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1873-7 5. 





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Cataloguk nv adthors (Genural Lilu-i 


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The publicatiou ol the iii]ini;il supplementa or catalogues of books 
added to thti Library ol Coiigreas was liiacoiitinued with the issue for tlie 
year 1873. The great cost of these volumes, which were prepared on the 
plan of priuting approximately full titles to each publication, old or uew, 
was found to be quite out of proportiou to their general utility. It has 
l)eeu determined to aubatitute for these annual volumeH the publication of 
occasional brief finding-lists, or catalogues of the more important fresh 
additions to the Library. 

The catalogue now issued embraces the principal accessions of the past 
three years, 1873-1875, iind is arranged in thive alphabets : Ist. Miscella- 
neous books, by names of authors; 'M. Law-books, by names of authors; 
3d. Titles and subjects, in a single alphabet, at the end of the volume. lu 
the latter arrangement, nearly every work appears twice, aud in many cases 
several times. 

There are omitted frou) this catalogue, as of minor importance, the titles 
of school-books, directories, almanacs, pamphlets, periodicals, aud serials 
generally. The vast field covered by these classes of publications would 
involve much expenditure of type aud paper, aud the issue of a bulky 
vohiHie, rendering it pro[)er to reserve them for the general or complete 
catalogue of the Library. 

Washington, May, 1876. 

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aiion. Aiiouymoiis. 

b. 1. Black letter. 

col. Colotod. 

eel. Edition. 

eiig. Eugraved. 

facs. Facsimile, 

fol. Folio. 4°. Quarto. 8°, Ot 

Daodeoimo, eto. 
incl. Including. 
1. Leases, 
n. d. No date. 

n. p. No place of pablioation. 
numb. Numbered. 

ol)L OWoiifi'. 

p. Page. 

phot. Pliotograpl). 

pi. Plates. 

p. 1. Preliminary leayes. 

pp. Page'i. 

psend. Paendonym. 

sra. Small. 

t. Tome. 

tab. Tables. 

unp. Unpaged. 

y. Volume or volumea. 

TO, duodecimo, etc., according to tlie ap- 
3 the priuter's designations derived from 

Tlie books are described as folio, qii 
parent size of the volume, and not ac 
the fold of the sbeuts. 

In tbe alphabetical arrangement, the prefix: Mb, IP, or Mao, is treated uuiformly as a 
component part of the word, as if spelled Man. Thna MnLead or M'Leod precedes Hachire. 
In like manner, tlie prefixes New, La, Da, etc., are treated as ooniponent parts of the words 
to which they belong. Thus, 2feie EnglaitA follo\Ta J^ewell instead of preceding it, as it 
wonld do if the prefix Nmi) ^ere treated as a separate word. 

It is one of the alius of the present catalogue to furnish with the titles a sufficiently 
fnll oollation of each work. Thus it ia made ai part of the deaoriptinn to give the number 
of pages in the case of all woti^ not e.icaeding two volumes, together with the nnmber 
of mapa and plates, if any, and the name of the publisher. The information thna con- 
veyed will, it ia believed, be found of practical value to readers, aa conveying at a glance 
some idea of the extent of each work, while the addition of pnbliahors' names is useful 
as supplying a guide to the identification of editions. In tbe oaae of hooka printed witli- 
out date, the actual or approximate date is supplied iu brackets. 

Bvaoketa iu auy part of a title indicate that the words included in them are not found 
in the title, but are inserted. 

It ia to lje nndoratood that long titles are uuiformly abridged, the more significant words 
of the title only being inserted. 

Tlie letter s affiled, to auy title denotes that the work belongs to tbe Library of the 
Smithsonian Itistltutlon, now deposited in the Library of Congress. 

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Abbott (John Stevens Cal 
pioDeera and patriots. 1 
Dodd fr Jtfenrf, [1874-75], 

Life mi 


La Sail! 


. [LS75]. 

History of cliiiEtianity, from the earliest 

period to the present lime. 504 pp. 6 pi. 2 
maps. 8°. Boston. B.B.Russell. 1872. 

History of Napoleoa iii. including a 

narrative of important events since the fall 
of Napoleon I. nntil tha dealb of Napoleon 
ni, 730 pp. 10 pi. I map. 8°. Bostim, B. 
B. Etissell, 1873. 

Abbott (Rev, Lyman). New testament, v. 1, 
13°. MiP York, A. 3. Barnes 4-co. 1875. 

Mattle™ ana Mark, 399 pp. iucL. S pi. ana 1 ninp. 

and Conant (Thomas Jefferson, d. d.) 

Dictionary of I'eligions knowledge. 

1074 pp. 8''. Ne\i! York. Harper If brothers, 

Abdulla bin Abdulkadar, inunsAi. TranS' 

lationa from the hakayit Abdiilla (bin Ab- 

dulkadac). With comments by J. T. Thomp- 
son. xpp.T 1.349pp. IfacB. ia°. London. 

S. S.Kiag^ CO. iS74. 
About (Edmontl Francois Valentin). ABC 

dn travail leur. Se 4A. 3p. 1.317 pp. 16°. 

Paris, L. Hachette Sf cie. 1869. 
Alsace, 1871-1878. Se M. 4p.l. 348 

pp. 1 1. 16". Paris, Haehette 4- cie. 1873. 
Cansaries. le s6rie. 2e6d. 2 p. I, 

383pp. 16°. Paris, L. Haehelte Sr cie. 18B7. 
Same. Se s6rie. 2 p. i, 379 pp. 16°. 

Paris, L. Hacheite 4- cie. 1866. 
Thefellaii. Translated by sir Randal 

Eoberts. iv,340pp. IS". London, Ckap- 

manf HaU,lS70. 
Ii'infame. 2e 6S. 2 p. 1, 291 pp. 16°. 

Paris, L. Haekette 4- cie. 1873. 
Maitre Piarre. 4e ^d, vi, 309 pp. 16". 

Poris, L. Eacheite ,f- cie. 1862. 

About (E. ¥. V.)— continued. 

Notary's nose. From the frenoli by 

Henry Holt. 3 p. 1. 240 pp. 16". Aim 

York, H. Soil 4- co. 1874. 

[LeieURb: liDiir sorieB]. 
Rouge et nolr. Prom the freneh by 

E.E, ] p.l.ll-a36pp. 12°. Philadelphia, 

Cl^xlon, Remsen * Haffeljinger. 1873. 
ThdJitre impossible. Guilleiy. — L'lis- 

sassin,— L'Sducation d'an prince, — Le cha- 

peau de sainte Catherine. 2a 6d, 2p.l. 

371 pp. 16°, Paris, L. Hachette tf-cie, 1864. 
Aooeta (Joaquin). Compeudio del descubri- 

miento de la Nueva Granada, xvi, 400 pp, 

4 pi. S°. Faris.imprenta de Beau, 1848. 
Acreliua (Israel). History of New Sweden. 

From tbe Swedish, by W. M. Reynolds, 1, 
2 pi. J map. 8°. Philadelpliia, 



Jisly Ot). 


3([-3d series. Aaruntici io proae aad vems. Ed, by 

Actes (Les) des ap&tras modernes, voyages 
paries missionairescatholiques. Publics sous 
la direction de I'abbfi P. -A, Bosquet, del'ab- 
b6 Giraud, et de Gabriel Grimand de Caux, 
[etc.] 12°. Paris, au bureau. 1852. 

AtLoa—Vryago en ( rlin6e 
Acton (Eoger). Abyssinian expaflition and 
life of king Theodme Eepriuted from the 
illustrated London nevis Bng title, 3 p 1 
78 pp. 100 pi. on72] 1 poit fol [Xon- 
rfon], o^lce of the tllastrattd London news, 

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Adams (Arthur,/. I. s.) Travels of a natu- 
ralist in Japan and Manchuria. x,334 pp- 
front. ie°. London, Hurst ^ Blackelt, 

Adams (F. G. compiler). Homestead guide. 
.312 pp. incl. 11 pi. 1 map 8". WaUrvUU, 
Kansas, F. G. Adams, 1873. 

Adams (Francis Ottiwell, /. r. g. s.) History 
of Japan from the earliest period. 3 v. xvi, 
506 pp. 3 plans, I map ; x[v, 356 pp. 2 maps. 
8". London, H. S. King ^ co. 1874-75. 

Adams (John Qulncy, 6th president nf the 
[Iniled Siatei). Memoirs of John Quinry 
Adams, comprising portions of his diaiy 
from 1795 to 1848. Ed. by C. F. Adams. 
T. 1-7. 8". Philadelphia. J. B. Lippincott 
4- CO. 1874-75. 

Album niex 
JVole— Imjrarl 

Adams (Louia). D^uoratious e 
£poques Louis Xlll &, Louia 
100 pi. fol. Park, A. Mord, 

Adams (W. Davenport). Fa 
sketches in english literature 
incl. front. 12°. Loudon, Vii 
St CO. Itf75. 

Adama (William T.) Sunny s 
America in Italy and Austiii 
409 pp. 3 pi. 16° Baslon,L 

menbles di 

1. Eug, titli 
ee Sf Shepard, 

[Touso America abroaa, ad ferlea, v. 4 j. 

Yacht club series. By Oliver Optii 

[pseurf.] v.2-6. 16". Boston, LeeSrSheii 
ard, 1874-75. 

i^P'- , 

See Clark (Ciiades 

Adeler (Max, psi 

Aermont (Paul, psead.) Narrative of the 
travels of Paul Aermont among the placets. 
192 pp. 12°. Boston, Rand. Avery 4- eo. 

Ahetii(IU. L.) Great revolution, histuvy. ol 
the people's party iu Chicago. 1 p. 1. 7-afl5 
pp. 8". Chicago, lakeside publishing 

Aikln (Lucy). Correspoadence of W. E. 
ChanningaDd Lucy Ailiin, from ISae to 1843. 
See Chauning (W. E.) and Aikiu. 

Aikln (L. W. ) Crystal gems for the sabbath- 
school. 192 pp. sq. 18". Philadelphia, 
MUUt's bible 4" publishing lioiisc, [1875J. 

Aiiisworth (William Harrison). The good 
jld times; story of tbe Manchester rebels of 
'45. 3v. 12". London, Tinsiey brothers. 

Publicado por Ignac 
B^. Mexico, editor, 1849. , 
<p.S63-5T3 dDpllcBtail and SSI 

Eight consins. 9 ] 


Alcott (Louisa May), 
I. 290 pp. incl. 6 pi. frOB 
ton, Roberts brothers, 18 

Work. 3 p. I. 44 

Bolerts brothers, 1873. 

Alden (Ebenezer, nt.(2.) Memorial of the 
desteudants of the hon. John Aldeu. 2 p. 
I. 164 pp. 8°. Randolph, Mass. for Ihs fam- 
ily, 1867. 

a.ldeii(jtfra. Isabella M.) Household puzzles. 
By Pansy [pseud.] 370 pp. 2 ph le". Bos- 
ton, D.Lothritp it co [IS75]. 

JuhaReid By Pansy [pseurf.] 376 pp, 

2 pi. 12° Ctnctn«ali,'WBsterntracl and book 
society, 1''72 

King's daaghtti By Pansy [pseiiA] 

305 pp I pi li' Ctncianaii, western tract 
and bool sonety 187) 

Wise and otherwise. By Pansy {_pseud. ] 

388 pp. 3 pi. 12°. Cincinnati, western tract 
aad booh society, 1873. 

and Huntlii6ton(Faye,p5eurf.) Mod- 
ern prophets. By " Pansy " and " Faye 
Hnuliiigton"'. 354 pp. 3 pi. 16°.' Boston, 
D.Lothrop ^ CO. [1874]. 

Aldennaii (0. P.) Autobiogjap by, up to 
1874. 46Bpp,3povta. la". Baffulo, Baiter. 
Jones f oo. 1874. 

Aldrioh (Thomas Bailey). Cloth of gold and 
other poems. 184 pp. 12°. Boston, J. R. 

Osgood 4 C' 


Daw and other people. 273, 
pp. 16°. Boston, J. R. Osgood 4 CO. ]&7S. 

Prndence Palfrey. 311pp. incl. I pi. 

12°. Bnslon, J. R. Osgood 4 co. 1S74. 

"Alex." [pseud.] As it should be. 274pp. 
13°. Philadelphia, J. B. lAppincott St co, 

Alexander (JMi-s. — ). Which shall it be ? I 
p,1.41&pp. 16°. NewVorlc, H. Holt St co. 
|LElsUi{£ hour serleit]. 

Wooing o't. Ip. 1.483 pp. 16°. New 

York, B. Holt !( CO. l&TS. 
[LETStlBE hourBeries]. 

Alexia-AIexandrovich(l?rHW-(^uJ'i:e of Rus- 
sia). His imperial highness Alexia in the 
United States, 1871-73. 2 p. !. 223 pp. 1 

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Alexia- Alexandre vich — coutiuued. 
port. 8°. CambH/lge. [Jtfs ] l/ie riverside 
press, 1872. 8. 

™pt>rta,''BaonjnIiZ™MmpUed."' °"" 

Alfdrd (Henry, d, d.) Fireside homilies, xii, 
London, Daldg, Isbisler St 

I.. 1875. 


[sic] RiniagtoBs, IS7I-74. 

Sons of God: Beimoos. TJi.aOOpp. 

16°, London, Hodder St Stougliton, 1872. 

AUoe Porter. fan™.] 339 pp. 3 pi. 16°. 
New Yori.board of puUiailioii, reformed eh. 
in America, [I873J. 

All roand the world ; a geographical and his- 
torical encyclopcedi a, [etc aaoa.'i 2 p. 1. 
vii-512 pp. col. frout. 4°. iVc«t York, 
United States pabliskiag CO. 1873. 

Allan (Pro/.W. IVaskingtan 4- Lee aniversity). 
Notes on Sankine's applied mechaQJcs and 
civil eagineeriDg. 1 p, 1. 170 pp. 4°. [ Bal- 
timore, A. Sant tf- CD. 1873]. 

Theory of arches. 113 pp. 18^. Neie 

YorlcD. Van Nastrand, 1874. 
[ViH NosTBAND'a scienoe HBilea, no. I!]. 

Allan (Aaa W.) Genealogy of the Allen and 
Witter families. 1 p. 1.^1 pp. 1 pott. 12°. 
Salem,0.,L. W. Smith. 1872. 

Allen (Charles H.) Visit to Queensland, 
[Australia], viii, 367 pp. 16°. Londoa, 
Clmpman ^ Hall, IS70. 

Allen (Myron 0. m. d.) History of Wen- 
ham [Mass.] (639to 1860. vii, 13-220 pp. 
13". Boston, Basin S; Chandler, 1860. 

Allen (Stephen M.) Beligion and science i 
the letters of "Alpha" on the inttaence of 
spirit upon imponderable aetienie molecular 
substances, [etc.] By the author of Fibri- 
lia, [etc. anon.] I p. 1. 171 pp.6 col. pi. 
12=^. Boston, A. Mudge Sfson, 1874. 

Allen (Timothy F. ni. d. editor). Encyclopie. 
dia o£ pure materia modioa [homceopathic] 
T. 1-3 [A-Garduus]. 8°. iVbie lori, [eic] 
BuerickeSt To/af, [l874]-75. 

Allen (W. F.) Gaaetteer of railway stations 
in the United States and Ganadj 
4iapp. 12°. Philadelpkia, natioaal raitjnay 
pulilicatioa CO. 1874. 

Allen (William H. compiler). Mannal of de- 
votion. a96 pp. 16°. I'hilaeeJpMa, J. B. 
Lijipincolt 4~ CO. 1873. 

Alllboue (Samael Austin). Poetical quota- 
done, iVom Chaucer to Tennyson. 2 p. I. xiii- 

8°. Philadelphia 

J.B. I. 


AUibone (i 

inel Austin)— continued. 

Prose quotations from Socrates to Ma- 

eaulay. 4p.l. 13-764 pp. 8°. Philadel- 
phia. J. B. Lippincott 4- CO. 1876. 

Allies (T.W.) The formation of christon- 
dom. pts. 1-2. xii, 389; ivi, 495 pp. 8°. 
London, Longmans, 1865-69. 

Almaaach du commerce et de I'inclustrie. 
[«Bo«.] Ann^elST.';. 8°. New- York, H. 
de Mareil, 1875. 
!fou.— Late das r6JilenM friin9ala de Naw York [al] 

A.lp3iand {\. i. e. J Charles Adulphe). Pro- 
menades de Paris. Description des embel- 
lissemenfa dea hois de Boulogne et de Viu- 
oenoes. 3 v. fol. Pans, J. Rothschild, 

Alzog ( Dr. Johaunes), Manual of universal 
church history. From the 9th {jerman ed. 
By F- J. Pabisch, and rev. Thomas S. Bjine 
V. 1. xiii,779 pp. 1 map. 8°. Cincinnati, 
R. CUrlce St co. 1874. 

Amateur journalists' companion. For 1873. 
By Frank Cropper. Eug. title, 110 pp. 13 
ports. 18°. Louisville, Ky,,F. Cropper, l&ld. 

Anie!llion(Hul>ertFascal). Histoire duBas- 
empire. Par m. Le Beau. CoutiuuS par 
Ameilhon, [1255-1341]. 

ILebeau (Churle!). HiaUiire du Bas-enipirB. 16*. 
Puris. Desaiitt [tti.] ITSISB. v.Si^O, 

Amelia. From the french. [nijoa.] 946 pp. 

16". Philadelphia, P. F. CanHiagham * son, 

American annual uyclupieilia and register of 

important events, for the years 1861-74. v. 

1-14. 8°. New Yorh, D. Appleton 4- co. 

American cyciopiedia. v. 1-13 [A-Printing]. 

tf-'. Nea York. D. Appleton St co. 1873-75. 
Americanflremen. [anoa.] 256 pp. 16° 

Boston, H. L. Champlin, 1875. 
Ameiloau fisriana, from 1816 to 1873. New 

ed. [anon.] 165 pp. 8°. Neat York, R. 

M. Di;»lH,[ 1873]. 
American guide to Europe. - Ed. of 1874. 

[uNiin.] 1-^68, 385-678 pp. 9col. pi. 29 plans 

(2 in pockets), 12 maps (3 in pockets). 12°. 

Philadelphia, [ Laadou printed], J, B. Lippia- 

«Miifco, [1874]. 

American historic 
son J. Lossing, 1 

L record. Edited by Ben 
d. [Monthly]. V. a 

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Ame tic an — continued. 

sill. 4°. Phitaddphii, J. E. Fo'ter < 

American houseboMuaviaer. [anon,] 4] 
New YiiTh, fC. C. ISridg: 


ra (T. B 

;book,[e(fl.l Byeii 
™.l lp.l.vli-lSoi 


American iron and steel 

works of the United States. Directory of 

furnaces, rollings mills, [etc ] 106 pp. 8^. 

Pkilaildphia, \_J. B. CAawdk)-]. 1874. 
Amerioan Lloyd's register of amerioan and 

foreign ehippiug. [1874]. obi. 8°. New 

York, the sockty of americaa Lloyd's, [1873]. 
Same. [IS75]. obi. 8°. Sea York, 

the lodely of amcrUan Uoyd'e, [ 1875] 
American public liealth association. Public 

health reports and papei-s. [v. I]. 1873. 

1 p. 1. y.v, 563 pp. 19chai'lB, diagrams, etc. 8°. 

Hew York, Hard ^ HovglUon, 1875. 
American railroad manual. By E. Vernon. 

[v. l-a, 1873-74]. 8°. m<B YotIc, amen- 

caa railToad manaid co. 1873-74. 
American railway and supply directory for 

1873. [v. 1]. 8°. Boston, Greenaagk 

Jones f CO. 1873. 
Same, 1874-75, Ijist of officers and di 

rectors of the railroads in the Uniled States 

and Canadas, [etc,] ^°. B/istoa, Greea- 

owgli, Jones St co. 1874. 
Amerioan rowing almanac. 1874. By Fred. 

J. Engelhardt. 18°. New York, F. J. Eh- 


1 ahipmaBters' aasociation. Keeord 
foreign shipping-. [1874], 

4^^. New YBrk,lE.C.Root, Anthon]) ii co.] 

Same. [I87j]. 4°, New York. [E. 

C.Rout, Anthony 4- co.'i 1874. 
American yacht list for 1874 and 1875. 2 v. 

16". New Yo,-k, L. H. Bigeiow 4- co. 1874-75, 
Ames (Azel, jV. m, d.) Sex in indualry, 158 

pp. 16°. Boston, J. R. Oegoad S; co. 1875. 
Ames (Mai'y Clemmer). His two wives. 585 

pp. 12°. NeiBYork,Hurd4-Honghton,187^_ 
Oatlines of men, women, and things. 

3 p. 1.254 pp. 160. Neie York, Hard Si 

HouglttoH, 1S73. 

Ames (Maiy Clemmer) — cuntmuod 

Ten yesrs in Waahmgton 587 pp. 

17 pi. 8'-' Hartford Conn A B. Worth- 

inglon <t M J873 
Amos {Aodiew) ton lectures on the ad- 
utages of a classical eduuition vii, 281 
I. 8° Lmidon P B'ntleg 1846 
Ampere ( tniliS Maiie) Journal et corres- 

pondance. 3p.l. tii, 377 pp. 8°. Paris, 

J. Clage,im9. 

Same. Story of hia love ; journal and 

correspondence during 1793-1804. From the 

ley * son, IS73, 

and Amp&re (Jean Jacques Antoine). 

CorrcspondanceetBouvenirs(de 1805a 1864). 
Hecueiliia par inadameH. C. 3e4cl, 2 v. 2 
p.l.503pp; 2p.l.461pp. 12°. Paris, J. 
Eelzel # cie. 1875. 

Amunategui (Miguel Luis). Precursores 
de la independenela de Chile. 3 v, 8°, 
Santiago, imprenta de la "repnUica", 1870- 
72. s. 

Andersen (Eufas, d. d., II. d.) History of the 
missions of tbe aiiiericiin board of commis- 
sioners in India, xvi, 443 pp. 3 maps, 12°. 
Boston, consres''tianal pabUahing soc. 1875. 

Anflerson (E. B.o. m.) America not discov- 
ered l>y Columbus. 104 pp. 12°, Chicago, 
S. C. Griggs 4- CO. 1874. 

Sorse mythology. 473 pp. front. 12°. 

Chicago, 8. C. Griggs 4- co. 1875. 

Audersson (Charles John). Tbe lion and tbe 
elephant. lii, 386 pp. 4 pi. 1^. London, 
Harst St BlaclceU, 1873. 

Andrews (Israel War3, d.d.) Manual of the 
constitatioii < 
xxsviiipp, fc 
if CO [1874], 

Angeljevg (£,« comie d', psead.) Eecaeil des 
tiait^s, conventions et actes diplomat! qaes 
concernant la Pologne, 1763-1862. 2 p. I. 
svi, 1171 pp. 8°. Paris, Amyot, 1362. 

Annales foresti^res. Collaborateurs : mm. 
Banal, de BuffSvent, [etc] Rfidacteur en 
chef ra.Ludovic Beanaaire. 1842-65, Ist- 
Sdser. 24v. 8°. Paris, aa bureau dcs An- 
nates forestikres, [l842]-65. 

Table alpbab^Uque, a 

48 pp. 8°. Paris, aabur 

restiires, 1848. 

(Jis Anmales foiHBtiireB, v, 5, 

y Google 



Annals of Loch C#. A cliioniole of irisi 
affttiva, 1014-1590. [anun.] EditHd, wit 
a Wanslation, by W. M. HeoneBsy. 9 v. lij 
653 pp, I fae; 4 p. 1. 689 pp. H°. L<tadBi 
Lotigmana, 1871, 

[Uebat Britain. Treasury. (Fublii: record ii£ic> 
London, 1871]. 

Annan (William). Higb cbareh epiacopacj 
2B3 pp. 130. PiUabargk, B. 5, Daais # a 

Annualre-ulmauach 3\i commerce, i^e I'indus- 
trie, de la magistrHture etderadmiuistratiou. 
(Didot-Bottiu). 76Baim6e, 1B73. 8°. Pa- 
ris, F. Didot freres,jlls Sf de. 1873. 

Annnaire de I'Soonomie politique et de lasta- 
tistiqtte; par mm. [Urbin Gilbert] Guillan- 
miu, Josepb Garnier, Ms.arice Blocli, [etc.] 
31e aoofie. 2 p. 1, 607 pp. 18°. Paris, 
Guillaaniiit f cie. 1874. 

Amiuaire de Tiustruotiou publique pom les 
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[With] travel-talk in ecg'liBli, gei'man, frenoh 
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16°. iVeio York, 0. Applelon^ co. [CAistoici 
press, XoJidoN, 1873]. 

Appletoiia' hand-book of amerioan travel. 
Northern and eastern tour. Including New 
York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecti- 
cut, Bliode Island, Masiiachusetts, Maine, 
New Hampshire, Vermont:, und the British 
dominioQS. Revised for ld73. ]-i°. Nein 
York, D. Jppletou 4- eo. 1873. 

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Same. For 1873. x, 334 pp. 

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rale. v. 1-3. 8°. Paris, O. Saiiiare, [*] 
C. Eeinwald Si cie. 1873-73, 

ArmsUong (Mrs. M. F.) and Ludlow 
(Helen W.) Hampton and its students. 
With fifty songs, arranged by T. P. Fen 

95s pp. incl. 5 pi. 
P. Ftttaam's sons 
Arnold (I. F. K.) 
oberer und haupt di 


New York, G. 

nisehen hiiider. 


1. 347 



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4- CO. 1870. 

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pott 1 XX, 4Gy pp. port. 8°. Londoa, Long- 
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[anon,] Eng. title, 16pl. fol, Milano, R. 
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thefrencb. xvl,415 pp, 33 pi. 8°. West 
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Art of dining, (anon.-) 388 pp. sq. 18°. 
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rescue. A stoiy of the new crusade. 936 
pp. front. 13°, Philadelphia, J. M. Stod- 
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the fjeld. From the norse. By G. W. Da- 
sent, sv, 375 pp. frout, 13°. Loudon, 
Chapman /f Hall, I87i. 

y Google 

AsJier (6 Adams. 


Aslier & Adams (pMisbers). Aniericikn 
text-book for the million, ^30, 193, l:M pp. 
8". New Vurk, Aslier * drfams, [18731. 

New Columbian rail voad atloa. 3 p. 1. 

42 col. maps (interleaved with 42 1. of adver- 
tiBements), 30 1. foi, Nem York, Aaher iSf 
Adams. 1875. 

New eommereial and Btatistieal gazet- 
teer of tte U. S. and Canada. 984 [+ 241"- 
241']pp. SI. J] mapap^ed3-]53. fol. Neui 
Yorlc, Ashcr * Adams, [1874]. 

Same. 241 pp. [+ 24l''-a41']. fol. 

NeK Vork. Aiher Sr Adams [18T5]. 

New statistical anfl topogropliipal atlas 

of tim United States 2 p. 1, 29 col. maps on 
58 1. paged 7-120, [36] pp. fol. New York, 
Jsfterfr^dams, [IS75]. 

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On the cliurehsteps,byS. CHallowell. 94 
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* CO. 1875. 

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' Paris, E. Dentu, 1875. 

Le seigneur de Lanteme. 2 p. 1. 37'J 

pp. 16°. Paris, E. Denta, 1874. 

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2 niaps. 16°. Miv York, E. F. DaUim 
J 873. 

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IV, 13-606 pp. 1 tab. fold. 12°. PhUadel- 
pkia, H. C. Lea, 1873. 

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guages, iv, 37 pp, 4". London, Williams 
<f- NargatB, 1874. 

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eance of the sacred tabernacles of the He- 
brews. xiv,448 pp, 35 pi, 8°, New York, 
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in tbe tropies. 60 pp. 9 photos. 12°. IVU- 

. mington, Del. 1874. 

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lated by 8. A. Stem 1 p. 1. 514 pp. 13°, 
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l^ans, due d'). HisUiii'e des princes de Cond^ 
pendant lesxvleetxvilesiilcles, 2 v. 1 p, i. 


Aumale (Ducd') — continued, 

1 port, iii, 560 pp ; 1 p. I. 1 port. 588 pp. map. 

8°. Pans, JH. Uvyfr^res, 1863-64. 
Same, History of the princes de CondS 

in the Xvlth and xvmh centuries. From the 

freceh, by Robert Brown Borthwiok. v. 1-2. 

siv, 411pp. port. 1 map 1 xiv, 448 pp, port. 

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Madonna's child, 2ded. vii, 80 pp.2 

pi. 8°. Edinburgh, W. Btackwood Sf sons, 

Poetry of the period. 4 p. 1, 294 pp, 

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— Borne or death! xi, 194 pp. am. 4°. 

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Au8tiii(JaneG,) Moonfolk, 205 pp, 12°, 

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Autobiography (An), [a»ion.] vii, 307 pp, 

12°. Boston, A. Williams 4- co. 1873, 
Avellaneda (^Senom dona Gertrudis Gomez 

de). See Qomea de Avellaneda. 
Aveiy (M, A.) Rebel general's loyal bride, 

4J7 pp, 4 pi, 12°, SpHngJield, Mass. W. J. 

Hollaud!(ea. 187a. 
Avezao (Marie Pascal d'). Considerations 

gSographiqufls aur I'histoiie du Bi'^sil, 2 p, 

273 pp. 2 maps. 8° Paris, L. Maitinet, 1857. 
Notice sur les aneiens voyages de Tar- 

tarie en g^uiSral, et sur celul de Jean du Plan 
, CarpiQ en partioulier. 

|/?jParI5. (SocHlSic arfographic). Recuf il dea voya. 

geslBle] i". Parts. ISSV. y.3, pp. 3B7-6021. 

Ayloffe (Sir Joseph, bart.) Calendars of the 

ancient ohartei's, and of the welch and aci 

tish rolls, in the tower of London, 1 p. 1,'lx. 

462 pp, 16 1. 4 facs, 4°, London, for 

l¥hite, 1774, 
Babbitt (E. D,) Health guide. 164 pp. 16°, 

Ne^B Yeric, E. D. Babbitt, 1874. 
Batacock (Rev. Rufos, jr.) Discourse 

sioned by the death of tbe rev. George Leon. 

[/« LEOSAKD (ffei.G.) 



i. [Ma] Zio> 

Babe (.1. L.) South african diamond fields. 
105 pp, t> pi. 1 map foid, 12=, New York, 
D. IPesley ^ eo. 1873. 

Babington (Oervase). Very fruitful! exposi- 
tion of tbe eommandemenls- 24 p. 1, 514 pp. 

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Babiiigton (Gervase)— con tinned . 

31. b.l. 16°, London, H. Midleton for 

Cliarde. 1586, 
Baccalaur^at (Le) fis scienccH, i^sam€ c 

coniiaisaimees esigSes par le programme o 

ciel. 3 V. 13°. Paris, V. kasson f} 

[ei] G. Masson, 1864-73. 



Baohelder (John B.) Ge6tjsbnrg. iii-viii, 

148 pp. 31.9 pi. I map fold, 8°. Boston, J. 

B. Bacheldsr, ISrZ. 
IlliiBlraSed tourist's guide of the United 

Statee. luuluditig Gettysburg. Sv in I. 

viii, 143, 82 pp. iucl. 2 maps, 1 pi. 9 pi. I map 

fold. 8". Boston, J. B. Baclielder, 1873. 
— Popular resorts la the United States. 

192 pp. 8°. Boiloii, J.B. Bachdder, 1874, 
Same. [3d ed.] 381 pp. frant. 1 map. 

8o. Bo$ton,J.B. Baclielder, )875. 
Bacon (George Blagdeu). Siam. Eag. title, 

viii, 347 pp. 33 pi. 1 map. 12°. ffeic York, 
:rib«er, Armstrong .J-co. 1873. 


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England churches. S p. 1. 7-485 pp. 8 pi. 

3 maps, 2 ports. 12°. New Vorlc, Harper ^ 

brothers, 1874. 
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2e 6d. viii, 471 pp. 12°. Paris, Didier St 

cie. 18(56. 
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pp. 12°. Neic York, aathor,}875. 
Baei (Mrs.'B.T.) Irene; or, beach hroketi 

billows. 175 pp. 12°. Sew York, auUiors 

publishing co. 1875. 
Bagby (Geo. W.) For Virginians only. By 

Moses Adams [pssud.] 123 pp. 16°. PliU- 

adeipkia, J. B. Lippiaeotl ^ co. 1874. 
Bagehot (Walter). Lombard street, viii, 

359 pp. 12°. W™ York, ScriiiteT, Arm- 

airong Sr CO. 1874. 
BaUey (Henry D. B.) Local tales and his- 

torieal sketcbea. 431 pp. port. 12°. fM- 

kiU Landing, [N.Y.^ J. fr. Spaight, 1874. 
Bailey (James M.) Life in Danbury. 6th 

thousand. 303pp. 7 pi, 16°. Boston, Shep- 

ard 4- am, 1S73, 
Bailey (John Eglinglon). Life of Thomas 

Fuller, iivi, 800 pp. 12 pi. Sports. (Sin facs.) 

Bailey (John Eglington)— rontinued. 

6 face, pi, 1 plan, 1 tab. 8°. London, B. JW. 

Pickering, 1874. 
I Bailey (Samuel W.) Nfihbion. svii, 698 pp. 

8f. CambTidge,[Ms'\ J. mison 4- son, IB74 
I Bailey (W.T.) RiehfioW springs. 3S7 pp. 

inel. 2p1. 2 pi. 12°, New York,-A. S. Barnes 

4-eo. 1874. 
BaUlie (Wrs. — ), Sail to Smyrna, iv, 253 

pp. 6 pi. ia°. London, Lungmans, Green 

Sf CO. 1873. 
Bain (Alexander, Z(.rf.) Mind anfl body, 2 

p. 1.196 pp. 12°. Weio York, D. Appleton S; 

CO. 1873. 

[iNTERNATroNAL Edeutlfle KBrJes, no. 4]. 
Baird (Spencer Fullerton), Brewer (Thomas 

M.) and Ridgway (Robert). History of 

north americBU birds. 3 v. 4°. Boston, 

Little, Brnten, ^ eo. 1874. 
Baker (D. W. C.) Brief history of Texas. 

SOOpp. incl. I port. 12°. ffeio York. A. S. 

Barnes Sc CO. 1873. 
Texas serapJiook. 657 pp, 26 pi. 8°. 

New York, A. S. Barnes .f- co. [1875]. 
laker (George), History and antiquities ot 

Northampton. 2 v. 1 p.l 780 pp ; 2p.l, 

343 pp. .39 pi. fol. London, J. B. Niebols 

* son,and J. Roduxtl, 1832-41, 
Baker (George A. jr.) Point lace and dia- 
monds. Poems. 13d pp. 10 pi, sq. 16". 

New York. F. B. Patterson, 1875. 
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Eng. title, 248 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, Lee 4^ 

Skepard, 1875. 

Maideniiood series. 16°. Boston, Lee 

If Sliepard.iSTb. 

Temperance drama 230 pp. 10°. 

Boston, Lee 4" Sbepard, 1874. 
— ; editor. Ballmls of beauty. I67pp.incl. 

40pl. sm.4°. Boston, Lee Sf Shepard, 1875. 
Reading clnb and handy spealtur. 

Selections in prose and poetry, [etc.] No. 1. 

iv,92pp. 16°. Boston, Lee 4- Shepard, 1874. 
Same. No. 2. 106 pp. 16°. 

Boston. Lee if- Shepard, 1875. 
Baker ( Mrs. Harriet Newell Woods). Little 

princess. Hy ■ ' Aunt Hattie " Lpseiirf. ] 224 

pp. 18°, New York, Nelson 4- Phillips, 

Baker (ITeary Barton). French society from 

the Fronde to the great revolntlon. 2 t. 

Tiii,334pp; iv,340pp. 13°. London, R. 

Bentley ^ son, 1874. 

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Baker (Osmon Clearder, d.d,) A gnide-book 
in tlie adminlstr&tioo of the disoipliue of the 
metbodiat episcopal ohmch. BeTised by bish- 
op Harris. 253 pp. JG". New York, Ndson 
4-PmUps, 1873. 

Baker (_SiT Samnel W.) IsmailJa, oarratiTB 
of the espedUion to oentrol Afrleib for the 
suppression of the slave trade. 2 v. viii, 447 
pp. 1 map. 3 porla. on 2 pi. 20 pi ; viii, 58H 
pp. 2 ports. 1 map, 38 pi. 8°. London, Mac- 
millan rf' bo. 1874. 

Baker (William M.) Mose Evans. 3p.]. 
317 pp. 12°. We,o Yoth, Hurd Sf Houghti 

Baker (William S.) Origin and antiqnity of 
engrayin^. 10 pp. 1 1.9-62 pp. SO heliolype 
pi. 3 lieliotypeports. Bm.4-. Boston, J. R. 
Osgood 4- cff. 1875. 

Bail {Rev. T. H.) Lalio county, Indiana, 
from 1834 to 1872. 1 p. 1. 364 pp. I map. 
12°. Chicago, J. W. Goodspeed, 1S73. 

Ballade : scotlish and english. [anan. ] 111. 
title, Tlli,472 pp. S pi. 12^, EdMargh, W. 
P. m-mmo, [1873]. 

Ballantjrne (Robert Michael), Man on the 
ooHan. 363 pp. 7 pi, 16=". Lourfon, T. Wei- 
son # sobs, 1874. 

Balmee {Rev. Jaime Luciano). Criterloo, 
Translated by a catholic priest. 331 pp. 12". 
NeiB YoTk, P. O'Skea, 1875. 

Balthassar de Medina. Chronica de la santa 
provincia de San Diego de Mexico. Yidas de 
illvBtres, y venerahles vaiones, que la ban odi- 
fira^lo [etc.] Eng. title, 22 p. 1. 259 I, i;mnb, 
10 1. 1 map. am. fol. Mexico, J. de Ribero, 

iqrJieBt specimf 

VIda, martyrio, y beatifioaei 

tjc san Felipe de Jesus. 2da impi 

p. 1.176 pp. 1 port. ld°. Madrid, IteredeTOS 

de ta siuda de J. G. Infamoa, 1751. 

Balzac (Honors de). Contes drolatiques. 
Droll stories. Translated into en^liah. With 
designs by Doi6. siii,65l pp. incl. IDS pi. 
12°. London, Cliatto # Windus, 1874. 

Bancroft (Charles) Footprints of time. 67J 
pp. 11 pi. 8°. Bwtinston, loiea, B. T. Root, 

Same. [2ded.] 734 pp. 4 pi. I port. 

8°. BnrUngton, K. T. Root, ]875. 

Bancroft (George). Hislory of the United 
States. V. 10. 8°, Boston, LitUc. Brown, 
4- CO. 1974-75. 

a reTolntioD. v. 4, fana] Geni 
>ft'B hitWry of the UulM Sint 

Baring- Go'iiM. 

Bancroft (Hubert Howe). Native races of 
the Pacific states of North America, v. 1-4. 
8°. San Francisco, antkor, 1874-75. 

.. Catalogue 
ino-or], IS. A. 

Edited by I. S. 
le. 8°. Nev) 
vgaziae and sta- 

Bangor [ Me.'] library associatio 

of books. 244 pp. 8°. [i 

Suit, 1873. 
Banker's almanac fof IS74. I 

Homans. 93d annual volume 

YotIc, office of the Bunker' 

tistical register^ [1874]. 
Same. 94tlL annual volume. 

Vork, Ranker' s magazine, li87^-]. 
Same. 2ded. 8°. New York, Bank- 
er's magazine, [1875]. 
Same. 3d ed. 8°. New York, Banker's 

magaziiie, [1875]. 
Banvard (John, artisi). Private life of a 

king. Suppressed memoirs of the prince of 

Wales, afterwards George IV, [etc.] 671pp. 

13°. iVeifi York, Ulerarg and art puMisHng 

CO. 1875. 
Banvard (Joseph, d. d. ) Old Grips and little 

Tid. 146 pp. I pi. 18''. New York, V. D. 

Ward, 1873. 
Barbler (Antoine Alexandre). Dictionnaire 

des ouvrages anonymes. 3e 6A. Suite de 

la 2e M. des Supercheries litt^raires par J. 

M.Qu6rard. v. 1-3. A-L. 2 p. l.xlv, 1130 

col i 2 p. 1. 1 160 <!ol. 8°. Paris, P. Daffis, 

Bard {Dr. Kiehard). Exegetical work on 

prophecy. 5 p. 1. 5-185 pp. 13°. [Detl- 

tter. Col.] 1873. 
Bardsley {Rev. Charles Wareing). Our eng 

lish surnames. i,.-)43 pp. 12°. London, 

Ckattof Ifindus, [1874]. 
Baret (John, of Caius college, Cambridge). 

Alvearie or triple dictionarie, in englishe, 

latin, and freneh. Eng. title, 5 p. 1. 3 

numb. ci. [etc.] fol. [Zondun, 1573]. 
Baring.Ck>uId(i<eii. Sabine), Inesitu Israel. 

All historical novel. 3 v. iii,29Spp; 

l.:S27 pp. 16°. London, Maemillan ^ 

Legends of old testament characters. 

2 v. xii,237pp; viii, ^7 pp. 

don, Maemillan 4- CO. 1871. 

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Bating- Gould ( ali a )— q an il 

Lives of th n F b ua ang 

8v. 12°. La aa J H d lbi-5 

-— - — ~ Lost and hostile gospels. xxxii, 305 
pp. 12°. London, Williams 4' Norgale, 

Yorkshire oddities, ioeideula, and 

strange events. 3 v. 3p.].279pp; 3 p. 1. 
371 pp. 12°. London, J. Hodges, 1874. 

Barker (Fordyee, m. d.) Puorporal diaoases. 
xiii, 526 pp. 8=, Neio York, D. Appleton Sf 
CO. 1874. 

Barley loaves. Sm Hattlejr (Mrs. Emily). 

Barnatd (Fiederick Augustus FoTter, edilar). 
Johnson's new nniversai oyclopsedia, v. ], 
1874. Sen Johnson (A. J. 4- son). 

Barrett (fieu. Benjamin F.) Golden city. 
253 pp. 130, PhUaddphia, Claxton, Eem- 
sen 4 Haffeifinger, 1874. 

Barrett (Res. Selah Hibbard, editor). Mem- 
oirs of eminent preaeliera in the freewill bap- 
tist denomination. 304 pp. 1 pi. 12°. BiU- 
land, Ohio, S. H. Barrett, [ltj?4]. 

Barrows (Albert Bradburo). Roland of Al- 
gemouand otherpoems. 207 pp. port. 13°. 
Boston, A. B. BBTToas, 1875. 

Barry (Herbert). Ivaoatbome. iii-xvi,3a2pp. 
8pl. 8°. LBndon,tkep«bl.comp.i_ae.-]m-!% 

Bariy{T. A.)andPatten(B. A.) Meo and 
memories of San Francisco, in the "spring 
of '50". 296 pp. 12^. saa Frandsai, 
A. L. Bancrofi S^ CO. iS73. 

Bartholomew (John). Zeil's descriptive 
hand atlas of the world. Eng. title, xii, [174], 
103pp.41.of pl.35doublemaps. fol. Phil- 
adelphia, T. E. Zdl, 1873. 

Bartlett (Mrs. C. A.) Lillie Ray. [AIbo, 
Eva, the prairie ftower]. 267 pp. 1 port. 
12°. Hanford, Case, Lockmood <f Brainard 
CO. 1374, 

Bartlett (John). Familiar quotations, 7th 
ed. xv:,864pp. 12=. Boston, lAtlle, Brou>n 
Sf CO. 1875, 

Bartlett (John Rnssell). Soldiers' nat 
cemetery at Gettysbarg. iv, 109 pp. I pi. 2 
map8,aporla. 4°. Frovidence.lR. L] Ptov 
idenre press co.for the hoard of commissionen 
of the soldiers' national cemetery, 1874. 

Bartol (Cyrus Augnatns, d. d.) The risiog 
faith. 2p.l.3a6pp. 16°. Boston, Eoberts 
brothers, 1874. 

Baachet (Armand). Le roi chez la reine, < 
histoire secr&te du mariage de Louis XiII 

Baschet (Armand)— coutiiraed. 

Anne d'Autriche. 26 60. 2 p. 1. 515 pp. 
'. Fans, H. Plon, 1866. 
Baeoom (John). Philosophy of etiglisli lit- 
erature, xii, 318 pp, 13°. NeiB York, O. 

P. Putnam's sons, 1874. 
Bastian (Henrj Charlton, m. d.) Beginnings 

of life. 2 V. xixv, 475 pp ; si, 640, civ pp. 

13°. London, MacmiUan 4- eo. 1872. 
On paralysis from brain disease, xv, 

340 pp. 12°. London, Macmillan Sr co. 

BasUat (Frederic). Essays on political econ- 

omy. [4th (people's) ed.] iv,334 pp. 16°. 

London, Provost # Co. [IS74]. 
Bate (C. Spenee,/. r. s.) and Westwood 

(John Ofaadiah,m.».) History of the brit- 

ish sessile-eyed Crustacea. 2 v. Ivi, 507 pp; 

Ip. I. 536 pp. 8°. London, J, Van Voorst, 

J 863-68. 
Bates (Samuel P.) Battle of Gettysburg. 

336 pp. 20 pi. inol. 13 ports. 8°. PhiladeU 

phia, T. H. Davis # eo. 1875. 
Martial deeds of Pennsylvania. Author's 

ed. 1116pp. 4niape, 2pl. 74port».on46pl. 

8°. Fkiladdpliia, T.H. DavisStco. 1875. 
Battey (Thomas C.) Life and adventures ot 

a quaker among the Indiana, xii, !)-339 pp. 

7 ports. 1 pi. 12°, Boston, Lee rf- Skepiird, 

Baudelaire (Charles Pierre). CEavres com. 

plfeies. 7v, 16°. Paris, M.Linyfrires, 


eBrtetlgnM. a p. L 440 pp. 


extraofdlnalrei), par Edgar 

lalre. ap.t.S13pp. 

Baudrimont (Alexandre l5douard,p>-o/. ii la 
facutU des sciences de Bordeaux). Histoiredes 
Basques. Kouv. 6d. xii, v-x, 285 pp. 8°. 
Paris, STaisottneave ^ cie. 1867. 

Bauduy (Jerome K. ) Lectures on diseases of 
the nervous system. 484 pp. 8°. Phila- 
delphia, J. B. Uppincatt 4- CO. 1876. 

Bauer (Clara). At Capri. From the german 
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4- CDa(cs,[1875]. 
fr^T^^TloNAL aaries of new approyad novela, v. 

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Bauer (Clara) — eouticued. 

Must it be J By Carl Detlef [pseurf.] 

From the genotm by Ms, 134 pp. 8 pi. 8°. 
Philadelphia, J. B. Lipjnncolt Sf C' ^^7'^. 

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■i, 33(1 p 

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[CAMDENBodetypublicatioiiB, nawi!eri6a,ni>.4]. 

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Widdletoum, N. Y., "Banner of liberty " pub- 
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12°. Nev! York, J. B. Ford k co. 1872. 


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Beeolier {Rev. Hemy Waiil)— oontiuued. 

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Few York, J. B. Ford ^ eo. 1873. 

Same. 3d series, x, 326 pp. J3°. iVew 

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(ion, [1874], 
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144 pp. inc!, 45 col. majis on 661. 

York, F. IF. Beers 4 co 1874 

inol. 20 maps fol 

^ CO. 1873. 
Atlas of fehai 

67 pp, incl. 17 maps 

Beers # co. 187J 
County atlas ot Hampshire Mossatbu- 

Bette. Ip. 1.105 pp incl 34 maps, 11 lol 

NeiB York, F. IF Beers Si co 1873 
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cbusetts. 119 pp. incl. 29 col. maps on 53 1 

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incl. 41 maps. 4°. Neio York, F. IV. Beers 4 

CO. 1873. 

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pp. incl. 36 maps. fol. New York, F. W. 

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incl. 38 col. maps. 4°. Ntio York, F. W. 

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pp. incl. 33 coi. maps . fol. Nev> York, F. 

W. Beers 4 co. 1875. 
Atlas of Hunterdon co. Hew Jersey. 

Beers (Frederick W.) — eontinned. 

1 p. 1. 77 pp. incl. 27 maps. 4°. New York, 

Beers, ComsUck S; Cline, 1873. 
Atlaa of Somerset co. New Jeraey. Title, 

62 pp. incl. 19 col. maps. fol. Ficin York, 

Beers, ComstotA 4- Cline, 1873. 
County atlas of Warten, New Jersey. 

96 pp. inel. 33 col. maps on 40 1. 4°. JTeto 

York, F. IP. Beers 4 co. 1874. 
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147 pp. inol. 38 col. maps & 17 pi. fol. Ne-w 

York, Walker ^ Jewett, 1875. 
Atlas of Livingston oo. New York. 45 

pp. incl. 30 maps, 1 1, fol. Nev) York, F. 

W. Beers It co. 1872. 
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pp. inel. 93 col. maps fold. fol. Neio York, 

Beers, Coiitatock If Cliae, 1S73, 
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incl. 37 mapa, 1 1. fol. New York, F. W. 

Beers 4 co. 1873. 

Atlas of Staten Island, New York. 

Eng. title, 36 col. maps on 66 L 4°. New 
Y(n-k,J. B. Beers 4 co. 1874. 

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96 pp. incl. 36 eol. mapa. fol. Sem York, 
Walker 4 Jewett, 1875. 
County atlaa of Ulster, New York. HO 

pp. incl. 52 col. maps & 31 pi. ful. Ncin 

York, Walker 4 Jewett, 1875. 
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62 pp. incl. 26 col. maps, 3 pi. fol. Nein 

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1 p. I. 48 pp. iuci. 34 mapa, 2 1. of pi. 1 I. 

fol. New York, F. W. Beers 4 co. 1872. 
County atlas of Schuylkill, Pennsylva- 
nia 135-1- pp. inel. 69 col. maps & 24 pi. 

fol. New York, F. W. Beers if eo. 1875. 

Coanty atlas of Caledonia, Vermont. 

99 pp inel 35 col maps & 14 pi fol New 
York F » Beers 4 eo 1875 

Coanty atlas of Wash ogton V imont 

I p. L Go pp ncl 3Jmapa 11 tol ^tio 
York, F It Beers 4 co l'*73 

Beera (Gooige A ) ^ asriuea or bandit'! t 
the San Joaquin 141 pp b° Ntu>io>k 
R.M DeWOf [1875] 

Beever (Snsanna) Book ot refeiunce to re 
markablo pas ages m bhake^^eire vui 
184 pp 13'' London Bull Si nj ons & co 

eever(Re« W Holt am) Duly life of out 
farm, im J13pp mel 1 pi 12,° Lonln 
Evans Is co.mi. 

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B^gln {AbbS Louis Nazalre). Primaut^ et i 

falUibilit^ dea aooverains pontifes. 3 p. 1 

430pp. 12°. (laibec,l'i»iprimeTiedu"Ca«a. 

dim", 1873. S. 
La sainle^itureetlartlgle 3efoi. xiii. 

aSSpp. 12°. qu6bec, A. CbU ^cie.\»7i. s 
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126 pp. 16 pi. 4°. London, S^iitpldn,~~ 

ihail # CO. 1867. 
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frail fais- anglais et anglais- frangais. Bona- 

fide pocket dictionary of the frencli and eog- 

lish languages. S p. 1. x.v'i, 548 pp. 

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York, Harper 4- brotksTS, 1875. 
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Benedict (Henry Marvin) — continued. 

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lMpf4- Hartel, 1867. 

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pp. 3 pi. 16°. JVew York, fParren ^ (Fyman, 

[Five bmidced dollai' prlae eeriea o! lllustrsted 

Benu-Walsh (^r John, lord OrmatiiwaiU). 
Astronomy and geology compared. 4 p. 1. 
17! pp. 13°. London, J. Msirriiy, 1872. 

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shliB, V. «]. 

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tentrional. 3 V. fol. Mexico, A. Valdez, 




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gernian, & english printers' marks. 1 p.l. 
100 pi. on 60 1. 36 pp. 8°. London, E. Kns- 
col, 1866C-69]. 

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Berkeley (George, d. d. bishop of Cloync). 
Writings of bishop Berkeley hitberto unpub- 

[/B FRAZEE (A. C.) Life and Isttei^a of (leoi^ 
Berkalej, d. d. B°. Caford, mil. pp.417-a58j. 

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pression. 53B pp. incl. front. 12°, Shelby, 
O. [Chicago primed'], S. 8. Bloom, 1875, 

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¥or!c, G. W. Carleton ^co.lSJi. 

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frflii EgyptBU, Sioai ooh Palestina, 1859- 
1860. 5euppl. 3p, 1. 431pp. 15 pi. 2 maps. 
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structive arehil«ctnre, 2 p, I. 75 pi. front, 
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Wooden and brick buildings with de- 
tails. 2 V. 4 p. I. pi. l-eO, 15 1. uap. front ; 
4 p. I. pi. 81-160, 131. nnp. front. 4°. New 
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county of Gloaceater. 2 v. iu I, viii, 632 
pp. 23 pi i 2 p. i. 312 pp. II pi. fol. ton- 
doa, J. Nichols, for R. Bigland, of f messier, 

ifols,— This oopyhaa pp. 353-312 In v. 2, not men- 
tioned la Lowndes or Upeott. The work was 
never coinpleted, tlie elty of aloneeHtei being one 
of Its principal tleaoienci^a. 

Billing;3 (John S.) Report of the hygiene of 
the U. S. army, lis, 567 pp. 13 pi, 1 map. 4°, 
Waahingiaa, goverainent priiiiing' o^ce, 1875. 

[Uniteo States, War dcparimml. {Sm-gam gm- 
fl-ai'.ajce). ClreuUrno.B]. 
BUUngely (fleB. A. 8.) From the flag to the 

cross. 1 p. 1. 429 pp. 21 pi. 8°. FhiUdsl- 

phia,BeiB-ieorld jmblishing co. 1872. 
Biographical encyolopffidia of Pennsylvania 

of the nineteeuth century. 672 pp. 215 ports. 

4°. Philadelphia, Galaxy publishing co.l^i. 

Jfoie. -Edited by Charles Kobaon. 
Bird (fi«E. Isaac). Bible work in bible lands. 

433pp. 12=". Philadelphia, Presbyterian board 

of publication, im'i']. 



Protection against fire, and 
ua of puttiog out fires, iv, 376 
New Yorh, Hurd ^ Hoagkton, 

Bird (Mary Atherstone), Winifred's jewels. 
340 pp. front, 13°. PhiUdelphia, H. N. 
McKinney frco. [1875]. 

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Eng. title, 374 pp.1 pi. 12°, Boston, D. 
Lothrop Srco. 1873. 
{THOnsANB dollar priae eeriaB]. 

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bible, ixili, 433 pp. 1 tab. B". NeiB York, 
A. D.F.Randolph 4- CO. [1673], 

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3 p. 1. 468 pp. 8°. Xojidon, Longmans, 

History of the commonwealth of Eng- 
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pulsion of the long parliament by Cromwell : 
being omitted chapters of the history of Eng- 
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Guide to Switzerland and the Italian 

lakes. 8 p. 1. 170 pp. 10 maps. 16°. Lon- 
don, S, Lout, Marston, Loio It Searle, [1874]. 

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16°. New York, E. P. Button^ CO. i873. 

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3 V. 12°, London, S. Low son ^ MarsUin, 

Princess of Thule. 3d ed. 3 y. 12°. 

London, Maciitillaa ^ co, 1874. 

Strange adventures of a phaeton. 3d 

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the story of the passion play, i p. I, 167 pp. 
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Marston. 1870. 

Harz moantaius. 184 pp. incl. 9 pi, 

8°. London, S. Lout, Marston, Low 4- Searle, 

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Yorle,.T. M. Stevenson, 1874. 

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hanna county, Pennsylvania, xi, 640 pp. 
incl. 1 pi, 22 pi. 6 maps. 8°, Pliiladdphia, 
Claxtoa, Remscn 4- EaffelJlngeT, 1873. 

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16°. EdinbursI', W. Blackwood ^ sons, 1873. 
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througtiont nature. 240 pp. 13°. NetoYork, 

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TraduetioQ fran^aise et texte aganaia Buivia 

da not«s par ra. Reinhold Kehler. a p. 1. 

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inul. 10 pi. 1 map. 8°. Ncvj York, Harper 4" 

brothers, iSTi. 
Blabfl (Jonathan). Historj of the town of 

Warwick, Mass. to 1854. 240 pp. port. Igo. 

Boston, Noyes, Holmes ^ co. 1873. 

iVble.— CoBlinnsd to tlie present lima by ray. John 
Uoldshnry and deaoon Herysj Barber. 
Blake (Lillie DeTerenit:), Fettered for life. 

379 pp. 19°. New York, Sheldon 4- CO. 187i. 
Blapc (Charles). L'art dans la parure et dans 

le Yfitement. 2 p. 1. 376 pp. 2 col. pi. 8". 

Faris,librairie Renoaard, 1875. 
Grammar of painting and engraving. 

From the freneh by Kate Newell Doggett. 

XX, 330pp.inol.16pl. 8°. Nein York, Hard 

4' HotigiMn, 1874. 



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Same. Ecole flam and e. 3 p. 1.30, [488] 

pp. 41. fol. Paris, veuve J. Benouard, 1868. 

Same. ' fioole franjaise. 3 v. fo!. 

Paris, veuve J. Benouard, 1863-65. 

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20,[3763pp; 3 p. 1. [380], 41 pp. 1 I. fol. 

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Same. Ecole ombrienne et romaine. 

ap.l. 16, [363] pp.41, fol. Paris, veave J. 

Benomrd, 1870. 

[ Willi hia HISTOIRE dee pelaties da toutes les ^aoles. 
fimla bolonajae. fel. F^ls, lliraine RmimaTd, 
1874 1 . 
Same, fieole vfiaitienne [et italienne]. 

3p.i.]6,[268J,60pp.l 1. fol. Paris.vsuve 

J. Renouiird, 1868. 
L'lBavte de Eemtirandt dScrit at com- 

mentiS, GataloKUe vaiaonnd da tflutes lee 

eetampes du maStre et de ses peintares. 2 v. 

3 p. I. viii, 316 pp. ino). 31 pi. I 1. 35 pi ; 3 p. 1. 

308pp, i l.20pl.8porta. 4°. Paris,A, L^g, 

and others, Histoire des peintres de 

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nouard, 1869. 

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Blano, Mantz, and Demmlti — continned, 
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y Google 




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3. Spall 

-FUgbt of iBiil 

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y Google 



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y, l-S. Lb! 
v.S-i. Lob 

p. 19 pi ; : 


Bradley (Mar 

4 pp. 


Bradley (S. 1 
of comparati' 

\ G. compiler). Golden gei 
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^ssBuger,/. r. c. s.) Mannal 
B anatomy and physiology. 3d 

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Hoiliind, the United Proviuees, England, 

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[£miA)»], 1844. 

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[pseud,] lp.L3S0pp. 1874 
PeraoDal remrnlBoencen by BBrham Haruesa 

BDdBoadei-. 335 pp. 1876 
mo GrBTllte memofra, by C C F firei iUe li 

346 pp. lff?5. 

"" " '■-■■---,, xvl, 339 pp. 4 porlB. 187S. 

snoea Qf O'Keefe, Kelly, and 


nb, Hazhi 

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3 ] 

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Waldea, 1873. 
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mineralogy, iv pp, 1 1, 104 pp 8° New 

York. J. iri% 4- son, 1875. 

iVote— The lables connisl of double leavea, anfl ara 
nnmbered SS-SS, forming 36 tables on 7S I. 

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gallery. Series of fac-similea of drav/ings, 

m der pbysi- 
li, 433 pp. 

; presence, 


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™. iPiatiers 

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°. Montreal 


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i'.3,no. Itov 

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■n Haly. 

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^□Eir.— Attnbuted (0 MIeb Dodgson and to Caaou 
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I. fol. 

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Cincuenta anos de la vida 

1. [»«o».] lp.l.xvii,3- 

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pp. J I. I map. 

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de Andres Casaar 

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■wood, 1875, 
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Poesias dominioanas eacojidas por J. Caste- 
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pp.11; 329pp.ll. 8". Farts, chez les prin- 
eipanx l^raires, 1 847. 
[Imperfect t S 1. duel. OUe-paga) of v. 1 wanlingl. 

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Caylus(Aiine-Claude-Philippede'Cubiflres, da 
Grimoard, de Pestels, deLevi, eomtede), Ee- 
cueil de trois cents t6tes et sujets de composi- 
tion, d'apr^s les pierres gravies antiques du 
cabinet dn roi, 2 p. 1. 1 pi. 300 pi. on 150 1. 
4°. [Paris, Basan, aliotit 1775]. 

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mans. 167 pp. 12°. NewYork, D.Appleton 
^ CO. 1875. 

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^anon.i 255 pp. 16°. Loudon, Chatto 4- 

Century of independence : documents and 
statistics: also, a chronological record, 
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dianapolis, \_C%ncinnati ■printed'], J. R. Hussey 
^™. 1876. 

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8°. Paris, OaiUaumin ^ eie. 1874. s. 

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simples et precises suT le papier monnoie, 
[etc.] Sp. 1.127pp. 12°. Paris, Deseune 

fMlSCELLAKEODS pamphlela, v. 1025 ! 4]. 

Cesnola {Gen. Luigi Palma dl). Antiquities 
' of Cyprus discovered. Photographed by S. 

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Ceanola (_Gen. L. P. di)— continnei^, 

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seU 4- CO. 1873. 

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Ip.l.r-363pp. 16°. Nm York. B. L. Hm- 
tott, JST4. 

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dustry. 2p. 1. 105, xsipp. 16°. Boston, Lee 
^ Shepard, JS75, 

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urbs. 468 pp. incl. 11 pi. [map. 8°, Chi- 
cago, T. A. HHngtrford4-co. 1874. 

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next of kin, [etc.] 3d ed, revised and greatly 
enlarged. By E, Presl«u. 1 p. 1. 411 pp. 
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CIiambtis8(Rec. J. E.) Hew. Authentic, 
Complete. Tiie life and labors of David Liv- 
ingstone,[etc.] 805pp. incl. 81 pi. 1 port. 3 
fees. ] map. 8°. Fhiladdphia, HMard 
bras. [1875]. 
JVoIfi.— Imperfcol ! 1 pi, wanting. 

Chambrun (Adolpbe, marquis de). Executive 
power in the United States. From the freneh 
by mrs. Madeleine Vinton Dahlgren. S88, 
15 pp. 12". LancasteT, Fa. laipiirer ea. 

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EUcnj Channifng, d. d.) Thorean. sii, 357 

pp. 16°. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1873. 
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political, and literary travels in Russia, 1788 

& 1789. From the freneh. 3 v. viii, 331! vi,316pp. 2pl. Imap. 8°. Perth, 

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8°. CmnMdgcll&a,] RivnTside press, \f9Si . 
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teaiferaace sac, 4- pabl. house, 187.'). 
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gow. 3d6d. 6 p. 1.390 pp. 3 1. 3 pi. 2 mapB. 

16°. 6/asgow, R. Chapman, mS. 
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repi-feentative de toua lea pays oivilisSs, xi, 

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[Morville serias]. 
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F. Buisson, 1806. 

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16". Boston, B.Lothi-ap 4- eoASTS. 
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212 pp. 4 pi. 16°. Boston, Lee ^ Shepard, 


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J8''. Boston, Lee 4- Sliepard, 187b. 

dierbiiliez (Victor). Comte Kostio. 4e 6d. 

3 p. 1. STB pp. 12P. Paris, Haekette ^ cte. 

La gruDd tsiivra. 9 p. 1. 299 pp. 16°. 

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I p. 1.28a pp. 26°. New York, H. 





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the Chetham soeASio-7S. 

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pp. 18<^. Nem York, 0, P. Putnam's sons, 

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4 CO. 1871. 

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incl. I port. 12°. Neie York, Sarper ^ 

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London, Longmans, 1875. 
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Londim, R. 

Be.ntUy 4 son, 1871. 

iVoie.— Wsuting title and oontents to v. 1. 
Life and letters of captain Marryat. 

3v, xi.aeOpp; v}i,300pp. 13°. London, 

R. Btnttey f son, 1872. 
Prey of the gods. 3 v. 16°. London, 

R. Beatley ^ son, 1871, 
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Cinelll Calvoll (Giovanni). Biblioteca vo 

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Sanoaaeaui. 4 v, 4°, Venecia, G. Albriai, 

q. GiTolamo, 1734-47. 
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vii-3l9pp.9pl. 16°, Philadelphia, J. B. 

Lippincotl 4 i^<*- 1875. 
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ly. By Max Adaler, [pseud.] Eng. title, 398 

pp. iucl. 8 pi. 13°. PhOaidphia, " To-day" 

publishing co. 1874. 
OIark(Edward L.) Israel in Egypt. xvi,9- 

353 pp. incl, 15 pi, 8°. mw York, Nelson j- 

Phillips, 1874. 

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Clark (Frauk E.) Our vacations : where to 

go,liow to go, and how to enjoy them. 908 

pp. JS°. Boston, Estee •]■ Lauriat.lSTi. 
Clarb;{JHi-s. H. K. U.) Teachings of tlie^ea. 

liy A. C. Tiavelsr [psead.-i 399 pp. 12°. 

Shh Fraiiciaeo, A. L. Baar.Toft <f- co. 1874. 
Clark (RcD. Peter, o.™,,prtsiur in Saleni). A 

del'cuue of the diTine rights of infaut-baptiam. 

] p. 1. vj, '15;! [+1] pp. 3 1. ia°. Boston, S. 

Kmclavd, 1753. 
Claik {Itiifus W.d.d.) Worlt of God 



. Moody tuiil 
)1875. 37Ipp.ind.3porla. 
^'oio rori, Harper <?■ brotliers. 

Grout Ui 


& 1 pi. 12°. 

Clark (Wiilmm M. compiler). Modal dia- 
logues. 37J pp. 13". Pkiladelpliia, J. W. 

Daii^hadoj i^- (M.ilS7i'i. 
Claike (Edwai'd, of Idiicoln's /mm). Treatise 

on tlie iaiv of exti'aaitiou. ad ed. xvi, 194, 

clxxvi pp. 8°. Loudon, Steeens 4' Maijncs, 

ClaTko(Ei]ward Hammond, IB. rf.) Thabnild- 

ing <jf n bvaio, 153 pp. 16". Boston, J. R, 

(hgood.^- CO. ie7i. 

- Sex i: 

181 p] 

(on, X 11. Osgood ^ CO. 1873. 
Clarke (Fmult Wiggles wortli, s.h.) Co 
stante of nature. Fart I. SpeciSc gravitie 
vii, 263 pp. S"^. Wiishiagloa, SMiii/isowinn i 
stitution, 1873, 
ISHtrHSOSiAN iQisceUnneouB oQlkcaoaH, v. IS, a 

Clarke ( Mrs, HoDry 81eele). Maible preach i 
Eog. title, 476 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Boston, ; 
Lolhrop tp CO. 1S73. 

Clarke (William Nelson) — coutluued. 
■rii,307 pp.6 pedigrees. 4°. Orford, W. 
BaxtcT,for J. Parker, [etc.] 13-34. 
Clavol (Adolphe, m. d.) Lcs races liuinaiiies. 
2 p. 1.431 pp. 8°. Paris, ToaUt-Malassis 
■t De Broise, 1860. 
Cla'vlgero(FraueisooXavier). Historia do la 
antigua 6 baj a California, Trad ucida del ita 
liano por don Nicolas Garcia de Sau VincBiite. 
4p.l.T,352pp. 3 pi. 6°. M6jicv,J. R.Nit- 

Jfofe.— Oontalns al50: Ra^aoion lilatnrlea da In vifln 
oisco P^i, p^ 126-253. 
Clemena (Samnel Langhotne) and Waiiier 
(Charles Dudley). Gilded ago. 576 pp. 20 
pi. 8°. Sarlfard, aniericaa piMinhing co. 
Clemeul: (Mrs. Clai-a Erskino). Piuntere, 
soalptots, arohitocta, engi'avers, and their 
works. xii.eSl pp. inci. 9pL lii°. Iteio 
York, Hard # Eonghtou, 1874. 
Clercq (Alexandre de). Eecueil dcs traitSs do 
Franco. JO v. S^. I''iris,Amyot,\8C)i-Ti. 

10. 1887-ieTS. 

3. 1816-1 83a 
5. 16^3-1845! 

Clergy directory of tlie clergy of the church of 
England. 1875. [5th od,] I'P. London, 
T. SosKorth, 1876. 
Cleveland ( Cecilia) ■ 


" Thdr children." 414 pp. 3 pi. 16°. 
Boston, D. Lotkrop ^ co. [1875]. 

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riiligion. 443 pp. 12°. Boston, J. B. Os. 
good .;■ CO. 1874. 

and Clarke (Lilian). Exotica; at- 
tempts to domoBticate them. By J. F. C. and 
h. C. [oMon.] 141 pp. 18°. Boston, J. 
II. Osgood f CO. 1875. 

Clarke(Joha, missioBfirj). Specimens of dia 
letfs : apd notes of countries in Africa. 10' 
pp. 6°. BcTtnick-upoa-TiBced, D.Caattron 

Clarke (JameaF.iti.f.c.s.) Autobiographical 
rocoUectiona of the medical profession, xv, 
537 pp. 13". London, J. ^ A. CharcliUt, 1874. 

Clarke {William Nelson). Parochial topog- 
raphy of the hundred of Want! 

274 pp. 3 pi. 
'. 1874. 

CIevelaiia(fioB. 1 
Poem. 300 pp. 
sun, 1375. 

Clevelanfl (Ho 

Nmo York, G. W. Carlctan 

•a). Bible sketches. 
Boston, A. Sludge ,i- 


W. S.) Landscape archi- 
tecture, as applied to the wants of the west. 
3 p. 1. 1H47 pp. 16°. Chicago, Jmsat, Mc- 
Clurg # CO. 1873, 

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ixiii, 766 pp. 7 1. 16 pi. 1 map. 8°. Pcnn 
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method of govei'ument surveying. 300 pp. 
1 pi. 16°. Sem York, D. Fan Nostrand, 

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of an angler : rambles among tho moantaina 
of Wales, [etc.] si!,254pp. 16°. London, 
Hamiltoa, Adams 4' co. 1870, 

Cliiie Si McHame. People's guide. A di- 
rectory of Bartholomew co. Iiid. 400 pp, 8", 


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Cline & MaHafQe — eontiiineJ. 
Indianapolis, Indianajiolii) priuliiig if jiiibliak- 
isg hoti$6, 1374. 

Same. A flireotovy of Hamilton co. 

Ind. 412 pp. 1 1. 8°. Indianapolis, India- 
nnpolis prinling ^ piUiHsliing honse, 1874. 

Same. A difBotorr of Hendrioks co. 

Inil. 400 pp. S°. ladianapolis, Indiana- 
potis pHuling ^puitishiag house, 1874, 

Same, A directory of JohnBon oo. Ind. 

400 pp. 8°, Indianapolis, Indianapolis print- 
ing tf- jiablisking house, 1374. 

Same. A directory of Marion eo. Iiid. 

600 pp. 1 map. 8". ladianapolis, Indiana- 
polis printing ^- publishing home, 1874. 

Same. A directory of Morgan co. Ind. 

406pp. 8°. Indianapolis, Indianapolis print- 
ing ^ publishing havse, 1874. 

Same. A directory of Vermillion oo. Ind. 

400 pp. 8°. IiidianapoUs, Indianapolis print- 
ing ^' publishing house, ISi 4. 

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li, 118 pp. front. 16°. Loaduii, Maemilhin 
4- CO. 1S73. 

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1 p. 1. 462 pp, 8°. Daeenport, Iowa, Day, 
Egbert ^- Fidlar, 1873, 

Same. 3d ed. 3 p.l. 514, iii pp. 8°. 

Davenport, Zoum, Bag, Egbert if- Fidlar, 1873. 

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iiud antiquitjefl of the county of Hertford. 
3 V, (coiitainiugSipl.) fol. London, Nichols, 
son ^ Beniley, [e(c ] 1815-^7 

CobbCMaiyL.) Poetieal d amaa f lome 
and school. ]!K» pp J 6" Boston Lee if 
Shepard, 167a 

Cobbe (Thomaa) H st y ot the n rman 
kiugB of Euglimd xe 3o7 pp 1'* tab on 
8 I. 8°. London, Longmans, ISdit. 

Cobden club essays. Local govei'ninent and 
tasfttion. EditedbyJ. W. Pi-ohyn, vi, 454 
pp. 8°. London, Cassell, Fetter ^- Galpin, 

Cooliem (Maitin vou). Das leben unser 
beu herrn und heilandes Josns Chi'isttis iind 
seiner jungfraalicheu mutter Maria, 
front, col. title, 4 p. I. ivi, 1031 pp. incl. 1 pi. 7 
pi. 8°. Einsiedcln, gebr. C. 4' N. Beaziger, 

Cochrane (A1es:auder Bundas Hoss Wisbart 
Baillie). Francis the first, and other historic 
studies. 2v. ix, 280pp; 2p.l.a98pp. 12°. 
London, Hurst ^ Biatkett, 1870. 


Gocltei* (B.,i(. (?.) Tbcistic concep- 

tiouofthewofia. 4aCpp, n°. NcxoYork, 

Harper <?■ brothers, ]375i 
Cookerell (Charles Eobert),rtMiiolAors. Aii:i 

quities of Athens and other places in Qreeco, 

Sicily, etc. 61pp,55ph foh London, 

FriesUoy ^ Weule, 1830. 
Codman ( John, d, d.) Narrative of a visit to 

England. iv,9-348pp. IG"., Boston, Fer- 

Mns <(■ Marvin, 1836, 
Codman (^Capt. John), Tiie mormon conn- 
try. 2 p,h 225 pp. 10 pi. 1 map. 12°, Nein 

York, United etafes patiliahing co. 1374. 
Coffiu (Charles Carleton), Caleb Krinltle. 

TiLSOOpp, 13. Boston. Lee <f Shcpard, 

Following the flag. Bj "Carleton" 

Ipssud.'] Tiii, 336 pp, 8 pi. HP. Boston, 

•ndcnar 4- Fielils, 1865. 
My days and nights on the battle field. 

By "Carleton" [pseud-l viii, 31'i pp. 8pl. 

16°. Boston, Tiehnor ^ Fields, lS6i. 
CofSu (Robert S.} Oriental liarp. [anon.'] 

Eng. title, 4 p, 1, 13-354 pp. 8". I'roBidence, 

Smith 4 Farinenter, 1830. 
Cohen. (Henry). Guide de Tamatear de livres 

^ vignettes du XVIlle sifecle. 9o 6i. xvi, 273 

pp. front, 8°. Paris, P. RoaqaeUe, 18i'3, 
Calange (L, editor). Hational encyelopedja. 

is, 1009 pp. 8^. New York .J- Philaddphw, 

national enq/clopedia pablishiug co. 1873. 
Colbert {Mrs. Laura A.) Broken lines and 

sonthem soldiers. 259pp, 13°. Naslieiile, 

Tenn. soutliern tnethodisl publishing bouse, 

Colby (Louis H.) Forty years' experience in 

veterinary practice, 474 pp, 7 pi. 13^, Aa- 

lum, W. J. Moses, 1875. 
Cole (John). History of Filey, in the county 

of York. Eng. title, 1 p. 1. vi, 16U pp. 4 pi. 

8°, Scarborough, J. Cole, \8i8. 
Colebrooke (Henry Thomas), Misccllanoous 

essays. 3 v. 8°, London, Triiliacr .f' eo. 


1. Theli 

v.B-3. I 


■ooke, by hi 

)taB,by B.B.COW91L 
Coleildge (Henry James, s. J.) Life and let- 

lei's of St. Francis Xavier. 2 v. xKvii, 424 

pp; xxiii, 579pp. 13°, London, Barns if* 

Oates, 1873. 
Coleridge (Sara Henry). Memoir and lotttrs. 

2 p. 1. ix-538 pp, 3 ports. 8°. Neai York, 

Harper •$■ brolkcrs, 1874. 

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Colle (Chailos). Journal hiatorique, on mfi- 

moirea critiques et litt^raires, depiiis IT48 

jiisqu'en 1773. 3 v. 13°. [Pans], impri- 

merie bibliogTaphiqae, 1807. 
Collin (Jacques Aii^aste SimoD,!/!f dePlaiicy). 

DicitionQBire f&jdal. 2e€d. 2 v. in]. 2 p. 

]. xxxv-1, 333 pp ; 2 p. 1, xxxv-1, 330 pp. S". 

farts, Brissot -Tliivars, l&tO. 
Collins (J. L.) Queen Krinaleen's pl^iiea. 

By "Jonquil" [pscMiI.] Julpp. 16". New 

yurls, american news at. 1874. 
CollinB (Uortimei')- SoereE of long life, 

[niioB.] 4 p. 1. 145 pp. 8". London, H. S. 

Tranamigration. 3 y. 13°. Loiidon, 

Ihirst i- Biackelt 1874 
ColliiiB (William Wilkie) Basil. 1 p.1.336 

pp.Cpl \i New iorh, Harper ^hrotliers, 

— — Dcalalne 11th ofl. ir)7pp,4pl. 

Kfi. Host m Skepard^ Gill, -lb7i. 
— ■ Dead secret o5Jpi.6pl. 12", NeiB 

Yorli, Harper ^ brotlters, 1874. 
Frozen deap. [Also, A tenibly strange 

bed]. 237pp.4pl. 13°. BostBn,W.F. 

GUI 4- to. 1875. 
Hifie-and-seok. 412 pp. 5 pi, 8°. Sew 

York, Harper f bratlierB, 1874. 


13°. Loa- 

daa, E, Be«tley ^ son, 1873. 
Moonstone. 49J pp.incl. 17 pi. 8°. 

New York, Harper ^ brothers, 1S74. 
My miseellanies. 2 v. Tii,291 pp; 2 

p. 1.300 pp. 13°. London, S. Loai, son 4- 

eo. 1863. 
New MagflBlen. 3 p. 1. 0-335 pp, 6 pi. 

fp. New York. Harper ,)■ brothers, 1873. 
rHoname. G09pp, inol. 17 pi. 8°. New 

York, Harper t^ brothers, 1874, 
Queen of hearts. 473 pp, 4 pi, 6°. 

A'f ID York, Harper ^' brotlters, 1874. 
Woman in white. 548 pp. incl, 16 pi. 

8°. New York, Harper ^ brothers, 1873. 
Collinson (Ben. John). Hielory and antiqiii- 

lios of tiio county of Somerset, 3 v. (eontnio- 

iiig 41 pi, 1 map). 4". Bath, E. Cruilteell, 

Colombo (Pemdndo}. Vie de Cluistofle Co- 

lomb. Composfie p^ son fils, & traduite en 

frdii^ois [par 0. Cotolendy], 2 v, in 1, 13 

p. 1. 362 pp ; 12 p. L 260 pp. 13°. Paris. 

Claude Barbia 4" Ckristophe Ballard, 1681. 
Coiomsray Rodriguez (Venaneio). Palao- 

grafia caatellana: coleccion de docnmentos 

piivn comprender con perfeccion todas las for- 

Colomera y Rodriguez — continued. 

los siglos XII XIII siv XT y xvi, alfiibotos, 
[etc.] Ip 1 ong title ISB pp. incl. 93 facs. 
Hm. fol. I aUadoIid, aiUor ._f- R. L. Crux, 1863. 

Conifort (George F.Jnnd Comfott (JHrs. An- 
na Manning, la. rf.) Woman's education. 
J55 pp. 16°. Syracuse, T. U'. Darslon 4- 
CO. 1874. 

Coniielly (Emma M.) Under the surface. 
332 pp. 12°. PhilaMphin, J. B. Ltppiacott 

Connelly (William Montague). Four beasts : 

an identifiGation of antichiist. 1 p. 1. vi, 173 

pp. 8°. Baltimore, \_J. Cox"], 1875, 
Conacieiioe ( Hendrik). Ludovic and Ger- 

trade. Translated for this edition. IGl pp. 

12°, Baltimore, J. Murphy tf eo, 187.'), 
Morcbant of Antwerp. From the flem- 

iab. By Bevin Lyle. 1 p. 1. 342 pp. 12°. 

Baltimore, Kelly, Het ,$■ eo. 1873. 
Young doctor, TranBlated for this edi- 
tion. 192 pp, 12°. Baltimore, J. Marjihy 

4- eo. 1875. 
Constable (Thomas). Archibald Constable 

and his literary correspondents. 3 v. 8°. 

Edinburgli, Edmonstoa 4" Douglas, 1 873. 
CoiiTway (JohnD.) Complete poems. 300 

pp. 13°. Lawreaee, Mass, J. D. Conway, 

Conway (Moncure Dniiiel). Rejected Btone. 

[ifHon.] 133 pp, 12°, Boston, Walker, 

Wise 4- CO. IBGl. 
Republican Buperatitiona. xii, 130 pp. 

12°. London, H. S. King 4- eo. 1&73, 
editor. Sacred anthology, viii, 480 pp. 

8°, New York, H. Holt f eo. 1874, 
Couyngliaiii (David P. ll.d.'j Tlio O'Don- 

nelis of glen cottage. 49fS pp. 12". Nem 

York, B. 4- J. Sadlkr 4- eo. 1874. 
Cook (Button). Art in England. 359 pp. 

1C°. London, S. Low, son 4 Marsion, 18G9. 
Cooke (Augnstna P. U.S.n.) Text-book of 

naval ordnance and gunnery, siv, [842] pp, 

8°. New York, J. IVUey 4- son, 1875. 
Coolce (Rm). Honiy A. compiler). PUiaeas 

Stowe, and bethel work. 1 p, 1.406 pp. incl. 

2 pi. 12°. Boston, J. H. Earle, 1874. 
Cooke (John, m.d.) Treatise on nervous dis- 
eases. 2 T. in 3. 8°. London, Longmans, 

Cooke (John Esten). Pretty im-s, Ga.ston, 

288 pp. incl. 1 pi. 13^. Neio York, O. Jiidd 

CO. [1874]. 

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Cooke (Joslttli P. jr. ) New ctoinigtry, 3-3B 
pp. 13°. Mu!YaTS;,D.Applelo«^co.l97i. 
[International iicisnllfia series, v.e]. 

Cooper ( Reb, Thomas, "t!iecliariist",b. 1S05). 
Life of Thomas Cooper 1 by bimaelf. viii, 400 
pp. port. 13°. London, Hodiler 4' Stojighton, 


Verity of Christ's resurrection, xi, 176 

pp. sq. 18^. London, Hoilder tf Stoughtan, 

Cooper (Thomas,/, s. a. ) Now biogrnphical 
dictionary. 3 p.l. 1211 pp. 12°. Loudon, 
G. Bell f sons, 1873. 

Cooper (Thomas T.) MishmeehiUs. viii.STO 
pp, 4 col. pi. 1 map. 12°. London, E. S. 
King 4- CO. 1673. 

Travels of a pioneer of commerce in 

pigtail an3 petticoats, xv, 475 pp. fiout. I 
map. 8°. London, J. Murray, 1871. 

Copp (Frank E,} Idle hour poems, 300 pp, 
12'J. Easton, Pa. G. W. West, 1S74. 

Coppee (Henry, II. d, editor). Gallery of 
famous euglish and american poets. Front, 
ilium, title, 488 pp. 4°. PkUaddpliia, J. M. 
Stoddart LJ- CO. 1873. 

Coquaiid (Henri). Desciiption du d^parte- 
ment da la Charente. 2 v. 2p. 1.543 pp. 1 
eol. map; 430 pp. incl. 13 tab. J 8°, Besan- 
fo™, Dodiviers 4' cie, \_4'1 Marseitle, Barlatier- 
Feissat 4 Demonchy, 1^8-62. S. 

Monogtspliio du genre ostroa. Terrain 

er^tac6. 215 pp. S=. Marseiitc, H. Screa, 
1869. s. 

Same. Atlas. 1 p. 1. 75 pi. 4°. Pa- 
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;h pp. 


Lee 4' Shepar 
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y Google 

CoTisijiery (Esprit Mnrie)— contiiiuetl. 
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IC". PJiitadelp&ia, Presiyterlaa board ofpab- 

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[Earlv ongiiah text Bocisly, exlra BepJca, no. 13]. 
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of Gravesond and of the port of Loudon. 

Tii,56ilpp.9pl. fP. LoHdmi, W. Pickering, 


y Google 



Cruise in tLe Pacific. EJitetl by eapt. FenSoD 

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Only herself. 3 v. i'i". London, 

Cbapmau ^ Hall, 1869. 
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. New YoTk, for E. Sargeat §• M. # W. iVuril, 

1 809. 
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18 pi tq I'i". Edinburgh, Edmonslon 

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Miicntosli,]m7. ' 
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(flfcs.Mary A,) 
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vii,284 pp. 16°. Lincoln, INeh.] slate 

iourTial co. 1873. 

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V, 440 p 



Dublin, J.Duffs, 1868. 
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and Japan. By Anna D'A. [anoii.~\ xiii, 
997 pp. col. front. 8°. London, Harst ^' 
Maohett, 1873. 

Daliymple ( llfander) Collection of eng 
lish songs IC 17 35 pp 1 Lonlon 
IP. Bo ct 1 K 

D'Alton (John bamste ) 111 t at ons 1 s 
torical and genealog cal of k ng Jan es a 
Irish arn y 1 st 1610 2d ed enlarged Z 
XKiii,463pp IplSOSpp ?P London 
J. R. 8«%tl 1861 

Daltou (W 11 a ) Sto ea of tl e co q es a 
of Mexcoa die 410 pp 7|l H 

Loiulot J LI el B 0I4 CO [18 4] 

Dana (Jane Dw (,1 H I) Goolng cil story 
briefly told s "bi 1 p 1 "= W 1 / 
imsoB, Blale an 1 jlor $ co 187 

Ma nal ot geologj ~d ed xv 3 8 

pp. 1 pi I map 8 N ID iorl Itu. o 

Blakenn T jJor j- co 1874 

Text-book of geology. 2d ed. vn,3ii8 

pp. 19°. New York # Chicago, hiaon, 
Blakeman, Taylor 4- co. 1^4]. 

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dea voyages enr rhomme eC aur sea maladies 
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eo. 1873. 

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emotiooB. vi, 374pp.tjpl. 12°. London, 
J. Murray, 1873. 

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Darwin (Chnilcs Robert)— coiitiiiued 
Same. 4 p. 1. 374 pp.7 pi. n°. mm 

Yurh, D. AppUtoa ^ bo. 18T3. 
Insectivf.roiis plants. 3d thoiisaud. x, 

4(>2 pp. 12°. LoadoUyJ. Murray, 1S75. 
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A collection of essays. 2 v. vli, 350 pp ; 

3 p. I. 383 pp. 13°. Louam, Ckapman <{■ 

Hail, 1873. 
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208 pp. ]2<». Neu) Ym-li, D. Appklvn # ca. 

Baudat (Alphonse). LetCroa il an absent. 

PHria, I870-I671. 2p.l.a04pp. Iffi. Paiis, 

A. Lemerre, 1H71. 
LettreB de mou moiilin. ie Sd. 2 p. 1. 

303 pp. IG". Paris,J.Sasel4-aU.llS7i1-\ 
La petit Chose. Histoire d'lm eufaDt. 

Go M. 3 p. 1. 370 pp. XG°. Paris, J. 

Hctxd 4- cie. [1873J. 
Robert Helniont. 3e 6i. 2 p. 1. 304 

pp. 1 1. 16°. Paris, E. Dcuttt, IS74. 
Datunae {£0 geiiSral Meklilor Joacpli Eu- 

pbue). Mceiirs et eontnmes da I'Algiida. 

4e ej. 2 p. 1. vi, 442 pp. IIP, Paris, L. 

HaelieUc 4- cie. IBSi. 
Lb vie ai'!il)e. J p, 1 sv, 500 pp. 8". 

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beaiis-fti'ts. sxxii,31!) pp. 8°. Paris, Lo- 

reiizani, 1849. 
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Complefji history of Illiuoie from 1673 to 

1873. 1,944 pp. 8". Sprinsfidil.niiaois 

joiirnal co. 1874. 
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A. S. Barnes, ;■ CO. 1873. 
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Myatie London. Tii,406pp. 8°. 

lion, Tinstey brothers, 1875. 
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8°. London, Tinsley brothers, 187:i. 
Unorthodox London. 2d ed. vili,448 

pp. 8°. London, Tinsleti brothers, 1874. 
Davies (Clementina Drumraond, My). Eec. 

ollectibus of society in France aud England. 

2 V. X, 304 pp ; i, 308 pp. 12°. Li 

Hitrsl 4- lilaeketl, 1872. 

Davies {Her. Dayid Potor). New hiskirical 

and descriptive view of DecbyBhire. 2 v, 

1 p. I. is, 358 pp. 2 pi, 1 map ; 1 p. 1. 359-7 17 

pp.7 1. 8°. Helper, S. Mason, ISl I. 
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J. NeiD York, ShcliUin # co. 1874, 
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xii, 340 pp, 4 pi. 1 map, 8°. London, 8. Lom, 

Marston, Lnjn # Seurle, 1873. 
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Translated into welsh by David Q. Davies. 

[English and welsh], 189, iii pp, 13°. 

East Nanticoke, lirannan ^- Ra-msey, 1873. 
Davieson (Dr. ~) and Jordan (Dr. — ). 

Silent frieud : a medical work on the organs 

of generation, [etc] ItKJpp.JIpl. 18°. 

Neu) Vorh, anihors, 1874, 
Davila (Gil Gonzalez). Teatro euloaiaBtico 

de la primitiva igleeia de las lodiaii occideii- 

talcs. 3 V, 7 p, 1. 308 pp. 4 1 ; 8 p. 1. 110 1. 

numb. fol. Madrid,!). D. de la Carrern, 

DavlE (Andrew Jaoltson), Free thonghls 

eouoeruing religion. Revised. 315pp. 13°. 

Boston, IV. IVhile 4-eo. 1873. 
GeuOBis and etlilcs of conjugal love, 

142 pp. 1G°. mw York, A. J. Davis <f' co, 

The harm onial man. Revised. lC7pp. 

13°. Boston, IT. White <f' co. 1873. 
Davis (Mrs. Caroline E, Kelly). Miss 

Waalthy's hope. 410 pp, 1 pi, llj". Bos- 
ton, D.I.othrop4-co.[ifS74-]. 
DaTl»(JamesD.) History of Memphis. 320 

pp. 1 1. 3porls. 12°. Memphis, Tenn. Hile, 

Crumplon ^ Ketly, 1873. 
Davis (Nathan S, m, d.) Clinical leotuies, I 

p, 1, 969 pp. 2 1. 12°. Chicago, J. J. Spiil- 

dins4-eo. 1873. 
Davis (Me*. Rebecca HaMing). John Aa- 

dross. 324pp.inol. 6 pL 12°. New York, 

O. Judd CO. [1=74]. 
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p.l. 403 pp. 12°i Ncia York, 

Harper fbroaiers.myi. 
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empires, et ptineipavtez du monde. Par la 

sr. D. T. V. Y, [aiiDB,] 1 p.l, eng. tills, 

1396 pp. 4°. RarcH, A. Ovyn .^' /, Caillom, 


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Dawkins(W.Bo]'il). Cayoliimtm^. xxiv, 
455 pp. col. frout. 8", Londoa, Macntiilan 
4- CO. 1874. 

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ords of families beaiiiig tlm nume Dawson, 
viii, 572 pp. 15 porta. 1 pi. iP. Ailiany, J. 
Mansell, JS74, 

Record of tlio tlesceudaats of Robert 

DawsoD, of East Haven, Conn. 2 p. 1. 115 
pp. 3 ports. 6°. Albany, J. Manscll, 1B74. 
^D!c,— Ponna paiiof Ian " Oolleotion of rHcorda." 

Da'n^ou (Jolin William, U. d.) Nature and 
tlie bible. 2&7 pp. 10 pi. 13'. NetB York, 
B. Carter ^broiheTS, 1875. 

Story of tbe eartli^^d man. xy, iO'i 

pp. incl, 13 pi. 13". mm York, Huifer if' 
irolliCTS, 1873. 

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i^". New Yorh,R. Carter ,j- brothers, 1874. 

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Deane. xii,718 pp. Sports. 1 pi. 1 tab. 8°. 
Loiiiloa, L/mgntaas, 1870. 

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«j, J.MnnseU, 187U, 

editor. Pre-oolumhian dijcovory of 

America by the Northmen, li, !>-l Id pp. 1 
map. 8° Albany. J. ManseU,l'6(^. 

Sailings directions of Henry Hudson. 

Wilh introduction and notes, lljs pp. ■ 8°. 
AWany, J. Munsell, 1869. 

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and recentij discovered writings: extending: 
from 1716 to 172fl. By William Lee. 3v. 
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if Patten, 1875. 

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8^. JVcio York, Harper 4" brothers, 1875. 

[a ARPEB'fl Ubmry of solsct novels, v. 443] . 

Sea«liff. 466 pp. 12°. BoitOH, Phil- 
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Wetherel affair. 23d pp. 8°. Now 

York, Sheldon 4- eo. 1673. 

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collected, with notes and a ajemoir of the 
author. 4 v. 12°. Zondon, J, Peiirson, 

De Koninck (L. L.) and Dietz (K.) Prac- 
tical manual of chemical analysis and assay- 
ing. Edited by E. Mallet. Ist am. cd. edited 


DeKonmcb(L. E.)niidDititz(E.)— eoutin'd. 

by A. A. Feaquet. xvi, 13-283 pp. 8°. 

Fhiladelphia, U. CBaird, 1873. 
DelandiiieaeSalnt-Eaprit (JorOmo), His- 

toire de la rdvokition, 1747-J793. E^publi- 

que. 544 pp. 13°. Paris, MaUat ,f de. 

De la Ram6 (Louise). Dog of Fiandera, and , 

other stoi'ieB. By"0«ida" tjiseud.] 3p.l. 

293 pp. 4 pi. 12°. Lomlim, Chaynmn 4- Hall, 

Paacavel. By"Ouida" [pseiirf.] 494 

pp. Vi°. Philadelphia, J. B. [Appineott f 

eo. 1874. 
Signs. By " Ouida" [ysourf.] 501 

pp. 12°. PhU«deij>kvi,J.B.IAppiiicott <(■ 

eo. 1875. 
Delord (Tasil 


De Mllle (James). Babes in the wood. 2 p. 1. 

iv, 9-142 pp. 4 pi. 8". Boston, IV. F. GiU 

.J'- CO. 1875. 

[GIILL'9 Bslact novelu]. 
A comedy of terrors. 2 p. 1. 152 pp. S°. 

Bostnn,J. R. Osgood <f co. 1872. 



Lily a7]d the cross. 1 p. 1. 5-a(i4 ]ip. (i 

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Kern Yorh, Harper .]■ brMers, 1874. 
An open question. 2 ]>. 1. 933 pp. yo 

pi. S". Nets VoFk, D. Appletoa .j- co. 1873. 
— — Picked up adria 33G pp. 4 pi. 1G°. 

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o. a]. 

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y Google 

ts m^moires 

. King ^ (. 


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JVolc— Tha rost of the wort, intended otlgloally for 
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r=of the New England 

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fCEETHlMBDciety rBniiJiiB,v. 84, 85, eS|. 
Visitatiou of the county of Torke, bo- 
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(DM) n 

alike DeutecMnnd 

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16°. Paris.JH.WBj/rerts, 1860-73. 

sp.Lsaspp: 3 p. La 

T.ld-n. Leg btilBiDiers. 
314 pp; 3p.L3ll.pp. 

). ife. 

ctenr MnynarcL 3 v. 2 p. L 
Manieon. Nout.&L 3 v. 

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30. Calheriae Elwn. Nout.M. ap.l. 

Sp.LSCTpp. ItBO. 

33. C^Dlle. »ouv.6d. ap.l. S83pp. 1671 

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37-38. Lecba*eBHd'Epp8lehi, 2 v. 9 p.] 

9 p. 1.343 pp. 1S6D. 

39^0. Lb chBvaliar a'lIaraieiitBl. Nonv. i 

41-43. Lb diBYBlier da iWson-.-ongB. S 

an de« M6moliB« 









La a^e^e MolJJiKaBf 

30-81. Lea dBux reiass. Suit 

ap.l. ^pp. 18T0. 

'sB.L366'pp. 1866.' 
S4-85. Lbs trainee galanlB.— 

a p. 1. 373 pp ; 
B3pp. [1873SJ; 


93. UuBfill 


=t 'n 

ouvi 6d. 


93. PillM, 1 

rettes e 





94^'ls flls 

dn for^a 



B. b 


9^ LbsmJ, 







pSobB a 


. Georges. Nouv.fid. Si 
Q. Un GU-Bia8 en OalLfon 
l-ioa. Lea graDda Ubulid^ 

v.l05-10a. Lagaorra des ft 
ap.l, 337 pp; Sp.l.3Dlp[ 
V. luT. HIito&B d'un cHSse-B 



,.110-111. Llle da fen. 

287 pp; a 

s5Bpp. ia7a 

'r««B. Sonr.M. ap.L9 


^anuCe a 

r.ll3.-llS. ImpFBSBLDng An 

«e. Ls 

apilHiue Ar 

moa-v.&d. 3p.L39Lpp. 



Nanv.^d. av. 9 p. 1.316 


r. 198-133. rmpreBBiomi de 



v.lM-195. ImpTBMionBae voyage. Mldldeli 
Nouv.M 9t. 9pl.3eipp; 9p.].334p 

"Konv.ed. ai. ep.La06pp; 3p.l.30Bp 

ap.].3D0pp. 1868. 
V. 19B-lEa ImpraerionBde voyage. EuEubi 

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ipreaidDUB de vofb^ 
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v.lW-Ua iTanlme. PitrWallBrt 

¥.149. Jaeqn 
[Par UgoE 

V. 6d. St. 3 p. 
Iv. 3p.l.307pi 

I. Trndait] put 4. Dnmni 
toralllBS. 9e£d. 3p.Lx;< 

3p.l.396pp! 3] 
T.iaj-iao. LonlB!: 

^4 pp; 3p. I.33i 
v.ldl-163. Lea leu 

J. Les marlagee dn pare i 

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Dumas (Alexandre Davy)— continued. 

las. Va 

1 niifl A Flo 


re i 


didB. M 

I-e paga dii due Oe S 

IV. 6a. 






. av. 



Sv. 3p 




sia L( 

pare Ian 

ice. a 



Sp.l.375pp. 18T 





acD. av. ap.i.3a4 




v.M. ap.i.aMpp 




a!!a. La 




Margot H 

luy.ea, a v. ap.i 

319 pp; 

Sp.L302pp. 1 




rlt 9v. Sp.l.e6S 


Nouv.ea. ap.L37s 





ap.i.3aopp. lees. 

fln dea UoiTicaiiB d« 

V. rv.4-S, nou 

"cnita d 

■ H 






ap.l.3(Wpp. 1873. 


20 pp 


237. 8j 



i.'''3v. ^?:a,noiW 

t^' A 



Pi^ iMEkTa. 

plus fard. OonipltitiiE 
'I'AfriqnV mfirldlonal. 

I. One 


Jste. Nou 

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The hidden si 

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/ton.— Tbs enar avinga lire by L. Durau ana publlBhsd 
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Iv. 13°. 


audy bi 


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ife in France. 


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f 6] 

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ited by William Harrison, xv, JJ2 pp 8° 
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[Manx society, PubliMitiouB, v.H], 

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^ G E Desbrals 1364 

Fema d V d iry M T -n bmliau life 
and b to ta B a -, 309 pp. 



Fe nandez Jaan Pa 

a JupdChq Hdein lin- 

gnam a a ta 1 p 2 6 pp. 9 1. 

i A g d n ptibtia M, 

V ff 3 

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[IFil/iABOUT(E.F.V.) Trpnteetqnarnntp. Frfis, 


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My, [1872]. 

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Pulpit eloquence of the nineteenth cen- 
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tlie awthor,{,mi%]. 
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Pleury, prScSdfos d'un essai sur sa vie et ses 

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book printing lunise, 1873. 

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Flint (Austin, m. d.) Essay! 

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—— — - Gesohiohte des burlesken. x,360 pp. 

1). 8°. Leipzig, imSchwie&ertsdienverlase, 


Florencia (Franelaco de, s. J.) ZodiHCO Ma- 
riauo, [ etc. ] Oljrfl postbumo, redncida ^ Mini- 
pendio, [etc.] por el p. Jyaii Antonio 3a Ovie- 

9 p. 1. 3i 

coUgio de San Ildrfonso, 1755. 
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". D. 1. xvi, 141 pp. Bm.i°. [MnwcAesfer], 





«.] 29 

Floy Lindsley and her friends. 

pp. 4 pi. ie°. A'eic Vorlc, am, tract society. 

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[MasB. anon.-] 1 p. 1.91 pp. ] map. 18°. 

Nantucket.llSs.] Island reniew Bjjlce,iS7 i. 
Same, [Newed.] 1 p.i.97pp.l map. 

18°. NantucJcet, [Ms.] Island rrvieiB office, 


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ter steam print, 1874, 


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ited hy his nephew E. B, de Fonblanq^iie. 
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.> CO. [1873]. 

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Forwood (W. Stamp, in.rf.) Historical and 
ileecriptiye uarrayve of the Mammoth cave 
ofKeatnclty. 4th e^. 24] pp. 12 pi. 1 map. 
Ifio. FkUadelphia, J. B. Lippineolt ^ CO. 

Poabrooka (Eev Tlioma^J Dudley) Oiigiaal 
history of the city ot Ulouceatei vui 3% 
pp. 23 pi. I'ol Lnitdua J Nicluiti J snn 


» hall 

,■ 792 

3 p. 1.295pp. 9 pi. Sports. 8°. Nm York, 
J. Codcerofi .f co. 1874. 

Foster (Mrs. J. H.) Mr. Mackenzie's answer. 
By Faye Hunljngton [pseurf.] ^1 pp. inol. 
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pull, house, IB75. 

Those boye. By Faye Huntington 

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Fournier (Edonard). L'esprit diuj 

:e 6S. 2 p. 1,468 pp. 
!, 1867. 

— L'espiit aes i 
i^a. 3p.l,288i 


Fournier (Pierre, a. J.) Institi 

BOphicsa. yiii, 647 pp. 8*^. i 

siorum, Jutien, Lanier, et sac. 18 
Fowrle (ThomaB Wolbank). RecoHeiliatlon 

of religion and adeuoe. six, 404 pp. 

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716 pp. incl. ae pi. 8°. Hartford, C< 

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s politique en France, 
1 p. 1. cxKvii, 479 pp. port. 
X, 524 pp. 8°. Paris, P. 

Foy (Maximilien S6bastien). Disooui^s, pr6- 
e.6i\6e d'nno notice biographique par P. F. 

Tissot; d'une 4loge par m, Etienne, et d'un 

eesai sur I'^loquence 

par m. Jay. 3 v 

1 faos; 2p.l.xx 

A. Moutardier, 1 
Fraas (Carl). Die sclrale des la 

anfl. xii,418,12pp. 8pl. 8". MHiichea,- 

literarisch-arlistische aaataU, 1853. 
FradesBO da Silveira (Joajjiiim Henriques). 

Congresao meteorologico de Vienna (ie Aa- 

Btria ear 1873. 3p.l.246pp. 18°. LUboa, 

impretisa ■undonal, 1874. S. 

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London, Longmatis, 1853. 
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1, OOTyre^ationiiipufi. sec. [1874]. 
Franoke (August Hermann). Guide to the 

holy scriptures. From the latin, by W. 

Jaques. 1st am. from the last Lond. eel. 

349 pp. 16°. PhUaidphia, V. Hogau.Wi'i. 
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Abridged Urom the italiau. 368 pp. 13°. 

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1431. numb. I pi. 18°. Vinegia, O. Giulito 

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lon, celtique et tndesque. [anon.'i xii,364 

pp. 4°. Bunillon, impr. de la soc. typog. 

FraulSiu (Benjamin). Life of Franklin. 

Now first edited from original maauseripta 

and from his correspooaeaco, by John Bige- 

low. 3 V. 12°. PhiUddphia, J. B. Lip. 

pincolt 4- CO. i87i. 
FraiikIfn(J,) History of Egypt. 3 v. 12°. 

NeKcastle on Tyne. J. Mitclielt, 1800-03. 
Fraser (Alexander Campbell). Life and let- 
ters of George Berkeley ; and an account of 

his philosophy. With many writiugs'hith- 

erto unpublished, xviii, 672 pp. port. 8". 

Oxfmd, ClaTe'idati press, 1871. 
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rev. Ebeneaer Erskine. x1k,543 pp. 1 port. 

13°. Edinburgh, IV. Oliphant, ISSi . 
Life and diary of the rev. John Henry 

Gardner, xvii, 259 pp. 1 port. IS". Edin- 

bargh, M. Faterson, 1836. 
Lifeatiddiftryof the lOY.Kalph Erskine. 

Tifl) pp. 1 Jiort. 13°. Edinlmrgb, W. Oli- ' 

j,h<mt 4- son, 1834. 


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Fraser (John). Humorous cliap-booka of 

ScotUmil, Fftvts i-ii. sit, 156 pp; 2 p, 1. 

l57-5i^d pp. 1 pi. Vl°. Nm Vork, H. L. 

Hiatou, 1873. 
Freaks Bud follies of fabledoui. [niion.] 

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a9-148pp. 8°. London, for the autlior, i7S8. 
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lan 4- CO. 1873. 
Growth of the engliah constitution. 

xiv, 224 pp. 13°. London, Macmillan ,f co. 

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Xeto Voil, H. Halt <f- M. ISTS. 

1 (El A) Illsorlcal coirse tor at) ools 



B foi =oh( 1 
Holt S c 

imps M Hand book ot 
id a 8. 515 pp. incl. 
D I ft N'Uon c^ Phillips, 

F ^es {F an sco) Ma n a historiea de la 
conquistft partienlai- de Jalisco por los Espa- 
fioles. [ofw?*.] 2p.l.213pp. 18°. [1838!] 

Freucb. home life, [anon.] 3 p. 1. 349 pp. 
13°. Ediiibargli, IV. Btackwoad ^ sons, 1873. 

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11. 8°. Roma, C. Mordaechini, 1818. 

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central Caueaaua and Baahan. 1 p. 1. v-xv, 
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leitnng in das studlum der ai'abischen 
spraehe. xii,51l pp. 8°. Bonn, A. Martus, 

Frieduiaim (Alexander). Kupport offieiel sue 
la maiine et lea travaux maritiioes it I'expo- 
sition universelle de Vienne en 1873. Tra- 
duction de I'allemand. I p. 1. vii, 189 pp. 
1 taKon 2 1. 19 pi. 8°. rMinno, impriincrio 
imptriale et royide, 1874. S. 

Friawell (James Hidn). A man's thoughts. 
xvi,318pp. 16°. London, S. Loa, Marston, 
Lote ^ SearJe, 1872. 

Frohlicli (E.) Der Ehein von Maunlieim bis 
Dusseldorf. Eng.litlo,24pl. obi. 8°. iBH«H. 
hdm, G. Zcifcj-,[1840?] 

Frost (Charles }■ Notices relative to the earlj 
bistory of Hull. Tvi, 151, 58 pp. 7 pi. 2 pefli- 
grees. 4°. London, J.B. Mchots, 1827. 

Frost (Thomas). Old aliowmen, and the old 
London fairs, xii, 388 pp, 12''. London, 
'Bnshy brotkcTS, 1874. 

Frothlngtaam {Rev. Octaviua Brooks). Re- 
ligion of hnmanity. Z1S pp. 16°. JVew 
Ym-k, D. G. Framis, 1873. 

Theodore Favker: a biography, viii, 

588 pp. 1 port. 8°. Boston, J. R. Osgood c^ 
CO. 1874. 

FrotllinghEuu (Richard). The centennial : 
battle of Bimker liill. 4 p. 1. 136 pp. 1 plan, 
1 facs. 16°. Boston, Little, Brown ^ co. 

Fulford (Francis, d. d.) Sermons, addresses 
and statistics of the diocese of Montreal, 
sv, 308 pp. 1 pi. 8°, Montreal, Damson 
brothers, 1365, 

FitUer (Edwin W.) Sea-gifl. A novel. 408 
pp. 13°. Ma York, E. J. Hale <?■ son, 1873. 

Poller {Harvey A.) Trimsbarp's [pscurf.] 
account of himself. 1.50 pp. inel, 3 pU 13°. 
Ann Arbor, Midi. Ann Arlor printing and 
piMisking CO. 1873. 

Fwllet (Hiram). Grand transformation scenes 
in the United Stales, vii, 311 pp. 16°. Mw 
Yorll, G. IP. CarUtoa f eo. 1875 

Fnller (John, m. rf.) History of Beiw dt 
upon-Tweed. xxi, 601, 50 pp 8 pi 8 
Edinburgh, Bell ^ Bradfuie, 1799 

Fuller (Osgood E.) Candle of Lltimei and 
daughter of Zion. [sbob.] 231 pp If 
PhUadeJphia, King ^ Baird, IB75. 

FullBrton (Lt. col. — ). Views in the Himala- 
ya and Ncilgharry hitls. 28 I. 34 col. pi. I 
map. obi. 8°. London, OicIUnsoH ^ eo. 

Pullerton (Amy FuUerton). Lady's ride 
through Palestine & Syria. viii, 349 pp. 8 
p\, 12°. London, 8. IV. Partiidge tf- co. 


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Fulton (Charles Carrall). Europe viownd 

through americaa spectacles. ^12 pp. 8^. 

PhUadelpkia, J. B. Uppijicntt .f co. mi. 
Fulton (JuBtiu D. d. A) Sliow jonr colors. 
209 pp. front. 16°. Nem York, U. I>. Ward, 

FOrman ( Ji«ii. CfaarlesE.) Homesoenes, ami 

other poems. 156 pp. 12°. Rocliester, E. 

Darrow, 1874. 
Fwman (Gabriel). Antiquities of Loog Is- 

laud, [Also] bibliogi'apiiy by H. Onderdonk, 
jr. Edited by P. Moore. 478 pp. 12°. 

New York, J. W. Buirfoii, 1 875. 
Notes relating to the town of Brooklyn. 

Brooklyn, A. SpooneT, 1834. Reprinted. 

rrMPDHUAN(G.) AnlinuiHes of Long Island. 13°. 
Sea York 1875. pp. Ha-«J]. 
Fumeas (JHj-s. Horace Howard). Concord- 
ance to Shakespeare'8 poems, iv, 423 pp. 

6°. Philaddfhia, J. B. Uppincott, 1874. 
Pitrniaa (William). Land of tbo Cfeear mi 

doge. Eug. title, 384 pp. IS". Nca Yurk, 

Cornish, Lamport if co. [1853]. 

[ImpeiCBCt: wouUflg titlej. 
Tetra-chordon : pot pourri of rhythms 

and prose. 144 pp. 12°. Ncm Ym-lc, am. 

ntiBS CO. 1374. 
Waraga, or thecbai'uisof theNlle. 45C 

pp. 8 col. pi. 12°. Niiio-York, Baker 4' 

Seribner, 1850. 
Fiirat (Julius). Hebraisches iind cbaldiiisches 

handwOrterbuch fiber das alte testament. S 

v.iul. vi,806pp. 21. 564 pp. 8°. Leip- 
zig, B. Taucknitz, 1857-61. 
Fustel ae Conlanges (Numa Denis). The 

ancient city;, a stu^j on the religion, laws, 

and institutions of Greece and Bflme. From 

the latest french ed. by W. Small. 539 pp. 

8°. Boston, Lee ^ Shepard, 1874. 
G. (A.P. D.) Sketches of Portuguese life. 

[anon.] xxvli, 364 pp. 1 1. 8° 

Loiidon,for G. B. WhiUalieT, 1826. 
Gabelentz (Hans Conon von der) and Loebe 

(J.) GloBsarium der gothisohen sprache. 

1 p. 1. lyiii, 244 pp. 4°. Leipzig, F. A. Brock- 

haus, 1843. 

[7» BIBLE. (Galhk). Ulfllaa. v. 3, pai'tl]. 
Grammatik det gothisohen 

sprache. viii,2!)3pp. 1 pi. 4°. Leipzig, F. 

A. Brockhans, 1846. 

l7itBiBLE. lamhicj, Ulfllaa. v.E.pattS]. 
Gabet (Gabriel). TrdtS 614mentaire cle 1ft 

Bcieaee de I'homme. 3 v. 8°. Parts, J, 

Baitmre, 1842. 

Gaboriau (Smile). Clique of gold. From 
the fwnoh. 910 pp. 8°. Bosioa, J. R. Os- 
good 4' co. lS7i. 

La d^griogolaSe. bbme ^d. 2 t. 3 

p. 1.574 pp; 2 p. 1.545 pp. 16°. Paris, E. 
Denttt, 1874. 

Other people's money. From the french. 

188 pp. 8°. Boston, J. R. Osgood <f- eo. 

Widow Lerouge. From the french by 

F. Williams and G. A. O. Ernst. 156 pp. 
8°. Boston, J. B. Osgood 4 «.. 1873. 

Within an inch of his life. From the 

french. 213 pp. 8°. Boston, J. R. Osgood 
4 CO. 1874. 

[OaoooD's Jibrnry ot noTela,no, 41]. 
Gaddi (Qiambattista). Roma uobilitata nelle 
sue fabbiiche dalla sanlitit di nostro signore 
ClementexiL 4 p. 1.210 pp. 1 port. sm. fol. 
Koaia, A. de' Rossi, 1736. 
Gage (Bot. William Leonard). Home of God's 
people. 557 pp. inch 16 pi. front. 8°. Hart- 
ford, Ditstin, Oilman ^ eo. 1874. 

Light in darkness, [anon.] 133 pp. 

16°. B«s(on, GohM J-£inco()i,1364. 
Trinitarian sermons preached to a uni- 
tarian congr^ation. 3p. 1.153 pp. 16'^. 
Bos(on, J. P.JewBtt 4 co. 1859. 

editor. Favorite hymns. xii, 5-115 

pp. \QP. Xeio Yorb, A. S. Barnes 4 co. 
Gahart (Hee. William). Sennons for every 
Sunday in the year. New ed. xix, 633 pp. 
8°. JVcw York, D. ^ J. Sadlier ^ eo. 1875. 
Gale (Ethel C.) Hintson dress, iv, 107pp. 
12°. Neto York. G. F. Fnlaam ^ sons, 1872, 


Galene th^trale. la«oH.;\ 144 pi. 1 
fol. Paris, Bubcc, [iS33-34]. 


Galleuga (Antonio). Pearl of the Antilics. 

2 p. 1.202 pp. &■'. London, Ckapiaaa 4' 

Hall, 1873. 
Qallerj of onglish and amerlcan women fam- 

ousin song, [unon.] 111. title, 576 pp. front. 

4°. PItUadelphia, J. M. Stoddart 4- CO. imy^-j. 
Gait (John). Last of tbe lairds. [anan.] 

240 pp. 120. New York, J. 4 J. Harper, 

Gallon (Francis). English men of science. 

xiv, 270 pp. 8°. London, Maonillan 4 eo. 

Gandillot (R.) Principes fle la science des 

finances. 3 v. 8". Paris. GuillaumiH ,}• 


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G.-iimett (William C.) E^.ra Stilos Banactt. 
A memoir, Bjlilsson. 3v,9-572pp.port. 

12". Boston, Eoberls brothers, 1875. 
Gardiner (Samuel Bawson). History of Eng'- 

laud under the duke of Buckingham and 

Charles I. 1621-1628. 3 v. xxii,366pp. 

i map ; xiv, 386 pp. 1 map. 8°. London, 

Longramis, 1875. 
Garaner(Angust09KiMley, m. A) Old wine 

in new bottlea : or, spare hours of a etudent 

in Paris, iii, 333 pp. 12". New-Yoj-k, C. 

S. Fronds ^ co. 1848! 
Oaraner(CeliaE,) Broken dreams. \Fo' 

ems]. 252 pp. 6 pi. 12o. Nem York, G. 

W. CarUlon ^ co. 1873. 
Rich Medway's two loves. 4(13 pp. 

12°. Nea York, G. W. Carleton .f co. 1875. 
Tested. 430 pp. J3°. Nem York, G. 

IV. Carleton 4- CO. 1874. 
Gardner {E. C. ) Homes, and how to malie 

them. 314 pp. incl.5 pi. 12°. Boston, J. 

R.Osgood 4- CO. 1874. 
Illustrateti homes. 1 p. 1. vil-287 pp. 

incl.24plaiis& 12pl. 16°. Boston, J. II. 

Osgood ^ CO. 18T5. 
Gardner (H. C.) Discontent, and otber stO' 

ries. 3a9 pp. 16°. JTew York, mison ^' fkit- 

lips, [1374]. 
Qlimpsesof our lake region in 1 863. 420 

pp. 16°. JVeu) York, Nelson ^ FhUlips, 

Gardner (iliatt hew). Autobiography. Edited 

by N. Suramerbell, d. d. SSCpp. port. 2 

facs. 8°. Dayton, 0. christian pi^lishing 

association, 1874. 

Gai-dner {Vf.Vf.d.d.) Missiles of truth. 

X, 304 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, G, E. Ste.vens 4 

CO. 1874. 
Gamier (L&m). Dietionnaire uniyersel des 

coDtamporiuiis. Par G. Vapereau. Snpplfi- 

mentaiaieSd. 2p.l.iy, 181pp. 8°. Puns, 

Hae!>ette # eie. 1873. 

J (G.) 

, 1870-73]. 

Garretson {Dr. James E.) Two thousand 
years after. By John Darby [pseiirf.] 
pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remien ij- 
Bafdfinger, 1876. 

Garrett (Alexander Charles). Historical con- 
tinuity : a series of sketches on the chaich. 
viii, 148 pp. 16°. New- York, T. mittalier, 

Gasc (Ferdinand E. A.) Dictionary of the 
english and frenoh laog^usges. [ Ea^. ftencb 
part]. 2p.!.597-1183pp. II. 8°, 
don, G. BeU ^ sons, 1S75. 

GasGoyiie (A. M.) Sunbeams from a weat- 
ihemispbere. ByA.M.G. [uncm.] 117 
. 16°. Dm&Kjj, McGlashan ^ Gill, 1874. 
Gaskell (John). New elements from old sub- 
jects : presented as the basis for a science of 

the mind. Jtiii pp. 1 1. 196 pp. 8". Phila- 

ddpliia, Claxiott, 'Remen f Saffdfinger, 

Gaepailn (Valerie Boissier, comtesse Agenor 

de). Au bord de la mer. {anon.'] Sp.l. 

353 pp. 12°. Paris, M.UvyfriTes,im6. 
Vesper. Ti'anslatedfrom the Sdfrench 

ed. by Mary L. Booth. 306 pp. I pi. 12°. 

Sew York, R. Carter ^ brothers, 1863. 
Gattel (Claude Marie). Nnevo diccionario 

portatil, espanol 6 ingles. 8 p. 1. 461 pp. 

sq. 16°. Paris, Bossange, Masson y Besson, 

Gaulle (JWme. J. de.n^c Maillot). Adhemar 

de Beleastel. [Hnon.] From the freuch by 

P.S.A. 314 pp.2 pi. 12°, New York, 

catholic publication sac. 1875. 
Gaume (Jean Joseph). Christian cemeiflry 

in the nineteenth centary. From the freiich 

by rev. Eichard Brennau. 253 pp. 12°. 

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Qlrardln (Iffme. fimile de, nie Delphlne Gaj}. 
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t {M. I 

I Celobral 

1 soluo 

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[Imperfect: Me to v.U wantlug]. 

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. La gnerro 
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[Imperfect :t, 4 wftKtidg]. 
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Von prof. E. Wi^jner. Generalregister ubar 
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from the 5th Loud, ed, xxxvi, 400 pp, 3 6", 
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Carpenter's and builder's assistant. 70 

pp. 33 pi. 8°, NeioYurk,A.J.BiektteU4co. 


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S pp. 12°. Ciiicit 

:, IVU- 

san, Hinhle 4- CO. [1873]. 

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^ CO. 1875. 

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Dficouvertes et 6tablisBements de Cava- 
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nord. sii, 413 pp. port, 2 maps. 8°, 
Ports, MaisaancUBe 4 'i"- 1870. 

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J^Toic Edldoti for Allegan; co. Md. 

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1, J. R. Sodtli, 1873. 

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Same. Session of 1873. 75 v. in 80. 

fol. [Luni/o»,1874]. 

Same. Session of 187.1. 77 v, in 81. 

fol. [Loiuion, 1875]. 

[y. 31, 3S, amS 72 parts 1-S, ivflulingj. 

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[ mih Gbeeh (V.) Hiatotj nud imUqnitiBS of Woi-- 
EHKtec, V. a]. 

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3 1. 10 pi. 4°. London, for Ihe author hg 
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pp, 12°, London, for S. Tipper, 1808. 

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Htiiland. 1 p. ! X 4 6 pp "1 pi 1 naj 3 
pedigreea. sm. fol Lo ula i G Po tthdge 

d) Memo edtel by ] 

12°. Lonlo-i 

H Be n 

Grellet (Stepb 

Seebohm. 2< 


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12°. Nea York, Sciibaer, Armstrong 4' 

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Hall (Fitaedward)— etutinucd 

Kecent esempl flcations of false philol- 
ogy. ] p.l. 125 pp 8° Aete lork, Scrib- 
ner, ATmslTortg ^ CO 1872 

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euse], 1873. 

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How are tlie dead raised ! 216 pp. 16° 

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tLiongh preaching. TlieLymanBeecber lee 

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on 1 pi, 12°, Weie Yorh, Ihdd ^ mad, 

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An autobiography. Abridged. 264 pp. 

port. 12°. NeiB Vorlc,am.traetsociels,laboul 

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England, from tlie reign of Geovge the fir, 

iv, 540 pp. port. 16°. Loudon, G. Umiiltdge 

<S-sons, 1871. 
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great men and women of the age. sv, 4tSd 

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201 pp. front 12°. Boston, 3. L. Shepard^- 

CO. I87G. 
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York, am, tract socinly, 1 874. 

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°. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1872. 

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9-351 pp. 12°. New Y0rk,O. If. Carhton 
4 eo, 1873, 
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4- CO. 1873. 
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verse, t. I]. lOG pp. 1G°. S.inia Craz, 
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schicbte der golilenen horde in Kiptschak. 2 
p. 1. li, 6a> pp. 1 tab. 8°. I'esih, C. A. Hart- 
Idien, 1840. 

Gescliichte der osmantsclicn diclitkuTist 

bis oufunsere Beit, 4 v. 8°. Pcsth,C. A. 
HaHlehen, 1836-38. 

Geschichle des osmanisclian reichcs. 2te 

verb. aufl. 4. V. 8°, I'csik.C. A. Hiirtldieii, 
Hammond (William A. m. d. ) Clinical lec- 
tures ou diseases of the ncrvou.g system- 
Edited byT.M. B. Cro99,m.d. viii, 291 
p[i. 8°. NewYork,D.Appleton4-eo.\S}i. 
Hand-book of Colorado. Third year of pnij- 
lication. 142 pp. 18°. Denver, Col. J. A. 
make 4' F. C. Willett, 1873. 


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Hand book lo Monterey atid vicinity, [anon.] 

Ip.l.l53pp.". Mo»ttrey,[Cal.Wal. 

Harbert (Lizzie Boynton), Ont of her sphere 

4p. 1.184 pp. 12°. Dc3 Moincs.lIojBa^Mil/s 

.J- CO. 1971. 
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Sketches of sport in the Canadian dominioc. 

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HoU.j-co. 1874. 

[LEISURE liosr eerles]. 

Apairofblueeyes. ]p.l;3Dt)pp, 16°. 

mtc York, H. Holt if ce. Wi. 


Under the greenwood tree, [ujiom.] a 

V. 3p.l,3]5pp; 3p.l.3IGpp. n". Lon- 
ilau, Timhy brotliers, 1873. 

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eiiglish) of the ilocumente relating to Eng- 
land and other kingdoms contained in " Ey- 
mer's ftedera." 2 v. 9p.l. [[70],47gpp; 
Isxi, 481-915 pp. iP. London, Lonsmans, 

[Hhkat B 

Krd ojM. 

Hare (Angiishis John C ) Days near Eoine. 

3y. 333pp;3G3pp. V>P. Londou, Dah 

bg, libialer ^- CO. iS73. 
Eecovds of a quiet life. Eeviscd foi 

American readers by W. L. Gage, sv, 373 

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Wanderings in Spain, xxi pp. 2 1.374 

pp. 16 pi. rz°. Losdoa, Slrahaa ^ CO. 1873, 
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ilott, Longman, [elc.'\ 1864. 
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Mauehestcr and its neighborhood. 3 v, 2 


a pp. 

iMaHcliester'\, 1866-67. 
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editor. Lancashire lieulenancy under 

tlie Tadors and Stuarta. a v. 3 p. 1, cxix, 
06 pp; 3 p. 1.97-333 pp. 7 pi. sin. -1°, \_Man- 
chester'], 1859. 

Mameeeatre : chapters from the early 

recorded history of Manchester. 3 v. sm. 

4'-'. \_MamhesteT'\, 1861-63. 

. [Chetham Bodety retnEins, v. S3, 56, 58] . . 

Three Lancashire docuiiienls of tlio four- 
teenth and fifteenth centuries. 2 p. 1, iv, 
141 pp. Bm.4'^. [Manch.ester~\, 1868. 
ICHETHAM sociely ronislna, v. 74], 

.s {Rev. William). Personal n 


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5)1 pp; XX, 538 pp. 8° Zavdaa, R, Bent- 
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1 p. 1. [xiii], 592, xl pp. 33 pi. 4 maps. fol. 

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ManiB {Snmuel). Kingdom of Cl.rist on 

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Draper, J 874. 
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York, Hard <f Hoaglitoa, 1S75, 
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294 pp.4 pi. 16°. New York, am. tract sii- 

cicty, [1874}. 
Littleboots. 383pp.4pl. 1G°. JVtw 

York, Dodd f Mead, [1874]. 
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am, ed. xiv, 196 pp, 34°. BarUngton, JV. 

J., S.C.Vstkh, 1807. 
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viii, 208 pp. 8°. Dongla3,]_hl<i of Man-\, 


'[MsNS Bodety. PablicatiooB, v. 8]. 
editor. Mona miscellany, 3 v. 3 p. 1. 

XV pp, 1 1, 955 pp 1 xvi pp, 1 1. 294 pp. 2 pi. 

8°, Do«.glas, [Me of Maw'], 1869-73. 

IUaSx society. Publications, v. IG, 91], 
Old historians of the Isle of Man. xii, 

317 pp. 15 pi, &>, Doaglaa, iUle of Ma»1, 


IManx aocliity. Publicaliona, v. 13], 
Hanlase (Henry). Fernand Colomb; essai 

critique, [anon.] 3 p. 1. 230 pp. 1 I. 8°. 

Paris, Trnaa, 1873. 
Hai-t (James Morgan). Gorman universities. 

7 pp. 1 1. 398 pp. 13°. Ne,o York, G. P. 

Patnam's sons, J87i. 
Hart (John Seely, U. rf.) Class book of poetry : 

selections from engliab and ameriean poets, 

from Cbaaoei' to Tennyson. Newed. 400pp. 

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Short course in literature. 323 pp. 

19°. Philadelphia, Eldralge 4- brother, 1873. 
Hatte (Francis Bret). Echoes of the foot- 
hills. H6 pp. 16°. Boston, J. R. Osgood 



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Haite {Frauds Bret) — conl nueJ 

Tales of the Argonaut" aod other 

ahetches. 3 p. I SB'S pp 16 Boaton J 

R.Osgood 4- co.lWt 
Harting (James EdixmnO}. Omithology ol 

Shakespeare, xxii pp. 1 1. 321 pp. inel. pori. 

8°. London, J. Van Voorst, 1871. 
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[awo«.] 339 pp, 3 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, 

am.s.-s.-aaion, [18J'4]. 
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(Eara, wi.d.) Conchologla cestrica. Mol- 

lascouB animals of Chester county. Pa. 

114 pp. la", Philttddphia, Clnxton, Rem- 

sen ^ Ecffdjinger, 1374. 

1 (Eduiird von). Philosopliie des 
iftufl. iv, S46 pp. port, 8°. 

Berlin, C. Dimcker, JS74. 
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Old Gargoyle & The man who "hadn't 

time"]. '2p.l. 9-I9Gpp. 6pl. 13°. New 

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Laagnians, 1874. 
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Wilhalm, ph, d.) Flora capensis ; a syatem- 

atio description of the plants of Cape Colony, 

Caffratia,& Port Natal. 3 v. 8°. DMia, 

Sodges, Smith ^ co. 1859-65. 
Hai-vey (Mrs,—). Turkish harems & di'cae- 

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Bur$l 4- Blacl-eU, 1871. 
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3 p. I. xxsviii pp. 5 1. 258 pp. 7 1. 1 pi ; 4 p. 1. 

sxiy, 316 pp. am. 1°. London, far S. THp- 

hook, 1811-15. 
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I'Alg^rie. 3 p. 1. 256 pp. Sports. 1 map, S". 

Paris, aa biircan ccalral de la jiiililicatiait, 

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don, Cluipman ^ Salt, 1874. 
In the lap of fortuce. 3 v. 13'^. Lon- 
don, Chapman # Hatl, 1873. 
With a sbow in the north. Iteminis- 

eencBBof Mark Lemon. 2p. 1.384 pp, front. 

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mal mechanics. 3d ed. xiv, 495 pp. 8°. 

London, Longmans, 1873. 
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bor; a winter in Mexico. 467 pp. incl. 11 pi. 

3pl.2mapa. 12°. New Yoric, Harper ^ broth- 

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tales of Ireland. [«noH.] vi, 403 pp. 12°. 

Nem York, P. M. Hamrty, 1873. 
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Cremation prelude. 3p.l.3B0pp. 13^. Lon- 
don, Bttldy, MisUr .f- ca. 1875. 

Pet, or pastimes and poaaUies. 4p.l. 

314 pp. 1 1. front. I'i". Loiulun, IF. Miner 

^ CO. 1874. 
Haiirklns (Archibald). Life and times of 

Elijah Stansbury. a98pp. Iport. 12°. Hal- 

(iflwre. J.MuTphg <$■ co. 1874. 
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dragons, ichthyosauri and plesiosauri, gedo- 

lim taninim, of Moses. 3 p. I. 37 pp. 30 pi. 

fol London, W. Pickering, 1840, 
Hawthorne (Julian). Bressaut. 383 pp. 

16°. Nob York, D. Apphton ^ cv. 187;(. 
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Osgood 4 CO. 1874. 
Saxon studies. 1 p. 1. 4oiJ pp. 12". 

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Cincinnati, Chase .J- Halt, 1875. 
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Hemlauds-Bang;er, sa I 1e ocl t), fne af 
swenska Inth. tryckf ugen e uppl. 
stereotyp-uppl. 400 pp 4 CI cago,fo- 
Tcningcns trgclteri, 18*4. 

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ou peace and war. 215 pp. 18°. Sea Vi- 
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Hemsley (W P o ; I r) Handbouk of 
lia dj C ees sh b aul 1 e biceons pit ts 
Bisul the 1 en h v k of n ess a De 
a sne and Na d u W th nt odu on by 
E I vard S Eaud v 1 p 1 ilu 687 pp 8" 
hoato E $4 -EounBl 18 t 

Hei)iBtreet(Wllam) Econon cale opean 
ton st A JO rnal st th ee u ontl s ab uad 
for 8430 ¥ 230 pp 1 1 16° Acio York 
S It Gree ld7j 

Henderson (Alfel) Lat u prove bs and 
qn la ns 2p 1 v 505 pp b Lo don 
S. Low, son 4- Marston, 186i). 


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Heudeiaon (Joliu). Hand-book of the 

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pp. 12". NortlipoTt, L. 1. jaamal puUish- 

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a<ind, 1870-72. 
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iaeUle^, fur den verfasser, [1875], 
Einer iUr alio and alle (Ur einen in alien. 

Zwelf zeitprediglfln. 2 p. 1.300 pp. W. 

Cleeelnnd, O. publikalions-vereia der dmtsclien 

baplisUa, [lt^5]. 
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Oarnicr frins 

™[. [««»«.] 


viii an appointmi 

tsinlhoU. S, a 

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Same. [Part 3]. Using. 339 pp. 16°. 

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aepburn (J. d.) Japanese-english and 
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showing changes einco the genorat peace of 
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viii,23epp. 1 1. 97, llOpp, 1 1. 8°. IV«sIl. 
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collected, with n 

theanthor. 6 v. 
Hezecquea (Felix 
collections of a ] 
XVI. Edited, frow 
M, Yonge. 1 p. I. 

Loiidoa,J. Pta: 

I at the coort of Lonis 
e frenL-h, by Charlotte 
3 pp. 8°. Lon- 

don, Hurst # Blitckett, 1873. 
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273pp. 1G°. Neu!-York,E.P.Dutlon4'co. 

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sagnit, New Brunswick, B. N. America. 3 

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ers' gui()e. 4p.l. 103 pp. 41. S-l". Lufayellc, 
[^lad.'\ bee steam printing liottsc, IBTIS. 

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rangement of the different genera, lat am. 

Tafet, 1873. 
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[BBIEF blograpliies of eminent piTblle men, y. 1]. 

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Young folks' history of the United 

Slfttes. vi, 370 pp. 1 map. 12°. Boston, 
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Rownie. By M. E. H. imion.-} 177 

pp. inol. 1 pi. 16°. New York, Polt, Young 
4- CO. 1873. 

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preeent stale of the ottoman empire. 4 p. I. 
xxvii pp. 4 1. 339 pp. 6 pi. (11. foi. London, 
for the author, 1709. 

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12°. -Philadeljihia, Cl/Klon, Remsen 4- Hajd- 
fiageT, 1875. 

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phy 4- CO. 1873. 

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respondence of Jeremiah Mason, Ptivatelj 
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17 i. unp. 8°. 


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pp. incl. 2 pi. 1 pi ; 3 p. 1. 67 pi. G 
London, J. Fan Foot. 

Hjppeau (CSIeatin). 
en Italic. 2 p. 1. viii, 418 pp. 12°. Paris, 
Didier 4- ch. 1875. S. 

Histoire gSn^rale des bommes vivants et dea 
hommea movtedans le xixe si^ule, [etc.] par 
des ^criv^ns dcs diverses nations. Ed. oit 
les articles se classent dans I'ordre alpha- 
bStiqua par tome. 5 v. fo). Genive, A la 
direction de I'histoire giairale, 1860-74. 

History and antiquities of the county of Nor- 
folk, [anon.j 10 v. containing 62 pt. S^. 
NoraMi,J. CroKse,for iH. Booth, 1781. 

History of all the real and threatened inva- 
sions of England. [aiiDii.] 4p.l.iF, 19(!, 
48pp. 8°. IViadsor,[_Eng-]forC. Knight, 

History of captain and miss Elvers, lanon. \ 
3 V. 16°. London, for T. EookUm, 1787. 

History of Lincoln, [etc. anun.] is, 224 pp. 
5l.4pl. 12°. Lincoln, Dmrg 4 sons, i8\6. 

History of man'; in relation to virtues, vicRB 
and defects. [a«ow.] 3d ed. 258 pp. 18°. 
Perlli, R. Motison, jr. 1796. 

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2 p. 1. 240 pp ; 2 p. I. 259 pp. 16°. London, 
for Newberg ^- Caraan, J763. 

History of Stirling, ianon.} xi, 279 pp. 13°. 
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History of the life and trials of Tbomas 
McGehean. [_an<m.] 291 pp. 1 pi. 120. Cin- 
cinnati, 1874. 

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Philadelphia, J. B. Lippineott .J- to 

Hock (Carl,JrBi/tcrr von). Die fiuanzen nnd 
die linanzgescbtchte der Vereinigten Staaten 
von Amerika. ]iiv,8l2pp. 8°. Stutigait, 

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Hodge (Charles). What is Darwinism 1 iv, 
178 pp. 12°. JVeio York, Seri'mer, Arm- 
strong 4- CO- 1874. 

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Hollowaj (Lai 
the presideuts. 
7 pi. B°. iV« 
: 1S75, 


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scripture and biatory. 3d ed. s, 411 pp. 
12°. NeiB York, E, P. DMon if co. 1874, 

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ture and religion, of tbe baddhists. 4 p. I. 
320 pp. 3 pi. 8°. Serampore, ISii. 

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the iiinel«etitb century, v. 1. 349 pp. 12^. 
Philaddpkia, Smith, English 4- en. 1875. 

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5 pi. 4°. Philadelphia, H. C. Baird, 1873. 

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373pp.2ports. I pi. IS". Dumfries, [_GUs- 
goiB prialcdj, J. Ande) son 4 son, 1875. 

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Btl'ength. 157 pp. 1S°, Nca York, Wood 
4- Holbroak, 1875. 

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to Paris. Abriciged by John Fult«a, ivi, 
392 pp. H°. Glasgow, for Gray, MiisnT tf- 
co. ie04. 

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of Qneensbury, New York, vili pp. I I, 519 
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I pi. port. IC'^. Rostoti, NaiB-Yorb bird- 
store, 1875. 

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fiibing and lishing boats, ivi, 43ilpp, ID 
pi. 8°. Loiutoa, E. Slaaford, 1874. 

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4th ed. 3 p. 1. 330 pp. col. front, am. 4°. 
Ediubargk, IV. Bladcmood f sons, 1873. 

Sii of spades, a book about the garden 

and the gardener, viii, 336 pp. eq. 13°. 
Edinbargk, W. Blaelcteaod 4" soas, 1872, 

HolIandtJosiab Gilbert). Arthur Bonnicastle. 
401 pp. 12 pi. 13". Ntw York, ScrUiner, 
ArmttTOJig ^' CO. 1873. 

Mistress of the manse. 245 pp. 13°. 

JVeiB York, Scnbaer, Armstrong 4' "o. 1874. 

Sevenoaks. 5 p. 1.441 pp. 12°. Nua 

Yarl; ScrUiner, Armstrong ^ co. 1875. 

Holllday (Femandez C. d. d.) Indiana meth- 
odism 360 pp. 8 ports. 8°. Cincinnad, 
Hilchi.ork 4 ll'/dden, 1873. 

Hollmgsliead (.John). Miscelianies. StaL-iea 
and easayj 3 v. 8°. London, Tinstcy 
hralheis, lt-74 

a Carter), la the home oi 
3 p. 1. 11-561 pp. 14 ports. 
York, United States pablish- 

Holm (Sasre, pseud.) Saxe Holm's stories. 

9 p. I, 350 pp. 12°. XtK York, Scrihner, 

Armstrong 4' co. 1874. 
Holmes (Mrs. Mary J.) West Lawn and tlio 

rector of St. Mark's. 413 pp. 12^. JVeio 

York, G. W. CaHeton 4 co. 1B74. 
Holmes (Oliver Wendell, m. d.) The poet at 

the breakfast table, [nnon.] Ip.l.4l8pp. 

Ipl. 12°. Boston, J. R. Osgooil 4 to. ^m^i. 
Souga of many seasons. 1803-1874, 

xli,21fipp. 16°. Boston, J. R. Osgood 4 

CO. 1875. 
Holt (ifrs, M.A.) John Bentley's mistake. 

177 pp. Ipl. 18°. Sea York, nationtl tem- 

jierance society, 1873. 
Work and reward. 183 pp. incl. I pi. 

18°, NeiB York, national temperance sociclg, 

Holwell (John Zephaoiah). Inlcrestiii^ his- 
torical events, relative to Bengal, and the 

empire of Indostan. 2d cd. 3 parts in 1 v. 

3p.l. 233 pp. 4 pi; 3 p. 1. 153 pp. 5 pi. 8°. 

London, T. Becket 4 P. A. De Boadt, 1766. 
Holy-day stories. Translated by K. H. 

Schively. [anoB.] 112pp. 3pl. 16°. Pkda- 

detphia, reformed citurdi p«hL board, [1869] 
Holyoake (Gooi^e Jacob). Christianity and 

secularism, lleport of a public disonssioii, 

1853. See Grant {Hrv. Brewin) and Holy- 

History of cooperation in England. 

V. 1. The pioaeor period— 1812-1844. xii, 

419pp. 12°. London, Triiliacr 4- co. i87:i. 
Holz (Ferdinand Wilhelm). Details griaeh- 

ischov haapl-geaimse. Eng. Utle, 1 1.40 pi. 

4°. Berlin, T.Grieben, [1854]. 
Homan (L, Beecher) Yaphank as it is, and 

was, and will be Biographical sketches. 

220 pp. incl. 10 ports 1 pi b° l^ew Yorl; 

J. Polhemus, 1875] 
Hookar (Mrs. Isabella Bi.ecbei) Woman- 
hood. 108 pp. II Btitott Lee S Shepard, 

Hooker (Joseph Dalton) and others. Flora 

of British India, v. 1. Hitnnneulaceffi to 

sapindaceEe. 2 p. I. viii, il, 740 pp. 8°. 

London, L. Eeeee 4 co. [I872~]I875. S, 

Hookham (Mary Ann). Life and times of 

Margaret of Anjou. 2 v. sii, 435 pp. 3 pi. 

Itab; xii, 44fipp. 3pl. 8°. Londo«,Tijis- 

hybri^thers, 1872. 


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\T (Col. George W.) Down the river; 

or, jiiautjcal leBsoos uailer the coSe duello. 

[itMHw.] 269 pp. 13 pi. 12°. Nm York, 

E. J. Hale 4- son, 1OT4. 
Hooper (Heai7). The lost raoael. 38G pp. 

m°. Phitadelpkia, J. B. Li^ntott ^ co. 

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iiios. 4thed, Tii,3*6pp. 12°. Edinburgh, 

IV. P. Nimmo. 1871. 
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ideas. 3cl rev. ed. 382 pp. inel. 1 chart. 

ia=. San Francisco, A. L. Jiancroft i}- ca. 

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city of Oambridge, Mass. 69 pp.iiiol.19 

maps, fol. Philaddphiii, G. M. Erojtkins 4' 

CO. 1873, 
City atlas of Lawrence, Mass. Sp.l. 

7-75 pp. coot. 18 maps. fol. PhUadclpkia, 

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Atlas of the city of Newton, Maes. 8j 

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B city of OhHtleatow 

etowa of Brighton,'' 
m. 1875. • 

nr waid 19 

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!) I 

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1&9*-168", and 315''-.330'),2I. 4'^. Lon- 
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Paris, -E, DeniM.lSea 
Voyage & ma feoStj'e. Voyage i, Venise. 

Voyage au pnys das talipes. Voyage au 

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Plaa, 1860, 
HoTey{Alvah, d d) Eeligjon and tlie state. 

Protection or alliaJiLfl^ iTtitioii or exemp- 
tion? l7Dpp. 16° Huston EslestfLau- 

riat, 1874. 
Howr Ehall I woo theeV [a«on.] 144 pp. 

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HowEobecomeaclwi-vojant. [flnon.] ISiSpp. 

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de toutes les b^tes curteuses de Puds et de la 

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Z^oK, — Publifiboa by tlie abbfi Joaepb TLouIier 
Traits de la foiblesse do I'esprit humain. 

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Treatise of romances. Translated out 

offrencb. 7 p.l. 113 pp. 18°, London, 
forS.Seyrkk, 1673. 

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Huges&en. See Kiiatchbull-HugeEsen. 

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cliiefly on the Rhone ; from drawings by P. 
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rfcB, 1872, 

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Miiaenm europaaam. 473 pp. 1 pi. port. 

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Bti'Btioftof afutnrelife. I56pp. 12°. fus- 
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aad Parker (W. F.) WEiicli : splrit- 

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%. J' son, 1874. 
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niod crate diaeonrse concerning quakerH. 

[nnoii.] adod. xii, 3-15, 174 pp. 1 i. i6'>. 

London, J. Darby, 1707. 
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ski'tclics of distinguished hiadoo and mahom- 

eilan women. 206 pp. incl. 1 pi, & 3 ports. 

l^o. New Vork, Nelson 1^ PhiUips, 1875. 
Humphreys (D&wH) and others. Anai'chia^; 

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152 pp. 12°. NeiB Vienna, O.aulhor, 1874. 

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vii-239 pp. 18°. Boston, Roberts brotlisTS, 

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[Freehin (13, A.) Historical com% toi' acliook] . 

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1.218 pp. 3 1, sm. fol. London, TriUitter 4- 
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1 col. map in pocket ; 2 p. 1. 278 pp. 1 1. 219 8°. London, Smilli, Elder 4- CO. 1ST2. 

Huiitlngton Cmiliam S.) Road-master's as- 
sistanl and seedon-master's ^aide. 2d ed, 
141 pp. 13°. iVco York, A. N. Kdlogg 4- 
CO. 1872. 

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New York,Nelson ^ Phillips, [1874]. 

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18G1. a. 

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tecture. 1 p. 1. 34 pp. 63 pi. 4°. New York, 
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baptism. 344 pp. 4 pi, 16°. New York, 
Warren^- Wamtm, [1875], 

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Sherbourue, Doraot. 1 p. 1.75-150 pp. 11 pi. 

1 pedigree. fol. Lonilon, Nichols, 
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2 V. xsiv, 343 pp. 1 col. map, 17 pi ; sii, 334 
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iology and hygiene. 1 p. 1, 270 pp. 14 1. 12°. New York, Clark 4- Magaard, 

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xii, 3S9,lKviipp. 6 tables. 8°. London, J. 

<f J. CliarchUl, 1S75. 
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276 pp. 8°. JVcio York, Hurd ^- EougMoa, 

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1791. Sded. xii, 267 pp. 19 pi. 8°. Lon- 
don, Nkliots, son, 4- Seniles, 16i7. 
HuyBhe (G.L.) Red river expedition, xi, 

375 pp. ] tab. ] port. 3 maps. S°. London, 

Hyds (AlBxanaer). Ae''™""'^. Tmel™ 

Jectates. 372pp,7pl. 12°. Hartford, Conn. 

american publislimg co, 1871, 
Hyde (Alexander), Baldwin {Rev. A. C.)and 

G-age (Rep. W. L.) Frozen zone and its 

explorers, xvi, 800 pp. inol. 36 pi. 3 maps, 32 

pi. 8°. HaTtfaTd,colamJiianbooJ! CO. 187i. 
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or, gardening for young follcs. 1G2 pp, inel. 

2 pi, 1 6°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lipjnneott t(- 

CD. ^S73. 

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Ancient faiths and modem. xx,478, 

xiv pp. 8°. New York, J. IV. Iloaton, 1876. 
International scientific series, v. 1-18. 12". 

London, H. S.King ^' co. [#] AW YorTc,l). 

Appletou ^ BO, 1S73-75. 

Ignis fatuus : 
[«non.] I3( 
nnl/wr, 1S27. 

Ik;h^v^ll-8 sa 


pp. 12°, 

156 pp. 1 

from the clonds. 
RwhrAond,for tlic 

!rs of purity. PiiDm 
lor John Dowaon. 
P. Loadon. Triil- 

originally in 

Illustriona lovers. Wril 

french, [aura,] 2p.l. 

London, for W. Whiiwaod, 
Imbouatl (Carlo Giuseppe). Biblio[iieoa,lati- 

no-hebraica. 3 parts in 1 y. 8 p. 1. 549 pp ; 

278 pp. 3 1. fol. Bomae, 1G94. 


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l^j^Lermeneutics, or the still lion. 4 p. 1. l^pp. 
sm. 4". London, TriUiner cf Bo. 1 S75. 

Shakespeare's centurie of prayse. 

\_anon. ] ss, 363 pp. I fac«, sm. 4°. Lon- 
don, for the editm; Binninghaia, printed hy 

Inman(Tbomo6,m.J.) Aacientfiulhs embod- 
ied in ancient names, 2 V, viii, 789 pp. 6 

'. 1. Tykdall (J.) Tlie forms of water in el 

a, Baqehot <W.) Physies' and politics. K 
a. Smith (Edwara). FoodB. 3a ed, 1874. 

4. Bain (A.) Mna and HoSy. ISIS. 

5. 9PEBCKB (H.) The study of sociology. 

9. CooKECJ.P.jr,) TlB naw clioiniKtr?. 1874. 

10. Amos (8.) Tlie ei^nce of law. 2d od. 1875 

11. MaukKB.J.) Aoimal mechamam. 

13. Schmidt (Oscar). Ttedoetrlue of descent mi 
DarvtiniBoi. saert. 1875. 

13. DRAPBH (J.W^.) HlBtory of the eonfllct b' 

Iween religion una soienee, 1875. 

14. Cooke (M.o.> Patigl. 

15. VoacL (H.) The eliBniioal effectn of light an 



i. LOHIi 




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219 pp, port. 16°. FInladelpkia, T, W. 
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Same. Supplement, from feb.28, 1871, 

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don, Maciailtaa :)■ co. 1875. 

History of Dumbartonshire ; with getio- 

alogical notices, 2d ed. xii, GIG+473'- 
500" pp-7 pi. 4 facii. 4 pedigrees, 2 maps. 4". 
Dumliarlon,for the author, 1860. 

J,(M,E.) Dayspringinthefarwest. Sketches 
of miflsion-wort in north-west America. 
[n«OTi.] xii, 215 pp. 21 pi. 3 ports. 1 col. map. 
aq. 12". London, Sedcp, Jackson ^' Ilallidiiy, 

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Taokson (Daniel, jr.) Alonzo anil Melissa, 
S53 pp. I pi. 18°. Philadelphia, J. U. Liy- 
pincoU 4- CO. 1864. 

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ther selection from the diaries of sir George 
Jacltson, from 1809 to 1816. 2v. yiii,450 

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Jackson (Sir George j^continueti. 

pp; X, 517 pp. 8°. London, B, Beatley ^' 

CO. 1S73. 
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James Jackson, jr. With abstracts from his 

letters, xiii, 238pp. 16". Boston, RUHard 

firaj^eo. 1836. 
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descriptioili of st. George's charcb at Doueaa- 

ter. Viii, 144, xdpp. 15pl. fol, London, 

for tlie author, 1855. 
Jackaon (Mary Catherine). Word-sketches 


seet Bonth. 4p 


don, B. Benlley 4- son, 1873. 
Jfolt— A lour lo Gibraltar, Tfln^r, &o. 

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in Yorkgliire. 9 p. 1. 248 pp. 1 faes. 8 pedi- 
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viii,906pp. 12°, London, S. S. King 4- 
to. 1873. 

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viii, 262 pp. 13°. London, H. S.Kim 

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Michael Cresap. [anon.~\ 134 
Cumberland, Md. auilior, 1826. 

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Ion, 1873. 

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art. Translated hy mrs. Bury Palliser. 4 
p. 1. 637 pp. 12 1. 13 pi. 8°. London, S. 
Low, lUaTston, Laie i^- Searic, IB73. 

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rale et uKSthodiqne du costume da ive au 
XTXe sifecle (315-1815). 2 p. 1. 199 col. pi. 
fol. Pas-is, I'aulear, [1863-69], 

Jaillot (Charles Hubert Alexis), Atlas fri 
fois, contenaut les cartes g^ographiquea de 
I'Europe, de I'Asie, de FAfrique et del'AnnS- 
rique. Eng. title, 1 p. I. 115 1 
fol. Paris, laiUot, 1695, 
Noie.-The p. 1. or indes loaf Is £ 

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ographie et d'hiatoire. 2e 6i\. augmeal^e, 2 
p. 1. iv, 1357 pp. 8°. Paris, S. Plan, 1873. 

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count of his descendants, xii, 416 pp. 1 1. 6 
ports, 3 faes. pi. am. 4°. Cambridse,[_Ms.'i 
privately printed, 1874. 

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tween Great- Britain and the Tlnitad Slates, 
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auOioT, 1816. 

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York, C. Scribner 4- co. 1867. 
Same. 3d ed. six, 56i pp. 8°. Chi- 
cago, Catlaghan 4- co. 1873. 

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mentary. Published in the original pali by 
V. Faasbi^ill and translated by R. C. Cliilders. 
Teit,v. l,pt.l. 4p,l.224pp. 8°. London, 
[Kopenhagen printed,"] Trlibaer 4- CO. 1875. 

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Iiapommeraye (Christophe J^rOme). Ri- 
chesses ornithologiqnes du midi de la Frai^ce. 4°. XaTSeilte. Bariatkr- 
Feissat if- Demondty, 1859. S. 

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14 pi. 12°. mioYoTk,Dodd4Mead,[miZJ. 


e.the authoress, 1873. 

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York, Harper 4- broUters, 1874. 

[Harper's libraryotaelectuovela, ao.jig]. 


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Also, iufurmatiou on the borse, by Sr. Ham- 
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Sgypten erachieoeneu suhriften. viii, 244 pp. 
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eo. 1875. 

iiad Hamilton (Theodore F. com- 

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of maps, 4 1. of pi. fol. New York, J. D. 
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xvi, 509 pp. 6 ports. 13 pi. 8°. Nete York, 

D. Apptaon4-co.Mi7i. 
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illustrations: gatliered fcoiu many sourires. 

With articles from bishop Clark, rev, dr, 

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jeunesse et sa vie politiqae. 1 p. 1.256 pp, 

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Mai 5, 1789-juiu 30, 1875. 127 v. 8°, ITCv. 

fol. Pans, 1780-1375. 
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usm OS of places. lBt-2d series. 2 v. xviii, 

593 pp; viii, 509 pp. ](!'■. DabKa, Mc- 

Qlushaa^- Gi?/, 1875. 

JTofa.-lst Burlae is tin od. 
Jnlienue (Eng&ne). L'orfdvrerio fniu^aiso, 

les bronzes et la cSramique. 2 p. 1. 48 pi. 

fol. I'nris, A. Morel f cie. 1864. 
Jnmoi (B ) Lverjbody's friend. 19B pp. 

12° 6n at Loiiii book awl news co. 1873. 
Kansas home for the friendless. {Board of 

managtn) Kanoas liome cook-book. 9C4 

pp 1G° LcavenmoTth, J. C. Ketcliesoa, 1874. 
Kaideo (Allan pseud.) 1874. See Hivail 
Kmzi (Jean Baptiste Alphonse). Alain family. 

From the french. By Robert B. Bcough. 

Eng. title, 3 p. 1.311 pp. 7 pi. 13°. London, 

liipam, Coohe 4- CO. 1853. 
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morts : dissertations et rechorches. Accom- 

pagniSesdeladaase macabre, paroles d'E Jon - 

ard Thierry, musique 3.0 G. Kastner. xvi, 

310, 46 pp, 20 pi 5 tah. 4°. Paris, Bran- 

dHS 4 cie. ia'i2. 
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by E. J. Poynter. viii, 171 pp. fo!. io«- 

dott, E. MoxoH, son 4 co. 1873. 

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pp. 2 maps. 16°. Washington, for the com- 
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Washington and its environs. Ed. for J874, 
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3 inapB. 16°. If'dskington dty, for Ike eont- 

Same. Ed. for 1374, 4th ed. Correct- 
ed to jnly, 1874. xx, 252 pp. 2 mapa. 16", 
irashiTigtOH, for Ike compiler, 1874. 

ae. 5th ed. Corrected to jamiary, 


1 map, I plan. 16° 

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IVasMngl07t,for the compiler, 18T5. 

Same. Tth ed. Corrected to January, 

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xvi, 177 pp. 18 pi. fo). London, Cluipmaa 

cj- Hall, 1874. 
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ori3erof the patrons of huahnndi'yi history 

from 1866 to 1873. 441pp. 12°. PhUadd- 

phia,J.A. WageHseUer, 1875. 
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16°. Boston, Lee 4- Shepard, 1873. 

Ifgsoy. Bng, lilla, 304 Di 

304 i)p. 3 pi. 

Whispering pine sari< 

Lee ^ Shepard, 1873-74. 

Aalontbeart. Bng. t4tle,334 pp. B jjl. 
Thetnfninsof UietWe; or, HBadlire Kich nod bh 

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ritnalized. Erg. title, ii, 477 pp. 8°. Dub- 
lin, for the autlior, 1803. 

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4 V. 12°, London, Kdly 4- id. 1875. 

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By JnoiuE Secnndns [jiseurZ.] 3p. 1.252 pp. 

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KemavkB on scholastic and ftcademlc 

eduoBtioii, with an architectural detail. 2 

p. i. 174 pp. 1 1. 19 pi. 2 maps. London, for 

the autlior, 1821. 
Kemper (John). Ti'eatise on the diseases of 

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vUle 4 hro. 1875. 
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Keprinted from the origioal edition of 1577. 

xvi, 303 pp. 4°. lMandiester'\, for the Spen- 
ser soeiety, 1874. 
[Sp£M3ER society pnblleBliDns, no. 19], 

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and the east. 137 pp. 13°. New York, Q. 
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volunteer. War with Mexico, in 1846-48. 
531 pp. 8°. Fkiladetphia, J. B. Lippiiicott 
4eo. 1873. 

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WLlliiim Balfe. x, 309 pp. inol. 1 pi. port, 1 
facs. 8°. London, Tiitsley brolhsra, 1875. 

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printed hebrew text of the old tostament con- 
sidered. 3 V. 572 pp.41; x, 508 pp. 18 1. 
8°. 0-rford, the theatre, 1753-59. 

Ten annual accounts of the collation of 

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8°. Oxford, Fletclter <?■ Prince, 1770. 

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i pp. 8°. NeiB York, eaikolicpablication 
iety, 1875. 

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rilla frangaise au Mexiqne. 2e 6A. 3 p. I. 
313 pp. 16°. Paris, Ubrairie intcmationale, 

Kermode (Tamar Anno). Poems. 1 p. 1, 
5-135 pp. sq. 18°. Bidtimore, G. Lyeelt, 

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KeiT (Eobeit). Small eouut:-y house, to cost 

from ie-?,000 to £5,000; with estiraaSas up 

to £7,000. 100 pp. 13°. Lomlan, J. Mur- 
rey, 1873. 
Kersej (Jolm). Dictlonarinm anglo-britim- 

nicum, 3a ed. 3501.iiDiiuinb. 8". Xon- 

rfoH, for J. Platlips, [ete.] 1721. 
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and cJeTelopraent. xTii, 547 pp. 8"^. Lon- 

dmi, G. Bell ^ sows^ 1874. 
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tnivel : to the White and Fmncooia mount- 

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— Same. [2d ed.] 1 p. 1. 284 pp. 31, 

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international exhibition at Philaflelpliia. 6th 

ed. 158 pp. 3 pi. 1 map. 12°. PhUailsl- 

pliia, Clmton, Remsen <f- Haffdfijigcr, 1875. 
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inaasatrB, m avoir 5, 1770. 2p.l. 391 pp. 1 

map, 1 pi, 8°, Albany, J. Muwsell, 1870, 
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chroniciles of Litchfield, Conn, vii, 17-264 

pp. 1 1 pi, 1 map. 8°. Harlfin-d, Case, Loch- 
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[Poems]. vpp.ll. 131 pp. 18". Neto 

York, E. P. Bauou ,$■ r.,\. 1874. 
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tofaith. 3p.l.2(fi'pp. ie°. Bastoa, Wil- 

liird trad rtpositorjj, [1873], 
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, practical hoMokeeping. [anon.] 123 pp. 

8°. Fort IVayne, ga7-eUe hook printing house, 

Same. [2d ed,] 133 pp. 6°. For 

ll'iisne, lad. gaieltB book frialiug house, 1873. 
Siiig (Edmuntl Fillingham, editor). Tenthoir- 

saml wonderful things, xvi, 684 pp. 16°. 

London, O. ifosK/crf^* .J-sows, [1359] ? 
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lon }■ CO. 1875, 
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2p.l.411pp. 12° London, W. Isbisler ^- CO. 

— -^— King of the earth and other sermons. 

3ded. lp.I.v-viii,3lapp, iS°. London, 

Macmiilm 4- CO. 1872. 
Madam How and lady Why. xv, 3,10 

pp. inel, 5 pi. 12°. London, Betl ^- Baldy, 


Kiugsley (CharI.-j!)-contimiL-d. 

Plays and puritans, and other essays. 

3 p. 1.271 pp.poit. 12°. London, MnemiUan 

•S- CO. 1S7S. 

I'roafle'ahiBtorj or England. pp,20a-a71. 

Prose idylls, new and old. 3 p, 1. 317 

pp. 16°. London, Macmillaa ^ co. 1873. 

Town geology. Sd ed, Ivi, 239 pp. 

16°. Lonilan, SlraJiaa,^ CO. 1S72. , 

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stovies. 2 v. 4p.l.249pp; 3 p, 1,234 pp. 
12°. London, Tinsleg brothers, 1872, 

Klngsley (Miss). South by west oi' winter in 
the Roeky mountains and spring in Mexico. 
Edited byCharlea Kingsley. [anon.] 3.\x, 
41 1 pp. iud. front. 1 map. 8°. London, IV, 
Isbistcr 4- CO. 1874. 

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FraueearidSpdninl871. :xi, 340 pp. 12°. 
Lonilon, H. 8. King, 1372. 

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736 pp. 8°. j:,ondoM,J.JVeison.;'soHS, 1874, 

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;p HoughioTi, 1873. 

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lov[elc,] 309 pp, 13°. Mu> Ywk, B. Car- 
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(SuitTEES aodei;. Fulilicatioug, t, 19]. 

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sbiro. XV, 111 pp. 33 pi. 3 pedigrees, 8°. 
London, for the author, 1860. 

Kitty Bourne, [ajiun.] 334 pp,inci.53pl. 
ia°. New York, Dodd <> Mea/l, [1875]. 

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HerauBgegeben vou Ludwig Tieck, init ei- 
ner biographischon einleitnng tou Julian 
Solimidt. 2teausg. 3 v. 18°. Berlin, G. 
Jhimer, 1863, 

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Labor de. 

Klemm (Friedrieh Gustav). Allgemeinc cul- 

tuv-gefieliiolite der uiensebheit. 10 v. in 5. 

8°. Leipzig, B. G, Teubner, 1843-53. 
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Werltzengfl und waffen. iv, 393 pp. 8*^. 

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T. 3. 

Die iiftlirntig. Getraoke. Narltotica. 4 p. 1. 
303 pp. port. 8°. Leipzig, J. A . MmnbcTg, 

Frouiidsclinftliclie briefe. 9toaufl. xix, 

429 pp. 1 pt. IC. Leipzig, B. G. Teubncr, 

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de Brabant, publics p>ir J. P. Willsma. 9 v. 
Gp.l.lxxi, 904 pp. 30 pi; 6p.liiii, 781 pp. 
1 port. 1 faus. 4°. Bi'iixdles, ST. Hitgcz, 
.183<)-43. s. 

« dill iau 

Elon des 


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astrouomio. xii, 474 pp. 8". Brmaischmcig, 

F. Vieweg ._(■■ snfin, J874. S. 

Kuapp(R™. W.C.) Funeral KorvLOOB. lt>« 

pp. IG*^. i'eorio,[7«.]fr««i«.J''s™s,l874. 
Kiiatclibull - Hngeasen ( Edward-IIiiges- 

HBu). WliiBpers from fairyland, si, 345 pp. 

8 pi, 13". Loiulon, Ltragmans, 1875. 

— ■■-■ Qiienr (oik. Suven stociea, ix, 357 pp. 

fipl. 16". Londoa, maemUla'a cS- eg. imi. 
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(uoinea dentsoliefl adelg-loxieon. 9 v. 8°. 

Leipzig, F. Foigt, 185D-7I). 
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p. 1. 87 pp. 3 1, Bm. fol. LeewuMrdca, A, Fer- 

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8in. fol. Leeaumnlen, A. I'eriBcrdu <f' G. Tres- 
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Uag, [1758]. 
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etb ; a biogvapliy of rev. George P. Wilson, 

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the orient. With nearly two kuudred and 

fifty iliustrations. C04 pp. t port. 8°. Hart- 

fard, (Oonn.) A. D. Wortiii 

Knox (Tbomas W,)— contiuHGd. 

Underground or life below the Htirface. 

a43pp.inel. SOpl. iP. H(>tlford,!i«n 
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gorman ed. by T. H, Waller anil H. R. Proc- 
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ChnrchiU, 1873. s. 

JElolm (Igna«). Elsenbaliu-jalirbucli ^ir Oster- 
leichiBch-nngariscbeuinonarL'liie. Jttoi'jalirg, 
d, 444 pp.2 tab. I map. 8°. Wiea, Left. 
iiann^- Wmxd, ISTO. 

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tiou of 1869-70. Tranalatod and abridged by 
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tique. 3e iSd. vi, IGOpp. IG''. I'uris, V. 
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Koran (Tbe) : tranalatcd from Ihu arable. By 
J. M. EodwoU. ixviii, 659 pp. ]3'>. Lon- 
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Korber(Philipp), Tbeiierdsmanof Dambacb, 
From tbe Geiinan. By Sarab A, Flory. 15() 
pp.9 pi IC", Philaildphia, liithfTun board 
of ■puUicaiioa, 1875. 

[PiTHERLASn ItBticli]. 

Krabbe (Dr. Otto). Die univeveiliit Ikistoek 
imillufiiehntennnd seebKebuteii jabrbniidort. 

3 v. in I. xiv pp. 1 !. 304 pp ; I p, 1. 3(15- 
764 pp. 8", Eostoek, Adhr's erLen,MS>i. S. 

Kraiinaki (Count Zygmund Napoleon), Tlie 
undivine comedy. Polish pootry in tbe iiinu- 
teentli century, by Julian Klaczko. Traiis- 
latoii by Martha Walker Cook. 5l3pp, ('i". 
I'hUadcljihia, J. B. Lippiacolt ,f a>. 1875. 

KrOof (Ivan Aodrieviteh), Krilof and liis 
fables. By W.E,S.RalEton, il ill, 180 pp. 
12*^. LiisdoH. Slrakaa <j- CO. 166i). 

Kioesei(A.E,) Tlio minnoslngor of Germany. 

4 p. I. 284 pp. 13°. Nem York, Hard ^ 
Houghton, 1873. 

Kraae (Tbeodor). Imliens alte geschiubte. 

1 p. I 438 pp. 8°, Leipzig, Dyh'sche hueh- 

handliaig, 1856. 
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and influence. 248 pp. iucl. port. 8°, Cia- 

cinnati, Wilson, Hinkte.S- r.o. [1875]. 
Laborde (Alexandre). Description d' on pav6 

en mosi^quo diSoonvert dans I'ancienne ville 


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Laborde (Aloxaudcc) — coatiniiuil. 
d'ltalica, aujourii'hui le Tillage fle Saliti- 
ponoo presde Bfiville. Eug.title,2 p.!, 103 
p|i. 32 pi. 8 vignettes, fol. Paris, P. Didot 
I'alnS, 1802. 

Iiacombe {Albort). Dictioanairo He la iangae 
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H°. Moiier6iil, C. 0. Beniickemin ip Vatois, 
IH74. s. 

Qrammaire (le la langne dos Ci'la. 1 p. 1. 

iii, 19U pp. 1 tab. 8". MoiUTSal, C. 0. 
Bmnchemin .f Valois, 1S74. 8. 



■1 Ai 1> 

Lact>mbe(P.> Anns aud armour in aTitiqiiity 
and tlio middle ages. From tlio Freiic!), by 
Cliarlos lloiitoH. ivi, 296 pp. iucl. 24 pi. 
130. Limdim, Reeves 4- TaTiier, IST4. 

Lacou limeifd.) Tho devil in Amerioa: a 
d rinnalie satire, liy Lacon ]_pscu4. J 325 pp. 
12°. mbilc,J. K. Randall, 18(17. 

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of rcfuroiiee, Ist ed. Title, xii, 116 pp. I 
limp. 12". Montreal, "idtncss" printing 
h«me, 1S73. 

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Kiii,:!:i3pp. Vl°. mw Ynrlt, Nelson .Sl'hU- 
lips, 1S74. 

Laciota (Paul). Bibliogiapliie et iwino- 
gnipliie lie toiialea ouvragos de Eestii'dela 
Itiulouno. Par P. L. Jacob [jisoiirf.] ap.l. 
XV, 510 pp. port, 8". Fans, A. Fonlaiae, 

Curiosity de rbistoiro des arls. Par P. 

L. Jacob, bibliupliile, fpsoiirf.] 8 j). ], 41J 
pp. Ki". i'nris, A. Ddaliays, 1H58. 

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iiiiddio ages, and tho renaissance, xix, 554 
pp. 15 eel. pi. 4". London, Chapman ._?■ 
Hull, 1874. 

• ~ Military and leligiotis life in tlio niiddlo 

iig-03 anfl tlio renaiasanoo. xx, 504 pp. H 
col, pt. 4". London, Chapman .f- HiUl, 

, Lady of Jjiiw ford and other stories, [niion,] 

:t4(i pp, ]5 ])1. ia°. Troy, N. Y., H. II. A'i7ns 

.)■.(.. [1875]. 
Laferrifere (Edoiiard Louis Julieii, compUci-). 

Los eonstitutiona d'Enrope et d'Amcrique. 

Revues par M. A, Batbie. vii, cxliv, C54 pp. 

8°. Paris, ColiUon, 1869. 
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instrnttor, 175 pp. 66 pi. 4°. Newark, 

2f.,T., JK Tattle 4- eo. 1829. 

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translated from the french ; by liobert Thom- 
son. 4 T. iu 2. 13". Faris, Clmaa, 1800. 

Lake (D. J,) Atlas of Athens ra, Ohio. 
88 pp.incl.34 eoL maps & plans, it 31 pi. 
2 col. maps. fol. FliilaMpIiiii, Titus, Sim- 
maws if Titus, 1W5. 

Atlas of JackBon oouDty, Ohio. 51 i>]i, 

incl. 18 col. maps aiidO pi. fol. Philadel- 
phia, Titas, Simmons .f- Tltm, 1875. 

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Mcmoires imSdits, 1790-1815. ix, ^09 pp. 
8°. Paris, Hachetle ^ cie. 1370. 

Graziella: a story of italian love. 

If'roin tho fronch, by James B. Kunnioii. 
S:)5 pp. ui. 16°. Chitaga, Janxsn, McClurg 
.;■ B«. 1876. 

Lamb (Chailes). CompletB works in prose 
and verso. From original oditjons, with the 
cancelled passages restored, Edilod by It. U. 
Shepherd, xv, 776 pp. 2 poets. 1 faos. 12°. 
London, Cliatto cf IFirtdins, 1875. 

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178 pp. 3 pi. b". New Yorh, 1). AppUton 
■f- eo. 1873. 

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letters, and remains: now first collected, 
with notes. By W. Carow Kazlitt. 307, 
31[4-88'-^] pp. pi. 1 port. 8 ta«s. 12'-^. 
London, Chatto if' Windas, 1874, 

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306 pp. lO'^. New York, D.,}-J. Sadlier 4- 
CO. 1875. 

Lametli ( liaron Alex 


2 p. 1. 

2 p. 1. 499 pp. 

La M^tlierle ( Jean Ghinda do). Dorhoinino 

oonsiddrri moraloinout. 2 v. xevj, 415 pp ; 

1 p. 1. 498 pp. 80. Paris, Maradan, 1802, 
Lance (Adolphe). Excnrsion en Italie. Eaux- 

forlos par L. GanolieMl. [3e 6d.] viii, 317 

pp. 1 1. 15 pi. 8°. Paris, bbc. A. Ifforel .J' 

cie. 1873, 
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war in u nutsheU. 486 pp. 15 inaiie. 12°. 

iVtio Yorlc,a. IV. Carlaim i^- co. 1871. 
Lanclor (Walter Savage). Cameos, selected 

by E, C. Stedinan and T. B. Aldriuh. With 

an introduclion. 128 pp. Hq. 16°. Boston, 

J. B. Osgood 4- CO. 1874. 
Landriot (Jean Pranfois Anno Thomas). 

Conferences aiix dames fl\x monde pour fiiire 

suite illia fern me forte eih La femme piciise. 


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Iiaadrlot (J, P. A. T.) — continued. 

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pp. 16°. Paris, V. Falmi, 18C6. 
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of WiOiam Bewiclt. 9 v. lii, 300 pp. port 

vui,iJ69pp, ia°. Loailon, Harsl '.f- BlackcU 

Lange (Joiiana Petei', d. d. editor). A. com- 

m Q rj n h h ly 'ptui-ea ; critjeal, doe 
n nd Ii aL Translated from the 

e an nd e<] d by P. ScliafE, d. d. 
an 4 6 7 9,10, 13, 16. 

8 JV or C Scn6«!»'#co.]8S8-; 

' K F Jndgea Had Kulh, by 

W F Bll r. 
iin ca BioD by T. LowLe, nn^ a 

B M wUh a new \at»\oa by 



— Same N 


10 y, 8°. } 


I C S b 



1 GenBra! Intro 

ucii™: "*Ma 

lia,v, by J 



a. Murk, by J. P 

Laugci L.ik 

, by J. J. 

3. jQbu^byTp 



4. Aotsoftha J! 

C. (Jerok. 

5. Eomana, by J 

poatloB, by G 

T. Leohler, 


P. Lanes, sad 

F. It. Fay. 

6. CorlnthlanB, by 0. F. Kliug. 

O. Sobmolier 


Uppiang, oDd ColosBlaim. by 

by 0. A. An 
Timothy, Tit 





B. James, by J. P 

j.™^, ™a 

J. 3. vsa Oo 

d Jnde. byG.F. 
ler; John, bvK. Bmmie. 
y. 10. RBFelBtion of Juhn, by J. P. Lange. 

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Tornehmsten sladte iu Dentsohland. Mit 
text Ton Qeorg Laage. 6 v. in S. 4°. 
Danastadt, G.G.Lange, 183S-4C. 
[Imporfecl: v. 5, pi. 16 anflSO wabtlug; v. 6, pi. IB 
warning] . 

Langevln (Eilinond}. 1G74-1874. Deiixifime- 
oonteaniro. Notice biograpliiqne Bnv Fran- 
fois de Laval de Montmorency. 1 p. 1. xvi, 
3^2 pp. port. 8°. Montriitt, la compagnic 
d'iTHpressioH [eic] du Lovell, 1874. s. 

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mate, and histoijj 336 pp. incl. 6 pi. 13". 
PhUadclpkia, J. B. LippiKcaU cj- eo. 1876. 

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and Homot (Aot. ) Anecdotes du uord. 
[«noji.] 4 pts. in 1 v. ]G<^. PaHs, Vin- 
cent. 1770. 


Larcom (Lucy). Childhood songa. 203 pp. 
3nc!.9pl. 13°. BosiuH, J. R. Osgood .f co. 

An idyl of work. 183 pp. 16". Bos- 

ton, J. R. Osgood .;■ CO. 1S7S. 

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A.) Helps to speak and write correctly, 
216 pp. 12°. New York, N. Tibhah .)'■ son, 

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pp.2pl. Vi°. London,J.C.HoUea,i]S7l]. 

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Ueber die keiliuschriften der erston und 
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of tbo highlands, 3 v. 12°. London,II. 
Colbnrn, 1841, 

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social. Translated by J. M. Hart. :id5 ]ip. 
12". iVcio York, G, P: Fuinam's sons, 18;'4. 

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Pyrenees and Landes. sxiii,634 pp, 1 pi. 
8°. London, Longmans, 1870. 

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and sovereign rights as regards nouliuls 
during the war of secession, xiv, 89, 41) pp- 
8°, Boston, A. Madge .j- son, 1873. 

Lawrence (William V.) Elllna. [A poBin], 
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erside press, 1873. 
Iisrwrence (City of, Mass.) Free public library. 
Catalogue. 1873. viii,341pp. 8". ia«>- 
I. Merrill .J- Croeker, 1873. 

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Lawaon (Mrs. J. W.) Brockley mooi-. By 
J. W. L. [bho«.] 307 pp. 8°. XDV,Yori, 
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anil olhcra. Ten yeilTS of gentleman farming 
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deflection of timber, xl, 152 pp. l'i°. it 
i^u, Simpkin, Marshall ^ co. 1850. 

Iieantl (Arcangiolo). Lo etato preseote dcUa 
Sicilia. 2v. 1 p.l.xxi,333pp.3B pi; Ip.l. 
!W3-40r, 45 pp, 8 pi. 13°. FaUrnw, F. 

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alogyof tlio Iieavenwottli family in tlio Unit- 
ed States. 37fi pp. 17 ports. 2 pi. ill. front. 
8°. Syracuse, N. ¥., S. G. Hitchcock ^- co. 

Le Bouvler-Desniortlers (Urbain Eone 
Thomas). Vie da general Cbarette. 3 v. 
S''. Paris, clicz tes marcJiaada de nuuveanlls 
[#] P Diilot VainS, 1800-14 

Iiecomte {L'ulM A) Le DarHJUismo ot 
1 OHgme de I'homine 2e td nji,4l 1 pp 
ISO BniTdUs.J liomant, 1373 

Le Coate (Joseph) Religion and science 
324pp 12° Nnw'iOTk.D Appleton.'i CO I'm 

Lae {licv Alfied Tlicophilus) Histoiy ot 
letbmy, lu Glmiecsle xxlk, 320 pp II pi 
b" Landon, J H ^ J ParAer,liia7 

Lee (Charles Carter) Tiiginia georgics 133 
pp 2 1 8°. Bu-hmond, J WuoiUiouse J co 
Lee (Samnel) Bible logained iiid the God 
of the bible ouis I p ] 9tf5 ]ip 10 Bos 
ton, Lee tf Shepard, 1874. . 

Lee (Wllliain, m. d. of Washington). Cur- 
rency of the confederatB slates of America. 
27 pp. lOpbotog. pi. 4<>. Washi<itgtm,\%7T-,. 
Lee (William, of London). Life of Daniel Do 

Legrand D'Auaay (Pierre Jean Bsptifito) 
Miirf Roquefort (Jean Baptisto Bonavontnre 
de). Dea s6pi\ltures nationales, et particn- 
li^rement do celloa des lois de France. 
528pp. 8°. Paris, J. EancaKi;, 1834. 

Legnev^l de Lncombe (B. F,) Voyage it 
Madagascar et aux ties CoLiiorea (1833 il 
1630). Pr6e6d^ d'uae notice hiatoriqne par 
m. Engime de Froberville. 2 v. Sp. 1. iv, 
101pp. 1 1.294, 4 pp. 4 pl.l map; 3 p.l. iv, 
. 375 pp. 1 pi. J map. 6°. Paris, L. Descssart, 

Lelalmian (William). System of midivilbry. 
2d amerjoan from the 2J eugliuli od. xxiv, 
17-7C6 pp. "iP. Philaddyhm, U. C. Lea, 

Leitch (Riobard Fettigrow). Conrseof paint- 
ing in neutral tiot. 33 pp. 34 col. pi. ohl. 
4''. London,Ca3SeU, PlUct i$- GalpiH,\^tS75-\. 

Cuurse of sepi* paiiitiag. 33 pp. 3'1 pi. 

obi. 4". London, Cassell, Petter ./ Galpin, 

Leiand (Cbarlos Qodfiiiy). Egyptian skoteb 
boDk. is, 331 pp. Ja^. Ncio York, Hard 
4- Houghton, 1874. 

Engliali gipsies and their langnftgo. 

itv,25app. 12°. Neio York, Hard ,<i- Hough- 
ton, 1873. 

Palmer (t.'rof. H. II.) and Tuckey 

(Janet). Eiiglisb-gipay aonga. InroLntiiany 
lYJtb metrical tranfllationa. xii, 3715 pp. 12°. 
Philadelphia, .J. B. UppiiirMt <f- co. 1875. 

Lsmalre (Nicolas !^lai). Bibliotheua class iea 
latina,ctim notis ot indioibns. 141 v. 8°. 
I'aTisiis,colUgciat N. E. Lemaire, lt?l!)-33. 

:Att (CttillS Jlllilin] 

" (G. Valerinai 

V. 6-a4. ClCEltOKIB (M. 




Lees {Uady Maris Charlotte Sullivan). A few 
days in Belgium and Holland, iv, 148 pp. 
12'>. London, E. Stanford, 1872. 

Lefevre ( Sir George, m. d. ) The life of a tray- 
elliag physician. [anoH.] 3 v. 13°. Lon- 
don, Longmans, 1843, 

Legends and fairy tales of Ireland. 1873. 
Sf^ Haverty (P. M.) 

3G-33 LuctNUS U Am i> PhHraal i 

mHoMoj auppemeulo. 3 v. IS 

».39-4l. (M. V.) opIgrBminaf 

pttrininOB rocensitii. St. 1835. 
T.12-5L. OviaQKA30Nia|Piiblll)qnaeai! 

opsra. 10. iSaO-M. 

V. SS-S.!. FEL«DRI nibularnoi ^aopiaini 


I (M. J 


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Lemaire (Nitolaa HSloi)— coaJiuaed. 
y sa-68 Pr,T»n Siciraiij (Cml) hlBtoriw nii 

brliixill lOvinll 1837-38. 
T 69-70 X'risn C 'FCiLn BECDKni (O ) epf 

[ (JUT-inL 

1 ra-'Pi SiriirsITlLrCUB(Oliiw) Pnmporiii 

V 'HJii STAiiiJe^iploliJ'quooxataDtoimKi 

i tb-l'i Sui inNn TRiNqmLTJ(0 ) anotleei 

I inn-im jAUlusCCalmODraBlms) qnnlem 

iiivih J I OiHrlm Sy In5 1819-Jl) 

^ Ifti Ifii. ] hiiiNrma AFi!ii(P) Comccdm) 

8 V lSLLt-33. 
JK V ] Cratii ct H 
7 CflJpnrnl) fkulUc 
noil, Bodiie, Soptlmil 
PurmnHu Optutuini 

Iiemercier (AJiien). AiiRiiatijie. From tlio 
fiODCh 145 pp.1 pi. 18°, NeiB York, D. 
.j J Sadlier 4' CO. 187-i. 

Tlia two bfotbers. i'lom the froiiuli. 

JJ5pp Ipl. 18". mwYoTlt,D.<S-J-Siiim'rr 
4- CO 1873. 
Lena Dandoa. [<i«d«.] 1 p. 1. :i47 pp. 4 pi. 
Id" FhiUtihlphia, am. hiiplkt publication so- 
cirlg, [1874]. 
Leniiig (Gustnv). Dark nkle of Now York 
life [anon.] 8Ja pp. H". W™ York, F. 
Gerhard, larti. 
Leiinoz; iLmd Williiira ritt). Sport at homo 
and abroad. 2 v. viii, ailO pp ; viii, TOO pp, 
12^ Lomloa, Jfarst ■)■■ Bliwkctl, J873. 
Lenormant (Francois}. Studt'nt'a manaal of 
oriental iiistoiy. Anidotit history to tlio cwiii- 
mcnudnBnt of the inediaii ivars. S v. xx, 
S38 pp. ] 1 ; lii, :i!}4 pp. ] 1. 1™. I.miilon, 
tieo (ItGioricli). Lobibiith dci' miivorsalge- 
BcbichtH. V. 1-2. 3te and. v. 3-0. 2te aiifi- 
(j V 8". Bidle, E. Jtaoa, 1840-51. 

VotlesiiTigeu iiber dio ^echichto desjii- 

diBcheii Btaatea. 2fiG pp. ti°. llciitlinsen, 
J J Mdckcii'sclic iuchlmiulhiiig, IKJD. 
Deonaid (Gharlos C.) History of Pitbolo: 
by " Croeua " [pscitil ] lOfJ pp. IG". Pi I- 
Iwlc cilij. Fa. Mortun, LvbsvkU ,;■ ea. !8fi7. 
Leonard (Homy 0.) Pigeon ctivo [Mhss.] 
Hiul yioiiilty. vili, l!);i pp. iiitl. ! ]il. IIP. 
Do^oa,F. A. Searh, W7-J. 
Lt>nard [llnv, Williiviii), Vinsitui'ii : oi, fuol- 
111 iiitB of Clinot. Witli iiiti-oJiicition by C. H. 
H dl 209 pp. front. lf?>, Jirookhjn, or- 
_ I j.!,<i»,' press, 187.1. 

' \IieoahetrAt {.Jt>n<ip\iuB,d. rl. jisend.) Confcs- 
1 aioiia of ii iniiiistor. Beinf; Iohvob from tho 
^ I diary of tiic rev. Joaophus Leoiihardt. 13(i 
', ]ip Iti". I'hiladdjMa, U. Pcttrsoii 4- CO. 

claBsLcaui laMnim] 120 pp 10 1 1 port 1835 
— Sanie. Complementum. 2t. xt, 60i 
; 4 p. 1. G91 pp. fP. I'ltHsiis, coltigeha 
m N. E. Umaire, 1838. " 

(loB plus liellcs 
h'o par Doclons 


'icpaiitre (Joan). Collpcti 

I i>mpoBltionH de Ijopaiitro g 

.i Domy. 2 p. 1. lOi) pi. fo 

\M'l lete. 187-]. 
ii Bpmoia (Honrl de). Qalnfe 

sa lOTidamnation. 108 pp. 8' 

I'almi, iSiJT. 
LepaiUB (Karl Kicliard). Briefii aiiB Aegypten. 

in 1849-1845. vi, 45(1 pp. a pi b B I 

IV. Hertz, 1853. 
— — Uber dio xxii. Sgyptigcl e ku g ly 

tie. I p. 1.253-320 pp. 2 tab 4 B I n 

Ii, ahademie dm- wissenschof n ^ C 

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mm Y«i-lc, NdsoH ,y PhiUips, [1875]. 
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Tiimalaled Ijy Blleu Protbicgliiim. xi,245 
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Lettrea udlfiimtas et ciiriuuaos. Cartjis eJili- 
cnut^i y uLirioaaa, oacritaa da las uiissioiies 
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de JeauB. Ti'lldiicidfiB del franeea por Diego 
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[Imperfeot : v. IB, pi. 4 wnntlng]. 

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orre). Anntomio uomparSedu sjstCnio noi- 

veiix. 3v. siiii, 503pp; xi:,6i)3pp. 8'^. 

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gou butrachtet. xiv, ;!;!4 pp. 8°. Braaa- 

Sj.'/iMJtii,', /''. I'icicei! tf aalm, lSlj5. S. 

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peiuture anr verre en Kurope. 4 p. 1. 372. 200 

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[linpcTMl: l,L.7waLllnb-!. 

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AfUir the gorjiian, by mrs. A. L. Wi^toi'. 

31)4 pp. 12''. Philadelphia, .T. B. Lip/iiaealt 

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^yci- J'-co.l875. 
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brothers, 1874, 


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Lewis (E.) and Sturtevant (Joseph 
North " " " " " " 


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CVii,IO(<Lb OF AUTlIOliS. 


Iie'wis aad Sturtevaut — god! ti i J 
5-J74 pp 3 pi b° foKlh FrajijiJ im 
Musa. [Bus/oh jTiitel 4 Mul^e } to is] 

Iievtris ( fen Qemge) ImpressiuaK oFA iiencn 

and the ame It^n cl urches v 1 432 pp 

81, EdlabuTgh H F EeTmedy ^Bi-> 

[Imperfect pp SOI 333 WButluel 
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light by which we eee light," 246 pp. 12°. 

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1 1 ]>I, 1 fiit^B ; xi,S5f) pp, iiiel 7 pi. ] pl.Ttiics. 

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Life and doctrine of Saint Oathoiiuo of Gouoa. 

From the italiim. [niion.] xiv, 7-^8!) pp, 

18°. A'cin York, callwlic piibiicaiion saoiels, 

LiteiuB (Mrs. J. W.) Sis years oxporience aa 

a liook Hgeut in California. 1G8 ])p. 8 pi. 

8". San Fniuciseo, woineii's umoa pTtnting 

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>. 1847. 
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.. 8. Mj-Blory. 
'. 9. Oouisdy. 

r.lO. Cllll.llllWlL 

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6I4pp.iDcl. 13 pI.&]6porta. 8°. Allegan, 

Mich, noHh^BDst^^l liihU and publishing eo, 

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tJtle,35 pi. fol. Loudon, Ilodgsoa, Buijs ^ 

Graccg, [1833-35]. 
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tral Africa, ftoin 1805 to lii.i death, .Con- 
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(i pi. port. I map; vlii, 34G pp. Vi pi. 3 faea. 

1 map, 8", Lottdua, .7. Murray, 1874. 
Same. (Abridged from the LemJoii 

edition). 448 pp. iucl, port. 24 pi. 1 faea. 

Imap. 8°. Hartford, R. W. Bliss .$■ CO. mv. 
Livre (Le) noir' do In coinnmnu do I'aria. 

[anon.] 3e bH. 39i3 pp. ]2-\ Mrit-cdUs, 

office depMkili, 1871. 
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History of Sicily to tho atlicnian war. 

xi,39Gpp. 1 map. 8°. Loii<toa, J. MioTay, 

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231 pp. 12°, Sastoit, Lee ij- Slieparil, 1875., 
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1,203 pp. l(i°. London, IV. IsLisler if co. 
■ 1874. 


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Lor: I 

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A'ou.— 36 ooplea priuted. 
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:)(iO pp. 5 pi. 8°. Washington, Siiiithsaman 

insiUulimt, 1803-64. 

|;a Smithbonun miaceUiinaouB colleclioas, t. B], 
Same. Part 3. vii, 351, 13 pp.8-11 pi. 

8°. n'aehiagton, Siiathaonian instittiiion, 

I firs. 

[In fiiriTHSOKIAN mlaeullnueouB collDctlDiis, v. 11. 
nrt. 3]. 

Loifelliolz-Colberg (Friodvieh frtihcrr vou). 

FoiBtlicho elireatomathio. 4y,in3. 8°. lier- 

Im, J. Springer, 18(iG-71. 
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116pp. sq.ieo. Nmo YarlCfartheautluir, 

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.f'co. 1875. 

irNrEKNATiONai. scieQtlflo sorics, T. IS]. 
London (Citg of, Eng.) Post office London 

directory, 1873. 8°. Lo,ido«, for F. KMj. 

[1373]; ■ 
Loridoii gnidi'. How to get from or to any 

piirt of London. [rt»io«.] viii, 120 pp. I map. 

n°. London, E. Stiinfard, \S75. 
London {Company of of). Tran- 
script of the rfigieterst 1554-1640. Edited 

by Edward Arber. v. 1-3. 4°. London, 

pHvalcty jirintcd, 1 875. 


. Butvles nf bool 

July 1S71. 

IS 1595. Ell. 

llyery, and flues to i July 16D5. 

London (Newlff/rary and museum of the corpa- 

Tiition of). Catalogue of engraved portraits, 

topograpMeal drawings onti prints, coins, 

11 . } 

London (Neio library, etc. of) — oontinutd, 

gems, autographs, [etc] exhibited at the 

opening of tha new library and mnsoum, 

1872. Edited by W. H. Overall. 3331.aup. 

4°. London, 1&73. B, 

iiong (Rbb. Edwin M.) Illustrated history of 

hj-rans and their authors. [t<. 1]. 5C0 pp. 

inch 38 porls. & 19 pi. 12°. Fhitadetphia, 

J. F. Joggers, [1S75]. 
Long (Joseph W.) American wild-fowl shoot- 
ing'. 3p.l.ix-385pp.4pl. 12^. New Yorli, 

J. B. Foj-d <(■ CO. 1874., 
Iionsfellow(HoDryWad3wortli). Aftermatli. 

Ti, 144 pp. 1 pi. IG"^ iSostvn, J. It. Osgood 

4- eo. 1673. 
The hanging of the crano, Withilliisfrii- 

tions. 1 p. 1. 7-64 pp. ft'out. 13°. .Boslow, 

J. S. Osgood cf- eo. 1875. 
— - Masque of Pandora and other poems. 

iv, 146pp. ICO. Boston, J. R. Osgooa4-C0. 

Poetical works. Household ed. ii, 

363 pp. 13°. Boston, J. H. Osgood ^- ca. 

editor. PootE and poetry of Europe. 

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cS- Hart, 1845. 

916 pp. port. 8". I'hiladelyhia, Fmler S,- 

Coates, 1871, 
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Christ and antichrist. 249 pp. JG°. Neio 

York, Nelson ^ Phillips, 1874. 
Tho land of shadowing wings : or, tbo 

ompho of tlio sea. 37!) pp. 16°. JVnw York, 

Nelson 4' Phillipa, 1873. 
Lord (Eloazar). On credit, oarreuey and bank- 
ing. 33 63. 130 pp. 8°. Neie-York, - 

C. 4- H. Carvill, 1834. 
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pp. 8°. Neio York, R. Carter ,} brothers, 

Lorentz (Beruard), Parade (A.) awii otlicrs. 

Conrs ^l^meotaire de culture ilos hoi^. 5e 

6J. sxviii.GilS, sxispp. 1 pi, 8'', Paris, 

ve. Boachard- Hazard, 1867. 
Iiorimsr (Ben. Peter). Patrick Hamilton, 

first preacher and martyr of the Scottish ref- 

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IiOTlmer (/?<;«. Poter) — coiitiuiied. 
oimation. xvi, 2C7 pp. 13°. £. 
T. Co7tslabU # CO. 18r.7. 
LorraBaquio(Franoisco). Manval 
de la admmistraoion ie loa Bantos 
tofl. 7 p. 1. 1-80, 89-M, S9~133 1. [+11 1''^] 
numb. IS". Mexkn, D. GiKierrci, 1G31. 
Loasliig (Bbuboh Join, it. d.) Outline his- 
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pp. lao. New York, G. W. Carlelon ■(■ co. 
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dflTiH la pfininsnle arabiqne du Sinai et 
I'Egypte mojeune. [Teste] 2 p. 1. 366 pp. 
4° ; [atlae] 3 p. 1. 1 map, 15 pi. 17 photolitli. 
faea. 80 pl. of i'ocs. inscriptions on 40 1. fol. 
Park, «K0. A. MotbI J'' cie. 1873. 
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pp. 12-. Ballimort., Kdhj, Piet .j- to. 1873. 

History of grcelc and roman olassical 

litomturo. 320pp. 13°. New York,l). Ap- 
pklonfco. 1873. 
Loubat (J. F-) Hanutive of tlie mission tc 
Kasaift, iu 18«C. 444 pp. 13 pl. 1 tab. &> 
NcjB ¥uTk, D. AppletKTi 4' co. 1873. 
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2 V. vii, 348 pp. 37 col. pl ; vii, 493 pp. 43 
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Lubbock (Sir John, /inj-1.) On biitiMb wild 
flowers eonaidelod in relation to insocta. Sd 
eit. 1 p.l. vii-ivi, ISBpp.front. 13°. Lon- 
daa, NacmiUan ^- co. 1875. 

fHiTURE iwrlosl. 

On the origin anil iiietam or piloses of in- 
sects. 1 p.l.vii-xvi, I08pp.incl.7pl. front. 
12°. London, Macwillan .S- eo. 1874. 



maps. J3°. iVcwj York, W. Rankin, 1 

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Germany during the middloagi^s. From tbe 
fifth german edition. 1 p. I. x pp. I 1.399 pp. 
19 pl. 8°. London, Casscll, I'llter .f Gal- 
pin, 1870. 

Same, 2d ed. xi, 399 pp. 19 pl. 8°. 

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I" partic. 3 p. 1. 600 pp. [46] pL 8°, Pa- 
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rope. 26 63. S p. I, 383, iv pp. &i pl. 8°. 
raris, F. Savy, 18G4. 
Lncas (Paul). Voyage fait par ordre du roi 
dana la Grilee, I'Asie Mincure, la Mac6doino 
etl'Afrique. 2v.ini, 15 p.l. 333 pp. 10 
pl.ltab;5p.l.3-28pp.9pl. Itab. 18". Am- 
sterdam, auK d^cns de la campaguU, 1714. 
Lucy ( — ). Men and manner in parliament, 
by tlie member for the Cliillorn hnndreds. 
[«noM.] 3p. 1. 286 pp. Vi°. Lotidon. Tins- 
leg brothers, 1874. 
Lum. (DyerD.) The spiritual delusion. 252 
pp, 13°. PhilaihJphia, J. B. Lippiiicoit ^ 
CO. 1873. 
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Hoaghton, 1873. 
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dies. Translated by W. Lyman. 138 pp. 
I 18°, Nett>York,D.Al>pleton4-co.iSri. 


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Lytton (Edward George Earlo Ljtton Bul- 
wer, baraa Lytton). The Caxtone. Hew ed. 
f, 'MO pp. I pi. 1G°. London, G. llouthdgc 


Jifao (I'ahdu. 


(, [It 

llingly. Globe ed. 

I. 363, 353 pp. 1 pi. IG". PhUadelphia, J. 

B. Lifrpittcolt 4- CO. 1873. 
■ ■ "My novel." The lord Lytton ed. 4 

V. iu 2. 13". JCIiUadelpkia, J. B. Lippiacott 

.!■ CO. 1874. 
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1(1". t'hilailclpkia, J. B. Lippmeott ■(■ eu. 

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4pl.!2pl. Vi^. New York, Hiirpiyr 4- bro- 
thers, 187-!. 

Wliftt will he do witli it? Thelord Lyt- 

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Lippinoolt if ro, 1S?A. 
Ljrtton (Sir Edward Robert Biilwer, baron 

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vi, 91H pp. 1^°. Edinl/UTgh, IF. Btachcoail 

.fsom, 1374. 
M. . . . Madame do Lavalle'a bequest : coun- 

eele to yoiiug ladies. From the fourth freiioh 

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— - — CoLiiiu dialog'ues. 179 pp. IG", Nca 

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aon of raodein jndaism with tlie religion 
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Same. 3d cd. With supplofoont for 

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Oxiis, and the fall of Khiya. x,438 pp. 

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Mac Gahan. 



Mac Gaiian (J. A.)- 

21 pi. 2 ports. 12", JVcic York, Harper tf- 

hroihcrs, 1S74. 
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HDi theii' descoudonte. S93pp. Ipl. IG". 

ffero J'orfc, J, A. MeGee, ]874. 
SketclieB of irisb soldiors in evory Innd. 

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pMishing CO. 1S73. 
- — — Our western border one hundred years 

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iams .;■ Norg,itc, ]tf,;,-J-74. S, 


K pp. 9 pl. 


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anticlie e modeme, lUvstrata di P. A. Mnl- 

fei, 2 p. i. eng. dedication, xii pp. 1 1.43 1. 

coutaining^ 170 numb, columns,? I.clxiii pl. 

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Ma&ei (Paolo Alessaudro) — continued. 

unmb. fol. Eoma, U.ileE I Ze Ij 

MafflttCRCT.JohnNewland). P Ij t 1 t 1 

First series. 178 pp, JSO. L svU Kj 

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Toara of contrition ; oi 1 h i 1 

life of John N. Maffitt. S60 4U pi 11 

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x,59 pp. 30 pi. 4°. London, G. Houtleilge 

^ sons, [1869]. 
Mahabliarata. Nalopiikliy imam, oi', tbe tale 

of Nala ; snnskrit text in romiin cliaraotera, 

followed by a vocabulary and a Sanskrit 

giammnr. By tlio rev. Thoinaa Jarrett. 

[nn™.] 4p.]. 160 pp.5 tab. on 7 1. 8=. 

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— — - Scottish bftllftds and soogs. 2 v, xv, 

364 pp ! vi, 344 pp. 8°. Edinburgh, IV. 

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blics il Paris peudjitit Ic sifi^c Bt sohh lii coin- 

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Lea pnblicatioiiB de la ran potidant Iti 

sifigeet la commune. Ip.l.xii, 198pp,froa{. 

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CompoB^e sur los mfimoires de M. de Mailiet, 

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kharfl. PsKand and Sanskrit texts, (in roma 

characters) as arranged by Nerioscngh Dili 

M alny 3'i-ktiar d — con ti uuc d . 
val, in tbe fifteenth century. With an cng- 
lish translation, a glossary of tbe pa7.and text, 
containing the sanslcrit, persiau and pahlavi 
equivalents, a sketch of paaand granimnr, 
and an introduction by E. W. West, viii, 
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iiingct, 1871. 

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G. RoiUkdge .J- sows, [ 1873], 

Maison nistique du Xlle siiole. Encyclopfi- 
die d'agricnlture pratique ; sons la diroctiuii 
demm.E. Bailly, A. Bixio, Mftlepoyi'e atc6, 
etYsabeaa. St. 8°. l'aris,bur<iaii da joiir- 
nal d'agTiea'lurtpfatiqite., 184'2-ill. 8. 

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mance. [nHon.] 3v. 12°. LoiuIoh, C/ifip- . 
man,f Hiitl, 1870. 

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ofScotlaod. [anon.J \.i. lp.l..ixiv,fiir> 
pp. fol. Laadon, for A. Millar, 1757, 

Malcolm (James FoUer). Excursions in tlio 
counties of Kent, Gloucester, HoL'eford, Mon- 
mouth, and Somerset, in 1802, 1803, and 
1805. 2t!ed. Eug, title,3p.l.245pp.3lp!. 
8°. London, Nichols, son, ^ Beatley, 1814. 

Maleriecbe (Das) und romantische Dentsch' 
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HaendcVs Berlag, 1847. 

v.l. RdHWiTl (S.J ScllWBlmil. S00pp.30pT. 

10. Shdl(J.G.» Tyrol iimj aiejormart. .■«a nii: 

Malijay (Paul de). MMitations soeialeH. 
Saint Jean-Bap tistfl, I'^vaugilo ct le Canada. 
3 p. 1. 210 pp. 1 1, 8°. Motttrial. despresses 
A vapear de " La Mincrve", 1874. 

Malmesbtu-y ( Earl of). See Hards (James 

Malot (Hector). Eomain Kalbris. From the 
ftench by mrs, J. McNair Wright. 3BG pp. 
inol, 18 pi. 12^. I'hiUulelphiii, Porter <(■ 
CoaUa, [1S73], 

Malzine (Omer do). Plorc mexieaiue anx en- 
virons de Cordova. (1869-1870). 103 pp. a°. 
Oand, C. A»Kool-Braeekman,i^^, ' s. 

niandet (Francisque). Histoire de la langue 
pp. 8°. Paris, Dativin 


.;■ F«» 


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Mangin (Aitliur). MyBt^iius of tlie ocoan. 
TranslQtod and enlarged. 4T0pp. S°, Lon- 
don, T.Nehim^-sans, 186a 

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Manners (H. Rutland), Pasco, and otlier 
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f^CliC author, [le 


Man's age — eonlitined. 

(«!,] Tii,2G4pp. 6° London, I.. Ihct^c 
o. ISK. 

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heresies of Hie first and second centuries. 
Edited by J. B, Liglitfoot, xxifli, 388 pp. 
8°. London, J. Marray, 1875. 

Jjetters, leetnues, and reviews, ineludLng 

tho pliroutisterion, or, Oxford in the lOtli 
coutary. vii, 41)8 pp. 8°. Loado-o, J. Mur- 
ray, 1S73. 

Mantell (Gideon Algernon, «. d.) A day's 


lud abon 


Manuert (Konrad). Geograpliie derGricclion 

und Eomer. 10 v. in 14. 8". Narnberg, 

ietc] GralUnawT, [e(c,] 1788-1825. 
Manning (Jacob M. d. d.) Holpa to a life of 

prayer. 159 pp. 10". Boston, Lec^-Slii^- 

atd, 1875. 
Manning (Samuel, II. d.) Italian, pictures 

drawn with pennud pencil, [buoh,] 214 pp. 

incl.3G pi. roy. 8°. London, tlic religions 

irnct society, [I875J]. 
The land of tho Pliaraohs. Egypt and 

Sinai: illustrated by pen and pencil. 324 pp. 

inch 33^1. roy. 8°. Loudon, the religious 

tract so(^etg, [1875]. 
SpaniBh pictdrea drawn with pen and 

pencil. With illustrations by Gustavo Dorfi 

and other artists, [omom.] 200 pp. inch SU 

pi. roy. 8°. London, the rdigiovs triicl so- 

" Those holy fields." Falestlue, illns- 

tratcd by pen and pencil. 233 pp. inel. 94 pi. 

& 3 maps. HP. London, tlm rt/i^iuKa triict 

sociittf, [1874]. 
Manning (Thomas, compile). Coinmodoru's 

signal book and vade Liiccuiii. 1)8 pp. 5 col. 

pi. fold. 12^ JVeie yor/i, J.ramer, [1874]. 
Yachting annual. 124 pp. 36 1. nuinb. 

eontMning col, ensigns, 2 pi. 13". Neie York, 

J.FUmer, [1875], 
Mannlngham (John). Diary. 1603, 1C03. 

Edited by J. Bruce, xx, 18; 
IPestmitistcr, J. B. Nichols l^ 

I, II. G. 

Lowes. 157 pp. front. 16°. 
Bolm, 184G. 

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do planter. Traduit anr la 3e 6d. alloinaudc 
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16°. Paris, J. Rothschild, 1874. 

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italienne. viii, 268 pp. I ). 50 pi. fol. I'li-' 
ris, F. Didot frires, Jils f cie. 1 870. 

MauTifeictoriefl and niantifticturui's of Peiin- 
sylyanitt in the ninetoentli century, [annn.] 
533 pp. 90 poi'ls. 83 pi. Bin. 4°. I'Mtadd- 
phia, galaxy puHisTiiag co. 1875. 
JVoM.-Iiditefl by 0. KolHou. 

MauTille (Helen A.) Heart eohoes. By Nel- 
lie A.Mann [pscuiJ,] sii, IGQpp, 12°. New 
York, S. R. IVeils ^ CO. 1875. 

Manx society, [Publications], v. 1-1 'J & 
, 8°. Douglas, Isle of Man, 185S)-73. 

if , 


Blety pull 

o, 99]. 

Manceuvres of artillery, [onon.] 4v. 
iffeiz, lithography of Bnpuy and Tascrnier, 

Man's age in the world according to holy 
scripture and science. By an Essex ri 

iK (WilUnm). Bibliollioc 

JrummBr of the antiaiit gnellc lopeiuiB° of I 
jf Miia, 18S9. (T.SI. 

tBZiK<R™.WllLLBm, edllor). Logislatiou 
hli-lean StiialoyB, kinga of Una. (v, 3). 
:b (JobnKob(irl,»»<J[or). Hounineniu 

r.n(H:. R.) Vea'tlgia Inxulai M^uilc n^tiqtt 

IJoiiu). " AbBtrnel of tbe laws [etc.] of the I 

y Google 



Mauy lanflfl and mauy people, [unun.] 256 

pp. incl. frout. 8°, I'hitaddphia, J. B. Lip- 
pincoll i^- CO. 1875. 
Marcli (FrauciaA. U. d.) Latin by miis, witli 

BiiglisU notes. xii.aSipp. 12°. Ma York, 

Harper <]■ brothers, 1S74. 


Marckea (Theodora von). Franco-german 
wBr. 1 p. L 19-126 pp. incl. 17 pi. 1 pi. 1 
map. 9°. FhUiulelphia, Barclay 4' '^"^ 
Marcoy (Piiiil). I'ravuls in Soutb Americii. 
[Ti-ftiiaktea by Elibn Ricli]. a v. sli, 524 
pp. I pi. 4 maps ; viii, 4% pp. I pi. li mnps. 
4°. Lmiiloa, IllaeliU ^ Bull, 187r.. 
Marcus (Lonis). Histoiro i3(ik Wiiiiilakia, a 
p, 1. Yiii, 96, 42a pp. iP. Paris, A. Bar- 
traail, IByCl. 
Marguerite d'AagouI@me or de Valols, 
qaceu of Navarre. Les marguerites do la niar- 
gueiito des princesses. Texts de I'liditiun de 
1547 avec iutrodnotion, notes et gli 
Felix Frank. 4 t. 1C°. Faris, librairic 
Aa biiliopkUes, 1873. 
[Cabiskt da bibliophae. 
Mavgueilte'8 journal. With introduction by 
tlieanthorof "Eiitledge." . l_aniin,'} 
l-i°. New York, a. IF. Carleton <y- Co. 1875. 
Marin (Francois). Lcs dons da Co mus. Nouv. 
Sd. [«HUK.] 3 V. 16°. I'ark, L. CeUol, 
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" Koaiuio " amongst the N<3w Hebrides and 
Siiiita Cruz ialauds. xvi, 304 pp. 8 pi. I maji. 
8°. Loudon, S. LoiB, MarsUin, Low .J- Searle, 
Markham (Clemonts Kobert). G«iieTal skctuh 
of the history of Persia, xixviii, 565 pp, 
map. 8°. ZiyniloBi Lotigiiuias,'iS7i. 

Memoir of lady Ana de Osorio, vice- 

qneen of Peru (a. d. 1629-39). sii, 99 pp. 
2 col. pi. 1 col. map. sm. 4". London, Trilb- 
«er ,S- CO. 1B74. 

Harratires of the rifee UJid laws of the 

Yneas, Translated and edited with notes and 
introduction. 1 p.l, xx,230 pp, 8°, Znn- 
doa, Halduyt societg, 1873. 


Boclety puWicii 


MHtkham ( Clemen ta Robert) — eontiimed. 

Tlireahold of the untnowu region. 2d 

ed. xviii, 358 pp. 9 maps. fP. London, S. 

Law, Atur jfdn, Xow ^ SearU, 1873. 
Marlay ( Rev. Jobn F. ) Life of rev. Thomaa 

A. MoiTis, iv,407 pp. port. 19°. Cincia- 

Tiali, HUclwock tj- Waldeu, 1875. 
Marlfes (J. Laeroix do). Paris ancion et mo- 

deriie. 3 y. 4". I'aris, I'arent-Desbarrea , 


[Iniporftiot : w^mtiiig Ita .01. of«l. 

Mair (b'auuie H.) Heart-life iu song. 165 
""" BolHtnore, TanUmll broihers, 1874. 

Man:iott(WhartonBaoth). Testimonyof the 
catacombs and of other monuments of uhrint- 
ian art, ooueoming doctrino. viii, 923 pp. 

11) pi. 8°. London, Hiitdiards, 1870. 
Marali (Ooorge Perkins, II. d.) Tho eaith as 
moilitiud by bnuJiui action. A new edition of 
Man and nature. xxi,656pp. 8°. Neio 
Yorh, ScrUinor, Armalrong if' co. ISJi. 
Marali (J. C. Iiory, m. il.) A book about 
shamH. Tii, 340 pp. 5 pi. 12". London, 
IVard, Lack .^- Tyler, 1870. 
Marshall (Frederiu). TulisrHiitioiiill viiuitloa. 
4 p. I. 300 pp. 8". Edittbarsk, W. ISUcliwood 
.;■ sons, 1875. 
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2ded. 2v. 3p.l.044pp! 2p.l.479,xssvi 
pp, 8°. Londoa, Longman, 1863, 

My clerical friends and their relations 

to modarn thought, [aHon.] 3 p. 1. 388 pp. 
8°. London, Bums, Oatus ■(■ eo. 1873. 
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1, DidatfTircs,Jlls4-ci 

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3i! ed. fol. Pa 


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L^ pblloanphics 

;kly ofl. 

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[Imperfect: pL 46 wanting]. 

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S°. [London, Loagmaat tj- co. 1873]. 

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dun, ]82<). 
[WilhMil.LiSBmg.') Ancieutn edtol nuouta 

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^' CO. 1875, 

s). Rudimentary inannalof 
T,304 pp.3 pi. 12°. Tmh- 
Manual of french poetry. 
York, leisim. 

Mitoliell (Thon 


doB, Longman. 
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lies L.) Onr autumn boliiliiy on 

irs. svm,3iH pp. inel. otig. title, 

Lmidaii, Bradburi), AgneiB if' co. 

Moliere (J. B. P.) — continued. ; 

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freuch li 

16 pi. H'- 

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Hational carpenter and joiuor. I p. 1,8 

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[Iniporfeet: v.JwuQtlDsJ. - 
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Thwartjid, or dnclts' eggs i 

[«no«.] viii,255pp. 12°. 
B, 1874. 

Lt Gaatein. lanon.] i!:,317pp. 
12°. London, n. BetitUy ,;■ son, 

London, R. 

Bentley if' ! 
MoDth (A) 

incl. 21 pi. 

Montjoie (Cbtiatopha Pi5lii Louis Ventre de 

Latcnlonbro, bcttur /oiown as Galart de.) 

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bique, 1814. 
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ong. title, 008 pp. 21.1 map. 8°. London, 

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aylvaniso. Von O. M. [nnon,] , 2p,l.a8r. 

pp. 19 pi. 8=-. i'^eto York, F, Piislct ,f Co. 

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V. 3 p. 1. 32B, eexlv ppi 1 p, 1,481, coxlvi- 

ccecxxxiipp. 4°. raris, P. N,LoUin,\l\'->. 
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[nnon.-\ From fho frencU. 8 p. 1. S47 pp. 

8°. LoTid0n,forC.Dams,-iT& 
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OsJoi'Me, [etc.] 17G3. 

[Imperfect: v. 3 waDls Ibspietace, 3 ^p.] 
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tie, 1850-51. 
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. 272 pp. 8°. Paris, Pourgosno .;■ Mariimt, 


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1 p.l.xi,I86pp; 1 p.l. 193-.'{79 pp. 13°, 
FMladelphia, Bradford <? Inskccp, 1809, 

y Google 

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Lonitan, Ckapman tj- HM, 




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X, 14ii pp. 8°. Liige, n«i: biircau de la 
beige horlicolc, 1672. 
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Zicshr -f- CO. 1875. 
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■ 320 pp. 1 port. 8", Boston, Lincala 4' Ed- 

mandH, ]83ir. 
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1 1 ports. 1 pi. B°. liaslon. H. 11'. BuUon .f' 
son, 1859. 

Genealogy of tlie descenilants of aovorsl 

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Imnderte. Nacii der natur geEeiohnet, von 
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Morstadt (V.)— continued. 
15 p, 1.4-3 pp. )0 pi. sm. fo'. Prag,Bar- 
Toscli ^ Avdft, 1835. 

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ger, mi. 
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I. Cmrtpliilo, 1837-42. 
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oe^anien-fian^ais et frangais-oceanieu de.8 
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Same. 2 v, xvi, 389 pp. 2 pi ; vii, 475 

pp. 3 p'. L". Nmo Yotl; UalTET^brutkcrs, 
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i-iij iheil 3, abth. l,in 4 v. 8°. Eouii, 
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incl. 4 p], 16°. ffcio York, Nelson if' Phil- 
, [1875]. 


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Mudge (Rec. Z,A.) — iKiiitmiiefl. 

- — — - Luck of AMen. farm. Eng. title, 39C pp. 
1 pi. IIP. Boston, D. LothTop 4- co. 1873. 
[THOneiHD dollHrpilie ikAbA. 

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pp.1 map.S plans. 12°. Loniioa,E. Stan- 
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bililer, phaotasiegemalde und fastenpredigten 
ausdenjahren]838bisl840. 2 v. vii,4a- 
pp ! T, a08 pp. 8°. StvUgart, verlns I'c 
/. F. CiBl'idim HMiandlung, 1841-42. 

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144 pp. 16". NciB York, G. P. Piitiiiim' 

s, 1874. 

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plioijograph J.— Dictionary of praiitiual pho- 
nography. xxsv.SaSpp. 12°. KewViirk 
Hard .f Hovghlon, 1875. 

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London, Ttuhner tf- co. IM72. 

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Shropshire, Cheabire, and Lancasbi 
[anon ] xe,338, 80 pp. 1 map. 12°. L 
don, J. Murray, 1870, 

Handbook for Wiltshire, Dorsetshire, 

ana Somereetshire. Hewed, [huoti.] Iv, 
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Han<lbook for Algeria, [anon.] viii, 

115,80 pp. 1 plan, 1 map. 12''. London, J. 

Handbook for Corsica and Sardinia. 

[afltiw.] 94,80 pp.2 maps. 12°. London, 
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Murray (John)— continued. 

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XX, 3, 505, 80 pp. 3 maps. VJP. Londua,J. 

Marran, 1873. 
Handbook for central Italy. Sth ed. 

[nnoM.] 438, 88 pp. 1 plan, 1 map. 12°. 

London, J. Marrug, 1874, 
Handbook for northern Italy. 13tli od. 

[a»on.] xlviii pp. 1 1. 504, 88 pp. incl 9 plans, 

4pians, I map. 12°. London, J. Murray, 1874. 
Hiindbook for soathsm Italy. 7tli ed. 

[nnoH.] slv, 44i), 80 pp. 2 plans, 2 maps, 

12°. London, J. Murray, 1873. 
Murray (J, Clark, ii, rf.) Ballads and songs 

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MacmUlan ,f co- Itff^. 
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MasiivLall sermons. Second series. 207 pp. 

ia°. Boston, J. It. Onsood if' co. 1873, 
The perfect horse. 8 p. 1.480 pp. 14 pi. 

8°. Boston, J. R. Osgood 4- co. 1873. 
Musical recollections of the last balf-centnry. 

[a«ra.] 2y. xv,345pp; vi,3r0pp. 8". 

London, Tiasle.y brothert, 1872. 
Muafhallacliea converaations-lexikon. Bear- 

beitet von Hermann Mendel, [A-Harmo- 

nielehro]. v. 1-4. 8°. Berlin, L. Ileimami 

4; R. Oppenlicim, 1870-74. 
Muaaet (Panl Edme tie). Mr. Wind and 

madam Kain. Translated by Emily Mnke- 

peace. 12Cpp.inel. 4pl. sq.lS". NtiioYork, 

Harper 4' brothm's, lbS4. 
Muaset-Pathay (Victor Donation de). Anee- 

doti^E ini^ditDS pour iiiiro suilo anx ni^mnii'CH 

de madame D'Bpiuai. [iMnn.] KSpp. 8°. 

PaHs, B'iudouin frires, 18(8. 
Myere (Edward H. d. d.) Tho disrnption of 

the metbodist episcopal chui'uh, 1844-46. 2 Hi 

pp. IS". Nushmtlc, A. H. Redford, 1875. 
Myers (F. Hamilton). Enseiiore, and otbcr 

poems. 196 pp. IG^, 

Mead, [1875]. 

tbe 1 

NeiB York, Dodd ,J'- 
3 of lost empires 

s of PftJmyra, Hinoveh, Babylon, 


and Porsepolis. 2 p. 1. 531pp. 11 pi. New 
Yorh, Harper 4' I'ratlicrs, 1875. 

Nadal ( Bornartl H. d. d. ) The new life dawn- 
ing, and other discoursos. Edited, with a 
memoir, by rev. Henry A. Butte, and an in- 
troduction by bishop E. S. Foster. 421 pp. 
port. 120. NciB York, mhoii 4- Phillips, 

ITadal (E. S.) Impressions of London social 
life, with other papers, x, 233 pp. New York, 
Scriiner, Armstrong 4' ™- 1S75. 

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New IhtmjjsMre. 

Nciglee (Honry Morria). Tlie lava life of brig. 

gen, H, M. NBglee, cousiatiag of e, eorre- 

Hpoudeuce on love, war and politiua. 183 pp. 

iiicl.lport. 13°. [Ntte Yot/c, HiUou ^j- eo.} 

Naiiquette (Henri). ExplaitntioD, d^bit et 

oatiinBtioD tlog bois. 2e 6i. xvi, 3G8, 46 pp. 8°. iViiiicjf, lie. Kfljiuis, 1868. 
NairagauBett club. FiiIiUcatiouB. (First 

series), v. 6, 4°. Proviilenes, H. I. ll'ra- 

milenc6 press w.] 1874. 

Nason (/fci'.BIiiie). A gnaettoev of tlie atato 

of Massachusotla. ■'i76 pp. 3 pi. I map. 8°. 

Bi/stoii, B. B. llussdl, 1874. 
Tlio lifu and times of CliarluB Sumner. 

liis boyhood, Bducntiun, and public career. 

356 pp. port, a yl. 13^. Boston, B. If. Rus- 

scU, 1874. 
IfasBsu (fed. Robert H.) Croivnud iir pabn- 

Jaiid. A Btoij of africaii iniasiou life. 390 

pp. 10 pi. 1 map. port. I'i". I'hilaiklphia, 

J. B.LipjiincoU ,f- co. 1874. 
Hale.— A inumoir of inrn. Mary Cloj-d NaBaira. 
HaBser-ed-Diu Shah Qajar (»/iai of Per- 
sia). Diary of liia tour through Europe in 

1873. By J. W, Eodbouse. A verbatim traua- 

latioa. 'M thousaucl. III. title, xx. 437 pp. 

port. 13". Luadon, J. JHurruSi 1*^74. 
National portrait gallery of diatiuguished 

amerieuus ; with biograpbioal sliatches. 

lamii.i 3v. S". P/iUaildpliiii, Rice, liut- 

ioj-i/'eo. [1868]. 
NauoIeruB (Johanu Verge ot Tergehaua, 

laiowii as). Memorabllivoi omnia aelatie et 

oiiiiiivm geutlvoi chronici commoutarii. Ad- 
n rebus hiatoria de Svevo- 
c imperio. Compleiiit 

opus F. H. BBselliva auuis Klld. ad M.D. 

additis. 2 V. in 1. 8p.l.elxsxsi 1. Mmb. 

14 1. ceexvii L nuuib. ful. finpressmit Tii- 

4i«i,'(C ojjEi'o T. Attslielmi, 1516. 
BTaxera (Manuel Crisostomo). Disertaoion 

aobre la longua otbomi ; traduuida al eaatel- 

lauo. 1 p. 1. xiii, 145 pp. 8°. JUeiicu, iin- 

pTcata del agiiila, 1845. 
Neal (John). Portland ilhiatraled, JfJO pp. 

port. 8°, Portland, [Me.] IF. S. Janes, 1374. 
Neale (W. Johnson). The loat sUip. [nBftn.] 

3 V. 8J. Loadon, H. Colburu, 1843. 

Neaves (Lord Charlea). Greek anthology. 

3 p. 1. 3iO pp. 1 1. 16°. Edinburgh, W. 

Blackieood ^ sons, 1874. 

'eff (F^llx). Lettree, avee quelquea addi- 

tiona. Par A. Bost. 3 v, 53G pp. port. 3 

pi i 1 p. 1. 564 pp. 8°. Gendve, cliez Vau- 

teuT, 1843. 
Heill (Edwai-d Duffield). History of Minne- 

aota. 3d ed. lii, 50-758 pp. 3 ports. 4 majis. 

8°. Pliiladclphia, J. B. Lippiacatt <f- co. 1873. 
Nellie West, From ten to twenty, [ation.] 

384 pp. 3 pi. 16°. rhUadelphia, am. s.-s. 

^nvm, [18751, 
ITelme (L, D.) Esbbj towards an investiga- 
tion of the origin and elements of language 

and letters. I p. 1. xiv, 134 pp. 1 1. 1 tab. 4°. 

London, for 3. Lcacruft, 1773. 
Nelson (John). History and aiitif[uitiea of 

Islington, in MiddloBOX. 3J ed. H p. 1. 357 

pp. !)!, 23 pi, 1 map, 8". London, the author, 

Nelson (Kichard). Suburban homes ou the 

line of tiio Marietta i-ailroad, 

I I, 4 pi. 1 map, 1 plan, S-', 

iVcfsortiJ'Boito, [1875], 
Neafield (William Edeu). Spoclmena of me- 

diEeval arehiteeture. Hug. title, 6 1. 100 pi. 

ful. LoH</«fl, D,i,j 5f- SHU, 1863. 
Nevada afate library. Catalogue, 1871. 

133 pp. 8°, Cardan city, C.A. V. Putnam, 

Wave y Molina (Luis do). Reglas de orto- 

grafia, diecinnario y arte del idiomo otbomi. 

354 pp. I 1. 34". Mexico, M. yHiaiincim, 

Ns^vcome (lier>. Henry), Autobiography, 

Edited by E. Partmaon, d, cl, 3 v. 3 p. 1, 

jxv, 184 pp; 3 p. 1. liS,-:m pp. am, 4°, 

IMamliesterJ, 1853, 

, 164 pp. 


deiy re 

IS, 37). 

Diary,ftoni Sep, 30, 1661 to sep, 39, 
1663. Edited by Thomas Heywood. 3 p, 1, 
si, 243 pp. am. 4°. [JfaiieA ester], 181D, 
[CHETHAU Bociuty romfiioB, v. 18]. 

Ne'weU (Bohert H.) The cloven loot: aa 
adaptation of "The mystery of Edwin 
Drood " to american scones. By Orpheua C. 
Kerr (jiseurf. ] 270 pp. 19"=. N'cw York, 
Carhtott, 1870. 

New Hampshire {Vrooince of). Provincial 
papers. Documeuta and records relating to 
Heiv Hampshire : 1633-1776. Edited by N. 
Bonton. 7 v. 8°. Concord, Mancliesler 4' 
Nasliaa, 18G7-73. 

'■ (SJute of). Geological sarcaj. Geolo- 
gy of New Hampshire, Report comprising 
the results of explorations ordered by the 
legislature. C. H, Hituhcock, state geolo- 

y Google 

Neio JIampshire. 

New Hampshire (^Stute e/)— coutinued. 
gist. Pt. 1. Pliyeieal geography, si, & 
pp. 29 pi, 20 maps. 8°, Coacoril, E. . 
Jeaks, 1874. 

New Jersey. tJUlorkal society. Procee 




V. 10; 3d 8 

oark, W. J. ilaUy adecrtiser, 1867-74. 
11 (John Henry, d. d.) Essay in aid 
of a. g^mmaf of assent. 3 p. 1.435 pp. 13^. 
London, Bunts, Oules tf co. 1870. 
ITe'wmaii ( John P. d.d.) Thrones and pal- 
aces of Babylon and Nineveh. 3p.l. 11- 
455 pp.inel.22 pi. 1 map. 8°. JVbw York, 
Harper t$- brothers, 1876. 

Newman (Bcv. M. W.) Alice Harmon. 
ianon.1 3 p. 1. 263 pp. 16°. New York, 
D. 4- J. Sadiier j- co. 1874, 

Newton (A. V.) Saloon keepei''s companion. 
Containing jokes and stories, laws oud busi- 
ness forms, Hoyle's games, [etc. anon. ] 2 
V. inl. 33(1 pp ; 130 pp. 12°. ffWmter, 
[Wa.] West ,^- Lcc game, 4- printiwif CO, 1875. 

Newton (Ciiarles Thomas, edUar). Collee- 
lion of ancient greek inacciptiona in the Brit- 
ish mnseam. Pt. I. Attika. Edited by E. 
L. Hicks. 4 p. !. [60 pp. 1 1. 7 tiua. 3 pi. fol. 
OffoTd, lEng.~\ trustees, 1874. 

Hawton (Richnrd.rf. rf.) Tlie Kiiiiits, am! 
how to figlit Uiem. Eiig. title, 325 pp. 5 pi. 
Jfi". New York, R. Carter 4' brothers. 1875. 

IlluBtrated rambles in hibio hinds. 

) p. I. 254 pp. UO pL 13°. Phiiadelphia, aai. 
s,-s.MBio», [1375]. 

Leaves from the ti'ea of life. 3S0 pp. 6 

pi. Ifjo. Nca Yori, R. Carter 4- brothers, 


Niboyet (Paulin Fortnnio). L'araoricaiue. 
P. N. t'ortanio {_psead.'\ 3 p.!. xi, 438 pp. 
1G°. Paris, C.Pinit, 3875. 

Nicaols (lohn), lolm Niccols pil^rimBge, 
wherein, is ilisplaiiid the liuos of the pioude 
popes, ambitious carfiuals, [etc.] b.l. 9p. 1. 
1371. Tinp. 16°. Laitdon,T.Dawsott,fur T. 
Baiter 4- G. /saac,]63I. 

Nioliola (Catheiiue). Wild flowers of the 
west, [oMon.] 3p.l. ]70pp, 10°. Chica- 
go, R. H. Frary, 1874. 

Nichols <Johu). Memoira of George Har- 
dinge, esq. viii,5G0 pp. I I. 3 pi. 8". Lon- 
don, author, 1818. 

Niohols (John Goujfli). Ancient paiatings, 
in fi-eseo, discoveved in 1804, at Stratford- 
upon-Avon, from drawing..!, l,y^ Thomas 
Fisher, [etc.] Described by John Gough 

Nichols {John Gough)— continued. 

Nichols. Eng.title,3p.L]4pp.58pl. fol. 

London, H. G. Uohn, 1838. 
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[FoilKNiNOGN 111 uorBke focll^sminiieMinerkors bo- 

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J. Sadiier .;■ eo. .1373. 

the gcriiian. By rev. Wm. H. Gotwald. 120 
PI). 1 pi. ](P. PkUild,:l),hia, lutheraa hoard 
of fiiblicatiott, IS7u. 


Nieuhoff (Jan), Die gesandtsuliaft der ost- 
indischen gesellsohaft in den vereiuigten . 
JSiederlaudem, an den tartarischen cham, 
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Noble [John). NaUonal finance : a review of 

t!ie policy of the last tivo parliamonts, and 

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— — — -PolilJCB foi' young Amerlcaps. 2.19 pp. 

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13 ! 

N'Oiniaiid (Louis Marie) — continued. . 

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und r)(f<.Dl 




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minarlo de instruocion, de retiro volunturio, 
de Tepoiatlan, [etc.] 266 pp, 
IMexica, 1776], s. 

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Niimbere'a roorltwurdigkeiten untl hunst- 
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engliali langnoge. New ed. xsii,8t 
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. vor die Teiitschen nm englisch nn lernen. 
r«no«.] 2 p. 1. 987 pp. 91. 10°. German- 
ton, [P«.] C. Saiir, I7G2. 

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Oberlioltzer (&ara Louisaj Violet Lee, and 
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J. B. Lippltfjiu 4 CO 187 i 

Oberleitner (Andiea*) CliresJomathia sy 
BOA nna cnm glossano syriaco latino, lii 
chrealomatliiae adcomuiodato > v. xLi,a 
pp : 946 pp. 8° I lennnc Igpis A rfe Sclimi 

■ F«n3aHienfal nguaearabicae. xvi, 3t 

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constitntion, by-laws, [etc.] By John H. 
White. [3d ed.] i547 pp.691.1n thepag, 
8°. lAlbany, N. Y.]for Ike grand lodge of 
the United Slates, J&li. 

_— __ Jonrnal of proceedings, ineluS- 

ing the annual reports of its officers from ita I 


Odd fello'ws— coMtinnod. 
formation in feb, 1891, to tlio close of 1874. 
[Also] the constitution, by-laws [etc.] v. 1 
7. so. Baltimore, J. L. IHdgelcy. 1874. 
Odolaut-Desnos (Joeepli). Mythologle pi(- 
toresqiie. 46 6d. 9 p. 1.550 pp. 30 pi. 8^. 
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Oekonomischc neuigkoiten nnd verhandlun 
gen. Zeilaehvift, Herausgegeben von C. C. 
AndriS. 1 91er-2ast6r band in 8 v. 4". Prag. 
J. O. Calve, 1830-25. s. 

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1850. 738tcv-80slet band. 4°. Frag, J. G. 
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answer to a trae exposition of the doctiine of 
the catholic chorch, touching penance, &o. 
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24th ed. by J. R. Yonng. xvi, 241 pp. 16°. 
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tianity, 151,43 pp. 8°. Philadeljihia, If. 
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Old sights with new eye.i. [omob.] . 379 pp. 

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torical account of Wainfleot and the wapen- 
take of Candleshoe, in the county of Lincoln . 
4 p. 1, 370, 39 pp. 8 pi. 4'->. London, Long- 
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p. 1. vili, 494 pp. 8 1. 8°. London, T. 
PnrJJiurst, 1707. 
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ciii-480 pp. inel, 60 pi. front. 12 mapa. 
New Vorh, D. 4 J. Sadlier 4 co. 1873. 
Ireland among the nations. xiv, 1 1- 
ip. UP. Neu>York,.T. A.MeGee,lS7A. 
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Blaekelt, 1874. 

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Ollphant (M.O.W )— conhQutd 

Maj. S09 pp 8 NciB luili, Sa-ib- 

ner, Armslroi^ ^ co 1873 
A rose in jmio 3 v 2 p 1 303 pp ; 

8 p. I. 364 pp. I3\ London, Hurst S 

BtackeU, 1874. 
Three brotherB. 3 v. T3". London, 

Hurst 4- Btackett, 1870. 
Oliphant (Thomas Lawrence Kington). 

Sources of siaodavd engllBh. xsiii, 40B pp. 

ie°. Londoji, Macmillan ._?■ co. 1873. 
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i^hanls, sentencea, and motets. 117' pp. 

obi. 8°, Bustmi, O. DUsoii f co. WHi. 
Oliver (John, iRobert, i«. d. etlilor). Monu- 

menla &% iusiila Miiniiife, ov a uoUuctiou of 

utttiona! documents relating to tlie Isle of 

Man. 3v. 8°. Douglas, [Me of Maiil, 


[MiKX Bocifily. PobUoatloiiB,v.4,7,3]. 
OUvet {William). Scenery of the Pyronees. 

Eog. title, 1 1. '25 pi. ful. Luiidott, Calnaghi 

,$■ FiukU, (84-2. 
Oordt (A.M. van). Schetseu uit do uuiiiikule 

ivBrsld. 3[i. I. ^3pp. 8°. i^eitUn, A. W. 

Sijlhof, 1874. 
Opal {psead.y The cloud of ivitnBSBr'B, By 

Opaltpseurf.] 532pp. 12". JVew Yorli, J, 

Opfer der audachl. Gtebet. liud eibauungsbucb 

fiir katholiHcbe chciHteii. [hboh.] 433 pp. 

2 col. pi. ^i". Eiiiskdclu, gcbr, K. .)'■ A''. 

iSeaziger, 1873. 
Opium eating. Aii aulobiogrBphioal sUel«h. 

[uHou-J 150pp. 12°. Philadelphia, ClaxtoB, 

Rcnsen .f H-iffdJinge}; 1&76. 
Oppel (Kail), DBS alte wuuderlaud der 

pyrainideu. Ku^. title, xii,3l6 pp. iucl.7 pi. 

11 pi. 13^^. Leipzig, O. SpamcT, 1663. 

[ 1 LLusTRi Rte Ju gcnid- una bsss-blbllotlieli 



as dem atl 

Oran, the outcast. [n«OM.] 2 v. in I. 199 pp; 

3-180 pp, l-£^. NeiB Yorh, rcabodg ,j- CO. 


LIinpBrfMt v.Swuntiufftitloaridpp. 77-801. 
Orchard (Robert). New select colloctiou of 

epitaphs and monumental inscriptions. Sd 

ed. 1 p. 1. 106 pp. 1 port. 12°. London, 

J. Ta^Ur 4- soa, ]fS7. 
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fur t/ie author, 1860. 
Orontt (Hiram). Parents' inntiunl. 290 pp. 

1 pi. 10'', Boston, Thompson, Brmon ,J- co. 


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tiae. adseries, 1 p.l. 13-573 pp. front. 12". 
Neio York, I). ^ J. Sadtier 4- co. 1875. 

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southern seas. 937 pp. 16^. Boston, Kob- 
erls bi-olkcis, 1873. 

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109 pp, 8°. SpringjiM, III. Baker 4- Phil- 
lips, 1865. 

Oribaslua. SXl veteruui et olaionim medi- 
cornm grteeorum. varia opnseula, Intorpre- 
tatiouem latioam lo, B. Basarii. [Gr. and 
lat.] xvi, 4l6pp, 4". Uosqua, lUteris cac- 
sHreiie Kiiinersitalis, 1^8. 

Oilcans (Elisabeth Chailolto, do Bavi^re, 
duchesic d']. Fiaginents of original letters, 
written 1715 Ui 1720. From the frouch. 
Sv.inl. xii,328pp.31.238pp. IG". Lou 
don, for T. flmkimm, 1790. 

Secret memoirs of the uourt of Louis 

XIV. and of the r^ency. Estraetod from 
Ihe german corves pond ence of the ducUess 
of Orleans, viii, 473 pp, port. 8"^. London, 
a. <f- ly. IS. Whittaher, 1824. 

Ormatliwaite (Lord). See Bemi-'Walsli 
(Si^ J.) 

Onuerod (George, editor). Tracts relating to 
millfary proceedings in Lancashire during 
the ffreat civil war, Sp.l.xsxii, 373 pp. 
sm.4''. [Eoji(/wh], 1844. 
[OUETHAW aoaety ninMna, v, BJ. 

OroECo y Berra (Manuel). Geogralia tie liui 
leuguas y carta etnoj^r^Rca de Mexico, xiv, 
303 pp. 1 8". Meiiico, J. M. An- _ 
drade 4- F. Escalantc, liStA. 

Materiales para una oartognifia mexi- 

cana. xii, 340 pp. 8°. Mc^.ico, imprenta 
delgatiicmii, 1871. 

(SoriKDAIi mexlcaun do gtagrnllt y c^itadielics. 

OrteBa(C.F.) Poosias. 1 p. 1. si, 316 pp. 



CO, OJBd« 







1 p. 

. fir 

pp. incl 

5 pi. 



lyorlUinsloH, Ditatin # co. 1872. 
edilm: The liberal education of woJnen. 

X, 9-328 pp. 1SJ°. JVcru York, A.S.Bamcs 

■f CO. 1873. 
Osboru (LaUffhton). Mariamne. Being llie 

third of the tragedies of Jewish and hihlical 

history. 2 p. 1. 167-269 pp. 12°. New York, 

Osbum (William, ji'.) AutiquiUes ofEgypt. 

236 pp. 7 pi. 8°. London, rchgione traet 

society, 1847. 

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O'ShaTighneaay (Arthur). Music and moon- 
light, poems and aonga. vii, 208, 7 pp. Iti^. 
Lond/m, Ckiitio ^- Wiudus, 1S74. 

Osvirald (F.) Mauualof good oiauners. 2 p. 1. 
vii-x pp. 1 I. 173 pp. 3^0. BiUtimore, 
liYtaar biothers, 1874. 

Oa'^vald (H. R.) Vestigia insulfe Manuiie 
antiquiora, or a, disaertalion oa the armorial 
boariugs of tlie Isle of Man, (etc.) 4 p.l. 
ix,3I8 pp. 1 ]. 2 col. pi. 8 pi. 8". Douglas, 
J 860. 
(Masx eooiety. Pablit-iliona, t. S]. 

Otis (George Edmuad). Tlis river of dienms 
snd other poema. 97 pp. ICP. Bostun, Lee 
■J^ Skepard, 1875. 

Thurid and other poems. By G. E. 0. 

[sBon.] a p. 1. 133 pp. 8°. Boalan, Leo f 

Slu^ard, 1874. 
Our national obligation! [anon.] 182 pp; 

18°. CiacianiUi, wesUm tract 4- book soc. 1873. 
Our own family doctor, (ind medical adviser. 

laaon.} 607 pp. 8°. N<:w York. T. D. 

Mant, [1873], 
Ouviy (Henry Aim6). Steiu and his reforms 

in Prussia, with reference to the lanfl qnea- 

tiun in England. 2dea. sii, 105 pp. 13°. 

London, KerJ/s if Eadeaa, 1875. 
Overbeke or Overbeck (Bonaventura van). 



La Hige F Gassejun 4- D FivH 1763 
dius N (P bh ) P J 

3f g & Fy i I 1581 


to gl h bt k 
■148 pp 1 £1 

1 t d 

V th 

1 1 113 


L rf 

T vf d, 
Traduction dea fastei 

notes: par m. Bayeux. 

4' Paris, Boucher le jeune, 
Ovilo y Otero (Manuel). 

grafia y de bibliografia 

espanoles del siglo xix. 2 v. vii, «Ha pp ; 

252 pp. 16^. Paris, Rosa y Bouret, 1850. 

(Encio<.OFEUIA popnlar m^lcanHl. 

: d'Ovide, avee des 
4 V. 4°. Rouen 
[((!.] 1783-88. 
Manual de bio- 

Owen (Francis Browning). Poems. By Fran- 
cis Browning [psctid.} 90 pp. sq. 19'>. 
Detroit, free press priatiti^ house, 1874. 

Owen(GeorgeW.) The leech club. 298pp, 
IS". Boston, Lee 4 Skepard, 1874. 

Owen (John). Travels into different parts of 
Europe, in 1791 aad 1793. 8 v. 3 p.l. 
Ixxvi, 400 pp ; 2 p. 1. 579 pp. 8°. London, 
for T. Cadell.jr. # iF, Davits, 1796, 

Owen (Robert Dale). Twenty-seven years of 
autobiography. Threading my way. 360 
pp. 13°. lYeiD rori, G. W. Carleloa 4- CO. 

Oidbrd (William). Oxford's senior speaker. 
432 pp. 120. PkUadelphU, J. H. Sailer ^■ 

Ozanam (Alphonso Fr^d^rlc). Pilgrimage to 
the land of the Cid. From the french, by 
P.S. 193 pp. 2 pi. 16°. New York, enlho- 
lie pMicatioa soc. 1375. 

P. (I. M, B.) History of the city of Chester, 
[anon.] 9 p.l. iii, 334, ii pp. 4 pi. 8'->. 
Chesler,for T. I'ooU, 1815, 

P. (S. D.) Ugly-girl papers. [Miion.J 3 p. I, 
383 pp. 16". Netn York, Har/ier S' brothers, 

Paciaudi (Paulo Maria). Doscrizione delle 
feste celebrate in Parma I'anno 1769. Per lo 
auguste noz'ie di don Ferdiuando colla reale 
arciduchessa Maria Amalia. [anoH.] Eiig. 
title, 3 p. 1. 76 pp. 36 pi. fol. Parma, neUa 
stmaperia reale, [1769]? 
A'otc.— The pUtea aro by E. A. Peli " ~ 



Packard (Alpheus Spring, jr. »i. d.) Our 
common inBOCts. vili,m-225pp. incl. 4 pi. 1 
pi. la'^. SaUm,nalaralisl's agency, 1873. 

Paddock (Wilbur F. d. d. editor). Half-cen- 
tury of church life. 498 pp, 12°. Phila- 
delphia, M'Calla <J- Slavely, 1873. 

Paddock (Zachariab.fl.d.) Memoir of rev. 
Benjamin G, Paddock, with notices of early 
ministerial associates. Also, sketches of rev, 
George Gary, Abner Chase, William Case, 
[ale] 377 pp. 3 ports. 12°, New Yort, 
Nelson 4- FhUlips, 1875. 

Padilla (Juan de, el cartiLcano). Los doze 
triumpbos de los doze apostoles, fecboa por 
el caTtUKuno. Poema heroico cristiauo. 
Traaladado de on exomplai' que hoy existe eu 
la litueria del Mnseo britfinioo. Editor don 
Miguel del Riego, 6, 136 pp. 3 facs. i°. 
Londres, C. Wood, 1841. 

[la EiKOO (M. rtel). Colocclou do obrnn poBllcM 
expallolaB. 1S13]. 

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Far don. 

Faetel (Fr.) Mollueuomni aysliema et < 
logua. Syatem und aufzahlung aammtlicher 
uoacbylien der sammlung von Fr. I'aetel. 
p.l. xiv, I10pp, 8o. Dresden, O. Wiish 
1809. i 

Faez (Ramon), Travels and adTButuraa i 
Soalli and Cantral America. 1593 pp. 12 pi. 
1 map. 33". Ilarlfurd, T. Beihnnp, 1873. 

Paganel <_L'ahb€ Camille). MiSmoireB secreti 
sarni. I'BrclievSijue de Paris.,4S( 
pp. 1^. Faris, Tema, IS31. 

[MlSCKLLAKEOUS pHmpHetB, v. 1008 -. 3]. 

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games for boys. By captainCrawley [pneoii.] 

xi,532pp.8pl. 12". London, IV. Tegg, 


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Patens (Da-vid Ween gler do). DavidisParei 

6 p. 

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no? It]. " 

ari philoeopbiie et 


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tiDQ vescovo d'lppona, tradotta m iCaliatici. 

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lishing house of the melhodisl episcopal ckuTch, 

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I'^tablisBement d'vne niiBsion chreatienne 

s le troi: 


..] lap.] 

216 pp. 16°. Paris, C. CTamoiay, 
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pp. 1 1, 5 tab. S°. lena, apvd C. H. Cpnonit 
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[Imperfett: wanllae, 8ioeptonBleBf,allaflerp. 114]. 

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tions from bis works. By rev. Edwin L. 

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FhillipB, 1S73. 
Memoir, select thoagbts anl Bi,imouH. 

Compiled by rev. A Cummings 3 \ 8'=. 

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pholo. port; 1 p.], 344 pp. 2 1. 8'-'. Lima, 

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Ion, Roberts brother: 
Feacocb (Thomas] 

12°. laitependence 

lishing house, 1 872. 
Peacoofc (Thoma 

[««on.] 2 


ir). Poema. 119pp. 

Love). Meliccourt, 
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Pealt, by himself. 203 pp. port. 12°. Bos- 
ion, J. HoHW, 1832. 
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emperora and their contemporaries. From 

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Peake (Eliafibetii)— contiiinea. 

the german. 589 pp. SP. Ph'duMphia, 

J. B. Lippincott ^- co. 1874. 
Penpictares of Europe. Wl pp. 60 pi, 

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system of drawing aad writing. 4lh ed. 

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CO. 1841. 
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setUeTR of the patent and citj of Schenectady, 

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bany, J. JIfanseJf, 1873. 
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George Peek, d. A. By himself. 409 pp. 

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Egypt, Syria, and other "heathen" countries. 
iv,414pp. 8°. Boston, Colhy 4- Rich, 1875. 

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Jeaf and dumb ; part I, 12th ed. xii, 
13-308 pp. 18°. Nao Yorh, Biiiei; Priilt 
4- CO. 1875. 

Same, part 3. ICth ed. 9f.3 pp. 

Nev) York, Baht-r, Pratt 4- co. 1875. 

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pp. 12°. iVcHj York, llakor, Proll t 

P^SOt-Ogler (Engine). The Fortunate] 
From the french by Frances Locock. 
iv, 318 pp ; vi, 298 pp. 8°. Undo 
Bentleji ^soa,l&71. 

Feign^ (J. Maiie-iSticnno), Lameunaij^: sa 
ie inUmo il la ChSniue. Houv. 4d. lOSpp. 
port. 18°. Paris, mme. Backdin-D'jlo- 
jnuc, 18G4. 
Peirce (Bradford IC d. d.) The chaplain 
with the children. By B. K. P. {a»on.-\ 
317 pp. fi pi. 10". Xexo York, II'. C. Patnjer, 
jr. 1870. 

The recovery of JoruBiilem. 144 pp. 

16". Boston, Mass.s. s, society, 1851. 
Peiuber (Arthur). Mysteries and niiseiiea of 
the great metropolis. By "A. P.'' [hjioh.] 
■vi;i,4r>9pp. 19 pi. 8°. Neil- York, D. Ap- 

Penliallow (Samnei). History of the wars of 
'~iw-England, with the easteni Indians. 1 
l.ivpp. 11.134pp.ll. 10°. Boilo«,for 
aerrish. 4- D. Benchiaan, 1726. 

Pennell(H.F.) Ancient Greece. 2p.l.l2ti 
pp.1 map. 10°. Bostou, .T. AUyii,\S7i. 

Penney (ATiss I •. editor). National temper- 
ance oraljiv. 288 pp. 12°. Sev> York, na- 
tional lemperance pablication honse, 1S74. 

Peanaylvania (Sinie 0/), Zd geological sur- 
net); 1S74-5. [Publications]. 8°. Har- 
risburg, hoard of oommissioners for tlie second 
geological surrei), 1875. 

jf Lehigh coi 
. Obaeryall 

i"" Mott"o" 

iBboratoiy. 1B73. 

PonnBylvauIa archives. 2d series. Editor) 
by J. B. Linn & Wjn. H. Egle, ni. d. v. I . 
8°. Harrisburg, IS. SingBrly, 1874. 

Pennsylvania railroad company. Report of 
the investig'ating committee. Appointed 
march lOth, 1874. 340 pp. 2 maps. 8°, 
I'kilaildpltia, Allen, Lane if' Sratl's printins 
/loasc, lti74. 

Penaaiice {Eag.) public library. Cstn- 
logne. Compiled by J. Kinsmnn. viii, 421 
(-f-SaO"-!) pp. 8°. Penza«ce,[LoiidoapAnl 
erf], 1874. 

People's history of America. CoottuuinK: 
Belknap's biographies of the early discover- 
ers ; Eobertson's history of South America; 
Ramsay's hisk>i7 of the United Btates, the 
whole brought down to the present time. 
[Hiimt.] Eng. title, si, 720 pp. 20 pi. 3 ports. 
1 facs. 4°. New York, H. S. Allen, 1874. 

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Pepya (Lady Cliavlotte Maria). Diai7 antl 
lionreaoftheladyeAdolje, I5B9. Ylii.360j.p. 
40. Zondan, Ad<Us # co. 1B53. 

Perclei- (Charlea) and Fontaine (Pleire 
Fraucois L^onavfl). Cboix des plua c61*brea 
niiusons da plaiaaneede Borne. 2eSd. 2p.l. 
72 pp. 77 |>l. fol. Paris, J. Didol ainl, 

Plans de pliisieurs cLflteanx, pa- 

lais et residences de eonveralas, de France, 
[etc.] 14 pi. ou 151. JDcl. eng. title, folio. 
Paris, [1835?] 

— Bfisideiicea de BonveraiDa^ Pa- 

raliWe entre plusieura rSsidencea de soiive- 
raioa de France, d'AUemagne, de 8aSae,de 
Eussie, d'Espagne, et d'lulie. 1 p. 1, yii, 

354 pp. 4°, Parh, diez les auteurs, 1833. 
Fercival {James Gates). Annual report of 

the geolf^cal survey of Wisconsin. Ill pp. 

8°. Madison, Callims ^ Fmudfit, 1856. 
Clio. 203 pp. 12°. NeiB-YoTk, G.4- 

C. Carvill, 1837. 
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London, H. S. King ^ co. 1875, 
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de la revolucion de Nii^aragua, 1854 S 1857. 

la parte. 1 p.l. ii, 173 pp. 21. sm, 4°. 

Managua, imprenia del gobUriio, 1865. 
Same. Mamoriaa para la historia de la 

campafta naoional. Contrael filibnstBtiamo. 

1856 y 57. 3(ta parte. 3 p. 1. 215 pp. 2 1. 

sm. 4"^. Masai/n, imprenlfi del 6rden, 1873. 

[ wm PEREZ y. ) MemorJaa pa™ la hIglQris de in 
revoInwoQ, J&651. 
Perez de Montoro(.Toseph). Obras poat- 

humaa, Ijrioaa Lnmanaa. v.l. l2p.l.46S 

pp. 9 1. 8^. Madrid, A. MitHn, 1736. s. 
Petez de Moya (Jnau). Tratado de coaaa 

de astronoDiia, j cosmographia, j philoso- 

phia natural. 349 1. numb. 7 1. sm. fol. 

Alcala, I. Qracian, 1573. 
Tratado de geometria practica, j specn- 

latiua. 255 1. nnmb. 5 1. sm.fol. Alcala, 

I. Gracian, 1573. 
Perier (J. A. N. m.d.) Fragmenls etlino- 

logiquea. 9 p. ]. 134 pp. 8"=. Paris, I'. 

MnssDM, J857. 
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457pp.incl.lmBp. 190. INeiBBamnJ, T. 

Belknap, 1837. 

[Imperfect; pp. S19-2Se, 331-338, 243-2M, 955-363, 
Me wanting]. 

Peireyve (L'nii^ Henri). La journfie dea 
malades. Daily life of the sicfc. From the 


Perreyve (L'abht Henri) — continued, 
french. 288 pp. 12°. PkUaddpMa, P. F. 
Cuattingham 4- son, 1875. 

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365 pp. 4 pi. 12". London, H. S. King tf 
CO. 1873. 

Perry JArthnr Latham). Elementa of political 
eeouomy. llthed. xxiv, 543 pp. 8°, Neio 
York, Scribricr, ATmstroiig 4- co. 1874. 

Perrr(fie«. J.) Full course of inatruction in 
explanation of the catechism. 435 pp. ll]°. 
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— — ■ Historical collections relating to the 
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. 16° New-York, T. IfAiiJaAtr, [1875]. 
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History of the travels of asiatic cholera. In 
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[/BUNiTm STiTBa. War depamamt. i^Sm-^ean- 

TraihiHgioH, govt 
515-705,7 maps]. 
Petronlt:s Arbiter (Titus). Petronelatin ei 

tivg qSor, 11 

fran^ois, traduction e) 
V. 1 p. 1. xlix pp. 1 1. M 
pp.1 1.136pp.7pl. II 

Pettenkofer(Max von, 
the air to the clothes w 
live ill, and tbe soil w 
Inted by Aug. Hess. 
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xiv pp. 1 1. 264 pp. 3 pi. 
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Nouv. iSd. 2 
J pp. 4 pi; 3 p. 1.293 
'. IFaris, 1713]. 
a. d.) Relations of 
wear, the house we 
dwell on. Trans- 
iii, 94 pp. 1 1. 12^. 
'. 1873. 

i.rf.) Animalloco- 
London, H. 

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PettigrewT (J. B. m. d.) — continued, 

Phyaiology of the eircnlatioii iu plants, 

iu tbe lowec animals, and in man. viii, 339 

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)f pp. ■■ 

a-l68 Id' 


p.isa, HI 

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sieht der von Daividow vevfassteii wiirtei- 
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1851. s 



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lT3pp. 8°. [Jtreckt,KBmiBkenzooa,lSeir.S. 

lUlSTORlsCH BBnoolBcbap. Uircchl, PhIjIIcsUods. 

Werken,m«iiiYBreek6. no.7]. 

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[niion.] 73 
J. B. Lippin- 

[aiiBB.] Title, 96 
p. 8". PhiUdel- 
>. [1873]. 
B.] Title, S 

Philaflelpliia ar 
pp. 1 map. 8°, Philadelphia 
colt 4 CO. [1873]. 

Same. 2d ed.rov. [am 

pp. incl. 8 pi. 1 pi. 1 n 
phia, J. B. Lippincett 4' 

Same. 3ded. [oh 

16 pp. 1 pi. 1 map. ^. l'hilttdelpJtia,J. £ 
Lippincott 4' CO. [1375]. 

Same. [«mo«.] 2 v. in 1. xvi pp. I 

pl.]10pp,lpl,lmap; GOpp. 8°. Fhiladd- 
phia, J.B. Lippincott 4 CO. [1875]. 

FhUaaelpIlU as it i^. 114 pp. 1 map. 18". 
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8°. London, Broi:hoHr«,forCadeU 4- Barries, 

Philip II. hittg nf Spain. Correapondanca de 
Philippe II eur les affaires dea Pay-bas ; prfi- 
cSd^e d'nne nolice historique par Gocharcl. 
S V. S p. ]. cexvi pp. 1 1.659 pp. port.1 pi ; 2 
p. L c, 748 pp. port, 1 plan. 4°. BruxdleSiii- 
brairie ancienne et moderiie, 4' CMuqaardt, 
.1848-51. s.. 

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itations on the holy euchavisC. From the 
french. ivi, 508 pp. 12°. U'eil Chester, 
rf. ¥. calTuilic pTOlectoTy,iS73. 

Meditations on the sacred heart of Jesus. 

From the french. 2p. 1. 153 pp. 12°. IVeH 
Chester, N. Y. catholic pTotectory, 1873. 
[WiaiVsiuvrv:lK.B.) niellltatlonii on tha Lo!y 
XDcbaritil, 1873]. 

Philips or FhillipB (Ambrose, tifil or). Col- 
lection of old ballads. 3 I'. 16°. Xonifon, 
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metallurgists' companion. 2d ed. 671 pp. 
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3p.l.xi-190pp. n°. Philadelphia, Clax- 
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scope. 131 pp. 16". NciB York, ieduslrial 
puUication co. 137 J. 

Phull (Charles Louis (\e,baron). Essal d'uue 
systSme ponr servir de guide dans i'^tude defl 
operations militaires. Pnhlie par le baron 

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Pholl (C. L. de, inran)— contiuueJ. 

F. de Bata. slT:ii,230,xiiiv p| 

8^. Leipzig, F. A. Brocihans, 1853. 
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to the Fortunate isles, ete. vi, 179 pp. 16°. 

Baalan, J. R. Osoaod ^- co. 1874. 
PiattoU (Soipioae). Eaaai aur lea lieux et lee 

dangers des s^pnlture^. Traduit deritalien. 

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16°. Paris, P. F. Diitot, 1778. 
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title, I p.l. 6pp. 36 pi. obi. IG°. ,<ffla(er- 

rfaniiB. Pieart, 37a9. 
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cashire and Cbesbire willa and inventories. 

3v. am. 4°. [toBcftester], 1857-61. 

[Chethau mclel; remeiDa. v. 39,51, 54). 
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malaCion illastr^ Aniuiaux et plantea. viii, 

336 pp. 41 pi. 8". Paris, Hachetle^- dc. 

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pp. 16'^. Pkilaiielpkia, lutlteren bookstore, 

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cal rdHnipnlatioQ. xii, 'Hh pp. S^. Neie 

Vork, Hard 4- Boitghtoa, 1873. 
Pico (Giovanni, della Mirandi^a). loanuis 

Fid Mirandvlae omnia opera: [etc.] t^L 

unnumb. fol. Veneiiis, per Beraariiittii f'e- 

setu, 1493. 
Same. Opera omnia. Item Cabala 

loannis Beuchlini, ad iatelligenda loca qux- 

dam Pici, mag'ao usui futura Icctoii. 16 p. I. 

900, 897-933 pp. !bl. Bimteie, per H. Petri, 

Pico {Giovanni Fiancesuo, Mln Alirawlola). 

Dial<^o intitulato La sttega, overo de gli 

ingauni de d«moui. Trad otto in lingvs 

liiscana per il aiguoi' abate Turiuo Turini da 

Peaeia. Eng. title, 4 p. 1. 17-126 pp. 1 1. 

Feseia,[L. TorrenliHol 155.';. 
Picton (,T. A.) Memorials of Liverpool. 

e<l, 2 v. vii, 607pp; 3p.l. 533 pp. 

Luadoit, LongmaHa, 1875. 
Pictorial iniacellany. Selections ftom 

Nicholas and fromScribner'sinontbly [etcj 

Newed. 1 p. L [252] pp. front. 8°. 

York, Scr^ncr 4- CO. [1875]. 
Pictures in Tyrol and elsewliero. [r 

I, 313 pp. 63 pi. 12°. London, Longnmas, 
Pictntesqiie America ; or, tbe land we 1 

Edited by William Cullen Bryant. 

Eng, title, viii, 569 pp. 23 pi i eng. titlB,vi, 

PictiireBque America — contiuueit. 

57C pp.34 pi. 4°. New Yorh, D. Jppletoit 

# CO. [1873-74]. 
Plerantoui (Augu^to). Gli aibitrati interna' 

zionali e il trattato di Washington. 127 pp. 

I I. 8'^'. NopoU, fralelli de Aagtlis, 1872. 
Pl^trement (C. A. ) Les oiiginea dn chevnl 

domeslique. Jiv, 4S7 pp. 8"^. Paris, E. 

Doim-iud. 1870. 
Plgafetta (Antonio). Be&cbreibung der von 

Magellan imternommenen ersien raise urn 

die welt. Aua dent franzoaischen. ]xxi, 
maps. 8". GutHa, J. Fertlies, 


PiggOt (John). Persia — ancii 

xvi, 336[jp. ir. Loudon, li. S. Kiag4-cii. 

PIgot (Hugh). Hallleigh. Tlie town; the 

church ; and the great men wbo have bPBU 

born in, or connected with the parish. 


V.3. 8«. 

DHMSMift, S, Tijntnte. 181 
. ) The prostrate s 

Plko (Luke Owen). Histoi'y of o 

.1. Fr< 

1 the ri 

379 pp. 

uccessiun of Henry vil. xxk, 539 pp. 1 faca. 
8°. London, Smith, Elder t)'' to. 1873. 

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land of the apbauapteryi. Feraonal expe- 
i:leuces in Maiiritkia. I p.l. xvll), 510 pp. 
15 pi. 4 inap3. 8°. New York, Harper ^ 
brothers, 187;!, 

Pike (Robert, jr.} and Pike (William C.) ' 
Mnemonics applied to the acquisition of 
Iiuowledgo. PtM. 1 & 3 ill 1 V. 35, 39-100 
pp. 8". Boston, S. N. Dii-Masoii, 1S41. 

Pike {Keo. Samnel) awl Ha.y-wajd (itei>. 
Samuel). Bcliglous cases of conscience an- 
swered ill an evangelical manner, viii, 537 
pp. liP. Pkitadctpt,,TB.Campbdl,l800. 

Pilklngton ( Uary ). Tales of the bermitage ; 
english and italiau. Tranalatod by V. Fe- 
Mtti. 2d ed. [anuH.] 1 p. 1. sii, 128 pp. 
front. 12"^. Loudoa, for B. Dulau if r.u. 

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disquisitlona npon several tliinga in Ameri- 
ca. In five books. Book 4. [bmom.] e-. 
New York, M. R. PUon, 1874. 

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Pilon (M. R. )— continue J. 

Same. The janko-soiiuor c 

In two books. Book 3. 8°, 
authori" publv^iittg ce. 1875. 

PinamoillJ (Giosanni Pietro, s. J.) Esor. 
ciKta rite edoutus, sea a<:curala meUio^iui 
OQine malefiulorum geuus probe, ac pvuden- 
ler caiandi. 95pp.inel. i port. IC°, 
ndiis, ac Bassimi, apuil J. A. Remond 

Le leggi delrimpoaBibile ovvero 

gole deU'BStrologia per rintracciare I'avve. 
Eire esposte alio lace. 156 pp. 1S°. Firenze, 
P. M. Miccioni i- Jtf. Nesten«s, 1700. 

Finckard (JUrs. M. E.) Breafl of heaven, 
and husks of swine, ^anon.} 304 pp. 12' 
BaUioiore, J. Y. Slater, 1874. 

Findar. Extant odea translated into english, 
witli BD introduoaoa by Ernest Myers. 
I7G pp. 12*^. London, Maemillan ^ 

Pine (Cuylei). Eccafemina. [anon.] i6 
SP. Ntie York, Schuyler 4- Gi-acie, 1874. 

Same. 133 pp. 12°. NeiB York, G. 

r. CaHeton ^ Co. 1875. 

Plneau ( — m.d.) M^moire aur lea dangers 
dea iDbiimaSons pr^cipit^es. 136 pp. 1 I. 
8". JVioi-i, P. EUea, 1776. 

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tective stories. 3 v. 12°. New York 4- 
Chicago, W. B. Keen, Cooke # co. 1874-75. 

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deutschen apraehe. 6 y. B". Berlin, 
Da«cker # Humblol, 1838-50. 

Fitte (Dr.J.E.S.) Life and bloody oareei' 
of the executed criminal, James Copelacd, 
[etc.] ad ed. 1 p. 1. 220 pp. 4 pi. 8°. 
Jacksoa, Miss.pilot pablisldng ci 

378 PI 

Finkertou (John) Modern atlas 1 p I 
7 pp. bl maps fol FhU dclphu T Dob un 
4- saw 1818 

Pinner (Moses) Compend um de^ hieioso 
lymitauiEchen und babylomscben tbalmud 
UeberselztvonM P onei Htei hand Ent- 
stebung <ipiai.he aechtheit des tbaluiud 
[etc.] ilviii ]o2 II 4 Beihn wijas 
ser, 1831 

Pinto (M pseud ) Don Pirlone a homa 
Da m Pinto [p tii?/] OO pi ubi 4 
[«. p nfroNJl8)0] 

Pli'le (Beu llesander) Disseitation on bap 
tism. IGOpp 18° HhilcUllfoTA ioung 


Plain fa ti 

I P pl t ] 

!•! tidipl D I D keg 

^ eo. [18 3] 
Planch^ (Jam 

. E coll t and fl 

fessional tob ph 
3 f«es ; 0U8 ] p 4 fa. 

Tiashy b J 13* 

Kg I d 

corona f th 1 ee 

land. 170 pp f t 

Ckapm f HalJ 1 J8 

Plateau (F61 ) E b he 

Platina Pad ua(B t> 

B. Plat ffi m 

gestis s m m p t h 

pout, m d d t 

ILugd B ] 1 

Plato. D 1 g es I 

By B. J tt 4 8 

don pTL 18") 
Piatt (R b H ) P 

qnired h b t p i 

and tbe t 1 app 1 1 

BroofUy S -ff ^ co 1674 
Princely uianhood. A private treatise. 

II5pp. IS"-'. Bndgeport, Coun. tlie author, 

Queenly womanhood. A private treat- 
ise. 167 pp. 18°. Brooklyn, S. Harrison 

4- CO. 1875. 
Pllmsoll (Samuel, m.;/.) Our seamea. Pop- 
ular ed. vii, 128 pp. 1 map. 12°. London, 

Cirtue cf- CO. 1873. 
Ploeuniea (Lnise vou). Maiilien von Nym- 

wegen. x,280 pp. 16". Berlin, A. Dancker, 

Plnnier (William S.) Hints and helps in 

pastoral theology. 381 pp. 8°. A'cip York, 

Harper 4 brothers, 1874. 

I I 

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Plumptre (Aune). Narrative of a three 
years' reaidenee in Pvance, 1903 to 1805. 
3 V. 8^. Loudon, for J. Maimiian, [e(c.] 

Pocahontas: a historical drama, [anon.] 
340 pp. !20. mw i'orl!, G. Dearborn, 1837. 

Poe (Edgar Allan). Woris. With a. Btiidy 
on his life and writings, from tlie freneh of 
C. Baudalaire. viii, 676pp. 3 pi. 1 facs, 1S°. 
Loudon, J. C. Sotteii, [1^73]. 

Poems. Complete. With memuir bj 

K. H. Stoddaid. 380 pp. port. 1 facs. 3 pi 
13°. Wew YoTb. W. J Wtddleton, ISTS. 

Poems and eseajs, with the letters, 

addiesses and poems of the ceremouies at 
the monumental dedication. Memorial ed. 
clxxvi, 5-270 pp. ;{ pi. 2 faes. poll. m° 
NeiB York, IK J.Wuldletos, !b76. 

Aveotures d'Arthar rioidou Pjm. Eu- 
reka. Traduction do C. Baudeliure. 3 p. 1. 
51B pp. 16°. Paris, JW, L6i!g frirts, 1970. 
[Badhklairs (C.) Oeuvrea compliteg, lfi°. Parii, 
186S-73. V.7]. 

HistoireH estraordio aires. Traduction 

de C. Bandelahe. 2e 6d. 2 p. 1. &24 pp. 
16°. Paris, M. Lens frires, 1873. 
[BADDELMllE (CI Ocnyres comniaies. 16". Paris, 

1888-7S. V.51. 

NouvelleB hiatoiios estraordinaires. 

Tradaction de C. Baudelaire, 3 p. 1. 544 pp. 
16°. Paris, M. Uog frires, 1869. 
[BADPElilHKC.) Oeuvrpu complfitfB. 160. Park. 

1869-73. v.BJ. 

PoemB for catholics & convents. By iJie sis- 
ters of mercy, st. Catherine's convent, New 
York city, 1 p. 1 XII, 283 pp J2o. West 
Chester, N. Y. Bathohe proUclory, 1S7J. 

Poetloal account of tbe ameiican campaigns 
of 1813 and ISn [etc onrn*.] 139 pp. 
12°. Raiijai., J.Hoae.jr 1815 

Poey (Felipe). Cuiso elemental de miuew 
logia. J83pp. Ipl &"> Hiibana, A. Fegi 
1872. s 

Poitou (Eug&ne LouibI Spam and its peoplt 
From the freneh. With illustrations by V. 
Fonlqnier, xiii,JJ-497 pp. incl.a4 pi. & 2 
potts. 13°, London, T. Nelsoa f sons, 1873. 

Polain (Mattbieu Lambert). Ksquisses ou 
r^cits historiqnee sur I'ancien pays de Li^ge. 
3eM. 4 p. l.jij, 373 pp. 8°. Bra^r^aies, 
Haumaa ^ ce. 1343. 

Pollard (Josephine). Gipsy in New York. 
190 pp. ioel. 1 pi. 16°. New York, Nehoa 

Gipsy's adventures. 174 pp.iucl3pl. 

13°. New York, Nelson 4' PhUlips, [1875]. 

Pollard. (Josephine) — continued. 

— Gipsy's early (lays. 139 pp. incl. 1 pi. 

16°. Neu) York, Nelson if PhUlips. [1873]. 
Gipsy's travels. 187 pp. incl. 3 pi. 

16° Nea Yark.NelsoH ^ PhiUips, [1874]. 
Polvrhele (Re». Richard), Cornish -english 

vocabulary, 1 p. 1. 98 pp. 4°, Truro, J, 

Tregoning, for Cadell ^- Davies, London, 

,E (R.) 

■ of Con 


History of Cornwall New ed 7 v 

in 2. 4°. V. 1-3, Falmoulh 1 Fhndell 
for CadeU 4- Davies London 1803 ■» 4 7 
London, for Lav> 4- (CAiHofcw 1816 

History of Devonshire 3v in 1 fol 

F.xeleT, TrewJnan ^ son ll'^i 1806 

Polybius, megaUipohtanai, Histoire getiS 
rale de la r^pnhHque roma ue 
[lu BUCHOM (J. A. C). OnvBgen hutonq BBde Vo 
Jybi),8tc. 8". Fas-if.lSH. pp. 1-567). 

Pomp (N.) Kuragefasste prijfungen tier Ichre 
des ewigen evangeliums. xvi,300pp. 13°, 
Philadelphia. 3. Miller, 1774. 

Pond (Enoch, ij.i/.) Keview of Bushnell's 
"God In Christ." xi,!18pp 13° lUn 
goT, [Me.] E. F. Duren, 1849 

Pontia (Louis de). Memoirs, Liigiitbed by 
Charles Cotton, 4 p. 1.288 pp I0I London, 
for J. Enaplon, 1694. 

Poiitoppidan (Dr. Erik). OaneJubme 1I1 
Erik Fontbppidan 6ilgitaaast Samas pr- 
gali professor J, A, Friis. — Udtog af dr Ei leh 
Potoppidans forklaring veil H U &verdrnp 
311 pp, 16'^', Kristianiast, A. Or^adahl, 
1873. ' s. 

|/«par»llelpage8, qninian aDduorwegliin]. 

Poole (Margaret E.) Pictures of cottage Ufa 
iu the west of England, ix, 303 pp. 12°. 
London, Miieiaitlan tf co. 1870. 

Poole (Stanley Lane). Coins of the eastern 
kimleefehs in the British museum, xs, 963 
pp.8ftut«typepl, 8°. London. lrusteBS,Xiil5 
[BHITISH muneuiB. Catslogne of orlentel coids. 

Poole (William Frederick), Anti-slavery 
opinions before 1800. [Also] a fac simile re- 
print of dr. George Bachauaii's oration on 
the moral and political evil of slavery, 3 
parts in 1 v. 83 pp ; 30 pp. 8°. Cincinna- 
ti, R. Clarlis, 1873. 

Poor (Hemy v.) Manual of the railroads of 
theUnitedStates,for 1874-75, 1875-76. 7th- 
8th series. 2 v. 8°. New York, H. F. 4 
U. W. Poor, 1874-75. 

Poot (Hubert Komeliaaoon). Het groot na- 
tuur- en zedekundigh^werelttoneel of wooi- 

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Poot (H, K,)— oontinaed. 

clenboek van meer cIbd 1200 aeloude egipti- 

Kche, grieksche eu romeinsclie zititiebecldeti 

of beelttenspraek. 3 v. fol. Delft, K. Boilet, 

Pope (Marj E.) Poems. l.W pp. ) port. 

12°. Fhiladdphia, J. B. LippimoU 4- co. 

Popular encyclopeiJia. New ed. 7 v. 8°. 

Glasgom, [etc.-] Biaekie f SOB, [1865-66]. 

Nou.—Saovia as "Blackie'asucyElopedla." 
Forchat (Jean Jacques). Troia mois sous la 

DBiga. Ed.revMetcorrig^e. 166 pp. 1G'>. 

Philadelphia, F. Leijpoldt, ISGi. 
Porta (Giainbatliisla della). CommeJie. 4 v, 

16'^. Napoli, G. Maxio, 1726. 
Porte-feullle do Biiouaparle, pris 'a, Cbarleroi 

lelSjuiuIBIB. 128pp.lfacs. 8°. Paris, 

LeNerriMnt, 1815. 

[NiFOtEON pamphletg, i-. 33]. 
Porter (JHrs. Ann'Emersou). Millie Lee. 316 

pp.3pl. IB". Boston, B. Lotbrop .S- CO. 

Uncle Jerry's letters to joutig mothers. 

144pp. 16", Bo3(Dn,J.r. Jfiuw«*eo.I854, 
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■ &>. lAlbanyt 1875]. 

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ers. ByI,.L. [iinD«.] 3i 
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Book cf hymns and t nes P epa ed by 
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by E Thompsoti B^rl and C C C uve-se 
1 p 1 40ttpp. 8°. R I Band p esby ena 
eomTmllee of publication [1874] 

The presbyterlan d gest a compend 

of the acts aud delive^an es of the gene al 
assembly, ByWilliamE Moore d d 1871 
713pp. 8°. Philadelpl a preslg nanlioa d 
of publication, U«3i\ 

Preebytetlan cook book con p led by the la 

dies of the first presbyler an oh cl Day 

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lii, 547 pp.1 port. Ifaca. 8°. Philaderjihia, 
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£tadea sur le,s morftlistfiB IVanfais. 3fl 

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tion of books, [etc] belonging to mr. H. 
Pfohasoo, Cincinnati, Ohio. iv,407 pp. 8°. 
[Cambridge, Mass. IVeUh, Sigelow <| to.] 
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ProsateurB franifais vivans, fi'agniens extraits 
des onTi'Bges de mm. Ampere, Ballancha, 
Balzac (etc.) 1 12 pp. 18°. farts, 1833. 
Prot^tant episcopal church in the United 
~ bates of tbe house of deputie.g in 


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Protestant episcopal— eontinueil. 

general cflUvenMon, New York, octolior, J874. 

436 pp. S^. Hartford, M. H, Mallory ^- CO. 

Journals of general convenlioQS, 1J85- 

1835. Edited by W. S. Peiry. 3 v. 6°. 

Claremoul, N, H. Claremont manvfactanng 


Livre des pviares publlquas ; ftyec le 

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viiLpp.U1.464pp. 1%". New York, T. 4- 
J.SiOTj^s, 1831. 

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pri5c6de6 d'nne notice par J, -A. Langloia. 
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litique et critique de I'anoiec et du uoaveau 
Paris, [ate] 36 6d. v. 1-5. 24°. Fans, 



100, y.S], 

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Geachichto des deutachen journalisaius. 

y. I. xiy,423pp. 8°, Hannover, C. F. Kias, 

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Pryme, the Yorkshire antiquary, xisii, 3 1. 
348 pp. a pi. 1 pedigree. 8°. Durham, 1S70. 
[SUBTEES Bowety. Publicalioae, t. 54]. 

Fublio characters, or eotemporary biography. 
ianon.} viii,496pp. 8°. Baltimore, Bon- 
sal 4 Nihs, 1803. 

PnblJsIiers' ti'ade list annual, jan. IG, 1873, 
to June 27, 1874. 8°. A'iw York, oJUe ^ 
the p«Uialiers' xeeily, 1874. 

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eobi'e la eseuela militar. 153 pp. 8°. Hue' 
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Si5vign^, her correapondents and contempo- 
raries. 3v. svi, 400 pp; xii, 373 pp. port. 
1 facs. 1 fab. 8". London, Tinslcy Irothers 

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anity, a civilized heathenism. 14th thousand. 
15 113 


Pullen (11. W.)— continued. 

[anon.] 159 pp. 12^. Salisbury, [Eng], 

Brown 4 CO. 1875. 
Pullman {James M.) Pullman's reply to 

Talmage. 100 pp. 8°. Weio York, J. C. 

JSalilwin 4 CO. 1875. 
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Die Alpeubraut. Hovelle. 128 pp. 16'^. 

Berlin, C. Dunclcer, 1370. 
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Ion, Roberts brothers, 1875. 
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238 pp. I'JP. Boston, Collig 4 Rich, 1873. 
Putnam (H. A.) Through trials to trinmph, 

a77pp.iucl.3pl, 16°. New York, Neison 

4Fhmips, [1873]. 
Putnam (Rufus, of Chillieothe, 0.) Pioneer 

record, and reminiscences, of the early set- 

lers, and settlement of Fayette county, Ohio. 

1 p. 1. 120 pp. 8°. Cincinnati, Applcgate, 

PoTin^ord 4 co. 1872. 
Putoii (Alfred). L'amfinagemeDf des forfits. 



schild, 1874. 

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5 1. 258 pp. 7 1. 1 pi. em. 4°. London, 
Ireprintedl for R. Triphook. 1811. 
fHASLEWOOD <J. editor). Ancioul orlUoal eaoBva 
upon, englMi poets ana poBey, v. 1]. 

Putti;iQli(Dr.Ludwig)ajid Geyaer (G. W. 
Jan.) [Denkmale der baukuost des mittel- 
alters in Saehsen. Mit einer enleitung von 
C.L. Stieglitz], i. ahth. v.],lfrg.l-3. ji. 
abth.v. l,lfrg,l-8. 6v. iul. 4°. Leipzig, 
F. A. Broelihaus, 1835-39. 

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second, 108 pp. front. 18°. London, for 
E. Netders, 1796. 

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ture of contentment. 4 p. 1.112 pp. 8''. Cam- 
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gien. aterbandCheftS]. S p. L 81-396 pp. 
2 pi. 3 tab. 8°. Grdfsvmld, vereinsschiift 
der tUgisch-pommerschca ahtlitilung der ge- 
seltsehafi fur pommcnche gescUchte [cfc] 
1873. s. 

Quadiado y IJe-Ro6 {Don Francisco de 
Paola). Elogio bistdrioo del seiior don An- 
tonio de Esoano. 2 p, 1. sy, 486 pp. 2 1. 8°. 
Madrid, Real academia de la historia. 

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Quaker art of courtsLip. [o«i™.] lao pp. 
16°. Glasgow, J770. 

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books. X, J889pp. 8°. LonJon, [ G. JVur- 
mfln^son], J874. 

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de). Natural history of man. From the 
french, by Eliza A. Yotimans, 152 pp. front. 
^2°. Nca York,I>.Applaoafeo. 1875. 

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Laupp. 1861. 

Petrefactenkuodo Deutsohlanda, Iste 

abth. V. 1-3. 8°. & atlas, fol. Tmagen, L. 
F. Faes i^ Faes's verUg, 1846-75. 

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litt^raires ^^voili^es. 3e ^d. par Q. Bruoet 
et P. Januet. 3 v. S", Pans, P. Da£is, 
1869-70. t 

Question (The) of hell. An essay in new 
orthocloiy. [onoii.] 103 pp. 16°, Nck 
Havea, WiUon f co. 1873. 

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Tisioosof Quevedo. From tbespatiisb. By 
W. Elliot. 216 pp. 18°. PhitaddpUa, H. 
H. Porter, 1833, 

Qullllnan (Edward). Dnulace castle. Edited 
by sir Egertou Brydgea. 3 p. 1. 68 pp. i°. 
Ptivate preta of Lee prisry, 1814. 

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laincy. 198 pp. Iflo. Concord, N. H., D. 
L. Guernsey, 1873. 

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oftheUnited8tates:a805-iei3. Edited by 

■ hia son. sii, 413 pp. 8°. Boston, Little, 
Brown # m. 1874. 

Quincy (Josiah, 3ii). Memolv of tbe life of 
JoBJah Quincy, junior! 1744-1775, By his 
Bon. 3d ed. XV, 43! pp. 3facs. 8°. Boa- 
ton, J. Wilson 4- son,mi^. 

Quinlan (James Eldridge), History of Sul- 
livan eounty,[N.Y.] 700pp. 8°. Liberty, 
N. ¥.. G. M. Beebe ^- W. T. Morgans, 1873. 

Quiim(P.T.) Money in the garden, Avege- 
table manual. 268 pp. 1 pi. 12^. JTeio York, 
tribune association, 1871. 

Qalntllianus (Marcus Fabiua). Quintilianns 
cum commeato [Kaph. Kegii]. 203 1. un- 
numb. fol. lAt enrf] Venetiis per Bonetum 
LocateUum, MCCCCLXCiiI, [1493]. 

Quinton(M. A.) Tbe nobleman of '89. From 
the froucb, by Ernest Legarde. 1 p. 1.816 
pp. front. 12a. Baltimore, Kdl]/, Piet ^ co. 


R.(H.O.) Tbe governing race, [annn.] 102 
ji, 8°. Washington, T. McGUl, 1860. 
'*(J.) Voyage It la Martinique, [nnon.] 
iii,5-196pp. 8P. Paris, L. PelleticT, i8Qi. 
R. (M.) Memoirs of the life of mr. Ambrose 
Barnes, of Neweastle-upon-Tyoe, [anon.] 
xvi,511pp. 8°. DHWiam, 1867, 
[SuRTEES BOiaety. PublicaOous, v, SO], 
E,(S.) Tbe new scholar, [anon.] 108 pp, 
incl, i pi. 12°. Fkiladclphia, american a. a. 
anion, [1850], 9. 

B. R,'S (The) 1 my little neighbors. A 
story. [onoB.] 104 pp. 4 pi. 8q. 16°. Bos- 
Ion, IValker, Wise 4- co. 1860. 
[All tie ebildren'a libraiT] . 

Rabautde Saint Btieiuie(JeanP(ml). Le 
vieui cevenol, anecdotes da la vie d'Ani- 
broiseBorgly; par W. Jesterman [pseitd.'\ 
Trad uit del' anglais. 115, I05pp, 8°, Loa- 
dres, 1784. 

[MiaCELUNEOUS pamphlols, v. lOOB ! 3, 4]. 

and Laoretelle(Cbat1cs Joseph). Pr6- 

ois historique de la revolution fran^aise. 3 v, 
8°. BruxelUs, A. Wahlen, 1817-18, 

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ters. From the german, 2 v. xitiii,317 
pp ; 3 p. 1. 335 pp. 16°. London, A. Linde, 

Rademaclier (Johann Gottfried). Kecbtferti- 
gungder von den gelehrten misskannten, 
verstandearechten ei'fahrangaheiltehre dor al- 
ien scheidekllnstigengeheimarzte, 3t8 ausg 
2v, ixvii, 873pp; jtiv,809pp. 8°, Bir- 
lia, G. Reinter, 1848, 

Hae (William Frasar), Wllkea, Sheridan, 
Fox; tbe opposition under George tbe third, 
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164 pp. 17 pi. fol. Eoma, C. Mordaechini, 

rwiBCKELHAKH (J. J.) Monnmanli anllobi inediti, 

Ralkee (Thomas). Personal reminiaoencas. 
|/BBttlc-i-BKAC Bsrtes. Eflited by Rich ard Henry 
Stodaard. 16°. Tfew York, Scraner, Armstrong 
^ CO. 1S7S. v. 7, pp. 166-3^, a poitB. 

Railway clearing bonse. London. Kegula- 
tiong. Jan. 1871. [274] pp, 8°. London, 
J. Truseott ^ sob, 1871. 

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Ralne (Rev. James, editor), HiBtoria Du- 

nelmeoais scriptores tres, Gau&idus de Cold- 

iogbam, Eobertns de Graystunes, et Wil. 

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go. London, 1639. 

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cxei,lpp.5pl;cvi,11.203pp.3pl. 8°. Bar- 

ham, 1864-05. 

[SoaTiEES Koclety. FubtlcatJons, r. 44, 46], 
TeslamentB Eboracensia, or wills regis- 
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Wilis and inventories from the registry 

of the arclideacoury of Elchniond . 

pp. 8°, Durham, 1853. 

[SuttTEKa BOHBty. PnblloationB, v. 26] 
Wills and inventories illuatratlva of the 

history, manners, &o. of the northern 

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taire de la rivotaiion fran^aise. 3e 6d. 4 v. 

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incl.4pl. 18°. mw-YoTk. Carlton 4- rha. 

lips, 18GG. s. 

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a plea for christian unity. By Eureka 

fpsead.] 157 pp. 16°. Cincinnali, Silck- 

rude 4- Waldfji, X875. 
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sian folk-tales. I p.l.v-]tvi,38a pp. 12°. 

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bus qnibus veleres lovaniensium theologi 

efferri poasnnt ; oratio. xi, 164 pp. 8°. Lo- 

uaiiii, Valinthout ^ Vandemande, [1847]. 
editor. Documents relatifs aux troubles 

du pays do Li^ge, sous les princes-^vfiques 

Iiouis de Bourbon et Jean de Home. 4 p. 1. 

xivi,964pp. 3 ports. 1 pi. 4°. Bmxelles, 

M. Hayex, 1844. 

IBIU.OIDH. Aexdeniie royi 


e (Craufard Tail). Beautiful thoughts 
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pp. 8 pi. 1 map. 12°. iVcio York, americun 
news CO. 1875. 

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16". Boston, H. A. Young 4 co. 1873. 

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Ra'wlinson (Sir Henry Ci'eswickc). Eiig- 

land and Eassia in the east. xTi,3!)3 pp. 

1 col. map. 8°. London, J. l/Ittrray,\87h. 
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of preBorving game. 8°. 

London, for tlie proprietor, 1837. 
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Church discussion: baptiats and disciples. 

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London, E. Hardv/idce, teta.] 1862-73. 

Carpekter (W. B.) PaEKER (W. K.) and J0NK3 
(T. R.) laWodncaDn to tbe study of ths fm-ltiniii- 
Ifera. ixil, 319pp.31l.aapl. im. 
LDHBOCK {J.) MonngrBph of the oollembolH and 
thyannurB. i, B7S pp. 73 pi. 1E73. 
fiaymond (Kossiter Wortliiogton). JJriive 
hearts. By Robertson Gray [pseMii.] 
284pp.6pl. 13°. NcwYoT!c,J.B.Ford4- 

The man in the moon and other people. 

Eng>. title,2p. 1. 9-<l47pp. lOpl. aq. 12° 
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.. Silrer sjiS gold ; au accoimt of thi 

mining and metallurgical industry of the 
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volume. The record of Andover dnring 
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W. F. Draper, 1875. s. 

Raynolds, or Reynolds, or Raluolda (Wil- 
liam) and GIfford CWilliam, arclihishop of 
RImms). Calvino-tvreiBmvs, id est, cal- 
vinisticfe perfldise, cvm mahvmetana colla. 
tio, et dilvcida vtrivaqve seotae confutatio: 
quatuoT llbris explicata. 8 p. 1. 1106 pp. 8 1. 
16°. Cdoniie Agrippirta, apud A. Hicrat, 

Reade(Chsi'les). A simpleton, and the wand- 
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120. JJoslOB, J. R. Osgood 4- CO. 1873. 

and Boncicault (Dion). Foul play. 

A noveL 136 pp. 6 pi. 8°. Boston, Ticknor 
^ Mdds, 1868. 

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St. 1 p. 1. v-x, 483 pp. 6 pi. 6 maps ; 2 p. 1. 
529 pp. 4 pi. 6 maps. 12°. London, Smitk. 
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Real characters, and genuine anccdoleB. 
limon.} xi.lOTpp. 18°. London, for IV. 
Binglcij, 1769. 
[Ddabe paiopUlets, V. 116 : 21. 

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or arguments in favor of the removal of the 
iiaUonol capital from Washington to the 
Mississippi valley. 170 pp. 3 maps. 8°. 
St. Louis, J. F. Torres, 1869. 

Rebello da Siiva, (Luiz Angnsto). Corpo 
diplimatico portuguesi i desde o seeulo xvl 
at^ OB nosBOS diaa. Pnhlicado de ordem da 
academia real das sdeocias de Iiiabon. 
V. 1-4. 4°. lAsboa, typographia da acadc- 
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.eber (Seoi^). TheChiist of Paul; or,tho 
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Reolierolies Eur le commerce, \_anon.'] 2 v. 
Amsterdam, Sf. JB. Eey, 1778-84. 

Recueil de chansons, vers, diaeonrs, r6gle- 
lea loges des fraus- 

lanon.2 9 p.l. 
124 pp. 12°. Amsterdam, J.F.Jely, 1752, 

Recuell d'obsevvftUons euricuses, sur les 
mraurs, les coutumes, [etc] do difffirans 
peuples de I'ABie, de I'Afriquo, & de TAmfi- 
riqae. [anon.] 4 v. 18°. Paris, David 
le jeaae, 1749. 

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chambers. 197 pp. 18°. Boston, J. H. Os- 
good 4- CO. 1873. 

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Kentucky from 18:!2 to 1844. 1 p.1.5-548 
pp. 12''. Nashville, soutkern methodist piii- 
lishin^ koasE, 1876. 

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dim, Longmans, 1874. 

Resd (Isaac Geoi^,jr.) From heaven to 
New York. 1 p. 1.114 pp. l'i°. Nea, York, 
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[Americab anttora' Krics, no. 1]. 

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hook. 407 pp. 12°. New York, N. L. Bym. 

Reed (William W.) Head light, for locomo- 
tive engineers and machinists. 189 pp. 16°. 
Faterson, N.J. "press" steam print, 1874, 

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aseieace. vii, 186 pp. 8°. Cincinnati, R. 

Clar!K<S- CO. 1S:!S. 
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21-524 pp. port. 12«. Fhiladilpkia, T. B. 

Peterson ^ brothers, [1874]. 
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uTi, 13-507 pp. 8°. Pldladelplda, J. B. 

Lippincotlfco. 1874. 
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Franc*. A series of essays. 2 v. ivi pp. 

431 pp ; 3p. 1.395 pp. 8°. London Long- 
mans, 1872. 
Reeve (John). Spiritual Iiymos upon Solo 

mon's song. 2 p. 1. 210 pp. 12° London 

for the aiilhur, 1CQ3. 
Hefereuce catalogue of cuirent liteiaturi 

8". London, J. Wkita/ur, 1874 

Same. 8°. London, J. Wkitakcr, lS?r>. 

ReflectionB on freedom of writing, [anon.] 

6hl68pp. 8°. [».;i.]1794. 
IHazard pamphleta, v. 78|. 
Reformed church in Amenca. Liturgy. 128 

pp. 13°. New York, board of publication 

r. C.A1S73. 
Reformeii episcopal church. Book of com- 
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phia,J. A. Moore, 1874. 
Hymns. 223 pp. 18°. PkUaddpUa, 

C. IF. (laick, 1874. 

Same. 223 pp. 18^. Philadelphia, C. 

: Quick, 1874. 


splacopal chui'i 


19 book]. 

Mission service book. 223 pp. 18°, 

Phitadelpliia, C. W. qaick, 1874. 

Regel (Eduard). AufzaehlungderyoaKadde 
in Baikalien, Daburien und am Amur sowie 
der vom herrn vou Stuhendorff auf seiner 
reise durch 8ibirien uud der von Eieder, 
Kussmissoheff unci anderen in Kamtsubatka 
gesammelten pflaDzeu. i. abtii. heft 
1 V, vii, 447 pp. 9 pi. 8°. Moscau 
universUSi, 1861-62. 




Regliellini de Scliio (M.) La ma(oiiiierie, 
oDnsid^rge comme [e rSsultat des ri51ig-iona 
figjptienne, juive et chr^tienue ; par le f. M, 
K. deS. [anon.] 3 v. 8°. Pans, J. P. 
Aillatid, 1842. 

Reginald, duneJmensis. Libellns de vita et 
miraculis a. Oodriei, heremitte de Finebale. 
xi, 499 pp. 8°. London, 1847. 
tSURTEBS society. PablieatloDB, v. SO]. 


Reginald, dunetmensis — eoutinoed. 

Libellas Sn sdmirandis beaU Cutbberti 

virtixtibua quse novellis patratie sunt tempe- 
ribus. sviii, 336 pp. 8°. London, [1835]. 

Register (The) and magazine of biography. 

9y. 8°. Westminster, Nichols ^- sons ; Lon- 
don, R. Hardwicks, 1869. 
Regius or Eonig (Urban), DiaJogua von der 

aehdnenpredigt, Luc.24. 4 p. 1. 297 1. numb. 

31. 4". WillemUrg, Joseph King, JSXt. 
Resnanlt-Wailll (Jean BapUste Joseph In- 
nocent Philadelphe). Spinalba. Aus dem 

franzOsiaehen von Priedrioh von Oertel. 2 v. 

1 p. 1. 294 pp ; 342 pp. 18^. Leipzig, J. G. 

Bey gang, 1804. 
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dem lehenawege. 3te anfl. ivi, 237 pp. 1 

pi. 18". Berlin, C. Hermann, [1843]. 
Reid (Alexander). Dictionary of the englisli 

iangnago. 23d ed. 564 pp. 12°, £dtn- 

bnrgh, Oliver ^^ Boyd, 1873. 
Reid (H. 6.) Past and present or social and 

religious life in the north. 2 p. 1. iii, 304 pp. 

4 pi. 12^. Edinhttrgk, Edmonston 4' Dong- 
las. 11S7I-}. 
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and speeches. 536 pp. port. 12^. Neut 

York, E.J. Hate4-son, 1874. 
ReId(T. Wemyas). Cabinet portrdts, sketches 

of sUtesmen. viii, 303 pp. 12°. London, 

U. S. King # CO. 1872. 
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and confeaalons. From the german by 0. A. 

Taylor. 164 pp. port. J2^. Boston, Peirre 

^ Parker, 1832. 
Reland (Adrien), Hadriaui Relandi Palaes- 

tina, ex monumentia veteribua illujtrarn. 

Eng. title, 7 p. 1, 787 [+1] pp. 411. I5pl. 4". 

Noritabergac,apnd P. C. Monatham, 1716. 
Relation dea troubles de Gand sous Charleh- 

quinL [nnwjj.] 4 p, !, Ixsviii, 778 pp. 1 I. 

1 pi. 4°. Bruxelhs, M. Hagci, 1846. 

[BEroiUM, AradcmU rtn/ale dee aciencei, des latret 
el lies beaux-arts. Oollection de4i chroniEmeij b^fcfi^g 
Relation fiddle et d^taillSe de la derniSre cam- 

pagne de Buonaparte. 3e^d. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 

107 pp bf Pani,J O Dealu 18r. 

[Napoleon pamphlets i 21] 
Rengger (Jubann Eadolpb) Reise noch 

Par^uay in den jabren 1S18 bis 1826 

xxxviu 496 pp poit J pi ] map 8" 

Aaraji, S R Saueiland,.r, 1835 
R^bf or Restif de la Bretoime (Nicolas 

Edmc) Lee ntiita de Faiia, ou le apecta- 

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Retif de la Bretonne (N. EO—cautiiiued. 

leurnoeturne. [anon.] 15 v. [parties], 16°. 

LondTes, 1788-90. 
Reuoliliii (Hermaan). Pascal's leben und 

tier greist seicer eehriften. xx,3(J2pp. 8°. 

Stuttgart, J. 6. Cotta, 1840. 
Heumont (Alfrei3 von). TbeCftrafasoCMad- 

daloui : Haples uuSer Spanish dominion. 

From the germaa. xiv, 465 pp. port. J2". 

London, H. O. Boltn, 1854. 

[BOHH'S Standard llbnuy]. 
Reusch (Erbard). Capita deorrm et iilvatrivm 

rvm nee non hieroglyphica, abraxea et amv- 
leta qvieaftm. 4 p.l.SiW pp. ]l 1.17 pi. fol. 
Francofirti if- Lipsiie, 1731. 

Reueene (Ei^munil Heinriub Josepb). Syn- 
tagma doctrinte theologicfe Adrian! eexti. 
lvi,Sifi4pp. 8°. L<reanii, I'atintlioat ct socii, 
1862. s. 

ILOUVAIN. Univerailas caliollai. 3. fiiniltaa theo- 
li^icB. 1881-63, no.assj. 

Renter (Frila), Ut mine stromtid.' 3 v. 8°. 
r,[e(e.] Hinstorff, 1865. 



HeTelatlonB revealed, [unon.] 144 pp. 18°. 

Pliiladdphia, W. F. Hazard, 1862. 
Review of doct. Emmons's tbcory of God's 

agency on maakind. [cinoit.] viii, 13-338pp, 

8°. New Yoi-k,J.Sayre, 1821. 
Reviglio (D. Mauriaio). Element! fisico- 

chemiti. 210 pp. 1 1. 8°. Fos$ttKo, G. Be- 

TKiti, 1849. e. 

Revue bibliograpbique univereelle. Poljbi- 

blion. Eevue bibliographiqua universelle. 

[Monthly, l^eb. 1868-dec 1874], v. 1-12. 

8^. Paris, anx bureaux de !arcme, 1868-74. 
Same, Partie litl^raire. 26 s^r. v. 1. 

[Jan.-june, 1875]. 8°. Paris, aaa; bureaux 

dtt polglrU/lion, 187.5. 
Kevue de bibliograpliie analytique. Par mm. 

[Emmanuel] MiDec et [Adolphe] Anhenas. 

1840-45. 6 V. 8°. Paria, 13. Aurd, B. 

Daprat, 1840-45. 
Revne de France. ir> feb.-fl dec, 1871. le 

s6rie. V. 1,4°. v.2,8°, Paris, Dubuisson^' 

Same. Jan. 1872-juno, 1875. 2e-5e 

ann€e. v. 1-14. 8°. Paris, bureaux de la 

reniie de France, 1872-75. 
Supplement, Actes Sa gonvemement 

rfi vol tttionnai re de Paris. 2v,inl. cxxpp; 

TTpp. 4°. [Paris, bureaux detareviie,m~l-i. 
Revue des deax mondes. Table i^eii^rale, 

1831-1874. S p, i. viii, 477 pp, I 1. 8°. 

Hevue des deux mondea — eoatinued. 

Paris, bureau de la ronue des deux moiides, 

Revy {J, J,) Hydranlics of great rivers. 

The Paranli, the Uruguay, and the La Plata 

estuary, xvi, 163 pp.8 pi, fol. L'/itdon, 

E.^F.a.Spon, 1874. 
Rezzonlco (Antonio Giuseppe, conte della 

Torre). Disqvisitionea Plinianae, 2 v. xii, 

308 pp, 9 ports; xxii, 432 pp, 1 pott. fol. 

Parmae, eixvdebast Borsii fratres, 1763. 
RhSal (Sdbastien), Les divines fderies de 

I'orient et du aord, 3e 6d. Etig. atle, 3 p. I, 

Tiii,280pp.31pl, eP. Paris, Fournkr, ISi'^ 
RheU(MarieJ. The farmof Muioeron. From 

the fiench by mrs. A. B, Storrs. 154 pp. 

8°. New Yorli, eatliolic puJiticatio« seciety, 


(»rnADUDOTS{0.) MMame AgneH]. 
Rhodes (Albert). The French at home, 

2 p, 1,9-956 pp. front, sq. 18°. Neu, York, 

Dadd^ ilfeorf,[1875]. 
Ribadeneira (Pedro, s. J.) Vita I);itatii Lo- 

iolie. 558 pp, io 1. 13°. Aatoerpiae, ei 

afficiaa C. Plantini, 1587. 
Ribeyre (Fdlix). Histoire da la guerre du 

Moxiqne. viii, 360 pp, port. I pi. 8". Paris, 

E. Pick de VIshre, 1863. 
Ribot (Th,> English psycbology. From the 

frencb. viii, 328 pp. 12°. London, U.S. 

King c^ CO. 1873. 
Heredity. Fi'om tbe frencb. s, .193 pp. 

12°. Lo«do«, H. S. King ■;■ CO. 1875, 
Rice (Harvey), Nature and culture. 202 pp. 

12°. Boston, Lee4- Skepard, I87l>. 
Rice (Koswetl). Oration on messiah's king 

dom, with a variety of poetry. For 1875 

1 p, 1, 395-520 pp. port. 16". Albany, Mtm 

sell, 1874, 
Rice (Thomas Jcffer.wn). Departure, viii, 

399 pp. 1 1. 12C. Toledo, [0.] blade print- 
ing (f paper eo. 1 875. 
Rioli (Ren. A. B.) Gleanings from the £e1ds 

of science, art and history, 10i> pp, 18". 

Boston, Mass. s.-s. society, [1864], 
Riohard (Jean, avocal). Discours moraux. 

sor lea evaugiles de tons les dimanclies de 

Tannfie. v. 1. [ubob.] S p.l. 533 pp. 1 I. 

18°. Paris, J. Conterot, 1680, 
Rieharda(Reii.C, H.) WillPhillips. [b«oh.] 

363 pp. 2 pi. 16°. Boston, D. Lolhrop 4- eo. 

Rioharda (Jo)in). Mecbanlcal bumour. vii, 

100 pp, 12°, LoBdoH, O. Richards, llSri}. 

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Richards (Johu)— continued, 

On the amingement, care, nod opera. 

tioii of wood-working factories and ma' 
chineiy. xi, 189, v pp. 16°. 2feti! Yorlc. 
tpHnled in London'], E. ^ F. N. Spov, ]e73. 

Hichards (William, e. «.) Tlie gas-eon- 
Bamei's fuide. [Am. ed. «non.] 148 pp. 
13°. 1ioslon,A.Moore,'iSJ\. 

Rlcliardaon (Abbj Sage). History of oui 
country ffom its discovery to the celebration 
of the centennial anaiverBary of its deolarH- 
tioo of iodependenee ; [ate.] 600 pp, ind. 
7 pi. 3 pi. e°. Boslvn, H. O. Hougliton # 
€0. 1S75. 
. Rlohardaon (Benjamin Ward, m, rf.) Oil al- 
cohol. 0th ed. 3pl ia-2pp IC Lo„ 
don, M'temiUan^ to 1875 

HlchardBon (Mra Chailes or Constance) 
Memoirs of the pruate life and opmione ol 
Louisa, quean of Prussia 3d ed xu, 3JJ 
pp. 1 port. 12'^. London, R Lentley 1848 

Rlohardsoil (Jabez; Monitor of free ma- 
sonfy. 192 pp. Ifa" New loiL, L Fiiz 
gcrald, [1873]. 

Richardson (John, of Hu i Ens ) b>at cal 
estimates of the matonalx ot brewing, xxiv, 
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i ElVBT (A.) 


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ulten and □< 

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Ueher dia einweibnngen in 
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16 121 


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:. Pie V 

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jassn editnm et a 

Pauli V. pont. ma 

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Diaaertation on pol t cal ec non y 

[also J, a treatise on the SIC 3.1 CO ripact 1 t 
am, ed. 72,214 pp.1 1, 1 p ib llbany 
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e [pseud. "i 2 


p. 1.3 





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Roy (Just Jean fitienne) ^continued. 

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Eecluse of Eambouillet. By Stfiphanie 

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399 pp. 8 pi. B' 

n). Perils of scoul-lifo. 
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front; 1 p.l. 200pp. 16°. [London r«pri«J- 

ed, 1874]! 
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PhUaddphia, J. B. Lippineott f co. 1874. 

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tariiin association, 1876. 
S. (W.H,) Gleanings, historicitl nad literary. 

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kin ^ Marshall, 1837. 
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to Jerusalem. 204 pp. 16°. Boston, F.. 

Olliver, 1811. 
Babotueox de la Boniietrie (Charles Fran- 

fois or Charles Louis). Tradnction d'au. 

eieus oovriigas latins relaOfs i ragriculiurc 

etila m&lecine v^t^rinalre. 6 v. 8°. Paris, 

P. f.Wdutje. 1*71-75. 

A (Lnc 

4. Varro (MarraB TerBUtinn). L'fioonomio tumje. 

ou L'iiLpplatilaiie. V. e. 
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Edited by the rev. J. G. Gumming, xvi, 

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(MAMX«t>ciMj, PnbUcflKODB, T.n. 

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liche schunspiele, seltsame fastnacbtsspiele, 
[etc.] Heransgegeben von dr. J. G. Bu- 
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Dyer, xii, 858 pp. 8°. Oxford, {.Eng.] 
Ctarenditn press, 1375. 

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SaoJevillc- West. 



Saokville-West (ReginnlJ Windsor, baron 
Backhnrst). Historical DoticoB of the parisli 
of Witliyham in Suaaex. [anon.] viii.lOO 
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5v.ini. obl.4°. i'um, G. /uiiain, 1054-56], 

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de la domiaaeion espsnoln en el Kio de la 
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p.l.xx,l42pp. am. 4°. [MftBeAcsier], 1871. 
IChetsah aodetf reranlne, v. 831. 

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inanifastations de lu vio et de riutelligcDce i, 
I'aide de I'organisalion. vii, 421 pp. 8°. 
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1 p.l.xii,423pp.incl.l4pl. ff^. New York, 
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associatioit, 1874. 

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mercQ de lettrofl entre mile. Julie du* " *, at 
le chevalier de S. Marcel [pseud. ] 3 p. 1. 227 
pp. 11.1 pi. 16°. Amsterdam, J. DasaaiiM. 

Saint-Martin (Louis Claude do). Man; his 
nistry. Prom the french. 

By E. B. Pen 

V. AUitn f ct 

\, 499 pp. 12°. Lob. 

St. Onge (L. N.) Alphabet yakama, 
tenant les pri5res, les cantii^uen et le 
chisino dans la mfliiie langiie. ] p. 1. 104 pp. 

1 photog. port. 18°. Xuntrial, 

la Providence, 1873. s. 

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i:i4 pp. 8°, St. Paid, HamaUy, Chases 4- eo. 

Saiut-Hgal (Cesar Via chard de). Conspiva- 
ey of the Spanjarfls against the st 
Venice. Out of french. [anon.] 1 
16°. London, .J.D.for R. CMsirell. I 

Same. [Niwod.] siv, 127 pp. 

Londoa, J. Carpenter ^ son, WfA. 

Sainte-Banve (Charles Aiigii.itiii). 



3e 6 

•i p. L. 1 

i, 3li7 


IG°. Paris, M.Livyfririk, 1873. 

Notice snr m. Littr6. 9 p. 1. 107 pp. 8°. 

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Nonvoaux lundis. v, 13. 12°. Paris, 

M. Uvyfrkrea, 1872, 

Tftblonu historiqiie et cril.iqne <Jo hi 

liofixie fi'iuneaiBo et du tlieAtre fraiii^ais an 
xvie ai&cle. Nuuv.H. 3 p. 1.500 pp. \(p. 
Paris, CharpmitT 4' cie. imd. 

Saiute-Mattlie (Gancher if. called 8c6vole ■. 
de). SciBvolie Sammarthani opera. 3 p, !. 
318 pp. 1 port T 4 p.l. 278 pp. 51. 13°. Lv- 
ietiae, apad F. Ovrand, 1616. 

Psedotrophia ; or, the art of nursing and 

rearing ohildron. From the latin of S^^evole 
do St. Marthe. With notes. By H. W. Tyf- 
ler. cxd,33t pp. ■^. Loadott. for the au- 
thor, 1797. 

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DieUonnaire histoviquo de I'ancion laiigago 
franfoia. v. 1. A— Ao. 4°. Niort, L. 
Fame, 1875. 

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diseases of the internal ear. From the french, 
by N. R. Smith. 228 pp. I pi. 8°. Balti- 
more, Hatch 4- Dunning, 1825). 

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Salem, JVuiWi chureh and sacielt/. First 
centenary of the north churcb anfl society in 
Siilem. July 19, ^a7■^. vi, 223 pp. 7 porta. 
8=. St^Kiii, for the society, 1873, s. 

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6ahap&ea da feu: [unoB.] 8 p. I. 303 pp.8 1. 
IG". riaisaHce,lHoUaiid], 1717. 

Pollchlnrilo i 


. as L6oi 

Ineleterre Ml 
DnbolK He 8nli 
as et de MeD< 

Sandys (George)— continued. 

dtle, 1 p, 1. 309 pp. ioci. I pi, I map. fol. 

London, far IP. Barrm.Wi]. 
Sane (Alexandre Marie). Tableau dee peu- 

ples des qnatre parties dn itionde. S v. 2 

p. 1. 486 pp ; 3 p. 1- 506 pp. 8". FarU, Car 

teret, 1801. 
Sanford {Mrs. D. P.) Frisk aci his flooh. 

184 pp. 33 pi, siu.4°. 2fea York, E. P. 

D«ttoa 4- CO. \87&. 
Sanford (_Mrs, E. B.) Tlie ohristian motheiv 

275 pp. ]6°, Bmiford. Conn. M. H. Mai- 

Salter (Joseph). The asiatie in England ; 
fiketohes of Bixteon yeard' work among oii- 
ontala. 3 p. I. is, 3U3 pp. 6 pi. I laes. 13°, 
Lomlou, Se.lcs, Jackson 4- HaUiiiay, ia73. 

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a.'tl pp. 12°. I'liUadelp/iia, J. JJ. Lippineu ' 
4- CO. 1873. 

Salvolliil (t'rancesco). Campagne Je Hham- 
ad8-le-(ti'aiid (S^sosWis), eontre les 8oh6ta et 
leursalliSe. 134 pp. 2 pi. 8°. Paris, le. 
DoaiUy- DuprS, 183n, 

Salyarda (Joaoph). Watliea. A poem. 308 
pp. 16°. New MiiTha, Va. Hcnlid, Calmrl 
4- CO. 187S. 

SBlzmann (ChriBtiau Ootthllf). What Ood 
dooa is well done. Fi'otn the gorinan. By 
missE.T. Disosway. 304 pp. 16°. Ciu- 
dnnad, Hitchcock ^ Walden, 1S75. 

Sfuna-veda, SfLmavedJircikiim : die byninen 
dea Sftma-voda, ubersotBt von Thoodoi- Bun- 
foy. •2v. 2 p. 1. 356 pp ; Ixvi, 307 pp. 8°" 
Leipzig, F. A. BroeUiaus, 1^48, 

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X, (>16 pp. 5 pi, incl. 1 col, llfaoa. la", 
London, Chatto 4 Wiadus. 1871. 

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chez do 9aucto matrimouii Sacramento dis- 
putationum, torn! tres. Posterior & accura- 
tioreditio, 3 v. in J. ful. FeactUs, aptid 
B. M'Uocham, 1672. 

Saudeati( Leonard Silvain Jules). Femand. 
Vaillauoe. Kiuhard. 6e<5d.r6v. 2p.i.328 
pp, IC". Pans, C/iBrpeniJer, 18G8. 

Sandere (Robeil). Hew book of martyrs. 
By Henry Scuthwoli, 11. d. [pgcKti.] 46« pp. 
4 1, 43 pi. fol. London, J. Cooke, [aiioul 

Sandliam (Alfred). Ville-Marie, or, sketches 
of Montreal, xiil, SaSpp. 18 pi. I plan. 8°. 
Montreal, G. Bishop ^ eo. 1870. 

SaudjB (George). Relation of a iourney be- 
gun 1610. Fovre bookes. 2d od. Eug. 



Names, and (heir meauiiigs. 168 pp. 8 
pi. 18°. ifijio York, E. P. DiiUon 4 ™- Jt:f74. 

Sanford (Mrs. Lucy E.) History of two 
lives. 133 pp. 1 pi. 18". JVeie York, na- 
tionai temperance soc. 4 pabl. house, 1875. 

San Franoiaoo ( City of). Mercantile lihrars. 
i, 958 pp. 8". San Fran- 
Francis if Vahntine, 1874. s. 

Sanglovannl (Giosub) aad Ouatinl (Gio- 
vanni). De' rimedii inoompatibili ossia de' 
farmacbi cbe moscolati fra lora si scompon- 
gono. V. I. [A-Fal.] xii, 216 pp. Ki". 
Napoli, dai torchi del trum.iteitr, 1835. S, 

Saratoga illustrated. [anun.J I p. I. Il8pp, 
15 pi. 3 maps, I port, 18^. IVtio Yorh, 
Taiator brothers 4' <!"■ 1875. 

Satdo (Joaquin). EelaL-ion ilo la portentosa 
iiiiagen de n. sr. Josucristo orncifiuado apare- 
cida en una de las cuevaa de s. Miguel de 
Chalmo, hoy real conveuto y santnario de 
esle nouibre [etc,] 7 p. 1. 386 pp, 1 pi. sin, 
4°. iMixico'], Ariipe, 1810. 

Sardou (Victorieti). Ragabas. CoinSdie. 
27e6d. 3p.I.Sl0pp. 16°. Paris,M.UBy 
freres, 1S72. 

Sargent (Eli Donsmoro, in. d.) Tlio immate- 
rial elements. 100 pp. l'i°, Chicago, author, 

Sargeat (Epes). School manual of english 
etymology. 361 pp. 16^. PhUadelphia, 
J. H. BuUcr 4- co.HSr-iJ. 



Velasco; a tragedy. !IG pp. 

Boston, Eastbnm's press, 1837. 




Sargent (Nathan). Public men and events 
from 1817 to 1853. 3 v. 34!) pp; 407 pp. 
8°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lij*pincol(<J-co. 1675. 

Sarmiento (Domingo Fausliuo). Arjjyropo- 
lis, on la capitate des etats conf^d§r£s du 
Rio &e la Plata. Traduit par J.-M.-B. Le- 

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SaMniento (D.F.)— continued. 

Doir. 2e 6d. 3 p. 1, viii, 150 pp. 1 map. 8°. 

Paris, E. Betin, 1851. 
Saanett (Rbk. Willium J.) Progress! coo. 

sidered with particnlar referonue to the oieth. 

odiat episcopal churcli, south. 330 pp. 12°. 

Nashville, Te»«. aoulltem metliodist ptiilishing 

hause, 1B56. 
Saunders (Frederick). A fesUval of 

olioice selections from tlie grealoat poets of 

tlio englisli laoRui^e. 1 p. l.vii-xvi, 376 pp. 

6 pi. I port. 8°. Si. Loi 

HMlsAinsoB.^co. [1874]. 
Same. iv,376 pp. lOports. 10 facs. 8°. 

St. Loais, Scammcll ^ co. JSTG. 
SaniBsure (Henri &e). !E!tadessur lee i 

orthoptSres, et Ics myriapodes. 5 p. 

pp. 8 pi. 81. AP. Paris , impTvaierie imp^ 

riale 4" natinnaU, 1870-74, 

MSruoires ponr aervir 4 1'hi 

rclle du Mexique, doa AaUlles e 
Uuis. 4me m^moire. v. 2. 1 pti 
iidm el Bdle, U. Qeorg, 1871. 

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fraga; Warum soil ich ein fi'ejniliiirer 
werden? Von Erioh Sarvati [jiseurf.] xvi, 
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Brnchstttcke zur geschichte der deut- 

scheti freymgnrerey, geBammelt von Erich 
Servati [pseud.] 336, 3C7-525, xivpp. 1 pi. 
Ifio. Basd,J.J.Flich, 1787. 

Warum soli ich ein freymilurer werden f 

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y Google 



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liiEg til 

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neyclopiWie d 


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IMai.erische (Das) and romaatlBclie Dun Inch] and, 

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Little Kami From the awetliali by S. 

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tbe publleution of the worka of Scottish 

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■s (A. D. 




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[MfiDlTKHStNlE (Oosipagule del Immax puUici di 



Secret warfiwe of freemasonry against chnrch 

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J 875. 
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T. 101. 

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y Google 



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for the u 

1 pi 18 N 

Simpson Ji. 

45 pi ; 3 

Simpson \^ 

44 pi. 8 L 
SlmroclE K 
pp. 60 p 


wood ^ s 
Sizer (N 
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aj^yptinn aijsLevy in the sotitce of meaaiires 
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(LEISURE hour serleaj, 
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Hubohca, N. J., Spielmann f Brush, [1873]. 


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flWe.— Walker, Inliahlatorrofinaeneodensy, P.32 
Blalea that col. NBlhaniel FlenneB is lUe rsal aulhor 
of this work. 

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LtaviU, Trow <(- eo. 1844. 
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18 1 


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Stael - Holstein (Anue Lotiise Germaine 
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[Bahses'b one tei-m history]. 
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[fote.—Thii oolloclioa was sold at ISoaWn, Apiil 13- 

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rtgisUT house. 

Steveneon {Ren. J. editor)- 

Edinbargh, h. m. gciierai 


[GnEAT BEtTsiN. TrensMry. Gmeritl regielfr 
Narratives of the expulaiou of the 

lishfrom Norman.<Iy, 1449-1450. E^ilad from 

msi. ] p.l.iivpp. 1 !, 537 pp, 8°. London, 

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BH(2 Stirling (ficB. James, ii/"Pa!s%). Naph- 
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kingdom of Christ, [anon.] 510 pp. 
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lell, 1874. 

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11th, 1 1. i°. Washington, 1874. 

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Yon Stockmar. By bis son. From the ger- 

Stockmar (E. von, iwow)— continued. 

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and Stockton (Marian). The home. 

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[POTSAli's bmdy-book series, no, 10]. 
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4p.l. , 

9 pp. 


E. Stanford, 1871. 

Personal history of tho horse-guards 

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Slimmer cruising in the South seas. 

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editor. Personal recolleetions of Lamb, 

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Stuart- Glenkic. 

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16°. iS(. Louis, soKthtBcstera piibHsldng co. 

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Storien for chiiaren by eleven sophomores. 

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- brothers, 1375. 
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Woman in sacred history. 96 1. nop. 

IC eol. pi. 8°. ffeiD York, ./. B. Furd^'co. 

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lisb colouie in Virginia since 1606, till this 

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With illnstrations byGastave DorS and oth- 
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6(hed.hyMathilde Blind. Aui.ed. Sv.inl. 
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Strickland (Hugh Edwin, ™. a.) and Mel- 
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2 pis. in I V. 4 p. 1. 1-6 pp. 1 1. 7-I4I pp. 
12 pi. 3 col. pi. 3 faes. inch 1 eol. 4°. ion- 
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'. 1873, 

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1 pi i 2 p. 1. 2;)2 pp. 3 1, 5 pi. 12°. Colches- 
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Dtdilin, 1775, 

[in I 


in). A m 

o( V 

4°. Oiford, 1613]. 
Strada (Famiano, s, J.) De hello belgico, 
decas prima, 8 p, 1. 630 pp. 1 1. 12 port! 
J'eneiiis, apud L. Baailiam, 1730. 




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Stnbba (RcD. William). Coastit 
tory of Englaait. v, 1. Tiii, 63 
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Chronicles anil memorials of 
the reign of Eichavd i. 2 v. elxxsijt pp. 
1 1, 468 pp; elxxivii pp. 2 1. 574 pp. 8°. 
London, Lmtgmans, lS64~65, 

gesta regis lilcerdi, 



- MamorialB of sftint Dunatan. 
lO pp. 8". Loudon, Long 

. (Pub. 

ri soriptorsB, no. S31. 
Student's (The) Franco. [«non.] xii, 730pp. 

front. J 3". New Yorl, Hairier ^ brothers, 

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incl. 12pl, 9pl. 1 map. 8°. [Colambus, 0., 

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Btuwii (Cbristopli Christian}. Beantiea of 

natare delineated. Selected from Sturm's 

reflections, by rev. Thaddeus M. Harris, 

2ded. 237pp. 16°. ClMrUstov>n,lMs.'] L. 

Etleridge, imi. 
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5 p]. 12". Boston, A. IFUliams 4' CO. 1875. 
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Fains 4- Eodgers, 1875. 
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pp. 1 1. port ; 2 p. 1. 286 pp. 1 faca. 12"=. 

London, F. # »'. Kei-slaU, 1874. 
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old dominion. By Lumina Silvervale 

\_pseud. ] 390 pp. 12°. Philadelphia., J. B. 

Lippincott ^ co. 1873. 
Sue (Marie Joseph, called Eugene). Marquis 

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^Caroline Green Cotting. anon.] 193 pp, 

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The wandering jew. Hew translation, 

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Prophetic voices ccinoei'uing America. 

2 p. 1. 176 pp, 1 port. 8°. Boston, Lu 4 

Shtpard, 1874, 
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for R. PhUlips, 1806. 
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logical collections, 25 v. 8°. London, J. 

IC Smith; Lewes, G. P. Bacon, 1848-73. 
Sutherland ( Thomas Jefforsou ). Looao 

leaves, from the portfolio of a lute patriot 

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Edited by J. B. Mist and S. A. Mackeover. 

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Svedellua (G.) Hand-book for cbarcoal 

burners. From the Swedish by R B An 

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Wiley 4- son. 1875. 
Svetohiae (Sophie Soymonof) Lettres in 

^aites. 2 p, 1. vii, 495 pp. 2 !. 8 Pans 

A. raion, 1866. 
Swedenborg or Svedberg (Emmanuul ba 

Ton von). Aogelie wiadom concern ng the 

divine providence. From the latin Fiom 

the last London ed. xiii,a08pp 8'- Neut 

York, am. Sicedenhorg printing and jivihshng 

society, 1873. 
Apocalypse revealed. From the latin 

Newed. 2 v. 480 pp ; 339, 136 pp 8'- 

New York, am. Siecdenhorg printing 4 pub 

lishing societj/, 1873. 
Same. From the latin. Eotch ed. 1 

p.l.572pp;lp.l.573-1202pp. n°. Phil- 

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Sweeny (flfrs. M.S.) Eock farm, iv, 168 

pp. 13°. Baltimore, IV. J. C. Lhilany ^ co. 
Svffeet (Homer D. L.) New atlas of Onon- 
daga co.N.Y. 110 pp. incl. 35 col. maps on 
561. 40. Neii,York,Wallierbros.4-co.iSQ4. 

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S'weet (James Bradbj). Memoir of Hemy 
Hoara. axiv, 552 pp. 8*^. London, Hiuing- 

Sweet (8. H.) Eeport on the proposed Ches' 
apeako bay and Potomac liver tide-watar 
canal, from Washington to AnnapoliB. viii, 
103 pp. 8°. Albany, argas CO. \86G. s. 

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a day. J20 pp. 18°. Boston, J. ft. Osg, 
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V. 1. Imi pp. I 1. 301 pp. 1 1. 8°. J>ur- 

Iiam, 1868. 

ISURTKES society. PnbHcallonB, t. 51]. 
Symson (^Bcv. Andrew). Large description. 

of Galloway. 9-2^4, 4 pp. 12°, IKirlieuil- 

bright, J. Nithohoii, 1841]. 

IiDpsrteol ; i 

- edito 

The 1 

guide (o Canada, xi, 336, 34 pp. 4 maps, 4 
plana. 16". Boston, J. R. Osgood^co. 1875- 

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maps in pockets, 1C°. Boston, J. R. Osgood 
4- CO. 1874. 

New England : a handbook for Irav' 

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# CO. 1873. 

Same. Now od. ivi, 431 pp. 17 maps 

and plans. Jti". Boston, J. B. Osgood if- 
CO. J 87 4. 

Sweetaer(S,) The ministry we need. ]23pp, 
16°. Boston, americiia tract soctsfj, [1873]. 

Sweiiiisen(H. V.) Pharmaceutical lesicou. 
tviii], 17-B76 pp. 8°. Fliitaddphia, Lind- 
say 4- BlaUston, 1873, 

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By Joseph 

ted by G. W. 



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pp. 183-389, port.] 

1. 108 pp. 

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18°. Nexii-York, S. Wood ^ sons,-iS^. 
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4- hroihersi 1875. 
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ggu^ral snr Ics possessions nierlandaises 
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Tempelboff (Georg Fr.) Extracts from Chis] 
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[7« LIBDSAT (C.) Estracts from col. TempBl 

bistdrj of the eevea years war ftto,] 8°. 

don, for T. Csdetl, 1193. v.l, pp. 1-SU, 


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account of the "tercentenary celebration" 
as observed by the presbylerians of Phila- 
delphia nov. 30, 1873. With an introduction 


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Carhto» 4- coAStS. 
Tet6t{~ aTcI'mk) K^pertoiredcatraitSsde 
dallanc de coamerce, etc. condus 
I tou es les [ u ssances du globe princl- 
do Wostphalie 
jusqu'a nos jo s Ta tie alphab^tique. 
1493-186 4 i 1 J PI 8°. Paris, Amyot, 
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8'^. Nev!York,D.Appleton,lS73. 
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2 p. k 392 pp. 8°. Paris, Dszalry, E. Nan 

deleim 4 cie. [1856]. 

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men, ITU. 

logne, les h^ikra He S. Deiaen, 1736. 

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iP. Nem York, E. O. Jenkins, for the author, 
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. [OcSilN-Lll'lI series]. 

Running the blockade ; or, U. S, secret 

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12°. FhUaddphio, F. f. Cmming- 



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■s. Ella W,) Beaten patha. 

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Jeans of Nazareth : his life for the young. 

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ladi'inopotii, J. W. Bobimson, [1873], 
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pp, 18°. !ieii!YoTk,E.J.H(U6 4-son,mh. 
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inch 14 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippin- 

cott ,f CO. isr:i. 
Thomson (Richard). Lecture on the most 

cliafBotai'istic feat n res of illumioatetl laanu- 

sci'ipts from the Viii. to the xin. century. 

[AUoj lecture on the materials and practice 

cf illuiiiluators; [eM.] I p. 1. vi, 138pp. 8°. 

London,[,not publishedl, 1857. s. 

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ByThoinasNewteCpseMJ.] viii, 1-184, 177- 

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O. J. 4- J. Robinson, 1791. 
Thor^ (Th^jphile Etiemie Joseph), Hi^loire 

des peintres de toutes les ^coles. iScole 

anglaise, par 01. W, Biirger [pseiirf.] 3 p. I. 

16, [367] pp. 4 1. fol. Paris, coe, J. Ke- 

ith Blahu (0, 1 Olid oi&c 
IV. J. Eens Hard,' ISW]. 

Hiatal re dm 

y Google 

Thornhury. catalogu: 

Thorntmry (Walter) Criss-cross joumc: 

2 V, 2 p. 1. 339 pp 1 ] p. 1. 343 pp. 1^ 

London, Hurst <_?■ Blacketl, 1S73. 
Tliome (OliTe), Little fpUca in faathara a 

fur, antl others in neither. 357, xipp. eq. 1! 

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373 pp. 2 tab. 8^. Durham, for the aocieiy, 


[SURTEES aocietj', Pnblications, v. eaj. 

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4'sonf, 1975. 
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MacmUlan 4- co. 1875. 
Old -fash iouecl ethics and coumion-senst 

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MacmiUan^co. 1873. 
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4- CO. 1876. 


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Supplementary volume to the Leici 

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printsd], privately printed, IS74. 
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13°. Boston, Roberts brolliers, 1874. 
TillotBon(John). The golden Americaa. xi, 
376 pp. 13 pi. 13°. London, Ward, Lock, cf 




Tilton (Theodore). 

Tempest-tossed. 606 pp. 

&^. N Y y sk Uo> ; 


Timba (J h ) D 

to a 

Apt ts 


viii, 388 pp 

87 pp 

2 L 


Bmlley 4 1873 

Eeo tn t 

f tl 

nm 1 

t n 

353 pp. 8 pi 16 

Lo d 

Se^:ley J L, n 

.P Mall d y 1809 

E Bl h oe 


d nt 


svi,578pp 1 f 

t U 

L irf 


.;■ Wind l-fl'5 

Tlmmins (S m 1 

' ) 

E Le 


tlucts, a d i d ri 

f Bl mi 


and th dl d 

h dw 

d tr t 

731 pp. 8 L Brf R S Iw kc 


Timroa (H n j) 




Neat Yol( E J S I 4 lb 3 

Todfi(J h ) J h Todd Ih t y fl Hf 
told ma ly by h self 5»9i.p. 4 p. 1. poit. 
13°. New York, Harper 4 brothers, 1876. 
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ical education in the United Slates before 
and during thewarof independenoe. 1 18 pp. 
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[ITmitbd States. Iiuerio!' deparimsat. (inreoK of 

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[SuRTses Bodety. FublloatJouB, v. 41]. 

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[M*1DKKH00D HetlSE]. 

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by!th]. 3v,inl, lp.l.214pp.l 
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land von), Odentalische 
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Troilo (F. F. von)— continued. 

[+]]pp. 4". Drcs/len, M. Berifens sel. naeh- 

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Eoudiiie. Fi'om the fre 

uch and german vor- 

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Williams, 1873. 

[t.EISOHE lioiir series]. 

Liza, From tiie 

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Williams, 1873. 



- On the eve. From the russian hy C.E. 
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tCiHSURK hour »ar1e»J. 

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se. A 

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Turner (Juliaia Frances) Tlie Imip of llie 
bee hwood? x 1 6 pp l'^'^. irontmsi' 
Penn A IFalhe 183 

Turner (Ihonas II dsot ednor). MannerH 
ftuc5 ho Fell Id expenses of Englana in the 
til rteenth luJ fifteenth centmieB. 5 p. 1. 
Kev6"pp 4° LondoK IF. Siaol, tail. 
fRO\B BBHEonb Pub ea onu] 

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most remarkable providences, whleii have 
hapned in this present sa;e, Spts. in I v, 
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for jiriviile eiTcutatiun], 1874, 

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. SOB, ^ Marsion, 1868. 

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witli biogrttphiea! sketch. Opinions of prof. 
H. HelmhoUz, and articles of prof.Tyndall 
and sir Henry Thompson on prayer. 105 pp. 
port. 12°. New York, A. K. Butts ^' 

Tyndall (.John)— continued. 

Address delivered before the British asso- 
ciation assembled at Belfast. 7th Ihonsand. 
ixxvi|83pp, S'^, London, Longmans, ]874. 

A ho mi t a mozgSs egj'l neme For 

ditut a Jezsov os K& 0I3 1 p xkv 90 
pp 1 ]1 S° Bui pesi laija a Un e 
sze tndo angt t&n lat 1874 a 

[Bud PhBT K tJj Moffyir ui i« n omfi y 

Leelu es on 1 ghl 194 pi 1 No 

Yort D Apptto 4 CO 1871 
Tyro£f (Konrad). Wappei.buch des gfienmui- 

ten adels dos kanigreii:hs Baiei'n. 1!) v, in 9. 

8^. Numbcrg. teappen-, kiinsl- and fiomwiis- 

sions-bar^m l^-] I. A. Tyroff, 1918-56. 
Same. General-register, iter bis 14ter 

band. I p. I. 50 pp. 8°. \_Niiriiberg. I. A. 

Tyrof, 1846. 


F (K) 


— Same, [ ller-ICter band], r p. I. 
imirnb^rg, I. A. -fgroff, 1850]. 

ff (K.) 


See, alie, WAPPKNiiuoi 
Tyrwhitt ( Rev. Richard St. John ), Cliristian 

art and symbolism. lii, 393 pp. 1 I. 3 pi. 

\'i°. London, Smith, Eldirfco. 1873. 
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[/«.] J. Haps ^ CO. 1875. 

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A collection of "lOd Maryland" family re- 
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U.(A,> Overland, inland, and upland. [anuM.] 
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iVoie,— TmvBla to India by way of Egypt, 

neberdiealtennndneiienuiysterien, [anon.] 
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[Smith (H.B.) ami Schaff (P,) Thoolo^cul aad 
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.■vnd lawyers' record of the United Slates. 
1875. 8°. Nav Yurie, J. F. 'r™w,[1875]. 

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liHp,9d9 pp.1 pi. 18°. CharUaton, [S, C] 
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iitgtOH, office of the congressional ghbe, 1873. 

Congvessional record : oontftln- 

iog the proceedings and debates of the forty- 
third eoDgress. Special session ol^ the senate 
of tbe Uoited States. March A to 20, 1873. 
V. 1. 4°. tVashiagtan, goveitimeitt printing 
office, 1874. 

Same, forty- third oongress, first 

session. [Dec. i,1873-june2;i,lS74]. v,9 
and index in 7 v. i°. Washington, govern- 
■meat printing office, 1874. 

Same, furty-lhird congress, sec- 
ond session- [Dec. 7, 1874-mar. 3, 1875] v. 
3 awl index in 4 v. 4°. Washington, gtivern- 

, 1875. 

- Constitution o: the United 
manual, and Barclay's 
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8°. Jf'ashingiOH, printing office, 

Same. 2d sess. 43d cong. 280, 

264 pp. 8'-'. Washington, government pri'nt- 
ing office, i\S7i-\. 

a3l,962 pp. 8°. Washington, goeermnent 
printing office,imr,-i. 

Departjoent I'f justice. Catalogue of 

law books of the department of justice. 
1873. 251pp. 8", WashiBgton. government 
pnnting office, 1873. 

Register of the department of 

justice. Tosepl. I,IB74, 4th ed. 231pp. 
8°. . Waakington, goicTmnent printing office, 

IttlcrioT department. Eesijsler of officert 

and agents in the service of tbe United 

United States— continued. 
States, 30th sept. 1873. xv, 10S2 pp. 8°. 
Washington, gacernment printing office, 1874. 

Navg department. Polaris investiga- 
tion. 184 pp. 8°. [ IPna/tineion, govern- 
ment printing ogice, 1873]. 

Treaswg department. Catalogue of the 

library, jnly 1, 1873. 2 p.l. 131 pp. 8°. 
Washington, government printing office, 1873, 

General regulations under the 

customs and navigation laws. vii,(i56pp. 
5 pi. 8°. Waehingtoa, government printing 
*.., 1874. 

United States treasury register, 

1874. i I, 257 pp. 8°. Washington, govern- 
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War department. Cavalry tactics. 530 

pp. 18°. mwYorh,D.App}etert^co.\S:i. 
Unseen (The) uaiverse, ianon.] 3d ed. xvii, 
197 pp. 12°. Pleu, Yorlc, MaemUlan 4- CO. 

.rally to 


'Bier GiilhrLs TlUt. 

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othy Pickering. v.2-4. S''. Boston, Little 
lirotun 4- CO. i87ii. 

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lord, xlii, 370 pp. 13°, New York, Nehan ,f- 
Phiitips, 1873. 

The wise men. V|253 pp. incl. 1 map. 

12°. New York, Nelson ^ Fhiliips, 1873, 

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itnam'ssons, J873. 

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ufactures, and mines, by Bobert Hunt as- 
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16°. Nea York, Carlton ^ Lauahan, [1870], 

Wonders of fire and water. 125 pp. 

incl. 9 pi. 16°, Ne,B York, Corllon J'' L"«- 
Mob, [1870]. 

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Vacant CCamillo, baroac, di Fortculivo). 

Delia lagnna di Venezia e dei fiumi nolle 

attigno provineie, memoria, ] p. 1. 477 pp. 

1 map. 8'^. Firenne, tipogriji I 4" l'i'>S'''''J''' 

degli ingegneri, 1S67. S. 

Vaoquer (Thood.) Nonveau I'ecueil da monu- 

meiiB ftin6vwrBB. 60 I. numb. incl. 59 pi. 

1S°. Paris, GaiidrUier,0SG-2']. 
Vad6 (Jean Joseph) and LSoIuse (N. Fleurj-, 

called). OeUTtea poiasardes, 216 pp. 5 pl- 

IS". Paris, Didot jeane, 17%. 
VatisyCRee.J.Vi.) Julia; 

. MilKa 

Bray b, 

, ItilS,. 

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Alden, compilers). The Harvard book. By 
Tarions authors. 9 r. 347 pp. incl. I pi. 
33 heliot. pi. 1 faos. pi. 3 litbog. pi. on 1 1. 57 
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Lishoa, impraisa fiacional. 1864. 

Valentin de CulUon (Ch. Fr. ) Exainen da 
resclavaga. Par V. P. C. [op 



■is, De 

4 p. 1. 536 PI 

Madrid, P. Az» 

Valeiiaua-BolKani (Gi 

otiiers. loaanis Piei 

glyph ica. Editio 

[1279] pp. 4°. Frartcofnrli ad Moenmii, 

sumptibus A. Hierati, excudebat E. Keiapffer, 

Vallejo (Father Joseph Ignatius). Life of st. 

Joeaph. [Also] Lives of aaint Joachim and 

saint Anne, by father S. Binat, a. J. 391 pp. 

8 pi. 8°. New York, E. Danigan tf- brother, 


I Wii* Oebtilucci (E.t LitB of the most bleeaed 
virgin Maiy. 1S5T|. 

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de). La physique occulte. laiton,'] 2 v. 
in 1. Eng. title, 9 p. 1. 275 pp. 6 pi ; J p. I. 
246 pp. 15 pi. 18°. La Eaye, A. Moetgeas, 

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xyi,xT,628pp. Ipl. 8". Paris.l'.Dalmvnl, 

Valley (The) of Wyoming, [uiiob.] 153 pp. 
{2". New York, R. H. Johnston .(■ to, 1866. 

VambSry (Armin), Central Asia. Trans- 
lated hy F. E. Bunnfiti viii,3e5 pp. 13°. 
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(Edward L. m. d.) Practical treatise on 
the surgical diseases of the genito uriuavy 
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scripture. 832 pp. 2 pi. 3 eol. maps. 9°. 
Neut York, Haipcr ^ hi others l'fl'5 

Ten daj& among gieek brigands .(71 

pp. 2 pi. 16° Bobton congicgattoiml psib 
soe. 1874. 

Van Prast (Joles) Essays on the poll ical 
history of the hftaenth si'iteenth auQ seTeii 
(eenth coutm es Elite 1 by sir E Head 
li,464pp. 8°. London, R. Bentley, 18C8. 

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guide to recent english literutura. xxx,^I 
pp. 12°. iVtM York, D. AppUtoa ^ eo. 

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and other addreasea. viii, 240 pp. porl 12^. 
Boston, Willard tract repository, [I87.''>i 

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Vaniey (Gsoi'ge J.) Yonog people's bistory 
of Maine; to 1843. xviii, 13-358 pp. iacl. ] 
p!. 13°. Porllnnd, Me., Dresser, BlcLellaH 
4- CO. 1873. 

Vamhageii fFrandseo Adolpho de). Os In- 
dios Biavos eo sr. LUboa, Tiinon 3". [onoii.] 
iv, 124 pp. sm. 4", Uiaa, na impressa li- 
beral, 18fi7. 

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Philosophy of laughtof and smiling. 

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Rome. i'anieMT, IS17. 

Ttin^raite instmetif de Rome k Naples, 

ap.l.vii-Tiii, 280 pp. 34 pi. 1 map, I plan. 
16°. Rome,raatenT, 1817. 

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York, Bemiger brothers, tli7b, 

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Scipio. Written iu frencb. Beadered into 
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lll-350pp. Bm.fol. Lonilenjor B. Mostly. 
T. Bring, 4' H. Hernngman, 1660. 

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dan, society for promoting cJirisiian knoal- 
edge, [1875]. 

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Paris, F. F. Didot, 1775. ■ 




Velasco (Jofl6 Francisco). Noticiaa e 
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laixico, I. Cumplido, 1850. 

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tienar; of tbe Spanish aad englisb ! 
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13°. Cindnnali, H'itsmi, SialUe 4- co. l\S7i}. 

School stage. 234 pp. 12°. Cincin- 
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Veiiuer (Tobia.?). Via recta ad vitam longam. 
Or a Ij^eatise for attaining to a loug and 
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port. sm.4°. London, for A. Roper, Ifm. 

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3v, X. 607 pp. I plan; x, 631 pp. 1 map. 
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tbe snnny south. 3 v. xvi,307pp; xi,396 
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From the clouds to the mountains. 

Translated by A. L. Alger. 1 p. 1. 285 pp. 5 
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[Sill's selset novela]. 

Tbe mysterious island. Wrecked in the 

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1 map. 8°. New York, Stfiiner, Armstroai; 
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to. 1873. 

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Wreck of the Chancellor. Translated 

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?fsEe.— Coataiu» alHO : MnrtiitFcs. 

Vernellli (F^lix: de), L'arehitecture bjaan- 
tine en Fiance. Saint-Front de PSrigueltit 
et les figUses i, coupoles de I'Aqaitaine. 316 
pp. 20 pi. 4°. Paris, V. mdroa, Ib^] . 

Vertot (Bang Aubert de Vertot d'Aubeuf, 
knotsH iM the ahbi de). ESrolutlons do For- 

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Vertot {R. A. de V. d'A.)— eontiaued. 
tugal. 3ega. viii, 360pp.l21. 16°. Pans, 
F. Barais, 1738. 

Vetiillot (LodIb). J^sus-Ctrlst. Aveo uoe 
Stnde snr I'art cbcfitien par E. Cartier. 3e 
gd. viii, 572 pp. 16 col. pi, 7 lielio. pi. tP. 
Paris, F. Didet freres, Jila f ck. J 875. 

Same. Life of our lord Jeans Cbiist. 

Tcanslated iato english by A. Farley. From 
tbe 7tb frenob ed. 509pp. 12°. Nere York, 
the catholic pablieation society, 1875. 

Vico (Giovaaoi Battista). Oenyres choisies 
Se Vioo. Prfo^afes d'una introduotion snv 
Ba vie et sea ouvrages par m. MicbeleL 3 v. 
2 p. 1. viii, 1, -118 pp. front ; 392 pp. 8°. 
Paris, L. Eneketle, 1835. 

Vienna. Wdt-ausstdlung 1873 in Wien. Amt- 
licber catalog der im reichsvatbe vertretenen 
koeDigreiche und laecder Oeslerreichs. 3 p.l, 
1, 530 pp. 3 pi. 8°. JCien, verlag der geacTot- 
directiari, 1873. 

Offlcieller general catalog. 3te 

aufl. a, 1028 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Ifis», j^frlas 

ir gensri 


1, 1873. 

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of the deeeendlmts of Peter Vilas. 291 pp. 

4 porta. 8°. Nadisott, Wis, editor, 1875. 
Villarena (Vincenzo Mortillaro, laarcliese rfi). 

Remiuiscenze de' miei l«mpi. ix, 318 pp. 1 

8°. Palermo, P. Pensante, 1865, 
Villemaln (Abel Francois). Life of Gregory 

the seventh. Translated by J. B. Brockley. 

2V. vii,400pp: viii, 357 pp, 8°. Lotidim, 

R. Benttey ^ son, 1874. 
VUleraesaant (Hippoljle Caitier, dit de). 

M^moireB d'un joarDaliste. 4v. 16°. Paris, 

E. Dentu, 1867-75. 

[leeSrie. Souvenirs de ienuBBSel. 
■2e B«rle. Lee homoieH de mou temps. 
3e>6rie. A traverele Figaro. 
ie s^Tle. DerK^i-e 1e ildeau. 
Vllletard de Fruni&teB (Charles Edmond}. 
History of the international. From tbefrench, 
by Susan M, Day. is, 259 pp. 12°. New 
Haven, G. H. Bichmimd'^- co. 1874. 
Vincent (Francis). History of the state 
Delaware, [v.l]. 1 p. 1. 478 pp. 8 
Philadelphia, J. Campbdi. 1870. 
Vincent (Frank, jr. ) The land of the wbi 
elephant ; sights and acenas in south-eaatern 
Asia. <1871-2}. six, 316 pp. 34 pi. 3 maps. 
8°, New Vorh, Harper ^ Irotkers, 1874, 

Through and through the tropics, 

thirty thouiiancl miles of travel in Oeeanica 
Australasia, and India. 304pp. 13°, ffex 
York, Harper # brotliers, 1876, 

Vinton (John Adama), The Symmos memo- 
1. ivi,184 pp.port. 8°. Boston, for the 
;lior, 1373. 

Vfollet-Le-Dnc (Engine Emmanuel). Dje- 
oonrses on architecture. Translated, with 
an introductory eaaay, by Henry Van Bnint. 
s!rii,517pp,37pl. 8°. Boslon, J. R. Osgood 
<?■ CO. 1875. 

Story of 3 house. From the freneb 

by George M. TowJe. vi, 284 pp. 15 pi, 
13°. Sosion, J. R. Osgood * CO. 1874. 

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Virgil ! translatad into literal engliah prose. 
By C. Alexander. 674 pp. 8°. Worcester, 
JSass. for D. West, of Boston. 1796. 
Nalc—Witt tie latin test. 

Bvcolica: Aeneidos i-vi. Poems of 

Virgil, v.l . Containitig the paatoral poems . 
and six books of the jEueid. x, 184 pp. 1 1. 
188 pp. ia°. Boston, Ginn brothers, 1874. 

The sin. bukes of Eneadoa translated 

into Scottish metir, bi Gawin Douglas, 
(DOUBLAS (G. biehop nf Dmiketd). Poetical works. 
ISO. £:dttibargk,ir, Fatcrsoti.lSri. y.M-IJ. 

Viadelou (Claude ^e) and Galland (An- 
toine). Bibliothfeque orieutale. Pour servir 
de supplement k celle de m. d'Herbelot. 
2p. 1. iv, 284 pp. 3 tab. fol. [_Maestrielit, 
DifouTl 1780. 

[With HebbelOT {B. d'), Bibliothflque oiientBle, 
So]. 1J76). 

Vizetelly (Henry). Wines of the world 
cliaracterized & classified. III. title, 7 p. 1. 
9-203 pp. 12°. London, Kard, Lock ^ Ty- 
ler. 1875. 

Vocal(The) iyi'ft. [«bow.] viii,]53pp. 18°. 
NeiD-Fork, W. BorradaUe, 1835. 

Vogel {Dr. Hetmann), Handbook of pho- 
tography. From the germao. 2d ad. 404 pp. 
8"-. Philadelphia, Benerman ^ Wilson, 1875. 

Photographer's pocket reference-book 

and dietionaiy. From the german hy Ed- 
ward F. Moelling. Am, ed. 119 pp. 12°. 
Philadelphia, Benermau ^ WUson, 1 873, 

Volcano (The) diggings, [amm.] 131 pp. 
12°, NeiB York, J. S. Re^pdd, 1851. 

Volckmar (Zti'.Karl). ^mialung dentscher 
gedichte, 3te aafl, ix, 470 pp. 8°, Qot- 
tingen, Vandcnhoeck 4" Saprecht, 1865, 

Voltaire (Frangoia Marie Aroiiot de). Les 
vraies lettres de Voltaire 6 I'abb^ Mousaiiiot, 
pnblifes par Courtat. 2 p. 1. xliv, 2;i9 pp. 
8°, Paris, A. Lai-ni, 1875, 

Voorteea (Daniel W,) Speeches. Compiled 
by his son, C. S. Voorhees. xii, 585 pp. 
port. 8°. Cincinnati. R.Clarke 4- CO. 11^^, 

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Its. 3 ¥, 

! ^ Shep- 


Voae (George Lpoub S) M hu 

engineei's and eng ee ug al 

iix,570pp; 31 pi 8° Bos o 

ard, 1873. 

Vosmaer (Arnonlt) Det, np o d un roceuil 
des ludes Onentales, et 
levant apiatenantes & 

BOn alteS8B m. le pnnce d Orange-Nasaan. 

33 pta. in 1 t. III. title, viii, [374] pp. 35 col. 

p]. BQi. 4°. Amsterdam, J. B. Elwe, 1767- 

■Wadawortli (fiso. Benjamin). Guide for 

tlie doubting, and coriJlal for the fainting, 

saint. 3d impression . 3 p. 1. S54 pp. 3 1. 18°. 

Boston, re-printed for N. Buttolph, 1T20. 
Wageiiaar (Jmi). Amsterdam, iu zjdo op- 

komst, aanwas, geadiiedenissen [etc.] 3y. 

fol. Amsterdam. I. Virion, 1760-67. 
■Waggoner (J. Frecleiick). Tried and trno 

reolpas. Home cook book of Chioftgo. [flBon.] 

288pp. 8°. Chicago, J. F. Waggoner, i87i. 
Same. Triefl, tested, proved, [anon.] 

9th thousand. 394 pp. 13°, Cktca^a, J. 

F. Waggoner, 1876. 
Same. Home cook book of Chicago. 

[anon.] 9th thousaod. 394 pp. 12=^. Chi- 
cago, J. F. Waggoner, 1876. 
^Vaguer (Wilbelm Richard}. Art life and 
heories, selected from his writings and traJis- 

lated by Edward L, Burlingama. xiii, 305 pp. 

3 pi. 12°. New York, R. Holt f eo. 1875. 

lAKATEun socles.! 
■Walil(O.W.) The land of the czar, xvi, 

389 pp. S°. London, Chapman f Hall, 

■Waiabrooker (Lois). Nothing like it. 

336 pp, 12°. Boston. Colby 4- Rich, ISJ".. 
Wakeley (J. B. rf. d ) American temperance 

uyolopsedia of history, biography, anecdote, 

and illustration. 1 p. 1. it, 13-243 pp. port. 

12°. New York, national temperance society 

4' pMication house, 1875. 
The bold frontier preacher. A portrait- 
ure of rev. William CraTens. 119 pp. igc. 

Cincinnati, HUchcock f Walicn, [186!)]. 
■Walcott (Ren. Maetenzie Edward Charles). 

Sacred archaeology, xvi, 640 pp. 8^. Lon- 

don, L. Eeeve 4- CO. 18G8. 
Traditions and customs of cathedrals. 

viii, 159 pp. 13°. London, Longmans, 1K72. 
Waldron (George). Description of the Isle of 

Man. Editetl by William Harrison, xxiiipp, 8°. Douglas, ilsle of Mani, 


[Manx society. Pabliinllons, t.U]. 

■Walker (Charles D.) Memorial, ■Virginia 
militai7 iDstitute. Biographical sketches of 
the graduates and 616ves of the Virginia 
military institute who fell during the war 
between the states. 585 pp. 8°. rkUadel- 
phia, J. B. Lippincott if co. 1875. 

■Walfcer(C.H.)and Jewett(C.P.) County 
atlas of Tioga, Fenn. 109 pp. iiicl. 44 colored 
maps' and plans &. 2 pi. fol. New YorJe, 
F. IV. Beers 4- co. 1875. 

Walker {Mrs. Edward Ashley). The pil- 
giim's progress. By John Bunyan. In 
words of one syllable. 3.15 pp. 
16°. Hem York, O.A.LeavUt, [1869]. 

■Walker (Francis A,) The Indian question. 
268 pp. 1 map. 12°. Boslon, J. R. Osgood 
4 CO. 1874. 

■Walker (George). The vagabond. A novel. 
1st am. from 4th eng. ed. xli, 338 pp. 16°. 
Bosio»,/Dr West 4- Greeideaf, 1800. 

VTalker (James Oarr, d. d.) Doctrine of the 
holy spirit. 4th ed. 855 pp. 13°. Chica- 
go, S. C. Origga f eo. 1874. 

■Walker ( Jeanio Mort). Life of oapt. Joseph 
Fry, the Cuban martyr. 589 pp. 13 pi. 3 
poWs. 8°. Bartfm-d.tke J. B.Barr publish- 
ing CO. mi. 

Walker (Obadiab). Of education, [onon.] 
5tli impression. 5 p. I. 309 pp. 16°. Ox- 
ford, A, Carleyae, 1687. 

Wallace(JohnH. ofMuscatmc, Iowa). Amer- 
ican trotting register, v, 3. 710 pp. 8°. 
New York, Hard ^ Hoaghtoa, 1874. 

■Wallace (Lewis). Tie foir god. xiv,586pp. 
13P. Boston, J. R. Osgood f co. 1873. 

■Waller (S.E.) Sin weeks in the saddle: a 
painter's journal in Iceland. 3 p. 1. 177 pp. 
6pl. 12°. London, Macmitlan f eo. 1874, 

Wallez ( — ). Fr4ois historique des n^gocia- 
tions entre la Fi-anoe et Saint-Do mingue. 4 
p.l.4eSpp. 8°. r«i-is, PoMtAiea, [efc.]1836, 

Wallliie (H. F. editor). Atlas of the state of 
Michigan. J62 pp. incl.84 maps, 10 1. fol, 
Detroit, R. M. ^ S. T, Tackabnry, [1873]. 

■Walpole (Spencer). Life of the it. bon. Spen- 
cer Ferceval. 3 v. xii, 376 pp. port ; viii, 
332pp. 8°. London, Bursty- Blaekelt, lli74, 

Walras (L^on), Elements d'&ionomie poli- 
tique pure, viii, 208 pp. 2 pi. 8°. Laa- 
sunne, L. Corhaz 4' ein. 1874. 

Walali (Thomas). Essays on Gladstone and 
the ■Vatican, liberalism, free masonry and 
the secret societies. 3 pts. in 1 v. 77 pp ; 
82 pp. 8°. Syracuse, N. Y. Truair, Smith 
4- CO. 1875. 

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Walslngliani (CharlottA). Aniistte. 1 p. 1. 

ix-374 pp. 12°. PhitaddpMa, Clapton, Kem- 

sen4-Haffelfi«ser, i875. 
O'er moor and fen. 423 pp. 13°. 

Phitadelpkia, Claxloa, ficmaen .f- Hafeifin- 

ger, 1876. 
"Walton {haak} and Cotton (CharlaB). 

Complete angler. With notes by sir Harris 

Nicolaa. cov, 330 pp. 48 pi. 2 faca. 1 eng. 

title,3porla, 13°. London, CluiUo 4- Windus, 

"Wansey (HenryJ and Hoare (Sif Rich- 

ara Colt, ban.) Hunclred of Wavminster, 

s, 133 pp.3 pi. 1 pedigree, fol. London, J. 

B. Nichols $■ son, 1831. 

[HOaai (Sir K. C.) The blstory of modera Wilt 
Bhite. y. 3, part 2], 
'Wappenbaoh der oesterreicbiscben momir- 

chie. [a-aon.'] v. 1-17 in 9 v. 8°. IVitm- 

herg, l.A.Tyrof, 1831-50. 
Wappenbuch der preussisclien inonareliie. 

lanoa.} 99y. in13. 3". mtmbergJ.A. 

Tyroff, 1832-67. 
Wappenbaoh dec tegierenden monarcben 

Europas. [anon.] Eng. title, ] p. 1. 51 pi, 
^40. NiiTnlieTS,J.A. Tgrof, 1846. 
Wappenbuob der gesamtnteu adels im konig- 

reich Wttrtemberg. [aiioB ] 4 v. m 2 8°. 

Niin^ierg, Tyroff'sclie kanstjiertagslmndluvg, 

Ward (Andrew Henshaw) Genealogical his- 
tory of the Eiee family, im, 379 pp 8°, 

Boston, C. B. Hichardson, 1853. 
The Ward family. 265 pp. 2 ports. 8°. 

Boston, S.G.Drake, 1851. 
Waifl (Caroline). National provevbs. iv, 

176 pp. 18°. London, J. W. Parker, 1842. 
Wara(ftrf« Ellen E ) Angels messages 403 

pp. 12^. mslanlte, iMteeUi Marsliali # 

Brace, ]87d 
Ward (Henry Geoige) Gediangtes 4,enial(le 

des zuBtandes von Mexiko im jahre 1827. 

UbertragcQ von F A Ruder xxvi, 158 pp. 

8°. Leipzig C F M Hartmann, 1820. 
Ward [Uetta Lord Hayes) Davj e jacket. 

Miss Elsies hoys and girls 176 pp 3 pi. 

18°. Boston D Lothn^p 4 co [1873] 
Memoir of mrs. HettaL. Ward, [by her 

hasbaod], with aelectiona from her writings. 

136 pp. 13°. Boston, T. R. Marmn, 1843. 
Ward (Jobo). Borough of Stoke 'Upon-Ttsnt, 

[Slaffoidahice], in the commencement of the 

reign of Victoria, xvi, 600, li:viii, 16 pp. 

20 pi. port. SP. London, IF. Lewis # son, 




Ward (John, of Netn Yorlc). Overland route 
California, and other poems. 296 pp. 
,4°. New York,[K. TompAins], 1875. 
Warden (.Eew. John). System of revealed re- 
ligion. xv,736,xvii pp. 4°. Lowlon. for 

K. 4- C. Dilts, 1769. 
Warden (Robert B.) Account of the life 

of Salmon Portland Chase, xxiil, 11-838 

pp. port. 8°. Cinoinnati, Wilstach, Bald- 
win <f CO. 18?4. 
■Waider (George W.) Poetic tVagments. 136 

pp. 12°.. Si. f.ouis, soatkweslern hooi 4" 

pahlisldng co. 1873. 
Wai-dlaw(i>r. L. J.) Oregon as it is. 187 

pp. port 8". San Frandsco, women's co-ap- 

eratm printing umn, ]875. 
Ware (Samuel Hlbbert). Lancashire memo- 

riala of the rebellion, 1715. 2 v. in 1. 3p, 1. 

s,56pp; sJtviii, sm. 4°. [Erf- 

inburgiq, 1845. 

[CHKTBAM society revnBluB, V. 5]. 
Ware (William). Julian. 2 v. in 1. vi, 271 

pp; 3-270 pp. 13°. Wcw York, J. Miller, 

Wai:field {Mrs. Catherine Ann Ware). A 

double wedding. 1 p. I. 19-406 pp. 13°. 

Fhiluddphia, T. B. Peterson 4- brothers, 

Hester Howard's temptation. 1 p. 1. 

19-569 pp. 13°. Philadelphia, T. B. Peter- 

son ^Si-oJActs, [1875]. 
Miriam Monfort. [anmt.] 556 pp. 12°. 

NeiB York, D. Appleloa 4- co. 1873. 
■Waring < George E. jr.) A farmer's vacation. 

251 pp. sq. 8°. Bosfon, /. R. Osgood 4' 00. 

Whip and spur. 345 pp. 18°. Boston, 

J. R. Osgood 4 CO. 1875. 
Waring (John Burley). Ceramic art in ve 

mote ages. III. title, 1 p. I. ii, 127 pp. 55 pi. 

fol. London, J. B. Dag, 1874. 
Record of my artistic life. ] p. 1. 312, 

11pp. 14 pi. 130. London, TiiUmer f co. 

Warner (Anna B.) The fourth watch. 149 

pp. 24°. New York. A. D. F. Randolph 4- 

CO. [1874]. 
Miss Tillers vegetable garden and the 

money she made by it. 140 pp. 16°. Nets 

York, A. D. F. Randolph 4 co. [1873]. 
Warner (Charles Dudley). Baddeck, and 

that sort of thing. 191 pp, 18°. Boston, 

J. R. Osgood 4- CO. \Sri. 
Warner ( Ver, m.d.) and Warner (Ln- 

cienC.m.J.) Populai' treatise ou man. I 

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■Wamer (I. de V. and L. C.)- 

p, 1. 5-J3, 23-337 pp. 13°. New Yurie, Man- 
hattan puitiskiagco, 1?73. 
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brolhcTS, 1876. 
Theflagoftruoe. [owoit.] lp.l.5-.'J97 

pp. 3 pi. ie°. JVeio York, R. Carter f brotk- 

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Tha little camp on Eagle hill, [ajion.] 

S p. 1. r-4S9pp. 3 pi. 16°. New York, R. 

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York, J. mies # son, 1875. 
Warriner (Edward A.) Victor La Tourette 

[anon.] 406 pp, 16°. Boston, Roberts broth 

ers, 1875. 
Warring (Charles B,) Mosaic aeeouut of ere 

ation, the miracle of today, xviii, 9-992 pp 

1 pi. 12°. New York, J. W, Schermerhorn 

4- CO. 1875. 

Waehburn (Ib ael jr of Ma ) Notes, 
h sto cat de c pt tb and personal of Liv- 
e e Q Andrccogg n county Maine. 
[aw ] 16J[p 3 pholos 8 Portland, 
Ba ley f- Noyes l'r4 
Washburn (Kather db bedj, v h) The ital- 
gri 1 p 1 7 W IP le Boston, 
'. f fAcpnri 1'«'4 

— Perfect love casteth out fear. 319 pp. 
'. Boston, Lee f Shepard, 1875. 
Waahlugton (Elizabeth). Dorothy's ladder, 
[anon.] 353 pp, inol. 1 pi. 16°. Fhilor 
detphia, am.a.s. union, [1873]. 

How Marjorie watched. 161 pp. inch 

3 pi. 16°. New York, Nelson f PkilUpa, 
Waterbury (Jared Bell, d.ii) Bookforthe 
sabbath. viii,2S9pp. 13°. Andoi>er,[Ms.'\ 
Goald, Nevnaan ^ Saxton, 1840. 
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lipsychidion series, v. 1. {^anon-lf 194 
, 13°. Boston, A. Wdhams ^ co. 1874. 
Watson {Rev. Samuel). The clock atrnck 
three. 353 pp, port, 13°, Chicago, S. S. 
Jones, 1874, 

A Memphian's trip to Europe with 

Cook's educational pavty. 352 pp. port. 12°. 
Nashville, Tenn., soathern mcthodisi pub. 
house. 1874, 
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tory of Canada, V. 1. 157 pp. 16°. To- 
ronto, Adam, Stevenson ^ to. 1874. 
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Eliza Young. 2 p. 1. 9-605 pp. 9 pi. 3 perls. 
I 8°. Hartford, Dustin, GUman 4- co. IS75. 

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A-D. 1 
■Webb ( Ji 

4' BTaineriiae 

Webb {Charles Hemy), JohD Paiil'a book. 

By John Paul Ipseiid.'] Eng. title, 2 p. 1. 

iit-631 pp. port. 30 pi. 8^. Hartford, co- 

tiaaMan book ca. 1874. 
Webb (Henry, erfiim-). Dogs. Newed. 3p.l. 

[334] pp. 6 photos. IS". London, Dean 1^- 

son. [1873], 

New od. 2 p. 1. 330 pp. + 64 
London Dean .(■ sob [1874] 
M,) Mftiya vision [ano« ] 
Hartford ilie Case Loelwooil 
. 1874 
Wabb(R™. John) ^Jome plain and ueoes 

saiy directions to obtSiin eternal salvat on 

ad pd. 4 p. 1. 16fi pp 11 ISO B si B for 

S. Eliol, 1741. 
Webber (Charles Wiltins) Old HKk" the 

guide. 2 p. 1. 356 pp W Nev> iotl 

Harper ^ tirotliers, lH4fi 
Wild scenes and wild hunteia Eng 

atle,l-4,9-10,17-610pp front 12° Fhd 

adelpMa, Clapton Bemsen § Saffelfingfr 

■Webster (Hoab, U d ) C)llBi,tiLn ot papers 

on bilious fevers, x ii 24() pp B^ 'Nesp 

York, Hopkins, Webb § to I79t. 
People's illustiated d ctionaiy of the 

english language. From the quarto diction 

arj. By William A Wheelni si lOUO yi 

incl. 30pp.of pi. port 8^ Hailfoid t 

S. Scrantoa f CO. 1874. 
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legislation, viii, 192 pp, 8°. London, 

Longmans, 1874. 
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cock 4- IValden, 1873. 
Webster (William Bullook). Ireland con- 
sidered as a field for investment or residence. 

xi,133pp. 1 map. 16°, DMin, Hodges 4- 

Smith, 1852. 
■Webster's ready-mado love letters, [anon.] 

192 pp. 16°. New York, li. M. De Witt, 

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evangelioal reaction of the eighteenSh een- 

tarj. xi,413pp, 12°. London, MaciaUlau 

4- CO. 1870. 
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iv, 274 pp; It, 26C pp. 13°. London, S. 

S.King 4- CO. i87S. 
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is. 193 pp. 18°. Sob Francisco, Byron 4- 

Wnght, 1874. 

Weeden (William B,) Morality of prohibi- 
tory liquor laws. 223 pp 16° Boston 
Roberts brotliers, 1875 

Weidlnger (G,) Waarenlexikon ler che 
mischen Industrie lind dfr phaimacie 
3 p. 1. 811 pp. 8° Letp^ii H Haessel 
1868-69. s 

Weisbaoli (Julius). Mechanics ot engineei 
ing. Theoretical mechanics. Fioni the 4th 
gorman ed. by Eckley B. Coxe. 4th am.ed. 
1112 pp. 8°. NeiB York, D. Van Nostrand, 

WeiBB (N.) Personal reoollectiona of the 
wreck of the Ville-du-Havre and the Loch- 
Earn. From the French. 1 p. 1, 208 pp. 
16°. Neto York, A. I). F. Raitdolpk 4- eo. 

Weiaa (Rot. S. W.) Jacob Wei ler, 2p.l. 
7-323 pp. 16°. New York, aullior, 1873. 

Weltzel (,'Hr3, Sophy Win throp). Miss Rob- 
erts' fortune. By Sophy Wintiu-op. 438 pp. 
16=. Nea York, A. D. F. Randolph 4- co. 

Welch or Welsche {Rev. John). Thirty 
five sermons, in 1605. xxviii, 193 pp. sm, 
4". Edinburgh, for }V. Orag. 1744. 
[UlsCELLiliY Berraoaa, [etc.] nm, 40. Edtninrgh 
f<«-W.Gr ] 

■Welofcer (P / W T ) Mil t y 1 
mihtary s ! ool 11 g d m 1 1 

175pp. 12 N Y 1 I on Bl le 
Taylor 4- 1374 

Weld (Chalea K b 1) L t t 
Koine. 3 p 1 8J PI 4 pi 1 

London, L g 186 

Welles (G d ) I col a S 1 
7-215 pp. I If i k SI Id f 


Wellington (A lb M ) M [h d f tl 
eomputati tr d g f p I m 3 

and final fly h k 


-T t 


Pt.2.— Pi ( 3p I 12il 
D.Applthn 4 1874 

Wellons (Re» J W ) F ly p y rs 
337 pp, 8°. BaUimore, Skerviood 4- co.W7^. 

Wells (C.F.) My uncle Toby: his table- 
talks and reftections. 338 pp. 
dnnaii, Hitdicock ^ Waldea, 1875 

Wella (David Ames). Eelation of the gov- 
ernment to the telegraph. 1 p. 1. 1 
8°. New York, 1873. 

Wellfl (J.Soelberg, m.d.) Treatise r. 
eases of the eye. 2d am. from the 3d eng. ed. 
836 pp. 10 col. pi. 4 pi. test types 
addphia, H. C. Lea, 1873. 

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Wells (Walter). Water-power of Maine. 

viii, 526 pp. 20 pi. 1 map. 8°. Aiigusta, 

[flle.] Sprague, Otcen ^ Nash, 1869. 
■Welaoh (Anton)'). Orbital system of the 

tmiverse. 161pp.6pl. 8". Clinton, Iowa, 

Alien if Bowers, 1875. 
Wsrinylieras (Olho). Spiritual and most 

preciouse pevle. [From tlie german by Miles 

Coverdale]. Keprinte^, xiviii, 235 pp. 

13°. Loadon, Longman, 1813. 
Werner (EroBt). Boaud by his vowa; or, 

at the altar. From tfae germao by J. S. L. 

J p. 1. 5-343 pp. 16°. I'hiladelpMo, J. B. 

Lip;rincoM# CO. [1874]. 
Broken ohaics. Translated by FuancoB 

A. Shaw. 133 pp. 8°. Boston, J. R. Osgood 

4- CO. 1875. 
" Good luck ! " Traoalated by Frances 

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4- CO. 1874. 

[Osgood's library of uovels, no. 39), 
Wesley (Rew. John). Hobility ftt the cross. 

Life of monsieur de Eenty. 4,139 pp. 16°. 

Boston, J. Bent 4- ca. 1873, 
"Wesley (Samuel). Life of our blessed lord 

& savior Jesus Christ. With sixty copper- 
plates, by W. Fdthorn. 2d ed. 16 p. 1. 

356 pp. 4 1. 60 pi. iucl. eng. title, 2 maps. sm. 

fol. London,foT C.Harper, 1697. 
Wealeyan university, MiddUtoimi, Conn. 

Alamui record. Compiled by Orange Judd, 

1869; tevised by C. T, Winchealer, [etc] 

1873. ssvjii, 308 pp. 8°. Baslon, Rand, 

Avers, 4- ''O- 1S73. 
West (Henry Josiah, compiler.) The cbi- 

Francisea, Bacon 4 w. 1873. 
■West (Mrs. Jane). Letters to tt young lady. 

503 pp. 8°. Tras, IN. Y.] O. Pennimaa 4 

CO. 1306. 
West (Maria A.) Romance of missions; or, 

life and labor, in tbe land of Ararat, xiii, 

710 pp.] map. IH". New York, A. D. F. 

Randolph 4 co.HSl^'i. 
West (Robert A.) Sketches of wesleyan 

preachers. 400 pp. port 16°. New-York, 

Lane 4 Tippelt, 1848. 
Westcott (Brooke Fosa). General view of 

the history of the engliab bible. 2d ed. 

xvi, 359 pp. 12". London, MacmUlan 4 co. 

Weetcott (Margaret). Bessie Wilmerton. 

384 pp. 12°. iVcw York, G. I', 

CO. 1874. 

, Carleton 4 


Western Texas tbe Australid of America. 
[flHOB.] iv, 235 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, E. 
Meadenhail, IH60. 

Westfield jubilee: on tbe two hundredtb 
anniveraary of tbe incorporation of the town, 
with the historical address of hon. William Q. 
Bates, [etc.] ^6 pp. a". WestjUU, Mass. 
Clark 4 Story, 1870. 

W'eatniacotrt (Charles Molloy). Punster's 
pocket-book. By Bernard Blockmantle 
[pseud.] X, 198 pp. 19 pi. port. 13°. Lon- 
don, Sherwood, Gilbert 4 Piper, 1836. 

■Weatmlnater drolleries, both parls, of 1671, 
1673; a choice collection of songs and 
poems, sung at com't & theatrea. Edited, 
[etc.] by J. Woodfall Ebsworth. [aiwn.] 
S V, in I. 13". Boston, lEng.'} R. Roberts, 

'Weatmoreland (John G. m. d, ) Treatise on 
aoology and therapeutics, x, 391 pp. 8°. 
Atlanta, Ga. plantation publishing co's press, 

Weetmoreland (Maria Jourdan). Clifford 
Troup. 338 pp. 13°. New York, Q. W. 
Carleton 4 ca. )873, 

Weston (Daniel C.) Scenes in a vegtry. v, 
228 pp. 12°. Augusta, [Ca.] W. R. Smith 
4 CO. ia41. 

West Springfield, Mass. Account of the 
centennial celebration, march 35th, 1874. 
Compileil by J. N. Bagg. 144 pp. 5 pi. i 
ports. 8°. ISprinsfield, Mass. C. W. Bryan 
^ CO.] 1874. 

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Wey (Francois Alpbonae). Rome, Descrip- 
tion et souvenirs. Nouv. ^d. xii, 732pp. inci, 
72 pi. I map. 4°. Paris, HacheUe f tie. 

Trop heureui. 2 p. 1. 265 pp. 16°. 

Pam, L. Hachetle 4 de. 1863. 

■Wlialley abbey. Tbe coueher book or cbar- 
tulary of Whalley abbey. Edited by W, A. 
Hulton. 4 V. sm, 4^^. \_Londoa and Man- 
Chester-], 1847-49. 
tCHETHtH BociBtj remiiins, v. 10, 11, IB, 30). 

Whattou (Charles). Hanfl-book on the treat- 
ment of tbe horse in the stable and on tbe 
road. 137 pp. 2 pi. 12°. Philadelphia, J. 
B. Lippincott 4 co. 1873, 

What of tbe churches and clergy ? [njion,] . 
120 pp. 12°. Springfield, Mass. D. E. FisJc 

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Wheatley (Henry B.) Round about Picea- 
dilly and Pall Mall, xii, 405 pp. 3 pi. 1 plan, 
8°. London, Smith, Elder # co. 1870. 

TVhedon (Daniel Denison, editor). Com- 
meotary on theold teatameDt. v. 3-4. 12°, 
New Yorh, Nelson ^ Phillips, 1873-75. 


T. i. KlBgn to BBthsc. By rsr. Miltoo S. Teti'v. 
Pi).lnol.leoLnuip, 9col.map3. 1875. 

■Wheeler (Ella). ehelSa: 5 p. 1. 9-206 
13P. ISittBaukee, Mauser ^ Storey, 1873. 

■Wheeler (George AngnBtua.m d.) History 
of Castine, Panobseot, and Brooksyilli 
Maine; including Pentagoet. 401 pp. 6 pi. 
2 maps, 2 ports. 8°, Bangor, Barr if Rob- 
inson, 1875. 

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sii, 299pp.4 pi. \2°. London, J. Murray, 

Wheeler (John). Treatise of com meree. 126 
pp, sm.4°. London, [. Hanson, 1601, 

Wheeler (John Hill, compiler). Legislativa 
mannal and political register of North Caro- 
lina, for 1874. Jst annual ed. 388,2 pp. 1 
pi. 1 map, 4 tab. 8°. Raleigk,[,N. C] J. 
Tumer,jr. 1874. 

Wheeler (J.Talboys). History of India, 
from the earliest ages. v. 2-3. S°. London, 
N. 'friUtner^ao. 1869-74. 

V. S. Tlia rimSyana and tbe brahmanio petioit. 

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thought. 3 p. 1.236 pp. 12°. Concord, Ns. 
aiUhor's private pnHting o^e, 1874. 

Wheler (Sir George). Account of the 
churches, or places of assembly of the priii 
Hve christians ; from the churches of Tyi 
Jaruaalem, and Constantinople. Described 
by Eiiaebius. [etc.] 3 p. 1. 130pp. 5 pi. IS'^. 
London, for B. Clavell, 1689. 

Whelpley (Samuel). The triangle. By 
vestigator. [anon,] 396 pp, 8°. iV««>- 
Yark, 0. Halsted. 1832. 

Whipple (Squire), Elementary and practical 
treatise on bridge bnilding. 3d ed, vi 
pp. 1 pi. 8°. JVeWJ Yark, D. Vaa Nostrand, 

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3v. 16°. London, J. Whilaker, ISr3-[75']. 

■Whltaber (Mary Ann). Alice's dream. 122 
pp. 16°. Boston. JValker, Wise, ^ co. 1 


Whitoombe {Mrs. Henry Pennell). Bygone 
days in Devonshire and Cornwall, xv, 276 
pp. 12°. London. R.BentUy if son, W7i. 

White (Anna L.) Kate Callender. 308 pp. 
12°. Boston, author, 1870. 

"White (Ren. Henry). Indian battles: with 
incidents in the early history of New Eng- 
land. 428 pp, 13°. NeiB York, D. W. 
Evans 4- CO. [1859]. 

WTilte (Rev. Homer). The Norwich cadets. 
J36 pp. 8°. St. Albans. Vt. A. Clarke, 

■White (John). Sketches from America, viii, 
374pp. 8°. London, S. Low, son c^' Marslon. 

White(flei>, J.G.) Startling facts ; relative 
to auricular confession. 324 pp. 8". Cin- 
cinnati, author, 1875. 

■White (John Pagen). Lays and legends of 
the engliah lake country, sri, 334 pp. 16°, 
London, J. R. Smith, 1873. 

White (Robert Baker,d,(i.) Reasonandre- 
demption. 351 pp. 8°. Fkiladelpkia. J. 
B. LippincoU 4- CO. 1873. 

■Wbite(Thoma8,6. 1583, d. 1676). Demvnifo 
dialogitres. 6 p. 1, 446 pp. 9 1, sm. 4°. Pa- 
Tisiis, apud D. Moreav, 1642. 

WTlitehead (Wiliiam A.) East Jersey un- 
det the proprietary gavernmenls: until the 
surrender to the erown in 1703. 'WLth ap- 
pendix. 2d ed, I p. I. y-viii pp. 1 1. 486 pp. 
3 maps. 9°. Newark, N. J., M. R. Dennis, 

Whitehlll {James C.m.rf.) and others. Cy- 
clopedia of things worth knowing. 544 pp. 

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in Prance under Napoleon the third. 3 v. 

vli, 346 pp; 2 p. 1. 348 pp. 8°. London, 

Tinsley brothers, 1873, 
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edited by William Michael Eossetti. xli, 403 

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Osgood ^ CO. 1873. 
Whitney (William Dwight). The life and 

growth of language, ix, 33epp. 12°. iVeio 

Fort, D. AppUton f co. 1875. 

[IMTEUNATIOrnL sclenaBo BBiiefi, v. 161. 
Oriental and linguistic studies. Second 

aeries, xi, 432 pp. 1 chart. 12°. Neut York, 

ScrSiner, Armstrong ^ co.^ 1874. 

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Whitson (flrrs.L.D.>, Gilbert 8t. Miiurioe. 
' viii, 337 pp. photo, port. 16°. Louisnilk, fm 

tlie autlior, 1875. 
Whlttler (John Gyeenleaf). Mftael-blossoms. 

1 p.l. 5-133 pp. float. 16°. Boston, J. B. 

Osgood ^ CO. 1875. 
Legeodsof New Eugland. 143pp. 16°. 

Hartford, Hitamer ^ Plielpi 


- Litflmry 



edUo^: Child life in prose. 301 pp. 1 

pi. 8°. Boston, J. ft. Osgood ^co. 1874. 

352pp. 12°. Bostoii,J.B. Osgood^ CO. IS76. 
Wichert (Erust). The green gate. Fram 

the geroian by mra. A.L. Wister. 374 pp. 

la". Philaddphia, J. B. Lippincou 4- eo. 

Wioquefott (Abraham de). Histoire dea 

Provinces -Unies des Pais-Baa. v. 1-2. Iv, 

538 pp ; KS, 715 pp. 8'^, Amslerdnm, F. 

Midler, 1861-64. 

IHlsTOiUacH geuootsehap. Uireclit, Publications |. 
"Widdifield (Hannah). New cook book. 2 

p. L 23-410 pp. 12^. Fliiludelphia, T. B. 

Peler$on ^ brothers, [1873], 
TWlener (Charles). Essai sur les institations 

de Teropire des incss. 104 pp. 5 pi. 4 

Poris, Maisoanewne <f- cie, 1S?4. 
Wiener (Wilhelm, editor). Gallerie der t 

purira. 234 pp. 8". Frag, W. Pascheli 

Wikoff (Henry). The four civiliEatious of 

theworM. ix, 416 pp. 13°. Philaddphi 

J. B. Lippincott 4' 00. ]S!4. 
Wilbur (Asa), Biblical standpoint. Viei 

of tlie soDship of Christ. 3d ed, 313 p 

12°. Boston, A. WilHams f co. 1875. 
Wilder (Burt G.) What young people should 

know. The reproductive function in mau 

aod the lower aiiimale. 212 pp. 12°. Bos- 

taa, Estes ^ Lanriiit, [1875]. 
Wilder (Daniel W. ) Annals of Kansas. 

691 pp. 8°. Topefco, G. IV. Martin, 1875, 
Wllkea (John). Letters from the year 1774 

to the year 1796, to his daughter; with a 

collection of his miscellaneous poems. 

16°. Lo«doB,for Lo«£7aaH,{_etc.-i ]m4. 
Wilkina (William, 1778-1839). Prolusiones 

architcctonic^B -, essays on grecian and re- 
man architecture. Ft. 1. iv, 128 pp. 17 pi. 

4°. L6»do», J. IFeale, 1837. 

Wilklnaon (William Cleaver), A free lance 

the lield of life and letters. 4 p. 1, 340 pp. 

=. New Vorh, A. Mason. 1874. 

Willett {William SI.) Messiah. iv,iii-442 

3 pi. 12°. Boston, B. B. Ritssell, 1874. 

William and Mary college. ( Williamsburg, 

Va.) History of the college of William and 

Mary. [_anon.'] 183 pp. 11. 8°, Richmond, 

J. W. Randolph ^ Eng/isA, 1874. 

JVoIs.— CompHad by the faculty. 
Williams (Daniel, d. d.) Practical discourses. 

3t. [xxxvi], 440pp- 2 p. 1. 520 pp. 8°. 

London, J. mison, 1738. 
Williams (Edwin, compiler). Book of the 

constitution. 144 pp. 13°. New York, 

Williams {Folfcestone, i. e. Robert Folke- 
stone). Lives of the english cardinals. 3 v. 

xii, 484 pp ; iv, 543 pp. 8°. London, IV. H. 

Allen 4- CO. 1868. 

Memoirs and correspondence of Francis 

Atterbury. 2 v. xii, 446 pp ; xii, 478 pp. 

8°. London, IV. H. Allen if- co. 1869. 
Williams (Francis S.) Getting to Paris. 

A hook of practice in frencb couversatjon. 

X, 310,336 pp. 13°. Boston, Lee 4 Shepard, 

Williams (Prank). New pocket-dictionary 

of the english and gerinan languages. 

]9th ed. 5 p. 1.393, 290 pp. 18°. London, 

F. IVame # co. 1872. 
Williams (James). Life and adventures of 

James Williams, a fugitive slave. 108 pp. 

8°. San Fj'ancisco, women's union print, 

Williams (James E.) History of the meth- 

odiat protestant church. 403 pp. 12°. Bal- 
timore, book committee of the m, p. church, 

Williams (John). The hamiltoniad : or, an 

extinguisher for the royal faction of New- 
England. By Anthony Pasquin, esq. 

[psaud,'} I04pp. 8°. Boston, for tlte author, 


|Bdii.Ey paoipbktii, v. S4 ; a, Duane pampbletg, 

Williams (Joseph, of Kidderminster). Ex- 
tracts from the diary, meditations, and letters, 
of Joseph Williams. New ed. 314 pp. 13°. 
Edinburgh, for Ogle 4- Axeman, 1801. 

Williama (Joseph 8.) Old times in west 
Tennessee [anon.] 2 p. 1, 295 pp. 13°. 
Memphis. Trail. W. 0. CIteeney, 1873. 

WilUama (Katherine). How Tiptoe grew. 
254 pp, 5 pi. 10°. Ncai Y'rrTc, amcrican tract 
society, [1875]. 

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Letters of Roger Wi!- 
Edited by Johu Russell 
1 1.4a0 pp. 4°. Frevi- 

Williams (Mouier). Indian wisdom or ex- 
amples of tliB doctrines of tbe Hindus. 2d eA. 
xlviii, 543 pp. 8°. Loudon, W. B. AiU.n ^ 

'Williams (Roger), 
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y Google 



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I, Roberi 

, 1874. 

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Bost D Lollrop j CO 1H74 

Int oduc n to the study of inlema- 

tiona a 4tl ed 4*^7 + 370'-37r pp. 
1 ° Aevt York Srtbier Arnstrong 4 co. 

society. 271 
brothers, 1873, 

G oH) W 

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Woolson (Abba Gooia)— o 
eilitor. DrBBs-refonn 

tures, on dress as it affecte t>e heaUli of 

wiimen. S'iS.S pp. 3 pi. Ih= B stoa Roh 

itrts brothers, 1874. 
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. ^ CI. IH75. 
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Hitfaia, apad I. MoUkemum, 1 1)43. 



L, 1643). 

.« (O.) 

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[Jlfane4«(ej-], I847-5&: 



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to manage bulld- 
3°. FhUadelphia. 

a way to wealth. Gtb 
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The working a. 

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IPENNSYLVAWI* ISMlt of), id^eologiciil lUtVH, ! 

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[Oahden Boclet;. FnUlcUiouB. New Beiiee,T. 11], 

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.correspoiidance of sir John [F.] Burgojne. 
2 V. 3 p. 1. 506 pp. port ; 2 p. I. 508 pp, 1 
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pp. + 223-2l!4 bis. 11 s n 4° Roma sta n 
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Yale college — continued. 

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. of c» 

:, 15C 

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Caatle of. Depositions from the castle 

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laoaTEEs society, Publicationa, v. 63]. 

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Material] per servire alia stnria dell'ori- 

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Same. Histolre de la d^couverte et de 

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olac — inforioris vel circiili — Bnrgandici das 
ist beschrelbnng der fiirnsmbaten Orter in 


Zeiller (Martin)— continued. 

den niderlaodischen svil proviDcien. [amin.] 
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22 109 

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Mottlgomerg Ala Barrett 4 Brawn, 1871-74 
'iame v 4 J new series 187! 

byJ W Shepherd 8° Montgomenj Ala 

[etc ] T Hhile 1875 
Albany law journal Tan lW73tojan 1875 

v.7-10 4° illany Heed rarsoas 4 co 

Algeria. Diclionnaire de legislation algfi 

rienoe 18)0-1872 par P de Menerville 

3-v in2 8^ AlgeT,Bastide,letc.'i\W7-7:i. 
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neiio au seiKifime sidcle. viii, 525 pp. 8°. 

Gand, H. Hasli, 1868. 
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. Britn 

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Allen (Charles)— continued. 

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4- HmigUen, 1873. 
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las leyes de Toro. 4a ed. 4 p. 1.444 pp. 

] chart. Bm.4''. Madrid, imprenla que fae 

rfe FuesleiiebTO, 1833. 
■" Pr^tica criminal por principlos. 3a ed. 

3v. sni.4''. Madrid, la iiBprBiila que fue de 

Garcia, 1815. 
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t. 91-23). 8o. FhiladelphiB., D. B. CanjiM 

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1875. v.7-9. 8". lioHun, Little, Brown, 4 

eo. 1873-75. 
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4°. WasliiagtOH, araerican lain limes aa. 

tion, 1868-59. 
Some. 1871-1872. v. 4-5. 8". I'Fash- 

iastoa, J. C. 4- II. Cox, 1871-73]. 
Same. [1874]. New series, v. 1 

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v.4-5. 8°, ffasftin^ton, fl. Chi, 1872-[73], 
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Hard 4' HougluoH, 1874. 
Same. New series. [1874]. v. I 

New York, Hurd 4- Houghlort, 1875. 
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J. H. Trumau. v.l. 8". New Yorh, J. 

Cockeroft, 1873. 
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lory. T. 2-4. 8°. Neie York, J. Cockcrofi, 

[eic] 1874-75. 
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Isaac Grant Thompson. 8". Alliimy, J. I). 

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4- son, 1875. 
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Aggregate. See Ang;ell (Joseph K.) and 

Amory (Eobort, m. d.) Chapters on poisons. 
[In WhartoK (Pranoln. lid.) and StiliS {Mors- 
ton, m.d.) Hcdlcal juriaprndence. 3d <^. 8". 
FUladdphia, Kav * ^ndar, 1813. T.9,pt.l,pp. 

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culties and the modes of overcoming them. 
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courts of the United Stales, and of the sev-- 
era! states and territories, with a directory of 
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Treatise on tbe law of private corporaUons 
^gregate. 10th od. by J. Lathrop. Ixiv, 
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Annalea du barreau franfais, dcpuis Le Mais' 
tre, [q^ 1608], .juaqn'i noa jours. Barreau 
ancien, v. 2-6, in 7 v. 8^. Paris, 11. Warie, 
N6lc—\. 1 not yet piibllaliecL 

Same. Barreau modeme. 13 v. in 13. 

8'=. Paris, Ti.Warie,iele.-\\mi-M. 

Annualrc de Mgislation itrangire. le-2e 
ann^ea. 3 v. 8°. Paris, Cotillon 4- file, 

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peace, and parish ofBcer ; with the practice 
of country attorneys in criminal cases, ^tli 
ed. 4v. 130. London, Shaw 4 aona,^?m-TA. 

Same. Supplement to the sixth edition. 

By J, Paleraon. xvi,S80pp.7 1. 12°. Lou- 
don, Sliaw43ona, 1863. 
[Lettered V. 5 J. 

The poor law. 13th ed. by W. C. Glen. 

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Ip. I. 464 pp. 8°. Coastanlinople, frerea 
NieohiUea, [««.] 1873-74. 

Arizona ( Territiery of). Acts, resolutions and 
memorials adopted by the sixth and seventh 
legislative assemblies, 1871-1873. 2 v. 8". 
Tucson, lo^e of] the Arizona citizen, 

Arkansas (Stale of). Acts passed at the ses 
sion of 1873. 8°. UtlU Rock, printing eo. 

Supreme court, Keports of cases, 

v.95-27, 1867-1872, by Nerval W. Cox. 8^. 
LUtle Boek, stale printers, [etc.] 1870-73. 

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Arnoux. LA.W-1 

Arnoux (William Henry). The Kollwagen 
will case, [1873-1874], Argument of ooun- 
sel for proponents. 2 p. 1. 209 pp. 8°, New 
York, Lange, Litlle ^ co. 1874, 

Aucoa (Leon). Conferences siir radminislra- 
fion et le droit ad minis tratif fiutea & I'Suole 
iinpSriale des ponts et chauBE^ea. 2 v. xxiii, 
681 pp. 1 1 ; 8 p. 1. 540 pp. 8°. Paris, Da- 
«orf, 1869-70. 

AngTista. {CUgof, Georgia). Laws incorpo- 
rating Augusta, and ordinances in force, 
July. 1814. 8°. Augusta, HMy .j- Sunce, 

Austiia. Das allgemeine bflrgerliche geseta- 
bueh filr das kaiaertlium Oesterreicli, [1725- 
1873]. Funfter abdraok. viii,476pp. 16°. 
irkn, G. J. Sfanz, 1873. 

Die civil- nnd militar-juriadlctions- 

norni. [1774-1873]. 5te auf. Kvi,651 pp. 
16°. Wiei, G.J.Manz,lS73. 

Kaloehismus deroslerreicliisehen staats- 

verfassung. 102pp. 16°. Wicn, G, J. Maaz, 

Beiolisgesetzblatt. Jabrgang 1870- 

1872. 3 r. 4°. Wkn, i. k. hof- und staats- 
druckerei, 1870-72. s, 

StaatBgrandgaaetzB der osierraich. 

ischen monavcMe. [1322-1861]. Unverftn. 
derter neadmck. Ixxx, 561 pp. 16". WUn, 
G. J. Manx, 1871. 

Sftme. Supplementbefe. Mara, 1861- 

december, 1867. x,250pp. 16°. mm, G. 

J. JUa?ii,^1868. 
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in the high court of chancery. 9tb ed. : 

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iOOKS. Bell 

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Ireland, 1838-1867. See Q-amble (Richard 

Wilson) and Bailow. 
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impeachment of George G. Barnard. [Al- 
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isiu-HB, 1874, v.g-BJ. 

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plicilS en droit romain et en droit frah^ais. 
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rations chartered by the leji^stature of Penn- 
sylvania, 1700-1873. 3d ed, viii, 744 pp. 
8°, FhUadelphia, J. Campbell 4- son, 1874. 
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, Braxelles, BraytarU-Christophie el cie. 

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6d, 2v. viii,536pp; 712pp. 8°, Paris, 

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B of California, 3d ed. xix, 388, coliv 

, ¥P, San Francisco, A.L. Bancroft 4' 


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chusotts. Reduced to questions and an- 
swers. 2p.l. 183 pp. 130. Boston, G. B. 
Reed, 1S74. 

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Bench. LAW-E 

Bench and bar. New series. April, 1871- 
jan, 1874. v. 1-3. S°. [Chicasfu .f New 
York, Callaghim ^ Cockcroft, etc. 1871-74]. 

Bencli and bar review. Jan.-april, 1874. v. 
1. 8". BBllimore, A. SchaamliuTg, [elc] 

Benedict (Robert D.) ReportsofuasBHm the 
district courts of the United States, second 
circuit. [1371-1873]. v. 5-G. 8°. Wew 
York, Baker, Voorliis <j- co. 1874-75. 

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of sale of personal property, ail ed. xxis, 
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(cm, 187.^. 

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cases. v.2-3,from 1840 to 1854. 8°, Nete 
York, Hurd 4- HoaglUon. 1873-74. 

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torneye general of the United States, v. 13- 
14, 1859-1875. Qo. IVashmglon, goveramenl 
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the conspiracy case of Pennsylvania vs. 
Chas. M. Berry, [1874]. 43 pp. 16°. n- 
tusuUle, Pa. tnoraiag lurald, 1874. 

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list am. ed. by J. A. Morfraa. v. 1. xix, 
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bankrupt law of 1841. 3d ed. 100 pp. 8^. 
New York, Gould, Banks, 4- co. 1812. 

Bigelow (Melville M.) Index of the cases 
overnded, reversed, denied, doubted, modi- 
fied, limited, e:cplained, and distinguished, by 
the courts of America, England, and Ire- 
land ; from the earliest period Co tbe present 
time. 5fi6 pp. 8°, Bostoa, Little, Srown, 
4- CO. 1873. 

Leading cases on the law of lovts, 

[1732-1871], slii, 754 pp. 8^. Boston. 
LitlU, Brown, 4- co. 1875, 

Reports of life and accident insurance 

csBe8tojan.l875. [Froml800], v.3-4, 8^. 

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in churches. 3p.l.xlTiii,252 pp. 13°, Xob- 

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Bishop (Joel Prentiss)— continued. 
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dianapolis, joarnal Co. 1873-7!i, 

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ary law. Sec Dunlap (M. R.) and Blick- 

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556 pp XXX o2 pp 8° ba ra nea o 
slate pnaler IS'2 

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1873- 18*4 8° •tae men o slate pr nter 

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a of Massachu- 
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23 1 

, [1868- 

urts of 

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1873]. 3 p. 1.453 pp. 8*". San 
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[ Washington, 

y Google 



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). Duutap ^ BlickcnsdeT/e 


ind adr 

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i & ]8( 

2d ei 

, li'ced. 


utes, 1867, 1868, 
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y Google 



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y Google 


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y Google 

Great Britmn. 



Boslmi, Littk, 

Y J. P. De 

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r le t 

1 d'an 

■, 3?2 P 

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y Google 



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Hautesere a Salvalaon {Flavien Francois 
de). Notse & auimadUBrsioues ad indieuloa 
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ty. : 

:, 468, : 


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1872-1873. See Nott (Charles C.) and 



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1875. 8°. Sev) Yo I J H H«Udi f co. 

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■ Epitome of lead ng con eyinc ng and 

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Stevias4- Hayne 1573 
India. Code of t t 1 p ocodure 1B7I 1 y A 

J.Lewis. 8". Lo d n IV H llle J u 

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nov. 1872 ! 48tbses3 0u 1873 Svinl 8 

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lOTWa (S(ii(e o/)— continued. 

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[mon.-\ v.l, yiii,474pp. 8°. [Lonrfan], 

E. 4-R, Nttlt.ietc.} 1730. 

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Haeaer, traduit par ostruits, par E, Sautajra, 

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lOOKS. Lalor. 

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et m. Chavleville. 2 y. in 1. 18;ipp;360 

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Gabriel de). L'hypoth6i[aejudi(;iaire, xvi, 

^i7U pp. 8°. i'aris, CuliUoa ffils, 1871. 
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YorJc, J. J. Diossy ^ eo. 1855, 

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E. li. Ince, 

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Bjlvania. [1850-1871]. 550 pp. 8°. tan- 
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- Saint 

York, tlie tra 

setipt association, 1868. 


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London, W. Clowes 4- sons 



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York, tl,e tra 

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C, Eica], 1868-1869. 

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Legal. . law-books. 

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A Hetioaarl I8J5 
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the circuit a i d' t ' t ui t f th U 't d 

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bany, 1874. I p I 353pp 1 pi 8" m j 
W. Gould 4- 

d) L 



4b6 pp ( 
i J ftky 

f d 

■ San. 

} yea s be{,ii uing 

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Treatise on th 

153 pp. 8" £ 

Lurnbreras (J 

plina eclesi^ c 

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law of bills f 1 

don. O. Sjaitk 4 co [ 
McAdam(D d) L i 

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the supreme t f th It t 

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(H )) 
f t d I 

W M ndl S 

L d d 

Ei 6S (P I J 

H d b k f « 

157 pp I L 

] IH-J 

■ d y 45 pp 8 

t f G 1 

W I 

y Google 



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CO de la m co 5 pp 

am. 4^, flf dnd F /j rf 82 

Martinez Salazar A 

substanc p to 
8°. [W«ind H 






36-41, IW 
more. J. M tj y4 
Massachusetts 5 / 

1373-187 B" B 


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y Google 


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ir (Jobn I 


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civil, See Manreaa ylfavarro (Joa^ Ma- 
ria), Miquel (Iguiicio), 'lud Heua y Gar- 
cia (Jos6). 

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18e8-(869i 6th assembly, 1869-1870; ex. 
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4- Hill. 1875. 

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Hod county officers in New Yorlt. 84 pp. 

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terniiDed by Che judicial CDtnmitt«e and the 

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jndiciftl committee and tbe lords of privy 
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don irOdy rf- sons 1873 
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of the peace and constables in Illinois 

103U pp 8° CkKaao Callagkan 4 co 

Morgan {Cbarlea F ) Code of civil pioce 

dure of Ohio 1874 tiU3 pp 8° Albany 

H Gould f son 1874 
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ture 2v IV u 513 pp tvii 317 pp 8" 

New York J CoekoToft 4 co IS?"* 
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JVew RampsMre. 

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fol. Matriti, in typographia Vlioac a Ramone 
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1»72]. V. 1-6. 8°. ffcio Foj-fe, J. B. Mc- 
Diviu 4 CO. ietc.-] 1873-74. 

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Nevada {State of). Compiled laws, 1861 to 

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54, 1866-1874, by J. M. Shirley. 8°. Con- 
cord, B. IV, Sanborn ^ ce. \_ac. ] 1873-75. 

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^eic Jersey. 

New Jersey (S(«ie of). Acta, 59th assembly, 
lEt-Sd sittings, ie34-[1835]i 97th legiala- 
ture,[1873]; !}8tli legislatare,[l874]. 4v. 
8°. Trenlon, MorHsloien ^ PaleMon, J. Jus- 
lict, [ei<!.] 1835-74. 

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T. 18, 20 & S3-34, 1866-1867, 1S69-1870 & 
1872-1874, by C. E. Green, 8°. Tmnton, 
Hough 4- GiUespy, [eie.J ] 868-74, 

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ZTrenlon, Mvrphy ^ Bechtel, 1875], 

appeaU. Kepom of cases, v.33 & 35, 1B67- 

1869 & 187U-187-2, by P. D. Vroom. 8°. 

IVentun, ir. T. Nicholson, [etc.} 1870-73. 
Same. v. 36, 1872-1873, by 6. 

D. W. Vroom. 8°. Trenton, W. S. f E. 

ly. Sharp, 1874. 
New Mexico (Territory of). Acts Slst ^es 

sion, 1373-1874. 8°. Santa Fi ^ 11 pub 

lie printers, 1874. 
Same. Actos, sesion vigfisima primers 

8°. Santa Fi, N. M. public printers 1874 
New Toils. (.City J)/). Superwr comt Ke 

ports of cases, v, 33-39. 1871 1B75 bj 8 

Jones and J. C. Spencer. 8" Stw iork 

Diossy 4- CO. lelc.} 1873-75. 
New York (Ci(g and county of). Court of 

eommonpUas. Reports of cases, 1871-1873, 

by C. P. Daly, v. 4, 9°. iVeto York, Ba- 
ker, l^oorliis 4- CO. i&74. 
Ne-wTotk. (County of). Surrogate's court. 

Reports of cases, 1864-1869, by G. J. Tucker. 

V. 1, 8°, New York, Banks ^ brothers, 

New York (State of). Act for the orgauiaa- 

tion of business corporations, 1875, by R. B, 

MoMnater. 13", Neui YorktBaJcer, Foorhis 

f CO. 1875, 
Changes in the sWtute law, iajS-1873, 

byJ.D.Fay, 8", Sew York, Saktr, Voot- 

/.ts#c!o, 1873, 
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hrolhers,\_etc.1 1873-75. 
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Hanks 4- brothers, [eic] 1873-75. 
— - — ■ — ■ Reports of cases, not heretofore 

officially reported, 1850-1869, by A, Abbott. 

y. 1-4, 8°, Nem York, Diossy ^ co. 1873-74 


'New York. 

New York (State o/)— continued, 

Court of c/ianeery, Eeports of cases, 

1816-]83a,byW. Johnson, v.2-6. 3d ed. 
8°. New York, Banks 4 brothers, 1873. 

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.}. Munsell, 1873. 

~- Digest of laws in force jau. 1, 1874, by 
J.D.ray- v.1-3. 8°. New York, J . Cock- 
croft 4 co. I874-7B. 

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«o«irf^ son, 1873-75. 

'■ Saine, J 870-1874, by A. Abbott, v. 13- 

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p.l.iyOpp. 8°, Albany, Banks ^ brothers. 

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McDivitt, Campbell 4 co. 1875, 

Slatntps at large, by J, W. Edii 

2ded. to 1870,inclusive, 7 v. 8°. A 

ireed, Parsojis 4 co. 1869-70. 
Same, V. 9, 1871-1S74. S°. A 

IVeed, Farsons <f- co. 1875. 
Supreme comt. Reports of cases, 

by O. L. Barbour. 2d ed. v. 1. 8°. 

York, Banks 4 brothers, 1875. 


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NevT York {State of )— continued. 
Same, 18fi3-1873, by O. L. Bar- 

bonr. V, 63-65. 8°. Albany, IV. C. Little 

*cu. J873. 
Same, I873-1W4, bj I. G. 

Thompson and E. D. Cook. v. 1-4. 8°. 

Albany, J D. Parsons, JT. 1874. 
Same, v. 6-7. 1S7J-1873, by A. 

Laiiaing. 8"^. NtiB York, Banks if' brothers, 

Same, v. 8-11, 1874-1875, by 

M. T. Hun. 8°. New York, Banks f broth- 
ers, [I8T4-75]. 
Supreme court and eoart of errors. Re- 

pmls of cases, 1823-1836, by E. Covveu. v. 

1-2 & 5. 8°. New York, Banks 4- broUim, 

Same, 1828-1840, by J. L. Wen- 
dell. 2i3 ed. V. 1-20. 8°. Nevi York, Banks 

t} brutkera, 1873. 
Same, 1841-1845, by N. Hill, 

jua. V.1-3&7. 8°. New York, Banks 4- 

brothers, 1873-75. 
SaiiiB, ]845-ie48. by H. Denio. 

V. 1-4, 8°. ffeiD York, Banks ^ brothers, 

Noel (John V. Vavaeour, m.iL) Divorce case, 

[1872-1873], 143,13pp. 8°. Camden,N. 

J., F. B. Stiles ^ £. Morgaa, 1873. 
Hotth (Levi). Treatise oa the practice ia 

probate courts of lUinoiH. xvii, 418 pp. 8*^. 

Chicago, Callaghan <f- eo. 1673. 
Uortli Carolina (Stale of). Public laws, 

passed ] 869-] 87U. 0". Raleigh, state print- 
er; 1^0. 
Eevisal of the public statutes, 1672-3. 

By W.H. Battle., si, 987 pp. 8°. Raleigh, 

Edwards, Broughton if co. 1873. 
Supreme courC. Eeporla of cases in 

equity, 1859-1863, by H.C.Jones, v. 5-6. 

8°, Salisbury, N. C, J. J. Bruner, [1860- J63. 
Reports of cases, v. 69, 70 & 72- 

73, 1973-1875, by T.L. Hargrove. 8°. Ra- 
leigh, stale printers, [eic] 1873-75. 
ITorth Hempstead (Toum of) vs. Hemp- 
stead (Toton 0/). Tiial, [1828.3 400,152 

pp. 1 1. ti". New York, IV. Oratlan, 1825. 
ITotarles' hand-book. By a inember of the 

Kevf York bar. [onoii.] 2d ed. 38 pp. H". 

New York, Baker, Voorhis^eo. 1874. 
NottfCharles C.) and Huntington (Samuel 

H.) Casesin the court of claims, ltf7[. v. 7. 

8°. tFashiagton, gosernment printing ojice. 



Wott (Charles C.)— continued. 

and Hopkins (Archibald). Cases in 

;he court of claims, 1872-1873. v. 8-9 [of 
;hB court of claims reports, new series]. 8°. 
IVaskington, eavemiaeiit printing office, 1874. 

Nypela (Jan Servais Willem). Pasiromie, 
1867. Supplement. Code pfinalbalge. niv, 
5-195 pp. 8°. Jiruxelles, Bruylant-Ckrist- 
ophe 4- cie. 1867. 

Ohio {State of). Code of civil procedure, 
1874, by G-. E. Seoey. 8=. Cincinnati, R. 

. CUrke^-co. 1S74. 

Same, 1874, byC. F. Morgan. 8°. Al- 

baay, IF. GoaUl # son, 1874. 

Laws, 60th assembly, 1872; 60tli as- 
sembly, adjourned session, 1873; filst assem- 
bly, 1874 ; 61st assembly, 2d session, 1874- 
[1875]. V. 69-73. 8°. ddumlms, state 
pnaUrs. 1872-75. 

Railroad laws to 1874, by J. A.Wilcox. 

8°. CiHcinriHti, R. Clarke 4 on. IS74. 

Sapreme court. Digest of all reported 

decisions, 1816-1874, by A. H. McVey. 2 v. 
8°. Cleveland, Ingham, Clarke if ea. 1875. 

Index to reports, 18I6-I872, by 

B. Hunter and W.G.Myer. ;«°. St. Louis, 
W. J. GUberl, 1874. 

Reports of cases, 1371-1873, 

V. 22-23, Ohio stale, by M. M. Granger. S", 
Cincinttiai, R. Clarke ^ co. 18J3-7.1. 

Same, 1873-1874, v. 24, Ohio 

state, by E. L, Da Witt. 8^, Cincinnati, 
R. Clarke tS- CO. 1875. 

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4th ed, sxivi, 864 pp. 8°. Portland, Me. 
Dresser, MeLdlan ^- co. 1874, 

OJuey (Warren). Code of civil procedure of 
California, 1872! amended, 1874. 3d ed. 
2p.l.a59pp. Jflo, San Franeiseo,S. Whit- 
ney f CO. 1874. 

Ontario {Provinee of). Court of queen's lieneh. 

,1870-1872,v.3i>-3a, by 0. 
To70»to, H. Sowsell,[etc.^ 

Reports of c: 



W. Wethey. 
ison. 1874. 

Statutes, 2d [and] 4th sessions, 187iJ- 

1874. 2v. 8°, Toronto, J. Notman, I87d-7i. 
regon {Slate of). Acts, eighth session, 1874. 
8°. Salem, state printer, 1 874. 

Otganic aud general laws. 1843-1872. 

iv, 922 pp. 11. 8°. {_Salem'], state printer, 

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Ortiz de Zmmja. LAW-BOOKS. 

Oirtis de ZiiMga (Miuiiiel L. ) imd Herrera 

(Gayeiaiiu de). Debates y aWibuuiouea (la los 

eoirejidores, justicias j ayiinlamiBul'is iIb 

Kapaiia. 5 v. «in. 4°. Madrid, T.Junlan, 

Overton (Dauiel Y. ) Annotated code of eivil 

practieo for Wiscuiisiii ftucl Iowa, [1875]. 

ixxiv, 767 pp. S°. Chicago, CiiUaghan J'- 

so. 1875. 
Paoheoo (Juaiiuiu Fiaiiciaco). El cfidigo 

peuttl [de Eapana, 1850]. 4a ed. . 

Madrid, IS. Tello, 1870, 
Slime. ' Apenciite, por Josfi Gotiaaki! y 

Serrano. H'^. Madrid, ST. Teito, 1870. 
PaJge (Alonao C.) Heporte of uases in tlie 

court of chancery of tlie state of Now York, 

[1836-1839]. V. ti-7. ad ed. S". Nea 

York, Hanlis ^ biotkcTS, 1873, 
Same, [I84d-lri44]. v, 10, S°. New 

Yurk, liayika if brathtra, imS. 
Parkersbnrg {City of). Corpomtiou lawK, 

[l*i0-l»?3]. ByG. Loumis. sv,!)-ar)Upp 

8^, Parhersburg, Cmeas brotlteri, JH74. 
Patsona (TLeophilus, It. d.) Law of eon- 

liaets. 6tli ad. 3 v, 8". Baaloii, Little, 


BrcioB.^cu. 1873, 

LaivB of biiaiiiess, Kevised eil. 

694 pp. ii I. iP. JfattfoTd, S. S, Scram 
CO. 1875. 

' 'i 

Fulitital, jiei'soual, aud pi'uiiurty" I'igUts 

of a citiaeo of tlie V. B. xvl, 744 pp. 8o. 
Hanford, S. S. SctiihUih f cu. 1874, 

— — — - Treatise on tlio law of pruiniasory notes 
and bills of uxeliango, ad ed, 2 v. ux.w, 
(i64 pp ; 1, 834 pp. fi". FhitaddpMa, .1. B. 
Lt/ijnitaiU cf cv. Ibia. 

PaHChal (Geovge Waahiiigton). Dii!;uat of 
deeisions of the supreme courts of Texas, 
[1873]. v,2-3. 8=. WaMaglo«,IV.U.4- 
O. U. MoTrkoii. lcle.-\ 1874-75. 

— — Digest of the laws of Texaa, 1754-1872, 
3ii ed, S V. 8°. Washington, (f. H. .J- O. 
H. Morrison, 1873. 

Ssme,4thed. to 1374. 2t. 8'^. irask- 

ingloa, W. fl. .f- O. H. Morrison, 1874. 

Pateraon (James), SupplemHiit U> Arch- 
bold's jiisti''« of the ]ioa«e. 6th ad. See 
Arclibold (Jobn Fraderioli)- 

Pattieou (Everett W.} Digest of tlio Mis- 
souri reports, imi-lH7-i. d v, 8-402 pp. 
interleaved; 10-106, lxxi,a7:i-38l pji. inter- 
leaved. 4"^. St. Louis, W. J. GUbert, 167:!. 

Peace (Maskell W.) Coal mines regnlation 
aut, lti72, ;id ed, !i27 pp. S°. London, 
IV. M. Hatchings, [T873]. 

25 193 

Peok (Hirav 

of Ohio, viji, 388 p 

R. Clarke 4- co. 1874, 
Peiiiisylvanla (ProDtnceu/), Charters and 

acts of HSBembly, [1682-1769], 2 v. &. ap- 
pendix in 1, I p. 1, 164 pp ; I p. L iii, J 16 pp ; 

1 p. 1. ]8, 32 pp. fol. Philadelphia, F. Mil- 

Ur .)■■ CO. 1762, 
Pennsylvania {SliUe of). Abridgment of 

the laws, 1700-J8il, by J. Pardon. H°. 

Fhiludclphia, Ferrand, Hopkins, Zaiitzinger 


Annual digest of laws for J873, by F. 

• C. Brightly. 8°. Fhilodelpkia, Kay if 

brother, ]873. 
Satne.for 1873 & 1874. 8°. I'hilad^l. 

phia, Kay ^ brother, 1874. 
Digest of titles Ur corporations, 1700- 

1873, byC. G. Beitel. ad ed. 8". Phila^ 

delphia, J. Campbell 4- sou, 1874. 

EleeUoa laws, to 1874. By F. Jordan, 

3d od. vi, 293 pp. 8°. Harrisbiirg, B. 

Singerly, 1S74. 
Law3,17C0-IS0SJ, by M.Carey and J. 

Biuren. 6 v. iP. Fhiladelphia, J.Bioren, 

\_cle.-\ 1S03. 

Laws, 13tL BBserably, 23 sitting, 1789, 

fol, iPhaadelpkia, T.Bradford, 1789]. 

Same. Acts, session, 1804~[0ft] ; ses- 
sion. 1S72; sesaion, ]873 ; session, 1874; 
session, 1875. 5 v, »\ Octoraro ^ Har. 
Hsbars, F.Baiky,ietc.~\ 1805-75, 

Purdon'B digest of laws, 10th ad. by 

Brightly, 1700-1873. 2 v. 8°, FhiladeU 
phia, Kay ^ brother, 1873. 

.Railroad laws, 1820-1S74, byG. W, I. 

Fhiladelphia, Jllm, Lane ^ ScoU, 


Supplement to Purdon's (ligpest of laws, 

by F. C, Brightly, 1846-1848, 8°. PhUa- 
delphia, J. Kay, Jan. 4" brother, 1848, 
Supreme coart. Index of parallel refer- 
ence, 1850-1871, by J. Laodis, 8°. Lan- 
caster , intjuirer printing ^publishing ai.tSJS. 

Index to reports, 1754-1872, tiy 

E. E.Wright. 8°. Philadelphia, R. Welsh, 

Keportsof cases,l*K3-J3a3,by 

T. Sergeant ai d W. Eawle, jr. v, 10-17. 
:!d ed. 8", PltiladclpUa, Kay f brother, 

Same, 1849-1850, v, 13, Penn. 

state, by G.W. Harris. 33 ed. 8°, PM«. 
dtlphia, Kay ,j- brotlier, 1873. 

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La (_Slate o/)— contitnied. 
- Same, 1871-1S74, v. 69-7B, 
Penn. state, byP. F.SmitL. 6°, Phitadd- 
phitt, Kas .;■ bTother, 1S73-75. 

Supreme court aad other courlt. Reports 

of eaiios, 1803-lfc73,by F.C. Btewatflc. v. 4. 
8°. PhiladBlpkia, Kay ^- brother, ia73, 

Pennaylvauia law journal, I843-I85;J. See 
Pennsylvania law jouroal reports. 

Pennsylvania law journal reports, v. 4-5. 
8°. FhUaiUlphia, J. Campbell ^ son, 

Perkins junior, hi. a. [pseud.] Esasys for 
engUshwomeu and law students, 4 p. 1 
pp. 1 chart. 12°. Laii'ltm, Loiigmans, 1873. 

Perry (Jairus Ware). Treatise on the law of 
trusts. M ed. 3 v. exxxi. 577 pp ; s 
678 pp. S°. BosUia, Little, Brown, ^ 

Petersdorlf (Charles), Supplement to I 
last edition of tfaa abtidsmentof the oomm 
law, 18S;Uol870. ap.l.45Cpp. 8". U 
don, ButtcriBortlis, [e/e.] 1870, 

Petit (Q.Albert). Etude sue les injures et 
diffamatioit en droit romain. 158 pp. 8". 
Paris, A. fSareseq atn6, liiQi. 

Philadelphia reports, I8fi5-I868 [Bnd] 1870- 
1871. By H. E. Wallace, v. 6 & 8. 8*^. 
Philmietphm, J. B. Hauler, [ele.} 1870-73. 

Fhillimore (_Sir Robert Joeepb). Ecclesiasti- 
cal law of the chui'cli of England, 'i v, 
Ixxx, 1074 pp;lp. 1.107.5-23^ pp. 8°. Lon- 
doa, H. Siseet, [e(c.] 1873. 

FhUllps (Pliilip). Statutory juriadiction and 
practice of tlio supreme court of the United 
States. 3ded. 513 pp. if. WashiwgU 
W. H. Jl- 0. H. Murrisoit, 1873. 

Same, Eevisod ed. oct. J875. 548 pp. 

8°. IVa^hinglaa, IV. H. # O. H. Morrisui 

PhiUlpa (Samuel Louis). Treatise on the law 
of mechanics' Ileus, xxiv, 728 pp. 8°. 
Boston, LUtlt, Brown, tf«o. 1874. 

FhUllps (Samuel Jlarch). Fftoiijus cases ol 
circumstantial evidence, xxxix, 153 pp. 8°. 
New york, J. Gudieroft ^ co. 1873, 

Plnney(S. U.) Reports of uaBea in the su- 
preme court of the territory of Wisconsin, 
fl847], and of the state of Wisconsin, 
[1849-1850]. V. 2. 8°. Ckkago, Catla- 
ghanc^co. 1874. 

Pittsburgh legal journal. Ang-. I87l-aug. 
1874. New series, t, 2-4; old series, v. 19- 
21. fol, Pittsbargk, J. W.^J. S. Murray, 

LAW-BOOKS. Qumles. 

Pittsburgh reports. [I8fi5-I873]. v. 3. 8°. 

PhUndeipkin, J. CiiniplieU ^sow, 1873. 
Pomeroy (John Norton) Introduction to the . 
constitutional law of the United States, 3d 
ed. 1 p. 1. ititv, 580 pp. 8°. m«, York, 
Hurd iS- Soughtoa, 1875, 
Porter (A.N.) Iowa probate manual, xi, 

8°. DCS Mniaes. «i«s^M. 1873. 
Poet (Hoyt). Michigan reports of cases in 
the supreme court. 1871-1874. v. 2-7. v. 
24-29 of the series. 8°. Lansins, state 
printers, 1373-75. 
Post (Troman A.) Reports of cases in the 
upreme court of Missouri, [1371-1875]. 
■.8-18. [v. 4!)-.'>9. Missouri reports]. 8°. 
((.Louis, demacmtco. [etc.'] )87:j-75. 
Potts (Thomas). Law dictionary. 1 p. 1. iv, 
pp. 16°. London, for T.OsleU, 1803. 
Pratt (John Tiddl. Law relating to friendly 
ties. liv, 146 pp. 12", Loniloa, f.0Bg- 
[ei«.]18:!4. s. 

Price (Eli K.) Act[of Pennsylvania, passed 
1853], forthe saleof real e tate xv 114 pp. 
8^'. Philadelphia, K'lg 4- h e I er I8"4 
Prideaux (Frederick). P a .eden s n con- 
veyancioft. 7th ed. 2 v Iv 793 pp ; 
ilvi,734pp. 8'=. London Stee ns 0- sons, 
Prontuariojuridico. Enero 18)4 i lo 1842. 

10°. Madrid, ilias, [18J9-]42, 

Providence {City of). Statutes of Rhode 

Island, and ordinances of the city, [to 1875]. 

459 pp. 8°. Cambridge, riverside jwess, 


t of the laws of 


Pennsylvania, xxxi, 037 pp. 8°. Phila- 
delphia, Ferrand, Hopkins. Zantziiiger ^' eo. 
18 LI. s. 

Digest of the laws of Pennsylvania, 

1700 to 1872. 10th ed. By F. C. Brightly, 
a V. cxxi, 874 pp ; ix, 875-1773 pp. &>. 
PhiUuletpkia, Ka^ 4' brother, 1873. 

PurMB (Heniy Wakohani). Students" guide 
\o criminal law and magistedal practice. 3d 
ed. viii, 167 pp. 8°. Lundua, IV. Amcr, 

Puterbaugli (Sabin D.) Chancery pleading 
and practice of IlliooiB. 718 pp. 8°. Chica- 
go, L. Pulerhangk. 1874. 

Common law pleading and practico of 

Illinois. 3ded. 867 pp. 8". Peona, Brawn 
if Cramer, 1873. 

Qnarles (James M.) Criminal code [of Ten- 
nessee, 1858 to 1874]. xix, 890 pp. 8°. 
Nashville, Tavel, Eastman 4" Howell, 1874. 

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Quebec. law-books. 

Quebeo (iVocincs nf). Statutoe jia^Eed S7tli- 

3Sth years ofVietoria, 1873-1875. 2v. 8° 

Queiec, C. F. Langluis, ] 874-75. 
Querry (A.) Droit musnlman. 9 y. 8'' 

Palis, impTimETinnationale, \St\-7'Z. 
Bam (James). Treatise on ^cCs. 486 pp. 

8°. New Yorle, Baker, FoorTiis ^-co. 1873. 
Hattigan (W. H.) De jure pevsoni 

trentise on the romnn law of persons. 

xiii, 346 pp. 8°. Leadnn, Wililg 4- suae, 

Hinflii law of adoption, xv, !I5 pp, 

8°. Londo^i, WiUy >;■ sons, 1873. 
Ravelet (Armani). Code manuel do la presae. 

ae6d. 3p.l. Till, SaSpp. Jfi°. Pmis, F. 

Ha'wie (William, jr.) Pennsylvania reports, 
See Sergeant (Tliomas) and 



RedSeld (Ami 
surrogates' 00 




I A.) Law and practico o( 
ts [of the state of New York]. 
8°. Neie York, Biikei; Voor- 

negligence. Scr, Shearman 
(Thomas G.) and Hedfield. 

Redfield (Isaac F,> Law of raihvajs. 5th 
ed, 9v. c. ra7pp;lxxv,755pp. 8°. Bos- 
ton, Little, Broum, ^ eo. 1873. 

Leading aniericao cases npoa Ihe law 

of wills, Ixiv, 778 pp. 8°. Boston. Little, 
Brown, # w. 1874. 

Sedman 'Joseph HaworCh). Treatise oo the 
law of arbitrations anS awards, ixxiii, 3^8 
pp. 8°. iifPirfon, JBiitlerteoTtlis. 1872. 

Reed (John C) Handbook of Georgia crim- 
inal law, 1872. :i90 pp, 8°. Macon, J. W. 
Burke tj- eo. 1873. 

Reed (Jofan C. co»nsellor). Snggastions far 
the mana^ment of law-snita. xxiv, 39S pp. 
8°. W«io York, J. Coch:roft ^ eo. 1875. 

Renda (Ambroise). Du jou, dn pari en droit 
romajn et en droit fran^ais, 2 p. 1. v, 486 pp. 
8°. Paris, PMon-Lamy 4- Detgez, 1870, 

R^ertolre de 16^slation et de jurisprudence 
forestiftres, par m. Charles Deville. 1809- 

B^pertolr e — continued . 

1869. V.IM. 8", Paris. ImrMu .h la rev'iK 

lies eaax et forOts, lB(!3-ffi). 
Same, par ni. Jules Bezou. 1870- 

1873. V.5. 8°. Paris, hwreaa de la revue 

des eaux et forks, 1873. 
Reus y Garcia. (Josfi). C6digo de couiercio 

de Espafiti, 18GB. See Gomez de la Serna 

(Pedro) aiul Reus y Garcia. 
Ley de enjuiclamiento civil. See Mall- 

reaa y Wavano (Jose Maria), Miquel 

(iRoacio) and Reue y Garcia. 
Revue critique da li^glslation et de juris- 

[jriidanee. 9le-^o aunee. Nouvelle sSrio, 

V, 1-9. &>. Paris, Cotillon .(■ ^/s, [efc.] 

Revue de legislation ancionno at moderne. 

Annlia 1873. v. 3. 8^. Paris, E. Thoriit. 

Rhode Island {State of). General statutes, 

[1872]. xiii,770pp. 8°, Caiuliridge, Riv- 
erside press, 187i 
Public laws, sessions, 

1875, 2v. 8'=. Prrairfenro, 

state, 1874-[75]. 
Supreme coart. Reports of oases, t. 9-10, 

1368-1874, by J.F.Tobey. 8^. J'rmidenee 

4- New York, Hammaiid. Aii«dl ^ co. [etc.] 

Riobardeon (J. S. G.) Kepoits of oaaea in 

the supreme court of Soutli Carolina, 1871- 

1873. V. 3-4. [New series]. tP. Colam- 

bia pr, or 

RicliaTdson W am A a nrf Sanger 

. 1873-jan. 

Gi ti 

I ta 


&. i. V 

r Eg 4 

1868-9 4 Lo 

If Sjio rf fii 4 

Rie^er {Ritter Paul Joseph). LeccioneH de 

discipliua eclesitisljca, por Joaquin Lumbre 

ras. V. 1. 8°. Madrid, M.CaieTo, \Si8 
Same. Institutioues ile jnnspiadencia 

eclesifistica. v 2-b B- Madrid, M Ca 

lero. [ole.] I8le-41 
Roberts (Claj ) Magishales guide and 

criminal code of! eunesipe [1^741 xixui 

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Sell (nil er. 

Roberts (Claj) — conijnned. 

17-440 pp. 8°. Nash«iUe, Wheeler, Mar- 
shall 4- Bmm, [1875]. 

Robertson (David). Treatise on the law of 
personal anccession. xiv, 503 pp. S°, Eil- 
inlmrsK T. dark, 1836. 

Robiano (Ceelaus Mdria de). De jura eoelc- 
Bite. viii.aeOpp. S". Lormii, FaHnlhont 
elsocii, [1864]. s. 

Robinson (Christopher). Reports of eanfis 
in the court of queen's henoli, [OntBrio, 
1870-1872]. V. 17-19. i-.SO-Saof the series. 
8°. Toronto, H. RovyseU, [eic] 1371-73. 

Robinsoii(CoiiwHy). Principles and practice 
of courts of justice, v. 7. B°. Rickmoiiil, 
{Fa.} IVoBdkmse f Parluim [ete ] 1874 

Roohe (Hecry Philip) mid Hazlitt (fl il 
liam). Law and piactice m bankruptty 
Sded. xsxix,84npp tP loTulon Slerni'' 
4- Hnynes, 1873. 

Roe (Edward T.) Prehuiinary piocepdnif^s 
inthecoartsofthoUnited Stafe-i 105 
8°. SpHn^ield, [JK.] D. 4 J. U. I>roma, 

RoUwagen (Frederick). N. T. suraogate'a 
court, [1873-1874]. Synopsis of testimony. 
1 p. 1.200 pp. 8°. NeiBYork,La«git,LiUh 
4- CO. 1874. 

ny, and trial. 3 t. 8°. Ne,w Yark, J). Tay- 
lor, 1874. 

Roper (R. 8. Donnison). Treatise on the re- 
vocation and republication of wills. 239 pp. 
8°. PhUadelphia, for P. Byrne, 1H03. 

Rorer (David). Treatise on the law of judi- 
cial sales, ssxi, 411 pp. 8°. Chicago, Ciil- 
laghan 4- eo. \87:i. 

ROECOe (Henry). Diffest of the law of evi- 
dence in criminal cases. 7tli am. ed. by G. 
Sharswood. li,[932]pp. 8"- I'kihMphm, 
T. 4 J. IF. Johnson 4 co. 1874. 

Rowell (John W.) Reports of cases in the 
supreme court of Yermont, [1872-1874]. 
V. 1-2. [v. 45-46, Vermont reports]. 
llii«tjKlUr,J.4-J.M.Fola»d. 1873-74. 

Royall (William L.) Digest of the decisions 
of the snpreme court of Virginia, [1844- 
1873]. vi, 47app. 8". New York, Diossy 
4 CO. 1873. 

Rnloff (Edward H.) Trial and 

[Biiighamtan, N. T. 1871]. 1 p. 1.19-80 pp. 
4 pi. in text. 8°. Philadelphia, Barday 4 
CO. [1871]. 

Runnells (John S.) Reports of cases in the 
supremecourtof Iowa,[i873-1874]. v. 

Rmnells (JohiL S.) — continued. 

Moines, MiUs ^- co. I87G, 
Rusaell (John A.) Treatise on mercantile 

agency. 2d ed, Kvil,:iOOpp. H°. LimiliM, 

H.Stueel, [etc.] 1873. 
Saudford (Lewis H.) Reports of cases in 

the cJDurt of chancery nf the state of Now 

York, [1843-1844]. v. 1. S^'. Nco Yorb. 

Banks 4 I^othurs, 1873. 
Sanger (George P.) General statutes of Mns- 

saehusetts and supplements, 18G0-1872. Sec 

Ricbiu-dBon (William A..) ond Sanger. 
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CO. iBra. 

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SoJiouler. law-i 

Sohouler (James) — continued. 
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Reports of eases in the court of appeals 

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Smith (Per 
reports. ' 


brother, 1873-75. 

ter). Pennsylvania stato 
the supreme court, 1871- 
[v. 69-76, Pennsylvania 

'. PhUaddpliia. ffaj, 4- 

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Smith (RichafS Horton). Chanceiy reports. 

1862-1875. 8«cDea«x{J.P.)Jone8(H. 

CadmsD). and Bmith. 
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Conaensed]. v. 1-5. 8°. Tua/caloasa, Ala 

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bllM. 3eed. 3v. iv,7l5pp; 3p.l.040 

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Timolby, I7:i(i. 




- Same, 17SG-I739, lfl3 pp. ms. fol. 

[WMTrottCN.) LswBQf Sonili-OsrolinB, t. 2J. 
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outh Carollua {State of). Acts, passed 

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iraS; maroh,1786; inarcli, 1787; feb.l78di 

f8b,.l790i feb.l79I; dec.1791; dec, 1703; 

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hia, D. tf J. M. Faust, 1894, 
feamo, passed seBsion 1871-1875; sea- 

aion 1879-1873; epeeial sessiou 1873 and 

session of 1873-74 ; session of 1874-75. 4 v. 

8°, Cottimliia, state priateTs, 1873-75, 

[B^rming pp. 1-1026 of v. 15, Stanites at large]. 
Constitn^on, and acts, 1868, with mili- 

tiirj orders. [941]pp. H". Colnmiiiii, printer 

Evidenee taken by tliecommitleo of in- 
vestigation, 1868-69. 1 p. I, 71H pp. 8°, 

Colaaibia, printer to tlie state, 1870. 
Public laws, 1694-I790,by J. F. Grim- 

kg. 4". PkiladelpUa, R. Aiiken 4- son, 

KesoliitiOTis passed dov. and dee. 1791 ; 

Jan. and feb. 1791 ; nov. and dec. 1792 ; 

doc. 1793 ; april and may, 1794 ; dec. 1795 ; 

dec. 1706; nov. and dee. 1797; doc. 17D8; 

dec. 1799. 10 v. in 1. fol. \_CkarUston, 

T. B. BoweH,etc. 1792-1800]. 

South Carolina (Stale of) — continued. 

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1879]. [1137]pp. 8<*. ColumUa, state print- 
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3-4, new series. 1871-1873, by J. S. G. Rich- 
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Spain. Clidigode comercio, 186'^, por Pedro 

Goniez de la Seian j JosiS Bens y Garcia. 

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El cfidjgo penal, 1850, por Joaquin 

Franeisco PHehfCo. 4a ed, H^. Madrid, 
M. Tello, 1870. 

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Serrano. 8°. Madrid, M. Tello, I87U, 

Coleecioii legislativa de EapHfia. 1873. 

V. lOe-lCa. 8°. IHailrid, miaislerU. rfc ?r«- 
eia yjustieia, 1872. 

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16°. Maitrlil, ffios, [[83H-]44. 

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8'^. Cindanati, IVilstach, Haldaiti ^ ca. 

PractifO and forms in justices' conns 

for Kansas. 833 pp. 8°. Tupeka, G. W. 
Crane. 1875. 

Prilolice and I'orins in justices' coui-ta 

for Ohio. 8-^8 pp. S". CiacinnMi, IVUstad,, 
ISaldtBia ^ eo. 1875. 

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Slcreotypod ed. 78 pp. &>. Topeba, Kan- 
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Same. 9d ed. I p. I. 5-83 pp. ff. 

Topeka, Kans. G. »'. Crane, [ 1874]. 

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1 p. 1. ixiv, 334 pp. obi. fol. C«U«if,. M. 
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uel)((fliJ Spencer. 

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1874], Y. 8-9 & II. [y. 17-18 & 90, Minne- 
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supreme eoiirt of Wisconsin, [8(!I>-IS63, 
V. 1-4. Republished bj W. F, Vilaa and R. 

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Spooner (Philip L.)— eontinnea. 

E. Brj But. [t. HJ-15,' WiBconein reports], 

8°. Chkasd, Cailaghan ^ co. IB7;!. 
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pliiii, lSo3]. 5-109 pp. 8'^. PhUaddphia, 

T. B. PeUTaim <f IrroOiers. [ la^JJ. 
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ill Keutuchj. Med. 1 p.l itii,'227 pp. J2=. 

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of tbe peace, in KeDtucky. 3d ed. xxix, 

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64 pp. S=. MidilUaich,,!.^^-\t 
StUee (Edwttvd H.) Digest of deeisiona of 

the sopveme court of Iowa, lS;S!>-ib73. See 

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Reports of oases in tlie gnpremB court 

of Iowa, [IS71^1H73]. v. ia-16. Being 

V. 33-37 of the series. 8°. Otlumwa, the 

reporter, 1873-75. 
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the court of appeals of Maryland, IW72- 

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poits]. 8°. BttUimOTB, J. Murphy ^ eo. 

[fffc] 1873-75. 
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court repoiler, 1870-1871. .See Taft (Charles 

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Svrltzeriand. Amtlicbe sammluug der bund- 

eageseze uud verurdnungen der scbweizer- 

ischeu eidgenc^aeuschaft, [1872-1874]. v. 

II. 8°. Bern, StampfiisrJte huchdrukcrei, 

Taft (CbatlBB P,) and Storer (Bellamy, jr.) 

Cincinnati superior court reporter, 1870- 

1871. V. I. 8°. CiBciaHoli, II. Clarice 4 

CO. 1872. . 
and Taft (Peter K.) Cincinnati su- 
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dence. 2ded. [xsviii],386pp. 12°. Lon- 

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atir rinfanticide. viii, 343 pp. 3 col. pi. iP. 

l'ari»,J.B.JliiUliire4Jih, tS68. 
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the supreme court of Iowa, [1839-1873]. 

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printing co. 1874. 

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Tenneeeee (Sinio of). Acts, 3<l aeseiori, 3(ith 
assembly, 1869-7(1; called session, 37l,h m- 
sfmbly, 1872; 38th assembly, 1873; 39th 
HSsembly, 1875. 4 v. 8°. NashBilh, pnnt- 
trs to the itat,, 1870-75. 

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J. B. Hoiskell. v. :i-7. fP. NaskoUli:, print- 
ers toikestttie, [etc.] 187-2-74. 

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aniler S.) Cftsea in the supreme court of 
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leic.-] 1874-75. 

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Paschal. 3ded. [1754-1872]. 2v. xliii, 
1085 pp ; Ivi, 1087-lBi)7 pp. 8°. IVashing- 
toa. If H 4-0 H Mnrriaoa 1873 

fc 4th e." 

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16fi7, with amendments. ?4 pp. 8". Saint 
Louis, Soale, Thomas ^ IVentieorth, 1874. 

Same. Sided. 61pp. 8°. Saint Louis, 

Soate, Thomas # WetttwiiHh, 1874. 


lb 4 

d 1 tth I 

[fl pnnte- 18 .i 

S p t Dg t f d t 

1873, by (_ W P i 1 ^ b 

Wash gl « H i O H M [fii ] 

1874- 5 

Sayles. 8". S(. iouw, H'. /. Gi/Iwrt, [1873]. 
: — Kepcirts of cases, y. 34-37, 18CU- 

1873, by E. M. Wheelocjk. 8°. Austin ^f- 

Houston, jouriud office, [efc] 1872-74. 
Same, v. 38-40, 1873-1874, by 

A. W. Terrell and A. 8. Waliter. 8°. Aus- 

li«, CardiceU4- Jfnffter, [eM. ] 1874-75. 
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ad ed. 1 p.l. :« pp. 8^. New Yorh, J. 

M'CtcUml, [1825]. 
Thery (— ), Traits de I'expropriaaon. See 

Caudaveine (— de) and Thery. 
Thompson (Isaac Grant). American reports 

defence JO 87 

imd Thompao 
ThonlB (G ffe H te rre d 

cial fae 96 8" E 

burgh, B 4 B 
Tichborne S E 

forgery pe ^ Cas o 


Tiohbome g to 

tors in w p 


Tiffany (A ia R 
of the p M "H B 

Hoivell pp H 

plireij, 187 


an, C. Hamphres, 1875. 

Tobey (John IT.) Reports of cases in the su- 
preme conrt of Khode Island, [I863-1S74]. 
v.l-a. [v. 9-10. Rhode Island reports]. 8°. 
I'TOvideaai ^ NeiB York, Hamatanii, Anselt 
.(^ CO. [flic] l87;i-75. , 

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patent laws of various uountries. 2 p. I. 
31 pp. l'i°. Laadoa, Taylor ^ frauds, 
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charts folded. !P. Paiis, Catilion, IVIiO. 

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3e e 


Parsons, jr. 1873-75. 
Digest of The amerief 

1870-1875. iv, 3-410 pp. 

O. Parsons, jr. 1875. 
and Cook (Robley D,) Cases 

Albany, J. D. 

reports, v. 1-liJ, 
8°. All/any, J, 

J 1; 2 p. 1.670 pp. 
gray, 1838. 
Des privileges 

1. 8°. Pani 

rt of New York, 1873 t. 

(.1-4. 8°. Albany, J. D. Parsons, jT.137i. 

el hypothfiqiieB. 
C.Hitigray, 1838, 

Privileges et hypothiSques. 2 p. 

cUxpp. 8°. Paris, C. Uingray, 1851 
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TovM, L. Timothy, 1736. 


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Truman. law-] 

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1B73. See American railway leporls. 
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26 21 

»OKS. United, states. 

Tnited States— conlinued. 

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law hooks ot the lepaitment IK73 351 pp 
8° HaUauglon govemmtat printing office 

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4th ed la74 J3I pp 8'- Hushiaglon, 

gocernmtut pnttiiug offlee 1874 
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y Google 

UniteA J? 



United States — Bontiiiued. 
Ware's decisions]. 3d ad. &■ 
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i niatricl coart of Maine and Masaachu- 
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to. 1874. 

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ish claims. Argumeats for the Uaited States, 
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iagloa 4" NeiBport, Jwld ^ Detweikr, etc. 

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lumbia and post roads, with the public tr 
ties. [1468} pp. 8°. Washington, gave 
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V, 18. 8°. Washington, government prink 

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printer to the eolmtg, 1770-72. 

y Google 

7in pp. 

'0. 1875. 

Vwgima. LAW-BOOKS. 

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fol. RirJimond, printer for llie pablic, 1794, 

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monrf, sup. of public printing, 1873. 

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(on, l¥. S. 4- E. W. Sharp, 1874. 

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West Virginia. 

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Tsia (Edward H.) 

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1. 1873. 

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Wells (Francis) and otiiers vs. Election (Tb< 


)f the 

of Pennsylvania. [1873]. 206 

pp 8° Philadelphia King if- Baird 1873 
Wells (John O > Lverj man his own law 

yer Centennial ed 5 G13 pp port IZ 

Aeto iork R Macoy Iffl"" 
Wendell (John L ) Reports of case? in the 

sop erne court and in the louit ot impeach 

ments anil eiiois ot the state of New York 

[1828-1840] Y 1-30 2d ed 8" Neu> 
VarL Banks 4 brother' 1873 
Wendlme (George B ) Alphabetical index 

showing' the caaes in the Illinois reports 

[1819-1871] S-itiy pp 8" Chuago E 

B IHyers 1874 
Western jniist 1873-IH74 i 7 W 8 

Des Moines Mills <f eo li="-3 74 
West Virginia (««(£»/") Acts llthaessun 

1873-3 KJ Chirtestoa pai lie printer 1873 
Supreme count Reports of cases v 5 

1^-1-1873 byJ M Ilagans 8° Hheel 

ing J Baler 4 co 1873 
Same v b IB" i bj H M 

Mftthiws 8^^ Charlettvn J If i entry 


y Google 



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court of qaeeii'a bench. [Oataiio, 1872- 
1673]. V. 1. [v. 33 of tbe series], 8°. To- 
ronto, Boiesell 4- Hulchigon, 1874. 

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WiscouBiii (Slate of) — continued. 

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Same, v. 16-23, 1863-1869, by 

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laghan 4 eo. 1873-74. 
Same, v. 28-.%, 1871-1875, by 

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4 CO. 1873-75. 
Synoptical index of laws, [1836] to 

1873. 381 pp. 8°. Madison, Atwiood 4 

Culver, 1S73. 
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sions, 1836-1837, and special session, jnne, 

1836. [Reprint]. 58* pp. 8°. Madi$on, 

itate prialers, 1 867. 
Wisconsin ( Terrilorj anrf Stateof). Supreme 
court. Reports of cases, 1 817-1850, by 8. U, 
Pinney. i CI g C llagh a 4 

CO. 1874 


t ) 

I StUe8(£dw 

H.) Dg t 

f 1 

f th 1 

court of I 

18 i9 t 

[187 ] 2 Ix 

541 ppi X 

4i injpp tF CItca 

E. B. My 

H74 7 

Wood(H G 

r t 

1 e law f D 



pp 8 Alb ns 

D. Pars n 

] 5 

Wood (K h 

1 L) 

In est g t p 

charges i 

fii al 

nd t B It 

1866. & HindesC? 

I) nd-Wooa 

Woods (W II m B ) C n th u t 

courts of the United States for the fifth ju- 
dicial circuit, [1869-1874]. V. 1. 8°. Chi- 
cago, Callaghan 4 co. 1875. 

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itt the supreme court of Nebraska, v. l-S. 
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vania supreme conrt veporlfl. [1754-1872]. 
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1. 8°. Z&riclt, F. Sehidthess, 1867. s. 

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G41pp. 8°. Cincinnati, R.Clarke 4 CO. IS73. 

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A«lc« [Les) des np6tre8 modBr.iea lea 

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ratabllssenient d'Tnc miwion rtaua le ti-oisi6iU8 

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Seliweinfnrth (G.) The heart of 3y. 8". Lon- 

AddreBwapBudleetares. O.M.Butler. 13=, Cin- 

don, 1873, 

New York, 1874. 

Ymk, 187,1, 

Valrtca (F. T,) Africa v, 1. (», 

A.llr«udaeba (Tbe). S, E. Stoddard. 12". AI- 

Liiboa, 1804, 

bany, 1874. 

African sketchbook, "W, KL3ado. Sv, ISf. Lon- 

Adritiii VI, pope. Ss-ntagma dootrfiiie IheoloKiCfo 

don, 1873. 

Adriaui aoxtL E. H. J. Uenseiis. 8^. Lovanii, 

Afi'ikanaoderJotdanla! A- Honrioh, . IS". Lou- 


Adrcntnrcs afloat and aabore. P, Glllniare, 12°, 

After tbo ball. N. Perrj 18° Boston 187'! 

L-.nd<.n, IrfVS. 

After tlie trutli. Fiuding leai-btna tTnlnf b 

11, L Heury, 3 v. Ifio. Cincinnati 1874 

Aftorauith. H, W. Longfellow 11^ Boaton, 

Advciitni™ of a biwoio. D. M. M. Oraik, 1S°, 

London, lrJ72. 

Aftcraasn. T, Slork. 12= Phlladelpbia 1874 

AaniU". the >vorld, J, It Kuleunann U' lo. 

av, inL 12», Sow York, 1346. 

Aa.>icuUiirals>^bi>(,laot Lno|„ ( Lliil -= 

y Google 


Catu(M.P.) L'Seoiiomie rntnle. 

[SalHnrenE de la BonaeCrie 10. F. 

tioQa'oiivmjtea latins, v.l). 

llolumBlla(L.J.M.| L'ioonomLe rnia 



[Sabourens de U E,.m.otrie (C. F. 


Praaa(C.) DiB eobule des landlaiiBH 

80. MiinohBD, 1853. 

Hyae (A.) Agrionltnre. 13°. Hartf 



tirieullure pnvtlqiiB. 5 v. 8". Paii 

PaUartiHS IK. T. iS.) L'feionoroie nira 

Trad lie 

SaboureiiK de la BoonetPia (C. F.) Traductinn 
d'onTraj(6(i Iwios relatlfe 4 1'agrieultnre et ^ la 
ni6diclne vfitSriuaire. 6 v. 8°. Parla, 1771-15. 

Sflhlelden (U, J.) sad Schraid {E. E.) Eooyolu- 
piidia der tieoretiaohen natunviaaeaaeiiaften 
ill ibver anneudnDg aiif die landwirbbsvbaft. 
v.l.^. B°. Branrsobweia, 1830. 

[Balmiieu]! dii U Bonnetrte (C. F.) T: 
tina d'oovrases laiina. v. a). 
AipricultHi^I, Trnpioal. G). B. Pui-ter. SP. 

dan, ISH;). 
Abaelircr Id Kom. K. EamerlinR. lOteanfl 

AMofeldl (E. D. M. vnn) et le pci^to. Immerili 
[/nTaiUandierCR.G.E.) Dmines & ronian 
vie litt^raii-e]. 
Aikiu (Lnoy>, CotieapHndence of VT. E. Cba 

and. l!f. Bnaton. 18T4. 
Aimn. Eritiacbe dureh^cht der UFSrtersatui, EBlaiioi 

, von Petteukofer. lijo. 
7. S. TTrmy. IB". New 

Lite af tl 

. Lon.lon.lrf 
, 1. 8". Mexico, 18W. 
'. KicbardBou. 9th ed. H 

[■dof. E. P. Peabody. 3d < 

idaute of. 

74 B°. Uaoi 

rid«e. Mass. 1873. 


U. C. Wood, 

jr. 4=, Was 

inglon, 1813. 


a da I'Al 

g«rie. 4e 

M. ie=. Paris, ISflJ. 

Eilliaa I A.) 

G6ograpbie de rA.lg6i-i 

. 3e m. 




B°. Paris 


Herbert (Lady—)- Search after en 



71, 8=. London, 1873. 

MuT raj (J,( 

Hand-book fi.r. IS^. 

AUce Brand. 

A. G. Kiddle. ISO. 


«■ York, 

Ali«e Danbar 


phia. 1KJ5. 

Alice Harmon 

". Kew 

York, 18H. 

AUce Perter. 

Alice's advei 

nrea in wonderbind 

L. Cariiill 

plejid. 1^. Loudon, 1^4. 

Alice's dream. M. A, WliiWiVs'. IB". Boato 

Alidc. E.LasarDa. IS", Pbiladdplija, 1874. 
urlave. E. A. Dnpiiy. ISP. Pbl1ada1pbia,l» 
nund tbe world, 4°. Hew Tork, 1873. 

Allen aiid WiCtei: famillss, Geueali^.v of tbe. 
W.Allen, 18°. Salem, O. leji. 

Aldeu (Juliu), Memorial of the di 

Allien. 3°. Kandolph, Mass. 18(17. 
Alderman (O, P.) Antubiography. 13°. Bu 

Aleppo. Voyage ii Alep. 

[In Artea dea apAtrea modorueaj. 
Alexander (Sir William) and ainaricia coloi 

tion. E. F. aiafter. em. 4°. Boston, 1873. 
Alexander tbe great, De rebun gestla Alesa 
magnl lilirl aiiperatltes. Q. Cnrtiua Knfua. 
DO. Piiiitdis. l^a>-a5. 
[Bililiutlieca clasaica Inlinu. K, E. Leuialru 
AlGxiuldrill Waakjngum lodge, ne. W, HIato 

ICO. Londou,1874, 

0. Jaekaoii, ,)r. 

1. H. G. Pntliti 

e, B. V. V. Abont. 16°. Paria, 18(!9. 

rio or triple dlotionarte, in en((liBbo,. lalln, 

'eiich. J. Baret. ful. Luudau, 1SI3, 

a niemoiial, Burke and. J. A. Beutelle nnd 

y Google 


[In QabrLel Lambert. A. 
complSbea, v, UCJ. 
ADielin. 16°. PLiiludeliili^a 

D. Diimaa. CBiivif 


. Ohlei 

1 by 

>lograpblee of blio ear 
[In People's bistory ol Aioei 
EorisUiu ,V' Martin de Soaza (J M ) Biblu)te<^ 
hJapauo^Ametloaua aeptfininoDE 
M^ieo, lglS-3l. 

I. Tbowildnofbli Is 


u i^rs. 

UeCoata (B. F.) Pre Columbiaa diaoOTei-j of 
by tlie Nortbinen. 8° Albany ISflS 

Fuuill^e (L.) Journal deaobaerTationafaitessui 
lea eHiee orientales de rAmiriciae, 1107-ITJ3. 

Oi'auiipiBiTe IJ. I 
GiHTier(G,) D& 

Pariatan paNtot'a gbuice 
erle Ha I'A 

D. 4°. Koiie 

D6oouverMs de GaviJierde la Snl 

I'AniMque <iu Bord. S°. Paris, 1810. 
Gi'otlua(H.) Ueorigiuegeutlvmameilcai 

Uulbtirt(C.) Miiaenn 

. ahtewsburj-, 1SS3, 

J. (U.E.) Mission worlL iu 

I Imiiresaluufl of Amerioa and t 
cbui'Olioa. S°. ICdinbuFgb, 1S45. 
) Travels ill SouUi. Sv.fot, Loudi 

Mayiie {J. T.) ToucI 

coueemant I'Asie, I'A- 
iv. 8". Paris, lSaB-43. 
1 America and India. 

Pnez (K.) TravelB iu Sontb anil i 

Hariiford, 1813. 
Pai'ia(LP.d'O.ibj). HiatoiiMdsla 

foi. Paris, 1814-15. 
Same. HiBtnty of tbe civil ki 

V. 1. 8". PliUodelpMa, 1815. 
Packman (F,) ?Faacs and Engla 

pt.4. OlilrSgLmelnCanada. 8=. 
People's bieWry of. 4°. New Xott, K 

, of Amer!cal 

^alnuriyke i, 


de Tooreylandon van 

KiialiBS (J. F.) Across Amerioa. 

yoA, 1815. 

Euasull (W.) 

HlHtory of. a V. 4 

S uith <A E.} 

BibllDtlieea aniericaua 

don 1S74 

Bibilotheca bistorica, 


i°. Boston, 1810. 

Sti„baui (T.) 

ointL Ed, 

a. 18", Plaoeni^a, isi 

Snmner (C ) 

Prophetio voices ooiia 

Wblto(J) Sketcbas fFoiu. 8°. Loniion,18TO 
miBOu (H ) Kiae and rait of the' slave powei' 

WoodlH-C.^J',) Fi-esbwaleralgaiofNortib. ■ 
Wosbington, 1813. 
Aiu6rlCDlae (V), T. E. NilMVyKt. 16°. Pat 

a Paris, lSJO-71, History 
Loudon, 1813. 

so. Hon 

LnDiial oyclu^dla. 
>Tk, lS«a-15. 
Auei'Ican enmpaisns of 1A19 and 1813, Poetioal 

acooantoftbe. 1^°. Halifax, 1815. 
Amci'icnii citizens. Portrait gallery of distTn- 

gnisbed. W. H. Bcown. IsL Hrulford, 1845. 
Aiu^rlcjtu colonial ebuii;]!, Historleal ooUectlous 
rotating to tbe. W.S.Peny. v. 3. 4°. Harttocd, 

til tie, 13=. 

1, 1841. 

B='. New York, 1874, 

New Ye 

. RMcC 

boy. ifP. Now York, 1814. 

AHievicnu bisforical reootd. B. J. Lossing, edit 

V.3. am. 4^ PbiladPlpbin, IBH. 

Amoi.i«Biibi8toiy,Vi»iiette8or. M-Howitt, 1 

London, 1868. 

Amei-ican ideas. Manual of. C. T. 


ed. lao. Ban Fiuuoisco, 1813. 

Aiuei'lciiHliteratuta, Cbuice apccim 

WIS of. R 

Martin, ad ed. IS". New Vui-k, I* 

Aiuorican Utei'atnre,C!yolepiBd[cior. 


L.Dayokinck. 2ff. 4=. Pbiladcliii 

a, 1875. 

AiHoricnii pioneeiB and jiatriols. J 


American stale nniveraitiea. A. T 

u Brook. 

CincinnaU, Iffli. terapotanoe oyoleptedia o 


J.B.Wafcaley. 18°. New Yoik, IS 



4=. New York, Awci' 

y Google 


Aiucricontca™), A.p]iletoii'flliana-bomtof. H^ortti 
.otn null Cfistcm tour. 1BT3. ia=. New Yorli, ISTJ. 

Weal«ni tour. 1873, 19T3. a t. la". Now 

York, 18TB-13. 
Anuiriiinii trottlug I'^iator. J. H. "Wallace, v. a. 

rltiaiio imloponilionto. V Eoonfiioi'to. 24". Puiililn, 

jt.HKiricnHH. Nitioii'il iHiitniit xnliery nf il 
guieliod. Jv. so. Philflilelpliiiv. 1868. 

Ami'a.') ilea fenimes. 

[J» Dninns (A.;iirt. TliOfttro coniplot, v. <, 
Aiuoug tliatrooa. W. C. Bvyftilt. nq. 18". SCow 

York. im. 
AuipeliRx (L.) Libar iiKusoHiiKa. 

[In LsniairL' <N. E.) Hbllntlincn clnseica Inti 

AmpCro (A. M.) Jdiiiii.i1 ct ( 

Paris, 18flD. 
- — — Same. Stiiry of Ma lovo. 
, rosponileneo, 17IB-18IH. Si^. I 
B»ui Arapire (J. J. A.) 

AiustRi'iIfuu. Amstenlniii, in 

AninaciueiKK, IVlint Bliallwc 

oial, L. D. Mnyne. pneitd. 13° 
Amy CasBouet, Opoi'a. Tooal? 

kuToapoudau oo 

Millou's lilo. J. Tolniiil. 

liiiac V. Eooftftiertfi. 

84". Klailolfln, IS 
Anarcbind. U. Hiin^pfaroya 

Hew Ha^-eu, 1873. 
AimMiuIcal iiiBulpnMton. 

Bradley {S. M.) Maunol nf compnral 
nud pbjsiotngjr. 3tl«H. 13°. Londoii, ISTS. 

Gssetibaor (0.) Gmiidaiifse fler Terglefobondai 
Buntoinla. atoaafl. 8°, Lolpsig. 1870. 

(Sitirt (E. E.) Ontlluse of eauipaintive. 

Sumiuera (T. 0.) Pocket. 18°. N.TsliviUo, 1 
Aud»T<* during tlie rebellloii. 8. Kayiiioiid. 

An«vdotca of ilJustriuns nieu and wonicii. W 

HoKlitt. 16°, London, 187S. 
Augo Pit-on. A.D. Dnmna. Nonv. fid. 3 v. 

[<EnTreB compWlas, t. S-4]. 
Aligflle wlailom oonoeniinstlio divine proTidoi 

JLvonSwedeuborK. S". Hon Yort, 1873. 
Anyela messagfis. £. E. Wnrd. 13°. HashTllIp 

Aiiglei>, Complete. I. Walloii aiid C. Coi 

Lundon, 1375. 
Aiignis flafiotlatiis. J. Wyotb. 1S>. 

AuiiiukI creation, EocoTitrieitiea of tlia 

160. LoH<1on, 1801). 
Auininl life, Forms of. a ItunesCflii. 

lord, 1^70. 
AHininl. loenmotlon. J. It. Pottlgi'ow. 


ad eil. 

nif[n6, paeiia. 1°°. iKHirton, 1874. 
, Pilnoiploa of. S. llauf-btoo. 

Londoti, 1373. 

[liitcrnatianitl eoioutilio eoi-ies, v. 11]. 

Helps, W. IjOiidon, 1873. 
AiiiiunlH, Biblo. J. G. ~WmH. iP. riiikdnlpliia 

Aiiimals (Tlio). Cori-espniideiioes of the biblo. .1 

r. \V. Ziotbo. 16°. CInolniiat 
. E. Fnl-nian. 10°. Itostou, U 

13°. LuPilon, Il 

a=. Pbiladalplila, 18 
lOo. NewYorfe, IS 
. J. B. Brown, ad. 

poUtiiiue et de la stai 

niin-nluinuncli. (Dldot-ISutl 


anonyn.ea. A.A-Baibior. 3o6d. v.1-3. 8°. I'mi 

Auteuor* UH-lmnea. .T.B.P.Cliau33ard. 3 v. 8" 


AHtkalog)-. Antologia ita.1iana. F. { .T \ 

8°. Vienna, 1653-5!), 

Kotca and ynarlca on. It!". London, 1871. 

AuIidotcK. Autidotnnioonlrapostuni. A.lllvet 


AMlillo. Wiioioipcspoucaervir ft ri.iatolr^ u.itn 

relle dn Meslijuo, dcs AntUles, etc. IL de Bana 


BftioiaTi"""""'"'' "'^^ '""""' "" *'™*™* 


Loiuion, 1370. 



y Google 

Antiquities, Ciirlona. J.Taylor. 
AntUsatisflictiaiiist (Tho| : 

. 'Wieboc]!, Kng. 1803, 
Jkutoiiie. C. W. Deiileou. 16". Boatoa,1874. 
AHtouIni. I«s Antouius. F. C. M. T. N. Cban 

Iiasiiy. :(v. SP. Paris, 1803. 
Aiilony Brnae. E, Lowell, lfi°. Boatun, 1874. 
Ah ta una trap door sptilers, Hai'vasiiug. J. T. Mojs 

liilKB. eo. Lonaoa,18TS. 
AimcBlypBC reveslea. B.von Sff&loabopg. Nc 

,cL Sv. 8°. New York, 1873. 

SaniB. Knbili od. 13°. Pliiladelpiilik, 1375. 

Apvlla*. A. C. Coin. ia°. Phllndelpliia, 1879. 


m°. Xoulona 


juiiell d^apoplitbegiiie? 

Patia, 18130. 

((EllYtM ComplSleS, V. 113-1151. 
Gay (J.) Bibliogiaphlo iloa oitvrago: 

I'Afriqne et i, V Arable. 8°. Sau I 
JeflSiip (E. H.) Wonieu oFtlie A»kbe. 

Tnl-k, 1873. 
Arabic langua^. 

i-xaying (O. W. F.) Kin 

iler aralilBtilieii sp lo 8° B 
Oberlfiitnev (A.) P 

ai^bloae. i 
!3 araobnldea, 

n (C. 1 



Hnsaoy (E. C.J Nstioiinl ootti 

Yorli. 1S74. 
Jiiofcsoii (T, G.) Modem gotlile 

Mitebell (T-J Eaaimeiitnr,v n 

Koa&eld (\7. E.) Speoljtieus of 


it (C. J.) 

' of n b 

bolhaii at.vlo of. fo). Loiiiloii, 18 

il of. 4^ NnsUvllle. 


Saecbi (A.) Aroliltettura pralJoa. 

Sobubcrt(I'.C.) Haiidbuehilorlai 

Uolien bniiltundo. ia=. Berlin, 

Stioglita (C, L.) 

Street {G. E.) 

Veruollh (F. de). 

fol. Leipzig, l: 


. Pntis, 1851. 
d-Duo(E.E.> Diac 

. so. Loudon, 

Ai-cbic Levell. A. Edwai'dga. V^. New i"oi'' 
Ai'cbipeTayo. Voyage diiua rnreblpeL 

Arehitccia and engineers, Fonnnlaa and tables fo 
F.S Imin.nnn. 16°. Wasliiiistoii, ]8T;t. 

ArvhlKM'.tHrnl 3lirH:be8 fioin tiie onntiiieiit 1 
N.Rbaw. M. London, ISia 


riiekiioll (A, J,} Detaiil, pnttngcaode'insij'iicti'v 

Braudnn (R. amd J. A.| Ati[|l;ysls of gatbic 

Xcwea. Sy. 4". London, 1849. 
CaHet (F.) and Lesnaor (J, B. C.> Acohitectn 

don. 18*; 


wai'd'a n 


Avvbiv fill 

edition of IBflH-TO, Gem 
London, 1874. 
erieneea JS.V. Blake, i 

■oes. 7.. A. Mudge. ifl' 

i'arlBiia. 18!i4-2 
[Bibliotiieea > 

D. F. Snmionti 

Haye, 1 775. 
Arlzaunand I> 

. L. T. Townsenu. IC 
,Sss Plata (La). 

la. N. K LomaiiTi. 

y Google 


Ark of the peiiplB. A. MartinoL 13=.. Pliilndel- 
pliia, 1S73. 

Arts, tor 

old and yonnp:, Home, t!. LSmltb. Iflo. 



nfaotncm and iniuea, UrB'a dictfonary o£ 

UumelMH. L.) ArfeausnB, 13=. Fajetteville, 

7th «l. 3v. fp. Loudon, ISJ5. 

Aik. ISTS. 
Henry (J. P.) Koaonreea of. Med. 9'. Llttlo 

Artus (L 


Rook, 18T3. 
Armiulna . or, Gerinania freed. C. 0. von ScbBo. 


iiBiiageB, Table of tbo. H. Attwell. 4°, 

alch. av. ItP. Loudon, nej. 

Arynu ti 

8°. Loi 

tionaMytbologyoftllB. G.W.Cos, Sv. 
lo]>, 1870. 

im4. "'"' ' ""^ . oil on. 

As it sb 

uld bo. ■' Al«s." ysCTiri. in". fliilndel- 

AnHB, Patents relflSinK to liweeh - lotidiDR lUid 

pbia, i87 

smalL V.n.Stookbridge. 4o. Wnsliinston, 1974. 


A. D. Dnnias, Nn„v. 6d. Q v. IB", 

Arms (Coots oflbelongiua to femiliea in QientBiie- 
aln and Iretaml. Diotionai'y of. J. W.Papwortb. 
8". London, iaS8-74. 

PavlB, Iff 


AranHd the tea-table. T. De W. Tnimago. 13°. 


,8tl'Ainerliiue. 4 v. 8". Faria, 1633-43. 

]iiano(C.) L'aitdMsla para™ ot liana luvSto- 

meiit, 3^'. Paria, 1875. 
Cartler (E.) Etnde anr I'lit obi>6tieii. 

lJ»V6uillot(L.) J6Bna.Cbrlat. iiebi.] 
Cborley H. F.) Eooent art and sooiety. 13°. 

New Yotk. 1874. 
Cook (D.) Art in England. Ifio. Luudoii, ISGO. 
Fabbolt (F.W.) Diotionary of terms in. m". 

Loudon, 1H70. 
Moody (P. W,) Lecturea and lessons on, 8°. 

Loudon, 1373. 
Ruafcin (J,) Art onltnre! a band-book of aifc 

teclmioaUtieBandoritiolsms. IS°. New York, 

Tiune {H,A,) Pbliosopbr of. Alt lu Greene, 

Same. a<ied. 

New York, 1373. 

PhUosopbj of 


k, LSJ5, 





1^, Londoi 



er (W. K.) A 

<1 tbooi 

New York, 1875, 


g(J,R) Cora 

,io.irl in 


don, 1374. 


u ploy. 

f>. Lonilon, 13 

t jm, 

■nal. New aei 



Arlemns Ward: works, complota, C.F,Broi 

I !". Now York, 187S. 
Arthur Bonnioastlo. J. G. Holland, li". I 

York, 1873. 
Arliole 4J, A. Belot, . 8=>. Pliilailelpbia, 13J3. 

MancoHTres of; 4 v. 16°. Mota, 1838. 
KobettH 0.) Hand-book of, lOtli od. aq. 

Now York, 1SI5, 
Schael (H,0,Ton|. TimtiSB on, 8". fhiUi 
phia. 180(1. 

Fairboit (F. W.) Hnuiea, lianiics, and worl 

Eubons, etc, geriiia,i. e°, Loudon, 1871. 
— - Homes, works, aud sbriuesoCeugliBh, 
135. London, 1312. 

Taylor <B.l Centn 

VamMrjli,) Centi 

3iBl,t« aud scene 
New Yori, 1874. 
Awin Minor, 

Lueaa(P.) Toyagc 
re, la Uac^dniuo 
Ametardam, 1714. 

delphio, 1813. 
Lsaoclalioii^, Die geuosHsiii^abj 

Delilaecb. IIP. Leigzig, lHcl3. 
JalireBborioIit, 1873; fiber d 


litzseli. tbl. Luipziji 
LMrrin. Gleacbiebtej 

M.vouNlebubr. 8°. 
Aaayi'iHU diBUovoiies 

.BsrrlBH graroiqar. 
(J.) ffilSmi 

■. l-f. Lun- 

i-n aud. L L. 
I. 3^. I'hila- 

, H.Scluil«o- 

if aelbrithilfo 
. H. ScbnIze.Ue- 

id Babel's aeitPhul. 

Sayoo . 

3=. Pari 

Astoih*royaI, E. jCabor, 3 v. 13^. 
Aafrologr. Le leggl deU'lmpossiUi 
ole de aelrologla. (h p. plnnuioi 

tl'oiiomj aud geology oom- 
I TUeovetieoUe Katronomie. 

y Google 


liars, Disguised. Lea eiiperoheri 

I J.) Tratailo d 

II. foL AloaJa, 1573. 

nrinsiliiatrada. J. M, Ti-ulteB, ' 



Hd, 173S. 



t. aEiii^, 










ell (0. E.) 
na and plac 

t ('n. .r! G. 

ISO. Lon 



d tl 


worth (C.) 



Athe«B on. Oliln, AOne of. 1>.J. Lnlia. fol. Plill- 

adelpliin, le^-J. 
Alliol. jr. R. Htjilmin. ia=. Now York, tms. 

e Paiifto. J. E. I 

1, J. F, W. UosBnn 

Atlcrbnrj- (Francis). Momoii's and oorn 
Alttcn. Attiens atid. C. Wordswortb. 8°. 
AnAlor end, History of. B. 4. N. Griffi 


[in I moniimens antdqnee & Dresde. T 
■. S V. fol. Loipalg, IBOJ-lfiOa ' 
o. A. Lemerder. IS". New York, 181 
itB Aureiias WninO. Tita df s. Aurel 

Saint Passldlua. IP. Mflano, ITIM. 
ee'a oow. 8, J. Prioliavd. IIP. Ne 

. E.E.Prnta. 18°. 

sipaig, IP 

its dea gagenwffirflgea kriege. 1756- 
lOtlielleiiil V. ol)!. fol. Kiimbf rg, 17— , 
bnoh der oeaterreichisoheu monaroliio. 

I, Book of. W.C:Ensi 


Arcitlnni (TJoe) daniour, 
till. 10^. Paris, 1913. 
KKuvroa ooiiiplSles, y.l]. 

?8eitd. IS". Londres, 181111. 
CFfd'ArttmrGordonPjiu. KAPoo. 
loCBandaJniro. 16°. Pnri8,1870. 
dairo (C.) CEnvrea complfttea, t. 7]. 

, IB". Parle, isk 

ca coiiiplfitos, T. 8-0]. 

BB mexioBincB. P. Dnplessis. li". P 

(S. A.KsaiiiO. DevUnotac 
iaul. 8". Lorautl, 18!)9. 
I Wimon. Sooiland.Uietorjof 


K r. & ,1 

enltle. The d: 

linbnri;!!, 1863- 
5w. Monograph on, 

A)-i'Hh)rv logister, Tforlh niuorican. E. Leivia and 
J. H, SturtBvajit, 8°. South Framinghain, 18T5. 

AiKOrw, N.-itural history of tbo. F.DuC.Godinan. 
8", London. 1870. 

Aailcc language. NulLola do la longua huaHteca. 
C. lie Tapia Zantouo. 12f. M^xloo. 1767. 

BBbcB ill tlia wood. J.DeMillo. B°. Boston, IS75. 


(P. '• ■' ■ " ■ 


uatempires; ruins 

of Palnij a 

Hne el 


and PersBpolis. 


ck 18 5 


ilflces of Babylon 

■W New To 




o) Ceachiolit 

Assur'B ond Ba- 




dPs so 

V. ISO. FBtia, 



nccbie nijsto 

iiid. T. Tajlor. 

". Ha 





ed r 


ISP. New York, 

Bncm. (Eogei). B.Cl 

arles. 9 

BiMl eugliali esposeii. 


BaAdccb, and that so 

tof thi 

Bnleiniora (Lea), etc. 

4. 1). 

Paris. 1851. 

Balfe (M. V7.) Memo 

of. C 

lAudon, 1S75. 


Ballade! Scottish and 


Caiy (A. md P.) Ballads 

Now Turk, 1874. 

y Google 

I BnriiovGliIt, Life and <lo 

Select oolleotion 

Perth. -IWO. 

■ aUndsorbeuut;;. 

nauti&cliQ DeatsohToud , 

W. liVeahflBia. 13 
Hnsil. W.W.Ool 
Bnsln. S<inne3ile 

ilr. 1^ bntajllu ilu 

Wilfl, 1H44. 

. New York, 18?i. 

Bnltimnrc |Tli 
Riloliihifl, 1814. 

BniiBor (Me.) I 
Itangor, 18T3. 

eilesnpflWea moiki 
»aiard(I/))<1uMnn]6aii. A. 1 
ISO. I'ails, X871. 
BiiviTB onm[)16tes, y. IS-IJ 
rtcloire (a P.) Oliiv™ 


ravd (Gooiiie Dashlal), Lifu i 

nodgea (W.) 



.1. Mtil 

ia°. SoM- 

York, 1874. 

Hnloliliigs (S 

Mode of e 


York, IBva. 
I'irie (A,) I 




Kigby (N.L. 

Uuitod tea 

imouy tt 



Stouuutt (S.) 


I'ks im 


by Bpitok. 

Ill IB. I6=. 

u, 1773 

nplisla and lUaoipleB, Chun 

h diaoast 

Ion: D.B. 


lao. C 



lefendea. E.S. 

aitlar's digo 


a, Joffere 

1,'s maunal 



—-Same, sd 

43d 0. 

S=, Wasb- 

iufiWu, 1874. 


a 44th 

8^. Wnab. 


■ai'tai'il mills. 



w. W. 

Kew Yei'k, 

lai'ham, Hai'u 

eaa and Hodd 

ec, Peieo 


. Cbarlsak 

a doliui 

. CCS 

Bwulifal tbougbtB £j'om Lireuoh uuil iCaJlnu ni 
Cboi-8. CT.Bomage. Sd oil. 18°. Ilpeipool, 187 

Beaiiiifiil tbouRlibi from iHtiu aatboi-a. C, ' 
Kaiunpe. MwL lOo. Liverpool, 1900. 

Bcc'n bodiimo. J. L. Hallowdl. 13°. PLiilodoliibt 

Bedell (Willi 

ifoof. W.BodolI. sm.l". 
Bod-llHie stories, L. C. Moullou. IG". Ijoatuu, 
Bccchwood. E. It. Spiiuger. l-JP. Pbiladelpliia. 

[iluka. H". Lafayette, lud. 1815. 
Bchlud tho bara. S. W. Fayue. 16°. New York, 

HlHck IC. B.) Guide to Friiiiee, BelRiuui, Hoi- 
. laud, Ueriuaiiy.audiioE'tli Italy. IS". Loiidoii, 

Fuppona fJ- ?.) liibliotbeoa belgica, ad annum 

leso. 4°. Bcnxollia, 173». 
Leoa (M. 0. S.} A tow ilays iu Belgium and Hoi 

laud. 12°. London, lera. 
Srtiot (J.J. do). Rooneil doa ubrojiquee do Flan- 

Barley lon"eB. E. Hartley. 
Bni'iuw (A.) Memaira of. M. 

StrailatF.) Do boll 




Venetila, 113(1. 

TbiBleuafA.} Floi-c 



tells ! or, the ocaiUe o 




Bfsllnh." O.Feuill 


[lit Led aatray. 



y Google 


BellekandaDd bondage. A. S-W.^tcpliena. IS' 

Pbiladelphia, 1873. 
BDHcdictine aVoey. Kremsmuuster. Gosoliiillit 

der atoniwBTte dor Beuwliktiiier-abtei KtomemHi 

ater. S-Faliaokoi. 4°. J,iiii,186J. 
Bcu«alcu> In America, Genealogy ol tlio. H. W 

BobmUoH. 8°. Albany, 1879. . 
Bciixnl and Indostan, IntereatinK esODts relativ 

to. J,Z.HolvfBlL 2ded. 8°. Loudon, 1786. 

Bevkolcr (eeorge). Life and leltera of. A. C. Fn 

aoE. 8°. Oxford, 1871. 
Berlin {E. A.| (Antobiograpby). Kartb augo] 

and bidden oppression. 12°, Slielby,0. I87S. 
B«rUii. SoBulCato <Ioc volliBzilblnns:, 187L. I 

Scbwabe. 8°. Berlin, 1S7J. 
Bewha Peray. M. Field. IS'. Hew Xork, 1860. 
Bertka>e sngagemeuL A. S. W, Steplions. 13 

FLIladalpbis, 1875. 
Berwick-upoH-Tivcod, History of. J. Tulle 

S°. Edinburgli, l^OB. 
Bei»ie Wllinorton. M. Westoott. ISo. NewYorl 

Betiae buwaii 

C.A.J. CM 

Biouen Capollo. £. U. Sinno.y. 

a (J.\ 
t, 1875. 

a tUe. 

Franoie (A. H.) Gnlde to tbo boly acriptniea. 

latam.ed. 16°. Pbiladelpbia, 1823. 
Furst (J.) HebrSieobea iind ohatdSlaobes band- 

wBrlflrbiioli iiber das alto testament, 2t. in 1. 

Sf. Leipzig, 1S57.-61, 
Geaonins {F. H. W,| Thoaourns pbilologiova 

oH^ove lingvao bebraoae et obaldeAO vot^Ha 

tastamentL Ed. altera. 3 v. in 3. 4". Up- 
■ sine, 1839-58. 
Graves (J. It) Bible doetiioo of tbo middle life. 

18°. Mempbia, 1873. 
Haley (J. 'W.) Examination of alleged diaorep. 

lamIto{R) Bible explained. 




Jorstmau (L F.) History of the 



PMIadelpbIa, 187.1 

reniiioott (B.) State of tli 


1 bo 




Ten annuo! accoimia o 

f tl 


bebrew maa. of tbs old teabon 





auiigan (B.) Analyaia of th 

6 n 




I Bible liistor; 
:a.) Hiatorical 

- Bible history iUnstmtod 18°. StLi 



[ WiOt i^ Elpia larael], 
iatoott (B. T.) General -rfow of the hiatorj o. 
heeuRliab. 9doit. 13°, London. 1873. 
ilaon (J.) Truths of religion aud the. 9= 
^owYorli. L871. 
m)d<.r. G.) Bible aniinals, 8°. Pbiladolphta 

jrooalor (J.) Con'oapnodonocs of tliP, Th( 

wli^e(H.) Minor prophets. 19°. NowT< 

oaby 1H.| EspositOTy notes on Joabua. 

Thnuihtann the aeoalogua. IGo. Pt 

delphia, 1873, 

iTios (T A.) Genesis iliaolosod. 13°. » 

York, 1874. 

■een (W. H.) Argnnioiit of Job unfolded. 

k, ISM. 

Peildle (J.) 

de). In s. Matthfel evaugolivn 
aotioal exposition of JoQOli. lti° 

Bvoftlort. 180. Pbiladolphia, IB«a. 
Ri>;ga (E.) Sii»n:e8ted omendationa of the nkl 

loataineat, 12°. Andover, 1873. 
KoiiiuBon (T.) Commentary on Roniaus. S t. 

12°. New rotV. 1873. 

y Google 

Wheilon (D.Tl.) Commooiary on tlic old teata 

ment i-.3-4. 12°, Nbw Tori, 


Blue lands. H. J. Von-L™nf[>. S". 

Hew York 

BUle lands, lUuatrated ramblba in. 

IL Ke>vt<m 

19°. Philadelphia, ISTS. 

oil of, J,M 

Freeman. 13°. ITow York. 1^4. 

Bible marvel workera. A. Putnam. 

a°. Boslon 

BiMc aketclics. Foom. E.Clevelan 

. W. Bee 

Bible «orli 3n bible lands. I. liird. 

ia=, PLila- 


tbe ciUactiuu 

of Lea Wilson. B° LDnden.1815. 

Biblical liiHtury. E. Eppatein. S° 


Biblical bifltory for Israeliliah schoo 

, E.Hecht 

Biblical Ihenlogy. Die bibliscbo tbooMgie. L 

Nuack. 8°. Hallo, 1853. 

Barbier (A. A ) Dictionnaire dca 


iiymoa. 36 fid. v. 1-3. 8". I'ai 

a, 187S-74. 

BuiiaUln y Martin do Sonsa {J. M 

3 T. fol 


Bei^eau (.T.P.) Early dntcb, goim 


priuters' marks. 6°. Loudon, ltJIMi-69. 

Bease (C. H.) and Courtney (W. P, 


Haarlem, 1871. 

Braasenr de Bonrbonca (C, E) 



BrookUua (Mass.) public libiarj- 

italoBuo. 8° 

Cambridge, ISri. 

Cinelli CuivoU (G.) BiUioteca i 

olaiite. 4 V 


julde & viguutlee du ixvuie ei^ole. 
Fnris, 1873, 
Rodriguez <V,) Psleograria caate- 

Egnlara j Egnren < J. J, de). 

Bibliotbflca mexi 

oaiift. vl,*-c. fol. Mex 

el, 1755. 

Foil Ki»er IMuea.) (Jaiilogu 

oof public library 

8°. Boston, 1854. 

FaurieKCC.) Bisloiredel 

3 m. fP, Paris, 1846, 

Field (T.W.) Essay toward 

an. iudian bibliog 

rapby. 6^. New York, 18 

Foppena (J. P.) Bibllotheea 

bel^ca,ad anuiim 

Gay (J.) Bibliographio des 

outrages relatjfa H 

rAtHqueetar.Arable. 8 

Snn Eomo, 1875. 

Harrison (W.> Biblioibecniu 


fol. Bomae, 1«»4. 

ie do Restif do la Br6- 


Free pnblio li 

Bib1lo|{rapbie des 
V. 8°. Paris, 1860-51. 
Morgan (E. J.) Bibliotbeoacanndoiiefs: an 

ual nf C]inadian liieraturc 8°, Ottawa, t8fl7. 
Ondei'donk (H.) Bibllogi'apby of LDn;; Island. 
[In FurinanlU.) AnUquiCiesofBonglslauA. 
13°. New York, 1875]. 
Ovilo y Otei-D <M.) Manual de biORrafia y 
blioitraltade los eseritarea ospaiiolesdel Big:la 

m1j(A.> Bibliogi 
e=. Paris, 1874. 
u«rard(J.M.) Ia 
Tellies. Se^d. '. 
ofcrouco calalogi 




1-19. i 

A:a supercbcrieelltl^ralresdt 
»v. 8°. Palis, 1BB9-70. 

le of onrreut literature. 1814, 
Loudon, 1814-75. 

ille. Polyblblion. 
■iB, 18«8-14, 

Paris, 1875. 
Eevue de bibliograpliie onflljOque. 6 v. 8" 

Palis, 1840-45. 
Boaeuthal (L,) Catalog der bebralca nnd ja- 

daicn. ^v, 8°. Amaler<lam,]875. 
Ilupi'ecl]t {B.) Bibliotkeca oheniioa et pbarm 

couilta. 1858-1870. 8°. Giiltingen, 1813. 
St. Lonla. Mercantile library. CtaB3ifi«^ cata- 
logue, so. St. Louis, 1874. 
St, Paid library association. Catalogue 

St Paul, 1813. 
Sau Francisco. Mercantile library. Catalogue. 

8<=. San Francisco, IS74. 
Smith <&. It.) Bibllotbecaamericana. 8°. L( 

don, 1874. 
Sobolewskl |S.| Catalogue de bibliotb^ue. 1 

Leipzig, 1873. 
apringfleld (Maes.) City library aseonlatton. Cj 

alogiie. 8". Springfield, 1371. 
Stevena (H.) Blbliotbecageograpbioajthisto 

ea. p(i.l. 8°. London, 18ia. 
Bibliotheoa bifltjirioa. Volnmea lelatlng 

of jnatl 


'analogue of tbe 

, etc. in englisk 

I soiiioty. Cafa. 
Madison, 1873. 

Yale college. Catalogue of the Liuonian and 

Upotli era' library. 8°. Now Haven, 1873. 

libliolcco bispBQo.amcriea»a septentrional. J. 

y Google 


BibliotecB volante. G.Ciaelli Colvoli. 4 t. 4^ 

Biblisthfictt ^gyptiaca. H.Joloiitca. 3°. I.(il|)- 
xig. 1858. 

BibliailiiscB nuericana. A. Jt.Sniitb. IP. Lon- 
don, 1874. 

BiUialhecH belKica, ad aanum IGSO. J. F. f Qp. 
pens. 4^. Bnixellis, 1739. 

Bibli«th<M;a osDadeDala. H.J. Mofj^d, B". Ot- 

Bibliatlicca ctiemioa et pharmacenlir 
recht. 1858-70. 8°. Gottlngnn, 1873, 

Biblioihocn clasalcii latina. N, E, Lemaire. . 
r. 8=. PariaiiB, 18l»-3a. 

6". PatisiiB. ISiB. 

Couf tiiej. V. 1. so. Louilon. 1874. 

Bibliothccatroograpliica&bistorica. H. 

pt. 1. 8°. Landau, lan. 

BibliothccBhialorlcB. Valniues relating 

ion. H. Stevena. 8°. DoBtoD. 1870. 

BibliolhccB ioiith.yolofiica ot pisoaturia 

Boacoed. &=. Eaarleni, 1874. 

Romae, 1694. 

BlbliolLcca meilcaii^ J. J. rle EgnUia v 


Bijou It^Jcle la raiue, 

[InDamaa(A.fiU). Tlieiltro eomplct,! 
Bilious fevera, ColleoUon ot papora an. 

ster. 80. New Ynrft, I79B. 
Bill d-l-p'a peace papere. G. H. Smith. IS 

k, 1873. 


Abliott IJ S C ) 

Barrett ( H M 


O. 1874. 

Bio^aph ta i 

BoDue.v ( B 

Inica. 3 8° i 
Briv-Ji.1)rHU Beriea. 

E.Fnaa. E 

cal eaaa; 8. A. Ha 

onilon, 1873. 

'. Lonrtun, 1871. 

aanaylYanta. l»th 

Brotbai'liaad iW.) Ctiotenuial liook cf tha sij^n 

era. 4'. Pbilaaelpliio, 1872. 
Browo (W. H.) Portrait Kallorj' of din tinRuiabe. 

amerlcan citizens, fol. Hattford, 1845. 
ChB.pinaa (fi. T.) Sketches of the aJumiil o 

Dailmouth colb^go. 8°. Oarobci<i)iei 188'. 
Celebrnted claimants nnelont auii nnHlera. 16= 

Chasuej (0. ( 



Modern uiilitarj 

biograpliJOHl diot 

(A. A.) Pai'ti^ita 
■03. 3e«d. Sv. ISO. 
inYil1e(A..J.) Abr 


Italiene et I'lamaiida. 3 v. 


Paris, 1861. 


■eBoompl6tas,T. 196-197]. 


smaltrcH. Kouv.«d. 16" 

Pari-, 18VS. 



Eaila (J. C 

K7siia m 


ndmna. 13°. 

Philadelphia, 18^ 


H.) Lirea and times 
a V. 8°. New York, 1 

of the chief 


( Llvoa of 


dou, nn. 

Forney (J 

W.\ ADC«tol*8 of pub 

men. 12°. 

Foaa IE.) 

BioS'upbU jaridica. 

■>. LondoD, 

er (J.) Pedigrees o( ooiinty tSuniliee of Lan ■ 
diire. 40, tondon, 1S73. 
- Pedloi'eea of count}- familiea of Ynrkefaire. 
■. 40. Londim, I8J4. 



ounuire dcs 



(G.) Diotio 



6d. 1870). 



aita eoDtora 



Hall (M.) Ko.val prluceaaea of Euglaud, fi-om 

Georgel. 16°. London, 1871. 
Hall [S. C.) Memories of great men and wuniCD 

flftbouife. 8°. London, 1871. 
HarrlBOu iJ. A.) A s">ap of poeta aud thuii 

hannta. W. Hew Tnrk, 1875. 
HiKgiuBon (T. W.> EnKlieh Btntesmen. 16°. 

Htstoire dea 

y Google 


Blagraphy. CoUsctlve. 

Holloway (L.G.) In the lioiuoof tkepreiddeiits. 

81. Now York, 1875. 
Homnn(T,.a) YoplimiV. laoampuioal skuwihos. 

a=. New Yoi-k, 1975, 
Hoirard (A.) Biugi'apMcHl illastratioiis. 4°. 

Euniphre; (E. J.) Diatiuguished liiadoo and 
mnlioniailaii women. 13". New York, 1875. 

Jal (A.) Dietloniiiure erltiano de binfii'aplilo et 
d'liistoire. Be 6d. tP. Pai-is, 1872. 

Jones (B.K.) Lincoln, Stanton and Grant. I 

Macatll (W.) ForoiBu biogrnphfea. 3 v. S 

Moconen (M.) Celobrities of tlie pa»t luiil pre 

But, 18°. PliLladelphia, 1874, 
McOoo(J.£.} Ii'lBb aoldlei's in ovoiy luu<]. II 

Now York, 1873. 

10=. New Yoi-k, 1874, 
Maollso (OS GaUeryof mnstHouslltorari 

aolora. 4". Loudon, 1873. 
Maariue (C. E.) Lives of EugliHli Isailoni. 

Mou of the second empire. 13°. London. 187S, 
Mibics <1I.-M.) Monographs, personal and sooial. 

lao, London, ]ti73, 
Moree (A,) Genealogical register of dcsocnd- 

ants of several puriiana. v. 3. 8°. Boi 

Gonealogj' of deBoendants of aovd'al i 

tana. [t.I]. 8". Boston, 1837, 
National portrait gallery of diatinguiahod A 

leans, 3 t, 8°. Phtladolphia, 1368, 
Nepos (W i™ensitns, cnraute J. B. F, Dosoi 

B°, Pariaiis, IffiiO, 

Te(N.E.) Blblioblieoa olneaien la 


M(M,) Mann 

.) HlstflliTj des phlloaophos mod. 

Se6d.7v. l«o. Paris, 17a (-«». 

IIP. Halle, 1784-85. 
Seliraidt (J.) Kone btlder ana dom goii 

lelwn unsorer ai^t ep. Leipzig, 1973. 
SobBll (A.) Cnrl-Angnat-bftclileiii. IB". 








of W. 



a n 

uid J 

rgh. 1B4B. 



. Cu 





aeTBriUl pri 
(W.) liiog 





I V. 


a. 8°. 

gbedd |J. A.) ITamona piunteis and palntiuga. 
Sibloy (J. L.) Biosrapbioal sketches of gi'adn- 

bridge, 1873. 
3l«we (H. E.IS.) Woman In snored history. 8°. 

New York, 1874. 
Suotonins Tniuqiilllue <C.) Duedoolm CLCsares. 

3v. 8°. Parials, 183a. 
[Lcuiaire (N. E.) Bihiiotheoa elnsaioalatiua, 

Tatllandier (K. G. B,| Dramos & romnns do la 
vie ILtWraire. La eonitoasu d'Aldofbldt. H. ot 
C.StlegUtK, H.deKloiaL 3efid. ie°. Paila, 

Tlmhs (J.) Ilnglish eoueutiios and eocDiitnoi- 
tles. 12°. London, 1875, 

Wulkct- (C, S.) Skotohcs of the gi'adnatea, etc, 
of the Tii^hiia military inabituto who foil 
during Iho war betwoou the states, 8°. Phil- 
adelphia, 1^^. 

Warren (I. P.) The three Judges, lfi°. New 
York, 1SI3. 

it (K, A 

Farsona (R,) Biographical dictluuacj, Ne 

ia°. New York, 1874, 
Plnochfi (J. E,) Begol records: a clirouielo of 
' the corouatioua of the gueoiiB of Bnglaud, 

London, 1B33. 
Public ckaraotera, or cotempomry biogr.ipby. 

3=, Itolttmore, 1803, 
KegiBter (The) and massaiiie of hiogroDiiy. 

the en^llBh cardi- 


EoKer(P,) La nob 

8°. Paris. 1815. 
Kogera (A. O,) United Statea dipk 

consular service, J=. New York, ] 
Kogors 10,) Thi-eo soottiah refur.iior.i 



4°,- New 

io A?om obaourity to 

at-law'of the engliah bat. 2 v. 8° 

liograpky. Indiei^aL 

Abdulla bin Abdnlkadar, Translatio 

hakayit, 18°. London, 1974, 
Adams (J. Q,( Momoira ol'. v, 1-7, 

ilolphia, 1874-75. 
Albert I Piiuoe oousurt). Life of the 

sort; T. Martiu, 3d ed- Y. 1. W 

1°. Phlla- 

H,) United States orimi 

Aldeu (John), Mi 
E. Aldou. 8°. 

moiial of the deaoundanta of. 
EaiidolpJi, Mass. IBfi7. . 
Antoblogi'aphy. VP. BuJtalo, 

y Google 

Paris, li 


oorceapundeiioo, 1793-1804. S". lumloii. 1*T3. 
and Ampein (J. J. A.) CoiToaponiLaiioB 

atsouTBnica, 180S-1B61. Sv. 12=. Pacio, 1815. 
Antonini. Lbb AnWnins. F. C, M T.N.CIiain- 

pagiiy. 3 T. 9=, Paris. 1863. 
Attorbiiry (F.) Meuinira nnri pan'sapondPnce of. 

E.P.WiLllams. Bv. 8=. London. 1869. 
AngnsUnna AiirelinB (Bilnt). Tits di e. Aorolio 

AKoatlno. Saint PhbbI dim, 8°. Milauo,l784. 

A.vilii8 (S. A. Si. salnl). Se vita ot eerlpCla B. 
AvitL. P.PbtIboI. 8=. iHiiaiili, 1850. 

Haifa (M. W.) Memoir ot 0. L. Koniiej. 8". 
Loudni), IS15. 



.t' Jahii uf. J. L. 

ardXQiMrge Daaluul), Life of. S. . 

P. N-ew York, m*. 

1- (Joliu W.) Life aiiJ travels. 1 

Benodlots in Amul-lca, Genealogy of tliG. 

Bonodiot A°. Albany, 1870. 
Barlioley (Georao), Lifo and letters of. 

artli au^is and Liddo. 

T. Land- 
i°. Wosl- 

heraolf I 

Bolejn (Anuu). Cftthiuliio o 

Diaon. 4 V. B". London, 
Boothl)y{L.L.) ] 

dull, 1873. 
B0T61y{A.) LeTJonxoSvenol, 
■ d'A. Borfily. J. P. iialiaul do Saint HtJ 

a=. Loiidi'BB, 1784. 
BoiyLesB (GueuiWtno, ptiuijeas), Life of 

Selierar. 18°, Hoff York, 1851. 
Uraesey (Thomaa), Life and labonra of 

Holpe.. 8°. London, 1813. 
Biiglinin family. Genoaloj^ont rogbtov o 

raeiit puritana. v.a. A.M0180. 8". Hr 







roglie. Le duo de 

glie: F. P. G 


ISO. PariB,187ii. 



K. Mor 


fuoe (R.) ColkoUon 


to the 1 

f of. 


jrtf. G. 

Biii'ko and Alvord 
W. A. Bnike. 8= 
Byroin (John). Pr 

■. ff>. Lend 
ials far a memoir of. C.Csnii>- 

Ba on llio life of J. RRobort- 
l-m. m'. 

J. A. Buulelle and 

Id literal 

CH>™r (G. J.) 
[In Luiu: 

I re (N. r ) Cibliollic 


(A. D.) Usar •> 

!0iupi6l«8, V. lOI-lOi]. 

slina. CiiattT. 

lire (X. B.) BtblioUii 

Caglloetiii {A,> Avrentnre 

Saint-F61ix. I60. Milano.l 
Campanolla {G. M.) My lifii 

. di Cafilloatro. J. da 

's(iat)ltfo. D.C.Potera. 

.) Cine 

vide de. 

Cnthadno of Aragoo. Anne Bnlo.yu. \V. H. 

Dixon. * V. (*>. Lourtii.i, 1H73-7J. 
Gathorlue (Saint) of Genoa, Life and ductlliio 

of. ia°. New York, 1874. 
Cavalier (Robert, slenrdn ki Salle), AdventnroB 

ot J. a. 0. Abbott, liP. Now Zork, IST.'i. 
CeotI (Willam), lord Burt;ble,y. Life of. W. H. 

Charloton. 8°. Stamford, 1847. 
Oliarette. Vie do gbnfiral Cbai«tl«. U. B. T. 

Le Bonv 

CliarloH V, Hist. 

3 V. 

u iirojet de 
i°. I'uilfl, I8(i 

. P.) SobuBkei 
ork, 1814. 
ordon (R. B ) 

of Ibe life of. 

Chorley (H. F.) Plauobfi [S. E.) and Yonn 

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niosraphr. IndimduaL 

C«lebcook6 (H. T.) Life of. T. E. Colobnjoke. 

IColebiooke <H. T.) Miacellaaeona essayH. 

Colerldee {B. H.) Memoiroinl letters. 8°. Kew 

York, 1874. 
Colombo (C.) Colombo (F.) Vio He Cbristofle 

— Goodrich (A.) Hbtory 

Bw York. 1874. 

mlio (F.) F. Colomb; eaeal 


Coo<1«, I 

I. E. P. L. d-0. 

if tbe prill 

I of. 

I». L. d'O. dno 

CoDHlalle (Arclibivld) and his corrwixmileDtB. 

T. CoQBtable. 3 v. S=. KdiDbnrgb, 1873. 
Cookmsn (A.) Life of. H. B. Bidganiy. 13 

New York, I8J3. 
Cooper (A. A.) earl of Bbafttmbiirj, Life ol. Tl 

Cooper (TbomaK), Life of. By bimeolf. la 
London, 1872. 

Cope]aad<J.)IJreDf. J.B.S.Filts. 9d ed. 8 
JaokBOD, MlBS. 1874. 

Corrln-Wiersbltaki (O. J. B. TOn>. Autobiogra- 
phy. U V. 8^^. London. 1871. 

Cox(G.V.) EBOoneotiODSOtOiford. 18°. Lod- 

CraTei]s(W.) Tbebolflftoutli 

Wakeley. 18=. Cioointinti, 186B. 
Cresap (Mioliael), Bio|[raphi«al eketdb of. J. J. 

Jacob. 16°. Cnmberlaod. Md. 18%. 
CBniiiugliam (Allan), Life of. D. Hogg. 13°. 

Diltufriom 1873. 
Cnthbert {Saint). Libellus de Cutbbeiii 

tlbuB. Keginald. S°. Loudon, JS3S. 
CntleKBenJaiiilnOMemoiTflof. H.Graj 

New York, 1885. 
Daahiell (T. O., Pastor's recolleclioni 

New York, 1615. 
David, king of Israel. W. M. Tajl..c 

New York. 1875. 
DawBou, Eeuor.Uof fenitlies bearing tbe 

C.C. Dawson. 8°. Albany, 1874. 
Dawson (Robert), Kecord of the desceodanla of. 

C. C. Dawson. S°. Albany, 1874. 
Deans (Kiobord), Life oC, J.B.Doane. 8°. Lon- 
don, 187D. 
Do Foo (Daniel)! life and writings ~ " 

Denman (Tbon 

. J. Ai 




Dnmas (A. D.] Mea mimoires. 10 v. 

Ktigerald (P.) Life of A. Di 

r. ni-ieo]. 

jtan (Saint), Mom 
ndon, 1B71. 
ir (Albert); hislii 
London. 1869. 

oobivapik. f 

m passaRfls in 
*=. Bdinbnrgh, 
V. F. Town BOD 

!6°. Hew 

Elisabeth Ti 

York, 1874. 
fipina.v (L. F. F. T. d'E. madarae do la L.d' 

JJ^inoiree. Sd.nonr.parF.BaileaD. Sy. W 
Parte. 1885. 
MoSBefrPfttbay (V. D. de). Anecdnt< 

Inidlteade madam eD'rfipiuu. 8°. Paris. 181: 
ErasmuB, bia life and obaraot«r. B. B. Dnin 

mond. av. l!f>. London, 1873. 





I of 





e (Palpb). Llfo and 




rgh, 1834. 



EIngiu histiii'lci 



Esoano. F 

de P. Quad 

y De-Ro6. 


Madrid, 185 

ri), Essai au 




IB. L. FugSre. 13=. 




don. 18S 





de Jeen 




de Medina. 


son (Jan 

ea). Life Mod. 




tz(E.) Notlciassobro la vids del Enrique 
irea. F.Mendes. 3a ed. 8°. Madrid, 1850. 
lanque (Albany). LIfa and labonrs. 8°. 

IS. A.) Autobiography, a v. 8". New 

l(A.H.) Lifeof. J.M.noppln. 8°. New 

Forrest (E.) Life of. J.Rees. la". Plitladolphia, 

Ei'ancis I and otber historic studies. A. D. R W. 

B.Coohraoe. a v. 1S°. London, 187fl. 
Francis Xavier (Saint), Life and lettora of. H. 

J.Coleridgo. St. ia°. London, ISTS. 
Franklin (Bonlamin), Life of. 3 v. 12°. Pblla- 

detpbia, 1B74. 
Fry (Capt. Joseph), Life of- J. W. Walker, 8'. 

Hartford, 1874. 
Fuller (A.) Mcnioira of. J. W.Morria. 8°. Boa- 

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Bi«gnlVliT> IndEiiiiiias 

Gardner (John Henry), Life 

Fiaset. 13°. Edinburgb. I«96. 
QftnlDBr {Mattfaen-). Aulobiograp 

ton, 0, 1&14. 
Garibaldi, M^moirea de. A.C. Di 

a V. ie=. PoriB, ISflB. 
[<EiiYrBa eompl6lB8, v. JSI-lSa], 
Gellert, Life of pmt. M. Dougia^, 
GsoffFoy Salnt-Hilali'B (Stienne). V 

doctrine BtdenUGquQ d'. I. Geof 

ijoir. w.cau 
iiid diary of- 1 

, Priva 

loftVoy Salut' Hi- 
life of a king. J. Ban^ 
I of. E. TL Eaatl.tke. 
Memoir dL T.TboniaB. 

New York, 1 
Qlbaon (Jobn). Lire 

London, ItnO. 
Glondowar lOwen), 1 

EaveTford.neat. 1823. 
Gllsan (K.) Jonrnal of army life, 

Ban Fcandwo, l$T4. 
Godrio (Saint). Llbellua de vita 

Keginnia. 8°. Liadun, 1847, 
Goons (K, M. van), Louensbeaoliriji 

K. MandelssohaBai 

Goethe. G,H.Oalvei 
and Mendelaeohn. 

tboldy. 13°. London, 1S73. 
Goodell (W.) Forty yeacs in the torkish . 

plre i memaire of. E.D.6. Prime. 3°. » 

York, 1876. 
Gould (Zaccbeue, of Topsfieldl, Ancestry i 

pofltorityof B A-G-inld *" lalem JB7i 
Grant 10.& Li P H Sa 

Kew To k 86 

Sew Yd k 873 
Gtegory vn pope Lif 

Grellet (S ph n U too 

London SB 
Grfitry (And 1 M I 

Paris, 17% 
Greville (Cha 

Sam Ah dg d 

[Bria.jl.b es. 

- te(Geog L 

London 873 

iog;raphy. Individual. 
Hal (7 V 1 Hope for tl e 1 opelfsa 
o T-aj hv l"° New York I* •< 
Han ilKin Patrick) 1 Lu iin r 


jrBof , 

London, 1S73. 

Now York, 1875. 
[In Bii«-it.brao seiieB, v. ii]. 

A.b.Dnuias, St. 1H=. Paris, lS6fi. 
[(Envrea completes, v. 103-104]. 
Uozeoqiies (F. de F. do). KeuullecClouB of a page 

Hoaro (H.) Memoir of. J. B. Sweet. 8°. Lon- 
don, I8B9. 

Hoche (L.| Tie de Laaare Hoolie. A. C. Itouese- 
lin, 3e6d. 8". Paris, 179R 

Ho<ldfr, Personal lemluiaeencos by. 16". Sew 
York, 1375. 
[In Brio-S-brac aerloa, y. 4]. 

Hoheustaiifen, Gesuhicbte dor Qolienslnufen. 
ateautl. W. Zimmernianu. 3v.lul. li>° Stutt- 
gart^ lesB. 

don, 1872, 
Holland (Juhii), Life of. W.Hiidaon. B=. Lon- 

Holland bouse. M, H. N, Licditoustoin. B v. 

8". London. 1874, 
Hdh^ <J.) Life of. J", Wilmot, 4°, London, 

Howe (J.) Life of. H. Rogers. Now «d. B". 

HiiEbea (George G.) Merooii- of a brother. T. 

HuglicH. 9ded. ia=. London, 1873- 
Igaaz Loyola <Sainti. Klbadenei™ (P.) Vita 

Ignatii LoiotiB. IS°. Antverpiae, ia-7. 
Itoae (S.) Ignatius Loyola and Ike early 

Jesuits. 8°. London, 1870. 
Irish (P. M.l Diary and letters. ID°. Pbiiadel- 

JaokHon (Jame 

, Boston, IStO. 

is fail 



S°. Loudon, 1874. 

Das loben Jesus 

Life of Christ. 

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B(»|tFapby. Individua 

of Jean 

(1ok9(E.W.) LifB 
iofNnsnietb; life 

Thompaon {J. P.) Jobi 

Vorillot (L.) Jiiaus-Ohrlst. He 6d. S=. 

Paris, IfflS. 
Same. Life of Jeaas-Chrlet. IS". Now 

York, 1875. 
Weslay (S.) Lifii of Jesua Cliriat. Sil ed. 

am. Ibl. LouduD, IG91. 
Joan of Arc Jehoiino la pucello. A. D. Dmona. 

ISoav. 6a. ISO. FariB, 1860. 

■son (Dr. I 

muel), I 

. London, 18H. 

Sof. J.Eoswall. ; 

Jonpa (John Paul), Ltfoof. J. S. C. Ablwtt. 

New Yoik, 1874. 
Josopb (Saintl. Life of. J.I. Valltao. 8°. 1 


oei(R.) Lifijofthe 


Kell; (UlcliBol}, 

Paraonal roiuinLeoenooflof. 



so aenea, t. 8). 

KomWes (Tie). 

P. FilHserald, 2 

Knigbt (Cornelia 

and Baikea (Thotii 

laal Pera 

«cte3. T. 7]. 

Lamartine (A. M. L. P. da}. M6m 

irea in(i 

Paris, 1870. 

Laml) (Cliftrlea). Haalitt (V7m.) an 



aeries, v. 9]. 



niiio. J, aC.E 

P6ign6. Nouv.M 

18°. P 

Langtou (S.} L 


rs. v.l 

KManrice. J 

JO, Loadon, 1872. 

Laval (Fi'fli.^oi 

de) de Moutrno 

■oiioj. N 

ur. B. Lansartn 

go. It 


V), Lifenf. H. B. 


H. Merirale. ad ed. St. 8". Londi 
Lawrence (Jubn), Gaoaology of tlie fa 

J. Lawrenoe. 8°. Boatoti, 1857. 
Leayennorth family In tUe United State 

ttlogyoftha. E. \7. Laaveuwortli. 8' 

cnae, S. Y. 187:1. 
Lee(R.E.) Boiasonnas (B.) Un Tslncu 

iral Lae. 
Childa (E. L,) Ltffl 

London, 1875. 
Jones (J. W.) Pe 

8". Sew Topk. 1874. 
Mo&uire (J. W.) 

ie°. Pbiladelphi 
Lemon (Mart), ft 

L'£straDge tB. B.J Kecolle 


I obi'iati'in ^Idi< 
js of. J. HatUj 

. IIP. i^ria. IST5, 

don. 1834. 

is.uao u. duneaiia. K". 

"Bia XIV et 

son siJcla. A. D. Dmnaa. 


jjmplfitod, V. 153-1561. 

sa cour. A. D. Duinaa. 2 v. 

Paiia. 1873. 


oniplSte8.v. 157-158]. 

onia XTl. 

Ifiloge Uswriaua do Louia 

C. F. L. V 

do L. Montjoie. Koov. 6rt 

Paris, 1814. 

a revolution. A. T>. Domna. 

,) ie°. New Toi-li. 1874. 

Loniae Jiiliune. olectroas palatine. F. 

nett. 12°. London, 18^ 
Lns y Ualialiam (J. do la). Vida do don 

Liia y CalKdlaro. J. L Eodrignaa. 12°. 

McGeboou (Thoiims 

uati, 1874. 
Macreaily {W. 0.) 


tt {Job 


of u 

18°. New London, 1821 
Mnfiec(JainasH.l Niglitofn 

tobiosn^apli.y. 12°. Cinoiiin 
Man (The) witb tbe iron mast 

London, 1B70. 
Manniugbnin (Joljn). Diary. 

1°. Weetminsccr. 18(13. 
Mai-garet of Anjon, Lifo and time: 

Hookbani. 2 v. 8°. London, 1S71 
Marryat (Capb. F.) Life and Icttui 

Cburoli. 2t. 12°. London, 1872. 

1802, 1 

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Biographr. ladividval 

Mnrj-Stniirt, qnsen of Soote. Histolte ilo Marie 

Stnirt. T.Gfnntier. 9e6d. St. 8". Pari9,18T5. 
Maeon (Jeremlali), Hemoir ejii1 corresponilonoe 

of. G.S.Hi!lard. 4°. Camliridge, 1873. 
May (James), Life audlottera of. A.Sblrcis. ia°. 

Fhlladelpliia, 18fi5. 
Maynirariiie (A.) Llfo and poatlmmoua worliR. 

8<^. TiODdonrl^lS, 
H&iicia (Los). A. D. Dainaa. N"»iiv, 6d. 1R=. 

[Oinvrea «>niiil6tea, v. 111)]. 
MeleU-Honnm. Sis jeara in Eumpe, Antolito- 
grnplilcicl notes. B°. LoiidoD, 1S73. 

Gootiie and. K. Monaelssalin-Bartliolilr, 

IS>. London, 181i 
U£rin]^(P.) LottroafiDiiaiueoiuiae. litndfsar 

Merinii5eparir,Taiiie. av. Iff'. Paris,IS74. 

Satuo. Lettera to an tncognila by P. 

M6rini£e; wlttn'ocoUacUoualiy Lamnrlineaud 

Qooifie a-ind. 10°. New York, leT*. 
[Brio a-brao seriaa, v. 31. 
Mill (J. a) Antobiograpby. 8°. Loiidoo, 1S73. 

Same. S". New Xoclt, 1S7J. 

MilIai-a(D.E.) Memoir. 8°. Dayton, 0. Ifili. 
Miltec (Cbriatian). eto. Memoirs of. F. M. Kip. 

ia°. Hew rork, 1848. 
MillOT (HaEb). Wto ana letters of. T. Enyno. 

Sy. 9=. Iflii don, 1871. 
Mlraniion (Mario Bonnonu, dame do), Lil'o of. A. 

Sanneau. 1-^. London, ISTO. 
Mantagn (Mi's. Elizabetb), a lady of tlis last 

ceutary. J.Doran. &>. LDnaon.lSTS. 
Montbarey (A. M. L. de S. U. de}. MSiaoirea au- 

tOKrapbea. v. 1-3, 8°. Paris, lKW-37. 
Moody (D, L) and Sanltoj (I. C) in Groat Britain 

and Irelfluil. J. Hall and G. H. Stoai't. 12°. 

Kew York, 1875. 
Moors (T.) and Jordan (W.) Persanol remin- 
iscences by, 1B°. Hew York, 187a 
(Brie-^brao series, T. !!]. 
Moi^an (H.) SliBdoB-y band; or, lifo-strnggles. 

IC=. JSostoo, 1874. 
Murria(T. A.ILireof. J. F. Marl ay. lio. Cln- 

cliinatl, 1:^75. 

Morae (J.) Life of. W. B. Spragne. 

8°. Now 

York, 1871. 

Morse (S. F. B ) Lifo of .S. I. 

MorUnier (Charles), Life of. C.Flina 

alias C. 

Mnrlimer. 8°. Sacramsnto, ISJS. 

Moaes, life ot S. M. Campboll. 13°. 


NoBlea (IL M.) Tlio lovo life of. 1 

Yorli. 18117. 

Napoleon i. Dnmas (A. D.) Nnpolt^D 

. Konv 

6.L 16=. Paris, ISIX 

°. Paris 

Eelfltion ile la demlSre canipagn 


uapnite. 3e 6d. 8°. Paris, 1^13. 

NapoKonin, Abbott (-J. S. C.) HIato 

Boston, 1373. 


li«i[i'apliy. Indiridiuil, 

Napoleon in. Jertold <W. B.) Life of. 

6°. Loudon, 1871 
Nasaan (M. 0,) Crowned in palmlanil. 

Nassau. 13". Pbiladelpbia, 1871. 
Neivcome (H.) AutobloBrapby. 2 t. 8 

Manclieater. 1853. 
Diary, 1661-1663. am. t°. Manchester, 

Obool<iali (H.) Memoirs, 18°. Ne(7 Haven, 1813. 
O'Keeffo (J.) Kelly and Taylor, Personal reininii 
cenoesof. 1G=, Kow York, 1875. 
[Bric-iu-bracserios, T. 8). 
Orl4aBs(Pbilipped'). J.Ii. H.K.CapeHgue. 9i 

Oeorio (Alia do), Memoir of. C. E. MarUban 

era. 4=. London, 1871. 
Ovidins Naso (P.) OvIJll Nasoiiis vita. J. 

jTn Lomairo (N. E.) Bibliotheca olasalca 

latina,T. «]. 
m (K. D.) Twenty-aoven yeai 

O. B. rroibingbam. 

I'addock (B. G.) Memoir of. Z. Fodtlock. ia°. 

New York, IfnS. 
Palmlotl de Miccicb^ |M.) FeDaGesetaouTenlra. 

St. inl. &>. Paris, 1830. 
Parker (TboodoiH 

Pascal (B.) Pascal's lobon nnd dor geiat seiner 

acbriftcu. II. EenebUn. S". Stuttgai-t, 1810. 

I'nvela (O.) Bio »i-afl og dagb^ger. 18°. Bergen, 

Payson (E.) Mementos of. 13°. New York, 1873. 
Memoir, tkonghta and aernions. 3 v. 8°, 

Portland, 1846. 
Peat (.1.) Memoir of. l!o. Boston, 1833. 
Peck (Gkiorge), Life of. Bybimsolf. IS". Now 

York, 1874. 
Peek {J.) Geuealogleol bistory of tlie deseoud. 

d (3.) Life of. 



PeatalOBil. H.Ktiiji. 8°. CinciunaH, 1S75. 
Petty {William, oarl of Sholbnme), Life of. £. 

Fitamnurloe. v.l, 8°. London, IS7,V 
Peyton <W. M.) Misinoir of. J. L. Peyton. 6' 

London, 1873. 
Plilllp II. Iliimeanll (L. A. L.) Hlstoire d 


- Preacol 

■ (W. I 

'. Paris, 18 
Hlatory i 

3v. 12°. Pbllailelpbia, 1874. 
Pickeriiig (T.) Life of. C.W. Upbain. t. 2-4. 

8°. BOBtoii. 1973. 
Planoh6 (J. U.) Keoollectinns and rcKectloiie. 

av. BO. London, 1873, 
Same. [Abrldgedj. Personal rBroiuis- 

ceneea. 10°. New York, 1374. 
I In ISiio-fi-brao aorioa, v. 1]. 
Pteasls (J'oseph 0<itave),BiOip^apbical notice ol 

J.B.A.Ferland. S°. Qnsbee, 1864. 
Pliiiius Seouudoa (Caliia). De TOra C. Plini Se- 

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Blvgrapby. Indieidaal. 

Plutarob : bia life, hia lives and hi 
C. TreBcli. 16o. Loudon, ISJS. 

la (L. de). 

Poitar<D.D.) Memoir. 

Potts (Ttiomoa, jr.) Memoriul of. T. P. Jamea. 

am. 4°. Cambridge, Mnat 
Ponell (Walter), of Melbourne and London. L. 

P.Brockatt IB", New York, 
Pratt (P.P.) Autobiograpbj. 8". Kew Torli, 

Pratt {Samuel ¥.} Life of. W. P. Letcliwortb. 

6°. Bnfialo, IlfH. 
Ptjine (A. de la), DIarj of. 9=. Dorbam, 1371 
Qtielen(>,M«moireB seoreta anr m. I'l 

cbovflquB de Paris, C. Pagnael. S°. Par 

Quincy (J.jr.) Memoir of. HJl-mS. J. Qii: 

pj,3d. aded. a°. Boston, 1S7J. 
QHintilianu8(M.F.) Annnlee QiiintlllaueL 
[Jii Lemaire (N. E.) Eibliotlieoa olnssi 
Koikes (Thoiuaa), Porsonal romiuiacenees by 
Knlgbtand. IIP. New York, ISTS. 
Reid (K. F.) Life, Bormoas and speecbea. 1: 

id confeasioi 

oy. 1«". 

Kuiubftra (P. V.) 

Boston, 1B33. 
Bonti( Noliilityal 

of monaieui do Kenty. J. Wi 

ton, Itnd. 
Klce family. Genealogical lilatary of tbo. A- 

Wni'd. 8°. BoBton,lS53. 
Eodrigues Aldea (J. A.) BiOKrafla del J. A. E 

rigues Aldea, F. de P. Eodrlgiies Velaaeo. 1 

t of tl 


«ini, Life 

H. S.E 


Itu^p (Job. Jouaa) and liis dfsoondnnts, Br 

memodal of. I. D. Enpp. 18°. Weat Pbl 

delpbia, ISIp. 
EiissGll (Jobn.earl). Bccollections and sugg 

Uona. 1B13-I8rj. 8f. London, 1873. 
Soott (Sir Walter). Baster (W.) Life ot ■ 

Lookliart (C. S. H.) Centenary momor 

oE. no. London, 18V1. 
Sabaatifln d'Appariaio. Compeiidio dulla vita i 

Sebastlano d'ApparlBio. M. Xlminoa. sro. 

Eottia, 1769. 
S6sut( llistflii'eetm6nioii-03. 7v. 

Paris, 1873. 
S6vign6 (M. de R. C. dej, ber correspondents and 

oontemporariea. Comtesse de Pvillga. a 

London, IST^t. 
Sewall (Jonathan), Memoir of. J.Sewnll 

Boston, 1S93. 
Sbaip (John), Life of. T.Siiarp. -2 v. S". 

Sbarp (Solomon P.) Vindication of tbs cbarac 

of. L. J. Sharp. Hf. Frankfort, Ky. IBM. 
Sherman (W.T.) Memoirs. By hiaieelf, H 

&=. New York, 1875. 
——Same. ST.inl. 8=. New York, IBJU. 
Sidney (B.) Diary of the times of Charles t 

second. 2 v. B'. London, 1843. 
Sinclair (SlrJobu),MemDir»of. J. Siaelalr. i 

13°. Edinburgh, 183J. 
Sistns the fifth, Life and times of. J. A. Bl 

ner. St. 8°. London, ISTB. 

Same. [Al>rbJged|. Iflo. NewYork,lB 

Smith, Heraldry of. HL S, Grasobrook. 4^'. L 

don, 1870. 
Solano (Francisco), Tida del apostol dol Pel 

D. de Coiilova. 4°. Madrid, 1613. 
Spaldhig (M. J.) Life of. J, L. Spalding. : 

Few York, 1873. 
Stanley (H.M.) The story of his life. C. Ko 

lauds. 8". London. 1S73. 
Stanley, The great. J. G. Cnmnaing. 13". Li 

don, 1867. 
Slanabnry (Elijah), Life and timos of. A. Ha 


:, Lino 

E. R Joni 

e (Mra. 

story of a llfe'a expecleuoe in mormonism. € 

Harttord, 1874. 
Stier(Eudolf), Lifoof J. P. Lncroix. 15°. No 

York, 1874. 
Stiuison (H. K.) From the stage coach to tl 

pnlpit. 13°. Saint Lonis, 1BI4. 
Stockmar {C. F. von), Memoirs of. E. von Stoc' 

mar. St. Ijo. London, 1873. 
Stoue (B.W.) Biography 

ClBolnnati, 1847. 
Stoue(1L0.) Lifeincldeutanf h( 

ohuroU. 18°. St Lonis, 1874. 
Stova (Phtneas) and betliel work 

lao. Boatoii, 1874. 
StroiiK (John), Hiatory of tlie • 

B. W.Dvright. B=. Albany, K 
Suumer (Charles). Cbaplia <J. a 

By himself 

Life of. 8o. Nf 

Id enlogtca. 

nell CW. : 
itoa, 1874. 
er (C. E.) 

n(E.) L 
ibert). Ml 

Swan(JaUoaS,)IJfoof. P.Itenison. 8°. Wati 

ford. Conn. 1873. 
Snetchino (Mailame) : sa vie ot aoa [envres. j 

F.P.comlo de Fallens. 6e «d. 2 v. If 

Parla, laaL 
Sydney (Algernon), Life and times of. A, 

Ewald. a V. B°. London, 1873. 
Symmes (The) memorial. J. A. Tinton. t 

Boston, 1873. 
Taigi (A. M.) Life of. E. H. Tbompson, li 

New York, 1874. 
Talllen, Hlsfoire de madamo. A. Houssaje. 

6d. 8°, Paris, 18S7. 

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m (EUza), Bo 
jiiajice of the aasoclaCion ; or, one laat gllmpaE 
of. C.W.H.Dall, 10°. Cambridge, 1875. 
Tbsckeray (W. M.) aad IilclieDs (C.) Anecdote 
biographies of. m\ New Yorfe, 1814. 

Tbeoaore.hingof Abyaaiiila,Lifeot. a. Acton 

fol. London, 1»6B. 
Tbamas (Saint) of YilLnnoTa, Life of. C. Haim 
ao. Pbiladelphia, 1374. 


ean <H. D.) 
n (A.) 


Thotnwoll (J. n.) Life and lattera of. B. M. 

Palmer. 8°. Rielimond, 1875. 
Todd (John). The story of bia life told mainly 

bybiiuBelf. 18°. Hew York, IBTG. 
Torstenaon (Leonard), Life of. J.W. De Pejster. 

8°. PougUkeepeie, IBSS. 
Towle(N.) TicissitudeBillnstrated. Sdod. 1^. 

Portamouth, S. H. 18J3. 
Vaaiiiies (Tibiiroio) : or, bandi 

qnin. G.A.BBera. 6°. Ne' 
Teirazana (G.) tlie navigator 

8". New Tork, 1874. 
Veapucol (A.) Lita and voyaf 

CB.Leater. lOth ed. 8o. 
Vilas (P.) GenealoKTof tbedt 

H. Vilas. 8o. Madison, Wis. 1875. 
Yillarena (Y. M di). J^minieoenaodemiei 

pi. 8°. Palermo, 1865. 
Villemessajit (H.C. de). M^moires d'nn joi 

llslfl. 4v. !«". Paris, 1867-75. 
Walker (Join), Life of. J. Epps. ad ed. 

London, 1833. 
Ward (H.L.) Memoir of, by bar busbaml. 

Ward family (The). A. H. Ward. 8°, Bw 

of the San Joa^ 
Xork, J 375. 
J. C. Brevoort. 

, of Veapucina. 

pendants of. C. 

Waring (J. B.) Eeoord of ray artist 

Loudon, 1873, 
WaiTOD (J.) Life of. E. Warrea. 

Waeblogton (G,) F. P. G. Gnizot. 1^ 

'. Bostou, 
hall; or. 

aketchee of 

York, 1874. 
Wesley (Joko). Bigg (.T. H.) 

loy. ISO. New York, 1874. 
Tjermand..) life an 

3v. 8°. London, lS7it.75. 
Urlin (K.D.) Wesley 

history, 16°. London, ISJ« 
— — Wise (D.) Story of a wonderfol 

incldenta in the life of. 1G°. Cincinni 
Wharlon (Bhza), Eomance of the 

or, one laaC glimpse of Charlotte Temple 

C. W. H. Dall. IB". Cambridge, 1875. 
While (J,) Memoir of. E. Elohardaon. 

Philadelphia, ISTS. 

fiae. ie°. New 
Tbe living Wea- 
liineaof. 23 ed. 
place in ehurcb 

d1 life; or 


Lioj^rapLy. ladiElduaL 

Wilberforco (W.) Eecol lections ol J & Hwford 

ISP. London, 1864. 
Wilkes, Sheridan, Fox: tbe opposition under 

George in. W.F.Bae. 6«. London 1874 
WJIIard (Emma), Life ot J. Lord 1S° Hew 

York, 1873. 
Willlun 1. of England, Tlie conqueror and his 

companions. J. B. PlancbS. S\ 8° Loudon 

1374. " 

fnj^tivo slave. Life 

Williams (Joseph), ExCractaAom 6he diary, lueil- 
ttatlons, etc. of, 12°. Edinburgh, 1801. 

W^llson (G. P.) Biography of. D. C, Koowlee. 
16=. No-w York. 1874. 

Wilson (Henry), Life of. J. B. Mann. 8=1. Bos- 
ton, 1879. 

Winthrop (John) and the ^foiit colony. C. K. 
Trno. Ifio. New York, 1875. 

Wortbington (J.) Diary and eorrespuudeuoe of. 
3t. SUI.40. Manobestor, 1847-55. 

Wrighb (S. Osgood), Memoir of. ad oil. B. B. 
Thatcher. 18°. Boston, 1395. 

Wright (Silas), Life of. It. H. Gillet. a v. 8°. 
Albany, 1874. 

Young (J, C.) Personal remiuiseoucoa. 10°. 
Kow York, 18T4. 
[In Brlc-ibrac aeriea, v. 1]. 

Zoroaster. Zoroastre, Confucius et Mabomot 
i.C.J.P.dePaatoret. 4pts,inlv. 



nivlottT, Boys B 
Hew York, 1875. 
Bioplnsui. L.S.Beale. 13°. Loudon 

II, TliB. C.P.Craj 

Flagg(W.) Birds and seasons ot Hew Engbvnd. 

12°. Beaton, 1375. 
Holden (0. F.) Book on birda. 16°. Bostou, 

Montagu (G.) Dictionary of britiah birda. a". 

London, 1866. 
Hilasoh (C. L.) Osteograpbiacho beltrSgo zur 
uatBrgeeohicbte der vogel. 8°. Leipzig, 1811. 
BiriuiHgtIiam and tbe midland hard ware district, 

ourceaof. S.Timmius. 8°, London, 1S6B. 
Blafaop (Tbe) and Hannetto. F. B. Smith. 1*°. 

>w York, 1874, 
Bishops of Bugland,Catalogvo of Uie. F. Godwin. 

\ London.lGlS. 
Black. A. D. Bumaa. Noiiv, 6d. I60. Paris, 

Black iliai 


I. I5[. 

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Black liills. 

Triaija (J. H.) Historj of Cheyonne mid nortb- 

ern Wjoniiug, embracitig the BEack hills. 8°, 

OniHba, lsT«. 
Wis80D(F.) BlaekhlLlfl gold mines. 13=. YouS. 

Blaiic«(Lee}etle»Uoua. A.D.Diimas. 3v. lii°, 

Paris, 1888-73. 
((EuTrea compiates, v. ifi-laj. 
BIcnneikaMCI, Ten years of geuUeiiisn farmine 

at. W. LawsoD and otbers. 12°, London, 137i. 
Rla«d, Tbe discovery of llie dreulatlon of Ibe. M. 

J.P.IIonrens. IB". CioclDnatl, 1853. 
Blsiv-fly, Auatomy & pliysiology of tbo. B. T. 

Blue boot. Eegiatarof olSoerH and nsonisof tUf 
United States, 18T3. United Status. Interior de 
partment. B=. WnehiDgton, 1873. 

Bluebeard's keys and oilier stories. 3<led. A. I. 
Tbaokeray. 13=. London, 1875. 

.1 biatiibuli 

10°. Kasbvil 

Il*b Tinker and bia friends. M.H.C 

Now rorlt, 1S7J, 
BohamiiB, baupt deraaiatlaohenbrBdoc. I. 

Arnold. Iflo. HamburR, lEOl. 
BalcTV (Anne). Catliariaa ut Amgaii. ^ 

DilOB. 4 V. &>. Londoil, 1B73-74. 
Bsna. edo pocket dictionary of fronob and ei 

J. Bellows. 24=. Lonflon, 1ST3. 

Book. Le litre. J.G.Janiu. 8°. 


8, ISTO. 

Boab of nalhovs. W. C. EuasoH. 



Book of fair women. G. H. Fen 

. 8° 


Book of bni 
Book Irada. 

urOHS poetry. ID". Edluburgk, ISH. 
Paris. Lea suliUlK^s dc In llbralrlc 
H. J. F. Eoiietan. 8°. VersaiUes, 

Boolhby (Laetilla L.) Memoirs by bcrsell 

Border wars of two centuries, Uiatory of tli 

B.Tnttlo. 8". Cbicngo, IS74. 
Barderlnnde of inaautty and other paper 

Wynler. IS". London, 1873. 
BorCly (A.) Le vieui efiseiiol, anecdotes do ia Tie 

dA.Bor6ly. J. p. Kabaut do Baint Etienne. 

Londres, 1734. 
Boighcae (QnoDdulioe, prlnoeas). Life cf. 

Soberer. 18°. New York, 1651. 
B«», Monograpb of the genua, tl. V.T.'jey. 

Drake {S A.) Old landmark 
sonages of Boston. ia°. B 

Kidder (F.) History of .the 
9°. AlTiaiij, 1S70. 

Clark (R.) On ejstematie b( 

fol. London, 1870. 
Saobs (J.) Text book of bot 
aud pbysiologioaL 8°. Ox 
Bolbwclli a ttHgody. A. C. f 
K.". London, 1874. 

Bauitlie (La) lie la comtease Berlbo. A, r. Dn- 
mas. NOBT. fid.' 16°. Paris, 1871. 
[tEuvrea eompljtce, v. IH]. 
Banle (La) da neige. A, I>, Biimas Nouv. Gd. 
lfl°. Paris, I860. 
|(Euvroa eomplilca, v. SO). 
Bound by bis vows. E. Worncc. 10°. I'blladol- 

pbin, 1874. 
Bonudbrook. A. J. Grcoiioagii. 10°. Beaton, 

Baurlwu(IsleofJ. 5ui Bcmilou (Islo ofl. 
Bomrboa (Louis •Toscpk lie). Cain pagncsilii corps 

sous los ocdrea dn prince de Con<l6. A, F, II, iVEc- 




cs do Brabant, iJ. fle 
4°. IJruxeilca, 1839-43. 
, A. D. Dumns. 6°. Now York, 

: dlu bymneii 

Bralimniiinitt. S^mavoiiArc: 

dosS4ma-vcda. S v. 8°, Lei 
Braucbcsofpalm. LL.Fratt. 10°. Boston, 1B73. 
Bi'osBCT (Thomas), Lifo and labours of. A, Helps. 

8°. Iiondoo, 1812, 
BrOTC liearta. E. W. H,i.i luoiul, Vi". New York, 

Avesnc (M, P. d'). Cousid^rnlious K6ograpbiqnee 

Bur rblBtelre du Briisil. S°. Paria, 1837. 
Llala (E.) CUmiite, eialoglo et g^ogi npbio bo(a- 

ulrino du Br6sll. 6°. Paris, 1873, 
Macedo (J. M. do). Nations on tbe ohorograpby 

ofBrasil. 8°. Loipaig, 1873. 
gclinelder (L.) Kriog der tripie-alliapa Regoii 

Paraguay. 3 v. 8°. Berlin, 1812-75. 
Van Lado (H.) Oolonisitlon ail Br6ai!. 8°. 

Bruiolles. 1843. 
■end and oranges. S. Wnruor. Hi°. Now Tort. 

Brvad of heaven 

I. E. r 

Bieotli (Tbe). J.\*. 1£0. New York, 1^74. 
Brccck-londcra. T. A. Lopaii. 9°. New York, 

Bccnion, Value, nistnryof Biiato! and. J, Julius. 

ton. 6°, AllKiny, 1873, 
Brcutford parsonngo, S. S. Eabblus, 113=, New 

York, IBM, 
BrcBaiuil. J.HawUiomo. 10°. New York, 197J. 
Brciviug, Statical estimates of tbe niateriala of. 

J, Klcbardson, 8°, I^ndoii, 1734. 
Bric-fl-bl'nc. A. D. Sntuaa. a v. IS^. Paris, 



<ion, 1815. 

Bridal greetings. D.'Wisi 
BridD and bridegroom. J 

dnnatl, 1873. 
Bride of Meesiiia, Tocal i 

4°. Pbiladelpliia, 1874. 


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BridxB and biidala. J. C. JeaSreson. S i 

Bridge building, Slemeulary and practice 
Whipple. Sded. 8°. Neiv York, 1873. 

Bvidgca and roofs, Tbeory o( ooLsUuctioii of. Do 
V.Wood. 8". NowYort,18:j. 

Brief essaja and bicvitiea. G. H. Calrort 

Brighaiu family. Genealogical register of miclont 

piirilaua., A.Morso. 8". Eoaton, lEf ~ 
JBrigfals of SnObtk, Eng. J. B. Brlplit. B°. 




ton. e°. Albaoj, 18V3, 
Brilnin, Tte eaily cburoli in, J. McS. 'Wri)! 
2pt8.iQlT, 12°. Cincinnati. 1873. 

L inecriptioua. J. McCitul. 

Brilish arn>r, Familiar lilatory of lU 

. J, 

quelor, 8m. 1°. Loudon, 1S71, 

Briltsli niDSSGa. F. K Tripik am 

Britisbuav.v.Hletoryofih5, adeJ, 


» V, 8^. London, 18«6, 

British traTSler, New. J, Du^d.^lc 


London, 18H-]9. 

British wild Bavrera in relaljon to ins 

l>™k. aded. ia°. London, 1875. 

BrtKlilcr moor. J. W. Latrsoc, 8° 


BrsKlie- Le due de Broglie, F.F 

Paria, 1873. 
BrakcH chains. E, Werner. 8°. 
BrakcH di'eania. C. E, Gardner. 

Broken fettera ILPratl. 10°. 

UrokCB llncaand aoutUem soMiert 
l-y. NashTlUe, 1873. 

Brosk (Xbol, and o 

13=. Kew York, 187: 

BroohliHe (Uaas,) 

Brookline |Uaaa,) 

Boston, 187i 
L. A.Colher 

iV. li. Wright, 

Fnrninn (0,) Kotearclsting (^Brooklyn, Bio 
Ijr. I'aai. 
[In his Antiquities of Long Island, 1 
New York, 18751. 
Treat (E. B.) New York, Brooklyn and surroimd- 
Ingfl, e°. Mew York, 1874 
BrtMtksvillD, Ualne, History of Castine, Fenob- 

ac*t and. G, A. Wheeler. 80. Bangor, 1875. 
Brothorsof the L'liristiaD schools, 1370-71. J, d'Ar, 

sac, a=. We3tohestor,N,Y,13J3. 
Br*thcr«-in-lnw, 3 y. 13°. London, 18119, 
Browiic(C,F.) Work a, complete, lao. NewYovk, 

Owen, aq.ia=. Detiwit, 1871 
Browning (B.) Foeticiil works, i 

don, l£7a-75. 
Brn«« IE,) Bit^npty of. K.Moiiii 

ville, Ky. 18CI. 
Brnr« (B,) Collections na to tho 111 

[ZiiBrueadt.) i 

■n pioneer. Incidcots in 

TirRiL v.l. P.VlrgiliiisMaco. 13". Boatnn.lffJJ. 
Bnddliism. Die re1[gu)n dos Biiddkn. K.F,Koep. 

pen. 8=. Berlin, 1857. 
Btidtlliists, Ulnstrabions of llio literature and ro. 

llgionofthe. B.H.Hw]g3nn. B". Scram pore, 18J1. 
Buir«t8. C.H,Doe. 8°. Boatou,lg7^ 
Bnildcr, National. J, H. Moncklon. i°. New 

York, 1873. 
Bnihier'a instructor. Young. M. IjifuTcr. 4". 

Bewark, N.J. 1839. 
Building aaaoeiations, How to luan.ige, E, Wrig- 

ley. 18°. Philadelphia. 1873. 
Bnilding of a brain. E.ILClnrke. 16°. Boston, 

BHildings, Wooden and brick. A. J. BJeknell. 

3v. 4". New York, 1873. 
Bnllnrd, Genealogy of. 8°. Beaton, 1831>. 

[In Morse (A.) Genealogy of several pntitana]. 
BHnkor hill, Battle of. B. Frothlngham. 10°. 

Bt^ton, 1675. 
BnrgWcy (Lord.) SeeCeoil (William). 
BDrg«rHO (J. F.) Life and corresiiondenoe of. G. 

Wrottflsley. a v. S°. London, 1873. 
Bnrgnndr. Topograpbia Germuuiie — inferioria 

vol oircali—Bnrgnndlcl, U. Zeillor. ibl. Franck- 

fui-tamMaJu, 1059, 

Foydeaii (E. A.) Hialoii'e 

etdeBadn^ilt^iTeadesponplcjancieus. Qi 

Paria, 1H56-S8. 
Legrond D'Ansey iP. J, B.) and Hoquefi 


Uiaairini (M.) Pecicol 

di sepiMilli 

gli nom 

vivi oredutl mocti 

". 11 


Mo»iart(F.J.) De 




FiatlolKS.J Eaeai 

ens ot 

les dange 

des sepultures, l 


8, 177a 

Fiueau{-). Mtool 



tions pr6cipit6os. 


It 1776 


Pajjot. 1 


uric (J. D.) Matei^Is 




f. C.C.1T1 

bell, 8°. Albany, 18138. 
Bnrl(« (E.) LeotnroB on tbo life of, ,T,J<. KdIjc 

Bon, 13°. Loudon, 13GS. 
Bnrk« and AWord memorial, J. A, BoutoUe ai 


FlOgel, at 

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B)- still watara. I Mfljo 12- If ew York, 187J. 
Ivite journal nud literary re 
Man oL ester 1Ijp4-57. 

Byraiii (Jolm). 
Byron, Life of lord 


Weed (J.) 
San Fran 
Xriutiia (J. 


■ of Califorula 
Aa Kaliforaia < 

. LoDdOD 

i;a. ira. A novel. ^V D liamnioU ia=>. Kaw 

York, 1874. 
Vabnl and love,H tia^sdy J C F vun ScliiLler. 

Cabincl portF^^ta T W llaiiL 12 . London, 

liforuifi (Lower).. 
Olatigfliv (F J ) Hiatoria de la autij^na 

Oallfopnla 8=, Mijleo. 1652. 
Fimnndei de San Salriidor [&.. P.) Los J 

qaittidoi. HlHtorla de U aniijina Cal 

Cndel (Un) do fnnulte. A. U. Dumas. 3 v. IC 
l^aria, laeo. 
[CEavree eomplfiteB, v. 2i-2J]. 
Caesar (C. J.) 

ti°. Parfslf8,1819-!a. 
[Leiaaire(N.£.) SibUoilKtcadasaicalalli]. 
y. 1-1]. 
Celeoa (J.) Coinnientwii de Tila Caesaris. 
[riiLemalralN. E.) BiUiotiieca olassica 1 
Diiniaa|A.D.) C6aai-. Sv. 16=. Paria,13fie. 

[(Euvrea oompt6t«a, t. 101-10^]. 
Plntaroli. Caesar. 

[fti Lematre (tf . K) Blbliotheca daesiea 1 
tlna, y. 3]. 
«ic»av and doge, Land of the. W. Furulss. 12 

Mew York, lasa. 
CwaHFS (The). Duodeoim Cn^saroa. C. Snetoalv 
TraniiiiiUns. 3 v. 9=. Paiiaiis, 1839. 
[Lem^re (N. E.) Bibliotbeca oUssioa latina, i 
CaglioKlro (A.) Aviouture di CasUostro. .7. 6 

Saint.F«is. 1«°. Milano,!8-. 
Calnla. Annales de Cala 

Calaia, 1896. 

Buckingham (C.P.) Elei 

tlaJ and Integral calculi 

PFloe(B.) Treatlseoninfl 

ed. Iv. 81^. Oiford, 1: 

t:nldcr>T«od aecret. V. V 

York, 1975. 
Caleb Kiinkle. C.C.CotHn. 
Calodanin, YC Count; atlas of. F. 
fol. KowTork, 

W. Gilford. 16°. 
CainancfaoB and Apaches, S 
onglhe. KEaal 

2°. Jorsey City, li 
3°. Loudon, 1851-61, 
of the county of. E. 

Hibrlilito (Eog.) His 

ai-ter. 8". Loudon. ISi'J. 

HIkrialKC (Maas.) Atlaa of. G. M, Hopkins &. 

I. fol. Pliiladolpbia, 1873. 

(!aincr«n halt M.A. Cruae. 12°. Philadelphia, 

Cauip notes. F. Boyle. 12°. London, 1874. 
Daiupauella (Gl. M.) My life Aucohlograpliy. 

8°. London, 1874. 
Cauipinc-Aiil eoHos. v. 6. Ou the Amazons. C 

Canada zoological survey. Kcpori 
1873-74. St. 8=. Montreal, 1 8K-' 

Censua of Canada. 1970-71. Eng. a 
8". Ottawa, 1373-75. 

n the w 

of the 


Gray(J.H.) Confederation ; the history of Cnn- 

aila. 1864^71. v.l. S=. Toronto, 1872. 
Hardy (C.) Forest life in Acadle. Sport in the 

Laoroix (H.} Canadian guide. 12°. Montreal, 

Morgan (H. J.) BihUolheea eauadensis i a man- 
ual of oanadlan literature. 8°. Ottawa, 1867. 

Munia (W.) Canada and tko United States. 
12". London, I97^ 

Parkman (F.) The old ligimo in Canada. 8". 

of at 

it, cliartera. 

a, 1874. 
r (M. : 

The I 

London. J. Aylofto. ■ 
Callwiin 00. Mich. Atlas of F. W. Beei 

Hew York, 1873. 
Cnllbon.thcmiaainaliuk. T). Wilson. B". Lon- 
don, 1873. 

Ei-ana(A.S.) AlaCallfurnia. Life in the golden 

atata. 8°. San Franciseo, 1873. 
Nordhoff (C.) Northern CKlifomia, Oregon and 

tlie Sandwich islands. E". New York, 1974. 
Powell {J. J.) The golden state and its resources. 
16°. San Franciseo, 1974. 

Guide to Canada. 1B°. Boston, 1874. 
Wataou (S. J.) Constitutional history 
ada. T.l. Ifl'. Toronto, 1874. 
Caiiadicn, Le. Nov. 180e-inai'8 1810. v.l, 
4°. Quebec, 1806-10. 

OP, 3d s 

inie, 3d ai 

». & fol. Quebec, 19S2-25. 

fol. Quebec, 1331-62. 

Sweet (S. n.) Report on proposed Cli 
bay and Potjraiac i-lver tide-water c 
Albany, 1868. 

Vacani (C.) Delia lagiina di VenoKia. 

y Google 

Vaiiaviaiis, Book of tbe caaqneat ns 

of tbo. 1408. P. BonUer and J. C. 

London, 1872. 
Candle of Latimer and aanelitei of 

Fuller. IIP. Pbilaaelpliin, 1875. 
Oanillesliae, AcoonnC of WalnflsKt ni 

take of. E.Oldfleld. i". London, 16 


ille KowLoro. C. F, ffiKils^ii, 



il and flosli languages. New di 
T. Potter. 8°. London, 1105? 
Cape Colony, Caffraria &, Port Natal, Flors a 
sis: theplantaof. W.H.Hanay and 0, W. 

I6=. VailH,1870. 
[CEavres competes, t. im]. 
Cnpltaine (Le) Pampblte, A. D. Damaa. t 
*a. 16°. Paris, ISW, 
Cnpilaine (Le) Pnii]. A. D. Diimna. Koii- 

[CBnrreB complfit*", v.a7|. 
Capilalae (Le) Khino, A. D. Dumas. Kuu 
10°. Piitte, lara. 
[(Eovres completes, v. 2d]. 
Capitaltie (Lo) Ridiai-d. A. D. Uunias. t 
6d. 1&=. Paria,lS66. 
[(Euvrea completes, v, 2S], 
CnpilaUe Simon. Ln fille de r^inigrg. P. 

[ With Abont (E. F. V.) Trenlo et qiiaraiHa 
Paris, 185»1. 

1-of H. 

i, Cbang 


ovnl of 

tbe. LU.Keavia. 8° 
CapiBin Bdugemont, 

York, 1375. 
Capno. Memorieisti 

O.Kinalilo. St. bib,' 

dominion. A.TOnRoumout. J*°. 
Carban, Ponn., Conntj ntUs of, 

fol. New Yott, 1675. 
CarilinalB, Liveeof (.bccRglbb. : 

Sv. 8°. London, !«* 
Caring foe no man. L, B. Portei 

r. JS. Koy. 6°. Now 

della otltii di Capua, 
rapoll, 1753-55. 
Naplea undov apanlali 




mar. 185T. 
Cavpentci' and joiner. National 

4°. New Yotk, 1873, 
CiirpcuieF'i and bnildei'a asaii 

8°. New York, 1S7*. 
Caraou'B (Kit) life. D. C. Peti 

CsnlaiFs (J.) Momoira of W. 

Ersktneand. Fcee oliuroh of Scotland. 12°. £ 

inburgb, 1810. 
Carl«*ni portraita and aketckea of men of the do 

4°. London, 1673. 
Ca>lo»na. M.J. Preaton. im. Boston, ISTS. 
Vassard (Andies), Ciuouenta alioa ilela vida i 

A.Caasard. 8°. Nnova York, 1S75. 
Caasilda. 6°. Now TorS, 1875. 
Casliuo. Penobscot, and BrookaTllIe, Msin 

J. n. Moookton, 

b, T. Hob, H. 

1.. Whee 

a. 1875. 


Calheilrol B,Tet«m vindloiit«i), E. M. Goiilbur 

12°. London, 1870. 

Howson{-r. S.) Easajaoneatliedralfi. S". Lu 

ileott (M. E, C.) Traditions and cnstoms of 
u. 1873, 
nna. Konv. fid. IC. 


Catherine Blnm. A 

[(Euvrea compWtea, v. 30]. 
CatLevlne (Saint) of Genoa, T.ih aiiil doctrine of. 

12°. Sew York, 187*. 
Catholic cburcb. 

MoBBman(T.\V,) Hiatorjof (heoatholicelinrch 

ofCbriat 8°. London, 1 873. 
O'Gallaghor (& P.) Uoetrlue ot the eatbniie 
ebnreb.ionoblngpBnance.Sic. If. NewYork, 

Catshlll fa 


es. V.W.Jolins 

Le Canci 

[CEiivtea complitea, v. 117-110], 

Freshfleld (D. W.) Travels in tbe cent 

eaans and Baaban. 1S°. Loudon, 1801 

MounBoy(A,H.) Journey tkrongb Canci 

Persia. ISf. London, 1873. 

Causei'icB. E.F.V. Abont. les^ria 1G° 

Same, ao afiiie. 16°. 

Pnria, ISCe. 

Causei'Ies. A.D. Unmas. 

10-36 aerie. Sv. Vfi. 

Pfirfs, IBflO, 

[CGuvroa computes. V. 31 


4t. S=. Paris, 18*3-68. 

Cavalier (Kobei-t, ateur d 

Ifl Salle), Advcntuies 

of, J. S.C. Abbott. IB-. 

New York, 1875. 

CB*nH-r tactics. United S 

itea. War department. 

Iff. New York. 1874. 

Cave bunting, W.B.Uawklus. 8°. London, 1874. 

CaiiaoB (Tbo>. E. G. E. 

L. B. Ljtton. New ed. 

16°. London, 1873. 

Caynita in tlie field. H. a 

d J. Hall, av.inl. 8=, 

y Google 


Cayii|tii,N,T.,CouQty alias of. F 

New York, 18J5. 
Coeil (William), lord Burgliley, 1 

CluirletOD. 6". Stamford, 1S4T. 

C«cilc. A.D.SiimnB. NanY.ed. I 

la complitea, r, 


. J. S. Sauziuio. 

Jbectsou (W. 

V. NewBd. 

CkurlcB le t6m( 

V. IIP, Paris 

[(BBvrea oomp 

Ckartcri*. M. 

CelcbritioBoftliepaat ai 

ia=. PbiladelpLla, 1874. 
Cellnlar patbolney. DIa 


Cemclcrica. De sspnltnra ot oooraeteviia. F.J. 

Monlart. 8". LoTanii, ISGi. 
Cemetery (CbriatiaD) ia tlie nitiatooiilli ecnliiFy. 

J.J.Gannie. 1S=. How York, 1814. 
Cewtenuinl city. nandbooltofPbil^Mleliiliia. W. 

Syekelmoore. 13°. Pblladelphia, 1B75. 
C^uteuuial gazetteer of tbe United Slatps. A, 

Ton Slsinivetr. 6=. Philadelpbia, 1874. 
Centner otiudepeudeDce, 1^^' luitionnpolie, 16~<. 
Cepherine. J. H. ItobinsoD. 8°. ^Neir Toi k, 1E6-3. 

JacqnemaFt (A.) Hisbiry of tlio co 

ivODdoD, isra. 

Waring<J.B.) Ceroinio avt In ran 

urt. 8". 

Ceylon, Scenery nud ron 
oliamps. fol. Loiidup.lii' 
Chalilee laji^oage, Loxii 

Cboiice (A) acqu^utance. 

Dosl«D, 1813. 
Same. ia=. Boston, 

itiisconcoB of. J. Dea- 

8". Amatelitdaioi, nsT. 
W. D. Howells. 1S°. 

], 1873. 

I, Uoil» 

. Lon. 



l fuJini 

n, IBJB, 

r (William Elbsry), Cc 

and Lnoy Albin. ISP. Boatan, 18T4. 
Chnp.baokB of Snotlaiid, BuBioroiia. J. Fi-afo 

Partsi-U. 13°. KflW York, 1 873. 
Chaplain (The) with the children. B. K. Pein 

16". New York, 1870. 
Ckapaeler, Natnra's revebitious of. J. Simii 

Characters and genixtne ancodotQS, Ilejil. l( 

Cbiweoal bnrneis. Hand-book for. 6. Svedvlii 

ia°. New York, 1875. 
Charente. Deecriplion du lUpartemeut ilo 

(Ibarente. H. Coquand. 2 t. 1:J0. Bpsanfmi 

Mnraeille, 1838-62. 
Charelte. 13°. New Yoi'k, I87S. 
Charett«. Vie dn g6n6ral Cliaretto. n.Jl.T.Lc 

Bonvier-DearaottierH. I! v. S=. Pni ia, 1809- " 
Charlfw 1, of England. Tin prcijoc do ni 

royal. F-P-G-Gidzot S>. Paris, 1EG3. 
Charles the second. Diary of Hie limes o 

Sidney. 2t. 8°. London, i84i 

Cort6a (H. 


Hialory of thereignofCbarle 
3t. ia°. Philadelphia, 18T5. 
aire. A. I>. Dumas. Roiiy. 6i 

1 Life of S. P. Chase. 8°. New 
Afloonnt of the life of S. P. 


ir (Le) dc aanyagine. 

l. D. Dim 

[(Envreq completes, v. 3G]. 
ChaBtea9h3e,poreasenow. M.C.DesparA Bdeii. 
1!°. London, 1874. 

CliasUlr. D. Lewis. ISI>. riiiliulelDliia, 1S7J. 

ChaieaH{Le)d'Eppeteln. a v. Ifi". 

FnriH, 1800. 
[(EnTTes oompiCitoa, r. 37-38] . 
Chateau MorrHla. B.K, I*-. Piiliadolphiii, 1873. 
Chateaux. Plana do obatoans ot I'fi^doncoa do 

Bonverains. CPercicrandP. P.L.Foulaiue, fol. 

Puria, [1835] I 
Chattertflu. D. Uasson. 12°. London, 1874. 
Chauneeyjudd. 1 P. Wairen. 13°. Now Tort, 




delphia, 1873. 
ChcMical and geological essays. T. S. Hu 

Boston, 1875. 
Chcuicnl technology. Jahrofibericht ii 

li^iatungen dcr olieniiHohen teclinologie. ( 

regiatar ubei band 1-ls. F. Gotlachalk. » 

AttflelKJ) Cb nilstry 1 

^ Philadelphia,! 

Cjoke(J P 1) IbeiKB 

oliemiatry li°. J 

York 1874 

Eaiigho (D M) Elemeu 

ti fisioo cbcmici. 

losaano 1943. 

Lupiocht(R.) BibliothOF 

coiitioa 1858-1870 8=> 

.xottiugon 1872, 

gio geogooaie bodenkunde, ate, 8°. Bii 

— Pb^sik anorgamsr 
ie e> Brnnnacliw 
ts (H ) an 1 others 

c phaii 


>= Loudon, 18T5. 
!io S° Leipzig, 

I«M lo 1, 1874. 

( horabini. E Belli 

canal Eaport on tbe propoaol '5 H Sweot. i 
Albany 4BCB 

Cbttkara Sftciety Remains connectLd nilh 1 
(lountlesnt Lanoaaterand Chaster 9^ v, s 
4° Manohealflr 1845-73 
Hurray (J.) Handbook tor Sbnip9hlca,Cbashij 
and iBUCaahlre. IS". London, 1970. 


y Google 

iiil(i.)Lft™ [ 

and Inr 

iji.l ClinHlitra wills 

nalsof. W.I). 

aoaE.Mioboner. ia°. PhiladelpUia, 1SV4 

Hamtngwiiy (J.) Hlatory of tlifl city of Dhestei 

St. 8= Cheater, IflSI. 
P. (LM.R) HiatorjoftheoityofCbBsfflr. &= 
Cheater, 1815. 
tihCHtorlleM, Wit anil wisdom of the earl of. P. 

D. Stanhope, fp. London, 18J5. 
Ckclhani society. Kemaing. t. l-9t ajid 

ClicTimer(Lo)d'HarmantaL A.D.Dnmaa. 

[tEnvres iioini>16tee. ^ 

Clierslior (Le) de Ma 

NoitY.M. St. 16°. I 

[<EnvroB oompWtes, T 

ChcyeuHo uid oorthBm 

H.Tpiggs. 8°. Omalif 

oage. A. D. Dumas. 





■n{M.r..) ereatre 
plas party In Ckie^^o. 
CUamberUo |B.) Cliioaj 

Ciifoago, HiY4, 
Tunnels (The) and natei 
Chioc^, 1374. 
Cbfef Jnstjces ol' tlio an| 

ttmesof. annndera. 8". Naw Tork, 
Child life iu proao. J.G. Whittter, fs°. 

Cbild of Ilia tide. E. D. Cianoj. W. 

Childhaod of the world. E. Clod<I. 1 


book of the age. W. F. 

Child I'cn. 

SaintB-Marthe (G. n. de). Psdotropliif 

art of nnrelnff and raaring cLlldrau, 

don, liar, 
Stabblns ((J. S.) Tiotiraa of isnoran. 

aaaes and daformitiea of children. 13'. 

fleld, Mass. 1873. 


denciade Chile. 

t (D. P 

i da la tndepOH 
itiago, 1670-73. 
. Elatoria d> 

ilinli olmreh. Los ocyenes de la igleeio ohile- 
h, 1510-1603. 0. Ertiiinris. S". Santiago, 1873. 
inn, Jonrneys in north, A. Williamaoo. S v. 

Chlueic language, Syllflbio illotionary of the. S. 

W. Williams. 4°. Bhanglial, 1S74. 
Ckinexi prOTSrhs trimslated, Collection of. W. 

Scarborongh. 12°. Shanghai, IffTS. 


az& do Los- 

■otlishoii. F. M. lliillor, 

rclatio de niissionibns soci 
it™. J, P, PernandeH. 4 
Augustte Vindelieorum, 173S, 
Cliiralvr. La clievalerio. A. F. Croi 

aar. 8°. Pacis, 18J9. 
ChoisT- J. P. Stary, 8°, Boston, 1873. 
Cliolcra, HIatoryof the bavels of aaiatio. J.C. 
Peters and E. McClellan. 
i_Iu TJaited States. Snrgeon general's oflloo. 
Choleia epidemic of IKJS. 8°. Wasliington, 

Climlcy (H.F.)Pianch6 (J.E.) and Young (J. C.) 
Persoaal reminlaeeiioes. 10°. Kew York, 1874. 

ipBS(|. Memoives. 16°. Paris, 1753. 


Cooper (T.) 

EfHnger (0. H 

eicilaln, 187* 



. sq. 


I TJnaer heil in Cbrieto. 1S°. Ein. 
Christ In act. 4o. Now York, 

CbclBtinliterature. 8=. Naw Tork,1 

Farrac (F. W.> Life of Christ, llth ed. 

8°. London, 13) i. 

Same. 8°. Albany, 18J5. 

Goodwin (H. M.) Chiisl and hnmanity. 

Hew York. 1875. 
nan^lfi (S.) Kingdom ot Christ on asrth. 

AndOTer. 1874. 
LeoBard(W.) Viasaera: or,footpi1ntsofChi 

1S=. Brooklyn, 1875. 
Looniis (H.) Christ and antiehiist 1C°. Now 

York, IB 

biH aiMtstlee. New ed. 
Keber (O.) Christ of P 


3 of 

I, Tbi 

Every thing In Christ. 13^, Now 

Christ, the king and witness of 
Boston, 1714. 

oC T. W. Allies, 



anibasaador and 
Boston. 1875. 
Id aymbolism. E-StJ.Tyr' 

.. P. Paabody, 

Cbl'iatiou art 

lao. London, 
ChEiatinn belief and life. 

Boston. 1875, 
Clirislinn doctrine. Christliclic ilogmatik. 

Martensen. 3=. BerUn, 1856. 
Chl'istlaii ethics, D. S. Grasory. 13°. P 

phia, 1875. 
Chrislinn Iiolinesa. Letters on. J. A. Scot 

Philadelphia, 135B. 
Chrlallnii {The) in tho world. D. W. I 

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3 clirlatUehe loystik. L. 

Loudou. 1873. 
ChriBliniirlietorio Sjatemof. G.W.Hepvey. 8°. 

Hew York, 187S. 
Cbiistlan lliBolo„T W Lon).' «>. New YDrk, 

ChiiHtian (The) trnmpat G. Eoasi. 19=. Bos- 

riivisKnu unity E ta hd tae ! a plea ibr. T. N. 

BoBbm, len. 
Crowell (E.) Identity of primitive chria 

iHul modem apiritnallsm. &=. ITewTor 
Eaton (J. E. T.) PermaJieiioe of eiiriai 

8°. Loniloa.iem 
HBliliercl (5.S.) Secret of cbristlanlty. IS 

Hemana (C.T.) Ancient eliristianlty and 
art in Italy, lao. LondoD, 18«6. 

Mediajval oTiYistinnity and Baored 

ItBly. T.l-a. 13° London, imi9-Ta. 

0'KaafB{M.) Key to trno olriatianity. a°. 
delphia, 18T4. 

Peabody (A.'V 

w Yoric, If 



(H.-W.> Modem ol 

Leatlienlsm. 13° SaliBbnlT, Ei 
Savage (M. J.) Clrletlanity tlie seience of man 

hood. ISO. Eo8tDn,18T3. 
Seiiart.Gleiinie (J. S.) The law of tlio origin anS 

don, 1373. 
■WliliamaoB «, D.) Arsiinient for tbe traUi ol 

obristianlty. l«o. Mew Tork, 1836. 
Winalow (H.) Cbriatianity applied to onr eivil 

and aooial relatione. 13°. Boston, 1934. 
Withrow (W. H.) The oatacombs of Eome, and 
their toalimony relative to primitive cliriaUan- 
it.y. li=. Hew Yorl!, 1814. 
Cliristine et sa oonc. C.P. Vander-Velde. v. 1. 

IB". Paria.lSar. 
Chi'fsiiiiaH. ;G1 paatorde nocbe liiicoa, J, Fala- 

fosyMendosa. 18°. Madrid, lid. 

Naiiolama (J.T.) Meniorabilivni omnia ictatia 

Phebens (E. E.) Kronijt van 150S-I5D4. 3". Ul- 
rechl; 18iiT. 
ChrBHieleaofTnrkevtown. J. Peters, pseurf. IS" 

Philadelphia, 1899. 
ChTOHlkoB babraikoii ; or the elironology of the 
scriptures, J. Thomas, m. d. fP. New York, 1856. 
[Wilh his Elpia Israeli. 
ChFOUoloxT- Hoeiones de cpoaoloeia universal. 
E. Mendoia and M. A. Eoea. ff. 116 sioo, 1374. 


AkoB (J.) Man 

1 of nnivareid ohnrch history. 

G.-uTett (A. C.) Historioal continuity: eketebea 

on the church,. 16°. Hew York, l!f75, 
Moebler (J. A,) De I'onitu de I'ogliso. S". Bvn. 

sellos, 1839. 
Scott (A. T.) Tlio need of Oio cluircb. 18°. 

Philadelphia, 1660. 
Slilploy(0,) Theohurcliandtheworld: Sil ser: 

essays. R°. London. 1867. 
Tlion]pson{J.P.) ChnrchaDdatatoiii tbeHiiited 

Statoa. 16°. Boston. 1873. 
"WTiatof Hie churches and clerks 1 12°. Spring 

field. Moss. 1874. 
hnrehhistoty. £ee I■:■stoIT■ 

pts,hllv. 12°. Philadeipbis, 

Comer (3,) Enral elinvcbf 3. 4". London, 18 
Wlieler (&.) Aoconnt of the ohnreliea of I 
primitive christians, 18°. London, IBBO. 
Cicri-o (M. T,) 



S.M.) BJbliotbea 


Morahin(J.) Histolra de CicSron. 4°. Paris, 1745. 
CicoFauoi art guide to painting in Italy. J. 

Burolikardt. 16°. London, 1873. 
Call, Pllgtiinaeetotlie land of tlie. A. F. Oznnam. 

IBP. How York, 1875. 
CiMcIuiiali, Illustrated. D.J.Kenny. 13°, Chi- 

Ciueiimati of Maeenohusctta, Memorials of the 
Bocietyof the. F.S.Drake. &'. Boaton, 18T3, 

Cii'clo, Quaibatui'oofthB. J.A.Parker, 8°. Kew 
York, 1374, 

Circuit rider. E. Eggioaton, 12°. Hew York, 

hlood. The dlseoTory of tho. 
Physiolosy of. J, a Pettisrow. 8°. 

Circniatioii of 


London, 1» 

Cithnra. M,E,Tiipper, 13°. London, 16 
City (The ancient) : a stud.y on tho roliRion 
of Graoce and Ennie. H. D. Ei 

City Bonnda a 

d rural 



S. Elnoklock. 

19^. HewYo 

k, 1374, 




hiatory of th 




Civil liberty. 

. E». Phila. 

delpbia, Igl4. 




[jriinitive. 3°. 

Paris, 131 



r civil 

19=. Philadelphia, 

ClaimnHlB an 


•n, Celebrated, IG". 

London, 1873, 

C tail' vay ant. 

How to 


6°, Kownrk, 

H. J. 1874. 



Dupuy. 12°. 

PhiUdelphlo, 1S75. 
Iloriasn. S. Kiohardaon. 18°. ICew Yorli, 11 
Clnrlc (J, F.) Autobiographical reeoHeotions. 

y Google 

Clnseical literature, HUtory of greE 
A.LoHiig6. 1S=. New Tort, lem 

Clnasicii (Lntiu). BiblioCbecii olttiali 
a.Lemairs. 141 y. 8=. Parislle, IS 

Same. Biblinthooft oomplemer 


In and thyaa. 

Ciamle Molootte 

09 a dalectit 

e. A. 


13°. New Tort, 18J5. 

8^. Pari 

(LemairB (K. E 


a iKtlDa, V 


Clayton's rangers 

E. H. Will 

13°. Pbll 


tlie oLurcU 

of Eng 

ia=. I,cmclon,ma 

Clerical (My) frie 


tbouglit T. W. M. Mftrehall. 

S=>. I->ii 


CIlBbrdli-eup. M.J.-Wostmo 


Vi". Mew 


n tboic geol 


atioos. J 

Croll. 8°. London, 1875. 
Clinical oleoCro-therapDutics. A. MuL. Hamil 

8". How York, 1ST3. 
Cllnienl leotoFBO. K. S. Davis. 12°. IJbic. 

Clio. J.G.PeroivaL 12". New Totk, ISST. 
Clique of gold. B.Gabociau. i°. Bostou, 187 
Clock (The) Btruck thiw, S.Wataoii. 13°. i 

Cloth of g Idaiidotho 

(iHb-foot ^[au al of t e treaiment o 

Sayra. Sd e I IJ >f o T Tork IB 4 
Clytic J Hat op 3 1™ Londo 
Coal tralo ibe F E Sa vwd B 

Coal n^gioiL* ol Am nca J MjtoI 

Now Tu k lerj 
borne Jd ed w tb ari pi 8= 

( obdpii and lom pol t cal op a c 

Ro era 8 Lonlon Irti 



E Hen 

} Jr 8o New To 1 

■a Lbalecft 
seuni, B-L-Poole. 8°. Loafl 
[Bi'ltiab museum. Catatogi 
Colcbeater, History aud deaoi'iption of, J. StvuU. 

3y, IS". Colcbestsr, 1803. 
Colcbraob«(H,T.)Lifoof. T. E. Colebrooke. 8^ 
London, 1873. 
[Colebcooko <BL T.) Mlaeellaneoiis essays, v. 1]. 
Calcoptccn AUantiduni. T. T. Wollastou. S". 

Loudon, 1883. 
Calooplcra Hcspei'iduD 

London, 18in. 
Coleridge (S.B.) Meni< 




[Ray Boeiety. Pubtieations]. 
CalUer (Le)delareiiie. A.B.Dnn 

(CEuvres oooiplfitea, v. 4«]. 
Colombo (C.) 

Colombo (IT.) Vie de CliiiBtoHo Colouib. av.iu 

Goodricb (A.) Histey of C, Columbus. 8'. 
New York, 167*. 
Cfl—nbo (F.> r. Colomli , esani critique. H. Hoi- 

riase. 8°. Paris, 1SV2. 
Colouin (La) felloe. C.Dosd. 8°. ililano, 1874, 

Leroj-Bcauliea (P,) Da la colonisation choa los 

peuplea moderneB. 8". Paris, 1874. 
Slafter (E. F.) Sir William Alexander and aujer- 
loan coionization* sm. 4°. Beaton, 1873. 
Colorado, Hand-book of. 3d year, 18°. Denver, 

Colors for painting, Tbe manufaeturo of. J. R. J), 

Riffault and otliera. 8=. Pbiladolpbla, 18T4, 
ColoBslouH, Commentary on Epbeslaua, Pbilip- 
pians, and. K.Braune. 8°. Now York, 1374. 
iln Laage <J. P,) Coramontary on tbe boly 
acrlptures. Now testament, v. 7, pt. 4]. 
Colauibia college (New York), bounding of 
King's colloge (afterward Columbia). D. J. Pratt . 
80. Albaay) 1875. 
Columbia, Topograpbical atlaa of Maryland and 
tbe diatrtot of. S. J. Martenet, H. 1'. Walliug and 
O.W.(Tray. fol. BaltJmore, 1873. 
Coliiniltiaii speaker. I,. J. Campbell and 0. Rout, 


IB (C.) Bee Colo 


a 1874 


CoumdicHanatraBeaiBS. G. Chapman. 3 r. 10°. 

Couidr. &e Drama. 

n J E T 

gerald. 8=. London, ISTO. 

Comedy of terrors. .T.DeMiUe. 8°. Boston.lSTS. 

nt an 1 taxa 

Coming wave. W. 1.'. Adama. 16". Boalen. 1875. 

CoiHUiandcinente, Eiposition of tbe. G. Babing- 


entaJ coins. 

8°. How York, 1875. 

eterdaoi, 1778-84. 
Wheelor <■!.) Treatise o: 

London, 1601. 
Yeats (J.) Teobalcal, industtial nnd trade ei 
caUon. Tbe growtk and vicissitudes of co 
mecce. 18°. London, 1372. 
Commercial index to first bands in iron, stoel, e 
W,H.B.Snijtbe. 12°. New York, 1873. 

Conimoilorv's signal book. T. Manning. 1! 
New York, 1874. 

y Google 


M. V. H. Terlii 


160 Lexington, Ky. 
Coniiiinnivii, Ho];. J. B. D. Dnlgalrns. 3e fid. 

12°. Dublin, 1868. 
CloiHiuiiiiiBtic societies oC tlie United States. C. 

Norflhoff. 8°. New York, 1875. 
CoiiBpnguoua (Lea) do Jubn. A. D. Damas. 

Nouv. 6(L 3v. ISO. Paris, 1868. 
[CEnvres oomiililtea, t. 47-49], 

V. Cberbnli 

lofid. ] 

Comic (Le) deMoiteCristo. A.D.DumE 

6d, 8 7. ifio, Paris, 1871. 

[(EnTrea complSteB. v. 50-65]. 
dnutcasc (La) Ae Clisra;. A.D.nums 
M. 6v. 16=. Piiria,lBJ3. 
[(EuTres lomplStes, T. 56-81]. 
Cvinlcasc (Lt()deSalisbary. A.S.Diiinc 
6d. 2t. 18=. Paris, 1881. 
ItEnvraa eomplfitea, v. 82-63]. 
€«inas. Lea dona de Comus. F. Marit 

.r, critiea] cbapii 


ConcliolosTi Ameiicaa mariuo. G. W. Irjon, jr. 

so. Philadclpbift, 1853-74. 
Cond^, Hlstoiro dea prinooa do. H. K. p. L. d'O. 

duo d'Anmale. a t. IP. Parle, 18GS-64. 
Same. History of tbo princes do Gondii, a v. 

8°. London, IBTO. 
DonftHlerntc etiLtes of AuicHoa, Currency of tbo, 

W.Loe, 40. WashiDBlou, 1815, 
Confcrciicca. Conferences aux damos du moude. 

J, F. A. T, Landiiot 5c 60. 18°, Paris, 1866. 
Confcssiva, Startling faata ; relatire to aurionlar. 

J.O.White. 8°. Cincinnati, 1815. 
CoureHsiaMa (Les) de la marquise. A, D. Dnmas. 

ICEnrres compWfas, r. 64-C5]. 
ConfosHlauB of a minister. Loaves from tbo dla- 
iyoEJ,Leonliai'dt,jiss(u[. 16o. riiiiadelpliia,1874. 
CoHflict of stndifs, and otber osaays on education. 
I. ToiUmnter, 3°. Lonflon, 197.1, 

viiu. Zoroastre, Coufucins et Mabomet 
oomparfis. E. C. J. P. de Pastorot, 4 pts. ii 
lao. Paris, 1787. 

i. Abridgement of tbo (lobatoa of. 


ory. *3fl c 

3d B 

r.iooob (J. L.) Flor. 

Pilic 15,) and Hayward {S.) Iteiieiona eases o 
con science answered. 16°. Philadelpbia, 180C 
Yalentja de la modre de Dios (P. fr.) Fnero d 

CoHBcicnce I'innoeeni^ A. D. Dnn 
Paris, 1861. 
[(Euvres oomplotos, i. 66-67). 
Conscript (The). A, D, Dnmas. 


n (Tbe) 


B. Stcwn 

Mew Yorli, 1» 

Joiulnblc (Archibald) ajid bU correBpondiiuti 
Ccustttble, 3 V. 8", Ediubnrgli, 1SJ3. 

.Engena C.Kelsal]. 18°. 1 

sells, 1818. 

Ofliitier(T,) Conai 


1'. W. (Jlarko. 8°. Waahiuatou, 1673. 

Androwa {I. W.) Mauual of tlie conatitntlou of 
the United States. 8°, CineinnaU, 1374, 

Dulira (P. A.) Sopplfiment anx conatltHtions 
ebartes c( lois foadamentales. 

[in Laoroii (J. V,) ConsUtutions dea pria- 
oipans etafs. 8°, Paris, 1836]. 

Laforri6ra (E. L.J.) Les oonstitntions d'Europe 
at d'Amijriqrie. 8=. Paiis,186B. 

Uuited States, Constitntion of tlie Unilod 
States: Jeffersou's iiiaDual,and Barclay's di- 
gest. lstsces.43deong. 8°. Washington, 1ST3. 

Same. Sd sass. 43d coag. 8°. Washing- 

WiUiama (E.) Boot of tbe 
CouBiIiRilanal (The) couveutii] 

8". Now York, 1867. 
— Same, 3d ed. 8^. Cbioae 

I Consnmption and tubercnkisis. 
imaaen (H. W. von). Cyolopffidia of 
raotioe of medicine. 8°, New Tork. 





t i. la 4 



nier. 8=. Paris, 1 

i:TF«ftTnpetean(G.) D 

OS COllt 

m po- 

ns. 4eM. 1870] 

pen. S. 




drolatiquea. Tra 


ted into 




sao. 12=. London 


<Lc9) et disoovrs 





6°. Jlcnnoa, 158.5. 

y Google 


Cautoa populaires. J.P.Bla'le. 
CoiKribnlionstotbougUt. Vf.V 

Couconl, Mass. 1874, 
CnnTCnts. Les ooii™ala. I~ Lu 

■sci'H, Groi 
T(J.I>.) ( 

r. Mathows. 

°. Cllicago, 



DnmaslA.D.) Groad iliotioDna 

B°. Paris, lffV3, 
HamlltoQ (A. V.) Honaeholcl ojolopiecUa of rB- 

XUaeaa Iiame for the li'ieadleas. Konsae liome 
cook-book. IIP. lenvenwortL, ISIJ, 

Leslie (E,) Mias Leslio'a iiew I'eceipta for cook- 
ing. 12°. Phi ladolptia, 1814. 

Paul (S- T.) Cookery fcom es 
Philadelphia, 1875. 

ForCsmonth moaameatal cook bn 
nioutb, [0.| IS74. 

rraotir^ receipts of eKpenenced boueekeepers. 
9>. Cincinnati, 18V4. 

Preabj-tecian 000k book. 8°. Dajton, [O.) IS 

Torlmne (M. T. S.) "Common sense In 
household" series. EreshCast, luncbeoa i 
tea. 13=. Mew York, IB75. 

Tjaon(Mias— ). Tlie qneeo of the kltoben. Old 
MarylauU reoelplB foe ocokiug. 12=. Pbiladel- 

men and lelating to CocunitlL v, 1. ^. Lon- 

doB, 1874. 
Eorlaao(W.) NatnTnl history of Cornivall. fol, 

Oxford, 1753. 
Borlsse (W.C.) Ifienla cornubiai- «°. London, 

Polwbele (E.) History of Cornwall. New ed. 

^ T. iu 2, 40. London, 1W3-1«. 
Whitconibe{H.P.) Bysoao daya in Devonshire 

and Cornwall 12°. London, 18J4. 
lornivall (Orange CO. N.T.) L, Beaoh. 6°. Kew- 

CorricDlo (Le). A. D. Suoias. :n 
Paris, 1872. 

iplMes, V. ISO-lai], 
" , Handbook fo 

Corsica and Sardiai 

■- J. Murray. 

1. Life of ttd- 
LondOD, IB7I- 

I'nggoner (J. F.) Tried ai 


J, 1S7S. 

CoTvlu-n'iersbilzki (0. J. 

Autobiography. 3 
CoBuiIc philosopby, Outlinoa 

Boston, 1875. 
Cosmo de' Medici, and other poems, K. H. U< 

Cesiuoip-Bpfay. DrwJodo de cosas d 

I. Aluuln, 1373- 

1. J. Ton 

ted, proved. 9th tbi 
sand. IS". Cbioago, 187(1. 

— Same. Home cook i>ooh of Chicago. 9tb 

Ebouaand. 12°. Cbicago, 1878- 
Widdifleld (S.) New cook book. lao. 1 

delphia, 187^. 
Woodman (M. S.) Chotco receipts, sq.lfio 
ton, 1975. 
Cookiniin (A.) Life of. H. E. Kidgaway. 

Now York, 1873. 
Coomntsie and Uagdala. E, M. Stanley. 

New York. 18T4. 
Cooper (A. A.I earl of Shaftesbury, Life of. W. D. 

Christie. 12°. London, 1871. 
Caapcr<Tbomaa|,Lifeof. Byhimself. 13". Lon- 
don, 1373. 
CoMtpciralion in England. G. J. Holyoake. V. 

12". Loudoa, 1875. 
Copeland(J.)LifBOf. J. K. S. Fitts. aded. 8 

Jaokson. Miss. 1874. 
Copyright. See liOtT. Copyright. 
Cardora. Flore mesicaine ans environs de Cor- 
dova- a de Malzine. 8". Gand, 1873. 


Sollet (V.) Lacanohio (A.) and Lassalle (L.) 
Galfirlo dramatiqne. Costnines dea IbtSUes 
de Paris. 10 v. 4". Paris, 18-. 

Jaoquemia (R.) Iconograpbie dn costume du IVe 

fol. Palis 

Sgroppo ( 

K Stciles. 

Ca(iii8;c arobiteotuce, Hationoi. HCHuasey. 4°. 

New York, 1814. 
lonueilB (Tboolo^cal). Hlstolro des ooncllos. C. 

J.vonHefele. 10 v. 8°. Paris, 18011-74. 
;oHHtesa (Tbe) de Charny. A. D. Dnmaa. 8". 

Phiiadelpbia, 1850. 
^anntr topograpblea. E. E. Kelly. 4 r. 12° 

London, 1875. 
;oHrt-faola. Geschlcbta der lioftmrren. K- F. 

rliigel. (P. liegait-s, 17Sa. 
Courtin' (TbeJ. J.K.Lowoll, 4°. BDSton.1874. 
'ourtisancs (Les) da monde. A. Houssayo. 4 v. 

8°. Paris, 1870. 

lonrlshlp, Quaker art ot 10", Glnssow, 1770. 

!ow, Tbe dairy. A monograph OQ tbe Ayi'sbire 

breod. E. L. and J. N. Sturtevant. 12". Huston, 

K (G- V.) Recolleoliona 

Coriiilhians, Commentary on. C. F. Kling 

[Lange {J. P.) Commentary on the boly scrip- , 
tures- New testament. V. 0|. 
CarnlBli-enyllali vocabulary. H. Folwhele. 

>. Paris, 1870. 

rcing (C- B.) Mosaic 

y Google 


CrCaiivn atr6 

- La fllle dn i 


t. D. Dun 

CrCBlvr in (lally life, Eecofinitlon of lbs. N. S. 

Spei-ry. 16°. Hnrtfocd, 1813. 

EoDnet<V.) Le cigdit ot kabnnanes (I'dDiiasion, 
W. Paris, 1875. 

Le crSdit et lea finMioes. 8°. Paris, ie«S. 

Lord (E.) Credit, eucreucj anil banlilog. Sd ed. 
e-". New Yori, 1834. 

slal gems for tiie wibiMiOi-sobooI. L. W. AH 
.16°. PhiiadBlphift, 1875. 
«ial palace anil axblbition of 1851. J. Tall 
r. i°. LondoD, 1S53. 

(loii, 1873. 
O'Keil.y (J.J.) Tlio Mambi-land, 
ia Cuba. ISP. Pbila<1e]phia, It 
Cubnu iDBCtjrs. CSlepheuBoa. ISF 


Cromation of ti 

aalies. 1S°. London, 18t5. 
Crcaap (Micbasi), BioKrapbioai 
cob. 160. Cumberland, Md. ISiie. 

Pasbiey (R.) Traveia in Crelo. 2 

bridge, 1837. 
Stlllman( W.J.I Cretan inanrrecti 

ia=. Now Xork, 1871. 

PllieCL. 0.) Hlaforjof crime in 

1. 8". London, 1873. 
Warren (J. H. jr). Thirty yean 

Crimea. Voyage en Crimfie. 18°. 

[In Actcs rtes apfitfoa modernes, v. 
Criuiiiial calendar, Unitod StHtea. 


flfiiul, SP. Lon- 
-aiudo. Aaliosto 
elohof. J.J.Ja- 

Henue-Am Kiiyi 

n, 1871. 

).) KnltnrgesoLiiolite der neu- 
, Loipaig, 1810-72. 
Hitteli (J, S.) Brief blstory of cnituro. 18°. 

New York, 18J5, 

Ktemm (F. C.) Aitgemeine cuitur-geacliicblB. 

10 V. in 5. d". Leipzig, 1313-58. 
AilgeiDcine cniCnrwissenschaft. t. 1-3. 

B°. Laipslg, 1854-55. 
Sliairp ( J, C.) CulWre and religion. 12°, New 

Yorli, 1871. 
nibci'Iand (Anuy ot llie), ZietoT;i'of Clie. T. 

' battle wi 

,, Atlaa of. r. W. lieera. 
itoryof. S,Jeflisrsou. 2v. 

imbe (A.) DtotioDDaire de la langu 

Is. 8°. Montreal, 1874. 

— Grammaire do iH laajiue dea Cria 

With his DIutiouuaire de lalangnoiles 
i« jOQtneja. W. Tbornbnry. 8 t. 

uibevlaud co. Pi 

I. New Torfe, 187S 

nibcrlnail (Eag.) 

'. Cariisle, 1840-18. 

tiuncirorm iDscriptioDs. 

Laasen (C.) and Weatergaard (N. L.) Uebc 

beiliuacbilften der erateu iiud j^weitcn gal 

as. Bonn, 1845. 
Spiegel (F.) Die altperaiscbea lieilitieubri 

'nuuiagliaui (Alexander), earl of Gieni: 
Life of. H". London, 1874. 
[In EoEsra (C.) Tbree Bcottieh rcfocniers]. 
■ (Allan), Life of. D. Hogg. 

London, 1813. 
CpiterloH. J.L.Balmoa. : 
Crilical miacellauies. J. : 

Criticism. -Literary. CriU 

premier empire. J. F. Boiaa 

Cni'iauH antianiti 


, J.D.McCals, jr. 6", C 

S, de Gimrain, and otbors. 18=. 

<:rasa of Be 

Croaa (Sign of t1>e) in tbe ninet^entb century. J. 

J-Gaame. 13°. Philadelphia, 1373. 
CrawD (Ibe) sud its advisei'a. A 

Edinbnrgli, ISIO. 
CrawHcil in palmland. S. H. Nai 

delphia. 1814. 

Price (B.) Currenoy and banking. 13o. Lon- 
don, 1^6. 
'nrtiu« Rutan (Q.) Do rehns gestis Alexandri 

ILemaire (N. E.) Eibliothoca olassica latina, 
V. 73-71]. 

8°. Paris, la 

, Analyse dea 

=3 plan 

Lnoaa (H.) Hiatoire 

Benodiot (J. L.) Lawa for the government of 

officers of customs. 18°. Waahiiiston, J 875, 
UnitedStatas. Treasuiy Department. General 
r^nlationa under the cuatoins and navi^tjon 
laws. E°, Wash iDgtou, 1814. 
SMliaw. Cuatoma. 
CntliboM (Saint). LibeliusdeCullibertivirtatibus. 

lie^naid. W. Ijjndon, 1835 
Cutler (Benjamin C.) Menioira of. H.Gray. 12°. 
Kow York, 18&'i. 

y Google 


DeoHo (Richard), I 

Cyclopcilin of tliin 

Sii-orthhnon-ing. J. C. Wliito- 

hill Slid others. Sf 


Cyprus, Antiquiti 

» of. L. P. dL Ceanola. fol. 

LondoQ, 187S. 


6il. Ifio. Paris. IS 

Bally life of oar lb 

01. W-H-Beerer. IS^. lon- 

Daily remembrarM 

r on peace and war. J. Hem- 

mwiwfts, ISP. N 

w Vionoft, 0. 1S15. 

nmuttMUB. Voy 

fioiiDttoias. IS". Pads, 1859. 

Dame(I.a)»iixcan]61ias. UP. Paris, IglDJ. 

[Z»iDniiiaB(4-Sls.) Th«f.tre coraplel, », 1]. 
Daiuc (La) lie Moneoraaa. A. D. Dumas. Nouv. 


vnw ooraplSliea, t 


La) do Tolnpl*. 

A. D. Dnma 

V. 1C°. 





of death. l*s 


J. G. 

Eastner. 4=, Paris, 185S. 

DaHcinc, Completes)- 

tern of eoglish 

tr,y. T. 


. ia°. London, [1815] t 



E. H. Tatea. 



Shadow of M 

P.EoBSoUi. 1 




c. Baniie und 

Mine bauw 


J. C. 


z. 3r. obi. fol. 

Danzig, 1855 

Saiiube (Lands of t 

o). Die Don 

dor. E, 


aieanfl. 8". 



aletisolie nnd 




oar. Prison de Dartmoor. L. Ca 

tel. St. 

S". Paris, 1847. 
DartiBaHtfa eollege, Sketches of tho aluinul ol. 

G.T.Chapnjtto. 8°. Cambridge, l8flT. 

Hodge (W "WTiat is DarwiuUio ! 1^. New 

Xoik, 1874, 
Looomta (A.) Lo Darwiniame et I'origine de 

rhomtoe. ISf. Brnxelles, 1613. 
Schmidt (0.) Doctrine of desoenti and Darwin- 
ism. Sd ed. lao London, 1875. 
Seidlits (G,> Die Darwin'sohe theorie. V. 
Dashiell (T.G.) Pastor's recolleotioDa. 13°. Nen 

York, 1875. 
Bams, Handy-hoot for verif jlng. J. J. Bond. 13°, 

London, 1875. 
nanxkier of Bohemia. P. C. Fiahor. 8°. New 

Torfc, 1874. 
Uaiighter of Hetli, W, Black. 3 v. 13". Lon- 

don, 1311. 
BavM.kingoflsrael. W, M. Taylor. 12=. Xow 

Totk, 1875. 
DnvidHoii (John). Life aod vor^s. S°. Loa- 

, J. Hall. Ifi". Uar 
I. ia=. Kttw Tort, 187. 

Sc Foe (Doniel) ; life and writings. W. Lee. 3 

S". London, 1869. 
D^ipriuxolaile (La). E. (^aborlaii . 5e 6d. Q 

IB". Paris, 1874. 
Dclthcr (T.) Drauialie works. 4 v. 13°. Lo 

don, 1873. 
Dclnirnre, History of. F. Vincent. Jr. v. 1. ( 

Philadelphia, 1870. 
Delnsians, impostures & deceptions. K. A. Da 

DeiHi-niOHdo (Le). 16°. Paris, 187* 

lInDiinia3(4. flla). Thfifttre coiopletiT.a). 
Demona. La Strega, orero de gli inganai de { 

moni. G. P. Pico. 1°. P6acia,15Si. 
]>cn>lr»l«cin. J.H. Kaoop. sm.fol. Leenwt 


den, n 
[ Witli his Pom 
Dcnmnn (Thomas, baiM 
Arnonia. 8°. London, 

WormfO.) Daaicom 
i°. Hafate, 1B43. 

. Hafniso, li!43. 

Departure. T.J". Eioo. 12°. Toledo, 0. 
Dcrify (Town of ). History of Derby. W 
ad ed. 8°. Lonllon, 1617. 


T, 1811. 


onaryof. R Snllivan. I4thed. 

Deteclivc (Tlie) 

. Cologne, 

[In Kf^era (C.) Three Scottish reformf 

lavy'sl k t. HL. H.Ward, IS". Boston, 1873. Dclhroiiedl (Tlie) h 

lawson R he R cord of the deaoendiints of. Philadelphia, 1874. 

C Dw e^ Albany, 1871. Denlsclie (Die) kanzel: elne 

C Dw Albany, 1874. | Chamherahtiix, [Pa.] J845. 

uliat. A.Pink- 
. Dnpuy. ■ 

y Google 


Diano. P. Menrico. Nonv. id. 

i.) (Eavras compWtos, v. 77-1!) 
^s. A.BBlot. 40 6.1. 16°. Pari! 
•alDBa. A-D.DumaB. Nonv.eil 


orila about t 

1S°. New Torlt 
»«vil (The) in Aiuericn. 

bile, leOT. 
DoviaiM, ChroiiiclEs of t 

Mooro (T.) History 
LondoD. If 

C. Braaiangli 

of Devousli 

Polwliale (K.) Hiatoiyof DevonsLlre. 3 v. in i. 
fol. Esetor, 1793-1S06. 
■ Eiailon (T.) ChoroErapliical ilescriptton of tht 
eoiintjofDevon. 80. London, Iflll. 

.mbe {H. P.) Bycone daja in Devonsli" 


innati, 1. 

. London. 


[. Allen 


Clflrt (W. M.) Model dialognes. la^. PI 

1 Iphi 87 
F Dialognes on tlie other world, 

F K Dialogl plBcavolv. 18°. Vine 

M H H.} All kinds of dialogues. 


<I fields, I 

J. L. Babe. 1S=. 
B. L. Dieul.ifoit. 
shoii. J. F. Rich. 

ia°. Kew rork, l£t71. 
liniHOHds, nnpolished and poli 
iiioiid. 16°. New Torti, 1873. 
tiaue de Ljs. 16°. Paris, 1872. 

[7)1 Dumas (A flla.) TUUte complet, t. H 
linry and hoitres of the ladye Adoiie, 1332, ( 

DlchtcnnDl. M. ^ 

. Gotzinge 

J". Lo 

and 80 

Leipzig, 1870. 

Dickon* (0.} 

Anecdote blogmpli 

C. Dick- 

[ set 

=8, v.a]. 

Kent (C.) C. DIokens as a i-ead 


Abbott (L.) and Oo 

ant (T.J.) 


odjte. 8°. New York, 1875. 

Ambone(S,A,) P 

Btioal qnoti 


adelpbia, 1873. 

Prose qnota 

hiladelpiiia, 18711, 

Anlagnier lA. P.) 

AH mens 

t boii 

ons. 8". 






8°. Pai 

is, 1872-71. 

Bare* (-T.) 

A It 

triple 1 



ell. fol. 

London, 15 

BartleM (J. 



7th ed. 1 

Block (M.) Dictionnaii'eg«n«ra1dclapolitiqne. 

KonY.rSd. 3v. S'. PariB, 1873-74. 
Browne iT.) Union dictionary. IS", London, 

Bui'lie fj-. B.) Oenealoglcal and heraldic die 

British empli* 3etli and nth eOs. 3 v. 8°. 

London, 1874-75. 
Boyal descents and pedigi'ees of fbnndors' 

kin. 8°. Loudon, 1884. 
Campbell (L. J.) Fooket dictiouaiy of Uie ens- 

lish lan);ua^ 39°. Boston, 1373. 
Chonipr^ (P.) Diotionnaiie sbvAgi de la fable. 

Nony.*a. 1S=. Paris,ieOI. 
Collin (J. A. S.) Diotionnidre f^lal, 9e iH. a 8°. Paris, 1820. 
Cooper IT.) New biographical diolionary. 13°. 

London. 1873. 
Cotgrave (R.) Dletlonarte of the french and eng- 

lieb. fol. London, 1611. 
Same. French and onglish dictionary ; 

wiCh cnglish and freneh. ful. LuadOD, 1073. 
D'Heilly (G.) Diotionniiicc lies pseudouynios. 

18°. P»rls.l868. 
Domingues (J. B.) Blcoionario aacional de In 

lanjinit eapanola. limn ed. 3 v. i°. Madrid, 

Donald (J.) Cliarabors' dictionary of the e 

langnage. 13°. Brtlnbnrgli, 1873. 
Dumas |A. D.) Grand dictlonnatre do d> 

8°. Paris, 187S. 
Dupiney de Tocepierre (J. F. M. B.) Dletio 

fran^nis illoatr^ et oncyclopijilie nniv< 

2t. 4° Paris, 1807-08. 
Fairliolt (P-W.) Dictionary of terras I 

13=. London, 1870. 


rst(J.) Hebifflschee I 
liirtarbnch iiber das all 
=. Lelpsig, 1857-61. 

ad chald^lsolies 

Parie, 1S7.1. 

e «d. f 

Ui Vapereaix (G.) Diction naire dea eon. 
temporaiDB 4e «d. 1870|. 
Gaso (1-.E.A.) Dictionary of the engliah and 

Gattel (C. M.) Nuevo diecionario portatil. es- 

psilol 6 ingles, aq^. 10°. Paris, 1803. 
Hephnm (J. C.> Japaneso^ngliah and engllsb- 

japanese dioUonary. 8q. 10°. Ne» York, 1873. 
Jal (A) DicUonmura critique do biographio et 

dliietoire. Heed. 8°. Paris, lff!2. 
Joanne {A. L.) Dictlonnaire KiSograplilqne de ]a 

France. ae6d. 3y. 8°. Paris, 1873. 

y Google 


■ (J) Dlttionarlnn 
London, 1721 

lo britanii 

:<i1«d. I 
Sueaclika (E H ) ^euea nil s^nici ties dei 

adels-leslkon v fp LeipziR IttSO-' 
KnightfE.H) Amsi-icHn ineoJiRiiiCial tllct 

v.I-a. fp MrwYoik lH?i-7j 
Lacomba (A] Diotianpiiiie de li iMig 

Cria. B° Montreal, 1 374. 
Latham (K,G) DioUonaiy of tlie engli 

KiiflSa Sv lu 4 S° London 1870--3 
Maunder (S > Litde loiloon of the angll 

guage. 5th ed 3i° London la— 
MorJo (G.) anil Keitoh (J } DomoBtio diot 

I Diotion. 

of bill 

Borllu, 183 

6 oonTersniiona-iB JLI Bon. 

glsuhes re 

Bl-wSrterbnoh. <T.iu3. 8 




6d. 36 V. 

B>. Paris, 1S1«-19. 

inttoU (P 

A.) Dictionary of soiuuti 

13=. Lon 

on, ISfiB. 

laud. 8°. L 


n. 1858-74. 

Pai^na |R,) 

io;!rapbloal d lotion ary. 

IS'. NewY 

PajueW.) D 

ctionary of tbB Gi-ebo In 

19°. Philaiielphi 

PeriT IW.> a 

■al liiotiDBsry of the 


l»u guage. 1 

London, 1709. 


nlsh english vocabnl 

ry. 4" 

[IB W. His 


of Cornwall, v. lij. 

Foot (H. K.) 


of beal 


fol, DeUt,174,-. 

Potter (H.T.) 

aab Ian 

gnsjtes. 80. 


don, [1795) ? 

Poynder(F.) Diot 

onary of tliB eiifilisb In 


3flBfl. IS". 


d.m, 1870. 

C.) Porstwissenfch 




hon, 4". Berlin, 18 



sobool. 3°, 


don, 187*. 

Eeid (A.) Dl 

ary of tbs engliah 1 


lao. aUnbu 



Koberts (J. P.) Dlalouario Italiano-Ingleae e u 
gless-ltaliano. 3 v. in 1. 12°, Louflra, 1873. 

Bolwi'tBou (T.) Diutioniiaire Iddoloirlq^ue t de I 
lanjERO f i«n9itiee. 8°. Paris, ie59. 

Kolt(K,) Newdletlunaryottradeond comma™ 

2 1 ed 8° London, 177:|.T. B. de la 
hiRtoriqn^ de Panclan la 

Gathi9cbe9 gloaaat 
P.) CHtical nnd coi 

(E.) DicciuDDiiieaflgloi' 

lb (J) D 
J8 n i ed I 
aan (P H ) 

of the engliah Ian 

Spanish luid oaglish languBKHs 

¥111 ini 

. (S W) SjJlnbio 

12° M6f,™i 

TeY»8(T.L.) Cateei 
con uu lUOabnlni-iD 
SmXikw, DiLliona' 
I>ieppe to Che mountains of bootliuid Pioi 

from. UtTodler 18° BdloIimUi 18J3 
Sien diapoao. A D Dnuias Nouv tH 2 


ipletes V 82-83] 
uary, and ntaiine 
A.TwajdIe. 8°. Pblladelj 

y Google 


DiBatri EoiidinB. L S. Tnrgfinlcff. IC". ITew 

Dlrccloi'icB, resistors. et«. 

York. 181^. 

TTnlted States bnsineas dh-octory, 7.^ 

Viuing, Art o£ aq.iso. New York, 1874. 

%". PliiladelphimmS. 

I»io«widtb«mbj-ls. M.G.Eaoii. 6°. NewYovk, 


dt una polls, 1874. 

n!«.'in. W. T. nelmotb, 8°. St. Lonis, 1863. 

SeeS.tLV. Direotoms. 

Diplolcrntolvsy. H.Bcsae. 16°. Delnware.O. 

lM8canl«l(The) wife, E. A. Dnpny. I 

delpbia, ISrs, 


Glover (T.| Diptei'a. 4*. WastliiKton, 1834. 

16°. New Yort, 1874, 

Loew (H.) Dlplara of Nortli Amerioa. Parts 


1-S. 8°. Waabingt«ni, 138^-04. 

Failey (9.) DisconrBOB aud CHsajs. 


ton. 1851. 


paper piene airectnry. C. Mltobell & 

i, S", London, 1878, 

naoeotloal directory. J. Bndolpby. Sd ed. 

irisb, 18T5. ff.LMaj 
States, Mannal of tbe. 

BBilfoada of the Unit 

1874-5. 187a-a. H. V. Poor. 3 v, S=, 

York, 1874-7S. 
Salt Lake city direotoiT, Gaaetteet of Ub 

E-LSloftu. 1.%. 8°. Salt Lake city, 
Shippina Bccord of. 1874. 1975, An 


. So 

WaBbi„SioD, im?. 

Foy(M:,S,) Disconta. 2v. S=. Paiia.lSW. 
Sbedd (W.G.T.) Diacooi'ars and «fls,vfl. la-. 


llaneous collections, ». 

Andover, 1856. 
Smith (B.K.) Diaoonrses on yar.ons Sflbjcta 

I*-. Indianapolis 1874 

m rieau 

r of abipping, 1B74, 

H w York, 1373-75. 

al v.l-a. 1873-74. 8°. 

N Y 

pply directory. 1873. 

Divlntl)-, Syllabnsof lectniosonBTStematic H 

8-4-75. 3v. Iflo. New 

DlTOTre. S«i:<aw. Dnorre 

Y 87 

naetear (Le) myat^rietix A D Dumas. 9 ; W 

Bar m 

d. Cline & McHaffie. 

Pails. 1873. 

8= India 
ff 1« 

nrcb of England. 1875. 

[<Envrea complfiles, v. 63-69), 
»act«r and medical adviasr. Our own, 8°. Now 

York, 1873. 


43d conjiiesa, Sd sea. 

BMtorOxandotherstoiies. J.Terne. 18°. Ena- 

3t ed, ip. WiMUing- 



&MoHafBe. 8". In. 

ttoftoFsaadpatienta, J. Tin.hs, 9v. \^. Ix>n. 

H ks 

AMcHaffle. 8=. In. 

Bo««oi-'» wife. M,KBrHddon, 4tli ed. 3 v. 10°. 


1 Indei tfl first liands 

Hopkins. Sded. St. B°. Boston, 1811. 
Dodo (Tbel and its kindred. H. E, Strickland and 

A. G. MeMUe. S pts. In 1 v. 4°. London, 1848, 
»»« of Flanders, L, De la Bamfi. 12°. London. 


and Htesl aaso 
Johnson 00, ind 


13=. New York, 1873. 

ifl States. Am. Iwu 
n. 8°. Plilladelpbia, 1874. 
ne & McHalSe, 8°, Iiidi. 

anapolia, 1814 
Legal diceotoiY, Tro 

w's. 1875, H. C. Ulraao. 

Dogs. Newed. H.Wobb. 12°, I^ndon, 1873. 
Same. Newed. 12°, London, 1874. 

8°. New York, 187 
London directory toe 

^ameriean travele.a. 1814, 

DolHff bia best. J.T.Trowbridge. 18°. Boston, 

London direotoTy, P 

St. 12". Boston, 1H74-73. 

DsiuH* of tbe Bodley family. E. E. Sondder. am. 
40. New York, 1875. 

Marion CO. Ind. 

apolis, 1874, 
Morgan 00, Ind. 


,t McHaffie. 8o. Iiidian- 
e&MoHaffie, 8°. Indian. 

nanuuific ptoblem, A. M. Dtaz. 16°. Boston, 

noiHiiiie*, A 

book a 

lont. A 






Dominie'* so 

n. J 

H. Jones, 

2". No 

w Y 


Dornn* Del: i 


a poems. 





DouatiHts, H 


of tbe. 




. Eobbii 


Dorcas club. 

W.T. Adams. 




y Google 


D'Oria. llpalRamaelpdncipeD'Oriiv, A. Msdi 

and L, T. BBlgnuia. foL Genova, 1S74. 

Moli6pe(J.B.I'.) D,Tima6lc, 

»»n»hr>B ladder. E. Waatingtoii. IIP. Phila- 

EdiQbai-Bb, !g75. 

clBlphia, 1873. 

Monroe (J. R.) DiuiDss luid 

ox^. IS75. 

Opi.1 <pse^.l The «iond of 

18^. Loudon. ISTO. 

Murray (J.) Haiirtbook for Wiltaliire. Boraet- 

Oilxirn (L.) Mariamna. 1*>. 

sliire, and SoraBTBetflliii-e, Hewed. 12°. Lon- 

I'belpa {L. K.) Dr.imnlii; Htori 

don. 1666. 

Double (A) wadiling. C. A. W. Waifl^ld, 12°. 

Plaut..s(itf,A) Co.n<8.l™. 

PbHadslpbia. 1873. 

[Lomaii-e(S,E) BlbHotl. 


T. 54-57]. 

Now Turk, ISJS. 

Porta (G-.della). Comine^Ua. 


BloB p]a:t 

Bonar (J.) 

Cbaney (G. L.] 

works. 3 V. ia=. Lon 

f Orleans. IS". 
anibrid!,'e, 1873. 

Collb(M.L.l Poetical dpainj 

IS. IB". 

OB til 

DekkerlT.) D 


14 r. IB". Paria. 18l>S-fi5 




Seed. 4v. I«=. Paris. 


Glaptkoiiie (H. 

Plays a 

a poeuia 

London. 1874. 


r de Saiiit-Jnst (0.) 

Helringioii. 8° 


Hey wood (T.) Dmmaticw 

rka. At 


Kinney (E. C. 

Bianoo Copello. 


York, 1873. 

Lttoon IpMud.) 

Xbe dev 

Mobile. 1887, 

niHloxien (H. de 

. Poli^bi 

elle deni 

[J« Salleng 

re (A. H.1 

Fiiaea & 



. Kapoll, 

SacbB (Hans). Brnstliche trnucrapiele, lisbUube 
*cliau9pieloite. 3v. IIP. NiLrubarg. IBie^l. 

Sainte-Benve (C. A.J Tablsan de la poiiaie IVho- 
oiUse et du tli^Alie franijtis au. xvie ai^ule. 
Nouv.fld. Ifio, Par-is, 1869. 

Bardou (T.) Eiii-abas. Coin6die. 16o. Paris, 

It IB.) 


Sobiller(J.C. F.voi 

. Cabalandlovo,at 


8°. London, 1795. 

Seiieea<L. A.) Ope 


3v. 8o. P 


[Leioflho ru. E 


ShaUeapeara (W.) 

New varto 

uin edlliou 


bv H. H. Purnpss 

belb. BO. 

ddpl,i«, 187J. 

Uamlst. Tra 




D.> ThfeSt 



iKht's rt,-e 

ill, by 

A. Frederioka. 4 

. Now T 


brmedbySalviuL 8o 


York, 1873. 

Stt.r.v(W.W.) ife 



q. ISO. 

Ediubargli, 1875. 

Suckling .{Sit J.l 

Poems, pi 

ya and ot 

ler rs- 

Swinburne (A. C.) 


.t tragedy. 

3d oil. 

TayiDr(B,} TbeprapLet! a t 

agedy. !*■ 

. Bos- 


Terentiua Afer (P 

PariBiis, IBitt-^S. 
[Lemaifo (S. E 




Towneley (The) my 

Ceries. 8° 



VsnableiW.H.) Tlieamateu 

actor, la- 

ctnnati. 1874. 


y Google 






in. 6y. 16 

Dramatic a 

toriB,. L 

H PliBlps 

Eib1e t.ilk. 

R Rjau. 

don. 18a=-.-10, 

nrame (Le) 


3v. 16°. p 

aria, 1866-67. 

[(EHvrea o 



omiiBB flo 

la We Utt 


26 63. 1 

0°. Palis, 


■. A.T>.L> 

16°. Pa,is, 



VrHUiea (Lbh) grants 


av, 1 

°, Poria, 

SebaLd <H.) ZBlchneu-achnli 

WlUaon (M.) Drawiua guid 

8°. Plitla,lBlph1a, 
13°. Haw York, 
12=. New York, 

Sheppurd. 1R°. London, 1347. 
DreaileH. Aueiiatenm: moniime. 
Dresds. W. (i. Heeker. 2 v. fol. 

|(Ensrea oompifitea,]. 

Pitagerald (P.) Lite of Altiaui 

St. 8°. London, 18T3. 
nnnib (Tliel iHJ.y of Fiiboiirj(. C. G. Nl 

New Yoik, 1873. 
Dnmb (The) traitoi'. M. £. WilmBr. 
York. 1874. 

J. Irvi 


Loudon, 1874. 

niirer (Albert) i his life and wo ka, W. B. S 

G. dB ColdiuKhsni, E. do Graj-stauea, et W 

Chauilii'e. J. Kaino. 8=. London, 1839. 

nualoii (Hannak), Heroismof. RB.Ca.erij 


Beaton, 1B74. 

nntlon (Aiiiy), Streets and laiiea of a olty -. 



Sprli.s?. IB=. Na"burj-porC, 1784. 


Daval (0.) and otiiere. PetitBs maiaons. 


Whflfllflp (G,) Cliolos o( a ilwelUiig. li°. Lon- 
don, I8!l. 

Booea (D.B.St, J.) TroalLie on tlin iliaoaaes of 

the ear. 8". New York, 1873. 
Saiasj (J. A ] DlBciiisBa of tlie iutocnal ear, S°. 

TrSllsok (A. von). Luliriwoli dor olirenhBil- 
kanda. StsaafL 8". Lei pais, 1813. 

Dawaon (J. W.} StOfj of tlic earth and man. 

U". New Yock, 1873. 
ilarah (G. P.) Tbo onrtli as modided by human 

ivlh a 

and hidi 

Shelby, 0. It 
Garltalrbriabi aud glory of the imniortal life, J. 

E.Stebblna. 8°. Hirtford, 1875. 
Knainswold and it« ncigUbourbood, Vallia Eliora- 

cmiais: Hhabistoryof. T. GilL «=. London, 1852, 

It tThtrl 

my. Netherlsnda, Die j^aandt- 
llschen gaaallBOhaft in don Turel- 

>s Lo'> 

liBbea, D. K, Loeko. 
oiuulrof. E. R. Eaat- 

[In Eastlake (C, r. ) Coulributtona Ut the liteta- 
tureofflne aitH. 2d aeriea. Bo. Londoa,lB70J. 
EBtims for strength. Ml L, Holbrook. 12°. Hen- 
York, 187S. 
EboMandKold, C. L. Mollvaiu. ly. New Torli, 

Sama. 12P. Now York, 1873. 

EeccHtvicitlea of the animal cvB.ttion. J. Tiniba 

y Google 

BcolosiBHtcB, nuc 

DQProTei-bB. O.l 

[LangB |J. P.) 

tnrea. Olil ta 

Bccltwiastical a 

7. laUka 
le. aierl. 



Hdclfrian. 4y. 


ogof Solomou, Comiueutikry KsTP*- 

ler. S=. New Tork.lBTO. 

DinoutBTj on the boly aocl^ 

IBUt T. 10]. 

Sermiinj' ilnriiig tlie middle 

Ddiuburj^li, 1S73. 
ly. HiBtoriu rell^'lunls at 
J. M. Scliroeckli. Ed. 611. 

sophy, Pcluolplos 


[18(K.B) BriefBHtis 

Aesyptcn, in 


OlHir dio xxn. agypti 


deLa™l(B.V.) T< 

1«.%e <lon« In 


dn SliiaJ Bt rEapt 


8 foL Paris, 137.1 


b {R da). DoBcrlpH 

n de r%ypfo. J°. 


iig (S.) Bajptaiid h 

.mi. i-oy-S". 




y(J.) HaudliooliforEgj'pt. 4tln^d 

ology WLalyBOi 


iF.) Es.Vl'ttoii oUroD 


Oslinrn (W.) Antiquitios of Egypt. 8°. Lon-' 

don, 184J. 
SabiH [E. K.) Jmiriio.vfwmliayptto JernsaJem. 

I60. BoatoH, 1811. 

(Hfisiistris). S=, l'ari8,I835. 
Taylor (B.) Baypt nnd Icwlnnd in 18Ti. 18=. 

Uon. 8". Loudon, 1848. 
Ji'sokett (A. C.) EduGationor amcrioaD gillH. 

1S=. New Tork, ISTJ. 
>afta {W. P.) Throngli the eye to tlie' 

Itjo. "Sow York, J673. 
!ilmrd(H. A.) GeaohiciitedeBwiederBuniliilienB 

wiBssnaclinfUiobeHjiklnug. 3 v. 8°. Mogde. 

8°. Kooknl, 10.1375. 
lard la. M.) and Eookwell (A. D.) 

Blsall 10 


KigglJ.H.! NotionHledncnti 

Stetaon(C.B.) Techalaal edn< 

Todhnntec (I.) The onuflieC of 

Walker (0.) Ofedaoatiou. 5t 

Oxford, 1887. 
Toata (J.) TBoIinioal, indnBti 

VP. Loudc 



]& iegaut Mograpbloal extriiot^ 

S 1. \tP. Lndlow, Eng. 1802. 
l<:iogie8. A. Tibnllna. Tr.iua 

toun. ISO. Kdinlinrgh, 1873, 
- Eloioenla, The imniatorial. I 

Cliioago, 1873. 
KIciHaiHliin. and baocliic niyf 

3ded. no. Now York, 1875. 
ffilioi (Geui'^e), Wit nnd wladoui 

J. P. O. Dundonlt. 

A. M' Donald. 13°. Edinbur 

Boantort (B. A.) Bgyptiai 

Eliznbolli Tad 

men fta» Bgypte 
ISO. StooliholT 
of Egypt. 3 ■ 

!z (H.) Bibliotlieim BBgyptiaca 

Bkelcli I 

imaJihood. M. Iiiiiloj'. 

K.| WoordaiiboeUvni 
in romelD^cliQ zinuebi 
1, 3 v. foL DBlft,17 

y Google 


Yi^gr(L,W,) Ourh 
ojolopeclta. flo. Cli 
ZBUi (P,) Enololopeil- 

FL {'T-de), Dticada » 

!, fur Upper Caniidft. 8°. P' 
Delia emigraslone italiaoa 

Semtcfaley (A..) ladastrinl iaveeti 
grfltlon. ad ed. 8°. IiOiiflou, IH 

13". Nflw York, 18T3, 

n biitai 


Kdinbmgh, 1875. 
SaDie. Btlied im. teprtut. v. 1-2. 8°. 

dolphla, 1STS. . 
E acre I apsedfRB . 

All mnnd tha woild i geogrHplilcal and hiat 

V. Kew York, 1873. 
Allen (T. F.) Materia mediCB. v, 1-3. 8°. 

-AmOTieaiioi-olopiodia. t.1-13. S". New ITork 

ColMige (L.) National encyclopedia. 8=, Nbv 

York & Philadelphia. 1813. 
Uetomin (A, P.) Bncjclop6dle ilus beans-Htti 

plaetiqaes. 3". SP. 18T3-T4. 
Diot (W, B.) Bucyclopedis of praolJcal reoaipta 

let ajid ad eds. 2 v. 8°. New York, I87S-T4, 
DnplBoy de Vorepieire (J. T, M. E.) Diction 

eelle. 2 •. 4=. Paria, 18BJ-B8. 
yoklnck (E. A. and &. I..) Cyolopiedla of 



PhllGllelpliia, ]81.'>. 
Hflganbaoli 1KB.) EnojldopHdle dec tbeologi 

echea idsaanscbaften. 8°. Leipzij!:, 1864. 
Hamilton. (A. V.) Honeehold ojolopffidia of re 

oeipts. ISO. BpringflBld, 1873. 
Maieon ruatlt[Be du xise eitolH. En<iyolop6di< 

d'afirieultnro pratiqne. 5 v. 8". Puna 

Popular encj-olopedia. Now ad. 7 v, a°. Glaa 

gow, 1885-66. 
Solil^dau (M. J.) and Sobniid (E. E.) Enojolo- 

padie fler theoretlsclien natnrwiBaenaobafloi 

In ibi-BP anwendunK auf dia landwirlbaehaft 

V. 1-a, 8°. Brannacliwels, 1850, 

. Nob 

. Glaei 

lion, Tbo s 


Burgb (N. P.) Modem maiina engineerlii 

London, 1872. 
Medley ( Tbe Roortae treatiae on ci 

gineeringln India, t. 1. 3d ed. 8*^. Rt 

Spon (E. Jt F. N.) Spon'a dictionary of en; 

Voae{G.r,.} Manual for I'allfoad en glnae 

S V. 8°. Boston, 1S7». 
Weiabaob (J.| Meiibnnies of engineering. 

York, lS7i, 

Cat«aliiam of liigli pi'O) 
ea. 18°. PJiiladelpbia, lS7i. 
land.lwok of land and mm- 
Pbiladiilphia, IBTS. 



from Cbai 

. London 

Brereton (W.) Travels in Holland, tbe triiitad 

Browne (J. H.) Travel In EngUnd, Ireland, 
Fraime, Spain, etc. 8°, Hai-tford, 1871. 

Coblje IT.) Hialorj of tbs nornian kinga of 
England. 8'>. London. 1800. 

Codman <J,) A visit to England. 16=. Boston, 

Cowley (C.) 

Loudon, ITS 
Duloken iH. 

. Bame. 

G.[S.) Kerns 


lory of EdglBi.rt, foL 

Flctnre biatory of England, 


Outlines of eugliab biatoiy. 

)nnty Hunilies of 
". IjJudon. 1873. 
I". London, 1874. 

Bs of the < 


engce (A. 1 

Gardiner (8, E.) History of Engl 
duke of Buokiugham and Chart 
ao. London, 1875. 

HIatory of the real and threaten! 
England. S°. Windsor, 1794. 

y Google 


Idingel (i..) EiiglHDil political null social. 19=. 

New York, 1814. 
MoleawocUHW.N.) HUtory of Englaart. 1830- 

74. ifewBrt. 3». I*=. Lontlou, ISH. 
riaiich« (J. K) Sej:^! records: a cbroniole of 
aaofEDglaucl. W. 


1, leie. 





in yen lories illn 


lieri. eii 


Oflof E 




gland a 

a Ku 


esBt, 8°. Land 

Anglia redii-lva. 


ed. 8°. Oitord.18 

SlflTenaoa (J,) Th9 

eipnlsion of the En 


Stnbliii (W.) Chroiii 

lee and raemorisls n 


reigd of Richard L 

Sr. 8°. London, 181 


liistoiy of Englaod. 

ISO. Oxford, 1874. 

Thfllheiuier (M, E.» 

History of England. 

Ctnolnngti, 1875. 

TliompBon (E.) Histu 

Tork, 1873. 
Thomson (W.) Toil 

ry of England 16". 


in E-igland aod Scotlanfl, 

m of tlie nortbei 

, Durham, lasa. 

n the 13th and l^th v 

WBie(5, H.) LancuBhlre memorials of the re- 
belUon.nia. 2 Y. in J. sm. 40. Ediobui^h, 

■Wright (J. MoN.) The early ohnrch in Britain. 

Wright (T.) Feudal manualsofenglishhiBtory. 

era. 4°. I-ondon, ISTi, 
Wrlodiesley (C.) Englaad during the reign oi 
the Tudors. v. I. am. t°. London, 1875. 
Eaglaad (Charob of), Clergy direetory c 

1875. ISO. London, 1875. 
Enltlista oousCitutlon, Growth of the. E. A 

man. 1*=. London, 1873. 
EiiBlUk accenti'loa and ei^Gentricllies. J. 'J 

la=. London, 1875. 
Englial' farm and sporting worlhlKs. H. TI. 1 

1(P. London, 1870. 
Euglish gipsies. 

Loliind (0. G.) Euglisli giysLcs and tbe 

giiage. 13". Hew York. 1873. 
— ' — Palmer (E. H.| and Tnckey (J. ) English. 

gipayaongs. 13". Pbiiadelpbia, 1875. 
Smait [B. C.) and Crofton (H. T.) Dialect of the 
engliah gipsies. 3d ed. 8° Loudon, 18 
En«I!Bh language. 

Badgley (J.} EngUah grammar. ISfl. 
York, 187S. 

I Alvearie or triple diet 
Ltlu, and freuob. fol. L 
.mpbelWL. J.) Pocket diet 

lish 13,03 


y of the 

' of the euglisli 
languaga. 19°. Ediubnrgh, IBJS. 
Free (J.) Essay towards an history of the oog- 

llsh tongue. 4th ed. 8°. Lcuiion, 1788. 
Gnso<F.E.A,) Dictionary of tlie english and 

frencli longaages. 8°. London, 1875. 
Gill (W,) and Clarke {J. T.) Engllsli «iid Manx 
dictionary. 8°. Donglas, 1S66. 
[In Manx society. PniiUmelona. v. 131, 



Kersey <f | Dictionarium auglc-britHunicum. 

3d ed. 8^. London, 1721. 
Latham (R, G.) Dictionary of the onglisli lan- 

,t tiis ougllBh Ian- 

New York, IS 

Mannder (5.) Little 1 

gnage. 5th w 
Nnttall (P. A.) 

ary of the on 

London, 1S7S. 
Niitslicbo lEine) nnwei 

die Teutschen nm e 

Oliphant (T. L. K.) 

n, Pa, naa 


I of the english Un- 

andard english. 

I General dioldanary of the engllsli 
langnage. 16". London, 1795. 

Poyndor (F.) Dictionary of tlie english lan- 
guage. 3ded, 19°. London, 1879. 

Keid (A.) Diddonary of tbe english language, 
12°. Edinburgh. 1873. 

IJoget (P. M.) Thesaurus of BngMsh words and 
pbiaaee, 8". Boston, 1873. 

Saigent (B.) Sobool manual of english etymol- 
ogy. 16° Philadelphia, iai3. 

Sewel (W.) Holtrop (J,) and Berry (T,) New 
pocket dictionary of flemish, english, and 
frencb. 3d ed, 3 v. in a. 13°. Duyskerken, 

3. El Hiafcry of the english li 

fol, Loudon, 1670. 
[With Cotgrave (E,) A frencb and english 

Sbibata(M.)audEoyae(T.| English and japan, 
eso diotionory, 8°. Tokohama, 1373, 

Stormonth (J.) Dictionary of the cuglish lan- 
guage. 3d ed. 13°. Edinburgh, 1S14. 

Stratinann (F. H.) DioUonary of the old engUsIi 
language. 3d ed. 4°. £refeld, 1873. 

SulliYfln (E.) Dictionary of derivations. 14th 
ed. 1«°. l)uWin,1872, 

Welisler (N.) People's illustrated dictionary of 
tbe english language. 8°. Hartford, 1874, 

y Google 

New pwltet diotlnnary of orKllsli 
, 19ilieil. IS" Lonrto 

Philosophy of enj^liali 

BphoHinua, Fhiiippians, 

[In Lange (J. I 
scriptui'es. Nc 

9 LonrloQ 
if Euglaua. 


ousllBli poo' 

oofl (J.) Aiioi 


t oi-lticnl ei 

. Lon- 

h lltfln 

Larkins (W. &.) Handbook nf odj 

tnro. av.iul. Im. London, 1607 
M6il.6i-eB (L.) Hiatoli^a critique ilo la lit tiratnre 

angbise. 3 v. 8°. Paris, 1834. 
MotpI] (J. M. D.) BLogiaphical liletory of eiiglisli 

literature. 18°. London, 18T3. 
Morloy (H.) Eitst ekeUsh of eiigllsli lltoi 

Ifio. London, 1ST3. 


Auuient eseaj upon englisli 

Londoii, l( 

w(T.B.) Kcw hiBtory of angliflh UK 

;°. Now Tovk, 1S74. 

jsoe |H. B.) Mttsterpieoesin ongligl 

linan(E.C.) TlieViotoriaii pnote 12 

n?. Galbm. 
itaiiea ftuglo-i 

Martial (M. V.) EpigtamJiinla. 3 v. 
BiiB, 1925, 
[Lemaire (K.E.I BlbKotliiiou class 
V. 39-41], 
^piniBT (L. F. P. T. d'E. inadame do In L. < 
Mfimoiroa. lid. noni'. par P- Bolt™,,,. 

MaasotPathaj (V. D. da). AhooiIoIw 

de madame D'fipliiai. go. Parle, IS 

BpiHcopacriHislicbnrcli. W, Autiiin. I 

Palrley {W.) 
Palliser (F. an 
or epitaplis. 
Orcbnrd (K.) 

KHKllsb prenileta. J. 

Loudou, 1S71. 
KiiSlish eeamon nulla 

Bonrue. a v. 13°. Li 
Eusliili aounetB. J. I) 
Euglfsh BteRi^, Bum an I 

HiigliHb atateeaiait. T. 

Torlt, 1875. 
EHKliah surnames, 0, 

London, 1874, 

Baker (W. S.) O.igli 

siuus, his life aiid cbaraotcr. U. 
ml. St. lao. London, lerj. 
Krskiue (ICbonoxor), Life and 'limy of. 
. Ediulrargb, laSl. 
' mrHliine (il,) and J, Cai'sUlrs, Uenioi 
VeituL, T. Hog. Froa ohn.cli ot SoolJ 
EdlnTiiii^h, 18M. 
Ei'skinc (Ralpb), Lifu aud diary nf, 1 

IS'. Edinburgh, 1834. 

uadiado . 

il, 1353. 

.6^. London, IS 

S°, NewYoii, If 
DuplesBlB (G.) Wonders o 

Loudon, IflTl. 
WillsliireOV.H.) Stndy&o 

ZB"i<F.| Origin e, etc del I' in 

iquity of i 
of painting and ang 

13 hooka. 13°. Londou, 

mas (M. C.) Outlines of men, 

voinon and 

things. 16°. New York, 1873. 

ia=. Lon. 

don, 1873. 

taset (A.) On histucioal truth. 8 

°. London, 

lootinetiUe (A. L. d'E.) SoirScs do 

Jaainma. 4 v. SP. Pfltls,lS74. 

ojdfA.K. H.) Landaeapoa, otnrc 

ea and mo- 

radlangh |C.) A faw words ahon 

tl.a dOYil. 

) Eaaaya in politioftl ac 

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LoiidOD X883. 
Dnacmt (G W.) 

Esania lo dirfouoo of womou. IS'. 
J.iivPBtt {H. null il. G.) Easnys nm 

F"j|i>oy MoutoueKro{F. IS, G.) Esu 
couraos. iv. B°. L™don,nsO. 

l\.imaQ (H B.) Our Uviug poeta. 
(Ion laTI 

1 uiBylli (W.) Essays critical aud uar; 


huHcol. ISO. Boa 

wnat-Parailol (L. A.> 
.mvarsolle. 3qM. Sv 
— (iiiolqueapngeBd'l. 

V. l«o. Paris, 1864-71. 

mo<S. I.) Unaorlliut 

id I J. B 


Dds, nupoliflUed aad pol- 

LoDdoD 1674. 

Kiiasell (J.) Essays ou tlio rise aud ptugross of 

Gnrtanl dAucmii do Saint Jnsb (C.) Essoia 

tbu cliristiBD I'dlglon, 8°. Loiidoii, 1813. 

luKralPoa. a v. 8f. Paris, isaa. 
(iodwtn<W.) Essays. llj°. London, 18T3. 
Uujilov (J) E-saya pliUulogioal and uritioal. 

(^ Kow York, latll. 
UJHlowood Ij.) critical CBsnys upos 

B!i,;li8li poets aud iKiSay. 2 v. aai, 4°, Ixiu- 

S. (W. H,) GlaauluBs, bistorioal and litorary. 

Vlfl. London, 1837, 
Siuuto-Bouve (C. A ) Noo\-oaus londls. v. 13. 

m Paris, 18VS. 
&dluiiBi'U(A.H.) PiCiocB iiobap6cs du fun. l<i°. 

Havnard (A.) Uiogrnpbloal and ciitieol ossaya. 
Now SBi-ies. 3 V, 8=". loudoii, 1813. 

Same. 3il Horiea. 8°. Loudoii, 1874. 

a-bleiemjacheiMF.E.Il.t Mouolugcn. 3toaQSK. 

Haul (D ) Essaj-s ou i'ell|{Iooa subjucls. IZ'. 

SiiSur (p, P. de>. M6lnjig03, 8°. Paris, IBTJ. 

nunt(U iLlM Bits of tiJli about homo mat- 

8Iioad|Vr.GI,T.) Biacoaraoa aud oaaaya. l-;i°. 

AudOYOr, 1856. 

Hunt (J. H.L.) Wisiiine-cip papers. itP. Bos- 

Sbonstoue (W-) Essays on man and mounofB, 

Ilnut IT. S.) Clioinical and geoloKical 

SbipWlO.) TbBObutcli aud tho world: ad se- 

lifs. 8°. London, I8&7. 

Iiiiiiaii (T.} Auoiont thltlis and moiJorL. 8^. 

coiiudtowors of Ireland. ItP. Dublin, 1871. 

Jonidd (D. W.) Bircsiilo salute. IB". Boston, 

Smitli (B. K.) DIscoui'sss ou varion» sul^eola. 

Kiujjsloy (C ) Plays nad pnritajis. 13°. Loe- 

Stodniaa(B.C,) TUa Viotorian poota, la-. Bos 

dou, 1SJ3. 
— pcoau idylls, uow ajid old. 16o, Loiiduu, 

Stoiilisn <L.| Essays on fi'oothinldus and plain 


spoaking. lii°, Loudon, 1S73. 

SIcCai-tliy (J.) " Cou ainora " ; or, ciitical tbop- 

. Stork IT.I Afwruoou. 12=. PMladolphiH, IM. 

Satlierland (T. J.) I«os6 leases, from tbo port- 

Maclciy IC.) Uudor tbu bluo sliy. la^. Lou- 

fuUoofapatiiot-risouorinCanadu. 18°. Now 

dOB, 1871. 

York, 1840. 

llausol (H. L.) Luttorclooturos and rovlcws. 

Swlnbume (A. C.) Essays and stodlea, 13°. 

8°. Loudou, 1373. 

Londoil, I87a, 

Itatl.sws (W.) Groat eouvcraors. 8°. Cbica- 

Tiiiiio IH.A,) BssiUs do critiquo ot d'bistoice. 

20 6d, 16". Paris, 18I1B. 

iiftiiricu (J. F. D.) FiHoudsblp of books, l^. 

Konveaui ossais do orifiiiue ot d'Uistoico. 

J,,OHdou, 1874, 

16°. Paris, 1805. 

Modoro (Tho) tLiiikcr. Kos. 1^ ^. Sew 

Taim,ncc(T. 1)0 W.) Around tbo toa-tnblo. 13° 

Y«T-k. im-Ti. 

MoifeylJ.) Crilioal BiisooPanice, iP. Loudon, 

'i'atlot (Tliol iiud Ibe guardblii, IS". Pliiladul. 

Jliioeli (E.™ii>. EriMBi'iingcu.riiiKiibildilriind 

Taylor IB.r.) Tbo world ou wbcels. la^. CM. 

OiiSO. 1874, 

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Towosond (L. T.) Tliii aroua 

xud tac th 

18°. BoatoB, iSr4. 

TifFoli-aQlG.O,) Il.oladie8l 


othorpiooes. 13°. Cnrabridg 


TeroJMJ.) TLB open air, or 8kot 

Apjiletou'a t^iiropi!a,u;<;u1i1i} bouk, r>t]i ed. 3 v, 

M". New York. 18TJ. 
ItniiKHiaii (U.) Wiiyalilu gluauiii^s iu Eiil'OIK:. 

13". Rondiuy. I'o. 1BT5. 

IB (C. F. 


WhoildoD (W.W.) CouUlbutious io tboiis 

ia°. CuDcord, Mass. 1814. 
WbiltLor (J. G.) Literary rooruKtiuuB and u 

oellauies. I*°, Button, 1854. 
■Wonlswortb (W.) PiifflB worba, 3 v. a"-. L 


iciul bB.'i 

1i «d. 

Subtle b 

i 930111 

W. Loudon 


E»HCX, Firat cm 

sa of tby 

U b 

PPoble. 8°. SiiJ 

E^Mx, Hlator.y ot 

tliB ooum 

8=. Culobaater, ISSiMfo. 

EhIdIIc. A.Edw 

cdm. la 


Eaaai an 


LFaugfire. 12°. 

Paj-is, li 



s (J.) Eau 


fiuiiora. :tdod. 

dflJtO Cr 1 

ir (M.) : 

il etUiu^ 

1- li-. He« 

Samo. 1S°. DusMoluBa.InlBlS. 

Tbuniton (W. T.) Old-EasbLonod Btlilca 
eommon-Bouso umtaphyaios, 8°. Loudon, larj, 

iljwsj {K. T.) Aoulytioal otbuoloRy. IIP. 

SasSBT-Bd-Diii Bliab Qiuftc. 

IKroagariidD de Fnyot (A.) Soi 
dol-EnroiiB. 8°. Paris, 184i 

infJ.) Travels iii to difforc 


Peako IE. 


. SoenoB iu Huiopc. IQ". I 
Iciober (4.) Lus laujjues do I'Eiiro] 
reiber |E.) He petglosia ouropaut 



PoriBr(J. A.N.) Fragi 
Paris, ISjr, 
l^trciiiteii da Pjlymuie; cbois <\^ t 

Kirimcaii researcbes. I, Taylor, 

I^liiilua moralee mr le to.upa prCaoul 

l-l>. Paris, 1855. 
laiist, Jlsdi 

iport ou a naval miselun to Ei 


EuropBfor*3adfly. 18°, Po 

TeglarauAeu luunarcbeu Euri 

lenipbluii'a triLi taEuro;>e, Vi 

euturoa S' London IS")) 





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ETeryborty'ii li-iCDd. li. Junior. K". Si Loiiii 

H. W. : 


Diimout (L.A.I H 
Intinn en Alleiiisj 

Dili (W. I.) E™iiit 
York, 187^. 

I Tlia bible and tlie auctcinl 

^11 (A, I Tiie aocWina 





A. mm- 

(| His do 





I, TUIis. 



Exoraiata rite i^ 


. O. 

1'. I'ini 


. J. 

F.nmll,. Clarke. 



on, 1875. 



J. 0. K. Don-. 






minora', ana motiil 






ailed! 8°, San 

■ loo 



T. H. Giliiiore 

«a. iii°. 

jtfloboatBr, Jf. T. IfliS, 



°, S 

en- York, 1874, 



iii»(J,) Opnacii 



i, LepliU 

llii I^amaice (S. F.) Jlibliothoen iut 
EKIrnilitiou, Tb[!ln>VL,f. E.CInrliu. 

London, 167 1. 

Howe lA. J.) Mniiiu.l <:( oje enrger, 

Wella (J. a.} Diaoaaoa of Uie cyu, 
e=. riiilndeipliin, ISTi. 
Enblc. Diotionnnin; abri-it <1c la fulili 

pti. Koiir.611. 18". I'ftrfa. 1801, 
Fnblviloiu, FiouVa aui\ follies of. ii 

Fablciii. J. il 
Fnbica in eo 

Ln Foil 


iirgli, 1874, 

" E. ^poildOF. 4 T. S=. Loillll^tl, 1758-511 
Fnlr (Tbo) god. L. Wnliate. W>. Eoj 
Fair Lnaitaniii. CCJockeou. S°. Li 
JPnff (Tlie) piuilJin. II. ff. Harbeit. 
dulpbljL, 1375. 

r (A| SBSon. ,T. JlBOmtby. ;i v. 

II, 187 J, 


Proston (J.) Tbe broaat-pinte of Mtti and In 

4thad. 3T.ini. 810.4°. LoudoD,lS34. 
lEiiberts (H.) Tlie Iflstking of ilie bible in r 
^itba of ohriatendom. SCbod. ; 


Spring (G.| DissBTtatlan on tbo rnlo of fnitU. 

8°, Kew Yoik, 1844. 
StranaafD.X'.) Tbeuld fnitband tlionow. Am, 

ad. av.inl. 13°. Now York, ISTJ, 
Fall River, Mass. Catnlogiia of pnbUo library. 8^, 

Familiar loctnres on aclontillc snbjecCa, J. F. W. 

Heraehal. 18°. Loudon, 1371. 
FsiuJliar qootBtioiis, .1. Battlett 71h ed. 12°. 

Boston, 1075. 
Familiar aomioiia. A.Unud. IST: Portland, Uo. 


ullj- (T 

el. A,Itldie. 1 

°, N 




Sliali and ameri 

. ia°, Lon 
im poeta, G 


uon. ei 




4°. Pbiiadelpbi 



Now York. 1873. 





fiom tb 

madding erewd. 

dj. 1 


rk, 1874. 


f. J, Slight 


M. Jflicil 

8°, New 


M. BrisSB 

bios. W 

-r. Bench or. 

New York, 1?74, 

Fayette connl.y, Ohio, Pionnet recncil oC E. PLt 

natii. If. Cinuiiinati, 1870, 
Felipe de Jesue, Virta; del miirtyr s.iu. BiiUliaeBai 

Fi^llnb. E.F.\ 

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FrnliiiBiia IV king ot Cnatile. Meiiiorias. 

4°. Madritl, 1SG0. 
Fopdiunnil VII. EnanyolnipitrcinlolgobiDn 

r«y d. Fernando VIL IIF. Paris, 1894. 
Vcpilluniiil dako of Parma. Daaorizloni! 

fefto, Parmn, 17C9. For io no^ie fli dou Ffln 

do oolla Marin AmnllD. P. M. Fnciaudi. foi. 

mn, [ITM 1] 


aa Oil. 

Fcrnnnd. Ynilinnco. IKIolinnl. L, 
BeM. Iflo. Pnris.lSeS. 

F«rnniidc> A, D. Dumas. Noiiv. (• 

I. Sandoa 

ir. Tiiris, 


1-. 91]. 

I*we(E. J.) OornnliTOreroa. St. *>. Lon. 

don. 18CT-6II. 
Lyeil (K. M.) GDOgmpliicnl Imudboolt of .ill 

known fcrns. 12°. Lomlou,18'0. 
'rullvaKAjofsong. F.Snuodors. 6=. St. Louis. 

L, D, Blake, 
y. Diction 

io 6d. 

Piiils, law. 
Tranalntod by R, 

Alinnl (E. F. V.) FeV 

HoliBi-lM. ISO. London, 1B70. 

L'infftme. 10°. Pavis. 1813. 

Mai tre Pierre. 16°. Paila, 186a 

Notary's noae. TtnnslBtod by 31. 

111". HewXork. 13T4. 
Kongo etnnir. Tranalatod by E. R, 

Pliiladfilphta, 1873. 

" la (W. T.) Coming wave. le^. ]i 


-Dnrcaeclub. 16°. Boston, laii. 

- Money makoc. 1B°. Boston, KfJJ. 

- Oooan born. 1(P. Bnstoa, 1375. 

- Sniiny shorsft 16°. Boston, 1875. 

- Taolit olul). 1B°. Boston, 1874. 

- Yaoht olnb Bories. T.a-B. li^. I 

nont (Pftul, pKmil.) Trnrele amor 

Aldcii (I. M.) and lliin 

tiiij-lim (!' 

propliot". 16*. Boato 

Aklrich(T.B.) Mnr.ii,rio 

1)1.™ nod o 

16=. Boston, 18T3. 

— — — Prndcnoe Palfrny. 

121. Bus 

Alexander (Mra.-). Wliioh slinll 

Wooing o'L lii^. 

Now York 

Ameltfl. ISO. Pliili 

Amoa(M.C.) Hist 

Amolcl (I. F. K.) 

Artlinr (T. S.) W 

Baor (B. F.) : 

BORby (G.W,; 

adolphla. 181 




ondon, 187). 

Banvnrd (J.) 


ps aiid littlo TId. 18" 

New rdrk. 




ositn Isrnol. St. 1(1° 

London, Ifid 

Bartlott (C. A 

) lillio 

Etny. 13=. nnttfonl, 1874 

Bauer (C.) A 


13°. Philndelpliias 1374. 


Philadolpliia, 1K3. 

no, til 

plihH IS-*. 




1J°. MiMlefown,N,r 




Dawn. 1!J=. NeoTork 

BoBcbor (W.J.) Fftrnier TorapMos and bl 

bios. lao. Pliilaiiali>bin, 18?i 
Rolot(A.) Articled. 8°. PUIlodolpbla. ! 
~ Doni foinnios. in Cid. 16°. Paris, 1 

Bonodibtfr. L.) 

New Torli, 1374. 
Miss Dorothy's oliargo. 

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Benortlet IT. L.) Sb. Simon'a 

York, 18ia. 
Bnnjnmin (£. B.) BriglitsidD. 

iP. Now York 

I:.l8. 133. FLiliulQjphia. 

r. 12^. Pbilfldeiplila 

s, I'liiltMielpbiB, Jev4. 
■ings. 16°. New York. 

Barnard (C.B.DnG, 

BovCrand 1I» J. IT, A. 

Angera, 1812. 
Bin! (iL A.) Wlnifrod's Jewels. 

delpbia, 1HI3. 
Biacoe |E. L.) Glimpztea tlirongb. 

Blnck (S. S.| EamWiiiK ohita. 16° 

Blnck (W.) Dnugbtor of Holli. a 

(Ion, ISJl. 
PiincesBof Tbulo. 3.1 oil. 3 

. — StmnEO ndvontiima of a pbi 

S V. ia=. London, 18T3. 

Blfwkiuoi-e (B. D.) Msud of Ski 
Edinbnrsli, 1872. 

Elude (J, F.) Contes popnlalres. » 

Blake (L. D.) Tottered tor lifo. 

BoiRne (E. A. d'O. comtsBae de). 

d'Aubemor. 16°. Paris, 1867. 

Ba.vd (E. E.) Stouoa and diamo 

v.) Piital pnsaloBi 
York. iai4. 

P. New York, ! 

York. 18V5. 
It"yl8(F.) Camp notes. 12=. London. 
Biwskel (P.) Dlo.toobter dee Itunslrelt 

Ife. Jth ed. 3 t. 

Bnuldoa (M.E.) Do 

US'. London, 1864. 

Loat for Ioto. 3 v. ISf. 

— Looins Daronin. 3 r. 1 

■ . — Stvaiigete and pllKrimR. 

don, 1873. 
Token at the flood. 3 ■ 

Brittjm(H.G.) Shosblo. 1&>. 

Brothers in law:. 3 v. 12°, Lonilon, liteB. 
BroogbKm(R.> Nsncy. 12°. New York, 1[ 
Browning (K.) Itud oobtau nlgliteap conut 

12°. London, 1873. 
Bockinsbani (£. M.) Soir-inMle woman. 

Now York, 1873. 
Burokctt (F.) Wildmonr. 12°. rliilndelpl 

Biirnand (T.C.) M 
with IL Sd od. 1 
BnakiE.H.) Folk 

mne <D. D.> 
a (Cap*, pse 

MtseoUaivj- of oaat 
London, 1771. 
•A?) Little Tosa. 

— Tbrougb tbo loakin^r ^Inaa- 

Yotk, 1874. 

Clinmiec (T.) The aaoey Atotbnsii. lii°. Lon- 
don, 1807. 

Chnuey (G. L.) I. Grant & co. leo. Eoston, 

Cbapiniin(H.E.) Ba 

1 Brewslor .lad soi 

Cbaretto. 19". Now 

York, IKJC. 

Clifttaaii Mocvillo. la 

. Plidsdolpbtti, im 

CUfluaaird (J. B. P.) 

dntonore modornos. 

BO. Paria, 1606. 

Cbollia(M.D.) Good 


odRO. 12°. Bnsttii 

o. 113=. New Tor 

Cbsoey (E. D.) Cbtld 

of the tide. Ifi". I 

Cborlmiioa (Y.) Comta Koalin. 4o *<1 

Paris. 18T3. 

Le griind mtivr. 

. 16°. PariH, leei 

Prospor. 16°. 

New York, 1874. 

LarocanebedeJosepbKoirel. 10°. 

— — ^Eoniaod'unebo 

nnCtcferarao. 4o6i 

PariH, 1873. 

Cbesebro' (C.) Foe i 

tbobonaehold. 8° 

Ch8s^bro(T.M.) Sin 

loa and tears. 16°. 

Cbomi^fi (P.) Diotio 

nairo abn^g^ do la 

Nouv.ed. 18°. Pa 

■ia, IKOI. 

CbnrohlP.M.) Hec 

London, ia7L 

ida. 3 T. 16°. Loudon, 
fl. 12°. New York, 1K74. 

" Tboic . 


Claiusns (S. L.) and Wamo 
a^Q. S°. Hartford, 1874, 

Cleveland (C.) Story of a 
York, 1874. 

ComnfCC.) CnlobKrinkI 

Collins (J.L.) QneanKrIn, 
New York, 1374. 

(C. D.) Tbo gilded 

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ColliuslW.ff.l li^iraendeop. 19=, Boston, 1875. 

lie Forest (J. W. 

I'laylng the 

Hi.l« Add 8eek, 8°. New York, 1874. 

New York, 1873. 

MiSBOtinre,! m London, im. 

ScaclitX. 12 

— WotliorellnlQxir. 8°. Noiv 

New Masdalen. 8=. Now York, 1873. 

Ds (leer (M. E.) 

Miivinn Loa. 1 

Nouamo. >P. New Tovk, 1S74, 

Qneen of Hearts, 8°. New York, 1874. 

DoLi E,™0(L.) 

DOS of I'lfmilor 

— — Torrllil J atcnnse 1)eafo!low. 

[IPS(&fcttFKBendeop. IS". Boaton, 1875]. 

3°. PIdladolpli 

Woman in wMte. So. Now York, 1BT3. 

^^Slgniu 13° 


Yonngdootor. ISo. Baltimore, IH^I, 

nnyiiKham (D. P.) O'Donnells ot Glon cotta| 

onko |J. E.) Pretty mra. Gnslon. 12°. N< 
York, 1874. 
orbin (C. F,> His marriufie tow. 18°. B 

oiilaon (G. J. A.) Harwood. 8=, New Yoi 

Cmik (a, M.) Sylvia's clioli 

don, 1874. 
Crosby {G. S.) Tlie mystci 

12=. PliilBileiDliin, 1875. 

3iidlip (A. T.) -'I 

Only liorsolf. 

— — Pnssion In to 

Lettroa de inoi 

Paris, 1874. 

Lo potit ohoao. 

Eolwrt HolinoH 

Unvios (T,) Losing t 

Now York. 
Ifio, Paris, 

Misa Wonltliy's bop 

Davia (R.H.I Jolin Andrw 

De Forest (.T. W,| llonc-a 

— Anopcnquoation 



w York, l^X 





ton, ieJ3, 

Seven bil 

a. 16°. 

k, I8T3. 



Donisoa (U.A.J 

. Littlojroll.8ofKo.lbow. 

DenaeKM.) Llo 


D6prot (L ) M 


e n 


Paris, 1875. 




Dowall(— Van) 









crot- 8". New 


Diaz (A. M.) L 



stCT'B tl' 




W. Pllikl 

delpblo, 1834. 

Doe(O.H,) Biifieta. 8= 

Doit <J". C. 11.) 



Sibyl Hii 


DW York, 1870 

Do8si((;,) Lao 


Milano, 1874. 





Boston, 1874 

, ia°. New York, 18 

Diii.kwatorlJ.M.| Not bread a 

mo. IG". Now 

Only Noil, IIP. Now Yo 

rk, 1813. 

Dnboia (C) Madame Ag«os, 8 

o. Now York 

Dn B:jifi20l>ny (F.) GolAen tro 

s. 12=. Pbila 

dolphia, ia7fi. 

Dmk>T8nt(A.L.A.D) Mysisto 

IkiBton. 1874. 

DnFail(N,) Los oontofi ot disoo 

v-ra d-Entrapol 

Konr.Qil. 1871. 

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;BPitou. Nouv.M. 

v.dl. La boula ilu naiae. Xom-.iid. 18Cfi, 

v,ai-aa. Bcic-ft-iinuj. s v. laai. 

V, y.f-35. Un oaileli do fiiniille. Tmiiuit par 

Vi ul or Puree vaL 3 v. ISHO., Lo oaiiitsino ^ainDbilo, Nonv. 6A. 

18T3. Le oapitaiuo Paul. Jfmiv. 0.1. ISM. 

SO-55, le tiniito in Montn-Ci-iato. 

id. II V, W71, 

56-Cl. La uumtesBG du Ub:iruy. J 

fi3-C3. La oomtoaae de Sjliabury. 
Sd. a V. 18(il. 

Ki-<)5. Loa ooufeflsfou? du bi mar 
Siiitoat fiiLdea MDiuoires d'nuij i 
Nimv.iid. Sv. 185». 
» llnii 


. leni. 

v. (M-liO, CrOatlDa ot rfidiMnptioii. Lo dOD- 

tiiur myslfirians. St. laJ2. 
T.TCt-n. Crfiadon ot I'fliioinptloQ. La fiUe 

flu iiinrqiiia. 3 v. 1873. 
V n-74. LiidiiiuodoMonaorcau. Noh 



V, 34-8o. Lea di 
V. 8ii-8S Lb 

surpunta. Noiw. 6.L 197J. 
v,!M. LsfllHdnforenl.— SLOoumbOB. 

r.iO. lea fitnia ooraoa. [Otbou I'a 

V. OT, Loa Gai'ibuldiBDS. R6v< 
cilc ot do Napliis. Bauv. id. 

V. 105-106. La n 

2v isflj 
V. 1S4-1JS ImpresaloEa dB voyase. Hldldci 

la FriiiuB. Noo" 63. e v. 1385, 
V, 120-127 IinpresBlonsdevoyase. DePatis 

S, Cidli. Woiiv 6d a V. 1370. 
v.iaa Imprasalona do voyigo. Quiiize jiiuie 

au Slum Par t Diimua ii« A. Dauzatd. 

Wou-i BCL 1808. 
!, 139-13i InipH'teiHiiedt voyRfe-e. Eii Kub 

Bie ^ T 
V. y.i3-m Improssioiis da vuyHno. Le npO 

y Google 

looe. NoQV. 
V. UO. luiprea! 


la do voyiigo. La villa Fiil- 

V. H7-148. Ivanboe. Pur Walter Scott. Tec 
duitpar A. Dmuaii. Sv. leOS, 

V. 149. Jaonnes OcUb— las fons du doottu 
Mtraslta. (Par Uko Poaoolo. Tradiilt 

V. 150. JaciiuotsiinBOrolllos. 3e M. 1873. 
T.ISI. JauB. Nouy.ed. lewi. 
V.153, Jelianna la pncelle. Nouy.ed. ISfiK. 
v.l5S-15fi. LouisSlVotHonsiooIo. 4 v. lWi6. 
T. 1S7-158. Louie iv ot aa oonr. Nouv. lid. 

St. 1873. 
V. 159-160. Louis Jtvi ot la rfivolutiou. 3 v. 


V. 101-1G3. Lea louves do Maolioeoul. 3 v. 

V. 1IM-16B. MndHuieaoCliaiuWay. Nouv. 6a. 

Sv. 18fiC-73. 
V. 106-107. La raaison do glaoB. Nout. Od. 

v.ias. Lo 

v.ieg. Lo 


3 du pfiro Olil 

3. Nouv. 

V.170. Lfls'Hfidioia. 

Nouv, Od, 



lolras. Nouv 

6d. 10 T, 


do Garibaldi 


iiuwiitorigliiaL 3660. 

H d'uue avouglo. Kuuv. 


a d'ou medeo 

u. JoBcpli 



d. St. 187:i 

V. 130. Lo 

monoui'deUmps. Kon 

.6.L laes. 

v,191. LoBuiiUoet 

Kouv. <sA. 


Los luur 

v.ioe. N 


NonT.Bd. IS? 


is. Hon 


oCteveB. No 

iv.Sd. 3t 

V. SilS-SOi. 


ndnodoaavoia Houv 

V. 205-2U0. 


3 ot proTiuoiaus. Q v 

y. 307-41)8. 

Lo paste 

3 v. 1860, 


Lo pin 







16 La 


Flora. I 


OiiivrcB oompliitce. 


Lea quiirautu-uiuii. Nuuv. i 

d. :iv la 

rfigenco. IfouT.iJd. IS73 



1. 3v 


IS! La 

■ontoduVatciines. Nom-.C 



oaue da 
V.334. Soo 

™i™d'lI;on^^''NraT f, 

V.336. Le 

Stnarta. Noiiv.6d. '1873 
vandiro. Nout.M. 1871. 

T.S37. Sy 


v.swa Latesfaioentilem. CliauvBliii 


v.iMl. Tro 

smaitroa. Nouv. 6(1. 1873. 


y.-UL Le 

trondal'imfer. NouT.6d. 

nlipeuoiro. Nouv.Od. 1 




tard. Compl6iiieut dea 
altea at de ViugC au3 


T. 353-353. 

La Tie an d6aort. Cinq 

Gordon CuniHi lag. Kout.M. S v. 

Tie d'artislfl. Hoht, fill. 

T. 355-367. 

Viufib una opris, Suitud 
aires. Nonv.fid. 3 v. 1 



no. B=. New York. 1848. 

TLe eoni 

The COB 

script. 13°. FbilailelpLia 
jiteaa do Cbamy, H". e 


pbla, [185011 

Tbofui-ty-fiTOguardameu. 8°. Nun 


— Tbe tbree kuardanii 

PLIbidelpbia 1874 
Dupleasia (P) Aifn 

Pirifl rm 

Dnp, y (E 

A) All for 













PblladolpbLi. 1875. 
.iilade1|ibia, |1845|! 
9". Pblladelpliia, 

B New Yeii 
ladelpbui, [WiO] I 

! J." Pliila 
iw PbiladLl 
Pliiladolj bia 

y Google 


Novf York, 1 
Bclolfriaa. 4v, 

LA,) The liiddHU Bin. lii=. Pbiludol- 

wliodiilit, i-y. rmlaildlpMii, ISTl. 
iiiystcrluuB siioai:. I'i°, Plilluaol. 

J.U.) Tliaolilbuuiobytherivor. 16°, 

Ilomu and abmad. 10°. rhiladul- 

Umin Mouk's daugbtur. 

w York, 



6misr6. 13" 

Paiia, la 

[With Aboa 


Fluid III,) Jiurtba 1 

Ftulo; ITS.) Ehlfl'B 


jr(P. C.) DaiishtoofB. 

11 hot? f. New York 

In tbo dnys ol nij 


Cicoult riduv. lao. 

Nina's nlonomoiit. B°. Fow Tort. 18' 

Queatlouofbonor, ia=. 

Fitzgerald {P.) Tivo fair danghters. 3 v. : 

London. ISTl. 
!Five biindrad dolloi' pdao Borros. Si!^ gcplM 

FlagKCW.) Good invostmcnt. 3°. Now Yo 

London, 13T1!. 
Elder (4.) Taloa an 

WigLt Sa eil, 10 
Eldrldgo (A. peeuti.) 

FkiydfC.) Mice at play. 










ta (B. B 

Sammy Tn 



°, New York 


Test (N.) 

Honest aud 




Eplaoiles In on olwi 

m (£.) ^d Chutrian <A.) Hietoire 
aiWe. 86 Oil. lfi°. Paris. IBJS. 

1 abakuu witb tho ivi 

ISuw York, JE73. 

— Grandraa G 

[Dumas (A. U.) (Envr 

Those boya, KP. Eoatou, 

Francia (L.) Kato Parkor. 10°. 
Fi™™ (G. G.) TifcTaiita. 18°. 

Boston, 187 J. 

l'ullor(K.W) SoBKia 13°. H 

Giil»ciau<E.) CliijueolKold. B° 
Lad6j,TiDK0lud«. ao6d. S 

w York, 1B7X 
Ifio. Mow 

Boston. IS7J 
f. 160. Paris 

'oUierpooplo's money. a=. 

Withluaniud. of hia lifo 

(P. BoetoD 

Gait (J.) Laat of tha lalnls. 12 

Now York 

Gnrdner<O.B.) lUukModwny's t 

New York, 1376. 
Toatod. ISP. Mew Yurk, 

i-olovoa. 12= 

othei' 8Wri..e 

y Google 


GanllB (J. de) 

. Now York, ie:a. 

Mjlitotia. 5< 


— Eoman 1« 

GJlos (E. A.) I«d 


n (B, di 

W PhikdelpkU, ie73. 
Goddanl (J ) Wouderfut 

lauda 1S° Lonaou, 187 
Goudrooourt (H, A. A. do). 

roni 3v UJ 10 Pi 
Guiii. iB L J l!, ) and Di 

LI 1 J T Mar)ori <i 

Gravoartt) Colninella. Ifl". 
Groat bananzs, 9^, Bostan, ti 
Groat poaatBBiuua, ie°. Phil! 
Groonough (A. J.) Boimdbroc 

;i«ss of Homy. ; 

L!W York, ! 

Hartioy (E.) 

I Ciytii 

. Sow Yoik, 1S14. 

J.oiidoo. If 

— In UiDliiii nf furtmiu. 3 v. 12^. Lumluu, 

orty (P.1I,> Lo!ioud8 aiidlnir.y lalea nf Iro- 
id. l'i°. Now York, iJfli 
Hawaia (H, H.) Pot 13=. London, lavi. 


Hislps (d.) Ivai 
Hoiiry (9. JI. I 

u. 1S7J. 

!U years 

GuBFoaey (L.E.) Graiidmotlier 
days. 16°. PhlladclpLia, ISJS 
Lady Eoaamoud's book, : 

Guorraazl (F, D.) 

H. (Hd.) Myooim 
nBdanuaDU (J. K. 

IS^. New Yorli, 31 

Hnlo (B. E.) Our iiow cruaadu. W>. B 

Hall (T.O.I Hor motliiir'e fuuoy, IS". B 

Uallowoll (J, 1.) liec'a liodtimc. la^. Pliila- 

lioipiiia, lerj. 

HalloweU {S. C.) On tho churel. slope. 

[ill AsliBtou (F.) Jkloderu Ci-Bealda. 8^. 
Philodelphia, 1815]. 
Uniuertou (P. G.) Harry Blount. \(P. LoiidoD, 

Hamilton IM, J, E.) Caoliet 1£°. Htw York, 



New York, 1^3. 
ork, IBTi 
to. 12^.- Pliiladol- 

HlHtory of mlsa Hominorvillo. 3 v. 11!^. luu. 

,Iuu, 17G!I. 
Hollniid (J. G.) Arthur HonuiiaoUa 12=. ilow 

York, lai.t. 

aBveuottlis. 12'=. Now York, 1875. 

Holm's (3aio) storiCB, 12'=. How York, ISTi. 
Uolmus (S£, J.) Weat lawn aud thu i-outor of St. 

Marks. ia=. Now York, ] 814. 
Holt (U, A.) John Poutloy's miatakc, 18^. 

Bow York, ISia, 
—■ — Work and reward. Iffi. How York, liti. 
Holy-Ooy stotlea. IIP. Plilladdpliia, 18iia 
Hoooer (O. W:) Dinvn the rl™r. li''. Now 

York, 1S7J. 

jrlH.) The loot luwlel. IS'=. PLHadolphla, 

r m.) 

n Hai-tme 


y Google 


Housstij'; (A,) 

8". PnriH, li 

— Lea Krni 

Voyago/i iimfoiiOtre,otij. &-. l'ncis,li^iiO, 1 

Howaril (E.) Ouo Hummer. IF*. Boston, 1H55. 
Hownnl (M.) Fred's hnni fight. 10". Keir , 

Jlowlnnfl (M.) Pnpns o 

Torb, 1874. 
HuHO (V. M.) ynatrovii 

Kitty Bonme. 19f. 

Xiia lohbnll-Hngcaaoi 

Liaiiloii, 1874. 

Kiirbar (P.) Tim hor 

I'liilndalpljin, 1873. 
Krilof(LA.) Krllofi 

Lnily nf Lnwforfl anil 

N. T. 1875. 
La Fontmno (J. lie). 

lirylnnil, IS'-. London , 
man of HnmbiMili, lii^. 

Lamaitiue(A.U. L.l'. do). (Jraaiolla. sq.lO". 

ChlcoKo, 1S76. 
Lamb (M, J.) Sjiicr, B", New York, 187;). 
Lanrtor (T. D.) Logendnry tales of JJuMiijJlilaQila. 

:(v. IS^. Louflon, 1841. 
Lawaon(J.W.) BRxikloy meer, 8°. New York, 

is{E.) Alirte. 

, Phllnilclphi 


jBCkenn(D.jr.) ALon 

ISO and Me 




ndolphia, I3W, 

Jnine8(H.Jr.) Pnssio 


JenkiE(C,) Jnpiter'i 

1 dnnghtei 

■«, la 

■-. L, 


Jcrningbiim, 3 v. l: 

(in, 1« 


Joiinmn (HI K.) li 

oddy's ro 


YorJi, 1875. 

— - Roddy's rouiBii 



Now York, IfflS. 

Johnson (T. W.) Ofllderwood e 


Yovk, Itns. 

— Cntskilll^lriaa. 


Joseph the Jew 

. '•■>. Hi 



SaokoCgold. ( 


JoniM(J,H.| Domio! 

io's son. 




Karr ( J. B. A.) Alnlnlimiily. 18^. London, 1863. . 
Katsch (A. E.) Under the stoik'a nest 10^. 
Phila-lelphia, 1875. ■ 


w York, 1: 

Lena Landon, 1«=. Philadoliihia, 1874, 
Leonhardt |J.]39imd.) CoiifeasionBof amlnlata 

lli". Philafleiphia, 1874. 
Le«Uo(K.) FlsTia. 18°. New Tori, W75. 

Glanoia. KP. Now Yorlt, IS71. 

iSajion. ISO. jfo^ y„r| 


- Qnadra 

k, 1875. 


Hulda 12" Plijladelpliin) 
) True litstflTjot Joshna 
Philadctphla ims. 

Little (G.) 

Lodge (T.) Majjinrilf. of Amiii™ 

Lotli(M.) Ihi foiRuiiiKMss 12^. 

IfinellfE,) Antony Brado. 16". 
Lyttoii (E. G. E. L. R) The Caxto: 

16". London, 1873. 
— Konolm Chillinely. Globe c 

Cellosg (E,) 


30VO scries. 

Giidsoo's le(?noy. W. 

Boston, IK 

V, 6. The 

> flshet l»ys 


Wblsporinff pino 

series. A 

16'. Bostoi 


Tho tun 

ling of iho 

Beaton, I37( 

[eon (M. G.) 

Dion and tho sibjlF 

York, 1875. 

Cingnloy in. 

> Uornby 

mills, a V. 

——Same. ; 

1 1. 12°. Now 


What will 1 

LO do with it! 


«d. 3».in2 

'. Philadolphin 

MoCartlij (J) 

A 1 

IMr Sason. 3 v, 1 

Maodonnlfl (P.; 

1 Ni 



London, 1874. 

MeElgnn |J.| 


ielloilly. 1(1". 


y Google 


Mcllviiin (C. L.) Eton iind Kokl. IS!-'. Kftn- 

York, 1874. 
McKoeii (P. P.) Thoodorn. 12". Kow Yorii, 

MiOtnislit (0.) Old fort DnqnoBno. 12". Pittfl. 

linrgh, 1873. 
MoLnin (tS. W.) Keoning open bouao. 8". 

Hnrtfotd, isra. 

■ ■ ■■ ■■ Wedding garmontg. lefl. How Yovlr, 

Mncqoda CK, a.) Miriam's marrLige. .1 v. 12". 

London, \fr,2. 

Myalcrr. 8°. Now York, 1B55. 

Too soon. 3 V. IB". London, 18J3. 

MnidofKffllt. 3 y. 16". London, 
Mfiitland (E.) Higher Inw. 3 v. 

don, 1870. 
Mnlot (H.) Bomain Elolbrls. i: 

pliio, 18T3. 
Mftnn(M.P.) Floirer pooplo. Kow 

Boston. 1875. 
Mnrgiierito'sjenmal. la". NewY 
Mnson (0. W.) Rape of tiio ganij 

Turk, 1815. 
Mnflim (M. M.) Mae Madden. If. 


MathewB (J. H.) Miss Afiliton's girls. B t. 

Ifio. Kew Yorl!,llW4-7B. 
Mayo (L) By still waters. 1S°. Now Yor!!,1874. 

London, 187B. 
Majo (W. S.) Hood and fleld. 13°. Plitladel- 

Melii.o (M, M.) Clifirtoiia. 18°. PhUadelpliia, 

Mollon (6.) Snd t 

Maraditi (L G.) Tbo old bonao o 

IIP. Hew York, lii7o. 
M«r,y (J.) Tlirougli thick and thin. 

iane. Nonv.OiL : 
la mnnplttcs, v. n- 

Menrioe {P.) Les dens . 

[DoniasfA.D.) (Env 
Mills (L.A.1 Peter's sti 

Montgomery (P.) Throv 

Morando {».) Boaalind.^ 8°. Loii 
Morgan (S.O.) Tbo miaaionnr.y. 3 

New York, 1811. . 
Woman; or. Ilia of Atbona. 4 

Pliiladelpbio, 18D9. 
Movilton (L. C.) Bcd-tirao Blorics. 1 

— More bt 
■a Litnber'a 

. Mr. Wind and ra 

Nellie Woat. Fi'om ten to twent' 

delphia, 1815. 
Newell (It. n.) TUccloTonfoDt. 1! 

Phllfldelpbia, 18?,'!. 
Noiino(C.A.J.G.) Bi 
Paris, 18B0. 

O'Brion (D.) Dead broke. J 

Loiiilon, 137S. 

•> (G.-^ 

The loecl 

P^ig63(F.X.) Vies, amonra ot are 
sionrs aolifaiirca dos Alpea. 4 
Paris, 1800. 

Palgravo (W.G.) Hormnnii Agli 
York, I87S. 

Pnbnoi- (P.) Tbe neoful diaoiple. 

Parhar (C. K E.) Twenty a torici 

pooma. 18°. Now York, 1814. 
Wileoirskindline-dfepflt. If. 

18°. London, 1703. 
Parson's (Tbe) wifa. 1 
r«yno(A.M.M:) Tbo 

'. rhllaiMpbln, 1873. , 
be sbould bo. 4 v.