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*_ _ i» 

9* » 



Arroi, Lenox and Tilden Foundations 


Deposited by the ' L. 



*V if -■* 

*T9 *- 




.♦•,*'-*" Vfc .' .*.»-. *c . ir - •* 

• *.  






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1*1 ^#^ 

. .^P. J&. /&. .W» ,SS, ,SS, -; 


| A8TOR. LENfl3C AN0 








.^^. , -jj..^..^..^..^..^. 




j\lpha fail Omega fraternity 


• • • . 



• * 


• • • » ► 








« « 

 . • « 

publication Committee. 

J a mbr Edward Green, Tennessee A. T. 
Henry Walter Booth, Michigan B. A. 
Thomas Ruffin, North Carolina A. A. 
Zachary Tolliver, Tennessee A. 
Joseph Reid Anderson, Virginia A. 
Emmett Franklin Eldredge, Ohio A. N. 
William Boone Nauts, Tennesseee Q. 
Larkin White Glazebrook, Georgia A. Z. 

Published by direction or the 15th Bi-ennial Congress and under the supervision 

of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. 


Title. 1 

Publishing Committee. 11 

Contents lv 

Preface v 

Historical Sketch vli 

Directory lx 

Active Chapters x 

Alumni Associations xl 

Vocations. xii 

Chapters of A. T. O xlii 

Virginia Alpha 1 

Virginia Beta 8 

Tennessee Iota. 16 

Tennessee Lambda 18 

Virginia Delta 26 

Virginia Epsilon 85 

Kentucky Mu 41 

Tennessee Nu 47 

North Carolfna XI 48 

Kentucky Omicron 54 

Tennessee Pi 66 

Virginia Rho 68 

District of Columbia Upsllon 58 

Tennessee Omega 59 

Virginia Alpha-Alpha 68 

Georgia Alpha-Beta 69 

North Carolina Alpha- Delta 74 

Alabama Alpha-Epsllon • 77 

Georgia Alpha-Zeta 86 

North Carolina Alpha-Eta 94 

Pennsylvania Tau 99 

Georgia A Ipha-Theta 103 

Pennsylvania Alpha-Iota; 112 

New Jersey Alpha- Kappa 116 

New York Alpha-Lambda 118 

Michigan Alpha-Mu 120 

Ohio Alpha-Nu 126 

Pennsylvania Alpha-Pi 135 

New York Alpha-Omicron 186 

Pennsylvania Alpha-Rho 142 

Oregon Alpha-Sigma 146 

Tennessee Alpha-Tau 147 

Pennsylvania Alpha-Upsllon 162 

.South Carolina Alpha-Chi 156 

Alphabetical List.. 

Ohio Alpha-Psi 158 

South Carolina Alpha-Phi 168 

Florida Alpha-Omega. 166 

Kentucky Zeta. 168 

Arkansas Alpha-Xi 170 

Iowa Beta-Alpha 171 

Alabama Beta-Beta 178 

Massachusetts Beta-Gamma. 180 

Alabama Beta-Delta 181 

Louisiana Beta-Epsllon 186 

Vermont Beta-Zeta 190 

Ohio Beta-Eta 194 

New York Beta-Theta. 198 

Michigan Beta-Kappa. 204 

Georgia Beta-Iota 208 

Michigan Beta-Lambda. 118 

Georgia Beta-Nu 216 

Ohio Beta-Mu 118 

South Carolina Beta-Xl 222 

Michigan Beta-Omicron 224 

Tennessee Beta-Pi 228 

Ohio Beta-Kho 281 

Virginia Beta-Hlgma. 288 

Maine Beta-Upsilon 284 

Houth Carolina Beta-Phi 288 

California Beta-Pel 241 

Pennsylvania Beta-Chl 240 

Ohio Beta-Omega 248 

Maine Gamma-Alpha 245 

Massachusetts Gamma-Beta. 248 

Indiana Gamma-Gamma. 251 

Tennessee Beta-Tan 253 

Rhode Island Gamma-Delta 256 

Texas Gamma-Epsllon 258 

Illinois Gam ma-Zeta. 260 

West Virginia Zeta (Community).. 262 

Virginia Gamma (Community) 263 

Tennessee Theta (Community) 264 

Tennessee Kappa (Community).... 265 
Tennessee Gamma (Community). . 266 

Georgia Sigma (Community) 267 

Virginia Phi (Community) 868 

Illinois Chi (Community) 269 

Geographical List 271 





In presenting the first Catalogue of the Alpha Tau 
Omega Fraternity the Committee would remind the Fra- 
ternity that the first edition must necessarily be incomplete. 
Catalogues are growths. They reach perfection slowly, and 
only after repeated publications. 

In 1878, by direction of the High Council, a preliminary 
Catalogue was published in Richmond, Va. This was a 
most valuable beginning, but only a beginning. Nearly 
eighteen years elapsed, during which time every effort was 
made to perfect the Chapter record, and to obtain some 
information of every brother who had ever been initiated. 

In August, 1896, the Worthy Grand Chief appointed a 
committee to collect all the additional data that had been 
secured by Chapters and the successive Worthy Grand 
Keeper of Annals, and to embody it in a second preliminary 
Catalogue. This committee did its work so speedily and 
thoroughly that in October of 1896 this preliminary Cata- 
logue was sent to the Chapters and individuals for the 
purpose of obtaining further information and correction. 

The responses were so prompt that the committee was 
able to present to the Fifteenth Bi-ennial Congress, which 
m et in Cleveland, Ohio, December 30, 1896, a most satisfac- 
tory report and advised the immediate publication of a 
permanent Catalogue according to the specifications sub- 
mitted with the report. 

The Chapters have been arranged according to the issu- 
ance of their charters. It will be seen that sixty-nine char- 
ters have been granted and Chapters organized. Thirty- 
seven of this number were established in the decade from 

1880-1890; fourteen during the last six years. 

In addition to the above Chapters, there existed between 
the date of the Fraternity's foundation and 1875 eight 
Community Chapters. 


Since that time the Fraternity has thought it best to dis- 
continue such Chapters. Of the sixty-four charters granted, 
sixteen have been withdrawn on account of the Anti-Fra- 
ternity Laws which at different times during the last twenty 
years have been inaugurated in different sections of the 

In pursuance with the general demand of the Farternity 
along the lines of conservatism, the Fourteenth and Fif- 
teenth Congresses have withdrawn eight charters at the 
suggestion of the executive department. It will therefore 
be seen that these Chapters remain unaccounted for, but 
there is no doubt but that the charters were withdrawn on 
account of lack of material or apathy on the part of the 
Chapters themselves. At present the Fraternity numbers 
forty-two active Chapters and sixteen State Alumni Asso- 

The Committee feels that it would not be inappropriate 
to include under a separate heading ..something of the his- 
tory of Alpha Tail Omega,' but it fully recognizes the 
limitations under which it must be restrained in this part 
of its task. It feels, ..hQwever,- justified in going as far in 
this connection as has been gone in some of the earlier 
volumes of the Fraternity's journal, The Palm, to which 
it would acknowledge its indebtedness for much of this 


, g. . 4 . . A . . A . . A . . A . . A . . # . 

IMetortcal Sfeetcb. 

The Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity was founded in the 
city of Richmond, Va., on the 11th day of September, 1865, 
by the Rev. Otis Allan Glazebrook, D. D., Captain Alfred 
Marshall and Judge Erskine Mayo Ross, all three residents 
of that city. 

The idea was undoubtedly conceived by the first named 
of the honored brothers, who prepared alone an outline of 
a constitution and secret work, and then invited his chosen 
friends to a conference at which he submitted it to them. 

The memorable meeting was held in the rear parlor of 
the residence of Dr. Glazebrook's father, and the compact 
was then and there ratified and confirmed by the three. 
Ross had recently graduated from the Virginia Military 
Institute, at Lexington, Va., while Glazebrook and Marshall 
were at the time just entering the senior class of the same 
institution. The mother Chapter, therefore, was placed at 
the Virginia Military Institute, and from it the Fraternity 
has grown. 

An intimate acquaintance with the working of the 
hearts and minds of these three young men at that time 
proves that the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity had her 
origin, not in mere sentiment, or in the simple desire to be 
a Greek Letter Society. The motive which prompted her 
formation must be sought in something much more intense 
and lasting than a mere feeling and love for the mysteries. 
She was born in the midst of strife, at a time when men — 
men in the fullness of experience and knowledge of human 
nature, gained around the campfire and in battle — cared 
not be otherwise than earnest and serious; when the desire 
and yearning for association meant more than convivi- 
ality; when man felt the need of a brother man's love, 
confidence and aid ; when it was realized that nothing was 
reliable or indestructible, save that which rested upon prin- 
ciple — not even friendship itself. 



To bind men together in a brotherhood based on the 
eternal and immutable principles of virtue, truth and love, 
with a bond as strong as right itself and as lasting as 
humanity. Knowing no north, no south, no east, no west, but 
to know man as man, to teach that true men the world over 
should stand together and contend for the supremacy of 
good over evil; to teach not politics, but morals; to fasten 
not partisanship,- but the recognition of true merit when- 
ever found; to have no narrower limits within which to 
work together for the elevation of man, than the outline of 
a world — these were the thoughts and hopes uppermost 
in the minds of the founders of the Alpha Tau Omega 
Fraternity. Under such circumstances and with such 
incentives, the outcome could not have been other than the 
embodiment of what is truest, best and noblest in life. 

It is not surprising, then, that whenever Alpha Tau 
Omega has been allowed to raise her voice or exert her in- 
fluence, she has been a power in developing the highest 
type of manhood. 

To the circumstances of her birth— circumstances which 
made her young founders wise, mature and serious be- 
yond their years — is due the grand object she set forth in 
the beginning and the blessed principles she inculcates. 
Withholding none of the honor due to age, we find in 
these circumstances that which age may not give. 

The Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, though only thirty- 
one years old, has been from the first, matured in earnest- 
ness and in the strength of her convictions. She rests her 
claim, not upon her antiquity, but upon her worth ; not 
upon her numbers, but upon the quality of her constitu- 
ency ; not upon her men, but upon the manhood of her 
sons. Manifesting these, she will not long appeal in vain 
where an exalted manhood is recognized as the only sure 
guarantee of an ennobling and undying friendship. 

»' *x 

i. u «-'n ^ _ A T,[ A j, f 


| ASTOP. L^v^X A?'0 

fraternity Directory. 

Founded September 11, 1865. Incorporated 1878, under the laws of 
Maryland, under the corporate name of "The Alpha Tau Omega 
Fraternity of Baltimore City." 

Founders: Rev. Otis Allan Glazebrook, D. D* Captain Alfred Marshall, 
*Hon» Erskme Mayo Ross* 


Worthy Grand Chief, Dr. Larkin W. Glazebrook, 1403 N. Y. Avenue, 
Washington, D. C. 

Worthy Grand Chaplain, Bishop John H. Vincent, Topeka, Kan. 

Worthy Grand Keeper of Exchequer, Zac Tolliver, Custom House, 
Nashville, Tenn. 

Worthy Grand Keeper of Annals, Rev. James E. Green, Bates ville, 

Worthy Grand Scribe, Thomas Kuffin, General I-and Office, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

E. J. Shives, A. M., Sandusky, O., Chairman. 
N. Wiley Thomas, Ph. D., Girard College, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Otis A. Glazebrook, D. D., Elizabeth, N. J. 

James B. Green, LL. D., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 
David A. White, Mebane, N. C. 

Hon. George M. Hosack, Carnegie Building, Pittsburg, Pa. 

The Alpha Tau Omega PALM is the official organ of the Fraternity. 
From its inception it has been directly under the supervision of the High 
Council. The editor and his assistants being selected by that body. 
The first number was published December, 1880, Jos. R. Anderson, 
Editor-in-Chief, C. McD. Puckett, Associate Editor, Richmond, Va. 
At present it is published in Chicago, 111., Louis C. Ehle, Editor-in-Chief, 
Milo H. Massey and Jan. H. Gannon, Associate Editors. The subscrip- 
tion price is one dollar and a half ($1.50) per annum, in advance. Four 
numbers constituting a volume. 

The Alpha Tau Omega SONG BOOK was published in 1886, by direc- 
tion of the High Council, through the efforts of the Pennsylvania Alpha 
Upsilon Chapter. This edition has been exhausted, but the second 
edition, which is now being carefully prepared by New York Beta-Theta 
Chapter will be ready in a short time. 

Fraternity Flower : White Tea Rose. 

Colors : Sky Blue and Old Gold. 

Yell : Hip, Hurrah ! Hip, Hurrah ! 

Three cheers for Alpha Tau ! 
♦Deceased. Rah! Rah! Rah! 


Hctive Chapters 

Alabama Alpha-Epsilon. Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn 22 

Alabama Beta-Beta. Southern University, Greensboro - - - 20 

Alabama Beta-Delta. University of Alabama^ Tuscaloosa - - 20 

California Beta-Psi. Leland Stanford Jr. University, Palo Alto - 5 

Georgia Alpha-Beta. University of Georgia, Athens - - - 16 

Georgia Alpha-Theta. Emory College, Oxford - 23 

Georgia Alpha-Zeta. Mercer University, Macon - - - - 13 

Georgia Beta-Iota. School of Technology, Atlanta - - - 16 

Illinois Gamma-Zeta. University of Illinois, Champaign - - 6 

Indiana Gamma Gamma. Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute 11 

Louisiana Beta-Epsilon. Tulane University, New Orleans - - 13 

Massachusetts Gamma-Beta. Tuft's College, Medford - - - 20 

Maine Beta-Upsilon. State College, Orono 30 

Maine Gamma-Alpha. Colby University, Waterville - - - 16 

Michigan Alpha-Mu. Adrian College, Adrian - - - - 10 

Michigan Beta-Kappa. Hillsdale College, Hillsdale - - - 15 

Michigan Beta-Omicron. Albion College, Albion - - - - 12 
North Carolina Alpha-Delta. University of North Carolina, Chapel 

Hill 6 

North Carolina Xi. Trinity College, Durham ... 4 

New York Alpha-Omicron. St. Lawrence University, Canton - 26 

New York Beta-Theta. Cornell University, Ithaca - - - 20 

Ohio Alpha-Nu. Mt. Union College, Alliance 17 

Ohio Alpha- Psi. Wittenberg College, Springfield - - - - 10 

Ohio Beta-Eta. Wesleyan University, Delaware - - - - 17 

Ohio Beta-Mu. Wooster College, Wooster 19 

Ohio Beta-Rho. Marietta College, Marietta 7 

Ohio Beta-Omega. Ohio State University, Columbus - - - 17 

Pennsylvania Alpha-Iota. Muhlenburg College, AUentown - - 12 

Pennsylvania Alpha-Rho. Lehigh University, South Bethlehem - 9 

Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg - 10 

Pennsylvania Tau. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - 20 

Rhode Island Gamma-Delta. Brown University, Providence - 30 

South Carolina Alpha-Phi. South Carolina College, Columbia - 8 

Tennessee Alpha-Tau. S.W. Presbyterian University, Clarksville - 10 

Tennessee Beta-Pi. Vanderbilt University, Nashville • - - 18 

Tennessee Beta-Tau. S. W. Baptist University, Jackson - - 14 

Tennessee Lambda. Cumberland College, Lebanon - - - 11 

Tennessee Omega. University of the South, Sewanee - - - 17 

Texas Gamma-Epsilon. Austin College, Sherman - 15 

Vermont Beta-Zeta. University of Vermont, Burlington - - 23 

Virginia Beta. Washington and Lee University, Lexington - - 6 

Virginia Delta. University of Virginia, Charlottesville - 17 

Numbers on right represent active members at present date. 


alumni associations. 

Alabama State Alumni Association, Birmingham. 

Allentown (Pa.) Alumni Association. 

Boston Alumni Association. 

Chicago Alumni Association. 

District of Columbia Alumni Association. 

New York 8tate Alumni Association, New York City. 

Ohio State Alumni Association, Tiffin. 

Philadelphia Alumni Association. 

Pittsburg Alumni Association. 

Springfield (0.) Alumni Association. 

Tennessee State Alumni Association, Nashville. 

Michigan State Alumni Association, Detroit. 

Indiana State Alumni Association, Indianapolis. 

Georgia State Alumni Association, Atlanta. 

Texas State Alumni Association, Austin. 

Cleveland (0.) Alumni Association. 


location of Hlpba (Eaue. 

Artists ...... 


Architects ...... 


Attorneys-at-Law .... 


Agriculturists ...... 


Bankers and Brokers .... 


Book-keepers . 


Clerks ...... 


Clergymen ...... 


Chemists , 


Dentists ...... 


Diplomats ..... 


Draughtsman . . . . . 


Druggists ...... 


Electricians ...... 


Engineers ..... 


Journalists ...... 






Merchants ..... 


Musicians ...... 


Physicians ..... 


Professsors ...... 


Publishers ..... 


Railroad Officials . 


Stenographers ..... 


Students ..... 


Teachers ..... 


Theatrical Managers 


U. S. Army ..... 


U. 8. Government Clerks . 


U. 8. Navy and Marine Service 


Unaccounted for 





Cbaptere of HIpba Gau ©mega. |J * 

§ I 1 

v t Virginia. Alpha— Virginia Military Institute, Lexing- 
ton, Va., September 11 , 1866 102 80 22 

/ Virginia Beta — Washington and Lee University, Lex- 
ington, Va., November 18, 1865 Ill 103 8 

y Ttnnftifflff Iota — Union University, Murfreesboro, 

Tenn., November 15, 1867 36 32 4 

• Tennessee Lambda— Cumberland University, Leba- 
non, Tenn., November 17, 1868 135 123 12 

Virginia Delta— University of Virginia, Charlottes- 
ville, Va., November 25, 1868 154 136 18 

Virginia Epsflon — Roanoke College, Salem, Va., No- 
vember 10, 1869 105 99 6 

Kentucky Mis Kentucky Military Institute, Farm- 
dale, Ky., March 10, 1870 102 93 9 

Tennessee Nu— University of Nashville, Nashville, 
Tenn., November 2, 1871 6 4 1 

North Carolina Xi— Trinity College, Durham, N. C, 
March 30, 1872 100 93 7 

Kentucky Omkron— Bethel College, Russellville, Ky., 
May 16, 1872 3 2 1 

Tenncnee Pi— East Tennessee University, Knoxville, 
Tenn., October 18, 1872 4 4 

Virginia Rho — Bethel Academy, Warrenton, Va., De- 
cember 12, 1872 19 17 2 

District of Columbia Upsilon— Columbian University, 
Washington, D. C, November 6, 1874. 8 8 

Tennessee Omega— University of the South, Sewanee, 
Tenn., August 1, 1877 140 130 10 

Virginia Alpha.- Alpha— Richmond College, Richmond, 

Va., September 16, 1878 8 6 2 

Georgia Alpha-Beta— University of Georgia, Athens, 
Ga., November 14, 1878 100 95 5 

North Carolina Alpha-Delta— University of North 
Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C, May 23, 1879 47 44 3 

Alabama Alpha-Epsilon— Alabama Polytechnic In- 
stitute, Auburn, Ala., December 18, 1879 171 162 9 

Georgia Alpha- Zeta— Mercer University, Macon, Ga., 
November 27, 1880 145 139 6 

North Carolina Alpha-Eta— Bingham's School, Mebane 

N. C, April 7, 1881 92 87 5 

t Large type donate extinct chapters. Date represents Issuance of charter. 




Cbapters. (Gonttnuefc.) ij 

H a 


Pennsylvania Tau— University of Pennsylvania, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., April 8, 1881 64 

Georgia Alpha-Theta— Emory College, Oxford, Ga., 
April 26, 1881 169 

Pennsylvania Alpha-Iota— Muhlenburg College, Al- 
lentown, Pa., October 14, 1881 64 

New Jersey Alpha-Kappa— Stevens Institute of Tech- 
nology, Hoboken, N. J., October 15, 1881 20 

New York Alpha-Lambda— Columbia College, New 
York City, November 25, 1881 21 

Michigan Alpha-Mu— Adrian College, Adrian, Mich., 
November 21, 1881 94 

Ohio Alpha-Nu— Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio, 
February 14, 1882 162 

Pennsylvania Alpha-Pi— Washington and Jefferson 
College, Washington, Pa., March 12, 1882 8 

New York Alpha-Omicron — St. Lawrence University, 
Canton, N. Y., February 18, 1882 94 

Pennsylvania Alpha-Rho— Lehigh University, South 
Bethleham, Pa., February 20, 1882 55 

Oregon Alpha-Sigma — O/egon Agricultural College, 
Corvellia, Ore., October 1, 1882 5 

Tennessee Alph-Tau -Southwestern (Presbyterian) 
University, Clarksville, Tenn., April 10, 1881 83 

Pennsylvania Alpha-Upsilon— Pennsylvania College, 
Gettysburg, Pa., June 27, 1882 68 

South Carolina Alpha-Chi — Citadel Academy, Charles- 
ton, S. C, January 1, 1883 24 

Ohio Alpha-Psi— Wittenberg College, Springfield, 
Ohio, November 8, 1883 78 

South Carolina Alpha- Phi — South Carolina College, 
Columbia, S. C. , November 25, 1883 54 

Florida Alpha-Omega— University of Florida, Talla- 
hassee, Fla., February 26, 1884 21 

Kentucky Zeta —Central University, Richmond, Ky., 
June 7, 1884 25 

Arkansas Alpha-Zi — Arkansas Industrial University, 
Fayettsville, Ark., March 28, 1884 5 

Iowa Beta-Alpha —Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa, 
March 16, 1885 21 

Alabama Beta- Beta —Southern University, Greens- 
boro, Ala., March 28, 1885 133 

Massachusetts Beta-Gamma —Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology, Boston, Mass., April 3, 1885 8 










































Chapters. (Continued) Jj 

Alabama Beta-Delta— University of Alabama, Tusca- 
loosa, Ala., October 24, 1886 94 

Louisiana Beta-Epsilon— Tulane University, New 
Orleans, La., March 4, 1887 61 

Vermont Be ta-Zeta— University of Vermont, Bur- 
lington, Vt., April 19, 1887 76 

Ohio Beta- Eta— Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, 
Ohio, October 6, 1887 66 

New York Beta-Theta— Cornell University, Ithaca, 
N. Y., November 11, 1887 * 104 

Michigan Beta-Kappa— Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, 
Mich., January 17, 1888 65 

Georgia Beta-Iota— Georgia School of Technology, 
Atlanta, Ga., September 18, 1888 84 

Michigan Beta-Lambda- University of Michigan, Ann 
Arbor, Mich., December 8, 1888 41 

Georgia Beta-Nu -Middle Georgia College, Milledge- 
ville, Ga., December 9, 1888 24 

Ohio Beta-Mu — University of Wooster, Wooster, 
Ohio, December 20, 1888 71 

Sooth Carolina Beta-Xi— Charleston College, Charles- 
ton, S. C, February 16, 1889 23 

Michigan Beta-Omicron— Albion College, Albion, 
Mich., May 14, 8889 53 

Tennessee Beta-Pi— Vanderbilt University, Nashville, 
Tenn., November 9, 1889 43 

Ohio Be ta-Rho— Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio, 
June 24, 1890 31 

Virginia Beta-Sigma — Hampden Sidney College, 
Hampden Sidney, Va., October 30, 1890 11 

Maine Beta- Upsilon— Maine State College, Orono, 
Me., April 10, 1891 73 

Sooth Carolina Beta-Phi -Wofford College, Spartan- 
burg, S. C, May 2, 1891 22 

Pennsylvania Beta-Chi— II a verford College, Haverford, 
Pa., May 8, 1891 4 

California Beta-Psi— Leland Stanford Jr. University, 
Palo Alto, Cal., December 21, 1891 20 

Ohio Beta-Omega — Ohio State University, Columbus, 
Ohio, May 6, 1892 36 

Maine Gamma Alpha — Colby University, Waterville, 
Me., June 25, 1892 41 

Massachusetts Gamma-Beta— Tufts College, Medford, 
Mass., January 29, 1893 49 









































(Ibaptcre. (Continue^. SJ 

Indiana Gamma-Gamma — Hose Polytechnic Insti- 
tute, Terre Haute, Ind., November 15, 1893 23 23 

Tennessee Beta Tau— Southwestern Baptist Univer- 
sity, Jackson, Tenn., February 28, 1894 21 20 1 

Rhode Island Gamma Delta — Brown University, 
Providence, R. I. , September 21, 1894 38 38 9 

Texas Gamma Epsilon — Austin College, Sherman, 
Tex., March 12, 1895 22 22 

Illinois Gamma- Zeta — University of Illinois, Cham- 
paign, 111., March 16, 1895. .. .. 21 21 

Community Chapters, 

West Virginia Zeta— Weston, W. Va., April 1, 1866. . 
Virginia Gamma— Harrisonburg, Va., July 7, 1866. . . 
Tennessee Theta— Knoxville, Tenn., July 22, 1866. . . 
Tennessee Kappa— Memphis, Tenn., February 5, 1867 
Tennessee Gamma— Columbia, Tenn., March 4, 1874. 

Georgia Sigma — Rome, Ga., January 3, 1874 

Virginia Phi— Alexandria Va., December 15, 1875 

Illinois Chi— Chicago, 111., July 21, 1875 15 

4134 3937 194 






















p>w<n> .^. .^. .g- -2;- -2- "M* "M* 



i' • i) . A. ri!"*i M'R- 

. «...  » 

1 i I \: !• •■ .«:,<'• ■* "■ ' >. ' n .\ 


• • • i 

{ V A. lMi.i. 

I . ? .. .ii*t : Mi. iil-ri« '' i. • ' •*■ V *• . i .  • ■■• , « • . • '»r;i >»:••: 1 1. • r » 'if IKK 
m M.H' i»J \1 I'M a I \ '• • »M k \ T'Ci, :\ir, . K .••l*t>r \ • • i\i, Yai. 
■)»n» h"1 > ''*m'ii. •■ ■•■'.' •' jik'I . u ' '♦•  »i"!i % «'' !•••» I ••«' >t-i ;»1 

-^i>;. i>M' '• ii( \ ' r •  ,i •. ■-. i i a • ' • • * n«* v i ii, ! ^'.M 1 *"  i.'iii; 
.a; > •' :. > « • • ■'. . • n. .'■7J . ■*. <  «:■' t  • . \»--« I» rs»- !»♦ >.!»• *t't. 

:, «« . x > 

• ; * . ,<   T N. •« * • '. 
' ,i • Ii, { > « . i '»c 
• • . - « . > i 1 » -i ! « ' . •  . 1 1 , i 

it \ ol < fl'In ra* ' <>" , I !\- 

»  > i 

, ( K. U ■•• . "». { :l \ .... !*«;,». 

->..,:• u '*•!• V . \i 1 'i.."f 1 inl i' , .','.,i V, V ^ '.{ t\ , \ ' tin' .-i l>! ii 
*- i i .'.' <7a. .»; Vnni.v. \',i , s\ l « '-i - -\ ■• »r v- 1 -n, ».%,., .\*>- 

•%< •« • . x  • . I' \ i . • » \ i \  • m * < * • - t »■* , • • i 

! i ' * "** 

« . 

: 'ii •' ■! \ •*!.. ' ' 

\ - ' i > I » ' Hi v 

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\Dit0inia Hlpba. 



Founded September 11, 1865, by Otib Allan Glazkbrook, Alfred Mar- 
shall and Erskink Mayo Ross. Total membership 102, 

Deceased 22. 

Glazebrook, Otis Allan, A. M., L). I). Richmond, Va., 1866. 

First distinguished graduate V. M. I., 1866; adjutant corps of cadets; Chief 
Founder of Alpha Tat Omega Fraternity; Ex-editor Alpha Tau 
Omega ** Palm;" member High Council; graduate Episcopal Theological 
Seminary of Virginia; chaplain University of Virginia, 1882-1884; chap- 
lain 5th Maryland Regiment, 1874-1878; chaplain 3d New Jersey Regiment, 
1888-180- ; chaplain Confederate Veterans' Association, New York city; ex- 
chaplain Southern Society of New York city ; deputy of General Conven- 
tion of the Episcopal Church, from the diocese of New Jersey, 1885 to 1896; 
• rector of St. John's Episcopal Church, Elizabeth, N. J. 

*Marshall, Alfred, C. E. Richmond,Va., 1865. 

Honor graduate V. M. I., 1866; 1st captain corps of cadets; assistant profes- 
sor of English V. M. I.; assistant engineer X. * M. R. R., Alabama. Died 
September 22, 1870, at Mobile, Ala., while in service, of yellow fever; As- 
sociate Founder Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. 

Ross, Erskink Mayo, Richmond, Va., 1865. 

Graduate V. M. I., class 1864; Judge Court of Appeals of California; Judge 
U. s. Circuit Court of California since 1892; Associate Founder of Alpha 
Tau Omega Fraternity; attorney-at-law, Los Angeles, Cal. 

James, John Garland. Columbia, Va., 1865. 

Honor graduate V. M. I., class 1866; member Hoard of Visitors U. S. Naval 
Academy ; professor mathematics and superintendent Kentucky Military 
Institute; superintendent Texas Military Institute; president Texas A. and 
M. College; author "Southern Selections;" banker and broker, Austin,Tex. 

*Dinwiddie, H. H. Lynchburg, Va., 1865. 

First distinguished graduate V. M. 1., class 1867; adjutant corps cadets; 
assistant professor V. M. I.; professor Texas Military Institute ; professor 
and president A. and M. College, Texas ; author. Deceased. 

Bennett, William George, B. L. Weston, W. Va., 1865, 

Graduate V. M. 1., class 1866; B. L., University of Virginia, 1870; Judge Circuit 
Court of West Virginia; Weston, W. Va. 

Overton, A. W r . Frederickshall, Va., 1865. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1866; banker, Frankfort, Ky. 

*Crichton, John A. Brunswick County, Va., 1865. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1866 ; teacher and editor. Died at Glade Springs, Va., 
June 27, 1880. 


Spiller, George, C. E. Fincastle, Va., 1865. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1866 ; land surveyor, Jacksboro, Tex. 

Tutwiler, E. M. Palmyra, Va., 1865. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1867; teacher and civil engineer; mine operator; Blow- 
burg, Ala. 

Letcher, Samuel Houston. Lexington, Va., 1865. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1869; valedictorian ; president. Board of Visitors V. M. I.; 
attorney-at-law ; Lexington, Va. 

Anderson, A. B. Louisiana, 1865. 

Branch, Hon. Melville Ihby. Richmond, Va. 

Graduate V. M. 1., I860; ex-member Georgia legislature; planter, Bersalla, 

Hayes, Hon. Thomas G., A. M. Alexandria, Va., 1865. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1807 ; first captain corps cadets ; assistant professor V. M. 
I.; professor natural science and law, Kentucky Military Institute; ex- 
member of Maryland senate ; ex-Worthy Grand Chief Alpha Tau Omega 
Fraternity; attorney-at-law, Baltimore, Md. 

Ford, James L. Fredericksburg, Va., 1866. 

Honor graduate V. M. I., 1869; captain corps cadets; assistant professor 
V. M. I.; principal Kentucky Military Academy, Danville, Ky.; merchant 
606 N. Second Street, St. Ix>uis, Mo. 

Wright, William F. Little Rock, Ark., 1866. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1868; first captain corps cadets ; planter, Little Rock, Ark. 

*Bishop, A. H. Petersburg, Va. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1868; assistant professor V. M. I., civil engineer. Died 
May 20, 1806. 

Lee, Frank T. Lynchburg, Va. 

Graduate V. M. 1., 1896; farmer, Lynchburg, Va. 

Butler, William H. Caroline County, Va., 1866. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1868; captain corps cadets; assistant professor V. M. I.; 
merchant in Arkansas. 

Barrow, S. D. West Feliciana, La. 1867. 

Farmer, West Feliciana, La. 

*Ellett, Charles A., M. D. Richmond, Va., 1867. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1868, captain corps cadets; assistant professor V. M. I.; 
M. D. Virginia Medical College; physician, Richmond, Va. Died June 22, 

Smith, Francis Henny, Jr. Lexington, Va., 1867. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1860; adjutant corps cadets; adjunct professor mathe- 
matics V. M. I.; teacher, Lexington, Va. 

Anderson, Clifford W. Savannah, Ga., 1867. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1889; Colonel 1st Regiment Georgia Volunteers; mer- 
chant, 8avannah, Ga. 

Harris, Peter E. Nottaway County, Va., 1867. 

Graduate V.M. I., 1860; merchant, Blaokston, Va. 

Denham, William B. Montlcello, Fla., 1867 

Graduate V. M. I., 1860; captain corps cadets; assistant professor civil en- 
gineering; civil engineer, Montlcello, Fla. 


Farrar, Henry. Natchez, Miss., 1867. 

Farmer, Natchez, Miss. 

Longstreet, John G. Lynchburg, Va., 1867. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1869; U. 8. Civil Service Commission, Gainesville, Ga. 

Wilkinson, Thomas H. Bedford County, Va. 

Graduate V. M. 1., 1869 ; farmer, Lowry's Crossing, Bedford County, Va. 
(Unable to pursue professional career on account of an accident.) 

Hefilfinger, Samuel L. Augusta County, Va., 1867. 

Graduate V. M. 1., 1867 ; teacher, Augusta County, Va. 

Stokes, Charles Pickett. Richmond, Va., 1867. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1869; merchant, Richmond, Va. 

Nelson, Robert E., Jr. Cumberland County, Va., 1867. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1868; adjutant corps cadets. Graduate University Vir- 
ginia; assistant professor V. M. I.; professor University of South, Sewanee, 

Purcell, Samuel H. Richmond, Va., 1868. 

Graduate V. M. 1. 1870; superintendent railroad. Greenwood, Va. 

Singleton, Richard S. Eastover, S. C, 1868. 

Epes, Horace H. Nottaway Court House, Va., 1868, 

Graduate V. M. I., 1870; professor Lynndland Institute, Louisville, Ky. 

Murrell, David G., M. D. Lynchburg, Va., 1868. 

Physician, Louisville, Ky. 

Twiggs, A. J. Augusta, Ga., 1868. 

Chief engineer Augusta A Knoxvllle R. R., civil engineer, Augusta, Ga. 

*Brooke, Richard. Richmond, Va., 1868. 

Graduate, V. M. I., 1870; adjutant corps cadets ; assistant professor V. M. L; 
secretary R. & D. R. R. Deceased. 

Norris, L. W. Leesburg, Va., 1868. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1870; architect, Leesburg, Va. 

Hamilton, Alexander., B. L. Granville County, N. C, 1869. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1871 ; adjutant corps cadets ; assistant professor V. M. I.; 
Member Board of Visitors V. M. I. ; attorney-at-law, Petersburg, Va. 

Young, Normal E. Grayson County, Virginia, 1869. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1871; assistant professor V. M. I.; lieutenant U. 8. Army, 
West Point ; War Department, Washington, D. C. 

Smith, R. Manson. Baltimore, Md., 1869. 

Graduate V. M. 1., 1870; acting assistant professor V. M. I., 1869-1870; mer. 
chant, Baltimore, Md. 

Anderson, Joseph Reid. Richmond, Va., 1869. 

Graduate V. M. 1. 1870; graduate University of Virginia, 1872; assistant pro' 
fessor V. M. I.; Ex- Worthy Grand Chief, Alpha Tau Omega; ex- Worthy 
Grand Keeper of Exchequer, Alpha Tau Omega; Founder Alpha Tau 
Omsga "Palm;" Iron manufacturer, Richmond, Va.; farmer, Lee Gooch- 
land county, Va. 

*Langhorne, William Archer. Lynchburg, Va., 1869. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1870; assistant professor V. M. I., civil engineer. Died at 
Appomattox Court House, Va., January 81, 1876. 


Taylor, Hon. Zachary, C. E., B. L. Tipton County, Tenn. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1872; first captain corps cadets; B. L. Cumberland Uni- 
versity, Tennessee; ex-member U. S. Congress; attorn ey-at-law, Memphis, 

Barney, Charles Gorham. Richmond, Va., 1869. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1878; civil engineer, Columbus, Miss. 

Morris, Hon. Robert Page Waller. Williamsburg, Va. 

First Graduate V. M. I., class 1872; adjutant and valedictorian; assistant 
professor mathematics V. M. I.; professor mathematics Texas Military In- 
stitute ; professor mathematics, Texas A.j and M. College ; Judge Circuit 
Court, Dulutb, Minn.; attorney-at-law ; ex-member U. S. Congress; elected 
to U. S. Congress, November 8, 1896; Duluth, Minn. 

Harrison, John W. Brunswick County, Va., 1873. 

Graduate V. M. I.; adjutant corps cadets; merchant, Lawrenoeville, Va. 

Bell, Richard Phillips, B. L. Staunton, Va., 1869. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1872; B. I* University of Virginia; attorney-at-law, 
Staunton, Va. 

♦Carpenter, P. H. Mobile, Ala., 1870. 

Attorney-at-law, Birmingham, Ala. Deceased. 

Waters, John, M. D. Nashville, Tenn., 1870. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1874 ; captain corps cadets ; physician, Little Rock, Ark. 

Farrar, Walton, B. L. Vicksburg, Miss., 1870. 

Attorney-at-law, Vicksburg, Miss. 

*Lightfoot, Philip Howell, M. D. Port Royal, Va., 1870. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1874 ; physician. Died, September 90, 1881. 

Brooke, Richard N. Warrenton, Va., 1871. 

Professor of Fine Arts, V. M. 1.; U. S. Consul at New Rochelle, France; art- 
ist, 1700 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, D. C. 

Cochran, Hon. Thomas L., B. L. Camden, Ala., 1871. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1878; valedictorian; assistant professor V. M. I.; ex- 
member Alabama legislature ; attorney-at-law, Camden, Ala. 

*Caruthers, Smith, B. L. New Orleans, La. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1876; valedictorian; B. L. Cumberland University, 
Tennessee; attorney-at-law, Marshall, Mo. Deceased. 

Sibley, Guy C, B. L. Mobile, Ala., 1872. 

Capitalist, Mobile, Ala. 

Hambleton, Frank S. Baltimore, Md., 1872. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1876; banker, Baltimore, Md. 

♦Walker, Frank W. New Orleans, La., 1872. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1875. Died, October 20, 1878, at New Orleans, La. 

Morris, George Watson. Louisa County, Va. 1872. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1876; clerk U.S. District Court of Virginia; farmer, Poln- 
dexters, Va. 


Randolph, Francis M. Keswick, Va., 1873. 

Farmer, Ken wick, Va. 

Kollock, Charles W., M. D. Cheraw, S. C, 1873. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1877; captain corps cadets; M. D. University of Penn- 
sylvania ; physician, Cheraw, 8. C. 

♦Finch, Charles L., B. L. Boy den, Va., 1873. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1876; captain corps cadets. Died at Boyden, Va. 

McCulloh, Richard McCall. New Orleans, La., 1873. 

Merchant, Donaldson ville, La. 

Archer, George Watson, M. D. Richmond, Va., 1874. 

Graduate V. ALL, 1878; captain corps cadets; M. D. Medical College of 
Virginia; physician, Denver, Colo. 

Nalle, Francis. Richmond, Va., 1874. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1877 ; farmer, Somerset, Va. 

Hill. J. H. Buckingham County, Va., 1874. 

Farmer, Buckingham County, Va. 

Husson, William Moseley, New York, N. Y., 1874. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1878; captain volunteers; architect; ohief draughtsman 
U. 8. Weather Bureau, Washington, D. C. 

Payne, Andrew Miller. New Orleans, La., 1875. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1877 ; planter, Chillon, Miss. 

Hamill, Harry Hunt. Baltimore, Md., 1875. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University, 1878; merchant, Baltimore, Md. 

McCord, James H. St. Joseph, Mo., 1875. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1879, first honor; captain corps cadets; merchant, St. 
Joseph, Mo. 

Lovell, John Quitman. New Orleans, La., 1876. 

Graduate V. M. 1., 1879; passed assistant paymaster U. S. Navy. 

Dunn, E. E. Columbia, S. C, 1875. 

Merchant, Appleton, Wis. 

Hardy, Robert Lee. Norfolk, Va., 1876. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1879 ; merchant, Norfolk, Va. 

Thompson, Percy W. Washington, D. C, 1876. 

U. 8. Civil Service Bureau, Washington, D. C.i 

Lovell, William S., Jr., A. B. New Orleans, La., 1876. 

Graduate University of South, 1879; merchant, Birmingham, Ala. 

Husson, Joseph. New York City, 1876. 

Real estate dealer, 96 Nassau Street, New York City. 

Robertson, Reuben Lindsay, M. D. Charlottesville, Va., 

Graduate V. M. I., 1880 ; first captain corps cadets ; M. D. University Virginia; 
surgeon U. S. Army. 

Montague, Fairfax Eubank. West Point, Va., 1877. 

Merchant, West Point, Va. 


* Christian, John Albert. Richmond, Va., 1877. 

Merchant, Richmond, Va. Died, January 16, 1806. 

* Davenport, George Graham. Washington, D. C, 1877. 


McGavock, William L. Dublin, Va., 1878. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1881 ; farmer, Dublin, Va. 

Lacy, Graham G. The Wilderness, Va., 1877. 

Honor graduate V. M. I., 1879; attorney-at-law, Sedalia, Mo. 

* Alston, Robert West. Decatur, Ga. 

For a number of years In Treasury Department, Washington, D. C. Died,. 
1889, Washington, D. C. 

Staley, J. Clifton. Baltimore, Md., 1878. 

Grain merchant, Baltimore, Md. 

Purcell, Benjamin Ladd. Richmond, Va., 1878. 

Merchant, Richmond, Va. 

Alston, Joseph K. Wimsboro, S. C, 1878. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1882; attorney-at-law, Columbia, 8. C 

* Archer, Robert. Richmond, Va., 1878. 

Manufacturer. Deceased. 

Price, William H. Jefferson City, Mo., 1878. 

Merchant, Thibodeux, La. 

Goldsby, John A. Mobile, Ala., 1878. 

Attorney-at-law, Mobile, Ala. 

Corker, Palmer L. Waynesboro, Ga., 1878. 

Farmer, Waynesboro, Ga. 

* Watson, George. Richmond, Va., 1878. 

Died while a cadet at V. M. I., 1880. 

Preston, William Ballard. Montgomery County, Va. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1879; professor A. and M. College, Virginia, farmer 
Blacksburg, Va. 

Heth, Gary S. Richmond, Va., 1879. 

* Barksdale, Branch Walker. Richmond, Va., 1879. 


Richards, W. N. Warren County, Va., 1879. 

Farmer, Warren county, Va. 

King, Alfred Rufus. Richmond, Va., 1879. 

Merchant, Richmond, Va. 

*Gilham, Reginald P. Richmond, Va., 1879. 


Warwick, C. W. Warm Springs, Va., 1879. 
*Lee, Arthur. San Francisco, Cal., 1880. 

Broker, Washington, D. C Deceased. 


Breckinridge, John G., B. L. Louisville, Ky. 

Attorney-at-law, Louisville, Ky. 

*Meems, Hugh Garland. Fairfax County, Va., 1881. 

Died, Jane 80, 189a 

♦Frost, Edward D. Charleston, S. C, 1881. 

Merchant, Charleston, H. C. Deceased. 

IPirginia Beta. 



Founded November 18, 1866, by the Virginia Alpha Chapter. Total 

membership 111. Deceased 8. 

Van Meter, Rev. John S„ A. B., B. L. Lexington, Ky., 1865- 

Presbyterian Clergyman, Richmond, Mo. 

Snyder, Flavius J., A. B., B. L. Highland County, Va., 1865. 

A. B. Washington and Lee University; B. L. University of Virginia; attor- 
ney-at-law, Huntersville, W. Va. 

Berlin, Frederick Augustus, A. B., B. L. Harrisonburg, 
Va., 1865. 

Oradaate Washington and Lee University ; B. L. University of Virginia ; 
attorney-at-law, San Francisco, Cal. 

Hurt, Milton B., A. B. Jackson, Tenn., 1865. 

Oradaate Washington and Lee University, 1867 ; farmer, Jackson, Tenn. 

Turner, W. Fitzhugh. Baltimore, Md., 1865. 

Merchant, Baltimore, Md. 

Turner, J. Wilmer, A. B. Goochland County, Va., 1866. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University ; teacher, Richmond, Va. 

Barrow, Charles M. West Feliciana, La., 1866. 

Sugar planter, West Feliciana, La. ; since 1880 at Francis ville, La. 

Kennedy, John M., M. D. Knoxville, Tenn., 1866. 

Physician, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Kennedy, Samuel B. Knoxville, Tenn., 1866. 

Merchant, New York city. 

Miller, Richard L., A. B. Lynchburg, Va., 1866. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University ; merchant, Lynchburg, Va. 

Orr, William P., M. D., A. B. Covington, Ky., 1866. 

A. B. Washington and Lee University ; physician, Covington, Ky. 

Gordon, Joseph W. Columbia, Tenn., 1866. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University; Journalist, Caldwell, Tex. 

Deaderick, Chalmers, M. D. Knoxville, Tenn., 1866. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University; physician, Knoxville, Tenn. 

McChesney, William B., A. B., B. L. Staunton, Va., 1866.. 

A. B. Washington and Lee University ; attorney-at-law, Staunton, Va. 



Eaton, Rev. Thomas T., B. L., D. D. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 

Graduate Washington and Lee University ; assistant professor of mathe- 
matics, Washington and Lee University ; professor of mathematics, Union 
University, Tenn. ; author; Founder of several Chapters Alpha Tau Omega; 
Member High Council, 1878-1880; Baptist clergyman, Louisville, Ky. 

Bullock, John M., B. L. Baltimore, Md., 1866. 

B. L. Washington and Lee University; attorney-at-law, Baltimore, Md. 

Viley, Willa. Lexington, Ky., 1866. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University ; farmer, Lexington, Ky. 

Haskins, Cartkr J., M. D., A. B. Brunswick County, Va., 

A. B. Washington and Lee University; superintendent of schools; phy- 
sician, Jonesboro, Brunswick County, Va. 

Leiper, James Armstrong, B. L., A. B. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 

A. B. Washington and Lee University ; attorney-at-law, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Roane, Frank, A. B., Ph. B., B. L. Lynchburg, Va., 1866. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University ; Lynchburg, Va. 

Harris, Hon. James H., A. B., B. L. Memphis, Tenn., 1866. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University ; ex-member Tennessee legisla- 
ture; attorney-at-law, Mem phis, Tennessee. 

Mosby, Edward Cecil, A. B. Memphis, Tenn., 1866. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University; merchant, Memphis, Tenn. 

Lee, George Taylor, A. B. Powhatan County, Va., 1866. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University ; druggist, — , Ark. 

McCaw, William R., A. B. Lexington, Ky., 1866. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University ; merchant, Lexington, Ky. 

George, John B. Versailles, Ky., 1866. 

Farmer, Versailles, Ky. 

Rodman, John, C. E. Frankfort, Ky., 1866. 

Engineer, Frankfort, Ky. 

Webster, William Johnston, A. B., B. L. Columbia, Tenn., 

Graduate Washington and Lee University ; B. L. Cumberland University, 
Tennessee; attorney-at-law, Columbia, Tenn. 

Jenkins, John F. Natchez, Miss., 1866. 

Civil sheriff ; Natchez, Miss. 

Carson, William W., C. E., M. E. Memphis, Tenn., 1866. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University ; assistant professor, Washington 
and Lee University ; professor mathematics, Davidson College, N. C. ; pro- 
fessor University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. 

*Clay, John C. J., A. B. Louisville, Ky., 1867. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University. Deceased. 


Stone, William A., A. B. Richmond, Ky., 1867. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University; farmer, Richmond, Ky. 

Waddill, Francis A., M. A., C. E., M. D. Cheraw, S. C, 1867. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University ; assistant professor, Washington 
and Lee University ; physician, Cheraw, 8. C. 

Breckinridge, Hon. Clifton R., A. B., B. L. Pine Bluff, 
Ark., 1867. 

Private soldier, C. S. A., 1861-65; cotton planter, 1870-'83; Democratic mem- 
ber of 48th, 49th, 60th, 51st, and 62d Congresses; appointed Ambassador to 
Russia, 1894; St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Jamison, Hon. James H., A. B. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1867. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University; ex-member Tennessee senate; 
farmer, Brook vi lie, Miss. 

* Jones, A. Strachan, A. B., M. D. Warren ton, N. C, 1867. 


Hunter, Hon. Robert P., A. B., B. L. Alexandria, La., 1867. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University; ex-member Louisiana legisla- 
ture; attorney -at-law, Alexandria, La. 

Terrell, Richard T., A. B. Paducah, Ky., 1867. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University; merchant, Paducah, Ky. 

Calhoun, Patrick E., A. B. Paducah, Ky., 1867. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University; farmer, Paducah, Ky. 

♦Given, John G., A. B., M. D. Paducah, Ky., 1867. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University; physician, Austin, Tex. De- 

Wilkinson, Hon. Theodore S., A. B. Plaquemine Parish, 
La., 1867. 

Ex-member 60th Congress; Democrat; Wood Park, La. 

Percy, Charles B., B. L., C. E., M. E. Nashville, Tenn., 1867. 

Prise scholarship, Washington and Lee University; professor of engineering 
at Washington and Lee University ; graduate Washington and Lee Uni- 
versity ; teacher, Nashville, Tenn. 

Castleman, George A., A. B. Lexington, Ky., 1867. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University, 1809; farmer, Lexington, Ky. 

Carson, James G., A. B. Illawara Parish, La., 1868. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University, 1870; farmer, Illawara Parish, La. 

Logan, John Lewis, A. B. Salem, Va., 1869. 

Medalist; assistant professor of Latin ; teacher, Salem, Va. 

Koontz, George Wallace, A. B. Natchez, Miss., 1869. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University, 1872; banker, Natchez, Miss. 

Jenkins, William Dunbar, A. B. Natchez, Miss., 1869. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University, 1872; civil engineer, Rauoasas 
Pass, Tex. 

Balfour, William Lovette. Natchez, Miss., 1869. 

Farmer, Natchez, Miss. 


Waller, Robert Alexander, A. B. Chicago, 111., 1870. 

Graduate 1872; Civil 8ervlce Commission, 1886; Vice-President World's 
Colombian Exposition 1896; real estate and Insurance; Ashland Block* 
Chicago, 111. 

Caldwell, James Thomas, A. B., B. L. Campbellsville, 
Ky., 1870. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University, 1878; attorney-at-law, Burdlck, 

Kennedy, Paul Reuben. New Orleans, La., 1870. 

Merchant, New Orleans, La. 

Hkiskell, Frederick Hugh, A. B., B. L. Memphis, Tenn., 

Graduate Washington Lee University, 1878; attorney-at-law, Memphis, 

Lee, Rev. Henry B., A. B., B. L. Shepperdstown, W. Va., 

Graduate Washington and Lee University, 1878; clergyman Christ's Eplsco- 
. pal Church, Charlottesville, Va. 

Chester, Rev. Samuel Hall, A. B., D. D. Ml. Holly, Ark., 

Graduate Washington and Lee University, 1874, valedictorian; Presbyter- 
ian clergyman ; secretary Foreign Missions, Presbyterian Church, South ; 
Nashville, Tenn. 

Lamb, Sidney Rivers. Memphis, Tenn., 1871. 

Merchant, Memphis, Tenn. 

Gallaher, Hugh Lawrence. Waynesboro, Va., 1871. 

C. A O. R. R. service, Waynesboro, Va. 

Paxtox, Hon. Matthew White, A. B. Lexington, Va., 1872. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University 1876 ; ex-member Virginia State 
legislature; Journalist, editor " Rockbridge County News," Lexington, Va. 

McChesney, John Taylor. Staunton, Va., 1872. 

Banker, Aberdeen, S. Dakota. 

Dunlap, Walter Wharton, C. E., M. E. Rockbridge 
County, Va., 1872. 

Farmer, Kerr's Creek, Rockbridge County, Va. 

Gadsden, John, Jr., C. E., M. E. Charleston, S. C, 1872. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University, 1875; civil engineer Summers- 
vllle, S. 0. 

Martin, Miles Macon, A. B., B. L. Charlotte Court House. 
Va., 1873. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University, 1870; attorney-at-law, Char- 
lotte, Va. 

Hudgins, Maxwell Somerville., C. E., M. E. Matthews 
County, Va., 1873. 

Graduate, 1876; civil engineer, Matthews County, Va. 


*Rhett, Waltkr Horton. Athens, Ga., 1873. 


Gayer, William Julian. Charleston, S. C, 1874. 

Merchant, Charleston, 8. C. 

*Walton, William Augustus, Jr., A. B. Augusta, Ga., 1874. 

Graduate 1877. Died, 1896, Augusta, Ga. 

Owen, Robert Latham, B. A., M. A. Lynchburg, Va., 1874. 

Graduate, 1877; teacher, Lynchburg, Va.; delegate to Republican National 
Convention, 1886; attorney-at-law, Cherokee, Indian Territory. 

*Kinckle, James Carrington, A. B. Lynchburg, Va., 1874. 

Graduate 1877 ; teacher, Lynchburg, Va. Died, January 28, 188a 

Palmer, Marshall Key. Lebanon, Ky., 1874. 

Attorney-at-law, Lebanon, Ky. 

Williams, David Rogers, Jr., Camden, S. C, 1874. 

Merchant, Camden, 8. C. 

Moseley, Thomas Winston, A. B., B. L. Liberty, Va., 1875. 

Graduate, 1878; prise scholarship ; B. L. University of Virginia, 1880; attor- 
ney-at-law, Port Gibson, Miss. 

MoCluer, William Bettinger, A. B. Rockbridge County, 
Va., 1876. 

Graduate, 1878 ; real estate and Insurance, Arm of Waller A McCluer, 121 La 
Halle Street, Chicago, 111. 

Van Horn, Ross Howard. Rock Island, 111., 1877. 

Merchant, Rock Island, 111. 

Robertson, John Frederick, A. B. Charleston, S. C, 1877. 

Merchant, Charleston, 8. C. 

*Campbell, Edmund Douglas, M. D. Lexington, Va., 1877. 

Graduate Medical College of Virginia. Died, November 2, 1880, Lexing- 
ton, Va. 

Gadsden, Edward Miles, LL. B. Charleston, S. C, 1878. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University ; superintendent Money Order 
System, Washington, D. C; 1787 Corcoran street, Washington, D. C. 

Barrett, Thomas B., A. B., B. L. Augusta, Ga., 1878. 

Graduate, 1880; attorney-at-law; president Langley Mfg. Co., Augusta, Ga. 

Goldsby, Joel Winston, A. B. Mobile, Ala., 1879. 

Graduate, 1881 ; attorney-at-law, 188 Government street, Mobile, Ala. 

Campbell, Henry Donald, A. M., Ph. D. Lexington, Va. 

Graduate Heidelberg, Germany ; professor chemistry, geology and miner- 
alogy, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. 

Frierson, Robert Athan. Lexington, Va., 1881. 

Merchant, Anderson, 8. C. 

Bradley, John Wickliffe, LL. B. Georgetown, Ky., 1881. 

Attorney-at-law, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Barrett, Edward Ware, A.B. Atlanta, Ga., 1881. 

Graduate, 1884 ; Journalist, "Atlanta Constitution" staff; special correspon- 
dent China-Japan war ; Hotel Cairo, Washington, D. C. 


Robinson, Arthur Lee. Louisville, Ky., 1881. 

Merchant, Louisville, Ky. 

Stiles, Hamilton Cowper. Bath, S. C, 1881. 

Farmer, Cartersvllle, Ga. 

Allen, James MoClintock, A. B. Port Gibson, Miss., 1881. 

Graduate, 1884 ; teacher, Port Gibson, Mis*. 

Anderson, George Burgwin, B. L. Washington, D. C, 1881. 

Graduate, 1884; post-graduate law course University of Virginia; consul to 

Heyward, Duncan Clinch. White Hall, S. C, 1882. 

Farmer, White Hall, 8. C. 

McClure, Hugh. Lexington, Va., 1882. 

Farmer, Summers, Va. 

Turner, Hon. Harry Franklin, A. B., LL. D. Richmond, 
Ky., 1883. 

Graduate, 1884; attorney-at-law, N. Mlddletown, Ky. 

Leyburn, Edward R., A. B., B. L. Port Gibson, Miss., 1884. 

Graduate, 1884; attorney-at-law, Port Gibson, Miss. 

Jones, Selden Bryan, A. B. Jonesboro, N. C, 1891. 

Graduate, 1808; attorney-at-law, Jonesboro, N. C. 

Goble, Monte Jay. Cattlesburg, Ky., 1891. 

Lumber dealer, Cattlesburg, Ky. 

Loraine, Harry Kessler, A. B. Zellwood, Fla., 1891. 

Graduate 1898 ; attorney-at-law, Zellwood, Fla. 

Dismukes, Elisha Paul, Jr. Quincy, Fla., 1891. 

Merchant, Quincy, Fla. 

*Sublett, Claude, A. B. Richmond, Va., 1891. 

Accldently killed while a student at Washington and Lee University. De- 

Avis, Samuel Brashear, A. B., B. L. Charleston, W. Va., 

Graduate, 1804 ; attorney-at-law, Charleston, W. Va. 

Patton, Glen Renseldo. Washington, Court House, Ohio, 

Attorney-at-law, Washington Court House, Ohio. 

Eason, Isaac Willoughby, A. B., B. L. Norfolk, Va., 1892. 

Graduate, 1886 ; attorney-at-law, firm of Phillips A Eason, 78 Main street, 
Norfolk, Va. 

Love, Edward Cornelius, B. L. Quincy, Fla., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Quincy, Fla. 

Phillips, Charles Lewis, A. B., B. L. Norfolk, Va., 1893. 

Graduate, 1886; attorney-at-law, firm of Phillips & Eason, 78 Main street, 
Norfolk. Va. 


Eason, Cornelius Frank. Greatbridge, Va., 1892. 

Farmer, Greatbridge, Va. 

Drewry, Herbert R., M. D. Lamberts Point, Va., 1894. 

Graduate College of Medicine, Virginia; physician, Lamberts Point. Va. 

Marshall, Samuel Wiloson. Brookville, Md., 1895. 

Student, Brookville, Md. 

Lewis, Harry Beatram, B. L. Honey Brook, Penn., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Washington Court House, Ohio. 

Slicer, Joseph Samuel, Jr. Bedford City, Va., 1893. 

Student Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. 

Tutwiler, Carringtox Cabell, A. B. Lexington, Va., 

1894. I 

Graduate, 1886 ; post-graduate course 1896 ; delegate to Alpha Tan Omega i 

Congress at Washington, 1894 ; post-graduate student Virginia A. and M. 
College, Blacks burg, Va. 

Jones, William Newton. Richmond, Va., 1895. 

Graduate, Virginia Military Institute; Printing and Book Binding Co.,. 
Richmond, Va. 

Hamner, Samuel Garland. Lynchburg, Va., 1895. 

Student Washington and Lee University. 

Garnett, William Hawes, B. L. Riverside, Va., 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, H In ton, W. Va. 

Tutwiler, Wirt Herny. Baltimore, Md., 1895. 

With Klngan A Co., Baltimore, Md. 

Burke, Cecil Henry. Auburn, Ala., 1896. 

Student Washington and Lee University. 

Dixon, Harlow Shaw. Ronceveate, W. Va., 1896. 

Student Washington and Lee University. 

Kuykendall, James Sloan, Romney, W. Va., 1896. 

Student Hampden Sidney College, Virginia. 

{Tennessee lota. 



Founded 1867, by Thomas T. Eaton (Va. B.), James Armstrong Leipkr 
(Va. B.) and Jambs H. Jamison (Va. B.). Founded as a Com- 
munity Chapter, at Murfreesboro, but afterwards trans- 
ferred to Union University. Charter with- 
drawn is 1873. Total membership, 36. 
Deceased 4. 

Leiper, John, Jr. Weatherford, Tex., 1867. 

Wholesale merchant, Weatherford, Tex. 

Turner, E. L. Mississippi City, Miss., 1867. 

Farmer, Mississippi City, Miss. 

Hodge, S. H. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1867. 

Lieutenant G. 8. A., 1861-1865; merchant, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Burrus, F. R., LL. B. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1867. 

Captain C. H. A., 1861-1866; attorney-at-law, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

*Baskette, W. E. Chattanooga, Tenn., 1867. 

Banker, Chattanooga, Tenn. Deceased. 

T alley, D. H. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1867. 

Merchant, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Black, N. B., A. B. Nashville, Tenn, 1868. 

Graduate Union University; merchant, St. Louis, Mo. 

Jamison, Samuel T., B. L. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1867. 

Attorney-at-law, St. Louis, Mo. 

Childress, John W., B. L. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1868. 

Captain C. 8. A., 1861-1864; chairman State Democratic Committee; attor- 
ney-at-law, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; assistant U. 8. attorney, Middle District of 
Tennessee, Nashville, Tenn. 

Carney, L. V. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1868. 

Parmer, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Black, T. C. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1868. 

Merchant, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Black, S. P. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1868. 

Merchant, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Lawing, S. N. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1868. 

Merchant, Chattanooga, Tenn. 



Critchlow, J. T. Chattanooga, Tenn., 1868. 

Assistant postmaster, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Wilkerson, W. A. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1868. 

Captain C. S. A.; farmer, Shelbyville, Tenn. 

* Henderson, W. T. Smyrna, Tenn., 1869. 

Lieutenant C. 8. A.; farmer, Smyrna, Tenn. Deceased. 

* Ivie, T. G. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1869. 


Ransom, G. W. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1869. 

Merchant, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Mitchell, S. H. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1869. 

Farmer, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

House, J. R. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1869. 

Farmer, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

McFadden, J. W. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1870. 

Merchant, Nashville, Tenn. 

Smith, Theodore. Liberty, Tenn., 1870. 

Farmer, Liberty, Tenn. 

Currin, T. W. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1870. 

Merchant, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Thomas, Hon. D. 0., A.B., B.L. Broyvnsville,Tenn., 1871. 

Graduate, 1874; member State Senate Prison Commission for State; attor- 
ney-at-law, Brownsville, Tenn. 

Savage, G. M., A. B., A. M. Rienzi, Miss, 1871. 

Professor and president Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Simmons, H. H., A. B. Simmon's Bluff, Tenn., 1871. 

Graduate, 1874 ; teacher, Springfield, Mo. 

*Reed, W. M. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1871. 


Lacy, S. Weden, Tenn., 1871. 

Farmer, Weden, Tenn. 

Martin, R. L., A. B. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1871. 

Graduate, 1874 ; merchant, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Gibson, C. W., A. B., B. L. St. Louis, Mo., 1871. 

Graduate, 1874 ; attorney-at-law, St. Louis, Mo. 

Spence, Henry. Nashville, Tenn., 1872. 

Bookkeeper Southern Methodist Publishing House, Nashville, Tenn* 

Judd, A. W. Fayetteville, Tenn., 1872. 

Merchant, Fayetteville, Tenn. 

Godwin, T. H., LL. B. Louisville, Ky., 1872. 

Attorney-at-law, Louisville, Ky. 

Jones, R. W., A. B. Nashville, Tenn., 1872. 

Merchant, Nashville, Tenn. 


Carter, Rev. (J. H. f A. B. Elkton, Term., 1872. 

Graduate, 1875 ; Presbyterian clergyman, Elkton, Ten n. 

Satterwhite, J. A. Nashville, Tenn., 1872. 

Capitalist, Kohen, Popper A Co., New York city. 

{Tennessee Xambba- 



Founded January 17, 1868, by Thomas T. Eaton (Va. B.), F. R. Burrus 

(Tenn. I.), W. A. Wilkerson (Tenn. I.), Samuel T. Jamison, 

(Tenn. I.), E. L. Turner iTenn. I.) Charter Withdrawn 

1871. Ee-organized January, 1889, by W. W. Faw 

(Ky. M.),ZAcToLLiVER(Tenn.yl). Total 

Membership 135. Deceased 12. 

* Wheeler, J. J., LL. B. Paris, Texas, 1868. 

Journalist and aUarney-at-law, Paris, Texas. Deceased. 

Hughes, Wirt, LL. B. Nashville, Tenn., 1868. 

Abbey Hermitage, B. and I. Association ; attorney-at-law, Nashville, Tenn. 

*Read, Edward J., Jr., LL. B. Brownsville, Tenn., 1868. 

Graduate, 187a Deceased. 

Cooper, A., LL. B. Columbia, Tenn., 1868. 

Attorney-at-law, Columbia, Tenn. 

* Wheeler, J. B., LL. B. Hopkinsville, Ky., 1868. 


Webster, Hammon Porter, LL. B. Columbia, Tenn., 1868. 

Graduate, 1870; LL. B. Washington and Lee University, 1872; attorney-at- 
law, Columbia, Tenn. 

Short, W. F., LL. B. Horn Lake, Miss., 1868. 

Attorney-at-law, Sedalia, Mo. 

Price, Hon. Andrew B., LL. B. Lebanon, Tenn., 1868. 

Graduate, 1878; B. L.,1875; B. L. Washington University, 1877; attorney-at- 
law, St. Louis, 1877-1880; member Democratic State Central Committee, 
1884-18b8; delegate Democratic National Convention, 1888; received nomi- 
nation for 61st Congress by acclaramation, and elected ; re-elected to 62d 
and 68d Congresses, Washington, D. C. 

Acklen, Hon. Joseph Hayes, LL. B. Nashville, Tenn., 1868. 

Ex-member Congress from Louisiana ; attorney-at-law, Nashville, Tenn. ; 
member National Executive Committee, the Silver Party, from Tennessee. 

Waldron, Charles E., A. B. Memphis, Tenn., 1869. 

Graduate, 1878; teacher, Memphis, Tenn. 

Kennedy, John R., LL. B. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1869. 

Attorney-at-law, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Hope, M. M., LL. B. Lenoir's Station, Tenn., 1870. 

Attorney-at-law, Chattanooga, Tenn. 



Hope, William Theodore, A. B., M. I). Lenoir's Station, 
Tenn., 1870. 

M. D. University of Virginia, 1875; M. D. Bellevue Medical College, 1878; 
physician, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

* Battle, Allkn ()., LL. B. Xolensville, Tenn., 1870. 

Died, Fayettevllle, Tenn. 

*Carmack, Samuel W., LL. B. Petersburg, Tenn., 1870. 

Graduate Cumberland University, 1873; attorney-at-law, Fayettevllle, 
Tenn.; county Judge. Deceased. 

♦Brock, William T., LL. B. Florence, Ala., 1870. 

Graduate Cumberland University. Died, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Whitman, A. F., LL. B. New Market, Ala., 1870. 

LL. B. Cumberland University, 1878; president Tennessee Alumni Associa- 
tion, Alpha Tail Omega, 1898-1894; attorney-at-law, Nashville, Tenn. 

Welcker, Hon. W. L., LL. B. Lenoir's Station, Tenn., 1871. 

LL. B. Cumberland University, 1874; nominee Democratic Party for Con- 
gress, 1896; attorney-at-law, Lenoir's Station, Tennessee. 

Stanley, Hon. Thomas E., LL. B. Leighton, Ala., 1871. 

LL. B. Cumberland University; ex-member State Legislature; attorney- 
at-law, Forest city, Ark. 

Alexander, Hon. Benjamin F., LL. B. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 

LL. B. Cumberland University, 1874; ex-member Tennessee Legislature; 
attorney-at-law, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Anderson, W. S., LL. B. Mobile, Ala., 1871. 

Attorney-at-law, Mobile, Ala. 

Price, Thomas C, LL. B. White ville, Tenn., 1871. 

Attorney-at-law, Bolivar, Tenn. 

*Glennon, John S., LL. B. Mobile, Ala., 1871. 

Editor of " Mobile Register ; " attorney-at-law. Died, Mobile, Ala. 

^Stephens, W. S., LL. B. McKenzio, Tenn., 1871. 

Attorney-at law. Died, McKenzie, Tenn. 

Malone, Joseph II., LL. B. Memphis, Tenn., 1872. 

Ex-president State Bar Association ; attorney-at-law, Memphis, Tenn. 

Bond, Hon. Frank Puoh., LL. B. Brownsville, Tenn., 1872. 

Internal Revenue Collector for Tennessee; member State Democratic Ex- 
ecutive Committee; ex-member Tennessee Senate; attorney-at-law, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

Stratton, Henry T. Lebanon, Tenn., 1872. 

Cashier Peoples' National Bank, 8pringfleld, Tenn. 

Williams, E. R., A. B. Milan Tenn., 1872. 

Professor of Languages at Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas. 

Tolliver, Zachary, Jr., D. Ph. Lebanon, Tenn., 1872. 

President Tennessee Alumni Association, Alpha Tan Omega; Worthy 
Grand Keeper Exchequer, Alpha Tau Omega, since 1890; druggist; chief 
clerk IT. S. Marshal, Nashville, Tenn. 


* Lumpkin, Thomas C, LL. B. Rome, Ga., 1872. 

Attorney-at-law, Rome, Ga, Deceased. 

* Jackson, Alexander N., Jr., LL. B. Austin, Tex., 1872. 

Attorney-at-law, Austin, Texas. Deceased. 

Thomas, Dorsey O., LL. B. Brownsville, Tenn., 1871. 

Attorney-at-law, Brownsville, Tenn. 

Faw, William W., LL. B. Johnson City, Tenn., 1871. 

Attorney-at-law, Johnson City, Tenn. 

Simpson, Robert Walton., LL. B. Gilmer, Texas, 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Gilmer, Texas. 

Sutton, Henry Stephenson., LL. B. Fayetteville, Ark., 1 889. 

Attorney-at-law, Fayetteville, Ark. 

White, Jamks Latimer, LL. B. Houston, Fla., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Live Oak, Fla. 

Eldridge, Samuel Cohen, A. B., LL. B. Jefferson, Texas, 

Attorney-at-law, San Antonio, Texas. 

West, William Steele, A. B. Austin, Texas, 1889. 

Actor, Austin, Texas. 

*McMurray, Lipscomb P., LL. B. Trenton, Tenn., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Trenton, Tenn. Deceased. 

Baker, I. Ciiarlks, LL. B. San Antonio, Texas, 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, San Antonio, Texas. 

North, Foster E., LL. B. Bellwood, Tenn., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Bellwood, Tenn. 

Alexander, William Rufus, LL. B. Haekett, Ark., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Haekett, Ark. 

McDow, Edgar Stimson, LL. B. Bruces, S. C, 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Columbia, 8. C. 

Gill, Milton Gordon, LL. B. Red Bluff, Colo., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Red Bluff, Colo. 

Aust, Hon. John Randall, LL. B. Gordonsville, Tenn., 1890. 

IT. 8. Commissioner; ex-member Tennessee legislature; attorney-at-law, 
Gordonsville, Tenn. 

Barbee, John Conner, A. B. Jefferson, Texas, 1890. 

Teacher, Jefferson, Texas. 

Donnelly, Richard Eugene, LL.B. Mountain City, Tenn., 

U. 8. Commissioner; attorney-at-law, Mountain City, Tenn. 

Easlky, Robert White, LL. B. Verona, Miss., 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, Verona, Miss. 

Egerton, Graham, LL.B. Hindustan, India, 1890. 

Editor "Dickson Press;" attorney-at-law, Dickson, Tenn. 


Fitzpatrick, Hon. Robert Harrison, LL. B. Hartsville, 
Tenn., 1890. 

Member Tennessee legislature; editor "Globe;" attorney-at-iaw, Harts- 
ville, Tenn. 

Gwinn, Isaac William, LL. B. Pelham, Tenn., 1890. 

Attorney-at-Iaw, Pelham, Tenn. 

Halk, William Edgar, A. B. Watertown, Tenn., 1890. 

("ashler National Bank, Watertown, Tenn. 

Keith, William Chester, LL. B. Jackson, Tenn., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Seattle, Wash. 

Laughlix, Harry Williamson, LL.B. Raleigh,Tenn.,1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Memphis, Tenn. 

Leech, Hon. Wilson Black k, LL.B. Dickson, Tenn., 1891. 

Ex-member Tennessee legislature; attorney-general, sixth district, 1804 to 
1902; attorney-at-law, Charlotte, Tenn. 

Lowe, Charles Pierce, LL. B. Brazil, Tenn., 1891. 

Superintendent of education for Madison county; attorney-at-law, Jack- 
son, Tenn. 

Paschall, Oliver Bell, LL.B. Franklin, Tenn., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Franklin, Tenn. 

Pyle, J. A. E., LL. B. Louisville, Miss., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Louisville, Miss. 

Simpson, James, LL.B. San Antonia, Texas, 1892. 

Banker, San Antonia, Texas. 

Willis, John L., LL. B. Pelham, Tenn., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Pelham, Tenn. 

Cox, Hon. Thaddeus Abraham, LL. B. Johnson City,Tenn., 

Democratic nominee for Congress, 1896; attorney-at-law, Johnson City, 

McLean, Jefferson Davis, LL. B. Mt. Pleasant, Texas, 

Assistant county attorney ; attorney-at-law, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Morrow, Mancil E., LL. B. Lynnville, Tenn., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Lynnville, Tenn. 

Lilienstern, Eugene Solomon. Mt. Pleasant, Texas, 1892. 

Banker, Mt. Pleasant, Texas. 

Roberts, William L. Dyersburg, Tenn., 1892. 

Merchant, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Goodnight, John Blewette. Lisbon, Texas, 1890. 

Merchant, Dallas, Texas. 

A vent, Robert Emmett, LL.B. Minter City, Miss., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Minter City, Miss. 


McClain, S. Porter. Lebanon, Tenn., 1891. 

Merchant, Lebanon, Tenn. 

♦Bradley, John W., LL. B. Nashville, Tenn., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Nashville, Tenn. Deceased. 

Martin, W. F., LL. B. (lien Rose, Texas, 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Mineral Wells, Texas. 

Rogers, William B., LL. B. Janesville, 111., 1891. 

U. H. district attorney, Montana. 

Lancaster, Hon. Filmore Achilles, LL. B. Dunbar, Tenn., 

Republican nominee for IT. H. Congress, 1896 ; attorney-at-law, Dunbar, Ten n. 

Pepper, George H., LL. B. Bristol, Va., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Raines, Herbert Hill, LL. B. Trenton, Tenn., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law; assistant clerk and master, Gibson County, Trenton, Tenn. 

Patterson, John Samuel, LL. B. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 

Attorney-at-law, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Baker, Hon. John E., LL. B. Rural Hill, Tenn., 1891. 

Assistant attorney-general ; attorney-at-law, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Willis, A. Mann, LL. B. Brownsville, Tenn., 1891. 

Chief clerk house of representatives, Tennessee, 1896; attorney-at-law, 
Brownsville, Tenn. 

Wyatt, Ira W., LL. B. Newbern, Tenn., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Newbern, Tenn. 

Shook, Philip Hamilton, LL. B. San Antonia, Texas, 1 892. 

Attorney-at-law, San Antonia, Texas. 

McLean, Thomas Rush, LL. B. Mt. Pleasant, Texas, 1 892. 

Attorney-at-law, Mt. Pleasant, Texas. 

Hardin, Samuel M. Rome, Ga., 1892. 

Merchant, Rome, Ga. 

Odum, Jay T. Grant, Tenn., 1892. 

Tax assessor, N. <fc K. R. R., Lebanon, Tenn. 

Southall, Richard John, LL. B. Memphis, Tenn., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Memphis, Tenn. 

Hardage, Josiah, LL. B. Arkadelphia, Ark., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Arkadelphia, Ark. 

Brien, Elijah Livingstone, LL. B. Warren, Miss., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Bovine, Miss. 

Clay, Jamks W., LL. B. Henderson, Ky., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Henderson, Ky. 

Alexander, Augus Edward, LL. B. Terrell, Texas, 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Terrell, Texas. 


Horton, W. S., LL. B. Arkadelphia, Ark., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Arkadelphia, Ark. 

McClelland, Thomas C, LL. B. Athens, Ala., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Athens, Ala. 

Dillari), Benjamin F. Lebanon, Term., 1893. 

Member olty council; Jeweler, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Horton, William Saunders, LL. B. Fairview, Ark., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Arkadelphia, Ark. 

McCandless, David C, LL. B. Munsfordsville, Ky., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Munsfordsville, Ky. 

Hill, James Ewing, LL. B. Livingston, Texas, 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Livingston, Texas. 

Montgomery, John Jefferson, LL. B. Spadra, Ark., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Spadra, Ark. 

Childress, Hon. Adair Lyon, LL. B. Oxford, Miss., 1893. 

Assistant U. 8. attorney, Nashville, Tenn. 

Willett, Edward Lementum, LL. B. Waco, Texas, 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Brownwood, Texas. 

Mott, Joe Frank, D. Ph. Fredonia, Ky., 1893. 

Druggist, Fredonia, Ky. 

McLaughlin, William W., LL. B. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 

Attorney-at-law, Clarksvllle, Tenn. 

Parrish, Harvey Lee, LL. B. Nashville, Tenn., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Nashville, Tenn. 

Moore, Charles Carroll, LL. B. Shell Mound, Tenn., 

Attorney-at-law, South Pittsburg, Tenn. 

Re avis, Harry Cato, LL. B. Waco, Texas, 1894. 

Attorney-at-law, HUlBboro, Texas. 

Brown, John Wycliffe. Memphis, Tenn., 1894. 

Merchant, McKensle, Tenn. 

Darwin, Walter P., C. E. Gladico, Tenn., 1894. 

Engineer, Harts vlUe, Tenn. 

Lane, Harrold Clifton, LL. B. Goliad, Texas, 1894. 

Attorney-at-law, San Antonio, Texas. 

McGill, Hugh Harrison Corsicana, Texas, 1894. 

Student of law, Corsicana, Texas. 

Horton, James Edwin, Jr., A. B. Athens, Ala., 1894. 

Stadent, Athens, Ala. 

Swingley, Guy M., A. B. Leeville, Tenn., 1895. 

Teacher, Leeville, Tenn. 


Gilliland, Carl Thomas. Burksville, Ky., 1895. 

Student Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Parks, Samuel McColloch, B. S., LL. B. Brownwood, Texas, 

Delegate to 14th Alpha Tan Omega Congress ; student, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Tipton, Albert Henry, LL. B. Sharon, Tenn., 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, Ellzabethtown, Tenn. 

Dent, Porter Wilkins, LL. B. Marion, Va„ 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, Sharon, Tenn. 

Williams, William Edward, LL. B. Sweet Water, Tenn., 

Attorney-at-law, Granger, Texas. 

Belding, Almor Brooks, LL. B. Hot Springs, Ark., 1895. 

Attorney-at law, Hot Kprlngs, Ark. 

Hobdy, Edgar, LL. B. Franklin, Ky., 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, Franklin, Ky. 

Hobdy, Lester. Franklin, Ky., 1895. 

Student Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. 

McCroskey, Oscar Traylor, A. B. Glenlock, Tonn., 1895. 

Student Cumberland University, Glenlock, Tenn. 

Neil, Albert Bramlette, LL. B. Lewisburg, Tenn., 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, Nashville, Tenn. 

Palmer, Neverell Walker, LL. B. Athens, Texas, 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, Stephen viile, Texas. 

Tigert, Sam Chesterfield, LL. B. Favetteville, Tenn., 

Student Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Graham, James Clinton, LL. B. Springtown, Tex., 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, Ardmore, Indian Territory. 

Donart, Orin Webster, LL. B. Wilshire, Ohio, 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, Wilshire, Ohio. 

McCroskey, Edgar Judson. Prairie Plains, Texas, 1896. 

Student Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Caldwell, J. Ollie, LL. B. Austin, Texas, 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, Austin, Texas. 

* Alexander, B. B. Union City, Tenn., 1895.- 


Cowan, John. Lebanon, Tenn., 1895. 

Druggist, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Green, Edgar. Lebanon, Tenn., 1895. 

Merchant, Lebanon, Tenn. 

White, Edgar L., LL. B. Saltillo, Tenn., 1895. 

Student Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. 


Forgey, Thomas B. Santa Fee, Tenn., 1896. 

Student Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Cameron, Donnell Officer. Sparta, Tenn., 1895. 

Student Austin College; banker, Coleman, Texas. 

Bearden, E. W., LL. B. Shelbyville, Tenn., 1895. 

Student Southwestern Presbyterian University, Clarksvllle, Tenn. 

Cummins, F. M. Lebanon, Tenn., 1896. 

Merchant, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Hamer, Hancock. Baird's Mills, Tenn., 1896. 

Student Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Robertspn, Perry S. Searcy, Ark., 1896. 

Student Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Robinson, George H. Guthrie, Tenn., 1896. 

Student Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Skiles, J. I. Trenton, Tenn., 1 896. 

Student Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Stanfill, George S. Erin, Tenn., 1896. 

Delegate to 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; student Cumberland Univer- 
sity, Lebanon, Tenn. 

IDirofnta Delta. 



Founded November 25, 1868, by W. G. Bknnkit, (Va. A), F. A. Berlin 
(Va. B). Total Membership 164. Deceased 18. 

* Burdktt, Hon. William Tell, B. L. Parkersburg, W. Va., 


Graduate University of Virginia, 1870; member West Virginia legislature. 
Died, Charleston, W. Va, 

*Caruthkrs, Malcolm, B. L. Memphis, Tenn., 1868. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 187U. Died, Chicago, 111. 

Smith, Peter Francisco, B. L. Newnan, Ga., 1868. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1870; Judge circuit court of Georgia; at- 
torney-at-law, Atlanta, Ga. 

Hamilton, Samuel, B. L. Annapolis, Md., 1869. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1871 ; attorney-at-law, Los Angeles, Cal. 

McIIenry, James Noel. Greensboro, Ga., 1869. 

Cotton planter, Greensboro, Ga. 

* Clarke, Pleasant Henry, A. B., M. D. Mt. Solon, Va., 1869. 

M. D. University of New York, 1872 ; U. 8. examiner of pensions. Died, 
Pomeroy, Ohio. 

Bennett, Lewis, B. L. Western, W. Va., 1869. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1871; principal State Normal School, 
Glenvllle, W. Va. 

Barbour, William Rhineheart, B. A. Springfield, Ky., 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1871 ; planter, Corvlna, Cal. 

Van Meter, William Scott, B. A. Lexington, Ky., 1869. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1872; planter, Ijexlngton, Ky. 

Wicks, Moses Langley, B. L. Memphis, Tenn., 1870. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1872; iron manufacturer ; attorney-at-law, 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

Richardson, Rev. William Hall, B. A., D. D. Louisville, 
Ky., 1870. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1878; graduate Union Theological Semi- 
nary; Presbyterian clergyman, Louisville, Ky. 

Hamilton, Archie L. Mt. Sterling Ky., 1870. 

Planter, Springfield, 111. 



Preston, Robert Wycliffe, B. L. Lexington, Ky., 1870. 

Graduate Unlveniity of Virginia, 1872; planter, Lexington, Ky. 

* Wallace, Willis R., B. A., B. L. San Antonio, Texas, 1870. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1871 ; B. L. Cumberland University, 1876; 
Judge circuit court of Texas ; attorney-at-law and editor " Castrovllle Era," 
Castro vllle, Texas. Died, November, 12, 1884, San Antonio, Texas. 

Edmonds, Hon. John W., B. L. Accomac County, Va., 1870. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1871 ; member Virginia legislature; attor- 
ney-at-law, Accomac Court House, Va. 

* Wilkinson, Gilbert Dudley, M. D. Lexington, Texas, 


Graduate University of Virginia, 1872; Hiirgeon C. s. A. Died, Glddlngs, 
Lee County, Texas. 

Brewster, Hon. Patrick Henry, B. L. Newnan, Ga., 1870. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1872; ex-member Georgia senate; attor- 
ney-at-law, Newnan, Ga. 

Berlin, Frederick Augustus, B. L. San Francisco, Cal., 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1872; attorney-at-law, San Francisco, Cal. 


Hope, Theodore A., M. 1). Chattanooga, Tenn., 1871. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1872; physician, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Elder, Leander M., B. A. Trenton, Tenn., 1871. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1878; attorney-at-law, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Happel, Thomas Jesse, A. M., M. I). Trenton, Tenn., 1871. 

A. M. Southern University; M. D. University of Virginia, 1871 ; M. D. Uni- 
versity of New York ; surgeon C. 8. A. ; professor physiology, Andrew Col- 
lege, Tenn.; physician, Trenton, Tenn. 

Winchester, Thomas P., B. L. Memphis, Tenn., 1871. 

Attorney-at-law, Fort Smith, Ark. 

* Marvin, Fielding, B. L. St. Louis, Mo., 1871. 

Died, St. Ix>uis, Mo. 

Wilson, William E., B. A., M. D. Elkton, Tenn., 1871. 

M. D. University of Virginia, 1874; M. D. Bellevue College, 1875; physician, 
Pulaski, Tenn. 

McDonnell, Archie, Jr., B. L. Huntsville, Ala., 1872. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1872; attorney-at-law, Huntsville, Ala. 

Humes, Mareen Duval, M. D. Beltsville, Md., 1874. 

M. D. University of Virginia, 1878; M. D. University of Paris, France, 1875; 
Worthy Grand Chief of Alpha Tau Omega, 1877-1878 ; Worthy Grand Keeper 
Exchequer, Alpha Tau Omega, 1886-1890; physician, Beltsvllle, Md. 

KiNNAiRD, Percy, B. A., B. L. Nashville, Tenn., 1872. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1878 ; B. L. Vanderbllt University, 1876 ; 
Worthy High Chancellor of Alpha Tau Omega, 1892-1894 ; attorney-at-law, 
Nashville, Tenn. 

*McGuire, Frank Howe. Milwood, Va., 1872. 

Worthy High Chancellor of Alpha Tau Omega, 1888-1890; teacher, attorney- 
at-law, Richmond, Va. Died, October 80, 1894. 


Grekn, James Brown, B. L. Baltimore, Md., 1872. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1872; member of High Council of Alpha 
Tau Omega since 1878; instructor of law, University of Virginia. 

* Humes, George Calhoun, B. L. Beltsville, Md., 1872. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1874. Died, December 9, 1880, Belts- 
ville, Md. 

Taylor, Thompson J., M. D. Willard, Ky., 1872. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1874 ; phyBician, Richmond, Ky. 

*Irby, John Robinson McD., B. S., Ph.D. New Orleans, 
La., 1873. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1875; Miller Scholarship; connected with 
Smithsonian Instltute,Washtngton, D. C; Ph. D. Johns Hopkins University. 
Died, March 25,1880, at sea, while en route to Chili. 

Burwell, Robert Lemmon, C. E., M. 1). West River, Md., 

Graduate V. M. I.,18?2; M. D. University of Virginia, 1876; physician. Pit- 
cher's Point, La. 

* Irby, Saunders. New Orleans, La., 1873. 

Planter. Died, September 22, 1878, New Orleans, La. * 

Price, Thomas Markham, M. D. Vicksburg, Miss., 1873. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1875; physician, Goodman, Miss. 

*Gray, Benjamin Allen, B. L. South River, Md., 1873. 

Died, July 24, 1875, .South River, Md. 

Nelson, William, B. A., B. L. Cumberband County, Va., 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1876; superintendent High School, Eas- 
ton, Md. 

Wood, Lewis, B. L. Temple, Texas, 1874. 

Attorney-at-law ; Arm of Brand & Wood, Temple, Texas. 

Taylor, Frederick William, B. A. Washington, D. C, 1873. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1876; Washington, D. C. 

Manson, Nathaniel J., B. L. Lynchburg, Va., 1875. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1874; B. L. University of Virginia, 1876; attorney-at-law, 
528 Kearney St., Han Francisco, Cal. 

Minor, James L., M. D. Spottsylvania County, Va., 1875. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1877; physician, Macon, Ga. 

Morris, Hon. George Watts, B. L. Charlottesville, Va., 1875. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1877 ; member Virginia Benate, 1886-1896 ; 
attorney-at-law, Charlottesville, Va. 

* Dudley, William H., B. L. Lynchburg, Va., 1875. 

Graduate V. M. I., 1874; B. L. University of Virginia, 1877; prosecuting at- 
torney, Sprague, Wyoming. Died, September 8, 1884. 

*Ballentine, Rufus Childress. Sardis, Miss., 1875. 

Merchant, Sardis, Miss. Died, March 29, 1881. 


Anderson, John Francis Thomas, LL. B. Richmond, Va., 

LL. B. Richmond College, 1879; assistant superintendent Tredegar Iron 
Works, Richmond, Va. 

Newton, Edward Valentine, M. D. Norfolk, Va., 1876. 

Physician, Norfolk, Va. 

Walker, William Wright, Jr., B. L. Westmoreland 
County, Va., 1876. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1879; attorn ey-at-law, Kinsale, Va. 

Stokes, Sylvanus. Richmond, Va., 1877. 

Ex-Worthy Grand Scribe, Alpha Tau Omega; member High Council, Alpha 
Tau Omega; Founder of several Chapters of Alpha Tau Omega; associate 
editor Alpha Tau Omega " Palm ; " proprietor Eutaw House, Baltimore, Md. 

Robertson, John Walter, B. L. Broad Run, Va., 1877. 

City attorney, Sterling, Kan., 1880; auditor National Fire Insurance Co* 
for Illinois and Wisconsin ; attomey-at-law, 428 Rialto, Chicago, 111. 

Moody, James Duncan, B. L. Fairfield, Texas, 1877. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1880; cashier First National Bank, Tyler, 

Pleasants, Harry Burton, B. A., M. D. Botetourt Springs, 
Va., 1877. 

B. A. Washington and Lee University, 1876; M. D. Medical College of Vir- 
ginia, 1880; physician to Hollins Institute, Newcastle, Va. 

* Forbes, William Godwin, LL. B. Richmond, Va., 1877. 

Graduate Richmond College, 1879; commonwealth attorney, Piince George 
County, Va. Deceased. 

* Via, Vernon. Ivy Depot, Va., 1877. 

Merchant. Died, August 20, 1878, Ivy Depot, Va. 

Presstman, Benjamin Cutlett, Jr. Baltimore, Md., 1878. 

Commission merchant, Baltimore, Md. 

Harrison, Nathaniel Hoe. Macon, Miss., 1878. 

Merchant, Macon, Miss. 

Schofield, Charles Edwin. Macon, Ga., 1878. 

Cotton manufacturer, Macon, Ga. 

Nelson, Francis Walker, M. D. Forest Depot, Va., 1878. 

Physician, Forest Depot, Va. 

Morris, Thomas Nelson Watson, M. D. Trevillians, Va., 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1880; physician, Trevillians, Va. 

McDowell, Edmond Andrews, B. L. Magnolia, Miss., 1878. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1880; ex-readlng clerk Mississippi house 
of representatives; prosecuting attorney, Gatesvllle, Texas. 

Williams, William Leigh, B. L. Richmond, Va., 1878. 

Attorney-at-law, Windsor, N. C. 


Daniel, Walter Travers, B. L. Richmond, Va., 1878. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1880 ; ex-editor Alpha Tan Omega •* Palm; '* 
ex-Worthy Grand Scribe, Alpha Tan Omega; agent Manhattan Life Insur- 
ance Co., 66 Broadway, New York City 

Willis, James Lewis. Columbus, Ga., 1879. 

Attorney-at-law, Columbus, Ga. 

Bailey, Hon. Alfred Robb. Clarksville, Term., 1879. 

Merchant, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Massie, Eugene Carter, B.L. Albermarle County, Va., 1879. 

Attorney-at-law, Richmond, Va. 

Anderson, Jefferson Randolph, B. L. Savannah, (la. 1879. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1883; attorney-at-law, Savannah, Ga. 

Norton, Hon. James K kith Marshall, B. L. Alexandria, 
Va., 1879. 

Worthy High Chancellor, Alpha Tau Omega, 1800-1892; Judge corporation 
court, Alexandria, Va. 

Eustis, William Corcoran, LL. B. Washington, D. C, 1880. 

Graduate Harvard University ; Paris, France ; residence, Washington, D. C. 

Addison, John Hamilton. Richmond, Va., 1880. 

Attorney-at-law, Richmond, Va. 

Anderson, George Wayne, B. L. Edge Hill, Va , 1880. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1884; attorney-at-law, Richmond, Va. 

* Phillips, Alexander K., Jr. Fredericksburg, Va., 1880. 

Farmer, Fredericksburg, Va. Deceased. 

Owens, William Wayne, M. D. Savannah, Ga., 1880. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1884; city physician, Savannah, Ga. 

Mallory, John. Richmond, Va., 1880. 

Tobacconist, Richmond, Va. 

Robertson, Robert, E. E. Albermarle County, Va., 1880. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1884 ; U. 8. Geological Survey. 

Ficklin, Harry Campbell, B, L., M. A. Danville, Va., 1881. 

M. A., University of Virginia, 1882; magazine medalist, 1884; teacher, Dan- 
ville, Va. 

Coles, John E., M. D. Alberene, Va., 1881. 

Graduate University New York; physician, Alberene, Va. 

Reifsnider, John Milton, B. L. Westminster, Md., 1881. 

Attorney-at-law, Westminster, Md. 

* Doswell, Albert Sidney. Hanover County, Va., 1881. 

Student University of Virginia. Died, April 28, 1885, University of Virginia. 

Wade, Richard Dean Arden,LL. B. Savannah, Ga., 1881. 

Graduate Columbia College, New York, 1885; 32d degree A. A. 8. R.; Knight 
of Pythias; F. L. 8. ; attorney-at-law, 1016 N. Y. Life Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 

Addison, Walter Edmund, B. L. Richmond, Va., 1881. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1885; attorney-at-law, Big Stone Gap, Va. 


Richards, Walter Buck, M. A. Danville, Va., 1881. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1884; teacher McCabe'a School, Peters- 
burg, Va- ; professor School of Mines, Rolla, Mo. 

Buckner, Julian Carter, M. E. Baltimore, Md., 1881. 

Graduate Johns Hopkins University, 18M; mechanical engineer, Balti- 
more, Md. 

Shippen, William, M. D. Petersburg, Va., 1881. 

Graduate University ot Pennsylvania, 1886; resident physician, Howard 
Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Gaines, Thomas Foster. Warrenton, Va., 1882. 

Real estate, 46 Cedar street, New York City. 

* Norton, Thomas Marshall, M. D. Alexandria, Va., 1882. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1884; post-graduate course, College Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons, New York City ; physician, Washington, D. C. Died, 
February 20, 1802. 

Carmichael, John Wallace. Fredericksburg, Va., 1883. 

Cotton manufacturer, Wilmington, N. C. 

Euhtis, George Peabody. Washington, D. C, 1883. 

Secretary of U. 8. Legation, Paris, France; residence, Washington, D. C. 

Hunter, Frank Kinlock, LL. B. New York City, 1883. 

Graduate Columbia College, New York; member Union Club; broker, 61 
Exchange Place, New York City. 

Mosby, John Singleton, Jr., B. L. Virginia, 1883. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1886; magazine medalist, 1886; attorney - 
at-law, Denver, Col. 

Robertson, Jacquelin Marshall. Virginia, 1883. 

Secretary, Miller School, Crozet, Va. 

Thomas, Francis James, B. L. Virginia City, Nevada, 1883. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1886; attorney-at-law, San Diego, Cal. 

Nicoll, Broady Herndon. New York City, 1883. 

Broker; member New York Stock Exchange, New York City. 

Brickell, William P. Wellom, M. D. New Orleans, La., 


Graduate University of Virginia, 1887; physician, New Orleans, La. 

Lee, William Howson Clark, M. D. Richmond, Va. 

Graduate University New York; broker, New York City. 

Corbett, Frank E., B. L. San Antonia, Texas, 1885. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1887 ; magazine medalist ; attorney-at-law, 
Bozeman, Mont. 

Hobson, Joseph Reid Anderson, B.Ph. Richmond, Va., 1885. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1887; attorney-at-law, Lexington, Va. 

Anderson, Archer, Jr., M. A., B. L. Richmond, Va., 1885. 

Graduate University of Virginia; attorney-at-law, Richmond, Va. 

Anderson, Joseph Reid Johnston. Richmond, Va., 1886. 

Cashier Tredegar Iron Works, Richmond, Va. 


Randolph, Thomas Jefferson, M. A., B. Ph. Charlottes- 
ville, Va., 1886. 

M. A. University of Virginia; editor in chief "College Topics," 1800-1891; 
teacher ; attorney-at-law, Norfolk, Va. 

Schley, William Henry. Savannah, Ga., 1886. 

Central R. R., Georgia; Savannah, Ga. 

Burthe, M. Andre. New Orleans, La., 1886. 

Richmond, Va. 

Hunter, Henry Middleton. West Chester, N. Y., 1886. 

Broker and banker, New York City. 

Lee, George Kendall. Richmond, Va., 1886. 

Broker, Richmond, Va. 

Lindsay, Thomas Noble. Frankfort, Ky., 1886. 

Merchant, Frankfort, Ky. 

Hobson, Edwin Lafayette, Jr., M. D. Richmond, Va., 

Graduate University College of Medicine, 1808; physician, Richmond, Va. 

Robertson, James Breckinridge, LL. B., B. A. Charlottes- 
ville, 1888. 

Graduate University of Virginia; editor In chief " College Topics;" presi- 
dent Southern Inter-College Athletic Association, 1808; practiced law in 
Norfolk, Va., until 1806; with Edw. Thompson Publishing Co., North port, 
Long Island, N. Y. 

Taylor, Edmund Watson, A. B. Frankfort, Ky., 1887. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1880; author and Journalist, Frankfort, 

Burthe, Dominique Francois Victor. New Orleans, La. 


Secretary cotton factory, New Orleans, La. 

Olds, William Marshall Anderson. Circleville, Ohio, 

Merchant, Columbus, Ohio. 

Randolph, Harrison, M. A., LL. B. Charlottesville, Va., 

Instructor University of Virginia, 1804-1805; professor mathematics A. I. 
W., Fayetteville, Ark. 

Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Jr. Frankfort, Ky., 1887. 

Attorney-at-Ijaw, Frankfort, Ky. 

Meikleham, William M. New York City, 1888. 

Banker and broker, New York City. 

Palmer, James Webster. Savannah, Ga., 1888. 

Mechanical engineer, Savannah, Ga. 

Grice, Joseph, M. D. Portsmouth, Va., 1889. 

House physician, Charity Hospital, New York City; physician, Ports- 
mouth, Va. 


Heath, Jamks Elliott, Jr., B. A., B. L. Eastville, Va., 

Graduate University of Virginia; assistant professor modern languages 
University of Virginia; attorney-at-law, Norfolk, Va. 

Shield, Howard. Norfolk, Va., 1889. 

Teller National Bank, Norfolk, Va. 

Loyall, William Henry Thompson, B. L. Norfolk, Va., 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1890; attorney-at-law, Norfolk,* Va. 

Mitchell, Kirk wood, B. L. Norfolk, Va., 1889. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1891; attorney-at-law, Richmond, Va. 

•Norton, George Hatlky, B. L. Alexandria, Va., 1889. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1890; attorney-at-law, Washington, D. C. 
Died, August 25, 1896, Old Hweet Mprlngs, W. Va. 

Page, Leigh Richmond, B. L. Richmond, Va., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Richmond, Va. 

Taylor, Walter Heron, B. L. Norfolk, Va., 1889. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1891 ; attorney-at-law, Norfolk, Va. 

Shield, William Walke. Norfolk, Va., 1890. 

Merchant, Norfolk, Va. 

Corbitt, Jamks Howard, B. Ph., B. A., M. A. Boykins, 
Va., 1891. 

Graduate University of Virginia; assistant professor natural philosophy, 
University of Virginia. 

Gary, J. Hampson. Tyler, Tex., 1891. 

Graduate Bingham School, N. C, 1890; graduate University of Virginia, 

1894; associate editor " University Magazine," 1898; editor in chief "Cork 

and Curls," University of Virginia, 1894; compiler Virginia Delta catalogue; 

delegate to 13th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; attorney-at-law, Tyler, Texas. 

Hanckel, Jamks Stuart. Charlottesville, Va., 1891. 

Insurance agent, Charlottesville, Va. 

Harrison, Peyton Randolph. Charlottesville, Va., 1891. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Boothk, Gardner Lloyd, B. L. Alexandria, Va., 1892. 

Graduate Universlsty of Virginia, 1898; attorney-at-law, Alexandria, Va. 

Cochran, William Lynn. Charlottesville, Va., 1892. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Harrison, Bernard Johnson. Charlottesville, Va., 1892. 

Cotton broker, New York City. 

Heath, Harry Williams. Norfolk, Va., 1892. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Langhorne Harry. Richmond, Va., 1892. 

Richmond, Va. 

Randolph, Hollins Nicholas, B. L. Dunlora, Va., 1892. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1896; attorney-at-law, 817 Equitable Build, 
lng, Atlanta, Ga. 

Parrish, George Ross. Norfolk, Va., 1893. 

Merchant, Norfolk, Va. 


Barker, John Walton. Clarksville, Tenn., 1893. 

Student, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Jenkins, William Alexander. Mount Clair, N. J., 1893. 

Student, Mount Clair, N. J. 

Williams, Richard Bland. Norfolk, Va., 1893. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Shine, Frank Walks. Orlando, Fla., 1893. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Harrison, Edward Tucker, B. L. Richmond, Va., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Richmond, Va. 

Eagles, William B., B. L. Owenboro, Ky., 1893. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1884 ; attorney-at-law, Louisville, Ky. 

McGuire, John Peyton, Jr. Richmond, Va., 1893. 

Teacher, Richmond, Va. 

Abbot, Charles Minor. Bellevue, Va., 1894. 

Delegate to 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; student University of Virginia. 

Robinson, Morgan Poitiaux. Richmond, Va., 1894. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Harrison, Gessner. Richmond, Va., 1894. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Williams, Theodore Armistead, B. L. Norfolk, Va., 1894. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1886; attorney-at-law, Norfolk, Va. 

Abbot, Francis Harris. Bellevue, Va., 1895. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Estes, Zenas Newton, Jr. Memphis, Tenn., 1895. 

Student University of Virginia. 

(Jordan, James Leigh. Norfolk, Va., 1895. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Hardy, Wallington. Norfolk, Va., 1895. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Johnston, Fornay. Birmingham, Ala., 1895. 

Student University of Virginia. 

McCranie, Marion Ashley. Homer, La., 1895. 

Student University of Virginia. 

O'Brien, Stephen Mazyck. Louisville, Ky., 1896. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Kean, William Grattan. Richmond, Va., 1896. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Kennedy, George Basyc. Pittsburg, Pa., 1896. 

Student University of Virginia. 

('lay, Brutus J., A. B. Paris, Ky., 1896. 

A. B. Princeton ; student University of Virginia. 

Renshaw, Charles Carter. Boyce, Va., 1896. 

Student University of Virginia. 

IDtroinia Epsilon. 



Founded November 10, 1869, by James William Marshall, (Va. 

r). Charter withdrawn 1876. Re-organized September 80, 1881, 

by Gkorgk M. Tkrbill, (Va. £.) Total Membership 

105. Deceased 6. 

Turk, William Armstrong. Staunton, Va., 1869. 

General passenger agent, S. R. R. ; 1800 Pennsylvania avenue, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Irwin, Fairfax, A. M., M. D. Salem, Va., 1869. 

Graduate Roanoke College; M. D. University of Pennsylvania, 1877; sur- 
geon U. 8. Marine Hospital Service; cblef assistant to the Surgeon-Gen- 
eral, Washington, D. C. 

Mix, Franklin. New Orleans, La., 1869. 

Merchant, Leath and Colisem streets, New Orleans, I>a. 

Campbell, Rev. Wright Gatewood, A. M. Strasburg, 
Va., 1869. 

Graduate Roanoke College 1871 ; Lutheran clergyman, Concord, N. C. 

* Mix, Edwin Cooper. New Orleans, La., 1869. 

Merchant. Murdered August 18, 1880, New Orleans, La. 

* Kemp, James H. Winchester, Va., 1870. 


Turk, Rudolph Samuel, B. L. Staunton, Va., 1869. 

Proprietor and editor ".Staunton Spectator aud Vindicator ;" attorney-at- 
law, Staunton, Va. 

McRady, Edwin Campbell. Shrevei>ort, La., 1870. 

Graduate V. M. I., class 1874; merchant, Shreveport, I>a. 

Dudley, Jesse Milton. Montgomery County, Va., 1879. 

Farmer, Montgomery County, Va. 

McClintic, Moses Hamilton. Bath County, Va., 1870. 

Merchant, Warm Springs, Va. 

Griffin, Thomas Dillard. Salem, Va., 1870. 

Lieutenant U. S. N. ; graduate U. S. Naval Academy, 1870; Navy Depart- 
ment, Washington, D. C. 

Motter, Isaac Sniveley, A. M., B. L. Williamsport, Md., 

Attorney-at-law, Lima, Ohio. 



Gleaves, James Lucien, A. M., B, L. Wytheville, Va., 1871. 

Graduate Roanoke College ; attorney-at-law, Wytheville, Va. 

Campbell, Hon. Robert Bond, A. M. Canton, Miss., 1871. 

Graduate Roanoke College, Va. ; University of Mississippi, 1872-1878; elected 
Mississippi legislature, 1888; member constitutional convention of Mis- 
sissippl, 1890; appointed to codify Mississippi law, 1802; attorney-at-law, 
Columbus, Miss. 

Davis, Reuben Frank, M. D. Tolersville, Va., 1871. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1876; physician, Hermitage, Vs. 

Erwtn, Thomas Garrett, A. M. Plaquemine, La., 1871. 

Attorney-at-law, Rosedale, La. 

Terry, Bknjaman Wiggletox, A. M., B. L. Wytheville, 
Va., 1871. 

Ex-mayor, Bluetleld, W. Va. ; attorney-at-law, Bluefleld, W. Va. 

Crockett, Samuel, A. B. Loudoun County, Va., 1871. 

Graduate Roanoke College ; orator's medal ; merchant, Spring Valley, N.Y. 

* Jaxxey, Johx C, A. B. Loudoun County, Va., 1872. 

Graduate Roanoke College. Died, February 12, 1882, Baltimore, Md. 

Glkavks, Charles Wythe, A. B., M. D. Wytheville, Va., 

M. D. Medical College of Virginia; ex-mayor Wytheville, Va.; physician, 
Wytheville, Va. 

Richards, William Axsox. Brooklyn, X. Y., 1872. 

Merchant, New York City. 

Arthur, William Rufus. Vicksburg, Miss., 1872. 

Merchant, Vicksburg, Miss. 

Wells, Madisox Pitzer, A. B. Salem, Va., 1872. 

Graduate Roanoke College : Journalist, Denver, Colo. 

St. Clair, Johx Scott, A. B., M. D. Bonsaek's Depot, Va., 

Graduate Roanoke College; physician, Bon sack's Va. 

Rex, Benjamin Lehman. Salem, Va., 1873. 

Merchant, Alexandria, Va. 

Smith, John Horace. .Liberty, Va., 1873. 

Merchant, Roanoke city, Va. 

Hart, Charles Seymour, A. B., M. D. Marietta, Ohio, 1873. 

Physician, Lincoln, Neb. 

Marbury, Francis Ferdinand. Alexandria, Va., 1893. 

Paymaster, S. R. R., 1800 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, D. C 

Bowles, William Boardman. New Orleans, La., 1873. 

Merchant, New Orleans, La. 

*Armstrong, John M. Salem, Va., 1874. 



Russell, John Caro, A. B. Culi>epper, Va., 1874. 

Farmer, Clarksvllle, Tenn. 

Kirk, Richard R. Culpepper, Va., 1872. 

Merchant, Culpepper, Va. 

Terrill, George Martin, M. D. Salem, Va., 1873. 

Graduate Jefferson College, Philadelphia; physician, 400 Stockton street, 
San Francisco, Cal. 

*Staley, Waltor Hill. Baltimore, Md., 1873. 

Graduate V. M. I., class 1880. Died, July 21, 1805, Baltimore, M. D. 

Aiken, Albert Monroe. Richmond, Va., 1874. 

Farmer, Richmond, Va. 

Renick, Edward Ireland, A. B., B. L. Salem, Va., 1874. 

Graduate Roanoke College ; medalist; B. L. University of Virginia, 1881 ; 
attorn ey-at-law, Atlanta, Ga., 1881-1884; clerk U. 8. Treasury Department, 
1884-1803; chief of Bureau of Statistics, 180S-1804; Worthy High Chancellor, 
Alpha Tau Omega, 1894-1806; chief clerk of U. 8. State Department since 

Mish, George. Staunton, Va., 1874. 

Attorney-at-law, Staunton, Va. 

Sayre, lion. Anthony Dickerson, B. L. Montgomery, 
Ala., 1874. 

Graduate Vanderbilt University; first honor Roanoke College, 1878; ex- 
member Alabama legislature; author famous election bill (known as the 
Sayre I*aw) ; ex-president of the Alabama state senate ; attorney-at-law, 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Tatum, Griffin Levi Hogan. Montgomery, Ala., 1875. 

Merchant, Montgomery, Ala. 

Scovel, George Jordan. Montgomery, Ala, 1875. 

Merchant, Montgomery, Ala. 

Thomas, Nathaniel Williams. Vicksburg, Miss., 1875. 

Attorney-at-law, Vicksburg, Miss. 

Eversole, James Robert, A. B. Wythe County, Va., 1881. 

Graduate Roanoke College, Va.; teacher, Wytheville, Va. 

Terrill, Samuel Miller. Salem, Va., 1881. 

Hotel proprietor, Glade Springs, Vs. 

McClintic, George Warwick, A. B., B. L. Mill Point, W. 
Va., 1881. 

A. B. Roanoke College, Va.; B. L. University of Virginia, 1886; attorney-at- 
law, Buckeye, Va. 

Wilkinson, William James. San Saba, Texas, 1881. 

Farmer, San Saba, Texas. 

Early, Edward Wygal. Carroll County, Va., 1881. 

Farmer, Hlllsville, Va. 

Wilkins, Robert Patrick. Washington, La., 1881. 

Planter, Washington, La. 


Bkown, Rev. William Roedal, A. B. Wvthe County, Va., 

Graduate Roanoke College, 1888; clergyman, China Grove, N. C. 

Booton, Richard Crittendon. Orange Court House, Va., 

Farmer, Orange Court House, Va. 

Hudson, Charles Carter, M. D. Roanoke, Va., 1882. 

Graduate Richmond Medical College; physician, Roanoke City, Va. 

Israel, Melville Meyer. Roanoke County, Va., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Welcome, La. 

Moorman, John Bruce. Roanoke County, Va., 1882. 

Merchant, Baltimore, Md. 

De Bell, William Henry, B. L. Fairfax County, Va., 1882. 

Graduate Roanoke College, 1886; teacher, Clifton, Va. 

Simpson, Lucius Ellis. Richmond, Va., 1882. 

Merchant, Richmond, Va. 

Davidson, James McClintic. Kerr's Creek, Va., 1882. 

Farmer, Kerr's Creek, Va. 

Heilig, Albert Sidney. Salisbury, N. C, 1883. 

Farmer, Salisbury, N. C. 

Meetze, Dempsey Padgett. Warrenton, Va., 1883. 

Clerk, Washington, D. C. 

Miller, Rev. Charles Beauregard., A. B. Rowan County, 
Va., 1883. 

Graduate Roanoke College, 1885; cleigyman, Wilson ville, N. C. 

Davidson, William A. Kerr's Creek, Va., 1883. 

Farmer, Kerr's Creek, Va. 

Brown, George Dallas, A. B. Wythe County, Va., 1884. 

Graduate Roanoke College, 1888; teacher, Wytheville, Va. 

Cline, Rev. Robert Henry, A. B. Newton, N. C, 1884. 

Graduate Roanoke College, 1886; clergyman, N. C. 

Eckstone, Charles Salmon. New Bedford,Mass., 1884. 

800 Main street, Memphis, Tenn. 

Smith, Preston Blair, A. B. Iredell County, N. C, 1884. 

Graduate Roanoke College, Va; teacher, Pine Ridge, 8. C. 

* Wilkinson, James Walter. Carroll County, Va., 1884. 

Died, Mercer University, Macon, Ga., 1887. 

Lee, Walter Eugene. Alamance County, N. C, 1885. 

Farmer, Pleasant Grove, N. C. 

Kime, Robert Wilberforce, B. L. Liberty, N. C, 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Salem, N. C. 

Duson, Walter Webb, M. D. 0{>elousas, La„ 1886. 

Physician, Opelousas, La. 


8mith, Eugene Allen. Iredell County, N. C, 1886. 
Gore, John Phillips. Burks Garden, Va., 1886. 

Farmer, Burks Garden, Va. 

Greever, Edgar Lee. Burks Garden, Va., 1886. 

Planter, Burks Garden. Va. 

Deaton, Willis Alexander. China Grove, N. C, 1887. 

Merchant, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Deaton, James, McCarney. China Grove, N. C, 1887. 

Merchant, Atlanta, Ga. 

Clarke, Lea Andrus. Plaquemine, La., 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Crowley, La. 

Cerry, John Cecil. Tazewell, N. C, 1887. 

Merchant, Tasewell, N. C. 

Trout, John Thomas. Roanoke, Va., 1887. 

Farmer, Roanoke, Va. 

Groh, Eulalius Nattar, A. B. Boyertown, Pa., 1887. 

Graduate Roanoke College ; teacher, Boyertown, Pa. 

Killian, Lloyd Gratton, A. B. Waynesboro, Va., 1887. 

Graduate Roanoke College ; attorney-at-law, Montevideo, Va. 

Hanckel, Joseph Stuart. Charleston, S. C, 1887. 

Merchant, Washington, D. C. 

Roop, Charles Ezra. Carroll County, Md., 1888. 

Farmer, Union town, Md. 

Russell, Cyrus George. Mobile, Ala., 1888. 

Planter, Mobile, Ala. 

Murdoch, David Middleton. Evergreen, La., 1888. 

Planter, La Compte, La. 

Pechin, Herman Howard, A. B. Salem, Va., 1889. 

Graduate Roanoke College ; private secretary to Congressman Oates, also 
stenographer, 712 14th street N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Johnston, William D. Salem, Va. 1889. 

Farmer, Salem, Va. m 

Kennard, Thomas Cushman. Woodville, Miss., 1889. 

New South B. A L. Association, New Orleans, La. 

Darst, F. Matthews. Pulaski, Va., 1889. 

Farmer, Pulaski, Va. 

Cicero, Joaquin Blandin. Pamico, Mexico, 1889. 

Planter, Tamplco, Mexico. 

Bowman, George Sheldon. Waynesboro, Va., 1890. 

Banker, Salem, Va. 

Burdette, Alfred Smithwich. Salem, Va., 1890. 

Ileal estate, 2920 Chestnut street, St. Louis, Mo. 


Martin, Ernest Kirkland. Salem, Va., 1890. 

Merchant, Memphis, Tenn. 

Smith, Herbert Melay, A. B. Conover, N. C, 1890. 

Graduate Johns Hopkins University, 1800; teacher, Conover, N. C. 

Moon, William Joseph, Jr. Fredericksburg, Va., 1890. 

Merchant, Salem, Va. 

Morgan, James Mickle. Madison, Ga., 1890. 

Cotton planter, Madison, Ga. 

Martin, Samuel Russell. Riverton, Miss., 1890. 

Banker, Memphis, Tenn. 

Garza, Robert Emilk. Tampico, Mexico, 1890. 

Merchant, Tampico, Mexico. 

King, Horace Ellwood. Philadelphia, Pa., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Rome, Ga. 

Stras, Frank Preston. Tazewell, Va., 1891. 

Merchant, Salem, Va. 

Marshall, James C, Jr. New Castle, Va., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, New Castle, Va. 

Casper, Joseph Nicholas. Rocky Mount, Va., 1892. 

Farmer, Rocky Mount, Va. 

Duson, Clayton Cornelius. Opelousas, La., 1892. 

Student Roanoke College, Opelousas, La. 

Duson, Jesse Clark. Opelousas, La., 1892. 

Farmer, Opelousas, La. 

Barrow, William Sheffield. Ridgeway, Va., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Martinsville, Va, 

Taylor, William Shepard. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1892. 

Student Roanoke College, Salem, Va. 

Moss, W. W. Richmond, Va., 1892. 

Merchant, Richmond, Va. 

Darrell, C B. Morgan City, La., 1892. 

Planter, Morgan City, La. 

Velerz, Angu M. Tampico, Mexico, 1892. 

Planter Tampico, Mexico. 

Ikentuck^ flfou- 



Founded March 10, 1870, by Thomas G. Hayes, (Va. A) as Kentucky 

Alpha. Re-organized April 13, 1881, as Kentucky Mu, by 

Sylvanus Stokes, (Va. A.) Total Membership 

102. Deceased 9. 

Ranney, R. G., A. B., B. L. Memphis, Term., 1870. 

Captain corps cadets; B. I*. University of Missouri; attorney -at-law, Cape 
Girardeau, Mo. 

Riley, H. C, A. B., A. M., B. L. New Madrid, Mo., 1870. 

Graduate Ht. Louis University ; attorney-at-law, New Madrid, Mo. 

♦McKay, D. C, A. B. Hernando, Miss., 1870. 

Captain corps cadets; merchant. Died, Memphis, Tenn., 1878. 

Green, John R., A. B. Hopkinsville, Ky., 1870. 

Captain corps cadets ; merchant, Hopkinsville, Ky. 

Tyler, R. T., A. B., B. L. Hickman, Ky., 1870. 

First honor graduate, K. M. I.; H. I*. University of Missouri ; superinten- 
dent schools, Hickman, Ky. 

Kimball, Hon. J. H., A. B. Mooresville, Ala., 1870. 

Captain corps cadets ; commandant and adjutant, K. M. I. ; elected to 
Congress, 1872 ; planter, Mooresville, Ala. 

Bird, C. C, A. B. Baton Rouge, La., 1870. 

Gold medalist ; attorney-at-law, Baton Rouge, La. 

* Williams, Samuel D., A. B. Jackson, Mo., 1870. 

Lawyer, Jackson, Mo. Accidentally killed 1870. 

Smith, W. K., A. B. Louisville, Ky., 1870. 

Merchant, Louisville, Ky. 

Matthews, Guy C, A. B. Albany, Ind., 1870. 

Medalist; news and dramatic editor "Louisville Courier-Journal"; editor 
" Indianapolis News," Indianapolis, Ind. 

* Bridgeforth, T. II., A. B., M. D., C. E. Horn Lake, Miss., 


Captain corps cadets, gold medalist; M. D. Louisville Medical College; 
physician, Pleasant Hill, Miss. Died, 1877. 

* Ranney, Stephen, A. B., C. E. Cape Girardeau, Mo., 1870. 

Medalist, K. M. I. Died, 1876. 

Donalson, W. A., A. B. Nashville, Tenn., 1870. 

Stock raiser, Nashville, Tenn. 



Brown, Joseph T., A. B., C. E., LL. B. Hazlehurst, Miss., 

Attorney-at-law, Palestine, Texas. 

White, W. A., A. B. Como, Miss., 1870. 

Merchant, Memphis, Tenn. 

(iibonev, Andrew, A. B. Cape Girardeau, Mo., 1870. 

Captain corps cadets, K. M. I. ; medalist ; attorney-at-law, Poplar Bluffs,Mo. 

*Seawell, William B., Jr. Mobile, Ala., 1870. 

Proprietor steamboat company. Died, April 15, 188], Mobile, Ala. 

Dade, Charles L. Hopkinsville, Ky., 1870. 

Stock raiser, Hopkinsville, Ky. 

* Bridgeforth, David T., M. 1). Horn Lake, Miss., 1870. 

Graduate Louisville Medical College; physician, Horn Lake, Miss. 

Amberu D. W. C, B. A. Hickman, Ky., 1870. 

Merchant, Hickman, Ky. 

Lamb, T. A., A. B. Memphis, Tenn., 1870. 

Captain corps cadets, K. M. I.; medalist; wholesale florist, Memphis, Tenn. 

Cheatham, William H., A. B., M. D. Louisville, Ky., 1870. 

Graduate University of Louisville; house surgeon Manhattan Eye and Ear 
Hospital, N. Y.; professor University of Louisville; surgeon U. B. Marine 
hospital, Ky.; physician Infirmary for Women and Children, House of 
Refuge, Masonic Widows' and Orphans' Home, Baptist Orphan Asylum ; 
physician, Louisville, Ky. 

Kent, Horace C. New Albany, Ind., 1871. 

Merchant, New Albany, Ind. 

Matthews, W. J. New Albany, Ind., 1871. 

8u perl n ten dent C. B. R. R., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Hubbert, James E. New Albany, Ind., 1872. 

Merchant, New Albany, Ind. 

Williamson, Samuel Bell. Memphis, Tenn., 1872. 

Attorney-at-law, Memphis, Tenn. 

Holt, Robert S. Evansville, Ind., 1872. 

Attorney-at-law, HU Louis, Ma 

Guion, HENRy L., Jr. Memphis, Tenn., 1872. 

Real estate broker, Memphis, Tenn. 

Isler, R. M. Hickman, Ky., 1872. 

Merchant, Hickman, Ky. 

Hubbert, C. H., A. B. New Albany, Ind., 1872. 

Medalist; farmer, New Albany, Ind. 

*Phelan, Hon. James, Jr., A. B., Ph. I). Memphis, Tenn., 

Graduate University of Leipzig, Germany; author; Member of Congress, 
1874. Died, 1801. 


Trezevant, J. Macon, A. B. Memphis, Tenn., 1872. 

Captain corps cadets and medalist, K. M. I.; accountant Mississippi A Ten- 
nessee R. K.; -attorney-at-laW, Memphis, Tenn. 

Matthews, Michael M. New Albany, Ind., 1872. 

Merchant, New Albany, Ind. 

Partee, H. A. Memphis, Tenn., 1872. 

Banker, Memphis, Tenn. 

* Avery, Henry E., B. L. Memphis, Tenn., 1872. 

Captain corps cadets K. M. I.; graduate Cumberland University. Died, Feb- 
ruary 20, lfaOQ. 

Whitehead, William Fugren, A. B. Carrollton, Ky., 1881 . 

Attorney-at-law, Carrollton, Ky. 

Gay, Joseph Patten J. Winchester, Ky., 1881. 

Farmer, Winchester, Ky. 

Wells, Walter Peyton. Morrilton, Ky., 1881. 

Merchant, Morrilton, Ky. 

Harris, Joseph Plato, A. B. Tiptonville, Tenn., 1881. 

Teacher, Tiptonville, Tenn. 

Howe, William Dunlap, A. B. Morrilton, Ky., 1881. 

Attorney-at-law, Morrilton, Ky. 

Green, Grant, Jr. Frankfort, Ky., 1881. 

Merchant, Frankfort, Ky. 

Smith, R. David. Simpsonville, Ky., 1881. 

Farmer, Simpsonville, Ky. 

Allen, Robert Simms, A. B. Bostrop, Texas, 1881. 

Commandant of cadets, K. M. I.; insurance broker, 12 Reider Building, 
Little Rock, Ark. 

Watson, F. W., B. S. Tiptonville, Tenn., 1881. 

Teacher, Tiptonville, Tenn. 

Julian, T. G., A. B. Spears, Ky., 1881. 

Attorney-at-law, Spears, Ky. 

Peeples, Rev. S. W., A. B. Flemingsburg, Ky., 1881. 

Clergyman, Flemingsburg, Ky. 

Fant, E. L., A. B. Maysville, Ky., 1881. 

Merchant, Maysville, Ky. 

* Allen, William Arthur. Louisville, Ky., 1881. 


Keith, Thomas A., A. B. Maysville, Ky., 1881. 

Attorney-at-law, Maysville, Ky. 

Keith, George C, A. B. Maysville, Ky., 1881. 

Farmer, Maysville, Ky. 

Ericson, D. E., A. M. Shelby ville, Ky., 1881. 

Teacher, Shelby vtlle, Ky. 


Goodloe, Shreve S., A. M. Lexington, Ky., 1882. 

Teacher, Lexington, Ky. 

Shelton, William M., A. B. Tiptonville, Tenn., 1882. 

Farmer, Tiptonville, Tenn. 

Waller, T. S. Morganfield, Ky., 1882. 

Farmer, Morganfield, Ky. 

Allen, John Howard, Jr. Kissimer City, Fla., 1882. 

Instructor, K. M. I., Farmdale, Ky. 

Anderson, William. Taylorsville, Ky., 1882. 

Merchant, Taylorsville, Ky. 

Clarke, V. P. Clay Village, Ky., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Clay Village, Ky. 

Crutcher, Z. H. Newcastle, Ky., 1882. 

Merchant, Newcastle, Ky. 

Netherland, William H., B. A. Louisville, Ky., 1882. 

Teacher, Louisville, Ky. 

Owen, R. B. Maysville, Ky., 1882. 

Merchant, Maysville, Ky. 

Stone, Lemuel B., M. A., C. E. Fairfield, Ky., 1882. 

Captain corps cadets, K. M. I.; civil engineer, Fairfield, Ky. 

Stucky, Homer M. Louisville, Ky., 1882. 

Attorn ey-at-law, Louisville. Ky. 

Stone, A. Fairfield, Ky., 1882. 

Farmer, Fairfield, Ky. 

Watson, E. H. Maysville, Ky., 1882. 

Merchant, Maysville, Ky. 

* Hillman, Daniel Kenneth, C. E. Nashville, Tenn., 1883. 

Attorney-at-law, Quigg County, Ky. Deceased. 

Faw, Walter Wagner. Johnson City, Tenn., 1883. 

Attorney-at-law, Faw & Cox, Johnson City, Tenn. 

Berry, William Trumbo. Bath County, Ky., 1883. 

Merchant, Louisville, Ky. 

Vernon, Charles Clark. Dyersburg, Tenn., 1883. 

Merchant, Dyersburg, Tenn. 

Boyd, J. T. Fairfield, Ky., 1883. 

Teacher, Fairfield, Tenn. 

Overton, J. W. Nashville, Tenn., 1883. 

Broker, Nashville, Tenn. 

Montgomery, Harry. Louisville, Ky., 1883. 

Teacher, Louisville, Ky. 

Gray, John Thomas. Frankfort, Ky., 1882. 

Merchant, Frankfort, Ky. 


Neely, Howard, B. A. Knoxville, Tenn., 1884. 

Railroad office, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Hillman, Joseph Henry, C. E. Nashville, Tenn., 1884. 

Farmer, Twigg County, Ky. 

Spurr, John Porterfield. Old Niagara Canal, 1884. 

Merchant, Nashville, Tenn. 

Stone, James Maury. Fairfield, Ky., 1884. 

Clerk, Fairfield, Ky. 

Crauley, James Dean, B. A. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1884. 

Merchant, 411 McMillan street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Holden, John Thomas. Volucia, Fla., 1884. 

Farmer, Orlando, Fla. 

Allen, Marvin. Harrisonville, Mo., 1884. 

Farmer, Harrisonvllle, Mo. 

Harding, Walter Leonard. Lexington, Ky., 1884. 

Owentown, Ky. 

McDonald, Winthrop Gaines. Warrenton, Va., 1884. 

Merchant, Palmyra, Mo. 

Chappell, Charles Albert. Cadiz, Ky., 1884. 

Attorney-at-law, Cadis, Ky. 

Fontaine, Theodore. New Albany, Ky., 1884. 

Merchant, Walnut street, Louisville, Ky. 

Brewer, Thomas Alford. Magnolia, Ark., 1884. 

Merchant, Sharp & .Brewer, Texarkana, Ark. 

Klinkhard, George Reverdy, Ph. D. Mobile, Ala., 1884. 

Graduate University of Belgium ; teacher, 108 Government street, Mobile, 

Allen, Hugh Campbell. Farmdale, Ky., 1884. 

Farmer, Rich Hill, Mo. 

McKay, Harry. Bardstown, Ky., 1885. 

Merchant, Bardstown, Ky. 

Ruggles, Harry McCloud. St. Louis, Mo., 1886. 

Merchant, 29 Olive street, St. Louis, Mo. 

Courtney, William Lee. Shelbyville, Ky., 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Shelbyville, Ky. 

Davis, Thomas Henry. Jeffersonville, Ky., 1885. 

Merchant. St. Louis. Mo. 

McKee, Robert Alexander. Lawrenceburg, Ky., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, Lawrenceburg, Ky. 

McKee, Hon. Louis W. Lawrenceburg, Ky., 1886. 

Kentucky State senator ; Attorney-at-law, Lawrenceburg, Ky. 

Arnold, Dalton Pugh, C E. Richmond, Va., 1886. 

Engineer; journalist, Havana, Cuba. 


King, Green Lee. Union Parish, La., 1886. 

Planter, Union Parish, La. 

Gaines, Noel. Franklin County, Ky., 1886. 

Colonel and assistant adjntant-general Knights of Pythias ; farmer, Frank- 
fort, Ky. 

Holden, Norman Everet Clinton. Orlanda, La., 1886. 

Planter, Orlando, La. 

Hardin, Thompson. Logan County, Ky., 1886. 

Farmer, Logan County, Ky. 

Speir, Adolphus Greeley. Orlando, Fla., 1887. 

Planter, Lawrenceburg, Ky. 

McKee, Hon. William H., A. B. La Grange County, 
Mo., 1887. 

Member Missouri State legislature; attorney-at-law, Lawrenceburg, Ky. 

Godson, R., A. B. Frankfort, Ky., 1887. 

Planter, Frankfort, Ky. 

Goodloe, Speed, A. B. Louisville, Ky., 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Louisville, Ky. 

Stucky, George. Knoxville, Tenn., 1887. 

Merchant, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Tennessee Hu- 



Founded November 2, 1871, by C. B. Percy, (Va. B.) ; C. E. Waldran, 

(Tenn. E.) ; and John H. Glrnnon, (Tenn. E.) Charter 

withdrawn 1872. Total membership 5, Deceased 1. 

Wicks, Hon. Moye, B. L. Memphis, Tenn., 1871. 

Ex-member Arizona legislature; attorney-at-law, Tucson, Arts. 

Draughan, John A., M. D. Springfield, Tenn., 1871. 

Physician, Nashville, Tenn. 

Mancey, James A., M. M. S. Nashville, Tenn., 1871. 

Graduate U. 8. Military Academy; lieutenant U. S. Army. 

McWhirter, Lewis B., B. L. Nashville, Tenn., 1872. 

Attorney-at-law, Nashville, Tenn. 

* Robertson, Samuel Churchill, M. M. S. Richmond, 
Va., 1872. 

Graduate U. 8. Military Academy ; lieutenant 17. 8. Army. Deceased. 


tflortb Carolina J i. 



Founded March 30, 1872, by J. R. Anderson, (Va. A.) and M. L. 

Wicks, (Va. A). Charter withdrawn 1879. Re-organized by 

R. W. Bingham, (N. C. A. A.), May 16, 1890. Total 

Memberahip 100. Deceased 7. 

Everett, Hon. George Bain, A. M., B. L. Everettsville, 
N. C, 1872. 

Ex-member North Carolina senate; attorney-at-law, Winston, N. C. 

Simmons, Hon. F. McLindell, A. B., B. L. Newberne, N. C, 

Ex-Member U. 8. Congress; ex-chairman Democratic State Committee, 
1892; collector Internal revenue eastern district North Carolina ; attorney- 
at-law, Newberne, N. C. 

Watson, George Israel A. M., B. L. Lake Landing, N. C, 

Judge or probate court ; attorney-at-law, Swan Quarter, Hyde County, N. C. 

Black, Hon. Junius Cassius, A. B. Long's Mill, N. C, 1872. 

Graduate Trinity College, N. C; ex-member North Carolina state senate; 
attorney-at-law, Carthage, N. C. 

*Shaw, Junius Augustus. Fayetteville, N. C, 1872. 

Died, April 12, 1877. 

Powell, Rev. John William. Clinton, N. C, 1872. 

Baptist clergyman, Huntsville, Ala. 

Page, Walter Hines, A. B. Cary, N. C, 1872. 

Professor of Greek, Louisville City College, Kentucky ; graduate Randolph 
Macon College; medalist, assistant professor, Randolph Macon College; 
Fellow Philology, Johns Hopkins University ; professor of English, North 
Carolina State Normal School ; editor "St. Joseph Gazette," Mo.; founder 
"State Chronicle," Raleigh, N. C; associate editor "New York World;" 
editor of " The Forum ; " associate editor "Atlantic Monthly," Boston, Mass. 

Barksdale, Hon. James Allen. Yazoo City, Miss., 1872. 

Ex-member North Carolina legislature; banker, Yazoo City, Miss. 

Lee, Cleophas Ransom. Raleigh, N. C, 1872. 

Merchant, Raleigh, N. C. 

Williams, Thomas Barker, M. D. Warrenton, N. C, 1872. 

Physician, Warrenton, N. C. 



*Brower, John Long, A. B. Oxford, N. C, 1872. 


Mial, Millard, A. B. Raleigh, N. C, 1872. 

Ex -register of deeds ; farmer, Raleigh, N. C. 

Faison, Walter Emerson, B. L. Clinton, N. C, 1872. 

Graduate V. M. I., class 1878; captain corps cadets, V. M. I.; B. L. University 
of Virginia; clerk In State Department, 1888-1S93; appointed chief consular 
bureau, State Department, 1808; appointed solicitor, 8tate Department, 
1895; Washington, D. C. 

Barbee, Edgar Bascom, LL. B. Barclaysville, N. C, 1872. 

Cotton broker and exporter, Raleigh, N. C. 

Brown, Joseph Gill. Raleigh, N. C, 1872. 

Treasurer city of Raleigh ; grand master of I. O. O. F. of North Carolina ; 
from collector of Citizens' National Bank he has risen to president (in 21 
years), Raleigh, N. C. 

* Wooley, Edmond Deberry, M. D. Montgomery County, 
N. C, 1872. 

Braswell, William Thomas, A. B. Edgecomb County, 
N. C, 1872. 

Graduate V. M. I., class 1876; captain corps cadets; attorney-at-law, Whit- 
akers, N. C. 

Merrimon, Branch Hugh. Raleigh, N. C, 1872. 

Manufacturer, Greensboro, N. C. 

Veach, Samuel Jones. Thomasville, N. C, 1872. 

Farmer, Duplin County, N. C. 

Sanders, Willis Troy, B. L. Clayton, N. C, 1872. 

Attorney-at-law, Clayton, N. C. 

Hall, Heman Robinson. Fayetteville, N. C, 1872. 

Merchant, Fayetteville, N. C. 

Long, Benjamin Franklin, A. M., B. L. Graham, N. C, 1872. 

Graduate University of Virginia ; valedictorian ; Worthy Grand Keeper 
Exchequer, Alpha Tau Omega, 1876-1876 ; attorney-at-law, Statesvllle, N. C. 

Bobbitt, William Allen, Jr. Franklintown, N.C., 1872. 

Planter, Oxford, N. C. 

Hall, Rev. Benjamin R., A. B. Wilmington, N. C, 1872. 

Methodist clergyman, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Spinks, Henry Wesley, A. M. Brower's Mills, N. C, 1873. 

Teacher; attorney-at-law, Albemarle, N. C. 

Steele, Robert Leak, A. B. Rockingham County, N. C, 

Merchant, Charlotte, N. C. 

Odell, William Robert, A. B. Concord, N. C, 1873. 

Cotton manufacturer, Concord, N. C. 

Reynolds, Bollin J., A. B. Leaksville, N. C, 1873. 

Teacher, Danville, Va. 


Etheridge, Hon. William Cherry, B. L. Coleraine, N.C., 

Ex-member North Carolina legislature; attorney-at-law, Coleraine, N. C. 

Bostick, William Eugene. Rockingham County, N. C, 

Planter, Rockingham County, N. C. 

Cross, Thomas Marion, A. B. Merry Oaks, N. C, 1873. 

Attorney-at-law, Stanford, N. C. 

Faison, Wentworth Pierce. Faisons, N. C, 1873. 

Planter, Faisons, N. C 

Barringer, William Capers. Greensboro, N. C, 1873. 

Merchant, Durham, N. C 

Robinson, Thomas Ruffin, A. B., B. L. Goldsboro, N.C., 1874. 

Attorney-at-law, Goldsboro, N. C 

Bradshaw, George Samuel, A. B., B. L. Durham, N. C, 

Attorney-at-law, Ashborougb, N. C. 

♦Partridge, John Joseph, A. B. Jonesboro, N. C, 1874. 

Attorney Hit-law. Died, 1891, Jonesboro, N. C. 

Gattis, William Andrew. Hillsboro, N. C, 1874. 

Planter, Durham, N. C. 

Koonce, David Sanders, A. B. Pelletiers Mills, N. C, 1874. 

Attorney-at-law, Pelletiers Mills, N. C 

Cunningham, Rev. William Lorenzo, B. L. Aurora, N. C, 

Clergyman, Wilson, N. C. 

Corbin, Ceorge Craghead. Hillsboro, N. C, 1874. 

Farmer, Hillsboro, N. C. 

Michael, Rev. David William, A. B. Graham, N. C, 1875. 

Clergyman, Graham, N. C. 

Odell, James T. Greensboro, N. C, 1875. 

Merchant, Concord, N. C. 

Tripp, Henry Ellison, B. L. Durham's Creek, N. C, 1875. 

Attorney-at-law, Graham's Creek, N. C. 

Staley, Rev. William Wesley, A. M. Graham, N. C, 1875. 

Clergyman, Graham, N. C. 

Redding, Shade Allen. New Berne, N. C, 1875. 

Merchant, Stonewall, N. C. 

Bradshaw, Willi am Gaston, A.B., M.D. Durham, N. C.,1875. 

Cashier National Bank, High Point, N. C. 

Little, Lonidas Ledbetter. Ansonville, N. C, 1875. 

Farmer, Ansonville, N. C. 


Folger, Thomas Wilson. Rockford, N. C, 1875. 

Farmer, Rockford, N. C. 

Wooley, Calvin W., Jr. Mount Gilead, N. C, 1875. 

Merchant, Mount Gilead, N. C. 

Stanback, Charles. Little's Mill, N. C, 1875. 

Farmer, Little's Mills, N. C. 

Pigford, Evander Scott, M. D. Wilmington, N. C, 1875. 

M. D. University of Virginia; physician, Wilmington, N. C. 

Field, John Early, A. B. Leaksville, N. C, 1875. 

Attorney-at-law, Leaksville, N. C. 

Fishblate, Simon Albert, M. D. Wilmington, N. C, 1875. 

Physician, Wilmington, N. C. 

Mercer, James Edward. Lumberton, N. C, 1876. 

Clerk, Treasury Department, Washington, D. C. 

Ellsworth, Goodwin Davis., M. A., B. L. Henderson, N. C, 

Graduate Trinity College, 1880; B. L. Georgetown University; teacher, 
Henderson, N. C; delegate to 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; assistant 
chief, division of accounts, U. 8. Treasury Department, Washington, D. C. 

Townsend, Rev. Franklin Lafayette. Lumberton, N. C, 

Clergyman, Lumberton, N. C. 

Clarke, Robert Browe, A. B. Cedar Hill, N. C, 1876. 

Attorney-at-law, Cedar Hill, N. C. 

Kernodle, John L., A. B. Gibsonville, N. C, 1876. 

Teacher, Gibsonville, N. C. 

Hilliard, Elijah Broddie. Whitakers, N. C, 1876. 

Farmer, Whitakers, N. C. 

Bradshaw, Rev. Roy Michael, A. B., LL. B. Durham, 
N. C, 1876. 

Methodist clergyman, Tarboro, N. C. 

LeGrande, William Oliver. Mangum, N. C, 1876. 

Farmer, Mangum, N. C. 

Ingram, Charles Braxton, A. B., M. D. Edinboro, N. C, 

Physician, Mangum, N. C. 

Koonce, George Wolfe, A. B., LL. M. Trenton, N. C, 1876. 

War Department, Washington, D. C. 

Little, Calvin Myers. Little's Mills, N. C, 1877. 

Planter, Wadesboro, N. C. 

Gibbons, James Nicholson. Roxboro, N. C, 1877. 

Merchant, Durham, N. C 

Davis, Rev. Edward Hill, A. B. Louisburg, N. C, 1877. 

Methodist clergyman, Louisburg, N. C 


Oliver, Joseph Shepperd. Fair Bluff, N. C, 1878. 

Farmer, Fair Bluff, N. C. 

*Blackman, John B. Pendleton, S. C, 1878. 

Died, 1878, Raleigh, N. C. 

Cross, Rufus Milton, A. B. Merry Oaks, N. C, 1878. 

Attorney-at-law, Merry Oaks, N. C. 

* Fleming, Adrian. Raleigh, N. C, 1878. 


Whitaker, Rolulus Alon, A. B., M. D. Trenton, N. C, 1879. 

Physician, Trenton, N. C. 

Farnell, Daniel Newton, A. B. Swansboro, N. C, 1879. 

Attorney-at-law, 606 South Sumner street, Nashville, Tenn. 

* Leach, Henry Archibald. Lexington, N. C, 1879. 

Merchant, Lexington, N. C. Died, 1887, Washington, D. C. 

Lane, Henry Bryant. Stantonsburg, N. C, 1879. 

Farmer, Stantonsburg, N. C. 

Branson, Eugene Cunningham. Raleigh, N. C, 1879. 

Superintendent public schools, Athens, Ga. 

Nicholson, Blakk Baker, A. B., B. L. Warrenton, N. C, 

B. L. University of Virginia; professor political science, Trinity College, 
1883-1894 ; attorney-at-law, Warrenton, N. C. 

Durham, Robert Lee, B. L. Shelby, N. C, 1890. 

Member Democratic executive committee; attorney-at-law, Dallas, N. C. 

Mitchell, Robert Henry, A. M. Roger's Store, N. C, 1890. 

A. M.Vanderbllt University ; Instructor of chemistry, University of North 
Carolina; professor of chemistry, Pacific College, California; professor of 
chemistry, Santa Rosa College, Santa Rosa, Cal. 

Jones, William Henry, A. B. Warrenton, N. C, 1890. 

Graduate Trinity College ; student of music in Berlin, Germany, 1891-1894 ; 
professor high school, Pomfret Centre, Conn. 

Barnes, Alvis Decatur. Reedsville, N. C, 1890. 

Tobacconist, Reedsville, N. C. 

Powell, Albert Holland, B. L. New Berne, N. C, 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, New Berne, N. C. 

McDowell, William Thomas. Tarboro, N. C, 1890. 

Professor Trinity high school, 1891-1898 ; professor of mathematics, Pacific 
College, California. 

* Jones, John Wesley. Tarboro, N. C, 1890. 

Merchant, Durham, N. C. Deceased. 

Harris, Charles Thomas. Wilson N. C, 1890. 

Secretary to Hon. F. A. Woodward, member legislature, 1892-1898; attorney- 
at-law, Wilson, N. C. 

Durham, Stonewall Jackson, B. L. Shelby, N. C, 1890. 

Professor in Horner School, Oxford, N. C, 1893-1894; attorney-at-law and 
collector ; manufacturer, Bessemer City, N. C. 


Taylor, Forest. Nash County, N. C, 1891. 

Merchant, W hi takers, N. C. 

Ormond, Rev. Allison Lee. Green County, N. C, 1891. 

Methodist clergyman, Goldsboro, N. C. 

Flowers, William Washington, M. A. Durham, N. C, 

Principal graded schools, Instructor Trinity College, Durham, N. C. 

Durham, Plato Tracey. Shelby, N. C, 1892. 

Theological student, Yale University. 

Flowers, Robert Lee, A. B., Durham, N. C, 1892. 

Graduate York Institute, N. C. ; professor of mathematics, Trinity College 
since 1898. 

Avery, Alphonso Calhoun, Jr. Morgantown, N. C, 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Morgantown, N. C. 

Green, Ernest J., A. B. Durham, N. C, 1893. 

A. B. Trinity College ; law student, Durham, N. C. 

Avery, Hon. Isaac Erwin. Morgantown, N. C, 1892. 

Vice-consul, Shanghai, China. 

Flowers, Charles Eugene. York Institute, N. C, 1892. 

Merchant, Portland, Oregon. 

Sneed, Paul Clifford. Smithfield, N. C, 1894. 

Pharmacist, Durham, N. C. 

Nicholson, William Edward. Airlie, N. C, 1894. 

Student, Durham, N. C. 

Horne, William Armstrong. Knoxville, Tenn., 1895. 

Secretary to R. J. Cheatham, 8. A. L. R. R., Atlanta, Ga. 

Flowers, John McTyeire. Durham, N. C, 1895. 

Student, Durham, N. C. 

Moyer, R. A. Charlotte, N. C, 1895. 

Bookkeeper for Moyer A Ross, Charlotte, N. C. 

Nicholson, J. L. Airlie, N. C, 1896 

Student, Durham, N* C. 

IRentucks ©micron, 



Founded May 16, 1872, by Dobsky O. Thomas, (Tenn. I.) and Frank P 
Bond, (Tenn. A.) Total membership 3. Deceased 1. 

Branham, Alfred Iverson, B. L. Marietta, Ga., 1872. 

Attorney-at-law, Eaton ton, Ga. 

*Bond, Thomas W., M. D. Brownsville, Tenn., 1872. 

Died, September 16, 1878, of yellow fever, Memphis, Tenn., while acting as 
volunteer physician with the Howard Association. 

Whitfield, J. W. Clarksville, Tenn., 1872. 

Farmer, Cherry Station, Montgomery County, Tenn. 


{Tennessee flM* 



Founded October 18, 1872, by A. Ivebson Bsanham (Ky. 0.) Total 

Membership 4. Deceased 0. 

Toole, Robert L. Dandridge, Tenn., 1872. 

Attorney-at-law, Dandridge, Tenn. 

Caldwell, J. W. Knoxville, Tenn., 1872. 

Merchant, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Elder,|J. W., Jr. Trenton, Tenn., 1872. 

Attorney-at-law, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Fischer, Otto. Trenton, Tenn., 1872. 

Attorney-at-law, Chattanooga, Tenn. 


Virginia IRbo- 



Founded December 12, 1873, by Richard R. Kirk, (Va. E.) Total 

Membership 19. Deceased 2. 

Ashley, Bernard. Culpepper Court House, Va., 1873. 

District passenger agent, B. & O. R. R, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Edmonds, James E. Fauquier County, Va., 1873. 

Farmer, Greenville, Texas. 

Graves, F. Selden. Madison Court House, Va., 1873. 

Farmer, Madison Court House, Va. 

Mason, Hon. John E., B. L. King George County, Va., 1873. 

Graduate University of Virginia; attorney-at-law, Edgeville, Va.; ex- 
member Virginia legislature; at present member Virginia state senate, 
Richmond, Va. 

* Settle, W. B., LL. B. Rappahannock County, Va., 1873. 

Editor "Blue Ridge Guide;" attorney-at-law. Died, 1888, Washington, 
Rappannock County, Va. 

Stofer, Alfred J. Culpepper Court House, Va., 1873. 

Graduate Bethel Academy ; delegate to 8rd Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; 
Washington correspondent "Cleveland Press," "Cincinnati Post," etc.; 
Staff " Richmond Times," Washington, D .C. 

Turner, George. King George County, Va., 1873. 

Farmer, King George County, Va. 

Bonham, Archie K. Summit Point, Jefferson County, W. 
Va., 1873. 

Wholesale merchant, St. Louis, Mo. 

* Crawford, Thomas Preston, M. D. Augusta County, Va., 


Graduate University of Virginia. Deceased. 

Empie, Brooke G. Wilmington, N. C, 1874. 

Manager Standard Oil Company, Wilmington, N. C. 

Kemper, James R. Rockingham County, Va., 1874. 

Merchant, Fishers vllle, Va. 

Kimball, T. H. Berryville, Va., 1874. 

Farmer, Berryville, Va. 



Perry, Charles S. Alexandria, Va., 1874. 

Merchant, Klnsale, Va. 

Strager, Joseph S. Harrisonburg, Va., 1874. 

Farmer, Port Republic, Va. 

Snyder, Alonzo, A. M. Alexandria, Va., 1874. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University ; teacher, Houston, Texas. 

Walden, E. F. Warrenton, Va., 1874. 

Farmer, Warrenton, Va. 

Evans, DeLancy. Wilmington, N. C, 1874. 

Merchant, Washington, N. C. 

Brown, T. H. Norfolk, Va., 1874. 

Merchant, Norfolk, Va. 

Portlock, William N., LL. B. Norfolk, Va., 1874. 

Judge of City Court, Norfolk, Va. 

District of Columbia IHpsiion. 



Founded November 6, 1874, by Charles W. Gleaveb (Va. E), and 

Frank F. Marbury, (Va. £.) Charter withdrawn, 1875. 

Re- organized April 17, 1887, by John C. ProH, 

(Ala. B. B.) Total Membership 8. 

Deceased 0. 

Marbury, Hon. Leonard, LL. B. Alexandria, Va., 1874. 

District attorney ; attorney-at-law, Alexandria, Va. 

Thompson, John Means. Columbia, S. C, 1887. 

Graduate Columbian University ; president New York Alumni Association, 
Alpha Tau Omega; real estate broker, Aston Building, 7 Pine street, New 
York City. 

Davis, Arthur Powell, B. S. Decatur, 111., 1887. 

Graduate Columbian University, 1888; topographer for the Geological Sur- 
vey, Washington, D. C. 

Lewis, Exum Percival, Ph. D., B. S. Washington, D. C, 

Ph. D. Johns Hopkins University, 1885; assistant professor Johns Hopkins 
University, 1891-1896; professor physics, University of California, Berkeley, 

Clements, Frank Bugby. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1887. 

Merchant, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Coleman, Robert Stuart. Buckners, Va., 1887. 

U. S. Government Survey, Washington, D. C. 

Cary, Joseph Milton, B. L. Union Springs, Ala., 1887. 

Graduate Columbian University ; attorney-at-law, Dallas, Texas. 

Henry, J. William. Washington, D. C, 1887. 

Banker, with J. Lewis Davis, Washington, D. C 


{Tennessee 0mega» 



Founded August 1, 1877, by John Q. Lovkll ( Va. A.) and W. S. Lovbli,, 
(Va. A.) Total Membership 140. Deceased 10. 

* Gregg, Cornelius Kollock, M. D. Galveston, Texas, 1877. 

Delegate to 6th Alpha Tau Omega Congress. Died, October 14, 1888, Mo- 
Kinney, Tex. 

DeBergondy, Eugene La Pice, C. E. St. James Parish, 
La., 1877. 

Graduate University of the South, 1878 ; sugar planter, St. James Parish, La. 

Babcock, George Catonnel, B. S., C. E. New Orleans, 
La., 1877. 

Graduate University of the South, 1878; graduate In medicine Vienna, 
Austria; physician, New Orleans, La. 

* Duncan, William Patterson, M. E. Palmyra, Miss., 1877. 

Graduate Columbia College, 1884. Died, June 24, 1888, Greenwood, Miss. 

* Weber, John Walker. Edgefield, Tenn., 1877. 

Head master grammar school, Sewanee, Tenn., 1877; principal high school,, 
Nashville, Tenn., 1888. Died, 1805, Nashville, Tenn. 

Barton, William Norcom. New Orleans, La., 1877. 

Merchant, New York City. 

DuBose, Theodore Marion, B. S., M. D. Ridge Springs, 
S. C, 1877. 

B. S. University of the South, 1877; M. D. University of Virginia; proctor 
University of the South, 1888 ; health officer, 1880 ; physician, Columbia, 8. C. 

Qi intard, Edward Augustus, B. S., M. E. Sewanee, Tenn., 

Delegate to 6th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; silver miner, Batopilas, 
Mexico; summer residence, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Boykin, William DeSaussure. Camden, S. C, 1877. 

Planter, Camden, S. C. 

Palfrey, George DkClewit, B. S., C. E. Franklin, La., 

Graduate University of the South, 1878 ; sugar planter, Houma, La. 

Cate, Thomas Waterman. Hammond, La., 1877. 

Manufacturer, Hammond, La. 



DuBose, Rev. McNeely, B. S., B. D. Clarendon County, 
S. G, 1877. 

B. S. University of the South, 1880; B. D. University of the South, 1886; 
trustee University of the 8outh, 1887-1892; Episcopal clergyman, Aahevllle, 
N. C. 

Foster, Joseph Warren. Franklin, La., 1878. 

Merchant, St. Mary's Parish, La. 

Humphreys, Joseph Alexander. Tigerville, La., 1878. 

Farmer, Midway, La. 

Wiggins, Benjamin Lawton, M. A. Sand Ridge, S. C, 1878. 

Graduate University of the South, 1882; teacher, Sewanee grammar school ; 
vice-chancellor University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

*Conyers, William Colclough, B. S. Deca,tur County, 
Ga., 1 878. 

Student University of the South, 1880. Died, Gainesville, Fla., August 27, 

* Smith, Lewis Wardlaw, LL. B., B. S. Abbeville, S. C, 

B. S. University of the South, 1880. Died, Gainesville, Fla., April 22, 1888. 

King, Thomas Edward. Marshall ville, Ga., 1878. 

Attorney-at-law, Mars hall ville, Ga. 

Palfrey, Henry Sterling. Franklin, La., 1878. 

Planter, St. Mary's Parish, La. 

King, Sidney Warren. Adam's Run, S. C, 1878. 

Farmer, Adam's Run. 

Puckette, Charles McDonald, M. A. Natchitoches, La., 

Graduate University of the South, 1882 ; president W. Georgia A. and M. Col- 
lege; Worthy Grand Scribe, Alpha Tau Omega; assistant editor •• Palm," 
1880-1882; editor "Shreveport Dally News," Shreveport, La.; editor "Dally 
States," New Orleans, La. 

Gass, Rev. John. Greenville, S. C, 1878. 

Graduate theological seminary, University of the South, 1888; proctor 
University of the South; Episcopal clergyman, Little Rock, Ark. 

Wyche, Thomas J. Rock Springs, Wyoming, 1879. 

Superintendent Northern Pacific R. R., P. O. box 68, Rock Springs, Sweet- 
water County, Wyoming. 

Quintard, Rt. Rev. Charlks Todd, M. A., D. C. L., LL. D., 
M. D., D. D. Stanford, Conn., 1879. 

Worthy Grand Chaplain Alpha Tau Omega, 1887; ex-vice chancellor Uni- 
versity of the South ; Episcopal bishop of Tennessee ; trustee University of 
the South, 8ewanee, Tenn. 

Percy, William Armstrong, M. A., B. S., LL. B. Green- 
ville, Miss., 1879. 

Graduate University of Virginia, 1884; attorney-at-law, Memphis, Tenn. 


Garwood, Hon. Hiram Morgan, B. S., LL. B. Bastrop, 
Texas, 1879. 

B. 8. University of the South ; B. L. University of Virginia, 1884 ; member 
Texas state senate ; attorney-at-law, Bastrop, Texas. 

Elliott, Arthur Beverly, C. E. Savannah, Ga., 1879. 

C. E. University of the South, 1888; student University of Virginia, 1884- 
1885 ; special agent, 98 Bay street, Savannah, Ga. 

Glover, John Heyward, Jr. Lincolntown, N. C, 1879. 

Agent B. 4 O. R. R., Newark, Ohio, 

Smith, Augustus Wardlaw. Abbeville, S. C, 1879. 

Merchant, Abbeville, S. C. 

Jones, Henry Augustus. Greensboro, Ala., 1879. 

Planter, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Ravenel, Mazyck Porcher, M. D. Charleston, S. C, 1879. 

M. D. University of Pennsylvania; Fellow, University of Pennsylvania; 
physician, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Beckett, John Temple. Louisville, Ky., 1879. 

Agent Union Pacific R. R., New York City. 

*Finlay, Rev. John Frederick. Greenville, S. C, 1880. 

Graduate in theology, 188a Died, March 8, 1880, Greenville, S. C. 

Percy, John Walker, M. A., B. S., LL. B. Deer Creek, 
Miss., 1880. 

M. A., B. 8. medalist, University of the South; B. L. University of Vir- 
ginia; attorney-at-law, Birmington, Ala. 

Bolling, James Augustus. Edna, Texas, 1880. 

Planter, Edna, Jackson County, Texas. 

Mansfield, Charles Frederick, LL. B. Mansfield, 111., 

Attorney-at-law, Mansfield, 111. 

Bremond, Walter. Austin, Texas, 1881. 

Teller State National Bank, Austin, Texas, 

Bratton, Rev. Theodore DuBose, B. D. Winnsboro, S. C, 


Graduate in theology, University of the South; delegate to 8th Alpha 
- Tau Omega ; associate editor " Palm," 1886 ; Episcopal clergyman, Spar- 
tanburg, S. C. 

Shields, Albert Evans. St. Louis, Mo., 1881. 

Merchant, St. Louis, Mo. 

DkRosset, Rev. Frederick Ancrum, M. A. Natchez, Miss., 

Graduate in theology General Theological Seminary, New York City ; trus- 
tee University of the South; professor Hebrew, University of the South. 

McBke, William Bohun D'Oyley. Greenville, S. C, 1881. 

Cotton manufacturer, Watervllle, Me. 


Page, Frederick Mann. Sewanee, Tenn., 1881. 

Professor modern languages, University of the South ; professor modern 
languages, University of Bryn Mawr, Bryn Mawr, Pa. ; professor modern 
languages, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Elliott, Stephen Habersham, M. M. S. Savannah, Ga., 

Graduate West Point Military Academy, 1888; lieutenant U. 8. Army, 
Washington, D. C. 

Palfrey, Francis Richardson. Franklin, La., 1881. 

Planter, St. Mary's Parish, La. 

Barton, Walter Irving. Welcome P. 0., La., 1881. 

Sugar planter, Napoleon vi lie, La. 

Nauts, William Boone, M. A. Louisville, Ky., 1882. 

Graduate University of the Mouth; associate professor ancient languages, 
University of the South ; Worthy Grand Keeper Annals Alpha Tau Omega, 
1887-1888; delegate to Alpha Tau Omega Congress, 1880; member High 
Council, 1890-1892 ; Sewanee, Tenn. 

Gailor, Rt. Rev. Thomas Frank, S. T. D., M. A., D. D. 
Jackson, Miss., 1882. 

Assistant editor "Palm," 1882-1884; Congress orator 1882 ; professor Ecclesi- 
astical History and English literature, University of the South ; assistant 
bishop Tennessee; ex-vice-chancellor University of the South, Memphis, 

Reese, Warren Stone, Jr. Montgomery, Ala., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Montgomery, Ala. 

Henderson, Archibald. Baltimore, Md., 1882. 

Merchant, Anniston, Ala. 

Edmonson, Richard Henry. Richmond, Va., 1883. 

Privlte secretary governor of Texas, Austin, Texas. 

McKellar, William Henry, M. A. Greenwood, S. C, 1883. 

M. A. and medalist University of the South, 1891; Instructor grammar 
school, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Noble, Stephen Edward, B. S. Rome, Ga., 1883. 

B. S. University of the South, 1886; clerk, Tiffany's, New York City. 

Latham, Benjamin Rathbun. Houston, Texas, 1884. 

Merchant, Houston, Texas. 

Easter, Rev. Henry. Athens, Ga., 1884. 

Graduate theology, University of the South; Episcopal clergyman, Knox 
ville, Tenn. 

Purdhom, Lewis Kirby. Navasota, Texas, 1884. 

Stock farmer, Baldwin, Indian Territory. 

Mason, Lee. Galveston, Texas, 1884. 

Stock farmer, Camp Verde, Kerr County, Texas. 

Steele, Rev. Charles Leighton, A. B. Camden, N. J., 1884. 

Graduate in Theology, University of the South ; Episcopal clergyman, 
Newton, N. J. 


Farley, Louis Bulow. Montgomery, Ala., 1885. 

Cashier Farley National Bank, Montgomery, Ala. 

Brooks, Preston Smith. Fairfield, S. C, 1885. 

Merchant, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Ruth, William Hardwick. Montgomery, Ala., 1885. 

Jeweler, Montgomery, Ala. 

Lovell, Joseph Mansfield, B. A., M. D. New Orleans, La., 

B. A. University of the South, 1890; M. D. Tulane University, 1894; physi- 
cian, New Orleans. 

Elliott, John Barnwell, M. A., M. D. Greensboro, Ga., 1885. 

M. A. and medalist, Unlveslty of the South, 1891 ; M. D. Tulane University, 
1891 ; professor, Tulane University ; physician, New Orleans, La. 

DuBose, Rev. William Haskell., M. A. Abbeville, S. C, 

Graduate University of the South, 1891; Episcopal Clergyman, Mont Eagle- 
Ten n. 

Morris, Rev. James Craik., M. A., LL. B. Louisville, Ky., 

M. A. and Medalist, University of the South, 1891 ; LL. B. University of 
Louisville; head proctor, University of the South, 1896-1896; graduate in 
theology, University of the South, 1895; assistant rector, St. Matthew's 
Cathedral, Dallas, Texas. 

Noble, Albert Easter. Rome, Ga., 1885. 

Superintendent iron works, Jenifer, Ala. 

Finney, Benjamin Ficklin. Society Hill, S. C, 1885. 

Merchant, Savannah, Ga. 

Quintard, George William. Rome, Ga., 1885. 

Architect, 75 Cotton Exchange, New York City. 

Brown, Richard Ewell, M. D. Nashville, Tenn., 1886. 

Graduate Bellevue College, New York City ; physician, Bellevue Hospital, 
New York City. 

Galbraith, Rev. John Edward Hugh. Little Rock, Ark., 

Graduate In theology, University of the South; delegate to 10th Alpha Tau 
Omega Congress, 1888 ; Episcopal clergyman, Little Rock, Ark. 

Ball, Isaac, M. A. Cordesville, S. C, 1886. 

Graduate University of the South ; teacher, Columbia, Tenn. 

Fry, Emory Starr. Nacidoches, Texas, 1886. 

Insurance agent, Marshall, Texas. 

Nelson, James Marston. Grand Rapids, Mich., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, Denver, Colo. 

Gaillard, Alfred Septimus. Clarendon, S. C, 1886. 

R. R. office, Columbia, S. C. 


* Patterson, Arthur Wallace. Chattanooga, Tenn., 1886. 

Merchant, Bozeman, Mont. Died, September 4, 1888, Bozeman, Mont. 

Watson, William Robinson. Houston, Texas, 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, El Paso, Texas. 

Brewster, Rev. Matthew. Houston, Texas, 1887. 

Graduate in theology, University of the South ; Episcopal clergyman, Grace 
Church, New Orleans, La. 

Shoup, Francis Elliott. Sewanee, Tenn., 1887. 

Staff of "Times Democrat," New Orleans, La.; the "Institute," Columbia* 

Gaston, Robert Kirkpatrick. Dallas, Texas, 1887. 

Colonel Lexington Volunteers; banker, Dallas, Texas. 

Robertson, William Clendennen, B. A. Houston, Texas, 

B. A. University of the South, 1896; editor of "Sewanee Purple;" student 
General Theological Seminary, New York City. 

*Spurgeon, Holcombe. Natchez, Miss., 1888. 

Died, March 17, 1889, Natchez, Miss. 

Shields, Wilkins Benoist, M. A. Church Hill, Miss., 1888. 

Graduate University of the South ; attorney-at-law, 178 La Clede building, 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Cleveland, Alexander Sessums, B. A. Houston, Texas, 

B. A. University of the South ; graduate Yale University ; cotton merchant, 
Houston, Tex. 

Wilde, Arthur Wilson. Oldham, England, 1888. 

Merchant, Newark, N. J. 

McNeal, Ezekiel Polk. Bolivar, Tenn., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Bolivar, Tenn. 

Cleveland, William Davis, B. A. Houston, Tex., 1888. 

B. A. University of the South ; graduate Yale University ; cotton merchant, 
Houston, Tex. 

Cantrell, William Armour, Jr. Little Rock, Ark., 1888. 

Railroad business, Galveston, Texas. 

Johnston, William Hooper, M. E. Selma, Ala., 1888. 

Graduate Massachusetts Institute of Technology ; manufacturer, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Berry, Isaac J. Rome, Ga., 1889. 

Farmer, Rome, Ga. 

Berry, Thomas, Jr. Rome, Ga., 1889. 

Merchant, Rome, Ga. 

Morris, John Morton, B. A. Louisville, Ky., 1889. 

Graduate University of the South, 1896; student, Louisville, Ky. 

Elliott, Joseph Huger. Sewanee, Tenn., 1889. 

Law student, Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 


Heyward, Nathaniel, C.E., B. S. Charleston, S. C, 1889. 

Graduate University of the Booth, 1808; rloe planter, Oakley, 8. C. 

McNeal, Albert Thomas, Jr. Bolivar, Tenn., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Memphis, Fla. 

* Whit all, John Dabney. Lynchburg, Va., 1889. 

Died, January 20, I860, Fort Du Chesne, Utah. 

Hammon, George. Calvert, Texas, 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Calvert, Tex. 

Johnston, Edward Douglas, M. A. Selma, Ala., 1889. 

Graduate University of the South, 1894 ; teller Fifth Avenue Bank, New 
York City. 

Elliott, Robert Woodward Barnwell, Jr., M. A. Atlanta, 
Ga., 1889. 

Graduate University of the South, 1804; student Columbia College, New 
York City. 

Dunbar, Henry Steiner, B. S., C. E. Augusta, Ga., 1890. 

Graduate University of the South, 1894; merchant, Broad street, Augusta, 

Colmore, Robert Lionel. Warwickshire, England, 1890. 

Sewanee, Tenn. 

Fishburne, Francis Chalmers, Jr. Walterboro, S. C, 1890. 

Merchant, Charleston. S. C. 

Shepherd, Alexander Roby, Jr. Batopilas, Mexico, 1891. 

Mining engineer, Batopilas, Mexico. 

Coleman, Everette Harvey. Macon, Ga., 1891. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

Gaillard, Elias Prioleau. Society Hill, S. C, 1891. 

Rice planter, Pt Chalmette, La. 

Ingle, Julian Edward. Henderson, N. C, 1891. 

Student of law, Henderson, N. C. 

Peters, Lindsay, M. D. Selma, Ala., 1891. 

Graduate University of Virginia; physician, Atlanta, Ga. 

Carmichael, Harry Oswell, M. D. Greensboro, Ga., 1892. 

Physician, West Union, Iowa. 

Van Duzer, John McKee. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1892. 

With the American Boiler Company, 84 Lake street, Chicago, 111. 

Shepherd, Grant. Batopilas, Mexico, 1892. 

Silver miner, Batopilas, Mexico. 

Woodward, Allen Harvey. Birmingham, Ala., 1892. 

Merchant, Birmingham, Ala. 

Young, Arthur Middleton Rutledge, B. A. Sewanee, 
Tenn., 1892. 

Graduate University of the South, 1896 ; merchant, 28 Broad street, Charles- 
ton, 8. C. 


Glover, John Wilder. Marietta, Ga., 1892. 

Marietta, Ga. 

*Lee, Rev. Robert Augustus. Due West, S. C, 1892. 

Graduate in theology. University of the South; Episcopal clergyman, 
Yorkvllle, S. C. Killed by lightning, July 16, 1806, Rich Mountain, N. C. 

Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth. Charleston, S. C, 1893. 

Delegate to 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; student University of the 

Shepherd, John Conness. Batopilas, Mexico, 1893. 

Mining engineer, Batopilas, Mexico. 

Memminger, Wilkik Wilkinson. Tampa, Fla., 1893. 

Student American Institute of Dramatic Arts, New York City. 

Farrar, Edgar Howard, Jr. New Orleans, La., 1893. 

Student University of the South. 

McMillan, Robert Franklin, C. E. Washington, D. C, 

Graduate University of the South, 1896; Washington, D. C. 

Barnwell, William McCaslan. Abbeville, S. C, 1894. 

Manager telephone exchange, Abbeville, S. C. 

Colmore, Charles Blayney. Victoria, Tenn., 1894. 

Student University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Brown, Percy. Spring Hill, Tenn., 1894. 

Spring Hill, Tenn. 

Gaston, William Henry, Jr. Dallas, Texas, 1894. 

Planter, Dallas, Tex. 

Henderson, William, Jr. New Orleans, La., 1894. 

Delegate to 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; student University of the 
South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Ross, John Walton, M. D. Sewanee, Tenn., 1895. 

Graduate University of Virginia; professor medical department, Uni. 
versity of the South, 1805; Burgeon U. S. Navy ; member Board of Health, 
Sewanee, Tenn. 

Warren, Rev. James Daniel. Surrey, England, 1895. 

Episcopal clergyman, Fort Meyers, Fla. 

Knight, Thomas Howard, M. D. Melbourne, Fla., 1895. 

Graduate University of the South, 1806; physician, Melbourne, Fla. 

Memminger, Henry Edmund. Charleston, S. C, 1895. 

Student Alabama A. and M. College, Auburn, Ala. 

Peter, George Frekland. Washington, I). C, 1895. 

Student University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Lord, Frank King. Crescent Hill, Ky., 1895. 

Student University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Buchanan, Thompson. Crescent Hill, Ky., 1895. 

Student University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 


Thompson, William Bess. New Orleans, La., 1895. 

Student University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Klmbrough, Frank Richmond. Clarksville, Tenn., 1895. 

Art student, New York City. 

Jervey, Huger Wilkinson. Charleston, S. C, 1896. 

Btudent University of the South, 8ewanee, Tenn. 

Lea, Overton, Jr. Nashville, Tenn., 1896. 

Student University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Lea, Luke. Nashville, Tenn., 1896. 

Student University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Titus, James Lewis. Barton, Ala., 1896. 

Student University of the 8outh, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Bird, Stephen Moylan. Galveston, Texas, 1896. 

Student University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Memminger, Lucien. Shelton, Fla., 1896. 

Student University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Young, Joseph Underwood Rutledge. Charleston, S. C, 

Student University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Watson, Matthew. Watson, Texas, 1896. 

Student University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Sparks, Rev. Charles Byfield. Louisville, Ky., 1896. 

Professor of Hebrew, University of the South, 1896; Sewanee, Tenn. 

IDiroinia Hlpba*Hlpba. 



Founded September 15, 1878, by Joseph H. Anderson, (Va. A.), George 
Watson Archer, (Va. A.) and John Francis Thomas Ander- 
son, (Va. A.) Total Membership 8. Deceased 2. 

Joynes, Hon. Levin. Richmond, Va., 1878. 

Ex-member Virginia legislature ; merchant, Richmond, Va. 

Perkins, Thomas Moncure. Richmond, Va., 1879. 

Merchant, Richmond, Va. 

Stokes, Thomas D., B. S. Richmond, Va., 1879. 

Graduate University of North Carolina, 1882; merchant, Richmond, Va. 

* Winston, John Camm. Richmond, Va., 1879. 

Paymaster Northern Pacific Railroad. Deceased. 

Anderson, John Thomas. Richmond, Va., 1879. 

Manufacturer, Richmond, Va. 

* Johns, Theodore Alexander. Richmond, Va., 1879. 

Manager Alpha Tau Omega Publishing House, Richmond, Va. Deceased. 

Lyons, John H. Richmond, Va., 1882. 

Manufacturer, Richmond, Va. 

Pickrell, George M., M. D. Richmond, Va., 1882. 

Graduate University of Virginia; surgeon U.S. Navy; Naval Hospital, 
Washington, D. C. 


't!!l§ii!if. : §fpba=J3eta. 

■f I hmif p georgia - 

.. .. ••if»t»ft GA - 

*a - -"- "SS* wM^xS^iSl 1 ®' rttwiixed 5. 
- *"£'A=S 

•S*.*. .*. -%: .«, . «. .«. :f • 5s. :S- 

P : S^ , ^HP : P*K'S^ Monroe, Ga., 1878. 

"" " ■^■■-ii-S^^'ainesville, Ga., 1878. 
.Quitman, Ga., 1878. 
Kkdgeville, Ga., 1878. 
l.~m. ^.lim^M'.'M- Georgetown, Ga., 1878. 

■!g>&^jtoj. B. Stono Mountain, Ga., 
" I* 

ngs. Ga., 1879. 

:«S!S^ Jeffcraon, Ga., 1879. 

tista, Ga., 1880. 


iK^ME^jgnt^ji*. «E3. VS5- -JJ- 

.sr^?1,v. J 


Bennet, Joseph William, A. B. Quitman, Ga., 1880. 

Attorney-at-law, Brunswick, Ga, 

Holland, Robert M., A. B., LL. B. Marietta, Ga., 1881. 

Attorney-at-law, Marietta, Ga. 

Newton, Edward T. Athens, Ga., 1881. 

Bookkeeper, Atlanta, Ga. 

Gary, Ashton. H. La Grange, Ga., 1881. 

Bookkeeper, La Grange, Ga. 

Bishop, Rev. Arthur F., A. B. Athene, Ga., 1881. 

Clergyman, First Presbyterian Church, Denlson, Texas. 

Moody, B. J. Quitman, Ga., 1881. 

Attorney-at-law, Mllledgeville, Ga. 

* Campbell, Rev. Charles D., D. D. Athens, Ga., 1881. 

Died, Quitman, Ga. 

Atkinson, Samuel A., A. B. Brunswick, Ga., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Brunswick, Ga. 

Pottle, Joseph Eaon, A. B. Warrenton, Ga., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Mllledgeville, Ga. 

Scott, Thomas M. Scotland, Fla., 1882. 

Merchant, Scotland, Fla. 

Young, Robert M. La Grange, Ga., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, La Grange, Ga. 

Cook, Walter B. Brunswick, Ga., 1882. 

Merchant, Brunswick, Ga. 

Derse, Joel P., M. M. S. Hawkinsville, Ga., 1882. 

Lieutenant U. 8. Army, War Department, Washington, D. C. 

Park, Frank. La Grange, Ga., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Atlanta, Ga. 

Bishop, Rev. Burton M., A. B. Athens, Ga., 1882. 

Episcopal clergyman, Corinth, Miss. 

Williams, TnoMAS A. Hamilton, Ga., 1883. 

Merchant, Columbus, Ga. 

Meader, Richard D., Jr. Brunswick, Ga., 1883. 

Merchant, Brunswick, Ga. 

Milner, Henry Key, B. S., C. E. Birmingham, Ala., 1883. 

Civil engineer, Birmingham, Ala. 

Poole, William T. Douglasville, Ga., 1883. 

Merchant, Douglasville, Ga. 

Allen, Claude Alston. Birmingham, Ala., 1884. 

Founder Alabama Beta Delta Chapter, Alpha Tau Omega; merchant, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Clarke, Jeremiah. Anniston, Ala., 1884. 

Bookkeeper, Dallas, Texas. 


Fortson, Thomas Glenn. Columbus, Ga., 1884. 

Railroad contractor, Columbus, Ga. 

Johnson, Robert Lee. Columbus, Ga., 1884. 

With M. A R R. R., Mobile, Ala. 

Hawkins, Eugene P. Birmingham, Ala., 1884. 

City salesman, Dodson Hills Manufacturing Company, St. Louis, Mo. 

Nesbitt, William D. Marietta, Ga., 1885. 

Met chant, Annlston, Ala. 

Johnson, Griffith L. Marietta, Ga., 1885. 

U. S. Geological Harvey ; real estate broker, Washington, D. C. 

McRee, Edward J. Valdosta, Ga., 1886. 

Manufacturer, Valdosta, Ga. 

Thomas, Edward Lee. Athens, Ga., 1886. 

Farmer, Valdosta, Ga. 

Varnadoe, Samuel McW. Valdosta, Ga., 1886. 

Farmer, Valdosta, Ga. 

Lawrence, Alexander A. Marietta, Ga., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, Brunswick, Ga. 

Russell, Edward G., B. Ph., LL. B. Athens, Ga., 1886. 

Post Office Department, Washington, D. C. 

Russell, Louis C. Athens, Ga., 1886. 

M. A N. G. R. R., bookkeeper, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Candler, Mark A. Gainesville, Ga., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, Gainesville, Ga. 

Meader, Robert Lee. Stone Mountain, Ga., 1887. 

Farmer, Stone Mountain, Ga. 

Crawford, William Beall, M. D. Lincolnton, Ga., 1887. 

Physician, Lincolnton, Ga, 

Brumby, Campbell W. Athens, Ga., 1887. 

Druggist, Athens, Ga. 

Hirbert, Terrell E., M. D. Milledgeville, Ga., 1887. 

Physician, Milledgeville, Ga. 

Miller, Brick S. Buena Vista, Ga., 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Columbus, Ga. 

Brown, Edward Thomas. Athens, Ga., 1888. 

Ex-mayor ; attorney-at-law, AthenB, Ga. 

Estes, Paul H. Gainesville, Ga., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Macon, Ga. 

Swain, Robert Vincent. Warrenton, Ga., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Warrenton, Ga. 

* Lawrence, Robert D., C. E. Marietta, Ga., 1888. 

Died, December 20, 1805, Marietta, Ga. 

Perry, John Carter. Perry ville, Ga., 1888. 

Merchant, Waynesboro, Ga. 


Bennett, Thomas Jackson. Jefferson, Ga., 1889. 

Merchant, Harmony Grove, Ga. 

Duncan, Clinton Cornelius, Jr. Perry, Ga., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Perry, Ga. 

Barrow, James. Athens, Ga., 1889. 

Banker, Athens, Ga. 

Skelton, Joseph Hamlin, Jr. Hartwell, Ga., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Hartwell, Ga. 

Matthews, Albert B. Hartwell, Ga., 1889. 

Farmer, Hartwell, Ga. 

Talley, Joseph N. Valdosta, Ga., 1889. 

Official stenographer for Federal courts, southern district of Georgia. 

Martin, John C. Talbotton, Ga., 1889. 

Merchant, Columbus, Ga. 

Wheatley, Walter K. Americus, Ga., 1890. 

Affiliated from Georgia A. Z.; editor and attorney-at-law, Americas, Ga. 

Erwin, David. Marietta, Ga., 1890. 

Farmer, Marietta, Ga. 

Lawrence, Charles Colding, M. D. Atlanta, Ga., 1890. 

Physician, Savannah, Ga. 

Broadnax, J. C. Walnut Grove, Ga., 1891. 

Farmer, Walnut Grove, Ga. 

Milton, John. Marianna, Fla., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Marianna, Fla. 

Newell, Isaac. Milledgeville, Ga., 1891. 

Lieutenant U. 8. A., Washington, D. C 

Stelling, John D. Augusta, Ga., 1891. 

Merchant, Augusta, Ga. 

Bennett, Rev. Joseph Johnston. Jefferson, Ga., 1891. 

Baptist clergyman, Albany, Ga. 

Greer, Leon C. Oglethorpe, Ga., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Oglethorpe, Ga. 

Buttrill, Thomas H. Jackson, Ga., 1892. 

Cotton merchant, Jackson, Ga. 

Brunson, C. E. Perry, Ga., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Perry, Ga. 

Mobley, Albert B. Monroe, Ga., 1893. 

Bookkeeper, Monroe, Ga. 

O'Neal, Maston Emmett. Bainbridge, Ga., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Bainbridge, Ga. 

Phillips, Ulrich Bonnell. La Grange, Ga., 1893. 

Delegate to 14th and 16th AlphaTau Omega Congresses; student University 
of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 


Chandler, William Wilson. Girth, Ga., 1893. 

Teacher, Girth, Ga. 

Powell, Louis Edmund. Waynesboro, Ga., 1893. 

Banker, Waynesboro, Ga. 

Daly Augustus D. Macon, Ga., 1894. 

Attorney-at-law, Macon, Ga. 

Brown, Robert E. Fort Valley, Ga., 1894. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Teasley, John E. Hartwell, Ga., 1894. 

Farmer, Hartwell, Ga. 

Stephenson, James Madison, Jr., A. B. Oxford, Ala., 1894. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Slaughter, Thomas Kimball. Indian Springs, Ga., 1895. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Jones, Hugh Augustus. Atlanta, Ga., 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, Atlanta, Ga. 

Lawrence, James Bolan. Marietta, (5a., 1895. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Brake, Ollie Crow. Warrior, Ga., 1895. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Perkins, Henry Roscoe. Augusta, Ga., 1896. 

Student University oi Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Wynn, Joseph Henry. Kedron, Ga., 1895. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Gray, C. Homer. Jackson, Ga., 1895. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Stephenson, G. F. Oxford, Ala., 1895. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Perkins, Andrew C. Augusta, Ga., 1896. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

McCathern, Porter F. Waynesboro, Ga., 1896. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Warren, Lindsay C. Louisville, Ga., 1896. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Atkinson, Thomas P. Jackson, Ga., 1896. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Bernhardt, J. J. Fred. Savannah, Ga., 1896. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Linden, Lillius Lee. Dublin, Ga., 1896. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Sparks, T. Frank. Case Springs, Ga., 1896. 

Student University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Stewart, N. B., A. B. Athens, Ga., 1892. 

Clerk, Navy Yard, Washington, D. C. 

floctb Carolina Blpba*E)elta- 



Founded May 23, 1879, by John Camm Winston (Va. A. A.) and Thomas 
DroLEY Stokes ( Va. A. A.) Total Membership 47. Deceased 3. 

Gilliam, Donnell. Tarboro, N. C, 1880. 

Presidential elector, 1896; attorney-at-law, Tarboro, N. C. 

*Radcliffe, Thomas, B. S. Wilmington, N. C, 1881. 

Graduate University of North Carolina, lt>88; chemist in New York City. 
Died, 1892. 

Gray, Robert Percy, A. B. Greensboro, N. C, 1881. 

Graduate University of North Carolina, 1888; president granite company, 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Ruffin, Edmund, Ph. B. Old Church, Va., 1881. 

Graduate University of North Carolina, 1888; planter, Old Church, Va. 

Wood, Julian, Ph. B. Edenton, N. C, 1881. 

Graduate University of North Carolina, 1884; president Edenton bank; at- 
torney -at-law, Edenton, N. C. 

* Jones, Walter Temple. Jonesboro, N. C, 1881. 

Died, January 22, 1882. 

Vance, Thomas Malvern, LL. B. Charlotte, N. C, 1881. 

Graduate Columbian University Law School; attorney-at-law, Seattle, 

Shipp, Bartlett, B. S. Charlotte, N. C, 1881. 

Graduate University of North Carolina, 1888; attorney-at-law, Seattle, Wash. 

Spruill, Hon. Frank Shepherd. Littleton, N. C, 1881. 

Ex-member North Carolina senate; Democratic Presidential elector, 1896 ; 
attorney-at-law, Louisburg, N. C. 

Wtlkes, Jonx Francis, Ph. B. Charlotte, N. C, 1882. 

Graduate University of North Carolina, 1883; captain North Carolina State 
Guard; iron manufacturer, Charlotte, N. C. 

Glazebrook, Marshall Ambler. Richmond, Va., 1882. 

Traveling salesman with M. Milliliter <fc Co., Richmond, Va. 

Ruffin, Sterling, M. D. Wilson, N. C, 1882. 

Graduate Columbian University Medical School, 1890; attending physician 
Home for Incurables; demonstrator of anatomy and professor of medical 
jurisprudence, Columbian University ; member Board of U. S. Pension Ex- 
aminers for District of Columbia; physician, 1028 Vermont avenue, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 



Roberts, James Cole, Ph. B. New Berne, N. C, 1882. 

Graduate University of North Carolina, 1884 ; chemist, Durango, Colo. 

Patterson, Francis Fries. Salem, N. C, 1883. 

Planter, Salem, N. C. 

MoGehee, William P. Raleigh, N. C, 1883. 

Chief ear service department, R.AG.R. R., Raleigh, N. C, and Norfolk,Va., 
1888-1895; tobacco broker, Raleigh, N. C. 

Howard, George. Tarboro, N. C, 1883. 

Graduate University of North Carolina, 1886; merchant and planter, Tar- 
boro, N. C. 

Everett, William N. Rockingham, N. C, 1884. 

Merchant, Rockingham, N. C. 

Holt, Robert Lacy. Thomasville, N. C, 1884. 

Cotton manufacturer, Burlington, N. C. 

Gill, Edward James. Laurenburg, S. C, 1884. 

Merchant, Rockingham, N. C. 

Pou, Edgar \V., LL. B. Smithfield, X. C, 1884. 

Solicitor 4th North Carolina district; nominee (Democratic) for Congress, 
1806; attorney-at-law, Smithfield. N. C. 

Borden, Walter Eugene. Goldsboro, N. C, 1885. 

Cashier National Bank of Wayne, Goldsboro, N. C. 

Borden, Edward Browning. Goldsboro, X..C, 1885. 

Fertilizer manufacturer, Goldsboro, N. C. 

♦Williams, William. Raleigh, N. C, 1886. 


Bryan, Henry R., Jr., New Berne, N. C, 1886. 

Fire Insurance, New Herne, N. C. 

Miller, Hugh Lee, Ph. B. Goldsboro, N. C, 1886. 

Graduate University of North Carolina, 1800; delegate 12th Alpha Tail 
Omega Congress ; assistant professor chemistry, University of North Caro- 
lina, J801; professor chemistry, North Carolina Agricultural and Mechani- 
cal College, 1891-1808; member Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society and Society 
of Chemical Industry of London; chemist, fertilizer works, Wilmington, 
N. C. 

Little, Rufus Reed, A. B. Little's Mills, N. C, 1887. 

Graduate Davidson College, North Carolina; planter, Little's Mills, N. C. 

Bryan, Shepard, A. B. New Berne, N. C, 1887. 

Graduate University of North Carolina, 1801; delegate to 12th Alpha Tau 
Omega Congress; 10% South Proud street, Atlanta, Go, 

Grainger, Charles W. Goldsboro, N. C, 1887. 

Real estate broker, Goldsboro, N. C. 

Skinner, J. Ludlow. Raleigh, N. C, 1888. 

Cotton broker, Raleigh, N. C. 

Haigh, Douglas D. Fayetteville, N. C, 1889. 

Planter, Fayetteville, N. C. 


Peschau, George L. Wilmington, N. C, 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Wilmington, N. C. 

Holt, William E., Jr. Lexington, N. C, 1889. 

(Cotton manufacturer, Lexington, N. C. 

Miller, Henry W. Raleigh, N. C, 1891. 

Southern Railway, Raleigh, N. C. 

Little, Thomas Robinson, A. B. Little's Mills, X. C, 1891. 

Graduate University of North Carolina, 1895; delegate to 14th Alpha Tan 
Omega Congress; medical student, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Stronach, Frank Morton. Raleigh, N. C, 1891. 

Merchant, Raleigh, N. C. 

Ruffin, Thomas, LL. B. Wilson, N. C, 1891. 

Delegate to 18th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; Assistant Worthy Grand 
Scribe, 14th Alpha Tan Omega Congress; J J* B. Georgetown University, 
1896; Worthy Grand Keeper of Annals, Alpha Tau Omega, 1896; Worthy 
Grand Scribe, Alpha Tau Omega, 1896-1898; Law Division, General I,and 
Office, Washington, D. C. 

Williamson, William H. Graham, N. C, 1892. 

Cotton manufacturer, Raleigh, N. C. 

Miller, Robert Bascom. Goldsboro, N. C, 1892. 

Student of medicine, Goldsboro, N. C. 

McRae, Samuel II. Fayetteville, X. C, 1892. 

Civil engineer, 1885-1890; attorney-at-law, Fayetteville, N. C. 

McRae, Lawrence. Chapel Hill, X. C, 1893. 

Cotton manufacturer, Worthville, N. C. 

Dangerfield, John Haigh. Winston, N. C, 1893. 

Insurance broker, Winston, N. C. 

Worth, Hiram Baxter, A. B. Raleigh, X. C, 1894. 

Graduate Guilford College, 1891; graduate University of North Carolina, 
1895; banker, Wilmington, N. C. 

Pippen, Joseph Powell. Tarboro, X. C, 1894. 

Attorney-at-law, Tarboro, N. C 

Williamson, Edwin Holt. Locust Hill, X. C, 1894. 

Cotton manufacturer, Burlington, N. C. 

Ruffin, George M. Wilson, X. C, 1895. 

Student University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Page, Frank. Aberdeen, X. C, 1895. 

Clerk S. A. L. Railway, Aberdeen, N. C. 

Brinson, Samuel M. Xew Berne, X. C, 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, New Berne, N. C. 

HIabama Hlpba^Epsflon. 



Founded December 18, 1879, by Ignatius L. Candlkr, ((ia. A. B.) 

Total Membership 171. Deceased 9. 

* Atkinson, Benjamin Franklin, A. B. Tampa, Ga., 1879. 

Died, September 16, 1881, West Point, Ga. 

Davis, John S. N., Jr., C. E. Oak Bowery, Ala., 1879. 

Railroad contractor, Savannah. Ga. 

Lamar, Howard, A. B., A. M. Auburn, Ala., 1879. 

Worthy Grand Keeper of Annals Alpha Tau Omega, 1890-1892; attorney- 
at-law, Jasper, Ala. 

Mitchell, Alexander Jordan, C. E. Glen vi lie, Ala. 

U. S. Signal Service, Cedar Keys, Fla. 

Garden, George Alexander, A. B. Walton, Ga., 1879. 

U. g. Signal Service, Popular River, Mont. ; attorney-at-law, Dallas, Tex. 

Glass, Peter Josiaii, M. D. Mobile, Ala., 1879. 

Physician, Mobile, Ala. 

Lamar, Hon. William Harmong, A. B., LL. M. Auburn, , 
Ala., 1879. 

LL. M. Georgetown College, 1885; attorney-at-law; U. S. Signal Service; 
In charge scientific work Greeley expedition, 1883; secretary Democratic 
State Central Committee, Md. ; ex-member of the Maryland legislature; 
First Assistant Postmaster General, P. O. Department, Washington, D. C. ; 
residence, Rock v ill e, Md. 

Heath, John Monroe, M. I). Talbot County, Ga., 1880. 

Physician, Howard, Ga. 

Hurt, William McTyeire, B. E. Opelika, Ala., 1880. 

Farmer, Gold Hill, Ala. 

Stephens, Milton Spofford. Rock Mills, Ala., 1880. 

Attorney-at-law, Rock Mills, Ala. 

Acree, Walter Upson, B. S. Verbena, Ala., 1880. 

Secretary building and loan association, Newton, Ala. 

Scott, Isaac Monroe. Montgomery, Ala., 1880. 

Merchant, Went Point, Ga. 

Alexander, Edward Porter, Jr. Duluth, Minn., 1880. 

Real estate, Duluth, Minn. 



Reid, James Madison, B. E. Sumpter, Ga., 1880. 

Civil engineer; division engineer Mexican Central Railroad, Ameca, 
Jalisco, Mexico; permanent address, Pilot Point, Texas. 

Clegg, Anthony M., C. E., M. E. Columbus, Ga., 1880. 

Contractor, Washington, D. C. 

Francis, William C. Denver, Colo., 1880. 

Merchant, Denver, Colo. 

Banks, James Jones, A. B. Enon, Ala., 1880. 

Circuit Judge, Birmingham, Ala. 

Bullard, Robert Lee. Youngsboro, Ala., 1880. 

First lieutenant U. 8. Army ; commandant, Dahlonega, Ga. 

*Hutchinson, Pierce M., C. E. West Point, Ga., 1880. 


Mangum, Theodore Fields, Jr., A. B. Dallas, Texas, 1880. 

Prosecuting attorney 1802-1808; attorney-at-law, McKlnney, Tex. 

Van Hoose, Eugene L., B. S. Trinidad, Mexico, 1880. 

Chemist, Trinidad, Mexico. 

Ross, Beunenett Battle, A. B. Tuskegee, Ala., 1881. 

Secretary U. S. Official Chemist; professor of chemistry Agricultural and 
Mechanical College; state chemist, Auburn, Ala. 

* Letcher, John Talbot, B. E. Lampasas, Texas, 1881. 

Diefl, November, 1886, Lampasas. Tex. 

Swoopk, Charles Carroll. Columbia, Miss., 1880. 

Farmer, Courtland, Ala. 

Brown, Edward N., A. B. Barbour County, Ala., 1881. 

Superintendent Mexican National Railroad, City of Mexico. 

Johnston, Marshall. Hamilton, Ga., 1881. 

Merchant, Hamilton, Ga. 

*Sanford, Norris P. D., B. E. Auburn, Ala., 1881. 

Died, May 19, 1888, Auburn, Ala. 

* Cunningham, William Henry, M. D. Butler, Ala., 1881. 

Physician. Died, November 80, 1895, Butler, Ala. 

Thompson, Samuel Botily. Middlebury, Ala., 1881. 

Merchant, Lake City, FJa. 

Sanford, Hon. William James. Greenville, Ga., 1881. 

Ex-member congress; president state senate; colonel in state militia; at- 
torney-at-law, Opelika, Ala. 

Stewart, William Weaver, M. D. Columbus, Ga., 1881. 

Physician, Columbus, Ga. 

Frazer, Peter G. Washington, Ga., 1881. 

Farmer, Washington, Qa. 

Pearson, Walter W., A. B. Montgomery, Ala., 1882, 

Attorney-at-law, Montgomery, Ala, 


Bass, Charles Longstreet. Tallapoosa, Ala., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, San Ad ton la, Tex. 

Hill, Malvern Ezekiel. Griffin, Ga., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Atlanta, Qa. 

Hunter, Henry Mitchell, M. D. Union Springs, Ala., 

Physician, Union Springs, Ala. 

Milton, William Hall, Jr. Marianna, Fla., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Marianna, Fla. 

McIntosh, Andrew M., B. A. Redfroe, Ala., 1882. 

Teacher; professor of chemistry, Mississippi Agricultural College; state 
chemist, Starksvllle, Miss. 

Hutchinson, Washington, B. A. Tallapoosa, Ala., 1882. 

Professor chemistry, Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanial College. 

Harlan, Aaron Fayette, M. D., B. S. Whitesville, Ga., 

Physician, Hackney ville, Ala. 

Lancaster, Henry Josephus. Wetunispka, Ala., 1882. 

Graduate State University; attorney-at-law, Wetumspka, Ala. 

Smith, James Clark, M. D. Tuscumbia, Ala., 1882. 

Physician, Tuscumbla, Ala. 

*Goodwyn, Robert H. Mt. Meigs, Ala., 1883. 


*Larkin, David. Marshall, Ala., 1883. 

Died, 1800, Larkinsville, Ala. 

Sanford, William Hodges. Auburn, Ala., 1883. 

Attorney-at-law, Troy, Ala. 

Hurt, Charles Davis, Jr. Macon, Ga., 1883. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

McCarty, Rev. Thomas Rives, A. B. Glenville, Ala., 1 883. 

Clergyman, Atlanta, Ga. 

Allen, James Madison, B. S. Birmingham, Ala., 1883. 

Merchant, Birmingham, Ala. 

Carmichael, John Coleman. Orville, Ala., 1883. 

Attorney-at-law, Birmingham, Ala. 

Killen, William J., M. D. New York City, 1883. 

Physician, New York City. 

Autrey, Charles Mallory. La Grange, Ga., 1883. 

Railroad office, Hogansville, Ga. 

Shaver, Artemus Patterson. Birmingham, Ala., 1883. 

Merchant, Birmingham, Ala. 

Zellars, Thomas Peter, B. S. Fayetteville, Ga., 1883. 

Graduate Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Civil Engineer, Atlanta, Ga. 


Corry, Robert Samuel, B. E. Calbert, Ala., 1883. 

Insurance business, Greenville, Ala. 

Bruce, William Haschel, A. M., Ph. D. Athens, Texas, 

Principal high school, Athens, Tex. 

Hutchinson, Thomas Price. Manchester, Ga., 1883. 

Manchester, Ga. 

Barnes, William D., Jr. Greenwood, Fla., 1883. 

Bank cashier, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Duke, Francis C, A. B. Harris, Ga., 1883. 

Attomey-at-law, Lafayette, Ala. 

Whitaker, Rev. Walter C, A. B. Lenoir, N. C, 1883. 

Episcopal clergyman, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Howell, Lawrence Franklin, B. S. Valdosta, Ga., 1883. 

Merchant, Valdosta, Ga. 

Burton, Bucy S., B. S., M. D. Valdosta, Ga., 1884. 

Physician, Valdosta, Ga. 

Persons, Henry Stanford, M. D. Ellen, Ala., 1884. 

Physician, Montgomery, Ala. 

Bond, Edmund Gaines. Mobile, Ala., 1884. 

Mobile, Ala. 

Perry, Frank H., B. S. Memphis, Tenn., 1884. 

Teacher, Memphis, Tenn. 

Nonnemacher, Eugene L. Faunsdale, Ala., 1884. 

Railroad office, Faunsdale, Ala. 

Ross, Charles H., B. S., Ph. D. Tuskegee, Ala., 1884. 

B. S., Ph. D. Johns Hopkins University, 1886; professor of modern lan- 
guages, Agricultural and Mechanical College, Auburn, Ala. 

Rives, Robert Glenn. Montgomery, Ala., 1884. 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Sharp, Thomas Killen. Perry, Ga., 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Perry, Ga. 

Lamar, George Holt, B. S., B. L., LL. M. Auburn, Ala., 

B. L., LL. M. Georgetown University, Washington, D. C; attorney-at-law, 
Washington, D. C; residence, Rock vi lie, Md. 

Van Antwerp, Andrew. Mobile, Ala., 1885. 

Pharmacist, Mobile, Ala. 

Macartney, Edwin C. Mobile, Ala., 1885. 

Merchant, Mobile, Ala. 

"*Lurton, Jame* W. Auburn, Ala., 1885. 


Henderson, James Linton. Bingham, Ala., 1885. 

Farmer, Montgomery, Ala. 


Cory, Alonzo F., B. S. Antanga, Ala., 1885. 

Superintendent agricultural experimental station of Arkansas, PI ne Blurt, 

Lloyd, Edward Ready, B. S. Auburn, Ala., 1886. 

Assistant professor of agriculture, Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical 
College, Htarksville, Miss. 

Milton, John Jr., B. S., Marianna, Fla., 1886. 

Banker, Marianna, Fla. 

Terry, William Kekk, Carollton, Ala., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, Birmingham, Ala. 

Robertson, Walter Lee. Whitesville, Ga., 1886. 

Merchant, Birmingham, Ala. 

Hutchinson, P. Lee, B. S. Atlanta, Ga., 1886. 

Assistant state chemist, Atlanta, Ga. 

Newman, Wilson H., B. S., M. D. Sparta, Ga., 1886. 

M. D. University of Virginia; lieutenant U.S. Army, Han Antonia, Tex. 

Milstead, Frank Davis, B. S. Laurel, Md., 1886. 

Superintendent Tallahassee cotton factory and superintendent Tallahassee 
Railroad Company, Tallahassee, Ala. 

Thorington, Thomas Chilton, M. D. Montgomery, Ala., 

Physician, Montgomery, Ala. 

Vernon, Frederick H., B. S. Cusseta, (4a., 1886. 

Manufacturer, Cusseta, Ga. 

Staten, William Thomas. Echols, Ga., 1886. 

Farmer, Valdosta, Ga. 

Drake, John Hodges, Jr., B. S., M. D. Auburn, Ala., 1887. 

Physician, Opellka, Ala. 

Bennett, Robert Love, B. S. Auburn, Ala., 1887. 

Superintendent experimental station, Fayetteville, Ark. 

Lang, Hunter A. Birmingham, Ala., 1887. 

Merchant, 8720 Bast Olive street, St. Louis, Mo. 

Poole, Reuben Hayne, B. S., M. D. Douglasville, Ga., 

Physician, Douglasville, Ga. 

Terry, Percy W., B. S. Carollton, Ala., 1 887. 

Journalist, Birmingham, Ala. 

Emory, George Woodhull, M. D. Roanoke, Ala., 1887. 

M. D. Tulane University ; physician, Narasota, Tex. 

Cook, Walter Girard, B. S. Haynesville, Ala., 1887. 

Journalist, Montgomery, Ala. 

Pritchett, Edward Hill, Jr. Haynesville, Ala., 1887. 

Merchant, Haynesville, Ala. 


Harwood, Beverly Franklin, B. S. Uniontown, Ala., 

Cotton merchant, Uniontown, Ala. 

Lyman, William, B. S. Selma, Ala., 1888. 

Farmer, Montevallo, Ala. 

Lupton, Frank A., B. S., M. S. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1888. 

Student Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 

Glenn, Charles Bowles, B. S., M. S. Auburn, Ala., 1888. 

Student, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 

Frazer, Tucker Henderson, C. E., M. 1). Auburn, Ala., 

Physician, Mobile, Ala. 

Parker, John A. Louisville, Ky., 1888. 

Insurance business, Louisville, Ky. 

Whetstone, David L., B. S Montgomery, Ala., 1888. 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Mumford, Louis St.C. Bedford, Va., 1888. 

Farmer, Uniontown, Ala. 

Van Antwerp, David. Mobile, Ala., 1889. 

Student, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Walker, David M. Uniontown, Ala., 1888. 

Merchant, Faundale, Ala. 

Hahr, Francis W. Atlanta, Ga., 1889. 

U. S. mail service, Atlanta, Ga. 

Thomas, George A., B. S. Montgomery, Ala., 1889. 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Doster, Henry S., B. S. Prattsville, Ala., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Prattsville, Ala 

Jones, Arthur L., B. S. Montgomery, Ala., 1889. 

Teacher, Montgomery, Ala. 

Ledbetter, Charles L. Tupelo, Ala., 1889. 

Merchant, Birmingham, Ala. 

Jones Harvey E. Spring Hill, Ala., 1889. 

Agent M. & O. R. R., Mobile, Ala. 

Gashet, James Edward, B. S., DD. S. Auburn, Ala., 1889. 

Dentist, Auburn, Ala. 

Long, Thomas F. Gainesville, Ala., 1889. 

Galnsville, Ala. 

Robertson, Charles D. Birmingham, Ala., 1890. 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Davidson, Henry Lee, B. S. Montgomery, Ala., 1890. 

Real estate merchant, Montgomery, Ala. 


Crommelin, John G., B. S. Montgomery, Ala., 1890. 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Nixon, Stanley C. Birmingham, Ala., 1890. 

Clerk, Birmingham, Ala. 

Thorington, Jack, Jr., B. S. Montgomery, Ala., 1890. 

Attorn ey-at-1 aw, Montgomery, Ala. 

Nelson, Hugh. Selma, Ala., 1890. 

Selma, Ala. 

McRee, George Young. Valdosta, Ga., 1890. 

Valdosta, Ga. 

McRee, Frank 1. Valdosta, Ga., 1890. 

Farmer, Valdosta, Ga. 

Milsteai), Andrew H. Baltimore, Md., 1890. 

Cotton business, Tallahassee, Ala. 

Crommeun, Henry, Jr. Montgomery, Ala., 1890. 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Knox, Edward Oscar. Troy, Ala., 1890. 

Theatrical manager, Troy, Ala. 

Pollard, Charles Ford, M. D. Montgomery, Ala., 1890. 

Physician, New Orleans, La. 

Marks, Nicholas B., B. S., C. E. Montgomery, Ala., 1890. 

Student University of Virginia, Versailles, Ky. 

Janney, George O., Jr. Montgomery, Ala., 1890. 

Merchant, Montgomery, Ala. 

Freer, Peter J., B. S. Columbus, Ga., 1891. 

Post-office department, Columbus, Ga. 

Harwood, Sempter I. Uniontown, Ala., 1891. 

Manufacturer, Uniontown, Ala. 

Hunter, Robert F. Macon, Ga., 1891. 

Court stenographer, Macon, Ga. 

Janney, Edward C. Montgomery, Ala., 1892. 

Merchant, Montgomery, Ala. 

Howard, Charles L. Geneva, Ga., 1892. 

Merchant, Columbus, Ga. 

Allen, William S., B. S. Montgomery, Ala., 1892. 

Mining engineer, Montgomery, Ala. 

Herbert, William F. Montgomery, Ala., 1892. 

Montgomery, Ala. 

*Bussey, William Wallace. -Columbus, Ga., 1892. 

Died, 1896, Savannah, Ga. 

Guillatte, William Baxter. Lee, Ala., 1892. 

Auburn, Ala. 

Borup, George D. St. Louis, Mo., 1892. 

Student, St. Louis, Mo. 


Holt, John Henry, B. S., M. E., E. E. Montgomery, Ala., 

Graduate Alabama Polytechnic Institute; Augusta, Ga. 

Foster, Thomas G., Jr., B. S. Montgomery, Ala., 1893. 

Medical student, Montgomery, Ala. 

Wilkerson, Augustus R. Columbus, Oa., 1893. 

Merchant, Columbus, Ga. 

Hewlett, Thomas H. Montgomery, Ala., 1893. 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Scott, Frank 1). Montgomery, Ala., 1893. 

Notre Dame University, Montgomery, Ala. 

Thomas, Frank H. Valdosta, Ga., 1893. 

Studying medicine, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bickerstaff, Hugh, B. S. Crawford, Ala., 1893. 

Manufacturer, Seale, Ala. 

Jennings, Benjamin G., B. 8. Seale, Ala., 1893. 

Seale, Ala. 

Taylor, Alexander L. Montgomery, Ala., 1893. 

Cotton business, Montgomery, Ala. 

Knight, Roy N. Dal ton, Ga., 1894. 

Annlston, Ala. 

Hardaway, Terry R. Montgomery, Ala., 1894. 

Clerk Alabama Midland R. R., Montgomery, Ala. 

Bancroft, Marion J. Mobile, Ala., 1894. 

Merchant, Mobile, Ala. 

Whiting, Robert Caldwell. Montgomery, Ala., 1894. 

L. A W. R. R.; Montgomery, Ala. 

Stewart, William L. Montgomery, Ala., 1895. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute; Auburn, Ala. 

Warren, James C. Montgomery, Ala., 1895. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute; Auburn, Ala. 

Warren, William F. Montgomery, Ala., 1895. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Jackson, Absalon, Jr. Ocean Springs, Miss., 1895. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Jones, Clarence M. Montgomery, Ala., 1895. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Mixon, John M. Mobile, Ala., 1895. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Leonard, W t illiam P. Talbarton, Ga., 1895. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Clark, Alexander H. McGehee\s Switch, Ala., 1895. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 


Clay, James C. Montgomery, Ala., 1895. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn* Ala. 

Scott, Frank N. Selma, Ala., 1895. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Henderson, Hampton S. Talledega, Ala., 1895. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Matthews, James F. Anniston, Ala., 1895. 

Student University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Taylor, Benjamin A. Antangarub, Ala., 1896. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Bennett, Thomas M. Verbena, Ala., 1896. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Collins, Robert W. Gallion, Ala., 1896. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Bingham, Arthur J. Talledega, Ala., 1896. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Fant, Oliver H. P. Anderson, S. C, 1896. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Rush, John 0. Auburn, Ala., 1896. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Henson, Walter. Chattanooga, Tenn., 1896. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Burke, J. B. Auburn, Ala., 1896. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, A 1m. 

Cobb, Comnat. Montgomery, Ala., 1896. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Stone, T. S. Montgomery, Ala., 1896. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Peabody, Roy. Montgomery, Ala., 1896. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Toomer, Shell. Auburn, Ala., 1896. 

Student Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 

Georgia Hlpba^Zeta. 



Founded November 27, 1880, by Otis A. Glaze h rook, D. D. Member- 
ship 145. Deceased 6. 

Glazebrook, Larkin White, M. D. Macon, Ga., 1880. 

Founded New York Beta-Theta; re-organized Pennsylvania Alpha-Rho 
Chapters; president District of Columbia Alumni Association, 1WWMS95; 
elected Worthy (irand Chief of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, December 
30, 1804; re-elected, 1896; graduate College Physicians and Surgeons, New 
York City, 1890; M. D. Long Island College, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1890; resident 
surgeon, St. Luke's Hospital, South Bethlehem, Pa., 1890-1M12; physician 
to Washington Orphan Asysum; re-organizer and curator Medical Museum, 
Columbian University, Washington, D. C. ; deputy coroner, District of Co- 
lumbia, Washington, D. C. 

Taylor, Walter A. Macon, Ga., 1880. 

Superintendent Mai lory Machine Shops, Macon, Ga. 

Anderson, John Lee. Cornucopia, Ga., 1880. 

Planter, Cornucopia, Ga. 

Barron, Robert B. Clinton, Ga., 1880. 

Merchant, Clinton, Ga. 

*Chambless, Samuel E. Macon, Ga., 1880. 


Dasher, Arthur L. Macon, Ga., 1880. 

Attorney-at-law, Macon, Ga. 

Evans, Beverly D. Sanders ville, Ga., 1880. 

Attorney-at-law, Sandersville, Ga. 

Eden, Rev. John S. Quitman, Ga., 1880. 

Baptist clergyman, West Point, Ga. 

Hawes, Thomas N. Leatherville, Ga., 1880. 

Planter, Leather ville, Ga. 

Howell, William S. White Plains, Ga., 1880. 

Attorney-at-law, White Plains, Ga. 

*Murrow, Rev. Rufus E. Lowtonville, Ga., 1880. 

Died, December 26, 1884. 

Purdue, Alba B. Senoid, Ga., 1880. 

Farmer, Senoid, Ga, 

Steed, Clem P. Macon, Ga., 1880. 

Attorney-at-law, Macon, Ga. 



Powell, Rev. James E. Thomasville, Ga., 1880. 

BaptlHt clergyman, Thoinasville, Ga. 

Singleton, Joseph W. Macon, Ga., 1880. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

West, John T. Thompson, Ga., 1880. 

Attorney-at-law, Thompson, Ga. 

Solomon, William W. Bullards, Ga., 1880. 

Merchant, Bullards, Ga. 

Wood, George W. Oconee, Ga., 1880. 

Planter, Oconee, Ga. 

Hicks, Thomas B. Lutherville, Ga., 1880. 

Lutherville, Oa. 

Campbell, Luke L. Jacksonville, Ga., 1881. 

Banker, Jacksonville, Ga. 

Baldy, Rev. Edward V. Bowling Green, Ky., 1881. 

Baptist clergyman, Bowling Green, Ky. 

Chapman, Rev. James D. Hawkinsvillc, Ga., 1881. 

Baptist clergyman, Savannah, (4a. 

Birch, William B. Macon, Ga., 1881. 

Attorney-at-law, Macon, Ga. 

Clarke, Harvey. Atlanta, Ga., 1881. 

Merchant, Atlanta, Ga. 


Schofield, John F. Macon, Ga., 1881. 

President Schofield Iron Works, Macon, Ga. 

Weaver, W. H., A. B., D. D. S. Eastonton, Ga., 1882. 

Dentist, La Grange, Ga. 

Rodgers, Star H. Macon, Ga., 1882. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

Evans, Julian H. Sandersville, Ga., 1882. 

Merchant, Sandersville, Ga. 

*Logne, George H. Gibson, Ga., 1882. 

Planter, Gibson, Ga. Deceased. 

Kelley, Rev. J. M. Vienna, Ga., 1882. 

Baptist clergyman, Vienna, Ga. 

Jones, Malcolm C. Macon, Ga., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Macon, Ga. 

♦Williams, Lucius E. Macon, Ga., 1882. 


Parker, Thaddeus C. Macon, Ga., 1883. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga^ 

Lane, Rev. Charles. Atlanta, Ga., 1883. 

Professor In Georgia School of Technology ; Methodist clergyman, Atlanta, 



Warren, Frank. Macon, Ga., 1883. 

Planter, Macon, Oa. 

Findlay, C. D. Macon, Ga., 1883. 

Manufacturer, Macon, Ga. 

Napier, T. A. Eatonton, Ga., 1883. 

Planter, Eatonton, Ga, 

Olesley, F. A. Macon, Ga., 1883. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

Howard, Hon. Joseph D. Milledgeville, Ga., 1883. 

Ex-member Georgia legislature ; attorn ey-at-law, Milledgeville, Ga. 

Stapleton, J. S. Hancock, Ga., 1883. 

Merchant, Hancock, Ga. 

Butler, G. R. New Providence, Ga., 1883. 

Planter, New Providence, Ga. 

Wiley, S. R. Macon, Ga., 1883. 

Clerk of court, Macon, Ga. 

Findlay, R. E. Macon, Ga., 1884. 

Agent New York Life Insurance Company, Macon, Ga. 

Stephens, I., L. B. Athens, Ga., 1884. 

Attorney-at-law, Athens, Ga. 

Eaton, William. Steward, Ga., 1884. 

Planter, Steward, Ga. 

Cain, James R. Savannah, Ga., 1884. 

Attorney-at-law, Savannah, Ga. 

McCaw, James N. Macon, Ga., 1884. 

Secretary and treasurer Georgia Cotton Mills, Macon, Ga. 

Stevens, Rev. Iverson B. Maxey's, Ga., 1884. 

Clergyman, Maxey's, Ga. 

Hawkins, William E. Atlanta, Ga., 1884. 

Ex-president S. A. A M. R. R.; real estate, Insurance agent, Atlanta, Ga. 

Zellars, Peter. Bowman, Ga., 1884. 

Professor in Gibson Institute, Bowman, Ga. 

Wise, Bazil A. Macon, Ga., 1884. 

Real estate agent, Macon, Ga. 

Foreman, Rev. B. W. Bowman, Ga., 1884. 

Baptist clergyman, Aiken, Ga. 

Taylor, C. S. Milledgeville, Ga., 1884. 

Merchant, Milledgeville, Ga. 

Marshall, Warren. Eatonton, Ga., 1884. 

Professor Harmony high school, Eatonton, Ga. 

Kennedy, L. Macon, Ga., 1884. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

Anderson, E. P. Macon, Ga., 1884. 

Clerk, Macon, Ga. 


*Denham, W. Lee. Putnam County, Ga., 1884. 

Planter, Putnam County, Ga. Deceased. 

Fitzgerald, J. B. Florence, Ga., 1884. 

U. S. Government service, Washington, D. C 

Smith, J. W. Macon, Ga., 1884. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

Sturgess, S. W. Aiken, Ga., 1884. 

Aiken, Ga. 

Schofield, F. 0. Macon, Ga., 1884. 

Hchofleld Iron Works, Macon, Ga. 

Ellis, Roland S. Macon, Ga., 1885. 

Democratic elector, 1896; attorney-at-Iau, Macon, (in. 

Boone, Tolar H. Americus, Ga., 1885. 

Bookkeeper, Macon, Ga. 

Steed, C. W. Macon, Ga., 1885. 

Journalist, Macon, Ga. 

Williams, A. D. Macon, Ga., 1885. 

Teacher, Smith vllle, Ga. 

Drummond, W. E. Macon, Ga., 1885. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

Wheatley, Walter K. Americas, Ga., 1885. 

Attorney -at-law ; editor "Evening Herald," Americus, Ga. 

Thomas, W. E. Valdosta, Ga., 1885. 

Attorney -at-law, Valdosta, Ga. 

Kilpatrick, J. D. Monticello, Ga., 1885. 

Attorn ey-at-law, Monticello, Ga. 

Ogden, Monroe G. Macon, Ga., 1885. 

Attorn ey-at-law, Macon, Ga. 

Carroll, J. A. " Brunswick, Ga., 1885. 

Teacher, Brunswick, Ga. 

Terrell, J. R. Merriweather, Ga., 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Merriweather, Ga. 

May, Robert E. Jackson, Fla., 1886. 

Fruit grower, Jackson, Fla. 

Orr, W. W. Americus, Ga., 1886. 

Americus, Ga. 

Black, A. H. Frewman, Ga., 1886. 

Merchant, Frewman, Ga. 

Roddenberry, R. S. Macon, Ga., 1886. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

Hester, R. S. Fulton, Ga., 1886. 

Fulton, Ga. 

Palmer, Joseph W. Macon, Ga., 1886. 

Hecretary and treasurer Quincy Granite Company, Macon, Ga. 


Goodwyn, O. E. Thomasville, Ga., 1886. 

Thomasville, Ga. 

Wise, Joseph C. Macon, Ga., 1886. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

Jones, H. L. Macon, Ga., 1886. 

Merchant, Macon» Ga. 

Curd, John 0. Macon, Ga., 1887. 

Real estate, Macon, Ga. 

O'Kelley, Rev. T. W. Griffin, Ga., 1887. 

Baptist clergyman, Griffin, Ga. 

Latham, T. R. Atlanta, Ga., 1887. 

Planter, Milledgevllle, Ga. 

Williams, G. W. Atlanta, Ga., 1887. 

Merchant, Atlanta, Ga. 

Fort J. A. Blakeley, Ga., 1888. 

Merchant, Blakeley, Ga. 

Stud, G. V. Macon, Ga., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Macon, Ga. 

Marshall, E. W. Union Springs, Ala., 1888. 

Baptist clergyman, Union Spring**, Ala. 

Hardeman, Giles. Macon, Ga., 1888. 

Real estate, Macon Ga. 

Wood, Edward II. Augusta, Ga., 1888. 

Attorney-atrlaw, Augusta, Ga. 

Winship, Blanton. Macon, Ga., 1888. 

Attorney-at'law, Macon, Ga. 

Fort, Eugene M. Blakely, Ga., 1888. 

Teacher, Blakeley, Ga. 

Burr, John H. Macon, Ga., 1888. 

Farmer, Bibb County, Ga. 

Whitehurst, Cincinatus. Gordon, Ga., 1888. 

Teacher, Sandersvllle, Ga. 

Bonn, Samuel G. Macon, Ga., 1888. 

Merchant, Bibb County, Ga. 

Jenkins, Rev. J. W., A. B. Eatonton, Ga., 1889. 

Baptist clergyman, Eatonton, Ga. 

Ingram. E. W., A. B. Eatonton, Ga., 1889. 

Banker, Eatonton, Ga. 

Murrow, William S. Jacksonville, Fla., 1889. 

Merchant, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Davis, W. P. Steward, Ga., 1889. 

Planter, Steward, Ga. 

Donovan, Augustus B. Jackson, Ga., 1889. 

Farmer, Jackson, Ga. 


Roddenberry, John W. Thomas, Ga., 1889. 

Planter, Thomas, Ga. 

Fuller, Urial S. Laurens, Ga., 1889. 

Teacher, Condor, Ga. 

Ingram, E. W., A. B. Eatonton, Ga., 1889. 

Bank clerk, Eatonton, Ga. 

Jenkins, J. W. R., A. B. Eatonton, Ga., 1889. 

Baptist clergyman, Eatonton, Ga. 

Melson, John H. Buena Vista, Ga., 1889. 

Teacher, Buena Vista, Ga. 

Walton, John E. Beuna Vista, Ga., 1890. 

Dentist, Buena Vista, Ga. 

Hunter, Robert B. Newnan, Ga., 1890. 

Merchant, Newnan. Ga. 

Small, John B. Americus, Ga., 1890. 

Merchant, Americus, Ga. 

Curd, Richard B. Macon, Ga., 1890. 

Real estate, Maonn, Ga. 

* Glover, Robert R. Twiggs, Ga., 1890. 

Deceased, Twiggs, Ga. 

Our, S. G. Coweta, Ga., 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, Newnan, Ga. 

McKay, Albert. Macon, Ga., 1890. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

Ryan, Addison T. Macon, Ga., 1890. 

Clerk, Macon, Ga. 

Shellie, Job. Macon, Ga., 1890. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

Jones, Albert O. Coweta, Ga., 1890. 

Planter, Coweta, Ga. 

Brakefield, Elijah. Harris, Ga., 1890. 

Merchant, Harris, Ga. 

Dominick,. Edward. Turin, Ga., 1891. 

Merchant, Turin, Ga. 

Gray, Claude. Jackson, Ga., 1891. 

Teacher, Harmony Grove, Ga. 

Hurst, N. W. Floville, Ga., 1891. 

Teacher Harmony Grove, Ga. 

Petit, Claude. Madison, Ga., 1891. 

Druggist, Madison, Ga. 

Petit, Delany. Madison, Ga., 1891. 

Druggist, Madison, Ga. 


Banks, Henry, Jr. La Grange, Ga., 1891. 

Bookkeeper, El barton, Ga. 

Hawkins, S. H. Atlanta, Ga., 1891. 

Real estate, Atlanta, Ga. 

Hurst, N. W. Floville, Fla., 1891. 

Teacher, Harmony Grove, Ga. 

Fort, William E. Washington, D. C, 1892. 

Washington, D. C. 

Massey, Milo H. Pinehurst, Ga., 1892. 

Teacher ; delegate to 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; Orator 16th Biennial 
Congress, Alpha Tan Omega; associate editor "Palm;" student Theolog- 
ical Seminary, Louisville, Ky.; home address, Tennville, Ga. 

Saxon, Henry. Augusta, Ga., 1892. 

Merchant, Augusta, Ga. 

Jones, Willis B. Newnan, Ga., 1893. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Johnson, Henry R. Americus Ga., 1893. 

Americus, Ga. 

Jones, Otis. Newnan, Ga., 1894. 

Newnan, Ga. 

Glass, Henry E. Turin, Ga., 1894. 

Student Mercer University, Macon, Ga. 

Farrell, J. A. Dublin, Ga., 1895. 

Attorn ey-at-law, Dublin, Ga. 

Sears, Joseph W. Kissimmee, Fla., 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, Kissimmee, Fla. 

Cawood, J. Max. Smithville, Ga., 1895. 

Teacher, Smithville, Ga. 

Dodson, J. Henderson. Americus, Ga., 1895. 

Student Mercer University ; Macon, Ga. 

Toole, Oliver A. Macon, Ga., 1895. 

Student Mercer University ; Macon, Ga. 

Moore, Henry E. Culverton, Ga., 1895. 

Student Mercer University ; Macon, Ga. 

Mansfield, Clarence. Macon, Ga., 1896. 

Student Mercer University ; Macon, Ga. 

Baughn, Alexander. Macon, Ga., 1896. 

Student Mercer University; Macon, Ga. 

Harris, J. W. Americus, Ga., 1896. 

Student Mercer University; Macon, Ga. 

Davis, F. A. Macon, Ga„ 1896. 

Student Mercer University ; Macon, Ga. 

Small, Steve E. Sumter County, Ga., 1896: 

Student Mercer University; Macon, Ga. 


Stewart, Horack. Sehley County, Ga., 189<>. 

Student Mercer University ; Macon, Ga. 

Roop, Charles E. Roopville, (4a., 1896. 

Student Mercer University ; Macon, Ga. 

Dodson, Armsted Chappel. Marion County, Ga., 189H. 

Student Mercer University; Macon, Ga. 

tflortb Carolina Hlpha*Eta. 



Founded April 7, 1881, by Sylvan us Stokes (Va. A. and N. C. A. A. Chap- 
ter). Total membership 92. Deceased 5. 

Bruton, John Fletcher. Morgantown, N. C, 1880. 

Superintendent Wilson graded schools, 1885-1888; ex-Grand Master and 
Grand Representative, 1. (). O. F.; Colonel 2d. Regiment North Carolina 
National Guard; vice-president, National Bank of Wilson; attorn ey-at-law, 
Wilson, N. C. 

Williams, John G., LL. B. Raleigh, N. C, 1880. 

With Washington and Norfolk Steamboat Company, Washington, D. C. 

Dortch, William Theophilus. Goldsboro, N. C, 1881. 

Attorney-at-law, Goldsboro, N. C. 

* Jenkins, William Alexander. Marrenton, N. C, 1881. 

Died, April, 1888. 

Boyd, Samuel Hill. Reidsville, N. C, 1881. 

U. S. revenue officer, Reidsville, N. C. 

Carlton, Joseph Flake, M. D. Statesville, N. C., 1881. 

Physician, Statesville, N. C. 

Dick, Samuel Weir. Greensboro, N. C, 1881. 

Real estate, Atlanta, Ga. 

Healey, Charles Allen. Atlanta, Ga., 1881. 

Real estate, Atlanta, Ga. 

Herrick, Clifford Ernest. Tampa, Fla., 1881. 

Shipping business, Tampa, Fla. 

Bryan, Frederick Charles. New Berne, N. C, 1881. 

President Chicago Col. Association, 1801 ; general western freight agent N. 
A W. R. R., 42 The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 

Young, George Washington. Raleigh, N. C, 1881. 

Attorney-at-law, Ripley, Tenn. 

McDow, Thomas Franklin. Liberty Hill, N. C, 1881. 

Attorney-at-law, Liberty Hill, N. C. 

Melton, Samuel W., M. D. Columbia, S. C, 1881. 

Physician, Columbia, S. C. 

Shelton, Edward. Somerville, Tenn., 1881. 

Cotton merchant, Somerville, Tenn. 



Leak, John D. Wadsboro, N. C, 1881. 

Banker, Wadsboro, N. G. 

Drew, George L. Somerville, Tenn., 1881. 

Merchant, Jacksonville, Fla. 

M<x>re, John Percy. Greencorn Springs, N. C, 1881. 

Lumber merchant, Greencorn Springs, N. C. 

Richards, James Proileau, M. D. Liberty Hill, N. C, 1882. 

Physician, Liberty Hill, N. C. 

Drew, Frank. Jacksonville, Fla., 1882. 

Lumber manufacturer, Jacksonville, Fla. 

* Williams, Lewis G. Mebane, N. C, 1882. 

Died, Crystal River, Fla. 

Edmundson, Haywood. Stanton, N. C, 1882. 

Farmer, Crab Apple, N. C. 

Ruffin, William Cain. Hillsboro, N. C, 1882. 

Superintennent and treasurer Majoden Cotton Mills, Majoden, N. C. 

* Radford, Charles Maxwell. Smithfield, N. C, 1882. 


Carr, J. B. Mebane, N. C, 1882. 

Merchant, Mebane, N. C. 

Slaughter, George Morgan. Pilot Point, Texas, 1882. 

, Stock raiser, Dallas, Texas ; P. O. address, Running Water, Tex. 

Jackson, Herbert Worth, Asheboro, N. C, 1882. 

Cashier Farmers' and Merchants' National Bank, Raleigh, N. C 

McAlister, James S. Asheboro, N. C, 1882. 

Cotton manufacturer, Worthvllle, N. C. 

Rhenn, Farney. Black Mingo, S. C, 1883. 

Merchant, Black Mingo, 8. C. 

Smith, Chandler H., M. D. Madison, Fla., 1883. 

Physician, Madison, Fla. 

Keller, William Henry. Dallas, Texas, 1883. 

Merchant, Ashevlle, X. C. 

Tucker, William Ruffin. Raleigh, N. C, 1883. 

Banker and broker, Raleigh, N. C. 

White, David Alexander. Mebane, N. C, 1883. 

Worthy Grand Scribe, Alpha Tan Omega Fraternity, 1894; member High 
Council, Alpha Tail Omega, 1806 ; lumber manufacturer, Mebane, N. C. 

Cauble, William Henry, M. D. Greenville, S. C, 1884. 

Physician, Greenville, 8. C. 

Primrose, Robert Stuart, M. D. New Berne, N. C, 1884. 

Physician, New Berne, N. C. 

Campbell, James Peabody. Bennetts vi lie, N. C, 1884. 

Merchant, Bennettsville, N. C. 


Leak, William Cole. Wadsboro, N. C, 1885. 

Banker and cotton manufacturer, Rockingham, N. C. 

White, William Edgar. Mebane, N. C, 1885. 

Lumber manufacturer, Mebane, N. C. 

Worth, George Clarkrton, M. D. Wilmington, N. C, 

M. D. University of Virginia; M. D. College Physicians and Surgeons, New 
York City; medical missionary to China, Chinklang, China. 

Little, Rev. Lacy Ligrade. Chapel Hill, N. C, 1885. 

Graduate Princeton ; Presbyterian clergyman, Keang Yin, China. 

Himeh, James C. Wilmington, N. C, 1885. 

Lumber manufacturer, Asheboro, N. C. 

Waltus, Robert P. Reidsville, N. C, 1886. 

Tobacco manufacturer, Atlanta, Ga. 

Worth, James Spencer. Wilmington, N. C, 1886. 

Insurance business, Wilmington, N. C. 

Ford, Alexis C. Marion, S. C, 1886. 

Medalist; lumber merchant, Cleburne, Tex. 

Wilkins, William. Greenville, S. C, 1886. 

Wholesale hardware merchant, Greenville, S. C. 

Humphries, John W. Greenville, S. C, 1886. 

Insurance manager, Greenville, 8. C. 

Berry, Charles E. Rome, Ga., 1886. 

Medalist; cotton broker, Rome, Ga. 

Coleman, Dudley P. Uniontown, *Ala., 1886. 

Merchant, Uniontown Ala. 

* Little, William G. Columbus, Ga., 1886. 


Barnes, James H. Reidsville, N. C, 1886. 

Tobacconist, Winston, N. C. 

Huggins, William Sloan. Wilmington, N. C, 1886. 

Student University of Maryland, Baltimore, Md. 

Peun, Charles Ashby. Patrick County, Va., 1887. 

Tobacco manufacturer, Reidsville, N. C. 

Bingham, Robert Worth. Mebane, N. C, 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Louisville, Ky. 

Patterson, Samuel Finley. Salem, N. C, 1887. 

Chief marshal North Carolina state fair, 1896; cotton manufacturer, Salem t 
N. C. 

McRae, Robert Strange. Fayetteville, N. C, 1887. 

Druggist, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Treadwell, Allison Cowutt. Memphis, Tenn., 1887. 

Merchant, Memphis, Tenn. 


Downes, Edward Elbekt. Crockett, Texas, 1887. 

Planter, Crockett, Tex. 

McBee, William Pinckney. Greenville, S. C, 1887. 

Merchant, Ashevllle, N. C. 

Kowland, William Park. Tyler, Texas, 1887. 

With First National Rank, Tyler, Tex. 

Brown, Edwin Morton, M. L., M. D. Washington, D. C, 

Physician, New York City. 

Jarratt, John Ernest. Marianna, Ark., 1887. 

Merchant, Marianna, Ark. 

Martin, Edwin Wray, A. B., B. L. Little Rock, Ark., 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Cagle, Osborne B. Greenville, S. C, 1887. 

Architect, Greenville, S. C. 

Thurmond, Richard J., Jr., M. D. Ripley, Miss., 1887. 

Physician, Ripley, Miss. 

Martin, Herbert Dallam. Paris, Ky., 1888. 

Cotton merchant, Paris, Ky. 

Mebane, William Giles. Macon, Tenn., 1888. 

Merchant, Graham, N. C. 

Fitzhugh, Lloyd Beall. Paris, Texas, 1888. 

Planter, Paris, Texas. 

Tillar, Joseph Garland. Selma, Ark., 1888. 

Banker, Selma, Ark. 

Fleming, Edward Reeves. Victoria, Texas, 1888. 

Stock raiser, Victoria, Tex. 

Bkthell, William Decatur, Jr. Columbia, Tenn., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Denver, Col. 

Downes, William A., M. D. Crockett, Texas, 1888. 

Physician, Crocket, Tex. 

Shaw, Wallace Nelson, M. D. Houston, Texas, 1888. 

M. D. Tulane University, 1894 ; assistant county physician, Harris County ; 
house surgeon, St. Joseph Infirmary, Houston, Tex. 

Dklaney, Frank Alves. Key West, Fla., 1889. 

Merchant, Key West, Fla. 

Nabers, Frank Edmondson. Boliver, Miss., 1889. 

Druggist, Birmingham, Ala. 

* Bingham, William. Mebane, N. C, 1889. 

Teacher. Died, June, 1891, Mebane, N. C. 

Martin, Hugh, B. S. Paris, Texas, 1889. 

B. S. Cornell University; secretary New York alumni association; delegate 
to 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; architect, 160 Fifth avenue, New York 


Hood, John Bell. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1889. 

Cotton planter, Jamestown, Miss. 

Davidson, James L. Quincy, Fla., 1889. 

Merchant, Quincy, Fla. 

Thompson, Robert Morris. Montgomery, Ala., 1889. 

Banker, Montgomery, Ala. 

Tuck, R. Sydney. Raleigh, N. C, 1889. 

In so ranee business, Raleigh, N. C. 

Williamson, James X. Graham, N. C, 1889. 

Cotton manufacturer, Emory College, N. C. 

Nabers, Samuel F., D. D. S. Birmingham, Ala., 1889. 

Dentist, Birmingham, Ala. 

Brown, H. Dockery. Tarboro, N. C, 1889. 

Merchant, Davidson, N. C. 

McAlister, John Worth. Asheboro, N. C., 1889. 

Cotton manufacturer, Worth vllle, N. C. 

Skinner, Bartley. Waynesboro, N. C, 1889. 

Banker, Alton a, Ky. 

Earnest, N. W. Atlanta, Ga., 1889. 

Merchant, Atlanta, Ga. 

Rambough, Jack C. Asheville, N. C, 1889. 

Merchant, Asheville, N. C. 

Jones, Edwin C. Asheville, N. C, 1889. 

Merchant, Asheville, N. C. 

Rodgers, Ebbke. Upper Alton, 111., 1889. 

Merchant, Upper Alton, 111. 

McAlister, Thomas Gilmer. Asheboro, N., C, 1892. 

Student University of North Carolina. 

Bagley, Henry. Raleigh, N. C, 1896. 

8tudent University of North Carolina. 

Daggett, William H. Mebane, N. C, 1896. 

Student University of North Carolina. 

Scott, S. M. Mebane, N. C, 1896. 

Htudent University of North Carolina. 

Pennsylvania Gau- 



Founded April 8, 1881, by Sylvanus Stokes ( Va. A). Charter withdrawn 

November, 1884. He-organized by Dr. A. J. Yost (Pa. A. I.) 

Total membership 64. Deceased 2. 

Thomas, Nathaniel Wilky, B. S., A. M., Ph. D. Philadel- 
phia, Pa., 1881. 

B. 8. and A. M. University of Pennsylvania; Ph. D. Muhlenberg College, 
1888; founded Pennsylvania Alpha-Iota, Pennsylvania Alpha-Upsilon, 
Pennsylvania Alpha-Pi, Pennsylvania Alpha-Rho and Ohio Alpha-Psl 
Chapters; Worthy Grand Chief Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, 1884 to 1886; 
chairman of High Council from 1894 to 1886; professor of chemistry, Glrard 
College, Philadelphia; Walingford, Delaware County, Pa. 

Easby, Francis Haskins, B. S. Philadelphia, Fa., 1881. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania, 1881 ; mechanical engineer, Wil- 
mington, Del. 

Davis, Howard Nelson. Philadelphia, Pa., 1881. 

Merchant, 1212 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Smith, Lewis Lawrence, A. B. Philadelphia, Pa., 1881. 

Attorney-at-law, 92! Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Singerly, Hon. William M., A. B. Philadelphia, Pa., 1881. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania, 1884; candidate for Governor of 
Pennsylvania, 1894 (Democratic); proprietor "Philadelphia Record;" Jour- 
nalist, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sharpe, William, M. E., C. E. Summit Hill, Pa., 1882. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania, 1884; member of American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers; mechanical engineer for Vulcan Iron Works, 
8228 Race street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harris, William Lincoln, A. B. Marblehead, Mass., 1882. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania, 1884; attorney-at-law, Marblehead, 

Jones, James Collins, Ph. B., LL. B. Philadelphia, Pa., 

Ph. B. and LL. B. University of Pennsylvania; U. G. K.O., 1884-1886; mem- 
ber Pennsylvania Historical Society and Academy of Political Science ; 
attorney-at-law, 614 N. 8th street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hooper, Wilford Lawrence, B. S., B. A. Philadelphia, 
Pa., 1882. 

B. S. University of Pennsylvania, 1884; B. A. Harvard, 1891; 1581 N. 16tb 
street, Philadelphia, Pa. 




Scull, William C, B. A. Camden, N. J., 1882. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania; merchant, 0th and Cooper streets, 
Camden, N. J. 

Wiltberger, Frederick Ernest. Philadelphia, Pa., 1882. 

Planter, Llela Grove, Melrose, Fla. 

Stoops, Harry Randolph, B. S. tNewark, N. J., 1883. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania, 1886; merchant, 17 8. 18th street, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thorne, Frederick Godfrey, O.E. Williamsport Port, Pa., 

Civil engineer, Jenkintown, Pa. 

Trimble, Albert Howard, B. S. Philadelphia, Pa., 1883.. 

Merchant, 41 8. Water street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Magee, James Francis, Jr., B. S. Philadelphia, Pa., 1883. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania, 1887; merchant, 418. Water street, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ash, Dorsey, B. S. Philadelphia, Pa., 1883. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania; civil engineer, Chicago Drainage 
Canal, Lainont, 111. 

Martinez, Dion M., Jr., C. E. Matanzas, Cuha, 1883. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania, 1885; civil engineer in Cuba. 

Welch, Benjamin Harvey, A. B. Hughesville, Pa., 1883. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania, 1884 ; lumber merchant, HughesYille; 

Ash, Percy, B. S., C. E. Philadelphia, Pa., 1883. 

B. 8. and C. E. University of Pennsylvania; member American Institute 
of Architects ; architect, 806 17th street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Bates, Heston. Philadelphia, Pa., 1883. 

Employee of P. R. R. Co., 1900 Tioga street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Reese, Charles H., B. L. Winchester, Ky., 1884. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania, 1885; member I. O. O. F., K. of P., 
attorney-at-law, 81% 8. Main street, Winchester, Ky. 

Wright, William Steller, B. L. Bristol, Pa., 1884. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania, 1886; attorney-at-law, Bristol, Pa. 

Park, John Grubb, Jr., C. E. Pittsburgh, Pa., 1884. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania; civil engineer, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fuller, Dwight Bailey, Jr., D. D.S. Buffalo County, New 
York, 1884. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania ; dentist, 208 N. 84th street, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Bellis, Edward Reed, D. D. S. Richmond, Ind., 1884. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania; dentist, Richmond, Ind. 

McCain, Clarence Robert, B. A. Alleghany, Pa., 1891. 

Delegate to 12th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; merchant, Alleghany Pa. 

Yost, Robert Jacob. South Bethlehem, Pa., 1891. 

Merchant, South Bethlehem, Pa. 


Jump, Henry Draper, M.I). Philadelphia, Pa., 1892. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania, 1698; delegate to 14th Alpha Tau 
Omega Congress ; Instructor University of Pennsylvania, Medical Depart- 
ment ; physician, 1251 8. 47th street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Clavin, Edward Cole. San Antonio, Tex., 1892. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dunbar, Adolph William, M. D. New York City, 1 892. 

Physician, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

*Bayne, Clarence Samuel. Philadelphia, Pa., 1892. 

Died, Jane 20, 1806. 

Kalteyer, Fred. John, M. D. San Antonio, Texas, 1893. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania; resident physician German Hos- 
pital, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Forst, John Ryan, M. D. Norristown, Pa., 1893. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania, 1804; resident physician Giraid Col- 
lege, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hays, George Livingston, M. D. Ashton, Mo., 1893. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania; physician, 6004 Pennsylvania ave- 
nue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hollister, Charles Marvin, M. D. Paylet, Vt., 1893. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania; physician, Delolt, Wis. 

Dunbar, Frank Warburton. New York City, 1893. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thomas, Ray Allen. Norristown, Pa., 1893. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Silva, Jose Maria, M. D. Managua, Niearaugua, 1893. 

Physician, Managua, Nicarauga. 

Blair, James Edward, M. D. Port Perry, Pa., 1894. 

Physician, German Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thomas, George Edward, B. S. Philadelphia, Pa., 1894. 

B. 8. University of Pennsylvania; student University of Pennsylvania; 
1518 Centennial avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Marshall, Clifford Cleland. Sharon, Pa., 1894. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Haskell, Samuel Everett. Gloucester, Mass., 1894. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Fulmer, Philip Fine, Jr. Dingman's Ferry, Pa., 1894. 

student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Royer, Ralph. Trappe, Pa., 1894. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Casey, Edmond Derby. Alleghany City, Pa., 1894. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Cooper, William Miller, M. D. Union Town, Pa., 1894. 

Physician, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McCrery, Harry Nickel. Connellsville, Pa., 1894. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 


*Protsman, Albert Baker. Madison, Ind., 1894. 

Died, December 27, 1886. 

Irwin, Jamks Willoughby. Philadelphia, Pa., 1894. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hays, Howard Stkck. Pittsburgh, Pa., 1894. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Minnig, Frank Ray. Reading, Pa., 1894. 

Student Massachusetts School of Technology. 

Haden, Henry C, M. D. Galveston, Texas, 1895. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania; physician, 1628 Spruce street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Jamison, Hugh David, M. D. Greensburg, Pa., 1895. 

Physician, Greensburg, Pa. 

Shailer, Sumner. New York City, 1895. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Osterhut, Guy Webster. Scranton, Pa., 1895. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rose, William Geddes. Sharon, Pa., 1895. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Watt, James A. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1895. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Daggett, Robert Frost. Indianapolis, Ind., 1895. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Marshall, Edward Newell. Lowell, Mass., 1895. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bontecou, Howell Sylvester. Mattewan, N. Y.. 1895. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Houck, Henry Craft. Memphis, Tenn., 1895. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Winder, Charles Whitall. Germantown, Philadelphia, 
Pa., 1895. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Potter, Gurdon Philadelphia, Pa., 1896. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Blose, Daniel P. McKeesport, Pa., 1896. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Georgia Hlpba-Gbeta. 


Founded April 26, 1881, by Ignatius L. Candles (Ga. A. B.) f G. A. Gaff- 
ney (Ga. A. B.) and William M. Ragbdale (Ga. A. B.) 
Total membership 169. Deceased 6. 

Cody, Septha Benjamin. Je walls, Ga., 1881. 

Farmer, JewaU>, Ga. 

Boykin, Samuel J. La Grange, Ga., 1881. 

Farmer, La Grange, Ga. 

Harris, Albert J. Greenville, Ga. r 1881. 

Editor, Barnesville, Ga. 

Shaw, William Henry, A. B. Houston, Ga., 1881. 

Graduate Emory College; merchant, Carrol ton, Ga. 

Nall, Christopher Columbus, A. B. Grantville, Ga., 1881. 

Graduate Emory College; teacher, Corinth, Ga. 

Keen, William George. Oglethorpe, Ga., 1881. 

Editor, Fort Valley, Ga. 

* Williamson, Rev. Robert Pierce. Ellersville, Ga., 1881. 

Clergyman, Ellersville, Ga. Deceased. 

Jones, Seaborn H., A. B. Waynesboro, Ga., 1881. 

Graduate Emory Gollege ; attorney-at-law, Waynesboro, Ga. 

Owen, John G. Columbus, Ga., 1881. 

Merchant, Columbus, Ga. * 

Cater, Lewis Franklin, M. D. Perry, Ga., 1881. 

Physician, Perry, Ga. 

Tigner, James Ogletree, A. B., M. D. White Sulphur 
Springs, Ga., 1881. 

Physician, Greenville, Ga. 

Hopkins, Rev. Isaac Stiles, A. M., Ph. D., M. D., D. D. 
Augusta, Ga., 1881. 

President Emory College, Oxford, Ga.; president Technological School 
Atlanta, Ga; pastor Trinity M. E. Church, Atlanta, Ga. 

Bassett, Stephen H. Fort Valley, Ga., 1881. 

Farmer, Fort Valley, Ga. 



Farrar, John, A. B. Blountville, Ga., 1881. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

McIntosh, Rev. W. M. t A. B. Opelika, Ala., 1881. 

Clergyman, Jasper, Fla. 

* Brooks, Robert B., A. B. Barnesville, Ga., 1882. 

Graduate Emory College ; teacher, Barnesville, Ga. Deceased. 

Raine, John Hutchinson. Atlanta, Ga., 1882. 

Insurance business, Atlanta, Ga. 

Stewart, J. B., A. B. Griffin, Ga., 1882. 

Graduate Emory College ; attorney-at-law, Griffin, Ga. 

Conn, John, A. B. Milledgeville, Ga., 1882. 

Graduate Emory College ; merchant, Milledgeville, Ga. 

Bradley, Sterling Price, B. S., D. D. S. Abbeville, Ala., 

Druggist, Abbeville Ala. 

Robinson, Linton B., A. B. Asheville, N. G., 1882. 

With Glnn A Co., 71 Broad street, Atlanta, Ga. 

Haygood, Wilbur Fletcher, A. B. Oxford, Ga., 1882. 

Government position in Oklahoma. 

Houser, W. L., A. B. Orangeburg County, S. C, 1882. 

Farmer, Fort Valley, Ga. 

Robinson, E. J., A. B. Asheville, N. C, 1882. 

Professor of mathematics, Emory College, Oxford, Ga. 

Barnes, A. E. Crawford, Ga., 1882. 

Farmer, Crawford, Ga. 

McCroan, E. P., A. B. Wadley, Ga., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Wadley, Ga. 

Straiton, J. A. Alexander City, Ala., 1882. 

Merchant, Alexander City, Ala. 

Bond, G. G. Franklin, Ga., 1883. 

Merchant, Franklin, Ga. 

McLoud, L. P., A. B. Asheville, N. C, 1883. 

Honor medalist ; attorney-at-law, Asheville, N. C. 

Haygood, Atticus G., Jr., A. B., M. D. Oxford, Ga., 1883. 

Medalist; physician, Oxford, Ga. 

McGehee, John H. Thomas ville, Ga., 1883. 

Attorney-at-law, Talbotton, Ga. 

Babington, R. H. Franklin, La., 1883. 

Planter, Franklin, La. 

Cater, R. L., A. B., M. D. Perry, Ga., 1883. 

Graduate Emory College; merchant, Perry, Ga. 

Reid, Rev. W. J., A. B. Hackneyville, Ala., 1883. 

Clergyman, Hackneyville, Ala. 


Hawkins, Frank M., M. D. St. Mary's, Ga., 1883. 

Graduate Emory College ; physician, St. Mary's, Ga. 

Corker, Frank G. Waynesboro, Ga., 1883. 

Attorney-at-law, Dublin, Ga. 

W atkins, J. D. Ellijay, Ga., 1883. 

Druggist, Ellijay, Ga. 

Dixon, J. T. West Point, Ga., 1883. 

First honor medalist ; postmaster, West Point, Ga. 

Monroe, G. P. Putnam, Ga., 1883. 

Attorney-atrlaw, Putnam, Ga. 

Robertson, T. O. Searcy, Ark., 1883. 

Planter, Searcy, Ark. 

Parks, Barton H. Oxford, La., 1883. 

Merchant, Oxford, La. 

Evans, Rev. E. N. Little Rock, Ark., 1883. 

Clergyman, Little Rock, Ark. 

Cheatham, J. A. Wadley, Ga., 1884. 

Merchant, Wadley, Ga. 

♦Donovan, W. J. Wadley, Ga., 1884. 

Farmer, Wadley, Ga. Deceased. 

* Holland, Charles H., M. D. Cleburn, Texas, 1884. 

Physician, Cleburn, Tex. Died, November 26, 1896, Brenham, Tex. 

Godbee, Louis B. Waynesboro, Ga., 1884. 

Farmer, Waynesboro, Ga. 

Bingham, W. H. Puckctt's Station, Ga., 1884. 

Teacher, Puckett's 8tation, Ga. 

Webb, L. B., M.D. Puckett's Station, Ga., 1884. 

Graduate Emory College; physician, Puckett's Station, Ga. 

Vaughn, Rev. William E. Shannon, Miss., 1884. 

Clergyman, Shannon, Miss. 

Crowell, Alonzo H. Abbeville, S. C, 1884. 

Merchant, Hickory, N. C. 

McMullen, B. L. Bay View, Fla., 1884. 

Farmer, Bay View, Fla. 

DePass, Rev. James Perryman. Bronson, Fla., 1884. 

Clergyman, Bronson, Fla. 

Overholt, Edwin E. Academy, W. Va M 1884. 

Farmer, Academy, W. Vs. 

Threadgill, Rev. Colen Murchinson, A. B. Oreon, Ala., 

Methodist clergyman, Ladonia, Tex. 

Johnson, William G. Atlanta, Ga., 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Atlanta, Ga. 


Thompson, A. H., A. B. Seneca City, S. C, 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Heneca City, H. C. 

Wiggins, S. P. Lake City, Fla., 1885. 

Teacher, Lithonla, Ga. 

Richardson, James M., A.M. Milledgeville, Ga., 1885. 

Professor Georgia Agricultural and Mechanical College, Milledgeville, Ga. 

Hardman, G. G. Macon, Ga., 1885. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

Yarbrough, Thomas Wayland, M. D. Oxford, Ga., 1885. 

Physician, Barnesville, Ga. 

Nall, J. H. Griffin, Ga., 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, GrifBn, Ga. 

Stewart, J. F., A. B., M. D. Griffin, Ga., 1885. 

Physician, Griffin, Ga. 

Feagin, George Butts. Wellston, Ga., 1886. 

Farmer, Wellston, (ia. 

Tigner, E. A., A. B., D. D. S. White Sulphur Springs, Ga., 

Graduate Emory College; dentist, Atlanta, (4a. 

Harman, Willard S., A. B. Xerxes, Ga., 1886. 

Dentist, Grant Building, Atlanta, Ga. 

Ridgfway, R. A., B.S. West Point, Ga., 1886. 

Travelling salesman, West Point, Ga. 

Parks, Marvin M., A. B. Oxford, Ga., 1886. 

Graduate Emory College, 1887 ; editor college paper and medalist ; professor 
natural sciences Andrew Female College; professor ancient languages, 
Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Ga. 

Cole, S. J., A. B. Ellijay, Ga., 1886. 

Teacher, Ellijay, Ga. 

Brown, Samuel Bradford, Jr. Fort Valley, Ga., 1886. 

Farmer, Fort Valley, Ga. 

Bird, Urba* I. Peru, Fla., 1886. 

Fruit grower, Peru, Fla. 

Buck, Edward B. Cole City, Ga., 1886. 

Planter, Cole City, Ga. 

Wimberly, Joseph H. Henderson, Ga., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, Henderson, Ga. 

Haygood, Hon. William Askew. Atlanta, Ga., 1886. 

Ex-member Georgia legislature; attorney-at-law, Atlanta, Ga. 

Cunningham, Paul D. Forsythe, Ga., 1886. 

Government clerk, War Department, Washington, D. C. 

Munro, H. Summer. Putnam, Ga., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, Putnam, Ga. 


Johnson, John Thomas. La Grange, Ga., 1886. 

Journalist, La Orange, Ga, 

Tignkr, Charles Hill, A. B., D. D. S. White Sulphur 
Springs, Ga., 1886. 

DentlHt, Broad and Marietta streets, Atlanta, Ga. 

Hardeman, Jack Anderson. Macon, Ga., 1886. 

Merchant, Macon, Oa. 

Tignkr, G. S., A. B., D. I). S. White Sulphur Springs, Ga., 

Dentist, Broad and Marietta streets, Atlanta, Oa. 

Berriem, Richard Noble, Jr. Waynesboro, Ga., 1886. 

Banker, Waynesboro, Ga. 

Lonolky, Hon. Frank Park. La Grange, Ga., 1887. 

Member Georgia legislature; attorney-at-law, La Grange, Oa. 

Johnson, Rev. Luke Garnett, A. B. Danielsville, Ga., 

Clergyman, Danielsville, Oa. 

Mookk, George Porter, A. B. Oxford, Ga., 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Birmingham, Ala. 

Gray, Lawrence Peter. Fort Valley, Ga., 1887. 

Merchant, Fort Valley, Ga. 

Godwin, Herbert, A. B. Arlington, Tenn., 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Arlington, Tenn. 

Culpepper, Nathan Florence, A. B. Luthersville, Ga., 

Teacher, Luthersville, Ga. 

Huntington, Charles Allen, Jr., A. B. Americus, Ga., 

First honor, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; attorney-at-law, Americus, Ga. 

Brown, Louis Leonard. Fort Valley, Ga., 1887. 

Farmer, Fort Valley, Ga. 

Hill, Alexander Franklin. Greenville, Ga., 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Greenville, Ga. 

Hague, Richard Russell. Washington, Ga., 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Washington, Ga. 

McGehee, Rev. J. B. Oxford, Ga., 1888. 

Clergyman, Talbot ton, Ga. 

Cunningham, Rev. Henry Thomas. Dalesville, Miss., 1888. 

Cleigyman, Dalesville, Miss. 

Templeton, Robert Allen. Waynesboro, Ga., 1888. 

Merchant, Waynesboro, Ga. 

Glenn, Bascom Pierce, A. B. Powder Springs, Ga., 1888. 

Superintendent of schools, Washington, Ga. 


Wooten, Clark. Dawson, Ga., 1888. 

Banker, Buena Vista, Ga. 

Thompson, Rev. Nathan Bayliss. Thomaston, Ga., 1888. 

Clergyman, Tlgmon, Tex. 

Munro, Horace N., A. B. Putnam, Ga., 1888. 

Attomey-at-law, Buena Vista, Ga. 

*Quillian, William Parks. Mossy Creek, Ga., 1889. 

Merchant, Augusta, Ga. Deceased. 

Conn, Thomas. Milledgeville, Ga., 1889. 

Farmer, Milledgeville, Ga. 

Bullard, Thomas Parker, A. B„ M. D. Palmetto, Ga., 

First honor Emory College; physician, Atlanta, Ga. 

Parks, James Dolphin, A. B. Oxford, Ga., 1889. 

Student Vanderbllt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Cochran, Ralph Owen, B. L. Palmetto, Ga., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Atlanta, Ga. 

Bays, William. Chattanooga, Tenn., 1889. 

Attorn ey-at-law, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Miller, William Doughty. Augusta, Ga., 1889. 

Merchant, Augusta, Ga. 

Baker, W t illiam Scott. West Point, Ga., 1889. 

Bookkeeper, Eady, Baker A Co., West Point, Ga. 

Haynie, George W. Nashville, Tenn., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Nashville, Tenn. 

Budd, Rev. William Henry. Wayne County, N. C, 1889. 

Editor college paper; clergyman, Darlen, Ga. 

Thompson, W t illiam Ernest. Walhalla, S. C, 1889. 

Editor college paper ; teacher, Dublin, Ga. 

Quillian, Rev. Clayton. Dalton, Ga., 1889. 

Clergyman, Calhoun, Ga. 

Ellis, Rev. Thomas David. Oak Grove, Ga., 1889. 

Editor college paper ; clergyman, Oak Grove, Ga. 

Weaver, James Alva, M. D. Luthersville, Ga., 1889. 

Physician, Luthersville, Ga. 

Shields, John H., B. L. Dawson, Ga., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Dawson, Ga. 

Persons, Robert Turner. Fort Valley, Ga., 1889. 

Merchant, Fort Valley, Ga. 

Wall, James Edgar. Tampa, Fla., 1889. 

Merchant, Tampa, Fla. 

Austin, W. D. Fort Valley, Ga., 1889. 

Farmer, Fort Valley, Ga. 


Cheney, William Edgar. Ellaville, Ga., 1890. 

Merchant, Ellaville, Ga. 

Williams, Bloomer Clifford. Stinson, Ga., 1890. 

Farmer, 8 tin sod, Ga. 

Brown, Peter Franklin, A. B. Americus, Ga., 1890. 

Teacher public schools, Savannah, Ga. 

McMichael, Edward Howard. Buena Vista, Ga., 1890. 

Farmer, Buena Vista. Ga. 

Seckinger, Francis David. Springfield, Ga., 1890. 

Teacher, Clyo, Ga. 

Duncan, Jeptha Harris. Columbus, Miss., 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, Columbus, Miss. 

Aldred, John Wesley, A. B. Davisboro, Ga., 1890. 

Teacher, Davisboro, Ga. 

Bardwell, Ralph Newton, A. B. Talbotton, Ga., 1890. 

Journalist, Talbotton, Ga. 

Layfield, James M. Chipley, Ga., 1890. 

Teacher, Chipley, Ga. 

Moore, Jerry M. Milledgeville, Ga., 1890. 

Journalist, Milledgeville, Ga. 

Bryan, Nathan Philemon, B. L. Kissimee, Fla., 1892. 

Champion debator; attorney-at-law, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Sherman, Joseph Sidney. Humber, Ga., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Blakely, Ga. 

Broyles, Rev. Lallie Mante. Aberdeen, Miss., 1892. 

Clergyman, Aberdeen, Miss. 

Fortson, Samuel Anthony. Danburg, Ga., 1892. 

Farmer, Washington, Ga. 

Smith, Claude Crayton, A. B. Palmetto, Ga., 1892. 

Teacher, Palmetto, Ga. 

Jarrell, Charles Crawford. Savannah, Ga., 1892. 

Professor Emory College, Oxford, Ga. 

Quillian, Marvin Clark. Cleveland, Ga., 1892. 

Teacher, G rant vl lie, Ga. 

Cary, Robert Franklin, A. B. Quitman, Ga., 1892. 

Teacher, Empire, Ga. 

Newton, John Lipscomb. Morgan County, Ga., 1892. 

Merchant, Monroe, Ga. 

Allen, J. Fredrick, B. Ph. Warrenton, Ga., 1892. 

Banker, Warrenton, Ga. 

Jarrell, William Williamson. Savannah, Ga., 1892. 

Htudent Emory College, Oxford, Ga. 

Swain, Frederick Anthony. Muncie, Md., 1892. 

Teacher, Monticello. (Ja. 


Burkhalter, John T. Warrenton, Ga., 1893. 

Medical student, Augusta, Oa. 

Ellis, Robert Laurie. Granville, Ga., 1893. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Bryan, William James, A. B. Kissimee, Fla., 1893. 

Teacher, Kissimee, Fla. 

Ellis, Robert Cochran. Oak Grove, Ga., 1893. 

Student Emory College, Oxford, Ga, 

Kino, Thomas Blanton, Jr. Talbotton, Ga., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Talbotton, (4a. 

Phillips, Herbert Stanton. Milltown, Ga., 1893. 

Editor college paper; student Emory College, Oxford, Ga. 

IIankinson, Robert Henry. Augusta, Ga., 1893. 

Student Emory College, Oxford, Ga. 

Qojillian, William Earle. Augusta, Ga., 1893. 

Student Emory College, Oxford, Ga. 

Smith, Rembert Gilman. Oxford, Ga., 1893. 

Student Emory College, Oxford, Ga, 

Burkhalter, William Henry. Warrenton, Ga., 1893. 

Planter, Warrenton, Ga. 

Dempsey, Elam Franklin. Jackson, Ga., 1894. 

Planter, Jackson, Ga. 

Brown, Harrold. Americas, Ga., 1894. 

Bank Cashier, Selma, Ala. 

Bowen, John Thomas. Chambers County, Ala., 1894. 

Student Emory College, Oxford, Ga. 

Bullard, D. Benjamin. Palmetto, Ga., 1894. 

Merchant, Palmetto, Ga. 

Sistrunk, Charles Louis. Ocala, Fla., 1894. 

Student Emory College, Oxford, (ia. 

Ward, Ernest. Humber, Ga., 1894. 

Law student, Ocala, Fla. 

Phifer, Joseph Augustus. Campville, Fla., 1894. 

Student Emory College, Oxford, Ga. 

Banks, Enoch Marvin. Grantville, Ga., 1894. 

Htudent Emory College, Oxford, Ga, 

Brantley, Claudius Waterman. Dublin, Ga., 1894. 

Student Emory College, Oxford, (ia. 

Brown, Thomas Jackson. Hartwell, Ga., 1895. 

Student Emory College, Oxford, Ga. 

Brand, Jesse Oliver. Holly Springs, Ga., 1895. 

Student Emory College, Oxford, Ga. 

Dixon, Robert Bryant. West Point, Ga., 1895. 

Student Emory College, Oxford, Ga, 

tezuma, <<a., 1895. 

,1*fcier. (!ii., 1895. 


T"l«M' , fi r «oWSll#.|l Washington, G:i. 
ISIilS'l'S'i'leSIJn-. ISM- 

, ... — wij.Blistn;. 

. .- r .-,,..._..-,,,- Jf -J#, 1896. 

18S* < «*'-?r.*-?r.= 

Pennsylvania Hlpba^llota* 



Founded October 14, 1881, by N. Wiley Thomas (Pa. T.) Total member- 
ship 64. Deceased 2. 

Wise, Ira, B. S. Allentown, Pa., 1881. 

Chemist, Copley Cement Works. 

Horn, Martin L., A. B., A. M. South Bethlehem, Pa., 1881. 

Graduate Muhlenberg College; principal of schools, Allentown, Pa. 

Smith, Rev. R. Morris, A. A., A. M. Baden, Pa., 1881. 

Lutheran clergyman, Baden, Pa. 

Schadt, Clinton J., A. B., A. M., M. D. Egypt, Pa., 1881. 

M. D. University of Pennsylvania; surgeon, aboard American Liner, "St. 

Dieter, Ephriam S., M. E. Allentown, Pa., 1881. 

M. E. Keystone State Normal School ; professor in public schools, Allen- 
town. Pa. 

* Hoffman, Claude. 1881. 


Metzger, Ralph, A. B., A. M. Allentown, Pa., 1881. 

Attorney-at-law, Allentown, Pa. 

Leopold, Rev. Elmer 0., A. B., A.M. Girardville, Pa., 1881. 

Lutheran clergyman, Girardville, Pa. 

Yost, Alfred J., A. B., A. M. Allentown, Pa., 1882. 

Graduate Muhlenberg College; M. D. University of Pennsylvania; physi- 
cian ; coroner of Lehigh County, Allentown, Pa. 

Pfleuger, Henry F., A. B., A. M. Allentown, Pa., 1882. 

M. D. Medlco-Chiruglcal College; physician, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Laury, Rev. Preston A., A. B., A. M. Marietta, Pa., 1883. 

Lutheran clergyman, Marietta, Pa. 

* Neff, Henry S., B. S., M. D. 1883. 


Schantz, Henry F., A. B., A. M., M. D. Reading, Pa., 1883. 

M. D. Hahnnemann Medical College; physician, Reading, Pa. 

Bernheim, Oscar F., A. B. Allentown, Pa., 1883. 

Bookkeeper and member of the furniture firm of C. B. Krause & Co., Allen- 
town, Pa. 



Werner, Rev. James B., A. B., B. M. Lexington, Mass., 1883. 

President Boston Alumni Association, Alpha Tau Omega; Episcopal clergy- 
man, Lexington, Mass. 

Cooper, William H., A. B., A. M., M. D. Oakmont, Pa., 1884. 

M. D. Hahnnemann Medical College; physician, Oakmont, Pa. 

Deily, Wilson A., A. B., A. M. Philadelphia, Pa., 1884. 

A. B., A. M. I*afayette College, Easton, Ph., 1890; professor in schools, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Ulrich, Paul S., A. B., A. M. Lebanon, Pa., 1885. 

Law student, Lebanon, Pa. 

Senn, Emanuel J., M. D. Chicago,. 111., 1885. 

M. D. Rush Medical College; physician, Chicago, 111. 

Snyder, Rev. Charles C, A. B., A. M. Centre Square, Pa., 

Lutheran clergyman, Centre Square, Pa. 

Hassler, J. Willis, A. B., A. M. Philadelphia, Pa., 1886. 

M. D. Hahnnemann Medical College; physician, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wise, Leo, A. B., A. M. Allentown, Pa., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, Allentown, Pa. 

Butz, Harvey P., A. B. Chicago, 111., 1886. 

A. B. Yale University, 1893; business career, Chicago, 111. 

Kurtz, Rev. Irwin B., A. B., A. M. Trappe, Pa., 1887. 

Lutheran clergyman, Trappe, Pa. 

Fegely, Rev. William O., A. B., A. M. Sayre, Pa., 1887. 

Lutheran clergyman, Sayre, Pa. 

Lutz, Harvey B., A. B. Lancaster, Pa., 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Lancaster, Pa. 

Sieger, Rev. Peter 3., A. B. Philadelphia, Pa., 1888. 

Lutheran clergyman, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mosser, Edwin J., A. B. Chicago, 111., 1888. 

President Chicago Alumni Association, Alpha Tau Omega; teacher, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Richards, Rev. H. Branson, A. B., A. M. Philadelphia, 
Pa., 1888. 

Lutheran clergyman, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Gross, Malcolm W., A. B. Perth Amboy, N. J., 1889. 

Railroad offices, Perth Amboy, N. J. 

Rick, William, A. B. Reading, Pa., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Reading, Pa. 

Yetter, Harry A., A. B. New York City, 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, Binghampton, N. Y. 

Bieber, Rev. Milton J., A. B., A. M. Mt. Joy, Pa., 1890. 

Lutheran clergyman, Mt. Joy, Pa. 

Heyl, Allen V., A. B. Allentown, Pa., 1891. 

Wholesale grocer, Allentown, Pa. 


Erdman, Max S., A. B. Allentown, Pa., 1891. 

Private secretary to Hon. C. J. Erdman, Member of Congress; Allentown, 

Metzger, Malcolm. Allentown, Pa., 1891. 

Manager American Medicine Co.'s store, Bethlehem, Pa. 

Merkel, J. Richmond, B. S., A. B., A. M. Allentown, Pa., 

B. H. Keystone State Normal School ; assistant principal academic depart- 
ment Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa. 

Spang, George T. Lebanon, Pa., 1892. 

Student University of Pennsylvania. 

Schindel, J. Jeremiah. Allentown, Pa., 1892. 

Divinity student, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Cooper, Frederick E. Allentown, Pa., 1892. 

Student, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hottenstein, Marcus S. Allentown, Pa., 1893. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Miller, David A., A. B. Allentown, Pa., 1893. 

A hboc late proprietor "Morning Call," Allentown, Pa. 

Miller, Samuel P., A. B. Allentown, Pa., 1893. 

Business career, Allentown, Pa. 

Miller, William II. S., A. B. Allentown, Pa., 1893. 

Professor in public schools, Allentown, Pa. 

Henry, Samuel S. Boyertown, Pa., 1894. 

Public school teacher, Boyertown, Pa. 

Stine, John F. Fogelsville, Pa., 1894. 

Student Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa. 

Lantz, Harry K. Allentown, Pa., 1894. 

Student Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa. 

Kuhl, G. Frederick. Allentown, Pa., 1894. 

Student Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa. 

Strodach, Paul Z. Allentown, Pa., 1894. 

Divinity student, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mantz, Eli S. Slatedale, Pa., 1895. 

Student Hahnnemann Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. 

McKnight, Paul Reading, Pa., 1895. 

Business career, Reading, Pa. 

Sandt, John E., A. B. Greenville, Pa., 1895. 

Professor Thlel College, Greenville, Pa. 

Kistler, Robert A. Allentown, Pa., 1895. 

Business career, Allentown, Pa. 

Rinn, B. Frank. Allentown, Pa., 1895. 

Business career, Allentown, Pa. 


Pfleuger, Wellington C. Allentown, Pa., 1895. 

Musician, Allentown, Pa. 

Erdman, George F. Quakertown, Pa., 1895. 

Student University of Pennsylvania. 

Trumbauer, Peter S. Nazareth, Pa., 1896. 

Student Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa. 

Sykes, John H. Allentown, Pa., 1896. 

Student Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa. 

Fritch, Nathan. Bothelehem, Pa., 1896. 

Student Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa. 

Fritch, Luther. Macungie, Pa., 1896. 

Student Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa. 

Bohner, Rev. Charles H. Allentown, Pa., 1896. 

Student Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa. 

Henry, Jonas H. Stines Corner, Pa., 1896. 

Student Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa. 

Buchman, Frank N. D. Allentown, Pa., 1896. 

Student Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa. 

Raker, Edward. Raker, Pa., 1896. 

Student Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa. 

flew 3erse£ Hlpba^lkappa* 



Founded October 15, 1881, by Otis A. Glazebrook, D. D., (Va. A.) 

Charter withdrawn 1884. Re-established October 27, 1890, by 

the original charter members. Charter withdrawn in 

181)4. Total Membership 20. Deceased 1. 

Harlow, Mkllens, M. E. Boston, Mass., 1881. 

Mechanical engineer, 160 Friend street, Boston, Mass. 

*Haiman, Herman L. Atlanta, Ga., 1881. 

Died, October 12, 1887. 

Oakley, George, E. E. Rutherford, N. J., 1881. 

Electrical engineer, Rutherford, N. J. 

White, William F., M. E. City of Mexico, Mex., 1881. 

Mechanical engineer, City of Mexico, Mex. 

Boynton, Charles D., C. E. Sycamore, 111., 1882. 

Engineer, Sycamore, 111. 

Numkwitz, Edward H., M. E. Milwaukee, Wis., 1883. 

Mechanical engineer, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Carter, Lattimore, M. E. Louisville, Ky., 1890. 

Mechanical engineer, Louisville, Ky. 

Whitehead, John Lewis. Port Henry, N. Y., 1890. 

Merchant, Port Henry, N. Y. 

Lord, Alfred Bowen. Plainfield, N. J., 1891. 

Delegate to 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; mechanical engineer, >ew 
York City. 

MacCord, Harry Holden, M. E. Hoboken, N. J., 1891. 

Mechanical engineer, 96 Reade street, New York City. 

MacCord, Charles William, Jr., M. E. Hoboken, N. J., 

Journalist, " New York World," New York City. 

Gilmore, John Winfield, M. E. Jersey City, N. J., 1891. 

Mechanical engineer, New York City. 

Lockwood, George P., M. E. Newark, N. J., 1891. 

Mechanical engineer, Newark, N. J. 

Gilmore, George Francis, C. E. New York City, 1891. 

Engineer, New York City. 



Gedney, Jerome Dudley. Hoboken, N. J., 1891. 

Attorn ey-at-law, Jersey City, N. J. 

Lancon, George Lewis. Hoboken, N. J., 1892. 

Htock broker, 68 Broadway, New York City. 

Greenidge, Charles Austin, M. E. Hoboken, N. J., 1891. 

Mechanical engineer, 924 Bloom field street, Hoboken, N. J. 

Pope, Oliver A. East Orange, N. J., 1892. 

.student Stevens Institute, Hoboken, N. J. 

Grady, CharleS Benedict. East Orange, N. J., 1893. 

student Stevens Institute, Hoboken, N. J. 

Coles, Francis W., Jr. Hoboken, N. J., 1893. 

Real estate broker, Jersey City, N. J. 

Bew Jfforh Hlpba^ambba. 



Founded November 25, 1881, by Otis A. Glazebrook, D. D. (Va. A.) 
Charter withdrawn, 1884. Re-organized 1891, by E.J. Mur- 
phy, (N. Y. A. 0.) and W. T. Woods (N. Y. A. 0.) 
Total membership 21. Deceased 0. 

Pearis, C. Fowler. Salt Lake City, Utah, 1881. 

Attorney-at-faw, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Ferris, J. C. Carthage, 111., 1882. 

Merchant, Carthage, 111. 

McCaw, Walter D„ M. D. Richmond, Va., 1883. 

Assistant Burgeon, U. S. A.; Ft. McPheraon, Atlanta, Ga. 

Hager, Albert Francis. Lockland, Ohio, 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Lockland, Ohio. 

Lyle, Edward, LL. B. Montgomery Springs, Va., 1891. 

Commonwealth attorney ; attorney-at-law, Roanoke, Va. 

Horner, Wilbert Nathan, LL. B. Lebanon, III., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Chicago, 111. 

Jamison, Rev. David Lee, LL. B., D. D. Morgantown, W. 
Va., 1891. 

Clergyman, Chicago, 111. 

Woolsey, Clarence Hood, LL. B. Stone Ridge, N. Y., 

Attorney-at-law, Stone Ridge, N. Y. 

Smith, George Clark, LL. B. Newburg, N. Y., 1891. 

Secretary New York Iaw School ; attorney-at-law, 120 Broadway, New York 

Fessenden, Rev. Alval Grant, A. B., D. D. Sublett, 111., 

Clergyman, Mt. Klsco, N. Y. 

Morgan, George Edgar J., LL. B. New York City, 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, 60 Wall street, New York City. 

Beaudries, Isadore Jean, LL. B. New York City, 1884. 

Attorney-at-law, Yon ken N. Y. 



Donnelly, Gkorge Grant. Waterloo, N. Y., 1891. 

Insurance broker, Hotel San Remo, New York City. 

Hart, William Lord, A. B., LL. B. Long Island, N. Y., 

Attorney-at-law, 6 Bee k man street, New York City. 

Southworth, Ellis Bissell, LL. M. Dryden, N. Y., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, 120 Broadway, New York City. 

Munday, Clarence Everett, LL. B. Newtown, N. Y., 1 891. 

Attorney-at-law, Newtown, N. Y. 

Hamblet, James Wood, Jr., LL. B. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1891. 

63 W. lOitta street, New York City. 

Young, Frank Levi, LL. B. Sing Sing, N. Y., 1891. 

Orator 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; Past Regent, Royal Arcanum; 
attorney-at-law, Hlng Hlng, N. Y. 

Beckett, John T. New York City, 1891. 

Broker, 77 Pine street, New York City. 

Jackson, Gerald, LL. B. London, Eng., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, 2ft8 Broadway, New York City. 

Stewart, N. B., A. B. Butler, La., 1 889. 

Navy Yard, Washington, D. C. 

flMchigan Blpba*flftu* 



Founded November 21, 1881, by Oris A. Glazkbrook, D. D. (Va. A.) 

Total membership 94. Deceased 3. 

Colhour, Rev. Thomas Wtmkr, A. B. Bridge ton, N. J., 1881. 

Clergyman, Houtzdale, Pa. 

Vandernort, Jacob Scott. Weston, W. Va., 1881. 

Bank cashier, Weston, W. Va. 

Deakin, Rev. George Bolton, A. B. Pittsburg, Pa., 1881. 

Clergyman, Braddock, Pa. 

Honnold, James Leonidas. Otsego, Ohio, 1881. 

Merchant, Otsego, Ohio. 

Wykoff, William Meredith, A. B. Lancaster, Ohio, 1881. 

Teacher, New Salem, Ohio. 

Vining, James Bird. Plymouth, Ohio, 1881. 

U. 8. post-office department, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Bruff, Rev. William Howell. Cassville, Pa., 1881. 

Clergyman, Cassville, Pa. 

Sudborough, George Lyman. Adrian, Mich., 1882. . 

Merchant, Chicago, 111. 

Isbell, Frank I., B. L. Plymouth, Ohio, 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Delta, Ohio. 

Cornelius, James D. H., A. M. Adrian, Mich., 1882. 

Professor of Latin, Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. 

Shoults, Alexander Lytle. North Boumeville, Ohio, 1882. 

Merchant, Bloomsburg, Ohio. 

Aunks, Rev. Franklin Miller. Pittsburg, Pa., 1882. 

Clergyman, Kittanlng, Pa. 

Kirk, Andrew J., B. A., B. L. Mt. Blanchard, Ohio, 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Flndlay, Ohio. 

Brown, Samuel Elwood. Janesfield, Ohio, 1882. 

Merchant, Washington, Kan. 

Cade, Thomas E., B. L. Capac, Mich., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, East Tawaa, Mich. 



Dufkv, J. H. Brock way Centre, Mich., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Port Huron, Mich. 

Bowlus, Robert C. Fremont, Ohio, 1882. 

Merchant, Helena, Ohio. 

Jordan, William Newton. Jacksonville, 111., 188:5. 

President National Bank, Baxter, Iowa. 

Sampson, George W., B. A. Portsmouth, Ohio, 188;*. 

U. 8. clerk, Boston, Mass. 

Wiiittaker, Mark B. Steuhenville, Ohio, 188.**. 

Teacher, Cambridge, Ohio. 

Aldrich, Rev. Benjamin Franklin, B. Ph., M. Ph. Wan- 
seon, Ohio, 1883. 

Clergyman, Pontlac, Mich. 

Hoisington, William L. Adrian, Mich., 1883. 

General agent, Adrian, Mich. 

Smith, Jesse H., B. A. Adrian, Mich., 1884. 

General ageat Walter A. Wood (2o., 498 Pat nam ave., Detroit, Mich. 

* Rogers, Grant Alonzo. Adrian, Mich., 1885. 

Attorney-at-law. Died, 1890, Adrian, Mich. 

Foster, Owen Lovejoy, B. Ph. Fostoria, Ohio, 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, Exchange Building, Toledo, Ohio. 

Rugh, James Torrance, A. B., M. D. New Alexandria, Pa., 

A. B. Adrian College ; M. D. Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa., 
1892; resident physician Jefferson Medical College Hospital, 1892-1898; pro- 
fessor orthopedic surgery Philadelphia Polyclinic College; Instructor sur- 
gery Polyclinic College, Philadelphia, Pa.; chief of clinic Jefferson Medical 
College Hospital ; physician, 4*31 Walnut street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Stark, Rev. Harry R., B. A. Steubenville, Ohio, 1886. 

Clergyman, Washington, Iowa. 

Whitehead, Rev. Robert Benjamin, A. B., B. D. Rosco, 

Ohio, 1887. # 

Clergyman, Braddock, Pa. 

Smoot, Charles Howard. Xewburg, W. Va., 1886. 

Merchant, Newburg, W. Va. 

Sheppard, Rev. Charles E., B. Ph. Connellsville, Pa. t 1886. 

Clergyman, Toronto, Ohio. 

Painter, Lewis Henry, B. Ph. La Harpe, 111., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, 18 Lane Place, Chicago, 111. 

Brooks, Rev. Burdett Ambrose, A. B. Lansing, Mich., 

Clergyman, Lansing, Mich. 

* Hamilton, Filson. Attica, Ohio, 1887. 

Farmer, Attica, Ohio. Died, 1891. 


Wise, Royal Calvin, A. B., C. E. Delta, Ohio, 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, 18 Lane Place, Chicago, 111. 

Fletcher, Rev. Alfred E. Connellsville, Pa., 1887. 

Clergyman, Fair mount, W. Va. 

Brown, Rev. John Wesley, A. B. Cardingtbn, Ohio, 1887. 

Clergyman, Zanesville, Oblo. 

Hobert, Clayton Samuel. Pembertville, Ohio, 1887. 

Merchant, Pembertville, Ohio. 

McElroy, Rev. George B., M. A., Ph. 1)., D. D. Adrian, 
Mich, 1887. 

Fellow of the Society of Science, Letters and Arts, London, England; Pro- 
fessor of mathematics Adrian College, Michigan ; dean of theological de- 
partment Adrian College. 

Barclay, Rev. James Leonidas. Newcomer, Md, 1887. 

Clergyman, Greenfield, Ind. 

Hunter, William Henry. Greensboro, N. C, 1887. 

Merchant, Greensboro, N. C. 

Moats, Frank Perry. Ritchie, W. Va., 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Park ere burg, W. Va. 

Rupp, Bernhard F., I). M. Adrian, Mich, 1887. 

Professor of music, Walla Walla, Wash. 

Bradley, Rev. Eli William. California, Mo, 1887. 

Clergyman, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

Candlish, William James, LL. D. Rawlins, Wyo, 1888. 

Editor of the .Illinois law of voluntary assignment for the benefit of credi- 
tors ; attorney-at-law, First National Bank Building, Chicago, 111. 

Smith, Phidello. Clinton, Ohio, 1888. 

Constructor railroad water works, Clinton, Ohio. 

Williams, Charles Henry, M. D, B. Ph. Adrian, Mich, 

Professor, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Tobias, Burton Earle. Cadmus, Mich, 1888. 

Cashier state bank, Adrian, Mich. 

Elliott, Thomas John. Mirabile, Mo, 1888. 

Illinois Steel Company, 18 Lane Place, Chicago, 111. 

Hamilton, William McKendree. Wenona, 111, 1891. 

Merchant, Galesburg, 111. 

Sherwood, Milton Z. McConnellsville, Ohio, 1891. 

Farmer, McConnellsville, Ohio. 

Snyder, Rev. James Loraine, B. Ph. Cornell, 111, 1891. 

Secretary Young Men's Christian Association, Brain ard, Minn. 

Billmeyer, Joseph Henry, D. D. S. Halloway, Mich, 1891. 

Dentist, Belle v ue, Ohio. 


Swisher, Lloyd Davis. Rockford, W. Va., 1891. 

Farmer, Rockford, W. Va. 

Chambers, Rev. Robert C. F., B. I). Attica, Iowa, 1891. 

Methodist clergyman, Murphy, Iowa. 

Adduddell, Howard Franklin. Barnesville, Ohio, 1890. 

Teacher, Sidney, Ind. 

Ewing, Frank E., A. B., LL. B. Areola, 111., 1890. 

Delegate to 18th Alpha Tau Omega Congress.; attorney-at-la w, 909 Mllllken 
Building, Decatur. 111. 

Steele, Rev. Albert Thomas, A. B. East Liverpool, Ohio, 

Delegate to 14th Alpha Tau Omega CongresK ; clergyman, Waynesburgh, Pa. 

Claflin, Guy M. Adrian, Mich., 1892. 

Journalist, Adrian, Mich. 

Vodrey, James Norman. East Liverpool, Ohio, 1890. 

Dental student, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

* Firth, Rev. Milford Naylor, A. B. Findley, Ohio, 1889. 

Clergyman, Findley, Ohio. Died, 1806. 

Young, Owen Arthur. Corning, Iowa, 1889. 

Secretary Young Men's Christian Association, 428 Garfield Boulevard, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Scott, John Albert, A. B. Osceola, Iowa, 1889. 

Professor, Carson City, Colo * 

Chambers, H. Greeley. Carey, Ohio, 1889. 

Merchant, Carey, Ohio. 

Touet, Isaac Alfred, Ph. B, Osceola, Iowa, 1889. 


Attorney-at-law, Osceola, Iowa. 

Hamilton, George Horatio. Richwood, Ohio, 1891. 

Business career, Richwood, Ohio. 

Scott, Leroy Martin. Kendallville, Ind., 1893. 

Student University of Indiana, Bloom lngton, Ind. 

Little, Perrien B., M. D. Pierceton, Ind., 1889. 

Physician, Pierceton, Ind. 

Richards, Lewis Henry, B. S. Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 1889. 

Superintendent of public schools, Harrlsville, Mich. 

Walker, George Washington. Adrian, Mich., 1889. 

Superintendent of Adrian public schools, 1885-1806 ; Insurance agent, Adrian, 

McKenzie, Robert Bruce, I). I). S. Calumet, Mich., 1889. 

Dentist, Calumet, Mich. 

Betts, Charles Henry. South Butler, N. Y., 1891. 

Legislative clerk ; manufacturer, South Butler, N. Y. 

Wert, Rev. William S., Ph. B. Lemert, Ohio, 1891. 

Clergyman, Butler, Ohio. 


Mitchell, Charles Caldwell. Beaver Falls, 1892. 

Y. M. C. A. secretary, Martins Ferry, Ohio. 

Kesler, Charles Homer, B. M. Deland, 111., 1892. 

Professor of Mnslc, Decatur, 111. 

Long, William Morris, B. S. Adrian, Mich., 1893. 

Law student, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Morgan, Ray Bernard, B. Ph. Adrian, Mich., 1893. 

Law student, Adrian, Mich. 

Cornelius, James Harvey. Adrian, Mich., 1894. 

Student Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. 

Kimble, Benjamin Franklin. Manchester, Ohio, 1894. 

Principal of public schools, Cherry Forks, Ohio. 

Rice, Walter Palmer. Adrian, Mich., 1894. 

Electrician, 27 College avenue, Adrian, Mich. 

Stephens, Thomas C. Sharpsburg, Pa., 1894. 

Student Kansas City University, 0*26 Minn, avenue, Kansas City, Kan. 

Hanford, Lloyd Walton. Tecumseh, Mich., 1895. 

Student Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. 

Kingsley, Edwin Ruthven. Adrian, Mich., 1895. 

Bookkeeper, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

Bailey, Harry Ward. Wellsboro, Pa., 1895. 

Dental student University of Pennsylvania, 8214 Chestnut street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Hays, Frank Morris. New Brighton, Pa., 1895. 

Merchant, Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Steele, Alexander. East Liverpool, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. 

Jennings, Rev. Martin Luther, A. B., D. D., M. A. Adrian, 
Mich., 1895. 

Professor of Greek, Adrian College ; editor of" Methodist Recorder," Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

Anderson, William M. Sharpsburg, Pa., 1895. 

Medical student University of Western Pennsylvania, 8harpsburg, Pa. 

Johnson, Fred Lynn. Adrian, Mich., 1896. 

• Delegate to 15th Congress, Alpha Tau Omega; Student Adrian College, 
Adrian, Mich. 

Dimit, Rev. John Franklin. Eldersville, Pa., 1896. 

Clergyman, Amity, Pa. 

Stevens, Frank A. Monticello, 111., 1896. 

Student Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. 

Piper, Charles H. Monticello, 111., 1896. 

Student Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. 


Wells, Lemoin C. West Lafayette, Ohio, 1896. 

student Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. 

Rtowe, Silvie L. Isleta, Oliio, 1896. 

Student Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. 

Smith, Melvin 0. Uhrichsville, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. 

©bio Hlpba^flu- 



Founded February 14, 1882, by W. H. Lamar (Ala. A. K.) Total Mem- 
bership 162. Deceased 5. 

Cooper, Anson Burlinuame, Ph. B. Coopersdale, Pa., 1882. 

Manufacturer, Coopersdale, Pa. 

Craine, John W. Alliance, Ohio, 1882. 

City solicitor, Alliance, Ohio. 

Grant, Robert Quincy. Pittsburg, Pa., 1882. 

U. S. Hlgnal Service, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Harris, J. Charles. Galveston, Tex., 1882. 

Lieutenant U. 8. Revenue Marines; county attorney of Galveston County, 
1892; attorney-at-law, Galveston, Tex. 

Walker, Oliver C. East Palestine, Ohio, 1882. 

President East Palestine fair association ; secretary East Palestine board 
of trade ; manufacturer, East Palestine, Ohio. 

Woolf, Oliver Perry, M. L. Berlin Centre, Ohio, 1882. 

Treasury Department, Washington, L>. C. 

Shumaker, Franklin P., B. S. Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 1882. 

President Cuyatoga County teachers 1 association ; member board of school 
examiners; teacher, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 

Scott, George D. Kansas City, Mo., 1882. 

General agent Wells, Fargo Express Company, Kansas City, Mo. 

Lane, Winfield Scott. Dembor, Pa., 1882. 

Insurance and real estate, Greenburg, Pa. 

Hover, 8. Wilbur, A. B., A. M., M. D. Greenville, Pa., 1882. 

Physician, Fayette, Ohio. 

Hay, Linn D. La Porte, Ind., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Kingman, Kan. 

* Hartshorn, Wilbur Anson. Alliance, Ohio, 1882. 

Acting treasurer of college, 1880-1888. Died, March 19, 1887. 

Burrell, A. C, A. B. Indianapolis, Ind., 1882. 

Teacher, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Brush, Harlie W. N. Tonawandan, Ohio, 1882. 

Journalist and manager " North Tonawandan News," North Tonawandan , 



Buss, Wilbur F., B, S. Beaver, Pa., 1882. 

Editor "Argus and Radicle; " principal Beaver high school ; superintendent 
Rochester schools; superintendent Col ton schools, Colton, Cal. 

Boyd, George Johnson, M. D. Elwood, Pa., 1883. 

Physician, Elwood, Pa. 

Howell, J. W. Bellaire, Ohio, 1883. 

Bank caBhier, Bellaire, Ohio. 

Miller, Lewis A. Akron, Ohio, 1883. 

Manager Akron Twine and Cordage Company ; director Aultxnan, Miller A 
Co., Akron, Ohio. 

Earseman, Walter Scott, Ph. B. Louisville, Ohio, 1883. 

Attorney-at-law, Louisville, Ohio. 

Cully, H. H., A. B. Burton, Ohio, 1884. 

Superintendent of schools, Olenville, Ohio. 

Hartshorn, Walter Brush. Waukesha, Wis., 1884. 

Real estate broker, Waukesha, Wis. 

McCall, John N. Ithica, Mich., 1884. 

Proprietor, editor and publisher "Grallot County Herald;" editor, Ithaca, 

McLain, Frederick H. Johnstown, Pa., 1884. 

Chief draughtsman, Johnstown, Pa. 

Mallotte, Samuel W., B. S. Alliance, Ohio, 1884. 

Government clerk, Washington, D. C 

Wilcox, Anson Brazee, A. JJ., M. I). Passadena, Cal., 1884. 

Physician, Passadena, Cal. 

Roberts, Elma E., Ph. B. Warren, Ohio, 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Warren, Ohio. 

Moore, John Williams, A. M. Du Quesne, Ohio, 1885. 

Teacher, Lee ton la, Ohio. 

Headland, M. E. Butler, Pa., 1885. 

Teacher, Butler, Pa. 

Graber, Edward D. Des Moines, Iowa, 1885. 

Professor mathematics and astronomy Highland Park College, Des Moines, 

*Gatchell, George Austin. Alliance, Ohio, 1885. 

Died, September 21, 1898. 

Spkers, A. C, M. D. Pittsburg, Pa., 1885. 

Physician, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Bradshaw, Rev. C. L., Ph. B. Hobokin, Pa., 1885. 

Clergyman, Hoboken, Pa. 

Busselle, James S. Alliance, Ohio, 1886. 

U. 8. Civil 8ervice, New York City. 

* Douglass, Frank Bray. Alliance, Ohio, 1886. 

Died, July 14, 18W. 


King, George Lincoln, Ph. M., M. D. Alliance, Ohio, 1886. 

Graduate Cleveland Medical College, 1896; physician, Alliance, Ohio. 

Lichty, John Alden, Ph. B. Alliance, Ohio, 1886. 

Tutor, Clifton Springs, N. Y. 

Peck, Rev. Burton Clay, Ph. B. Overton, Neb., 1886. 

i lergyman, Overton, Neb. 

Robinson, William Sherman, B. S. Barberton, Ohio, 1886. 

Winner of the Bishop Vincent prize for oratory ; teacher, Barberton, Ohio. 

Webb, William M. Tallmadge, Ohio, 1886. 

Teacher, Tallmadge, Ohio. 

Pietz, Rev. Herbert D., A. B. Berlin, Ohio, 1887. 

Clergyman, Newport, N. H. 

Taylor, Walter Campbell. Portsmouth, Ohio, 1887. 

Editor " Portsmouth Daily Blade," Portsmouth, Ohio. 

Patterson, Rev. Elma Ellsworth, Ph. B. Lowellville, 
Ohio, 1887. 

Clergyman, Lowellville, Ohio. 

Leonard, Sherman. Shreve, Ohio, 1887. 

Teacher, Shreve, Ohio. 

Miller, Jesse S. Middleton, Ohio, 1887. 

Teacher, Middleton, Ohio. 

McKean, John Elma. Jefferson, Ohio, 1887. 

Teacher, Navarre, Ohio. 

Goss, Clinton Darrow. New York City, 1887. 

With the American Cereal Company, New York City. 

Goss, Clayton Seaton. New York City, 1887. 

Merchant, New York City. 

Eldredge, Lewellyn Orin, A. B. East Palestine, Ohio, 

Delegate 18th and 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congresses ; teacher, East Pales- 
tine, Ohio. 

Eldredge, Emmett Franklin, A. B. East Palestine, Ohio, 

Winner of Bishop Vincent graduation prize, 1892; teacher, 96 Fulton street, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Davis, John Hoiles, Ph. B. Alliance, Ohio, 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Washington, D. l\ 

Burrell, Charles Lewis, B. S. Canal Dover, Ohio, 1887. 

Teacher, Canal Dover, Ohio. 

Brown, John Wesley. Wooster, Ohio, 1887. 

Merchant, Wooster, Ohio. 

Allison, John Pliny. Hiram, Ohio, 1888. 

Teacher, Hiram, Ohio. 


Gulp, Rev. William Tecumskh Sherman, A. B., Ph. D. 
Mantua, Ohio, 1888. 

Clergyman, Northfleld, Ohio. 

Davis, Herbert Clyde. Alliance, Ohio, 1888. 

Teacher, Alliance, Ohio. 

Haskell, John Yizzard, Ph. B. Painesville, Ohio, 1888. 

Teacher, Painesville, Ohio. 

Helman, Elma Ellsworth. Alliance, Ohio, 1888. 

Pension examiner, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Hughs, Denver Corey, B. S. Nashville, Ohio, 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Canton, Ohio. 

Lumley, William Excell, Ph. B., Ph. 1). Pulaski, Tenn., 

Teacher, Pulaski, Tenn. 

Lemmon, Charles Miller, A. B. Cleveland, Ohio, 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Cleveland, Ohio 

Miller, Robert Washington. Dalton, Ohio, 1888. 

Teacher, Dalton, Ohio. 

Paine, Bertram Lind, A. B. Toledo, Ohio, 1888. 

Real estate broker, Toledo, Ohio. 

Shriver, Joseph H. Golden, Colo., 1888. 

Teacher, Golden, Colo. 

Smith, Rev. Andrew Mack. Lexington, Iowa, 1888. 

Clergyman, Lexington, Iowa. 

*Tolerton, Edgar Robert. Alliance, Ohio, 1888. 

Died, April 24, 1801. 

Wilson, John W. Del Norte, Colo., 1888. 

Teacher, Del Norte, Colo. 

Wilson, Thomas Erwin, Ph. B. Mineral Point, Ohio, 1888. 

Bank cashier, Mineral Point, Ohio. 

Thomas, Oscar Owen. Waterford, Ohio, 1889. 

Principal Ward School, Alliance, Ohio. 

Pent?, William Jacob, Ph. B. Alliance, Ohio, 1889. 

Principal Warren high school, Warren, Ohio. 

Alby, William Joseph, A. B., LL. B. Canton, Ohio, 1889. 

Captain corps cadets ; LI*. B. Cincinnati Law School ; attorney-at-law, Can- 
ton, Ohio. 

Marsh, Van Newhall, A. B. Alliance, Ohio, 1889. 

Captain corps cadets; student Western Reserve Medical College, Alliance, 

Lichty, Melton J., Ph. B., M. D. Alliance, Ohio, 1889. 

M. D. University of Pennsylvania; physician, Alliance, Ohio. 

Kimmel, Benjamin Bruce, M. D. Alliance, Ohio, 1889. 

Physician. Alliance, Ohio. 


Korns, George McIntyre, B. S. Barberton, Ohio, 1889. 

Teacher, Barberton, Ohio. 

Goss, William Ambrose. Edinburg, Ohio, 1889. 

Merchant, Edlnburg, Ohio. 

Essick, George Cook, M. I) Alliance, Ohio, 1889. 

Physician, Congress, Wayne County, Ohio. 

Ellett, Walter Maillard, Ph. B. Alliance, Ohio, 1889. 

Insurance Broker, Alliance, Ohio. 

Deihl, John Clement. Alliance, Ohio, 1889. 

Bank cashier, Alliance, Ohio. 

Curry, Rev. Osborn Anderson, A. B., A. M. La Conner, 
Wash., 1889. 

Clergyman, La Conner, Wash. 

* Clement, George Francis. Alliance, Ohio, 1889. 

Died, August 8, 1891. 

Boone, Dalton Judah. Alliance, Ohio, 1889. 

I. O. O. F.; teacher, Alliance, Ohio. 

Bowman, John Brady, A. B. Vorlant, Pa., 1889. 

President Mount Hope College, Mount Hope, Ohio. 

Exline, John Gettis. Madison, N. J., 1890. 

Student, Madison, N. J. 

McCall, Ernest James. Washington Centre, Mich., 1890. 

Journalist, Ithaca, Mich. 

Oesch, Frank Lewis, A. B. Powhatan, Ohio, 1891. 

Youngstown, Ohio. 

Newkirk, Clyde C, Ph. B. Pittsburg, Pa., 1891. 

Journalist, Canal Dover, Ohio. 

Monks, William Jay, Cleveland, Ohio, 1891. 

Teacher, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Johns, Herbert Spencer, A. B. Alliance, Ohio, 1891. 

Delegate 14th Biennial Congress, Alpha Tau Omega; teacher, Cleveland, 

Brown, John J. Hanoverton, Ohio, 1891. 

Merchant, Hanoverton, Ohio. 

Beiuht, Coyt Horace. Alliance, Ohio, 1891. 

Student, Columbus, Ohio. 

Atterholt, Frank M. Akron, Ohio, 1892. 

Trustee Mount Union College; attorney-at-law, Akron, Ohio. 

Billings, Cyrus S. S. Wichita, Kan., 1892. 

Wholesale merchant, Wichita, Kan. 

Caskey, Thomas Lawrence, A. B. Alliance, Ohio, 1892. 

Student, Alliance, Ohio. 

Elliott, Charles Thomas. Tulare City, Cal., 1892. 

Teacher, Tulare City, Cal. 


Fry, Harry McCook. Millersburg, Ohio, 1892. 

Teacher, Millerabarg. Ohio. 

Geddes, Charles Patterson. New Bedford, Pa., 1892. 

Merchant, New Bedford, Pa. 

Geiger, Frank Paul, A. B. Carrolton, Ohio, 1892. 

Teacher, Carrolton, Ohio. 

Hole, Norman W. Damascus, Ohio, 1892. 

Student, Alliance, Ohio. 

Hughes, C. W. Nashville, Ohio, 1892. 

Merchant, Elenora, Pa. 

Johnson, Evan Malbone, Jr. Detroit, Mich., 1892. 

First lieutenant and adjutant, 19th Infantry, U. 8. A., Fort Wayne, Mich. 

Matthias, Lewis Benton, A. B. East (Ireenville, Ohio, 1892. 

Teacher, Kant Greenville, Ohio. 

Myer, Abram Isador. Alliance, Ohio, 1892. 

Teacher, Canton, Ohio. 

Moore, Lewis Casimore. Salineville, Ohio, 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Salineville, Ohio. 

Newcomb, Frederick Carter, B. S. Ilion, N. Y., 1892. 

Teacher, llion, N. Y. 

Morgan, Thomas Rees. Alliance, Ohio, 1892. 

Trustee Mount Union College; president City Havings Bank; president 
Alliance board of trade ; vice-president electric light and power company ; 
president Morgan Engineering Company, Alliance, Ohio. 

Morton, Harold Fayette, A. B. Alliance, Ohio, 1892. 

Student, Alliance, Ohio. 

Pontius, Albert Hastings. Ashtabula, Ohio, 1892. 

Principal sixth ward school, Ashtabula, Ohio. 

Raley, Thomas Edwin, Ph. B., LL. B. Akron, Ohio, 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Akron, Ohio. 

Stewart, John Vincent. Johnstown, Pa., 1892. 

With Johnson A Co., Johnstown, Pa. 

Vincent, Right Rev. John Heyl. To{>eka, Kan., 1892. 

Founder of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle, from which grew 
the Chautauqua University of which he is chancellor; trustee of Mount 
Union (College ; bishop M. E. Church, Topeka, Kan. 

Williams, Hon. Silas J. Alliance, Ohio, 1892. 

Knight Tern pier; K. of P.; I. O. O. F.; Senator from 21st Ohio District; trus- 
tee Mount Union College; manufacturer. Alliance, Ohio. 

Wykoff, Rev. William Frye, A. B. Rootstown, Ohio, 1892. 

Clergyman, Rootstown, Ohio. 

Slusser, Lewis Daniel, Ph. B. Lorain, Ohio, 1893. 

Student Yale University, New Haven, Conn. 

Rider, Harry Millhoff. Cleveland, Ohio, 1893. 

Student Western Reserve University, Alliance, Ohio. 


Paine, Lewis Henry. Albion, Mich., 1893. 

Student, Albion College, Albion, Mich. 

Norton, Albert Jacob, A. B. Alliance, Ohio, 1893. 

Teacher, Cleveland, Ohio. 

McConkey, William Arthur, B. S. Mapleton, Ohio, 1893. 

Teacher, Mapleton, Ohio. 

March, Harry Addison, B. S. Canton, Ohio, 1893. 

Journalist, Canton, Ohio. 

Huddleston, James McCall, Ph. B. Mingo Junction, Ohio, 

Stenographer, Mingo Junction, Ohio. 

Donthist, Thomas Daniel. Rootstown, Ohio, 1893. 

Superintendent Rootstown public schools, Rootstown, Ohio. 

Donacker, Franklin Christian, A. B. Saginaw, Mich., 

Medalist ; Merchant, Saginaw, Mich. 

Betts, Charles Allan, A. B. Alliance, Ohio, 1893. 

Captain corps cadet; assistant principal Alliance high school, Alliance, 

Dueford, John Albert. West Sunbury, Pa., 1894. 

Student, Alliance, Ohio. 

Eldredge, Albert Clayton, B. S. Lorain, Ohio, 1894. 

Teacher, Loral ne, Ohio. 

Hannold, Curtis Lloyd. Rootstown, Ohio, 1894. 

Teacher, Rootstown, Ohio. 

Hart, William J. Lincoln. Inverness, Ohio, 1894. 

Student University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.; editor, Inverness, Ohio. 

Hershey, Harry Hartman, A. B. East Greenville, Ohio, 

Student, Alliance, Ohio. 

Hyde, Joseph Grant. Bristolville, Ohio, 1894. 

Student, Alliance, Ohio. 

Jenkins, John Killer, Ph. B. Alliance, Ohio, 1894. 

Real estate and Insurance agent, Alliance, Ohio. 

Jenkins, Rev. Walter Scott. Alliance, Ohio, 1894. 

Methodist clergyman, Alliance, Ohio. 

Keyder, Millard George. Minerva, Ohio, 1894. 

Teacher, Minerva, Ohio. 

Norris, Richard James, A. B. Winona, Ohio, 1894. 

Winona, Ohio. 

Scranton, Clarence Othello. Alliance, Ohio, 1894. 

Cashier Alliance and Northern Railroad and also L. E. A. and S. Railroad ; 
director City Savings Bank ; bookkeeper, Alliance, Ohio. 


Robinson, Edward Franklin. Palmyra, Ohio, 1894. 

Teacher, Palmyra, Ohio. 

Whitehill, Clyde Emerson, A. B. Marionville, Pa., 1894. 

Teacher, Marionville, Pa. 

Stratton, Ruliff Vincent. Alliance, Ohio, 1895. 

Instructor In mimic, Dal ton, Ga. 

Snyder, John Royal, Ph. B. Paris, Ohio, 1895. 

Teacher, Paris, Ohio. 

Scranton, Laurin D., Ph. B. Alliance, Ohio, 1895. 

student Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Sadler, Rolin William, A. B. Akron, Ohio, 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, Akron, Ohio. 

Fleming, George Beck. Pittsburg, Pa., 1895. 

Banker, Dayton, Pa. 

Fleming, Clyde Orrin, Ph. B. Dayton, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Mt Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Fihh, Rev. Joseph Warren Gillespie. Pittsburg, Pa., 1895. 

Clergyman, Pittsburg, Pa. 

(-handler, Clement F., A. B. St. Clairisville, Ohio, 1895. 

8tudent Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Ake, Harvey Francis, B. S. Mapleton, Ohio, 1895. 

Student University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Baldwin, Delmar H. Alliance, Ohio, 1895. 

Merchant, Alliance, Ohio. 

Stewart, Jacob Vogue. Milton, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Thompson, Archibald Rolland. Bristolville, Ohio, 1896. 

Student ML Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Holloway, Howard J., A. B. Flushing, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Allott, Guy Elbert. Alliance, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Mt, Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Fry, A. J. Benton, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Ryder, Eugene J., Ph. B. Cleveland, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Western Reserve University, Columbus, Ohio. 

Wightman, Elmo J. Alliance, Ohio, 1896. 

Instructor and student Mt Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Clement, James Homer. North Georgetown, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Clement, John A. North Georgetown, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Dix, Lorin C. Alliance, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 


Hamilton, John W., Ph. B., S. T. D. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1896. 

Secretary of the Freedman Aid and Southern Educational Society of the 
M. E. Church, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Tressel, T. H. Alliance, Ohio, 1896. 

Student ML Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

West, William B. Mills, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Bower, Harry C. Millersbury, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Wilson, Harry E. Petersburg, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Mt, Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Richards, Homer J. Harlem Springs, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Carr, Francis I. Barnesville, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Mt Union College, Alliance, Ohio. 

Pennsylvania Hlpba^flM* 



Founded March 12, 1882, by N. Wilby Thomas (Pa. T.) Total Member- 
ship 8. Deceased 0. 

Woods, John E. Washington, Pa., 1882. 

Merchant, Washington, Pa. 

Rose, Henry R. Johnstown, Pa., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Johnstown, Pa. 

McLanahan, Joseph C. Holidaysburg, Pa., 1882. 

Merchant, HolidayBborg, Pa. 

Irwin, Joseph C. Holidaysburg, Pa., 1882. 

"Farmer, Holidaysburg, Pa. 

Means, V. A. Lebanon Church, Pa., 1882. 

Farmer, Lebanon Church, Pa, 

Means, P. L. Lebanon Church, Pa., 1882. 

Teacher, Lebanon Church, Pa. 

Todd, F. L. West Alexandria, Pa., 1882. 

Farmer, West Alexandria, Pa. 

Anderson, T. A. West Alexandria, Pa., 1882. 

Merchant, West Alexandria, Pa. 


IRew H?ork Hlpba*©mfcron- 



Founded March 18, 1882, by Otis A. Glazkbrook, D. D. (Va. A.) Total 

Membership 91. Deceased b\ 

Stearns, Royal Baldwin. Louisville, N. Y., 1882. 

Attorn ey-at-law, Pierre, South Dakota. 

Griffin, Clarence Shepard, B. 8. Henvelton, N. Y., 1882. 

Principal public schools, 104% Washington avenue, Newark, N. J. 

Pink, Bernard John, A. M., LL. B. Canton, N. Y., 1882. 

Professor of German, St. Lawrence University ; attorney-at-law, 44 Court 
street Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Johns, Charles Frank, A. B. (Mean, N. Y., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Salamanca, N. Y. 

Ford, Robert Dale, B. S. Waddington, N. Y., 1882. 

Instructor of mathematics St. Lawrence University, 1887-1800; professor of 
mathematics, Carthage, Mo.; professor of mathematics St. Lawrence Uni- 
versity, 1895; secretary of the faculty. Canton, N. Y. 

Church, James Edward, B. S. Cleveland, Ohio, 1882. 

Delegate to 8th Biennial Congress, Alpha Tau Omega ; attorney-at-law, 226 
S. Main street, Akron, Ohio. 

Martyn, Chauncey White, B. S., LL. B. Canton, N. Y., 

Attorney-at-law, 86 Washington street, Chicago, 111. 

Chandler, Hobart Barber, B. S. Depeyster, N. Y., 1882. 

Civil engineer, Amaganset, N. Y. 

* Peck, Fremount Pearsons, M. M. S. " Watertown, N. Y., 

First lieutenant, U. S. A. Killed February 16, 1895, at Sandy Hook, N. J., by 
the bursting of a Hotchklss gun. 

Bacheller, Addison Irving, B. S., M.S. Parisville, N. Y., 

President and founder of the Bacheller Newspaper Syndicate; editor of 
"The Pocket Magazine;" president of Sign o' the Lauthorn Club, New 
York City; author of "Still House of O'Darrow," "Master of Silence,'' 
" Wisperin' Bill," " First Forgiven," "The Red Dew," "The Rustic Dance," 
etc.; Journalist, 141 E. 25th street, New York City. 



Kinsley, Michael IIknry, U.S. Canton, X. Y., 1883. 

Superintendent public schools, Arlington, N. J. 

McGerry William Basil, B. S. Louisville, N. Y., 1883. 

Delegate to 10th Alpha Tan Omega Congress; attorney-at-law, Aberdeen, 

*Martyn Mahlon Hartwkll, B. S. Canton, X. Y., 1883. 

Died, April 14, 1S89. 

Garvin, John Brewer, B. S. Golden, Colo., 1883. 

Professor of natural science, St. Francis, Wis.; Journalist, Golden, Colo. 

Ferris, Clarence Seymour, B. S. Ma lone, N. Y., 1884. 

Attorney-at-law, Col ton, N. Y. 

Haley, Edward McIntyre, B. S., M. I). Canton, N. Y., 

Physician, Blosburg, Pa. 

Rowland, Frank Lincoln. Canton, N. Y., 1884. 

Attorney-at-law, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

Dunn, Charles William, A. B. Canton, N. Y., 1884. 

Principal public schools, Schinnlcock, N. Y. 

Prinole, Kalph, B. S. Potsdam, X. Y., 1884. 

Superintendent school, Broad head, Wis. 

* McIlroy, Willard Thomas, B. S. Henvelton, N. Y., 1885. 

Druggist, Buffalo, N. Y. Died, September 15, 1996. 

Brown, Rev. Charles Henry, B. S. Waddington, X. Y., 

Graduate McCorinick Theological Institute, Chicago; clergyman, Cool Val- 
ley, 111. 

Eastman, Frederick Justin, B. S. Canton, X. Y., 1885. 

Druggist, Brocton, Mass. 

Q.uinn, Mathew David, B. S. Canton, X. Y., 1885. 

Law student, Canton, N Y. 

Thornton, Everett Austin, B. S. DePeyster, X. Y., 1886. 

Central Lumber Company, 145 Elston avenue, Chicago. 

Murray, Rt. Rev. George, A. B. Fort Ticonderoga, X. Y., 

Student Propaganda, Rome, Italy. 

Duffy, Rev. Francis Joseph, A. B. Waddington, X. Y\, 

Student Propaganda, Rome, Italy, 1SD4-18B6; clergyman, Fort Ticonderoga, 

N. Y. 

Fleethan, Ernest Daniel, B. S. DePeyster, X. Y., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, 86 Broadway, New York City. 

Carr, William Henry, B. S. Waddington, X. Y., 1886. 

Principal high school, Rouses Point, N. Y. 


Woods, William John, B. S., LL. B. Ogdensburg, N.Y., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, 36 Broadway, New York City. 

Sawyer, Benjamin Ames, B. A. Canton, N. Y., 1887. 

Principal public school, Bag Harbor, N. Y. 

Woods, Thomas, A. B. Canton, N. Y., 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, 407 Kirk Block, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Dullea, John Henry, B. S. Lawrenceville, N. Y., 1887. 

Principal grammar school, Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

Andrews, Walter Edwin, B. S. Pierrepont, N. Y., 1887. 

Teacher public schools, South Col ton, N. Y.; school commissioner, second 
district, St. Lawrence County, Pierrepont, N. Y. 

Van Ornum, Frederick Birney, B. Ph. Russell, N. Y., 

Teacher, Whitesboro, N. Y. 

* Martin James Henry, B. S. Waddington, N. Y., 1888. 

City recorder, Ogdensburg, N. Y. Died, February 20, 1880. 

* Dodge, Ellis Freeman, B. S. Canton, N. Y., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Norwood, N. Y. Died, December 81, 1896. 

O'Neil, Barney Stephen, B. S. Massena, N. Y., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, 441 Powers Block, Rochester, N. Y. 

Murphy, Emmett Jeremiah, B. S., LL. B. New York City, 

Attorney-at-law, 258 Broadway, New York City. 

Hamilton, Cassius Adolphus. Rassie, N. Y., 1888. 

Student Columbia Law School, New York City. 

Phillips, James Kirkbride. Massena, N. Y., 1888. 

Banker, Massena, N. Y. 

Crandall, Rev. Eugene Merritt, B. S. Fort Ticonderoga, 
N. Y., 1888. 

Clergyman, Fort Ticonderoga, N. Y. 

Bower, William Joseph, B. S. Waddington, N. Y., 1888. 

Druggist, Waddington, N. Y. 

Christie, James Henry, B. S. Waddington, N. Y., 1889. 

Delegate to 18th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; principal public schools, Wad- 
dington, Alexandria and La Fargeville, N. Y.; law student, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Da vies, Thomas Alfred, A. B. Black Lake, N. Y., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Williams port, Pa. 

Elliot William Adams, B. S. Waddington, N. Y., 1890. 

Examiner of claims, Fidelity and Casualty Insurance Company, New York ; 
180 Baltic street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Barrows, Ernest Rasey, B. S. Parishville, N. Y., 1890. 

Teacher Canton Union School; student Johns Hopkins University, Balti- 
more, Md. 


Deans, William John, B. S. Alexandria Bay, N. Y., 1890. 

Delegate to Interstate Collegiate Representative Convention, Syracuse, 
N. Y., 1898 ; principal high ichool, Chateaugay, N. Y. 

Taylor, Vernon E., B. A., M. D. Martinsburg, N. Y., 1890. 

Gold medalist In surgery; physician, 828 DeRalb avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Fairbanks, Clark Vernon, M. D. Hermon, N. Y., 1891. 

Physician, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Giffin, Nathan Ford, B. Ph. Huvelton, N. Y., 1891. 

Student New York Law Hchool ; 104% Washington ave., Newark, N. J. 

Haughton, Norms Abram. Alexandria Bay, N. Y., 1891. 

Hardware merchant, Alexandria Bay, N. Y. 

Sawyer, Lawrence Clark, B. S. Canton, N. Y., 1892. 

Deputy collector U. S. customs, port of Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

Foster, Alvah Judson. Fulton, N. Y., 1892. 

Foster Knife Manufacturing Co., Fulton, N. Y. 

Howard, Arthur Oscar, B. S. Canton, N. Y., 1892. 

Traveling for the Norwich' Pharmaceutical Co., Norwich, Conn. 

Partridge, George Homer, B. S. Canton, N. Y., 1892. 

Editor-in-chief of '96 " Sketch Book;" with the "New York Commercial 
Advertiser," New York City; 189 Baltic street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Dolan, James Charles, B. Ph. Macomb, N. Y., 1892. 

Law student, office of Judge H. P. Abbott, Gouveneur, N. Y. 

Finnegan, John Augustine, B. S. Canton, N. Y., 1892. 

Ex-Cuban correspondent for " Watertown Dally Standard ;" editor *» Can- 
ton Commercial Advertiser," Canton, N. Y. 

Foster, Norman Woodmancy. Fulton, N. Y., 1893. 

Student Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Gannon, James Henry, Jr. Canton, N. Y., 1894. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Harrigan, James, B. S. Canton, N. Y., 1894. 

Student Potsdam Normal School, Potsdam, N. Y. 

Conkey, Harry Marks. Canton, N. Y., 1894. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Terry, Richard Seaton. Henderson, N. Y., 1894. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, X. Y. 

Htevenson, Milton Henry. Canton, N. Y., 1894. 

8tudent St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Austin, Clarence Justin. Fowler, N. Y., 1894. 

Delegate to 16th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; student St. Lawrence Uni- 
versity, Canton, N. Y. • 

Cummings, John Leslie. Canton, N. Y., 1894. 

Student 8t. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

♦Sayer, William Thomas. DeKalb, N. Y., 1894. 

Died, September 8, 1896. 


Rathburn, James Louis. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1894. 

Student Long Island Medical College, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Judson, Charles Winfred. Norfolk, N. Y, 1894. 

Student, Norwood, N. Y. 

Appleton, Charles William, Brockton, Mass., 1894. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Fortune, Archibald William. Lawrenceville, N.Y., 1894. 

Delegate to 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; student, Canton, N. Y. 

Robinson, Ernest. Lisbon, N.Y., 1894. 

Delegate to 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; student St. Lawrence Uni- 
versity, Canton, N. Y. 

Qujnn, Edward. Canton, N. Y., 1894. 

Law Student Leland Stanford Jr.University, Palo Alto, Cal. 

Partridge, Rev. Artemus Lee. Edenton, N. Y., 1894. 

Graduate theology St. Lawrence University, 1896; pastor First Unlversallst 
Church, Bridge water, N. Y. 

Murray, William Hector, A. B. Troy, N. Y., 1894. 

Delegate to Uth Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; editor of 1896 " Sketch Book ; " 
student in theology, St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

McCormick, Charles Bernard. Canton, N. Y., 1894. 

Law student, office of Purcell A Carlisle, Watertown, N. Y. 

Bucklew, Clyde McBride. Lay land, Ohio, 1895. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Benton, Jay Wesley. Canton, N. Y., 1895. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Fields, Albert James. Canton, N. Y., 1895. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Woods, Lawrence Harold. Baltimore, Md. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Stout, William Morgan. Kilbuck, Ohio, 1895. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Stevens, Bing Sykes. Canton, Ohio, 1895. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Sheldon, Edgar Augustus. . Chateaugay, N. Y., 1895. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Woock, Frank L. Canton, N. Y., 1895. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Burklew, William Hall. Layland, Ohio, 1895. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Dennett, Roger Herbert. Belmont, Mass., 1895. 

* Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Burklew, Howard Lemoine. Layland, Ohio, 1896. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 


Starrs, Frederick Wendell. Morristown, N. Y., 1896. 

Student 8t. Lawrence University, Canton, X. Y. 

Smith, Leon Roy. Russell, N. Y., 1896. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Prescott, Frank Celian. Canton, N. Y., 1896. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Farmer, Leland Judson. Canton, N. Y., 1896. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Merriman, Leslie William. Canton, N. Y., 1896. 

8tudent St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Miles, Edson Russell. Columbus, Ohio, 1896. 

Student St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Abbott, Wight Vasco. Gouverneur, N. Y., 1896. 

Student St. T^awrence University, Canton, N. Y. 

Pennsylvania Hlpba*1Rb<x 



Founded March 20, 1882, by N. Wiley Thomas (Pa. T.) Charter with 

drawn 1886. Re-organized by Dr. L. W. Glaze brook (Ga. A. 

Z.), H. S. Jaudon (Ga. A. I.), E. B. Clark (S. C. 

A.*.)- Total Membership 55 Deceased 2. 

Ainey, William David B. Allentown, Pa., 1882. 

Merchant, New Milford, Pa. 

Buckner, Julian Carter, M. E. Baltimore, Md., 1882. 

Mechanical engineer, Baltimore, Md. 

Schmidt, John Alexander, D. D. S. Ilion, N. Y., 1882. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania, 1886; dentist, 1105 Dean street, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Zeigler, Charles C, A. B., Ph. D. St. Louis, Mo., 1882. 

A. B. of Iowa University; Ph. D. Harvard University, 1878; member Legion 
of Honor and Harvard Club, St. Louis Mo.; published volume of Pennsyl- 
vania German Poems In 1801 ; with American Brake Company, 417 Pine 
street, St. Louis, Mo. 

Breinig, Richard Singmaster, B. S., E. M. Breinigsville, 
Pa., 1882. 

Delegate to 10th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; engineer Kansas Division 
D. U. P. R. R., 1000 Park avenue, Kansas City, Mo. 

Ogden, John Hill Lamam. Macon, Ga., 1882. 

Merchant, 146 Broadway, Atlanta, Ga. 

Schmidt, Edgar Bendict. Ilion, N. Y., 1883. 

Assistant teller First National Bank, Mew York City. 

* Langdon, Samuel Davis, M. E. Augusta, Ga., 1883. 

Engineer Roane Iron Company, Chattanooga, Tenn. Died, January 4, 1WW, 
Sommersville, Ga. 

Richards, George Thomas, C. E. Pittsburg, Pa., 1884. 

Editor " Lehigh Epitome ; " chief engineer, Drake A Stratum Co., Conet- 
toga Building, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Polk, Rufus King, E. M. Danville, Pa., 1884. 

Secretary Pennsylvania Inter-Collegiate Athletic Association; manager 
North Branch Steel Company, Danville, Pa. 

Yeatman, Henry Clay, Jr., C. E. Columbia, Tenn., 1884. 

Engineer, Eagle Pass, Tex. 

Wyckoff, Walter, C. E. Catasauqua, Pa., 1884. 

Chemist, Thomas Iron Company, Catasauqua, Pa. 



Hurt ado, Jose Emelia. Rivas, Nicaraugua, 1884. 

Merchant, Rivas, Nicaraugua. 

Ayres, Gustav, M. E. South Bethlehem, Pa., 1884. 

Engineer, 1811 New Hampshire avenue, Washington, D. C. 

-Glover, James Bolan. Marietta, Ga., 1884. 

Proprietor Glover Macblne Works, Marietta, Ga. 

Morrow, James Alexander, C. E. Tyrone, Pa., 1884. 

Hydraulic engineer, American Water Works and Guarantee Company, 
Lewis Building, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Langdon, Paul D., M. A. Augusta, Ga., 1885. 

Assistant state chemist, Raleigh, N. C. 

Cardenas, Adolpho, C. E. Rivas, Nicaraugua, 1885. 

Engineer corps, Nicaraugua canal. 

* Campbell, Francis Duncan. Morristown, Ohio, 1886. 

Died, January 11, 1800, Eagle Pass, Tex. 

KiTTRELL, James Wilson, C. E. Winona, Miss., 1886. 

Graduate U. 8. Naval Academy, 1885; hydraulic engineer, Stamoix Engine 
Company, Rome, N. Y. 

Martin, John Joseph, C. E. New York City, 1886. 

Civil engineer, 46 Broadway, New York City. 

Clark, Henry. Montgomery City, Mo., 1886. 

Merchant, Montgomery City, Mo. 

Graham, Samuel M. Phillipsburg, Pa., 1887. 

Merchant, Phillipsburg, Pa. 

Orozco, Mignel. Bucaramauga, U. S. Columbia, South 
America, 1889. 

Merchant, Bucaramauga, South America. 

Simpson, Charles Henry. Pensacola, Fla., 1889. 

Merchant, Pensacola, Fla. 

Mendoza, Victor, C. E. Guadalajara, Mexico, 1889. 

Railroad engineer, Lando, Tex. 

Knapp, Herman M., C. E. Louisville, Ky., 1889. 

Vanity Iron Works Company, Works No. 2, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Orozco, Louis. Bucaramauga, South America, 1889. 

Merchant, Bucaramauga, South America. 

Weymouth, Aubrey, C. E. Richmond, Va., 1891. 

Editor ** Lehigh Epitome; engineer, Havemeyer Building, New York City. 

Barrios, Carlos Albertos, D. D. S. Rivas, Nicaraugua, 

Dentist, Rivas, Nicarauga. 

Bray, Thomas Joseph, Jr., M. E. Warren, Ohio, 1891. 

Editor "Lehigh Burr;" editor "Epitome;" mechanical engineer; super- 
intendent for MoGill A Co., 28th and Mmallman streets, Pittsburg, Pa. 


Lentz, Robert Pierce. Lehighton, Pa., 1891. 

Delegate to 18th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; clerk L. V. R. R., Lehighton, 

Groverman, William Hkrold, M. E. Oakland Mills, Md. . 

Engineer C. & O. R. R., Huntington, W. Va. 

Turner, Clarence Porter, E. E. Wilkesbarre, Pa., 1892. 

General Electric Company, Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

Rankin, James Lee, Jr., M. E. Savannah, Ga., 1892. 

Mechanical engineer, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Gomery, John Edgar. Lehighton, Pa., 1892. 

Commission merchant, A Hen town, Pa. 

Burgess, Charles Calvin, C. E. Flemington, N. J., 1892. 

Engineer, Pottstown, Pa. 

Sheppard, John Leefe, Jr. Charleston, S. C, 1892. 

Post-graduate student Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Goss, Wallace Russell, C. E. Union, S. C, 189'*. 

Inspector U. 8. Navy, Port Royal, S. C. 

Dunbar, William Kuhn, M. E. Pittsburgh Pa., 189.'*. 

Superintendent water works, Wellsville, N. Y. 

Tschudy, Harry Carpenter, C. E. Smyrna, Del., 1893. 

Smyrna, Del. 

O'Donnell, Charles Carroll. Connellsville, Pa., 1893. 

Civil engineer P. A L. E. R. R. 

Bigler, Samuel Haldeman. Harrisburg, Pa., 1893. 

Assistant chemist Pennsylvania Steel Company, Hteelton, Pa. 

Moore, Charles Asher, E. E. Hammonton, N. J., 1893. 

Engineer Cramp's ship yard, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Van Kirk, Herbert Spencer. McKeesport, Pa., 1894. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ruhe, Wallace Edgar. Allentown, Pa., 1893. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Boyer, Franklin Austin. Pine Grove, Pa., 1894. 

Merchant, Pine Grove, Pa. 

James, Harry Reese. Braddock, Pa., 1894. 

Student Ijehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Quarrier, Carroll Winston. Charleston, W. Va., 1894. 

Student Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Meiell, John Louis. Parsons, Kans., 1895. 

Student Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Erwin, Francis Henry, M. D. South Bethlehem, Pa., 189o. 

Physician, 809 Cherokee street, South Bethlehem, Pa. 


Bigelow, Edwin Percy. Oxford, X. J., 1896. 

Student Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Day, George Hooper. Batavia, N. Y., 1896. 

Student Lehigh Unfrrersltv, South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Emerson, Charles A. Summerville, S. C, 1896. 

Student Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Iredell, Lloyd Jones. Allentown, Pa., 1896. 

Student Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. 

©regon Hlpba^Sfgma. 



Founded April 1, 1882, by W. H. Lamar, (Ala. A. E.) Charter withdrawn 
October 1, 1882. Total membership 6. Deceased 1. 

Holman, William H. Alto, Wash., 1882. 

Planter, Alto, Columbia County, Wash. 

* Locke, William Thomas. Portland, Ore., 1882. 


Masters, William J. East Portland, Ore., 1882. 

Attorney-atrlaw, East Portland, Ore. 

Johnson, W. W. Independence, Ore., 1882. 

Merchant, Independence, Ore. 

Alexander, J. W. Corvallia, Ore., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Corvallia, Ore. 


Tennessee Hlpba«*XEau. 




Founded April 10, 1882, by the absorption of the Alpha-Gamma Fbatkk- 

nity. Total membership 83. Deceased 5. 

Gregory, Thomas William H., A. B., B. L. West Point, 
Miss, 1882. 

B. L. University of Virginia, 1884; attorney-at-law, Austin, Tex. 

Anthony, Rev. J. J., A. B. Chattanooga, Tenn., 1882. 

Real estate broker, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Kennedy, David Daniels C. Cornersville, Tenn., 1882. 

Farmer, Cornersville, Tenn. 

McAlpine, Rev. Robert E., A. B. Talladega, Ala., 1882. 

Clergyman and foreign missionary, Kobe, Japan. 

Trawick, Rev. Corydon W., A. M. Crystal Springs, Miss.. 

Presbyterian clergyman, Monterey, Va. 

* West, John J. Clarksville, Tenn., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Clarksville, Tenn. Died, 1882. 

*Nash, George Ware. Clarksville, Tenn., 1882. 

Died, 1888. 

Smiser, James A., Jr., B. L. Columbia, Tenn., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Columbia, Tenn. 

Maytubby, S. W. Caddo, Indian Territory, 1882. 

Merchant, Caddo, Indian Territory. 

Richardson, Lee, Jr., B. S. Vicksburg, Miss., 1882. 

Banker, Vicksburg, Miss. 

Elder, Joshua Ernest. Clarksville, Tenn., 1882. 

K. of P ; carriage manufacturer, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Patty, Joseph Lee. Macon, Miss., 1882. 

Farmer, Macon, Miss. 

Askew, Lauren Bryan. Eufaula, Ala., 1882. 

Druggist, Clarksville, Tenn. 



Fitts, Hon. William Corcoran, B. A., LL. B. Clarksville, 
Tenn., 1883. 

Attorney-general of Alabama, 1895; attorn ey-at-law, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Martin, Jack F., A. B. Clarksville, Tenn., 1883. 

Attomey-at-law, Birmingham, Ala. 

Rhodes, Leverett L. Chicago, 111., 1883. 

Merchant, Chicago, 111. 

Johnson, Henry Mumford, M. A., A. B. Memphis, Tenn., 
Tenn., 1883. 

Graduate Columbia Law School ; attorney-at-law, Fresno, Cal. 

Bailey, William, A. B., M. D. Clarksville, Tenn., 1884. 

M. D. University of Virginia; physician, Nashville, Tenn. 

* Wilhoite, Robert Clark. Shelbyville, Tenn., 1884. 

Died, April 1, 18KH. 

Richardson, Hugh. Vicksburg, Miss., 1884. 

Banker, Vicksburg, Mia*. 

Ottley, John King, Jr., B. S. Columbus, Miss., 1884. 

Assistant cashier American Trust and Bank Co. and cashier 4th National 
Bank, Atlanta, Ga. 

* De Graffenreid, B. M. Clarksville, Tenn., 1884. 


Haley, Hugh Stewart. Memphis, Tenn., 1884. 

Attomey-at-law, 22 Madison street, Memphis, Tenn. 

Sneed, G. L. New Orleans, La., 1884. 

Journalist, New Orleans, La. 

Wade, Edw. Reynolds. Pulaski, Tenn., 1884. 

Planter, Pulaski, Tenn. 

Woods, George Albert. Shelbyville, Tenn., 1885. 

Knight of Templar; K. of P.; I. O. O. F.; merchant, Shelbyville, Tenn. 

Stewart, William Gwynne. Memphis, Tenn., 1885. 

Merchant, 437 Shelby street, Memphis, Tenn. 

Frierson, William Little, B. A. Shelbyville, Tenn., 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Bloch, David Simon, B. S. Clarksville, Tenn., 1885. 

Merchant, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Orr, Samuel, Jr., A. B. Pulaski, Tenn., 1885. 

Banker, NaBbville Trust Co., Nashville, Tenn. 

Chandler, Rev. Samuel Ezekiel, A. B., A. M., B. D. 
Lynchburg, N. C, 1886. 

Founder Texas Gamma-Epsilon chapter; professor Austin College, Sher- 
man, Tex. 

Sanford, Allan Douglas, B. S. Waco, Tex., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, Waco, Tex. 

Wade, David Reynolds. Pulaski, Tenn., 1886. 

Farmer, Pulawfc I, Tenn. 


Faxon, Ross S. Clarksville, Tenn., 1887. 

Banker, First National Bunk, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Going, Henry Somerville. Birmingham, Ala., 1887. 

Insurance agent, Birmingham, Ala. 

Wake, Frank. Hanson, Ky., 1887. 

Tobacconist, Hanson, Ky. 

Hawkins, Horace Purykar. Marietta, Ga., 1887. 

.Salesman, 8726 Olive street, hi. Louis, Mo. 

Frierson, John Burton. Shelbyville, Tenn., 1887. 

Treasurer Tennessee Bankers' Association ; banker, Shelbyville, Tenn. 

Leeper, James Theophilus, Jr. Columbiana, Ala., 1887. 

A1torney-at-law, Columbiana, Ala. 

Johnson, William Cummings. Memphis, Tenn., 1887. 

Manufacturer, Memphis, Teun. 

Wellford, Charles Carter. Memphis, Tenn., 1888. 

Insurance and real estate, Memphis, Tenn. 

Faxon, Hon. John Wellington. Clarksville, Tenn., 1888. 

Mason ; Knight of Honor; president Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce; 
secretary Tennessee Banking Association ; vice-president American Bank- 
ing Association for Tennessee ; lieutenant-commander W. B. Forrest Camp, 
Confederate Veterans ; banker, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

McCarthy, Maurice, Jr. Columbus, Miss., 1888. 

Banker, Atlanta, Ga. 

Wilhoite, Joseph D., Jr. Shelbyville, Tenn., 1888. 

Banker, Memphis, Tenn. 

Steele, Thomas Jett. Shelbyville, Tenn., 1888. 

Journalist, Shelbyville, Tenn. 

Caldwell, Rev. Walter Lindsey, A. B. Senatobia, Miss., 

Presbyterian clergyman, Third Presbyterian Church, Memphis, Tenn. 

Sanford, Robert Walter, B. A., B. L. Covington, Tenn., 

Graduate Southwestern Presbyterian University, 1889; B. L. University of 
Virginia, 1801 ; attorney-at-law, Waco, Tex. 

Savage, Hon. Michael Anoelo, LL. B. Clarksville, Tenn., 

Graduate Southwestern Presbyterian University, 1880; LL. B. Vanderbilt 
University, 1801 ; K. of P.; I. O. O. F.; attorney-at-law, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Perkins, John Seymour. Clarksville, Tenn., 1889. 

Graduate Philadelphia College of Pharmacy ; K. of P.; druggist, Florence, 

Bell, Douglas, B. A. Bell, Ky., 1889. 

Graduate Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1888; farmer, Bell, Ky. 

Caldwell, Rev. William James, B. A., A. M., B. D., M. D. 
McCool, Miss., 1890. 

Delegate to 18th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; Presbyterian clergyman, 
Tyler, Tex. 


Bell, Austin, M. D. Bell, Ky., 1890. 

M. D. University of Virginia, 1894 ; physician, Bell, Ky. 

Lusk, Robert. Nashville, Term., 1890. 

Merchant, 226 N. Vine street, Nashville, Tenn. 

Potter, Rev. William Robert, A. B., B. D. Tullahoma, 
Tenn., 1890. 

Presbyterian clergyman, Klrknville, Ky. 

* Abbott, John Williams, A. B. Clarksville, Tenn., 1891. 

Died, November 22, 1898. 

Green, Rev. James Edward, A. B., B. D. Little Rock, 
Ark., 1891. 

Delegate to 14th Alpha Tao Omega Congress ; Worthy Qrand Keeper of 
Annals Alpha Tau Omega, 1804-1890; Presbyterian clergyman, Batesvllle, 

Pryor, John Hunter, Jr. Hamburg, Ark., 1891. 

Wholesale druggist, Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Caldwell, Frederick Perry, A. B. Union Springs, Ala., 

Stenographer, Springfield, Ky. 

Holmes, Bishop. Borham, Tex., 1891. 

Founder Texas Qamma Epnllon chapter; Insurance buHiness, Greenville, 

Ellis, Richard Jesse. New Providence, Tenn., 1892. 

Druggist, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Lusk, William Clardy. Nashville, Tenn., 1892. 

Attorney -at-law, 226 N. Vine street, Nashville, Tenn. 

Green, Rev. John Leighton. Batesville, Ark., 1892. 

K. of P.; Presbyterian clergyman, Russell ville, Ark. 

Richardson, Norval. Vicksburg, Miss., 1893. 

Banker, Vicksburg, MIbh. 

Sumpter, Joseph Rhea. Pulaski, Tenn., 1893. 

Graduate, 1894 ; druggist, Pulaski, Tenn. 

Bearden, Edwin Whiteside. Shelbyville, Tenn., 1893. 

Attorney-at-iaw, Shelbyville* Tenn. 

Wilhoite, Willi aw Lawson. Shelbyville, Tenn., 1893. 

Law student, Shelbyville, Tenn. 

Caldwell, Hugh Stakely. Union Springs, Ala., 1893. 

Insurance buslnuss, Union Springs, Ala. 

Wade, Thomas Berryman, Jr. Wades, Tenn., 1893. 

Planter, Pulaski, Tenn. 

Leland, Baron Eugene. Water Valley, Miss., 1893. 

Student, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Abbott, Ginder. New Orleans, La., 1893. 

Merchant, 293 State street, New Orleans, La. 


Deaderick, John Franklin. Clarksville, Tenn., 1894. 

Student Jennings Business College, Nashville, Tenn. 

Anderson, William Sailer. Holly Springs, Miss., 1894. 

Student, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Searight, Henry Brown. Henderson ville, Tenn., 1894. 

Student, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Quarles, William Andrew. Clarksville, Tenn., 1894. 

Merchant, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Lanham, James McCall. Austin, Tex., 1895. 

Student, New York City. 

Montgomery, George William, Jr. Tallulah, La., 1895. 

Student, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Hill, Eugene Lott. Montgomery, Ala., 1895. 

Student, ClarksvUle, Tenn. 

Whitehead, William Walton. Greenwood, Miss., 1895. 

Student, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Xutcheuer, Frank McC. Sumner, Miss., 1895. 

student, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Rhea, Caleb Osborn. Pulaski, Tenn., 1895. 

Student, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Mayor, Clarence Ryland. Clarksville, Tenn., 1896. 

Merchant, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Wilson, Frank Beatty. Pulaski, Tenn., 1896. 

9tudent,iClarksville, Tenn. 

Hall, Gaines. Memphis, Tenn., 1896. 

Student, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Pennsylvania Blpba^XDipstlcm* 



Founded June 27, 1882, by N. Wiley Thomas (Pa. T.) Total member- 
ship 68. Deceased 0. 

Baker, Rev. Charles Whitmar, A. B., A. M. Bakersville, 
Pa., 1882. 

Ex-edltor Alpba Tan Omega "Palm" and member High Council; editor 
Alpha Tau Omega Song Book ; clergyman, York, Pa. 

Gerhardt, Louis DeWitt, A. B. Johnstown, Pa., 1882. 

Associate editor Alpha Tau Omega Song Book; attorney-at-law, Marti ns- 
burg, \V. Va. 

Miller, Rev. Shile, A. B. Bakersville, Pa., 1882. 

Lutheran clergyman, Knox, Pa. 

Rothrock, John Lincoln, A. B., A. M., M. D. St. Paul, 
Minn., 1882. 

Associate editor Alpha Tau Omega Song Book ; physician, St. Paul, Minn. 

Jordy, William Henry, A. B., A. M. Abbottstown, Pa., 

Teacher, AbbottHtown, Pa. 

Miller, John Carnes. Rogersville, Ohio, 1882. 

Farmer, Rogersville, Ohio. 

McLaughlin, Charles Michael, A. B., A. M., M. D. State 
Line, Pa., 1882. 

Physician, Greencastle, Pa. 

Harman, Harry Erastus, A. B. Waynesville, N. J., 1882. 

Author "Living Writers of the South," "Poets and Poetry of South Caro- 
lina," general novels; associate editor Alpha Tau Omega Song Book ; editor, 
Waynesville, N. J. 

Kribbs, Rev. William Walter, A. B. Edinburg, Pa., 1882. 

Lutheran clergyman ; merchant, Marcenviile, Pa. 

Schroder, Winfield Scott, A. B. York, Pa., 1883. 

Editor three weeklies and reporter three dailies ; ex-mayor Oettysburg, Pa ; 
merchant, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Reighard, Rev. John Calvin, A. B. Cessua, Pa., 1883. 

Lutheran clergyman, Melray, Pa. 

Brown, Rev. George Gideon M., A. B. Covetown, Md., 1883. 

Lutheran clergyman, Unlontown, Md. 



Xeff, Heston L. Blain, Pa., 1883. 

Merchant, Blain, Pa. 

Mentzger, Harlan Page. Philadelphia, Pa., 1884. 

Druggist, Waynesboro, Pa. 

Cluoston, John Wolfinger. Waynesboro, Pa., 1884. 

Druggist, Waynesboro, Pa. 

Spangler, Harry Allen, M. D. Arendtsville, Pa., 1884. 

Member board of health ; physician, Carlisle, Pa. 

Philips, Parley V. Buchanan, W. Va., 1884. 

Merchant, French Creek, W. Va. 

Menges, Franklin, B. S., Ph. D. Menges Mills, Pa., 1886. 

Member High Council Alpha Tan Omega, 1890-1894; professor chemistry, 
Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Kyner, George Alexander. Shippensburg, Pa., 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Chambers burg, Pa. 

Steck, Rev. William Franklin, A. B. Williamsport, Pa., 

Lutheran clergyman, Philips burg, Pa. 

Fetterolf, Rev. Robert Foster, A. B. Spring Mills, Pa., 

Lutheran clergyman, Spring Mills, Pa. 

Yeiser, Rev. Noah E., A. B. Union Mills, Pa., 1886. 

Lutheran clergyman ; missionary, Gunter, India. 

Bateman, Rev. Sydney Elon, A. B. Selin's Grove, Pa., 

Lutheran clergyman, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Holzappel, Rev. Gottlieb, A. B. Shamokin, Pa., 1886. 

President Fredericksburg College; Lutheran clergyman, Fredericksburg, 

Coffey, Sniveley. Gettysburg, Pa., 1886. 

Farmer, Williamson, Pa. 

Wagner, Rev. William Jacob, A. B. Center Hall, Pa., 1887. 

Lutheran clergyman, Center Hall, Pa. 

Wible, Robert Edward, A. B. Gettysburg, Pa., 1887. 

Ex-mayor Gettysburg, Pa.; attorney-at-law, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Speck, Martin Luther. Scranton, Pa., 1886. 

Merchant, Scranton, Pa. 

Lee, William Scott, A. B. Philadelphia, Pa., 1886. 

Merchant, 916 Sargeant street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Axe, Rev. John McLaughlin, A. B. Bellevue, Pa., 1887. 

Lutheran clergyman, Bellevue, Pa. 

McLaughlin, Charles Peter R., C. E. Columbus, Ohio, 

Engineer, Columbus, Ohio. 


Frontz, Howard Clinter, M. D. Hughesville, Pa., 1887. 

Physician, Hughesville, Pa. 

Kuhns, Paul William. Omaha, Neb., 1888. 

Banker, Omaha, Neb. 

Brown, Morris Titus, A. B. Covetown, Md., 1888. 

Merchant, Waynesboro, Pa. 

Bikle, Rev. Charles G., A. B. Hagerstowu, Md., 1889. 

Lutheran clergyman, Hagerstown, Md. 

Stadleman, Herman R. Ardmore, Pa., 1889. 

Druggist, Ardmore, Pa. 

Wheelock, Charles E. Hughesville, Pa., 1889. 

Graduate Lafayette College, 1891; atlorney-at-law, Hughesville, Pa. 

Jones, Harry H., A. B., B. S., M. 1). Jefferson, Pa., 1889. 

Graduate University of Pennsylvania; physician, Codorus, Pa. 

Zarr, Robert Rush, A. B. Bloomsburg, Pa., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Bacon, Arthur D. Harrisburg, Pa., 1889. 

Merchant, Harrisburg, Pa. 

Nicklas, William Otterbein. Chambersburg, Pa., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Chambersburg, Pa. 

Bortner, Frank M. York, Pa., 1889. 

Delegate to 13th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; attorney-at-law, York, Pa. 

Roller, Rev. Paul Warren. Hanover, Pa., 1889. 

Lutheran clergyman, Hanover, Pa. 

Vastine, William Maberry, B. S. Catawissa, Pa., 1890. 

Banker, Catawissa, Pa. 

Ammon, William L., A. B., A. M. York, Pa., 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, York, Pa. 

Hay, Joseph S. York, Pa., 1891. 

Student University of Pennsylvania. 

Cannon, Ralph S. Harrisburg, Pa., 1891. 

Banker, York, Pa. 

Hoover, Percy Daniel, B. S. Waynesboro, Pa., 1891. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Emmert, Charles Stewart. Hagerstown, Md., 1891. 

Manufacturer, Hagerstown, Md. 

Menges, William Hinkle. Menges Mills, 1892. 

Student, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Emmert, Frank Newcomer. Hagerstown, Md., 1892. 

Student Bellevue Medical College, New York City. 

Warner, Albert Rowland. Roseraont, Pa., 1893. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hipsley, George Edgar, A. M. Baltimore, Md., 1893. 

Professor, 1105 Colington avenue, Baltimore, Md. 


Mickler, Joseph Porter, Jr. Easton, Pa., 1893. 

Student Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. 

Cable, John W. Smithsburg, Md., 1893. 

Student Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Hutton, White. Chambersburg, Pa., 1893. 

Student Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Enniss, Joseph. Burkittsville, Md., 1894. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hoover, Ira Newcomer. Waynesboro, Pa., 1894. 

Student Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Zullinger, Maurice Ramsey. Waynesboro, Pa., 1894. 

Student Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

McAllister, James Alexander. Gettysburg, Pa., 1894. 

Student Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Roller, Edward Leonard. Hanover, Pa., 1895. 

Student Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Smith, Ralph. Pittsburg, Pa., 1895. 

Student Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Spayd, Charles Hay. Harrisburg, Pa., 1895. 

Student Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Grazier, Harvey Ferry. Bedford, Pa., 1895. 

Student Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Wheeler, William Edward. Baltimore, Md., 1896. 

Student Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Erb, Charles Leray. Boyerstown, Pa., 1896. 

Student Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Stalwaker, Edward Stuart. Hanover, Pa., 1896. 

Student Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Cesena, Harold Bertram. Bedford, Pa., 1897. 

Student Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Soutb Carolina Hlpba*Cbt. 



Founded January 1, 1883, by John F. Robertson (Va. B.) and M. P. 

Ravknel (Tenn. 12.) Charter withdrawn December, 1884. 

Re-established June, 1888, by M. P. Ra venkl (Tenn. Q. ) 

Total Membership 24. Deceased 2. 

Robertson, Francis Marion, Jr. Charleston, S. C, 1883. 

Graduate Citadel Academy, 1886; insurance business, Charleston, 8. C. 

Gaillard, William Du Bose. Winnsboro, S. C, 1883. 

Graduate Citadel Academy, 1880; U. 8. Government inspector, Sullivan 
Island, 8. C. 

Rembert, Edward English. Rembert, S. C, 1883. 

Planter, Rembert, 8. C. 

Bee, Sandiford. Charleston, S. C, 1883. 

Cotton planter, James Island, 8. C. 

McGowan, James Farrow. Spartansburg, S. C, 1883. 

Attorney-at-law, Hpartansburg, 8. C. 

McIver, David Rodgerson. Charleston, S. C, 1883. 

Broker, 61 Worth street, New York City. 

Pelzer, Arthur. Charleston, S. C, 1883. 

Manufacturer, Montgomery, Ala. 

McCaughrin, Silas Johnston. Newberry, S. C, 1883. 

Manufacturer, Newberry, S. C. ' 

Kinard, James Pinckney, Ph. D. Newberry, S. C, 1884. 

Graduate Citadel Academy, 1886; assistant professor Citadel Academy, 
Charleston, 8. C. 

Manigault, Daniel E. H. Charleston, S. C, 1884. 

Real estate and insurance, Annlston, Ala, 

* Weathersbee, William Bryan. Lexington, S. C, 1884. 

Died, 1889, Annlston, Ala. 

Rich, Tyler. Winnsboro, S. C, 1884. 

Winnsboro, 8. ('. 

Crawford, Rich Tyler. Winnsboro, S. C, 1884. 

II. 8. Government inspector, Sullivan's Island, 8. C. 



Robertson, Joseph Righton, Jr. Charleston, S. C, 1888. 

Phosphate business, Mpartansburg, 8. C. 

Platt, Samuel Briton. Augusta, Ga., 1888. 

Superintendent Warwick rotton Mills, Augusta, Ga. 

*Clarkson, Richard Scriven, C. E. Eastover, S. C, 1888. 

Civil engineer, Augusta, Ga. Died, 1896, South America. 

Robertson, Jonathan Miller. Beech Island, S. C, 1888. 

Insurance broker, Augusta, Ga. 

Hughes, Edward Conway. Camden, S. C, 1888. 

Draughtsman, 82 Appleton street, Boston, Mass. 

Dargan, Robert Lide. Darlington, S. C, 1888. 

Merchant, Darlington, H. C. 

Boykin, Alexander Hamilton, Jr. Camden, S. C, 1889. 

Planter, Camden, S. C. 

Frazer, Hugh Wilson. Georgetown, S. C, 1890. 

Merchant, Georgetown, H. C. 

McGhee, William Z. Cokesbury, S. C, 1889. 

Teacher graded schools, Columbia, S. C. 

Lucas, David Jennings. Charleston, S. C, 1889. 

Professor of mathematics Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

Pinckney, Arthur. Charleston, S. C, 1889. 

Post-office clerk, Charleston, S. C. 

©bio Hlpba*fl>8l 



Founded November 8, 1883, by N. Wiley Thomah (Pa. T.) Totiil 

Membership 78. Deceased 0. 

Coblentz, Guy. Springfield, Ohio, 1883. 

Druggist, Springfield, Oblo. 

Grim, William Jacobs. Springfield, Ohio, 1883. 

Superintendent Springfield Fertilizer Co , E. High street, Sprlnfleld, Ohio. 

Gwinner, Rev. Harry. Ashland, Ohio, 1883 

Clergyman, Ashland, Oblo. 

Krout, Charles Allen, A. B. Tiffin, Ohio, 1883. 

Principal of high school, Tiffin, Ohio. 

Lamme; William Fennier, A. M. East Liberty, Pa., 1883. 

Professor mathematics Wittenberg College, 1884-1886; manager of electric 
plant World's Fair, 1888; chief electrical engineer Westtnghouse Company, 
East Liberty, Pa. 

Mitchell, Reuben W. Celina, Ohio, 1883. 

Superintendent of public schools, Celina, Oblo. 

Phillips, Harry C. Springfield, Ohio, 1883. 

Founder of Ohio Beta-Eta Chapter; bank clerk, Springfield, Ohio. 

Shives, Edward J., A. B. Tiffin, Ohio, 1883. 

Graduate University of Wooster, 1882; professor at Wittenberg College, 
1882-1885; studied in Europe, 1887; Worthy Grand Chief, Alpha Tau Omega 
Fraternity, 1886-1894; principal Heidelberg Academy, 1886-1887; professor of 
chemistry and physics Heidelberg University. 1888-1891; chairman High 
Council, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity ; superintendent of public Instruc- 
tion, Sandusky, Ohio, 1891 to present time. 

Smith, Victor Y., A. M. Springfield, Ohio, 1883. 

Attorney-at-law, Springfield, Ohio. 

Taylor, Benjamin Franklin, A. B. Rialto, Cal., 1883. 

Stock raiser, Rialto, Cal. 

Wiles, Rev. Herman L., A. B., A. M., D. D. Mansfield, 
Ohio, 1884. 

President of E. Ohio and Wittenberg Synods; Presbyterian clergyman, 
Mansfield, Ohio. 

Rebert, T. J., A. B. Springfield, Ohio, 1885. 

Teacher, Springfield, Ohio. 

Clarke, Arthur L. Springfield, Ohio, 1885. 

Resident correspondent "San Francisco Chronicle," Washington, D. C. 



P enfield, Thomas J., A. B. Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, 

Instructor Kamebameha school, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands. 

Crahill, Thomas V., A. B., A. M., M. D. North Lewisburg, 
Ohio, 1886. 

M. I). Jefferson Medical College, 1888; physician, North Lewisburg, Ohio. 

Dkiscol, James Harry. Omaha, Neb., 1886. 

Manufacturer, Omaha, Neb. 

Ray, Horace Edgar. Topeka, Kan., 1886. 

Storekeeper A. T. A 8t. Fe. R. R. Co., Topeka, Kan. 

Ridder, Adolph A., A. B. Springfield, Ohio, 1886. 

Merchant, Springfield, Ohio. 

Sheeder, Benjamin F., M. D. Salma, Mich., 1886. 

M. D. Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa.; physician, Salina, Mich. 

Tobias, Newton W., A. B. Ada, Ohio, 1886. 

Druggist, Ada, Ohio. 

Anderson, William G. Franklin, Ohio, 1887. 

Banker, Franklin, Ohio. 

Bretney, Henry V. Springfield, Ohio, 1887. 

Merchant, Springfield, Ohio. 

McGrew, John Baldwin, LL. B. Springfield, Ohio, 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Springfield, Ohio. 

Himes, Rev. Samuel T. A., B. B. D. Osnaburg, Ohio, 1888. 

Presbyterian clergyman, Osnaburg, Ohio. 

Frey, Rev. J. Arthur C. Springfield, Ohio, 1888. 

Clergyman, Baltimore, Md. 

Beard, Martin Luther. Dayton, Ohio, 1888. 

Journalist, Dayton, Ohio. 

Anshutz, Rev. Charles W., A. B. Springfield, Ohio, 1889. 

Clergyman, North Manchester, Ind. 

Bliss, Charles L. Springfield, Ohio, 1889. 

Instructor of chemistry Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Glass, Alpha R. Columbus, Ohio, 1889. 

Student, Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

Lisle, Howard C, A. B.^ Springfield, Ohio, 1889. 

Student, Chicago, 111. 

Marsh, Arthur. Chicago, 111., 1889. 

Electrical engineer, Chicago, 111. 

Todd, Edwin S., A. B. Springfield, Ohio, 1889. 

Teacher, 199 S. Factory street, spiingfield, Ohio. 

Rlhl, James B. Cleveland, Ohio, 1889. 

Professor commercial law ; attorney-at-law, Cleveland, Ohio. 


Estabrook, W. C. Indianapolis, Ind., 1889. 

Teacher, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Parsons, Robert S., A. B. Springfield, Ohio, 1890. 

Teacher, Orangeburg, 8. C. 

Krout, Vincent Dye, M. D. Springfield, Ohio, 1890. 

Physician, Springfield, Ohio. 

Hillerman, Rev. George H., A. B. Springfield, Ohio, 1890. 

Clergyman, Riverside, Cal. 

Hedges, Harry E. Springfield, Ohio, 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, Springfield, Ohio. 

Coblentz, Edward. Springfield, Ohio, 1890. 

Druggist, Springfield, Ohio. 

Bliss, Chester Bradley. Springfield, Ohio, 1890. 

Student Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Ammon, William S., A. B. Gettysburg, Pa., 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, York, Pa. 

Baltzley, Rev. Oliver D., A. B. Springfield, Ohio, 1890. 

Clergyman, Springfield, Ohio. 

Leamer, Augus Blair, A. B. Dakota City, Neb., 1891. 

Teacher, Dakota City. Neb. 

Miller, Harvey Luther, A. B. Springfield, Ohio, 1891. 

Journalist, Springfield, Ohio. 

Moyer, Aaron Joseph. Springfield, Ohio, 1891. 

Student Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 

Phillips, Z. Barney, A. B. Springfield, Ohio, 1891. 

Student Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Weber, W. Clarence, A. B. JSunbury, Pa., 1891. 

Student, Sunbury, Pa. 

Wantz, Harley. Toledo, Ohio, 1892. 

Bookkeeper, Toledo, Ohio. 

Thieband, John Harris. Springfield, Ohio, 1892. 

Merchant, Springfield, Ohio. 

Schmitt, Bohun. Springfield, Ohio, 1892. 

Merchant, Springfield, Ohio. 

Moyer, F. Hughes. Springfield, Ohio, 1892. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. V. 

Mitchell, Harry O. Piqua, Ohio, 1892. 

Bookkeeper, Piqua, Ohio. 

Downey, Harry. Springfield, Ohio, 1892. 

Bookkeeper, Springfield, Ohio. 

Baltzley, Guy W., A. B. Kremlin, Ohio, 1892. 

Lumber merchant, Kremlin, Ohio. 


Blount, Hal T. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1893. 

Artist, N. Fountain avenue, Springfield, Ohio. 

Ernest, Frederick B. Springfield, Ohio, 1893. 

Bookkeeper, Springfield, Ohio. 

Foster, Clarence J. Springfield, Ohio, 1893. . 

Merchant, Springfield, Ohio. 

Hochdoerfer, C. F. R., A. M., Ph. D. Springfield, Ohio, 

Graduate Lei psig, Germany; instructor Royal Gymnasium of Mertzen; in- 
structor Harvard University; Ph. IX Harvard University; author "Die 
Journallsten ; " professor modern languages Wittenberg College, Spring- 
field, Ohio. 

Hummon, John Everett. Springfield, Ohio, 1893. 

Student Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Stough, William Albert, A. B. Ponea, Neb., 1893. 

County treasurer, Ponca, Neb. 

Weaver, Erie J., A. B. Dayton, Ohio, 1894. 

Student, Dayton, Ohio. 

Pansing, Charles Henry. Miamisburg, Ohio, 1894. 

Merchant, Miamisburg, Ohio. 

Black, William H. Springfield, Ohio, 1894. 

Student Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Alleshouse, Albert C. Springfield, Ohio, 1894. 

Student Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Cameron, Malcolm John, A. B., A. M., LL. B. Baltimore, 
Md., 1894. 

Graduate Columbia College ; attorney-at-law, 32 Nassau street, New York 

Baughman, Frank. Springfield, Ohio, 1895. 

Student, Springfield, Ohio. 

DeWeese, William. Casstown, Ohio, 1895. 

Farmer, Casstown, Ohio. 

Hagan, William F. Springfield, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Hammaker, Wilbur. Springfield, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Hersch, Thomas J., A. B. Springfield, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Hildum, Clayton G. Springfield, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

House, Wallace Belden, Springfield, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio ; 227 E. 62d street, New York 


Miller, Wallace Elden. Springfield, Ohio, 189f)._ 

Student Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. 

Phillips, Thomas, 1). D. L. Springfield, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Ohio Medical College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Smith, D. Burt, A. B. *Springfield, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Wlttenburg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Sneidman, Clora J. Springfield, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Christen, Gus A. Springfield, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Lyday, L. Sidney. Springfield, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Soutb Carolina Hlpba^Ipbt, 


Founded November 25, 1883, by Theodore F. McDow, (N. C. A. H.)and 
Sandikord Bee (S. (J. A. Xi.) Total membership 54. Deceased 1. 

Thompson, Waddy. Columbia, S. C, 1883. 

Journalist, New York Life Insurance Co., Atlanta, Ga. 

Preston, William Campbell, A. B., A. M., LL. B. Rich- 
mond, Va., 1883. 

Attorney-at-law, Newport News, Va. 

Hamer, Robert Pickert, A. B. Florence, S. C, 1883. 

Planter, Little Rock, S. ('. 

Johnstone, Burr Harrison, A. B. Newberry, S. C, 1883. 

Stenographer, Newberry, 8. C. 

Kinard, John Martin. Newberry, S. C, 1883. 

Banker, Newberry, 8. C. 

Green, Halcott Pride, Jr. Columbia, 8. C, 1884. 

Attorney-at-law, Columbia, 8. C. 

Breeden, Henry Townsend. Bennettsville, S. C, 1884. 

Planter, Bennettsville, S. C. 

Burton, James Albert. Newberry, S. C, 1884. 

Planter, Newberry, 8. C. 

Consar, James English. Marion County, S. C, 1884. 

Merchant, Bishopsvllle, S. C. 

Breeden, Edw. Walton. Bennettsville, S. C, 1884. 

Planter, Bennettsville, 8. C. 

Stone, Leroy Allen, Jr., M. J). Allendale, S. C, 1884. 

Physician, Allendale, 8. C. 

Hamer, William McCall. Little Rock, S. C, 1884. 

Planter, Little Rock, S. C. 

Blanding, Donald McQueen. Sumter, S. C, 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Sumter, 8. C. 

Thompson, Hon. Hugh Smith. Charleston, S. C, 1885. 

Assistant Secretary of the Treasury ; ex-governor of South Carolina; comp- 
troller New York Life Insurance Co., New York City. 




McGregor, Eugene Charles. Columbia, S. C, 1885. 

Druggist, Colombia, 8. C. 

Darby, John Preston. Columbia, S. C, 1885. 

Assistant clerk of court, Columbia, 8. C. 

Edwards, William Augustus, M. S. Palmetto, S. C, 1886. 

Mechanical engineer, Darlington, S. C. 

*Alford, James McNair. Bennettsville, S. C, 1886. 

Died, July 19, 1887. 

Butler, William J., A. B. Columbia, S. C, 1886. 

With Central Railroad of Georgia, Savannah, Ga. 

Hanckel, Daniel Heyward, A. B. Charleston, S. C, 1886- 

Attorney-at-law, with Holt & Galllard, 187 Bowery, New York City. 

Smith, Theodore C. Madison, Fla., 1886. 

Cashier First National Bank, Madison, Fla. 

Johnson, William Wallace. Union, S. C, 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Spartanburg, 8. C. 

McDow, Edgar Stimson. Bruces, S. C, 1887. 

Planter, Ebenezer, Tenn. 

Corr, David Gardner, M. E. Cheraw, S. C, 1887. 

Bank teller, Cheraw, B. C. 

Coit, John, McLain, B. S. Cheraw, S. C, 1887. 

Patent Office, Washington, D. C. 

Melton, Lawson Davis. Yorkville, S. C, 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Columbia, 8. C. 

McElroy, George Weightman. Henry, 111., 1888 

Lieutenant U. 8. N., Navy Department, Washington, I). C. 

Gooding, William James, Jr., C.E. Gilsonville, S. C, 1888. 

Planter, Hampton, B. C. 

Green, Cleland Singleton, M. E. Acton, S. C, 1888. 

Superintendent Columbia Cotton Mills, Columbia, S. C. 

Melton, George William, A. B. Columbia, S. C, 1888. 

Assistant secretary Plant System, Savannah, Ga. 

Coit, James Campbell, Jr. Cheraw, S. C, 1888. 

U. 8. Mail service, Wlnnsboro, 8. C. 

Gillard, Edmund, M. E. Columbia, S. C, 1888. 

Insurance broker, Columbia, 8. C. 

Dick, James McFadden, A. M., M. D. Sumter, S. C, 1888. 

Physician, Baltimore, Md. 

(/Lark, Rev. Melton. Columbia, S. C, 1891. 

Delegate to 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; Presbyterian clergyman, 
Columbia, 8. C 

Melton, Cyrus Davis, A. B. Columbia, S. C, 1891. 

Clerk Central Ilallroad, Savannah, Gn. 


Green, Walter Taylor, C. E., LL. B. Acton, S. C, 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Colombia, 8. C. 

Clark, Edward Bailey, C. E. Columbia, S. C, 1889. 

Graduate Lehigh University ; reorganized Pennsylvania Alpha-Rho Chap- 
ter; with Columbia Phosphate Company, Columbia, 8. C. 

Butler, Raymond Percy, Edgefield, S. C, 1889. 

Planter, Edgefield, 8. C. 

Garlington, John Young. Laurens, S. C, 1889. 

President American Pan Hellenic Society ; attorney-at-law, Atlanta, Ga. 

Dick, Thomas Murritt. Sumter, S. C, 1889. 

Graduate United States Naval Academy ; lieutenant U. 8. Navy. 

Pollock, William P. Cheraw, S. C, 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Cheraw, 8. C 

Howe, Joseph Wilson. Columbia, S. C, 1891. 

Insurance broker, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Darrah, Lewis. Greenville, S. C, 1892. 

Merchant, Greenville, 8. C. 

Prioleau, Phillip. Charleston, S. C, 1893. 

Cotton merchant, Charleston, 8. C. 

Clark, Washington. Columbia, S. C, 1894. 

Student South Carolina College, Columbia, 8. C. 

Beaty, Samuel Means. Union, S. C, 1894. 

Attorney-at-law, Union, 8. C. 

Beasley, George Marvin. Lake City, S. C, 1894. 

Assistant superintendent Georgia R. R., Augusta, Ga. 

Hamer, Brooks. Little Rock, S. C, 1895. 

Planter, Little Rock, 8. C. 

Allen, William Henry. Florence, S. C, 1895. 

Student, Annapolis, Md. 

Mikele, Pinkney V. Edisto Island, S. C, 1895. 

Student South Carolina College, Columbia, 8. C. 

Pittman, Robert Henry. Gourdins, S. C, 1895. 

Student South Carolina College, Columbia, 8. C. 

Gregg, Charles Eli. Mars Bluff, S. C, 1895. 

Student South Carolina College, Columbia, 8. C. 

Clark, James. Columbia, S. C, 1896. 

Student South Carolina College, Columbia, 8. C. 

Brice, Joseph W. Woodwards, S. C, 1896. 

Hludent South Carolina College, Columbia, 8. C. 

jfloriba Hlpba*©mega, 



Founded February 26, 1884, by William II. Milton, Jr., (Ala. A. E.) and 
Howard Lamar (Ala. A. E.) Total Membership 21. Deceased 0. 

Crawford, Charles G. Crawfordsville, Fla., 1884. 

Planter, Crawfordsville, Fla, 

Whitfield, Bryan C. Oakland, Fla., 1884. 

Farmer, Tallahassee, Fla. 

Blocker, Louis D. James Island, Fla., 1884. 

Merchant, Tallahassee, Fla. 

Carter, John H., Jr. Jackson County, Fla., 1884. 

Merchant, Tallahassee, Fla. 

Paterson, Donald F. Madison, Fla., 1884. 

Farmer, Madison, Fla. 

Bryan, E. Aeneas. Centerville, Fla., 1884. 

Merchant, Tallahassee, Fla, 

Bettan, William S. Tallahassee, Fla., 1884. 

Merchant, Tallahassee, Fla, 

Roberts, William T. Centerville, Fla., 1884. 

Farmer, Centerville, Fla. 

Felkel, Henry M. Tallahassee, Fla., 1884. 

Superintendent schools and professor normal department Florida Uni- 
versity, Tallahassee, Fla. 

Farley, George. Marianna, Fla., 1884. 

Bookkeeper, Tallahassee, Fla, 

McIntosh, William M., Jr. Tallahassee, Fla., 1884. 

Merchant, Tallahassee, Fla. 

Getzen, Thomas Eugene. Hamburg, S. C, 1885. 

Planter, Hamburg, S. C 

Getsen, James Culbrett. Hamburg, S. C, 1885. 

Planter, Hamburg, 8. C 

Baker, James Duncan. Jacksonville, Fla., 1886. 

Merchant, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Congleton, James Henry. Sanderson, Fla., 1886. 

Planter, Tallahassee, Fla. 



Stevens, Lloyd Motley. Lake City, Fla., 1887. 

Insurance broker, Victoria, Tex. 

Gamble, Howard. Jacksonville, Fla., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Townsend, James Allen. Madison, Fla., 1888. 

Planter, Madison, Fla. 

Davis, Charles Edward, B. L. Aucila, Fla., 1888. 

B. L. Washington and Lee University, 1994; attorney-at-law, Madison, Fla. 

Mays, George Garmany. Savannah, Ga., 1889. 

Merchant, Savannah, Ga. 

Holladay, Charles Bolling. Richmond, Va., 1889. 

Attorney at-law, Raleigh, N. C 

Ikentucfcs Zeta, 



Founded June 7, 1884, bv Otis A. Glazebrook, D. D. (Va. A.) Total 

Membership 25. Deceased 2. 

Cabell, William Edwin, B. S. Greensburg, Ky., 1884. 

Attorney-at-law, Mlddleboro, Ky. 

Hardin, John Clemens. Frankfort, Ky., 1884. 

Attorney-at-law, Frankfort, Ky. 

Johnson, Sidney Jordan, B. A. Little Rock, Ark., 1884. 

Merchant, Little Rock, Ark. 

Blanton, William Edgar. Richmond, Ky., 1884. 

Planter, Richmond, Ky. 

Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Jr. Richmond, Ky., 1884. 

Attorney-at-law, Richmond, Ky. 

Shackelford, William Rhodes, B. A., A. M. Richmond, 
Ky., 1884. 

Attorney-at-law, Richmond, Ky. 

Thurman, Isaac Harrison. Springfield, Ky., 1884. 

Attorney-at-law, Springfield, Ky. 

Watts, Octavius Nash Ogden. Alexandria, La., 1884. 

Medalist, 1886; founder Louisiana Beta-Epailon Chapter, Alpha Tau Omega 
Fraternity, 215 St. Charles street, New Orleans, La. 

Taliaferro, Nicholas Curtis, B. S. Chatham, Ky., 1884. 

Planter, Chatham, Ky. 

Johnson, John Adams. Little Rock, Ark., 1884. 

Medalist, 1885; attorney-at-law, Little Rock, Ark. 

Byar, Edwin. Chatham, Ky., 1884. 

Planter, Chatham, Ky. 

Miller, Richard Waite. Richmond, Ky., 1884. 

Attorney-at-law, Richmond, Ky. 

Scott, Conow t ay, Jr. Little Rock, Ark., 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Little Rock, Ark. 

Taylor, Graham Forman. Pine Grove, Ky., 1885. 

Farmer, Pine Grove, Ky. 



Jones, Newland, Jr. Richmond, Ky., 1885. 

Bookkeeper, Richmond, Ky. 

Ely, Edwin Samuel. Frankfort, Ky., 1886. 

Merchant, Frankfort, Ky. 

Doll, William Hunter. Covington, Ky., 1886. 

Merchant, Little Rock, Ark. 

* Taylor, Litchfield. Chateau, Mont., 1886. 

Died, Great Falls, Mont. 

* Belding, Richard Gaines. Little Rock, Ark., 1886. 


Adams, Robert Henry. Litttle Rock, Ark., 1886. 

Merchant, Toledo, Ohio. 

Carroll, Charles Arthur, Jr. Little Rock, Ark., 1886. 

Planter, Little Rock, Ark. 

Bean, Charles. Mt. Sterling, Ky., 1887. 

Farmer, Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

Taylor, Jesse Fishback, Jr. Chateau, Mont., 1887. 

Planter, Great Falls, Mont. 

Shackleford, Clay Keene. Richmond, Ky., 1887. 

Richmond National Bank, Richmond, Ky. 

Shackleford, William James. Richmond, Ky., 1887. 

In charge of levees, U. 8. Government Svrvey, Greenville, Miss. 

Hrkansas Hlpba-Jf. 




Founded March 28, 1884, by William H. Lamar, Jr., (Ala. A. E.) Charter 
withdrawn July 1, 1882. Total Membership 5. Deceased 0. 

Chanslor, Charles R. Seligman, Mo., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Seligman, Mo. 

Lamar, J. A. M. Mountain Home, Ark., 1882. 

Farmer, Mountain Home, Ark. 

McDonough, John B., A. B. Charleston, Ark., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Charleston, Ark. 

McFarlane, Robert W. Enterprise, Ark., 1882. 

Merchant, Enterprise, Ark. 

Shell, George C, B. L. Augusta, Ark., 1882. 

Attorney-at-law, Augusta, Ark. 


Iowa Beta^Hlpba, 



Founded March 16, 1885, by W. H. Lamar (Ala. A. £.) Total Member- 
ship 21. Deceased 0. 

Loft, Henry Livingston, B. 8. Sioux City, Iowa, 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Sioux City, Iowa. 

Cook, Isaiah Horace. Oregon, 111., 1885. 

Merchant, Chicago, 111. 

Parks, Charles Hamlin. Rochelle, 111., 1885. 

Banker, Hyke Run, 111. 

Buxton, William, Jr. Carlisle, Iowa, 1885. 

Farmer, Carlisle, Iowa. 

Mitchell, Ormsby M. Nevada, Iowa, 1885. 

Farmer, Nevada, Iowa. 

Hiskey, Elric Dahlgren. Monroe, Iowa, 1885. 

Assistant cashier national bank, Laramie, Wyo. 

Worth, Frank Everett. Indianola, Iowa, 1885. 

Merchant, Inianola, Iowa. 

Chittick, Robert Edwin. Stuart, Iowa, 1885. 

Farmer, Stuart, Iowa. 

Saleno, Saul Henry. Niagara Falls, N. Y., 1886. 

Treasurer Cazton Publishing House, 8M Dearborn street, Chicago, 111. 

Craig, William David. Macedonia, Iowa, 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, Macedonia, Iowa. 

Quint, Melvin Ellsworth. Indianola, Iowa, 1886. 

Farmer, Meriio, Iowa. 

Consigney, Lucian Goodrich. Aroca, Iowa, 1886. 

Merchant, Aroca, Iowa. 

Dye, Henry Claude. Macedonia, Iowa, 1886. 

Clerk county treasurer's office, Council Bluff*, Iowa. 

Shaw, Reuben Edward. Des Moines, Iowa, 1886. 

Merchant, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Maxwell, Oscar William. Indianola, Iowa, 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Indianola, Iowa. 



Morris, Thomas Boyd. Liberty, Iowa, 1887. 

Farmer, Liberty, Iowa. 

Miller, Benjamin Franklin. Indianola, Iowa, 1888. 

Merchant, Muscatine, Iowa. 

Shaw, Oscar Franklin. Des Moines, Iowa, 1888. 

Farmer, Des Moines, Iowa 

Proudfoot, Ernest E. Indianola, Iowa, 1888. 

Merchant, Indianola, Iowa. 

Roberts, Clarence B. Adel, Iowa, 1889. 

Merchant, Adel, Iowa. 

Dye, Willoughby George. Macedonia, Iowa, 1889. 

Merchant, Macedonia, Iowa. 

Hlabama £eta*Beta* 



Founded March 28, 1885, by Thomas R. McCabty (Ala. A. E.) Total 

Membership 133. Deceased 3. 

Terrell, Lee Kitchell. Birmingham, Ala., 1885. 

Merchant, Birmingham, Ala. 

Craig, Edgar Montgomery. Marion, Ala., 1885. 

Planter, Brew ton, Ala. 

Farish, Hazlewood Buckner, A. B., M. D. Brewton, Ala., 

Physician, Brewton, Ala. 

Farish, Oliver Caper, B. S., D. I). S. Brewton, Ala., 1885. 

Graduate Southern University, 1887; dentist, Mobile, Ala. 

Gillis, John Fagg, A. B. Jackson, Ala., 1885. 

Graduate Southern University, 1887; teacher. Lower Peach Tree, Ala. 

Hutchinson, John Elliott. Greensboro, Ala., 1885. 

Bookkeeper, New Orleans, La. 

Long, Richard Hughes, Ph. B. Gainesville, Ala., 1885. 

Graduate Southern University, 1887; consul to Mexico. 

Sw anson, William Cleburne, LL. B. Eufaula, Ala., 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Eufaula, Ala. 

Moore, William Henry. Greensboro, Ala., 1885. 

Merchant, Greensboro, Ala. 

Peterson, Rev. Francis Marion, A* M., B. D. Greensboro, 
Ala., 1885. 

Professor ancient languages Southern University, Greensboro, Ala. 

Moore, James Lowell, Ph. B. Dayton, Ala., 1885. 

Merchant, Birmingham, Ala. 

Porter, Edgar Felix, Ph. B. Kemper County, Miss., 1885. 

War Department, Washington, D. C 

Porter, Walter Russell, Ph. B. Sumpter County, Ala., 

Druggist, Iiouisvllle, Ky. 

Ormond, Eugene William. Sumpterville, Ala., 1885. 

Merchant, St. Louis, Mo. 



Hendrick, Walter, A. M., M. D. Brundidge, Ala., 1885. 

Physician, Brundidge, Ala. 

Stough, Robert Leigh. Argun, Ala., 1885. 

Bookkeeper, Ramer, Ala. 

* Smith, Rev. Luther Lane, A. M. Oxford, Ga., 1885. 

Graduate Southern University, 1889; clergyman. Died, October 16, 1890, 
Marian n a, Fla. 

Howard, Rev. Harry Clay, B. S. Maysville, Ala., 1886. 

Graduate Southern University, 1889; clergyman, A von dale, Ala. 

Inge, Francis James, A. B. Birmingham, Ala., 1886. 

Graduate Southern University, 1888; Cotton broker, Mobile, Ala. 

Timmons, James Edwin. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1886. 

Journalist, Lafayette, Ala. 

Elliott, Edgar Meador, B. S. Carthage, Ala., 1886. 

Graduate Southern University, 1889; Merchant, Carthage, Ala. 

Patillo, Nathan Allen, A. M. Rose Hill, Miss., 1886. 

Graduate Southern University, 1890; teacher, Jackson, Miss. 

Trawick, Rev. Henry, Ph. B., A. B. Marvin, Ala., 1886. 

Clergyman, Demopolis, Ala. 

Phillips, Edwin Lacey, Ph. B. Columbus, Miss., 1886. 

Graduate Southern University, 1888; postal clerk, Columbus, Miss. 

Morris, James Lafayette, Ph. B. Jasper, Ala., 1886. 

Graduate Southern University, 1889; bookkeeper, Jasper, Ala. 

Chadwick, Rev. John Shelley, A. M. Greensboro, Ala., 

Graduate Southern University, 1890; clergyman, Greensboro, Ala. 

Hawkins, Rev. Ira Francis, A. M. Enterprise, Miss., 1886. 

Graduate Southern University, 1890; Methodist clergyman, Courtland, Ala. 

Long, Clarence Henderson, C. E., M. D. Gainesville, 
Ala., 1886. 

Graduate Southern University, 1889; physician, Greensboro, Ala. 

Rountree, John Grey. Maysville, Ala., 1886. 

Merchant, Maysville, Ala. 

Bradley, Lee Carington, A. M. Birmingham, Ala., 1887 

Graduate Southern University, 1890; A. M. Southern University, 1891 ; tutor 
Southern University, 1890-1891 ; delegate to 18th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; 
Worthy Grand Scribe, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, 1892-1894; solicitor of 
Jefferson County, Ala.; attorney-at-law, Birmingham, Ala. 

Ledbetter, Emmett Walton, B. S. New Hope, Ala., 1887. 

Graduate Southern University, 1890; banker, Piedmont, Ala. 

Atkinson, Rev. Charles Prescott, A. M. Newton, Ala., 

Graduate Southern University, 1890; clergyman, Montgomery, Fla. 

Evans, Herbert Hampton. Mason, Miss., 1887. 

Merchant, Greensboro, Ala. 


{Joodloe, John Russell, Ph. B., M. D. Gainesville, Ala., 

Physician, Demopolis, Ala. 

Morris, Rev. William Edward, B. S. Greensboro, Ala., 

Graduate Southern University, 1800; clergyman, Bessemer, Ala. 

Flowers, William Rutledge. Boiling, Ala., 1887. 

Merchant, Greenville, Ala. 

Flowers, Edward Pinkney, A. B. Boiling, Ala., 1887. 

Graduate Southern University, I860; merchant, Boiling, Ala. 

Watkins, Joseph Royal, Ph. B. Camp Hill, Ala., 1887. 

Graduate Southern University, 1888; druggist, Alexander City, Ala. 

*Lockhart, James David, A. B. Camp Hill, Ala., 1887. 

Graduate Southern University, 1800. Died, December 5, 1892. 

Wilson, Joseph Harwell. Oxford, Ala., 1887. 

Teacher, Lincoln, Ala. 

Henry, Joseph Johnson, M. D. Fayette Court House, Ala., 

Physician, Fayette Court House, Ala. 

Rutherford, James Wallace, Ph. B., M. D. River Ridge, 
Ala., 1888. 

Graduate Southern University, 1880; physician, River Ridge, Ala. 

Pruett, Thaddeus Jefferson, A. M., M. D. Gerrytown, 
Ala., 1888. 

Graduate Southern University, 1880; quartermaster Inspector, Blueflelds, 
Central America 

Watkins, James Preston, A. B., M. D. Roanoke, Ala., 1888. 

Physician, Opelika, Ala. 

Crumley, Levi Alfred. Pratt Mines, Ala., 1888. 

Dentist, Birmingham, Ala. 

Inge, James Triwstall, A. B., M. D. Greensboro, Ala., 

Gruduate Southern University, 1802; physician, Mobile, Ala. 

* Askew, Volney Boardman. Dayton, Ala., 1888. 

Druggist. Died, August, 1808. 

Turner, Edward Kimbrough, A. M. Eden, Ala., 1888. 

Graduate Southern University, 1801; teacher, Bridgeport, Ala. 

Williams, Robert Lee, A. M. Brundidge, Ala., 1888. 

Attorney -a t-law, Brundidge, Ala. 

Williams, Murphy. Stockton, Ala., 1889. 

Bookkeeper, Mobile, Ala. 

Stevenson, Olin Hampton, B. S. Cherokee, Ala., 1889. 

Journalist, Roanoke, Ala. 


Taylor, Thomas Alexander. Greensboro, Ala., 1889. 

Teacher, Mobile, Ala. 

Tatum, Henry Fletcher, M. D. Warrior, Ala., 1889. 

Physician, Meridian, Miss. 

Thomas, James DeLoach, A. B: Selma, Ala., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Jackson, Miss. 

Powe, Henry Alexander. Talledega, Ala., 1889. 

Merchant, Talledega, Ala. 

Johnson, Rev. Walter Joel, A. B. Lexington, Miss., 1889. 

Clergyman, Lexington, Mies. 

(triswold, Rev. James Thomas, A. B. China Grove, Ala., 

Clergyman, N. W. Texas Conference. 

Gavin, Rev. Rosier Smith, A. B. Quitman, Miss., 1889. 

Clergyman, Bntler, Ala. 

Flowers, William Hampton, A. B. Boiling, Ala., 1889. 

Merchant, Boiling, Ala. 

McCarty, Henry Duncan, Ph. B. Auburn, Ala., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Morris, Joseph Evans, Ph. B. Jasper, Ala., 1890. 

Bookkeeper, Talledega, Ala. 

Brown, Lucien Cassity. Florence, Ala., 1890. 

Bank Clerk, Birmingham, Ala. 

Howard, Percy John, Ph. B., M. D. Mobile, Ala., 1890. 

Physician, Mobile, Ala. 

Riley, William Bryant, B. S., LL. B. Echo, Ala., 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, Echo, Ala. 

Smith, Ferdinand Elbert. Prattsville, Ala., 1890. 

Founder of Indiana Gamma-Gamma Chapter, Alpha Tan Omega Frater- 
nity; manufacturer, Birmingham, Ala. 

Watkins, John Kinbrew, A. B. Dadeville, Ala., 1890. 

Graduate Southern University, 1888; attorney-at-law, Opellka, Ala. 

Wall, William Durrett, Ph. B. Sardis, Miss., 1890. 

Merchant, Sardis, Miss. 

Williams, Wesley Clark. Cherokee, Ala., 1890. 

Merchant, Cherokee, Ala. 

Roberts, Rev. Thomas Keener, A. M. Jefferson, Ala., 1890. 

Clergyman, Montgomery, Ala. 

MoCarthay, Rev. Clarence Linden, A. B. Columbia, S. C, 

Professor science, Tray, Ala. 

Kittrell, Benjamin Hughes, B. S., M. D. Winona, Miss.,. 

Physician, Winona, Miss. 


Marshall, Rev. Benjamin Franklin, Ph. B. Carrollton, 
Miss., 1891. 

Graduate Southern University, 10O9r etorgynuui, BuUer, Ala. 

Riley, Henry Clayton, Ph. B. Echo, Ala., 1891. 

Druggist, Echo, Ala. 

Siieppard, Frederick John, Ph. B. Obisville, Mich., 1891. 

Gradoate Southern University, 18W ; merchant, Birmingham, Ala. 

Mathison, Albert Lee, M. D. Barbour, Ala., 1891. 

Physician, Birmingham, Ala. 

Mitchell, Daniel, M. D. Gainesville, Ala., 1891. 

Student Vanderbllt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Williams, Rev. Charles Anderson, Ph. B. Headland, Ala., 

Clergyman, Greensboro, Ala. 

Turner, Walter, A. B. Suggsville, Ala., 1892. 

Student Vanderbllt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Knox, Jackson Bowman. Toomsuba, Miss., 1892. 

Merchant, Toomsnba, Miss. 

Stewart, John Edwin, M. D. Phoenix, Miss., 1892. 

Clerk, Flora, Miss. 

Lazenby, James Augustus. Forest Home, Ala., 1892. 

Planter, Forest Home, Ala. 

Lazenby, George Claudius. Forest Home, Ala., 1892. 

Planter, Forest Home, Ala. 

Smith, Lester, Oxford, Ala., 1892. 

Merchant, Oxford, Ala. 

Morehead, Marvin Eugene. Holly Springs, Miss., 1892. 

Merchant, Bardis, Miss. 

Russell, Harry, A. B. Eufaula, Ala., 1892. 

Graduate Southern University, 1805; teacher, Eufaula, Ala. 

Patton, Horace Hereford. Montgomery, Ala., 1892. 

Clerk, Birmingham, Ala. 

Wilson, Rev. William Blackburn. Tower Creek, Ala., 1 892. 

Clergyman, Tower Creek, Ala. 

Duke, Rev. Robert Edward, A. B. Carrolton, Miss., 1892. 

Clergyman, Carrolton, Miss. 

Yarbrough, Fletcher Leftridge. Lonchapoka, Ala., 1892. 

Farmer, Lonchapoka, Ala. 

Riley, Asa Early, B. S. Echo, Ala., 1892. 

Teacher, Union Springs, Ala. 

Hawkins, William Henry, A. B. Livingston, Ala., 1892. 

Graduate Southern University, 1896; attorney-at-law, Livingston, Ala. 

Witty, William Herbert. Greensboro, Ala., 1892. 

Druggist, Winona, Miss. 


Kerr, Perry Thomas. White Plains, Ala., 1893. 

Delegate to 16th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; Student Southern University, 
Greensboro, Ala. 

Andrews, John Holtzclau, A. B. Montgomery, Ala., 1893. 

Graduate Southern University, 1896; merchant, Hurtsboro, Ala. 

W atkins, Thaddeus Hayes, A. B. Camp Hill, Ala., 1893. 

Teacher, Rutledge, Ala. 

Morris, Thomas Milton, B. P. Talledega, Ala., 1893. 

Clerk, Jasper, Ala. 

McCloskey, James Marvin, A. B. Talledega, Ala., 1893. 

Clergyman, Birmingham, Ala. 

Brock, James A. J., A. M. Richards, Ala., 1893. 

Clergyman, Richards, Ala. 

Mason, George Edward. Columbiana, Ala., 1893. 

Student, Auburn, Ala. 

Roberts, Joseph Peterson. Childersburg, Ala., 1893. 

Clerk:, ^ylaesmga, Ala. 

Stoves, George. Pratt City, Ala., 1893. 

Student Southern University, Greensboro, Ala. 

Sw anson, William Cleburne. Clayton, Ala., 1893. 

Register in chancery, Barbour County ; attorney-at-law, Eufaula, Ala. 

Inge, Frank James, Jr. Mobile, Ala., 1893. 

Cotton broker, Mobile, Ala. 

Moore, James Alexander, Ph. B. Montevallo, Ala., 1893. 

Graduate Southern University, 1896; teacher, Montevallo, Ala. 

Wall, Edwin Chaster. Sardis, Miss., 1893. 

Merchant, Sardis, Miss. 

Urquhart, Albert. Selma, Ala., 1894. 

Student Southern University, Greensboro, Ala. 

Lagrone, William Franklin. Aberdeen, Miss., 1894. 

Merchant, Boon vi lie, Miss. 

Ormond, Thomas Fletcher. Sumptersville, Miss., 1894. 

Student Southern University, Greensboro, Ala. 

Thomas, Peyton Oscar. Gainesville, Ala., 1894. 

Student Southern University, Greensboro, Ala. 

Tucker, Randolph Augustus. Booneville, Miss., 1894. 

Student Southern University, Greensboro, Ala. 

Northcutt, Rev. John Edward. Evergreen, Ala., 1894. 

Teacher, Watasula, Ala. 

Ormond, James Fletcher. Meridian, Miss., 1894. 

Student Southern University, Greensboro, Ala. 

Howard, Isaac William, B. P. Henagon, Ala., 1894. 

Student, Mobile, Ala. 

'c^i'fi (|^>TA-BETA. 

^«lSlHgJ§S2l;fii — Greensboro, Ala., 1895. 
-BitKJa^^J»]fl?. W^'rior, Ala., 1895. 

""if s8.ff.K--* »%"-"■ Al * 

jnlSriBO^SA-A^&'Birminghani, Ala., 1895. 

born, Ala. 

_ Pheonix, Miss., 1895. 

... r iM'ho 

'^liii^'^oensboro, Ala., 1895. 
Si^gjle, Ala., 1895. 

"'" " ar i^iboro, Ala. 

itsville, Ala., 1895. 

boro, Ala. 

hite Plains, Ala., 189< 

Ala., 1896. 
istler, Ala, 1896. 

boro, Ala, 

San, Ala., 1896. 

rmingham, Ala., 1896. 
inder City, Ala., 1896. 

greboro, Ala. 

"" Choctaw Corner, Ala., 1896. 
^(•boro, Ala. 

Birmingham, Ala., 1896. 

[boro, Ala. 

|hens, Ala., 1896. 

ysboro, Ala. 

"" Ala., 1896. 

^boro, Ala. 

ngham, Ala., 1896. 

Ala., 1896. 

^i.boro, Ala. 

toasdacbusettd Beta-Gamma. 




Founded April 3, 1885, by William L. Harris (Pa. T.) and Charles W 
Baker (Pa. T). Total Membership 8. Deceased 0. 

Gleason, Walter Howard. Boston, Mass., 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Atlanta, Ga. ' 

Dearborn, William Langdon, M. E. Boston, Mass., 1885. 

Engineer, Boston, Mass. 

Cameron, Julian Abbot. Westford, Mass., 1885. 

Mechanical engineer, Boston, Mass. 

Hoadley, Francis Washburn. Boston, Mass., 1885. 

Assistant secretary American Hoclety of Mechanical engineers, New York 
City, 12 W. 81st street, New York City. 

Underhill, Charles Dudley, M. D. Chelsea, Mass., 1885. 

M. D. Harvard University ; physician, 120 Dartmouth street, Boston, Mass. 

Binney, Harold Osgood. New York City, 1885. 

Attorney-at-law, Newport, R. I. 

Brainard, Thomas Dwight, M. E. Montreal, Canada, 1885. 

Mechanical engineer, Montreal, Canada. 

Cheney, Charles. Manchester, Conn., 1885. 

Mechanical engineer, Manchester, Conn. 


Hlabama :fSeta-2>elta. 



Founded October 29, 1885, by Claud Alston Allkn (Ga. A. B.) Total 

Membership 94. Deceased 2. 

Pugh, John Cochran, B. A., LL. B. Eufaula, Ala., 1885. 

Graduate University of Alabama, 1886; LL. B. Georgetown University, 
Washington, D. C; delegate Democratic State Convention, 18M-1896; mem- 
ber K. of P.; delegate 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; attorney-at-law, 
Gadsden, Ala. 

* Going, William Rufus. Pickins County, Ala., 1885. 

Drowned, 1887, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

* Mathews, Robert Linn. Louisville, Ky., 1885. 

Died, I860, Birmingham, Ala. 

Smith, William David, LL. B. Jefferson County, Ala., 1885. 

Bookkeeper, First National Bank, Birmingham, Ala. 

Rknfro, John Forney. Opelika, Ala., 1885. 

U. S. Geodetic 8urvey, New York City. m 

Pugh, Henry Lingard. Eufaula, Ala., 1885. 

Clerk, Senate Committee, U.S. Senate, Washington, D. C. 

* Caldwell, Const antine Perkins. Columbiana, Ala., # 1885. 

Planter, Columbiana, Ala. Deceased. 

Tullis, Charles Duke. Eufaula, Ala., 1886. 

Cotton Broker, Eufaula, Ala. 

Francis, John Miller, A. B. Jacksonville, Ala., 1886. 

Professor of Chemistry, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Mitchell, James Augustus. Gainesville, Ala., 1886. 

Farmer, Gainesville, Ala. 

Hutton, Walker Seymour, A. B. Birmingham, Ala., 1886. 

Merchant, Birmingham, Ala. 

Macartney, Arthur. Mobile, Ala., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, Mobile, Ala. 

Mitchell, William Thompson. Gainesville, Ala., 1886. 

Planter, Gainesville, Ala. 

Jeter, Rev. Richard Cullen. Opelika, Ala., 1886. 

Rector, Episcopal church, Opelika, Ala. 



Billings, Joseph. Columbus, Miss., 1886. 

Banker, Columbus, Tenn. 

Reynolds, Eugene DuBose. Montevallo, Ala., 1886. 

Merchant, Montevallo, Ala. 

Christian, Harrison David. Columbus, Tenn., 1886. 

Attorney-at-law, Meridian, Miss. 

Parker, Osborne. Evergreen, Ala., 1886. 

Merchant, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Rivers, Eugene Rilford. Gleuville, Ala., 1886. 

Planter, Birmingham, Ala. 

Reynolds, Herbert Elisha, B. A., B. L. Montevallo., Ala., 

Graduate University of Alabama, 1889; B. L. University of Virginia, 1801; 
post adjutant and law librarian, University of Alabama, 1880-1890 ; attorney- 
at-law, Columbiana, Ala. 

Seale, Robert McMillan. Livingston, Ala., 1887. 

Broker, 48 Union street, New Orleans, La. 

Patty, Edward Campbell. Macon, Miss., 1887. 

Planter, Macon, Miss. 

King, Howard Preston. Cooksville, Miss., 1887. 

Merchant, Scooba, Miss. 

Lincoln, Norman Lee. Columbus, Miss., 1887. 

Shoe manufacturer (Hamilton-Brown Shoe Company), 2980 Locust street, 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Fry, John. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1887. 

Merchant, Annlston, Ala. 

Yates, Sterling Johnson, M. D. Franklin, La., 1887. 

M. D. Tulane University ; physician, Franklin, La. 

White, John Henry, Jr. Uniontown, Ala., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Uniontown, Ala. 

Harris, William Wirt. Moulton, Ala., 1888. 

Merchant, Moulton, Ala. 

Jackson, Temple. Gainesville, Ala., 1888. 

Merchant, Gainesville, Ala. 

Moore, James Clinton. Bloomville, Ala., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Warrior, Ala. 

Patty, Walter Barker. Macon, Miss., 1888. 

Talladega, Ala. 

Mendanhall, Ernest Dunlap. Corinth, Miss., 1889. 

Merchant, Mobile, Ala. 

Little, William Grey, Jr. Livingston, Ala., 1889. 

Planter, Livingston, Ala. 

Hardie, John Alexander. Uniontown, Ala., 1889. 

Planter, Uniontown, Ala. . 


Leland, William Archibald, Jr. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1889. 

Planter, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Trimble, William Nathaniel, Jr. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1890. 

Merchant, Birmingham, Ala. 

Somerville, Albert. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Nason, R. Henry. Mobile, Ala., 1890. 

Planter, Mobile, Ala. 

Russell, Cyrus. Mobile, Ala., 1890. 

Banker, Mobile, Ala. 

Jemison, W. C. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1890. 

Merchant, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Timmons, J. E. Lafayette, Ala., 1890. 

Journalist, Opellka, Ala. 

Perkins, J. C. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1890. 

Planter, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Jemison, John Steele, LL. B. Birmingham, Ala., 1890. 

LL. B. University of Alabama; attorney-at-law, Birmingham, Ala. 

Simpson, Hendree Paine, C. E. Tuskegee, Ala., 1890. 

Hydrograpblc office, Navy Department, Washington, D. C. 

Trimble, Francis Bugbee. Montgomery, Ala., 1890. 

Banker, Montgomery, Ala. 

McConnell, Joseph Lorraine, LL. B. Center, Ala., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Center, Ala. 

Kino, William DeJarnette. Scooba, Miss., 1891. 

Merchant, Scooba, Miss. 

McClellan, Thomas C. Athens, Ala., 1891. 

Merchant, Athens, Ala. 

Reynolds, F. K. Montevallo, Ala., 1891. 

Planter, Montevallo, Ala. 

Frazer, Thomas M., LL. B. Union Springs, Ala., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Union Springs, Ala. 

Brown, Darby H., B. A. Sumptersville, Ala., 1891. 

Graduate University of Alabama, 1884 ; teacher, Sumptersville, Ala. 

Todd, Wyeth. Guntersville, Ala., 1892. 

Traveling salesman, Mark A Blnm, Galveston ; present address, 1819 avenue 
G, Galveston, Tex.; permanent address, Guntersville, Ala. 

Henderson, Samuel Whelden. Talladega, Ala., 1892. 

Bookkeeper, Chlckamauga, Ga. 

Haskins, Lee Payne. Meridian, Miss., 1892. 

Planter, Meridian, Miss. 

Seay, Alexander Gillespie. Brundidge, Ala., 1892. 

Principal Clinton high schools, Clinton, Ala. 


Leland, Richard McLester. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Epks, H. H. Mobile, Ala., 1892. 

Merchant, Mobile, Ala. 

Watts, Thomas H. Montgomery, Ala., 1892. 

Banker, Montgomery, Ala. 

Blackshear, Thomas Edwin. Thomas ville, Ga., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Thomasvtlle, Ga. 

Osborne, Eugene Bryce, M. D. Cleburne, Tex., 1893. 

Physician, Cleburne, Tex. 

Herbert, Elisha Reynolds. Monteyallo, Ala., 1893. 

8tudent University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Long, Clarence Henderson. Gainesville, Ala., 1893. 

Merchant, Gainesville, Ala. 

Mudd, J. P. Birmingham, Ala., 1893. 

Stock broker, Birmingham, Ala. 

Pearson, Robert H. Birmingham, Ala., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Birmingham, Ala. 

Earle John W. Elyton, Ala., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Elyton, Ala. 

Milner, John Cooper. Leeda, Ala., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Vernon, Ala. 

Sandlin, James Temple. Mixbury, Ala., 1893. 

Merchant, Mixbury, Ala. 

Trimble, John. Montgomery, Ala., 1894. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Dewberry", John Robert. Brundidge, Ala., 1894. 

Professor Blountsvllle Military Academy, Blountsville, Ala. 

Drennan, Jesse Lafayette. Birmingham, Ala., 1894. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Trimble, Duncan Dew. Birmingham, Ala., 1894. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Lurton, Edmund Brown. Clarksville, Tenn., 1894. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Godfrey, Blake Woodson. Gainesville, Ala., 1894. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Carr, Dennis Hugh. Montgomery, Ala., 1894. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Daniels, George Albert. North Port, Ala., 1894. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Champion, William Perry. La Pine, Ala., 1894. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Wellborn, Alfred. Anniston, Ala., 1894. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 


Hayes, Edgar. Jasper, Ala., 1894. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Pickens, William Champ. Livingston, Ala., 1894. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Means, McKee Gould. Boligbee, Ala., 1894. 

Merchant, Boligbee, Ala. 

White, William Thomas. Birmingham, Ala., 1894. 

Law student, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Head, Beverly Pierce. Birmingham, Ala., 1895. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Honser, Shaler Charles. Anniston, Ala., 1895. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Spratt, Robert Davy. Livingston, Ala., 1895. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Woodson, Andrew Maury. Patton, Ala., 1895. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Denson, John. Gadsden, Ala., 1895. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Smith, Joe Walton. Birmingham, Ala., 1895. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Lamkin, Griffin. Jasper, Ala., 1895. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Echols, William Augustus. Gadsden, Ala., 1895. 

Student Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Brown, Brett Rutlidge. Birmingham, Ala., 1895. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

White, William Hubbard. Epes, Ala., 1895. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Daniel, John Louis. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1896. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Goodwyn, Albert Gallatin. Wetumpha, Ala., 1896. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Hayes, Oscar. Jasper, Ala., 1896. 

Student University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Xouteiana Beta^Bpsilon- 



Founded March 4, 1887, by Octavius N. 0. Watts, (Ky. M.). Total 

Membership 61. Deceased 3. 

Wood, Julian B. T. New Orleans, La., 1887. 

Instructor In drawing, Tulane University; art student, Paris, France. 

* Butler, George Lacey. New Orleans, La., 1887. 

1006 Carondelet street, New Orleans, La. Died, Heptember 7, 1896. 

Chaleron, Francis Joseph, M. D. New Orleans, La., 1887. 

Ex-member Louisiana state board of health ; sanitary officer, New Orleans, 
La ; Physician, Esplanade street, New Orleans, La. 

Waterman, George Abbott. New Orleans, La., 1887. 

Staff* •• Times-Democrat ;" journalist, 240 Jackson street. New Orleans, La. 

*Sampayrac, Albert IT. Willow Post Office, La., 1887. 

Died, 1887, New Orleans, La. 

* Donelson, Sidney Green. Lafourche Parish, La., 1887. 

Insurance business, 222 St. Charles street, New Orleans, La. Deceased. 

Butler, Frank Newton, Jr., A. B., LL. B. New Orleans, 
La., 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, Carondelet street, New Orleans, La. 

Stewart, John* Nelson, A. B. New Orleans, La., 1887. 

Cotton merchant, 287 Philip street, New < Orleans, I*a. 

Kearny, Edward Newton. New Orleans, La., 1887. 

Watts, Kearny A Sons, 412 St Charles street, New Orleans, l>a. 

Lombard, Gervais, B. S., C. E. New Iberia, La., 1887. 

Chief engineer Orleans levee board, Walnut street, New Orleans, La. 

Alexander, William Mason, M. D. Columbia, S. C, 1887. 

Physician, Savannah, Ga, 

Waterman, Thomas Scott, Jr. New Orleans, La., 1887. 

240 Jackson avenue, New Orleans, La 

Ware, John Stone, A. B. New Orleans, La., 1888. 

Planter, White Castle, La. 

IIuguet, Charles Kells, B. S., M. E., M. S. New Orleans, 
La., 1888. 

With Siemens A Halske Co., Chicago, 111. 

J 86 


Mkhle, Allen, New Orleans, La., 1889. 

Secretary and treasurer, William M. Riley A Co; delegate to 12th Alpha 
Tan Omega Oongreu; Insurance business, New Orleans, La. 

Skmmes, Thomas Jenkins, Jr. New Orleans, La., 1889. 

20 Booth Rain port street, New Orleans, La. 

Dupre, Henry Garland, A. B., LL. B. Opelousas, La., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, 832 Arabella street, New Orleans, La. 

Stone, Chauncey Warren. New Orleans, La., 1889. 

Stone A McBryde, Camp street, New Orleans, La. 

Bell, William Alexander. New Orleans, La., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Ijand Globe Building, New Orleans, La. 

Hkrndon, Preston. New Orleans, La., 1889. 

Chief of construction, N. O. and W. Railroad, Cbal matte, La.; Captain 4th 
battalion La. N. G.; 101 7th street, New Orleans, I^a. 

Hardie, Louis Hall. New Orleans, La., 1889. 

Corner Second street and Ht. Charles avenue, New Orleans, I>a, 

Wight, Ira Edward. New Orleans, La., 1889. 

Graduate Yale, 1898; champion mile walk Yale, 1898; ship chandler, Wood- 
ward, Wright A Co., 248 2d street, New Orleans, I a. 

Rightor, Henry James. New Orleans, La., 1889. 

Stair "Times Democrat;" president International Correspondence Club; 
journalist, 367 Calhoun street, New Orleans, La. 

Maginnis, William Tweed. New Orleans, La., 1890. 

Delegate to 18th Alpha Tan Omega Congress; Cotton manufacturer, 227 
Pry tan la street, New Orleans, La. 

Lombard, John Edward, M. E., B. S. New Iberia, La., 1890. 

Assistant professor mathematics Tulane University. New Orleans, La. 

Hardie, Henry Miller. New Orleans, La., 1890. 

Second street and Charles avenue, New Orleans, La. 

Butler, Chauncey William. New Orleans, La., 1890. 

Clerk, 1606 Carondelet street, New Orleans, La. 

Pond; Harry Searing. New Orleans, La., 1890. 

Merchant, 60 Chestnut street. New Orleans, La. 

Wilcox, Francis Wallace, M. M. S. Memphis, Tenn., 1890. 

Ex-lleutenant U. 8. A.; electrician, Montgomery, Ala. 

Musson, Gaston. New Orleans, La., 1891. 

With 1. C. R. It.; 125 Esplanade street, New Orleans, La. 

Snively, Theodore Culberton. New Orleans, La., 1891. 

Merchant, Louisville, Ky. 

Morgan, Henry Gibbs, Jr. New Orleans, La., 1891. 

Sugar planter, 882 St. Charles street. New Orleans, La. 

Parker, Arthur Devereaux. New Orleans, La., 1892. 

Merchant, Pry tan la and Third streets, New Orleans, I>a. 

Minor, John Duncan. Houma, La., 1892. 

Planter, Houma, La. 


Eustis, Allan Chartard, B. S. New Orleans, La., 1892. 

Student Yale University, New Haven, Conn. 

Avery, Dudley, Jr. New Orleans, La., 1892. 

Averys Island, La. 

DeBuys, Rathbone Emile. New Orleans, La., 1892. 

Student Yale University, New Haven, Conn. 

Brickell, William Edward, Jr. New Orleans, La., 1892. 

Merchant, poet-office box 100, New Orleans, La. 

Eshelman, Sidney St. John. New Orleans, La., 1893. 

Clerk, Third and Camp streets, New Orleans, La. 

Leverich, Henry, Jr. New Orleans, La., 1893. 

Bookkeeper, Hlbernia National Bank, 1115 Berlin street, New Orleans, La. 

Labouisse, Peter Rathbone. New Orleans, La., 1893. 

New Orleans, La. 

Elliott, Robert Huger. Sewanee, Tenn., 1893. 

Student Columbia University, New York City. 

Wood, Zachary Taylor. New Orleans, La., 1893. 

New Orleans, La. 

Finley, Ridgely. New Orleans, La., 1893. 

Student Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 

Butler, Jules Blanc. New Orleans, La., 1893. 

Delegate to 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; draughtsman, L. L. and G. 
Building, New Orleans, La. 

Rightor, Edward, A. B., LL. B. New Orleans, La., 1893. 

Delegate to 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; attorney-at^law, Morris Bulld- 
ing, New Orleans, 1 4*. 

Nixon, James Oscar. New Orleans, La., 1894. 

Delegate to 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congress. Student Tulane University, 
New Orleans, La. 

Hunt, Arthur Bradlee. New Orleans, La., 1894. 

1006 St. Charles street, New Orleans, l>a. 

DeBuys, James Temple. New Orleans, La., 1894. 

Clerk, DeBuys and LabouiBse streets, New Orleans, La. 

Leverich, William Richardson. New Orleans, La., 1894. 

Clerk, New Orleans, La. 

Burthe, Charles Andre. New Orleans, La., 1894. 

Clerk, with H. T. Cottam & Co., La. 

Butler, James Pierce, Jr. New Orleans, La., 1894. 

Student Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 

Martin, James Avery. Paris, Tex., 1894. 

Cotton merchant, Paris, Tex. 

DeBuys, Walter Lawrence. New Orleans, La., 1895. 

Student Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 


Eshelman, Charles Leverich. New Orleans, La., 1895. 

8 to dent Tulane University, New Orleans, La, 

DeBuys, Laurence Richard. New Orleans, La., 1895. 

Student Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 

Woods, Edgar. New Orleans, La., 1896. 

Student Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 

Matthews, Charles Railey. New Orleans, La., 1896. 

Student Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 

Bosworth, Millard Moore. New Orleans, La., 1896. 

Student Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 

Hayward, James Daniel. New Orleans, La., 1896. 

Student Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 

Chaffee, Henry Hansell. New Orleans, La., 1897. 

Student Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 

IDermont Beta^Zeta- 



Founded April 19, 1887, by C. S. Ferris, (N. Y. A. 0.) Total member- 
ship 76. Deceased 1. 

Andrus, Don Fredrick. Derby, Vt., 1887. 

Principal Mclndoe Falls Academy ; box fi, Mo In doe Falls, Va. 

Teachout, Thomas Philetus. Burlington, Vt., 1887. 

Merchant, Burlington, Vt. 

Grout, Abel Joel, Newfane, Vt., 1887. 

Post graduate student Columbia College; 920 Bedford avenue, Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 

Jackson, Eddy Sherman, C. E. Walden, Vt., 1887. 

Civil engineer, McLook, Neb. 

Claflin, George Halsey, C. E. Westville, N. Y., 1887. 

Superintendent Franklin County Creamery Association, Hi. Albans, Vt. 

Brookins, A. Thurmann, C. E. Shoreham, Vt., 1887. 

Civil engineer, Remus, Mlcb. 

Wiswell, Richard Gordon, A. B., M. D. Shoreham, Vt., 

Physician, Monk ton, Vt. 

Sleeper, Charles Wilbur. Quebec, Vt., 1887. 

Farmer, Quebec, Vt, 

Wilson, March McCay, A. B. Bethel, Vt,, 1887. 

Attorney-at-law, West Randolph, VL 

Norris, Rev. John Winslow, A. B., D. D. Albany, Vt., 

A. B., D. D. Yale University, ISM ; paMtor North Street Congregational 
Churc-b, Middletown, N. Y. 

Thompson, Walter John. Craftsbury, Vt., 1887. 

Teacher, « Glbbs street, Rochester, N. Y. 

Somers, Orrin Brinton. Mclndoe Falls, Vt., 1887. 

Merchant, Bar net, Vt. 

Eastman, Horace Tucker, C. E. Bradford, Vt., 1888. 

Engineer, 821 Park Place, Middletown, Conn. 



Clark, Edward, Jr. Poultney, Vt., 1888. 

Merchant, Whitehall, N. Y. 

Dunton, Samuel Warren. Dorset, Vt., 1888. 

Surveyor, East Dorset, Vt. 

Stevens, Charles Edward, B. S. Jonesville, Vt., 1888. 

Merchant, Jonesville, Vt. 

Goodrich, John Albert, Ph. B. Chateaugay, N. Y., 1889. 

Principal grammar school, Ban Diego, Cal. 

Hayford, J. Charles Tremont, C. E. Johnson, Vt., 1889. 

Contractor, Johnson, Vt. 

Cudworth, Frank Grant, C. E. Bristol, Vt., 1889. 

Engineer, corner Steward and Bay Ridge avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Flint, Rev. Irving Adams, B. D. Randolph, Vt., 1889. 

Clergyman, Falmouth, Me. 

Miller, John Elbridge, C. E. East Barnard, Vt., 1889. 

Engineer, Bellefontalne Bridge and Iron Company, Bellefontalne, Ohio. 

Evans, John Maurice, C. E. St. Albans, N. Y., 1889. 

Department Public Works, 112 W. l«Jth street. New York City. 

Ellis, Ira Harwood, A. B., B. L. Bethel, Vt., 1890. 

Merchant, 4128 Indiana avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Adgate, Matthew, Ph. I)., B. S. Keesville, N. Y., 1890. 

Chemist, Fairfield Chemical Works, Bridgeport, Conn. 

* Puffer, James Martin. Richford, Vt., 1890. 

Instructor In public schools, Pueblo, Colo. Died, August 6, 1808. 

Bottsford, Addis Kingsley, Ph. B. Plattsburg, N. Y., 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, Plattsburg, N. V. 

Shaw, Henry Whitney. West Brattleboro, Vt., 1890. 

Commerclnl traveler, West Brattleboro, Vt 

Mack ay, Albert James. Peacham, Vt., 1890. 

Medical student, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Wright, Fredrick Spencer, A. B., A. M. Barton Landing, 
Vt., 1890. 

Teacher, Barton Landing, Vt. 

Stevens, Edson Murray, B. S., E. E. Eden Mills, Vt., 1890. 

Professor electrical engineering Norwich University, Northfleld, VL 

Hoyt, Robert Douglas, A. B. Burlington, Vt., 1890. 

Teacher New York Institute for Deaf and Dumb, 162d and 11th avenue, New- 
York City. 

Sprague, George Keith, E. E. East Brookfield, Vt., 1890. 

Merchant, East Brookfleld, Vt. 

Pratt, John Frederick, B. S., C. E. Rutland, Vt., 1891. 

Assistant engineer Michigan Central Railroad, Bay City, Mich. 

Woodward, Rollin Nathaniel, B. S. Johnson, Vt., 1891. 

Draughtsman, Vermont Marble Company, Proctor, Vt. 


Nott, Charles Palmer, B. R. Burlington, Vt., 1891. 

Instructor In biology University of California, Berkeley, Cal. 

Maynard, Edward Arthur, A. B., B. P. Burlington, Vt., 

Contractor, Henry street, Burlington, Vt, 

Deberville, Frederick Barnum, A. B. Hinesburg, Vt., 

Attorney-at-law, Burlington, Vt. 

Wilson, John Jay, A. B. Bethel, Vt., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Bethel, Vt. 

Davis, Hugh, B. S., M. E. Rutland, Vt., 1891. 

Draughtsman, with Brown, Hhepard A Co., Providence, R. I. 

Northrop, Edward Worcester, C. E. Burlington, Vt., 

Civil engineer, Vermont Marble Co., 205 Merwen tttreet, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Allen, Charles E., A. B. Rutland, Vt., 1892. 

75 Forrest street, Rutland, Vt. 

Blake, Norris Darling, A. B. Eden, Vt., 1892. 

Principal North Troy high school, Troy, Vt. 

Hanson, Herbert Bill, Ph. B. Bane, Vt., 1892. 

Medical student, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Hagar, Charles Hartt, C. E. Burlington, Vt., 1892. 

Civil engineer, Burlington, Vt. 

Bates, Charles Atwood, Ph. B. Randolph, Vt., 1892. 

Medical student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Whitney, George Washington T., Ph. B. East Bethel, 
Vt., 1892. 

Medical student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Brown, Frank Preston. North Adams, Mass., 1893. 

Medical student, Germany. 

Parady, George Peter. Burlington, Vt., 1893. 

Surveyor, Colchester, Vt. 

Sayward, William James. Woodstock, Vt., 1893. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Colby, Oro Alonza. Woodstock, Vt., 1893. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Gay, Lewis. Bakersfield, Vt, 1893. 

Stereotyper, " Springfield Republican," 29 Centre street, Springfield, Mass. 

Stetson, Almon Beede. Wadham's Mills, N. Y., 1893. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Hagar, Henry Hall. Burlington, Vt., 1893. 

Merchant, 887 College street. Swan ton, Vt. 

Bryant, William LeRoy. Ludlow, Vt., 1894. 

8tudent University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 


Bell, Ernest Hyde. St. Albans, Vt., 1894. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Wilson, Robert Child. Bethel, Vt., 1894. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Wright, Frank Robert, B. S. Newport, Vt., 1894. 

Chemist, Newport, Vt. 

Taft, Russell Marlette. Burlington, Vt., 1894. 

Student UnlverBlty of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Raymond, Charles Stewart. Ludlow, Vt., 1894. 

Student Uulvernlty of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Lowell, Alverne Percy. Burlington, Vt., 1894. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Hanenstein, DeWitt Holbrook. Burlington, Vt., 1894. 

Merchant, 288 North street, Burlington, Vt. 

Whelan, William Thomas. Montpelier, Vt., 1894. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Lowell, Albert Fay. Burlington, Vt., 1895. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Jewett, Francis Roland. Swanton, Vt., 1895. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Chase, John Alden. Randolph, Vt., 1895. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Smith, Henry Warner. Swanton, Vt., 1895. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Lamson, Guy Philbrick. Randolph, Vt., 1895. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Morton, Robert Bass. Randolph, Vt., 1895. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Emery, Clarence Elbriixje. Randolph, Vt., 1895. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Stone, Hiram Bingham. Jericho, Vt., 1896. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. • 

Edwards, Wilbert J. Winooski, Vt., 1896. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Abbot, Lee Clare. Runney, N. H., 1896. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Dewey, Julius Edward. Montpelier, Vt., 1896. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

IIurlbut, Hinman Barrett. Ogdensburg, N. Y., 1896. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Ward, Forrest W. Kennebunk, Me., 1896. 

Student University of Vermont. Burlington, Vt. 

Ward, Frank E. Kennebunk, Me., 1896. 

Student University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

©bio Beta-Eta. 



Founded October 6, 1887, by Harry C. Phillips (Ohio A. *). Total 

membership 66. Deceased 0. 

Fate, Rev. Francis Asbury, S. T. B., A. M., A. B. Rich- 
mond, Va., 1887. 

Delegate to lltb Alpha Tan Omega Congress ; pastor Congregational Church, 
Manchester-by-t he-sea, Mass. 

Hebshman, Rev. Edwin Clark. Philadelphia, Pa., 1887. 

Rector Heidelburg Reform Church, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Huffman, Albert Louis. Columbus, Ohio, 1887. 

With Ohio Coal Traffic Association, Columbus, Ohio. 

Richards, Robert Lewis, A. B., M. D. New Lexington, 
Ohio, 1887. 

M. D. Ohio Medical College, 18M; physician, New Lexington, Ohio. 

Smith, Basil Liberty, A.B. Aspen Junction, Colo., 1887. 

Delegate 12th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; superintendent schools, Eagle 
County, Colo.; postmaster, Aspen Junction, Colo. 

Royce, Rev. Lyman Herbert. Camp Point, 111., 1888. 

Congregational clergyman, Camp Point, III. 

Nkilson, Carper Wordsworth, A. B. Robinson, 111., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Toledo, Ohio. 

Fuller, Rev. Marcellus Bunigan. Georgetown, Ohio, 
v 1888. 

Methodist clergyman, Urban a, Ohio. 

Foote, Lewis Boyden, B. S. Cleveland, Ohio, 1888. 

Auditing department, city of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Bryant, Rev. Stowell Lyman, A. B. Lutherville, Md., 

Rector St. Paul's M. E. Church, Washington, D. C. 

Whittaker, Rev. John Holland. Delaware, Ohio., 1888. 

Clergyman, Slatersville, R. I. 

Freeman, James Willis, A. B. Wyoming, Iowa, 1889. 

Graduate Law University of Michigan, 1HH ; attorney-at-law, Great Falls, 



Hayner, James Frederick, A. B. Rochester, N. Y., 1889. 

Merchant, Rochester, N. Y. 

Hayner, Norman Courtney, A. B. Rochester, N. Y., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Rochester, N. Y. 

Kepner, Harry V., A. B. Pueblo, Colo., 1889. 

Teacher In high school, Pueblo, Colo. 

Robinson, James Francis Chalfont. Dayton, Ohio, 1889. 

Teacher, Dayton, Ohio. 

Williams, Charles Edward, A. B. Mechanicsburg, Ohio, 

Harvard University, 1896; teacher, Mechanicsburg, Ohio. 

Linn, Andrew, A. B. Richmond Centre, Ohio, 1890. 

Merchant, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hulse, Jonas J., A. B. Harryman, Tenn., 1890. 

Manufacturer, Harryman, Tenn. 

Carpenter, Otto W., A. B. Mansfield, Ohio, 1890. 

State examiner of insurance, Columbus, Ohio. 

Cairns, William DeWeese, A. B. Troy, Ohio, 1890. 

Teacher, Troy, Ohio. 

Rioketts, Merrill Ulysses, A. B. Columbus, Ohio, 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Columbus, Ohio. 

Tknney, George L. Denver, Colo., 1891. 

Principal of high school, Malnton, Colo. 

Wallis, William, A. B. Charleston, 111., 1891. 

Teacher of high school, Charleston, 111. 

WestLaffer, Rev. Sherman T., A. B., 8. T. B. Delaware, 
Ohio, 1891. 

Methodist clergyman, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Wooddell, Frederick Lawrence. Hutchinson, Kan., 1891. 

Farmer, Hutchinson, Kan. 

Wallace, Frederick S. Forgy, Ohio, 1892. 

Teacher, Forgy, Ohio. 

Neilson, Charles Hugh, A. B. Berkshire, Ohio, 1892. 

Superintendent of schools, Berkshire, Ohio. 

Manchester, William. Cleveland, Ohio, 1892. 

Merchant, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Gordon, John Brough, B. S. Chesterville, Ohio, 1892. 

Superintendent and principal of schools, Chesterville, Ohio. 

Bass, William Rybolt, A. B. Mulberry, Ohio, 1892. 

Delegate to 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; president State Association, 
Alpha Tau Omega, 1895; law student, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

DeCamp, Ellis Oblinger, A. B. Hartwell, Ohio, 1893. 

Student Ohio Wee ley an University, Delaware, Ohio. 


Fritchle, Olivkr Parker. Mount Hope, Ohio, 1893. 

Student Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. 

Pearson, Walter B. Dayton, Ohio, 1893. 

Delegate to 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; student Wesleyan U nl verHity , 
Delaware, Ohio. 

Sharp, Carl Nelson. Sidney, Ohio, 1894. 

Stndent Ohio Wesley an University, Delaware, Ohio. 

Said, Paul R. Delaware, Ohio, 1894. 

Student Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. 

Najlor, Eugene Endsley. Delaware, Ohio, 1894. 

Correspondent " Delaware Daily Gazette," Delaware, Ohio. 

House, Frank James. Deshler, Ohio, 1894. 

Merchant, Deshler, Ohio. 

Griffis, Frank Stanley. Delaware, Ohio, 1894. 

Teacher, Delaware, Ohio. 

Bradshaw, Harlan W., A. B. Redfield, Ohio, 1894. 

Student Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. 

Henderson, Adelbert Andrew, A. B. Olentangy, Ohio, 

Civil engineer, Olentangy, Ohio. 

Ayer, Waldo Emerson. Delaware, Ohio, 1895. 

Graduate West Point, 1884; lieutenant, IT. S. A.; military instructor, Dela- 
ware, Ohio. 

Bass, Samuel I., M. D. Mulberry, Ohio, 1895. 

Physician, Mulberry, Ohio. 

Chenoweth, Rev. John Franklin, A. B. Union City, Ind., 

Methodist clergyman, Union City, Ind. 

Griffiths, Evan Warren, A. B. Delaware, Ohio, 1895. 

Post-graduate student, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. 

Payson, Charles Herbert. Macon, Mo., 1895. 

Eastman's Business College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Phifer, Charles Wilbur. Mount Vernon, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. 

Hoelzel, Anold. Baltimore, Md., 1895. 

Merchant, Delaware, Ohio. 

Bass, Harry B. Mulberry, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. 

Taylor, Bert E. Sandusky, Ohio, 189(5. 

student Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. 

Temple, Allen Porter. Batavia, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. 


Mahok, Stephen K. Ottumwa, Iowa, 1896. 

Student Ohio Wealeyan Untvernity, Delaware, Ohio. 

Smith, Waldo F Macon, Mo., 1896. 

Student Ohio Wewleyan nnivernlty, Delaware, Ohio. 

Holliday, J. J. Delaware, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Ohio Wesley an l r nlverRity, Delaware, Ohio. 

Gueene, Pearl. Sandusky, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Ohio WeMeyan rniverslty, Delaware, Ohio. 

Layman, Charles B. Dayton, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Ohio Wesleyan rnivernity, Delaware, Ohio. 

flew li)ork JBeta-Ttbeta. 



Founded November 11, 1887, by Dr. Lakkin W. Glazkbrook (Ga. A. Z.) 

Total Membership 104. Deceased 4. 

Joy, John Marston, E. E. Amesbury, Mass., 1887. 

Union Telegraph and News Co., 6A Park Place, New York City. 

Fortenbaugh, Samuel Byrod, M. E. Halifax, Pa., 1887. 

Professor electrical engineering, Wisconsin University, Madison, Wis. 

Pope, George Frederick, M. D. . Waltham, Mass., 1887. 

M. D. College Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, 1893; physician* 
Lemki Agency, Idaho. 

* Harris, Benjamin Marvin, M. E. Kendall, N. Y., 1887. 

Died, May 2, 1896. 

Brant, David Wood. Hamilton, Ohio, 1887. 

Theatrical manager, 906 North Seventh street, Hamilton, Ohio. 

Brooks, Frank Elbert, B. L. Norwich, N. Y., 1887. 

Professor St. Paul's School, Garden City, N. Y. 

Schlosser, Frederick Grant, M. E. St. Louis, Mo., 1887. 

LaClede Gas Light Co., St. Louis, Mo. 

Gilman, Frank Gaylord, B. L. Newark, N. J., 1887. 

Principal schools, 774 Highland avenue, Newark, N. J. 

White, Justin Du Pratt, B. L. Nyaek, N. Y., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, New York City. 

Metzger, Albert Elbracht, B. S. Indianapolis, Ind., 1888. 

Banker, Odd Fellows' Hall building, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hulett, Gaylord De Forrest, M. E. Sodus, N. Y., 1888. 

Manufacturer, Sodua, N. Y. 

Fort, Edwin John, C. E. Cambridge, 111., 1888. 

Assistant city engineer, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Upton, Daniel, M. E. Lawrence, Mich., 1888. 

Delegate to 11th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; Teacher, Municipal Building, 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

Rupert, Kennedy Furlong, B. A., A. M. Geneva, N. Y., 

Teacher, Plymouth, N. H. 



Bentley, Louis Lees, M. E. New Brighton, Pa., 1888. 

Assiata*t e n g in e er of teste, RandO. R.R., Baltimore, Md. 

Lowe, Grant Butler. New Berlin, N. Y., 1888. 

Farmer, New Berlin, N. Y. 

Dole, Walter Sanford, C. E. Hawaiian Island, 1888. 

Assistant engineer, Equitable Gas Co., New York City. 

Colwell, John Alexander. Rittaning, Pa., 1888. 

Merchant, 87 Peacbtree street, Atlanta, Ga. 

Tuthill, Samuel Eugene. Corning, N. Y., 1888. 

Corning, N. Y. 

Cushman, Blin Sill, B. S. New Berlin, N. Y., 1888. 

Assistant professor chemistry, Cornell University. 

Irish, William Mitchell, Jr., B. S. Fairhaven, Mass., 1888. 

Superintendent Solar Refinery, Standard Oil Co., 128 South Baxter street, 
Lima, Ohio. 

Hknckels, Theodore, B. S. Cambridge, Mass., 1889. 

Student Mlddiebury College, Mlddlebury, Vt. 

Ehle, Louis Carl, B. L., LL. B. Fort Plaine, N. Y., 1889. 

LL. B. Northwestern University, 1896; edttor Alpha Tau Omega "Palm," 
Blnce 1892; attorney-at-law, 1116 Ashland Block, Chicago, 111. 

Rowe, Norman, M. E. Oswego, N. Y., 1889. 

Engineer Westlnghouse Mfg. Co., ForbeH street, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Tuthill, Louis Henry, A. B., A. M. Corning, N. Y., 1889 # 

Teacher, Homer, N. Y. 

Yawger, Edwin, M. E. Union Springs, N. Y., 1889. 

Mechanical engineer, 72 Cortland t street, New York City. 

Titus, Frederick Allen. Shortsville, N. Y., 1889. 

Banker, Shortsville, N. Y. 

Truman, Frank Steydman. Owego, N. Y., 1889. 

Banker, Owego, N. Y. 

Simpson, William Robert, M. E. New York City, 1889. 

Mechanical engineer, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Munoz, Jos del Carmen, C. E. Rivas, Nicaraugua, 1889. 

Nicaraugua Canal, Rivas, Nicaraugua. 

Hitchcock, Edward Northrup. Hilo, Hawaiian Island, 

Sugar Planter, Onomea Sugar Co., Hilo, Hawaiian Island. 

Ferris, Frank Henry, LL. B. Spencer, N. Y., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Elm Ira, N. Y. 

Day, Rev. John William, B. D. Woburn, Mass., 1889. 

Clergyman, Hingham, Mass. 

Chinn, John Morgan, B. L. Harrodsburg, Ky., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Harrodsburg, Ky. 




* Bush, Rev. James Smith. Rochester, N. Y., 1889. 

Died, November 10, 1889. 

Bush, Harold Montford, M. E. Dansville, N. Y., 1889. 

Mechanical engineer, 52 Lexington avenue, Columbus, Ohio. 

MacNider, Stanley Corwin, E. E. Panama, S. A., 1890. 

Electrical engineer, Guatemala, Guatemala. 

Harvky, George Roy, M. E. Hamilton, Ohio, 1890. 

With Lee Steel Co., 42 Fifty-third street, Chicago, 111. 

Miller, Charles James, B. L. Newfane, N. Y., 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, Newfane, N. Y. 

Platt, Chester Childs. Somers, N. Y., 1890. 

Druggist, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Creighton, James Edwin, Ph. B., Ph. D. West River, Nova 
Scotia, 1890. 

Professor Sage School Pbllosphy, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Sawyer, Harland Aaron, M. E. Amesbury, Mass., 1890. 

Electrical supply agent, 58 Main street, Amesbury, Mass. 

MacNider, James Wright. Panama, S. A., 1890. 

Student, 86S West Fifty-fifth street, New York City. 

Nicholls, Thomas Henry, B. L. San Francisco, Cal., 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, Montgomery street, Ban Francisco, Cal. 

Robinson, Lester Ludyah. San Francisco, Cal., 1890. 

Real estate agent, 1150 South Main street, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Young, Stewart Woodford, B. S. Orient, N. Y., 1890. 

Assistant professor chemistry, Leland Stanford Jr University, Palo Alto, 

At wood, William Greene, C. E. Fredonia, N. Y., 1890. 

Assistant engineer, Department Public Works, Chicago View Hotel, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Aguilar, Ramon B. San Jose, Costa Rica, 1890. 

Student Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 

Dole, William Herbert, B. S. Koloa, Hawaiian Island, 

Architect, 9 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Laird, Arthur Gordon, A. B., Ph. D. Charlottetown, P. E. I., 

Founder California Alpha-Psi Chapter, Alpha Tau Omega; instructor in 
Greek, Cornell University; assistant professor, classical department, Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. 

Bradley, Lyman Richard, C. E. Spencer, N. Y., 1890. 

Engineer, Spencer, N. Y. 

Barr, Charles James, M. E. Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, 

Editor Sibley Journal of Engineering ; mechanical engineer, Illinois Steel 
Co., Chicago, 111. 


Rogers, Charles Edward, M. E. Oxford, N. Y., 1890. 

Mechanical engineer, London, Eng. 

Wilson, James Robert, M. E. San Francisco, Cal., 1891. 

Mechanical engineer, 2620 Octavla street, San Francisco, Cal. 

Towle, John Webster. Falls City, Neb., 1891. 

Real estate merchant, Falls City, Neb. 

Meckle, John Daniel, M. E. Chatham, N. Y., 1891. 

Mechanical engineer, Chatham, N. Y. 

Fish, J. C. L., C. E. Lounsbury, Collins, Ohio, 1891. 

Instructor civil engineering, Cornell University; professor civil engineer- 
ing, Leland Stanford Jr. University, Palo Alto, Cal. 

Eckart, William Rankine, M. E. Marysville, Cal., 1891. 

Delegate to 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; mechanical engineer, 3014 
Clay street, San Francisco, Cal. 

Daggett, Royal Bradford, M. E. Auburn, Me., 1891. 

Mechanical engineer, 1607 Poplar street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bell, Charles House. Hillsdale, N. Y., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Dansville, N. Y. 

Bryson, Thomas Bines, C. E. Mechanicsburg, Pa., 1891. 

Civil engineer, Trenton, N. J. 

Robbins, Percy Arthur, M. E. Chicago, 111., 1892. 

Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Nevius, Joseph Nelson. South Orange, N. J., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Albany, N. Y. 

* Heilman, Oren Gibson, M. E. Williamsport, Pa., 1892. 

Instructor in mechanical engineering, Cornel) University. Died, July 17, 

Bentlky, Edwin Abram. St. Louis, Mo., 1892. 

Merchant, 77 E. May street, St. Louis, Mo. 

Hildebrand, Carl Edwin, B. S. Indianapolis, Ind., 1892. 

Architect, 949 N. Meridian street, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Andrews, Eugene Plumb. Oswego, N. Y., 1892. 

Greek Fellowship; translated Inscription on the architrave of east front of 
Parthenon, unsolved before; student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Bates, Frank Henry. Springfield, Mass., 1892. 

Merchant, 2027 N. College street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Truman, James Steele, Ph. B. Owego, N. Y., 1892. 

Merchant, Owego, N. Y. 

Truman, William Chase, Ph. B. Owego, X. Y., 1892. 

Merchant, Owego, N. Y. 

Truman, George Steele. Owego, N. Y., 1892. 

Banker, 891 Front street, Owego, N. Y. 

♦Taylor, Edmund Pendleton. West End, Va., 1892. 

Died, September 9, 1894, Medlock, Va. 


Dennis, Francis James. Los Gatos, Cal., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Nevada City, Cal. 

Folsom, Edson Fessenden, B. S., M. E. Indianapolis, Ind., 

M. E. Cornell University; mechanical engineer, 882 Park avenue, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Hatt, William Kendrick, A. B., C. E. New Brunswick, 
Canada, 1892. 

Professor civil engineering University New Brunswick, 1892; instructor 
civil engineering Cornell University, 1883; professor civil engineering Pur- 
due University, Lafayette, Ind. 

Richards, John Bunn. Lock Haven, Pa., 1892. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, X. Y. 

Williams, Alpheus Fuller. Oakland, Cal., 1893. 

Engineer, room 28, Mills Building, San Francisco, Cal. 

Harris, Henry Leavenworth, Jr. West Point, N. Y., 1893. 

West Point, N. Y. 

Britton, Richard Hamilton. New Dorp, N. Y., 1893. 

New Dorp, N. Y. 

Clinton, Charles Douglas. Peekskill, N. Y., 1893. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Whiting, Irving Slaght. Bound Brook, N. J., 1893. 

Bound Brook, N. J. 

Bailey, Jamks Albert, Ph. B. Danville, N. Y., 1893. 

Law student, Danville, N. Y. 

Bump, Frederick Roswell. Binghamton, N. Y., 1894. 

Teacher Binghamton high school, Binghamton, N. Y. 

Bump, Frank Sheldon. Binghamton, N. Y., 1894. 

Merchant, Binghamton, N. Y. 

Jones, Thaddeus. Louisburg, N. C, 1894. 

Graduate Trinity College, North Carolina, 1888; attorney-at-law, New York 

Affeld, Frank Otto, Jr. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1894. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Rutzler, John Enoch. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1894. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Hodgson, Joseph Ernest. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1894. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Cottrell, Benjamin Stanton. Jamestown, R. I., 1894. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Gorman, John Truman. Owego, N. Y., 1894. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Schultz, William Jamks. Binghamton, N. Y., 1895. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 


Walton, Lkk Barker. Bear Lake, Pa., 1895. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Coleman, Robert Lord. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1895. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Barrett, Saxton Swayne. Chicago, 111., 1895. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Drake, Marcus Movier, Jr. Buffalo, N. Y., 1895. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Colton, Francis Block. Obelin, Kan., 1895. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Sawyer, Abily. Salt Lake, Utah, 1895. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Kingsley, Marrin Watson. Ripley, N. Y., 1896. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Harrington, Glenn Bower. Butte City, Mont., 1896. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Miller, Ernest Allan. Ithaca, N. Y., 1896. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Gow, Robert Archibald. Schuylerville, N. Y., 1896. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Henry, Adelbert Lyon. Westfield, N. Y., 1896. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Danris, Howard Futler. Portland, Me., 1896. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Weston, Earle Tuller. Portland, Me., 1896. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

AMchigan Beta*1kappa. 



Founded January 17, 1888, by Harry H. &tabk (Mich. A. M.) Total 

Membership 65. Decease* I ]. 

Lyon, Elias Potter, A. B., Ph. D. Hillsdale, Mich., 1888. 

Instructor in biology Hillsdale College, 1801-1802 ; delegate to 18th Alpha Tail 
Omega Congress ; biologist of the Cook Arctic expedition, 1894 ; adjutant 
general Sons of Veterans, U. 8. A., 1*03; teacher Harvard school; Fellow 
in physiology University of Chicago, 2101 Indiana avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Hardenburgh, Louis Martin, A. B., M. E. Tecumseh, 
Mich., 1888. 

Instructor in chemistry Hillsdale College, 1892-1888; Instructor Michigan 
Mining School, Houghton, Mich. 

Smith, Rev. James Crawford, A. B., A. M. Hillsdale, 
Mich., 1888. 

Mason; poet to 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; clergyman, Montpelier, 

Crosby, Holmes Bishop, A. M. Hillsdale, Mich., 1888. 

Stenographer circuit court, Garnavillo, Iowa. 

Rideout, Elsworth Tremont, Ph. B. Hillsdale, Mich., 

Y. M. C. A. secretary, Trenton, N. J. 

Dibble, Edwin A. North Adams, Mich., 1888. 

Secretary Hillsdale Grocery Company, Hillsdale, Mich. 

IIorton, William Henry. Somerset, Mich., 1888. 

Merchant, 130 Broadway, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Ewing, Hon. Alvin Enoch, LL. B. Woodbridge, Mich., 

Delegate to 11th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; member legislature, 1892-1898; 
attorney-at-law, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Locklin, Lewis Cass. North Adams, Mich., 1888. 

Superintendent Kaukauna Fibre Company, Kaukauna, Wis. 

Coldren, Ora Mansell. Negaunee, Mich., 1888. 

Merchant, Negaunee, Mich. 

*Ward, Robert Arthur. Hillsdale, Mich., 1888. 

Champion one-half mile amateur runnerof United States, 1889; tutor Hills- 
dale College. Died, .7 une 18, 1890. 



Davis, James M. Hillsdale, Mich., 1888. 

Bookkeeper, Adrian, Mich. 

Woodward, Herbert Blowers, Ph. B. Hillsdale, Mich., 

Teacher, Benzonla, Mich. 

Shaughniss, James Arlington. Angola, Ind., 1888. 

Manufacturer, Angola, Ind. 

Platts, Clyde Phillips, M. D. Hillsdale, Mich., 1888. 

M. D. University of Michigan ; physician, Fort Pierce, Fla. 

Schermerhorn, John Wallace. Mayville, Mich., 1888. 

I. O. O. F.; banker, Mayville, Mich. 

Skley, John Francesco. Hillsdale, Mich., 1888. 

Founder Adrian School of MuhIc; director Adrian Conservatory; professor 
of muHic, Kenton, Ohio. 

Drake, Warren Allen. Hillsdale, Mich., 1888. 

Professor Hillsdale College, 1872-1886; expert In detecting forgery, 809 Home 
Insurance Building, Chicago, 111. 

Varnum, Rev. Cyrus Abram, Ph. B. North Dorchester, 
Canada, 1888. 

Methodist clergyman, Beldlng, Mich. 

Nutten, Wesley Lee. Mason, Mich., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Detroit, Mich. 

Bolt, Orin Thomas, A. B. Bailey, Mich., 1889. 

Director Hillsdale gymnasium, 1894-1805; attorney-at-law, (irand Rapids, 

Newcomer, Luther W. Polo, 111., 1889. 

Merchant, Polo, 111. 

Carlin, Clyde Cicero, A. B. Angola, Ind., 1889. 

Law student, Angola, Ind. 

Collins, Albert J., Ph. B. Defiance, Ohio, 1889. 

I. O. O. F.; principal of schools, Orland, Ind. 

Williams, John Milo. Hillsdale, Mich., 1889. 

Merchant, North Adams, Mich. 

Jordan, George Thayer. North Adams, Mich., 1890. 

Graduate University of Michigan, 1892; Farmer, (Mtronel, Ala. 

Ambler, Jay C, Ph. B. Pentwater, Mich., 1890. 

Real estate broker, 26S Arcade Building, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Tibbetts, William Frank, A. B., A. M. Hillsdale, Mich., 

Professor I>atln, Hillsdale College, 1890-1896; Fellow In I^atln, University of 
Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

Fuller, Reuben John. Napoleon, Mich., 1891. 

Farmer, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Gray, Rev. William J., B. D. Springfield, Ohio, 1891. 

Clergyman, Spencer, Ohio. 


Blackman, Hiram A. Hillsdale, Mich., 1891. 

Proprietor and editor "Hillsdale Democrat;" poMtmaster, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Hammond, Hon. Jason Elmer, B. S. Hillsdale, Mich., 1891. 

Superintendent of public schools or Michigan, Lansing, Mich. 

North, Walter Harper, A. B. Somerset, Mich., 1891. 

Law student, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Washburne, Oliver Miles, A. B. Hillsdale, Mich., 1891. 

Student University of Chicago* Chicago, 111. 

Falconer, Frank Millin, Ph. B. Jamestown, N. Y„ 1891. 

Real estate broker, 3tf Prospect street, Jamestown, N. Y. 

Jenkins, Alfred Kendall. Sterling, 111., 1891. 

Student Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Kitchen, Abraham. Pitchin, Ohio, 1892. 

Student Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

McDonald, Henry Temple. Blue Earth City, Minn., 1892. 

Instructor Preparatory Department, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Williams, Henry S. Wheatland, Mich., 1892. 

Farmer, Wheatland, Mich. 

Whitney, Charles Wells, Ph. B. Reading, Mich., 1892. 

Instructor, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Collins, Clayton Irving, Ph. B. North Adams, Mich., 1892. 

Acting professor, Hillsdale College; principal of high schools, Corunna r 

Hill, Robert J., M. E. Hillsdale, Mich., 1892. 

Mechanical engineer; assistant superintendent, Henry E. H. Smith Mfg. 
Co., Detroit, Mich. 

Miller, Seth Eugene. Spencer, Ohio, 1892. 

Parmer, Spencer, Ohio. 

Keeler, Ezra C. Blissfield, Mich., 1893. 

Delegate to 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; merchant, Blissfield, Mich. 

Lyon, Charles Hibbard. Hillsdale, Mich M 1893. 

With Sidney Wanzer A Sons, 805 Thirtieth street, Chicago, 111. 

Wright, Lewis Cass. North Adams, Mich., 1893. 

Assayer, Butte City, Mont. 

Langworthy, Clayton Adolphus, A. B. West Edmeston, 
N. Y., 1893. 

Delegate to 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; Instructor, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Gier, Samuel Jerome. Ransom, Mich., 1893. 

Principal Hillsdale high schools, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Harris, Sterling Worth. Hillsdale, Mich., 1893. 

Merchant, Hillsdale, Mich. 

MacDonald, John Paul. Hillsdale, Mich., 1894. 

8tudent Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 


M< Naughton, John French. Ray, Ind., 1894. 

Student University of Kansas. 

(iriffkth, Raymond Kelley. West Campbell, Mich., 1894. 

Farmer, Went Campbell, Mich. 

Weaver, Joseph Marion. Pierceton, Ind., 1894. 

Student Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Armstrong, John Rorick. Pulteney, N. Y., 1894. 

.Student Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Phephs, Homer Enos. Marshall, Mich., 1895. 

Student Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Owen, William Bingham. Hillsdale, Mich., 1895. 

Newspaper correspondent, New York City. 

Alward, Benjamin Ray. Camden, Mich., 1895. 

Insurance broker, Camden, Mich. 

Miller, Frederick William. M&pleton, Minn., 1896. 

Student Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Oarlough, Francis Earl. Hillsdale, Mich., 1896. 

Rtudent Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Colburn, Harvey Cade. Cambria, Mich., 1896. 

Student Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Ambler, William, B. Ph., C. E. Cleveland, Ohio, 1896. 

Electrical engineer, 76 Lincoln avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Alward, Bliss S. Camden, Mich., 1896. 

Student Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Kirby, Jay Edward. Eureka, Mich., 1896. 

Student Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

DePew, Clarence E. Wolf Lake, Ind., 1896. 

Student Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

DePew, Evarts V. Wolf Lake, Ind., 1896. 

Student Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Georgia Beta*1ota. 



Founded September 18, 1888, by F. G. Corker (Ga. A. e.) Total mem- 
bership 84. Deceased 2. 

Brown, Jamks Pearce. Greensboro, Ga., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, Greensboro, Go. 

Weaver, Olin Heard, M. D. Greensboro, Ky., 1888. 

Surgeon, Grady Hospital, Atlanta, Ga. 

Davis, Edward Hunt. Eaton ton, Ga., 1888. 

Manager electric light plant, Macon, Ga. 

Respess, Heard H. Eatonton, Ga., 1888. 

Manager Kespees Engraving Company, Atlanta, Ga. 

* Reid, Andrew. Eatonton, Ga., 1888. 

Died, March 11, 1888, Atlanta, Ga. 

Rossman, James Gordon. Greensboro, Ga., 1888. 

Consulting engineer Georgia Electric Light Company, Atlanta, Ga. 

Seawell, Luke. Atlanta, Ga., 1888. 

Brow nvi lie Hardware Company, Charlotte, N. C. 

Walthall, William Preyl. Palmetto, Ga., 1888. 

Delegate to 10th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; railway mail service, Atlanta, 

Cutter, Howard Davis. East Macon, Ga., 1888. 

City engineer, East Macon, Ga. 

Barksdale, Horatio Terrill. Merriweather, Ga., 1888. 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

Fluker, William Henry. Washington, Ga., 1889. 

Manufacturer, with W. G. Fluker & Co., Washington, Ga. 

Soloman, Arthur Wellesley. Savannah, Ga., 1889. 

Electric Supply Company, Savannah, Ga. 

Kenimer Oscar Eloza. Cleveland, Ga., 1889. 

Planter, Cleveland, Ga. 

Hudson, Frank Lloyd. La Grange, Ga., 1889. 

Merchant, La Grange, Ga. 

Moore, James Stanley, M. E. Thomasville, Ga., 1889. 

Mechanical engineer, 532 Glenn avenue, Atlanta, Ga. 



Whitehurst, Zollicoffer. Gordon, Ga., 1889. 

Farmer, Gordon, Ga. 

Sherard, John Barry. Jefferson, Ga., 1889. 

Mechanical engineer, Macon, Ga. 

Collins, Emmett Walter. Acworth, Ga., 1889. 

Assistant engineer, Macon Consolidated Street Railway Company ; with 
General Electric Company, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Longley, Fuller McLauren. La Grange, Ga., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, La Grange, Ga. 

Pkitchett, Charles Marcellus. Cartersville, Ga., 1889. 

Professor of mechanics, North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical Col- 
lege, Raleigh, N. C. 

Jones, John Hardin. Atlanta, Ga., 1890. 

Professor Georgia School of Greek, Atlanta, Ga. 

Crawford, George Gordon, B. S. Braddock, Pa., 1890. 

Analytic chemist Edgar Thompson's Steel Works, Pittsburg, Pa.; chemist 
Carnegie Steel Company ; assistant superintendent Carnegie blast furnace, 
Wllklnsburg, Pa. 

Glenn, William Harper. Atlanta, Ga., 1890. 

Assistant superintendent street railway company, Atlanta, Ga. 

Jones, Harry Sidney. Atlanta, Ga., 1890. 

Secretary state asylum, MUledgevllle, Ga. 

McDonald, William Mortan. Quitman, Ga., 1890. 

Farmer, Quitman, Ga. 

Jaudon, Harry Scudder, M. E. Savannah, Ga., 1890. 

Graduate Ijehlgh University, 1886 ; delegate to 14 th Alpha Tau Omega Con- 
gress; reorganized Pennsylvania Alpha-Rbo Chapter, Alpha Tan Omega 
civil engineer, Savannah Ga. 

Asbury, DeWitt N. Lynesville, Ga., 1890. 

Planter, Crawfordsvllle, Ga. 

Dean, Samuel P. Atlanta, Ga., 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, Atlanta, Ga. 

Thomas, Dennis Long. Eatonton, Ga., 1890. 

Planter, Eatonton, Ga. 

Pritchett, William Henry, M. E. Cartersville, Ga., 1890. 

Mechanical engineer Fort Worth Iron Co., Fort Worth, Tex. 

Pierson, Raymond Michael. Newman, Ga., 1890. 

Merchant, Newnan, Ga. 

Hansell, William Albert, Jr. Atlanta, Ga., 1890. 

City engineer's office, Atlanta, Ga. 

Phillips, Harvey Thomas, Jr. Atlanta, Ga., 1890. 

Bookkeeper, Phlllyss A Crew Co., Atlanta, Ga. 

Long, Henry Lafayette, Jr. Leesburg, Ga., 1890. 

Farmer, Leesburg, Ga. 


McCrary, John Alva. Senoia, Ga., 1890. 

Cashier Farmers' and Merchants' Bank, Tennllle, Ga. 

Werner, Edward Alphonzo, Jr. Atlanta, Ga., 1890* 

Graduate Cornell University; draughtsman, with Van Winkle Works, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Johnson, Mark William, Jr. Atlanta, Ga., 1891. 

Johnson Seed Co., Atlanta, Ga. 

Wilson, Harvey Phillips. Atlanta, Ga., 1891. 

Cashier Neal I<oan and Banking Co., Atlanta, Ga. 

Little, Clarence Beeman, B. S. Eatonton, Ga., 1891. 

Graduate Georgia School of Technology, 1882, with first honor ; mechanical 
draughtsman with Brown wall Foundry and Mechanical Co., Dayton, Ohio. 

Colcord, Aaron Reppard. Arnoskeag, Ga., 1891. 

Manager Atlanta Lumber Co., Atlanta, Ga. 

Boyd, James William. Atlanta, Ga., 1891. 

Vice-president Barnwell OH Co., Barnwell, 8. C. 

Miles, Harry Hall. Atlanta, Ga., 1891. 

Delegate to 18th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; Draughtsman, Miles ± Bene- 
dict, contractors, Atlanta, Ga. 

Long, Edgar Taylor. Leesburg, Ga., 1891. 

Teacher, Leesburg, Ga. 

McCall, Charles William. Savannah, Ga., 1891. 

With Hunter, Pearce A Beatty, Savannah, Ga. 

Gwynn, Charles Redding. Zebulon, Ga., 1891. 

Farmer, Zebulon, Ga. 

Mealor, William Griggs. Gainesville, Ga., 1891. 

Superintendent Gainesville Iron Works, Gainesville, Ga. 

Bouldin, Thomas Tyler. Atlanta, Ga., 1891. 

Southern Railway office, Washington, D. C. 

La Far, Henry Hamilton. Savannah, Ga., 1892. 

Charleston, B. C. 

LaFar, Sanford Branch. Savannah, Ga., 1892. 

Cotton planter, Isle of Hope, Ga. 

Whitney, Edward Russell. Augusta, Ga., 1892. 

General Electric Co., Lynn, Mass. 

Jessop, William. Atlanta, Ga., 1892. 

Delegate to 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; Southern Agricultural Works, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Hunter, William Wallace, M. E. Washington, Ga., 1893. 

Railway engineer, Washington, Ga. 

Whitney, Alexander Barry. Augusta, Ga., 1893. 

Student Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Ckumley, Robert Monroe. Atlanta, Ga., 1893. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 


Nash, Walter Devekeux. Atlanta, Ga., 1893. 

Delegate to 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; student Georgia School of 
Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

Van Winkle, Edward King. Atlanta, Ga., 1893. 

East Van Winkle Gin and Machine Works, Atlanta, Ga. 

Meyer, Fredrick Carl. Augusta, Ga., 1894. 

Merchant, Augusta, Ga. 

Jernigan, Greenville Jarrell. White Plains, Ga., 1893. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

Merry, Ernest Biscoe. Berzalia, Ga., 1893. 

Merchant, Merry Bros., Berzalia, Ga. 

Chapman, Howard King. Atlanta, Ga., 1893. 

Superintendent construction for Terrell & Chapman, Atlanta, Ga. 

Nash, Robert Stafford. Atlanta, Ga., 1894. 

Cashier American Book Co., Atlanta, Ga. 

McCathern, Otis Adair. Burke County, Ga., 1894. 

Farmer, Waynesboro, Ga. 

Hunter, James Lipscomb. Washington, Ga., 1894. 

Farmer, Washington, Ga. 

Corput, Rex Van Den. Edgewood, Ga., 1894. 

Editor college paper ; student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

* Rossman, William Harold. Greensboro, Ga., 1894. 

Died, August 28, 1896. 

Greene, Edward Alonzo. Fort Gaines, Ga., 1894. 

Student Georgia .School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

Wallace, John William, Jr. Augusta, Ga., 1895. 

With Stoddard Mfg. Co., Dayton, Ohio. 

Brewster, Pendleton Harris, Jr. Manchester, Ga., 1895. 

Student Emory College, Oxford, Ga. 

Jones, Julian J. McPherson, Ga., 1895. 

Business college, Atlanta, Ga. 

McCall, Willie Pearce. Savannah, Ga., 1895. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

James, Thomas Fraser. Darlington, S. C, 1895. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

Turner, Frank Coker. La Grange, Ga., 1895. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

Everett, James Lewis. Fort Valley, Ga., 1895. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

Matthews, Alva Blalock. Barnesville, Ga., 1895. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

West, J. G. Atlanta, Ga., 1895. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 


Emerson, W. H. Atlanta, Ga., 1895. 

Professor chemistry, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

Leigh, Ward. Manchester, Ga., 1895. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

Altuzarra, Greggorio. Mantanzas, Cuba, 1896. 

Merchant, Atlanta, Ga. 

Harby, Jackson Moses. Sumpter, S. C, 1896. 

Editor college paper ; student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

Ruse, Clarence L. Atlanta, Ga., 1896. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga, 

Lombard, G. S. Augusta, Ga., 1896. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

Lamar, P. R. Augusta, Ga., 1896. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

Little, F. B. Putnam County, Ga., 1896. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

Brewster, W. E. Manchester, Ga., 1896. 

Student Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 

AMcbigan ©eta-Xambba. 



Founded December 8, 1888, by E. J. Shivks (O. A. ♦., Mich. B. K., Mich. 
A. M. Chapters). Total membership 41. Deceased 0. 

Sabin, Frederick Alfred, LL. B. North Adams, Mich., 

Attorney-at-law, Pueblo, Colo. 

Hammond, Charles Martin, LL. B. Woodsville, Ont., 1888. 

Attorney-at-law, 82 McGraw Building;, Detroit, Mich. 

Glover, Joseph Lawrence, LL. B. Littleton, N. H., 1888. 

K. of P.; deputy United States attorney, Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Stevens, La Vergne Belden. Pontiac, Mich., 1888. 

Farmer, La Porte, Ind. 

Chaddock, John Benjamin, LL. B. Ionia, Mich., 1889. 

Mason ; mayor Ionia; chairman Republican County Committee; president 
Lincoln Republican Club; attorney-at-law, Ionia, Mich. 

Chandler, William Smith, C. E. Ridgeway, Mich., 1889. 

Civil engineer, Coldwater, Mich. 

Hosack, Hon. George Mechlin, LL. B. Dayton, Pa., 1889. 

Delegate to 12th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; Worthy High Chancellor, 
Alpha Tau Omega ; attorney-at-law, 919 Carnegie Building, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Ziff, Oscar Robert, LL. B. Kankakee, 111., 1889. 

K. T. ; attorney-at-law, Tacoma Building, Chicago, 111. 

Williams, Curtis CarringtoK, M. D. New Lisbon, Ohio, 

Mason ; physician, Nlles, Ohio. 

Hankerson, Asa Herbert. LaCrosse, Wis., 1889. 

Merchant, Seattle, Wash. 

Mutton, Wesley Lee. Detroit, Mich., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Peninsula Bank Building, Detroit, Mich. 

Norton, Willard Davalson, LL. B. La Porte, Ind., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, room 8, 84 Washington street, Chicago; residence, 6149 
Greenwood avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Hemley, Russell Herley. Utica, Mo., 1889. 

Mason ; merchant, Trenton, Mo. 



Graves, Frank Burton, C. E. Penfield, N. Y., 1889. 

Civil engineer and city clerk, New Whatcom, Wash. 

Robinson, George Atla. Detroit, Mich., 1889. 

Civil engineer, 425 Cass avenue, Detroit Mich. 

Van Tuyl, Henry Isaac, B. S. Ypsilanti, Mich., 1890. 

Medical student, Northwestern Medical Co., 9001 Calumet avenue, Chicago,. 

Woolman, Henry Middlkton, M. D. Crosswick, N. J., 1 890. 

Physician, Crosswick, N. J. 

Stark, Walter George. Detroit, Mich., 1890. 

Detroit Bridge and Iron Works, Detroit, Mich. 

Joslyn, Rodolphus Wait. Elgin, 111., 1890. . 

Merchant, Elgin, 111. 

Godfrey, William C. Dixon, 111., 1890. 

Chemist, Dixon, HI. 

Riker, John David, A. B., M. D. White Lake, Mich., 1890. 

Mason ; instructor materia medira University of Michigan, 1801 ; physician* 
Pont lac, Mich. 

Hosack, Moulton Jones. Dayton, Pa., 1890. 

Attorn ey-at-law, Greensburg, Pa. 

Riker, Abram Linderman, LL. B. Pontiac, Mich., 1890. 


Shdler, Darius Parsons, B. S., Ph. B. Ypsilanti, Mich., 

Professor of natural science Ypsilanti high school; chemist Ypsilanti 

Dunn, Zepl Gersten, LL. B. Lawrenceburg, Ind., 1890. 

K. of P.; attorney-at-law, Seattle, Wash. 

Spencer, Roy Hitchman. Mount Pleasant, Pa., 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, Toledo, Ohio. 

Murbach, Edwin Andrew, A. B., M. D. Archibald, Ohio, 

Physician, Archibald, Ohio. 

Fisher, Will John, C. E. Pontiac, Mich., 1890. 

Civil engineer, Pontiac, Mich. 

LaGendre, Edward Henry, LL. B. Luddington, Mich., 

Attorney-at-law, Luddington, Mich. 

Heysett, Frederick William, M. D. Amleyville, Ont., 

Physician, Luddington, Mich. 

Hammond, Janson Elmer, B. S. Ransom, Mich., 1891. 

Mason ; department public Instruction, Lansing, Mich. 


Ykoman, LeRoy C. New York City, 1892. 

Merchant, post-office box 120], New York City. 

Kky, George Foster. Ann Arbor, Mich., 1892. 

.student University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Keer, William Wallace. La Porte, Ind., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Stock Exchange Building, Chicago, 111. 

Barney, Frederick R., B. S. Marshall, Mich., 1892. 

Mason ; attorney -at- law, Charlotte, Mich. 

Larson, Oscar John, LL. B. Calumet, Mich., 1892. 

Attorney-ftt-law, Calumet, Mich. 

AV right, Maurice Calvin, A. B. Liverpool, Pa., 1892. 

Merchant, Liverpool, Pa. 

Booth, H. Walter, A. B. Erie, Pa., 1892. 

Worthy Grand Keeper Annate, Alpha Tau Omega, 1892-1894; publisher, 89 
Madison street, Chicago, 111. 

Childs, Herbert Ward, LL. B. Ypsilanti, Mich., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Driggs, Charles E. Albion, Mich., 1893. 

Clerk Post Office Department, Washington, D. C. 

Wallace, Winfred James, LL. B. Ypsilanti, Mich., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Georgia Beta^flu, 



Founded December 9, 1888, by C. C. Nall (Ga. A. 6.) Total member- 
ship 24. Deceased 0. 

Clark, Herbert Winans, B. L. Augusta, Ga., 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Augusta, Ga. 

Newell, Tomlinson Lort, Jr. Milledgeville, Ga., 1889. 

Insurance broker, Milledgeville, Ga. 

Jergman, Charles Sterling, M. D. White Plains, Ga., 

Physician, White Plains, Ga. 

Leavy, Arthur Heyword. Brunswick, Ga., 1888. 

Merchant, Brunswick, Ga. 

Jones, Henry Frank, A. B. Dixie, Ga., 1888. 

Teacher, Dixie, Ga. 

Brodnax, Samuel Edward. Walnut Grove, Ga., 1889. 

Farmer, Scottsboro, 8. G. 

Richardson, James Milton. Milledgeville, Ga., 1889. 

Professor Middle Georgia Agricultural and Mechanical College. 

Barrett, Charles Ferdinand. Linton, Ga., 1890. 

Druggist, Milledgeville, Ga. 

McCullough, Thomas Eugene. Waterloo, S. C, 1890. 

Farmer, Waterloo, 8. C. 

Pottle, James Robert. Warrenton, Ga., 1890. 

Merchant, Warrenton, Ga. 

Fuller, John Peyton, Jr. Birmingham, Ala., 1890. 

Clerk, L. A N. R. R., Birmingham, Ala. 

Fuller, James Morgan. Birmingham, Ala., 1890. 

Clerk, L. & N. R. R., Birmingham, Ala. 

McKay, William Archibald. Scotland, Ga., 1890. 

Merchant, Rochel, Ga. 

Brodnax, Joel Colley. Walnut Grove, Ga., 1890. 

Merchant, Walnut Grove, Ga. 



Kknan, Louis Holmes. Milledgeville, Ga., 1888. 

Commandant Southern Military Academy, Manchester, Ga. 

Lamar, Lucius Mierabkau. Atlanta, Ga., 1888. 

Attorn ey-at-law, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Peterson, William Archibald. Mount Vernon, ( Ja., 1889. 

Attorney-nt-law, Mt. Vernon, Ga. 

Newell, Isaac. Milledgeville, Ga., 1889. 

Lieutenant, U. 8. A., Milledgeville, Oa. 

Campbell, John Berlon. Atlanta, Ga., 1889. 

Coal dealer, Atlanta, Ga. 

Garrard, James Isaac, M. D. Uona, (5a., 1889. 

PhyHiclan, Bel lev ue H oh pita), New York City. 

Smith, Ernest Jennings. Devereaux, Ga., 1889. 

Student Southern Baptist Seminary, Louisville, Ky. 

Lumpkins, W. W. Milledgeville, Ga., 1889. 

Soliciting freight agent C. R. K., Macon, Ga. 

Newell, Alfred C. Milledgeville, Ga., 1890. 

City editor "Atlanta Conntitution," Atlanta, Ga. 

Culver, Eddie Lawrence. Oak Grove, Ga., 1890. 

Merchant, Sparta, Ga. 



Founded December 20, 1888, by E. J. Siiives (Ohio A. *.) Total Mem- 
bership 71. Deceased 1. 

Boyd, John Charles, A. B. Wooster, Ohio, 1888. 

I. (>. (). F.; profeiwor Preparatory Department, University of Wooster, 
Wooster, Ohio. 

Colvin, Rev. Frank Crable. Auburn, Ind., 1888. 

Graduate McCormlck Theological Seminary, 1804 ; founder Ohio State As- 
sociation, Alpha Tau Omega; originator of annual chapter reports; Pres- 
byterian clergyman, Auburn, Ohio. 

McMichael, Charles Clement. Keene, Ohio, 1888. 

Superintendent of schools, Caldwell, Ohio. 

Ryder, Virgil, A. B. Millersburg, Ky., 1888. 

A. B. Harvard University, 1891; teacher, Mlllersbufg, Ky. 

Shirley, Rev. Samuel-Lawson, A. B. Albion, Ind., 1888. 

Presbyterian clergyman, Columbia City, Ind. 

Walker, Milo Scott, B. S. Woodhull, 111., 1888. 

Teacher, Mt. Morris, 111. 

Young, Abert Frederick, M. D. Wanwatosa, Wis. 

Visiting physician county hospital ; physician, Wanwatosa, Wis. 

Wolfe, Edwin Lester. Coshocton, Ohio, 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, West Lafayette, Ohio. 

Stahl, Ira C, A. B. Harrison, Ohio, 1889. 

Superintendent of schools, Rockford, Ohio. 

*Stahl, Jesse Irwin. Harrison, Ohio, 1889. 

Died, July 9, 1893, St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago, 111. 

Lobingier, Walter Smith. Pittsburg, Penn., 1889. 

Journalist, 2M South Euclid avenue, E. E. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Cookson, Charles William. Athens, Ohio, 1889. 

Superintendent public schools, Shawnee, Ohio. 

Allison, Harry Francis, A. B. Alleghany, Pa., 1889. 

Clerk, 17 Alpine avenue, Alleghany, Pa. 

Spencer, Ray, A. B. Toledo, Ohio, 1890. 

Attorney-at-law, 116 Thirteenth street, Toledo, Ohio. 



Work, Harvey Black, A. B. Wooster, Ohio, 1890. 

Teacher, 69 Bowman street, Wooster, Ohio. 

Zimmerman, Frederick Held. Wooster, Ohio, 1891. 

1891 Bealle avenue, Wooster, Ohio. 

Mkdd, Thomas H. Wooster, Ohio, 1891. 

Merchant, Wooster, Ohio. 

King, Harry Elwood. New Falls, Ohio, 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Akron, Ohio. 

Kenty, Clyde Brown. Lisbon, Ohio, 1891. 

Delegate Hth Alpha Tan Omega Congress; Teacher, Lisbon, Ohio. 

Ayres, George ThOxMas. Columbus Grove, Ohio, 1891. 

Medical student, Columbus, Ohio. 

Abbott, Uru Shelby, A. B. Tiffin, Ohio, 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Tiffin, Ohio. 

Alspach, Rev. Clement L. Baltimore, Ohio, 1892. 

Graduate Heidelberg University; clergyman, North Baltimore, Ohio. 

Barnhardt, Harry A., A. B. Harmony, Pa., 1892. 

Teacher, Harmony, Pa. 

Beam, George W. Dakota, 111., 1892. 

Druggist, Dakota, 111. 

Beam, John Albert. Dakota, 111., 1892. 

Teacher 3V7 La Halle avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Fouse, William F., A. B. Kingston, Ohio, 1892. 

Teacher, Napakoneta, Ohio. 

Hibshman, Henry Eberly, B.S., M. D. Strasburg, Pa., 1892. 

Physician, Philadelphia, Pa, 

Hibshman, Walter S., B. S. Strasburg, Pa., 1892. 

Student University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hickok, Rev. Francis M. Wooster, Ohio, 1892. 

Presbyterian clergyman, Wooster, Ohio. 

Jones, Howard G. Van Wert, Ohio, 1892. 

Student Rush Medical College, Chicago, 111. 

Kribbs, Martin Wesley. Blairs Corners, Pa., 1892. 

Merchant Blairs Corners, Pa. 

Leister, Reginald Bertram, B. S. Tiffin, Ohio, 1892 

Student Ohio Medical College, Columbus, Ohio. 

McManigal, Samuel L. Wooster, Ohio, 1892. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Michaels, Hal William. Tiffin, Ohio, 1892 

Student, Tiffin, Ohio. 

Sc hoch, Rev. Lafayette S. Tiffin, Ohio, 1892. 

Presbyterian clergyman, Tiffin, Ohio. 


Bit aden, John Byrd. Canton, Ohio, 1893. 

Merchant, 154 W. Eighth street, Canton, Ohio. 

Pck ock, Benjamin S. Shreve, Ohio, 1893. 

Merchant, Shreve, Ohio. 

McVicker, Walter F. Lisbon, Ohio, 1893. 

Btudent, Lisbon, Ohio. 

Maxwell, Samuel W. Wooster, Ohio, 1893. 

Student, University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Julliard, Alfred Louis. Louisville, Ohio, 1893. 

Attorney-at.Iaw, Ixniisvllle, Ohio. 

Jones, Abner G. Van Weil, Ohio, 1893. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Huston, Raymond MacD. Lisbon, Ohio, 1893. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Hay, Dwight G. Wooster, Ohio, 1893. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Hay, Charles Harvey. Cresson, Ohio, 1893. 

Merchant, Cresson, Ohio. 

Faust, Oliver P., A. B. Akron, Ohio, 1893. 

Delegate 18th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; teacher, Akron, Ohio. 

Conant, Otis K. Plainfield, 111., 1894. 

Student University of WooBter, Wooster, Ohio. 

Elliott, Charles II. Kingston, Ohio, 1894. 

Student Purdue University, La Fayette, Ind. 

Bawson, Levi. Lisbon, Ohio, 1894. 

Student, Columbus, Ohio. 

Scott, Walter. Lindlay, Ohio, 1894. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Wiley, Dwight W. Jersey, Ohio, 1894. 

Student McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, 111. 

Winans, Clarence II. Galion, Ohio, 1895. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Vasey, Charles F. Salineville, Ohio, 1895. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Tappan, Paul W. Portsmouth, Ohio, 1895. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Pritchard, Howard Dallas. Lisbon, Ohio, 189.1. 

Student Unlvertity of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

McIntire, Walter 0. Manchester, Ohio, 1895. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Kline, John Blaine. Bolivar, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Hill's School, Ronton, Mass. 

Kiutland, Harry B. Plymouth, Ohio, 1895. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 


IIickok, Ralph Kiddoo. Wooster, Ohio, 1895. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Oblo. 

IIickok, Paul R. Wooster, Ohio, 1895. 

Delegate 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; student University of Wooster, 
Wooster, Ohio. 

Funck, Sterling R. Wooster, Ohio, 1895. 

Merchant, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Merrill, John J. Greenfield, Mo., 1896. 

Student l.awrenee, Mo. 

Larabie, Robert Donnell. Deer Lodge, Mont., 1896. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Humphreys, Wilber Ray. Van Wert, Ohio, 1896. 

student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Crooks, Harvey Means. Wooster, Ohio, 1896. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Elliott, Varnum Noyes. Akron, Ohio, 1896. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Simon, Guy Wallace. McComb, Ohio, 1896. 

Student University or Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Henderson, John T. Logan, Ohio, 1896. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Crist, Harry W. Ostrandes, Ohio, 1896. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Borr, Frank Rhka. Tiffin, Ohio, 1896. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

McManigal, Charles Fielding. Logan, Ohio, 1896. 

Student University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Connell, Charles, LL. B. Lisbon, Ohio, 1896. 

Graduated with honor from Cincinnati law school, 1808; attorney-at-law, 
Lisbon, Ohio. 

Soutb Carolina ®eta*$ i. 



Founded February 16, 1889, by South Carolina A. X. Chapter. Total 

Membership 23. Deceased 1. 

Coe, Ward Baldwin, B. A., LL. B. Cluffton, S. C, 1889. 

LL. B. Columbian University; U. 8. Signal Service, Washington, D. C. 

Gaillard, Augustus Thkodore. Charleston, S. C, 1889. 

Graduate Charleston College, 1892; student South Carolina Medical College,. 
45 E. Bay street, Charleston, 8. C. 

Prioleau, William Hutson, Jr., M. A., B. A., M. D. Charles- 
ton, S. C, 1889. 

Physician, Suuimerville, 8. C. • 

Rivers, Moultrie Rutledge, B. A. Mount Pleasant, S. C, 

Attorney-at-law, ( 'harleston, s. C. 

Tupper, Frederick, Jr., Ph. I)., M. A. Charleston, S. C, 

Ph. I). Johns Hopkins University, 1898; held Fellowship from Johns Hop- 
kins University ; delegate to 13th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; professor 
English, University of Vermont; attorney-at-law, Burlington, Vt, 

Dawson, Louis Young, B. A., C. E. Mount Pleasant, S. C. t 

Civil engineer, Charleston, H. C. 

Venning, Charles Simonton. Mount Pleasant, S. C, 1889. 

Attorney-at-law, Charleston, S. C. 

Lowndes, William. Charleston, S. C, 1890. 

Phosphate merchant, Charleston, 8. C. 

Foster, Hknry Poyos, Jr. Charleston, S. C, 1890. 

Merchant, Atlanta, Ga. 

Baynard, Owen Thomas, B. A. Bath, Ga., 1890. 

Merchant, Bath, Ga. 

Lawrence, Charles Edward, B. A. Charleston, S. C, 1890. 

Student Boston School Technology, Boston, Mass. 

McGillvray, Hugh Swinton, B. A. Charleston, S. C, 1890. 

Student University Gotten gen, Germany. 



Prioleau, John Guerard. Charleston, S. C, 1890. 

Bank clerk, Charleston, 8. C. 

* Prioleau, Charles Edward, B. A. Charleston, S. C, 

Attorney-at-law. Died, August, 1896. 

•Gordon, William Deror. Charleston, S. C, 1891. 

With Shepherd & Co , Charleston, 8. C. 

Logan, William Turner, A. B. Charleston, S. C, 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Charleston, 8. C. 

Davis, Zimmerman, Jr. Charleston, S. C, 1891. 

Merchant, Charleston, 8. C. 

Johnson, Rev. James Willis Cantey. Charleston, S. C, 

Graduate University of South; Theological School, 1895; affiliated with 
Tennessee Omega Chapter; Episcopal clergyman, Rock Hill, 8. C. 

Prioleau, Thomas Grimball, B. A. Charleston, S. C, 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Charleston, S. C. 

Jervey, James Laird, B. A. Charleston, S. C, 1892. 

Merchant, Charleston, 8. C. 

Hayne, Henry Frost, B. A. Charleston, S. C, 1893. 

Merchant, Charleston, 8. C. 

Blackman, Edward Loyer. Charleston, S. C, 1894. 

Student Charleston College, Charleston, 8. C. 

Huguenin, Cornelius Julien. Charleston, S. C, 1892. 

Student Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 

Afcbigan Beta*©mfcron. 



Founded May 24, 1889, by JamehT. Kucih, (Mich. A. M.) Total mem- 

bernliip 53. Deceased 1. 

Cook, Rev. Joseph C, A. B. Kingston, Ont., 1889. 

Methodist clergyman, Allegan, Mich. 

Cutler, Ira E., B. S. Putnam, Conn., 1889. 

Superintendent of schools, 814 Dunlap avenue, Menominee, Mich. 

Dodds, Rev. Francis E., A. B., S. T. B. Ionia, Mich., 1889. 

H. T. B. Boston University, 189H; Methodist clergyman, Fairfield, Mich. 

Doolittle, Byron G. Tekonsha, Mich., 1889. 

Merchant, Tekonsha, Mich. 

Downing, Elliott R., A. B., M. S. Chelsea, Mass., 1889. 

Professor of biology Beloit College, 1892-1895; Children's Aid Society, cor. 
18th avenue and 68th street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Engle, Wilbur D., B. S., A. M. Petoskey, Mich., 1889. 

Assistant professor of chemistry Albion College, 1804-1865; professor of 
chemistry Denver University, University Park, Colo. 

Folks, Homer, A. B., A. M. Hanover, Mich., 1889. 

A. M. Harvard University, 1890; secretary state charities and aid associa- 
tion, 68 K. 87th street, New York City. 

Graham, Hugh A., A. B., A. M. Brompton, Ont., 1889. 

A. M. Albion College, 1802; superintendent of schools, Ontonagon, Mich. 

Holmes, Rev. William L., B. S., S. T. B. Eaton Rapids, 
Mich., 1889. 

Methodist clergyman, Elsie, Mich. 

Houghton, Spencer L., A. B. Redford, Mich., 1889. 

Insurance agent, 1028-1029 Chamber of Commerce, Detroit, Mich. 

Longstreet, William. Silver Brook, Pa., 1889. 

Merchant, Saginaw, Mich. 

Mather, Rev. Elbert 0., A. B. Groton City, N. Y., 1889. 

Methodist clergyman, Galesburg, Mich. 

Nkwman, Ralph, A. B. Jackson, Mich., 1889. 

Student Boston University, 72 Mount Vernon street, Boston, MasF. 



* Ray, Leslie I. Ishpeming, Mich., 1889. . 

Died, August 8, 1800, Albion, Mich. 

Travis, Ira D., A. B. Cota, N. Y., 1889. 

Superintendent of schools, Barron, Wis. 

Walters, John Grant. Tiffin, Ohio, 1889. 

Merchant, Tiffin, Ohio. 

Wkldon, Rev. Ira, B. S. Mosherville, Mich., 1889. 

Methodist clergyman, Bangor, Mich. 

Whitcomb, Will Higbee, B. 8., Ph. G. Red Wing, Wis., 

Druggist, Twelfth and Spruce streets, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Woton, Rev. J. Ralph. Hastings, Mich., 1889. 

Methodist clergyman, Freeport, Mich. 

Wright, Warren M. Ispheming, Mich., 1889. 

Private secretary to the state treasurer, Lansing, Mich. 

Fenn, Rev. Charles II. Hyde Park, Mass., 1890. 

Clergyman, 916 Holmes street, Kansas City, Mo 

Rice, William F., A. B., A. M. Pentwater, Mich., 1890. 

A. M. Northwestern University, 1806; missionary, Buenos Ayrea, 8. A. 

Buck, William B., A. B., A. M. Kalamazoo, Mich., 1891. 

Student Harvard University, 10 Church street, Cambridge, Mass. 

Clancy, Marshall G., M. D. Albion, Mich., 1891. 

M. D. Rush Medical College; physician, Albion, Mich. 

Jacobs, Charles S., A. B., A. M. Albion, Mich., 1891. 

American school at Athens, Greece, 1894-1807; assistant professor of Greek 
Albion College, Albion, Mich. 

Merrill, Rev. Charles M. Canton, Conn., 1891. 

Methodist clergyman, Otsego, Mich. 

Palmatier, Rev. Charles, A. B. Banfield, Mich., 1891. 

Methodist clergyman, Wesley, Mich. 

Phelps, Rev. William H., B. L., M. L. Kalmazoo, Mich., 

Methodist clergyman, Martin, Mich. 

Reusch, Rev. Moses E. Ionia, Mich., 1891. 

Graduate Chicago School of Pharmacy ; Methodist clergyman, Alden, Mich. 

Cogshall, Wilbur A., B. S. Grand Rapids, Mich., 1892. 

Assistant to Prof. T. J. J. See, Lowell Observatory, Mexico City, Mexico. 

Hopkins, B. S., A. B. Owosso, Mich., 1892. 

Assistant in Greek, Albion College ; Owosso, Mich. 

Johnson, Rev. William A., A. B. Mancelona, Mich., 1892. 

Methodist clergyman, Lakota, Mich. 

Haywood, A. Ames, A. B. South Lyons, Mich., 1892. 

Student Boston University, 72 Mount Vernon street, Boston, Mass. 


Thayer, Eugene B. Owosso, Mich., 1892. 

Traveling man, Butte, Mont. 

White, James 0. West Bay City, Mich., 1892. 

Student Boston University, 72 Mount Vernon street, Boston, Mass. 

Wilkerson, De Witt C. Dundee, Mich., 1892. 

Banker, Central Savings Bank, Detroit, Mich. 

Burnett, Walter E. Teeumseh, Mich., 1893. 

Student Albion College, Albion, Mlcb. 

Duncan, Victor E. Grand Rapids, Mich., 1893. 

Machinist, 858 Central avenue, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Gill, B. Ensign. Albion, Mich., 1893. 

Merchant, 52 Ann street, Chicago, ill. 

Grove, Leo J. Jessie, Mich., 1893. 

Farmer, Jesse, Mich. 


Lkeson, H. Addis, B. S. Manchester, Mich., 1893. 

Student Boston University, HI Way land street, Boston, Mass. 

Smith, Charles E., Ph. B. North Adams, Mich., 1893. 

Superintendent of schools, Litchfield, Mich. 

Field, Rev. Howard A. Teeumseh, Mich., 1894. 

Methodist clergyman, Weston, Mich. 

Howe, Harry L. Albion, Mich., 1894. 

Student Albion College, Albion, Mich. 

Latham, Everett B. Detroit, Mich., 1894. 

Attorney-at-law, 57 Mott'at Building, Detroit, Mich. 

Parsons, Kev. William E., A. B., A. M. Albion, Mich., 

A. M. Princeton University; Presbyterian clergyman. Danville, 111. 

Banks, Walter G. Albion, Mich., 1895. 

8tudent Albion College, Albion, Mich. 

Bradley, Franklin F. Grass Lake, Mich., 1895. 

Student Albion College, Albion, Mich. 

Cope, Herbert Leon. East Tawas, Mich., 1895. 

Student Albion College, Albion, Mich. 

Daniels, Harry J. Owosso, Mich., 1895. 

Printer, Owosso, Mich. 

Dupree, Arthur. Zeeland, Mich., 1895. 

Teacher, Zeeland, Mich. 

Fall, Frank A. Albion, Mich., 1895. 

Student Albion College, Albion, Mich. 

Jacobs, Carlton L. Albion, Mich., 1895. 

Student Albion College, Albion, Mich. 


Moon, Faye A. Chelsea, Mich., 1895. 

Student Albion College, Albion Mich. 

Ovelsmith, August H. Manchester, Mich., 1895. 

Student University Michigan, Manchester, Mich. 

Hurrey, Clarence B. Tecumseh, Mich., 1896. 

Student University of Michigan, 48 E. Williams street, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Martin, Will C. Plymouth, Ind., 1896. 

Student Albion College, Albion, Mich. 

Moon, Max L. Chelsea, Mich., 1896. 

Student Albion College, Albion, Mich. 

Narrin, John. Ortonville, Mich., 1896. 

Student Albion College, Albion, Mich. . 

Narrin, William. Ortonville, Mich., 1896. 

Student Albion College, Albion, Mich. 

Paine, L. Henry. Steubenville, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Boston University, 84 Wayland street, Boston, Mass. 

Snyder, George N. Grand Rapids, Mich., 1896. 

Foreman, Qrand Rapids, Mich. 

Williams, Clarence. Flint, Mich., 1896. 

Student Albion College, Albion, Mich. * 

{Tennessee Beta*flM. 



Founded November 9, 1889, by On* A. Glazkbrook, D. D. ( Va. A.), A. G. 

Haygood, (Ga. A. 6.), B. A. Wisk, (Ga. A. Z.), and A. C. Ford, 

(Ala. A. E.) Total Membership 43. Deceased 0. 

Perry, Rev. John Wiley, A. B. Cameron, Va., 1889. 

Methodist clergyman, KnoxviUe, Tenn. 

Moore, Rev. James Weaver. Franklin, N. C, 1889. 

Clergyman, Foster Falls, Va. 

Haywood, William. Nashville, Tenn., 1889. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Oltenburg, Howard S. Chattanooga, Tenn., 1889. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Trawick, Rev. Arcadtus M., Jr., A. B. Mt. Sandy, Tenn., 

Clergyman, Nashville, Tenn. 

Vreeland, Rev. Walter Q. Mattoon, 111., 1889. 

Clergyman, Louisville, Ky. 

Jones, Howard M. Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1892. 

N. C. A St. L. R. R., Nashville, Tenn. 

Kelton, Leslie Eugene, M. D. Manchester, Tenn., 1892. 

M. D. University of the South ; physician, Powell, Tex. 

Clement, Rev. Andrew Edwin, A. B. Humboldt, Tenn., 

Clergyman, Nashville, Tenn. 

Brooks, Rev. Cleanth. Denmark, Tenn., 1892. 

Clergyman, Clinton, Ky. 

Saner, Robert E. Lee. Washington, Ark., 1892. 

Delegate to 18th Alpha Tau Omega Congress ; attorney-at-law, Saner & Mc- 
Kenzie, North Texas Hank Building, Dallas, Tex. 

Henritze, William P. Lebanon, Va., 1892. 

Farmer, Lebanon, Va. 

Yeacjer, Robert Lee. Foil Worth, Tex., 1892. 

Druggist, 1007 East avenue H, Galveston, Tex. 



McKenzie, James Franklin, B. L. San Marcos, Tex., 1892. 

Attorney -at-law, Haner A McKenzie, North Texas Bank Building, Dallas, 

Hunter, James Robert. Ducktown, Term., 1893. 

Teacher, Bridgeport Training School, Bridgeport, Ala. 

May, Charles Wesley, B. L. Newton, N. C, 1893. 

Attorney -at-law, Monroe, N. C. 

Irion, John Witt. Paris, Tenn., 1893. 

student Vanderbllt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Flowers, Brooks. Boiling, Ala., 1893. 

Lumber merchant, Boiling, Ala. 

Grker, Harvey B. Searcy, Ark., 1893. 

Attorney-at-law, Searcy, Ark. 

Saner, John Crawford. Hope, Ark., 1893. 

Founder Texan Gamma-Eta Chapter, Alpha Tau Omega; student Unlver- 
Hlty of Texas, Austin, Tex. 

Gardiner, Samuel Vaughn. Memphis, Tenn., 1893. 

Student Vanderbllt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Douglass, William Edward. Gallatin, Tenn., 1893. 

Student Vanderbllt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Werlein, Shepherd IIalsey, Jr. St. Louis, Mo., 1894. 

Student Vanderbllt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Ansley, Richard. Centre Point, Ark., 1894. 

Merchant, Centre Point, Ark. 

Trawick, John D. Clarksville, Tenn., 1894. 

Student Vanderbllt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Welburn, William C. Nashville, Tenn., 1894. 

Student Vanderbllt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Cobb, P. L. St. Clair, Tenn., 1894. 

Student Vanderbllt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Tuttle, Rev. Robert G. Hartland, N. C, 1894. 

Clergyman, Charlotte, Va. 

Snyder, Jacob Roscoe. Green Castle, Pa., 1894. 

Student Vanderbllt University ; Birmingham, Ala. 

Cove, Rev. Robert Lord. Nashville, Tenn., 1895. 

Clergyman, Bell buckle, Tenn. 

Poynter, Evyley Saul, M. A. Winchester, Ky., 189o. 

Winchester, Ky. 

Reese, Seaborn Augustus. Sparta, Ga., 1895. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Scobey, James Berry. Hopkinsville, Ky., 1895. 

Teacher, Linden Academy, Linden, Tenn. 


Dornbloser, Harry Edwin, M. A. Valley Falls, Kan., 1895. 

Student Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Wise, Sanford Jacob. Lima, Ohio, 1895. 

New Orleans, La. 

Cartwright, Leonidas D. Terrell, Tex., 1895. 

Stock raiser, Terrell, Tex. 

Stephens, William Robert. Brentwood, Tenn., 1895. 

Farmer, Brentwood, Tenn. 

Harris, Josiah G. Kennedy, Ky., 1895. 

•Student Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Towner, Justin D. Lynnville, Tenn., 1895. 

•Student Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Davis, Ewin E. L. Tullahoma, Tenn., 1895. 

Student Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Trawick, George C. Clarksville, Tenn., 1896. 

Student Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Tansil, John D. Dresden. Tenn., 1896. 

Student Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

Bledsoe, Oscar F. Jackson, Miss., 1896. 

Student Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

©bio £eta*1Rbo< 



Founded June 24, 1890, by E. J. Siiivkk, (Ohio A. *.) Total member- 
ship 31. Deceased 0. 

Cisler, Lewis Henry, Ph. D., M. D. Marietta, Ohio, 1890. 

M. 1). University of Pennsylvania; physician, Marietta, Ohio. 

Deshler, George Phillip. Marietta, Ohio, 1890. 

Principal and superintendent of schools, McConnellsville, Ohio. 

Schoolcraft, Henry Lawrence, B. A. Chicago, 111., 1890. 

Fellowship Chicago University, 1895; post-graduate student, Germany; real- 
Chicago, 111. 

A they, Charles Edgar, M. D. Cleveland, Ohio, 1890. 

Physician, Ixiwer Halem, Ohio. 

Elliot, Oliver Morton, B. A. Centre Point, Iowa, 1890. 

Principal of high school, Centre Point-, Iowa. 

Greene, Harry Rcfus. Newport, Ohio, 1890. 

Farmer, Newport* Ohio. 

Itner, Horace Hill. Omaha, Neb., 1890. 

Manufacturer, Omaha, Neb. 

McLaughlin, Edward, Ph. B. Marietta, Ohio, 1890. 

Journalist, Washington, D. C. 

Morgan, Daniel Edgar. Oberlin, Ohio, 1890. 

Student Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio. 

Nelson, John E., B. A. Cleveland, Ohio, 1890. 

Teacher, Idaho, Neb. 

Brown, Edwy Rolfe. Olean, N. Y., 1890. 

Htandard OH Co., Olean, N. Y. 

Brenan, Edward Henton, Ph. D. Meadeville, Pa., 1891. 

Student, Meadeville, Pa. 

Humes, Clarence Merrill, A. B., A. M. Newport, Ohio, 

Principal high school; city examiner, Washington Court House, Ohio. 

Torpy, Daniel B. Marietta, Ohio, 1891. 

Merchant, Marietta, Ohio. 



Crooks, John Whkeler. Marietta, Ohio, 1893. 

Student Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio. 

Cjsler, Reuben. Marietta, Ohio, 1804. 

Htudent Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio. 

Hammat, David McKinnky. Marietta, Ohio, 1894. 

Delegate to 16th Alpha Tan Omega Congress; student Washington and I>ee 
University, Lexington, Va. 

Follett, Edward Bailey. Marietta, Ohio, 1894. 

Htudent Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio. 

Lehnhard, John Ludwig. Marietta, Ohio, 1894. 

Clerk First National Bank Place, Ohio. 

Boeser, William Henry, Ph. D. Marietta, Ohio, 1894. 

Clerk, Marietta, Ohio. 

Sniffen, Walter Allen, Ph. D. Marietta, Ohio, 1894. 

Merchant, Marietta, Ohio. 

Sudgen, Charles Wilson. Marietta, Ohio, 1894. 

Student Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio. 

Knowles, Frank. Butte City, Mont., 1895. 

Student Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio. 

Hughes, David J. Oak Hill, Ohio, 1895. 

Medical student, Cincinnati, < >hlo. 

McKinney, Frank Browning. Marietta, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio. 

Sloan, Arthur Dillon. Ohio Valley, Ohio, 1895. 

Dental student, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Sloan, Clarence Reuben. Marietta, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio. 

Sloan, Herbert Elias, A. B. Marietta, Ohio, 1895. 

Medical student, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Sayre, Charles. Marietta, Ohio, 1895. 

School of Pharmacy, Chicago, 111. 

Sullivan, Guy E. Falls City, Neb., 1896. 

Student Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio. 

Stone, John Spencer. Marietta, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio. 

IDiratnia Beta^Sfgma- 



Founded October 30, 1890, by Sylvanus Stoke8, (Va. A.). Total 

Membership 11. Deceased 0. 

Irving, Richard Archer. Amelia Court House, Va., 1891. 

Principal Melrose public schools, Roanoke, Va.; teacher in University 
School, Charleston, H. C. 

IIenderlite, Rev. Joseph Henry. Marion, Va., 1891. 

Graduate Louisville Seminary, 1886; Presbyterian clergyman, Louisville, 

Dismukes, Elisha Paul, Jr. Christianburg, Va., 1892. 

Merchant, Qulncy, Fla. 

Martin, Stephen Taylor, Jr. Brownsville, N. C, 1892. 

Graduate Hampton Sidney College, 1802; teacher, Hope, Ark. 

M alone, William Booth. Quincy, Fla., 1892. 

Merchant, Quincy, Fla. 

Brittain, Lewis Evans. Fayewell, Va., 1892. 

Law student, Fayewell, Va. 

Rinehart, Frank Huston. Covington, Va., 1892. 

Medical student, New York City. 

Arrett, George Moore. Tiptonville, Tenn., 1892. 

Farmer, Tiptonville, Tenn. 

Gaines, Edwin Lewis. Hagerstown, Md., 1892. 

Student University of Maryland, Baltimore, Md. 

Hem berg er, Andrew Ellis. Harrisonburg, Va., 1892. 

Student University of Virginia. 

Banners, C. Evans. Ennis, Tex., 1892. 

Stock farmer, Ennis, Tex. 


flfoatne Beta-XHpsilon. 



Founded April 10, 1891, by F. W. Nobbis, (Vt. B. Z.). Total member- 
ship 73. Deceased I. 

Kilbourne, Charles Herbert, B. S. North Waterford, 
Me., 1891. 

Inspector Board of Health, 148 East Thirty-fourth street, New York City. 

Flanagan, John Henry, M. E. Rockland, Me., 1891. 

Assistant postmaster, Rockland, Me. 

Hall, Bert Austin, C. E. Sharpleigh, Me., 1891. 

Civil engineer A. & P. R. R., Prescott, Ariz. 

Scott, Clarence. Oldtown, Me., 1891. 

Attorney -at-law, Oldtown, Me. 

Tyler, Joseph Albert, B. C. E. Farmington, Me., 1891. 

Assistant civil engineer, Portland, Me. 

Danforth, Ernest Williams, B. C. E. Brunswick, Me., 

Assistant city engineer, 66 Columbus avenue, Summervllle, Mass. 

Timberlake, Stanley Milton, B. C. E. Howes Carven, 
Me., 1891. 

Surveyor, Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 81 Milk street, Boston, Mass. 

Maguire, George, B. C. E. Biddeford, Me., 1891. 

Delegate to 16th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; assistant engineer Cambridge 
Water Works, 16 Walnut street, Walt ham, Mass. 

Wilson, Peasly Rupert, C. E. Solon, Me., 1891. 

Student, Medford, Mass. 

* Alexander, James Almore. Richmond, Me., 1891. 

Died, December, 1882, Richmond, Me. 

Young, Thomas Jefferson. Athens, Me., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Solon, Me. 

Bowler, Frank Calhoun. Orono, Me., 1891. 

Delegate to 18th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; draughtsman, Bangor, Me. 

Alford, Abbott Edwin, B. M. E. Oldtown, Me., 1891. 

Student, Ithaca, N. Y. 



Rumball, George Washington, B. M. E. Harrington, Me., 

Proprietor Eagle Tool Co., 40 Lincoln street, Boston, Masi*. 

Urann, Mark Liliby. Sullivan, Me., 1891. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

A com, Davis Lillson. Rockland, Me., 1891. 

Civil engineer, Rockland, Me. 

French, Frank Fuller, B. S. Solon, Me., 1891. 

Engineer, 40 Lincoln avenue, Ronton, Mass. 

Folsom, Leroy Powell, B. S. Corenna, Me., 1891. 

Delegate to 14th Alpha Tan Omega Congress; principal high school, New- 
port, Me. 

Murphy, Walter Marshall, B. C. E. South Norridge- 
wock, Me., 1891. 

Merchant, Hoiith Norridgewock, Me. 

(iilbert, Charles Edward, B. M. E. Orono, Me., 1891. 

Superintendent Power Katadin Palp Co., Howland, Me. 

Avey, Ralph Jesse, C. E. Hampden, Me., 1892. 

Civil engineer, Williams, Arizona. 

Rollins, Melville Frederick, B. E. E. Bangor, Me., 1892. 

Assistant city engineer, Bangor, Me. 

Suare, Joseph Arthus. Hampden, Me., 1892. 

Teacher, Hampden, Me. 

Libbey, Frank Joshua. Richmond, Me., 1892. 

Engineer, Beverley, Mass. 

Weymouth, Frank Edwin, B. C. E. Medford, Me., 1892. 

With city engineer, Waldon, Mass. 

Farrell, Harry Clifford, B. M. E. Machias, Me., 1892. 

Engineer, Beverley, Mass. 

Hancock, Edward Henry. Reeds Ferry, N. H., 1892. 

Student, Durham, N. H. 

Hobbs, Frederic Andrew. Alfred, Me., 1892. 

Instructor high school, Westbrook, Me. 

Leavette, George Greenwood. South Ben wick, Me., 1892. 

8tudent Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Duncan, Lindsay. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1892. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Lke, John Louis. Bangor, Me., 1892. 

Civil engineer, Bangor, Me. 

Kidder, Elmer Ellwood, B. C. E. Waterville, Me., 1892. 

Engineer, Wilson, Me. 

Treat, Sydney Joseph. Sydney, Australia, 1893. 

160 Borden street, East Boston, Mass. 


Andrews, Rev. Charles Frank. North Anson, Me., 1893. 

Universallst clergyman, Oldtown, Me. 

Smith, Arthur Neatley. Osowo, Me., 1893. 

Engineer, with Portland Co., Portland, Me. 

Patten ; Andrew Jarvis. Cherryfield, Me., 1893. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Bird, Tyler Hanson. Belfast, Me., 1893. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Farnham, Charles Henry. Beverly, Mass., 1893. 

8tudent Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Coburn, William Bridgham. Sherman, Me., 1893. 

Teacher, Sherman, Me. 

Holyoke, William Lawrence. Brewer, Me., 1893. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

White, Harvey Aaron. Brew T er, Me., 1893. 

Correspondent, Bangor, Me. 

Black, Frederick Fraser. Searsport, Me., 1893. 

Assistant postmaster, Searsport, Me. 

Robinson, Holbert Gardner. Patten, Me., 1894. 

Instructor mathematics Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Havey, Frank Alonzo. Sullivan, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine state College, Orono, Me. 

Steward, Stanley John, B. M. E. Foxcraft, Me., 1894. 

Engineer, Beverley, Mass. 

Ellis, Walter Lincoln. Walterville, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine Stale College, Orono, Me. 

Pearce, Charles Abram. Fort Fairfield, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Whipple, Albert Lawrence. Solon, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Johnston, Cecil C. Fort Fairfield, Me., 1894. 

.Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Skarvey, H. David. Bangor, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Swett, Irving Cooper. Bangor, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Herald, Walter. Calias, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Higgins, Harvey Allison. Deering, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Webber, Mortimer A. Fort Fairfield, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Ckowell, Charles P., Jr. Orono, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 


Fuller, James E. Hart land, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Sturgis, E. A. Lewiston, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Dolly, W. Gorham, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Bird, James Alfred. Presqu Island, Me., 1895. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Jack, Philip Clay. Gardner, Me., 1895. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Likiiey, Frank Adams. Portland, Me., 1895. 


Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Pretto, Henry James. Orono, Me., 1895. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Oswold, Herman Henry. Philadelphia, Pa., 1895. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Nute, Albert James. Boston, Mass., 1895. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Hersey, George Woodman. Portland, Me., 1895. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Cusiiman, H. B. Rockland, Me., 1896. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Rollins, F. N. Waterville, Me., 1896. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Tombs, W. B. Gorham, Me., 1896. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Wormell, R. G. Waterville, Me., 1896. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

W'ebster, F. E. Patten, Me., 1896. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Lane, William. Portland, Me., 1896. 

student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

Perkins, H. II. Orono, Me., 1896. 

Lumber merchant, Orono, Me. 

Wilson, G. H. Columbia Falls, Me., 1896. 

Student Maine State College, Orono, Me. 

South Carolina Beta*flM)t, 



Founded May 2, 1891, by W. W. Johnson and Rev. Theodore D. Bbatton 
(Tenn. Q.), Total membership 22. Deceased 1. 

Bruce, William Wright, A. B. Parnassus, S. C, 1891. 

Assistant adjutant and inspector general Booth Carolina, Parnassus, 8. C. 

Moss, James Martin, A. B. Shiloh, N. C, 1891. 

Teacher, Little Rock, S. C. 

Liles, Rev. Zebulon Vance. Little Rock, S. C, 1891. 

Methodist clergyman, Little Rock, S. C 

* Johnson, David Thompson. Union, S. C, 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Spartanburg, S. C. Died, July 8, 1894. 

Allen, Russell Wade, A. B. Spartanburg, S. C, 1891. 

Assistant professor of Latin, Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 

Hamer, James Willis. Litttle Rock, S. C, 1891. 

Merchant, Little Rock, 8. C. 

Stokes, Alfred Elihu. Maple Cane, S. C, 1891. 

Railroad employe, Stokes, 8. C. 

Baskin, William Peebles, A. B. Bishopville, S. C, 1891. 

Principal high school, Latter, 8. C. 

Asbill, Edward Lee, A. B. Leesville, S. C, 1891. 

Student of law, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. 

Lanham, Edwin Marion, A. B. Weatherford, Tex., 1891. 

Attorney-at-law, Weatherford, Tex. 

Lanham, Howard Meng, A. B. Weatherford, Tex., 1891. 

Student Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Allen, Wilmot Brown, M. D. Florence, S. C, 1891. 

Physician, Florence, 8. C. 

Browne, Claudius Sumers. Florence, S. C, 1891. 

Druggist, Dollon, 8. C. 

Evans, William Boyd. Sellers, S. C, 1891. 

Farmer, Sellers, 8. C. 

Strother, John Michler. West Union, S. C, 1891. 

Bookkeeper Seneca Oil Mills, Seneca, 8. C. 



Allen, Marion Lucas. Florence Court House, S. C, 1891. 

Farmer, Florence, S. C 

Smith, William Franklin. Smithville, 8. C, 1892. 

Farmer, Smithville, S. C. 

Everett, Edward Hale. Bennettsville, S. C, 1892. 

Student A. and M. College, 8. C. 

Wightman, Percy Lawton. Abbeville, S. C, 1893. 

Merchant, 8D Aslley street, Charleston, S. C 

Warnock, John Eric. Bluffton, S. C, 1893. 

Student Woffbrd College, Spartanburg, 8. C 

Keller, John Palmer. Keller, Ga., 1894. 

Student Woffbrd College, Spartanburg, S. C. 

Meng, William Edward. Mt. Tabor, S. C, 1894. 

Student Woffbrd College, Spartanburg, S. C. 

Pennsylvania Beta*Cbf* 



Founded May 8, 1891, by M. T. Brown, (Pa. A. T.), H.R. &tadlkman„ 
(Pa. A. T.) and C. R. McCain, (Pa. I.). Total Mem- 
bership 4. Deceased 0. 

Cottrell, Charles Thurston. Jamestown, R. I., 1891 

Attorney-at-law, 809 and 810 Sean* building, Boston, Mass. 

Hoag, Clarence Gilbert. Lynn, Mass., 1891. 

Merchant, Lynn, Mass. 

Carroll, William P. New Vienna, Ohio, 1891. 

Farmer, New Vienna, Ohio. 

Dennis, Joseph Henry. Dover, N. H., 1891. 

Merchant, Dover, N. H. 


California Beta^fltef- 



Founded December 21, 1891, by Arthur G. Laird (N. Y. B. BA Total 

M em bf rshi p 20. Deceased 0. 

Hadley, Frederick Harlan, A. B. Tulare, Cal., 1891. 

.Studying medicine, San .lone, Cal. 

Code, Thomas Kimball. San Francisco, Cal., 1891. 

Mining engineer, Ban Francisco, Cal. 

Grosh, Milton David, A. B. San Francisco, Cal., 1891. 

Electrical engineer, U. S. N., Mare Island, Cal. 

Thompson, Matt Ray. Tacoma, Wash., 1891. 

In buslneKH, Tacoma, Wash. 

Barney, James Mitchell. Menlo Park, Cal., 1891. 

Capltalint, Menlo Park, Cal. 

Hartman, Frederick Adolph. San Frdncisco, Cal., 1892. 

Druggist, San Francisco, Cal. 

Davey, Charles Wesley. Portland, Oregon, 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, Portlund, Oregon. 

Campbell, George August. Oakland, Cal., 1892. 

Student V. S. R. R, Oakland, Cal. 

Turner, Thomas Crawford. Santa Cruz, Cal., 1893. 

Merchant, Modesta, Cal. 

Jost, Frederick. San Francisco, Cal., 1893. 

Student Leland Stanford Jr. University, Palo Alto, Cal. 

Ray, Charles. Gait, Cal., 1894. 

Merchant, Gait, Cal. 

Painter, Jerome B. San Francisco, Cal., 1895. 

Dentist, San Francisco, Cal. 

Hicks, Herbert Stephen, LL. B. Rockford, 111., 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, Rockford, 111. 

Graham, William Alexander. Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1895. 

Student University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. 

Porter, Mark Sibley. Chicago, 111., 1895. 

Student Iceland Stanford Jr. University, Palo Alto, Cal. 



Bride, John Roberts. San Francisco, Cal., 1895. 

Law student, San Francisco, Cal. 

Carr, Ralph Macey. San Francisco, Cal., 1895. 

In business, San Francisco, Cal. 

Whited, Jesse Meigs. Dunmuir, Cal., 1895. 

Law student, University of California. 

Williams, Daniel E. St. Helena, Cal., 1895. 

Mining engineer, St. Helena, Cal. 

Cross, Robert Patterson. Chicago, 111., 1896. 

Student Lei and Stanford Jr. University, Palo Alto, Cal. 

©bio JBeta^mega, 



Founded May 6, 1892, by Charles A. Beto (Ohio A. N.) and W. M. 
Ellett (Ohio A.N.) Total membership 36. Deceased 0. 

Williams, Morgan Ellis, M. E. Columbus, Ohio, 1892. 

Engineer, Guadlajara, Mexico. 

Thompson, Firman. New Carlisle, Ohio, 1892. 

Student University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Thompson, Carmi A., A. B., B. Ph., LL. B. Ironton, Ohio, 

Attorney-at-law, Ironton, Ohio. 

Radcliffe, Charles Anson, B. Ph. Columbus, Ohio, 1892. 

Professor Wisconsin State Normal School. 

Porter, Edwin H. Ironton, Ohio, 1892. 

Electrical engineer, Fort Wayne Electrical Corporation Co., Ironton, Ohio. 

Pearce, George Downer, B. Ph. Goshen, Ind., 1 892. 

Druggist, Goshen, Ind. 

Murray, Frank Erskine. Greenfield, Ohio, 1892. 

Physician, Greenfield, Ohio. 

Murphy, Charles T., M. D. Columbus, Ohio, 1892. 

Student, Paris, France. 

Eylar, A. S. J., B. Ph. West Union, Ohio, 1892. 

Teacher, West Union, Ohio. 

Evans, Ernest, B. S. Mingo Junction, Ohio, 1892. 

Chemist, Mingo Junction, Ohio. 

Buxton, Norman T., A. B. Johnstown, Pa., 1892. 

Graduate Leland Stanford Jr. University ; teacher, Johnstown, Pa. 

Game, Reed Haskel, B. Ph. Canal Winchester, Ohio, 1892. 

Student Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

Carr, Hugh Stanley, E. E. Yellow Springs, Ohio, 1893. 

Engineer Fort Wayne Electrical Co., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Gibbs, George Carlton, B. Ph. Columbus, Ohio, 1893. 

Clerk, Columbus, Ohio. 

Kerr, David. New Holland, Ohio, 1893. 

Merchant, Greenfield, Ohio. 



Clover, Morton A. Lancaster, Ohio, 1894. 

Teacher, Lancaster Academy, Lancaster, Ohio. 

Evans, John Gresham. Jackson, Ohio, 1894. 

Student Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

Lane, Quintin R. Canal Winchester, Ohio, 1894. 

Student Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

Matson, William Edgar, E. E. New Holland, Ohio, 1894. 

Teacher, 1296 Superior street, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Snyder, Walter Steck, LL. B. Alleghany, Pa., 1894. 

Attorney-at-law, 196 Irvina avenue, Alleghany, Pa. 

Wildermuth, A. L. R. Columbus, Ohio, 1894. 

Student Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

Rightmire, George Washington, B. Ph. Columbus, Ohio, 

Instructor Columbus high school, 1384 Summit street, Columbus, Ohio. 

Cartwright, Henry Gilroy. Wilmington, Ohio, 1894. 

Attorney-at-law, Wilmington, Ohio. 

Sternberger, Lamar, LL. B. Jackson, Ohio, 1895. 

Attorney-at-law, Jackson, Ohio. 

Van Fossen, Jesse A., M. D. Columbus, Ohio, 1895. 

Physician, 41 King avenue, Columbus, Ohio. 

Powell, John Watkins. Radnor, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

Kirkpatrick, William Burns. New Holland, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

McKee, Stanley Hayes. Warren, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

Mundhenk, Frederick. Columbus, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

Brandt, Ulysses Sherman, A. B. Canal Winchester, Ohio, 

Superintendent of public schools, Canal Winchester, Ohio. 

Boggess, John C, E. E. Greenfield, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 

Hopkins, Ray James. Mechanicsburg, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

A damson, Ralph Waldo. Dayton, Ohio, 1896. 

Merchant, Dayton, Ohio. 

Mundhenk, Herbert C. Dayton, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

Hkmley, Dudley C. Toledo, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

Hoglen, John J. Columbus, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

flfoaine ($amma<*Blpba* 



Founded June 25, 1892, by George M aguire (Me. B. T.) Total member- 
ship 41. Deceased 0. 

Ross, Charles Joseph, A. B. Rockport, Me., 1892. 

Principal high school, Harrington, Me. 

Pratt, Ernest Henry, A. B. Pishons Ferry, Me., 1892. 

Principal Springfield Academy, Springfield, Mam. 

Berry, Arthur Henry, A. B. West Boylston, Mass., 1892. 

Teacher high school, Newbury port, Mass. 

Hoxie, George Walter, A. B. Waterville, Me., 1892. 

Merchant, Waterville, Me. 

Latlip, Frederick Savage, A. B. Waterville, Me., 1892. 

Merchant, Hallowell, Me. 

Hodgkins, Wellington, A. B. Lamoine, Me., 1892. 

Principal high school, South Dennis, Mass. 

Nichols, Elmer Lewis, A. B. Bangor, Me., 1892. 

Merchant, Bangor, Me. 

Smith, Charles Frederick, A. B. Dixinont, Me., 1892. 

Theological student Boston University, Mt, Vernon street, Boston, Mass. 

Foster, Nathan Grant, A. B., A. M. Weld, Me., 1892. 

Principal high school, Weld, Me. 

Waterhouse, Homer Tarbox, A. B. Kennebunk, Me., 1892. 

Attorney-at-law, 96 Main street, Blddeford, Me. 

Tozier, Frank Lincoln, A. B. Fairfield Centre, Me., 1892, 

Principal high school, Fairfield Centre, Me. 

Mahlman, Robert Mowe, A. B. Lubec, Me., 1892. 

Teacher, Lubec, Me. 

Burton, Irving Francis, A. B. Corinna, Me., 1892. 

Principal high school, Winn, Me. 

Freeman, Melville Chase, A. B. Vassalboro, Me., 1892. 

Teacher, Gorham, Me. 

Noble, Walter Erastis. Waterville, Me., 1892. 

Merchant, Waterville, Me. 



Jones, William Lincoln, A. B. Fairfield Centre, Me., 1892. 

Principal Milbridge high school, M lib ridge, Me. 

Robbins, Linville Wadsworth, A. B. Gardiner, Me., 1892. 

Teacher, Gardiner, Me. 

Totman, Virgil Connor, A. B. Bar Mills, Me., 1893. 

Principal high school, Bar Mills, Me. 

Cross, Harmon Stevens. Waterville, Me., 1893. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Clement, Charles Luther. Waterville, Me., 1893. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Williams, Percy Fuller. Fairfield Centre, Me., 1893,. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Wright, Arthur Goodwin. Readfield, Me., 1893. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Sturtevant, Charles Alton. Oakland, Me., 1893. 

Medical student Boston University, Boston, Mass. 

Pike, James Madison, A. B. West Paris, Me., 1894. 

Principal Paris Hill Academy, Paris, Me. 

Curtis, Charles Lawrence, Freeport, Me., 1894. 

Principal Academy, Royalton, Vt. 

Dyer, Jonathan Lyford. Charleston, Me., 1894. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Ely, George Ashley. West Springfield, Mass., 1894.. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Allen, Harrison Sanborn. Vassalboro, Me., 1894. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Nutt, Ernest Frederick. Eastport, Me., 1894. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Long, Oscar Leslie. Blue Hill, Me., 1894. 

Student Maine Medical College. 

Hall, Elmer Ellsworth. Baring, Me., 1894. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Stuart, Arthur Irving. Waterville, Me., 1894. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Hutchins, George Augustus. Oakland, Me., 1895. 

Student Bates College. 

Spear, Charles Ingalls. Westbrook, Me., 1895. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Bishop, Harvey Harwood. Westbrook, Me., 1895. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 


Hatfield, Charles Abner. Princeton, Me., 1895. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

<?onforth, George Erastus. Waterville, Me., 1895. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Vose, Harry Sebastian. Waterville, Me., 1895. 

Student Colby University, ^ atervllle, Me. 

Gilbert, Percy Emerton. Boston, Mass., 1896. 

8tudent Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Cushman, Ernest Thomas. West Paris, Me., 1896. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Fitzgerald, Millard Edwin. Waterville, Me., 1896. 

Student Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

flfoassacbusette <3amma*Beta* 



Founded January 29, 1893, by George Maguibe (Me. B. T.) Total mem- 
bership 49. Deceased 3. 

Ball, Rev. Clarence Lea. Lexington, Mass., 1893. 

Clergyman, Ijexlngton, Mai*. 

* Bolles, Robert Henry. Wiamo, Mass., 1893. 

Died, November », 1894. 

Brynes, Edward Patrick. Medford, Mass., 1893. 

Engineer, Medford, Mass. 

C adieu, Edward Leland. Boston, Mass., 1893. 

Commercial traveller, Boston, Mass. 

Clark, William Warren. Medford, Mass., 1893. 

Student Boston University Law School, Boston, Mass. 

Corridan, Eugene Francis. Weymouth, Mass., 1893. 

Student Vermont University of Medicine, Burlington, Vt. 

Dillon, David Francis. Palmer, Mass., 1893. 

Law student, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Eddy, Rev. Frank Fay. • Charlotte, Mich., 1893. 

Clergyman, Neenah, Wis. 

Foss, Herbert Collamore. Bangor, Me., 1 893. 

Contractor, Bangor, Me. 

Hall, Walter Davis. Medford, Mass., 1893. 

Medical student, Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Hathaway, Carl Voltaire. Winthrop, Mass., 1893. 

Merchant, Winthrop, Mass. 

Homer, George Gray. Arlington, Mass., 1893. 

Manufacturer, Lowell, Mass. 

Johnson, Chesley Metcalf. Bangor, Me., 1893. 

Inspector sewers, Hartford, Conn. 

Lincoln, Joseph Gardner. Ware, Mass., 1893. 

Teacher, Ware, Mass. 

* Page, Cecil Alonzo. Lowell, Mass., 1893. 

Died, 1894, Lowell, Mass. 



Page, Charles Harrison. Lowell, Mass., 1893. 

Engineer, city department, Lowell, Mass. 

Richardson, George Edward. Lowell, Mass., 1893. 

8tudent Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Robinson, Albert De Merritt. South Windham, Me., 1893. 

Student South Windham, Me. 

* Strong, George Edward. Gloucester, Mass., 1893. 

Died, 1896. 

Whitney, John Augustus. Claremont, N. H., 1893. 

Medical student, Claremont, N. H. 

Wukn, Frank George. Roslindale, Mass., 1893. 

President Boston Alumni Association, Alpha Tan Omega, 1886-1886; assist- 
ant professor of mathematics, Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Randlett, Fred Morse. Lawrence, Mass., 1894. 

Student Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Ray, Frederick Nash. Bradford, Mass., 1894. 

Ktudent Harvard Dental School, Boston, Mass. 

Mitchell, Stephen Clarence. Hull, Mass., 1894. 

Studeut Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Noyes, Harry Goodnowe. Gorham, N. H., 1894. 

Law student Boston University, Boston, Mass. 

Jacobs, Benjamin Foster. Medford, Mass., 1894. 

Engineer, Boston and Albany Railroad, Boston, Mass. 

Harwood, George Alec. Cambridge, Mass., 1894. 

Delegate to 15th Alpha Tau Omega Congress, president New England As- 
sociation of Alpha Tau Omega, 1885-1886 ; student Tufts College, Medford, 

Gilman, John Dexter. Boston, Mass., 1894. 

Merchant, Boston, Mass. 

Crowley, Daniel Francis. Medford, Mass., 1894. 

Stndent Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Avery, Elwood. Everett, Mass., 1894. 

Student Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Abbot, Cushman. Manchester, N. H., 1895. 

Law student, Manchester, N. H. 

Bates, Henri Evans. Marion, Mass., 1895. 

Clerk, Marlon, Mass. 

Russell, Howard Irving. West Somerville, Mass., 1895. 

Student Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Skdgewick, Otis White. Bondsville, Mans., 1895. 

Student Brown University. 

Rich, Barzillai Allen. Hingham, Mass., 1895. 

Engineer, Hingham, Mass. 


Plumb, Max Alaric. Rocky Hill, Conn., 1895. 

Student Tuft* College, Medford, Mass. 

Gough, Charles Edward. Hingham, Mass., 1895. 

Telephone Exchange, Woburn, Mass. 

French, Edmund Merritt. Hingham, Mass., 1895. 

Student Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Eastman, Eugene Bruce. Durham, N. H., 1895. 

Merchant, Durham, N. H. 

Browning, Charles Augustus. Somerville, Mass., 1896. 

Student Tufts College, Medford, MasB. 

Clapp, Albert Lewis. Marblehead, Mass., 1896. 

Student Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Cummings, Allen. Woburn, Mass., 1896. 

Student Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Curran, Simon Francis. Dorchester, Mass., 1896. 

Student Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Davis, Mervin Nathaniel. Haverhill, Mass., 1896. 

Student Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Gibson, Elbert Eugene. Cherry Valley, Ontario, Canada, 

Student Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Heath, George Byron. Calais, Me., 1896. 

Student Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Meader, Edgar Keene, Jr. Marblehead, Mass., 1896. 

Student Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Parke, Robert Hayward. Monson, Mass., 1896. 

Student Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

Rand, Charles Henry. Waltham, Mass., 1896. 

Student Tufts College, Medford, Mass. 

lnbiana (5amma*($amma< 



Foumletl November 15, 1893, by F. E. Smith (Ala. B. B.) Total mem- 
bership 23. Deceased 0. 

Sanborn, Wallis Remsen. Rockford, 111., 1893. 

Draughtsman, with Hammond and Blue Inland Railroad, Hammond, Ind. 

Troxler, Lawrence Edward. Louisville, Ky., 1893. 

Louisville Street Railroad, Louisville, Ky. 

Mundy, William Offutt. Louisville, Ky., 1893. 

Superintendent Louisville Electric Railroad shops, 910 Second street, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Speed, William Shallcross. Louisville, Ky., 1893. 

Superintendent cement mills, 508 Ormsby avenue, Louisville, Ky. 

Links, Frank Forest. Troy, Ohio, 1893. 

Hammond and Blue Island Railroad, Chicago, 111. 

Hunt, Frederic Gano. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1893. 

Delegate to 14th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; post-graduate student, Ger- 

Leggett, Harry Thompson. Louisville, Ky., 1893. 

Student Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Willius, Gustav, Jr. St. Paul, Minn., 1893. 

Student Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Shaneberger, Edgar Leon. Indianapolis, Ind., 1894. 

81 W. Second street, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Decker, Walter Lowry. Evansville, Ind., 1894. 

With Electric Elevator Co., 114 E. Twenty-fifth street, New York City. 

Smith, Ferdinand Elbert. Birmingham, Ala., 1894. 

Cotton manufacturer, Birmingham, Ala. 

Ingle, John David. Oakland City, Ind., 1894. 

Student Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Fry, Charles H., Jr. Fort Worth, Tex., 1894. 

Student Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Burt, Nathaniel Pratt. Leavenworth, Kan., 1895. 

Student Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. 



Montgomery, John Tull. Carrollton, Mo., 1895. 

Student Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terr© Haute, In<L 

Mason, William Caton. Joliet, 111., 1895. 

Railroading, Dougherty, Indian Territory. 

Schwable, Harry Conrad Lewis. Greenville, Ohio, 1895. 

Student Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Ryder, Waldo Brigham. Charlotte, N. C, 1895. 

Student Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Crkbs, Walter David. Dayton, Ohio, 1895. 

8tudent Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Kittredge, Harvey Gaylord. Dayton, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Ingham, William Stewart. Hayes, Bath, England, 1896. 

Student Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Balsley, Abe. Seymour, Ind., 1896. 

Chief electrician Terre Haute Street Railroad Co., Terre Haute, Ind. 

Townley, Frederick E. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. 

{Tennessee Beta^au. 



Founded February 28, 1894, by C. P. Lowe (Tenn. A.) Total member- 
ship 21. Deceased 1. 

Russell, Lorenzo William. Jackson, Tenn., 1894. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Pate, Rev. James Solomon. Jackson, Tenn., 1894. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Byars, Ezell Sanders Cairo, Tenn., 1894. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Hoover, Marcus Mendia. Jackson, Tenn., 1894. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Sneed, Richard Reynolds. Gainesville, Tex., 1894. 

Merchant, Pauls Valley, Indian Territory. 

Coin, Joseph Henry. Bells, Tenn., 1894. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Hunter, Rev. William Edward. Farmer, Miss., 1894. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Lowe, Adolphus Guy. Brazil, Tenn., 1895. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

•Conger, Horace. Jackson, Tenn., 1895. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Phillips, William Riley. Jackson, Tenn., 1895. 

Professor and student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Starkey, Charles Tolbert. Medon, Tenn., 1895. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Brooks, Louis Joshua. Jackson, Tenn., 1895. 

Editor Jackson " Whig/' Jackson, Tenn. 

-Shuck, Dewery Davis. Jordan, Ky., 1895. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Kincaid, Frank Tate. Jackson, Tenn., 1895. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

■* Avery, Remus Hosea. Crockett Mills, Tenn., 1896. 




Mahaffey, William George. Corinth, Miss., 1896. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Walker, Joseph Mansley. Indian Mound, Tenn., 1896. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Ray, Rev. Frank. Jackson, Tenn., 1896. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Doughtie, Rev. Jack. Nashville, Tenn., 1896. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

Simmons, B. C. Jackson, Tenn., 1896. 

Editor " Jackson Dispatch," Jackson, Tenn. 

Mahoney, W. J. Nashville, Tenn., 1896. 

Student Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn. 

IRbobe Islanb <5amma*E)elta* 



Founded September 21, 1894, by E. A. Maynard (Vt. B. Z.) and C. £. 
Nott ( Vt. B. Z.) Total membership 38. Deceased 0. 

Kempton, Alvan Alden, A. B. Newport, N. H., 1894. 

Delegate to 16th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; instructor Jackson College, 
Jackson, Miss. 

Horton, Herbert Bradford, A. B. East Providence Cen- 
ter, R. I., 1894. 

Merchant, East Providence, R. I. 

Robbins, Joseph Chandler. Concord, N. H., 1894. 

Btudent Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Emery, John Whitman. Bridgton, Me., 1894. 

Merchant, Providence, R. I. 

Coombs, James Parker. Pleasantdale, Me., 1894. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. 1. 

Perkins, Fordyce Dexter. Portland, Me., 1894. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

McCoaiber, Stewart Alfred. Globe Village, Mass., 1894. 

Instructor Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Miner, William Francis, A. B. East Providence, R. I., 

Instructor high school, East Providence, R. 1. 

Coghill, George Ellett, A. B. Roseville, 111., 1894. 

Theological student, J/oulsville, Ky. 

Hall, Frank Lawrence. Bristol, Conn., 1894. 

Teacher, East Berlin, Conn. 

Hopkins, Frank Edward. Essex Junction, Vt., 1894. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

O'Brien, D. Francis. North Brookfield, Mass., 1894. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Walker, George Edward. Lawrence, Mass., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 



Gunn, Wilford Jay. Turner's Falls, Mass., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Clift, Charles Eugene. Middletown Springs, Vt., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. 1. 

Guile, Waller Amer, Jr. Providence, R. I., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Lewis, Edgar Alexander. Bellville, N. Y., 1895. 

Student Colgate University, Hamilton, N. Y. 

Pettibone, John. Bristol, Conn., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Adams, Samuel. West Haven, Conn., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Bishop, Ernest Simons. Providence, R. I., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Casey, John Thomas. Spencer, Mass., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

David, George Warren. Woods Hall, Mass., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Estes, Ralph Caleb. Winn, Me., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Fuller, Robert Jaquith. Westmoreland, N. H., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Goulding, George Albert. Providence, R. I., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Hopkins, Henry Wade. Essex Junction, Vt., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Wellman, J. Ralph. Lawrence, Mass., 1895. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. . 

Deming, John Howard. Beachmont, Mass., 1896. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Randall, Jared Harvey. Leo, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Ellis, William Farnham. East Providence, R. I., 1896. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Batchelder, Gilbert Newton. Newfane, Vt., 1896. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Carpenter, George Washington, Jr. East Providence, 
R. L, 1896. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. 1. 

Pratt, Harry Selden. Lawrence, Mass., 1896. 

Student Brawn University, Providence, R. I. 

Randall, Lyman Alpheus. Leo, Ohio, 1896. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 


Wright, Arthur Llewllyn. West Newton, Mass., 1896. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Stoddard, Ralph William. Battleboro, Vt., 1896. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Gates, Fayette. Presque Isle, Me., 1896. 

Student Brown University, Providence, R. 1. 

Potter, Frederic Huntington. Providence, R. I., 1896. 

8tudent Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Zexdiz ($amma*EpsUon. 



Founded March 12, 1895, by S. E. Chandler (Tenn. A. T.) and Bihhop 
Holmes (Tenn. A. T.) Total membership 22. Deceased 0. 

Thomas, Alexander Gates, B. S. Winchester, Tex., 1895. 

"Reveille" staff 1806, editor-in-chief 1896; quartermaster corps of cadets; 
college correspondent " Galveston News ; " merchant, Winchester, Tex. 

Walcott, Martin Benjamin. Honey Grove, Tex., 1895. 

Banker, Honey Grove, Tex. 

Vinson, William Ashton, A. B. Sherman, Tex., 1895. 

"Reveille" staff 1808-1894, editor-in-chief 1895; college correspondent, " Gal- 
veston Daily News," 1806; delegate to 16th Alpha Tau Omega Congress; at 
torney-at-law, Sherman, Tex. 

McCall, James Lycurgus Livingston. Weatherford, Tex., 

Student Austin College, Sherman, Tex. 

McFarland, Samuel Jackson, A. B. Ladonia, Tex., 1895. 

(Quartermaster cadet corps, 1805; banker, Ladonia, Tex. 

Butte, George Charles Felix, A. B. San Francisco, Cal., 

"Reveille" staff," 1803; winner scholarship from Columbia College, New 
York, 1805; professor of science Eastman College, Sulphur Springs, Tex. 

Simmons, Thomas LeRoy, A. B. Mexia, Tex., 1895. 

Editor-in-chief "Reveille," 1895; merchant, Mexia, Tex. 

Vinson, Robert Ernest. Sherman, Tex., 1895. 

Student theology, Hampden Sidney, Va,, 1897; permanent address, Sher- 
man, Tex. 

Mitchell, George Whitfield. Dallas, Tex., 1895. 

Reveille" staff, 1804; college correspondent "Galveston Daily News," 1894; 
W. K. A. Texas Alumni Association; tutor in history, Austin College, 
Sherman, Tex. 

Kirven, Oliver Cater, Jr. Fairfield, Tex., 1895. 

Bookkeeper, Buffalo, Tex. 

Simmons, Jesse Elmore. Mexia, Tex., 1895. 

"Reveille" staff, 1804-1895; Worthy Correspondent Texas Alumni Associa- 
tion ; teacher, Mexia, Tex. 

Lanius, Clarence Allen. Bonham, Tex., 1895. 

Merchant, Bonham, Tex. 



Boone, Hood. Navasota, Tex., 1895. 

Merchant, Nevasota, Tex. 

Galloway, Rubie Leighton. Sherman, Tex., 1895. 

Student Austin College, Sherman, Tex. 

Knox, Harry. Giddings, Tex., 1895. 

" Reveille" staff, 1897; student Austin College, Sherman, Tex. 

Mitchell, William David, B. S. Sherman, Tex., 1895. 

"Reveille" staff, 1HB6; student Austin College, Sherman, Tex. 

Manton, Henry Dickson. La Grange, Tex., 1895. 

Student Austin College, Sherman, Tex. 

Lawrence, Charles Walter. Longview, Tex., 1895. 

Student Austin College, Sherman, Tex. 

Wilson, William Ringgold. Dallas, Tex., 1896. 

Student Austin College, 8herman, Tex. 

Maxey, Leslie. Sherman, Tex., 1896. 

" Reveille" staff, 1894 ; teacher, Sherman, Tex. 

McCord, James Pressley. Coleman, Tex., 1896. 

Student Austin College, Sherman, Tex. 

Knox, Thomas Spence. Hillsboro, Tex., 1896. 

Student Austin College, Sherman, Tex. 

Illinois ($amma*Zeta< 



Founded March 16, 1895, by W. G. Atwood (N. Y. B. 8.), E. P. Lyon, 
(Mich. B. K.) and E. A. Thornton (N. Y. A. O.) Total member- 

ship 21. Deceased 0. 

Noble, Charles William. Chicago, 111., 1895. 

Architect, 56 Fiorimond street, Chicago, 111. 

Grieme, Henry William. Amsterdam, N. Y., 1895. 

Architect, 8t. Louis, Mo. 

Newcomer, Paul William. Petersburg, 111., 1895. 

Merchant, Petersburg, 111. 

Pitney, Clarence Orville. Augusta, 111., 1895. 

Student University of Illinois, Champaign, 111. 

W t eston, Nathan Austin, B. L. Champaign, 111., 1895. 

Professor University of Illinois, Champaign, 111. 

Clark, Thomas Arkle, B. L. Urbana, 111., 1895. 

Professor University of Illinois, Champaign, 111. 

Branch, James Max. Champaign, 111., 1895. 

Student University of Illinois, Champaign, 111. 

Flanigan, Edwin Clark. Champaign, 111., 1895. 

Merchant, Champaign, 111. 

Beekman, Jonathan Colby. Petersburg, 111., 1895. 

Medical student, Chicago, 111. 

Sumner, William Thompson. Emden, 111., 1895. 

Law student, Newton, 111. 

Fithian, Sidney Breese. Newton, 111., 1895. 

Student University of Illinois, Champaign, 111. 

Noterman, George. Hillsboro, 111., 1895. 

Jeweler, Hillsboro, 111. 

Helton, Alfred Joseph. Atwood, 111., 1895. 

Student University of Illinois ; Atwood, 111. 

Hoag, Parker Hale, A. B. Champaign, 111., 1895. 

Law student, Champaign, 111. 



Strawn, John Harris. Albion, 111., 1895. 

Law student, SL Louts, Mo. 

Knox, William L. Peoria, 111., 1895. 

Student University of Illinois, Champaign, 111. 

Uppendahl, William J. Dalton City, 111., 1895. 

Student University of Illinois, Champaign, 111. 

King, Wesley Edward. Champaign, 111., 1896. 

Student University of Illinois, Champaign, 111. 

Chazey, Ezra Cline. Hillsboro, 111., 1896. 

Student University of Illinois, Champaign, 111. 

Horn, Carl John. Napierville, 111., 1896. 

Student University of Illinois, Champaign, 111. 

Bradley, Able Harwood. Champaign, 111., 1869. 

Medical student, Champaign, 111. 

Meet lDirofnfa*Zeta (community. 


Founded April 1, 1866, by W. G. Bennett ( Va. A.) Total membership 9. 

Deceased 1. 

Withers, J. S. Greenville, Gilmer County, W. Va., 1866. 

Planter, Greenville, W. Va. 

Jackson, Lloyd L. Baltimore, Md., 1866. 

Attorn ey-at-law, Baltimore, Md 

Sohwarzman, T. C. Baltimore, Md., 1866. 

Merchant, Baltimore, Md. 

Bastable, George D. San Francisco, Cal., 1866. 

Attorney-at-law, San Francisco, Cal. 

Duncan, James Jackson, B. L. Clarksburg, W. Va., 1866. 

B. L. University of Virginia ; attorney-at-law, Clarkesburg, W. Va. 

Edmiston, T. G., M. D. Weston, W. Va., 1866. 

Physician, Roanoke, Va. 

* Edmiston, Thomas Bland, M. D. Weston, W. Va., 1866. 

M. D. Bel lev lie Medical College, New York City ; physician, Weston, W. Va. 

Dent, S. M. Weston, W. Va., 1866. 

Farmer, Weston, W. Va. 

Kemper, James R. Fisherville, Va., 1866. 

Attorney-at-law, Fisherville, Va. 


IDirginia <3amma (community.) 


Founded July 7, 18(56, by F. A. Berlin (Vs. B.) Total membership 9. 

Deceased l. 

* Paul, Isaac, Jr., M. D. Harrisonburg, Va., 1866. 

M. D. University of Virginia; physician. Deceased, Baltimore, Md. 

Stray er, John B. Harrisonburg, Va., 1866. 

Merchant, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Jones, Henry Clay. Harrisonburg, Va., 1866. 

Attorney-at-law, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Ragan, Robert Burk, B. L. Rockingham County, Va., 

Attorney-at-law, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Paul, Hon. John, A. B., LL. B. Harrisonburg, Va., 1867. 

Captain 0. 8. A.; ex-member Virginia senate; U. 8. district Judge, western 
district, fourth circuit Virginia, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Jones, Hon. Charles Pinckney, LL. B. Highlands County, 
Va., 1867. 

Ex-member Virginia legislature; attorney-at-law, Monteray, Va. 

Harnsberger, John Samuel. Harrisonburg, Va., 1867. 

Attorney-at-law, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Blackburn, John W. Harrisonburg, Va., 1867. 

Attorney-at-law, Mount Meridian, Va. 

Marshall, Hon. James Williams, A. M. Augusta County, 
Va., 1869. 

A. M. Roanoke College; ex-member Virginia legislature and U. 8. Con- 
gress ; attorney-at-law. New Castle, Va. 


Tennessee ftbeta (community). 


Founded July 12, 18b6, by C. Dkadkrick (Va. B.) and J. N. Kennedy^ 
(Va. B.). Total membership 9. Deceased 0. 

McMullen, J. S. Knoxville, Tenn., 1866. 

Merchant, Knoxville, Tenn. 

McNut, William J. Knoxville, Tenn., 1866. 

Attorney-at-law, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Moses, F. A. Knoxville, Tenn., 1866. 

Attorney-at-law, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Bearden, William W. Knoxville, Tenn., 1866. 

Merchant, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Ault, Henry T. Knoxville, Tenn., 1866. 

Planter, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Rogan, Edward. Knoxville, Tenn., 1866. 

Attorney-at-law, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Harvey, John. Knoxville, Tenn., 1866. 

Merchant, Knoxville, Tenn. 

*McClanahan, E. G. Knoxville, Tenn., 1866. 

Died, 1872. 

Hoarne, J. F. Knoxville, Tenn., 1866. 

Attorney-at-law, Knoxville, Tenn. 


{Tennessee ftappa (community.) 


Founded February 5, 1867, by James W. Harris (Va. B.) Tetal mem- 
bership 8. Deceased 0. 

Littlejohn, W. W. Memphis, Tenn., 1867. 

Merchant, Memphis, Tenn. 

Littlejohn, W. J. Memphis, Tenn., 1867. 

Attorney-at-law, Memphis, Tenn. 

Rolling, William. Memphis, Tenn., 1867. 

Planter, Memphis, Tenn. 

Wills, William. Memphis, Tenn., 1867. 

Planter, Memphis, Tenn. 

Rembert, J. E. Memphis, Tenn., 1867. 

Attorney-at-law, Memphis, Tenn. 

Elliqn, John R. Memphis, Tenn., 1867. 

Attorney-at-law, Memphis, Tenn. 

Yamewell, Isaac. Memphis, Tenn., 1867. 

Merchant, Memphis, Tenn. 

Griffing, J. C. Memphis, Tenn., 1872. 

Attorney-at-law, Memphis, Tenn. 


{Tennessee (Bamma (community. 


Founded March 4, 1867, by William J. Webster (Va. BJ and Joseph W 
Gordon (Va. B.) Total membership 11. Deceased 1. 

Gordon, Hugh Taylor. Columbia, Term., 1867. 

AttorDey-at-law and county superintendent schools, Columbia, Tenn. 

Gordon, Charles I, Columbia, Tenu., 1867. 

Merchant, Columbia, Tenn. 

Gordon, Thomas Edward. Columbia, Tenn., 1867. 

Attorney-at-law, Columbia, Tenn. 

Frierson, Horace. Columbia, Tenn., 1867. 

Attorney-at-law, Columbia, Tenn. 

Embry, Wiley J. Columbia, Tenn., 1867. 

Planter, Columbia, Tenn. 

Fleming, Thomas F. Columbia, Tenn., 1867. 

Merchant, Columbia, Tenn. 

Webster, George Pope, Jr. Columbia, Tenn., 1867. 

Graduate Washington and Lee University; attorney-at-law, Columbia 

Webster, Felix J. Columbia, Tenn., 1867. 

Banker, Columbia, Tenn. 

Mays, Miles C. Columbia, Tenn., 1867. 

Attorney-at-law, Columbia, Tenn. 

* Hill, Samuel. Columbia, Tenn., 1867. 


Nicholson, Charles O., A. M. Columbia, Tenn., 1867. 

Graduate University of Virginia; teacher, Columbia, Tenn. 


Georgia Stoma (Community), 


Founded January 3, 1874, by A. Ivkrsom Branham (Ky. O.) Total mem- 
bership 7. Deceased 1. 

* Lumpkin, Thomas C, B. L. Rome, Ga., 1874. 

Attorney-at-law. Died, October, 1878, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Omberg, C. L. Rome, Ga., 1874. 

Planter, Rome, Ga.* 

Terhune, Charles. Rome, Ga., 1874. 

Planter, Rome, Ga. 

Harris, D. B. Rome, Ga., 1874. 

Attorney-at-law, Galveston, Tex. 

Haynes, B. F. Rome, Ga., 1874. 

Merchant, Augusta, Ga. 

Towers, John. Rome, Ga., 1874. 

Attorney-at-law, Rome, Ga. 

Franklin, W. S. Rome, Ga., 1874. 

Planter, Orange Court House, Va. 


IDtrginia phi (community). 


Founded December, 1874, by Leonard Marlbury iD. C. A.) Total mem- 
bership 14. Deceased 1. 

Ross, Fenton T. Alexandria, Va., 1874. 

Farmer, Loudoun, Va. 

Ashby, Carroll W. Alexandria, Va., 1874. 

Southern Railroad, 1900 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, D. C. 

Johnson, Philip. Alexandria, Va., 1874. 

Attorney-at-law, New York City. 

Tucker, George. Alexandria, Va., 1874. 

Alexandria, Va. 

* Addison, Joseph. Alexandria, Va., 1874. 


Brent, Hon. Samuel Gordon, B. L., LL. B. Alexandria, 
Va., 1874. 

B. B., JmIj. B. Columbia College ; attorney for commonwealth ; attorney-at- 
law, Alexandria, Va. 

Blackwell, James. Alexandria, Va., 1874. 

Alexandria, Va. 

Darrow, George W. Alexandria, Va., 1874. 

Attorney-at-law, Omaha, Neb. 

Kinzer, William. Alexandria, Va., 1874. 

Merchant, Long Island City, N. Y. 

Presstman, E. P. Alexandria, Va., 1874. 

Paris, France. 

Marshall, Henry. Alexandria, Va., 1874. 

Alexandria, Va. ^ 

Washington, Henry. Alexandria, Va., 1875. 

Planter, Danville, Va. 

Yeaton, William Chauncey, Jr., B. A. Alexandria, Va., 

Graduate University of Virginia; professor ancient and modern languages 
Huguenot Academy, Huguenot Springs, Va. 

Ball, Samuel H. Alexandria, Va., 1875. 

Attorney-at-law, Leesburg, Va. 


Illinois Cbi (Community). 


Founded July" 21, 1876, by Robert A. Waller (Va. B.) and Wm. W. 
Carson (Va. B.) Total membership 5. Deceased 0. 

Lawson, Victor F. Chicago, 111., 1875. 

Proprietor Chicago " Record " and •• Dally News,*' Chicago, 111. 

Buckingham, John, Jr. Chicago, 111., 1875. 

Attorney-at-law, Chicago, 111. 

Le Moine, Francis J. Chicago, 111., 1875. 

Broker, Chicago, 111. 

Parker, Francis O. Chicago, 111., 1875. 

Banker, Chicago, 111. 

Waller, James B. Chicago, 111., 1875. 

Attorney-at-law, Chicago, 111. 


Geographical Xtet 




Bradley, 8. P., Ga. A. e 104 

Alexander City 

Stralton, J. A., Ga. A. e 104 

Watkins, J. K., Ala. B. B 175 


Horton, J. E., Tenn. A 28 

McClelland, T. C, Tenn. A 28 


Fry, John, Ala. B. A 182 

Henderson, Archibald, Tenn. o . . . . 62 

Knight, R. M., Ala. A. E 84 

Manlgault, D. E. H., 8. C. A. X Id6 

Nesbltt, W. D., Ga. A. B 71 


Bennett, T. M., Ala. A. E 85 

Bingham, A. J., Ala. A. E 85 

Burke, J. B., Ala. A. E 85 

Clark, A. H., Ala. A. E 84 

Clay, J. C, Ala. A. E 85 

Cobb, Com n at, Ala. A. E 85 

Collins, R. W., Ala. A. E 85 

Faut, O. H. P., Ala. A. E 85 

Gashet, J. E., Ala. A. E 82 

Ouillatte, W. B., Ala. A. E 83 

Henderson, H. 8., Ala. A. E 85 

Henson, Walter, Ala. A. E :.. 85 

Jackson, Absolon, Jr., Ala. a. E. . . . 84 

Jones, C. M., Ala. A. E ft 

Leonard, W. P., Ala. A. E 84 

Mason, G. E., Ala. B. B 178 

Matthews, J. F., Ala. A. E 85 

Memmlnger, H. E., Tenn. Q 66 

Mlxon, J. M., Ala. A. E 81 

Peabody, Ray, Ala. A. E 86 

Ross, B. B., Ala. A. E 78 

Ross, C. H., Ala. A.E 80 

Rush, J. O., Ala. A. E 85 

Scott, F. N., Ala. A. E 85 

Stewart, W. L., Ala. A. E 84 

8tone, T. 8., Ala. A. E 85 

Taylor, B. A., Ala. A. E 85 

Toomer, Shell, Ala. A. E 85 

Warren, J. C, Ala. A. E 84 

Warren, W. F., Ala. A. E 84 


Howard, H. C, Ala. B. B 174 



Morris, W. E., Ala. B. B 175 


Allen, C. A., Ga. A. B, 70 

Allen, J. M., Ala. A. E 79 

Banks, J. J., Ala. A. E 78 

Beadley, L. C, Ala. B. B 174 

Brown, L. C, Ala. B. B 176 

Carmichael, J. C, Ala. A. E 79 

Crumley, L. A., Ala. B. B 175 

Fuller, J. P., Jr., Ga. B. N 216 

Fuller, J. P., Ga. B. N 216 

Going, H. 8., Tenn. A. T 149 

Hutton, W. 8., Ala. B. A 181 

Jemfson, J. 8., Ala. B. a 188 

Johnston, W. H., Tenn. 64 

Ledbetter, C. L., Ala. A. E 82 

Lovell, W. 8., Va. A 5 

Martin, J. F., Tenn. A. T 148 

Matheison, A. L., Ala. B. B 177 

Milner, H. K., Ga.,A. B 70 

Moore, G. P., Ga. A. e Hff 

Moore, J. L., Ala. B. B 178 

Mudd, J. P., Ala. B. A 184 

McCloskey, Ala. B. B 178 

Nabers, F. E., N. C. A. H 97 

Nabers, 8. F. f N. C. A. H 98 

Nixon, 8. C, Ala. A. E 88 

Patton, H. H., Ala. B. B 177 

Pearson, R. H., Ala. B. a 184 

Percy, J. W., Tenn. Q 61 

Rivers, E. R, Ala. B. A 182 

Robertson, C. D., Ala. A. E 28 

Robertson, W. L., Ala. A. E 81 

Shaver, A. P., Ala. A. E 79 

Sheppard, F. J. f Ala. B. B 177 

Smith, W. D., Ala. B. A l«i 

Smith, F. E., Ala. B. B 178 

Snyder, J. R t , Tenn. B. T 229 

Terrell, L. K., Ala. B. B 173 

Terry, P. W., Ala. A. E Ml 

Terry, W. K., Ala. A. E 81 

Trimble, W. N., Jr., Ala. B. A 1S8 

Woodward, A. H , Tenn. Q 66 


Tntwiler, E. M., Va. A 2 


Dewberry, J. R, Ala. B. A 184 






Flowers, E. P., Ala. B. B 176 

Flowers, W. H., Ala. B. B 176 

Flowers, Brooke, Tenn. B. r 229 


Craig, E. M., Ala. B. B 178 

FariBb, H. B., Ala. B. B . . . 178 


Hnnter, J. R., Tenn. B. n 229 

Turner, E. K., Ala. B. B 176 


Hendrlck, Walter, Ala. B. B 174 

Williams, R. L., Ala. B. B 175 


Gavin, R. 8., Ala. B. B 176 

Marshall, B. T., Ala. B. B 177 

Cochran, T. L., Va. A 4 

Elliott, E. M., Ala. B. B 174 

Cedar Keyi 

Mitchell, A. T., Ala. A. E 77 


Williams, W. C, Ala. B. B 176 


Jordan, O. T. Mich. B. K 206 

McConnell, J. L., Ala. B. a 188 

Seay, A. G., Ala. B. A 188 


Leeper, J. T., Jr., Teon. A. T 149 

Reynolds, H. E., Ala. B. A 182 


Hawkins, I. F., Ala. B. B 174 

Bwoope, C. C, Ala. A. E 78 

Trawlck, Henry, Ala. B. B 174 


Riley, W. B., Ala. B. B 176 

Riley, H. C, Ala. B. B 176 

Earle, J. W., Ala. B. A 184 


Russell, Harry, Ala. B. B 177 

Hwanson, W. C, Ala. B. B 178 

8 wan son, W. C, Ala. B. B 178 

Tullis, O. D., Ala. B. A 181 


Nonnemacher, E. L., Ala. A. E 80 

Walker, D. M., Ala. A. K 82 

Fayette Court House 


Henry, J. J., Ala. B. B 17& 

Perkins, J. 8., Teon. a. t 14* 

Forrest Home 

Lasenby, J. A., Ala. B. B 177 

Lazenby, 8. C, Ala. B. B 177 


Pugh, J. C, Ala. B. a 181 


Jackson, Temple, Ala. B. A 182 

Long, C. H., Ala. B. A 184 

Long, T. F., Ala. A. E 82 

Mitchell, J. A., Ala. B. a 181 

Mitchell, W. T., Ala. B. A 181 

Gold Hill 

Hurt, W. McT., Ala. A. E 77 


Corry, R. 8., Ala. A. E 8» 

Flowers, W. R., Ala. B. B 17S 


Calhoun, Q. V., Ala. B. B 17* 

Chadwlck, R. E., Ala. B. B 179 

Chadwick, J. 8., Ala. B. B 17* 

Cureton, J. U., Ala. B. B 174 

Evans, H. H., Ala. B. B 174 

Hale, W. P., Ala. B. B 17* 

Harlan, W. J., Ala. B. B 179 

Hasklns, Joseph, Ala. B. B 179 

Henry, J. L , Ala. B. B 179 

Kerr P. T., Ala. B. B 178 

Klmbrough, T. A., Ala. B. B 17j 

Long, C. H., Ala. B. B 179 

McCord, A. W., Ala. B. B 179 

McCord, F. 8., Ala. B. B 179 

Moore., W. H., Ala. B. B 173 

Morris, R. G., Ala. B. B 17* 

Newman, 8. C, Ala. B. B 179 

Ormond, J. F., Ala. B. B 178 

Ormond, T. F., Ala. B. B 178 

Ormond, W. F., Ala. B. B 179 

Peterson, F. M., Ala. B. B 172 

Powell, Edw., Ala. B. B 179 

8harpe, W. M., Ala. B. B 179 

Slaughter, D. P., Ala. B. B 179 

Smith, M. C, Ala. B. B 179 

Stoves, Geo , Ala. B. B 178 

Thames, J. U., Ala. B. B 179 

Thomas, P. O., Ala. B. B 178- 

Tucker, R. A., Ala. B. B 17* 

Urquhart, Albert, Ala. B. B 178 

Ward, J. M., Ala. B. B 179 

Williams, C. A., Ala. B. B 177 

Williams, M. J., Ala. B. B 179 


Todd, Wyeth. Ala. B. a 18* 





Harlan, A. Lu, Ala. A. E 79 

Prltcbett, E. H., Jr., Ala. A. E 81 

Reid, W. J., Ga. A. » 104 


McDonnell, A. J., Va. A 27 

Powell, J. W., N. C. X 48 


Andrews, J. H., Ala. B. B 178 


Lamar, Howard, Ala. A. E 77 

Morris, J. L., Ala. B. B 174 

Morris, T. M. f Ala. B. B 178 

Noble, A. E., Tenn. O 88 


Duke. F. C Ala. A. E 80 

Tlmmons, J. E., Ala. B. B 174 

Wilson, J. H., Ala. B. B 175 


Hawkins, W. H., Ala. B. B 177 

Little, W. G., Jr., Ala. B. A 182 


Yarbrongh, Ala. B. B 177 

Lower Peach Tree 

Glllis, J. F. t Ala. B. B 178 


Goodloe, J. R., Ala. B. B 175 

Rountree, J. G., Ala. B. B 174 


Bandlln, J. T. T Ala. B. A 184 


Anderson, \V\ 8., Tenn. A 19 

Bancroft, M. J., Ala. A. E . 84 

Bond, E. G., Ala. A. E 80 

Epes, H. H., Ala. B. A 184 

Farlsh, O. C, Ala. B. B 178 

Frazler, T. H., Ala. A. E 82 

Glass, P. J. f Ala. A. E 77 

Goldsby, J. W. f Va. B 12 

Goldsby, J. A., Va. A 6 

Howard, P. J., Ala. B. B 178 

Howard, 1. W., Ala. B. B 178 

Inge, F. J., Ala. B. B 174 

Inge, J. T., Ala. B. B 175 

Johnson, R. L., Ga. A. B 71 

Jones, H. E., Ala. A. E 82 

Klinkhard, G. R. f Ky. M 46 

Macartney, E. C, Ala. A. E 80 

Macartney, A., Ala. B. a 181 

Mendanhall, E. D., Ala. B. a 182 

Nason, R. H., Ala. B. a 188 

Russell, C, Ala. B. a 188 

Russell, C. G., Va. E 89 

Mobile — Onttaiffd 


Sibley, G. C, Va. a. . . 4 

Taylor, T. A., Ala. B. B 176 

Van Antwerp, A., Ala. A. E , 80 

Williams, M., Ala., B. B 176 


Lyman, W., Ala. A. E 82 

Moore, J. A., Ala. B. B 178 

Reynolds, E. DuB , Ala. B. A 182 

Reynolds, F. K., Ala. B. A, 188 


Allen, W. 8., Ala. A. E 88 

Cook, W. G. f Ala. A. E. 81 

Crommelin, H., Jr., Ala. A. E 88 

Crommelin, J. G., Ala. A. E 88 

Davidson, H. L., Ala. A. E 82 

Farley, L, B., Tenn. Q 68 

Florlngton, J., Jr., Ala. A. E 88 

Florington, T. C, Ala. A. E 81 

Foster, T. G., Jr., Ala. A. E 84 

Hardaway, T. R., Ala. A. E 84 

Henderson, J. L., Ala. A. E 80 

Herbert, W. F., Ala. A. E 88 

Janney, G. O., Jr , Ala. A. E 88 

Jones, A. L., Ala. A. E 82 

Pearson, W. W., Ala. A. E 78 

Pearson, H. 8., Ala. A. E 80 

Pelser, A., 8. C. A. X 169 

Reese, W. 8., Jr., Tenn. O 62 

Rives, R. G., Ala. A. E 80 

Roberts, T. K., Ala. B. B 176 

Ruth, W. H.,Tenn. Q 68 

Hay re, A. D., Va. E 87 

Scott, F. D., Ala. A. E 84 

Scovel, G. J., Va. E 87 

Tat u in, G. L. II., Va. E 47 

Taylor, A. L., Ala. A. E 84 

Thomas, G. A., Ala. A. E 82 

Thompson, R. M. f N. C. A. H 99 

Trimble, F. B., Ala. B. A 188 

Watts, T. H., Ala. B. a 184 

Whetstone, D. L. ( Ala. A. E 82 

Whiting, R. C, Ala. A. E 84 

Wilcox, F. W., La. B. E 187 


Kimball, J. H., Ky. M 41 

Harris, W. W., Ala. B. a 182 

Newton . 

Acres, W. U., Ala. A. E 77 


Drake, J. H., Jr., Ala. A. E 81 

Jeter, R. C, Ala. B. a in 

Sanford, W. J., Ala. A. E 78 

Timmons, J. E., Ala. B. A 188 

Watkins, J. P., Ala. B. B 176 

Watklns, J. K., Ala. B. B r76 





Smith, Lester, Ala. B. B 177 

Ledbetter, E. W., Ala. B. B 174 

Doster, H. 8., Ala. A. E 82 

8toagb, R. L., Ala. B. B 174 

Brdck, J. A. J., Ala. B. B 178 

River Ridge 

Rutherford, J. W.. Ala. B. B 178 


Stevenson, O. H., Ala. B. B 175 

Rock Mills 

Stephen, M. S«, Ala. A. E 77 


Watkins, T. H. f Ala. B. B 178 


BickerstaflT, Hugh, Ala. A. B 84 

Jennings, B. Q., Ala. A. E 84 


Brown, Harrold, Ga. A. e 110 

Nelson, Hugh, Ala. A. E 88 

Brown, D. H., Ala. B. A 188 

Roberts, J. P., Ala. B. B 178 


Mllstead, F. D., Ala. A. E 81 

Milstead, A. H., Ala. A. E 88 


Morris, J. E., Ala. B. B 176 

Patty, W. B., Ala. B. A 182 

Powe, H. A., Ala. B. B 176 

Tower Creek 

Wlllson, W. B., Ala. B. B 177 


Knox, E. O., Ala. A. E 83 

McCarthy, C. L., Ala. B. B 176 

Sanford, W. H., Ala. A. E 79 


Brown, B. R., Ala. B. A 186 

Carr, D. H., Ala. A. a 184 

Champion, W. P., Ala. B. A 184 

Clements, F. B., D. C. Y 68 

Tuscaloosa - Continued 


Daniels, G. A., Ala. B. a 184 

Daniels, J. L., Ala. B. A 186 

Den son, John, Ala B. A 186 

Fltts, W. C, Tenn. A. T 148 

Francis, J. M., Ala. B. A 181 

Godfrey, B. W., Ala. B. a 184 

Goodwin, A. G., Ala. B. A 186 

Hayes, Edgar, Ala. B. A 186 

Hayes, Oscar, Ala. B. A. 186 

Head, B. P., Ala. B. a 186 

Herbert, E. R., Ala. B. a 184 

Houser, 8. C, Ala. B. A 186 

Jemison, W. C, Ala. B. A 188 

Jones, H. A., Tenn. O 61 

Kennedy, J. R., Tenn. A 18 

Lamkin, Griffin, Ala. B. A 186 

Leland, R. McIj. Ala. B. A 184 

Leland, W. A., Jr., Ala. B. a 188 

Lurton, K. B , Ala. B. A 184 

Means, McK. G., Ala. B. A 186 

McCarthy, H. D., Ala. B. B 116 

Parker, Otiborne, Ala. B. A 182 

Perkins, J. C , Ala. B. A 188 

Pickens, W. C, Ala. B. A 186 

Smith, J. W. f Ala. B. A 186 

Somerville, Albert, Ala. B. a 182 

Spratt, R. D., Ala. B. A 186 

Trimble, John, Ala. B. A 184 

Wellborn, Alfred, Ala. B. A 184 

Whitaker, W. C, Ala. A. E 80 

White, W. H., Ala. B. A 186 

White, W. T., Ala. B. A 186 

Woodson, A. M., Ala. B. a 186 


Smith, J. C, Ala. A. E 79 

Union Springs 

Caldwell, H. S., Tenn. A. T 160 

Frazer, T. M., Ala. B. A 188 

Hunter, H. M., Ala. A. E 79 

Marshall, E. W., Ga. A. Z 90 

Riley, A. E., Ala. B. B 177 


Coleman, D. P., N. C. A. H 96 

Hardie, J. A., Ala. B. A 182 

Harwood, B. F. t Ala. A. E 79 

Mumford, L. St. C.Ala. A. E 82 

White, J. H., Jr., Ala. B. A 182 

M liner, J. C«., Ala. B. A io4 

Moore, J. C, Ala. B. A 182 

Northcuttt, J. E., Ala. B. B 178 

Lancaster, H. J., Ala. a. E 79 



. . 170 



Shell, O. C, Ark. A. X 


Hardage, Joslah, Tenn. A 22 

Horton, W. 8., Tenn. A 28 


Green, T. E., Tenn. a. t 16 

McDonougb, J. B., Ark. A. X 170 

Centre Point 

Ansley, Richard, Tenn. B. n 229 

McFarlane, R. W. t Ark. A. X 170 


Bennett, R. L., Ala. A. E 81 

Randolph, Harrison, Va. A 82 

Button, H. 8., Tenn. A 20 

Forest City 

Stanley, J. E., Tenn. A 19 

Fort Smith 
Winchester, T. P., Va. a. 

Alexander, W. R., Tenn. A 




Martin, 8. T., Jr., Va. B. 2 288 


Raiding, A. B., Tenn. A 


Little Rock 











Allen, R. 8., Ky. M 

Carroll, 0. A., Jr., Ky. Z 

Doll, W. H., Ky. Z 

Evans, E. N , Ga. A. «*. 
Gass, John, Tenn. Q. . . 
Johnson, 8. T., Ky. Z . 
Johnson, T. A., Ky. Z . . . 
Scott, Conoway, Ky. /. 
Waters, John, Va. A. 
Wright, W. F„ Va. a... 

Jarratt, J. E., N. C. A. H 

Mountain Home 
Lamar, J. A. M., Ark. A X . 

Pine Bluff 

Cory. A. F., Ala. A. E 

Martin, E. W., N. C. a. h . . . . 
Pryor, T. H., Jr., Tenn. A. T. 


Green, T. L., Tenn. A. T 


Greer, U. B., Tenn. B. II 229 

Robertson, T. O., Ga. A. a 106 

Tlllar, J.G., N. C. A. H 97 

Montgomery, T. F., Tenn. a 28 







Brewer, T. A., Ky. M 46 


Hall, B. A., Me. B. Y. . 


284 Wicks, M., Tenn. N 


Avey, R. J., Me. B. Y 284 



***1ukY Los Angeles 

Lewis, E. P., D. C. V 68 Hamilton, S., Va. a 98 

Nott,C.P., VtB.Z 192 Robinson, L. L., N. Y. B. a. . ..'. '...[ 200 

Cotton Ross, E. M., Va. a i 

Bliss, W. F., Ohio A. N 127 Wicks, M. L., Va. A 28 

Corvina 'Mare Island 

Barboor, W. R., Va. A 20 Grosh, M. D., Cal. B. * 241 

Fresno Menlo Park 

Johnson, H. M., Tenn. A. T 148 Barney, J. M., Cal. B. * 241 

Gait Modesta 

Ray, C, Cal. B. * 241 Turner, T. C, Cal. B. * 241 



Nevada City 
Dennis, F. L., N. Y. B. e.. 


Campbell, G. A., Cal. B. *. . 

Padfic College 

McDowell, W. T., N. C. H.. . 


... 202 



Palo Alto 

Cross, R. P., Cal. B. * 242 

Fish, J. C. L., N. Y. B. « 201 

Jost, F., Cal. B.  241 

Porter, M. 8., Col. B. * 241 

Qulnn, E., N. Y. A. 140 

Young, 8. W., S. Y. B. « 200 

Wilcox, A. B., Ohio A. N 127 

Taylor, B. F., Ohio a. * 168 


Hlllerman, G. H., Ohio A.  100 

San Diego 

Goodrich, J. A-, Vt. B. Z 101 

Thomas, F. J., Va. A 81 

Bastable, G. D., W. Va. Z 

Berlin, F. A., Va. B 

Bride, J. R., Cal. B. * 

Carr, R. M., CaL B. * 

Code, T. K., Cal. B. * 

Eckart, W. R., N. Y. B. 8. 
Hartman, F. A., Cal. B. * 

Man son, N. J., Va. a 

Nicholls, T. H., N. Y. B. e 
Painter, J. B., Cal. B. + 

TerrJIl, G. M„ Va. E 

Wilson, J. R., N. Y. B. e 
Williams A. F., N. Y. B. 

Santa Rota 

Mitchell, R. H. f N. C. X.. . 








San Jose 

Hadley, F. H„ Cal. B. * 241 

St Helena 

Williams, D. E., Cal. B. * 242 

Tulare City 

Elllatt, C. T., Ohio A. N 180 


Aspen Junction 

Smith, a L.,OhioB M H 194 

Canon City 

Scott, J. A., Mich. A. M 128 


Archer, G. W., Va. A 6 

Betbell, W. D., Jr., N. C. A. H 97 

Francis, W. C, Ala. A. E 78 

Mosby, J. 8., Va. A 31 

Nelson, J. M., Tenn. u 68 

Wells, M. P., Va. E 88 

Del Norte 
Wilson, J. W., Ohio A. N 120 


Garvin, J. B., N. Y. A. o i 187 

Hhrlver, J. H., Ohio A. N . . . . " 120 

Tenney, G. L., Ohio B. H 106 


Kepner, A. V., Ohio B. H, 
Babin, F. A., Mich. B. A., 


Red Bluff 
Gill, M. G., Tenn. A 20 


RobertH, J. C, N. C. A. a. 


University Park 

Engle, W. D., Mich. B. O 224 


Adgate, Matthew, Vt. B. Z. 

Hall, F. I*, R. I. r. a 

Johnson, C. M., Mass. r. B 248 


Cheney, Chas., Mass. B. r 180 

Eastman, H. T., Vt. B. Z 191 


New Haven 

101 Asblll, E. L., 8. C. B.  . . 

De Buys, R. E., La. B. E 
.^5 Durham, P. T., N. C. H. 
Eustis, A. C, La. B. E. . . 
Hlusser, L. D., Ohio A. N 

Howard, A. O., N. Y. A. O. . 

Pomfret Centre 
Jones, W. H., N. C. H 










Easby, T. H.,Pa.T 90 


Tschudy, H. C., Pa. A. P. 




Anderson, G. B., Va. B 18 

Ash, Percy, Pa. T 100 

Ashley, C. W., Va. ♦. . . 266 

Ayres, Gastav, Pa. A. P 148 

Barrett, E. W., Va, B 12 

Brooke, R. M., Va. A 8 

Bryant, 8. L., Ohio B. H 104 

Clark, A. L., Ohio A. * 158 

Clegg, A. M., Ala. A. E 78 

VtOO, iV« B., 8. \jm B. B EEL 

Colt. J. McL., 8. C. A.  104 

Coleman, R. 8., D. C. Y 48 

Cunningham, P. D., Ga. A. e 108 

Davie, A. P., D. C. Y 58 

Davis, J. H., Ohio A. N 128 

Dene, J. P., Ga. A. B 70 

Dick, T. M., 8. C. A.  106 

Drlggs, C. E., Mich. B. A 216 

Elliott, a H., Tenn. 82 

Ellsworth, G. W., tf. C. B 51 

Evans, DeLancey, Va. P 57 

Falson, W. E., N. C. B 49 

Fitzgerald, J. R, Ga. A. Z 89 

Gadsden, E. M., Va. B 12 

Glazebrook, L. W., Ga. A. Z 80 

Griffin, T. D., Va. E 85 

Hanckel, J. 8., Va. E 89 

Henry, J. W., D. C. Y 58 

Husson, W. M., Va. A 5 

Irwin, Fairfax, Va. E 85 

Johnson, G. L., Ga. A. B 71 

Koonce, G. W., N. C. B 61 

Lamar, W. H., Ala. A. E 77 

Lamar, G. H., Ala. A. E 80 

Lovell, J. L., Va. A 6 

Mallotte, 8. W., Ohio A. N 127 

Mancey, J. A., Tenn. N 47 

Marbnry, F. F., Va. E 80 

Meetze, D. P., Va. E 88 

McElroy, G. W., 8. C'A. • 104 

McLaughlin, Edw., Ohio B. P 281 

McMullan, R. F., Tenn. O 00 

Newell, Isaac, Ga. A. B 72 

Pecbin, H. H., Va. E 89 

Plckrell, G. M., Va.A. A 88 

Porter, E. F-, Ala. B. B 178 

Price, A. B., Tenn. A 18 

Pugh, H. L., Ala. B. A 181 

Renlck, E. L, Va. E 87 

Robertson, R. E. E., Va. A 6 

Rnffln, Sterling, N.C. A. A 74 

Ruffln, Thomas, N. C. A. A 78 

Russell, E. G., Ga. A. B 71 

Simpson, H. P., Ala. B. A 188 

Stewart, N. B., Ga. A. B 78 

Stofer, A.* J., Va. P 68 

Taylor, F. W., Va. A 28 

Turk, W. A., Va. E 85 

Williams, J. G., N. C. A. E 94 

Woolf, N. E., Va. A 8 


Bay View 

MoMullen, G., Ga. A. © 106 

De Pass, J. P., Ga. A. © 106 


Roberts, W. T., Fla. A. n 108 


Crawford, C G., Fla. A. O . . 100 

Fort Meyers 

Warren, J. D., Tenn. (1 00 

Fort Pierce 

Piatt, C. P., Mich. B. K 206 


Baker, J. D., Fla. A. Q 100 

Barnes, W. D., Jr., Ala. A. E 80 

Bryan, N. P., Ga. A. © 109 

Drew, G. L., N. C. A. H 96 

Drew, Frank, N. C. A. H 9 s 

Gamble, Howard, Fla. A. Q 109 

Marrow, W. S., Ga. A. Z 90 


May, R. E., Ga. A. Z 89 


Mcintosh, W. M., Ga. A. e 104 

Key West 
Delaney, F. C, N. C. A. H. 


Bryan, W. J., Ga. A. © 110 

Sears, J. W., Ga. A. Z 92 

Lake City 
Thompson, 8. B., Ala. A. E 78 

Live Oak 

White, J. L., Tenn. A 20 





Davis, C. E., Fla. A. O 187 

Patterson, D. F., Fla. A. a 106 

Smith, C. H., N. C. A. H 96 

Smith, T. C., 8. C. A.  164 

Townsend, J. A., Fla. A. o 167 


Milton, John, Ga. A. B 72 

Milton, John, Jr., Ala. A. E 81 

Milton, W. H., Jr., Ala. A. E 7B 

MoNeal, A. T., Jr., Tenn. a 05 

Knight, T. H., Tenn. fi 66 


Wiltberger F. E., Pa. T 100 

Atkinson, C. P., Ala. B. B 174 

Denham, W. B., Va. A 2 


Ward, Ernest, Ga. A. « 110 


Holden, J. T., Ky. M 46 



Simpson, C. H., Pa. A. P 148 


Bird, \t • 1«, Ga. A. © 106 


Davidson, J. L., N. C. A. H 96 

Dismukes, E. P., Jr., Va. B 13 

Love, E. C, Va. B IS 

Malone, W. B., Va. B. 1 288 


Scott, T. M., Ga. A. B. 70 


Bettan, W. S., Fla. A. n 166 

Blocker, L. D., Fla. A. U 166 

Bryan, E. A., Fla. A. 166 

Carter, J. H., Jr., Fla. A. u 166 

Congleton, J. H., Fla. A. n 166 

Farley, Geo., Fla. A. n 166 

Felkel, H. M., Fla. A. a 166 

Mcintosh. W. M., Jr., Fla. A. tt. . 166 
Whitfield, R C., Fla. A. n 16ft 


Herrick, C. E., N. C. A. H 94 

Wall, J. E., Ga. A. e 108 


Loral ne, H. K., Va. B lfc 



Foreman, A. W., Ga. A. / 88 

Sturgess, 8. W., Ga. A. z 89 


Bennett, J. J., Ga. A. B 72 


Dodson, W. A., Ga. A. B 69 

Huntington, C. A., Jr., Ga. A. *>. . . . 107 

Johnson, H. R., Ga. A. Z 92 

Orr, W. W., Ga. A. z 89 

8mall, J. B., Ga. A. Z 91 

Wheatley, W. K., Ga. A. Z 89 


Atkinson, T. P., Ga, A. B 78 

Bernhardt, J. J. F., Ga. a. B 78 

Brake, O. C, Ga. A. B 78 

Bramson, E. C, N\ C. S 62 

Brumby, C. W., Ga. A. B 71 

Brown, E. T., Ga. A. B 71 

Brown, R. EL, Ga. A. B 78 

Darrow, J., Ga. A. B 72 

Gray, C. H., Ga. a. b 78 

Lawrence, J. B., Ga. A. B 78 

Linden, L. L., Ga. A. B 78 

MeCathern, P. F., Ga. A. B 78 

Perkins, H. R., Ga. A. B 78 

Perkins, A. C, Ga. A. B 78 

Phillips, U. B., Ga. A. B 72 

Slaughter, T. K., Ga. A. B 78 

Sparks, T. F., Ga. A. B 78 

Stephens, I., Ga. A. z 88 

Stephenson, G. F., Ga. A. B 78 

Stephenson, J. M., Jr., Ga. A. B 78 

Warren, L. C, Ga. A. B 78 

Wynn, J. H., Ga. A. B 78 


Altusarra, G., Ga. B. 1 212 

Attley, J. K., J r., Tenn. A. T 148 

Brewster, W. E., Ga. B. 1 812 

Bryan, Shepard, N. C. A. A 7fr 

Bullard, T. P., Ga. A. % 108 

Caloord, A. R., Ga. B. 1 210 

Campbell, J. B., Ga. B. N 217 

Carlton, H. H., Ga. A. B 69 

Chapman, H. K., Ga. B. 1 211 

Clarke, Harvey, Ga. A. z 87 

Cochran, R. O., Ga. A. ©. 106 

Colwell, J. A., N. Y. B. ft 199 

Corput, R. V. D., Ga. B. 1 211 

Crumley, P. M., Ga. B. 1 2M> 

Dean, 8. P., Ga. B. 1 209 

Deaton, J. McC, Va. E 89 

Earnest, N. W., N. C. A. H 96 

Emerson, W. H., Ga. B. 1 212 

Everett, J. L., Ga. B. 1 211 

Foster, H. P., Jr., S. C. B.X 222 

Garllngton, J. Y., S. C. a.  16fr 




Gleaaon, W. H. t Mass. B. r 180 

Glenn, W. H. t Ga. B. I 209 

Greene, E. A., Ga. B. 1 211 

Hahr, T. W., Ala. A. E 82 

Hansell, W. A., Jr., Ga. B. 1 200 

Harby, J. M., Ga. B. 1 212 

Harman, W. 8., Ga. A. e J06 

Hawkins, 8. H., Ga. A. Z 92 

Hawkins, W. E., Ga. A. Z 88 

Haygood, W. A., Ga. A. e 106 

Healey, C. A., N. C A. H 94 

Hill, M. E., Ala. A. E 79 

Hopkins, Ga. A. e 108 

Home, W. A., N. C. B 58 

Hutchinson, P. L., Ala. A. E 81 

James, T. J., Ga. B. 1 2U 

Jernlgan, G. J., Ga. B. 1 211 

Jessop, W., Ga. B. 1 210 

Jones, H. A., Ga. A. B 78 

Jones, J. H., Ga. B. 1 209 

Jones, J. J., Ga. B. 1 211 

Johnson, M. W., Jr., Ga. B. 1 210 

Johnson, W. G., Ga. A. e 106 

Lamar, P. R., Ga. B. 1 212 

Lane, Chas., Ga. A. Z 87 

Leigh, W., Ga. B. 1 212 

Little, F. B., Ga. B. 1 212 

Lombard, G. 8., Ga. B. 1 212 

Lucas, D. J., 8. C. A. X 157 

Matthews, A. B., Ga. B. 1 211 

McCall, W. P., Ga.B. I 211 

McCarty, T. R., Ala. A. E 79 

McCarthy, M., Jr., Tenn. A. T 149 

McCaw, W. D.,N. Y. A. A 118 

Meyer, F. C, Ga. B. 1 211 

Miles, H.H.,Ga. B.I 210 

Moore, J. 8., Ga. B. 1 206 

Nash, R. 8., Ga. B. 1 211 

Nash, W. D., Ga. B. I 211 

Newell, G. C, Ga. B. N 217 

Newton, E. T., Ga. A. B 70 

Park, Frank, Ga. A. B 70 

Peters, Lindsay, Tenn. O 65 

Phillips, H. T., Jr., Ga. B. 1 209 

Ralne, J. H., Ga. A. e 104 

Randolph, H. N., Va. A 88 

Respess,H. II., Ga.B. 1 208 

Robinson, L. B.,Ga. A. e 104 

Rossman, J. G., Ga. B. 1 206 

Ruse, C. L., Ga. B. 1 212 

Smith, P. F., Va. A 28 

Thompson, W., 8. C, A. • 168 

Tlgner, C. H., Ga. A. e 107 

Tigner, E. A., Ga. A. © 106 

Tlgner, G. 8., Ga. A. © 107 

Turner, F. C., Ga. B. 1 211 

Van Winkle, E. K., Ga. B. 1 211 

Walthall, W. P., Ga. B. 1 206 

Waltus, R. P., N. C. A. H 06 

Weaver, O. H., B. 1 206 

Werner, E. A., Jr., Ga. B. 1 2L0 


West, J. G., Ga. B. 1 211 

Williams, G. W., Ga. A. Z 90 

Wilson, H. P., Ga. B. 1 210 

Zellars, T. P., Ala. A. E 79 


Barrett, T. B., Va. B 12 

Beasley, G. M., 8. C. A.  166 

Bondarant, C. L., Ga. A. B 69 

Burkhalter, J.T., Ga.A. e 110 

Clark, H. W., Ga. B. N 216 

Dunbar, H. 8., Tenn. 66 

Holt, J. H., Ala. A. E 84 

Miller, W. D., Ga. A. e 108 

Robertson, J. M., 8. C. A. X 167 

Saxon, Henry, Ga. A. Z 92 

8telling, J. D., Ga. A. B 72 

Twiggs, A. J., Va. A 8 

Wood, E. H., Ga. A, Z 90 

O'Neal, M. E., Ga. A. B 72 


Harris, A. J., Ga. A. 9 108 

Tarbrough, T. W., Ga. A. 9 106 


Baynard, O. T., 8. C. B.B 222 


Branch, M. I., Va. A \ 2 

Merry, E. B., Ga. B. 1 211 

Bibb County 

Bonn, 8. G., Ga. A. Z 00 

Burr, J. H., Ga. A. Z go 


Fort, J. A., Ga. A. Z 90 

Fort, E. M., Ga. A. Z ... 90 

Sherman, J. 8., Ga. A. e 109 


Zellars, Peter, Ga. A. z 88 


Atkinson, 8. A., Ga. A. B 70 

Ben net, J. W., Ga. A. B 70 

Carroll, J. A., Ga. A. z 89 

Cook, W. B., Ga. A. Z 70 

Lawrence, A. A., Ga. a. B 71 

Leavy, A. H., Ga. B. N 216 

Meader, R. D., Jr., Ga. A. B 70 


Soloman, W. W., Ga. A. Z 87 

Buena Vista 

Mel son, J. H., Ga. A. Z 91 

Munro, H. N., Ga. A. e 106 

McMichael, E. H., Ga. A. % 109 

Walton, J. E., Ga. A. Z 91 

Wooten, Clark, Ga. A. © 106 

Qulllian, Clayton, Ga. A. • 106 





Shaw, W. H., Ga, A. © 106 


Stiles, H. C., Va. B 18 


Hendewon, 8. W. f Ala. B. A 188 

Layfleld, J. M. t Ga. A. © 100 


Kenimer, O. B., Ga. B. 1 206 

Barron, R. B., Ga. A. Z. 86 


Secktnger, F. D., Ga. A. © 106 

Cole City 

Buck, E. B., Ga. A. » 106 


Fortson, T. G. f Ga. A. B. 81 

Howard, G. I* , Ala. A. E 88 

Martin, J. C.» Ga. A. B 78 

Miller, B. 8., Ga. A. B 71 

Owen, J. G., Ga. A. © 108 

Stewart, W. W., Ala. A. E TO 

Wilkerson, A. R., Ala. A. E 84 

Williams, T. A., Ga. A. B 70 

WllllB, J. L., Va. A 80 


Erwln, David, Ga. A. B 72 

Glover, J. B., Pa. A. P 148 

Glover, J. W., Tenn. 66 

Holland, R. M., Ga. A. B 80 


Fuller, W. 8., Ga. A. Z 91 


Nall,G. C, Ga. A. © 108 


Anderson, J. L»., Ga. A. Z 86 


Jones, A. O., Ga. A. Z 91 


Barnes, A. E., Ga. A. © 104 


Asbury, DeW. N., Ga. B. 1 206 


M alone, W. H., Ga. A. B 66 


Vernon, F. H. t Ala. A. E 81 


Bollard, R. L., Ala. A. E 78 


Stratton, R. V., Ohio A. N 188 


Johnson, L. G., Ga. A. © 107 


Budd, W. H., Ga. A. © 106 


ghlektoj J.<H.,Ga. A. © 106 


Aldred, J. W., Ga. A. © •••.... 100 

Jones, H. F., Ga. B. N 216 


Poole, R. H., Ala, A. 1 81 

Poole, W. T., Ga. A. B 70 


Corker, F. G., Ga. a. © U* 

Farrell, J. A., Ga. a. Z 62 

Thompson, W. 8., Ga. A. © 108 


Branham, A. I., Ky. O 64 

' Ingram, E. W., Ga. A. Z 00 

Jenkins, J. W., Ga, A. Z 00 

-Marshall, Warren, Ga. A. Z 88 

Napier, T. A., Ga. A. Z 88 

Thomas, D. L., Ga. B. 1 200 


Banks, Henry, Jr., Ga. A. Z 92 


Cheney, W. E., Ga. a. © 100 


Cole, 8. J., Ga. A. © 106 

Watkins, J. D., Ga. A. © 10R 

Gary, R. F., Ga. A. © 100 

Fort Valley 

Austin, W. D., Ga. A. © 100 

Bassett,8.H. Ga. A. © 106 

Brown, L. L., Ga. A. © 107 

Brown, 8. B., Jr., Ga. A. © 106 

Gray, L. P., Ga. A. © 107 

Hooser, W. L., Ga. A. © 104 

Keen, W. G., Ga. A. © 100 

Persons, R. T., Ga. A. © 106 

Bond, C. G., Ga. A. © 104 

Black, A. H.,Ga. A.Z 80 


Hester, R. 8., Ga. A. Z 80 


Candler, M. A., Ga. A. B 71 

Candler, I. L., Ga. A. B 60 

Longstreet, J. G., Va. A 8 

Mealor, W. G. f Ga. B. 1 210 


Hill, W. A., Ga. A. B 60 





Chandler, W. W., Ga, A. B 78 


Whitehurst, Z., Ga. B. 1 209 

Quilllan, M. C., Oa. A. e 100 


Brown, J. P., B. 1 206 

McHenry, J. N., Va. A 28 


Hill,' A. F., Ga. A. e 107 

Tigner, J. O., Ga. a. e 106 


Nail, J. H., Ga,A.e 106 

O'Keeley, T. W., Ga. A. Z 00 

Stewart, J. B., Ga. A. « 104 

Stewart, J. F., Ga. A. 9 106 


Johnston, M., Ala. A. E 76 


8tapleton, J. 8., Ga. A. Z 66 

Harmony Grove 

Bennett, T. J., Ga. A. B 72 

Gray, C., Ga. A. z 01 

Hurst, N. W., Ga. A. Z 01 

Brakefleld, E., Ga. A. Z 01 


Matthews, A. B., Ga. A. B 72 

Skelton, J. H., Jr., Ga. A. B 72 

Teasley, J. £., Ga. A. B 78 


Wlmberly, J. H., Ga. A. e 106 


Autrey, C. M., Ala. A. E 70 


Heath, J. M., Ala. A. E 77 

Isle of Hope 

La Far, 8. B., Ga. B. 1 210 


Buttrill, T. H„ Ga. A. B TO 

Dempsey, E. F., Ga. A. e 110 

Donovan, A. B., Ga. A. Z 00 

Campbell, L. L , Ga. A. Z 87 

Cody, 8. B., Ga. A. e 108 

La Grange 

BoykiD, 8. J., Ga. A. 9 106 

Gary, A. H., Ga. A. B 70 

Gaffney, D. J., Ga. A. B 60 

Hudson, F. L., Ga. B. 1 206 


Johnson, J. T., Ga. A. e 107 

Longley, F. P., Ga. A. e 107 

Longley, F. McL., Ga. B. 1 . 200 

Pitman, J. H., Ga. A. B 60 

Weaver, W. H M Ga. A. Z 67 

Young, R. M., Ga. A. B 70 

Hawes, T. N., Ga. A. Z 86 


Long, E. T., Ga. B. 1 210 

Long, H. L., Jr., Ga. B. 1 200 

Crawford, W. B.,Ga. A.B 71 

Wiggins, 8. P., Ga. A. e 166 


Culpepper, N. F., Ga. A. e 107 

Hicks, T. B., Ga. A. Z 87 

Weaver, J. A., Ga. A. e 108 


Anderson, E. P., Ga. A. Z 68 

Barksdale, H. T., B. 1 208 

Baughn, Alexander, Ga. A. Z 02 

Birch, W. B., Ga. A. Z 87 

Boone, T. H., Ga. A. Z 80 

Coleman, E. H., Ten n. Q 66 

Curd, J. C, Ga. A. Z 00 

Curd, R» B., Ga, A. Z 01 

Cutter, H. D., Ga, B. 1 208 

Daly, A. D., Ga. A. B 78 

Dasher, A. L , Ga. A. Z 86 

Davis, F. A., Ga. A. Z 02 

Davis, E. H. f Ga. B. 1 206 

Dodson, J. H., Ga. A. Z 02 

Dodson, A. C, Ga. A. Z 88 

Drummond, W. E., Ga,A. Z 80 

Ellis, R. 8., Ga.A.Z 80 

Estes, P. H M Ga. A. B 71 

Farrar, John, Ga. A. e 104 

Findlay, R. E., Ga. A. Z 88 

Findlay, C. D., Ga. A. Z 88 

Glass, H. E., Ga. A. Z 02 

Hardman, G. G., Ga. A. e 106 

Hardeman, Giles, Ga. A. Z 00 

Hardeman, J. A., Ga. A. e 107 

Harris, J. W., Ga. A. Z 02 

Hurt, C. D., Jr , Ala. A. E 70 

Jonee, M. C, Ga. A. Z 87 

Jones, H. L., Ga. A. Z 00 

Kennedy, L., Ga. A. z 68 

Lumpkins, W. M., Ga. B. N 217 

Mansfield, Clarence, Ga. A. Z 82 

McCaw, Ga, A. Z 88 

McKay, Albert, Ga. A. Z 01 

Minor, J. L., Va, A 28 

Moore, H. E , Ga. A. Z 02 

Ogden, M. G., Ga. A. Z 80 

Ogden, J. H. t Pa. A. P 142 




Olesley, F. A., 6a. A. Z 88 

Palmer, J. W., Ga. A. Z 88 

Parker, T. C, Ga. A. Z 87 

Parks, M. M., Ga. A. e 106 

Roap, C. E., Ga. A. Z 96 

Rodden berry, EL S., Ga. A. Z 88 

Rodgers, S. H., Ga. A. Z 87 

Ryan, A. T., Ga. A. Z 91 

Scbofleld, J. F., Ga. A. Z 87 

Schofleld, F. O., Ga. A. Z 89 

Sherard, J. B., Ga. B. A 209 

Shellie, Job, Ga. A. Z 91 

Singleton, J. W., Ga. A. Z 87 

8mall, S. E., Ga.A. Z 92 

Smith, J. W., Ga. A. Z 89 

Steed, C. W., Ga. a. z 89 

Steed, C. P., Ga. A. Z 86 

Stewart, Horace, Ga. a. Z 92 

8tud, G. V., Ga. A. Z 90 

Taylor, W. A., Ga. A. Z 86 

Toole, O. A., Ga. A. Z 92 

Warren, Frank, Ga. A. z 88 

Wiley, 8. R, Ga. A. Z 88 

Winsblp, Blanton, Ga. A. Z 90 

Wise, B. A., Ga. A. Z 88 

Wise, J. C, Ga. A. Z 90 


Morgan, J. M., Va. E 40 

Petit, C, Ga. A. Z 91 

Petit, D., Ga. A. Z 91 


Hutchinson, T. P., Ala. A. E 80 

Kenan, L. H., Ga. B. N 217 


King, T. E., Tenn. n 60 

Stevens, I. B., Ga. A. Z 88 

Terrell, J. R., Ga. A. Z 89 


Barrett, C. F., Ga. B. N 216 

Conn, J., Ga. A. © 104 

Conn, T., Ga. A. © 109 

Hllbert, T. E., Ga. A. B 71 

Howard, J. D., Ga, A. Z 88 

Jones, H. 8., Ga, B. 1 209 

Latham, T. R., Ga. A. Z 90 

Moody, D. J., Ga. A. B 70 

Moore, J. M., Ga. A. © 109 

Newell, I., Ga. B. N 217 

Newell, T. L., Jr., Ga. B. N 216 

Pottle, J. E., Ga. A. B 70 

Richardson, J. M., Ga. A. © 106 

Richardson, C. F., Ga. B. N 216 

Taylor, C. 8., Ga. A. Z 88 


Kllpatrlck, J. D., Ga. A. Z 89 

Swain, F. A., Ga. A. © 109 



Felker, J. H., Ga, A. B 69 

Mobley, A. B., Ga. A. B 72 

Newton, L. L., Ga. A. © 109 

Mt Vernon 
Peterson, W. A., Ga. B. N 217 


Brewster, P. H., Va. A 27 

Hunter, R. B., Ga. A. Z 91 

Jones, Otis, Ga. A. Z 92 

Orr, 8. G., Ga. A. Z 91 

Plerson, R. M., Ga. B. 1 209 

Scbofleld, C. E., Va. A 29 

New Providence 
Butler, G. R, Ga.A. Z 88 

Oak Grove 

Ellis, T. D., Ga. A.© 108 


Wood, G. W., Ga. A. Z 87 


Greer, L. C, Ga. A. B 72 


Banks, E. M., Ga. A. © 110 

Bardwell, Harry, Ga. A. © Ill 

Black well, C. D., Ga. A. Ill 

Bo wen, J. T., Ga. A.© 110 

Brand, J. O., Ga. A. e 110 

Brantley, C. W., Ga. A. © 110 

Brewster, P. H., Jr., Ga. B. 1 211 

Brown, T. J., Ga. A. © 110 

Cauthen, C. B., Ga. A. © Ill 

Cole, J. A., Ga. A. © Ill 

Davis, G. H., Ga. A. © Ill 

Dixon, R B., Ga. A. © 110 

Ellis, R C, Ga. A. © 110 

Gilbert, C. C, Ga. A. © Ill 

Hanklnson, R. H., Ga. A. © 110 

Hay good, A. G., Ga. A. © 104 

Jarrell, C. C, Ga. A. © 109 

Jarrell, W. W., Ga. A. © 109 

Morgan, H. W., Ga. A. © Ill 

Phillips, H. 8., Ga. A. © 110 

Phlfer, J. A., Ga. A. © 110 

Qullllan, W. E., Ga. A. © 110 

Ragland, T. T., Ga. A. © Ill 

Robinson, E. J., Ga. A. © 104 

Smith, R G., Ga. A. © 110 

Slstrunk, C. L., Ga. A. © 110 

Tuck, Claude, Ga. A. © Ill 

Zetroner, E. F., Ga. A. © Ill 


Bollard, D. B., Ga. A. © 110 

Smith, C. C, Ga. A. © 109 

Brunson, C. E., Ga. A. B. 
Cater, L. F., Ga. A. © 





Cater, R. L., Ga. A. © 104 

Duncan, C. C, Jr., Ga. A. B 72 

Sharp, T. J., Ala. A. E 80 

Pocket? s Station 

Bingham, W. H., Ga. A. © 105 

Webb, L. B., Ga. A. © 106 


Monroe, G. P., Ga. A. © 106 

Munro, H. 8., Ga. A. © 106 


Groover, C. I., Go. A. B 60 

McDonald W. M., Ga. B. 1 209 


McKay, W. A., Ga. B. N 216 


Berry, I. J., Tenn. 64 

Berry, Thomas, Jr., Tenn. O 64 

Berry, C. E., N. C. A. H 96 

Hardin, 8. M., Tenn. A 22 

King, H. E., Va. E 40 

Omberg, C. L., Ga. 2 267 

Terhune, Chas., Ga. 2 267 

Towers, John, Ga. 2 267 


Evans, B. D., Ga. A. Z 86 

Evans, J. Jti., Ga. A. z o* 

Whiten urst, Cinciuatus, Ga. A. Z. . . 90 


Alexander, W. M., La. B. E 186 

Anderson, C. W., Va. A 2 

Anderson, J. R., Va. A 80 

Brown, P. F., Ga. A. © 109 

Butler, W. J., 8. C. A. * 164 

Cain, J. R., Ga. A. Z 88 

Chapman, J. D., Ga. A. Z 87 

Davis, J. S. N., Jr., Ala. A. E 77 

Elliott, A. B., Tenn. 61 

Finney, B. F., Tenn. n 68 

Jaudon, H. R., Ga. B. 1 209 

Lawrence, C. C, Ga. A. B 72 

Mays, G. G., Fla. A. 167 

MeCaii, C. W., Ga. B. I 210 

Melton, C. D., S.£. A. * 164 

Melton, G. W., 8. C. A.  164 

Owens, W. W., Va. A 80 

Palmer, J. W., Va. A 82 

Schley, W. H., Va. A 82 

So lorn tin, A. W., Ga. B. 1 208 

Purdue, A. B., Ga. A. Z 86 

Cawood, J. M., Ga. A. Z 92 

Williams, A. D.,Ga. A. Z 89 


Culver, E. L., Ga. B. N 217 



Davis, W. P., Ga. A. Z 90 

Eaton, Wm. t Ga. A. Z 88 

WlUiams, B. C, Ga. A. © 109 

Stone Mountain 

Meader, R. L., Ga. A. B 71 

Ragsdale, W. M., Ga. A. B 69 

St Marys 
Hawkins, F. M., Ga. A. © 106 


Bard well, R. N., Ga. A. © 109 

King, T. B., Jr., Ga. A. © 110 

McGehee, J. H., Ga. A. © 104 

McGehee, J. B., Ga. A. © 107 

McCrary, J. A., Ga. B. 1 210 

Rodenberry, J. W., Ga. A. Z 91 


Blackshear, T. E. t Ala. B. A 184 

Goodwyn, O. E., Ga. A. Z 90 

Powell, J. EL, Ga. A. Z 87 

West, J. T., Ga. A. Z 87 

Domlnick, E., Ga. A. Z 91 


Burton, B. 8., Ala. A. E 80 

Howell, L. F., Ala. A. E 80 

McRee, G. G., Ala. A. E 88 

McRee, F. I., Ala. A. E 83 

McRee, E. J., Ga. A. B 71 

Staten, W. T., Ala. A. E 81 

Talley, J. N., Ga. A. B 72 

Thomas, E. L., Ga. A. B 71 

Thomas, W. E., Ala. A. E 89 

Varnadoe, 8. McW., Ga. A. B 71 

Kelley, J. M., Ga. A. Z 87 


Cheatham, J. A., Ga. A. © 106 

McCroan, E. P., Ga. A. © 104 

"Walnut Grove 
Broadnaz, J. C, Ga. A. B 72 


Allen, J. F., Ga. A. © 109 

Burkhalter, W. H., Ga. A. © 1 10 

Pottle, J. R., Ga. B. N 216 

8wain, R. V., Ga. A. B 71 


Bouldin, T. T., Ga. B. 1 210 

Fluker, W. H., Ga. B. 1 208 




Fortaon, 8. A., Ga. A. e 100 

Fraser, P. G., Ala. A. E 78 

Glenn, B. P., Ga. A. e 107 

Hagne, R. R., Ga. A. e 107 

Hunter, J. L., Ga. B. 1 211 

Hunter, W. W., Ga. B. I 210 


Berrlem, R. N., Jr., Ga. A. © 107 

Corker, P. L., Va. A 6 

Godbee, L. B., Ga. A. e 106 

Jones, 8. H., Ga. A. e 108 

McCathern, O. A., Ga. B. 1 211 

Perry, J. O., Ga. A. B 71 

Powell, L. E., Ga. A. B 78 

Templeton, R. A., Ga. A. » 107 



Feagin, E. A., Ga. A. e 108 

Vest Point 

Baker, W. 8., Ga. A. e 108 

Dixon, J. T., Ga. A. © 106 

Eden, J. 8., Ga. A. Z 86 

Ridgeway, R. A., Ga. A. % 198 

Scott, I. M., Ala. A. E 77 

White Plains 

Howell, W. 8., Ga. A. Z 88 

Jergman, C. 8., Ga. B. N 216 

Oy wnn, C. R., Ga. B. 1 210 


Lemhi Agency 
Pope, G. F. f N. Y. b. e 



Camp Point 


Ferris, J. C, N. Y. A. a 


Wallla, Wm., Ohio B. H 


Branch, J. M., 111. r. Z 





Chacey, E. C, III. r. Z 

Clark, T. A., 111. r. Z 



Flthlan, 8. B., 111. r. Z 


Flanigan, E. C, III. r. Z 


Helton, A. J., 111. r. Z 

Hoag, P. H., 111. r. z 



King, W. E., 111. r. z. 

Knox, W. L., 111. r. Z 



Pitney, C. 0., 111. r. z 

Uppendall, W. J., 111. r. Z. . . . 
Weston, N. A., 111. r. Z 


Atwood, W. G., N. Y. B. «. . . . 
Barr, C. J., N. Y. B. e 






Beam, J. A., Ohio B. M 

Beekman, J. C, 111. r. Z 

Booth, H. W., Mich. B. A 

Bryan, F. C, N. C. A. H 

Buckingham, J., Jr., 111. X . . . 




....... V3 


Buts, II. P., Pa. A. I 


CandllBh, W. J., Mich. A. M . . 

Cook, I. H., Iowa A. B 

Drake, W. A., Mich. B. K 




Ehle, L.C., N. Y. B. e 

. ... 199 

Elliott, T. J., Mich. A. M 


Ellis, T. H., Vt. B. Z 


Gill, B. E., Mich. B. O 


Harvey, G. R., N. Y. B. % 


Horner, W. N., N. Y. A. A 



Jamison, D. L., N. Y. A. A 


Jones, H. G., Ohio B. M 


Kerr, W. W., Mich. B. A 


Lawson, V. F., 111. X 


Le Molne, F. J., 111. X 


Lisle, H. C, Ohio A. * 


Lyon, C. H., Mich. B. K 


Lyon, E. P., Mich. B. K 


Marsh, A., Ohio A. * 


Martyn, C. W., N. Y. A. o 



McCluer, W. B., Va. B 


Norton, W. D., Mich. B. A 


Noble, C. W., 111. r. Z 


Painter, L. H., Mich. A. M. .. 


Parker, F. ()., 111. X 


Rhodes, L. L., Tenn. A. T 


Robertson, J. W., Va. A 


Saleno, 8. H., Iowa A. B 


8ayre, C, Ohio B. P 


Schoolcraft, H. L., Ohio B. P. . 


Senn, E. J., Pa. A. I 


Sinks, F. F., Ind. r. r 


Sudborough, G. L., Mich. A. M 


Thornton, E A., N. Y. A. O 

... . 187 

Tibbetts, W. F., Mich. B. K . . . . 




• • • * 

... 214 

... 06 

... 11 

. 269 

Van Tuyl, H. T., Mich. B. A . . . 
Van Dnser, J. McK., Tenn. n 

Waller, R. A., Va. B 

Waller, J. B,, 111. X 

Washburne, O. M., Mich. B. K 206 

Wiley, D. W., Ohio B, M 220 

Wise, R.C., Mich. A. M 122 

Young, O. A., Mich. A. M 128 

ZlflT, O. R., Mich. B. A 218 

Cool Valley 

Brown, C. H., N. Y. A. 187 


Beam, <*. W., Ohio B. M 210 

Parsons, W. E. f Mich. B. O. 

Swing, P. £., Mich. A. M . . 
Kesler, C. H., Micb. A. M . . 


Godfrey, W. C, Mich. B. A . 


.. 171 

• • • • 


. 128 
. 124 

Parks, C. H., Iowa A. B 

Ash, Dorsey, Pa, T 100 


Mansfield, C. F., Tenn. O 61 

ML Morris 
Walker, M. 8., Ohio B. M 218 

Sumner, W. T., 111. r. Z 260 

Newcomer, P. W., 111. r. Z 260 


Newcomer, L. W., Mich. B. K 205 


Hicks, xi. 55., (Jal. B.v 241 


Joslyn, R. W., Mich. B. A 

Hamilton, W. McK., Mich. A. M 

. 214 

. 214 


Rock Island 

Van Horn, R. H., Va. B.. . . 



Hamilton, A. L., Va. A. . . 

Noterman, O., 111. r. z 260 


Boy n ton, C. D., N. J. K. A 116 

Upper Alton 
Rodgers, E., N. C. A. H 96 


Carlin, C. C, Mich. B. K 205 

Shaughniss, J. A., Mich. B. K 205 

Scott, L. M., Mich., A. M 128 

Columbia City 

Shirley, S. L., Ohio B. M 218 

Fort Wayne 
Carr, H. 8., Ohio B. O 248 

Barclay, J. L., Mich. A. M 122 


8anborn, W. R., Ind. r. r 251 


Burrell, A. C, Ohio A. N . ... 
Estabrook, W. (.'., Ohio A. *. 
Folsom, E. F., N. Y. B. O 
Hildebrand, C. E., N. Y. B. O 

Matthews, G. C, Ky. M 

Metzger, A. E., N. Y. B. O. . . 
Shaneberger, E. L., Ind. r. r 

La Fayette 

Elliott, C. H., Ohio B. M 220 

Hatt, W. K., N. Y. B. o 202 



La Porte 
Stevens, LeV. B., Mich. B. A. . . 

Anshuts, C. W., Ohio A. + 160 

New Albany 

Hubbert, J. E., Ky. M 42 

Hubbert, C. H., Ky. M 42 

Kent, H. C, Ky. M 42 

Matthews, M. M., Ky. M 48 


Collins, A. J., Mich. B. K 205 

Little, P. B., Mich., A. M 128 

Bellls, E. R., Pa. T 100 

Adduddell, H. F., Mich. A. M 128 

Tore Haute 

Balsley, Abe, Ind. r. r 262 


Burt, N. P., Ind. r. r 

Crebs, W. D., Ind. r. r. . . 

Fry, C. H., Ind. r. r 

Ingle, J. D., Ind. r. l\ . 
Ingram, W. 8., Ind. r. r. 

. 251 
. 252 
. 251 
. 251 
. 262 



Klttredge, H. G M Ind. r. r. . 

Leggett, H. T., Ind. r. r 

Montgomery, J. T., Ind. r. r 

Ryder, W. B., Ind. r. r 

Schwable, H. C. L. f Ind. r. r 
Smith, F. E., Ind. r. r 



Townley, F. E., Ind. r. r 

Willius, Gustav, Jr., Ind. r. r. 

Union City 
Chenoweth, J. F., Ohio, B. H. . 


.. 268 
... 261 





Roberts, C. B., Iowa B. a 172 Smith, A. M., Ohio A. N. 


Consigney, L. (}., Iowa B. A 171 


Jordan, W. N., Mich. A. M 121 

Buxton, Wm., Jr., Iowa B. A 171 

Centre Point 
Elliott, O. M., Ohio B. P 281 


Council Bluff 
Dye, H. C, Iowa B. A 


Des Moines 

Graber, E. D., Ohio A. N 127 

Shaw, R. E., Iowa B. A 171 

Shaw, O. F., Iowa B. A 172 

Crosby, H. B., Mich. B. K 204 


Morris, T. B., Iowa B. A 172 

Mace do nia 

Craig, W. D., Iowa B. A. 171 

Dye, W. G., Iowa B. A 122 

Quint, M. K, Iowa B. A 171 

Chambers, R. C. F., Mich. A. M 128 

Miller, B. F., Iowa B. A 172 


Mitchell, O. M., Iowa B. A 178 


Touet, I. A., Mich. A. M 121 

Sioux City 

Loft, H. L., Iowa B. A 171 


Maxwell, O. W., Iowa B. A 171 chlttlck, R. E., Iowa B. A 171 

Proudfoot, E. E., Iowa B. A 172 

Worth, F. E. v Iowa B. A 171 

Iowa City 
Graham, W. A., Cal. B.*.. 

.... 241 

Stark, H. R., Mich. A. M 121 

West Union 
Carmlchael, H. O., Tenn. a 65 


Hutchinson Topeka 

Wooddell, F. L., Ohio B. H 195 Ray, H. E., Ohio A. * 

Vincent, J. H., Ohio A. N 

Kansas Cfty Washington 
Stephens, T. C, Mich. A. M 124 Brownf 8 . R> M^cTl M 

Kingman Wichita 
Hay, L. D., Ohio A. N 126 Billings, C. S. 8., Ohio A. N 180 




Bowling Green 
Baldy, E. V., Ga. A. Z 87 


8kinner, Bartley, N. C. A. H 

Bardstown Burdick 
McKay, Harry, Ky. M 45 CftldweU| j. T ., Va. B 11 


Bell, Douglas, Tenn. AT 149 Cadiz 

Bell, Austin, Tenn. A. T 150 Chappell, C. A., Ky. M 45 





Whitehead, W. F. f Ky. M 48 


Goble, M. J., Va. B 18 


Byars, Edwin, Ky. Z 168 

Taliaferro, N. C, Ky. Z 188 

Clay Village 
Clarke, V. P. f Ky. M 44 

Brooks, Clean th, Tenn. B. n 228 

Orr, W. P., Va. B . . . 8 


Boyd, J. T., Ky. M 44 

Stone, A., Ky. M 44 

Stone, J. M., Ky. M 46 

Stone, L. B., Ky. M 44 

Allen, J. H.,Jr., Ky. M 44 

Peeples, 8. W., Ky. M 48 


Ely,E.&,Ky.Z I(j9 

Gaines, Noel, Ky. M 48 

Green, Grant, Jr., Ky. M 48 

Godson, R. A., Ky. M 46 

Gray, J. T., Ky. M 44 

Hardin, J. C, Ky. Z 168 

Lindsay, T. N., Va. a 82 

Overton, A. W., Va. A 1 

Rodman, John, Va. B 9 

Smith, T. J., J r., Va. a 82 

Taylor, E. W., Va. A 32 

Hobdy, Edgar, Tenn. A 24 


Mott, J. F., Tenn. A 28 


Wake, Frank, Tenn. A. T 140 


Chinn, J. N., N. Y. B. e 109 


Clay, J. W.,Tenn. A 22 


Amberg, D. W. C, Ky. M 42 

Isler, R. M., Ky. M 42 

Tyler, R. T., Va. E 41 


Dade, C. L., Ky. M 42 

Green, J. R., Ky. M 41 

Potter, W. R., Tenn. A. T 160 



McKee, L. W., Ky. M 46 

McKee, R. A., Ky. M 45 

McKee, W. H., Ky. M 46 

Palmer, M. K. Va. B 12 


Castleman, George, Va. B 10 

Goodloe, 8. S., Ky. M t . , . . 44 

McCaw, W. R., Va. B 

Preston, R. W., Va, A 27 

Van Meter, W. S., Va. A? 26 

Viley, Wills, Va. B 

Logan County 
Hardin, Thompson, Ky. M. 46 


Berry, W. T., Ky. M 44 

Bingham, R. W., N. C. A. H 96 

Breckinridge, J. G., Va. A 7 

Carter, Lattlmore, N. J. A. K 116 

Cheatham, W. K., Ky.M 42 

Coghill, G. E., R. I. r. A 265 

Eagles, W. B., Va. A 84 

Eaton, T. T., Va. B 

Epes, H. H., Va. A 8 

Fontaine, Theodore, Ky. M 45 

Godwin, T. H., Tenn. 1 16 

Goodloe, Speed, Ky. M 47 

Henderlite, J. H., Va. B. 2 288 

Massey, M. H., Ga. A. Z 02 

Montgomery, Harry, Ky. M 44 

Morris, J. M., Tenn. O 64 

Mundy, V. O., Ind. r. r 261 

Murrell, D. G., Va. A 8 

Netherland, W. H., Ky. M 44 

Parker, J. A., Ala. A. E 82 

Porter, W. R., Ala. B. B 178 

Richardson, W. H., Va. A 26 

Robinson, A. L., Va. B 18 

Smith, E. J., Ga. B. N 217 

Smith, W. K., Ky. M 41 

Sniveley, T. C, La. B. E 187 

Speed, W. 8.. Ind. r. r 251 

Stucky, H. M., Ky. M 44 

Troxler, L. E., Ind.r. r 261 

Vreeland, W. L., Tenn. n 228 


Fant, E. L., Ky. M 48 

Keith, T. A., Ky. M 48 

Keith, G. C, Ky. M 48 

Owen, R. B., Ky. M 44 

Watson, E. H., Ky. M 44 

Cabell, W. E., Ky. Z 168 

Ryder, V., Ohio B. M 218 

Waller, T. 8., Ky. M 44 





Wells, W. P., Ky. m « 

Howe, W. D. t Ky. M 48 

McCandless, D. C., Tenn. A 28 

Mt. Sterling 
Bean, C, Ky. Z 100 

Crutcher, Z. H. f Ky.M 44 

North Middktown 
Turner, H. F., Va. B 18 

Harding, W. L., Ky. M 46 


Calhoun, P. E., Va. B 10 

Terrell, R. T., Va. B 10 

Martin, H. D., N. C. A. H 97 

Pine Grove 

Taylor, G. F., Ky. Z 188 


Blanton, W. E., Ky. Z 168 

Jones, N., Ky. Z 100 

Miller, R. W., Ky. Z 168 

Shackelford, W. R., Ky. Z 168 


Shackleford, C. K., Ky. Z 160 

Smith, T. F., Jr., Ky. z 188 

Stone, W. A., Va. B 10 

Taylor, T. J., Va. a 28 


Courtney, W. L., Ky. M 46 

Erlcson, D. C, Ky. M 48 

Simpson vifle 
Smith, R.D., Ky.M 48 

Julian, T. G., Ky.M 48 


Caldwell, F. P., Tenn. A. T 160 

Thurman, I. H., Ky. Z 188 

Anderson, Wm., Ky. M 44 

Twiggs County 
Htllman, J. H. f Ky. M 46 


George, J. B., Va. B 9 

Marks, N. B., Ala. A. K 88 


Gay, J. P., Jr., Ky. M 48 

Paynter, E. 8., Tenn. B. n 229 

Reese, C. H., Pa..T 100 


Hunter, K. P., Va. B 

Avery's Island 
Avery, Dudley, Jr., La. B. E... 



Baton Rogue 

Bird, C. C., Ky. M 41 

Galllard, E.P., Tenn.0 66 


Clarke, L. A., Va. E 89 

Donaldson ville 
McCulloh, R. McC, Va. A 6 

Barron, C. W., Va. B 8 


Bablngton, R. H., Ga. A. • 104 

Yates, S. J., Ala. B. A 182 

Cate, T. W., Tenn. Q 60 


Minor, J. D., La. B. E 187 

Palfrey, G. DeC, Tenn. O 69 

Illawara Parish 

Carson, J. G., Va. B 10 

Le Compte 

Murdoch, D. M., Va. E 89 


Humphreys, J. A., Tenn. O. .'. 80 

Morgan City 
Darrell, C. B., Va. E 40 

Barton, W. I., Tenn. O 82 

New Orleans 

Abbott, Ginder, Tenn. A. T 160 

Allen, R. W., S. C. B. * 238 

Babcock, G. C, Tenn. 69 

Bell, W. A., I*. B. E 187 

Boswortb, M. M., La. B. E 189 

Bowles, W. B., Va,E 86 

Brewster, Matthew, Tenn. Q 64 

Brlckell, W. E., Jr., La. B. E 188 

Burthe, C. A., La. B. E 188 

Butler, J. B., La. B. E 188 

Butler, J. P., Jr., La. B. E 188 

Butler, F. N., Jr., La. B. E 186 

Butler, C. W., I*a. B. E 1R7 




Brickell, W. P. \V\, Va. A 81 

Burtbe, D. F. V., Va. A 82 

Cbaffee, H. H., I,a. B. E 189 

Cbaleron, F. J., La. B. F 188 

DeBuys, L. R., B. E 189 

DeBuys, J. T., La, B. E 188 

DeBuys, W. L., La. B. E 188 

Dupre, H. G., La. B. E.. 187 

Elliott, J. B., Tenn. « 68 

Elliott, J. H., Tenn. il 84 

Esbelman, 8. St. J., La. B. E 188 

Esbelman, U. L., B. E 189 

Finley, Ridgely, La. B. E 188 

Hardie, H. M., La. B. E 187 

Hardie, L. H., La. B. E 187 

Hayward, J. D., La. B. E 189 

Herndon, PreHton, La. B. E 187 

Hunt, A. B., La. B. E 188 

Hutchinson, J. E., Ala. B. B 178 

Kearney, E. N., La. B. E 188 

Kennard, T. C, Va. E 89 

Kennedy, P. R. t Va. B 11 

Laboulsse, P. R., La. B. E 188 

Leverlcb, W. R., La. B. E 188 

Leverlcb, Henry, Jr., La. B. E 188 

Lombard, .GervalB, La. B. E 186 

Lombard, J. E., La. B. E 187 

Lovell, J. M., Tenn. n 68 

Maginnis, W. T., La. B. E 187 

MattbewH, C. R., La. B. E 189 

Meble, Allen, La. B. E 187 

Mix, Franklin, Va. E 86 

Morgan, H. G. Jr., La. B. E 187 

Musson, Gaston, La. B. E 187 

Nixon, J. O., La. B. E 188 

Parker, A. D., La. B. E 187 

Pollard, C. F., Ala. A. E 88 

Pond, U. 8., La. B. E 187 

Puckette, C. McD., Tenn. Q 60 

Rlgbtor, Edw., I a. B. E 188 

Rlgbtor, 11. J., La. B. E 187 

Seale, R. McM., Ala. B. A 182 

Bemmes, T. J., Jr., La. B. E 187 

Bneed, G. L., Tenn. A. T 148 

Stewart, J. N., La. B. E 186 

Stone, (J. W., La. B. E 187 

Waterman, G. A., La. B. E 186 

Waterman, T. H., Jr., La. B. E 186 


Watts, O. N. A., Ky. / 168 

Wight, I. E., La. B. E 187 

Wise, 8. J., Tenn. B. n 280 

Wood, Z. T., La. B. E 188 

Woods, Edgar, La. B. E 189 


Duson, W. W., Va. E 88 

Duson, C. C, Va. E 40 

Duson, J. C, Va. E 40 


Holden, N. E. C, Ky. M 46 


Parks, B. 11., Ga. A. © 106 

Pitcher's Point 

Burwell, R. L., Va. A 28 


Erwin, T. G., Va. E 86 

McRady, E. C, Va. E 86 

St James Parish 
De Burgondy, E. La P., Tenn. a 69 

St Marys Parish 

Foster, J. W., Tenn. n 60 

Palfrey, H. S., Tenn. a 60 

Palfrey, F. R., Tenn. 11 62 

Price, W. H., Va. A 6 

Union Parish 
King, G. L., Ky. M 46 


Wilkins, R. P., Va. E 87 


Israel, M. M., Va. E 88 

Barrow, S. D. f Va. A 2 

White Castle 
Ware, J. S., La. B. E 186 

Wood Park 

Wilkinson, T. F., Va. B 10 

Ban Mills 

Totman, V. C, Me. r. A.. , 


Bowler, F. C, Me. B. Y. . . . 
Foas, H. C, Mass. r. B . . . 

Lee, J. L., Me. B. Y 

Nlcbols, E. L., Me A. l\ . . 



, 246 Waterbouse, H. T., Me. r. A 246 

Rollins, M. F., Me. B. Y 286 

2S4 Fairfield Centre 

f* Tozler, T. L., Me. r. A 246 

286 Falmouth 

o245 Flint, I. A., Vt. B. Z 19 




Bobbing, L. W., Me. 1". A, 

Freeman, M. C, Me. V. A. 


Latlip, F. 8., Me. r. A 


... 246 


Suare, .1. A., Me. B. Y. ... 

Ross, C. .1., Me. r. a 





Gilbert, C. E., Me. B. Y 


Mahlman, R. M. t Me. 1. A 

JoneH, W. L., Me. r. a 

PolBom, L. P., Me. B. Y 

South Norridgewock 
Murpby, W. M., Me. B. Y 


Bird, J. A., Me. B. Y 

Bird, T. H., Me. B. Y 

Crowell, C. P., Jr., Me. B. Y 

Cushman, H. B., Me. B. Y 

Dolly, \V. f Me. B. Y 

Duncan, Lindsay, Me. B. Y 

Ellis, W. L., Me. B. Y 

Farnham, C. H., Me. B. Y 

Hovey, F. A., Me. B. Y 

Hersey, G. \\\, Me. B. Y. 

Herald, Walter, Me. B. Y 

Higgins, H. A., Me. B. Y 

Holyoke, W. L., Me. B. Y 

Jack, P. C, Me. B. Y 

Johnson, C. C, Me. B. Y 

Lane, William, Me. B. Y 

Leavette, G. G., Me. B. Y 

Llbbey, F. A., Me. B. Y 

Nute, A. J., Me. B. Y 

Oswold, H. H. f Me. B. Y 

Patten, A. J., Me. B. Y 

Perkins, H. H., Me. B. Y 

Pearce, C. a., Me. B. Y. 

Pretto, H. J., Me. B. Y 

Rollins, F. N., Me. B. Y 

RoblnBon, H. G., Me. B. Y 

Searvey, H. D., Me. B. Y 

Sturgls, E. A., Me. B. Y 

Sweet, I. C, Me. B. Y 

Tombs, W. B., Me. B. Y 

(Jrann, M. L., Me. B. Y 

Webber, M. A., Me. B. Y 


.. 287 
. 236 
. 286 
. 237 
. 287 

. 286 
. 286 
. 236 
. 287 
. 286 
. 286 
. 236 
. 237 
. 286 
. 287 
. 236 
.. 287 
. 237 
. 237 
. 286 

. 236 
. 237 
. 237 

. 2H6 

. 286 

. 285 
. 2*6 

Webster, F. E., Me. B. Y 

Whipple, A. L., Me. B. Y 

Wilson, G. H„ Me. B. Y 

Wormel, R. G. t Me. B. Y 


... 2*7 


Andrews, C. F., Me. B. Y. . 
8eott, Clarence, Me. B. v. 


Pike, J. M., Me. r. A 

Smith, A. N., Me. B. Y. . . 
Tyler, J. A., Me. B. Y 

. 235 


Acorn, D. L., Me. B. Y 

. 246 

Flannagan, J. H., Me. B. Y 


. 246 

Dan forth, E. W., Me. B. Y.. 


. 286 

Young, T. J., Me. B. Y 

South Windham 
Robinson, A. DeM., Mass. 1\ B. 


Ilobbs, F. A., Me. B. Y 


Kidder, E. E., Me. B. Y 


Allen, H. S., Me. r. A 

Bishop, H. H., Me. I\ A 

Clement, C. L., Me. r. A 

Cod forth, G. E., Me. r. A 

Cross, H. S., Me. r. A 

Cushman, E. T., Me. r. A 

Dyer, J. L., Me. r. A 

Ely, G. A., Me. r. A 

Fitzgerald, M. E., Me. r. A 

Gilbert, P. E., Me. r. A 

Hoxle, G. W., Me. r. a 

Hall, E. E., Me. r. A 

Hatfield, C. A., Me. r. A 

McBee, W. B., Tenn. Q 

Noble, W. E., Me. r. A 

Nutt, E. F., Me. r. A 

Spear, C. T., Me. r. a 

Stuart, A. 1., Me. r. A 

Williams, P. P., Me. r. a 

Wright, W. G., Me. r. A 

Vose, H. S., Me. r. A 









.. 285 


.. 246 

.. 246 

.. 246 

.. 247 


.. 247 

.. 246 

.. 246 

.. 247 

. 247 

.. 246 

. 246 

. 247 


.. 246 

.. 246 

. 246 

. 246 

. 246 

. 246 

. 247 

FoMter, N. G., Me. r. A 246 

Burton, T. F., Me. r. A 




Allen, W. H.,8. C. A. * ... 



... 185 

Barrows, E. R., X. Y. A. o 188 

Bentley, I,. L., N. Y. B. e 199 

Buckner, J. C, Vs. A 81 

Buckner, J. ('., Pa. a. I' 142 

Bullock, J. M., Va. B 9 

Dick, .1. McK., S. C., A. * 164 

Krey, J. A. C, Ohio a. * 159 

Gallic*, K. L., Va. B. S 288 

Haralll, H. H., Va. A 5 

Hamilton, F. S., Va. A 4 

Hayes, T. G., Va. A 2 

Hipsley, G. E., Pa. A. Y 164 

Huggins, W. S., N. C, A. U 96 

Huguenin.C. J., S. C. B. E 228 

Jackson, L. I,., W. Va. Z 282 

Lupton, F. A., Ala. A. K 82 

Moorman, J. B., Va. E 38 

Paul, I., Jr., Va. r 288 



Presstnian, B. C, Jr., Va. A 29 

Bchwartzman, T. C, Va. Z 282 

Staley, J. C., Va. A 6 

Smith, R. M., Va. A 3 

Stokes, Sylvanus, Va. A 29 

Turner, W. F., Va. B 8 

Tutwiler, \V. H., Va. B. 14 


Humes, M. I)., Va. A 27 


Marshall, S. W., Va. B 14 


Nelson, W., Va. A 28 

Relfsnlder, J. M., Va. a — 


Brown, G. G., Pa. A. Y 

Roop, C. E., Va. K 





Sawyer, H. A. f N. Y. B. % 200 


Cadieu, E. L., Mass. r. B. 248 

Cameron, J. A., Mass. B. r 180 

Clark, W. \V., Mass. r. B 248 

Cottrell, C. T., Pa. B. X 240 

Dearborn, W. 1;., Mass. B. r 180 

French, F. F., Me. B. Y 286 

Oilman, J. D., Mass. B. r 249 

Harlon, Mellens, N. J. A. K . 116 

Haywood, A. A., Mich. B. 226 

Hughes, E. C, S. C. A. X 167 

Jacobs, B. F., Mass. r. B 2^9 

Kline, J. B., Ohio B. M 220 

Lawrence, C. E., S. C. B. H — 

Leeson, H. A. Micb. B. <> 

Minnig, F. R., Pa. T 

Newman, Ralph, Mich. B. o. 

Noyes, H. G., Mass. r. B 

Page, \V. H., N. C. H 



.... 102 
.... 224 



Paine, L. H., Mich. B. o 227 






.... Z34 
... 286 



Ray, F. N., Mass. r. B 

Rumball, G. W., Me. B. Y.. . . 
Sampson, G. W., Mich. A. M 

Smith, C. S., Me. r. A 

Sturtevant, C. A., r. A 

Timberlake, S. M., Me. B. Y. 

Treat, S. J., Me. B. Y 

Underhill, C. D., Mass. B. r. 
White, J. O., Mich. B. O 


Eaatman, F. J., N. Y. A. o — 



Aguilar, R. B., N. Y. B. e 

Buck, \V. B., Mich. B. O 

Glenn, C. B., Ala. A. E 

Moyer, A. J., Ohio A. * 


Day, J. W., N. Y. B. © 

Rich, B. A., Mas?, r. B 


Ball, C. L., Mass. r. B 

Werner, J. B., Pa. A. 1 


Homer, G. G., Mass. r. B , 

Page, C. H., Mass. r. B 


Hoag, ('. ( ;., Pa. B. x . 

Whitney, E. R., Ga. B. I 

Fate, F. A., Ohio B. H 

Harris, W. L., Pa. T 


Bates, H. E. M ass. r. B 


Avery, El wood, Mass. r. B 

Browning, C. A., Mass. r. B 

Byrnes, E. I*., Mass. r. B 

( lapp, A. L., Mass. r. b 

Crowley, D. F., Mass. r. B. 

(/iimmlngH, Allen, Mass. r. B.., 
















Cur ran, 8. F. f Mass. r. B 250 

Davis, M. N., Mas*. I\ B 250 

Farrell, H. C, Me. B. Y 286 

French, E. W., Mass. r. B 260 

Gibson, E. E., Mass. r. B 260 

Hall, W. D., Mass. r. B 248 

Harwood, G. A., Mass. r. B 249 

Heath, G. B., Mass. r. B 2j0 

Libbey, F. J., Me. B. Y 286 

Meader, E. K., Jr., Mass. r. B 250 

Mitchell, 8. C, Mass. r. B 249 

Parke, R. II., Mass. r. B 250 

Plumb, W. A., Mass. r. B 250 

Rand, C. H., Mass. r. B 260 

Randlett, F. M., Mass. r. B 218 

Richardson, G. K., Mass. r. B 249 

Russell, H. T., Mass. r. B 248 

Wilson, P. R., Me. B. Y 234 

Wren, F. G., Mass. r. B 248 


Berry, A. II., Me. r. A 246 

South Dennis 


Hodgklns, Wellington, Me. r. A.... 246 


Gay, Lewis, Vt. B. Z 182 

Pratt, E. H., Me. T. A 246 

Danfortb, E. W., Me. B. Y 284 

Weymouth, F. E. f Me. B. Y 236 


Maguire, G. B., Me. B. Y 284 


Lincoln, J. G., Mass. r. B 248 

Hathaway, C. V., Mass. B. r 248 


Gough, C. K., Mass. r. B 2.10 



Claflin, G. M., Mich. A. M 123 

Cornelius, J. H., Mich. A. M 124 

Cornelius, J. D. H., Mich. A. M 120 

Davis, J. M., Mich. B. H 206 

Hanford, L. W., Mich. A. M 124 

Holsington, W. L., Mich. A. M 121 

Johnson, F. L., Mich. A. M 124 

McElroy, G. B., Mich. A. M 138 

Morgan, B., Mich. A. M 124 

Piper, C. H., Mich. A. M 124 

Rice, W. P., Mich. A. M 124 

Smith, M. ()., Mich. A. M 126 

Steele, A., Mich. A. M 124 

8tevens, F. A., Mich. A. M 124 

Stowe, 8. L., Mich. A. M 126 

Tobias, B. E., Mich. A. M 122 

Walker, G. W., Mich. A. M 128 

Wells, L. C, Mich. A. M 126 


Banks, W. G., Mich. B. 236 

Bradley, F. F., Mich. B. 226 

Burnett, W. E., Mich. B. 226 

Clancy, M. G., Mich. B. 226 

Cope, H. L., Mich. B. 228 

Fall, F. A., Mich. B. 228 

Hopkins, B. 8., Mich. B. 226 

Howe, H. L., Mich. B. 226 

Jacobs, C. L., Mich. B. 226 

Jacobs, C. 8., Mich. B. 226 

Martin, W. C, Mich. B. 227 

Moon, M. L., Mich. B. 227 

Moon, F. A., Mich. B. 227 

Narrln, Wm., Mich. B. 227 

Narrln, John, Mich. B. 227 

Paine, L. H., Ohio A. N 182 

Williams, C, Mich. B. 227 

Reusch, M. E., Mich. B. 226 


Cook, J. C M Mich. B. 224 

Ann Arbor 

Ake, H. F. f Ohio A. N 188 

Dillon, D. F., Mass. B. r 248 

Hurrey, C. B., Mich. B. 227 

Key, G. F., Mich. B. A 216 

Long, W. M., Mich. A. M 124 

North, W.H., Mich. B. K 208 

Thompson, F., Ohio B. n 248 

Vodrey.J. N., Mich. A. M 128 

Williams, C. H., Mich., A. M 122 

Weldon, Ira, Mich. B. 226 

Bay City 

Pratt, J. F., Vt. B. Z 181 

Varnum, A. A., Mich. B. K 206 

Woodward, H. B., Mich. B. K 206 

Keeler, E. C, Mich. B. K 208 


Larson, O. J., Mich. B. A 216 

McKenzie, R. B., Mich. A. M 128 

Alward, B. R., Mich. B. K 207 





Barney, F. R., Micb. B. A 215 


Collins, C. I., Mich. B. K 206 


Hammond, C. M., Mich. B. A 218 

Hill, R. J., Mich. B. K 206 

Houghton, 8. L., Micb. B. o 224 

Latham, £. B., Micb. B. 226 

Mutton, W.L., Micb. B. A 218 

Nutten, W. L., Mich. B. K 206 

Robinson, G. A., Mich. B. A... 214 

Smith, J. H., Mich. A. M. 121 

Stark, W. G., Mich. B. A 214 

Wllkerson, DeW. C, Micb. B. O... 226 


Holmes, W. L., Mich. B.0 224 


Dodds, F. E., Mich. B. 224 


Woton, J. R. Mich. B. 226 

Ft Wayne 

Johnson, E. M., Jr., Ohio A. N 181 


Matber, E. O. Micb. B. 224 

Grand Rapids 

Bolt, O. T., Mich. B. K 205 

Ewlng, A. K., Mich. B. K 204 

Duncan, V. E., Mich. B. 226 

8nyder, G. N., Micb., B. o 227 

Richards, L. H., Mich. A. M 128 

Alward, B. S., Mich. B. K 207 

Armstrong, J. R., Mich. B. K 207 

Blackman, H. A., M icb. B. K 206 

ColDurn, H. C, Mich. B. K 207 

De Pew, C. E., Mich. B. K 207 

De Pew, E. V., Mich. B. K 207 

Dibble, E. A., Mich. B. K 204 

Fuller, R. J., Mich. B. K 205 

Garlough, F. E., Mich. B. K 207 

Gier, S. J., Mich. B. K 206 

Harris, 8. W., Mich. B. K 206 

Klrby, J. E., Mich.B.K 207 

Kitchen, Abraham, Mich. B. K.... 206 

Langwortby, C. A., Mich. B. K 206 

MacDonald, J. P., Mich. B. K 206 

McDonald, H. T., Mich. B. H. 206 

Miller, L. W., Mich. B. K 207 

Phelps, H. E., Mich. B. K 207 

Weaver, J. M., Mich. B. K. . . 207 

Whitney, C. W., Mich. B. K 206 

Hardenburg, L. M., Mich. B. K 204 



Chaddock, J. B., Micb. B. a 218 


McCall, J. M., Ohio A. N 127 

McCall, E. J., Ohio A. N 180 

Grove, L. J., Mich. B. 226 

Johnson, W. A., Mich. B. 225 

Brooks, B. A., Mich. A. M 121 

Hammond, J. E., Mich. B. K 206 

Wright, W. M., Mich.B. o 225 


Smith, E. E., Mich. B. 226 


Heysett, F. W., Mich. B. A 214 

La Gendre, E. H., Mich. B. A 214 


Ovelsmith, A. H., Mich. B. O 227 


Phelps, W. H., Mich. B. 226 

Schermerhorn, J. W., Mich. B. K... 205 

Cutler, I. E., Mich. B. 224 

Coldren, O. M., Micb. B. K .'.... 204 

North Adams 
Williams, J. M., Mich. B. K 205 


Graham, H. A., Mich. B. 224 


Merrill, C. M. t Mich. B. 225 


Daniels, H. J., Micb. B. 226 


Aldrlch, B. F., Mich. A. M 121 

Fisher, W. J., Mich. B. A 214 

Rlker, J. D., Mich. B. A 214 

Riker, A. L., Mich. B. A 214 

Port Huron 
Duffy, J. H., Mich. A. M 121 


Brooklns, A. T., Vt. B. Z 190 


Donacker, F. C., Ohio A. N 188 

Longstreet, Wm., Mich. B. 294 

Sheeder, B. F., Ohio A. * Ia9 





Doolittle, B. G., M ich. B. O 224 


Palmatier, c, Mich. B. o 825 

Field, H. A., Mich. B. o 228 

West Campbell 

Grifletb, R. K. f Mich. B. K 207 



Williams, H. 8., Mich. B. K 206 


Child*, H. W., Mich. B. A 216 

Shuler, D. P., Mich. B. A 214 

Wallace, W. J., Mich. B. v 216 

Dupree, A., Mich. B. o. 

Snyder, J. L., Mich. A. M 


St. Paul 

12? Hothrock, J. L., Pa. A. Y 


Alexander, E. P., Jr., Ala. A. E 77 

Morris, R. P. W., Va. A 4 




Broyles, L. M., Ga. A. ».. . 


Lag rone, W. F., Ala. B. B. 




109 Hood, J. B., X. C. A. H 

178 Johnson, W. L., Ala. B. B. 



Brien, E. I,., Tenn. A 22 Pyle, J. A. E., Tenn. A. v 21 

Jamison, J. H., Va. B 10 


Duke, R. K, Ala. B. B 177 

Paine, A. M., Va, A 6 


Barney, C. G., Va. A 3 

Billings, Jos., Ala. B. a 182 

Campbell, R. B., Va. E 86 

Duncan, J. H., Ga. A. » 100 

Phillip*, E. L., Ala. B. B . 174 


Avery, R. H., Tenn. B. T 253 

Bishop, Burton, Ga. A. B 70 


Cunningham, H. T., Ga. A. e 107 


Stewart, J. K., Ala. B. B 177 

Price, T. M., Va. A 28 


Shackleford, W. J., Ky. z 169 


Kempton, A. A., R. 1. r. a 255 

Patillo, N. A., Ala. B. B 174 

Thomas, J. DeL., Ala. B. B 176 


HarriBon, N. H. f Va. A 29 

Patty, E. C, Ala. B. A 182 

Patty, J. I.., Tenn. A. t 147 


Christian, H. I)., Ala. B. a 182 

Haskins, L. P., Ala. B a 183 

Tatum, H. F., Ala. B. B 176 

Minter City 

A vent, R. E., Tenn. A. A 21 

Mississippi City 

Turner, E. L-, Tenn. 1 15 


Baliour, W. L., Va. B 10 

Farrar, Henry, Va. A 8 

Jenkins, J. F., Va. B ft 

Koontz, G. W., Va, B 10 

Port Gibson 

Allen, J. McC, Va. B 13 

Ley burn, E. R., Va. B IS 

Moseley, T. W., Va. B 13 

Thurmond, It. J., Jr., N. C. A. H. . . . 07 


Morehead, M. E. f Ala. B. B 177 

Wall, E. C, Ala. B. B 178 

Wall, W. D., Ala. B. B 17ft 




King, H. P., Ala. B. A 182 

King, W. DeJ. B. A 188 


Vaughn, W. E. t Ga. A. e 106 


Mcintosh, A. M., Ala. A. K 79 

Lloyd, E. R., Ala. A. E 81 


Kdox, J. B., Ala. B. B 177 


Easley, R. W., Tenn. a 20 



Arthur, W. H, Va. E 86 

Farrar, W., Va. A 4 

Richardson, L., Jr., Tenn. A. T 147 

Richardson, H., Tenn. a. T 148 

Richardson, X., Tenn. A. T 190 

Thomas, N. W., Va. B. E 37 


Klttrell, B. H., Ala. B. B 170 

Witty, W. H., Ala. B. B 177 

Yazoo City 

Barksdale, J. A., N. O. H.. 




Ranney, R. (i., Ky. M 41 

Harrison ville 

Allen, Marvin, Ky. M 46 

Kansas City 

Brelnlg, R. 8., Pa. a. p 142 

Fenn, C. H. f Mich. B. o 225 

Scott, Q. D. t Ohio A. N 126 

Merrill, J. J., Ohio B. M 221 

Montgomery City 
Clark, Henry, Pa. A. P 1(8 

New Madrid 
Riley, H. C, Ky. M II 

McDonald, W. G., Ky. M 46 

Poplar Bluffi 

Giboney, R. L., Ky. M 42 

Rich Hill 

Allen, H. C., Ky. M 46 

Van Meter, J. 8., Va. B 8 


Richards, W. B., Va. A. 


Lacy, G. G., Va. A 

Short, W. F., Tenn. A... 




Cbanslor, C. R., Ark. A. H 170 


Simmons, H. H. t Tenn. 1 16 

St Joseph 

McCord, J. H., Va. A 5 

St Louis 

Bentley, E. A., N. Y. B. e 201 

Black, N. B., Ten n. 1 16 

Bonham, A. K., Va. P 76 

Borup, G. D., Ala. A. E 88 

Burdette, A. 8., Va. E 89 

Davis, T. H., Ky. M 46 

Ford, J. L., Va. A 2 

Grleme, H. W., 111. r. Z 260 

Gibson, C. W., Tenn. 1 16 

Hawkins, H. P., Tenn. A. T 149 

Hawkins, E. P., Ga. A. B 71 

Holt, R. 8., Ky. M 42 

Jamison, Samuel, Tenn. 1 16 

Lang, H. A., Ala. A. E 81 

Lincoln, N. L., Ala. B. A 182 

Ormond, E. W. t Ala. B. B 178 

Rnggles, H. McC, Ky. M 46 

Schlosser, F. G., N. Y. B. e 106 

Shields, A. E., Tenn. a 61 

8hlelds, W. B., Tenn. Q 64 

Strown, J. H., 111. r. Z 261 

Zeigler, C. C, Pa. A. P 142 

Henley, R. H., Mich. B. A 218 


Butte City Great Falls 

Thayer, E. B., Mich. B. o 226 Freeman, J. W., Ohio B. H 194 

Wright, L. C, Mich. B. K 206 Taylor, J. F., Jr., Ky. Z 1 

Corbett, F. E., Va. a 81 




Dakota City 


Learner, A. B., Ohio A. * 160 Darrow, G. W., Va. * 

Falls City 
Towle, J. W., N. Y. B. © 201 


Nelson, J. E., Ohio B. P 2S1 

Hart, C. 8., Va. E 36 


Jackson, E. 8., Vt. B. Z 190 Stough, W. A., Ohio A. * 




Driscol, J. H., Ohio A. * lfiO 

Itner, H. H., Ohio B. P 281 

Kuhns, P. W., Pa. a. y 164 

Wade, R. D. A., Va. A 90 

Peck, B. C, Ohio A.N 128 




Claremont Manchester 

Whitney, J. A., Mass. r. B 249 Abbot, Cushman, Mass. r. B 

Dennis, J. H„ Pa. B. X 240 


Hancock, E. H., Me. B. y 235 Plymouth 

Eastman, E. B., Mass. r. B 260 Ruperth, K. F., N. Y. B. © . 

Dleta, H. D. f Ohio A. N 

.. 128 

.. 198 


Kinsley, M., N. Y. A. o. 




Bound Brook 

Whiting, I. 8., N. Y. B. © 

Soul], W. A., Pa. T 


Wool man, H. M., Mich. B. A 

Olacebrook, O. A., Va. A 1 


Grady, C. B., N.J. K. A 117 

Greenidge, C. A., N. J. a. K 117 

Pope, C. B., N. J. A. K 117 

Jersey City 

Cole*, F. W., Jr., N. J. A. K 117 

Gedney, J. D., N. J. A. K 117 

Exline, J. G., Ohio A. N 180 


Mont Clair 

187 Jenkins, W. A., Va. 4 84 


Glffin, N. F., N. Y. A. o 189 

Glffln, C. 8., N. Y. A. o 188 

Gllman, F. G., N. Y. B. © 198 

Lockwood, G. P., N. J. K. A 116 

Wilde, A. W.,Tenn. n 64 

Steele, C. L., Tenn. n 62 

Perth Amboy 
Gross, M. W., Pa. A. 1 113 

Oakley, Geo., N. J. a. k 116 


Bryson,T. B., N. Y. B. © 201 

Rldeout, E. T., Mich. B. K 204 

Harman, H. K., Pa. A. Y. . . 



Albany Binghampton 

Nevius, J. N., N. Y. B. © 201 "Bump, F. 8., N. Y. B. © 

Alexandria Bay Yetter, H. A., Pa. a. i 

Haughton, N. A., N. Y. A. 189 

Amaganseto Bridgewater 

Chandler, H. B., N. Y. A. o 186 Partridge, A. L., N. Y. A. O . . . 

... 202 
... 118 

.... 140 




Cudwortb, F. «., Vt. B. Z. . . . 

Dole, W. H.,N. Y. B. % 

Dunbar, A. W., Pa. T 

Elliott, W. A., X. Y. A. u. . . . 

Fort, E. J., X. Y. B. e 

Grout, A. J„ Vt, B. Z 

Lamar, L. M., Ga. B. N 

Linn, Andrew, Ohio B. H 

Partridge, G H. v N. Y. A. o. 

Pink, B. J., N. Y. A. o 

Rath burn, J. L., N. Y. A. u. . 

Schmidt, J. A., Pa. A. P 

Taylor, V. E., N. Y. A. O 


... 191 

.... 200 

... 101 

. . . 188 

... 196 

... 190 

.... 217 

.... 196 

.... 189 

.... 188 

.... 140 

... 142 

.... 139 


Fairbanks, C. V., X. Y. A. o. 
Upton, Daniel, X. Y. B. ©... 


Abbott, W. V., N. Y. A. O. . 
Applet on, C. W., X. Y. A. o 
Austin, C. J., X. Y. A. ().... 
Benton, J. W., N. Y. A. O. . 
Bucklew, C. McB., X. Y. A. o 
Burklew, W. H., N. Y. A. o 
Burklew, H. L., N. Y. A. O. 
Conkey, H. M., N. Y. A. O. 
Cu minings, J. L., N. Y. A. O 
Dennett, R, H., X. Y. A. o. 
Farmer, L. J., X. Y. A. o . 
Fields, A. J., N. Y. A. O. . . . 
Flnndgan, J. A., N. Y. A. o 
Ford, R. D., X. Y. A. o. ... 
Fortune, A. W., N. Y. A. o 
Merriman, L. W., N. Y. A. O 

Miles, E. R., X. Y. A. O 

Murray, W. H., N. Y. A.o. 
Prescott, F. C, N. Y. A. O. 
Qulnn, M. D. f N. Y. A. O... 
Robinson, Ernest, X. Y. A. O 
Sheldon, E. A., N. Y. A. O. 
Smith, L. R., N. Y. A. O.. 
Starrs, F. W.. N. Y. A. O. . . 
Stevens, B. S., N. Y. A. O.. 
Stevenson, M. H., N. Y. A. o 
Stout, W. M., X. Y. A. O. . 
Terry, R. 8., X. Y. A. ().. . 
Woods, F. L., N. Y. A. o.. 
Woods, L. H., X. Y. A. O. . 

Deans, W. J., N. Y. A. O 


Mlckle, J. D., X. Y. B. %. .. 

CHfton Springs 

Llchty, J. A., Ohio A. N 


Ferris, C. 8., N. Y. A. O 









Tutblll, 8. E., X. Y. B. © 199 


Bailey, J. A.,S.Y.B.s 202 

Bell, C. H., X. Y. B. • 201 

Ferris, F. H., X. Y. B. e 199 


Foster, A. J., N. Y. A. o 189 

Ft Ticondcroga 

Crandall, E. M., N. Y. A. 188 

Dull*, F. J., N. Y. A. 187 

Garden City 
Brooks, F. E., N. Y. B. ».. . 



Dolan, J. C, N. Y. A. o 189 


Yawger, Edwin, N. Y. B. o 199 

Newcomb, F. C, Ohio, A. N 

Affeld, F. < >., Jr., N. Y. B. e. 

Alford, A. E., Me. B. Y 

Andrews, E. P., N. Y. B. e. 
Barrett, 8. K. t N. Y. B. ©. . . 

Bliss, C. I.., Ohio A.* 

Clinton, C. D., N. Y. B. ». . 
Colton, F. B., X. Y. B. e. . . 
Coleman, R. L., N. Y. B. e. 
Cottrell, B. 8., N. Y. B. ©. . . 
Cushman, B. K, N. Y. B. €» 
Creigbton, J. E., N. Y. B. e 
Danris, H. F., N. Y. B. e.. 
Drake, M. M., Jr., X. Y. B 

Ellis, R. L., Ga. A. © 

Gannon, J. H., Jr., N. Y. A. 
Gorman, J. T., N. Y. B. 
Gow, R. A., X. Y. B. 9. . . 
Harrington, G. R., X. Y. B 
Henry, A. I*., N. Y. B. e. . 
Hodgson, J. E., X. Y. B. 
Kingsley, M. W., X. Y. B. 
Mayer, F. H., Ohio A. *. . . 
Miller, E. A., X. Y. B. e. . 
Piatt, C. C, X. Y. B.e... 
Richards, J. B., N. Y. B. e 
Rutzler, J. E., X. Y. B. 0. . 
Sawyer, Abily, X. Y. B. e 
Schultz, W. J., X. Y. B. 9. 
Walton, L. B., X. Y. B. e. 
Weston, E. F., X. Y. B. 4 
Whitney, A. B., Ga. B. I.' 

Falconer, F. M., Micb. B. K 







Long Island City 


Kinzer, Wm., Va.  268 


Phillips, J. K. t N. Y. A. 188 


Norrls, J. W., Vt. B. Z 100 

MU Kiico 

Fessenden, A. G., N. Y. A. A 1 18 

New Berlin 

Lowe, O. B., N. Y. B. 9 109 

New Dorp 

Brltton, R. H. f N. Y. B. » 202 

Miller, C. J., N. Y. B. e 200 


Monday, C. E., N. V. A. A 119 

New York City 

Bacneller, A. T., N. Y. A. o 138 

Barton, W. N.,Tenn. n 89 

Beckett, J. T., Tenn. n 01 

Beckett, J. T., N. Y. A. a 119 

Brown, E. M. t X. C. A. H 97 

Brown, R. E., Tenn. Q 08 

Busselle, J. 8., Ohio A. N 127 

Cameron, M. J., Ohio A. * 1(51 

Daniel, W. T., Va. a 30 

Decker, W. L., Ind. Y. V 251 

Dole, W. 8., N. Y. B. © 109 

Donnelly, G. G., N. Y. A. A 119 

Elliott, R. H., Ij&. B. E 188 

Elliott, R. W. B., Jr., Tenn. O 66 

Emmert, F. N., Pa. A. Y 154 

Evans, J. M., Vt. B. Z 101 

Fleetham, E. D., N. Y. A. 137 

Folks, Homer, Mich. B. O. 224 

Gaines, T. F., Va. A 31 

Oerrard, J. T., Ga. B. N 217 

Gllmore, J. W., N. J. A. K 1 16 

Gilmore, G. F. f N. J. A. K 116 

Goss, C. D., Ohio A. N 128 

Goss, C. B., Ohio A. N 128 

Hamblett, J. W., Jr., N. Y. A. A.... 119 

Hamilton, C. A., N. Y. A. O . 138 

Hanckel, D. H., 8. C. A. ♦. .. 104 

Harrison, B. J., Va. A 38 

Hart, W. L., N. Y. A. A 119 

House, W. B., Ohio A. * 161 

Hoadley, F. W., MaBS. B. r 180 

Hoyt, R. D., Vt. B. Z 191 

Hunter, F. K., Va. a 31 

Hunter, H. M., Va. a 32 

Husson, Jos., Va. A 5 

Jackson, Gerald, N. Y. a. a 1 19 

Jay, J. M. f N. Y. B. e 1»8 

Johnson, P., Va.  208 

Johnston, E. D., Tenn. n o5 

Jones, T., N. Y. B. » 202 

Kennedy, 8. B., Va. B 

Kilbourne, C. H., Me. B. Y.. . . 

Klllen, W. J., Ala A. E 

Klmbrough, F. R., Tenn. O.. 
Lancon, G. L., N. J. A. K 
Lanbam, J. McC, Tenn. A. T 

Lee, W. II. C, Va. A 

Lord, A* B., Ji  J. A. K 

MacCord, H. H., N. J. A. K... 
MacGord, C. W. v Jr., N. J. A. K 

Mclver, D. R., 8. C. A. X 

MacNider, J. W., N. Y. B. ©.. 

Martin, Hugh, N. C. A. H 

Martin, J. J., Pa. A. P 

Melklebam, W. M., Va. a. .. 
Memminger, W. W , Tenn. n 
Morgan, G. E. J., N. Y. A. A. 
Murphy, E. J., N. Y. A. O. 
Nicoll, R H., Va. A . . . 

Noble, 8. E., Tenn. n 

Owen, W. B., Mich. B. K.. 
Qulntard, G. W., Tenn. Q 
Richards, W. A., Va. E . . 
Rlnehart, F. H., Va. B. S 
Robertson, W. C, Tenn. O 
8atterwhite, J. A., Tenn. I 
Schmidt, E. A., Pa. A. P... 
Smith, G. C, N. Y. A. A.... 
Sonthworth, E. B., N. Y. A 
Thompson, J. M., D. C. Y. . 
Thompson, H. 8., 8. O. A. ♦.. 
Weymouth, A., Pa. A. P. .. 
White, J. imp., N. Y. b. e. 
Woods, W. J., N. Y. A. O. . 
Yeoman, LeR. C, Mich. B. a. 

Robertson, J. B., Va. A 

.. 8 

.. 234 

.. 79 

.. 67 

.. 117 

. . lol 

.. 31 

. . 116 

.. 116 

.. 116 

.. 166 

.. 200 

.. 97 

.. 148 

.. 32 

.. 66 

.. 118 

.. 138 

.. 81 

. 62 

.. 207 

.. 68 

.. 86 

.. 233 

.. 61 

. 17 

.. 142 

.. 116 

.. 119 

.. 58 

.. 168 

.. 148 

K. 198 

.. 1C8 

.. 216 

.. 32 


Judson, C. W., N. Y. A. o 140 


Dullea, J. H., N. Y. A. o 138 

Sawyer, L C, N, Y. A. o 139 


Brown, K. R., Ohio B. P 231 


Truman, F. 8., N. Y. B. © 199 

Truman, J. 8., N. i. B. e 201 

Truman, W. C, N. \*. B. e 201 

Truman, G. H., N. Y. B. e 201 

Andrews, W. E., N. Y. A. 138 

Bottsford, A. K., Vt. B. Z 191 

Port Henry 
Whitehead, J. L., N. J. a. k 116 


Harrigan, J as., N. Y. A. o 139 





Pay son, C. H., Ohio B. H 196 


Hagner, J. K., Ohio B. H 196 

Hagner, X. C., Ohio B. H 196 

O'Netl, B. 8., X. y. A. 188 

Thompson, W. J. t Vt. B. z 190 


Klttrell, J. W., Pa. A. P 148 

Rouse's Point 

Carr, W. H„ X. Y. A. o. 187 

Sag Harbor 

Sawyer, B. A., X. Y. A. n 188 

Johns, C. F., X. Y.,A.o.. 188 

Collins, E. W., Ua. B. 1 209 


Dunn, C. W., N. Y. A.o 187 


Titus, F. A., N. Y. B. « 199 

Sing Sing 
Young, F. L., X. Y. A O 119 


Hule, H. G. DeF., X. Y. B. * 198 

South Butler 

Betts, C. H., Mich. A. M 128 


Bradley, L. R., X. Y. B. e 

Spring Valley 

Crockett, Sam'l, Va. e 


Van Ornum, F. B., N. Y. A. o. 


Beaudrles. I. T., X. Y. A. A 

Simpson, W. R., X. Y. B. © . . 


... *» 


Stone Ridge 
Woolsey C. H., X. Y. A. A 118 


Christie, J. H., X. Y. A. 188 

Foster, N. W., X. Y. A. o 189 

Woods, Thos., X. Y. A. 188 

Bower, W. J., N. Y. A. 188 

McCormlck, C. R, X. Y. A. o. 140 


Dunbar, W. K., Pa. A. P 144 

West Point 

Harris, H. L., Jr., N. Y. B. t> 202 


Clark, Edw., Jr., Vt. B. Z 191 




Page, Frank, N. C. a. a 78 


Splnks, H. W„ X. C. S 49 

Anson villc 

Little, L. L., N. C. E 60 


Bradshaw, G. 8., X. C. H 60 

Hlmes, J. C, X. C. A. H 96 


Du Bose, McXeely, Tenn. n 80 

Jones, E. C., Tenn. n. 96 

McBee, \V. P., Tenn. o 97 

McLond, L. P., Ga. A. e 104 

Rambough, J. C. Tenn. n 98 

Bessemer City 

Durham, 8. J., N. C. E 62 


Holt, R. L. f X. C. A. A 76 


Black, J. C, X. C. H 48 

Cedar Hill 

Clarke, R. B., X. C. 3 51 

Chapel Hill 

Bagley, Henry, X. C. A. H 98 

Daggett, W. H„ X. C. A. ^, 96 

Hall, B. R., X. C. E 49 

McAllster, T. G. A. H 98 

McRae, R. 8., N. C. A. H 96 

Ruffln, G. M.. X. C. A. A 78 

8ox>tt, 8. M., X. C. A. H 96 


Moyer, R. A., X. C. H 53 

Seawell, Lnke, Ga. B. 1 208 

8teele, R. L., X". C. 3 49 

Wilkes, J. F., X. C. a.a 74 

China Grove 

Brown, W. R., Va E 



Sanders, W. T., X. C. B 49 


Etheridge, W. C, X. C. E 





.... 36 


... 49 

Campbell, W. G., Va. E 

Odell, J. T., N. C. B 

Odell, W. R., N. C. B 

Smith, H. M. v Va. B 40 

Crab Apple 
Edmundson, Hay wood, N. C. A. H... 96 


Durham, R. L., N. C. S 52 

Brown, H. D., N. C. A. H 98 

Duplin County 

Veach, 8. J., N. (\ B 49 


Barringer, W. C, N. C. B 30 

Flowers, W. W., N. C. B 58 

Flowers, R. L., N. C. H 58 

Flowers, J. McT., N. C. H 53 

Gattls, W. A., N. C. 3 50 

Gibbons, J. N. t N. C. B 51 

Nicholson, W. E., N. C. B 58 

Nicholson, J. L., N. C 3 53 

Sneed, P. C, N. C. H 58 


Wood, Julian, N. C. A. A 74 

Elon College 

Williamson, J. N., N. C. A. H 96 

Fair Bluff 

Oliver, J. 8., N. C. B 52 




r aison, Vv • P., JN • \jim H 


Haigb, D. H., N. C. A. A 

Hall, H. K., N . O. 3. 

McRae, 8. H., ^ • C A. a 


Kernodle, J. L., N. C. B 


Borden, E. B., N. C. A. A 75 

Borden, W. E., N. C. A. A 76 

Dortch, W. T., N. C. A. H 94 

Grainger, C. W., N. C. A. A 76 

Miller, R. B., N. C. A. a 76 

Ormond, A. L., N. C. a 58 

Robinson, T. R., X. C. S 50 


Mebane, W. G. f N. C. A. H 

Michael, D. W. N. C. B 

Btaley, W. W., N. C. B 

Tripp, H. li>« i N. \jm B 


Gray, R. P., N. C. A. A 

Hunter, W. H., Mich: A. M 122 

Merrlmon, B. H. f N. C. 3 49 



Green Corn Springs 
Moore, J. P., N. C. A. H 

Hen derson 

Ingle, J. E., Tenn. n 

Crowell, A. H , Ga. A. e 

High Point 
Bradshaw, W. G., N. C. a 


Corbln, C. C, N. C. B 


Jones, 8. B., Va, B 


Field, J. E., N. C. B 


... 96 

Holt, W. E., Jr., N. C. A. A.. 

Liberty Hill 
McDow, F. T., N. C. A. H . . 

Little's Mills 

Little, R. R., N. C. A. A 

Stan back, Charles, N. C. B.. 


Davis, E. H., N. C. B.... 
Spruill, F. 8., N. C. A. a. . . . 


Mercer, J. E., N.C.S 

Townsend, F. L., N. C. B. . 


Ruffln, W. C, N. C. A. H.... 


Ingram, C. B., N. C. 3 

Le Grande, W. O., N. C\ 8. . 

White, D. A., N. C. A. H . . . . 
White, W. E., N. C. A. H . . . 

Merry Oaks 

Cross, R. M., N. C. 3 


May, C. W., Tenn. B. II 


Avery, A. C, N. C. B 

Mount Gikad 
Wooley, C. W. f Jr., N. C. B. 

New Berne 

Brlnson, 8. M. t N. C. A. A.. . 
Bryan, H. R., Jr, N. C. A. A. 

Powell, A. H., N. C. B 

Primrose, R. 8., N. C. A. H 
Simmons, F. McL., N. C. B. 


Babbitt, W. A., Jr., N. C. B. . 

• • • 


... 75 
... 51 








.... 52 

.... .229 

.... 68 

.... 61 





Pelletim Milk 


Koonce, D. a, N. C. H 50 

Pleasant Grove 

Lee, W. E., Va. E 88 


Barbee, E. B. ( K. C, S 48 

Brown, J. G., N. C. S 40 

Holladay, O. B., Fla. A. n 107 

Jackson, If. W., N. C. A. H 96 

Langdon, P. D., Pa. A. P 1 18 

LOO, C Xv«» N. L. B 4B 

McGehee, N. C. a. a 75 

Mial, Millard, N. C. B 40 

Miller, W. W., N. C. A. A 78 

Prttobett C. M., Ga. B. 1 200 

Skinner, J. L., N. C. A. a 76 

Rtronach, F. M. f N. C. A. A 76 

Tuck, K. 8., N. C. A. H 08 

Tucker, W. R., N. C\ A. H 06 

Williamson, W.H.N.C.A.A 76 


Barnes, A. D., N. (J. H 52 

Boyd, 8. H., N. C. A. H 94 

Penn, C. A., N. C. A. H 06 


Kolger, T. W., N. C. S 51 


Bostick, W. E., N. C. S. 50 

Everett, H. W., N. C. A. a 75 

Gill, E. J., N. 0. A. A 76 

.LfOaK, W . v/«, ^i • V" A. ti ....... . ..... WJ 

Williamson, E. H., N. C. A. a 78 

Kime, R. W.,Va.E 88 

Patterson, F. F., N. C. A. a 76 

Patterson, 8. F., N. C. A. H 96 


Hellig, A. 8., Va. B 38 


Cross, T. M., N. C. 3. 50 


Poo, E. W., N. C. A. A 76 


Lane, H. If., N. C. H 58 


Carlton, J. F., N\ C*. A. H 94 

Long, B. r ., v< • C. Z 94 


pa oa. 

Redding, 8. A., N. C. 8 50 

Swan Quarter 

Watson, G. 1., N. C. B 48 

l arboro 

Bradshaw, R. M., N. C. B 61 

Gilliam, Donne 11, N. C. A. a 74 

Howard, Geo., N. C. A. A 76 

Pippen, J. P., N. C. A. A 76 


Cerry, J. C., Va. E 88 


Whitaker, R. A., N. C. B 58 


Leax, «i. u«, w . \j* a. h wj 

Little, C. M., N. C. B 51 


Nicholson, B. B., N. p. B 58 

Williams, T. B., N. C. B 48 


Braswell, W. T., N. C. B 40 

Hilliard, E. B., N. C. H 51 

Taylor, Forest, N. C. B 58 


Oarmlchael, J. W., Va. A 81 

Empie, B. «., Va. P 56 

Flshblate, 8. A., N. C. B 51 

Miller, H. L., N. C. A. A 76 

Peschau, G. I*, N. C. A. A 76 

Pigford, E. 8., N. C. B 61 

Worth, H. B., N. C. A. A 76 

Worth, J. C, N. C. A. H 06 


Brilton, J. r ., N. C. A. H 94 

Cunningham, W. L., N. C. H 50 

Everett, G. B., N. C. B 48 

Harris, C. T., N. C. B 58 


Miller, C. B„ Va. E 38 


Williams, W.L.,Va. A 20 


Barnes, J. H., N. C. A. H 06 

Dangerfleld, J. H., N. C. A. A 76 


McAlister, J. 8., N. C. A. H 06 

McAUster, J. W., N. C. A. H 98 

McRae, Lawrence, N. C. A. A 76 



^ k« „ XT ,,r ..uTi * iea Faust, O. P., Ohio B. M 280 

Tobias, N. W., Ohio A.  160 Klng ; H . E., Ohio B. M 210 

Akron Miller, L. A., Ohio A. N 127 

Atterholt, F. M., Ohio A. N 180 Raley, T. E., Ohio A. N 131 

Church, J. E., N. Y. A. o 186 Sadler, R. W., Ohio A. N 188 





Allot!, O. E., Ohio A. N 188 

Baldwin, D. H., Ohio A. N 188 

Betts, C. A., Ohio A. N 182 

Boone, D. J., Ohio A. N 180 

Bover, H. U, Ohio A. N 184 

Carr, F. I., Ohio A. N 184 

Caskey, T. L. t Ohio A.N 130 

Chandler, C. F. f Ohio A. N 138 

Clement, J. A., Ohio A. N 188 

Clement, J. H., Ohio A. N 188 

Cralne, J. W., Ohio a. N 126 

Davis, H. C, Ohio A. K 129 

Dlehl, J. C, Ohio A. J? 180 

Dix, L.C., Ohio A. r.." 188 

Duffbrd, J. A., Ohio A. N 182 

Ellett, W. M., Ohio A. N 180 

Fleming, C. O., Ohio A. N 188 

Fry, A. J., Ohio A. N 188 

Hershey, H. H , Ohio a. N 182 

Hole, N. W., Ohio A.N 181 

Holloway, H. J., Ohio A. N 188 

Hyde, J. G., Ohio A. N....' 182 

Jenkins, J. K., Ohio a. N 182 

Jenkins, W. 8., Ohio a. n 182 

King, G. L., Ohio A. N 128 

Klmmel, B. K., Ohio A. N 129 

Llchty, M. J., Ohio A. N 129 

Marsh, V. X., Ohio A. N 129 

Morgan, T. R., Ohio A. N 181 

Morton, H. F., Ohio A. N 181 

Richards, H. J., Ohio A. X 184 

Rider, H. M., Ohio A. N 181 

Scran ton, C. O., Ohio A. N 182 

Scranton.L. D., Ohio A. N 188 

8tewart, J. V., Ohio A. N 188 

Thomas, O. O., Ohio A. N 129 

Thompson, A. K , Ohio A. N 188 

TresHel,T. H., Ohio A. N 184 

West, W. B., Ohio A. N 184 

Wlghtman, E. J., Ohio A. N 188 

W llllams, 8. J., Ohio A. S N 181 

Wilson, H. E., Ohio A. N 184 

Murbach, E. A., Mich. B. A 214 

Gwlnner, Harry, Ohio A. * 158 


Pontius, A. H., Ohio A. N 181 

Colvin, F. C., Ohio B. M 218 


Korns, G. McI.,Ohio A. N 180 

Robinson, W. H. f Ohio A. N 128 


Howell, J. W., Ohio A. N 127 

Belief ontainc 

Miller, J. E., VU B. z 191 


... 122 




Billmeyer, J. H., Mich. a. m . . 


Neilson, C. H., Ohio B. H 196 


Shoults, A. L., Mich. A. M 


Wert, W. 8., Mich. A. M 128 


McMlchael, C. C, Ohio B. M 218 

Whlttaker, M. B., Mich. A. M. 

Canal Dover 

Burrell, C. L., Ohio A. N 128 

Newklrk, C. C, Ohio A.N 180 

Canal Winchester 
Brandt, W. 8., Ohio B. fi 244 


Alby, W. J., Ohio A. K 129 

Braden, J. B., Ohio B. M 220 

Hughs, D. C, Ohio A. N 129 

March, H. A., Ohio A. X 182 

Myer, A. 1., Ohio A. N 181 


Chambers, H. G., Mich. A. M 128 

Geiger, F. P., Ohio A. N 181 

DeWeese, Wm. f Ohio A. * 161 


Mitchell, R. W., Ohio A * 168 

Chagrin Falls 

8 hu maker, F. P., Ohio A. N 126 

Gordon, J. B., Ohio B. H 195 


Bass, W. R., Ohio B. H 195 

Bradley, J. W., Va. B 12 

Crowley, J. D., Ky. M 45 

Hamilton, J. W., Ohio A. N 134 

Hughes, D. J., Ohio B. P 282 

Matthews, W. J., Ky. M 42 

Hloan, A. D., OhloB. P 282 

Sloan, H. K, Ohio B. P 282 


Ambler, J. C, Mich. B. K . . 
Ambler, Wm., Mich. B. K. 
El dredge, E. F., Ohio A. N . 

Foote, L. B., Ohio B. H 

Horton, W. H., Mich. B. K 

Johns, H. 8., Ohio A. n 

Knapp, H. M., Pa. A. P 





Lemmon, C. M., Ohio A. N 129 

Manchester, Wm. f Ohio B. H 106 

Matson, W. E.. Ohio B. Q 244 

Monks, W. J., Ohio A. N 180 

Northrop, E. W., Vt. B. Z lift 

Norton, A. J., Ohio A. N 1*2 

Ruhl, J. B., Ohio A. * 150 

Vlnlng, J. B., Mich., A. M 1*J0 

Smith, Phldello, Mich. A. M 122 


Ayres, G. T., Ohio B. M 219 

Belght,C.H., Ohio A. N 190 

Boggess, J. C, Ohio B. n 244 

Bash, H. M., N. Y. B. e 200 

Evans, J. G. Ohio B. Q 244 

Game, R. H., Ohio B. n 248 

Gibbs, G. C, Ohio B. O 248 

Hemley, D. C, Ohio B. Q 244 

Hoglen, J. J., Ohio B. O 244 

Hopkins, R. J., Ohio B. fl 244 

Huffman, A. L., Ohio B. H 194 

Kirk patrick, W. B., Ohio B. Q 244 

Lane, I- R., Ohio B. n 214 

Leister, R. B., Ohio B. M 2i9 

McKee,S. H.,OhloB.Q 244 

McLaughlin, Pa. A. Y \. 158 

Mundhenk, Fred, Ohio B. Q 244 

Mundbenk, H. C, Ohio B. Q 244 

Olds, W. M. A., Va. 4 82 

Powell, J. W., Ohio B. 244 

Rawson, Levi, Ohio B. M 220 

RlcketU, M. U., Ohio B. H 195 

Rightmire, G. W., Ohio B. Q 244 

Ryder, E. J., Ohio A.N 188 

Van Fossen. Jesse 244 

Wlldermuth, A. L. R., Ohio B. O... . 244 

Hay, C. H., Ohio B. M 220 


Miller, R. W., Ohio A. N 129 


Adamson, R. W., Ohio B. 244 

Beard, M. L., Ohio A. * 159 

Little, C. B., Ga. B. 1 210 

Robinson, J. F. C, Ohio B. H 195 

Wallace, J. W., Jr., Ga. B. 1 211 

Weaver, E. J., Ohio A. * lol 


Ayer, W. E.,ObioB. H 196 

Bass, H. a, Ohio B. H 196 

Bradshaw, H. W., Ohio B. H 196 

De Camp, E. O., Ohio B. H 196 

Fritohle, O. P., Ohio B. H 196 

Greene, Pearl, Ohio B. H 197 

Grlffls,F. 8., OhloB. H 196 

Griffiths, E. W., Ohio B. H 196 

Hoelzel, Arnold, Ohio B. H 196 


Holliday, J. J., Ohio B. H 197 

Layman, C. R, Ohio B. H 197 

Mahon, a K., Ohio B. H 197 

Miller, W. E., Ohio A. * 162 

Nailor, E. E., Ohio B. H 196 

Pearson, W. B., Ohio B. H 196 

Phifer, C. W., Ohio B. H 196 

Said, P. R., Ohio B. H 196 

Sharp, C. N. v Ohio B. H 196 

Smith, W. F., Ohio B. H 197 

Taylor, B. E., Ohio B. H 196 

Temple, A. P., Ohio B. H 196 

Isbell, F. I., Mich. A. M 120 

House, F. J., Ohio B. H 196 


Goss, W. A., Ohio A. N 180 

East Palestine 

Eldredge, L. O., Ohio A.N 128 

Walker, O. C, Ohio A. N 126 


Hover, 8. W., Ohio A. N 126 

Kirk, A. J., Mich. A. M 13) 


Wallace, F. 8., Ohio B. H 196 


Anderson, W. G., Ohio A. * 159 

Cully, .H., Ohio A.N 137 


Kerr, David, Ohio B. O 248 

Murray, F. E., Ohio B. Q 248 


Matthias, L. B., Ohio A.N 181 

Brant, D. W., N. Y. B. e 198 


Brown, J. J., Ohio A. N 180 


Bowlus, R. C, Mich. A. M 121 

Allison, J. P., Ohio A. N 128 

Hart, W. J. L., Ohio A. N 132 


Porter, E. H.,OhloB.0 248 

Thompson, C. A., Ohio B. 248 


Sternberger, Lamar, Ohio B. 244 





8eley, J. F., Mich. B. K 205 

Baltzley, G. W. f Ohio A. * 100 

Clover, M. A., Ohio B. 244 

Moore, J. W., Ohio a. k 127 


Irish, W. M., Jr , N. Y. B. e 109 

M otter, I. 8., Va. E 85 


Connell, Chas., Ohio B. M 221 

Kenty, C. B., Ohio B. M 219 

Mc Vicker, W. F. , < )hio B. M 220 


Hager, A. F., New York a. a 118 


Eldredge, A. C, Ohio A. N 182 


Earseman, W. 8., Ohio A. N 127 

Julllard, A. L., Ohio B. M 220 

Patterson, K. E., Ohio A. N 128 


Wiles, H. L., Ohio A. * 168 

McConkey, W. A., Ohio A. N 182 


Boeser, W. H., Ohio B. P 282 

Cisler, L. H., Ohio B. P 281 

Clsler, Reuben, Ohio B. P 282 

Crooks, J. W., Ohio B. P 282 

Follet, H. E. B., Ohio B. P., 282 

Knowles, Fran k, Ohio B. P 282 

Lehnhard, J. L., Ohio B. P 282 

McKinney, F. B., Ohio B. P 282 

Sloan, C. R., Ohio B. P 282 

Sniffen, W. A., Ohio B. V 282 

Sugden, C. W., Ohio B. P 232 

8 alii van, O. E., Ohio B. P 282 

Stone, J. 8., Ohio B. P 282 

Torpy, D. B., Ohio B. P 281 

Martin's Ferry 
Mitchell, C. C, Mich. A. M 124 


Deahler, Q. P., Ohio B. P 281 

Sherwood, M. Z., Mich. A. M 122 


Williams, C. E., Ohio B. H 186 

Pausing, C. H., Ohio A.*. 




Miller, J. 8., Ohio A 12» 


Fry, H. McC., Ohio A. N 131 

Mineral Point 

Wilson, T. E., Ohio A. N 129 

Keyder, M. G., Ohio A. N 182 

Mingo Junction 

Evans, Ernest, Ohio B. n 248 

Haddleston, J. McC., Ohio A. N 182 

Smith, J. C, Mich. B. K .204 

Mt* Hope 
Bowman, J. B., Ohio A.N 180 

Mt» Vernon 

Bradley, E. W., Mich. a. m 122 

Kingsley,E. R., Mich. A. M 124 


Bass, 8. 1. , Ohio B. H 196 

Fouse, W. F., Ohio B. M 219 

McKean, J. E., Ohio A. N 128 

Glover, J. H., Jr., Tenn. Q 61 

New Lexington 
Richards, R. L., Ohio B. H 194 

Greene, H. R., Ohio B. P 231 

New Salem 
Wykoff, W. M., Mich. A. M 120 

New Vienna 
Carroll, W. P., Pa. B. X 240 


Williams, C. C, Mich. B. a 218 

North Baltimore 
Alspacb, C. L., Ohio B. M 219 

Culp, W. T., Ohio A. N 129 

North Lewisburg 

Crahlll, T. V., Ohio a. + 169 

Morgan, D. E., Ohio B. P 281 


Henderson, A. A., Ohio B. H 196 


Hlmes v S. T., Ohio A. * 15* 





Honnold, J. L., Mich. A. M 1*0 


Haskell, J. V., Ohio A. N 129 


Robinson, K. F., Ohio A. N 188 


Snyder, J. R., Ohio A. N 18S 


Hobert,C. S., Mich. A. M 128 

Mitchell, H. (X, Ohio A.+ 100 


Clarke, P. If ., Va. A 26 


Taylor, W. C., Ohio A. N 128 


Hamilton, G. 11., Mich. A. M 128 


Stahl, I. C, Ohio B. M 218 


Miller, J. L., Pa. a. Y 162 


Dontbist, T. D., Ohio A. N 182 

Hannold, C. L., Ohio A. N. 182 

Wykoff, W. K., Ohio A.N 181 


Athey, C. K., Ohio B. F 281 

Moore, L. C, Ohio A. N 181 


Shives, E. J., Ohio A.  158 


Cookson,C. W., Ohio B. M 218 


Leonard, Sherman, Ohio A. N 128 

Pocock, B. 8., Ohio B. M 220 


Gray, W. J., Mich. B. K 206 

Miller, 8. E., Mich. B.K 206 


Alleshonse, A. C, Ohio A. * 161 

Baltzley, O. D., Ohio A. * 160 

Baughman, Frank, Ohio A. + . 161 

Black, W. H., Ohio A. * 161 

Bliss, C. B. Ohio A. + 160 

Blount, H. T., Ohio A.* 161 

Bretney, H. V., Oho A. + 160 

Christen, G. A., Ohio A.* 162 

Coblentz, Edw., Ohio A. * 160 

CoblenU, Guy, Ohio A. * 168 

Downey, Harry, Ohio a. + 
Ernest, F. B., Ohio A. + . . . . 
Foster, C. J., Ohio A. *. 
Grim, W. J., Ohio A. + .... 
Hagan, W. F.,Ohio A. *... 
Ham maker, Wilbur, Ohio a 

Hersch, T. L., Ohio A. + 

Hedges, H. E., Ohio a. * 
Hildum, G. G., Ohio A. *.. . 
Hockdoerfer, C. F. R., Ohio A. 
Hummon, J. E., Ohio A. * 
Krout, V. D., Ohio A. *. . . . 
Lyday, L. 8., Ohio A. *. 
McGrew, J. B., Ohio A. *. . 
Miller, H. L., Ohio A. +.. . . 
Phillips, Thomas, Ohio A. 
Phillips, Z. B., Ohio A. +.. . 
•Phillips, H. C, Ohio A. * 
Rebert, T. J., Ohio A. *. . . . 
Bidder, A. A., Ohio A. + . . . 
Schmltt, Bohun, Ohio A. * 
Smith, V. Y., Ohio A. +. . . . 
Smith, D. B., Ohio A. *. . . . 
Sneldman, C. J , Ohio A. * 
Thilband, J. H., Ohio A. + 
Todd, E. S., Ohio A. + 

Webb, W. M., Ohio A. N. . . 

... 160 

... 161 

... 161 

... 168 

. . 161 

... 161 

... 161 


... 161 

.. 161 
... 161 
... 160 

. 162 
... 160 
... 168 
.. 16* 
... 160 
... 168 
... 162 
.. 160 

.. 160 


Abbott, r . S., < >hio B. M. 
Krout, C. A., Ohio A. +. ... 
Michaels, H. W., Ohio B. M 

Schoch, L. 8., Ohio B. M 

Walters, J. G., Mich. B. ().. . . 



Adams, R. H., Ky. Z 160 

Foster, O. L., Mich. A. M 121 

Neilson, C. W., Ohio B. H lot 

Paine, B. L., Ohio a. N 120 

Spencer, Ray, Ohio B. m. . 218 

Spencer, R. H., M lch. B. A 214 

Wants, Harley, Ohio A. + 160 


Sheppard, C. E., Mich. A. M 


BrusJi, H. W. X.,Ohio A. N. 



Fuller, M. B., Ohio B. H 104 


Pentz, W. J., Ohio A. N 120 

Roberts, K. E., Ohio A. N 127 

Washington Court House 

Humes, C. M., Ohio B. P 281 

Lewis, H. B., Va. B 14 

Patton, G. R,, Va. B 18 



Wayne County 


Kssick, Q. C, Ohio A. N 180 

West Lafayette 

Wolfe, E. L., Ohio B. M 318 

West Union 

Eylar, A. 8. J., Ohio B. O 34$ 


Cartwrlgbt, H. G., Ohio B. O 344 

Bon art, O. W.,Tenn. a £4 

Norris, R. J., OhloA. N.. 188 


Bott, F. R., Ohio B. M 221 

Boyd, J. C, Ohio B. M 218 

Brown, J. W., Ohio A. N 188 

Christ, H. W., Ohio B. M 221 

Con ant, O. K., Ohio B. M 220 

Crooks, H. M. t Ohio B. M 221 

, Elliott, V. N. t Ohio B. M 201 

Hay, T. G., Ohio B. M 220 

Henderson, J. I., Ohio B. M 221 

Hlckok, F. M., Ohio B. M 219 

Hlckok, P. It., Ohio B. M 221 


Hlckok, R. K., Ohio B. M 221 

Humphreys, W. R., Ohio B. M 221 

Huston, R. McD., Ohio B. M 220 

Jones, A. Q., Ohio B. M 220 

Kirtland, H. B., Ohio B. M 220 

Larable, R. D. t ObioB. M 221 

Maxwell, 8. W., Ohio B. M 220 

Medd,T. H.,Ohlo B. M 219 

Mclntire, W. O., Ohio B. M 220 

McManlgal, C. F., Ohio B. M 221 

McManlgal, 8. L., Ohio B. M 219 

Prltohard, H. D., Ohio B. M 220 

Scott, Walter, Ohio B. M 220 

Simon, G. W. t Ohio B. M 221 

Tappan, P. W., Ohio B. M 220 

Vasey, C. F., Ohio B. M 220 

Winans, C. H., Ohio B. M 220 

Work, H. B., ObioB. M 219 

Zimmerman, F. H., Ohio B. M 219 

Yellow Springs 

Glass, A. R., Ohio A. * ISO 


Oescb, F. L., Ohio A. N 180 

Brown, J. W., Mich. A. M 122 


Alexander, J. W. t Ore. A. 2.., 

East Portland 
Masters, W. J., Ore. A. 2 


. . . 146 Johnson, W. W., Ore. A. £.. 


Davey, C. W., Cal. B. * 

. . . 146 Flowers, C. E., N. C. E 





Jordy, W. H., Pa. A. Y 



Allison, H. F., ObioB. if 218 

McCain, C. R., Pa. T 100 

Snyder, W. S., Ohio B. n 244 

Bernhelm, O. F.,Pa. a. 1. 
Bohner, C. H., Pa. a. I . . . 
Buchman, F. N. D., Pa. A 
Dieter, E. 8., Pa. A. I. . . . 
Erdman, G. F., Pa. A. I.. 
Erdman, M. S. ( Pa. A. I . . 
Frltcb, Luther, Pa. A. I . . 
Frltch, Nathan, Pa. A. I . 
Gomery, J. E., Pa. A. P . . 

Henry, J. H., Pa. A. I 

Heyl, A. V., Pa. A.I 


Hotn, M. L., Pa. A. 1 112 

Kistler, R. A., Pa, A. 1 114 

Kuhl, G. F., Pa. A. 1 114 

Lantz, H. K., Pa. A. 1 114 

Merkel, J. R., Pa. A. I 114 

Metzger, Ralph, Pa. A. 1 112 

Miller, D. A., Pa. A. 1 114 

Miller, 8. P., Pa. A. 1 114 

Miller, W. H. 8., Pa. A. I 114 

Pfleuger, W. C, Pa. A. 1 116 

Raker, Ed w., Pa. A. 1 116 

Rlnn, B. F., Pa. A. 1 114 

Stlne, J. F., Pa. A. 1 114 

Sykes, J. II., Pa, A. 1 116 

Trumbauer, P. S., Pa. A. 1 115 

Wise, Leo, Pa. A. 1 118 

Yost, A. J., Pa. A. 1 112 

Dlmit, J. F., Mich. A. If. 






Stadleman, H. R., Pa. A. Y 164 

Smith, R. M., Pa. A. I 112 


Axe, J. McL., Pa. A. Y 168 

Beaver Fatti 

Hays, F. M., Mich. A. M 124 


NelT, H. F., Pa. A. Y v 168 

Blair's Comers 

Krlbbs, M. W., Ohio B. M 219 


Zarr, R. R., Pa. A. Y 164 


Haley, E. Mel., N. Y. A. o 187 


Qroh, E. M., Va. E 89 

Henry, 8. 8., Pa. A. 1 114 


Deakln, G. B., Mich. A. M 120 

Whitehead, R. B. t Mich. A. M 121 


Wright, W.S., Pa.T 100 


Headland, M. E., Ohio A. N 127 


Spangler. H. A., Pa. A. Y 168 


Bruff, W. H., Mich. A. M 120 


Wyckoff, Walter, Pa. A. P 142 

Vastlne, W. M., Pa. A. Y 164 

Centre Hall 

Wagner, W. J., Pa. A. Y 168 

Centre Square 

Snyder, C. C, Pa. A. I , 118 


Kyner, G. A., Pa. A. Y 168 

Nlchlas, W. O., Pa. A. Y 164 


«J ODQHa XX • XX* 9 * tt« •»•  • . •»••■■*•• •>>- •••• SmFm 

Cooper, A. B., Ohio A. N. 


Wise, Ira, Pa. a. 1 


Polk, R. K., Pa. a. p 







Fleming, G. B., Ohio A. N 188 

East Liberty 

Lam me, W. F., Ohio A.* 168 

Hughes, C. W., Ohio A. N 131 

Boyd, G. J., Ohio a. N 127 


Holzappe], Gottlieb, Pa. A. Y 168 


Cable, J. W., Pa. A. Y 162 

Cesena, H. B., Pa. A. Y 166 

Erb, C. L., Pa. A Y 166 

Grazier, H. F., Pa. a. X 166 

Hoover, I. N., Pa. A. Y 166 

Hutton, White, Pa. A.Y 166 

Roller, E. L., Pa. a. Y 166 

Menges, Franklin, Pa. A. Y 168 

Men gen, W. H., Pa. A. Y 164 

McAllister, J. A., Pa. a. Y 166 

Schroder, W. 8. Pa. A. Y 162 

Smith, Ralph, Pa. A. Y 166 

Spayd, C. H., Pa. A. Y 166 

Stalwaker, A. B., Pa. A. Y 166 

Wheeler, W. E., Pa. A. N 166 

Wlble, R. E., Pa. A. Y 168 

Zulllnger, M. R., Pa. A. Y 166 


Leopold, E. O., Pa. A. 1 112 


McLaughlin, C. M., Pa. A. Y 162 


Jamison, H. D., Pa. T 102 

Lane, W. 8., Ohio A. N 126 

Hosack, M. J., Mich. B. A 214 


Sandt, J. E., Pa. A. 1 114 


Blkle, C. G., Pa. A.Y 

Emraert, C. 8., Pa. a. y 

Roller, P. W., Pa. A. Y 




Barnhardt, H. A., Ohio B. M 219 


Baoon, A. D., Pa. A. Y 



Bradshaw, C. L., Ohio A. N 127 


Irwin, J. C, Pa. a. II 186 

McLanahan, Pa. A. II 186 





Colhour, T. W. t Micb. A. M 120 


Froutz, H. C. v Pa. A. Y 154 

Welch, B. H., Pa. T 100 

Wheelock, C. E., Pa. a. y 164 

Thome, F. G. f Pa. T 100 


Buxton, N. T., Ohio B 248 

McLain, F. H., Ohio A. N 127 

Rose, H. R, Pa. A. U 185 

Stewart, J. V., Ohio A.N 181 

Anoka, F. M., Micb. A. M 120 


Miller, Shile, Pa. A. Y 162 

Lutz, H. B., Pa. A. 1 118 

Ulricb, P. 8., Pa. A. 1 118 

Lebanon Church 

Means, V. A., Pa. A. II 185 

Means, P. L., Pa. A. II 185 

Lentz, R. P., Pa. A. P 144 

Wright, M. 0., Mich. B. A 216 

Marion ville 
Whitehill, C. K., Ohio, A. N 188 

Kribbs, W. W., Pa. A. Y 152 

Laury, P. A., Pa. a. 1 112 

Brenan, E. H., Ohio B. P 281 

Reighard, J. C, Pa. A. Y 152 

New Bedford 
Geddes, C. P., Ohio a. N 181 

Ainey, W. B. D., Pa. a. P 142 

Cooper, W. H., Pa. A. 1 118 


Ashley, Bernard, Va. P 56 

Bailey, H. W., Mich. A. M 124 

Bateman, 8. E., Pa. A. Y 153 

Bates, F. H. f N. Y. B. » 201 

Bates, Heston, Pa. T 100 

Blair, J. E., Pa. T 101 


Blose, D. P., Pa. T 102 

Bontecou, H. 8., Pa. T 102 

Casey, E. D., Pa. T 101 

Clavin, E. C., Pa. T 101 

Cooper, F. E. Pa. A. 1 114 

Daggett, R. B., N. Y. B. «♦ 201 

Daggett, R. F., Pa. T 102 

Davis, II. N., Pa. T 90 

Deaton, W. A., Va. E 39 

Deily, W. A., Pa. A. 1 113 

Dunbar, F. W., Pa. T 101 

Enniss, Jos., Pa. A. Y 156 

Forst, J. R., Pa. T 101 

Fuller, D. B., Pa. T 100 

Fulmer, P. F„ Jr., Pa. T 101 

Haden, H. C, Pa. T 102 

Haskell, 8. E., Pa. T 101 

Hassler, J. W., Pa. a. 1 118 

Hay, J. 8., Pa. A. Y 164 

Hays, G. L., Pa. T 101 

Hays, H. 8., Pa. T 102 

Herbshman, E. C, Ohio B. H 194 

Hibshman, H. E., Ohio B. M 219 

Hibehman, W. 8., Ohio B. M 219 

Hooper, W. L., Pa. T 99 

Hoover, P. D., Pa. A. Y 154 

Hottenstein, M. 8., Pa. A. 1 114 

Houck, H. C, Pa. T 102 

Howe, J. W., 8. C. A.  165 

Irwin, J. W., Pa. T 102 

Jones, J. C, Pa. T 99 

Jump, H. D., Pa. T 101 

Kalteyer, F. J., Pa, T 101 

Lee, W. 8., Pa. A. Y 168 

Little, T. R., N. C. A. A 76 

Magee, J. F., Jr., Pa. T 100 

Mantz, E. 8., Pa. A. 1 114 

Marshall, C. C, Pa. T 101 

Marshall, E. N., Pa. T 102 

McCrery, H. N., Pa. T 101 

Moore, C. A., Pa. A. P 144 

Osterhut, G. W., Pa. T 102 

Page, F. M., Ten n. O 62 

Pfleuger, H. F., Pa. A. 1 112 

Potter, Gurdon, Pa. T 102 

Ravenel, M. P., Tenn. 61 

Richards, H. B., Pa. A. 1 113 

Rose, W. G., Fa. T 102 

Royer, Ralph, Pa. T 101 

Hugh, J. T., Mich. A. M 121 

Ruhe, W. E., Pa. A. P 144 

Scblndel, J. J., Pa. A. 1 114 

8hailer, Sumner, Pa. T 102 

Sharpe, Wm., Pa. T 99 

ShlppeD, Wm., Va. A 81 

Sieger, P. 8., Pa. A. 1 118 

Singerley, W. M., Pa. T 99 

Smith, L. L., Pa. T 99 

Spang, G. T., Pa., A. 1 114 

Stoops, H. It., Pa. T 100 

Strodacb, P. %., Pa. A. 1 114 




Thomas, F. H., Ala. A. E 84 

Thomas, G. E., Pa. T 101 

Thomas, N. Wiley, Pa. T 90 

Thomas, R. A., Pa. T 101 

Trimble, A. H. , Pa. T 100 

Van Antwerp, David, Ala. A. E 82 

Van Kirk, H. 8., Pa. A. P 144 

Watt, J. A., Pa. T 102 

Warner, A. R., Pa. A. Y 164 

Whitoomb, W. H., Mich. B. 226 

Wander, C. W., Pa. T 102 


Graham, 8. M., Pa. A. P 

Steck, W. F., Pa. a. Y 




Pine Grove 

Boyer, F. A., Pa. A. P 


Bray, T. J., Pa. A. P 148 

Cooper, W. M., Pa. T 101 

Fuch, J. W. G., Ohio A.N 188 

Funck, 8. R., Ohio B. M 221 

Grant, R. L., Ohio A. N 128 

Helman, E. E., Ohio A. N 129 

Hosack, G. M. t Mich. B. A 218 

Jenning, M. L., Mich. A. M 124 

toblngier, W. 8., Ohio B. M 218 

Morrow, J. A., Pa. A. P 148 

O'Donnell, C. C, Pa. A. P 144 

Park, J. G., Jr., Pa. T 100 

Kankin, J. L., Pa. A. P 144 

Richards, G. T., Pa. A. P 142 

I to we, Norman, N. Y. B. « 109 

Speers, A. C, Ohio A. N 127 

Hurgess, C. C, Pa. A. P 144 


McKnlght, Paul, Pa. A. 1 114 

Rick, Wm., Pa. A. 1 118 

Schantz, H. F., Pa. A. 1 112 


Fegely, W. O., Pa. A. 1 118 

Speck, M. L., Pa. A. Y 158 

Anderson, W. M., Mich. A.M 124 

Sooth Bethlehem 


Blgelow, E. P., Pa. A. P 145 

Day, G. H., Pa. A. P 146 

Emerson, C. A., Pa. A. P 145 

Erwin, F. H., Pa. A. P 144 

Iredell, L. J., Pa. A. P 145 

James, H. R., Pa. A. P 144 

Melsell, J. L., Pa. A. P 144 

Metzger, Malcolm, Pa. A. 1 114 

Qnarrler, C. W., Pa. A. P 144 

8heppard, J. L., Jr., Pa. A. P 144 

Yost, R. J„ Pa. T 100 

Spring Milk 

Fetterolf, R. F., Pa. A. Y 158 


Bigler, 8. H., Pa. A. P 144 


Weber, W. C, Ohio A. * 100 


Kurtz, I. B., Pa. A. 1 118 

Woods, J. E., Pa. A. n 186 


Brown, M. T., Pa. A. Y 154 

Clagston, J. W., Pa. A. Y 158 

Mentzer, H. P., Pa. A. Y 

8teele, A. T., Mich. A. M 

West Alexandria 

Anderson, T. A., Pa. a. II 

Todd, F. L., Pa. A. 11 






Turner, C. P., Pa. A. P 


Crawford, G. G., Ga. B. I 





Davies, T. A., N. Y. A. o 

Ammon, W. 8., Ohio A. *. 

Bortner, F. M., Pa. A. Y 

Cannon, R. 8., Pa. A. Y 

... 188 







Blnney, II. (>., Mass. B. IY 


Adams, 8am'l, R. I. r. A 

Batchelder, G. M., R. I. Z. a. 

Bishop, E. 8., R. I. r. A 

•Carpenter, G. W., R. I. Z. A. 



Casey, J. T., R. 1. r. A. . . . 

Cllft,C. E., R. I. r. A 

Coombs, J. B., R. I. r. A . . . 
David, G. W., R. I. r. A. . . 
Davis, Hugh, Vt. B. Z ... 
Doming, J. H., R. I. r. A.. 

Ellis, W. F., R. I. r. A 

Emery, J. W., R. I. r. A. . 




Estes, R. C, R. I. r. A 

Fuller, R. J., R. I. r. A 

Gates, Fayette, R. I. Z. A . . . 
(Moulding, G. A., R. 1. r. A.. . . 

GuDn, W. J., R. I. r. A 

Guile, W. A., Jr., R. I. r. A. . . 
Hopkins, F. E., R. I. r. A ... 
Hopkins, H. W., R. I. r. a. . 

Horton, H. B., R. I. r. A 

McComber, S. A., R. I. r. A.. , 

Miner, W. F., R. I. r. a 

O'Brien, D. F., R. I. r. A 

Pettibone, John, R. I., r. a , 
Potter, F. H., R, I. Z. A 


. 266 
. 256 
. 257 
. 256 
. 266 
. 256 
. 255 
. 256 
. U6 
. 265 
. 266 
. 266 
. 257 

Perkins, F. D., R. I. r. a 

Pratt, H. 8., R. I. Z. A 

Randall, J. H., R. I. r. A.... 
Randall, L. A., R. I. Z. A. . . . 

Robblns, J. C, R. I. r. A 

8edgewick, O. W., Mass. r. B 
Stoddard, R. W., R. I. Z. A . 

Walker, G. EL, R. I. r. a 

Well man, J. R., R. I. r. a. . . 
Wright, A. L., R. I. Z. A 


Whittaker, J. H., Ohio B. H . 


. 255 

. 266 
. 256 
. 266 
. 265 
. 24» 
. 257 
. 266 
. 256 
. 267 

.. 194 



Barnwell, W. MeC., Tenn. n 66 

Smith, A. W., Tenn. n 61 

Adam's Ron 

King, S. W., Tenn. n. 60 


Stone, L. A., Jr. , 8. C. A.  168 

Frierson, R. A., Va. B 12 

Boyd, J. W.,Gai B. 1 210 


Breeden, H. T., 8. C. A.  168 

Breeden, E. W., S. C. A. * 168 

Campbell, J. P., N. C. A. H 86 

Cousar, J. E., 8. C. A. * 168 

Black Mingo 
Rhenn, Farney, N. C. A. H 



Boykin, A. H., Jr., 8. C. A. X 167 

Boy kin, W. DeS., Tenn. 50 

Williams, D. R„ Jr., Va. B 12 


Blackman, E. L., S. C. B. H 

Davis, Zimmerman, Jr., S. C. B. E 

Dawson, L. Y., S. O. B. H 

Flshburhe, F. C, Jr., Tenn. a 

Galllard, A. T., 8 C. B. E 

Gayer, W. J., Va. B 

Gordon, W. D., S. C. B. E 

Hayne, H. F., 8. C. B. H 

Irving, R. A., Va. B. 2 

Jervey, J. L., S. C. B. s. 

Klnard, J. P., 8. C. A. X 

La Far, H. H., Ga. B. I. 

Logan, W. T., 8. C. B. E 

.. 238 
.. 228 
.. 223 
.. 65 
.. 222 
.. 12 

. 228 
.. 228 
.. 283 
.. 228 
.. 156 

. 210 
.. 228 

Lowndes, Wm., 8. C. B. E. . . 
Pinckney, Arthur, 8. C. A. x 
Prloleau, Phillip, 8. G. A. ♦.. 

Prloleau, J. G., 8. C. B. E 

Prloleau, T. G. f 8. C. B. X . . . 
Robertson, J. F., 8. C. A. X. . 
Robertson, F. M., Jr., 8. ('. A 

Rivers, M. R., 8. C. B. S 

Venning, C. 8., 8. C. B. E ... 
Wlghtman, P. L., 8. C. B. *. 
Young, A. M. R., Tenn. fl. . . 


Colt, D. G., 8. C. A.* 

Kollock, C. W., Va. A 

Pollock, W. P., 8. C. A. ♦.. . 
Waddill, F. A., Va. B 


Alston, J. K., Va. A 

Brice, J. W., 8. C. A. * 

Clark, James, 8. C. A. * 

Clark, Melton, 8. C. A. + 

Clark, E. B., 8. C. A.  

Clark, Washington, a C. a. * 

Darby, J. P., 8. C. A. * 

DuBose, T. M., Tenn. n 

Galllard, A. 8., Tenn. a 

Gallard, Edmund, 8. C. A. * 

Green, W. T., 8. C. A.  

Green, H. P., Jr., 8. C. A. *. . 

Green, C. S., 8. C. A. ♦. 

Gregg, C. E., 8. C. A. * 

Melton, S. W., N. C. A. H. . 

Melton, L. P., 8. C. A.  

Mikele, P. V., 8. C. A. * . . 

McDow, E. 8., Tenn. a 

McGhee, W. Z., 8. C. A. X . . . . 
McGregor, E. A., S. C. A. * 
Pittman, R. H., 8. C. A. *. . . . 


Dargan, R. L., 8. C. A. X 

Edwards, W. A., 8. C. A. * 

. 167 
. 165 
. 228 
. 223 
. 166 
. 166 
. 222 
. 222 
. 239 
. 65 

. 161 


. 165 

. 10 










Port Royal 



Browne, C. 8., 8. C. B.  

• • • a m490 

... 144 


Rem bert 

Minirleton. R. 8.. Va. a 


Rembert, E. E., 8. C. A. X 



Rock Hill 

Butler, K» Jr., 8. v>* A.  

.... 166 

Johnson, J. W. C, 8. C. B. S 

.... 228 



.Allen, jfl. L.. S. C B. v. . . ....... 

... 289 

... 288 


Allen, w • B.j N. C.. B. v 



Evans, W. B., 8. C. B.  

.... 288 

. 167 


Seneca City 

Strothers, J. M., 8. C. B.  

.... 288 

Cagle, (). B., N. A. H 

... 97 

. . 106 

Cauble, W. H., N. C. A# H 

. 96 

Darrab, Lewis, 8. C. A.  

.... 166 


Humphries, J. W., N. C. A. H.. 

.... 96 

Smith, W. F., a C. B.  

. . . . 239 



Getzen, J. C., Fla. A. fl 


Bratton, T. DuB., Tenn. O 

.... 61 

Getzen, T. E., Fla. A. n 

.... 166 

Johnson, W. W., 8. C. A.  

.... 164 

Gooding, W. J., Jr., S. C. A. ♦. :. 

Keller, J. P., 8. C. B.  

.... 289 

.... 164 

McGowan, J. F., 8. C. A. X 

.... 166 

- ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^7 * WW 

Meng, W. E., 8. C. B.  

.... 289 

James Island 

Robertson, J. R, Jr., 8. C. A. X.. 

... 167 


Warwick, J. E., 8. C. B.  

... 289 



Raskin, W. P., 8. C. B.  

... 288 

Stokes, A. E., 8. C. B. * 

.... 288 

Little Rock 

Sullivan's Island 

Hamer, J. W., 8. C. B.  

.... 238 

Crawford, R. T. t 8. C. A. X 

.... 166 

Hamer, R. P., S. C. A.  

.. . 168 

Galllard, W. DuR, 8. C. A. X. . . . 

... 166 

Hamer, \V. McC, 8. C. A. ♦. .. . 

.... 168 

Hamer, BrookH, 8. C. A.  

.... 166 

Liles, Z. V., 8. C. B.  

... 288 
... 288 

Gadsden, John, Jr., Va. B 


Moss, J. M., 8. C. B.  

Prlolean, W. H., Jr., s. C. H 




Barton, J. A., 8. C. A.  

. 163 

Blandlng, D. Mel., 8. C. A. ♦.... 

.... 168 

Johnstone, B. H., 8. C. A.  . . . 


Klnard, J. M., 8. C. A. # 

.... 168 


McCaughrin, 8. J., 8. C A. X. . . 


McCullougb, T. E., Ga. B. N 

.... 216 


White Hall 

Hey ward, Nathaniel, Tenn. 0. 




Parsons, R. 8., Ohio a. * 




Colt, J. C. , Jr., 8* C. A.  

... 164 

Bruce, W. W., 8. C. B.  


Rich, Tyler, 8. C. A. X 


Pine Ridge 



jseaty, o. ai., cj» i/. a* v . .......... 

.... 166 


Aberdeen Pierre 

McChesney, J. T., Va. B 11 Stearns, R. B., N. Y. A. o. 

Sioux Falls 

Glover, J. L., Mich. B. A 2J8 

Rowlands, F. L., N. Y. A. O 187 




... 107 


Godwin, Herbert, Ga. A. © ... 

Cove, R. L., Tenn. B. II 229 

Bell wood 

North, F. E., Tenn. A 20 


McNeal, E. P., Tenn. 64 

Price, Tenn. A 10 


Stephens, W. H., Tenn. B. II 230 


Thomas, D. O., Tenn. 1 16 

Willis, A. M., Tenn. A 22 




Ball, Isaac, Tenn. Q 68 

Cooper, A., Tenn. A 18 

Embrey, W. J., Tenn. r 266 

Fleming, T. F., Tenn. r 266 

Frlerson, Horace, Tenn. V 266 

Gordon, H. T., Tenn. r 286 

Gordon, C. T., Tenn. r 26ft 

Gordon, T. E., Tenn. r 266 

Mays, M. C, Tenn. r 266 

Nicholson, C. O., Tenn. r 266 

Shonp, F. E., Tenn. Q 64 

Smlser, J. A., Jr., Tenn. A. T 147 

Webster, H. P, Tenn. A 18 

Webster, W. J.,.Va. B 

Webster, G. P., Jr., Tenn. r 266 

Webster, F. J., Tenn. r 266 

Leech, W. B., Tenn. A . . . 



Anthony, J. J., Tenn. A. T ! 147 

Bays, Win., Ga. A. © 108 

Elder, L. M., Va. A 27 

Elder, J. W., Jr., Tenn. IJ 55 

Faxon, R. 8., Tenn. A. T 149 

Faxon, J. W., Tenn. A. T 169 

Fischer, Otto, Tenn. n 66 

Frlerson, W. L., Tenn. A. T 148 

Hope, T. A., Va. A 27 

Hope, M. M., Tenn. A 18 

Hope, W. T., Tenn. A 19 

Lawlng, S. N., Tenn. 1 15 

Neely, Howard, Ky. M 45 

Oltenburg, H. 3.. Tenn. B. II 228 

Roberts, W. L., Tenn. A 21 

Westlaffer, H. T., Ohio B. H 195 


Anderson, W. H., Tenn. A. T 151 

Askew, L. B., Tenn. A. T 147 

Bailey, A. R. f Va. A 80 

Baker, J. W., Va. A 84 

Bearden, E. W., Tenn. a 25 

Block, D. S., Tenn. A. T 148 

Elder, J. E., Tenn. A. T 147 

Ellis, R. J., Tenn. A. T 150 

Hall, Gaines, Tenn. A. T 151 

Hill, E. L., Tenn. A. T 151 

Leland, B. E., Tenn. A. T 150 

McLaughlin, W. W., Tenn. A 23 

Mayor, C. R., Tenn. A. T 151 

Montgomery, G. W., Jr., Tenn. A. T. 151 

Nntchener, F. McC., Tenn. A. T 151 

Quarles, W. A., Tenn. A. T 151 

Rhea, C. O., Tenn. A. T 161 

Russell, J. C, Va. E 87 

Savage, M. A., Tenn. A. T 149 

Searight, H. B., Tenn. A. T 151 

Whitehead, H. H., Tenn. A. T 161 

Wilson, F. B., Tenn. A. T 161 


Kennedy, D. D. C, Tenn. A. T 14T 

Toole, R. L., Tenn. II 66 

Egerton, Graham, Tenn. A 20 


Lancaster, F. A., Tenn. A 22 


Vernon, C. C, Ky. M 44 

McDow, E. 8., 8. C. A.  164 


Tipton, A. H., Tenn. A 24 


Carter, G. H., Tenn. 1 17 

Judd, A. W.,Tenn. I Jft 

Paschall, O. B., Tenn. A 21 


McCroakey, O. T., Tenn. A 24 

Aust, J. R., Tenn. A 20 


Hulse, J. J., Ohio B. H 195 


Darwin, W. P., Tenn. A 23 

FlUpatrlck, R. H., Tenn. A 21 


Brooks, L. J., Tenn. B. T 268 

Byars, E. a, Tenn. B. T 268 

Cain, J. H., Tenn. B. T 258 

Conger, Horace, Tenn. B. T 258- 

Doughtle, Jack, Tenn. B. T 254 

Hoover, M. M., Tenn. B. T 258 




Hunter, W. E M Tenn. B. T 268 

Hurt, M. B., Va. B 8 

Kincatd, F. T., Tenn. B. T . 258 

Lowe, A. G., Tenn. B. T 268 

Lowe, C. P., Tenn. A 21 

Mahaffey, W. G., Tenn. B. T 254 

Mahoney, W. J., Tenn. B. T 254 

Pate, J. 8., Tenn. B. T 268 

Phillips, W. R , Tenn. B. T 268 

Ray, Frank, Tenn. B. T 254 

Savage, G. M., Tenn. I. 16 

Simmons, B. C, Tenn. B. T 254 

Starkey, C. T., Tenn. B. T 258 

Shuck, D. D., Tenn. B. T 268 

Russell, L. W., Tenn. B. T 258 

Walker, J. M., Tenn. B. T 254 

Johnson City 

Cox, T. A., Tenn. A 21 

Faw, W. W., Tenn. A 20 


Ault, H.T.,Tenn. e 264 

Bearden, W. W., Tenn. © 264 

Caldwell, J. W., Tenn. II 66 

Carson, W. W., Va. B 9 

Deaderick, Chalmers, Va. B 8 

Easter, Henry, Tenn. n 62 

Harvey, John, Tenn. © 264 

Hoarne, J. F., Tenn. © 264 

Kennedy, J. M. f Va. B 8 

McMulJen, J. S., Tenn. © 264 

NcNut, W. J., Tenn. © 264 

Moses, F. A., Tenn. © 264 

Pepper, G. II., Tenn. A 22 

Perry, J. W., Tenn. B. n. 228 

Rogan, Edw., Tenn. © 264 

Russell, L. C. f Ga. A. B 71 

Stucky, Geo., Ky. M 46 


Baker, J. E., Tenn. A 22 

Cowan, John, Tenn. A 24 

Cummins, F. M., Tenn. A 26 

Dillard, B. F., Tenn. A 23 

Forgey, T. B., Tenn. A 25 

Gilllland, C. T., Tenn. A 24 

Green, Edgar, Tenn. A 24 

Hamer, Hancock, Tenn. a 25 

Hobdy, Lester, Tenn. a 24 

McClain, S. P. Tenn. A 22 

McCroskey, E. J., Tenn. a 24 

Odum, J. T., Tenn. A 22 

Parks, 8. McC, Tenn. a 24 

Robertson, P. S., Tenn. A 25 

Robinson, G. H., Tenn. A .... ' 26 

Skiles, J. T., Tenn. A 25 

Stan fill, G. S., Tenn. A 25 

Tlgert, 8. C, Tenn. A 24 

White, Edgar, Tenn. A 24 

Swingiey, G. M., Tenn. A 23 

Lenoirs Station 


Welckers, W. L., Tenn. A 19 


Smith, Theoden, Ten n. 1 16 


8cobey, J. B., Tenn. B. n 229 


Morrow, M. E., Tenn. A 21 


Brown, J. W., Tenn. A 28 


Caldwell, W. L., Tenn. A. T 149 

Eckstone, C. S., Va. E 88 

Gailor, T. F., Tenn. a 62 

Guion, H. L., Jr., Ky. M 42 

Haley, H. S., Tenn. A. T 148 

Harris, J. H. t Va. B 9 

Heiskell, F. H., Va. B 11 

Johnson, W. C, Tenn. A. T 149 

Lamb, S. R., Va. B 11 

Lamb, T. A., Ky. M 42 

Laughlin, H. W., Tenn. A 21 

Malone, J. H., Tenn. A 19 

Martin, E. K., Va. E 40 

Martin, 8. R., Va. E 40 

Mosby, E. C, Va. B 9 

Partee, H. A., Ky. M 48 

Perry, F. H., Ala. A. E 80 

Percy, W. A., Tenn. 60 

Southall, R. J., Tenn. A 22 

Stewart, W. G., Tenn. A. T 148 

Taylor, Zachary, Va. A 4 

Treadwell, A. C, N. C. A. H 98 

Trezevant, J. M., Ky. M 43 

Waldron, C. E., Tenn. A 18 

Wellford, C. C, Tenn. A. T 149 

White, W. A., Ky. M 42 

Wllboite, J. D., Jr., Tenn. A. T 149 

Williamson, S. B., Ky. M 42 

Mont Eagle 

DuBose, W. H., Tenn. 68 

Montgomery County 

Whitfield, J. W., Ky. O 54 

Mountain City 

Donnelly, R. E., Tenn. A 20 


Alexander, B. F., Tenn. A 19 

Black, 8. P., Tenn. 1 15 

Black, T. C, Tenn. 1 15 

Burr us, F. R., Tenn. 1 16 

Carney, L. V., Tenn. I 15 

Critchlow, J. T., Tenn. 1 16 

Currin, T. W., Tenn. 1 16 

Hodge, 8. H., Tenn. 1 15 

House, J. R., Tenn. I 16 

Lei per, J. A., Va.B 11 




Martin, R. L., Tenn. 1 16 

Mitchell, S. H. f Tenn. 1 16 

Patterson, J. 8., Tenn. A 22 

Ransom. G. W., Tenn. 1 16 

Talley, D. H., Tenn. 1 16 


Acklen, J. H., Tenn. A 18 

Bailey, Wm., Tenn. A. T 148 

Bledsoe, O. F., Tenn. B. II 230 

Bond, F. H., Tenn. A 10 

Bradley, J. W., Tenn. A 22 

Chester, S. H., V a. B 11 

Childress, J. W., Tenn. 1 15 

Childress, A. L.,Tenn. A 23 

Clement, A. E.,Tenn. B. II 228 

Cobb, P. L., Tenn. B. II 229 

Davis, E. E. L., Tenn. B. IT 280 

Deaderick, J. F., Tenn. A. r 151 

Donalson, W. A., Ky. M 41 

Donbloser, H. E., Tenn. B. II 2 8 

Douglass, W. E., Tenn. B. II 229 

Draughan, J. A., Tenn. N 47 

Echols, W. A., Ala. B. A IBft 

Farnell, D. N., N. C. a 52 

Gardiner, S. V., Tenn. B. II 229 

Harris, J. G., Tenn. B. II 280 

Haynie, G. W., Ga. A. e 108 

Haywood, W m., Ten n. B. II 228 

Hughes, Wirt, Tenn. A 18 

Irion, J. W., Tenn. B. II 229 

Jones, H. M., Tenn. B. II 228 

Jones, R. W., Tenn. 1 16 

Kinnaird, Percy, Va. A 27 

Lusk, Robert, Tenn. A. T 160 

Lusk, W. C.,Tenn. A. r 160 

McFadden, J. W., Tenn. 1 16 

McWhirter, L. B., Tenn. N 47 

Mitchell, Daniel, Ala. B. B 177 

Neil, A. B. f Tenn. A 24 

Orr, Sam'l, Jr., Tenn. A. T 148 

Overton, J. W., Ky. M 44 

Parks, J. D., Ga. A. e 108 

Parrlsh, H. L., Tenn. A 28 

Percy, C. B., Va. B 10 

Reese, S. A., Tenn. B. 11 229 

Spence, Henry, Tenn. 1 16 

♦Spurr, J. P., Ky. M 46 

Tansii, J. D., Tenn. B. II 280 

Tolliver, Zac, Tenn. a 19 

Towner, J. D., Tenn. B. II 280 

Trawick, G. C, Tenn. B. II 230 

Trawlck, J. D., Tenn. B. II 229 

Trawick, A. M., Jr., Tenn. B. n 228 

Turner, Walter, Ala. B. B 177 

Werlein, S. H., Jr., Tenn. B. II 229 

Welburn, W. C, Tenn. B. II 229 

Whitman, A. F., Tenn. A 19 

Wyatt, T. W., Tenn. A 33 



Gwinn, I. W., Tenn. A 21 

Willis, J. L.,Tenn. a 21 


Lumley, W. E., Ohio A. N 129 

Sumpter, J. it., Tenn. A. T 160 

Wade, E. R„ Tenn. A. T 148 

Wade, D. R., Tenn. A. T 148 

Wade, T. B., Jr., Tenn. A. T 160 

Wilson, W. E., Va. A 27 


Young, G. W., N. C. A. H 94 


Bird, S. M., Tenn. O 67 

Buchanan, Thompson, Tenn. 66 

Colmore, R. L., Tenn. Q 65 

Col more, C. B., Tenn. n 66 

DeRosset, F. A., Tenn. Q 61 

Farrar, E. H., Jr., Tenn. Q 66 

Henderson, Wm., Jr., Tenn. n 66 

Jervey, H. W., Tenn. Q 67 

Lea, Overton, Jr., Tenn. n 67 

Lea, Luke, Tenn. a 67 

Lord, F. K. f Tenn. a 66 

McKellar, W. H., Tenn. 62 

Memminger, Lucien, Tenn. Q 67 

Nauts, W. B., Tenn. O 62 

Nelson, R. E., Va. A 3 

Peter, G. F., Tenn. O 66 

Pinckney, C. C, Tenn. Q 66 

Qulntard, E. A., Tenn. 59 

Quintard, C. T. f Tenn. a 60 

Ross, J. W.,Tenn. n 66 

Sparks, C. B., Tenn. a 67 

Thompson, W. B., Tenn. n 67 

Titus, J. L., Tenn. O 67 

Watson, Matthew, Tenn. Q 67 

Wiggins, B. L., Tenn. n 60 

Young, J. U. R., Tenn. fl 67 


Dent, P. W., Tenn. A 24 


Bearden, E. W., Tenn. A. T 150 

Frierson, J. B., Tenn. A. T 149 

Hteele, T. J., Tenn. A. T 149 

Wilhoite, W. I j., Tenn. A. T 150 

Wilkerson, W. A., Tenn. 1 16 

Woods, G. A., Tenn. A. T 148 


Shelton, N. C. A. H 94 

South Pittsburg 

Moore, C. C, Tenn. A 28 

Stratton, H. F. f Tenn. a 19 

Spring Hill 
Brown, Percy, Tenn. Q 66 



Henderson, W. T., Tenn. I 



... 16 

Tipton ville 

Arrett, G. M., Va. B. 2 288 

Harris, J. P., Ky. M 48 

Shelton, W. M., Ky. M 44 

Watson, F. W., Ky. M 48 

... 27 

... 22 

Happel, T. T., Va. ± 

Raines, H. H., Tenn. A 

Hale, \V. E., Tenn. A 21 


Lacy, S., Tenn. 1 16 


Emory, G. W., Ala. A. E. 

Bruce, W. H. t Ala. A. E 


Bremond, Walter, Tenn. n 

Caldwell, J. C)., Tenn. A 24 

Edmonson, R. H., Tenn. O 62 

Gregory, T. W., Tenn. A. T 147 

James, J. G., Va. A. 1 

La n ham, J. McC, Tenn. A. T 161 

Saner. J. C, Tenn. B. II 229 

West, W. S., Tenn. A 20 

Garwood, H. M.,Tenn. D 61 

Lannlus, C. A., Tex. l\ E 268 


McNeal, E. P., Tenn. O 64 

Kirven, O. C, Jr., Tex. r. E 2S8 

Brown wood 
Willett, E. E., Tenn. A 28 

Hammon, Geo , Tenn. D 65 


Ford, A. C, N. C. A. H 96 

OBborne, E. B., Ala. B. A 184 


Cameron, D. O., Tenn. A 26 


McGlll, H. H., Tenn. A 28 


Downes, E. E., K. C. A. H 97 

Downes, W. A., N. C. A. H 97 


Gordon, J. W., Va. B 8 

Camp Verde 

Mason, Lee, Tenn. O 62 


Carden, G. A., Ala, A. E 77 

i^ary , J . iV •, u. v. » oo 


Clark, Jeremiah, Ga. A. B 70 

Fort, W. E., Ga. A. Z 92 

Gaston, U. K., Tenn. 12 64 

Gaston, W. H., Jr., Tenn. n 66 

Goodnight, J. B.,Tenn. A 21 

Keller, W. H., N. C. A. II 96 

McKenzie, J. F., Tenn. B. II 239 

Morris, J. C, Tenn. n 63 

Saner, R. E. L., Tenn. B. II 228 


Bishop, A. F., Ga. A. B 70 

BannerH, C. E., Va. B. X 288 

El Paso 
Watson, W. R., Tenn. a 64 

Eagle Pass 
Yeatman, H. C, Pa. A. P 142 


Boiling, J. A., Tenn. n 61 

Fort Worth 

McLean, Jeff D., Tenn. A 21 

Prltchett, W. H., Ga. B. I 209 


Edmonds, Jas. E. f Va. P 66 

Holmes, Bishop, Tenn. A. T 160 


Williams, K. R., Ten n. A 19 


Cantrell, W. A., Tenn. 64 

Harris, D. B., Ga. 1 267 

Harris, J. C, Ohio A. N 126 

Y eager, R. L., Tenn. B. II 228 


Simpson, R. W., Tenn. A 20 


Williams, W. E., Tenn. A 24 

McDowell, E. A., Va. a. 29 


Cleveland, W. D., Jr., Tenn. Q 64 

Cleveland, A. S., Tenn. Q 64 

Latham, B. R., Tenn. O 62 

Shaw, W. N., N. C. A. H 97 

Snyder, Alonzo, Va. P 67 



Honey Grove 


Walcott, M. B., Tex. r. E 258 

Reavis, H. C, Tenn. A 28 

Barbee, J. C, Tenn. a 20 

Spiller, Geo., Va. a 2 

Purdhara, L. K., Tenn. n 02 

Lawrence, C. W., Tex. r. E 260 


Mc Far land, B. J., Tex. r. E 268 

Threadgill, C. M., Ga. A. e 106 

Victor, Mendoza, Pa. A. P 148 


Hill, J. E., Tenn. A , 23 


81m ua one, J. E., Tex. r. E 268 

Simmons, T. L., Tex. r. E 268 


Fry, E. 8., Tenn. n 68 

Mineral Well* 

Martin, W. F., Tenn. A 22 


Galbralth, J. E. H., Tenn. O 68 

Mangum.T. F., Ala. A. E 78 

Mt Pleasant 

Lilienstern, E. 8., Tenn. A 21 

McLean, T. R., Tenn. A 22 


Boone, Hood, Tex. r. E 260 

Emory, G. W., Ala. A. E 81 


Fltzhugb, L. B., N. C. A. H 97 

Martin, J. A., La. B. E 188 

Martin, H. D., N. C. A. H 07 

Pilot Point 

Reid, J. M., Ala. A. E 78 


Kelton, L. E., Tenn. B. II 228 

. . 87 

Brown, J. T., Ky. M 


Running Water 
Slaughter, G. M., N. C. A. H 06 

San Saba 

Wilkinson, W. J., Va. E 

San Antonio 

Baker, I. Chas., Tenn. T 20 

Bass, C. L., Ala. A. E 70 

Eldridge, 8. C, Tenn. r 20 

Lane, H. C, Tenn. r 28 

Newman, W. H., Ala. A. E 81 

Shook, P. H., Tenn. r 2* 

Simpson, James, Tenn. r 21 


Chandler, S. E., Tenn. A. T 148 

Galloway, R. L., Tex. r. E 260 

Knox, Harry, Tex. r. E 260 

Knox, T. 8., Tex. r. E 260 

Manton, H. D., Tex. r. E 260 

Maxey, Leslie, Tex. r. E 260 

MoCall, J. L. L., Tex. r. E 268 

McCord, J. P., Tex. r. E 260 

Mitchell, G. W., Tex. r. E 268 

Mitchell, W. D., Tex. r. E 260 

Vinson, W. A., Tex. r. E 268 

Wilson, W. R., Tex. r. E 260 

Sulphur Springs 

Butte, G. C. F., Tex. r. E 258 


Caldwell, W. J., Tenn. A. T 140 

Gary, Hampson, Va. A 83 

Moody, Jan. D., V a. A 20 

Rowland, W. P., N. C. A. H 07 

Stephen ville 

Palmer, N. W., Tenn. A 24 


Wood, Lewis, Va. A 28 


Alexander, A. E., Tenn. A 22 

Cartwrlght, L. D., Tenn. B. II 280 

Brewer, Thos. A., Ky. M 45 

Thompson, N. B., Ga. A. © 


Fleming, E. R., N. C. A. H PI 

Stevens, L. M., Fla. A. n 167 


Ban ford, A. I)., Tenn. A. T 148 

Sanford, R. W., Tenn. A. T 140 



Thomes, A. G., Tex. r. E.. 



Jenkins, W. D., Va. B 



Lanham, E. M., 8. C. B.  238 

Lanham, H. M., S. C. B.  2S6 

Lei per, John, Tenn. 1 15 




... 190 


Somere, O. B., Vt B. Z 

Barton Landing 

Wright, F. 8., Vt. B. Z 


Wilson, J. J., Vt. B. Z 192 


Abbot, L. C, Vt. B. Z 

Bates, Kjm A., V t. B. Z 

Bell, E. H., Vt. B. Z 

Bryant, W. LeR., Vt. B. Z. 

Chase, J. A., Vt. B. Z 

Colby, O. A., Vt. B. Z 

Corrldan, E. F., Me. LB.. 
Debervllle, F. B., Vt. B. Z . 

Dewey, J. E., Vt. B. Z 

Edwards, W. J., Vt B. Z. . . 

Emery, C. E., Vt. B. Z 

Hanensteln, DeW. H., Vt. B. 
Uurlbut, H. B., Vt. B. Z. . .. 

Jewett, F. R., Vt B. z 

Lam son, G. P., Vt. B. Z 

Lowell, A. F., Vt. B. Z 

Lowell, A. P., Vt. B. Z 

Mack ay, A. J., Vt. B. Z 

Maynard, E. A., Vt B. Z . . 

Morton, R. B., Vt. B. Z 

Raymond, C. S., Vt B. Z. . . 
Say ward, W. J., Vt B. Z. . . . 

Smith, H. W., Nt B. Z 

Stetson, A. B., Vt. B. Z 

Stone, H. B., Vt B. z 

Taft, R. M., Vt. B. Z 

Teachout, T. P., Vt. B. Z.. . . 
Tupper, Fred, Jr., 8. C. B. H 

Ward, F. W., Vt B. Z 

Ward, F. E., Vt. B. Z 

Whelan, W. T., Vt. B. Z. . . . 
Whitney, G. W., Vt B. Z. . . 
Wilson, R. C, Vt. B. Z 


Parady, G. B., Vt B. Z 192 



. . 191 






East Brookfield 

Sprague, G. K., Vt. B. Z 

East Dorset 

Dun ton, 8. W., Vt B. Z 

Hayford, J. C. T., Vt B. Z 

Stevens, C. E., Vt B. z 

Mdndoe Falls 
Andrus, D. F., Vt B. Z 


Henckels, Theodore, N. Y. B. e 199 

Wlswell, R. G., Vt B. Z 190 

Wright, F. R., Vt B. Z. 198 

Stevens, E. M., Vt B. Z 

Woodward, R. N., Vt B. Z.... 


Sleeper, C. W., Vt B. Z 

Curtis, C. L-, Me. r. A 


Allen, C. E., Vt. B. Z 

St Albans 
Claflin, G. H., Vt B. Z 


Hagar, H. H., Vt B. Z 

Blake, N. D., Vt B. Z 

Vest Brattkboro 
Shaw, H. W., Vt B.Z 

Vest Randolph 
Wilson, M. McC, Vt B. Z 












Accomac Court House 

Edmonds, J. W., Va. A 27 

Coles, J. E., Va. A 30 


Blackwell, James, Va.  268 

Boothe, G. L., Va. A 88 

Brent, 8. G., Va.  268 

Marbury, Leonard, D. C. Y 68 

Marshall, Harry, Va. * 288 

Norton, J. K. M., Va. A 80 

Rex, B. L., Va. E 86 

Tucker, Geo., Va.  388 

Augusta County 

Henlnnger, S. L., Va. a 8 


Kimball, T. H., Va. P 56 

Big Stone Gap 

Addison, W. E., Va. A 30 


Preston, W. B., Va. A 6 

Tutwiler, C. C, Va. B 14 


Harris, P. E., Va. A 2 


St. Clair, J. S., Va. E 





McCUntic G. W., Va. E 87 

Buckingham County 

Hill, J. H., Va. A 5 

Burks Garden 

Gore, J. P., Va. E 3» 

Greever, E. L., Va. E 89 


Martin, M. M„ Va. B # 11 

Tnttle, R. G., Tenn. B. H ' 229 


Hanckel, J. 8., Va, A* 83 

Lee, H. B., Va. B 11 

Morris, G. W., Va. A 28 

De Bell, W. H., Va, E 88 

Robertson, .7. M., Va. A 81 


Kirk, R. R., Va. E 87 


Ficklin, H. C, Va. A 30 

Reynolds, B. J., N. C. E 49 

Washington, Henry, Va. * 268 

. Dublin 
McGavock.W. L., Va. A 6 


Brittaln, L. E., Va, B. 2 233 


Kemper, J. R., Va. P 66 

Kemper, J. R. W., Va. Z 262 

Forest Depot 

Nelson, F. W., Va. A 29 

Foster Falls 
Moore, J. W., Tenn. B. II 228 

Glade Springs 

Terrill.S. M., Va. E 87 

Great Bridge 

Eason, C. F., Va. B 14 


Purcell, G. W., Va, A 3 

Hampden Sidney 

Kuy-Kendall J. S M Va. B 14 

Vinson, R. K., Tex. r. E 258 


Jones, H. C, Va, r 268 

Paul, John, Va, r 263 

Ragan, R. B., Va. r 268 

Strayer. J. B., Va. r 268 

Davis, R. Y\, Va. E 36 


... 87 


Early, E. \V., Va. E 

Huguenot Springs 
Yeaton, W. C. J., Va.  268 


Haskins, C. J., Va. B 9 

Kerrs Creek 

Davidson, J. M cC, Va, E 38 

Davidson, W. A., Va. E 38 


Randolph, F. M., Va. A 5 

King George County 

Turner. Geo., Va. P 56 


Perry, C. 8., Va. P 67 

Walker, W. W., Va. A 2fl 

Lambert's Point 

Drewry, H. R., Va. B 14 

Harrison, J. W., Va. A 4 


Henritee, W. P., Tenn. B. H 228 


Anderson, J. R., Va. A 3 

Norris, L. W., Va. A 8 


Burke, C. H., Va. B 14 

Campbell, H. D., Va. B 12 

Dixon, II. 8., Va. B... 14 

Hammat, D. McK , Ohio B. P 232 

Hamner, 8. G., Va. B 14 

Hobson, J. R. A., Va. A 31 

Letcher, 8. H., Va, A 2 

Mlckler, J. P., Jr., Pa. A. Y 166 

Paxton, M. W., Va, B 11 

Blicer, J. 8., Jr.,Va. B 14 

Smith, F. H., Va, A 2 


Ross, K. T., Va. * 268 

Lowry's Crossing 

Wilkinson, T. H„ Va. A 8 


Lee, F. T., Va. A 2 

Miller, R. L., Va. B 8 

Roane, F. A., Va, B 9 

Madison Court House 
Graves, F. 8., Va. P 66 

Barrow, W. 8., Va. E 40 

Matthews County 
Hudglns, M. 8., Va. B 11 





Harnsberger, J. 8., Va. a 268 

Trawlck, C. W., Tenn. \. T 147 


Killlan, L. G., Va. E 89 

Montgomery County 

Dudley. J. M., Va. E 36 

Mt Meridian 

Blackburn, J. W., Va. r 288 

New Castle 

Marshall, J. C, Jr., Va. E 40 

Marshall, J. W., Va. r 268 

Pleasants, H. B., Va. A 29 

Newport News 

Preston, W. C.,S. C. A.  168 


Brown, T. H., Va. P 57 

Eason, I. W., Va. B 13 

Hardy, R. L., Va. A 6 

Heath, J. E., Jr., Va. A 33 

Loyall, W. H. T., Va. A 38 

Newton, E. V., Va. A 29 

Parrlsh, G. R., Va. a 33 

Phillips, C. L., Va. B 18 

Portlock, W. N., Va. P 67 

Randolph, T. J., Va. A 32 

Shield, Howard, Va. A 38 

Shield, W. W., Va. a 38 

Taylor, W. H., Va. a 33 

Williams, T. A., Va. A M 

Old Church 

Ruffin, Edmund, N. l\ A. A 74 

Orange Court House 

Boo ton, R. C, Va. E 38 

Franklin, \V. S., Ga. 2 267 


Hamilton, Alexander, Va. A 3 


Morris, G. W. t Va. A 4 

Port Republic 

Strager, J. N., Va. P 57 


Grlce, Jos., Va. A 33 


Darst, F. M. f Va. E 39 


Addison, J. H., Va. A 30 

Aiken, A. M., Va. E 37 

Anderson, Archer, Jr., Va. a 31 

Anderson, G. W., Va. A 30 

Anderson, J. F. T., Va. A :J9 

Anderson, J. R. J., Va. a 31 

Anderson, J. T., Va. A. a 68 

Burthe, M. A., Va. a 32 


Glazebrook, M . A., X. C. A. A 74 

Harrison, E. T. t Va. A 34 

Heth, C. 8., Va. A 6 

Hobson, E. L., Jr., Va. A 32 

Jones, W. N., Va. B. . . 14 

Joynes, Levin, Va. A. A 68 

King, A. R., Va. A 6 

Langhorne, Harry, Va. A 38 

Lee, G. K., Va. A 32 

Lyons, J. H., Va. A. A 68 

Mallory, John, Vs. A 30 

Mason, J. E., Va. P 56 

Massey, E. C, Va. A 30 

McGulre, J. P., Jr., Va. A 34 

Mitchell, Kirk wood, Va. A 38 

Moss, VV. W., Va. E 40 

Page, L. R., Va. A 33 

Perkins, T. M., Va. A. A 68 

Purcell, B. L., Va. A 6 

Simpson, L. E., Va. E 38 

Stokes, C. P., Va. A 3 

Stokes, T. D., Va. A. A ii8 

Turner, J. W., Va. B 8 

Roanoke City 

Edmiston, T. G., W. Va. Z 262 

Hudson, C. C, V a. E 38 

Lyle, Edw., N. Y. A. A 1 18 

Smith, J. H., Va. E 36 

Trout, J. T., Va, E 39 

Rockbridge County 

Dunlap, \V. W., Va. B 11 

Rocky Mount 

Casper, J. M., Va. E 40 


Bowman, G. 8., Va, E 39 

Johnston, W. D., Va. E :i9 

Logan, J. L., Va. B 10 

Moon, W. J., Jr., Va. E 40 

Stras, F. P., Va. E 40 

Taylor, W. S., Va. E 40 


Nalle, Francis, Va. A o 


Bell, R. P., Va, A 4 

McChesney, W. B. Va. B 8 

Mish, Geo., Va. E 37 

Turk, R. S., Va. E :I5 


McClure, Hugh, Va. B 18 


MorriM, T. N., Va. A 29 

University of Virginia 

Abbot, C. M., Va. a 31 

Abbot, F. H., Va. A :'A 

Clay, B. J., Va, A :J4 

Cochran, W. L., Va. A 33 



Corbett, J. H., Va. A. . . 
Estes, Z. N., Jr., Va. a. 
Gordan, J. L., Va. A . . 
Green, J. B., Va. a 


... 83 

... 84 

... 84 

... & 

Hardy, Wallington, Va. A H4 

Harrison, Gessner, Va. A 34 

Harrison, P. R., Va. A 88 

Heath, H. W., Va. A 88 

Johnston, For nay, Va. A 84 

Jones, W. B., Ga. A. Z »2 

Kean, W. G., Va. a 84 

Kennedy, G. B., Va. A 84 

McCrame, M. A., Va. a 84 

O'Brien, 8. M., Va. A 84 

Renshaw, C. C, Va. a 84 

Robinson, M. P., Va. A 34 

Shine, F. W., Va. a 84 

Williams, R. B., Va. A 34 

Warm Springs 


McGlintic, M. H., Va. E 35 

Warwick, C. W., Va. A 6 

Warren County 

Richards, W. N., Va. A 6 

Walden,E. F., Va. P 57 


Gallaher, H. L., Va. B 11 

West Point 
Montague, F. £., Va. A 5 


Brown, G. IX, Va. E 38 

Eversole, J. R., Va. E 37 

Gleaves, C. W., Va. E 86 

Gleaves, J. L., Va. E 36 


McGerry, W. B., N". Y. A. O... 

Columbia County 
Hoi man, W. H., Oregon A. 2. 

La Conner 
Curry, O.' A., Ohio A. N 

New Whatcom 

Cade, T. E., Mich. A. M 

Graves, F. B., M ich. B. A 






Dunn, Z. G., Mich. B. A 214 

Hankerson, A. H., Mich. B. A 218 

Keith, W. C, Ten n. A 21 

Shipp, Bartlett, N. C. A. A 74 

Vance, T. M., N. C. A. A 74 

Thompson, M. R., Colo. B. *. 


Rupp, B. F. t Mich. A. M 

. 241 



Overholt, E. E., Ga. A. e 105 


Terry, B. W., Va. E 86 

Avis, S. B., Va. B 18 

Duncan, J. J., W. Va. Z 262 

Fletcher, A. E., Mich. A. M 122 

French Creek 

Philips, P. V., Fa. A. Y 152 

Bennett, Lewis, Va. A 26 


Wilters, J. S., W. Va. Z... 


Garnett, W. H.,Va. B 14 

Snyder, F. J., Va. B 8 

Groverman, W. H., Pa. A. P . . 144 

Gerhardt, L. DeW., Pa. A. Y 152 

Hmoot, C. H., Mich. A. M 121 

Moats, F. P., Mich. A. M 122 


Swisher, U D., Mich. A. M 128 


Bennett, W. G., Va. A 1 

Dent, 8. M„ W. Va. Z 262 

Vandernort, J. 8., Mich. A. M 120 




Appleton Madison 


Dunn, E. K. t Va. A 6 Fortenbaugh, 8. B., N. Y. B. e 1M6 

Laird, A. G., -N» * • B. H 200 




Pringle, Ralph, N. Y. A. o 1*7 

Travis, I. !>., Mich. B. O. 


HolllHter, C. M. f Pa. T. 


Numkwitz, E. H., N. J. A. K 

Eddy, F. F., Mas*, r. B 248 


101 Hnrt8horn, W. R, Ohio A. N 127 

Kaukauna Wanwatosa 
Locklin, L. C, M lcli. B. K 204 Young, A. F., Ohio B. M 218 

I ^amie 
HlHkey, E. I)., Iowa B. A 


Rock Springs 

171 Wyche, T. J., Ten n. n . 



Ardmore Cherokee 

Graham, J. C, Tenn. A 24 Owen, R. L., Va. B 

Cadde Dougherty 

Way tubby, S. \\\, Tenn. A. T 147 Mason, W. C, Ind. r. l\ . 

Paul's Valley 

IS need, H. R., Tenn. B. T 




it mi nurd, T. D., Mas*. B. r. 

.... 180 



Pruett, T. J., Ala. B. B. . . 



Worth, G. 0., N. C. A. H.. 

 •  . 


Keang Yin 
. OH Little, Lacy L., N. C. a. h 




Arnold, D. P., Ky. M 45 

Martinez, D. M. f Pa. T 100 



Rogers, C. E., N. Y. B. e 301 


Paris Murphy, C. T., Ohio B. Q 243 

EtiaLlB, G. P., V'a. A 81 Presstman, E. P., Va. * 208 

Eustis, W. C, Va.A 30 Wood, J. B. T., La. B. E 198 


University of Gottengen 

McGillvray, H. S., S. C. B. E 222 


MacNider, S. (\, X. Y. B. H 200 



Hitchcock, E. N., N. Y. B. ft 18W 



Yeiser, N. E., Pa. A. Y . 168 



M urray, Qeo., N. Y. A. o 137 



McAlpine, R. E., Tenn. A. T 147 


Batopilas Guadiajara 

Shepherd, A. R., Jr., Tenn. O 86 Williams, M. E., Ohio B. n 243 

Shepherd, Grant, Tenn. O. 65 

Shepherd, J. C, Tenn. n 06 Tampico 

n .. t », . Cicero, J. B., Va. E 39 

City of Mexico Garza, R. E., Va. E 40 

Brown, K. N., Ala. A. E 78 Velerz, A. M., Va. E 40 

CoguhalJ, W. A., Mich. B. 226 

Long, R. H., Ala. b. b 178 Trinidad 

White, W. F., N. J. a. K 11H Van HooBe, E. L., Ala. A. E 78 



Managua. Cardenas, Adolpho, Pa. a. p 14a 

Hllva, J. M., Pa. r. //!?.'. 101 Hartado, J. B. f Pa. A. F 148 

Rivas Munoz, J. del ('., X. Y. b. e . . 199 

Barrion, C. A., Pa. A. F 148 


St Petersburg 
Breckinridge, C. R., Va. B 10 



Pentleld, T. J., Ohio A. * 159 


Kobblns, P. A., N. Y. B. © 201 


Bucaramauga Buenos Ayres 

Orozco, Miguel, Pa. A. F 143 Ulc6t w . K| Mich B C) 226 

Orozco, LouiH, Pa. A. F .148 

alphabetical list. 



Abbot, Cusbinan 249 

Abbot, CM 84 

Abbot,F.H 84 

Abbot, L. C 193 

Abbott, W. V 141 

Abbott, Ginder lfiO 

Abbott, J. W 160 

Acorn, P. L 286 

Acklen,J.H 18 

Acree, W. U 77 

Adams, Samuel 266 

Adams, R. H 169 

Addison, Jos 268 

Addison, J. H 80 

Addison, W. E 80 

Adduddell, H. F 128 

Adgate, Matthew 191 

Affeld, F., Jr 202 

Agnllar, R. B 200 

Aiken, A. M 37 

Ainey, W. D.B 142 

Ake,H.F 188 

Alby, W. J 129 

Aldred.J.W 109 

Aldrich, B. F 121 

Alexander, E. P., Jr 77 

Alexander, J. W 146 

Alexander, W. M 186 

Alexander, J. A 284 

Alexander, B. F 19 

Alexander, W. R. 20 

Alexander, A. E 22 

Alexander, B, B 24 

Alford, A. E 235 

Alford, J. McN 164 

Allen,R. W 238 

Allen, W. B 238 

Allen, M. I, 289 

Allen, H. S 246 

Allen, J. M 79 

Allen, W. S 83 

Allen, J. F 109 

Allen, \V. II 166 

Allen, C. E 192 

Allen, J. McC 13 

Allen, C. A 70 

Allen, Marlon 45 

Allen, H.C 45 

Allen, J. H., Jr 44 

Allen, W. A 43 

Allen, R. 8 43 


Alleshouse, A. C 161 

Allison, J. P 128 

Allison, H. F 218 

Allott, G. K. 183 

Altuzarra, G 212 

Alward, B. R 207 

Alward, B. S 207 

Amberg, D. W. C 42 

Ambler, J. C 205 

Ambler, Wm 207 

Ammon, W. L 154 

Ammon, W. 8 160 

Anderson, J. L 86 

Anderson, E. P 88 

Anderson, T. A 185 

Anderson, W. 8 161 

Anderson, W.G 2 

Anderson, C. W 2 

Anderson, A. B 2 

Anderson, J. H 8 

Anderson, G. B * 

Anderson, W. S 19 

Anderson, J. F. T 29 

Anderson, J. R 80 

Anderson, G. M 30 

Anderson, Archer, Jr 31 

Anderson, J. R. J 31 

Anderson, Wm 44 

Anderson, J. T 68 

Anderson, W. M 124 

Andrews, C. F 236 

Andrews, W. E. 188 

Andrews, D. F 190 

Andrews, J. H 178 

Andrews, E. P 201 

Anshutz, C. W 159 

Ansley, Richard 229 

Anthony, J. J 147 

Appleton, C. W 140 

Archer, G. W 6 

Archer, Robert. 6 

Ajmstrong, J. M 36 

Armstrong, J. R 207 

Arnold, D. P 45 

Arrett, G. M 283 

Arthur, W. R 86 

Asbury, De W. N 209 

Ash, Doreey 100 

Ash, Percy 100 

Asblll, E. L 238 

Ashby, C. W 268 




Asken, V. B 175 

Asken, L. B 147 

Ashley, Bernard 66 

Athey, C. E 281 

Atkinson, S. A 70 

Atkinson, B. F 77 

Atkinson, T.P 78 

Attorbolt, F. M 130 

Atwood, C. G 200 

Ault, H. T 264 

Aunt, J. R 20 

Austin, W. D 108 

Axe, J. MHi 


Austin, C. J 189 

A u trey, CM 79 

Avery, R. H 263 

Avery, H. E 48 

Avery, A. C, Jr 58 

Avery, J. E 58 

Avery, Dudley, Jr 18* 

Avery, R. J 234 

Avis, S. B 18 

Ayer, W. E 19« 

Ayres, G. T 219 

Ayres, Guslav 148 



Babbitt, W. A., Jr 49 

Babcock, G. C W 

Bablngton, R. 11 104 

Bacbeller, A. I 138 

Bacon, A. D 154 

Bagley, 11 96 

Bailey, II. W 124 

Bailey, .1. A. 202 

Bailey, A. R 80 

Bailey, Win 148 

Baker, J. D Itttt 

Baker, 0. W 152 

Baker, W. 8 108 

Baker, J. E .* 22 

Baker, J. C 20 

Baldwin, D. II. 183 

Baldy,E. V 87 

Balsley, A 252 

Balfour, W. L 10 

Ball,H.H 268 

Ball, ('. L 248 

Ball, Isaac 63 

Ballentlne, R. O 28 

Baltzley, O. W 160 

Baltzley, C. D 160 

Bancroft. M. J 84 

Banks, J. J 78 

Banks, Henry, Jr 92 

Banks, W. G 228 

Banks, E. M 110 

Banners, C. E 288 

Barbee, E. B 49 

Barbee, J. U 20 

Barbour, W. R 26 

Barclay, J. L 122 

Bardwell, Harry Ill 

Bardwell, R. N 109 

Barker, J. W 84 

Barksdale,B. VV « 

Barksdale, H. T 208 

Barksdale, J. A 48 

Barnes, W. D., Jr 80 

Barnes, J. H 96 

Barnes, A. E 104 

Barnes, A. D 62 

Barney, C. G 4 

Barney, J. M 241 

Barney, F. R 215 

Barnhardt, H. A 219 

Barr, i\ J 200 

Barrett, 8. 8S 208 

Barrett, C. F 216 

Barrett, T. B 12 

Barringer, W. C 50 

Barrios, C A 148 

Barron, W. 8 40 

Barron, R. B. 86 

Barrow, 8. D 2 

Barrow, E. R 188 

Barrow, CM 8 

Barrow, James 72 

Barton, W.I 62 

Barton, W.N 5P 

Barnwell, W. McC 66 

Barrett, E. W 12 

Baskette,W.E 15 

Baskin, W. P 288 

Bass, 8. 1 196 

Bass, H. B 196 

Bass, CL 79 

Bass,W.R 196 

Bassett, 8. II 108 

Bastable, G. D 262 

Batchelder, G. N 266 

Bateman,S. E 158 

Bates, C A 192 

Bates, H.E 249 

Bates, Heston 100 

Bates, F. H 201 

Battle, A. O 19 

Baughn.A 92 

Ba ugh man, Frank 169 

Baynard, O. T 222 

Bayne, C H 101 

Bays, Win 108 

Beam, G. W 219 




Beam, J. A 219 

Bean, Chan 100 

Beard, M. L 160 

Bearden, E. W 160 

Bearden, E. W 26 

Bearden, W. W 264 

Beaty, 8. M 185 

Beasley, G. M 165 

Beaudries, I. J H8 

Beckett, J. T no 

Beckett, J. T hi 

Bee, San di ford 156 

Beekman, J. C 260 

Beight, C. II 180 

Beldlng, A. B 24 

Beldlng, It. G 169 

Bell, W. A 187 

Bell, K.P 4 

Bell, Douglas 149 

Bell, C.H 201 

Bell, Austin 160 

Bell, K. H 108 

BelllH, E. R 100 

Ben net, J. W 70 

Bennett, R. L 81 

Bennett, T. M. 95 

Bennett, T.J 72 

Bennett, W. T 60 

Bennett, J. J 72 

Bennett, W. G l 

Bennett, Lewis 26 

Bentley, L. I, 199 

Bentley, E. A 201 

Benton, J. \V 140 

Berlin, F. A 8 

Bernhardt, J. J. F 73 

Bernhelra,0. F 112 

Berrien, R. N., Jr 107 

Berry, W. T 44 

Berry, I.J 64 

Berry, Thou., Jr 64 

Berry, A. H 245 

Berry, C.E 96 

Bethell, W. 1)., Jr 97 

Bettan, W. 8 166 

BettH, C. H 128 

Betts, C. A 132 

BlckerstafT, II 81 

Bleber, M.J lis 

Blgelow, E. P (45 

Bigler.S. II 144 

Bikle,C.G 164 

Billings, Joseph 182 

Billings, C. S. 8 ... 180 

Blllmeyer, J. H 122 

Bingham, W. H 105 

Btngbam, Win 97 

Bingham, R. W 96 

Bingham, A. J . ." 85 

Blning, J. B 120 

Blnney, H. <►..... 180 


Birch, \V. B 87 

Bird.S.M 67 

Bird, C.C 41 

Bird, T. H 286 

Bird, J. A 287 

Bird, V. 1 106 

Bishop, B. M 70 

Bishop, A. F 70 

Bishop, H. H 246 

Bishop, E. 8. . . 256 

Bishop, F. A 70 

Black, K. F 286 

Black, J. C 48 

Black, W. H 161 

Black, N. B. 16 

Black, T. C 15 

Black, 8. P 16 

Black, A. H 89 

Blackburn, J. \V 268 

Blackman, E. L 226 

Blackman, H. A 206 

Blackman, J. B 52 

BJackshear, T. E 184 

Blackwell, C. I) ill 

Blnckwell, J 268 

Blake, N. D 192 

Blandlng, I). McL, 16tf 

Blanton, W. E 168 

Bliss, W. F 127 

Bliss, C. B 160 

Bliss, C. L 150 

Bledsoe, O. F 230 

Blocb, D.8 148 

Blocker, L. I> i«o 

Blose, D. P.... 102 

Blount, II. J i« 

Boeser, W. H 282 

Boggess, J. C 244 

Bohner, <;. H 1 15 

Boiling, J. A 61 

Bolt,<). T 205 

Bond, F. P 10 

Bond, T. W 64 

Bond, E. G 80 

Bond, G. G 104 

Bondurant, C. L 89 

Bon ham, A. K 50 

Bonn, 8. G 90 

Booles, R. H 248 

Boone, H 25J* 

Boone, I) i80 

Boone, J. II 89 

Booth, H. W 215 

Boothe, G. L 88 

Boo ton, R. C 38 

Borden, \V. E 75 

Bortner, F. M 1,54 

Borup, G. I) 83 

Bostick, \V. E ' 50 

Bosworth, M.M 189 

Bott, F. It 221 




Bottsford, A. K 191 

Bouldin, T. T 210 

Boutecou, S. li 102 

Bowen,A. T 110 

Bower, H. C 184 

Rower, W. J 18S 

Bowler, F. C 244 

Howies, W.B 36 

Bowlus, R. (' 121 

Bowman, J. 11 130 

Bowman, G. 8 39 

Boyd.S. H 94 

Boyd, J. \V 210 

Boyd, J. T 44 

Boyd, G.J 127 

Boyd, J. C 218 

Boyer, F. A 144 

Boykln, A. H. f Jr 157 

Boykin,S..T 103 

Boykln, \V. Deft 69 

Boynton.C. D 116 

Braden, J. B 220 

Bradley, F. F 238 

Bradley, Jas. W 12 

Bradley, J. W 22 

Bradley, L. C 174 

Bradley, L. R 200 

Bradley, E. W 122 

Bradley, 8. P 104 

Bradshaw, W. G 60 

Bradshaw, G. 8 SO 

Bradnbaw, R. M 61 

Bradshaw, H. W 196 

Bradshaw, C.L 127 

Bralnard.T. W 180 

Brake, O. C 78 

Branch, J. N 280 

Branch, M. 1 2 

Brand, J. E 110 

Brandt, U. 8 244 

Branham, A. T 64 

Branson, E. V fl2 

Brant, D. W 198 

Brantley, C. W 110 

Brasley, A. H 2P1 

Bratton, T. Du B 61 

Bray, J. F., Jr 148 

Breckinridge, J. G 7 

Breckinridge, C. U. 10 

Breeden, E.W 168 

Breeden, H. F 168 

Breinlg, R.S 142 

Bremond, W 61 

Brenan, E.A.H 281 

Brent, 8. G 268 

Bretney , H. V 169 

Brewer, T. A 46 

Brewster, W. E 212 

Brewster, P. H, Jr 211 

Brewster, P. H 27 

Brewster, M 64 


Brlce, J. W 165 

Brlckell, W. P. W 81 

Brickell, W. E., Jr 188 

Bride, J. R 242 

Brldgeforth, F. H 41 

Brldgeforth, D. F 42 

Brlen, E.L 22 

Brlnson, 8. M 76 

Brlttain, L. E 28* 

Britton, R. H 202 

Brock, W. T 19 

Brock, J. A. J 178 

Broadnax, J. C 216 

Broad n ax, 8. K 216 

Broadnax, J. C 21 6 

Brooke, It 3 

Brooke, F. E 198 

Brooke, B. A 121 

Brooke, R. N 4 

Brooke, C 228 

Brook Ins, A. T 190 

Brooks, L. J 268 

Brooks, R. B 104 

Broswell, W. T 40 

Brown, E. N 78 

Brown, G. G 162 

Brown, M. T 164 

Brown, E. M 97 

Brown, 8. B 106 

Brown, L. C 17a 

Brown, L. L 107 

Brown, B. F 109 

Brown, D. H 188 

Brown, H 110 

Brown, B. R 1H6 

Brown, T.J 110 

Brown, F. P 192 

Brown, J. 1» 208 

Brown, W. R 88 

Brown, G. D 3H 

Brown, J. T 42 

Brown, J. G 49 

Brown, J. W 23 

Brown, T. H 57 

Brown, R. E 6a 

Brown, P 66 

Brown, K T 71 

Brown, R. E Ttt 

Brown, H.D 98 

Brown, 8. K 130 

Brown,J.W 122 

Brown, J. W 128 

Brown, J. J 180 

Brown, R. E 281 

Brown, C. H 187 

Browne, C. K 288 

Browning, C. A 260 

Broyles, L.M 109 

Bruce, W. H 80 

Bruce, W. W 288 

BrulT, W. H M0 




Brumby.C.W 71 

Branson, C. E 72 

Brush,H.W 126 

Braton, J.F 94 

Bryan, Shepard 76 

Bryan, A. H. R., Jr 76 

Bryan, W.J 110 

Bryan, N. P 100 

Bryan, F. C 94 

Bryan, E. A 168 

Bryant, 8. L 194 

Bryant, W.LeR 192 

Brynes, E. P 248 

Bryson, T. B 201 

Buchanan, T 66 

Bach, W. B 226 

Buck, E. B. 106 

Buckingham, Jno 269 

Buck man, F. N. O 116 

Buckner, J. C. 142 

Buckner, J. C 31 

Budd.W. H 108 

Bullard, R. L 78 

Bullard,T. P 108 

Bullard, D. B 119 

Bullock, J. M 9 

Bump, F. R 202 

Bump, F. 8 202 

Burdette, A. 8 89 

Burdette, W. T 26 

Burgess, 0. C 144 

Burke, C. H 14 

Burke, J. B 86 

Burk halter, W. H 110 

Byar, Edwin 

• PAQK. 

Burk baiter, J. T 110 

Burklew,H. L 140 

Burklew, W. L 140 

Burklew, C. McB 140 

Burnett, W. E 226 

Burr, J. H 90 

Burrell, A. C 128 

Burrell, C.L 128 

Burros, F. R 16 

Burt, N. P 251 

Burthe, M. A 82 

Burthe, D. F. V 82 

Burthe, C. A 188 

Burton, B. 8 80 

Burton, 1. F 246 

Burton, J. A 138 

Burwell, U.L 28 

Bush, M. H 200 

Bush, J. S 200 

BuBsey, W. W 88 

Butler, G. B 88 

Butler, W.J 164 

Butler, R. P 166 

Butler, G. L 186 

Butler, F.N.,Jr 186 

Butler,C. W. 187 

Butler, J. B 188 

Butler, J. P., Jr 188 

Butler, W. H 2 

Butte, G. C. F 268 

Buttrill,T.H 72 

Buxton, Wm., Jr 171 

Buxton, N. T 248 

Butz,H.P H8 



Cabell, W. E.. 168 

Cable, J. W 166 

Cade, T.E 120 

Cadleu, E.L 248 

Cagle.O. B 97 

Cairn, J. R 88 

Cairns, W. De W 196 

Caldwell, J. W 55 

Caldwell, J. F 11 

Caldwell, J.0 24 

Caldwell, C. P 181 

Caldwell, W. L 149 

Caldwell, W. J 149 

Caldwell, F.P 160 

Caldwell, H.8 160 

Calhoun, P. E 10 

Calhoun, O. V 179 

Cameron, J. A 180 

Cameron, D. 26 

Cameron, M.J 161 

Campbell, G. A 241 

Campbell, CD 70 

Campbell,F.D 143 

Campbell, J. B 217 

Campbell, E.D 12 

Campbell, H.0 12 

Campbell, W.G 86 

Campbell, R. B. 86 

Campbell, L. L 87 

Campbell, J. P 95 

Candler, LL 69 

Candler, M. A 71 

CandllBh, W.J 122 

Cannon, R. 8 154 

Cantrell, W. A., Jr 64 

Garden, G. A 77 

Cardenas, Adolpho 143 

Carlln, C. C 206 

Carlton, H. H 69 

Carlton, J. F 94 

Carmichael, H. O 66 

Carmlchael, J. C 79 




Carmiobaal, J. W 81 

Carney, L. V 15 

Carpenter, G. W 258 

Carpenter, P. H 4 

Carpenter, O. W 196 

Carr, R. M 242 

Carr,H.H 243 

Carr, D. H 184 

Carr, J. B 96 

Carr,W. H 187 

Carr, F.I 184 

Carroll, J.A 89 

Carroll, W. P 240 

Carroll, C. A 169 

Carson, W. W 9 

Carson, J. G 10 

Carter, G. H 17 

Carter, J. H., Jr 161 

4 arter, Lattimore 16 

Cartwrtght, H. G 244 

Cartu right, I,. D 280 

Caruthers, 8. B 4 

Caruthers, Malcolm 26 

Cary, J. M 186 

Cary, A. H 70 

Cary, A.K 81 

Cary, R. F 109 

Casey,J.T 266 

Casey, E. D 101 

Caskey,T.L 180 

Casper, J. N 40 

Castleman, G. A 10 

Cate.T.W 69 

Cater, R. L 104 

Cater, L. F 108 

Cauble, W. H 96 

Cauthen,C. B Ill 

Ca wood, J. M 93 

Cerry, J. C 89 

Cessena, H. B 166 

Chacey, E. C 261 

Chaddock, J. B 218 

Chad wick, J. 8 174 

Chadwick, R.E 179 

Chaffee, H. H. 184 

Cbaleron,F.J 186 

Chambers, R. C. F 128 

Chambers, H. G 128 

Charabllss, 8. E 86 

Champion, W. P 184 

Chandler.S. K 148 

Chandler, W. W 73 

Chandler, H.B 188 

Chandler, W. 8 218 

Chanslor,C. R 170 

Chapman, J. D 87 

Chapman, II. K 211 

Chappell, C. A. 45 

Chase, J. A 193 

Cheatham, J. A 105 


Cheatham, W. H 42 

Cheney, Chaa. 180 

Cheney, W. E 109 

Cbenoweth, J. F 196 

Chester, 8. H 11 

Childs, H. W 216 

Childrews, J. W 15 

Childress, A. I, 28 

Chinn, J. M 199 

Christen, G. A 162 

Christian, J. A 6 

Christ ian, H. I> 182 

Christie, J. H 188 

Chittick, R. E 171 

Church, J. E. 186 

Cicero, J. B 89 

Cisler, L. H 381 

Cisler, Reuben 282 

Clailin, G. M 228 

Clattin, G. H 190 

Clancy, M. G 225 

Clapp, A. L 260 

Clark, \V. W 248 

Clark, T. A 360 

Clark, E. B 165 

Clark, J as 165 

Clark, Washington 165 

Clark, Henry 148 

Clark, Edw., Jr. 191 

Clark, H. W 216 

Clark, Melton 164 

Clarke, R. B 61 

Clarke, V. P 44 

Clarke, Jeremiah 71 

Clarke,l\H 26 

Clarke, Harvey 87 

Clarke, A. L 158 

Clarke, I,. A 89 

Clarkson, R. S 157 

Clavin, E. C 101 

Clay, J. \V 22 

Clay, H.J 84 

Clay, J. C 85 

Clay, J. C. J 9 

Clegg, A. M 78 

Clement, G. F 180 

Clement, J. H 183 

Clement, A. E 228 

Clement, J. A 183 

Clement, C. L 248 

Clement, F. B 68 

Cleveland, A. 8 64 

Cleveland, \V. P 64 

Clift.C. E 256 

Clinton, C. W 202 

Cllnert, R. H 38 

Clover, M. A 244 

Clugston, J. W 168 

Cochran, R. 1«8 




Cocbran, T. L 4 

Cochran, W. L 88 

Cobb, J. C 224 

Cobb, Com n at b6 

Cobb, P. L 229 

Coblenlz, Guy 168 

Coblentz, Edw 160 

Coburn, W. B 236 

Code,T. K 241 

Cody, S. B 108 

Coe, W. B 222 

Coffey, Snlveley 168 

Coghlll, G. E 255 

Cogshall, W. A 225 

Coin, J. H 283 

Colt, 1). G 164 

Colt, J. McL 164 

Colt, J. C, Jr 1ft* 

Colby, O. A 192 

Colburn, H. C 207 

Cohord, A. R 210 

Coldren, O. M 204 

Cole, J. A Ill 

Cole, 8. J 106 

Coleman, K. 8 68 

Coleman, E. H 66 

Coleman, R. L 308 

Coleman, D. P 96 

ColeH,F. W., Jr 117 

Coles, J. E 80 

Colhour, T. W 120 

Collins, C. 1 208 

Collins, E. W 209 

Collins, R. W 86 

Collins, A. J 205 

Col more, R. L 66 

Col in ore, C.B 68 

Colton, F. B 208 

Colvln, F. C 218 

Col well, J. A 199 

Conant, O. K 220 

Conforth, G. E 247 

Conger, Horace 268 

Congleton, J. H 166 

Conkey, H. M 189 

Conn, Thos 108 

Conn, John 104 

Connell, Chas 221 

Consar, J. E 168 

Conslgney, L. G 171 

Conyers, W. C 60 

Cook, W. B 70 

Cook, I. H 171 

Cook,W.G 81 

Cookson, C. W 218 

Coombs, J. P 265 

Cooper, W. M 101 

Cooper, A 18 

Cooper, A. B 126 

Cooper, F. E 114 


Cooper, W. H 113 

Cope, H.I, 226 

rorbin, C. C 60 

Corbett, F. E 81 

Corbltt, J. H 88 

< orker, F. G 106 

Corker, P. L 6 

Cor nell us, J. I). H 1 20 

Cornelius, J. H 1£4 

Corpert, R. Van D 211 

< 'orrtdan, E. F 248 

Corry, R. 8 80 

Cottrell, C.8 202 

Cottrell, C. T 240 

Courtney, W. L 45 

Cove, R. L 229 

Cowan, T. J 241 

Cox, T. A 21 

Crahill,T.V 159 

Craig, E. M 178 

Craig, W. D 171 

Cralne, J. W 126 

Crandall, E. M 188 

Crauley, J. D 46 

Crawford, R. T 166 

Crawford, C. G 156 

Crawford, T. P 166 

Crawford, G. G 209 

Crawford, W. B 71 

Crebs, W. D 252 

Crelghton, J. E. 200 

Cricbton.J. A 1 

Criehlow, J. A 216 

Crist, H. W 221 

Crockett, Sam'l 86 

Crommelln, John, Jr 88 

Crommelln, J. G 88 

Crooks, H. M 221 

Crooks, J. W 282 

Crosby, H. B 204 

Cross, R. P 242 

Cross, H. S 246 

Cross, R. M 62 

Cross, 1). F 249 

Crowell, A. H 105 

Crowell, C. P., Jr 286 

Crowley, D. F 249 

Crumley, L. A 176 

Crumley, R. M 210 

Crutcber, J. H 44 

Cudworth, F. G 191 

Cully,H.H 127 

Culpepper, N. F 107 

Ctilp, W. T. 8 129 

Culver, E. Ii 217 

Cummins, F. M 25 

Cummlngs, J. L 189 

Cu minings, Allen 260 

Cunningham, W. L 50 

Cunningham, W. H 78 




Cunningham, P. D 106 

Cunningham, H. T 107 

Curd, J. C 00 

Curd,R.B 91 

Cureton, J. U 179 

Curry, O. A 130 

Curran, S. F 250 


Currln, T. W. 16 

Curtis, C. L 246 

Cutter, I. E 224 

Cutter, H. D -JOS 

Cushman, B. 8 199 

Gush man, H. B 287 

Cushman, E. T 247 


Bade, C. L 42 

Daggett, R. B 201 

Daggett, W. H 90 

Daggett, R. F 108 

Daly, A. D 78 

Danforth,E. W 234 

Dangerfleld, J. H 76 

Daniel, W. T 80 

Daniel, J. L 185 

Daniels, G. A 184 

Daniels, H. J 226 

Danris, H. 8 208 

Darby, J. P 164 

Dargan, R. L 157 

Darrab, I>ewls. 166 

Darrell, C. B 40 

Harrow, G. W 268 

Darat, F. M 89 

Darwin, W. P 28 

Dasher, A. L 86 

Davenport, G. G 6 

Davidson, J. McC 88 

Davidson, W. A 88 

Davidson, H. S 82 

Davidson, J. L 98 

Davey, C. W 241 

David, G. W 266 

Da vies, T. A 188 

Davis, Hugh 192 

Davis, J. M 206 

Davis, E. H 206 

Davis, K. E. L 280 

Davis, M. N 260 

Davis, R. F ! 86 

Davis, T. H 106 

Davis, E. H 61 

Davis, A. P 68 

Davis, J. S. N., Jr T7 

Davis, W. P 90 

Davis, F. A 92 

Davis. H.N 99 

Davis, C. H Ill 

Davis, J. H 128 

Davis, H. C 129 

Davis, C. E 167 

Davis, Zimmerman, Jr 228 

Daw Ron, L. Y 222 

Day, J. W 199 

Day, G. H 146 

Deaderick, J. F 151 

Deaderlck, Chalmers 8 

Deakin, G. B. 120 

Dean, 8. P 209 

Dearborn, W. L 180 

Deaton, W. A 89 

Deaton, J. McC 89 

De Bergondy, E. La P 59 

De Bell, W. H 88 

Deberville, F. B. 192 

De Buys, R. E 188 

De Buys, J. T 188 

De Buys, W. L 188 

DeBuys, L. R 189 

De Camp, E. 196 

Decker, W. L. 251 

De Grattenreld, B. M 148 

Delhi, J. C 180 

Dei ley, W. A 118 

Delaney, F. A 97 

Dem psey, E. F HO 

Denhan, W. B 2 

Dening, J. H 256 

Dennett, R. H 140 

Dennis, J. H 240 

Dennis, F. J 202 

Denson, John 185 

Dent, P. W 24 

Dent, 8. M 262 

Deant, W. J 189 

DePass, J. P 106 

DePew, C. E 207 

DePew, E. V 207 

DeRossett, F. A 61 

Derse, J. P 70 

Deshler, G. P 281 

Dewberry, J. R 184 

De Weese, Wm 161 

Dewey, J. E 193 

Dew ham, W. L 8V 

Dibble, E. A 204 

Dick, J. McF 164 

Dick, T. M 166 

Dick,S.W 94 

Dickson, H. 8 14 

Dickson, J. T 105 

Dickson, R.B 110 

Dieter, 8. S 112 

Diets, II. D 128 




Dillard, B. F 28 

Dimit, J. F. 124 

Dillon, D.V 248 

Dinwiddle, H. H 1 

Dismukes, E. F. f Jr 18 

Dix, L. C 183 

Dodge, E. F 188 

Dodds, F. E. 224 

Dodson, W. A 88 

Dodson, J. H 02 

Dodson, A. C 98 

Dolan, J. C M9 

Dole, W. 8 199 

Dole, W. H 200 

Doll.W.H 168 

Dolly, W 237 

Dominlck, Edward 91 

Donacker, F. C 182 

Donalson, W. A 41 

Donart, O. W 24 

Donelson, 8. G 188 

Donnelly. G. G 119 

Donnelly, R. E 20 

Doollttle, B. G 224 

Donovan, A. B 90 

Donovan, W. J 105 

Dortch, W. T 94 

Doster, H. 8 82 

Doswell, A. 8 30 

Dougbtie, Jack 2->4 

Douglass, W. E 229 

Douglas, F. B 127 

Douthlst, T. D J82 

Downea, E. E 97 

Dowries, W. A 97 

Downey, Harry J60 

Dornbloser, H. E. 280 

Drake, M. M., Jr 208 

Drake, W. A 206 

Drake, J. H., Jr 81 

D rati g ban, J. A 47 


Drennan, J. Ij 184 

Drew, G. L 95 

Drew, Frank 95 

Drewry, H. R. 14 

Driggs, C. E 215 

Driacol, J. H 159 

Drum in ond, W. E 89 

DuBose, McNeeley 60 

DuBose, W. H 68 

Dudley, W. H 28 

Dudley, J. M 85 

Duffy, F.J 187 

Dufford, J. A 18* 

Duke, T. C 80 

Duke, It. E 177 

Dullea, J. H 138 

Dunbar, W. K 144 

Dunbar, H. H 85 

Dunbar, A. W 101 

Dunbar, F. W 101 

Duncan, Lindsay 285 

Duncan, J. J 282 

Duncan, J. H 109 

Duncan, C. C 72 

Dunlop, W. W 11 

Dunn, Z. G 214 

Dnnn, E. E 5 

Dunton, 8. W 191 

Duncan, V. E 228 

Dupre, Arth 228 

Dupre, H. G 187 

Durham, R. L 52 

Durham, 8. J 52 

Durham, P. T 58 

Duson, W. W 88 

DuHon, C. C 40 

Dukod, J. C 40 

Dunn, C. W 137 

Dye, W. G 172 

Dye, H.C 171 

Dyer, J. L 248 


Eagles, W. B 84 

Earle, J. W 184 

Early, E. W 37 

Earseman, \V. 8 127 

Easby, F. H 29 

Easley, R. W 22 

Earnest, N. W 98 

Eason, J. W 18 

Eason, C. F 18 

Easter, Henry 62 

Eastman, KB 2i0 

Eastman, H. T 190 

Eastman, F. J 187 

Eaton, Wm S8 

Eaton, T.T 9 

Echols, W. A 185 

Eckart, W. R 201 

Eckstone, C. 8 38 

Eddy, F. F 248 

Eden, J. 8 88 

Eder, L. M 27 

Edmiston, T. B 262 

Edmlston, T. G 202 

Edmonds, J. W 27 

Edmonds, J. E 56 

Edmonson, R. H 02 

Edmundson, Haywood 95 

Edwards, W. J 108 

Edwards, W. A 184 

Eger ton, Graham 20 




Ehle, L. C 199 

Elder, J. K 147 

Elder, J. W., Jr 55 

Eldredge, L.O 128 

Eldredge, E. F 1*28 

Eldredge, A.C 182 

Eldrldge, 8. C 20 

Ellion, J. R 285 

Ellett, (\ A 2 

Ellett.W.M 130 

Elliott, O. M 281 

Elliott, V. N 221 

Elliott, <\ H 220 

Elliott, R. H 188 

Elliott, EM 174 

Elliott, T.J 122 

Elliott, H.T 180 

Elliott, W. A 188 

Elliott, R.W.B.,Jr 86 

Elliott, J. H 64 

Elliott, J. B 68 

Elliott, 8. 11 62 

Elliott, A. B 61 

Ellis, W. F 266 

Ellis, W. L 286 

Ellis, R. J 160 

Ellis, R. (' HO 

Ellis, R. L 110 

Ellis, T. D 108 

Ellis t R.S 89 

Ellis, I. H 191 

Ellsworth, G. I) 51 

Ely, G. A 246 

Ely, E.8 169 

Embry, W.J 216 

Emery, J. W 266 

Emery, C. E 198 

Emerson, W. II 212 

Emerson, C. A 146 

Km inert, C. 8 164 

Emmert, F. N 164 

Eylar, A. 8. J 


Emory, G. W 81 

Empie, B. G 66 

Engle, W. D SM 

Ennlss, Jos 166 

Epes,H.U 8 

Erb, C. L 166 

Erdmao, M. 8 114 

Erdman, G. F U6 

Ertcson, D. E. 4* 

Ernest, F. B 161 

Erwln, F. H 144 

Erwin, David 72 

Erwin,T. G 88 

Esbelman, C. L 189 

Eshelman, 8. St. J 188 

Esslck, G. C MO- 

Kstabrook, W. C 160 

Estes, Z. N., Jr M 

Kstes, P.H 71 

Estes, R. C 268 

Etheridge W. C ... 60 

Eastis,W. C 80 

Enstls, G. P 81 

Fastis, A. C 188 

Evans, IteLaucy 67 

Evans, R D *fr 

Evans, J. H 87 

Evans, E. N 106- 

Evans, H. H 174 

Evans, J. M 1W 

Evans, W. B 2» 

Evans, J. G 224 

Evans, Ernest 24» 

Everett, E. H 28» 

Everett, J. L 211 

Everett, W. N 78- 

Everett, G. B 48 

Eversole, J. R 87 

Ewing, F.E 128 

Ewing, A. E 204 

Exllne, J. G 1*> 



Fairbanks, C. V 189 

Faison, W. E 49 

Falson, W. P 60 

Falconer, F. M 208 

Fall, F. A 226 

Fant, O. H. P 85 

FariBh, O. C 173 

Farisn, H. B • 178 

Farley, F. B 68 

Farley, Geo 166 

Farmer, L. J 141 

Farnell, D. X 62 

Farnbam, O. II 286 

Farrar, John 104 

Farrar, Henry 8 

Farrar, Walton 4 

Farrell, J. A 92 

Farrell, H. C 286 

Fanst, O. P 220 

Fatit,E.L. 48 

Fate, F. A 194 

Faw, W. W 20 

Faxon,J.W 149 

Faxon, R. 8 14» 

Feagin, G. B 106 

Fegely,W.0 11& 

Felkel, H. M 166 

Felker, J. H *» 




Fenn, C. H 225 

Ferris, J. C 118 

Ferris, F. H 199 

Ferris, C. 8 187 

Fessenden, A. G 118 

Fetterolf, R. F 168 

Flcklin, H. C 80 

Field, H. A 228 

Field, J. K 51 

Fields, A. J 140 

Finch, (\ L 5 

Findlny, C. D 88 

Flndlay, R. E 88 

Flnlay,J. T 61 

Flnley, Rldgeley 188 

Finney, B. F 68 

Plnnegan, J. A 189 

Firth, M.N 123 

Fischer, Otto 56 

Fi*h, J. V. L 201 

Fisher, W. J 214 

Flshblate, 8. A 51 

Fishburne, F. (\, Jr 65 

Fltts, W.T 148 

Flthian, 8. B 260 

Fitzgerald, J. B 89 

Fitzgerald, M. E 247 

Fitzhugh, L. B 97 

Fitzpatrick, R. H 21 

Flanagan, J. H 284 

Flanlgan, E. C 260 

Fleethan,K. D 187 

Fleming, CO 188 

Fleming, G. B 188 

Fleming, Andrlan 62 

Fleming, E. R. 97 

Fleming, T. F 266 

Fletcher, A. E 122 

Flint, I. A 191 

Flowers, W. W 68 

Flowers, C. E 68 

Flowers, R. L 58 

Flowers, J. McT 58 

Flowers, Brooks 229 

Flowers, W. R. 176 

Flowers, E. P 175 

Flowers, W. H 176 

Fiuker, W. H ^08 

Folger, T. W 51 

Folks, Homer 224 

Follett,E.B 282 

Folsom, L. P.. 286 

Folsom, E.F 202 

Fontaine, Theodore 46 

Ford, R. D 138 

Ford, A. C 96 

Ford, J. L 2 

Foreman, B. W 88 


Foote, L. B 194 

Forbes, W. G 29 

Forgey, F. B 25 

Font, J. R 101 

Fort, E. J 196 

Fort, J. A 90 

Fort, E.M 90 

Fort, W. E 92 

Fortenbaogh, 8. B. 198 

Fortson, T. G 71 

Fortson, S. A 109 

Fortune, A. W 140 

Foss, H. C 248 

Foster, A. J 189 

Foster, J. W 60 

Foster, O. L. 121 

Foster, N. G 246 

Foster, H. P., Jr 222 

Foster, C. J 161 

Foster, N. W 189 

Foster, T. G., Jr 84 

Fouse, W. F 219 

Francis, J. M 181 

Franklin, W. 8 269 

Francis, W. C 78 

Frazer, T. M 188 

Frazer, H. W 167 

Frazer, P. G 78 

Frazer, T. H 82 

Freeman, J. W 194 

Freeman, M. C 245 

French, E. M 260 

French, F. F 286 

Frey, J. A. C 169 

Frierson, Horace 266 

Frierson, W. L 148 

Frierson, R. A 12 

Fritch, Nathan 116 

Fritch, Luther 1 16 

Frltchle, O. P 196 

Frontz, H. C ]W 

Frost, E. L) 7 

Fry, A. J 188 

Fry, E. 8 68 

Fry, John 182 

Fry, Chas., Jr 251 

Fry, H. MoC 181 

Finch, J. W. G 188 

Fuller, D. B., Jr 100 

Fuller, W. 8 91 

Fuller, M. B 194 

Fuller, R. J 206 

Fuller, J. P., Jr 216 

Fuller, J. M 216 

Fuller, J. E 237 

Fuller, R. J 266 

Fu liner, P. F., Jr 101 

Funck, 8. R 221 





Gadsden, John, Jr 11 

Gadsden , E. M 12 

Gaffney, D. J 68 

Gaillard, W. DuB 166 

Galllard,A.T 222 

Gaillard, A. S 68 

Gaillard, E. P 66 

Gaines, Noel 46 

(i ail or, T. F 62 

Gaines, T. F 81 

Gaines, K. L 238 

Galbralth, J. E. H 68 

GalJaher, H. L 11 

Galloway, R. I 269 

Gamble, Howard 167 

Game, R. H 248 

Gamewell, Isaac 266 

Gannon, J. H., Jr 189 

Gardmer, 8. V 229 

Garlington, J. G 166 

Garlougb, F. E 207 

Garnett, W. H 14 

Garrard, J. I 217 

Garwood, H. M 61 

Garvin, J. B 187 

Garza, R. E 40 

Gary, J. H 88 

Gass, John 60 

Gashet, J. E 82 

Gaston, R.K 64 

Gaston, W. H., Jr 66. 

Gatcbell, G.A 127 

(sates, Fayette 257 

Gattis, W. A 60 

Gavin, R. S 176 

Gay, J. P.J 48 

Gay, Lewis 192 

Gayer, W.J 12 

Geddes, C. P 181 

Gedney, J. D 117 

Gelger, F. P 181 

George, J. B 9 

Gerhardt, L. DeW 162 

Get/.en.T. E 166 

Getzen, J. C 166 

Gibbons, J. N 61 

Gibbs, G. C 243 

Gibson, C. W 76 

Gibson, E. E 260 

Gier, 8. J 206 

Giffln, N. F 139 

Gilbert, U. C Ill 

Gilbert, C. E 285 

Gilbert, P. E 247 

Gllbam, R. P 6 

Gill.M.G 20 

Gill, E. J 76 

Gilliland, C. T 24 

Glllard, % Edmund 164 


Gillian, Donnell 78 

GJ11is,J. F 173 

Gllman,F.G 198 

Oilman, J. D 249 

Gil more, J. W 116 

Gillmore,G. F 116 

Given, J. G 10 

Giboney, Andrew 42 

Gill, B. E 226 

Glass, H.E 72 

Glass, A. R 169 

Glass, P. J 77 

Glazebrook, Otis A 1 

Glaze brook, M. A 74 

Glazebrook, L. W 86 

Gieason, W. H 180 

Gleaves, J. L 86 

Gleaves, C. W 86 

Glemon, J. 8 19 

Glenn, C. B 82 

Glenn, B. P 107 

Glenn, W. 11 209 

Glover, J. B 148 

Glover,.!. L 218 

Glover, J. H., Jr 61 

Glover.J. W 66 

Glover, R. R 91 

Goble, M. J IS 

Godbee, L.B 106 

Godfrey, E. W 184 

Godfrey, W. C 214 

Godson, R 46 

Godwin, T.H 16 

Godwin, Herbert. 107 

Going, H.S 149 

Going, W. R 181 

Goldsby, J. A 6 

Goldsby, J. W 12 

Gomery, J. E 44 

Goodloe, J. R. 176 

Goodloe, 8. S 44 

Goodloe, Speed 46 

Goodnight, J. B 21 

Goodrich, J. A 191 

Gordon, C. 1 266 

Gordon, T. E 266 

Goodwyn, R. H 79 

Goodwyn, O. E 90 

Goodwyn, A. G 185 

Gordon, W. D 228 

Gordon, H. T 266 

Gordan,J. L 84 

Gore, J. P 89 

Gorman, J. T 202 

Gobs, C. D 128 

Goss, C.8 128 

Gobs, W. A 180 

Goss, W. R 144 

Gougb, C. E 260 




Goulding, G. A 266 

Gow, R. A 208 

Gordon, J. W 8 

Gordon, J. B 196 

Grady, C. B 117 

Graham, 8. M 148 

Graham, Hugh 224 

Graham, W. A 241 

Graham, J. C 24 

Gramger,C.W 76 

Grant, R. I 128 

Graves, F. S 66 

Graves, F. B 214 

Grove, L. J 226 

Graver, CD 127 

Gray, B. A 28 

Gray, J. T 44 

Gray.CH 78 

Gray, R. P 74 

Gray, Claude 01 

Gray, L. P 107 

Gray, W.J 206 

Grazier, H. F 166 

Green, Grant, Jr 48 

Green, Edgar 24 

Green, J. B 28 

Green, J. R 41 

Green, E. J 68 

Green, J. E 160 

Green, J. L 150 

Greene, Pearl 187 

Greene, E. A 211 


Green, C. S 184 

Green, W. T 185 

Greene, H. R 281 

Greenldge, C. A 117 

Gregory, T. W 147 

Greer, L. C 72 

Greer, H. B 229 

Gregg, C. K 69 

Gregg, C. E 166 

Grlce, Joseph 82 

Grltfeth, R.K 207 

Greever, E.L 89 

Grleme, H. W 280 

Griffin, T. D 86 

Griffin, C. S 186 

Griffin, J. C 286 

Griffls, F. S 196 

Griffiths, E. W 196 

Griswold, J. T 176 

Groh.E. N 89 

Grim, W.J 168 

Gross, M. W 118 

Groan, M. D 241 

Grout, A. J 190 

Groverman, W. H 144 

Groover, CI 67 

Gwinn, I.W 21 

Gwlnner, Harry 168 

Gywnn, C R 210 

Guion, H. L., Jr 42 

Gunn, W. J 266 

Guile, W. A., Jr 266 


Hadley F. H 241 

Haden, H. C 102 

Hader, A. T 118 

Hagan, W. T 161 

Hagar, C H 192 

Hagar,H.H 192 

Hahr, F. W 82 

Haigh, D. D 75 

Halman, H.8 116 

Hale, W.E 24 

Hale, W. P 179 

Haley.H.S 148 

Haley, E. Mel 139 

Hall, E.E 246 

Hall,B.D 49 

Hall, B. A 284 

Hall, W.D 248 

Hall, (J ... 161 

Halll.F.L 266 

Hall, H. M 49 

Hablat, J. W 119 

Hamer, B 165 

Hamer, W. McC 168 

Hamer, R.P 168 

Hamer, H 25 

Hamilton, F 121 

Hamilton, A 8 

Hamilton, McK 122 

Hamilton, S 26 

Hamilton, G. H 128 

Hamilton, A. L 26 

Hamilton, J. W 184 

Hamilton, F. 8 4 

Hamilton, C A 188 

Hamer, J. W 288 

Hamill. H. H 5 

Hammaker, W 161 

Hammat, 1). M. H 282 

Hammon, G 66 

Hammond, CM 213 

Hammond, J. E 224 

Hammond, J. E 206 

Hamner, S. G 14 

Hanckel, J. 8 89 

Hanckel, D. H 164 

Hanckel, J. 8 87 

Hancock, E.H 235 

Hanford, L. W 124 



Hanensteln, W. H, 
Hankerson, A. H.. 
Hankinson, R. H. . 
Hannold, C. L 


... 198 

... 218 

... 110 

... 182 

Hansell, W. A., Jr 200 

Hanson, H. B 192 

Hap pel, F. J 27 

Hardage, J 22 

Hardaway, T. R 84 

Hardby, J. M 212 

Hardeman, G 90 

Hardeman, J. A 107 

Hardenburgb, L. M 204 

Hardie, L. H 187 

Hardie, H. M 187 

Hardie, J. A 182 

Hardin, J. C 188 

Hardin,8.M 22 

Harding, T 46 

Harding, W. L 45 

Hardman, G. G 108 

Hardy, R. L 6 

Hardy, W 84 

Harlan, A. F 79 

Harlan, W. J 179 

Harlow, M 116 

Harman, H. E 152 

Harnsberger, J. 8 263 

Harris, A.J 108 

Harris, W. L 99 

Harris, J. W 92 

Harris, W. W 182 

Harris, C. T 62 

Harris,J.P 48 

Harris, B. M 198 

Harris, H. L., Jr 202 

Harris, 8. W 206 

Harris, J. G 280 

Harris, D. B 287 

Harris, J. C 126 

Harris, P. E 2 

Harris, J. W 9 

Harrigan.J 189 

Harrington, G. B 208 

Harrison, J. W 4 

Harrison, N. H 29 

Harrison, P. R 88 

Harrison, B. J 88 

Harrison, E. T 34 

Harrison, G 84 

Hart, W. L 119 

Hart, C. 8 86 

Hart, W. J. L 182 

Hart in an, T. A. 241 

Harts, W. A 126 

Hartshorn, W. B 127 

Harwood, 8. 1 83 

Harwood, B. F 82 

Harwood, G. A 249 

Harvey, J 264 


Haskell, J. B 129 

Haskell, 8. E 101 

Haskins, L.P 183 

Haskins, C. J 9 

Hassler, J. M 113 

Hatfield, C. A 246 

Hathaway, C. V 248 

Hatt, \V. K 202 

Haughton, N. A 38 

Haward, J. D 189 

Hawes, T. N 86 

Hawkins, W. H 177 

Hawkins, I. F 174 

Hawkins, H. P 149 

HawkinB, W. E 88 

Hawkins, E. P 71 

Hawkins, 8. H 92 

Hawkins, T. M 105 

Havey, T. A 286 

Hay, 8. 1) 128 

Hay, D. G 220 

Hay,C. H 220 

Hay, J. S 164 

Hayes, T. G 2 

Hayes, Edgar 185 

Hayes, 185 

Hayes, G. L 101 

Hay ford, J. C. T 191 

Haygood, W. A 106 

Haygood, A. G., Jr 104 

Haygood, W. F 104 

Hayne, H. T 223 

Hayner, M. C 195 

Hayner, J. T J95 

Haynes, B. F 267 

Haynie.G. W 108 

Hays, H. 8 102 

Hays,F. M 124 

Haywood, A. A 225 

Haywood, W 228 

Head, B. P 185 

Headland, M.E 127 

Healey.CA 94 

Heath.G.B 230 

Heath, J. E., Jr 33 

Heath, H. W 33 

Heath, J. M 77 

Hebsman, E. C 194 

Hedges, H. E 160 

Hefllflnger, 8. L 8 

Hellig, A. 8 38 

Heilman, O. G 201 

Helmau, E. E 129 

Hemberger, A. E 283 

Hemley, D. C 224 

Hemley.R. II 213 

Henckels, T 199 

Henderiite, J. H 233 

Henderson, 8. W 188 

Henderson, A. A 196 




Henderson, J. 1 221 

Henderson, W. T 16 

Henderson, A 62 

Henderson, Wm. f Jr 66 

Henderson, J. L 80 

Henderson, H. 8 86 

Hendrlck, W 174 

Henritze, W. P 228 

Henry, J. L. 179 

Henry, J.J 175 

Henry, 8.8 114 

Henry, J. H 115 

Henry, A. L 208 

Henry, J. W 58 

Henson, W 85 

Herald, W 286 

Herbert, W. F 83 

Herbert, E. R 184 

Herndon, P 187 

Herriek, C. E 94 

Herscb, F 161 

Hersey, G. W. 287 

Hershey, if. H 184 

Hester, R. 8 89 

Hetta, C. 8 8 

Hewlett, T. H M 

Heye, A. V 118 

Heylett, F. W 2U 

Hey ward, D. C 18 

Hey ward, N 66 

Hlbflbman, H. E 219 

Hibsbman, W. 8 219 

Hiekok, F. M 219 

Hlckok,R. K 221 

Hiekok, P. R 221 

Hicks, H. 8. 241 

Hicks, T. B 87 

Hlgglns,H.A 286 

Hlldebrand, C. E 201 

Hlldum, C. Q 161 

Hill, 8 266 

Hill, D. J 206 

Hill, A. F 107 

Hill Jw E. L 151 

HIU.'m. E 79 

Hill, W.A 69 

Hill, J. E 28 

Hill, J. H 5 

Hlllerman.G. H 180 

Hilliard, E. B 61 

Illllman, D. K 44 

Hillman.J.H 46 

Himes.J.C 96 

Himes, 8. T. A 169 

Hipsley, G. E 164 

Hlrbert,T. E 71 

H Iskey, E. D 171 

Hitchcock, E. N 199 

Hoadley, T. W 180 

Hoag, C.G 240 


Hoag, P.H 360 

Hoarne, J. T 264 

Hobbs, F.A 286 

Hobert, C. 8 122 

Hobdy, Edgar 24 

Hobdy,L 34 

Hobson, J. R. A 81 

Hobson, E. L., Jr 82 

Hochdoerfer, C. F. R 161 

Hodge, 8. H 15 

Hodgklns, W 216 

Hodgson, J. E 202 

Hoelzel, A 196 

Hoffman, <; 112 

Hoglen, J. J 244 

Hogae, R. R 107 

Holsington, W. L 121 

Holden.J.T , 45 

Holden,N.E.C 46 

Holladay, C. B 167 

Hole,N.W 181 

Holland, R. M 70 

Holland, C. H 105 

Holliday, J. J 197 

Holllster, C. M 197 

Holman.W.H 146 

Holmes, Bishop 150 

Holmes, W. L 224 

Holt, R. 8 42 

Holt, R.L 75 

Holt, W. E., Jr 76 

Holt, J.H 84 

Holyoke, W. L 286 

Holzapper, G 158 

Homer, G. G 248 

Honold, J. L 120 

Honser, 8. C 185 

Hood,J.B 98 

Hooper, W. L 99 

Hoover, M. M 258 

Hoover, P. D 154 

Hoover, I.N 155 

Hope, M. M. 18 

Hope, W. T 19 

Hope, T. A 27 

Hopkinp.F. E 256 

Hopkins, H. W 256 

Hopkins, 1.8 108 

Hopkins, B. 8 225 

Hopkins, R. J 244 

Horn, W. A 58 

Horn, M. L 112 

Horn, ('. J 261 

Horner, W. N 118 

Horton, H. B 255 

Horton, W. H 204 

Horton, N. 8 28 

Horton, W. L 23 

Horton, J. E 28 

Hosack, G. N 218 




Hosack.M.J 214 

Hoskins, J 179 

Hottenstein, M. 8 114 

Houch.H.C 102 

Houghton, 8. L 224 

House, J. T 196 

House. J. R 16 

House, W. B 161 

Houser,W. L. 104 

Hover, 8. W 126 

Howard, G 76 

Howard, C. L. 88 

Howard, J. D 88 

Howard, A. 189 

Howard, H. C 174 

Howard, P. J 176 

Howe, H. L 226 

Howe,J.W 166 

Howe, M. D 43 

Howell, J. W 127 

Howell, W.8 86 

Howell, L. F 80 

Hoyt, R. D 191 

Hoxle, G. W 246 

Hubbert, J. E. 42 

Hubbert, C. 8. 48 

Huddles ton, J. McO 182 

Hudson.F.L 208 

Hudson, C. C 88 

Huffman, A. L 194 

Hugging, W. 8 96 

Hughes, D. J 282 

Hughes, E. C 167 

Hughes, D. C 129 

Hughes, C. W 181 

Hughes, Wirt 18 

Huguenln, C. J 228 

Huguet, C. K 186 

Hudglns, M. 8 11 

Hulett, G. F 196 

Hulse, J. J 196 


Humes, M. D 27 

Humes, G. C 28 

Humes, C. M 281 

Hummon, J. E 161 

Humphries, J. W 96 

Humphrey, 8. J. A 60 

Humphreys, W. R. 221 

Hunt, A. B 188 

Hunt,F. G 125 

Hunter, W. H 122 

Hunter, R.B 91 

Hunter, R.T 88 

Hunter, W. E 258 

Hunter, J. R. 229 

Hunter, J. L 211 

Hunter, W. W 210 

Hunter, R. P 10 

HunU>r,F.K 81 

Hunter, H. M 82 

Hunter, H.N 79 

Huntington, C. A. Jr 107 

Hurlbut, N. B 198 

Hurrey, C. B. 227 

Hurst.N.W 91 

Hurt,M.B 8 

Hnrt.W. McT 77 

Hurt, U. D. Jr 79 

Hurtado, J. E 143 

Huskell.F. H 11 

Husson, W.M 6 

Husson, Joseph 6 

Huston, R. McD 220 

Hutchlns, G. A 246 

Hutchinson, J. E 173 

Hutchinson, P. L 81 

Hutchinson, T. P 80 

Hutchinson, W 79 

Hutchinson, P 70 

Hutton, W 165 

Hutton.W.S 181 

Hyde, J. G 184 


Inge, F. J 174 

Inge, J. T 175 

Inge, F. J., Jr 178 

Ingham, W. 8 262 

Ingle, J. E 65 

Ingle, J. D 231 

Ingram, E. W 90 

Ingram, C. B 51 

Irby, Saunders 28 

Irby, J. R 28 

Iredell, L. J 145 

Irion, J. W 229 

Irish, W. M., Jr 199 

Irving, R.A 233 

Irwin, J. C 135 

Irwin, J. W 102 

Irwin, Fairfax 35 

Isbeli, F. 1 120 

Isler, R.M 42 

Israel, M. M 38 

Itner, H. II * . . J31 

Ivle, T. G 16 





Jack, P. C 287 

Jackson, L. L 202 

Jackson, E. 8. 190 

Jackson, Temple. 182 

Jackson, H. W 96 

Jackson, Ab&alon, Jr 8* 

Jackson, A. N 20 

Jackson, Gerald 119 

Jacobs, B. F 249 

Jacobs, C. L 226 

Jacobs, C. 8. 225 

James, T. F 211 

James, H. R 114 

James, J. G 1 

Jamison, J. H 9 

Jamison, 8. T 15 

Jamison, H. D 102 

Jamison, D. L J18 

Janney, J. C 96 

Janney, G. O., Jr 83 

Janney, E. C 88 

Jarratt, J. E 97 

Jarrell, W. W I OP 

Jarrell, C. C 109 

Jaudon, H. C 209 

Jemison, W. C 188 

Jemison, J. 8 188 

Jenkins, W. D 10 

Jenkins, W. A :14 

Jenkins, J. W 00 

Jenkins, W. A im 

Jenkins, W. 8 182 

Jenkins, J. K 132 

Jenkins, A. K 208 

Jennings, B. G 84 

Jennings, M. L. 124 

Jervey, H. W 07 

Jernigan, G. J 211 

Jervey, J. L. 228 

Jessop, Wm 210 

Jeter, R. C 181 

Johns, T. A 68 

Johns, C. F 186 

Johns, H. 8 146 

Johnson, Philip 268 

Johnson, CM 218 

Johnson, D. T 288 

Johnson, W. A 226 

Johnson, J. W. C 228 

Johnson, W. W 164 

Johnson, 8. J J 68 

Johnson, J. A ... 168 

Johnson, W. J 176 

Johnson, M. \Y\, Jr 210 

Johnson, W. C 149 

Johnson, H. M 148 

Johnson, W. W 146 

Johnson, E. M., Jr 181 

Jump, H. D 


Johnson, F. L 124 

Johnson, L. G 107 

Johnson, J. T 107 

Johnson, W. G 105 

Johnson, H.R 92 

Johnson, G. L 71 

Johnson, R. L 71 

Johnston, Marshall 78 

Johnston, Fornay 84 

Johnston, W. H 64 

Johnston, E. D 66 

Johnston, C. C 286 

Johnston, W. D 89 

Johnstone, B. H J 68 

Jones, C P 268 

Jones, H. C 268 

Jones, W. L 246 

Jones, H. M 228 

Jones, A. G 220 

Jones, H. G 219 

Jones, H. T 216 

Jones, J. J 211 

Jones, H. 8 200 

Jones, J. H 200 

Jones, Tbaddeus 202 

Jones, Newland, Jr 169 

Jones, H. H 154 

Jones, 8. H 108 

Jones, H. A 78 

Jones, W. T 74 

Jones, A. L 82 

Jones, H. E. 82 

Jones, CM 84 

Jones, M. C 87 

Jones, II. L 90 

Jones, A. O 91 

Jones, W. B 92 

Jones, Otis 92 

Jones, E.C 98 

Jones, J. C 99 

Jones, A. 8 io 

Jones, 8. B 18 

Jones, N. N 14 

Jones, R. W 16 

Jones, W. H 52 

Jones, J. W 52 

Jones, H. A 61 

Jordan, W. N 121 

Jordan, G. T 206 

Jordy, W. A 152 

Joslyn, R. W 214 

Joy.J.M 198 

Jost, Frederick 211 

Joynes, Levin 68 

Jndd, A. W 16 

Judson, C W 140 

Julian, T. G 43 

Julliard, A. L 220 






Kal teyer, F. J 101 

Kean, W.G 84 

Kearney, E. N 188 

Keeler, E. C 206 

Keen, W.G 108 

Keith, W. C 21 

Keith, T. A 48 

Keith.G. C 48 

Keller, J. P 289 

Keller, W. H 96 

Kelly, J. M 87 

Kelton, L. E 228 

Kemp, J. H. H 36 

Kemper, J. B 282 

Kempton, A. A 225 

Kenan, L. H 217 

Kenimer, O. E 208 

Kennard, L. C 89 

Kelton, L. E 228 

Kennedy, J. M 8 

Kennedy, 8. B 8 

Kennedy, P. R 11 

Kennedy, J. R. 14 

Kennedy, G. B 34 

Kennedy, L. 88 

Kennedy, D. D. V 147 

Kent, H.C 42 

Kepner, H. V 196 

Kernodle, J. L 61 

Kerr, P. T 178 

Kerr,W. W 216 

Kerr, David 248 

Kealer, C. H 124 

Key, G. F 216 

Keyder, M. G 182 

Kidder, E.E 286 

Kllbourne, C. H 234 

Killen, W. J 79 

Kllilan, L.G 39 

Kllpatrick, J. D 89 

Kimball, J. H 41 

Kimball, T. H 66 

Kimble, B. F 124 

Kimble, F. R 07 

Kimbrongb, F. R 67 

Kimbrough, T. A 179 

Kime.R. W 88 

Klmmel, B. B 129 

Klnard.J. M 168 

Kinard, J. P 156 

Kincaid, F. F 264 

Kinckle, J. C 12 

King, A. R.. 6 


Klng,H.E 40 

King, G. L 46 

King.T. E 80 

King, 8. W 60 

King.T. B.,Jr 116 

King,G L 128 

King.H.P 182 

Klng,W. DeJ 188 

King,W. E 261 

King, H. E 219 

Klngaley, E.R 124 

Klngaley,M. W 202 

Kinnaird, Percy 27 

Kinsley, M.H 1*7 

Klnzer, Wm 268 

Kirby, J. E 206 

Kirk, R.R 87 

Kirk, C.J 120 

Kirtland, H. B 220 

Klrven, O. C, Jr 268 

KiBtler, R. A 114 

Kitchen, Abraham 206 

Kittrell, B.H 176 

Ktttrell, J. W 148 

Kittredge,H. G 262 

Kline,J.B 220 

Kllnkhard, G. R 45 

Knapp, H. M 148 

Knight, R. W 84 

Knight, T. H 66 

Knowlea, Frank 282 

Knox.W. L 261 

Knox, J. 8 269 

Knox, Harry 269 

Knox, J. B 177 

Knox, E. O 88 

Koller,P. W 164 

Koller, E.L 156 

Kollock, C. W 6 

Koonce, D. 8 60 

Koonce, G.W 61 

Koontz, G. W 10 

Korns, G. Mel 180 

Kribba, M. W 219 

Krlbbe,W.W 162 

Krout, C. A 158 

Krout, V. D 160 

Kuhl, G. F 114 

Kuhns,P. W 154 

Kurtz, /.B 113 

Kny-Kendall, J. 8 14 

Kyner, G. A 163 


LabouiBse, P. R 188 La Far, H. If 210 

Lacy, 8 16 La Far, 8. B 210 

Lacey, G. G 6 La Gendre, E. H 214 




Lagrone, W. F 178 

Laird, A. G 200 

Lamar, P. R 212 

Lamar, L. M 217 

Lamar, Howard 77 

Lamar, W. H 77 

Lamar, G. H 80 

Lamar, J. A. M 170 

Lamb, T. A 42 

Lamb, 8. R 11 

Lam kin, Griffin 185 

Lamme, W. F 158 

Lamson, G. P 198 

Lancaster, H. J 79 

Lancaster, F. A 22 

Lancon, G. L 117 

Lane, Chas 87 

I^ane, W. S 126 

Lane, H. B 52 

Lane, H,C 28 

Lane, Wm 287 

Lane, Q. R 244 

Lang,H.A 81 

Langdon, P. D * 148 

Langdon, S. D 142 

Langwortby, C. A 206 

Lanham, J. McC 151 

Lanham, E. M 288 

Lanham, H. M 288 

Langhorne, Harry 88 

Lantz, H. K 114 

Larabie, R. D 221 

Larkln, David 79 

Larson, O. J 215 

Latham, E. B 226 

Latham, T. R. 90 

Latham, B. R 62 

Latlip, F. S 246 

Laughlin, H. W 21 

Lanry, P. A 112 

Lawrence, A. A 71 

Lawrence, R. D 71 

Lawrence, C. C 72 

Lawrence, J. B 78 

Lawrence, C. E. 222 

Lawrence, C. W 206 

Lawing, 8. N . . .- 16 

Law son, V. F 269 

Layfleld, J. M 100 

Layman, C. B 1J7 

Lazenby, J. A 177 

Lazenby, G. C 177 

Lea, Luke 67 

Lea, Overton, Jr .... 67 

Leach, H. A 52 

Learner, A. B 160 

Leavette, G. G 235 

Leavy, A. H 216 

I^ak, W. C 96 

Leak, J. D 95 

Ledbetter, E. W 174 

Led better, C. L 82 


Lee, J. L 285 

Lee, W. 8 153 

Lee,R.A 66 

Lee, (_/. R 48 

Lee, W. E. 88 

Lee, G. K 32 

Lee, W. H.C 81 

Lee, H. B 11 

Lee, G. T 9 

Lee, Arthur 6 

Lee,F.F 2 

Leech, W. B 21 

Leeper, J. T., Jr 149 

Leeson, H. A 226 

Leggett, H. T 261 

LeGrande, W. O 61 

Leigh, Ward 212 

Lei per, J. A 9 

Leiper, John, Jr 15 

Leister, R. B 219 

Leland, B. E 150 

Leland, W. A., Jr 183 

Leland, R. McL 184 

Lentz, R. P 144 

Lebnhard, J. L. 282 

L.mmon.C. M 129 

LeMoine, F.J 269 

Leonard, Sherman 128 

Leopold, W. P 84 

Leopold, E. O 112 

Letcher, S. H 2 

Letcher, J. T 78 

Leverich, 4 W. R 188 

Le verich, Henry 188 

Lewis, H. B 14 

Lewis. E. P 58 

Lewis, E. A 256 

Leyburn, E. R IS 

Lloyd, E. R. 81 

Libbey.F.A 287 

Libbey, F. J 285 

Lichty, M. J 129 

Lichty, J. A 128 

Lightfoot , P. H 4 

Liles, Z. V 288 

Lllienstein, E. 8 21 

Lincoln, J. G 248 

Lincoln, N. L 182 

Linden, L. L 78 

Lindsoy, G. N 32 

Links.F.F 251 

Linn, Andrew 195 

Lisel, H. C 1.59 

Little, C. M 51 

Little, L. L 50 

Little, W. G„ Jr 182 

Little, L. L: 96 

Little, W. G 96 

Little, P. B 123 

Little, T. R 76 

Little, R. R 75 

Little, W.H 09 




Little, C. B 210 

Little, F. B 212 

Llttlejohn, W. W 285 

Littlejohn, W. J 286 

Loblngler, W. 8 218 

Locke, W.T 146 

Lock hart, J. D 175 

Locklln, L. C 204 

Lockwood, G. P 116 

Loft, H. L 171 

Logan, W.T 228 

Logan, J. L 10 

Logne, G. H 87 

Lombard, G. 8 212 

Lombard, J. E 187 

Lombard, Gervas 186 

Long.O. L 246 

Long, E. T 210 

Long, H. L., Jr 209 

Long,C.H 184 

Long, Chas.H 174 

Long, B. H 178 

Long.T. F 82 

Long, B. F 49 

Longley, F. McL 209 

Longley, F. P 107 

Longstreet, J. G 8 

Longslreet, Wm 224 

Loraine, H. K 18 

Lumpkin, T. C 20 


Love, E. C 18 

Lovell, J. Q, 6 

Lovell, W. 8 5 

Lovell,J. M 68 

Lowe, C. P 21 

Lo we, G. B 199 

Lowe, A. G 268 

Lowell, A. P 198 

Lowell, A. F 193 

Lowndes, Wm 222 

Lord, A. B 116 

Lord,F.K 66 

Loyall, W. H. T 88 

Lucas, D. J 157 

Lumley, W. E 129 

Lumpkin, T. C 267 

Lumpkin, W. W 217 

Lupton, F. A 82 

Lurton, J. W 80 

Lurton, E.B 184 

LuBk, D. J 157 

Lusk, Root. 160 

Lusk, W. C ISO 

Lutz, H . B . .• 118 

Lyday, L. 8 162 

Lyman, Wm 82 

Lyle, Edw 118 

Lyon.C.H 206 

Lyon, E. P 204 

Lyons, J. H 68 


Macartney, E. C 80 

Macartney, A 181 

MacCord,H. H 116 

MacCord, C. W., Jr 116 

Mac Don aid, H. T 206 

MacDonald, J. P 206 

Mackay, A. J 191 

MacNlder,8. C 200 

MacNlder, J. W 200 

Magee, F. J., Jr 100 

Maglnnls, W. T 187 

Magulre, Geo 284 

Mahaffey. W. G 264 

Mahlman, R. M 245 

Mahon, S. K 197 

Mahoney, W. J 254 

Mallory,John 30 

Mallotte, S. W 127 

Malone, W. B 283 

Malone, J. H 19 

Malone, J. T 69 

Malone, W. H 69 

Mancey, J. A 47 

Manchester, Wm 196 

Mangum, T. F., Jr 78 

Manlgault, D. E. H 156 

Mansfield, V 92 

Mansfield, C. F 61 

Man Hon, M. J 28 

Manton, H. D 259 

Mantx, E. 8 114 

Marbury, Leonard 68 

Marbury, F. F 36 

Marks, N. B 88 

Marone, F. J 27 

Marsh, Arthur 169 

Marsh, H. A 182 

Marsh, V.N 129 

Marshall, H 268 

Marshall, W.J 263 

Marshall, B. F 177 

Marshall, 8. W 14 

Marshall, Alfred 1 

Marshall, J. C, Jr 40 

Marshall, U. C 100 

Marshall, E. N 102 

Marshall, E. W 90 

Marshall, W 88 

Martin, 8. T., Jr 288 

Martin, W. C 227 

Martin, W. F 22 

Martin, J 168 

Martin, M.M 11 

Martin, J. A 188 




Martin, J. C 72 

Martin, E.K 40 

Martin, 8. R 40 

Martin, J. F 148 

Martin, J. H 188 

Martin, H 97 

Martin, H. D 97 

Martin, E. W 99 

Martlnett, D. M. f Jr 100 

Martyn, C. W 186 

Martyn, M. H 187 

Mason, J. E. 56 

Mason, L 62 

Mason, G. E 178 

Mason, W. C 262 

Massey, M. H 92 

Masste, E. C 80 

Masters, W. J 146 

Mather, E, 224 

MathiKon, A. L 177 

Matson, W. E 244 

Matthews, A. B 211 

Matthews, C. R 188 

Matthews, R. I r 181 

Matthews, A. B 72 

Matthews, G. C 41 

Matthews, W. J 42 

Matthews, M. M 48 

Matthew's, J. F 85 

Matthias, L. B 181 

May,R.E 89 

May, C. W 229 

Maynard, E. A 192 

Mayor, C. R 151 

Mays, G. G 167 

Mays, McC £66 

May tubby, 8. W 147 

Maxcy, Ii 251 

Maxwell, U. W 171 

Maxwell, 8. W 220 

McAllister, J. W 98 

McAllister, T. J 98 

McAllister, J. 8 95 

McAllister, J. A 155 

McAlplne, R. E 146 

Mi-Bee, W. P 97 

McBee, W. P. D'O 61 

McCall, J. L. L 268 

McCall, J. M 127 

McCall, C. W 210 

McCall, W. P 211 

McCall, E. J 130 

McCain, C. R 100 

McCandless, D. C 28 

McCarthay, C. L 176 

McCarty, H. D 176 

McCathern, O. A 211 

McCathern, P. F 73 

McCaughlln, 8. J 156 

McCaw, W. D U8 

McCaw, J. N 88 


McChesney, W. B 8 

McChesney, R. T 11 

McClal n , 8. P: 22 

McClanahan, E. G 264 

McClanahan, CM 152 

McClanahan, E. J 261 

McClellan, T. C 188 

McClelland, T. C 28 

McCllntic, M. H 85 

McClintic, G. W 87 

McCloskey, J. M 178 

McClure, H 18 

McComber, 8. A 256 

McConkey, W. A 182 

McConnell, G. L 188 

McCord, J. P 259 

McCord, A. W 179 

McCord, F. 8 179 

McCord, J. H 6 

McCord, W.R 9 

McCormlck, C. B 146 

McCraine, M. A 84 

McCrary, J. A 210 

McCrery, H.N 101 

McCroan, E. P 104 

McCroskey, A. T 24 

McCroskey, E.J 24 

McCulloh, R. McC 

McCullougb, T. E 216 

McDonald, W. M. 209 

McDonald, H. T 206 

McDonnell, A., Jr 27 

McDonougb, J. B 170 

McDow, T. F 94 

McDow, E. 8 20 

McDow, E. S 164 

McDowell, W. T 52 

McDowell, E. A 29 

McElroy,G. W 164 

McElroy, W. T 137 

McElroy, G. B 122 

McFadden, J. W J6 

McFarland, 8. J 268 

McFarJane, R. W 170 

McGaroch, W. I* 

McGee, J. F., Jr 100 

MeGehee, W. P 76 

McGehee, J. B 101 

MeGehee, J. H 104 

McGery, W. B 137 

McGbee, W. 7. 157 

McGill, H.H 28 

McGill vray,*H. 8 222 

McGowan, J. F 155 

McGregor, E. C lfrj 

McGrew, J. B 150 

McGuire.F. H 27 

McGnlre, J. P., Jr 34 

McHenry, J. N 26 

Mclntlre, W. 220 

Mcintosh, W. M., Jr 166 




Mcintosh, Wm. M 104 

Mcintosh, A. M 79 

Mclrver, J. R. 166 

McKay, H 46 

McKay, A 91 

McKay, W. A 216 

McKay, D. C 41 

McKean.J. E 128 

McKee, R. A 46 

McKee, L. W 45 

McKeee,W. H 46 

McKee, 8. H 244 

McKellar,W. H 62 

McKenzle, J. F 229 

McKenzie, R. B 128 

McKinney, F. B 282 

McKnight, Paul 114 

McLain,F. H 127 

McLanahan, J. C 185 

McLaughlin, C. P 158 

McLaughlin, E. N 231 

McLaughlin, W. W 28 

Mclean, T. F 22 

McLean, J. D 21 

McLotid, L. P 104 

McManlgal, C. F 221 

McManlgal, 8. L 219 

McMlchael, E. H 109 

McMichael, C. C 218 

McMillan, R.F 66 

McMullen, B. L 105 

McMullen, J. 8 264 

McMurray, L. P 20 

McNaughton, J. T 207 

McNeal, E. P W 

McNeal, A. T.. Jr 66 

McNut, W. J 264 

McRady, E. C 36 

McRae, Lawrence 76 

McRae, 8. H 76 

McRae, R. 8 96 

McKay, D. 41 

McRee,G. Y 88 

McRee, F.I 83 

Mc Vlcker, W. F 220 

McWhltter, L. B 47 

Meader, R. D., Jr 70 

Meader, R. L 71 

Meader, E. K 250 

Mealor, W. G 210 

Means, V. A 135 

Means, P. L. 135 

Means, McK. G 185 

Mebane, W. G 97 

Medd,T. H *19 

Meeins, H. G 7 

Meetze, D. P 38 

Mehle,A I»7 

Melell, J.L H4 

Meiklebeim, W. M 82 

Melson.J.H 91 


Melton, S. W 94 

Melton, L. D 164 

Melton, G. D 164 

Melton, CD 164 

Meinmlnger, H. E 66 

Memminger,W. W 66 

Mendanhall, E. D 182 

Mendoza, Victor. 143 

Meng, F 289 

Menges, F 168 

Menges,W.H 164 

Mercer, A. E 61 

Merkel,J.R 114 

Merrill, C. M 225 

Merrlman, L. W 141 

Merrlman, B. H 49 

Metzger, R 112 

Metzger, M 114 

Metzger, H. P 153 

Metzger, A. E 198 

Meyer, F. C 21 

Mlal, M 49 

Mlchael,E.W 50 

Michael, H. W 219 

Mlckle,J. D 201 

Mlkele, E.V 165 

Mile*, E.R. 142 

Miles, H. H 210 

Miller, W.D 108 

Mlller.D.A 114 

Miller, P. 8 114 

Miller, W.H 114 

Miller, L. A 127 

Miller, J. 8 128 

Miller, R. W 129 

Miller, R. 8 8 

Miller, J. C 152 

Miller, 8 152 

Miller, H. L 160 

Miller, W. E 182 

Miller, R. W 168 

Miller, B. F 172 

Miller,.!. E 191 

Miller, C. G 200 

Miller, 8. E 206 

Miller, F. W 207 

Miller, C. B 38 

Miller, B.8 71 

Miller, H. 8 75 

Miller, E. A iOS 

Miller. II. W 76 

Miller, R. B 76 

Miller, J. E 191 

Milner, J. C 184 

Milner, H. K 70 

Mllstead, A. A 88 

Milstead, T. D 81 

Milton, W. C, Jr 79 

Milton, J 81 

Milton, Jas 72 

Mirnford, L. St. C -82 




Miner, W. J 256 

Minnlg, F. K 102 

Minor, J. L 28 

Minor, J. D 187 

Mlsb, Geo 87 

Mitchell, A. J 77 

Mitchell, C. C 124 

Mitchell, R.W 168 

Mitchell, H.0 160 

Mitchell, 8. H 16 

Mitchell, O. M 171 

Mitchell, J. A 181 

Mitchell, D 177 

M itchell, W. T 181 

Mitchell, K 38 

Mitchell, R.H 62 

Mitchell. 8. A 249 

Mitchell, G.W 248 

Mitchell, W. D 269 

Mix,F 86 

M1X.E.C 86 

Mixon, J. M 84 

Moats, F. P 122 

Monks, W. J 180 

Monroe, G. P 106 

Montague, F. E 5 

Montgomery, G. W., Jr 167 

Montgomery, J. L 261 

Montgomery, J. J 28 

Montgomery, H 44 

Moody, J. D 29 

Moody, B. J 70 

Moon, F. A 227 

Moon, M. L 227 

Moon, W. J., Jr 40 

Moore, II. E 92 

Moore, J. P 96 

Moore, G. P 107 

Moore, J. M 100 

Moore, J. \V 127 

Moore, L. C. 181 

Moore, C. A 144 

Moore, W. H 178 

Moore, J. L 178 

Moore, J. A 178 

Moore, J. W 228 

Moore, J. C 18B 

Moore, J. 8 208 

Moore, C. C 28 

Morehead, M. E 177 

Morgan, G. E. J 113 

Morgan, R. B 124 

Morgan, T. R 181 

Morgan, D. E 131 


Morgan, J. M 40 

Morgan, H. W HI 

Morris, J. L. ... 174 

Morris, W. E 176 

Morris, G. \V 4 

Morris, J. E 176 

Morris, T. M . . .". 178 

Morris, T. 14 172 

Morris, R. 8 179 

Morris, G. W 28 

Morris, T. N 29 

Morris, J. C 68 

Morris, J. M 64 

Morris, J. K 178 

Morton, H. F 181 

Morton, R. B 193 

Morrow, J. A 148 

Morrow, M. E 21 

Morse, W. W 40 

Mosby, J. 8., Jr 37 

Mosby, E. C 9 

Mosley, T. W 12 

Moses, F. A 264 

Moss, J. M 288 

Mouser, E. .1 118 

Mott, J. F 28 

Motter, I. 8 86 

Moyer, A. J 160 

Moyer, F. H 160 

Moyer, R.A 68 

Mudd, J. P 184 

Munday, C. E 119 

Mandhenk, F 244 

Mundhenk, H. C 244 

Mondy, W. 261 

Munroe. H. 8 106 

Munroe, G. P 106 

Munroe, H. N 108 

Munroe, 8. H 106 

Munoz, J del C 199 

Murback, E. A 214 

Murdoch, D. M 89 

Murphy, W.M 286 

Murphy, E. J 188 

Murphy, C. T 248 

Murray, F. E 248 

Murray, G 187 

Murray, W. L 140 

Murrell, 8. G 8 

Murrow, R.E 86 

Murrow, W. 8 90 

Musson,G 187 

Mutton, W. L 213 

Myer, A. 1 181 


Nabers,S.F 96 Nail, C. C 108 

Naberw, F. E fl7 NaU,J. H 106 

Nailor, E. E 196 Nalle, Francis 6 




Napier, T. A 88 

Narrin, John 227 

Narrin, Wm 227 

Nash, R. S 211 

Nasb,W. D 211 

Nash, G. W 147 

Nason,R.H 188 

Nauts, W. B 62 

Neely, Howard. 46 

Neff,H. 8 112 

Neff.H.L 168 

Nell, A. B 24 

Neilson, C. W 19* 

Neilson, C. H 196 

Nelson, J. E 281 

Nelson, Hugh 88 

Nelson, J. M 68 

Nelson.F. W 2» 

Nelson, Wm :. . 28 

Nelson, R. E 8 

Nesbitt,N. n 71 

Netherland, W. H 44 

Nevius, J.N 201 

Newcomb, F. C 181 

Newcomer, P. W 200 

Newcomer, L. W 206 

Newkirk, C. C 180 

Newman, Ralph 224 

Newman, 8. C 170 

Newman, W. H 81 

Newell, A. C 217 

Newell, Isaac 217 

Newell, T. L,., Jr. 216 

Newton, J. L 109 

Newton, E. V 29 

Nutten, W. L. 


Newton, E. T 70 

Nicholls, T. H 200 

Nichols, E. L 246 

Nicholson. C. 286 

Nicholson, B.B 62 

Nicholson, W. E 58 

Nicholson, J. L 68 

Nlcklas, W. 164 

Nicoll,B.H 81 

Nixon, J. 188 

Nixon, 8. T '88 

Noble, W. E 246 

Noble, C. W 260 

Noble, 8. E 62 

Noble, A. E. 68 

Nonnemacher, E. L 80 

Norris,L. W 8 

Norrls, R. J 183 

Norris, J. W 190 

Norterman, Geo 260 

North, W. H 206 

North, F. E 20 

Northrop, E. W 192 

Norlhcutt, J. E 178 

Norton, A. J 182 

Norton, G. H 88 

Norton, W. D 213 

Norton, J. K. M 80 

Norton, T. M 81 

Nott,C.P 192 

Noyes, H. G 249 

Numkwitz, E. H 116 

Nutchener, F. McC 151 

Nute, A. J 287 

Nutt, E. F 246 



Oakley, Geo 116 

O'Brien, D. F 265 

O'Brien, 8. M 84 

Odell, W. R 49 

Odell,J. T 60 

O' Donnel 1, C. C 144 

Odum, J.T 22 

Oesch, F. L 180 

Ogden, M. G 80 

Ogden, J. H. L 142 

O'Kelley, T. W , 90 

Olds.W.M. A 82 

Olesley, F. A 88 

Oliver, J. 8 62 

Oltenburg, H. 8 &# 

Omberg, C. L 267 

O'Neal, M. E 72 

O'Neil, B. 8 188 

Ormond, W. F 179 

Ormond,T. F 178 

Ormond, J. F 178 

Ormond, E. W 178 

Ormond, A. L 58 

Oroacco, Mignel 148 

Orozco, Louis 148 

Orr, 8. G 91 

Orr, W.P 8 

Orr, Sam'l, Jr 148 

Orr, W. W 89 

Osborne, E. B 184 

Osterhut, G. W 102 

Oswold, H. H 237 

Ottley, J. K., Jr 148 

Ovelsmlth, A. H 227 

Overholt, E. E. 106 

Overton, J. W 44 

Overton, A. W 1 

Owen, W. B 207 

Owen, J. G 103 

Owen, R. B 44 

Owen, W. W 80 

Owen, R, L 12 



Page, L. R 88 

Page, W.H 48 

Page, F. M 82 

Page, Frank 76 

Page, C. H 349 

Page, C. A 248 

Paine, I. H '227 

Paine, L. H 132 

Paine, B. L 129 

Painter, J. B 311 

Pa i n ter, L. H 121 

Palfrey, H. 8 80 

Palfrey, (i. DeC 59 

Palfrey,F. R 82 

Palmatler, Ches 225 

Palmer, J. W 89 

Palmer, X. W 24 

Palmer, M. K 12 

Palmer, Jas. W 32 

Panning, C. H 161 

Parady, O. P 192 

Park, Frank 70 

Park, J. G., Jr 100 

Parke, R. H 260 

Parks, 8. McC 24 

Parks, J. D 108 

Parks, M. M 108 

Parks, B.H 105 

Parks, C.H * 171 

Parker, J. A 82 

Parker, T. C 87 

Parker, F. O 289 

Parker, Osborne 182 

Parker, A. D 187 

Parrlsb,H.L 28 

Parrisb, Q. R 38 

Parsons, R. 8 160 

Parsons, W.E 228 

Partee, H. A 48 

Partridge, G. H 189 

Partridge, J. J 50 

Partridge, A. L. 110 

Pascball, O. B 21 

Pate, J. 8 258 

Patillo, X. A 174 

Patten, A. J 298 

Patter, F. H 257 

Patterson, A. W 64 

Patterson, 8. F 96 

Patterson, E. E. 128 

Patteison, F. F. 75 

Patterson, D. F 188 

Patterson, J. 8 22 

Patton, G. R 31 

Pat ton, H. H in 

Pattey, J. L 147 

Pattey, E. C 182 

Pattey, W. B 182 

Paul, Isaac, Jr 268 

Paul, Jobn 263 


Payne, A. M 6 

Payson,C. H 196 

Paxton, M. W 11 

Peabody, Roy 85 

Pearce, G. D 248 

Pearce, C. A 286 

Pearson, W. W 78 

Pearson, H. 8 80 

Person, W. B 196 

Pearson, R. H 184 

Pearls, C. F 118 

Pechin,H.H 39 

Peck, F. P 196 

Peck, B. 128 

Peeples, 8. W 49 

Pelzer, Arthur 156 

Penfleld, T. J 169 

Peniz, W. T 129 

Pepper, G. H 22 

Percy, C. B 10 

Percy, W. A 60 

Percy, J. W 61 

Perkins. J. C 183 

Perkins, H. H -287 

Perkins, F. D 265 

Perkins, J. M 68 

Perkins, H. R 78 

Perkins, A. C 78 

Perkins, J. 8 149 

Perkins, F. D. 266 

Perry, F. II 80 

Perry, J. W 228 

Perry, C. 8 57 

Perry, J. C 71 

Persons, R. T 108 

Perschau, G. L 76 

Peter, G. F 66 

Peters, Lindsay 66 

Peterson, F. M 178 

Peterson, W. A 217 

Petti bone, John :66 

Petit, Claude 91 

Petit, Delany 91 

Peun, C. A 96 

Pfieuger, W. C 115 

Pfienger, H. F 112 

Phelan, Jas., Jr. 42 

Phelps, W. H 226 

Phelps, H. E 207 

Phifer, J. A 110 

Phifer,C\W 196 

Philips, P. V 158 

Phillips, C.L 18 

Phillips, A. K., Jr 80 

Phillips, H.C 158 

Phillips, J. K 198 

Phillips, H. 8 110 

Phillips, U.B 72 

Phillips, \V. R. 258 




Phillips, H.T 209 

Phillips, E. L 174 

Phillips, Thos 182 

Phillips, Z. B 100 

Pickens, W. C 186 

Pickrell,G.M 68 

Pierson, R. M 209 

Pigford,E.8 51 

Pike, J. M 246 

Piper, C.H 124 

Pippen, .1. P 76 

Pinckney, Arthur 157 

Plnckney, C. C 66 

Pink, B. J 186 

Pitman, J. H 69 

Pitney, CO 260 

Plttman, R.H 165 

Piatt, S. B 157 

Piatt, C. C 200 

Platts, C. P 205 

Pleasants, H. B 29 

Plumb, M. A 250 

Pocock, B. S 220 

Pollock, W. P 165 

Pollard, C. F 83 

Polk, R. K 142 

Pond, H. S 187 

Pontius, A. H 131 

Poole, R. H 81 

Poole, W. T 70 

Pope, G. F 198 

Pope, O. A 117 

Porter, E. H 213 

Porter, M. 8 241 

Porter, W. R 173 

Porter, E. F 178 

Portlock, W. N 57 

Potter, W.R 150 

Potter, Qurdon 102 

Pottle, J. E 70 

Pottle, J. R 216 

Pou, E. W 75 

Powe, H. A 176 

Powell, J. W 244 

Pritchard, H. D... 


Powell, Edw 179 

Powell, J. E 87 

Powell, L. E 78 

Powell, A.H 52 

Powell, J. M 48 

Poynter, E.8 229 

Pratt,J. F 191 

Pratt, E.H 245 

Pratt, H. 8 256 

Prescott, F. C 141 

Presstman, E. P 268 

Presstman, B. C.,Jr 29 

Preston, R. W 27 

Pritchett, W. H 209 

Pritchett, CM 209 

Pritchett, E. H., Jr 81 

Protsman, A. B 102 

Proudfoot, E. K 172 

Pruett.T.J 175 

Pryor, J. H., Jr 150 

Puckette, C McD 60 

Pufler,J.M 191 

Pugh, J. C 181 

Pugh,H. L 181 

Purdham, L. K 62 

Purdue, A. E 86 

Purcell, 8. H 3 

Purcell, B. L 6 

Pyle,J.A.E 21 

Preston, W. B 6 

Preston, W. C 163 

Pretto, H. J 237 

Price, T.M 28 

Price, T. C 19 

Price.A.B 18 

Price, W.H 6 

Prier, P. J 83 

Primrose, R.8 95 

Pringle, Ralph 187 

Prloleau, W. H., Jr 222 

Prloleau, J. G 223 

Prloleau, C E 223 

Prloleau, T.G 222 

Prloleau, Philip 165 

220 * 

Quarles, W. A 151 

Quarrier, C W 144 

Qulllian, W. P 108 

Quillian, Clayton 108 

Quillian, M. C 109 

Quillian, W.E 110 

Quinn, M. D 137 

Qui nn, Edward 140 

Quint, M . E 171 

Quintard, E. A 59 

Quintard, C T 60 

Quintard, G.W 63 


Radcliffe, Thos 74 

Radclifle, C A 248 

Radford, CM 95 

Ragan, R. B 283 

Ragland,T. T Ill 

Ragsdale,W.M 69 




Ralne.J.H 104 

Raines, H. H 22 

Raker, Edw 116 

Haley, T. E .181 

Ram bough, J. C. 96 

Rand, C. H 260 

Randall, L. A 266 

Randall, J. H 266 

Randlett,F. M 240 

Rankin, J. L.,Jr 144 

Randolph, H.N 38 

Randolph, Harrison 82 

Randolph, T.J 82 

Randolph, F. M o 

Ranney, Stephen 41 

Ranney, R. G 41 

Ransom, (». W 16 

Rathburn, J. L 140 

Ravenel, M. P 61 

Rawson, I^evl 220 

Ray, Frank 264 

Ray, F.N 240 

Ray, Chan 241 

Ray, 1j. I 226 

Ray, H. E 150 

Raymond, C. 8. 108 

Read, E. J., Jr 18 

ReaviB, H. C 28 

Rebert, T. J 168 

Redding, 8. A 60 

Reed, W. M 16 

Reese, W. 8., Jr 62 

Reese, C. H 100 

Reese, 8. A 220 

Reld.W.J 104 

Reld,J. M 78 

Reid, Andrew 208 

Reiftnider, J. M ... 30 

Relghard, J. C 162 

Rembert, J. E 268 

Rembert, E. E. 156 

Renfro, J. F 181 

Renick, E. 1 37 

Renshaw, C. C 34 

RepeKB, H. H 208 

Reuscb, M. K. r.26 

Reynold*, B. J 40 

Reynolds, F. K 188 

Reynolds, H. E 182 

Reynolds, E. DuB 182 

Rex, B. L 36 

Rhea, C. 161 

Rhenn, Farney 96 

Rhett, W.H 12 

Rhlnehart, F. H 288 

Rhodes, L. L 148 

Rice, W. P 124 

Rlie, W. F 226 

Rich, Tyler 156 

Rich, B. A 2J9 


Richards, G.T 142 

Richards, H. J 184 

Richards, L. H 128 

Richards, H.B 118 

Richards, J. P 06 

Richards, J. B 202 

Richards, R. L 104 

Richards, W. A 86 

Richards, W. B 81 

Richards, W.N 6 

Richardson, Nor.val 160 

Richardson, Hagh. 148 

Richardson, Lee, Jr 147 

Richardson, J. M 106 

Richardson, G. E 240 

Richardson, J. M 216 

Richardson, W. H 26 

Rick, Win 118 

Rlcketts, W. N 106 

Rldder, A. A 160 

Rideout, E. T 204 

Rider, H. M 181 

Ridgeway, R. A 106 

Rightmire, G. W 244 

Rightor, H. J 187 

Rlghtor, Edw 188 

Riker, A. L 214 

Hiker, J. D 214 

Riley, A. E 177 

Riley, H. C 177 

Riley, W. B 176 

Riley, Henry 177 

Rlnn, D.F 114 

Rivers, M. R 222 

Rivers, E. R 182 

Rives, R.G 80 

Roane, F. A 

Robbing, J. C 266 

Robbins, L. W 246 

Robbins, P. A 201 

Roberts, W. L 21 

Roberts, J. P 178 

Roberts, J. K 176 

Roberts, C. B 172 

Roberto, W. T 166 

Roberts, E. E 127 

Robersto,J.C 75 

Robertson, W. C 64 

Robertson, 8. C 47 

Robertson, J. B 32 

Robertson, J. M 31 

Robertson, R. E. E 80 

Robertson, J. W 28 

Robertson, P. 8 25 

Robertson, J. F 12 

Robertson, R. L 6 

Robertson, J. M 157 

Robertson, S. R., Jr 157 

Robertson. F. M. Jr 156 

Robertson, T. O 106 




Robertson, C. 1) 82 

Robinson, T. R. 60 

Robinson, M. P 34 

Robinson, G. H 26 

Robinson, A. L. 18 

Robinson, A. DeM 219 

Robinson, H. G 236 

Robinson, G. A 214 

Robinson, L. h 200 

Robinson, J. F. C 196 

Robinson, Ernest..... 140 

Robinson, E. F 133 

Robinson, W. S 128 

Robinson, Linton 104 

Robinson, E. J 104 

Robinson, W. L 81 

Rodden berry, R. S 89 

Rodden berry, J. W 91 

Rodman, John 9 

Rodgers, Ebbee 98 

Rodger*, 8. H 87 

Rogan, Edw *. 284 

Rogers, W. B 22 

Rogers, C. E 201 

Rogers, G. A 121 

Rolling, Win 286 

Rollins, F. N 287 

Rollins, M. F 235 

Roop, C. E 89 

Ross, F. T 288 

Ross, J. W 68 

Ross, E. M 1 

Ross, C. J 246 

Rothrock, J. L 162 

Rose, H. R 136 

Rose, W. G 102 

Rose, C. H 80 

Rose, B. li 78 


Rossman, W.H 211 

Rossman, J. G 208 

Rountree, J. G 174 

Rowe, Norman 199 

Rowland, F. L 187 

Rowland, W. P 97 

Royce, L. H 194 

Royer, Ralph 101 

Ruffln, W. C 96 

Ruffln, G. M 76 

Ruffln, Thos 76 

Ruffln, .Sterling 74 

Ruffln, Edmund 74 

Rugh, J. T 121 

Ruggleft, H. MoC 46 

Rube, W. E 144 

Ruhl, J. B 160 

Rumball, G. W 235 

Rupert, K. F 196 

Rupp, B. F 122 

Rush, J. O 85 

Ruse, U. L. 212 

Russell, L. C 71 

Russell, E. G 71 

Russell, L. W 253 

Russell, H. 1 249 

Russell, Gyrus 183 

Russell, Harry 177 

Russell, C. G 39 

Russell, J. C 87 

Ruth, W.H 68- 

Rutherford, J. W 175 

Rutzler, J. E 202 

Ryan, A. F 9] 

Ryder, E. J 133 

Ryder, W. B 252 

Ryder, Virgil 21% 


Sabine, T. A 213 

Sadler, R. W 188 

Said, P. R 196 

Saleno, S. H 171 

Sampayrac, A. H 183 

Sampson, G. W 121 

8anborne, W. R 251 

Sanders, W. T 49 

Sandlin, J. T 184 

Sandt, J. E 114 

Mauer, J. C 229 

Sauer, R. E. L. . . . 228 

Sanford, W. Jl 79 

San ford, W. J 78 

Sanford, N. P 78 

Sanford, R. W 149 

Sanford, A. D 148 

Satterwhlte, J. A 17 

Sawyer, L. C 189 

Sawyer, B. A 138 

Sawyer, A 208 

Sawyer, H. A 200 

Sayer.W.T 139 

Sayre, A. D $7 

Sayre, e 232 

Sayward N.J igj 

Savage, G. M ig 

Savage, M. A 149 

Saxon, II 92 

Scbadt, C. J . ,] 112 

Schantz, H. F 112 

Schermerhorn, J. W 205 

Schley, W.H 32 

Schindle, J. J 114 

Schloser, F. G 196 

Schmidt, B ijq 

Schmidt, E. B 142 

Schmidt, J. A 142 




Schock,L.S 219 

Schofleld, C. E 29 

Schofleld, F. 89 

Schofleld, J. F 87 

Hchoolcraft, H. L 231 

Schroder, W. S 152 

Schultz, W. J 202 

8chwable, H. C. L 252 

Schwarzman, T. C 282 

Scobey, J. B 229 

Scovel, G. J 37 

Scott, F. V 84 

Scott, I. M 77 

Scott, T. M 70 

Scott, G. 1) 126 

Scott, L. M 123 

Scott, J. A 123 

Scott, 8. M 98 

Scott, C 234 

Hcott, W 220 

Scranton, L. D 133 

8c ran ton, CO 182 

Scull, W. C 100 

8eale,R.McX 182 

Searlght, H. B 151 

Sears, J. W 92 

Searvy, H. D 282 

Sewell, L 208 

Seawell, W. B 42 

Seay, A. G Ifr8 

Seckinger, F. D 109 

Sedgewlck, O. W 219 

Seley, J. F 206 

8emmes, T. J., Jr 187 

Senn, E. J 113 

Settle, W. B 56 

Schackleford, W\ R 168 

Schackleford, C. K 169 

Schackleford, W. J 169 

8haller, S 102 

Shaneberger, E. L. 261 

Sharp, C. M 196 

Sharp, W.N 179 

Sharp, T. K 80 

Sharpe, Wm 99 

Shaughniss, J. A 206 

Shaver, A. P 79 

Shaw, H. W 191 

Shaw, W. N 97 

Shaw, W. H 103 

8haw, O. F 172 

Shaw, R.E 171 

Shaw,J.A 148 

Sheeder, B. F 159 

Sheldon, E. A 140 

Shell, G.C 170 

Shellle, J 91 

Shelton, E 94 

Shelton,J.A 48 

Sheppard, C. E 121 

Sheppard, J. L., Jr 144 


Sheppard, F. J 177 

Sheppard, A. R., Jr 65 

sheppard, G 65 

Sheppard, J. C «6 

Shererd, J. B 209 

Sherman, J. s 109 

Sherwood, M.Z 122 

shield, H 38 

Shield, N. W 33 

Shields, J. H 108 

Shields, A. E 61 

Shields, W. B 64 

Shine,F. W 84 

Shlpp Bartlett 74 

Shlppen.Wm 81 

Shirley, S. L 218 

Shive8,E.J 158 

Shook, P. H 22 

Short,N.J 18 

Shoults, A. I, 120 

Shoup, F. E 64 

shriver, J. H 129 

Shuck, IX I) 253 

Shuler, D. K 214 

shumaker.F. P 126 

Sibley.G.U * 

Sleger,P.S 113 

Sllva, J. M 101 

Simmons, F. McL 48 

SimmonB, B. C 254 

Simmons, T. R 268 

Simmons, II. H 16 

Simmons, J. E 258 

Simon, G. W 221 

Simpson, H. P 188 

Simpson, W. R. 1»U 

Simpson, C. H. 143 

Simpson, R. \V 20 

Simpson, J 21 

Simpson, L. E 38 

Singerly, W. M » 

Singleton, R. 8 8 

Singleton, J. W 87 

Sistrunk, C. L HO 

Skelton, J. H., Jr 72 

8kiles,J.T 25 

Skinner, J. L 75 

Skinner, B 98 

Slaughter, D. P 179 

Slaughter, T. K 73 

Slaughter, G. M 95 

Sleeper, C. \V 190 

Slicer, J. 8., Jr 14 

Sloan, H. E 232 

Sloan, C. R 232 

Sloan, A. D 232 

Smiser, J. A., Jr 147 

Smith, J. W 185 

Smith, H. \V 193 

Smith, B. 8 194 

Smith, W.F. 197 




Smith, J. C 2W 

Smith, E. J 217 

8mith f C. E 226 

8mlth, A. N 286 

Smith, W. F 239 

Small, J. B 91 

Small, 8. E 92 

Smlth.C. H 9-5 

Smith, L. L 95 

Smith, C.C 109 

Smith, R. G 110 

Smith, R. M 112 

Smith, G. C 118 

Smith, J. H 121 

Smith, P 122 

Smith, M. 125 

Smith, A. M 129 

Smith, L. R 141 

Smith, R 165 

Smith, V. Y 158 

Smith, W. K 41 

Smith, C. F JM5 

Smith, F. E. 252 

Smith, D. B 162 

Smith, T. C 164 

Smith, W. D 181 

Smith, M. C 179 

Smith, L 177 

Smith, F. K 176 

Sffilth, L. L 174 

Smith, T. J., Jr 168 

Smith, R. D 48 

Smith, I* W 60 

Smith, A. W 61 

Smith, J. C 79 

Smith, J. W 8P 

Smith, F. H 2 

Smith, R. M 8 

Smith, T 16 

Smith, P. F 26 

Smith, T. J., Jr 32 

Smith,J.H 86 

Smith, P. B 88 

8mith,E. A 89 

Smith, H. M 40 

Smoot.C. H 121 

8 need, G. L 148 

Sneed.P.C 58 

Sneed, R. R 268 

Sneidman, C. J 162 

Sniffer, W. A 232 

Miilvely, T. C 187 

Snyder, G. N 227 

Snyder, J. R 229 

Snyder, C. A 118 

Snyder, J. L 122 

Snyder, J. R 133 

Snyder, A 67 

Snyder, F. J 8 

Snyder, W. 8 244 

Soloman, A, W 208 


Soloman, W. W 87 

Somers, O. B 190 

Somerville, A 188 

Southall, R. J 22 

Soathworth, E. B 119 

St. Clair, J. S 36 

Spang, G. V 114 

Spacgier, H. A 158 

Sparks, T. F 73 

Sparks, C. B 67 

Spayd, C. H 155, 

Spear, C. J 246 

Speck, M. L 158 

Speed, W. S 251 

Speera, A. C 127 

Spelr, A. G 46 

Spence, H 16 

Sbencer, R 218 

Spencer, R. H 214 

Splller, G 2 

8plnk8, H. W 49 

Spinke,H. W 49 

Sprague, G. K 191 

Spratt,R.D 186 

Spruill, F. S '... 74 

Spurgeon, H 62 

Spurr, J. P 45 

Stadleman, II. R 154 

Btalen, W. T 81 

staley, W. II 37 

staley,W. W 50 

Staley, J. C 6 

Stalwaker, E. S 155 

Stahl, J. C 218 

Stahl.J. 1 218 

Stanflll, G. S 26 

Stanley, T. E 19 

Stapleton, J. S 88 

Stark, W. G 214 

Stark, H. R 121 

Starkey, C. T 258 

8tarrs, F. W 141 

Stawbaok, C 51 

Stearns, R. B 136 

Steck, W. F 153 

Steed.C.W 89 

Steed, C. P 86 

Steed, G. B 90 

Steele, A. T 128 

Steele, A 124 

Steele, T. J 149 

Steele, C. L 62 

St-eele, R. L 49 

Stelling, J. 1) 72 

Stephens, T. C 124 

Stephens, M. S 19 

Stephens, 1 88 

Stephens, M. S 77 

Stephenson, C. F 78 

Stephenson, J. M., Jr 72 

Sternberger, L 244 




Stetson, A. B 1»2 

Stevens, C. K 191 

Stevens, E. M 191 

Stevens, La V. H 2115 

Stevens, \V 280 

Stevens, F. A 184 

Stevens, V. S 140 

Stevenson, M. H 18H 

Stevenson, (). H 175 

Steward, S. J 286 

steward,S. M 167 

Steward, I. B 88 

Stewart, J. M 188 

Stewart, J. F 106 

Stewart, J. K 134 

Stewart, J. V 133 

Stewart, W. G 148 

Stewart, J. E 177 

Stewart, A. 1 2-16 

Stewart, W. L 84 

Stewart, W. W 78 

Stewart, J. B 104 

Stewart, N. B 73 

Stewart, H 93 

Stines, J. F 114 

Stiles, 11. V 13 

Stoddard, I. W 257 

Stofer, A.J 66 

Stokes, A. E 238 

Stokes, Syl vanuH 29 

Stokes, U. P 8 

Stokes, T.D 6> 

Stone, C. \V 187 

Stone, H. B 193 

Stone, J. 8 232 

Stone, L. A., Jr. 1G3 

Stone, L. B 44 

Stone, A 44 

Stone, W. A 10 

Stone, J. N 45 

Stone, F.S 

Stoops, H. It 

Stougb, VV. A 

Stougta, K. L..... 

Stout, W. M 

Stoves, Geo 

Stowe, s. L 

strager, J. S 

Straiton, J. A 

Strag, F. P 

Stratton.H. V 

stratton, H. T r. 

Strawn, J. H 

Stray er, J. V. .. . 

strodacb, P. Z 

Stronach, F. M 

Strong, G. E 

strother, J. M 

St u bleU, c: 

Stueky, H. M 

smoky, G 

Sturgess, S. W 

Sturgls, E. A 

Sturtevant, C. A.. 

Snare, .1. A 

Sudgen.C. W .. .. 
Sudborougb, G. L 

Sullivan, G. E 

Summer, W. T ... 

Sum pier, .1. K 

Sutton, H.S 

Swain, R. V 

Swain, T. A 

Swan son, W. C 

Swanson, Wm. C. 


Swtngley, G. M . . . 

Swisher, L. I) 

Swope, I'.C 

Sykes, J. H 


. 85 
. 100 
. 161 
. 174 
. 140 
. 178 
. 125 
. 57 
. 104 
. 40 
. 133 
. 19 
. 261 
. 263 
. 114 
. 70 
. 249 
. 238 
. 13 
. 44 
. 46 
. 89 
. 237 
. 246 
. 235 
. 2J2 


Taft, R. M 193 

Taliaferro, N. C 168 

Talley, J.N 72 

Talley, D. H 15 

Tappan, P. W 220 

Tansil, J. D 230 

Tatum, G. L. II 33 

Tatum, H. F 176 

Taylor, Forest 53 

Taylor, W. S 40 

Taylor, A. I 84 

Taylor, B. A 85 

Taylor, W. A 86 

Taylor, C. S 88 

Taylor.W.H 83 

Taylor, E. W 31 

Taylor, F. \V 28 

Taylor, T.J 28 

Taylor, Zaobary 4 

Taylor, E. P 201 

Taylor, B. E 196 

Taylor, T. A 176 

Taylor, J. F., J r 169 

Taylor, Lltebfleld 169 

Taylor, G. F 168 

Taylor, B. F 168 

Taylor, V. E 189 

Taylor, W. C 129 

Teacbout, T. P 190 

Teasley, J. E 73 

Temple, A. P 196 

Templeton, R. A 107 

Tenney, G. L 195 

Terbune, Cbas 267 




Terrell, R. F 16 

Terrell, L. K ITS 

Terrell, .7. R SO 

Terrlll.S. M 87 

Terrill, G. M 87 

Terry, B.S 1*> 

Terry, W. K 81 

Terry, 1\ W 81 

Terry, B. \V 86 

Thames, J.I) 170 

Thayer, KB 226 

Thlehaiicl, J. H 160 

Thomas, A. G 258 

Thomas, G. E 101 

Thomas, K. A 101 

Thomas, N. Wiley 99 

Thomas, \V. E 89 

Thomas. N. \V 37 

Thomas, E. I, 71 

Thomas, G. A S2 

Thomas, F. H 84 

Thomas, F. J 81 

Thomas, I). 16 

Thomas,!). L 209 

Thomas, J. DeL 176 

Thomas, P. () 178 

Thomas, O. O 129 

Thompson, V. A 248 

Thompson, Ferman 248 

Thompson, M. R 241 

Thompson, A. 11 106 

Thompson, R. N 98 

Thompson, J. M 68 

Thompson, \V. B 67 

Thompson, S. B 7S 

Thompson, W. J 190 

Thompson, H. s 163 

Thompson, Waddy 168 

Thompson, A. R 138 

Thompson, W. E 108 

Thompson, N. B 108 

Thorlngton, T. C 81 

Thorlngtou, Jack, Jr 88 

Thome, F. G 100 

Thornton, K A 137 

Threadgill.C. M 106 

Thurman, I. II 168 

Thurmond, R. J.,Jr 97 

Tibbetts, W. F 206 

Tigert,S.C 24 

Tigner, C.H 106 

Tigner, G.8 IOC 

Tigner, E. A 106 

Tlgner, J. O 103 

Tlllar.J.0 97 

TImberlake, H. M 284 

Tlrnmons, J. E 174 

Ti m mono, Jas. K 183 

Tipton, A. H 24 

Titus, F. A 199 

Titus, J. L 67 


Tobias, N. W 159 

Tobias, B. E 122 

Todd, Wyeth 183 

Todd, E. S 169 

Totld, F. 1 185 

Tolerton.E. R 129 

Toll! ver, Zachary 19 

Tombs, W. B 237 

Toole, (). A 92 

Toole, R. L 66 

Toomer, Shell 85 

Torpy, I). B 231 

Totman, V. C ,246 

Touet, I. A 123 

Towers, John 267 

Towle, J. VV 201 

Towner, J. 1) 230 

Townley, F. E 252 

Townsend, F. L 61 

Townsend, J. A 167 

ToEier, F. JL 245 

Travis, S. I) 225 

Trawick, G. C 280 

Trawlck, J. I) 229 

Trawick, A.M., Jr 228 

Trawlck, Henry 174 

Trawick, r. W 147 

Trazevant, J. M 43 

Treadwell, A. C 96 

Treat, S. J 236 

Tressel.T. H 184 

Trimble, D. D 184 

Trimble, John 184 

Trimble, F. B 183 

Trimble, \V. N., Jr 188 

Trimble, A. H 100 

Tripp, H. E 50 

Tront,J. T 39 

Troxler, L. E 251 

Trumbauer, F. 8 1 16 

Truman, G. S 201 

Truman, W. C 201 

Truman, J. S 201 

Truman, F. S 201 

Tschudy, H. C 144 

Tuck, R. S 98 

Tuck, Claude HI 

Tucker, Geo 268 

Tucker, R. A 118 

Tucker, W. R 95 

Tullls, CD 181 

Tupper, Fred., Jr 222 

Tu r k , \V . A 35 

Turk, R. 8 35 

Turner, T. C 241 

Turner, F. C 211 

Turner, Geo 56 

Turner, E. L 15 

Turner, H.F 18 

Turner, W. F 8 

Turner, J. W 8 




Turner, Walter 177 

Turner, E. K 175 

Turner, C. P 144 

Tuthlll, L. H 199 

Tattle, R.G 229 

Tyler, R. T 


Tutwller, W. H 14 

Tutwller, E. M 2 

Tutwller, C. C 14 

Twiggs, A. J 8 

Tyler, J. A 284 



Ulrlcb, P. 8 118 Upton, Daniel 198 

Underbill, C. 1> 180 Urann, M. L 285 

Uppendabl, \V. J 261 Urqiibart, Albert 178 


Van Antwerp, David 82 

Van Antwerp, Andrew 80 

Vance, T. M 74 

Vandernort, J. S 120 

Van Duzer, J. McK 65 

Van Fonsen, J. A 244 

Van Hoose, E. L 78 

Van Horn, R. H 12 

Van Kirk, H. 8 144 

Van Meter, J. 8 8 

Van Meter, W. 8 26 

VanOrnum, F. B. 188 

Van Tuyl, H.I 214 

Van Winkle, E. K 211 

Varnadoe,S. McW 71 

VariJiim, C. A 205 

Vasey, C. F 220 

Vastine, W. M 164 

Vaugbn, W. K 105 

Veacb. 8. J 49 

Velerz, A. M 

Vernon, C. C 

Vernon, F. H 81 

Venning, C. 8 222 

Via, Vernon 29 

Viley, Wllla 9 

Vincent, J. II 181 

Vinson, W. A 258 

Vinson, R. E 258 

Vodrey, J. N 123 

Vose, H. S 247 

Vreeland, W. C| 228 


Waddill, F. A 10 

Wade, R. D. A 80 

Wade,E.'R 148 

Wade, D. R 148 

Wade,T.B.,Jr 160 

Wagner, W.J 158 

Wake, Frank 149 

Walcott, M. B 268 

Walden, E.F 57 

Waldron,C.E 18 

Walker, F. W 4 

Walker, I). M 82 

Walker, W. W 29 

Walker, M. 8 218 

Walker, G. E 255 

Walker, I. M 264 

Walker, G. VV 123 

Walker, O. C 126 

Wall, J E. 108 

Wall, W. D 176 

Wall, E. C 178 

Wallace, W. It 27 

Wal lace, T. 8 195 

Wallace, J. W 211 

Wallace, W. J 215 

Waller, R. A 11 

Waller, T. 8 44 

Waller,.!. B 269 

Wallls, Wm 196 

Walters, J. G 225 

Walthall, W. P 208 

Walton, W. A., Jr 12 

Walton, L. B 208 

Walton, J. E 91 

Waltua, R. P 96 

Wantz, Harley 160 

Ward, J. M 179 

Ward, Ernest 110 

Ward, R. A 204 

Ward, F. E 1P8 

Ward, F. W 198 

Ware, J. 8 186 

Warner, A. R 164 

Warnoek, J. E 289 

Warren, J. I) 66 

Warren, L. C 73 

Warren, J. E 84 

Warren, W. F 84 




Warren, Frank * . . . 88 

Warrick, C. W 6 

Washburne, O. M 200 

Washington, Henry 268 

Waterbouse, H. T 245 

Waterman, G. A 186 

Waterman, T. S., Jr 186 

Waters, Jobn 4 

Watkins, J. I) 105 

Watkins, J. K 175 

Watkins, J. P 175 

Watkins, J. K 176 

Watkins, T. II 178 

Watson, Geo 6 

Watson, F. W 43 

Watson, E.H 44 

Watson, G.I 48 

Watson, W. R V* 

Watson, Matthews 67 

Watt, J. A 102 

Watts, O. N. ( ) 168 

Watte, T. H 184 

Weathersbee, W. B 156 

Weaver, W. II 87 

Weaver, J. A 108 

Weaver, K. .1 161 

Weaver, J. M 207 

Weaver, (). H 208 

Webb, L. B 105 

W ebb , W . M 1 28 

Webber, M. A 236 

Weber, .1. W 59 

Weber, W. C 160 

Webster, W.J 9 

Webster, H. P 18 

Webster, F. E 287 

Webster, G. P., Jr 266 

Webster, F.J 266 

Welburn, W. C 229 

Welch, B. II 100 

Weldon, Ira 225 

Welcker, W. L 19 

Wells, M. P 86 

Wells, W. P 48 

Wells, L. C 125 

Wellborn, Alfred 184 

Wellford, C. C 149 

Wellman, J. R 256 

Werleln, 8. H., Jr 229 

W T erner, J. B 113 

Werner, E. A., Jr 210 

Wert, W. 8 128 

West, W. 8 20 

West, J. T 87 

West, W. B 184 

West, J. J 147 

West, J. G 211 

West Lafler, 8. T 195 

Weston, N. A 260 

Weston, E. T 203 

Weymouth, Aubrey 143 

. PACK. 

Weymouth, F. E 285 

Wheatley, W. K 72 

Wheeler, W. E 155 

Wheeler, J. J 18 

Wheeler, J. B IS 

Wheelan, W. T 198 

Wheelock, ('. E 254 

Whetstone, U. L 82 

Whipple, A. L 236 

Whitaker, W. C *) 

Whitall, J. 1> 65 

Wbltromb, W. H 225 

Whitman, A. F 19 

White, J. II., Jr I«2 

White, W. T 185 

White, W. H 185 

White, J. DuP 198 

White, J. 226 

White, H. A 236 

White, W. F :... 116 

White, D. A 96 

White, W. E 96 

White J. L 20 

White, E. L 21 

White, W. A 42 

Whited, J. M 242 

Whitehead, W. F 43 

Whitehead, J. I, 116 

Whitehead, R. B 121 

Whitehead, W. W 151 

Whitehili, C. E 133 

Whltehurst,Z 209 

Whiteburst,C 90 

Whitfield, B. L 155 

Whltfleld.J. W 54 

Whiting, I. 8 202 

Whiting, R. C 84 

Whitney,G. W ... 192 

Whitney, C. W 206 

Whitney, E. R 210 

Whitney, J. A 249 

Whittaker, J. H 194 

Whittaker, M. B 121 

Wible, R. E 153 

Wicks, M. L 26 

Wicks, May E 47 

Wiggins, B. L 60 

Wiggins, 8. P 106 

Wight, I. E 187 

Wlghtman, E. J 133 

Wightraan, P. I, 289 

Wilcox. A. B 127 

Wilcox, F. W 187 

Wild, A. W 60 

Wildermuth, A. I,. R 244 

Wiley, 8. R *8 

Wiley, P. W 220 

Wiles, II. L 158 

Wilhoite,R.C 148 

Wilhoite, J. 13., Jr 149 

Wilhoite, W. L. 160 




Wilkerson, W. A 16 

Wllkerson, DeW.C 22i» 

Wilkes, J. F 74 

Wilklus, R. P 37 

Wilklns, Win 9P 

Wilkinson, T. H 8 

WilkinHon, T. S 10 

Wilkinson, G. 1> 27 

Wilkinsen, J. W 88 

Wilkinson, W. J 87 

Wills, Win 285 

Willett, E.L, 23 

Williams, D. R 24 

Williams, W. E 24 

Williams, E. R 19 

Williams. W. L 29 

•Williams, B. B 84 

Williams, T. A 84 

Williams, R 1> 41 

Williams, T. B 48 

Williams, T. A 70 

Williams, J. W 90 

Williams, A. 1) 80 

Williams, L E 87 

Williams, Wm 75 

Williams, J. G 94 

Williams, L. G 95 

Williams, B. C 108 

Williams, C. H 122 

Williams, 8. J 131 

Williams, M. J 179 

Williams, C. A 177 

Wlllliams, W. C 176 

Williams, Murphy 176 

Williams, R. L....- 175 

Williams, D. K 212 

Williams. M. E 243 

Williams, P. F 248 

Williams, C. E 195 

Williams, C. C 218 

Williams, A. F 202 

Williams, J M 206 

Williams, H.S 206 

Williams, Clarence '227 

Williamson, S. B 42 

Williamson, E. H 76 

Willamson, W. H 76 

Williamson, J. N 98 

Williamson, R. P 103 

Willis, J. L 21 

Willis, A. M 22 

Willis, J. L 30 

Willi us, Gustav, Jr 251 

Wlltberger, F. E 100 

Wilson, W. E 27 

Wilson, T. E 129 

Wilson, F. B.. 151 

Wilson, H. E 134 

Wilson, W.B 177 

Wilson, J. H 175 

Wilson, G. H 287 


Wilsom W. R 259 

Wilson, M. McC 190 

Wilson, J. J 192 

Wilson, R. ( ' 193 

Wilson, J. R 201 

Wilson, H. P 210 

Wilson, P. R 234 

Wimberly, J. H 106 

Wlnans, C. H 220 

Wlnsblp, Blanton 90 

Winston, J. C 68 

Wise, J.C 90 

Wise, B. A 88 

Wise, Ira 112 

Wise, Leo 113 

Wise, R. C 122 

Wise, 8. J 280 

Wlswell, R. G 190 

Withers, J. 8 262 

Witty, W.H 177 

Wolfe, E. L 218 

Woock.F.L HO 

Wood.J.B.T 186 

Wood, E. II 90 

Wood.G. W 87 

Wood,Z. T 188 

Wood, Julian .14 

Wood.Lewis 28 

Woods, G. A W8 

Woods, Edgar 189 

Woods, L. H 140 

Woods, Thomas 138 

Woods, W. J 138 

Woods, J. E 135 

Woodson, A . M 185 

Woodward, H. B 206 

Woodward, R.N 196 

Woodward, A. H 65 

Wooley, C. W., Jr 51 

Wooley, E. 1) 49 

Woolf, O. P 126 

Woolman.H. M 214 

Woolsey, C. H 118 

Wooten, Clark 108 

Work.H.B 219 

Wormell, R. G 237 

\Y T orth, U. B 76 

Worth, F. E 171 

Worth,J.S 96 

Worth, G. C 96 

Woton, J. R 225 

Wren, F. G 249 

Wright, W. 8 100 

Wright, A, G 246 

Wright, A. L 267 

Wright, F. 8 101 

Wright, F.C 193 

Wright, L.C 206 

Wright, W. M 225 

Wright, M. C 215 

Wright, W. F 2 




Wander, C.W 102 

Wyatt, I. W 22 

Wyche, T.J 60 

Wynn, J. H 


Wykoff.W.M 120 

Wykoff, W. F 181 

Wykoff, Walter 142 



Yarbrougb, F. 8 177 

Yarbrougb, T. W 106 

Yates, 8. J 182 

Yawger, Edwin 199 

Yeager, R.L. 228 

Yeaton, W. C.,Jr 268 

Y eat man, H. C, Jr 142 

Yeiser, N. E 168 

Yetter, H. A 113 

Yoeman, LeR. C 216 

Yost.A.J 112 

Yost, K. J, 100 

Young, T. J 28J 

Young, A. F 218 

Young, O. A 128 

Young, F. L 119 

Young, N. C 8 

Young, A. M. H 65 

Young, J. U. R 67 

Young, R. M 70 

Young, G. W W 

Young, 8. W 200 


Zarr,R.R 164 

Zeigler, C. C 142 

Zellars, T. P 79 

Zellara, Peter 88 

Zetroner, E. F Ill 

Zimmerman, F. H 219 

Zifl'.O. R 218 

Zullinger, M.R 165 


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