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DECEMBER 1, 1868, TO DECEMBEE 1 18G9. 




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aiioii. A 11 on J III ous, 
b. 1. Black letter, 
ed. EaitioD. 
fol. Folio. 4°. Quarto. 

Duodecimo, etc. 
I. Leaves. 

n. p. No place of pul)lical 
obi. Oblong-. 

pi, riatcs. 

p. 1. FiBliminary leaves. 

pp. Pages. 

pseudon. Pseudonyuioua. 

sm. Small. 

sq. Square. 

tab. Tables. 

unp. Unpageil. 

Th b 1 re described as folio, quarts, octavo, duodecimo, e 
f th 1 ime, aud not according to the printer's il^ignatioi 
h t6 

I li Iph hetieal arran^meof, tbe prefix Mc, JIT, or Sftcc, is treated uniformly as a com- 
p( t p rt f the word, as if spelled Mac. Thus, BIcLeod or M'Leod precedes Maclare. Id 
I k the preHxea Neut, La, Da, ete., are treated as componeDt parte of Che words to 

h b h y belong, Thua, JVew Eng-ZoM^ follows JftioeW instead of preccdiug it, as it would do 
if tbe prefix Neu> were treated as a separate word. 

It is one of the aims of the present catalogue te famish with the titles a sufficiently full col- 
lation of each worli. Thus it is made a part of the description to give the number of pages in 
the case of all works not exceeding two volumes, together with the uuuiher of maps and plates, 
if any, and tbe name of the publisher. The information thus conveyed will, it is believed, be 
found of practical value to readers, as conveying at a glance some idea of tbe extent of eaeh 
work, while the addition of publishers' names is useful as supplying a guide to the identifica- 
tion of editions. In the case of books printed without date, the actual or approximate date is 
uuiformly supplied, in brackets. 

BnuJcets in any part of a title indicate that the ^vords included in them are not found in the 
title, but are inserted. 

The letter S, affixed to any title, denotes that the work belongs to the library of the Smith- 
sonian Institution, now deposited with the Library of Congress, 

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Aanteekeningen, bctrekkelyk de kolonie 
Suriname. [hwdii.] 3p. 1. 131 pp. 3 maps. 
8°. Amhem, C. A. Thiemc, 182*. 

Abadie {Paul). Tlie fireman, aoii other po- 
ems. 131 pp. 18°. New York, O. F. Bance, 

Aballard (Plevre) and Heloiae. Letters of 
Abelard aad Heloise ; with a particular ac- 
count of their lives, amours, and misfor- 
tunes. [With] poema, by Pope, MadaD, 
Cawthome, Birch, Seymour, etc. vii, 233 pp. 
12°. London, Sherwood, Ncely $t Jones, 1815. 

Abauzit (Firmio). (EuTies diverae*. Conte- 
nanla sea Merits d'biatoire, de critiqae et de 
th^oli^e. 2 V. in 1. I p. 1. six, 350 pp. 11; 
3p.l. 183pp. 11. 8°. Londres,(HoUaiide). 

Abbadie (Jacques), Le triomphe do la pro- 
vidence et de la religion : oa, I'ouverturc des 
sept aceauxparle fils de Dieu, [etc.] 4 v. 
ie°. AmsteTdam, M. C. Le Cene, 1723. 

Abbatt (Eichard). The elements of plane 
and spherical tiigouometry, [etc.] 3ded. 
xTl, 191 pp. 4 pi- 16°. London, J. Richard- 
son, 1831!. 

Abbott {Rev. Benjamin). Exporionce and 
gospel labors of the rev. Benjamin Ahbotl, 
[by himself] ; to which is annexed a j 
tive of his life and death. By John Ffirth. 
284 pp. 18°. New York, T, Mason ^ ( 
Lane, 183fi. 

Abbott (Charles Conrad). Catalogue of ve 
tebrate animals of New Jersey. 8°. Nei 
ark, 1868. 

[/» NEW JKEBKY. Oeolosy of Now Jersey. (Ap- 
pendixE). pp. ^1-6301. 

Abbott (Gorham D. U. <j.) Mexico and the 
United States ; their mutual relations and 
common interests, xvi, 391 pp. 3 portraits. 
1 map. 8", New York, G. P. PiUnaiu if 

Abbott (fie». Jacob). Hoaryhead, and the 

vallies below ; or, truth through Action. 

308 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Boston, Crocker Sf Bretcs- 

ler, 1838. 
The KoUo books. Eollo's experimonta. 

New ed. ISO pp. 4 pi. 16". iVeio York, 

ShddonSr CO. 1867. 
KoIIo'h correspondence. Newed. 

189 pp. 4 pi. 16°. New York, Sheldon If co. 

Abbott(j;eB. John Sebastian Cahot). History 

of Joseph Bonaparte, king of Naples and of 

Italy [Spain]. 391 pp. 9 pi. 16". New 

York, Harper if irolliers, 1869. 

Livea of the presidents of the United 

States of America, from Washington to the 
present time. 530 pp. 8 pi. 8°. Boston, B. 
B. R«sseU, 1869. 

The romance of Spanish history. 463 

pp. 8 pi, 1 map, 13°. JVem York, Harper 
$t brothers, 1869. 

Abbott {Rev. Lyman), Jesus of Nazareth : 
his life and teachings ; founded on the four 
gospels, and illustrated by reference to the 
j, customs, religions beliefs, and po- 

litical : 

map. 13 pi, 8°. 

Abbott (Eosa). I 
Abelard. (Pieri'e). 
About (Edmond), 

532 pp. 
New York, Harper i 

ic Parker (Eosa Abbott). 

See Abailard. 

Les mariages de province. 
La fillo du chanoine ; Mainfroi | L'album du 
riigiment fitienne. 3 p. 1. 430 pp. %°. Paris, 
L. Hadiette Ir He. 1868, 
Abraham Lincoln, foully assassinated April 
14, 1865. A poem with an illush'ation, from 
the London Punch, for May 6, 1865. lanon.] 
With an introduction by A. Boyd. 13 1. 
1 pi. 4'^. Albany, J. Mumell, 1868. 

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Accademia <IeUa crusca. Vocabolaiio dcgli 
accademiei dell a erases. 5''impressione. v. l- 
'i. U-B]- 4°. Fireme, flf. Cdlinicdii. 
1866-67, s. 

The same. 5" impressioiie. Gloasftrio. 

[A^B]. 4°. Firenze,M.Cellimecia.J867. 

Academie royulo dcs sciences. See Instltut 
de France. 

Aouila (Hernando de). El eavallero deler- 
minado. See La Marche (Olivier de). 

Adair (James MaMttrick, m.d.) A philo- 
aopliica.1 and medical sketch of the natural 
history of the hmnau bodf and mind, 
which is suTgoined an essay on the difficulties 
of attaining medical knowledge, xxiii, 318 
pp. 8°. Bath, R. Cnaiaeil, 1787, 

AdamoW'icz (Ale^rander). Fraktische pol- 
nische gi'ammatik fttr Tentsche, [etc] 1 p. 1, 
iv, 20O pp. 12°. Berlin, Oehmighe der 
jUngere, 1794. s. 

Adams (C. d. d,) Life of Samuel Johnson, 
11. d. 315 pp. 7 pL 16", Wbid York, Carl- 
ton l{ Lana/ian, [1869]. 

Adams (Charles Baker). Catalogue of land 
shells which inhahit Jamaica. 4 pp. 
Amherst, (_Wass.) 1649, 
[ IfilA kii Contrlbntions to conclioIOKy]. 

Contributions to coocLoli^y ; 

ducted by C B. Adams, v. 1. October, 
1849— November, 1852. iv, 258 pp. 
New York, H. BaUlUre, [1849-52]. 

Monograph of stoastoma, a new genus 

of new opercnlated land shells. 16 pp. 

Amherst, {Mass.) 18i9. 

[ mi& his Contributioaa lo coaohology]. 

Monograph of Titriuella, a new genus of 

turbinidw. 10 pp. 8°. Amherst, (Mass.) 

law. S. 

{ mih Ml ContribuUouB to ooncbologj]. 

Synopsis conchylionini jaraaicensiura, 

etc. (Bstracfed from tbe Proceedings of the. 
Boston society of natural history). Speui- 
erum novarum conohyliorum, in Jamaica 
repertotum synopsis, 17 pp. 8". [Boston, 
1815]. s. 

[mm his ContributlonB lo coacholoB?]. 

Adam« (Charles Francis, jr.) A chapter of 
Erie, iv, 153 pp. 16°. Boston, Fields, Os- 
good St CO. 1S69. 

Adams (F. Colburn). TheVonToodlebm^; 
or, the history of a very distinguished family. 
990 pp. 6 pi. 12°. PhUuddphia, Claxtoii, 
Remsen * Haffeljinger, 1868. 

Adanu (Jamea, publisher). Three treatises, 
in which the fundamental principles, doc- 


Adams — coutiuued . 

trines, worship, ministry, and discipline of 

the people called quakers areplainly declared. 

By W. Penn; R. Barclay; J. Pike. 3 v, 

in 1. 8''. Wilmington, .J. Ai&ms, 1783. 
Adams (John, SiifresiiieHtD/'t/ie United Stales). 

The political history of the Italian ropnblicB. 

2t. Ip.l.451pp! lp,1.628pp. lat. S°- 

London, CDUiy, 1787. 

[Note.— This work 1B siinply volumas 3 and 3 of Uio 
United Slates ol 


ler]. ■ 

Adams {John Qnincy, 6th president of tlie Vni~ 
ted Stalts). Lettres sur la Sil^sie, Writes en 
1800 et 1801, dnrant le cours d'un voyage 
f^t dans cette province. Tradnit de 1' An- 
glais, par J. Dopuy. 4 p,l, 431 pp. 8°. 
Paris, Denta, J807. 

Adams (William T.) Down the Rhine ; or, 
young America In Germany. By Oliver Op- 
tic, [pseiidon.] 34lpp.4pl, 16°, Boston, . 
LeefShepard, 1870. 

Lightning express ; or, the rival acade- 
mies. By OliverOptic [pseudon.l 312 pp. 
8 pi. 16°. Boston, Lee Sc Shepard, 1870. 
[The lake Khore soriaii, no. a]. 

On tinie; or, the young captain of the 

Ucayga steamer. By OliverOptic. [yseiu/oH.] 

283 pp. 6 pi. 18°, Boston, Lee tt Shepard, 


[The Inko ahore seiias, no. 3). 

Switch oif ; or, the war of the students. 

By Oliver Optic, {pseadon.'} 288 pp. 7 pi. 
16°. Boston, Lee It Shepard, 1870. 



Through by daylight; or, the yonng 
engineer of the lake shore railroad. By Oli- 
ver Optic, [pseurfon.] 300 pp. 8 pi. 16°. 
Boston, Lee Sf Shepard, 1870. 

(The 1. 


Addison (Joseph), Criticism on Milton's Para- 
dise lost. From "The spect«tor,"31 De- 
cember, 1711— 3 May, 1712. Carefully edited 
by Edward Arber, 152 pp. 16°. London, A. 
Murray If son, 1863, 
[Ahbkb's Bnjlisli reprlnfB, no. 8]. 

Add7 (William). Stenographia ; or, theart of 
ahoct-writing compleated in a far more com- 
prehensive method than any yet extant, 17 1. 
1 portrait. 13°. London, W. MarshaS, 
[1685] 7 

Adelon (Nicolas Philihert). Physiologie de 
I'horame. 2° ^d. revue, conig^eetaugment^e, 
i V. &>. Paris, Compire jeane, 1829. 

Afleluiig (Johanu Christoph). Grammatisch- 
kiitisehes worteibuch der hochdeutschen 

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Adelnug — oontmuetl 
muudart, mil bestaodig*! reiglenliang clei 
librieen inundiuteu,lLieaonders aber die ober- 
dPulSLbeu MitD W Soltau'a bejtingen, 
reviflirt und beiieLtiget von Franz Xaver 
Scliflnberger. 4 v. 4°. men, B. I'. Bauer, 
181], s. 

Adheniar (comttsse de, psmdoti.) See La- 

mothe-Iiaiigoii {£. L, de). 
Advanced Latin exerciaee, with selections for 
reading, [anon.'] American ed. EeviHed, 
with additions. 162 pp. 13°. Philadelphia, 
Btanchard S; Lea, J854. s, 

J8CHMITZ imdZvHPt'B claieical series]. 
Adventures of an attorney in search of prac- 
tice ; or, a delineation of professional life, 
[anon.] 2d ed. slji, 450 pp. 12°. LoniioB, 
Satmdera S( Olley, 1340. 
Aeneas, gazisas. De immorlalitate animie, et 
mortalitate uuiversi, ex leceuaione ei cutu 
animadversiouibus Caaparis Bartbii. [Greece 
et latjna]. 160 pp. 1 I, 4°, Lipiioi, C. 
Gerlach fr S. Beckenstcin, 1655. 
Aeschylus. See Robortello (F.) Scholi 
in Aeschjli tragoedius, elc. 

:e company, ^aitna guide to fire 
:e for the representatives of tiie .^tna 
eo. Hartford, Conn. Branch, Cin- 
dnnati, viii, 529 pp. 8°. Cincinnati, E. 
Clarke * co. [1867]. 
Affection's gift; a chriaimas, new year, and 
birthday present, for 1854. 13°, Philadel- 
phia, E. H. Butler k co. 1854. s. 
African asaociation. Proceedings of tbe asso- 
ciation for promoting the tliaeoveij of the in- 
terior parts of Aftiea. 2 v. viii, 5G5 pp ; v, 
424 pp. 3 maps. 8°. London, W. Bulvter 
* CO. 1810. 

[Note.— Incorporated wiih the Kovnl piographioal 


African (The) repository, January, 1868, 

to December, 1869. v. 44-45. 8°. JVaah- 

ington, American colonixatiansocUip, 186S-69. 

Agaaalz (Louis John Rudolph). Nonvellea 

etudes et experiences aar les glaciers actuela, 

leur gtrncture, leur progression et leur action 

physique sur le sol. 2 p. 1. xxxi, 598 pp. 

1 1. 2 lab. 8". Atlaa, 3 maps. 9 pi. fol. 

Paris, V. jtfoswn, 1847, 

Ueber die gattungen unter den nord- 

ameiikaniscben Deaden. (Extract from 
Archiv fUr naturgescMclite). 41-52 pp. 8°. 
IBerlin, 18521. s. 

[ mih Comi*B (T. A.) A aynopaii of fto naiadsa of 
NorUi Amerldhl. 

(J L ) Historical record of the city 
(t -laianial See Lee (F, D.)«nrf Agneiw. 
Aeronomische leitung Orjfan filr die iu- 
tflieasen der gesaramten landwirthschaft. 
Kedigirt Ton di WilhelmHamm, [etc.] v, 
12-15 4° Leip tg P Beelam.jr. 1857-60. 


Ahn (Friednch). Ahn s new, practical, and 
easy method of learning the German lan- 
guflfe. With pronunciation, by J. C. Oebl- 
sehlager. Kevised ed. First course, practi- 
cal part, iv, 172 pp. 8°. Nea York, E. 
Steigcr, 1869. 

Ahii's praktischer lehrgang znr achnel- 

lon nnd leichten erlemung dec englischen 
sprache. Herausgegeben von H, Ginal. 
Beida cnrse in einem bande. 204 pp. 12°. 
Philadelphia, H. Oinal, 1867. 

Ahrena (Wilhelm). Betrachtungen fiber die 
hiblische geschicbte. Von der achopfung bis 
sum oinzug der Israeliten in Kanaan, [etc.] 
256 pp. 18°. Ciytcianaii, Swonitsledt St 
Power, 1 850. s. 

Alamie tipadjimoSin masinaigan ka ojilogo- 
bauen kaiat ka niina^isi mekate8ikonaieSigo- 
banen kauactageng 8ak8i eoaBindibanen. 
[Algonquin prayer-book]. 333 pp, 1 1. 
18°. O hi magSahikiekotoa John Lovell, 
moniang ; ale mekateBikoaaieSikarailioiig, 
Kanaclageng, 1859. 

Alkill (John, ni. d.) Aikin's calendar of na- 
ture. 12°. London, 1854. 
|/nH0WTTT(IU.) nctorisL CEilandar of (he scmoDa]. 

A description of the country from thirty 

to forty miles round Manchester, [etc.] 12 
p. I, 624 pp. 73 pi. and maps, 4°. Lon- 
don, J. Stuchdali, 1795. s. 

Almard (Gustave). The pirates of the prai- 
ries; or, the bandit at bay. \Q0 pp. 12°. 
NciB York, Americaa neas eo. [1869]. 
-^— ■ The trail hunter; or, Eed ceflar, the 
prairie outlaw. 100 pp. 12°. New York, 
Beadle If co. [1869]. 

Alm^ (Georges). Observations sur le mag 
n^tisme terrestre. 4°. Paris, J846. 


le 8«n«ral 



Allies (WiUiani)i MedvUa sa. theologize, 
aacria Uteris^ eatamque interpretibna, 
tracta, et methodice disposila. 5 p.l, 
pp. 1 1. 16". Amslerodami, J. Jansouius, 


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Ainslie (H.) A pilgrimage to tie land of 
BuvDs; conlaining anecdotes of thebaic!, 
and of the chavactevs Le imiaortalizea, ivitli 
numerous pieces of poetry, original and col- 
lected, [anon.] 3p.l. 271pp. 3 pi. 12°. 
Depiford, aiitlior. 1822. 

Albany {Ciiti of). Albany street directory and 
city guide, containing a list of public build- 
ings, post office, arrival and Separture of 
mails, money order office, churches, banks, 
newspapers, fire alarm stations, arrivnl and 
departure of trains, calendar for 1869, etc. 
Compiled and publiabed by Joseph C. Wal- 
lace. 64 pp. 1S°. Albany, J. C. Wallace, 

Albion (The). A journal of news, politJcs, 
and general literature, Jan. 1633, to Dec. 
""" "■ ond] series, V. 1-6. [Complete 
1-16]. fol. Neia York, 1333-38. 
Jan. 1839, to Dec. 1841. 
;, V. 1-3. [Complete series, v. 
New Yorfc, J839-41. 

Jan. 1842, to Dec. 1856. 
[Fourtli] series, v. 1-15. [Complete series, 
V. 30-34]. fol. Nem York, 1843-56. 

The same. Jan. 1857, to Deo. 1862. 

v. 36-21. [Complete series, v.33-40.] fol. 
NetB York, W. Young, 1657-412. 

Alcott (Amos Bronson). Tablets. 208 pp. 
16". Boston, Roberts brothers, 1868. 

Alcott (LouisaM.) Hospital sketches, and 
camp and fire-side stories. 2 p. I. 379 pp. 
3 pi. 16°. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1869. 

Little women ; or, Meg, Jo, Betb, and 

Amy. Part second. 359 pp. 4 pi. 16". 
Boston, Roberts brotlisrs, 18(i9. 

Moods. 23 ed. 297 pp. 12'*. Bos- 
ton, Lonng, 1865. 

Alcott (William A.) The physiology of 
man'ii^e. Contiuning information to the 
married, and those about to be married. By 
a physiiaan of many years' eipeiienee. 
[jlfso. Courtship and marriage, anon.] 260, 
iv, 308 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. Boston, W. H. 
Piper St CO. 1868. 

The young husband ; or, duties of man 

in the marriage relation. 20t!i stereotype ed. 
388 pp. 2pl. 16°. Boston, C. D.Strong.l^i. 

The young wife ; or, duties of woman 

in the marriage relation. 17th stereotype ed. 
376 pp. 2 pi, 16°. Boston, Strong 3c Brod- 
head, 1849. 

The young womau's guide to excoltonee. 

13th ed. 356 pp. 2 pi. Ifi''. Boston, C. H. 
Feirce, 1847. 


Alder (Joshua) and Hancock (Alljany). 
Notice of a collection of nudibi'anchiate mol- 
luaea made in India, hy Walter Elliot, esq. 
[etc Extract from transactions of the 
Zoological society]. 113-147 pp. 6(28-33) 4=. [London, 1863]. S. 

Aldrloh (Thomas Bailey). The ballad of 
babie Bell, and other poeuia. 1 p. 1.117 pp. , 
12°. New York, Rttdd Sc CaHeton, 1859. 

The stoiy of a bad boy. 261 pp. 2 pi. 

16°. Boston, Fidds, Osgood St eo. 1869, 

Aldridge (William). Natural short-hand. 
SfifiHoldswortli(W.) and Aldriage(W.) 

Alemany (D. Lorenzo de). Coleccion de Aa. 
. compuBSta para la maa cahal in- 
da la juventud. 2''ed, vii, 328pp. 
Madrid, A. de Sojo, 1844. 

Alembert (Alfred d'). Flaherie parisienne 
anx filats-Unis. 2 p.l. 278 pp. 1 i. 16°. 
Paris, Wirairie thtatrale, 1856. 

Aletophilua (ChristianuB, p$eudon.') See Ig- 

Alexander, aphrodisiensis. Frohtematum libri 
dvo. 16°. ValenliiB, 1554. 
[Gaza (T.) Problomalum Artttotelia, eio.l 

Alexander (Caleb). The young ladies' and 
gentlemen's spelling book : on a new and 
improved plan, containing a criterion of 
rightly spelling and pronouncing the English 
language; interspersed with easy lessons In 
reading, entertiuning fables, and collecdons 
of moral senienees. Intended for the use of 
common schools. 144 pp. 16°. Worcester, 
I. Thomas, 1799. 

Ale:sander (James Waddell, d.d.) Forty 
years' familiar letters. Constituting, with 
the notes, a memoir of his life. Edited by 
the survivingcorrespondent, John Hall, d.d. 
3 V, viii, 412 pp. 1 portrait ; 379 pp. 1 por- 
trait. 8°. Neio York, C. Scnlmer, 1860. 

Alexaiider (Patrick Proctor) Mill and Car- 
lyle. An exammat on ol J is Millsdoctrme 
of cansat un m relation to moral iieedom 
With an ocuas oual discourse on ^aueiteig 
by SraelfungUB [in imitaton of Carlyle] 
iv, 180 pp 12° Edtnbuigh W P Nimma 

Al&eri (Vittoiio) Le tragedie Edizione 

Italia, [at u 82 ] 

by Google 


Alger (Hoi'atio, jr.) Lucfcand plnck & 

16°. Baatoii, Loriag, [1869]. 

1. Liiok and plnck ; or, JobB Oslilcr'a iaheti 
343 pp. 3 pi. 
Bagged Diek aeries, i v. 16°. Bt 

Loring, 1868-69. 

L Eagged Diek : oi', atresl life ia New Yoi-b 

J, ip\. 

1 rsadji or, Ufa lunong lis New York 
newsboys. 300 pp. 4 pi. 

Allbert (Jean Louis, harua). Disaertation aur 
les flfivres pevnicieuses, ou ataxiquas icter- 
mitieotes, etc 2' M. sxviii, 391 pp. 4 pi. 
18°, Pans, Richard, Caitle 4' Ravier, 1801, 

Prfiuia thfioritLUeet pratique aurles mala- 

dieB cle la peau. 2 v. 4 p, 1. ivi, 437 pp ; 
2 p. !. 3S7 pp. 8°. Paris, Caille S; Ravter, 

All the year rouna. A weekly jouroel, Goa- 
dueted by Charles Dickens. With which is 
incorporated, Household worda. v. 30. June 
13, to Nov. S8, 18S8. 8°. Londati, at tliB 
<#ce, 1868. 

The same. December, I86S, to June, 

1869. Newseries. y.l. 8°. London. -1869. 

Alleghany college. Catalogus bibliotUecfe 
collegii alleghanietiaie. 130 pp. 8°. Mead- 
■citte, T. Atkinson If soc. 1833. s. 

Allen (George H.) The social and sabbath 
aehool hymn-book. 5th ed. 251 pp. 21°. 
Oberiin, J, JH. Fitch, 1854. 

AUan (Harrison m. d.) Outlines of com- 
parative anatomy and medical zoology. 190 
pp. 8°. PhUaddphia, J. B. Lippincott S( ce. 

Allen (Richard L.) New Ameiican farm book. 
Keviaed and enlarged by Lewis F. Allen. 
5aSpp. 1-i-^. Nem ¥oTk, O. Judd S^ co. 1869. 

Allen (William, d. d. president of Botedoin 
college). A decade of addresses, delivered 
from ]8a0-29, to the senior classea at Bow- 
doin college ; [with] an inaugural addroaa, 
[and] a Dudleian lecture, delivared May 12, 
1830, at Harvard univeraity. 272 pp. 16°. 
Portland, S, Colaian, 1830, 

.illertoii (E.G.) Brook trout fishing. An 
account of a trip of the Oqnossoc angling 
asaocialiou to northern Maine, in June, i86;>. 
59 pp. 1 12°. Iteio York, Perrls 
Sf BroMHe, 1869, 

Alleiton homes. A. story for boys. By the 
author of "The silversmith of Jerusalem." 
[anon.] 239 pp. 3 pi. 16°. PhUadelphia. 
J. P. ShUy if CO. 1869. 

Allgemelues repertorinn 

auslaudisehen literatur, Herausgegehen von 
eiuer gesellscliaft gelehrten'. [C. D. Beck, 
und E. H. L. Pdlita]. 1819-26. 32 v. in 
16. 8°. Ldpzis, C. Cnobloch, 1810-26. 

Alm annnh de la bourse pom' 1869. 14° ann6e, 
contenant la revue fioaneifere et un ^tat com- 
paratJf des derniers cours connua du 1™ sep- 
tembre 1867 au 31 aoftt 1868, les valeui's Ji 
lots, tons les details sur les chemina de fer, 
fouds publics, actious iudustriellea, etc. 108 
pp. 10 1. 16°. Paris, B. Bicket, 1869. 

Aliuanacll et directerium fraufais des l^tats- 
Unia, pour I'ann^e 18S9, ft I'usage des popu- 
lations franf^aea da I'Am^rique du Hord. 
22= annge. 131 pp. 12°. Nevi York, J. D. 
L. Zoiidcr, [1868]. 

Almanach imperial, prfisentdil leuramajestfe. 
(170*-171= ano^e), 1863-69. 2 v. 8°. 
Paris, veum Berger-Lenraalt tt Jils, 1888-69. 

Almanaque perunno, y gnia do foraaleroa, 
1812-14. Per Franciaco Eomaro, 3 V. 18°. 
Lima, irapreuta de les nitios haerfanos, 1812- 

Almeida (Candido Mendes de). See Meiidea 
de Almeida (C.) 

AlniBida(Theodorode). Piadoao devoeionario 
en honor del aagrado eorsaon de Jesus. Tca- 
daci^oal idioina mexicano por P. J. Gam- 
bino. 4 p. !. 120 pp. 18°. Orhava, F, 
Meadarle, 1839, 

Teaoro de proteceion en la santiaijna vlr- 

gen ; 6, estimulos de amor y devocion a la 
madre deDios, uuestra senora, escritos au por- 
tugaes. Traflucidasal Caatellanop. d.F. V. 
G. 2p. 1.x, 237 pp. 16°. Madrid, impren- 
ta real, J797. 

Alpliabet (The) of reason : being au essay 
towards constructing a plan to facilitate the 
fli1i of swift writing, commonly called short- 
hantl; upon rational principles, [anon.] 16 
pp. 2 pi. 16°. London, I. Becket, 1763. 

Alsop (Richard). The eharma of fancy ; a 
poem, in four cantos, with notes. Edited 
with a biographical sketch of the author, by 
Theodore Dwigbt. 214pp. 12°. Neu> York, 
D. Apphton St CO. 1856. 

Alton. &it6e de LigaSres (Edmond comta d'). 
Mes mSmoues, (1826-1848). 2 v. 3p. 1. 
33rpp; 2p.L390pp, 11. 8°. Paris.Ubrai- 

Altum (Bernai'd). Der vofiiel und s 
gesciiildert. 2* aiifl. xv, 240 pp. 
iter, If. Niemann, 1868. 

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Alvaiea (FvaiiciBoo). Die reis^ eu desa 
christliciieQ tonigs in bohen Ethiopian, den 
ivir pciester Johann nenneu daiitmen alle 
Kfiine konigieicli, hoQliigei etc beschiieben 
Tverdeo. [Aaa deui Portngiesisohen ube.r- 
setat]. 1. 23-143. fol. Franckfurt am Mayn, 
S. FeyraUndl, 1581. 
[Generji. Clironica, (pt 1)]. 

Alvarez de Toledo (Gabriel). Hlstoria de la 
iglesia, y del munflo, que contLetie los su- 
ceases desde bu creacion basta el diiuvio. 
10 p. 1. 383 pp. 5 1. fol, Madnd, J. 
Rodrigaex y Escobar, 1713. "■ 

Amat (Josef). Sermon en iaa eiequias de la 
venerable d" Josefa Matia Roca de la Serna, 
J Mascai'el), mnger del generoao d. Lorenzo 
Torres y Cair^z, [etc.] 10 p. I. 211 pp. 
1 pi. ]2°. ralencia,J.E. Dolt, 17;57, 8. 

America; or, anexactdeaciiptionof tlieWeat 
Indies ; more especially of those nndec the 
dominion of the king of Spain. By H. N. 
geM. [anoa.-] 2v.ini. Tp.l. 484 pp. 
1 1. 18°. Loudon, E. Dod, 1655. 

America (La). Crdnica hispano-americana, 
1857-1861, ditiglda por d. Eduardo Asque- 
rino, [etc.] 5v. in 4. fol. Jtforfi-ui, 1857-61. 

American (The) agiieulturist. For the farm, 
garden, and household. January, 1868, to 
December, 186<J. v. 27-28. 4°. Ncm York, 
O. JwddSr^o. [1868]. 

American (The) agiicnltural annnal, J869, 
and 1870. Afarmer's year boolt, [etc.] Illus- 
trated, 3 V. J2 Aoio ior! Judii * 
CO. [1869-701 

American (The) annual cvclcp'edia and 
register of important events if tba years 
1867 and 18fi8 i "-8 8° NeiB lor! D. 
Applelonitco l-Ca 69 

American anUquar an soc ety Aiehiol g a 
Boierioana. TiansaMions and tollections. 
v.3-4. 8°. Camhrtdge ijfiieso t^g 1350-60. 


American baptist publication society. The 
almanac and baptist register, [etc.] for 1843- 
[anci]1845. 3v. 8°. PMtaddpIiia,ll842- 
44]. 8. 

The same. The baptist almanac and 

annual register for 1850. 8°. Pkiladelpliia, 
[1849]. S. 

The same. Tlie baptist almanac for 

1851-53 and 1855. 4v. 8°. Pkiladdpkia, 
[I&5l)-54], 8, 

American (The) biblical repository. Con- 
ducted by J. M. Sherwood. Jannary to Oc- 
tober, 1850. Third series v b [Complete 
series, v. 30], b° Afio iork proprietor 

3. RecorfB of fhe 

.company rf the MaBE. c 

bay, lo the enba 

katlon of Win b op [•> 


Neir England. 

be iMarien of Job 

Hull wilh a mBmon^ 

emoirs'of Ion. Th 

men Lindail Wurthrop 


FoIeoidI: Hodlior 

JobnDaylB, [by T.Kim 



I.oiidon, una tUe 

BdUsh Suselm. batted byE 

B. Sale. 

A diaMnraeof Virginia." ByE. M. Wingfie 

itod by Chflriea Dt 

ew Bngmnd'H rnri les discoTered, By J. J 


ge to Spilsbergeu m tb 

iei3. [o»™. At. 

IbntBd io R. Folberby]. 

fe of sir Ralph Lh 

ne. ByE. B. Halo. 


I,' wilh Iba Bibbo hsca aaura] 

American (The) bond detettor ind com 
plete history of the Umled btates goiein 
meiit securities issued under the sanction 
of tlie United btates treasury department 
200pp. 92,8pl. obi 4" Jfaalaugton Amer 
icanbondaad currencn detertor compang 1%9 

American dental assotiation Transactions 
Fifth and sixth annual meet ngs held in Chi 
cago and Boston 1865 and 18b6 S p 1 
51 1 pp. 8°, Boston, A. Miidge * son, 1868. 

American eclectic medical reyiew. Editors, 
E, S. Newton, oi, d. and P. A. Morrow, m. 
d. July, 1868, to June, 3869. v.4. 8°. 
Jfew rorA, TroiB St Smith, 1B68-69. 

American educational monthly. Sec Hew 
York leaeher and American educational 

American gold quotaUons, 1862-66, and 
members of the Hew York gold exchange. 
New York stock exchange, open board bro- 
kers, and petroleum hoard brokers. 19 1. 32'^. 
New York, J. C. Merterma, 1866. 

American homceopithic obsei ver a monthly 
journal devotel to the inteieats of hom:EO 
pathic phjsicians January to December 
1869. V C B° DetToa E A Lodge 1869 

American horticultui il annua! ISfit Illus 
trated 152 pp 13° JVeiu "iork O Judd 
$! CO. 18C8 

American (The) journal of the med eal bci 
euces Edited by Isaac Hays m d Janu 
ary to April 1841 January to Apnl 1844 
July to October, ISbO; January to April, 
1862 i January to October, 1869, New se- 
ries, V. 1, 7, 40, 43, and 57-58. Philadel- 
phia, Lea tr B/oni^fli-rf, 1841-69. 

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Anieilcan journal of numismatics, nud 
letiu of the Amencan anmisniatic and 
raologieal society, May, 1866, to April, 18fi9. 
T. 1-9 in 1 vol. 8°. JVew York, Ai 
mii, axd arcliiBol. 

American (Tlie) journal of science anil arts. 
Con(Jueted by B. Silliman, J. D, Dana, [and 
otlierB]. January (o November, 1869. 9d 
series, v. 47-48. [Complete e«-ies, v. 97-98]. 
8°. NeiB Havea, editors, [1869], 

American literary ^a^ett« and publisliers' cir- 
cular. November 186t^, to Oct. 1869. v. 
ia-13. 8". Phaaddphia, G. IV. Oiilds, 

Ameiican (The) magaziae. and repository of 
useful literature. Devoted to science, liter- 
ature, and the arts, [etc.] Edited by Jobn 
S, Wood, m. d. and Barnabas Wood, [etc.] 
V. 1. [From July to December, 1841]. 
:90 pp. 10 pi, 8°. Albans, B. foo'i, 

American medical afsociation. Transactions. 
V. 3-4, and 15-19. 1850-51, 1864-68. i 
P/iiladelptia, far the association, lKO-68. 

American (The) naturalist, a popular illus- 
trated [montlily] magazine of natural his- 
tory. Edited by A. S. Packard, jr. [and 
others]. March, 1867, to February, ]8[ 
V. 1-2. 8°. SoTem, Essex inslitnte and Pi 
body academy of science, 1868-^. 

American pharmaceutical association. Fro- 
ceedinga. v. 1-16. 8°. Philaddphia, 1851- 

American (The) preacher; or, a collection of 
sermons from some of the most eminent 
preachers, now living, in the United States, 
of different denominations in the christian 
church. Never before published. [Edited 
by David Austin], 3 v. 12°. Elizabeth- 
town, (if. J.) S. Kallack, 1791. 

The same. v,4, 8°. New Hawea, A. 

Morse, 1793. 

American (The) presbyterian and thaologi- 
eal review. Editors: H. B, Smith and J. 
M. Sherwood. January to October, 1863. 
New series, v. 1. &^. Nev> York, J. M. 
SheTwood, ]8fi3. 

American r^lroad journal. Steam naviga- 
tion, commerce, finance, engineering, bank- 
ing, mining, manufactures. January, 1864, 
to December, 1869. v. 37-42, (3d quarto 
seties, v. 20-^5). 4°. Nm York, J. H. 
Schtdtz, 1864-69. 

American sbipmaaters' association. Record 
of American and foreign shippiuff, from sur- 


American abipmosters' association — cont'd, 
veys made and compiled under the direction 
of the American shipmasters' association. 
199 1. 4°. (Veto York, R. C. Root it co. 

Araerican social sci( 
menls puhUahed by the association. Part I. 
Constitution, address, and list of members, 
with the qviestions proposed for discussion, 
to which are added minutes of the transac- 
tions of tbe aseociation. July, 1866. 64 pp, 
8^. Boston, association, 1866. 

The same. Part S. Address, at the fifth 

general meeting, New York, November 19, 
1867, by Samael EUot, correspond inj^ sec- 
retary, to which are added lists of papers, 
members, etc. December, 1867. 65-92 pp. 
8". Boston, association, 1867. 

Jonmal. No. 1. April, 1869. 8°. Bos- 
ton, 1869, 

American (The) spectator ; or, matrimonial 
preceptor. A collection (with additions and 
variations) of essays, epistles, precepts, and 
examples, relating to the married state, from 
Uie most celebrated writers, ancient and mod- 
ern. Adapted to the state of society in the 
American republic. 386 pp. 1 pi. 1&^. Bos- 
ton, D. West, 1797. 

American (The) year-book and national reg- 
ister for 1869. Astronomical, historical, po- 
litical, financial, commercial. Edited by 
David N. Camp. v. 1. 824 pp. 8°. Hart- 
ford, 0. D. Case 4' co. 1869. 

Amerlcanlsche (Die) goUlgrube; das ist: 
die Itunst des landmanns, seine seitlichen 
guter ffinfeig- bis hundertfaltig zu vermehren, 
[ete,] Ein lehrreiches less- nnd rechenbneh, 
fiir alle wahte patrioten, [etc. kbob.] viii, 
192 pp. 13°. LibauoH, (Penn.) H, Sage, 

Ameiikanisclies magazin— Oder authenti- 
sche beitr%e Bur erdbeschreibung, stoals- 
kunde und geschichte von Araeiika, beson- 
ders derVereioigten Staaten. Herausgegeben 
von professor Hegewiseh in Kiel, und profes- 
sor Ebeling in Hamburg, v, 1. 4 parts in 2 
V. 3 p. 1. 190, 166 pp ; 2 p. 1, 200 pp. 3 1. 
184 pp. 8°. liambarg, C. E. Eohn, 1795. 

Am^rique (L') d«livi^; esquisse d'un 
poeme sur I'ind^pendance de I'Amfirique. 
PftrL.C.D.L.G, [ano».] 2 y. xxiv, 726 
pp. 8°. Amsterdam, J. A. Crajenscliot, 1783. 

Am I a child of God ! [ajion.] 92 pp. 1 pi. 
18°. Philadelphia, American s. s. union, 

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Amicable Quixole. Hlatoria de Brace y 
Emilia, 6 el Quixote tie la amistiwl. Obra 
inglesa. [hhdb.] Tradueicla til Frances por el 
p. Ciiaoin, y extraotada libtemente al OflS- 
tellano por a. F. E. y C. 9v. 6p.l. 190pp; 
S p. 1. 216 pp. i6°. Madrid, RcpaMs, 
ISOS. 8. 

Aiiioreus (Felix <!'). Sec Salnt-F^lix 
(Jules de). 

Amoit: (Evisebio). Cenanra sobre el arte de 
peusar, 6 logica admhable Se Autonio Ar- 
il aldo.escritaenLatin,y trad neidaenEspaiiol, 
por Miguel Joseph Fernandez, [etc.] 10 p. 1. 
171 pp. 8°. Madrid, A. JtfaSoi dd Voile, 
J7&9. 8. 

[Wiik Ahnauld (A.) Arbe Se penmr, n59J. 

Amory (Thomas C.) The militaiy Bervices 
and pablic Jife of major-general John Snlll- 
van, of the American revolalJouary araiy. 
a p. 1. 3ao pp. ] portrait, 8°. Boston, 
Wisiiin Sf Litnt, 1868. 

Ampere (Jean Jacques). L'histoire romaine 
aRonie. 3v. 9p.l. lxiii,495pp. 1 1. Imap; 
3 p. 1. B77 pp. 1 1. 1 map. 8°. Paris.. M. 
. Lieyfrires, 1863. 

i Litt^ratme, voyages ct poesies. Non- 

velle 63. 2 v. 3 p. 1. 336 pp 3 p 1 504 
pp. 16°, Paris, Didier, Ki3 

Amim^tegai (Miguel Lms and Gregoiio) 
La reeonquisla espafiola Apuntes paia la 
hietoria de Chile, 1814-1817 ix 210 pp 
1 1. 8°. Sanliago, imprmla dithna IfcM S 

Amyramt or Amyrault (Moise) De jme 
natur.-e, quod connabia dmgit diaquisitioues 
sex. EsGaUieaversffiilB H Reyuoldo, ex 
bibliotheca G. von Mastiicht, qm notaa 
aliaque ejusdem avgumenti addidit 2 p 1 
384 pp. 1 1. 16°. Stadis H Brummer 

Anaataaius, iibliothmrias Histoiii de vitia 

orum pontifiev 

m a 

Petto apostolo 


ad Nieolavm i. 

Deinde vita Haariaoi 

ji. et 

Slephani vi. an 


Gvilielmo biblio- 

theoario. Acceaseie 


leotiojies, Tete.] 


353 pp. 61. 


Mogvnlim, I. Al- 




an (Friedrich). 


vermittluDg fler 


2 V. xiT, 427 


V, 384 pp. 8 

. B 

Hin, DiiM'Ur Sf 

HnmUot, 1831. 

V. 1. aeaehlohto nnd pglitik. 

v.l. PhiloBopbienndpoeido. 
Audala or Ruirds van Andlaliulzen ( — ) 
ViD^iciie verltatis, quam ecclesiee reformaliEe 
profltentur de dependentia aotionum h Deo. 


Andala— con tinned. 
Adjecta est dispatatJo theologica de libero ho- 
minis peoeatoris arbitiio. 4 p. 1. 253 pp. ) 1. 
16°. Frarte/pterae, A. Htiaitus, 1713. 

Aiideiaen (Hans Christian). The two baron- 
esses. Aromanee. v, 261 pp. 12°. JVsw. 
Yor/c. Burd St Houghton, 1869. 

Anaeiraoa (Charles Frederick). Anderson's 
American -villa architecture, lat no. 61. 
15 pi. obi. fol. Nev> York, G. 1'. Putnam Sf 




Anderaon (John J.) An introductory school 
history of the Unilfid States, arranged on the 
catechetical plan ; to which are oddefl, the 
declaration of independence, and the consti- 
tution of tJie United States, with questions 
and explanations. 153, 3B pp, 2 maps. 16°. 
Sea York, Clark &■ Maynard, 1867. 

Auderaon (Rufas, d.d.) Foreign missions; 
their relations and claims. 1 p. 1. xiv, 373 
pp, ia°. A'euj York, C. Bcriiner * ca. 1809. 

Anderaon (Ken. William). Kings of society; 
or, leaders of social, intellectual, and relig- 
ious progress, xi, 304 pp. 32°. LbiuIoh, 
book aaeiely, [18G6]. 

Andrejltovicz (— ) and Dtuik (— ). Gen- 
eral insti nctions foi the use t tniline colors. 


B (T) ' 


Andrea y Alcalde (Joaqmn) Manual esla- 
distico, histouco politico gencal&gico y ns- 
tronomico 6 \ ista estadislica del muudo y 
compendio geneial de notieins 16 p. 1. 327 
pp. 16° Madnd MorctlB 1831 

Andrew Douglas [A tale anon ] 232 pp. 
1 p!. 1S° New lorl nat tcmperaneepabl. 
house, IHbS 

Anecdotes oi eminent persons comprising 
also many reiu'ims of liteiature and biogra- 
phy, VII h some oiiginal letteit, of dis- 
tinguiHheil characters 2v xi 404ppi vii, 
404 pp. 8° London S BagsttT 1813. 

Aneodotea du temps de Loms xvi [ujujm.] 
Sp.l. 218 pp. 16°. Paris, L. Hachette St 
dc. 1854. 

Angelin (Nils Peter). Palteontologia scandi- 
ra 1". Cnislacea formatiouis 
1 p. 1. It, 92, 43 pp. 4°. Lipsiif, 
T. O. Weigel, 1854. 

Angell (John). Stenography ; or, shorl>hacd 
improved ; being the most compendious, 
lineal, and easy method hitherto extant, [etc.] 
J p. 1. ixji, xxix pp. 21 pi. IS"^. London, 
A.Miller, [aJou* 1780], 

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Anglerins (Petrua). See Martire d'An- 
ehiera (F'et o) 

Angbs y Zanduey (AntoQ o Jo p) '5 b 
81I et Bfcuaat g at apo&bol ct d o 
dec n obaervai on 1 us llaotratie 8p I 12fi 
LX\ pp ?n 4° M Inli F del Hierro 

Sppct e normal 

Angstrom (4nde-s Jona) 
du Bole 1 Atlas conte ani 
donle des ra es F aienhote 


de n 11 

M 1 

fol Lpml 1S(>8 

Anguiaiio (Mathao de) Ep ton e k 
y conq lata aap r tval del inpe a 1 
en Etiopia la alta, EObre Egjpto, 
emperador svelen Uamar preste Juan, los <ie 
Europa. 16 p. 1. 204 pp. 6 1. 8°. Madrid, 
A.G.E.ile Reyes, 170S. s. 

Vida, y virtudes de el capuchiuo espa- 

nol fr. Fraoeisoo de Pamplona, [etc.] Lla- 
mado en el sigla doa Tiburcio de Redin, 
[etc] ISp.l. 356pp. 131. 801,40. gfad- 
rid, imprcnta rent, 1704. 

Angue (Joaepb, d. d.) The bible handbook ; 
an introduction to the study of the sacred 
scriptures. 2d revised ed. With 
uotes, and an infleic of scriptare 
rev. F. S. Hoyt. 781- pp, I col, m 
PMlaildpbia, J. S, Claxton, [1868], 

Annates dea poets et 

b°. Paris, Danod, 18b7- 

Aunales de la propagation de la foi. See As- 
sociation de la propagation de la foi. 

AunalesreguaiMaui'itanite a conditoldrisida- 
rum imperio ad annum fugjB 736, ah Abu-1 
Hasan All beE Abd Allah ibn Abi Zer' Fe- 
sano, vel at alii malnnt, Abu Mubammed 
Salih ibn Abd el Halim granatensi conscrip- 
tos, ad librorum maauscriptorttm fidem edidit, 
scripturce varietatetu natavit, latine vertjt 
observationibusque illustraTit Carolus Joan- 
nes Totiibetg. 2v.ini. 12 p. 1. 281 pp ; 5 
p. 1. xiT, 446pp. 4'*. Upsnliie, UttBris acade- 
micis, 1843-46. s. 


Annales des voyages, de la g^ographie, de 
I'histoire et de I'arch^ologie, [etc.] dirig^e 
par V. A. Malte-Brun. Ann6e 1867 [et] 
I8fi8. e V. 8°. Paris, Cliallamd ain4, 

AunalB (The) and mugazine of natuial history, 
including zoology, botany, and geology. 
Condncted by C. C. Babington, J. E. Gray, 
W. S. Dallas, and W", Francis. 4th seri. 
v.2-3. 8°. London, TayloT and Franc 

Aiinet (Peter). Sbort-band perfected, o( 
taining plain and easy examples, and instri 
tioQS foL' learning it. 3p.], 10 pp. 1 pi. 
so. London, G. IVaodfall, 1768.. 

Annexation to the United States : is it de- 
sirable ? and is it possible I By " one of tbe 
people." [hbdji.] 64 pp. 8°. Halifax, 
(JV. S.) J. Bowes * son, 1868. 

Annie's gold cross, and Its mysterious motto. 
By the author of "Nellie Grey." [hhou,] 
S67 pp, 4 pi, 16°. P/iUadclpliia, presbyterian 
pidilicalion committee, [1869]. 

Aunualre de I'administration franjaise ; par 
Maurice Block, f^sant suite au Dictionnaire 
(le I'adtninislratiou franpaise. 11° ann^e. 
1868. 2v.inJ. viii, 387 pp; 174 pp. li°. 
Paris, V. Berger-Levrault etjih, 1868. 

Annuaire des deuxmondes. Histoire generate 
des divers fitats. v. 14. 1866-67. 8°. 
Paris, bureatt de la Eeviie des deux mondes, 

Aimiiaire de I'l^conomie politique et de la 
: talis tiquo ; par mm. Guillaumin, Joseph 
Jaroier, Mce. Bloclc, etc. i"-2=, 4"-17", 35"- 
16= anufe. 1844-45, 1846-60, 1868-69 ]7v, 
.8°. Pom, GuiUaumin, 1844-69 

Annuaire enoyclopSdique. Politique Econo- 
mie sociale. Statistique. AdministiaCion. 
Sciences. Litt^rature. Beaux aits Agnctll- 
ture. Commerce. Industrie PubL€ par ]es 
direoteurs do I'Eneyolop^die dn 19° siecle, 
1868. 8°. Paris, an bnreaa de I'encyclopidie du 
19'^ $Ucl6, 1869. 

Annuaire de I'instruction publique pour 
I'aun^e 1868, [et] 1869, public par J. Dela- 
Mn. 2v. 16°. Paris, J. Delalam If Jils, 

Aniittaire militaire. See Trance. 

Annual (The) register, and Virginian reposi- 
tory for the year 180O. Ip.l. lii, 204 pp. 18°. 
Petersburg, Ross St Douglass, [1801]. 

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Auiiual (Tbe) register : a review of pubiio 
events ut homo and abroad, for the year I SOS- 
New sedea. 8°. London, Rim«gton, 1869. 

Annual of seientifie discovery; or, year-book 
of facts in. science and art for 1869, exliibiting 
the most important discoveries and improve- 
inenta in mechanics, usefularCs, [and science, 
during 1868.] Edited by Samuel Kneeland, 
m. d. 12°. So$ton, GmM li Lincoln, 1869. 

Ansdalehail; or, "standby your colors, "bj 
C. J. G. [flMon.] 224 pp. 3 pi. 18°. Bos. 
ton, AmcTican tract society, [1863], 

Anapaoh (C. A.) Gesehiohte und beschrei- 
bung von Newfoundland and der kilate 
Labrador, i, 277 pp. 2 maps. 8°. Weimar, 


Aneted (D. T.) The Application of geology 
to the arts and manufactures. Being six loc- 
tui'ea on practical geology, delivered before 
the society of arts, as a part of the Cautor 
series of lectures for 1865. iv pp. a 1. 300 
pp. 16°. London, R. Hardwicke, 1865. 

Answer to considerations on certain political 
transactions oftheprovineeofSoutli Carolina. 
[anon.] 2 p. 1. 140 pp. 18°. London, J. 
Almon, 1774, 

Aiitas (Miguel d'). Les fau£ don S^baatieu ; 
#tude sur I'histoire de Portugal. 2 p. 1. v. 
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of the writings of the fathers, down to A. D. 
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Clemens, aZeztatdriHOB^ Writini 
G[iE:HiNS,rona«<i>. Epietlee, v. 

OLBHENTIN^ recOBDlUoilS. V. 3. 
CYFEIAIiirs (T, 0.) "WritiEES, V 

Epistle to Slognetns, v, 1. 
FAitiAtins. Eplatlsa, v. 9. 
EEBHAS. Ttie piiator, t. 1. 
HiPPOLTTDa. 'WritJllgB, V. 8 am 
IQHATIUS, Eplstlee, [wltb ta!B M 
iHBIia^DB. ■WriUngs, v. 8 and 9. 
jDLnis, n/Mcamui. WriUi^, y. 1 
'■'""""'"S, martyr, WiitJngs, v. 
vs. Writings, T. 18. 

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POBIIANnB. EpiBllM, T. 9. 

Tatiands. Wrltingii, t. 3. 
Tertulliakus (Q. S. F-) Wrltlnea, v. 11. 

Five boaka sgHlBBt MHrelon, v. 7. 

THE0PHTT.U3, eRtlochcufit. WiiUagB, V. 3. 
UriDABOa i. EplaUe, v. B. 
ZEPHYBiHus. Epiaiies, V. S. 
Anthropologloal (The) reviuw. 1863-69, v, 
1-7. &>. London, 1863-69. 

AouBt (L'aibS — ). Analyseinfinit^simale des 
courbea tracees sur nne surface queleonq^ue. 
si, 314pp. 11. 8°. Paris, Oautkicr-Viltars, 
1869. s. 

Apgar (E. A. rand A.C.) Geographical draw- 
ing-book. A new and improved system of 
map-drawing, designed to be used as a pri- 
mary geography by beginners. 40 pp. obL 
4°, Philadelphia, Coviperthieail Sf eo. 1869. 

Aptaentonl^ (Theodores). TiaSoloYiiciiz ova- 
ro/ua^ eiriTO/iii jrpof XPI'^'" ''''•"' '"K idTpiK^C 
o^nSij'' •poiTirijv avpnflsiria, v 2-3. 8°. Ei> 
Afli^iwf, I A^jf^Toulof, 1854-55 s 

[V 1 waaOug] 

Apparatus b^evis ad theologiam, et jus ca 
nonicnm, complectens indii,Hm histonco 
cbionologicum concihoinm, paparum, anti- 
papainm patiumet scnptorum eeclesiastico 
rum, necnon heietiiornm et compendio^am 
■\anB utriusque prienotionem [anon ] 4 
p 1 255 pp in'' Veaetiii, Kemondtnt, 
[WilhCozsi.iI.) Dubiasdscta 1750] 

Appleton (D ) il CO Appleton'a illustrated 
almtnacfoi 1869 aud 1870 2v &> Nem 
¥ork, D Appleton fr co 13G8-t)"t 

Appleton'fljournalof literature, science, 

and art, April 3 to Ang. 14, 1869. v. 1. 8°. 
ma York, D. Appleton <p co. 1869. 

Appleton's juvenile annual for 1869. 

A Christmas and new year's gift for youug 
people. 382 pp. 8 pi. 12". NmYork, 
D Appleton l! CO ]86'> 

Appleton (John L ) Bchtanltheile der eng 
li chen lusspiache mit genauer beschrei 
b ing del englisuhen laatp nnd aahlre chon 
eilauterndeu iibnngen Eine anweisung 
za del aneignung einei iichtigen and deut 
licheu ausspraohe das englischen Elements 
ot English pronnueiation, [etc.] 30 pp. 8°. 
Nem ¥ork, 1869. 

Appleton's improved practical method 

for Germans to learn English in the 
shortest time. Verbesserfe praktische atis- 
spriiche-methode, die englische sprache in 
kfiriiester zeit lesen, schieiben und spreohen 
zu leruen. 144 pp, 12°. New York, B. Wes- 
terma«« Sf co. 1869. 

Apr^B de Matmevillette (Jean Baptiste Nicolas 
Denis d'). lustmctious sur la navigation dea 
Indes oriontales et de la Chine, pour servic au ■ 
Neptune oriental. 2 p, 1. Iviii, 574 pp. 7 1, 
xvj, ss, 52 pp, i". Pa,i», Dexaache, 1775. 

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Aram (Engene). The trial and life of Eugene 
Aram ; several of his letters and poems ; snd 
his plans and specimens of an Anglo-Celtic 
lexicon, yrith copious notes and illustrations, 
and an engraved fac-simile of the hand- 
writing of this very jngeD oa? but 11 lated 
schulai IV, 134 XP ll' ^1 8° ^'=*- 
laond, M Bell lo3'' 

Arand (Diego Ban os) H stonajeneraldela 
independencia de Chile v I 2 p 1 in ^25 
pp. 8°, Santiago impTcnta ckilena I&&4 s. 

Aiber (Edward) English lepimts 11 t. 
16", London, A Martay S, tons 18t)8 

Addison (J.) CrlteiEiD on UltODH Para liaa lout 

AscHAH (R.) ToiopiilnE, 154a. No. .. 

G03B0H <S.) The acboole of nbnse, 1579. A sbor 

apologle tor tba achoole of abuse, 1579. No. 3. 
Latimer (H.) SsrnionontlieplonghorB, 1M9. So.a 

o' No. 9. 

MOHB(T,) Uiopii 


)lo^e for 

e. 1596. 

Archieologioal institute of Great Britain and 
Ireland. Sfe Royal archaeological institute 
of Groat Britain and Ii'eland. 

ArcliEBOlogical (The) journal. Published 
under the direction of the central committee 
of the British archseological aasociation for 
the encouragement and prosecution of re- 
searche.? into the arts and monuments of the 
earlyand Diiddie ages. y. 1. ti". London, 
1845. 8. 

The same. Published under the direc- 
tion of the central committee of the (royal) 
archreological institute of Great Britain and 
Ireland, v. 3-34. 8°. LondoH, 1846-67. s. 

Archives gSn&'ales de medicine ; journal pub- 
lic par une soci^t# de m^deeins, 1823-41. 57 
V. 8°. Paris, O^c/iet, 1833-41. 
[NOTE.— Coniplets to V. 19, 3cl seriea]. 

ArcbiTio Btorico italiano. Ser. 3". v. 7-8. 
parte 1 e 3. 18C8. 8°. Firmze, G. P. 
FieMsseui, 1868. 

Areas tela (Joseph, editor). Osterreichiscber 
bericht flber die iuternationale ausstellung in 
London, 1862. Im auflrage des k.k. minis- 
teriums fur handel iind volkswirthsehatl 
heransgegeben, 11, 740 pp. 1 1. 8°. IVien, 
k. k. kof- and BlaatsdraeheTei, 1883. s. 

AretEeuB, cappadox. [Scripta] qure snpersunt. 
Becensuit et illustravit Franciscua Zacharias 
ErnieriuH. [Greece et latine]. btvi, 503 pp. 
4°. Trajecti ad R/ienum, Keminic, 1847. S. 


Argens (Jean Baptiste de Boyer, marquis d'), 
Lettres juives; ou, corresponctance philoso- 
phique, historique et critique, entre un jnif 
voyageur en differens ^tats do I'Europe, et 
sescorreapondansendiveraonaroits. [nnon.] 
Nonv. 6d, 8 V. 18°. La Haye, P. Paupie, 

Argentine republic. Rejistro estadistieo de la 
reptiblica arjentina. Bajo la direccion de 
Damiau Hudson, v. 2. 481 pp. fol. Buenos 
Aires, J, A. Bernkeim, 1867. 

Argosy (The). Efliled by mrs. Henry Wood. 
January to December, 1869. v. 7-8, 8°. 
ILnndon, J. Ogden Sf co. 1869]. 

ArgiieUea (Agustin de). Examen hist6rico 
de la reforma conslitu clonal que hicicron las 
c6rtes generates y eatraordinarias desde que 
se instalaron en la isla de Leon, el 34 de 
setiembre Se 1810, hasta que cerraron en Ca- 
dia 3U9 sesiones en 1813. 3 v. Ip.l.viii, 
479 pp 1 viii, 459 pp. 8=. L6ndrts, C, Wood 
fr hijo. ie3S. 

Argiiellea(Jofl6Eeguero). SaeRegweto Ar- 

ArgyU (G. D. Campbell, dukeof). See Camp- 
bell (6. D.) 

Aristophanes. XIAoiirof, [eoinedia], Ip. I. 
153 pp. 8°. CanlahTtgiiE, IB20. 
[With PoltaoNCIt.) NotcGln AtistopiaDein, ate. | 

Arietoteles. Fragmenta; collegit, disposuit, 
illustravit jEmilius Heitz. xvi, 357 pp. 8°. 
Paris, Didat, 1SS9. 
[DmOT. Blbllotbaque grecqae, t, 55], 

Problomatum settiooeB due de qvadra- 

ginta. 16°. Valeatite, Wii 

[Gau (T.) ProblemBtum A IkIoIpIIb ek.] 

Synopsis of the virtues and vices. 

Translated by W Budgman 8'' Loudon, 

[1,1 BRiDGMAN IW ) Tiannlall ns ftom Iha Greek, 
pp. i-aaj. 

Arizona ( TemloTj) of) Jouinals of the first 
legislaSve assembly Session begun on the 
36th day of Septembet, and ended luthday of 
November, 1864, atPrescott. 350, xviii pp. 
8°. Prescott, Arizona miner, 1865. 
Ax\ea\Ana.(,Rej)fiUica). See Argentine re- 
Arkansas {Stateof). Constitution as adopted 
by the convention, February II, 1868. 
38 pp. 8°. Little Rock, Republican printing 

Arlincourt ( neomJe Victor d'). The rene- 
gade. Translated floQithoFrencb. 2v.ini. 
352 pp. 12°. Pkiladelpkia, Carey S( Lea,18SS, 

by Google 


Atllnc ourt^coctinned. 

Tho solitary ; or, the mysterious man oi 

(he mountain, Trftnslated from the French. 

by aa American lady. 2 t. in 1. SifiS pp. 

Ipl. 13". New York, H.Ihirell, 1^2. 
Atmbrueter (J. M, C.) Catalog einer aus- 

wnhlwBi'tlii'ollerbtieher, [etc.] SeeKoMer 

(C, F.) and Armbiueter. 
ArmSe (L') ftaneaise; sa mission ot son hii 

toire, (496-1852). Par le c" de C""" 

[ano».] viii, 246 pp. 11. 8°. Paris, Li 

doyen, 1852. 
Anniniue or Harmaiison (Jacob). Opera 

thoologiea. 12pl. 788pp. 4°. Fraacofarti, 

O. F. Angltts, 1631. 
Amauld (Antoine). Arte de pensar ; d, logiea 

admirable, [etc.] escrita ea Frances, y tca- 

ducida en Espsiio), por Miguel Joseph Fer- 
nandez, [etc.] Con la cenaura del p. doct. 

Eusebio Amovt, [etc] 2 v. in 1. 16 p,l. 

460 pp; 10 p. L 171 pp. 8*>, Madnd, A. 

NuUi del ValU, 1759. s. 

Arnault (Antoiue Vincent), ffiiivres. 8 v. 

8"^. Paris, Bossaiige p^re, 1824-37. 

MoiIds It Uiutuixi 

m de Dn Gnesclli 

V. e-S. Critiques philoaophiqueB et lltl6rirfres. v. 1-3. 

Aniim (Betiine Ton, &iini Brentano). GCin- 
derode. [Letters], xii, 106pp, 13°. Bos- 
ton, E. P. Peabody, 1842. 

Anioblua, senior. AiJversua gentes libriyii, 
Cum recensiono viri celeberrimi, et inlegris 

AtnobiuB — continued 
imnium Lommeutaiiis E(). nov. 4 v. in 1. 
4^ Lugduai BUavoium, J. Maire, 1651. 

DiEpTtBlionym adversua ganlflB librJ Tii. SS5 pp. 

diitionuin rsUo reddittir. 32 pp. 
GodEacalAi Slianechii In liljmm sflptimutii Aroobli 

ndveraus gentes elecla. pp. 33-116. 
(Jebhoj-ai ElmBDhorsUi obBsrvBtionea Bcl Arnobiwin, 

191 pp. 431. 
Desiderli Heraldi BniDiHdvei^ones et cosUKationes. 
ad Aniobll libroB, 284 pp. 9 1. 

Arnold (John L. m. d.) Lectures on the 
structure and laws of the human body. 165 
pp. 13°, Cincinaaii, H, M. Rulisoa, 1856. 

Arnold (L. M.) The history of the origin of all 
things, [etc. Purporting Ui be " by Jesns 
Christ, delivered through L. M. Arnold"]. 
Sv. in 1. 8°. INew Fori], 1852. 

The same, Deliveredby the Lord Jesus 

Christ, of Nazareth, formerly, [etc.] Writ- 
.ten down by the medium. 2d series. 212 pp. 
8°, [Neto Tor/c], 1853. s. 

Arnold (Matthew). Schools and universities 
on the continent. xxTiii, 311 pp. 8". ton- 
don, MacmiUaa ^ eo. 1863. 

Amtzen (Johann). Dissertationesbinie: ijua- 
rum prior agit de colore et tinuturacomarum ; 
posterior de ciyitate itimana apoetoli Panli. 
7 p. 1. 334 pp. 16<=. Trajecli ad Rhenam, 
G. Kroon, 1725. 

Arrineton(AlfredW.) Poems. Withasheteh 
of his character, and a memoir, xxii pp. 11. 
226 pp. 12°. Chicago, E. B. Myers, 1869. 

Art (!/') de niediter sur la chaise perc^e. See 
Q-rand (The) mystery, etc. 

Art journal. 1869. New series, v. 7, [Com- 
plete series, v. 30]. 40. London, Virlm St 
CO. 1868. 

Art (L') pour tous. Enoyclop^die de I'art 
industriel et dScoratif. Emile Eeiber et C. 
Sauvageut, direotews. 1861-I8S9. 8 v. fol. 
Paris, A. Morel Si r,ie. 1801-69. 

Art (The) ot writing short-band made easy i 
by which this useful art may be speedily 
attained. [By A. Canon.] 16 pp. 3 pi, 
18°. She£ield, J. Crome, [1798]. 

Arthur (Timothy Shay), All's for the best 
series. 3 v. 18°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lip. 
pincolt Ifeo. II 

All's for 

. B19pi 

. Ipl. 

Friends and neighbours ; or, two ways 

of living in the world. 300 pp. 6 pi. 16°. 
Philadelphia, T. Bliss Sr o. [1869]. 

by Google 


Arthur — eonti a ned . 

The mother's rule ; or, the riglif way 

and the wroug way. 300 pp. 6 pi. 16°. 
PMtadelphia, T. Bliss S; to. [18B9]. 

One homes; theircares and dnties, joys 

and sorrows. 300 pp. 6 pi. 16°. PhU- 
adelplda, T. Blisi If co. [1869]. 

Ramy day at home. 205 pp. 6 pi. 18° 

Boston, D. Lolhrop St co. 1870. 

The tiTje path; audhowto walkthereia. 

300 pp. 6 pi. IC. Pkiladdfkia, T. Bliss 
St CO. i;l8691. 

The wedding guest: a fiiend of the 

bride and bridegfoom. 300 pp. 6 pi. 16°. 
Philadelphia, T. Bliss Sf co. [1869]. 

Words of clieet fo( the tempted, the toil- 
ing, and the sorrowing. 300 pp. 6 pi, 16°. 
Philadelphia, T. Bliss St co. [1869]. 

Arthur (ifcD. William). Addresses delivered 
in New York, [etc.] With a biographical 
sketch of the author. Also, the address of 
rev. dr. Adama, at the Broadway tabernacle, 
[etc] EditedbyW.T. Strickland. 188pp. 
1 porti'ait. 13°, JVeio York, Carlton St Phil- 
ips, 1856. s. 

Ascham (Roger). Toxophilns, 1545. Caie- 
fully edited by Edward Arber. 2p.l. 163 
pp. 16°. London, A. Murray St sons, 1868. 

[AEBKK'S EogliBli reprinti, no. 7]. 

Aah(Edward, m.ij.) The speculator, [anim.] 
1 p.]. 966 pp. 16°. Dablitt, If. Corbet, 1791. 

Ashcroft (John). Aabcroft's railway di- 
vectory, for 166!). Containing a list of the 
officers and directors oE the railroads in the 
United States and the Cauadas, with tbeir 
fiuaDCittl condition and amount of rolliug 
stock. 2 p. 1. 352 pp. 8°. New York, 

Aaher(G. M.U.ii. ) A bibliographioal and 
historical essay on the Dutch boolu and 
pamphlets relating to New Netherland. and 
to the Dutch West India company, and to 
its possesions in Bra>:il, Angola, etc. As 
also on the maps, ehavts, etc. of Hew Neth- 
erland, with fac-similes of the map of New 
Netherland, by N. I. Visscher, and of the 
three existing views of New Amstefdam, 
Compiled from the Dutch libraries, [etc.] 
lii, 234, S3, 23 pp. 2 1. 1 map. sm. 4°. 
Amsterdam, F. Mailer, 1854-67. 

Aahmead (Rcd. William). Sermons. With 
a memoir of his life. 2 p. 1. 438 pp, 8°. 
Philadelphia, Tomar > Hogan, 1830, 

Ashtoa (S.J The whole art of tachygraphy. 
See G-ravea (B.) and Ashtoii. 


Asiatic society of Bengal. Desciiptive cata- 
logue of the fossil remains of vertebrata 
from the Sewalik hills, the Kerbudda, Periin 
islands, etc. in tbe museum of the Asiatic 
society of Bengal. By Hugh Falconer, as- 
sisted by H. Walker. 1 p. I. 261 pp. 8°. 
Calcutta, 1859. 

Asopios (K.) Aoyoc K. Aaamon cnt riis 
isvTepac avTov 'HfniravHa;, ri? se asnTS/iffpiov 
1856, ex vsov vvv /icra Eucovoypa^tav sKSidofit- 
rof. [An eulogy of Alexander the great]. 
i'f,336pp 2pl 8° Aerp'ijm li' &. Xnx- 
e?t2apio 1858 

AspeotH of hu nan ty broke ly n lo (d n 
the eve s ell ng c rrent ot h an [ eecb 
[«Bon.] « rp 12° Flil ilpli JB 
Lippinoott i CO 1869 

asier (Adijlphe d ) Le B ^ 1 conte po 
rain. Eacos — Moju s —In t tut ons —Pay 
sage,— Col n sat on 320 pp 8° P ns 
Darand l; La r I 1867 

Association of med cal snpe ntendents of 
Amerlcin nsttutonsfo tie nsane Report 
of the proceed ngs at then twenty second 
annual meet ng held at Boston June l^liS 
Published by d re t on of tl e a^soc at on 
«07 pp. 8°. Harrisbargh, T. F. Scheffer, 

Aaaociation. de la propagation de la foi. Au- 
nales de la propi^atiou de la foi. Recueil 
pSriodique des letti'es des ^vgques et des mis- 
des missions des deux mondea, et de 
les documents relatifs aux missions et & 
rre de la prop^atiou de la foi, Collee- 
aisant suite auxLsttres ^difiantes. 35 v. 
Lyon, 6diteur des annates, 1823-.63, 

Asti€ (J. F.) Histoire de la r^publlque des 
!£tat3-Unis depuis I'Stablissement des pre- 
mieres colonies jusqu'^ I'^lection du piesi- 
dent Lincoln, (1630-1860). Pr^cfid^e d'une 
preface par m. Ed. Laboulaye. 2 v. 3 p. 1. 
XV, 478 pp ; 2 p. 1. 589 pp. 8°. Paris, 
Or assart, 1865. 

ABtrouomie populaire ; ou, esquisse g^n^rale 
du systSme du moode, servaut de commen- 
taire 4 I'atlas de I'astronomie en tableaux 
transparents de douae planches. 2' 6d. 70 
pp. 12°. Atlas, 13 ool. pi. 4°. Braxelles, 
Kiessliwg ^ cie. 1858. S, 

Atheuaeos. Atbenaei dipnosophistarum, sive 
coenie sapientum libri xv, NaJale de Com- 
itibua veneto nunc ptimu e grieca in latinam 
lingua uertente, [etc.] Ed. posterior. 26 p. 1. 
1122pp.ll. 18'^. Basile<B, Henrieus-Petrus, 

by Google 

Athenseiun (Tbe) ; journal of literature, sci- 
Btice, and the fine arts. July, 1867, to X>e 
cember, 1869. 5 v. 4°. Loudon, J. Frauds, 

Athenagoras. Writings. &=. Edinburgh, 


to 463]. 

Atkinson (C. F.) Cotton culture, etc. Set 
IiOi'mg(F. W.) and Atkinson. 

Atkinson (Rev. John). The garden of sor- 
rows ;. or, the ministry of tears. aOSpp. 16°. 
New York, Carlton Is Lanahan, [1868]. 

AtOantlo (The) almanac, 1»70. 73 pp. 4°. 
Boston, o^ce ef the AtlantU mo»ms, 1869. 

Atlantic (The) monthly. A magazine of lit- 
eratnre, science, art, and politics. January 
toDecemher, 1869. v. 33-34. 8°. Bosioa, 
Fields, Osgood S- CO. 1869. 

Aubrey (John, f.r.s.) Miscellanies upon 
various Bubjects. New ed. To which is pre- 
fixed some account of his life, Ip. 1. spp. 
2 1. 292 pp. 3 1. 1 pi. 12^. London, W. 
OtHdge, 1774. 
[Note — "A colleetion of hermetic phlloBopliy"]. 

Auchiucloaa (William S. e.e.) Tlie prac- 
tical application of the slide valve and linlt 
motion to stationaiy, portable, locomotive, 
and marine engines, with new and simple 
methods for proportioning the parts. 170 pp. 
18 pi. 8°. mm yorh, n. Van Noslrand, 

AwcIoenuB. See Owen (John, of Caernar- 

Audnbon (Mrs. Lucy Bakewell). The life of 
John James Auduhon, the naturalist. Edited 
hy his wi^ow. With an introducHon by Jaa. 
Grant Wilson. 443 pp. 1 portrait. 13°. 
New York, G. P. PiUiiam S; son, 1869. 

Auerbach (Berthold). Edelweiss. A story. 
TianElated by Ellen FroShingham, 2 p. 1. 
345 pp. 16°. Boston, RoheTlsbrotliEes,\SW. 
[HANDT.volDuie series, no. i\. 

German tales. 'With an introduction 

by Charles C. Shackford. sv, 353 pp. 16°. 
Boston, Roberts brothers, 1869. 
[HANDr-VDlumeEcrieB.iio, 7]. 

On the heights. A novel. Translated 

by Fanny E.Bunnett. 8th ei 2p.l. 544 
pp. 12". Boston, Roberts brothers, 1869. 

The villa on the Rhino. Author's ed. 

with aportrait of the author, and a biographi- 
cal sketch by Bayard Taylor. 4 parts in 3 v. 
vi, 990pp. Iportrait. 16". New York, Ley- 
paldt S- Holt, 1869. 


Auerbach— continued . 

The same. Villa Eden ; the country 

house on the Rhine. Translated by Charles 
C. Shackford. 3 parts in 4. 1 p.I. 549 pp. 
1 pi. 8°. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1869. 

Angler (Emile). Foisies compl6t«s. Nouv. 
6d. 2 p. I. 250 pp. 16°. Paris, M. Lies 
frhes, 1S57. 

Ang;ustns; or, the ambitious student, {a/non.'] 
viii, 356 pp. 8°. London, Baldzem, Cradock 
St Joy, 1830. 

Aunet (L*onie d'). See Biard (L. d'Annet, 

Anntie'a secret, [anon.] 177 pp. 1 pi. 16°. 
Boston, Mass. sabbath school saeiety, [1868]. 

Antlcnlar confession in theprotestant episco- 
pal church T considered in a series of lettera ad- 
dressed to a friend in North Carolina. By a 
protestant episcopalian, [anon.] 133 pp. 
12°. i k G P P a 

Austin It h i h A h 

married b g P '^ ^ 

moral, d g u d i 

bands d p 0" pp 6 

Newi K g &, Kdl 6 

Austin 8 
prose 1 n 
Withb g 
liii 35 p 
* eo. 184 





m G -m 

h h 
J> Ap U 

Anstria A 
hochst b 
bozagl h 






k h 
/ n 

3 p 

by Google 


Austria— contiDued. 

The same. 2= vetmehrto und 

umgeatiderte anflt^e neu goordnet, [etc.] 
VOQ dr. Albreeht Sebvauf. xi, 340 pp. 8°. 
Wim, C. Gerald's sokn, 1864, s. 

K. k. kof- and staais-drucherei. Ge- 

Bchicbte der h.k. hof- and staats-dnickerei in 
Wiao, von eioem tjpographan dieser 
stalt. In zwei tinilen ; i. Geaobicbte. 
Beaehreibung. [Mit anhang]. Ueberelebt 
der von der wiener k. k. buf- nnd staats- 
druckarei in London ansgestellten gegeii- 
stanfle aOer graphiachen kunstzweige. 53, 
40,16pp. n. 8pl. S'^. H'ien,le.Lkof-und 
sta&ts-druckeeti, 1851. s. 

Tbe same. [In German, Englifih, 

Italian, and Fi'encb parallel columns]. 3^3 
pp.31. 8 pi. (Arbeitsraume}. 11. ^pl. Mas- 
cbinen und werkzeuge. 1 1. 58 pi. 8°. 
Wien, k. k. hof-nnd slaatsdruclierei, 1851. s. 

Verlag der k. k. hof- und staats- 

druokereiinWien, Sp, 1, 145 pp. 8°, IVien, 
1864. S. 

K. k. slalislische central-eoatmiaHoa 

und k. k. direclionffir adinmUtratine stalistik. 
Anaweiae fiber den auawiirtigan handel Oos- 
terreieh's im sonnen-jahre, 1866. xxvLii jahr- 
gang. fol. Wien, k. k. hof- ttttd staats-drack- 
etei. 1867. s. 

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tl3tik,jalir.l0(3)i 11(4)1 12(3)! 13(3)i H (3)1. 

Austria and ^uikey. Actes do n^godationa 
pour la ptux eonelue dn oongrSs prfea de Bel- 
grade, entre la cour de Vietine et la porte 
otliomaiie,le]8 8eptembrel739,.[eto,] 84 pp. 
160. Fiennc, 1788. 
[ mtl HTSTOIRE de la guerre de HoDgiie, UlB-ie]. 

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priaoued for killing Samuel Adams, in Ne^v 
York, September 17, 1841. 3d ed. [onon.] 
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against tbe Cbaribbs, and tbe sale of landa 
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'. PoHland, 1869. 

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umenlary hlaloiy of tlie atate of Maine]. 

Avot (Mad. M. d ) Letties snri Angleterra 
ou, deux ann^ il Londres J' £d v i 
207 pp. 8°. Parts r Pimpirif lb2I 

Ayguala de Izco (Weoceslio editor) El 
panteon nniveraal diccionan biatoi <i de 

mltnt L] 

joeosos, [etc.j de todos los paisos desde el 
prindpio del mundo basta nueatios dias 4 
V. 8°. Madrid Aygailsdelc? IHjJ 18'S4 

Azolla, bis 

oire qni n eat point morale 


D. E. 8. 

anon ] Ml 291 pp I 1 


Paris, H. 

C.deHansg 1768 

Aaiial (Do 

minico Alberto) Keisen 



16° Hambing 1804 


s der DEuesten Dud besteu a sIK 

diB hen 

V 3-4] 

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ton. 250 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, D. Lo- 
(jtrapSf CO. 1869, 

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aecreta,ry of the treasury on tbe construction 
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designed by K. Meadows, [anon.] 79 pp. 
16°. London, D. Bogue, 1844. 

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truth and inspiration of tbe bible. Particu- 
larly designed for the benefit of youth. 173 pp. 
16°. Hartford, Hudson * Goodteln, 1797. 

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Backus— (»nl3 n ned . 

The scripture doctrine of regeneration 

considered, in six discourses. 180 pp. 
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Baoon (I^eouard d d) KAi. 


[In T 

Bacon G g 
ineilita E 
pp. 4p 



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fiom natural hives, [etc.} See Purcbaa 

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nent persons to the l)ook. 1S°. New York, 

Karhnil C M 

11 rfes vanem. Beitra 
srn verwaltung des gv 
aogthums Boden. I' heft-aS" heft. Carls- 
rithe, C F MllUersclie hof-buclJiandlv/ug. 
la'S'i^e s, 

[HefteJ 5 JO 13 14, anaiSwDnting]. 

Jahres-beriehte der groshe 

iich badischen landes-eommissaro liber die 
zustiinde nnd eigebnisse der inneru verwali 
uag fftr das jahr 1805, 1866, [uud] 1867. 
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68. s. 

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tangbt in plain, familiar conversalions, hj 
uncle Jonathan [pii-wlon ] 274 pp 12° 
[tics (W 1 )aiahoT 1867 

A primary Enghsh gmmmai intei 

speraed m th obje(,t teaehmg inductive and 
eyntbelic and mdnumg theory to pract oe 
couta ning also analytic exeicLstt. l*2pi 
18° Uttca Roberl> ]86<t 
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eam observandi rationem reroeanda, libri 
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407 pp. 10°. Lagdam, Anision /( J. Pos-\ 

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Trees, plants and iowers; where and 

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Vereenigde Staaten van Noovd-Amerika. 
Naar de hogduilsche uitgave van dr. H. 
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Met eene voorrede van N. C. Kiet, 2" deel 
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Bajoa (— , midecin). M^moires poor servir it 
I'histoire de Cayenne, tt de la Guiane fran- 
{oiso, dans lesquels on f^tcoonoitre la nature 
dii climat, les maladies, I'histoire natorelle 
dtt pays, et la culture des terres. 3 v. 6p. 1. 
xti, 463 pp. 3 pi ; 7 p. 1. 416 pp. 4 pi. 8°. 
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Composed and arrangedforlheuse of christian 
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wherein is shewn the insufSciency thereof, 
in its several particulars. In order to evince 
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2d ed. corrected. By a gentleman, [bboti. ] 
8p. 1, 340 pp. 8° London, A. Bosmle, 
Balbi (Adriano). Teoypa^ta, sKreBEiaa jiev 
yahXian, epiiT/nsvOsiaa 6e iia xpwv ruv El- 

;t!fUU)' WTTO K. M.KOTJUa, \_K.T.1.'\ 4 V. 8°. 

£]■ Bici>vii, A. Mirenxo, 1838-39. 9. 

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psiticalarly conDeoted with English gram- 
mar. Designed for Che nee of teachers and 
advanced learners. 252 pp. 13°. Ptobi 
dence, B, Cranston If co. 1 838. 
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York, Makeman & Mason, 1860, 
Baldwin (JobnD.) Pie-historic nations; or, 
inqniries concerning some of the ^at peo- 
ples and civilizations of antiqnitj, and their 
probable reladon to a still older civilization 
of the Ethiopians or Cuahites of Arabia. 
414 pp. 12°. NeiE York, Harper Si 
brothers, 1869. 
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Frankfort s. M. C.Jagel, 1858. 
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specting the principal facts, causes, and pe- 
euliartties involved in spint manifestations : 

Collection < 
it umvei'salist 
J36pp. 11. 34°, 


together with interesting phenomenal 
ments and communications, S5t) pp. 
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hymns for the nse 
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rectory of Baltimore city, 1869. 8°. Bal- 
timore, ShcTiBood Sf CO. 1869. 

Baltimore businoES directory. See 

Cleary (W. P.) & co. 


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viii, 170 pp. 16°. London, Eoutledge, 
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beaut! 6a corps, xxviii, 448 pp. 1 pi. 8°. 
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ana, en een bericht van de rivieren en 
plautagieu Berbice, Esseguiboen Demerary. 
In brieven. Uit het Eugelsh, [etc.] xiv, 
337 pp. 8°. AmateUam, G. Roos, ndL 

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continent. 3d ed. t. 1-2. [To 1688], 8°. 
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In memoriam of Abraham Lincoln. 

Oration, in the hall of the house of repre- 
sentatives, Feb. 13, J866. 8°. Washington, 
E.Sutton, 1866, 


- Poemi 


bridge, Hilliard Sf Metcalf, 1823, 

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stage, and steam navigation in the Pacific 
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sm.4°. San Francisco, H. H. Bancroft If 
CO. [1869]. 

Hanil-book almanac for the Pacific 

states. See Hand-book almanac. 

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rffli!.] 318 pp. 16°. London, Sims * 
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The same. July, 1868, to June, 1869. 

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county. Sea lUitlois (Geological anrvey of). 

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eollaction of spirit- stirring hymns. SpeciaUy 
adapted to revivals. 193 pp. 24°. Boston, 
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Baptist (The) almanac. See Amerioan bap- 
tist publication society. 

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of metals, mines, etc. [Tianslateil by Ed. 
Montagu, earl of Sandwich]. 16°. London, 
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[COLLEOnoN of treatlBCB upon metals, ele. ed.niO|. 

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d^partemensfluNord, deLaLjs, del'Eficaut, 
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scenes: or, a selection of important aud in- 
terCiStiag events wbicli have taken place since 
the first Bettlement of Hew England i pciuci- 
pally of a religious nature. [anint.'\ 106 
pp. 10 pi. 18°. Weio Haven, L.H.Young, 

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ble career of Ada Isaacs Menken, the cele- 
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ters, and other libertines; the hiei'ai'eby of 
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[Adams (J.) Three iraatiflea]. 

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rite haganie, ad increraentvm scientiarvm 
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[Anie-nioehe chriBlian lilirsiy, v. 1, pp. 99 to 13S). 

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andon the book of Daniel. S«e Bible, (£n- 

Qneationa on the first epistle to the 

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York, July, 1863. The metropolitan police ; 
their services during riot week ; their honor- 
able reaora, 117 pp. 1 1, 8°. New York, 
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Barnes (John S. tieut. cammander. V. S. n.) 
Submarine warfare, offensive and defensive. 
Including a discussion of the offensive tor- 
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ered joys. 386 pp. 18°. New York, Carl- 
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v.l-2inl v. 8°. Prague, etc. aateur, 186J- 

dlnger, 1h eolonie Krejti et la ooul6e Krijjtl. 31 pp. 
rSalil^ dea f^ta malSrlcld. S p. L 63 pp. 1 pi. 

Batratt (Joseph, n i ) Th Jnd a f New 
England, and b n th a t p n 
a sketch of the 1 ( f an I d 1 n 

dent traditions lat ng t th E 1 m n 
tribe, their mod f 1 le et w b abu 
lailes, the most n pi t that ha been 
given for New England, in the languages of 
the Etobemin and Mioma«s. 34 pp. 13°. 
MiddUtown. (CoHB.) C. H. Pelton, 1851, 

Barrio (Paulino del). Notieia sohre el terreno 
carbonifero de Coronel i Lota, i sobre los 
irabajos de esplotacioa on el emprendidos. 
107 pp. 1 map. 4 pi. 8°. Santiago, im- 
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can tract satAety, [1867]. 

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nightg in the Imnters' camp. A nanntivo 
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and Zacharias, scliolaaticus. 

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presbslerian board of publication, [1869]. 

Baith (Heinrich). Keisea iind entdeckungen 
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1849 bis 1855. Tagebueh seiner im anftr^ 
der hcittischen regierang unternommeuen 
reise. 4 v. 8°. J. Perthes, Gotha, 1857. 

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Teacher's guide ; companion to Bar- 
tholomew's drawing book, no. 1. 46 pp. 18°. 
Boston C G L U 186^ 

Bartholow (R be d) Manual t hy 

potior raelta on I'iO pp 4 pi 1 
Philad Ipl a J B f pp <( ISbS 

The p pie and pate t d 

fecljon 111 IP 1*° Cncinna R H 
CarroU If 1807 

Bartol ( R Cy n Angu tu ) P t s f 
Europ famdnda pi 407 pp 

12°. B tt r bj ^ I I St 18 

Bartoli (D n el ) El h 

Gaspar Sanz. 4 p. I. 
B. Cano, 17S6. 

a p 1 

Dgle yp tug es 
(.astellano, por d. 
pp. 13°. Madrid, 

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marks upon the advantages derivable from 
its growtb and mauuiacture in the United 
kingdom. 1 p. 1. vii, 109 pp. 8®, London, 
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(ta EENRicK <F.P.) A tres.tis« on bsDtlam. etc. vo. 


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des Juiis, depuis Jfiaus-ChriBt jusqu'ft pre- 
sent. Pour servir de continuation ^ I'his- 
toire de Joseph. 15 v. 16°. to Haye, H. 
Sclieurleer, 1716. 

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and meaao-sopranOj being a thorough course 
of singing and cultivation of the voice. 
160 pp. 4°. Boston, G. I). Russell If Co. 

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ingtaa, government prinliiig office, 1863. 

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morcbant, told by himself. 879 pp. 3 pi. 
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ment faict ndnie le debat de la dame eC de 
lescnier. 8 1. sm.4°. Paris, Jehan Trep- 
erel, 1493. 


.: title I 


Baudouin( — ). Anecdotes bistoriquesdu temps 

vies de recherches 

snr I'origine de la presse, 

son d^veloppemeut, 

[etc.] 2p.l.iv, 168pp. 

16°. Pans, Fir- 

■min Didot. 1853; 

Bauaset (Louis Frangois 

Joseph de). M4,- 

moires anecdotiqnes sur 

'iutSrieur du palais 

et snr quelques ivfinem 

ns de I'empire, de- 

puis 1805 jusqu'aul"m 

al 1814, ponr servir 

a I'histoire de Napol&)n 

2Y.ini, lp.l. 

pp. I pi ; 3 p. 1. S50 pp. 123 fac-simile 
■tograpbs. 8°. Brnxdles, H. Tarlier, 1837. 
Baxter (Andrew). Matho: or, the cosmotho- 
oria puaiilis, a dialogue. In which the first 
principles of philosophy and astronomy are 
accommodated to the capacity of young per- 
sons, [etc.] Translated, and enlarged by 
the author. 2ded. 2v. 8p.i. 400pp ; 3p. !, 
363 pp. 15 1. 8°. London, A. MUlar, 1745, 

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Baxter (flew. Eiohard). ThoGtotian veligion 
aisoovered, at the iavitatiott of mv. Thomas 
Pierce in hie vindication. With a pieface, 
viudicaUng tbe synod of Dovt from the cal- 
uniaies of the new Tileous. And the puri- 
iaues; and sequestrations, etc. from the 
c«iitnreB of mr, Piereo. 2a p.l. 119 pp. 18°. 
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Bean (flee. Jamea). The christian ministar's 
affectionate advice to a new married couple. 
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Beard (George M. m. d/) Our home physi- 
cian ■ a new and popular guide to the art of 
preserving health and treating disease ; with 
plain advice for all the medical and surgical 
emergencies of the family. 1066 pp. 12 pi. 
&-- Nea ioTk, E. B. Treat St co. 1869. 

Beauchamp (Alphonse de). Vie politique, 
militaire et priv^e du g^nSral Morean, dppuia 

places jBStificatives, et sea diseours 
bnnal sun le de son 61oge fun&bre prononeS 
jl Saint Pel«rsl>oarg, et d'uiie notice ListO' 
riqae sur Piohegru. 1 p.i. iv, 459 pp. 
1 portrait. 8°. Paris, F. Le Prieur, 1814. 

Beaufort-d'Hantpoul (Josephine de Cou 
tanMS, eomtesse). Etudes convenubles aiu 
demoiselles, It I'usage de: 
sions. Nouv. ^d. 2 v. 
lp.l.543pp.ll.l2o. p, 

Beaumont (Christophe 
Paris). De turbis Gall 
dotiam inter et pailamentum regimn, sive; 
strnctio pastoralis, cum brevi apostoli 
Benedicti xiv, et variis aliis documenCis de 
reensatione eaeramentorum in artioulo mortis 
erga eos, qui bullam nnigenitus non aeeep- 
tant. Ex idiomate ^allico — in latinum trans, 
tulit — Celebris in Germania theologicns. 3 
p. i. 154 pp. 4°. AnguittB Vmiklicorwm, J. 
F. Gaum, 1757. 

Beanmant (John, jr.) The present state of 
the universe, or an account of ; i. The rise, 
births, names, [etc.] of all the present chief 
princes of the world, ii. Their coats of arms. 

1 p. L ii, 455 pp ; 
ia, Bossan^e, 18^. 
de, archbiakop af 
e modernis s 

[etc.] iii. The names of their chief towns, 
[eta] iv. Their revenues, power and strength. 
V. Their respective styles, [etc.] vi. And au 
account of Oie commonwealths, lelating to 
the same heads, [imom.] 4th ed. 5p.l.l64 
pp. 31. 35 pp. 15 portraits. 18°. London, B. 
Motle, 1704. 

Beauaobre (Isaac de) and Lenfant (Jacques) 
New version of Matthew, with aeommentary. 
Sea Bible, (English). 

Beauty (The) of the heart ; or, the story of 
Margaret Craven, [anon.] I78pp,5pl. 18°. 
Philadelphia, AmeTican sandag aeliool union, 
1857. s. 

Beanvau (Henri de). Relation iovrnali^i'e dv 
voyage dv Levant. 4 p. 1. 181 pp. 4°. 
Nancy, J. Garnick, 1615. 

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1. Iii, 388 pp; 2 p. 1. 376 pp. 9 pi. 
■ris, Pilet, 1814, 

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la litl^rature. 3 v. 4°. Paris, f. Cariatr, 

Beoaii or Van Gorp (Jan). Opera haotenus 
in lueem non edita; nempe, Hermathena, 
Hierogljphica,Vertvmnvs,Gallica, Franeiea, 
HiapanicB. 6 v. in 1. fol. AntwerpiiB, C. 
Plantinus 1580. 

Beoaii (Maito) Analogia veteris ac novi 
festamenti In qua primum siatos veteiia ; 
ie nde consensus, proportlo et eonspiiatio 
illius cum novo explicatur, sriv, 493 pp. 
lb° Matntt, typographia regia, 1788. 

Compendium manuale controversiamm 

de Ade et religione, cum exceipto animadver- 
aionum moguntinensiam Anti-Becano oppo- 
sitarum, Aceedit in hao prima venota edi- 
tioneDissertatiodesocinianismo. xx, 410pp. 
16°. VenUiis, typographia haleoniana, 1745. 

Beccatiiii (Francesco). Vida y hechos de 
Ernesto Gedeon, varon de Laudon, feld-ma- 
tiscal y supremo comandanle de loa esercitos 
reg-io-eesarioB [anatriacos]. Tradncida del 
ItalianoalEspaflol. [nwn.] 27] pp. 18°. 
MadrU, J. de Urruta, 1700. 

Beck (Thomas). Poetic amusement, consist- 
ing of a sample of sonnets, epistolatorj po- 
ems, moral tales, and miscellaneous pieces, 
xii, 204 pp. ia°. London, Matu^U St IFil- 
son, 1809. 
Becket {St. Thomas A). Sc Thomas k 
Becket (SI.) 

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Beckwith (Aitliiir). Paris uaiveisnl espoei- 
tion, 1837. Eeporton asplialt and bitumen, 
as appliecl to the constraution of street£ »nd 
sidemiiUcs in PbtIs ; also to (eiTaces, roofs, 
etc. Witb obserFarions apou macadumized 
streets and roads. 31 pp. 4 pi. 8°. JFksA- 
tHgtim, goDemiaeat pToiiing office, ISGS. 
{ H'liA BEOttWiTH (Tj, r.) Roport on bSton-ooigBot]- 

Seckwlth (Leonard F ) Fails universal ex- 
position, 1667. Bepoit on listen cuignot, its 
fabrication and uses construction of sewers, 
water-pipes, tanks, foundations walls, arobes, 
bnildiDgs, floors, terraces, marine experi- 
menta, etc. 31 pp 2 jil 8° Washington, 
government printiBH office ]b68 

BeoknritIl(N.M.) Fans imiversal exposition, 

1867, General survey of the exhibition; 
with a report on the character and condition 
of tlie United States eectiou. {anon.J 3S4pp. 
1 1, 1 pi, 8°. WushingtOH, gonemmeiU 

Bedell (Gregory Tovrnsend, d.d.) Sermons. 
With a biojraphieal sketch of the autlior, by 
Sleptea H. Tyng. 2 v, 6, ccii, 308 pp. 
1 portrait; 2 p. 1,503 pp. 8°, Fliiladdphia, 
W. Stavtlg, 1835, 

Bedoittia (N. m. d.) Practical medication; 
or, the invalid's guide ; with directions for 
the [bydrithlo] Ireatraenl of disease. 281 pp, 
J2°. Albany, (N. Y.) Muaadl Sf Rowland, 

Beecliei' (,Iteo. Henry Ward). Flymonth pul- 
pit ; the sermons of Henry Ward Beeoher, in 
Plymouth chuieli, Brooklyn, From verba- 
tim reports by T, J, ElUnwood. September, 

1868, to March, 1869. 1st series, [v, ]]. 
8^. Neio York, J. B. Ford ^ co. 1869. 

Botton, Pkittips, Sampson l{ co. 1858. 

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county. New York, from actual surveys and 
official records. 4 pp. 95 1. col. maps, fol. 
New York, D. O. Beers $f co. 1869. 

Atlas of Cattaraugus county. New 

York, from actual surveys and official rec- 
ords. 4 pp, 941. col. maps. fol. 2few York, 
D. G. Beers Sf co. 1869. 

Beers (Freaeiioit W, director). Atlas of Ben- 
nington CO. Vermont, from actual surveys. 
G pp, 251, col, maps, 4 pi. fol. JVisto York, 
Beers, EUis St Soule, 1868, 

Atlas of Chemung co. New York, from 

actual surveys, [etc.] 4 pp. 25 1. col, maps. 
4 pj. fol. New York, Beers, Ellis S{ Soale, 


Beera (F. W.) —continued. 

— Atlas of Delaware county. Hew York, 

from actual surveys, [etc.] 3 pp. 35 1. col. 

maps, J pi. foL New York, Beers, Ellis fr 

Soute, 1889, 
Atlas of Hew Haven, county, Connec- 

ticnt, from actual surveys. 4 pp, 55 1, col. 

maps, 4 pi. fol. Neie York, Beers, Ellis If 

Soulc, 1868. 

Atlas of Otsego county, New York, 

from actual surveys. 4 pp. 39 1, col. maps. 3 
pi. fol. New York, Beers, Ellis Sf Soale, 

Atlas of Rutland co. Vermont, from 

aetual surveys. 4 pp. 33 1. col. maps. 4 pi. 
fol. New York, Beers, EUis * Soule, 1869. 

Atlas of Tioga county, Hew York, from 

actual surveys. 3 pp. 29 1. col. maps. 4 pi, 
4°. New York, Beers, Ellis Si Soule, 1869. 

Atlas of Windsor county, Vermont, 

from actual surveys. 4 pp. 391. eol. maps. 5 
pi. 4°. Nem York, Beers, Ellis Sf Saule, 

Beers (W. G.) Lacrosse. The national game of 
Canada, xvi, 256 pp. 2 photographic pi. 16°, 
New York, Toiensead !( Adams, JS69. 

Beesoii (Jobn). A plea for the Indians ; with 
facts and features of the late war in Oregon. 
144 pp. 12°. New York, J. Beesaa, 1857, 

Before the throne ; or, daily devotions for a 
child, [njiuij.] 133 pp. 24°. New York, 
M. W. Dodd. 1869. 

Beise (Theodor). Allgemeines scliriftsleller- 
und gelehrten-lexikonderprovinzenLiviaud, 
Esthland und Kuilaud. Hachtrago und fort- 
setzungen. See Recbe < J. F. von> and Ifa- 
piereky (C, E.) . 

sitzke (Heinrich), Geschicht^ der deutsch- 
en freiheitskciege in den jaliren 1813 nnd 
1814. 2v. XV, 719 pp; viii, 743 pp, 8°, 
Berlin, Dancker ^ Bamblet, 1854. 

Belfast, (Maine). Directory for 1868. 
: Rockland, etc. directory. 

BelglTim. Minislire des finances. Statistiriue 
de la Belgique. Tableau gSo^rul dii com- 
merce avec les pays Strangers, pendant 
Tanu^e 1858, public par lo ministre des 
finances, fol. Braxelles, Hayei, 1859. 

Tarifgtin^raldesdouanes deBel- 

giquE, approuv6 par arrets royal du30 mars 
J836, don ties dispositions serontappliquSes, it 
rexclusion de toutes autres, au I™ juin 
1866, [otc] 19, 47 pp. 8". BnaelUs, H. 
Tarlier, 1866. 

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Belgium — coutinned. 

Minialire de I'inlSrieur. BHlletiii (lo la 

commission centraie clestatifitiquc. T,7. i°. 
BTuxdlei, Hajiei, 1857. 

DooumentB statietictuea publics 

par ]e department de I'iotStiBur, avec le con- 
coup's iSelucommiBaionceutraledeBtntistlque. 
40. Bnixelles, T. Leii^ae, 1857. 

Rapport trieoQal 8iir la situation 

de I'ina traction primaire en Belgique, par m. 
Alp Vandoopeeieboom, miniatre de I'intS- 
rieuT. 6= pfiriode triennale, 1858-60. fol. 
Braxetles, E. Deeroye, imprimear d« toI, 1 8G3. 

Eapport trleoua! sni' I'^tat da 

reoseigueraent moyen en Belgique, par m. 
le ministrede 1 ntenenr 2' [et] S^pSiiodns 
triennaui, 1855-60 3 v fol Brwiciics 
E. DevTOse, etc I8b0 6^ 

Situation de 1 enseiguement sn 

p^iienr Sona6 aux frais de 1 €tat Eapport 
tvienual par m le mmialie de ImtSiieur 
1853-61. 3t, fol Bruxelles E Dcvrvye 
eu. 1858-64. 

Miiiistere de la jwsltce S xi6me rap 

port de la commiasion permanenle d lOipei 
tion des ^tablissements d ah^ues. Ib5!>. 8°. 
Bruzelles, Hayei, 1861. 

Miitistere des travaax publics. Chemia 

de fer. Compte-reudw des operations de t'ox- 
erciee 1849, 1855, 1858, 18S9. Par m. le 
miuistj'e des travanx piibltca. 4 v. fol. 
BriraeHcs, E. Devrai/e, imprimeur du roi, 

Belgravia. A Loudon [monthly] magazine. 
- Conducted by M, E. Braddon. Hot. 1866, to 
Oct. 1869. v.7-9. 8°. LdihIob, 1868-69. 

Belinaye (Henry). The aonrcea of health and 
disease in comoninitieB 1 or, elementary views 
of "hygiene," illuatrating its importance to 
leg-ialators, heads of families, etc. yiii, ISO 
pp. 16°. Boston, Allea &; Ticknirr, 1833. 

Belknap (Daniel). The village compilation 
of saerod musiek. 2d ed. 153 pp. obi. 8°. 
Boston, J. T. Backingham, 1806. 

Bellinap (Jeremy). Sacred poetry. Consist- 
ing of psalms and hymns adapted to chriatian 
doYOtion, in public and private. Selected 
from the best authors, with variations aud 
additions. 3d ed. with improvements. 2 
pai-ts in 1 T. 233 pp.4 I; 253 pp. 31°. 
Boston, T/iomas Sf Andrews, 


- The St 



B elknap — continued. 

The same. A new ed. with additional 

hymns. 2 parts in 1 v. 331 pp. 4 1; 278 
pp. 18". Boston, I. Wells, 1830. 

Bell (Benjamin, surgeon). A treatise on gon- 
orrhrea Tii'aienta, and lues venerea. With 
notes, adapted to the present state of prac- 
tice in those diseases. [New Am.ed,] 2 v. 
in 1. S44ppi333pp.6l.5pl. 8°. Albany, 
E. F. Backus. 1814. 

Bell (Curter, Ellis, and Acton, psen^on. ) See 
Bronte (Charlotte, Elisabeth, and Anne). 

Bel](R™. J.D.) Aman. 463pp. 13°. Pkila- 
ddyhia, J. Cluilhn St son, 1860. 

Bellecoar ( — ) The academy of play ; con- 
taining a full description of, and the laws of 
play, now observed in tlie several academies 
of Paris. 4 p.l. 280 pp. 12°. London, F. 
Newbery, [about 1754}. 

BeUegarde (Gabriel du Pae de). Histoire 
piinclpatement depnis la revolution arrivfie 
dans les vii provinces -unies des Paya-Baa 
sous Phillippe ii jusqu'i present, [nnon.] 
xxviii, 639pp. 16". Utreetit, Van der JVeyde, 
1745. s. 

Bellerive (— chtvalier de). Histoire dea der- 
nicies campagnes de monseignenr le due de 
Vondosme, [ete.] 9 p. 1.478 pp.3 1. 1 por- 
trait. 12°. Paris, P. Haet, 1714. S. 

BellonI (GHrolamo, marckese di). Disertacion 
sobrelanatnraleza, y utilidades del comercio ; 
escrita en Italiano ; traducida al Frances, y 
de esteal Castellano por J. Labrada. 166 pp. 
18°. Santiago, I. Aguayo, 1788. s, 

BeUo'WS (Albert J, in.d.) How not to bo 
sick. A sequel to "Philosophy of eating." 
366 pp. 12°. Nem York, Hard Sr Hojigklon, 

BellowB (Henry Whitney, d. d.) The old 
world in its new face. Impressions of Europe 
in 1867-68. v.2. 538 pp. 12°. New York, 
Harper ^ brothers, 1869. 

Belly (Ffilix). A fravers I'Amdrique centrale. 
Le Nicaragua etle canal interocfianiqne. 2 v. 
4 p. 1. 430 pp. 1 map ; 2 p. 1. 480 pp. 1 map. 
8°. Paris, tibraiiie de la Suisse romaado, 

Beloe (RfB. William). The sexagenarian ! or, 
the recollections of a literary life, [hhoh.] 
3 V. in 1 . viii, 436 pp i 1 p. 1. 386 pp. 8°. 
London F. C. Sf J. Riviaglon, 1817. 

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Bslot (Cai 
loB malea que se eeperimentan en esta isln de 
Cubn desde lu infaricin, y consejoa du,dos 'a 
las madres j al bello sei:o. 3 v. xxiii, 308 
pp 1 !■ 247 pp, I 1. 12°. Nmna York, 
LonuiB itfenrfia ^ eio. 1828. 

Belonlno (Paul), Histoire i'an coup d'Stat, 
(dfioeiabie 1851) d'aprfia lea doeamenls au- 
tbeotiques lea pieces officielles et les rea- 
ieigneineiits intiaies. PrSc^d^e d'ane iotro- 
duction at Buivie d'uno conclasion Ear les 
iftusea et les cousfiquencea de cette r^Tolation, 
par m A.w.6d6a de Cesena. 492 pp. 8°. 
Pans L. Brunet Sf de. 1853, 

Belaham (W iliiam). Esaminatioa of Au ap- 
peal from tbe Dew to UieoldwhigB; to which 
is prefixed an introduction, containing re- 
mavka on mr. Burke's letter lo a member of 
ilio national assembly. 103 pp. S°. 
dan, C. DUlu, 1T92. 


Bennet (Roelof Gabriel} and WJjk (J. van), 
Veihandelin^ over de nederlandsohe ontdek- 
liiDgen in Amevilia, AnstraliS, de Indiun en 
de Poollauden, en denamen, welke woleer 
aan deaelve door nederlanders zijn gegeven. 
Uitgegeven flooc het provinciaal utrecbtacbe 
genootschap. 1 p. 1. S15 pp. 10 1. S'^, 
Utrecht, J. Altkeer, 1827. 

o (Pra 

eo). Qvi 

tjies sooieta6is Jesu in India. Carmen he- 
roieum. Libris aex. 4 p. 1.215 pp. em. 4°. 
Vejtetiisy Muschitts, 1591. 
Benci (Spinello). Storia della citt^ di Mon- 
tepvleiano di Spinello del cap"" Mareello 
Benci. 3 p.l. 143 pp, 51, 1 portrait. 4". 
FioTenza, Massi & Laudi, 1641. 
Benedict, (raiiol of Petetboreugk ). Vita sanet! 
Thomse cantuarionsis archiepiaeopi et mar- 
tjria. S°. Londini, WkUtaker & son. 1846. 
[Jn OiLEa (J, A.) Vlts b. Thomio, v. 8, pp, Si-TO]. 
Beuedict (Erastus C.) The hymn of Hilde- 
bort, and otbev mediseval hymns ; with trans- 
lations by Erastus C, Benedict, xiii, 143 pp. 
12°. New York, A. D. F. Randdph S; eo. 1869. 
Benjo-wski (Moriea Agoalfln, graf son). 
Memoirs and travela. Consis^ng of his mil- 
itary operations in Poland; Ms exile into 
Kamscbatka ; his escape and voy^e through 
the northern FadSc ocean, touching' at Japan 
ami Formosa, to Canton, in China i with an 
account of the French settlement be was ap- 
pointed to form upon the island of Madagas- 
car, Translated from [his] original manu- 
soript by William Nieolson. 2 v. 12 pp. 
1 Lsisiii, 422 pp. 9pl. 2 maps; 3 p.] 
pp. 11 pi. 4°. London, G. G.J. if S, 
ivion, 3790. 
Beimet(J.HeQry, m.d.) Winter and spring 
on the shorea of the Mediterranean ! or, the 
Eiviera, Mentone, Italy, Coreica, Sicily, Al- 
geria, 8pain, and Biarritz, as winter climates. 
41h ed. xvi, 631 pp. 9 pi. 5 maps. 13°. 
London, J. ChurdiUi ^ sons, 1870, 


9 pp. 


Eosalie Dn Pont ; or, 
a sequel to the Female 
Ciacinnaii, L. Strallon, 


Beiuiett (Jobn). Short-hand ejtpiaiced ; be- 
ing a practical exposition of the art of ste- 
nography, on principles combining sniftnesa 
with accuracy. 2d ed. revised and improved, 
vii, 137, sciiipp. 11. 13 pi. 12°. London, 
Lengmaa, Keen, Orme, Brown ii Green, 1828. 

Bentley (Eichard). Elehardi Bentleii et doe- 
torum virorum epistolte, partim mutua3. Ac- 
oedit Eichardi Dawesii ad loannem Taylorum 
epistola singnlaris. ] p. 1. 330 pp. 2 portraits. 
4°. London, Balmer, 1807. 

Bentley {Rev. William). A collection of 
psalms and hymns for public worship, 
[unon.] 861. 16°. Saiem, Dabaey ^ Cusli- 
ip-g, [1789]. 

Beuyo'virskL Sen Beujowaki, 

Bensoni (Girolamo). Een golrouw en aan- 
merkelijk verhaa! van de opperhoofden der 
Spanjaarden onderlinge oueenigheden doen- 
maals in America, etc. 87 pp. sm.4°. Rot- 
terdam, B. Be$, 1704. 


Beraud (F. F. A. cx.coi 

Paris). Les flUes publiques de Paris, et la 
police qui les r^git. Pr^e^d^es d'nne notice 
histovique sur la prostitution chez les divers 
peaples de la terre, par M, A[lbert de] 
M[ont6mont]. 2 v. in 1. vi, 4, cviii, 261 
pp; 337pp. 8°. i'am.Ces/oryesSrcie. 1839. 

BeiteIey(ReK. George). A proposal for the 
better supplying of churches in our foreign 
plantations, and for converting the sav^e 
Americans to Christianity, by a college to be 
erected in the Summer islands, otheiivise 
called the islea of Bermuda. 24 pp. 13°. 
London, H. Woodfall, 1735. 

Berlin (Stenographisclier verein in). Anlel- 

tung Bur deutschen stenogr.iphie oder kara- 

schrift nach dem stolze'sehen system. 7' 

auflage. 4 p.l, 34, 34 pp. 16°. Berlin, 

! E. S. Miltler * sol<!i. 1853. 

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Berlin — eontiitueiJ. 

The same, 12" aiiflng^. 28, 28 pp. 

16°. Serlin, E. S. MMer Sf soh«, 1860. 

StatislisehB naehrieliten iiber die rer. 

breifiiag tier atolae'seheD stenograpliio. viii^ 
104pp. 16°. Beilin,E.S.miltleT Sf sok-n,\&Ji. 

Beimudez (Joseph Manuel). Fama postuma 
del seiior doctor 3. Juan Doming^o Goninlea 
de la Reguera, ai'sobispo de Loa Reyes. For 
el autoi delaoiacionfimeljre. 1 p. 1. c: 
38 pp 1 poitrait ]^°. Linio, inipreudi 
rtal de las Imerfanu'; 1805 

Oiaeion funebie del Eefior d, Juau Do- 
mingo bonzalez da la Regaera, araoliispo 
deLjma, onlaa Bolenmes exe qui as celeb radaa 
el xvji do muro db 1805. 13 p. 1. 63 pp. 
1 pi. Bill. 4°. Lima, iiaprenta real dc tus 
huerfanos, 1805. 
[W,y. UiopreoedlDg]. 

Bernadotte (Jean Baptiate Jules). 
Sec Charles Jolin aiv. {king of Sweden). 

Beriial (Ralph), Catalogue of the collection 
of works of art formecl by tbe late E. Bernal. 
504 pp. 12°. London, ISfiT. 

. gidde to tbe kaowledse of ob- 



Beniaid (John). Oratio pia, raligioea, et 
Bolatii plena, de vera animi tranqvillitate. 8 
p.l. 1191. 4°. Londini, G.Seresiiis, 1568. 

Bernard (Joseph). Voyage ponr la redemp- 
tion aes captifs. See La. Paye (J. B. (le), 

Bernard (Ke». Richard). The isle of man; 
or, the leg-al proceedings in man-ahire against 
sinne. [An] allegory. 13th ed. 26:3 pp. 
2 1, 18°. LvndoH, E. Btackmore, 1658. 
[Imperfect : pp. 3-83 nHaieaveii at tbe endwantine). 

BeraheJm. (Johann H ) Daa abendmal des 
term I oder, betrachtungen liber daaselbe. 
Zum gebraueh fUr christen aller henennnn- 
gen. 228 pp. 12°. Elitnbethtawn, W. M. 
Baxter, 1834. 

Bernsteiu (A..) Popular hooks on natnral 
science. For practical use in every bouse- 
hold, for leaders of all classes, ix, 166 pp, 
13°. Nem York, C. Schmidt, 1869. 

BeroaorBoroa (Diego de). Litterse annvre 
[1635-37] provincire Paiaqvariie aocietads 
Jeav. EshispanicoautographoIatiDeredditce 
aF. de Hamal. 4 p, 1. 347 pp. 16°, In- 
sulis, T. Le CleTcq, 1643. 

Borredo (Bernavdo Peteira de). See Peied- 
ra de Berredo. 

BeiTy (Grove). Kitoaliam ; an enquiry chiefly 
Buapeuded upon one of its phases now a' 
obsolete in Britain, xi, 282 pp. 8°. Loi 
Longmans St co, 1888, 


Berry (Mrs. Martha E.) Fanny Lightmsn's 
choice. 343 pp. 5 pi. IS*^. Ncib Yerk, 
American tract society, [1868]. 

Lottie Lane; or, "By theif fruitaahall 

ye know them," 440 pp. 6pl. 16°, ffeio 
York, American tract society, [1869]. 

Berryer (Pieria Antoine). Legons et modules 
d'filoqnence judieiaii'6. Ed. illustr^e. 3 p.l. 
sxili, 672 pp. 8°. Paris, J. L. Hearg «f 
de. 183&. 

Bertie and his friends ■, or, pilgriai life on the 
battery. [«»o>i.] 275 pp. 3 pi. 18°. 
PhiladetpUa, J. P. Skdly Si co. 1869. 

Bertln (Ren^ Joseph Francois Hyacinthe). 
Traits de la maladie vdn^rienne chez les en- 
fana nouveau-n^s, les femmos enceintes et 
leB nourrices, avec nne introdnotion qui ren- 
ferme des details hiatoriques etadministratifs 
sur r^tablissement destin^ aux enfans in- 
feot^B, [etu.] Isxv, 218pp. 2tab.8°. Paris, 
Gabon, 1810. 

Bertdn (Theodore Pierre). Systfime nniverael 
et eomplet de at^nographie ; ou, manilirB 
abr^g^e d'^crire, applicable iltousleaidiomes. 
Invents par Samuel Taylor, et adapts b. la 
langtie fransoise. 3' 63. 3 p. 1. 117 pp. 
13 pi, e°. Paris, P. Didot, 1796. 

Bertuoh (Fried I'iob Justin). Bildcrhueh zum , 
nnlzen ixai vergnligen der jugend, enthal- 
tend gegenstaude aus doni reiche der natur, 
der kUnste nnd wissenschaften ; [or,] porte- ' 
feuille iuatructif et amusant poor la jauii- 
ease. [German and French]. 6 v. in 3. 3 
p.l. 3001. 4°. It'ien, A. Fielder, 
[Imperfect. Wantiae: 5 1. and 10 pt.] 

Betlnuie (John Eliot ]!>rink water). Life oi 
Galileo Galilei : with illustrations of the ad- 
yancement of experimental philosophy. 
[ffliiDM.] 308 pp. 12°. Boston, m Hyde It 

:;HOLAns' enblDetllbmrj], 

Betsey Jane Ward, (better-half to Artemua), 
hnr book of goats, with a hull ahkownt of 
the coartship and maridge to a4BaJd Artemus, 
and mister Ward's ciitting-iip with the Mor- 
mon fare sects. With pikturs drawed by 
mrs. B, Jane Ward, [pseudon.'] 313 pp. 
19 pi. 13°. NeB>York,J.O'Kaite,llSG&]. 

Benkma (K. jV.) Brieven hevorens land- 
bouwor op de borderij Castor, en het kerspel 
Zuurdijk, gemeente Leena. dock verhniad 
naar de Vereenigde Slaateu van Noord- 
Amerika, in den jare 1835, aan den zelfe 

by Google 

tD ed 

achtergolaten foo 1 o n 5e p o no e C o- 

niogen. 3 v. n 1 8° ^ s dam J f. 

Van Keeterea, 13Jo-38 
Beul^ (Charles Ernest). Histoire do 1 ait 

greo avant Pfiridfes. 2 p. 1. 494 pp. 8°. 

Paris, Didier S( cie. 1 36S, 
BetiUoch(M.) &eBn]locb(W.) 
Beyer (Moritz). Het boeic der laiidverhuiziiTs ; 

of gids en raadsnian bij de verhuizing uaai' 

Noord-Amerika, dea ovartogt, de aanlionist 
□ de vestiging aldaar; [et^.] viii, liJO pp. 



. Hoosh 


Biard (— , madame). UnmariB^en province. 
Por L^onie d'Aanet. [pseurioii,] 'i'&A. SJ5J 
pp. 16°, Paris, L. HacheUe if de. I8D8. 

Bible. {Anglo-Saxon). Cfsdmon's metrical 
parapljraee of parts of the holy scriptares, in 
Anglo-Saxon; with au Euglish translation, 
notes, and a verbal iDdex, bj Benjamin 
Thorpe, ikxv, 341 pp. S°. London, society 
ofantiqaiTies, 1833. 

{English). The holy bible, eonteining 

the oMe testament and the newe: of tliat 
tvanslalion authorized to be read in churctieB. 
578 1. foL London, C. Biirtcer, 15S4. 

'■ The Bame. Newly translated, 

[etc.] With annotations xip on all the bard 
places, [etc.] 4 p, 1. 710, 246 pp. 5 maps, 
fol. London, lAmstei-dam, S. Steart], 1679. 

The same. Translated out of the 

original tongues, and witb the former transla- 
tione diligently compared and revised, fol. 
CambrUlge, J. Baskervillc, 1763. 

Thesanie, 4031. J6° Phila- 
delphia, «. Cirfiii, 1808. 

The same. [With] the apoorj- 

oha. Embellished with engiavinga, by 
Charles Heath, from designs hy Blchard 
Westall. 3v. 8°. London, White, Coch- 

K St ci. 1815. 


and interpretati< 
after the easturn 
thoritiee of the ci 

same. A revised translation 
I of the sacred aeriptnres, 

t, interpreters, and coni' 
mentators, copies and versions ; shewing that 
the inspired writings eontain tho seeds of the 
valuable sitiences ; also, the most ancient 
histories and greatest antiquities i with an 
appendix, supplying tbe history of fonr hun- 
dred years, betvyoen the old and new testa- 
ments, and tbe true, smptural, rational doc- 
trine of tbe trinity ; also, tho lives and deaths 
of the apostles. By J. M. llay. A new ed. 


Bible (English) — continued, 
corrected. 3 v. 8°, Glasgom, R. Hutchin- 
son Sfeo. 1815, 

Thesamc. In the common ver- 
sion. With amendments of the language, by 
NoaL Webster, ll.ii. svi, 907 pp, 8°. Neat 
Haven, Darrie &; Peck, 1833, 

The same. Arranged in para- 

grnphs and parallelisms, with philological 
and explanatory annotations, by T, W. Coit, 
d.d, 3v.ial, ixv, 963 pp; 1 p. 1. 230 pp. 
16°. Camhridge, Maason S{ Grant, 1831. 

A BuiTey of the bible ; or, an 

analytical account of tbe boly scriptures ; 
containing the divisions of every book and 
chapter; thereby shewing the frame and oon- 
lexture of the whole. By way of supplemant 
to tho annotations on the bible. By Samuel 
Clark, viii, 467, 367 pp. 4''. London, J. 
Robinson, 1693. 

A commentary upon the first 

hook of Mosee, called Genesis. By Symon 
[Patilok], lord bisliop of Ely. 6 p. 1, 650 
pp, 4°. London, R. Chiswdl, lfi95, 

A libeial version of the psalms 

into modern language, according to the liturgy 
translation; with copious notes and iilostra- 
tions. By,W,E.Wake, 3 v, xsvii pp, 1 ]. 
264pp;206pp, 8°, Bath, R.Cruttwell, 17<J3. 

The same. Notes, critical, ex- 

planatoiy, and practical, on the book ot 
Psalms. By Albert Barnes, d, il. v. 3-3. 
13°. Nea York, Harper Sf brothers, 1869. 

A commentary oa the holy 

scriptures : critical, doctrinal, and bomileti- 
eal, with special reference to ministers and 
students. By Jobn Peter Lange, 6. d. 
Translated from the German, and edited, 
with additions, by Peter Scbaff, d. d. v. 10, 
of the old testament : containing Proverbs, 
Ecclesiaatea, and the Songof Solomon. By 
Otto Z5okler, d. d. 8'^. New York, C. 
ScTtiner ^ co. 1870. 

laaiab, with notes, critical, ei- 

planalory, and practical. By Henry Cowles, 
d.d. Kxi, 553 pp. 12°. Neto York, D. Ap- 
pteion St eo. 1869, 

Jeremiah, and his lamentations ; 

with notes, critical, explanatory, and prac- 
tical. By Henry Cowles, d, d, 431 pp. 12", 
New York, D. Appleton S,- eo. 1869. 

Notes, critical, illustrative, and 

practical, on Iho book of Daniel, with an 

by Google 


Bible iEnglish) — cuntinuod. 

introduetorj dissertation. By Albert Bamas, 
d, d. 494 pp. 12'^. Neio York, Leajiitt tf 
Alien, ia^3. 

The same. A commentary on tlie boolc 

of Daciei. By Moaes Stuart, vili, 496 pp. 
8°. Boston, Crocker St BreiDsler, J850. 

An attempt towards an im- 
proved versioD, a metrical anangement, and 
an explanatjon of tlie twelve minor prophets, 
Enlai'ged,Ayitli additional notes, andacompav- 
ison of the chief renderings of dr. Horsley, on 
Hosea, anddr. Blayney, on Zechaiiah. xli, 
363 pp. 5 1. 8°. London, R. Baynes, 181!). 

The new testament of our saviour 

Jesu9 Christ, according to the ancient Latin 
edition. With remarlia upon the liteinl mean- 
ing in difficult places. Fiom tlie French of 
faUber Simon. By William Webster. 1 v. 
iofl. 3 p. 1, 1044 pp. 4". London, J. Pem- 
berlon, 17^0, 

The same. Translated out of 

the Latin Vulgate, [etc.] and first pnblished 
by the English college of Rhemes, T5ri3. 
Conecled according io the Clementine edi- 
tion of the scriptures; with annotationa. 
As approved by t!ie rt. rev. John Dubois, 
eatbolic bishop of New York. Mi pp. 12°. 
Uliea, (ff. 1'.) IV. IfUiams, 1833. 

The same. Translated out of 

the original Greek ; and vith the former 
translations diligently compared and revised. 

bible society, 1863. 

the four evangelists and the acts of the 
apostles ; with a new translation of St. 
Paul's first epistle to the Corinthians, with a 
paraphrase and notes. To wbieii are added 
other theological pieces. ' By Zaehary Pearee, 
d, d. late lord bishop of Rochester ; [with] 
some account of his lordship's life anfl char- 
aeter. Written by himself. Published by John 
Derby. 2 v. 3 . pi. xiv, 599 pp. Iportrait ; 1 
p. 1. 481 pp. 1 !. 4°. London, E. Cox, 1777. 

New version of the gospel ac- 
cording to Matthew, with a eommentury 
[and] an introduction to the reading of the 
holy scLiptwes. By Isaac fle Beausobre 
and Jacques Lenfant. xv, 407 pp. 8°. 
London, IS'hiitaktT, 1819. 

Popular commentary on the gos- 


Bible {English) — con tinned, 
pel according to Luke. By Alfred Nevin, 
d.d. 3p.l. 735 pp. a pi. Imap. ii°. PkUa- 
ddpliia, W. Flint, iSG8. 

A commentary on the original 

tests of the acts of the apostles. By Horatio 
B. Hacliett. A new ed. 480 pp. 8°. Boston, 
Gould Sf Lincoln, 1858. s. 

Epistles of St. Paul. 8°. fftw 

Yorl,, 1858. 

[/li CONYBEAHE (Vf. J.) flud HOVVSOB (J. S.) Life 

etc. of SI. Paul]. 

:- A commentary on the holy scrip- 
tures, [etc.] By J. P. Lange, etc. New testa- 
ment, v. 5. Tlie epistle ofPaul to the Romans. 
By J. P. Laage, d.d. and rev. F. B. Fay. 
From the German, by J. F. Hurat, d. d. 
with additions, by P. Sehaff, d. d. and the 
rev. mr. Riddle. 8°. Neia York, C. Scrib- 
noi- S; CO. 1869. 

An exposition of the first epistle 

to the Corinthians. By Charles Hodge, 6. S. 
xxi, 373 pp. lap. NeiB York, B. Carter S; 
Irotkers, 1860. 

Lectures on the first and second 

epistles of Peter. [With theepistles]. By 
John Lillio, m. d. With an introduction by 
Philip Schaff, d. d. si, 53G pp. 8°. Nevi 
York, C. Seribner * co. 1869. 

The history of our Lord and 

saviour Jesus Christ, arranged according to 
order of time, and narrated in the words of 
the fora- gospels, [etc.] By John Watkins, 
11. a. lp.l. vii, 333 pp. 43 pi. 8^. London, 
BoijdcU it CO. 1810. 

The closing scenes of the life of 

Christ ; being a harmonized combination of 
the four gospel histories of the last year of our 
an introductory essay by W. D. Wilson, d. 
saviour's life. By D. D. Back, d. d. With 
d. 293 pp. 12°. PhUadelphia, J. B. Lip- 
pincptt if CO, 1869. 

Improved question-book on the 

life of Christ, [awon.] With the text. 134 
pp. 24°. PhUadel-pkia, American union, 

The last passover. An account 

of the closing incidents in the life upon earth 
of onrlord Jesus Christ. A verbal harmony 
of the four gospel narratives. Arranged by 
J. E. Whitney. 172 pp. 18°. Philadel- 
phia, Claxtmi, RelBsea !r Hafetfiwger, 1869. 

(EtHiipic and Lattn). Psalterium 

Davidis, rathiopice et latine, cum variis lec- 
tiouihus et notis lUustratutn. Accedunt 

by Google 


Bible — eonti iiued . 
lethiopice tantiim hymni et oratioues alliqvot 

corvin, cuQi variis lectioaibus et Dotis. Cyra 
lobi Lvdolfi. 4 p. I. 423 pp. 4°. Franeofurti 
ad Mmaam, J. D. Zanner, ITOl. 

{Freach and Latin). JoauiS, Les jugea, 

et Ruth. Traduits en Francois; avec one 
explication fir^e des saints pfires, et dea an- 
teui's eccli^iaattques. Par le sieur [Isaac 
Louis] Le Maiatre de Sacf. Demi^re ^d. 
9 y. in 1. x pp. 1 1. 314 pp. 4 1 ; yii, 364 pp. 
6 ]. le". .BiuieHcs, E. H. Fricx, 1699. 

Isaie traduit eu Francois ; ayec 

nne explication tir^e des sdnta pfires, et des 
auteurs acclfisiastiqTies. Par le siour [Isaac 
Lonis] Le Maiatre de Sacy. Demifti'e 6d. 
xxiiij pp. 9 1. 564 pp. 91. 10°. Brii^celhs, 
E. H. Frici, 1700. 

(German). Des Iiijnige und proplieteu 

Dayids psalnieo, dureh Ambrosiiini LoI>wua- 
fler sammt aadeio geistlicheu liedeiu, von d. 
Mart n Luther und aoclerii gotlsgelehrten 
mannern geHlellt i nd von Samuele Mai'es- 
i,1ib1Io base! aclieni reus CO uad organisten 
zuyiei fitmmen gebjacht, [etc.] 570 pp, 3 
I IS"^ Basel E !> J H. Tharnessen, 1743. 

Das aeae testament viOEeis lierm 

nnd lieilande? Jean Christ!, von d. Martin 
Lutlior, m das teutsche ubersetzt. Hach dem 
45jahngen wittenbergisciien druek tiberae- 
hen; mit deiltlither aniveianug- alles aonn- 
Tiud fest-tages epiiieln, [olc. ~\ 4 p. 1. 761 pp. 
4 1. Jb° Aflrnter^, J A. Endttr, 1783. 

The aamp Kach der deutachen 

iiberaetziing yon dr Martin Luthei, [etc ] 
10" aufiage 517 pp 12 pi 16° Hams 
barg, (_Pa)G S FUtv, 18 !4 

The same 516 pp 11 12= 

Lancaster, J Bar s iB/me, Jeb4 

{GcTman nnrf Duloli) Biblia pentapla, 

daa iat, die buchei dei heiligen schuft dea 
alten und neaen testaments nacli fnoffacher 
deutachei leidolmetsehung 4y 4'^ Rnn- 
di^beck bet Hamburg, H H HolU, 1710-1712 

i. DerrBnilKh palhglL 

■cU Jobaun H. 
en, [etc.] 


Bible — continued . 

(Grebo). Baibll tt histoi!. 133 pp. 

8 pi. 240, Cape Palmas, IF. Africa, A. B. 
C.F. mission, 1840. s 

( Grtek). H Haivri iiaSjisTj. Novum tes- 

tamoutnm. Editio nova, denuo recnaa; 
[etc.] Studio et labove Stepbani Cureelliei. 
6 p. 1. 5S4 pp. 16°. ArBsteiodanii, ex tupo- 
grajihia blaviana, 1685. 

Theaaine. Novvui testamentuni 

grseoTm,ita adornatvm vt tPitvs probalavam 
editionvni medvllanii niargo yariautiym lec- 
(ionym, in syasdaasea distribvtarvin [copiam, 
etb.] exhibeat, inserviente Ja. Alberto Ben- 
gelio. 5 p. 1. 864 pp. 1 1. 4°. Tubingai, lo. 
G. Vmta, 1734. 

The same. Novum testa men turn 

griGCie designavit 
et praxapostoli a 

£((!, G. A. Gran, 

The N m m ra 

ad fidem oodicia E A 

Kuenenet C. G. C p 

6'=. Litgdani Bi E B 

Marei, et Lncte m p an 

porieopis. Bk re na G h m 

seleeta leetionum te C 

et breyea argum m 

nmt Gail. Mart. L D W 

Lileke. liv, 306 B B 

mer, 1818. 

{Gredi and Engbsh), H xaiyit .StadT/Kj;, 

The new testament. Consiatiug of the Greek 
text of Scholz, with the readings, textual and 
original, of Griesbaob i and the variationa of 
the editions of Stepbena, 1550; Beza, 1596; 
and the Elzevir, 1633. With the English 
authorized version, and ita marginal render- 
ings, 3 p. 1. 634 pp. sin.4°. London, S. 
Bagsler l! sans, [abaM 1840]. 

The same. The new testament, 

in Greek and English, [ete.] By Abner 
Kneeland, [etc.] 360 pp ; 9,447 pp. 13°. 
Pkiiaddphia, W. Frs, 1823. 

A critical commentary on the 

Epiatleto the Hebrews. By Fi-ancis S.Samp- 
son, d. d. Edited fcom the manuacript nofea 
of the author, by Egbert L. Dabney, d.d. 
XV, 475 pp. 8=. New Vo)k, R. Carter fr 
brotliers, 1860. 

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Bible — contj Dued. 

■ (Qreek and Latin), Novi testamend 

libii hi^torici, greece et Intine, perpetiio coi 
mentarjo ex autiqaitate, histoiiis, philologi 
illnstrati. Adoriiante Balduino Wslaso. 
p. 1. 1304 pp. 13 1. 4°. Amstcliedami, 
liavesieia, 1663. 

(Hflicuinii). La palapala liemolele a 

Xeliova ko kalioii akua. O ke kanoha kahiko 
i unuliiia w^ ka olelo Hebera. [Qld testu- 
ment]. 2 v. 2 p.l. 924 pp ; 837 pp, 12°. 
Oulm, ka nu misionari i pai, 1838. S. 

It. 1 wanting]. 

Ke kanoha hoa a kokakouliaku 

a ola'ialesu KriBto ; oia ka. oleto hemolele 
Doka ola, a na lunaololo i kakau ai. [Now 
testament]. 520 pp. 13". Honolulu, ka na 
jaiaiaxaA !Bea pai, 18S7. S. 

(Salian). La Baero-santa biblia in 

lingaa ilaliana. Volume atriubito d'arden- 
tissimi sospidi a Dio, da Mattia d'Erberg 
2 p. 1. 808, 208 pp. 2 pi. fol. NoHvsbergo, 
M d'Etlerg, 1711 

(Lfllin) Biblia sai-ra vulgatre editionis 

Sixti rjvinti pont max ivssv recognita at 
qne edita 1 v m 3 10o2, J9 pp li° 
AntBCTpiie, ex offiana planliniaaa, ijiad Ju 
annem Maretum, 1699 

PsalteiiTm davidicvjo para- 

phrasibrs illvstiatvni Seruata ibiquL ad 
verbum d nierocjmi tiau-ilatione Kiyne 
no HnojgoTidaiuD autoio, Polroque de EeiBB 
doctore pariaiensi conectaie Adiectum est 
magni AthanaEU opuaenlmii in psalmos 1 
p 1 G71 pp 4 1 16" Parous, I Fetit Pas, 
1617 s 

Expositio Bupei toto psalteiio 

[auotorej lolianno ImietiPmatn, caidiualo 
1991 fol Mogufihe, P Schoyfer ae Ocrn'z 
ham, 1476 
pmperftdt ivnntiflsrl laaaBl] 

ItaoniB Lormi avemonensis 

mmentam in ecolebiasten 
enadeui in paalmumRMi 
LO primvm in Ivcam typia 
B pp. 161. 4°. MaguntUe, 

sumptibiis lo, Crithij, 1607. e, 

Fratria Dominioi Soto segoblen- 

sis in opistolam Fauli ad Romanos coinmen- 
*ftrii. 6p.l. 413 pp. fol. Antceqiiis, J. 
Slielsias, ]5oO. 

{LaHn ajid Spanish). Trad ueci on literal 

en ana muy breve parafraais del libro do 
Juditb, con notasdeDtihamel, Yitro, Calmet, 
y otraa, para la major inteligencia do algunos 

AccesBit espOBiti 
In Germans m 
mendatl. 4p.].i 


Bible — continned. 
lugares. Por D.J G D P [o«oa ] ^"2 
pp. 51.16°. Madnd i Utloa U'") s 

{Spanish). El nuevo toatimento tia 

duoido al Caelellano por Cjp laoo da 1 aluia 
en 1602, y revis'ido en IS 1 Impumiilo 
la sociedad do la biblia &e Gliigt w 


W Q Bla (iB 

, testamei t of 
ill ^erbonJE va 
[etc ] M t c 

p. 1.347 pp. 
^ c6. 1849, 

( Tamid). Hot n i 

alle de boecken dea mei 

onsen heer Jesas Chr st 

griekEcbe taal in Jo tamulscbe spiaak o^c 

goBot. 8 p. 1.3051 4= Coloiabo P Bra 

icaarl, 1759. 

{Apocrypha). Evangelinm Nicodemi ; 

odor, bistoiisohorbeiiobt vondemlebcn Jesa 
Cbristi, welches Nicodemiis, ein rabbi nnd 
oberster der Juden, bescfarieben, [ate.] 
Diesom sind beygBfligt: Viol auhQne staolse 
UQd geschichten, wolche die evangelisten 
nicht boschiieben babnn. [Enthallend daa 
testamoui der awcilf patriarohen]. Aus P. 
Regelii Anhang, u. s. w. genoramen, [eto. } 
219 pp. 16°. Lancaaler. {Pa.) J. B/ir, 

Biblical (The) repository and elasaical reyiew. 
See Amorican biblieal i-epoaitorj, 

Eiblioteca (La) a 
llteratura, ai 
de Americanos, Tomo 1. viii, 472 pp. 1 1. 
4 pi. 8-=. Lottdres, G. Mardiant, 1823. 

del lenguajo hasta nnestroa dias. t, 
. Madrid, M. Einadeaeyra, 1863. 

VADEMMB* (Padre Psdto de). Obrae CBcogidnB. 

Biblloteoa dovofa. Nuevo auo cristiano. 
[anoB.] 1 p. 1.180 pp. 21. 16°. Madrid, 
Crohset, 1848, s. 

Bibliotlieca hiatorico-natnralis, phjsico- 
chomica et mathematiua; oder, systematiEch 
geordneie llberaicht der in Doutschland und 
demauslaudoanf dem gebiote der gesamintou 
natnrvriseeuechaften und der . mathemaUk 
new eraobienenen bUehor, herausgegebenvon 
Ernst A. ZuohoM, und H, Guthe. S'-IS'. 
jnhrgaug. 11 v. 8". GSttingcn, Vandenhaeclc 
Sf Ruprecht, 1838-63. a. 

Bibllotheca (The) sacra. Edited by E.A. 
ParkandS.H. Taylor, 1864 and 1669. ■v,2l 
and 26. 8°. A^ito^er, W. F. Draper, 1864- 

by Google 


Bickerstetb, ( Rev. Edward). Christian 
psalmody; a oolleetion of above 900 psalms, 
liymas, and spiritual songs ; selected and 
arrangeil for publiB, sodai, family, and pri- 
vate woisbip. Enlarged ed. Serentieth 
thoiisaod. XKii, J8I pp. 34°. London, Dean 
(t en. J842. 

Blckmore (Albert SmitL). Travels in the 
East-Indian archipelago. 553 pp. 33 pi. 2 
ninps, 8°. iVeiD York, D. AppUlon Jf eo. 

Bigsby (John J.) Tbeaaurus BJluriens. The 
flora nnd fauna of the Silurian period. With 
ndderida (from recent acquisitions). Iv, 
214pp. 1 map. i°. London, J. Van Voorst, 
1868. a. 

Bill (Ledyard). A winter in Florida ; or, ob- 
servations on the Boil, climate, and products 
of our semi-tropical state ; with sketches of 
tliB principal towns and cities in eastern 
Florida. To which is added a brief historical 
summary ; together with hints to the tourist, 
invalid, and sportsman. 393pp. 4 pi. 1 map. 
12". Sew Yorh, Wood ^ Holbrook, 1869. 

BUIerica, (Massachaselts). Celebration of the 
two hundredth anniversary of the incorpora- 
tion of Biiierica, Mass. May 29th, 1855 ; in- 
cludicft the proceedings of the committee, 
address, poem, and otherejteroiaea of the occa- 
sion. Withanappondis. 153 pp. 8°. Lowell, 
S. J. Varney. 1855. 

BllBon (Thomas, bishop of Winchtsler). The 
effect of certaine sermons touching the full 
redempUon of mankind by the death and 
bloud of Christ Jesvs. 6 p. 1. 430 pp. sm. 
4*>. Lonrfoii, W. Barre, 1599. 

Bingharn (Caleb). The young lady's acci- 
dence; or a short an3 easy introduction to 
English grammar. Sth ed. [etc.] 60 pp. 
24°, Baslon, I. Thomas l; . E. T. Andrews, 

Blaghani (Peregrine). A system of short- 
hand on the prindple of the fissociation of 
ideas. IS pp. 5 pi. 8°. London, J. Ilat- 
tenBoHh Sf son, 1821. 

Bingham (William). A grammar of the Eng- 
lish language, for ths use of schools and 
academies. With copious parsing exercises. 
307 pp. 12-=. Philadelphia, E. H. Buthr S( 

A Latin reader adapted to Bingham's 

Latin grammar, with notes and a vocabulary. 
3.11 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, E. H. Bailer fr 
(f. 1869. 


Binghamton, (New York). Boyd's Bing- 
hamton directory, 1869-70, Containing, 
also, the names of business firms in Camp- 
ville, Chenango Forks, Deposit, Great Bend, 
Harpei'sville, Kirkwood, Lisle, Osborn Hol- 
low, Owego, SuscLuehanna, Whitney's Point, 
and Union, etc. Andrew Boyd, compiler and 
publisher. 192 pp. 8"^. Albany, C. Van 
Benthnysen * sons, 1869. 

Biukerd (A. D. m.d.) The mammoth cave 
and its denizens ; a complete descriptive 
guide. I p. 1. 95 pp. 8°. Cincinnati, II, 
Clarke fr cp. 1869. 

Blnney (William G.) Notes on American land 
shells. Hos. 2, 4, 5, and 6. (From the pro- 
ceedings of the Academy of natural sciences). 
43 pp. 8°. ^Philadelphia, laW-GO]. S. 
[Imperfect! wantiisBO. 1, pp.1-3, no.3,pp. 15-18]- 

Bircktiek (Simon), The protestant's evi- 
dence, taken oot of good records; showing 
that for fifteene hundred yeares next after 
Christ, divers worthy guides of God'schjirch, 
have in sundry weightie poynts of religion, 
taught as the church of England now doth ; 
diatribvted intosevevall centuries, andopened. 
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If English, 1869. s. 

Bishop (Sir Henry Eowley). Songs, duetts, 
and trios. See Handel (G. F.) 

BiBBOhop (Simon). 5ee BpiECoplua (S.) 

Bitter (The) dose, and other stories, [anon. ] 
216 pp. 3 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, presbyte- 
riaa board of publication, [1868], 

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a Korwe^an tale. From the author's Ger- 
man ed. by M. E. Hiles, vi, 917 pp. 16°. 
New York, Leypoldt &; Holt, 1869. 

The happy boy. A Sale of Horwegian 

peasant life. From the Norwegian, by H. B. 
G. 120 pp. 1 portrait. 19". Boston, Sever, 
Francis S; eo. 1870. 

Blackbird (The) ; consisting of a complete 
eollootion of the most admired modern songs. 
I40pp.9l. 18°. NtaYork,C.Brou!n,l820. 

Blaokbntn {William M. d. rf.) Admiral 
Coligny and the rise of the huguenots. 9 
V. 384 pp. Imap; 394 pp. 12°. PhUadel- 
phia, Presbyterian board of puilication, 1869, 

Geneva's shield: a story of the Swiss 

reformation. 335 pp. 2pl, 13°. Neio York, 
m. W. Dodd, 1868 

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Blackburn— continued. 

St. Patrick, antl the eariy churdi of 

Irelnnd. 240 pp. \&°. PliUadetphia, pres- 
bylcrian hoard c^ paUicntian, [1869]. 
Blaokie(Jolin Stuart). Homeric flissertatioDE. 
8°, EdMtiTgh, Edmonstoii 4' Douglas, 1866. 
[HOMBBUS. Homer ana the Iliad, V. 1]. 
Blackwell (Antoinette Brown). Studies in 
general acience. xiv, 356 pp. 12°. Wem 
YoTk, a. P. Putnam If son, 1869. 
Black'WOoa'B Edinburgh magazine. July, 
1867, to Dec. 1869. v. 102-106. 8°. Edin- 
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belleB-letters. 4p.l.454pp.61. 4°. Pliila- 
ddphia, B. AUken, 1784. 
Blake (WilliamPhipps). Paris nnirersal ex- 
position, 1867. Report upon the predoua 
metals ; being statistical notices of the prin- 
cipal gold and silver producing regions of 
the worid. repreaented at the Paris universal 
exposition, vii, 369 pp. 8°. IVaeldnglon, 
govemmeRt printing office, 1869. 
Blakey (Robert). Lives of the primitive 
fathers ; being a faithful history of the acts 
and Bufferings of those eminent men who 
lived in the early ages of the christian 
church ; with copious lists of their writings. 
To which are pretixed an account of various 
systems of heathenism ; also a view of the 
rise and progress of Christianity. 1 p.l. 302 
pp. 12 pi. 8°. J.ondan, J. Edwards, 1^43. 

Old faces in new masks vi pp 1 1. 

391pp 12 L d II K i 
Blan (Ch 1 ) L t 11 

ti 6 d tig 1 t d 

d tampe 1 m b 


Blanc — continued. 

teraporaine. 2" 6S. 2p.hl63pp. J6°. Paris, 

bureau cfatral, 1 849. 

[ With GAtLOIa (H.) VLe politlquo fle Learu-BoUio I. 
Lar^puWique une et indivisible. 107 

pp. 16°. Paris, A. Naad, 1851. 

[ With GALLOIS (H.) Vie poUOqlJa de Leflni-RoUin]. 

BlaDcbard (W. J,) A complete system of 
short-hand. 1 p.h 16pp.2 pi. ohh 12^. Lon~ 
don, atithor, 1779. 

(ftme. [2d ed )] The complete 

of short-hand. 2 p.l. viii pp. 1.1. 

I. 13 pi. 4". London, author, [178r>]. 

Blanchet (Francois). Apologues et contes 
orjentaui, etc. 1 p. 1. Ivj, 285 pp. 1 1. 1 
portrait. 8°. Paris, Deiare, 1784. 

Blanco (P. Ij.) Respnesta paoiiica de an es- 
paiiol H la carta seditiosa del Frances Gre- 
goire, q^ue se dice obispo (Is Blois. 2 p. 1. 
120 pp. 1 pi. 18°. Madrid, P. Peregra, 

Bland (Thomas). Papers on North American 
helicidte, and on the geographical distribu- 
tion of West India land shells. Also notice 
of lana and fresh water shells from tlie Kochy 
Mountains. By T. Bland and dr. J. G. 
Cooper. Reprinted from the annals of the 
lyceum of natural history, N. Y. 2 p. 1. 12.'i, 9-35 pp. 1 tab. 9 pp. 8°. Neia 
York, [1858-] 62. B 

Remarks on classifications of South 

American helicles by European authors, an3 
espedftlly by H. and A.Adams and Albers. 
Eepriuted from the annals of the lyceum of 
natural history, K. T. 24 pp. "" 
Tori. [1864]. 

Blaiiey (Jan 

bl m 



536 pp. 1 1. 

[pvr A Thb d au]. 
ii pp. I p. 1. iv, 480 pp ; 2 
8°. Parts, J. Renouard, 

Blanc (Honor6). Okygi'aphie; ou, I'ai 
fixer par 6erit, toua les sons de la parole 
aveo autant de facility, de promptitude et de 
clart^ que la houehe les exprime. 1 p. 1. li, 
67pp.2!.15pl. 8". Paris, Bidauit, Xmi. 

Blano (Jean Joseph Louis). Appel aiix hon- 
n6tes gens. Quelqaes pages d'histoire con- 


Zaodt). Chemical ana- 
Ckicago, 1868. B. 

l/B ILLINOIS (GaoLosicol survej of). AppeBtlls, V. 
3, pp. 573-5741. 

Bias de Santa Maria, (Fr.) Doctrina da 
noviidos y nuevos pcofeeos en esta pvovincia 
de S. Gregorio, de religiosos deacalzos do la 
observancia de nuestio padre a. Francisco 
en estas islas Fihpinaa, [etc] 208 pp. fi". 
Madrid, E. Aguado. 1856. S. 

Blaae de Buty (Ange Henri). :Ecrivains et 
pontes de I'Allemi^e. 2 p. 1426 pp. 12^. 
Poris, Jtf.L%/r*r«s,ie51. 

Blindpita. A story of Scottish life, [anon.] 
516 pp. 12°. New York, G. P. Putnam 4- 

Bliss(W. W. iH. d.) Woman, and her thirty 
years' pilgrimage. 415 pp. iy°. N'-vi 
Yoric, AmcHcan «6,os co. 18G9. 

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Biocli (Morlta). Aueftlhrliciie granimatik 

der ungarieehen epraohe fiir dentsehe. 5 p. 1- 

334 pp. 8°. Festh. K. Geiid, 1843. 
Block (Maurice, editor). See Aniiuaire de 

I'ailmimstratioD franr^iee, and Anniiaire do 

I'^conomie politique. 
Blodget (Lorin). Practical defects of the 

existiag forms of political ftotion, 8°. Pkita- 

de^hia, ColUTis, 1869. 

r/nFHILADELPSIA (Union lesgue of). BiasTi on 
political otganiiallon, pp.efl-lSe]. 

Bloede (Victor G.) The reducer's manual, 
and gold and silver worker's guide ; hemg a 
complete practical Jiaud-book on the saving 
ftud reduction of every class of photograpbic 
wastes, and gold aud silver residues. Com- 
piisiug^ all tbe wet and tlry processes of re- 
duction at present known, with many iinport- 
ant original designs, formulas, and additions, 
sa ea. 167 pp. 13°. New York, J, H. 

Bloudel (Francois). The comparison of Pin- 
dar and Horace. [Written in French, etc.] 
Englished by sir Edwaid Sherburn. 3p,l. 
93 pp. 8°. London, T. Bentiet, 1696. 

Blood (Benjamin). Optimism the lesson of 
ages. AcompendiuniofdeinocratictLeol<^y, 
designed to illustrate necessities whereby all 
things are aa thay are, and to I'ecoucile the 
discontents of men with the ])erfeet love and 
power of ever-present God. 133 pp. IS'^. 
Bostoft, B. Marsh, 1860. 

Blame (Ca ILndw'g) Bnmphia; sive, com- 


Blume (Carl Lndwig) — continued. 
r. 4, ip 1 75pp 9pl Mcold pi 
^igniffi efamUiaOn^aceaiBin '^^ 

Bituoii acBatatn 

Bluiit (George W compiler) Pilot laws, har- 
bor and quaiantme legulation'* of the poit 
of New 1 ork See New York 
BliintecMi (Jean Gaspard). Le droit inlor- 
nafional codifi^. Traduit de I'Allemand par 
M. C. Lardy et pr^e^d^ d'une preface par 
Edouard Labonlaye. xvi, 480 pp. 8°. 
Paris, Gaillaumkt Sf etc. 1870. 
Blyth (Tbe) monthly gleaner, for June, 1819. 
pp. 143-219. 8°. [BIjth, 1819]. 

nflNowCaatlo monthly 

i botan ' 

tpnmis d 

Indite oriental s turn peuitus incoguitis tarn 
quie in I bia Ehed R rophii, Roiburghii, 
Wallich al o mq e eeensentur. 4 v. fol. 
L«gd>i Batavora a IBruxeilis, H. fltwj] 

(Honry A. d. d.) The general 
assembly of 1866. [Animadversions on the 
action of the general assembly of the presby- 
teriaa ohorchj. 124 pp. S°. Philadelphia, 
J. B. Lippincott St co. 1867. 

Boardman (Mrs. M, M.) The sister's tri- 
umph. Sequel to Haps and mishaps of the 
Brown family. 326pp. 4 pi. 16°. Phila 
delphia, Perldnpiae St Higgins, 1866. 

Boardman (W.E.) He that ovevcometh ; or, 
a conquering gospel, xvi, 303 pp. 12°. 
Boston, H. Hoyt. [1869]. 

Bock (C. W.) Erklarung dea baues dM 
beriihmtesteu und merkwlirdigsten iilterea 
und neneren sprachen Europa's, Asien's, 
Afrika's, Amerika's tmd der Siidsee-insein, 
viiipp. II. 172, 24 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Berlin, 
H. Salvage, 1853. 

Bode (Jobann. Elert). Allgemeine betracb- 
tungen iiber das weltgobaude. 3= ausg, 
2p.l. V, 224 pp. 2 pi. 16°. Berlin, Kedu, 
[1803]. s. 

Bodecher (Nicolaas). Sociniano-remonatrant- 
ism vs. Hoc est, evidens demonstratio. 

reipsa, sive verhia, sive etiam melhodo, in 
plucibua confesaionis sure partibus conaen- 
tire ostenditur. 4p.l. 174pp. 11. 4°. Lug- 
dani Batavorum, J, Marcus, 1624. 
Bodenhamer (William, m. d.) Practical 
ob.^ervatious on the Ktiolt^y, pathology, 
diagnosis, and treatment of anal fissure, 
xiv, 199 pp. 8"^. Nam York, IV. Wood St eo. 

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Boelen (Jaiohus) Eeize naar de cost- e 
westltnst van Znid Amecika en, van daaj 
naar de SandwiohB- en PhiUppijnadie eilan 
den, China BQz ^eJann, in de jaren J826-aS 
3v 8" imslcrilam Ten Brink If De Trie' 
1835 36 

Boelte Sf Bolte 

Bosatzky {Ci 1 Heinneli ^on) buUnes 
scliftts ka^tlem der I. ndei Gott s leien 
aehata im liimmi,! ist tioateliend i 
lesenen sprliehen dei heil aehr ft [etc ] 
16'Buflage l/inm'\ 4p 1 36b 1 obi 32°. 
Halle Ifajsenliam 1T43 

Bobme (Jn 

[etc] 8t 

!ob) TheosopL ache weicken, 
16° iltittrda lb83 


rlej anal 

Apologia, befceffmfl Me Tollkonnnonhelt des me 
sidie attefelg, niid BzeeUel. 

Ersts BpnloglB nlder Balttusar TllktiD. 

Zwidte apolD^ wi&er BdChsHir TUken. 

Apologia, Oder B<ihnti-nde. Zti e:eb<i)iTlIaher able 
naa^ dee ao^aolElldiea paBgnlllB uod ecIiiii^ 
Itarten, wlier flas bttcElela. 1. Von wnhr 
bnBBe. 3. Yon WBluer galsasenbeit Welcin 
paaqidl fler herr Qregoriaa Kiobter, [ato.l datv 
der Aiu»eBpnDgBt bal. 

V. 4, Holio nudUeffe grflndB Ton dein droyfach. 
Ie1»n iet menMhen, [ste.] 

T. 5. MystBrtam loaKniun, oflar erkWrung ilber d 
erste boch Hosia, [elo.] 

V. e. TbeowpblBolie Baodbrlefe, [etc.] 

irad baiEiubnung nUarweaEii, retc] 

lEGlget, daa sweili 
«b o^pbabetjscboi 

Bohu (Heniy G.) A guide to the knowledge 
of pottery, porcelaio, and other objects of 
vevtn. Comprising an illustrated catalogue 
of the Bernal eoUection of norka of art, with 
the prices at wliich thej were sold by ano- 
tion, and the names of the present posseBEOrs. 
To which are aclded an introdnotory essay on 
pottery and porcelain, and an Bugraved list 
of marks and monograms, xxxriii, 504 pp. 
39 pi. 12°. LaadoK, H. O. Bohn, 1857. 

A pictorial hand-book of modem geog- 
raphy, on a popnlar plan, compiled from the 
best anthorities, English and foreign, and 
completed to the present time. Sd ed. I p. 1. 
xpp. 11. 529pp. Slmaps. 13°. Loadan, 
H. Q. Bohti, 1863. 


Boieldieti (Marie Jacijues Amand). De Tin- 
fluenceflelacbiuce, du theatre et (lu bacrean, 
dans la aoci^td civile, [etc.] 4 p. 1. viii, 
167 pp. 8°. Park, DtmmvUle, 1804. 

Boira (Eafiiel). Ellibrodeloa enant*; scolec- 
cion completade au^dotas, cuentos, gracias, 
[etc.] 2"ed. 3v.ini. 16°. Madrid, M. 
Arcasy Sanchez, 1SG3. 

Boiaay (Louis Micliel de). Dissertations criti- 
ques pour servir d'Sclaircissement & I'liisfoire 
des Juifa, avaat et depuis J^sns-Christ, et 
de supplement & I'histoire de M. Basnage. 

2 v. I p. 1, xii, 333 pp. 11; S p. 1. 363 pp. 

3 1. 16°. Pais, Lagrange, 1785. 

Essai sm- la vie, les Merits at les opinions de 
m. de Malesherhea. adress^ h mes enfans. 
2v. 3p. 1. 417 pp; 2p. 1.344 pp. 8°. Paris, 
Trevttel If WUrtz, 1819. 
Boker (George Henry}. Kbnigsmark; the le- 
gend of the hounds, and other poems. 244 pp. 
16°. Philadelphia, J. B. LippincoU If co. 

(Giovanni Vincenirio). El obispado. 
Disertacion sobre la potestad de gobernar la 
igleEia, en que se demostra la divina institu- 
cion de an gerarqiiia. Y lo presenta al pub- 
lico el p. m. fr. Nicolas de Castro, dominico. 
2" ed. 336 pp. sm. 4°. Conma, J. Chacon, 

Bblte (Amely). Madame de Stael: an Lis- 
torical novel. Tianslated from the German, 
by Theodore Johnson, iv, 43? pp. 13°. 
ffeiu York, G. P. Pui«am * son, 1869. 

Bolton {Rev. Robert, parilan). A discourse 
of true happiness. lOp.J.SlSpp. 31. sm. 
4°. ILondoa, 1611]? 
[Ifal hh InslmctloM for a right comforting, [etf.] 

iBipsrteot; tlUe-page wanting]. 
lustrvetiona for a right comforting af- 
flicted consciences, with spooiall antidotes 
against some grievous temptations. 13 p. 1, 
560 pp. am. 4°. London, T. Weaver, 1631. 

Boltwood (Hemy L.) English grammar, 
andhow to taach it; designed as a text-book 
for common schools, and tor the primary, in- 
termediata, and grammar departments of 
graded schools. 311 pp. 16°. Chicago, G. 
S; C. W.Sheneood, 1869. 

Bona (GHovauui). De sacrlficio miaste, trac- 
tatns asceticua [etc.] 316 pp. 18°. Ve- 
netiis, P. Saviimi, 1774. S. 

Bonaparte (Lucien, princede Canino). Char- 
lemagne; or, the charch delivered. An epic 
poem, in 24 books. Translatea by S. Butler, 

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Boiiapaite (Laeien) — ootitlnned. 

d. d. aai pfancia Hodgson. 2 v. sxxl, 388 

pp; 1 p. 1. 419 pp. 4°, Londos, Longman 

k CO. 1815. 
Bonaventura (Giovanni de Fiaanaa, saint). 

De sex alls sorapMm,. 16°. JtfalTJfi, 1773. 9. 

[7m NWO |J.) Aphpriami auporioram etiam ol lafc- 

Bond {Thomas E. sen. m. d.) Tbe economy 
of methodiam illUBtrated and defended ; in a 
series of papeifi. i pp. 2 1. 391 pp. 8°. 
Neib York, Lane If Scott, 1852. 

Bonn (EbeinischeFriedricli-WillielmB nniver- 
aifilt). Beiicht uber dasIflnfzigjahrigejaM- 
laura der rheinisolien Friadricli-Wil helms 
unlversitat. 2 p. 1. 145 pp. 8°. Bona, M. 
Cohen S; sakn, 1866. 

Bonnet (Victor). Etudes d'ficonomie poli- 
tique et fiuancifere. iv, 239 pp. 1 1. 8°. 
Pans, Ouillaumin !( de. 1868. 

Bonuey (Rev. Henry Eay). Hiatorio noJices 
in refevenos to Fotheringbay. yiii, 127 pp. 3 
pi. 8°. Otindie, T. BeU, 1821. 

Bonnottl (Michel Angelo). Elementa matb- 
eseos ad usnin studiossB jnventutis. tI^, 224 
pp. 13 plates, sm. 4°. Venetiis, sumptibus 
heredis Nicolai Pezxana, 1772. 

BontltiB (Jacob). Indiaensdie geneea-konst: 
18°. Arasterdam, 1694. 
[In HOOEH (J. ten). Oosl- mi Weat-iadische iva- 

Bonton(Le);jonnial demodea. Monthly re- 
port of Paris fashions. January, 1868, to 
December, 1869. v. 17-18. 4°. Neto York, 
S. T.- Taylor, 1868-69. 

Book (The) of Mormon. Translated by Jo- 
seph Smith. 4th American and Sd stereotype 
ed. Carefully revised by thetranslatoi'. 573 
pp. 1 i. 18°. Ifauvoo, J. Smith, 1843. 

Book (The) of psalms in metre ; from the ori- 
g-iiial, compared with many versions, in dif- 
ferent languages, viii, 363 pp. 16°. London, 
J. Johnson, 1754. 

Book (The) of mbies; acoUectionof the most 
notable love-poems in the English language. 
334 pp, 80. New York, V. Scribner l; co. 

Book buyer (The) ; a summary ot American 
and foreign literature. October, 1867, to Sep- 
tember, 1869, V. 1-2. 8°. New York, [C. 
Scribaer Sf (o. 1863-69]. 

BookBeUer (The); a. hand-book of British 
and foreign literature, [and^ Bent's literary 
advertiser, January, 1867, to December, 1869. 
[v. 10-19], 6°. Loudon, E. 'I'luJier, 1S67-69. 

Bookwoim (The). An illustrated literary 

and bibliograpbicftl review. January, 1867, 

to December, 1869. r. 1-4. 8°. London, 

Bordeaux. {Chambre dc commerce). Envision 

dulivreiiducommorce. Examandea proiats 
du gouveinement par 
la chambie de commerce de 

Bordeaux, [etc.] 3 p. 1. 209 pp tol Box 

deaux, A. Lefraise, 1867. s 

Borger (Ella AcDa). Disputatio de mj sticismo 

148 pp. 4°. Ho-rlem, institiilv teylenam tlico- 

logici modcralores, 1819. 
Borgmaa (C.) Bezoek in de Tereenigde 

Staten von Noord-Amerika, in bet jaar 1850. 

3 p. 1. 227 pp. 1 1, 8°. Groeningen, A. L. 

SchoItcKS, 1854. 
Boroa. Sec Beroa (Diago). 
Boaeham (Herbert de, secTetary to Thomas & 

Becket). Opera qnte extant omnia, nnnc 

primumedidit J.A. Giles, 2 v. xii,373pp; 

vii, 336 pp. 8°. Londini, Wliittakcr el toe. 


[PATKE3 eedesia anslicnns, v. 43^3]. 

i. Libei 

a. Thoit 



CauBaosimelmnrtjrriHionU'riiomaila Bucket]. 
Gloaaa In psalterinm. 

Bossuet (Jacques B^nigne). Instracciones, y 
meditacioues sobre el perdon de las pecados 
para el tiempo de los jubilees, y sobre las 
indulgencias, sacadaa principalmente del 
concilio 5e Trenl«. Esciitas en Frances, 
Traduoidas por J. Moles. 3» ed. 8 p. 1, 193 
pp. 16=, Madrid, J. 1794. s. 

Boston {CUy of). Directory, embracing the . 
city record, a general directory of the citi- 
zena, and a business directory, for the year 
commenciug July 1, 1863. 8°. Boston, 
Adams, Sampson l{ co. 1 863. 

Documents of tbe city of Boston for the 

year 1868. 157 [156] doe. in 3 v. 8°. iiuii- 
toti, A. Madge S{ son, dty printers, 1869. 
Report of a committee of citizens op- 
posed io a fmther increase of duties on im- 
portations. 196 pp. 8°. Boston, N. Hale, 

Boston (Tbe) almanac, for the year 1869. 
■. 34. 24°. Boston. G. Codidge, 1868. 

Boston board of trade. lOCh, 12tli, 14th, and 
I5tii annual reports, for 1864, 1866, 1868 and 
1869. 4v. 8°, Boston, T. R. Marxin, 1864- 

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Boston [TheJ collection of sacred and davo- 
tioQiit hymns: intended to acconimodate 
christians on special and stated occasiona. 
[Baptist}. 324 pp. 18°. Boston, 'MdHniug 
if Loring, 1808. 

Boston weekly magaaine ; or, ladies' Bad gen- 
tlemen's miBcellftny, v. 3. Ho. 7-50. 8°. 
BoHoa. ailbert Sf Deane, 1803. 
[ (R(i Philadklphii repoBllorj, y. 5]. 

Boaworth (Newton). The accidents of bu- 
man life ; with hints for their prevention, or 
the venioval of their conseqneneea. xii, 916 
pp. 6 pi. J6°. London, Laddnglon, Allen 
If CO. 1813. 

Botero (Giovanni). I prencipi [cristiani], 
con le aggjonte alia ragion di sinto iraona. 
menteposteinluce. 148,81. 16°. Torino, 
6. -D. Tarino, 16(10. 

Botley (Samuel). Maiimuminminimoi oi, 
mr. Jeremiah Kich's Pen's dexterity com- 
pleted, [etc.] 31 1. 16°, London, N. 
Sae/Cett, [atoMi 1760]. 

BottB (John Minor). The great rebellion: 
iti9 secret history, rise, progi^ess, and disas- 
tTOua feilnre. The political life of the author 
vindicated, xxviii, 402 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. 
NeiB York, Harper ^ hrothers, 1866. 

Boucher (W. M.) The science of money; 
{being tlie solution of the much vexed and 
important cun'ency problem), and " co-ope- 
ration," (some thooghls and quotations on its 
history, philosophy, practice, results, etc.) 
together furuiflhing the solution of the "la- 
bor question," (or, the way to settle the war 
between the laborers and capitalists upon the 
principles of soience), ViZ pp. ^. CU- 
cago, 1867, 

Boaoioault (Dion). Foul pliiy. See Heade 
(Chailes) and Bouclcault (Dion). 

BouSard de L'Herault (Andr^). M^nioires, 
lettres, et pieces authentiques touchant la 
vie et la mort de Louis Antoine Henri de 
Bourbon-Cond6, due d'Enghien. 2 p. 1. 295 
pp. 1 portrait. 1 faii-simile. 8°. Paris, Ak- 
di», 1833. 

Boudier de Villemert or Villeimet (Pierre 
Joseph). L'ami des femmes. [«jion.] 1^ 
pp.11. 16°. Pa7is,nm. 

Boudln (AmSd^e). Histoire de Lonis-Phi- 
lippe, roi des Frangais. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 463 pp. 
10 pi ; 430 pp. 10 pi. 6°. Puris, bareati de 
paUkation, 1847, 


Boudoii {Henri Marie). Dies solo, 6 congre- 
gaeiou para los intereaes de dice solo : eserito 
enlengua franeesa; y en la espanola por S. 
lEquierdo. 4p.l.l36pp. 18°. Madrid, im- 
prenta real, 1788. s. 

Boudot (Jean). DictionEuium universale la- 
tino-gallicum, es omaibus latlnitatis auctori- 
bus coUectum, [etc.] 17" cd. 3 p.l. ivi, 
902 pp. 1 1. 8°. RoClioiaagii, R. Lallemoiit, 
1774. a. 

Bouilly (Jean Nicolas). Mea I'feapitulatious. 
Premiere ^poqne, 1774-1790 i deuii6me 
gpoque, 1791-1812. 2 v. lii, 289 pp. 1 1, 
J portrait; 2 p. 1. 288 pp. 11. 16°. Brux- 
elles, soci^tS 1/dge de ISirairie, 1837. 

Bouquet (Martin, and atlicri). See Reouell 
des historiens des Gaules et de la France. 

BoQtiie (Williaiu). A booke called the treas- 
ure for traueilers, dauided into fiue bookes or 
partes, contaynjng very necessary matters, 
for all sorlfis of trauailera, oytber by sea or 
by lando. 133 1. 1 pi. sm, 4°. London, 
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Bouaslngault (Jean Baptiste Joseph Dlen- 
donng) and Roulill (Francois DfisiriSe), Via- 
jes cientificos a los Andes ecuatoiiales ; 6 
coleccion de memorias sobre fisica, quimicafi 
historia natural de la Hueva Granada, Ecua- 
dor, y Veneauela. Traduddas por J. Acosta, 
y precedidas de algnnas nociones de geologia, 
por elmismo. 2p,U ivi, 32app. 8°. Paris, 
libreria castellaHa, 1649. 

Boutauld (Michel). The counsels of wisdom; 
or, a collection of such masims of Solomon, 
as are raostnecessacy for the prndent conduct 
of life. With proper reflections npon them. 
Written ori^nally in Fcenoh, by m. Fonquot. 
Done into English by a gent [J. Leake]. 3 
parla in 1 v. sx, 403 pp. 4°. Oxford, 
t/iealre, 1736. 

[Note.— At flrst nttrlbuted to Ponqiiel, bnt now 
genarnllj' admitleaio bo the work of BoutanJdJ. 

Bo'wdeii (Re!'. John Edward). The life and 
letters of Frederick William Faber, d.d, priest 
of the oratory of St. Philip Neri. Withan in- 
troduction Ity an American clergyman. 487 
pp. 1 portrait. 12°. Baltimore, J. Murphy 
S{ CO. 1869. 

Bowditoli (Nathaniel, Zi. d.) The new Amer- 
ican practioal navigator ; being an epit- 
ome of navigation ; contJiining all the tables 
necessary to be used with the nautical alma- 
nac in detei'miuing the latitude ; and the 
longitude by lunar observations i and keeping 

by Google 


Bowditch (TTatlianiel)— con tinned. 

a complete roekoning at Ben, [ate] 590 pp. 

1 5. 8". NewbuTypOTt, Mass. E. M. Blunt, 
for W. S. Wilder, ]802. 
The same. 8, xx, 289, 460 pp, 1 map. 

14 pi. 8°. Washington, government print, 


The same. Usefal tables, from tbe 

" Piaocieal navigator " A new edition witb 
additional tablea 92 1 8° Waslnngloa, 
governmeat prml, 1868 

Bowler {Bev. Geoiga) Cliapel and ctmuli 
architecture, vith desijfcs tor parsonages. 

1 p.].]5pp. 171 41pl foho Bostoa,J P. 
Jeicett S( CO. 1856 

Bowles (Samuel). The Pacific railroad— open. 
How to go ; what to see. Guide for travel 
to and through western America, 123 pp. 
16°. Boston, Fields, Osgood S; co. 1869. 

The Switzerland of America. A aum- 

nier vacation in the parks and mountains of 
Colorado. 166 pp. 16", Springfield, (Mass.) 
S. Bowks If CO. 1869. 

Bc)yce (William). Cathedral music; being a 
collection m score of the most valuable and 
Tiaeful compoaitiona for that service, by the 
seTeral English masters, of the laist two hun- 
dred years. The whole selected and cara- 
fully revised. 2d ed. 3 v. fol. London, 
J. Asliley, 1788. 

Boyd (Andrew, compiler). Boyd's business 
directory of cities and vill^es between Bos- 
ton and Albany, on the line of the Boston 
and Albany railway, 1869-70. With an ap- 
pendix 8°. Albany, (N. ¥.) C. Van lim- 
tbuysea Sf sons, 1969. 

Boyd's business directory of over one 

bundled cities and villages in New York 
slate, together with post offices, posfmasteis' 
names, money-order poat ofBces, and tele- 
graph and espress stations thronjfliout the 
slate, [etc.] 1869-70. 884 pp. 8°. Albany, 
(JV. r.) C. H. Van Bmthuysen If sans, 1869. 

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rectory of Elizabeth, Rabway, and Plain- 
field, with a business directory of Union 
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Lily's looking glasses. 10-2 pp. 2 pi. 

IfP. Philadelphia, J. P. SMlg !{ co. 1869. 

Mary Morne ^nd he( friend. 107 pp. 

2 pi. 18°. PhUaddplda, J. P. 3kelly Sf eg. 


Boyd (Joseph B.) Boyfl's hand-book of Cin- 
cinnati. Being a complete guide to the city ; 
its public baildlngs illustrated i its railroad, 
steamboat, stage, and omnibus lines ; its 
hotels; its public resorts; its ohurehea; its 
parks ; briefly, Cincinnati as it is, and the 
way to find it. Spring, 1869. 130 pp. 25 pi. 
16°. Cincinnati, J. B. Bogd, 1869. 

Boyd {Mrs. Mary D. E.) Barby'a shuttle, 
and what it wrought. 169 pp. 9 pi. 18". 
Philadelphia, J. P. SMly Sf co. 1869. 

Stepping-a tones over the brook. 263 pp. 

3pl. 18° FlilaMphia J P fkeUy Sf co. 

Boyer{L!ejf — ) Ajoimalof Wayne'scam- 
paign Bemg an aithent di ly record of 
the most nportant cLurrences during the 
campa gn of major geneial Anthony Wayne 
against the northwestern Indians, commeno- 
ing the 28th July and ending on the 2d No- 
vember, 1794 ; including an account of the 
great battle of August SO. 23 pp. 4°. Cin- 
cinnati, J. F. Vhlhom, 1866. 
[Wiii JACOB(JoIm J.) liifBofcaptninCi-esap]. 

Boyle (Frederick). A ride across a continent : 
a personal narrative of wanderings through 
Nicaragua and Costa Kica. 2 v. jiiviii, 
399 pp. 1 pi ; vii, 297 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Lea- 
daa, R. Bentteti, 1868. 

Boyle (Koger, earl of Orrery). Parthenissa, 
that most fam'd romance. The six volumes 
eompleat. 2 p. !. 808 pp. fol. London, H. 
Herringman, 1676. 

Boys (Thomas Shelter). Original views of 
London as it is, [etc. ] With historical and 
doBctiptive notices of the views, by Charles 
Oilier. 2 p. 1. 261. 26 pi. fol. London, T. 
Boys, 1842. 

Boya at Sandover ; or, life in a public institu- 
tion. [awDB.] 264 pp. 2 pi. 16°. Bos- 
ton, congregational s. s. and puM.soc. 11868'], 

Brace (Charles Loring), The newwesi: or, 
California in 1867-6a 373 pp. 13°. Nea 
York, G. P. Putnam Sf son, 1869, 

Bracliet (J. L, m. d.) Eecherches eur la 
nature et le siege do I'hyst^rie et de I'hypo- 
chondrie, et sur I'malogie et les differences de 
ees deux maladies 178 pp. 8°. Paris, 
Gabon, 183J 
[HEDrCAL pampMets v jj 

Traits complet de I'hypocliondne ; ou- 

viage txuronno pw I'acadi^uiie royale de 
mcdet,mB vx 7j9 pp, 1 tab. 8°. Paris, 
J. B. Bailkire, 1844. 

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Brackenbuiy (Capt. Chai'les Booth}. Euro- 
pean armaments in ISCT. Based npon letters 
repriiiled, by permission, from "The times. " 
Tiii, J43 pp. 12°. Loiidoa, Cliapman * 
Hull, 13G7. 

Brackeiiridge (Henry M.) ReeollectiooE of 
persons and places in the wast.. 2d ed. en- 
larged. 331 pp. 13°. PhUaddphia, J. IS. 
Lippincolt St co 1868 

Reisenach fciidainenka Unternoinmen 

aafbefehl dei ameiikaniachen regiciun^ in 
den jihren 1817 and 1818 au( der ficgatte 
Congress Aus dem Englischen Av iv 
384 pp 1 p I 452 pp 8° Leipi.ti' O 
I Oaachew 1821 

Bradbury (Willjam. B ) Biadbuiy s fiesh 
lauiels for the sabbath schools A new and 
extensive collection of muaic and hymns 
160 pp obi lb° Nev> lorL Btglow If 
Slain [186/] 

Bright loweli f i the Sunday school 

A new collection of siandaj scl ool «ongs 
rev. E. Lowry, editor, [etc.] IbO pp. obi. 16°. 
New York, BigloK S; Main, [1869]. 

The new golden trio ; or, Bradbary's 

golden series of Sabbath school melodies, 
comprising the "New golden chain," "New 
golden shower," and ' ' Golden censer." lSi6 
pp. 3 1. obi. 16°. New York, IV. B. Brad- 
bury, 1866. 

The singing bird ; or, progressive mnsic 

reader, [etc.] I76pp. obl.8°. NeieYork, 
NeiBman Sf Ivison, IB52. s. 

The victory; a new collection of sacred 

and secular music, 400 pp. 1 portrait, oljl. 
6°. Nea York, Biglow If Main. [1869]. 

Bradbury (W'U' F ) Eaton's elementary 
algeb a, d d f th f h gh " " 

Bradley (Mrs. M. E.) and Ueiiy (Kate J.) 
The proverb series, v. 1-3. 16°. Boston, 
Lee l( Sliepard, 1 869. 



Tagg dS, riomp 


[Eato m cal 


Th sa r 

L ton 1 ra t y 

algeb g g 

U th p] 

28pp l>° B 

Tgg dS^TI p 


Bradfo d(fi J h ) 

W ti g t t 

ing 1 t t eat 

m El t I It 

A. T wn d 1 

43 IP 8 C 

hridg er gp 




Bradfo d (01 I ) 

& ij g ity 

or, a PI eftl h 

p pi 89 PI 1 p 

trait. B 

J E F as, 

J. NeUj. 

i3 pp. 3 pL 

By If 

Bradley (W.J.) After years. A sequel to 
Culm rocli. By Glance Gaylord. [pseadun.] 
324 pp. 3 pi. 12°. BoHon, H. Hoyl, 1867. 

Bright nook ; or, aunt Maggie's corner. 

By Glance Gaylord. [pseuilon.'] 138 pp. 2 
pi. 18°. New York, CarUon ^Porter, 1866. 

Culm rock, the story of a year. What 

it brought and what it fanttht. By Glance 
Gaylord. [psciuion.] 43U pp. 4 pi. 16°. 
Boston, H. H09J, [1367]. 

Donald Deane and his cross. By Glance 

Gaylord. ipseudon.~\ 390 pp. 3 pi. 16°. 
Boston, Mass. s. s. soc. [1867]. 

Gay cottage. By Glance Gaylord. 

Ipseudon.'i 144 pp. 1 pi. IB". Boston, j^mm- 
ean tract sodetg, 1866. 

Gilbert's last summer at Eainford, and 

what it taught. By Glance Gaylord. [psen- 
doa.2 328 pp. 4 pi. 16°. Boston, Graves 
If Young, 1 



-GilbertStarraudhisIcsaons. ByGI 
Gaylord. [pseiuJon.] 383 pp. 4 pi. 
Boston, A. F. Graves, 1868. 



Jack Aieoinbe. The story of a 

By Glance Gaylord. [pseudvn.'] 306 pp. 
4ph 16°. Boston,-!. F.Grnr«s, 1868. 
[RAINFORD aariea, no. 4]. 

Mr. Pendlelon's cnp. A story for boys. 

By Glance Gaylord. [pseudon.-] 248 pp. 
3 pi. 16°. Boston, H. A. Young ij co. 

Patience Hathaway. Her friends and 

her enemies, and how she retnrned them good 
for evil. By Glance Gaylord. \_paeudon.'\ 
370 pp. 4 pi. 16°. Boston, H. A. Young If 
CD. [1868]. 

Will Kood's friendship. By Glance 

Gaylord. [pseHrfoM.] 254 pp. 4 pi. 16°. 
Boston, Graves S; Young, 1867, 
(EirfjroKn fierles, no. 3]. 

Willie's conquest. By Glance Gay- 
lord, [jisBtidon.2 74 pp. 1 pi. 34°. New York, 
Carlton ^ Porter, 1866. 

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Bradshaw's monthly continental railway, 
St«am transit, and ^eaeml gnide, for travellers 
through Europe. October, 1869. sni.4", Lon- 
don, W.J.Adams,id^. 

Brady (Matthew B.) Brady's national pho- 
tographic collection of war views, and j>or- 
traits of representative men; Hew Tork and 
Washington, D. C. HO pp. 12°. Sew 
York, C. A. AlvOTd, 1«69. 

Brady {Nicholas, li, d.) and Tate (Nahum). 
A new veraion of the psalms of David, 
fitted to the tones ueej in the cbuiches. 210, 
X pp. IS''. London, E. James, 175.5. 
[With CauBCH OF Bkolanp. Book of common 
pmyer. 1753. Imperfecl; wanlius oB after page 

The same. 210 pp. ]30, London, 

company of stationers, 1771. 
[With Ohukoh of Enolami). Book of commoa 
prayer. 176R]. 

The same. 1st Worcesler ed. 358 pp. 

94°. IForcesicr, ( jtfass.) L Thomas, 1788. 

Bragge (Kiibert). Church discipline accord- 
ing to its ancient standard, asit was practiced 
in primitive times. IS3 pp. IH'^. Nevi 
London, T. Green, 1768. 

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A new and antbentic collection, with an 
original memoir of his life. 931 pp. 2 pi. 
VP. Hartford, S. Andrtts * son, 1847. 

Biaitli'waite (W. and J. editors). See Retro- 
p t (Th ) f m d' ■ 

B andt(J b i- 1 h) Synb Its 


384 pp 9 pi 4 P pi lb61-68 

Brassart (— , secretary of the hospitals of 
Douai). Notes bistoriqaes siir les hSpitaux 
et fitablissemens de eiiarite de la ville de 
Douai. vii, 368pp. 1 pi. 8°. Douai, A. 
d'Aaiers, 1843. s. 

Brauer(0>-.Fiiearicb). Nearoplcren. 105pp. 
2 1. 3 pi. i°. men, 1868. s. 

[in WbtLEnsTORF-DllBAm. (B. von). Eelaefler 

Brauna (Ernst Lndwig). Amerika und die 
modeme volkerwanderung. Nebst einer dar- 
atelliing der gegonwartig eu Economy am 
Ohio angesiedelton HavmoniegesellHehaft, 
[etc.] xvi, 400 pp. 1 portnut. 12o. Fois- 
dam, H. Vogler, 1333. 

Brave (The) heart. By Fleta. [pseiidon.] 
ai6 pp. 3 pi. 18°. PhitadelpMa, prealiy- 
terian board of publication, [1868]. 


Bravo (Felipe). Dictionario de las islaa 
Filipiaas. See Buzeta (Manuel) and Bravo 

Brayley (Edward Wedlate) and Herbert 
(William). Syr Eegiualde ; or, the black 
tower. A romance of the twelfth century. 
With tales and other poems. 2 p.l. 163 
pp. 5 pi. 16°. London, J. Swan, 1803. 

Brayton (Mary Clark) and Terry (Ellen F.) 
Our acre and its harvest. Historical sketch 
of the aoldierH' aid society of northern Ohio. 
Cleveland branch of the United States sani- 
tary commission. 511 pp. 1 map. 8 pi. 8°. 
CifDEland, Fairhanhs, Benedict !( co. 13<39. 

1 1. Generi 
te, Spaoia 

t, brE.I 

Bra%er (John, d. d.) Sermons, xvi. 367 
pp. 1S°. Boston, W. Crosby S( IL P. 
NieMs, 1849. 

Bread (The) of life. By a sonday school 
t*aober. [awoji.] 80 pp. 18°. Jiaslon, 
Amejican trad sacietg. [1868]. 

Breokenridge (^Bev John) and Miller 
(Siu uel d d) Amemorialofmrs. Margaret 
Bieckenridge In two parts. Part I. Me- 
mon and funcial seimon. Part 2. Letters 
to 1 er survmng children. 2 parts in 1 v. 
90 pp 1 portrait 103 pp 13°. Philadel- 
phia W S Marlien J 839 

Breed (Ten William P d.d.) Jenny Ged- 
des oi preel ytenauism and lis great con- 
flict with despot lam 4H0pp. 16°. Phila- 
delphia, preshytenan hoard of publication, 

The prisoners 258 pp 3 pi 18° 

Philadelphia, preabylenan board of publica- 
tion, [1868]. 

Bremen ( Vencrandum minvtlenitm) Neues 
biemisches psalm- nnd geeangbuch zut of 
fentliehen und besondein eibauung der rofoc- 
mirten stadt- und landgemeinen, [etc.] Neu- 
esteausgabe. xvi, 448, 44 pp. 16°. Breaien, 

Brent (Linda). Incidents in the life of a 
slave girl. Written by hereelf. Edited by 
Lydia Maria Child. 306 pp. 12°. Boston, 
fortheatdbor, 1861. 

Breiitauo (Bettine). See Amim (Bettine 

Brease ( — , prof, d l'6eoU dcs ponts et chans- Hydraulic motors. From the French 
Coura de m^canique appliqnee, by F. A. 
Mabau. Revised by D. H.Mahan, 11. d. 165 
pp.Spl. 8°. «eio York, J. Wiley ^ son, 1869. 

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Breton (Nieliolas). The court and countcy ; 
or, a briefe diaeoTirse dialoguo-wise set downa 
betweane s, courtier and a coimtry-man. 
Contajning the mauner and condition, of 
tbeic Hues, [etc.] Also, ueoessavy notes 
for a covrtier. 4". Lo«iloa, G. Eld for 1. 
Wright, 1619. Reprinted, London, Roxlurghc 
library, 1868. 

311. ROXBURSHE library], 
Bretos or Vretoa (Andreas Papadopoulos). 
NeoE^^ipKK); ijiiloloyia, ij-rot KoraXoyof tuv 
OTTO wruaeus 11£ ^^avTivttc avTonparopiag 
/texpi tyKoSiilpKoeuf rtjg ev EAlaiJt jiai^tlei 
TUTroSevTUV jiiliXiuv nap' EMijviJi' Eif T 

■y^uaaav, /le ^tpXtoypa^maQ lait KpiTiKag 
a!itieiuoei( irepi tuv a^iav 'koyov avyypa/i- 
parav. 2 v. a;?", pp. 11, 273 pp; if', 364 pp. 
2 !. S°. Ev Aftjiioif, TVJ70i( $. Kapa/Jivi; 
Kit K. Bflfa, 1854-57. s. 

Bretschueider <Catl Gottljeli). Die grund- 
lage dee evangeliscben piettsmns ; oder, die 
1 eliren von Adams fall, der erbsiinde, und 
dem opfer CLristi, [etc.] lii, 426 pp. 11. 
8°. Leipzig, F. C. IT. Fogel,iB33. 

Heinrioh und Antonio, Oder die pro- 

aelyten der rOmisclien und der evaagelisclieo 
kirche. !J* auflage. iii, 308 pp. 8°, Ga- 
Iha, J. Peiihes, 1827. 

Die religiose glanbenslehro nach der 

vernunft und der offenbarung fiir denkende 
leser dargeatellt. 9' aufl, viii, 406 pp. 8°. 
Halle, ScloBctschlce S( sohn, 1843. 

Srstematisobe entwickelung aller in der 

dogmatik vorkanimenden begriffe nach den 
Bjmljoliachen scbriftan der evangeliacb-lu- 
tberiscben kirche, [etc.] Nebet dcrlitei'a- 
tur, [etc.] iiber alle tlielle der dogmatik, 3° 
auflage. xvi, 870 pp. 1 1, 8°, Leipzig, 
J. A. Bartb, 1825. 

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always a future. Sd ed. 332 pp. 12°. 
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t^d ; adapted to the progress of human 
life, 3d ed. viii, 435 pp. 8°. London, F. 
C. ^ J. Riviagton, 1814. 

Meditations for penitents, and for those 

engaged in the important duty of scif'-cxam- 
ination. xsviii, 3G6 pp. 8°. London, F, 
C. -f- J. EimngtoB, 1813, 

■■ — The meditations of a recluse ; chiefly 

sn religious subjects. 4th ed. viii, 387 pp. 
S*'. London, F. C. ^- J. RieingtoH, 1816. 


Breyuat (Jules). Los soeialistes depuis fov- 
rier. Sfi 6A. 304 pp. 1 1. lip. Paris, Gar- 
nier, 1850. 

Briaad (P. CSsav). Lo livre do poehe du 
voyaguur en France, [etc.] xxxii, 193 pp. 
1 map. 32°. Paris, Lavigne, [1833]. 

Bridger (N.) Stenographie and cry[p]to- 
graphie; or, the arts of short-band and secret- 
writing,[etc anwi.] 6 p. 1. 66 pp. 24 pi. IS". 
London, auMor, 1659. 

Brldgman (William). Ti'anslatious from the 
Greek, viz, Aristotle's synopsis of the virtues 
and vieea. The aimilitudes of Demophilua. 
The golden aenlences of Demoorales. And 
the Pythagoric symbols, with tbe explana- 
tions of Jamblichus. [With]tbePytbagoric 
sentences of Demophilns, by T. Taylor, 
xvi, 135 pp. 12°. London, W. Bridgman, 

Brief (A) and impartial history of tho life and 
actions of Andrew Jackson, president of the 
United States. By a free man. [niMin.] 
316 pp. 16°. Bostmi, Stimjison Si Clapp, 

Briefe in die heimatb, geschrioben zwiachen 
October 1829 and May 1830, wahrend einer 
reise iiber Fraokreich, England, und die 
Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamoviea nach 
Mexico. [atioB ] x 201 pp 8'^ Slutt- 
gan,und Tnbmgen J G Calta, 1835. 
{1££1S£N uad lajidt^beecbrelbnngoa Ge aufiago]. 

Bileven over bet bestuur ler u)iouieu Gsse- 
qnebo en Demerary ben isseld tu'iicheu de 
beeren Aristodemus en Sincerus Neveus 
byl^en tot deeae bnefwisseling en eeue 
voorredcn van dan nedeilandschpn uilgeover. 
[onoM.] Ul 8 Amsterdam 11 Holirop, 

Bright (Mis A M ) The tLree Beimces ; or, 
Ansermo of the crag. 380 pp. 12°. Phila- 
delphia, Claxton, Remsea Sc Haffelfinger, 1869, 

Bright (John). Speeches on questions of pub- 
lic policy. Edited by James E. Thorold 
Kogers. 2 v, xix, 535 pp, 1 portrait ; vii, 
567 pp, 8", Londvn, Macmiaan f co. 1868. 

Brioii(G,) Illustrations to " Les miaSrables, " 
of Victor Hugo, Scenes and cbavaclers pho- 
tt^aphed by A. A. Tomer, after the original 
designs of G. Brion. 8 pp. 26 pi. 4"^. 
Neio yoTk, Carlton, 1863. 

Briabln (Cen. James S.) The lives of Ulysses 
S, Grant and Schuyler Colfas, 437 pp. 2 
portraits. 16°. Cincinn^Ci, C. F. Vent Si':o. 

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Brisks. [rajioB.] 355 pp. la**, Philadelphia, 
J. B. LippinCBtt Sf co. 1S62. 

Brlsson (Pierre Raymond de). Higtoria do 
naufri^o, e cativeiro de mr. Se Brisson, com 
a descripflio das desertos d'Africa, desde o 
Senegal, at^ Marrocos: esorita, epublicada 
por aile tnesmo am 1789; maa agora tradu- 
zidaemportuguaj, [etc] 365pp. 31. 18°. 
Lisboa, S. T. Ferrcira, 1800. S. 

Briasot (A.) Voyage au Gaazaeoaleoa, anx 
Antilles et aax ^tats-Unis, 3 p. 1. iv, 390 
pp. 1 map. 1 pi. 8°. Paris, A. Bertrand, 

Bristol (iugiista Cooper). Poema. 190 pp. 
12°. Boston, Adams fr co. [1868]. 

British (The) almanac [aad] companion to 
the almanac, for 1869. 2v.ini. 16°. Lon- 
don. Knight Sf CO. 1869. 

British arcliseolog^cal association. The journal 
uf die British avcheeological association, es~ 
tablished in 1843, for tlio eiicoumgemeut and 
prosecution of researches iato the arts and 
monnments of the oariy aud middle ages. 
V. 1-22, 1846 to 1866. 8°. London, 1846- 
66. S. 

[Programme and list of officers and 

memliers]. 12 pp. S^. Londan, 1847. 

The same. Worcester congress, 1848. 

4 pp. 8°. ILondon, 1848]. 

' Transactions of the British archaeolog- 
ical association, at its second annual congress, 
held at Winchester, August, 1845, [and] at 
its third BUQUal congress, held at Gloncester, 
August, 1846, [and] at its sii:tti annual meet- 
ting, Chester, 1849, consisting of Ihe papers 
read at the several meetings, together with an 
account of the eihibitions and excursion! 
made ]jy the association. 3v. 8°. London, 

British association for the advancement of 
science. Report of the thirty-eighth meeting, 
held at Norwich in August, 1868. Ixxyi, 620, 
236pp.4pl. 8°. London, J. MurTag,lSS3.s. 

British homcGopatbic association. Truths and 
their reception, considered in relation to the 
doctrine of homceopathy. [By M. B. Samp- 
son]. To which are added various essays on 
the principles and statistics of homoeopathic 
practice. 9d ed. 3 p. 1. 251 pp. 8°. Lon- 
don, S. Highley, 1849. 
Britishmuseum. Catalogue of the carnivorous 
pachydermatous, and edentate mammalia. 
By J. E. Gray. 8°. London, 1869. 


British mnsaum — continued. 

Catalogue of dinrnal lepidoptera of the 

family satyridte in the collection of the Brit- 
ish museum. By Arthnr Gardiner Butler, 
vi, 211 pp. 5 pi. 8°. London, hg order of 
the trustees, 1868. 

Catalogue of the specimens of blatta- 

riiB in the collection of the British museum. 
By Francis Walker. 2 p. 1. 239 pp. 8°. 
London, 1868. 

Catalogue of the specimens of dermap- 

tera saiCatorla, and supplement to the blatta- 
rifo, in the collection of the British museum. 
2 p. 1. 234 pp. 8°. London, 1869. 

Catalogue of the specimens of hemip- 

tera het«roptera in the coUectlon. By Fran- 
cis Walker. Part iii. (pp. 419-599). 8°. 
London, trustees of the British museum, 1868. 

A guide to tho exhibition rooms of tho 

departments of natural history and antiqui- 
ties. Sp.l. 139pp. 1 map. 8°, [tonrfon], 

British [The] partizan: a talo of the olden 
time. By a lady of South Caiolina. [ajwn.] 
157 pp. 16°. Maeon, (Gn.) Burhe, Boykin 
* CO. 1864. 

Brittan (Haniette G.) Kardoo, the Hindoo 
girl. 183 pp. 1 pi. 16°. New York, W. B. 
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Brock (Miss Sallie A. editor). The southern 
amaranth. A carefully selected collection of 
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pital ; or, lights and shadows of the great 
rebellion. Illustrated. 512 pp. 34 pi. 8°. 
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Broken (The) rein. By the author of "Nora's 
life at Derncleugh." [onon.] 230 pp. 16". 
Philadelphia, American Sunday school union, 

Bromley (Sir George). A collection of royal 
letters, written by king Charles the first, and 
second, king James the second, and the king 
and queen of Boheraiai together with ori^- 
nal letters, written by princo Kuperl, Charles 
Louis, count palatine, the duchess of Han- 
over, and several other distinguished persons ; 
from the year 1619 to 1665. xl, 320 pp. 5 pi. 
1 chart. 8°. London, J. Stockdale, 1787, 
romme (Trangott). Eeisen durch die Vorei- 
nigfen Stuaten und Oher-Canada. 3 v. 12°. 
Balli/aore, C. Selidd Sf eo. 1834. 

by Google 

Bront€ (Anne). A 
[_pseudon.-\ 16°. 

sGrey. By Acton Bell. Brooke {fee. T. S.) Dobatc on baptism ai 
Londim, Smith, Elder $f kmijred subjects. See Mathes (J. M.) ai 

[WiABsouTt (E. nnd A.) Wattering height* 

The tenant of Wlldfell hall. By Acton 

Bell, [pseiidon.'i A new eS. 371 pp. 16°. 
London, Smitli, Elder S; co. 1359. 
Bronte (Charlotte, Emily, ant! Anne). Poems 
by Currer, EUia, andAoton Bell, [jiscm^ou.] 
165 pp. 16°. London, Saiitli, Elder * eo. 

The same, iv, 13—176 pp. 1G°. Flat- 

adelp/iia, Lea $! Blaneliard, 1843. 

Bronte {Emily, and Anne). Wiithering 

heights, by Ellis Bell [Emily Bronte] ; and 

Agnes Grey, by Acton Bell [Anne Bronlfi]; 

. nith a preface anil memoir of bath authors, 

byCmrerBelllChailotte Bronte, pseudon.^ 

Anewed xix 446 pp 1G° Lonlm Smit/i 

Elder * co ISt* 

Broolflyii (The) city and bu9me^' direclory 

ioi the yeai endmg May 1 1870 Contiia 

ing' also a street and avenue directory an i an 

appenlix Compiled hy Gieoi|i^ T Lain 

8° Brooklm La%rt I, co [1369] 

Brooks (Chailen) The christian lu hi% closet 

cr players toi indi\ duals adapted to the 

of Me iV> pp 13^ 
CO 1845 

Elementary ami". 

being' on intioduction t 

Boaioii J Munroe ^ 

1 of natuial history 
) zoology intended 
foi the tollege and theiarloi Flementa of 
oinithology 394 pp 28 pi 12° Boston 
J Mttnrot 1847 

Brooks (Re» Charles T ) The simphcity if 
C bust 9 teachings set foith in sermons v n 
342 pp 13" Boston Croabg Nichols fi co 

Brooke (Edward) Thenormalwrittenanth 
metic by analysis and synthesis designed 
for common schools, normal Bchoola high 
schools academies ete d37 pp 13° Phil 
adelphia Smcer Barnes S, PoUs [1863] 

Brooks (fieH Thomas) Precious romedips 
i^^nst satiw s ileMces being a companion 
for ehiistians of all denomiaationt lit Am 
ed 3l9pp 111 Ipl 1S° PMaddpkti 
J Pouiidtr 1810 

Smooth atones fiom ancient hiool ■! 

By lev C H Spurgaon Bengarolleclion 
of sentences illnstratiOQi and qmint say 
ings fiom the wdrks ot that renowned puri 
tan Tholnas Brooks 309 pp 16° New? 
iorl Sheldon If CO 1860 

Brassard (Alfred de). Considerations his- 
toiiques et politiqnes sur les r^publiques de 
La Plata, daaa leurs rapports avec la France 
et I'Angleterre. 9 p. 1. 471 pp. S". Paris, 
Gmllaamin !( de. 1850. 

Broughton (William Robert). Voyage 5e 
dfioouvertea dons la partie septentrioaale de 
I'ocfian Paeiiique fait pendant les annfies 
1795-1793 ; dans leqnel il a paroouru et 
visits la cftie d'Asie, depuis le 35" degnS nord, 
jusqu'an 52' ; les cStes nord, eat, et aud Sn 
Japan, etc. Tradiiit de I'Anglais par J. B. B. 
E[yti6s]. 2 V. 3 p. 1. xxxii, 244 pp. 1 1. 1 
map ; 2 p. I. 342 pp. 1 map. 3°. Paris, 
Denta, 1807. 

Broussais (Francois Joseph Victor). Couis 
do phi^nologie. 2 p. 1.x, 850 pp. 11. 1 pi. 
12°, Paris, J. B. BaUlitre, 1836. 

Brown (ESward). Life lyrics. 1 p. 1.189 

. New York, W. Wood S; CO. IBSd. 

Brown (Henry T.) rive hundred and aeven 
mechanical movements, embracing all those 
whieb are most important in dynamics, hy- 
draulics, etc, 122 pp. sm. 4°. Nea> York, 
Brown, Coombs If eo, 1668. 

BroTwii (Mary E.) Maggie and her friends. 
A story from real life. 243 pp. 1 pi. 18°. 
New York, A. D. F. Randolph * co. 1808. 

Brown (Peter). The fame and glory of Eng- 
land vindicated, being on answer to [Les- 
ter's] "The glory and shame of England." 
By Lihertas. [pseadon.] 306 pp. 12°. 
New York, Wiley S( Pntnam, 1842. 

Brown (Robert, the botanist of the British mu- 
setini). MiscellaneooB botanical works, v. 3. 
Atlas of plotes. Sp.1.15 pp. 36 pi. fol, 
London, 1866. 
[Eat BocietjpnblioaUons]. 

Brown (Samuel), A treatise on the nature, 
origin, and progress of the yellow fever, with 
observations on its treatment, comprising an 
account of the disease, in several of the cap- 
itals of the United States, [etc.] 112 pp. 
8°. Boston, Manhiag !f LoHng, 1600. 

Brown (Thomas). The paradise of coquettes, 
a poem. In nine parts. 201 pp. 16°. 
PkUadelphia, M. Carey, 1816. 
rown ('William Wells). The American fu- 
gitive in Europe. Sketohes of places and 
people abroad. With a memoir of the ou' 
Ihor, 320 pp. 1 portrait. !3°. Boston, J. 
F.JeuKtt Sfco. 1855. 

by Google 


Brown (W. Leroj). Hofes oa arKlIeiy ; from 
Eobina, Hutton, Chaaney, Mordecai, Dahl- 
gieD, Jacob, Qreaner, Gibbon, and Biintuu. 
76 pp. 8°. Richmond, West Sf Johnson, 

Brown (Mr. — , sob of Ben. Sam-ad Btoibh) 
The captives of Abb'a valley; a legead of 
frontier life. By a eon of Mary Moore, 
[uiairied fo Samuel Brown]. 169 pp. 1 pi. 
iB°. Philadelphia, presbgteriax board of pul- 
Ikalimt, [1854] 1 S. 

Browne (Charles Farrar). Avletnus Ward 
his book. Ipseudon.l 224 pp. 13 pi. 16°. 
New York, CarleUin, 1865. 

Avtemua Ward's panornma. (As exbib- 

ited at tlio Egyptian hall, Loudon), [jiseu- 
don.-\ Edited by his executors, T. W. Eob- 
eitaon aud E. P. Hiogston. 2i3 pp. S4 pi. 
16*=. New Yorh, G. W. CarUton, 1869. 

BrowTie CD. J.) The etymological encyolo- 
pasdia of technical words and phjases viaecl in 
the arts and sdenc«iS, and of many words in 
Gomrnon use, ivith popular quotations from 
foreign languages, and their translations. 
258 pp. 13°. Boston, fT. Hyde * co. 1833. 

BroTwue (Dunn, //scurfon.) See Piake (Sam- 

Browne (Jolm. Eoss). Adventures in the 
Apaehe countiy ; a tour through Aiizona 
and Sonora, with notes on the silver regions 
of Nevada. 535 pp. 12°. New York, Har- 
:per S; brethers, 1869. 

— EeBOurces of the Pacific slope. A sta- 
tistical and deaeripHve summary of the mines 
and minerals, climate, topography, i^icul- 
tnre, commerce, liianufactares, and miscella- 
neous productions of the slates and tenitoiiea 
west of the Eoeky Mountiuns. With a 
sketch of the seltlement and exploration of 
lowpi California. 678, yUU pp. 1 
York, D. Appleton S; eo. 1869. 

Browne (Junius Henri) The j^reat mefrop-' 
olis ; a minor of New Yoik, A complete 
history of metiopolitan life and society, with 
sketcbea of prominent places, persons, and 
things in the city, ai they actually exist. 
700 pp. IGpl. 8°. Hartford, AiBBrU:an pub- 
lis!ii«g CO. 1869. 

Bro-wning; (Elizabeth Barrett). Casa Guidi 
windows. A poem, viii, 140 pp. 16°. 
London. Chapma» S; Hall, 1851. 

— ^ Lady Qeraldine's courtship, 1 p. 1. 

iv, 74 pp. 19 pi. 8°. New Yorh, C. Scrib- 
ner Sf co. 1870. 


Brovming (Elizaheth B.)— continued. 
Napoleon iiiiu Italy. And other poems. 

72 pp. 160. Nea, Yorh, C. S. Fraiicis If 

CO. 1860. 
Browning (Robert). The ring and the book. 

4 v. 16°. London, Smith, FAderSf eo. 1868- 

Braoe (George) son & CO, Anabridged speci- 
men of printing types, made at Bruce's New 
York type-foundry. 166 pp. 4°. Nov; York, 
G. Sruee, son (r co. 1869. 
Bruoe (Peter Henry). Memoirs. Containing 
an account of his travels in Germany, Rus- 
sia, Tartary, Turkey, and the West Indies, 
etc as also several very inlerestlog private 
anecdotes of the czar, Peter i, of Russia. 6 
p. 1. 446 pp. 4°. London, author's icidoio, 
Briigger (Ch.Gr.) Die thermen von Bormio 
[elc. ] See Meyer- Alirens (— ). and Briig- 
goi^Chr. Gr.) 
Brun (Charles). E^cit des ^vi^nements de d^- 
cembre. Oui ou non. Appel it la nation. 
Tote universel du 21 d^cembre 1851, 105 
pp. 1 1. 16°, Paris, Lcdayen, 1851. 
I Wili Gallois (N.) VlepolLllclueaaLeilrn-IlolIln). 
Bruuck (Richard Franz Philipp). Anthologia. 

Selection (A) of Greek epigrams. 
Brunet (Gustavo, editor). See Slnaux (Ar- 
thur). Les societSs bftdines, [etc.] 
Bnmet (Jacques Cbai'les). Eecherches biblio- 
graphiques et critiques sur les fiditions origi- 
nales des cinq livros du roman satirique de 
Eabelais, et sur les differences de texts qui se 
font remarquer, particuli^rement dans le pre- 
mier livre du Pantagruel et dans la Gargan- 
tua ; on y a joint una revue critique des edi- 
tions collectives du mSme roman, et, de plus, 
le texto original des grandes et inestimables 
cbroniques de Gargantua, complete ponr la 
premiere fois d'apt^ I'^ditiou de 1533, ponr 
servir de supplement il toutes les editions des 
cenvres de Rabelais. 2 p, 1. 144, 58 pp. 8=. 
Paris, L. Polier, 1853. 
Bnmet (Pierre, deNantts). Voy^e^l'lslede 
France, dans I'Inde, et en Anglelerre ; snivi 
de miSmoires sur les Icdiens, sur les vents des 
mors de I'Inde, et d'une notice sur la vie du 
g6n4ral Benoit D6boigne, commandant Tar- 
mac maratte sous Scindia. Ip. L iv, 390 pp. 
8°, Paris, P. Mortgieaini, 1835. 
riinnich (Martin Thrane). Icbthyologia 
massiliensis, sistens piscium description es, 
eorvmqve apud incolas nomiua. Accedunt 

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Brimiiich (Martin)— continued. 
Spolia maris adriaHci. 9 p. 1. 110 pp. 6°. 
HafuiiE, et Lipaia, apud Bolhii vidiiam el 

Froft. nm. 

[ With hta OraiHiolOEia borcalla], 

Oruitliologiii borealis, Bistens collec- 

tionem aTium en omnibus, impeiio danieo 
Bnbjeotie, provinciis inauliBCive boroalibus 
I-IaJniie factam, cum deseriptionibuB nora- 
rum, aominibns incolalum, locis natalinm et 
ieone. 3 p. 1. 80 pp. 1 pi. 8". Hafnia, J. 
C.KaU, 1764. 

Brimiiovr (Brant von), Ulrich von Hntten, 
der streiter far deuteohe freiheit. Eistoriscbes 

■ gemfilde aus dett aeiten der reformation. 3 
V. 18°. Leipzis, B. O. Tcubner, 1842. 

BnuiBon (Hep. Alfred) and Pitman (Ben. 
CliarleB). The sweet ein^r of Israel : a 
collection of hymns and spiritual songs, 
usaally enng at camp, prayer, and social 
meetings, and in reyivals of religion. Se- 
lected and compiled, at the reqaest of the 
pahlishers, by the rev. Alfred Branson, and 
tlie rev, CharleB Pitman. New efl. mneh en- 
larged. 330 pp. 32°. Pkiladelphia, J. 
Hannstead, 1840. 

Bruyaa (Jaoqiies). Radices verborum iro- 
qnajoium; [or], radical words of the Mohawfc 
langu^e, with tbeir derivatiyes. 2 p. 1. 123 
pp. 4". New York, Cramoisy press, 1662. a. 
[auEA'3 library of AmecloBn liagnlstiea, v. 10]. 

Bryan (E. T. ) Departmental monthly and daily 
pay tables. Showinif the gross and net pay 
on all salaries from |60 to 8a5,O00, poc annum, 
with the amount taxable and income tax on 
all over $1,000 per annum, aap^d by '.he 
executive departments of the United Statea, 
under the laws of the thirty-ninfh congress. 
41 1, 4". IFasliington, govemme«t printing 
office, 1867. 

Bryant (William fluUen). The embargo ; 
Of, fiketches of the times. A satire. 2d ed. 
enlarged. [With] the Spanish reTolution, 
and other poems. 36 pp. 13°. Boston, 
aiUhor, J809. 

Letters from the east. S56 pp. 16". 

Neu> York, Q. P. Piilaam Sf son, 1S69. 

. Poems. 44 pp. 12°. Cambridne, 

HUtiard * Metealf, 1821. 

Brydges (Sir Samnel Egerton, hart). Atavias 
regire : consisting of sixty copies only, com- 
piled for private use. 2 p. 1. 1 18 pp. 3 i. 
4 pi. 6°. Florence, J. Marenigh, 1620. 

Bucoellati (Fedcrico, m. d.) Slutlj teorici 
pratici suUe orine, [Extract]. 128 pp. 
'■ Milano, artjtali aaiversali di taedUAna, 
KO. a. 

Buoer or Knlihom (Martin). Judgment con- 
cerning divorce i written to Edward vi. in 
his 2ncl book of the kingdom of Christ, and 
nowEnglish'd [by J. Milton], fol. [Lon- 
dony. 1697. 

[In Milton (J.) Worka. [Lrmdon]i 1637. pp. 

Buchanan {Bei). Claudius, li.d.) The star 
in the east ; a sermon preached in t]io parish 
church of St, James, Bristol, on Sunday, 
Feb. 26, 1809. To which is added an ap- 
pendix, containing the interesting report of 
the rev. dr. Kerr to the governor of Madiuaa, 
on the state of tiie ancient christians in Co- 
chin and Travancore, and an account of the 
discoveries made by rev. dr. Buchanan of 
200,000 christians in the sequestered region 
ofHindoatan. 16°. Philadelphia, 1815. 

[Ill ■ 

to 3551- 

D (W.I 

ou, pp. 

Buoher (Anton von). Die jesuiteu in Baiern 
vor nnd naoh ihrer aufhebung. 3 r. 12°. 
Munchen, E. A, Fldschmann, 1819. 

Biiohler (Johann Ulrich). Land- and see- 
reisen einoB St. Galliscben kantonsbUrgers 
nach Kordamerika und Westindien, fiber 
Amsterdam nach Baltimore, Fitsburg, [etc.] 
und wieder zarlldi naeh Amsterdam, in den 
jahren 1816, 1817 und 1818, [etc] 338 pp. 
UP. St. Gallen, ZoUHcofer Sf ZUhliii, 1819. 

Bncho (J an Al xand e C.) Choix do mo- 
ralistes f an^a a e notices biographiqaes. 
Hi, 7 3 IP 8° Pa , A. De$rez, 1836. 

CHilill N P D agesse. 

La BRU tR D cj ires is ce aWclo, 

Buck (D. B. d. d.) The closing scenes of 
the life of Christ [etc.] See Bible (_Eaglish)- 

Buds and blossoms of piety, with some fruit 
of the spirit of love ; and directions to the 
divine wisdom. Being a collection of papers 
written by B. A. [oboh.] 4th ed. 4 p. 1. 
129 pp. 16°. London, T. S. Baylioa, 1743. 

Bueohler (Johann Ulrich). SeeBiiohler (J. 

Buell (Jonathan S.) The cider-maker's man- 
ual ; a practical baud-book, which embodies 
trealaaes on the apple, construction of cider 
mills, cider presses, etc. 174, vii pp. 12°. 
Buffalo, Haas & Kelky, 1869. 

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BnSalo (City ef). A directory for the city of 
Buffalo, containing the Dames and resident 
of the heads of fftmilies and Iionseholders 
said city on 1st of July, 1832. To which 
added a sketch of the village, from 1801 to 
18^. 122 pp. 16". Bufah, h. P. Crary, 
Bnftier (Claude). Geographic nniveraelle, 
eipos^B dauB les differcDles tnStodes qui 
peuvont abr^ger I'^tutte et fauiliter I'usage 
de ceilfi science. Avec le seeours des vers 
artiflciels. 3= 6d. 3 v. in J. ixiv, 274 pp. 
14maps; 120pp,4 maps. 16°. Paris, F. 
F. Giffart, 1723. 

Histoire ohronologiqoe du dernier siScle. 

[anon.] 5 p. 1. cocxsix, 70 pp. 29 1. i 
Paris, P. F. Giffart, 1724. 
Buffin ( — ). DicUonniurB dea famillefl qui o 
fait modifier leors noma par I'addidon de 
particule ou autrement en vettii d'ordon- 
nances ou des flfiorets depuia J803 jasqu'il 
J8G7. i"&6, 131 pp. 8° P n B I 
lin-D^areniie, 1869, 
Buffum (Edward Gould). S ghle and n 
tions in France, Germany, and Sk t 1 \ 
01, ejcperieaoes of an Ameri n j nn It 
Earope. 310 pp. 13". N vi \ k H p 
* brothers, 1869. 
Builder (The) ; an illustrated weekly, for the 
architect, engineer, archieologiat, cons tractor, 
sanitary reformer, and art lover. Conducted 
by Gen. Godwin, 186d. v. 26. sm.fol. ton- 
don, IWyman S; sms, pnntcTS, 1868]. 
Bulfincli (Stephen Greenleaf, d. d.) Poenia. 
108 pp. 18°. CliaThston,J.3. Burges,183i. 

Stadies in the evidences of Christianity. 

vi pp. 1 1. 274 pp. 12°. Bosloa, W. V. 
Spmeer, 1869. 
Bull (Marcos). Experiments to determine the 
comparative vftloe of the principal varieties 
of fuel used in. the United States, and also in 
Emopa ; and on the ordinary apparatus nsed 
for their oombuatiou. x, 104 pp. 1 pi. 8°. 
PAUaiUtpkia, J. DobsoH, 1327. 
BuU(niomas,m.d.) The mateinal manage- 
ment of children, in health and disease. 
From the 3d London ed. 406 pp. 13°. 
PhUaddphia, Lindsay if Blakistoa, 1849. 
Bullions (Peter). The principles of English 
grammar; a new efl. xii, 235 pp. 12°. 
Nem York, Pratt, Woodford St eo. 1851. a. 

See, also, Jacobs (C. F. W.) Latm 



Bullock (Cyntbitt). A Tiuncb of pansies. 
[Poema]. 143 pp. 16°. A'cw¥<,rk,J.A. 
Gray, 1852. 
Bullock (William). Mexiko in 1823; of he- 
sehrijving eener reis door Nieuw-Spanje 
van m. Beiilloch, voorafgegaan door eene in- 
leiding van sir John Byerley, [etc.] Uit het 
Engelsch. 2 p. 1. 280 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Ddft, 
inaluwie J. Allarl, 1825. 

Bulwer-Lytton {Sir Edward George Earle 
Ljtton, baron Lyilon). The last of the bar- 
ons, xvi, 464 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Lmidon, 
Routledge, 1859. 

Buiustead (John). On the wing. A book 
for sporlsmen. ^74 pp. 4 pi. 16°. Bos- 
ton, Fidds, Osgood It eo. 1869. 

Bungener {Rev. F^lix). Three 5ays in the 
life of a father. From the French. 93 pp. 
18°. New YoTh, A.D. F. Raadutph, 18fi7. 

Bunyan (John). Den heyiigen oorlog. Ujt 
't Engela vertaalt 12 p 1 518 pp 6 pi. 
IdP. Am terd a J MoTterre 176 

The p Ig m $ progress fron this world 

to that vh cl s to CO e W th original 
notes, by Thomas Scott 360 pp 6 pi. 1 
portrait. ir° Harfo d S A has 18:J0. 

Thesane W th note-, ^ndalfeof the 

author, by the rev T. S«,ott. 1 p. 1. 384 pp. 
18°. Middldoum, W. H. HUes, 1833. 

The same. In words of one syllable, 

by mrs. Edward Ashley Walker. 335 pp. 
9 pi. sm.4°. Mm York, Qea. A. Leavitl, 

BuoiiamicI(FietroGiii8eppB Maria, n/ienoorrfs 
Castruccio). De rebus ad Velitras gestis 
[anno mdccxliv] commentarius. 4 p. !. 97 
pp. 8°. Lttgdwai • Batavorum, (Lucai), 

Bureau (The) 1 or, repository of lilerature, poli- 
tics, and intelligence. By S. C. Carpenter. 
V. 1, March 28, 1813, to Dec. 30, 1812. 4°. 
Philadelphia, editor, 1812. 

Burgess (Alexander, d.d.) Memoir of the life 
oftherl, rev. George Burgess, d.d. first bishop 
of Maine. 419 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Phila- 
ddphia, ClaxtOtt, Uemsen St Haffeljlnger, 

Burgess (Rcb. George). The book of psalms j 
translated into English verse. 276 pp. 12°. 
New York, F. J. {iuntingdon St co. 1840. 

Burgess (Thomas). An essay on tlie study of 
antiquities. 2d ed. corrected and enlarged. 
1 p. 1. V, 142pp. 8". Oxford, D. Prince, etc. 

by Google 


Burgon (Rev. JoUn William). Eoglandand 
Eome: three letters to a pervert. 983 pp. 
16°. B-'stoit, E. P. Dattoa is co. 1869. 

Burke (Sir John Bemacd). A geuealogioal 
and heraldic dictionary of tlie peerage and 
b»ronetage of the Britiali empire. Slst ed. 
xlviii, 131G pp. 8°, London, Harrison, 

Burke'B weekly for boys and girls. An illus- 
trated journal of instruction and entertMU- 
ment. T.A.Burke, editor. July, 1868, to 
June, 1869. v. 2. 4'^. Macen, {Qa.) J. W. 
Burke Sr to. 1869. 

Biimaby(Bfi«. Andrew). Voyages dansles coir 
onies du milieu de I'Am^rique Septentiionale, 
fsila en 1759 et i760. Avee des obBerTatJoos 
sur I'etat des colonies. Traduit d'aprds la 
Beeonde fiditiou, par M. Willd, I p. 1. J81 
pp. 1 1. 16°. Lausanve, sociiti 
graphiqae, 1778, 

Burnet (Gilbert, biskop of SalisiuTg). Histoiy 
of his own time. v. 3. fol. DuMin, A. 
Ekames, 1734. 

The memoirs of the lives au 

of James and William, dukes of Hamilton 
and CHStleherald. In which an a 
given of the civil wars of Scotland. With 
letters, instructions, and other papers written 
by king Charles the i. Never before pub- 
lished 1 p. 1. 440 pp. 6 1. 2 portraits, fol. 
Laad0n,J. Groverfer R. Royston, 1677. 

Bum]iam(fleB,rachara). Hymns pai'Hculaily 
designed for the use of the congregalJon 
meeting together in Gralion street, Soho. 1 
p. 1. 6,406, SIT pp. W. London, J. Wlik- 
ing, 1803. 

Bnriia (Robert). PoeUcal works; with his 
life. Ornamented with engiavings on wood 
by mr. Bewick. 9 T. 966 pp. 1 portrait; 
8 pi. 270 pp. 5 pi. 16°. Ahwkh, IF. 
Davison, 1868. 

BuiTO'virs (Montt^^). Constitutional 

Seven lectures delivered before the university 
of Oxford, Yui, 295 pp. 12°. London, J. 
Murras, 1869. 

Burt: (Nathaniel C. d. d.) The land and its 
story ; or, the sacred historical geography of 
Palestine. 381 pp. Jl maps. 4°, New York, 
D.Applelon * co. 1869. 

Bmt (W. H. H!. d.) Cliaraotpiisti 
medica. 460 pp. 12°. Fkiliiddphia, A.J. 
Tafd K6D 


Burton (Alfred). The adventares of Johnny 
Newcome in the navy ; a poem in four can- 
tos. With plates by Kowlandson, from the 
author's designs. 259 pp. 15 col. pi. SP. 
London, W.Sintpkia Sr R. USarshaU, 13J8. 

Burton (Cop(. Richard Francis). Tlie high- 
lands of the Bi'azil. 2t. lp,l.xii,443 pp. 
1 pi ; 1 p. 1. yiil, 478 pp. I pi. 1 map. 8°. 
London, Tinsley brolhera, 18G9. 
urton (Robert). Melancholy anatomized ; 
showing its causes, consequences, and cure. 
With anecdotic illualrationa drawn from an- 
cient and modern sources, and principally 
founded on the larger wort entitled, Buvton's 
anatomy of melancholy, lanon.'] ix pp. 11. 
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and providence, drawn Irom a consideration 
of the origin, uses, and remedies of evil, xii, 
264 pp. 16°. Boston, Carter, Hendee fr co. 

White slavery; a new emancipation 

cause presented to tho people of the United 
States. By the author of "The district school 



9 pp. 

18°. H'oi 

cester, M. D. Phillips, If 
Burtt (Andrew). A practical grammar of the 

English language, synthetic and analytic. 

320 pp. 12°. Piliahurgk, A. H. English If 

CO. 1869. 
Bury (Kiehard de). Histoire de Saint Louis, 

roi de Eranee, avee un abrfig6 de I'hiatoire 

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pi ; 2 p. 1. 451 pp. 1 1. 16". Paris, Maue 

Desaiiit, 1775, 
Bushiiell (Horace). Moral uses of dark 

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mr » CO. 1869. 

Women's suffrage ; the reform against 

natare. 184 pp. 12^. New York, C. Scrib- 

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BushneIl(WilliamH,) Whitcwolf. Asiory 

of the Santa Fe trtul, 100 pp. 16". Boston, 

EUiotI, Thames It Talbot, [1868]. 
BuEtlllo (Lorenzo de Sanlayana). See San- 

tayana y Bustillo, 
Butler (Mrs. Caroline H.) The ice king and 

the sweet south wind. 176 pp. 1 pi. 16°. 

Boston, PhUlips, Sampson If co. 1852. 
Butler (Charles). The silver bell, a new 

singing book for schools, academies, select 

classes, and the social circle, arranged with 

pianO'forte accompaniment; also, a 

course of elementary instruction. ; 

ohl. 12°. NetB York, S. T. Gordon, 1 

by Google 


Bntler (Frederick). The farmer's manual ; 
a plain pmcticjil treatise on the nrt of hus- 
bandry, deeigQed to promote an atqrnititance 
with the modern improvemenlB in agriculture, 
iffith remai'ks on gardening, and a treatise on 
tbe mauagemenCof bees. lp.1.324pp, 16°. 
Weathersfidd, [Conn.] anlhar, 1831. 

Butler {Rev. John). AyiaaTpoXoyia ; or, aa- 
trology a sacred science. Showing the excel- 
lency and great benefit tbereof, where it is 
rightly nnderatood, and religiously observed. 
23 p. 1. 91 pp. 12°. London, 1680. 

karpoTMyia ; or, the most sacred and 

divine science of astrology vindicated, against 
dr. More's calumnies, in his Explanation of 
the grand mystery of godhneas. 3 p. 1 
pp. 8°. Lov,don, 1680. 



Buttemeld (Consnl ^V.) History of Seneca 
county [Ohio] ontanng an ' f 
events since ita h t tl t b p nt 

time i a history f ti Ind a th t esid d 
within its limits geograpl al d pt n 
early customs, I gra^h al 1 t h t 
With a brief hist y f the tat t m h 
discovery of th M ss pp t I 17 

[and] an appen 1 nta n ag tab 1 
etc 3.13 pp. 12° S d Ij D i. pb it 
It sons, 1848. 

Bntteifield {Daniel, C. S. a.) Camp and 
outpost duty for infantry. With striding 
orders, extracts from tbe revised regulations 
for the army, [etc.] 134pp.5pl, 18^, New 
York, Harper If hrolhera, 1863. 

Buxtoif (Johann), Lexicon hebrdenm et 
chaldaieum. Aceessit leiicoa brove rabbici- 
co-pbilosophieum. Cum indice vocnm lati- 
no. Accessere hnio editioni radices ebi'aicie 
cum versione belgica. 8 p. 1. 976 pp. 70 1. 
1G°, Arastelodami, J, Jamoa, 1654. 

Bazeta (Manual} anrf Bravcv (Felipe). Dic- 
cionario geogrjllico, estadistico, Mstdrico, de 
las islas Filipinaa. 8 t. 6 p. 1. vii, 567 pp. 
3 1. 7 tab. 2 portiaits ; 476 pp. 1 1. 18 pp. 
1 1. 14 tab, 3°. Madrii, J. C. de la Peiia, 

Byfield (Natbanael). An account of tlie late 
revolution in New England. London, 1C89. 
lp.l. 26 pp. 11. 4''. mwYork,J.Sabin, 




Byington (Cyrns). Holisso anumpa tosboli. 
An English and Choctaw deSner; for the 
Choctaw academies and schools. 1st ed. 
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3 1. 1 portrait. 4°. Aiasiel/cdami, O. Burs- 
tms, 1689. 

Bym (M. Lafayette, m. if.) The mystery of 
medicine explained ; a family physician, and 
household companion ; prepared for the use 
of families, plantations, sbips, travelers, etc 8°. New York, M. S. ByTB, 

Byron painted by his compeera ; or, all about 
lord Byron, from bis marriage to his death, as 
given in the various newspapers of his day, 
shewing wherein the American novelist gives 
a truthful aoeouQt, and wherein she draws on 
her own morbid imagination, [onoti.] 112 
pp. 16°. Loudon, S. Palmer, 1869. 

CabanellaB (Miguel Josef]- Ciencia d« la 
vida ; 6, diseurso physioKigioo sobre la doc- 
trioa browniana, [etc. ] 8 p. 1. civ pp, 1 pi, 
8°. Carlagena, M. Mnrtiz, 1802. s, 

CabaitlB (Pierre Jean Georges). Du degrade 
certitude de la mfedecine. 3°^c^d6e de 
I'ologe de m. Cabanis par le chevalier Riche- 
rand, xvi, 158 pp. 8°. Paris, Caiile * 
RavUr, 1819. 
[MEDICAL punpblets, v. i]. 

Cadena (Antonio Osorio de la). La vlrtud en 
el estrado. Visitns jniciosos. Critica espi- 
ritual. 4 p.L 375 pp. IG^. Madrid, B. 
Ulloa, 1768. 

Cadiwalader {Oen. John). A reply to een. 
Joseph Reed's remarks, on a late publication 
in the Independent gazetteer, with some ob- 
servations on his address to the people of 
Pennsylvania. 64 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, 
T. Bradford, 1783. 

Cteaar (Cains Julius), De hello gallico com- 
meutarii vii. Cum scbolija Franc. Hoto- 
mani, Fnl, Vrsini romani, [et] Aid. Manntii, 
7"p.l.3i3,173 pp.10 i. fol. Lugduni, B. 
Vincentius, 1574. 

Calatayud (Pedro de). Doctrinas practicaa, 
que aaele exp'licarea sua missionea el padre, 
dispnestas para desenredar, y dirigir las con- 
cienoiaa,[etc.] 3v. sm.fol. Valencia, and 
Valladulid, 1737-45. a. 

The same. v. 3. Opuscules y doc- 
trinas practicas, que para el gobierno iute- 

by Google 


Calatayua (Pe3ro de) — continned. 
rior, [etc.] da, a lax el padi'e. sra. fol. Lo- 
gTono, F. Ddgado, 1754. s. 

Jiiiaio de los aaoerdotes, doctrioa prac- 

ties, y auHtomia de sua conciendos, [etc.] 
ISp.l. a92pp. 9m,40. Va}eneia,J. Es- 
tesait Doll, 1736. 

Calderon de la Barea (Pedro). Myfiteries 
of Corpus Cliristi. From the Spanish. By 
Denis Florence MacCarthy. viii, 35S 
sm,40. Dublin, J. Duffy, 1867, 

tos BBcmrasutelfs, [etc.] 
Lcrameatales, Prom 

Appemdii. Scenafinni El Vmenoj la taoCB. 

Caldtrell (Q C ) Agnoultural qiiahtati 
Dud quantitative chemical analysis After 
E.Wolff, Fiesenios, Krockei, and otherB. 
307 pp. 12°. JV™ iurk O Jiidil $, co. 

Caledouiad (The) A collecdun of poems, 
wiittenchieflybyScottintiautiioiB 2v Ip 1. 
ii, 170 pp. 31 lplS30pp2I 16° Lon- 
don, W. Hay, 1775 

Calendario democi'lilico para 1862, qua rogala 
la empress de la discusion & aiis auaerltorea. 
[nnmi.] 113 pp. 11. 16°. Madrid, J. A. 
Gnreia, 1862. s. 

Calhoun county, {Nidagan). Busineaa di- 
rectory for 1869-70, containing complete 
alphabetical and classified iiats of all profes- 
siooa, trades, [etc.]; tcgether withahistoiy 
of the coimly, giving a detailed historical 
and deaeriptive skBtch of each township, 
city, and Tillage. 426 pp. 1 map. 8°. 
Battle creek, Michigan, E. Q. Rust, 1869. 

California medical gnzetta. July, 1868, to 
Aug. 1869. v.t. 4°. San Franmco, A. 
Roman * co. [1869}. 

Calliferes (Francois de). Tiatadodelaoiencia 
del mundo, y do laa notieias utiles paia ia 
conducta de la yida. Compuesto en Prancea. 
Traducido en Espanol. 8 p. 1. 269 pp. le*^, 
Madrid, B. Roia&n, 1778. 

Callimaclius. Hymnea de Callimaque. Noii- 
■velle ^d. avec une version fian^aise et Jes 
notes. Pac J. F. G. de M Poite du Theil. 
2v.ini. Ip.l.l04pp! 142pp. 31°. Pciria, 
Gail, [1795]. 

Calliope; a collection of poems, legend avy 
and pathetic. By varjoua authors. 1 p. 1. 
308pp. Ipl. 24°. Ballimore, E.J. Cmle, 


Calvert (Geoi^ Henry). Comedies. 125 pp. 

J2°. BoaloH, Ptiillips, Sampson Sf eo. 1856. 
Calvin (Jean). Opera omnia. Ed. novia- 

sjma. 9 y. fol. Amatdodarai, J.J.Sekip- 

per, 1667-71. 


in in Jere 

9. iDHtltutJones nll^oals chrlstlsDa!, qnlbus mb- 

Cambriclg^ chronicle, (weekly). Dec. 27, 

1849, to June 24, 1854, fol. CamhHdge, 
(_Mass.)J. Ford, 1849-54. 

Cambridge (The) directory and almanac for 

1850. By John Ford. Ivi, 92 pp. 1 map. 
18°. Cambridge, {Mass.) Ch^onide o#«c, 

Cambridge platform. A platform of cbuich 
discipline : agreed upon in the sjao& at 
Cambridge in Mew England, 1648. 16°. 
Boston, J. Bayles, 1772. 
|7nWlsE(J.) Woi-ke, pp. 131-231]. 

Cambro-Britou (The). September, 1819 to 
1S3I, 3 T. 8°, London, Mills &■ liUijiid. 

2 V. 

DiSBLEy (Thou 
by J. G. Kldic 


3d 971. 



Camerarins (Joachim). See Kammermeis- 
ter (Joachim). 

Camlajl (Goronva, pseudoa.) Bee Williama 
{Rev. Rowland). 

Camp (David N.) Geography, embracing the 
key to Mitchell's series of outline mapa. 
20(1 pp. 4°. HaHford, O. D. Case i,- co. 
1857. s. 

, editor. See Amerioan year-book, 


Camp (H. editor). The freemen's glee-book : 
a collection of songs, odes, glees, and bal- 
lads, with music, [etc.] Fubtishod under 
the auspices of the Central Fremont and Day- 
ton glee club of the city of Kew Tork. lOB 
pp. 18°. NeiB York, Miller, Orton Si Mul- 
ligan, 1856. 

Campaign (The Waaiiinglon weekly). June 
12 to Oct, 30, 1853. nos. 1-21 in 1 v. am. 
fol. Washingtan, R. Armstrong. 1852. 

Campbell (Alexandei', editor). Psalms, 
hyniDSi and spiritual songs, original and se- 
keted. Compiled by A. Campbell, W. Scott, 

by Google 


Campbell (Alesanaer)— continued. 
B. W. Slone, antl J. T. Johnson, elders of the 
christian church. With namerous and vari- 
ous additions and emendations. Adapted to 
personal, family, and church worsliip. By 
Alexander Campbell, 2d ed. 5J1 pp. 32". 
BeOiany, ( Va.) A. CampUll, 1860. 

Campbell (George Douglas, 8(ft duke oj At- 
gyll). Primeval man. Aa examination of 
some recent speculations. 17 pp. 1 1. 800 pp. 
1 pi. 12°. London, Strahan fr co. 1869. 

Campbell (John, U, d.) Beknopte histori 
en tegenwooi*dig;e staat van het spaansche 
I'jk in America : benevens een byaonderver- 
baal Ysn Sen koophandel uit Oud.Spanje, 
met de galjceneu, flota enz ; en van den 
vorboden handel der Franacheu, Engelschen, 
Hollaoderen, Denen en Fortugeien, in Weat- 
Indie. VcrEameld mit spoansohe schryvers 
en in't engelsch beschreven. 4 p. 1. 328 pp. 
8°. Amsterdam, Job '( Lam, 1746. 

Campbell (John, ba^on Campbell, lard high 
chancellor). Lives of lord Lyndburst and 
lord Brougham, lord ebancellors and keepers 
of the great seal of England. Ip.l.svi, 
&96pp. 8°. London, J. Marrag, 1869. 

Campbell (J. ¥. ) A short American tramp 
in the fall of 18154, by the editor of "Life in 
Normandy." [anoK. ] vii, 42i' pp. 1 pi. I 
map. S'^. EdMargh, Edmonalo-a St Doug- 
las, 1865. 

Campbell (John P.) The southern business 
directory and general commercial advertiser, 
[etc.] V. 1, 404, 173 pp. 8°. Charteaion, 
JVallcer Sf James, 1854. s. 

Campbell (Sii'N'eil). Napoleon at Fontain- 
bleau and Elba, being a journal of occur- 
rences in 1814-1815, with notes of converaa- 
liona. With a memoir of the life and eer- 
vicea of that ofBcar. By his nephew Archi- 
bald Neil Campbell Maclaohlan. xii,398pp. 
1 portrait. 8°. frfjMtfcm, J, Murray, 1869. 

Campbell (Thomas). Gertrude of Wyoming. 
13°. Albany, 1864. 

[Stone (W.L.) Tto poetry and bislory of Wyo- 

Campi (Pieti'o Maria). Dell' historia ecelesi- 
astlca di Piaeenza. Con I'historia anticbis- 
sima, n^ mtu pift uscita in lace, della fonda- 
tione della citt^ stessa, di Tito Omusto, apol- 
ogia della -vita dl Gregoiio x. et discorsohis- 
torico circa la patda e nascit^ di Cristoforo 
Colombo. 3 v. fol. Piactma, G.Baxachi, 

Camp-meeting (Tb ) hyi b k t i 

ing the moat appro d hym d p t 

songs used by th ui th d t 
the United States 6tb d I pp 33 
Ithaca, Mack, And m ^ Jloodruff 1836 

Campo (Manuel del) C lee 1 p I 
sobre materias int esante n la i 

etaucias ikl dia. 4 p t 1 16 M d 
rid, VUlaama., 183o. 

Campos (Ramon). D 

d civil. 2 PI 


Ip p 

fi t p : 

lona, M. Sauti, 183b 

Canada {Dominion f) 
1-3,5-7. Fii-st so 

ment. Session 1867-8. l-3[and] 8-38. 
8°. Ottawa, Easter, Rosf. &; to. 1866-67. 

Journals of the senate of Canada, being 

the first session of the first parKament, 1867- 
68. v.l. 8°. lOtlawa, 1866]- 

Journals of the house of commons of 

the dominion of Canada, 1867-68. v. 1. 8°. 
lOltama, 1868]. 

Canadian (The) portfolio. Conduele4 by J. 
A.Eoabucfc, ee<i, [etc.] This work will con- 
tain a faithful exposition on the causes that 
baveproduced the civil war in Canada, [etc.] 
Nos. 1-3 in 1 V. 8°. London, C. Fox, 1838. 

Cancelada (Juan Lopez). Conducta dd ex- 
celentisimo aeiior don 3oa6 Iturrigary, durante 
su gobierno on Nneva-Espaiia. Se contesta a 
la vindication que puhlici^ don Facnndo Li- 
zarsa. Cuademo, tercero y segundo en la 
materia. 2p.l. 135 pp. 8°. Cadiz, im- 
prenla del etiado-yaayor-general, 1813. 

Canfleld (Bussei). A candid review of Ten 
letters, containing reasons for not embracing 
the doctrine of universal salvation, by rev. 
Joel Hawes. To which are added thirteen 
friendly letters to a candidate for the ministry. 
260 pp. 1 1. 12°. Hartford, astkor, 18S7. 

Cannon (Charles James). The practical spell- 
ingboofc. I68pp. 16°. New York, E. Dvni- 
gan !; brotlier, 1853. S. 

Cautemir (Demetrius). The history of the 
growth and decay of the Othman empire. 
From the year 1300 to 1703. Written origi- 
nally in Latin. Translated into English by 
rev. N. Tindal. With the heads of the Turkish 
emperors. 3 parts in I v. Ip.l.xvi, 460 pp. 
23 portraits. I map. fol. London, J, -1. 1^ P. 
Knapton, 1734-35. 

Capmaiiy- y de Montpalan (Antonio de). 
Teatro historico-critico de la eloquencia espa- 
iiola. ov. 8°. Madrid, A. dcSancha, 1786-94. 

by Google 


Capodistriaa or Capo d'letila (Joannes). 
EmoToSai, ypa^eiCTQS otto T827 /i6;tfnf 1831, 
avMeyeiaai /icv Kai KaTaraxBeiani i^iioimot 
Tuv aSelv^av avTOv, etLi!o0!i(r<ii ile wapa E. A. 
Berav. Mcro^nJificiffai £« row ruiUiKoii itnpa 
M(ja);;i r. S^iwo, 4 v. 8". ASi^i'JiO!!', TOiroif 
K.noB^!/, 1841, 

Capron i8.U. compiler). School lyrics : a 
collection of sacred liymna for devotional 
exercises in schools. 164 pp. 33". Heie 
York, Harper Jf brothers, 18l>8. 

Captain Waltliain ; a lale of sontliem Inilia. 
[bbd«. Eiiited by J.W.D.] 280pp.6pl, 
16°, Pkiladelpliia, preshyteriait pnUicatvm 

Carabelll {Gooig, edUr von Lankassprie). 
Anatomie 3oa miindes. xvi, 244 pp. 8°. 
IFiew, BraumiUler Sf Seidd, 1843. 
[Imperfscl ; 34 plafed wautlug:]. 

Caracas {Real compana guipoacoana de). No- 
ticifts bistoriales practices (!b Iob sucessos, y 
adelautamientxiB de eata compania, flesde so 
fnndaoion ano de 1728, hasta el de 1764, per 
todos los ramos, que compreliende su nego- 
d^iou. 183 pp. 8". [Caracas,] 1765. S. 

Caracoioli (Loais Antoiue, marquis de). Car- 
acteres] 6, seftalesdelaamistad. Tra^ucidos 
de Frances en CasWIlano, For d. Praoeisco 
Mai'iaoo Nipho. 4''imp. 4p.l.262pp. 18°. 
Wadrid, M, Eseribiaio, 1787, S. 

La ooayersacion conaigo inismo, Tra- 

^ucida de Frances en Castellano por d. F, M. 
Nipho. ixiv, 338 pp. 2 1. 16°. Madrid, 
SU. EscrUiano, 1782. S, 

Ultima despedida de la mariscala a bus 

hijos ; compnesta en Franc^, j tiaducida 
en Castellano por d.Francisco Mariano Hipho, 
2°-impresioii, 8 p. 1. 390 pp. 16°. Madrid, 
St. Escribano, 1780. s. 

El nniverso enlgmatico, compueato en 

Frances por el marques Caraceiolo, y tra- 
dueido en Castellano, por F.M. Hipho. 2" 
imp. xvi, 236 pp. 6 1. 16°. Madrid, M. 
Escribano, 1779. s. 

VerdaSeros intereses flo la patria. Tra- 

ducidaa de Frances en Castellano por d. F. 
M. Nipho. 4p. 1.295 pp. 18°, Madrid, 
M. EscrHano, 1785. s. 

La vie de madajne fle Maintenon, insU- 

tutfioe de la royalo miUson <\b Saint-Cyr. 
[a«OB.] 2' ^d. iri, 316 pp; 2p,l,306pp. 
1 1. 16°. Paris, Buissoii, 1788. 
IPuttrait waullne-]. 


Cardelli (P.) and Iiiomiet-Clemandot (J.) 
Nonveau manuel complet du eonSseur et du 
chocolatier, MouvelleM. 397pp.5pl. 18°. 

Paris, Buret, 1B63. 
[Masueis Itoretl. 

Career of the champions i a bisSory of Tom 
Sajers and John C. Heenan, and their 
achievements in the ring. Collated from 
BoH'h life in I;ondou, Boxiana, [etc.] Witit 
a full report of the gieat fight for the cham- 
pionship of the two hemispheiea, between 
Sajers and Heenan, Apnl, ISfiO And the 
tales of Uie pnze wag [anon ] 105 pp. 
2 ool.portiaita 8° NciB'ioTk,F A. Brady, 

Cai:6me (Marie Aulonin) Le pati'isier royal 
parisien : ou, traits ^Smentaire et pratir(ne 
de la pAtisaerie ancienne et modeme, de Ten- 
tremeta de aucre, [etc.] suivi d'une revne 
critique des granda bals de 1810 et 1811. 2 
T. 4 p. 1. 482 pp. 32 pi; 2 p. 1.446 pp. 38 pi. 
8°, Paris, J. G. Diniu, 1815. 

Carew (Thomas). Poetical works. 223 pp. 
18°. London, H. G. Clarlic Ir CO. i845. 

Care? (Henry Charles, ll.d.) Manual of aocial 
acience ; being a condensation of the " Prin- 
ciples of social acience " of H. C. Carey, by 
Kate McEean. 548 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Pliila- 
delphia, H. C. Baird, 1864. 

Carli (Dionigio). n moro trasportato nell' 
incliia citt^^ di Venetia; overo, curioso rao- 
conto de costiami, riti e religiono de popoli 
dell' Africa, America, Asia, e Eoropa. 7 p. 1. 
402pp.91. 4°. Bassano, A. Remondini,W&J. 

The same. Der nach Venedig uber- 

brachte mohr ; oder, curiose und warhaffte 
eraeblung nnd beacbriebung aller curioaitaten 
und denckwftrdigkeiten, welcha [ihni] ia 
seiner etiicb-jahrigen mission In Africa, Amei'- 
ica, Asia, iind Europa aufgestosaen, [etc.] 
KrsClich in welscher sprach bescbi:iebeu, an- 
jetao aberin die hoch-teuiache spracbe llber- 
setzt. 7 p. 1,342 pp. 5 1,1 pi, 4°. Angspurg, 
L. Kroniger, 1603, 

Carli or CarU-Rubbi (Giovanni Einaldo, 
tonU). Delle lottere americane, 3 v. 12°. 
Cosmopolic Cremona, 1780-83, 

The same. Briefe iiber Amerika. Mit 

dem dritten tbeile ubetsetzt, von C. G. Hen- 
nig. 3 V. 16°. Gera, C. F. Behmann, 1785. 

Elemeutos de moral para instnicUon de 

la nohle jnventud. Escritos en Italiano, y 
ti'aducidos por el capitan don Juan Munar- 
riz. 4 p. 1.257 pp. 18°. Vatladolid, vinda 
S; hijos de Santander, 1792. 

by Google 


Carnicero (Jos6 Clemenle). EI liberali 
conveacido por ana luiaraoa esoritosi 6, 
amen criUo de la conatitucioti de la mo 
quia espafiolft publiwida en Cadiz, y <Ie la obra 
de Franei SCO Marina, "Teoiia delas eortes, 
7 de otTas que sostienen 1a^ mismas idei 
acci'cadela eoberaniadelanacion. 3y. in ! 
4 p. I. 130 pp ! 168 pp. 8°. Madrid, E. 
Aguado, 1830. S. 

Caro y Cejudo (Geronimo Mailin). Expli- 
cacion del libro iv y quinto del arte nuevo 
de grammatica, [etc] Con nuevas addi- 
ciones, [etc.] 13p.l.404pp. IS". StvUla, 
i-mtpTeBta de Ibs fiecienJc3, 1757. a. 

Caroline Westerlej; or, tbe young traveller 
from Ohio. Containing the ktteis of 
young lady of Beventeen, written to her e1 
ter. [anon.] 233pp. 18°. Sate York, J. 
St J. Harper, 1833. 
[Boys' and girls' library, y. 16]. 

Carov^ (Friodrieh Wilhelm). Der messian- 
iemus, die nenen lempler [etc.] in Frank- 
reicb, nebst einer ubersicht des gegeawjii- 
tigen znstandeB der philosopbie in Italien. ] 
p. 1. xvi, 368 pp. 1 1. 8°. Leipzig, J, C. 
Hinriclis, 1834. 

Der SaintSimonismnB nud die neuere 

fraczoBische pbiloBophie. 3 p. 1. S33 pp. 1 1. 
Leipzig, J. C. Hinriclis, 183i. 



Carr^ de Moiitgeroii (Louis Basil). See 
Moiitgerou (Lonis Basil Cari^ de). 

Carriere (Moriz). Aestiietifc. Die idee des 
schBoen nnd ihre verwirldicbung dureh 
natiii-, geist und Itunst. 2 v. xiv, 531 pp ; 
xiii. 634 pp. 8°. Leipzig, F. A. Brochhaus, 

Carrillo (Martin). Hiskiria o elogios de las 
niugeres insignes de que tiata la sagrada es- 
critura en el vi^o testamento: entretexida 
con Joe sucesos mas memorables de los pa- 
triarcas, piolelas, reyes, y varoneBilluatces de 
SUB tienipoB. 4 p. 1. 448 pp. 1 1. stn. i°. 
Madrid, J. DMade, 1783. 

Carrion (Jos^). Manual del jngador de la 
loteria primitiva. 192 pp. 12°. Madrid, 
M. GantiUez, 1858. h. 

Carruthera (Robert). The life of Alexanaer 
Pope. Inelnding eitracts from his corres- 
pondence. 2d ad. revised and considerably 
enlai^ed. xiv, 490 pp.7p]. 12°. London, 
H. G. Bohri, 1857. 

CaT80u{Josepb,in.d.) A history of the med- 
ical department of the utiiver.sity of Pennsyl- 
vania, from its foundation, in lT6t'>. With 


Carson (Joseph)— eontioned. 
sketches of the lives of deceased professors. 
xii-I7, 237 pp. 8°. Fhiladclphia, Lind- 
say ${ Bla/iistott, 1869. 

Carstairs (J.) Practical system of short- 
hand ; a seleetion of tbe practice of the art, 
divested of all theoretical and extraneous 
matter, intended to lead the young beginner 
to an immediate acquaintance with the use- 
ful and necessary information requisite for 
its rapid attainment; containing easy rules 
and exercises. 1 p. 1. 80 pp. 8°, London, 
E. Wilson, 1839. 

Cartera (La) eubana. Director Vicente An- 
tonio de Ciislro. Julio, 1838-octubrG, 1840. 
V. 1-5. 8°. Hahana, D. Falino, etc. 1838- 
40. s. 

Cai-ver (Jonathan). Tiuvela in Wisconsin, 
From the 3d Loudened. 376 pp. J portrait. 
2 maps. 4 pi. 8°. Jfem York, Harper Sf 

TmvQls throngh the ii 

North Am. 
By J. Ceti 

™ ijae, 17 


Cary (E. Milton). Skirmisher's drill and bay- 
onet exercise, (as now used in the FrencU 
army), with su^^tions for the soldier in 
actual conflict. Compiled and translalod 
[from the French] for the use of the volon- 
teers of the stale of Virginia and the south. 
43pp.29pl. 16°, Richmond, (Ta.) mu 
S; .lolmston, 1861. 

Caryl (Rev. Joseph). Seed-thoughts; or, se- 
leotions from Caryl's exposition of Job. 
With an introduction hy J. E. Eoclwell, d. d. 
180 pp. 16°. PhUadelphin, presbyterimi 
board ofpubUcation, [1869]. 

Caaa (Giovanni della). Opere. Edizione 
venetft noviasima. Conginntedi operedoUo 
ateaao autore, e di scritture sovra le meQesime. 
[PubbUcate per G. B. Casotti e A. F, Seghez- 
zj]. 5 v. 40. Venezia, A. Pasindto, 1796. 

Aiirelio Seyei^tio, s dl Qrg- 

ite, ohe InEdlle ; ed. hI- 
Sff eostuml— Orazloni]. 

ProBB TolsBri - — 

;tlere, Galfrti 

CaEsany (Francisco). Aritbmetlca desenda. 
Bi'eves, y claros methodoa para iustruivse par 
si mismo con inediana aplicacion el que lo 

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1 medicua. 4°. 


Cassany (Francisco) — eontinneS 

Deeess te en la^ classes de couladutia, co- 

meroio y adimuinistrioioneB 4p 1.168 pp. 

ie°. Mudnd A Mii«o% iM Valle 1763. s. 
Castelar (Emilio). La civilization eu loe 

cinco pYimeroB sigloa del christiauisino. 

Leciones pronunciadaa en el ateneo de Mad- 
rid, 2 p. 1, 474 pp. 1 1. 8°. Madrid, M. G. 

Marin, 1808. 
CaateUi (Pietro). 

Halcc, 1726. 

[Jfi!*C0NniN8 (H.) lutroiiiicUo linmlv6i™io artem 
Castlemou (Harry, pseadani) Frank on a 

gunboat. 1 p. 1.356 pp. 16°. Cinciimali, 

R. !C. Carroll St w. 1869. 

[OUBEOAT aeries, no. E]. 
Frank on the lower Mississippi. 936 pp. 

2 pi. 16°. Chcimiati, R. IV. Canoll S; co. 


fQUMDOST series, no. 6). 
Fi'aofc on the priiicie. 216 pp. 1 pi. 

16°. CincmnaU, R. W. Carroll ^ co. 1869. 

tdUNDOAT aeries, no. 4]. 

Frank before Vicksburg. Ip. 1,256 pp. 

Ciitdnrmli, K. W. Carroll ft eo. 1869. 




- Frank, the yonug naturalist. 

ess pp. 2 pi. 

i, R. W. Carroll 

>. U. 

- Tom Newcombe 
habits. 346 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Cincinnati, R. 
W. Carroll ft co. 1869. 
[RoLLiNQ Stone series, no. 1], 

Castro (Francisco Ae). Eeformacion cbiis- 
tiana, asi del pecador, como del Tirtuoso. 
7 p. 1.484 pp. 4°. Madrid, Rmz, 1804. 

Castro (loam de). Eoleiro em que se contfem a 
viagem que fiaeram os Portugnezcs no anno 
de 1541, partindo da nobie cidade de Goa 
&t«e Soea, qne he no fim, e stvemidade do 
Mar Bo:eo, com o eitio, e pintara de todo o 
Sjno arabico. Tirado a luz pela primeira 
vez do manuseripto orif^nal, e acres centndo 
com o Itineraiium Maris Knbri, pelo doutor 
Antonio Nunea de CarvaJho. -l p, l.liv, is 
333 pp. Ipl.S portraits. 8°. Paris, Baa. 
dry, 1833. 

Catafago (Joseph, of Aleppo"). An English 
and Arabic dictionary, in two parts, Arabic 
and English, and English and Ambic, 


Catafago (Joseph)— continued. 

which the Ambic words are represented in 

the oriental diarocto, as well as their correct 

pronunciation and accentuation shewn in 

English letters, xii pp. 1 1. 1060 pp. 12°. 

London, B. (iuariich, 1858. 
Catalogue (A) of pedigrees hitherto unin- 

dexed. [njion.] iv, 70 pp. 8°. London, 

fVyman If sons, 1867, 
CatecMem (A) of scripture history, compiled 

by the Sisters of mercy. Revised byM. T. 

Kei'ney, Ist Am. framlastLond.ed. 343pp. 

18". . Batlimore, J. Murphy ft co. 1854. S. 

Catliolic's vade-mecum; a select manual of 
prayers for daily nse. 34°. Baltimore, 1865, 

Catinean-Laroche (Pierre Marie S^bastien). 
Nouveau dictionnaire de pocbe de la langne 
fi'BUfaise, avec la prononciation, compost 
sur le EjstSme orthographique de Toltaire. 
i" &3. 5p.l.xlviii, 515 pp. 16°. Paris, 
Lefevre, 18J2. 

Catliii (George). Notes of eight years' travels 
and residence in Europe, with bis North 
American Indian collection. With anecdotes 
and incidents of the travels and adventures 
of three different parties of American Indians 
whom he introduced to tbe courts of Eng- 
land, France, and Belgium. 3d. ed. 2 v. 
xvi, 296 pp. 8 pi ; xii, 336 pp, 15 pi. 8°. 
London, author, 1818 

Catoyra (Ignaoio) Opusuulo o compendiosa 
obrt, q^ue demueslia la venida, y picdica 
cion evangelica de nncctro eant^ssimo pa 
tion tutelar de las Espinis, S'mtiaji^o el 
mayor en nuestio hiapanico emispheno 
24 p 1 238 pp 16° Madrid, itaprenta del 
regno, 1741 S 

Catullus (Cains Valerius) TibuUuB (Al- 
bms) and PropertiuB (&e\tus Auielius) 
[Carmina], 3 parts in 3. v, 32°. Londini, 
O. Pickering, 1834. 

[V. 3J. S. A-PtopertJleleelaruinlibrllv. 03 pp. 
CauBsln (Nicolas), De symbolica jEgyptio- 
rvm sapientia ; in qva symboJa, icnigmata, 
cmhlemata, parabola hist^ricse, apologi, 
hieroglyphica, ex Horo-ApolUne, Clemente 
alexandrino, S. Bpiphanio, Symposio po^ta, 
cum notia et observationibns, [etc.] 8 p. 1. 
150 pp. 51. J6°, Colottia Agrippiiw:, J, 
Kinchivs, 1654. s. 

[(*■■** lis PolihjatorBjmboliens, 165J). 

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Cavalier ( Jnan BautisUi). Origea y espivilu 
de la politics, y Oe la legislacion universal de 
los imperlos. 150 pp. 31. 8°. Madrid, F. 
Diaz, 1846, 

Cavean (Le) moderaa ; ou, le I'ocher de Can- 
cala, pour 1815 [ot] 1810. (9°et 10" an- 
uses He la collection). 1 p.l. 38Spp, I pi; 
2 p. 1. 384 pp. 1 pi. 18°. Paris, A. Emmery, 
1815-16. s. 

Caveudiali (Margaret Lucas, dachess of 
Nemcaetle). De vita et rebus gestis nobilia- 
aim! illnBtrisBimique principia Gaiiielmi duois 
Nov(>-CastreEais, eommentarii ei Angli( 
Latinum eonverei. 8 p. 1. 235 pp. 
Loadini, T. iff, 1668. 
Cavero y Salazar (Jos6). Elogio del don 
Joaquin de Peauela y Sanchea, 1 p. 
pp. \2°. Lima, 1816. 
[LIMA (Heal uniyerBlUan ae Baa Marcos 


Carton's cLronicle. See Cronyclea of 

Caylns (Anne Claude Philippe de Tubifire, 
de Griraoard, de Pesteis, de Levi, comic de). 
Qiuvi'es badines complettes. Avee figures. 
13 V. 8°. Paris, Visse, 1787. 

l-a. lUstolre dn ckayiUi 

1b btau 

3-4. LeCalomdreiidai 


5. SrtrSeBdiilwisileBo 
8. Snlto'du Ri^QeTd^ 


ell. P 


7. Lea luoatsanx. Den 

8.0onte»<,rl„nUnx. S 

joondo partie. 

Faeries nouvelkt 

Oinn Gonleg ae f^ea. 
Cadclioa; O'.I, lout 


point q 

i pent B 



Lea Mies roulaales 

et le'a 




into dee 




Trojes. ParP.J.Grosley. 
M«iB0lres Li«loriques et gakuB de I'Acag^nile 
de ces dames et de ces messieurs, [polyon.] 
Caaotte (Jacques). La patte du chat, conle 
EiuEimois. [anoB.] 126pp. 16". TUlao- 
balaa, {Paris'], 1741. 
Ceoil, [pseiidon.] See Tongue (C.) 
CecO!e(JeanBaptiateTlioma3Med^e). Cam- 
pagne dans les mers de I'Indo e( de la Cbiue, 
abord de la frigate I'Erigone, couiuiand^e 


Ceollle— continued , 
en 1841-43, par m. C^eille, et on 1843-44, 
par m. Eoy. Met^orologie et mafrn^tisme, 
par A. Dslamai'clie et I. DuprS. 4 v. 8°. 
Paris, A. Bmtrand, 1847-50, s. 

Cedar creek ; from tbe shanty to the settle- 
ment. A tale ofCanadianlife. [anon.] 296 
pp. 6 pi. am.4'^. Londoa, Leisure hour o£ice, 
[1868] 1 

Cellarius ur Keller (ChiiHtophei) Eabbi- 
nismus sive mstitntio giammitica, [etc.] 
rabbinornm scnpti^ legendis et intelligandis 
aceommodata % pp 13° Vltrajecti, Ap- 
pels, 1703 
{la Keland (A ) Aualacta rabb u cc ete.J 

Ceiiui atorici e teomtici ^ullu coiuete e par- 
ticolanmente to quelle deli anno 1832, ri- 
dottiallacommuaeiitolhgenza [anon.] vii, 
127 pp 3 pi 8° Mila«o a Ptrola,1832. 

Ceiinlck (Johti) Bacied bymcs for tbe uaa 
of religious societies Generally composed 
in dialoguea 3 parts 5S 06 340 pp. 4 1. 
24°. Bnalol, F. Farieg, 1743-45. 

Censor (The) ; an entirely original work, de- 
voted to literature, poetry, and the drama. 
[Sept. 6, 1838, to April 4, 1829], lp,l. ii,250 

pp.'] 1. 8°. London, J. ClementB, 1829. 
Cerda y Rloo (Franeiseo). I, De rhetorihus 
aotiquis, cum griecis, tnm laUuis. 11. De 
hispanis purioils latinitatia cnlt^ribua. IIL 
De iis, qui bispane tersins et elegantius sunt 
loquuli. 370 pp, 12°. Matriii, 1781. s. 
r fFiih Toss (Geriira Joliauo). Rtstotkes oontraola), 

Ceriol (Fadrfqiie Fnri6). El eonsejo y con- 
sejeros del priucipe. 18°. Madrid, 1779. 
[In HarbOKA (Eugenie). Dootrina polilica civil). 

Cetrl (Urhano). Staat van de roomsch catho- 
Ijka religie, door de geheele werreld. Uyt 
eeu ecbt Italiaanscb handschriftin'tengelach 
overgezet, Behelzendee en bericht van den 
staat godsdienat onder de prol^stanten, ens. 
Door Eiehard Steele, uyt bet engelseh ver- 
taald door A. G. L. E, G. 125, 340 pp. 16°. 
AmsleTdam, N. Ten Hoora, 1715. 

Certalne plain and easie demonstrations of 
divers easie wayes and meanes for the im- 
proving of any manner of barren land, [etc. 
unoii.] By J. Sha, [Jeremy Shakerley]? 
22 pp. sm.4°. Londim, T. Ley, imr. 
ed. 1639]!™^ ■ ^^'^fJ'" ■" "' IroHSniB- 

CSruttd (Joseph Antoine Joachim). Apologia 
g6n6ra!e de I'lnstitnt et de la doctrine des 
jfisflitea. 2"6d. 2 v. 2 p, 1. 273 pp ; 1 p.l. 
274 pp. 12°. Lausanne, F. Craasel, 176.1. 

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Cesari (Antonio). La vila cli Gesft Cristo.e 

Merle, 1817. 

Cesena (AinSd^e de). Introduction et con- 
eluHion [i I'hisioire d'an coup d'fetat, par P. 
Beloaiiio] earles causes ot les conaeqnences 
de cette revoluUoQ. 8°. Paris, L. Bnimt ^ 
de, 1852. 
[InBULOUINO (Panl). Hialolroa'nnooup d'etat]. 

Ceva (Theobaldo, cdiior) Scelta di sonetti 
eon vaiie critiche Mservaaioal, ed una dis- 
sertazione iatoi'iia ul souetto ia generals. A 
nso delle regie scuole. xviii, 353 pp. 18°. 
Torino, G. F. Mairesse, 17S5. s. 

Cevallos (Pedro de). Observaciooes sobre la 
obra del seuor Jnan Escoiquiz, titulada Idea 
seucilla de las razones que motiTarou el 
viage del rey Fernando B^ptimo it Bay ono, 
Ip.l. JOOpp. 16°. JBadrid, Ibarra, iSli. 

Politjca peculiar de Bnonaparte en 

quauto a la religiaiLcatolica ; [etc.] lIQpp- 
1 1. 18". MadHd, Bepnllis, 1812. s. 

Ceylon gOTerninent gaaette. Supplement, 
[semi weekly]. Jan. 4, 1834, to April 29, 
1837. 4 V. fol. Colombo, P. M. Elders, 

Challen (Howard). The unifona trade list 
circular. For the benefit of publishers, 
booksellers, news-dealers, and stationers, and 
erevy branch of trade connected with these 
interests, v. 1. and v. 2. nos. 1-13. 323 pp ; 
670 pp. 8°. Fhilaiietphia, H. CItallm, 


Challoner (Richard, rf.rf.) Think well on't; 
or, reflections on the great trnlhs of the chris- 
tian religion. Kor every day in the month, 
30th ed. corrected. 141 pp. 1 1. 34». Dub- 
lin, W. Jones, 1795. 

Clialmere (George). Tlio life of Daniel De 
Foe. [2d ed.] 8G pp. 8°. London, J. 
Stoclidale, 1790. 
[ImperFect; title page and portr^tftao^ug]. 

The same. 8°. Lonilon, J. Slockdale, 


f7«DEP0E<D.) ThelifeofKobinBouCmaoe, 1790. 
(v. 2). pp. 367-456, 1 ponrBit oppoSle title page]. 

Ch.amberB(Wil]iaina>i[2£obert). Chambers' 
atlas to accompany Cliambers' encyclopie- 
dia: a series of 39 colored maps, and a map 
of the annual revolution of the earth round 
the sun. 3 p. !. 40maps. 8°. FhUadetphia, 
J. B. LippintoU If co. 1869, 

Chambers's journal of popular litera- 
ture, scienceand arts. 1663. 8°. Ediubarsh, 
jr. It It. Chambers, 186S. 


ChamberaCWiUiain and Eohert) — eontinned. 

Elements of natural philosophy. In 

three parts, [eW.] Edited byD. M. Reese. 
12°, N<i>BYorh,A.S. BarmsSrco.iei^. s. 

Chambray (Georges, marquis de). Histoire 

de I'expfiditiou de Enssie. 3 v. Atlas, 8°. 

Paris, Fillet <iin6, 1839, 
Chsaal&t {Captain I^Vedoric). Ben Brace, the 

last of Kelson's AgamemnoDB. 2v. 216pp! 

S04 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea * 

Blajtchard, 1838. 
The life of a sailov. By a captain in 

the navy. [«BDn.] 2 v. xii, 238 pp ; 336pp. 

13°. Philadelphia, Kts fr Biddle, 1833. 

The unfortnmite man. 2 v. 209 ppi 

216 pp. 12°. J¥eio York, Harper Sf broth- 
ers, 1835. 

Chandler (Edward, bishop of Darham). A 
defence of Christianity, from the prophecies 
of the old testament, wherein are considered 
all the objections against this kind of proof, 
advanced in a late Discourse on t^e grounds 
and reasons of tbe christian religion. [By 
Anthony Collins]. 2d ed. with a summary 
view of the whole argnment, and an index of 
the tests explained. 4 p. 1. xxv, 366 pp. 1 1. 
13°. London, J. ^ J. Knaplon, ll-^. 

A vindication of the Defence of Christian- 
ity, from the propbeoies of the old testament. 
In answer to the Scheme of literal prophecy 
considered. [By Anthony Collins], With a 
letter from rev. mr. Masson, concerning; the 
religion of Macrobius, [etc.] 3 v, 6p. 1, ivi, 
328 pp ; 1 p. L pp,339 to 514. 54 pp. 12'=. 
London, J. f J. Knapton, 1738. 

Chandler (Samuel, d.d.) A critical history 
of the lite of David ; in which the principal 
eventa are ranged in order of time ; the chief 
objecUons of mr. Bayle, and others, against 
the character of this prince, and the scrip 
tare acconnt of Mm, and tbe occurrences of 
his reign, are examined and refnted ; and the 
psalms which refer to him explained. 3 t. 
xiv, 330 pp ; vi, 488 pp. 8°. Londoa, S. 
Chandler, 1766. 

Chandler (William) and otiiers. A hrief apol- 
ogy in behalf of the people in derision called 
quakers. Written for tbe information of our 
sober and well-inclined neighbours in and 
about the town of Warminster in the county 
of Wilt?. 104 pp. 18°. PhUaddpkia, A. 
Bradford, 1719. 

Chapel (The) hymn book. 5th ed. With 
additional hymns. 288 pp. 34°. Boston, 
S. G. Siiapkins, 1845. 

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Chapelle (L^oii-)- See LSoa-ChapeHe. 

Chaplet(TliH), acoUeeUonof poama, byE. H. 
G. [anon.] Edilod by rov. Henry D. Moore. 
120 pp. 16°. PkUaddphia, F.C.misi>a,iSiS. 

Ohaplet (The) of Comua ; or, feast of senti- 
ment, ancl festival of wit. Ibhoji.] 334 pp. 
18°. Boston, Muaroe S( FfancU.ViW. 

Chaplet (A) of leaves, Iiy Jeanie 6. [ajion.] 
viij, IJ2pp. 4P. New York, Hard S; Hotigk- 

Cbapman (Jolin, m.d.) 8ea-aiekuess and 
liow to prevent it : an explnnlition of its na- 
ture, and successful treatmeni, by means of 
the epinal ice-bag. With the general prin- 
ciples of neuro-therapaatics. 2d ed. vii, 
112 pp. go. LdurfoB, Trotter » co. 1868. 

Chapsal ( — }.' Abridgment of French gram- 
mar. Sse Nool (— ) and Chap&al ( — ). 

CliarJes John xiv. (Mug of Sweden, Jean Bap- 
^Bte Jules Bernadotte). Eecueil de letires, 
proclamations et discoura de Charles Jeao, 
prince royal, et ensuile roi da Sufida et de 
NorT^ga. 3 V. 1 p. 1. 333 pp ; 1 p. 1. 322 
pp. 8°. Sloekholm, C. Deleery, 1838. 

Charleston, S. C. weekly news. See Week- 
ly news, Charleston, S. C. 

Charleewoith (Ma a Lon sa) M u sle ng 
children i tale d fl ^ ed t eh Idhool 
lOSth thoLand v 42b pp 1 pi 16" 
Loudon Sedej Jac! ao If Ralltday 1868 

The ra n slry of 1 fe it I th usaiid 

viii, 411 PI 3 pi 12 Luado beeley 
Jackson It Hdttday VibS 

Charlton (Robe t M aad Tl omae J I ) 
Poems. 1 4 pp 16° Bosto Lule ^ 
Brown, 1839 

Charma (Auto ne y afessar of pi iosoply at 
Caen). B og aph e d doetea Le Sau 3"e 
2 p. 1, 125 pj 1 fac B m le 8° Far 
H&c/ietl 18o5 6 

Chaipeiina (P ar e) Mon yoyage au M 
jqae ; o le ujlon du f taa oalco " y 1 
p. 1, 334 pp I pi p I 33 PI fa"^ Pa 
Roux. 1836. 

Charpentier (Lonis). M^moiras d'uncitoyen ; 
on, le code de I'humanitii. 3 T. iu I. 4 p, 1. 
347 pp ; 3 p. I. 340 pp. S 1. 16°. Paris, 
Desvenles de Lailottt, 1770. 

Charron (Pierre). Delasa^sae. 8°. Pons, 
^.Dcwes, 1836. 
[Bdchok (J. A. <!.) Gliolx ae mornliates frau^abi] 

The Bame. Of wisiJom, Made iut 

English by Geoige Stanhope. 2d ed. 2 p. 
n pp. 3 1. 708 pp. n<'. London, nm. 


Chaae (Salmon Portland). A sketch of the 
history of Ohio, t p. I. 40 pp. 8°. Cin- 
Hnnaii, Corey l( Fairbank, 1833. 

Chaae (Thomas). Hellas, her monuments and 
scenery, vi pp. 1 1. 220 pp. 12°. Cam- 
bridge, Seuer S( Francis, 1863. 

Chaslea (Victor Euph^mou Philar^te). iSta- 
des snr la itt^ratur et las mrours des Anglo- 
AmfiricainB au lix" si^ole. 2 p. i. viii, 515 
pp. 130. Paris, Amyat, 1851. 

Chassepot (Francois de). Histoire des grands 
vizirs Mahomet CoprogU-paoha et Achmet 
Coprogli-paeha. CeUe des trois deraieirs 
grands seignems; [etc] 6p.!, 303pp. 51. 
1 pi. 18°, Paris, E. SHclinllet, 1674, 

Chastellus (Francois Jean, margais de). 
Voyage en Am#rique. 228pp, 16°. [_Paris'i, 

Anne de). Instructions naatiqUes sur lea 
cfltes et lea diSbouqaemena de St.-Doraingue, 
[etc. 2" impression]. 3 p. 1. 269 pp. 8". 
Pari$, iiaprimerie royale, 1821, 

Chatauuillara (— . comie da). Essai sur le 
duel. 488 pp. 8°. Paris, Bnhaire, 1S36- 

Chatrian (Alexandra). Waterloo. See Xirck- 
niaim (£mile) and Chatrian. 

Chaudron (Adelaide De Vendel). The sec- 
ond reader, designed for the nse of primary 
schools, 2d ed, 96 pp. 1 pi. 16°, Mobile, 
(Ala.) W. a. Clark St co. 1864. 

Chanlien (Abl£ Guillauoie Amfrye da). 
(Euvres diversea. [Nouy. M. par Delaunay]. 
9v. 9p.l.338pp;lp.]-2a4pp. 8°. Am- 
sterdam, Z. Chatclain, [1733]. 

Chauncy (Charles, d. d.) Twelve sermons 
seasonable and ' po t t bj ts J p 
344 pp 8 B J, ~ " 

Chauvet (— ) H t 


bom mo c 1^ 
Paris, L'pr 


d s / i; V ci 

h I 



ChelllB (Mary Dwinell). Aunt Dinah's 
pledge. 318 pp, 1 pi. 16^. New York, 
Katianal temperance society and pRblication 
house, 1869. 

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Chellis (MaryD,)— uontiniieil. 

Molly's bible. 404 pp. 4 pi. 

Boston, M. A. Yoang Sf eo. [1869], 

Ont of the fire. 430 pp. 3 pi. 

NeiD York, national tempBrance society and. 
pubtkatioa house, 1869. 

ChSneaolle (Charles ae). Le g;6nie df 
I'homme, poeme. 4" 4:S. xii, 240 pp. 16°. 
Paris, C. Gossdm, 1326. y. 

Cheney(Mrs.E,D.) Patienee: a series ol 
thirty games with cards. 98 pp. 4 pi. sm. 
4°. Boston, Lee if Shepard, 1870. 

Cheuey (O, Aagusta). Tlio Sunday school 
speaker; comprising pieces snitable for sun- 
day school concerts and festiyals. 181 pp. 
la^ Boston Loriag £1869]. 

Cheau (A ) Los conspiradores. Las socie- 
daies secietas La prelectura de polieia 
bajo Caussiheie L( s ciiorpos fifaucos. 14S 
pp 1 1 12° Madrid, De Gracia, 1850. S. 

Cherokee advocate (weekly). W. P. Hoss, 
[and otheis] odituis. Sept, 26, 1S44, to 
Sept. 28, ld53. 3 v. fol. Tahlequah, 
(Clierokeenalion), J, B. Bird, 1844-53. 

Chester (Sarah E.) Nine Satnraajs. 165pp. 
Ipl. 18°. New York, A. D. F. Randolph Sr 
CO. 1869. 

Eoly and Poly at aunt Mercifol Grata' 

cap's. 268 pp. 3 pi. sq. 16°. New York, 
A. D. F, Randolph Sf CO. 1869, 

Roly and Poly in the nursery. 255 pp. 

4 pi. sq. 16°, New York, A. D. F. Ran- 
dolph Sf CO. 1868. 

Eoly and Poly at Pinkvilio. 

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New York, J. Bradburn, 1863. 

Chevalier (JeanDamien). Letti-es ^ m. De 
Jean, 5octeur-r^gent en rnniversit6 de Paris, 
sur les maladies de St. Domingne; siir les 
plantes de la mSnie ile; sur les remora et 
les halcyons. 2 p. I. '£H pp. I 1, l(j°. 
Paris, Dwrand, 1752. 


Chevalier (Micbel). Cours d'ouonomie po- 
litique fait an college de France, 2o ^d. 
refondoe et considerable ment aagment^e. 3 
V. 8°. Paris, Capdle, 1855-56. 

— ; — Lettres sur TAm^rique du Nord. 2 v. 
2 p. 1. 484 pp. 1 map ; 2 p. 1. 531 pp. 18°. 
Bnvcellcs, sociit6 beige de librairie, 1837. . 

— Eapports du jury international, [etc,] 

See ExhUutioa, 1867. (Paris). 

Ch^vrier (Fianpois Antoine). Le colportetir, 
bistoire morale et ci'!tique. 1 p. ]. 224 pp. 
16°, Londres,J. Nourse, [1753]. 

Eecneil de ces dames. 112 pp. 8°. 

Paris, 1787. 

Ila CAYLUalA. C. P. cowic dc). CEiivreB badinas 
.y,mpM«.. V. 11]. 

Cheyue (John, m. d.) Essays on partial de- 
rangement of tbe mind in supposed connec- 
tion with religion. With a portrait, and au- 
tobiographical sketch of tlie author. 3 p. 1. 
272 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Dublin, IV. Curry, jr. 
* (0. 1843. 

Chicago board of trade. Annual statements of 
the trade and commerce of Chicago, 1858 to 
18G9. liv.inS. 8°. Chi^Mgo, 185d-G9. 

CliiQaBo after dark; "a flea in the ear" of 
strangers visiting Chicago, and a word of 
advice to persons going out after dark, 
[unon.] 95pp. 12°, Chicago, A. C. An- 
derson, 1868, 

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the promotion and extension of trade in the 
city of Chicago, [etc.] 1 p. 1. 257 pp. 26 1. 
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Children's (The) friend. A monthly maga- 
zine, devoled to tlie best interests of the 
young. Esther K. Smcdley, editor. 
1868, to Dec. 1869. v. 3-4. 8°. West Ches- 
ter, (Pa.) 1868-69. 

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Fhiladelpkia, American sundaij school u 

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Christ our life. 166 pp. 18°. ffleio IVi, 
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jenaral da laa enltadas t gastoa fisealos de Is 
repubiica de Chile en 1864, 51.86, 98, 6S 
pp. 3 1. i° Santiago, nKprenta nacionul, 
[1865]. s 

Memoritt que el mimBtro de es 
tadoenoldepaitHmento de fancienda presentt 
aleongreao nacional de I8C0. 8°. Santi- 
ago deChde, tmprcBla nactmat, 1860. 

DepaTtmaenta de justicia, culto, (eii 

Memoria qua el mimstro de astado en el de- 
parlftmeiito de jnsticia, culto e iusti'u 
8°. Santiago de Ckile, iiaprenta nadoBid, 
1860. , g, 

- DeparlamerUo de relacianes exteriores. 
el miniBtco de estado en el de- 
partamento de relaciones exteriores preseota 
al con^reeo nacional de 1860 [y] 1865. 8°. 
Santiago de Chile, imprenta nacional, 1860-65. 

CoUeoeion de tratados celebradoa 

par la repfiblioa da Chile con Iob estados 
trangeroB. v. 1. 4°. Santiago, imprenta 
nacional, 1857, 

Pifeces prinoipsles de la 

responilance ^ehaugfe entre lea miniatrea 
du Chili et des Etats-Unis d'Am^rique, 4 
Santiago at A Washington, au sujet d'une 
capture fails pai' un d^taohenient de I'escadre 
cliilienne dans la vallge de Sitana, tarritoire 
p^ravien, le 9 mai 1821, [etc.] 1 p. 1. 509 
pp. 8°. Bruicdles, H. Qoemaere, 1861. 

Ofictna de eatadistica. Estadisdea oo- 

mercial da la repftblica da Chile correspon- 
diente al ano de 1858, 1859, [y] 1864. 3 v. 
4°. Valparaiso, 1859-65, 

Eepsrtorio nacional forma^o por 

la oSdna de eatadiBtica, en conformidad del 
srtjoalo IS de la lei de 17 de seUembre de 1847. 
4 p. 1. 184 pp. 36 1. 15 tab. 8°. Santiago, 
imprettla delprogreaa, 1S50. 

Chilton (W. editor). See Libtary (The) of 

China (The) mail. From Feb.90, 1845, to 
1652. V. 1-a fol. Hongkong, A. Short- 
rede, 1845-59, s. 

Cliipmau (George). The American moralist. 
Containing a variety of moral and religious 
leaaoua, ■with hamorons and entertaining 
pieces. Designed principally for the use of 
Bchools. 216 pp. 12°. Wrentham,(Mass.) 
author, 1801. 

Chittenden (N. W.) Life of sir Isaac New- 
NeiB tm-i:,1848. 



Cholula; or the young Mexican, [nnou.i 233 
pp. 3 pi. 18". Pkitadtlphia, J. P. SheUy * 
CO. 1869. 

Chorister'a companion. Sopploment. 16 pp. 
obi. 12°. Neu! Haven, S, Joeelin, 1799. 

Chrestomanos (Anaslasios C ) AioAjTieoi 
mvoKsc, j/roi nedoSac rv n-oioTiKiic Vi/"J^VC 
aiia'tivasu^ Sia ri/g vyfrnr oAn ij, 93 pp 8° 
Aftruaif, rex^oiA. Kopopi/Sa 1865 e 

ChiiaMan (The) ; dedicated to lie advance 
ment of gospel bolinest Rev S J Kuapp 
[and others] editors. January to December, 
1868. V.6. 8°. Ne!v, York, rev. R.mcGorte- 
gal, 1868, 

Christian (The) examiner. July, 1868, to 
Kovembev, 1869. v. 85-87. New seriea, v. 
6-8. 80. NetB York,J.MiUer, 1868-69. 
(TennlnalLugtliepublicatloi.. Merg«d in "Tlieold 
aud the new," from Jannaiy, 1870." 

Christian (The) Indian; or, times of tbe first 
settlers. [snoB.] 951pp. 12^ NeiBYork, 
CoUiJts St Hannay, 1895. 

Christian (The) keepsake, and missionaiy an- 
nual, for 1849, 12°. Pkiladdphia, Brawer, 
Hayes <e co. 1849. s. 

Christian (The) layman; or, the doctrine of 
the trinity fully considered, and adjudged 
according to tbe bible. By a christian lay- 
man. [«bok.] viii, 371 pp. 19°. Mobile, 
Danbleday <& Sears, 1640, 

Christian (The) psalmist ; being a collection 
of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs com- 
piled from the most approved authors, and 
designed as a standard hymn-book, for public 
and social worship [amm.] 596 pp. 32°, 
Ircington, (N. J.) M. Cammings, 1856. 

Christian (The) sabbath vindicated, and tho 
sabbath in its political aspect. By Ignotus, 
[psewdojl.] 249 pp. -120. Philadelphia, 
Ctaxton, Remsen d: Haffelfinger, 1869. 

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Chiistison (Joho). A complete grammar 
tlie French language ; with exercises a 
diulogTifls, (or the use of scliools aaS privj 
stuaenla. lat C. S. A. from 15th Edinbiirgli 
ed. EeviaedbyF.W.Kosier. 143pp. 18°. 
Richmond, 0. Dunn <fc co. J863. 

Ctaristllches gemiiths-gospracii von deir 
geiatlicben imd aeligmacheuden glAaben, liud 
erkenutnisB der wahrheit, so za (ler gottso- 
ligkeit fahret in der boffnuug des ev 
lebens, [etc anon.] 356 pp. IS". 
easier, (Pa.) J. Bdr, 1836. 

Chllatmaa (The) stockiug. By ■' Consii 
ginia." [pseudoji]. ]55pp.3pl. IC. Nem 
York, Jl'ilcax Sf Rockadl, 1869. 

Chrietmaa (The) tribute and uew-jear's gift ; 
aBonyemrfor]851. [1st year]. IS^. Phi- 
delphia, E. H. B«tler Sf co. 1851. S. 

Cliiistophei-eon or Iiyechancler (Clans). 
Dend griialaadske chronica hvorndi kor- 
lelig beskrivaa. hTorlcdes landet i fordom 
tjd er forst fundet. [etc.] Mod mange de 
norske kongers og alle GronlaodE bisper. 
klareog ordentlige fortegnelse, [etc.] Med 
konnings Christitta den flerdes trenflo lyk- 
salige tog, [etc.] Aile Doaske og Hord- 
bagger til tere og Aminde preutet udi Ki- 
oheiihavn af Bcnedickt Lauventz, 1608. 4 
p.l. 141pp. 16° Kiobcnhami, Hans, 1826. 
[ ifill CLAUsaEN (Peder). Norriges og omliggende 

CbxoDioles of four little Christmi 
[auan.] 136 pp. 3 pi. 18". Philuddpkia, 
Presbyterian pMication eommiltse, [1809]. 

Chronicles. See Cronycles. 

Chronik (Eine) ; odev, geschichtbiichlein von 
der sogenauQteQ nicnnoBiaten gemeinde. 
Znm dienat iind lehre fiic alle liebhaber der 
wabrheit, [etc.] Dutch J. 8t. [anon.] 2" 
auflage. 439 pp. 16°. Lancaster, J. BSr 
Sf sohae, 18.^9. 

Cbubbuok afleraards Tndson (Emily). Al- 
derbrook ; a eollectiou of Fanny Forestar'a 
village sketches, poems, eto. [pselidon.] 
11th ed. Eevisea with additions. 3v. in 1 
285 pp ; 285 pp. 12°. Bostm, Ticknor S, 
Fid/Is, 1856. 

Churoli of Englaad. The book of common 
prayer. 30 pp. fol. London, assigns of 
T. Newcomb Sf H. HUls, 1679. 
[ With Bible (BnglUli). Amstei'dam ea. ]679]. 

The same. Eoformed upon unitarian 

principles ; together with the psalms of Da- 
vid. 12°. Newcastle. 1709. 

The same. With the psaller or psalms 

of David. 18°. Cambridge, J. Be«lh<i>„,n5d. 




Church of Ensland— continitcd. 

The same. 113 1. 18°. 

Basketl, 1766. 

lliesame. 133 pp. 18°. O^ord, Clar- 
endon press, 1780. 

The same. With notes upon the epis- 
tles, gospels, and psalma. By a member of 
the established church, sxtj, 483 pp. 8°, 
London, Olridge 4- son, 1813. 

Thesame. Pictorial edition, si, 711 pp. 

8°. London, IVard St Lack, [n. d. ] 

Cioero (Marcus Tullius). Tbe republic of 
Cicero, translated from the Latin ; and ac- 
companied with a critical and historical 
introduetaon. By G. W. Feathers(«nLftugh. 
7, 148 pp. 1 pi. 1S°. Jfew York, G. S; C. 
CamUl, 1S29. 

Select orations. With explanatory 

notes, by George Btnart. 331 pp. 16°. Phil- 
adelpkia, Eldredge Sf brother, 1 869. 

Tnlly's two essays. Of old age, and Of 

friendship, with his stoical paradoxea, and 
Seipio's dream, Render'd into English by 
S.Parker. 2d ed. 5p. 1. 213 pp. 16° ton- 
don, J. tPUford, 1720. 
The same. EitraeU from, and obser- 
vations on, Cicero's dialogues, De senectute, 
and De amicitia, aud a translation of his 
Somnium Scipionis, trith notes, etc. By 
William Danbj. iv, 129 pp. 8°. London, 
J. G. St F. Rivington, 1832. 

{Wiik V 


Cliioinnati(Ciiso/). The Ciucii 
tory for 1825, contaioiiig the names of its 
citizens, their occupation, places of residence, 
and places of nativity, [etc.] By Harry 
Hall. 137 pp. 1 1. 1 pi. I map. 12°. Cia- 
rAnnati, S. J. Browne, 1825. 

Williams' CiQCiuoati directory, city 

guide and business mirror ; or, Cincinnati 
in 1855. 288 pp.1 map. 1 pi. 8°. Cin- 
cinnati C S Williams 1855. 

The some embracing a (uU alpha- 

betiual recoid of the names of the inbahi 
lant? of Cmc nnati a business directory 
mun cipal lecord city maps etc June 188J 
Nineteenth innual issue '^^ C%n<,innati 
directonj office [1869] 

Cincinnati chamber of commerce and mer- 
chants' exchange. Twenty-flrst and twen- 
ty-second annual report for the fiscal years 
1868 and 1869. 2 v. 8°. CindrntaH, Ga- 
leite printing tslabiishntewt, 1869. 

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Clnclnaiatl (The) commercial. (Daily). 
July, 1868, to December, 1869. 3 v. fol. 
Ci-adnnali, M. Hatslead * so. 1868-69. 
Cluoiunati (Deatsober lehrerverein). Lese- 
buoh ! Oder, der ansehauungs- unci sprachuii. 
teirichl; filr amerikanische volksschnlen. 
20T pp. 12°. Cincianati, J. Eggera If 
Wilde, 1868. 
Circular (A) letto from the general repiibli 
Cftu commitloB of tiie city and eonnCy of New 
YoA, to their repuLlieati fello- 
tliroiighout tbe state, ia vindication of the 
meaaarea of tbe general gOTernment, [etc.] 
xxi, 105 pp. 8o, NeiB York, F. White Si 

CiBt(Lawi3 J.) Trifles in verse ; a collection 
of fiigitive poems. 184 pp. 1 portrsut. 12°. 
Cincinnati, Robinson Sf Jones, 1845. 

ClBteme de CourtlraB (N. vicomtesse de Si. 
Mars). Mademoiselle fifty milliona ; or, the 
adventures of Horfeoae Maucini. By the 
conntess Daeh. [pseudon.'i TiauaMted by 
Adelaide de V. Chauilron. 163 pp. 
m«, York, D. Appleton * eo. 186!). 

Claggett (William). A looking.glas 
elder Clarhe and elder Wightman, aad the 
church under their care. IVheraiQ is fairly 
ropi-esanted the very image of their 
tions. 26, 328 pp. 16°. Newport, {R. I.) 
J.RImiUs, 1721. 
pmporfeet : all attor p. MS wantlug]. 

Clapar^de (Jean Louis Benil Antoim 
Edouard). Anatomie und entwicklungsge- 
Hchichte der neritina flnviatilis. [Extract 
from MUller'sArchiviur anatomie, 1857. pp. 
109-248, pi. 4-8]. 8°. Berlin, 1857. S. 

dark (Reu. B. F.) Mirthfalness and its ex- 
citers, or latienallaughtei anditsptomutete 
348 pp J2° Boston, Lee * Wiepai-rf, 1870 

Clark ( Colonel George Eogara ) Sketch of 
hie campaig:ii in the Illinois in l778-7<) 
With an introduction by hon Heniy Pirtle, 
of Louisvflle and an appendix contaming 
the public and private mstructions to col 
Clark, and major Bowman's journal ol the 
taking ot post St Vintents ti pp 1 ! 119 
pp, 1 portrait 8° Ctnnnnati R Clarke S( 
eo. 1869. 
[Ohio valid; bistorlcnl se lies, v. 3]. 

Clatk (John), Hymns on vaiious subjects, 
and occasions. 4 p. 1.186 pp. 8°. Trow, 
bridge, T. Long, 1799. 

Poems on several occasions, both moral 

and entortaining. 188 pp. 8°. Troiobridge, 
T. Long, 1799. 


Clark (Rhv. John A.) A walk about Zion. 
351 pp, 16°. PkUnddphia, W. Marshall J- 
CO. 1835. 
Clark (M.L.) Rainy day siories. A rainy 
day at school. By Mada. [pseudon.'\ 194 
pp. 4pJ. 18°. Boston, D. LoUirop I; co. 
Clark (Orton S.) The one hundred and six- 
teenth regiment of New York state volan- 
tcers: being a complete history of its organ- 
ization-and nearly three years' active service 
in fbe great rebellion. [With] memorial 
sketches, and a master roll of tlie regiment, 
[etc.] 348 pp, 1 portrait. 12°. Biiffato, 
Matthews St Warren, 1868. 
Clark (Spencer M.) Report on tlie first divi- 
sion national currency bureau. See United 
States. {Treasury department^ 
Clark (Stephen Watkms) Fust lessouH in 
English grammar 156 pp 1 pi 12 i\eto 
York, A.S.BaTne' St en 1857 B 

The science ottheEnghshliuguage A 

practical gram mai invihichwoids phrases 
and sentences are ilassified atcoiding to 
their offices; and their varons lelatons to 
one another illustiated by i omparutive 
sysfem of diagrams 40th ed levised 30) 
pp. 12°, New iork A 5 Barnes ^ Barr 
Clark (Thomas M. d, d.) Primary truths of re- 
L. 312 pp. 16°. Nea York, D. Apple 
CO. 1869. 

Clarke {Ren. Adam, ll.d) Discourses ou 
vai-ioiis subjects relat ve to the be ng an I at 
tributes of God and h s vorks n o eat on 
providence and g ace 3C4 pp 3° Neo 
York, M ElTall S" B nga 18 <i 
Clarke (Alei nder Koss) Deter nat on of 
the pos t ons f 1< eaghma n and Ha e f d 
west, longitude stat ons on the g eat Euro 
pean arc of i arallel Be ng an append x to 
the acco nt of the p no ptl tr angulat on of 
Great Br ta n and Ireland tj j [ 4 pi 
4°. London 18l)7 

[G-BKar Britain Wb epa ment o nanoeau 

Standa dsoflen^thofEnglanl r ance 

etc, Also, Tnangnlation, See Qreat Bnt- 

aiu. ( War department), 

Clarke (Dorus, d. d.) The oneness of the 

christian church. 105 pp. 12°. Boston, 

Lee f Shepard, 1869. 

Clarke (Rev. Henry). A history of the sab- 

tarians, or, seven-day baptists, in Amer- 

l: Containing their rise and progress to 

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Clarke (ffe«. Heniy)— continued, 
the year 1811, with their leaders' names, and 
their distingniBhing tenets, etc 196 pp. 3 1. 
16°. Utica, Seaard tt- Williams, 1811. 

Clarke (Hewsoo). The eaunteier, a periodi- 
cal paper, ed ed. with additions, and a 
sketch of the aiithoi's life. 2 v. 2 p. 1. xxi, 
337 pp; 3p.!.190pp. 61, 16°, London, 
J.4-E. Hodson, 1S06. 

Claike (James Freeman). Eleven weeks in 
Europe ; and what may be seen in that time, 
XV, 338 pp. 13°. Boston, Tichn&r, Deed S 
Fields, 1SJ53. 

Clarke (iUrs.Mary Cowden). The complete 
concordance to Sbaksperei being a yerba) 
index (o all the passages in the dran 
worlts of the poet. 4 p. 1. 860 pp. 8°. 
don, C. Knigkt, 1847. 

Claike (E.S.) Dotty Dimple stories. 
Sophie May. [psearfon.] Uos. 1-6. 
Boston, Lee d: Sliepard, 1869. 

L. Dotty Dimple at lier giBudiuDtber': 

Oolly D 


3. Dott; Dlinpls out -ireaX. 171 pp. 

4. I>Dttf DimplBBtEohaoL Kill pp. 

5. Dotty Dimple at play. 184 pp. 

6. Dotly Dimple's flyaway. 200 pp. 

Clarke (Ren. Samuel, tainisler of St. Bennet's 
T^nk.) A new description of the world; or, 
a eompendioua treatise of the empires, king- 
doms, [etc.] With an account of the na- 
tm'es of the people, in their habits, citstoms, 
etc. Also of tile rarities, wonders, and citii- 
oBities, etc. 3p.l. 318 pp. 1 1.1 pi, 18°. 
London, H. Rhodes, 1712, 

Claike ( Rtv. Samnel, of Camiiriilge, son of the 
preceding). A sermon of commnuion with 
God. pp. 369 to 396. 4°. Loiulan, J. Rub- 

[WilABlBLK. (E«fiM>. ABurvBjof theljiblo]. 

A survey of the bible. See Bible. 


Clarke (Thomas Curtis). An account of the 
iron railway bridge across the Mississippi 
river at Quincy, Illinois. 70 pp. 1 1, I map. 
21 pi. 4^ Mi York D I'an Nostrand, 1869. 

Clarke (W 11 am H ) New method for reed 
Cleans, a co nprel ens ve system of instruc- 
tion, and in n p ovo ent on all other meth- 
ods for the s mpl e ty and progressive char- 
actjir of Its studies exe c ses, scales, volun- 
taries, and rec eative p eces. 100 pp. obi, 
4°. Boston O Jhtio ; co. [1869.] 

The sane [NeveU] 160 pp. obi. 

4°. Bosto O Dt on ]b69. 

ClauaiuB(Ma t n pM, lo ) S(ePetzel(Eoss), 


Clausel (Bertrand, comte. mor^c/mi de). Ex- 
plications. 189 pp. 1 1. 3 maps. 8°. Paris, 
A. Dupont, 1837. a. 

ClauBsen (Peder). Norriges og omliggende 
iiers sandfierdige beskrivelse, indhotdendis 
hvis vterd er at vide, haade om landets og 
indhy^ernis leylighed og vilkor. 1 p. 1. 174 
pp. 51 16°. Kiobenha^, Hans, 1737. 

Clavigero (FrancJBCo Xavier). Storia antlca 
del Messico cavata da' migliori storiciapag- 
nuoli, e da' raanoscritti, e dalie pittore 
antiche degl' indiani, [etc.] e dissertazioni 
snlla terra, sugli animali, e sngliabitatori del 
Messico. 4 y. 4". Cesena, G. Biesini, 1780. 

Storia della California. 9 v. in 1. 876 

pp, 1 1; 313 pp. 1 1. 1 map. S". Vf.netia, 
M. femo, 1789, 

Claviue orSchlo3ser{ChrlstopIier). Opervm 
mathematioorvm libri v. 5 v. in 4, fol. 
Mogimtia, A. Hierat, 16IJ. 

i ^trolabTum tjdbvfl Jlbite expLcatvm 

ix\ Dientl a& horologiorvra luBcriptloDem peroppor 

pllctitiaS Clumenilav 

iTsne Mieb&elem Mjiegtll- 

Claybaugh { Res. Joseph). Helationsof bap- 
tized youth to the church. 13^. Cindnnati, 
1855, • s. 

[iTi Ritchie (Hra. A.) Tbe Baorameatal cMc- 

Claytoii(C«y(. John William), The snnny 
south. An antnmn in Spsun and Majorca 
lii, 332 pp. 1 pi, 6°. London, Hurst &,• 
BlacUlt, 1869. 

Cleary (William P.) and co. Business di 
rectory of the cities of New York, Philadel- 
phia, Boston, and Baltimore , andabusiness 
register of tie principal manufactuieis in the 
ea£t«rn states. 1869 4° New 'iorh, W 
P. Cleary Sf co. 1869 

Cleavelana or Clteveland (John) J 
Cleaveland revived poems, oiations, epis- 
tles, and other of his genuine incomparable 
pieces. With some other ei.iitiisite lemains 
of the most eminent ints ot both tbe uni- 
versities that were bis contompoiaries This 
3d ed. besides other idditions, is enriched 

by Google 


Cleavelciiid (John J — continuecl, 
with the aat!iin''s Midsummer-moon 
Lunaey-Tampant. Now at last publiaht from 
Lis original copies, by some of his intrusted 
friends. 8 p. 1. J83 pp. 34°, London, A. 
Brook, J663, 
Cleaveland (Rsb. John). lafant baptism 
" from heaven," and immei'sion aa the only 
mode of baptism and a term of christian 
communion " of men ;" or, a short disaerta- 
tion on baptism, in two parts, [etc. With] 
a short postscript oontiHuing a few observa- 
tions on mi. Foster's div ne r gM o( u me '■ 
sion. 113, 13 pp. 16=* baUa S Hall, 
Clef(La)i3es songes; 011,1 art calahst que d n- 
terprfiter les songes, vision? appar tioc 
parEbbark. [pseadon.'] v 104 jp Ifo. 
Paris, Bernardia-Bichel, 18b7 
Clemens (Samuel L.) The innocents abroafl ; 
or, the new pilgrim's progress ; being' somf 
account of the steamship Quaker City's 
pleasure excursion to Europe and the Holy 
Land, with deiciiptions of oonntries, ua- 
tiou£, incidents, and adventares as they ap- 
peared to the author By Mark Tw^n. 
ijjievdon ] KI pp 16 pi. 8°. Hartford, 
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ings. Translated by rev. William Wilson. 
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* 1'. Clar/c. 1868-6'J. 
(Ante-bickiie library, v. 4 and 12], 

Sec, also, Causaln (N.) De symbolica 
JLgyptiorum sapient: 

Clemens, n 

ted by Thomas Smi 


Recognitions, Trausla- 
h. 8°. Ediiiburgh,18e8. 

'Clemente (Claudio). Tablas chronologicaa. 
en qve so ontienen los avcoisos eelesiasticos 
y seeulares de Espifia, Africa, ludias orien- 
tales y oecidentales, desde su principio, 
haslHol aiio 1642. Ilastradas, j aiiadidas 
desde el aiio 1649, hasta el presents de 1689, 
con las noticias que se hallan entre estas, per 
V. I, Migvel. 8p.l. 375 pp. sra.4o. (Va- 
lencia, I. de BoTdazar, 1689. 
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Clei: (^General). Eeminiseences of an officec 
of zouaves. Translated from the Frenob. 
viii, 317 pp. 16". ffbic York, D. Appkloa 
Sl>.o 1860 
Cleveland (fled HoiaceA ) Gcldenshea-ves 
gathered fiom the fields of ancient anl 
modem lileratuie A nii^cellany of choice 
reading vi 583 pp 8 pi 8° PInladd 
p/na Zeigler MoCiirdy ^ co [1869] 
Cleveland, pHst and piesent its representa 
tive men comprising biogiaphical sketches 
of pioneer settleis and prominent citizens 
Hith a histciy o( the citv [etc ] 3 p I "iUO 
pp 3 pi 81 poitiaitB 8° Citceltnd, M. 
Jobtin, 1869. 
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runi exercitatlonum theologioarnm. 8 p. 1, 
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Theologica opera omnia, nunc demnm 

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cos, expedido il instaneia de 
']. 16". [Jtfarfi-id], 1773. 
?ijrlract from Mercnrio historlco y ] 

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remains ; with a selection from his letters 
and a memoir. Edited by his wife. 2 v. 
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The bothie of Toper-na-fuosich. A 

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1 p. 1.331 pp. 8°. London, H.CoWurn 4- R. 
Beatles, 1^^^- 

Cluver (Philipp). Mundus chaitaceus ; sivo, 
geographia totius inundi acuvatissima eluve- 
riana ; das ist : ausiUhrliche nnd griindliche 

by Google 


Cluver ( Phil jpp)— continued, 
besclireibung des gnatzeu erd-ltveisea, [etu] 
Eiehlig iind in reiner tentaelier spraoli iibar- 
Betzet, mit kartan geaieiet. Wobey aueli 
linzHgetbac, die grllodlicho lieselireiljung der 
erd-kugel nacb ihrer beaeliaffeiiheit. 6 p. 1. 
6S3 pp. X9 1. 120 pp, 3 1. 25 maps. S pi. 18°. 
Niiraberg, L. Losdtgc, 1683. 

Clymer (George, surgeon U. S.n.) Tlie prin- 
ciples of naval staff ranlc : and its history in 
the United States navy, for over half a cen- 
tury. By a surgeon in the U, S. navy, 
[onon.] S40pp. 8°. [ IfasAtn^fon] ! 18139. 

Coale ( Joaeph). Some account of the life, 
service, and suifej'ing of anearlyservanl 
minister of Christ, Joseph Coale, collected 
out of his own writings ; who, after near six 
years imprisonment in Reading goal, died, 
prisoner for his christian testimony. Gp.l. 
363 pp. 1S°. Loudim, T. SowU, 1706. 

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{7b Oojjham (J.) Rambles of a Daturaliat, pp. laT- 

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or, fifth reading book, [etc.] 432 pp. 12°. 
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cupine. [pseuiJon.] 4tlied. Revised, altered, 
and corrected by the anthor. 8°. FhU- 
addphia, T. Bradford, 1796. 

na on Ibe emieraHau of dr. Joeepb Priegtl;. 

mojesty. S, 111 pp. 
A new year's gjft to the aemocrale, 71 pp. 

Cobbln (Ingram, editor). The French preach- 
er; or, sermons translated from tlie niOEt 
eminent French divines, catholic and protest- 
ant; with biographical notJcaa of the authors, 
and a concise account of other distinguished 
orators of the French pulpit, [witli] an his- 
torical view of the reformed church of France, 
lii, 570 pp. 8°. Loadoa, J. Black, 1816. 

Cobbler's (The) daughter ; or, a summer va- 
cation, [uiion.] illpp.Ipl, 16°. Boston, 
Massackasells sahhath sthool society, [1868]. 

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being a fifth edition of England, France. 
Russia, and Turkey, revised, ixiii, 197 pp. 
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versus loannem Polyandrvm rainislram cal- 
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verpia, Joannes Moreias, 1608. 

Coohinat (Victor). Laceiiairo, aes crimes, son 

chansons. 2' 6d. lii, 3:16 pp. 1 purtrait. 
16". Paris, J. Laisnf., 1864. 

Cochrane (Charles Stuart). Raise in Colum- 
bia in den juhren 1 823 unti 1824. Tom En- 
glisehen. (Ausdera Ethnographiscbenarchiv 
abgedruckt). 1 p. 1. 264 pp. 8°. lena. 
Bran, 1825. 

Cockbum (Sir Alexander). Nationality; 
or, the law relating to suhjects and aliens, 
considered with a view to fnture legislation. 
lp.l.217pp. 8°. London, IV. Ridgwag, 

Cocq or Cock (Qisbart). Hobbesianismi ana- 
tome; qna innumeris asserUonibusex traeta- 
tibus de homine, cive. Leviathan, juxta se- 
riom loGornm theologite christianse philosophi 
illins ^ religione chnstiana apostasia demon- 
st ata et rofutatur I'p 1 OvS ]p 6 1 
ir° Trajei ad Rkefurt F Hal it 1680 

Codoiuiu (Anton o) EI buen soldado le 
D og y lei rey arn ado de n ca ec smo y 
se s plat eas q e ont enen s s p nc pales 
obi gac ones, 4 p I 902 i.p 1 i ° Mad 
nd, Mann, 1797. 

Desagravio de los autoi'es, y facultades, 

que offende el Rarbadino en su ohra : Yer- 
dadero metlvodo de estudiar, etc. Seguo la 
traduccion castellana, del todo confornie 
al ori^nal Portugu^. ]5p.]. 336 pp. 1 1. 
sm.4°. Barcelona, M. A. Marti, 17M. s, 

Indice de la pbilosophia moral, chris- 

tiano-politica, dirigldo a los nobles de naci- 
miento y espiritu, [etc] 2" impression. 11 
p. 1.443 pp. SI, sm. 4°. Gerona, A. Otiiia, 

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Coe (Spencer W.) Madison sqaare church 
collection of sacred quartettes, for the service 
of the presbyterian church. 136 pp. obi, 8°. 
Nae York, Pond Sf co. 1867. 

Coelho (Gaspar). Sumariumundkurtzer be- 
ricbt von den newerfundnen japponiachen 
inselnund kouigreichen. Gezogen aues einem 
send tbrieff am obersten uund general der soci- 
etal Jesu, 15S2. [Mit einer] Kurize relation 
welcber maasan vier priester und ein brader 
der Boeietat Jesa, sampt etlich andern welt- 
lichen personen, in orientalischen India, umb 

by Google 

Coelho (G 


dess eh U b i 

braoht Jg Ihg ttwd 

jahr 1583 A m ! be Al d 

ValigB g 322 pp IB f J 

burg, A C mp I 15b6 

[mcrs (R)Be ras Inl 

Coen (C li T ) J -na^l ph f hp 
Caatricum. See Vrles (Maarfen Gemtsa.) 

CoSBn (Charles Carleton). Oar new way 
round tiie world, xviii, 523 pp. 1 pi. 5 mape. 
8°. Boston, Fields, Osgood S( co. 1869. 

Coggesliall (William T. ) Lincoln memorial. 
The journeys of Abraham Lincoln : from 
Spriagfielil to WaebingkiQ, 1861, as preeident 
elect, and from Waebinf^ton to Springtiold, 
1865, as president maitjied, eompneing an 
account of pablio ceremoaies on the entire 
loute, s.'oA. full details of both jouinejs 
337 pp I portrait 1^° Columbus (0) 
Ohio state journal, 1865 

Cohen (E A)&eo'B <iirecto:7 of [ccragTess] 
16°. Washington, 1834. 
See United States, Congressional direcloiy, 

Cohen (Jean). Notice historique snr I'arian- 
isuie, depuie la movt de St. Athanase jusqu'^ 
noB jours. 8°. Paris, 1840, 
[/bMShler (J, a.) AtiBaoeele gmufl. v. 3, pp. 371- 

Cohen (J. Solis, m. d.) The use of the la- 
ryngoscope in diseases of the throat, [etc.] 
See Mackenzie (Moirell, ri. d.) 
Coke (Roger). A detection of the court and 
state of England during the reigns of k. 
James i. Charles i. Charles ii, and James ii. 
As also tbe interregnum. Consisting of pri- 
vate memoirs, etc; with observations and 
reflections. 4th ed. Continued to tbe death 
of queen Anne. 3 v. 8°. Loudon, J.Broth- 
erton l! IV. Meadowa, 1719. 
Colardeau (Charles Pierre). Astarb^, tra- 
g^die. iv, 80 pp. 16°. Parii. Borddet, 

( Wiih Ch^plaih (P. D.) Milangea da liileratnre]. 
Colas de La None (Edooard). Dupret a. 
rint^rfit en Grfiee, S Rome, en Jud^e, dans 
le droit canonique, le droit barbare et leg 
coutilmes ffiodales, d'apr^s les ordonnacoes 
des rois de Franee, le code Kapolfion, [etc.] 

1 p.l. 277pp. 1 1. 8°. Pans, A. Parent, 

Colbert (E.) Astronomy without a telescope: 

being a guide-book to the visible heavens, 

Willi all necessary maps and illustrations. 

Designed for the use of schools. 104 pp. 14 


Colbert (E.)— continued, 
col, maps. 4'^. Chicago, G. St C. IK Sker- 

Colbum (Dana P.) Arithmetic and its flppli 
cations, xii, 366 pp. 13°. PhUadelphia, 
M. CoapeTthtnait S; to. 1855. S. 

The common school arithmetJc. 276 pp. 

12°. Philaddpkia, H. Coviperthwait (jr co. 
1858. s 

The decimal system of numbers 310 

pp, 12°, Boston, B. B Muisey if co. 
1853. s, 

Colburu (Warren). Kahopenokabelunaau, 
oia na ui e Hanaia'i ma ka papapohabu. 
116 pp. 8°, Oaliu, na na muionart t pai, 
J835. 3 

Colbum (Zerah) and Maw (William H ) 
The water-works of Loudon, together with 
a series of ai'Hcles on variotis other water- 
works, iv, 165 pp. 21 pi. 8°. London, E. 
Sf F.N.Spo», 1867. 

Colbum's New monthlj' magazine. See New 
monthly m^azlne, 

Colburn'a United service magazine and naval 
and military journal ; January to December, 
1869. 3v. 8°. London, Harst If Blaekett, 

Colby (Charles). Hand-book of Illinois, 
companying Morse's new map of the .si 
36 pp. 1 col. map. 18°. Nem Ymh, R. 
Blaneliard, 1855. 

Colden (Cadwallader D.) A vindication of 
the sloamboat right granted by the state of 
New York [to Livingston and Fulton], in 
answer to the leller of mr, [W.A,] Duer. 
173 pp. 8°. Albany, Webster St Skinner, 

The same. 96 pp. 8°, Sew York, 

W.A.Mercein, J819. 

Cole (Alfred W.) Legends in verse ; humor- 
ous, serious, sarcastic, sentimental, and su- 
pernatural, si, 335 pp. 6 pi, 16^. London, 
J. Blackwood, 1355. 

Cole (Frederick Wing). Poems: with a 
sketch of his life and character ; hy rev. S. 
W. Fisher, xxx pp. 1 1. 128 pp. sm, 4°. 
Albany, Van Benikaysen Jrco. 1845. 

Cole (Henry). A band-hook for the architec- 
ture, sculptures, tombs, and decorations of 
Westminster abbey ; with fifty-six embellish- 
ments on wood, engraved by ladies ; and four 
etchiugs by David Cox, jun. By Felix Sum- 
merly, [pseudon."] xiv, 148 pp. 5 pi. 16°. 
LonAon, G.Bell, 13.52. 

by Google 

I algnnoe cueutos morales. 
18°. Barcelona, J. F. Piferre 

. PorJ. B. A.Ymbetl]. 



f«»,l ] 

Coleccion ^e anecdotas ; 6, seaa rasgoa c 
teristicos de la vida j viajes de Jose| 
eaiperador de Bomanos. Sacodos de If 
laciones mas veridkas, y de rarios papele? 
p^blicDs. \_anett.'] 6 p. 1. 443 pp. 1 poi'trait 
36°. Madrid, B. Cano, 1790, 

Coleman (James). CoIemaD's general index 
to printed pedigrees, vii, 156 pp. 8°. Lon 
don, J. Coleman, 1866. 

Colenso (Jobn William, Msliop of Natal) 
Natal sermoDS. Second series of discourses 
preached in the cathedral church of St. Peter's 
Moritzburg. 2 p. 1. 349 pp. &>. London, 
N. Tnibner S; co. 18««. 

Coler ( Johann Cbristopb). La vie de Beadit 
de Spinoza. 16". Pans, 184a. 
[/wSprsoZAfB. de). Oiuvtes, 1342-43. Ire s6r. pp. 

Coleridge (Hartley). Poems. Witltamemoir 
of his life by his brother [Derwent Coleridge]. 
2ded. 2v. ccxsxij, 168pp. Iportrait; xii, 
367 pp. 16°. London, E. Moxon, 1851. 

Coleridge (Henry Nelson). Zes maanden in 
de West Jndien, in 1625. Vrij vertaald uit 
hetengelsch door J.G.S. [awon.] li,349 
pp. 8°. Dordrecht, BlassS ic Van Braara, 

Coleridge (Samuel Taylor). A dissertation 
on tlie science of method ; or, the laws and 
regulative principles of edncation, fl8]8]. 
81hed. 75 pp. 21. 12°. London, C. Gt^/"- 
>n^«.. [185i)]? 

Coleridge (Mrs. Sara Henry). Phanl^usmion : 
prince of Palmland. [anon. ] 2 v. 197 pp ; 
204 pp, 12°. New York, S. Colman, 1839. 
[COLMAM'B library of romance, t. 1-2]. 

Coles (Elisha). A dictionary, £u|{lish-LatiD, 
and Latin-English, con tuning all things 
necessary for the translating of either lan- 
ga&gti into the other. 2 v. in 1. 8°. Lon- 
don, J. RUhardson, 1677. 

The newest, plainest, and the shortest 

short-hand, [etc.] 1 p.1.27 pp. 1 portrait. 
14 pi. 16° London, P. Parker. 1674. 


Coleti (Giandomenioo). Dizionario sfoiico- 
geografioo dell' America m end ionale. 2 v. in 
1. viii, 196 pp. 1 1; 1^ pp. 1 map. 4°. 
Fmezia, Coleti, 1771. 

Collns (— ). Qu'est-ce que la science sociale I 
2\ 433 pp 2 p. 1. 507 pp. 8°. Paris, 
CUlHS It^i 

Colladoa (Diego). DicUocarivm ; sive, the- 
aav 1 1 ngv-p japonicfe coaipendivm 355 pp 
4° 1 BiHie sacT congr dejr(^ file lf!2 

Collection (A) of poemi on religious and 
moial subjects !L^tiacte1 from the most 
celebrated authois 3 p I 124 pp 10° 
Eh abethtoiBtt S KoUock 1797 

Collection (A) of psalms and hymns trom 
'various authors lor the use of i,eiious and 

t chiL 

< of I 

New ed with additions xxji 269 pp 16° 
lork iValker ^ Pennington 17S0 
Collection (A) ol scaico and valuable treat 
ises upon metals nines and mmeials [etc] 
'd ed 8 p I JIJ pp 1 pi 16 London 
J. Hodges, 174D. 


Collectionjieura (Lcs) de I'ancienne Home. 
Notes d'un amateur. [«Bon.] 3 p. 1. vii, 
123 pp. 1 1. 12°. Paris, A. Aid/ry, 1867. 

Collet (Pierre). Traits des devoirs dea gena 
du monde, et snrtont dea chefs de famille. 
xsxivpp.ll.440pp.ll. 16C. Paris, J. 
Debure. elc. 1763. S. 

Collier (Bev. William). A new selection 
of hymns ; designed for the use of confer- 
ence meetings, private drcles, and cou^e- 
gations, as a supplement to dr. Watts' psalms 
andhymns. 452 pp. 1 !. music. 18°. Boston, 
S. T. Armstrong, 1812. 

Collin d'Harleville (Jean Franpois). Thea- 
tre, et poesies fugitives. 4 v. 8°. Paris, 
Diimenil-Lcsu6ur, 1805. 

Collin de Plancy (Jacqnes August Simon). 
Godefroid de Bouillon ; ohroniques etl^gendes 
du temps des deux premiferes croisades, 1095- 
1130. [Illustrated]. 2 p. 1. iv, 479 pp. 8° 
Bruxelles, soci^i des beaax-arts, 1842. 
'ollyer (William Bengo, d. d.) Hymns, 
partly collected, and partly original, designed 
(IS a supplement to dr. Watts' psalms and 
hymns, viii pp. 10 !. 956 pp.6 I. 12°. Lon- 
don, Longman ^ co. J812. 

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Colman (Henry). F 
cnlture of Maeeacliiia ts 
139 pp. 2 pi. 8°. 


Colmeiro (Manuel). Derecho const! tacional 
de las repfiblicas hispano-americaDaE. jtvi, 
387 pp. 1 1. 16". Madrid, A. Calleja, 1847. 

Oolombo, or Colon (Criskiforo). De insulis 
in mari indioo nuper inuentla, epistola qiiam 
Aliandei' de Cosco ab Mspaoo ideomati 
latiuuni conuei'tit. ful. Basileie, 1494. 



— Latteraautogprafe [una, a Eatfaele Saxis, 
con testo ori^nale spagrraolo]. Nuovamente 
stampate [conwndlsoorBOdi Ceaare CorrenU. 
Pubblieati da G. Daalli]. xvi, 143 pp. 1 1. 
16°. JBilano, G. DaeUi ^ camp. 18€3. 

Colorado : its resouvces, parks, and prospects 
as a new field for emigration! with an ac- 
count of the Trencliara and Costilla estaEos, 
in the San Luis pavlc. Privately printed. 
[SBOM.] 2t. inl. lp.l.55ppi 3p.l.J33, 
16 pp. 3 maps. 4°. Laadoa, Ranlcen ^ ca. 

Colt (John C.) TJie science of double entry 
book-keeping simplified arranged, and 
mtthodized Also a key explaining the 
mannei of louraaliz ng and the nature of 

le day-hook en- 
tries With piactieal foims for keeping 
books 3d ed 200 pp 8°. Cinciimati, 
N r Burgess J co 1833 

Colton (fieB. Charles Caleb). Modern an- 
tiquity, and other poems, xxiii, ViG pp. 
18". Lo«don, B. B, King, 1835, 

Colton (Joseph H.) Traveler and tourist's 
guide-book through the western states and 
terrllories. 109 pp. 1 col. map. 18°. New 
York, J. H. CoUon 4- co. 1856. 8. 

Columbia ooUege, {New York city.) Cata- 
logue of the governors, trustees, and officers, 
and of alumni and other graduates, [etc. ] from 
1754 to 1864. lia pp. 6". New York, D. 
Van Nostrand, 1865. 

■ Catalogue of the officers and students 

of Columbia college for the year 1867-1868 ; 
bdng the 114tb since its fonndation. la? pp. 
8°. Ne«! York, D. Van Noslrand, 1868. 

The charter of the [King's] college of 

New Tork, in America- 13 pp. fol. Neie 
York, Parker Sf IVeyman, 1754. 

ColumMan (The) phenix and Boston review. 
Containing useful informaUon on literature, 
religion, morality, polidcs, and philosophy ; 


Columbian (The)— continued, 
[etc. Edited by Joseph Hawkins], vol. 1, 
for 1800. 453 pp. 2 pi. 8°. Boston, J. 
Hawkins, 1800. 

Columbian (The) telescope and literary com- 
piler; being a miscellaneous repository of 
literary productions. June 16, 1819, to May 
20,1830. iv,204pp, 4°. Alexandria, (D. 
C.) S. H. Davi), iei9-20. 

Colyer (Vincent). Report of the services 
rendered by tiie freed people to the United 
States army, in North Carolina, in the spring 
of 1863, afwc the battle of Newborn. 63 pp. 
ai pi. 8". Nea, York, V. Colyer, 1864. 

Comelln (Franpois). Voyage pour la redemp- 
tion descaptifs, etc. SeeLaPaye (J. B. de.) 

Comenins (Ian Amos). Sec Komenaky, 

Comet (The); or, the earth, in Iier varied 
phases, past, present, and future, as deduced 
from the highest and most reliable authorities. 
In three parts, [eta ] By Hon quis ? Sed 
quid! Acometite. [psetwioa.] 547 pp. I map. 
1 pi. 12°. New York, E. J. Hale £ son, 1869. 

Comic (The) theatre. Being a free transla- 
tion of all the best French comedies. By 
Samuel Foote and olhers. 5 v. 12". Loa- 
don, O. Leac/i, 1763, 

'(LafoussaAgnfia). [By p! N.'Deslouch^n]. 
Tlia Bpcndthrlft. {Le dlsslpatonr). [By P. N. Das- 

The triple mBrrlage. <Ls biplo marine). [By p. 

V.2. Tbe imagLnary obfitade. (L'obalaclB impr^vuj. 

(By P. O. de C. de I 


B. P. MoIiSre]. 

ir, the refon 

rake. [By 

iru^cal lovers; or, ke donble Infidelity. (Lt 
oouoieiDeonrtatnjB). [By P. C. de C. de Marivauil. 
V. 4. Tbe blunderer. |I>£hinrdi : ou. lea couti'etemB). 

[ByJ. B. P. MoMre]. 
Tbe amorous quarrel. (Le dSpil amoureui). [By 

J.E.P. Moliire]. 
Tbe eimceited ladles. (Les pr6clenses riOieuleB). 
fByJ. B.P.MoMre]. 

friage. (Lo matiaga forcS). [By J, 

(Lo mUaotbropa). [By J. B. 


t. <Lel 

tyj. B.P. Mol«re]. 
■ enSUhom 

.^ {Lemfido- 
>. By 

P. Moll^re] 

ComiHB (The) of Christ in his kingdom, and 
the ''gates wide open" to the future earth and 
heaven. Adventism, millennarianism, and 
a gross materialism exposed and refuted, 
[etc.] By a congrogationalist minister. 
[fiwBrt.] 2 p. 1. 340 pp. 1 1. 1 pi. 12°. New 
York, N. Tibbals Sfce. [J869J. 

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I I (Th ) d f! 

;i p p J t D ifiei. 

f] If IotI II B D S, o. 

[ : 

■i pp [1 

k # [lery] 
C mmm (Ph I pp 3 ) 
Hlsto I al II t t 

L rf 

D I 

C mpam n (Th ) t th b bi t 1 d fov 
bible claaaea, families, snnday schools, and 
sominariea of learning in general. Revised 
from an English copy, with queslione, by P. 
H. Cuming, Part 3d. Eeferring piiacipally 
to the new tesfamoot. [anon.] lS4,2u pp. 
18°. Neie York, protestaiit episcopal s. 3. 
itnioa, [1834]. 

Companion (A) foe tho Sunday school 
teachoi-. By a teacher. [S.P.G.nnoii.] 319 
pp. 3y°. PkUaddphia, ClarAon, Bemsen S{ 
Hafeifinger, 1869. 

Compendio de la vlda y acoiones militarea de 
Ernesto Giedeon baron de Laudon, feldmaris- 
cal de las armas imperiales. Agr^gase una 
breve explicocion geogr^6ca de ]»s plazas 
J parageis en que execute saa principales 
haaanas. [anon.} 4p. 1. 151pp. 1 portrait. 
16°. Madnd, B. Cano, 1790. 
[ With OOLECCION de ODecdalaa ; 4, mm. rmgo^ 
cuacterisljcoa de la vida y ileges de JoEepli II]. 

Compleat (A) history of magic, eorcery, and 
witchcraft. [a»n«,] 3 p. 1. 335 pp. 18" 
Loadan, E. Curll, 1716. 

Complete historical, chronolo^cal, and geo 
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Complete (The) hislovy of Thamas Konli 
Kan, (at present oalled Scbah Nadir), sove- 
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ten m French, and rendered into English, 
vnth improvements. Continued down to 
the la^t battle between the Persians and 
Turks [With] appendiit, by the translator, 
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Coiicei9Ho(Apolinarioda). Prjinazia serafics, 
na regiaoi da America, novo descobrimento 
de Santos o veneraveis religiosos da ordem 
serafica, que ennobrecem onovo mundo com 
snas viriudes, ac^oens, J8p.l.366pp. 1 1. 
Em. 4°. Lisboa occidtfntal, A. de Soasa da 
Sylva, 1733. 

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Cone (Andrew) and Johns (Walter R,) Pe- 
trolia : a brief history of the Pennsylvania 
petrolBum region ( I 1 pm th 

resources, etc, f m 1859 to 18b9 Ed ted by 
Walter E. John b'i ppl2il 13 V 
York, D. Applf 4 co 18-0 

Conen de Preplan (L M F li ) 
St^nographie ex t n 1 t d ^ 
vlte qne Ton pa 1 [ ] «d 11 

pp. 1 1. J2 pi. 3 F 1815 

Confederate states of Ame a [ 
called]. Army g 1 ad [ted f ih 

use of the army f th 1 d le t ( n 

accordance with It t f g sa 

[With] an act f th t bl h t d 
ganiztttion of th m t th 1 d t 

stales of America. Also, articles of war, for 
tlic government of the army, Ip.l. 198 pp, 
1 1. 8°. New Orleans, Bloomficld S; Steele, 

The same, Kegnlations for the aimj 

of the confedeiate states, 1862 x\,it 420 pp 
8° Rirhmond, (Fo,) /. » Randolph 186i 

Kegnlations for the government of the 

oidnauce depaitmect. iv] 1*" pp 13° 
hKhmond, IVesl Sf Johnson ISfS 

Confession (A) of faith, owned and consented 
unto by the elders and messengers of the 
churchei, assembled at Boston, in How Eng- 
land, May 12, 1680. 16°. BostoH, J. Boylcs, 


IE (J.J 

orli3. pp. S33-S711. 

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237 pp. 12°. PhUaddphia, Cares, Leu. * 

Blanchard, 1835. 
Confidences (Lea) d'un canape. \_anon.\ 64 

pp. 10". Paris, 1863. 
Congdoii (Charles T.) Tribune essays. 

Leading articles contributed to the New York 

tribune from 1857 to 1863. With an iutro- 

ductiOQ, by Horace Greeley, xxiv, 406 pp. 

12°. A"™ York, J. S. Hcdjield, 1869. 
CoiigreB;a.tio paupernm matris Dei scholarum 
Constilntiones reiigionis clericorum 


L panperur 

s Dei Echolaruiu 

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Congregatlo — eoutinued . 
pmium Tnin decreta capitulorum g 
li\im id UDum quod^ue constitutionum caput 
speetantia, [etc.] 4 p. I. 301 pp. 18°. 
Madid, A Marin, 1761. S. 

Congregatioiial (Tbe) tinion of Ecgland aud 
Wales The new congreKBtiocal liymu 
book Psalms and bymoa for divine wor- 
ship. Tiii, 783 pp. ]6°. Lovdoa, Jacliaon, 
Walford ■£ Hodder, [I8G8] ! 

Congr^s artistiqae [inleinalional], Conipte 
lendu des tfavani du congrSs artistique 
d'Anvers, par m. Eugene Gressin Damoulin, 
secretaire g^D^ral dn Eongrfea. xvi, 368 pp. 
8". AttTKn, M. Kornkker, 1863. S. 

CongresBlonal globe. See United States. 

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16°, Aubara, Derby, Milter * eo, 1850. 

Connecticut (State of). Catalogue of volun- 
teer orgaoizatioris (infantry, cavalrj, aud 
arlillei7), in the service of the United States, 
I861-I865, with additional enlistmentB, cas- 
ualties, etc and brief sammaties, showing 
the operations and service of the several regi- 
ments ao^ balteries. Prepared from records 
in tlje adjutant general's office J3S pp 1 1 
8°. Hm-tford, Brawn S{ G)os< 186 > 

Journal of the senatP Majsession IRbS 

8°. JVeio Haven, T.J.Staforl l'*8 

Journal of the hotise of representatives 

May session, 1868. 8°. Atio Hiven TJ 

Public documents of the legjslalaie May 

session, 1868. Printed by oiiei uf the as 
sembly. 8°. Harford, 1868 

The same, 1869. B HarlfmJ 18F9 

Third annual report of the =ec etary of 

tbe Connecticut board of agiiciltuie 18Ch- 
69, 8°. HaHford, Case LoLkwood S, Brn 
nard, 18G9. 

Areport on the geological survey of Cou' 

neeticut. By Charles Upham Shepard, 
188pp. 8°. NmeHaoen, B.L.Hamlen, 1837. 

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Published under the direction of the board 
of oommiasionei's of common schools, i y 
4°. and 8°. Hartford, Case, Tiffany S{ co 

Connecticut (The) evangelical magazine 
July, 1804, to Jnue, 1807. v. 5-7. 8° 
Bartfnrd, 1804-07, 
[Nothing later publlBhod]. 

Connecticut. General association of congre- 
gational chnrches. Psalms and hymns, 


Connecticut — continued . 
for christian use and worship ; prepared and 
set forth by the general association of Con- 
necticut. 720 pp. 33°. NeiB Haven, Dar- 
rk St Peek, 1859. 

Connell (ffiss Sarah G.) Eleanor's lessons. 
332 pp. 3 pi. 16°. PliUaddpkia, J. B. 
Shells S- M. 1863. 

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tion of New Jersey, 8°. iVewarft, 1868, 
[ZtjNkw Jersey. Geology of New Jerney, (apj 
dlx A), pp. 781-739], 

Conservative (The) ; a quarterly publi 
tlon, April 1, 1860, Eeuben Vose, editor and 
proprietor, 160 pp. 33°. [JVeto rorft],1860, 

Cousid^rant (Victor). Au Texas, 3° e( 
contenaot 1". rapport a mes amis; 3". base 
et statuta de la soci^t^ de colonisation et 
iMp^o-am^rioaine, au Texas ; 3". ies haat 
d'rm premier ^tablissementsoci^taire. 9 p. 
■3SGpp. 4 tables. I map. 12°. Btaxelles, 
sociiti de colonisation, 1855. 

Constant de Rebeoque (Heuri Benjamin), 
Adolphe; an anecdote fonnd among the 
papers of an unknown person. 238 pp, II 
Philadelphia, M. Careg fr son, 1817, 

Constant (Louia Constant Wairy, plus connu 
sous le no/a de). Mfimoires <Ie Constant, 
premier valet de chambre de I'empereur, sur 
la vie priv6o de Napoleon, sa famille et aa 
eour. 6v, 8°. Paris, Ladsoeat, 1830. 
[NOTE.— This work WHB begun by J. B. fle Roque- 
fort, Bonlinned by the bmlLera M611o(, and oon- 
clnded by Tll!em£ii>eBl], 

Constantia, (pseudon.) SeeMurrar(Mrs, J.) 

Constitution (Die) der Vereinigten Stoaten 
von America, mit ihren verbesserungen, nnd 
die del lepublik i on Pennsvlvanien, Nebst 
der eikl nung der nnahhingjgkeit der 
Tereimgten Rtaaten und die ahschiedsad- 
dresse von geneial Geoige Washington. 
156 pp 16° Reading, (Penn) C M'fVU- 
liami, [ato«(1823] 

Contes fantasliqnes Parm Verd Ipsendon. 
juillet, 1834; juin, 183.'>]. v. 1-2. 2 p. 1.240 
pp; 3p.i. 240pp, 8°. Paris,]835. 

Contenr (Le), recueil de contes et nonvelles,_ 
par mm. bibliophile Jacob, m^ d'Abrant^s 
Ph=, Chaales, etc, [polpon.l 2p,l, 253 pp, 
I 1, 16°. Paris, Dttmont, 1833. 

Continental (The) jomnal, and weekly ad- 
vertiser, [Boston], Jan, 28 to Dec, 30, J779 ; 
Jan. 4, 1781, to Dec. 15, 1786, 5 v. fol. 
BosKm, John Gill, and J. D.Gri^th, 1779-86. 
Note.— Jaa. 1731— Dec. 1783, iniercalated ioi!ft Bos- 
ton gcjotto and conotry jomiial, 1781-83. 

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ContosouoB (Constantinos). Eyx^'P'^i- 
c^poiKi/f op;i:aio/l,D)'iaj', 'Z p. 1. A', 363 pp. 

pi, 8°, Ek AffjlVaiS, BK TOU TUJTO^pO^e! 

M.aii/iorTviinc, [eis.] 1844. 

EKK^tjaiaaTiKJi idTopia, [etc.] v. 1, 

637 pp. 8°. Ell A0^vai^, nnroif N. Have 
jTovTiov, 1B66. 

^fAoJoyiK!? KM KpiTiKt; toTopia Tim a 

njf a' /iexpi Tti^ ij' CKarovraerripiSo; atc/iaai 
■nni ayii^v tt/s eicH^ijaiac narcpov, W» ruv ai 
■ypafi/taTuv avTuv, 2 T. !j', 716 pp ; C, 718 
pp. 8°. Ev AOw'S, 2. K, B2aoTOc]851- 
53. s. 

Contradictioua ; or, bigh life at EiJgerton. 
ByA.K.D. [on*'"-] 359pp.4pl. 16°. 
Boston, D. Lothrop If co. 1869. 

Conversations-leKikoil. ATlgemeJne iJeut- 
scbe real-encjklopadie liir die gebildeteu 
Blonde, 11' flufl. v. 15, Venen bis Zwolle. 
Naelitr^ und iiniveisal-regiater. 8". Leip- 
zig, F. A. Brockhaus, 1868, 

Converted (The) Indian : a poem, [with] ao 
ode, on the incarnation. By Clio. Ipaeudon. ] 
20 pp. 4°. ShTemsbm-y, aiohor, 1774. 

Conybeare (Reit. William John) and Hovr- 
BOa {Rem.Soha. Saiil). The life aQ<I epistles 
of Bt. PauL 6th ed. 3 v. xKii,459pp. 9 
maps, 11 pi; 556pp. 8 maps. 5 pi. 8°. New 
York, C. Scrilmer, 1858. 

Cook (Blizft). Poetical works. New ad, con- 
taining her recent produeiione. xviii, 3K 
pp. 6 pi, 12°. PkUadilphia, J. Locken, 1853. 

Cook (Euae le B ) Henry (W E ) and OH 
berg (C A) Amenuau chess nuts i cd 
lection of problems hy Lomposeii oi the 
western woiU x 627pp 8° ifio Io»/i 
A. W. King lbf.8 

Cook (Oeoige) An illustration of the gen 
eral eyidence establish ng the reality of 
Christ'B resurrection xvi "23 pp 8° 
Limdott Longm in Hurst Fees jf Orme 

Cook (George H.) Eeport upon the geolo^cal 
Bui-vey of New Jersey, 1863-65. 13, 94, 12 

. pp. SP. Trentan, stale eoveriimeiit,'i3Gi-GG, 
[New JERSKr, Gfaolagioal siirvByJ, 

Cook (Ichabod). A brief examination of Bome 
of the most prevalent false doctrines and cere- 
monials of the christian sects, compared with 
apostolic doctrines. With a short acconnt of 
the BigDB and evidences of his call to the work 
of a christian reformation, 173 pp. 12°. 
Prooidence, Knoicles $f Vose, 1847. 


Cooke (Ocii,Qeorge,m.rf,) Professional ex- 
perience in various climates : a complete 
practical treatise on genital maladies ; with 
pathological observations on the philosophy 
of reprodnotion, spermatonhcea, [etc] with 
the more succeesful management of diseases 
of women and children, a£ adopted at the 
present day. 2d ed. xviij, 3]3pp. 1 portrait, 
8°, Albany, {N. Y.) author, 1852. 

Cooke (JohnE.m.rf.) Answer to the Keview 
of an essay on the invalidity of presbylerian 
ordination, published in the Biblicsl repertory 
and theological review, of Princeton, New 
JerBSy, 136 pp. 8°. LexingtoH, (Kg.) Se- 
porter office, 1830, 

Cooke (M. C.) A fern-book for everybody. 
Containing all the British ferns. With the 
foreign, species suitable for a fernery. 2 p. I, 
124 pp.12 16°. London. F. Warns 
* CO. 1868. s. 

One IhoDsand objects for the micro- 
scope. 3 p. 1, 133 pp. 12 pi. 16°. London, 
F. IVame fr co. 1869. s. 

Cooke (Rev. Parsons). Modern nniversalism 
of the writings 
pp. 12°. Louiell, 

A commentary of 
or, mind and the 
relation to health. 


of rev. Walter Balfour, i 

A.Rond, 1834, 
Cooka (Dr. William). 

medical and moral life 

emotions, considered in 

disease, and religion. 327 pp. 12°. PMla- 

delplaa, C. J. Price Sr co, 1853, 
Cooke (William Fothergill). The electric 

telegraph: mas it invented by professor 

Wheatstone? 2 parts in Iv, x, 282pp; iv, 

268 pp. 8°. London, W. H. Smitlt S{ son, 


lining pamphleU of 1854-56, 
•iiiinK arbili-ation papera luid drai 

Part i, Et> 

Cooley (Leroy C) A text-book of chemistry. 
A modem and systematic explanation of the 
elementary principles of the science. 233 pp. 
13°. Neu, York, C. Scr^ner Sf co. 1869. 

Coombe (Fredericlc), The dawn of the mil- 
lenium! Splendid discovery! A beautiful 
plan to give every man (and woman also) a 
nice house and lot, and a nice little wife or 
a husband for all, with nearly one hundred 
pictorial illustrations of passages in the life of 
theanthor, [etc] 1 p.1.4 pp, 26 1, 29-143 
pp. 271. with 110 woodcuts. 8°. New York, 
aiUkor, [1869], 

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Cooper (James Feniniorp). Geseliielile dev 
nordamerikanisclieil seemaeht und ihrer 
Itriegsthaben. Aus flem Englischen Uberselzt 
von H. Kiluzel. 4 v. 16°. Frankfurt am 
Main, J. D. SaaBTldsder, 1840. 

Cooi>er (Sen. William). Divine teachings to 
be soiight that ive may be led into divine 
truth. A sermon preacli'd Febraarj- 27tb, 
1731-33. I p.l. 36 pp. 16°. BoUan, J. 
Edayards, 1733. 

Coopei(Res. W.H.) Incidents of shipwreck i 
or, the loss of the Sau Francisco. 108 pp. 
18°. PhiladdpMa, If. F. Hazard, 1855. 

Cope (Edward Duffield). Description of a 
new genus and spedcs of reptiles, [Amphi 
bamns grandiceps], from thecoal 
8°. Chicago, I8(i6. 
[ILLINOIS {Geological siitvny of), v. 

CoppSe (Henry). World pictures in capitals. 
See Potter (E, T.) and Coppee. 

Coquerel (Atbanase, junior). J)es beatix-arls 
en Italie au point de vue religiaHs. Letfres 
6eriles de Rome, Naples, Pise, etc. et siiiviee 
«l^e conception. 2 p. 1. iv, 295 pp. 16°. 
Pom, J. Cherbidiez, 1857. 

Coqnerel (Athanase Charies Laurent). Chris- 
tianity : its perfect adaptation to the mental, 
moral lud spiritnal nature of man. Trans- 
laled by the lev D Davison m a. With a 
piefwe written expies ly t r the English 
edition by the author ilviii 484 pp. 12o. 
London Longman Brows Gieen and Long- 
mans 1347 

Coraobait (Juan Bantsta) Arithmetica 
demonstrada tbeo co pmetica paralomathe- 
mat u> y meroantil [etc ] a p 1. 494 pp. 
8 1 8° Bar dona J Fiffrrer 1719, s, 
[Lastlcnf want lie-] 

Coral and steel; a most compendious method 
of presei-ving and restoring health. Or, a ra- 
tional discourse grounded npon experience; 
practically shewing how most diseases may 
be both prevented and cured, either solely or 
chiefly by two common medicaments, via: 
red coral and steel. ByE, B.m, d. [anon,] 
9 p. 1. 116 pp. 1 L 24°. London, S. Miller, 
labout 1700] ? 

Corazaa (Cajetano). De arte bene amandi ; 
sive, de dlligendo Deo libri tres [metrici]_ 
148pp, 16°. RomiB, A. de Rtdieis, 17Si. 

Corbeaier (Antoioe J.) Principles of squad 
instruction for the broadsword. 47 pp. 10 pi. 
16°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincall * co. 1869. 


Cordier (Alphonse). Martyrs et houn-eaux 

de 1793. 3 v. 16°. Paris, L. Vivis, 1860. 
Cordns (Henricns Urhanus hniivm as Euri- 

cius), Buoolicum Ivdricvm. 2» ed. 40 I. 

sm. 4°. Lipsim, V. Sclmmaa, 1518. 
Coria (Domingo de). See Soria. s. 

Comaro (Luigi). Consejos, y medios facilea 

para vivir mticho tiempo con perfecta aaliid ; 

[etc.] 1 p. 1. 106 pp. 16°. Madrid, J. 

Ibarra, 1782. 

[Wit&JjEjs (LSonard) and CoHNAno (Lnigi). La 
BobrledKa j sub v6nlt^jaB], 

Come (Hyaointhe Marie Augustin). Lecar- 
dinal Mazarin. (1642-61). 2 p. 1. 122 pp. 

I 1. 16°, Faris, L. HackelU * etc. 1853. 
1* cardinal Eichelieu. [1^^3-42]. 2p,l, 

11 6 pp, 1 1, 16°. Faris, L. Hachette Sf de. 1853. 
Corneille (Pierre), ffiuvres completes. 8ui- 
vies dee ceiivres ehoisiea de Th, Corneille, 
avec lee notes de tone les common tatours, 
V. I. 704 pp. 1 porti-^t. 8°. Paris, Didol 
frires, 1843. 

Les Horaces, trsg^die en cinq actes et 

en vers. 48 pp. 8°. Paris, Pages, 1811. 
[MahkOE pmnplilsls, v. 11)]. 

The same. Horace. A tragedy. 8°. 

London, H. Herriagman, 1Ij78, 

[In Philips (1L> Poema. Appendis, pp. 87 lo m4]. 
L'imitation de J&iqs Christ. Tradnile 

etparaphrafi^eenvoi'sfransois, iSd. uonvelle. 

II p. 1. 546 pp, 3 1,5 pi. 16°. Paris, C. Os- 
moiit, 1715.' s. 

Pompey, a tragedy. 4 p. 1. 65 pp. &^. 

London, H. Herringman, 1678. 


■Et. K.) P 


Corner (Julia). The history of China and 
India, pictorial and descriptive, xvii, 403 
pp. 31 pi, 8°. London, H. IVaahbum,m7. 

Cornhill (The) magazine. Jan. to Dec. 1869. 
19-20. 8°. London, Smilh, Elder ^ co. 


Cornhill (The) monthly and literary recorder. 
July 15 to Nov. 15, 1868. Noa. 1-5 of v. i. 
172 pp. 8°. Boston, D. Lotkrop f N. P. 
Kemp, 1868. 

Corpanoho (Manuel Nicolas). Eusayos po- 
rticos, [mt^llanes, etc.] precedidos de 
varioB jnicios escritos en Europa y America. 
1 p. 1, 378 pp. 1 portriut. 8°, Paris, Maaldt 


., 1854. 

CoTT^a (Gaapai-). The three voyages of Vas- 
co da Qama, and his vice-royally. From 
the Lendaa da India, Accompanied by orig- 

by Google 

d f 

n ti P 
i t by 

3pl 1 

fheh H yE J S 1 
430 pp I 1 pp 1 p tre 

8°. London, Hakluyt soaety, iCtOH. 
[HiULDTT societj pubUcatlouB, V. «]. 

Correspondauce da I'armfe fran^aise en 
;Egypte, interceptee par I'eseiidra de Nelson ; 
pnbliee ji liondrea ; aveo nne inf roduction et 
des cotes de la chancelleTie auglaise, tradui tes 
en Frangais! suiviea d 'observations, pai E. 
T.Simon, 3 p,l.lxxii,277 pp. 8°. Ports, 
aaraery, 1799. 

Coirespondeuzblatt fiir saminler von in- 
Becten, iusbeaondere von sclimetteilingen. 
[VerantwortlichBT redacteur, dr. Herrich. 
Schaffer]. i [und] ii jabrgang. I v. 190 
pp. tP. Regensharg, G.J. Manx, li!GO-Gl.s. 

Corry (John). Domestic distresses, eiempli- 
jied in five pathetic original tales : Francis 
Goodwin; Vale of Clayd; Eilmund and 
Amelia ; Arthur and Mary ; and Henry 
Thompson. 5 v. jn 1, 13°. London, W. 
Nicholson, 1806. 

Corset (The) and the crinoline. A book of 
modes and costumes, from remote periods to 
the presenb time. ByW.B.L[ordT anora.] 
337 pp. 45 pi. sm. 4°, Landoa,Ward, Lock 

Coreiiii (L.) £1 album del diahlo; 6, las 
revelaeioneB. 246 pp. 8°. Madrid, Uial ^ 
Agairre, 1H44. 

Cortes (Hernando). The fif^h letter of Heman 
Cortes to the emperoi Charles v containing 
an aLConnt of hia eipedition to Hondurna. 
Translated from the origmal Spanish by 
don Faacual de Gayangon 3 p 1. xvi, 156 
pp. 8° London H/d,liiyt to ifiy 1868. 

CortSs y Iiarrdz (Pedro, archbtshop of Ova- 
taaala) InstincLion pastoral suhre el mfi- 
todo piactico de admmntrai con frnto el s**. 
Sacramento de la penitencia. Manddndola 
oljsenai a todos los confesoie? de en dldee- 
sis. La reimpiime el di fity Jceph Mata- 
m6roa 203 pp sm 4° Valencia, B, Mon- 
fort, 1784 

Costa e S^ (Manoel Josi Maria da). Breves 
annotaQoea S, meoioria que o ex"'", sr. vis- 
conde do S. Leopoldo escreveu com o titnlo 
quaes sao os limites natnraes, pacteados e 
necessaries do imperio do Brazil ^ 3 p. I. pp. 
159-344. 8°. Mo de Janeiro, iaslitiilo )ds- 
lorko'geograpMco brazileiro, 1839. 


Costairzo (Salvatore). Discorso sulle viceudo 
poHtiche della Sicilia dal 1800 al 1840. 3 v. 
in 1. 130 pp.21; 40 pp. 16°. La Paz, J. 
Ayenuio Orbitio ^ ca. 1845. s. 

Costa Rica. Informe del aecretario de estado 
loB departmentos de hacienda, guerra. 

legialativas de 18615. sm, fol. San Josi, 

impienta HadoraaJ, {1866]? 8. 

Coster (G.van Lennep). Sec Leiriiep Coa- 

Cotelier (Jeau Baptiste). Ecclesite grsecse 
monumenta, [Grieceet latine]. 2 v. 8 p. 
1. 826 pp. 7 1 ; 4 p. 1. 689 pp. 15 1. 4°. iiife- 
cite Fansioruta, F. M«.guet, 1677-81, 

Cotta (Bernhard von), Geognostische skiaze 
von Tlraringen. 8°. Dresden, IBiS. 8. 
[7ii GeiWtz (H. B.) GftavouSacIiscn]. 

awl others. Brlefe tther Alexander von 

Humboldt's Kosmos. Bin commentar zu 
dleaom werke fur gchildete laien. Herans- 
gegeben von B. v. Cotta, [th, 1, 3,5]; J. 
Schaller, [th.2]; "W. C. Wittwer, [4° th, 1" 
abth: supp. th.] und H. Girard, [4=th. 2" 
abtb.] 5 theile In 7 abth. 6 v. 8°. Leip- 
zig, T. 0. Weigd, 1848-60. 

Cottage piety exemplified. By the author of 
"Union to Christ," '"Love to God," etc. 
[anoB.] 316 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, J. B. 
Uppincott 4- CO. 1869. 

Cottfn (Marie Josephine Eistean, olhcnnie 
Sophie Bistand). Elizabeth; or, the exiles 
of Siberia. [From the French], v, 113 pp. 
1 pi. 1B°. London, Groombridge ^' sons, 
[1865] T 

Cottle (Joseph). Alfred ; an epic poem, in 
twenty-four books. Ist American from the 
last English cd. 2v.ini. 189pp; 155pp. 
34°. Ncoiburyport, W. B. Allen Sf co. 1814. 

Cotton (Charles), The complete angler. See 
"Walton (Isaac) and Cotton. 

Cotton {^Bev. John). A treaUse of the cove- 
nant of grace, as it is dispensed to the elect 
seed, eflectnally unto salva^oa. Being the 
substance of divers sermons preached upon 
Acts 7-8, [etc] .The 2ded. corrected by 
the author. 12 p. 1. 250 pp. I 1. 18°. Lon 
daa, J. Coitrd, 1659. 

Couflrette (Chi'istophe), Histoire g€n^rale 
de la naissance et des progr^s de la com- 
pa^ie de J^sus, et I'analyae de ses constitu- 
tions et privililges, [par L. A. Lepaige]. 
nonvelle^d. [anufl.] 6v. 16°. Amsterdam. 

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Couglilaii (Res. — ) A select collection of 
psalms and b^mns L^traL,t«>d fiom teieial 
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congragBtion oi Holywell chapel 5lh eJ 
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Coiiacll of Trent Sec Roman catliolio 

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Theaame. Appendis, 9 mars jusqu'au 

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chanics' manual. With many valuable ta- 
bles for machinists, manufactttrers, mer- 
ohaols, builders, engineers, ete. Revised 
and enlarged by George E. Waring, jr. 506 
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f Wiih CiBciKBATi (WilliMBs') directory (or 1868]. 


Cowan (John, m. d. ) Tbe science of a new life. 
40r>pp.3pl. 8". ma>York,Coicanfco.\Sm. 

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tion, 1867. Report on silk and sillt manu- 
factures. 51 pp. 8°. Washington, govern- 
men! jirinting o^iee, 1868. 

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moral, social, and civil duties; adapled to 

existing circnrostances. By the Weslejan 

missionaries of Antigua. 13 pp. 8°. IDem- 

iry, 1837] 1 

.pprenticed la 

h MtNElE (AkxD 

*r Hortc 

Lvith a memoir. 
Boston. Light 

Cox (Samuel Hanson, rf.d.) Quakerism not 
Christianity; or, reasons for renouncing the 
doctrine of friends. In three parts 1 p, I. 
636 pp, 8° JVm lor/i J LeamU 1S33. 

Cos (Sanford C ) Recollections of the early 
settlement of the Wabash vrllej 160 pp. 
8^. Lafayilf, Courier steam book and job 
printing liouse 186V 

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sooiit€ typographique, 1781. 

The same. Die entdeckungen der Kos- 

sen zwisehen Asien und America, nebst der 
gescbichte dor eroberang Siheriens und des 
handeis der Eussen und Ciuneser. Aus dem 
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I pi. 8°. Frankfurt uad Leipzig, J. G. 
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Coyer (Gabriel Fran9ois). La nobleza comer- 
ciante. Traduccion del Frances, hecha para 
la iitilidad de la Real soeiedad ecou6mica da 
los amigos del pais de Mallorca, con un dis- 
corso preliminar, y vavias notas. Por J, M, 
de Spicosa y Cantabrana. I p. 1. Ixxkv, 316 
pp. ] pi. 16°. Madrid, J. Ibarra, 1781. 

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Cozens (Dr. —), Fablea; adfessed to tlie 
ladies. 134 pp. 18°. Pliiiaddpliia, IV. Spotts- 
wood, 1788. 

Cozy-house (The) 
163 pp. 3 pi. 18°. 
society, [1868]. 

Cozza (Lorenso). Dahia selecta eoiergentia 
circa solHcitadonem iu coDfennioue saem- 
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pTubatis auctoribus digesta, atque discuEa, 
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[«Mo«.] 485pp.] pi. 12°. New York, 
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iv, 370 pp. 1 pi. J-i°. Lmidon, Burst Sf 
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author of "John Halifax, gentleman," etc. 
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dm, 1869. 

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the republic, containing its principles and 
objects, together with memorial day in the 
department of Michigan, May, 1869, list ol 
officers, etc. viii, 143 pp. 12". Lansing, 
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religion in general, and ono on the authen- 
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unitarian chapel, Fi'eston, Lancashire, x pp. 
1 1. 402 pp. 12°. London, Sheraoed^co. 1827. 

Crell (Johann). De X>eaet ejus attributis. 6 
p.]. 353pp. Hm.4° ffncouiffl, S. S(eTBe, 1630. 


IL (Johl 



Creacent (The) anil the cross. A story of 
Malta. By tho author of " The times of 
Knox and queen Mary Stuart." [auon.] 
283 pp. 16°. New York, Aiaerican trad 
society, [1869]. 

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g^n^raux et chefs vendfiena. 3 p. 1. 446 pp. 
8°. ParU, H. L. Deiloye, 1838. 

Histoire de Louis Philippe d'Orl^ans et 

de rorWaaisme. 2 v. 3 p. 1. 53-'> pp ; 2p.l. 
524 pp. 8=. Paris, Lagng fibres, 1862-^3. 

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mythologle. Mit einem heft abbildnngen 
zvim ganzen werk auf sechzig tafeln, nnd 
mitholzschnitten. 6 v. 8°. Leipzig, und 
Darmstadt. Heyer S; Leske, 1819. 
lAtUs ivanliagl. 

Crfevecceur (J. Hector Saint John de). Let- 
ters from an American farmer, describing 
prOTincia! situations, mauuers, and customs. 
240 pp. 16°. PhUaddpkia, M. Carey, 1793. 

Crevenna (Pietro Antonio). Catalogue rai- 
Bonnfi da [sa] collection de livres. 6 v. 4°, 
Amsterdam, 1776. 

T.6. AUdiUoDS et tnblos. 

Cilolla (La) y los jesuitas. Novela hislfirica 
agri-dulce,joco-s€ria, 6 como si dig^rainos es- 
crita entre risa j llanto, original del Tio ftdel. 
2 V. in I. [anon.] 210 pp ; 273 pp. 18°, 
Madrid, sodedad Uteraria, 1645. 

Crittenden ( Eee. Samuel W. ) Sacramento 
of the church. 174 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, 
presbylerian publication committee, [1869]. 

Crittenden (S. W.) An inductiveand prac- 
tical treatise on book-keeping by single and 
double entry, [etc.] 248 pp. 8°. PhUa- 
delpkia, E. C. * J. Piddle, 1849. 8. 

Key to the treatise on single entiy book- 
keeping. 23 pp. 12° Philadelphia, E. C. 
St J. Biddle. 1854. S. 

Croese (Gerard). Eistoria quakeriana; sive, 
do vaigo dictis quakeris, ah ortu illorum 
usqae ad receus natum schisma, libri iii, 
[etc.] 8p.l. 583 pp. 1 1. 16°. Amsldo- 
dami, ttidua T. Boom, 1 695. 

The same. ed. 2». 8 p. 1. 580 pp. 9 1. 

160. Amstelodami, 1696. 

Croffut(W.A.) onci Morris (John M.) Tl.e 
military and civil histoty of Connecticut 
during the war of 1861-65. Comprising a 
detailed account of the various regiments and 

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Croffiit— COD tinued. 
Iiatteriea. 3d ed. revisetl. 3 p, 1, 891 pp. 60 por- 
tr^tson I4pla. 8°. New York, L. Bill, 1869, 

Croieet ( Jeao). Meditacioaee sobre las maa 
importanteB verdadea del evsngelio, eseritas 
en Fi'anc^s, [etc ] pot el padre Juan Crois- 
set, de la extingnida compauia de JesuE ; y 
tradnoidas al Caslellano, por d, Fernando 
Mafihado. lOp.l. a07pp. 16°. Madrid., 
A. Ulloa, 1791. S. 

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speeches, and characters, xiii pp. 1 I. 356 
pp. S°. Londim, R. B. Seeley <fe W. Barn- 
side, 1842. 

Popery and the popieh question ; being 

an exposition of the political and doctrinal 
opinions of niessrs. O'Connell, Keogh, Drom- 
gole, Gandolphy, etc. 2 p, 1.147 pp. 8°. 
London, G. B. WhUUilieT, 1835. 

Croniae (Titns Fey). The natoial wealth 
of California ; comprising early history, ge- 
ography, topography, and scenery; climate, 
^riculture and commercial products; geol- 
ogy, zoology, and botany, [etc.] together 
with a detailed description of each coanty, 
[etc.] ivi,696 pp. 8°. San Francista, H. 
H. Bancroft ^ co. 1868, 

Croiiyoles (The) of Englonde, with thededes 

of popes and eaiperm-s, and also the descrip- 

cyon of Englonde. 1.29-161. sm.fol. [Lou- 

doa, Wynkya de Worde, 1528]. 

{Bv Pvnaoa, Grafton, end i'oE, ealled Caxton's 

ciirmiiole. Imperfect: tlHe paRe, and L 1-39, 33- 

a'1.48,iae.lfla-163,andaUthe''aeBctlpcyonof Ens- 


Crookea (William) and iWhrig (Ernst), A 
practical treatise Da metallurgy. See Eerl 

Crosby (Howard). A hible manual, 
to furnish a general view of Uie holy scrip- 
tures, as introductory to their study. 109 
pp. 2 maps. 18''. Nae York, university 
publishing CO. 18G9. 

Crosby (Thomas). The history of the Eng- 
lish baptists, from the reformation to the 
ginning of tbe reign of king George i. ' 
12°, London, editor, 1738. 

Cross (Jeremy L.) The templar's chart; 
hieiogljphic monitor; containing all the 
emblems and hieroglyphics explained 
orders of knights of the red cross, knights 
templars, and knighte of Malta. 2d ed. 
pp.23pt. 19°, Sbib York, author, Ki^ 

• The same. The supplement to the 

templars' chart. 67, 48 pp. ia°. New York, 
[auUior:\, 1853. 


Cross (Jeremy L.)— continued, 

The true masonic chart ; or, hieri^lyphic 

monitor. With songs, elc. Also, a history 
of free-masonry, by a brother. 8th ed. 342 
pp. 48 pi. 12°. New York, etr. atUhor, 1848. a. 

Cross (Jonathan). IllusCratioDs of the shorter 
catechism, for children and youth. 2 t. 268- 
pp ; 308 pp. 18°. Philad^phia, prcsbyteriaK 
baardof pablicalion, 1864. 

CroBwell (Harry, d. d.) A. manual of family 
prayer ; adapted to the vanons seasons of 
the ecclesiastical year : with prayers and 
thanksgivings for special occasions. 2d ed. 
revised and corrected. 248 pp. 12°. Nem 
Haven, S. Babcoek, 1845. 

Crotch (William). Palestine, a sacred ora- 
tmio, (he voice parts in score, the iostvaraeu- 
tal adapted for the piano forte, the words by 
rev. Reginald Heber. 2 p. 1. 177 pp. 4=. 
London, Birchailsf ChappeUs, []810]T 

Crowley (Eobart). An apologie, or defence, 
of those Englishe writers and preachers 
which Cerberus, the three-headed dog of beti, 
cbargeth wjth false doctrine, vnder the 
name of predesWnation. 3 p. I. 1041, 8°, 
London, H, Bsnij«nt<iti, 1566. 

Cruden (Rev. Alexander). Concordance to 
the holy scriptures. Edited by John Eadie, 
d.d.ll.d. Wholly revised, and printed for 
Hitchcock's complete analysis of the holy 
bible, pp.751 to 10B2. 8°. [iVeio Yark, A. J. 
Jo)t«sott, 1869]. 

Cruikshajik (James, II. J. ) Analysis, pars- 
ing, and composition ; with direct references 
to the grammars of dr. Bullion's series. Also 
adapted to any correct grammar of the Eng- 
lish language. viii, 202 pp. 16°. Nevf 
York, Sheldon Sf cb. 1870. 

Crum (Walter). An experimental inquiry 
into the number and properties of the primary 
colours, and the source of colour in the prism, 
47pp.3pl. 8°. Glasgow, Alki»i,enS(ce.l?ai>. 

Crusius (Martin). TVrcogrxeciie libri octo. 
Quibvs Gracorvm statvs svb imperio torcico, 
inpolitia, [etc.] Inculenterdescribitur. 31p,L 
557 pp, 1 pi- fol. Basileie, L. Oslenius, [1584]. 

Cruttenclen (David H.) Mathematical aeries, 
no. 1. Table-book and mental systematic 
arithmetic, for beginners. 62 pp. 16°. New 
York, Kiggins <E Kellogg, 1854. S. 

The subjective or analytic arithmetic, 

in which tbe science is applied to the art. 
9d course. 378 pp. 12°. New York, J. M. 
Bradstreet ^ sm, 1868. 

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Cnittenden (D. H.)— coiitiDuecl. 

The theoretieal aD^ practical aystematic 

arithmetio, [dtc] 316 pp. 16°. Neu) Yvrk, 
D. M. CruUenden,i85a. S. 

Cuba.. Estado militar de la isla de Cuba. 
155 pp. 18°. Haiiana, imprenta del gobierao, 
( WUIiCaEi. Gnia de forasleroB en Cuba, 184H]. 

Gnia de foi'^^teros en la siempre fiel isla 

de Cnba, 1830. IS33-35, 1843, 1645-49, 
1864. 11 V. 18° and 16". H«bana, li929- 
63]. s. 

■ Informe fiacid. sobie fomento de la 

poblaciou blaaoa en la isla de Cuba, y 


Curtis (Mrs. D. S.) The spirit of aevent.y- 
aix ; or, the comings woman, a prophetic 
drama, followed by A change of base, an<l 
Doctor Mondschein. [onon.] 141pp. 12°. 
Boston, Little, Bromnfco. 1868. 

Curtis (George Ticknor). Life of Daniel 
Webster, v.). jtri, 589 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. 
New York, D. Appldoa & ca. 1870. 

Curtis (Moses A. rf. d.) Botauy; ct-ntamlng' 
acaialogne of Ihe indigenotis and nataraliaeil 
plants of tbe state [of North Carolina], b°. 
Raleigh, 1867. 



emancipacion progressiva 

de la esclava, 

[etc. ] Presentado a la snperintendencia 
general delegftda de rea! hacienda, endiciem- 
bre de 1644. Per el fiscal dels tniama [el 
sefior Qaeipo] I p I -^viii pp J 1 195 328 
pp. J J am lol Madrid, J Martia ilegna, 

Cudena, (Pedro) BeBcbreibung dta i oitu- 
g e. gcbon Ameiika Em spamschea manu- 
s [t n der woltenbuttelschea bibllotbek, 
he a sgegebeu vom bofrath Lessing Mit 
an e 1 nge uud aiiaatzen begleitet t C. 
Le i>te 160 J p li° Braunscku-eig, juaysea- 
lans 1 80 

Cultivator (The) and countiy gentleman. 
Devoted to the practice and aoience of agri- 
culture and hoiticnlture etc July, 1868, to 
Dec 1669 v 32-34 4° Albany, L Tud,fr 

Cumberland (Richard, U.d.) Calvary ; or, 

the death of Christ. A poem in eight books. 

2d Am. ed. 348 pp. 16". Boston, Manning ^ 

Loriitg, 1796. 
Cuimingliam (Allan). Lord Eoldan, A 

romance. 2 v. in J. 238pp; 321pp. 12°. 

New York, Harper * brothers, 1836. 
Some account of the life and worka of 

air 'Walter Scott. 106 pp. 19°. Boston, 

StimpBon <& Clapp, 1832. 
Cuiinliigljam(RcB. John William). Sermons. 

366 pp. 8°. JVero York, W. B. OUley, 1833. 
CurioaitieH (The) of Paris, in nine letters, 

[etc.] By A. E. [mton.'i xxiv, 169 pp. 

8°, London, W. Owen, laboat 1756]. 
Cwrie (_Rev. Duocan D.) A catechism of 

baptiam. Enlarged ed. 131 pp. 13°. Nein 

York, a. W. Greeu, 1869. 
Carrie (William). A treatise on the lawful. 

ness of defensive war. In two parts, xviii, 

102pp. 13°. PhUadelphia, B. FraMia,l748. 

Curtia's botanical magaaine, [etc.] By J.D. 
Hooker. 3d series, v. 24, (or v. 94 of the 
whole work), 8°. London, L, Keeve ^ co. 

Cmtina (Emat). ThehistoryofGreece. Trans- 
lated by A. W. Ward. 2 v. 4 p. 1. 479 pp ; 
3 p. 1. 604 pp. 8°. London, R. Bentley, 1868. 

Cutter (CalviQ). Fifat boot on anatomy, 
physiology, and hygiene. 180pp.] pi. 13°. 
Boiloa, B. B. Muasey f co. 1850. B. 

Cutter (James M.) Tower (Stephen A. and 
Levi L.) & CO. [Catalogue of] stationery, 
papers, envelopes^ and blank hooks, 176 pp. 
18°. Neu, York, 1667. 

Cutter (Oriando P.) Our batteiy ; or, the 
journal of company B, IstO. v. a. 152 pp. 
16°, CU«elimd,{0.) Nevens, 1664. 

CuttB (Mary Pepperrell Sparhawk). The lite 
and times of hon. William Jaryis, [etc.} sii, 
451 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. Nem York, Hard 
■j- Hougldon, 1869. 

CuTder (George Leopold Chritien FrSd^rio 
Dagobert, baron) and Valenciennes 
(Achiiie). Histoire natnrelle des poissons. 
23 T. in 24. 8°. Atlas, fol. Paris, F. G. 
Lftrault, 1838-49. s. 

(No more pnblishea]. 

Cuyler (Ken. Theodore L.) The empty cub 
a memorial of little Georg e with words it 
consolation for bereaved parents 156 pp 
1 1. 2 portraits. 24°. Nea iork R Carter 
<C: brothers, 1869, 

Cyprianns (Thascius Cseciliu^ bishop of Car 
thage). Writings. Translated by rev 
Robert Ei'uesb Wallis. v. 1. Containing the 
epistles and some of the treatises, mi, 468. 
pp. 8"^. Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark, 1868. 

[AHTE-NICENE llbrBrj, T. 8]. 

. on the vaully of liiole ; 

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Cysat (Kennward, eampUer and tranalator). 
Warhafftigor bericht, von den Dewerfundnpn 
iappanisiihen itiaeln vud kdutgreicben, aiich 
von underen bdvot ynbekandCen indiai 
Bchen landen [etc. ] Auss dem ItalieniBchen 
das Deutseh gebracht. 8 p. 1. JOSpp. 9 1. 393 
pp.11. 18°. FreybuTg, A. Gemperlin, ]58S. 

Czenty (Cfiailes). Complete theoretical and 
practical pianoforte Bcbool, front tbe first 
nidimenta of playing to the highest and most 
refined state of cultivation, with the requisite 
examples. Translated hj J. A, Hamilton. 
3v. fol. toiiJon, R, CoEis^M. [183D]! 

The same. The art of playing the an- 
cient and modern pianoforte works ; being a 
supplement to the Royal pianoforte school. 
3 p. i. 186 pp. fol. London, R. Cochs S eu. 

The same. Supplement to Eoynl piano- 
forte school. Sixty-four brilliant and useful 
eiereises. 3 p. 1.116 pp. fol. London, R, 
Cockadi CO. 11839) 1 

Czornig {Carl, /Teiherr von). Betrieb der 
oslerreichisclieu staats-eisenbahnen 1653 ; 
1854; 1855-56 [und] 1857-58. 4 v. 8°. 
JPien, 1854-E8. S. 

tlnHlt. "jHbrg. 3 (S) ! 1(B) i 6 (4) i T (3)). 

Dahlmami (Friedrioh Christoph). The life of 
Herodotus drawn out from his hook. Trans- 
lated [from tbe Gorman] by Or. V. Cox. xi, 
173 pp. 8°. London, J. W. FarkeT, 1845. 

Daily American organ [Waflhington], Nov. 
13, 1854, toNov.14, 1856. 4 v. fol. IVash- 
ington, 1854-1856. 

Dally federal repuhlican [Georgetown, J). C] 
May 31, 1814, to July 16, 1815. fol. George- 
town, D. C. 1814-15, 

Dally hymns ; or, hymns for every day in 
lent. [Selected]. 18°. Boston, 1867. 

Daily national whig [Washington], April 7 ; 
April 30, 1847, to Jan. 8, 1848; Jan. 1, to 
Jane 90, 1849. 2 v. fol. Washington, C. 
W. Fe«Um, 1847-49. 

Dally (The) national intelligencer [Washing- 
ton], July ], 1868, to June 24, 1869. 2 v. 
fol, JPashingtott, Snow, Coyle 4- so. 1868-69. 
[DimoDtinned after tbe liutnamed date}. 

Daily Umea (The) [WasMngton], Feb. 2 to 
March 23, 1846. fol. WasJdngton, J. E. 
now), 1846. 

Dakota dowanssi kin. Hymns iu the Dakota 
or Sioux language. Composed by nir. J. 
Benville and sons, and the missionaries of 
the a. b. e. f. m. 71 pp. 18°, Boston, 
Amerkan hoard of foreign missions, 1842. 


Dalberg (Charles Theodore Aatoiue Marie, 
iaroiitle), De I'inflnence des beaux arts sur 
la f^licil^ publiqne. [ano».] 106 pp. 8°. 
Ratiibovne, Montag * Weiss. 1806, 
[Wilh BolELDrEU (M. J. A.) De I'inflnence fle la 

Dall (flfra. Caroline Healey). The college, the 
market, and the coart; or, woman's rela- 
tion to education, labor, and law. [Sd ed,] 
1 p. I. XXXV, 512 pp, 8°. BosMii, Lee St 
Skepard, 1868. 

Egypt's placo in history. A presenta- 
tion [of the substance ofBnnsen's work], xv, 
103 pp. 8°. Boston, Lee fr Skepard, 1868. 

Historical pictures retouched; a vol- 
ume of miscellanies. In 2 parts. Part i % 
Studies, [on women]. Part ii ; Fancies, 
xiii, 403 pp. 16°. Boston, Walller, Wise fr 

Patty Gray's journey 


m Boston 

to Baltimore, sliv, 201 pp 



Lee k Skepard, 1869. 

Sunshine ; a new nam 

e for 

1 popular 

lecture on health. 64 pp. 



Walker, iPise ^ eo. 1864. 

Dallas (George MilHin) A 


of letters 

flomLonlon wutteu dunng the y 


bO Ed led bj his daughte 


2v m 

1 284 pp 225 pp 8° 

Fhiladelphia J 

B L' ytncott j 00 186J 

Dalrymple (Clarence) Piesent sta 


gat on between England 1 

nl tbe Bast In 

dies with mstinctions to 

passengers anl 


the way 

of the Eel sea 18 New 



[I MLBIUY (H) HstorcHl 8I.adiH 

Ipl Vt. OC 

oonnlofBtlsnlnaa. t 3 pp 32a 3U] 
Dalton (William) Tiavels m the United 
States of America and pait of upper Canada 
3p,l, 256pp, 13°, Applets, ir. DaltoB, 
Daly (Cfisar), Motifs histonquee d architec- 
ture et de sculptured omement pour la com- 
position et la decoiation extfitieure des Edi- 
fices publics ot pm65 Cboi\ des liaginents 
empmnt^s ^ des monuments fiangais (Iu 
commencement de la renaissance k la lin 
Se Louis xvi. 2i 2p 1 113 pi 2p.l.44 
pp.85 pL fol. Pons A Morel 1869, 
Dampler (William) Keygtogten londom do 
naauwkeuiige beschrjviuff 
nienwe onfd"l te zcen, kus- 
ten enlanden, zoin Ameiika ^laals Africa. 
Uyt hot Engelach door W. Sewel. 3 v. in 

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Dampler (William)— continued. 

1. 40. Aiaslerdam, J. ItaHlhand .f A. vi 
Damme, 1717. 

V. 3! Keystogt nn NLeuvf Holland. 1699. 
Dana (Mary 8.B.) lietters addreBsed to rdar 
lives and. friends, chiefiy in reply to argn- 
mentis in snpport of the doctrine of the trin. 
ity. xii, 318 pp. IS", Boston, J. Muaroe 
S( CO. 1845. 
Dana (Eichard Henry). The idle man. ^ 

and V. 3. part I. 366 pp; 156 pp. 8°. . 

York, Wihg ^ HaUlead, 1831-22. 


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fore the mast. A personal narrative. ISaw 
ediSon, with suhsequeat matter by the im- 
thor. Tii, 470 pp. 12°. Boston, Fields, Os- 
good 4- to. 1869. 

Dana (W. C.) A collection of hymns ; eup- 
plementary to the psalms and hyamB of dr. 
WattB. 396 pp. 12°. Stw York, D. Dana, 

Dauby (William). Extracts frcm Young's 
Hight thoughts, with observations upon them. 
See Yonng (E.) 

Extracts from, and observations on, 

Cicero's diiilORUes, [etc.] See Cicero (M. T.) 

Dan6erfield{J.} A new and simple systei 
short-hand ; by which any person may learn 
to write with great rapidity in a fortnig-ht. 
15 pp. 1S=. ClieUea, J. TUliitg, 1814. 

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lyprinteS; iviththetragedyof Philotns. 2v. 
inl. 631; 441. 16°. London, G. Eld, mO!>. 

A defence of rymo. Against a pam- 
phlet entituled : Observations in the art of 
English poesie. By Sa : D. | 
1. 16°. London, E. Blount, It 
I (f7i* Cerlslas aiaall poame]. 

• A panegyrike congratvlatoi 

to the king's most excellent niajestii 
Bvrleigh Harrington, inRvtIandshire. Also 
certaine epistles, with a defence of ryme. 
33 1. 16°. London, E. Blount, 1603. 
[JTil**!! Certaine Bmall foams], 

The tragedy of Phllotas. 441. 16*'. 

London, G. FM, 1605. 
(ffftJiiis Certains avnall poeiDsJ. 

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(Wilhelm). Traits de la spMal6khed,ou61e- 
pbantiasle des Grecs. Onvrage publi6 aux 
frais Ha gouvernement norw^gien. Atlas de 
24 planches coloriees, dessin^es d'apri^s na- 
ture par J. L. Losting. Atlas, 2 p. 1,24 col. pi. 
4°. Paris, J. B. Bailliire, 1848. B. 


Dante, or Durante Alighieri, La divina 
commedia. 2 v. 3 p. 1. 191 pp. 1 portrwt ; 

1 p. 1. 193-374 pp. 33°. Londra, C. Corralt, 

Dapper (Olfert). Dappei'vs exotiors cvii- 
osvg. Das ist des viel-belesenen hn. Odo- 
ardi Dapperi Africa- America- und Asiatische 
curiositiiten, so in den drey haupttheilen der 
welt verwunderC vorkommen, [etc.] Zu- 
sammen getr^^n von M. J. C. Mannling. 
7p.l. 536 pp. 36 1.184 pp.181. 174pp. 141. 1 
p], 16°. Franchfart, u»d Leipiig, M. 
Bohrtaclc, 1717. 

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fiSvre jaune. Iviii, 342 pp. 8°. Paris, 
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Christ's second appearing esemplified by the 
principles and practice of the chnrch of 
Christ. Histoij of the progressive work of 
God, extending from thccreation of man to 
the "harvest," 4th ed. 8°. lAlbany J, united 
society ofsliakcrs, [1856]. 

Dart(Pntnam C.) Dart's freight computa- 
tions: a complete work, embraoiuK 88,323 
calculations, from one cubic inch to four 
thousand feet, at rates from 25 cents to 
$20. 00 per ton of forty cubic feet, and equiv- 
alent rates pet foot meastu'ement. Electrotype 
ed. 5, 161 pp. sm. 4°. Nets York, D. Ap- 
pleCon <6 co. 1868. 

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By an old Harrovian, viii, 124 pp. 
London, G. Eoatledge 4- sons, 1867. 

Dash (La comtesse, pseudon). See Ciateme 
de Courtiras(N. vicomtesse de St. Mars). 

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^d. 2 p. 1. 100 pp. 2 1. 18°. Paris, J. Tar- 
dieit, 1863. 

Daul (A.) Das huch von dec amerikanischen 
nahmaschine. Gesohichte der erfindung, 
construktion und fabrikation derselben nnd 
besonders ihre hedeutung als familiea-nah- 
masohjne, viii, 119 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Hamburg, 
and Neia York, C. Fiseker, 18f.4. 

Daux ( — . cur(). Les pelits hommes ; ou, 
reeueil d'anecdoles sur les hommes de petite 
stature, qui se sout fait un nom par leur 
vertus, leur tatens, etc. suivi de I'eloge de la 
petitesse, dans les divers objets dela creation ' 
et dans les eheft-d'ienvre de I'art. [anon.] 

2 V. 3 p. 1. 279, xvi pp. 1 pi ; 2 p. 1. 312 pp. 
xii I. 16°. Paris, Pigoreau, 1833. 

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Davenport (Bishop). History of the United 
Slates, for the use of schools. New ed, 144 
pp. 18°. Philadelphia, MaTshall * co. 1837. 
The same. New eH. Eevised by An- 
derson. S96 pp. I60. PkUaddpkia, V. Hunt 
Davenport {Hcv. John). The knowledge of 
Christ iadispensahly reqaired of all 
would be saved ; or, proofs from sciipture 
that Jesns is the Christ. 3 p. 1. 87 pp. 4°. 
London, L. Chapman, 1653. 
Davenport (Tlie) brothers, the world re- 
nowned spiritual mediums ; their biography 
and adventnres in Europe and America. 
[a»on.} 438 pp. 10 pi. 13°. Boston, W. 
jrAi(«*eo. [1869]. 
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of the south, xxii, 635 pp. 12°. iVcio York, 
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Davidson (Lucretia Maria). Amir Eban, 
and other poems, [etc.] with a biographical 
sketch, by Samuel F. B. Morse, ssix pp. 
1 1. 174 pp. 12°. NeiB York, G. 4- C. 4- H. 
Carvill, 1839. 

Poetical remains ; with a biography by 

[Catharine M.J Sedgwicit. 248 pp. 16°. 
Philadelphia, Lea. <f- Blanchard, 1843. 
Davies (Charles). Elements of differential 
and integral calculns Improved ed 233 pp 
8°. Philadelphia A S B nes^ .o 1843 <( 

University an hmet e en h a ng I 

science of nnmbe s and g ne a ule fo 
their application 44[p 13 N w io 
A. S. Barnes f eo 1866 

The same. Key to Dav es un e y 

arithmetic, [etc. ■} 2;- 1 pp. J» . ISeteloih, 
^,S. Barnes^ so. 1356. S. 

Davies(Kicbard, of Cloddiechion, IVales). An 
account of the convineement, exercises, ser- 
vices, and travels of that ancient servant of 
tho lord Bichard Davies : with some relation 
of ancient friends, and tbe spreading of truth 
in Hortb Wales, etc. 2d ed. [Ist American 
ed.JlOp. I. 233 pp. 16°. Fhiladdphia, J. 
Chaltis, 1752. 
Daviea (Thomas). Tbe preparation and 
mounting of microscopic objects, iv, 156 pp. 
16°. LoTtdon.R.HatdiBitke, [1863] J 
DavUa (Thomas). YIda, y passion de la sania 
martyr Eudocia, samaiitana, sacada de sus an- 
tiqnissimas actas. 16p.l.l8Spp.Il, 2" imp. 
J6^. Madrid, P. J. Aloasoy Padilla, [7^. s. 
Davis (Andrew Jackson). The approaching 
crisis : being a review of dr. Bushnell's course 


Davis (Andiew Jackson) — continued 
of lectmeo on tbe bible, nature, religion, 
skepticism and the supernatural 243 pp 
:3°. Bostmt W Hhile^ co 1861 

Tale of a physician, or, the seeds and 

fruits of crime. In three parts. Complete 
in 1 V. 325 pp. 12°. Boston, IF. White * 
CO. 1869. 

Davis (Caroline E. K.) Baby's Christmas. 
143 pp. 9 pi. sm.4° Boston, ff. ffoji, 1869. 

A cbiistmas story. 158 pp. 4 pi. 16°. 

Boston, H. Hoyt, 1868. 

Little Maidie. 3 v. 16". Boston, H. 

Hoyt, [1869]. 

Davia (Franklin Carsley). Great westei'n 
business guide; or, the Pittsburgh, Ft. 
Wayne and Chicago railway, and its con- 
nections, 234 pp. 1 map. 18°. Philadel- 
phia, F. C. Davii d:eo. 18SL 

Davis (Hen y ; I) A na rat ve of the on 
barassment a ddeclneofHan 1 ton college 
iv, vii, 151pp 8=- let on he o York] 

Davia (L D } L fe n the t ne ancy n ts 
relations to the c re t and tat on nd to 
the minister s home and fa n ly [ on 3 
335 pp 12° Wew lark nd Aibur 
jaUler, Orlot d. JMuiZtjon 18o6 a 

im-via [ Bee R of liothicell 'Vortka aflonsk re) 
Hymns omposed on se eral s bjects and 
on divers ocea nns n fi e j ■«■[ w th a 
table to each pa 1 7tb ed c(r ectel w ih a 
rocummendatoiy pieface, by John dill, d. d. 
Some of tbe bymns composed by other hands, 
viii, 184 pp. 18^. London, J. Ward, 1748. 

Davis (Mrs. Rebecca Harding). Dallas Gal- 
brnitb. 243 pp, 8°. Philadelphia, J. B 
Lippmcott 4- CO. 1868. 

Davia (Bichard Bingham). Poems. With a 
sketch of bis life, xiviipp. 2). 184 pp. 12°. 
New York, T. ^ J, Swords, 1807. 

Davia (Stephen). Notes ofa tour in America, 
B32 and 1833. 150 pp. 18°. Edinburgh, 
,ghS8unes, 1833. 

Davia (W. W, H.) Sketch of the life and 
character of John Lacey, a brigadier general 
in the revolutionary army. 118,6 pp. 8°. 
I Philadelphia'] 1 1868. 

The Spanish conquest of New Mexico. 

xiv, 438 pp. 1 portrait. 1 map. 8°. Bogies- 
(own, (Pa.) 1869. 

Dawes (Bichard). Mr. B. Dawes to tbe rev. 
dr. [J.] Taylor. 4°. London, 1807. 
I/mBentley (R.) B. Bentleii et doclornm virorum 
episWlai. (AppendiK), pp. 319-330]. 

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Dawes (jKra. S. E.) HattieMtty; or.waysof 
doicpgood. a06pp. 4pl. 1H°. Nets York, 
Ainerican Iract society, [1868]. 

Licdeuwood ; or, BertUa's resolve. 446 

pp. 5 pi. 16°. New York, A^urican tract 
sockty, [18G8]. 

Day (Henry N.) An introduction to the study of 
English 11 teratate ; comprising representatiTe 
masterpieces in poetry audpi'oae, [etc.] xii,539 
pp. 12°. NewYork,C.Seribncr4-co.lBm. 

Day-dreams by a butterfly, la nine parto. 
[anon.] 156 pp. 12°. Ki«gslim, C. W. 
J. M.Crcighiott, 1854. 

Deacon (William Frederieli). Warreniflna; 
with notes, critical and explanatory, by the 
editorofaquarterly review, [bhoh.] 162pp. 
13°. Boston, Wells ik Lilly, 1834. 

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In seven volumes, v. 2-7. 8°. AUiaa^, J. 
Mansell, 1869. 

Dean (Philotas). Theintermediatearilbinetic, 
conttuuing allthematl«r usually presented Id 
a practical siithmetic, so simplified as to adapt 
it to be^nnecs. 334 pp. 12°. Pitlsliurgh. 
A. B. Engliih ^ CO. [1865]. 

Deans (Charles). Memoir of Qeorge Liver- 
more. 60 pp. 8°. Camhridge, J. Wilson 
4-3on, 1869. 

D^bat de la dame et de lescnier. SecBande (H.) 

Debby'e fiiends; a sequel to "Carrie nnd 
Susie." [sno».] 139 pp. 1 pi. iZ^. Bos- 
ton, congregational palilishing society, [1869]. 

Debiei:ne-Rey(I'iebetJi). Le boupastenr ; ou, 
rSvangile mis eu action. 210 pp. 2 pi. 16°, 
Rosen, Megard 4- cie. 1857. 

DeBo'w a review, (levoted to the restoration of 
the southern stales and the development of 
the wealth and resources of the country, 
[etc] K. G. Barnweil, E. Q. Bell. W. M. 
Burwell, editors. July, 1867, to Dec. 1869. 
After the war [3d] series, v, 4-6, [Complete 
series, v. 36-38]. 8°. NasliviUe, and New Or- 
leans, 18B7-69. 

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Hymns for all ehrintiana. vi, 365 pp. 18°. 
A'cw York, Hard ^ Houghton, 1869. 

Defauconpret (Aug. Jean Baptiste). Qulnze 
jours jl Londrea, k la fin de 1815. Par M. 
iunon."] 214pp. 8°. Paris, A. Eymcrg, 1816. 

De Foe (Daniel). Aventnrea de Eobinson 
Crusoe, illustrfies par Gavami. 1 p. 1. 428 pp. 
5 pi. 12°. Paris, Marizol, 1862. 

The same. (Abridged). ia°. St. 

Louis, 18G7. 

[OILTIERT (M.) Second French reader]. 


Degliuee (Josepli). Leitfaden fiir den geo- 
grapbischen unterricht [etc.] vii, 181 pp. 
12°. Nets York, Sleiger, 1869. 

Dehon (Theodore). Cause and cure. By 
Japbeth. [pseitdon.'i 27 pp. 12°. Charles- 
ton, (S. C.) 1868. 

Dekker (Edward Douwes). Max Havelaar ; 
or, the coffee auctions of the Dutch trading 
compauy. ByMultatuli. [psemlon.] Trans- 
lated from the original manuscript by baron 
Alphonse Nabuijs. x pp. 1 1.411 pp. 2 maps. 
8°. Edinburgh, Edmonslon ^ Douglas, 1868. 

Delalain (J.) .See Anunalre de riostrnotion 
publi[[ue ponr les ann^es 1868-69. 

Delany (Patrick, d. d.) An historical account 
of the life and reign of David, king of Israel : 
interspersed with various conjectures, dignss- 
sions, and disquisitions. In which (among 
other things) mr. Bayle's criticisms upon the 
conduct aud character of that prince are fully 
considered, [ohom.] 2 v. 12°. London, 
J. Osbont, 1740. 

De la Ramg (Louise). See RaniS (L. de la). 

Delavan (Edward C.) Temperance essays 
and selections from diffiirent authors. 4th ed. 
313 pp. 12°. ffcKT York, national temperance 
puUication house, 1866. 

Deligiann^ (Theodores F.) and Zenopou- 
I08 {G, K.) EUvvmv voiwBema. 1833-*0. 
See Greece. 

Demaistre {Comte J.) Essa! sur le prindpe 
g^n^rateur des cnnstitntions politiques et des 
autj'es institutions humaines. 1 p. 1. xvj, 91 
pp. 8°. L(/DB, /.B. /'cJajHfuiifc ci<. 1859. 
[WUSiSkOBl, {Kamoa ds is). Lamal etle Teui«la], 

De Mille (James). The " B. O, W. U." A 
book for boys, 332 pp, 4 pi. 16°. Boston, 
Lee 4- Skepard, 1870. 

Cord and creese. By the author of tbe 

"Dodge club." 199 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Nao 
Yoi'k, Harper ^ brothers, 1869. 

The Dodge club ; or, Italy in 1859. 1 

p. 1.133 pp. 8°. Hem York, Harper Ir Ill-oth- 
ers, 1869. 

Demmiii (Auguste). Guide de I'amateur de 
f^ences et porcelaines, poteries, terre cnites, 
peiature sur lave et Smaui. Nout. 6d. 2 p, 1. 
576 pp. 12°. Paris, veitoe .T. Renouard, 1863. 

Democrates, pphasorevs. Golden sentences. 
Translated by W. Bridgman. 8^. London, 
II'. Biidgman, 1804, 
[7n ]J[ili)Gnr:iN (W.) Trsualflltons IVom the Cicek, 

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Democratic (,Tbe) aimaoac, for 18139. 16°. 
Nea lark Van Eiirie, fforton ^co, [1869]. 

Demopbilus Pytimgorio Bentenees. Trans- 
lated bj T Taylor. J 7 pp. la". Londim, 
E. Jeffrey, 1793. 

[/a SAi.LnsTiTia, phUasop/im, Oa tbe goae mid th( 
world, pp. 3B-115]. 

Tha same. 8°. London, W. Bridgtaan, 

[/nBHlDajHAH(W.) TranalfttionB aom Ihs Greek 
pp. 119-1351. 

Similituaes ; or, the remedy of life. 

Translated by W. Bridg-man. 8°. Loadi 
tV. BriAgman.imi. 

,«,.„,„,,, x™,..,...„.„.i.„„ 

Denche fManuel). Explicacion de la doo- 
trina Christiana, [etc.] lii, 397 pp. 
Madrid, Joachin Ibarra, 1782. 
Denlsoii (Edmund Beckett, 11. d.) Astron- 
omy without matbematies. Fi'om the 4lh 
Load. ed. Edited with corrections and notes 
by Pliny E. Chase. 357 pp. 12°. Ma 
York, O. P. Pstnam & son, 1869. 
Denisou (LUui. col. George T.jr.) Modern 
cavaliy; its oiganiaation, armament, and 
employment in war. Wlfli an appendii 
taining letters from gens. Fitahugh Lee, 
Stephen D.Lee, and I, L.Eosser, of the 
federate states' cavalry, and col. Jenyn's 
tem of non.pivot drill iu use in the 13th hus- 
sars. XX, are pp. 2 pi. 2 maps. 8°. London, 
T. Bostoortli, 1868. 
Deiiison<MB(yA.) Andy Lnttrell. ByClara 
Vance. [pseiHirMi.] 384 pp. 4 pi. JC''. Bos- 
ton, D. Lolhrop 4- CO. 1869. 

The Denison series. A noble aisler. 

373 pp. 4 pi. IC'^. FhUaddphia.J.S.Clax- 
to«, [1868]. 
Denmark. Lov om told- og skibsafgifter 
Skodsborg, den 4^= Juli 1663. 66 pp. 
Kiobsaliaim,J,H.Schiiltz, [18633. 

Oeresund- und Stromaollrolle. 86 ] 

.Kopenliagm, J. H. Sckaltz, 1842. 


Dennis (John) — continued. 

^ IpbtoeDro, 
Liberty a; 
Applus HD 

Virginia, s tragedy. 

, mr. Cougreve, and Ite anthor. 

MiscellftuBous tracts, v. 1. x pp. 3 1. 

417 pp. 8°, LondoR, aiUhor, U27. 

The advBi 
Rlunldo H 


The same. Bekanctraachung betref- 

fend verschiedene raodificatiouen der Oere- 
sund- nnd Stromzollrolle. 16™ Miu, 1846 
21. 4°. Kopenkagtn,J.H. SckiUlz, I8i6. 
(B'ifS SCHEIIER (H.) Eler BunasolL. 1845). 

Dennis (John). Select works. 2 v. 471 pp 
543 pp. 8°. London, J. Diirbg, 1718. 

Original letters, familiar, moral, and 

critical. 2v.ini. 8 p. 1.486 pp. 8°. Low- 
Deiion (Dominique Virant). Reisen dnrch 
Ober- nnd Unteregypten. 2 v. 16°. Ham- 
burg, 1804. 
[rsMsaAZUl der neneaSen und heetaa relaebeechri- 

De Peyster (John Watts). Personal and 
military Iiistoiy of Philip Kearny, major gen- 
eral. United States volunteers. 3 p. 1.512 
pp. 3 pi. 2 portraits. 8°. JVsio Yoric, Riee Sf 
Gage, 1869. 
Depons (Frangois E. J.) Eeiae in dem ost- 
lichen theil von terrafirma in Sad-Amerika, 
nnt«rnoramen in den jahren 1801-04. Aus 
dem Franzosichen toq Chr. Weyland, viii, 
391 pp. 1 map. 8°. Berlin, Vose, 1808. 
Sepplug (Georges Bernard). La Suisse ; on, 
esquisse d'un tableau historique, pittoresque, 
et moral des cantons helv^tiqnes. 3" 6d. 
revue et augments. Orn^o de costumes et 
de paysages. 4 v. 18°. Paris, librairie 
d'SdueatioH d'Al. Eymery, 1894. 

Voeabulairo g^ographique de TEepagna 

et du Portugal suivi d un itin€raire de ces 
deux royaume^ Tiaiu t de I'Espagnol. ii, 
111 pp. 1 map 8° Pans Gaillaame, 1823 
Deppiiig (Gu Uaiima) MerveiUes de la force 
et de I'adresse Agilite— aouplesse — dext^- 
rit^. Les exereices du craps ohea les anciens 
et ehez les modernes 2 p 1. ii, 376 pp. 12°. 
Pans, L. Hachette St de. 1869. 
[BiBLiOTHiqUE des mcrveilleB d'Gdouatd Cliorlonl. 
Desahogos liricos de Colio, dedieados al dios 
Apolo; pnblicalos como un autidoto eitoe- 
leute contra la peligrosa enfarmeaad del amor 
Don Antonio Marques yEspejo: Las victim as 
del libertiuage, drama, [anon.] ivi, 197 pp. 
16=. Madrid, R^alUs, 1802. 

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Dea Cartes (EcniS). Lettrea, oit sont trainees 
les plus belles questions de la morale, phy- 
siqve, medicine etdesinatlifiniatiquea. ]5p. 
1, 664 pp. *"'. Paris. H. Le Gras, IS)?. 

Desoente (La) de Tabarin avx enfers, avec 
les opfiratiooa qu'E y iit de son m^dioament 
poor la hvnslure, ducant ce caresme dei'tder, 
[etc. anon.] 18pp. W. Puris, 1621. Ke- 
print, ^.F.DMoi, [1830]. 

Desclaeaux ( — ). Recueil de charades ot 
d'6nigines, [etc.] 356 pp. 'iiP. Paris, De- 
larm, [ahu«l ISSQ], S. 

Desoriptioii exacte de tout ce qui 3'eat pass6 
darts les guerrea entre le toy d'Aoglelferre, le 
roy de France, les estats dea provinces uniea 
du Pays-bas et I'^vesque de Mudsler. Com- 
men^ant de Van 1664, et fnissaaE avec la 
conclusion de paixfaiCe jlBrediten i'au 1667. 
Avec une introduction pr^luninaire, conte- 
cant I'exile et la restitution dn present roy 
d'Angleterre, etc [aiuin.] 342 pp. 1 1. 4°. 
Amsterdam, J. Benjamin, 1668. 

Description (A) of Kentucky in North Amer- 
ica; [with] iniscellaneons observations re- 
specting' the United Stales. [aito«.] 122 
pp. 1 1. 8°. [Lonrfon] 7 1793. 
[NOTE Saia to hove hean wriilen by mi. Toulmin. 


Description (A) of the New York central 

park. [an<m.-\ x,206pp.5pl. 4°. JVew 

York, F. J. Himtmston Sf co. 1869. 
Deecnbrimiento (Un) del siglo ; 6, seaelpms 

de las luces. For A. E. G. [anon.] 160 pp. 

16°. Cadiz, 1847. 
Des EBaarta (Nicolas Lemoyne, knaum as). 

Proc^fameuKi extraitBdel'essaisurl'liiEtoire 

g^n^rale des (ribunaux des peuples tant on- 

ciens que modernes, [etc.] 9v. 16°. Farit, 

ranieur, 1786-88. 
Desmahls (Joseph Frangois Edonard de Cor- 

semblen). (Envres diverses. 2 p. 1. 217 pp. 

16°. Gejikse, [_Paris'\, 1762. 
Desmatets (Charles). T6moignages liisto- 

riques; ou, quinze ans de haute police sous 
Napolfion. ssxiv, 360 pp. 8°. Paris, A, 

Lentivassear, 1333. 
DesmaretB (Jean). Clovis; ov, la France 

ehr^stienne. Poeme h^roiqve. 17p. 1.464 pp. 

3 pi. 4°. Paris, A. Courbe, 1657. 
Desprades (Joseph Grellet). Essai sar I'hon- 

neur. 193pp. 21. 16°. Paris, Le Normant. 

Detroit (_City of). Catalogue of the public 

library, containing an alpbabeti«:>al list of the 

names of authors, with the titles of their 


Detroit — e out iu u o d , 
works, and of the titles of anonymous works. 
Also the rules concerning its use vii, 149 
pp. f Dttroit, Advtrlxser and Trtburte, 

Deutsche evangelisch luthensche m 
in Pennsylvanien Eibaulichelieder samm 
lung znm gotten dienstlichen gebrauoh la 
den 'vereinigten evangelisch lutherischeu 
gemeini'nin Pennsylvanien, und den benai,h- 
barten &taaten, [etc ] 2° auSage [MitJ 
anhang enthaltend den lileinen catechismus 
Lutheri, etc. 7 p. 1. fi02 pp. 4 1.80 pp. ItjO. 
GeT«ia«taan, ill. BiUmeyer. 1795. 
[TiUB pf^ imperfect]. 

Deutsclie (Die) theologie, ein edles bUchleiu 
vom rechten verstande : was Adam and 
Christus sey; und wie Adam in uns sterben, 
Cliristus aber in uns leben soli ; mit d. Lu- 
ther's und Amd's vorreden. [ohom.] P 
amoiicanische aasgabe. xv'i, xv'i, 159 pp. 
16°. Laacasler, (Pa.) H. W. Vilke, 1839. 

Deus-aemper. The norm -|-the germ x the 
conditions =: the fruit. By the author of 
Semper Deus. [anon. George W. Thomp- 
son] ? 435 pp. 12°. PkiladdpMa, Clax- 
ton, Remsen ^ Haffeljinger, I8S9. 

De Valcourt (Bobefl). The illustrated book 
of manners: a manual of good behavior and 
polite accomplishments. 490 pp. 16°. Cin- 
cinnati, R. W. Carroll ^ co. 1866. 

De Vere (Aubrey), The Waldenses ; or, the 
fallof Eora; a jyrical sketch. With other 
poems, xii, 311 pp. 16°. Oxford, J. H. 
Parker, 1843. 

De Vere (Masiroilian Scheie). The great 
empresB. A portrait. 397 pp. 12°. PliUa 
delphia, J. B. Lippincott if co. 1870. 

Wonders of the deep. A companion 

to Stray leaves from the book of nature, 
a^l pp. 12°. New York, G. P. Putnam 
4- son, 1869. 

DeVerteuil (L. A. A.) Trinidad i its geog- 
laphy, natural resources, administration, 
present condition, and prospects, xii, 50S 
pp. 8°. London, Ward f Lode, J858. s. 

Devocionario de Maria santissima, en que se 
pide a esta gran senora su amparo para la 
ora do la muerte, [etc. anon.] 141 pp. 
16°. Madrid, O. Fuenlsnebro ^ ca. 1807. 

Devrient (Edward). My recollections of Fe 
lix Mendelssobn-Bartholdy, and bis letters to 
me. Translated from the German, by Na- 
talia Macfarren. vii, 307 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Lun- 
Aon, R. BentUy, 1869. 

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De Wette (Luflwig}. Eeis in Se Vareenig- 
de Staaten enCana^a ia 1837, Uit bet Hoog- 
duiteeh. 9 v. xii, 381 pp. 1 pi ; viii, 3915 pp. 
1 pi. H". Zall-Bommel, J. Noman ib soon, 

Dewey (Orvilla, rf. rf.) Discouraea and dis- 
cusBious in explanatjon and defence of uni- 
taiianism. 307 pp. 13°. Boston, J. Dawe, 

Discourses on human life. 300 pp. 12". 

NeiB York, D. Fdt ^ co. 1841. 

— Diacom-ses on vaiioaa subjacta. 399 

pp. 13". Ne«, York, D. Fdt # co. 1835. 

MoraJ views of commerce, society and 

politics, in twelve discoursos. 300 
New York, D. FtU 4- co. 1838. 
Da'WItt (JHarfameC.) See Witt (Madame 
Dexter (Charles). Versions and verses. 
156 pp. 1S°. CamliTidge, Seoer 4- Ft 
Dexter (Eliaa). Theoiy of existence: 
1. Devoted to Ihe enunciaUon of the laws 
which determine the motions that result from 
the collision of ponderable bodies. I p.l. 
lOSpp.OpI. 3°. New York, E. Dexter, 
Diable (Lo) b. Paris. Paris et les parislons. 
Mojurs et coutumes, cai'act^res et portraits 
des habitants de Paris ; tableau complet de 
leur vie priv^e, publique, politique, artas- 
tlque, litt^raire, indostrielle, etc. [poijow,] 
pr6cSd6 d'une hiatoire de Paiia par ThSo- 
phiie Lavall^e, [etc.] xxsii, 380 pp. 96 pi. 
. 8°. Paiia, J. Hettd, 1845. 
Dial (The): amonthlymagaainefbrliteratnfe, 
philosopLy, and religion. M. D. Conway, 
editor. V.I. 778pp. 8°. CincinMeii, I860, 
Dialogues in the shades, between general 
Wolfe, general Moutgomeiy, David Hume, 
George Grenvilla, and Charles Towashend, 
[relative to the revolution, hbom.] 120 pp. 
IS". London, G. Kearsley, 1777. 
Diario catolico de qjei'cicios piadosos. [auoti.] 
I p. L 184 pp. 16°. Madrid, D. P. F. # C. 
Diaa (Antonio Gon^alves). Diedonario da 
lingua Tupy, chamada lingua geral dos indi- 
genas do Brazil, 1 p.l. viii, 191 pp. 16°. 
Liptid, F. A. Brockhaus, 1858. 
Diaz (Anna M.) The entertaining story of 
king Brondfi, his lily and his rosebud. [Il- 
lustrated]. 144 pp. I pi. 160. Boston, 
Tkkitor ^ Fields, 1869, 

Diaz de Baeza (Juan). Elementoa de filo- 
sifla moral, j fundamentos de religion. 3 v. 
iol. ix, 167, 13app. 18°. Madrid, Razola, 

Diaz Calvillo (Jnan liautista). Sermon en 
el anivereario do graeias a, Maiia santisi- 
nia de los remedios, celebru^o en esta santa 
jglesift catedral, el dia 30 de ootubre de 181 1, 
por la victoria del Monte de las cmces. 269 
pp. 8°. Mexico, AHzpe, 1811. 

Dlbdin (Charles). A collection of songs, se- 
leetol from [his] works, [with] the newest 
ttud most favorite American patriotic songs. 
328, s. pp. 12°. Fhitaddyhia, H. 4- P. Rice, 

The same. Songs; with a memoir. 

Collected and an-anged by T. Dibdin, With 
sketcbes tiy G. Cruikshauk. Sdetl, xxsii, 
338 pp. la pi. 16°, London, H. G. Bohn, I852'. 

Dickens (Cbaiks). A ehrietmas carol in 
prose: being a ghoststory of christmas. 111 
pp,20p]. 8°. Boston, TiclcnoT Si Fidds, 18S9. 

Dialogues from Dickens, for school and 

home amusement Arranged by W, Eliot 
Fette. 260 pp. 16°. Boston, Lee * SAtpai^, 

- — -Master Humphrey's clock. Kew chrieU 
mas stories. General index of characters 
and their appearances. Familiar sayings 
from Dickens's works. (Kiveraide od.) 604 
pp.IOpL sm.4°. Neto York, Hard ^ Hough- 

Thesame. (Househjlded ) 604pp 1 

pi. 13°, New York, fluid 4 Houghton 1869 

The uneommeiiial tiareller (River 

sideed.) 420 pp Ip 1 i^a j^m lork. 
Hard f Houghton 1869 

The uncommercial tiavellar Mastei 

Humphrey's clock Newcbr stmasotoiies etc 
(Globeed.) 2v.inl. 420pp; 604 pp.SpL 
16°. New York, Hurd ^ Houghton, 1869. 
DJckerman (Chailes W.) How to make the 
farm pay ; or, the farmer's book of pi'actical 
information on agriculture, domestic econo- 
my, and family medicine. Assisted by C. 
L. Flint, and others. 750 pp. 59 pi. 8=>. 
PhUaddphia, Zeigter, McCurdg # «o. [1869], 
— — The same, Wie die farm profitahel 
wird, Oder des favmer's buch. Eathaltend j 
praetische belehrung Ubar agricultur, haus- 
liche okonomie nndfamilien-heilkunde. Un- 
ter mitwirknng von C. L. Flint and andere, 
Ans dam Englischen iibersetzt von C. Th. 
Eben. 753pp.59pl. 8°, Philadelphia, Zeig- 
Icr, McCuTdy 4- co. 1869. 

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DickBon (Waller B.) Poultry ; their breed- 
ing, rearing, diseosea, and general nuance' 
meat. New ed. reyiafid and improved, xii, 
306 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Londoji.W. Smith, I8i7. 

Didot (Firrain}.- [Bibliothfeqjie grccqiic, aveo 
traduction latino en regard], v. 51-55. &°. 
Parisiis, Didot, 1846-69. 

T. 51. Orstorea atUcl. 

t! M. TtaopteaatHB, wcsiio, opera. 

BUke (Charles Wentwovtli). Greater Biit^n. 
A record of travel in Englisli-apeaking coun- 
triea, during 1866-67. 2 v, inl. x pp. 1 1, 
340 pp; 348 pp. 8 pi. 1 map. 12°. Philadel- 
phia, J. B. LippiiKoU Sf CO. 1869. 

Dillingham. (Rev. Francis). A qvartron of 
reaeocE, composed by doctor Hill, voquar- 
lered, and provued a quartron of follies. 
3 p. 1. 204 pp. sm. 4". Cambiidge, {Eng.) 
J. Legal, 1603, 

Dilworth(W. H,J The history of the COD- 
quest of Mexico, by the celebrated Hernan 
Cortes. Containing afaithfnl and 
ing detail of all his amaaing 
vast empire, its laws, customs, religion, etc. 
ie4 pp. 24°. Philadelphia, U. Sweitner, 1801, 

Dimitry (Charles). The house in Balfour 
street, A novel, 377 pp. 12°. NeiP York, 
G.S. WiUox, 1868. 

DlmmickCRtii.LutherF.) A discourse on the 
moral inflnence of railroads. 125 pp, 24°, 
Boston, Tappan Jf Dennet, 1841. 

Dinana: (Arthur). Les soci^l^ badines, 
bachiques, litt^nures et chantantes, Icur 
histoire et lenrs travaux. Eevn et classfi par 
Gustive Brunet. 2 v. vi, 459 pp. 1 portrait ; 
9 p. 1.410 pp. 8°. Paris, Bachdin-Defio- 
renne, 1867. 

Dingley (Thomas). Ilislorj from marble. 
[Epitaphs], compiled in the reign of Charles 
ii. Printed inphotolith<^aphy, by V. Brooks, 
from the original. WithaniniroducKonand 
descriptive table of contents, by J. G. Nichols. 
2 V. 196 pp ; eccccxvii lith. facsimiles, sm, 
4°, [London], 1867-68. 
[CiMDEH sociely publications, no. 94 and 97J. 

Dingman ( John H.) Directory of booksellers, 
stationers, newsdealers, and music dealers, 
in the United States and Canada, complete 
to September 1, 1868. 168 pp, S^. Nem 
York, John H. Dingman, 1868. 

The same. Complete to Sept. 1, 1869. 

Ix, 317 pp. 8°, New York, J. H. Dingman, 


Dlnouart (Joseph Anloiae Touasaint). Arte 
de callar principalmenle en materia de reli- 
gion ; escrito en francos por el senor Di- 
nouart, y fradueido al Casteilono por don E, 
de Tillasefiov j Acufia, 1 p. I, Tiii, 168 pp, 
16°. JHadrid, 1831. 

[Note.— Oet ouvru^ I6d. franealse] eat composfi, 
quHDtftsa ietoKire luoltll, de psgaagea iir«s de 
ditrarentB anteuiS! I'iditenca fait cnlrer dans 

p. dn lioEsl. A.etA. de Backer. t1, 570). 
Dlnter (Gustav Friedrich). Sammtliche 
schritten, 3° abtheilnng. Piidagogisch< 
werke. Dnrchgesehen nnd geordnet 
J.CB.Wilhelm. 9 v. 12°. Nmstadta.. 
OtU, J. K. G. Wagner, 1840-1845. 

y. 1. Die vorzttgllchi 

. Elu bncli fUr gebUdele 


y. 5. DlB Bahnleonterenien doa kircbBpieli UIioenlintD, 
T. G-9. Kleiae redeD eu kOufttee volksucbnllelirer, 

Dinter's leben, von ihm selbst beschrie- 

ben ; ein lesebuch flir altern nnd erzieher, 
fllrpfarrer, schui-inspectoreaundschullehrer. 
2" anflage. i, 352 pp, 8°. Neastadt a. d. 
Ma, J. K. a. Wagner, 1830. 

Diodorus, sicalvs. History. Containing all 
that is most memorable and of greatest an- 
tiquity in the first ^^s of the world until the 
war of Troy. Done into English by Henry 
Cogan. 5p. 1.271 pp, fol, London, J. Ma- 
cock, 1653. 

Diogenes, laeTtiua, The lives, opinions, and 
remarkable sayings of the most famous an- 
cient philosophers, made English, [from the 
Greek], by several hands, v, 1,7 p, 1.589 pp. 
]2<'. London, E. Bremter, 1688, 
The same, 2 v, 14 p, 1. 598 pp. 1 por- 
trait ; 2 p. 1, 460 pp. 

Dion, Chr-gaostomuB. Select essays, trans- 
lated into English from the Greek ; with 
notes, critical and illustrative. By G. Wake- 
field, viii, 256 pp. 8°. London, H. Phillips, 

Dion Cassina, DaDionemcieoexecrptacetitt 
epitomes formamredaclrevitre Pompeii magni 
et Ciessram vsque ad Alcxandrum Ma- 
mstEe SUum, per Joannem Xiphilinum, 
[Grace et latine], Gnlielmo albiensi ii 
terprete, 16°, Genevm, H. Stephant 



, V. SI. 

- The history of Dion Cassius, abridg'd 
by Xipbilin. Containing the most remark- 

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Dion CaBslns—coiitiDued, 
able pai9sages unctei' tbe Koman emperors, 
from Pompey tlie Gceat to Alexander Severas. 
Done from the Graak, by mr. Maaniug, 2 v. 
J 3 p. 1. 407 pp; 4 p. 1.375 pp. 13°. Loadoa, 
A. StJ.ChuTc!im,U04. 

Dircks (Heray). Inyentors and inveDtions, 
ia tbree parts : i. the philosophy of inven- 
tion; ii. the ngbts and wrongsof inventors ; 
iii. early inventors' inventoiiea of secret in- 
ventions, sii, 263 pp. portrait. 19". Lon- 
don, E. If F. N. Spott, 1867. 

Discvrao ivridico politico. En la cavsa qve 
pende entre el seiior fiscal del eonsejo real 
de Caetilla, i el seuor don Melcbor Centellas 
de Borja, sobre el socovro de Rosas, [(wion.] 
721.4°. [n.p.flioK( iG45]. 

Dlaiaeli (Benjamin). Ixion in heaven. The 
infernal marriage. Popanilla. Count Alar- 
COS. New ed. 303 pp. 16°. London, D. 
Sryee, 1853. 

Disraeli (Isaac). Curiosities of literatnre. 
Consisting of aneodot«a, characlers, and oh- 
servafjons, literary, critical, acd hislorjcal. 
[owon.] 216 pp. 24°. Pkiladelpkia, IV. 
GMons, 1793. 

Eomaneea, 3 parte in I v. 16°. iSeai 

York, D. Longvmrth, 1803. 

[Pflft 1]. , 

[Paris], Love 8 


lilily, altoni 

jirth ol 


Dissenters and scbi3matic,9 expos'd in aa his- 
torical view of the tenets of the following 
sectavieiS, via ; presbyleriaos, and baptists, 
browcjsts, independents, quavers, millena^ 
ries, family of love, socinians, muggleto- 
nians, Sabbatarians, pbiladelphians, aiians, 
arminians, antinomiana, etc. [anon.] I p. 1. 
109 pp. 13°. Loadoa, J. Balxr, 1715. 

Diversitez (Les) historiqnes. Nonvelles. 
[aBon.]204pp. 16°. PaTis,P.BUlaine,i?&\. 
[With MorvBLLES (Let) fnui^oises. Patii, 1633. 
NOTB^— Title page wautlaBr). 

Divine (The) human in the incarnate and 
written word ; and some thoaghts on tbe 
atonement older than the creeds. By a 
memher of the New York bar. [anon.] vii, 
201 pp. 12°. New York, A. D. F. Randolph 
f CO. 1869. 

Divine (The) purpose i displayed in the works 
of providence and grace ; in a seviee of 
twenty letters addressed to an enquiring 
friend, [onoi!.] 2tl ed. 138 pp. 12°. Rich- 
mond, iVa.) Pollard ^ Converse, 1827. 


Divozleme (La) S bs. enori di Gesii e di 
Maria. [a«on ] T3 216 pp 34° Pala-mo, 
Franchelh 174J s. 

Dix (John Ross) Pen pictures ot popular 
English pi eauhera withLmmngs of listeners 
in church and chapel New and enlarged 
ed. 350 pp 1 poilrait 16° London, Par- 
tridge d. Oalcey 1852 

Transatlantic tiacings oi sketches of 

persons anl scenes in Amei ta ianon.^ 
337 pp, Hj° London W Tweedie 1S53. 

Dis (William Giles) The deck of the Oies- 
cent oily ; a picture of American life. 3 p. 1. 
120 pp. J6°. New Yor/c, G. P. P«tnam ^ CO. 

Dixou (B Homer) SurnameB [With aap 
plement] 94 pi 5 B f pi. 

valedist lb 18o7 5 

Dobell {J h ) A w It t 

hundred g h 1 hy t p t 

family, d p bh rsh [ m y g 1 
fi'ora m h t h d d f th best 
authors E 1 1 S tl d I 1 d d 
America, rr g d Iphab t 1 1 
tended a pp! m d W tts p I is 

and hjn n. [N A d ] ™)e 1 10 
Morrislown, (iV. J.J P. A. Johnson, 1815. 

The same. 3d ed. 3601. 18°. Morris- 

loan, (N.J.) P. A. Joknaon, 1832. 

Doeharty (Gerardus Beekman), Elements of 
plaice and solid geometry, with the elements 
of plane and spherical trigonometry, viii, 189 
pp. 12°. New York, Harpers, 1857. 9. 

Dooteur (Le) Gelaon ; on, les ridieulitfia an- 
ciennes et inodernes. Avec pluaienrs poeuies 
de mm. de Voltaire et de Gr€oonrt, qui 
n'ont jamais para ailleurs. [anon.] 180 pp. 
16°. Londres, Inny$ f Tonson, 1738. 

Dr. Kendall's ohildcen and their cousin, 
[anon.] 376 pp. 3 pi. 16°. PhiUdelphia, 
American s.s. union, [1869]. 

Documens pour servir ^ I'bistoire de la cap- 
tivity de Napoleon Bonaparte ^ Sainte-H4- 
l^ne ; on, tecueil de Mis curieux: eut la vie 
qu'il y menalt, sur sa maladie et snr sa mort. 
[.mon.] xii, 403pp.5pl. 8°. Paris, Fillet 
ainS, 1832. 

Dod'a parliamentary companion. 37t1l year. 
33°. London, Whitlakcr <£■ co. 1869. 

Dodd (George). Dictionary of manufiu^tares, 
mining, maehinery, and the industrial arts, 
iv, 446 pp. 13°. NeiB York, Virtue 4- Yorston, 

The workingman's companion. The 

results of machinery, namely cheap pl'oduc- 

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tiou and increased employment, exhibited : 
being an address to tlie worhitig men of the 
United kingdom. 3d ed. 216 pp. 180 Lon- 
don, C. Knight, 1831. 
Doddridge (Pliilip). Anfaog and fortgang 
wahrer gottaeligkoit, in der menschliclien 
seele. Nftch der vierten ausgabe, aus dem 
Engliachcn iibersetzt. Piimei'. aud. 4 p.. 
393 pp. 3 1, 16°. Harrisbarg, J. S. IViest 

Dodge {Alice A.) Pleasant grove. 208 pp. 3 
pi. 1S°. Bostoa, AmerkaBlractsBacty.liiGe. 

Dodge (Ebenezer, d. d.) The evidouces of 
Christianity, with »n introduction on the ex- 
iatence of God and the im mortal! tj of the soul. 
344 pp. 13°. Boston, Gould 4- Lincoln, 1869, 

Dodge (Mary Abigail). A new atmosphere. 
By GftilHamiHfln. [pseudon.'} Ip.I, 310 pp. 
12°. BasUm, Tkknor ^ Fields, 1865. 

Dodge (Robert). Diary, sketches, and re- 
views, during an European toar, in the year 
1847. 1 p. 1. 304 pp. 8°. Neut York, 1850. 

Doehiier, See Dohner, 

DoeUiiiger. See DolUiiger. 

Doheity (iWrs. Hugh). Konaldsha: a ro- 
manc. 1st American from theSiI London ed. 
348 pp. 16°. Boston, Hastings, Etheridge 
d- Bliss, 1809. 

Doluu (Chiistian Conrad Wilhelm von). 
Denkwiirdigkeilen meinei zeit ; oder, bei- 
trage zur geschichte vom lezlen vierle! 5es 
Bcbtzebuten nnd vom aufang des ucunzehu- 
ten jahrhnnderts, 1778 bis 18 
Lemgo, Meyer, Hannover ^ Helwing, 1814-19. 

Dohner (Theudor). Vindidarnm plutarch- 
earum liber. 2p.l. 118 pp. 8°. 
/. Doehner, 1864. 

D&lliQger (Johaon Joseph Igi 
Kirche und hirehen, papsttbum und kircben- 
staat. Historiacb-politieche betracbtnngen. 
iliv pp.] 1.684 pp. 8°. M&ncki 
Cotla, 1861. 

DolUver {Clara 6. ) The candy elephant, and 
other stories for children. 236 pp. 1 pi. sm. 
4°. Nea York, A. Roman f co. 1870. 

house, and other stories, 
pi. 4°. Hew York, 

sauvHges. 54 pp. 10 pi. 

Donaldson (Peter). The life of sir William 
Wallace, [etc.] Coujaining his parentage, 
adventures, heioic achievements, imprison- 


Donaldson (Peter)— -continued. 

ints and death ; drawn irom antbeutic ma- 
ials of Scottish hisWry. 132 pp. 1 pi. 
>. Hartford, Andrus ^ Judd, 1833. 

Doncker Curtios (J. H.) Essai de grara- 
maire japonaise, eurichi d'^olaircissements et 
d'addilions norobreuses par .T.Hoffmann, (pu- 
bli6 en 1857, i Leyde). Traduit du Hollan- 
dais avee de uonvelleB notes par L. Pf^s. 
sv, 381 pp. 11. 8°. Pons, J3. Jlap-o*, 1861- 

Doiikereley(fieB.E.) Facts about wives and 
mothers. Por wives and mothers Being 
a selection of anecdotes having a beaimg 
upon the two most important lelat ons sua 
tained by woman. 307 pp. I pi 16° Ntm 
York, Carlton ^ Lanahan, 1869 

Donii^ (Alphonee). Oours de m croseopia 
compUmsQt^'e des etudes med cales auato 
mie microscopique et pbysiologle des fluides 
de r^conomie. 2 p.L ii, 550 pp. 1 L S". 
Paris, J. B. BaaiUre, 1844. 

Doppelmayr (Johann Gabriel). Historisohe 
nachrieht von den niirnbergiscben mathe- 
maticis unfl kflnstlern, welche fast von dreyen 
seeulis her, durch ihre schriften und kunst- 
bemlihungeu die mathematic and mehreste 
kilnste in Ntfrabei^ befbrdert, [etc.] 14 p. 1. 
314 pp. 9 1.15 pi. fol, NUrnberg, P. C. 
MonaUi, 1730. 

Dorat (Claude Joseph). Le pot-poHrri, ^pttre 
ii qui on voudra ; suivi d'une autre ^pStre, 
parl'anleur de Z^Ke au bain, [anon.] 53 
pp. 8°. Gen^ce, (Paris, S. Jorry), 1764. 

Dor^ (Gustave, iUuEtrator). See L'Epine 
(Ernest). La l^geude de Croquemltaine. 
See Raapg (Eudolph Erich). The adven- 
tures of baron Munchausen, See Tenuy- 
son (Alfred). Vivien, Guinevere. 

Doling (Jobann Michael Heinricb). Die ge- 
lehrten tbeologen Deutschlands im acbfaehn- 
ten nnd neunzahnten jahihundert Nach 
ihram leben und n irken dargesl«llt 4 v 8'' 
Neustadta d Orta J K I, IVagiier, 1831-35 

Die denlschen kanzelrednei des acht 

zehnten und neunaehnten jahihunderls 
Nach ibrem leben und wirken dargestellt 
4 p.L 590 pp 8° Neuitadt a d Orla J 
K. O. irogncr 1830 

Dorner (Isaac August) Entvi icklung=ge 
Bcbicblfi dei lehre von der peison Chnsti m 
den ersten vier jahihunleiten six 1130 
pp. 8° Stattgtrrt S G Lieschtag 1345 

Doraey (Anna H ) Noia Brady s vow and 
Mooa, the vestal 334 pp \i'- Fluladel 
phia, J. B. Lippincott ft- co. 1869. 

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Doraer(S, A.) Lucia Dare. A novel. Bj 
Filia. [psendoB.] 138 pp. 8°. Nob York, 
JU. Doolady, 1867. 
Dorsten (Theodor). Botanieon ; contiaens 
berbarum, alioiTinqve simplicivm, quorum 
nans in medioinja eat, daBcriplioneH, et icones 
ad ajuam effigiataa : [etc.] 10 p. 1. 613 pp. 
fol. FTankofoni, C. Egenolph, 1540. 
Dorvo-SoTUastre (— ). Voyage par ferre de 
Saint-Domingo, [etc] an Cap-Frangais, 
[etc.] Snivi d'an rapport sur I'^tat actuel 
dea mines de la colonie espagnole ; trftdnit 
de dott Juan Nieto, minSralog^ste de s. m. 
catholique ; et termine par une rektioa, sous 
le litre .Je mon retour en Fmnee. 2p,L 
407 pp. 1 1. 1 pi. 8". Paris, ClMumerot, 


Dou y Baaadls (Ramon Lazaro de). Pine- 
streEivG vindicatva adveravs Henricvm Flor- 
eEivni. 10 p.l, 214pp. 8° Bareitione, F. 
Luria I, Burgada, ITVSJ. 
Donal (Bibliothfeqne de). Calalogue Jescrip- 
tifet raisonnS des manuacrits de la biblio- 
thSque do Donai, par H. K. Duthillceul, bib- 
liothfieaire, Snivi d'une notice suv lea man- 
uscrits de cette bibliotb6que, rolatifs ^ la 
Ifigislaljon at 4 la jurieprttdenee, p»r m. Tail- 
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days of Figg and Broughtou [1740] to the 
preaent liine; including also tbe re 
tests between Tom Sayere, Benjamin, and 
Brettle. [With] the new rules of tbe ring. 
Compiled by tbo editor of "Bell'a life in 
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York, autlwr, 1860 
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The same. [With appendii, and in- 
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[Js Caylus (A. G. P. amle de). (Envi™ bsdiaes 



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David regivs paalWsdeaeriptTs et morali 

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J. Cnollmn, 1641. 

Infernvs, damnatoruni career et rogas 

Pars ii'. 8 p.l. 316 pp. 1 1. 
Colonic Agrippina, B. Gaatlcri, 1638, 

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Nicetas, eea trivmphata incontinentia. 

7p. I.S84pp. 11.2pl. 18°. Cohnim Agrip- 

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Noe arcMteetvs ' arcie, in (lUuuio 

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18°. AJitverpuc vidua J CnMart 1()43 
Kbetoi'ica c<»1e$tLS aeu attente piecaudi 

eeientia. 11 p 1 4" pp 18° Antterpiie, 

■eidaa J, Cnvblan IC41 

Tobias, morali iottr na illuslrafua. 

8 p. 1. 460 pp. 1 1 18" AntMipiiR vidua 
J. CnobbaH, 1642 

Trism^stva chri^liianvs sen tiiplat 

cvltvs consclentEe ctelilim corpora 11 
p. 1. 403 pp. 1 1 1 pi 18° Colonne Agrip- 
pirns. Cab Egmond I63I 

Drouin de Beroy (— ) Histoire civ ie e( 
commerciale 3e la Jamaiqiie on vie du ta- 
bleau g^n^ral \es piaheasiona anglaisea tt 
fraaKaises dans les deni mondes. 2 p. 1. 144 
pp. 1 tab, 8°. Paris, Rasa, 1818. 

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mentarioram rabbinicoram. 66 pp. 18°, 
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Anal eel 


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[FlUNCEi WulBt^e de riDstntctJoa publlqiie]. 


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rated for young people. ii60 pp. 8 pi. 13°; 
Neie York, Harper Sf iroUiers, 1870. 

DuoM (Ben. Jacob). Caspipioa's letters; 
containing obaervatjons on a variety of sub- 
jects ; literary, moral, and religious. Writ- 
ten by a gentleman who resided some time 
in Pbiladelphia. [Hnon, With] the life and 
character of Wm, Penn. [By Edmund 
Rack]. 2 V. iu 1, x, 188 pp, 3 1 ; 236 pp. 
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Ouvrage contenant des documeos in^dits snr 
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simile. 8°. Pons, G. A. Dentu, 1845. 

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origen de la revolution fianceaa, 6 tramas 
de los filosofos modernos para conseguirla, 
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Demonslracion c-vangShca dirigida h 

los incr^dnlos, aofistas j novadores mod- 
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Alexo ; 11, la caitita en los bosquen Manu 
Bcrito encontradi junto 6, las oriUas del no 
Tsera; publicado en Frances y traducido 
por don J. y don T M L 4 v 18^ Mad 
rid, Cano, 1798. 

Du Cygne (Martin) M T Ciceronis ora 
donum analysis rhet«rLca peipetua [etc ] 
6 p, 1.400 pp. 311 lh° Paruiis J Bon 
dot, 1704, 8 

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Simon. Par George Saad. \_pseudon.'\ 

290 pp. 18°. Bruxelles, L. Hauman St tie. 

Duer (William A. U.d.) 
old New Yorker 102 pp 
L. Andrews, 1867, 


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tava del sautisaimo saeistnento. Trsauei- 
dos de la leogna Francosa ^ la Espailola. 
Por L. Bocdonaya y MontesUtiiiue. Bp, ' 
239 pp. 8°. Madrid, J. Itko, J753. 
Dufey (P. J, S. ) A.hi6g4 de I'histoire des r€vo- 
Intions de I'AinSriqnB m^ridionalo, depuis 
premi&rea d^couvortos par les Euvopeens, j i 
qu'anoa jours, [etc] 3v. 2p.l. iv,382f 
SpJ.arSpp. 18^. Pans, Emlerf Tires, 1827. 
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pulpit. Edited by JolinT. Duffield. 336 pp. 
8°. Neie York, C. Scribner, 1852. 
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etdepaiiaeir89ai8t5. ii'63. lp.1.399 
pp. 12°. Paris, A. Lb Chevalier, ima. 
Diifur (A. J. ) Statistics of the state of Ore- 
gon; coulajaing a description of itsagricul- 
tnral development, and natural and indus- 
trial reaoureae. Together with the physical, 
geographlcBl, g^ologicalf and mineral statis- 
tics of the state. 128 pp. 8°. Salem, (Ore- 
gon), WHlametU farmer o^ee, 1869. 
Dugaone (Auguatine J. H.) A history of 
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society and the structure of ancient and 
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baie de San Salvador ; ou, promenade seoti- 
meutale en France et au Br^il. 3 p. 1, 324 
pp. 8°. Paris, Ledoyen, 1843. 
Dagaet (Jacques Joseph). Tratado de los 
eaerapulos. De bus cauaas, de sns especies, 
de BUS peligrosas conaeqnencias, de sus reme- 
dioB generales y particolaves. Escrito en 
Frances por el autor del libro intitulado : In- 
struedon de una senora chiisliana para vivir 
en el mundo aantamente. T traducido al 
Espafiol. [««D«.] llp.l. 248pp. 18°. Ma- 
drid. Bias Romfin, 1777. s. 

VnSaxaeliRev.J. Pleasoaton). Protestant 
gems of the prayar book, 103 pp. ]6°. 
PhUaddphia, Claxtaa, Remsen If Haffel- 
finger, 1869. 
Duhamel (Joseph Robert Alexandre). Con- 
futazlone degli error! su' misterj dell' incar- 
naaione e della triniia cha a'incontraco nella 
seconda .parte dell' istoria del popolo di Dio 
[d'Isaae G. Berruyer. ojwb.] xiiv, 633pp. 
16°. Roma, fralclH, Pagliarini, J75S. s, 
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of 179a. 373 pp. JS". Philadelphia, T. B. 
Peterson ^bretker, [1869]. 


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la conservation dea colonies, viii, 120 pp. 
8°. Londres, et Bnixdles, 1777. 

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de). Procnenadea d'autontne dans les champa 
de la v6ritij ; on, eiamendequelques opinions 
re?ues. vii, ]36pp. 8°. Paris, B. Dupral, 
1862. s. 

DnMay(Loui8). L'advoeat condamu^, etles 
parties mises hors de procez par arrest du 
Pamasse; la France etrAUemagne^galement 
deiendues, pav la solide refutatJon du traits, 
quo le sieur Aubery a fait, das pretentions du 
roy sur I'empire, [etc.] Par L. D, M. C. S. 
D. S. E. D. M. [anon. ] 255 pp. 34°. [Paris], 


Dum^ril {Aug 



g g n 


phales on h m re p 720 pp 8" A as 

8 pp. 14 (,ol. pi, 8 . Fans, Rorel, 1865. 

Dumont (Melauie). Velvet coat, the eat. 
A story for children. After the French by 
LoisHamavd. 125 pp.2 pi, 16°. Phila- 
delphia, Remsen S{ Haffeljingtr, 1870. 

Dumont d'CJrville (Jules SSbastien C^aar). 
Malariache raise nm die welt. Eine geord- 
nete znsammenstellnng dea wiaaanawer- 
thesten von den entdecknngsreisen eines 
Magellan, Tasman, Dampier, etc. verfasst 
von einer gesellschaft reisender und gelelirter 
uuter dar leituug des herrn Dumont d'Ur- 
villa. [Ana dem FranzOaisohen] von dr. A. 
Dieamann. 2 v. xii, 338pp. 4 mapa.74 pi; 
iv. 300 pp. I map. 69 pi. 4°. Leipzig, 
Baumg&rtHBr, 18J5. 

Dun (E. G.) &, CO. The mercantile agency 
reference hook, [and key] ; containing rat- 
ings of the merchants, aianufafiturers, and 
traders generally, throughout the United 
States and Canada. January, 1869. 2d ed. 
i°. New York, Dan, Barlom * co. 1869. 

. The same. July, 1869. 4°. New York, 

Dan, BarloiB ^ co. 1 869. 

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ieai-her'a aid Designed to aaalst pupils in 
ravian ing their studies; also teachei-s, normal 
schools and teachers' institutes in class and 
dull exercisea Revised ed. 163 pp. 12°. 
Cmcinnati Sargent, Wilson^ Mniie, 1865. 

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Duncan (Andrew, m, d. editor). See Medi- 
cal cammentarjes. 
Duncan {Rev. Joliti M.) Bemaika on tht 
rise, use, and unlawfulMess of weeds aud 
confessions of faith, in the church of God. 
In two paris 287 pp 8°. BaUimore, Cash- 
iiig^ Jewett 1825 
Duncan (Maleom C ) DuQcan's masonic 
ntual and monitor or gnide to the tbiet 
tymbohc degrees of the ancient iLoifc rite, 
and to tlie degreesot maikmaster past mas- 
ter, most excellent master ani tbe ityal 
areh. 9d ed. 981 pp. 16^ ftcie lor/ L. 
Fitxgerald, 1866. 
Duncan (William). The elements ot logic. 
InfourbookB,[ete.]239pp 16= tfea iorL, 
E. Dusekinek, 1803. 

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siCze, schlosser, nad residonzea dei 
schaftlichen grundbesitzei in der preus- 
Hischen monarchie, nebst den koi!igln,hBn 
familieu- bans- fitleicommiss iind achatull. 
gOieia, in natnrgetreueu kunstlenscli mage- 
fuhrten, farbigen darsCellungeD neb'^t be- 
gleitendem text. 10 v. obi fol Berlin 
Duncker, 1837-68. 

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cbristologie im znsnmmeuhange mit dessen 
theologisehen und antbropologischen ginnd- 
lehren. viii, 963 pp. 8°. GSibrtgm Vanden- 
hoek ^ Ruprecht, 1843. 

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banking: an essay on banking, currency, 
finance, exchanges, and political economy, 
lip. 1.356pp. 16°. Ctuvelaud, (O.) SimfoTd 

Dunlap's Pemisylvania packet. Sec Penn- 
sylvania packet, and genera! advertiser, 

Dunlap and Ciaypoole's American daily ad- 
vertiser. Sec Feunaylvanla packet and 
general advertiser. 

Diuilavy (John). The manifesto : or, a 
declaration of tbe doctrine and practice of 
the church of Christ. Reprinted, viii, 486 
pp. 8°. New York,E. O.Jeakitis, 1847. 

Dunlevy (A. H.) History of the Miami bap- 
tist association ; from its organization in 
I79r to a division in (hat body on missions, 
etc. in tbe year 1836. With short sketches 
of deceased pastors of this lirst association 
in Ohio. 1 p. 1. 193 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Cincin- 
nati, O. S. Blandtard 4- CO. 1869, 


Dnnoyer (Ann Marga te Petit, madame). 
Lettre b nqu s galaailes de denx 

dames d nd on d n I'uno Stoit ^ Paris, 

qui s' [a. ^d p us particulier, depuis le 
commencement du si6cle jusques It prfeent ; 
la relation du congr&s d'Utveeht ; eelle de la 
mort dn roi ; lee harangues des seigneors et 
ofSciers du parlement, [etc.] 6 v. 18°, 
Cologne, P. Marteaa, 1718. 
Diinton (John). The life and errors of John 
Dunton, late citizen of London. Written 
by himself in solitude. With an idea of a 
new life ; wherein is sbewn bow he'd think, 
speak, and act, might he live over his days 
again ; intermixed with tbe new discoveriea 
tbe autbor has made in his travels abroad, 
and in his private conversation at home, 
[etc] 9p,l. 515 pp. 16°. London, S. Mat- 
llms, 1705, 
Duplessis (Paul). El batidor de las selvas, 
Novela escrita en Frances, Ti'aducida al es- 
paiiol por J. E. N. 4 v. 16°. M(jico, J. R. 
Navarro, 1857, 
Dupout de I'Ain (— ), Etades m^dioalas 
snr les quatre Ages de la vie ; on, guide sani- 
taire ponr I'enfance, I'adolescence, la virility 
et la vieillesse. 3 p.l.5;,9]5 pp. 8°. Paris, 
VaiatuT, 1830. 
[Mehical pamphlets, V, 4], 
Dupont de Nemoure (Pierre Samael). Du 
9 la compagnie des Indes. 9° 
, Paris, Delalain, 1769, 
Duppa (Richard). Elements of tbe scioura 
of botany as establisbed by Linnfeus, [etc- 
nnoM, Dedication subscribed R. D.] 3d ed. 
[Witb numerous eoloi'ed plates]. 3 v. 16°. 
London, J. Murray, 1812. 
Duran (Nicolao). See MastiUll or Durau 

Dnrand (Silas H.) The trial of Job. 269 pp. 

16°, PhUadelplda, J. B. Lippincotf, 1870. 
Dnraiit (John). A cluster of grapes taken 
, of the basket of tbe woman of Canaan ; 
counsel and comfort for beleeviug soulos 
Christ and meeting with dis- 
couragements; being thesumme of certain 
sermons preached npou Matthew xv. [etc.] 
7p,l, 206pp. 16°. London, M. Mortiockc, 
Du Roael (— ). Arte de eallar, [etc.] See 

Du Hozoir iCbarles). Le dauphin, fils de 
Louis XV. et pfere de Louis xvi. et de IjOUis 
xvii ; OH, vie priv6e des Bourbons, depuis le 

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Du RosH)ll- <Cbarlee) — continued, 
mai'iage tie Louis xv. en 1725, jnsqu'S 
I'ouverture des ^tats-g^nfiraux en 1789, [etc.J 
666 pp, 1 porUait. 16°, Paris, A. Eyinery, 

Duue (Ern^t Fiiedneh) Uebei die coDsti 
tution des loliei&ens unJ dea Heith aeinpi 
plijmlialisclien eigpcschaften zur begrlin 
duQge iiesaUgememBncoiiBtitationH geaetaes 
fir das clbe Inaagural-tliaseitation. zur 
Lilangung del philosopiuHchen doctornuide 
an del univeisiUt Gottingen. x, 166 pp. 8°. 
Leipzig, A. T/i. Engdkardt, 1863. s. 

Dunie (Daniel S.) Bibliograpiiia genealogica 
aiiierieana; an alphal>e(ical index to American 
genealogies and pedigrees contained in Stat*, 
connty, and town bistories, printed genealo- 
gies, and Itindred works, xii, 396pp. 8°. Al- 
bans, (if- V.) J. Mumdl, 1869. 

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roeoo : a chapter of MuSiSttlman civilization. 
XV, 93 pp. JG°. London, Longman, Broom, 
Green <fc Longmans, 1854 

Dniyea (Joseph T d d) A series of lessons 
from the old and new testaments No 1 
Uenesis The origin of the worlj, min.sin, 
ledemption, and the chuii,h 8 pp 16° 
NeiB York, Sunday sc&ool teacher i agency, 

Dusaance (H ) A geneial tieatise on [he 
maimtat,ture of soap, theoretical and piacti 
cal With an appendii containing extiaits 
tromthe reports ot the intematiouil jury on 
aoaps, BB exhibited in the Paris uniTeraal ex- 
position, 1867, numerous tables, etc. 807 pp. 
so. Philadelphia, H.C.Baird, lew. 

I>uVair(Guillaunie, IstpresUmtoftkcpmiiti. 
meat ofFrovmce). The morall philosophy of 
the stoicks. Written originally in French by 
mousiear Du Vair. Englished by C. Cot- 
ton. 3 p.l.llSpp. J pi. 18°. Londim, H. 
MoTtloch, 1664. 

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res eomplfetes. (Trag^die et comfidie). 9 v, 
8°. Paris, J. iV. Barba, 1823. 

DuversierdeHauraime(Prosper). Histoire 
du gouvemement parl^mentaiie en France, 
1814-1848. V. 9. iP. Pans, M. LSvyfrires, 

Duv^iiue (A, psettdon.) See Hochene. 

Duvemet (AIM Tli^ophile Imadgeou). His- 
toire de la Sorbonne ; dans laqnelle on voit 
rinfluence do la UnSologie sur I'ordre social. 
2v. xi, 348pp; Sp.l. 385 pp. 8°. Paris, 
Buissaa, 1790, 


Duveyiier (Charles). Histoire des premiara 
electeora de Paris en 1789, eitraite de lenr 
proc^s-verbal, r^dig^ par Duveyrier, et pr6- 
G^d^e d'une introduction Jiistoriqne, d'aprSs 
lea ^venementa, arrSt^s, diaconrs, pampLlets, 
caricatures, etc. et d'on essai sur le corps 
Electoral selon la charte. 3 p. 1. civ, 456 pp. 
8°. Paris, A. Andri, 1828. 

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ident Edwards. 766 pp, 1 portrait 8°. 
New Yorlc, G. ^ C. Sf H. CamUl, 1830. 

Dwight (Timothy). The conquest of Ca^ 
naan ; a poem, in eleven books v 363 pp 
16°. London,J. Johnson, 1788 

Dyer {Rev. ~, of Plymouth, E gla rf) A 
collectjon of psalms and hjinns lo bo al 
worship, extractod from vanous a tho I 
p.l. X, 242, 31, ii pp. Je°. London 1767 

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Penrose, a seaman, [psearfon.] 4 v. 8°. 
London, 18)5. 

Eagles(Bew.John). Thesketcher, x, 393pp. 
8". Edinburgh, IV. Blackwood ^ suns, ]856. 

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336 pp. SP. London, WhiuaTcer Sf co. 1835. 

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pp. Iportrait. 13°. Boston, J. H. Earle, 1869. 

Early English text society. Publications. 
. London, Triibner,18G9. 

Estta series. No. 4. TtelKy of HayolocktheDmieL 

Bast India (The) sketch-book: comprising 
an account of the present state of society in 
Calcutta, Bombay, elfi. [anon.} 250 pp. 
13°. New York, T. Foster, 1836. 

Eaatlake (Charles Locke), Hmts on honse- 
hold taste in fnrniture, upholstery, and other 
details. 1 p. 1. xiv, 269 pp. 33 pi. 8". 
London, Lonsmaus, Greta ^ co. 1868. 

Eaton (James H.) Eaton's mathematical 
algebra. See Bradbniy (W, F.) 

Batoii( John Mathews). A treatise on the art 
of breeding and managing the almond turn- 
Mar. 50, viii pp. 8°, London, aathor, 1851. 


(editor). A treatise on the art of breed- 
ing and managing tame, domesticated, and 
fancy pigeons. Compiled from the best au- 
thors, [etc^] 88 pp. ] col. p], 8". London, 
author [Eoioii], 1853, 
[NOTK.— A re 


■ i bj-J. 

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with God. See McLean ( R«t>. A.) and 

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V.3. New York 
y.t.P I 

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in ve h a ng h history of Chriatlan 

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Eokartshauaen (Carl von) and 'Witsohel 
(Johann Haimich Wilbelm). Gott ist die 
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in gebelen, betrachtnngen und jresangen. 
Eiu gemeinschaftliches gebet-buch, beste- 
bend inauszugenauaWitsehelsnndEckarte- 
hausen gabet-bttehem. [amoii. ] 300 pp. 
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Bcueil (L') des amans i on, les amours de don 
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Edda. DieEdda, die altereund JQngere, nebst 
1 mythischen erzilhlungen der Skalda, 
eraetzt nod mit erlituteningen begleitet 
[1 Karl Simvock. 2=Term. aufl. viii,490pp, 
Stuttgart, J. a. Cotta, 1851. 
Eddy {T. M. d. d.) The patriotism of Illi- 
nois. A record of tbe dvil and military his- 
tory of the state in the war for the union ; 
with a history of the campaigns in which 
Illinois soldiers baye been conspicuous ; 
sketches of distinguished offioeffi ; the roll of 
tbe illustrious dead ; movements of the sani- 
tary and christian oommiesions. 3 y. 608pp. 
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Eulea for converting sterling into cm- 

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Edersheim (_Rei>. Alfred). History of the 
Jewish nation ailer the destruction of Jem- 
aalem under Titus, xi, 580 pp. 1 map. 12° 
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Asloryof the great cbarter. T3,3a8pp.]3 
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anatomiques et pal^outologiques pour 
& I'histoii-e dee oiseaux fossiles da F 
V.]. 2p. 1.474 pp.1 I. Atlas, v.l. 2p.i.I07 
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Keebeiehes pour servir k I'bistoira nat. 

urelie dea mammifeeB. See Edwards 
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Edvrards {Rev. Jon&thaa, president of the col- 
lege of iVero Jersey). Some thoughts concern- 
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England, and the way in which it ought to 
be acknowledged and promoted, humbly of- 
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aiques, oft Ton prete dea sophismes ingfi- 

nx an vice et ^ I'extravagance, pour en 

re miens aentir le ridicule. Nonvelle ^d, 

. xsis, 328 pp. 1 portrait; 316 pp. 2 1. 12°. 

iisannc, M. M. Bonsqaet * eie. 1743. 

Effie's trial, and other stories, [anon.] 316 

pp.3 pl. 18"^. Philadelphia, prcsbyterian 

board of publication, 1867. 

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ticura. Vollstandiges katholisches gebet- 

buch, lateinisch und deut^cb, [etc.] 573 pp. 

18°. EinsUdeln, etc. C. # if. Besiigef, 1869. 

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Sgede (Hans) Attsftilicliclie und waliihafte 
naclincht rom Hnfange nod fortgauga der 
gr nhndisehea mission ivobey die hesehaf 
leuheit des lanaen ^owohl aU auch die ge 
mauche und lebeiis aften der emwolinei be 
achrieban waideu 8 p 1 ~S8 pp 4-^ Ham 
iiir? C n Brandt 1740 

Egleaton (Thomas jr ) Metalluigical tablee 
naed at tlie school of mines, Columbia col- 
lege, Hew York. 0, vii, 77 pp. 3 tables. 8°. 
New York, 1868. 

Bldridge (Abby) Love's labour- or the 
seed d t n m "^8 pp 2 pi 1& 
Phil dlpl p by b I fp hi 

lion, [18 qj 

Eliea y E bfi t {A t ra ) I h 

el 01 g tgdJ pgr dl 

posit gran ) M d 1 j b1 
Van Ifid ntcdlld 

Jaym Pasq 

J b! d p 

d M d 

15. d J 1 d 1785 T t b 1 m 
asunta de don Joseph Yega y de Sentmanat. 
4 p. 1. cxii, xl pp. 4°. Cernera, imprenta 
de la real g prmtifien univeTsidad, 1787. s. 
EHot (George, pseudoa.) See EvBxm (Ma- 

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in New England. 3p. 1.166 pp. 8°. Box- 
ton, Edes (6 GUI, 1760. 

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America'a unilariai) assodation, 1855. 

Discourses on the unily of God and 

other subjects. 168 pp. 12°. Boston, 
Ameriean miitarian associitiioa, 1854. 

Ella Dalton. [onon.] 180 pp. 3 pi. 18°. 
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fee, [1869]. 

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— ^ ond Mack (mra. E. E.) The court 

circles of the repnhlic ; or, the beauties and 
celebrities of the nation ; illostrating life and 
society under eighteen presidents ; describing 
the social features of the successiTe aii 
istrations from Washington to Grant, [etc] 
1 p. 1. 586 pp. 15 pi. 8". HarlfoTd.,{Coi 
Hartford publishing co. 1869. 


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Maryland, by Thomaa Ellicott, trnsl^e of si^d 
bank, xiv, 150 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, 1839. 

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of Hew York ; or, the under-woild of the 
great city. lUustraliDg the life of women of 
fashion, actresses, etc. 650 pp. 23 pi. 8°, 
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America. Parts 13-15. fol. New York, 
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tha eom-Iaw rhymer. 9d ed. 179 pp. 1 por- 
trait. 8°. EdinhuTgh, W. Toii, 1840, 

The same. Poems, with an introduc- 
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32°. PliUadelphia, J. Loeken, 1844. 

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otherpoems. 76pp. 16°. Jacksonville, (lU.) 
Sentinel book and job prinling office, 1667. 

Ellis (Erastus E. m. d.) Honusopatbic lamily 
gnide, andiufonnationfor the people. 144 pp. 
1^°. Detroit, {Mich.) laalkar, 1868]. 

Ellis {Res. George Edward). Memoir of Ja- 
red Sparks, II. d. 102 pp. 1 portrait. 1 photo- 
graph. 4°. Camiridge, J.lVilsen ^ son,lf ' ~ 

Ellis (Sir Henry), Account of Ciedmon's 
trical paraphrase of scripture history ; an ! 
minated manuscript of the tenth century, 
preserved in the Bodleian library at Oxford. 
4°, [i,™rfo«,1832]. 

[EilTHCt from "Archsolofia," y. S4, pp. 339-310, 
pi. 1-53]. 

Ellis (Dr. John B.) The sights and secrets 
of the national capital ; a work descriptive 
of Washington city in all its various phases, 
512 pp. 18 pi. 8°. iVea. York, V. S. pub- 
lishing CO. 1869. 

Ellsworth (H. W.) Single and double entry 
book-keeping and btisiness manual for 
schools, academies, business colleges, or pri- 
vate instruction. 132 pp. obi. 8°. New 
York, H. IV. EUsworth, 1869. 

Elsener (Honorius). Marianum. Gebet-und 
erbauungsbuch zur varehrung der aJler- 
seligsten jungfran und gottesmutter Maria. 
574 pp. 18°, Einsi^deln, K. ^ N. Bmniger, 

m-Shidiac, See Faris El-SMdlao. 

Elsie, the blind flower-^rl; a story of the 
sheltering arms. By the anther of "Franz, 
the little street-singer." [nnon.] 123 pp. 
1 pi. 18°. NeiB York, gen. prot. episc. s. s. 
union aad ckwcli book society, 1868. 

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Eisner (ChtTsoitnm Heinnchj Befremngs 
kampf del nirl aroeiikamsclieii staaten 
Mit lebeusbeacLieibuDgen der \jer he 
nilimtesWn manuer deseelben Washington 
FiankliD, Lafayetle, und Koecinszko, [etc.] 
769pp.9pl, 8°. SttttlgaH, J. Sclieiile, 1835. 
Embletcn (Deciiis). Oa the anatomy of 
doiTB. See Hancock (A.) aud Ximbleton. 
Embury (Emma Catharine Manlej). Poems. 
First collected ed. xiii, 368 pp. 12°. iVew 
York, Htttd & Hoitgliton, 1869. 
Emerald (The) ; an illnstraled [weekly] lit- 
erary journal. Augnat, ISBS, to Jaly, 1869. 
V. 2-3. i°. New York, McBride (6 Marral, 
Emerline (George D. pseadon.) See Gavin 

Emerson (Charles N. editor.) Hand-book of 
the internal revenne, for popular nae. 95 pp. 
12°. Springfield, (Mass.) S. Boales & eo. 

ick). The North American 
t second, uniting oral and 
. 190 pp. 16°. PhUadcl- 
I, Hogan d! Thompson, [1835] 1 
- The same. 190 pp. 16°. Windsor, 
C.) Goddard, 1840. 
n(L.OL) The choral tribute ; a col- 
lection of new ekuroh music for choirs, sing- 
ing schools, conventions, etc. 400 pp. obi. 
8°. Bos/on, O. Ditson, [1869]. 

and Starkweather (L. B.) Glad 

tidings i collection of new hymns aniJ 
music, designed for Sabbath schools, anni- 
veiBaiy meetings, home circles, etc. !28 pp. 
obi. 19°. Boston, O. Ditson & co. 1869. 
EmerGon (Ralph Waldo). Prose works. 
New and revised ed, 2 v. iv, 666 pp. 1 por- 
tr^t; iv, 491 pp. 12°. Boston, Fields, 
Osgood & CO. 1870. 
Ifimlllane (Gabriel &', pscieloa.) See Gavin 

EmUy Donglaa ; or, a year with the Came- 
rona. By T. R. T. [nnon.] 252 pp. 16°. 
JVsto York A D F Ri idoipli t co lb69 
Emmitm oi' Emm Van Dyk (Ubbo) Hs 
toria nosti i tempons In qua duplex con 
troveisii altera inter comitem Fns le on 
entails, et civ taten crabdanam sepa atim 
altera inter comitem et comitatus oidmea 
3 p. I. 34b pp 4° Grora igie J S>pkes 
Emmons (Nathanael dd ) A disse tation 
on the SCI ptu al quilifieationi tor admisi on 
and accesa to the christian 


Emmons (Nathanael) — continued, 
prising some strietares on dr, Heramenway's 
discourse concerning the church. 133 pp. 
8°. Iforcester, (Mass.) L. Worcester, 1783. 

Emmons (Richard, in. rf.) Fi'edoniad. Can- 
to iii. 17 1. 16°. Boston, proprietor, 1834. 
[ »FM Emjiosa (Wai.) Biography of K. U. Johnson- 

Enemigo domgstico el gorriou, persegnido por 
dos patriolas. Poc un aeloso del bien pfiblico 
ydeleatfldo. [dnon.] 8p.l.200pp, 16°. 
Madrid, uiuda i hijo de Mariti, 1802. 
Engel (Fertllnand) and Sohellback (Carl 
Heinrich). Optique descriptive. Avec xxi 
planches graves en taille-doace. 1 p. 1, 44 
pp. Atlas 21 pi obi fol, HalU, H. W. 
Schmidt, l^ba s. 

The same Es:planations of the xxi 

plates ceniaimng the graphical representa- 
tionsof optics Tianslated from the German, 
1 p. 1. 4=1 pp VP Halle n. W. Schmidt. 
1858. s. 

iigel (Samuel). Geographiaeheundkritlsebo 
nachrichten und onmeiknngen ubec die lage 
der nordhchen gegenden von Asien und 
Amerika [etc ] welohen noch em versnch 
liber einen weg darch nciden nsoh ludien, 
und abei die enichtung eines handela m 
die Sudsee beygefnget ist, [etc ] J v m I 
1 p. 1. XVI, 368 pp 2 maps , 1 p. 1. 304 pp. 1 1. 
3 maps. 4°. Mietau, etc. J. F. Him, 1772. 
Engelgrave (Henryk). Cceleste pantheon; 
sive, ctelvm novvm, in fesla et gesta sanc- 
torvm totivs anni, morali doctrina varie [etc. ] 
illnatratum. 3" ed, 3 v. in 1. 4 p. 1. 342 pp. 
20 1 ; 2 p. 1. 448 pp. 46 1. 4". Colonial 
Agrippinm, J. Biisteus, 1658. 

CiBlumempyreiim[etc.] 8 p. 1. 910pp. 

51 1. 4°. ColoniiE Agrippin/r:, J, Bitsaim, 
Engelmann (George, m. d.) Meteorological 
ervationa, [etc.] 1843-44, 8°. Waslt- 
(on, Blair t; jRives, 1845, 
(A Pbkkoni (J. C.) Report of Ilia eiplorinK 
ixpeflition to the Kocky mountains, [elc] Ore- 
(oo, and North Calffoi'hin, [184iW4]. 
Eogelmanu (Henry), Geology of Washing- 
ton connty; Clinton county; Marion county; 
[and] Jefferson county, 8°. Chicago, 1868. 
[Illinois (Geolospcal survey of), v, 3, pari 1, chaps. 

Geology of Johnson oonnty ; Pulaski 

county ;, Massac county; and that part of 
Pope county south of Big bay river; of that 
part of Pope county north of Big bay river. 
8°. Chicago, 1866. s. 

[ILUROiB(Gflolo^oal surrey Qf>. v. l.oJinps. 14-17]. 

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BneiueeriJig facts and figures for 1868. Aa 
annnal reg'iEter of progresain. mechanical en- 
gineering and construct joti. With notes from 
the Palis and Havre oihibitions. viii, 398 
pp. 16°. London, A.Full/irtoti>keo.l^9. 

Bnglefield (Sir Henry Charles), A walk 
through Southampton. 1 p. 1,100 pp. 6 pi. 
4°. Soutltam-pton, T. Baker, 1801. 

English chnruhwomeu of the seventeenth cen- 
tury. Sded. [anon.] xii, 371 pp. Iff. 
Derby, H. Mozley ^ sons, 1846. 

BngllBh (The) courtier, and tbe ciitrey gentle- 
man: a pleasannt and learned disputation, 
betweene them botb. Wherein is discoursed, 
what order of lyfe, best beseemeth a gentle- 
nian. [hboh.] 4'^. London, R. Jones, 158(5. 
Reprinted, Londaa, Roxbargltelibrary, 1868. 


g extracts from the w 
with notes of 

of English prose writers, 

lives, [ttneti.] xvi,504pp, 8°. Londnti, 

J. Moore, 1844. 
Euelislimaii'a [An] sketch-book; or, letters 

from New York, [bbob.] 1 p. 1.195 pp. 

ia°. Nea York, G. ^ C. CbtbUI, 1828. 
Bnlner (Dom Anrel, ■p$Budon.) SeeLa Solle 

(Henri Pranfois do). 
Ennls (Jacob ). The origin of the stars, and the 

canses of their motions and their light. 394 

pp. 12°. Hew York, D. Appltton S eo. 1867. 
Eniiodius (Magnus Felix). Opeia. J, Sir- 

mondus in ordinem digesta, emendavit, ac 

noHs illustiavit col. 1360-1915 anno 1611. 

81. fol, Parisiis, typographia 


Bplgraws and literary follies. [«jiom.] 127 
pp. ■.M°.EdiBbiiTgJi, IV. P. Nimmo, [1869]. 
piphaiins (St.) ee Cauaain (N.) D 
symbolieie jEgyptiorum sapientia, 1654. 

Epiecoplus or Bleschop (Simon). Bode- 
chervs ineptiensj hoc eat, evidens demou- 
stratio, qua ostenditur K. Bodecherum, nt 
plusquamserviliadaentationeefBcacem con- 
tra-reuionstrantium gratiam demereatur, in- 
epte admodum et ungatorie eonfessionem re- 
monstrantJum Hoeinismi arcessere naper esse 
aggressum. [anon.] 44 pp. sin,4°. f-"^- 
dani Batavorma, J. Marcas]1 1624, 
[ ItM Bode CHER [H.) Sociniano-iemonBlraiifiamlia]. 

Epistle to Diognetus. lanon.l 6°. Edin- 
burg/,, 1868. 
lAlSTK-NIOEKE ehriEliftn library, v. L pp. 3111-316]. 

Epiatol^ indicce. De stvpendis et prseclaris 
rebus, quas diuina bouilas in India, et variia 
insulis per sooietatem nominis Jeav operari 
dignata est, in tan copioaa gentium ad fidem 
conuersione. [In lucem misste per Jo. Kut. 
Berg, ] 12 p. 1. 496 pp. 18°, Lomnii, K. 
Velpius, 15G6. 

Epitaphs and epigrams ; carious, quaint. 


■D (Jac, 

. OpMP 


Xitltertaining (The) and marvellous repos- 
itoiy; containing biography, manners, and 
cnstoms, tales, a<3ventures, essays, poetry, 
etc. [onoM.] 3v. 16°. Boston, Baker ^ 
Aiexander, 1827. 

Bntretiens snr lea prerogatives des d u 
es, ou I'on moctre que I'Ama n'est p m n 
parfaite dans la femme que dans 1 h mm 
[niiDi] 13' pp 16° LaHuye 1 53 


Ephem^iades univciaelles ; ou, tabl 
ligieux pohtiqua liiteraire, scient fiq 
anecdotique prSsentaut, pour ohaq j u d 
1 ann6s un estrait des Aunales de t t 1 
nations et de tous les si^clea, depuis lea 
temps historiqnes jnsqu'au 1'^' Janvier, 1828. 
\^polyon. ] ; mises en ordre at publi^es par in. 
Udonard Monnais. 13 t. 8°. Paris, Coi-by, 



p. ). lao pp. 

Londun, S, Palnii 

Etan due or sono tre, 6 sea gli esposti. Eran 
dos y ahora son tres, 6 los exp6sitos ; (Spera 
bufa en dos actoa. [Italiano y caatellano, 
anon.] 2p.l.99pp. 16-*. Madrid, 1. Saneha, 

Erani3te(Eusehio,7iseu''0n.). Lettere apologe- 
tiche; ovverodifesadella dottrinadell'angeii- 
codottoredeliftchieeaa. Tommasod' Aquino 

1 lir 
i d I 


1 n 

d 11 It 
'>79 pp 16 i 

I dfst 


E baul h gbtbh d thl g 
mQt bflragd higlh 

g tt hn g f hr ten U b 

nm [ t ] Mtfl as m It 

d beste Iten und neuen gebat-buchem 
ta 1 Z UihofeF, Sohmollte, Tittmann, 
F d leren. 2 v. in 1, xiv,a02pp; 

1 p 1 39b pp 16°. AUentown, B. Ebaer # 
CO. 1833. 

Eroktuami (!^mile) aad Chatrlan (Alexan- 
dre). Tho conscript : astory of the French war 
of 1813. Translated from tho [French], 330 

by Google 

Waterloo ; a sequel fo the eonseript ol 

1813. Ti'ansUted from the French of Eiek- 
mann— Chatrion. 36Hpp,6pl. ia". NeiB 
York, Scrilmer J: eo. 1S69. 
Erdmami (Axel, director oflhe geological sur- 
vey nf Simden). Expose des formations qua- 
ternaii^esdeliiSnMa. xii, 117pp. 8°. Atlas, 
4p. 1, 14 col. maps. 4°. Steekholm, IdHS. a. 
[Sweden. Leyer gfiologiqne Se In SofldeJ. 

Erfurth (Ch. B.) Mora von Weimar, mit 
berticlssichtigaiig der eultuiTlanzen, [etc.] 
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art of sargery, [elc] Edited by John H. 
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pkia, Blanckard ^ Lea. 1854. a, 

The same. Being a treatise oa surgical 

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5th London ed. With additions by John 
Ashhnrst, jr. m. d. 1328pp. 8°. Philadd- 
pMa, B. C. Lea, 1869. 

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I do? 3l7pp.3pl, 16". Boston, H. A. 
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Good moasnre, A story for boys. 377 

pp.5p!, 16°. BottoH, H.A. Yoang, 1869. 

The station-master's daughter and her 

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gational B.s.andpub. society, [1868]. 

Erman (Adolf Georg). Reise um die erde durch 
Nord-Aaien nnd die beiden oceane in den 
jahren 1838-30 aaegefUhrt. l'»abtheil. Iiisto- 
rischer bericht. 3 v. 8". Berlin, G. Reimer, 
[WaaiJog, atlas, tol.] 

die reiianauflCnmtiicliatlta, 1829. vii, 58] pp. 

The same. 2» ahtheil. Physikalieche 

beobachtungen. 2v, 8°. Beihn, G. Eeniter, 

yerftadenmgfln. xii^, a^B pp. 

Thesame. Matnrhistonacheratlas. (Ver- 

zaichniBS Ton tliiereu und pflauEen, welche 
auf einet reise um dia erde gesammcit wur- 
den). vi, 64pp. 17 pi. fo!. Bcrlin,0. Rei.ner, 


Bmsthafte (Die) chriatenpflicht ; enthalleud 
scbone g^istreiehe gebSter, womit fromme 
chriaten-herzen zu alien zeiten nnd in alien 
ndthen sich trdsten kSnnen. [anon.] 314 
pp. 1 1. 16°. Lancaster, [Pa.] J. Bdr, 1859. 

Eracb ( Johaun Samuel). La Frauce lit^raire : 
franfftisde 1771^1796. 

I ter 

[or], Daa 

der fran 

1796. 3 H 

Th m 8 

pt^meul te 


[etc] Z 

hoarg, B O H ff 
Ereklne B R 

od lesicoa 

771 big 

J G HJmann, 

a\ diately 
Ic.] lis 

The SI 

D g 

d Amer. ed. 360 pp. 16°. 

Worcester, I. 'I'homi 

Esoaloua y Aguera (Gaapar de). Gazophi- 
lacium r^um perubicum { in quo omnea 
materia spBctactesa^administrationamjuii- 
um rettftlium regui peruani discutiantur aj 
pertractantur. Parte 3. Gazofiladio real de 
eli-eyno del Peru. [Hiapanice]. 6 p. 1.268, 
349 pp. fol. MutAli, B. Roman, 1775. 

Bachiicht (D. F.) and Reiniardt (Johan 
T.) On the GreanlaLd ri^bt-whale, (bataaa 
lagstketus, Linn.) with especial reference to 
its geographical distribution and migrationB 
in timoa past and present, and to its external 
and internal characteristies. Translated 
from the [Danish]. 4°. London, 1866, 

(Eai- society publlcaaonB. /« PLOWEIt (W. H.) Ko- 
centmemoiraon the ootaoea, pp. il-xil, l-ISO, 8 pi.] 
On the species of the genus orca inhab- 
iting the northern aeaa. Translated from the 
[Danish]. 4°. London, 1866. 
[Kil- aocialy poblioalionB. la I'LOWiB. (W. H.) 

Esoritor (El) sin titnlo. Discurso primero, 
dirigido al autor de las Noticias de modo, 
sobie iaa que nos ha dado a luz eu lus dias 
3, 10 y 17, de mayo Tradneido del Espailol 
al Caslellano por el liceneiado don Juau 
ChristovalRomeayTapia. Ipseudon?} 359 
pp. 16°. Madrid, B. pano, 1790, 


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Eedalle (James, m.d.) Mesmerism in India, 
and its practical application in surgery and 
medicine. 359 pp. 12°. Hartford, S. Aa- 
drus * son. 1847. 

EHpejoyCiBiieroa<Bariolom6de). TraetatYs 
de vsvra paraonata in eontra«tv tcioo, etc 
21 p. 1,61)6 pp. S[n,4°. Malacie, !yp. vHsie 
N. Lopez Hidalgo, 1698. 

Espinoea (Juan). La hereneia espaiiola de 
los Americanos. Sois cartas criticas a Isabel 
segundft. Segiiidas da otros escritos de int«rea 
ptiblieo. 350 pp. 1 1. 18°. Linw, El Correa, 

Bsplnosa (Manuel de). Sermones del ss. Sac- 
ramento del altar, en la solemne octava que 
le consagra lodos los afios la devoeion «io la 
realcaBadesenorftsdeSigBQa, [etc.] A que 
se anaden otios del misnio sagrado objeto, 
con el deseo de aumentar su devoeion y 
caltc [etc.] 4p.l.a53pp. 8°. Madrid, 
ft. Ruiz, 1793. 

iJspiuosa y Malo (Felix de Lucio). Adver- 
lencias politicas, y morales, escritas en ct 
municoda carta al seiior Juan de Mates ¥r. 
goso, 38 pp. 16°. Madrid, P.J. Alonsoy 
PadiUa, 1722. 

El pineel, sua glorias desorividas. 29- 

136 pp. 16°. Madrid^'P. J. Alonso »/ Pa- 

dilla, 1722. 

[WIUi ihe pncediDg]. 

^py (James Pollard). Second report on 
meteorology, to the secretary of the nayy, 
[andj third report on meteorology, with di- 
rections for mariners, etc. 65 pp. 101 maps. 
11 tables, obl.fol. IWaakingtoa, public prin- 
ter, 1851]. 

Tblrd raeoit, p. iti ; Itules for llie mariner, p. 5S. 

The same. Fourth meteorological re- 
port. 240 pp. 58 maps. 12 tables. 4°. Wash- 
ington, A. Q. p: Niclialson, 1857. s. 

Bsguemeling (Jolm]. See li^iquemeliii 
(Alexandre Oliyior). 

BaEay (An) on transcendentalism, Qniioii.] 
104 pp. 16". Boston, CrockeT ^ Rwggles, 
_ 1853. 

Essay onanniversallanguage. Qanon.] Ip.l. 
31,88,260pp. 12°. IBar-le-Dac, L. Guirm, 
et eie. 1869] 7 

Essays, descriptive and moral, on scenes in 
Italy, Switzerland, and France. By an 
American, [anon.] 3 p. I, xi, 365 pp. 12°. 
Edinburgh, A. Constable ^- co. 182Z. 


lasen or Essenlns (Andreas). Compendium 
theolog^te dogmaticuro, [etc.] Ed. 2". Ad- 
jeeta est Johannis Hoornlieeldi mothodua 
concionaudi, 4 p. 1.976 pp. 21. 70 pp, 1.1, 16°. 
Tj'ajfjcti ad Itlienuia, F. Halnia, 1685. 

Essex (The) gazette. [Salem, Mass. weekly]. 
Ang.2, ];68, to Jnly 16, 1771; July 28, 
1772, to December 28, 1773; Nov. 30, and 
Dec. 14, 1775. 4 v. fol. Salem, and Cam- 
bridge, S. ifE. Hale, 1768-75. 

Estell & CO. The Glasgow commercial list. 
1869-70, first and second years, fol. Lon- 
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Tbe Liveipaol commercial list. 1869- 

70, fourth and fifth years, fol. London, 

The Loudon commercial list. 1869-70, 

eleventh and twelfth years, fol. London, 

Manchester commercial list. 1869-70, 

third and fourth years, fol. Lotidoa, 1869, 
latevau (Francisco). Cathedra de liberali- 
dad, que el confessor lee, y el penilente eye, 
materia a todos estados conveniente, [etc.] 
8 p. 1. 288 pp. 4 1. sm. 4°. Madrid, J. G. la- 
/awfon, 1710 

Estlenue ( Chailes). Dictionarium latino- 
grcecvm In quo singula dictiones ac locu- 
tiones latin.^ grajcis vocibus ao sententiis 
plfemissie, magnn vtriusque llngnis cnmer- 
cium mdicut Hujus aute plurima pars ex 
Budipi vjgiliaiii reliquiis excerpta est. 
[nno«.] 1071 pp. 4°. LnleHie, C. Steph- 
anas, 1554, 

Thesavrva M. Tvllii Ciceronis ; sive, 

concordaatia ciceroniaoa, 3 p. 1. 1591 pp. 
8°. Parisiis, C. Stephanns, 1556. 

EsUenne (Henri). De latinitate false sus- 
pecta, expostnlatio Henrici Stephani. Eiva- 
dem de Plavlj latinitate dissertatio, et ad lec- 
tionom illius progymnasma. 8p. 1. 400 pp. 
16°, [GcncBiE]? H. Stephanus, 1576. 

fitat present de la Pensilvanie, oti Ton trouve 
le detail de ce qui a'y est paasfi depuis la d^- 
faite du g^n&ral Biaddock jnsqu'jv la priae 
d'Osnego, aveo une carte particnli^re de cette 
colonie. lanon.^ 128 pp, 1 map. 16°. 
[Paris] 1 1756. 

Strangers (Lea) a Paris, [poison."] ixiv, 
525pp.ll.30pl. 8°. Palis, C.WarU, [oioitt 

Etter (Joseph). Pocket directory. 16''. 
Washington, I84I. See United States. 
■ directory. 

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Eugeuins episcopns lotelamis Opuecula. 
Quibns inaerti sunt Dratontii libelli duo ab 
Lugen o podem ollm reccgrati Adjecta 
Item alioium aliqaoC vetemm scriptornm 
vana Edit* a J Sirmondo anno lfil9. 1 
p 1 ool 8~" 913 fol Pansiis tgpBgraphia 
rci,i! 16% s. 

[Ik Iilu o-iD (Jscq lea) Opera vi a, v 2], 

Enleneplegel Noctvie gpeiulnn omnes res 
memoiabiles tariaaque et adnurabilee, Tyli 
lajToi 101 maelunatiODes compleotens, plane 
nouo mure nunc p imnm ex iiliamate ger- 
man ct> Intimtate donatam Adiectis insuper 
elegnntiesin is icombus veraa omnium 1 
nam speiiea ad vnmm aduiubraotibnE, ante- 
hac nnnqnam Tisis aat editis. Avthore 
jEgidio Pei'ianaro [GDles OyermanJ] 3p. L 
210 1. 18°. Francefvni ad Mamum, 1567. 

is Btlldto 


BuBebiuB Pamphilus. Opnscula siv, pri- 
mum in lucem edita studio et opera J. Sk- 
niondi. 307 col. 3 1, fol. ParisiU, igpe- 
graphia regia, 1 6S6, 
(/m Siemokd (Jaaitnes). Opera varia, v. IJ. 

Enstaplil^ve (Alexis). Demetiliis, the bero 
of the Don. An epick poem. 256 pp. 12°. 
Bo$lon, Manroe ^ Frandii, 1818. 

EutbymfuB, zigaiaais. Victoriaettriumphua 
de impift et multiplici exeorabilium Massa- 
lianonim secte, qui et Fhundaitie, et Bogo- 
mili, necnon Euchitce, EnthusUette, Eucra- 
tiie, et MarcioQite appellantor. [Gr^ee et 
latine], 4°. Trajecti ad Rhenam, Hal 
ma ^ Van At Water, 1696, 
ITOLLIDB (J.) Inalgnia Itlnetatil it^ci, pp. 106-156). 

BTangelischea liederbliGblein fUr sonntag- 
Bcliulen. 239 pp. 18°. Cleveland, (0.) 
6»angelische gememschaji, [I669J. 

Evans (Augusta J. ) Macaria. 469 pp. 12". 
NeiB York, Carleton, 1868. 

Vaahti ; or, nnlil death 09 do part. A 

novel. 473 pp. 12°, JTeio Vark, Carleton, 

Bvaus (Kec, Evan or leuan piytljdd bir). 
Some epacimcDs of the poetry of the ancient 
Welsh bards. Translated into English, with 
explanatory notes on the historical passives, 
and, a sbovt account of men and places men- 
tjoned by the bards, [et^.] Beprinled from 
Dodeloy's edition of 1764. 211pp. 8° 
Hanidtoes, (_Mo)itgotiierg), J. Pryse, [^alout 

Evana(E.P.) Aprogreaaive German gram- 
mar. With notes and a complete vocabularj'. 
iv.237pp. 13^ lioslott, S. R. Urbina, tS70. 


Evans (Frederick White). Autobiography of 
a shaker, and revelation of the apocalypse. 
With an appendix. 162 pp. 8°. Sit. Leba- 
non, (CoLco. N. ¥.-) author, 1W\). 

Brief and tiseful moral instructions for 

the young. By a friend <tf youth and ebil- 
dren. [anoii,! 39 pp. 18°. Worcester, C. 
Haviiltoa, 1858. 

Evaiis (John, editor). The Parnassian gar- 
land ; or, beauties of modern poeti'y: con- 
sisting of upwards of 300 pieces, selected 
from tbe works of the most distinguished 
poets of the present ag&. TOth introductory 
lines to each article. Designetl for tbe use of 
schools and the admirers of poetiy in geue- 
lal. Ip.l. 2S8pp. 18°. Phaaddphia, M. 
Carey, 1814. 

Evans (Marian). Tbe Spanish gypsy. By 
George Eliot. [psetidon.'] 3d ed. 3p, L 
383 pp. 16°. EdiiibaTgli, IV. Blackwood £ 

Evans (Dr. Thomas W.) Paris u: 
position, 1867, Reports on instruments and 
apparatus of medidne, snrgery, andbygiene ; 
enrgical dentistry and the materials which it 
employs ; anatomiail preparations ; am'bu- 
lance tents and carri^;es, and military 
sanitary institutions in Europe, 70 pp. 8°. 
IVashingtan, somrnaunt printing o£ice, 1868. 

Evening enpress, [Washington daily], June 
10, 1867, to Sept. 20, 1869, 4 v. foL IFaaA- 
aigton, O. Tharne & ca. and J. D. t6 A. P. 
Hoover, 1867-68. 

Evening (The) flr&side, [etc.] 2 v. 3 p. 1. 
416 pp ; 3 p. 1. 4 1 6 pp. 4°, Philadelphia, J. 
Tlaleestrav! ^ eo. 1805-06, 

Evening post (The) [New York daily]. Jan. 
Dec. 18fS. 2 V. fol. Nein Yorle, 1869. 

Everard (John, d. d.) Gospel treasnres ; or, 
tbe holiest of all nnvailing ; discovering 
yet more the riches of g^ace and glory to the 
vesels of mercy, [ale] In several sermons, 
preached at Kensington and elsewhere. Be- 
prinled. 2 pts. in 1 v. x, 280 pp. li, 268. 4°, 
Germantotvn, (Pa.) C. Soieer, 1757. 

Bverest(C.) The music teacher, [etc.] 223 
pp.11. oM 12°. Philadelphia, Leu it Walker, 

Evereirt (Alexandei Hill), Ameiika, odev 
allgemeioei uebeihlick der politiscben If^ 
der verschiedenen ttaaten des westliehen 
festlandet, ntbst veimutbnngen uber deren 
kiiuftiges sthiidtsal ttbersetzt nnd mit an- 
■inerkuBgen voisehen 2 v. viij, 2J0 pp ; 3 

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Everett (Alexander Hill)— coatiuoed. 
pi 07 pp 1 1, fP. Haaibvrg, Haffi 
^ Canp I a 

The ame. Cartas tie un Americano 

ob e laa ventajas de los gobieroiM lepubli- 
cauos tedeativos. [anon.] 3p.l. 11,213 
pp h Lo Ires, M. Cahro, iSi6. S. 

Everett (Chailes Cacroll). The eeience ol 
thought; a system of logic xii, 4^! pp. 
n°. Boston, IF. r. Spencer, 1869. 

Everett (James). The village blacksmith ; 
or, piety aud aaefulness eiemplified, m a 
memoir of the life of Samuel Hide From 
the 7th Loudon ed. 35S pp. IS", ffeso 
York, G. Lane Sc P. P. Sandford, 1844. 

Every Satarday ; a jonroal of uhoice reading 
selected from foreign cnrreut literatare. Jaa. 
to Dec. 18B!). v. 7-8. 8°. Bostun, Fields, 
Osgood St CO. 1869. 

EW^id (Alexander Charles). The last cen- 
tury of universal history : a reference book, 
containing an annotated table of chronology, 
lists of Contemporary aovoreigns, a diction- 
ary of battles and sieges, and biographica! 
notes of eminent individuals. Fi'Om 1767 to 
1S67. vi, 621 pp. I(i°. London, F. Wa 


Ewald (Georg Heiiirich August von). The 
history of Israel, Translat«d from the Ger- 
man. Edited, with a preface and appendix, 
by Rassell Martmean. ^ ed. Revised and 
uontinned to the commencement of the 
monaWhy. 2 V. 8°. London, Longmans, 



raoTE.— lOnly B imrtlon of tbs Qi 

Ewald (H. F.) The stoiy of Waldemar 
Krone's youth. Translated from the Dan- 
ish. .381pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lip- 
pincolt Ifco. 1368. 

Eivell (James, m. d.) The medical compa- 
nion ; or, family physician : treating of the 
diseases of the United Stales; the mani^u- 
ment and disease of women and children. 
A dispensatory, etc. 692pp. 1 pi. 8°, Phila- 
delphia, J. A. Oeer, 1848. s. 

Ewer (KeB. Ferdinand C.) Sermons on the fail- 
ure of protestantism, and on catholicity. 168 
pp. 12°. New Vorle, D. Ajipklon if co. 1869. 

Two eventful nights ; or, the falli- 
bility of "spiritualism" exposed. 106pp. 
12°. New York, H. Dayton, 1856, 
Ex^quia? de mr. Pitt, canciller del echiquier, 
[etc.] y primero miuistro do luglaterra, par 
uu Espauol auiaute de su patria. [anon.] 
150 pp. 18°. Madrid, T. Alba«, 1806. | 

(F hall. A theolo^cal ron 
pp, 8°. AW York, Aoi. 

Exhibitiori of 1851, {London). liepiirts. 
4° [ms,] 

Exhibition of 1853, (Jftio York). Aasociation 
for the exhibition of the industry of all na- 
tions. Official rewards of juries, v, 98 pp. 
8°. New York, association, 1853. 8. 

Exhibition of 186^ {London). I^sposiziono 
internazionala del 1662. Regno d'ltalia. 
Catalogo descrittivo pubhlicato per cnradel 
r. comitato italiano. 1. Mineralogiae melal- 
lurgia. (Miuerie e saline), xxili, 116 pp. 
16°. ToHuo, Dalmazio, 1862. 8. 

— ;^ The same. 1. Mineralogia e geologia. 

(ProdoHi litoidei), 86 pp. 16°. Firenze, 
Barbira, 186-2. 8. 

Official catalogue of the fine art de- 
partment. (Corrected). 6p.l. 280 pp. 8°. 
London, her majests's cominissiotieTS, 1862. s, 

Official catalogue of the industrial de- 
partment. 3d ed. xvi, 433 pp. 8°. Loii- 
don, her majesty's eonimissiovers, 1862. S. 

Special catalogue of the zoUverein de- 
partment. Edited by authority of the com- 
missioners of the zoUvereiu governments, 
together with advertisements, recommenda- 
tions aud illustrations, viii, 184, Ixxx pp. 
1 col. pL 8°. Berlia, R. Decker, 1862. S. 

Exhibitioil of 1867, {Fans). Exposition uni- 
verselle de 1867. Catalogue des produits 
des colonies Fran5aiseB, pr6c^d6 d'une notice 
statistique. 2p. 1. cxlviipp. I tab; 1 p.l. !55 
pp. 8°. Paris, Challamd aiui, 1867. S. 

The same. Official catalogue of the 

products of the United States of America, 
exhibited at Paris, 1867, with statistical 
notices. Catalogue in English. Catalogue 
francais. Deutiscber catalog. 3d ed. 3 p I. 
160 pp. 16°. Paris, A. Cltaix et de. 1867. 
The same. Eapporta du jury interna- 
tional, publics sous la direction de m. Michel 
Cbevaliei 13 v 8= Parts F D«pont, 

The same Die eiaeugnisse les pflau- 

een uni tiiieiieiohs uiid das rustzeug des 
landiv rths imt ausnahme der maschinen 
und geiathe auf der nelt ansstellnng zu 
Pans lBft7 Bencht, erstattet dem biioig- 
lioh picuEsuchen mmisteuum lui die land- 

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Exhibition of I8CT— continuea 
wiithshaftUehan angplegonlieiten Von vei- 
scliiedenen veilBsaein xvi, 3T6 pp. 17 1. 
11 pi. io. Berlm. IFugaadl S; Heiiipel, 
18(58. s 

Exlto, (El) etc. (le la nmerte conPspondLeate 
a iBTidadelostiessupuMto^heiueBiltlaiglo 
xriii, Voltaire, D'Alembeit y Diderot, tleoio- 
etrado coii la simple, y verdadera narraeion 
du su muerte. Anedido no exiiorto del obispo 
•}e Amieos, sobre la coleccion de las obiv 
Voltaire, y una descripeion de Feraey. Tra- 
duddo del idioma francos al Italiano, y if 
mt& al Casteilano por Joseph Domenichini, 
xix, 291 pp. KP. Madrid, J. DaUado, 1793. 

Expositioii universelle de 1867 '& Paiis. 

u (Alexandre Olivier). Dea 
eaenscliB zee-roovers. Beheisende een 
fjueote en waerachtige besohrljviiig vai 

rdTeijen, enonmenschelijcke 
a de engelse en franse re 
tegans da Spanjaei'den in America, gepleeght 
bebbaa. 4 p. 1, 1B6 pp. 3 maps. 10 pi. am. 
4°, Amsterdam, J. ten Hoom, 1678. 

Theaame. Tbeliiatory oftbebuoaaiars. 

Mada Englisb from the Diitdi copy : ni'ittea 
by J, Eaquemeliog. 13 p. 1.192 pp. 16°. 
London, T.Maltlms,168i. 

The saaie. Bncaniers of America. 

Written originally ia Dutch by Joba Eaque- 
meling; and tbence translated into Spanish. 
Now faithfully readi'cd into Eagliah. 3 pails 
in 1 V. 6 p. 1. 390 pp. 3 1. 1 map. 5 pi. 4°. 
London, W. Crooks, 1684. 

Theaame. 2d ed. corrected, and 

inlarged with two additional relations, via: 
the one of captain Cook, and the other of 
captain Sharp. 2 v. in 1. 6 p.!. 911 pp.61. 
I map. 8 pi; 8 p. 1.313 pp. 9 1. 2 mapa, 4'=. 
London, W. Croolce, 1684-85. 

The same. Bncaniers of Amer- 
ica. Y. 3. Contaiaing the daagerous voyage 
aud bold attempts of captain Bartholomew 
Sharp, andotheis. From tbeoriginal journal 
of the said voyage. Written by Basil Eiog- 
rose. 8 p. 1,313 pp. 9 1. 1 map. 4°. London, 
W. Croolie, 1684r85. 
[Imperfect! 1 mnp wantJng]. 

The same. Histoire des avanturiers qui 

se Bont aignalea dans lea Indes. Par A. 0. 
Oexmelin. [Traduit de 1' Anglais 
Frontigniarea]. 2 T. 15 p.l. 343 pp. 12 1. 3 
mapa. 3 pi ; 3 p. 1. 384 pp. 11 1. i map. 1 pi. 
160. Paris, J. Le Fel^re. 1686. 


Bxqueraelin (Alexandre Olivier)— continued. 
The aame. [9= ^d.] 3 v. 12 

p. !. 348 pp. 8 1. 2 maps. 3 pi ; 3 p. 1. 286 pp. 

8 1. 1 map. 1 pi. 16*^. Paris, J. Le Felvre, 

Thesame. 2v.ini. 16°. Paris, 

J.LcFebvrc, 1688. 
The same. Piratas de la America, y lax 

a la, defeusB de laa coataa de Indies Occiden- 

talea [etc.] Tradneido del FlameuooenEa- 

panoi, por el doctor [Alonso] da Bueaa-Mai- 

sm. 4°. Madrid, R. Raix, 1791 
See, also, Histofi:e des avanturiers fli- 

bustiers ; and History of the bacajiiera. 
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r y( 


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Fain (Agathon Jean. Frangois, baron). Ml- 
loutempoiuins, pourservira I'his- 
ance, ct principaloment a celle de 

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, Manuscrit de 1813, oontenant le precis 

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or, the att of secret information disclosed 
without a key. Containing pl^n and de- 
monstrative rules, for deeypheriug all man- 
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for resolving secret indmationa by signs or 
gestures, or in speech, [etc] ISp. 1.180 pp. 
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Traduit de I'Anglois par m. de la Moittagne, 


Falconer (William)— continued. 

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cidatlon of the history of counts Straensee 
and Brandt, and of the revelation m Den 
marit in the year 1772. Pnntel piivatelj 
but not published, by a person principally in 
terested. [Edited byCharle landg afavon 
Hesse-Caseel. anon.] From the Terman 
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Fama fralernitatia. Oder, entdeclcung der 
bruderschaift des loblichen ordens dese ro- 
sen creutzes. Beueben der confession. Oder, 
bekamitnuss derselben frateruitet an alle 
gelehrte and haupter in Europa gesohrie. 
hen, [etc.] Sampt dem sendtschreiben lal- ' 
iani de Campis, vnd Georgii Mollheri rela- 
tion, von einer diss ordena gewissen person, 
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tioa de France, depuis la pvemiire assembl^e 
des notablea jusqu'ft la paii de Presboiirg. 
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[Wi/A BOSTON gnsello aurt republican loarual ITW- 

Farming by incbes , or, " ivith brains, bu " 

[anoM.] 123 pp 12° Boston, Lormg, 

Parquharson (Martha) Anua Hand, the 

meddlesome girl 82 pp 3 pi lb" Phila 

del-pliia, prcsbylenan pMuation lomtiattee. 

!, presbylen 

Farqtiharson (Martha)— continued. 
Grandma Foster's sunbeam. 79 

pi. 18°, Philaddphi 

cation eommittee, 1S68, 
Little Dick Positive 7" pp *» pi 

PkUadlpI p hyt ta pibl 

mittee, 1868 

1 ttl h Ip 2 pp 3 pi 

Philad Iph 

F '^J 

mittee, 18t>8 


mittee, 186b 

P t 

P bye, 

7 IP 

L ( 

PhUad Iph 

P bj n 


mittee, 18 8 
-M 1 

P *S 

72 pp pl 

p U%c 

1 I ttl g 1 wh 

1 d th m g d 

P/U d Ipht p etbgter s 

pp. 3 pl. 

— Casella; 01 the children l 
I pp. 12^. Phttaddphta, J 

hn * albys 

Eva Merlfln ; or, the blue morocc 

shoes. 316 pp. 3 pl. 18°, Philadelphia 
presbgterian hoard of publication, 1865. 

Philad Ipl 
mittee, 11 


help oth 


cation ci 

Stupid Sally, tbe poor-hoase girl. 72 

pp.3 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, presbyterian 
publication commiltee, 1868, 

A week in Lilly's life. 

18°. Philadelphia, ptesbyter, 
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Para Paiiseelandry (— , vicoiatease do, pseu- 
don.) See Iiamothe-Langoii (Elienne 
L6on, baron de). 
Farthing (John). Short-writing shortened ; 
or, the ai't of short- wilting reduced to a 
method more speedy, plain, exact, and easia 
than hath been heretofore published, [etc.] 
3pl.38pp. 18°. London, T. VndeThin,imi. 
Fasquelle (Jean Louis). Fsprit de la conver- 
sation franSMse ; being a copious manaal or 
class-book of French conversation. 275 pp. 
13°. Nev) York, leison 4- P/iitines, 1857. s, 
Pauooiipret (Anguste Jean Baptlste de). See 

D s faucoupret. 
Pavier (— , I'abbi). Catalogue des llvres do 
la bihlioth^que de feu mons. I'abb^ Farier. 
pr6tre a Lille, dont la vente commencera 
le Jaudl, 19 septembro 1765. xxiv, 533 pp. 
8^. LUlc, F. J. Jacgaei, 1765. 

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Pavier (I'abbi) — continued. 

Catalogue fles oslatnpea et tableaox 

cabinet de feu mons. I'abb^ Favier. S [ 
144 pp. B". Lille, Jacqm%, 1765. 

Faviiie (Andrew). See Pavyn (Andr^). 

Pavre (Antoiae). Lea quatraina. BesPibrao 
(Guy dn Fanr) etc. 

Pavyn (Andrfi). The theater of lionour 
liniglit-liood; or a compendious chronicle 
ftud hiatorie of the whole ebriatian world. 
Containing the original of all monarehicB, 
kicgdoma, and estates, with tbeir eniperoura, 
kings, princes, and gouernoara ; tbeir begin- 
nings, continuance, and eucceaeione to this 
present time, [etc] Written in French, hy 
Andrew Favine, [etc.] 3 v. in 1. 9 p. 1. 
573 pp. IS pi ; 538 pp. fol. London, ff. 
laggard, 1633. 

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accompany the universal atlas, viii, '233 pp. 
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Norman Leslie; a New Torfc story. 

[Newed.] 3p.l.39lpp. J2°. Nao York, 
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Iieim ( Johann Nicolaua von). 

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iarmente italiano. a* eel. iU pp. 16°. 
Biella, I. Fecia, 1843. 

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evening poat. [Tri-weeltly and daily]. 
March 8, 1788, to March 31, 1790. 3t. 
4°. Philadelphia, Jnilrew Broan, 1788-90. 

Federalist (The); a collection of essays, 
written in favonr of the new conatitulion, as 
agreed upon by the federal convention, Sep- 
tember 17, 1787. [By Alexander Hamilton, 
James Madison, and John Jay]. 3 v. in 1. 
Ti, 937 pp i vi, 384 pp. 16°. Neut York, 
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The same. 3 v. vi, ^7pp! vi,384pp. 

le". JVeio York, J. TiehBul, 1799. 

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generation inabesondere der nieren. [Inau- 
gural dissertation]. 8, 164 pp, 8°. Bern, 
Eieder d) Simmen, 1866. a. 

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bUclilein. 2 p. 1.138 pp. 16°. Lancaster, 
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philosophically, morally, and practically 
considered. 4 p. 1. 134 pp. 1 1. 16°. Lun- 
don, J, Maaman, 1805. I 


Felton (Henry, d.d.) A diaaertation on read- 
inp^ the classics, and forming a jnat atyle. 
Wvittenin the year 1709. Gthed. XKvipp.ll 1- 
240 pp. 16°. London, R. Baldwin. 1753. 

P^nelon (Frani^is de Salignac de La Mothe). 
£1 espiritu del Telemaco ; o, maximaa y re- 
flexiones politicas y morales del celebre 
poema intitnlado Las aventuras del Telema- 
co; sacadas fielmenle, dispuestas por 6rden 
alfabetico de materias [etc.] por Agustin 
Garcia de Arrieta. 4 p. 1. xxxii, 234 pp. 16°. 
Madrid, B. Cano, 179B. 

Tratado de la educacion de las hljaa. 

Tradacido on Espanol por B. Asensio. 3 p. 1. 

303 pp. IS". Madrid, viuda E. Sanchez, 

Permln (Philippe). Hiatoire naturelle de la 

Hollande ^ijninoxiale ; on, description des 

qui se troQvent dans la colonie de Surinam ; 
avec leur noma diff^rents, taut fran^is, que 
latins, bollondois, indiens et n^gre-anglois. 
Kii, 340 pp. 1 1. 1 pi. 8°. Amsterdam, M. 
Maseras, 1765. 

Eeise durch Surinam. Aus dem Pran- 

Euaischen Uberaetzt. 3v.ini. 4p.l.216pp; 
336 pp 35 I 1 map S pi 8° Potsdam V 
C. Homalh 178> 

Pernaudez (Fehx M ) Gramatica elemental 
latina, lormada coo arreglo al programa de la 
direeclon general de mstitucicu publ la 
lp.5. iL^v IHJ pp 16° Madrid M Hi 
vadencira J 848 s 

Ferrari (trnolaino) Fortuuali a Brivia ele 
menta mathematica in quatuor tomos di 
gesta. 4 V in 1 4° Bnita, J M jRi, 
lardi, 1756 

Perier (Francisco de Paula) LI patnotismo 
castigadoenela]iodel830 o aea causafor 
mada ol ciudadano d Fianusco dn Paulu 
Ferrer, [anon.] 126 pp. 16o. Madrid, 
imjirenta especial de las cortes, 1821. 

Perrer de Couto (Jos6). Enough of war. 
The queation of slavery conelaaively and 
satisfactorily solved, as regards hnnianity at 
large and the permanent interests of preaent 
owners. 313 pp. 8^. Weio Yorh, S. Hallet, 

Perreila (Mateo Fernandez de la}. Nnevo 
tratado de reduccion de nionodas, efectivas, 
& imaginariaa, de eatos rejnos de Eapana, ^ 
reales de vellon, [etc] 192, 34 pp. 18°. 
Madrid, M, Escr^ano, 1785. a. 

~ The same, 192 pp. 18°. Ma/Md, 
Ruiz, 1803. s. 

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Feniz (FranclBCo). Commentarius in biillam 
Beneaieli pap. xiv! De pcenitente a eo 
sario- oomplice suoJQ peceato Liirpi et 
neBto eontia aejctnm decjilogi prteoeptmi 
absolvendo; ot [in] posieriorem ejusdem 
poatificia declarationem pro mortis articulo, 
[etc.] 15 p. 1, 135 pp. sm. 4°. Valeulia, 
S. T. Laco!, 1756. 

Feraasao (Ad<\i'4 fitiecoe JtiatPaacha! Joseph 
Franfois d'Audebard, baron de). Mono- 
graphie dea espfices viTantes et fossiles du 
genre m^lanopaide, (melaaapsis), et obsei'va- 
tioDS g^o1ogiqn&9 d lour sujot. 33 pp. 2 pi. 
4°. ParU, 1823. a. 

{Extract from HSmolreu Se ]a aot36i€ a'tusioire natit- 

Fescourt ( — ). Histoire ite la double conspi- 
ration de 1800, centre le gouvernement con- 
eul^fe, et de la deportation, qui eut lieu ilaiis 
la deuiiftme annfie da consulat; coutena 
des d^taila antheniiques et viirieux sur 
macbine infemale et snr les d^porl^s, av 
Que carte g^ograpbique des ties S6cbelles 
deux plans. Sp. 1. xii, 330 pp. I map. S 
Paris, OaiUaamn f tie, 1819. 

FeBquet(A,A.) Coal tar colors [aniline, etc 
PMadelphia, 1869. 



Colors derived from coal ta 

Philadelphia, 18tf9. 

[7k I 

IE. (J.), 

lislry BDpliei 

tocLyting. ISHB. pp. 373-3lfi]. 

Fetridge <W. Femtiroke), Handbook for 
travelers in Europe. See Harpers' Hand- 

Feuillaase (Alexandre Gaspard de). See Per- 
rault de Jotemps (A. G. de Feuillasae, vi- 

reainSe or Feulllet (Louis). Journal dee 
observations phyaiquea, matbgrnatiquea et 
botaniques, faites par I'ordre dii roy enr les 
cotes orientales de I'Am^rique m^ridionale, et 
dans les Indes ooddentales, depuis rannoe 
1707, jusqaes en 1712. 2y. 8p.I.504pp. 1 
map. 15 pi; 4 p. l.pp, 505-767, 59 pi. 4°. 
Paris, P.GifuTt.nU. 

F^val (Paul Honri Corectin). Le filsdu liable 
4v.iD2. 12°. Paris, M. Uvsfrires, 1848. 

Few (A) hymns and some spiritaal songs. 
Selected for the little flock. 2 p. 1. xii, 270 
pp. 24°. [LoHrfon], Groombridge Sf sons, 

Fewsrolth (William) and Singer (Edgav A.) 
A grammar of the English language. S2B 


Pewamith (William)— continued. 

pp. ia°. Philadelphia, Sower, Baracs $r 

Potts, 186S. 
An elementary grareraav of the English 

language. 146 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, 

Snioer, Barnes St Polls, 1867. 
Feydeatt (Ernest). Du luxe desfemmes, des 

mteurs, de la liHSrature et de la vertu. 3 p. 1. 

237 pp. 1 1. 12", Paris, JB^ Uvy frires, 

Fererabend (Sigismnnd). Historia i-ervm 

in oriente gestarvni ab exordio mundi et orhe 

condito ad nostra h^c ysq\ e tempora. Una 

cum narratioce compendiosa de lebns tvrcicis 

et persicis ; deque olhoman ci imperii initio 
p * ea ^ d mq h d 

b g t b 1 g 1 teq t d 

] I p busH y Wl 
1 CI us 4 p 1 297 44 I 

J d M t, Fj b d 



) bl 


p & F S t M -n es 

g J d B (i F yi d 1 p I 115 pp 

>. Madrid, A. Perez, 1749. 8. 

Pfirth (John). A narrative of the life and 
death of tbe rev. Benjamin Abbott. 18°. 
NeiB York, 1836. 
[Z« Abbott lR«v. B.) BspBrienw ™a goepel la. 

Fialia (Jean Viutov Albert). See Peraigny, 

Fiohte (Jobann Gottlieb). The science of 
rights. Translated from Ihe German, by A. 
E. KrcEger. 505 pp. 12°, Philadelphia, 
J. B. Lippineott & to. 1869, 

Fiok (Rev. Herman), Life and deeds of dr. 
Martin Lutber. Translated from tbe Ger- 
man, by prof. M. Loy. viii, 181 pp. 16°. . 
Columbns, (O.) J. A. Schaiie, 1869. 

Field (F. E.) Tbe green-house as a wint«r 
garden ; a manual for the amateur. With a 
list of suitable planla and tbeir mode ot cul- 
ture. With a preface by W. C. Bryant. 86 
pp. 4 pi. 13°. Nem York, G. P. Putnam 4- 

Field (J. C. and J.) 
manufacture, and application. Together 
with a brief sketch of the various materials 
employed for the purposes of illumination. 
31 pp. 16°. Loudon, 1862. 3. 

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Field (Thomas W ) The battle of l-Dng 
Islandi ivith connected preceding events 
and the subsequent Atneriean retreat Intio 
dttctorj narrative with authentic documents 
3Jt, 549, siii pp 1 pi 2 maps 8° Brook 
lyn, by the society, 1669 
[LoHft Island hLstorlual wjufety Memoirs t 2] 

Field (William) An historical and descTip 
tive aoeounf of the town and castle of War- 
wicb, and the neighboring spa of Leaming- 
ton ; to which are added short notices of the 
towns, villages, etc. within the circuit of ten 
miles, [anon.] 2 p. 1. 444, 24 pp. 2 1. 5 pi. 
1 map. B". Warwick, H. Skarpe, 1815. 

Fielding (Henry). An euqniry into the 
causes of the increase of robbers, etc. "With 
some proposals for remedying this growing 
evil. 2d ed. iiiii, 303 pp. 16°. London, 
A.MUlar. 1751. 

Rgueiredo (Manuel do). Ilydrogiaphia, 

regraa quo todo piloto ilovc guardar em suas 
naupgasoca. Com os roteiros de Portugal 
para o Brazil, Rio da Prata, Guin6, Sam 
Thomg, Angolta, et Indlas de Fortuga.1, et 
Castellii. 13 p. 1. 128 1. 4°. Lisbon, V. 
Alvitry, 1614. 

Fignier (GuIUaume Louis). La vie et les 
mceurs des animanz. Zoophytes et mol- 
luaques. xi, 500 pp. 1 1 pi. 8°. Paris, L. 
HachelU el de. 1866. 

Fillmore (AngustnaD.) HaipofZion; abook 
of church mualc. Containing also a concise 
course of instrnction for schools and private 
learners on a mathematicaily constrocted 

cinnati, R. W. CartoU & co. [ 1867]. 

and Fillmore (C.L.) The little min- 
strel ; a collection of songs anij music, with 
lessons of instruction and raathematjcallj 
arranged plan of notation. 128 pp. obh 16°. 
Cineinitaii, R. ff. Carroll ^ co. [1867]. 

The polyphonic; or, juvenile 

choraliat. Designed for schools and youth 
generally; also adapted to use in religions 
meetings and in the home circle. In three 
parts. 128 pp. obi. 16°. Cincinnati, R. 
jr. Carroll ^ co, [I8fl3]. 

The violet; a book of music 

and hymns, with lessons of instrnction, de- 
signed for Snnday schools, social meetings, 
and home circle. 128 pp. ohh 16°. Citidu- 
nali, R. fF. Carroll 4- co. [1867]. 

nnd Skene (Robert). Christian psal- 
tery ; a collection of new and old sacred mu- 


Fillmore (A. D.)— continued, 
sic, adapted to congi'egational worship ; em- 
bracing also a course of elementary instruct- 
ion in music. 400 pp. obi, 8°. Cinciit- 
naH, R. W. CarroU ^ co. [1867]. 

The same. Cincinnati, R. W. 

CarroU * co. 1869. 

Filmer (Sir liobert). QuiCstio quodlibetica ; 
or, a discourse, whether it may bee lawfull 
to take use for money. 20 p. 1. 150 pp. 18°. 
London, H. Moseley, 1653. 

Finney (Rev. Charles G.) The character, 
claims, and practical workings, of freema- 
eonry. 373 pp. 16°. Cincinnati, western 
tract and book society, [1869]. 

Lectures on revivals of religion. A re- 
vised ed. 445 pp. 12°, Oberlia, (O.) E. 
J.Goodrich, [1868]. 

Finney (S. J.) The Bible; is it of dirine 
origin, authority, and influence ! 3d ed. 
115 pp. 12". Boston, B. Marsh. Ifiee. 

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schebezittingeDiuAraerikfl. UithelSpaanach 
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in I. Til, 113pp.2pliiii,77p 
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ithout and 

the universe within; being an unfolding ol 
the plan of creation, [etc.] Part 1, The 
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Fiaher (George J. m. d.) Diplo teratology. 
An essayon compound human monsters, com- 
prising the history, literature, classification. 
(leEcriplioc, and embryolc^y of double and 
triple formation ; including parasitic mon 
sters, ffetus in fcetn, and supernumerary de- 
velopment. 3 parts in 1 V. 1 p. 1. [164 pp. 
27 ph] S°. Albany, 1865-67. S. 

elf of the BtBte of Nbw York]. 

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prices], sold Marcb, 1366. Prepared by C. 
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Five weeks in a balloon ; or, jocimeys and dis- 
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Compiled in French by J. Verne, from the 
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English by William Lackland, [pseudon.^ 
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Flameuoo (Agustin). Disenrsoa hist«ricos- 
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6 hisloria del pueblo de Dies desde el prin- 
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Fleetwood i J h d d) The life of our 
blessed 1 d and a u Jesus Christ: and 
the 1 anl uff ug of his holy apostles 
and ang li t [W (h] a history of the 


Fleetwood (John) — continued. 
Jews. New ed. with notes by J. Newton 
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Les mceurs des Chretiens. Derniere^d. 

4 p, 1. 348 pp. IRO. Bmxelles et LUge, J. 
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Camille Desraoulina et Eoch Marcandier. 
La presserdvolutionnatro. 2=6d. 3v. 343ppT 
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Fleury (Lam^). See LamS-Pleury (Jules 

Flint (Anslin, jr. m. d.) The physiology of 
man; designed to represent the existingstate 
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functions of the human body. [v. 2]. Secre- 
tion; excretion; ductless glands ; nutrition; 
animal heat; movements; voice and speech. 
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to his young parishioners : in ten discourses ; 
ur^ng upon them an early and earnest atten- 

K pp. 1 


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of "The silver lining," [anoM.] 347pp.2pl. 
16°. Boston, Mass. s. s. societi/, [1867]. 

The silver lining. By P. S. A. author ijf 

'■ Elsie Bailey," etc. [uno«. ] 315 pp. 3 pi. 
16°, Boston, Mass. s. s. society, [1866]. 

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Bteani, ati5 intereBting disooveriea in the arta. 
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4- Hotden, 1833. 

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rido] 8. ISiS iaias Balearea, Catalniio y Aragon, 
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190 pp. 16°. Madnd, imprenta de La cot- 
ruEpondencia de EspaUa, \862, S. 

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espoBO inSel. Cartas inglesas. Tradncion 
Hbre del Francfe al Eapanol, 153 pp. 1 1. 
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Gonaalve de Cordoue ; ou, Grenade re- 

conquise. Fr^c^dS dn pr^oia historique sur 
les Manres. Hoov, 63. AugmentSe de noteB 
historiqueB et g&igrapbiques, par aa. Gros. 
1 p. 1. ii, 456 pp. I pi. 16°. Londres, Cox, 
fits 4- Baylis, 1808. 

El tejedor y el viair. Cuento oriental. 

Traducion libre del Frances al Castellauo. 
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aoth, 1368. 134 pp. 8°. Tallahassee, E. M. 

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Florida (Tbe) republican. (JacksouTille 

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fol. Jacksonville, 1851-57. 
Flossy Lee. Ky Faith Wynne, [psewrfmi.] 

209 pp. 2 pi. 18". FkUadelpltia, J. P. Shelly 

4- CO. 1869. 
Floyd (A,) The art of writing abort-hand 

madeeasj, being a concise and complete aya- 

lem of cbaroolei'S, [etc.] 33 pp. 8°. IFar- 

ringtan, M. 4 J. Leicester, 1818. 
Flower (William Henry). On the value of 

tbe characters of the base of the crauinm Iq 

the claaaifieation of tbe order carniyora, 

[etc] 35 pp. 8°. Xonrfon, 1869. s. 

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Fontaine { Dr. A. de)— continaed. 

ture and reason, and tbe couSdential doctor 
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author, 1845. 

A practical key to the confidential doc- 
tor at home, in accordance with tbe book of 
prudential revelationa, and the golden bible 
of nature. 53 pp. 8°. Boston, [^nuthor'}, 

Fontana (Felice). Trattato del veleno dolla 
vipera de' veleni americani, di quelle del 
lauro-regio e di allri veleni vegetabili. Vi ai 
^gmngono ttlcuoe ossei'vazioai sopra. la 
atruttura ptimitiva del corpo animale, varie 
apeiienae su la liprodaEioue de' nervi ; e la 
deacnzioue d un naovo cauale dell' occhio. 
3 V m 1 179 pp; 348 pp. 12°. Napoli, 
Ifuova socu.ia htteraria e tipo^rafica, 1787. 

Pontpertms (A Front de). See Front de 

Footsteps m the light, fanon.] 168 pp. 2 
pi )8° Plniadclphia, prcsbyterian hoard of 
p«bllcat,on [1868], 

Forbes (,Ed«aid). Natural history depart- 
ment of tbe ciystal palace. Zoology and 
botiunj 12= London, 1854. 

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voluoteei, on active service, in regular and 
irregular war. v. 1. 18°. W«io York, W. 
H. Tinsm, 1854. s. 

[V. S 


Forbes ("John, of Corse). Opera omnia, inter 
quie plurima poathuma, reliqua ab ipso au- 
t«re iuterpolata, emendata atque auctu, [eden- 
tibuaGurtlero et Gardnero, etc] 2v. 15p.l. 
294 pp. 51. filSpp; 16 p.l. 736 pp.25 1. fol. 
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Qs sur les finances d'Espagne. [a«o» ] 1 
. 173 pp. 18°. Dresde, 1753. 

Forester (Fanny, psctidon}. See Chubbnck 

Formula of prescriptiona, and vaiiona instruc- 
tions, for the aervice and guidance of tboae 
who apply to the enemy of biluian diseaseaj 
[with] a vindication concerning tbe dietical 
abstinence, [etc] By Sylvan, enemy to 
human diseasea. [pseudoit.'] 138 pp, 8°. 
PrOTidenee, H. Mann, 1813. 
[WrJtlen by a quitck, genarnlly known aa Ihe "Ealn- 

Forrester (Frj 


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Forster (Georg). AbhantHungaberdienord- 
weat kuate von America nnd den dortigen 
pelaliande!. See Meares {Capt. John). 
Keisen nacli Hct nord-westltilste von Aineri- 

Sen Forster {Joliann Rcinhold and 


Forster (John). The statesmen of the com. 
monvrealtli of England. With a treatise on 
the popular progress in Engiish history. 
Edited by J. O, Chonles. xlii, 647 pp. 5 pi. 
8°. SeiB Ym-li, Harper Sf brothers, 1847. 

Walter Savage Landor. A biography. 

In eigbt books. 3 p. 1. 693 pp. 1 pi. I portrait 
12°. Boston, FieMs, Osgood i6 ca. J8fl9. 

Forster (Johann GeorgAdam). Voyage 
losopbique et pittoresque, snr les rivea 
RbiD, el Li^ge, dans la Flandre, le Brabant, 
la HoUande, I'Angleterre, la France, et( 
en 1790. Traduit de I'AHeraand, [etc. ] par 
CPougena. Sfi 6d. 3 v. xvi, 408 pp ; : 
446 pp, 8°. Paris, F. Bmssoit, 1800. 



Forster (Johann Keinhold}, and Forster 
(Georg). Beaehreibungea der gattungen 
von pflanzen auf oiner reise naeh den inseln 
der Siid-See, gesammeU wahrend den jahren 
1773 bis 1775. AuBdeniLateinischeniJtiBr- 
setat, und von 75 bis anf 17 kapferplatten 
eingeachrankt, dureh J, S. Keruer. II p.I. 
]60pp,ei, ISpl. 8°, StvUgart, C. G. 
Mitntler, 1779. 

Forstuer (Christoph). Eplslolro, negotiv 
pacis Osnabingo uionasteriensis cone 
centos. Accessit anonynii epietola de coi 
tils electoral ibos Eatisbonte habitis; ut et ej 
tola sire judicium de modeino imperii sta: 
I p. 1.309 pp. 94°. Mantpdgardi, 1670. 

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mestic life in Pennsylvania. B39 pp. 
Philadelphia, J. S. JUcCalta, 1861. 

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Morley. Jan. to Dec. 1869. New series, v. 
5-fi. [Complete series, v. :]-l2]. 8°. 
London. Chapman ^ Sail, 1869. 

Foitunato da BreBOia. See Ferrari (Giro- 



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philosophical essays: contributed to the 
"Eclectic review." 419 pp. 12°. Neio Vor/i, 
D. AppleUm l! CD. 1844. 

Foster (John W.H.d.^ TheMisslsaippi valley; 
jtB physical geography, including aketchea of 
the topography, botany, climate, geology, 
and mineral resources ; and of tbe progress 


of development in population and material 
wealth, xvi, 443 pp. S maps. 8°. Chicago, 
S. C. Griggs * CO. 1869. 

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family, and other poems, occasional and 
miscellaneouii. 3d ed. with additions. 238 pp. 
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adapted to lal«r phaaes of the subject. With 
an introdaction, by bishop Janes. 364 pp. 
12°. Neu> York, Carlton <fc Lanahan, 1860. 

Footer (— ). Foster's Srst principles of 
chemistry, [ete.] 135 pp. 12°. New, Yorh, 
Harper ^ brothers, 1855. a. 

FothergUl (Samuel). The necesBily and di- 
vine excellency of a life of purity and holi- 
ness, aet fortb with pathetic enei^. 1st Sa- 
lem ed. IIS pp. 1S°. Salem, (Mass.) T. C. 
Cmhing, 1792. 

Foucher d'Obsonville (— ). Essais philoso- 

eti-angers, avec des observations relatives 
aux principos et us^es de plusieurs penples. 
Ou eitraits des voyages de M"** en Asie. 
[anoii.] 4 p. 1.430 pp. 1 pi. &^. Paris, Cou- 
turier, 1783. 
Fongassee (Thomas). Tbe generall historie 
of the magnificent state of Venice. From 
the first fovndatioa thereof vntiil this preaent, 
Englished by W. Shvla. 2v.ini. 3 p. 1 
579 pp ; 500 pp. 21 1, fol. London, G. Eld 
l( If. Stamiy. 1612. 
Fouqueau de Pussy (Madame J. J.) Le 
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lecture, [etc] Ist American ed. with notes, 
by Francis 8. Williams, xii, 430 pp. 13°. 
Boston, HkJcting, Snow if liroum, 1854. s. 
Fouqiiet or Foucquet (Nicolas, marquis 
de Belle-Isle) The counsel of wisdoms. See 
Boutauld (Micliel). 
Foarbe(La}d^couvert«et le trompenrtrompfi. 
Eomance par m. I'abbS de B. precepteur des 
enfans de m. le duo -de V. [arum.'] 143 pp. 
13°. Phiteniherie, F. Entrapele, 1706. 
Fouroault (Alexandre). Causes ginirales 
des maladies chroniques, sp^cialement de la 
phtbisiepulmonaire, et moyens de pr^venir le 
d^veloppement de ces afiectious ; aveo I'ex- 
pos6 succinct dea rechorcbes expSrimeutales 
sur les functions de la peaa, qui ont obteuu 
un prix Montyon h, I'lustitut do Franco, 
dans sa s^nce publique de 1840. viii, 4g0 
pp. 8°. Paris, B. DusiUion, 1844. 

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Poarnel (V,) Cmiositfoi th^atrales 

A Dl I y i i 

R h- 

it modetnc 

viii, 404 pp. 16 P 
Fowler (A. and J ) 

avitbmetiu; or y tl 

ittg the most c is 

perforiaiDK ope 

Eeviseil by M 6 b 

moiid, West tj J I 18 4 

Fownea (Georg ) A 1 f 1 m tary 

oheniistrj, tlie teal dp tuil Ftu 

tte loth revis d d rrtdEglhd- 

tion, Etiited by E 1 t B d d 857 

pp. 80. PMadlikm H C Lea 1309 
Poxcroft (Fran ,p d ) 'S pt" 

pieces. 93 pp. 18°. North Adams,{Maes,) 

J. T. Bobinaon & ca. 1866. 
Foxton (E, psendon.) See Palfrey (Sarah). 
Pracaiizaiia da Montalboddo (Aal«iiio). 

See Montalboddo, 
rran9a (Ernosto Forceira). Clirastomathia 

da lingua brazilica. xviii, 230 pp. 16°. 

Ldpiig, F, A. Broekhaws, 1859. 
France. Bail des fermes royaleB-noies, lait li 

m. Pierre Cailier, le ]9aoust 1736, pour six 

annfies, 18p. 1. 440 pp.21, [ms.] 4°. Paris, 

impHmerie royale, 1728. 
Bidl des farmee royales-unies, fait a m. 

Jacques Forceville, pour six anuses, lo 16 

BeplBmbre 1738, 15p.l,340pp. 4°. Paris, 

imprimerie resale, 1739. 
Journal tlea §tats gfin^raus: tie Franco, 

tenuB a Tours en 1484, sous le rdgne de 

Charles viii. Du Latin, par Adheleii Ber- 

nier. aii, 745 pp. 4°. Paris, iinprimerie 

royale, 1835. 
Rapport sur lea troubles do Saitit-Do- 

miogue. PorJ.P, Garrau, d^put^. ImprimS 

par ocdre de la couventiou nationale. 4 t, 

8". Paris, imprimerie natioJtate, 1797-99. 
Ministife des affaires (trang^res. A{- 

faires StraugJiTes. Douumenta diplomatiques. 

[Livrejanue], uo.x-xii. 1867-69. 3 v. fol. 

Paris, impriiaerie impirtJile, 1867-69. 
Correspondenoia autantica. de la 

corffl 5s Eoma con la Francia. See Papal 

Minisiire de i'agTiciilti 

et des travaia: publics. Chemins de fer 
I'Europe. Eeeetlea comparatives des anni 
1861 et 1833. 1 p.1.55 pp. 4=. Paris, i 
primeric impiriale, 1864. 

Chemins de fer fran^aia. Sitna- 

doa an 31 d6e. 1863. 4°. Paris, imprimerie 
impiriak, 1864. 


"ranc e — continued. 

Expoafi do la sitvtatiou de 

pire pc^sente uu s6nat et ao corps J^gialaOf, 

jaovier 1863. fol. Paris, iinprimerie i 

pf^riale, 1863. 
The same. J.invier 1869. 

339 pp. sm, fol. Paris, imprimerie impS- 

riale, 1869. 
Statistique de la France. 2" 

s^rie. V. 10-15, and 17. 4". Strasbourg, 

imprimerie adminiBtratine de ■eeiive Berger- 

Levraidt, 1861-69. 

T. 10. MonvBEisnt de Ih popalation pendant 1 

nfiea 1S55, 185e, et 1857. 1861. 
T. 11. MonvtmentdBiapopnlBtion ppndanl 1 

ii6ei IBSB, 1850 et 1960. 1863. 

v! 13. PopnUtion. 1864. 

T. 14. Statjstlque des asilea d'allEufiv pour leu aauia 

1854ai8B0. 1865. 
y.15. BtaUBtiqnedel'aBS-BlancopubrqaB 1866. 
V. IT. RisullatBgStierauxdlld^u mbrement de 1S6B. 

liinistire desjiaances B idget de I'ex 

eroico 1870. Projet de loi p ur la fixation 
dea recettes et des d^peuses ordinaires Se 
I'exercice 1870. Expose des motifs ; projet 
de loi et d^veloppemeats a I appni ; budget 
dea recettes ; bndget des d^penses des d6' 
partements mimst^iiels 1 Paris, impri- 
merie imptriale, 1«09 

The same. Projet de loi pour 

la fixation du budget extraordinaire do I'ex- 
ercice 1870. SasaJon de 1869. ii, 125 pp. 
4°. Paris, imprimerie irapiriate, 1869. 

Direction g^nfirale des douanes. 

Tableau des droits d'entr^e et de sortie. 194 
pp. am. fol. Paris, imprimerie impiriaie, 

Ministire de la guerre. Annuaire mili- 

taire de I'empire Iranfius pour I'anu^e 1868. 
Public aur les documents communiques par 
le ministre de la guerre. Isij, 1169,2 pp. 
12°, Paris, J. Dumaine, 1868. 

E^glement provisoire pour le 

serTice des troupes en campagne, 1809. 1 
p,l.236 pp.2 pi. 16°. Paris, Aasetin S; 
Pochard, 1821. s. 

(ComU6 de rartUlerie). Aide- 

m^moire, k I'nsage des ofiiciers d'artilletie. 
2«ed. (1844). 2" lirage. xl,743 pp.99 pi. 
8°. Strasbourg, Berger-Lenraall, 1851. s. 

Ministire de ^instruction pablique et des 

cutles. Collection de dooameuts In^diCa sur 
I'hiatoive de France. 1'= s6rie. Histoire 
politique. 4°. farts, imprimerie impiriale, 

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DiT OAnas (0. fl 

n€a par J. Mnrtou. 1869. 

Statistique de I'inslrnction pri- 

maire pour I'annfia 1861. 4°. Paris, im- 
primerk impiriaU, 1864. 

jHiH»s(^ de t'iatiTUur. Analji 

vceux des conseila g&n^raux de d^partement, 
sur divtrs objels d'admini strati on et d'utilil^ 
publique, [etu.] Session de 1840. 
Paris, P. Duponl ^ tie, 1841. 

Ministkre dc la marine et des colont 

Notice aar la tracEportatioa & la Guji 
frangaiEe at a la Hon velle- Caledonia, [et 
I p. I 95 pp. 2 maps, 8°. Paris, imprimerie 
impiriale, 1807. 

Francis (Samuel W. ta.d.) Inside 

cmionB "boolc. By a siugnlar mac. [anon.] 
4 p. 1. 364 pp. 16°. New Yorlc, Miller, 
MatlieiBS Sf Clasbatk, 1862. 

Report of prof. Valentine Mott's surgi. 

cal cliuiquea in the univerBity of Naw York, 
Bession 1859-60. sii,ao9 pp.3 pi. le^ 
Nea York. S. S. * If. Wood, 1860, 

Francisol [Pirn] (Eraainns}. Guineischer 
und amefihanisoher blnmeu-puBeh; weleher 
einan ergetzlielien geruch manoheilej merel 
lieher eigeDseliaEflen, wunderlicber thien 
vogel, fische; a. a, ui. imgleichenallerkgDige 
in Pern und Mexico geaehiuhlen and denci- 
wUrdigen verriclitnngen von sicl 
Nebenst beigedrnoktem anhiing <Ier hiebeij 
zngleich neuauftgelegten Michael Hemmer- 
sam's sel gnmeisi,h und west-indianiscben 
reisebeschreiboDg 3p 1 400pp.41.1JOpp. 
13 1,23 pi Ibo Ndnberg, P. Fitrsl, 1669. 
Francisco de Jesus Mana. Areo de paz, j 
tocre de fortaleaa. Vida, mavtyrio, y mil- 
agroB de aanta Barbara, virgen y martyr, 
[ete.] 14 p. 1.198 pp.2 1. 16°. Barce- 
lona, A. Ferrer, 17-22. 
Franoke (August Hermann). Einleitungznr 
lasung dsr heil. schrifl, insonderhei t dee neuen 
testaments, [etc.] 7" ed. 10 p.1,148 pp. 
18°, HalU, -waysenhaua, 1729. 

Kuraer ansiug aus der einleitiing zur 

lesung der h. sebrift, in frage und imtwort, 
fur diejan^n welche die jugeod und einfalti- 
KOD zur lesung der h. scUrlit anfiihreu sollen. 
48pp. 18°. Hatle, wasaenliam, 1729. 


Franolien (— margnisde). Lea libres-iuhan- 

gistOB ue Bont pas des fioonomiBies. 3 p, 1. 

394 pp. 1 1. 8°. Paris, E. Dentu, 1868. 
Francollni (Baldossarre), Tirodninm theo- 

logicum, quo traditur compendi&ria notitia 

theologie scriptural is, [etc.] 6p.l.308pp. 

4 1, 18°, Veneliis.J.B. BecttTti,n55. 8. 
Tie same. 213 pp. 18°, FeaeHis, H. 

Dorigoni, VlTi. 
Frank Harvey in Paris, and how he spent his 

Sundays. By the author of " Money," [etc. 

I.] 197 pp. ] 

presbytena-tt publici 

Franklin (Benjam 

himself, 132 pp, 

Carlton, 1796. 

pi. 18°, Philadelphia, 
'.ionsocietg, [1869]. 
a). Life. Written by 
m°. Salem, Gushing fr 

Leven. Door hemaelven 
besehreven. Benevaaa dasselfs zede-, staat-, 
letterkundige en geestige schriflen. Uit bet 
Engelsch, 3 v. in I. 6p.l.258pp;:l.4 p.l. 
433 pp. 8°. Gnminjiert, W. Zuidema, 1793- 

Tha same. Der weg aura gliiok, odei 

leben und meyuungen des dr. Benjamin 
Franklin. Von ihm selbst geschrieben, 138 
pp 18°. Reading, (Pa.) H. B. Stcge. 1830. 
Franklinlana ; ou, recneil d'anecdotes, bon 
mots, [etc.] de Benjamin Franklin. Par tin 
Amfericain. [anon. ] 108 pp, 18°. Paris, 
Tiger, [aftoiK 1820], 
Frasana (Hippolyte de) and Daneloia (Jean 
Thomas), Mfemoire pour le chef do brigade 
Magliore Pelage et pour los habitants de la 
Ouadalonpe, cbarg^a par catte colonie, da 
r administration provisoire, apr^a le depart 
du eapitaine-g6n6ral Lacroase. 2 v. 2 p, 1, 
326, xl pp ; vii, 358 pp, 1 I. 8°. Paris, De- 
lenne, etc. 1803-03, 
FraBer(flef, James). Keport on the common 
school system of the United States and Caii- 
ada. See Great Britain, Schools inquiry 

IS corps o 

Fraser's [monthly] m.^gaaine for town and 

country, Jan. to Dec.]869. v,79-80. 8°. 

Lontlo«, LattgmaBS, [1869]. 
Fr^vega (Antonio Angel de). Kalendario si 

oro-poatieo lilico; vidas de sautos en versi 

372 pp. 21. 16°, Burgos, J. de Naras, 

[aiout 1820]. 
Pray (J, B,) Esaai sur 1 

gauia^s et inorgauis^, i 

nomlnes de physiologie auimale et vSgfitale. 

vi, 317 pp. 8°, Paris, ve Coitrcier, 1817, 
Fredair (Anna). Minor place, 381 pp. 12'^. 

New York, E. J. Hale If sons, 1869, 

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Freelaad (Hamphray William). Lectures 
and miscellaniea. li, 229 pp. S". London, 
Longmaa If ^i- 185'- 

Freeman (Edward Angustas). The bietoiy of 
tlie Norman coaqneat of Englftnd, its canaes 
and ita reaulta. v. 3. The reign of Hnrold 
and tlie mterregnam. 8°. Oxford, Clarcn- 
don press, IH69. 

Freeman {Henry C.) Geology of La Salla 
eonnty. 8°. Cldcago, 1868. 


IE (Seol 

' of). T, 3, 

Freeman's (The) jouraal ; or, the North 
American intelligencer. [Philadelphia 
weekly]. Ai>nl 35, 1781, to Dec. 27, 1786 ; 
Jan. 2, 1783, to May 2, 17*3. fol. Phila- 
delphia, 1781-93. 

Freeman's journal and PhilaSelphia mercan- 
tile ad vertieer. See PMIadelpMa mercan- 
(jlo advBitiaer. (Daily). 

FreemaBon'» (The) companion-, a ritual of 
the entered apprentii 
's degi 


Prendl (D'Arcy A. ) Parsing made easy; an 
English grammar, [etc.] 168 pp. 16°. 
Baltimore, B. Edes, 1831. 8. 

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ion, in four parts, [etc.] 100 pp. obi. 8°. 
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arithmetic; combining the elements of the 
science, with their practical application to 
business. 335 pp. 12°. New York, Harper 
IfbretiiBTS, 18G9. 

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280 pp. 1 pi ; 302, xii pp. 1 pi. 10°. Fhila- 
ddphia, Lydia R. Bailey, 1809. 

Fr&re (^Sdooard). Manuel da bibliographe nor- 
mand; ou, dictiounairebibliogTaphiqne et his- 
torique,[etc.] 2 y. 3p.L492pp; 3 p. 1. xiii, 
632pp. 8". Rotten, A. Le Brumcnl, iSaS-ao. 

Freudenthal (A. 0.) Om svensta ortnamn 
egentliga Finland, [etc.] 32 pp. 8°. Hel- 
ingfors, Fiaska lUteratursdlskapets tryclceri. 

>, fellow craft, and m 
10 past ma^ter'si 

h h rms and cereraomes par- 

i g h A he cei'emonies for in- 

a g h ffi rs grand lodges. Ar- 

i god m h sman and templar's 

b k pp 16°. Citicinnati, J. 

rreeae(JacobR.'w.ii.) The old world. Pal- 
estine, Syria, and Asia Minor. Travel, inci- 
dents, description and history. 458 pp. 11 pi. 
13". Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott St >^- 

Free-trader (The). [New York monthly]. 
June, 1368, to May, 1869. v. 2. am. fol. 
NeiB Yorl, J. Savell, 1868-69. 
Note.— Vol. l is known an " Tho I^sgne. " 

Free-will baptists. The psalmody : a collec- 
tion of hymns for public and social worship. 
Compiled hy order of the free-will baptist 
general conference. 701 pp. !6°. Doeer, 
{N. H.)free->i>Ulbaptist printing eslailiahmiint, 

Fremantle (Lieiil.-col. Arthur James). Three 
months in the southern states: April-June, 
1863. 158 pp. 12°. Mobile, S. H. Ooetzd, 

French. (Beniamin Frankl n) Histoieal 
utllections of Louisiana and Florida includ- 
ing tianslabana of original manuscripts re- 
lating to their diaeoveiy an I settlement, 
with numerous historical and biographiual 
notes New series. 2 p 1 3 pp 1 1 Sb'pp. 
e° WfiD York, J. Sabin 4 s(ms,1869. 


] baCtet], 

Om Alands ortnamn, pp. 23-58. 8 



Prey (Heinrieh) and Iieuckart (Rudolph). 
Lehrbuch der anatomie tier wirbellosen 
thiore. 8°. Leipzig, 1847. 
[Waqber (R.) Lehrbuch der sootocule, r. 3]. 

Prey (Joseph Samuel Christian Frederick). 
The converted jew; or, memoirs of [his] 
life, who was horn a jew, but is now a min- 
ister of the gospel. To which is addeil, an 
address to christians in behalf of the descend- 
ants of Abraham. Armstrong's 3d ed. 163 
pp. 18°. Boston, T. Arjaslrosg, 1816. 

PreyreiBS (Gteorg Wilhelm). Beitrage zai 
naheren kenntniss des kaiaerthnms Braailieii, 
nebst einer sehildernng der colonic Leopol- 
dlna, [etc.] Erstertheil. lii, 170pp. 11. 8°. 
Franl^uTt am Main, 'j, D. Saiurl&uder, 1824, 

Frezier (AmfidSe Francois). Eelatlon du 
voy^« de la mer du sud aux cOtes dn Chili, 
du P6roH, et du BrSsil, fmt pendant les an- 
n^l713, 1713, et 1714. 2v.ini. X!:,600 
pp. 18 maps. 21 pi. 16°. Amsterdam, P. 
Humbert, 1717. 

The same. Eeis- besehryving door de 

Zuid-aee, langa de kusten van Chili, Peru, 
en Brazil, opgestelt op eene reistocbt gedaan 
in dejahren J7I2, 1713, en 1714, [etc.] Ney- 
ens eena heschryvinge van de regeringe der 
Yncus, [etc.] Het eano uithetFransoh ver- 
taalt, en hi;tandere opgeinaaktuitverecheide 

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Frezier (AmS36e Fran^iois) — continued, 
sehrjveren, 5oor I. Vorbuig, [etc.] 7 p. 1. 
406 pp. !8 maps. 15 pi. sm, 4°. Amsler- 
dam, B. ^ G. Wetslein, 1718. 

The same. Eeise iiach der Sad-Bee, 

und denen kiisCeu von CIiQi, Feni, nnd 
Brasilieu. Aus detn Fi'onzdgisclieii ilber- 
setset, [ete.] Zam anderinal herausgegeben, 
und mil eiuem anbaug auE der in den jahren 
1740 bis 1744 von George Anson, nach der 
Sild-see, oder lueisteDS (im die gauze welt, 
getlianenoQ reiae vermebret. 3p.l. 640pp, 
6pl.5mapa. 16°. Hambarg, T. vim ffier- 
ing'a erben. 1745. 

Fiiciua (VelentinoB). ladianiBcher religion- 
standt der gantzennewenwelt beiderlndien 
gegec auff vn i n rl ga g d nn u 

ecbleiuigister f m an g undtl h n b t 
lien, sonderbar d b hw lig n rs 

FranciBci Gon ag a ba fu n he o 1 o 
cronikeu, vnd D da '\ allad g tl h 
rhetoric zusamm ng g n nd a u lat u 
ID hocbteutach veiwendet. 16p,l,8C0pp. 
16°. Iitgolaladt, If. Eder, ]5S8. 

Friedman n (S.) Niederlaodisob Ost- nnd 
WealJudien. line Deaeete gestaltnng in 
geographischer, statist] a cber, and calturblg- 
torischer hinBicht, mit besonderer darslellung 
der lilimatiscben und sanitgitLschen verh^U- 
nisae. ] p.L viii,274 pp.1 pi. 8°. Jtfun- 
chen, G. Franz, 1860. 

Friend (The), an independent montblj. Jan, 
to Dee. ] 868. v. 3. 8°. Neie York, Frienil 
associatioti, 1868. 

Friend (Jnlia M.) The Chester family; or, 
the curse of the drunkard's appetite. 224 pp. 
1 portrait. 16°. Boston, IV. White S; eo. ISGH, 

Priendly (Tbo) crook to guide young lambg, 
[WBOM.] 38 pp. 9 pi. 4°. Philadelphia, 
American s.s. bihob, 1865. 

Pries (Elias), Systoma mycologicum, siatens 
fdngonim ordines, genera et species, hue 
nBque cognitas, quas ad normam methodi 
nataralis determiuavit, dieposuit atque de- 
scrjpait. 4 v. 12°. Lunda, 1821-30, 

PrBbel (Julius), and Heer (Oawald). Mit- 
theiluDgen aus deni gebiete der thooceUscben 
erdkunde. 2 p. 1,277 pp. 8°, Zurich, D. 
Fiissli 4- eie. 1834. s. 

Ftobisher (Martin). Les trois navigations 
poar cbercber na passage tl la Cbine et s.a 
Japon par la nver glaciale, 1576-78. Tra- 
dnitos do I'AngldB. 16°. Amsterdam, J. F. 
Bernard, 1720. 



Frohllohe (Der) botachafter, und vertbeidiget 

der allgemeinen oder uoiversal-erloEung, 

1639-30. 3 V. in 1. J92 pp ; 193 pp. 8°. 

La,icaster, G. Qroseli # J. Myers, J8a9-30. 
Frolioa (The) of Puck, [anon.l 2 v. 232 

pp; 911 pp. 12°. JVeio ¥m-k, Harper ^ 

brothers, 1834. 
Prombers (Emsinuei Otto). An essay on the 

art of painting on glass. From the German. 

3 p. 1. 116 pp. 16". London, J. Weale,id51 . 
Fromond or Fioidmont (Libert). Me(«oro- 

logicorvra libri sex. 6 p. 1. 430 pp. 9 I. 4°. 

AiiiveTpiiE, ex officina plantiniana, J627, 

Vesta, sive Mit-aristarcbi Tindex, ad- 

aorsus lac Lansbergiam Philippi F. niedi- 
cum middelbnrgenaem. In quo deoretum s. 
congregationia S. K. E. cardinalium anno 
mdcivi,et altemni anno mdexxiiii adueraus 
copernicanos terr^ motores edituin, iterum 
defenditur. 12 p. 1. 174 pp. 1 1. 4°. Anl- 
verpiie, B. Morel, 1634. 

Front de Fontpectnis (A.) Les Fracfais en 
AmSrlque. Le Canada. 3 p. 1. xi, 264 pp. 
16°. Pans, J. Alband, 1867. 

FroBt ( John, U.d.) The pictorial history of 
the United States, from the discovery by the 
Northmen in the tenth century to tbe present 
time. With engravings by W. Croome. 
4v.in3, 8°. Philadelphia, B. n'atlcer, 

ProBt (Sarah Annie). Tbe book of tableaux 
and shadow pantomimes, with complete stage 
inetfuetiona. 180 pp. 16°. New York, Diek 
* Fitzgerald, [1869]. 

Laws and by-laws of American society. 

A condensed but tboroiigii treatise on eti- 
quette and its uaagea in America, containing 
plain and reliable directions for deportment in 
every situation in life, [etc.] 175 pp. 16°, 
Nem York, Dick Si Fitzgerald, 1869. 

Frothlngbam (lUv. Epbraim L. and A. L.) 
Philoaophy oa absolute science, founded in 
tbe universal laws of being, and including on- 
tology, theology, and psychology made one, 
B8 spirit, aoul, and Ijody. v. ]. xxxiv, 
453 pp. S9. Boston, Walker, Wise fr so. 

Praude (James Anthony). History of En- 
gland from tbe fall of Wolsey to the death of 
Elizabeth, v. 1-4 [Henry viii]. 13° New 
York, C. Seribner If eo. 1870. 

Thesame. Eeign of Elizabeth, v.5-6. 

[T.l]-]3oftbe wbolework]. 8°. London, 
Longinans, Green ^ eo. 1870. 

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Fruit-gathering ; or, ods summer's work and 
rewai'd, A story for children, [anon.] 134 
pp. 2 pi, 18°. PlaladdpHii, Aiaerkan 
lias school union, 1*^- 

Pry {Benjamin St. James). The life of Eobert 
B. RohertB, one of tlie bishops of tha method- 
ist episcopal church. 136 pp. IB". Neu. 
York, Carlton St Fhillips. 1856. S. 

Fry (Caroline). The gospel of the old testa- 
ment. See Mather (Samuel). 

PulgentluH. S«« Manfred! (F.) 

Fuller (Rew. Andrew). An apology for the lati 



ns to India 




London, Bnrditi 

etc. 1808. 








mpany. In an 

Mr. 1 

lag; andB 

on the pi-efa« 

of Bpa 




■Waring i«ith (map 




ed. 93. iJ 



tBlnine: strict! 

Ww'lng'B ]< 

H! ima 




Fuller (Thomas, <2. if. ) Anglornm speculum ; 
or, the worthies of England, in church and 
state. AlphabeHcallj digested into the sev- 
eral shires and counliea therein contained i 
wherein are illustrated the lives and charac- 
ters of the most amine tit persons since the con- 
quest to this present age. Also, an account 
of the commodities and tiade of exeh respect- 
ive county, and the most flourishing cities 
and towns therein. 3 p. 1. 974 pp. 10 1. 13°. 
London, J. Wright, 1C84. 

[NOTE.— An Bbridgmont of the Wortiks of En- 
efana, wtth a eontdnnatjon. The pretBoe is signed G. 

The cause and cure of a wounded con- 
science, yiii, ]S6 pp. 16°. London, Long- 
man. Hurst, Rees & Oriae, 1810. 

Good thoughts in had times, good 

thoughts in worse times, mixt conlemplations 
in better times. To which is added the Cause 
and core of a wounded conscience, s, 358 
pp. London, W. Pickering, 1841. 

The bistory of the worthies of England. 

New ed, with explanatory notes and copious 
indexes, by P. A. Nuttall, 11.3. a v. 8°. 
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^ — The holy state, and the profane state. 

[Livesof eminent persons]. Anewed. With 
notes, by James Nichols. liv pp. 1 !. 463 pp. 
lipl, 8°. London,T. Tegg, 1841. 


Funok (Heimich). Eine restitution oder er- 
es d urch Christum ermUct ist [etc. ] H" ameri- 
kanische ausgabe. 7 p. 1. 486 pp. 8°. Lan- 
caster, (Pa.) J. BUr's sokne, 1863. 

Fimdament (Ein) und klare anweisung von 
der seligraachenden lehre unsers berrn Jesn 
Cbristi, [etc.] Aus der niederlandischen 
spracha in die hochdeutsche gebraeht, [etc] 
darchM.S, [etc anon.] 5 p. 1.698 pp. 31. 
12°. Lancaster, {Pa.) J. BSr, 1835, 

Fimnell (William). A voyage round the 
world. Containing an account of captain 
Dampier's expedition into the South Seas, in 
the ship St. George, J703-04. With the au- 
thor's voyage from Amapalla, on tlie west 
coast of Mexico, to East India. JS p. 1.300 
pp. 9 1. 5 maps. 9 pi. 8°. London, J. Knap- 
lea, 1707. 

Ftirid Ceilol (Fadriqne). See Ceriol, 

Pru-man (Gabnel). Notes, geographical and 
historical, relating to the town of Brooklyn, 
in Kings coanty, on Long Island. With 
notes, and a memoir of the author. Brook- 
lyn, A. SjKianer, 1K4. [With a prefatoiy 
biography of the author], xxxiv, 116 pp. 3 1. 
iixiK pp. 4°. BrooMyn, reprinted for the 
Fanst club, 1865. 
[Faust clmfa publioaUons]. 

Gabelentz (Hans Conon von der). Beitrii^ 
znr sprauhenkunde. 3 parts in 1 v. 8°. 
Leipzig, F. A. BrociAaus, 1852. 

£9 liefl, Qrammatlli Btr Dnjak sprssbe. 4e pp. 
B8 heft. Grammatifc der Dakota sprachfl. 64 pp. 
lee Heft. Orammatih dei KIrrlrJ epiaehe. Ana dem 

Gabled (The) house ; or, self-sacrifloe. By the 
author of "The climbers." [anOK,] 214 pp. 
13°. PhUaddphia, Clinton, Remsm * Haffel- 
finger, 1869. 

Gaoon (Franeois). Le poelfl sans fard ■, on, dis- 
conrs satiriques en vers. 330 pp. 3 1. 1 pi. 
16°. Cologne, C. Egmont, 1697. 

Gad (Mariua). XJdtog af fcongeriget Dan- 
marks statistik. It* heft. 208 pp. 8°. 
KjSbenliavn, G. E. C. Gad, 1867. a. 

Gage (Mrs. Frances Dana), Gertie's sacri- 
fice; or, glimpses at two lives. 189 pp. 1 
pi. 16°. Netc York, national temperance 
society and publication honse, 1869. 

Gage (Thomas). Nene merckwiirdige reise- 
beschreibung naeh Neu Spanien, was ihm 
daselbst sellsames begegnst [etc.] Inglei- 
chen eice vollkommene beschreibung aller 
lander iind provinzen, welche die Bpanier in 

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Gage (Thomas) — continued, 
gautz America 1>esitzeD, zum. bescblass noch 
eia kaitzei nnterricht von der pouoitcbiKcbeit 
odet pocomanischen apraehe. Ans dem 
FianzBsischen. 3 p. 1. 471 pp. I pi. 4°. 
Leipzig, J. H. Ktass, J693. 

Gage (Rev. Willium Leoaavd). A modem 
bistorieal atlas, for tbe use of colleges, 
schoola, and general readers. 4 pp. 13 maps. 
8°. NeiB York, D. Applelon Sf co. 1869. 

Qagnsax (Wladimir). Socialisme pratique. 
Tii,75, 16 pp. 8°. Paris, librairie soci^taire, 

OiiUland (Rev, Maurice, compiler). Pofe- 
watemi QememiKenitikia ipi nemenigamowj- 
nin. 580 pp. 36 pi. 18°. Cincintiatinag, 
wemikane^djik Benziger, 1868. 

Gairdner (William Tennant). Homteopathy. 
IP. EdMurgh, 1857. 
[TnEDINDDROHeesajs pp 95-IJI 1S3?]. 

Galart de Montjoie See Montjoie, 

Galaxy (The). An illustrated m-^gazine of 
enterlaining reading Jannai j tu December, 
1869. V. 7-8, 8° New Yoik, Sheldon S; 
CO. 1869. 

Oaliberti (Casimiro) Delia immaeolata con- 
ceaioue di Maria, [etc. ] 5 p. 1, 162 pp. 3 1. 1 
portrait, am. 4°, Madrid, Gabr. Ramirez 
1741. S. 

Oadindo (Gregorio, bishop of Lerida), Viva 
Jeana. Ijas lubrioas del missal romano re- 
formado, que aexta vez salea a luz. 333 pp. 
18°. Zaragoia, t\ Moreno, [1739]. 

Oalli (C. lietaenaKi). Prose, e carmi. Libri 
sei. 9^° ed. del libro primo. lii, 276 pp. 1 pi. 
18°. Londra, prcsso Vautere, 1833. 

Gallols (Napol^u). Vie politiciue de Ledru- 
Eollin. 2« ^d. l(fl pp. 16°. Paris, J)u- 
UTtre, 1850. 

GalotU (Antonio). M^moires de A. Galotti, 
officiernapolitain, condamn^ trois fois^mort, 
^critB par lui-mfime, tradaits par S. Vecchia- 
reUi, [de I'ltalien]. lis, 240 pp. 8°. Paris, 
Mottto-rdier, 1831. 
t trft* JoYKlXiNOB (G. M. da). M6iD0it6B poHaqaBBJ. 

Gamba (Bartolommeo). Serie de' testi di lin- 
gua nsati a atampa uel vocabolario degli acca- 
demici della cruaea, eon aggiunte di altre 
edizioni da accreditati scrittori motto preg^ate, 
[etc.] xxxi,226 pp. 1 1. 8°. BassawOjdidlii, 
lipograjia reraondiniatia, 1805. s. 

Gambler {Ree. Jamea Edward). An iutro- 
duclJon to the study of moral evidence ; or, 
of that apecies of reasoning which relates to 
matters of fact and practice. With au ap- 


Gambler ( Rev. James Edward)— continued, 
pendix on debating for victory, and not for 
trutL. Sd ed. enlarged, 6 p. 1. xi, 303 pp, 
16°. London, Rivington, 1808. 

Games of skill, and conjuring, [anon.] 
Newed. 2 p. 1. 128 pp.1 pi. 10°. London, 
G. Rowtledge Sf sons, 1865. 

Gamgee (John) ondLaw (James). General 

h d 
Ed hu eh r C 

Gam A m T h h 

add d h m 

32 pp '>° H f d 

D Coo 

Gandanas (Perfecto). \iages del jfiven 
Florentine ; novela moral y divertida. 160 
pp. 18°. Madrid, C. Pinaela, 1830. s. 

Garau (Francisco). El sabio inatruido de la 
natm^aleza, en quarenta maiimas, politicas 
y morales, [etc.] lOp.l. 460pp. 61. 8°. 
Barcelona, J. Pahlo, 1711, s. 

Garcia (Santiago Vicente). Leccionea pre- 
limiuares para el estndio de las eiencias, 1 
p.l. 126 pp. I60. Madrid, E. G.Varqaer, 
1855. s. 

Garcilaso (Joseph Antonio). Talks his torio- 
graphices, j cronologicaa sacroprophanas 
de los papas, cismas, peraecusiones, here- 
aiarcas, ordenes religiosas, y militares : de 
loa emperadores, y reyes, especialmecte de 
la Europa. Desde el nacimieuto de Jesu- 
Cbristo, haata el ano presente. 8 p. 1. 280 
pp. 16°. Madrid, Sierra, m^, 

Garoilaso de la Vega. (The inta). First 
part of the royal commentaries of the yncais. 
Translated and edited, with notea, and intro- 
duction, by Clements E. Markham. v. 1, 
(Containing books 1, 3, 3, and 4). 3 p.l. 
xvi, 359pp. 8°. London, IHaklugt society^, 
J 869. 

Garden (Alexander). Aneodotesof the Ameri- 
can revolution, illustrative of the talents and 
virtues of the heroes of the revolution, who 
aeled the most conspicuoua parts therein. [1st 
and ad series. Edited by T. W. Field]. 3 
V. fol. Reprinted, Brooklya, {N. y.)r865. 

[Note Porti'^t of lora Corawallis inBerted in t !■ 

ana of lord Rawtoa in v. S). 

Gardener's (The) chronicle and agricultural 
gaBette,3868andl8e9. 2v. fol. London,lJ. 

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Gardiner <,To!ia). Speecli delivered in the 
[MassacbuEeita] house of representtttivea, on 
Thursday, the 26th of Jan. ]79a, on the 
subject of repealing the law against theatti' 
oal exibitions within this commonivealth. 
[With A dissertalJou on tbe ancient poetry 
of the Romans, etc.] 160 pp. 3 pi. 8°. 
Boston, autkor, 1792. 

G^diner (Biohard). An account of the ex- 
pedition to the West Indies, against Marti- 
nioo, Guadelupe, etc. auUject to the Frencli 
tiug, 1759. 75 pp. 2 maps, 4°, London, 
Z. Stuart, 1759. 

GJardiner {Mrs. WiDiam}. Brief memoir of 
Hurriet [M. Gardiner], with some of heres- 
saya in prose and verse. By her mother, 
iv, 129 vp. 1 portridt. 18°. Oberiin, J. M. 
FUch, 1855. fi. 

Gardner (Mrs. H. C.) Fault-finding, and 
Madeline Hascall's letters. 249 pp. 16°. 
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The power of kindness, 947 pp. 4 pi. 

18°. New York CartUm S; Porler 18fi.^ 

Rosamond Dayton 334 pp 16° Bos 

ton, Lee * Shp d 18b1 

Gardner <W. W) Chm h oomnunon as 
pructioed by the 1 apt sts etpla ned and de 
fended. 294 pp 12° Cn nuuf G f 
Blanehard ft co 1869 

GaTgalloyOllveroB(Joaiiuin). Instruccion 
paia todos los fieles ; fi, esplicttcion de los 
sacrifieios antiguos, y fle la sanla misa, de 

238 pp. 18°. Marcia, vitula de Teraet, 

1787. s- 

Garland (Emma). Miscellaneous poems, pp. 

277-399. 12°. London, Rimngtmt, 1842. 

f ff-fift Ovjorus Naso (PaMiiie). EpisUea, ia Eng- 
lish vBi^e), 
Garran-Coulon (Jean Philippe). Rapport 

sur lea troubles de Snint-DoiniDgue. See 

Garth (Sir Samuel), The works of sir 
Samuel Garth, knight. 1 p. 1. 314 pp. 16°. 
DMin, r. Ewiag, 1769. 

Gaaootgne or Gaaooygne (George), The 
princely pleasures at Kenilworth oaatle. A 
brief rehorsal, or rather a true copy of as 
much as was presented before ber majesty at 
Kenilworth, [etc. 1576]. 12°. Warwick and 
Leamington, 1835. 

[Merridew (J.) KeiJlwoWh feslivilies, part 3], 
Gaekell (Elizabeth Cleghom). Mary Bar. 
ton: a tale of Manchester life. 3d ed. 2 
V. viu, 317 pp; 1 p. 1.312 pp. 8°. Lon- 
daa. Chapman Si HaU, 1849. 


Gaskell (Elizabeth Cleghom)— continued. 

North and south. Elustrated ed. 3 

p. 1. 432 pp. 12°. London, Smith, Elder Sf 

eo. imr. 

Sylvia's lovers. Illustrated ed. viii,500 

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Gaspar da niadre de Deua, henedUlive 
monk. Memorias para a bistoiia da capitania 
de 8. Vicente, hoje chamada de S. Paulo, do 
estado do Biazil, pnblicadaa de ordem da 
Academia R. ^as scieneias. 3p.l. 244 pp. 
8°. Lisboa, 1797. 

Gaaquet (Hjacinthe do). L'usure demas- 
qnSe ; on, exposition et rSfufatiojv dea er 
reurs opposfes S la doctrine catholique sur 
rint*r6t du pi^t ^ jour et de commeiLe, arti 
ficieusement euseignfes dans quelques 
ouvragesmodemes, [etc.] 3pl 478 pp 1 
1. 16°. Avigaon, HhTsires assooxis 17t)6 « 

Gaasendi (Pierre), Metaphyslca distiuisitio 
onti-eartesiana. Seu dnbitationes et instan- 
tite adversus Kenati Cartesi meditaliones et 
reaponsa, Ed. 3". 4 p. 1. 470 pp. 8 1. 16° 
Ultrajecti, O. Van de Water, 1691, 

Gaatine(Civiquede, pteudon.) Sm Toulotte 

Gates (Theophilus E.) Life and writings. 
3d ed, 514 pp, 8°, Philadelphia, author, 

Gatschenberger (Stephau). Geschichte der 
len literatur mit hesonderer berttck- 
mg der politischen aitten-geschiehte 
f. 3°. Prag, Kobcri; Mark- 

jraf, 1359-62. 
Gattel (Claude-Marie). Huevo diccionario 

portatil, espanol y francos. 8, ixxis, 550 pp. 

ail. 18°. Paris, Bossange, [elc] 1798. 
Gatty (Margaret). Parables from nature. 

With notes on the natural history, and illus- 

ti'ations, by C. W. Cope, [etc.] viii, 196 

pp. 16 pi. 12°. Lond>m,BeUlfDaUs,-im\. 

The poor incumbent ; a tale. By mni. 

Alfred Gatty. 3 p. 1.80 pp. 18°. London, 

Bell S{ Daldy, 1858. 
Gaudentio di Lucoa. See M€moirea. 

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Gaullier (E. H.) La Suisse historiqne el 
pittoresque, compreoant I'bistaire, la g^ogra' 
phie et la statistique de ce pays, [etc.] Fie- 

43G pp. 95 pi, 8°. GenAce. C. Gma%, 18M. 
Oaultler (Aloieius Edouard Camille). G6o- 
graphie de I'abb^ Gaaltier. Entifirement le. 
fondue et coQSid^rablemeiit augnient^e par 
de BligniSres, Denaoyenconrt, Dueros {i' 
Siet) et LeClero atu^, ses^ldves, Sl°^d. 
p.).xii,364 pp. 16°, Paris, veuve J. R 
Hoiiard, 1863. 

A method of making abridgments ; o 

easj and certain rules for analysing autliorB, 
Part i. lii, 96 pp. 1 table. 1 portrait. 
London, W. S- C. SpUsbnrs, 1800. 
[No mors published]. 

Gaume (Jean Joseph). Cat^cbisme des m 
ou, petit abr^g^ da catSebisme fle pera^rSrauce 
k I'usi^e des enfants de six k dix ans. Houv, 
6d. 223 pp. 16°, Paris, Gaume /tAtcs If 
J. Dnprey, 1862. s. 

Qa.'vin (Antonio). Frauds of papal ecclesi- 
astics. By George D. Emerlioe [Gabriel 
d'Emiliane, psearfoB.] To which are added 
illustrative notes, from letters by Gilbert 
Burnet, and Gavin's Master key to popery. 
156 pp. : 1. a". Mw Yi>ri>, 1835. 

The same. Euaee et fonrberies des 

prStres et dea moines. Nouv. Id. revue, cor- 
ligfie, et augment^e d'une introdaotiou his- 
toric[ue, de notes et tie commeotaires, par un 
catholiijne du 19« siSde. Par Gabriel d'Eini- 
liane. [pseiiiion, T ain't i I'Anglo's pa 
M. F. Jani^onJ. ^ p L 364 pp 1"° Le p 
xig, L. mieietsm, 1845 

Oawtreaa (William) A p a I al utrod o 
tiou to the science ot t.) o t hand npon the 
general principles of the late ngen o & dr 
Byrom. vi pp. 1 1 t^ 13 pp 8° Leeds 
If. OaiBtresa St a/ 181<> 

GaycMea (J.) Max mas pa a el m n sle o 
delpulpito. Escritaeu lengnaf anceaa Tra 
dueidas en Espaiiol j n ecle aat co del 
obispado de Lngo. 1 p. 1. xiv, 335 pp. 16°. 
Madrid, J. Ibarra, 1775, 

Gaylord (Glance, psetidon.) See Bradley 

Gas-man (Isaac). The key to tlie bottcmtoss 
pit; or, a daguenrean likeness of the beast 
with seven heada and ten horns, with bis foot 
prints, and the number of his name. [1st 
book]. Ip.l.l35pp. 8". Lanoister.iPa.) 
laatkor, ] 


Gaza (Theodorus). Problematvm Arisl«telia 
seetiones dvie de qvadraginta. Problematvm 
Alexandri ApbrodisJei iibri dvo, Theodoro 
Gaza inlerprele. Ad: hiec, ernditiaaima prob- 
lemata Plularehi. 1*2 1. 16°. Valeati/e, 
I.Mey, 1554. 

Gazette (The) of the United States. A na- 
tional [semi-weekly] paper, published at 
the seat of government, [New York and Phil- 
adelpLift]. April 15, 1789, to May 30, 1793. 
V. 1-3. fol. Nea Yori and Philadelphia, 
John FB«no, 1789-93. 

The same. Gazette of the United 

States, and daily evening advertiser. [Phil- 
adelphia]. Dec. 3, 1794, to Sept. 30, 1796 ; 
July 5, 1797, to Dec. 19, 1799. 2 v. fpl. 
[Printed in New York till Oct. 13, 1790, and 
at Philadelphia from Nov. 3, 1790, Phila- 
delphia, John Fenno, 1794-99. 
[Veb, SB to Doc. 19, 1789, iTBereiiliacd widPoECu- 
PINE's gaietle, n97-99J. 

Gedeiikwaardige (De) West-indiae voya- 
gien, gedaan door Christoffol Columbus, 
Amerieus Tespntius, en Lodewijk Hennepin. 
Mitsgaders een verhaal van de opperhoofden 

America, [etc.] In't 
1 Hieronymua Ben- 
4°. Rotterdam, 

d d navigatj 

1 51 ed. 121. laOpp, 


INo = 


dor Spanjaarden ir 
Italiaans b h 
BO. 87 pp 5 1 4 il 
B. Boa, 1704 

Gee(Joabu ) Th i 
Great Biil d 

1S°. Gla g R Ir A F Us, 1750. 

Gegenbaur (C 1) Kolllker (Albert) and 
Miiller (Heimich). Beriobt iiber einige iro 
horbste 1852 angeatollle vergleichend-anato- 
mische uniersuchvtiigen. ["Aus der zeil- 
schrifi f. wissenseh. zoologie"]. 1 p, 1.299- 
370 pp. 8°. Leipzig, 1853. e. 

Geheiligte (Der) lag des christen, Ein gebet- 
buch fur katholiken. [anon.] 432 pp, 33°. 
Einsiedeln, K. fr N. Bemiger, 1869, 

Gellert (Christian Furehtegott). La liqueaa 
y la gloria. El amigo de los hombres. 
16°. Madrid, Aznar, 1787, 
[Witli.Vz(J.F.i Aria de Bor telia, eli.j 

Gelli (Giovanni Battista). The circe. Con- 
sisting of ten dialogues between Ulysses and 
several men tiansformod into beasU. Satyr- 
ieally representing the various passions of 
manldnd, and the many infelicities of baman 
life. Done out of Italian, by Tlio. Brown, 
4 p. 1.295 pp. 12°. London, J. NuU, 1702. 

Gems from the worka of travellers; iUuslia- 
tive of various passages in holy scripture. 
Published under the direction of the society 

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Gems— c out hulJ 
for piomotiug clui'itiaii knowledge, vili, 
330 pp 13° New iork D ippleton l( o, 

Gems oi piayer A mimature prayer-book, 
with the BpproliBdm at the most rev. John 
McClOHkey d i archbishtp of Haw York. 
246 pp Ipl 32° Nealoi-L P J. Kenneds, 


Genai a (Francois) Lfieolede Ihomme; ou, 
patallel'" das poitraits ilu siede at dee tab- 
leaux de lecntuiB samte [etc ] Houvelle 
6d, 3 V. 2 p. ). lUY, 924 pp ; 3 p.l. 259 pp. 
16°. LoTidres, 1759. 

Genealoglscli-lifstorlsclie aa^hrichten von 
deuallerDetiesteDhegebonheitaii, welche sick 
aa den europaisckeu hiifen zutragen, [etc. ] als 
eine fortaetzung des genealog. histor. arcki- 
varii. lanan.} Der 1 [-] 133 theik 12 y. 
16°. Ldpiig, J. S. Hei«si«s, 1739-51. 
(Imperfecl ; wantiae: '- T <povi 73-34)]. 

Genealogiactie (Der) arckivarius aitf das 
jahr 1734 [-] 1738. [anon. J PartiS is-xix 
acdsxxi-1. 4 v. in 3. i&>. Ldpiig, J. S. 
Heinsim, 1731-49. 

(Imperfect : v. 1 (part i-viu) and r, 4 <part xx-xsx) 

G^n^rard (Gilbert). Ckrouograpbite libri 
qyatvor. B d. Arnaldi Pontaci vasatensis 
episeopi ckronograpkia aueti. 55 p, 1, 453 pp. 
1 1. 16°. ColoniiB Agrippittix, I. Oymni 
1581. s. 

General advertiser [Pkiladelpbra daily]. 
Not. 8, 1791. to Dee. 31,1794. 4 v. 
PhUadelpMa, BeaJ. FrajiJilin Bache, 1791- 

Qeiieial chromces, das Let ; wahrbaifte eigent- 
lieke und kuitze besckreibuag, 
baf^r, und zum theil bisz daher vubekannter 
landtscbafften, erstlick des priester JohaDns, 
koni^ in Morenlandt, [etc.] zum andera 
ein gemeine beschreibung des ganti 
ems, [etc. ] Zura dritten 
der neuw orfundeneu inseln Americe ui 
Magellane. 3 paria in 1 v. fol. FTiinckfi, 
am Mayn, S. FeyraJiendt, 1576. 

tpt. 1]. C0R9AL1 U 

[pt. Q]- COSUOtilLAPBIA, dafllst: besctirelbung d 

pt."]. Yarns' (Paulas) BeBchreibnoe S«' gantKi 

™d hnuarerawit fete] yon anfoDg der welt, bl 
nuf erbanivnng der stadt Rom elch auaeiragi 




The same. General ckroaioa. 3 parts 

inly. fol. Fra«clifaHamMay«,S. Feyra- 
hendt, 1581. 

Genet (Efltnond Charles). Memorial ou the 
upward forces of flaids, and their applica- 
bility to Beyeral arts, sciences, and public 
itnproyemeuts ; for wkick a patent kas beea 
granted by tke government of the United 
States to the author. 112 pp. 1 tab. 5 pi, 8°. 
ABiang, Packard If Van Benlhityscn, 1825. 

Genlia (Stephanie F^Iioit^ Ducreat de Saint- 
Anbin, comiesse de). A selection from the 
annals of virtue, containing the most impor- 
tant and interestiog anecdotes from tke his- 
toiias of Spain, Portugal, China, Japan, and 
America ; with some account of tke manners, 
customs, arts, and sciences of France. Krom 
tke Fieni,h ky E M Jamea 4p I 255 pp 
4 1. 6 Batit 6 Ma ard r94 

Gennaio (G useppa Aureho d ) Carraina 
Editio noviBS ma emendatior [etc ] Ipl 
217 pp 8° Neapah D Terres 17 r 

Delle viziose man ere del difender !e 

cause nel tcro Irattato con una p efaz one 
in cm SI tiatta dell oiigine e de [rogressi 
dell' avvocasiime 1 stasa da Giannantonio 
Sergio ed %" xli 162 pp 8= Ntpeli 
D. Terres, ]7r7 a 

Genovesi (Antonio). Elemeutornm artis lo- 
gico-criticEe libri v. Ed. nov. ivi, 352 pp. 
12°. Bassano, Eemondini, 1744. 

Gentle (The) life. Essays in aid of the for- 
niation of character, [oboji.] viii, 312 pp- 
12°. London, S. Lote * son, 1865- 

Thesame. QdaeFies. Sded. viii, 303pp. 

ia°. LoBrfsn, 5. Low * son, 1866, 

Gentleman's (Tke) magazine. December, 
1868, to November, 1869. Entirely new 
[6th] series, v. 2-3. [Complete swies, v. 
326-a2T]. 8°. London, Bradbury, Evans 
^ CO. 1869. 

Geuty {L'abb6 L.) L'iufluenoe de !a d^cou- 
verte de l'Am6rique sur 1 b h d g u 
humain. x, 353 pp. 1 pi. 1 m p 12° P n 

. Nyon I'aiai * Jits, 1788 

Geoffrey (JTilien Louis). C 1 1 tte a 

tnre dramatii^ae ; ou, r 1 p d d 
mati^ras des feuilletons d G ff y [ re 666 
d'one noUce historiqne an a 5 8 

Paris, F. Blanchard, 1819. 

Geographical history of Sova Scotia. His- 
torischa und geogvapbisclie beschreibung von 
Neu-Sehottland, [etc.] sitten und gewohn- 

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Geographical history, etc — oontmueil 
heitan tlei' Indianer und den meikwurdigfiten 
begebenheiten so siclj zwischen PranLreicb 
undEogland, u. 9.W. {anon AnsdemEng 
lischeii]. 2p. 1. SlSpp, Imap. ]6°. Franek- 
furl and Leipzig, S. L. BrBnner, 1750. 

Geologloal society of PentiBylvaiiia, See 
Pennsylvania (Geological society of). 

Georgetown (D.C) daily federal republican. 
See Daily Federal republican 

Georgl (Carl August) Eeliginseliedei. siv, 
207 pp. ia°, Leipiig, Bret&opf if HSrtel, 
1847. g, 

Georgia historical society rollecfioos v,3, pt. 
]. SP. New York, BartkU Si We/ford, 1848, 

OSrando (A. de). Do I'asprit public en Hon- 

mh, 1818. 
Its de Val- 

giie depuis la r^volntion irau^au 

505 pp. 8°. Paris, imprimeiira 
Gerard (Louis Philippe). Le eoi 

mont; on. les ^garemeula de lai 

16°. Pom, Dufoar If de. 1826, 
Gerbert (Martin). De l^tii 

poiestate circa sacra et profana. 

pp.61. Typis Monaster. S. Bla. 

nigra. [Frankfurt am Mayn, Weschs.] 1761. 
Gerhard (Edouard). Griejhisehe und 

kiachs Crinltscbalen des komglichen i 

uma zu Berlin, vi, 34 pp. 19 col. pi. 

Berlin, A. W. Seliade, 1940. 
Ci«rliard (Friedrich). DeutBch-amerikaniacher 

arbeiter-kalenderfUrlSTO. Sechsterjabrgang. 

124 pp. 21, 12°. NeiiiYorlt,F. Gerhard, mm. 

Deutsch-auierikanischer farmar-kaleil^ 

der fUr 1S70. Viefter jahrgang. 133 pp. 
7 1. 120. Ne«, York, F. Gerhard, 1870. 

Deutaeh-amerikunisGher haus-kalender 

filr 1870. FUnfter jahrgang. 68 pp. 21. 
12°. ,y*to York, F. Gerhard, iS70. 

UlUBtrirler familien-kalender, zehntei' 

jahrgang. 19 p. 1,128 pp. 91. 12°, Neio 
Varh, F. Gerhard, 1870. 

lUustiirler gartenlaube-kalender far 

1870. Fiinfter jahrgang. 144 pp. 12°. 
NfM York, F. Gerhard, 1870. 

Ealender filr lustige leute fiiu 1870. 124 

pp.91. 13°. New VovJe, F. Gerllard, iSiO. 

Gerraia (Joseph). A convention the only, 
means of saving us from ruin. In a letter 
addressed to the people of England. Sd ed. 
127 pp, 8°. London, D. I. Eaton, 1794, 

Gerataoker(Friedricb), Howa bride was won; 
or, a chase across the pampas. Translated 
[from the German] by F. Jordan. 274 pp. 8 
pi. 8°. New York, D. Applelon Sr r,o. 1869. 

Lotgevallen en ontmoelingen van eeu 


Geretaoker ( Friedrich)— continued. 
geaelEchap daitsche landverhuiEers naar en 
in Noord-Amerika. Naar het Hoogdnilach. 
3 p. 1. 352 pp, 1 pi. 1 map. 8°. Amsterdam, 
B. Fnjlink, 1847. 

Geith van Wijb (Jan Abraam). Specimen 
historico-theologicum, eshibens historiam ec- 
clesije ultrajeetinje romano-eatholicffi, male 
jansenistioffi dicfse, (etc.] 4 p, 1. 183, 4 pp 
8°. Trajeeti ad Rkcnnm, L. E. Bosch, IMS. 

Genrinoa (Georg. Gottfried), 'laropia njf 
enaFoaTarrea^ Koc avaycuviineu; TJ?f 'B^^Jof. 
Msrai^aaBsirra Q?ro row npaTOTvirovvirolaae- 
vovH.Uep^avayXov. 2t. ?', 534 pp ; 596 pp. 
8°. ABtivijci, X, N, ^OaJeA^Of, 1864-65. 8. 

Getrouw verhaal van de opkomst, lofgevallen 
en tegeuwoordigen toestanfl der ao genaamde 
metliodisten in Engetand ; waar achter ge- 
voegt is een koort verhaal van eenige onge- 
wone godsdienstige beroeringen, onder d© 
inwoonders van versoheide dorpen in de Al- 
blasserwaard. [uniw.] xii pp. 1 1.324 pp. 
16°. WorlOtm, D. Balk, 1752. 

Gevers d'Eudegeest (— ), Du dessfechement 
da lac de Harlem. 2 v. 3 p. 1, 115, 9 pp ; 
3p.l. 113, 24 pp. 21. 8°. La Hai/e, Van 
CUef, 1849-54, 

(itlBS wanlingl, 

Ghent ( University of). Catalogue des collec- 
tions d'anatoaiie compares, y compria les 
ossemeats fossiles : de I'universiM de Gand. 
[Par Ch. Poalman]. 4 p. 1. 120 pp, 4 pi. 8°. 
Gaud, E. Vanderhaagea, 1868, e. 

GMba (Helena, princess Eeltzoff-Masaafsky). 
Switzerland the pioneer of the reformation ; 
or, la Suisse allemande. From the French, 
and comprising the chapter suppressed by 
orcler of the imperial government in the Pa- 
risian edition of the work, by H. G. 2 v. 
ixj;, 458 pp.1 portrait; 3 p. 1.441 pp, 1 fat- 
simile 8° London, A. Fnllarton St eo. 1858. 

GMUaiiy (Friedrich Wilhelm). Manuel dip- 
lomatique Recneil des truths de paix enro- 
peens les plus importants, des aeles de con- 
gr^s et autres documents retatifs it la poli- 
tique Internationale, depuisle traits deWest- 
rhalip jHsqu'a cea derniera temps. Aug- 
ments do traductions f anfa'ses et d'une 'n 
tro<3ucMon gSnSrale par J H Sch irtze 2 v 
xvi, 344 pp ; 547 pp 2 1 8° Nordl ugae 
C. H. Beck, 1856, 

Ghirardiui (Aleaaanilro) Studj s Ha ImoMna 
umana, sopra alcune ant he i cr z on e 
sullaortograBa italiana 3] arts nl '*' 
Milano, soeietd eooperattaa, 1889. n. 

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Gabtwn (Edward, jr.) An essay on the sludy 
of literature. Written ovJBinally in the 
French, Now first translated into English. 
4 p. 1. 163 pp. 16°. London, J. Beeket, 1764. 

GibbDns (Henry, nt.d.) Tobacco and its 
effects. A prize easay, showing that the use 
of tobacco is a physical, mental, moral and 
soeiBlevil. 49 pp. 16°. Nevt York, Carl- 
ton S; Lanaliait, 186tj. 

CHbbons (Thomas). A new system of sbort- 
band : whereby words can he written in all 
their vowels and consonants, as witb the coro- 
nion band, hut in one-fomib or fifth part of 
the time, [etc.] 12pp.2 1. 24 pi. (on 131.) 
8°. Loadon, SimpMn !f Marshall, 1^5. 

Gibba (George), Alphabetical vocabolaries of 
the Clallam and Lummi, Published under 
the anspioBS of the Smithsonian institution. 
40 pp. 4°. New York, CTomoisy press, 
J863. s. 

[SHKA'g Library of Aicerlcan lin^iBtSca, T. 11]. 

Alphabetical vocabulary of tlie Chinook 

language. Published under the auspices of 
the Smithsonian institution. 33 pp. 
JVeio York, CramoUy press, 1863. 
[Shea's Library of American ItogulatleB, t. 91. 

A dictionary of the Chinook jargon, 

trade language of Oregon. 44 pp. 
JVeio York, Cramois^ press, 1863. 
[Shba's Librarj of AmsticBn lingnlBtlai, v. la]. 

Gibbs (Philip). An essay towards a farther 
improvement of short hand. 1 p. 1.56 pp. 
8°. iLandon, J. BeHcnAnm], 1736. ' 
[ Willi bis HiBlorlcal aceouBt al awifl writing}. 

An historical account of compendious 

and swift writing. 4 p. 1. 60 pp. 1 1. 8°. 
Loaden, J. Belicnham, 1T36. 

Oibert (Camille Melebior). Traits pratique 
ties maladiea spficiales de la peau, earicliid'ob' 
servatjons et de notes nombreuses, puiss^es 
dans les meilleurs anteurs et dansles eliniqnea 
de I'hfipilal Saint-Louis. 2= ^d. vi, 483 pp. 
8^. Paris, O. BaUliire, 1840. 

GlbsoQ (Robert). The theory and practice of 
EutTeying ; containing all the instructions 
requisite for the skilful practice of this art, 
[etc.] Kewly airanged, [etc.] by James 
Kyari. 248,73,91 pp. 15 pL 8". Harifard, 
A.S.Barn(slrr^.lS38. S. 

Glbetone (Henry). L'eeelavage aux fituts- 
Unis. Dean le quarterou. 3 p. 1. 340 pp. 
16°. Paris, E. Denlu. 1863. 

GlfFord (H. clicmisi). The general receipt 
book; or, oracle of knowledge; containing 
several hundred useful receipts and experi- 


CHfTord (H.)— continued, 
ments in every branch of science ; including 
medicine, chemistry, mechanics, dyeing, 
painting, etc. With directions for making 
British wines, [etc] 156 pp. 1 1. 34". 
London, 1(545. 
[H'iiJ Wesley (J.) PrimltJys pb jaic] . 

Gilabert (Vicente). Eaemtinio physico- 
medico-anatomico, que satisfaoe a la apolo- 
gia del doctor Lloret : prueha, que del 
occeano de la sangre sale la materia de la nu- 
trition, et«. 13 p. S. 424 pp. 4 1. S". Mad- 
rid, G. Roxa, 1739. 8. 

Gilbert (William). Lucrezia Borgia, duchess 
of Fenwa. A biography. Illustrated by 
rare and unpublished documents. 2 v. viii, 
343pplpoitat vn k>9 pp 13°. Lon- 
don, Haral i, Blackett 1869 

Qilea (Channcey) The gate of j eavl. 176 
pp. a pi ?m ib° Nea lori J. R. Pat- 
nam, 186J 

GUea (John Allen U d editor) Vita s 
Thomce cantuaiiensis aichicp scopj et mai 
tyris, lb auctonbns contempoianeis videlicet 
Willelmo cantujriensi Eba de Evesham 
Henrico ai, Kogei o de C roj landia anouymo 
parisiensi Beaediotopetnbmgens anonymo 
lambetliiensi ahisque sciipta E6 nunc 
primura e codieibus omnibus mstis edita 
V. 3. sx 329 pp 8° Londiat WhtttaLeret 
soc. 1846 

Gillespie ( Mojo r Alexander) Gleamnfr* and 
remaiks. collected dunng many months tf 
residence at Buenos Ayies and witbm the 
upper country; with a prefatjiy aciount ot 
tbe expedition fiom England until the snr 
render of the cape of Good Hope, under the 
joint command of sir D. BairS and sir Home 
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by Google 


GlIaioiir(ReK.Rieliatd). Bible Mstory 
taiuing the most remarkable evenU of the 
old and new testamout, prepared for tb< 
of catholic schools iu the United States. 
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dovanm Giuseppe di S Teresa See 
Noronlia Freire (Joao de) 

Qiovio (Paolo) Elofria Tiiorum belhca iir 
tutaiUustrmm septem 1 bna la n ohm ab au 
thura cotnpiehensa ad iiiuDi express ; im 
aginibus evornata 4 p M92 pp 7 1 fol 
Btsdea P Pema 15T'i 

Elogiav loium liteiia lilustnum quot 

quot vel nostra vel avoiu n memoiia \i\ere 
al viuum expressis imag nibus exoinata 
Q I 1 333 pp 21 tol Basiha P Perna 

Girard(Heinrich), Briefe liber Hiimboldt's 
KoBinos. See Cotta (B. von, etc.) 

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ligipux eii Gr6ce,d'Homdre it Eschjle ; ^tudi^ 
dans son d^veloppenient moral et dans son 
caract^re dramatique. 2 p. 1. 553 pp. 1 1. 8°. 
Paris, L. Hachelte Sf de. 1869. 

Girard { TfliM ). See Q6rard (Louis Phi- 

Girault, de Saint Pargeau (Auguste). Die- 
Honnaire de la gfiographie physique et po- 
litique de la France, [etc.] I'^dig^ sur des 
documens anthentiquea, d'aprfis nn nonveau 
plan, xii, B46 pp. 1 1. 8°. Paris, d la li- 
brairie du commerce, 1826. S, 


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autobiography. 63 pp. 8°. Loudo«, J, 
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' Gladstone (William Ewart) — continued. 
JaveotuB mnndi. The gods and men 

of the Lei'oio age. xxviii, 541 pp. I pi. 13', 

London, MacmiUan * co. 1869. 
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government, theatres, [etc. aKon.] ¥i,264 

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WheeUr, 1787. 
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or, matrimonial manceuvres. By the antliora 

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The same. Calendar for the year 

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16°. AmsteTodaioi, J. Jansaonius, 1751-53. 


.«,(t.lcj i 


GleioIi(Z)r Loren^) Hur imwasseristbeil. 
Beitiage znr begmndung der waaaer-heil- 
lehre in eiuer sammlung von auf^atzon. 
Herauagegeben von B. Vanoni. xi, 196 pp. 
12°. Aags6urg,C. A. Fahrn^acltcr, 1847. s. 

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OefFentlicher vortrag gebalten in der sitzung 
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authoress of the life of Catharine McAulay, 
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schichte der pflanzengiile. 2° auftago, xii, 
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Goadby (Eobert). Aq apology for tlie life 
of mr. Bfttnpfjflde Moore Carew, oOlomonly 
called the king of the beggars, being aa im- 
pai'tint acconnt of his life, from bis leaving 
TiverCou scbool to tlie present time. [etc. 
OMOB. ] Gth ei. xxTiii, iv, 350 pp. 1 portrait. 
12°, London, R. Goadby, \ab0j1t 1780], 

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and why ; describes the climate, soil, pro- 
ductions, minerals, and general resources, 
ainouDt of public lauds, the quality and price 
of farm lands in nearly all sections of the 
Uuited States ; and contains a description of 
the Pacific railroad, the homestead and other 
land laws, rales of wages throughout the 
cotintrj, etc. jvj,591pp. 4 pi. 19 maps. 8". 
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why. Homes and fortunes in the boundless 
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The same. 5 p. 1. 464 pp. 3 1. 16°, 

Madrid, J. DoUado, 1780. 

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God's furnace. By one tried in the lire, 

[With introduction by J. H. Mollvaiu. 

anox.'i lp.l.iv,165pp. 16°. New York, 

A. D. F. Randolph * co. 1869. 
Godwin (William). Deloraine. [A novel]. 

2v. 210 pp; 204 pp 8° Philaddpltta 

Carey, Lea $( Bland ard 1833 
Essay on sepulchres 01 a proposal 

for erecting some meuonal of the Uusti ous 

dead in all ages on tbe spot where theu re 

maiua have been inteii 'd xu 116pp I pi 

16°. London, IP aitllpr 1809 
Golfridns E ee puscula sermoues 

J, Sirm n n p n m n Imem etuit ac 
a aunolblO 1p 1 
P nsits lypogTBphia 

Op « 

et modeme Cho i 
gu erne res oachi 

Ipl 3J° Pant. 

col, 615 

Goguette (La) 

\_polyon.'^ 3 p. 1 5 

Oariturfreref. 1851 

Going and sou ; i 

[pseiirfon.J 167pp. 

Gold (The) key. A dramatic story. Trans- 
lated from tbe French, [anon.] 113 pp. 
' ] 6°. Phiiadctphia, J. B. Lippineolt If co. 

Golden songs aod ballads for the childi-eu. 
Selected by the author of " Annie's golden 
cross." 251 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, pres- 
bj/terian pMicativn committee, 1869. 

Ooldene (Der) fertige rechner in dollars und 
cents mit grobem <Inick [etc anon.} 168 
pp. 18°. St. Louis, C. Witter, 1868. 

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p;eni to-urinary organs. 96 pp. 6 pi. 8°. 
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With a brief memoir of the author. 1 p.l. 
xii, 308 pp. 12°. Londmi, A. Mojai, 1841. 

'luTopio nji 'EUoAiCi [etc.] Ntij' ;rpij- 

Tov fiETa^paBsiaa [etc, ] vjzo i^Ti/ctiTpiov A7i,exav- 
6pi(!ou, [etc.] y. 1. xsxxvi, 439 pp.1 map. 
8". Ev Biei'vy, ruiroig 2pai/i/3Aeo(f, 18O6, 8. 

Gomez (A. Enriquea). La culpa del primer 
peregrino, y el passagero. 13 p.l. 176 pp. 
8°. Madrid, J. Gareia fnfanzon, 1735. 

Gomez de Leon (Francisco Leal). Cate- 
cismo de plalieas doctrinales, y morales, 
sobre las qiiairo partes de la doctrina chris- 

by Google 

Gomez de Leon— con timied. 
tisaa, para allvio de los nuevoB prodicatoiea, 
pai'roeoa, i sub tbenientea, [etc.] ISp.l. 
487 pp. 16°. Madnd, JW. Martm, 1779. 
Goncotitt (Edmond and Julas). Histoire <Ie 
Marie- AntoinetCa. 2p.].439pp, 8°. Paris, 
Fii'min Didoifriras, etc. 18S8. 

Gonou (Eanemoiid). M^moire snr le syetSme 
tel^^raphiqae nouveau, uiiiversel et pei- 
p^tnel, poar le jour et ponr la irait. 2 p. 1. 
II® pp. 1 pi. 4°. Paris, Sirou. 1844. 

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matical, diepuesta en TariB^ selectaa, [etc.] 
31 p.]. 248pp. 16°. iHadcM, 1754. 

Qonzalez de la Cruz (Josef Joaquin). Com- 
peQ<liiam in quo definitiones, divigioDes, axio- 
inata juria, alifaque perquam utiles notitisa 
contioentuv, [etc] .151pp. 16°. Matriti, 
P. Aznar, 1808. 

Gonzalez de Mendoza (Juan), llistoria 
de las Qosas mas notalilee. i'it«a ; 
del grau rayno de la Cbina i eabid 
Job libroe de los mismos Chinas, como por 
rBlaUoE de leiigiosos [etc.] Con vn itine- 
i-ario del nuevo mundo. 12 p. 1. 245 pp. ISl. 
18°. Madrid, P. Madrigal, 1586. 

The same, Histoire dv grand royavme 

de la Cbine. Mise en Franfoia avoo des 
additions en marge, pur Lvc de la Porte. 
12 p, 1. 348 1. 16°. Paris, J. Perier, 1588. 

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ence, art, and industry. Sea Silliman (B. 
jr.) and Goodrloli. 

Goodwin {Rev. Ezra Shaw). Sermons, With 
D memoir. 268 pp. 16°. Boston, B. II. 
Greene, 1834. 

Goodvrin (Ren. John). Os ossoriauvm ; or, 
a bone for a bishop to pick ; being a vindica- 
tion of [his] treatise called Anti-cavalierisme 
from tEie exceptions of G. Williams, bishop 
ofOssory. [anon.'] 64 pp, 6^.4". Lon- 
don, Hears OTertaa, 1643. 

Good words. [A monthly religious maga- 
Hino], Edited by N. Maeleod, d. d. Jan- 
nary to December, 1869. V. 10. 8°. Lon- 
don, Strahatt S{ co. 1 869. 

Gordon (C.) That good old time; or, our 
fresh and salt tulflrs. By Vieux Moustache. 
[pseudon.J 16°. Bvstmi, 1866. 

Two lives in one. By Vieux Moustache, 

[pseMdoM,] V, 246 pp.1 pi. 16°. New 
York, Hard !( Houghton, 1870. 

Gordoa (Miss Helen). "Tlie way, the truth, 
and the life," Questions oa the life of our 
Savior, for the nse of Sunday aohools in the 

Grordon (Mwa Heieu)— continued, 
proteatant episcopal churoh. Primary series, 
vi, 153 pp. 16°. Bostort,E.P.Dmon4-co. 

-The same. Advanced series, vi, 124 pp. 

16°. Boston, E. P. Button & co. 1869. 

Gordon (Thomas). Principlesof naval archi- 
tecture. With proposals for improving the 
form of ships. To which are added some 
observations on the struetare of carriages 
for the purposes of inland commerce, agri- 
cultnre, etc 1 p.l.viii, 307 pp. 5 pi. 12°. 
London, T. Evans, 1784. 

Gortaam (Elsie, pseudon?) The Hlldreth 
iries : rainy days in the nursery. 2 p. L 
> pp. 3 pi. 18°. Boston, W. V. Spencer, 

GkMB (Warren Lee). The soldier's story of 
his captivity at Andersonville, Belle Isle, and 
other rebel prisons. 1 p. 1. 357 pp. I portrait. 
16 pi. 2 maps. 8°, Boston, Lee S{ Sh^ard, 

Gosse (Henry). Poetical translations. [With 
the ori^nal l«xts]. Ip. 1.146 pp/ 8°^ Lon- 
don. A. J. Valpy, 1822, 

Goseelman (Carl August). Beise in Colum- 
bien, in den j'ahren 1KJ5 und 1826. Ans 
dem Scliwedischen itbersetzt von A. G. Y. 

312 pp. 11 

1 pi. 12°. Stralsimd, LSffler 


— -Thes 

me. Reis naar Columbia, in de 

jaren 1835 

nl826. 3v. viii,254pp. Imap 

vi, 344 pp. 

pi. 8°. HaarUm, de wed. A 

Loosjes, 1833. 

Gossip (The) ; or, scraps of manuscripts and 
faeetiie, iaconica et lyriea; being the glean- 
ings of the leisure hours of a gentleman, 
[aiwrn.] xiv, 213 pp. 12°. Brighton, C. 
Verrall ^ co. 1849, 

Gosson (Stephen). The schoole of abuse; 
couteining a pleasaunt invectiue against po- 
ets, pipers, plaiors, iestei's, and such iike cater- 
pillers of a commonwelth; and 9 short 
apologie of the Schoole of abuse, 1579. 80 pp. 
16°. London, A. Murray If sons, 1868. 
fABBER's Eugllsh reprlats, ua. 31. 

GoBtling (Reo. William). A wallt in and 
about the city of Canterbury, with many 
to be found in any descrip- 

by Google 

I addt 

■ fE 

Wth pp d 


if PI 1 

/f B! k- 

Iport t 3 pi 
Us, 18 

Ootlia li g 1 gia h h fk 1 1 
nebst dpi t littt Iiinjhl 1 
auf d J I 18 9 106 J h B g 24 
Golh r P I [1869] 

Th m A d pi m tiq 

stati q p 1 m6 1869 ^ G I 
J. Petles [13b. ] 

GotUi If (J m h) W 1th d If 
3t. 4p 1 316pp 4p 1 a bpp 1 L 
don and Aeui York, A. Strahaa, 18bb. 

Ooudae (Anaslasios N.) Biot 7ra/iaA?.^^i 
Tav em njf avayewiiactig Ti/( 'E^Hadof Sto- 
jrpediavran avSfiiw. To/ioi a'. KA?;pnf. 
448 pp. 8°. Ew ASi/voif, ex tov Tvnoypaf- 
eiov K. AiTiM'iaSnv, 1869. 

Gough (John). A treatise of arithmetic 
tiieoij and practice. Adapted to the co 
merce of Great Britain and Ireiand. [With] 
additions and amendments ; fitting tlie work 
for the improvement of the American jonth. 
Bj Benjamin Workman, a. m. 370 pp. 16°. 
PAUadelpkia, J. McCuUoch, 1788. 

Ooulard (Thomas). El cirnjano inatraido. 
Modo facil, J baraCo de curar casi lodas las 
enfermedades extemas cou el uso de una sola 
medicina diferentemeute modiiicada. Es- 
eribi6]o en Frauc^ mv. Goalard, 7 lo traduce 
J.LCaballo de Castro, 13p.l.l73pp.6 1. 
8°. Madrid, M.Martiv, 1774. s. 

Ctould (Benjamin Aptborp). Investigations 
in the miiitary and anthropological statistics 
of Amerioan soldiora. siv, 655 pp. 8°. 
Nete York, 1869. S. 

[UinTED States smiilaiT eommission, SanltRry me- 

Gould (John E.) The modern harp, [elo,] 
See White (E. L.) and Gould. 

Songs of gladness for the Sabbath 

school. Also a choice selection of prayer^ 
meeting and choir tunes. 176 pp. obi. 16°. 
PhUaddjikia, J. E. GoM, [J869]. 
Gould (Marcns T. C.) The analytic gnide 
and authentic key to the art of short-hand 
writing, [etc] 3d ed. 35 pp. 12 pi, 18", 
JVem Havm, T. G. Woodward, 1834, 
Gould (William Eeid). Gould's lawyers' 
diary, for the year 1868. 137 pp.73 1. 16", 
New York, W. E. Gould, [1868]. 

n de Ifl juven- 
bibeada tie la 


Gouldiiig (ftCT. F. E.) Frank Gordon; or, 

when I was a little boy. 179 pp. 1 pi. 18°. 

FliUadelphia, J. S. Claxton, [1869]. 
Marooner's island ; or, dr. Gordon in 

search of his children. 493pp.6pl. 16°. 

FliUadelphia, Clazlon Kemsen Sf Ilaffel- 
fijtger, 1869. 
Oomaud (Dr. — p e) EtuJessariafi^ire 

m^ridionales. 31 1 '' pp 12° irignoji, L. 
Ai^nel, 1842. 

Govinet (Chailes) InsI 
tud en la pieflad chiistiana. 
sagrada eseritura, y <3e los s 
Compueata en idioma francos. Ti-adueidaet 
CaatelTano por d. Juan Antonio Turhique. 6 
p. 1. 356 pp, 8°, Barceloaa, 8. S( O. MaHi, 
1795. S. 

Goaalvo (Marcellin). Vita del padre Em- 
mannele Fadial della compagnia di Gesfl, 
Ecritta in lingua spagnola e tradotta nel ital- 
iana dal padre Francisco da Castro, xidij, 
448 pp. 16°. Parma, eredi di P. Monti, 

Graaff (Nicolistia de}. Rejsen na devierge- 
deeltens des werolds, als Asia, Africa, America 
ea Europa, [etc] Ala ouk een mette dog 
korte beschriJTing ran China, [etc] Hier 
agter is by gev(Bgt D'oostindise spiegel, 
[etc.] 2« druok. 2v.ini. 5p.l.Sa3pp. 
41.6pl; 3p.l.84pp. 40. Hoorn, F. Rijp, 

Graoe Harland ; or, Christ's path U> happiness, 
[anon.] 264 pp. 3 pi. 18°. Fkiladelphia, 
presbglerian board of publication, [1869]. 

Graoey ( Reit. Samuel L, ) Anniversary gema 1 
consisiing of addresaes, recitations, conver- 
saUona, and scripture illustrations, tor the 
(Sunday-school concert, or anniversary. 215 
pp. 18°. Philadelphia, Perkiapim S; Hig- 
gins, 13?0. 

Qraoiaii (Baltazar). The hero. From the 
Spanish. With ramarka, moral, political, 
and historical, of the learned father J. de 
Courbeville. By a gentleman of Oxford. 3 
p. 1. ii pp. 1 1. 319 pp. iP. London, T. Cox, 

L'homme universel, tradiiit de I'Espag- 

nol. [Par J. de Courbeville]. 12 p. I. 312 
pp. 12°. La Baye, Oasse ft De Hondt, 1724. 

GraiEgny (Fraueoise d'Iseembourg d'Happon- 
conrt, madame de). Lettere d'nna peruviana, 
[Trad, del Prancese], dal aignor G. L. Deo- 


Duchesne, [1799]. 

'- PP- 



by Google 


Graliam (Andrew J.) Correspondent's list of 
word-sigDS and contractions of standard 
phonograpliy. ](i pp. 32". f!eiB York, A, 

Graham (James D. ) Report on the subject ol 
tlie bonndary liue bettveen tbe United States 
and Mexico. 350 pp. 1 map. S". Ifask- 
ingtoii, 1853. S, 

Oraliam {Ree. W.) Stenography, or an easy 
system of short-hand writing. 20 pp, I 1. 2 
pi. 12°. Edinburgh, J. Bell, 1787. 
Grahame (James). The birds of Scotland, 
with otlief poems, vii pp. 1 1. 214 pp. 16°. 
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Grammatical (A) sketch of the Heve lan- 
guage, translalad from an unpublished Span- 
ish manaseript. By Buckingham Smith. 
[anoH.] 26 pp. 8°. Neio York, Cramoisy 
press, 1861. 

[SHEA'S librnry of American lineniBlics, v. 3]. 
Granada (Luis de). See Luis de Granadi 
Graiidfatiier's Nell ; or, what happened at 
the toD-gate. By the author of " Squire 
Downing'a heirs." [etc. anon.] 363 pp. 
4pl. 16°. Ma York, R. Carter Sf bras. ISe9. 
Grandma Merritt's stories. 330pp, 3pl. 16°. 
FhUaddphia, American sundag-school anion, 
Grandmaster (The) ; or, adventures of Qui- 
Hil in Hindostan. A Hudibrastic poeoi by 
Quiz, [pseudon.] Illustrated by Rowland son; 
1, 252 pp. 28 col. pi. 8°. LoTidon, T. Tegg, 
Grand (The) mystery, ete. L'art de m^diter 
sur la chaise percSe, par i'auteur de Gulliver 
I'aiu^. [psearfon.] Avec uii projet poUL- 
batir et eiitrel«Dir des latrines publiques 
dans la ville et fanxborgs de Paris, sous la 
direction d'uue compagnio, dans laqnelle on 
pourra s'infSresser en prenant des actJens. 
i p. 1. 54 pp; 16°. Dablin, de I'imprimerie 
du doctenr Sieifi, 1743. 

[Note.— aa e&. ol Le grnna mjBtare. Tradnit de 
TAngUiB psY DeafontaineB]. 
" Ga'andpapa's Charlie;" or, tha yonng sol- 
diei By Gam [ysearfoB ] 152pp 1 portiait 
IS" Boston American tract soeteiy [1868] 
Grangier (Jean) Examen theologiqiie sui 
la si>cielS du pl@t a rente Dialogue entro 
Bail at Pootas 3= 6d 168 49 pp lb'' 
Pan. S Le Range 1747 
Oraaty (Rev John '-i ) Faith a battles and 
vitlflvies thoughts for tioublous time.'i 
98o pp 16° Wfuj iork i D t Kan 
dolph V '0 l^ti9 
Grauert (Willielm). LoillaJou der weltge- 

Granert — continued . 

schichle. 177 pp. 13°. New York, E. 
Steiger, 1867. 
Graves (Roheit)nnir AsIiton(S.) The whole 
art of taehygraphy; or, short-hand writing; 
made plain and easy, 3 p.l. 72 pp. 6 pi. 
18°. Yorlc, C.Etlarington, 1775. 
Oravina (Domenico). Pro sacra fidei catho- 
licie et apostolicie deposito fideliter a roman. 
pont. evstodito apologeticna. Adveiaus nova- 
torvm caivmniaa, et priesertim nouissimi M. 
Anteuii do Dominis, etc. Kevisns et illvs- 
tratvs pet A K P F Thomam de Sania 13 
p 1 ^18 IP 4° Colonta Agrtppma: H 
Kraft 1638 s 

Pio Bacro^iancto ordinis oacramento 

vjndice oUliodox'e adversus hiere&iologiaB 
Mam Antonii de Dominis Hevis et illv« 
trat pel A E P F Thomam de Sarna 
8p 1 204 pp 41 4° Colania igrtpptnie 
H Krafi 1638 s 


Gray (AIuuko) Elements of sc entific and 
iractici! agi cnltuie or the apiheatitn of 
liology geologv and chemistiy to agucul 
tuie anti horticnlture [etc] 3tj8 pp 12° 
Andater, AUen, Morrill S; Wardwell, 1842. 

Gray (Aaa). Field, forest, and garden botany ; 
a simple inti'oduction to the common planla 
of the United Stated east of the Mississippi, 
both wild and cultivated. 336 pp. 8°. 
New York, Icison, Phinney, Blakemaa * ca. 

Gray (George Robert). Hand-list of genera 
and species of birds, distinguishing Chose 
contained in the British museum. Part 1, 
Aocipitrea, fissirostres, tenuirostres, and 
^entirostres. xx, 404 pp. 8°. London, 1860. 

Gray (Thomas, jr. m. d.) The vestal ; or, a 
tale of Pompeii, xii, 330 pp. 12° Boston, 
Gray S(\Bovien, J830. 

Great Britain. Conncil on education. Science 
and art department of the committee of uotm- 
cil on education. Catalogue of the special 
exhibition of works of art of the mediteval, 
renaissance, and mora recant periods, on loan 
at the South Kensington museum, Jane, 
1863. Parts i,ii,ao5 iii. Edited by J. C. 
Robinson, xii, 399 pp. 8°. London, sta- 
tionery office, 1 862, s. 

Department of justice, Fac-similes of 

national manuscripts, from William the con- 
queror to queen Anne, selected under the 
direction of the master of the rolls, and pho- 
iozincographed by oommanti of queen Vic- 

by Google 


Great Bntaiii— cont nned 

toua bj I looel sii H^nry James With 

tianslat ons and notes [by W Uiam Baeevi 

SaniiersJ 4 v fol boatkan pton, ord- 

nam -urvey "^e 1565-bS 
1 — Naeil dcpastmenl Ihe navy list De- 

Lomber 1850 Decprabec 186b March, 

June aud Septembei 1869 5 

dmi, J. Marray, 1869. 
Parliame-atary papers. Hansard's par- 

liamentaiy debates. 3d aeries, 36th of June 

to 3l9t of July, 1368 ; 10th of Decamber, 

1868, lo 11th of August, 1869. 

8°. Lmsdim, C. Back. 1868, 
Report of the royal 

ere for inquiring into She laws of uaturaliza. 




a, domestic series, of the reign of Eliza- 
beth, 1595-97. Edited by Mary Anne E*. 
erett Green, xxv, 687 pp. 8°. /.on([on, 
Longmans, Green, Reader S^ Dyer, 1869. 

Calendar of treasury papers, 

1556-1696. Prepared by JosHpli Reding- 
ton. Ivi, 667 pp. 8°. London, Longmans, 
Green, Reader if Dyer, 1868. 

— 1 Supplement to v. i. and v, ii. of 

Letters, despatches, and state papers relating 
to the uegociations between England and 
Spain, preserved in the archives at Simaacas 
and elsewhere, i. Queen Katharine, ii. 
Intended marriage of ting Henry viii. with 
queen Jnana. Edited by G. A. Bergen- 
roth. lux, 467 pp. London, Longmans Sf co. 

Rermn hritannicarum medii sevi 

acriptores; or, chronicles nad memorials of 


Great Britain— continued. 

rlco Iv. a, d.lS!»^;130T-2J; 1393-1406. Edited 
by H. T. Eiley. 8", LBTidan, ISdB. 
Cockayne (Oswald). Leecbdoms, TiMitennnlng, nnd 

the Horiiian conqneat. y.l-^. 8°. L<mdm.VilA-m. 

antAinns, camfrmnais (8ayflsl8r GaroJd de Barri, 
conmgniv co^d). OpeiB. y. 6. KlnerHrlvDi Ktuu- 
bri», at dneoriptlo Kamb^E. Edited by J. F. 
Dlmoek. B°. Lmdon. 1863. 

LIsmtiviimiHterUdeHyda; campileliig a chroalele of . 
aSMrs of England, from tbe satllemenl of His Sax- 
Dim to Uie relga at tXag Cnut; hnd a cfasrtnlu'y of 
the Bbbey of Hjda, In Hampshire. A. d. 45&-l6s3. 



igiiacr dM Furesle!). Secaell 
™1?^. [y,4-5T.°'8°. London, 

Record commission. Public records. 

A description of tbe contents, ohjects, and 
uses of the various works printed by au- 
thority of the record o ra'ss'on for tbe 
advancement of I sto cal and ant (ua aa 
Itnowledge, [By s N cholas Ha r s N co 
las]. v,]35pp 8° Lo do Balden &. 
Cradock, 1631. 

——— Secretary of St tefor Inlta The people 
of India. A series of p] ot g aph o lustra 
tious, with descriptive letterpress of the races 
and tribes of Hind nstan. Edited by J. Forbes 
Watson and John William Kaye. 336 pi. 4 
V. 4°. London, W. H. Allen §■ co. 1868-69- 

Treasury. The Briiiah tariff of cus- 
toms' duties, in alphalietical an'angement,etu. 
as adopted at the custom-house, with blank 
leaves for memoranda. ISOtb ed. corrected 
and revised. 66 pp. 33°. London, Letts, 
son 4- CO. 1867. 

War department. A hat of the ofBcere 

of the army, and marines: with an index: 
a list of tbe ofBcers on half pay ; and a suc- 
CBssion of colonels, 1785 to 1798. 14 v. 8°. 
London, 1785-98. 

Ordnance trigonometrical sur- 
vey of Great Britain and Ireland. Account 
of the observations and calculations, of fhe 
principal triangalation, and of the figure, 
dimensions, and mean specific gravity of the 
earth as derived therefrom, etc. Drawn 
up by capt. A. E. Clarke, under the direc- 

by Google 


GJreat Britain — ooDtiEuecl. 
tioa of It, Ml. H. Jamea, e(c. 2 p.l.sTii, 
7^ pp. 1 1. 1 pi ; alias, 1 p. 1, 29 pi, 4". Lun- 
doii, prmtcrs tu ike queen, 1858. S. 

Cooipariaous of the staadarde 

of length of England, FrBnoe, 

Prussia, Eussia, India, Australia, made at 

the ordnance auiTcy offico, Southampton, by 

capt. A, E. Clarke, auder the dii 

col, sic H. James, etc. Tiii,aaT pp, 10 pi. 

4°. London, statimeTti office, 1866. S, 

Qi:eatBtits,ia( Royal arclHsalogicalinstilule of). 
See Royal archfeological institute, 

"Great (The) Lingard " songt 

[anoB.] 1 p,l,6.4 pp. 16°. New York, K. 
M. DeWiti, 1869. 

O-reat trans-eontinental railroad guide, < 
taining a full and authenOo descriptioi 
over fire hunclred cities, towns, villagea, 
tions, government forts, etc. from the Atlan- 
tic to the Paoiiio oc«bd. 944 pp. 16 pi, 16' 
Chicago, G. A. CrofiM I; co. 18fi9. 

Greoe (Charles F.) Facts and ohservatior 
i-espectiog Canada, and (he TJuiled States i 
America: affording a comparative view ol 
the inducements to emigration presented in 
those countjies. [Also,] an appendix 
practical instructions to emigrant settlers 
the British colonies, xv, ITS pp. 8°, Lc 
don, J.Harding, 1819, 

Greece. No/iof^of'. mpi tsXuviwcov ii 
/loXoyiov. 31 pp. 4°. 'Bv ASi/vaLc, 1887. 

UoXiTetoypa^iKOi n'Aitpofopiai wepi 'EAAo- 

ciociwoA. MowooAb, etc. !?',Sllpp. 8°, Ev 

■ ASi/vai;, enTOV ceviKovTvwoypa^ecov, im7. a. 

Greeley (Horace). Essays designed to eluci- 
date the sdenee of pohtical economy, while 
serving to explain and defend the policy of 
protection to home industry, as a systeaj of 
national cooperation for the elevation of labor. 
384 pp. 1 6'^. Boston, Fields, Osgood <f- co. 

Green (Calvin) and ■Wells (Seth Y.) A 
summary view of the millenial church ; or, 
united society of believers, commonly called 
shaliers. Comprising the rise, progress, and 
practical order of the society, with the prin- 
ciples of their IWth andtestimjny [onnij.] 
2d ed. revised and impioved viii, 334 pp. 
8°, Albany, C. Van Benlhuysm, 1848. 

Green (Charles John) Bnchygiaphy; or, 
a most approved and complete system of 
abort-band, as piactiLed by W B Gurney, 
esq. Methodised and arranged 135pp. lOpl. 
8". London, S. Sneel, 1834 


Green (Richard W.) A key to Green's new 
arithmetic. [Also,] an essay on the method 
of tciielung. 125 pp. 18°. Pkiladelphia, 
H. Perkim, 1841. 

Greenbank's periodical library, v, 3. 8°. 
Philadelpltia, T. K. Oreeidiank, J833. 
[Mahkoe pamphletu, v. 7], 

Greene (Daniel). Conference hymns, selected 
from various authors: etc. 54 pp. 33°. Provi- 
dence, (fi. /.) MUter St Hutching, 1832. 

Tile same. 2d ei. 40 pp. I8=. From- 

deiicc, (ff, I.) Hutcldai S; Cory, 1826. 

Greene (Joseph H. jr.) Athaliah; a novel. 
378 pp. lao. New York, Carhton, 1869. 

Greenhow (Eobert) The history of Oregon, 
and California, and the other territories of the 
northwest eoast of North America [With 
answers to Falconer s stnetnres] 2d ed, 
11, xviii, 492 pp, 1 map 8° Boston, Little 
Sf Brown, 1845, 

Gi-eenleaf (Benjamm) Key to the new prac- 
tical arithmetic ; with answers to exercises 
in the new elementary arithmetic Prepared 
for the mathemfltjcal senes of Benjamin 
Greenleaf, a. in. By 1 practical teauher 
[anon,] 148 pp. 13° Boiton, R S Dams 
&• CO. [1867]. 

Greenleaf (Charles S m d) A manual lor 
the medical officei'' of the United States 
army, 199 pp. 12°, FkUaddphia, J. B. 

Ctreenleaf (Simon). A brief inquiry into the 
ori^n and principles of free masonry. 1 p, 1, 
117 pp, 8°, PorUand, A.Shirley, 1820. 

Green'well (Dora). Poems. By the aathor 
of " The patience of hope," [nnon.] viii, 
315 pp. 16°, Edinburgh, A. StraJian S; co, 

GreenvrJcli (Roijal observatory at). Eesults 
of the magnetical and meteorological obser- 
vations, made 1866. 6 p, 1. Ixi, ceciii pp, 1 
pi. 4°. Greenwich, 1866. s. 

Report of the astronomer royal to the 

board of visitors of the Eoyal ohservatoiy, 
Greenwich, read at the annual visitation, 1869. 
24 pp. 4°. Greenieich, 1869. 

Greenwood (Francis William Pitt, J. d.) A 
collection of psalms and hymns for christian 
worebip. 37th ed. xxTipp.201. 16°. Btie- 
ton, C. J. Headce, 1844. 

Memoir of the rev, Samuel Cooper 

Thachor. 8°, Boston. 1824. 

[7ll THiCHEK (S. C.) SercoODB, pp. li-lsij. 

Greeninrood (James). The hatchet throwers. 
With 36 illustrations, drawn on wood, by 

by Google 


Greenwood (James)— continued. 
Emeat Griaet, etc. J64 pji. i°. London, J. 
CamdBB, 1866. 

BrftSB, brotliers, of Bilstoli their tiavels and perils. 

The crocoaile-nitcb. 
Tbo purgatory of Peter the cruel. With 

36 illuBtrations, on wood, hv Ernest Griset. 

164 pp 4° London 6 Houttedse Sr '""s, 

W lid spoi tfi of the Ti urld a book t f 

natural history and advontuie ] p 1 474 

pp 1 pi 8° Neiniork Harper d brotliefi, 

Gregg (Job ah) KaraH aoenau^ duioh die 

wcatlichen piaineen uDd wttndorungen m 

Nord Mejito Naeh deni tagebnohe de^ 

ameiikauei J Gregg beaibeilet von M B. 

Lindan. 1' theil. x, 208 pp. 1 pi. 1 map. H°. 

Dresden S( Leipzig, Arnold, 1845. 
Gregoiins, naxiamenus (^ Saint). Carmina 

pyguea inadKa. [Grace et latine]. 4*^. 

Trajecti ad Rlitnum, per Halmam # Van de 

Water, J696. 

[1m TOtLIUB (J.) luBiKnlaitJnPrariiitaUci. pp. 1-105]. 

FauSgyrique de St. Athauase. S°. 

Paris, 1840. 

[Jm MOhlkr (J, A.) Athaaase le grand, v. 1, pp. v- 

Gregory (John). The works of J. Gregorie. 
In two parts ; ibe first cont^nmg notes aud 
observations upon seveial passages in scrip- 
tnre ; (he second, his posthuma, being divers 
learned tracts upon various subjects. 4tb ed. 
12 p. I. 175 pp ; 12 p. L 329 pp. 4'=. London, 
M. Ciaric, 1784. 

Cteenoble. Cartulaires de I'^gliae cathfidrale 
de Grenoble, dits cartul^rea de Saint-Huguea 
publics par in. Jules Manon xci, 556 pp. 
2 1. 3 pi. 4". Pans, tmpriinerie imp4riale, 

irRANCE. CoUection de dociunEn*a ingdits. Ire 
B«rte, HiEtturepuUtlquo] 

GretBer (Jacob). Iiibn qvinqve npologetiei 
pro vita Ignatii Loiolte, edita a Petro Eiba- 
deneira; contia calvmiiias cvlysdaoi Chris- 
tiaai Simonis Lithi miseni calmnistsa. ID 
p. 1. 542 pp. 16". lagohtad'a, bi typographia 
A. Sarlorii, 1699 

Grey (Afi-a. — ) The trials o( life. [h»(™.] 
2 T. 255 pp 1 202 pp 12° New York, W. B. 

Griffet (Henri) L'msufEsiuiLe dela religion 
natui'elle, prouv^e par les v6rit&< eontennet 
dans les livres de I'^critnre sainte avec det 
disserlationa sur la version des 70, ma la vul- 


Grlffet (Henri)— contn d 
^te, et sur les no vea x sjst^mes dn pe e 
Hardouin et de 1 abbe de V Uef oy 3 v 
ixviii,3e4 pp; 1 p 1 3-4 tp Ifo l ige 
J, F. BasiempieTre, 1770. 

OTifTin (Gerald). The collegians, [anon.] 
2 V. 208 pp ; 184 pp. 12°. Hem York, J. ^ 
J. Harper, 1829. 

The rivals. Tracj'' a ambition. By the 

author of "The collegians." Sv.aoSpp; 
]85pp. 8°. Nea YotIc, J. ^ J. Harper, 1830. 

GrifQn (.John). A child's memorial: or, uetv 
token for children ; exhibiUng the early pietj 
and happy death of miss Dinah Doudney, of 
Portaea, delivered to a congregation of chil- 
dven, in Orange sti'eet chapel, on new year's 
day, 1805. [Also,] an accouutof miss Sarah 
Barrow, who was burnt to death April the 4th, 
1805. 4th Am. ed. With other lives, addi 
tions, and corrections. 79 pp ^4° Vtita 
N. Y. Seteard If fPiUiams. 1810 

GriiBu (Eiohard, editor). Spetimens of the 
novelists and romancers, with cr tiial and 
biographical notices of the authois 1st 
American from 2d Edinburgh ed 2v 216pp 
215 pp. 12°. Nete York. I Langdon, 18JI 

Grimth (Ealph T. H.) Scenes from the Ea- 
mayau, etc. See Valmiki. 

Grimaldi (Qiaaeppe Ceva). Sulla riforma de' 
pesi e delle misure ne' reali dominii di qua 
dal faro considerazioni. Ed. 2* con note 
dell' editore, e ana lettera del prof. Flauti. 
124 pp. 8°. iNapoli,mi7-\1 

Grimk^ (Angelina E.) Letters to Catharine 
E. Beecher,'in reply l« an eaeay on slavery 
and abolitionism, reviaed by the author. 130 
pp. 12°. Bosloa, J. Knapp, 1838. 

Grimsha'w (William). An etymological dic- 
tionary of the English language, etc. 3d 
ed. 280 pp. 12°. PkUaddplna, Grigg, El- 
liot !t CO. 1848. 8. 

History uf England, from the first in- 
vasion by Julius Csesar to 1820. With an 
index. 3ded. 4p.l. 292pp. 16°. Phita- 
delpkia, Lydia R. BaUeg, 1823. 

The same. To the accession ofVictoriu, 

330 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Grigg, Elliot St 
CO. 1847. 

Questions adapted to Grimshaw's his- 
tory of England. 84 pp, 16°. Philadel- 
phia, Lydia R Bailey, I82:j. 

Grl8wol<l(JBiemiah), Handbook of adjast- 
ment of loss or damage by fire, for Ihe use of 
Ere underwriters. 105 pp. sm.4°. New 
York, Insuranai monkor office, 1668. 

by Google 


Oriawoia (Eiifus WilmoO- The poets and 
poetry of America. 16th e3. 622 pp. 10 
portraits. 8°. PliUadelphia, Parry S; Mc- 
Millan, 1855. a. 
Ghroeabsok (Joliii). Key to the Ciitteudeu 
commercial ai'Lthnietic. 43 pp. 16°. Phil- 
ttddpkia, Eldredge Sf hrother, 1870. 
Grollier flo Servi&res (Nicolas, comte). Ee- 
cueil d'onvrages curienx d.e matb^mfitique et 
de mScaoique : ou, description du caliinet 
monsieur Grollier de Servi&rM, [etc.] 13 p. I. 
100 pp. 5 1.85 pi. 4°. Li(OM, D. Forsjf, 1719. 

Groom (Edward). The art of transpareot 
painting on glass. Comprising the method 
of p^nKntf, and an account of the iiapla. 
mcnte and materials employed in producing 
subjects fovdissolvingviewB, magic lanterns, 
etc 5S pp. 5 pi. 16°. tondon, Windsor Sf 
Seiiitoit, ISS.'i. 

Groaley (Pierre Jean), MemoirBsdel'acad^- 
mie des sciences, inscriptions, beiles-iettres, 
etc nouvellement ^tablie&Troyes en Cham- 
pagne 173 pp, 8°. Pari), 1787. 
[/« Catlus (A C. P. comie de). CEnyi-ea bndloea 
completlea i 13J. 

OroBE (Samuel D, m. d.) A mannal of aiilir 
tfliy suigery , or, hints on the emoreencies 
of Aeld, camp, and hospital practice. 91 
ia°. RUhmotid, J. W. Randolph, 1862. 

Grote (Qeorge). History of Greece, From 
the 2d London ed, 12 v. 13°, Nea York, 
and Biislon, Harper If brothers, etc. 1851-67. 

Grotius or de Qroot (Hugo). Opera omnia 
Iheologica. 4 v, fol. BasihiB, ajiud E. !f 
J, R. Thtimiaioa, 173^. 


in epUtolaa a 

licas Bt a 


li^onlB chrlstE 






ad iDoa quiEd 

Anllebrlslo ag 


ant agar 


e CCBDS admtn 

tione vb 

Bvnl, Item, 

Gkotlns — contin ne<l. 

Apologeticva eovvm q*i HollanJlsa 

Vveatfrisireqve efjvldnie qnihnsdam nation- 
ibus ex legibua prEefuerunt ante mutationem 

tloneeorum qute adversus ipsnm, [Grotium], 
atque alios acta ae iudicata enut. 12 p. 1. 
534 pp. 16°. PBrisiis, iV.BuoB,1633, 

G-roa (Jean Nicolas). Caracteres de la verda- 
dera devocion. Traducida al Caatellano por 
uneolesiSstico. 6p.l,a63pp. 16°. Madrid, 
R. fimz, 1796. s. 

Groves {Anthony N. missionary). Jonrnal 
of a residence at Bagdad during the yeara 
1830 31 t^ 30(>ip 12° London J Niibet 

Gruber (Eheihaid Ludwig) diuntlfor 
Bfhenile Iragen wel(,he denen neaen fan 
fein iin witgeustei nisi hen inaonileiheit au 
beantworten vtrgelegt waren Nebst bey 
geiugteii knraen trnd einfaltigen antworten 
auf dieselben etc ton einom anfr chtigen 
mitglied der gemeiudo ia Witgenstein etc 
40 pp Jb" Lancaster J Bar 1832 
(irMPELBiNOEliy) ClirlBtlloHesliBndbacMein]. 

Grrund (Francis P.) Die Amerieaner in ibren 
moralischeo, politischeu nnd gesellschaftli- 
chenverhfiltniasen. [Aus dem Englisehen] 
in's Deutsche iiberselzt vom verfasser. 4 
p.l.444pp. 8° StaUgard,itadTmnge«,J. 
G. CoUa, 1837. 

Grimow (J. & W.) l{ to. Illusli-ated scien 
tifiu and descriptive catalogue of achromatic 
microscopes manufactured by [them], viii, 
104 pp. 8°. New Haven, T. J. Stafford, 
1857. s. 

Gruter (Jan). Chronicon chronicorvm eecle- 
siaatico-poliHcvm, ex hvivs svperioriaqva 
ietnlia sciiptoribTS concinnatvra, [etc.] 
collectore Johanne Gualterio belga. [^pseu- 
don.] 2 T. 8p.],74r pp; 7p.l. 652 pp. 
13°. Francoforli, ino^icina avhriana, 1614, 

Gaulterins (Johannes). See Gruter (Jan). 

Guardamluo (Diego dn), Prontuario y claves 
laa correspoiidencias, que entre si tienen 
monedas, mediiJas He graijos, de palmos, 

by Google 


Guardaniino (Diego 3e) — cobtinued. 
; peso suCil lie Castilla, con las de varios 
reynoa, y provincias de la Europa, [etc.] 
SpJ.iaOpp. 16°. Madrid, A. NaH«,i7b7. 

Ouardiola y Rueda (Manuel). Koveaario 
doloroao de Maria santisiuia seaora nuestra. 
Sevmones para ta noveua de bus dolorea. 
SacadoB de la obra que escribio Manuel 
Guardiola y Eucda, por el d. Benito Fran- 
cisco do Castro y Barbeyto. 3' ed. xvi, 392 
pp. ie°, Madrid, Cano, 1804. 

QuardioU y Saez (Lorenzo). El eorregidor 
petfecto, y juez exactamente dotado de las 
calidades oecesarias y convenienles para el 
bneu gobierno ecoodmico y politico de los 
pnehlos, [etc ] 3p, 1. xxiv pp. 11. 277 pp. 
sm,40. Madrid, J. Lqpex, 1785. 

Gnay (Claude le). See Le Guay. 

GQays<J, P.E. LeBoisdes). SMDeBoiadea 

Ckielen (Auguste de). Kort verhael van den 
Btaet Tan Feraanbvc. Uit het Ftan^oia iut 
Nederduytsch vertadt. 15 1. sm. 4", Am- 
slerdajH, liMO. 

Ottell y Rents (Job6). Leyendas ameri- 
canae. 1 p. 1, S83 pp. 1 portrait. IS". Madrid, 
itnpretaa de las novtdades i Uustraeion, 1856. 

Traditions amfirieMnes. 2 p. 1. 295 pp. 

1 I. 1S°, Pons, Jtf. Lii>gjTens, 1861. 

Otier (JeaD-Aut«ine). Mcenrs et usages des 
Turcs, leur religion, leur gouvemement civil, 
mililaire et politique, avec «n ab(6g* de 
I'hiBtoire ottoman e. 3 v. Sp.l, sxiv, 453 pp. 
81. 12 pi i 3 p. 1. viii, 637 pp. 1 1, 16 pi. 
4". Paris, CousUlier, 1J46. 

GuerickeCHi^nrich Ernst Ferdinand). Hand- 
buch der kircbeiigeschiehts. 6" auflage. 3 v. 
8°. Ldpzig, Gdiancr, 1846, 

GnStin-M&ievme (F^lix fidovisrd). Kap- 
port sur lea travaiix entreprie pour introdnlre 
le ver il sole de I'ayliuithe en France et en 
Alg^rie. Sp.l. 100pp. Iportrait. 8^. Paris, 
imprimerk impiriale, 1860. s. 

Guernsey (Egbert). PTimary bistory of the 
Uoiled States of America, 206 pp. 16°. 
NetB York, D. Burgess It eo. 1854. S. 

Gnemsej (Orrin) and WiUard (Josiah P.) 
History of Eoek county, [Wisconsin], and 
transactioDB of tbe Bock county agricultu- 
ral society and mechanics' institute, xii, 
350 pp. 3 pi. I portrait, 8°. ZaneseUlt, Wis. 
hy the society, 1856. 


Gneineey. Almanach journalier, ^ I'nsage de 
I'ile de Queraesey, et des ties voisioes. Pour 
I'ann^e 1841, etc. 16°, Guemesey, N. Man- 
ger, 1840. 

Guerra(La): giornale d'arte, scienza, storia 
e tflclinologia militare, etc. Si pubbtiea, 
etc. da Giuseppe Novi. v. 1, fasc. 1-8. 176 
pp. 4°. Alias, 8 pi. fol. Napoli, G. Bam, 
1860-61. s. 


GugKenbiilll (J.m.d.) Die hcilung und ver- 
biitung des cretinismus nnd ibre neuesten 
forlscbritte. Mittbeilungen an die scliweize- 
riscLe naturforscbende gesellscliaft. Sp.l. 121 
pp. I pi. 4°. Bern, Ruber * co. 1353. 9. 

Guibeit {Jacques AntoioeHippolyte). Reisen 
dnrch Deutscbland. 16°. Hamburg, ib05. 


nnecD, V. 1]. 


Giiicoiardiui (Francesco). La bis toriad 'Italia 
nuouamente tiatampata, con annotatioue de 
Remigio fiorentino. 24 p. 1. 471 1. 4°. Ve- 
netia, iV. Beuilaqua, J563. 

Tbe same. La bistoria d'ltalia. Eia- 

contrata con tatti gli altii bistoiici, et autori, 
cbe deli' istesse cose habbiano scritto, per 
Tbomaso Porcacubi da Caattgltone arretino, 
[etc.] 2v.iul. 44p.l.48tll-,112,81. sm. 
4°. Venaitt, E. Baba, 1640. 

Two discoursesof master Frances Gnie- 

ciardini, whicbare wanting in tbe tbirdeaitd 
fonrtii bookes of liis bistorie, in all tbe Ital' 
ian, Latin, andFrencbcoppiea berelofore im- 
printed, [etc.] 67 pp. sm.4°. London, IP. 
Ponsonbie, ^5115- 
lirilA the preEOdJngJ. 

Goiocioll (— Gainba, coaviens). Lord Byron, 
juge par les tfemoins de sa vie. My recollec- 
tions of lord Byron ; and tbose of eye-wit- 
nesse.'! of bis life. [From Ibe French by H. 
E. H. Jerningbam]. 670 pp. 1 pi. 8^. 
Nem York, HarptrSt brothers, ISO. 

Guide (Tbe), or counsellor of human life; 
containing miscellaneous pieces, on a variety 
of useful and entertaining subjects, etc 
[anon.] 1st ed. 191 pp.31. 16°. Bprmg- 
jidd. (Mass.) E. Gray, 1794. 

Guidl (Jean Baptisto Marie). Lettres conte- 
nant le journal d'un voyage fait (I Rome on 
1773. [anon] 2 v. sii, 295 pp; 9p. 1.276 
pp. 16°. Geneve, 1783. 

Guidottl (Orazio end Paolo). Difesa de' dritii 
della nazioue spagnola sulla real caaa e chiesa 
di S. Giacomo flegll Sp^nola. Nella real 
camera di s. ChUra. cxvi pp. 4°. [««- 
poli'], 1761, s. 

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Ouilloii de MontLeoa (L'(Jibe Aiaii). Les 
nraityrs de la foi pendant la revolution fran- 
gaise ; ou, mftrtyrol<^ie des pontifes, prStres, 
religieus, leligieusea, laics de I'nn et I'autre 
ssKe, qui p^rirent alors pour )a foi. 4 v. 8*^. 
Pom, a.Mathioi, 1831, 

GnillorS (Fran(ois). Retiro de damas, coo 
los eierddos que debeo practicarae eni^l; 
aacada suiiiariainente del que coaipas6, ea 
idioma franefoi per el padre d. Alfonso Fernan- 
do de Icisarri. 4 p. 1, ItiC pp. 18°. Madrid, 
I. Ibarra, 1783. 

Onion. Srs Guyon. 

Guiaot {Francois rierre Guillaume). Democ- 
racy in France. 61 pp. 12°. New York, 
D. Appleton If to, 1849, 8. 

Essay on the character and influence of 

Washiaglfln in the revolution of tlie United 
States of America. Translated from the 
French, xvi, 188pp. 16°. BdsioH, Jl, Mk«- 
roc * CO. 1840. 

Grunmere (John). Acelementary treatise on 
asti'onomy, etc. To which ace added solar, 
lunar, and astronomical tables. 3d ed. 35H, 
liapp.Spl. 8°. Pldladelpliia, Kiiaber S( 
Sliarptess, 1842. S. 

Thesame. 4thed. Revised by B, Otis 

Kendall. 363, 114 pp. 8 pi. 8°. FhUadd- 
pkia, E. C. * J. Biddle, 1851. s. 

A treatise on aarveying, containing the 

theory and practice : to which is prefixed a 
perspicnoua system of plane trigonometry. 
14th ed- [Also] mathematical tables; diifer- 
ence of latitude and departure; logarithms 
from 1 to 10,OIX)i etc. Steiaotype ed. 2 t. 
inl. 266pp.ll pi; 153pp. 8°. Philadel- 
phia, Kiraber !f Sliarpleas, 1839. s. 

Gunning (— Mrs. geaeTol). Memoirs of Mary, 
a novel. 3d ed. 5 v. 16°. London, J. Belt, 

Gurney (Joseph John). Un hiver aux Antil- 
les, en 1839-40; oUjlettreasarlesv^Bultatsde 
I'abolitioa de I'esclavage dans Jes colonies 
anglaises des Indes oceidentales, adress&a i 
Henri Clay, du Kentucky, et traduites de 
I'Aiiglaia sur la 3« Edition, par J, J. Pacaud. 
xi, 358 pp. 8°. Partt, Ai ihib Didotfr^ne 

The same Eeen wmtei in U West- 
Indian, beaelireven in gemeena'ime brmven 
aan Henry Clay van kentucky Naar den 
viarflen drak, uit het Engelsch vertaaW door 
C. J. Zweerts. 1 p 1 vi pp 1 1 248 pp 8° 
Amsterdam, M. H. Riager, 1843. 

Gumey (Priscilla). Hymns, selected from 
various authors, for the use of young per- 
sona. 3d American from the 9th London ed. 
svi,276 pp. 33°. FhUadelphia, H. Long- 
stretk, lubout 1840]. 

Gumey (Thomas). Brachygraphy ; or, an 
easy and compendious system of short-hand, 
adapted to the various arts, sciences, and 
professions ; improved after more than 40 
years' practice and eiperience, byT.Gurney, 
and brought still neafor to perfection [etc.] 
by Joseph Gumey. 9th ed, 2p. I. iii,xv, 
pp. 27 1. 1 portrait, 14 pi. on 8 1, 18°. Lon- 
dun, J. if flf. Gurneg, 1778. 

Guyon (Claude Marie). Histoire des aina^- 
Eones anciannes et modernes. 2 p. 1, Ixlviij, 
210pp. 16°. BtiixelUs,J.LionaTd,r7i\. s. 

Guyon (Jeanne Marie Bouvifires de La Mothe, 
vtadame). Die heilige liebe Gottes und die 
uuheilige naturliebe nach ihren anlei'schie- 
denen wiitungen, in xHv anmuthigen slnn- 
bildem und orbanlichen versen Vorgestellet. 
Aus dem FrauESaischeu trenlich verdeut- 
schet, (etc.) 360 pp. 12 pi. 12°. Laaeas- 
tcr, (Fa.) J. SehieeUier, J838. 

Haaga and Schmidt, (g-aTrfeuers). Ilaupt-ver 
aeichniss uber samen und pflanzen. 72,54 
pp. 8°. Er/urt, 1865. s, 

Habeimana (Johann). ChrisUiches gebet'- 
biichlein, enthaltend moi^n und abendsegeu 
auf alio tage in der woche, [etc. '] wie auch 
doct. Nenman's Kern aller gebete, [etc.] 
laSpp. 24°. Lancaster, (Fa.) J. Bar, IS38. 

Hackett (Horatio B.) Commentary on the 
Acts of the apostles. See Bible {EngUsh}. 

Hadcock (John W.) Science, illustrated and 
applied ; a poem, in two parts. To which 
are added miscellaneous poems, original and 
selected. 186 pp. 12°, Utica, BeardsUs S( 
Lyon, 1851. 

Haddoit (Walter, It. d.) and Fas (John). 
Contj'a HieroD. Osorium, eius'q; odiosaa in- 
sectationes pro euangelicte veritatia neces- 
saria defensione, responslo apologetica. 7 
p. 1. 415 1. sm. 4°. Lendim, I. Das, 1577. 

Hadfield (Willlau)). Brazil and the river 
showing the progress of those 
B his former visit in 1853. 271 
pp.4 pi. 8°. London, Bates, Hcsdy S; ca. 

Hadley (James). Elements of the Greek 
language : taken from the Greek grammar of 
J. Hadley, [etc.] vi,240pp. 12". Nem 
York, D. Appleton # eo. 1869. 

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Haefkeoa. See Hafkens. 
Haeften( Benedict van). Eee.iavirtCrvcis. xi 
404 pp. 13 1. 8°. Anteirpia, H. if C. Ve 
d«ssen, 17Vi. 
Haerlems Behuyt.praetjan, op't redress van i 
West-Indisele Corapagoie. [niion.] 12 
8m.40. [Hari«i»l? ]649. 
Haikens(J.) Reiae naar Guatemala. 2 
in], lp.l.l20pp.2pl; ap.l.]l3pp. 8 
Gravenhage, W. K. Mandemaker, 1827. 
Hagedorn <Friearich von). Oden und lieder 
in fllnf bUehem. xlii pp. 1 1. 276 
Hianh»rg, J. C. Boha, nil. 
Hagcnbacli (Carl Badolf, d. d.) Historj of 
the church in the eig^hteenth and nineCoBoth 
centariea. From the last Germaa ed. with 
additions, by rev. John V. Hurst, d. d. 
lii, 504 pp ! vi, 437 pp. 8", New York, C. 
Scribmr * cb. JS69. 

'— A toit-book of the history of Joctrines. 

The Eainburgh translation of C. W. Buch, 
revised, with large additions from the 4th 
Germaned. and other sources. By Henry B. 
Smith, d. d. V. 1. 478 pp. iP. Netv York. 
Slieldim If CO. 1861. 
Hag;ner (Charlea V.) Early history of the falls 
of Schuylkill, Manaynnk, Schuylkill and 
Lehigh navigation companies, F 
water-works, etc. 10app.2pl. 8° 
delphia, Claxton, RemseH4-Haffc(/ingET,l86Q. 
Hagae( Hep. William). Anhistoricaldiacoi 
delivered at the celebration of the second 
tennialaoniversaryofthe first baptistehHreh, 
in Providence, November 7, 1839. 
12°. Providence, B. Cranston If Co. 1839. 
Habnemaim (Samuel Christian Friedrich). 
First essay ou the liom(eopatbic prlncipli 
London, 1349. 

[Ta BitmsH hoinceopstlilE eaaociation, Traihe, etc 

pp. 89-186]. 

Haiues {William A.) Catalogue of the tor- 

resttial shells in the collection of W. A. 

Haines. Ii9pp. S^. Neio York, New York 

printins ca- 1868. s, 

Hakluyt society. Publications, v. 40-43. 

8°. London, 1868-69. 

doHRKA (G.) The tHree Toyaaea of Vbbco da Gama, 

aniihlBvloerojalt.y. 1869. v. 41. 
CORTSa H.) Tlie flfth letMr t>j ttie emperor Charles 

V. L868. V. 40. 

Haldane (Bobert). Address to the public, 
concerning political opinions and plans lately 
adopted (o promote religion in Scotland. 141, 
S^. Ediabargh, J. RUehie, 1800. 


tt). The Ingham 
f the life of capt. 
me pastor of the 
in H^uadaviek, 
'et in the patriotic 
pp. \W^. Boilon, 

vpp.l 1. 

Sale (B Ed E 

papers m 

Frederi gh m 

first Sa d m a h h 

and major general by bie? 

service in Italy. xx,265 

Fields, Osgood Sf co. 1869. 
Sybaris and other hi 

206 pp. 12". Uoslon. Fields, Osgood It c, 

Rale (Enoch, m. d.) History and descriptioa 

of an epidemic fever, commonly called spotted 

fever, which prevailed at 6ai liner Maine in 

the spring of 1814. xvi,246pp S° Bos 

ton, IVeUs Sf Lilly, 1818. 
Hale (Helen L.) Herbert or religion in 

little things. 30 pp. I pi. 34" ^eut iork 

Carlton ^ Lanahan, 1S69. 



— ^The orphan's aim; or Hithtiil n (he 
least. 46pp.Ipl. 24°. Afio ImA Cirlton 
If Litnakat), 1HS9. 

■ The little straw-braiders ; or, don't get 

tired. 47 pp. 1 pi. 18°. NeiB York, Carl- 
Ion Sf Lanahan, 1869. 

Hale (M. P.) Summer at Walnut ridge. S59 
pp. 4 pi. 18°. New York, Carlton Sf Laaa- 
kan, [1859]. 

Hales (Stephen, d. dJ) A description of venti- 
lators, whereby great quantities of fresh air 
may with ease 1>e conveyed into mines, goals, 
hospitals, work-houses, and ships, in ex- 
change for thetr noxious air. An account, 
also, of their great usefulness in many other 
respects, as in preserviu}^ all sorts of grain 
dry, sweet, [etc.] jlx, 346 pp. 2 1, 5 pi. 8°. 
London, W. Innys, ete. 1743. 

Halford {Sir Henry, m. d.) Essays and ora- 
tions read and delivered at the I'oyal college 
of pbysiciaus ; te which is added an acc«ant 
of the opening of the tomb of king Charles i. 
193 pp.2 pi. 8°. London, J. Murray, 1831. 

Hall (Basil). Voyage dans les Etats-Unis de 
VAineriijUe da Nord, et dans le Haut et le 
Baa-Canada, [etc] 2 v, 2 p. 1. xii, 331 pp. 
1 map; 2 p. 1.351 pp. HP. Paris, A. Ber- 
trand, 1834. 

Hall (Daniel Weston). Arctic rovings; or, 
the adventures of a New Bedford boy on sea 
and land. 171 pp. Ifi". Boston, A. Tomp- 
kins, 1861. 

Hall {Edward Brooks, d.d.) Hymns for social 
worship and private devotion, viii, 148 pp. 
■M°. FrocideHcr,, B. Cranalott Sf co. 1837. 

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HaU <L H p[.l ) The nn B io a 
potketg d t A uin «at ng pla 
With n ap a d abl 1 d tan p 

XXX, 1 PI 111 1 ap 16 A 1 
Cathea &> Hall 16 9 
HalI(F an ) T a 1 n Can la and t 
United Stat nlhlGanllSI i 1 x 
421 pplup 8 L d , L ng 
etc. 1819. 
Hall(Heni7). The history of Auburn, [Ne 
York]. xvi,580pp. 12''. Juturji, Dennis 
bTOtbers ^ co. 1869. 
Hall (flcn. Joha). Hinor characters of the 
bible. 105 pp. IS'^. Philadetpkia, presbg- 
terian board of pabliealion, 1647. a. 

Hall (Joseph, iisAopo/jEiefer). Satires. With 
the illustratjansof the late rev. Thomas Wal- 
ton. And additional notes by Samuel Wellar 
Singer, civ, 183 pp.1 portrait. 16°. Chi 
Kick, CWkiltingliam, 1624. 
Hall (Newman). From Liverpool to St, Loui 
sxv, 294 pp. 16°. Londoa, G, Raatledge ^ 
sons, IS70. 
Hall (Bbb. Robert). On terms of 

with a particular view to the uUBe of the liap- 
tisl.9 and psedobRptists. From the third Eng- 
lish ed, 115 pp. 8°. Boston, Wdls &t Liily, 
Polemical and other miscellanies, con- 
sisting of articles originally inserted in the 
London eclectic review. And an apology 
for the freedom of the press. From the 7th 
London ed. 264 pp. 12°. Boston, J, Loring, 
Hall (Samuel R.) Hall's alphabet of geology; 
or, first lessons in geology and mineralogy. 
With su^estions on the relation of roclis to 
soil. 196 pp. 2 pi. 16°. JSoston, Gould St 
Lt«col«, 1868. 
Hall-SteTettSon (John). See Stevenson. 
Hall (Rep. W, J,) Psalms and hymns, xi, 
86 pp.831. 32°. London, Bivi«gloii,ll8iS]1 
llinperfeet : title page wonlingj. 
Hall(William W. m, rf.) Soldier health. 5th 

ed. 160 pp. 18°. New York, 1863. 
Hallager (Morten). Udforlige og t:rcevierdige 
efterretninger om de fra Klisland af langs 
med kysteme af Jishavet til sSes giorte opda- 
gelser; lilligemed deimssiake tienestevK- 
tain Titus Beringsogcapitain Morten Spang- 
hergs siie-rmsor, foretagne i aarene 1728, 1729, 
1736, 1741 Ul 1743, paa det ostlige ocean fra 
Kamtschatlta af til Japon og Amerika ; samt 
en beakiivelse over de siden den tid i dettc 


Hallager (Morten)— continued, 
hav fundne oer, [etc.] uddragne af oven- 
meldte soefareres dagboger og af Miillers, 
Stellers, de I'lsle's, Pallaa's bevetninger og 
skrifter, [etc. J xiv pp. 1 1. 350 pp. 16°. 
KiSbenhavn, JM. HoUager, 1764. 

Halleck (Fitz -Greene). Poetical writings, 
with extracts from those of Joseph Rodman 
Drake. Edited by James Grant Wilson. 
1 p. 1. 389 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. jVew York, 
D. Applelan ^ co. 1869. 

■ Alnwick castle, with other poems. 

[ano«.] 64 pp. 8°. Nev> York, G. * C. Car- 
<Dill, 1827. 




104pp. 11. 1 pi. 12°. ma 
York, Harper St brotlier$, 1845. 

Halley (Robert, d.d.) Lancashire; its pari- 
tauism and nonconformity. 2 v. xi pp. 1 1. 
492 pp. 5 pi. 1 col. map ; viii, 525 pp. 2 por 
traits. 1 pi. 8°. Manchester, Taliba 4- Brook, 
1869. a. 

Halll'well (James Orchard, editor). Early 
English miscellanies, in prose and verse, 
selected from an iuedited manuscript of the 
fifieenth century, viii, 96 pp. 8°. Londou, 



[Wautos Olub p« 

The Norfolk anthology. Aeollectionof 

poems, ballads, and rare tracts relating to 
the county of Norfolk, 4°. Brixton Hill, 
[^London'], pi-inted for privdte cireulaiian oidy, 
1852. 8. 

— ■■ — The poetry of witchcraft, illustrated by 
copies of the plays on the Lancashire 
witches, by Heywood and Shadwell. 239 pp. 
4°. Brixton Hill, printed for private dreala- 
tioa onhj, 1853. S. 

Hallook(Dr. F.) Help in tronble; orlight 
in darkness. [A medical treatise on private 
diseases]. 52 pp, 12°. Boston, tliepropri- 
elor, 1668. 

The secret medical couoseilor ; or, an 

essay on the physiology, functions, and dis- 
eases of the organs of generation. 142 pp. 
12 pi. 12°. Boston, the proprietor, 1669. 

Hallooh (Jfj-s. M. A.) The child's history of 
king Solomon. 126 pp. 1 pi. sm. 4°, Neat 
Yorle, American tract society, [1869], 

Hallook (Rcii. William Allen). Memoirof Har- 
lan Page; or, the power of prayer and per- 
sonal effort for the souls of indivldnals. 
1 p.l. 230pp. Iportnut. 18°. Nem York, 
American tract society, [1835]. 

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Hallock (William H.) Life of Gemd Hh,]- 
lack. Illustrated in biography, pcofessioDul 
writings, correspondence, controversies, etc. 
S87 pp. 13°. New York, Oaldey, Mason 4- 
Cfi. 1S69. 

Ballworth (T.) Scripture history; with ad- 
ditions from the hooka of the Maccaheea and 
Josephus, on a, plan by which the recollec- 
tion of events is facilitated, and tbat of dates 
i-eudered easy. 3d ed. enlarged an^ much 
improved. 320 pp. 16°. Boston, Strong if 
ChitteniUn. 1830. 

BaLpine (Charles Orahame). Poetical works. 
ConsistiuK of odes, poems, sonnets, epics and 
lyrical effusions not heretofore collected. 
With biographical sketdi and notes. Edited 
by Eobert B. Roosevelt. 352 pp. 1 portrait. 
S''. Wew York, Harper Sc brothers, 1869. 

Hamburg. Tabellarische uebeieichlen des 
hamburgischcn handels im jahre 1856, [nnd] 
1860, 1861, ]86ii, 1368. Znsammengeslellt 
Ton deni handelsstatistischen bureau. 5 v, 
A". Hamburg, A. F. M. Kilmpet, 1869. 

fiambtirg {Commerz-biUiothdt in). Katalog. 
ivipp.l304col.oa3a6l,lxviiipp. 8°. Ham- 
burg, 1864. s, 

Hamilton (Alexander). See Federalist 

Hamilton (Anthony, CBU«t). M6moires du 
comle do Grammont. 2 v. 197 pp; 333 pp. 
I ]. 16^. Pans, Le Dou If Tendrt, 1815. 

Hamilton (James Alexander). Reminiscen- 
ces ; or, men and events, at home and abroad, 
during three ciuarters of a century, ix, 647 
pp. 8°. Nem York, C. Scribner * co. 1869. 

Hamilton (John, Ud baron Belliaven and Sten- 
loii). Speeches in the parliament at Edin- 
bni^h, November, 1706, on the union [of 
the two kingdoms of Scotland and England}. 
28 pp. 13". ILondoH'], J. Bettenham St T. 
Bickertun, 1719. 

Hamilton (Cetonel Thomas). Les hommes 
et les mcBurs aux Stats-Unis d'Am^rique. 
Traduit del' Anglais snr la 3*^(1. pat le com te 
D.L. C. 3T.ini. it, 31 1 pp; 3 p. 1.380 
pp. 8°. Pans, H. Foamier, 1834. 

Hamilton (William). A new edition of the 
life and hcroick actions of the renowu'd sir 
William Wallace, [etc.] To which is an- 
nexed, the life and martial atchlevements of 
that valiant hero, Eobert Bruce, [etc.] by 
John Hervey. 2 parts in 1 v. xxx, 394 pp. 1 
portrait. 12". Dundee, H. Galbraith, 1770. 

Hamtltou (William, m.b.) The history of 
medicine, smgery, and anatomy, from the 


Hamilton (William)— continued, 
creation of the world, to the commencement 
of the nineteentli century. 2 T. x,4I9 pp ; 
3 p. 1. 308 pp. 8°. London, H. Calhurn If 
R. Bentley, 1831, 

Hamilton (W. G.) Useful infoimation for 
railway men. Compiled fo( the Eamapo . 
wheel and foundry co. 2d ed. revised and 
enlarged. 576 pp. 2 maps. obi. 31°. Nea 
York, D. Van Noetrand, 1869. 

Hammer {Rev. Bonaventura). Der seraph 
von Assisi. Ein lebensbild des heiligon 
ordeuss lifters Franziskus, [etc.] 3p. 1.311 
pp. 16°. Cinctrautti, (0.) Bemiger fr 
brokers, 1867. 

Hammer-PurgBtall (Joseph von). Die geis- 
terlebre der Moslimen. (Ans dem ill bande 
der Denksehriften der philosophiscb-histo- 
I'iscben classe der k. akademie der wisson 
scbaftenbesondersabgedruckt). 41pp. Icol. 
pi. fol. Wiea, 1852. s. 

Gemaldesaal der lebensbegchrejbungen 

grosser moslimische herrscber der eisteu 
sieben jahrhunderte der hidschret. 3 v. 13°. 
Leipiig, nnd Darmstadt, C. W. Les/it, 1837, 

Hammond (Rev. Edward Payson). The bet- 
ter life, and how lo find it. For young men 
and yonng women, who have not realized 
by happy experience, the peace and joy there 
' " n believing ia Jesus. 
120 pp. 5, pi. 16°. Boston, H. Hoyt, [1869]. 

Hammond (William A. 

derangements. 318 pp. 13°. Fliitadtlphia, 

J, B. Lippin 

Hanafora(JWi-s. PhoebeAnn). FrankNelsoa; 


ip and its 

296 pp. 2 pi. 
^ CO. 1869. 
Notice of a collection 
lluaca made in India 
See Alder (J,) and 

tbe runaway boy. 
Boston, W. H.Hilt,j, 
Hancock (Albany), 
of nndibrauehiate 
by Walter Elliot, e 

On the orguniaation of the brachiopoda. 

{Extracted from the Philosophical transac- 
tions). 791-869 pp. 15 (52-66) pi. 4°. [Lon- 
dan, 1857]. 

On the structure and homologies of the 

renal oi^n in nudi branchiate mollusca. 
(Extracted from tbeLinuean society's (rans- 
aetions, v. 24). 511-530 pp. 6 (54-59) pi. 
4". London, 1864. s. 

and Bmfaleton (Dennis). On the 

anatomy of doris. [Extracted from the Phi- 
losophical transactions]. 207-252 pp. 8(11- 
18) pi. 4°. London, 1852. s. 

I tKii* Hancock (A.) On the renal oi-ssu InnudL- 
branDhJate mollnBcal. 

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Hancock {Sallie J.) Eajon d'amonr. Poems. 
159 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. PhitadelpUia, J. 
B. Lippineott Sf ea. ]gG9. 
Hancock (Tliomas, m. d.) Essay ou iuetinct, 
and its plijaical and moral relitioLs xi pp 
31.551pp go Load n 11 PI U p WU 
Hand-book almanac fo tlie Pa fie states 
[etc] JS6 64 Edtei by W 1! im H 
Knigbt 3 y lb" ba Franc sto H H 
Bancroft S, co 18f -64 S 

Hand-book ot u odel i g and sculpture and 
of moiling conianng new and sefnl 
methods of appljmg nodel ag to \ 
of decorat on [u on ] T a slated fron 
the French 1 y 1; Kondel 1 p 1 5" p£ 1 
pi. 8°. Nev) York, F. W. Ckristem, 18«" 
Band-book (A) for passengers over the Cai 
bridge railroad, with a description of Mount 
Auburn Kemeteiy, [etc. omob.] TOpp.lmap. 
I pi. 18°. Boston, IV. V. Spenctr, 1858, s. 
H^del (Georg Friedricb). Songs, duetts, 
and (rios, selected from the 
and arranged from the origiiwl 
scores of tiie composer, with an accompani- 
ment for the pianoforte, by Henry R. Bishop. 
7 y. fol. Lmidon, D'Almaine ft co. [1837]. 
[Impsrfecl v 1 vfaiiUns]. 
Haney (Jesae) Art of tnunin^ animals. A 
practical guide for amtiteiu' or professional 
tiainers Gmng fitll nstluoC f 
ing laming and I ^ h ng all 1; nd 
mals 210 pp 1 pi 1 A I 

Hones S ^ [18(9] 
Hanke (Martin). D 1 y nt n -n 
Bcriptorlbus grfeei lb a to m q 
ginta Vilas, seripta, d npt jad 
censens. Accesserunt sex indices. 
686 pp. 64 1. 4°. Lipsia, J. A. KSstnei 
EaiiDaford (Edwin). The story of a regi- 
ment: a history of the campaigns, and 
ciations in the field, of the sixth regiment 
Ohio volunteer infantry. SW pp. 1 map. 8°. 
CincinJtati, aidkor, 1868. 
Hanaatd's parliamentary debates. See Qreat 

Britain {Partiamenl iry papers) 
Hansen (Lewis L. ) Hansen s tables lor 
French exchange showing the equivalent 
rates foi currency as compa ed with gdd 
2ded. %pp sm 4° Hfeu, ^ark L 6 
Hansen, [18b8] 
Hanson (John W ) Histircal sketch of the 
old sixth regiment of Masaacl usetts volun 
teerg, duiing its thiee campagns 186I-1 4 
353 pp. ^photographs 13° Boih i Let 4 
Skepard ]8W> 


Hanson (William). Account of Jamaica in 
1682. 8°. London, 1716. 
[rmjAMAiCA. Laws. Eillled Ly'W. Wood, ni6]. 
Happel (Eberhard Werner). Mnndus mirabilis 
tripartitus ; oder lyunderbarenwelt, in einer 
tnrtaen coamographia rdrgestellet. 3 v. 4°. 
Vim, D. BartltoUmaua, 1708. 

Thesaurus exotieornra ; Oder, eine mit 

auslandischen varietaien imd geschichten 
wohlveraehene schatzkammer, fttrstellond 
die asiatische, africanische und ameri- 
canische nationen. Darauf folgot eine be- 
schreibung von Tiirchey, wie auch des Ma- 
homeds lebena-beschreibung, und sein 
veifiachies gesetz-bueh oder Allioran, dann 
eine kurlabiindi^ beschreibung von Ungarn 
ond lebens-iauff Leopold i. 6p.l. 875 pp, 
3 1. 2 maps. J4pl. fol. Hamburg, J. Von 
Wieriag, 1688. 
Mardee(/-iflM(. ^«n. William J.) Rifle and 
infantry tactics, revised and improved. 9th 
ed. 3v, 328 pp. 32 pi; 232 pp. 37pl. sq.33°. 
MobUe, S. H. Goetzel, 1863, 
Hardinian (James). Irish minatrelsj; or, 
bardic remans of Ireland ; with English 
poetical translations, 3 v. 5 p. 1. isxx, 376 
pp. I pi; 4 p. 1. 435 pp. 8°. London, J. 
Bobins, 1831, 
Harding (William). Universal stenography ; 
or, a new, easy, and practical system of short- 
hand, upon the principles of the late ingenious 
mr. Sam. Taylor, to which is afided, numerous 
improvements from the beet writers, whereby 
a person may acquire the method of cor- 
rectly reporting public debates, lectures, and 
sermons, [etc.] 3d ed. 36 pp. 10 pi. 12°. 
London, BuUcrworlli If son, 1824. 
[3 oulogtaph letlers of the anthor appEnasd]. 

The same. 4th ed. corrected and en- 

lai^d ; with a new philosophical alphabet 
of 15 letters, invented by the late eminent 
W. Blair, m, a. 48 pp. 6 pi. la^. London, 
ButteTmrlkSi SOB, 1835. 
The same. Taylor improved. Univer- 
sal stenography ; or, a new and practical 
system of short-hand writing. A new ed. 
45 pp. 6 pi. 16°. London, SimpMn ^ Mar- 
slmll, [1837]. 
Hardiuge (Emma.) Modem American spir- 
itualism ; a twenty years' record of the com- 
munion between earih and the world of 
spirits. 565 pp. 3 pi. 13 portraits. 8°. Neiv 
York, author, 187(1. 

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Hardwieke's scieDee-gossip ; a monthly me- 
dium of interchange and gossip for atadenla 
and lovers of nature. Jan. to Dec 1869 
V, 5, 8°. Lmtdon, E. HiiTdaiicke, ISG9, 

Hai:e (E.) Standish ; a story of our day 
[n«o«.] Istea, 8°, Bosl/m, 1865. 

Harenberg (Jobann Cbrietoph), Otia gans 
dershaniensia sacra, exponendia ?aeria litteris 
et historife eeoleaiaatieie dicata, complexa 
xiii obaervationea, [etc] Accedit defelice 
in teriis brnnsnieo-wolferbuttelanis eceno- 
biorum roformationa, oratio soLolastica, ]0 
p.l. 324 pp. 8°, TrajccU ad Bhenum, J. 
Bradelet, 1760, 

Harfi (Arnold von). Die pilgerfahrt von 
Coin durch Italian, Syrien, Aegypten, Ara- 
bien, Nubien, Palastioa, die Tarkei, Frank- 
reich and Spanien, wie er sie in den jahren 
1496 bis 1409 vollanflet. Nach deu. iiltesten 
baudschnlten beraasgegeben von E. TOn 
Groote. li pp. 31. 980 pp. 8°. Coin, J. M. 
Heberlt, IS60. 

Harbneaa (Albert). Au introductory Latin 
book, iQtenaeti as an elementary drill-book, 
on the inflections and principles of tbe lan- 
guage, and as an inttoduutlon to the autboi'a 
giammai, leader, and Latin composition, ix, 
lea pp. 12°. Nkw York, D. Appktoa &t co. 

Apractkal introdnction to Latiu compo- 
sition. For schools and colleges. 3ti, 306 
pp. 12°. New York, D. Apphfoa £( oj. 

Harland (Maiioii, pseudmi.) See Tertrane 
(M. V. n.) 

Harleman (Carl). Reisedurcheinigescbwed- 
ische provinzen. 144 pp. J map. 16°. Leip- 
zig, G. Kieseicelter, 1750, 
[ mHi Qeographlcfll history of Nova Scotia], 

Harleville {Joan Franfols Collin d'). See 
Colliii d' Harleville. 

Harper (Robert Goodloo). Speech to tbe 
citiaens of Balliniore on the expediency of 
promoting a connexion between the Ohio, at 
Pittsburgh, and theviraterB of the Chesapeake, 
at Baltimore, through the dialrict of Colnm- 
bia. With his reply U> some of the objec- 
tions of Mr. Winchester. 78 pp. I map. 8°. 
Baltimore, E. T. CbbU, 1624. a. 

[ IR!* SCHBITKR (J.) Acoonnl, elc.) 

Harper's hazar. A repository of fashion, plea- 
sure, and instruction. January 2 t» Decem- 
ber25, 1869. v.2, fol. Nevi Ymk, Harper 
ifbrotlicrs, 1869, 


H rp h lb 1 t t avellers in Europe 
lb Eg guide through Great 

B d 1 1 d F nee, Belgium, Hol- 

1 d C m y It ly k ypt, Syria, Turkey, 
(i ee S t I d Tyrol, Spain, Russia, 
De k d S d By W. Pembroke 
F t d W th Id map, corrected up 
t 1868 Se h 661 pp. 531. 120. 

mu> Tor! H p S,b tk 1 809 

Harpers wm thly mag D mb 

1868, to N b 186> 38 39 b 

JVeio YorJe H rp Ifh tk 1869 

Harper s eekly A j If 1 

Janua j lftj7 t D b 1863 1-6 
Soi. N 'i k H p &,b I 1-6 

per&tl k IP6..-J^ 
Harpoc atlon &p p C 

dsna /) p H rp d 

in dot h t Ph 1 Jac b 
suppleuit et emendauit. Addits 
et dissertatio critics, in qoa de ai 
hoc scribendi genere diligenler 

6 pp. 3 


Mortlli, 1614. 

Harraoh-Bl'ucfc (Ferdinand Bona venture, 
eomte d'). Mfiiiioirea et negocialions secrettes 
St la cour de Madrid, depuis la paix de Ris- 
wick ; contenant ce qui c'est psasi le plus 
secret et le plus remarquable pendant le der- 
nier regno du Charles iL depuis I'ann^e 1695, 
juaques au premier traits du parlage. [Pub- 
lics J par m. De la Torre, a v. 16^.1.291 
pp ; 1 p. 1.383 pp. 3 1. 16°, La Haye, F, 
Hnsson 1730. 8. 

Harrfiig (Paul) Dolores; a historical novel 
of bouth An eiica With episodes on poll- 
lica religion soualism psychology, magne- 
lisn and apheieology By Harro, [pscu- 
don ] 3d stereotype ed 356 pp. 8». Neui 
lor/ a«(Aor 1847 

Harris (Cbapin A.) The principles and prac- 
tice of dental surgeiy. 4lhed. 803 pp, S°. 
Fhiladdp}da, Lindsay !( Blakiston, 1850. s. 

The same. 5th ed. 811pp. 8=. Fliilii- 

delpliia, Lindsay Sr Blakist/Hi, 1853. a. 

The same. 6th ed. 828 pp. 8°. Fhil- 

adelpliia, Lindsay St Btakieton. 1855. S. 

Harris (George). The theory of tbe arts ; or, 
art in relation to nature, civiliaation, and 
man. 2 v. ivi, 338 pp; vii, SOO pp. 81=. 
London, Tiiiftner * co. 1869. 

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Harris (William Tail). Bemerltnogen auf 
einer reiae durch. die Vereioigten Staaten Ton 
Nord-Amerika, in denjahrea 1817, lSia,und 
1919, in einer reilie voo briefen an froiinde 
in EnglaniJ, Aas dem EngUscbeu tlbemetzt 
von dr. C. Fl. Leidenfrost, yiii, 2^6 pp. ff=. 
Weimar, landes-iadiutrie-cgiaploir, 18ii2. 

Harriaon (Joseph, ;>.) The iron-worlsei- and 
king Solomon. With a memoir and an ap- 
pBndix, [etc.] Printed for piivnte circala- 
tion. 3d ei, I'evised. 157 pp. 1 portrait. 1 
photograph. 4°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lip- 
pincott, 1869. 

Harriase (Henry). Notes on Columbus. 
[Hiion.] vii, aa? pp. 13 photographs, sm.fol. 
New Yurie, prioatety printed lat Cambridge'], 

Harro. [pseados.] See Harriug (Paul). 

Halt (J.) Hymns, ets. composed on vai 
subjects. 3d ed. with a large suppler 
1 p. 1. ai6 pp. 18°. Lo«doH, IForc, 
(Wass.) r. Thomas, 1783. 

Harte (Rev. Walter). Essays on Luabandiy. 
Essay i. Shewing that agricalture is tl 
basis and support of all flourishing comnii 
nities. Essay ii. An account of some espe: 
iments tending to improve the enllivation i 
laceme by traosplanlation. ad ed, conecte 
and enlarged, xxviii, 313, 333 pp. 5 pi. ia< 
London, W. Frederick, 1770. 
Hartford, (Conn.) Geer'aHartford city direi 
tory, for 1B69-70. Containing every kind of 
desirable information for citizens and stran- 
gers, together with a classified business di- 
rectory, and a newly engraved map of the 
city. (No. 3a), 5a5pp. Imap. 12°. HaH- 
ford, E. Geer, 1869. 

Hartfbrd county agricultural society. Trans- 
actions for 1843 and 1844. IIO pp. 3'^. 
HaHford, B. Geer, 1845, 

Hartford (The) gazette, and the universal 
advertiser, [semi- weekly], July 17, 1794, 
to March 19, 17y5. fol, Hartford (Conn.) 
Beach !f Joxes, 1794-95. 

Hartknooli (Christoph). Seleete disserts- 
tionefl bistoncEe six de variis rebus prussicis, 
456 pp. 22 1. 4°. Francofiirti, ST. Haller- 
vord, J679. 
[ (Rift Peteb VON DuisBoaO. Chronieon pnia^ciB, 

Hartlib (Samuel). A discours of husbandrie 
used in Brabnut and Flanders, [etc.] 4 p. 1, 
37 pp. 1 1. 3in.4o. London, F. Cotes, )6,i4. 
1 With PiATTES (G.) A diHcovery of inflnllB troMuro. 



Hartllb (Samuel) — eontinned. 

Samuel Ilartlib, his legacie; or an 

enlargement of the discourse of husbandry 
used in Brabant and Plaunders: wherein 
are bequeathed to the commonwealth of Eng- 
laud more ontlandish and domestick expert- 

4p.l. 131pp. sm.4°. ion- 
H. HUla, 1651. 

-ten by Robert CWlfl at Harflib'B reqiieBt]. 
Hartshome (Henry, m.rf.) A conspectus of 
(he medical sciences, comprisiug manuals of 
anatomy, physiology, chemistry, materia 
mediea, practice of medicine, surgery, and 
obstetrics. For the use of students. lUns- 
trated. lOOapp. 12°. PhUaddphia. H. C. 
Lea, 1809. 

A hand-book of human anatomy and 

physiology. For the use of students. With 
illastrationa. 313 pp. 13°. Philadelphia, 
H. C. Lea, 1869, 
Hartung (H, a^Mioneer). Verzeichniss der 
Bweitea (naehgelBsseDeo) abtheilung der 
bibllothek des dr. C. P. Schwaogrichou, der 
natur«'issenachaftlichen doubleiten der uni- 
versilSts-bibliothek zu Leipzig, sowie der 
von hh. K. L.Krutzach, dr. G, R. Schmidt, 
unchgelassenon bihliotheken, welche 21 Sept, 
185S versteigert werden, Ip, 1,376 pp. la". 
Leipzig, H. Hartung, 1853, g. 

Hartwig (George, m. d.) The polar world ; a 
popular description of man and nature in the 
arctic and antarctic regions of the globe. 
With additional chapters. 488 pp. 1 pi. %<>. 
New York, Harper S; hfotkers, 1869. 
Hartwig (J ) D"e aulage von 1 sigebieten 
nl bl menga Se [etc ] \ IW pp. 1 1. 
lb ol pi 4 n Bar F fogt 1861, 8. 

Derkuchenga ten odor aniageundein 

ichtungdes kucl BOga tens nJ knUur der 

1 chengehraucl e d enenden gewaohse, 

cd gewUik finer xii,273 

) F Jogt 1B33. s. 

Harvard college ( Ca bri 7^ 

catalogue of the ofB e s and i 

Hd vard nn ve s ty for 18b 7 

10 pp 16° Ca abridge l>e/-er 

oler g 

pp '^pl 8 Wttn, 

ss.) A 


- Cstal gi3 aenatiH acado 

t qa que honor b is ata^lemicis 
8° C it ibrigie Welch Bige' 

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Hanrey{Ellwi>CKl, m. (i.) Essay on. the Auievi- 
ean trotting horBe. 13°. Philadelj^ia, 1869. 
[In WiliiH (J. H.) Tho boree in the Btflble end IhB 
flelH. pp. 467-533], 
Harvey (Gi-leon, m. d.) The third editioa of 
the Vanities of philosophy and physiclt ; 
enlarg'd to more than, double the number of 
abeets, [etc.] 14 p. 1.381 pp. 8°. London, 
A. Roper, 1703. 
Harvey (James, m. d.) Prtesagium jneai- 
cum; or, the prognostick sipis of acute 
^iaeaaea; [etc.] The Med. With a preface 
by dr. W. Cockbaiii. xxxix, 316 pp. 8°. 
Loadoa, G. Strahan, 1720. 
Harvey (John). The life of Robert Bruce. 
A heroic poem. Id 3 books. 12°. Duadee, 
H. Galbraitk, 1770. 

[Jj. Hamilton (W.) A new eatdon of the life, etc. 
of wmiHiu WnUMe, pp. M5-39J}. 
Harvey (Thomas W. ) An elomeoiary gram- 
mar of the English langaaga, for the use of 
achools. 160 pp. 16°. Cind«i,ati, WiUo«, 
Harwiii (William), Illustrated with explana- 
tory plates, for tho use of schools and tie 
pnhljc in geueral, a now, easy, anfl expe- 
ditious system of shoit-hand, on an improved 
methodical plan, designed from a small circle, 
semi-drole, right line, and point, [etc.] 20 
pp. 1 portrait, 4 pi. 18°. Norvnch, Cham- 
panielf WhUren. 1800. 
Hasan Ali ben Abdallah ibn Abi Zer' (Abu-l). 

See Aunales regnm Mauiitanim. 
Hase (Cai'i August). A history of the christian 
church. Ti'analated from the 7th German 
ed. by C. E. Blumenthal and rev. C. P.Wiug. 
]c!(XTii,720 pp. 8°. NeiD York, D, Apple- 
ton St CO. 1864, 
Haskins (Rev. George Foxcroft). 'I'ravels in 
England, France, Ifaly, and Ireland, 295 
pp. 1S°. Boston, P. Danahoe, 1856. 
Hassler (Ferdinand Rudolph), Logarithmic 
Hnd trigonometric tables; to seven places o 
decimals. 10 pp. 157 1. 16°. Nob York, 
C. k G. CaniUl, 1830, 

Principal documents relating 

vey of the coast of the U. 8. See United 
Hastinga (H.L,) Good stories for little read- 
ers, 3p, 1.184 pp, 1 pi, 18°. Boston, H. 
L. Hastings, 186S. 
Hathaivay (Harriet N.) The children's chip- 
basket. 103pp. 3pL 18". Boiton, Ameri- 
eart tract society, [1868]. 
Hathaway (T.) Essays on the following 


Hathaway (T,)— continued, 
subjects : pleasures of literature, leisure, 
education, reading, study, [etc.] xs, 243 
pp. 13°, Bishop's Stortfard, J. M.MaUinger, 

Hatton (Joseph). Christopher Konrick : his 
Efe and adventures. 408 pp. 12°. New 
York, G. F.Putaam If son, 1869. 

Hanff (Wilhelm). Sammtliche werke, mit des 
dichters lehen von Gustav Schwab. 5 v, 
16°. Stuttgart, F. Brodhag, 1840. 

Hang (Balthasar). Die liedordichter des wir- 
tenbeigischen landgesangbnclis, neVst ihren 
kurzen lehensumslanden, nnd einem anhang 
von alien liederausgaben und hederdiohtern 
in Wirteiiherg. II p. 1. 80 pp. 11 1. 16°. 
Slaitgardt, MoMler, 1780. 
iaiiBsez (Charles Lemercher de Longpr6, 
baroH d'). Voyage d'un exil^ de Londres 4 
Naples ct en Sicile, en passant par la Hol- 
laiidfl, la confederation germaniiiue, le Tyrol 
etlltalie. 3 v. 2p.l.447pp; 2 p, 1.423 pp. 
8°. Paris, Allardin, 1835, 
Hantpoul (Josephine, comtesscd'). SeeBeau- 

Haven (Mrs, Alice Bradley). Home stories. 
373 pp. 12°. New York, D. AppUton^- 
CO. 1869. 
Haven (ReB, E. O.) Rhetoric; a text-book 
designed for the use of schools and colleges, 
and for private study. 381 pp. 13°. iV^H? 
York, Harper it Irothers, 1 869. 
Haven. {Rev. Gilbert), National sermons. 
Sermons, speeches, and letters on slavery 
and its war; from the passage of the fugi- 
tive slave bill to the election of president 
Grant. Jiiv, 656 pp. 12°. Boston, LeeSt 
Shepard, 1869. 
Haven (Joseph, d.d.) Mental philosophy; 
including the intellect, sensibilities, and will. 
590pp. 8°. Boston, Goald St Liaealn, 1^7. n. 

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Haven (Joseph) — couUnued. 

Studies of philosophy au3 theology. 

SOapp. 12°, Andovei-, JV. M. Draper. leeS. 
Ravernicb (Eeimich Andreas Chris Copli, 
d.d.) An histoneo-eriticiil introduction to 
the pentateuch. Translated [fiora the Ger- 
nianJbyAlexanderThomsOD. 3p.l. 450pp. 
8°. Edinburgh, T. If T. Clmk, 1850. 
Havres (Stephen). Synchronology of the 
principal events in sacred and profane his- 
toiy, from the creation of man, to the present 
time. 320 pp. 1 chait. 8°. Boston, S. Hawes, 
Havrker (Robert, d.d.) Zion's pilgrim. 1st 
Am. ed. from 4th London ed. [With] select 
pieces b; clifierent autliors. 204 pp. 1' 
Boston, D. Oliver, 1808, 
Hawkins (Benjamin). A sketch of I 
Creek conntry, in 17it3 and 1799. With 
introduction and historic sketch of the Creek 
confederacy. By W. B. HodgBon. 1 p. 1. 
88 pp. 8°. JVew York, BarttOt S; Welford, 



Hawkius (F. W.) The life of ESmnnd 
Keau. FrompublishedandoiiginalsoQ 
2y. iKiii, 420 pp; xiij, 430 pp. 8°. Lon- 
don, Tinsley brotlieis, 1869. 

Ha'wthome (Nathaniel), TrniiEformation ; or, 
the romance of Monte Beni. Illustrated ed. 
xi, 400 pp, 4 pi. 12°. Londoa, SmiUi, Elder 
* CO. 1865. 
ISOTK.— A LoDcloQ reprint of " The marble faun. "J 

Hawthorne (_Mrs. Sophia), Notes in Eng-- 
land and Italy. 1 p. 1. 549 pp. 13°. JVeio 
¥or/c, a. P. Pulnaia <(■ son, 1869. 

Hay (David Ramsay). The natural princi- 
ples and analogy of the harmony of form. 
1 p. 1. 50 pp. 19 pi. 4°. London, W. Black- 
leoodSfsOBs, 1843. 

Hay (John). De rebvs iaponicis, indicis, et 
pervanis epistolie recentiores. 968 pp. 24 1. 
lli°. Anlvcrpiie, M. N«tiu$, 1605. 

Hay (John H, Drammond). Morocco anti the 
Moors. Western Barbary : its wild tribes 
and savage animals. New ed, vi, 177 pp. 
16°, London, J.Muirag, 1861. 

Haydeii (Ferdinand Vanderveer, m. d.) Geo- 
logical report of the oxploratioQ of the Yel- 
lowsUine and Miasouri rivers, 1859-60. 
[With a] report on the cretaceous and ter- 
tiary plants, by J. S, Newberry, ix, 172 pp. 
1 map. 8°. tfashington, gommment print- 
ing office. 1869. 


HaydenfKra. WilliamB.) Lighten the last 
things. 193 pp. 12=. New ¥ork, Nem Je- 
rusalem pablishing house, 1869. 

On the phenomena of modern spirit- 
ualism, 137 pp. 12°, Boston, 0. Clapp, ]go5. 

Haydn (Joseph). Dictionary of dales, rela- 
ting to all ages and nations. For nniversal 
reference. Edited hy Benjamin Vincent, 
and revised for American readers. 541 pp. 
8°. Netc York, Harper It hrotkers, 1869. 

Hayes (Isaac I. m. A.) An arctic boat jour- 
nay in the antnmn of 1854. xvii, 375 pp. 
3 maps. 13°. Bo$ton, Urovm, Taggard ^ 
Chase, 1860. 

Hayes (John L.) Paris universal exposition, 
186T. Beport upon wool and manufactures 
of wool. See Mudge (E, K.) and Hayes 
(John L.) 

Hayley (William), The life and posthumous 
writings of William Cowper, esq. with au 
iutrofluetory letter to the right honorable earl 
Cowper. A new and enlarged ed. 4 v. 8°. 
Chichester, J. Johnson, 1806. 

Hayzies (Gifleon). Pictares from prison life. 
An historical sketch of the Massacbosetta 
state prison. With narratives and incidents, 
and snggesSions on discipline, 390 pp. 3 pi. 
ISO. Boston, Lee If Shepai-d, 1869. 

Haywarde (Sir John). The first part of the 
life and raigne of king Henrie the iiii. Ex- 
tending to tlie end of the first yeare of his 
raigne. 4 p. 1. 150 pp. sm. 4°, London, J. 
IVoife, 1599. 

Hazard (Erskine). Thoughts on currency 
and finance. 8 pp. 8°. PhUadclpliia, 1S63. 

Hazaid (Joseph). Poems on various subjects. 
187 pp. 18°. Brooklyn, (_2f.V.)autkot-il8U. 

Hazard (Eowland Gibson), Two letters on 
causation and freedom in willing, addressed 
to John Stuart Mill. With an appendix, on 
the existence of matter, and our nolJODS of 
infinite space. 300 pp. 13°, Boston, Lee S; 
Shepard, 1869, 

Hazait (Cornelius). Kerckelyke historic 
van de gheheele wereldt namelijck van de 
voorgaende en tegenwoordige eeuwe. 9 v. 
8p. 1.484 pp. 181.41 pi; 13p. 1.406pp. 121. 
fol. A«tv>crpen, M. Cno'/baert, 1667-68. 

Hazelton (Mabel, pseitdon.) See Rand 

Hazlett (Helen). Glennair; or, life in Scot- 
land. 333 pp. 13°. Philadelphia, Ctaxtoa, 
Bemsen <£ Haffdjinger, 1869. 

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Haalitt (William Carew). English proveibs 

and proTerbial phmees. Collected from the 

most authentic sources, alphabetically 

I'Hcg^, ond annatated. xxx, 505 pp. 

The English drama and stage ander the 

Tudorand Stuart princea, 1543-1664. 8 
289pp. BUI. 4°. ILmdon^, for the Hoibttrghe 
library, 1869, 

Inedited tracts ; iliustrating tlie man- 
ners, opinions, and occupatiOQa of Englisli- 
men during tbe I6th and 17th centuries ; now 
first republished from the original copies, 
withaprelacean^Dotea. vii,SISpp. Bm.4°. 
[Londoij], Roxburgie lilrary, 1868. 
I EOXDUROHK library pnbUcationa, I8S8]. 

iBh eonrtler, und Ih 


ByLM. [G.Mnriha] 



TbeconrtBiiduountry. By N. Bret™. 1618. 

Hazzi (Joseph Ton). A treatise on the culture 
of silk in Germany, and e^pecial'y in Bava 
ria ; or, complete instrnct o to he pla ta 
tion and the management of ulberrj t ee 
and the rearing of silkwo n T o the 
German. 106 pp. 1 tab. 1 col pi 8 W sh 
ingtoa, D. Oreen, 1S38. 

Head (Sir Edmund Wall e ) Ballads and 
other poems, original andtianslatecl. vni, 60 
pp. 1S°. UndoH. Smtlh, Elder Sf co. 1868. 

Head (The) centre ! oi, tbe life of a Fenian 
informer. By the authoi of "Farrago," 
[«Hon.] nSpp, 16°. Lo»d07i,C.H. Clarke, 

Heady (Morrison). Seen and heard. Poems, 
or the like. 173 pp. 12°. BnUiniorc, H. 
C. Tttrnbidl, jrAmS. 

Heard (Franklin Fiak). The legal acquire- 
ments of William Shakespeare. (>5 pp. 4*^. 
Boston, J. K. Wiggin, 1865. 

Hearth and home, [A weekly jomiial]. For 
the farm, garden, and fireside. December, 
26, IBB8, to December 18, 1869. v. 1. fol. 
WeiD York, PetteagUt, Bates St co. 1869. 

Heber (fieP.Eeginald). Paleatine; a sacred 
oratorio. See Crotch (W.) and Heber. 

Hecker (Justus Friedrich Carl). The black 
death in the fourteenth century From the 
German, Translated by B. G. Babington. 
3 p. I. xii, 205 pp. 120. Loadon, A. Sdilosa, 
.Heckewelder(fiei>. John). Histoire, mteurs 
et coutumes des nations indiennes, qui Labi 
talent autrefois la Pensylvanie et les ^tata 
voisins. Traduit de I'Anglais par le ehcra- 


Heckewelder (_Rsv. John) — continued, 
lier Du Ponceau. 2p.l.571}ip. 8°. Faris, 
L. DeBare, 1833. 

The same, Naclirich t von der geschichte, 

deu Bitten und gebranehen der indiaaiscben 
vBlkerschaften, welche ehemals PeuQSylva- 
nienunddiebenaehbavten staaten bewohn- 
ten AuB flora Ungllaeben iibeTsetzt und mit 
den angaben andeiei oubriftsfeller ilber ehen 
dieaellien gegenstande vermehrt von F. 
Hesse Nebst emein zuaatm von G. E. 
Si-hulEe ihi pp 11 583pp.Il. 8°. GSt- 
tiagcn, I'lmdenboeh fr Ruprecht, 1631. 

Hedendaagsohe hiatmie of tegenwoovdige 
staat van Amenka [onoB.] 3 t. 8°. Am- 
.tec-iBW / rinon, 1766-(r?. 

Hedin (Sven Anders) Mnine af von Limi^ 
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many. From (he German, by G. W. Haven. 
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Heinecke (Rev. Samuel). Genealogy from 
Adam to Christ ; with the genealogy of Adam 
Heinecke and Henry Vandersaal, from 1747 
to 1 868. To which is added, a brief account 
of the authoi'B travels as an evangelist with 
ten aerm po d by him It 231 pp 

12°. Pk I ielplta 
Heinsius (D 1) 
liber, 1 4 pp 16 
L. Ehev I61i 

[rn HOR 

D tj 
L d 

Saeeo, [ I 18.'i5] 

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^). Coa 

tens. Ed Qoyaveneta [etc] Aeoedit ejus 

medieinte xiix 488 pp 1 1 9 pi S° I tne 

tiis, tijpis S Celett I"02 s 

Helffeustem (Jacob d d ) Tbe saviour we 

ceed. ^Vith an introductiou by tbe loi 

Harvey D Ginae 197 pp 13^ Pkila 

itelplaa preibytenau ptiihcaliaa soeKty 

Helio^ms emesenas Hel odorva his i^tliio 

pianbiatuiy Duneoutof breeke and com 
pared with other tranilutions in dineme Ian 

guages [etc ] 3 p 1 33o pp 4^ London 

W. Barrel IbJ3 

The Bftme. The iEtbiopian history. In 

ten hooka. Tlie first five translated by a 
person of quality, the last five by N. Tate. 
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The same, ^thiopiau adventures ; or, 

the iiistory of Tbeaffenes and Cbarielea, 
Written origiuaily in Greek. Translated by 
a person of quality, and N. Tate, vii 
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Hellbom (Heiuricb Kreisale von), ] 
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German. By Edward Wilberforee. xii, 287 
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[la DEUTSCHE evBogeliscbe lutheiLicbe minlBteiiiim, 

H^loise. Letters. See Abailard (Pierre) 
and H^loiee. 

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[anoH.] 132 pp. 3 pi 18°. PhUadelpkia, 
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unregenerate ■ to labour for the meat which 
ondnreth to everlasting life, 304 pp. 8°. 
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Hemmeraam (Michael). West-Indiauisk 
i-eese-beakriffning, fran nhr 1639 till 1645, 
ifrao Amsterdam till St, Joris 3e Mina, itt 
Castell i Africa. Nii in pawart swanska 
sprMk farwdnd oeh tryokt. 4 p. 1.94 pp. 
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Grnaert, 1806. s. 

Heliderson(J. Stanley). The unseen hand ; 

!, tbe fonr seouta of the Waccamaw. 100 

p. 16°. ffejD York Beadle is co [1=168] 

Henderson (Peter) Piactical floriculture 

a guide to the sueoeMfnl onltii ■stion of flo 

rist's plants, for the amateui and piofee 

sional florisJ. 349 pp 11° New Jork 

Jnddlrco. [1869]. 

Hewgstenberg (Ernst Wilbelm d d ) Dia 

sertations on the genuineness ot Daniel, and 

the integ ty of Ze ba ah Translated by 

rev. B. P Pratten And a dissertation on 

the history and prophes ea of Balaam, by the 

same author Translated by J, E. Ryland. 

xii, .■>69 pt 8 Edmbargl T. S; T. Clark, 


Henle (Fr dr oh G stav Jaltob). Patholo 

glsche an e s ichungen vi pp. 1 1. 274 pp. 

1 1. 8°. Berlin 4 Htn kwald, 1840. s. 

Hennepin (Lon s) Aann e kelyke voyagie 

gedaan na 't gedeolde van Hoorder America, 

behelaende een nieuvire ontdekkinge van een 

seer groot land, gelegen tuaachen Nieuw- 

Mexico ende Ys-zee, [etc.] 11 p. 1,200 pp. 

7 1. 2 maps, 6 pi. am. 4°. Rotterdam, B. 

Bos, 1704. 

[Wii/iBEBZOm'S.) Da geaenkwaardigB wBBt-lqdlae 
voyagien. elc J 
Hennet (Albert Joseph Ulpien). Bu divorce. 
ianon.] 1 p.l. viii, 148pp. 8°, Paris, im- 
primerie de monsieur, 1790. 
Henry (Dominique Marie Joseph). L'figypte 
pharaouique ; on, blstoire dea institutions 
des Egyptiena sous leurs lois nationaux. 2 v. 
2 p. 1. ii pp. 3 1. 512 pp, 4 pi ; I p. 1. 502 pp. 1 
pi. 8°. Paris, Firiain Didotfrir6s,i'ii6, 
Henry (W.R.) American chess-nuts ; a col- 
lection of pvoblema. See Cook (E. B.) 
Henry (W. E.) and Gilbetg (C. A.) 

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Henscliel (Ludwi^). See Hohtermeyer 
<TlieiKiov), Henacliel (Lud v =■) u rf Sim- 
roclt (Carl). 

Hensha'w (J, P. K. d. d ) A select on of 
hymnB for tbe use of soi-al an! elgo\s 
meetings, and for private dovot ods 7th ed. 
330 pp. 32°. Baltin er Armstrotg Si 
Flaskett, 1B33, 

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lish dictianary ; 'with an EDglish anil Japa- 
nese index. xil,558,]3app. 6°. London, 
Triibner St ca. 18S7. 

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[etc.] 113 pp. oW. 16°, flftw York, Ameri- 
kaniache traJitat-gesctlsehaft, [ 1 868. ] 

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gazette for the country, Jane 4, 1794, to 
June 4, [17967- i'ol- ■^«'" ^'"*' Geo. Bmee 
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The same. JnueT, to Sept. 27, 1797. 

fol. New York, HapHns Sc co, 1797. 
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Herbert (DaoielJ. Hymna and poems, doc- 
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jecta, designed for those who Isnow the plague 
of their own heart, and are fnlly persuaded 
that salvation is entirely of giaco. v. 1, 
i[j[iii,372 pp. 34°. London, Simplcia Sf 
Marshall, 1819. 
[Ko more published]. 

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[A poem]. By lord Porcheater. sciv,363 
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Mack tower. See Brayley (E. W.) and 
Herchenbach (Wilhelm). Das christliohe 
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gediehten von p. Gall Morel. 176pp, 
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schale, und ihre hedeutung auf exegetiaehem 
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HSrIoartdeTIinry (Louis ifitienne Fran (joia). 
Description des catacomhes de Paris, pr6c6- 
d^e d'un precis historique sur leg catacombes 


H&ioart de Tlinry— continued. 

de tons lea peoples de Taucieu ot du nouveau 
continent, sixvj, 382 pp. 8 pi. 1 tab. 8°. 
Paris, Bossange ^ Jtfnssoji, 1815. 

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ments doctrinse metricse. xsiv,816pp. 8°, 
Lipsim, G. Fleischer, 1814. S. 

Heriuae. Tlie pastor. 8°, Eflinbifrgh, 1868. 
[Ante-nicene obriBtian Lbrary, v. 1. pp. 319 to 433]; 

Heimes, Tristnegialus. [paettdon.'] Mercurii 
Trismegiati Pimandraa vtraqve lingva resti- 
tvtvs, d. Frsnoiaoi FlUBSatis Candallte [Pr. 
de Fois de Oandalle] industria, [etc.] 68 1. 
4°. BuTdigaliE, S. MiUangius, 1574. 

Hermit (The) atiroad. By the author of the 
Hermit inLondon,aiitlHeTmitin the country, 
[anon.] 4 v. 18°. London, H. Colbarn l{ 
CO. 1833. 

Hermoso (Fernacdo). La moderna filosofia 
desmascarada, 6 sea paraleio entre el estado 
monarqnicu del gohierno inlruso do Napoleon 
y de la regencia, que era electivo, y el actual 
de Fernando eeptimo, que ea hereilitario, a6- 
lido y durable, xiv, 128 pp. 8°. Madrid, 
F.M. D&Bita, [_aboKl 1815]. S. 

Heme (Samuel). Demus carthusiana; or, 
an account of the founflatjon of the eharter- 
honse near Smithfield, in London. Both 
before and since the refonnation. With the 
life and death of Thomaa Sutton, the founder 
thereof. 23 p. 1.287 pp. 3 pi, 8°, London, 
R. i»amo» Sf H. Brome, 1677. 

Herodlanae, 'HpaSiavov larapiav i3ip?i,ia v'- 
Herodiani histor. lib. viii. Cum Angeli Po- 
litiaui interpretations, et huius partim sup- 
plemeuto, partim examine Henrici St«phani 
vti'oqne margini a^scripto, [etc.] 4 p. 1, 182 
pp. 16°, Genevie, H. Steplianus, 1581. 

Heroine (L') du Tessa; ou, voy^e de ma- 
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Par mr. G— n P— n. [anon.] 118 pp. 1 pi. 
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ejne griindliche erklarung von der bergpre- 
digt unaera herrn Jesu Christ!, [etc.] 394 pp. 
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Herranz y Qulrds (Diego Sarciaso). Com- 
pendio de la eritni^tioa universal, para el uso 
de laseseuelas de primerasletras, [etc.] ivi, 
224 pp. 16°. Madrid, Fmntenebro,lS&'l . a. 

Herrera (Christoval Perea de). Proverbios 
morales, y consejos cUristianoa, muy prove- 
chosoa para concierto, j espejo de vida, [etc.] 
]2p.l.360pp.41. sm.4°. Madrid, F. del 
Hierro, [1618]. 

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cioaes d6 croEoiogift. J5I pp.41. 16°. iSe- 
vUla, M. Coro, 1828. a. 

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stiucture, [etc.] 58 pp. 4 p!. 4°. PhUa- 
dtlphiit, E. G. Dorsey, 1841. S, 

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ual of meteorology. (Extracted from the 
Admifally manual of scientific enquiry. 3d 
ed.) 52 pp. 16". toHrfoB, 1859. s. 

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traducidoB del Frances [de Pedro Le Tour, 
neur]. Per el doctor M. de Gorrino y Ar- 
duengo. 2"ed. 3 p. 1.162 pp. 16°. Bar- 
celona, Itrusi, 1818. 

Hervey (John, baron Hervey) and Middle- 
ton (Conyera, d.d.) Letters between lord 
Hervey and dr. Middleton concerning the 
Koman senate. Pnblished From the original 
manuscript, by Thomas Knowles, d.d. y.i:x, 
ati3 pp. 11.1 portraif. 4°. London, IV. Slra- 
han, 1778. 

Hervey (Thomas). The writer's time re- 
deemed, and speaker's words recalled, by a 
pen ahftp'd both for oral expedition and tho 
most legibleplainness and punctuality, [etc.] 
XI, 92 pp. 2 1, 4 pi. 12°. Kmdal, IV. Pen- 
vington, 1779. 

Hesiodus. HaioSoo too acKpatov epya «ai ijfie- 
pat. &eoyovia. Arririf HpanAeouf. Hesiodi 
aacriBi opera et dies. Theogonia, Scvtvm 
Hercvlis, omnia cum multls espoBitlonibus 
[curante V. Trincavellio]. 4 p. 1. clxxxviii 1. 
40. Vtnetiis. B. Zanetli, J537. 

KawSoi aa'^paim ~a cvpiUKOfieva. Hesl- 

odi ascriei qu^e extant cum greeds scholiis 
Proeh, Moschopuli, [etc.] AcoesBit liber 
Bingulaiis, in quo dot-tnaaEpyuv xat tj/iEpav, 
eiusque iQstitutum, (.antra opinionem quee 
obtinuit, ostenditui , item not^, emenda. 
tiones, observationes, et index copioaissimus 
in Hesiodum einsqus mterpretes. Opera et 
studio Daniehs Heinsii 22p. 1.330, 159 pp. 
4° [iJRJjOErpite], ex o£iciaa plantiniana Ra- 
phelcngtj, 1603. 

Commeutarius in Hesiodi ascrtei epya 

Kai tifi^pa^, m^pno styflio et labore collectus, 
et in usum studiosse iauentntis nnoc piimnm 
edituB, a m. Stephano Riccio. Accesservnt 
Tlpil franekerensis ftisii et Nicolai Valiie 
translationes, [etc.] 3961, 16°. Witeberga, 
M. Weiack, 1590. 


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sciiriften der apostel Jesu. Von dem Ter- 
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F. 4- W.H. SchTamia, 1781. s. 

Heayohlns, "Rmixtav T^^inov; cnmTariis no- 
tis Jauii, Scaligeri, Salmasii, Palmerii, Gui- 
eti, Sopingii, Cocceii, Gronovii, T, Fabri, 
etc. Aceurante Cornelio Sehrevelio. 5 p. 1, 
1003 pp. 4°. Liigduni Bataftomm, o^ieina 
kackiana, 1668. 

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reipoblicM ; sen via ad Mstoriam littevariam. 
5" ed. 52,500 pp. 8 1. 8°. [flaii 
Helai^g, 1746]. 



Heurn (Justus). De legatlone evangelioa 
ad Indoa capesaenda admonitio. JO p. 1. 300 
pp.21, 18°. Liigdfmi Batavarvm, Elxevir, 

HeuBcIiiiiig (P. F. Xsvler T.) Bibliographie 
historiqne de lastatlstique en AUemsgne,avec 
une introduction g^nSrale, [etc] 113 pp. 
8°, Braxellea, A. Decq, 1845. . s. 

Hewitt (AbramS.) Paiis universal exposi- 
tion, 1887. The production of iron and steel 
n s ecunom c and sec al relat oai v, J83 
pp I pi 8 liasltngto goveritmeat print' 
i«go£ioe 18f9 

Hewitt (G ra t) M nnesota ts ^vantages 
losete-^ 1369 Be ng a b ef synopsis of 
ts h to y and p u^ress 1 mate so 1, agri- 
c t al and an tactu ng fac I t es, com- 
mercaleapac es anlaoc alstatus tslakos, 
n era and ra oads homestead and exemp- 
t on laws [et ] lat ed 41 pp 8°. St. 
Paul, (ilfsnii,) Ipublislied by tlie aioie], 1869. 

Heyden (rev. Thomas). A memoir on the life 
and character of the rev. prince Demetrius 
A. de Gallitzin, founder of Loretto and catho- 
licity, in Cambria co. Pa. [etc.] 200 pp.1 
portrait. 18°. Ballhaore, J. Murphy &; to. 

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saered pieeea, in verae. 123 pp. 18°. Al- 
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HeyliQ or Sejiyn (Peter). Theologia veto 
rvm; or, the aumme of christian theologie, 
positive, polemical, and philological ; con- 
tained in the apostles' creed, or reducible to 
it; according to the tendries of the antients, 
both Greeks and Latinea. 8 p. 1.528 pp. 8°. 
London, S. Simmons, 1673. 

Heywood (Thomas). An apology for actors. 
Containing three briefe treatises. 1. Their 

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Hey wood (Thomas) — eontinued. 
anlaquity. 2. Tteir aDeientdignitj. 3. The 
traetisB of tbeir quality. 311. 12°. London, 
N. Okes, 16ia. 

Euglanfl's Elizabeth ; her life and 

trovblee, during her miiioiitia, fiom the cra- 
dle to the crowne. Histom-ally laid open 
and inlei'woven with such eminent pn'^ages 
of state as happened nnclei the rcigne of 
Henry the eight, Edwaid the sixt, queen 
Mary. 9 p. 1. 234 pp. 2 pi. S4°. Lonrfon, 
J. BeaU, 1631. 

und Broome (Richard). Thelafa Lan- 
cashire witches. A well-received comedy, 
lately acted at the Globe, [etc.] 4°. Lob- 
don, B. Fisher, 1634. [Bepriitferf, 1853]. 
{la HALLrvvKLL (J. O.) The poetry of wil^boratt, 
pp. 145-23B1. 

Hibbaid (Rev. J. E.) The gloria. Psalms 
and hymns, with chants and tunes, for the 
new church. Ip.l.aOSpp. 16°. Chicago, 

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tracts, esaajs, aatyra, etc. in prose and verse. 
14 parts. 3m, 4°. London, S. Briscoe and 
B. Bragge, 1707. 

,of Ji™^cp.[Bl< 


EBBflja on Bsvernl snbjetla, iu two parts. 

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in a black regiment. iv,S96pp. 16°. B 
ton, Fields, Osgood Jif co. 1870, 

Mallione ; an old port romance, iv, '. 

pp. 12°. Boston, Fields, Osgood !(eo. IS 

High-eerman (The) doctor. With many 
ditiona and alterations, [Also], a large 
planatory index, [nnoii. ] 2 v. 1 p. 1. 998 
pp. 24 1 ; 1 p. 1- 304 pp, 14 1, 16°. London, 


HigManderH (The) ; a tale. By the author 
of the Hermit in London, Hecmit abroad, etc. 
lanon.] 2 v. a33ppi208pp, 12°. Wew 
York, E. Du^dcinck, 1824, 

Highmore (Nethanael). Exercitutioncs duo;, 
quaram prior de paasione hysterica ; altera 
da affeetione hypoohoudriaca. S p. 1.184 pp. 
18°. Oxon, A. Lichfield, 1660, 


Higueras (Jaan Joeef Alcov^r). Vida del 
V. padre fr, Jnan de Alcov6r, y epitome do 
las de sus quatro eompaneros del ordeu de 
pi'edieatorea, martires todos en Focheu, eu 
la China. 3 p. 1.217 pp. 1 pi, 8°. Madrid, 
Axnar, 1804. s. 

Hilburn (Valentine), Der kinder-freund. Eiit 
hiilfsbaeh znr erlernung dec engliachen 
aprache, 96 pp. 18°. Hellerloun, T. R. 
Weber, 1857. S. 

Silclebiini (Mary J.) The Ccaythorns of 
Stwny Hollow. 268 pp.4 pi. ]6o, PliUa- 
delpliia, pres&yterian publication committe-e, 

lEldreth. (Emily E,) ll^saons from daily life. 
120 pp. 12°. Fhiladdpkia, J. B. Lippincolt 
S( CO. 1869. 

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being a aelection of hymns for social worship, 
compiled chiefly for the use of baptiat 
churches. 256 pp. 32°, New Haven, Dur- 
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Will (George). Titania's banquet. Pictures 
of woman, and other poems, 3d ed. 17& pp. 
12°. Nev, Yorlc, D. Appleton * co. 1870. 

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ways. Adapted for American housekeepers, 
by an American lady. 178 pp. 16°. New 
York, Dick * Fitzgerald, 1869. 

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=. New York, Hard St Houghton, 1869. 

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LittU, Brown Sf co. 1859. s, 

HilUard(K«»'. Timothy). Paradise promised 
by a dying saviour to the penitent thief oil 
the cross. A sermon delivered at Cambridge, 
18th November, immediately preceding the 
esBCUtion of Alexander White, Richard Bar- 
rick, andJolin Sullivan. With an appendix, 
exhibiting some account of their conversation 
and behaviour in prison, etc, 32 pp. 13", 
Boston, E. RiisscH, 17tS. 

Hillman (Joseph). The revivalist ; a collec- 
tion of choice revival hymns aud tunes, 
original and selected, Eev. L. Hartaough, 
musical editor. (Revised and enlai'god ed. ) 
264 pp, 16^. Trap, (W. Y.) J. HUlman, 

Himeue (Na) Hawaii, me na leoniele ; 
lua ua hapa ke kumn leomele. 
[InKamv leomelB (O ke), pp. ST-.iaol. 


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no. i-vii. Earth aad oino. 1 p. 1. 324 pp. 
8°. Cinciimati, L. A. Wine, [1853]! 

Cbnp. S. Ttie euipli^. 
Chap. 7, Supplementiuy matte™. 
Hlninan (Koyal Ralph). A catalogue of tbe 
namos of the first purLtan settlers of the 
colony of Conneetictit, from 1635 to 1665, 
Colleolfld from state aofl town records, 336 pp. 
1 portrait. 8°. HanfoTd, E. GfeoMH, [1846- 

[Wiiutine-, BO. 1, pp. 1-32]. 

Hlnriohs (Guslaviia). Fii^t and suoond an- 
nual report on the geology of Iowa. See 

Hlnxicha (Johann Conrad). Veraejchniss der 
bttcher, lanafcarton, etc. welche [von 1863 
bi9aumjahrel868]neuer3chienensmd, 7 v. 
16". Leipzig, J. C. Hiniicha, 1362-69, 

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kiug. A book of daily devotion for children. 
114 pp. 34°. m«i Yovk, Anson D. F. 
RandBlph, 1865. 

Blntcm (John Howard). The harmony of 
reli^ous truth and bumao reason ajjserted in 
- a series of essays. 304 pp. ]3o. NtmYurk, 
J.Leavitt. 1833. 

HIppolytua, (Ushop of Rome, or of FoHas, or 
Oslia): Therefutalionofftllhereaies; trans- 
lated by rev. J. H. MacMahon. With frag- 
ments fi'oin his Commentaries ouTaiious books 
of scripture and writings of the third cen- 
tury i translated by rev. S, D. F. Saimond. 
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[AHTE-BICENK library, r. 6 and 9], 

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war time. Founded on facts. 2H1 pp. 1 pi. 
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anil pHblishing society, f868. 

Hislop (Alexander). The proverbs of Scot- 
land r with explanatory and illustrative 
notes, and a glossary. New ed. 367 pp. 
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16°. Paris, Ddaunay, 1830, 

Histoira des tivanturiers flibustiers qui ae 
sont siKnalea dans les Indes. Par Alexandre 
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augmentfie. 4 v. 16°. Trieoux, par la 
compagnie, 1744. 

2. ExaHEMEIJM (A. C 


The same. 4 v. 16". Trieoax, par 

la compagnie, 1775. 

See, also, Bxquemelin (A. 0.) nml 

Hiatory of the bucanieia. 

Histoire de la gaerre de Hongrie, pendant les 
campagoeade 1716-1718, [etc. bbow.] 2 p.], 
278 pp. I 1. 1 map. 84 pp. 16". Vienne, 
Griiferlejemie, 1788. 
[Title pngi^ and map daioaged]. 

Histoire litliraire de la Prance, ouvrage com- 
mene^ par des mli^eux b^n^dictins de la 
congregation de Saint-Maur, el continue pat 
des ciembres de I'ftcad^mie dea inscriptions 
at belles-lettres, v. 25. QuatorziSme si^elB. 
Ixxii, 666 pp. 4°. Paris, F. Didot, freris, 
fils Sf cie. 1869. 

Histoire miraeuleuae et admirable, de la com- 
de Horuoc, flaoiaude, estranglfie par le 

diable dans 

trouv^ son rabat bien godro 


i.] Lyoa 


Histoire de Nicolas i roy du Paraguai, et 

iperenr de Maraelus. [anon.] 88 pp. 16°. 

iMPaoi, 1756 

HiBtoire dea papes, Crimea, nieartres, [etc.] 

depnis saint Pieiie jusqu i Gr^goire xvi. 

Histoire des saints, des marlyvs, [etc.] 

j, et des ei 

ia], administraiioi 

Hietorla de la adoiiuistracion del lord North, 
primer ministro de luglaterra, y de la guerra 
de la America septentrional hasta la pas. 
[anon.] Olira eaciita en Ingles, tiadocida al 
Fiances, y de eate al Castellano, con notas 
del traduetor. For d. P. P. de A. 7 p. 1. 
409 pp. 16°. JHarfj-sd, i>npr«n(oreai, 1806. s. 

by Google 


Historical (An) aceonut of comprehension 
and tokrfttion, [etc. ] By the author of the 
Dutch way of toleration, [anon.] 2 partB 
inlv. 4p,l,73pp; Ip.i. 84p(i. 4°. Loa- 
doB, J. Chantrs, 1705. 

Historical illustrations of Qucntiu Durward, 
selected from the meiuoirs of Philip de Co- 
mlnea, and otbei' authors. [a«on.] viii, 166 
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Historical (The) magazine, and notes and 
queries concerning tho antiquities, history, 
and biography of America. Jannaiy, 1868, 
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risaaia, (If. Y.) H.B.Damon, 18Ge-«9, 

HistoricuB. [pscarfon.] See ■Voruon-Har- 

oourt(W. G. G.) 

HiBloiies (The) of so 

lie Magdalen-houae. 

B of the penitents in 
IB supposed to related 

London, J. filfl- 

iB«tOH. 1760. 

HlBtoriacll-geogrflphiaehe beschrcibung der in 
diesem Itrieg von den Engliindero eroberten 
franzoBischen antillischeu inseln. besonders 
von Guadaloiipcund Martinique [etc. onon.] 
4 p. 1. 264 pp 8°. Stuttgart, J. B. Metier, 

HlBtoriaolie nnd geographische beschreibuog 
von Neu-Schottland. See Oeograpliioal 
history of Nova Scotia. 

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from their first original down to this time; 
written in sevoial languages, and now col- 
lected into one volume, The wliole newly 
translated into English. 8°. London, T. 
NeiBboraugh, 1CD9. 

ExquoieLIB (A. O.) Buoanicrs o( Aiiiiiricn. Sp.l. 

NciBioTOKgh, 1704. 

NOTB.— Tlio paging is Iba same nu in tbo lat od. 

The same. 4lb ed. 3v, 2 p. 1.354 pp. 

Smaps. 7pl; lp.l.406pp.lll. 16°, Lon- 
don, D. Midwinter and othtri, 1741. 

The same. [Abbreviated]. 133 pp. 

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^Theeame. 5lh od. 2 v. 2p.].313pp! 

1 p. 1. 360 pp. 6 !. HP. London, T. Evans, 

History, etc. — continued. 

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Tho same, xniii, 660 pp, 24°. Lon- 
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S*c, also, £i!:quemelin (A. O.) and 

Histoire des nvantariers flibustiers. 

History (The) of capt. Thomas Parismas ; 
containing a particular account of the cruol 
treatment of the wife of Mr. James Negotio. 
{_anon.-\ 35pp. 18°. [n.y.] 1805. 

History (The) of the Davenport family ; in 
which is displayed a striking contrast be- 
tween haughty indolence and healthy activ- 
ity, in the cbaractei's of the young Daven- 
ports and their cousins, Sophia and Ame- 
lia Easy. Interspersed with moral reflec- 
tions. ByM.S. [an<,n.-\ 2v.iDl. 144pp. 
12 pi. 24°. Boston, Spotsaood Sr Etheridge, 

History of the destjuction of Jerusalem, and 
the desolation, of Palestine, with an account 
of the Jowisb nation from the days of Abra- 
ham to its final dispersion. [iMiOB.] 434pp. 
3 pi. 8°. CiBcinnati, Moot6, Wilslach &,• 
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History (The) of Jean-Paul Choppartj or, 
the surprising adventures of a runaway. 
[From tlie French. Illustrated, oudb.] xvi, 
174 pp. 16° London. LnmbertSfca. 1181,6}. 

History (The) of jewels, and of the principal 
riches of the east and west. Taken from the 
relalaons of divers of the moat famous travel- 
lers of our age. [nnan.] 8 p. 1. 128 pp. 
24°. I<md<m H K'vty lfi71 

History of tl e last s ss on of coDf,ross wh eh 
commencel o tie tl of December 1801 
Talien ffon the Nat oual Intell gencer 
[onon ] 19b pp 8 Ifuak-innto- S H 
Smitli 1012 

History (The) of Ma land to wh ch iro 
added 1 r ot b ograph es ot 1 st ng shed 
statesmen pi lanth op sth thool g ans etc 
Prepa ed fo the scl ools of Maryland 
[an™.] 164 pp. 16° Phtiaddphia, E. H. 
ButUr St CO. 1866, 

History (Tho) andphilosophy of earthquakes, 
from the remotest to the present times : col- 
lected from the best writers on the subject. 
With a particular account of the phte] 
of the great one of November 1 
various parts of the globe. By s 

by Google 

History, etc. — continued, 
the I'ojal academy of Barlin. [anoii.] S p. 1, 
3S1 pp. 8°. London, J. Nourse, 1757. 

1. A Toetlicjdicnl accoirnt of enrthinjikea, by Joh. 

ChriBt. SlnruilaEi. 
ii. or Ihs Ettlnro of fiaitliquakes, by tliirMn Unler, 

. iii. DIsconnsB Gaucemlug enrthqiuikeB, by RolKrt 

V. A phjelGD-cbyicdcciI explanation of bubtermaeous 

fires, earttiqnakoa, etc by M. Leniery, 
VL Of the voleanoB and earlhquakea tn Pein, by ni. 

yii. TlieDntnmililHlorjof uolcanoaandeartJiquakeH, 

viii. A BiimrtLarj of the cauBOH of the alteratlona 
wbtch bave happened to the fMB of the earth, by 

by lie rev. Stephen Hales, d. d. 
K. Tbe philoBopby of eartbqviakes, by the reT. WH- 
UaiD Stnkeley. m. i. 

1755, ill YBTiona parte of the ^lobe. Added by the 

History {Til b) and philosophy of marriage; 
or, polygamy and monogamy eompared. 
By a christian philimlhropiat. [anon.] 25Q 
pp. 16°. Boston, James Campbell, lB(i9. 

History of a threepenny bit, [amm.] 316 
pp. 5 pi. 18°. Neio York, national temper- 
ance socieln and publication house, 1S69, 

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stalled and reaiflted; or, lectures on diet, 
regimen, and employment; delivered to the 
atudenlB of Amherst college, 1830. Sd ed, 
corrected and enlarged by the addition of an 
address before the mechanical association in 
Andover theological insdtlitioo, Sept. 21, 
J830, and notes. 453 pp. 13°. Amherst, 
J. S. Sf C.Adams, 1831. 

Hitchcocik (RoBwell Dwigbt, d. d.) Hitch- 
cock's new and complete analysis of the holy 
bible; or, the whole of the old and new testa- 
ments arranged according to subjects in twen- 
ty-seven books. On the basis of Matthew 
Talbot, as improved with indexes, tables, and 
other valuable matter, by Nathaniel West, 
d. d. [etc.] Together with Criiden's eon- 
cordacco to the holy sciipturea, revised by 
JohnEadie, d. d. [etc] Revised and edited 
by prof. Boswell D. Hitchcock, d. d. [etc.] 
xlvlj, 1158 pp. 4 I G pi 1 map 8^. Neic 



B 1870 


(John S 

Mining in the Pacific 


324 pp. 

16-^ S.n Fiandsca, H. 

H. B 

ntToft S; CO 

1861 a. 

riie lesouic 

es of Cahfoinia oonipri- 



miniug f,ougrapLy, eli- 



te and the past and future 


Hittell (John 8.)— continued, 
development of the state. 5th ed. with an 
appendix on Oregon, Mevada, and Washing- 
ton territory, xxiv,504pp, 13°. San Fran- 
cisco, A. Jtoman &; co. 1869. 

The resources of Vallejo ; containing 

a statement of the great natnral advantages 
of the place, showing that it is the most con- 
venient seaport, the safest harbor, the nat- 
nral railway centre, and the best manufac- 
turing site, with a prospect of becoming the 
commercial and financiil metropolis of Cal- 
ifornia, [anon ] 1 p I 72 pp ^ maps. 8°. 
[Vallejo'] S lano counly adverttser office, 

HjeJt(OltoE A ) UelaLhtuissiedpauf Alex- 
ander von Nordmann gehalten am jahres- 
und festtage dei finnischen gesellschaft dec 
wissenschaften Ans dein Schwedischea 
Ubersetzt. bl pp b° HeLtiigfots, Fin- 
nisclie hUemlHrgea^lschaft 1868 s, 

Naturhisturiens studmm i I inland un- 
der sjuttonde och adertonde sehlet. i. Tiden 
loreLinng. BidragtilkilnDedom af Finlands 
natnr och folk, ntgifna af flnska vetenskaps- 
societeten. Tolfle baftet. 3p.l.l98pp, 
8°. Hdsingfors, FinsJca UtteratuT-sSllskapels 
trycheri, 1868. a, 

Hoadly (Bonjnmln, bishop of Bangor). An 
enquiry into the reasons of the conduct of 
Great Britain. 103 pp. Iflu, Boston, B. 
Eliot, 1737. 

Hobbee (Thomas). Leviathan ; or, the mat- 
ter, forme, and power of a commonwealth, 
ecclesiastjeall and eivill. 3 p. 1. 394 1. 1 tab, 
fol. London, A. Ckooke, 1651. 

Hoblyn (Robert). BiWiotheca hoblyniana; 
sive, catalogns llbroram, juxta exemplar 
quod mana sua maxima ex parte descriptura 
reliqnit Kobertus Hoblyn. vi pp. 11.650 
pp. I pi. 8°. Loadini, J. ISutray, 1769. 

Hochene(— ). Cuadrohistoricodelosahusos, 
y espiritu de refonna politica en Espana, por 
A. Doverne. [psturfoM.] Tradacido por J. 
Jener. liv,^9,vipp. 16". Madrid, Boix, 
1840, 8. 

Hodge (Arcliibald Alexander, rf.rf.) A com- 
mentary on the confession of faith. Witli 
questions for theological students and bible 
classes. 549 pp, 13=', P/iUadelphia, pres- 
byteria-a board of pi^ication, 1869, 

Hcidge (Charles, d. d.) An exposition of the 
first epistle to the Corinthians, See Bible 

by Google 


Hodge (Charles)— oontLnued. 

The way of lift. With an analytical 

iudex, Newed. 348 pp. 2 pi. lao. Fliila- 
Mphia, Anieikan S««dag school union, I8G9. 
Bodges (D. F.) Jubilant voices. See Ba- 
ker (B. P.) nndHodgea. 
HodgeBCBeB, J. S. B.) Tiie book of couimon 
prwee ; with mneic for the book of common 
prayer. 7Xpp. 1 ° Aeiolori F J H at 
iugdoTi^co. [18b9] 
Hodglne (J. Geo ge) Sketches anl an c 
dol«s of ber ma sty the qu e the late 
prince coosort, and other oembe 8 of the 
royal family, [etc] Hen el revsed an1 
coireet«d by Jol n T mba 3t 7 pp 7 pi 16° 
London, S. Lom so (t Marslon 1868 
Hodgkln (John El ot) Monog an )i aoc ent 
and modem, (Le histo y and a 1 1 eatn e t 
with examples. 3) 1. 43 pi. oS°. Louden, 
Longmans It co. 1866. 
Hodgson (E.) Swift writing, commonly 
called fihort^liand, on aa iinproved plan, the 
result of loug practice. 35 pp. 3 pi. 16°. 
Lonilon, J. St. John, [oftoitt IfKO], 
Hody (Humphry, li. d.) The resurrection of 
the (same) boiJy asserted ; from the tradi- 
tious of the heathens, tbe ancient Jews, and 
the primidve church. With an answer to 
the objections brought against it. 4 p. 1. 
S24 pp. 19°. Londfin, AicnsliatB, IG94. 
Hiien (Moria WilheJm). Das verlangte, nlcht 
edangte Canaan bey den lust-grabern ; oder 
ausfiihrliche besclireibnng von der unglttck- 
lichen reise derer jungsthiu aus Tentschland 
nach 3em engell&ndiachen in America gele- 
genen Cawiina und Pensylvanien wallenden 
pilgrim, abaouderlich dem einseitigen iibel- 
gegriindeten kocheuthalerischeu bericht 
woblbedachtig entgegengesetzt. 8 p. 1. 127 
pp. 18°. FrandcfiiH and Leipzig, 1711. 
Hoflmaii (Charles Fenno). A winter in the 
west. By a. Kew Yorker, [flnon.] 2 v. 
3p.l.337pp; 3p.l.346pp. 13°. Neu> 
York, Harper S( bTOthefTS. 1835. 
Hof&nan (Pev John N ) The broken plat- 
form ; or a br et rtetence of our symbolical 
books aga ust recent (.hargea of alleged or- 
rora. ''b pp 13'' Philadelphia, Lindsay 
St Blakiston 185S S. 

HofEmann (Franz) Climbing the glacier. 
From the German HI pp. 18°. New York, 
A.D. F Randolph ]flo 
Hofland (Biuhara Wreaks). The captives in 
India; atale (Metiopob tan edition). 368pp. 
8°. Waikington, D. breen, 1835. S. 


Hogan (John Sheridan). Le Canada. Ess^ 
auquel le premier prix a ^t^ adjug6 par le 
comity canadlen de 1' exposition de Paris. 
106 pp. 2 maps. 8°. MontrSal, J. Lovell. 
Hogarth (William). Hogarth moralized. Be- 
ing a complete edition of Hogarth's works, 
[etc.] With an explanation, pointing out 
the many beauties that may have hitherto 
escaped notice, and a comment on their moral 
tendency. [By rev. John Truster, etc.] Now 
fii-st published, with the approbation of Jane 
Hogarth, [etc.] 3 p. i. viii, 213, viii pp. 80 pi, 
8°. LondoB, S. Hooper, and mrs, Hogarth, 
Hoge {Mrs. A. H). The boys in blue; or, 
the heroes of the " rank and file. " Compris- 
ing incidents and reminiacenceH from camp, 
battle field, and boapital, with narratives of 
the sacrifice, suffering, and triumphs of the 
soldiers of the republic. With an introdue- 
tioo by Thomas M. Eddy, d. d. 477 pp. 7 pi. 
8°. New York, E. B. Treat fr co. 1867. 
Hogg (Thomaa). The fabuloua history of the 
ancient kingdom of Cornwall. 503 pp. &^. 
London, Longman, Rees, Oraie if" ce. 1837. 
Holienlieiiii. Festschrift zom fUnfzigjahTigea 
jubilaum der k. land- ond forth wirthsch aft. 
lichen akademie Hoheuheim, [etc.] 3 parts 
iu I T. 4 p. 1, 994, viii pp. 3 pi 8°. Statt- 
gart, A. Mailer, 1868. s, 

Hol'brook(NelBonM.) Readers. Set Town 

) and Holbiook. 
Holoombe (William H. in. rf.) Inboihworids. 
387 pp. 13°. PhUaddphia, J. B. Lippin- 
cotl^co. 1870. 

The aexes here and hereafter. 277 pp. 

13°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippiaeolt if Co. 1869 
Holden (Bee. George). The scripture testi- 
monies to the divinity of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, collected and illustrated. 6 p. I. 460 pp. 
4 I. 8°. London, F. C. jf J. Rivington, 1830, 
HoldhauB (Or. C.) and Panzer (Dr. R.) 
Denkachrift fiber die entwicklung deraeiden- 
zucbt in nordliuheren landern. Torgelegt an 
die bandels- und gewerbekammer in Wien. 
1 p. 1.211 pp. 31. 8°. Wien, lS6i. 
Holdsworth (William), and Aldridge (Wil- 
liam). Natural ahort-hand, wherein the na- 
ture of speech and the manner of pronuncia- 
tion arc briefly explained, and a natural 
reason assigned from thence for the particular 
form of every stroke, [etc.] 1 p.l,viii,78 
pp. 38 pi. 8°. London, Wells St Grosvenor, 
laioat 1766]. 

by Google 


Holland (C.) Aspaaia. 192 pp, n°. PhU- 
adelpkia, J. B. Lippmeott If eo. 1869. 

Holland (Josiah Gilhevt). Lettera to the 
Jonesos. By Timotliy Titcomb. [psearfon. ] 
lulled. 347 pp. 13°. Neio Vorlc, C. Scrlb- 

ner, laei. 

Holland. See Wetherlands. 
Holley(0, L.) The pioturesqne tourisf; be- 
ing a guide through the northern and eastern 
stales and Canada; giving au aceurate de- 
acription of cities and villsges, celebrated 
places of resort, etc. 3 p.!. 336 pp. 18°. 
NeiB York, J. Distur«di, 1844. 
Holliday (F. C. d. d.) A bible hand-book, 
theologically arranged: designed to facilitate 
the finding of proof-texts on the leading doc- 
tiinea of the bible. 31)2 pp. 12°. Cincin- 
nati, Hitskeock ^ WiMan, 1869. 
Hollingsworth (Eobert J.) The five govern, 
meat tests authorized by the treasury depart- 
monl of the United Statea, for delecting eouii- 
Uiifeit greenbaclis and natinual notes. S I. 
a°. \_C%n<:inwHi, awtlurr, 1808]. 
HoUlngBWOrth (S.) The present state of 
Nova Scotia: with a hrief account of Canada, 
and the British islands on the coa^t of North 
America, [anon.] 2d ed. lii, 221 pp. 
map. 8°. Edinburgh, W. Creich, 1787. 
Holloway (Laura Carter). The ladies of the 
While House. 1 p. 1.658 pp. 2 pi. 13 por. 
traiU. 8°. NtiB York, United States p-ablish- 
ing CD. 1870. 
Holman (Oliver, sta to ) Jo al of a voy- 
age, [etc. a blani f m log 1 ok fo a fish- 
ing voyage]. 241 4 Bostoa O Holinan, 
1852. s. 

Holmboe (Christian An Irea^} Ezechiels 
aynei og chaMseernes astrolab 11 pp. 1 pi. 
4°. Christiama, P T M Ut g 186b. s. 

De prisca re monetu a No vegwe, et de 

numis aliquot et o na ncnt n Norreg^a re- 
pertiH. Ed. nova, 60 p; 7 pi 8° Ckris- 
(MBiffi, J. Dahle, 1854 S. 

Holmes (Francis S.) Pliocene fossils of 
Sonth Carolina. See Tuomey (M.) and 

Post-pliocene fossils of South Carolina. 

Nos. 1-12. 118pp.24pl. 4°. Charleston, 
S. C. Rusadl tf Jones, 1858-60. 

Holmes (George ¥. II. d.) Ao elementary 
grammar of the Eogliah language. 1 p. 1.238 
pp. 12°. Neai York, Riehardson St CO. ISG8. 

Southern university series. The south- 
ern pictorial fourth reader. For schools and 

Holmes (George F.)— continued, 
families. 376 pp, 12°. New YorU, iJjcA- 
nrdsun l( co. [1866]. 

The s 


reader, [etc] 408 pp, 

JiichttTd^on 4- eo. [1866], 
Holmes (Johu). A letter of direclions to his 

father's birth-place [London], With notes 

and a genealogy by D. Williams Patterson. 

1 p, 1.76 pp. 4°. New Yorh. U. Q. cbA, 

Holmes {Mrs. Mary J.) Ethelyn's mistake ; 

or, the home in the west. A novel. 3S0 pp, 

12". New Yorh, CarUton, 1869. 
Holmes {Rev. William), Religious emblems 

and aliegoiiee : a series of engravings de- 
signed to illush'ate divine h'uth. New ed. 
with an introduction hy rev. Jamas Smith, 

IV, 395 pp. 18°, London, If. Tegg ^ co. 

Holmes and co. The Bengal obituary, or a 
record to perpetuate the memory of departed 
worth : being a compilation of tablets and 
monumental insci'iptions from various parts 
of the Bengal and Agra presidencies. To 
which is added, biographical sketches and 
memoirs of such as have pre-eminently dis- 
tinguished themselves in the histoiy of British 
India, since the formation of the European 
settlement to the present time, ix, 424 pp 
8". Calcnita, J. Thomas, 1848, 
Holste, ocHol3teniii8(Lucaa). Not^etcas- 
tigaliones postumre in Stephaui Byzantii 
e@viKa. Editas a T. Eyckio. Qui Scymni 
ehii fragmenta et dissertationem de prijnis 
Italiaa eolonis addidit. 7 p. 1,497 pp. 16 1, 
fol. Lugduni Baiavorura, J. Haek, 1684. 
Holt (J. S.) Abraham Page, esq, A novel, 
[nnon.] 354 pp, 12^, Philadelphia, J. B. 
Lippincoit S( co. 1868, 
Holwell (John Zephaniah). Evenemens his- 
toriques intferessana, relatifs ans provincaa de 
Bengale, etai'emplredel'Indostan. Traduit 
deTAnglois. 2v,inl, xxviiipp.21.208pp, 
4pl; 2p, 1.1 84 pp.5 pi. 8°. Amsterdam, 
Arlcstie S; Mer!ca3, 1768. 
Holawarth (J.) Petrus Claver, sklave der 
negersklaven, Bilderaus der mission unter 
den negern. 8 pp.1 1.282 pp. 16°, TO- 
bingen, B. Laapp, 1855. 
Homans (I. Smith). The banker's common- 
place book ; containing Johnson's Treatise on 
banking; Gilbert's Ten minutes' advice; 
Byleaon the law of hillsof exchange; M'Cul- 

by Google 


Homans (I. Smitb)— eontiuuea. I 

loeli'a RemacliS on liilla of exttango : forma | 
of bills of eschauge in eight languages, etc. 
137pp. 120. Boston, Fhillips, Sampson Sf ea. 

Home (The) of the mutineers. [BjT. B. Mur- 
ray ]1 342 pp. y pi. 16°. Fkilaidpliia, 
American Sunday sdiool union, 1654. s. 

Home pictures of English poets, for fireside and 
school-room. [anon. By K. A. S,] 291pp. 
1 pi. 1S=. JVcuJ York. D. Jjiplelon * CD. 1869. 

Hornems. (Euvrea d'Hom^re traduites an 
Fran9ais par J, P. Bitaubfi. Nouvolle ^d. 4 
V. in 2. 16°. Paris, d la gratide librairie 
dassiqaf, [about 1817] J 

The first six books of Homer's Iliad ; 

with explanatory notes, inleuded foi' begin- 
ners in the epic dialect, [etc.] By James 
R, Boise. xiv,235pp. 12°, Chicago, S.C. 
Griggs S- CD. 1869. 

First book of the Iliad ; battle of tbe 

frogs and mice ; bymn to the Delian Apollo ; 
Baeobus, or, the rovers ; second book of 
Ibe Iliad. Translated by William John Blew, 
1 p. 1. ii, 134 pp. 1 1. J6°. Or/ord, S. A. 
Talboss, 1831. 

DiomerJe; from the Hiad, by William 

E, Smith. 52 pp. 8°. New York, D. Apple- 
ton ii CO. 1869. 

Selections from the works of Homer. 

See Williams ( Rev. J.) 

Homme (Ii') de bonne compagnie: ou, I'art 
de plaire dans la socifii^, [etc, aiioji.] 3° 
!78pp Ipl W F'ris UFrieur 1810 

Honter (Johauo Ridimento \ra cus: 
giaphooLTimlibjui [iv] can 
graphicis elegantissimis M 
gTin Froachoter ]'i49 

Houthelm (Jobann Nicolaui 
Bebromi commentanus in su 
nem Pio yi pont. 
an mdcclxxTiu 

tabellis geo- 

i) Jnstinj 


kalendis Novemb. 

[pieudoa ] 

XVI 310 pp 1 1 sm 4° Leodii J F Bi 
tompierie 1781 

Justmii Febiomi de statu ecclesiic 

legihma potestate loman pontiflcis liber a 
gularis Ad lenniendo? diBsidenles m relig- 
rone cbrisljanos compos itus. \_psei(doii.'\ 
Ed. S". 26 p. 1.756 pp. 4='. BaUioni, 0. 
Evrardus, 1768. 
Hood(D.Jf.) The trio : a collection of three- 
part songs for female voices, designed 
ciatly for female seminaries, high scl 
collies, etc. 112 pp. sm. 4°. Boato 
Dilson if CO. [I^a]. 


Hood (Edwin Palton). Fragments of thought 
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ries. Reformation period, [ReginaM Pole. 
V, 8. of the whole work]. 8°. London, fi. 
Bendty, 186D. 

Hooker (See Edward W ) Memoir of mrs. 
Sarah Lanman Smith late of the mission in 
Syria, under the diiection of the American 
board of eommiss oners for foreign missions. 
407 pp 1 pcitia t 1.,° Boston, PerMns If 
Marvin l'*39 

Hooker (Rep Thomas) The sovles ingraft 
ing into Chiist Ipl. 30, 330 pp. 4°. 
London A Crooke 16 7 

— A survey of the snmme of church disci- 
pline, W herein the way of the churches of 
New England is warranted ont of the word 
and all exceptions of weight, which are made 
against it, answered. 4 parts in 1 v. 18 p. 1. 
396, 90, 46, 59 pp. sm. 4°. Landort, J. Bel- 
lamy, IGiii. 

Soap^t (.John, bishop of Oloticester). A decla- 
ration of tlie X holye commaundements of 
Almighty God, written Exo. xx Den. v. Col- 
lected onle of the scripture canonicall by John 
Hooper, with additions by the same maister 
Houper. 1061. 18°. [London], 1550. 

Hooper (John, m.a.) The advantages of 
early piety displayed in a memoir of mr. 
John Clement, surgeon, [etc.] Compiled 
from his letters and diary, and iuterspersed 
witli occasional reieetions. si, 190 pp. 8°. 
London, J. GiUet, 1813. 

Hoorn (Jau ten). Oost- en Weat-indisehe 
wai'ande. Vervattende aldaar de leef- en ge- 
nees-konst door Jacobus Bontius, Giilielmus 
Piso, en GeorgluB Markgi'aef. Hier nevens 
is hygevoegt de nieuw vejbeterde chirurgijns 

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Hoom (Jan leu)— continned. 

sheep-kist [door. J 

pp. 4 1. 96 pp. 

Hoom, 169:J-94. 
Hoom'beek (Joliaiio). Traefatus de rati 

conciouandi, TS pp. 1 1. lli°. Trajeet) 

Jtheaum, F. Halma, 1635, 

[/iBssENice (A.) CompeudUiinttaeolagiEe^ogr 

Hope (AsBott R.) Stoiies oi' scboal life. 
439 pp. 16°. ma York, Fiilm and 1 

The CoLe>vDrfh gboal. 


Tom'B tranhlEs; Btory of a boy who likeS lo Iiavelila 

Hope (Cecil), Seabury castle. [A novel]. 
98 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincalt S; 
CO. 1369. 

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teonth century. [aiioK.] a v. 333 pp ; 339 
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federacy. 9B pp. 13°. London, W. Free- 
Bin», [18G6]! 

Hopkins (Joeiah, d.d.) Conference hjn 
adapted to religious conferences and meeti 
for prayer, io which is added a selection of 
the most favorite melodies in common nse. 
309 pp. 18°. Aubiir»,{N.Y.)J.C. Derby 
* CO. 1347. 

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love RE a law ; or, moral science, theoretical 
and praclieal. lis, 342 pp. 12°. New Ym% 
C. Scribxer f{ ca. 1869. 

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theartof ehovt-vnitingbyamoreeasio, exact, 
compendious and speedy way. 191. 1 portrait. 
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Horstius Flsccns (Qnintus). Opera. Cum 
animaduorslonibuB et notia Danielis Heinsii, 
longe auctioiibuB. Idem librnm de satyra 
prtefiiit: [etc.] 16 p. I 317 pp.1 1.174,120 
pp. 16°. Lvgdaai Batavonim, Ladomnus 
ElztTirim, 1613. 


Horatlns Placcns ( Q a! ntua)— continued. 

[Opera]. FA stereotype. 3 p. ]. 288 

pp. 34°. Parism, F. Didot, 1800. 

[Carmina]. 193 pp. 1 pi, Zi°. Lon- 

dini, Gttl. Pickering, 1824. 

Works. [Lat.] Edited, ivitb explan- 
atory notes, by Thomas Chase. 429 pp. 
16°. PhUaddpkia, Eldndge Sf brotlur, 1870. 

The claasicftl student's translation of 

Horace ; or, the works, translated for class- 
ical students, [etc.] By H. P. Houghton, 
xiiv pp. 1 1, K, 382 pp. 16°. Limdon, LoBg- 
mattiBrown, Green Si Zongmans, 1854. 

Horace : The whole works, satires, ep- 

odes, odes, and epistles, translated literally 
into English prose, with critieni preface, 
essay on lyric metres, and notes, principally 
original. By Henry Owgan. 219 pp. 12°, 
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dl. Quie complactitur primordia lerum na- 
turalium omnium, artium ac sclentiarum. 1 7 
p.l. 220 pp. 121. 18°. IAp3ite,J.!tF.LMer- 
walii, 1675. 

Area Noie ; sive, historia imperiomm et 

regnorum il conflito orbe ad nostra teropora. 
16 p. 1.542 pp. 221. 18°. Lugdnni Bata- 
3iorum, ex, ojicina hackiana, 1666. 

Historia naturalis etclvilis. 11 p.l. 374 

pp. 18°. Lipsi/E, J. ^ F. Liideraald, 1679. 
[WMt hit Area MoiHe]. 

Orbis imperans. Totva orhis in trede- 

cim imparia dividitur, [etc.] 342 pp, 151. 

18°. LaibacJi, 1667. s. 

Horn (J.E) Le bilau de I'empiie. 4" 6d. 

8°. Paris. E. Dc-nta, 1868. 
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to the critical study and knowledge of the 
holy a crip lures. New od. from the 8th Lon- 
don ed. corrected and enlarged, [etc.] 3 v. 
in 1. 464 pp ; 493, 198 pp. 4 maps. I pi, 
8°. Nev>yoTk,R.Carier!(brothers,iim. a. 

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Horiie, Thotnthwaite & 'Wood. Gane- 
rai and (leacriptivo catalogne of philosophical 
apparatus, chemicals, etc. mauafactured and 
eold. Tiii. 185 pp. 7 1. 8°. Horat, Thorn 
thaaite * IPoud, 1848. S. 

Horta (Garcia da). Ste Orta (G. de). 

Horta (Pedro de). lufbrme medico-moral de 
]a penosiaBimB y rigorosa enfermedad de la 
epilepsia, [etc] 8p.l. SS4pp. svii.4°. Mad- 
rid, D. Arrojo, 1763. 

Horton (James Afticanus B. m. d. ) Physical 
and medical climate and meteorolog'y of the 
west coast of Africa; with valuable hiots to 
Europeans for the preserTation of health in 
the tjopioa. xii, 321 pp. 8°. London, J. 
Ckarchill Sf s<ms, 1867. 

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life, remarkable conversiou, and apiritnal 
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phy]. 216 pp. 1 portrait. 18°. INew Yo,-lc]J 

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3-23 jjp. 13°. Philadelpldn, J. B. Lipjiincott 
4- CO. 1869. 

HoruB Apollo or Horapollo. See Cauaain 
(N.) De symbolicse jEgyptiorum sapientia, 

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Physica particularis, auditoram usibus 

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moir of Hugh Williamson, m. d. Delivered 
November, 1819, at the request of the New 
York historical society. 8°. Nein York, 
Bliss Jr White, 1821. 

[New York hiatorical sooiefy. Colleef ioua, let ee- 

An inaugural addi'eas, delivered before 

the New York historical society, February, 

ISaO. 8°. Ncv> York, Bliss S; WhUe, 1821. 

^tkfi, ™\. '"°'' ^° " *"■ ° " """' 

HoHiuBZ (Stauislaw). Confntatio prolegome- 
nfln Brenty, quffi primum scripsit aduersus 
Petrum a Soto, deiude vero Pctrus Pnulvjs 
Vergeiius apud Polonos tejiiere dofendeiida 
suscepit. Cui aceesit libellus, de expresso 
Dei verbo, et clialogas de eo ; nura calicem 
laicis et osorea sacerflotibus pei'mitti, nc 
divina otJicia vulgar! lingua peragi fas sit. 
8 p. 1. 671 pp. aO 1. 10°. Lugduni, G. Roiril- 
lius, 1564. 

Hosmer (IVIargaret). Juliet, the heiress. 
230 pp. 3 pi, 18° Phitaddpkia,.!. P. Sketlg 
St CO. 1869. 

Lenuy, the orphan ; or, trials and tri- 

nmphs. ai-i5 pp. 4 pi. W°. Phitadelpkia, 
Porter » Coatcs, 1869. 

Little Eosie series. 3 v. 18°. Phila- 
delphia, Porter If Coates, 1369. 

i'b tiri'tplay dBye. 1 

168 pf 

I pi. 

Hoseche (Sidronins de). Las xvii el^an <)e la 
pasion de nuestro seiior Jesa-Cbristo, que 
escribio en verso latino, y tiadaxo eii verso 
castellano nu religioso observante. [Latin 
and Spanish}. 2 p. ]. viii, 325 pp. 3 1. 16°. 
Malaga, lus kerederos de F. MaHiyiex deAgui- 
tar, 1745. 

HotohklQ (Bra. B. B.) Upward, from sin, 
through grace, to glory. 293 pp. 16°. Phi- 
ladetjihia, presliyterian publication cominillee, 

HolOager (Johann Jacob). Umrof disserta- 
tionum biblico chronologiearum qua tum ex 
indicibus tcniporis, adventui Messiee aesig- 
uati, priecipua in Ixx hebdomailihus Danielis, 
(etc.) Jesum et in plenitndine tempotia 
uatum, etChristumessedenionatratnr. Prie. 
fationem de cbronologia aaora ejueqae serip- 
toribus prsemisit F. A. Lampe. 36 p. 1. 492 
pp. 12 1, 8°. TTOjecti ad Rhemim, J. A. Poul- 
«««. 1723. 

Hough (Franklin Benjamin). Agricaltuval 
statistics of the state of New York, by coun- 
ties, from the census of 1865, With a soiu- 
mary of agricultural statistics reported to the 
state ^ricultural society. J87 pp. 8°, Al- 
lany, C. Van Betilhaysen It sons, 1867, 

A history of Lewis county, in the state 

of Now York, from the begiuning of its set- 
tlement to the present time, iv, 319 pp. 22 pi. 
8°. Albang, MuBsdi !{ Rowland, 1860. 

Papers relating to Pemaquid and porta 

adjacent, in the present state of Maine, 
known as Cornwall county, when under the 
colony of New York. vii,136pp. 8". Al- 
lans, Weed, Farsons St co. 1856. 

The aiege of Charleston, by the British 

fleet and army, under tlje command of admi- 
ral Arbuthnot and sir Henry Clinton, which 
terminated with the surrender of that plae«, 
on the 12th of May, 1780. [anon.] 224 pp. 
2portmits. am. 4°. Albany, J. Munst.U.\^fn. 

The siege of Savannah, by the com- 

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Hough (Franklin Benjaoiia)- eoiitmned 
bined American and Ffeuth. fuices, unfler 
the command of gen, Lincoln and the count 
D'Eataing, in the autumn of 1779 laaoit ] 
187 pp. 1 portrait, am. 4°. Albany, J. Man- 
seU, I8ii6. 
Houghton (Mfti'y Arnald). Emilia of Lindi- 
nau j or, tlie field of LeJpsic. A poem, in 
four cantos, viii pp 21 300 pp 18° Pht 
laddpkia, M. Careg iai6 
Hongliton (Thomas) Eara nii, m ttms 
or, the compleat miner in two books The 
first oonSaining^ the libertiei lans and ens 
toms of the lead mines of Wiikxnoitb in 
Derbyshire. The second leachpth the art of 
dialling and levelling; grooves. With an ex- 
planation of miners' teims. 16°. Lundon, 
J. Hodans, 1740. 

(/« CoLLKorros of troallaea upon metnla, ate ad. 
1740, pp. 343-3191, 
Hoaper (John), See Hooper Johii)- 
Hours at liome ; a popular mgnthly of instruo- 
tioQ and recreation. Edited by J. M, Sher- 
wood. Nor, 1868, to Oct. 1869, v, 8-9, 8°, 
Nbk Yorli, C. ScribaeT &{ co. 1869. 
Houeman (C. ) A writing or daclnration from 
the law book to oliliterale the house of the 
revolver or aolav system. HA ad. vii, 354 
pp.aSpl. 8". Lundon, A.J. Falpy, ]8-il. 
Houtttiin (H.) Vier registers tot gemak der 
liefhebtierB van de natuurlyke historia en 
kruid-kunde. 1, Register van de drie rykeu 
der natunr nada 12*= druii van het Siet^rna [!] 
natuiK[!]vanC.Lineu3,L!etc] 3. Alplia- 
betiseb register van de iiollandache naauien 
der plauten. 3. Alphabetisch register van 
de latynsche naamea der planten na de Her- 
barius amboineasis van Q. E, Enmpliius. 4. 
Alphabetisob I'egister van de malejdsche 
naamen der planten. (i7,88,40pp. 4°. [n. 
Hovey (Alvab, d. d.) A memoirof thelife and 
times of therev, IsaacBaekua, 369pp. 1S°. 
Boston, Gowld 4- Lincoln, 1859. 
How (Thomas y.rf.if.) A vindication of the 
prol«stant episcopal church, in a series of 
letters addressed to rev. Samuel Miller, d.d. 
with preliminary remarks. xsKvi,493pp. 
8°. if™ York, Eastbiini, Ewk <6 co. 1816, 
How to amnee an evening party, A complete 
collection of home recreations, [hkob,] i:il 
pp. 160. New Voflc, Dick St Filzs'-rald. I8B9 
How Jennie found her lord, and how slie 
thanked him. By the author of the "Golden 
ladder series." [anon.] 90 pp. 3 pi. 18°. 
Nev! York, R. Carter ^ brothers, 1370, 


How to order any lands, so as it may retayna 
ail the moysture that falleth thereon, and to 
improve it thereby, [nnon.] 41. sm. 4*^. 
ILondoa, about 1650]! 




How Paal became an artist; or, "looking 
out" and "looking in." [aHon.] 131 pp. 
Spl. JS°. FliUadelghia, American sirndag 
school anion, 1869. 

How to be saved ; or, the sin ner directed to 
ir. lanoB. ByJ.H.B,] ia(i pp. 
Louis, J. If. McMyre, 18S5. 

Howard (Clarence J.) Howard's hook of 
conundrums and riddles, [etc.] 162 pp. 16°. 
New York, Dick tk Fitzgtrald, 1869, 

Howard (Edivard). Sir Henry Morgan, the 
buccaneer. 1 p. I, 351 pp. 8°, Paris, 
Baadry's European librarji, 1R42. 

Jack ashore. By the author of " Ratlin 

the reefer," etc. 3 v. 196 pp; 197 pp. 13°. 
PhUadelphia, Carey * Hart, 1840. 

The penitent boy, and other tales. 216 

pp. 3 pi. la°. Philadelphia, presbijteiiait 
board of pvhlicaliov, 1864. 

Howard (Marion). Annie's inflaeuce; or, 
" she hath done what she could." 251 pp. 3 
pi. 18". Philadelphia, presbyttrian board, 

Howard(T.E.) Outlines of composition. See 
Zander (H. J.) and Howard (T. E. ) 

Howe (Henry). Historical coliectionaofVir- 
giniii, Wiih geographical and statistical de- 
si^riptiana, [nnd] an historical and descriptive 
sketch of the District of Coliintbia. 544 pp. 
1 map. 14 pi. 8°. CMthston, S. C. Dabcock 
(f CO. 1840, 

Howe (Julia Ward), Passion-flowers, [anoM,] 
186 pp. f2°. Boston, Ticknor, Reed f 
■Ms, 1854. 

Ho^ire (Mary A. ) TherivalvolantcerB; or, the 
black plume rifles. 377 pp. 12°. New York, 
J. Bradbara, 1864. 

Howe (Samuel Gridley). The refugees from 
slavery in Canada Wast. Eoport to the 
fi'eedmen's inquiry commission, iv, 110 pp. 
8°. Boston, IVright S[ Poller, 1864, 

Howell (James). Lexicon tetraglotton ; an 
English-French .Italian -Spanish dictionary ; 
whereuiito is aiyoined a large nomenclature 
of the proper terms [in all the fowr) belong- 
ing to several arts aud scienees, etc. Divided 
to fiftie two sections ; with another volume of 
the choicest proverbs in all the sayed toungs. 
603 pp. 8°. London, T. Leach, [1659]. 

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Howgiil (l^anuis). The dawnings ot the 
gospel-day, and its light and glofT discov- 
ered. [Collected works]. 16 p. 1, 736 pp. 
3 ]. fol. London, E. Hoaka, 1076. 

Ho'wlaon (GeoL'ge H.) A treatise on ana- 
lytic geometry, especially as appliad to the 
properHes of oonicB ; inclading the modern 
inethodn of abritlged notation. Written for 
the malhemaUcal course of Joseph Eay.m.d. 
xxiv, 574 pp. 8°. CindiiKoii, IPilaon, Hin- 
kle ^ CO. 1869. 

HoTOltt (Mary). Pictorial calendar of the 
se^ons, exhibiting the pleanares, pursuits, 
and charaeteristica of country life fot every 
month in the year, and embodying the whole 
of Aikin's calendar of nature. Edited by 
Mary Hewitt, viii, 567 pp. J3o. London, 
H. G. Bo*«. 1851. 

Howltt (William). The northern heights of 
Loncloii ; or, liislflrical associations of Hamp- 
stead, Higligate, Muswell Hill, Hornaey, and 
Islington, xxvi, 690 pp. S". London, 
Longman', Green l( co. 1859. 

Ho-witt (William and Mary). Stories of En- 
glish and foreign life. 2p.l.496 pp. iG°. 
Londoa, li. G. Bohn, 1853. 

Hows (John A.) and Street (Alfred B.) Fo- 
rest pictm^s in the AdirondaclfS. By John 
A. Hows. With original poems by Alfied B. 
Street. 2 p.1.63 pp. 16 pi. sm. i". New 
York. J. G. Gregory, 18^5. 

Howson(Kej!,J.S.) Thelifeand epistles of 
St. Paul. See Conybeare (Rck.W. J.) and 

Hoyer (Johaun Gotltned) Gescbicbte der 
k<inste and wissenscbalten ^eit dei wiedei 
hevstellung derselbcn bis in das ende i3es 
aehtzehnten jahrhanderta hiebeate abthei 
Inng. Geschicble dei n athematik u Ge 
sohichte i3er kuegsknnst 4 v 8° Got 
iingen, J. G. Eosenbach, 1797-1800 

Hoyne (Temple S.) Clarification of a few of 
the "new remedies" according to the parts 
of the botly acted upon. After the plan of 
Bonuingbaoeen. (Seprint from W. H. O.) 
2pl. Tii, 70 pp. 8°. St. Louis, (_ SI 0.) H.C. 
G. Lustiet, 1868. 

Hoarte de San Juaii (Juan). Exnmeu de 
ingenios : or, the tryal of wits. Discovering 
the great diflerence of wits among men, and 
what sort of leamiog suits best with eacb 
genins. Published originally in Spanish. 
And made English verse, by mv. [E. ] Bella- 
my. aOp.1.503 pp. 

Hubbard (Wfu. William), A narrative of the 
Indian wars in New England, from 1607 I 

J677 [^d ed ] 


Ml, J. 

loyh, 177^ 

Hubner (Johaun) Zweymal zwey uad fUnf- 
zig auwilesene bibhsclie historien aus dem 
alten un<i neuen testamente, [etc] Erate 
amenkaniaihe auflage \, 335 pp. 12 1. 104 
pi 12 HarriabuTg, W Wheii If W. Bayer, 

Hubner (Julrai) Bilder-bievier derDresdaer 
gallTie Mit original-iadirungen von H. 
Burkner, u.a. 2 v. 291. 27 pi ; 31 1.27 pi. 
8°. Dresden, R. Enntse, [1857]. 

Hiibner (Otto). Die aolltarife aller lander 
gesommelt, iiberaetzt, geordnet. Mitangabe 
dessilberwerthes der Terschiedenen zollw^h- 
rangeu in thalem uad gulden, [etc ] 3° ant- 
l^e. iv, 390 pp. 8°, Isertohn, J. Baedeilfr, 

The same. Zweite abtheilung, l.lief. 

erung. 2 p. 1.72 pp. 8°. Tserlohn, J.Bae- 
deker, 1869. 

{Rev. Charles). 

A aeries of letters 
Ballou, of Boston : 
being a vindication of the doctrine of a future 
retribution, against the principal arguments 
used by him, mr. Balfour, and otbeia. 308 
pp. 16". Woodstock, {I'l.) D.JViilson, 1^7. 

Hudaoii(Davia). History of Jemima Wilkin- 
son, a prea«heress of the eighteenth century -, 
containing an authentic narrative of her life 
and chalaeter, and of the rise, progress, and 
conclusion of her ministry. 208,xipp. 13*^. 
Geneva, (N. Y.) S. F. Hull, 183L 

Hudaon (Rop. Henry Norman). Lectures on 
Sbakspeare [leted] 3v "tii336pp-2 
p.l.348pp 12° ^eleiorl• Baker St bcrib 
«er, 1848 S 

Hudson (James) Eejort on the adjudica 
tion of the Copley Run fold' anil royal 
medals and appomtment of the Balteiian 
Croonian and Tairchild lectnias Co npiled 
from the documents in the aichives of the 
royal society 1 p 1 62 21 pp 4" Loa 
doH, B Tai/tor, 18^4 

Huet(P]erre Daniel) Opostnladuo quorum 
iinnm LSt De optimo genere inteipletandi el 
do clans inteipretibiis alteium Da ongiao 
fabulaium romanensium Ed 1' veneia 
xvi, 2l6pp. 31. I.Wpp. Iportiait. 1C=. le 
neliis, B. Milocco, 1757. 

(John T.) Doniphan's expedition ; 
ing an account of the conquest of 

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Hughes (John T.)— coutiuued. 

New Mexico, [etc.] With a life of col. [A. 

W.] Doniphao. 407 pp. 6 pi. 1 map. 12°. 

Cincinnati, J. A. S; U. P. James, 1850. 
Hughee (Mjuy, late Robson). The life of 

William Fean, abriiJ^d and adapted to the 

use of yonag persons. 193 pp. I portrait. I 

fao-simile. 13°. London, IV. DarUm, 1823. 
Hughes (William Carto'). Tbe American 

miller and millwright's assistant. SSS pp. 

13°. Detroit, Harsha If Hart, 1850. s. 

Hugo (Victor Marie). L'hommeqnirit, 3»6d. 

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Tbe same. The man who laughs. 

[Partsi-ii.] From the French. Translated 

by William Young, vi, 351 pp. 1 portrait. 

8°. New York, D. Jppleton It cc 1869. 

The hunchback of Notre Dame ; or, Le 

rem the French. 61 pp. 8°. 
B York, about 184;J]. 


fl, T. SJ. 

if Iceland ; or, the demon of the 
north. A romance. From the French, hj 

J. T. Hudson. 

I pp. 


J. H'inchestcr, [1844]. 


Hugo de Saoeto Victore. Opeva omnia tribns 
tomis digesta studio d. T. Garzoni, poatillis, 
8c vita auctoria espolita, et in lucem edita. 
Sv.inJ, fol. Mogmttia, A. Hierat, 1617. 

V, 3. EruditioDes theologicie. 

Huguet (A. M.) Der monat marz, ^er 
ehrung des heiligen Joseph geweiht, [etc.] 
170 pp, 16°. New York, and Cindnnaii, 
Bemiserbrolkers, 1869. 

Huish (Robert). An authentic history of the 
coronation of his majesty king George the 
fourth, with a full and authentic deWil of 
that august solemnity; [with] concise history 
of the coronations of the kings of England, 
from the Saxon heptarchy, to the present 
time. 2p.l.3l4pp.l 1.6pl. 8". L<mdon, 
J. Robins S; CO. 1831. 

Hull (John,in.rf.) A defence of the cesarean 
operation, with obsetvations on embryulcia, 
and the section of the symphysis pubis, ad- 
dressed tfl W. Simmons, 330 pp 7 pi. 8°, 
Manchester, R. ^ W. Dean, [1798]. 

Hull(fici'.MoBe3). The question settled. A 
careful comparison of biblical and modern 
apiritualiam. 335 pp. 12°. Boston, W. 
White * CO. 1869. 

Humboldt (C 1 Wilh 1 ) Eel j 

thought i p 171 1 } 16 

ton,W.C hytfHFAIl 18. 1 
[NOTE.— ma m B 

Humboldt (F d h H h Al 

Yon). V h b d g t mt 
und nerv tas b t m h g 

den cL mi h p ces des 1 b 
tbier- und pfl 
8pl;I| 1 468pp ft 

Ex m to 

3 4 p 1 496 pp 

g4o graph d t t 1 

progr^s d 1 aa m 1 1^ 15 t 

16"»sieeles. ^v. 8°. Pans, Girfe, lo36-39. 

Minerva. Ensayo politico sobre el 

reyno de Nueva Espana, sacado del que pub- 
lics en Frances A. de Humboldt. PorP. M. 
de Olive 2\ 448 pt 4b2pp 11 8° Mad 
rd JfMBR. 1&1« 

Eeisen unl foisehuogen Eme ge 

drangte e zal lung winer wandeiungen in 
den aeqnmoctial gegenlen Anienkas und im 
as atisohen Russland Nebst einer zusam 
menstellUDg semei n luhf igsten untersu 
chungpu H s w vondr W Macgilhviay 

I p 1 XXIV 430 pp 1 ! 1 map 7 pi 16° 
Leip tg BaamgHriner IS''^ 

Reseaiches onceming the institutions 

and m numents of the ancient inhabitants 
ot Ameiica intl descnptions anl TiewB of 
tie most Btnking scenes m the Coid lleias 
Translated [f om the Fiench] by Helen M 
Willams 2( iv4llpp8pl 334 pp 

II pi &° London Longman 1814 
Hume (Res, Abraham). The leained societies 

and printing clubs of the United kingdom : 
being an account of their respective origin, 
history, objects, and constitution ; with full 
details respecting membership, fees, thoir 
published works, etc. xxxii, 307 pp, 8°, 
London, Longmans, 1847. g. 

Hume (David). The history of England, 
from the invasion of Julius Csesai-, to the 
accession of Hemy vii, [etc. Isted.] 2v. 
viii, 434 pp ; viii, 446 pp. 1 1. 4°. London, 
A. MiUar, 1762. 

The history of England, under the 

house of Tudor, [etc.] 3 v. viii, 403 pp ; 

iv, 403-739 pp. 4°. London, A. Millar, 


{History of England, v. a-41. 

The hiskiry of Great Britain, v. I. 

Containing the reigns of James i. and 

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Hvuue (David)— continued. 

Charles i, vi,473pp, 4°. EilMurgh, Ham- 
aion, Balfour S; Neill, 1754. 
[matory of Buglaaia, v. 5]. 

The Game. y. 2. Containing the coiii- 

mo[iwe»]lh, and the leigns of Charles ii. and 
Jftme' il. 1 p. 1. », 459 pp. 4°. Loitdoa, 
A. MiHar, J757. 
reiKlory of EiiglBna, t. 6]. 
Hume (Sophia). An culiortation to the ia- 
liabitants of the proviiiee of Snuth Caiolina, 
to bring their deeds to the light of Christ, in 
their own consciences. [With] some oc- 
eount of the author's experienea in the im- 
port snt business of i-eligioo. J 64 pp. 18°. 
Dublin, I.Jackson, 1754. 
Htunphrey (Ren. Edward Porter). Oar theol- 
ogy initsdeyelopmants. 90pp. 18°. F/iila- 
ddpkia, prcsbyleriaa board of pubticotion, 
1857. s, 

Humphreya (Henry Noel). A history of the 
art of prltnivigfrora its inventioD to its viiSe- 
spread developuieut in tlie middle of the six- 
teenth century. Preceded by ft short account of 
the orijriu of the alphabet, and of thesuoees- 
siveuiethodsofreeording events before the in- 
vention of printing. !M issue. aiipp.ll.SI6 
pp. lUOpl. fol. London, B. (luaritch, ^SG8. 
Hunt (Freeman). Hunt's merchauta' mag- 

aaine. See Merchants' (The) magazine. 
Huilt (Jaines Henry Leigh). Hunt's London 
jouTDttl, [etc.] V. 1-S. From Wednesday, 
April 2, 1834, [to] Thursday, December 31, 
18.^5. 2 v. BU). fol. London, C. Knight, 
Hunt (John P. ) Hunt's gazetteer of the bor- 
der and southern states. Sec Long (K. H.) 
Hunt (Nicolas). The hand-midd 
tick refined : shewing the variety and facility 
of working all rules in whole numbers and 
fractions, after most pleasant and profitable 
w^es, [etc.] 15 p.1.676 pp.81. 16°. Lon- 
don, J. Boter, 1633. 
Hunt (ffeii. Timothy Dwight). The past and 
present of the Sandwich islands ; being a 
series of lectures, \o the first congregational 
church, San Francisco. 189 pp. 16°. Sun 
Francisco, Whillon, Towne St co. 1853. 
Hunter (Robert,™, d.) Apopular treatise on 
colds and affections of the air passages and 
lungs. Keviaed from the Otli Loudon ed. 
75 pp. ia°. Nevi York, J. Miller, J8b7. 
Hunter (William). Select melodies; com- 
prising the best of those hymns and 

.0 be found in Ihe 


Hunter CWilliam)— continued. 
Manderd method'stepiaaopalhymnbook as 
alst a number of original pieces 390 pp 
■1'° Ciacmnati published In) the raelhodist 
bo kconcem 184B 
Huntington ( Ben Lijah B) atamfoifl =ol 
diers memonal 166 pp 8° S( nford 
{Conn^atahor 1869 
HmitIngton(Fay,yseM(!on?) Inearuest; or, 
Edith Palmer's luotto. 319 pp. 3 p!. 16°. 
I'hUadelphia, J. P. Skelly * co. ISSd. 
Htuitlngtou (George). Amusements, and 
the need of supplying healthy recreations for 
the people. 2d ed. 84 pp. 16°. Loudon, 
J. Parker &■ co. 1868. 
Huntington (Jedediah Vincent). Bosemary ; 
or, life and death. 1 p. 1. 5SS pp. ] pi. 
12°, New York, D. Sf J. Sadtier St co. 1860. 
Huntington (Joseph, d. rf.). Calvinism im- 
proved ; or, the gospel illuslmted as a sys- 
tern of real grace, issuing in the salvation of 
all men. 231pp. 8°. Neio London, (Conn.) 
S. Grcea, 1796. 
Hurd (John R.) Hjponoia; or, thought* on 
a spiritual nnderslnuding of the apocalypse, 
or book of revelBlion. With some remarks 
upon the paronsia, or second coming of the 
lord Jesus Christ, and an appendix upon the 
man. of sin. [anon.] xvi, eixii, 707 pp. 
S". Nete York, Leavitt, Trow S; co. 1844. 
A national bank, or no bank ; an ap- 
peal to the common sense of the people of 
the United States, especially of the laboring 
classes. 104 pp. 8°. New York, W. E, 
Dean, 1S43. 
Huaaey (Joseph). The glory of Christ tm- 
veir<3 ; or, the excellency of Christ vindi- 
cated in his person, love, righteousness, etc. 
being the explication of the mystery which 
was kept secret since the world hegau ; oc- 
casioned hy divers errours in the writings of 
mr. John Hunt, [etc.] 5 p. 1. 918 pp. 97 1. 
1 portrait, sm. 4°. London, J. and D. 
Bridge, 1706. 
Hoasey (Samael F.) A brief examination of 
Asa' Eand's book, called a "Word in sea- 
son ;" with a refutation of some of hia erro- 
neous statements and chaT^eq, against the 
people called "Quakers;" whereby his 
work will appear out of season. 938 pp. 
12^. Satem, T. C. Casking, 1891. 
HuBsey (Zimri, >n.rf.) Brief instructions in 
i use of the perfect adjuster, [for use in 
■glcal operations]. 90 pp, 8°. Cincin- 
H, Xarskali Sf Laaglry, 1854. S 

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Hutohinaon (Petev Orlando}. Cliioilicles of 
Gretna Green. 2 v. vii, 307 pp. 1 pi; yii, 
284 pp. 8°. London, R. Bentleg. 1844. 

HutchiDBon (Thomas). A collection of orig- 
inal papers relative to the history of tbe col- 
ony of Massachusetts hay, Boston, T. Si 
J.FItel,nm. [Reprinted.] 2v. ivpp, 11. 
!i,3a4pp; 4 p. 1.354 pp. 4"=, Albamj, (N. 
r.) I8H5. 

fPjiIKCE Eocrslj pUblipatlODBl. 

Hutohinaon (William). HiHtoiy anil an- 
tiquities of the county palatine of Durham. 
3 V. 4°. Durlutm, O. Walker, 1823. 
Hutten (Ulricli von). Eqvitis, [etc.J Vliichi 
de Hvtten ad B. Pireltheymer Bpistola, qvaei 
vitie Bvje rationem, et tempofvra in qvie ietaa 
ipsiva inoidit conditionem Ivcvlenter desorip- 
sit. In Ivoem. denvo protvlit, et coramenta- 
rivni qvo hvivs fata et morita exponvntvr, 
BUbiecit lacobvB Bviclthard. 1 1 p. 1. 940 pp. 
8 1. 18°. WolfeubvUel, Q. Frey tag, i7\7. 
Huyleubroncq (Alphonae). Vindicaliones 
adversna famoaam libellum appelati 
bam alteram, fioto nomine editam. anno 1714. 
3 V. in I. 10 pp. 3 1.30, 348 pp. 1 1; 149 pp. 
2 1. ]()". Braxeilia, A. Claitdinol, 1715. 
Hyanintlie (Charles Loyson, Itnoien as father). 

See Ii03rsoii. 
Hyde {Rev. Alvan). A new-year's sermon, 
pi-eaehed at Lee, Jan, 1st, 1804. SS pp. 8°. 
StoMridge, (Mass.) U. WUlurd, 1804, 
HyginuG, gramatkus, and Polybiua, Hy- 
gini gromatici, ot Polybii raegalopolitani, de 
castria romania quie exstant. Cum notia et 
adveraionibuB quibua aocedunt dissertationea 
E, H. S[chBlii]. 38 p. 1. 328 pp. 10 1. am, 
40. JmsleCadami, J. Pluymer, 1660. 
Hymn book for chriBtian worship. [Unita- 
rianj. 8th ed, xssiupp.l 1.552 pp. 13°. 
Boston, Walker, IVise S; co.tSGi. 
Hymn book for Sunday schools. Publiehed 
under the patronage of the Providence asso 
elation of univeiealists. 64 pp. 32°. Prou- 
ideitie, (B. /.) Marshall !f Hammond, 1839. 
Hynma for the camp. 3d ed. revised and en- 
larged. 137 pp. 32°. IRickmondl aboul 
Hymns for clmreh and home. Compiled by 
membera of tho protestant episcopal church, 
as a coutribtition, to any addition that may 
be made to the bymnB now attached to the 
prayer hook. 376 pp. 18'^, Philaddfliia, 
.1. B. Lippincott * co. 1860. 


HymnB (The) of "happy voices," without the 
music 244 pp. 4 1. 24°, New York, Amtr- 
ioan tract society, 1867. 
Hymns to Jesus. From the early English. 
32 pp. aq. 32''. Neio Ym-k, E. P. Button * 
CD. 1870. 
HymnB, selected from various authors, for the 
nse of the evangelical association, and all 
lovers of pious devotion. 4th ed. 480 pp. 
18°. New Berlin, {Pa.) J. C. Reisner, 1846. 
Hymns for social woiiship. Selected from 
Watts, Doddridge, Newton, Cowper, Steele, 
and others, [obdjj. By O. E. Kingsbury]. 
468 pp. 33°. New York, Amerteau tract 
society, [1840]. 
Hymns and apiritiial songs, for the use of 
chriatians ; including a number never before 
published. [uiiOTt.] 246PP..V1. 32°. Lex- 
ington, (Kg.) J. CharlBSs, 1803. 
HymnB for Sunday aehools selected from vaii- 
ors. [nno«. ByS.B.W.] aOSpp. 
eio York, G.Lant, 1846. 
Hymns for Sunday schools, youth.and children. 
[«no«.] 331pp. 32°. New York, Curlton 
S; Porter, l&W. 
Hyponoia. See Hurd (John A.) 
Iberia (La). Memoria sobre las ventajaa de 
la union de Portugal yEspaKa. 9»ed, [etc.] 
Preeedidado la traduecion del prologo, escrito 
por " un jornalista portuguez," [etc. anon.'] 
170pp. 8°. MadTid,M. Bivadimyru. 1853. s. 
Idatins. IdatiiepiEcopiclironioou,etfaBticoit- . 
aulares. Opera et studio J. Sirmondi, anno 
1619. fol. Parisiis,typographia regia, 1696. 
[/nSlRMOHH (J.) OpEravariB, t.S. col. SSe-3M]. 
Ignatine, or Henrieus a Sancto Ignalio. 
Artes jesuiticas in snsiinendia pertinaciter 
novitatibns laxitat ibusque souiomm. Cle- 
meoti pap^ xi. atque orbi nniverso denuu- 
tiat£e per ChtisUanum Aletophilum. Ipseu- 
dun.] ed.3». 6p.]. 582,17pp. 11. 13°. 
Argentorati, A. Eerckhoven, 1717, 

Ignatius. Epistles to the Epheaii 
Magn^ians ; the Tralliana ; the ] 
the Philadelphians ; the Smyrnjeans 
Polyciirp. 8°. Edinburgh, 1868. 

;8 WKtfl. 



Epistles after the Syriac 

Polycarp ; to the Ephesians ; Co the Romans. 
8°. Edinburgh, 1868. 

(Amte-niceke chriaUfln library, v. 1. pp. U19 to 

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Ignatius — conCiuned. 

Spurious epistles. To theTarsians ; llie 

AntlooWanB ; to Hero ; Mary, the proselytt 
to Iguatinp; to Mary at Neapolis! to at. 
JoliD, tlie apoEtle ; second to st. Joba ; t( 
the virgin Msry. 8^. Edinburgh, 

[Ant _ _ 


pp. 4 

Ignatitis de Loyola (Saiat), De 
virtute, epistola. 32°. ParisUs, 1673. 
U" AqUAVlYA (O.) IndnattliB aS ourandos anlniie 
morbo!, oto. pp.37a.a01]. 

lUinoie (Geological suvvej of)' A. H. Wor 
tben, director, v, 1-3. 4". Chicago, legis- 
lature of Illinois, 

f. J. 

D. Whiiney, 

qnsrsui, nir 



11 maps an 




7 and A. H. 

an. DeBcrin- 

eliTdtea. By 

?. B. Meek and A. 



nB. By Leo 
Opl, 1868. 




H. M. Bsudu 

■-/ ] 



Illuminated (Tbe) western world. [Aiveek- 
ly] doroted to romance, general lit 
fashion iind society, gossip, curi'ent 
Jan. 3, to Deo. 25, 1869. v. 1. fol 
York, FrBBck f Wheat, and The tnestem world 
Eompany, II 

niuatrated annual registerof rural affairs, for 
ia''i5-5e-57; 1858-59-60; 1861-62-63; 1861- 
65-66 [and] 1867-68-69; [or], Rural affairs : 
a practical and copiously illustrated register 
of rural ecouoniy and riu'al taste, including 
country dwellings, improving aud planting 
grounds, fruits and flowers, domestic ani. 
mala and all farm and garden processes. By 
J.J.Thomas. 5 v, 8°. Alba«y, {N.Y.) L. 
Tmketfson, 1869. 

• The same. The illustrated annual regis- 
ter of rural aifeirs, and eultivatov almanac 
for the year 1869, coutaiuing practical 
gestions ibr the farmer and horticulturist. By 
J. J. Thomas. 19°. Mhaay, (JV. Y.) L. 
Tucixr * son, 1869. 

lUuBtrated (The) catholic family almanac, 
for the United States, for 1870. 12°. Nem 
York, Catholic puMicatioa society, 1869. 

niuatrated <The) London news. July, 1868, 
to Dec 1869. v. 53-55. fol. Loadon, 0. 
C.Zdghton, 1868-69. 

niustratioa (L'): journal universel, oru£ de 
gravures. 1843—1365. v. 1-46. fol. Paris, 


UlTiatrirter balander flir 1868 lund] 1869. 2 
V. 8o. Leipzig, J. J. Weber, 1868-69. 

Iluatracioii amerlcana de Frank Leslie. See 
Iieslie (F.) Illustrated newspaper. 

Iluatracion (La) meiioana, publicada por I. 
Cumplido. Tomo 1-5. 5 v. 4°. Mexico, 
I. Cumplido, 1851^55. 

Iniageues (Las) de nuestra seiiora, milagro- 
samente lialladas. [anon.] 424,34 pp. am. 
4°. [».p.«.rf.] 
(THLe pags wanting]. 

Imbert (Bar(b61emy). Le jugement de Firis. 
Poeine en iv chants, [Avec ceuvres raS- 
l^BB]. Ip.l.yjii, 200pp.4pi. 8° Am- 
sterdam, 1772. 

Imltatlone (De) Christl. De contemptv mvti- 
di: sive de imitatione Christi libri qvatvor. 
Aucta^e Joanne Qeisen abbate vercellensi, 
ordinis b. Benedicti. Nunc primiim In His- 
pauia lecusi, iuxta editiones parisienses. 1 
p.l. 544 pp 32°. Sulmaaticee, L. Perex, 

Imperio (El) de la ley. La justicia y la ver- 
dad, [etc.] For un oficial que fafi de la Or. 
E. P. [axon.] 168 pp. 13°. MadHd, A. 
Santa Cvloma, 1848, 8. 

liiohofer(MelcHor). Eu genii La vandse nine- 
vensis, notte astrum inextinctvm fr. Komani 
Hay snis radiis iulcrstinguentes. [psejirfun.] 
3p. 1.161 pp. 16°. \_Amstdodami, J. Blaeu], 
1641. s. 

Independent (The). [A religious weekly]. 
Theodore TUton, edit-or. Jan. 1868, to Dec. 
1869. v. 20-21. fol. NeiB Yoric, U. C. 
BotoeB, 1868-69. 

Independent (The) chronicle, and the uai- 
yersal advertiser. [Boston weekly]. Jan. 
14, 1799, to Dec. 25, 1783. 5 v. fol. Bos. 
ton, Poicars ^ Willis, and Nath't. Ifitlis, 

The same. Independent ohronicie. 

July 16, 1807, to March 30, 1812. 5 v. fol 
Boston, Adams, Bhoades * co. 1807-12. 

Independent (The) gazetteer ; or, the 
chronicle of freedom. [Philadelphia weekly]. 
April 13, 1789, to Dec. 31, 1789. 9 v 
and 4°. Philadelphia 

Independent (The) ledger, and the Ameri- 
can advertiser. [Boston weekly]. Aug. 
5, to Dec 30, 1789; March 99, 1784, to 
Dec. 19, 1785. 9 v. fol. Boston, J. W. 
Folaom, 1789-85. 
[NOTE.— Aug.-Dec. 1783, iBiorcaJMSii Bjil* Boston 

EieazeT Oswald 

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India (De) einaqno gloriosa juventute, sei- 
mones habiti a rhetoribua yienneasibus, 
[etc. anon.-] I p.l. 196 pp.3 1. 6 p, 1, J8°. 
FienNce, IP. Schaendimatin, 1736. 

Indiana (State of) Eeport of the adiutant 
general Cuntaming Indiana la tlie wai ol 
the rebellioD, and Btatiat:cs aud documents 
V. ] and -^ h° ludmnapolK, A H Con 


Inetitiit i 

i Btale of tbe natioi 
of the present udmi 
id ed. 319, xvi pp. 

n (Gaspai Moles) Vmyeieal metodo 
'oioa, y ramillete dn florea latinas 
y costellitiias, sacadaa de diveieos autoies, 
[etc] 8p 1 7&0pp 11 BO Zaragoga, 
J. de Lanaja y QnurMuet, 16J8 S 

Ingham ( Ren Predeno, pscsidoa ) See Hale 
• (Rei>. Edward E.) 

Inglla (James, d.d.) Sermons; with Bome 
of his forms of prajei'. v. 1. 389 pp. 1 por- 
trait. 8°. Bailimore, N. 0. Max)Bell,i820. 
Ingraham (Rev. Joseph Holt). The aveng- 
ing hrotbev : or, the two maidens. JOO pp. 
16°. Nea York, R. M. De Witt, ]869. 

The eagle crest ; or, the dnlte's heir. 

100 pp. 1 pi, 18°. NeiB York, R. M. De 
Witt, [1868], 

Moloch, the money lender ; or, the 

beautiful Jewess. 100pp. ifP. New York. 
K. M. De Wilt, 1869. 

The pillar of flie ; or, Israel in houd- 

^e. 600 pp. 1 pi. 16°, New York, Harper 
4-bTothers, 1866. 

The prince of the house of David ; or, 

thi'ee years in the holy city. Being a eeriea 
of the letters of Adina, and relating, as if by 
an eye witness, all the scenes and ivondeifnl 
inuidentd in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. 
Mew ed. 472 pp. 2 pi. 12". New York, 
Fuditey If Rasseli, 1859. a. 

The red wing; or, Belmont, the buc- 

canneer of the bay. 100 pp. I pi. 16o. 
NeiB York, R. M. De Witt, 1869. 

The southwest. Byayankee. [onoB.} 

3v. 376 pp; 394 pp. VZ-^. Neii? York, 
Harjier S{ brothers, 1835. 
The throne of David : from the conse- 
cration of the shepherd of Bethlehem, to 
the rebellion of prince Absalom. In a series 
of letters addressed by an Assyrian ambas- 
sador, resident at the court of Saul aud 
David, to his lord and king on the throne of 
Nineveli. 603 pp. 5 pi, 16°. Boston, Roberta 
brothers, 1866. 

The wbite wing; or, the pirate of the 

rigolets, 100 pp. 16°. (Vsin York, II. M. 
De WUt. 1868. , 

Prance. Annuaire pour 
1868 et 1869. 2 v. 12°. Paris, imprimerie 
impMale, 1868-69. 
InHtniocion pastoral de los obispos de L^ridn, 
Toitosa, Biueelona, Urgel, Teruel y Pam- 
plena, al clero y pueblo de sus ilioc^sis. 
lpolsoii.2 2p.l.356pp. 8°. MMaga,Mar- 
tiaei, 1813, 



chenweten in Wilrtemberg. 

vop consistorial-regulator Miiller. 

8°. Stattgarl, J. F. Steinkeff, 1^2-24. 

[7b Seubeiit (e. C.l OhrJsUich-prolostantlselio 

Internal (The) revenno record and customs 
jonmal. Jan. to Doc. 1869. v. 9-10. 4°. 
New York, P. Vr. fan Wyck, [186!)]. 

International exhibitions. Ste ExhiMtion. 

luternatlonal fisheriea exhibition, 1867 
Beretning oiii den internationale fiskeriad. 
stilling i Bergen i aaret 1865. U<igivet af 
udstilHngs-committeen, 2 p. 1, xsv 
5 photographs. 28 pi. 4°. Bergen, 
Beyer, [1805]. 

Introduotion to the history of America. 
[rtBon.] 208 pp. I map. 16°. Philadel- 
phia, Yomig $! M'Cullocli, 1787, 



p. iJOS- 

Invalid's (The) work. [By M. E. P. 
anon.] 120 pp. 18"^. Philadelphia, pi'es- 
hyierian ptiblieaiion eontmiilee, 1865. 
Inventaiium monnmenlorum superstitionis. 
English chorch fnrnitnre, ornaments, and 
decorations, at the period of the reformation. 
As exhibited in a list of the goods destroyed 
in certain Lincolnshire churches, 1566. Ed 
ited by Edward Peacoclc 272 pp. 3 pi. 8°. 
London, J. Camden ffoftcn, 1866. 

loTva. Geological survey. First and second 
annual report of progress, by the state geolo- 
^si, [C. A. White], and the assistanl, [O. 
H.St.John], and chemist, [G.Hinriohs],on 
the geological survey of the stale of Iowa ; 
together with the substance of popular let- 
ters contributed to the newspapers of the 
stale auring the years 1866 and 1867, [etc.] 
384 lip. 8°. Des Iffmnes. F. W. Palmer, 
slate printer, 1868. fi. 

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pers and legal iustriinients under the haad 
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ment of Hamlet, from the original mss. in the 
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[Abtk-mickke librnry, T. 5 and fl). 
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l/n aTONK (W L.) Tlifl poetry nnd lilsWirj of Wy- 

Hiotone de Hew York, depais le com- 
mencement du oionde juHqu'3, la fin de la 
dominatmu bollandaise. Far Diedriek Knick- 
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2t 3p 1 J50pp; Ip.l.SMpp. 8°. Paris, 
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la^as. Qnie supersunt. S°. Lipsiie, 1770. 
V. 7]. . e a e, 

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cumferuntur coilectua. 34 I, fol. Lugdimi 
Betavarvm, 1. Putins, 1600. 
(/« VULCASms, or Srait (BonBveuliu'a). Thesoiivus 
iLliiiwquo lipgvffi ; etcl 


Isocrates. Orationes et epistolsa, Kecognovit 
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[DiDOT, Bibliotli#gBe sracque, v. 52]. 

latria (£i comtesse Dora d", pseuiton.) See 
Ghika (Helena). 

Italy. Ferrovia alpioa italo-svizzera, [or] 11 
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I'aspetto degli interessi commerciaU. Bela- 
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4°. Firenze, Tofmii, 1866. a. 

Le opero pie nel 1861. [t.2-3]. 4°. 

Fireme, tipogriffia d 

OomparUinento della LIpif la. 
OomijarllDieato della Louittardia. 
Eelazione sail' andamento delle am. 
dipeudenti dal mlnistero dell' 
inlei-no, nell' anno 18(56 presentata dal minis- 
tro al parlamento, il 32 diceuibre. 3 p. }, 338 
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Direiiime delta staiistica generale. Sta- 

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Bilanci provindali, anno 18ti6-67-68. 8°. 
FiTcHze, Tofani, 1868. s. 

Minislro di agrieollPra, irtdastria, e com- 

mercia. AtH ufSziali della prima sessione del 
cougresso delle camero di eommercio e pro- 
posta di programma pieseutata al ministro 
d'agiicoltura, mdustrja e commeiuo dal d. 
Pietro Mies til 133 pp 9° Ftrenie, To- 
/flBi 1867 s. 

IndustuammBraiia Anno 1865. 

4° Milana FtTenze,atabtlimealoCwdli,lti^. 

The same Industiia mineraria. 

EelBBiom dtgl ingegnpii del real eorpo delle 
mmiero 8° tzren-c, tipogmjia Tafani, 

mm 8. 

Mtntalro dell firtanze Taiiffa generate 

ilelle dogane itahane iibtampata in lelasione 
alle modificazioui inlervenute a tutto il mese 
di settembre 1866. Con appendice della cir- 
culare del mlnistero delle flnanze no. 78, 6 
febraio 1864, pec I'applicazionB del trattati di 
navigazione e di commercio tra I'ltalia a la 
Francia, [etc.] 330 pp. 8°. Torino, 
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Miuintro deW istruzioHe pahhlica. Bi- 

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dei saccessori Le Monaier, 1865. a. 

II biianeio della pubblica istiu- 

sione del regno d'ltalia per I'anno 1863. Ee- 

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Italy— eoQti nneiJ . 

lazione alia camera tlei depiitati tlol profos- 
sore Aogelo Messeilaglia, a noma delU com- 
missioae generale del Mlaocio. I p. I, 140 
pp. 8". MUano, tipogrofia dtUe ingcgneri, 

MinistTO delta marina. Movimento della 

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1868. S. 

The game. Movimento della 

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aarii spoeiali. 4 v. in 5. 8°. Torino, E< 
nco DiUviazio, 1864-67. i 

1 rllFgutiira di Ubri, da B. I^i, e a A. Avouai 
I VJuL SfilBdODl di E. B(>rtone dl Sninbar 
Vatrl e dHbIhUI, da A. Sebraro. CeranilcB.lHE 
»1s, da G. Sella, Sale, e MBHtl dl setn da t 
Bema. Cotanl, I,. UoUanabl. Mobili ei oe 
e«ti d'addnbro, da 9. Blcbnrd. OIU, oraHBi 
CMB, da D, a. Fingcohleni. 
t. Mappe a caHe. MmbuBtlblil fogslU, sail, solfo 
mannioBltrtprodolU lltoidl, dH L Odcc^I. Pm 
dDtH Tegendl Bdopewtl uelle arU, da F. Farln 

EsposizionB universale del 1857. 

fielaaioni dai giarati ilaliani. Volume primo. 

Itard (Jean E. Marie Gaapard). An Iiistorical 
account of the dlBcovery and educatioo of a 
savage man, or of tlie first develop to en is, 
piiyaicftl Mid mora), of tho young savage 
caught In the wooda near Ayeyron, in the 
year 1798. [Translated from the French]. 
148 pp. I portrMt. 16°. London, R. Pkii- 
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Parnassns, The outlaw's bride, [etc.] and 
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Ivlson and Phinney, publisliera. Deacriptive 
catalogue of beoke, [etc.] Ill pp. 3 pi. 8°. 
Nod York, Imson ^ Piinney, 185S. s 



Jaokson (iPee.Henry), An account of the 
chnrehea in Ehode Island. Presenlecl at an 
adjourned sessioQ of the twenty-eighth an- 
nual mealing of the Rhode Island baptist 
state, convention, Providence, November 8, 
1853. 134 pp. I pi. 8°. PrOBideace, 6. H. 
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3d ed. 2p.l.9ljpp,6p]. 8°. Albang, 
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aick without medicine. 537 pp. 1 portrait. I 
pl. 13°. DameiUe, (N. ¥.) A«s!in, Jach- 
son St ca. 1868. 
Jackson ( Jamea Grey), An accoant of Tim- 
buctoo and Housa, territories in the interior 
of Africa, by El Hage Abd Salam Siiftbeeny ; 
with notes, critical and eiplanatory. [With] 
letters descriptive of travels tlirougii west 
and south Baibary, and across the mountains 
of Atlas, [etc.] iii, 547 pp. 2 maps. 8°. 
London, Longman, Harst, Reel, Orine Jr 
Brotca, 1830. 
Jackson (Jonathan). Thoughts upon the 
political situation of the United States ; that 
of Massafihusetls. particularly considered ; 
witii observations on the oonstitntion for a 
federal government. By a native of Boston. 
[««««.] 209 pp. 8°, Worcester, I. Thomai, 
Jackson. (Rev. Thomas). Curiosities of the 
pulpit, and pulpit literature; memoiBbllia, 
anecdotaa, etc. of celebrated preaehciB, from 
the fourth caitury of the christian era to the 
present time. 380 pp. 16°. London, J, 
Hogs *«»«. [1868], 
Jackson (William). Old-faahioned wit and 
humour, in verse. With a prefatory letter of 
approbation and eulogy, from the late emi- 
nent poet, the rev. George Crabbe. llSpp, 
8°. London, J. MackiBood, J860, 
Jacob (John J.) A biographical sketch of 
the life of the late captain Michael Cresap, 
reprinted from the Cumberland ed. of 1836, 
[etc.] withnotes and appendix per W.Dodge. 
158 pp. 4°. CiacinnaH, (0.) J. F. Vklhoin, 
Jacob (P. L. bibliophile, paeiidoa.) See La- 


Jacobs (Christian Friedrleh Wilhelm). The 
first part of Jacobs' Latin reader, adapted to 
Bullions' Latin grammar; with an introduc- 
tion on the idioms of the Latin languao^ ; an 
improved vocabulary ; and exercises inLatln 

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Jacobs (Cliristiaii Tried. Willi.)— continued, 
prose composition, on a new plan. By rev. 
Poter Bullions, d.<i, 29tli ed. 336 pp. 15°. 
NeiB Ynrk, Pratt, Woodford & eo. 1853 

Jacobs (Miss Ssirah 8.) Memoir of inv, Bela 
Jacobs, a. HI, compiled chiefly from his Jetters 
and joaroals, by hia daaghter. With aaketch 
of his charactei-, by Barnas Sears. 305 pp. 

1 portrait, 16°. Boston, Gouid, Kendall Sr 
Lineotu, 1837. 

Jacquemart (Albert) and Le Blaiit (Ed- 
mood). Hiatoire artistiqne, industrielle ot 
commerciale delaporiMlaiue. Aocompngii^e 
de lecherches sur lee snjets et embl^mes qui 
lo d^corent, les marques et iDseriptiona qui 
font reconnoitre les fabriqnes d'oii elle sort, 
[etc.] 690 pp.28 pi. fol, Paris. J. Teche- 
ner, 1861. 

Jaoqnemiii (Ilaiile). L'agricuUare 3e I'Alle- 
magne, et les mojens d'am^liorer celle do la 
France, avec une introduction sar I'icEtruc- 
tiou ^^icole de la population des campagnes, 
etc. 3 p. 1.341 pp. e°. Paris, larairk 
(trangerc, 1843. s. 

Jacgnot (Charles Jean Baptisle). MiSmoires 
de Hinon deLenelos. Par Eugene de Mire- 
court. Ipseudon.] I^dition illustr^e par J. 
A, Beauefi, etc. 2 y. 2p.l,476pp. 10 pi; 

2 p,l, xvj, 431 pp. 1 1. 10 pi. 8°, Paris, 0. 
Havard, 1857. 

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aoatomje des Nilcrocodils. Eine inaugural 
dissertation. 30pp. 11. 12°. TUii«ge«, iS37. 

Jager (George Friedrieh), Beitrage zur yer- 
gleichenden uaturgescbichte der thiere und 
des menscten. Inzweireden. 2 p. 1. 71pp. 
8°. StttUgart, J. R. MetzUr. 1830. 

Jahn (Johann). Knchiridion hermeneuticfe 
generalis tabnlarum yeteris et uoyi foederis. 
Till. 188 pp. 8°. VUnna, in libraria Camt- 
sina, 1812. 

Appendix berraeneutica:, seu esercita- 

tiones exegeticte. Fasciculus 1-2. 2 v. 
1 p. 1. svi, 282 pp ; 274 pp. 1 1. 8'=. Vim- 
niG, iatUtraria Cameaina, 1813-15. 

Jaihi (Georg Heinrioh Gottlieb). The clinical 
guide; or, pocUet-repertory for the treatment 
of acute and chronic diseases. Translated 
by Charles J. Hempel, ni.d. 2d American 
ed. from the 3d German ed. enriched by the 
addi^on of the new remedies, by Samuel 
Lilientbal, m. d. 3 p. 1. 624 pp. 12°. New 
York, BiBrirJie Sf Ta/el, 1869. 

The yenereal diseases ; their pathologi- 

c;al nature, correct diagnosis, and homceo- 


Jahr (Georg Heiiirich Gottlieb)— continued. 

pathic treatment, [etc.] Translated, [from 

the Prench], with nnmerous additions, by C. 

J. Hempel, m. d. 20,42Bpp, 8°. New 

York. W. Kad^e, 1868, 
Jamblicliue, chalcidensis. Tbe pjthagoi'io 

symbols, with the esplanations of Jambli- 

chus. [Translated by W. Bridgman]. 8°. 

London, W. Bridgmim, 1804. 


.s (W.) 

pp. 63-1183. 

James (George Payne Rainsford). One in a 
thousand ; or, the days of Henri qnatre, 
2v.ini. 219 pp; 206 pp. 12°. NeuiYorIc, 
Harper fr h-otJiers, 1836. 

James (Honry). The secret of Swedenhorg: 
being an elucidation of his doctrine of the 
divine natural humanity, xv,243 pp. 8°. 
Boston, Fields, Osgood ^ co. 18G9. 

James (JUrs. Orrin). The border rivals; or, 
the mill-flume mystery. 97 pp. 18°. Nem 
York, BeadU * co. [18ii3]. 

James (Maria). Wales, and other poems. 
With an introduction, by A. Potter, d. d. 170 
l.p 11 12° NewYorh J 5 Taylor 18^9 

James {Ker William) The maniagaof the 
kmg s son and the guilt f unheLef two 
seimonH With some memoiial of hjs Ufe 
142 pp 11° New \ork 4 D F Raa 
dolpk i, CO I'lea 

Jameson {Mrc Anna) Winieistndien und 
sommeistreitereiea in Canada Em tagebucli 
von mro Jameson Aus flem Eughschen 
ubersetzt von AW iv P° Braun 
sdaeeig, F. Pteweg Si sohn, 183J. 

JamiB (Nicolas). Placido a Escolastiea, sobra 
el modo de portarse en el mundo, en lo per- 
teneeiente il la religion, [etc.] Obra escrita 
en Franc^, y traducida al C^l«llano por <i, 
G. Qaijano, Ue'c] Hp.l.322pp. 16°. 
Madrid, M. Escribano, 1783. s. 

The same. S'' ed. 4 p. 1.322 pp.2 1. 

18". Madrid, B. Romun, 1792, H. 

Vevdttdevo antidoto contra los malos 

libros de estos tiempos : o tratado de la lec- 
tura cbristiana, [etc.] Esorito on Frances 
[etc.] y traducldo al Castellano por Q. Qui- 
jano. lj:siv,334 pp. I8'\ Madrid, M. Es- 
crUano, 1784. it. 

Janet (Paul). Le matSrialisme contemporain 
en AUemagne. Eiamen du systfime dn dou- 

teuT Bttcbner. ix, 183 pp. 
BaUliire, 1864. 
Janet's bun, and other i 
[anoB.] 190 pp.5 pi. 1* 
AraericaH sanday school Hti^ 

12°. Paris, G. 

iries for girls. 
r, 18(15. 

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Janeway (Sev. Jamea). A token for eMl 
Jren, being an exact accoant of tho oonver. 
sioc, holy and exempiavy lives and joyful 
deaths of several young children. To which 
is added, a token for the children of New 
England. With new addiiions. 156 pp. 
16°, Baslon, Z. Fomle, 1771. 
Jansen (Michel). Le guide du fabricant da 
meables. Album aar I'^bfiiiisteiie. 2 p. 1. 
38 pi. obi. 4°. Patii, diez I'aiUrMT, [1344]. 
Januarlo (Josephus Aurelias de). See Gen- 

Janvier (Emma N.) Agnes Morton's trial. 
381 pp, ie°. CiKcimali, HUcIkocIc ^- Wal- 
den, 1870, 

The yonng gpvemeaa ; or, aunt Sibyl's 

cottage. pp.l3(>to98l. 16''. Cineinnati, 
Hitchcock 4- Walden, \S70. 
[WiHAgneB Morton's trial]. 
Janvier (Francia De Haea). The skeleton 
monk; and other poBuis. 148 pp. 
Fhiladdphia, J. Ckallcn ^- son, 1861. 
Jardine {Sir William). Tbe iehuology of 
Annandale; or, illastrations of footmarks li 
pressed on the new red sandstone of Corn- 
cockle mair. 1 col. title, 17 pp. 13 
fol. Edinburgh, lilkographtd and printed foi 
the aatlior, by W. H. hilars, 185.1. s. 

Jarratt !^Kes. Devereus), Life, in a series ol 
letters adaressed to tbe rev, John Coleman, 


some important subjects 
idea of letters to a friend. 
■re, Warner (( Manna, 1806. 

84 pp. 16°. Baltimi 
[With Ms Life.] 

Jarrige (Pierre). Nachricht von den vielen 
laatern welehe die jesniten in der provinz 
Gvienne begangen haben ; nebst seiner ver- 
autwortunganfdieverlaumdaugendes Jacob 
Beaafes und einer benrtbeilung der jesniten 
ilberhaupt. Ans deni Franzdaiaehcn and 
Lateinischen iiberaetzt. 286 pp. I 1. 8°. 
Breslau, Gosohorshy, 1761. 

Jaufry the knight and the fair Srunissende. 
A tale of the times of king Artlmr. From 
the French version of Mary-Lafon, bj Alfred 
BIwes. Illustrated [by G«staveDor6]. 156 
pp. 8 pi. HO. New York, Wiley Sf Hal- 
sted, laj?. 

Jauna (Domiuique). Histoire gfin^rale des 
roiaaraes de Chypre, de Jerusalem, d'Ar- 
!n6nie, etd'Egypte, coraprenant les croisadee, 
ut los faits, lea pins m^morablea, de I'empire 
ettoman, [etc. anon.] 3 v. 32 p. 1. T60 pp. 


Jaima (Dominique) — continued. 

3 maps, 3 pi; 1 p. I. pp. 76W439. 1 pi. 2 
maps. 4°. Leide,frirea Murray, ITffii. 

Jay(John, istcJiief justice of the United States). 
See Federalist ( fhe) 

Jay (John C ) A catalogue of recent shells 
with descriptions of new or lare speue? in 
the collection of J C Jay 21 ed 81t pp 

4 I. 4 col pi b° Aew iork [an!/ or] 
1836. s 

The same A catakgueof the abells 

arranged acording to the Lamaickian ays 
lem ; together with desciiptions of new oi 
rare species ontained in the collection of 
John C. Jay Jd ed 131 pp 10 col pi 4° 
New York Witep l^ Patmm 1839 s 

Jay (William) A -new of the ael on of tbe 
federal g lemment in behalf ol slavery 
217 pp. 13° New Yoik J S Taylor lb39 

Jednota ku povzbuzenf prun * slu v Cecbieh 
See Verem aur eimunteiung dea gewerba 
geistes in Bohmen. 

Jefferson (Thomas, '6d president of the United 
Slates). Inaugaral speeches and mess^es. 
[With] tbe inaugural speech of James Mad- 
ison. 126 pp. 16°. Boston, S. G. SnelUnff, 

A manual of parliamentary practice, 

composed originally for the nae of the senate 
of the United States. To which are added, 
the rules and orders of both houses of con- 
gress. 188 pp. 16°. Concord, 6. Hough 
SeJ. B.MooTB, 1833. 

Melanges politiqnes et philosophiqnes 

extraits des m^moirea etde la correspondaoce 
de Thomas Jefferson, prgcfid^s d'un essai aur 
les principes de I'Scole sm^ricaine et d'une 
ti'aduction de la constitution des Etats-Unis, 
pur L. P. Conseil, aveo im commentaire tire 
de Totttrage public, sur eette constitution, 
par W. Eawle. 2 v. 2p. 1.468pp ; 3p. 1. 
475 pp. t 1. 8o. Paris, Paulin, 1833. 

Jeffries (John P.) The natural history of the 
human races, with their primiKve form and 
ori^n, primeval distribution, distinguiabing 
peculiarities ; anUqnity, works of art, [etc. ] 
Also, an account of the construction of the 
globe, changes of its surface, [etc.] with 
other interesting matter, 380 pp. 4 pi. 8°. 
Nevj York, W. O. Jenkins, 1869, 
Jef&ys (John), A serious address to the peo- 
ple of the church of Enghind, in some obser- 
vations upon tbeir own catechism. To which 
are prefix'd some passages of his life, written 

by Google 

Jeffrys (JoLd) — continneil. 

by himself. 69 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, J. 
. Chailin, 1753. 
Jeiikta (0.) Two Ffeneh miirri^es. Copy- 

rigbled. 2v. a[)9pp: 29fipp. aq. 16° 

Leipzig, B. Taitcliniti, 1868. 

A Psjch 

Jenkins (Rev. Charles). Sermons. 407 pp. 
la". Purtlend, A. Sliirley, 183d. 

Jenkins (Sainnel) and Samuel (John). Let- 
ters on Welsh history, to which is added 
many of the triads. Also, a plea in behalf 
of the Welsh language, by J. Samaol. 326 
pp. 13°. FhUadelpliia, avtiwrs, 1852. 

Jennings (fieii. Isaa*). Memorials of a cen- 
tury. A raeord of individuals and events, 
chiefly in the early history of Bennington, 
Vt. and its first chnieh. 408 pp. 1 map. 1 pi. 
12°. Boston,GBidd fr Lincoln, 1839. 

J€r6mie ( ). Kelation, de la bale de Hud- 
son. 16°. ylms(erdam,J. F. Bcrnarrf, 1T20. 
IEkcueil d'arresta de la oomimgiile a'occldentl. 

JesBie Burton; ox, danger m delay. By the 
author of " Dr. Kendall's children and their 
cousin." [bhoh.] S22 pp. 1 pi. 16° Phil- 
addpliia. Am. aunilai) schaul union, [1869]. 

Jesuits or Societas Jesu. Bullte, decieta, 
canones, ordinationes, epistulse, etc. quie in- 
stitnti societatis Jeau inipreasioni antieipi- 
ensiaceesseruntab anno 1636. 4p. 1. 687 pp. 
16°. Aalicerpiie, J. Meursius, 1669. 

Canones congr^ationvm geueralirm 

societatis JesH. ]36pp.41. 16°. Antveijiiie, 
J. Meursiiis, 1635. 

Compendivm privilegiorvm et gratia- 

rvm Bocietatis JesT. J64 pp. 3 1. 16'-. 
Anlmrpi^iJ Mearsius, 1635. 

Constitvtiones societatis Jesvetesaraen 

crm deolarationibVB. 368 pp. 36 1. 16°. 
AtttveTptSfJ. MeJtrsim,lS3^. 

The same. Constitutions des j^uites, 

avec les declarations', Iraduites sui 
tion de Prague. [Par Saboureoi, 
3v. 12°. fmn<a, 1762. 



- Decretacoiigregatiouvm geueralivm 
cietadsJeeu. 474 pp. 151. 16°. Antverpiie, 
J. Meursina, 1 635. 

Epitome instituti societatia Jesu. svi, 

647 pp. 16°. Braxellis, P. Fan de Vdde, 

- Indei 

lueralia i 

Jesuits — continned. 

InstrvcHones ad provinciales et svperi- 

ores aoeifltatis. Auotoritate congregationis 
vii, ut direetioces tantSm, seoraim impresase. 
liapp.41. 16°. Antverpiie, J. Mmrsiiis, 

Letterie npostolicse, quibus insMtntio, 

eonfirmatio, et vaiia pririlBgia contiuentur 
societatis Josn. 384 pp. 10 t. 16°. Ant- 
verpia, J. lUeaTsius, 1635. 

Ordinaliones prsBpositoram geueralivm, 

communes toti societati, arctoritate seplim^ 
congregalionis generalis contraclte. 146 pp. 
51. IG"^. Antiierpiie,J. MeuTsins, 1635. 

Ratio alqve institvtio atvdiorvm socie- 
tatis JesT. Ayctoritate septimse congrega- 
tionis geueralis sucta. 174 pp. 16 1. 16". 
Atttveipiee, J. MeKrsiua, 16.S5. 

EegvlsB societatis Jesv. 286 pp. 1 I. 

16°. Bmrellii, G. SckovaHiua, 1626. 

— The same. Begulie societatis Jesu. 

Avotoritate aeptlmiB oongregationis generalis 
auetre. S76pp.a5 1. 16°. Antverpi^, J. 
Meurains, 1635. 

Jesaites (Les), marchands, usnriere, usiirpa- 
teura, et leurs cmanl^s dans i'ancien et le 
nouveau coutinent. [adoii.] viii, 38i pp. 
1 1. 12°. LaHtiye, Caitonf, 1759. 

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Henrielta Shiick, the first American female 
niisaionary to China. 251 pp. I portrait. 
16°. Buslon, Gould, Kendall Sf Lincola, 

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defended and improved, with directions for 
their proper construction and application, 
[etc.] 2*7 pp. 16°. Ne«i York, A. S. Barnes 
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rica; his exploraUons and niissionarj labors. 
301 pp. 8 pi. 16°. Cincinnati, Hildicock Sr 
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Jew^bury (Geraldine Endsor). The aristocrat : 
an American tale. By the author of " Zoe," 
etc. [bb™,] 2 v. 260 pp ; 224 pp. 16". 
Philadelphia. Kty * Biddk, 1833. 

Jewsbury (Maria Jane). The three histories. 
The history of an euihusiast. The history 
of a nonchalant. The history of a realist. 
26i pp. 8'=, Boston, Perkins S( JUiirvin, 

Jimenea (Antonio Garcia). Nueva ortografia 
tcfirlco pr^ctica ; 6, coleccion de palabras de 
dudosa eacritura, para el uso de las oficinas, 
y de los que qnieran esoribir con todo cot- 

by Google 


Jimenez (Antonio Gaicii) — coutinued 
fecdoQ, yoouforme al nltimo diccionano de 
la lengua CEistellana. \i 164 pp 11 
Madrid, J 833. 

Joanne (Adolphe Laurent). Les environs 
Paris illnstrfei. 2' 4d. 2 p. I. xsyiii, 662 p 

1 l.rpl, I map. 12°. Paris, L. HadiettB4- 
cie. 1868. 

Pontaineblean ; son palais, sea jardin 

sa forSt, et aea enTiions. 3p,1.319pp. 
maps. 16 pi. 12°. Paris, L. HacheOe <& ci 

Guide illustrfi du Toyageai' en Suisi 

et iOliamonix. 1 p.l.zxvin,510 pp.4pl.8 
maps. 5 plans. 12". Paris, L. Hadietle Sr 
cie. 1866. 

■ Le guitle parisien. Suivi de la liste al- 

phab^tique de iontes les rues et places de 
Paris. 1 p. 1. iv pp. 46 1. viii, 437 pp. 24 pi. 
13°. Ports, L. Hachelte Sr ae. 1867. 

Gnide clu voyageur en Europe. S' i3. 

2 p, 1. xxiii, 984 pp. 1 map. 12°. Paris, 
L. Hadime * eie. 1867. 

Johannes (Geor^, tke count). See Jones 

John <E. } CouQtess Gisela, By E. Marlitt. 
[pseiirfon.] From the German by A. Nnli- 
mer. 125 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Ntm York, Har- 
pers, 1869. 

The same. From the German of E. 

Marlitt l>y mrs. A, L. Wister. Ipseudon.'] 2 
parls. 424 pp. 16", Philaddphia, J. B. 
Lippincotl ds co, 1669. 

Gold ELsie. Fiom the German of E. 

Marlitt by mrs. A, L. Wiater. ipseudon.^ 
344 pp. 13°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippinattt 
^ CO. 1868. 

The old mam'selle's setret. By E. Mar- 
litt. [pscjuion. ] After the German by mrs. 
A.L.WiBler. 297 pp. 12". Fhiladdplda, 
J. B. LippvncoU f co. 1868. 

Overyonder. By E. Marlitt. Ipseadon.'} 

Translated from the German. Reprinted 
from Lippinoott's raagaaine. 43 pp. 1 pi. 8°. 
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exemplified in an American youth, [anon. } 
204 pp. 1 portrmt. 18°. Baliimore, J. Mar- 
phy If CO. 1UG9. 

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drew) on'i Johns. 

Jobnaoii (A. B.) A treatise on banking, pp. 
8 to 48. 12°. Boston, Phillips, Sampsoa & 
t«. 1851. 
[/n HOMAMB (L S.) Bankets' oommoaplace book!. 

°. London, T. War- 

unturiers flibiistiers. 
The useful plants of 
e upon the principal 


Johnson (A.N.) anrfWhlte (Jason). The 
young minstrel ; a collection of music for the 
use of schools. 8, 216 pp. 24°, Boston, 
G. P. Reed, 1848. 

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pyrates, from their fli-st rise and settlement in 
the island of Providence to the preaent time, 
[etc.] 2ded. 2 p. 1.427 pp. 3 pi. 8°. Lon- 
don, T. Warner, 1724. 

The same. 3ded. ) 

ner, 1735. 

See, also, Histoire des at 

Johnson (C. Pierpont), 
Great Britain ; 

native vegetables capable of application ai 
food, medicine, or in the arts and mannfae- 
tures. lUnstratad hj John E. Sowerby, 3 
p. 1. 324 pp. 25 pL 8°. London, If. Kent ^ 
eo. 1862. 

Johnson (L.) An elementary arithmetic, de- 
signed for beginners ; embracing the first 
principles of ^e science. 154 pp. 16°. 
Raleigh, {N. C.) Branson fr Farrar, 1864. 

Johnson (Samuel, II. d.) Johnson's English 
dictionary, as improved by Todd and abridged 
by Chambers ; with Walker's pronouncings 
dictionary, combined ; to which is added 
Walker's key to the classical pronunciation 
of Greek, Latin, and seriptnre proper names, 
sxviii, 1156 pp. 8°. FhUadelphia, Kimb^ 
4-SbarpU$$, 1841. 

Marmor norfoldense ; or, an essay on 

an ancientpropbeticalinscriptioo, in monkish 
rhyme, lately discovered near Lynn, iu Nor- 
folk. By Probus Britanicas. [jjseudofl.] 
[Bepublished in 1775, with a preface and 
notes by Tribnnns, dr. Pan?] 2 p. 1.59 pp. 
3°. London, M. Kieluirdson, 1^40. 

Johnson (William Woolaej). An elementary 
treatise on analytical geometry, embracing 
plane co-ordinate geometry, and an introduc- 
tion to geometry of three dimensions. 288 
pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincolt dt 
CO. 1869. 

Johnston (R.) Civil service precis, cimtain- 
ingfallinstructionsas to indexing and prScis- 
writiag, with l«n sets of exercises, set by the 
civil service examiners. 2 p. 1.186 pp. 13°. 
London, Longmans, Green If eo. 1869, 

See also, Jonston. 

Joly-olerc (Nicolas). Phjtologie univeraelle ; 
ou, histoire uaturelle et m^tbodiqne des plan- 
tea, de leurs propri^t^s, de leurs vertns et de 
leurcultnre, [el«.] 5v.iu2. 12°. Farii, 
and Leipmck, 1799. 

by Google 


Jomiiii (Henri, baron). Treatiso on gmnd 
military operationa ; or, a critical and mili- 
tary blstoiy of the wars of Fredorick tha 
gna,t, as contrasted with tbe modeiii aystom. 
Together with a few of the tooat impoitaol 
principles of the art of war. Translated from 
the French by col. 8. B. Holabird, u, s, a. 2 v. 
448 pp ; 496 pp. Atlas. Ti pp. 39 maps. 8' 
Ne«, York, D. Fb« mstrand, 1865. 

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scripture doctrine and practice, [etc] 154 pp. 
18°. Pliiladetiiliia, presl/yterian board ofptili' 


Jones (2?ev. David). A journal 

made to some natiaus of Indians on the weat 
side of tbe rirei Ohio, in the years 1772 and 
1773. With a biographical notice of the 
author by Horatio Gates Jones. [Bepriuted 
from the edition of 1774]. xi, 127 pp. B^. 
Nets York, J. Sabm, 1865. 

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and present ; or, recorda of an old mission 
station. 275 pp. 12°. Springjidd, S. Boales 
* CO. J 854. 

Jones (George). A letter to the Now York 
Herald, September 4. [In the matter of the 
Stow e-Bjron controversy]. 11pp. 16°. Lon- 
don,- r. Cooper, [J869]. 
[ Wiih Stowk-Bieom (The) eontmversj). 

JoiifiE (Hngh). The pi'eaent stale of Virginia. 
Giving a particular and abort account of the 
Indian, English, and negro inhabitants of 
that colony. [With] a short view of Mary- 
land and North Carolina. [B«printed from 
the ed. of J724]. 3 p.l. viii,]51 pp. 8°. 
ma York, J. Sabin, 1865. 

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on the Burns commemoration of 1859. The 
faneial of Canning, and other veraes. Ti, 114 
pp. 12°. London, A. W. Bennett, 1866. 

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knnjachen Indianer. [Aus dem Englischen]. 
1 p. 1. 343 pp. 1 pi. 16°. AltEvbarg, J. Hel- 
big, 1837. 



Jones (John B.) Wild western scenes; a 
narraljva of adventoves in the western wjld- 
emesa, Ibrty years ago; wherein the conduct 
of Daniel Boone, the great American pioneer, 
is particnlarly described, [etc ] By a sqnat- 
tar. [anoB.] 247 pp. 8°, Philadelphia, 
E. Ferrett * eo. 1845. 

Jones (Jo. Sea well). A defence of the revo- 
lutionary history of the atato of North Caro- 
lina firom the asperaiona of mr. Jefferson, 
lii, 343 pp. 12°. Bo»ton, C. Bo/een, 1834. 

Jones (Justin). Virginia Graham, the spy of 
the grand army. 165 pp. 8°. Boston, 
Luring, [1807]. 

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crystal palace. 12°. London, 
1854. s. 

An apology for the colouring of the 

Greek court in the crystal palace. 56 pp. 
12°. London, 1854. 

and Bonomi (Joseph). Description 

of the Egyptian court, erected in the crystal 
palace. With an historical notice of the 
monuments of Egypt. By Samuel Sharpe. 
71 pp. 1 pi. 13°. London, 1854. 

Jones (Eobert), A history of the French bar, 
ancient and modern j comprising a notice of 
the French courts, their ofScers, practition- 
ers, etc and of the system of legal education 
in France, xxxix. 251 pp. 8°. London, 
Benning S{ co. 1855. 

Jones (Thomas Wharton). The principles 
and practice of ophthalmic medicine and 
surgery. Edited by Isaac Hays, m. d. With 
iliuali'atioDB. xxjcvi, 17-509 pp, 4 pi. n°. 
Vhiladdpkia, Lea f Blanehard, 1847. S. 

Jong (D. de) Kobel (H.) and Salieth (M.) 
Nieuwe beschryving der walvisvangst en 
haringvisschery. Met vale byzonderbedon, 
daar toe betraklyfc, [etc.] 4 v. in. 1. 4°. 
Amsleldam, J.Roos, 1791. 

Jonston (John). An history of the wonderful 
things of nature; set forth in ten aeverall 
classes, [etc.] Written by Johannes Jou- 
stonus, and now rendrcd into English by a 
person of quality. 8 p. 1. 354 pp. &". Lon- 
don, J. Btreater, 1657. 

Jordan (William Leighton). A treatise on 
" ( action of vis inertiw in the ocean. With 
narks on the abstract nature of the forces 
vis inertise and gravitation, and a new 
sory of the tides. 213 pp. 11 pi. 1 map. 
. London, Longjnam, Green ^ co, 1868. 

Jornada de los cochea de Ma^id a Alcala, o 
satjafacion ol palacio de Memo, y a las apun- 
taciones a la carta del maestro de nitios. 
[hiidji.] 4p. !. 3S3pp. 7 1. sm. 4°. Zaragoxa, 

JBrres (Ludwig). Die freymaurerey ; oder 
offenbarung aller gebeimuisse, ceremonien, 
eides-formein, handgriSe und sinnbilder der 
drey erslen gi ode. Nach Moi^an und andorn 
schnftstellein. Hebst einer genanen be- 
schreibnng von der entfUhrung des William 
Morgan, und seiner wahrsobeinlichen. er- 

by Google 


Jorres (Ladwig)— contijiued. 
morduug duTcli die freymanrer. Mit einein 
anhangB, [ate.] viii, 164 pp. 13''. Penn- 
sylvanUtt, veTfasBBT, 1833. 

JbsS de 1b mftdre de Dios. Storia della vita, 
virtu, doni, e grazie di Pietro di H. Giuseppe 
Betaccur, fondalore dell' ordine betlemitico 
noir Indie ocoidealali. 13 p. 1. 333 pp. 18 I. 
1 pi. 4°. Romn, A. de Rossi, 1739. 

Joeae (Angustin Louis). Javenile biography ; 
or, lives of celebrated children. Inculcating 
virtue by eminent examples from real life. 
To which ara added moral reflections, ad- 
dressed to the youth of both sexes. Tians- 
latedbymvs.Cnmmyng. av. x, 443pp. 16°. 
LondoH, A. , 

Journal (The) of applied chemistry. Devoted 
to chemistry as applied 
factaves, metallui^y, and agricalture. Jan. 
1668, lo Dee, 1869. v.;t-4. 4°. m«> York, 
Dexter f co. 1868-69. 

JotiTnal des beaux-arls et des sciences par m. 
VribU Aahert, Janv-Sept 1768 3 v. (6°. 
Pom, P. Fr. Dido j une 68 
[NOTK.--Thesbore is a a Isu MSdioires 

kcowa HB Journal tl Trf 

Joumaldes^conom Re e ie ascieuce 

^coDomiqne et de la a q 26 aon^s. 

1841-1869. 101 V 
riB. 1841-69. 

Fa Qu ajiiaia S; 

3 s6Ao. 1 


8, 1854-1805. 48 v. 

Journal (The) of education foi Oofano [A 

monthly]. Edited by J. G Htdgins Jan 

to Dec. 1869. v. 23. 4°. Tomato HuaUr 

Soie ^ CO. 1869. 
Journal g&itol fle rimprimenettdclahbni 

rie. 1867-1838. S^B^rie. v. 11-13. 6^.in5. 

8". Pa^is, Fillet, 1867-68, 
Journal de S^nt Doraiogue. v. 1, Nov. 1765, 

jtmars 1766. 349pp.41. 16°. Cup-Franpnis, 

MaHe. (765-66. 
Journal of social science; containing the 

transactions of the Amerioaa association. 

Ho. 1, June, 1869. 2 p. 1.200 pp. 1 1. 8^. 

New York, Lespoldl & Holt, 1869, 
Journal (The) of epeeulative philosophy. 

Editodby Wm.T.Harris,[iajS-69]. v.2-3. 

8°. St. Louis, 6. Knapp <fc co. 1868-69. 
Jounial of the telegraph. A semi-monthly 

record of the progress of the telegraph, and 

of electric science. Dee. 1 , 1868, to Nov. 15, 

1869. V.3. 4°. NeujYork,J.D.Reid.'l\em-]. 


Journal de Tr^voni. See Memoires pour 
I'histoire des sciences, etc. 

Journeys into the moon, several planets, and 
the sun. Histoiy of a female somnambulist, 
[Pauline Dorathea Beuerly] of Weilheim.on 
the Teek, in the kingdom of Wuertember^, 
in the years 1833-33. A book in which all 
persons will find important disclosures con- 
ceminjr their fate hereafler. Translated from 
lie German, [uhdb]. 2p.l. 203pp. 12°. 
Philadelphia, VollineT i6 Haggcnraaeker, 1837. 

Jouvenoy or Jouvancy (Joseph). Institu- 
tiones poeticEe. 16°. Matriti, 1854. s, 

[In Colonic (Dominiqne da). De arte rbetorloa 
ILbrl qnlnqne. pp. 30»-1391. 

Ratio discendi et doeendi. 334 pp. 3 1. 

18°. Farisiis, J. Barbou, 1778. 

Jouy (Victor Joseph Etienne de). CEuvres 
compljltes; avec des gclairclssements et des 
notes. 27 v, 8°, Paris, Didot, 183:J-98. 

v.lS-91. TUMtrs. v.1-4. 
y.lS, ThSitra. ripp6-Sa6b, tras^dle. 
trflsfidie. S vLa, trngMo. JulLi 

T.19. Th6itre. y.a o'pSra. v. 1. Las 

IS. opfirB. P6laee, op6ra. 

3. MeLangea, Sa parlie. Boam-arts. Salnn de 
ISn. Salon Je 1810. Salon d'HorsssVamet. 
Diecom-s am I'ludnstcle ; d6^6 au commerce 

3-34, C€cile, na le» passJous. H v.' 
7. Table g^nSraJe des loaWraB. 
Jove y MuSiz (Juan de). El perfecto sacor- 
e, formado con algunas tan importantes, 
no debidafi, y oportnnas refiexiones, en 
CO disoureos, [etc.] xii, 344 pp. I 1, 1 pi, 
Madrid, J. Ibarra, 1774. 
Jovellauos (Gaspar Melchior de). M^oires 
politiquea, accompagn^a de notes, d'6clair- 

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Jovellanos (Gaapai' Mekliior de)— ooutiouecl. 
dssemeus 1iistor[que5 et de pieces jusdfica- 
tivea; prfieSdfia tl'ane notice bioffraphiqne 
sur Jovellanoa. 2 p. 1.316 pp. 8°. Pom, 
L. G. Mahaad, 1825. 

JovIuB (Paulus). See CHovio (Paolo). 

Juan de la Concepcion. Historic ^neral de 
Philipinas. Conqvistas espi litvftlea y tem- 
porales da eeEos espanoles domiuios, estable- 
cimientoB, prc^resos y decadencias, [etc.] 
14 T. Bm. 4°. MnnUa, etc. A. De la Rosa 
it Balagtas, etc. J7d8-93. 

Jaan de San Anastasio. CoIoquioB canfioieo- 
morales, sobre elecciones de legulai^es, Obia 
pfisEuraa. 10 p. 1.236 pp. 5 1. 8°. Mexico, 
1816. s. 

Juan de Santo Thoma. Eirplicacion de la doc- 
irina Christiana, y la obligacion de los fieles 
en creer, y oljiar. ]3« impresaion. 8 p. 1. 398 
pp. 18°. Madrid, a. Ramirez. i76(}. B. 

Juan J Santacilia (Jorge) and Ulloa (Antonio 
de). A voyage to South-America: describing 
the Spanish cities, etc. on tliat exteasire con- 
tinent. With the natui'al history of the 
coiiutry. And an account of their gold and 
silver mines. Translated from the original 
Spanish [by John Adamis]. 2 v. xvi pp. 4 1. 
509pp.5pl; 3p.l.4a0pp.Spi. a". London, 
Davis ^ Repmers, 17S8, 

Juanini (Jnan Bnutiata). Nveva idea physica 
natvral demonstrativa, ori^n delas mateiias 
qve mveven las coaas. Compvestas de la 
porcioo mas pvra de los elementos fragvadas 
en el caos, pvrificaiJas, y paasadns de poten- 
cia a acto en los ti'es primeros dias de la crea- 
tion del mundo, [etc.] Parte primera. 17 
p. 1. 345 pp. 19 1. sm.4°. ^aragofa, here- 
deroa de D. la Payada, 1685. 
[Parte a»wantiugj. 

Jtiicio imparcial aobre los biones eclesiasticos 
que dedica al venerable clero espaiiol d. J. L. 
G, [oNun.] li, S31pp.Sl. 16°. Madrid, 
J. Sam, etc. 1841. s. 

Julius and his parrot, A story which is partly 
fable, partly fact. By Una Loclio and Frances 
Lee. [pseurfoB?] ]48pp.2pl. 18=-. JVeic 
York, Carlton it Lanahan, 1869, 

Juiioker (Christian). Das guldeno nnd silbenie 
ehren-gedaehtniss d. Martini Lvtheri. In 
welchem desseu lehen, tod, familie und reli- 
quien, heuehst den vomehmstea geschichten 
d«r evangeliseheii reformation, [etc] 
schrieben, und aus mehr ala zweyhundert 
njedaillen [etc.] erklaret werden. 30 p. 1. 56S 
pp.61. ^2°. Sclilemingen, G. IV. GolHtl,170G. 

ir, selected 

n the word and 
6 pp, 7 1. 160. 


J gl Im (b nz or I'riodiich Wilhelm). 
T p g phis h ttnd naturwiasonschftftlicha 
n dn h Java, von df. Friedrich Jnng- 
hul n. Fn d kaiserl. leopold. carol, akade- 
n d atu f rschet aum druck befBrderl 
und bevorwortet durch dr. C. G. Noes von 
Esenbeek. Mit einem aas 38 lafeln und 3 
hohenkarten bestehenden atlaese. x., 518 pp. 
11. 8°. Atlas, 3 p. l.»r pi. 3 tab. obl.fol. 
Magdeburg, E. Baensch, J845. a. 

Juniua(R.) Thecnreofmispiisioi 
nol^, upon sundry questions it 
(of main concernment) betwet 
the world, [etc.] 4 p, 1. 1 
London, B. Allen, 1646. 

Juras Keales ( — , baron df.). Entretenimientos 
de un prislonero en las provirtclaa de! KIo de 
la Plata. See Moza (Benito Maria de). 

Juiieu (Pierre). Hist«iro critique des dogmes 
et des calles, bona et mauvaia, qui out 6t6 
dan8 I'^glise depnis Adam jusqn'^ J^us- 
Christ; o4. 1'on trouve I'origino de toutea les 
idolatries de I'aneieo paganisme, espliqu6es 
par rapport a celles des Juifs. 11 p. 1.809 pp. 
141.1 pi. 4°. Amsterdam., F.L'Honor6,\704. 

JuBte (Theodore). Essai sur I'histolre de I'ln- 
striiction publique en Belgique, depuis les 
temps les plus recnl^s jusqu'^ nos jonrs. 
viii, 393 pp. 8°, Braxtlles, A. Jamar Sf 
C. Hew. lelc.-] 1844. 

Justin (Placide). Politiscbe nnd statistische 
geschichle der insel Hayti, (St. Domingo, 
entworfen) naoh amtlicben berkhten [etc] 
des sir James Berskett. Nach deni Fran- 
zosischen beaibeitet von C G Hennig xvi, 
503 pp 8° r>niieburg F Ichumann 1837 

JustinuB Gitstino histcnographo olaiissimo, 
nelle hisiorie di Trogo Ponpeo nuonamento 
[de la lingua latiaa] m lingua tosca Iradotto 
et con somma dihgenza et cura stampato 
176 1. 8° [ isegvt PielTO de NttiAini da 
Sabio. 153o 

History taken out of Tiogns Pom 

puius : ixintaining the aSa rs ot all age? 
and countries fiom the beginning ot the 
world nutit the time ot the Bomau empe 
rors. With an a<.iCuunt ot Juatin fiom G 
J. Voaains Ttanslated into English by 
Eob. Codnngton 5th ed 7 p 1 ill4 pp 1 
pi. 18° London If Whitjcuod 1688 

Justinus tnartjiT Writings Tianslatcd by 
rev. MaiuuB Dods rev George Reith and 
rev. B P PiBtten Ho Edtabargh T &, T 
Clark 1868 

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Jutzl (George). Ermabnnngen 

terbliebetieu; Debet einem aubac^ iiber die 
eDteteiiung der arniechen gBDieinde, voji Sam. 
Zooli. Heranagegeben vou A. Stutzman. 

■, 336 p 

8°. 5oBi, 

, A, Stalzn 


Juvenalis (Decioius Junius). Satires. Witli 
a literal interlineal translation, on tiie Ham- 
iltonian system, with tbe life of Juvenal, by 
William Gifftiel. Translated by Hirftin Cor- 
son, la". Philadelphia, C/iarles Desitver, 

Ea titc tebeliiminang Jeaos, ondaje akirg. 
Oom masinaigan ki ojitogoban ka ojitog-obi 
nen luamie tipag^moSln niasinaigan, 8ak8i 
enaSindibauen. 396 pp. 18°. Old mtigSi 
biJaokelon John Lavetl, moniaiig : ate mi 
katefiilomaieSikaiiiikeng, Kanactagtng, 186: 
[ Witk AlAMiE lipadJimoS] nisaliudgau etc] 

Katijuet tier natuurljke biatorien, weten- 
Hchappen,fconstsn en bandwerkec. January, 
en February, [en] Maart en April, 1719. 
iaaon.i 6 p. I. 366 pp. 5 pi. 16=. Ai 
dam, H. Strik, 1713. 

Kalidasa. [The messenger cloud. Trans- 
lated in verse] by E. T. H. Gr 
Benares, (India), E. J. Laxaras ^ 
JJbTalmiki. Scenes from the Ramayaii. Bs S. 
T. II. Griffllb. pp. 131-lMJ. 

SaoontaM ; or, tbe fatal ring : 

dian drama. From tbe original Sanscrit and 
Pr&crit. [By Sir William Jones], xii, 
pp. 1 1. i°, London, EdiDards, 1790. 

Kalkbreimer<Friedrich W. M.) Treatisa 
barmony, for tbe pianist, contaiuiog general 
prLnciplw of modulation, for the acquire- 
ment of the art of preluding and of 
porizing, with examples. Translated by 
Robert Lincoln Cocks. 2 p. L 63 pp. 
London, R. Cocks j^co. 1849, 

Kalm (Pebr). En resa til Norra Amerika, pa 
tongJ. swenska wetenskapa Beademl 
falluing, och publlci koatnad. 3 * 
Sluckkelm, L.Salmus, 1753-61. 

KaminermBiateroj- Camerariue (Joaebim). 
Vita Pbilippi Melanchthonis. 8 p. 1. 428 pp. 
121. 160. Hags-Comilam, A. Vlacg, 16^. 

Kampeu (Nicolaaa Godfiied van) and Vee- 
gena (Daniel). Levens van beroemde 
nedeilanders, sedert bet midden der zes 
tiende eeuw. 2 v. 2 p. I. vi pp. I 1. 376 pp . 
!tvi pp. 1 1.444 pp l-o Ha rlen F Bohi, 

Kane (Elisba Kent) Kane le no Ipolfabrer. 
Arktiscbe fahrten und entdeck nge i der 
aweitonGnmidlex]el u r a in bung 


Kane (EJisba Kent)— continued, 
sir Jobn Franklin's in den jabren 1S53, 
1854, und 185.5. [Naob dem Englischen von 
F. Kieaewetler]. 2« auflage. xii, 288 pp. B 
pi. I map. 12°. teipiiy, 0. garner, 1859. 

Zwei nordpolarreisen aur aufsuchung 

sir John Franklin's. [Ana dem Englischen] 
deutsch bearbeitet von J. Seybt. 1 p. 1. 
xsviii, ass pp. 2 maps. 12". Leipzig, C. B. 
LoTck, 1857. 
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islative assembly of the state of Kanaaa, be- 
gun and held at Topeka, on Tuesday, Jan- 
uary 14th, 1868. 680 pp. 8°. Laarmct, 
(Kansas), J. Speer, 1868. 

House jotiraal of tbe legislative s 

sembly of the s 
held at Topeka, o 
1868. 1066 pp. 
J. Spm-, 1868. 
Kapp (Fried ric 

t of Ennsaa, begun and 
Tuesday, Jannaiy ]4tb, 
i°. Laicreace, [Kansas), 

Leben des ametikaniacben 
generals Johann Kalb. xiv, 306 pp. I por- 
trait. 8°. Stuttgart, Cetia, 1862. 

Kardoo, tbe Hindoo girl, and other stories. 
Compiled for tbe presbylerian board of pub- 
lication. [HBon.j 216 pp. 3 pi. 18°. Phila- 
delphia, presbylerian board of paiilination, 

Karlamagnua saga ok kappa bans. Fortttel- 
linger im koiser Karl inaguus og bans Iiev- 
ninger. Udgivet of C. E. Unger. cv, 56fi 
pp. 1 pi. 8°. Christiana, k. nord. univer- 
sitet, 1860. a, 

Karr (Jean Alphonse). Dictionnaire da pS- 
cbeur. Traits compiet de la pfiche en eau 
douce et en eau sal^B. Histoire, mteurs, habi- 
tudes des poissons, crustac^s, testac^s, [etc.] 
I*p. 1. 336 pp. 120. Paris, Gamitr frires, 

Kat (Hidde Dirks). Dagboek eener reiza Jer 
walvischen robbenvangst gadaan in de jaren 
1777 en 1778, met eene kanrtvan Greenland. 
1 p. 1. viii, 76 pp. 1 map. 8°. Haarlrm dt 

d A Loojs 1818 

Katho] ache k d engebote late n sch tind 
de ta b nach dem ron scben ssale nd 
bee samn t den gewohni cben andach a 
ubu gen [etc own] ^37 pp ^i° 
E s U geb I S-JVBn^rlH9 

Katech (Johann) Nonnulla de regimine 
fanitalis, juxta sex res nou nat u rales piaci la, 
ex Hippocratis et Galeni libria deanmpta 
cum aliis conitu neeassaria. 24°. flolwo- 
dami, A.Leera, 1677. 

1 Will, Resimen EinilatlB KalernitBnum. ei. 1(1771. 

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KawffmamiB (Joh^tin Gottfried). Pro statu 
flccleaife eatholicte et legltima potestat« ro- 
mani pontifiuis, contra JuBlini Pebronii juris- 
consnlti libruin ad reunienSoa diasidentes in 
religione christianos apologeticon tlieologi- 
com, 4p, 1,518pp. 21.4°. Cotonia Agrip- 
pinie, F. IV. J. MetleTnicli, 1767. s, 

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menscben, 244 pp. 12°. Philaddphia, C. 
ZentUr, 1825. 
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ot Goetlia, from the ori^nal drawinga, with 
explanatory test, l)j-G. H, Lewes. 49 1.23 pi. 
am, 4°. rfeio York, T. Shoefer, [1868]. 
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Blacken, 1868. 

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I). ApphloB & CO. 1857. 
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ler's interpreter! or, Arabic without a teacher. 
2<l ed. 3 p. 1. 172 pp. oW.33". London, 
W. MoDoicaa, 1844. 
Keaoli {Sev. Benjamin). The travels of true 
godliness, from the beginning of the world to 
tbe present day. In an apt and pleasing 
allegory. 144 pp. 1 porliait 24". Nea 

TpowoTtoyia: a key to Open scripture 

nietaphora, in four boolce. To which are pre' 
filed argumenta to prove the divine authority 
of the holy scriptures, [etc. ] Together with 
types of the old lesiamaut. 2 v. 4 p. I. xxiv, 
9S0pp.61. 8°. Lo«don,J.IV.F^B/iani,i77S. 
Keam (Peter) and Mickleborongb (John). 
A hand-book of map drawing adapted espe- 
cially l« the inapa in Mitchell's new series of 
school geograpbiea. 57 pp.25 col. maps. 4°. 
FkaaddpMa, E. H. Butler f to. [ 1869]. 
Keclit (J. Sm.) Doi verbesserte praJttischo 
weinbau in gorten, und vorEiiglich anf wein- 
bergen. Den amerikaniachen weinbauern 
gewidmQtvonH.B.Sfter. vi, 84 1.2 pi. 160. 
Reading, H. B. Sage, 1828. 
Keckeler(-lf™.T,Hartman, >B.d.) Thaleia: 
woman; her physiology and patholngy, in 
connection with maternity, with hygienic 
andmeiJical directloiia. [etc.] 1 p. 1. 357 pp. 
1 portrait. 12°. CimiBsati, A. T.^- T. H. 
KeckeUr. 1861*; 


Keckermann (Bartholomaus). Oper[a] om- 
ni[a] qvse extant. 3 v. 4p. 1. lOaOpp. II 1 ; 
8^ pp. 16 I. 132 pp. 3 1. M. Geneoffi, P. 
Aiibert, 1614. 
Keel (Leo). Feuer nnd flamme. In gebeten 
heiliger vater und gea^ngen Icatholisehor 
dichter; [etc.] 2p.l.4Upp. 24°. Ein- 
sMeln, C. ft if. BeHdgnr. 1869. 
Keetels {Prof, Jean Gostave). Progressive 
French series. Oral method with Fi'enob. 
In 3 parts. Part 1-2. 352 pp. 12°. Nm 
York, Skeldoa fr co. 1869. 
Keith (Alexander, d. d.) The land of Israel, 
according (o the covenant with Abraham, 
with Isaac, and with Jacob. 388 pp. 2 maps, 
17 pi. 12°. Wow York, Harper ^ brothers, 
Keith (George). The chiiatian quaker; or, 
George Keith's eyes opened. Good news 
from Pennsylvania, Containing a testimony 
against that &lse and absurd opinion which 
some hold, viz, that ajl true believers and 
aftinta, immediately afler the bodily death, 
attain to all the resurrection they espeet, and 
enter Into the full enjoyment of happiness, 
[etc.] 12 pp. sui, 4°. London, B. . 

Kelley (Caroline E.) Franky's little friend. 
124 pp.1 pi. 18°. Boston, H.Hoyt, 

Franky'a little meeting, 120 pp. 1 pi. 

18°. Boston, H. Hoyt, 1865. 
Kellogg (RffB. Elijah). Elm island s 

i. 1-4, 16°. Boston, Lee <6 Shepard, 

!. ThoaikofBlm 

pp.3 pi. 

.3 pi. 

Kelty (Mary Ann). Memoii's of the lives and 
peraecutions of the primitive quakers, exem- 
plifying the ot)edience of faitli in some of the 
early members of the society. 23 ed. xx, 
471 pp. 12°. London, Harvey ^ Dartan, 

Kemp (Ifeu. James). Sermon, delivered on 
iKd February, 18U0, b^ng the day of mourn- 
ing appointed by congress foi- the death of 
gen. George Wa.shingtou. 15 pp.7 1.4 por- 
traits inserted. 12°. Easton, (Penn.) J. 
Cowan, 1800, 

Kemp (Dr. T. Lindley), Indications of in- 
ilinct. A sequel to "The natural history of 
:reation." 144 pp. 4°. London, Longman, 
irovm, Green ^ Longmans, 1854. 

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ICendrick (Asabel C. d. d.) Greek 

aJapted to Kendiick's edition of BuUions's 

Greek grammar. 3p.l.ia7pp. ]8°. New 

York, Skeldott If CO. 1869. 
Kenaedy (Andrew Jamea, r. n.) La Plata, 

Braall, and Paraguay, during the present 

war. viii, 273 pp. 1 map. 12°, London, 

E. Stafford. 1869. 
Kennedy (Gra<^>. Dunaliaoi or,knowwhftt 

youjudge; astory. 3 v. 1 p. 1. 371 pp. 1 pi i 

I p. 1. 342 pp. 1 pi. 13*'. EdtJihwrgh, W. 

Oliphaut 4- son, 1834 

[r™ In- Works, V. 5-6] 
Kennedy (John Fend eton) Horse shot 

Robinson. A lale of the tory ascendancy 

.^98 pp. 1 portrait 13° Plnleddplna J 

B. LippiacoU if eo J86o 
:^nnedy (William) Geographic nature 

eehiohte und lopogri^hie von Texas Aqb 
dem Englisuhen von Ottt von Ciarnuwsky 

312 pp. 1 map. 8° Frankfurt am Maw 

J. D. SiaierlSndtr 1445 
iCennett (Basil, rf d ) Romte antiqu-e aoti 
tia ; or, the antiquities of Kume [With] 
two essays concerning the Ron in learning 
and the Roman ad uation I'ith ed txi 
375 pp. 9 L 14 pi. 8'= London C Batlamt 
Kemlck (Francis Patuck) A treatise on 
baptism; wilb an exhortation io iecei\e it 
Translated from the woiks of bt Bas 1 iLe 
great. To which is adiled a tieat se on coa 
iirmation. 9S1 pp. 12°. Pk-daMpkta, M. 
Fitliian, 1843. 
Kentucky (State of). Annual report of the 
condition of public aecounts foi the year 
ending October 10, leb7. 5^5 pp. 
Frankfort, (Ky.) J. H. Harney, 1867. 

■ Biogiaphioal sketch of the hon, Li 

Ills W. Powell, governor of the state of K 
tuekj, [etc. By a committee]. Published 
by direction of the general assembly of Ken- 
tucky. 135 pp. 1 portrait. 6°. Frankfort, 
(_Ky.) S. I.N. Major, pMk printer, 1868. 

Biographical sketch of the hon. John 

L[arue] Helm, late governor of Kentucky. 
IBy a committee]. Published by direction 
of the general asaembly of Kent.iicky. 144 
pp, X portrait. 8°. Fraiikfart, (Ky.)S. I.M. 
Jlfnjw, puHie printer, 1868. 
Keiiyon (William Asbnry). Poeliy of ob- 
servation, and otlier poems, vi pp. 1 1. 104 pp. 
16". Boston, IV. Crosby ^ H. P. Nichols, 


Kerallo (Louis F6Iix Guinement de). His- 
toira de la guerre des Eusses et des imp§- 
riaui, centre ies TurcB, en 1736, 1737, 1738, 
et 1739, et de la pais de Belgrade yni la ter- 
mina. 3 v. vi, 304 pp. 6 maps; l' p. 1, 324 
pp.21. 7n]aps. 12°. Paris, Dehure, i7S}. S. 

K&atry (E. comte de). La crSance Jeeker, 
Ies indemnitSs fran^aises, et Ies emprunls 
mexicains. 158 pp. 1 1. &>. Paris, lihrai- 

Kerl (Bruno). A practical treatise on metal- 
lurgy, adapted &om the last German edition 
of prof. Kerl's metallurgy. By W. Crookes 
and E. Edhrig. 3 v. 8=. London, Lons- 
mans, 1869. 

y. a. Coppfl 


ic, guld, plafi- 


f. 3. Sh»Vfti=li BapplBmsnt," ikVftt'Bac 
Kerl (Simon). A common school 
of the English language, iv pp. 1 
12°. New Yerk, Itnson, PktTmey, Blalrema; 
4- CO. 1866. 
A comprehensive grammar of the Eng- 
lish language. For theuseofscboola. irpp. 
1 1. 374 pp. 13°. Nev> York, Icisoa, Phin- 
nmj, BlaJcemanfco. 1868. 

Elements of composition and rhetoric. 

Practical, concise, and comprehonsive, 408 
pp. 12°. Sew York, Imson, Phinncy, Blake- 

System of arithmetic on an original 

plan, [etc.] 162 pp. 16°. PkUadelphia, 
C. DesUmr, 1858. g. 

Kern (Carl). Die haberfeldtreiber. Ober- 
bayerisches sittenbild. 1 p. 1.404 pp. 16°. 
Stuttgart, Haiberger, 1855, s. 

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tory; with questions, adapted to the use of 
schools. 33d ed. 396 pp. 1 pi. 18°. BaU 
timore, J. Marpky Sf co. 1869. 

Kerv^an(Anr61e), L'Angleterre telle qu'elle 
., seiaa ans d'observations dans ce 
2 V. xivii, 360 pp ; 2 p. 1. 367 pp. 
'oris, A. Le Clerc Sf cie. IS68. 

Kidd (Joseph). Homteopathy in acnie dis- 
eases. Narrative of a mission to Ireland 
daring the famine and pestiienoe of 1847, 
8". London, 1849. 

TiTiUiB, etc. pp. SOa-SSl). '" '"' ''" '^ '™'' 
Kidder (Daniel Parish). Consecutive ques- 
tions on the gospel of Matthew. 180 pp. 
18^. New York, Carlton fPkiUips,lS55. s. 

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Kidder (Daniel P.)— oon'inued. 

CoDseoutire questions on the gospel of 

Jolin. lOe pp. 18°. Nets York, CarUim4- 
PMllips. 1856, s. 

Kidder' (Jerome, m.d.) Yital resouvcea ; or, 
how to become physiologically younger and 
stronger. Being a Hcrutiny into the cl( 
of the laws to which nature sometimes 
vellously resorts for aid in its restorative 
powers. 165 pp. 13°. New Ym-Jc, autli. 

Elderleu (William L. J.) Gesehichte der 
Vereinigteu Slaaten von Nora-Amerika, voni 
Jahre 1497-1837. Aus dem Engllschen liber' 
setztundherausfregeben. viii, 447 pp. J 2°. 
Philadelphia, Kiderten f StMmeyer, 1838. 

Kien (Benjamin). (Envres litt^raires. Po^sit 
et prose. 778 pp. 3 I. 8=. Douai, A. d'jtu- 
bers, J&'i2. S, 

Kilbourn (John). The Ohio gazetteer; or, 
topographical dictionary of the state of Ohio. 
10th ed. 336 pp. 1 map. 16°. ColumbuB. J. 
KiiftourH, 1831. 

Public documents coccemiug the Ohio 

canals, which are to connect lalte 
the Ohio river. [From 1818 to 181 
lished in the "Civil engineer, and herald of 
internal improvement"], 452,28,55 pp. 8^. 
Columbas, I. N. WhUias, 1832-33. 

Kimball (John F.) and co. Eastern, western, 
and southern business directory ; containing 
the cards and circulars of merchants, man- 
nfacturers, and others, in tbe principal cities 
of the east, west, and eonlh. 2d annual 
issue. vil,604 pp. 8°. JVeio York, J. F. 
Kimball it CO. 1846. 

Kimbaira Ohio, Kentucky, and Indi- 
ana state register. Containing the names 
of county oificeTS, merchants, [etc] With 
statistical information in regard to works of 
internal improvement, etc. 194 pp. 8°. 
.Veut York, J. F. Kimbali It Co. 1846. 

and James (— ). Kimball and James' 

btisiness directory, for the Mississippi valley, 
18^4. With a brief notice of the discovery 
and occupation of the Mississippi valley, 
and a historical and statistical sketch of th€ 
principal cities, viii, 546 pp. 2 pi. 8°. 
Cincinnati, Kendall ^ Baraurd, 1344. 


Kimball (Eichard B.} To-daj 

480 pp. 120. jv«(, yark, CarUtoa, 1870. 

KimcM (David). Cm tan 1 q t 

>s davidic p m mm 

n versus ab A b J 134 pp 

VUidjecii, Opp I 1703 
I,JHD(A.) Analcclarabtanlsa, lelo,] 

Kimptoii (Rflu. Edward). A new and com- 
plete universal history of the holy bible, from 
the creation of the world, to the fall estab- 
lishment of Christianity. 1st American ed. 
4 V. 8*^. IVenton, X J. fCi/gon,- 1813. 

Klndereley (Mrs. Nathaniel E.) Briefo von 
der iasel Teneriffa, Braailien, dem Voi^e- 
birge der guten hoffnung und Ostindien. 
Aus dem Engliscben. 286 pp. 1 pi. 12° 
Ltipiig, IVeidmann's erbcn 4' Reicli, 1777. 

King (Edward). My Paris: French charac- 
ter sketches. 336 pp. 16°. Baslon, Lot- 
ing, 1868. 

King (John,m.rf.) TheAmericaneclecticdis- 
pensalory. 1 p. 1. l'S9I pp. 9°. Cinciimaii, 
Moore, Wilstadi Sf Kej/s, 1854. S. 

King (Maria M.) Real life in the spirit land. 
v.l.aogpp.lS". Boston, If. mte If CO. 

King (Richard John). to the ca- 
thedrals of England. Korthem division. 4 
V. in 1.227 pp. 32 pi; iv,2a9 to435pp,29pl. 
13°. London, /. Murray, 1869. 

Fartl. York, Ripon, Carliflle. 

Part a. Dathain, Clieater, Manchester, 

King (Thomas). The modern style of cabi- 
net work exemplified. 2d ed. 8 pp. 100 pi. 
4°. London, H. G. Bohn, 1862. 

Kinsaley {Rev. Charies, jr.) Hypatia: or, 
now foes with an old face. 5th ed. iiii, 487 
pp. n°. Boston, Crosby, NichoU It CO. if^6. 

Kinney (Mrs. Hannah). A review of the 
principal events of the last ten years of [her] 
life ; together with some comments upon the 
late trial, 87 pp. 12°. Boston, J. N. Brad- 

Kinzte (Juliette A.) Walter Ogilby. A novel. 
By the authoress of "Wau-buu." 2T.ini. 
619 pp. 12°. Philadelphia J B. Lippia- 
colt if ™, 1B69. 

KirSy (Franz von) Betrachtungen iiber so- 
cialiamus nnd mmmunismus in ihrem ver- 
haltniss zu den grundiorinen de^ rechts, zur 
politisohen oekonom <, iur soc ilen praiis 
nnd Bur politik [etc] % I'^l pp. 8°. 
Leiptig 1868 s. 

Kiroher (Atbanasius) Ars magna sciendi, 
in Til libros digests qua nova et unirersali 
melhodo per artiSuiosum combinationam 
>mni re proposita plnrimis et 

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Kircher (Athanasius) — contmued 
prope infinitis latiombos disputan t 
umquo sumniana quffiJam (ognitiu 
parari potest 8 p 1 483 pp "i 1 I pori 
3 pi, fol. Amstelodami, J. Jaassimi 
ffaOerge, 1669. 

Kirk (Edward Norris, d. d.) The waiting 
saviour. 61 pp. 18°. Boston, Amerieaa 
tract society, 1 865. 

Klrkham {Saninel). English grammar in 
familiar lectures. 43d ed. 233 pp. 16°. lioc/i- 
esler. Ailing S( co. 1837. 

Kirkwood (Jamea P.) Report on the Bltra- 
tjon of river waters, for the supply of cities, 
as practised in Europe, made to tbe board of 
wa,ter commissioners of the city of St. Louis. 
178 pp.30 pi. 4°. Neie York, D. Van Nos- 
Crand, 1869. 

Klrton {John W.) The four pillara of lem- 
perance, 240 pp. 18°. New York, national 
leniperanr,e soe, andpub.lwase, 186!l. 

Kitty's Cbtistmas tree ; or, the not of the flat 
terer. [a™«.] I3ipp.3pl. 18°. Fkila- 
ddphia, American Sunday scliool union, 1869. 

Kitty's knitting needles. By the author of 
"Country sights and sounds," [onon.] 73 
pp.2 pi. 18°. Pkiladeltphia, preabi/terian 
board of pMication, 1866. 

Klees (Johana Georg). Dissertatio iuaugur- 
alis zoologica sistens characteristicen el de- 

digenorum 45 pp. 3 !. 8°. Tubinga, typis 
retssiams, 1818 s. 

Klunziager (Cwl). Autheil tier DeutBohea 
an tier entfleckung von Slidamerika, ; oder, 
abentheuer dra Ambrosias Dalflnger und dea 
Nieolaua Fadermann, beider von Ulm, des 
Georg Hohemut von Speiar, und des franki- 
schen nttpra Philipp toe Hutlen nnter dec 
herrachaft Jer Walaer von Augsburg; in Ven- 
ezuela. Nach den hauptqnolleu dargeateltC. 
4 p. h 116pp. 1 map. 12°, Stuttgart, C. A. 
Soanemald, 1857. 

Knapp (Georg Christian). Narraiio de lusto 
lona, theologo vitabergensi conflitieque afa eo 
eTangelteie haieusia eccleaiss primordiis, ter- 
tia evangelicarum ecclesiaritm sseeularia in- 
aicendi causa esposita. Ed. 2». 100 pp. 
1 1. 8°. Halis Saxonum, in liiraria orphano- 
trophei, 1323. s. 

Seriptavarli argumenti maximam par- 
tem exegetici. 2v. X, 658pp. 8°. HatiB,e 
libraria orpkanotrophei, 1805. 

Voflesungen libet die chtistliohe glau- 

benslehre nach dem lehrbegriff der evange- 


Knapp (Georg Christian) — continued. 

lischan kirche. Mil einer vorrede von C. 

Thilo. 2 V. xlvlii, 448 pp ; jil, 600 pp. 8°. 

Halle, waisenhaHs, 1827. 
Knapp (H. S. ) A history of the pioneer and 

modem times of Ashland county, from the 

earliest lo present dote. 555 pp. 1 pi. 8°. 

Philadelphia, J, B. Lippincotl fr en. 1863. 
Knapp {Jlfrs. Joseph F.) Notes of joy, for 

the Sabbath school, the social meeting, and 

the hour of prayer, 176 pp. obi. 18°. 

New Yor/i, IV. C. Palmer, 1869. 
Knapp (Samuel Lorenzo). The genias of ma- 

eoury, or a defence of the order, containing 

6 histdry, the 

uses and abases of the s 
notices of other secret societies in the United 
States, in three lectures. 107 pp. 12°. Prot- 
idence, Cranston ^ Marshall, 1828, 

A memoir of tbe lifeof Daniel Webster. 

Sd ed. 108 pp. 8°. New York, J.S. Red- 
field. J 835. 

Tales of the garden of Kosciusko. 216 

pp. 12". NetB York, West 4- Trow,'iS3i. 

Kner(Dr. Rudolph). Fische. 433 pp. 16 

pi. 4°. Wien. 1869. s, 

[WuLLEHSTORF-URBArnCB. V.I Novsra expedition. 

Zoolo^iHCber therl, v. 1). 

Knight {Mrs. Helen Cornelta), Jasper and 
Lucy. 132 pp. 18°, New York, American 

Knigflt {Rev. Henry Cogswell). Iiecturea and 
■mona. 2 V. 378 pp : 267 pp. 12°. Bos. 
\, LUly^ IVuil, 1831. 

Knight (Richard). History of the general or 
sis principle baptists, in Europeand America: 
in 2 parts, [etc.] 267 pp. 8°. Frovidence, 
Smith ^ Farmenter, 1827. 

Knight (William H, edit&r). See Handbook 
for the Pacific alates, 1864. 

Knorr (Ernest, pft. rf.) Meleorologische beo- 
bachtungen aus dem lehrbezirk der hoiserlicli- 
rnssischen universitaet Kasan, [etc.] Heft 
i. 1835-36. 9 parts in 1 v. 4°. Kasan, 
Universilaets^uchdrackerey, 1841. s. 

Knox (Charlea E.) A year with st. Paal ; 
or, fifty-two lessons for the Sundays of the 
year. viii, 104 pp. 1 map. 12°. New 
York, A. D. F. Randolph, 1863. 
Inoz {Rev. Samuel). A funeral oration com- 
memorative of the illustrious virtues of the 
late great and good general Washington. 
Delivered in Fredericktown, 22d February, 
1800. 2 p. 1. 35 pp. 5 pi. [inserted], 8°. 
Frederichtoien, {Md.) M, Barlgis, 1800, 

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Kiiox(Vioesiuius, <;.</.) Chrii 
ov, an attempt (o dieplsy, by iiiterDal testi- 
mony, the evidence and excellence of revealed 
religion. With an introdnctory essay, by 
tey. Henry Stebijiog. xixv, 308 pp. 1 por- 
trait 16° London, J BkkeTby 1836 

Enust (Fuedlii^h Heinncb) De tantibus et 
consilio pBendo-isidonanae collectioms lom- 
mentatio vm 101 pp 4° Gathngie Die- 
terKk ISai 

Kobel (H > NieuwB beschryv ng del walvis- 
iiDgst [etc ] See Jong <D de) Kobel 

Kock (Cliarles Paul de) Geoigette , or, the 
notai^'s nLe<^. (OiiginiL! translation). GU 
pp. fol. BostuH, BosloB BOiiOB office, J843. 
(Pbk»(!h novels, t. I]. 

Sister Anne. From the Frencb. 1st 

Am. ed. 88 pp. fol. New Yor&, Wtlson * 
[,PMisheil in Brother Jonatlian'], 1843, 


ovels, v.l]. 

EoM(JobannGeoi'i;). Die deutsch-mssiscben 
OHtsee-provinzen ; oder.naturund volkerleben 
in Kur-, Liv- and Esthland. 3 v. 1 p. 1. xii, 
452 pp. 1 map, 1 pi ; I p, 1. Tiii, 456 pp. 3 pi. 
16". Dresdea Sr t.evpxig, Arnold, 1841. 

A hisloi'j' of the discovery of the east 

coast of North America, particularly the coast 
of Maine; from the Northmen, in 900, to the 
charter of Gilbeit, in 1578. 8°. Portland, 

[MiiBEhiatorioalBocieSy. 7« WILLIS (W.) Doctt- 

Eohler <C. F.) and Armbmater (J.M.C.) 
Catalog einer auswabl wertbvoller bUcher, 
[etc] Wolcbe zu bezieben sind von K. F. 
Kohler, [etc. J ao wie durch J. M, C. Armbma- 
ter, [etc.] viii,393pp. 8°. teipiif , 1850. s. 

Kohlhans (Caspar). Dilucidationes qutedam 
valde necessaries iu Gerardl Croesi historiam 
quakerianam editM a PhilaletJia, [pseurfoB.] 
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Clam, lfi96. 
[ITflACRCEsECOerarai. Hlatoria qnakslana, [etc] 

KiSUiker (Albert). Bericht iiber im herbste 
J 853 angestellte vergleiehond-anatomisclie 
untersnehnngen. See Gegeiibaur (Ciirl 

Entwicklungsgeschicbto des menschen 

nnd der hSheren thiere. x, 4G8 pp. 8°. 
Leipzig, W. Engetmann, 1861. 

tJnferauchungen aur verglcichenden 

gewebelehre angestellt in Nizaa im Lerbste 
1856. 138pp.3pl. 8°. I WiiTzburg, 185.7 }s. 
[Eitract ffom Verhauaelaaseu dsr phralkaliaoli- 

medlclniscbeu ^seUschaCt]. 


Komeasky (Ian Amos). A patterne of uui- 
versail knowledge, in a plains and true 
draught: or a diatjposis, ormodelof tbeemi- 
ueutly learned, and pious pronioterof science 
in gecerall, John Amos Comenius. Shadow- 
ing forth thelargenesse, dimension, and nae of 
the intended norke. Translated into English, 
hy J. Collier. Ip.l.lBOpp. 16o. London, 
T. H. ^ J. Coilms, 1651. 

Kongellge norske Videnakabers selsltah Cat- 
alog over det norel e v deuskaberaSBlskab 
samlinger. xxxu (i 2].p 4 hjblieahav«, 
Irykt paaaelskabela bekostning ISC'* a. 

Kontogouos. See Coutogonos 

Kopczynekf (Onufry) Giammatykajezyka 
pokkiego, Dzieto pozgonne 2b3 pp 13°, 
IF. WarszaiBie, v> driiLaTni By y piiar6a, 

Kopitar (Baitholomeus) Giammatik der 
slaviscben sprache !□ Krain Kai ntben und 
Stejermart ^Ivui 460 pp 1 1 2 tab 13°. 
Laibacli, If H Rorn 1805 s. 

Koppe (Lndwig) Die sclaverei in Hordamer- 
ica. pp. 291-346. 6°. [n.p.aioail860]. 

Komer (Friedrich). Fine polarfahrt. Geo- 
graphische skizzen und scenen aua deni aee- 
manns- und jagelleben. 2 p. 1. 105 pp. 1 pi. 
8°. Leipzig, B. Seldieke, 1853. 

Kort discoma, ofte naardere vetklaringe van 
Ae oiidei'ataeude v. polncten. 1. Aengaende 
de verliehtingo die desen staat heeft ghenoo- 
ten, door de oprechtingo en oorloghen van 
de weat'iudische compagnie. 3. Dat men 
deselve compagnie, met die van de Oost, of 
hare beyde octrojen, vereenigende, nu on- 
gelijck meerder verlichtinge, jae in korten 
hot eynde van dose laatighe en ghevaerlicke 
oorlogen, sal kouaen erlangen. [etc. anon.'] 
181. sm.4°. lGramn-f[aglie]1 \6U. 

Korthala (Peter Willem). Botanie; [w], 
kruidkunde. fol, Leiden, 1839-44. 


H (C. J.) 

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densed and abridged, by Francis W. New- 
man, xii, 376 pp. 12°. London, Tr&baer 
# CO. 1853. 

Koran. [_Arabie']. (Innaabt al koran, etc.) 
943 pp. 16°. ILacknow, 128dd year of the 
hegira, 1866]. 

The same. The korao, commonly 

called the alcoran of Mahomet. Translated 
from the original Arabick into French, by 
the sieurde Ryder. [Andr^ du Ryer]. The 
whole now faithfully tranalated into English. 

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Koran— continued . 
First American ed. ) p. 1. f>S4 pp. 8°. 
SpHngJield, {Mass ) /. TkBiaas, jr. 1806. 

Tfaesame. L'all;oian .' (Le livre par 

cxcellonce). Tradnction testuelle de I'Arabe, 
falleparFatma-Zaidtt^iwifi-odalyk-donl deo 
B6niamin-AIy effeodi-ag-Iia, 4^3, Tiii pp. 
8°. Lisbonne, soriSU typograpMqiie franco- 
porlugaise, J86I. 

'— The Bame. Tollstitadiges tflrliiBehes 

geselz-buch, oder alfeoran. Aufi der ara- 
durch Du Byer. Auss dieser aber in die 
niederlandisclie durch H. J. Glasemaelter, 
nnd jetzo in die hoclileutsche spracbe ver- 
setzet durch J. Lange. 115 pp. fol. Ham- 
barg, J. von IViering, 1688. 
[In HiPPEL (E. W.) Theaaunia exoticoram]. 

Koetei (Henry), Travels in Btaail. xii, 511 
pp. S pi. 3 maps. 4°. London, Longman, 

Tlie same. Voyages dans la partie 

aeptentiionale du Br^sil, dapuis 1809 jus- 
qu'en 18 1 5, oompreiiant les provinces de Per- 
nambuco, Seara, Pari^ba, Maragnan, etc. 
Traduila de I'Ang-l^a par M. A. Jay. 2 v. 
xlii pp. 1 1. 37G pp. 18 pi. S maps ; 1 p. 1. 512 
pp. I 1.6pl. 8°. Paris, Ddaaaay, 1818. 

Kotzebue (Auguat Friediicli Ferdioacd von). 
Tbe Bufferings of tliefaniily of Ortenberg; a 
novel translated from the German, by P. 
Will, [etc.] 2v. 310 pp; 220 pp. 16°. Dnh- 
K«, J. Moore, \im, 

Kotzebue (Otto von). EntdecknngBroiM in 
die Sudsee nod nach der Berings-Btrasee zur 
eiforachung eiuex nordostlichen durchfahrt. 
Untemoninien in den jahren )8]5-lS18 auf 
koBten des grafen EumauEoff auf dem schiffe 
Karick. 3 v. 8'-'. Wien, Katdfuss ^ Kram- 
mer, 1825. 



Kouns (George W.) The political guide; for 
farmers, mecbanics, and laborers in the 
choice of rules. 199 pp. 18°. Ciacinnati, 

KraitBir (Charles V.) The Poles in the Uni- 
ted States of America, preceded by the eai'liest 
hjslery of the Sclavonians anfl by the history 
ofPoland. Sp.].iv, 196 pp. 16°. Fhila- 
delphia. KiderUa (f StMaieyeT, 1837, 

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First book in German, v pp.2 1. 158 pp. 

12°. Boston, S. R. Urbino, 18B9. 


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of scripture lessons. Specially designed for 
public schools, but equally adapted to Sun- 
day-schools and families. 314, 4 pp. 16°. 
Philadelphia, J. S.Lippincott^ to. 1870. 

KretBohiner (A.) Die traohten der volker. 

Krookoiv von Wiokerode (Carl). Eeisen 
nndjagden in Nord-Ost-Afrika, 1864-1865. 
2 V. 2 p. 1. 284 pp. I portrait ; iv, 275 pp. I 
map. 1 pi. 8°. Berlin, A. Daneker, 1867. 

Kromayer (Johann Abraham). Specimen 
fontium acriptarce s. apertorum, editum in il- 
luatrandis vaticinlia Hoses, Joelis et Amoai. 
Priemittur diasertalio de optimo remedio ob- 
acurjB voeabniorum signiiicadoniB, [etc.] 
6 p. 1, 68, 248 pp. 12°. Amsldodami, A. 
Wor, 1730. 

Erug (Auguat Otto). Commentar zu dem 
strafgesoCzbucbe lilr das konigreioh Sachson, 
vom 11. August iSfib, uud den damit ia ver- 
bindung stehenden gesetzon. 2° ausgabe. 3 
T.inl. B°. Leipzig, Voigt 4-G9,nl}ier,l8Gi. S, 

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Greek langnage. From the German, by B. B. 
Edwards, and S. H. Taylor. 5th ed, 620 
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Kumu (De) Hiiwaii. June 6, 1838-Mei 23, 
18;ffi. V. 4. 4°. Honoluiu,Oal,u, iS3S-m. s. 

Kumtl leomale (O be), no ua Himenea me na 
halelu e boolea aku ai i ke akua. 3dO pp. 
a4°. Oahu, no no misionari i pai, 1834. a. 

SimclEel (Piiillppe). ConsidSraUous bygi£- 
uiques et pratiques sur les maladies de la peau, 
introduction sur I'appllcn- 

tion des sela c 

1.382 pp. 11. 

Kiintzli (Jean, i 

Patis, G. BaUHere, 1840. 
,.d.) £tatde la m^deoine, po- 

peupleen France, et plan d'organiaationmfid- 
icale. svi, 388 pp. 16°. Paris, I'auteur, iSiS. 

Kupffer {Adolph Theodor, editor). Travaus 
de la commission pour fiser lesinesurea et les 
poidsdel'empiredeEusaie. 2v. 3p.l. xxviii, 
512 pp ; 3 p. 1. 416 pp, 4°. Atlaa, 3, 13 pi. 
fol. St. PHersbowg, imprimtTte de la co»- 
ronne, 1841. s. 

Eurze abbandlung der militairiscben theorie, 
woiinnen die vornebmaten regeln der kriegs- 
kunst abgehandelt, durch eiempel erkliiret, 
und durcb noten erlautert werdeu. Aos dem 
FranzOsisclien des grafen V. D. 8. G. iiber- 
eetztvouE. C.vonEyssel. [aturn,] 8p.l. 
276 pp. 16°. Chemnitz, J. D. SiSsseVs er- 
ben 4- Putsol-em, 1777. a. 

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Kuvue anleituiig zur tachjgrapliie, oder zu 
der erleruUDg des geschwiudschreibens, [etc. 
onOB.] H pp. 1 pi. 16°. Jena, /. G. 
Scknilter, 1814, 

La.bM (Philippe)aiuiBrlet(Pliilippe). Con- 
co d n ch Qologica, duos in partes tnbuta, 
techn an e historjeam: quarum postorio- 
rem ab o t Philippu3 Brietius, tib anno 
ni ad a mdclxvi. 5 v. fol. Parisiis, 
ypo aph a gia, 1670. 

T. 1. HlsioriBehriBilaiieoDncoraiapersingnloBChriiiti 
annoB, a 1 ad 1600, brevller dsduota. 

UrJsB miuidaus coneoTdlH perVingulDi ab orbe 

Ii'AbbS oT LabbS (Pierre). Elogia sacra, 
tbeologloft, et philosophioa, regia, eminentia, 
illustria, historica, poetica, miscellanea. Ac- 
cesaere Stephaoi Petiot, panegyrlci duo. 8 
p. 1.483 pp. 4 1. 44 pp. 16°. Venetiis, P. 
BaUeonina, 1674. 

Labillardifere (Jacques JuUen). Eelationdu 
voyage k la Techereho de La Pfirouse, fait par 
ordre de I'assetnbl^e cmatituante, pendant 
lesanu#ea 1791-93, [etc.] 9 v. 4°. Faris, 
H.J. JanscM, LIT!©]. S. 

(fltliu wantiogl. 

Labile (Jacques), M^moirea d'un homine de 
lettres ; ouvrage aneedotique, faisant saita 
am MSmoirea sur la revolution franfaise. 
[onim.] 2p,l.v, 353pp. 8°. Paris, Ver- 
narel et Tenan, [e(c.] 1825. 

La BWteiie < J. Phil. RenI de). Vie de I'eni- 
perenr Julien. 2 parts in 1 v. 1 p. 1. 523 pp. 
21, 2 maps. I pi. 16°. Paris, PraaZi, 1735. 

Iiaborde (L^on Emmanuel SlmoQ Josepb, 
comte de). Voyage de 1' Arabic P6tr^ par 
L6011 de Laborde et Liuant, public par L^on 
deLaborde. 4 p. 1.87 pp. 2 maps, [Spl.] fol. 


Laoey (George S.) A doctrinal and ritualistic 

view of the holy eucharist, 147 pp. 12°. 

Fhiladelphia, Claxtan, Remsen, # Haffel- 

finger. 1869. 

Da Chapelle ( Jean dej. (Envres. v. 1. Les 

de CatuUa. 4 v. in 1. 15p.l.288 

1 p. 1,268 pp. 31. 18". Paris, J. 

I, 1700. 

La Chapelle (N. I'abb6 de). Traits de la cou- 
ction tbSorique et pratique du scaphan- 
oabfilcaude rbomme, [etc.] Nouvelle 
[etc.] pr6c^d6 du prqjet de formation 
[e legion Qantiqne, [elc.] on d'^clai- 

s des c6tea [etc.] par La Eejnie, 24, 
.Iviii, 328 pp. 1 1.4 pi. 1G°. Paris, Boj/- 
La ColombiJ^re (Marc Vulson, sifMr do). 

See Vulson (Marc). 
La Condamiue (Charles Marie de). Brief 
aan mevrouw, Aangaande bet oproer ver- 
wekt onder't volk van de stad Cuenca in 
Peru, op den 29 Augustus 1739. [Proces 
crimineel over de doot van den heer Jean 
Seuiergues]. Tegens de leeden van da 
academie der weetenschappen van Paiya. 
Die gezoude waren om de aarde te meeten. 
[flBOM.] 8°. 

■is, Giard, 1 

Labottlaye (fidonard Eeu^ Lefebvre). Le 

parli liberal. Sou programme et son avenir. 

XV. 332 pp. 16°. Paris, Ckarfcntittr, 1863. 
La Brujgre (Jean de). Ties caract^res el 

mreurs de ee si6cle. 8°. Paris, A. Desrei, 


tBucHON(J. A. C.) Gbolxde moraliBteH fnuif als] . 

( WiUi Ms Betorl 


Journal du voyage fait par ordie du roi, 

k r^quateur, servant d'lntroduction histo- 
rique h, la meeure des troic premiers degres 
du mSridien. I p 1 i^ivi, 280, xv pp 4'' 
Ports, imprimene royate, 1751 

The same. Bekovt verhaal van een 

rejze gedaan in t binnelanda gedeelte^an 
Zuyd America, van de Zuydiiee tot aan de 
kusten van Braail en Guiane de nvier det 
Amazoone afaal kende, [etc l7Ji-45] 
TJyt 't Frans vertaald 8p I 136 bS pp 2 
pi. 1 map. 8°. AmsteTdaiB, T. Sliglenhi/rsl, 

Iiacroix (Paul). Les secrets de beauts de 
Diane do Poitiers, Par P.L.Jacob, biblio- 
pbile. ijtseudon.'} t p.l.]97pp. 1 1. 18°. 
Bruielle iSc Leipzig, Kiessling, Scha6e If He. 

Lacrolx (Paul Joseph Eugene). liiblio- 
graphie des ing6aiem-B, des arcbiteetes, de« 
chefs d'usines indnstrielles, des ^l^ves des 
^coles poly technique et profesaionnelles, et 
dea agricalteurs. 3 v. 4'=, Paris, librairie 
sdmitifique, induslrielU et agricole, 1663-66. 

La Croix (Pb^rot^ de). Algemeene wee- 
reld-beschryving, nao de raclite verdeeling 

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La Croix {PhiSrotfe de)— con linn eel, 
der landschappeD, plaetzen, zp.eea, rivieren, 
etc. geogrf^hiscb, politiscli, hisloriacli, chro- 
cologiscli en genealogiscli. Op Let FraoBCli 
in de Hoogdiiitacbe tael overgebiftglit, door 
H. Dicolins. Nti vertseld dh* den tweedeu 
druk door S. de Vrtea. Met naniilseaiige 
land kaailen van N. Sanson. 3 v. 4°. Am- 
sterdam, F. Halma, 1705. 
La Croze ( Matliudn Veyssi^re de). See Veya- 

si^re de La Croze. 
Laotautlus (Lucius Ccelius Firmianus). 

Opera omnia. Editio novissima, [etc.]; 

cui rnauurn primam adbibuit Joannes-Bap- 

tista Le Brun, rothomagensis ; eitremam 

imposait NiooUos Leaglet Dufresnoy. 2 v. 

1 p. I. clij, 750 pp. 1 i ; I p.l. liixij pp. 1 1. 

827 pp. 4°. Laletim Parisiorum, J. De 

Bnre, irja 
DiTinarvm iaalitvtionvm libri vii, [etc.] 

Omnia studio Miciiaelis Tbomasu emendafa, 

cam not!s ejusdem, [etc] 8 p. 1. 5fiO pp. 4 

1. 16°. AntVBTpia, C. FUaitimis, 1570. 
Of tbe manner ia wbieh tbe peraeoutoi 

[of cbristianilj] died, xxiviii, 836 pp. 16' 

Edinburgh, T. CatlelL, 1783. 


La Paye < J. B. de). La tradition de I'^gliae 
pour ie sonla^ment ou le raohat des oaptifs. 
306 pp. 3 1. 1 pi. 16". Paris, Seeeslre et 
GiffaH, 1721. 

Vojage pour la redemption des eaptifs, 

am royaumes d' Alger et de Tunis. Fait ea 
1720, par les pp. Franfoia Uocnelin, Philemou 
de La Motte, et Josepb Bemard. 8 p. 1. 169, 
Ix pp. 16°. Paris, L. A. S<:vestre,.et P, F 
Giffarl, 1720. 
Lafitau (Pierre Fran^oia, ^Tiqtie de Sialeran). 
Retiro de algunoa dies para una persona del 
mnnclo. Escrito en Francfe, y frnduuido al 
Caslellano por d. Pedro Antonio de Tenzano 
y S t } 2p 1 ai6pp 1% G 
M g -dB 6 I Gl 
LPe(Lo d) r it dm 

A Bummary of the writings of Lactan- 

tius. By Jacob Henry Brooke Mouutain. 
Ki, 154 pp. 8°. London, J. G. ft- f. Riv 
ingtnn, 1839. 

Iiadd (Joseph Brown, m. d.) Tbe literary 
remains of dr. J. B. Ladd, eolleoled by his 
Bister, mrs. Elizabeth Hasfeins. To wbieh 
is prefixed a akotch of tbe aathor'a life, by 
W. B. Chittenden, xxiv, 228 pp. 8°. New 
York, H. C. SUisht, 1832. 

Lady (Tbe) and tbe saiula. In three cantoa. 
[onoB.] 2p.l.235pp. 8°. London, E. 
Btdl, 1839. 

Lady's (The) almanac, for the years 1869 and 
1870. 3 T. 32°. Boston, G. Coolidge, 

Lady'B (Tba) friend. Edited by mrs. Henry 
Peterson. January, 1868, to December, If " " 
8°. fhiladelpliia, Deacon <f- Pe 

(ni^ ) Sp 1 r 
bee t CO LI 


p edestin 

Lady's (The) ^uide fo tbe ordering of her 
household and tbe economy of tbe dinner 
table. By a Mj. [anon.] svi, 500 pp. 
W. London, SmUh, Elder 4- co. 1361. 

Lafarge (Marie Cappello, madmne Puucli-La- 
farge). Memoirs ; wtitten by herself. 2 v. 
SKJii, 294 pp : 1 p. 1. 358 pp. 8°. London, 
H. Cvllmm, 1841. 


t p b t d g I 

Ij q ad p tb [ tc] 246pp 

21 18 B dgdtf md O d I C , 
laiout 1750], 
Lagarde (Augnsle de Messence, comte de). 
Memoirs of Hortense Beauhamais, [etc.] 
Translated from tbe Fiench. [njioB,] 250 pp. 
16°. PhUade/pliui, Key ,f Biddle, 1833. 
Lahalle (Pierre). Cbroniiiae indiscrete, etc 

5oe Reguault-Waiin (J.B.J.I.p.) 
Ia Hodde (Lucien de). La naissanee de la 
r^publiqueen f4Trier 1848. 4" ^d. 110 pp. 
16°. PiMs, L. de La Hodde, 1850. 
I irisk GALLoja (N.) Yio pollliqnede Ledm RollSn] 
Lalte (William). Tbe pa naasau j Ignu 
tbe postbumoTiB works of tl e late n W 
Lake. With a sltetth of h s 1 le 184 pp 
16°. Hudson, iN. I ) Bala ee p e. 18 7 
La Marolie (Olivier le) El ca alle deter 
minado, traduzi^o de lengua 1 aneeaa en 
castellana. Por don He nando In Ac» a 
16 p. 1. 208 pp. 3 1. 20 pi 8 At veres 

ojici^ia planliniana, 1S91 
La Martdiiifere (Pierre Ma t n de) A new 
voyafre to tbe north eonta n ng a f 11 ac 
count of Norway, tbe Laplands boti Dansh 
Swedisb,audMu9cov te ofBu □da,'- be a 
Samogedia, Zembla, nd laeland. Tonbich 
is added, a particular relation of tbe eoort of 

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JjaMartini&re (Pierre Martinde)—eoiitiiiuei3. 
the ezM ; of the religiou and cuatoins of the 
Muscovites ; and a short history of Muscovy, 
as it was taken Tdj a Praneli gentleman who 
reaided there many years; now done into 
English, [aflon.] 7 p. 1.258 pp.1 pi 12°. 
London, T. Hodgson, 1706. 

Xiambardi (Sebastiano). Memorie anticbe 
e moderne dell' isola dell' Elba 2 p 1 iv 
256 pp. 1 map. Iporttait. IP" Ftren-e I7J1 

Lambert (Bernard). Deberes del inst anc 
hdcia la potealad pflblica, [etc anon ] 1 p 1 
246 pp. 18^. Nadiid,Ibana I«I3 a 

Lambert (Claude Francois) Aneeaotes je 
suitiques ; OB, le Philotanoa moderne 
[anofi.] 3 V. 18°. La Haye am dtpens 
ie la corapagme, 1740. 

Lambert (Ouetave). L'eipedit on au poli 
nord. 8°. Paris, soc.ile geographic, 1868, 
[Willi SocniTfi de g^ogrBplila ; bnlleUp, 5e tie. v. 

Lambertye (LSonee, caaite de), Catalcgne 
rfuaoDEfi dea plantes vasculairas qui erois- 
sent spontaD^ment dans le d^partement de la 
Mariie,[eic.] xj(iv,2CI7pp. Imap. 8°. Paris, 
Ckamerot, l8iG, s. 

Lambreditaen (N. C.) Korta beaoLrijviug 
van de ontdekking en derverdere lotgevallen 
van Nieuw-Nederland, weleer eene volk- 
plaiitio|[ van het gemeenebest dor Vereen- 
igde Nederlanden inAmerka. 2p. 1. 102pp. 
1 map. 8". Midilrlbarg, S. van Bciukem, 

Lam^-FIeury (Jviles Raymond). Ancient 
history t«ld to children. From tlie French. 
Arranged with notes for the use of schools, 
as an exercise for translation from English 
intoFrench. By SnsanM.Lane. vi,112 pp. 
12°. Boston, S. R.Mrbino, 1870. 

Lami (Giovanni). Deervditione apostolorvm, 
Ubei' siiigvlarie, [etc.] xvi, 446 pp. 16°. 
FUtrentia, B. Faperini, 1738. s. 

Lament (J. von). Terzeiehniss von 6333 tole- 
scupisuheu sternen zwiacheu +3° und +9° 
declination, welche in den miincbenerzonen- 
beobachtungen vorkommen, redncirt auf den 
anfaug des jahres 1850, nebat vergleichnng 
mit den beoWhtnngen vonLalanda, Bassel, 
KuTnkei nnd Schjellernp. [viii. Supple- 
mentband zu den Annalen der munehenev 
stemwaile] *i, 395pp. 8°. Mmielieii, F. 
S Hubschmuns, 1869. s. 

La Moilifere (Charles Jacques Louis Au- 
guiste Rochette, chevalier de). Angola, his- 


La Morll^ie (chctalier de)— eon tinned. 

'.. Oavrage sana vraisemblance. 

.inl. 2 p.). xivpp. 21. 128 

2p.l. iC6pp.l!. le'^. Agra,iPaH3'\, 



La MotIieQiiyoii(Jean Marie Bouviferes de). 
See Guyon. 

Lamothe-Langon (fitienne Lgon, baron de). 
M^moires liistoriques de a. a. r. madame, 
dachesse de Berri, depuis aa naissance jus- 
qu'jl cejour. Par Alfred Nettement. [ps*!t- 
rfoB.] 3 T. 8°. Paris, AUanli«,ifSr. 

Mfimoires de Louis xviii. reeueillis et 

mis en ordre par le due de D*'"*. [anon. ] 
IS y. 8°. Paris, Mame- Delaunay, 1832. 

M^moires de madame la vicomtesae de 

Fars-Fausselandry ; ou, Honvenirs d'ane 
octog^naJre. EvSnemens, mo3nr8 et anec- 
dotes, depais le r^e de Loviis sv, (1768), 
jnsqu'an ministire La Bonrdonnaye et Po- 
lignac, (1830). [pseBdon.] 3 v. &>. Fans, 
Ltdoyen, 1830. 

qnalite, snr la eonsnlat et I'empire. [anon.] 
4 V. 8°. Paris, flfame * Delaunay-VaMe, 

M^moii'es d'une fenime de <liia- 

lite, sur Louis xviii, aa tonr at son r^ne. 
[oniMi,] 4v. 8°. Paris, Manie l( Delaunap 
ValUe, 1829. 

M^moirea d'une femme de qaa- 

irt de Louis xviii. jasqu'il la 
'.5-G. [auoM.] 2 V. 8o. 
Paris, Mame ^ Ddattnay-Vallie, 1829. 

R^vSlationa d'une femme de 

quality, Bur les annfes 1830 et 1831. [anon.] 
2v. ¥P. Paris, Mame~Delaiiruiy,iS3l. 

Memoires tir^s dee archives de la police 

da Pai'JB, pour serrir A I'hifltolra do la morale 
ei do la police, depais Louis xiv. Par J. 
Penchet, wehiviste de la police, [pseudon. ] 
Gv.in3. 8°. Paris, 1838. 

Souvenirs sur Marie- Antoinette, [etc.] 

et sur la cour de Versailles, par mailame la 
^BBD D'Adh^mar. [pseadon.'] 4 v. 8°. 
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La Motte (Philemon de). Voyage pour la 
ledemption des captifs. See La Paye (J. B. 

Lamouiette (Adiien). Las delicias de la re- 
ligion cJiiiBtiana; 6, el poder del evangelio 
pvra haternos felices. Traducida [del 
tianies] .i"ed. xiv, 370 pp. 18°. Mad- 
rid, Rut., 1805. s. 

lit^, dapuis la m 

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Iiampe(Friedricli Adolph). Pifeloqaium [ad 
Uevrof dissertation urn biblico-clironologica- 
m. Avitbole J. J. HottingerJ. 


R (John. 

1 Jacob). 

f, [etc.] 

theologiee eleuchticie, 
usiim aeholie privafie conoinnata, 160 pp. 
16**. BremiE, apod H. begeram, I72S. 

Lancet (The), A journal of British and 
fijreig^n medicine, phjsiologj', surgeiy, cbem 
ietry, criticisiTi, literature, and news. Edited 
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Itandwltthsohafbliohe blatter fiir Schwaben 
ondNeuburg. vii jahrgang, liedigirtTO 
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huTg,P.J.FJeifer,ims. f 

Laneham (Robert). A letter: whearin part 
of the entertainment unto the queen's m 
tbissomer'spiogreas— ]575,issignified,[ete.] 
13" Warmtl!, and Leamiaglon, 1825. 
jMLRHIDEW a> KeniiworUiftativlliei!.partIl. 

Ziaufranoo of Milan. Ein nntzlJcbs wand- 
er tznej hnchlein, ties hochbei-umblen 
Lanfi anci, aua filrbit des wolerfa'nen meister 
Giegonj Fluugaus, cbyrurgen vnd wundartat 
jiu Strasburg. Dabey vielbewerterrecepteu, 
heylsamor salben vnd ertsneyen, ein auszag 
bisher von obgf nantem m. Gregorio flir sieh 
aelba yn grassom word behalten, itzt ge- 
nieynem nvitE zu gut aacb ynndruck gege- 
bon. Durch Othoaein Bninfels verdeudacbt. 
34 1. am, 4°, Zimckaut, G. Kant:, 1529. 

Iiaug, Tnrnei: & co's Hew York gazette and 
general advertiser. See New York gaaette 
and general advertiser. 

lange (HMivy), Karte za A, von Humboldt's 
reisen in die aquinoctial-gegeuden des nouen 
continents. 1 sheet, obi, fol. Leipzig, 1860. 

r^ginns ^quinoidales dn nonrsau 'cantineu* v 1 
1SJ4]. ^ 


Iiange (Henry)— continued. 

Lange's atlas von Sachsen. Ein geogr*- 

ph iseh — phy sikal isch — statia tischesgomalde 

des konigi-eiehs Sachsen, [etc] iv pp. 26 1* 

12 col'd maps. fol. Leipzig, F. A. Brock' 

haas. 1860. s. 

Lange ( Jobann Feler, d.d.) A commentary 

on tlieholysyriptaves, [etc.] New testament. 

V. 5. The epistle of Paul to the Romans. 

See Bibie (En^iish). 

Lange (Wilhelra). De annis Christi libri duo, 

primus expouens varies variaram gentium 

annos, secundus epoohas nobiliores qate 

Christi paasionem anlflcedunt, et ipsum do- 

minicje nativitatia et passioais lempus de- 

manstrans. 12 p. 1.436 pp. 14 1. 4°. Lug- 

duai Bataeorum, I. Maire, 1649, 

Langford and Chase. The Eocltland, Belfast, 

Camden, and Thomaeton [Me.] directory, for 

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Sf Cfiasc, [1866]. 

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1 pi. 180, Xew York, American troft so- 

cictg, 1864, 

Lauglebert (Edraond). Guide pratique et 

m^thodique de I'^ladianl en m^edua ; ou, 

conseila aus: ei&vea aur la direction qn'ila doi- 

vent donner ttlenrs etudes, [etc.] 3p.L310 

pp. 18°. Paris, J. Masaon, \SA8. 

Langley (Henry G. editor). See Pacific (The) 

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inhabitants de la Guadeloupe, Ses Frasan 
(H, de j and Langlols. 
Languet (Jean Joseph). Tratado de la con- 
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lengua francesa. Traducido en lengua espa- 
Hola por A. de Honrubia. 8 p. 1. 344 pp. 4 L 
J6°. Madrid,F.J.A^«sogPadilU,17m. s, 
amnan (Charles). Dietionaryof the United 
States congress, and general government ; 
compiled as a book of Werence for the Amer- 
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Iiaiiz(/(cji.Carl), Maria, nnaerezuflucht. VoU- 
stftnaigeskatholiBcheB gebet-und andachts- 
buch. ItViihtieo appendices: Derbeil. krena- 
weg ; n»rf Lateinisehe und deutaebe psalmen, 
etc] 2" origmalausgalje. 448 pp. 16 1.48pp. 
3 pi. 18°. Eiasiedehi, ete. C. S( K Bmiiget, 

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Lapi (Micbel Augelo). Vitu del servo tii Dio, 
■ Torivio Alfonso Mogrovejc 
Lima. 5p.l.3l6 pp.91.1 porti 
Koma, N. Tinaasi, 165C. 
Lapie (Pieire). M6moiie sur lea voyages exfr 
OQtfifl dane I'oc^an glacial arctique, au nord 
de rAmfiriqne septentrioiiala. [Extrait des 
NouTelles annales des voyages, etc. v. II]. 
53 pp.1 map. 8°. [Paris'], 1621. 
La Place (Pierre de). Du droict usage de la 
philoBopliie iDorale. Atiec la docCriue chres- 
tiBoae. 6 p. 1. 206 pp. 4 1. 18°. Lcyde, Jean 
Ehemer, 1658. 
Iia. Piacette (Jean). La morale clir^lieiine 
abrfig^e, et reduite k troiaprincipaiix devoirs : 
la repentance des pScheurs, la persSv6rance 
deg jostos, et les progT&s que ces jasteaperse- 
v^rans doivent faire dans lapiSW. 3= 6d. ang- 
mont^eparl'auteurd'ua nouveaa trai[6 etde 
pltisienrs mSdltatione. S v. 8 p. 1. 416 pp ; 
443pp.21. 18°. RoUerditm. A.Aclier,i7\4. 
La Plata (RepuUie of). See Argeatiiie re- 

La Poepe (Claude de). L'ouvertare de I'Aiaa- 
zoue, et sea cons^queacea politic|ues et coni- 
merciialeB. 60 pp. 8°. Paris, E. Deata, IS&T. 

La politique du Paraguay ; identity de 

eotte politique avee eelle de la Franco et do 
laGiaode-Bretagne dans le Eio de La Plata. 
3p.l.3J8pp. 8°. Faris, E. Destu, 1869. 
La Forte (Pierre de). M^Dioires. ConteuanC 
plusieurs partienlarit^s des r^ues de Louis 
xiii. etde Louis xiv. 334pp, 18°. Genive, 
nm. s. 

La Reynle de la Bniy&i 
de formation d'une li^gioi 
d^nominatioQ d'eulaireur 
16°. Paris, 1805. 
[With Lt Ckapelle (Abbe 

■e (Loui.). Pro 
ti nautique, sous 
i dea eOtes, [eti 

tinu dn I 

!, [etc 

La Rocbefoucauld (Pranisois, d' dat de) 
Sentences et raasimes. 8°. Paris, A, Dea- 
res, 1836. 

A.O Choi* 


La Roqaette (Jean Baptists Marie Alexandre 
Dezos de). Notice biographiqueaurramiral 
sic John Praukliu, [etc.] 67 pp. 61. litliogr. 
copies of autograph letters. 2maps. 1 portrait. 
4°. [Paris, BOciitidegiosfapkie,\mTl'l S. 

LarouEse (Pierre). Grand dictionnaire nniver- 
sel du xix° si^ele, franfais, bistoriqne, g^o- 
graphique, mythologique, bibliographique, 
litl^raire, artistique, scientiSquc, etc. v. 3-4. 
C-Con. fol. I'aris, Larousse Sf Boyer, 

Larramendl (Manuel de). El impoBaible veu' 
cido. Avtede la lengna bascougada. ISp.l. 
404pp. 16°. Salamanca, A.J. Villargordo 
Ahariz, 1729, 
Lairey (Isaac de, aieur de Granchamp). His- 
toire des sept sagea. 3^ 6d. Angment^edere- 
marquea par [Antoine] de La Barre de lloau- 
marches. 2 v. 1 p. i. siviii, 490 pp. 1 pi; 1 
p. I. xii, 540 pp. Ipl. 16°. La Haije, J. Fan 
Durea, 1734. 
Larroqile (Patrice). E^novation religieuse. 

2"6d. 433pp. 8". Paris, A. Bohni, 1860. 
La Salle de I'ifitaiig (Simon Philibert de). 
Dictionnaire Galibl presents sons deun 
formes, [etcj Prfic^d^ d'on eaaai de gram- 
maire. ParM.D.L.B. [uwob,} 1 p.l.svi, 
126 pp. II. 8°. Paris, ii«»e/«, 1763. 


as Caaaa or CaaaiiB (Bartolom6 de). Den 
vermeerderden spieghel dec spaensciio tier- 
anuijegcsehiet in Westindien waerin te sien 
is de onmenauhelijke ni'eede feytea der span- 
jaei'den met aauien de hescbtijvinge dersel- 
ver lant en volcken aert en nature. In Spans 
beschreven. 50 1. 4°. Aiasta!daia, C. L. 
van der Plasse, 1634. 

La Solle (Henri Fi-anpois de). Bok et Zulba: 
bifltoire ail6gorique traduite du Portugaia de 
Dom Anrel Eniner. [pseudon.'] 2v.ini. 
3 p. 1. 348 pp. 130. [Paris, aboal 1740] ? 

Latham (Baldwin). The purification and 
utilisation of aewage, with plana of theCroy- 
don irrigation fields. 2 p. 1.40 pp. 8°. Lou- 
don, E. * F. N. SpoB, 1807, 

LatliTOp (Joseph, rf.rf.) The infirmities and 
comforts of old age. A sermon to aged peo- 
ple. 2ded. 14 pp. 12°. Springfield, (Moss.) 
H. Breura-, [1802]? 

A sermon preached to the Hampshire 

missionary society at their annuel meeting, 
August, 1802, in Northampton. 33 pp. 8°. 
Northampton, (Mass.) H. Brewer, 1802. 

A sermon contfuning rcftections on tbo 

Solar eclipse, which appeared on June 16, 
18(16, 2d ed. 20 pp. 12°. Springfield, 
{Mass.) H. Brewer, 1806. 

Two sermons, on the atrocity of suicide 

and on the causes which lead to it. Preached . 
at Buffield, Feb. 24, 1805. 2d ed. 36 pp. 
12°. Springfield, (Mass.) H J Bremer, 1805. 

cal, devotional, and practical. 5 v, 8°. 
tVoreesler, I. Thomas, 1809, 

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Iiathrop (Joseph, d.d.) — contionod. 

Sermons delivered on various i 

First published singly, now republiBhed and 
coOeeted into a volume. 393 pp. 
(OB, /. Thomas, ISJa, 
Iiathrop (Kec, Noah). The shepherd boy of 
Mianesota ; a narrative of the life of Gooi'ge 
Melviu Kelsey. 63 pp. 1 pi. 18". Nete York, 
Carlton ^ Porler, 1866. 
Latimer (Hugh, liiskop of Worcesiei'). Sermon 
on the ploug-Jiers, 18 January, 1540. Care- 
fnlly edited by Edward Arber. 40 pp. J6°. 
London, J. Murray ^ sons, IBfiS. 
[ARHEU's EuellBh repilnW. uo. 3], 

Seven sefmooe before Edward 

eath Friday in Lent, 1549. Carefully edited 
by Edward Arber. 2 p. 1, 208 pp. 16^. Low.- 
lion, A, M»Trap ^ sons. 


0. 13]. 

Latocnaye(— de). Proraeiiade d' 
dauB la Grand e-Bretagne. 3* 
273 pp. 8°. Srunsmick, P. F. Fauche .f 

Latouche ( Hyacinth e Joseph Alesandre 
Thahftud de Latouohe, called Henri 
FrBgoletla. NaplesetParisenl799. NouvelJe 
ea. 1.] p. 1.332pp. 1 pi; Tp,l.S35 
pp. I pi. 16°. Paris, H. L. Delloye, 1840. 

Latrobe (John H, B.) Hints for sii months 
in Europe. Being the programme of a tour 
through parts of Prance, Italy, Austria, 
Saxony, Prusaia, the Tyrol, Switzerland, Hol- 
land, Belgium, England, and Scotland, in the 
Bommar of 1868. 374 pp. 16°. Pkiladelptda, 
J. B. Lippincott ^ CO. 1869, 

Laughing Kittle and purring Kittie,with other 
little folhs at Eobinwood. By aunt Mattie. 
[anon.] 151pp.3pl. 18°. Bostoa, American 
i!-oe(socie(s, [1868]. 

Laure ; the history of a blighted life. By L. 
C.H. [Bflon.jaTlpp. 12°. Fhiladelphia, 
Claxloa, Remsen <J- Haffdfinger, 1869. 

Lavalette (Autoiue Marie Chamap.s, comte de). 
M^moifes et souvenirs du comte Lavailette ; 
publics par sa familla et snr sea manusci'lle. 
2v. sl,370pp; 1 p. 1.410 pp. 8°. Paris, 
H. Foumier, jeane, 1831. 

Lavauda (Eugeniue, niaeiicnsis,;i3CMdon.) See 
luchofer (Melchior), 

La Vauguyon (Paul Masimilien Casimir de 
Quellen de Stuer de Causaade de, prince de 
Carencg). La v6iit6 sur i'Angleterie. Par 
un Fran^aia. [oiion.] Publi^e et dedi^e k 
la nation anglaise, par J. A. Vidvard. 2 v. 

La Vauguyon— continued. 

2p.i. ii. aaspp; 2p.i. yiapp. 8". xon- 

dres, J. A. nieard, 1817. 
Laveanx (Jean Charles Thi^bault de). The 

life of Eredericfc thesecond, king of Prussia. 

To which are added observations, authentic 

doenuients, and a vaiiety of anecdotes. 

Translated from the l<'i-onch. 2 v. xi, 525 

pp. 7 1 ; 2 p. 1. 560 pp. 5 I. 8o. Loadon, J. 

IM-relt, 1789. 
Lavie (J. Charles de). Des corps politiques et 

de leure gouvernemenls. 2« 6A. 2 v. 4 p. I. 

ivj, 420 pp ; 1 p. 1. 3.12 pp. 3 I. 4°. Lyott, 

P. Daplain, 1766. 

Note.— A repnbUcstlon of bin Abrfg6 de la t^piTbli- 

Lavoisier (Antoine Laurent). (Euvres, pub- 
li6es par les soins de son excellence le minia- 
tre do rinstruetion publique et des cultes. v. 
Ports, imprimerie impSriale, 


Law(Andrew, erfi(Dr). A collection of hymn 
tunes from the most modem and approv'd 
authors. 1 p. 1. 36 pp. (music), 18 pp. sm, 
i°. Clieshire, (Cotih.) IV. Zaw,,\_about 1790]. 

The musical magazine ; containing a 

variety of favorite pieces. A periodical pub- 
lication. 9 nos. 1 p. 1, 13 pp ; music, 33 
pp. ohl.8^. Clie$hire, (Cotih.) IF. Lav), 

The musical primer] containinjj the 

rules of psalmody, newly revised and im- 
proved ; with a number of practical lessons 
and plain tunes, obi, 8°. Clieshire, W, Laa, 

Iiatv (James). General and descriptive anat- 
omy of the domestic animals. See Gamgee 

Law (John, oj Laariston). Aanmerliingea 
over den koophandel en bet geldt, [etc.]; 
als meede Historische en geogi'aphische be- 
schryvingo van Louisiana, [etc.]; aan de 
mondt van da groote rivier Mississippi. 
Benevens een barigt, van de nieuwe fran- 
sche indisehe compagnie, en eenige aanmei"- 
kingen, over den Segenwoordigen handel in 
actlen. Met aathentjke stukken voorsien. 
Door P. J. M. 6 p. 1. 320 pp, I map. 16°. 
Amslcrdara, Steenlioumtr Si Vetwerf, 1721. 

Lawrence (Henry). An history of angella, 
being a theologieall treatise of our commun- 
ion and warr with them. Whereunto is 
added a large table of the severall partioulara 
contained therein. 5 p. 1. 189 pp. 5 I. sm. 4°. 
London, M. Simmons, 1650, 

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La-wreiioe (Philip). Tlie model spealtev, 
Consiating of exercises in prose and poetry. 
For the use of scboole, acattemies, aod col- 
leges. 39Spp. 12°. Phitadflphia, Eldrid^e 
Stbrotker, iSTO. 

Lawrence (William}. 
York alectioa frauds. 

La-wrenoe (William Beach). Commentaire 
sar les Sl^meuts du droit iutcrnatiotial et aur 
I'Hiatoire des progr&s du droit des gons de 
Henry WheatoD. Pr4c^d^ d'une noiice sur 
la carri^re diplomatique de m. Wtieatou. v. 
1-2. xxvii, 404 pp; jx, 505 pp. 8°. Leip- 
zig, F. A. Brockhaas, 1868. 

Lavrson (Jamee). Ontwa, the son of the for- 
est. A poem. [OHOB.] 136 pp. 12°. 
New York, WUey Sf Halsted, 1832. 

Lay (The) of Havelolt the Dane ; composed 
in the reign of Edward i, abont a. d. 1280. 
Edited tVom tlie nnique ms. Laud niiac. 108, 
in the Bodleian lihrary, Oxford ; by rev. W. 
W. Skeat. Iv, 159 pp. 8°. London, JV. 
Ttilhner Sf cc. 1868. 
IBarlv EaKllah tostflociotj-publicfltioM. Extraae- 

Layard (Austin HemyJ. The Nineveh coart 
in the crystal palace. 80 pp. 1 pl. 12°. 
Lottdon, 1854. S. 

Lea (laaac). Fossil footmarks in the red 
eacdstona of Pottsville, Pa. 16 pp. 1 col. 
pl. fol. I'hiladelphia, T. K. Sf F. G. CoUins, 
1855. s. 

League (The) [and free-trader]. See Pree- 
trader (The). 

Leavltt (Joshua). The christian lyre. v. 2. 
213 pp. 11. 18°. New York, J. LeamU, 

Le Blaiio (Viac«nt). The world suiTeyed ; 
or, the famous voyages and travailes of 
Vincent Le Blanc, or White, of Marseilles, 
who, from the age of fourteen to threescore 
and eighteen, tvavelled through most parts of 
the world, [etc.] Bendred into English from 
the French, by F[raneis] B[rooke], gent. 
6 p. 1. 407 pp. 6 1. sm. fol. London, J. Star- 
key, 1660. 

Le Blant (Edmond). See Jacqnemait (Al- 
bert) and Le Blaut (Edmond). 

LeBoia dea QaysmGuaye (J.F.E.) Das 
nene cbristenthum. Briefe an einen welt- 
biirger der wahrheit saciit, bearbeitet nach 
dem Fi-anzosjschen des Le Bois dee Gays. 
yondr.L. Tafel. 2° aufl. 225 pp. 12°. 
Fhaaddphia, F, E. BSricke, 1868. 


Le Boesu (Ren^). Traits du poeaie ^pique. 
5 p. 1. 420 pp. I pl. 16'=. Pmii, A. Pralard, 

Le BoutMllier de Kance (Armand Jeao). 
Kesponsio ad b'BCtatum Mabillonii de studis 
monastids, quje nunc primum prodit e gal- 
lico in latinum ecrmonemcouTersaa Josepho 
Porta. in.275pp. 4°. Fcnetiis. A. Foletti, 


iH y.) 

V 3] 

Lebrixa or Lebiija (Antonio de) Aelii An 
l«nii nebriesensis graminatii^ram instita 
tionam libri i\ recons rei,ogniti Multis 
preceptionibns appnme nec«ssaiiis aucti 
atque publicce utilitati editi quiboa etiam 
Bccessit prosodia a p Emanuele Alvarez 
[etc.] lp.l.266ppll 18° (.mariffisn 
Lacetanis, J, Barber \_about lf2U] 

Lebrtin ( Isidore Fr^deru Thomas) Tableaux 
statistiqne et politique des denx Canadu6 
1 p. 1. KiS pp. 1 1 8° Parts Treuud Sf 
IPiirz, 1833. 

Le C^ne (Charlea). Conversations sui diveis 
matiferes de religion, [etc.] Aveo un traits 
de la liberty de conscience. [Par Jean CrelL 
««on.] 2 p. 1.287 pp. 18°. PhiladelpUie, 
Timo^ie de S. Amour, {^Amsterdam H Wet 

Lecerf (PierreLouis). Lepi U'ctiui sneetlj. 
socifit^. Comparaisooentrele piotestontisme 
et le catholicisme, leur dogme leur disci 
pline, leur morale, et leiirs rapporM avec la 
oivilisatiOD et I'ordre soc al Espouse an 
livre public par m. Nicolas centre le protes- 
tantisme. 3 p. 1. 255 pp. 8°. Paris, M. 
Dudoux, 1853. 

Lecky (William Edward Hartpole). History 
of European morals, from Augustus to Char- 
lemagne. 2d ed. 2 V. lyiji, 498 pp ;- x, 
433 pp. 8°. London, Longmans, Green S( 

Le Clero (Joseph Victor). Des joumaux chez 
les Remains ; reeherches, preced^es d'nn m^- 
moire sur les annales des pontlfes, et suivies 
da fragments des joumaux de I'aucienne 
Rome. 2 p. 1. iii, 440 pp. 8°. Paris, Fir- 
min Didotfrireg, 1838. 

Leclero ( Dr. Nicolas) 1 Essai m^dieo-l^gal 
sur I'empoisonnement, et sur les moyens que 
I'on doit employer pour lo constater. viij, 
150 pp. 1 1. 12°. Paris, LitrasU, 1803. 

Le Colnte (Charles). Annales ecclesiastic! 
Francorum, [ab unno Christi 235 nsque ad 
annum 845]. 8 v. fol. Paiistis, iyyo- 
grapkia regia, 1665-83. 

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Le Comte (Louis). Noiivtaux mfiiiioin 
r^tat present de la Chine, v. I~3. li 
508 pp. 21 pi ; a p. 1.536 pp. B pi. IG". 1 
J, Anissen, 1696. 
[NOTE.-y. aiTOI. ivautJnsl. 

Le Courayer (Pierre Fraii^oie). Trnil 
Ton expose ee qne I'ioriture iioua apprend 
de la diviuitfi de J6sub Christ, xxiv, 367 pp, 
8°. Londres, IFhUe S Cochrane, 1811, 

Le Duchat (Jacob). Ducatiama ; on, remac- 
qnes sar divers eujota d'histoh-e et de litl^ra- 

ordre par M.r[ormej]. 3 v. J3 p. 1.545 
pp.2 pi. 18". Amsterdam, P. Hambi 

Lea ( fiee. Andrew). SennotiB on vi 

portant sabjects ; written partly on suotlry 
of the mora difBcalt passages in the sacred 
volume. 403 pp. 18°. WoTcester, I. Thomas, 
jr. 1803. 
Lee (F.D.) and Agnew(J.L.) Historical 
record of tlie city of Savaooal]. j 
3 maps. 3 pi. 12", Sata««ah, J. H. Estill, 
Lee (Gejiejai Henry). Memoirs of the 
the southern department of the United 
A new ed. with i'evisiOQs, and a biography of 
the author, by Robert E. Lee. 630 pp, 3 pi. 
3 portraits. 8°. Nev> York, University pub- 
lishing CO. 1869. 
Lee (Major Henry). Observations on the 
writings of Thomas Jefferson, with particular 
reference to the attack they contain on the 
memory of the late gen. Henry Lee. In a 
series of letters. Sd ed. With an introduc- 
tion and notes, by Charles Carter Lee. xix, 
963 pp. 8". Pliiladelpkia, J. Dobson, 1839. 
Lee (Holme, pseudon.) See Parr (Haniet). 
Lee (James E.) Tbe voluoteer's hand-book ; 
conlaining an abridgment of Hardee's infan- 
try tatties adapted to the ase of tbe peicus 
aionmuaketinsqua^andc mpauy exeiciie^j 
maoaal of arms toi iiflemen and 1. nited 
Stales army legulations at, to parades le 
views n pections guard munnting eti. 
3d thonaanl HI pp Jb" SuJimond 
Heal 4 Johnson 1860 
Lee (Jesse) A short 1 latory of the metho 
disls in tl e United States (.t Ame ica be 
ginning in J76b and continued till 1809 
To which IS pieflied a brief account of then 
rise in England, in the year 17-29, etc. 366 
pp. fi ). Itl'^. Ballintorc, Magilt ic Ckinc, 

Lee (flfrs. Sarah), 
and fragmeuta froi 
xv, 366 pp. 6 pi. 

iituries of strange lands ; 
the notes of a traveller, 
o. London, E, Moxon, 

Lee and "Walker's musical almanac for 1869. 
For tbe use of seminaries, professors of 
music, and the musical public, 1 p. 1.144 
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timental idler, from Greece, Tnrkey, Egypt, 
Nubia, and the Holy Land, i, 463 pp. 1 
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</ CO. 1869. 

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feRoasem, in den Zalt-b(emelerwaard. xviii, 
188 pp. 8°. Leyden, H. fV. Hasenberg ^ 
comp. 1843, 
[AUas, a maps. 16 pi. 40. wanting]. 

Lefroy (John Henry) and Richardson (Sir 
John). Magnetical and meteorological ob- 
servations at lake Atbabaaca and fort Simp- 
sou, by captain J. H. Lefroy, royal ai-tillevy ; 
and at fort Confidence, in Great Bear lake, 
by sir John Richardson, [etc. edited by E. 
Sabine], viii, 391 pp. 1 diagram, 8°. Lon- 
don, stationery office, 1855. s. 

LeftwIoh(W.M.d.d.) Martyrdom in Mis- 
souri. A history of religious proscription, 
tbe seizure of chnrches, and the persecution 
of ministers of the gospel in the state of Mis- 
souri, during the laie civil war, and imder 
the " test oath " of tbe new constitution, v. 
3. 436pp. 12°. Sl.Lon 
lishtHg eo. 1870. 

Le Gal (Engine, editor). Petit theatre bonf- 
fon. Choix des plus jolies pieces comlques 
joules sar les difi^rents tb^JLtres de Paris. 1 
p. 1. 491 pp. 18°. Pans, Paasard, 1854, 

Legar^ (J.M.) Orta-nndia, anil otherpoems. 
lOapp. ISO. Boston, W. D. Tieknor & 

Legends of a log-cabin. By a western man. 
[««on.] 3p.l.a77pp. 12". New York, 
G. Dearborn, 1835. 

Le Gentil de La Qalalei^re (Gnillaume Jo- 
seph Hyacintbe Jean Baptiste). Voyage 
dans les mers de I'Inde, fait par ordro du roi, 
h I'occasion du passage de V^nus sur la 
disque da soleil, le 6 juin 1761, et le 3 du 
mfime mois 1769. 2 y. 1 p.1.344 pp.3pl; 1 
p.l.364pp.l map.Spl, 8'^. En Suisse, librairts 
Bssociis, 1730. 
Legrand (Mare Aniline). Bedriegery (de) 
van Caitoucbe, of de fransche roovera ; bly- 
spel. Gevolgd naa 't Franseh, door P. Laa 

r, S. IF. book St pub- 

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Legrand(Mai'c Antome)~cotitiiiued. 
gonijyk. [anon.] 4 p. 1.64 pp. 16°. Am- 
ateldam, D. Rmiros, 1732, 

[DRSMiTIC ptunpiiLeba, IT, 1]. 

Leibnitz {Gottfried WilheJm von). (Euvres. 
Nouveile ^d. coUatioiinfie bui' les meilleuVB 
fexlea, et prScStl^e d'ane iotroduetion par M. 
A. Jaciiuee. 2 v. -i p, 1. 604 pp ! J p. 1. 676 
pp. 16". Paris, Cliarpentier, 1846. 

Teutamina tfieodicjeie de bonitate Dei, 

libeitale hoininis et orig:itie mali. Tei'sioui; 
uovse [a J. N. Steinhofer] editio altera. Yita 
auctoris a Eruckero descripta, Kortholti 
•^ ph ilosop Ilia Lei bnitii, ete. et vs 
obseryationibua aucta. Cum priefati 
Anff. Frid. Bceokii. 9 t. Ip. 1. 19, xk; 
413pp. Iportrait; pp.4l3-84S, 3?!. 
Tuliinsie-, Berger,i77l. 

Leicester (Sir Peter). S^c LeycsHter. 

Xieidecker. See Leydekker. 

Leidy (Joaeph, m.d.) Description of ve 
brate foasila. 4°. Charleston, 1860. 



p. 99-llS, pL 15-34]. 

Leigh (Cbnvles). The natural blatory of Lan- 
cashire, Cbeabire, and tbe Peak, iu Derby- 
sbire : with an account of the Sritish, Phis- 
nician. Armenian, Gr[eek] and Rom[an] an- 
tiquities in tbose pnits. 2 v. in 1. 10 p. I. 
194 pp. 12 pi. I porti'ait; II. IIS pp. 181.21 
pi, fol. Oi/urd, CLei^ft, 1700. 

Leigh (Samuel). Leigh's new picture of Lon- 
don; or, a view of the political, religious, 
medical, literai'j", municipal, commercial, and 
morni Btat« of the British meiropoliB. 23 
ed. viii, 529, 36 pp.5 1. 1 map, 14 pi. 18°. 
London, 8. Leigh, 1818, 
[Iinperfeot: 1 map wanllng]. 

The same. 4th ed. Tiii,5a4,3e pp. 

11 pi. 18°. London, S.Leigh, 1820, 
[Imperfeol i 3 mapB wimting Bjid 3 pL LnipHfettj. 

Leigliton (The) children, lanon.1 8 v. 18°. 
Philadelphia, lunday school anion, 1867. 

Aimt PriKillft'8 Btoiy. 
Beitj'BvMt Kpp.lpL 
Ooviitad (THe) bonaet. 57 pp. 1 pi. 

Mnik'i compoHiten. 84 pp. 1 pL ' ' ^' 

Saa3s.y scliool (The) plnnic. 53 pp. 1 pi. 


Leiste (Christian!. Beschvoibung- des brit- 
t BChenAmenltaznrersparung dei onglisthen 
kHiten 57Jpi 1 map 16° liolfeabaUel 
BmdsEil 1778 
Leithold (Theodoi von) Moq uitstap naar 
Biaailie uf rei^e van Beiljn naai Rode 
Janeiro on van daai tcmg ctiz Ijjt he 
Hoog luilach ir 238 pp 8° Amsterdam 
J C Jan Aeslerfw 1821 
LeIand(ChaileaGod(ieTJ Hanfl Breitmanns 
lallads 118 pp \.i° Phdadelphia I 
B. Peterson f hruthers, \_ 1869]. 

Hans Breitmann'a party. With otber 

ballads. 3d pp. &>. Philadelphia, T. B. 
Peterson If bros. 1868. 

Hans Broltmann in polities. 13 pp. 1 

pi. 8°, Philadelphia, J. B. LippincoU S; 
CO. 1869. 

Hans Breitmann abont town. And 

other new ballads. 2d aeries of the Breit- 
mann ballads. 63 pp, SP. Philaddplda, 
T. B. Peterson Sf bros. 1869. 
Le Meroier (Rev. Andrew). The church his- 
tory of Geneva, iu five hooks. As also a 
political and geographical account of that 
repiibliek. 2v,iQl. 5 p.l. Saopp ; vi,76pp. 
1 1. 12°. Boslm, S. aerrish, 1732. 
A traatisB against detraction in ten sec- 
tions. I p 1 V pp 5 I V "03 PI 8°. Bos- 
ion, D HncI man 1733 
L^mery (V colas) Woordenl ook of alge- 
meene ve hand 1 g der enl ele d oogeryen, 
[etc.] In t F anseh bescl even in. En 
in 't Helen! tseh gal gt loo C V. Put ten 
en Isaac de Witt. 10 p. I. ,72 pp. 371. 26 pi. 
4". RoUerdam, J. D. Beman, 1763. 
Le Mire (Anbert). De statv religionis chris- 
tians, per Europam, Asiam, Africam, et 
oibem novum, libri iv. 9p.k4.'J6pp. 16o. 
Helmestadn, H Miilleri, 1670. 
L^montey (Pierre l^douard). Kaison, folie, 
petit cours de morale mis it la port6o des 
vieux enlana , siiivi dea obsarvatenrs de la 
femme [nnon.] 3° (5d. [etc.] 2v.2p,l. 
■^xiin,4(i4pp, 2p.l. 446pp. 8°. Paris, 
Deter title, I8!6. 
Lemprl&re (William). A tonr from Gihral- 
ter to Tangier, Sallee, Mogodore, Santa Cniz, . 
and Tarudant ; and thence over mount Atlas 
to Morocco. Including a particular account 
of the royal harem, etc. 3d ed. with addi- 
tions and corrections, si, 330 pp. 24°. 
Riclimond, W. FrUckard, 1800. 

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XiemetTfim (Carl SeVim). Om volta-indiik- 
tioDssirommaia intensity ts0rlapp. Akade- 
misk f^andling. 3 p. 1. 133 pp. 1 
8°. Hdsingfors. J. C. Freackell &■ w 

lie Mullier (Heuii). Histoire parl^i 

de la prSaidence, dopuia I'^Iection. du pnnc« 
Louis-Napot^on Bonaparte jasqu'au 2 dS- 
eembre 1651. 330 pp. 1 1. 13°. Paris, 
Gamier, IS53, 

Iieimep (Jacob \ 
scIiiedenisGeiL vs 

baald. 13 V. It 
Mfflrs, 1848-53. 

a). D« 
I Noord-Nederland, door 
p aan zijne kiuderen ver- 
, AmsUrdam, F. M. War- 

Xiennep Coster (G. va-a). Aanteekenrngen, 
gehouden geilarende mijn verblijf in d« 
Weat-Indien in de jarea 1837-18^0. vii, 
359 pp. 3 pi. 8°. Amsterdam, J. F. Sektei- 
jer, 1843. 

Herinneringen mijnev reiaen naar on- 

devecheiaene werelddeelea. 2 v. sii, 324 
pp. 3 p) ; 1 p. 1. viii, 330 pp. 3 pi. 8°. Am- 
alBrdam, J. F. Scldeijer, 1836. 

it van Africa 

MiddellundJjche Zus ea Eou8tKiiUno]ile, Id 1895. 

Lenny's Bearcli. ByH. A. D. [flnoM.] 384 
pp. 3 pi. 16°. Buston, congrtgatianal sab- 
bath school aad publislimg sodets, [1863]. 

Iienoir (Marie Alexandre). MusSe royal dea 
montimeiis fraap^; ou, m4moris.l de I'his- 

pp. 13°. Paris, A. Lenoir, 1815. 
IMahkoe pamphlets, v. 36], 

Iiente {El). Novela eatirico moral, traducida 
del Fiances por S. L. L. [nnon.] 3 p. I. 
224 pp. 18°, Falencia, J. Ferrei' de. Orga, 
J833. 8. 

L€on-CliapeUe ( — ). Mea loisirs. Narra- 
tions, reflexions, maximes et ponies. 4"^ ^d. 
352 pp. 8°. SaiKt-Aienne, Jl. Pichoa, 1865. 

Leon y Qama (Antonio de). Descripcion 
histftiica j cionolfigica de las dos piedras 
que eon oeasioa del nnevo empednuJo que se 
ea(A formando en la plaza prineipal de 
Mexico, se haliaron en elia el ano de 1790. 
3 p. I. 1 16 pp. 1 1, 3 pi. 12°. MSHca, Za- 
niga y OnUveToa, 1792. 

Iieotaud (Vincent). Examen civevli qyad- 
ratvrie liactenvs editarvm oeleberrimie, qvain 
Apolloniiis alter, maguo illo Pergseo non 
r. p. Gregoriva a Sancto Vin- 


Leotaud (Vincent)— wintiaued. 

oentio, societatis Jesv, ospOBOit. 6 p. I. 996 
pp. 11 I. sm. 4°. Lvgdvni, 1654. 



Lepaie;e (Louis Adiien). Analyse ftes o 
Btitutious et privileges de la compagnie 
J6sas. NouvelleSd. 2 v. 16". Amst 

de J6a" 

■E(0.) HI 


Lepau (Ifidouard-Marie Joseph). Vie politi- 
que, litleraire et morale de Voltaire, ofi I'ofl 
refute Condorcet et ces autrea liistoriens. ■ Z" 
ed. Augmenl^e d'ua grand nombre de faits, 
avec la r^ponse de I'auteur A m. Viennet, 
Tun des r^dacteurs du joumai de Paris. 2 
p. I. 378 pp. 16°. Paris, Mignera, 1819. 

Lepe (Pedro, bishop of Calahorra y Calfoda). 
Catecismo catliolico, en el cual se contiene 
Ift explicacion de los prindpaieB mjaterioa de 
nueatra santa (6 catliolica, y los de maa cosas, 
qve da be el ehrlatiano saber para sv aalvacion. 
8 p. 1. .JOl pp. 4°. Madrid, A. Oonxales de 
Reyes, 1707. 

Lepelletier de Saint Remy (E.) Saint- 
Domingue. £tude et solution nouTelle de 
laqiiestiou tiMtieune. 2v. Ixxxiii, 374 pp ; 
3 p. 1.554 pp. 8°. Paris, J. BirirnHd, 1846. 

L':^plae (Ernest). La Mgende de Croque- 
Mitaine, Illusti'Se par-G, Dorfi. 3 p. 1.274 
pp. 4°, Paris, L. HackeUe * eie. J863, 

Leren (Hip6lito) and Suarez (Pascaal). 
Lecciones eseogidas para loa niflo? que 

imprealon, viii, 336 pp. il. 18°. Madrid, 
E. Aguado,\8S\. s. 

Leroux (Charles). A practical trealiae on 
tbe manufacture of worsted and carded 
yams. From the French, by Horatio Paine, 
m. S. and A. A. Feaquet. [With] an ap- 
pendix containing extracts from the reports 
of the international jury, etc. 1867. 341 pp. 
1 1. 12 pi. 8°. PkUadelphia, H. C, Baird, 

Iierous (Piene). Job, drame en cinq nctos, 
aTcc prologue et Epilogue, par la proph^te 
Isaie, retronve, retabli dans son inl^grit£, et 
tradnit litterolement sui le texte bebrau. 
[Appendice. Le Job des eglises, et lo Job 
de in. Iteuan]. 2 p. I. 454 pp. 1 1. 8°. 
Paris, E. Denlu, 1866. 

Le Roux de Lincy (Adrien Jean Victor). 
Le livre des legendes. Introduction. ] p. 1. 
xiv, 286 pp. 8'^. Paris, Silsestre, 1S36. 


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Le Roy (JeitQ Baptiste). Resutnen de aua 
obra sopre Lospitalea, [etc. 1787]. 8°. Mad- 
rid, 1793. 

[In Mehortas leldaa nobro In eaiBcaiaon da loepi- 
fnlea, 17iP3]. 

Le Roy de Lozembrune (Frangois). Pre- 
cis liistoriquB et politique de op qui a donnfi 
lien a la rapture du traits de Paasarowitz, et 
^ la guerre de 1737, [etc.] 16°. Vknne, 
OrSffer le jcBiie, 1788. 

[Zn HisTOiKE de !a guerte de Hongtle. 1716-ia pp. 

Lery (.lean de). Histoi'ie van een reyee 
gbedaen indea laade van Brasillieu, aader- 
sius ghenoemt America. Met een vocabu- 
laer ofte t'zamensprekiaghe in haerJider tale ; 
milsgadera Se beschryvingie van veelderly 
g^bedierten, boomen, cruyden, ende andere 
by-sonderste dinghen van dien lande, ber- 
waerts ovei' heel vreenit ende onbekeuC 
Over-geaet v/t bet Francboys. Met ver- 
sebeyden acboone figueren. Ill 1. sm. 4°. 
Aaistelredant, C. Claest, 1597. 

The same. Keise in Brasilien. Nacb 

der von flem herru verfasser selbat veranstal- 
teten lateiniseben ausgabe ttbersetst. Mit 
anmerliangea iind erlaulerungen. 4 p. 1. 415 
pp. 1 1. 6°. Milnster, Flatvist, 1794. 

Le Sage (Alain Een^). Tbe adventures of 
Eobert Chevalier, call'd De Beaucheue, cap- 
tain of a privateeriuNew France. 3v. 4p.l. 

307 pp; 4 p. 1. 288 pp. 18°. Louden, T. 
Gardner, 1745. 

Lesoallier (Daniel). Expose des moyene de 
mettre en valeur et d'administrer La Guiane. 
xxiv, 216 pp.3 maps. 8". Fai'is. Buisson, 

LeBgnmon(PierroJean). fimolions. 2p. 1. 

308 pp. 8". Paris, Bousijuet, 1833. 
Leslie (Ren. Charles). A short method with 

the daists. Wherein the certainty of the 
christian religion is demonstrated. In a letter 
to a, friend. 12°. NeMarft,1795, 
lit OQDKK (U.) Anlldote to deiam. v. 3. pp. 319- 

Leslie (Franh). Paris nnivarsal exposilion, 
1967, [etc.] Eeportonthefine arts. 43pp. 8«>. 
WaskisgtOB, government printing offce^ J868. 

The same. [Author's ed.] 43 pp. 31 

pi. 4°. Washington, goveTnment prinliitg 
office, 18158. 

Frault I^slie'a chimney comer. Nov. 

28, 1868, to Nov. 20, 1869. v. 8-9, fol. 
New York, F. CeslU, 1868-S9. 


Leslie (Frank) — continued. 

Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper. 

Sept. 19. 1863, to Sept. 11, 1869. v. 27-28. 
fol. New Vork, F. Leslie, 1869-69. 

The aaine. Ilustracion americana de 

Frank Leslie. Oct. 31, 1869, to April 14, 
1869. V. 5. foL New York, F. Leslie, 

Frank Leslie's lady's magazine. Jan. 

to Dec. 1869. v. 24-25. sm. fol. New York, 

F. Leetie, [1869]. 
Frank Leslie's pleasant hours. Devoted 

to light and entertaining literature. Feb. 

1869, to Jan. 1870. v. 6-7. 8°. Ne«, York, 

F. Leslie, 1869-70. 
LesquereiuE (Leo). Report on tbe fossil 

plants of lllinoia. 8°. Chicago, 1866. 

riLLlNois (GBOlojical anrvoy of), v 9, section 31. 

Leasing (Gotthold Epliraim). Nathan, the 
wise. A dramatic poem of five acts. Trans- 
lated into Engliah prose, by dr. laidnro Ka- 
liacb. I p.Lix, 912 pp. I 1. 16°, Mw 
York, IFaldheimer ■(■ Zenu, 1869. 

Leaaius (Leonardus). See Leys (Leonard). 

Lessons from biography, for young men. 
[oMOTi.] 191 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, Ajaeri- 
can saadag school union, 1865. 

Lester (Charlea Edwards). The glory and 
shame of England. 2v. 304pp; 2 p.i. pj>, 
307-601. 8°. ffeie Yorlc, Barlram 4- Les- 
ter, 1866. 

Lett (Gregorio). Li precipitii della sede apoE- 
toliea ; 6, vero la coi'te di Roma, persequitata, 
e perseguitante. 32 p. 1. 887 pp. 18°. Li- 
one, A. Dernen, 1672. 

Le Troane (Guillftume Frangois). Suite de 
la dispute sur la concarrenee do la navigfv- 
tion ^traogfire pour la voitnre de nos grains, 
[etc.] viij, 184 pp. 16°. Paris, 1765. 

Letters addi-essed to lord Liverpool and the 
parliament on the pieliminariea of peace. 
ByCftlvua. [jjs6i«fo«.] Ip. 1. lOOpp. a". 
London, H. Colhnm, 1814. 

Letters on England. By Victolre, count de 
Solignj. [psendon.'\ Translated from the 
original mss. 2 v. xvi, 311 pp ; 1 p. 1. xi, 
316 pp. 12°. London, H. Colharn ^ ea. 

Letters on the force of imagination in preg- 
nant women, [onon.] iii, 133 pp. 18°. 
London, W. Griffin. 1765. 

Lettera on prejudice. [aiiDH,] 2 v. xv, 
436 ppi IV, 486 pp. 12°. London, T. Ca- 
dell, 1832. 

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Letters to a nobleman, proving a late pr'n 
minister [William Henry Cavendish Be 
Hnels, Ihird dnke of Portland] to bave teen 
Jnoins ; and developing the secret mi 
which induced him to write under that and 
other ei^aturea. With an appendix 
taining a celebrated ease, pnblished by Al- 
nioninireS, [By A. G. Johnston, anon.] 
XV. 55 pp. 8°, Loftdon, Longman., Hitrst, 
Rees, OrmBi; Brown, 1816. 

1 Washingto 

letters of the southern sp; 
and elsewhei'B. [bkob.] 
[n. p.] 1861. 

Iiettera (The) of Wyoming, to the people of 
the United States, no the presidential elec- 
tion, and infavourof Andrew Jackson. Orig- 
inally published in the Columbian observer. 
[oMon.] 104 pp. 8". Fkiladelphia, 
Simpson ^ J, Conrad, 1324. 

Letters written ffom Colombia dm'ing a ji 
ney fi-om Caracas to Bo^ta, aud thenei 
Santa Martha, in 1823. [bboh.] viii,208 
1 map. 8°, London, G. CotoU 4" co. 18 

Letter-writer's (The) own book, xxj;:, 15-224 
pp.7 1. 18°. PliUadelphui, J. B. Perry, 

Iieuckait (Or. Rudolf). Berieht uber die 
le atungen n der natui^s h chte der n ede 
re thee wahrend der jahre 1848 1853 
1556 1858 18.9 1860 1861 tind lhh3 8° 
Serf 1851-64 s 

Lehrb eh der anntoi e der rbello en 

tb ere See Prey (H ) aud Leucbart 

~ Uebei a e morpholog e und d e -^ er 

vandtschaftsverbaltn sae der rbello en 
th ere En be t ag zn charaktenst k nd 
iicat on der th ( 




Z.eiisden (Jau) Cla s 1 ebra ca vetens tes 
lamenti. 7p.l. fioSpp. 4°. UUrajecli, F. 
Raima, 1683. 

Philologus hebneus, continens qotes- 

tionea bebraicas, quse, ciica vetns testamen- 
timi hebrienm fere uioveri solent. ed, 2'. 
llp.l. 440 pp. 1 portrait. 4°. Ultrajccii, 
Meinardaa a Dreanen, 1673. 

LevaBaeur (A.) General Lafayette in Amer- 
ika, Oder dessen letale reise durch Amarika 
in den jahron 18S4 und 1825. Aus dem 
Pranz5siaehen ilbersefet von A. Levasseur, 
geb. Zeis. 3 v. in 1, 870 pp. 1 1. 8°. Naum- 
hurg, Wild, 1829. 


Lever (Charles). TheBramleighs of Bishop's 
Folly. Copyright ed. 2 v. 366 pp ; 362 
pp. sq.I6°. Leipzig, B. TaachnUz,iSGS. 
Levera (Franeasco). Dialogra contra duas 
hie tranaoTJplas epistolas, nnper edilas in 
prodrontvm Franeiaci Leverae, in quo eius- 
dem prodromi doctrina et vsus vberrime 
confirmatnr auetore Savinio Muto. Ipseu- 
don.2 Ip. 1.64 pp. fol. RomiE, A. Ber- 
nabd, 1664. 
[mfiiisFrodrouina uoiverge aatroDomlx]. 

De inarranljum stellarum viribus, et 

excelientia, Eecundum quatuor positus earum 
iosigues, cam tabula declinationum, aaceu- 
sionum rectarum, [etc] 106 pp. 4 1. fol, 
RomiB, A, Bernahi, 1664, 

Prodromus [seu liber primns] vniverBte 

aatrononiiie lestitvtie. De anui solaiis et 
siderei, ac dieruni magnitudine in omni aeuo, 
Gtc. 4 p. 1,413 pp. 7 1. fol. Soma, A. Ber- 
nah/t, 16S3, 
(Ifiii (be precedlug). 

IievesqMe(J. Ph.) Le Val-Duonegro ; ou, 
les frSres du poignard invisible ; snivi des 
Euinea de Dirckeofeld, ou, le tribunal des 
frfirea coirs ; bistoires du svi= sifiele. 3 p. 1. 
334 pp. 8°. Faris,LoeaTd4- Daiii,\SM. 

Levesque de PouiUy (Lonis Jean). The 
theory of agreeable sensations. In which, 
after the laws observed by natnro in the dis- 
tribution of pleasure are diacovered, the prin- 
ciples of natural theology and moral phi loBo- 
phy are established. [With] a dissertation 
on harmony of stile, [ukoh.] Translated 
from the French, si pp. 41. 266 pp, 18°, 
London, W. Oinen, 1749. 

Iievl (David). Dissertations on the prophe- 
cies of the old testament. Containing all 
such prophecies as are applicable to the 
coming of Ibe Messiah, the restoration of the 
Jews, and the I'esurreetion of the dead ; 
wheiher so applied by Jews or christians. 
Revised and amended, with a dedication and 
introduction, by J, King. 2 v, J p. 1, Isxvi, 
298 pp ; 313 pp. 8°. London, autlior, 1817. 

Levin's treasure in bank, ByE. B. lanon.1 
140 pp. 2 pi. 18° FhUaddphia, Claxton, 
Remsen §■ Haffelfinger, 1869. 

Lewes (Charles Lee). Ooinic sketches ; or, 
the comedian his own manner. Written 
and aeleeted for the benefit of performers in 
England, Ireland, Scotland, and America. 
Inscribed to the performers in gonem!. xixv, 
194 pp. 1 portrait. 16°. London, H. D. Sg- 
vaoads, 18*14. 

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Lewis (Eliza Gabriella). Poems, v pp. 1 1. 
148 pp. IS". Brooklyn, Slianaon^ CO. i350. 
Lewis (Enoch). A dlsaertation ou oatlie. 
100 pp. 16°. FhUaddphia, U. 
Lewis {Rev. George). Tlie bible, tbe misstil, 
and the breviary ; or, ritualism self-iliua- 
trated in the liturgical books of Rome. 
TraoBlated from the Latin ; with preliminary 
disaertationa anci notes, etc 3 v. viii, 235 
pp ; vi, 389 to 809 pp. 8°. EdMwgli, T. 
4- T.CiflrS, ]S53. 
Lewis (James Henry). The ready-writer ; 
or, ne plus ultra of short-hand ; heirg the 
most easy, exaut, lineal, speedy, and legible 
method ever yet diaeovei'ed, [etc.] 
ll.lOfipp. 8°. Limdiin,W.SmitA4-coA8l2. 
Lewis (J. 0.) The aboriginal port-tblio. Noa. 
1-a 12 1. 64 col. pi. fol. I'liiladdphia, 
J.O.Uwis, 1835. 
Lewis (Matthew Gregory). Tales of wonder ; 
written and eollecled. 2d eil. 3 p. 1.251 pp. 
12°. Loadon, W. BtUmer It «o. 1301. 
Lewis (Meriwether) and Clarke (William), 
iteize naac de bTonneo van den Missouri, en 
door het vaate land van America nasi de 
zuidzee. Geclaan op last van de regeiing der 
Vereeoigde Staten van Ameriea io de jaren 
1804, 1805 en 1806. Uit het Engelacli ver- 
taald door N. G. Vao liampeD. 3 v. 8°. 
Bordrecht, A. Blttsst ^ ioo«, ISI6-1B. 
Lewis (William). A second aeries of lessons 
on the game of chess, writlfin expreaaly for 
the use of the higher class of players, and 
containing several new methods of attack 
and defence. New ed. revised and corrected. 
X, 316 pp. 9°. London, W. Simpkin ^ R. 
Manholl, 1834. 
Leycester (Sir Peter). Historical antiquities, 
in two books. The first, treating in general 
of Great Brettain and Ireland, Tbe second, 
contaicing palUcular remarlcs concerning 
Cheshire. [With] a transcript of Dooms- 
day book, so far aa it concerneth Chesbire. 
3 p. 1.437 pp. 1 1. fol. London, R. Clavell, 


Leydekker (Melchior). De lepabliea He- 
brieornm libri xii, et de vario reipublicfe He- 
brfBorum statu libri novem. Porro anti- 
qniiates Jniljeorum verte ostendun tur et falsre 
corrigunlur, [etc] Subjicitur Archteologia 
aacra, qua historia creationia et diluvii ino' 
saica contra Bumeti profanam ielluris theo- 1 
riam asaeritui. 2 v, 12 p,1.702, 96 pp ; 
7 p. 1. 638 pp. 61. fol. Amsteladami.J.StolcA 
■man, 1704^10. ' 

a etJam 


Leys (Leonard ). La sobrieda^ y sns ventajas ; 
6, verdadero medio de consorvarae con salad 
perfects hasta la mas avanzada edad; tra- 
duccion hecha per Miguel de La Hignera y 
Alfaro. Ip.l.xi,ll5pp. 16°. Madrid. I. 
Ibaira, 1782. 

Iiezo (Nicolaa Lois de). Ordo in divinia offi- 
ciis servandua in sac. lede palatii 
Juxta nibricas breviarii, misaalistine 
turn ab universo ejusdem clero, tnr 
aliaruni ecelesiarnm suie juiisdictionia vere 
nullius, anno dni, mdcccxli, 278 pp. IB^, 
Matrili, J. a Fiana Razola, 1841. 

L'H^rlHer de Bnitelle (Charles Louis). 
Stirpes novse, aut minus eognilEe, descrip- 
tionibns et iconibus ilinstratse. 6 parts in 2 
r. xvi, 181 pp, SOcoLpl. fol. Parisiis, F. 
D. Pieire, 1784-a). 

Liberal (The) preacher; a monthly publica- 
tion of sermons by living ministers. Edited 
by rev. T. R, Sullivan, v. 1.3 p. 1.203 pp. 
8°. Keens, (W. H.) J. Prentiss, 1828. 

Liberallstno (Ei) y bus efeetos en ia republioa 
For J. H. [aiion.] 14 pp. 
., A. BoKt, 1858. 

Llbtaty [1'''^] **f reason. Containing a series 
of articles from the works of ancient and 
modern authors, in favor of free inquiry. 
[Edited by W. Chiltoo]. 89 1. 8°. Lon- 
don, J. Wttlsoa, 1851. 

Ltceo (El) mexicano. 3 v. 431 pp. 3 1.33 
pi ; 364 pp. 22 pi. 8°. Meiiw, J. M. Lara, 

Lieber (Franoia, ll.d.) Notes < 
peculiar to American protectionists, 
reaorted to in America. 39 pp, 
York, Ametiam free trade league, 1869. 

Liebert (Naroiasus). De doetrina Taciti. 
Dissertatio iuaugnralis. 2 p. 1, 123 pp, 1 1, 
8°. Wira^urgi, F. E. Tkein, 1868. s. 

Life [The] and dangerous voyages of sir 
Francis Drake, with the surprising of Nom- 
brede Dies, and the manner of his gaining 
large quantities of gold and silver. And a 
large account of that vojage wherein he en- 
compassed the whole world, [etc. anon.'] 164 
pp. 1 portrait. 24°. London, H. Dean, 

Life before him. A novel, [ohoh.] 401 pp. 
12°, ffcw York, IV. A. Toumscad » ea. I860. 

Life (The) of Elisha Tyson, the philanthro- 
pist. By a citizen of Baltimore, [anon.] 
4 p. 1. 143 pp. 1 portrait. 16°. Bidlimore, 
B. Ltatdy, 1825. 

L fallacies 
, or cbieBy 

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Life [The] of an insecl:; beitig ahistorj of the 
ebanges of iuseets, from the egg to the perfei 
being, [obdb,] 2v. viii, 418pp. 4 plj vii 
384 pp. 13 pi. sq. 16°. London, SBCiBlgfo 
promoting cliHstian knojdedge, 1349. 
Life in the south ; fTom the commencement of 
the war. By a blockaded British subject. 
Being a Bocial history of those who took part 
in the battles, from a personal acquaintance 
with them in tJieir own homes. 1860-62. 
[anon.] 2v. iri, 427 pp; viii,404 pp. 12°. 
London, Chajnnan <fi Hall, 1863. 
Life (The) and military achievemants of Tons- 
saint Loverture, with an impartial account of 
his political conduct ; to which is added 
description of the condaot of general Le 
c until his death ; also 

general Kochambeau's actions, until the 
evacuation of the colony, [etc, anon.] 1 
p. 1.76 pp. 8^ [n.p.] 1804. 
Life [The] and slielohea of cnrious and odd 
characters, [amm.] lU^pp. Jp. I, 16°. Bos- 
. ton, G. Clarte, 1833. 

Life [The] and writings of James Gordon Ben- 
nett, editor of the New York herald, [uwon.] 
1 p. 1. 64 pp. 1 1. 12°. New Yorh, 1B44. 
Lightfoote (Wiiliam). The complaint of 
England. Wbereia it is clearly prooued 
that the praclises of traitrous papists against 
thestateof this realme, and the person of her 
maiestie, are in diuinitJe unlawful, odioiis in 
natare, and ridiculous in pollide. 34 !. 4°. 
London, J. Wolfe, 1587. 
Ligne (Charles Joseph, yrJMcede). M^mones 
et m^lsnges bistoriques et lift^raires. 5 v, 
8°. Palis, A. Dupont Ir cie. 18:28. 


Llgue des nobles, etc.— continued, 
mens, [etc. Far Paul de P. nnon,] 2 v. 
X, 337 pp ; S p. 1. 372 pp. 8°. Paris, J. If. 
Barba, 1830. 
Llguori (Alphonsede). Le ponvoir de Marie ; 
on, paraphrase du Salve reg^na. xii,204 pp. 
1 pi. 18°. Paris, M. Ardantfiirea, 1845. S. 

Lil {Herman van). Het levea, de gevoelena 
en lotgeTallen van William Penn, beroemd 
kwaker.en stichter vaiiPennsjlva]iien,[etc.] 
Sv.inl. iv,a88pp; lp.l.443pp. 8°. A«i- 
slerdaia, J. C. Sepp ^ Zoon, 1830. 

Llllie (John,(i.(i.) Lectures on the iirstand 
socondepistlesof Peter. Sec Bible. (En^iisS). 

Lilliput levee. Poemsof childhood, etc. With 
the addition of several now poems, [anon.] 
viii,314pp. 12 pi, 180, Ne«, i'orli, G. Roat- 
Itdge ^ sons, 1868, 

Lilljeborg (Wilhelm), On two snhfossil 
whales discovered in Sweden. 48 pp. 11 pi. 
4°. Vpsala, IT. Selmllz, 1867. a, 


Lilly (William). Ashortintroduclion of gram- 
mar, generally to be used. Compiled and 
set forth for the bringing up of all those that 
intend to attain to the knowledge of the Latin 
tongue. 73 pp. 16°. DiiMin, E. Cross, 

The same Brevi>i$iraa institutio, i 

ratio grammatices cognoscendse, [ete ] 1 [ 
13a pp 16° Dublin, R Cross, 1792 



Lig^e des nobles et des pretres, c 
peoples et les rols, depui 
de i'fere chr4tieane jusqn'i, nos jours ; o 
tableau des conspirations, r^roltes, d^troi 

ima (teanto conciho piovincial, 1583) Tei 
ceio catecismo, y expoeiciou, de la doctnna 
chiistiana poi seimoues, parai]ue loa curas 
piediquen &, tos Indios Haudado leim 
primn [En CasttUano y Qniihua de C«z- 
to etc ] 1 1 p 1 515 pp. 4° Lima, 1773 

Lima, poi dentro y fuera, en consejos econo- 
micos, saludables, politicos, y morales, que 
confiere un amigo ^ otro, con motive de pre- 
tender dejar ta ciudad de Mexico, par pasar 
il lade Lima, [awoit.] 188 pp. 18o. Cerca 
de la tahlada de Larin, S. Ayanipie, 1797. 

Liiidley (John). Folia orchidacea. An ennme- 
of the knownspeciesof orchids. Part!, 
and 5. 8°. Londim, a'othor, 1862-54, s, 

Lindsay (Alexander William Crawford, Im'd 
Lindsay, earl ofCrau^ord and Baicerres). A 
memoir of lady Anna Mackenzie, countess Of 
Balcarres and afterwards of Ai^yll. 1^1- 
1706. vi,163 pp.1 portrait. 13°. Edin- 
bargh, Edmortsitm 4- Douglas, 1868. 

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Iilndeay (W. Lander). ContributionE to New 
Zealand botany. 103 pp. 4°. London, WU- 
liama If SorgaU, 1868. s. 

Liudeley (David Philip). The elements of 
tachjgrapliy. IIloBtvaHng tlie first principles 
of tiie art, with their adaptation to the warn 
of literai'r, professional, and business mei 
126 pp. ]S°. Boston, O. Ctapp, 1869. 

Llngnet (Simon Nicolas Henri). Essai ph 
loaophiqne sur le moDachisme. [onon.J 

2 p. 1. XX, 179 pp. 16". Paris, 1775. 

Histoire imparUale des j^suites 

puis leur StablisBementjusqu'itleur premiere 
expnlsion. [smoti.] 3t. 3p.l. 480pp; 

3 p. 1.416 pp. 16°. [Pom], 1768, 

Histoire du siScIe d'Alexandre avee 

qnelq^uea rMeiions sur cenx qui Font prSc^d^. 
[oBOH.J svi, 341 pp. )S°. Amsterdam, 
[Paris, Cdtofi, 1763. 

Le proems des traia rois, Louis xvi tie 

PranM-Bourlion, Chaiiea ill d'Esp^ne-Bour- 
bon, et George iii d'Hanovre, fabrjeant de 
hontoDS. FlaJd^ au tribunal dea puissances 
europ^ennes. Par appendix, I'appel au pape. 
Tradnit de 1' Anglais. [e«on.] 176 pp. 8°. 
LoTidres, 1781. 

Ziiuk (Heinrich Friedrich). Veneicbniss der 
hintarlasaen blbliothek, welche am 34 Nov. 
1851, versteigert werdeu soil, vi, 102 pp. 
8°. Leipzig, T. 0. Wdgd, 1851. s. 

IiiiiiisBaji society of New England. Report 
of a committee of the Linntean society of 
New EnglflnJ [signed, John Davis, Jacob 
Big-elow, Fi'Bncis C, Grey], relative to a 
large marine animal, supposed to be a ser- 
pent, seen near Cape Ann, Massachusetts, 
in August, 1819. 59 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Lon- 

yiih Schleicher (J. C.l 

Liuschoten (Jan Huyghen van). Beschrij- 
vinge van America mitsgaders de deelen der 
salTcr, als Nova Francia, Florida, d 
landen diemen Antillas, Jucaya, Cuba, Ja- 
m^ca, etc. 33 i. fol. Amstdredam, J. E. 
Ctoppenbirrdi, 1623. 

l(ri(*MsBesci.ri3vinEe van Guinea. Itinerarivin. 
ea. 1633]. 

The same. 33 1. fol. Amatelredam, E. 

Clopponbiirck, 1644. 

IWilhhii BescliTllvLuss van Guinea. Itluei'Bi'iYiii 
ed. leij). 

The same. [The description of Amer^ 

ica. TrMSlaledintoEnglish by W. Philips], 
pp. 216-259. fol. LoBdort, J. Wot/e, 1^&8. 
[»-i!ift«rTrnedescrlcllon of Guinea. Diaojiirs ot 
voyages. 63.1698), 


Iilnscholeii (Jan Huyghen van)— continued. 

The same. Desciiption de I'AmSrique 

et des parties d'icelle, comine de la Nonvella 
France, Ploride, etc. 86 pp, 6 maps. fol. 
Amsterdam, E. Clopp nba h 1638 
[With his -aietolreiei u] na ga n ea lufl s O 
eamlea. ed. 16381 

Beschrijvinge an de gants he cast* 

van Guinea, Man cocgo Aug la Monomo 
tapa, en tegen ove de abo de S A g lotm 
in Brasilien, de ejj,enH happen de gbeh e 
len occeanische zee n d sgade s ha e eylan 
den. 8 1. fol. ^ s rf n J £ Uojp n 
burck, 1623. 

- The s! 

Ctoppenbttrch, 1644 

81 fol 

The same. The .econd booke. Ihe 

true description of the whole coast of Guinea, 
etc. Translated out of Dutch into English 
by W. P[hilips]. pp. 198-216.1 map. fc 
London, J. Wolfe, 1598. 
diss. Booke a. ed. 159^. '° ^° * ™ 

The same. Description do la GviiiS 

etc. Lb tout tradnict en Francois, pp. 253- 
275. 3 pi. fol. AmsUlredam, T. Pierre, 

[ frith hie Histoire da [son] aavJBBUon ea Indea • 
entiJeB. ed.ieiO]. 

The same. pp. 187-306. 1 map. 

Amsterdam, E. Cloppmlmrgh, 1638. 
[ With his Hietoire de [aon] navigation aux IndeB < 
enlDles. 8d. 16:«]. 

Itlnerarivm, ofte schip-vaert naer c 

ofle portugaets Indien. Inhoudende een 
achrijvinghe dier landen, zee-kuston, have 
rivieren, hoecken ende plaetsen, met de g 
deuck-weerdighste historien der aelver, e 
4 pi. 160 pp. 5 maps. 36 pi. fol. Amslelre- 
dam, J. E. Cloppenbmch, 1633, 

The same. 3 p. 1. 160 pp. 1 pi. fol. 

Amstdredam, E. CloppenJnirck, 1644. 

- The St 


Discours of voyages into ye 
East and West Indies. [Translated by W. 
Philips. Bookl]. 197pp.3mapa.34pl. fol, 
London, J. IVolfe, [1598]. 

The same. Histoire de [son] naviga- ■ 

tion et de son voyage ea Indes Orientales. 
Avec annotations de B, Palvdauus. Le tout 
nouuellement tradiiiot en Francois. 2p. 1, 
251 pp. 2 maps. 87 pi. fol. Amstdredam, T. 
Pierre, 1610. 
f Imperfect i 3 pL wanting]. 

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Liuachoteu (Jan Huyghen 
Theaimi, 3"^ 4p 

37 pi fol Amsterdam 


van)— contltined. 
1 20b pp 7 maps 

The same Navigatio 

Francferda H Eiclileru 

m oneatem lol 
et JH B^lerus, 


[BHr(T del CoUecliones. SeneBii. Pare 2 pp 
i-lU Para 3 pp l-5i 3 oiapn 7 pi ] 

Eeys gheaihrili lan de navigatien dei 

Portagalojaeis m onenten in houdemle de 
Eee-vaPit so Yin Poilngael na OosHndien, 
als van Oost Indian neder uaei Portugael. 
Alles by een vergadert ende djt de portn- 
galoyache ende apaansdie sprake over-glie- 
eet. 134 pp fol Amatetredam J E. Clop- 
penHrch 1623 
[B^ilASiimiierBtina ed.lflB31 

The same H4 pp fol irtntdredam, 

E. Cloppeaiarch, ]644, 

( WUh Ms IlioenirlTm, ed. 1644]. 

The same. The nauigatloa of the PorC- 

ingalea into tbe East Indies, containing their 
Iraaels by sea, into East India, and from the 
EaBt Indies into Portingall. Translated out 
of Dutch by W. Pfhilips], pp. 307-447. 1 
map, fol. London, J. IValfe, 1598. 
dJea. Booko 3. ert. lag^!' "'' ^ ■ "" 

The Baoie. La grand rontier de mer. 

Continant une instruction des routes et conrs 
qu'il convient tenir en la navigation dea Indes 
Orientales. Traduit de Flemeng en Pran- 
eois. 2 p. 1.165 pp. fol. Amsterdam, E. 
Cloppaiburgl^ 1638. 

[With his niBtoireia [Sou] navigfttion eb InflBa Ori- 
eateles. ed. 1638], 

Voy^ie, ofto schip-vaert, van by noor- 

deu om langes Hoorwegen de Noordt-Caep, 
Laplandt, Vinlandt, Buslaadt, de kusteu van 
Kandenoea, etc, door destrateofteenghte van 
NasBouw tot voot hy de reviere Oby, 7 p. 1. 
SSl.Spl. fol. Fra^dKT, G. Ketel, leOl. 
[JCildiisItinerortyra. ed.lB33. Impecfeel]. 

The same. 9p.l.38 1.11 pi. fol. Am- 

'orrfoni, /. £. Cloppeniurg, 


is Itlas 

S. 1«44]. 

Iiintner(G. A. d.d.) A memoir of the rev. 

Walter Gmin, late missionary in India, from 

the evangelical lutheran church of tha United 

States. 15G pp. 18°. Albans, E. H. Pease 

it CO. 1852, 
Llonue (Aitus de). Curvilineorvm amrenior 

contemplatio. 14 p. 1.116 pp. sm. 4°. Lvg- 

dum, V. BarbicT, 1654. 
Lipplncott (Sara Jane Clarke). Greenwood 

leaves; aoolleetionofsketeliesandletterfi. By 


Llppincott (Sara Jane Claike)— continued. 
Grace Greenwood, [pseadott. 1st series]. 
viii,406pp. 12°. Boston, Ticknor, Reed 
If Fields, 1850. s. 

Lipplnoott'a magazine of literature, science, 
and education. Jan. to Dec. ]d69. v. 3-4, 
8°. PkUadelphia, J. B. Lippimott ^ co. 1869, 

Lippitt (Francis J.) Field service in war: 
comprising marches, camps, and canton- 
ments, ontposts, convoys, reeonnoissances, 
foraging, and notes on logistics. I p.l. 
158 pp. 12°, New Yorli, D. Van Nostrand, 

LipsluB (Johann Gottfried). BIbliotheca nu- 
maria sive catalogns auotornm, qui usque ad 
finem secali xviii de re monelaria ant numis 
seripserunt, [etc.] Prsefatas estbrevi com- 
memoratione de studij rei nnmiamatjcie an- 
tiquioris vicissitudinibus Christ. Gottl, 
Heyne, 2v. xvi,2r8pp; pp.279~548. 8°, 
Lipsia, Schi^er, 1801. 

Uskenne (Francois Charles). E&ium6 de 
I'histoire des jSsuites. 3p. 1.366 pp. 18°. 
Bmxdles, C. J. De Mat it H. Jlemg, 1825. 

Iifsle (Edward). Obsarvaaons inhusbandry, 
3d ed. 3 V. 398 pp. 1 1. 1 portrait ; 406 pp. 
I 1. 12°. London, J, Hughes, 1757. 
Liaola (Francois Paul, laron de). Bouclier 

d^ooHvert de la monarchie nniver- 
selle, sous lo vain preiexte des pretentions de 
la veyue de France [ajion ] 358 pp. 34". 
[Paris]! 1067 a. 

Llstemaim (Be nha d) An ethod of niod- 
1 violin play ng I p 1 pp 4 Bos- 
\, 0. Dtson ^ 18b» 

Lister(Matn) H to leanmalun Anglice, 
tres tractatus U ue de a an alter de 
cocbleie, un tene t b s turn fl atilibus, 
tertins de ochle s ma n e Quibua adj'ectus 
est quait s de lap d bu j Lde n nsulso ad 
oochlearum mag nem fig at 4 p. 1.250 
pp. 1 1. i> pi am 4 Land n J Martyn, 
1678. g. 

Literary (The)pano an a A f books, 

a registe of ent,, a mngazme of \arleiies. 
[Conducted by C. Taylor]. Oct. 1806, to 
July, 1819. 24 y. 8°. London, C. Taylor, 

Note No more published. Continued as Colbnrn'B 

nem monthly inngaaine andliteraiy paiioi'aina. 

Littell (John). Family records : or, geueal- 

ogies of the flrat aettlers of Passaic valley 

, (and vicinity), aboveCbatham, with their an- 

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Littell (John) — continued. 

be aactrtaiued. 2 p. 1. 504 pp. 3 pi. 8°. Fdl- 
mlh, (_K. J.) D. Fell & so. 1851. 

Little (The) brook, and ils travels, [axon.] 
24 pp. 1 pi. IB^. Philadelphia, American 
nunday school union, 1866. 

Little drops of rain. By tlie author of "Nell's 
mission." [«no».] 237 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Ne«, 
Yorh, R. Carter !|- brothers, 1870. 

Little Effie's home. By tha author of "Don- 
ald Praser," [etc. anen.'} 266 pp. 1 pi. 
10°. Nm YarJi, S. Carttr If brothers, 1870. 

LitUe girls' habits. By Zell. ipseiuion-i 60 
pp. 2 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, pretHiyterian 
board of paUieatioH, 1869. 

Little (The) house in the hollow. 297 pp. 3 
pi. 16°. PhUaddfhia, American sitnday 
school tmion, 1868. 

Little Jack's four lessons. By the author of 
" Sunday all the week," [etc. aiiow.] 109 
pp. 3 pi. 16°. New York, R. Carter <fc broth- 
ers, 1869. 

Little Joe Ciirter, (be cripple ; or, learning to 
forgive. By the author of "Try." [iinoB.] 
144 pp. 3 pi, 18°. Philadelphia, presbyte- 
rian board of publicatioa, 1864. 

Little (A) leaveu in a little lump. By the au- 
thor of "Nie at the tavern." [anon.] 109 
pp. 2 pi. 18°, PkilttdtlpUa,. Awrrican Sun- 
day sclioid union, 1 865. 

LilTtle (The) manual of devotion to the sacred 
heart of Jesus, [anon.^ 171,71 pp. 32°. 
Cixcinnaii, J. P. Walsh, 1867. 

Little Mai^ry, By Alice Gray, [pseuilon.'] 
150 pp. 3 pi. 18°. Neto York, R. Carter fr 
brothers, 1867. 

LitUe (A) more, and other stories, [anon.] 
218pp.;ipl. 18°. PliUadclphia, presbyie- 
rirni board of pnblteation, [1869]. 

Little (Tbe) preacher. By the author of " The 
flowet of the family." [anon-l 223 pp. 
18°. Nea York, A. D. F. Randolph, 1867. 

Little (Tbe) watchman. By the author of 
"Annie Lincoln's lesson." [anon.] 252 
pp.3 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, presbyteHan 

Liverpool, {England). Liverpool, 1816. 
Gore's directory for Liverpool and its envi- 
rons; containing; an alphabetical list of the 
merchants, traders, and principal inhabitants: 
also, lists of the mayor and conncil, ofSeers of 
the customs and excise, etc. iv,290, 140 pp. 
1 map. 16°. Liverpool, J, Gore, 1316. 


Liverpool (The) repository of literature, phi- 
losophy and commeioe By an association 
of literaiT gentlemen 2p l,793col. on ]9dl. 
8°. Imtrpool C Uray, 1826. 

Lives {The} and battles of Tom Sayers, the 
champion of EnE;land and John C. Hoenan, 
"the Beniua boj with full accounts of 
their varions contests in the ring. [With] 
the new rules of the ring, [anon.] 94 pp. 
I 1. a portraits.. 8°. New York, R. M. Dt 
Witt, [I860]. 

Living thoughts. £ee Means (C.A.) 

Livingston (Henry). "The money-maker;" 
or, how to get rich. Being a guide to 
business success, [etc.] and designed as 
a help to those ont of employment, [anon.] 
320 pp. 18°. New York, H. Uningston, 

Livingston (William). A review of the mil- 
itary operations in North America, 1753-56. 
In a letter to a nobleman, [anon. With] 
col. Washington's journal of his expedition 
to the Ohio, in 1754, and letters [etc.] found 
in the cabinet of maj. gen. Braddock, after 
his defeat near Fort DuQuesne [etc] 276 
pp 1 DM put i J E hae 

Llo ente (Juan Anton ) D u s h sto- 
an n o b e los h nefi o pat mo- 
le le la gl a parr q al d 1 ob s 
d 1 Calah a la C Izada Pa e 
imera, [etc.] l^p.l...9pp. 16. Pam 
ina, J. A. CastUla, 1789. s. 

Lloyd (Xieul. col, John Augustus). On the 
fildlities for a ship canal communication, 
between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, 
through the isthmus of Panama. With an 
abstiact of the discussion upon the paper. 
I p. 1.34 pp. 2 pi. 8°. London, IV. Cloices 
Sf sons, 1850. 

[Evcerpt miniitea of procaedinf h, y, 9, of Ihe inatitii- 
lloH of civil ensineers]. 

Lobe (J. C.) Catechism of [musical] compo- 
sition. Translated by Fanny Raymond 
Eitter. vii, 183 pp. 16°. New York. J. 

Lobo (t'elix). Eesumen de la histona de los 
Judios, de la revelndon, y de la religion 
Christiana. 6p.l.l39pp. 16°. 
prenta del supremo eonsejo de Indias, ll&i. s. 

Lobster (The) hoy ; or, the son who waa a 
heaviness to bis mother. By the author of 
"The fisher boy." [anon.] 120 pp. 3 pi. 
18°. Boston, American tract society, 1865. 

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late diike of Sutherlam!. 83 pp. 1 portcBit. 
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opimons, and propLecies of PetTOleom V. 
Naaby. Ipseui/an.^ Olbed. 12°. Cimm- 
nati. 1866. , 

Ziodensteln. See Lodesteyn. 

Lodeeteyn (Jodocus van). Kort en zedig on- 
derzoefc van't berigt nopende den sabbath, 
[etc.] BeneveoB de Laalsie gedagten over 
de aedelykheit des vierlen gebodts, [etc.] 
12 p. 1. 7^ pp. 3 I. 16°. Graaingeu, J. 
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Iioe or Low (Robert). Effigiatio revi ga,blia- 
thismi. 1 p. L 197 pp. sm. i°. Lundini, 
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IiOBTW. See Low. 

Iiof-dioht over de heerlijcke vittocie, in liet 
veiorereu van de silvor vloJe, in de baey van 
Mataiica, onder het beleyt van den generael 
Pieter Pietera He^-n, [1639]. Ala oock het 
veroverendertweegfllioenen, eomende nytde 
Honduras, lanon-l 6!, sm. 4°. MidiUl- 
bvrgh, Z. Roman, 1629, 

Logau (Olive). Aj ropos of ivonen inl 
tbeatres. With a paper oi two on Parman 
topics. 340 pp. 12° WeiuloTk CarUton 

Logan (Friedrieb von) Sinnged ehte 8° 
Berlin, Veas, 1838 

[R^ALEaalNQ (G. E ) SSn n til he Eehrlfttn v 5 
pp. llM-355!. 

Lombard (Jean Gnillaumo) Mat^i aa\ ponr 
Bervir i, I'hiatoiie ies annSes 180S 1800 et 

par un ancien 
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Colnet. \_ac.-\ 1808. 

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lica della piannra subapennina fra I'Enza 
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1865. " " s. 

Essai Bur I'bydrologie du Nil. Tra^Juit 

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Della natura del laghi e delle opera 

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gmfia degli mgegneri, 1866. s. 

Lombardo (Salvfttore). Ovammatiea della 
lingua italiana. Adattata ail' uso ed in- 
lelligenaa del Greei; [or], Tpa/i^aTimi tik 
'Ira^KHC jki^arnig, etc, 6 p. 1.313, (' pp. 
12°. ASi/Ma,s, A. K. VKapwa'Aa, 1868. a. 



London. New guide to stage coacbes, wag- 
gons, carta yes els etc f r 1814. Being a 
list of all the ns n L idon wbere stage 
coaches and waggons p t up and set out 
from, w th the r respect ve days and hours, 
[etc.] L kew se a 1 st of coasting vessels, 
barges, etc Bj C dbett and Woods. 
12th ed 4 p 1 144 pp 12°. London, J. 
RicMnlsiMc, I8I4. 

-The 8 

ory tor leiJ]. 

I, for 1819. 17th ed. 4p.l. 
156 pp. 13°. London, J. liichmdson, 1819. 
[mih LOHDOH post-office directory for 1SI9]. 

■ The post-office annual directory, for 

1814. Being a list of merchants, traders, 
etc. of London, and parts ai^aeent, [etc.] 
Oeneral information relating to the post-of- 
fice, [etc.] By Cfichett and Woods. 15tb 
ed. 5 p. 1. 426 pp. 2 1. 13°. London, pro- 
prietors, [ISI33. 

The same. The postH>f5ce annual di- 
rectory for 1819. 20th ed. 6 p. 1. 440 pp. 
21. i^°. London, proprietors, [1818]. 

The Fame. London post office directory, 

by Frederic Kelly, for the years 1847, 1848, 
1851, 1852, 1856, 1857, 1858, 1859, and 1860. 
9 V. 8° LoudQn, W Kelly St eo. 1847-60. 
London (Antbropologieal society of). Jour- 
nal of the anthropological society of Lon- 
Zondon, 1863-69. 

1 Thi. Buthro; 

- The anthropologitJil i£ 


[WantlDEY. 3(n 



. 5 (HO. 

London (The) catalogue of periodicals, news- 
papers, and transactions of varioas societies, 
also a list of metropolitan printing' societies 
and clubs for 1869. 28th annaal ed. 16pp. 
SP. London, Longmam^, [186D]. 

London daily times. See Times (The Lou- 

London (The)', Edinburgh, and Dublin pM- 
losopbical magazine and journal of science. 
Conducted by air K. Kane, and W. Francis. 
41b series, v. 36-38. July, 1868, to Dec. 
1869. 3 v, 8°. London, Taylor Sf Fronds, 

London (Geological society of). Quarterly 
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London [The] uiereory ; containing the his- 
tory, polices, and literature of England, for 
the year 1780. Sp.l.viii, 393, 151pp. 8°. 
XAindon, J.Murray, 1781. 

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London (The) pocket pilot; ov, stranger'a 
gaide. 90 pp. 8°. LondiyB,J, RottcJi,\_ahout 


la pBge and pi.] 

liondon (Royal geographical society of}. 
See Koyal geographical society. 

London (Tlifl)seQsation comic songatev, Con- 
taialng popular aoogs, as suug by J. C. Rob- 
inson, in London, Liverpool, and Hew York. 
64 pp. 16°. New York, F. A. Brady, limtl 

London times. See Times {The London 

Iiong (Qeoi^}. The decline of the Koman 
republic v, 3, 8°, London, Bell if D«l4y, 

Long (John). Voy^ea chea differenlcs na- 
tions sauvageB de I'Anioriqne septentrionate ; 
renfertnaut des details curieus sut les 
mrenrs, usages, etc des Cahnuagas, des In- 
diens des Cinq et Six nations, Mohawks, 
Connecedagas, Iroquois, Chippeways, [etc.] 
Traduits de I'Anglois avec des notes par J. 
B. L. J. Bellecocq. 1 p.l. xxxvi, 330 pp. 1 
map. 8°. Faris, Prault, 1794. 

Long (E. H.) Hunt's gazetteer of the border 
and southern states ; containing a full dis- 
cription of the railroad routes, turnpike 
roads, citiea, towns, etc. And showing dis- 
tances, etc. A hand-book and reliable guide 
for the soldiers, 372 pp. 1 col. map. 18°, 
Pittsburgh, (Pa.) J. P. Hunt, [18633. 

Lclne(Stepben Harriiuau) and McNeill (Wil- 
liam Gibba). Narrative of the proceedings 
of the board of engineers of the Baltimore 
and Ohio railroad, company, from its organi- 
zation to its dissolution, with an exposi- 
tion of feets, illustrative of the conduct of 
sundry individuals. 189, 95 pp. 8°. Bat- 
timore, Bailey Sf Frauds, 1830. 

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Fields, Osgood !f CO. ISrO. ' 

Foema. 5th ed. 117 pp. 8°. JVcai 

¥orh, Harper Sf bros. 1848. 

Saggi de' novellieri italiani d'ogni se- 

colo; tintti da' pifi celebre soiittori, con 
brevi notizie intorno alia vita di ciasohednno. 
vi, 168pp. 12°. Boston, Gray If BoweH,iS3^. 

Longlnos, or Dionysins Cassias Longinus. 
Jjonginus on tbe auhlime. A new transla- 
tion, chiefly according to the edition of 
Weiske. By a master of arts [at] Oxford. 
1 p.l. vi, 93 pp. 13°. London, S, Corjtish 
* to. [1840], 

Long Island historical society, Memoirs, 
9, 8°. BrooUyn, by the society, 1869. 

■Ml (T. W.) The Satlle of Long lalana. 

Longns. Daphnia and Cbloe. A pastors' . 
novel. Now first selectly translated into 
Enghsh from the original Greek. By Charles 
Valentine Le Grico. 266 pp. 16°. Pen- 
lance, T. Vignrs, 1803. 

Look (Henry M.) Masonic trials, and Mich- 
igan digest! a treatise upon the law and 
practice of masonic trials, with forms and 
precedents. 327 pp. 16°, Fontiac, (Mich- 
igan), Haan St I'urner, 1869. 

Loomis (ficB. A. W.) Confucius and the 
Chinese classics ; or, readings in Chinese 
literature. Edited and compiled. 4153 pp. 
16°. San Francisco, A. Roman # co. 1867. 

LooiniE(Elias, ff.d.) Elements of astronomy. 
Designed for academies and high schools. 
254 pp. 13". Jfew Yorlc, Harper 4' broth- 

of geometry, conic sections, 
and plane trigonometi7. 234, 58 pp. 12°, 
Weir York, Harper if brothers, 1869. 

Loomis (Lafayette C.) Mizpah; friends at 
prayer. 391 pp. 12°. PhUadelphia, J. B. 
Lipfineott if' eo. 1869. 

Loomis (BcB. William Isaacs). The anti- 
nowtouian. Incidents and facts in my life, 
59 pp. 1 portrait. 8^. New Yori, T. Hol- 
matt, 1869, 

Discovery of the origin of gravitation, 

and tie majestic motive force which gene- 
rated the diurnal and yearly revolntions of 
the heavenly bodies. In two paita. 130 pp. 
8°. Martindah Depot, (N. Y.) 1866. 


Lopez (Santiago). Nueva guia de caminos 
para ir desde Madrid, por los de rueda y her- 
radura, a todas las ciudadea y villas mas 
principales de Espana j Poiiugal, y tambien 
para ir de Unas ciudades a otras. 3''ed. 194 
pp, 1 1. 1 map. 18°. Madrid, viiuia de A%- 
nar, 1818. s. 

Lorain (John). Nature and reason harmo- 
nized in the practice of husbandry, si, 563 pp. 
8°. Fhiladeiphia, H. C.Carey 4- L Lea, J825. 

Lord (Charles E.) Evidences of natural and 
revealed theology. 580 pp. 8°. Philadel- 
phia, J. B. Lippincott <> co. 1869. 

Lord (John, U.d.) Ancient stales and em- 
pires, for colleges and schools. 645 pp. 1 
table. 1 map. 8°. Nev> York, C. ScrHimr 

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Lord Byron's defence. [In the matter of the 
n-] 14 pp. sm.i". 

:r ; illustrated in tjic 
liel and Lis conipan- 
133 pp. 3 pi. 12° 

B aeandal]. [ai 
London, [_186Q}. 

Iiord (The) a strong toi 
history of Joseph, ofD 
iaiis, and of Lazarus. 
Philai/eiphia, America. 

LorguBS (Eoselly do). See Rofielly de Iior- 
eues (Antoine F. F. V.) 

liorimer (Mary, pseudon?) Among the trees; 
a journal of walks in the woods, and flower- 
hunting through field and by hrook, 2 p.l. 
153 pp. sm. 4°. JVcio Fort, Hard if- Jjou^lt- 

IiOTlng(F. W.) Olid Atkinson (C. F.) Cot- 
ton culture and the south cotiBldered 
vefereuce to emigration, S p. 1. IS3 pp. 13°. 
Boston, A. Williams ^ co. 1869, 

Iiorinaer (Franz). An introdnctioa to the 
Autos saeramentales. sm. 4°. Dublin, 18B7. 

[Ill CaldEron de la Baroa (P.) Mysteries ol 
corpus ohriaH. pp. 1-67]. 

LoBa (Fiancisco do). The holy life, pilgi'im- 
age, and blessed death of Gregory Lopez ; a 
Spanish hermit in the West Indies. 2d ed. 
28p.l.23app. 180. London, jr.C.1686. 

Thesame [unow ] Eclitedby J. Eyre. 

123 pp 18= New lark J Eyre 1841. 

Iioaada (Domingo) Compendio ohionologieo 
de los privilegiOB legulare^ de IndJas, deade 
Leon -T cieado el ano de 1513 hasta Cle- 
mente -nt cieado el ano de 1730 23 p, 1. 
468 pp 81 sn 4° Madnd 1737, 

Loasada (Luis de) Institntiones dialecticie, 
vulgo Bummnlaa ad piimam partem philo- 
Bophici onisui. pertinentes 2p 1 194 pp. 1 1. 
8°. SalmanttLa F Garcia V lorato y San 
Migail, 1721. 

Iiossing (BeuEon J.) The pictorial field-hook 
of the war of 1812; or, illustrations, by pen 
and pencil, of the history, biography, 
scenery, relics, and traditions of the last wai 
for American independence, 1 p. 1, 1084 pp. 
3 pi. 8°. NetB York, Harper ^-brothers, l^S. 

Lost (The) fatter; astory of aPhiladelphia boy. 
By the autborof "Chinaman in California," 
etc. [a«on.-[ 319 pp. 4 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, 
pTesbyteriampid)UcaUo« committee, [1869]. 

Lost Willie. [rtMon.] 85 pp. 1 pi. 18°. 
New roi-fc, A. D. F. Randolpli ,;■ co. 1870, 

Lotlirop ( Amy, pseitdov. ) See Warner 



Loticb (Peter, the younger). Poemata omnia, 
[etc.] Accednut ejusdem narratio hiatoriea 
de CEede Melehioris Zohelli, [etc] epiatola- 
fum libri duo ; vita a diyersis anctaribus de- 


Lotioli (Peter)— eontiuned. 
scripta. Notis instruxit P. Burmannus. 3 v. 
2p.l.7aippi Ip.l.SSOpp, 4°. Amsleiti- 
dami, n£ici«a sdivuteniana, 1754. 
Lottie Wilde's picnic. By grandmother Hope. 
[jiseudott.'i Founded on facts. 18°. ffew 
York, Brottghtan f Wyman, 1867. 
LOTiia jcviif. {kmg of France). Manuscrit in- 
6dit de Louis xTiii; pi^e^^ d'unexameu de 
sa vie politique jusqu'a la oharle de 1814. 
Far [F^lii] MarUn Doisy. 1 p. 1. xv, 485 pp. 
1 portrait. 1 fiic-siinile. 8°. I'aria, I. G. 
mckaM, 1839. 

Mimoiras. Sa Laifiothe-Langon 

(E. L. de). 
Louis (Jean). Easy and elementary course 
of singing, selected from German and other 
Butbors. Part 1. 48 pp. sm. 4°. Phila- 
delphia, Lee 4r IValker, [1869]. 
Louvet de Couvray (Jean Baptislo). Accu- 
sation intent^e dans la convention nationale, 
conti'e Maximilien Eobespievre, le 29 oetobre 
1733. 15 pp. 8". Paris, J. B. Louvet, 1705, 

A Manimilien Eobespierie, et k sesroy- 

alistes. 55 pp. 8°. Paris, J. B. Loiivet, 1795. 

r^cit d 

- Que! que 



s perils depuis le 3 
8°. Paris, J. B. Lowe 

s pour I'histoire, et le 
j 1793. 

(, J 793. 


The same. 307 pp. 8°. Paris, J. B. 

Louvet, [1791]. 

The adventures of the ehevalier de i'au- 

blas, the French Don Jnaii, Written by 
himself, [pseiirfoB.] 193 pp. 8°. Bosimi, 
Iremg If co. 1843. 
[French novelE. v. 5], 

Love (Thomas). The art of dyeing, cleaning, 
scouting, and finishing, on the most approved 
English and French methods. 2d American 
ed. [With] geneml instruclaons for the use 
of aniUue colors, xsviii, 17-343 pp. 8°. 
Philadelphia. H. C. Baird, 1860. 

Lovell (John E. ) Lovell's progressive readers, 
no, 3. 2J6 pp. 16°. Nevt Haven, Dnrrie fr 
Peeh, 185S. s. 

The same. No. 4. 404 pp. 12°, New 

Haven, Dnrrie Sf Peek, 1857. s, 

Lovell (M. S.) The edible mollusks of Great 
Britain and Ireland, with recipes for cooking 
them. 4 p. 1, 207 pp. 13 pi. 12°. London, 
Reeve <fc ca. 1867. 

Loviauo (Pedro de). Historia y milagrosdel 
Christo de Buigos. 12 p. 1. 220 pp. 1 L 
Burgos, Astidet, 1740. a 

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Iiovr (Hennauti). Biptera Amaricte sopten- 

" trioaalia indigeim. (Coututia l™"-5"). 1 p. I. 

2G6 pp. 8°. BeTotini, typis A. W. Schadii, 


L6w(JohaiinAditm)J The anaSjsis of nobility, 

in its origlti, as military, mercantile, and liL 

erary ; proofs, piivilegea, duHes, acqnisiiion, 

and forfeiture Iheveof, interspersed with seve- 

a n numentsof Ugtory, relating to 

AW li aJry, creations, d^radatioDS, 

n am ts o. Translated froin tbe origi- 

n mo baron von Lowhen. With 

p V pp. 3 1. 317 pp. 3 1, lf>°. 

L d J Ri, mn, 1754. 

low(&amiiel). Poems. 2 v. 147 pp ; 168 

pp. 16°. Ntv) York, T. * J. Suiords, 1800. 
tiowe (Thomas Hill, editor). Poeins ubieHy 
dramatic 4 p, 1. 140 pp. 16'^. Loadon, W. 
Pickering, 1840. 
Lomrell (James Ens sell). Tbe cathedral. ] p.l, 
53 pp. IC. Boston, Fields, Osgood if' co. 

Poems, sii, 27!) pp. 13^'. Cambridge, 

J. Owen, 1844. 

Poetical works. Comploto ["diamond"] 

ed. 14, 437 pp. sq. 18°. Boston, fields, 
Osgood Sf Co, 1869, 

^'^ A year's life, viii, 182 pp. 16". Bos- 
ton, C. C. LiuU 4- J. Brown, 1841, 

Iioirell (Robert Trail Spence). Freah hearts 
that failed tliree thousand years a^ ; with 
other things. By the author of "The new 
priest in Conception bay." vipp. 11. 121 pp. 
12°. Boston, TiciknoT J' Fields, I860. 

IiOvreil{Cityof, Massadmsetts). City doca- 
ments, 1868-69 17 v in 1. 8°. Lomell, 

Vorty-hrst annual report of the school 

committee, with tbe third annual report of 
the oupeiinicndont of public schools, 1866. 
73 pp 1 tab S^ Louell, Stone ^ Ume, 

Ziowrie (John tS d d ) The life of David. 
448 pp 1 poitrait 16° Philadelphia, prcs- 
bstenan board of ptdiluattoti, [186^]. 

The piopbet Ehsha To which is pre- 

filed a memoir of the ftuthor. By the rev. 
William D. Howard, d.d. 287 pp. 1 pi. 16°. 
Philadelphia, presliyterian board of puhlica- 

Loyal heart : 

CO. [1868]. 
Loyola (,St, Ignatius 


IiOjreon { Charles, railed pire Hyacinthe ). 
Discoarses on various occasions. Translated 
byiev, IieonardW. Bacon. Withabio^niph- 
iual sketch. xiW, 198 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. 
ifew York, G. P. Putnam 4- son, 1S69. 

Loza (Francisco). See Losa. 

Iiozano (Cliristova!). Soledades de la vida, y 
desenganoa de el mundo. Kovelas exem- 
plares. 4 p. 1.378 pp. 8°. Madrid, F.M. 
Abad, 1733. S. 

Lucius or Lua (Ludwig). Jesoiter. his tori ; 
von den jesniter ordens urspmng, namen, 
vegTilen, beampteu, geliibden, freyheiten 
regiment, lehr, fortptlantzniig, thaaten, vnd 
verichtungen, so wol ins gemeiu, als insou- 
derheit. 14 p. I. 878 pp. 7 1. 1 pi. 4°. Basd, 
J. J. Genath, 1626. 

Lucy at home. By Zell. Ipseudim. ] 72 pp. 
18°. Philadelphia, presbgterian board of pnb- 

Ludlovr (John Malcolm), Woman's work in 
the chui'cb. Historical notes on deaconesses 
and sisterhoods, svii, 317 pp. 16°. Lon- 
don, A. Slrahan, 1866. 

Ludolphoj-Leiitholff (Job). lobi Lvdolfi, 
alias Leutholf dioti, ad suam hist«tinm 
asthiopicam antehac editara commentarius, 
in quo pluntna geographica, historica et 
critica, imprimis vero antiqvitatem ecclesias- 
tieam illvstrantia esponuntnr. 3 p.l. 30 pp. 
1 1. 633pp.6pl. fol. Francofurtiad lHa»tan, 
J. D. Zmmer, 1691 

Ludwig (Jobann Fiiadrich) Heueste na- 
chrichten von Surinam Als handbuch fUr 
reisendc unci beyliagzur lindeikunde, her- 
aiisgegeben und mit aumerkungeu Pilautert, 
von Pbilipp Friednch Binder x^\ii pp. 4 
1. 260pp. 1 map, 16° lcita,iikademisthebueh- 
Itandlang, 1789. 

Lullien (Jan.) De athriftuurlyke geachie- 
deniesen en gelykem^sen van het nude en 
niiiuwe verbond ; leitoouonde "37 hguaren. 
Veriykt met bybelse * erkiiiaiingen en sticht- 
elyke verzen, dooi Jomnes Luihen Met 
bet leven van den diihter 2 i b p. 1. 380 
pp 21 14 p 1 pp 381-676 21 1 poitiait 4° 
Amiteldam Arenlx en faaderbys 1712 

Luis de Granada Liiuo de la oracion y 
meditacion en el qual se tiata de la con 
nideracion de los pnncipales mistenos de 
nuestra i6 y de las paites y doctiina paia la 
oiacion 4pl 476 pp 16° Madnd E- 
piaosa, f_about 1810]. 

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Luitpraud or Liatprand. De yitis 
ivm pontificvm. Item Albonis 
abbatis EpiWniB de vitis eorvudem ex 
tasii bibliothecftrij historia eicerpta. 
169 pp, 6 1. 4°. Mogvn^, I. AtUnaa, 



!. Him. 


LuUabiea, ditties, and poetic tales for childreu, 
[bhoh.] 293 pp. t^. New York, Ameri- 
can trad soduy, 1865. 

Lulllu de Chateanvleux (Jacob Fr^d^ric]. 
Lettiea ^crites d'ltalie eu 181S et 13, it m. 
Charlea Pictet, I'un dea rfidacteiirs S.B la 
Bibliotb^uebritanniqne. 3v. SSSppi 236 
pp, 1 1. 16°. Paris, J. J. Paschoad, 1816. 

Ziunkaszprie (Georg Carabelli, edkr von). 
See Carabelli (Georg). 

Lupus Servatus, (oiioio/Ferri^res). Opera. 
Stepbanuu Balvzivs tnteleusia in nnum col- 
legit, [etc] notisque illugtraTit. Editio se- 
cvnda, ab ipso cl. Balvzio milMs in locis 
aTCta aCque etnendata. 8 p. I. 536 pp. 1 
13°. AntiPcrpia,apudI F.OlediUcAlfjUi 

Da tnbus qmsstionilua 1 bei Cum 

ceteris aduexis aaoo ml xh i e^cusus 
demum edituB mra et Btndio T Snmondi 
aimo 1650 col 1226-1388 fol Panstta 
lypographia reijta 1696 
[/ 1 SiRMOND (Jac iuea) Opera versa t 2] 

Lurme (Louis) Le^ rues de Par[5 Paria 
iiicieu et muderne engines bi 
ments [etc ] Eedig^ pai 1 elite de la 
littcratare contemporame sous la direction 
Louie Lurine. 9 v, 1 p. 1. 396 pp. 3 1. 37 
pi; lp.l. 419 pp. 3 1.38 pi, 8°, Paris, O. 
Ksigdmtam, 1844. 

Lnssan ( — Raveneau d,e). Sec Raveneau 
de Iiuasan. 

Iiuther (Martin). Houae-poslil ; or, sermons 
OQ tbe gospels for tlie Sundays and princi- 
pal festivals of the cbitroh-jear. Tianala- 
ted from the German, v. 1. ix pp. 1 1. 363 
pp. 1 portrait. 19". Colambas, (O.) Sehulze 
^ Gassmann, 1869. 

Leben, meiuuogen unit schickaale d. 

Maitin Luther's, grossten tbeils init dessen 
eigenea worten, liir gebiidete leser aua alien 
atitHdeu, von Jobann Fricdcich Wilbelm 
MotE. 2 p. 1. 390 pp. leiJ, Halh, J. J. Ge- 
i«Hjr, 17%. 
[ImiiortHTt plates wonMnj] 

Libei de aeivo arbitrio, contra D, 

Erasmum roterodamum, cum brevibus an- 
uotfttiombnu, quiha? b mi ab accusatione, 
qua<si abdolutum Calviniauorum, vel durins 

auch bi 


with additi 


Lutliei- (Martin)— continned. 
aliquod Deijdecretum in libro ipso statuerit, 
priecipud viudicatur, editua il Sebastiano 
Schmidt. llp.l.SSlpp. 16°. [n.p.lXC. 
Nagels 1664 s 

Luther s Lie ner katpch smnt u it 1 e 

wei$endeu und eilauternden sp uchen aus 
der he ligen scLnft Eusammengeatellt von 
J C Haas 109 pp 18° Phtf idelphia 
Sclmfer ^ Koradt ISob S 

The same Nebat verschiedenen be 

und eibauendeu zusatzon wie 
Digter nnveianderter augsbuigi 
e auBg 151 pp 18° 
(Pa.) jE, BeiMCT-, 1857. s. 

me. Luther's small cateoblsm ; 
ns, including the Augsbarg con- 
fession. Translated from the original Ger- 
man. 144pp. 16°. PhUadelphia, Lindsay 
^BiflJasioH.ieS.'^. s. 

IiUtberan (Evangelical) church. Hymns, se- 
lected and original, for public aud private 
worship. Published for the general synod 
of the evangelical lulheran church in the 
United States.. 5th revised ed. xii, 660, 23 
pp. 16°. Baltimore, T. NetBloHKurti,186i, 
Lutke (Fedor Petrowitach, commaHiier). Voy- 
age autonr du monde, bit paiordra deaa ma- 
jest^ I'empereur Nicolas 1", sur la corvette le 
S^niavine, [1836-99,etc,] Partie his tori que. 
Atlas lith<^aphie d'apr^ lea dessins origi- 
aanx d'AIexandre Postel^ [etc ] et du baron 
Kittlilz, 1 p.!. 58 pp 3 maps 51 pi fol. 
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mixto usu sphierie c^^lestis, et vaiiiB cbro- 
nologicis, pertractantur 10 p ] 231 pp 191. 
2 pi. 4°. Trajecti ad Khenum, F Halwa, 

Iiuz de verdados catolicaa. [anon,] 3p.l. 
456pp.51. fol, [Afej;ico, 1690], s. 

Lnzarche (Victor). Catalogue of llie valu- 
able and extensive library, consisting in 
upwards of 6,000 lots of printed boolui and 
manuscripts, travels, works relating to Amer- 
ica, [etc] to be sold by auction in Paria, 
1869, [etc.] Partii-iii. lp.l.304pp, 8", 
Pans, 1869. s. 

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]B80, [etc.] Caiefully edited by Edward 
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fi'om the most approv'd authors, with some 
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WEST (».l 
c. 1748. r- 


le clulaUi 

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wer, hanm Lyiton). See Bulwrer-Lytton. 

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[((Hon.] 216 pp. 3 pi. ]8<'. PhUadelpliia, 
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delphia, Ctaxlon, Eeiasen ^ Hafejjinger, 

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asticis. Accedit appendix complectens ani- 
madversiones Mabillonii in responsionem 
Armandi Buthillerli ad eundem tractatam, 
et historia dissidii litterarii circa hsec studia, 
a Vincentio Thuiillier gallice conciLnata. 
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Venetiis, A PolelH, 1745. 

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tos de Fhocion, sobre la oouformidad, y sem- 
pjanza de la moral con Ja politica. Tradu- 
eidos del Gijego d6Nicoclefi[jjseMrfoii.] porel 


Mably (Gabriel Bonnot <Ie>— continued, 
abad de Mably, yen CastoUano porel doctor 
PenagelM89 pp. 8°. [ Madrid, about lSOO-\. 


rteol: title v 


RemarhB concerning the government 
and the taws of the United States of Amer- 
ica ; in four letters addressed to mr. Adams. 
FiDm the French : with notes by the trans- 
lator. 2 p. 1.280 pp. 8°. Dublin, Moncrieffe 
and others, 1785. 

MacariuB, agypHas {St.") HomilicB qvinqva- 
^inta: iuteiprete Joanne Fico parisiensi. 29 
I 1 '11 pp lb°. Parisiis, G. Morelius, if^. 

Maoanlay (Anlaj). Polygrapby : or, short- 
hand made easy te the meanest capacity: 
heing an universal character fitted to all 
languf^es which may be learned by this 
I ook without the help of a master. The 3d 
ed with hi^ latest improvements, by the in- 
ventor. 3p.l.xxvi,ll9pp. 18°. London, 
author, 1756. 

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Sketches of the lives of some of the early 
se ttlers of Butler eo. Ohio, v, 1 . 1 p. 1. xiv, 
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[OHIO vnUey hiBtoilcal Beiica, v. 4]. 

McCabe (Jam' 
wilderness ; oi 
frontier lite. 
Lee 4- Shepard, 1370. 

Maccartby (Jacques c 
voyages dans les quatre parties du monde; 
ou, precis des voyages les plus int^ressans, 
par terre et par mer, entrepris depuis I'aunge 
1806 jnsqu'4 c« jour. 10 v. 8°. Paris, 
librairie nationale et itrangere, 1821-22. 

r. l-a. Toy^es f n Atrique. 

1 D. jr.) Planting in the 
the pioneer boys. A story of 
i50pp.4pk 16=. Boston, 

<■ Jean). Choix de 

V. 5-B. Voyas 
Y. 7-8. Voyog 


McCheyne ( Rev, Robert Murray). United to 
God. 23 pp. 32=. Boston, American tract 
society, I8W. 

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SccBalfe (Michael William) and Maooioiii. 

McCIellan (George Brinton). The report of 
mfy gen George B McCIellan [etc. or], 
lettei of the seccetaiy of wai tiansmitting re- 
port on the organiaation )f the army of the 
Pttomac and of its campaigns in Virginia 
and Maryland undei the c mmand of maj. 
gen George B MoClellan flora July 96, 
13bl to Novemhet 7th 18fa2 175 pp. 8°. 
Washtaglon Conslitutiaaal uazon o£ice, 3864. 

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America: a history of the colonial ami le- 
publiean .^overnmenls of the United titat«a 
of America, ffom the year 16U7 U> the year 
1869. [With] conalitutioDs, proclainationa, 
plaiforms, resolutions, etc. Also, a brief his- 
tory of all the Bxistiog republics in the world, 
665 pp.31 portraits. 8°. Son Francisco, Jl. 
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pp. 1 portrait. 


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roersion, etc. See Qnittter (James) /tnd 
McConiiell (S. A.) 

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(Mary M.) 

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A treatise on the principles, praetiee, 

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dmt, society for the diffuHoH of usefiU htoid- 
edge, 1833], 



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& BlackeU, 18Ga 

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kerism i in which the principles of the united 
society arc illustrated and defended. T20pp. 
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neuvaniente deaeubiertas de los santos Satur- 
nine, Honesto, y Fermin, apostoles de la 
antigua Vasconia, (hoy Kavai a y sns vecin 
dades, [etc] 5 p. 1 315 pp «" Midnd 
imprenta real, 1798. s 

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duke of Wellington In foui books x v 
272 pp. 16°. London G Routtcdge 4 (o 

McGee (Thomas Daroy) Die kaIholi=che 
geschichte von Nord Amenka See Shea 
(John Gilmary), and MoGee 

Mao-Greoghegan (Jacque-) H stone de 
I'lrelande ancieune et modeme tnee des 
monumens les plus anthentique' "iv 4^ 
Paris, A. Boadet, 17SS 

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E wart Gladstone. 130 pp 1(,° J^eie iork 
Felts Dillingham, [lbt4] 

The pnblic life of queen Victoria viii 

900 pp. 16°. NeiB iorh Fdl 4 Dtllingham 

MoGill university. The McG II unnersity 
calendar, and examination papers 1=<67 68 
3 V. in 1. 8°. Montreal I8b7 s 

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dor von Humboldt's reisen und fbrschungon 
See Humboldt (P. H A von) 
Macgregor (Annie L ) The piofessoi s 
wife ! or, it might have been J05 pp li 
Philadelphia, J. B. LipjnncoU ft co. 1870. 

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more's book ; a selection of ancient Gaelic 
poetry, from a tnauascript collection made by 
sir James McGr^^r, dean, of Lismore, in tlie 
beginning of the Bixteenth century. Edited, 
with a translation and notes, by the rev. 
Tbomiif M'Lauchian, and an introduction 
and addiHonal notes by William F. Skene. 
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The same. 224 pp. )6°. Cincinnati, 

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ern refagee during the war By a lady of 
Virginia, [uiion.] 2d ed !UI pp 12°. 
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An Irish historical tale of the last centuiy. 
[anon.] 3 v. x, 326 pp 411 pp 12°. 
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tory for January, 1867. 28 pp 0° {Plitl- 
adelpkia, 1867]. 

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Ticbtungen im blumengailen Nach dem 
englischen ori^nale bcaibeitet 4° ffei- 
mar, 1861. s. 

a (J.) Die B 

[l»l- „ 

blinaengarton, pp. 8B-IS61. 
Maok (Alexander). Kurze undeinjaltigevor- 
atellung der aussern, aber doch heiligen 
rechte und ordnungen des hauses Gottes, 
[etc.] 98 pp. 11. 16°. Lancaster, J. Bar, 

[Wilh PILBINGEH (J.) CbrisUichcE llBDllbttchhlfllni. 

Mack (Koberl). Kylegtuarl; with other po- 
eniH. V, 1. sii pp. 2 1. 200 pp. 16°. Co- 
linHbia, (Tenn.) author, 1834. 


Mackay (jVlexander). Die westltche welt. 
Beise darch die Vereinsstaaten ron Amerika. 
Aus dem Eagliscben ubersetzt von M. Heine. 
Nebst einer einleitung und vier illustrationen 
von Wilhelm Heine. 4 v. in 2. 8°. Leip- 
zig, C. E. KoUiaa»n, 1861. 

Mackay (Charles). MedoraLoigh; ahistory 
and an autobiography. Bdited by Charles 
Mackay. With an introdiiction, and acom- 
menlaiy on the charges brought 888108110111 
Byron by mre.BeecherStowe. 380 pp. 12°. 
London, Richard Bcnttcy, 1869. 

The same. 63 pp. S°. New York, 

Harper f brothers, 1870. 

McKean (Catherine). Manual of social sci- 
ence ; being a condensation of the " Princi- 

ples of social I 

Carey (H. C.) 
MoKeever (Harri 

or, Larry Dalton. 

adeljihia, J. P. SI, 
Goodbye sto 

pp. 1 pi. 

" of H. C. Carey. See 

et B.) Breaker; ahead; 
283 pp. 3 pi. 16°. PhU- 
eUy 4-co. 1869. 
-iea, for little children. SI6 
Philadelphia, pm Lutetian 

board ofpaUiee 

Little Mary, 131 pp. 1 pi. 18°. FhU- 

adctphia, presbyteHan board of publication, 

Rupert Lawrence ! or, aboy in earnest. 

S.'Mi pp. 2 pi. ie°. Philadelphia, J. P. Shelly 
4- CO. 1869. 

Westbi'ook parsonage. 359 pp. 12°. 

Philadelpliia, Claxton, Remsen 4' Haffe(fiager, 

Mackeldey (Ferdinand). Escui'se fiber ein- 
selue rechtsmaterien. 2 p. 1. 44 pp. 4°. 
Bona, E. Weber, 1835. 

McEeunsy (J. A. d.d.) A devotional guide 
foryontb. 76 pp. 24°. Boston, E. P. Dot- 
ton 4- co. 1869. 

Mackenzie (Alexander). Voyages dans 
Tin tfirieur de 1' Am^ri que sept entrionale fails en 
1789, 1793 et J793. Le l''' de Montreal au 
fort Cbipionyan et ^ la mer glaciale ; lo 3"'° 
du fort Chipionyau jusqu'aus bonis de 
I'ocdan Padlique. Pi'^c^des d'un tableau 
historiqne et politique sur le commerce des 
pelleteries, dans le Canada. Traduits de 
TAnglais, par J. Cast^ia. Avee des notes, 
[etc.] du vice-amiral Bougainville, 3 v. 8°. 
Paria. Dentu, 1802. 

Mackenzie (E.) Au histoiical, topographical, 
and descriptive view of (he United Stales of 
America, and of upper and lower Canada. 
With a sketch of the present state of Mexico 
and Sonth America, and also of the native 

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Mackenzie (E.)— continiietl. 

tribes of the new world. 2d ed. sv, TJapp. 
1 map. 8 pi. 8°. Netecaslle upon Tyne, 
Mackenzie di Dent, 1810. 

Maokenzie (Moirell, m.d.) The use of tbe 
larjngoBcope in diseasea of the throat; with 
an eaeay on hoarseness, loaa of voice, and 
strMnlons biefttiiing,iu relnlion to noivo-miis- 
enlar nffeetions of the laryni. ad ed. Witb 
a<lditioi)3,acda chapter on the examination of 
the nasal passages, by J. Solis Cohen, m. d- 
989 pp. a pi. go, PhUaddpHa, Lindsay f 

McKimien (Daniel), A general descripHon of 
the Bahama Islands. 8=. Philadelpliia, 

""TSiSii' ""■""•"-"->- 

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moir of major gen. sir Neil Campbell. 8°. 
Loadon, 1889. 

[la Caufbeli. (Sir N,> NnpoLson at font Bin 
and Elba. pp. 1-151)], 

MoLain (Maiy Webster). Broken idola. A 
stoiyfor girls. [HBon,] ^a^pp-Spl. ]fio. 
Boslen, /Sass. s.s.sec. 1868, 

The Italian girl ; or, the victory that 

overconieth the world, [bbom.] 180 pp. 3 pi, 
18^. Philadelphia, pre.shyterian pahlicalion 
committee, 1869. 

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eal education, theoretical and practical, viii 
516 pp.1 1.15 pi. 16°. Oxford, Clarendon 



Mac Z-auohlan (ITenry). Ba.'itern branch of 
the Watling street, in the coontj of Northum- 
berland, from Benelay, near Portgate on tha 
Eoman wail, to Berwick-npou-Tweed, to- 
gether with a branch extending from High 
Eochester to Whittingham, with enlarged 
plans of the adjacent camps. Prom a survey 
made by direotimi of the dulte of Northumber- 
land, (1857-59). 1 p. 1.5 double pi. fol. Lon- 
don, pi-inted for private distriititioti, 1864. s, 

McLean (Bev. Alesander). Food for the 
lambs: or, sermons for children. 195 pp. 
18". JV«io York, N. Tihbah ^ eo. 1S68. 

and Baton {J.W. editors). Penuel; 

or, face to fece with God. [Record of and 
aermons preached at the camp meeting at 
Vinelanfl]. xviii,483pp. 1 pi. 12°. New 
Yerh, II'. C. Palmer, 1869. 

Macleay (William Sharp). lUuslraUons of 
the anculosa of South Africa, [etc.] 3p.l. 4°. London, im%. 


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other poems. Sp.l. 156 pp. 16°. Boston, 
W. D. Tick«or,iSi3. 

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of the character, causes, and ends of the 
present war. 224 pp. 8°, Neio York, East- 
barn, Kirhi&co. 1815. 

M'lieod (D. maj. gen. patriotarmy of Canada). 
A brief review of the settlement of upper 
Canada, by the N. E. loyalists and Scotch 
highlanders, in J783; and of the grievances 
which compelled the Canadas to have re- 
course to arms in 1837 and 1838; with a 
sketch of the campaigua of lSia-13-14. 292 
pp. 16°. Clevdand, F. B.Penmman, 1841. 

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304 pp. 45 pi. 4°. London, A. Strakan, 1866. 

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geography. 1 p. 1. 93 pp. 4°. ffete Yorli, 
A. S. Barnes tk CO. 1355. h, 

The same. 110 pp. 35 maps. 4°. iVeio 

I'nrt, A. S. Barnes ^ co. IStW. 

MoNeile (Rec. Hugh). Piospects of tho 
Jews ; or, a series of popular lectures on the 
propliecies relative to the Jewish nation. 
From the ad London ed.(ete.) iv, 135 pp. 8°. 
Philadelphia, O. Rogers, 1840. 

Sermons on the second advent of the 

Lord Jesns Christ. 122 pp. 8°. PhUadd- 
pbia, 0. Roeers, 1840. 

Macoy (Robert). General history, cyclopedia, 
and dictionary of freemasonry, [etc includ- 
ing a dictionary of symbolieal masonry. By - 
George Oliver], 700 pp. portrait. 8°. New 
York, masonic pubtishiug eoiapany, 1869. 

McPlleraon (Edward, U. d.) A political 
manual for 1869, including a classified sum- 
niaiy of tie important oxecntive, legislative, 
judicial, politico-military, and general facts 
of tho period, from July 15, 1808, to July 15, 
1869. 9 p. 1. pp. 383 to 509. 8°. Washing- 
ton, PhUp cfe Solomons, 1869. 

Macpliorson (James). See Oeaiau. 

Macquer (Pierre Joseph). Siemens de chy- 
mie-th^orique. xxij pp. 1 1, 356 pp. 13 1. 4 pL 
16°. Paris, J. T. Heriasont, 1753. s. 

Mc9Il©rry(Eichard, m.i;.) Essays and lec- 
tures on the early history of Maiy land ; Mex. 
ieo and Mexican affairs; a Mexican cam- 
paign; homoBopathy; elements of hygiene ; 
health and happiness. 1 p. 1. iv, 195 pp. 8°, 
Bnltlmoie, Kdiy, IHrt S( CO. 18fi9. 

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MacWborter (AloiftDder, d.d.) A series of 
sermons, upon Ihe most importsmt priooiplea 
of onr holy religion. 3 v. 2 p.1.471 ppi 
484 pp. 8°. Nemark. Pcnnin^lon St Gotdd, 

Maddock (Heurj), An nctoiint of tlie life 
nQd writings of lord clianeellor Somera, in- 
cluding remai'lis on the public affairs in 
whicli he was engaged, and the bill of riglits, 
with a coaiment. 2 p. I.Tiii,3J8,20 pp. 1 
pedigree. 4°. London, Clarke 4- sons, 1812. 

Madison (Jnmes). Inaugural speech. iG°. 
Boston, S. G. SmlliJig, 1809. 
lH'jiftJKi'FE[lSON(T,( ImiiigiiralapeedieB. pp. 121- 
136. BoatoD, ]3Q»J. 

See, ahn, Fedei-aHst (The), 

MadiaoiiIaH (The). [Washington semi and 
tri-weekly]. Aug. 1, l337,to Deo. ]4,1841. 
3 V. fol. H'aihington, 18^7-41. 

Madou (Jean Baptist*). PliyaionoinJe de la 
society en Europe, depuis 1400 jusqu'4 
jours. J p. 1. 3 pp. 15 pi. i°. Bruxelles, 
A. De Watme-Plaiiickx, 18S7. 

Maffel (Giovanni Pietro), L'liistoire ties In^os 
OrientalesetOccidentales. Tradnilede Latin 
par 01. M. D. P. [Michel de Pore]. 3 v. i 
iep.l.353pp;]p.l.3Kpp.I31. 4°. Fi 
R. de NmvUle, 1C6B, 

Uaffei (Scipione, marckese). Arlemagica 
niohilata. Libri ti'e. Con via append 
5 p. 1.338 pp. 31. 40. reroaa, A. Aiiiire 

a (Le) piltoi 
1 de Euryale 
(833-1861. 99 

The same. Tables alpliab6tinues, 1833- 

43,1843 o 3v 4° Par « 1 843-53. 

Maeazin der neiesten 1 1 beaten auslandi- 
schen re sobeschre buugen 7 v 16°. Mam- 
luTS 4- Main G I oltmeT 1804 


■'■ ^'J^Simev 


Mage (E.) Du S#n6gal au Niger. Kelation 
du voyage d'exploration de mm. Mage et 
Qujntin au Soudan occidental, de 1833^1866. 
Estrwt de la revue maritime et colouiale. 
2 p. 1. 496 pp. 1 mop. 8°. Paris, P. Da- 
poal, 1867. 

Magee preabyterian college, {Londotiderry). 
~' e Magee college calendar foe the years 
17-68 [and] 1868-69. 2 v. 12°. Lon- 
ideny, 1867-68. s. 

Magendle (Francois). An elementary com- 
pendium of physiology ; for the use of stu- 
dents. From the Preneh, with copious notes 
and iiluatrations, by E. Milligan, m. d. Re- 
vised and corrected hy a physician of Phila- 
delphia, with an appendix. yiii,496 pp. 8°. 
PhUailetphia, J. IFdisler, 1824. 

Physiolc^icBl and chemical rceearcboB 

on the U80 of the prussic or hydro-cyanic 
a«id in the treatment of diseases of the breast, 
and particnlariy in phthisis pulmonalie. 
From the French, with notes, etc. by James 
G.Feroival, m.d. 86 pp. 12o. Neuj Hweea, 
Hoice St Spaldine, 1830. 

Maggi (Girolamo). Detiutinnabulis, liber pos- 
tnmus. Franclseus Sweertius notis illustra- 
bat, Ed 16p 1 1 pp 131 4pl 18° 

Amstel I S C li 16 4 

MaglU (E I a d H 1 } An mt dn t y 
French end nta n n g amraab al ex 

ei'cises p og es ely a anged fa u bar a 
versati n n a oa subj t and I ti as 
for read ng and 1 1 a n to„ th h 

explanatory notes, references to the author's 
French grammar, and an adeqnat* dictionary. 
4th ed. vi, 451 pp. 12°. Boston, Crosby ^ 
Ainsmorih, 1868. 

Magiier(D.) Theimpioved system of edu- 
cating the horse. Also, a treatise on shoeing, 
and the diseaKes of the horse and their treat- 
ment, with valuable recipes, etc 8th ed. 
revised imd cnhirged. 904 pp. 16°. Roches- 
ter, {N. Y.) Eveaias exyresa print. 1869. 

Magruder (Henry K.) Sketches of the last 

V, 1. G. A. IL euLI 
Magazine (The) of hortienlture, botany, and 
all useful discoveries and improvements ' 
rural affaira, Edited by CM. Hovey. 34 
&: Boston, Homj c& co. 1835-68, 
(v. 1-3. Bnlltle<l"TliBAiDarlcsngorfl8ner'smagazl 


-10, 1B37-4' 


of the Mexican e 


5 pi. 8°. [ ffMSlodeu], prinied for 
private circulation, [1308]? 
Mahabbarata. iTixa^ao/iovraam, ravreaTiv 
ap;(aio?iOyiaQ avlXoytj, '11 irfpi ilto-loj'ui' re not 
/ivBav ifnTLOm^wav, vofup-a^ re xat edi/iav 
ivSixav, 5u;1;i*iC™tuj' Kor' enXoyriv e« tijc 
Mn;[o6f5p''rnc, mryypaifeuTris "to tov fi'iaa- 
ofov Seaua. Wera^paaSetna eK tdu §pa)^itavi- 
Kov isapa Aij/HjTp:oii raAowou, wv is Tr/iorov 
SKSodeiaa, xat /iera npokeyojifniiM Kai naparit- 

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Mab abharata — conti nued. 

pycetiv nv^Beiaa, /lei^r^ Teapyti. 
dmJ, cirtaraaia ic T. AiaiOToliSm 
pV, 2fi8pp. 8°, EuAe^oif, . 
Ypaif'iafT. Xa(nefv:\aKog, 1651. 
Malian (Dennis H ) A treatise oi 
ficatlon containing' inatiut lions i 
oda of laying ont eonstmcting 
and attacking: intienehraents with outlines 
of the anangement attick and defence of 
peimanent foilihcations 4tli cd xitviii, 163 
pp. 13 pi ly° RuhmonJ (T a ) West 4- 
Johmm 1862 
Mahraond [mjon ] S^ 2pia76pp;1 
p.!.274pp 130 New iork Harper * 
brothers, 1836. 
Mahony ( Rev. Francis Sjlvestar). Facts and 
figures from Italy. By don Jeremy Savo- 
narola, adflressefl daring tlie last two winters 
to Cliarles Dickena. Being' an appendix to 
his " Pictavea. " \j>seudo«. ] 2 p, i. 309 pp. 
12°. Londm, R. Dmtley, 1847. 
MaJgi-et (— iKg^aieur ea chef). TraitS de la 

surety et conservation des ^tals, par le raoyen 

de forteresses. 5 p. 1. 444 pp. 4 1. 16°. 

Paris, E. Billiot, 1735. s. 

Maillara (— Jtf. I'MS), Grammaire de la lan- 

guemikmaquo ! [or], Qrammarof HiaMiltma- 

(jne language of Nova Scotia, edited from the 

manuscripts of the abbS Mailiard by the rev. 

Joseph M. Bellenger. 101 pp. 4". New 
Yortc, Crninoisgyreas, 1864. s. 

IBHEA'S can gn 

Malmbou g Lo 13 T 

sade ; h 

princes Co 

English N 

410 pp, T D b85 

ties pr^i g g K 

aes 6vfiq ea 3 

Paris, 6 M m J 

Maimonides, or Moses MalmSnL Porta 
Mnsis ; sive, (tissortationes aliqTot k H. Mose 
Maimonido, anis in vaiiaa Mialinaiotb, sire 
toctns Talmndici partes, cwmmendw^iia prre- 
misste, filial od universam fei'^ Jndieonim 
diseiplinaiii ailitum aperinnt ; nunc priimim 
arabicQ, [Uteris hebraicia] prout ah ipso anc- 
tore conscriptee sunt et latine editce, una cum 
append ice notarum miscellanea, opera, studlo- 
que Edvard; Puc«)cliii. 12 p. 1. i'iii pp. 14 1. 
4". Oconir, fj. HaU, 1655. 


Maimonldea— coDti nned. 

The reasons of tlie laws of Moses. 

Fi'om the "Morenevoohim" of Maimonides. 
With notes, dissertations, and a life of the 
author. By James Townley, d. d. 451 pp, 
1 pi. 8°. London, Loagmati, Rees, Orme, 
Brown Sf Gncn, ie'27. 

Maine (SUile of). An abstract of tbe returns 
of corporations made to the office of the sec- 
retai'y of state in January, 1852, for the year 
1851, [with other documents of the legisla- 
ture]. 8=. Augusta, state piinlei; 1852. 

Annual report of the adjutant ge'nei-al 

for tbe year ending December 3!, 1862. 8°. 
Aaigmta, state printer, 1863. 

The same. Appendix D to the report 

of the adjutant general for 1864 and 1865. 

fi°. Aagmta, state printer, 1866. 
Annual report of various public officers 

and institutions for 1868-69. 8°. Augasta, 

state printer, 1869. 
Catalogue of ^e Maine state library, 

1856. 439 pp. 8°, Augusta, FuUcrs, prin- 
ters to the slate, 1656. s. 

Documents printed by order of the legis- 
lature during ita session 1848, 1849, 1856, 

1857, 1863, 1866, J869-70. 8 v. 8°. Au- 
gusta, slate primer, 1849-69. 

Eleventh and twelfth annual report of 

tbe superintendent of common schools, 1864 

and 1865. 2 v. 8°. Augusta, state printer, 

Journal of tbe senate and house of rep- 

I'eaentatives, 1869. Forty-eighth legislature. 

8°. Augusta, state printer, 1869. 
^Legislative manual, 1869. 8°. Augusta, 

state printer, 1869. 
Eepoi't of commission itsheries. [N. 

W. Foster and C. G Atkins owow ] 6° 

IBeprinled, Augusta 1868] 

[7u MintE. Board of f^ncuUure Abstsciofie 
birna from tha Bgrtonltnrn aoidetles of MnJne 

leer, pp. es-im. 

Tbirteenth annua! repoit of the aeero 

Iju-y of tbe board of agiieulture lb68 8° 
Augjiita, state printer ltji)8 

Maine historical society Collections 2d ^0 
ries. Documentary Inntoiy of tho state of 
Maine. Edited by William Willis v I 
Contiuning a history of the discovery of 
Maine. By J. G. Kohl With au appendix 
on the voyages of the Cahois by M d Ave 
zat, of Paris. 2p I 5t5 pp JJ lol maps 
8°. Portland, BaUey .6 Noyes, 1869. 

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Mair (Johu). An iiitroduotioii to Latin sja- 
tax, [etc.] To wlieli is subjoined an epi- 
tome of anoient history, [etc.] ici, 299 pp. 
J6° Ediidmrgh, R. Worlsson Sf son, \7<n . s. 

Mairaii(Jefl,nThomaade). Compecdio mievo 
de gratnatiea francesa. 3p,l. 166 pp. 1 1. 
1 tab, SOI, 4'=. Madiid. J. Herrera, i7^^. a. 

Maiatre (Comte Xarier da). The leper of 
Aoat, Tmoslftted from the FrencU of Lo- 
maistre. [oniwi.] R7 pp. ISP. Boston, 
CKmmingi, miiiard ^ m. 1825, 

Russian talen. From the I'reacb. 197 

pp. 16". FhUadelphia, H. C. Carey fr S. 
Lea, 1896. 

Maitland (Saninel Koffey, d. d.) Supersti- 
tion and scierlce ; an essay. 3 p. I, 89 pp. 
ISP. Louden, RiviyigtoTis, 1855. 

M^or { Joiiaon Daniel). See-farth naoh der 
nenen welt, obne schiff- und sagcl; iinno 
1670, Buerst, nnd nn wiederumb dsr gelebr- 
ten weltvorgesteltet. 11 p. 1. S5d pp. 3 1. 1 pi. 
18°. BamiuTg,G. IValff, ]683. 

Malcom (Howard). Travels in aoutheastein 
Asia, embraoiDg Hindustan,' Malaya, Smm, 
and China; wiiJi notices of namerous mis- 
sionary stations, and a full account of the 


L empire 

; witb dissertations, table) 

3 V. 273 pp. 4 pi. 1 map ; 331 pp. 2 pi. 
VJP. Boston, Qoald, Kendall ^ Livcoljt, 1839. 

Maldouado (Loi'enao Ferrer). Viaggio dal 
mare Atlantico al Pacifico per la via del 
Nofdovest, I'anno mdlsxxviii, tradotto da 
un manoscrittJJ spagnuolo iuedito delia bibli- 
oteca ambrosjana di Milano dal sig. cava- 
liers C. Araoretti, [etc] 4, 96 pp. 1 map. 
4°. Bologna, Musi # ca. 1812. 

MaUiei-be (Frai)5«is de). Poesies. iKvii, 
325 pp fol Pans Dtdot Vnini, 1797. 

Mallet (Paul Heun) Horthern antiquities ; 
01 an bistoi cal account of the manners, cus- 
toms religion and laws, maritime expedi- 
tions and disci Yeries language and litera- 
tnie of the anc eat Scandioavians, (Danes, 
'^wedes Nuiwcgians and Icelanders), With 
mcideutnl notices lespecting our Saxon an- 
cestors Translated fi im the French, by 
bshop Peicv New ed. witb a translation 
of the prose Edda from the original old Norae 
text! andnotesbyI.A.Blacl[well. [With] 
an abstract of the Eyrbygg^'a saga, by sir 
W, Scott. 2 p. 1, 578 pp. 1 pi, 12C. Lon- 
don, H. O. Bohn, 1847. 

Malloclc (David). The immortality of the 
Bonl : with otheT poems, lat Am. ed. x. 
98 pp. 13°. NeiB York, W. Slodart, 1833. 


Malmesfaury (William of J. See ■William, 
of MalmcslniTy, 

Malmgreu (Anders Johan). Spetsbeigen, 
Groulaiids, Tslnada odi den Skandioavislsa 
halfons hittills kanda annulata polychEeta. 
1 p. 1. 199 pp, 1 fab, 14 pi. 8^. Hdsingfors, 
J. C, Freacfiell ^- son, 1867. S. 

Malonet (Victor Pierre). CollecUon do m6- 
inoires et coi respondanLM ofHcielles siir I'ad- 
miuistiatiou des colonies, ct notamment sur 
la Giuiane fiangaiee et hollandaise. 5 v. 8°. 
Pans Bam/ouiH 1=102 

Mamianl della Rovere (Luigi Viueenzo). 
Giammalik del Kiim sprache. Aos dem 
Poftugiesisehen uberaetzt vonH, C.yon der 
Gabeleotz 63 pp 8° Leipzig, F. A. 
Brockl-aus 1863 

Mancy (Gindre de). See OitxSie de Mancy- 

MandevUle (Bernard di!, tii.d.) A modest 
defence of public stews ; or, an essay npoa 
whoring, as it is now practis'd in these king- 
doms. By the late col. Harry Moidaunt, 
[jiaeuden.] 80 pp, 12°, London, S. Scott, 

Maueira (Juan Luis). De vila Antonii 
Jjnpeiii Portilli, Mexici primum, indeValen- 
tijc canonici. 54 pp. 1 1. 12°. Bonoitia, 
Loitius a Vklpe, 1791, 

Maner (Salvador Joseph). Historia melrica- 
critica de la sagrada passion de nuestro re- 
de mptor Jeau Christo, [etc.] a0p.l.263pp. 
80. Madrid, A. Marin, 1733. 9. 

Mau&edi (Fnlgenzio). Coafirmatione delle 
conaideratiooi del p. m, Pavio di Venetia con- 
tra lo oppoaitioni del r p m 6io Antonio 
Bovio, Ove si d mostra cop osamente qnol 
sia la vera liberty ecclesiastica et la potest^ 
data da Dio alii pnncipi 454 pp sm, 4", 
Venetia, H. Meietlt lb06 s. 

Maiieaii (G.) Stenogiaphy or the art of 
short-hand perfected [etc ] "ith ed J6 pp. 
5 pi. 16°. Boston, R. P. Sf C. Williams, 

Mangourlt (Michel Ange Bernard de). De- 
fense d'Ancone, et des d^partmeus romaius, 
le Tronto, le Maaooe et le Metauro ; par le 
g^n^ral Monnier, anx anuses viietviii, [etc] 
a V. xvi, 318 pp. 1 map. 3 pi ; 3 p. J. 302 pp. 
11.3 pi. 7 tab. 8°. Paris, C.Pougens,A802. 

Maugum(i;™.AdolphuflW.) Myrtle leaves ; 
or, tokens at the tomb. 2ded. 139pp. 16". 
Raleigh, (iV. C.) Branson # Farrar, 1864. 

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(The); or, fantasia of bos bibenfl; 
eharaclerisdc of soma of the fanados who 
are conspiring' the ruio of their country at 
home. By a West-Itidian. [kbob.] jaS 
pp. 13". [Kivgslim, JBTBaicaJ? 1834. 
Manifeflt deatiny; or, the world a republican 
supers tructnre on the rock basis of the truth 
in Christ, ivbose legend, which 
forth prolestant iu the scriptures, and through 
the march of evenia in the centuries, 
universal prevalence of freedom, unity, and 
peace, as well as immortality beyond. By 
SosiOBch. [psc«i!o«.] Part J. 159 pp. 
Nea York, Craft ^ Axford, [1869]? 
Manifest ofie reden van den oorlogh tiisschen 
Portagael. endo de vereenichde provintier 
van de Nederlanden. Tot Lisbon in de por. 
tugesche en castiliaensolie taelen gedmckt, 
iu't iaer 1(557. Ende nu inde nederduytache 
taole overgeset. Mitsgaders manifestatie van 
de leogeiien ende valsheden waer meda heC 
is verwult, ende een kort verhaol van des 
conlneks van Portug-ael, ende sijner onder- 
sacten trouwlooae ende mayneedyge proee- 
duren. [anon.] 56 pp. sm.4° Grane-n- 
Hagke, H.Hondius, 3659. 
Maan (A. Dudley). Die nordamericanischen 
freistaaten. (Uebersetaung). viii,326 pp. 
go, Bremen, C. Seh^mmamn, 1845. 
Maimerlng (Hay, pseudon.) See No'virell 

U[aniiiQg(J. M.) Peace under liberty. Ora- 
tion delivered before the city authoiitiea of 
Boston, July 4th, 1865. With an account 
of the municipal celebration of the 89th 
anniversary of American independence. 108 
pp. 8°. Boston, J. E. FaTweil 4- eo. 1865. 
Mannlngliam (Sir Richard). An exact diary 
of what was obaerv'd during a close atten- 
dance upon Mttiy Toft, the pretended rahbeU 
breeder, [etc.} Together with an account of 
her eonfesBion of the fraud. pp.2]l-244. 
16°. ILaadoa, 1736]. 
[OTiJSt. ANDHE(NatliiiDie]). Aehort naiTatiye of 

Maji3fieia(BdwaidD.) Popular' and authen- 
tic lives of Ulysses S. Grant and Schuyler 
Colfax. 435 pp. 2 portraits, 1 pi. 5 maps. 
ia». Cincinnati, R. IP. Carroll 4- co, 1868. 

A popular and authenUc life of Ulysses 

8. Grant. 377 pp. 1 portrait, 1 pi. 13°, 
Cinciniutti, R. W, Carroll S; co. 1868. 

Mansfield (Lewis W.) Up-country lef- 
teis. larten.] Edited by prof. B. na- 
tional observatory. 1 engraved title. 331 pp. 
] pL 13°. New York, D. Appleton S; co. 1S52. 


Mansie (Rev. Alexander). The apprenticed 
labourer's manual ; or, anessay on the appren- 
ticeship system, and the duties of tlie appren- 
ticed labourers, including several of the per- 
BOnal and relative duties binding on mankind 
in general. xiii,2I6pp.] i. 8°. BritiBh 
Guiana, Bocittg for the inalruction of (Ae la- 
bouring classes, £837. 
Manslll (Richard). The age and life of our 
earth ; a small work on cosoio^aphy, etc. 
134 pp. I 1, 6°. Rofk Island, (Ilia.) ISfiT. 

No light from the sun, and Planetary 

motions. 52 pp. tP. Hock Island, (His.) 
ManBola(A. ) Tlo'AiTEwypailiiKai -T^i/po^oiiiai 
■Kspi 'EM.ado^. 11', 211 pp. 8°. Ev Aftj- 
vai;, EK Tov eSviKov TVTToypa^uov, 1867. S. 
Maatilla (Luis Felipe). Reciprocal method 
for learning Spanish or English. Metodo 
bilingilepara aprender el Ingles 7 el Espaiiol. 
X, 250 pp. 13°. Niieca York, D. Appleton 
y cia. 1869. 
Mann, Menoo, or Menu. Institutes of Hin- 
du law : or, the ordinances of Menu, accord- 
ing to the gloss of Culluca, comprising the 
Indian system of duties, religions and civiL 
Translated from the original, with a preface, 
by sir William Jones. New ed. collated with 
the Sanscrit text, with notes by Graves 
Chamnoy Hanghlon. 1 p.I. xiii pp. 1 1.450 
pp. 1 1. 4°. London, Rivinglon if Cochran, 
Manual del eristinno, con los egercicios de la 
a s61ida piedad, Por D.J. doY. [anon.] 
ed. por d. Atanasio Dfivila. 183 pp. 1 1. 
=. Madrid, F. VUlalpando, 1819, 
Manual of the immaculate conception ; a col- 
lection of prayers for general use, including 
the most approved devotions to the virgin 
Mary. 16°. New York, 1867. 
Mauucio. See Maiiuzio. 
Manuel du ap^culateur ^ la bourse, [anon. ] 
vili,354pp. 12°. Paris,GaTnierfrercs,lHM. 



10 de la spficnlation, 

B [elo] 


Manuel de s Josef El nmo mstniido por 
la divina palabia en los prmcipios de la 
religion, de la moraly delasociedad Cale 
oismo importanto para 1^ educaciou de la 
infancia espanola [eti_J 337 pp 12° 
Madrid, i nprmia de la idinintslrai, on del 
realarbitrt' 1806 a 

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Manusorit yeun ds 8t HelSne Napoleon 
liuonapurte. Manusc to e tii]o lelaislnde 
Sftnta Elena por condueto -e v io. Pub- 
lioado en Lortdres i Juan Mn ay en 1817. 
Nuavft traduccioa al Ca tellaco j d. M. 0. 
vii[, 153 pp. 1 I. 16°. Madnd, CoUado, 

Manuzio (Paolo). Eleganciae^ePayloMaEv- 
cio. [Tradvzldas por Loreupo Palmireno]. 
Agora nvevamente impreasas, 8 p. 1. 16D 1. 
16°, Madrid, L.Saskcz, 1613. s. 

Mauziui (Giovaniii Battista). Manzinie, bis 
exquisite aeaderaioal 3i6eoi\rseB, upou several 
snbjectB. Turcetl into Prencli by Scuderie, 
an3 into English by a lady. 2 p. 1. 150 pp. 
i°. London, T. Harper, 1654. 

Manzoni (Alessaudro). I promessi sposi ; or, 
the betrothed lovers. A Milanese story of the 
seventeenth century. As translated for the 
Metropolitan from the Italian, hy G. W. 
Featherstonhaogh. 1 p. 1. 949 pp. 8". IVasli- 
ingion, D. Green, 1834. 

The same. Lucia, the betrothed. From 

the Kalian. 3 v. iviii, 944 pp ; 314 pp. 
13°, Nsv, York, G. DcarTm-n, 1834. 

Maraohe (N. ) Manual of chesB ; with the 
games of backgammon and dominoes. 156 
pp. IC'^. iVeio YotIc, Dick Sr FUxgendd, 

Mayana (Giovanni Paolo). Letters writ by a 
Turkish spy, who liv'd five and forty years 
nudiseover'tl at Paris; giving an impartial 
account to the divan atConstantinople of the 
most remarkable transactions of Europe, 
from 1637 to 1682. Written originally in 
Arabick. Translated into Italian, from Ihenee 
into English, [by W. Bradsbaw, anoa.~\ 
11th od. 8v. 16°. London, G. Strahaa awl 
others, 1741. 
NOTB.— Hallam attributes to Morana only fifty of 

ana augstfltii for the reel 
mr, Bolton Oi>niBy,iutli. 

Gealleiuan's i 

Marcel (C.) The stuily of languages brought 
back to its true principles; or,the art of think- 
ing in a foreign kngnage. SaS pp, 12°. 
lictB Yorlc, D. AppUton Sf co. 1869. 

MarcelliuuE. MarcoUini, oomitia iDyriciani 
chronicon. col. 348-368. fol. Pai-isiis, typo- 
graphia rcgia, 1696. 
[la SittHOND (J.) opera vnria, v.E]. 

anil Panstinus, LibclJus precum ad 

impevatores. Primum editiia a Jatobo Sir- 


IVHaicelllnus and Panstlmns— continued, 
mondo, anno 1650. col, 324-963. fol. Pa- 
rUiis, typographia regis, 1696. 
[771 SiHUOKD (J.) Opera vari>, v. 1]. 

Marcli (Daniel, d. d.) Night scenes in the 
bible. 544 pp. 12 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, 
Zeigler, McCurdy ^ co. 1868. 

March (Fi'aucis A.) A parser and analyifer 
for be^nners, with dii^'ams and suggest- 
ive pielures. vi, 86 pp. 16°. iVcio York, 
Harper ^ brothers, 1869. 

Marcou ( Jnles). Geology of North America ; 
with two reporta on Uie prairies of Arkansas 
and Tesas, the Eocky Mountains of New 
Mexico, and the Sierra Nevada of California, 
3p.l. 144, 9 pp. 3 col, charts. 7 pi, 4°. Zb- 
ridi, Zllrelier 4- Fitrber, 1858. s. 

Marcucci (Vineenzo). Delia legittimilii posi- 
tiva o negaHva della pene, principalmente 
deBa pens di mot te, con I'aggiuntadI untrat- 
tato del dnello, e dei mezai onde estirparlo. 
2 p, 1. 323 pp. 2 1. 8°. Lugano, G. Ruggia 
^- CO. 1835, 

Mar^clial (Pierre Sjlvain), Costumes dvils 
actaels de tons les peuples eonnns, deeain^B 
d'aprSs nature, graves et oolorifis, par m. 
Grosset de Sftint-Sanveur, [avee des notices 
historiques}. 2" 63. 4 v, 8°, Pans, 
DttervUle, [1784-^7]. 

Marfe (Henri H.) Manual of diseased vines, 
and results. 130 pp. 2 pi, 13->. NexB 
York, J 869. 
^^"Sm"" '^' '■' ^""P''"' vfiieyMds, pp. an to 

Margaret Lawrence, and other stories, [hhoh.] 
216 pp. 3 pi. 18°, FhUadelphia,presbyleTiau 
board ofpMicalioit, [1868]. 

Mai'gon (Guillaume Plantavit de La Pause, 
abbi de). M^moires du mar^chal de Tour- 
ville, vico-amiral de France, et gfin^ral des 
armies na vales du roi. [snon. Nouv. €d!] 
3v. 16". Amsterdam, IF. Girardi-], nm. 

Marggraf (Georg). Bescbrijvinge w^ens 
' "°. Amster- 


WCBl-lncllBebo V 

Margraf (J.) Kirche und sklaveroi seit der 
entdockung Aineiika's; odor, was hat die 
katholisclie kirche seit der entdeckung Anier- 
ika's, theils zat milderung theila anr aufhe- 
bung der sklaveyei gethanT Tiii,S30pp. 
8°. Taiingca, H. La«pp, 1865. 

Marguerite, baroness Leicheusleiu, and otJier 
poems. By the author of Zelioa, etc. [ujmin.] 

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Marguerite— con tinned . 
103 pp. 12°. FkUaddphia, J. B. lAppin- 
cott Bf CO. 1870. 
Maria de Jesus de Agreda. Aliento de 
justos, espejo de perfeetos. eoiisuelo de peca- 
dores, j forCalezH de flacos, en los trabajos 
de Maria sanUsima. For el liceuciado d. 
Diego del Vnlle. 6 p. 1, 328 pp. 2 1. sin, 4°. 
Miidrid, M. Martin, 1770. 
Marlamiie, w Irish anecdotes. A oovol. By 
the author of AsMon Priory, [anon.] New 
ed. %\. lp.l. ]e7pp; Ip.l. 176pp. 12°. 
London, W. Lane, !80I. 
Mariana (Juan de). Hist^rise hispanicaa ap; 
pendix. Liber scilicet ixi, et nouem ceteri 
ad xxx TBque, qui Tigiati illoa in tomo hoc ii 
remm hispanicarum ordine aequuntur. 336 
pp. 20 1. ma. fol. FrancofHTti, C. Mar- 
nhis ^ h^redes /. Attbr^, J606. 
IWMi acHOTT (A.) Hispanlffi iUuBtratas, eto.] 
Maiianns, (frater franeiscanus). See Orace- 

lar (Marianus). 
Matle Madeleine. [onon.J I'ranelated [from 
the French] by lady Mary Fox. With 
illustrations by m. Lepelio de Bois-Gallais. 
123 pp. B°. London, Longman, Broien, 
Green S( Longmans, 1851. 
Marieni (Giacoaio). Portolano del mare atlri- 
atico ; compilato sotto la direziono dell' i. r. 
ialitnto geogjafito niilitaie. 2'^ed.xiF,G46 
pp. 4'^. Fieiina, tipogr(tjia dei p.p.Mechi- 
taristi, 1845. 
Marin (QinesMiralles). Escvelade Daniel, dis- 
cvraospoliticos.ymoraleaaavprofeeia. 8p. 1. 
312 pp. 4°. Barcelona, J. Llopis, 1711. 
Marlnari (Antonio). ConsonantiEa lesv 
Christ! et prophetarvm ; hoc est, ad ipsins 
Chiiati ccelitna nobis exhibit! necessadatn 
cognitionem ex diainls scripturis oompen. 
divm, [etc.] 8 p. 1.1031. 16°. Parisiis, 1. 
Eoigny, 1543. 
Itlarivau2 (Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de). 
CEuTres completes ; nouvello Sd. avec an no- 
tice historiqne sur la vie et le caract^re du 
lalent de I'autear, de jugemens litt^raires et 
des notes, par m. Duviqnet, 10 v. 8°. 
Paris, Haat-caar ct Gayeljeune, 1822. 

lo pSra ptHfleDt ot 6qnl|ablo ; on, Criapiu, 
nnlbalj triLg&Ufl. 

* I^B, com! 

ipttre conlgi, oom^die. 

Marlvaux (Pie 




1.= p.-yug6 


FSlfoie, Dom 


ne fbi, coia§ 

v. 3. Arleqiun pg 



^DBlLce. comidlt 

Lb prince li 






Le tHomphB 









OS, comfidlD. 

V. 5. La mipS'^e! 


16 dB rsjcheraqiie 

Le Tfilemaque (ravesti. 2 v, 8 p. I. 

344 pp; 356 pp. 16°. Amslerdam, J. Ryck- 
hoffUfih, 1736. 

La vie de Marianne; ou, les aventures 

deniadamela comtesse de ' * * . 4 v. in 2. 
]f>°. Amsterdam, D.J. Cliaugmon, etc. 1745- 

The same. Nouv.Sd. 3 v. 12°. Paris, 

lUraires assodSs, 1781. 

Mariz Cameiro (Antonio de). Eogimento de 
pilotos, e roteiro de navegaijam, e conqvistas 
do Brazil, Angola, g. ThoinS, Cabo Verde, 
Maranha6, Ilhfts, et Indias. Agora nova- 
mente omeadado et accressentado. 4 p.]. 
40 1, 18!) pp. 8 1. 6 pi. sra, 40. Lisiaa, L. 
de Amieres, 1642. 

Markgraf. See Marggiaf. 

Markham (Clements Robert). A history of tlie 
Abyssinian espedition. With a chapter con- 
taining an account of tbe mission and captiv- 
ity of mr. Kassam and his compunions, by 
lieat. W. F. Prideaux. xii, 484 pp. 4 maps. 
8°. London, MecmUlan * co. 1869, 

Zwoi reisen in Peru. 316 pp. 8°. 

Leipzig, O, Seaf, 1S65. 

Markham (Gervase or Jervis). A health to 
tbe gentlemanly profession of senningmen ; 
comfort, [etc. by I. M. 

by Google 


Markham (Gervaso)-~ct)ntinuecl. 
anon.] 4=. London, !F. Jf. 1598. RepTtnted, 
London, Eoxbwght library, 1868. 

[HOXITORaEE library. ifiHAZUTT (W. C.) Inefllled 

Harks (Bemhard). FirBtlesBona in geometry. 

In two parts. Objoctivelj presented, etc 

158 pp. i2P. New York, Ivison, Fkmnet/, 

Blakeman ^ co. 1869. 
Marlitt (E. yseurfon.) See John (E.) 
Marmier (Xavier). Gaiiida. 3 p. 1, 461 pp, 

) 1. !&>. Paris, L.fIarJietuS{cie.l8G0. 

Lea &meB en peine. Contes d'nn voja- 

geur. ii p. 1. 430 pp. 1 1. 16°. Paris, A. 
Berlrand, [oioiK ISiO]! 

Maniott (Jobu). Poems, to which is prefixed 
a short account of tbe aathor, inolnding: ex- 
tracts fiom HOme of his letters, xlii pp. I 1. 
]4i pp. ]60. New Bedford, (Mass.) A. 

Wtarryat (Preaeiick), Tbe dog fiend ; or, 
Snsrlejyow. [«Bon.] viii, 400 pp. 16°. 
Loadon, R. BeBtUg, 1847. 
IBENTLEi-s library of rfflnaava novels, v. 107]. 

Marryatt (Joseph ). Tliortghtsontbeabolitioii 
of the slave trade, and uiviliaadon of Africa; 
with remarks on the African inetitutioti, and 
an examinatiou of the report of their commit- 
tee, recommending a general registry of 
Blaves in the British West India islands, vii, 
235 pp. 8°. Loadon, J. M. Richardson, 

Maiaden ( Rev. Thomaa ). The poet's orchard ; 
or, miseeilaneous poeniB on varions subjects, 
and different metres, together with psalma 
and hymns. 306 pp. ]2°. Dolgelly, R. 
Jonca, lS4e. 

Marsh (ficB. Dwight Whitney). The Ternies- 
eean in Persia and Koorclistan. Being scenes 
and incidents in the life of Saninel Audley 
Rhea. iiSl pp. 2 maps. 11 pi, 12°. PM«. 
delphia, prcsbylerian puilicalvm coiamitteB, 

Marah (George Pettina, U. d.) A compendious 
gramnM.r of the Icelandic language. Sen 

The othei' rights of soTereignty over 

the Danish sonnd and belts, appertaining to 

the crown of Denmarlt. 8°. [Nein Yorh, 


[H^iA80KEEERCH.> Der aniiaioll. JS'IS], 

Beport made under authority of the 

legislature of Vermont, on the artificial prop- 
agnUon offish. 62 pp. II. 8°. Bitrlington, 
FrM press print, 1867. 


Marsh-Cald-nrell (Mrs. Anae). Angela. A 
novel, [hh™.] 498 pp. 12°. New Yarh, 
Harper c^ brothers, 184S. 

Tales of the woods and fields, [anon. ] 

278 pp. 12°, NeiB Yorl; Haipur Sf hotliers, 

Two old men's tales. The deformed, 

and the admiral's daughter, [nnon.] 2 v. 
212 pp ; 306 pp. IS"^. Ncto York, Harper 
^hrolkers, 1834. 

Maishall (Edvi'ard Chauncey). Tbe ancestry 
of general Grant, and their contemporaries, 
xiii, 186pp. 12°. mwYorlt, SheldonSfco. 

Majsliall (Emily). Bertha's jonrnal. 387 
pp. 1 pi. 16°. BosloTt, congTegational sabbatit 
school a«d pid'Ushing society, [1868]. 

Marsliall (John A.) American bastlle. A 
history of the illegal arrests and imprison- 
jnent of American citizens during the late 
civil war. 728 pp. 5 pi. 8°. PkUadtlphia, 
T. «'. Hn!;%,1869. 

Marshall (T.) The Dutch grammar, pre- 
ceded by an historical sketch of the origin 
and progress of the language of the Nether- 
tods, [etc] xlviii, 214 pp. 8°. Rotter- 
dam, anlhor, 1842. 

KTartel (Mignel). Elementos de filoaofia 
moral. 2" ed. 342 pp. i I. 12°. Hiadrid, 
Yenes, 1840. 

Martelll (Pietro Jacopo). Delia tragedia an- 
tica e modema. Dialogo. 3 p. 1. liv pp. I 1. 
180 pp. 2 1. 2 pi. 8°. Bologna, Lelio daUa 
Volpe, 1735. s. 

Martens (Friedrich). Naukeurigo beschry- 
vinge van Groealand of Spitsbergen. Ook 
hoe de walvisschen gevaugen, gehapt en ges- 
ueden wordeu. Met eeii verhael van de ge- 
vangene walviach in St. Anne-Land. [Uit 
het Hoog-Duitsch vertaaid door D. P. de 
Vries? andere nitgaaf ? Met verhaol van eon 
reis, gedaan door de Montauban, kapitein der 
vrybnjters op de kust van Guinea in 1695]. 
5p.l.88 pp.3pl. sm. 4°. Amnli^dam, A, 
Corndis, 1770. 

Martha (C.) Le poeme de Luorfioe. Morale, 
religion, science. 3 p.l. xvi, 363 pp. Ih 8°. 
FaHs, L. Hadiette, 1Sfi9. 

Martia (Edward Winalow). The new ad- 
ministration ; containing complete and au- 
thentic hi ogvftph lea of Grant and his cabinet. 
155 pp. 18°. New York, G. S. IVikox, 


s of the great city ; deserip- 

by Google 

Martin {Eflwara Wlnslow)— continued. 

and crimes of New Xoik city, 553 pp. 
pi. 8°. Philadelphia, Jones, brothers If 
Martin (Josepli). A uew and eomprelii 
BivB gaaetteer of Virginia, and the Distriet 
of Columbia. [ Witli] » i story of Viiginit 
from its first aettlemeat to tbe year 1754 
With an abstraiit of events from (hat period 
to the independence of 'Viigin i By a 
citizen of Virginia, [W. H. Biochenbrough] 
636 pp. 1 map. 8°. Cliarlotti-sitUe J Mar 
tin, 1835, 
Martin (Louis Augnste), Histoire <Ie la 
femme, sa condition politique civile 
morale et religiense. Antiquity ."^paitip 
Gr^ce, Home, penples du nord ; notes et ap- 
pendice. 1 p. 1. 304 pp. 16°, Paris, Didiei 
S( cie. 18S3. 
Maitindale (Joseph C. m.d.) A history of 
the United States from 1493 to J806, for the 
nfeofschools. (59pp. 16°. Pkiladdphia, 
J. K. Simoe, 1866. 
Maitin-Doisy (F^lix). Esamen de 1r vie 
politique Ha Louis xviii [jiiaqu'4 la charts 
del8l4]. 8°. Paris, 1839. 
{fc Louis xviii. MnnuEarit in4(ll(. pp. 1-2S5J, 
Maitineau (Harriet). Biographical sketches, 
is pp. 1 1.445 pp. liP. London, Maemil- 
ion if CO. 1S69. 

Views of slavery mid auiancipaiion ; 

from " Society in America." y, 79 pp. S''. 
Jftio Ym-fc, Piercy * Reed, 1837. 
Martinez (Engenio). Elias aolitarius; sen, 
cum, Deo B. V. M, co^terisqoo ss. ccelitibus 
* solitutlo, per humiles 

8°. Madrid, 1739. 
Martinez (Francisco). Le 
on, grammaire espagnole si 
duile d sxii lepons. 2' M. 

Bordeaux, P. Beat 




!, 1811. 

Martinez (HeMieo). EepertoriodeZostiempos, 
y hiatoria nafvral deata Hveva Espaaa. II 
p.l.342pp.numbered278.1pl. 12°. Mexico, 
atOlior, 1606. 

Martinez (Dr. Martin). Noches anstomicas ; 

d, anatomia eompendiosa, 2* impression. 

Aomentnda con otras obras, [etc.] 4 p. 1. 

324 pp. 4°. Madrid, M. F. Rodrignei, 

1750. g. 

Philttsophia sceptica, citraclo do lii 



Martinez (Dr. Martin)— continued, 
phyaica antigua, y modema, recopilada en 
dialogos, entre un aristotelico, 
gasendista, y sceptieo ; para ii 
la curiosidad eapanola. 6 p. 1. 380 pp. 2 pi. 
8°. Madrid, 1730. s. 

Martinez de Zuniga (Joaquin). Historia 
de las ialas Philipinas. 1 p.l. iv'l. 687 pp. 
sm. 4°. Sampaloc, [en las P/dlipinas'i, P. 
Argiielles, 1803. 
Martini^ire (Pierre Martin de ia). See La 

Martins (Charles, prof, at Montpdlier). Nou- 
velle compavaison des membres pelviens et 
thoradques chez I'bomme et cliea les mara- 
uiif^res, d^duite de la wraion de I'humSrus. 
Extrait dea m^moires de I'AcadSmie des 
seiencesetlettrea, etc. t.iii.9p.l. pp. 471-542. 
4°. Monipeilier, BoeloH, 1857. s. 

Martire d'Aiighiei-a (Pielro). Opna epis- 
tolarnm. Cni accesaerunt epistolae Ferdi- 
uandi de Pulg^ar. Cum traclatu de viris 
Caatollse illnstrlljus. ed. postrema. 14 p. 1. 
486, 62 pp. 1 1. fol. Amstelodami, typis else- 
virianis, 1670. 

Eelationi delle cose notabili della pro- 

vincia dell' Bgitto, scritte in lingua latina 
alii re eatolici d. Fernando, e d. Isabella, et 
hora reeate neila Italiana da Carlo Paasi. 7 
p.1.791. 18°, Venetia, G. de' Camlli, 1564. 
Martyn(Mra. 8.T.) Women of the bible, 
[anmi.] 349 pp. A'^. Nem York, Amei-icau 
tract society, [1868]. 
Martyn (W. Carlos). The Dutch vaforma- 
on ; a liistory of the struggle in the Nether- 
inda for civil and relig^oua liboi'ty, in the 
xteenth century. 823 pp. 12°. Netn York, 
\merican tract soei^y, 1868. 
Martyr (Peter). See Martire d'Anghiera 

Martyrdom of Ignatius, [anon.] 8°. Ed- 

lANTE-mciHE christifln llbroiy. V, i. pp. 339 lo aw]. 

Marvin {Rev. A. P,) History of the town of 

Winehendon, (Woreeater co. Mass,) from the 

grant of Ipswich Canada, in 1735, to the 

present time. 538 pp. 5 maps and plans. 14 

pi. 8 portraits. 8°. Windieadim, author, 1868. 

MarvJn (Mrs. E. N.) The rabbit snares, and 

other stories. 128pp,3pl. 18°. Boston 

American tract soeiety, 1867. 

Marz (Jakob). Die nrsachen del schnellen 

verbreitung der reformation, zucachst in 

DeaEacliland, v-viii, 123 pp. 8°. Arnhetm, 

.J. Wil%, 1852. 

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Maiy, (fiscen of Scotland). Lettrea de Marie 
Stuart, pnblifes avae Bommtiiiea, traaacUons, 
notea,etfac-8imileparA. Toulet. 2p. 1. xxiv, 
449 pp. 8°. Paris, Firmia Didot f Tires, 

Mary Grey's perploxiljes. [nnuit.] 337 pp. 
2 pi. 16^. Boston, MiisBOchusctts sabbath 
school aociely, [1868]. 
Maryland (State of). Report of D. Kidgely, 
librarian, to the executive of Maijland, in 
relationtothe coll eeti on of documents, papers, 
etc. ordered to be deposited in tie council 
chamber. 13pp. S°. Anaapalis, IP. IWcNdr, 

Second [and] third report of D. Eidgelj, 

librarJBa, of examination of public offices for 
records, papers, etc. 3 v. 17 pp : 8 pp. 8°. 
Annapolis, IV. McUfdr, 1836, 

Totes and proceedings of the house of 

delegates. November session, 1 784. 1 
vember session, 1795, and, Hovemlier sessi 
1797. fol. [Annapotis, 1785-98]. 

Votes and proceediuKs of the seni 

November session, 1795, and November l 
siou, 1797, fol, lAnaapoUs, 1796-98]. 
Maryland (The) journal aud Baltimore 
vertiaer. [ Semi- weekly ]. Jan.fltoDec, 
1791. V. 18. fol. Baltimore, IV. Goddard 
^J.ArtgcU, 179J. 
Masdeii (Juan Francisco). Vicla del beato 
Josef Oriol. viii,230pp. 1 porti-ait. sm, 4°, 
BaTcelona, Jordi, Roca S; Gaspar, 1807. 
[Imperfect: 19 plnfPB (^HO) wantlug]. 
MaBon (Lowell) and Qreene (David). Man- 
ual of christian psalmody; a coUecldon of 
psalma and hymns for public worship, 
s pp, 16". Boston, Perldns & Marvin, 

The same. Chui'cli psalmody ; a < 

lection of psalma and hymns adapted 
public worship, [etc.] 676 pp. 16°. S 
ton, Perldas .} Marvin, 1840. 

The same. 576 pp. ICo. Host 

I. R. Marmv, 1843, 

1 and Baboook (R.jr.) Union 

bymns, adapted to social meetings aud family 
worship. Selected from church psalmody, 
with additional bymoa. 296 pp. 24°. Bos 
ten, Perkins, Mamin ^ ca. 1834. 
Mason. (R. H. G.) Uesihanisclie hilder. Aus 
dem Englischen vou M. B. Lindau. 2 v. 
Yiii,339pp; Jp.l.iv,205pp. 12o. Ores- 
dm, B. Kuniz,!, 1853. 


Maeon (William.) Art's advancement; or, 
the most exact, lineal, swift, short, and easy 
method of short-hand writing hitherto extant. 
3d ed. 24 1. 1 portrait, 18°. London, antlior. 


The same. La plume volaute. Or, the 

art of short-hand improv'd. 5th ed. with the 
addition of the terms of the law, and much 
amended. 5 p. 1. 71 pp. 1 table. I portrait. 20 
pi. on 10 1. 18°, London, J. MarsluiU, 
labont 1706]. 

Maaon (Bee. William). The poetical works of 
the author of the heroic epistle to sir Wil- 
liam Chambers. By Malcolm MacGreggor. 
[pseudon.^ Ip.l.vipp. 1 1. 128 pp. 18°. 
tendon, R. i'Aiiiips, J 805. 

Masonic song book, containing a large collec- 
tion of the most approved masonic songs, 
odes, anthems, etc. 164 pp.2 1.3 pi. 12°. 
Philadelphia, M. Carey, 1814. 

MasBaohuaetts (Stots of). Abstract of re- 
returns of the keepers of jaila and overseers 
of the bouses of correction, for the years 
184210 1853, [etc.] 9 v. S". Bostoa,stale 
printers, 1843-^3. 



Abstract of the returns of the O' 
of the poor in Maasachuaetta, for 1841 to 
1851, [etc] lOv. S°. IBoston.stateprinters, 
[1813 waDliogJ. 

Annual I'eporta to the le^slature, rela- 

Ung to the legiatry and returns of births, 
marriages, and deaths in Massachusetts, 4th 
to lltb reports. 1845-59. 8 v. in 1. 8°. 
Boston, state printers, 1845-.53. S. 

Firat report on the agrieultnre of Mas- 
sachusetts. ByHenryColmaniCommissioner. 
County of Essex, 1837. 8". Boston, Button 
^ Wentworth, 1838. 

Ma8saclniaetta(The}ceDtinel, and the repub- 
lican journal. [Boston semi-weekly]. Sept. 
22, 1784, toMay24,i788; Sept. 17, 1788, k. 
June 12, 1790. C v. 4°. and fol. Boston, 
IVarden # RusseU.and B. KasseJi, 1784-90. 
liauei ftom Jnne 19, 1790, B3 Ihe "tjoluinbinn 

Maaaaoliugetta (The) charitable mechanic 
association. The third exhibition union, at 
Quincy hall, in the city of Boston, Sept. 20, 
1841. 140pp. 8°. Boston,S.E.MaTvin,18H. 

Official catalogue and journal of the 

eleventh exhibition of American manufac- 
tures, new inventiona, and works of art, 
imdei' the direction of the Mnasachusetts 

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MaseachuBetts, etc —coutinueil 
charitable meuliaaic issociatioD at Faneml 
aad Quiney halli BoattD lommenung on 
Wed nestlay, Sept 15 J86J anil cuntiuuing t« 
Wednesday, Oct. 6 64 pp A° Bo'tton 
CooMge, 1869. 

Maeeaohuaetta (The) gazette [Salem and 
Boston weekly]. Oct. 18, 1781, to June 99, 
J787; ATig.?,]787. 4 v. fol. Sahm and 
Boston, S. Hall ^ J. IF. Allen, 1781-87. 
NoTS.—Ocl. 18, ITSl-Nov. sa, 1185, pitbashEd at 
Balom, aodBljled "Tlie Salum gszette." 

masaacbusetta historical society. LectTires 
delivered in a course before the Lowell iusti- 
tnlji in Boston, by memTjers of the Massa- 
chasetts bintoi'ical society on subjects rela- 
ting to the ea ly h atory of Massachusetts, 
viii, 498 pi 8° B stun sociely ]e69. 

F oceed ngs loC IS*^ s v pp. 1 i. 

519 PI potatB 8° Boston for the 
soeieti/ 186^ 

Maaaacliusetts ostitateofte h ology. First 
annual catalogne of the officeis an<7 students, 
and programme of the course of instiuction 
of the school, 1865-6. 39 pp. 8°. Boston, 
John iVihon 4- sons, 1865. 

Maasachiiaetts mercury. [Boston semi- 
weekly]. April 13 to Sept. 17, 1799. fol, 
Boston, Yiinng 4' Slimns, 1799. 

UassaoIiiiBetta society for promoting agri- 
culture. luqaiL'iesby the agricultural society. 
[With a view to collect accurate infommtion 
on t^iiculture, etc,] 39 pp. 8°. [Boston, 
Yoimg f Mijtns, 1800]. 

Papers on agriculture, 

communications made to th€ 
1801, 1803-07], etc. S v. 
printers to the state, 1801-10. 

The same. Georgielt papers for 

1809, c^nsistiug of letters and'extracta com- 
municated to the society. 8°. Bo$ton, Rm- 
a^l S- Cutler, 1809. 

Thesanie. Papers for 1810, com- 
municated to the society. 8°. Boston, Etis- 
aellJ: CutUi, 1810 
IPapoi's (or ISn wautiDg nonoi nl United fni IE03 or 

Rules and legulations contaming the 

names ot itF. present members and officers, 
several import act eommumcationa [etc.] 8°. 
Boston T I Iccl jr 1796 

Massacliusetts (The) spy, 01, American 
oracle of liberty. [Worcester weekly]. May 
24, 1775, to June 19, 1777. 2 v. fol. Wor- 
eester, Isaiali Thomas, and Stearns <& Bigeloa, 

DsisUng of 

ciety, [for 



Maason {Rev. John), The slaughter of the 
children in Bethlehem, as an lilstorical fact 
ia St. Matthew's gospel, vindicated : and the 
suspected Christianity of Macrobins, wlioalso 
mentions the same fact, disproved; against 
the objeclJoiiB raised in The scheme, etc. 
With a postscript concerning Virgil's fourth 
eclogue. 54 pp. 12". Londotty 1728. 
[Wtik Chabbleb (Edwoi^). Vinaieatlon of the 

master and pupil ; or, school lite at the old 
Baldwin. A story for older boys and girls. 
By E. D. K[endall]! [anoB.] 351 pp; 4 
pi. 16°. Boston, D. Lotlirop ^ co. 1869. 

Mastermaa (George Frederick). Seven event- 
ful yeai-3 in Paraguay, A narrative of per- 
sonal esperienco amongst the Paraguayans, 
sv, 356 pp. 1 map, 8°. London, S. Lov>. son 
St Marston, 1869. 

Masterpieoes of Italian art. [aiinn,} viii, 
140 pp. 26 photographs. 4°. London, Beli 
# Daldy, 1868, . 

Masters (Maxwell T. m. li.) Vegetable ter- 
atology, an aeeount of the principal doviar 
tians from the usual construction of plants, 
ssxviii. 534 pp. 8°. London, li. HaTdwicIne, 

Masurel (Dr. L. J.) Des fi^vres intermit- 
tentes, miasmatiqucs, ou legitimes, delenr na- 
ture et de lear trailement, Honvelle thfiorie 
de I'intermitlence. viii, 128 pp. 8°. Paris, 
G. BaHtHre, 1854. 

Mata (Pedro). Gloria j martirio. Poeina en 
tres cantos. Dedicado al pueblo y milicia na- 
cional de Bens. 49 pp. 1 1. 8°. Madrid, 
Manini herinanos, 1 851. 

Matellef (Coruelis, the sannger). Ilietoriale 
ende ware beschryviuge vande reyse naer de 
Oost-Indien, wtghetrockeu in Mayo 1605. 
Mitsgaders de belegheringhe voor Malacca, 
als 000 den slachter zee teghen de Portn- 
giJEBche armade, ende audere disconrsseiu 
61. 8m.4':, HoUerdam, J. Janssi, 1608. 

Mather (Cotton, <f.((.) ^e Thirty important 
cases resolved. 

Mather (Increase, d. d. and others). The an- 
swer of several ministers in and neat Bos- 
ton, Lo that case of conscience, whether it is 
lawful for a man to marry his wives own sis- 
ter ? 9 pp. 18=. Iiolto»,(_N.H.)B. Green, 

Mather {Rev, Nathanoel), The righteous- 
ness of God through faith upon all, without 
ditfereace, who believe. 2<1 ed. 4 p. 1. 142 
pp. 18°, Lomlon, R. CcuiieadeB, 1718. 

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Matlier (ffcD. Saiiiuol). The gospel of tbe 
old testament : an explanation of tbo types 
and figures by wliloli CLrist was exliibitad 
under the legal diapenaatiou, Ke-ivritten 
from the original work, by [Caroline Fry]. 




7 pp. J a' 

London, R. B. Sedey, 

A vindication of the holy bible, wherein 

the arguments for, and objections against, 
the divine original purity and integrity of 
the scripture are proposed and considered. 
3 p. 1. iv pp. 6 1. 406 pp. 1 1. 8°. London, 
J. <f- B. Clark, 3723. 

Mathea (Bee. James M.) andBmoka (T. S.) 
Debate on baptism and MndreiT subjects, be- 
tween elder James M. Mathes, of the church 
of Christ, anti rev. T. S. Brooks, of the M. 
E. cliurch. ■ Heldin the townfaall in Bedford, 
lud. 1868. 321 pp. ISO. Cincinnati, H. 

s. BoswoTih, isee. 

Mathews (Alfred E.) Gems of Rocky moun- 
tain scenery, containing views along and 
near the Union Pacific railroad. 23 1. 20 pL 
4°. New Ynrk, nvtkor, 1869. 

Mathews (Cornelius}. Tbo Indian fairy 
book. From the original legends. With il- 
lusliations, by John McLeuaii. 338 pp. 4 
pi, 13". New York, Allen brothers, 1869. 

Mathews (Joanna H.) The Bessie books. 
Bessie amonj; tbe mountains. 356 pp. 4 pi. 
JG". ifew Yorh, R, Carter ill brothers, 1869. 

Bessie at school. 357 pp, 4 pi. 16°. 

NeiB ¥ork, H. Carter 4- brat/ier,'IS69. 

Mathews (Joseph McD. d, rf.) Sermons to 
school girls. With an introductory note by 
bishop Morris. 143pp.9pl, 1S°. NbibYotIc, 
Carlion <(; Porter, 1867. 

Matlock (Res, John). Hymns and spiritual 
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A second book of hymns and spiritual 

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IWilh his Hymus and Bplrilnal Hongs]. 

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Bogenannten recensionen, welche der abt 
Bengel, der doctor Semlec nnd kirchenratb 
Griesbach in dem griechiscben texle des n. les- 
tamenta woUen entdeckt habben. Eine krit- 
isch-theologiache streitscbrift. 94 pp. 11, 8°. 
BanneburgjHJtd Leipzig, A. Scliiimaan, iSOi. 
I Wilh Bible (Greek). Nothbi (flBfamenludi gi'Ece, 
■ -' d. 1807]. I 



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various subjects connected with our busi- 
ness. 151 pp. 13°. Bagalo, Tliomae ^ 
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dem abbreviatio chronicorum Anglite. Ed- 
ited by sic Frederic Madden, v. 3. 1246- 
]2&3. iP. Londua, LoHg-maas, Green Sj 

[Great Britain. Chroniclea . 

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Maubeit &e Gonvest CJeau Henri). Scole 
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chevalier de B""* avec le eomto son neveu 
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Arithmetleorvm libri dvo, [etc.] 4 p. 1. 

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a MattlilU. e 

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Tbe same. 2d ed. 100 pp. 3 maps. 

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e particoiarmente nei distretti dell' oro e del 
diamanti, fattonel 1809-10. Coll' agginnta di 
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Lorenzo Nesi. 2 v. in 1 . xix, 335 pp. 6 pi ; 
1 p. 1. 292 pp. 4 pi. 16°. Milano, Sonxogno 
Sf ca. 1817. 
[Kdccalta de> vlBggi. v. 3»~ll)j. 

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Manimes des princes ct es 

[ajiDBj a-lCpp. 1S°. Coiosne, J. d„ Fa% 


[I*7(i EoHAN (Henri, aiiede). InlSrotBotmaiini 
deB piincsa, ate] 
Slazimilian Ferdinand Joseph, archduke of 

A ustria, and emperor of Mexico. Aus iiiei- 

nem leben. Eeiseskizzen, apborismen, ge- 

dichfe. 2" anfl. 7 v. liiP. Leipzig, Danckcr 

* Humblot, 1867. 

nge in Slidllen. 


The same. Kecollections of my life. 

3 V. fP. London, R. BcMley, 1808. 
Maaimilian (Alexander Philipp, pr'tni zu 

Wied-NeuwUd). BrasiiieQ. NaehtrSge, be- 

riehtiguQgtm und ansatze zu der beschrei- 

bung meicer reise im Batlichen Brasilien. 

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L. BrSnner, 1850. a. 

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Prench, and American. [With] a glance at 

the British ielands, France, and Ameiieii. 

Ethnological, climatic, and general. 123 pp. 

18°. Philadelphia, author, 1866. 
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Wild aports in the west [Iieland] 

With legendary tales and loial sketches 
[nnoB.] 2y. 2Jlpp;215pp 12° New 
¥ork, J. 4- J. Harper, 1833. 

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historique. Ti'aduit par Paquis 2 v 2 
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lU 3ip 4pl yo PlUadelphta frmalhe 
Journal of the FranUm %n3titJtle 1868 
Mayer (Fiftnz) Zoll tar f Itti den waaien 
ve 1 ehr m Oesleiieich mit den yertiags 
slaatou '•ee Anstna K h I an ids mtnts 
Mayer orMayr (Tobonn) Lpitome com 
Lomai Bei, il modeini das ist kuitaes be 
gift md nhilt aller gedenckw iid gen 
xacl on 10 von T500 biSE /u dem 1604 jai 
thiiati auft dem gantzen erdenkresh zu 
wassei vnd lands ait-h veilaiften an jetzt 
dnich den a ithem selbst corngiert 10 p 1 
'in 4° aitaehta iV Henricm K04 
Mayhew (Jonathan, d.d.) Christian sobri- 
ety: being eight sermons on Titus ii, 6. 
Preached with a special view to the bena- 
fit of the young men usually attending the 
pubiie worship at the West church, in Bos- 
ton. 1 p,l.xvi,a44pp. 12°. Boston, R. ii- 
S. Draper. 1763. 

A discourse on Rev. xv, 3-4, occasioned 

by the earthquakes in November, 1755. De- 
livered in (he west meeting house, Boston, 
December 18th, following. 7a pp. T 1. 8°. 
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Practical discoursea delivei'ed on occa- 
sion of the earthquakes in November, 1755. 
3 p. 1.378 pp. 12°. Boston, It. Draper, 

Two discourses delivered Oct. 9th, 

1760; bein^ the day appointed to be ob- 
seiTsd as a day of public thanksgiving for 
the success of his majesty's arms, more espe- 
cially in the entire reduction of Canada. 
69 pp, 8°. Boston, R. Draper, 1760. 
Maynard(^66^U. canon of Pmciers). Saint 
Vincent de Paul ; sa vie, son temps, sea 
reuvres, son influence. 4 v. 8°. Paris, 
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Mayo (William Starbuck). The berber: 
or, the mountaineer of the Atlas. A tale of 
Morocco. 4')4 pp 12^ JV>!0 York, G. P. 
Putnam, 1850 
Mazas (Alexandre) Samt-Cloud, Paris, et 
Cherbourg. Memoiies poor servir it This 
toiredclii iPmlutirai de 183(1 Mission de 

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Mazae (AlexaudrB)— continued . 
m. le due de Mortemurt pendant la semftioe 
de jniliet. NouveauK di^tails politiqiies Bur 
Je YOjngB de Cliei'bourg, 3° 63. aumentSe. 
ap.l, 406pp, 8°. Paris, Urbain-Cand, 

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Meacham <J.} and Youngs {B. S.) 

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America. 113 pp. 72°. F/iUadelphia, 8. 
Pottir £■ CO. 1819. 

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from a. d. 1300 to a. d. 1866. Willi notes 
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4- CO. ISO. 

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Chnst entdeckt ; oder dar iirige religions- 
bekenoer geprtlft und verworfen. Der we- 
■aentlichft mhalt von sioben predigten, zuerst 
gepredigt bu Sanct Sepulchre's, itt Lonclon, 
im jalir 1661. Ans dem Englisohen iiber- 
setzt, voji Daniel Weiser. xixvi, 192 pp. 
4 1. 12°. SelinsgTove, A.Slrok, 1830. 

A naiue in heaven the truest gcound of 

joy ; aa3 the power of grace in weaning the 
heart from the world ; set forth in two dis- 
courses. 73 pp. 13°. Philadelphia, 1815. 

Meadei' (J. W. ) — continued, 
nificant natural scenery about il 
ters. 307 pp. 1 map. 8°. B. 
Hmscll, 1869. 

Means (0. A. compiler). 

a anthologyfri 

jiving thoughts. 
iouB writers]. 1 p. 1. 
Boston, Lee If Skep- 

Wor&B of hope, viii, 256 pp. X6°. 

Bosloa, Lee Sf Sliepard, 1869. 
Mearea (Capl, John). Keieen nach dernord- 
Am ka, d j hren 1786 
1 m *i gl h ibersetzt. 


Mead (Rev. Samuel). A sennon, delivered 
December 29, 1799; occasioned by the death 
of genera! George Washington. 24 pp. 
Salem, J. CmliiKg, 1800. 

Meade (lOchard W.) A treatise on naval 
aichitectnre and ship-building; or, an expo- 
sition of tho elementary principles involved 
in the science and pracUce of naval conslmc- 
tion. Compiled ftoro various standard au- 
thorities. 4% pp. 21 pi. 8°, Philadelphia, 
J. B. Lippincott ^ CO. 1869. 

Meader (J, W.) The MerrimacU river; ita 
source and its tributaries. Embracing a his- 
tory of manufactures, and of the towns along 
its course ; their geography, topography, 
and products, with a ileao^iption uf the mag. 

1 1 

L G. 


M di al p mphl Is 

lib 1 Jwes 1 usle *on 

Id & rtig p 1 hanflel I 
302 pp m p 7 pi 4 Balm 

(Th J g d lonmal of 

g agn I I m h y manu 

I h p b Id g J 1 1868, to 

3 N w 19 33 complete 

88 91 f 1 Lmd Robertson, 

i. [1868 69] 

m I es [Ed t i by Andrew 

d ] S t 1 A ecount uf 

1 1 ■? .-l IP 8° lEdiKbnrgli, 


Medical (The)record A semi-monthly jour- 
nal of medicine and surgeiy Edited by G. 
F. Shrady, m, d Mari,h, 1568, to Feb. 1870. 
v.3-4. 8°. NeiB ¥otL, If. Hood fr co. 

Meddrano (Manuel Jo'Jeph de) Breve 
resumen histoiial, qua conti^ne las noticias 
que tie Benedieto xiii se han publloado en 
varies papeles, ilesde su nacimiento, basta su 
dichosa exaltacion a! pontificado. Y un 
diario de los dos afios, qve ba govemado 
felkmente la iglesia. 10 p.l. 332pp. 41. 
16°. Madrid, A. Gonzalez deBeijes, 1727. s. 

Meek (Fielding Bradford) and Worthen 
(AngustuB H.) Descriptions of inverte- 
brates from the carboniferons system. 8". 
Chicago, 1866. 
[iLLlHOiS (GeologiDa! survey of), v. 1, Beelloii 31. 

[Lower silurian species ; upper Silurian 

species; devonian species. Palteontology : 
articniale fossils of tho coal measures], 8°. 
Chicago, 1868, , 
[lUJKOis (eteologfloal survey of), v. 3, part 3}. 

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la primanl^ (le Saint Pierre, et He see a 
cessenra. AdrosB^ra 4 iiionsieur Pierre Le 
Clerc. a^^d. H3pp. 8°. [n.p.]lT72. 

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ihe diseases of children. 2d od. 71) pp. 
8°. Phi/adelp/iia, Lindsat/ S; BlaliiUin, 
185a s. 

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couUiuing metaphjelcal nmxiins, and the 
remaining pieces of tis prose JDtended for 
publication. 297 pp. 1 1. 12°. FUlsburgli, 
R. Patterson ^ Lamhdiit, 1818. 

The select remains; or, estraote from 

manuscripts found among Ms papers, [etc.} 
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und siatistilc von Australien. 8°. Liip%ig, 
Hmriche, 1865 1 
[Til STim (C. a. D.) and HBRSCHEtUAKB (F.> 
Haudbnch dor geograpLla, [eit.,\ v. 3. pt 1-Q]. 

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pp. 8°. Paris, J. F. Aillaud, 182 

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die landwirthschafCKchen verhiiltnisse dei 
preussiaehen staatos. See Prussia. 

Mela (Pomponins). The worke of Pompo- 
IS Mela, tbe cosmographer, concerning tbe 
lation of tbe world, [etc.] A booko 
right ples&nt and profitable for all 
men, [etc.] Translated out of I*tine, by 
Arthur Goldiu^. b. I. 3 p. 1, 94 pp. 1 1. 4°. 
Loudm, T. HacM, J585. 

Melanchthon or Schwarzerd (Phibpp). Om- 
nivm opervm, pars 1-4. [Edente Casparo 
Peueer]. 4 v. fol. IVitlebergie, J. Crato, 

Melanclithoii — continue<l 

UelluSUane? uppellaUonnm In d 
IteapDDt^oiiQtj ad artlculos iuqiiJsl M 


as theoloelie. 

dSeclorum s dero uecundario Coiopim Agrip 

SflxiptniiL I I I I I I I i|jnsrtnmlD 

retutan.lLS , , , , mm I ceil 

1507 ^"' "' ^'° '" '"""™' 
CommentsmiS m Genesin 
Argumentum la Eaal&ia prophntnm 
Argiunenlnoi In TeromiAm propliotfttn 

Enermtiit i n i n l i n Areeluc, 
Huarralio p>.ilmi Diilt domrnas, M allqnot 

Ennnatio Itbil Salomoula culna tltulns est Eo- 

. 1. OfLteohedBpTerllis. 

Consllmm ita mgderanda coiitrovetB'Ln In art;- 
]!)plt>talB adregem Aiiellie. 

Melas (Leon). O rtpooraSijf, i? avaisiiaeiz riig 
jraidiKi/i fov i/Xiiiiac- 3 parts in f v. 8°, 
Ev kO/jvaie, SK tok ■niiroypai^siou Aofopoii A. 
BiXapa, 1858, 9. 

Melbourne university. Caiondar for the aoa- 
demicyear 1868-69. xii, 171, eclxvtipp. KP. 
MetbouTBC, goeeTament prmter, [1868], s. 

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dem eiidcn ; eine sammlung von original ge- 
dichten, von Hugo Weidemann, Ch. Fried- 
rich Vogler, Georg Hoffmann, und F. Mel- 
chers. viii, 176 pp. 18°. Charleston, (S. 
C.) F. Mdchirs, 1858. 

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Melg;aT^o(Ped ) Co p ud o de coot 
piiblic<iB, avtos d i a t d xeovtivoa, y 
de raGidaneias CI u g n de papel 
eellado qve i, cada d pa b a, [etc.] 3 
p. 1.378 pp. 31 n 4 Mad d, 
PadiUa. 1728. . a. 

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a tale, by Florence MeCoomb. [pseadon.'i 
394 pp. 16°. Philaddjiltia, F. F. Cimnitig- 
ham, 1869. 

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funebri vetetum christianorum syntagma. 
4 p. L 140 pp. 8°. Matriti, P. Marin, 
1789. s. 

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ByKeginald Keverie. [pseudoa.'] vi, 185 
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uosiaii life. Dnring' a four montbs' residence 
in a valley of tbe Marquesas, xv, 335 pp. 1 
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ErzftblunKen fur kinder. 79 pp. S col. pi. 
13°. Nam York, G. Luulcr, [1869]. 

Memoir [A] of Harriet Ware, first supeiin- 
tcQiJentof tlie Children's home, in Providence. 
fuNon.] y pp.1 1.151 pp.1 portrait. 16". 
Providence, (S. /.) O. H. Whitney, 1850, 

Mdmolrea hietoriques et galans de TacadSmie 
de ees dames et de ces mesaienrs. [jjoij/on,] 
351 pp. 3°. Paris, Viste, 1787. 
iln. Catlus (A. C. P. emote ds). (EuvrcE baiiines 
completl^. y.ia). 

Memolree de Gaudence de Lncques, prison- 
nier de I'inijulsition, [etc. anon. ] 4 y. 19°. 
Aaalerdam, 1777. 
[AttrtbntEa to Georea Berkelajl. 

MSmolres pour I'bistoire des sciences et dea 
beaux-arts. jany. ]701-d6c. 1767. 265 y. 
in 290. 16°. Trivoax, ei Paris, 1701-67, 
Note.— Only jan.-mai, in 3 v. were issued In ITSO. 

Table m^thodique des m^moires de Tr6- 

voux; (1701-75). Pr#c^d6 d'une notice bia- 
torique. Par P.O. Sommervogel. 3 v. 13°. 
Paris, A. Durand, 1864-65. 

1. DlBsertivlioD 

piaecB origloali 

T. a-3. Blbliogrnphle. 
M^moirea partlcnliers pour aervir il Vhistoive 
de I'iSglise do TAmSfique du Nord. [Conle- 
nant la Vie de la sceur Bourgooys et I'His- 
loi re de la congregation, onon. ] 3 v. 1 p. L 
csviii, 40G pp. 7 pi; 1 p. 1. xii, 519 pp. 1 
fae-8imile autograph. 3pl. 8°. Paris, vmae 
Pomiielsue-Fugand, 1653. 

Msmoirs of Andrew Wlnpenny, count de 
Deux Sous; comprising numeroua adyentnrea 
in differeat conntries, and exposing the cratt 
and roguery practiced in life. By the author 
of "Ned Clinton," [etc. anon.] I p. 1. 190 
pp. 8°. Loadon, It'. Strange, 1838. 

Memoirs of Elleanov Bldridge. [nnon.] 1S8 
pp. 1 portrait. 18°. Frojiidenca, B. T. All/ro, 

Memoirs of John Frederic Oberlin. [unon.] 
Prom the 3d London ed. With an introduc- 
tion, by the American editor. 1 ill. title, 
xxiv, 301 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. Cambridge, 
maiard dt Broton, 1832. 

Memoirs of the chevalier Pierpoiut. lanon. ] 
iMidon, R i J Dodilcy, 1763. 

Memoirs of the pnncipal traaiactions ot the 
la^t war between the English and French in 
North- Ajnerica, From the commencement 
of it in 1744, to the condusion of the (leaty 
at Aix-la-Cbapelle Containing in pai ticulai , 
an account of the importance of Nova Seo- 
tia or Acadie, anil the island of cape Bieton 
to both nations, [anoji. 1757]. 3d ed. 80 
pp. 8°. London, Boston, Green Sf Russell, 

Memorable accidents and remarkable trans- 
actions : contiuniug an account of several 
strange even la ; as deposingoftjiants, ship- 
wrecks, misfortunes, stiatagenis of war, per- 
ilous adventures, happy deiiverances, [etc. 
anon.] Tianslated from the Fiencb, and 
English, by E.B. HSpp. 18°. 
', {Mas).)nm. 

Memoria politico-inatructiva, enviada desde 
Filadelfia en Agosto de 1821, a Ioe gefes in- 
dependientea del Anabnao, llamado por los 
espaflolee Nueva Espaiia. [ajjon.] 150 pp. 
18°. Mexico, M. Ontieeros, 1839. 

Memorial (A) of God's last twentj-nine years' 
wonders in England, for its preservation and 
deliverance from popery and slavery. From 
the restitution of Charles theii. totbaabdioa- 
tiou of James the ii. [anon.] 149 pp. 4'^. 
London, J, Rawlins, 1689. 
[ Wilh COMI'LEAT eolloetlon of papers}. 

Memotias de la colonia fraucesa de Santo Do- 
mingo, con algnnas reSexionas relativas a la 
isla da Cuba, por un viagero espatiol. Pub- 
liealas IgnacioGala, [ranoM.] 4 p.l. 180pp. 
18°. Madrid, H. S. Alomo, 1787. 

Manage (Gilles). Hisloria mulierum philoso- 
phanim. 66 pp. 31. 16°. Amsldodami, H. 
Wctste:nius, 1692. 

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mSa&vA (Ernest). Quiberoii. Eomtin Iiiato- 
rique. 9 p. 1. 373 pp ; 2 p. 1. 371 pp. 8°. 
Fo^s, L. Dessarts, 1S4'}. 
Meucke (Johann Burkliard). Bo cliarlatao- 
oria eiuditorum declamationes duie. 7 p. 1. 
154 pp. 3 1. 1 pi. 160. Lipsia, J. F. GUiU 
ilsch, 1715. 
Meiidelssohn-Bartlioldy (Felis). Elijah, 
an oratorio. Tiie words selected from llie old 
testament, the English version by W. Bar- 
tholomew. 296 pp. I portrait. 4°. Boslon, 
O. P. Reed <fc co. laboat 1850]. 
Mendeu (Theodor). Doetrinte do voto expli- 
catio et refiitatio argunientornm aflversi 
lum. 1 p. 1.103 pp. 8°. Baanie, A. He 

Mendes de Almeida (Candido). Atlas do 
imperio do Brazil, comprehendendo as re- 
apectivaa divisoes administrativaa, eculesias- 
ticaa, eloitoraesejudiciarias, 37 pp. 28 maps, 
eg. foi. R«j de Janeiro, Just, pkUomathko, 

Mendo9a Corte-Haal (Diogo da). Examea 
et i-^poase S un ^cril pnblie par la oompagme 
des Indes Oceiden tales sons le titro i3e HSfuta- 
tJon des argumeoset raison^ftUi^gn^esparm. 
Diogo de Meudopa Corte-Real. envoio extra- 
ordinaire do Portugal ^ la Haye, dans son 
ni^moire et I'Scrit annexe present^ &, lems 
hantBs paisBances le 15 septemb. 1727, etc. 
64 pp. i map. 4°. \_Paria1, 1727. 



- Traduction do la demonstration de la 
couipi^niedesIudeaOecidentales, conteiiant 
les raisons poarquoi les Portugais ne sont 
point en droit de narigner vers les e6teB de 
la Hante et Basse Guiage, eto. et esamen et 
r^futadon de tontes oes riuaons. 34 pp. 
4°. Paris, 1727. 

Mendoza (Juan Gooaalez de). Sec Gonza- 
lez de Mendossa. 

Mentz (George TV.) Si. son. lA] new En- 
glisli-German and Gennan-English dictiou- 
nry; containing all the worda ingeneralnse, 
deaigualing i!ie various pai'ls of speech inboth 
langiingOB, with tlie genders and plurals of 
the German nouns. Compiled from the dic- 
tionariea of Lloyd, Nohdon, Flligel, and 
Sporsohil. 3 v. in 1, English and German. 
GermanandEnglish. iT,lix, 498pp; 677pp. 
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MeuTL See Mann. 

MenzInK Benedetto). Satirecon aunotaEJoni, 
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MapMstophiles in England ; or, the oonfes- 

pp 1 230 pp. 130, NeiB Vork, Harper J, 

brolliem, ]8:t5. 
Mercantile advertiser [New York daily], 

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ics,oruiorul obligation ; for the use of schools. 

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8°. Londres, de PimpnmeTie de R. Noble, 

Mercure (Le) do Franc 

e Esprit du Mor 

da France, d p is 

^ J 

1 ^ 1 

[etc] 3y i 

a B I 


Mercuriale(G 1 m ) 

Y rv 

libii y. In q b 



fi p^ 


corruptarest 1 

1 b 


lSp.l.«76pp 10 

B -doe 

P P 


Herourio p m n d 

h 1 

le t 

noticias pfblca. q 

1 41 


academica d m tt 

d Lm 


Dombi-e d. J to C I 



nartigen zi 

i d g 

lit led 


2v. i:.v, SHpp 


xxviii, 380 pp. I 

map. go 

Weimr, F. S. 

pr. Umdes-iiidaslrie-comptoir 



v.l. BrBltrlliolIiie 

anaiugo brk 


dem Eelben 



Cb. Weylan 

1. Scbmlai, [etc.] 

Mercnry (The) and New England palladium. 
See Mew England palladium. 

Mei-ian (Mathieu). Hiatorite saene tam veteris 
quam novi testameuti, elegantlssimis iconi- 
bus eipccaase. Afbecldingen der vi 

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Merian (Matlii en)— continued, 
histariea, boo van bet oude all 
tament, door veraeheide va 
verinQai'dato tekenaars en plaatsnyders aeef 
kunstig afgebeeM ; zynde tot verklarioge van 
iedev afbeeldinge daar by gevo^t, sinryke 
ijmen, in de latjnse, frause, engelse, hoog- 
en nederdnitsetaien, [etc.] XTitgegeven door 
Nicolaua Vifiseher, 3 v. in], fol. Amatd- 
dam, N. Fhscher, [otout 1640] J 

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times of Cbatles the ninth ; translated from 
tho French. 386 pp. 12^. Weio York, G. 
SrC.SiH. Carvill, 1830, 

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HavftoB. 3 V. 8". FarU, Amgot, ]844, 

Merlin ; or, the early hlstorj" of king Arthur. 
Edited by Henry B, Wheatley. Part i-ii. 
8". Londim, N. TrSlmtr $f at. 1865-66. 
(Bakly Eugrllah text uoidet; pnblicaUons. no. 10 anS 

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letti degli edifji-j [etc.] vi, 93 pp. 1 1. 4 pi. 
8°. Igilano G Biimardoni,liiM. 

Meirma in (A n d) Theatrvm eonTersionia 
gent n sob sive chronologia de 

voca ne onnvm p pulornm, [el«.] 192 
pp. 8 1 An p a,C. Flaiitimts,lh72. 

Mero (Hono eJo eph) Odes anacr^ontiques, 
contes n e e a es pi^cea de po^sie, 
suivies de C6me de Medici s,[p<jeiire epique]. 
2 p. 1.251 pp. 1 portrait. 18". Lowrfres, 1781, 

Msnidsvr (John, eitUor). Kenilworth festivi- 
ties; comprising Laueham's description of 
the pageantry, and Gascoigae'o masciues, 
repreBented before qneen Elizabeth, at Kenil- 
worth castle, 1575 ; with introdactory pref- 
aces, gloBsariftl and esplaoatory notes. 2 v. 
in 1. ivi pp. 1 1. 114 pp. 2 pi; ixiviii, 104 
pp. I portrait. 12°. IVaTwiicli, and Leam- 
injilaa, J. Merridew, 18^3. 

Merrill (William E.) Iron trnsa bridges for 
railroads. Methods of calculating strains, 
with a comparison of the most prominent truss 
bridges, and new formulas for bridge compu- 
lations; also, the economical angles for struts 
ani Ues. 130 pp. 4°, Neto Yerk, D. Van 
Noslrand, IBTO. 

MeB (El) do Marin; 6, el mes do mayo con- 
sagrado A Maria santisima, con la prictictt de 
varios ftctos devirtud, (etc. <mon,) 136 pp. 
18". Madiid, E. Agmdo, 1830. s. 

Mes vjngt-cinq ans ; ou, m^moires d*un 
jeune hommo, fid^leraent i^digfe et recueiUis 
pat lui-m6me. [anoB.] 189 pp. 18"^. 
Poris, A. J. Romy, 1813. 


Meaang;e (Pierre de). La vie, les avan- 
tuFos, et le voyage doGrteniand, [etc.] 2 v. 
inl. 7p.l.aG9pp.]pl; ]p.l.283pp. 16°. 
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Messle (Le) des femmes. Par Stebano. 
Ipseudon.} 3 p. 1. 63 pp. 12°. Paris, 
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The same. 4» ed. 136 pp. 12°- 

ISarcdona, T. Gorda, 1850. s. 

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most easie, exact, lineal and speedy method 
that hath ever been obtained or tanght. 9tb 
ed. 39 pp. 1 portrait. 18°. London, J. 
Hancock, 1668. 

The same. 0th ed. 39 pp. 1 porir^t. 

IS'^. London, J. Hanceek, 1674. 

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Methoiiist episcopal church. A collection of 
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episcopal church, including the whole collec- 
tion of the rev. John Wesley, [anim. By 
8. Hoyt] T 230 pp. 4 1. 33°. Ne'B York, 

The same. Principally from the col- 
lection of the rev. John Wesley, [etc.] 
Eevised and corrected ; with a supplement. 
616 pp. 24°. JV™ Vork. G. Lane Sf C. B. 
Tippett, 1845. 

Thesame. 550pp. 48°. [JVejo Fori] f 

[[mpeifect: wmiting UUe aad lost leaf]. 

The doctrine and discipline of the 

methodist episcopal church. 1 p. 1. CO pp. 

1 1, :!2°. NeiB Yerk, 1836. 

[With tlich- Colleclion of hjniaB, eto. 1836]. 

The same. With an appendix. S74 

pp. 32°. New York, Carlton tf Lanahan, 

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M^todo priictieo elemeatal para nprender la 
leugua. fcaucesa, espresamente adapta^D ilia 
capacidad de los ninoa. Tiddneldo j ar- 
regkdo porEuaebio Giijbfirae. 136 pp. 13^. 
ffueHH Yerk, D. AppleUm y cia. 1869. 

Metrical (A) description of a fancy ball given 
at Washington, Otli April, 1858. Dedicatoil 
to mrs. senator Gwin. [ajion.] 40 pp. i°, 
WasMngtoH, F. Philf, 185S. s. 

metropolitan (The). New series, v. 1-3, fol. 
Georgetown, and IVasHngtan, S. D. Langtree 
^ J. L. O'Sullimn, 1835-37. s. 


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for 1850-51. 2 v. 12°, Baltijaere, f. Lu- 
cas, jr. 1849-50. s. 

Mettenheimei- (H. J.) Auditor's guide ; be- 
ing a complete eipoBition of book-keepers' 
frands. How committed, [etc.] Also 
iaining a new and snfe metJiod of raan^ng 
the cash department of retail stones, and a 
purchsae acoount for commission liouaes. IG 
pp. 24°. Philadelphia, author, IS39. 

Meulen (Jan ver). De fide bferetieis ser- 
vanda, libri tres. De fide rebellibvs sera- 
anda, liber vnus. Item unicus, de fide et 
jvramento, qote a tyranno exiguntur. 8p.i. 
214 pp. 8 1, 18°. Colonite, G. van Kempen, 

Liber de piis testamentis, et quacuoq 

alia pia vltimte voluntatis dispositione. 8 
p.l.246pp.l3L 18°. C'>leni^e, Birckmann, 
[Wilhihe preeedlngl, 

Meulmaii (Isaac). Catalogue do la biblio- 
thfiquo de feu I. Meulman. Dont la vente 
aura lieulelnudi 22 nov. 1869, [etc.] 4,272 
pp. 8°. Amsterdam, F. Nuller, 1869. 

Meurslus or Meurs (Jan van), Cecro- 
pia. Sive de Athenarvm arce, et ejusdem 
antlquitatibuB. 4 p. 1. 93 pp. 8 1, 4°. Lug- 
dvni Batarormn, ex o^cina dzeiiiriana, 1 632. 

Fortvna attica Sive, de Athenai'um 

origine, nc emenlfl naj^tndine, [elo.] 4 
p.l. 114pi7) 4° Lugdsm B/itasomnt, 
G.Basson irj3 
[B'llA iiir Cec pa] 

Misce lancala on a sive, varianim an- 

tiqnitatnm locon can m 1 bn iv. Nunc primnni 
editi curii 8 Pufendorf 4p,l.33rpp.ll 1. 
4". A lodan J Ptagaer, 1661. 

Pis St at 3 S ve de ejus vita, et tyran- 

nidu, I be fen^as 4 p. 1.140 pp. 7 I. 
4'^. Lagdau Ba ano a exo^inaelzeoin- 


tis. In 

' Meursiua (Jan van)— continue! 

Db popvlis Atticie liber singular 

qvo antiqaitates attiejB plurim^. (i p, 1. 149 
pp.121. 4°. L«gda»iBatavormn,c:£officiiui 
elzcmriaaa, 1614. 

Themis attica ; sive, de tegibus atUcIs 

libriii.2p,I.]52pp.l01. 4°. Trajeeli ad 
Rkenum, J van de Water 1685 

Theseus 8i\ e de ejus vila rebusque geslJs- 

Liber postumos Accedunt ejosdem ParaSi- 
pomena de pagis attieis et e^teiptft ex v. cl. 
Jacobi Spoci! jtineiliio de tisdem pagis. 3 
v.inl. 4^ Utrijettt F Holme, 163i. 

fv. II. Thescua, [etc.] Ip.llMpp.SL 
[V. 21. Relhrna atlion, [etcj 52 pp. 4 1. 
IV. 31, EKCerpta ex Jacobi Sponii, toto-j 40 pp. 

Mezlco. Cuentas, gastos, agreedores j otros 
asnotos del tiempo de la intervencion francesa 
J del imperio. Obra escrita y publicada de 
orden del gobiemo coDStitucionaldslarBpub- 
lica, por M. Payno. Do 1861 il 1867. 934 
pp. 3 1. 8°. Mixico, Ignacio Cumplido, 

Gaceta del gobiemo de Mesico, 1816. 

y. 7 of Series. 1 v. in 3. sm. 4°. Mexico, 
J. M. de Benavente, 1816. s. 

Proelama del afEObispo virey [Joafi 

Iturrigaray] de Nueva Espafia ^ los fieles 
vasallos de Feniantio vii, 16 pp. 4°. 
Mezko, 1810. 

Proelama del araobispo virey de Mexico, 

contra los engaiios p^rfidos de los Bona- 
parteg. )K pp. 4". Mexico, ISiO- 

Mezico. (Real col6gio de S. Ildephonso de), 
Cifra teliz de las dicbas ioipouderables, que 
se promote la tnooarquia bespafiola baxo el 
suspirado dominio de aa angueto soberano el 
senor d. Fernando vi, [etc.] 4p.l.286pp.5 
1. sm. 4°. SalaTaanca, imprexla dela santa 
erm, 1748. 

Meyer (Adolf Bernbard). tJber den gifbap 
parat diet schlangen, iusbesondei^ Itber den 
dor gattung cailopbis (Gray). Ans dem 
monats bericht dor konigl. academio der wis- 
senschaflen vom miirz, 1869. 28 pp. 11. 3 pi. 
8°. Berlin, ISnigl. academie der wissenschaf- 
lea, 1869, 

Meyer (Cart Anton). Ennmeratio plaiilariiin 
nov. a clarissimo Schrenk leetarum. See 
Fisclier (P. B. L.) and Meyer. 

Meyer (Friedrich Albrecht Anton). Versuch 
einer volUtundigen naturgescbichto dor haus- 
tliiere, im grnndriase. 268 pp. 12". Gst- 
tingert, J. C. Diehrich, 1793. s. 

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Meyer (HeimEniu von) Ueljer die lepfilie 
iiud iHu^thiore dor verscbieGenaii zoiten di 
trdo Zwei redon 1^0 pp b" FriinkfiiTt 
aSf 1 Schirterber sckebuchhindiaiigilS-ti 

Meyer (Heiminu J ) Neaos koiiveiaiitiu 
Jexikon tun wuiteibucli des allgemeii 
wiSBtua UnttrdeT ledaktiou von H Kr'ni'iO 
I eiausgegeben 2° iimgeaib anfl v Hi. 
Register 8" HUdb«T£hauseH bibhogiU' 
jihtschea mstttut I8C1B 

The same Illiistrationmi zu Mejers 

uenen koiiTeiBat 0116 letikon ^' au{\ 8°. 
HildbuTghausea btbtiographischcn tnstitul 

Meyer (Johaiin Eudolf) Ebisl aiil Jiu 
oi^gebiigo des ctiiitons Bam uud erslnigniig 
ihiGi Iioclisten gipfel im sommer ISIS niit 
emer kaito del boretserten gletsclier 4it pp 
] map b° Aara-a H E StmeflSnttei 
1813 % 

Meyei (Mi utz m rf > Electricity in ita le- 
litions tu practical inGdicine rianelated 
trim the 3d Gennao ed mtli notes and adJi 
ti(n Bj William A Hammond m d 
10 ^orlI D Applet! a 



Meyer- Ahieiis {Dr. — ) and Briigger (Chr. 
Gr.) Die tbeimen von Bormio, [etc.] 1S5 
pp. tP. ZUHck, Orell, Fiissli St comp, 
1869. S. 

Micltael, monachjis. Yitaetmoiessanctipatris 
nostri et eonfessoris Tlioodori, preepositi studi- 
taruDi, ^raece et latine, interprate Sirmoudo. 
40pp, fol. I'aTiaiis,lypogTaphiaTcgia,']SQI>. 
[Ik SittlloBD (J.) Opara varis. v. S}, 

Michaelis (G.) Tier tafeln znr iiberaiclit 
aber die wichljgslen grnndprincipien der 
stolzeaclien stenograpbie. [etc.] S'anitagc. 
41. 8°. Serf™, E.S.iiri((ies ^ Win, 1865, H. 

Michel (Frandsqae, editor). Tristan. Se- 
eiieil de ee qui reste des poemes relatils S. 

Anglo-Kormand, et en Gvec, dana les xii et 

Ttiii siBcles. 3 v. 16". Londtes, I'ielceritig, 

Micliel (Jacques). A treatise on despondency 

in the pursuit of piety ; followed by one on 

temptations. Translated from the French, 

by rev. F, P. Qarescbg. viii, 158 pp. 16°. 

CincinHOti, J. P. Walsh, 1865. 
Mlchelet (Julea). Thehird. With SlOillus- 

tratious, by Giacomelli. 340 pp.a'i pi, 8°. 

London, T. Nelson (6 bobs, 1369. 
and Quinet (Edgar). Dob jCsuites. 

6*ua. 108 pp. 16°. Paris, Hac/ielte.lSii. 


Mlchiels (Alfred), fitiides siir rAllemagne, 
ronfermaut nne bislfllro de la peinture alle- 
maade, 2" 6d. 2 v, jxiv, 409 pp. I 1 : 
1 p. 1.414 pp.1 1.13 pp. ?°. Bruidhs,A. 
rnnrfra/c, 1845. 

Miokleboroogli (John). A hand-book of 
map drawing. See Keam (Peter) and 
MickleborongJi (Jobn). 

Middlesex (Tlie) collection of church miiaio ; 
or, ancient psalmody revived. Contaiuiug ^ 
variety of psalm tunes, tlie most suitahlo lo 
be need in divine service ; to wliich is an- 
nexed a number of otber pieces of a more 
delicate and artificial constrnutiou, proper to 
be performed by a choir of good uiHBlciana 
occasionally, in schools and public roligiauu 
assemblies. J36pp. obl.6°. JJosJon, itfan- 
nijtg ^ Loring, 1807. 

Middleton (Conyers, il. d.) Letters concern- 
ing tbo Roman senate. See Hervey (J.) 
and Mlddleton. 

Midy (Mme.Th.) Les lienres de loiair. Petit 
inanuel des joun de I'enfance et de la jeu- 
neaae. 193 pp. 1 1.9pl. 16". Paris, [1S4S]. 

Mifise (Gny). Tlic sliort French dictionary, 
in two paita. Englisb and French ; Frenck 
and English. 3d ed. Sv.inl. 2481; 
aOO 1. sm. 4^. Hague, H. van BuldereK, 

Miertaching (Johanu August). Eeise-tage- 
biich des inisaionara, irelcber als dolmetscher 
die nordpol-espedition aur aufsuchung sir 
John Franklin's anf dem scliiffe Investigator 
begleitete. In dem jahren 1850 bis 185J. 
2" aufli^e. xvi, 206 pp. 1 map. 8°. Gna- 
daa, H. L. Merit, IffiiG. 

Mlganlt (Jean). JeanMigauIt; or, the trials 
of a French protesfant family during tke pe- 
riod of the revocation of the edict of Nantes. 
Translated from the I'rench, with a liistori- 
cal introduction, by William Anderson. 
130 pp. 18°. Edinhargh, Jolmalom f Haa- 
ter. 1853. 

Miguel de San Antoiiio. Besvmen de la 
theolo^a moral de el Crisol, [etc.] 13 
p. 1. 562 pp. 5 1. 8°. Madrid, A. P. Eidiio, 
1719. s. 

Miguel de San Joaeph (— ). Ave Maria 
santissima. Estudio de la verdad contra el 
demasiado aprecio de la opinion, [etc.] 20 
p. 1.246 pp. 71. sin. 4". MadHd, B. De 
Villartuena, 1715. s. 

— — Thesame. 2"ed. 16 p. 1. 312 pp. 10 1. 
S". Madrid, A. Marin, 1767. B. 

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Milano. {Caaimiisioac straordinnria di sav- 
ild). 11 cMera in MLlano nell' anno 18(i7. 
Reluaione. 143 pp. ] map. 4°. Mila«o, 
G. Pirola, 1868. s. 

(Regio istUulo lecnico). Notizie e dati 

racuolU dfll coDsJglio dei professor!, per la 
eaposizione uuivereale ehe si lenh in Pai'igi 
raanol867. lii, 128 pp.1 pi. 4°. MU«n<i, 
G. Bemardoni, 1867. s. 

(Fegia scuola di osteiriciain). Prospetto 

clinic* direlte dal profosaore Pietro Lazzati. 
Per I'Hnno 1864. vii, 181 pp. 1 1. 8°. Mi- 

The same. Per I'liuno 1865. Compi- 

lato dal dottore QucUno Caaai], 184 pp. 1 1. 

8". Milmio, Boniardi'Poglia'ai di E. Desozzi, 

1866. s. 

Milbert (Jaequea G6rard). Itin^raire pitto- 

resque du fleuve Hudaon et des parties lat6- 

rales <Ie TAmSrique dn Nord, d'aprSs lea 

deasios originaux pris ear les lieux, et lisLo- 

grapJii^s par Adam, Bieliebois, Deroy, Dii- 

pi'BSBOir, Jacottet, Joly. Sabatier, Tirponne 

et Villenenve. 2 v, 3p. 1. xxxvi, 246pp. 11 ; 

8 p, 1, 257 pp. 1 1. 4''. Atlas, 1 p, 1. 1 map. 

53 pi. M. Paris, H.Gawgain^cie.tS2»-W. 
Milburn {William Henry). The rifle, axe, 

and saddle-bags, aad other lectures. With 

inlrodaction by rev, J, McClintoek, d, d. 

309 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. iVcio Yorh, Derby 

l; Jackson, 18f^T. 
Miles (ReH. G.I.) A glance at [lie baptista. 

■264 pp. I8=. Ifest Clieiter, {Peiin.) R. S. 

Er>ans, 1836. 
Miles (Pliny). Nordnrfari ; or, rambles in 

Iceland. 334 pp. liP. New Yarh, C. B. 

Norton, 1854. 
Mllttzer (Hermann). Die iisterreicbischen 

tjilegraphen-aQstalten. 1 p. 1. 53 pp. 8°. 

IfieB, k. k, telegmptteia-directiaB, 1866. 
Mm (John Btaart). The subjection of women. 
13d od. Ip. 1.188 pp. 12°, Limdon, Loitg- 
mans, Gnen, Reader S Dyer, 1870. 
Miller (Emily Hnntington). The royal road 
to fortune. 333 pp, 5 pi. 16°. Ckicaga, A. 

L. Se«:ell If eo. 1869. 
Miller (Rev. Joliu). Things after death. 

Throe chapters on the intermediate state ; 

with thonghts on family bnrying plaoea ; 

and hints for epitaphs In country ehuehyards. 
2d ed. vi pp. 1 1. 150 pp. iQO. London, 

Rivingtons, 1854. 
Miller (Mary C.) 
batlis, 16li8. 

Sacranxeutal t 

Miller (Saomel, d d) Letters of a grand- 
father to the surviving children of mrs. Mar- 
garet Breckeniidge 103 pp. 12°, PliHa- 
delphia, J8Jy 

[Jb BnECKFHUtBOE (Rci' Join ). A memotial of 
mrg. H. Breckeuildge] 

Miller (Samuel). The life of Samuel Miller, 
d. d, 11, a second proftsaoi in the Theological 
Beininary of the presbjterian church, at 
Princeton, Now Jersey. 9 v. 381 pp. 3 por- 
traits ; 562 pp. 8°. PhUadelphia, Claxtoh, 
Rcmses ^ Hafelfinger, 1869. 

Miller (Stephen B.) Historical sketches of 
Hudson I embracing the settlement of the 
city, city gevernment, business enterprises, 
churches, press, schools, libraries, elo. 130 
pp. 8". Hudson, Brjan ^ Webb, 1863. 

Milligan {Res. Eohert). An osposition and 
defense of tho auhome of redemption, as it is 
revealed and taught in the boly sciiptures. 

■a pp. I porb 
roll 4- c. 


and revelation ; or, the province 
of reason in matters pertaining to divine reve- 
lations defined and illustrated; and the par- 
amount authority of the holy scriptures vin- 
dicated. [3d ed.] 445 pp. 12°. Cinnnnati, 
H. IV. CarrolUj-co.imi. 

Million (Un) des faits: aicIe-m6moire uni- 
verse] dee sciences, des arts et des iettres, 
pai' J. Aioard, Desportes, Paul Gervais, Lfi- 
on Lalanne, Luclovic Lalanne, A, Le Pileur , 
Ch. Martins, (.'h. Verg6 et Young. 4" fid. re- 
Tue et eorrigSe. xxvii, 798, 57 pp. 12°. 
Pons, Gamier fiires, 1851. 

MtUa (John Henry). Poetic trifles. 116 pp. 
7 1. 16°. Baltimore, G. DobMn S( Murphy, 

Milne Edwards. See Edwards (Alphonse 


Milton (John). Areopagitica. (24 November), 
1644. Preceded by illnstrative documents. 
Carefully eflited by Edward Ajber. 3 p. I. 
80 pp. 16°. London, A. Murray ^ sons. 



Last thoughts on the trinity. Extracted 
from his posthumous work entitled "A trea- 
tise on christian doctrine," [etc.] xii,96pp. 
12°. London, R. Taylor, 1838. 

An old looking-glass, for the laity and 

clergy, of all denominations, who either give 
or receive money under pretence of tho gos- 
pel ; being considerations toacbing the like- 
liest means to remove hierlings out of the 

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Milton ( J(iIin)_coiitiiiiio(l. 
thureh of Chrigt. Wherein ai'o also dis- 
coursed of, tjthes, church fees, church rev- 
enues, christuiugs, luftrviagee, burials, and 
whether any maintenance of gospel-servants 
ought to be settled by law. 100 pp. 16°. 
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Paradise lost. Illustrated. See Flat- 
ters (J. J.) 

Paradise regain'd. A poem, in fonr 

boolts. To which are added, Samson ago- 
nistes, and poems on severa! occasions. 
With the life of the author. By Thomas 
Newton, d. d. 4 p.l.pp 331 to 6«. 12°. 
FhUaddpliia, R. Bdl, 1777. 
Note,— T. Sof nn edLtionof Miltnn's poeiDs, and ic- 
dudmg the twoltai book of "PitraaUo loHl." 

Milton (John, merehaiU). The practical bee- 
lieeper; or, concise and plain instructions 
for the management of bees and hives, viii, 
147 pp. 1 pi. 16°. LoTtdon, J. W.PaTlur, 

Mllvraukee, ( Wiacoasva). Erving, Bnrdick 
& co'sMilwankee city directory for 1857 and 
1858. V. 1. xsiv, 336 pp. 8°. MUwavkce, 
King, Jermain S( co. 1857. 

Catalogue of the library of the young 

men's asaociation of the city of Milwaukee, 
together with the annual reports, rules, etc. 
Organized, December, 1847. Incorporated, 
March, 1853. 292 pp. 8°. mitcaulxe, 
' DaUg IFisconsin print, 1 868. 

Mimprlss (Eobert). The life of Christ hai- 
monjeed from the four evangelists. Grade 
1,3,3, v.l,in3parts. 18°. Ne«> Yorlr, M. 
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The same. July 1 to Sept. 30, 1797, 

fol. New York, HopJAns S{ co. 1797. 
[tfil* COMMKRCiAI. Bdvertlaet (New York ilnlly), 
1797-93]. ' 

Milling; (The) m^azine ; devoted to mines, 
mining operations, motalluvgy, etc Edited 
by W. J. Tenney, [etc.] July, 1853, to 
Jnne, 1856; Jan. to June, 1857; Jan. to 
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Minnesota (Sme of). Executive documents, 
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Journal of the senate [ind] hou!>e of 

representatives ot the tenth sess on of the 
legislature. 2 v, 8" Minneapolis Triktne 
printing CO. 1868. 

Minnesota historiLal society Ann lal leport 
of the Minnesota histo ical society to tbe 
legislatuie of Minneiota tor the 3 ear 18<>8 
32 pp. 8°. St. Paul, Press pnntmg co. 1869. 

Materials for the future history of Min- 
nesota : beiDg a report to tbe legislative as- 
sembly. [With an address delivered before 
the society, Feb. I, 1850. By tbe hon. H. H. 
Sibley], 141, I7pp. 5pl. 8°. SaintPaid, 
J.R. Browjn, 1856. 

anecdotes of distin- 
tbe fifteenth eentui'y, 
London, Hookkam ^ 

Minstrels [The]; 1 
guished personages 
[«b™.] 3 r. 13<^ 
Carpenter, 1793. 

Minucius Felix (Marcus). Octavius ; or, 
a vindication of Christianity against pagan- 
ism. Translated by P. Lorrain. 
\don, R. Ro!|st^ 


iT {Fieri 


Mlrabean (Honor6 Qabriel Eiquetii, c 
de), Euquines concerning lettres dc cachet, 
the consequences of arbitrary imprisonment, 
and a history of the inconvenienues, dis- 
tresses, and sufferings of state prisons, 
[etc.] With a preface, by the translator. 
2 V. iu 1. ivi, 503 pp. 8°. Dablim, Whila- 
stone, Byrne, Cask, Moore ^ Jones, 1787. 

Miraeue (Anbertus). SfcIieMlre(Auhert). 

Mirecourt (Eugene 

Mirza A 



physica m a 

oa.J I 37 

f«rli ei 

pscudon ) fee Jao 

by Google 


Mjsa Lily's voyi^ lounil tbe world Uurier 
taken in company with masters Paul and 
Toto, her two cousins, anj little Peter 
[unon.] From the Fieneh by mias I M 
Lnyster. 3p.l. GSpp 48 pi &" Boston 
Hoierh brothers, 1869 
MisaiBBippi (Siflif (-/) Joitma! ot the pro 
ceedings and detial^g m the consEitnticoal 
convention of (he state ot Mississippi Au 
gust, jafiS. By Older <f the 
296 pp. ] 1. 8° Ja.,UoB (Mi 
yerger, stale printer, 1%5 

Majority and minority repoits of (.lie 

commiltea on stale and fedeial leUtiona to 
the legislature ot the state. 8 pp. 12'^. 
Jackson, {Miss.) stale printer, 1867. 
Missive. Daev in Isortelijck ende grondigh 
werdt vertoont, hoe veel de Vereeulghde 
Nederlandeu ghel^lieu is aen de oost ende 
west indiscbe iiavigatie. Mitsgaders 't profyt 
dat men van de oost indiache compagnie, 
ghednerendo den tijt van vierentwintich javen 
heiwssrdta, daer wC heeft getrocken. [anoii. ] 
181. sin. 4°. Arnhem, J. JansT, 1^1. 
Mlstriotes (Georgios). Historia carmiaum 
bomericorum. laropia tgiv oji^ptm^ STrav, 
XI, 376 pp. 8^. El- Aeif la, rv^zoic O. Bijav. 
iov, 1867. s, 

MftelieU (Anne M.) The freed boy in Ala- 
bama. 152 pp,3 pi. 18°. Philaddpkia, 
presli^^ian publiaitiim committee, [1S69], 
Mitcliell (Donald Grant). The lorgnette; 
or, studies of tbe town. By an opera goer. 
[flMon.] ad ed. 2 v. 294 pp. 6 pi : 998 pp. 
6 pi. 12°. SeiB York, StriKger * Toait- 
Mitchell (I.) The asylum ; or, Alonso and 
Melissii. An American tale, founded on 
fact. V. 1. 264 pp. ] pi. 12°. Poagk- 
kccpsie, J. NdsoTi, 1811. 


Mitchell (Tolm)—continnLd 

The moat lational easy, and speedy 

method (t wnting shot t hand without pen 
and ink in three pails [etc] 3d ed 134 
pp. 1 1. 8 pi. tia. London, J. Ntdtols, 1784. 
Mitcliell (.John Keardsley, m. d.) Tndect- 
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212 pp. 120. Philadelphia, E. S. Carey Sr 
i Hart 1839 
Mitcliell (Samuel Augnatna). Intermediate 
or secondary geography [ele.] 80 pp. 4°. 
I'l tladelphia Tlu>raa$ CfnopcrthwaU ^ co, 
law s. 

Milthell s primaiy geography, [etc.] 

4tb levised ed. 144 pp. sq. 8°. PliUa- 

ddpUa, H. Cowperiliwttit l( co. 1855. S. 

Mitten (Wilhelm). Musci anstro-americani. 

Ennmeratio muscarura omnlam austro- 

ori hncueque oognitoTum. 

8°. London, J869. s. 

rty. Jonrnal-bolany. v. IS]. 

Mittbellungeo aus Justus Perthes' geogra- 

anstalt uber wichtige ueue erfor- 



Mltchell (John). The elements of short- 
hand, founded on the principles of nature, 
grammar, and true philosophy, each unit;ing 
in the rational, grammatical, and elliptical 
contraction of the English language, [etc.] 
16 pp.9 pi. 8°. LondOTi, 1784. 

The same. Short-hand made easy. 

The elementary principles of short-band, 
exemplified in a variety of easy lessons, by 
which a knowledge of that useful and ele- 
gant art is attainable ina few hours, by tbe 
most common capacity, [etc omdb.] 7th ed. 
16pp,9pl. 8°. London, E.NeiDburg,l80i. 



II dr. A. Petermann, 1855-58. 

GMa, J. Perthes, 1855-58. 
me. Ergangzungsheft, nr. 1-35. 
Gotha, J. Perthes, 1856-68. 
Mocquet de Meaux (Jean). Keyaenin Af- 
rique, Aaien, Oost- en West-Indien. Over- 
geset wyt de fransehe tale. 7 p. 1. 153 pp. 
10 pi. sm. 4°. Dordrecht, A. Andriessz,ie56. 
Model (The) town ; or, the right and pro- 
giessive organizatioii of industry for thepro- 
ductiou of material and moral wealth. By 
Beta [pstadon By E. B. Bassett] T 104 
pp 1 Ca b :dge, author, 1869. 

Moehler S Mohler. 
Moellenbrock (Andreas Valeotlnus). Coch- 

< of E 


asa Be ng an ex 

act scrutiny and careful 

p on of hen 

ture and medicinal ver- 

e of acurvy ^.lass 

Id which is eithibiled 

publlck uae the m 

ost and best prepai'ations 

of medicines, both galenical and chymical, 
[etc.] Englished by Tho. Sberley, m.d. 8 
p. 1. 195 pp. 141. 16°. London, S. If B. 
Griffin, 1676. 

Moens (Petronella), Aardeubuvg, of de onbe- 
keude volkplantinginZuid-Amerilia. 1 p.I. 
Tiii, 320 pp. 8". Haarlem, F. Bohn, 1817. 

'SS.di\SLraxae3.,ihc Arabian prophet. SecKoran. 

Mohamsied Sai:b Ibn Abd el Halim (Ahu). 
ice Annales regum manritaniie. 

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Molll (Robert von). Encyklopadie der staals- 
wissenaeliBfteii. viii, 700 pp. 8°. TiWin- 
gen, H. LaKpp, 1859. 

Die yeiantwortliolikeit der minister in 

oinherrschaften mit volksvertretang. svi, 
729 pp. I 1. 8°. TubingeTi, H. Laupp, 1837. 

Die polizei-wissenHcliaft nacli den 

gi'undsutzen des veuLtsstnates. 3" anfl. 3 

V. 8". Tiibingea, H. Laupp, ISGS. 

Moliler ( Johann Adam). AtLaniiae le grand, 

eb I'lSgliEe do son lemps en lotto avee rariiiU' 

ifime. Traduit de TAllemaud, avec uiie notice 

hlatorique siir rarianiame le£ s la n 

St. Atlianase jiisqu'4 noa jou s pa T an 

Colieu, Pr^iSd^ du panegyr [ e do st 

Athanase, par st. Gr6goire Is Kaa anae t y 

S^. Paris, De Biconrt, 1840 

Moluet (L.) Nouvcan traite eleaenta e 

th^orique, el pratique d'ho loger o v 1 4 

432 pp. 8 1. 18 pi. 8°. iParis, BMime 

J83S]. a. 

llmperftM: title pngewfrntlnel. 

Moitessier (A.) Die photographie als hilfs- 

mittel mikrosfcopisehec forscbitng. Nach dem 

. Franzctsiachen, (lentseh bearbeitet nnd ditrcli 

zaiitreiolie znsatze erweiterC von U. Beueuke. 

2v. Ip.l.xiv,a65pp.31.2pl. 8°, BraMB- 

sekieeig, F. VUiceg if eoht, ]8(S. 

Mois^ {madwae LavocadoniniMsti- 

ble, soivie du Collier de diamaats. 2 p. 1. 

235 pp. 16°. Paris, lyp. Hcnmiyer, 1858. 

Molanua (Joannes). See Meulen ( Jobaimes' 

Moleoil (Jean Gabriel Victor do, editor). Col- 

leclioQ des tr 


projet^B ou exfieut^s dans lea divers ilats 
rEiirope, etc. See Paris. 

Moll^te (Jean Baptiste Poqlielin de). De 
bnrgerljke edelman. Bljspel. Uit bet 
Fraasch, G4 pp. 16". Amtieldam, J.Les- 
cailje » D. Ratifc, 1728. 
[DltAUATIi: pnmiihlets, v. 1]. 

MolimbrooMus. See Moellenbrock (An- 
dreas v. ) 

Itloliua {Alonso do). Arlo de la lengua mexi- 
cana J castellana. b. 1. 2partainlv. 3 p. 
1. 82, 35 1. and 10 !. ms. 18°. Mexico, en 
cesa de rcdro Ocharte, 1571. 

MoUna (Antonio de). Instniccion de sa.cer- 
dotes, en que so lea da doctrina niuy impor- 
tante para eonocar 1ft alleza del sagritflo oficio 
BKCerdotal, [etc.] 13 p. 1. 548 pp.2S 1. 8°. 
Madrid, It. Ruiz, 1793. s. 

Molina (Giovanni Ignazio). Saggio salla 
Bt«ria naturale del Ckili. 368 pp. 8°. Bo- 
logna, T. d' Aquiiio, 1782. 


MolineuiS (Thomas). An introdoc^on to ror. 
Bjroni's nniveraftl Engliab ehort-hand ; or, 
the way of writing English in the most easy, 
oonciae, regular, and beautiful manner, [etc ] 
3ded. lp.l.!v,i04pp.9Upl. 8°. Loudon, 
Sael ^ CO. 1803. 

Moll (G.) Verkandeling over eenigevroegore 
aeetogten der Koderlanders. xii, 230 pp. 3 1. 
8°. Anislerdam, I. van der Heij Itzoon, 1825. 

Moller (Johannes). Verklariiig der byhelse 
flgiinren, cover de vier euangeliaten, han- 
delingen dor apogtelen, on openbaaringo Jo- 
hannia, [etc.] 3 p. 1.330 pp. 18 pi. 16°. 
Leiden, J. A. Langerack, 1713. 

Mollien (Gaspard Theodore). Voy^e dans 
la rfipTibliqne de Colomljia, eu 1823. 3 v. 3 
p. 1. 307 pp. 11. 4 pi i 2 p. 1. 316 pp. 4 pi. 1 map. 
8°. Paris, A. Bertrand, 1824. 

Tbe same. Roise nach Columbia, in 

den jahron 1823 und 1833, [etc.] Aub dem 
FranzOsisehen von Fr. Sehcell. 1 p.l.xviii, 
390 pp. 8°. Berlin, Duvdier If Hv-mUol, 

Momna. [New York daily]. April 38 to Mny 
24, 1860. Nos. 1-23. sm. fol. Nme York, 

- The at 


July 31, 186( 
York, 1860. 

[Bound wilhuJmyo, No more publlabed] ! 
Monardes (Nioolao). Simplicivm mediea- 
mentorvm ex novo orbe delaturviii, qvorvui 
iu.mediuina vevs est, blstoriie liber tertins, 
[etc] Ei hiapauico sermone latio douatus, 
et notis illastratns a C, Clvsio. 2" ed. pp. 
411-456.31. 16°. Antverpia, ex ojjicina 
ptantiniana, 1503. s. 

[la Orto (Cl8ri;ia de). Aroioaivni ot ^mpllclHD, 

Moucasi 7 Seirado (Franciaco). Fiaioa ex- 
perimental; o, inatituciones delanatural filo- 
Bofla. V.]. 5 p. 1,346 pp. 7 pi. 16°. [Murf- 
rid, uboid 1785]. 

[Title I 


Monclar (Jean Pierre Francois de Biport de), 

Compte rendu des eonstltutiona des jesuites. 

39r>pp. 16°. [n. p.] 1763. 
Moncrlf (Pransols Aiignstin Pavadia de). Les 

chala. 1B6 pp. 8°. Paris, 1787. 

[/m Caylus (A. C. P. come flc). (EnvrcB bBdlnes 
COJOpldtfEl. y. 11]. 

Mone (Franz Joseph). Quellensammlungder 
Ijadisehen landesgeachicbte. Im auftrage der 
regiernng herausgegeben. Sv. 40. Karls- 
Tulie, C. mdlot, 1848-63. s. 

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Monglave (FrangoiB Engine Gatay dU de). 
K^sumii de I'histoire du Meiiqae. 2 p. 1, iii 
307pp. 34*'. Paris, Lecomle el Dure!j,-iSS6 
Monlteur (Le) des Indee Orienlales et Oco!' 
dentalee; reeueil de m^nioireH etde notices 
scieotifiqnes et indnstrielB, de uoavellaa et de 
fails importanla concemaut 
nierlandaises d'Asie et d'Am^riiiue. 
baron P, Melville, 1847-1818. viii, 1 
393, lJ6pp. 1 port™e,3pl,4inftps. 4°. La 
Haye, Betinfantefrircs, 1848. 
Moniteur (Le) nniversel. Journal officiel de 
I'einpire iraafaia, Janvier 1854— d^eembre 
186S. 30 V. foj. Paris, 1854-68. 
Monk (John). An agricuitural dictionary, 
GOHsisHngofextcacls from the most celebrated 
authors and papers. 3 v. 8°. London, 
G. Woodfall, 1794. 
Monlaii y Sala (Jos^). Belacion de loa 
dioB, gradoB, m^ritos, servicios y obras 
tifieas y literarias del dr. d. Pedro Felipe 
Monlau, [etc.] 3p,1.47pp.J portrait. 8°. 
Madrid, Binadeiteyra, 1858. s. 

Monnler (Mbtc). LTtalie, est-ello la terro d*fl 
morlsJ a p. 1. 434 pp. 1 1. 13°. Paris. L. 
Hachate ^ tie. 1660. 

Pomp^i et lea Pompfiiaos. 9= (id. abn5- 

g&e. Sp.l.a73pp. 16°. Paris. L. HadidK 

* cu. j8r>r. 

Monroe (James). A view of the condact of 
the executive, in the foreig'n affairs 
United States, connected with the mis 
the French republic, daring the years 1794- 
95, and 96. niuatrated by hia instractJons and 
correspondence, and other anthenlic docu- 
ments. ]xvi,407pp. 8°. PkUaddphia, B. 
F. Baclie. 1797. 

Montagu (Lady Mary Wortley). Lettera. 
Edited by mra. Hale. Eevised ed. 408 pp. 
12°. Boitoa, Roberts brother*, 1869. 

Montalbau (Juan de, lishap of Cadiz, and 
Ba%a.) Carlas pastorales, densura,simonia, 
y peniiencia, para eonfosBOrea, y penltentes. 
Nuova impr. 19 p. 1, 448 pp. 4 1. sm. 4°. 
Salajnanca, F. G. Onorato .6 San Miguel. 


Montano (Benito Arias). Lecion chrietiaua ; 
0, tratado de lo qne loa discipulos de Chrieto 
coraunmonte deviSn aaber, i cada nno de sa 
parte gnardar, [etc.] Traduoido de Latin 
en EapnSol por P. de Valeneia. 12 p. ), 392 
pp.21. 16°. Madrid, J. deZnniga.lT^. a. 

Montauus or Van den Berghe ? (ArnoM). 
De wonderen van't Ooalen, of(e do beschry- 


MontanuB (Arnold)— continued. 
Ting en oorlogs-daden van oud en nienw 
Oost-Indien. 3= d ruck. 12 p. 1. 300 pp, 10 
I. 18°. Rotterdam, A. Van ffoogenlsiitisen, 
Moutanns (Petrus). Dominiese affliclionls, 
secvndvm qvatvor evangelistas, dilvdda 
eraditaqne enarratio, ex veterum doctomm 
eommentarijs studioafi desumta atquo con- 
cinnata. 8 p. 1. 100 1. 16°. Aatnerpia:, M. 
Nutij itidua, 1663. s. 

Montauban (Jean, ^Uiastier). Verhaal van 
eenreis op dekust van Guinea in 1695. am. 
4°. Amsterdam, J. Corndis, 1770. 
[ill M41ITEKB (P.) BeniAryviuKe van Groenland ' 
pp. 75-88). * 

Montolair (John W.) Eeal and ideal. [A 
poem]. 119 pp. lao. Fhiladelphia, F. 
Legpiildl. 1865. 
Monte y Tejada (Antonio del). Historia da 
Santo Domingo, dcsde su descnbiimienlo 
hasta nuestroa dias. Tomo 1. iil,600 pp. 
19 maps. 3 pi. 8°. Habana, Solcr, JS53. 
Monteith (James). Youth's manual of geog- 
raphy combined with history and astronomy, 
[etcj 171 pp. 8°. NetB York, 
Barnes d> CO. 1853. 

The same. Mannal of geography, [ete.J 

Revised ed. 112 pp. 4°. Ncib York, A. I 
Barnes If co. ]35(i. ; 

[Natiohal eBographlMii Bsrlae. Nd-S]. 
Mont^mont (Albert de). Pi^eis historiqiie 
sur la proatitution ehea les divei's peuples de 
la tene, depnis la creation dumon^ejusqn'i 
nos jours. Par m. A. M. [ation.] eviii pp. 
8°. Paris, J839. 
[la BfiEAUD (P. P. A.) Loa filles piibltques ila Paris. 

Montgeron {Louis Baail Carre de). Lav^tfi 
des miracles op6r6a par I'intereesaion de ni. 
de Paris, d^montr^e centre m. i'arcbevSqne 
de Sens, [Jean Joaeph Languet de Gergy]. 
3= 6d. 5 p. I. iKiv, 480, 959 pp. 90 pi. 4° 
Cologne, lArairm de la eompagnie, 1739, 

Montgomeiy (James Eglinton). Our ad- 
miral's flag abroad. The cruiae of admiral 
D. G. Farragut, commanding the European 
squadron in 1867-68, in the flag-ship Frank- 
lin. svi, 464 pp. 15 pi. 3 portraits. 8°. Neu 
York, G. P. Putnam ^ son, 1869. 

Montgomery (Thomas Harrison) A gene- 
(logical higtorj of the family ol Mcnfgom- 
uy, including the Montgomery pedigree, 
tii, )r>8 pp 1 chart 8° Philadelphia, print- 
id/or private ctreulatuin, 1863 

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Month (The) of Mary fov Ibe nae of eoelesi- 
a OB Tra alec] h 1 n b [ u> ] 

^Wpp 3 B or J Warp 3, 

D 18 9 

L. C. Bojetes, 1869. 

Montjoie (Christopbe F^lix Lonis Veutre de 
Latouloubro, knoum as Galart de). Histoire 
de la conjuration de Loaie Philippe Joseph 
d'OrMana, [ete.]Buvnomme !figalit6. [«««».] 
3y.ini, 8°. Paris, 1796. 

Moutolieu ( Jeacne lEabelle Pauline Poller da 
Bottena, burnnni de). The Swisa family 
EobinaoB. 3d series. 5cb Wysa (J. E. von) 
and Montolieu. 

Montpellier {Faadtide midcdnn de). Con- 
cours pour Pagrfigation. Th6aea, laGS-GG. 
8 t. in 3 V. 4°. MontpdlieT, Boehm If Jils, 

Th&sos prfisent^ et puMlquement sou 

tenuee ^ la facuUg de ni6decine de Montpel- 
lier, etc. ]86.')-68. 351 th 
MoiUpellUr, Boelim .^fils. 

Montreal. Report on the tiude and eommerce 
of Montieal for 1866 ; inoluding reports on 
the inavenielits of breadstuffs In Europe and 
Ameiica ; trade relations of Britisb North 
America! trade with the West Indies, Braail, 
etc. immigration to British North America i 
inquiries relating to coal and other fuels. 
[Fourth publication]. By Wm. J. Patterson. 
«3pp. 8°. Monlreal, J. Starke Ss CO. 18G7. 

Montrond or Fourcheux de Montrond 
(Clement Melohior Jastin Mftxime). 

fort, I860. 

Ales pailettes d'o 

LUlc, L.Lefort, 1800. 
Montocla (Jean £tieun 

pp. f 


:) aud Moiisot-Dea- 

landes (Pierre Joseph). Recueil 
conceruaat I'inoculation de la petite v^role, 
et proprea il en prouver la s#curit^ et Futility. 
[anon.] zii, 335 pp. 16°. Paris, Deaainl 
$r SaiUatit 1756 S. 

Moody (Loring) A Liatory of the Mexican 
wir 01, &cte for the people showing: tbe 
relation of the Umted States government to 
slaveij Compiled liom oiigiual ini au- 
thentic documead, 3d ed w th additions 
and coirections 130 pp IS" By^iloti B. 
Marak 1848 


Moody (Rao. Samuel). Judas the traitor 
bung up in chains, to give warning to pro- 
fessors that they beware of w oriel ly mi nded- 
ness and hypocrisy. Ip. 1.x, 84 pp. 33°. 
Boston, B. Green, 17 U. 

Moon (Geoigc Wasbington). The bad Eng- 
lish of LJndley Murray, and other writers 
on tbe English iangui^; a series of cnti- 
cisma. xi, 243pp. 16°. London, HatckaTd 
>f CO. 1868. 

Moon (John). An easy introduction to short- 
hand, in which the sounds of the English 
Jangnage are auaiyzeil and expressed in a 
rational manner ; combining facility and ex- 
pression, with neatness, brevity, and eicpedl- 
tion. xii,98 pp. 15 pi. 8°. Dover, Baleh- 
eller ^ Itigden, 1822. 

Moore (Clement C.) Watsoii <J. W.) etc. 
Christmas day. The night before [and] the 
night after. 16 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Tur- 
ner brothers, 1970. 

Moore(ia'ra. I. F.) Nunny Davenport. 1 p.l. 
394 pp. 4 pi. 16='. Boston, H.Hoijt, 1869. 

Moore (John). Colaoribarium ; or, tbe pi- 
geon-house ; being an introduction to a natu- 
ral history of lame pigeons, giving an ao- 
connt of the several species known in Eng- 
land, with the method of breeding tiiem, 
tbeir distempers and cures. [Edited, with 
notes, by J. M. Baton 3, 8°. London, J. 
WUford, 1785. 

(J.M.) A treatise on Iho art of breedins 


Moore (Nathaniel F. U.d.) Lecttires on the 
Qraefc language, and lileratnre. 165 pp. 
12°. Neu> Yorlc, Windt 4- Conrad, 183^. 

Moore (Oliver). The staff officer; or, the 
soldier of fortune. A lale of real life. 2 v. 
inl. S00pp;306pp. 16°. Phitaddphia, 
E.L. Carey St A. Hart, 1833. 

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lesmiSlodiesirlandaises. Traduction fie I'An- 
glaiS; par mme. IiOuise S*i'[anton].BeUoc. 
3p.L 233 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Paris, Clias 
sSrittit, 1833. 

Moore (.Bex. William Tliomas, editor). The 
living pulpit of the christian chnrcfa ; a series 
of discourses, doctrinal and practical, from 
representative men among the diaeiples of 
Christ. With a biographical sketch and steel 
portrait of each conti'ibutor. Arranged and 
edited by W. T. Moore. 589 pp.38 por- 
traits. 8". Cincinnati, R. W. Carroll Jf co. 

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Moore (Kes.William Thomas)— continued, 

Views of Jife; addresaea on the social 

and religious queetioas of the age. 351 pp. 
16°. Cincinnali, R. IF. Can-oil S; no. 1869. 

Moraine(PaTil,p3eK(foH?) Shininghours. 394 
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maximaa, ileducidas de la sagrada eacritnra, 
por un presMCero aeeular. [anon.] 3 p, 1. 
laapp. 16° Madrid, Sancha, 1796, 

Moral sagrada ; 6, coleccion methodlca de los 
IngoiBB moralsB de la aagra<Ja escritura del 
anOguo y noevo teataniento, [etc.] Por el 
doctor en canones D. J. C. [anim.] xxx, 
304 pp. 1(P. Madrid, Herrera, 1797. s. 

Morales (Gabriel). Visitit general del ley 
supremo Djos a todos sns Taaealofl loa pre- 
dicatores, reeideni^andolas en el modo da 
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Mordannt ( Col. Harry. psetiiloH. ) See Mail- 
deviUe (Bernard de). 

Moi-decai(CHpJ. Alfred). Sec Uuitocl States, 
Report of oxperimentB on ganpowder. 1845. 

More (Henry). Encliiridion metapliyeicum : 
Pars prima: de existentia et natuta rernm 
incorporearum in genere, in qaa cartesiante 
philosophise, et omnino omnium qui niundi 
phenomena in causaa pure mechanicas solvi 
posse snpponnnt, vanitaa falsitasque detegi- 
tor. 10 1. 403 pp. 14 1, 4". Landini ~ 
FhshcT, 1671, 

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sation future. Notice Scrite 
inents coramuniqu^B par le co 
Rio de Janeiro. 3 p. 1.31 
Genkne et Paris, 1853. 

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printeiJ in Latin, 1516. Translated into Bn- 
gUsh by Ealph Eobinson. 3d and revised 
ed. 1556 : preceded by the title and epistle of 
his first ed. 1551. Carefully edited, by Ed- 
ward Arbcv. 16S pp. 16°. London, A. 
Murray St sons, 1860. 
[A.njiKK'3 EngHflli reprinf 9. no, H]. 

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British royal and commercia] navy, 827-1837, 
founded on official documents, [etc.] 1 p. 1, 
85 pp. obi, fol. London, Trcnttd ^ IVartz, 
etc, 1S27. s. 

'Moroan (H^gdsippe). (Eiivres. Nout. rSd. 
prdc^d^e d'nne notice litffiraire par m, Sainte- 
Beuvo. ^5 pp.11. 16°, Paris, Gamier, 
Moreau de Jonnfea (Alexandre). Le com- 
merce au dix-neuvi6nie siMe: 6tat actuel et 
ses transactJoDs dans les prindpales coutr^s 
des deux hemisphkes : causes et efTets de son 
agrandisssement et sa decadence, et moyens 
d'accroitre et de consolider la prosp^rite agvi- 
eole, industrielle, coloniale, eteommerciale de 
la France. 8 v. xii, 395 pp ; 3 p. 1, 362 pp. 
1 1. S°. Paris, autcur, 1825. 

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Statiatiquo de la Grande-Bretagne et de 

I'Irlande. S v. 3 p. 1. 355 pp ; 2 p. 1. 383 pp, 
1 map, 8°. Paris, Bourgogrte St Martinet, 

Stalistique des peuples de I'aQtiquit^. 

Les Egyptiens, les HSbreux, les Greca, les 
Eomains, et les Gaulois. 1 v, in 2. vii, 319 
pp ; viii, pp. 'i20-70Q. 8°. Paris, Gtallau- 
min^-sie. 1851. 

Moreau de Joiiii^ (Alexandre C. soit of lib 
preceding). Ethnog^nie eancasienne. Re- 
chorches snr la formation et le lieu d'origine 
des peuples ^tliiopiens, cbald^ens, [etc.] 
xxiii, 468 pp. 1 1. 2 maps. 8^. Paris, J. 
ClierbnliAX, 1861. 

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Tranalated and edited by W. H, Van. Buren, 
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hrothcrs, !8G1. 

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Cenirale, I'ile de Cuba, et le Yucatan. 2 v. 
•2 p. 1. 337 pp. 1 1 ; 2 p. J. 323 pp, 3 1. 1 map. 
8°. Pai'is, aide et J. Baudry, 1857. 

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1 1. 60 pp. 16°. London, R. Rees, 1814. 

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tium breviarium, cum adnotationibus. viii, 
642 pp. ] 1. 4°. rertitiis, A. Zatta, 1776. 

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Cliristmas story for 1869-70, 80 pp. 8° 
iVf m York, A merican jwips co. 1 869. 

Morgan (Abel). Anti-p^do-rantism; or, mr. 
Satnael Finley 's charitable plea tor the speech- 
less esamined auti tefnted | the baptism of be- 
lievers moiutain'd ) and the mode of it, by 

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Morgan (Abel) — eoQtiimed. 
immersion, viodicatea. 160 pp. W'. PliUa- 
ddphia. B. FrauhUs, 1747. 

The same. An appendix to the fore- 
going work; being remarks on Bome par- 
tictilBrB in a lute pamphlet ectituled, Divine 
right of infant baptism, etc. Written by an- 
other hand. [anan-J pp. 161 to 174. I 1. 
16°. PhUaddphia, B. Fm«ldin,ni7. 

Morgan (John, in.d.) Adiscourse upon the 
institution of medical schooia in America; de- 
livered at a pnblic aoniveraary commonee- 
ment, held in the college of Philadelphia, May 
30 and 31, 1765. With aprefaoe, containing 
the anthor'fl apology for attempting to Intro- 
dnce the regnlar mode of practising physic in 
Philadelphia, vii, xxri pp. 1 1.63 pp. 8°. 
Pldiaddphin, W. Bradford, 1765. 

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Morgan {Captain William). Erlaularraig 
der frey-manrerey. Aua der Englischen 
Ubersetzt, nebst einem moiaterschliiessel zn 
den geheimniasBH 3es hohem ordeus, von 
einem frey.mauren, [etc.] 96pp, S°. WaUr- 
loo, W. CkUd, 1838. 

Morgen- und abendopfer. Eine aammlnng 
poetiseher gabete, fur denkeude christen. 
Als forsetEang der Morgen- und abendopfer 
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fc, hojbtielulvmkera su Qiittenherg, 1850. s. 

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turesof aFrenchmaninLoudon. Hewed, xii, 
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timi,9!ve rervm in mari et littoribvs gestarvm 
general is historia. 13 p. 1. 726 pp. 91. fol. 
mvione. F. Palliol, 1643. 

Morlejr (Henry), Paliasy the potter. The 
life of Bernard Paliasy, of Saintes ; bis labors 
and discoveries in art and science, with an 
outline of Ms philosophical dootrinea, and a 
translation of illustraUve selections from his 
works. 2 V. viii, 303 pp ; iv, 347 pp. 12°. 
BosUm, TiclamT, Reed * Fields, 1853. 

Mormoniad. [anon.] 100 pp. 16°. BosMb, 
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Momay (Philippe de, seigneiir da Plessis 
Marty). Mysterivm iniqvitstis; sav, bistoria 
papatvs, [etc,] 7p. 1.644 pp. 2 pi. fol. Sal- 
mvrU, per T. Partmum, 1611. 


Morning chronicle. [New York daily]. Jan. 
1 lo March 10, 1803 ; July 23 to Out. 2, 1804 ; 
Feb. 2 to Nov, 30, 1805, 3 v. fol. JVeio York, 

" Morning [The] stars sang together." Ahook 
of religions songs for Sunday achools and the 
home drolo. [a«on. By J. V. B. and A. F. 
H,] 128 pp. obi. 13°. Boston,O.Ditst>ait 
CO. 1869. 

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practicability of forming a communication 
between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, by 
means of a ship canal across the isthmus of 
Tehuantepeo. Ip.j. 16pp. 1 mop. 8°. [ton- 
rfoB], Clay Smith <(■ co. iabout 1845]. 

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private library, [with prices]. Sold, Nov. 8- 
10, I8GG. 137 pp. 8°. NeiB York, Brad- 
alreel press, 1866. 

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morres). LctieTS of Tbeniiatocles. [pseH- 
rfon.] ]. p. 1, ixxiv, 234, 69 pp. 16°. Lon- 
don, BookJuim S Carpenter, 1795. 

Morrill (Charles, m. d.) The physiology of 
woman, and her diseases from infancy to 
old ^e, [etc. With] a treatise on woman- 
hood and manhood, love, marriage, and 
hereditary descent. 5th ed. xiiv, 433 pp. 
12°. Boston, M. Clutrlcs ^ co. 1868. 

MorriB(Char!esD.) IntroducSon to the Greek 
langaage. A compendious gi'ammar of attic 
Greek, with copious exercises. 330 pp. 12°. 
i\tw York, F. J. Huntington * co. 1869. 

Morris (John M.) The military and civil 
history of Connecticut iJuring the war of 
1861-65. Set: Croffut (W. A, ) and Morris 
(John M.) 

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[Edited by W. B. D.] 135 pp. 1 pi. 13°. 
{_Neu> York, J. Morroio}, I860. 

Morae'6 map of Illinois, folded 18°. Chicago, 
R. Blancliard, 1855. 
1 WUJi OOLliV (C. A.) Hand-book of Illiooial, 

Mortdllet (Gabriel de). Promenades pr^histo- 
riques il I'exposition nuiyersello. 3 p. 1.188 
pp. 8°. Paris, C. ReiHuiald, 1867. 

Promenades au mus^c de Saint-Germain. 

Catalogue illustr^ de 79 figures par Arthur 
Rhone. 188 pp.3 pi. S°. Paris, CRdn- 
wald, 1869. S, 

Mortimer (C. B.) Bethlehem and Bethlehem 
school. 208 pp. 16°. NeiB Yorli, Stanford 
^ Delisser, 1858. 

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thoughts, in eketches, fragments, and oesaya. 
XX, 395 pp. S°. Boston, Wells St Litis, lS2'i. 

Morton (ThomaB, bishop of Durlutm.). A dia- 
cbarge of five imputations of misattegations, 
falsely charged upon the (now) bishoj) of 
Dvresme, by an EQglisli bavoa. Shewing 
that uo solid aaswei' is to be expected from 
the Romish party, to his late hooke [against 
theirniass]. 16 p. 1, 273 pp. 16*^. Loadon, 
R-MUbonmc, 1633. 

Moryson (Fynes). An mnerary, written 
first in the Latin tongue, and tbeu translated 
by him into English; containing his ten 
yeoies travell tbrovgh the twelve domjiiiona 
of Germany, Bohmerland, Switzerland, 
Netherlund, Denraarke, Polaud, Italy, Tuv- 
ky, France, England, Scotland, and Irelaoil. 
3 parts iu 1 v. fol. London, J. Beale, 1617, 

Moscoso (Francisco Benavides). Exercieios 
aapiritualeB de a. Vicente Ferrer, redveidot 
ttmeditaciones. 16 p. L 256 pp. 16°. Mad- 
rid, iBOT'fl, 1735. 

Moseotbal (Joseph). Anthems for the morn- 
ing aaH evening service of the episcopal 
church. For quartette ohoira. 1 12 pp. obi, 
8°. iVcio York, W. A, Pond, 1S70. 

Mother Goose's melodies for children; or, 
songs for thennreery, with notes, muaic, and 
an account of the Goose or Vergoose family. 
Au<t with illustrations, by Heni; L. Stephens, 
and Gaston Fay. xx, 186 pp. 18 pi. 4". 
ifeso York, HuTd fr Hoaghton, 1869. 

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and Ainericau democracy : an address before 
the New York historical society. Dec. 16, 
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Scribner, 1869. 

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tions de la barbe des Fran^ais, depuis I'ori- 
gine de la monarchie. [xtioti.] 46 pp. 1 1. 
24°. Paris, Fontliieu, 1826. 

Motz ( Johann Friedrioh Wilhelm). See Lu- 
ther (Martin). Leben, meinungeu, uud 
schicksale, [etc.] 

Moalnacli (Ahraham), De walvlschvangst, 
[etc.] Sec Zorgdrager(C. G.) Bloeyende 
opkomst, [etc.] 

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parvouue; on, les in^moires de ntadame la 
marquise de L. V. 12 v. in 3. 16°. Jm- 
sterdam, 1735. 

Moxo (Benito Maria de). Entretenimientoa de 
un prisionaro en las proviacias del Rio de la 
Plata. Por el baron de Juras Keales. Ipla- 
giarist}. S v. 3 p. 1. viii, 334 pp. 1 pi ; 2p.l. 
391, 16 pp. 8°. Barcelona, J. Tomer, IS'iS. 

verbatLin !i-om Moxo'a CartsB in^jicflnafl, with n tow 
soles added, and the omisBloa of the paseaces 
wbloh Bliow Hint (hey were written Iu Mexleo. 
Rich. Bibl, Amer. v. s. p. 333. 

Moya (Juan Perez de). Aritmetica practica, y 
especulativa. M" impreaaion. 448 pp. sm. 
4°. Madrid, J. Olero, 1784. s. 

Moyena de briller, dediea aux troupea auxi- 
Jiaires dea Pays-bas, pout lenr servir de rS- 
crfiation. [awirn.] 6 p. 1, 216 pp. 18°. 
BTaxeUes, J. Leonard, 1702, 
Mudge (E. R, ) and Hayes (John L, ) Paris 
universal exposition, 1867, [etc.] Beport 
upon woo! and manufactures of wool. 143 
pp. 8°. Washington, goverament printing 
off.ce, 1868. 

Mudge (Z, A.) Views from Plymonth rock ; 
a sketch of the early history of the Ply- 
mouth colony. Designed for young people. 
451 pp. 5 pi, 1 map. 16°. JVeiB York. Carl- 
(OTi^ Lanaluin, [1869], 

Mudle (Robert). The modern Athens : adis- 
section and demonstration of men and things 
in the Scotch capital. By a modern Greek. 
[oMon,] 2d ed. v, 390 pp, 12°, London, 
Knight ^ Lacey, 1825. 

Mueller. See Miiller. 

MUhlenpfordt (Eduard). Verauch eiui 
treuen sehilderung der republik Mejico he- 
zonders in heziehnng auf geographic, etlinog- 
raphie und staUatik. 2 v. 6 p. 1. 47S pp 
vi, 552 pp, 8°. Mannomr, C. F. Kius, 1844, 

Muj^ y de Gibert (Juan Antonio). Desen- 
gaiio al publico con pura y solida doctrioa, 
Tratado de la observancia y obediencia, que 
se debe & las leyes, pragmaticas, suncioues y 
realea decretos, [etc.] 146 pp. 8 1, 6°. 
Madrid, F. X. Garcia, 1774. s. 

Mnller (Adam). Manuel del'irrigateur. S*e 
Vllleroy (Felix) and Muller (Adam). 

Miiller (Carl Ottfried). Denkmaler der alteu 
kunat, uach der auswahl nnd anordnncg von 
C. 0. Muller gezeichnet und radirt von Carl 
Oesterley, [1833-39]. Fortgesetzt von P. 
Wieseler, [1846-56]. 2 v, 1 p. 1.57 pp.74 
pi ! J 10 pp. 30 pi. obi. foL OSuingen, Die- 
lerick, 1832-56. 3. 

[Lief, i-5, Y, a, 1853-56, wftnting). 

Muller (Felix), Flore analytique du centre de 
laBelgique. See Fire (Louis) and Mnller. 

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Mnller (Ftlix)— continued, 

Spidl^ de la flore braxelloiao. 1=' et 

2= faaoieuies, 8~i pp. 8°. Bruxdles, M. 
Hayex, 1862. 

Miiller (Pro/. Friedrioh). EtlinographiB a«f 
gmnd iJes von <tr. Karl v. Scherzer gesam- 
melten mHtariala bearbettet. xxx, 224 pp. 1 
1.10 phot. 4°. me«, 1868. s. 

IWOllkbstost-URDair (B. von). Eelsa Ssr Ho- 
vara. Autliropolo^sclier Uieil. 3e abtbEil,] 

laiiller (Fritz). Facta and argnuients for Dar- 
win. With aaaitions hj the author. Trans- 
lated from the German, by W. S. Dallas, iv 
pp.2 1. 144 pp. 12°. London, J. Murray, 

Miiller (Heinricb). Bericht libei' einige im 
herbate 1852 angeetellte nntersachnngen. 
See Gegenbaur (0.) Kolllker (A.) and 

Miiller (Johannes) aiidHenle (Friedrich Gas- 
tav Jacob}. Systomatiache heschreibung der 
plagloatomen. siii, 200 pp. 3 1. 60 col. pi. 
fol. Beriin, reii ^co.1841. s. 

MiUler (Otto). D Coe 1 e a co rtah p A 
taleof domestic 1 fe fom the 6e man xv 
371 pp. am. 4 Londo Q R Ul i Sf 
sons, 1866. 

Muller (P.) Unters h g n be 1 e ve 
Isiirzung der vag nal po t on n !en leta en 
monaten der giav Q t t 1 { 1 1 7 pp I pi 
8*>, WUribuTg, BtaM, 1868. S. 

[SepBratBlidnick ana SFanzoui'a belti-Sge aar ge- 
burtakunde nud eyctLkologie]. 

Miiller (Salomon}.. Land- en TollEcckiiude. 
fol. L^dm, J839-44. 

(Tehminck (C. J.) VerlinndBlingen over de natu- 

Mulloia (laidore). Manual de cavidad ; ohra 
escrita en Frances y traducida de la 10" edi- 
eion frauceaa. xi, 304 pp. 18°. Madnd, 
T^ado, 1857. 

Mnltatuli. [pseMrfon.] Max Havelaar. See 
Dekker (Edward Donwea). 

Miinch. (Emat Joaeph Hermann). VollatSn- 
dige sammlnng ailer iUt«rn und nenern Iton- 
Itordate, nebateiner geaohiehte ihres enst^te- 
hens und ihror Bohicksale. 3 v. x, 5a2pp; 
xii, 772 pp. 8°. Leipzig, J. C. Hiurieks, 

Miinch (Friediioh). Der staat Miasonri, ge- 
schildei't mit besonderer riicksicht auf teutsche 
einwandening. 237 pp.2map9. 12°. 
Yorh, L. Hauser, 1859. 

Munde(Dj'.Carl). Hjdrotherapio; oder,kanst 
die kraukbeiten <Iea menacblicheli koi'perH, 
ohnebilievou arsneieu, duruli diat, ivaaser. 


Munde (Dt. Carl)— continued, 
schwitzen, luft und hewegiing zn heiten, 
Uetc] 3" and. xxiv, 456pp, IS"^. Dresden, 
arnoldischehachliandlutig, 1646. s. 

Muudt (Clara Muller). Prince Eugene and 
histimea. An historical novel. Sj L. Miihl- 
bach. [pseadon.'i 316 pp. 8 pi. 8°. Neie 
Yorit, D. Appleloa * ca. 1869. 

Two life-patha. A romance. ByLuaistt 

Miiblbach. Ipseudon.l From the German, 
by Nathaniel Greene. 157 pp. 8°. JVetu 
York D Apjiletoa 4- (0 1169. 

Muiioz (Antonio) A'venturas en verso, y 
)Bi del insigne pieta y su discreto com- 
rieio b p 1 213 pp 18°. Madnd, M. 
vasndc 173fl S. 

Mufioz (Bemai hno Antonio Martinez). Dia- 
no puntnal de laa fiestaa sagradas que se cele- 
bran en Eepana, vulgarmente Uamado Pis- 
cator Sarrabal de Milan, para el auo 1861, 
[etc.] 128pp.81. ]6°. Madrid, I. Sanchez, 
I860. s. 

Muaoz (Candido), Question theologieo-moral 
acerca del reo de S6, convieto, negative, relax- 
ado al brazo secular, y aentenciado a muerle, 
[etc.] 8p,l. 103 pp. 16°. Madrid, vinda 
de F. del Hicrro. 1730. 

Mu]iBoii(Jame3 E.) The complete phonojora- 
pher: being an inductive exposition of pho- 
nography, etc. 236 pp. 12°. iVcai York, 
Oakley, Mason ^ co. 1869. 

Lessons in phonography, [etc.] 12pp. 

12°. [JVmo Yorl, Oakley ^- Mason, 1868]. 
[IfM tie pvBcodingl. 

A new elaasifieation and avraugement 

of the consonant signs of phonography, [etc.] 
12pp. 13° INeiB York, J. t:. Mu»son,1967'i. 


Basilea, Henricus 

Miiiister (Sebaatian). 
4 p. 1.70 pp. 181. fol. 
Fetrus, 153a. 

Miinster-Ledenburg (Emat Friedrich Her- 
bert, cotinl). Political akeCohea of the state 
of Europe, from 1814-67. Containing count 
Ernst Mllnster'a despatches to the prince re- 
gent, from the congress of Vicmia. 4 p.l. 
387 pp. 8°. Edinburgh, F.dmoiiUon ^ Tleug' 
las, 1868. 

Miilltlnglle (Hermann). Syllogo opusculo- 
rum ad doctrinam saoram pertinentium. S 
V. 6p.l.303pp;2p.l.330pp.3L 8°. Lug- 
duni BatavoTum, A. S(J. Honkoop, 1791-93. 

Anton (C. G.) DiuBerlaUo de i-alioua propbetiBa 

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lESBK y ' a. V 

Kradse (J.GH 
reona, (ett.] 

eTOKB (e.fc.) ] 


Muroia {Juan Bautiata de). El patiocinio 
lei glo oao ban Aoton o 3e Padia remedio 
umverail pa a todas lai neeea dadas [etc.] 
16 p ] i41 pn 4'= I t B a S. T. 

Ill as 1744 8. 

" Murdoch (Beam h) 
fecot a, oc Act d e 3 
•J) J Baiea 1&65 

J Muret (Mar Anto ne) 
sebolar m selecto n 

A li sto y ot Nova 
■ 8° Halfx,iN. 

TirrMANK (0. 0.) Do ^Bcrlmlne tHeolo^ffl et reli^- 
Oomiienlafioarj gloaalB novl tsslfLmenii, [etc] 

Muoni (Damiano) Melzo e Goigouaola e 
loro dintorni. Siudi itoui,! con dooumenti e 
note. 244 pp. 2 1 1 pi 8° MUam, F. Ga- 
r#, 1866. 8 

Muralt (B^at Louia de) Lettrea sur lea Aa- 
gloie et ies Fmngois, et oni lea voyagea. 
lanon.2 2=63. i laquelle on a joint I'A- 
pologie dn caractfire ang-lojs et frangoiB, [etc. ] 
6 p. 1. 430 pp. 16° Cologne, 1737 
Murat (Henriotte Jale de Caatelnau, anatesst 
de). M^moireBderaadamelaeomteBsed" " • 
avant aa retrajte, Eervanb de leponse auxm^. 
moirea do mr. St. Evremond, Nouv. 6d. 
[rtBOB.] 284pp.2l.l portrait. IS". Am- 
slerdam, M. A. Jordan, 1709. 
Mnratorl(IjodovicoAutGiiio). AntoniiLam- 
pridii de supei'stitione vitanda ; aive cen- 
Bum voti sangniaarii in iiODorem immaeulatfe 
cODCeptioniaddparfe emiaai, [etc. peeudon.'} 
5 p. 1.21 6 pp. 4°. Medwlani, mo. Veneris, 
S. Ocelli, 1740. 

II criatianEsimo lelice nelle missioni de' 

padri della compagnia di Gesii eel Paragn^, 
2 V. in ]. 4 p. 1. 196 pp. I map ; lii, 180pp. 
4°. Vencxia, G. Pasqmli, 1743. 

■ The aame. Relation des miaaions da 

Paragutu. Traduite de I'ltalien, 1 p. I. ixiy, 
403pp.21, ISO. Paris, Bordelet, 175i. 
Fetdinandi Valdeaii epistolte, sive ap- 
pendix ad librum Antonii Lampridii de au- 
perstitione vitanda, [etc. pseudon.^ 4 p. 1. 
233 pp. 4°. FeBeliia, S. Oceld, 1743. 

Delleforzo deiriatendimento umano ; 

oaia, il pirronismo confntato, opposto al libro 
del preteso m. Huet, intomo alia debolezza 
delV umaoo intendimento. ed 9", xitxviii 
pp.ll,348pp.31. 15°, Venezia, G. Fas- 
ipiali, 1798. S. 

Delia regolata diyozion de' cristlani, 

Trattftfo di Lamiado Pritanio. [pseiulan.} 
8p,l.iS4pp. 13°. Venexia, G. AUirizzi, 


BToret (Pi. 
modern, i 
Written originallj 

F. t. 

Eitas of funeral, ancient and 

through the known world. 

French, by m. Muret. 

by P. Lorrain. 

6 p. L 308 pp. 18°. London, R. Rogalon 
Hurga (Fraacisco Javier). Dooamentos 6 
instraccionea para sacriatanea y ac6]itoa, A 
otras peraouaa piadoaas y devotaa que rjiiie- 

funeionea y fleaias et 
pp. 16°, VaUadolid, D. J, M. Lezeano Si 
Roldau, 1848. 
Murillo Velarde (Pedro). Cateeiamo ; o, 

loB myaterioa de nuestra aacta %, [etc.] 
13p. 1. 435 pp. 1 pi. am. 4°. JKadrid, here- 
derosde F. de Hierro, 1753. 
Mutpby (Arthnr). The way to keep him ; a 
comedy, in five acts, as it is performed at 
the tlioatve-royal, in Druiy-laue. 4th od, 
2 p. 1. 108 pp. 8°. London, P. VaUlant, 1761, 
[With St. JJIIES'3 (The) mBsaaioa, by E. Lloyd. 

Murr (Chriatoph GottlJeb von), tjber don 
wahren nrapruag der rosenhrenzer tind des 
fteymanrer ordeus. Nebut einem aohange 
auT geachiehte der tsmpelherren. 160 pp. 
13°. Salxbsch, T. E. Seidel, 1803. 

Murray (E. C. Grenville). Embasaies and 
foreign courts. A history of diplomacy. 
By the roving Englishman. [nnoH.] 12°. 
London, 1855. 

Murray {Rev, Jaaies, of Neiccaslle). An im- 
partial history of the present war ia America. 
V. 1-2. 573 pp. 1 map. 8 pi ; 576 pp. 10 pi. 
8°. Newcastle upon- Tyne, T. JJoftsen and 
olhcrs, [1780]. 


18 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. 
Boston, N. CoiJeTly tp B. Hodge, \7&i. 
Murray (John). The emigrant and travel- 
ler'a guide to and through Canada, by way 
of the river St. Lawrence, as well aa by the 
way of the United States of America! with 

by Google 


Murray ( Johii) — ROntianed. 
Bome friendly advice on o nbarltatioQ ; the 
detailed cost of tiavelUng on eaeli route, and 
much other useful iiitirmation t) the settler. 
64 pp. 16°. Londnn Snitik Elder Sf co. 1S35. 

Mnrray (John, Limdon pabhskeT) A hand- 
book for travellers on the Gontiaent: being 
a guide to Holland, Belgiam Prtissia, north- 
ern Germanj, and the Rhine, from Hollaiid 
to Switzerland 16th ed corrected, xl, 
GOG pp. 8 pi. I map 13^ Linulon, J. Mur- 
ray, 1868. 

Mmray {Rev. Jobn) The life of rev. John 
Murray, [etc.] A\ ritten by himself. The 
records contain anecdotes of the writer's in- 
fancy and are extended to some years after 
the commencement ot his public labors in 
America To which is added a brief contin- 
uatijii of the closing scKne, 5th ed. with 
notes and appendis by rev. L, S, Everett. 
324 pp 1 portrait 12°. Bostim, Marsh, 
Caprti S- Lyon 1833 
(NOTK,— Uuivorsallat library, v. ]]. 

The same. With a continuation, by 

mra. Judith Sargent Murray. A new ed. 
with an introduction and notes, by rev. G. 
L. Demarest. 408 pp. 4 pi, J portrait, 12°. 
Bostmt, iwiiversalist jndiliskitig hoaae, 186!). 

]Miirra.]r {John, m. o.) Original views of pas- 
s^os in the life and writings of the poet-phi- 
losopher of VennsiaC Horace] ; with which is 
combined an illustration of the suitability of 
the ancient epic and lyric styles to modem 
subjects of national and general interest, 
vii, 246 pp. 8°. Dublin, Hodges Ir Smith, 

Miirray (_Mrs. Judith). The gleaner. A mis- 
cellaneoufl production. By Conatantia. 
[pscarioB.] 3 V. 16°. Boston, 1. Thomas 
if E. T. Andrews, 1798, 

Murray (Lindley). Lecteur fraufois ; ou, 
recueil de pieces, en prose ct en veis, tiroes 
dea meilleurs geriyaios. Pour servir il per- 
foctionner les jeunes gons dans la lecture, k 
iStendre leur connoissance de la langue fran- 
foise, et ^ leur inculqner des principes de 
vertu et de pifitfi. lii, 403 pp. 12°. Nejo 
Ytrrb, Collim, pire etjih, 1803. 

Murray (Thomas), The literary history of 
Galloway from the earliest period to the pres- 
ent time ; with an appeudii, conlaining, 
nith other illustrations, notices of the civil 
history of Galloway till the end of (he thir- 
teenth centary. ix, 373 pp. 8°. Edhibiirgh, 
Waugh If Innes, 1S22. 


Murray (Bee. William H. H.) Adventures 
in the wilderness ; or, camp-life in the Adi- 
rondacks. 236 pp. 8 pi. 12°, Boslon, 
Fields, Osgood 4- eo. 1869. 

Musoheubroek (Pjetervan). Compendinm 
physicio experimentalis, conscriptum in usus 
acadomicos, 400 pp. 14 pi. 12°. Venetiii, 
F.exN.Pcztana, 1769. a. 

MuB^e central des arts. Notice des tableaux des 
^coles fran^scs et flamandes, expos^ dans 
la grande gallerie du mns^e central des arts, 
dont I'ouvertare a en lieu le 18 germinal an 
vii. [awOTi.] Ip.l.iv, 111pp. 18°. Pnm, 
impnmeric des sHences el arts, [1799], 

Museii-^manacli. Fib- das jahr 1803. He- 
rausgegeben von A W Scblegel und L 
Tieok. vi,293pp 18° lubmsen Lolta 

MusBs' (The) bower embellished w th the 
beauties of English poetry 4 v in 2 1 
16°. Lnndmt, If F Pierey ^00 

Mueaard (Pierre) Griiudliclie vorstellung 
der vorzeiten ans dem heydenthum in die 
kirehe eingefiihrton gehrauche und ceremo 
nien. In frantzosischei sprache abgefasset 
aus derselben ubersetzt [von Uofmann], mit 
anmerckungeu, auch einer vorrede von dem 
uhraltesten ursprung der kirchcn ceremonien, 
[etc.] 19 p. L346 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Leipzig, 
H. F. Hoffmann, 1695. 

Historia deoram fatidicorum, vatum 

sybillaram, phcebadam, apuH priscos illus- 
trium; cum eorum iconibus. FrEeposila est 
disertatio de divinatione et oraculis. [inou,] 
1 p. 1,100 pp, 48 pi. 4°. Francojurti, L. 
Bourgeat, 1680. 

My cave life in Vicksburg. With letters of 
trial and tjavel. By a lady. [ano».] 196 
pp. 12°. New Yor}c,D.Appleton3{ CO. 186i. 

My daughter Elinor. Anoveh [anon.] 357 
pp, 8°. New Yorlc, Harper if brothers, IfW. 

Myers {Mrs. S. A,) Margaret Gordon; or, 
^ultorgivel 479 pp, 4 pi, 16°. Philadet- 
phUt,presbylerianboardofpuhlicatioii, [18^9]. 

Myrtle [The] branch ; or, pictorial sketches. 
For children and youth. [a«n«.] 173 pp. 
15 pi. 16°. Boston, A. F. Graves, [1868]. 

Mystic (The) bell ; a wonder story for yonng 
people, [anon.] 176 pp. 3 pi. 16°, New 
Yorli, G. P. Putnam ^soti, 1869. 

Naauwfeeurig verhaal van tie Hoer aehrik- 
kelyke aardbevicg, voorgevaDon op het ey- 
land Jamaica, in Westiudien : vervat in 2 
brieven van den predikaiit van Port Royal, 

by Google 

Waauwkeujig etc.— cODtinued. 

geschreven den 2 en 8 July 1693. Ujt het 
Engelacli vertaald. [anon,] 7 pp. sn 
inslerdaia J. Broers, lfi92. 

Nacioii (La) espanoJa defendidii fle los ii 
toB del Peasador, y sua sequaces, [etcj 
Dalo al publico don Fraoeiseo Mariano Nipho- 
8 parts la Iv. 314 pp. 10° Madrid, G. 
Ramirei, 1764. 

ITaok (James). The legend of the rocks, and 
otlipr poems. 204 pp. 12°, New York, E. 
ConTod, \m7. 

ZTaMa (Manuel Anselmo, jiseiufiin. ) Loaei'- 
rores de Lloreota compatidos y daalieclios en 
oelio discuraoa. Tiiij^aSpp, 16". Madrid, 

F. M. DiiKUa, 1823. s. 
M'as;ler(G,K.) Neues allgemeinea kUnatler- 

lexicon ; Oder, naohriehteu von dem leben 
und den werken der maler, bildhauer, bau- 
meister, kupferaleeher, [etc. ] v. 21-23. S°. 
Milnclten, E. A. Fleischm/mn, 1851-53. 

Wajera or Naxara (Antonio de). Svma as- 
(rologica, y arte para ensenar haaec pro- 
noaticoa de los tiempos, y por elloa coSncer 
la fertilidad, o esterilidad del afio, y las alte- 
lacionos delaii'e, por el juy^io de los eolypses 
del aol y luna, [ele.] 4 p. 1.246 pp.9 1. 
Eai.4°. Liaboa,A. Aluarei, IG^. g. 

ITancrede (P. Joseph Q.) L'abeille franeoiae ; 
on, nouToau recueii de morceaux brillans 
des auteai-s fransois lea pins cfilSbres, [etc.] 
352, T, 3 pp. 16°. Boston, Belknap A Ymaig, 

Nanny's ehriatmas ; a story for cliilclren. 130 
pp. 16°. Phitaddphia, Claxlon, Hcmsea Ji 
HuffpJfinger, 1870. 

Napheys (George H. m. d.) Tlie physical 
life of ivoman ; advice to the maiden, wife, 
and mother. 252 pp. 13°. PhUaddphia, 

G. Maclean, 1869. 

Kapler (James). A syatem of chemistry ap. 
plied to dyeing. A new ajid thoroughly 
revised edition, completely brought up to the 
present state of the science, including the 
chemistry of coal-tar colors. By A. A. Fes- 
quet, with an appendix on dyeing and calico 
printing aa shown in the universal exposition, 
Paris, 1867. 422 pp. 8°. PhUaddphia, 
H. C. Baird, 1869. 

ITapleraky (Carl Ednard). AUgeoieines 
schrifts teller- und gelehrten-lenikon der pro- 
vinaen Livland, Esthland, und Kurland, 
See Recke (J. F. vou) and Napiersljiy 


Napoleon 1. The officer's manual Napo- 
leon's maxims of war. [Tian^lated and 
edited by col. B'Aguiiar]. 159 pp. ]H°. 
Rklmuind, IVesC St Johnsim, ]8ii2. 

Wapoleon dans I'autre monde ; lelatioo eerile 
par lui-m§me, et trouvfie ^ Ste. HSI^na, an 
pied de eon Jombeau, par Zongo-Tee-Foh- 
Tr.hi, mandarin de 3™» claeso, Ipseudon.'] 
viii, 393 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Londres, Catlnem, 

Natbona (Eugeniode). Doctrina poliiica civil 
escrita en aphorismos. El concejo y conse- 
jeros del priucipe por Fadrique Furid Cariol. 
Kxiipp. I 1.424 pp. 18°. Madrid, A. de 
Solos, 1779. 

ITaah (J.A.) Memoir of Setli BuiToughs, 
{etc.] 108pp. 1S°. Boston, T. R. Miir- 
vin, 1829. 

Nash (Michael)! Stenography; or, the moat 
easy and concise method of writing short- 
hand. On an entirely now plau, [ole.] xx. 
pp, 38 I. 4°. Norwich, author, 1783. 

Nation (The); a weekly journal devoted to- 
politics, literature, science, and art. Jan. 1 
to Dec. 31, 1869. v. 8-9. 4°. Who York, 
E.L. OodHn^co. 1869. 

Nation's (A) manhood ; or, stories of Wash- 
ington and the American war of indepen- 
dence. By the author of "Sunlight through 
the mist," [ate. a«a«.] viii, 358 pp, 4 pi. 
13°. London, J. F. Sliaw Sf co. 1861. 

National academy of seiencea. Annual of 
tbe national acadoiiiy of sciences, for ] 
64, rand] for 1866. 2 v. 12°. Cambridge, 
1865-67. g 

Reports of the national academy o 

seiencea, for 1866 and 1867. 3 v. 8° 
[ Washington, ^ovBTnment printing office, 
1867-68]. s, 

National (The) advocate. [New York daily]. 
May 10, 1820, to Jan, 13, 1821 ; Dec 10-31, 
1831; Dec.24, 183r, toMarchS, 1828. 
fol. New York, N. Phillips, and T. Snow- 
den S{ CO. l;S0-38. 

National anecdotes ; intei'apersed with histo- 
rical facta, English proverbial sayings and 
maxima, with a collection of toasts and sen- 
tinienta. In three parts, xii, 264 pp. 8°. 
Loudmi, C. Cradoclc Sf W. Jay, 1813. 

National association of wool nianufaotnmra. 
Bulletin. [Quajteily], Edited by John L, 
Hayes, secretary, Jan. to Oct. 1869. v. 1. 
8°. Boston, J. Ifitson & son, 1869. 

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National board of Crnile. Proceedinga of tb« 
first meetiuf;, held in Philadelphia, Juno, 
1868. ]ffi, 7 pp. 8°. Boston, J. H. East 

hum, leee. 

Proceedings of the first annual meet- 
ing, held in Cincinnati, December, 1968. 
xii pp. 21. 371 pp. &>. Boston, J. H. East- 
Aunt, 1868. 

National commercial convention. Proceed- 
ings of the convention, held in Boston, Feb- 
ruary, 1868. viii, 251 pp. 8°. Boston, J. 
H.EastbuTH, 1868. 

National exhibition of works of art, at LeeclB, 
1«68. Official ciilalogue. [5IIi ed.] 344 
pp. 2 pi. 16°. Leeds, E. Baines if . 


isea V. 8-10. 

J.M6. CO. 1867-68. 

National giuettc and literarf register. [Phila- 
delphia tri-iveekly]. April 4, 1836, to April 
3, 18-28. 2 Y. fol. Philadelphia, Wm. Fry, 

National (The) quarterly review. Edited by 
E.I. Sears, 11. d. Dec 1868, lo Sept. IfeS 
V. 18-19. 8°. New York, E. !. Sears, 186a 

National (The) republican. [Waahingtoi 
diuly]. July 1, 1868, to Dec 31, 1869. 3v 
fol. Washitiglon, 1868-69. 

National (The) temperance advocate. [Nev 
York monthly]. The organ of the national 
temperance society and publication hi 
Jan, 1868, to Dec 1869. v. 3-4 in 1 v. 
Nea York, J. N. Steams, 1868-69. 

Native bards; a satirical effusion : with other 
occasional pieces. ByJ.L.M. [anon.l 
pp. 120. FHladelphia, E. L. Carey, If 
Hart, 1831. 

Nature (The), estent, and province of human 
reason considered, [uiuw.] xx, 211 pp. 
16°. London, R. E4u)ards, 1792. 

Naacler or Verge (Johann). Chronica Jo- 
hannis Navcleri prsepositi tvbingensis, svc- 
ciutim comprshendentia res meniorabiles 
aeovlorvm omnivm ac gentivm, ab iniUo 
mvndi vsqve ad annum Cbristi mccccc. 20 
p. 1. 1123 pp. fol. Coloniie, G. Caleniiis, 
■Nauman (M.D.) Sidney Elliott: a novel. 
235 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Claxtim, Rem- 
sen S( HaffeifingeT. 1869, 

Twisted threads. 202 pp. 12°. Phila. 

delphia, Claxlon, Remsea If Haff^nger, 


Nantical (The) magaaine and naval chronicle 
for 1869, A journal of papers on snbjeetB 
connected withmarilimeaffairs. 8°. London, 
SimpHv, Mars/wll St co. 1869. 

Navarro (Pedro Alvaro), Pas general de la 
iglesia y del mnudo, cuando y por cnanto 
tiempo, segun las escrituras. 965 pp. 1 1. 
8=. Biadrid, J. Falados, 1840, a. 

Naville (Ernest). H aiuvioc Cati lo/iaiai ?] 
KHi MeXeTJi Tov vna roii K, 'Psvavos "Blow 
Tou 'li/aov," KerafpOTic CJt rov TaTklinov, 
vrro r. I. Kf^aAa. id', 319 pp. 8°. Ef Odjja- 
aa, A. NiT-cre, 1865. S. 

Neal(John), Auliorahip; a tale. By a New 
Englander over-sea. [unoM.] iv, 267 pp. 
12°. Boston, Gray ^ Boieen, 1830. 

Great mysteriesandlittle plagnas. 271 

pp. 1 pi. 16". Boston, Roberts brolkera, 

-■ Rachel Dyer; a North American elory. 

276 pp. 12° PoTtlwnd. Shirks 4- H^dt, 

True womanhood ; a tale. 487 pp. 

12°. Boston, Ticknm ^ Fields, 1^9. 

Wandering recollections of a somewhat 

basy life. An autobiography, viii, 431 pp. 
16°, Boston, Roberts brothers, 1869. 

Neale (Frederick Arthur). Islamism: its rise 
and its progress; or, the present and past 
condition of the Turks. 2 v. svi,365pp;x, 
315 pp. 12°. London, J. Madden, l^i. 

Nebel (Carlos). Viaje pinloresco y arquBO- 
lojic« sobre la parte mas interesante de la 
ropublica mejicana, en los aiioa transcnrridos 
desdel8a9bastal834: 301.50col. pL fol. 
Paris, eMejico, [P. Benotwrd], 1839. 

Nebiija (£lius Antonius'de). See Lebrlxa 
I>ebrija (Antonio de). 

Nederlanden (Veieenigde). See Netter- 

Neel( — ). Voyage de Paiisfl Saint Cloud, par 
!!■, otretourfi Paris parterre, [mion. nonv. 
.] 108 pp, 34°. Paris, fiEiortti, [1843], 

Negri (Vicente), Clamores y llantos del hijo 
prodigo ; 6, afeclos de nn anima penitenle, y 
conveitidaiiDios. Traducidodeltalianopor 
d. Tomas Euselmi. 12 p. 1. 225 pp. 18°. 
Madnd, vivda de Barco Lopez, 1806. 

Neigebauer (Johann Ferdinand). Das volks- 
achulweseu in den preussischen staaten 
[etc."] xvi, 344 pp. ff>. Berlin, {.etc.} E. 
S. Mittler, 1834. 

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NeOl (John) and Smith (Francis Gumey). 
An Boalyticai compeudium of the yarioni 
branches of medical euience, etc. 7 v. in J 
12°. Fkiladdphia, Lea Sf Blaackard. ie4B. 

Ahand^bDolE-Af ] 

lie pp. 
A hand-book of ohemlalir. 

LBdica BDd Iherapentj 

'actJCB 0( DiediiJae. 15S 

KeUy (Kate J.) Fine feathers do not i 
finebirds. ] p.l. 174 pp. 3pl. 16°. Bi 
Lee St ShepaTd, 1809. 
[Bradley (M. E.) (Mk! Neily. Proverb Boriei 
Nellea (Annie). Scraps ; or, sabbath school 
influence. ^40 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. Cincin- 
nali, Miami printing and publishing co. 1S69. 
Nellie's trial. ]S8 pp. 2 pi. 18°. PhUadd- 

phia, Aiaerican saaday sdiool union, 1866. 
Nelly's neighbour and other stories, \_anon. ] 
816 pp. 3 pT. 18°. Philaddpkia, preabpte- 
riaH board offublication, 1867. 
WeIaoii(D.) [An] invesligationof that false, 
fabulous, and blasphemous misrepresentation 
of trutli set forth by Thomaa Paine ii 
two volnmes entitled The age of reason, 
icated to the protection of theUniled States 
of America. By a Delaware wag'goner. 
[anon.-] 193pp. 13°. IWUminglen, t^out 

M'elaoii(HBnry A. d,d.) SeeingJesus. 172 
pp. 4 pi, 18°. PUiaddpliia, presbyterian 
pvhliiMlioii coramiUte, 1869. 
Nepos (Cornelius). Vidas de los mas famoaoa 
capitaues griegos, con las de Hamilear. y su 
hijo Haniba! ctirthaginenseR, y las de M. 
Poroio Caton, y T. Pomponio Atico romanos, 
escritasenlengnalatinapot Coruelio Nepoto, 
eilustradasconnotaseastellanas, [etc.] Su 
autor Alphonso Gomez Zapata, xixii, 543 
pp. 16°. Madrid, J. A. Loxano, 1776. s. 
Wervo {Baron Bobert de). Etudes histori- 
ques. Les finances friuif aises sous la roeto- 
ration, 1814-18S0. Faisant suite aax finances 
sous I'aacienne monarchie, la r^publique, le 
coDBulat et I'empire, [1810-1814]. v. i. 3°. 
Pom, Jf, L€ryfiire$, 1868. 
Uest (The) in the honeysuckles, and other 
stories, lanen.-] 192 pp. 9 pi. 18°. Pftii- 
adelphia, American s. s. union, 1855. 
Netherlands (Semn iiniierf proviiuxs of the). 
Accoort ende artioulen tusschcn de croone 
yan Portugael, eude de staten generael dor 
vrye Vereenichde Nederlanden, wegens de 


Netherlanda— continued, 
west-indische compagcie deser landen. 8 pp. 
sm. 4° Amsterdam, P. Liefhoitt, 1641. 

The same. 8 pp. sm.4o. Nidddhvrgk, 

S. Movhrt, [1641], 

Advijs van den raedt van staten, voort- 

ghebrach't aen de staten generael der Ve- 
reenighde Nederlanden, Den 8 Octoher, 
16S0. [Concerning Braail] 21 sm 4^ 
Gravenhage, Gerret Pietersz Ifi^O 

Artioulen van vrede ende confoederatie, 

gheslooton [den S Ang. 1661] tasscLen den 
doorluehtighsten coning:h van Portagael t«i 
oenre.endode staten generael derVeieenighde 
Nederlanden, ter andere zyde. 14 1, sm.4°. 
Graven- Hags, H, van IVa»uj, 1663, 

Concept van reglemeut op Brasil, ghe- 

nomen by ba«re ho; mo: de staten generael 
der Vereenighde Nederlanden, ende de he- 
wind t-behberen der gBoetroyeerde west-in- 
dische compaignio. 4 1. BmA°. IGravea. 
Hageli 1646. 

Octroy, by de staten generael, vorleent 

aende weat.jndische compagnie, in dale den 
S^- Junlj 1621. 111. sin.4°. Graven- Haghe, 
H. Jacebssz, 1621. 

Thesame. Mette ampliation van die 

ende iiet accoort tiiaschen do hewint-he 
beien endo hooft partieipanlfin vaude solve 
compaignie, met approbatie vande staten 
generael gheniaeckt. 161. sm, 4°. Graven- 
Haghe, leeduwe nan H. Jacobssz, van t 

■ The s 


Haghe, teedutee van H. Jacobssz van i 

Thesame. [Anothered,] J6 1 

4°. Graven-Haghe, weduai van H. Jacolissz 
van Waoio, 1642. 

Ordonnanlien ende articvlen, beraomt 

by de heoren staten generael der Geunioerde 
Provintjen, op het too-rus ten ende toe-stel!en, 
van eene west-indische compaguie. Mits- 
gadere alle priviJegien ende gherecbticbedea 
do zelve ghegheven ende vergundt, 81. 
sm. 4°. [Graven- Kaghe^l I6dl. 

Plflccaet. [Van] de staten generiiel 

der Vereenicbde Nederlanden, [Concerning 
the capture of San Salvador, and imposing 
loss of wages for their conduct, on the sol- 
diers there employed, signed J. Van Goeh, 
28 Oct. 1625], folded sheet, sm. 4°. Gra- 
ven-Hagke, weduwe, etc. van Hitlebrant Ja. 
tah$si van Wtum, 1625. 

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Netherlands— eoutinnetl . 

TrBclaet van bestant eti3e ophoudinge 

T»D alle acten van Tjandtschap, als oock 
Tan li-aflijoq, eommercien ende secoui'S, ge- 
maeolit, gearrosteert eiicla beslooten in 'a 
Grayan-Ht^e den 12™ Jiinij 1641, voor den 
tijdt ¥0H tien jaren, tneachen de lieer Tiistao 
de Meudo9a FQitaflo, ambaeaadaur van lau 
de vjerde, ooninek van Portugael, ende de 
heeren gedoputearden vaude staten generael 
vande Teioeniglida provintien der Neder- 
landen. Tranfilaet uytliet Latijn indo ne- 
derlaatociie lala. 181. am. 4°. Graaen- 
hage, teedawc, etc. vita HUlebrandt Jacohsss 
van Wouw, 1642. 

Tlie same. Treslado do Latin na lin- 

goa portugeza. 8 1. am. i°. Haya viiiva, 
etc. lie J. Jecobsoii van ffowio, 1G4S, 

The same. Extract : enda dit allea lij 

pvoTJsie raeekende de respective plaetaeu 
ende aeeu galcgen in Enropa ende elders 
biiyten de limiten vande ootrojeo Mar bevo- 
rena respectivelijak verleent aeu die Yan 
d'Oost ende west-indiaclie eompagnie ra- 
spective. 4 1. am. 4°. Gravea-li/ige, leedu- 
■we, etc. van Hillebnindt Jiicobssn van JViioib, 

Ketberlaiids (^Kingdom of the). Alphabetisoh 
register of de twiDtig jaavgaugan, 184! 
van het staatkundig eu stailhuislioudtuudig 
jairboakie oifgegeven dooi de Vereeniging 
Toor de statist ck in Hederland 32 pp 
lao imsterdam 186'* 

Staalkundig en staa6huislioudkundig 

laailoekje ^oor JB64-186B Ui^geveu 
looi de V leenigiQg vooi ie atatistick in 
Hedeiland i' seiies v t 5 13° An 
iterilam 18(4-68 

Statistjscb jaarl ek v)or het kon ng 

njk der Nedeilanden \i^' en IS''* jaaigic 
gen 3v 8° hraBetUiayr fitt tieelden 
i Mi»gdea 1%7 68 " 

lanf das kiinjgie cks dei Niederlaudeu 

73 pp sm 4° Haas, Van HeMm^Miti 
geten 18b2 

Vei>"lag van leu staat dei ko ge mil 

delbare en lageie acholen in het 1 an ngiijk 
der Mederlanden ovoi 185 M)7 9 v sni 
fol Qraveaiiage lHti8 s 

Yerzamel ug lan stuki en aangaande 

da snimaanische aangeiegenlieden tliaa 
aaiihangig bij do tweede kamer der 8tal«c 
generaal 2 ^ 1 p 1 viii 139 pp 1 p 1 
vin 184 pp 8° Grivenhage gebreede 
Beltafante I84'> 


Kettemeiit (Alli-ea. yseiirfoji.) SeeLamothe- 
Iiaugoii ( Baron fi. L. de). 

Hettleton {Rev. Asaliel). Village liymna foi 
aiieial woi'sliip. Selected and original. Y 
signed as a euppleinent to tbe Psalms e 
kymns of dr. Watts, 536 pp. 33°. Ht 
furd, BreiBa 4- Gross, 1858. 
feue (Das) und verbesserte geaangbncli, 
worin die psalmen Dttvida, ai 
Kaiumhiiig alter und neacr geistreieher liedor, 
enthalten Bind. Nacli einem Bynodal-scliluas 
Busammen getragen und eingerichtet 
^ie ovangeliscb reforniirteo gemanen in 
Voreinigien Staaten. 7" aufl. 530, 39 
16°. Sumnytautt, E. Bevner, 1838. 

Netihof (Wilhelm). Derkaffee nnd ttiee, 
deren Bammtlieha ann^ogale, oder eraata- 
erganzungamitlel. viii, 115 pp. 12°. IVei 
mar, B. F. Vrngt, 1861. 
eumann (Carl Fricdrick). Daa kaiaertiifli 
HmzilioQ nnd die freistaaten Sil3aM6riltaa 
(Abgedrnckt au8 dem ISl^baiide der " Ge 
genwai't," Leipzig, 18§|Br pp. 290-380, 8°. 
Leipzig, F. A. Brock^. [1866]. 

Nenmarck (Georg), f-Dor neu-spiossende 
teutsclie palmbanm ; oder, auBfiikrlicber be- 
rlcht, von der bockloblichan fraclitbringeu- 
den gesellscbaft anfang, abaehn, satzungen, 
[et«.] aller dieses palmen-ordens mitglieder, 
derer uahmen, gewaebsen nnd worten, lier- 
vorgegebeu von dem sprosaanden. [onon. ] 
22 p. 1. 480 pp. 39 ]. 26 pi. 16°. NiWnberg, 
J. Hoffman, [aJ-out 1668]. 

Nevada {State qO- Journal 1 tk a mbly 
during the fourth session of he 1 gi lat 
1869. 8°. Carson city, sla pn ter 1809 

Nevins (William, d. d.) Sit main 
Witt a memoir. 398 pp. Ij t t 13 
New Yorit, J. S. Taylor, 1836 

Nevius ( Bev. John L.) Cbina nd I Ch 
nese ; a genei'al description f th utry 

and lis inkabitanta : its civil zati nandf n 
of government; its reli^ous and social in 
stitutions; its intei course with othei nations 
and its present condition and pioBjeet-J 
456 pp. 1 map. 8 pi 12^ New iorl Hbt 
■per S; brothers, 1869 

New Bedford, (Misiachweiti) Supplement 
to tbe catalogue of the free public liiniiy 
New Bedford. 2 p. 1 313 pp. S-^. ^c^o Bed 
ford, E. AMliony S; sons, 1869. 

Newberry (John Strong) and Worthen (Au- 
gustus H,) Descriptions of no 
vertebrates, mainly from the sub-carboui- 


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ITewberry ( Jolm Strong) — continued. 

ferous limestone ancl coal measui'ea of IHi- 
ChUago, 1866. 


IS (Geol 


Kewburgh, {New York). CBctat'B Newburgh 
city directory, with a complete biiBineas di- 
rectory attached. For the year ending May 
1, lerO. 19-3 pp. I miip. lao. Noobarsh, 
(N. ¥.) C. Jaanickg, 1869. 

DTeTTbuiy (Herbert, psaidmi?) May Bell; 
or, duty before pleasure, 459 pp. 3 pi, 16". 
BoslOH, D. Lothrop * en. 1869. 

Newburyport, (Moss.) A diveclflry of the 
city of Newbnryport, [etc.] for 1S13. [v. B]. 
By C. A. DocliLam and N. P. Brown. IrP. 
NetBburijpm-t, W. H. Husc, 1853. S, 

Nevrcastle (Margaret Lueaa Cavendiab, 
dudtces of). See Cavendish. 

Keiwcomb (Harvey). The four pillars ; or, 
the truth of Christianity demonstrated in four 
distinct and independent series of proofs : 
together with an explanation of the types and 
prophecies concerning the Messiah, xii, S9S 
pp. 12°. Boatim, S. Goldsmith, etc. ISi-i. 

A practical directory for young chria- 

dan females ; being a series of letters from a 
brother to a younger sister. 3d ed. 369 pp. 
16°. Boston, Miissachusetts sabbath school 
sucifis, 1847. 

The young lady's guide to the harmo- 
nious development of obristian character. 3d 
ed, revised aud enlarged. 384 pp. 16°. 
Boston, J. B. Dow, 1841, 

New-come (William, d. d.) An attempt t> 
wards au improved version, etc of the twelve 
minor prophets. 5ee Bible. (Efiglisk). 

New and complete tables of the net duties 
payable, and drawbacks allowed, on goods, 
wares, and merchandise imported into, ex- 
ported from, and canied coasttvise in. Great 
Britain, agreeable to the act of the 97 Geo. iii. 
called the consolidation act, and coirectei! to 
the year 1794. [etc anon.] 128 pp. 8°. 
Loadoa, D. Steel, 1794. 

[With STEEL (Davifl), The nhip-mastsc's BsalBtant 
and owner's manual]. 

New Bagland (Tbo) chronicle ; or, the Essex 
gazette. (See Essex gaaette). 

New Englander (The), Edited by G. P. 
Fisher, T. Dwight, and W. L. Kiugsley. 
Jan. to Oct. 1867. v. 26. 8°. JVcw Haf^eii, 
T. J. Stafford, 1867. 

Jleiv England (The) farmer. Containing es- 
says relating to agriculture and domestic 
economy. T. G. Pesseuden, editor. Aug. 


New England farmer — continued. 
3, 1832, to July 13, 1831. v. 1-9. i°. Bos- 
ton, J.B. liussdl, 1833-31. 

The same. T. G. Fessenden, H. Col- 
man, A. Putnam, and J. Breok, editors. 
July 20, 1831, to June 24, J846. New series. 

Bosl^m, J. Breck, 1832-46. 

New England galaxy and me 
Oct. 10, 1817, to Dec. 26, 
1837, to Dec. 30, 1834. E 

New England 

, 10-24. 4°. 

nic magazine. 
(33 ; Aug. 17, 
ted by J. T. 
Boston, 1817-34. 
[Boston semi- 
weekly]. Jan. 6, 1801, to June 16, 1807. 
7 V. fol. Boston, Yoimg If Minns, 1801-07. 

New England (The) quarterly magazine ; 
comprehendingliterature, morals, and amuse- 
ment. Number! [to] iii. For April, [to] 
Dec 1803. 3v. 8°. Boston, H.Sprague, 

Tew Granada. Nneva Granada i las Eeta- 
dos-Unidos de America. Final controversia 
diplomatica con relacion ^ los sncesos de 
Pauama, del dia 15 de ahril de 1866. 87 pp, 
sm.fol. Bogota, imprejtla del cstado, 18i)7. 

New Hampshire (Sloteo/). First to twenty- 
flrst annual reports upon the common schools, 
1847-67. 21 T. go. Concord, 1847-67. 

New Hampehlra (The) gazette and bistori- 
cai chronicle. [Weekly]. March 38, to 
Dec. 19, 1766; Jan. 5, 1770, to Dec. 35, 
1779; Jan. 6— June 9, 1775. 5 v. fol. 
Porlsmoiah,([f. H.)D.l<R. foioie, 1766-75. 

New Haven (Tbe) gazette, and the Connec- 
ticut magazine, for the years 1786 and 17S7. 
Edited by J. Meigs. 2 v. 4°. Nein Haven, 
Meigs Sf Dane, 1786-87 

New (The) Jamaica almanack and register, 
calculated to the meridian ot the island for 
the year 1798 Being the second after bis- 
sextile, or leap yeai 9d ed 1 p. 1. 158 pp. 6 
1. 18°. Kingston, Steveiiiou if Aikman, 

New Jersey {StoU of). Documents of the 
ninety-third legislature — the twenty-fifth uu- 
5er the new constitution, 8°, Hudson cily, 
W. D. McGregor, 1869. 

Journal of the twenty-fifth senate, 

being the uinety'thtrd session of the Icgisia- 
ture. 8°. Mount Holly, (iV. J.) Herald, 

Minutes of votes and proceedings of 

the ninety-third general assembly, convened 
January 13, 1869, 8^. Freehold, (K. J.) J. 
S, Yard, 1869, 

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Neinr Jersey — continued. 

■ (Geological sarDey). Geology of New 

Jersey. By authority of tiie legislaturi 
Oeorge H. Cook, atate geologist. Pablisbed 
by the board of managera. xxiv,900 pp, 
maps, etc. 8°. Atlas, 8 maps, folded i 
Neutark, printed at the Daily advertiser o^t 




178-719. [By a 

H. Cook) 

fOrmatioD of N 


a), p. 721-32. 




paU of lie ettii 

ct reptjlifl 

in me meso 


of Maw J 

By Edw, D 


wia o( tSfi exH 






of mlnen^s Id ] 





Catnlogue of verteb 

rate aaim 

B of 


By Charlie CAbbo, d. p 





tious pom 

t» in 

Appeniiisir. MetoDrologicBUobleB, (etc.) pp. e:6- 

New Jersey (The) gaaett*. [Trenton week- 
ly]. Dec. 5, 1777, to July 9, 1783; March 14,, 
17ai, IflNoY. 27, 1786. 5 v. fol. Burling- 
ton and Trealan, Isaac Collins, 1777-86. 

Kew JeroBalem (Church of the). Liturgy 
for the new church eignifled by the New Je- 
rusalem ; Eev. 21, 5th ed. revised and en- 
larged. 183 pp, 16°. Chicago, 1869. 

Ifevrman (John B. tn.d.) Origin of the red 
men ; an authentic history of the peopling 
of America by the Atlantians and Tyrians, 
the origiii of the Tolteus, the description and 
history of Atlantis, [etc] legend of Qnetzal- 
coatl, [etc.] 48pp. [pi. 12°. Nem York, 
J. C. Wdls, 1852. 

JHew (The) monthly magazine. Edited by 
W. H. Aineworth, Jan, 1868, to Dec. 1869. 
V. 143-145. 8°, London, Chapman 4- HaU, 

Newnham (William). Essay on superstition ; 
being an inquiry into the effects of physical in- 
floeuce on the mind in the production of 
dreams, visions, ghosts, and other snpercal- 
nral appearances, xvi, 430 pp. 8°. Lon- 
don, J.Uatchard^son, 1830, 

New Orleans {City of). Almanaoh de com- 
merce pour la Nourelle-Orl^ans. The Now 
Orleans directory and roaster. [4th issue], 
with the tariff of June, 1824. By John 
Adems Paiton. 165 1. 18°, Neto Orleans, 
author, 1837. 


Ne'w Orleane— coiitinuod. 

Graham & Madden s cieaceivt city di 

rectory, 1870. Including Teiftiaon City, 
Carrollton, Algiers, Gielna and Milnebuig 
8°. New Orleam, 1870. 

Neivport, (Rhode Idand) Boyd b Newport 
city direetflry for 1869-70 With a bu^moas 
directory of the trades and prolcsiong state 
and city record, and an appendix ot much 
useful information. Compiled by Andrew 
Boyd. 336pp. 12°. Heteport (fi I) A 
J. Ward, 1869. 

Newport (The) mercury, [Weekly]. Aug, 
10, 1762, to March 21, 1768. 5 v. fol, 
NeiepoTt, (fi. /.) Ann. Franklin and Samuel 
HaU, 1762-68. 

New- praises of Jesus ; a collection of choice 
hymns and tunes especially adapted for sea- 
sons of deep religioas interest, and for use 
in the sabbath school prayer meeting and 
the family. Edited by rev. Edward Payson 
Hammond. 94 pp. 1 [. obi. 16°. New York, 
BiglotB Sf Main, [1869]. 

News (The), [St. Angustina weekly]. Nov, 
3, 1838, to Sept. 6, 1845. fol. Si. Augtis- 
iim, (Fta.) 1838-45, 

New (A) selection of hymns, especially 
adapted to pablic worship, and intended as a 
supplement to dr. Watts' psalms and hymns. 
1 p. 1. iv pp. 9 1, 427 pp. 24°, London, J. 
Haddon. 1828, 

New South Wales, Statistical register of 
New South Wales, for the year 1862,1863, 
1864, [and] 1865. CompUed from official 
returns in the registrar general's office. Pre- 
sented to botb houses of parliament, by com- 
mand, 3 V, fol, Sydney, Richards, gos- 
ernmmt prinUr, 1863-66, , 

New (The) Sunday school liymn book. Pre- 
pared for the American Sunday school union, 
and revised by the committee of publication. 
158 pp, 32°. Philadelphia, American Sun- 
day school union, [_about I860]. 

Newton (Rei-.D.F.) Apples of gold in pic- 
tures of silver. 456 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. 
NetB York, author, 1869. 

Newton (Rev. Kichard, d. d.) Bible won- 
ders. 320 pp. 6 pi. 16°. New York, R. 
Carter # brothers, 1870. 

Newton (Thomas, d. d.) The life of Milton. 
12°. Philadelphia, 1777. 
['« Mn.TON (J.) Pfliadlte tegtia'A, etc. pp. 383- 

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New (The) world. [Philadelphia daily]. 

Oct. 38, 1796, to June 30, 1797. fol. Phil- 

adelphia, S. H. Smith, 1796-97. 
New (The) world. [New York weekly]. 

Jan. 16 to June 5, 18S9. v. 1, jios.1-20. 

fol. New York, Frank Leslie, 1869, 

[No more pnbliahBj ! merged into Leslie's (Prnnk) 

New Tork (Slate of). The amended consti- 
lution a^Jopled by the couvaution of 1B67-Se, 
together with the manner and form of sub- 
mission, and an address to the people. 8^ 
pp. 8°, Albany, Weed, Farsom 4- eo.iSm. 

Annual report of the commiBsionera of 

emigration, [etclfortlieyear 1867, llGpp, 
8°. iVeio York, Sun steam job print, 186S. 

A certified copy from the reg^stei' of c*aal 

boats, kept in the canal department, showing 
the names of the boats registered, etc, foi 
1843, 1845, 1851. 3v.ini. sra. fol. [^Alhany, 

Fifteenth annual report of the gnperin- 

tendent of public mstruction of the state oi 
New York, Transmitted to Ibe legislature 
February 26, 1869. 349 pp. i 


Is discharged by 
tion of sentence, or pai'don, from the Mount 
Pleasant, Auburn, and CUntOQ prisons, 
1849,1851,1852,1853, 4v.ini. obi, 4°, 
[Albany, Secretary of state, 1849-53]. 
New Tork ( City of). Loogworth's American 
almanack, New York roister and city direc- 
tory, for the twenty-third yfear of Amerioan 
independence. Containing most things use- 
ful in a work of the kind, I p.1,86 pp.113 
1. 160. New York, T. If J. Swords,17m. 

The same, for ,the twenty-fiftJi year of 

American independence, 1 p,l. 390pp. 18'^. 
New York, D.LoBgteoTtk, 1900. 

Elliott &. Crissy's New York directory, 

foi' the year 1811, and 36th of the independ- 
ence of the U. States of America, [etc.] 486 
pp. 18°. Nev! York, Elliot ^Crissy.lBU . 

Merchants' directory forl969 and 1870, 

c utain ng a concise list of importers, manu- 
fact ers and wholesale dealers in and ad- 
jo n ng the city. Also, the principal hotels, 
hanks nsuranoe companies, railroad and 
sleanhoat offices, piers, ferries, etc, N. Y. 
horse car and stage routes, distances in the 
city, and to the principal cities throughout 
the United Stales and Canadas, Each busi- 
ness classified alphabetical ly, with a correct 
map ana street directory. By J. Harford & 
CO. 236 pp. 1 map. 18^. New York, [1869]. 


New Tork (City o/)— continued. 
Trow's New York city directory, com- 
piled by H, Wilson, v, 83. For the year 
ending May 1, 1870. 8°, New York, J. F. 
Trow, [1869]. 

Wilson's bnsiness directory, sx pp. 

1 1. 634 pp, 1 map, 18°. Ne«, York, J. F. 
Trow, 1869, 

Wilson's New York city co-partnership 

directory for 18S9-70. 8°. New York, J. F. 
Troie, 1869. 

Report of the special committee ap- 
pointed by the eommon council of the city of 
New York, relaUve to the catastrophe in 
Hague street, [explosion of a steam boiler], 
Monday, February 4, 1850, Presented by 
alderman [Edmund] Griffin. 116 pp. 8°. 
Nev> York, MeSpedon 4- Baker, 1850. 

Twelfth annual report of the board of 

commissioners of the Central park, for the 
year ending December 31, 1863. 164 pp. 
pi. 8°, iVeio York. Evening post 

steam press, | 
The wharres, piers and slips, belonging 

to the corporation. 1868. East river, 3 p. 

1. 15pp,681,68pl. obl,40. New York, N. Y. 

pnHtiBg CO. [868. 
The same. 1868. North river. 2p.t; 

8 pp, 67 1. 66 pi. obi. 4°. New York, N. Y. 

printing no. 1868, 
New York chamber of commerce. Eleventh 

annual report for the year 1868-69. In two 

parts. 8°. NewYor&,J. If. Amermaa, 186^. 
New York [The] citizen and round table. 

[Weekly], July 17 to Aug.7, 1869. v.5, 

nos. 257-260. large fol. New York, 1869. 

[ mii the followlnsl. 

The same. [Weeklyand semi-weekly]. 

Aug. 14, 1869, to March 5, 1870. v. 6. sra. 

iol. Sew Yorl, 1869-70. 

See, a/so, Round table (The New York 

New York daily express. Jan. 3, 1838, to Oct. 

31, 1865. 34 V, fol. New York, 1838-65. 

New York (The) daily gazette. Dec. 29, 

1788, tfl Dec. 31, 1789. v. 1. fol. New 

York, J. M'Uan, 1789. 
New York daily globe. Levi D, Slamm, [T. 

Hart Hyatt, and A. Ingraham], editors. Nov. 
2i, 1845, l» March 22. 1848. fol. New York, 

C. C. CiUds, 1845-48. 
New York daily tribune. Jan. 1, to Dec. 31, 
I. New York, Tribune assa- 

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NevrTork (The) evening mail, [Daily]. Jan. 

1, to Dec. 31, 1869. 2 v. fol. Mw York, 

Hew York evening post. [Daily]. Hoy. 16, 

1801, to Dec. 30, J836. 23 v. fol. New 

York, 1801-26. 
. The same, for tlie coantiy. [Semi- 

weeldj and weekly]. Nov. 19, 1817, to 

June 11, 1859. 22 v. fol. Nov, York, 

See, also. Evening post (New Tori; 

New York (Tlie) fireside companion-. A 

[weekly] journal of instrnotive and enter- 
taining literature. Nov. 2, 1867, to Oct. 26, 

1869. V. 1-4 in 2 v. fol, Nev) YoTh, G. 

Mtatro, 1867-69. 
New York (The) gaaettc ; or, the weekly 

post-boy. Oct. 22, to Nov. 12, 1733 ; Feb. 

19, 1749-50, to Nov. 19, 1750 ; Dec. 30, 1754, 

to April 19, 1756. fol. New York, lYm. 

Bradfotd, and J. FarbeT Sr IV. U'eymaa, 

-: The same. Deo. IS, 1769, to Jaly 5, 

1773. fol. XeiB York, S. I«slee S; A. Cur, 


[ IVilh EiviHQros'B New Tort gBaetteee, 1773-75]. 
New York (The) gazette, and the weekly mer- 

eury. See New York mercury, 1754-68. 
New York gaaelte and general advertiser. 

[Dmly]. April 13, 18U9, to Dec. 31, 1821. 

22 V. fol. New Ymh, Lang, Turner fr eo. 

New York gazetleei' ; or, the Conneetieut, 

[etc.] weekly advertiser, 1773-75. SeeRiv- 

ington's New York gazetteer. 
New-York herald. [Semi-weekly issue of 

the New York evening post]. Jan. 2, 1803, 

to Sept 18, 1816. Sv. fol. Ne«,York,M. 

Bumham fr co. 1802-16. 
New York herald. See Herald (The New 

York semi.weekly), 1797. Also, Weekly 

herald (The New York), 1848-.52. 
Hew York (The) herald. [Daily]. Jan. 

to Dec. 31, 1869. 2 v. fol. A'ew Yori, 

New York (The) journal ; or, the general 

advertiser. [Weekly]. Jan. 12, 1775, 

Aug.29,177fi. 'foL Nev> York, John Holl, 

The same. The New York journal, 

daily patriotic [and weekly] regislflr. Dec. 

31 , 1787, to Dee. 25, 1788. fol. New York. 
Tim. GteenUaf, 1787-88. 


New York (The) journal of commerce, 
[Semi- weekly]. Edited by David Hale and 
Gerard Hallock. Oct. 19, 1833, to Dec. 30, 
1840. 4 V. fol. JVciD York, 1833-40. 

New York (The) ledger. Devoted to choice 
literature, romance, the news, and commerce. 
Marcb, 1866, to Feb. 1869. v. 22-25, fol. 
A'eto York, E. Bonner, 1866-69. 

New York (The) medical journal. Editors : 
Wm. A. Hammond, m. d. and E. S. Dnnster, 
m.d. Oct. 1868. to Sept. 1869. v. 8-9. 8°. 
New York, 0. Applelon ^ co. 1869. 

New York mercantile advertiser. See Mer- 
cantile advartiser, (New York daily). 

New York (The) mercury. [Weekly]. Dec 
16, 1754, to Dec. 13, 1756; Oct. 23, 1758; 
May 2, 1763, to Jan. 25, 1768. 2 v, fol. 
New York, Hugh Gaine, 1754-68. 

The same. The New York gazette ; and 

the weekly mcrcnry. Feb, 1 to Doc. 19, 1768. 
fol. New York, Hugh Gaine, 1768. 

New York (The) mercury. [Weekly]. Ed- 
ited by David Httle and Gerard Hallock. 
Embracing all the leading articles, lato news, 
[etc.] of the Journal of commeree. June 
29, 1831, tfl Dec. 26, 1832. fol. Neu> York, 
office of Journal of eammcrce, 1831-^2. 

New York Minerva. See Minerva (The) 
andmercantile evening advertiser, (New York 
daily). 1796-97. J/so, Mmerva (The New 
York weekly), lf^-33. 

New York morning chronicle. See Morning 
chronicle (New York daily). 

New York morning post. [Daily]. Nov. 
20, 1810, to Dec 30, Igll. 3 v. fol. New 
York, 1810-11. 

New York national advocate. Sec National 
advocate (New York daily). 

New York national temperance advocate. Sen 
National temperance advocate. 

New York (The) packet and American ad- 
vertiser. [Weekly]. Jan. 4 to Aug. 15, 
1776. V. 1, nos. 1-33. fol. New York, 1776. 
[With lavraoTON's Hew York gsBelteer, 1773-75). 

New York people's friend and daily adverti- 
ser. See People's friend and daily adverti- 
ser (New York), 1806-07. Also, Daily ad- 
vertiser (Tho New York), 1807-09. 

New York public advertiser. See Public 

advertiser (New York daily). 
New York repal>licun watch-towei'. Sic He- 

I publioan watcli-tower (Now York eeini- 

I weekly). 

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Wevifyork shamvoek, orHlhertiian-chroniclB. 
See Shamrocll, M HibflmlaucbroDiele(Kew 
York weekly). 

New York shipping and commercial list. See 
Shipping and commercial list, [etc.] 

Mew York epeolator. See Spectator (The 
New York semi- weekly). 

New York state agricultnral society. Report 
of the trial of plows, held at Utiea, by the 
N. Y. state agricultural society, Sej 
1867. With a supplement showing the tea alts 
of ft special trial at Brattleboro, to determine 
several disputed questiODs respecting the ac- 
tion of th« plow. 288 pp. 10 p). 8°. Albany, 
C. Van Benthuyeen Sr sons, 186a s. 

Kew York (The) statesman. [Albany semi- 
weekly]. Hay 16, 1830, to Nov. 30, 1821. 
fol. Albany, E. S; E. RosJoTd, 1820-3I. 

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Hew York (The) teacher, and American edu- 
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V. 5-6. e°. New Yerk, J. W. Scher^ 

to Dec, 31, 1869. 2 v. fol. Aeio York, 

New York weekly truth-l«ller. Sse Truth- 
teller (The New York weekly). 

Hew York world. See. World (The New 
York daily). 

Nibelungenliet. Nenaufgefundenes biuch- 
stUek dea nibelucgenliedea, aus dern xiji 
jahrhnodert, Mit bemarkungen iiber die 
gesajigsweise und die gaschichllieben perso- 
neu des liedes, von E. Jolius Leicbtlen. 73 
pp. ] tab. 18°. Freibarg im Breitgaa, Wag- 
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Nic at the tavern ; or, nobody's boy. By the 
author of "Katie Lee." [a«OB.] 103 pp. 3 
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nehoii union, 1865. 

ITic^ron (Jean Pierre) and others. M^moiree 
poor servir 4 rhiBtoire des hommea illustras 
daos la rSpublique des lattreg, avee nn cata- 
logue raisonufi de lears ouvrages. [anon.] 
V.]. 8p.l. 390pp. 131. Paris, Briaason, 

Nloholas (Abraham). Thoographia; or, a 
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grammatical and aasie inethod than any yet 
estant. Enlarged and published by Thomas 
Slater. II p. 1. 41 pp. 14 pi. 16°. London, 
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by and under the direction of B. Nichols, 
a^isisted by [eight otliers]. 1 p. 1.32 1. col. 
maps. fol. New Yort Slranahan A- NickoU, 
NicholB (Thomas L ) Journal n jail, kept 
during a four months impnsonment for libel, 
in thsjail of E-rie county 248 pp 13°. 
Buffalo, A. Dinsmore 1K40 
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new system of shortrhand , laclnded iq a sin- 
gle page, and illustrated by eleven engrav- 
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dotto di Franeoae in Italiano da Frauceaeo 
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Nicole (Pierre). Traits del'usurej [etc.] La 
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et ou y trouve la refutation do quelques 
en'euvs communes et populoires toiichant 
Tusure. [etc.] 6 p. 1. 330 pp. 41. 18°. PaHs, 
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Wlemeyer (August Hermann) Gr ndiatze 
der erziehung und des untarrichls fur elle n 
hanslehrer nnd achulmanner. J" ausgabe 
3 T. 8°, Halle, bnchhandlung dm m ise i 
kausES, 1834-35. 
Niemeyer (Felix Toii, m. d.) A text-book ot 
practical medicine, with particular refer- 
ence to physiology and pathological anatomy. 
From (he 7th German ed. by special permis- 
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2v. IV, 731 PP! 770 pp. 8°. Nem York, D. 
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■te, maxime peregrin^ libriB svi distincU. 
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Nieto(Juan). Notice surles mines de la partie 
espagnoledeS. Domingue. 6°. Puris, 1809. 
[Iti DORVOSOULASTBB. Voyage, etc. pp.9U-9Sl. 

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NighUngale (Rev. Joaepli). A letl^r to a 
friend ; ooQtaining a eomparativo view of 
tlie two systems of ahort-hand, respectively 
invented by mr. Byrom and dr. Mavor. 2 
p. ], SI pp. 8°. London, J. McCreerg, 1811. 

A portraiture of methodisra ;' beiug an 

impartial view of the due, progress, doctrines, 
tliacipline, and manners of the Weeleyan 
methodists. In a series of letters addressed 
to a lady, xvi, 496 pp. 8°. London, 
Longman, Hitrai, Bees S^ Oraie, 1807, 

Rational stenography; or, sboft-hand 

made easy, in afew familiar lessons, founded 
on the principles of the late John Byrom, 
ivith numerous iniprovoments. 40 pp. 1 por- 
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Noboa (Andrfe Martinez fle). Ejercicios pia- 
dOBoa para disponer fl los ciuos a los Bantos 

[el«,] 195 p 

18°. Madrid, E. Aguado, 

Noctuee specnlom. See EuIenspiegeL 

Woehden. See IToliaeii. 

Noel (Frangois). Les livres classiqaes de 
I'empire de la Chine, reeueiilis [et tradnits 
en Latin] par le p6re Noel; [et du Latin en 
Franfois par F. A. A. Plnqaet] pr^c^dfis 
d'obsewations sur I'origine, la nature, et (!es 
effets) de la philosophie morale et politique 
dans cet empire, v. 4-7. 18°. Paris, De 
Bure, 1785-86. S. 

[v. l-Swnotlng]. 


. FkU- 

Niglits at mesa, [flwon.] 187 pp. 
addj>hia, E.L. Carey S( A. Hart, 

Nigiinua or Schwartz (Frana). Sehauplatz 
der gantaen welt ; oder, summarische to 
stellung allot Itiinigreiohe, lander, [etc.] 
Enropa, Asia, Africa, und America; auoh 
eine kurtzo lebensbeschroibnng aller kaiser, 
koiiige und regenten. 9p.l.530pp. 18°. 
Nemtadt an dcr Aysch, C, Rcddhamtr, 1679. 

Nlmrod, a dramatic poem in S acta. [anon. ] 
!> p. 1. 3.51 pp. 16°. London, W. Pickering, 

Nl&o (JuHnetin). Aphorismi superiorum etiam 
et inferiornm pro eoncorfia, pace 
quilitaie reipublicie conaervanda. Et in flue 
opuaonlum s. Bonaventurse episcopi s.r.e, 
cardinalis de sex alia seraphim, quo praslatof 
instrtiitad regimen subditorum. 8p. 1. 480 
pp. W. Natriii, A. Sam, 177a. 

mppold (Friedrieh). Weiche wege ftthren 
naeh Eom ? Gesehithtliclie beleuchtung der 
romiaolien illnsioiien ubei die erfolge dei 
propaganda iiiii, 4'i6pp b^ Heiddbetg, 
F. Basscrmami, lab's 

in8bet(Kiehard) The capacity ol negroes 
for religmns and moral improvement cc 
sideied with LUi^fuiy hints to piopriotc 
and to go\ernment, foi tbe immediate melio- 
ration of tbe condition of slaves in the sugfli 
colonies; [with] short and practical dis- 
courses to negroes, on the prin^plea of re- 
ligion and morality, xli, 307 pp. 8°. Lob- 
d<yn, J. FhitUps,17m. 


Sultf di 

¥.5-6. I 

■re ciMBiquo 

Lo livre de I'f 

Noel (~) and Chapsal (— ). Abridgment of 
Noel and Chapsal's French grammar. Trans- 
lated into Engliflb, by a professor. 234 pp. 
12'^. New Fori, G. It Lochcood, 1869. 

Nogaret (Franfoia F61ix). Le fond du sac; 
on, restant de baWoles de m. X"" membre 
6veill6 de I'aeademie des dormans. [aiion.] 
2 V. vi, 204 pp. 1 pi i svi, 200 pp. 32°. 
Venise, [Paris, Casim], 1780. 

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man grammar. Intended for beginners. 4th 
ed. 4p.l. !08pp. 16°. franifort, 6. F. 
Kra^, 1830. S. 

Nolan (C/ipt. Lewis Edward}. Cavalry ; lis 
hiatory and tactics. 1st Am. from 2d Lond. 
ed. itii, 202 pp. 18°. Coliiiabia, (S. C.) 
Evims if CogsieeSl, 1864. 

Nonuotte (Claude Frnneoia). Defensa de 
loa puntos mas interesantea a la religion 
acometidoa por loa incredulos ; aaoada de 
laa celebrea obras que eacnbio en Frances el 
sr. abate Nonuotte. Por dr. Joaef de Palacio 
y Viana, [etc.] 372pp.21. 13°. Madrid, 
Fadieco. 1788. 

Hoort (Olivier van). Journael van de won- 
derlijelto voyagie, Ijy de Hollanders gedaen, 
door de straet of enghto van Magellanes, 
ende voorta den gantscben kloot des aerd- 
bodoma om, met vier sehepeu, onder hot be- 
leydt van Olivier van Noord, uyt-govaeven 
1598. Med inwerpoD, en in desen drnck 
met verschejdene byvoeghselen. 73 pp. 
sin.4°. Vtreclii, J, van Foolsuia, 1708. 

Tbe same. G4 pp. sm. 4°. [ tYrie^], 

A. Comelis, 1764. 

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North Carolina land oompaay— contioued. 
tlie state in I'elation to the soil, climate, pro- 
ductions, minerala, etc. and an account of 
the Hwamp lutidE of tho sttit«. 136 pp. 1 map. 
8°. Raleigh, (N. C.) Hkhols * Gorman, 
Northern regions ; or, uncle Eichard'a rela- 
tions of captain Parry's voyages for the i" 
covery of a northwest passage, and frank- 
lin's Bod Coehrane'a overland journeys to 
other parts of the world, [onon.] 356 
B pi. 12°. JWew York, 0. A. Eoorbadi, If 
Northrop (N. B.) Pioneer history of Medina 
conntj. 224 pp. 16°, STedina, (0.) G. 
Rdlway, 1861. 
Nortliumberlaiid (Tlie) and New Castle 
monthly magazine, v. 1. Jau.-Dec. 1818. 
220 pp. ] portrait. &'-•. Ncm Casttc, J. 
Clark, 1818. 

[Impetfeot ! Utia page and index wonUug] . 
Worthweat company, eairjingon trade from 
Montreal to the Indian t^rtitory, tetc] The 
memorial of messrs. M'Tayish, Fraaer and 
CO. and m