-03 236 

Estabrook, B. W., Am-13 87 

Estabrook, J., P-57 173 

Estey, A. P., D-75 160 

Estill, C. W., Y-17 68 

Estill, J. G., Y-91 60 

Esty, A. H., Y-68 45 

Ethridge, 8. 8., Mid-62 226 

Eurich, E. F., Man-66 215 

Eustis, E. M., Mid-14 238 

Eustis, E. T., Mid-16 239 

Eustis. H. L., Hvd-38 103 

Eustis. J. E.. Mid-74 229 

Eustis, J. F., Hvd-37 103 

Eustis, W. H., Mid-73 229 

Eustis, W. T., Y-41 33 

Evans. A., Jr., Y-14 65 

Evans. A. J. L.. McG-11 308 

Evans. A. W.. Col-06 28 

Evans, B. D., Y-68 45 

Evans, B. H., Y-99 53 

Evans. E.. Hvd-39 103 

Evans, E. J.. Y-57 39 

Evans. E. P., P-54 173 

Evans. E. P.. K-71 242 

Evans. E. R.. Am-94 82 

Evans, E. W.. Y-51 36 

Evans. G., Hvd-79 110 

Evans, H. C., JH-18 288 

Evans, H. M., Cal-04 315 

Evans, H. M. E., Tor-97 295 

Evans, J. B., Am-18 88 

Evans, J. K., Y-03 56 

Evans, J. L., Y-99 53 

Evans, J. 8., Urb-36 22 

Evans, R., Jr., Y-11 63 

Evans, W. W., D-72 159 

Evarts, P., Hvd-81 110 

Ewald, D. E., Hud-87. P-88. . . 179 
EweU, J. L., Y-65 43 




Ewen, J. M., Jr., Y-IO 62 FarroU, W. M., PK-11 280 

Ewenfl, H. C, Un-14 257 Faasett, H. L., R-84 192 

Ewer, W. B., 111-17 321 Faasett, J. H., I>-90 164 

Ewing, H. D., Col-88 26 Faasett, J. S., R-75 190 

Ewing, M. B., Y-66 38 Faulkner, A. U., Mid-93,Col-93 26 

Ewing, P. B., Mi-39 16 Faulkner, E. D., Man-72 216 

Ewing, T., Bm-66 90 Faulkner, F. A., Hvd-46 105 

Eyre, W. L.. Y-10 62 Faulkner, H. R., Man-99 221 

Faust, H. L., Un-16 267 

Fabel, F. C, R-^3, Col^-96 . 193, 265 Faust, J. W.. Un-09 256 

Fackler, D. M., PK-06 279 Faust, O. A., Un-11 257 

Fagan, C. A., Jr., Y-16 67 Faust, R. R., Un-18 258 

Fagan, W. T., R-66 187 Faxon, A. E., Bm-68 91 

Fairbaim, E. J., Un-07 266 Fay, C. J., D-10 169 

Fairbaim, T. S. A., Un-12 266 Fay, E. A., P-62 174 

Fairbank, K., Hvd-90 114 Fay, J. W., R-05 195 

Fairbank, W., Hvd-95 116 Fearing, J. L., Col-96 26 

Fairbanks, F. J., Am-«2 74 Fearing, W. H., Col-98 27 

Fairbanks, J. W., Am-66 75 Fearon, R. N., Mid-^9, P-70. . 176 

Fairbanks, L. S., D-62 154 Fee, E. F., Min-07 291 

Fairchild, C. S., Hvd-63 109 Fell, I. P., Wms-68 204 

Fairchild, H. M., Col-16 31 Fellowes, K. C, Tor-ll 297 

Fairchild, J. R., Co\-88 25 Felton, J. B., Hvd-47 106 

Fairchild, J. C, Hvd-96 116 Fenn, R. H.. R-64 187 

Fairchild, N. H., Mid-06 236 Fenn, W. H., Y-64 38 

Fairclough, H. R., Tor-83 294 Fennessy, E. H., Hvd-96 116 

Falconbndge, J. D., Tor-96. ... 295 Fenno, E. N., Jr., Hvd-97 116 

Falconer, B. M., Col-02 27 Fenton, W. D., Jr., Mid-18 .... 239 

Falk, C. R., Hvd^3 116 Ferdon, E. J., P-73 177 

Fallows, C. 8v, Y-06 68 Ferdon, O. W., P-77 177 

Fallows, E. H., Am-86 80 Ferdon, W^ Hm-77 9 

Fanning, D. G., Man-57 213 Ferguson, C. E., P-84 179 

Fanshawe, E. L., Hvd-07 119 Fergusson, A. R., Y-10 62 

Fargo, R. N., 111-07 319 Femald, O. H., Mid-63 226 

Farley, J. W.^ Hvd-99 117 Femald, S. W., Wis-OO 312 

Farmer, L. G., D-72 169 Fernandes, L., Man-^5 213 

Famham, W. H., Bdn-44 139 Femschild, W. H., Man-11 223 

Famham, W. T., Y-60 36 FerreU, J. L.. Y-62 42 

Famsworth, C. J., Bm-84 96 Ferrin, C. M., Hm-67 5 

Famsworth, E., Jr., Min-^2 ... 290 Ferris, J. E., P-92 180 

Famsworth, F. W., I>-77 161 Ferris, L. Z., D-56, R-66. . .156, 187 

Famsworth, J. B., D-63 164 Ferris, W. B., P-77 177 

Famsworth, J. J., Min-02 290 Ferry, E. S., Mid-78. . . .*. 230 

Famum, P. E., Y-03 66 Ferry, H., Y-06 68 

Famum, W. B., Mid-15 239 Ferry, W, H., Y-68 46 

Farr, L. T., P-63 176 Fessenden. H. P., Col-37 23 

Farrand, W. F., R-95. 196 Fessenden, R. G., Hvd-90 114 

Farrar, H* W., Hvd-61 108 Fessenden, S. D., Bdn-78 144 

Farrell, M. L., Am-01 83 Fetherstonhaugh, H.L., McG-09 308 

Farrington, E. S., Y-88 49 FewSmith J., Y-40 33 

Farrington, T. B., Col-09 29 Field, a E., Bm-76 93 

Farrington, T. H., Col-10 268 Field, F., P-97 181 

Farrow, M., JH-93 284 Field, Q. B., Y-10 62 

Farrow, M. C., Jr., PK-05 279 Field,. G. W.. Bdn-37 138 





Field, H. C. Bm-94 96 

Field, J. D., R-00 196 

Field, J. E., Y-08 60 

Field, L. A., Am-46 71 

Field, R. F., 111-14 320 

Field. S., Jr., Y-06 68 

Field, W. T., D-83, Am-83. . 162, 79 

Fielding, F. R., Man-12 223 

Fielding, W. C, Man-06 222 

Fiero, J. M., Y-70 47 

Finch. J. W., Cot-7Z 260 

Finch, N. A., Jr., Un-16 258 

Findley, S. H., Min-00 280 

Finkenaur, W. M., Man-00. ... 222 

Finlay. G. D.. Jr., Wm8-16 212 

Finlay, L. W., Y-66 39 

Finn, J. G., Bdn-06 149 

Finney. C. M., K-12 247 

Finney. E. E., Wm8-75 205 

Firebaugh, R. D., IU-17 321 

Fischer. G. L., Man-14 224 

Fish, E., P-45. .< 172 

Fish, E. D., Bm-37 89 

Fish, G. A., Man-90 220 

Fish, H. P., Min-04 290 

Fisher. C. L., Hm-00 12 

Fisher. C. V. N., IU-18 321 

Fisher, E. J.. R-06 196 

Fisher, G. W., Y-59 40 

Fisher. H. E., D-09 168 

Fisher. J. E., Un-97 264 

Fisher, J. L., Un-12 266 

Fisher, L. C., Ala-64 199 

Fisher. P. G., Un-18 268 

Fisher. R.. PK-66 273 

Fisher. S. J., Hm-67 7 

Fisher, W. H.. Hm--64 6 

Fisher, W. N., Brn-14 101 

Fisk. A. H., Bdn-09 160 

Fisk, A. R., Y-04 67 

Fisk. C. W.. Y-04 67 

Fisk, F. W., Y-49 86 

Fisk, J. L., Hvd-86 112 

Fisk, O, D.. Hvd-93 116 

Fisk, R. F.. Y-44 84 

Fisk, S. W.. Y-40 33 

Fiske, A. S.. Am-84 79 

Fiske. A. a, Am-66 72 

Fiske, D. T., Am-42 70 

Fiske. G. F.. Am-81 79 

Fiske, J. O.. Bdn-37 138 

Fiske. L. R.. P-50 172 

Fiske, L. R.. P-74 177 

Fiske. R. F., Hvd-87 113 

Fiske, S., Am-48 71 

Fitch, A. P., Y-98 63 

Fitch, C. W., D-64 167 

Fitch, H. B., Wm8-62 203 

Fitch, J. G., Hud-79 132 

Fitch, J. H., Man-83, Col-84. . 218 

Fitch, N. T., Y-55 38 

Fitch, R. G., Hud-01. Wm»-01. 209 

Fitch, T. W., Hm-69 7 

Fitta, G. H., D-73 160 

Fitzgerald, F. T., Col-05 28 

Fitzgerald, H. A., P-17 186 

Fitzgibbons, R. G., Tor-97 295 

Fitzhugh, C. H., Y-96 51 

Fitzhugh, W. A., G-43 121 

Fitz Patrick, J. K., D-12 169 

Fitzpatrick, B., Y-06 69 

Pitzpatrick, J. M., Ala-54 199 

Flagg, E. O., PK-48 272 

Flagg, J. B., PK-46 272 

Flagg, J. C., D-89 164 

Flagg, M. K., Col-93 26 

Flagg, W. F., Y-12 64 

Flagg, W. L., D-63 167 

Flanders, J. G., Y-67 46 

Flanders, R. Y., Y-06 , . 69 

Fleming, E., P-70 176 

Fleming, L. I., Am-47 71 

Fleming, R., P-73 177 

Fleming, W. 8., Y-38 32 

Fletcher. A. M., Mi-36 16 

Fletcher, E. L., Un-86 253 

Fletcher, F. B., P-10 184 

Fletcher, J. B., Hvd-87 113 

Flewelling, R. C, Mid-16 239 

Flichtner, G. F., Am-67 76 

Flinn, A. R., Y-06 69 

Flint, H. W„ Mid-68 227 

Flint, J. M.. Ch-96 300 

Flint, J. N„ Y-61 41 

Flint, N. W., Ch-98 300 

Flint, T., D-76 161 

Flintoft, E. P., Tor-OO 296 

Floumoy, R. C. A., K-74 242 

Flynn, S. B., Y-16 66 

Flower, 8., PK-45 272 

Focke, G. C., Cor-08 268 

Fogg, E. E.. Bdn--61 141 

Fogg, F. A., Bdn-69 142 

Foley, W. H., K-91 244 

Folger, H. C., Am-79 78 

Fo lansbee, M. M., D-09 168 

FoUen, C. 0., Hvd-49 106 

Follett, H. D., P-62 174 

C367 3 




Follette, J. A-, I>-57 165 

Folaom, A. H., Hud-00 134 

Folsom, G. D., Bdn-44 139 

Folflom, H. L., Y-11 63 

Folaom, O., R-59 188 

Folta, J. P.. D-69 159 

FolweU, A. G., G-62 124 

FolweU, M. B., G-61 124 

FolweU, W. W., G-57 123 

Foot, E. H., PK-98 278 

Foot, R. Em G-67 125 

Foot, R. M.. PK-13 281 

Foot, T., G-68 125 

Foot, W., G-71 125 

Foote, C. E., PK-76 275 

Foote, E. B., Y-69 40 

Foote, L. H., Hucl-50 128 

Foote, M. W., P-13 186 

Foote. O. C. B., Mid-73 229 

Forbes, J. D., Hvd-99 117 

Forbush, E. W., Hvd-64 107 

Force, M. F., Hvd-46 104 

Ford, C. B.. Hud-99, P-00. 134, 182 

Ford, C. C., Y-14 65 

Ford, C. M., Hm-85 10 

Ford, G. W., Hud-87 133 

Ford, 1. W., Y-10 62 

Ford, S. W., Man-91 220 

Forman, F. L., P-76 177 

Forman, R. L., Mid-07 236 

Forrest, D. F., Y-67 39 

Forater, G. J., Tor-10 297 

Forsyth, W. L., Y-65 43 

Fosdick, F. S.,R-72 190 

Foss, F. K., Coi-17 270 

Foss, J. F., Min-01 290 

Fosa, W. L., Bdn-91 146 

Foster, A. H., D-63 157 

Foster, B. P., Hud-83 132 

Foster, D. P., Col-14 30 

Foster, G. A., Bdn-05 149 

Foster, G. W., Bdn-68 142 

Foster, H. B., Hud-52 128 

Foster, H. C, Brn-99 98 

Foster, H. L., Wis-lO 313 

Foster, J. K., 111-09 319 

Foster, J. L., D-64 157 

Foster, J. M., R-11 197 

Foster, W. L., Wm»-90 207 

Foster, W. R., R-06 196 

Foster, W. S., Mid-«5 231 

Foulder, J. R., Brn-05 99 

Foulds, H. J., R-13 197 

Fouts, E. L., Y-10 62 

Fouts. G. £.. Hud-85 133 

Fowler, C., Jr., Bm-07 99 

Fowler. C. C. Am-61 72 

Fowler, E., Un-86 253 

Fowler, H. T., Y-90 49 

Fowler. H. W., Hm-63, Y-€3. .6,42 

Fowler, I. D.. R-e9 189 

Fowler. J. K., R-70 190 

Fowler, J. W., Col-39 23 

Fowler, R. J., R-09 196 

Fowler, 8., PK-46 272 

Fowler. W. P., I>-72 159 

Fowler. W. W., Am-54 72 

Fox, D. A., Mid-00 235 

Fox, D. E., P-81 178 

Fox, L., Y-02 56 

Fox, F. B.. P-08 184 

Fox, G. H., Am-06, P-06 85, 183 

Fox, N. K., P-12 185 

Fox, O. C., Wis-17 314 

Fox, P., D-02 167 

Fox, R. H., PK-0^ 279 

Fox, W. H., Cor-80 2«2 

Foy, J. C., Tor-03 296 

FraU, E. G., R-88 198 

Frain. E. W., Mid-98 234 

Fraker, W. P., Am-17 88 

Frame, J., D-10 169 

France, R., JH-17 288 

Francis, A. W., Wms-90 207 

Francis, C. W., Y-63 42 

Francis. D. R.. Jr., Y-00 64 

Francis, L. W., Wm»-88 206 

Francis, S., Y-12 64 

Francis. T. T., Y-07 59 

Francis, W. W., JH-98 285 

Franklin, B. W., G-71 125 

Franklin, F. A., Cal-13 317 

Franklin, H. R., Y-^88 49 

Franklin, R. W., Un-85 253 

Franzheim, L. W., Coi^l7 270 

Franzheim,W.A.,Cor-17.P-17 188 

Fraser. A. L.. K-80 243 

Fraser, C. Hm-17 14 

Fraser. G. K., Hm-83 9 

Fraser. H. M.. K-17 2*8 

Fraser, P., Hm-37 2 

Frederick, C. C, P-77 177 

Freeborn, F. W.. Bm-69 92 

Freeland, C. W., PK-81 276 

Freeman, A. L., R-51 187 

Freeman. A. M., Mid-80 230 

Freeman. A. T., R-95 194 

Freeman. C. C., JH-90 283 





Freeman Q., W., K-15 247 

Freeman, H., Hm-70 7 

Freeman, J. C, P-68 176 

Freeman, S. H., R-76 190 

French, C, Y-72 48 

French, C. B., Am-86 80 

French, C. H., Hm-17 15 

French, H. D., Am-95 82 

French, H. F., JH-^6 287 

French, H. P., Ch-02 301 

French, J., Am-66. 75 

French, J. D. W., Hvd-63 109 

French, J. P., Am-59 73 

French, R. 8., Bdn-86 145 

French, S., D-59 156 

Flrench, S. T., R-72, Am-72, 

Wms-72 77, 204, 190 

French, S. W., Am-«9 81 

French, T. F., Am-49 71 

French, W. W., D-71 159 

Fretter, L. F., Hud-14 137 

Fretz, A. L., Mid-11 237 

Frey, R. R., Jr., Wia-lS 313 

Fries, L. K., Cor-74 261 

Frieze, H. S., Bm-41 89 

Frisbie, A. L., Am-57 73 

Frisbie, W. R., Y-68 40 

Frost, E. A., Tor-07 297 

Frost, F. R., Hvd-86 112 

Frost, G. L., Y-60 36 

Frost, H. W., Hvd-58 108 

Frost, I. F., Tor-09 297 

Frost, J. W., Bdn-04 148 

Frost, R., Jr., Y-13 66 

Frost, T. G., Hm-42 2 

Frost. W. C, D-76 161 

Frothingham, D. Y., D-08 168 

Frothingham, L. A,, Hvd-93. . . 115 

Frothingham, O. B., Hvd-43.. , 104 

Frothingham, P. R., Hvd-86.. . 112 

Frothingham. R., Jr., D-15 170 

Frothingham, R. S., D-16 170 

Fuertes, L. A., Cor-97 265 

Fuess, C. M.. Am-05 84 

Fullagar, G. K.. Cor-92 264 

Fuller, B. A. G., Bdn-39 138 

Fuller, C, Bdn-65 142 

Fuller, a A,, Jr., Min-16 292 

Fuller, E. M., Bdn-^1 148 

Fuller. E. T., Y-57 39 

Fuller, F. B., PK-92 277 

Fuller, F. E., Mid-90 232 

Puller, H. L., Min-03 290 

Puller, H. S., Am-68 73 

Puller, R. B., Hvd-50 105 

Fuller, R. H., Y-17 68 

Fuller, S. R., Jr., PK-00 279 

FuUer, S. R., Mid-59 226 

Fuller, W. E., D-66, Hvd-56. . 107 

Pullington. E. M., K-86 244 

Fwlton, L K., Y-06 69 

Fulton, L. E.. Y-01 55 

Fulton, W. E., Man-71 216 

Fulton, W. S., Y-03 56 

Furbish, E. B., Y-60 41 

Furlong, H. W., Cal-03 315 

Furness, H. H., Hvd-54 107 

Gabriel, C. V. L., Mid-82 231 

Gaffney, H. J., Man-12 223 

Gage, A. P., D-59 166 

Gage, D. N., D-05 167 

Gage, G. H., l>-03 167 

Gage. J. C, D-56 155 

Gage, N. H.. Am-«6 75 

Gage, O. A., R-99 194 

Gager, A. P., Hud-14 137 

Gahagan, A. J., Man-12, Col-13 30 

Gaines, P. S., Y-17 68 

Gaines, H. E., Hud-11 136 

Gaines, P. L., Hud-17 137 

Galbraith. J. S., Toi-13 298 

Galbraith, R. D., Tor-15 298 

Gale. 8. G., Mid-60 226 

Galigher, J. E., Mi-76 21 

Gallagher, C. W., Mid-70 228 

Gallagher, G. J., G-49 122 

Gallagher, W. D., Mi-44 17 

Gallaher, DeW., Coi--05 267 

Gallaway, R. M., Y-58 40 

Galloway, E. D., P-73 177 

Galloway, J. N., JH-15 288 

Galloway, J. S., Mi-74 21 

Gallup, A. O., Y-88 49 

Galpin, P. G., Y-49 36 

Gait, A. T., Y-57 39 

Gait, R., P-05 183 

Gamble, C. C, 111-15 320 

Gamble, C. W., McG-07 308 

Gamble, G. T., P-89 179 

Gamble, H. S., P-11 184 

Gamble, J. M., Y-67 45 

Gamble, R. H., Y-15 66 

Gamewell, P. D., Cor-79 262 

Gamman, A. M., Mid-74 229 

Gammel, R. E., Hud-03 135 

Gammell, W., Jr., Y-08 60 

Gane, P. M., Am-93 82 





GuiB. H. 8,, Am-ei, JH-95..31, 

OuMon. C, V. C, P-79 

OHiBds. W. L., Mia-12 

OuiUu', c. R., K-oa 

Oiiater. L. S., K-e2 

Ouitei, M., E-04 

Gimler, H. L., K-M 

Ouatl, J, N„ Mid-6S 

G&rd. L. M.. Coi-13 

GardBner, A, W., P-02 

Gardeiier, F. A., P-04 

GwdiQer. A. L., Hm-84 

Gardinet, C. A., Hm-SO 

Gitrdiner, D. L.. K-11 

Gudiner, F., Q~42, Bdn-42.121, 

GBrdinet, G. W., D-52 

Gardiner, H., TJa-fl7 

GBrdiuBr, J. H.. Hvd-85 

Gardiner, J. S., IIni-49 

Gardiner, L. Y., Wme-M 

Gardner, A, P., Hvd-86 

Gardner, C, Wmfl-64 

Gardner, P. E., Ci«--09 

Gardner, P. L., Hvd-6Z 

Gardner, G. E., Anir«5 

Gardner, H. D.. Hm-75 

Gardner, J.-' "->-t8 

Gardner. J. 2 

Gardner, K S 

Gardner, S. i 

GaHner. T 53 

Gardner, T 1 

Gardner. W., 

Gardner, W. A., Hvd-S4 

Gardner. W. H., 2nd, Y-IB. , . . 

Gardner. W. 8., Bdn-SO 

Gftrfield, A.. WmB-B3 

Garfield, F. B., Mid-9S 

Garfield. H. A., Win»-85 

Garfield, I. M., Wm»-93 

Garfield, J.. Wms-ll 

Garfield, J. A., Wnu-18, . 
Garfield, 3. N., Wn 

Garfield. J. R., Wrne^SS'. '. 
Garfield. M.,Wms-14.... 

Garfield, 8, Wms-IT 

Garland, G. M., Bdn-Tl . . 
Oatlaad. O. W., BdQ-78. . 
Gamier, H.K., Mid-96.. 
Oamaey, L. R,. Un-84. . . 
Gamaey. W. S., Jr., Y-03. 
GairetBon. F. V. D., Y-68 

3Si Gairett, J. W.. 2nd. Wma-IG. . Sll 

178 GvraCt, R., JH-9S 281 

292 GaiTigue, W. O., Cor-73 260 

245 Oarriwn, C. B., P-SO ISO 

244 Garrison. C. H., Mid-04 23S 

24« Garrison, E. E., Un-ie 2^ 

240 Garrison, E. E.. Y-e7 63 

925 OarriKHi. H. M., Cn-lS 2S8 

2fl9 Garrison, N. S., Mid-OS 230 

IS2 OarriBon, P. E.. Mid-00 235 

183 Garrison. R. T., Y-88 53 

10 Garrison, S. O., Mid-7S 22B 

9 Garrow, A. B., Tor-07 2»7 

"■" " ',C..Toi-9fl 295 

( Garrow, J. U., Tor-10 

164 I 

268 Oar 

i.R. I., Mid-14.. 

. 297 

A., MoG-16 309 

210 Gay! 

.269 Gay, 
206 Gay. 
211 Gay, 

F. K, Gh-09, Y-OT...302,81 

L., Hud-50 128 

O.H.,D-83 laa 

J. M. Am- 15.. 

E. F.. 1 

J.. Y-5fl 


R. J.. Wis-98 

T. E., CbI-18 

W. M., D-0« 

— __.Z.,Y-48 

212 Gaylord.L. J.,K-64... 

143 GaylOQ, J. A.. R-I8... 

144 Geary, G. H..TOI--9B.. 
^ > 1.. Hud-18.. 

234 Gea.; 
253 Gedd 




Gendron, L. P.. Ch-18 304 

Genuns, C. A., Mid-71 228 

George, A., Jr., P-00 182 

George, M. W., Ww-13 313 

George. R. G., P-93 180 

George, R. W.,P-06 183 

Gerard. E. S., Mid-77 230 

Gerard, J.. Mid-82 231 

Gerard, S., Y-97 62 

Gere, A H.. Mi-62 20 

Gerrwh, P. H., Bdn-66 142 

Gerry. E. P., D-69 169 

Geyer, H. C, Man^4 220 

Gholaon, W. Y., Hvd-61 108 

Gibb. J. R.. Y-16 66 

,Gibboney, R. M., Ch-06 301 

Gibbons, G. S., Tor-04 296 

Gibbons, W. A., Mid-10 237 

Gibbs, A. L., Un-70 261 

Gibbfl, H. R., Wmfl-71 204 

Gibbs, M., P-56 173 

Gibert, N. A., Coi-75 261 

Gibson, A. C., Bdn-83 144 

Gibson, A. C. Bdn-11 160 

Gibson, A. H., Tor-11 297 

Gibson, A. T., Bdn-11 160 

Gibson, C. D. T.. Y-64 43 

Gibson, C. W. G., Tor-15 298 

Gibson, E. T. H.. Y-64 43 

Gibson, F. R., Tot^l7 299 

Gibson, H, F., D-16 170 

Gibson, J. G., Tor-03 296 

Gibson, J. G., G-74 126 

Gibson, J. T., D-64 167 

Gibson, W., D-58 166 

Gibson. W. B., PK-11 280 

Gibson, W. C. Hm-flO 10 

Gibson, W. T., G-42 121 

Gibson, W. T., Hud-76 131 

Giese, H. W., Am-02 84 

Giessler, P. W., Min-13 292 

Gifford, B., Wms-12 211 

Gifford, H., Cor-79 262 

Giflford, I. C, Y-17 68 

Gifford. R. L., Coi-90 , 264 

Giflford..S. E., Y-12 64 

Giflford W.S.. Cor-77 261 

Gilbert. B. D., Hm-67 6 

Gflbert. C. G.. R-D6 196 

Gflbert. C. W.. R-91 193 

Gilbert, E., IM)5 167 

Gilbert, E. L., Jr., R-00 195 

Gilbert, F. B., P-71 176 

Gabert, F. H., Man-77 217 

GUbert, F, L., Cor-71 260 

Gilbert, G. Y., Hm-37. Y-37. .2,32 

GUbert, J. H., Y-69 46 

Gilbert, L. D., Y-«6 43 

Gilbert, R. C, Bdn-80 144 

GUbert, R. W., Wm8-77 206 

Gilbert, S. C., Hvd-80 110 

GUbert, W. T.. Y-63 37 

GUes. C. M., Hm-70 7 

Giles, E. N.. D-14 170 

Giles, W. W., Man-81 218 

GUfiUan, C. D., Hm-63 4 

GUger, L. C, K-16, Wms-15. . 211 

GUger, W. C, K-17 248 

GUI, W. R., K-91, Cor-91 . .244,264 

GUlam, C. W., Hm-37 2 

GU am, F. E., Cal-15 317 

GiUett, A. C, Y-41 33 

GUlett, A. L., Am-80 79 

GiUett. E. B.. Am-39 69 

GiUett. E. K., Wms-08 210 

GUlett. F. H.. Am-74 77 

GiUett, R. S., Am-16 87 

GUlett. W. V. K., Col-16, 

Wms-16 31,212 

GUlette, B. B., D-88 163 

GUlette, J. W., Jr.. Wms-14. . . 211 

GUlette, R. C. K-11 247 

GUlies, C. C., McG-11 308 

Gillies, F. M., Cor-18 271 

GUlin, J. M., Bdn-12 150 

Gillis, A. W., Y-H 63 

GiUis, A. E., D-14 : . 170 

Gilman, D. C., Y-62 37 

GUman, D. T., Man-65 216 

GUman, J. T., D-06 167 

GUman, W. C, Y-66 38 

Gilmore. A. P., PK-74 275 

GUmore, R. W., Wms-11 210 

GUson, G. F., Wms-53 201 

Ginn, W. C, Mid-69 226 

Gipson. C. E., Min-14 292 

Gladden, F. C, Am-86, Cor-94 266 

Gladding, C. W., Bm-67 90 

Gladding, J. R., Brn-81 94 

Glasgow, E. B., Y-63 42 

Glass, C. J., R-66 189 

Glass, E. P., R-69 189 

Glass. J. J., R-01 196 

Glass. W. W., K-13 247 

GlasseU, J. H. H., Ala-62 199 

Glaaebrook, F. H., PK-99 278 

Glaaebrook, H. M., PK-00 279 

Gleason, C., D-88 163 

L 361 ] 




Gleaaon. C. B., Y-13 

Gleason, G. L.. D-61 

Gleason. S. M., I>-68 

Gleason, W. H., Y-63 

Gleason. W. S., Am-86 

Glenn, M. O., 111-16 

Glidden, J. M.. Hvd-00 

Glidden, J. W., Hvd-94 

Glidden. W. S., Man-93 

Glover, C. C, Jr., Y-10 

Glover, C. H., Hvd-45 

Glover, C. N., Cor-04 

Glover, D. M., 111-16 

Glover, S., Jr., Bm-39 

Glover, S., Y-12 

Godchaux, L., Y-09 

Goddard, C. F., Col-87 

Goddard, D. A., Y-53 

Goddard, F. N., Hvd-82 

Goddard, F. R., Wis-01 

Goddard, H. A., Wms-93 

Goddard, H. C, Am-00 

Goddard, H. H., IU-11 

Goddard, H. I., Wis-OO 

Goddard, J. C, Y-73 

Goddard, M., Cal-06 

Goddard, N. A., Min-97 

Goddard, W. H., R-59, Am-69. 

Godfrey, H. F., Hvd-97 

Godfrey, J. L., Cor-01, Am-Ol. 

Godfrey, W. S., Hvd-03 

Goewey, W. D., Mid-77 

Goff, C. B., Bm-66 

Goflf, F. S., Bm-67 

GoflF, R. R., Bm-93 

Goldsborough, H. W., Bm-02. . 

Goldsmith, B. M., Urb-38 

Goldthwait, H. M., R-01 

Goldthwait, W. C, Am-39 

Goldthwaite, G. T., Hvd-91 . . . 

Good, A, C, Cor-86 

Goodale, S. B., Wms-Sl 

GoodaU, G. B., Y-61 

Goode, C. W., Tor-12 

Goode, E. A., ToM)5 

Goode, J. 8., Mi-46 

Goode, W. M., P-16 

Goodell, F. R., Am-08 

Goodell, H. S., P-96 

Goodell, R. T., Am-92 

Goodell, R. W., Am-92 

GoodeUe, W. P., D-63 

Goodenow, D., Bdn-85, I>-85. . 
Groodenow, R. K., Jr., JH-05. . 

65 Goodhart, A. L., Y-12 64 

167 Goodhue, C. P., Y-16 67 

166 Goodhue, H. A., D-67 155 

37 Goodlett, J. G., Y-16 67 

80 Goodman, R., Am-69 76 

320 Goodman, W. E., Ch-16 304 

117 Goodrich, C. Y-37 32 

1 16 Goodrich, C. R., Y-49 36 

220 Goodrich, C. W., P-81 178 

62 Goodrich, D. M., Hvd-98 117 

104 Goodrich, G. D.. Am-53, 

267 Wm8-67 72,202 

321 Goodrich, W. H., Y-43 34 

89 Goodrich, W. P., R-80 191 

64 Goodrich, W. W.. Am-52 72 

61 Goodsell, C. M., P-66 175 

24 Goodsell, J. H., P-«2 174 

37 Goodspeed, C. B., Cor-08 268 

111 Goodspeed, E. J., R-63 187 

311 Goodspeed, E. J., Ch-90 300 

207 Goodspeed, G. S.. Bm-80 94 

83 Goodspeed, T. H., Bm-09, 

320 Ch-09 100, 302 

311 Goodspeed, T. W.. R-63 188 

48 Goodwillie, T., D-63 167 

316 Goodwin, C. A., Y-98 63 

289 Goodwin, C. J., Bdn-87. JH-90 283 

73 Goodwin, D., Bm-67 90 

116 Goodwin, F. 0., a-64 123 

83 Goodwin, F. J., Am-84 79 

118 Goodwin, F. S.. Y-03 56 

230 Goodwin, H., Hud-44 127 

90 Goodwin, H., Y-06 59 

92 Goodwin, I., Bdn-39 138 

96 Goodwin, J., PK-86 276 

98 Goodwin. J. L., Y-02 56 

22 Goodwin, P. L., Y-07 59 

195 Goodwin, W. A., Bdn-43 138 

69 Goodwin, W. B., Hm-69 5 

114 Goodwin, W. B., PK-88 277 

263 Goodwin, W. J., P-49 172 

201 Goodwin, W. L., Y-97 62 

41 Goodwyn, W. 8., PK-38 272 

298 Goodyear, A. C, Y-99 63 

296 Goold, C. B., Am-79 78 

18 Goold, E. H., Am-04 84 

186 GopsiU, T. M., Mid-14 238 

86 Gordon, A. J., Bm-60 91 

181 Gordon, E., Bm-88 95 

81 Gordon, H., Y-13 65 

81 Gordon, H. E., Am-79 78 

167 Gordon, J. 8. K., G-68 126 

163 Gordon, M. L., McG-09 308 

287 Gordon, T. H., PK-71 275 

[362 3 



:: 300 
:: ^'9 

Grant, L. N., AiD-01 

.. S3 

Goes, W. M.. Y-17 


:: 170 

.. 180 







.. 178 








. J.G.,Y-46 














:: 1 

W. B., Jr.. Col-00. . . 

:: 20 

lieody. W.P., Y-12.V.!! ! 


Greeley. W. H., Bdn-BO. . . . 
Green, C. C, P-98 

3rem| h'.'w., MoG^iS.'.' '. '. 

'.'. 62 

un. a. E., Col-is 

,A. ., MoG-ea 


■&■ v^V' 

:: 313 
:: 175 

.. 300 


Sreena. B.. Bm^l 

Greens, C. A.. Bni-08 

Sreene, E. P., Brn-7B 

:: i! 

.. 99 

.. 94 

.. 98 

Greene, F. W., Am-Sa* 


.. 7fl 

Groene ALPHABETICAL Guernsey 

Greene, H. F., Bm-70 92 Gridley, F., Hm-43 3 

Greene, H. R.. P-17 186 Griffin, F. H., Mid-75 229 

Greene, J. D.. JH-00 285 Griffin, G. H., Y-60 41 

Greene, J. F., Un-79 262 Griffin, H. C., Bdn-04 148 

Greene. J. I.. Bm-16 101 Griffin, J. P., Mid-48 225 

Greene, J. M., Am-^ 72 Griffin, J. R., Ala-58 200 

Greene, J. S.. Bm-82 94 Griffin, J. W.. JH-00 , . 285 

Greene, J. W., Y-68 45 Griffin, J. W., D-69 159 

Greene, M. W., Man-92 220 Griffin, W. W,, P-90 180 

Greene, P. B., Bm-76 93 Griffing, D. C, D-73 160 

Greene, P. B., Brn-Ol 98 Griffing, T. M., Y-64 43 

Greene, S. 8., Bm-83 95 Griffith, D. J., Y-70 47 

Greene, T. A., Am-13 87 Griffith, H. B., Man--87 219 

Greene, W., Hvd-01 118 Griffith, J. H., R-69 188 

Greene, W. A., Brn-63 91 Griffith, M., Y-10 62 

Greene, W. C., Bm-75 93 Griffithfl, A. L., Bdn-01, Y-01 . . 55 

Greene, W. F., Am-14 87 Griggs, B. S., R-80 191 

Greenman, C. M., Hud-06 136 Griggs, M. F., Y-96 61 

Greenough, A., Hvd-65 110 Grim, C. E., Mid-12 238 

Greenough, J. C, Wms-60 .... 202 Grimes, W. A., IM)7 168 

Greenough, W., Hvd-63 109 Grinnell, C. E., Hvd-62 108 

Greenwood, A. H., D-99 166 Grinnell, H., PK-97 278 

Greenwood, A. W., Ch-04 301 Grinnell, H. L., P-16 185 

Greenwood, F. E., D-71 169 Grinnell, H. W., Man-63 214 

Greenwood, F. W., Hvd-46. . . . 104 Griswold, B. H., PK-66 274 

Greenwood, I. A., D-07 168 Griswold, B. H., Jr., JH-94 284 

Greenwood, I. J., Jr., Hm-95.. 11 Griswold, D. T., Y-08 60 

Greenwood, R. B., Man-64 214 Griswold, G„ Urb-38 22 

Greenwood, T., Y-67 45 Griswold, M., G-46 122 

Greenwood, W., Man-65 215 Griswold, M. E., Y-«0 49 

Greenwood, W. P., Hud-10, Griswold, R., JH-05 287 

D-11 136, 169 Griswold, S. M., Un-82 262 

Gregg, A. F., Bdn-81 144 Griswold, W., Am-38 69 

Gregg, C. M., K-14 247 Griswold, W. E. S., Y-99 63 

Gregg, D. B., Min-08 291 Groesbeck, A. B., P-00 182 

Gregg, H. 8., K-81 243 Groesbeck, C. E., P-98 181 

Gregg, J. A., K-14 247 Groesbeck, H. J., Mi-34 16 

Gregg, J. W., K-18 248 Groesbeck. J. B., Mi-39 16 

Gregg, R. J., Un-65 250 Groesbeck, W. S., Mi-34 16 

Gregory, E. 8., Hud-52 128 Gross, C. E., Y-69 46 

Gregory, J. G., Y-65 43 Gross, E, T., Bm-01 98 

Gregory, L., Y-64 43 Gross, 8. L., Bdn-72 143 

Gregson, B. N., Bdn-08 149 Grosvenor, E. O., P-86 179 

Gregson, J., K-68 241 Grosvenor, G. S., Am-68 73 

Gregson, J., Jr., Bdn-01 148 Grout, A., Y-53 37 

Greig, W. T., Min-16 292 Grout, H. M.. Wm8-n64 201 

Gresham. F. 8., P-05, Cor-06. . 267 Grove, W. E., G-68 123 

Gresham, LeR., JH-94 284 Groves, A. J., Mid-65 227 

Grew, E. 8.. Hvd-63 109 Groves, J. H., Mid-66 227 

Grew, J. C., Hvd-02 118 Gruener, H.. Y-91 60 

Grew, R. C, Hvxi-96 116 Grund, H. L., Hud-06, K-08. . 246 

Grice, J. H., McG-04 307 Guerinot, G. W.. R-13 197 

Gridley, A. D., Hm-39 2 Guernsey. H. W., Bm-06 99 

Gridley, C. C.. Hm-72 8 Guernsey, J. R., C0I--86 24 

[364 3 




Guernsey, L. G., Bm*06 99 Hale 

Guernfl^, R. G., Y--02 66 Hale 

GuUd. C. E., Hvd-84 Ill Hale 

GuUd. E. a. Hvd-63 106 Hale 

Guild, H. E., Hvd-80 110 Hale 

GuUd.S. E..Hvd-39 103 Hale 

Guizmesa. R. B., Man-16 224 Hale 

Gulnac, J. Q., Uii-02 255 Hale 

Gumbel, Lm Bdn-06 149 Hale 

Gummer, F. V.. Bdn-92 146 Hale 

Gunn, R. A., McG-04 305 Hale 

Gunter, W. A., Ala-53 199 Hale 

Gunton, W., Y-47 36 Hale 

Gurley. M. B.. Y-06 59 Hale 

Gurney, W. H., Y-16 67 Hale 

Guss. R. W.. Mid-88 232 Hale 

Guthrie. C. B., K-59 240 Hale 

Guthrie, W.. D-73 160 Hale 

Guy, C. v., Cuin-60 259 Hale 

Guy, D. W., Mi-61 19 Hale 

Guy. E. A., Mi-58 19 Hale 

Guy, W. E., Mi-64 20 Hale 

Gwyn. C. C, McG-08 308 Hall 

Gwyn. N. B., Tor-96 295 Hall 

Gwynne, A. E., Y-39 32 Hall 


Hackett, J. K., Man-91 220 HaU 

Hackley. P. B., Cal-09 316 HaU 

Hackley, R. C, Cal-05 316 HaU 

Hadley. A. K.. Hm'-37 2 Hall 

Hadley, E. J., Coi-71 260 HaU 

Hadley, F. O., Cor-83 263 HaU 

Haff. R. M.. Man-W 224 HaU 

Hagar. R. S.. Bdn--97 147 HaU 

Hagar. W. C, PK-79 276 HaU 

Hageiman, B. H., Brn-ll 100 Hall 

Hageiman, C. L., Bdn-16 151 Hall 

Haggett. A. B., Jr., .Bdn-16. . . . 151 Hall 

Hahn. A. G. C. Coi-81 262 HaU 

Hahn. H. C, Hud-18. 137 HaU 

Hahn, R. B., Min-^3 289 Hall 

Haight, G. P.. Y-15 66 Hall 

Haines, A. K., Min-13 292 HaU 

Haines, D. W., Col-13 30 Hall 

Haines, E. P., Hud-58 129 HaU 

Haines, P. M., Col-10 29 HaU 

Hair, L. M., R-77 191 HaU 

Haire, J. P., Mi-65, Wm8-55.. 18 HaU 

Haire. T., Mi-43 17 HaU 

Halbert, L. R., R-05 196 HaU 

Halbert, N. A., Hm-42 2 HaU 

Halcomb, C. H., Jr., Y-07 59 HaU 

Haldeman, F. M.. Car-83 263 HaU 

C365 3 

A..Hvd-48 105 

A,Hvd-80 110 

B., G-18 121 

C..Hvd-60 106 

C. G., D-68 158 

E., Hvd-79 110 

E. E., Hvd-39 103 

E. E., Hvd-83 Ill 

F. E., Hm-60 6 

F. T., Y-73 48 

G. N., G-71 125 

G. S., Hvd-44 104 

H. D., Hvd-88 113 

H. E., Hvd-37 103 

J., Mid-17 239 

J. A., Hvd-57 107 

J.C..D-57 155 

J. L., G-60 124 

J. T., G-69 125 

M. P., Un-18 268 

N., Hvd-38 103 

R. P., Hud-11 136 

A. R., McG-90 305 

B. H., Am-10 86 

C. T., Ch-15 304 

D., D-54 156 

E. C, Y-62 42 

E. H., Hvd-51 106 

E. 8., Min-07 291 

F.S., Mid-93 233 

G., Y-43 34 

G. B., Brn-03 98 

G. C, Am-71 76 

G. P., Cor-09 268 

G. R., PK-42 272 

G. R., Am-72 77 

G. R., IU-17 321 

G. R., Am-09 86 

G. 8., Wms-67 203 

H. O., Wm8-84 206 

I. C, Y-68 46 

LH., Hm-59 6 

J. A., Wm8-99 208 

J. L., Cor-91 264 

J. M., Cum-59 259 

J. M., Y-66 44 

J. 8., Hvd-58 108 

J. 8.. McG-14 309 

L., K-77 243 

L. B., R-06 196 

L. B., Am-73 77 

L. G., Y-10 62 

L. P., Jr., P-11, D-11 . 184, 169 

O. M., Wma-68 204 




i, D-15 

-16^ '. '. 






Im-flB. Cor-TO 










, Aiii-83, D-83 







.u, o.n.. Am-53 

m, J. W..K-Oa 

>n, K, B.. Coi-Se 

m. R. W., B™-17 

, P. M., Hvil-96 

, A. C, PK-B?.. 

, A, D. F.. Am-75 

,C. J.,Y-03 

, E, P,. PK-95 



, M. L.. Am-Oa 

, W. A.,M«B-73 

F. H., K-06 

T, Q, E., Min-17 

■ A,0., Mid-as 

C, Am-** 


F.H.L., Mid-88.. 

G.H., Mid-88 

.. H. D., Am-Sl 

I. H. L., Bni-64 

,„J, W. K.. Jr., Man-eS 

k. E.. Mid-SI 2S3 

.. P., K-87 

197 Ubb 

40 Hiuicook!f.',Mid-7l'.*. '.'.;! 

48 Hand, F. A.. Wiiui-67 

231 HandfcW. C. Jr., D-U.. 

297 Handy, B. P., Hm-33 

260 Handy. G. v., P-lfl 

213 Hsnlord, J. M., Wma-OS.., 

113 Hankinion, C. B.,P-SS... 

-— Hanloo, A. J., Mid-OS 

Hanlon. J. T 


t-10 , . 

laS Hannaford, D. O.. Ai 

-" Hannah, M. C, Y-09 I 

Hannahs. D. C. Y-Se ' 

lanoay, J. R, R., Mhi-»r 21 

(anrahan, £. M., Ji., CoI-15. . 21 

[aosogm, J. W., Bdn-4a i; 

laDBon. A. T., Man-98 2) 

._, Hanson, G. F., Un-16, MeG-19 3 

37 Hanson, K. B., Un-IS 21 

264 Hanson. J. H., Un-SO 21 

72 Hanson, W. T^ Jr., Y-OS 

■"" lapjood, C. H,, BrD-67 1 

Hapcood, T. E,, Y-lfl I 

HmJcibiU, H. K., JH-09 2; 

lanlie, J., Ala-SE 11 

Haidins, A.. PK-7B 27« 

~ ■■ «. A.. Jr.. PK-ie 2§1 

jg. A. E., Jr.. Hvd-05... IIB 

larding. C., Hvd-47 lOS 

Harding. J. W., Y^5 34 

Harding. L., Jr., Hm-e3 S 

21S Harding. P. C PK-18 282 

-■" Haniing, W.. Cal-10. 316 

Harding, W. B., Y-fi7 4S 

Harding, W, G., Wms-57 202 

70 Hardison, F. H., D-76 161 

101 Hardisty, R. H. M.. McG-03 . . 307 

232 Hardy, A. C. W.. Toi-95 295 

227 Hardy. A. K., D-M 16S 

81 Hardy. A. S.. Am-ei 74 

91 Hardy, C. A.. D-90 1*4 

221 Hardy. E. A. P., Tor-98 295 

198 HaHy, H. W., D-07 IM 





Hardy, J., Am-60 

Hardy, J. H., D-70 

Hare, M. 8., Y-06 

Harger. R., Ch-14 

Hargreaves, R. C, Cor-09 

Hanson, R. M., G-52 

Harkness, A., Brn-09 

, Harkness, A. G., Bm-79 

Harkness, F. E., Am-96 

Harland. H., Man-82 

Harling, T. L., Toi^lS 

Harlow, E. A. W., Hvd-41 

Harman, H. A., Wms-67 

Harman, R. J., Wms-08 

Harman, S. P., R-09 

Harmer, C. G., McG-06, Tor-07 

Harmon, G. W., P-66 

Harmon, H. A., Un-68 

Harmon, J., Hud-46 

Harmon, R. E., R-07 

Harmon, 8.. PK-10 

Harper. D. H., K-14 

Harper, F., Hvd-98 

Harper, F. D., Ch-18 

Harper, J. A., K-60 

Harper, P. V., Ch-09 

Harper, 8. N., Ch-02 

Harrah, E., Y-11 

Harrell, H. J., Cal-14 

Harrington, B. T., Am-62 

Harrington, C. F., Hud-70 

Harrington, F. W., Hud-79 

Harrington, N., Am-64 

Harrington, 8., Am-62 

Harrington. T. B., Am-49 

Harris, A., Am-^ 

Harris, A. W., Mid-80 

Harris, B. D., D-46 

Harris, C. T., R-12 

Harris, F., Bm-78 

Harris, F., Un-75 

Harris, G., Am-66 

Harris, G., Jr., Am-06 

Harris, G. T., K-14 

Harris, G. W., K-89 

Harris, H., Bdn-72 

Harris, H. J., Mi-36 

Harris, H. P., JH-04 

Harris, J. B., Y-54 

Harris, J. E., Jr., K-13 

Harris, J. H., P-98 

Harris, P. T., Bdn-03 

Harris. S. G., Y-12 

Harris, S. P., Bdn-00 

71 Harris, S. 8., Ala-^9 200 

169 Harris, 8. 8., P-93 180 

68 Harris, 8. T., Bm-58 91 

303 Harris, T., Man-97 221 

268 Harris, W. H., Jr., JH-01 286 

122 Harris, W. H., Y-06 69 

100 Harris, W. J., Y-66 39 

94 Harris, W. P., P-90 180 

82 Harrison, A. 8., Coi^l7 270 

218 Harrison, C. A., Y-15 66 

299 Harrison, H., R-77 191 

104 Harrison, H. B., Y-46 36 

203 Harrison, W. F., Hvd-06 119 

210 Harrod, B. M., Hvd-56 107 

196 Harroun. W. S., P-63 176 

297 Harstrom, C. E., Y-15 66 

176 Hart, B., Y-51 36 

250 Hart, B. E., P-63 173 

128 Hart, C. A., Mid-73, Man-73.. 216 

196 Hart, C. D., R-08 196 

280 Hart, C. W., Mid-18 239 

247 Hart, D. A., P-63 173 

117 Hart, E. H., Y-07 69 

304 Hart, H. 0., K-68 241 

240 Hart, H. C., Brn-01 98 

302 Hart, J. C, PK-09 280 

301 Hart, J. H., Mi-39 17 

63 Hart, J. M., Coi^O 260 

317 Hart, M. 8., Y-12 64 

72 Hart, W., Hm-65 5 

130 Harte, A. C., Mid-92 233 

132 Barter, E. W., Y-88 49 

76 Hartley, C.. Y-12 64 

74 Hartshorn, J. W., Y-67 45 

71 Hartt, C. J., Man-64 215 

74 HartweU, A. M., Y-U 63 

230 HartweU, E. 8., Y-04 67 

153 HartweU, J. B., Y-00 64 

197 HartweU, J. C., Brn-97 98 

94 HartweU, M. H., Y-07 69 

261 HartweU, 8., Hvd-44 104 

76 HartweU, 8. 8., Y-69 40 

86 HartseU, R. C., Mid-02 235 

247 Harvey, A. 8., P-14 185 

244 Harvey, E. H., Hud-67 130 

143 Harvey, F. W., McG-94 306 

16 Harvey, H. A., Hud-66 130 

286 Harvey, L. 8., P-88 179 

38 Harvey, M. A., Man-15 224 

247 Harvey, R., R-78 191 

181 Harvey, W. H., Hud-63 130 

148 Hasbrouck, B., McG-11 308 

64 Haselton, M. K., D-67 166 

148 HaskeU, F. W., D-Ol 166 




Haskell, G. F., Cor-80 

Haskell, L. W., Jr., JH-99 

Haskell, P. N., Hud-70, Am-71 

HaskeU, W. S., Y-92 

Hastings, B. F., Wins-61 

Hastings, C. E., Hm-88 

Hastings, E. E., Bdn-79 

Hastings, G. G., Y-51 

Hastings, H. W., Bdn-11 

Hastings, P. C, Hm-38 

Hastings, P. M., Hm-39 

Hastings, R. W., Am-88 

Hastings, V. J., Tor-13 

Hasaard, C. F. L., McG-00 

Hatch, A. T., Cal-10 

Hatch, C. A., D-75 

Hatch, C. H., Y-59 

Hatch, C. H., Hvd-00 

Hatch, E. B., PK-86 

Hatch, F. A., P-00 

Hatch, H. M., Y-16 

Hatch, J. W., PK-17 

Hatch, L. A., D-98 

Hatcher, H. T., Hud-15 

Hathaway, E. P. D., Bdn-04. . 

Hathaway, F. B., Hm-91 

Hathaway, H. B., Bdn-81 

Hathaway, H. P., D-01 

Hathaway, R. J., P-59 

Hathaway, T. S., Hvd-89 

Hauenstein, P. A., Un-16 

Hausmann, D. A., D-03 

Haven, A. H., Hvd-68 

Haven, F., Hvd-57 

Haven, H. A., Hvd-42 

Haven, L. E., Hm-44 

Haven, S. W., Am-95 

Hawes, A. F., Man-78 

Hawes, G. E., Man-57 

Hawes, J. B., Man-65 

Hawkins, E. D., Hvd-81 

Hawkins, H. S., Hud-10, Cor-11 

Hawks, C. H., Jr., R-16 

Hawley, A. B., G-52. 

Hawley, A. L., Un-14 

Hawley, D. T., Hm-02 

Hawley, H. A., Tor-13 

Hawley, J. S., Hm-77 

Hawley, J. W., Wms-66 

Hawley, M., Hm-51 

Hawley, 3- F., P-85 

Hawxhurst, H. H., Mid-88. . . . 

Hay, A. S., Y-98 

Hay, N. K., McG-07 

262 Hay, W. B., Y-10 62 

285 Hayden, A, K-69 241 

131 Hayden, C. R., Hud-91 133 

50 Hayden, H. B., Mid-84 231 

202 Hayes, E., Bdn-02 148 

10 Hayes, G. W., Bdn-89 145 

144 Hayes, H., G-56 123 

36 Hayes, H. F., Am-94, Hin-94. . 11 . 

150 Hayes, H. W., R-81 192 

2 Hayes, J. C, P-12 185 

2 Hayes, J. W., D-60 166 

80 Hayes, J. W., R-02, Am-03. . 195, 84 

298 Hayes, K. A, Cal-16 318 

306 Hayes, R. A., Hud-15 137 

316 Haynes, W. A, Cum-^7 259 

160 Hays, J. M., PK-86 277 

40 Hays, J. M., PK-18 282 

118 Hays, W. H., CJol-96 26 

277 Hays, W. W., PK-58 274 

182 Hayward, C, Hvd-37 103 

66 Hayward, C. C, Am-42 70 

282 Hayward, J., Am-73 77 

166 Hayward, N., Hvd-96 116 

137 Haywood, F. M., D-80 161 

148 Hazard, F. R., Brn-81 .... 94 

10 Hazard, F. R., Jr., Brn-14 101 

144 Hazard, R., Y-03 56 

166 Hazard, R. G., Bm-76 93 

174 Hazeltine, H. M., Wm8-62. . ;. 201 

113 Hazeltine, M. W., Hvd-62 108 

268 Hazelton, P. T., Bdn-13 161 

167 Hazlehurst, G. B., PK-77 275 

108 Heacock, G. W., Hm-06 13 

107 Heacock, G. W., Hud-40 127 

104 Heacock, S. G., Hm-80 9 

3 Head, F. H., Hm-56 6 

82 Heald, C. M., Y-70 47 

217 Healy, L. E., Min-06 291 

213 Healy, R. L., Min-10 291 

216 Heap, A., Am-73 77 

110 Heard, D., Y-10 62 

269 Heard, J., Jr., Hvd-79 110 

198 Heam, J. F., Man-07 223 

122 Heath, A. C., EHOl, Min-94. . . 164' 

257 Heath, F. K., P-99 182 

12 Heath, J. F., Hvd-40 103 

298 Heath, R. E., Brn-99 98 

9 Heath, W. S., D-58 156 

203 Heaton, H. A., Tor-14 298 

4 Heaton, L., Y-02 56 

179 Hebbard, W. S., Cor-87 263 

232 Hebden, E. R. W., McG-16. . . 309 

63 Hebden, J. B., McG-14 309 

308 Hecker, C. H.. P-03 182 

C368 3 


Becker. E. W., P-17 ISS Hsniy, H. H„ Ml-7e 31 

„ . 1S3 Henry. J. D.. K-11 M7 

28 Henry. J. W., D-7S 181 

» Henataw. A. I., Hvd-47 106 

Heekwjber, L„ Hvd-a« 116 Henehaw, C. H., PK-53 273 

Hsclucher, M., Hv<l-B7 113 Heiben. G. F., Mid-lS 2S0 

HaclMcher, R, v., Bvct-OS 110 Herbert, B. W.. Hyd-42 104 

HeoluKher, B., Hvd-Oe 116 Hert«rt, J.. D-71 16S 

Hedden, W. D., R-51 187 Herdmiui. H. P.. P-B7 181 

Hed«ea, H. G., D-10 1S9 Hardman, W. J.. P-72 176 

HedsH. J N., Hvd-e4 106 Herman, J. C. ¥-15 66 

Hddley, G. a., nud-Og 136 Hemdoa, R. E., Ala-SS , IW 

Hedrick, C, B.. PK-W 278 Heron, B.,Mi-61 IB 

Hedriek. F. C, PK-07 280 Hefrick. C. B., Y-es « 

Heely. A. v.. Un-80 2S3 Herrick. E, K., Un-68 260 

Haennanoe, R., Wm»-M 209 Herrick. P. F., PK-ia 281 

Heennims, H. C. Mid-75 229 Horriok. W. A., D-M IBB 

Hoffelfinger,C.E.,Y-B7,Min-O0 289 Horron, W. C. Hvd-87 118 

Hea, JTE., Wia-07 312 Hereehberjer, C. B.. Cli-98... . 300 

Heuel. J. H., D-64 157 Her«y. H. E., Hvd-50 106 

HeWer. C, C. Y-66 *4 Hereliey. H. B., lll-Oa 310 

Heiikr.E, D.. y-68 *4 Hen, F. J.. Cot-S7 268 

Hebt, J. A.. D-16, IU-18.,.170.321 Heeloa. W, M., P-07 188 

Helfenatein, C. P., Y-41 33 Hswud. C. G., MeG-07 308 

Helliwpi, D. B.. R-05 190 Hewelt, C, P-5a 173 

HeUings, W. P.. R-64 180 HeweM.A,Y-02 66 

Hemingway, D, H.. y-14 85 Hewii, A. P., Ain-39 68 

Hemingway, L. L.. y-08 60 Hewitt, B., Y-03 68 

Hemingway, R. W., Y-05 68 Hewitt, C. N., G-66 123 

Hemmam, H. J.. Hni-87 10 Hewitt, E. H., Min-06 289 

Hemmeno. H. R., Hin-Oa 13 Hewitt, F. C, Y-S8 40 

Hemming, O. D., Wm«-12 211 Hewitt, T. D.. Y-99 63 

Hempstead. C. Min-98 289 Hewlett, A. T., Col-92 3B 

Hempalfiad. H. C. Min-00 200 Hewlett, C. R.. Col-04 28 

Hempstead. L. R.. Hm-eS 7 Hewlett. J. M., Col-eO 26 

HempMead. W. O., Wms-SO... 205 Heyl. E. O., Hm-00 12 

HemS. J. B„ Hvd-40 103 Heyl. H., Cor-89 284 

Henckon, G. D.. M»n-75 217 Heyl, L., Hni-04 12 

HendereoD, E, C, Man--76 217 Hibbard, C. V., Wie-00 311 

HeDderson, E. M., Cni-SS 263 Hibben, J. M.. Mi-68 30 

__endiick», F,. P-63 

Handriekaan, C. UR., Col-03.. 

Henry. C. I., Man-T8... 




HiggiiiBon, J. J., Hyd-67 

Hi^ey. B. S., Hud-59 

Higley, W., Hm-«2 

Hfland, F., I>-69 

Hfldner, E. G., P-98, Un-98. . . 

Hildreth, C. E., Am-92 

Hildreth, H. T., Un-08. 

HUdreth, J. L., D-64 

Hadreth, J. L., Jr., D-92 

HUdreth, P. S., Man-85 

Hildreth, P. R. M., Col-94 

Hildreth, R. D., Am-04 

Hildreth, R. W., Man-84 

Hildreth, 8. T., Hvd-37 

Hildreth, W. D., Un-08 

Hildreth, W. H., Am-92 

Hiler, H. E., R-93 

Hill, A., Mid-58 

Hill, A. S., Hvd-53 

Hill, C, Y-07 

HiU, C. E., D-71 

Hill, D. A., Bm-99 

HiU, D. C, D-60 

HiU, D. T., Un-07 

HiU, E., Jr., Bm-99 

HUl, E. B., Y-00 

HUl. E. C, JH-02 

Hill, E. D., Un-76 

HiU, F. A., Jr., Ch-U 

HUl, G. E., Y-46 

HUl, G. R., Ciim-68 

HUl. H. O., Un-73 

HUl, J. F.. D-84 

HiU. J. L., Un-61 

HiU, J. M., Ch-06 

HUl, J. P., JH-OO 

HUl, L. R., D-02 

Hill. M. A., Ch-07 

HUl, P. C. Mid-99 

HUl, P. T., Un-12 

HUl, W. C, Man-80 

HUl, W. M., Hud-93 

HUl, W. N., Mid-01 

HUlard, E. B., Y-48 

HUlhouae, J. T. B., Y-69 

HUlman, W., Bm-54 

HUlfl, G. H., PK-84 

HiUfl, G. M., PK-47 

HUls, J. D., PK-78 

HUla, R., PK-84 

HUlyer, G. M., Col-36 

HUton, G. P., Ain-81 

HUton, H. H., D-90 

Hilton, H. H., D-08 

108 Hinckley, F. L. , Bm-91 96 

129 Hinckley, G. C, Brn-96 97 

6 Hinckley, J., Hvd-06 119 

169 Hinckley, J. G., Hm-34 1 

254 Hinckley. J. H., D-84 162 

81 Hinckley, L. E. C, D-84 162 

256 Hinckley, L. G., D-56 156 

157 Hinckley, 8. N., Hvd-05 119 

164 Hinckley, W. P., Brn-94 96 

219 Hinckfl, C. C, Y-11 63 

26 Hincks, E. Y.. Y-66 44 

84 Hmoks, J. L. R., Bdn-72 143 

218 Hine. L. N., Y-10 62 

103 Hingeley, J. W., Mid-16 239 

256 Hinkley, C. K., Bdn-66 142 

81 Hinkley, C. W.. Cor-79 262 

193 Hinkley, G. W.. Cor-14 269 

226 Hinkley. H. F., Bdn-09 150 

106 Hinkley, J. A., Bdn-68 142 

59 Hinman, A. H., Un-02 255 

169 Hinman, C. T., P-62 173 

98 Hinman, D. M., Coi^86 263 

164 Hinman, H. J., Un-99 255 

256 Hinsdale, N. D., P-n83 179 

98 Hirshfeld, R. L., Mid-01 236 

64 Hirshfield, E., R-97 194 

286 Hirehfield, H., R-86 192 

262 Hirehfield, M., R-76 190 

303 Hirehfeld, M., R-79 191 

36 Hiscox, C. E., Man-67 216 

269 Hiacor, E. T., Man-69 216 

261 Hitchcock, A., Bdn-81 144 

162 Hitchcock, B. W., Am-81 79 

249 Hitchcock. C D-61 154 

301 Hitchcock, C. H., Am-66 73 

286 Hitchcock, E., Am-46 71 

167 Hitchcock, E., Am-49 71 

302 Hitchcock, E., Jr., Am-78 78 

236 Hitchcock, G. H.. D-89 164 

267 Hitchcock, G. N., Y-64 43 

218 Hitchcock, J. S.. Am-89 81 

133 Hitchcock, P. W., Wm8-66 201 

236 Hitchcock, R. D., Am-^6 69 

36 Hitchcock, 8. W., Y-61 41 

46 Hitchcock, U. G., Man-€6 216 

90 Hitchcock, W. D., P-64 174 

276 Hoadley, R. B., Jr., Un-02 265 

273 Hoag, E. C, Mid-79 230 

275 Hoard, H. J., Min-03 290 

276 Hobart, F., Man-60 214 

23 Hobart, J. H., Col-^6 23 

79 Hobbie, J. R., Am-73 77 

164 Hobbie, W. R., Am-69 76 

168 Hobbs, G. M.. Hyd-n50 105 





Hobbs, I. G., D-64 

Hodgdon, C. R., Ain-93 

Hodge, B., Y-93 

Hodge. F., Y-66 

Hodge, L. D., Y-67 

Hodgen, J. T., P-06 

Hodges, C. S., JH-98 

Hodges, F. L., Y-47 

Hodges, J. 8., JH-89 

Hodges. R. W., JH-91 

Hodgkinson, E. W., G-61 

Hodgman, E. R. H., D-69 

Hodgman, T. M., R-84 

Hodgson, R. J., Jr., Bdn-06. . . 

Ho£Fman, J. L., Y-14 

Hoffman, R. C, Jr., JH-03 

Ho£Fman. W., Hvd-41 

Hogan, W. I., Ala-59 

Holbrook, D. L., Am-72 

Holbrook, E., P-97 

Holbro<A, G. A., Bdn-77 

Holbrook, G. J., P-71 

Holbrook, R. T.. Y-93 

Holcomb. B. T., PK-69 

Holcombe, A. B., R-09 

Holcombe, J. M., Jr., Y-11 . . . . 

Holden, A. F., Hvd-88 

Holden. A. R., McG-96 

Holden. B. F., Mid-65 

Holden, C. P., McG-06 

Holden, D. J., Y-64 

Holden, R. P., Mid-U 

Holden, R. 8., Mid-02 

Holden. 8. E., Mid-69 

Holden, W. D., Y-14 

Holland, J. 8., P-93 

Holland, T. B., P-93 

HoUen, E. 8., Wis-lS 

Hollen, R. H., WiB-G3 

Hollenback, C. E., Un-71 

Holley, A. H., Hm-08 

HoUey, H. K., Hm-08 

Holley. J. M., Hm-66 

Holley, J. M., Hm-98 

HoUey, W. W., PK-61 

HoUiday, 8. N., Y-08 

Hollingsworth, A., Hvd-02. . . . 

Hollingsworth, V., Hvd-06 

Hollister, G. C., Y-96 

Hollister, J. C, Y-96 

Hollister. 8., Hvd-97 

Holloway, A. P., Cot-07 

Holloway, E. M., Cor-83. 

Holloway, H. F., Jr., Cor- 14. . . 

157 HoUoway, R. T.. Coi>-08. . 268 

82 Holly, J. M., Hm-98 11 

50 HoUyday, G. T. O., JH-14 288 

39 Holman, H. W., Hvd-48 105 

39 Holman, W. L., McG-03 3<J7 

188 Holmes, E.,Wma-^l,JH-92... 284 

285 Holmes. F., Ch-12 303 

35 Holmes, F. H., Y-68 46 

283 Holmes, F. W., Hm-96 11 

283 Holmes, H. M., Am-60 74 

124 Holmes, J. H., Y-04 57 

169 Holmes, J. S., Hvd-65 110 

192 Holmes, M. B., Hm-08 13 

149 Holmes, O. W., Hvd-61 108 

65 Holmes, R., K-72 242 

286 Holmes, R. W., Y-^ 51 

104 Holmes, 8. V. V., Wms-83 206 

200 Holt, A. P., Bdn-03 148 

77 Holt, B. L., Y-72 48 

181 Holt, H., Jr., D-97 165 

144 Holt, J. R., Cal-18 318 

176 Holt, R. 8., Mi-39 17 

50 Holton, H. 8., D-91 164 

274 Holwill, G. T. G., Wma-65 203 

196 Holyoke, G, O., Hvd-56 107 

63 Homans, W. P., Hvd-T85 112 

113 Homer, A. B., Bm-17 102 

305 Homer, J. W., Wms-72 204 

227 Homes, F., Am-48 71 

307 Honore, L., Hvd-88 113 

43 Hood, F. G., Bm-02 98 

238 Hood, G. E., D-51 154 

235 HoofiF, J. L., PK-46 272 

228 Hooker, C. H., Wma-71 204 

66 Hooker, E. C., Wm8-67 202 

180 Hooker, E. H., R-91, Cor^94 . . 265 

180 Hooker, E. J., Wm8-55 201 

314 Hooker, E. T., Wms-60 202 

311 Hooker, H. M., R-94 194 

261 Hooker, H. W., R-01 195 

13 Hooker, P., R-97 194 

13 Hooker, 8. D., PK-77 275 

7 Hooker, T., Y-64 43 

11 Hoole, J. L., Bdn-^9 139 

274 Hooper, A. U., JH-18 288 

60 Hooper, G. G., PK-66 274 

118 Hooper, H. J., D-07 168 

119 Hoopes, M., Cor-91 264 

51 HopeweU, H. C, Bdn-07 149 

51 Hopkins, A., Wms-OO 208 

1 16 Hopkins, A. G., Hm-66 7 

267 Hopkins, D., IU-13 320 

263 Hopkins, E. B., IU-14 320 

269 Hopkins, H., Jr., Wms>03 209 





Hopkma, J. H., Hm-72 

Hopkins, J. L., Y-16 

Hopkina, J. M., Y-00 

Hopkins, P. H., Mid-91 

Hopkins.'S. G., Hm-63 

Hopkins, W. H., Hm-97 

Hopkins, W. R., Hm-71 

Hopkinson, C. W., Hud-14. . . . 

Hopper, A. M., Hin-50 

Hopper, J. W., Man-76 

Hoppin, C, Brn-56 

Hoppin, F. E., Bm-39 

Hopson, E. N., Jr., Mid-17. . . . 

Horbach, G. L., Hm-66 

Hord, J. H., Y-01 

Hormei, C. B., Wms-09 

Horn, H. R., Min-16 

Home, G. E., Th-57 

Homer, J. W., P-68 

Homor, H. A., PK-00 

Horr, F. M., Mid-94 

Horr, v., Mi-43 

Horton, A., (5-46 

Horton, E. E., Ch-17 

Horton, F. M., Ch-03 

Horton, F. O., Ch-03 

Horton, G. M., G-49 

Horton, H., Y-64 

Horton, H. B., G-47 

Hosford, C, D-69 

Hosford, S., D-66 

Hoskins, A. C, Y-12 

Hoskins, W., Jr., IU-14 

Hotaling, E. H., Wms-92 

Hotchkias, E. G., Y-11 

Hotchkiss, W. H., Y-69 

Hough, A. B., G-61 

Hough, C. M., D-79 

Hough, H. H., Th-75 

Houghton, D. C, Hm-82 

Houghton, E., Y-52 

Houghton, J., P-48. . . ; 

House, C. F., Hud-71 

House, E. J., Hud-91 

House, E. M., Cor-81 

House, J. H., Hud-68 

House, M. W., Bm-88 

Houser, S. D. B., Y-14 

Hoiiston, H., D-47 

Housum, C. R., Y-08 

Hovey, E. C, Jr., Hvd-06 

Hovey, F. H., Bm-90 ♦. . . 

Hovey, G. R., Bm-82 

How, B. L., D-17 

8 How, L. B,, D-60 156 

67 Howard, A. H., Bm-84 96 

64 Howard, B. E.. Hud-^ 132 

233 Howard, C. H., Cal-14 317 

6 Howard, C. 8., Am-«0 79 

11 Howard, C. W., Y-09 61 

8 Howard, E. H., Urb-37 22 

137 Howard, B. W., Bm-38 89 

4 Howard. F. G., P-89 179 

217 Howard, F. S.. Mid-85 231 

90 Howard, H. L., Y-56 38 

89 Howard, H. M.. Ch-16 304 

239 Howard, H. R., Am-04 84 

6 Howard, H. R., Bdn-67 140 

65 Howard, H. T., Cal-16 318 

210 Howard, J. D., Bdn-62 140 

293 Howard, J. W., Y-14 66 

166 Howard, L. E., Wms-99 208 

173 Howard, M. A.. Y-06 68 

279 Howard, W., Jr., D-02 167 

233 Howard, W. E., Cor-83 263 

17 Howard, W. W., D-63 164 

122 Howbert, W. I., Y-07 60 

304 Howe, A., Cor-76 261 

301 Howe, C. H. W., D-78 161 

301 Howe, E. F., Y-69 40 

122 Howe, E. W., D-64 167 

38 Howe, G., Hvd-08 120 

122 Howe, H. W., Hvd-97 116 

156 Howe, J. P., Col-00 27 

158 Howe. J. W., D-56 166 

64 Howe, M. C, Un-87 263 

320 Howe, N. H., P-18 186 

207 Howe, R., D-56 156 

63 Howe, S. B., Un-«2 260 

46 Howe, S. B., Jr., Un-03 266 

124 Howe, W. C, Am-94 82 

161 Howell, A., PK-11 280 

160 Howell, A. B., Wis-16 314 

9 HoweU, A. K.. Man-10 223 

37 HoweD, A. R., McG-96 306 

172 HoweU, C. H.. PK-13 281 

131 HoweU, F. B., Un-02 254 

133 HoweU, G. D., PK-82 276 

262 HoweU, G. D., Jr., PK-15 281 

130 HoweU, J. H., Man-67 216 

96 HoweU, L. C, Am-64 76 

66 HoweU, S. A., D-14 170 

153 HoweU, W. B., MoG-96 306 

60 Howes, G. E., Jr.. P-93 180 

119 Howk, H. J., R-04 195 

96 Howk, L. W., R-87 193 

94 Howland, C. F., Man-96 221 

171 Howland, D., Bro-00. 98 





Howland, E., Hyd-53 106 

Howland, E. C, Cor-79 262 

Howland, P., Hvd-49 105 

Howlandr F. A., D-87 163 

Howland, F. C, Cor^3 267 

Howland, G., Ani-60 70 

Howland, H. C, Cor-86 263 

Howland, W., Am-46 71 

Howland, W. M., Ani-«3 74 

Howland, W. W., Ani-41 70 

Hoy, W. A., Hm-83 9 

Hoyne, E. M., Wm»-07 210 

HoysradtjW. J., Y-01 65 

Hoyt, A. W., Hvd-86 112 

Hoyt, C, Jr., Bm-06 99 

Hoyt, C. C, Min-02 290 

Hoyt, C. S., Bm-Ol 98 

Hoyt, D. M., Brn-96 97 

Hoyt, E., Brn-78 94 

Hoyt, E. W. W., Hm-07 13 

Hoyt, H. C, Un-02 256 

Hoyt, J. H., Hud'-72, Am-73, 

Bm-74 13 1 , 77, 93 

Hoyt,L.,Y-06 59 

Hoyt, O. C Y-13 65 

Hoyt, W. E., Wmfl-92, Y-92.207, 50 

Hoyt, W. M., 2nd, Wi»-15 314 

Hoyt, W. S., Un-12 257 

Hoae, N. A„ G-53 123 

Hubbard, A. S.. Y-11 63 

Hubbard, F. C, G-73 126 

Hubbard, G. F., Bdn-67 142 

Hubbard, G. S., D-62 167 

Hubbard, G. W., PK-08 280 

Hubbard, H., Hm-44 3 

Hubbard, J. M., Y-59 40 

Hubbard, J. W., Hm-50 4 

Hubbard, R. D., Y-39 32 

Hubbard, W. B., Cal-15 317 

HubbeU, DeW., Mid-98. ...... 234 

HubbeU, F., Hud-05 135 

HubbeU, G. W., Hm-«7 7 

HubbeU, G. W., Jr., Y-00 54 

HubbeU, J. A., P-53 173 

HubbeU, J. H., PK-56 273 

HubbeU, J. L., Hud-12 136 

HubbeU, W. N., R-85 192 

HubbeU, W. S., R-71 190 

Hubbs. H. N., Un-15 257 

Hubbs, J. B., Un-77 252 

Hubby, F. W., K-64 241 

Huber, E. A., Man-77 217 

Hudnut. J. M., R-72 190 

HudnuU, I. B., R-72 190 

Hudson, C. F., Hud-42 127 

Hudson, D. S., Col-98 27 

Hudson, E. D., Man-64 215 

Hudson, E. P., Wm»-64 201 

Hudson, F. V. H., D-60 156 

Hudson, T. B., Hm-61 4 

Hudson, W. D., Tor-18 299 

Huet, H., PK-06 279 

Huff, A. C, G-60 124 

Huggina, W. S., Y-42 33 

Hughes, A. W., Bdn-09 150 

Hughes, B., Y-05 58 

Hughes, G. R. H., Y-51 36 

Hughes, H. W., Mi-73 21 

Hughes, J. A. D., D-68 158 

Hughes, W. M., G-71, K-71 ... 242 
Hughson, F., Urb-35, Col-39.22,23 

Hughson, H. M., Toi^l6 298 

Hulburd, D. W., Man-^1 220 

Hulburd, H. R., Hud-48 128 

Huling, R. G., Bm-69 92 

HuU, A. D., Un-91 253 

HuU, A. W., JH-05 287 

HuU, C. A., Y-69 46 

Hull, J. M., R-82 192 

HuU, N. B., Bm-13 101 

Hull, R. B., R-71 190 

Hulae, J. T., G-75 126 

Hulflt, N. P., Y-07 45 

Humason, T. A., Mid-88 232 

Hume, A. F., Mi-48 18 

Hume, R. A., Y-68 46 

Hume, R. S., Y-98 58 

Hume, S. J., CaI-08 316 

Humphrey, F., Hm-52 4 

Humphrey, G. F., PK-85 276 

Humphrey, H. E., P-10 184 

Humphrey, H. M., Am-42. ... 70 

Humphrey, L., Am-46 71 

Hiunphrey, O., Hm-05 12 

Humphrey, Z. M., Am-43 70 

Humphreys, R. D., Hvd-05. . . 119 

Hund, E. J., Cal-11 317 

Hund, W. J.. Cal-09 316 

Hunker, A. H., Hud-69 130 

HunneweU, H. H., Hvd-90. ... 114 

HunneweU, W., Hvd-05 110 

Hunt, A. L., Bdn-98. 147 

Hunt, C. M., P-62 175 

Himt, C. O., Bdn-61 141 

Hunt, E. M., PK-06 279 

Hunt, E. T., R-67 189 

Hunt, E. W., R-73 190 

Hunt, E. W., R-84 19^ 





Hunt, G. B., R-90 193 

Hunt, G. W., Hud-61 128 

Hunt, H. H., Bdn-62 141 

Hunt, H. H., R-76 191 

Hunt, H. J., Bdn-02 148 

Hunt, I. O., Brn-99 98 

Hunt, J. M., R-80 191 

Hunt, J. S., Am-87 80 

Hunt. M., Hud-61 128 

Hunt, R. G., Cal-02 315 

Hunt, 8. F., Brn-04 99 

Hunter, C, PK-78 275 

Hunter, D., Jr., Un-98 256 

Hunter, D. M., Man-77 217 

Hunter, H. H., D-10, Ch-10. 169, 302 

Hunter, J. B., Wms-14 211 

Hunter, J. D., Hm-03 12 

Hunter, J. S., Y-13 66 

Hunter, R., Y-15 66 

Hunter, T. M., P-77 177 

Huntington, C, Hm-66 7 

Huntington, D., Hm-36, Urb-36 1 

Huntington, E. C, Am-88 80 

Huntington, F., R-68 189 

Huntington, F. D., Am-39 69 

Huntington, G. B., R-96 194 

Huntington, G. S., PK-81 276 

Huntington, H., PK-84 276 

Huntington, H. K., PK-67 274 

Huntington, H. 8., Y-57 39 

Huntington, J. L., D-02 167 

Huntington, J. M., Y-43 34 

Huntington, J. T., PK-50 273 

Huntington, J. W., PK-83 276 

Huntington, R. W., PK-64 274 

Huntington, 8. V. V., Hm-73. . 8 

Huntley. R. M., Un-99 256 

Huntting, 8., Am-44 70 

Hurd, H. J., COI--72 260 

Hurd, W. L., Bm-74 93 

Hurst, J. LaM., Mid-82 231 

Hurst, 8. D., K-64 241 

Huske, J., PK-77 276 

Hussey, E. F., Am-05 84 

Hussey, H. P., Cor-74 261 

Hussey, J., Mi-54 18 

Hussey, L., Mi-56 19 

Huston, C. v., K-00 245 

Hutchens, D. K., Un-13 267 

Hutchens, H. K., Un-10 266 

Hutchins, A., Wms-67 202 

Hutchins, C. B., Cor-07 267 

Hutchins, C. C, Bdn-83 144 

Hutchins. C. P.* WmB-94 207 

Hutchins. E. R., P-76 177 

Hutchins. F.S..Hud-00,Wm8-00 134 

Hutchins. H. B., Mid-70, P-71. 228 

Hutchins, H. C, P-03 182 

Hutchins. H. T., Am-99 83 

Hutchins, J. B., P-49 172 

Hutchins, R. H., PK-90 277 

Hutchinson, A. 8., Bdn-03 146 

Hutchinson, C, D-48 164 

Hutchinson, C. J., Min-09 291 

Hutchinson, E. L, Y-«9 46 

Hutchinson, E. L., Un-79 252 

Hutchinson, H., Am-^9 70 

Hutchinson. H.£..Am-68,]>-68 166 

Hutchinson, J. P., Hvd-90 114 

Hutchinson, J. 8., Bm-«9 92 

Hutchinson. M. N., Hud-63 ... 130 

Hutchinson, P. K., Ain-41 70 

Hutchinson, W. 8., Bdxt-67 142 

Hutchison, K. O., MoG-17. ... 309 

Hutchison, M. H., McG-18 310 

Hutchison, P. P., McG-16 309 

Hutton, C. M., Ala-n67 200 

Hutton, H., G-69 125 

Hyams, C. H., Hvd-92 115 

Hyde, A. F., Col-83 24 

Hyde, A. P., Y-46 34 

Hyde, E. F.. Man-61 214 

Hyde, F. de L., Y-91 60 

Hyde, G. M., Am-88 80 

Hyde, J. E., Man-83 218 

Hyde, J. N.. Y-61 41 

Hyde, N. A., Y-47 35 

Hyde, R. deL., PK-08 280 

Hyde, 8. K., Un-10 266 

Hyde, W. L., Bdn-42 138 

Iddings, D. W., Mi-42 17 

Ide, A. J., G-72, Coi-73. . . 125. 260 

Ide, H. G., PK-94 278 

Igiehart. F. N., JH-03 286 

Igiehart, I. W., JH-07 287 

Ilsley, C. E., P-82 178 

Ilsley. J. K., P-76 177 

Inbusch, C. E.. Wi8-07 312 

Inbusoh, H. 8.. Wis-05 312 

Inbusch, W. H., Wis-05 312 

Ingalls, H., BdnHkl 138 

IngersoU, C. M., PK-39 272 

IngersoU, G. T.. Coi^83 263 

IngersoU, H. B., IU-12 320 

Ingham, H., P-18 186 

Ingraham. C. M., K-74 242 

Ingraham. W. S., Cor-79 262 

[374 3 




Indee, C. L., CoivQ5 

Inalee, J. C, Coi>-08 , 

Inslee, R. H., Cor-04 

Inslee, R. G., Cor-99 

Inalee, 8. D., Cor-99 , 

Ireland, F. P., Bdn-72 

Ireland, G. D., McG-^4 

Ireland, O. B., Man-59 

Irvin. E. T., Hvd-98 

Irvin, H. A., Mi-74 

Irving, H. L., Mid-14 

Irwin, D. A., Am-64 

Isbell, H., R-81 

Ives, A. M., PK-56 

Ives, C, Y-74 

Ives, C. A., Mid-01 

Ives, F.. Y-46 

Jackson, A. B., G-70 

Jackson, C. C, Hvd-63 

Jackson, £., Mid-98 

Jackson, E. 8., P-61 

Jackson, F. A., Mid-81 

Jackson, F. C, Mid-98 

Jackson, G. F., McG-01 

Jackson, G. L., Y-14 

Jackson, G. N., Bdn-59 

Jackson, G. W., Hm-44 

Jackson, H. C, R-05 

Jackson, J. F., Y-46 

Jackson, J. P., Am-97 

Jackson. J. W., Mid-«6 

Jackson, R. F., Mid-98 

Jackson, R. N., JH-05 

Jackson, 8., Mid-59 

Jackson, 8. W., Y-98 

Jackson, W. L. P., Mid-09 . . . 

Jacobs, E. C, PK-56 

Jacobs, H. 8., Mid-12 

Jacobsen, H., Min-10 

Jacobson, R. C, Min-08 

Jacobus, C, G-64 

Jacobus, G., Y-95 

Jaeger, R. J., Wi8-05 

James, A. C, Am-89 

James, A. W., Mid-88 

James, C, PK-62 

James, C. P.. Mi-46 

James, D. L., Y-02 

James, D. W., Am-48 

James, G. W., Mid-78 

James, J. W., Wm8-69 

James, L. W., P-57 

James, P. L., Wms**97 

265 James, R. H.. D-97 166 

266 Jameson, A. O., Hvd-81 110 

267 Jameson, C. D., Bdn-76 143 

266 Jameson, H. A., R-87 193 

266 Jamieson, D. B., ToM)7 297 

143 Jamison, G. H., IM)7 168 

306 Janes, A. L., Min-02 290 

214 Janin, E., Y-67 39 

117 Jansen, F. L, Un-96 264 

21 Janvier, A. E., Y-71 47 

238 Jaquays, H. M., McG-92 306 

76 Jaques, D. R., Hvd-42 104 

192 Jaquith. A. F., Wi»-12 313 

273 Jarvis, H. W., Bdn-91 146 

49 Jarvis, I. 8., Hm-86 10 

236 Jarvis, R. W. H., PK-48 273 

34 Jarvis, W., D-72 160 

Jay, A., Jr., Hvd-00 118 

126 Jay, J.. Col-36 23 

100 Jay, J. C, Jr., Wms-Ol 209 

234 Jayne, W. R., Ch-02 301 

174 Jefferson, F. W., Y-02 66 

231 Jeffery, R., Jr., Y-11 63 

234 Jefferys, J. O., Mi-74 21 

306 Jeffries, H. U., Hvd-«2 108 

65 Jellinghaus, C. F., Man-97 221 

141 Jellinghaus, C. L., Man-09 223 

3 Jemison, C, Wms-55 201 

196 Jenckes, T. A., Brn-38 89 

35 Jencks, F. M., Man-65 216 

83 Jenkins, A. D., Wms-00 208 

227 Jenkins, C. W., Wms-60 202 

234 Jenkins, G. W., Y-70 47 

287 Jenkinsv M., Wms-OO 207 

226 Jenkins, M. E., JH-94 284 

63 Jenkins, R., Coi^85 263 

237 Jenkins, W. P., Man-74 216 

273 Jenks, A. W., D-84 163 

238 Jenks, C. L., D-86 163 

291 Jenks, H. C, D-17 171 

291 Jenks, M. L., Hm-02 12 

124 Jenks, P. R., D-94 165 

51 Jenks, W. W., Un-71 251 

312 Jenne, R. N., P-68 176 

81 Jenneas, P., JH-98 286 

232 Jennings, C, B., Y-67 46 

274 Jepson, A. G., Mid-69 228 

18 Jeremiah, G., Mid-75 217 

56 Jernegan, H. M., Mid-69 228 

71 Jerome, C, Hm-39 2 

230 Jerome, E. C, Y-15 66 

202 Jerome, E. M., Y-50 36 

173 Jerome, I. N., Hm-44 3 

208 Jerome, T. C, Hm-69 7 



, 170 











ohnson. O. E.. Mid-SO 

ohn»n. 0. K.. H-01 

. 232 
. IBS 


II "f 


.... 183 


Jones, F. H.» Coi^73 260 Kanch, O. J., Man-OS 222 

Jones, F. W., r)-«9 169 Kay, W. F., MoG-00 306 

Jones, H., Am-08 85 Kays, D. J., 111-12 320 

Jones, H., G-76 126 Kearny, G. H., Un-66 , . 250 

Jones, H. C, Hm-14 14 Keasbey, A. Q., Y>43 34 

Jones, H. D., Mid-80 230 Keating, H. W., JH-89 283 

Jones, H. M., Hvd-Ol 118 Keator, H. M., Y-97 52 

Jones, H. O., Hm-82 9 Keator, S. J., Jr., Y-09 61 

Jones, L., Ani-12 86 Kedhey. F. 8., PK-10 280 

Jones, L. B., Y-94 51 Kedaie, R. C, P-51 172 

Jones, L. DeW., Wi»-12 313 Keech, E. P., Jr., JH-90 283 

Jones, L. E., Man-73 216 Keefe, A. P., Min-15 292 

Jones, N. C, McG-02 307 Keefe, H. M., Ch-13 303 

Jones, N. M., Hud-99 134 Keeler, C. B.. P-73 177 

Jones, O. L., Jr., Y-04 57 Keeler, R., Y-12 64 

Jones, R. A., Tor-06 296 Keeler, 8., Y-07 46 

Jones, R. W., Hud-16 137 Keely, G. W., Mi-43 17 

Jones, W. A., Mid-81 231 Keen, H. I., Bm-80 94 

Jones, W. A., Bm-96 97 Keen, W. W., Bm-59 91 

Jones, W. W.,Tor-93 294 Keene, H., Wms-70 204 

Jordan, E. L., Bdn-00 148 Keeney, J. F.. R-66 189 

Jordan, E. 8., Bdn-47 139 Keep, F. A., Y-70 47 

Jordan, I. C., Bdn-91 146 Keep, J. M., Hm-36 1 

Jordan, R. F., Cal-11 317 Keese, R. L., Y-54 38 

Jordao. E. F. P.. Cor-74 261 Keeae, 8. T., Y-60 41 

Joslin. E. P., Y-90 49 Keighler, J. C, Hvd-«2 108 

Joy, E. L., R-66 187 Keim, G. H., Man-80 218 

Joy, E. 8., Wni8-86 206 Keiser, H.. P-15 185 

Joyner, G. B., Am-90 81 Keith, C. C. T., Man-60 214 

Judd, A. F., Y-62 42 Keller, 8., Y-67 46 

Judd, A. F., Y-07 62 Keller, T. P., P-16 186 

Judd, C. C. W., K-07 246 KeUey, A. F., G-70, K-70. . 126, 242 

Judd, C. 8., Y-05 58 KeUey, A. L., Jr., Wm»-10 210 

Judd, D. W., WmB-60 202 KeUey, E. A., D-66 158 

Judd. G. T., Cal-16 317 KeUey, G. F.. Wm»-14 211 

Judd, H. P., Y-OX 56 KeUey, J. W., D--88 163 

Judd, J. R„ Y-97 62 KeUey, 8. C, Bm-86 95 

Judson, A. B., Bm-59 91 KeUey, 8. C, Jr., Brn-17 102 

Judson, C. N., Y-62 42 KeUey, W. W., Hud-08 136 

Judson, E., Brn-65 92 KeUogg, A. M., Am-02 84 

Judson, E., Bm-59 91 Kellogg, C. A., IU-15 320 

Judson. F. N., Y-66 44 KeUogg, C. E., Bdn-11 150 

Jungbluth, K., Jr., JH-99 285 KeUogg, E., Bdn-40 138 

Jungbluth. M., JH-99 286 KeUogg, G. C, Hvd-94 116 

Kellogg, G. N., Mid-74 229 

Kaharl. E., Bdn-99 147 Kellogg, H. K. W., Am-99 83 

Kalb, G. L., Mi-48 18 Kellogg. M. G.. R-70 190 

Kales, F. H., Wi»-04 311 Kellogg, J. D., Un-09 256 

KaUman, W. L., Y-16 67 Kellogg, R. R., Urb-36 22 

Kalt, H. L., Col-18 31 Kellogg, 8. B., Y-43 34 

Kamm, P. 8.. Am-16 87 KeUogg. 8. W., Y-46 35 

Kamm, W. W., Am-16 87 KeUogg. W. C, Mid-75 229 

Kammerer,P.T.,Jr.,Man-06.. 223 KeUy, A. R., Y-04 67 

Kapp, E. M., Man-11. 223 KeUy, A. W.,. Am-79 78 



KeUy, D. M., Wn»-13 211 Kerr. H. H.. McGHH 307 

KeUy, E. P., Am-90 81 Kerr, J., Y-16 67 

KeUy, F. H., Coiv-IT 270 Kerr, J. W., Hud-49 128 

KeUy. G. H., Hud-00 135 Kerr. R. T., Cum-58 269 

KeUy, G. W., Bdn-66 142 Kerr, R. W., Tor-Od 296 

Kelly, J. J., Col-02 28 Kerr, W. R., Jr., Ch-03 301 

KeUy, J. R., Hm-18 15 Kerruiah, W. D., Hud-92 133 

Kelaey, H. S., Am-56 72 Kesaler, A. L., Hm-97 11 

Kemble, F. W., Hvd-08 120 Ketchum, A. P., Man-'58 213 

Kemp, J. C, McG-08 308 Ketchum, D. P., Mau-67 215 

Kemp, J. F., Am-81 79 Keyes, G. T., Hvd-89 113 

Kemp, J. T., Col-12 30 Keyes. G. T., PK-11 280 

Kemp. P. K., Col-15 31 Keyes, H. W., Hvd-87 113 

Kemper, W. R., Cal-17 318 Keys. H. J. E., Tor-06 296 

KendaU, E. H., Hvd-02 118 Keyser, C., R-49 187 

KendaU, F. G., Hm-71 8 Keyser, W.. Jr., Y-95 61 

Kendall, H. F., R-69 190 Kidd, J. H., P-64 175 

KendaU, H. S., D-06 168 Kidder, H.. PK-92 277 

KendaU, I. W., Hvd-01 118 Kidder, J. H., Bdn-63 140 

KendaU, J., D-53 154 Kidder, P., Am-94 82 

KendaU, J., Hvd-53 106 Kidder, W. M., Am-87 80 

Kendrick, C. M., Hm-42 2 Kiddle, A. W., Man-85 219 

Kendrick, G., Y-72 48 Kidston, R. H., P-05 183 

Kendrick, J., Y-72 48 Kilboume, C., Hm-33 1 

Kendrick, J. M., K-59 240 KUbreth, J. T., Hvd-63 109 

Kennedy. A. D., Man-65 215 KUbum, D., D-79 161 

Kennedy, B., Ch-10 302 KUlen, J. T., Mi-54 18 

Kennedy, D. R., Jr., Man-00. . 222 KiUian, J. E., Cal-07 316 

Kennedy, F., PK-68 274 KUmer, T. W., Man-94 221 

Kennedy, J. K., McG-98 306 Kilvert, C. A., JH-95 284 

Kennedy, J. R., Y-05 58 KimbaU, C. C., Am-00 83 

Kennedy, M. B., P-02, D-02. . 167 KimbaU, C. D., Am-98 83 

Kennedy, R. B., Ch-01 301 KimbaU, C. F., Bdn-74 143 

Kennedy. T., Y-45 34 KimbaU, C. W., D-64 157 

Kennedy, W. S., Ch-00 300 KimbaU, D. M., Am-44 70 

Kennedy, W. S., Hud-46 128 KimbaU. E. G., D-81 162 

KenneU, C. L., R-13 197 KimbaU, E. H.. Bdn-76 143 

Kennett, J. D., Hvd-98 117 KimbaU, E. P.. Wms-11 210 

Kent, A. E., Y-97 52 KimbaU. F. F., Am-76 78 

Kent, C, Hud-40 127 Kimball. H. W., Bdn-92 146 

Kent, C. F., Y-89 49 Kimball, J., Am-57 73 

Kent, S. E., Mid-09 237 KimbaU, L. H., Bdn-74 143 

Kent, S. S., Mid-10 237 KimbaU, L. 8., D-64 157 

Kent, S. W., Mid-72 228 KimbaU, M. L., Hm-49 4 

Kent, W. H., Bm-10 100 Kimball, N. T.. D-61 157 

Kenyon, H. N., R-12 197 Kimball, P., Bdn-07 149 

Kenyon, R. A., R-10 197 KimbaU, R., D-66 168 

Keough, A. C, D-11 169 KimbaU, R. E., Hud-97 134 

Ker, D., Col-17 31 KimbaU. R. G.. Man-64 213 

Ker. W. H., Hvd-62 108 KimbaU, S. E., Wma-15 212 

Kerch, W. W., IU-08 319 Kimball. W. C. Maii-61 214 

Keman. G. A.. Y-99 53 KimbaU. W. E.. Am-96 82 

Kemer, H. 8., PK-99 278 Kimball, W. F. D., D-68 156 

Kerr, A. B., Y-97 62 KimbaU. W. R., D-07 168 





KimbaJl. W. 8.. Hm-51 

Kimball, W. 8. A., Bdii-95 

Kimbel, W. A., Col-09 

Kimbcrly. H. H., Un-13 

Kimpton, H. H., Y-62 

King. A. G., Hvd-40 

King. C. B., Un-76 

King. C. E.. P-73 

King. C. G., Jr., Bm-84 

King. C. M., Hud-01, Cor-04.. 

King, E. B., Y-98 

King. E. T., Un-05 

King. F., Wm8-«4 

King. F. A., R~90 

King, F. R., Hvd-08 

King, H. M., Bdn-59 

King, H. M., Y-12 

King. H. W.. Jr.. Wm»-81 

King. H. W., Wm»-1« 

King, I. H., Hud-76 

King. J.. Hvd^50 

King, J. C. Hm-64 

King. J. G.. Hvd-39 

King, J. H., JH-96 

King, K. B.. Hm-15 

King, L.. Hvd-06 

King. L. L., Hud-09 

King, M., Un-05 

King, P. L., Hm-16 

King, R., Brn-78 

King. B., Hvd-38 

King, R. F., Y-14 

King, R. R., Y-11 

King. S. H., Bdn-59 

King. V. R. C, Hvd-01 

King. W.. Un-06 

King. W. A., Hm-94 

King, W. G., Hud-«0 

Kinghorn. H. M., MoG-90 

Kingsbury, C. A., WmB-64 .... 

Kingsbury, F. J., Y^6 

Kingsbury, G. H., Bdn-45 

Kingsbury, H., Y-63 

Kingsbury, J. H., D-OG 

Kingsbury, O. A., Y-60 

Kingsford, M. R., Toi^lS 

Kingsley, C, Y-95 

Kingsley. C. 8., P-49 

Kingsley, E. P., D-66 

Kingsley. R., Y-01 

Kingsley. W. L., Y-43 

Kingstone, G. A., Tor-10 

Kinney, B., K-73 

Kinney. C. R., Bm-16 

4 Kinney, G. DeF., Cor-91 264 

147 Kinney, H. W., Bm-80 94 

29 Kinney, J. C., Y-61 41 

267 Kinney, M. C, K-10 247 

42 Kinney, 8. W.. JH-94 284 

108 Kinney, W. P., Am-84, R-84 . 192 , 79 

261 Kinnicutt, T., Hvd-56 107 

177 Kinyon, 8. W., Min-13 292 

95 Kinzer, R., Y-56 39 

267 Kipp, W., Mid-09, Cor-10.237, 268 

63 Kirby, J. B., G-48, Y-49 .... 122, 36 

256 Kirk. H. B.. D-99 166 

206 Kirk. W. v., Un-^ 250 

193 Kirker, J. H., D-04 167 

120 Kirkham, E., Y-05 68 

141 Kirkland. A. F.. 111-15 320 

64 Kirkland, J., PK-70 274 

205 Kirkland, J. L., Hvd^O 105 

212 Kirkman, 8., Hvd-50 106 

131 Kirkpatrick, J. D., Mi-46 18 

106 Kirkpatrick, N.W., Jr., D-18.. 171 

6 Kirtland, L. 8., Y-03 66 

103 Kirtley, C. A., Ch-06 302 

285 Kirtley, H. P., Ch-00 300 

14 Kirtiey, L. L., Ch-03, Wis-06. . 312 

119 Kissam, B. T., Col-38 23 

136 Kissam, W. A., Wms-89 207 

256 Kissam, W. A.. Man-66 216 

14 Kitchel, A. F., Y-09 61 

94 Kitchel, C. H., Man-57 213 

103 Kitchel, C. P., Y-97 52 

65 Kitchel, H. 8., Y-61 41 

63 KitcheU, F. R., Wi&-15 314 

141 Kittle, A. L, Y-00 54 

118 Kittredge, A. E., Wms-'64 201 

256 Kittredge, F. W., Y-65 43 

11 Kittredge, F. W., Y-11 63 

132 Kitzmiller, E. A., K-62 240 

305 Kleeberger, F. L., Cal-0^ 316 

203 Kleene, H. C. P-03 183 

35 Klein, H. C, Min-00 290 

139 Klein, J. E., Man-06 223 

42 Klein, K. O., Min-11 291 

168 Klenke, F. M., Man-14 224 

41 Klepetko, E., Col-10 29 

298 Kline, G., Un-01 256 

61 Kline, P. H», Un-81 252 

172 Kline, V. P.. WmS-66 203 

168 Kline, V. P., Jr., Wm»-09 210 

65 Kline, W. J., Un-72 251 

34 Klock, P. L., Hm-80 9 

297 Knapp, E. P., Ch-07 302 

242 Knapp, G. 8., Am-71 76 

101 Knapp, H. O., Col-09 29 

[379 1 




Knapp, J. A., Man-d5 215 

Knapp, J. R., Col-00 27 

Knapp, L. H., Uii-69 251 

Knapp, S., Col-94 26 

Knapp, T. L.. G-55 123 

Kneeland, G.. PK~80 276 

Knibba, J. W., Jr., D-05 167 

Knickerbocker, E.V.B., Man-00 222 
Knickerbocker, R. C, Man-04. 222 
Knickerbocker, W. E., Man-04. 222 

Knight, C. A., Bdn-06 147 

Knight, F. M., Y-12 64 

Knight. H. A., 111-18 321 

Knight. H. C, Bdn-98 147 

Knight, S. H., Hm-66 7 

Knight. 8. P.. Y-99 53 

Knower. H. M., JH-90 283 

Knowles, C. E., Bm-01 96 

Knowlea, C. W., Bm-15 101 

Knowlea, G. G., Y-92 50 

Knowles, P. H., Hm-18 15 

Knowlson. W. S., Hm-89 10 

Knowlton, D. H., Man-66 215 

Knowlton, H. N., Wis-11 313 

Knowlton, J. G. W., Bdn-95. . . 147 
Knowlton, M. R.. Man-68. ... 215 

Knowlton, P. A., Wi8-06 812 

Knox, a M., Man-60 214 

Knor, DeW., Col-86 24 

Knox, H. S.. Y-07 60 

Knox, N. B., Col-97 26 

Knor, T. S., D-10 169 

Kochersperger, E. S., Y-06 59 

Koelsch, H. A., Jr., D-14 170 

Koford. J. M., Cal-03 315 

Koford, J. S., Cal-06 316 

Kolb, A. R.. Cor-89 264 

Kollar. J. B., Hud-06 135 

Korbel, L. V., Cal-04 315 

Korber, A., Jr., Cor-13 269 

Kramer, S. E., Hud-00 135 

Kramer, W. A., Ch-13 303 

Krech, S., Y-13 65 

Kristeller, 8., Mid-65 227 

Krogstad, R. B., Cor-13 269 

Krowl, H. C, Man-95 221 

Kruemmer, A. W., Col-11 30 

Krug, C. 8.. Col-14 30 

Krug. F. J.. Hud-14 137 

Kumler, P., Y-00 54 

Kunkle, R. D., IU-06 319 

Kunst. G. K., K-97 245 

Kurt«, C. M., PK-83 276 

Kurt«, F. H., Wi8-99 311 

Kurta. J. E., PK-77 275 

Kyburg, G. W., Am-90 81 

La Bar. L. G., Mid-78 230 

La Beaume, C. £., Hvd-42 104 

La Beaume, E. I., Bm-08 99 

Labouisse. J. W., Hyd-62 108 

Lackner, H. M., Tor-07 297 

Ladd, C. E., Am-81 79 

Ladd. C. T., Am-13 87 

Ladd, F.. D-84 163 

Ladd. F. D., Bdn-41 138 

Ladd. G. T., Hud-64 130 

Ladd, H. A., Am-18 88 

Ladd. H. O.. Bdn-59 141 

Ladd, I. G., Bm-86 95 

Ladd, J. J., D-52 154 

Ladd. J. L., Wm»-16 212 

Ladd. L. W.. Y-95 51 

Ladd. W. C. Bm-81 94 

Ladd, W. M., Am-78 78 

Ladd, W. P., D-91 164 

Ladd, W. S., Am-10 86 

Ladd, W. 8., D-55 156 

Laflin. A. K., Wmft-«0 205 

La Grange, J. B. O., Hm-51. . . 4 

La Grange, W.. Wma-68 204 

LaibleTE. P., P-75 177 

Laidlaw, R. A., Tor-08 297 

Laing, G. J., JH-96 286 

Laird. R. 8.. Toi-10 297 

Lake, A. E., D-72 160 

Lake. A. 8., D-62 , 157 

Lake, D. H., Hm-03, Am-03..12, 84 

Lake, R. E., Hm-02 13 

Lamb, C. D , Hvd-61 108 

Lamb, C. R., P-91 180 

Lamb, G. E., P-92 180 

Lamb, G. N., Hvd-91 114 

Lamb, J. P., Hud-09 136 

Lamb, R.. Y-50 36 

Lamb, W. G., Am-85 80 

Lambert, F., PK-16 281 

LaMonte, G. M.. Mid-84 231 

Lamport, L., Min-14 292 

Lampman, L., Y-06 44 

Lampson, E. R., PK-91 277 

Lanahan, W. W., Hvd-07 119 

Lancaster, H., Mi-36 16 

Lancaster, M. P., Y-02 56 

Lander, R. A., R-11 197 

Landers, M. H., Col-06 28 

Landers. W. H., Ck>l-03 28 

Landis, E. Y., Mid-62 226 


Lttidls ALPHABETICAL Learned 

Landis. H. G., Y-67 45 Lapham, J. H.* Wm»-07 210 

Landon, G. M„ P-67 173 Lapham, O. K., Wma-66 202 

Landon, H. B., P-61 174 Larkin, G. F., Ch-18 304 

Landreth, J. T.. Un-16 258 Lannouth, J. T., P-66 175 

Lane, C. S., Am-SO 79 Lamed, S., Y-^2 33 

Lane, F. R., D-81 162 Larned, S. H., Am-69 76 

Lane, G. H., Am-16 87 lAmed, W. E., PK-10 280 

Lane, G. M., Hvd-81 110 Larrabee, F. H., Bdn-10 150 

Lane, G. M., Hvd-46 105 Larremore, T. A., Y-11 63 

Lane, G. T., Y-04 67 Larremore, W., Man-75 217 

Lane, H. C., Mid-01 235 La Rue, C, Hm-93 11 

Lane, J. A., Man-83 218 LarwiU, P. H., JH-01 286 

Lane, J. A., Ch-13 303 Lasell, J., 2nd, Wm»-13 211 

Lane, J. P., Wma-76 305 Laaell, J. M., Wm8-86 206 

Lane, J. P., Am-57 73 Latham, L., Hm-32 1 

Lane, J. W., Man-84 218 Latham, O., P-77 177 

Lane, M. B., Y-13 65 Lathrop, C. H., Mid-«2 226 

Lane, R., Man-84 218 Lathrop, F. C, Y-65 38 

Lane, S., Am-09 85 Lathrop, J. H., Y-05 68 

Lane, W. H., Man-«5 215 Lathrop, J. M., Hm-38 2 

Lanehart, E. L., K-g2 244 Lathrop, M. E., Urb-39 22 

Lang, B. L., K-44 240 Latimer, W. G.. P-87 179 

Lang, E. R., K-69 242 Laub, W. J., Hud-00 135 

Lang. F. A. H., Hud-06 135 Laubscher, G. G., Hud-06 135 

Lang, H. B., Brn-96 97 Lauder, R., Mid-67 227 

Langdell, C. C, Hvd-51 106 Lauderburn, D. E., PK-06 279 

Langdon, C. T., Bm-18 102 Laundon, M. H., Hud-96 134 

Langdon, D., Bm-13 101 La Vake, R. T., Y-05 58 

Langdon, G. W:, Jr., Bm-12. . . 100 La Vayea, G. L., Jr., Min-11 . . 291 

Langdon, G. W.. Un-85 263 Law, F. W., K-02 245 

Langdon, H.E.,K-04 246 Law, G. W„ Ch-08 302 

Lange, F. W., Mid-88 232 Law, R. D., K-02 245 

Lange, J. C, Mid-86 231 Lawrence, A., Hvd-63 109 

Lange, L. A., Mid-91 233 Lawrence, E. A., Y-68 46 

Langford, A. M., PK-97 278 Lawrence, F. W., Hvd-61 108 

Langford, D., Hm-46 3 Lawrence, H. E., R-89 193 

Langford, E., PK-10 280 Lawrence, H. J., Jr., Cor-12. . . 269 

Langford, G,, Jr., Hm-38 2 Lawrence, N. T., Man-77 217 

Langford, W. S., PK-96 278 Lawrence, R. H., G-47 122 

Langley, E. F., Tor-94 294 Lawrence, T. F., Y-99 53 

Langthom, J. 8., Col-91 25 Lawrence, T., Hvd-94 1 16 

Langthom, J. S., Jr., Col-17. . . 31 Lawton, J. M., Hvd-99 117 

Lanier, C. D., JH-88 283 Lawton, N. D., Man-72 216 

Lanier, R. 8.. JH-00 286 Lawton, S. A., Hvd-95 116 

Lanpher, H. C., Bm-18 102 Lawton, W. H., Col-87 24 

Lansden, J. M., Cum-61 259 Lazell, C. T., Bra-64 91 

Lansing, A. W., WmB-83 206 Lazier, E. F., Tor-93 294 

Lansing, C. T., Cor-16 270 Lazier, H. L., Tor-Ol 296 

Lansing, E. P., Un-78 252 Lea, J. M., Hvd-47 105 

Lansing, G. V., Un-83 253 Leach, G. T., D-11 169 

Lansing, J. B. W., Un-83 253 Leach, J. E., Bm-74 93 

Lansing, 8. G., Cor-16 270 Leach, O., Y-60 41 

Lapham, D. G., Y-64 43 Leahy, J., MJd-66 227 

Lapham, H. G., Y-97 52 Learned, S. J., Am-45 71 





Learned. W. L., Y-41 33 

Leavenworth, H. P., Hm-86. . . 10 

Leavenworth, J. P., PK-13 281 

Leavenworth, T. F., Un-01 255 

Leaver, H. K., PK-69 274 

Leavitt, L. B., Bdn-99 147 

Leavitt, T. J., Hvd-61 108 

Leavitt, V. R., Bdn-13 161 

LeBaron, C. L., Cal-13 317 

Le Blanc, K., Y-11 63 

Le Boutillier, G. T., Hud-64. . . 130 

LeBoutillier, M., Y-12 64 

LeBoutillier, S. P., R-14 198 

Lecrenier, G. P., Jr., R-11 197 

Ledyard, A. C, Y-98 53 

Ledyard. H., Y-97 62 

Lee, A. A., Un-03 255 

Lee, A. M., Jr., Hud-07 135 

Lee, B. F., Man-65, Wma-58. . 202 

Lee, C. M., Hni-60 4 

Lee, G- C., Jr., Hvd-94 116 

Lee, G. F., G-59 123 

Lee, G. W., P-85 179 

Lee, G. W., D-74 160 

Lee, H., Wms-68 204 

Lee, H. R., Col-17 31 

Lee, J., Hvd-83 Ill 

Lee, J. G. K., WmB-94 207 

Lee, L. E., Am-ll 86 

Lee, L. H., D-18 171 

Lee, L. M.. Y-64 38 

Lee, M. G., M)d-17 239 

Lee, R. E., Y-16 67 

Lee, R. P., Col-86 24 

Lee, S. V. W., Col-91 26 

Lee, W. H. L., Y-69 46 

Leeming, J., Wms-18 212 

Leeming, J. H., Wma-17 212 

Leete, W. R., Y-08 60 

Le Favour, D., P-95 181 

Le Fevre, J., D-18 171 

Le Fevre, O. E., P-70 176 

LefiFerts, B., Col-03 28 

Lefferts, F. B., Col-00 27 

Lefferte, M. C, Jr., Col-08 29 

Leggett, C. D., K-69 242 

Leggett. W. H., Col-37 23 

Legler, F. M., Wi»-16 314 

Lehr, L. C, JH-94 284 

Leibold. K. H. L., Mid-12 238 

Leighton, F. W., D-17 171 

Leighton, R. W., Bdn-96 147 

Leisenring, O. D., R-79 191 

Leland, C. A., Y-65 44 

Leland, D. R., Hm-89 10 

Leland, G. A., Am-74 77 

Lemberger, A. F., Cal-03 315 

Lemcke, N. R., Am-17 88 

L'Engle, E. M., JH-98 285 

Lent, G. H., Hvd-88 113 

Leonard, A. H., Jr., D-16 170 

Leonard, C., Hud-43 127 

Leonard, C. A., Hm-17 15 

Leonard, C. H., Y-65 44 

Leonard, C. M., Bm-83 95 

Leonard, G. E., Y-03 66 

Leonard, H. V., Mid-12 238 

Leonard, J. A., Cor-88 263 

Leonard, J. H., Col-86 24 

Leonard, O. B., R-61 188 

Leonard, W. D.. Mid-78 230 

Leonard, W. J., R-62 188 

Leonard, W. W., K-18 248 

Lepley, M. O., Mid-93 233 

Lerch, G. L.. Hm-96 11 

LeRoy, C. H., R-18 198 

LeRoy, H. S., R-14 198 

Le Seur, H. H., R-10 197 

Le Seur, J. W., R-81 192 

Leslie, F. P., Mln-15 292 

Leslie, J. W., Wis-07 312 

Lester, B. P., Un-18 258 

Lester, C. T., Un-17. 258 

Lestrade, P. C, Am-17 88 

Levering, J., Jr., JH-95 284 

Levis, M. M., Man-14 224 

Lewis, A. H., Y-04 57 

Lewis, A. L., P-87 179 

Lewis, A. v., Wm»-17 212 

Lewis, C. B., P-86 179 

Lewis, C. B., Am-17 88 

Lewis, C. T., Jr.. Y-16 67 

Lewis, D. M., R-10 197 

Lewis, D. P., Y-03 56 

Lewis, E. H., Y-73 48 

Lewis. E. Hv, Y-99 64 

Lewis, E. v., Wm8-04 209 

Lewis, F. D.. Am-69 76 

Lewis, G. F., Y-64 43 

Lewis, G. H., Y-68 46 

Lewis, G. W., Coi^84 263 

Lewis, H. A., Mid-98 234 

Lewis, H. F., R-14 198 

Lewis, H. L., Wm8-62 201 

Lewis, I. M., R-«5 194 

Lewis, J., Am-61 74 

Lewis, J., Col-40 23 

Lewis, J. B., P-12 186 





Lewis. J. P.. Wia-12 313 

Lewis, J. T., R--86 192 

Lewis, L., Y-66 44 

Lewis, L. L., Jr., Wm8-87 206 

Lewis, L. L., 3rd. Wms-13 211 

Lewis, M., P-77 178 

Lewis, R. B., R-10 197 

Lewis, R. v., Jr., Wms-13 211 

Lewis, S. P., Wis-16 314 

Lewis, T. A., Am-59 73 

Lewis, T. C. K-16 248 

Lewis, W., Hm-49 4 

Lewis, W. E., Hm-75 8 

Lewis, W. v., Wms-10 210 

Lewis, Z. E., Am-62 74 

Leydon, H. W.. Bdn-18 162 

Leydon, J. W., Bdn-07 149 

Libby. A. F., Bdn-64 141 

Libby, C. F., Bdn-64 141 

Libby, F. J., Bdn-89 145 

Libby. F. J., Bdn-94 146 

Libby. F. W., Bdn-64 141 

Libby, W. T., Bdn-99 147 

Licht, W. H., PK-07 280 

Liebert, F. W., Man-05 223 

Lightner, D., Y-09 61 

Likly, H, K.. Cop-17. 270 

Lillibridge, H., Y-13 66 

Lincoln, A., H.vd-63 109 

Lincoln, A. H., Bm-76 93 

Lincoln, E. C. Wms-14 211 

Lincoln, H.. Brn-40 89 

Lincoln, K. P. , Bm-02 98 

Lincoln, L. , Jr. , Hvd-86 112 

Lincoln, S., Hvd-57 108 

Lind. N. G., Min-02 290 

Lindemuth, W. H., Mid-86 232 

Linderman, C., Hm-54 5 

Lindsay, A. B., Tor-18 299 

Lindsay, G. W., Am-86 80 

Lindsay, L. M., MoG-09 308 

Lindsay, S. B., McG-15 309 

Lindsay, W. T., Mid-96 234 

Lindsey, J. H., Bm-92 96 

Lindsley. P., Y-70 47 

Lines, H. S., Y-12 64 

Lines. W. S., Jr., Y-12, PK-12. 281 

Linn. J. W., Ch-97 300 

Linn, S. R., Ch-07 302 

Linnell, J. E., Am-44 70 

Linnell, N. S., Am-43 70 

Linscott, H. F., Bdn-92 146 

•Linton, S. D., Y-46 35 

Lippincott, A. H., Man-^5 221 

Lippincott, E., Y-^8 36 

Lippincott. H. E., Man-91 220 

Lippincott, W. B., Un-93 254 

Lippitt, A. C, Am-66 75 

Lippitt, G. W., Hvd-38 103 

Lisaer, H.. Cal-07 316 

Lister, A. B., PK-14 281 

Litchfield, B. S., Hvd-03 118 

Litchfield, E. H.. Hvd-99 117 

Littell, E. G., PK-99 278 

Littell, F. B., Mid-91 233 

Littell, J. S., PK-90 277 

Littell, S. H., PK-95 278 

Little, A. M., Am-88, Y-89.. .80, 49 

Little, D. W., PK-17 282 

Little, E. R., Bdn-16 151 

Little, E. S., Y-06 58 

Little, E. T., Bdn-87 146 

Little, F. A., Wis-01 311 

Little, G. B., Bdn-43 138 

Little, G. O., Am-60 74 

Little, G. T., Wms-02 209 

Little. H. M., Cor-00 266 

Little, J. B., Am-60 74 

Little, J. J., Y-09 61 

Little, L. L., 111-12 320 

Little, R. F., 111-07 319 

Little, R. R., Wms-OS, JH-06.. 287 

Little, T. B., Cor-01 266 

Little, T. W., PK-14 281 

Little, W. H., Hm-16 14 

Little, W. O. B., D-02 167 

Littlefield, H. C, Un-67 250 

Littlefield, H. W., Brn-08 100 

Littlefield, I., Brn-09 100 

Littlefield. J. B., Bm-02 98 

Littlefield, M. S., JH-90 283 

Littlejohn, H. W., Am-13 87 

LJttlejohn, W. H., P-58 174 

Livermore, A. R., Am-37 69 

Livesay, T. M., K-81 243 

Livingston, E., Hvd-93 115 

Livingston. G.. Man-74 217 

Livingstone, C, Am-14 87 

Llewellyn, F. A., D-14 170 

Lloyd, L. M., Y-16 67 

Locke, C, Man-^93, Col-94. .26, 220 

Locke. E. G., Am-99 83 

Locke, P. E., Col-09 29 

Lockwood, A. F., Col-03 28 

Lockwood, C. L., Jr., P-01 182 

Lockwood, G. R., Man-81 218 

Lockwood, H. deF., Hvd-90. . 114 
Lockwood, H. H., Y-14 65 


tockwood ALPHABETICAL Lyman 

Lockwood, H. R., G-64 124 Loutit, W. R., P-18 186 

Lockwood, J. A., Un-67 260 Love, S. G., Hm-46 3 

Lockwood, J. B., Un-70 261 Love, W. D., Tor-98 295 

Lockwood, L. B., Mid-84 231 Love, W. D. L., Hm-43 8 

Lockwood, L. V., PK-»3 278 Lovejoy, J. A., Min-U 292 

Logan, A. S., Y-70 47 Low, A. A., Y-11 63 

Lombardi, C. E., Y-11 63 Low, E. L, Y-02 66 

Long, C. E., Wi8-02 311 Lowe, C, Hvd-47 106 

Long, E. B., JH-96 284 Lowe, E. A., Cal-06 316 

Long, F. A., Wia-06 312 Lowe, G. B., D-08 168 

Long, G., R-12 197 Lowe, G. H., Jr., Y-10 62 

Long, J. D., Bm-66 90 Lowe, J. G., Mi-38 16 

Long, W. E., R-15 198 Lowe, R. E., Un-13 257 

Longacre, O., Col-98 27 Lowell, C. D., Un-16 268 

Longfellow, R. K., Hvd-86 112 Lowell, C. R., Hvd-54 107 

Longfellow, S., Hvd-39 103 Lowell, G. E., Hvd-83 Ill 

Longman, E. G., Am-03 84 Lowell, J.. Hvd-43 104 

Longstreth, J., Hvd-91 114 Lowell, J. A., Hvd-91 114 

Loomis, A. L., Y-09 61 Lowell, J. B., Hvd-94 116 

Loomifl, C, Cor-72 260 Lowell, J. R., Hvd-38 103 

Loomifl, E., Hud-30, Y-30 . . 127, 30 Lowery, J., Hvd-04 119 

Loomifl, E. S., R-74 190 Loweiy, 8. 8., Hvd-07 119 

Loomis, H. A., Y-96 61 Lowry, D. A., Cum-59 269 

Loomis, H. E., Hud-n83 132 Loaier, H. A., K-90, Cor-91 ... 264 

Loomifl, J. C, K-92, P-93. .244, 180 Lubbers, J. A., P-08 184 

Loomis, R. P., Y-99 54 Luberger, C. F., D-07 168 

Loomifl, 8., Hud-49 128 Luce, H. W., Y-92 60 

Looram, L. A., Y-17 68 Luce, M., Hvd-91 114 

Loose. 8. N., JH-00 286 Luchare, R. B., Y-11 63 

Lord, A. P., Y-93 60 Luck, C., Col-16 31 

Lord, C. E. D., Bdn-95 147 Luckey, F. R., Ck>r-82 262 

Lord, D. D., Col-39 23 Ludlam, G. P., R-64 189 

Lord, E. C, Y-13 65 Ludlow, H. 8.. WmB-92 207 

Lord, G. deF., Y-14 65 Ludlow, J. B., Hvd-81 110 

Lord. G. P., G-66 123 Lukes, C. N.. Cor-«2 262 

Lord, H. D., Bdn-97 147 Lumsden, H. A., McG-09 308 

Lord, H. W., Jr., P-68 176 Lund, C. H., Wis-16 314 

Lord,N..D-61 154 Lungren. C. M.. P-74 ;.. 177 

Lord. N. L., Hud-47. 128 Luquer, L. M.. Col-87 24 

Lord, N. L., Am-37 69 Luquer, T. T. P., Col-89 25 

Lord, R. M., Brn-14 101 Luques, H. L., D-82 162 

Lore, L W.« Mid-71 228 Lusk, G.. Col-87 24 

Lorillard, G., Hvd-08 120 Lusk, W. C., Y-90 49 

LoriUard, P., Jr., Hvd-04 118 Luther, C. F., Y-08 60 

Loring, C. G., Hvd-48 105 Luthy, K. F.. K-08 246 

Loring, C. W., Hvd-39 103 Lyall, E. H., Am-^8 83 

Loring, E. G., Hvd-61 108 Lyall, H. J., Am-91 81 

Loring, F. C, Hvd-63 109 Lydecker, S^ Wma-01 209 

Loring, H. V., Hm-69 6 Lyford, E. H., Bdn-96 147 

Loring, P., Bdn-56 140 Lyles, D. B., Y-67 39 

Loring, R. P., Am-74 77 Lyman, A, Hvd-83 Ill 

Lothrop. G. V. N., Bm-38 89 Lyman, A J., PK-78 276 

Lothrop, T. K., Hvd-49 105 Lyman, A. T., Hvd-53 106 

Lounsbery, Q. H., Am-92 81 Lyman, B. 8., Hvd-66 107 



Lynuui, D., Hud-39 127 McCiU, 8., Y-61 

LymM, D. B.. Y-64 43 MoCbU, S. C, Y-OS. . 

Lyman, D. E., Urb-3B, CoMO, 23 " " ' - * " " ,1 

i,F.H.,P-«a _.- 

Lyniwi, F. J., Wi»-OT 312 

Lymu. H. D.. Min-13 392 

I^waa, H. F., Hm->54 6 

Lymu. H. M.^bm-KS Z02 

Lrni«n, J. Q., W»-Oa 311 

Lyman, P. H., Y-«8 B3 

Lyman. T. B., Hm-37 2 

Lynoh, F. J^ Bdn-15 ISl 

Lynch, P. W„ Hud-9S 134 

Lynoh, R.. D-17 171 

Lynch, W. W., MoG-08 30fl 

LyndB, C. J.. Y-38, Hni-3fl. ... 32 

Lynde, C. R., Y-M 34 

Lynde. W. P., Y-38, HiD-38 ... 32 

Lynde. W. S.. Y-30 32 

Lynn, W. B., U11-6S 250 

Lyon. A., Y-40 36 

l^DD, A. B., Hud'£3 129 

Lyon, A. P.. Am-70 7(1 

Lyon, C. A., Mid-7B 220 

Lyon, C. J.. Hm-67 7 

Lyon, L S., CoiH)i 266 .....^...■, „. „., .u>-92 294 

Lyon, L. T„ PK-16, Coi-16. . . 270 McCloy, L. B., Mid-12 238 

Lyon.M.,Y-S2 37 Moaun», E. S., Cuni-61 2B9 

72 Mcaun. 

216 MeConoick, J. M., Y-00 

90 McConniol[,R.H.,Jr..Y-00.. 

ir, J. N., Man-OS.. " *■ 

jnDAipm, n. D^.Dfit-ia, ...... tt maKAtun, p. o.. 

MoAndnw, A., Man-7S 317 MeCowau, G. R., mdu-ui wa 

MoAndn™, 8., Man-Tl 21« McCoy. G B., lU-Oa 319 

MoAneny, H. b.,Hni-10 IS McCoy, O., F-04 183 

MoArthur, A. P.. Hud-04 136 McCoy, J., Mi-3e 16 

MoArlhur. A. S., Toi-09 297 MeCoy, J. C, Hvd-90 114 

McBean, K. D., Tiw-18 290 McCoy, 8. F.. Mi-39 17 

McBride. M. L Y-00 64 McCiea. A.. Mi-42 . . 

Jam.-C. S., Y-04 67 McCwary, H. C, Y-66 44 

M«C«U, C. N., D-98 166 McCredie, T., Un-7a 252 





McCreery, F. R., P-S8 

McCreery, F. R., Man-85 

McCriUis, J., D-83 

McCurdy, H. P., D-96 

McCurdy, P. R., Cor-01 

McCusker, A. J. , Mm-16 

McCutcheon, F. M., D-76 

McDonald, A. P., Bdn-91 

McDonald, D., Mi-59 

McDonald, J. p., JH-90 

McDonald, J. M., K-68 

McDonald, J. S., Mi-59 

McDonald, W., Jr., Brn-95. . . . 

McDonnell, P. J., Mid-04 

McDow, J. R., Ala-52 

McDuffee, W. S., Min-18 

McDuffie, C. H., Hvd-99 

McElhinney, J. W., Ani-72 

McElwain, D. C, Un-83 

McElwain, J. M., P-15 

McElwain, C. S., P-12 

McEnary, D. R., Min-12 

McEvoy, T. J., Am-97 

McEwan, A. F., P-86 

McEwan, W. H., P-82 

McFarland, A. H., Un-68 

McFarland, D. C, Man-15 

McFarland, G. F., Tor-02 

McFarland, J. M., Mi-70 

McGann, J. M., PK-95 

McGarry, A. L., Un-15 

McGee, R. C, Cal-12 

McGibbon, C. P., Tor-01 

McGififert, J. C, Hud-97 

McGlashan, A. A., Am-90 

McGlathery, W., Am-62 

McGronagle, J. S., D-11 

McGovem, C. B., Y-14 

McGowan, F. C, Wia-01 

McGowan, R. T., Hud-94 

McGrath, J. M., P-72 

McGraw, B. J., Bdn-08 

McGraw, E. W., P-59 

McGraw, F, V., Cal-10 

McGraw, S. D., P-92 

McGraw, T. A., Y-98 

McGraw, T. A., P-69 

McGraw, T. A., P-91 

McGregor, J. W., Mi-63 

McGregor, R. G., Hm-97 

McGuire. H. L., Mi-46 

McHenry, G., Ch-04 

McHenry, J. H., Y-14 

Mcllvaine, G. H., Am-01 

179 Mclntire, A. W., Y-73 48 

219 Mcintosh, D. G., Jr., JH-98. . . 285 

162 Mcintosh, R. W., Hm--64 6 

165 Mclntyre, J. B., D-01 166 

266 Mclntyre, J. G., Man-92 220 

293 Mclntyre, M. D., Hud-98 134 

161 Mclntyre, W., Man-92 220 

146 McKannay, H. G., Cal-07 316 

19 McKay, C. W., D-93 165 

283 McKee, S. Hm McG-00 306 

241 McKeen. J., Bdn-64 141 

19 McKeen, J„ Jr., Bdn-53 140 

97 McKeighan, R. 0., P-00 182 

236 McKelvey, F. E., R-18 198 

199 McKelvy, C. L., Wms-17 212 

293 McKenzie, 0. G., Wms-90 207 

117 McKenzie. W. G., Cum-61 259 

77 McKeon, R. L.. PK-03 279 

253 McKey, D. F., Wis-ll 313 

185 McKim, W, D., Hvd-52 106 

185 McKim. W. M., 111-13 320 

292 McKinlay. J. B.. Col-^? 25 

83 McKinley, J. DeW. H., K-72. . 242 

179 McKinatry. J. A.. Am-38 69 

178 McKitrick, E. S.. Mi-70 21 

250 MoKittrick. R., Hvd-99 117 

224 McKnight. S. T., Y-07 60 

296 McLain, A. L., Mi-68 20 

21 McLain, F. D., Hud-78 132 

278 McLain, J. L., Mi-68 20 

257 McLain, T. J., Hud-59 129 

317 McLane. A, Jr.. Y-16 67 

296 McLane. P., Col-96 26 

134 McLaren, J. P., Mi-67. Wma-77 205 

81 McLaren. W. D., Mid-13 238 

74 McLauchlan. J. C, Y-98 53 

169 McLaughlin, A. C, P-82 178 

65 McLaughlin, D. B., Ch-16. ... 304 

311 McLaughlin, G. A., Mid-73. .. 229 

134 McLaughlin. R. H., Bm-15. ... 101 

176 McLaury. W. P., Un-69 251 

149 McLea, E. H., McG-98 306 

174 McLean. A. Y-66 44 

316 McLeaa. S. R., P-65 175 

180 McLennan. F.. McG-79 305 

53 McLennan, G. S.. MoG-16 309 

174 McLennan. J.H., Y-16, McG-16 67 

180 McLeod. C. H., McG-73 306 

20 McLeod. C. K.. McG-12 309 

11 McLeod, F. C. Wia-10 313 

18 McLeod, G. D., McG-16 309 

301 McLeod. G. E. S., McG-18. ... 310 

65 McLeod. J., Y-44 34 

83 McLeran, 6„D-62.., 157 





MoMahon, D. J., P-03 183 

McMaken, J. J., Mi-70 21 

McManufl, P. W., Am-63 74 

McMartin, T. B., P-17 186 

McMaster, A., Hin-56 5 

McMaater, R. B., Man-68 215 

MoMillan, A. C, Hm-86 10 

McMiUan, G. S., Hm-16 14 

McMiUan, J. B., Hm-14 14 

McMiUan, W. A., Wi8-09 312 

McMiUan, W. D., Bdn-10 160 

McMiUen, C. R., Ch-03 301 

McMorran, D. W., P-92 180 

McMullen, C. G., Un-07 254 

McMuUen, D. B., P-16 186 

McMurray.'J., Mid-87 232 

McNair, H. T., R-16 198 

McNamara, T. R., P-16 186 

McNary, S. G., Man-75 217 

McNear, E. D., Cal-12 317 

McNear, G. P.. Jr„ Cal-12, 

Cor-i3 317, 269 

McNeil, H. W., Y-62 37 

McNeile, H. J., Man-14 224 

McNeiU, K. F., Mid-13 238 

McNulty, D. S.. Col-14 30 

McNutt. H. E., D-69 159 

McPhedran, F. M., Tor-10 297 

McPhedran, W. F., Tor-06 296 

McPherson, J. H. T., JH-86. . . 283 

McPherson, J. V., D-10 169 

McPherson, W. S., Ch-06, 

Wms-07 .302, 210 

McQuillan, G. F., Bdn-76 143 

McRae, R. J., Min-07 291 

McRee, J. F., Y-10 62 

McVaugh, K. F., Am-09 86 

McVey, C. H., Min-06 291 

McVickar, H., Col-36 23 

McVoy, A. D., Mid-56 225 

McVoy, M., Jr., Cor-92 264 

Maben, R. E., D-97 165 

Mabie, H. W., Wma-67 203 

MacAdam, E. W.. Man-95 221 

Macauley, J. B., Jr., 111-18 321 

MacBride, T., Y-97 52 

MacCamant, J. E., Hud-12 136 

MacCIintock, P., Ch-12 303 

MacDonald, A. M.. Bdn-91 ... 146 

MacDonald, J. V., Y-74 49 

Macdonald» A. W., Tor-11 297 

Macdonald, F., Col-14 30 

Macdonald, F. W., Tor-12 298 

Macdonald, G. A., R-13 197 

Macdonald, J. M., Man-88 219 

Macdonald, W. R., Tor-99 295 

Macdonell, A. M., Tor-86 294 

Macdonell, I. M., Tor-15 298 

Macdonough, A. R., Y-39 32 

MacDowelT, E. G., Brn-14 101 

MacDoweU, W. A., Y-58 40 

Macfarlane, D. H., McG-17 ... 310 

Macfarlane, G. C, Un-03 255 

Macfarlane, L., McG-00 306 

MacGill, C. F., Jr., Un-10, 

Min-U....* 291, 256 

MacGillivray, J. F., Tor-92. . . . 294 

MacGregor, D., Y-68 46 

MacGregor, J., Jr., Y-^5 51 

MacGregor, W. F., Wia-97 311 

MacGregor, W. S., Cor-71 260 

Machette, J. H., Y-10 62 

Macintosh, J. P., Bdn-18 152 

Mack, A. J., Hud-68 130 

MackaU, L. L., JH-00 286 

Mackay, J. M., Hvd-92 116 

Mackay, K. T., Hm-15 14 

Mackay, W. W., Hvd-89 113 

Mackenzie, A. W., Tor-01 296 

MacKinlay, T. E., Y-66 44 

MacKinnan, R., Hud-16 137 

Mackinnon, A. P., r)-02 167 

MacKinnon, D. T., P-14 185 

Mackintosh, I. R., McG-12. ... 309 

Mackwood, R., R-61 188 

Maclaren, C. H., Tor-06 296 

Maclaren, G. M., McG-00 306 

Maclaren, J. A., Tor-05 296 

MacLaughlin, H. B., Bdn-10. . 150 

Maclean, A. P., Tor-17 299 

MacLean, D. C., Man-06 223 

MacLean, L. W., 111-17 321 

MacLean. W. B., Mid-09, 

Man-09 237, 223 

MacLeod, C. G., Bm-15 101 

MacLeod, K. B., Bm-18 102 

Maclise, D. G., Cal-14 317 

MacMtdlen, J., Col-37 23 

MacNamee, F. A., Jr., Wms-15 212 

Macomb, E., G-62 124 

Macomb, M.M..Y-73........ 48 

Macomber, F. A., R-59 188 

Macomber, F. S., R-89 193 

Macomber, W., R-85 192 

Macon, C. F., R-01 195 

MacQuiston, H. M., Ch-00 300 

. MacQuiston, P. D., Ch-01 301 

Macrum, W. W.. PK-17 282 





MacSheny, R., JH-07 287 

MacVickar, J. G., R-87 193 

MacWhorter, A.. Y-42 33 

MacWiUiams. G. A., Bdn-15. . . 151 

Maddox, D. F.. Cal-16 318 

Maddox. M. M., Cal--06 316 

Maddox, R. 8., Y-07 60 

Maddox, W. T.. PK-69 274 

Maercklein, B. C. PK-06 279 

Magee, A. A., ToM)2 296 

Magee, J. P., Ch-02 301 

Magee, W. W., Ch-OS.' 301 

MagouQ, G. B., Hvd-93 115 

Magoun, G. F., Bdn-41 138 

Mains, G. P., Mid-70 228 

Maire. G. H., Hvd-89 114 

Maison, C. A., Y-44 34 

Malcolm, G. I., Brn-79 94 

Mallett, C. H., Cor-78 261 

MaUett, W. G., Bdn-91 146 

MaUett, W. P., PK-40 272 

Malloch, W. J. O., Tor-90 294 

Maloney, D. J., D~97 165 

Maloney, H. D., Cum-61 259 

Maltman, J. S., P-70 176 

Maltzberger, H., Y-62 42 

Man, A., Man-91 220 

Man, E., Man-82, Wmfi-85 218 

Man, E. A. 8., Y-66 44 

Man, H. H., Man-74 217 

Manchester, H. L., Mid-18 239 

Manchester, P., Hvd-93 115 

Mancourt, A. L., P-14 185 

Mancourt, E. M., K-85 243 

Mandel, E. D., D-02 167 

MandeU, H. F., Hvd-84 112 

Mandeville, H., Hm-35 1 

MandeviUe, W. N., R-00 195 

Mangam, W. D., Brn-00 98 

Manierre, A. L., Col-83 24 

Manierre, C. E., Cor-80 262 

Manierre, C. E., Y-16 67 

Mann, A., Mid-79 230 

Mann, G. E.. K-62 240 

Mann, M. M., P-88 179 

Mann, S. V., Jr., Hvd-96 116 

Mann, W. L., P-90 180 

Manning, C., Coi^-73 260 

Manning, J., Hud-47 128 

Manning, J. R., JH-11 287 

Manning, L. D., Mi-57 19 

Manning, R. A., Wms-93 207 

Maiming, T. R., Toi^l5 ^ . 298 

Maiming, W. H., Hvd-82 Ill 

Manny. W. R., Coi-13 269 

Manson, C. A., D-02 164 

Manson, D. E., Y-92 50 

Manuel, J. W., Cal-14 317 

Mapes, E. L., Un-73 251 

Mapes. G. C, IU-17 321 

Mapes, W. E., Un-70 251 

Maples, C. P., G-48 122 

Marache, H. H., Y-15 66 

Marble, C. F., Am-86 80 

Marble, M., R-55 187 

March, C. A., Am-70 76 

March, C. D., Hvd-80 110 

March, D., Am-38, Y-40 69, 33 

March, D., Jr., Am-65 75 

March, F. A., Am-45 . . .' 71 

March, F. O., Hud-04 135 

March, F. W., Am-67 75 

March, H. W., Hud-08 136 

Marcy, A., Am-50 73 

Marcy, D., Y-63 42 

Marcy, L. B., R-80 191 

Marfield, E., K-83 243 

Mariner, J. W., Hvd-9i 114 

Marion. G. S., D-08 168 

Mark, G. A, Bdn-62 141 

Marks, C. R., Y-67 45 

Marks, L. M., Y-14 65 

Markwardt. H. W., IU-17 321 

Marmaduke, v., Y^2 37 

Marquis, F. W., 111-05 319 

Marr, G. H., Y-67 46 

Marsh, C. A., Un-76 252 

Marsh. C. D., R-08 196 

Marsh, C. V. R., Man-98 221 

Marsh, E. H., Am-11 86 

Marsh, F. B., Am-^ 79 

Marsh, I. W. R., D-^7 156 

Marsh, R., Jr., Col-07 29 

Marsh, W. R., P-48 172 

MarshaU, A. W., D-46 153 

Marshall, 0. A., JH-03 286 

MarshaU, E., Y-92 60 

MarshaU, H. T., JH-94 284 

MarshaU, J. B., Am-38 69 

MarshaU, J. H., JH-13 288 

MarshaU, J. M., K-64 241 

MarshaU, R. M., Y-51 36 

MarshaU. T. B., Mi-61 19 

MarshaU, W. M. L., Bdn-5i. . . 140 

Marshall, W. S., K-69 240 

Marston, E. J., Brn-11 100 

.Marston, H. S., Bm-08 100 

Marston, S. 8., D-^5 165 





MarteU, J. G., Bdn-17 151 

Martens, R. G., Cal-17 318 

Martin, A., P-66 173 

Martin, B. E., Man-59 214 

Martin, C, Cum-60 259 

Martin, C. G., Hm-83 9 

Martin, D. H., Man-81 218 

Martin, E. C, Mi-71, D-71. . 21, 159 

Martin, E. D., JH-11 287 

Martin, E. K., Am-71 76 

Martin, G. E.,.Y-72 48 

Martin, H. C. Cum-60 259 

Martin, H. E., Y-70 47 

Martin, H. W., Hm-17 15 

Martin, J. P., Hm-92 11 

Martin. L., Mid-17 239 

Martin. P., D-05, Cor-07 268 

Martin, R. S., PK-16 282 

Martin, S. C, P-59 174 

Martin, T. H., D-71 159 

Martin, W. E., P-n82 178 

Martin, W. P., Bdn-80 144 

Martindale. S., Jr., Hm-17 .... 15 

Marting. H. A., Y-14 65 

Marvin, J. M., Hvd-89 114 

Marvin, L. P. W.. Y-92 50 

Maaon, A. B., P-81 . : 178 

Mason, A. G., Hvd--86 112 

Mason. A. L., Hvd-63 109 

Mason, A. T., R-61 188 

Mason, C. F., R-03 195 

Mason, C. W., K-76 242 

Mason, E. G., McG-02 307 

Mason, E. H., Bm-10, McG-14 309 

Mason, E. W., Brn-68 92 

Mason. F. A., Man-55 213 

Mason, F. G.. Y-01 55 

Mason, G., K-80 243 

Mason, H. A., R-12 197 

Mason. H. C, Hvd-62 109 

Mason, H. H., Bm-00 98 

Mason, 3. B., D-71 159 

Mason, J. H., Bm-72 93 

Mason, J. R., Bdn-68 142 

Mason, J. 8., Jr., K~77 243 

Mason, J. W., Man-55 213 

Mason, J. W. T., Man-98 221 

Mason, L., 2nd, Coi--14 . 269 

Mason, R. E., Brn-04 99 

Mason, W. E., Bdn-^2 144 

Mason, W. E., Jr., Bdn-14 151 

Mather, A. S., Y-07 60 

Mather, B. F., Wm&-62 303 

Mather. F. G., D-67 158 

Mathes, E. N.. D-64 155 

Mathews, E. D., Hm-73 8 

MathewBon, C. B., Brn-74 .... * 93 

Matson, C. N., Un-70 261 

Matson, R. W., R-17 198 

Matson, W. A, G-43 121 

Matteson, C. D., P-93 180 

Matteson, M. W., Min-00 290 

Matteson, R. G., Min-94 289 

Matthews, A. C, Tor-lO 297 

Matthews, C. S., Hvd-90 114 

Matthews, D. A., P-74 177 

Matthews, H. M., Am-69 76 

Mata, C. D., Wm&-09 210 

Mata, C. H., Wm8-18 212 

Mata, H. L., Wms-80 205 

Mata, J. D., Wms-12 211 

Mata, R., Wm8-82 206 

Mauran, F., Brn-85 96 

Maury, M. F., K-04 246 

Mavor, J., Tor-84 294 

Maxim, F. L., Man-08, Mid-09 237 

Maxson. O. P., D-78 161 

Maxwell. A. A., D-83 162 

Maxwell, H. L., Am-02 84 

Maxwell, J. H., Bdn-64 : 141 

Maxwell, J. R., Jr., Am-97 83 

Maxwell, J. 8., Hud-75 131 

May, C, Wms-73 204 

May, C. C, Cor-10 268 

May, D., P-49 172 

May, G. S., K-96 245 

May, J.. Hvd-57 108 

May, J. W., Bdn-62 140 

May, R. B., K-06 246 

Mayer, G. F., Man-64 216 

Maynard, E.. Am-62 74 

Maynard, H., Am-38 69 

Maynard, J., Am-74 77 

Maynard, J. H. , JH-10 287 

Maynard, R. W.. Am-02 84 

Mayo, A., Mi-61 19 

Mayo, E. H., K-69 240 

Mayo, H. B., Mi-47 18 

Mayo, J. W., Mi-64 20 

Maytham, T. E., Wm8-18 212 

Meacham. R. T., Hud-98 134 

Mead, A. C, Un-17 258 

Mead, C. B., Col-09 29 

Mead, C. L., Un-09 266 

Mead, E. H., Y-12 64 

Mead,E. S., Y-68; 46 

Mead. F. D., P-79 178 

Mead, G. G., Y-12 64 





Mead. H. C. A., Ch-15 304 

Mead. H. S., Y-02 56 

Mead, J. N.. Hvd-51 106 

Mead, M. D., P-12 185 

Mead, T. L., Cor-77 261 

Mead, T. S., P-13 185 

Meade, A. P., Jr., Hvd-97 116 

Meade, W. G., Hud-96 134 

Meagher, J. J.. McG-01 306 

Meakins. J. C, McG-04 307 

Means. D. M.. Y-68 46 

Means, G. J., Bdn-47 139 

Means, J.. D-69 159 

Means, J. O., Bdn-43 138 

Meare. E. C, Man-93 220 

Meare. E. N. K., Wms-93 207 

Mears, L., Am-74 77 

Meconkey, R. J., Hvd-64 109 

Medary, F. H., K-67 241 

Meeker, H. E., Hvd-n89 114 

Meier. D. I., Y-06 68 

Meiklejohn. J. §., Am-18 88 

Meinhard; E. J.. R-18 198 

Mellen. J.. Bni-62 91 

Meloy, W. A., Y-64 38 

Melville. C. W.. D-OS 168 

Mendenhall, A. C. Brn-91 96 

MendenhaU. C. H., K-63 241 

MendenhaU. E. T.. MiHl2 17 

Meneely, A. C. Un-14 257 

Meneely, G. K.. Un-8l 262 

Mengel, C. C, Jr., Y-09 61 

Menke. A. E.. 111-15 320 

Mentley. G. L.. R~16 198 

Menzie. H. J., R-86 192 

Menzie, R. J., R-18 198 

Mercer. C. D., Bm-06 99 

Mercer. H. C. Hvd-79 110 

Mercer. J. L. D.. G-52 123 

Mercer. J. M., Bm-09 100 

Mercer, K., Brn-lO 100 

Merchant, H. S., Y-61 41 

Meredith. B. F., Mid-01 235 

Meredith, F. C, PK-05 279 

Meredith. J. R., Tor-99 295 

Meredith. W. R., Tor-00 295 

Meriwether. J. S., Ala-50 199 

Merriam, J. R., D-05 167 

Merriam, R. J., Mid-01 235 

Merriam. R. S., K-14 247 

Merrick, A. H., Hm-05 13 

Merrick, W. R., Hud-67 130 

Merrifield, F.. Ch-98 300 

Merrifield, R. W.. Ch-03 301 

MerriU. B., Un-86 253 

Merrill, C. A., D-64. Mid-64. . 227 

Merrill, C. W., D-66 158 

MerriU, D., Bdn-46 139 

MerrUl, E. A., Mid-70, I>-71 . . 159 

Merrill, F. A., Wnia-13 211 

MerriU, F. B.. Bdn-n81 144 

MerrUl, F. B., Bdn-47 139 

MerriU, F. J. H., Gol-86 24 

MerrUl, G. A., Man-01 222 

MerriU, H. D., P-61 174 

MerrUl, J. C., Hvd-42 104 

MerriU, J. W., Mid-34 225 

MerrUl, P.. Y-65 44 

iClerrUl, R. C.. Min-09 291 

MerrUl, R. E., Bdn-09 150 

MerriU. S. M., PK-15 281 

MerrUl, W. G., Bm-82 94 

Merriman, F. F.. Un-70 251 

Merriman, G. C.. Un-96 254 

Merriman, J. D., Bdn-92 146 

Merriman, M. H.. Y-01 55 

Merriman, R. G., Bdn-67 142 

Merriss, W. L., R-56 187 

Merritt, C. F., Man-97 221 

Merritt. C. W., Hm-66 6 

Merritt, J. I., Col-06 28 

Merritt, R. P., Cal-07 316 

Merryman, A. P., Man-11 223 

Merryman, L. M., Cor-13 269 

Merryman, W. C., Bdn-82 144 

Merwin, A. B., Y-57 39 

Merwin, J. H., Hm-99 12 

Merwin, M. H., Hm-52 4 

Merwin, M. K., Coi^6. Hm-85 10 

Merwin, N. T., Y-61 41 

Merwin, S. J. M., Y-39 32 

Mesick, R. S., Y-48 35 

Meesiter, G. N., Man-75 217 

Metcalf, G. T., Bm-13 101 

Metcalf , H., Bm-04 99 

Metcalf, H. C., Min-18 293 

Metcalf. H. K., Bm-02 98 

Metcalf, J. T., Bm-14 101 

Metcalf, P. B., Bm-16 101 

Metcalfe, G. W., Gol-91 25 

Metcalfe, O., Y-45 34 

Metheany, B. B., P-99 182 

Metheany, J. M., P-08: 184 

Metheany, R. R.. Jr., P->01 .... 182 

Meyer, A. W.. Hud-03 135 

Meyer. C. C., Y-02 56 

Meyer, J. H., Hud-06 135 

Meyer, O. €., Am-07 85 





Michael. V. H., Mid-12 238 

Michael, W. H., JH-09 287 

Michler, G. H., Wms-16 212 

Micks, H. R., Un-75 251 

Micks. R. R., Un-11 267 

Micou, B. H., Coi-16 270 

Micou, C. M., Coi^lS 271 

Micou, H. H.. Coi^-16 270 

Middlebrook, L. N., PK-48. . . . 273 

Middleton, A. R., R-91 193 

Middleton, A. W., P-88 179 

Middleton, E. A., P-17 186 

Middleton, R. I., D-OO 156 

Middleton. W. H., I>^8 166 

Mifflin, B. C. Hvd-62 109 

Mifflin, G. H., Hvd-66 110 

MUes, A. G., Coi-97 266 

Miles, F., 2nd, Un-99 256 

MUes, L. W., JH-94 284 

Miles. R. E., Am-99 83 

Milford, J. S., Cor-77 261 

MiUar, R., D-13 169 

MiUard. A, Cor-79 262 

MiUard, A., Jr., Coi^lS 270 

Millard, B.. Col-09 29 

Millard, C. S., Hm-66 7 

Millard. H. E.. Cor-16 270 

Millard. J. H., Cor-18 271 

Millard, M. B.. Wis-U 814 

Millard, S. B., Cor-10 268 

Millard. W. J., Hm-80 9 

MiUer. A. B., Am-70 76 

Miller. A. B.. Y-56 38 

Miller, A. G., Ch-03 301 

Miller. A. M., R-16 198 

MiUer. A. S., Hm-35 1 

MiUer. C. D.. Hm-38 2 

MiUer, C. E., Cal-OO 315 

Miller, C. R., P-58 174 

MiUer, D. B., Wi8-17 314 

MUler, D. E., Mid-69 228 

MUler, E. H.. Cal-10 316 

MUler, G. G.. Hud-15 137 

MUler. H. C, Man-73 216 

MUler. H. C, Hm-00 12 

MUler. H. G., HmHlS 3 

MiUer, H. J., Man-14. Col-14. . 30 

MUler. H. J. C, Man-04 222 

MUler, H. T., R-68 189 

MUler, J., Mi-39 17 

MUler. J. H.. Am-88 80 

MiUer, J. M., Min-13 292 

MUler, J. W., K-76 242 

MUler. J. W., Jr., Un-01 256 

MUler, L. G., Cor-96 266 

MUler. M. P., Ch-13 303 

MUler. M. R., Hm-68 7 

MUler. O., D-48 154 

MUler, R., Hm-69 7 

MUler. R. G., Jr., Cor-13 269 

MUler, R. T., Am-99 83 

MUler, S., Jr., Am-12 86 

MiUer, 8. F., AmHl8 71 

MiUer. S. F., Hm-62 4 

MUler, S. J.. Hm-94 11 

MUler, S. T.. Y-16 67 

MUler, T. B., Coi-93 266 

MUler. T. S., Cor-09 302 

MUler, T. W., Am-14 87 

MiUer. W. G.. G-60 124 

MUler. W. P., Hm-84 10 

MUler W. T. Hud-05 136 

MiUigan G. L., Tor-07 297 

MUligan, H. W.. Wnu^dS 201 

MUlUcen. A. N., Am-80 79 

MUlUcen. H. J.. Bdn-01 148 

MUls, A.. Y-47 35 

MiUs. A. L., Man-70 ; 216 

MUls. A. L. S., McG-14 309 

MUls, C. C, P-14 186 

MiUs, C. M., Am-14 87 

MUls. C. P.. Wms-78 205 

MUls. C. S.. Am-82 79 

MUls, F. C, Jr., P-09 184 

MUls, F. H., Wm8-93 207 

MiUs, F. P.. Hm-05 13 

Mills. F. S.. Am-87 80 

MUls, G. F.. Wms-62 203 

MUls. H. E.. Jr., Cal-11 317 

MUls, I. J.. R-07 194 

MUls. J. E., ToiM)4 296 

MUls, J. K.. WmfrnSl 201 

MUls. J. L., Y-01 56 

MUls, P. O., Hvd-05 119 

MUls, S. F., Hvd-09 117 

MUlspaugh, R. C, K-11 247 

MUlmore, N. L., D-15 170 

MUne. J. M., R-75 190 

MUne, W. E., Un-95, Am-96 . . 82 

MUne, W. J., R-68 189 

MUner, S. G., P-72 176 

Milnor, C. E., Urb-38 22 

MUton, W. F., Hvd-58 108 

Mims, W. J., Ala-56 199 

Miner, C. E., Man-06 223 

Miner, H. B., Brn-64 92 

Miner, H. E., Wms-55 201 

Miner, W. A.. Mid-79 230 





Mini, L. E.. Cal-03 

Minor, P. H., Hm-64 

Minor. W. C, Hm-82 

Minot. C. H., Jr., Hvd-86 

Minot, M., R-78 

Minott, C. v., Jr., Bdn-91 

Minturn, R. S., Hvd-84 

MiskeU, J. B.. Hud-16 

MitcheU, B. C. K-64 

MitcheU, D. G., Y-41 

Mitchell, F. W., Wms-62 

MitcheU, G. G., McG-01 

MitcheU, G. O., D-80 

MitcheU, H. G., Mid-73 

MitcheU, H. 8., K-68 

MitcheU, J. B., Y-63 

MitcheU. J. G., Hix^-«2 

MitcheU, J. K., Hvd-81 

MitcheU, J. L., Y-07 

MitcheU, J. 8., P-46 

MitcheU, J. 8., Wm8-63 

MitcheU, J. T., Hvd-65 

MitcheU, R. G., Man-61 

MitcheU, R. J., Wina-56 

MitcheU, V. E., McG-96 

MitcheU, W., P-87 

MitcheU, W. L., Y-04 

Mix, A. J., Hm-10 

Mizner, T. W., G-64 

Mock, B., Ala-58 

Mock, L- C., PK-78 

Modica, F. B., D-65 

Moen, L-, Col-03 

Moflfat, J. C, Mi-35 

Moffatt, W. F., Wis-02 

Moffett, W. H., G-59 

Mohlman, A. J., Y-08 

Mohlman, G. A., Y-04 

Mohr, F. W. C.. McG-06 

Molinard, W. R., JH-03 

Moloney, F. G., Ch-03 

Moloney, W. A., Ch-02 

Molony, D., Mi-35 

Monell, G. R., Man-09 

Monroe, H. C., Col-17 

Montague, A. I., Am-96 

Montague, R. 8., P-03 

Monteith, J., Y-56 

Montelius, W. P., Am-«3 

Montgomery, A., Am-37 

Montgomery, A. E., Col-89 

Montgomery, C. B., Mi-65. . . . 

Montgomery, C. E., D-90 

Montgomery, E. L., Mid-98. . . 

315 Montgomery, H. E.. P-86 179 

6 Montgomery, H. 8., Mid-05. . . 236 

9 Montgomery, J. 8.. CoI-89 25 

112 Montgomery, T. H., Mid-02. . . 235 

191 Montgomery. W. A.. Mid-90 . . 233 

146 Montroae, H. W., P-71 176 

112 Mooar. G., Wm»-^1 201 

137 Moody, C. D.. I>-59 156 

241 Moody, E. H., Hm-02 12 

33 Moody, F.H.,R-11.... 197 

203 Moody. J. M. W.. Bdn-90 146 

306 Moody, P. D., Y-01 55 

161 Moody, W. A., Bdn-'82 144 

229 Moore, B.,Y-06 59 

240 Moore, D. R., Mi-71 21 

42 Moore. E. G., D-80 162 

6 Moore, E. P., Y-^56 39 

110 Moore, F. G., in-06 319 

60 Moore, F. W.. Y-03 56 

172 Moore. H. K., D-61 157 

203 Moore. H. W., IU-18 321 

107 Moore, J. A., PK-97, Bm-98.. 97 

214 Moore. J. A., PK-14 281 

202 Moore, J. B.. PK-13 281 

306 Moore, J. R., Mid-63 226 

179 Moore, J. 8., Man-70 216 

57 Moore, J. W., D-69, Hud-69. . 130 

13 Moore, N. W., Bm-62 90 

123 Moore. P.. Y-08 60 

200 Moore, R., Mi-68 19 

275 Moore, R. C., Hm-56 5 

158 Moore, R.D..Min-03 290 

28 Moore, R. 8., P-58 174 

16 Moore, S. W., Hud-84 132 

311 Moore, W. A., Mi-39 17 

123 Moore, W. B., Mi-43 17 

60 Moore, W. B., R-61 188 

57 Moore, W. C., P-64 175 

307 Moore, W. F., K-96 245 

284 Moore, W. H., R-56 188 

301 Moore, W. H., Tor-94 294 

301 Moorhead, A. C., Cal-14 317 

16 Moorhead, J. A., Y-04 57 

223 More, E. C, Y-68 40 

31 Morehead, J.. Y-56 39 

82 MorehouBe. A. R., Am-18 88 

183 Morehouse, E. W., Am-18 88 

39 Morey, W. C., R-68 189 

74 Morgan, C. G., Cal-08 316 

69 Morgan, D., Y-12 64 

25 Morgan, D. P., Bm-69 92 

20 Morgan, E. C, Hm-^ 5 

164 Morgan, G. W., Mid-96 234 

234 Morgan, H. B., Hm-47 3 





Morgan, H. H., G-^9, Win»-69. 202 

Morgan, H. M.. Y-99 54 

Morgan, H. T., PK-08 280 

Morgan, M. B.. Bm-55 90 

Morgan, M. H., Hvd-81 110 

Morgan, P. M., Mi-53 18 

Morgan, S. A., Wma-OG 209 

Morgan, W. F., PK-88 277 

Moriron, B., Y-02 56 

MorkiU, F. E., McG-11 308 

Morkill, G. W., McG~14. ..... 309 

Morley, W. K., Cor-96 265 

Morrill, A. H., D-97 166 

Morrill, C. v., Man-03 222 

MorriU, E. T., Y-11 63 

Morrill, F. F., Hud-68 130 

Morris, A. M., Am-13 87 

Morris, C. S., Min-02 290 

Morris, C. W., Hvd-02 118 

Morris, D. H., Hvd-96 116 

Morris, D. V., Mid-16 239 

Morris, E. B., Jr., Y-11 63 

Morris, E. D., Y-49 36 

Morris, F. R., Man-10 223 

Morris, G. B., Am-37 69 

Morris, H. F., R-02 196 

Morris, R. T., Cor-80 262 

Morris, T. L., PK-11 280 

Morrisette, F. S., Ala-59 200 

Morrisey, T. S., McG-'li 309 

Morrison, C. S., K-03 245 

Morrison, F. H., K-75 242 

Morrison, F. W., Wms-74 206 

Morrison. G. C, JH-89 283 

Morrison, H. I., Wis-Oe 312 

Morrison, J. F., Bdn-08 149 

Morrison, J. M., Bdn-18 152 

Morrison, J. F., Bdn~08 149 

Morrison, N. J., D-63 156 

Morrison, P. B., PK-94 278 

Morrison, R., Mi-75 21 

Morrison, R. A., McG-04 307 

Morrison, S. T. B., Am-10 86 

Morrison, W. H., Man-91 220 

Morron, J. H., Hni-59 6 

Morrow, B. B., JH-07 287 

Morrow, G. C, R-17 198 

Morrow, H. M., McG-07 308 

Morrow, J. C. M., McG-15 309 

Morrow, S. R., Y-70, Bm-70. 47-92 

Morse, A., Y-16 66 

Morse, A. B., Hm-49 4 

Morse, B. K., PK-99 278 

Morse, B. W., Bdn-08 149 

Morse, B. W., Y-51 

Morse, C. L., Am-Ol 

Morse, E. A., Y-10 

Morse, E. D., McG-17 

Morse, F. P., Bdn-90 

Morse, G. L., Man-63 

Morse, J., Am-46 

Morse, J. O., Hm-36 

Morse, J. T., Jr., Hvd-60 

Morse, L., Am— 71 

Morse, L. B., Man-89 

Morse, L. B., Mid-14 

Morse, M. L., Bdn-46 

Morse, O. A., Hm-33 

Morse, 8. C, Tor-ll 

Morse, S. E.. Y-66 

Morse, S. N., Y-90 

MorseU, H. T., Mid-14 . . 

Morss, E. L., Bdn-12 

Morss, J. R., PK-47 

Morss, P. B., Bdn-10 

Morss, R. D., Bdn-10 

Mortimer, J. D., Cal-00 

Morton, E., Hvd-56 

Morton, M., Bm-38 

Morton, N., Brn-40 

Morton, O. T., Cor-82 

Moseley, J. A., Jr., Y-15 

Moses, B. F., D-47 

Moses, G. C, Bdn-H56 

Moses, J. S., PK-14.. 

Moses, T. F., Bdn-^7 

Mosher, G. A., D-67 

Mosher, G. F., Bdn-69 

Mosman, O. C., Y-94 

Moss, R. T. W., Hvd-94 

Mossman, W. B., Am-78 

Mott, J. M., Man-96 

Mott, L. F., Man-83 

Moulson, C. E., R-01, Cor-04. 
Moulson, G. DeW., Am-96. . . 

Moulton, C. D., Bdn-98 

Moulton, H. F., D-00 

Moulton, R. H., Col-00 

Moulton, S. R., D-98 

Mountjoy, P., Y-73 

Mowat, A. M., Tor-ll 

Mowe. J. F., D-52 

Mowry, W. A, Bm-58 

Moxom, P. W. T., Brn-97 

Much, R. M., Bdn-06 

Muckleston, H. 8., McGr-05. . 

Mucklow, W. B., Col-09 

Mudge, E. T., 2nd, JH-17. . . . 





















[393 3 




Mudgett, J. E. R., Bdn-08 149 

Mulford, A., Cor-15 270 

Mulford, R. J., JH-99 285 

Mulford, S. B., Y-42 33 

Mulford, S. S., Y-60 36 

Mulford, W. A. F. P., Man-79. 217 

Mulkey, M. F., Y-62 42 

Mullen, F. A., Man-08 223 

MQUer, R., Man-n88 219 

Mullin, J. H., Tor-97 295 

MuUin, J. M., D-15 170 

Mullin, R. H., Tor-99 296 

Mullin, S. A., Toi-02 296 

Mullins, F. P.. Y-12 64 

Muloch, C, Tor-06 296 

Mumbrue, W. B;, Hm-50 4 

Mumford, N. V. S., Bm-12. ... 100 

Mumford, N. W., Hvd-90 114 

Mumford, W. W., Hvd-84 112 

Mundy, E. K., Am-95 82 

Mundy, E. W., R-60 188 

Munger, E. B., Bm-92 96 

Munger, H. J., Hm-05 13 

Munger, H. L., Y-90 49 

Munn, G. L., R-83 192 

Munn, J., Y-47 36 

Munn, L. L., P-91 180 

Munro, D. C, Bdn-03 148 

Munroe, C. W., Hvd-47 105 

Munsell, E. B., Mid-58 225 

Munson, W. S., Y-03 56 

Murch, M. H., Hud-98 134 

Murchie, G., Hvd-95 116 

Murdock, H. R., Wm8-54 201 

Murdock, S. M., Hvd-58 108 

Murdock, U. A., Hvd-04 119 

Murfey, A. A., K-11, Y-11. .247, 63 

Murfey, L. W., Cor-14 269 

Murkland, S. W., JH-05 287 

Murphy, D., Mid-18 239 

Murphy, F. T., Y-97 62 

Murphy, F. T., Y-08 60 

Murphy, J. L., Col-03 28 

Murphy, J. D., Mid-13 238 

Murphy, S. A., D-03 167 

Murphy, V. B., Y-12 64 

Murray, F. W., Jr., Y-09 61 

Murray, L. Z., D-00 166 

Murray, L. M., McG-00 306 

Murray, W. M., Man-65 215 

Musgrove, W. J., Cal-05 315 

Mussey, C. F., D-48 154 

Mustin, J. B., Bm-66 92 

MuBtin, W. F., Bm-71 93 

Myer, W., Hvd-90 114 

Myerhoff, H. J., Mid-86 232 

Myers, J. H., Jr., Hm-95 11 

Mygatt, F. S., Wms-13 211 

Mygatt, G., Wma-08 210 

Mygatt, K., Wma-00 208 

Mygatt, L. C., Wma-70 204 

Myrick, F. C, P-80 178 

Myrick, H. P., P-78 178 

Narraway, J. W., Mid-«2 226 

Nash, C. B., Am-07 85 

Nash, E. S., Bm-94 96 

Nash, E. W., Hm-83 9 

Nash, G. B., Wis-ll 313 

Nash, J. B., Wis-Ol 311 

Nash, L., Wis-12 313 

Nash, P. D., Am-09 85 

Nason, A. W., Wms-Ol 209 

Naaon, C. P. H., Wm»-62 203 

Nattinger, W. K., Wi8-04 311 

Naylor, H. R., Col-11 30 

Neal, J. P., D-66 158 

Nealley, W. P., Bdn-85 145 

Needham, H. B., Bdn-93 96 

Needier, J. H., 111-17 321 

Neel, C. B., Ch~97 300 

Neeser, J. G., Col-91 25 

Neff, W. R., Mid-95 234 

Neide, H., Y-58.. 40 

Neil, H. B., Bdn-47 139 

Neill, H. H., Am-«6 75 

Nemer, E. J.. R-02 194 

Nelles, D. A. H., Tor-15 298 

Nelles, T. R. B., McG-05 307 

Nelligan, T. H.. Am-17 88 

Nelson, E. D., JH-97 285 

Nelson, E. Y., Man-85 219 

Nelson, F. A., Col-00 27 

Nelson, F. T., Y-10 62 

Nelson, J. A., Am-02 84 

Nelson, J. M., Jr., JH-03 286 

Nelson, R. W., JH-16 288 

Nelson, S. P.. JH-18 288 

Nethaway, C. W., Mid-04 236 

Nettleton, C. H., Man-70 216 

Nettleton, F. H., D-84 163 

Nettleton, W. A., Wms-56 202 

Neumeier, F. G., Min-16 293 

Nevins, F. W., Y-02 66 

Nevins, R., Jr., Ch-09 302 

Nevins, R. G., Cor-13 269 

Nevins, R. H., Y-01, U^-01.55, 256 
Newberry, B., Y-14 . . . {( 65 



NBubeny, J. a. Y-06 BB Niedrinihaua, T. K., Mld-83 . . 

Newbeny, P., Y-14 aS NiBmoTirT., Hud-10 

Newbold, M. T.. Y-65 44 Niwe, B. E., Mid-IB 

Nowcomb, A. S., D-78 161 Nil«, C. W., Jr.. Am-08 

Newoomb, B. C, Mid-7B 230 Nilen, E. H., JH-13 

imb. Q. B.. Wm*-Se 202 Nil«, V 

NeweU, R. R Hvd-65.., 

NoffhiU, G. H., Ain-46. . . 

Newhull. H. C, Y-M 

NBi»h«U, H. M., ML<1-7B. . 

NevbsU. I. A.. Mid-es 227 Nobis, J. H., H 

NawhaU, M. L., Hvd-08,, "" "■- - ' " "^ 

., Mid-68.. 

Iud-38. . 

Newport. R. M., Y-OI, , . . , . . 

NevKm, R. D.. Y-13 65 Nams, A. E., D-94 

Nawton, A. F..r)-7* 160 Noma, O. B.. IU-14 

Newton, E,. Col-11 30 Norris, G. 0„ D-06 

Newton. B. P., PK-81 27B Nonis, G. W., Hvd-52, . 

Newton. H., Man-a6. . ZIG Nonis, B., Min-Ofi 

Newtoo. H. A.. Y-50 39 Norrii. H. M, Coi-S3, , 

Newton, H.G.,Man-75 217 Norris, J. A.. K-60 

Nowttm, 1. S., y-48 36 Nortia. J, 0„ D-11 

Newton, J. Q.,Cor-07 268 Norrb. K. F., Ain-73. . . 

Newton, W.14,, D-89 164 Norria, M., P-79 

Newton, W.. Coi-7ft 262 Norm, W. H., Y-54. , . . 

., . . T^ « „. 267 Norm, W, H., Y-S8. . . . 


, T. P., Y-63.... 
" ~ — - 91.. 

37 1 

orth, D.,Hm-13... 

. 114 North, E., Hin-41 

. 36 North.E. S.. Bni-72,. 

, 304 North, J. W., Hni~4».. 

. 174 North, R. B., Wis-: 

1. N. D., Hin-6B,. 

1, C. H.. Mid-M.. 


-IB 31 


uv^;j.,Jr., Ck 18 



O'BrieD. C. J., Un-17 

O-FerraU', R. M., K-76 

. 343 

.... _ _ ,M«B-OT 




Ordway, D. H., D-52 

Ordway. G. T., Bdn-96 

Ordway, S. G., Y-08 

Ormsbee, R. C, Brn-08 

Ormsby, G. Y., Tor-17 

Ormsby, J. A. N., Tor-16 

Oronhyatekha, K-62 

OiT, C. W., Jr., D-12 

Orr, J. Hm Jr., Wms-18 

Orr, H. A., P-16 

Orthwein, P. J., Y-12 

Orton, E., Hm-48 

Orton, F. C, D-13 

OBborh, D. C, P-01 

Osbom, G. W., Hm-95 

Csborne, H. P., Hm-91 

Osborne, J. E. K., MoG-00 

Osborne, L. N., Wi»-14 

Osborne, R., Hud-66 

Osborne, T. M., Am-71 

Osborne, T. M., Hvd-84 

Osborne, W. F., D-86 

Osgood, A. A., D-71 

Osgood, E. L., D-67, Brn-67 . . 

Osgood. J. W., Y-16 

Ostby, E. C, Y-03 

Ostrom, G. E., Mm-15 

Otis, A. G., P--52 

Otis, E. A., P-69 

Otis, J. G., Wms-eO 

Otis, S. F., Hm-42 

Otis, W., D-66 

Ott«, F. A., K-72 

Otterson, A. L., Am-98 

Otto, J., Hm-81 

Otto, Jm 2nd, Hm-18 

Outerbridge, L. C, Tor-11. . . . 

Outwater, J. O., Am-14 

Overall, S. R., Y-08 

Overton, J. W., Y-17 

Oveson, R. H., Hvd-05 

Oviatt, J. S., Hud-67 

Oviatt, V. L., Hud-51 

Owen, C. D., Jr., Brn-97 

Owen. C. L., Jr., Ch-16 

Owen, E. B., Brn-06 

Owen, E. L., Man-63 

Owen, F. P., Hud-97 

Owetf, J. R., Ch-18 

Owen. R. B., Ch-11 

Owen, T, N., Hm-92 

Owen, W. B., Jr., Ch-15 

Owen, W. H., Bdn-51 

Owens, T. H., P-05 

154 Packard, A. A., Bm-95 97 

147 Packard, A. K., Am-45 71 

61 Packard, C. F., Bdn-04 148 

100 Packard. C. L., JH-08 288 

299 Packard, E. A., Bdn-83 144 

298 Packard, F. E., Am-80 79 

241 Packard, G.H.,Bdn-91 146 

169 Packard, G. W. Bm-39 89 

212 Packard. W. G., Cor-11 269 

186 Padelford. G. T. P., Y-55 38 

64 Page, C. A., Bdn-70 142 

4 Page, C. T., Min-00 290 

170 Page, H. C, R-05 196 

182 Page, H. D., K-77 243 

11 Page, H. F., Mi-39 17 

10 Page, J. H.. Jr., PK-97 278 

306 Page, J. J., PK-08 280 

314 Page, J. W., Bdn-42 138 

130 Page, R. C. M., Cal-16 318 

76 Page, T. 0., K-81 243 

112 Page, W. W., Mi-57 19 

163 Pagon, R. C, JH-03 286 

159 Paine, A. G., Am-72 77 

92 Paine, C. G. G., Am-61 74 

67 Paine, C. M., Hm-84 10 

56 Paine, G. B., Bm-55 90 

292 Paine, H. S., Hm-78 9 

173 Paine, J. A., Hm-59 6 

174 Paine, L., K-68 240 

202 Paine, L. M., Am-72 77 

2 Paine, N. E., Hm-74 8 

158 Paine, R. G., D-17 171 

242 Paine, R. T., 2nd, Hvd-82 Ill 

83 Palmer, A. E.. Mid-74 229 

9 Palmer. A. H.,Hud-79 132 

15 Palmer, C, Wms-85 206 

298 Palmer, C. F., Min-17 293 

87 Palmer, C. G., R-07 196 

61 Palmer, C. G., Cor-76 261 

68 Palmer, C. M., D-62 157 

119 Palmer, C. P., P-08 184 

130 Palmer, C. R., Y-55 38 

128 Palmer, E. S., Bdn--19 139 

97 Palmer, F. F., Col-97 26 

304 Palmer, F. P., Un-97 254 

99 Palmer, G. H., D-45 153 

214 Palmer, G. Q., Col-95 26 

134 Palmer, G. S., Bdn-38 138 

304 Palmer, H., Col-08 29 

303 Palmer, H., Hvd-97 117 

11 Palmer, J. C, Y-99 54 

304 Palmer, J. H., Am-57 73 

140 Palmer, J. S., Bdn-44 139 

183 Palmer, L.. Cop-78 261 

[ 397 ] 




Palmer, N., PK-45 272 

Palmer, P., Jr., Hvd-98 117 

Palmer. R., Y-30 32 

Palmer, S. D., Un-04 265 

Palmer, T. D. C, Jr., Un-18. . . 258 

Palmer, T. R., P-^7 172 

Palmer, W. M., Mid-73 229 

Palmer, W. T., R-89 193 

Pancost, E. H., R-62 188 

Panton, K. D., Tor-04 296 

Panton, L. A. C, Tor-04 296 

Parce, Y.. R-11 197 

Pardee, C. H., Y-54 38 

Pardridge, L. W., Ch-11 303 

Parfet, W. W., P-89 180 

Parish, E. C, Col-95 26 

Park, C. W., Am-67 75 

Park, E. A., Y-00 54 

Park, E. B., Am-^ 75 

Parke, H. C, Y-97 52 

Parke, R. N., G-48 122 

Parker, A. B., Mi-60 19 

Parker, A. K., R-66 189 

Parker, C. E., G-57 123 

Parker, E. K., D-57 156 

Parker, F. E., Hvd-41 104 

Parker, F. S., Hvd-86 112 

Parker, H. F., Ch-11 303 

Parker, I. A., D-53 155 

Parker, J. B., D-69 159 

Parker, J. H., Hvd-93 115 

Parker, J. S., Cor-89 264 

Parker, S. D., Hvd-91 114 

Parker, S. D., McG-11 308 

Parker, S. W., Mi-34 16 

Parker, T. H., Mi-58 19 

Parkhurst, C. F., Bm-76 93 

Parkin, A. J., R-11 197 

Parkman, E. W., Mid-66 227 

Parkman, G. F., Hvd-44 104 

Parkman, L. P., Bdn-11 150 

Parks, B., Hud-90 133 

Parks, F. R., Y-99 54 

Parks, G. E., Y-04 57 

Parks, H. F., Hud-86 133 

Parks, 8., Hud-79 132 

Parmelee, D. L., Hm-51 4 

Parmelee, E. S., Y-99 64 

Parmelee, J., Cor-76 261 

Parmelee, M. S., Wm8-70 204 

Parmelee, R. M., Cor-81 262 

Parmelee, W. R., Cor-76 261 

Parmlee, U. N., Y-63 42 

Parmly, C. H., Man-88 219 

Parr, H. L., IU-16 

Parry, 8., Y-68 

Parsons, B. F., Wms-58. 
Parsons, C. A., Hm-42. . 
Parsons, C. M., Mi-37. . 
Parsons, C.W.,R-73. 







Parsons, D. L., K-02 245 

Parsons, E. A., McG-17 310 

Parsons, G. W., Bdn-87 145 

Parsons, J., Am-73 77 

Parsons, J. D., Un-79 252 

Parsons, J. D., Jr., Un-67 250 

Parsons, L., Hm-33 1 

Parsons, L. H., McG-15 309 

Paraons, O., P-59 174 

Parsons, R. C, Coi-14 269 

Parsons, T. S., Hm-45 3 

Parsons, W., Y-68 46 

Partridge, C. W., Hud-11 136 

Partridge, F. H., Cal-14 317 

Partridge, T. W., Y-12 64 

Patch, R., Hud-41 127 

Patchen, A. R., R-16 198 

Patchen, E. L., Ch-11 303 

Pate, W., K-96 245 

Paterson, H. H., P-17 186 

Pattee, W. S., Bdn-71 143 

Patten, H. R., Bdn-75 143 

Patten, J. H., Brn-58 91 

Patten, W., Mid-07 237 

Pattengill, A. H., P-68 176 

Pattengill, C. L., P-14 185 

PattengiU, J. G., P-73 177 

Pattengill, V. R.. P-09 184 

Patterson, A. B., D-98 166 

Patterson, A. C, Wms-OO 208 

Patterson, A. M., Man-64 215 

Patterson, B., Jr., Cor-14 269 

Patterson, C. H., Man-79 217 

Patterson, E., Col-18— 24 

Patterson, E. L. , Col-86 24 

Patterson, F. B., Man-67 216 

Patterson, F. G., Cor-00 266 

Patterson, G. H., G-68 123 

Patterson, H. S., Wma-96 208 

Patterson, H. T., Man-69 216 

Patterson, J. J., CoiM)3 267 

Patterson, J. M., Y-01 55 

Patterson, J. N., D-60 ? 156 

Patterson, P. M., G-68 123 

Patterson, R. U., McG-98 306 

Patterson, S.. Urb-38 22 

Patterson, S., Y-97 52 

Patterson. S. B., Man-64 215 





Patterson, S. F., Wm8-95 208 

Patton, C. K., Ch-18 304 

Patton, F. C. Un-05 266 

Patton, J. B., Hud-84 132 

Paul, A. M., Cal-09 316 

Paul, D. C. Y-16 67 

Paul, J., D-47 154 

Paul. J. G. D., JH-10 287 

Paulding, J. K., Hvd-85 112 

Paullin, H., Am-76 78 

Payne, A., Brn-40 89 

Payne, A. B., K-61 240 

Payne. D. J., Min-08 291 

Payne, J. H., Bdn-76 143 

Payne, K. W., Wi»-16 314 

Payne, L. E., IU-16 321 

Payne, R. R., Hud-14, WU-14. 314 

Payne, W. P., K-63 241 

Payne, W. T., Ck>r-74 261 

Payson, G., Bdn-43 138 

Payson, G. R., Hvd-62 109 

Pa«aetti, V. J., Mid-12 238 

Peabody, F. B., PK-48 273 

Peabody, G. L., Hvd-86 112 

Peabody, H., Hvd-04 119 

Peacock, H. W., Jr., Tor-10. . . 297 

Peake, E. M., K-11 247 

Pearoe, J. L., Hvd-63 109 

Pearsall, L. B., G-69, D-60.123, 166 

Peareall, W. S., Mid-82 231 

Pearson, J. C., Bdn-00 148 

Pearson, J. E., Bdn-96 147 

Pearson, W. S., Bdn-83 144 

Pease, C. D., K-15 247 

Pease, E. M., Am-54 72 

Pease, F. A., D-82 162 

Pease, H., R-87 193 

Pease, L. M., K-04 246 

Peaslee, A. S. L., K-02, McG 

-04 246,307 

Peattie, R., Ch-14 303 

Peavey, L. L., Min-15 292 

Peavey, R. W., Min-13 292 

Peck. C. E., Jr., Hm-18 15 

Peck, C. H., Un-59 249 

Peck, E. M., Mid-14 238 

Peck, E. R., Bm-06 99 

Peck, F. T., P-13 185 

Peck, G. L., Mid-90 233 

Peck, G. W.. Bm-37 89 

Peck, H. D., Mi-62 20 

Peck, H. M., D-93 165 

Peck, H. M., Col-05 28 

Peck. H. O., PK-09 280 

Peck. H. S. J., Ala-55 199 

Peck, J. H.. Y-63 42 

Peck, J. R., Hud-98 134 

Peck, L. M., Hm-41 2 

Peck, R., Ala-^2 199 

Peck, S. B., Col-86 24 

Peck, S. H., Jr., P-15 185 

Peck,T.,Y-61 41 

Peck, T. B., Cor-77 261 

Peck, T. B., Col-98 27 

Peck, T. D.j Wma-80 205 

Peck, W., Y-38 32 

Peck, W. A., Bm-77 94 

Peck, W. B., Y--38 32 

Peck, W. E., Hm-13 14 

Peck, W. W., Mid-96 234 

Peckham, J., Am-37 69 

Peckham, R., D-02 167 

Peckham, W. C, Am-67 75 

Pedrick, I. H., P-71 176 

Peet, G. J., K-66 241 

Peet, H. J., K-70 242 

Peet, M. S., R-04 195 

Peirce, R. C. M., Y-09 61 

Peirson, E. B., Hvd-40 103 

Peirson, E. V., Un-89 253 

Pelkey, W. C., EMM 167 

PeU, C. C, Hvd-08 120 

PeUew, W. G., Hvd-80 110 

Pelren, H. J., D-07 168 

Pelton, H. C, Col-89 25 

Peltoh, W. T., Wm8-58 202 

Pelta, H., R-83 192 

Pemberton, H., 2nd, Un-96 264 

Pence, A. M., Mi-60 19 

Pendleton, C. H., Bm-78 94 

Pendleton, C. W., Jr., Cal-10. . 316 
Pendleton, E. W., Bdn-71, P- 

72 143, 176 

Pendleton, W., Bm-12 100 

Pennell, D. R., Bdn-98 147 

Penney, N., Y-16 67 

Penniman, H. M., Bm-74 93 

Pennington, W., Y-60 41 

Pennoyer, H. N., Wme-98 208 

Penny, B. F., Y-58 40 

Penny, C. P., Man-13, R-14. . . 224 

Penrose, G. R., R-16 198 

Pepper, G. D. B., Am-57 73 

Pepper, G. H., Mid-98 234 

Peques, S. W., Ala-66 200 

Perce, W. R.. Bm-66 92 

Perdue, C. W., Man-14 224 

Perham, F. E., Man-88 219 





Perkina, A. W., Bdn-87 145 

Perkins, E. C, Y-98 63 

Perkins, E. C, Hvd-79 110 

Perkins, E. G., Bdn-98 147 

Perkins, E. J., Un-89 253 

Perkins, E. W., Man-86 219 

Perkins, P., Hm-89 10 

Perkins, H. A., Y-96 51 

Perkins, H. L., Cor-85 263 

Perkins. J., Y-42 33 

Perkins, J., Y-40 33 

Perkins, J., Wma-82 206 

Perkins, J. A., Hvd-57 , . . 108 

Perkins, J. B., Hud-76, Wms- 

77 131. 205 

Perkins, J. H., Mi-50 18 

Perkins, R., Wms-09. Ch-10 . . 302 

Perkins, R. P., Hvd-89 114 

Perkins, R. 8., Hvd-64 109 

Perkins, S., Col-97 26 

Perkins, 8. G., Hvd-56 107 

Perkins, T. A., D-90 164 

Perkins, T. K., Hud-70 131 

Perkins. T. N., Hvd-91 114 

Perkins, W., Y-40 33 

Perkins, W. H., P-95 181 

Perkins, W. R., Hud-68 130 

Perley, H. O., P-73, Bdn-73. . . 143 

Perley, W. H., Bdn-69 142 

Perrin, C- N., R-02 195 

Perrin, H. M., D-63 155 

Perrin, W., R-98 194 

Perrin, W. A., R-91, Y-91. 193,50 

Perrine, H., Ck)l-07 29 

Perry, A. L., Wm8-62 201 

Perry, C, Wm8-62 201 

Perry, E., Brn-62 90 

Perry, E., Bdn-06 149 

Perry, E. A., Y-54 38 

Perry, H. E., Y-12 64 

Perry, H. J., Hvd-44 104 

Perry, H. O., Y-16 67 

Perry, H. P.. Hvd-01 118 

Perry, H. T., Y-12 64 

Perry, J. B., PK-72 275 

Perry, J. H., Am-82 79 

Perry, L., Wm8-98 208 

Perry, L. I., D-04 167 

Perry, 8. 8., D-80 162 

Perryman, E. G., PK-55 273 

Pershall, E. E., 111-10 320 

Person, J. A-, D-17 171 

Persons, H. Z., Un-15 267 

Peters, A. W., Coi^lO 268 

Peters, B. F., Y-13 

.. 65 

Peters. C. A, McG-98 

.. 306 

Peters, D. C, G-51 

.. 122 

Peters, H. F.. Y-49 

.. 36 

Peters, J. A., Y-42 

.. 33 

Peters. J. A., R-60 

.. 188 

Peters, T. M., Y-12 

.. 64 

Peters, W. C, PK-48 

.. 273 

Petersen, A. N., Hm-95 

.. 11 

Petersen, R. H., Hm-17 

.. 15 

Peterson, W. F., CJor-11 

.. 269 

Petit, D. E., Mid-82 

.. 231 

Petrasch, C. 8., Man-86 

.. 219 

Petree, C. L., Cor-75 

.. 261 

Petrie, E. C, Hud-93 

.. 133 

Petrie, F. H., P-96 

.. 181 

Pett«e, H. B., Am-17 

.. 88 

Pettibone, B. W., Am-60 

.. 74 

Pettibone, I. W., Am-64 

.. 72 

Pettigrcw, E. F., PK-12 

.. 281 

Pettitt, L. C, Ch-00 

.. 300 

Pettus, J. T., Man-69 

.. 216 

Petty. R. D., Mid-83 

.. 231 

Phalen, R. W., IU-18 

.. 321 

Pharr, E. A.. Ala-62 

.. 199 

Phelan, 8. M., Jr., Y-09 

.. 61 

Phelps, A., Ain-38 

.. 69 

Phelps, C., Y-70 

.. 47 

Phelps. C. Y-14 

.. 66 

Phelps, C. A., Min-00 

.. 290 

Phelps, E., 1>€1 

., 157 

Phelps, G. H., Cor-71 

.. 260 

Phelps, R., Y-10 

. . 62 

Phenix. P. 8., Y-16 

.. 67 

PhUbrick, F. W., D-89 

. . 164 

Philip, A, Man-76 

. . 217 

PhUlips, A., Hm-65 


PhiUips, C. C. K-05 

. . 246 

PhUlips, D., P-65 

. . 175 

Phillips, E. 8. J., Jr., Col-11. 

. . 30 

PhiUips, F., Coi-92 

. . 264 

PhiUips, G. W., Hvd-47 

.. 105 

PhUlips, H., P-71 

.. 176 

PhiUips, H. C, D-87 

.. 163 

PhUlips, J. C., Hvd-99 

.i 117 

PhiUips, J. F., Am-01 

.. 84 

Phillips, J. W., Bdn-^ 

.. 141 

PhUlips, L. C., 111-09 

. . 319 

PhUlips, R. G., R-«7 

.. 194 

PhUlips, R. H., Y-12 

.. 64 

PhUlips, 8. A., D-69 

. . 159 

PhiUips, 8. H., Hvd-42 

. . 104 

PhUlips, W. E., Brn-03 

. . 98 

Phillipe. W. L., Mid-72 


.. 229 




Philoon, B. S., Bdn-99 

Philoon, J. E., Bdn-13 

Philoon, W. C. Bdn-05 

Phinizy, B., JH-95 

Phinney. C. J., P-97 

Phinney, E., Y-46 

Phinney, H. C, Bdn-84 

Phinney, R. E., P~71 

Phippen. J. H., Tor-11 

Phippe, A. J., D-n38 

Phippe, H., Y-07 

Piatt, J. H., Y-66 

Pieard. F. J., P-71 

Picher. O. 8., Col-01 

Pickands, J. M., Y-02 

Pickard, A. E., Wia-12 

Pickard, J., Wma-02 

Pickard, W. W., Mid-99 

Picken, M. W., D-14 

Pidge, J. B. G., Brn-66 

Pier, G. C, Col-99 

Pierce, E. H., R-e3 

Pierce, E. W., Amr59 

Pierce, F. E., Col-92 

Pierce, G. B., Hud-62 

Pierce, G. C, D-63 

Pierce, J., Hvd-49 

Pierce, J. A., Min-05 

Pierce, J. M., D-66 

Pierce, J. W., Mid-92 

Pierce, M. G., P-04 

Pierce. S. W., Bdn-11 

Pierce, T. W.. Y-68 

Pierpont, H. W., D-03 

Pieraon, I., Y-66 

Pierson. S. C, Y-64 

Piersons, A. M., R-66 

Pietach, W. G., Cor-96 

Pigott, J. T., Y-08 

Pigott, W. T., Jr., Y-11 

Pike, A. H., D-87 

Pike. C. M., Bdn-17 

Pike, E. E., Un-«3 

PQcher, E. H., P-49 

Pinckney, T. H., G-64 

Pingree, G. E., D-01 

Fingree, H. 8., Jr., P-00 

Piper, F. E. R., Bdn-06 % . . 

Piper, H.H., D-76 

Piper, J. T., Bdn-05 

Pirce, J. A., Bm-92 

Pischel, D. K., Cal-18 

Pitt, C. G., JH-17 

Pitt, L. L, Mid-18 

147 Pitt, L. W., Mid-15 239 

151 Pitts, C. H., PK-66 276 

149 Plamondon, C. A.. Jr., Cor-12. 269 
285 Plant, A, Y-47 35 

181 Plant, F. W., Hm-64 6 

35 Piatt. C. 3rd, Hvd-02 118 

145 Piatt, C. H., G-n39 121 

176 Piatt, D. P., JH-16 288 

298 Piatt, G. L., G-41 121 

153 Piatt, H. G., Y-88 49 

60 Piatt, J. A., Hm-36 1 

38 Piatt, R. T.,Y-89 49 

176 Piatt, W., JH-15 288 

27 Platter, J. E., Mi-67 20 

56 Player, T. T., Y-70 47 

313 Playter, J. A., Wis-05 3l2 

209 Pleasants. J. H., JH-95 285 

236 Plimpton, F.L.,Y-48 35 

170 Plimpton, 8. M., Am-46 71 

92 PluJnb, A. H., Brn-^5 90 

27 Plumb, E. F., 111-10 320 

188 Plumb, E. R.. Mid-05 236 

73 Plumb. J. F., PK-91 277 

25 Plumer, L. M., PK-74 275 

129 Plumer, 8.. 2nd, PK-97 278 

157 Plummer, A. L., D-70 159 

105 Plummer, H. A., Y-03 56 

290 Plummer, H. A. H., P-04 183 

158 Plummer, H. I., Am-78 78 

233 Plummer, H. M., Hvd-88 113 

183 Plummer, J. F., Y-91 50 

150 * lummer, T. R., Hvd-84 112 

46 Plunkett, W. R., Y-54 38 

167 Plyer, C. H., Man-89 219 

44 Plyer, G. G., Man-88 219 

43 Poe, C. E., Hud-64 130 

189 Poinier, 8. T., Bm-59 91 

265 Poland, A. H., Bm-09 100 

61 Poland, R., Bm-14 101 

68 Poland, W. C., Bm-68 92 

163 Pollard, C. W., D-95 165 

151 Pomeroy, C. H., Hud-12 136 

254 Pomeroy, F. T., Mid-78 230 

172 Pomeroy, L. 8., Hm-35 1 

124 Pomeroy, T. M., Hm-42 2 

166 Pomeroy, T. M., Hm-97 11 

182 Pomeroy, W. H., Bm-82 94 

149 Pond, B. W., Bdn-67 140 

161 Pond, F. M., Bm-60 91 

149 Pond, 8. N., Y-89. 49 

96 Pontius, N. H., K-13, P-14.247, 185 

318 Poole, W. F., Y-49 36 

288 Poor, C. L., Man-«6, JH-89. . . 283 

239 Poor, F. B.. Man-89 219 





Pope, C. A., McG-06 307 

Pope, D. M., Y-16 66 

Pope, H. W., Y-71 47 

Pope, J. R., Man-93 220 

Porter, A. G., Hvd-00 118 

Porter, C. B., Hvd-62 109 

Porter, D'A. H.. Hud-18 137 

Porter, D. G., Y-57 39 

Port»r, D. W., Y-08 61 

Porter, E. G., Hvd-58, Wins-58 202 

Porter, E. H., Bra-«6 92 

Porter, F. S., P-92 180 

Porter, G., Bm-89 96 

Porter, G. L., Bm-59 91 

Porter, H. H., Col-86 24 

Porter, H. K., Brn-60 91 

Porter, H. W., Hud-16 137 

Porter, J. B., Brn-90 96 

Porter, J. W., Cuin-68 259 

Porter, L., Hm-38 ' 2 

Porter, L. L., Hm-73 8 

Porter, P. A., Hvd-45 104 

Porter, T. A., PK-76 275 

Porterfield, W. B., IU-13 320 

Portia, B. P., Mi-42 17 

Poet, A., Y-66 44 

Post, A., Am-96 82 

Post, H., P-61 174 

Post, H., Jr., P-08 184 

Post, H. A., Man-65 213 

Post, H. M., Y-61 41 

Post, J. A., P-61 174 

Post, J. E. H., JH-91 284 

Post. W. K., Hvd-90 114 

Potter, A. K., Brn-86 95 

Potter, A. K., D-62 156 

Potter, C, Y-01 55 

Potter, E. J., Wis-11 313 

Potter, H., Y-03 57 

Potter, J. B. M., Bm-39 89 

Potter, L. H., Y-54 38 

Potter, M. G., R-64 189 

Potter, R., Y-02 56 

Potter, R. G., Bm-86 95 

Potter, W. J., Hvd-54 107 

Potter, W. M., Brn-59 91 

Potts, F. H., PK-68 274 

Potts, W. W., K-04 246 

Potwin, T. S., Y-61 36 

Powell, F. 8., Mi-64 20 

Powell, H. B., Mid-06 236 

PoweU, S., Mid-10 237 

PoweU, W. M., Un-69 249 

Power, E. J., Cal-lS 317 

Powers. C. A., Y-99 54 

Powers. F. A., Man-79 217 

Powers, J. C, Hvd-92 115 

Powers, L. W., Col-11 30 

Powers, O. W., Mid-56 225 

Powers, 8., P-63 175 

Powers, W. H., Col-02 28 

Powers, W. W., Hvd-94 116 

PraU, J. G., Col-05 28 

Pratt, A., Ain-04 84 

Pratt, A. L., Bdn-14 151 

Pratt, A. P., Min-04 290 

Pratt, C. H., Maii-n56 213 

Pratt, C. M., Am-79 78 

Pratt, C. R., Am-69 76 

Pratt, E. A., Y-68 40 

Pratt, E. E., Min-94 288 

Pratt, F. B.. Am-87 80 

Pratt, G., Y-55 38 

Pratt, G. D., Am-93 82 

Pratt, G. H., Am-64 75 

Pratt, H. A., Y-68 40 

Pratt, H. P., D-69 159 

Pratt, H. L, Am-<H) 83 

Pratt, H. L., Am-95 82 

Pratt, H. Z., Un-84 253 

Pratt, J. H., Cor-89 264 

Pratt, J. H., Jr., PK-17 282 

Pratt, J. M., P-06 183 

Pratt, J. P., Y-61 41 

Pratt, J. P.. Brn-59 91 

Pratt, J. T., Am-96 82 

Pratt, J. W., Hm-38 2 

Pratt, M., Am-11 86 

Pratt, R., CoiM)3 267 

Pratt, R.,Am-16 87 

Pratt, R. G., Hm-08 13 

Pratt,8. P.,Hm-55 5 

Pratt, T.,Am-09 85 

Pratt, T. C.,Am-57 73 

Pratt, W.O.,Am-77 78 

Prentice, B. 8., Hvd-05 119 

Prentice, E. P., Am-85 80 

Prentice, N. B., Hud-04 136 

Prentice, P. L, Am-88 81 

Prentiss, 8. C, Cor-73 260 

Prescott, O. S., PK-44 272 

Pressprich, R. W., Col-97 26 

Preston, J. A., PK-55 273 

Preston, J. W., Am-39 70 

Preston, 8. D., Hvd-06 119 

Preston, 8. 8., I>-n55 155 

Prioe,A.,Y-12 64 

Price. C. B.. Y-10 62 


Price ALPHABETICAL • Randolph 

Price, E. B., R-13 197 Putnam, W. T., PK-88 277 

Price, F. W., R-11 197 Puyana, M. M., Cor-88 263 

Price, S. H.. Am-39 70 Pynchon, T. R.. PK-41 272 

Price, W. A., Jr.. JH-13 28S Pynchon, W. H. C, PK-90... . 277 

Prichard, H. A.. JH-06 287 

Pride, G. H., Man-05 223 Quaintance, J. M., P-18 185 

Priest, S. C^Ani-68 73 Quarles, C, P-«8 176 

Prince, M. W.. Mid-eS 227 Quarlea, C. B.. Wi»-07 312 

Prince, S. H., Am-11 86 Quarlea, H. C, WiB-09 312 

Prindle, J. A., Hm-55 6 Quarles, J. V., P-66 176 

Prindle, M. L., IU-13 320 Quayle, H. A., Hud-06 136 

Pringle, E. J., Hvd-46 104 Quimby, C. E., D-74 160 

Procter, J. H., D-91 164 Quimby, E. T., D-51 164 

Proctor, R. R., Hud-04 135 Quimby, W. P., D-82 162 

Proctor, T. W., D-79 161 Quinby, W. E., P-68 174 

Proctor, T. W., D-18 171 Quincy, H. P., Hvd-62 109 

Pruner, W. B., Mid-«7 234 Quincy, J., Hvd-80 110 

Pruyn, P. V. S., Un-«0 249 Quinn, H. P., Bdn-01 148 

Pryor, D. T., R-08 196 Quinn, W. B., K-06 246 

Piyor, W., R-08 196 Quirk, D. L., Jr., P-93 180 

Piyor, W., R-16 198 

Psotta, L. F., Cor-88 263 Rachau, W. H., Man-82 218 

Puffer, P. H.. Min-12 292 Raddiflfe, E. E., Hud-07 136 

Pugh, G. E., Mi-40 17 Rae, A., Am-83 79 

Pugh, J. A., Mi-61 18 Raggie, E. C, Jr., Man-12 223 

Pullman, J., Mid-96 234 Raichle, F. G., Cor-86 263 

Pullman, J., Mid-63 226 Raines, E.. R-02 195 

Pullman, J. C., Mid-99 236 Ralsten, B. V. N., D-11, Hm-11 169 

Pullman, J. H., Man-61 214 Ralsten, F. H., Hm-93, Mid-92 233 

Pullman, J. 8., Mid-92 233 Ralston, A. E., Am-16 87 

PuUman, J. W., Man-68 213 Ralston, H. G., Y-06 69 

Pulsifer, W., Bdn-76 143 Ralston, H. P., P-03 183 

Pulver, A. W., R-82 192 Ralston, R. W., Wms-lO 210 

Pulver, I. L., K-12 247 Rambaut, T. D., Col-81 24 

Pungs, E. E., Cor-16 270 Rambo, W. E., K-90 244 

Purdon, J. R., Hvd-88 113 Ramsay, K. E., Bdn-16 161 

Purdy, T. M., Man-83 218 Rand, A. E., Am-07 86 

Purington, E. S., Bdn-12 160 Rand, C. A., Hvd-66 110 

Purington, F. H., Bdn-11 160 Rand, E. G., Am-81 79 

Purington, F. O., Bdn-80 144 Rand, J. R., Jr., Cor-97 266 

Purington, G. C., Bdn-78 144 Rand, S., D-63 167 

Purington, G. C, Bdn-04 148 Randall, A., JH-03 286 

PuraS, C. T., Y-64 38 Randall, B., Col-16 31 

Purrington, M. H., Bdn-86 146 RandaU, E. A., 111-11 320 

Pushee, G. H., Wm8-14 211 Randall, E. D., PK-92 277 

Putnam, A. A., D-56 166 Randall, F. A., 111-05 319 

Putnam, A. W., Col-97 26 Randall, G. D., PK-08 280 

Putnam, D., D-61 164 Randall, W. E., Cal-12 317 

Putnam, G., Hvd-64 107 Randall, W. J., D-96 165 

Putnam, H. H.,Am-04 84 Randerson, J. E. H., Un-12, 

Putnam, H. S., Ch-06, Cor-07. 268 D-12 267, 169 

Putnam, J. F., Col-91 26 Randol, W. M., Hvd-91 116 

Putnam, J. O., Hm-38, Y-89. . 32 Randolph, B. L., Cal-17 318 

Putnam, J. R., Wma-68 202 Randolph, J. F., Y-62 42 





Rankin, F. H., Man-68 

Rankin, J. J.. Wma-76 

Rankin, J. W., Cal-12 

Rankin, R., Y-45 

Rankin, W. M., Wmfl-79 

Rankine, J. L., Un-^l 

Rankine. W. B., G-77, Un-77.. 

Ransom, £. A., Mid-71 

Ransom, E. D., Un-10 

Ransom, J. B.. Ch-08 

Ransom, R. S., Jr., Col-11 .... 

Rantoul, N., Hvd-92 

Rapalje, W. V. V., Wm8-56.. . . 

Raphael, G. S., McG-08 

Raphael, H. M., McG-10 

Raquet, C. R., Brn-10 

Rathbone, A., Wma-88 

Rathbone, A. B., R-69 

Rathbone, J. V., K-04 

Rathbun, B., Am-12 

Rathbun, E. H. , P-10 

Rathbun, E. H., Bm-89 

Rathbun, G. O., Hm-45 

Rathbun, W. T., Am-06 

Rattle, W., K-^1 

Raub, W. L., Am-93 

Rauschenbusch, H., Am-17. . . . 

Rawle, F. W., Wm»-^5 

Rawson, E. K., Y-68 

Ray, M. H., Man-09 

Ray, W. H., D-78 

Raybum, J., Cum-61 

Raycroft, J. E., Ch-96 

Raymond, A. C, R-69 

Raymond, A. 8., Un-02 

Raymond, A. V. V.> Un-76 

Raymond, A. V. V., Jr., Un-08. 
Raymond, E. H., Jr., Col-00. . . 

Raymond, G. H., R-74 

Raymond, G. P., Mid-77 

Raymond, H. S., Un-93 

Raymond, J. H., Hm-37 

Raymond, M. T., Un-05 

Raymond, P. C., Un-11 

Raymond, S. J., Un-06 

Raymond, W. S., Mid-75 

Rayner, C. B., Am-^9 

Rayner, H. M., Am-11 

Rayner, R. L., D-96 

Read, C. C, Hvd-64 

Read, F. F., Am-08 

Read, J., Hvd-62 

Read, J. M., Bm-58 

Read, M. C, Hud-48 

216 Reade, L. J.. D-17 171 

205 Reamer, L. C, Man-86, Col-88 25 

317 Rearden, T. H., K-59 240 

34 Reaves. C, MoG-98 306 

205 Reber, H. D.. Wi»-16 314 

252 Reber, a. Mi-37 16 

252 Rector. G. v., D~16 170 

228 Rector. V. D., D-15 170 

256 Reddick, J. F.. PK-12. Ch-12.. 303 

302 Redfield, E. G.t Wms-lS 212 

30 Redfield, H. F., Am-16 87 

115 Redhead, E. R., Mid-73 229 

202 Reding. C. W., Bm-37 89 

308 Redington, H. W., Man-73 216 

308 Redpath, R. F., McG-10 308 

100 Redwood, W. H., Y-52 37 

207 Reed, A. F., D-71 159 

188 Reed, A. G., Wms-08 210 

246 Reed, A. M., P-13 185 

86 Reed, C. J., Un-60 249 

184 Reed, C. S., Wis-05 312 

96 Reed, D. A., Hm-77 9 

3 Reed, E. N., Hm-98 11 

84 Reed, E. V. R., Y-69 40 

245 Reed, F. C., Coi--78 261 

82 Reed. F. E., Min-02 290 

88 Reed, F. E., Cal-03 315 

208 Reed. F. F.. P-«) 178 

46 Reed, G. J., Min-14 292 

223 Reed, G. M., Am-62 74 

161 Reed, G. 8., Hm-02 12 

259 Reed, H. G., R-90 193 

300 Reed, H. G., Ch-09 302 

190 Reed, H. L., Y-89 49 

265 Reed, H. M., D-05 167 

252 Reed, H. R., D-10 169 

256 Reed, H. R., Ck)l-94 26 

27 Reed, J. H., D-54 156 

190 Reed, J. J., Mid-64 227 

230 Reed, J. O., Wis-08 312 

264 Reed, K. 8.. Am-15 87 

2 Reed, L. T., Am-93 82 

266 Reed. N. C, Y-14 66 

267 Reed. W., Hm-71 8 

256 Reed, W. B.. Am-37 69 

229 Reed, W. G., Bdn-73 143 

85 Reed. W. H.. Man-^84 218 

86 Rees, H. K., PK-11 280 

165 Rees. W. J.. Mid-76 229 

109 Reeves. E. D.. JH-02 286 

86 Reeves, J. &., K-91. Am-91. 

109 JH-94 284. 81. 244 

91 Reeves. T. A. , Am-75 .«. 77 

128 Reeves, W. P., JH-93. 284 





Reid. A., Y-06 68 

Reid, G. S.. D-05 167 

Reid, H. T., Mi-38 16 

Reid. J., Y-46 3d 

Reid. W. R.. R-07 196 

Reigeluth, R. J.. Y-08 61 

Reifly, J. C. D-07 168 

Reilly, W. B., D-11 169 

Remuuston. C. R.. G-54 123 

Remington, J. H., Bm-62 91 

Remington, J. W.. R-17 198 

Remington, T. H., R-U 197 

Remington. W. B., R-11 197 

Remaen, C. M., JH-99 286 

Remaen, I. M., JH-97 286 

Remaen, T. R., D-01 166 

ReniflF. H. W.. R-02 195 

Requa, R. R., Man-87 219 

ReveU, F. H., Jr.. Y-07 60 

Rew, G. C, P-92 180 

Rexford, D. C, P-72 177 

Rexford. E., P-^ 175 

Rexford, J. D., Hm-44 3 

Reynolds, A. J., Y-73 48 

Reynolds. C. M., Cor>88 264 

Reynolds, D. L., Y-09 61 

Reynolds, E., Hvd-81 110 

Reynolds, E. H., K-08 246 

Reynolds, E. W., K-67 241 

Reynolds, G. V.. Y-01 56 

Reynolds. H. H., D-88 163 

Reynolds, J. B., D-90 164 

Reynolds. J. E.. Hvd-88 113 

Reynolds. J. H., P-76 177 

Reynolds. J. P.. Hvd-46 104 

Reynolds. J. W.. Y-03 67 

Reynolds. L. G., PK-98 278 

Reynolds, M. W.. P-56 173 

Rhees. B. R., Am-83 79 

Rhett, R. B., Hvd-49 105 

Rhett, W. H., Hvd-«0 110 

Rhodes. A. E.. Hm-87 10 

Rhodes. C. M., PK-05 279 

Rhodes. L., Col-09 29 

Rhodes, M. A., Am-03 84 

Ribeiro. C. F.. Y-38 32 

Rice, A. F.. D-82 162 

Rice, C. 8.. Hm-39 2 

Rice. D., Am-37 69 

Rice, E. T., Man-80 218 

Rioe, E. W.. Wms-68 204 

Ricse. F. F., Un-60 249 

Ricse, H. A.. Bm-89 96 

Rioe, H. Mm Bni-60 91 

Rioe, L. C, Un-94 264 

Rice, 8., Am-^ 73 

Rice, T. B. R.. D-76 160 

Rioe. W. E., Bdn-75 143 

Rice. W. H., Y-60 40 

Rich. C. C, 111-06 319 

Rich, D. H., IU-07 319 

Rich, E. A., 111-13 320 

Rich. E. A., PK-99 279 

Rich, F. C. PK-09 280 

Rich, I. L., Bdn-09 150 

Rich. J., Bdn-61 141 

Rich. T. H.. Bdn-48 139 

Richards. C, Y-58 40 

Richards. C. J.. Mid-85 231 

Richards, F. B.. Bm-97 97 

Richards, G., Y-40 33 

Richards. G. B.. Col^^7 263 

Richards, G. C. D~96 166 

Richards, H. A., Jr.. Bm-93... 96 

Richards. H. LeV.. Mid-18. . . . 239 

Richards, J., D-75 160 

Richards. J., P-i57 173 

Richards. J. A., Am-61 72 

Richards, J. E.. Mid-69 228 

Richards, M. D., Ch-09, Wmp 

-09 302,210 

Richards, M. L., Ch-08 302 

Richardson, C. H., Man-81 .... 218 

Richardson. D. P.. Y-66 39 

Richardson. F. L. W., Hvd-99. 117 

Richardson. F. W.. PK-84 276 

Richardson, G.. Y-05 58 

Richardson. G., Y-10 62 

Richardson. G. W.. Am-06. ... 84 

Richardson. H. B.. Am-69 76 

Richardson. H. H.. Hvd-95 116 

Richardson. H. 8., Am-04 84 

Richardson. J. B., D-57 156 

Richardson. J. K., Am-69 76 

Richardson, J. L., D-86 163 

Richardson, J. L., D-08 168 

Richardson. M. B.. Jr.. Y-02. . 56 

Richardson. N. D., Hm-09 13 

Richardson. R.. Hm-05 13 

Richardson, R. M., Hm-43. ... 3 

Richardson, R. 8., Hm-11 14 

Richardson, W. H. H., D-50. . . 164 

Richardson, W. 8., R-94, Bm 
_Q4 194 97 

Richmond'. E. G.i I>-i8 . ...... 171 

Richmond, G. M.. Am-97 83 

Richmond, K. C.. Bm-86 96 

Richmond, K. C, R-16 198 





Richmond, W. E., D-67 156 

Rickaby, H. C, Man-01 222 

Rickard, F., Jr., Bdn-l? 151 

Rickcorda, F. 8., Y-05 68 

Ricketson, J. H., Hvd-97 117 

Ricketts, L. L., Y-16 67 

Riddle, J. W., Y-69 40 

Rider, G. C, Un-72 261 

Rider, P. C, Wms-ll 211 

Rider. 8. W., Am-16 87 

Rider, W. J., Wm»-ll 211 

Ridley, A. S., Bdn-90 146 

Ridley, E. T.. Bdn-95 147 

Rieber, F., Cal-12 317 

Rigby, H. B., Y-15 66 

Riggs, R. R., Col-13 30 

Riggs. W. B., Y-71 47 

Riley, C. A., D-08 168 

Riley, H. A., Col-12 30 

RUey, H. A., Y-70 47 

RUey, H. D., Wmfl-95 208 

Riley, J. W., Bdn-06 149 

Riley, M. T., Col-14 30 

Riley, T. H., Bdn-80 144 

Riley, T. H., Jr., Bdn-03 148 

RUey, W. L., Col-11 30 

Riordan, B. L., Tor-91 294 

Riordan, C. C, Tor-96 295 

Riordan, F. L., P-12 185 

Ripley, F. J., D-80 162 

Rising, F. 8., Man-56 213 

Rising, K. 8., K-07 246 

Risk, T. F., Man-90 220 

Risley, C. I., D-99 166 

Ritch, T. G., Y-54 38 

Ritchie, A. B., McG-05 307 

Ritchie, J. W. P., Tor-OO 296 

Rittenhouse, A., Mid-61 226 

Ritzinger, J. R., Min-99 289 

Rivas, D. K., PK-16 281 

Roades, W. C, R-06 196 

Roaf, H. E., Tor-02 296 

Roaf, J. R., ToMK) 295 

Robb, J. D., Y-15 66 

Robb, J. H., Y-43 34 

Robb, N. T., Hvd-93 115 

Robb, P. R., Min-99 289 

Robb, W. C., Min-08 291 

Robbina, C. A., Bdn-64 142 

Robbina, E. C, Am-63 74 

Robbina, F. C, P-81 178 

Robbina, F. L., Jr., Wm»-06. . . 209 

Robbina, G. A., Y-47 35 

Robbina, G. 8., Hm-76 8 

Robbina, H. 8.. P-15 185 

Robbina, J. C, P-17 186 

Robbina, J., PK-fl9 279 

Robbina, L. L., Wma-04 209 

Robbina, N. A., Bdn-57 140 

Robbina, T. H., Y-68 46 

Robert, F., Man-60 214 

Robert. R. A., Man-93 220 

Roberta, A. B., Hm-44 3 

Roberta, C, Man-62 214 

Roberta, E. C, Y-10 62 

Roberta, E. H., Y-50 36 

Roberta, E. H., Hm-13 14 

Roberta, E. L., Jr., Y-10 62 

Roberta, H. C, Am-11 86 

Roberta. J. B., Bdn-95 147 

Roberta. J. 8., Man-57 213 

Roberta, J. T.. Y-05. 58 

Roberta, L. W., Am-11 86 

Roberta, P., Y-10 62 

Roberta, R. Hud-11 136 

Roberta, R. R., Wia-10 313 

Roberta, W. J., Y-59 40 

Robertson, A. A., McG-90 305 

Robertson, A. W., Min-06 290 

Robertson, B. J.. Col-92 25 

Robertson, C. J., Min-14 292 

Robertson, D. F., Tor-02 296 

Robertson, K. G., McG-05 307 

Robertson, P. W. K., McG-00. 306 

Robertson, 8. J., Tor-03 294 

Robertson, W. P., Min-09 291 

Robeson, T. R., Hvd-61 108 

Robeson, W. R., Hvd-64 109 

Robie, H. A.. Cor-82 262 

Robie, J. W., Bdn-16 151 

Robie, W. P. F., Bdn-89 145 

Robins, G. D., Mid-98 234 

Robina, J. E., Mid-68 228 

Robinaon, A., R-90, Y-91 . . 193, 50 

Robinaon, A. L., Bdn-08 149 

Robinaon, A. 8., Hm-14 14 

Robinaon, B. C„ P-94 181 

Robinaon, C, Y-61 41 

Robinaon, C. E., Hm-57 6 

Robinson, C. F., Bdn-03 148 

Robinaon, D. A., Bdn-73 143 

Robinson, D. C, Un-65 250 

Robinaon, D. S., Bdn-07 149 

Robinaon, E. A., JH-98 285 

Robinson, F. C., Bdn-73 143 

Robinaon, F. G., McG-05 307 

Robinaon, F. M., D-55 155 

Robinaon. F. W.. Y-00 49 



Robinson, G. C, JH-99 285 Rogers. A. H., G-57 123 

Robinson, G. H., Hud-88 133 Rogers, B. C, Mid-90 235 

Robinson, H., Un-97 264 Rogers, C. DeW., Man-90 220 

Robinson, H. K., Am-00 83 Rogers, E. P., Col-40 23 

Robinson, H. L., Bdn-11 150 Rogers, H. H., Hud-16 137 

Robinson, J. R., Y-03 67 Rogers, H. W., Hm-74. P-74 . 8, 177 

Robinson, J. S., P-03 183 Rogers, J. J., Wi»-97 311 

Robinson, N., R-54 187 Rogers, J. M., Bdn-76 143 

Robinson, O. H., R-dl 188 Rogers, J. S., Wm»-14 211 

Robinson, R. A., 3rd, Axn-15 . . 87 Rogers, J. W., D-83 162 

Robinson, S. B., Col-88 25 Rogers, M. W., Bm-14 101 

Robinson, W.. Mid-65 227 Rogers, R. H., JH-10 287 

Robinson, W. A., Bdn-76 143 Rogers, W. B., Hvd-96 116 

Robinson, W. E., Bdn-10 150 Rogers, W. G., Am-18 88 

Robinson, W. H., Y-72 48 Rogerson, J. C, Wm8-92 207 

Robinson, W. M.. Hm-57 5 Roh, C. F., R-88 193 

Robinson, W. W.. Hm-47 3 Rohr, R., P-83 179 

Roby, H. P.,Cor-04 267 Rohrs, F. H., D-15 170 

Roby, J. B., Mi-70 21 Roland, E. W., Cal-01 315 

Rochester, T. F., G-45 122 Rolfe, C. E., 2nd, Bdn-02 148 

Rock, M., D-04 167 RoUand, R., McG-05 307 

Rockefeller. J. D., Jr., Bm-97. . 97 Rollins, A. C., Col-07 29 

RockefeUer, P. A., Y-00 64 Rollins, E. A., D-51 154 

RockefeUer, W. G., Y-92 60 Rollins, F., Mid-89 232 

RockweU, A D., K-63 241 RoUins. F. 8., D-94 165 

Rockwell, A. G., Coi-08 268 RoUins, W. H.. D-94 165 

Rockwell, C. F., Mid-99 235 Romaine, B., Jr.. Col-38 23 

Rockwell, C. L., Mid-97 234 Romer, W., Mid-68 225 

Rockwell, D., Wnis-85 206 Romer, W. J., Cor-87 263 

Rockwell, D. L., K-00 245 Roome, H. L., Y-07 60 

RockweU, E. S., P-06 183 Roome, R., Y-10 62 

RockweU, F. W., Am-66 75 Roos, E. G., 111-17 321 

Rockwell, F. W., Am-68 76 Roos, W. F., Col-13 30 

Rockwell, J., Y-49 36 Roosevelt, F. D., Hvd-04 119 

Rockwell, J. E., Am-37 69 Roosevelt. J. A., Hvd-07 119 

Rockwell, L. H., Un-65 250 Roosevelt, T., Hvd-80 110 

Rockwell, R. C., Am-71 76 ' Root, F. D., Y-72 48 

RockweU, T. G., Cor-09 268 Root, H. D., Am-52 72 

Rockwood, C. G., Jr., Y-^. ... 43 Root, O., Hm-33 1 

Rockwood, N. O., Col-10 29 Root, P. C., Y-14 66 

Rodgers, J. O., Y-«8 53 Root, R. R., D-04 167 

Rodgers, S. A., Cum-58 259 Root. R. W., Wms-96 208 

Rodman, T. R., Hvd-46 106 Root, W. R.. Col-12 30 

Rodriques, J. A.. Cor-91 264 Roper, W. B., Un-79 252 

Roe, A., Mid-67 225 Roper, W. P., Tor-98 295 

Roe, A. 8., Mid-70 228 Ropes, H., Hvd-62 109 

Roe, C. A., Mid-84 231 Ropes, J. C., Hvd-^7 107 

Roe, C. M., Mid-83 231 Ropes, W. L., Hvd-46 106 

Roe, E. C. Ch-10 302 Rose. A., Am-09, D-09 86, 168 

Roe, F. W., Mid-97 234 Rose, H. P., Cor-84 263 

Roe, G. M., Mid-74 229 Rose, P. L., Y-16 67 

Roe, W.. Mid-56 226 Roeeboro, F. B., JH-03 286 

Roe, W. F., Mid-90 233 Roes, A. J. B., G-66 125 

Rogers, A. C, P-92 180 Ross, D. A., Tor-98 295 



Row. H. A., Bdn-M 149 

Ron, H. H„ G-7S 12« _.., 

R<iA.J..D-Sl IM tll,E.,Un-6B 

Rosa. J. A.. Ch-iO 303 bU, E. F.. Y-lfl 

Rom, J. A., V-70 47 all, H., Coi-M 

Rom, J. K. L,. McG-»7 306 bU, J. M., Y-70 

Rom; J. 8., Wm^aS 204 sll. J. S., Hirci-87 

Rom, K. a.. Tot-M 200 bU, J- W.. Mid-SS. Y--68. . 

Rom, M. M., Coi-70 280 sU. L., Win»-78. 

Rotch, A. G.. Hvd-03 118 bU, L. W., Dm6 

RoMh. F. M., Hvd-11 104 dl. P., Coi-09. 

Roaod. G. C, Mid-«e 227 bU. P. L., Bm-IG 

Roiud, J. E., Mid-OS. 225 ^, R., Y-00 

Round, J. M.. Mid-97 231 til, T. H., Hvd-t3 

Round, B. J.. Mid-72 220 ;ll. W. O.. Hm-SS 

---'-■■■ "-- "- 148 )ll, W. G., Hvd-10 

_., ., loi ill, w. H.. D-04, P-oe 

HouiKBU. I. J., P-03 183 fii, W.P.,y-l4... 

Ro»a. O. H. M., D~04 IM ;U, W. S., Man-«l 

Ron. S. M., Y-12. M Rueauni. J. M., Un-02 

Rowel), J. I., Mid-14 238 Rwtoa, W. O., Miui-72 

Rowland. H. B., CoMM 297 Rutherfon 

?. J., McG-17.. 

Royal, H. C. Bdn-BO., , 149 Ryerson. J. E. ^.. Tor~IO. . 

Royce, C. B. K„ Wms-Se 202 Ryon, R., CoM)3 

Roy«, C. H., Hm-Ol.. " 

Roys. G. Ej Hm-Bfl. . 

RObko. F. W.. Cal-14 _.. . , 

Budd. A. B., Wnu-9& 20S Sabine, F. W.. Bdn-GO iii 

Kudd, J.. Hm-90.. 10 SulieCt. A. L., K-10 247 

Rudd, R. B., Hm-OB 13 Suikett, D. P., Bud-SB. Y-9fl.. 14 

Rudd. R. S.. Hm-79 aaekett. F. W., Y-Ol BO 

Rudd, T. A., Wn«-07 210 Sadler, C. W., K-9B 243 

Hudd. W. P., Uo-73 2B1 amdiet. C. W., Jr.. PH)5 183 

Rueppole, H. A., Coi-78 281 Sadler. E, B., PMK 183 

Kugg, R. B.. D-08 188 Sadler, G. M.. P-OS 183 

Ruggles. E- R-. D-W. , 169 Sadlfr, B. K., Hud-13 130 

RumpCW.H., jT..Min-17.... 293 BtSori, E. H.. D-M 18S 

Humrill, C. C. HTd-e7 117 SaBoid. Q. B., y-62 37 

Rumwy, J, F„ Y-ll 83 Safford, V., D-90 184 

Runnefla. F. D., D-93 185 Sage. A. J„ R-00... "» 

Runyon, C, Jr., Wm»-OS. .. ~" ° — >!■"»" 

Bunyon. F. V 
Bwley, M. R 

, Coi-83.. 

jre, M.. Y-13 05 St. John, G. B., Y-59 

Ruabmon, W. R.. Am-01 84 St. John, B. H., Rud-13. . . 

Romel, T. F., Y-»7,... 62 St. John, S., Hud-34,. 

Ruaaol, W. C, Coi-80 282 8t. John, S. B., Y-8e 

Huwell. A. J., Bdn-8S 145 Saladioa, J. W., Jr., D-17. . 





Salisbury. S. W.. G-49 122 

Sallmon, W. H., Y-94 61 

Salmon. M. H.. P-06 183 

Salter, S., Am-77 ' 78 

SaltonstaU, E. P.. Hvd-94 116 

Saltonstall. J. L.. Hvd~00 118 

SaltonstaU. R.. Hrd-92 116 

Sammis. N. L., Brn-08 100 

SampeeU. G.. Hud-^2 133 

Sampson. W., D-86 163 

Samson. A.. Hud-49. 128 

Samson, G. W., Bm-39 89 

Sanborn, A. P., D-77 161 

Sanborn, E. T.. Bdn-08 149 

Sanborn, E. W., D~78 161 

Sanborn, F. B.. Hvd-65 107 

Sanborn, H. C. Un--64 260 

Sanborn,- J., Mid-59 226 

Sanborn. J. J.. D-62 157 

Sanborn, W. B., Cor-95 266 

Sanborn, W. H., Bdn-77 144 

Sanborn, W. H.. Un-64 260 

Sanborn. W. M., Bdn-05 149 

Sanders. B., Col-09 29 

Sanders. E. C, Hud-86 133 

Sanders, F.. Hud-97 134 

Sanders, F. B., Hud-92 133 

Sanders, G. A., WmB-61 203 

Sanders. J. C., Hud-64, Y-54. . 38 

Sanders, O. B.. Am>78 78 

Sanders, R. D., Hm-49 4 

Sanders, W. D., Hud-45 128 

Sanders, W. L., Wma-89 207 

Sanderson, E., K-11 247 

Sanderson, £., Wis-14 314 

Sanderson, J. A.. D-69 166 

Sandford, £., Am-61 74 

Sandford, W. F., Bdn-71, Y-72 48 

Sands. H. H., MoG~00 306 

Sands, J. H., Y-70 47 

Sands. W. S., Man-58 214 

Sandys, E. F., Y-57 39 

Sanford, A., Am-77 78 

Sanford. B., Am-45 71 

Sanford, B. G., Mid-74 229 

Sanford, C. F., Y-47 35 

Sanford, C. V.. K-94 244 

Sanford, G. U., Mid-96 234 

Sanford, H. S., Y-52 37 

Sanford, I. R., Y-73 48 

Sanford, J. E., Am-61 72 

Sanford, J. S., Mid-00 236 

Sanford, L. A., K-96 244 

Sanford. LeR. W., Min-08 291 

Sanford, R. K.. Hm-44 3 

Sanford, W. F., Mid-67 227 

Sanger, 8. G., Hvd-48 105 

Sapp, A. D., K-18 248 

Sardam, F. J.. Ch-04 301 

Sargent, D. A., Bdn<75 143 

Sargent, R. C, Y-11 63 

Sargent, R. M.. D-46 , 16S 

Sargent, W. A., Am-79 78 

Sargent. W. E., D-84 163 

Sargent, W. J., Bdn-98 147 

Sariol, J. B., Bdn-66 142 

Sartwelle, W. D., PK-75 276 

Sather, E., PK-17 282 

Satterlee, E., R-67 189 

Satteriee, W. B., Bm-K)3 99 

Satterthwaite, T. E., Y-64 43 

Sauer, M. A., R-17 198 

Saunders, A. C., Y-14 66 

Saunders, A. F., Am-18 88 

Saunders, C. L., Coi-81 262 

Saunders, E. J., Wm8-04 209 

Saunderson, G. W., D-77 161 

Sautter, E. F., Am-02 84 

Savage, C. H., Bdn-93 146 

Savage, C. W., D-74 160 

Savage, C. W., R-93 193 

Savage, E., D-60 166 

Savage, J., Cor-78 261 

Savage, J. F., D-72 160 

Savage, J. M., R-52 187 

Savage, J. W., Hvd-47 106 

Savidge, W., P-84 179 

SavUle, H. M., Am-54 72 

Savin, W. M., Man-86 219 

Sawin, M. E., Bm-14 101 

Sawyer, A. P., D-78 161 

Sawyer, A. W., I>-47 154 

Sawyer, D. P., Wm8-18 212 

Sawyer. E. R., Un-60 249 

Sawyer, F. A., Mid-71 228 

Sawyer, G. C, Hvd-66 107 

Sawyer, H. H., Mid-01 235 

Sawyer. J. D., Y-96 51 

Sawyer, J. H., Am-65 75 

Sawyer. J. P., Y-97 52 

Sawyer, J. 8„ Hud-48 128 

Sawyer, L. J., R-91 193 

Sayle, W. C, Coi-10 268 

Sayler. J. R., Mi-60 19 

Sayler, M., Mi-62 18 

Sayler, N., Mi-67 19 

Sayles, A. E., D-04 167 

Sayles. A. E., Wms-OS 209 





Sayles, J., Hm-44 

Saylor, F. H., Am-65 

Sayre, W. G., Un-d5 

Scaife, L. L.. Y-70 

Scarfe, R. E. B.. Toi^-99 

Scatea, C. W., Hvd-38 

Schaeflfer, G. R., Ch-07 

Schaeffer, H. D., Ch-14 

Schae£Fer, J. G., Cal-09 

Sohae£fer, J. R., Cal-13 

Schafer, A. W., Hud-09 

Schafer, J. A., K-17 

Schaff, H. H., Wm»-91 

ScheU, F., Y-72 

Schenck, G. van E., Un-06 .... 
Schermerhom, N. I., Un-95. . . 

ScheviU, F.. Y-89 

Scbieffelin, S. B., Jr., Col-92. . . 

Schieflfelin, W. J.. Col-87 

Schieflfelin, W. J., Jr., Y-14. . . . 

Schively. C. 8., Ch-16 

Schlabach, A. W., Ch-14 

Schlabach, F. L.. Ch-17 

Schlabach, H. H., Ch-08 

Schlager, C., Cor-15, Mid-15. . 

Schlosaer, H., Un-81 

Schmeltier W. V., Mi-68 

Schmelzel, J. H., Jr., Col-18. . . 

Schmid, H. W., Am-17 

Schmidtman, J. C, Wia-98. . . . 

Schmucker, F. R., Y-61 

Schneider, J. H., Y-60 

Schoenthaler, W. S., Am-11 . . . 

Schofield, J. v., R-52 

Schon, R. A. P., Cal-15 

Schoonmaker, E. W., Bm-16. . 

Schroeder, H., Col-^9 

Schroeder, J. L., Col-89 

Schulte, B., G-70, K-70. . . .126, 

Schurman, G. M., Cor-13 

Schurman, G. W., Cor-93 

Schurman, J. G., Jr., Cor-17. . . 

Schurman, R., Cor-07 

Schurs, H., Hvd-^7 

Schutz, R. H., PK-89 

Schuts, W. S., PK-94 

Schuyler, C. B., G-«2 

Schuyler, H., Hud-84 

Schuyler, W. T., Hud-88 

Schwab, A. J., Hm-05 

Schwartz, D. L., PK-00 

Schwartz, G. B., Tor-16 

Schwartz. H. L., PK-06 

Sohweppe, R. J^ Y*<X) 

3 Scofield. G. W., Hm-40 2 

75 Soofield, R. W.. Mid-12 238 

250 Soofield, W. E.. Mid-78 230 

47 Scott, A. G., Tor-14 298 

295 Scott, B-, Y-04 67 

103 Soott. B. L. Miii-17 293 

302 Soott, C., Jr., Mid-86 232 

303 Scott, C. D., Tor-OO 294 

316 Scott. E. G.. Y-68 40 

317 Scott, H., Y-17 68 

136 Scott, H. H., McG-14 309 

248 Soott. J. B.. Mid-81 231 

207 Scott, J. H.. Hud-46 128 

48 Scott, L. F., Hm-07 13 

256 Scott. S. P., Mi-66 20 

254 Scott. W. A., R-86 192 

49 Scott, W. B., Tor-97 295 

25 Scott. W. B., McG-12 309 

24 Scoville, F., Hm-58 5 

66 Scoville, F. C, Am-75 77 

304 ScoviUe, S., Y-^7 39 

303 Scranton, J. H., Y-98 53 

304 Scudder, E. C, Hud-50 128 

302 Scudder, F. D., Y-10 62 

239 Scudder, J. W., Hud-50 128 

262 Scull, G. H., Hvd-98 117 

19 Seabey, J. A., Hm-90 10 

31 Seabury, A., Cal-08 316 

88 Seagrave, P. W., Hud-05 135 

311 Seaman. C. J., Bni-72 93 

41 Seaman, J. A.. Man-59 214 

41 Seaman, J. E., Jr., Un-99 255 

86 Seaman, S. E., Man-67 215 

187 Searle, D. W., Man-55 213 

318 Searles, D. K., IU-16 321 

101 Sears, C. H., Un-59 249 

27 Scars, J. H., Hvd-89 114 

25 Sears. P. H., Hvd-44 104 

242 Sears, R. P., Un-10 257 

269 Seaver, R. C, Wms-00 208 

265 Seaver, W. H., G-66 123 

270 Seavey, J. A., Hm-90 10 

268 Sedgwick, A. G., Hvd-64 109 

117 Sedgwick, C., Jr.. Hvd-41 104 

277 Sedgwick, G. S., Y-69 46 

278 Sedgwick, H. D., Hyd-43 104 

124 Sedgwick. H. D., Hvd-82 Ill 

132 Sedgwick, J. H.. Hvd-88 113 

133 Sedgwick. M. A.. Min-18 293 

13 Sedgwick, T., Hvd-86 112 

279 Seeley, R. H., Urb-39 22 

298 Seely. H. M., Y-57 39 

279 Seelye. L. H., Am-11 86 

54 Seelye. S. T., Hud-43 127 






Sedye. W. C, Am-95 

Seibel, K. B., IU-04 

Seibold, J. S., Y-57 

Seaer, G. W., IU-13 

SeUer, O. E., 111-12 

Semler. R. B., Y-14 

Semmes, J. E., Jr., JH-414 

Semple, C. Y., K-96 

Semple. E. H., Y-64 

Sennett, L. F., PK-89 

Sercomb, A. A., Wm»-03 

Sercomb, H. H., Wma-OS 

Sessions, R. H., Am — 88 

Sewall, A., Y-10 

Sewall, B., Bdn-83 

Sewall, D. S., Bdn-13 

Sewall, F., Bdn-68 

Sewall, H. F., Jr., Ck>r-97 » 

SewaU, J. B., Bdii-48 

SewaU, J. E., Bdix;-76 

Sewall, J. S., Bdii-50 

Sewall, O. D., Bdii-87 

Seward, C. A., G-48 

Seward, F. D., Hm-68 

Seward, F. W., Un-67 

Sexton, H. C, Mid-CH) 

Sexton, L. E., Hvd-84 

Sexton, W. H., Bdn-04 

Seymour, C, Hud-64 

Seymour, C, Y-08 

Seymour, E., Wm»^82 

Seymour, E P., Y-10 

Seymour, E. W., Y-33 

Seymour, F. H., Hud-93 

Seymour, H. H., Cor-71 

Seymour, J. H., Wms-79 

Seymour, M. B., Am-14 

Seymour, N. P., Hud-34 

Seymour, R. H., Hud-98 

Seymour, S. O., Y-67 

Seymour, T. D., Hud-70 

Seymour, W. E., Y-00 

Seymour, W. W., Wms-84 

Shackelford, F. H., Jr., Ch-11.. 

Shackelford, J. C, Y-64 

Shaler, I. A., Man-^83, Cor-84.. 
Shanklin, W. A., Jr., Mid-17.. . 

Shapleigh, A. W., Y-11 

Sharp. C. H., Hm-90 

Sharp, D. L., Bm-95 

Sharp, J. H., Ala-53 

Sharp, M. P., Wis-lS 

Sharpe, B. F., Mid-87, JH-91 . 
Sharpe, E., K-63 

82 Sharpe, H. D., Bm-94 97 

319 Sharpe, L., Bm-93 96 

39 Shattuck, C. D., Wi8-07 312 

320 Shattuck, E. C, Am-50 71 

320 Shattuck, E. J., D-10 169 

66 Shattuck, G. O., Hvd-^1 106 

286 Shattuck, H. B., D-97 166 

245 Shaw, A. B., D-08 168 

43 Shaw, A. C, R-61 188 

277 Shaw, C. A., Hud-81 132 

209 Shaw, D. D., Y-n56 39 

209 Shaw, F. M., Bdnr-93 146 

81 Shaw, J. C, Hvd-40 103 

62 Shaw, J. E., Y-73 48 

145 Shaw, J. T., Bdn-96 147 

151 Shaw, M. G., Hvd-01 118 

141 Shaw, P. M., Bdn-93 146 

265 Shaw, Q. A., Hvd-91 115 

139 Shaw, R. G., 2nd, Hvd-95 116 

143 Shaw, S. 8., Hvd-53 106 

139 Shay, A. R., Mid-72 229 

145 Shea, E. B., Wis-13 313 

122 Sheahan, H., Bm-17 102 

6 Shear, T. R., Un-68 250 

250 Shearer, C. H., Cor-79 262 

226 Shearer, J. B., Cor-78 261 

112 Shearer, J. D., Min-16 293 

148 Shearer, J. M., Min-18 293 

130 Shedd, J. G., Hud-65 130 

61 Sheehan, J. M., Mid-86 , 232 

206 Sheehan, P. P., Un-98 256 

62 Sheffield, H., Y-07 60 

37 Sheffield, W. P., Bm-77 94 

133 Sheffield, W. P., Jr., Bm-16. . . 101 
260 Sheldon, A. M., Y-08 61 

205 Sheldon. C. 8., Y-63 42 

87 Sheldon, E. A., Hm-48 4 

127 Sheldon, G. P., Y-67 45 

134 Sheldon, I. E., R-57 188 

39 Sheldon, R., Hm-53 4 

131 Sheldon, S. DeW., D-14 170 

54 Sheldon. W. D., Y-61 41 

206 Sheldon, W. F.. Mid-99 235 

308 Shelley, L B., PK-15 281 

38 Shelly. C. S., P-08 184 

263 Shelp, L., R-00 195 

239 Shelton, F. W., C01--17 270 

63 Shelton, W. R., Y-68 46 

10 Shepard, C. C, Jr., Y-17 68 

97 Shepard, C. L., Bdn-71 143 

199 Shepard, C. R., Wifl-05 312 

314 Shepard, C. S., Man-77 217 

232 Shepard, E. M., Man-69 216 

241 Shepard, E. O., Am-60 74 



eiMpsH, B, P., Mid-^SS 

flb^rd. L. B., Mmn-67 

Sh^nrd, L. D,. Am-a2 

Sbemrd, R. B., Uo-IO 

Bhepunl. R. D.,Un-12 

Bbapud. T., BdD-tU 

etwpBcd. W. F.. Bdit-es 

Bhcpud»D, D., Am-ae, Bm-4I 

BiMplwrd, 1. B.. Mid-73 

oi. IE. M., Y-09 



J. H., 1 

II. G. E., P-99.. 
□. G. p., Col-M. 
n. H. G., Jr., " 

235 6k(.n, A„ MeG-m 

216 Shony. D. L.. D-51 

7* Shores, F. H., D-58, Bvi 

257 Short, W. C, D-Sa 

2S7 Shortur. E. 3., Y-M 

142 Shomlter, J. W., K-TO. . 

142 ShowiJter.J. W.. Y-S7... 

SO Shonltir, W.. K-71 

220 ehreve.a. B.,Y-«5 44 

ei Staufddt. R. W., Cac-74 261 

ISO sfauu. H. c, cii-i4 soa 

188 ShuU, L. C, Ch-16 3M 

293 Sbumui, A.. Hiii-55 55 

101 Bhumwsy, G. W., Hud-75 131